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,fy - ,,,. ,pl f , ' ff - f-,af:..w 7 v ,H ,-0 QQ n X7 .H ,I Y . I 62 J 4 PA ., ,. . . , .e fd, z,f ' A -' w .-"Sixty ..-V -.,- - ., v Lf-v A veg, , 1 1 Q ,qw-K X, W, q M iw f f L 1 .fmQ,li4,,,f v- 7414 f A .if-,,. J v 5.7 - X -- Ai f " VI. ,f"' ,ff . fx' K VJA 5 1 Awlfbr A+, bf 'fer' fr .ff 4' Q . iw. 1 A-W , 17.64 . if A ! Q H if . V N' f',,gLp" ',,A lf ff? vi'-I A f vffw--v 4. 'f .wfy-'2,w'l..?f1' ff' li" A'-3 . 1 'K '5' 'f X 4 4. 1' f' ,a...fwc. "v1,2f.,,4Lff7'e,?v'. "" 1.,V 4 ' ff' 97" VV ' f . 1 I ' F"1x L.--'A-A " -'T 'ff ,"U'.fZ'f,,ci,4..M,Q1,4,7 ffwwzf Q -551 5'4"-ary-WA"L F5105 'Ji--' fx? f, K ' 7- g I 4 1 - V . iZA,,,,f ,iii-,gnu v A . uf ,.4,,f?Y6 ypwwww 7 pfjwffg is wwf ff'f ?'ffQf23gf J EWG wi Wifi? fill fl QQ ,Qfgiffif J ' QWMMMWM Kwik xi 55' ff? NMMNK 4' ig: W Q ' "MLM Q M59 XQ ALW EC ' ," dwfjlfz JJ SW fVv6"M wvifffgpm, Wx JJ fp U fzw-WJfj ,H-.., vFUn, 1My' Q.iV,?L Qxwxvl' 'A-v. 0vY3b',v:,I-'QD , Si X kL,99m M ID' Sv , . V I QW? Q 5. Yff fy D, W an M36 X ,MM on H WWWZQM I , MV fZf::EC,,,,,,1:fz43,mw gain ' xi- X Z6 Syjvjfvd 111f'3'00""""'-'8"""""""' X My ,V,ff vf5J1,fyXg CAJHJLJ W ' Y AJ' 22' my W yfCPOgJWqv'M ffy' If jx4Q35 A Qmffgif' 9Q"JJ , 9, fi? MN JJ! 1947 BOOMERANG Editor Betty Norris Associate Editor Elsie Mae Tays Business Manager Dana Peep Supervisor Miss Betty Bates S Published by The Senior Class of GETTYSBURG HIGH SCHOOL Gettysburg, S. Dak. ' 'W'wWv'fq1 ? "" ' r---f"f-cwwwn-- Y- 1 f9f,Wz9 . ,, v-'wr-1-v' M '-1-vw 10 AHA! iyyfzbocffjj A ,f 6444, .dfa1m.4,j Ape L97 H 371+ f'-ff' Afrfpji 0 A rn! fi f,7fZzLf6 ff 411 X Wdeflvfvf zaw, wwf MAJ ,J W Q , ,Q Jwfufdvffk ff" ,' I 55 A This is your annual and your treasure chest of school memories. If it recaptures the pleasures of your '46-'47 days it is due to the long hours of con- scientious effort of Betty Norris, Elsie Mae Tays, Alice Crane, Dana Peep, Howard Kunstle, John Cronin, Phyllis Larson, Joan Dougherty, Jim Com- bellick, Betty McNeely, and Verla Manfull. It has been a pleasure to work with this staff and I can't find words to express all my wishes for your successful future. , 6.12 E g,,,,,pLSofqg1: 'Qxp 2 c so or WANTED ALIVE F 0 it l EWARD REWARD P7166 lqggki U Because her efficiency and sparkling personality have ' endeared her to the hearts of the students and faculty, and because for four years she has helped to shape the destinies of scores of young people, we, the seniors of '47, in small 3 reward dedicate our annual to Mabel Frankenstein. We hope that through this gesture we can, to some measure, i express our appreciation of the recognition she has justly F' earned. ' Yi' -v-x-gi: -1 3 STUDENT COUNCIL Pint Row lleit to rightlz Betty Norris, Ginger Marks, Dorothy Engel, Billie Claire Smith treas.g Alice Crane, Louann Nauman. Second Row: Howard Kunstle Grant Newman Chuck Newland, Vice Pres., Allen Markovetz, Edward Schlacter. Third Row Betty Mc Neely, Sec., Dana Peep, Jim Combellick, Pres., Alberta Houck, Verla Manfull isis Q , 5 gi v W! A ff 'Q 'K i . ,Q 5 6 . gtg S' 4 UCI: " QI! FACULTY it ,, f' if T'-I ut fa.9-f"' -QQ? - s L. E. Gerber, Superintendent N- W- SGVGTSOU, P!'il'lCiP8l B.S. South Dakota State B.A. Augustana M.A. South Dakota University Journalism, Speech, Economics, Sociology, Debate Mabel Frankenstein Betty Bates B.A. Dakota Wesleyan R. J. Novak, Coach B-A- Yankwfl 0911986 Literature, Junior and Senior B,A, Yankton College Algebra, Geometry, Civics Plays, English I, II General Science, Biology Declam, Annual W 'iff , tffioiiifffo J- S- Urban Carrie Ann Lewis S. M. Polich N0l'th9I'H N01'm3.1 South Dakota State B.E. Plattesville Normal, Wisc. . Band! Vocal MUSIC, ' Typing, Office Practice, Ag. I, II, and III, Chemistry, and AIDBIIC I1 5IlSt0l'Y, World H1St0TY I4 Shorthand, Commercial Law Assist. Coach L ' . into Aff L , Bookkeeping ' f 1 vwif 'f 'if we ,, 31, f,f4:, iff4 51544 gf,44,,nf!"-if iff 415 fy, 451 ' -A ' .f ' W .AJ 06-M ,, fff j?l',f'j7 ,JJ M ! ,,,,,,, W, M 11 1, , , . ,ok , V ilwlfdb Aflff fi fl J U I Aff .4 """ X' ,Q f i Vera Haag Mildred ZUb91' Ngrthern Normal Northern Normal Junior High Principal Junior High 1 7 Left to right: Betty McNeely, Verla Manfull, Elsie Tays, Joan Dougherty, Betty Norris, Dana Peep, Jim Combellick, Phyllis Larson, John Cronin. Lower Left: Alice Crane, Howard Kunstle. Lower Right: Miss Bates, supervisory John Cronin. The 1947 Boomerang staff put a lot of work and memories into this year's book. They started making plans early in January but actual work didn't begin until sometime in February. Then for a month the library walls enclosed the snap of scissors and the smell of glue almost every night while hilarious fun accompanied the industrious struggle to finish by March lst. March is here, and here's your book. We hope it unfolds the memories of this year as you want them. Editor Norris and business man- ager Peep talking it over. X 3, ,. 5 .Ig '14, 'W fr. .K lifii., was-fm if d 3 my i. A 4 x ,- . 1 1... lux.. 111 .fp A HL f"'h f sv Qi its S ,.-X' CLASS I 9 X ' f W I DANA PEEP X NEELY Elocutionary3 mastery Neal: Clueefllihell Homecoming Marshal 43 Basketball l-l coming ueen 43 Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Declam 43 Village Band Cast 43 FFA 2, 3, 43 Boys State 33 Boys Quartette 43 G. Club 2, 43 Vocal Solo 43 Mixed Octette 43 Boys Octette 43 Assistant Business Manager Annual 33 Busi- ness Manager Annual 43 Class Play . i L. nw !Y""'x tf'kx"'0'w' Nay f cu M61 3' life Mg liwflfk ,X -3 BET Y NORRIS' Diminutive3 industriousnexs Candidate for Queen 43 Librarian 3, 43 Home Ee Club 1, 2, 33 Journalism Staff 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 13 GAA l, 2, 33 Student Council Member 3, 43 Annual Staff 33 DAR Representative 43 Edieo awass Play 4. JOHN CRONIN Spontaneous: witticism Candidate for Marshal 43 Student Council 11 G. Club 2, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Co-Captain 43 33 Movie Pro- 3 Tr' Trio 3, 4' ' 3, Pep , , 3 l ol 3 strumental Solo 43 Annual taH 43 Chatterbox Editor 43 GAA 13 Class Officer 23 Student Association Secretary 43 Mixed Octette 43 Club Officer 43 Pep Club 43 Declam 33 Girls Octette 4. 