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, 5 rf"- P - ailjf M? wr f wWJ " Mafi- OF GETTYSBURG COLLE A ye of prog es Words can never express all the things Gettysburg College means to each student. Pictures, however, can come closer by visually recapturing memorable occasions. Although each of us has his own distinct and unique memories and impressions, We do share in common experiences here at Gettysburg. The SPECTRUM staff has tried to present various aspects ot com- mon experiences in hopes not only oi recapturing and recording them, but also in hopes of depicting the spirit and essence oi Gettysburg College. I ,en fy H5 9 .2 . . W . ,, -2 W I L .v 1, LTI I gg 1 'I' X 4 . , a Nl 'I 1 r ,F yr Q w 'rl 5' . .. , .Mui-4 3 . '. HU' x l 4. f vi ' A J ,S ' 5 43 '44 - 'verrf X r .g' 4 'ff ' ' ns' H , I 1 , I X, i 1 x mi 1 Q54 ,gm di? 5" if XV 'VS Q yer Nuff, Y 1,7 . . ,X 5 4 ,M -Q -. . TQ'A,,'- , . my fr Le tile! lr? hiv ,A .Q ,. -QW: .A I -" ,N .5+1."1Q:F'I-Y 1 1' -ic' P ' g . ' 2:51 Jslvfv ' 'wr Vf A A-:GP . "ra -, -Navi. . .:jM1v. '.. "vf3.Ef. l r. . ' . , I , l . L . 4 K ,,! V J., ' if Q fb' 44- y 4 A . A . . ' , .1 R F Mil' - Q 'A' Y nr .- . .. , 1 he A, .. .. ., jf y ,L I ,. , .3 '. 1.7 f H f o . x ' 1 1-A ,. ., wr w'1 4I ' .. - av Q ' 4? r ' in , ,, 4. .,.. 4 H41 q. .lc . . fr .u 'IS 'nf 6 ,. ii -P yi, vu 1' 'Ne ff .wi d a gl -., 1-J' Ax n ,wad 4- ML ' -X ' Fi-,fix 'qv ggi, 1,,' gl' w,-.,w.- Adi! i. , .Lb--' Q n. . I ' ' , Q ' f' ch- .-- 'Ffh ,4 if ' , A ,Q A . R H 1 ' h V A . ,:' 7' . J , gfiiw M "sf 9' ' ww - '. - ff. -r, 1 ,..,, 461. 4 nr V ' U1 l.-Q . , -R' ,L."Ail ,f, Il . ,J 'fl ' ' Zi-I-:'yr:: V f" N 1 Y "f, f- f-:V 'J fr I . , N Pa ., N .1 -- , 1 . -Y ,w y f "H ' Jw- .A 4 if 1 - ' . " wi - wi' f' yn I .,w Q 9 . 'Ld -sim' Q gg A - I - M: "Lg 2. , w .- i 'fs' 'Y ' f 2' fir v P ,K f, f g E ' Q- if" I E i ..., ' 2 Q 'S 5' -e -i , vp- H Lf '. , . , ' "WW N! A gf E If " """"" .Y XM My ii x A' Jr' ., Vi ' V, 5. x .V A ,Mlfgf . r f " ix,, , j4 5 x. . - it , K I s 'X ,WQBPX 14 Ei I ' .xv - V A , If , ' ' ' L I N 3 1 I Y I S , Y HV At, ,Q -' r,, 1 . F '- r X' f ik- D yr F 1 ' if 5 51 . . L- J" "" .. 4 .gy I A f" "w' .' , 5 N. , E ' '- , ., V A 5 A KT, 'v - "" 'A ' - .' ' '. 1 ,.. .J Q ,O 4. 2 U xiii in ,-A' ,O . V 4 A . ,-. , A. JV 4 TV N , ,K 'T W, -' -f" ' Q, 1' 0 4 afwn - x ,Q , 'few vi 1 ig X r,.: . f C 1,-xg vb Q ,rw , -Mrk A ,4 1+ as I Q, uf, K, Q H' I 63 I F. ,, ,. 1,7 . . F V 5. b . I :, 1 A H 9 1 .X , A A KA V- ' J- W I- Q. ' , ' f f f - 'W 1 , . .' Q1 ' . f ,YW Hf, ,.-.1 , -I ' N' ff '. - x 4, - 1 , . , 3 F f 9.7 I' V I V if . V w .. A , , R 5 Q. 'Ji' " ff 7" Az' ' ' V Lv- ' ,N - 1 Q 4! . , 1 p , X- , A I c - 1 X Y -- 1 - ' :.1f,Kl.,-' J, f , , Y . 'A a- ,sf A 1 UN 1 M ,I 1. ,,,, .W I .L bf Q fd W S ' 1 , ' ,. 'Q ' . 4 . 4 V- . . ' jaw ' - A r ., .- I ' 'Y A 4 WA k, f U l A 5 l Q4 gb, A ..-.A A 5 0 ' I ,, M , , , . -, . ,.,m.v --. , N '- Sign ' f V ,A-fzgf 22 ff " K 'fQ?x'Tf'.rQr,' dx A E ' A ,WMA ' - - - kt' 'TY wi A 1 ,I ig ' Mfg-M ' , '15 - :ja v w V , V .fl fi in g 'M '4 Af, aww 'J - t5L':' ' I Y -x. Y! Y . Y -A W f J Nelcomes a new Pres1dent During his first year as president, Dr. C. A. Hanson has evoked respect and admiration from all who are a part of Gettysburg College. Dr. Hanson's sincerity, friendliness and deep interest in the College and its students is coupled with his strong desire to foster true scholarship and individual responsibility Within the academic college community. Throughout the year, Dr. Hanson has displayed his willingness to meet with students to discuss all aspects of college lite: in addition to several press conferences, Dr. Hanson has met with the Student Senate and has on many occasions talked informally with students over a cup of coffee in the Bullet. His dedication and hard work are aimed at making Gettysburg College an even better institution of higher learning: tor his efforts and his friendliness, his interest and dedication, We respect- fully dedicate the l962 SPECTRUM to Dr. C. A. Hanson. Contents -i-..r- -'4 f - -A ,. 'C FO JL , .,eX:f , K 'ati Hg ,. .5b..,-.,-g.:+a':,:3 . -sn F 50 --av v --5 0 h . f'flfMf'4gpg-gef-ag . fix-fm? I Y-7.x . f x.- ' -. f s' - I ,. x Q B I! oi? , , - ,J f---- JQ QQIHQQ my X vain f - if .VJ 5,5 g Il, I X ' 4 L, - - '-' fgl -Cu ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES GREEKS ACADEMICS CLASSES and in retrospect -sg A new year began in September During the first week in September the college was besieged by 