3, 1,2,w dgla, 3 4 v s 4 X194 JIM COMBELLICK RZDQYQ leadership Candidate for Marshal 43 Glee Club 1, 2, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 43 G. Club 2, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Bas- ketball 1. 2, 3, 43 Boys State 33 Stu- dent Body President 43 Class Officer 33 Pep Band 2, 3, 43 Village Band Cast 43 Class Play 4. J ..- flfgwwlijfw VERLA MANFULL Shy: capability Candidate for Queen 43 Home Ee Club 1, 2, 33 Glee Club l, 2, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 GAA li Student Council jector ' Jou llslm Staff 43 Class 43 Class Officer 2, 43 Annual Staff 43 Oliicer 3 ta usi ess Man- Pep Club 43 Journalism Staff 43 age al 4- 5 I - Class Play 4. M I 4 , I X A, . V , . ,, 1 , Mita, ji 3 . if 6,3 QW .Jr ww 7 009 fr! Wi jr, 34 WW .fffltf M! 5?f::"'JJ'3 'fd JAQZQYJOUGHERTY Impressive: friendliness Transfer from lroquois3 Glee Club 43 Chorus 43 Girls Octette 43 Annual Staff 43 Journalism Staff 43 Ac- companist 43 Pep Club 4. wwf V f 'T 1 A ' A ff 4 fr Q!Zflr'.,Ul!f 'Jmm MAYNARD WE HAL Jauntyg evaaiveness Basketball 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 4: FFA 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 43 Class Officer 13 Class Play 4. 10 W ' EARL STUCKE Exemplary: erudition Class Officer 23 Band 2, 3, 43 Glee Club 1, 2. 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2. 3, 43 Boys Quartette 3, 43 Movie Projector l, 2, 33 Boys State 33 Journalism Staff 43 Vocal Solo 43 Pep Band 2, 3, 43 Village Band Cast 43 Boys Octette 43 Mixed Octette 4. PHYLLIS LARSON EHCFVCSCCHQQ efticiency Glee Club 1, 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Band 3, 43 Pep Band 3, 43 Librarian 1, 2. 33 Home Ec Club l, 23 GAA 1, 23 Class Officer l: Annual Staff 43 Club Officer 43 Pep Club 43 Instrumental Solo 3: Class Play 4. MILTON STARKS Orator: personified Band 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Boys Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Vocal solo 4: FFA 1, 2. 3, 4: Club Officer 4: Intermural Basketball 1, 2: Class Officer 4: Boys Octette 4: Village Band Cast 4: Declam 4: Senior Play 4. PAULINE KOCK Quiet: calmness GAA 1: Home Ec Club 1: Girls Glee Club 1. 2. WALTER SCHUMACHER Conscientious: narrator Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4: Boys Glee Club 2, 3. 4: Basketball 1, 3, 4: Movie Projector 3. f X Al 41.1 fi' W6 'Q K I , , ' 1 I ,-,,. "7! ltbflfv I Ju i -X LOIS HANSON Jaunty: alertness Home Ec Club 1, 2, ag Glee Cluyz 1, 4: GAA 2, 3. , My gg -A-GCA!-oo . .I-rv-nun J-fZ'0"'i?97fLA Q ,142 , 4'.,Cf,f-af Dfw?-7 ff W! it Q -vu' Ni M, ,1 ' 0 J' 'f I .4-A ALICE CRANE f-0' I ' 5- Jocular: reliance 1' Home Ec Club 1, 2, 3: GAA 1, 2, 3: Class Officer 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Student Council 4: Journalism Stat! 4: Senior Play 4. JAMES CRANDALL Carefree: apathy FFA 1. 2. 3, 4. if .77-41-:J I-'Zen-v'il4 354311 1, ,.- L.,.L-'tidy 4 A 7719 , VL A if 4' ,J LUCILL VOORHES Obliging: busi-ness Home Ec Club 1, Class Officer 1. 3: Club 1: Chorus 1: 4: Librarian 1, 2: 2. 3: GAA 1, 2, 3: Band 2, 3, 4: Glee Instrumental Solo Flute Quartette 2: 3: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Journalism Staff 4. Woodwind Quintette 4: Student Council 1, 2. . f' M 41 M, , V N 1 V017 5 ffl' ' A ' V ,AWN A 1 I 4 , ! jim, . HOWARD OPP Sagacious: heartineu Basketball 1, 2: Football 1, 2: Glee Club 1. 2. 3. 4: Track 1, 3, 4: Boys A ,f ' Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 4: Village Band X 3 ,fx ' Cast 4: Pep Band 2, 3, 4: Boys 'I A Octette 4:,,M' ed Octette 4. '. ' , ol .,,. L lf ,i V . , '- A c " R -V 'l if 'li ' QM ,M fix' 1 Ev" , A. xl ,Md ,I Q l ' : . .ig , 1' ,f ff " mb 'f ' X .f . , , A A as Q i MORIN KELTGEN Minute: hlllrity Basketball 1. 2, 3: Football 2, 3, 4: Track 1: Class Oificer 1: FFA 1, 2, 3, 4. , 5 . I: 4. ,i 'MARYJ LARRINGTON BI ithe: attractiveness Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec Club 1, 2, 3: Candidate for Carnival Princess 4: Senior Play 4. 11 wi 4 . f 7 K ERT DUTT Cherished: constancy A uf' f' Glee Club 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 2. 3, 4: Foot- ball 2: Basketball 1, 2: Village Band Cast 4: Journalism Staff 4. RUBY DUNCAN Friendly: quietness Seneca 2: Glee Club 3, 4: Pep Club 4. :AW DOROTHY FRANSEN Smiling: pleasantneas Home Ec Club 1. 2. 3: GAA 2, 3: Glee Club 3: Mixed Chorus 4. If 4 A . ,A .W f il P fo 1' Vvlfll if :,'l f Wi -fo 4, MARIE GENZLER Enviable scholarship Home Ee Club 1, 2, 3: Librarian 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 4: Joumallsm Staff 4. HARVEY HUBER Friendly: romanticist Java 1: Basketball 3: Football 2, 3: Glee Club 2: Mixed Chorus 2. 12 DOROTHY FERGUSON Slucyi ooodhssrtedness Home Ee Club 1, 2, 8: Glee Club 1, 2, 4: Journalism Staff 4: Pep Club 4. LELAND SCHNEIDER Taciturn: earnestness FFA 1, 2. 3, 4: Movie Projector 2. IX A x PE L HAWKINSON Buhful: consideration Home Ee Club l, 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3:'Joumllism ' Staff 4. 7 Mm FRANCIS GLODT Floral: ruqgedness FFA 1, 2, 3, 4: Club Ofilcer 3, 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Co-Captain 4: Track 3, 4. ELSIE HARVEY Esteemed: Cooperativenass Home Ec Club 1: GAA 2: me Flub 1, 2, 3, 4.1 , Dlhwvfj 31 , J' N V V. ry ' ' Nllw ,if l N1,if'W'WC'2v 'lf LEONA OTTO Candid: good naturedness THOMAS HOUCK Good natured: reticency Home Ee Club 1. 2, 3: Glee Club 2, Track 1, 2, 3, 4: FFA 2, 3, 4: Movie 3, 4: GAA 2, 3. CHARLES TANNER Keen: wayfarer Movie Projector 2. 4,525 - ' nf, , NN 4 if kr! f MARIAN HAGEMAN Silent: cooperativeneu Glee Club 2, 3: Home Ec Club 3. 1 l CARRIE HAGEMAN Good natured: helpfulness Glee Club 2. 3: Home Ec Club 1, l X x ,I ' wi' Ks MARGARET WILLEY Passive: merriment Glee Club 2. 3. 4: Mixed Choru GAA 2: Home Ec Club 2. Projector 1, 2, 4: Club Officer 2. NELVIE MULLINBURG Quiescent: attentivenesa Transfer from Edgerton, Minnesota 1, 2, 3. 4 12 , WM wil DALE SMITH Lumbering: gamesman 1, 2, FFA 2, 3. 4: Football 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball 1, 3. 1 ,ld fl f,l, VIOLET WAGER Natural : friendliness 2, 3. Glee Club 1. 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Home EC Club 1, 2, 3. TERESA GRIFFITI:I Petite: comeliness s 4: Home Ec Club 1, 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Glee Club 1, 2. 13 J Fourth Row Cleft to righzp: Howard Opp, Francis Glodt, Walter Schumacher, Dana Peep, Dale Smith, James Crandall, Earl Stucke, Milton Starks, Tom Houck, Leland Schneider, Morin Keltgen. Third Row: Betty Norris, Alice Crane, Dorothy Fransen, Shirley Gross, Maynard Westphal, James Combellick, Harvey Huber, Herbert Dutt, John Cronin, Charles Tanner. Second Row: Mr. Novak, Pauline Koch, Nelvie Muilenburg, Verla Manfull, Betty McNeely, Marie Genzler, Leona Otto, Violet Wager, Mary Larrington, Lois Hanson, Mr. Gerber. First Row: Margaret Willey, Elsie Harvey, Caroline Hageman, Marian Hage- man, Dorothy Ferguson, Pearl Hawkinson, Teresa Griffith, Ruby Duncan, Lucille Voorhes, Phyllis Larson. C ' "i- .,,,T if Il, sky A E - QQ. 'E ' Donald Miner Neil Navman Army Army 14 ss. g , TWELVE YEAR CLUB r- as ,. I ' X 1 X, an U Loft How. from to back: John Cronin, Earl Stucke, Leona Otto, James Crandall. Right Row. fron! to back: James Combellick, Lucille Voorhes, Mary Larrington. f K YQ as 2 g I c .c The above seven people have been x Q' W constant classmates for the past twelve ' years in Gettysburg. 1 if L, 4 'I , 2 Each of the other couples have spent C s f P ' f if 5 twelve years together too, though they GL if spent the first eight years in various Z s J'q, " rural schools. ' j J- 1 'W 5 K K t If , :R . ' ' Ve!-la Manfull, Violet Wager, , Teresa Griffith, Marie Genzler. tty Norris, A1- Crane. t Carrie Hageman, Marian Hageman ,.. W.. it EW' 1 SL A ? 1 x ,F bax kia 3 N 5 .S .- '43 4 Q , lb H N was .. JJ. ZJQZH! ...N-.eq x N o o Q ' ' gxhg:291gh...LAk ,.4,,...,.,. . , X ffiliiqlxfvg N V ,- ., aw Eff' V 5' r 6 1 -' A 5,'1..'-...yu , I 4 . . f f . :.w.:eN f 1, . vw- .vi ' ,. 'N K x k . ., , .. .Q . .. 4 . . .R ,S . S 'Ni , X M' u- , M ,A . if ,, , A g I 5 ' Q 4 ' - rw . of Q ' V 1. Combellick 2. Opp 3. Otto 4. Crandall 5. Houck 6. Man- full 7. Dougherty 8. Larson 9. Huber 10. Stucke ll. Peep 16 W.. 5 7 I 4 5546? 3 's' Qs, A sg, Q., A 2sf'R:'5'-f" 1. Keltgen 2. Crane 3. Wager Sz Genzler 4. Norris 5. Larring- ton 6. Hansen 7. Harvey 8. Cronin 9. Tanner 10. Hageman Sz Hageman 17 IUNIORS 18 1 V. f' - ek ' Y' i M 'ii I if N -1 Martin Nold Donna Spicer .Francis Kurby Mable Harvey Duane Hughes Cleopha Zimmerman Larry Swift Deloris Griese Neil Neyhart Jeanette Adams Jack Moore Edith Kearns Raymond Duncan Valerie Budde Dean Voeltz Su Naomi Crane Richard Drew Janet Hembd Clayton Ferguson Deloris Bryant Wallace curl ' f 4 Billie smith Y ,r J I, Calvin Huber 'N-i -vi Y 'x Joan Tobin Qui., J Luverne Renner Mildred Griese Duane Nichols Marcella Eiseman Keith Keltgen Dorothy Engel Rollie Hinckley Ginger Hart Chuck Newland Elsie Mae Tays Dorothy Merrill Marguerite Smith Mavis Hansen Louann Nauman Catherine Hall Cheris Bohnhoff Mr. Polich, Adviser Howard Kunstle, Class Pres. Miss Lewis, Adviser James Moore not in picture 5i4 soPHoMoREs 1 ' V' Phyllis Geist is ff , if i N Donald Duncan 'M R f If l i iffy Dj Amy Maas 6, lj' ,J Chadwick Hinckley F7 'i W Q1 . f Vg,-f ji irley Grlese id fi ip,-ij I Dale Rogers Ei! ' W iv, 5, 1 Norma Vetter ' Vfjf Howard Clark W 'Ml Leona Gillespie Irving Pot Ruby nzler ' N Q E argl Glodt K 1 Esther Lewis XXX James Lake t ilian SQ - Keith Manfull . A Alberta Houck 535' , Le Roy Permann Betty Stephens es Hepper X Mary Ann Lewis Q X Vern Wager f' I 9 Mildred Gross My? Q Richard Carey if! I ty Smith f Alvin Cuny i ' X Wilma Crofutt v Richard Klein V Ardys Becker I D ald Rud Joyce Schneider W Donald Russell 5 iw' Lucille Holmes M W . Norma Hockesson Qyvvyfi Qiirley Hult i Q3 ' Alma Maas jf Phyllis Hagney Ruth Holmes Mr. Urban, Adviser Dottie Olsen, Treasurer Jack Cosand, President Donna Davis, Secretary i L, ofa, Miss Frankenstein, Adviser 19 i Duane Comeau fy!! ,fyylelwd ff Phyllis Gillespie M FRESHMAN Robert Houck Phoebe Opp Robert Spicer Marla Johnson Darrel Thompson Mary Ann Kaiser Conrad Sanberg Bonnie Bartels Melvin Van Bockel Phyllis Harvey Jim Tays Ginger Marks Leo Hageman Donna Maas Robert Carey Erleen Sloat Robert Otto Colleen Bamesberger Franklin Fransen Dellene Russell James Crofutt Veda Neyhart Darrell Voeltz Barbara Houck Duane Bieber Rosemary Ellis Marvel Martin Larry Hawkinson My Donald Frey M, xy. ,jj Wilma Smith J, A Orland Sloat 4 Loretta Bryant mfs! ff Fredrick Miles WJ - Pauline Hockessorf I Francis Kearns Bonnie Myrann John Smith Grace Meeks Donald Thomas A Ronnie Olsen Mr. Severson, Adviser Grant Newman, Class President Miss Betty Bates, Adviser Freshmen not in pictures: Loretta Bryant, Rosemary Ellis, Franklin Fransen, Irene Koch, Minerva Nafus. Sophomores not in picture: Helen Anderson, Deloris Boke, Delmar Hagenlock, Myron Moore, Speed Mc- Cloud, Arnes Thompson, Joyce Opp. 8 i h G R A D E First Row ilef! to righil: Mary Thomas, Charlotte Martin, Mary Jean Von Wald, Joie Klein, Eileen Dutt, Geraldine Fenger, Helen Meis, Emma Miles, Ruth Boroff. Second Row: Shirley Ribble, Anna Marie Artz, Betty Palmer, Jo Ann Reichenbach, Janice Strickland, Dora Faye Axson, Phyllis Vetter, Ann Muck, Betty Lou Larson, Norma Jean Smith, Mrs. Haag, Adviser. Third Row: Leonard White, Larry Stoner, Donald Zuber, Kenneth Jones, Lloyd Stucke, James Deck, Kenneth Potts, Allen Markovetz, Jane Hannigan, Mary Joyce Cosand, Joan Schaeffer. Rex uh 7 .ri f h is sw-iix1f2,?:, ,s.fa'Rg9,,fai5s' , 1 ff, '- -Q-ey -Ms' ,- ' x G R A D E ss. 4 First Row llefi to rightl: Phyllis Parks, Lorriane Fenger, Elaine Crofutt, Helen Jackson, VeNita Peterson, Martha Koch, Lorriane Kilian, Venoye Bieber. Second Row: James Parks, Clyde OPP, La Verne Meeks, Norma Seeley, Lola Rogers, Mary Lou Crandall, Maxine Smith, Mrs. M. Zuber, adviser. Third Row: James Kaiser, Jerry Houck, Edward Schlacter, Erwin Frey, Verne Tobin, Dick Tays, Emmett Stephens, Marshall Morgan, Duane Jensen. Keith Jensen not in picture. Wwlwq EMW- Mghhhiifk Sail'-fizga. .. K - S - ga ,saw 'sax dh , JJ an 1- M T ' 2 f-fs., M ' H"""x--L-3 :.i"' - QS' , QQ .xv ZF' A V. wt JY! S 1 M ES fi N, .Q': 35? C371 ww Q? 633532 A sg M ash '-w ...T -I 1 Camera!! Something Relaxg Scl They say 3 Kern-Col Nothing Ii The POP We11!!!!!!!! Where's tl A close sq Look at tl Down in 1 It was a 11 Go to slee An everyi Ditto!!! Posed!! C Nothing li The 'Drug PALS- Quadruple The pause Ginger-Q1 FW Dut ln-Tobin?" d???? as about th1s' V' ' KING . n rush???" nbs!!! F! ! ll 'Seann CIIITSIICC erwise ay in the ' Gang refreshes v Face! . Nik in RED LETTER SEPTEMBER 16 School opens under L. E. Gerber, new Supt. 18 Senior class rings arrived. 20 Football here. Gettysburg 14, Highmore 6. 24 Chorus and band organized under Urban. 27 Football team takes trip. Miller 52, Get- tysburg 0. OCTOBER 1 Freshman initiation party. 4 Griders to Ipswich. Ipswich 27, Gettys- burg 0. 7 Sleet storm that broke trees and light wires. 7 Nominated Betty N., Betty McN., Verla M., Jim C., John C., Dana P. for Queen and Marshal. 10 Betty McNeely and Dana Peep elected Queen and Marshal. ll Cheyenne here. Cheyenne 12, Gettysburg 0. 17 Coronation of Queen, Betty McNeely. 18 Mobridge here. Mobridge 18, Gettysburg 6 18 Homecoming parade, game and dance. 20 Cheyenne rodeo. G.H. S. band plays. 25 Football here. Pierre 27, Gettysburg 0. 29 G. Club basket social. 29 Civics class attends court session in Potter County Court House. DAYS 1946-47 NOVEMBER 1 Faulkton game. Faulkton 7, Gettysburg 6. l Students ,hear Karl Mundt speak. 4 Senior pictures and annual shots taken by O'Nei1. 5 Mock election in high school. Republican victory. 8 Basketball practice starts. 10 Vesper concert of chorus. 12 Football lettermen's banquet. 13-l4 9 weeks tests. . 15 Civics class goes to Cheyenne Agency. 18 School Declam contest. 21 Hoven Declam contest-Dana, Dottie and Catherine, excellents. 22 Junior Class Play. 25-29 Thanksgiving vacation and S. D.E. A. DECEMBER 5 Pruth McFarlin, great Negro Tenor, ap- peared before assembly. 6 Basketball here. Agar 32, Gettysburg 19. IU Onida heart breaker. Onida 20, Gettys- burg 19. 13 Carnival. Naomi Princess. 17 B. B. here. Gettysburg 39, Ipswich 31. 19 Christmas concert. 20 Vacation begins. All school party in af- ternoon. IANUARY 2 3 Hoven tournament. GHS took consolation from Selby. Gettysburg 40, Selby 24. 6 School opens again. 10 Cager to Faulkton. Gettysburg 38, Faulk- ton 31. 11 Mi1ler's invincible five. Miller 43, Gettys- burg 27. 14 B. B. team chances icy roads. Highmore 32, Gettysburg 28. 15 Framed "Gettysburg Silver Cornet Band" plays Agar and Onida. 16 Civics class visits Pierre-Minus Bates plus Frankenstein. I7 Invitational Tourney here. Gettysburg takes championship game from Cheyenne. 21 Agar there. Agar 46, Gettysburg 27. 22 "Silver Cornet Band" raises roof in Cheyenne. 24 Rooters follow team. Cheyenne 62, Gettysburg 32. 28 Faulkton braves blizzard. Gettysburg 36, Faulkton 27. 29-30-31 Semester Tests. 31-1 Conference Tourney in Pierre. FEBRUARY 1 Gettysburg lost to Ipswich in consolation finals. 3 New semester-New Senior. 4 B. B. team to Hoven and not for a dance. Hoven 34, Gettysburg 33. 7 No school-blizzard, Pierre game and de- bate cancelled. 10 Band rehearsal in evenings, solo schedule set up. 11 ggieyenne here. Cheyenne 42, Gettysburg 12 Ag-Home Ec Valentine Party. 18 Assembly program on electricity, honor- ing Edison. l9 Chaplin tells of overseas experience. 21-22 Onida Tourney, District 16, Gettysburg won consolation. 22 Debating at Pierre. 24 U. S. D. tests given. 28 Basketball Benefit game to pay the team's expenses at State Basketball Tourney. W . M.ruu.w-- MARCH 1 Annual deadline. ' 1 Last B. B. trip. Pierre 52, Gettysburg 32. 4 2nd Semester Civics Class to Pierre. 5 A Boy for the Urbans. 6-7-8 State "B" Basketball Tourney. The Battlers watch. 10 Regional Speech 8: Debate Tourney. 13 More Cigars-A boy for the Seversons. 19 Teen Town opened. 22 Minneapolis Symphony at Aberdeen. 28 Senior Play. 29 Miss Lewis becomes Mrs. Hansen. APRIL M 3 End of 3rd Quarter. 11 Local Music Contest. 14 Betty Norris gets S100 for Rotary essay. 15 Spring Concert. 17-18 Mobridge Contest. 6 soloists, Band, Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Boys' Ensemble, Mixed En- semble, Woodwind and Brass En- semble - all superior. 21 Aberdeen U. S. D. test finals - Earl - Joan write. 30 Sadie Hawkins Day. MAY 2 Bates-Larrington merger evident. 5 Civics class see Indians in their homes. 6 Invitational track meet. 7 Juniors hold Basket Social. 8-9 Regional track meet. 17 Jr.-Sr. Banquet. A 20 Annual Arrives - We hope. 25 Baccalaureate. 7? Class Picnic. 28-29 Tests. 29 Commencement. MIXED CHORUS gg I-'ini Row tleft to righil: Billie Smith, Valerie Budde, Marguerite Smith, Ginger Hart, Joan Tobin Marcella Eiseman, Donna Spicer, Mabel Harvey, Margaret Willey, Ardys Becker, Amy Maas. Second Row: Betty McNeely, Phyllis Larson, Verla Manfull, Marie Genzler, Lucille Holmes, Dottie Olsen, Joyce Schneider, Donna Davis, Shirley Griese, Alberta Houck, Norma Vetter, Donna Maas, Mary Larrington, Dorothy Fransen, Dorothy Engel, Grace Meeks, Mary Ann Lewis, Phoebe Opp, Mr. Urban, Director. Third Row: Shirley Hult, Alma Maas, 1 Bonnie Bartels, Walter Schumacher, Duane Comeau, Wallace Curl, Jim Combellick, Earl Stucke, Dana Peep, Rollie Hinckley, Herbert Dutt, Dale Rogers, Violet Wager, Norma Hockesson, Helen Anderson. Fourth Row: Howard Kunstle, Duane Hughes, Arnes Thompson, Grant Newman, Ronnie Olsen, Robert Otto, Myron Moore, Howard Opp, Chad Hinckley, Milton Starks, Chuck Newland, Franklin Fransen, Robert Houck, Keith Manfull, Dar- rell Thompson, Howard Clark. The High School Chorus has been the most active large musical group of G. H. S. It has aver- aged three concerts a year, Christmas, Spring Concert, and Baccalaureate, for years past. This year it presented a Vesper Concert on October 27, the Christmas Concert, and has plans to tour several neighboring schools March 18. The Musical Festival in Mobridge April 18 is on schedule besides the Spring Concert April 15, and the chorus is hard at work on such numbers as "Donkey Serenade," "Dark Water," and t'Flow Gently, Sweet Afton." Mrs. Greeves directed the chorus until the fall of 1945 when Miss Costain led for a semester. Miss Dell took up the reins the second semester and directed the organization to a superior rating at the 1946 Contest. This year, all music groups are under Mr. Urban's direction. ' 28 GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Row tleft to righil: Billie Smith, Valerie Budde, Marguerite Smith, Ginger Hart, Joan Tobin, Norma Hockesson, Amy Maas, Mabel Harvey, Margaret Willey, Loretta Bryant, Lois Hansen. Soc- ond Row: Lucille Holmes, Dottie Olsen, Joyce Schneider, Donna Davis, Shirley Griese, Donna Maas, Marie Genzler, Ardys Becker, Mary Ann Lewis, Helen Anderson, Dorothy Engel, Mary Ann Kaiser, Marla Johnson, Phyllis Harvey, Mr. Urban, Director. Third Row: Shirley Hult, Alma Maas, Betty Stephens, Pearl Hawkinson, Verla Manfull, Betty McNee1y, Alberta Houck, Norma Vetter, Rosemary Ellis, Colleen Bamesberger, Ruby Duncan, Deloris Bryant, Pauline Hockesson, Mildred Griese, Dor- othy Ferguson, Erleen Sloat. Fourth Row: Joyce Opp, Marvel Martin, Dorothy Fransen, Shirley Gross, Mary Larrington, Elsie Harvey, Ruby Genzler, Leona Otto, Patty Smith, Minerva Nafus, Janet Hembd, Ruth Holmes, Violet Wager, Cheris Bohnhoff, Wilma Smith. :X A-i ik 'i K s , 5" -C C ' 1, up - - f f X Q, 'L Mfg- ,,,. or Last year the Glee Club won a first prize ' f' fe .1 - - at 4 - 'S-f ' .,f"g.5 ' c Kish, honor at the spring music contest in Mobridge, :I N' , if singing "The Night Has A Thousand Eyes" and ,J "Siesta" Miss Maurine Dell was the music di- rector the last semester. At the graduation ex- ercises for the year 1945-1946, the Girls Glee Club fb V, gf! was seen in a colorful array of formals singing Qxex A K Ju ' - 71 u - ' n ' River River and How Beautiful Is Night. Q' fr 9 9 ' . ' .., . 9 " ,,iwC,xLLx,C i 1 7 ie, - 29 X". BoYs' GLEE CLUB Fin! Row Kloft to rightl: Darrell Thompson, Herby Dutt, Rollie Hinckley, Walter Schumacher, Earl Stucke, Chad Hinckley, Ronnie Olsen, Bob Houck, Howard Kunstle. Second Row: How- ard Clark, Arnes Thompson, Wallace Curl, Dana Peep, Milton Starks, Dale Rogers, Grant New- man, Mr. Urban Director. Third Row: Duane Beiber, Duane Hughes, Myron Moore, Howard Opp, Duane Comeau, Jim Combellick, Chuck Newland, Franklin Fransen, Keith Manfull. The Boy's Glee Club, practicing every week of the second semester, is bent on avenging the second place rating handed them by the Selby Club last year at the Hickory Stick Contest. Mr. Urban, "Fin1andia," "Waltzing Matilda," and the boys are the combination out to win the division back for G. H. S. N4 kk .L MIXED ENSEMBLE Pictured at the left are Howard Opp, Joyce Schneider, Dottie Olsen, and Dana Peep. Chuck Newland, Earl Stucke, Betty McNeely and Joan Tobin complete the group but were not present at the timeithe picture was taken. GROUPS Standing tbacls :owls Herbert Dutt, Howard Opp, Phoebe Opp, Duane Nichols, Duane Comeau, Ronnie Olsen, Earl Stucke, Dana Peep, Jim Combellick. Seated: Richard Klein, Grant New- man, Milton Starks, Director, Chad Hinckley, and Chuck Newland. Originated for the Carnival in December, the comical and crazy, "Village Band," staggered on to give five more performances at Rotary, Agar, Onida, Cheyenne, and before the GHS Student Body. The play will stand forever in the memories of the audiences and cast alike. The girls have three trios this year instead of one triple trio similar to the group which rated superior at the music contest last year. The boys ensemble is an octet busily engaged in "Shortin' Bread," and they plan to defend their last year's superior with success. A mixed octet of four boys and four girls has been formed and has a bright future ahead in the contest. Two band ensembles, a woodwind and a brass ensemble, have been organized also, and these too are highly optimistic. FIRST TRIO SECOND TRIO Ardys Becker, Betty McNeely, Joan Tobin. Dottie Olsen, Donna Spicer, Joyce Schneider. GETTYSBURG Clarinets: Jim Combellick, Dottie Olsen, Richard Klein, Donna Davis, Dorothy Engel, Elsie Tays, Ginger Hart, Phoebe Opp, Dana Peep, Jeanette Adams, James Deck, Jane Hannigan, Joan Shaffer, Mary Joyce Cosand, Joie Klein. Alto Clarinet: Phyllis Larson. Bass Clarinet: Joan Dough- erty. Bassoon: Mary Jean Von Wald. Oboe: Lucille Voorhes. Piccolo: Ann Muck. Flutes: Alberta Houck, Lorraine Fenger. Saxaphones: Betty McNeely, Pauline Hockesson, Howard Opp, Herbert Dutt. Comets: Grant Newman, Duane Nichols, Milton Starks, Larry Stoner, Al- len Markovetz. Trombones: Earl Stucke, Lloyd Stucke, Robert Houck, James Moore, Duane Beiber. Baritone: Chad Hinckley. French Horns: Donna Maas, Bonnie Bartels, Phyllis Vetter, Geraldine Fenger. Tubes: Duane Comeau, Dick Tays. Bass Drum: Chuck Newland. Snare Drums: Ronnie Olsen, Jim Kaiser, Franklin Fransen. FIRST DIVISION RATING Music Contest April ll-12. 1946 Violin-Bob Boulding Baritone Vocal-Jack Schoof Trombone-J ack School Bass Vocal-Bob Boulding Tenor Saxophone--Betty DeBoer Small Brass Ensemble Flute-Alberta Houck Girls' Vocal Ensemble Soprano Vocal-Betty McNeely Mixed Chorus Cornet-Clark Newman Boys' Vocal Ensemble French Horn-Patricia McNeely Girls' Glee Club Piccolo-Helen Hope Hinckley Band 32 BAND Gettysburg High School has long been proud of its band, and justly so. For three years prior to losing our first band master, Mr. Schuster, to the armed forces, the band placed first at the Hickory Stick Music Contest in Mobridge. In 1942, after winning at Mobridge, it went on to the National School Music Competition Festival at Aberdeen where the beautiful plaque which hangs from the north assembly wall was awarded to it for placing second in the Class C size schools. For over a year during the war there was no Gettysburg Band until Mr. Jerome Urban came at the beginning of the 1944-45 school year, and began to rebuild the organization. A Spring Concert was given in 1945, and the outstanding Unfinished Symphony by Schubert was the crowning per- formance. With the beginning of the 45-46 school year the band dug in in earnest for the Spring Concert at Mobridge. It presented a War Bond concert in December and the Spring Concert in April with the overture Orpheus the outstanding numberg and went on to Mobridge to take first itself, and one ensemble and eight soloists also placed first. . This year the band is again preparing for The Spring Concert and Mobridge. Two ensembles and fourteen instrumental solos are being prepared by the band members and Mr. Urban for this spring's sessions. The Pep Band, composed of fewer members than the Concert Band, has been active at home basketball games for years. For the last two years it had joined with the Onida Band to play for the District 16 tournament. This year, players from the newly organized Agar band came into the Tour- nament Band in addition to Gettysburg and Onida musicians. Mr. Urban has directed this tourna- ment band for all three years. FOOTBALL With a team loaded with eight returning lettermen the Battlers opened a seemingly successful 1946 football season by handing the Highmore Pirates a 14 to 6 licking. The Pirates were first to score with a quick drive over the goal early in the first half. The Battlers returned with a touch- down with Donald Miller going over for the six and Dana Peep skirting the end to put the Battlers in the lead with a 7-6 margin. Highmore then started the last quarter threat driving down into Battler territory, only to have Jim Combellick, Battler end, grab a Pirate pass and scamper for a 64 yard touchdown. Uncle Sam then stepped in and took one of GHS's key backs, Don Miller, for his own use. The next game did not prove as successful as the iirst with a weakened Battler team receiving a 52 to 0 walloping at the hands of the potential champions, Miller. Miller finished the season un- defeated and unscored upon, and was rated number one football team in South Dakota. The Battlers were again shut out ine their third game of the season when Cheyenne's Braves handed them a 12 to 0 defeat amongst snow and mud. Cheyenne's first score was started by a pass intercepted in the early stages, then with a series of runs and a final pass into the end zone setup their first touchdown. The try for the extra point failed. Then at the change of quarters a Battler punt put the Indians on their own 9 yard line. Then with a triple reverse that completely stymied the home team Cheyenne picked up a 91 yard run which provided the second 6 pointer. The Battlers then took to the air but could not put the pigskin across and Cheyenne won with a two touchdown lead. Mobridge spoiled GHS's Homecoming by slipping past the Battlers in a tougher game than the score indicated-18 to 6. The Tigers' first score was sent over in a series of line plunges, and they sent their fullback over in the last stages of the first quarter. The Battlers then took over on their own fourteen and following some outstanding field running by Chuck Newland, Battler Q-back, set up a pass by Chuck to Jim Combellick for the Battlers only score and to tie up the game. The Tigers came back to run back two Battler punts for touchdown in the second half and to provide their 18 to 6 win. In the final home game of the 1946 season, the Battlers were downed by the Pierre Governors in the Battlers 5th straight defeat. A heavier Governor ll, outcharged the Battlers for 4 touch- downs and 3 extras to set up their 27 to 0 win. In the last game of the season the Battlers were guests of the Faulkton Trojans, with Faulkton edging the Battlers out with a one point margin, 7 to 6. The game started out to look like an easy win for the Battlers as they staged a first period drive into Trojan's territory only to lose the ball on a fumble. In the second period the home team completed a pass for the six points of the game, with an end run to extend their lead to 7 points. The Battlers were held scoreless until the final minutes when Peep completed a pass to Chuck Newland in the end zone. Then a determined Faulkton squad held the Battlers try for the extra point to win the game 7 to 6. 11 sg 5 .... ES! Q ,.Yv.r..,.,,.,.,, . ...W , W.. we V, f F 0 O T B A L L CO-CAPTAINS John Cronin Francis Glodt John Cronin or "Gronin' Cronin" as he was known on the football field is a three year letter- man winning his first letter in his sophomore year. Two of the the three years were spent on the first eleven and this year he was elected as one of the co-captains. Francis Glodt, better known as "Fritz," was one of the team's mainstays as he was always trouble to the opposing team. Fritz is also a three year letterman, with two years on the starting squad. As a token for the good work in his football career, Fritz was elected the other co-captain. u l lst Row seated: Chuck Newland, Jim Combellick, Edward Glodt, Maynard Westphal, John Cronin, Howard Kunstle, Fritz Glodt, Dale Smith, Dana Peep, Rollie Hinckley. 2nd Row left from right: Arnes Thompson, Calvin Huber, Dean Voltz, Martin Nold, Jack Moore, Harvey Huber, Duane Nichols, Neil Neyhart, Larry Swift. 3rd Row left from right: Darrel Thompson, Robert Spicer, Verne Wager, Jim Tays, Coach Novak, Ronnie Olsen, Robert Houck, Morin Keltgen, Richard Klein, and Keith Keltgen. 35. BASKETBALL W With one returning regular from last year's conference co-champs, the Battlers opened the sea- son with an inexperienced quint. The season was not as record-making as its precedent but the Battlers won ten games while losing thirteen. They were consolation champs in two tourneys and successfully defended the championship of their invitational tourney defeating a favored Cheyenne Indian team. In the conference tournament at Pierre the Battlers were eliminated in their first game by Mil- ler. This putting thefn in the consolation bracket they defeated Faulkton, and then lost to Ipswich in the Consolation finals. The Battlers drew Ft. Pierre in their opening district tourney game, and after 32 minutes of rugged basketball the Battlers yielded to the Buffaloes who went on to the championship. Gettys- burg went the other way in the tournament bracket to defeat the Pierre Indians and Harrold for the consolation championship. The record made by the 46-47 team was not so impressive, but with 5 returning lettermen, Gettysburg is looking forward to a better court season next year. 36 CO-CAPTAIN t I X 'X 1 ll Jinx Cork Jim Combellick-Jim's height and supreme accuracy, made him the mainspring of the Battler quint. He is without a doubt one of the toughest players in the Central Conference, which gave him a natural bid as one of the Co-Captains in the 1946-47 Basketball season. Maynard Westphal-Corky, a southpaw with a lot of height and plenty of speed. His left handed accuracy couldn't be beat as he proved in the past season. Cork was elected as the other Co-Captain for the season. A big cheer goes up as the game gets Maynard, Jim, Dana, and Walt under way. - start their last home game. Third Row lleft to rightl: Calvin Huber, Edward Gloat, Larry Swift, Rollie Hinckley, Dean Voeltz, Neil Neyhart, Arnes Thompson. Second Row: Mr. Novak, Maynard Westphal, James Combellick, Duane Nichols, Milton Starks, John Cronin. U First Royv: Harvey Hu- ber, Howard Kunstle, Walter Schumacher, Dana Peep, Dale Smith, Francis Glodt, Chuck Newland. Fourth Row Heh io righm Mary Ann Kaiser, Louann Nauman, Dorothy Merrill, Virginia Marks, Jo Ester Lewis, Helen Anderson, Barbara Houck, Ruby Duncan, Loretta Bryant, Coleen Bamesberger, Rose Mary Elis, Norma Vetter, Donna Spicer. Third Row: Verla Man- full, Joyce Snyder, Marguerite Smith, Valerie Budde, Bonnie Bartels, Donna Maas, Joan Dougherty, Dorothy Olsen, Dorothy Ferguson, Mary Ann Lewis, Shirley Hult, Wilma Cro- futt, Delores Boke. Second Row: Betty Kilian, Cheris Bohnhoff, Deloris Griese, Alberta Houck, Marcella Eisemann, Elsie Tays, Minerva Nafus, Dorothy Engel, Naomi Crane, Pauline Hockesson. Fin! Row: Billie Smith, Phoebe Opp, Donna Davis, Virginia Hart, Joan Tobin, Betty McNeely, Phyllis Larson. 38 sw FRE qv Q , ,..--., ROUNDUP DAY The 1946 Homecoming Day boasts of one of the biggest and best parades since the origin of the event 16 years ago. Contrary to pessimistic prophecies, the weatherman joined forces with Gettysburg festivities to make our big day one of the most beautiful days that fall. Several other novelties tended to make it particularly different from others. The Marshal and his attendants, and the Queen and her attendants decided to carry out the idea of "Roundup Day," and rode horses in the parade. The football to be used in the afternoon game with Mobridge was dropped from an airplane by Bob Clark. Reigning over the day were Betty McNeely as queen with Betty Norris and Verla Manfull as her attendants and Dana Peep as marshal with John Cronin and Jim Combellick as his attendants. Winning first prize in the class floats were the Juniors with their idea of a battleship and their slogan "Moppin' Up Mobridgef' Placing first among the club floats was the Home Ec Paper Doll Pa- rade. The grand finale of the day was the Homecoming Dance held in the Legion Hall. DECLAM AND DEBATE Loi! to Right: Louann Nauman, Dottie Olsen, Dana Peep, Cath- erine Hall. A large number reported to Miss Bates this year for Declam and so at the local elimina- tion contest it was a tough assignment for the judges to pick the best candidate for the District meet in Hoven. Louann Nauman rated tops in the poetry division. Dana Peep nosed out Mil- ton Starks by a hair's breadth in Oratory. Dotty Olsen surpassed a field of six contenders for the Dramatic spot and Catherine Hall moved ahead of Keith Keltgen to place first among the five giving Humorous selections. Dotty, Catherine, Louann, and Dana made good use of the day in Hoven, bringing home three excellents and a good - which predicts a good chance of taking' the blue ribbons next year, as Dana is the only Senior. son to engage in debating the question, Resolved the State tourney will be held in Huron. Standing: Milton Starks, Betty Norris, Elsie Tays. Kneeling: Martin Nold, Dana Peep. 40 For the first time in several years a debate team was organized. Seven people reported to Mr. Sever- That the Federal Government Should Provide a System of Complete Medical Care Available to All The first tourney attended by the group was held at Pierre on February 22. Students upholding the af firmative at this meet were Betty Norris, Milton Starks, and Dana Peep. Elsie Mae Tays, Billie Smith and Duane Nichols held the negative stand. Martin Nold did not participate in this tourney. The regional tournament is scheduled for March 10 at Pierre and .oft from right: .Neil Neyhart, Rollie Hinckley, Miss Franken- tein, Duane Hughes. Second Row: Catherine Hall, Naomi frane, Dorothy Engle, Joan Tobin, Howard Kunstle. Third Low: Elsie Mae Tays, Billie Clarie Smith, Larry Swift, and Donna Spicer. Duane Nichols is not pictured. SENIOR CLASS PLAY The Senior Class Play of '47, which is a three-act mystery and comedy called the "Night Owl," is scheduled to be presented on March 28. The play is now in produc- tion and is progressing steadily under the director, Miss Frankenstein. IUNIOR CLASS PLAY The Junior Class Play, "Cross My Heart," which is a three-act comedy, was presented to the students on November 21, and to the public on November 22. The play was a great success due to the fine work of the cast and director, Miss Frankenstein. Loft from Right: Miss Frankenstein, Jim Combellick, May nard Wesrphal, Milton Starks, John Cronin, Dana Peep Second Row: Phyllis Larson, Alice Crane, Betty Norris Verla Manfull, and Mary Larrington. IOURNALISM STAFF The Journalism Staff which is made up of the whole Journalism class has as its various editors the five students pictured, Sports Edi- tor, Herbert Duttg Grade News Editor, Lucille Voorhesg 1st Semester Editor, Betty Norris, 2nd Semester Editor, Betty McNeelyg Grade News Editor, Marie Genzler. CARNIVAL Swap Naomi Crane N X gftxog 4230309 0 0,-3 xpfl? n Nd, Qi.. X5 91' X 'Q' 4' Queen Naom1 5 , M ,k. QF' Mao ,, ,fs San V ' 811, 011 Wald WW 460 Phoebe Opp Frosh. This carnival, the first Gettysburg has had, proved to be very successful. The grade rooms and the gym were turned into a colorful midway. Room 33 was changed as though by magic into a beautiful ballroom and pictures of the Homecoming parade were shown. Hundreds of people turned out and profits hit near the one thousand mark. Profits from the votes for Queen alone ranged near 500. S 42 Herby, who's behind that camera? Wait-Mary Ann. Getting up in the world. Ooo-lah-lah! Hang up Donna's stocking. Weekend home. There she blows. Yes, Rollie it leaks. Atlas has nothing on you. She's a busy girl-Secretary. Larson, how you rate! Fresh up? Cheer up. Betcha didn't know? Howdy Tex. She's a winking at me. Mary Ellen! as J , J Q? ta "Nw Cheery little group . . . It's all mine . . . Woo-Woo- Did you all get out of that car??? Look at the snowmen!!!! A steady couple?'???? She's still growin!! Tays and Tays Still more Tays t i - , . ,X 'W was ' ELLYQ M A H Our friend Cleo. Very good view. Interesting game? No man shortage. Oh yeah! Weren't they mean? Don't!! It's mine! Cinder path Starks. Chore time. Snow White. Lots of Spice. if ,QQ Yes, they're sisters. It's Only the Civics class. Griese Spot. As we see him .... Are those geometry papers-Jo??? So that's where you stayed? Oh, you two again ..... Sophomore Prexy. Mr. Newland and Mr. Starks Ready, Set, Go!!! Our coach!!! Out of this world. 46 A .av ,,.w,,,,,n,,,,,5.,....---.. .. SPONSORS WILLIAMS AND WILLIAMS LAND OFFICE VE'I'I'ER'S TRUCKING VAlL'S DRUG STORE TOOMEY'S BARBER SHOP THELMA'S BEAUTY SHOPPE SWIFT AND SON, GROCERY SWEDE'S BARBER SHOP SUNSET CAFE STRICKLAND'S STORE SNACK SHOP SMITH'S GAS AND APPLIANCES SMlTH'S SERVICE STATION SCHOOF'S STORE SCHLACHTER LUMBER CO. DR. SCHELLER SARGENT AND KOSTBOTH, ATTORNEYS ROSE BEAUTY SHOP RED OWL STORE RINGNECK CAFE QUIETT'S MOTOR CO. POTTER COUNTY NEWS POTTER COUNTY LAND AND ABSTRACT CO. POTTER COUNTY BANK L. I. PIERCE PALACE THEATRE KENNETH MORGAN, ATTORNEY HERBERT E. MILLER, INSURANCE MILLER'S FEDERATED STORE DR. MELODY, VETERINARY LUNN'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP LANGSLET'S FURNITURE KUNSTLE AND SONS, IMPLEMENT KLEIN'S CLEANERS KLEIN'S BAKERY JONES DRUG STORE .IOHNSON'S PRODUCE CLIFFORD HULL, JEWELER HOTEL WINDSOR HERB'S PLACE GLEN HART, PLUMBER OSCAR HAAG GETFYSBURG SERVICE STATION GETTYSBURG MOTOR COMPANY GETTYSBURG MILLING COMPANY GETTYSBURG HATCHERY GETTYSBURG FARMERS ELEVATOR GETTYSBURG CREAMERY OETTYSBURG AIR SERVICE G AND M CAFE ENGLER'S OUR OWN HARDWARE ENOEI. PRODUCE DwIGHT'S SUPER MARKET A. L. COMBELLICK E. H. COLLINS, M.D. COFFEE CUP CAFE COAST TO COAST STORE CHET'S CARD PARLOR DR. C. C. BUDDE BOHNHOFF'S MARKET BIG PUMP SERVICE STATION BEAUTY NOOK, DORIS QUIETI' BURGER MOTOR LOUIS BARTELS, FRIGIDAIRE PRODUCTS FRED BARTELS, IMPLEMENTS ATLAS LUMBER YARD ARMOUR'S CREAM STATION, ETHEL VETTER MGR ANDERSON LUMBER COMPANY VW Mqvi' W b MMM Hy' , zadlifw WW V f l i V -my f Tix iff v N M Mix ! J A . J xr' .. N W f- JW!! fr ., M 'jv J: ' we V f" '51 . , A ,J if 'ff Wk' ,M 1- 1 wi af -.W 4. ' - - Y- A M ,. .f,,,'-1- .,, , . ,1 In M, W. 'i vii' JL J 1' - 4-'eff ' I .. ,, ,, ,. , ,, , A Q Q -H-if-1 u p , , ,., A -,,. Q A 1 V -- ,.,J- , . ., 1, g,.,,Q,1,9,y-,glvv j ,, w b b M e - M K W Q , A , W., Wh?-V, 1N , ,:M ew f ,i.. , fx - nf ,,', . fa Af 2- ' Q' r .A.,Y .. , K-f- , 1,,-..i5',4 " .g.E?. f,, q kmrifijix -ihitwtiillir J yy t It 1 I V g x " 1- wr 1 2 A? 5 H4 -,xg-, .xx v--v W1 if ' ' nf ffyfqlf ' 1 fypvf pw Dm Q V' fgjj49'??wf3ffM7V Ei ' jf 3 Q 'iqigs gi ' 5 2 L . YE -M SEN? 3 i- 'WW 17? ,M 'Z' Nfmj ff , A YW. .MHZ W Jizwliji ,535 1 A ' fq,.??',4,,7""'9' ff my ff-z W 2-,M.,f 'A 'y "ni XL .Vaci X! 4 WRX UQ xxx .L 4 Q 4 K W , mga, OXGA' 044 Kuuxkx OVJQX 5 ,T L , WK ,wr ,'b My 50 0 J' 0 J , fr, .-31 , Xa ok A V Xxx W WJ ,N , xr -V -N , - 1 C f, P ,Q ,eg i , , X v fri , ., A - f ff P f '- xv ff . - 4 X N 2 Q xf Om W w "4-,1 Q X Qv x XX od 60 P K XP, XZ, 1? S I Jr' I , N- N4 v wx A n ,ni ' 'x"f, , 541 AX H if D X VAgNrMQ'lx -.1 x L,.x.Lg-n4!....j Chhsx V' Vw 9 5 ab Xl ' ' 'P W W wx ey ,N vj ' 'X , L j?n1'....' 5 ics S, 1 0 X NX . ' ' X0 , 5 , . ws' Q1 'F-'X f i '- aiu Pg f C,wofL' ' ' 'J 4 3-Vik, f 1 ,ww V' . "' J" ,UUJV ,Q-1-fibdba u . ' ,vi pf jk' , f 'fv ffm' I A 'Di V Af-WMS J A f JJAMW if M WW ' V, W' Lid K jR - l I ,W ' M fb 5 f xX, ? .f 'J W D , C, iW9j Jw iizfk ff f - CU fiffa Vevifgi' V L' V ,, x 'fc' 1 ' -.

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Gettysburg High School - Boomerang Yearbook (Gettysburg, SD) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 44

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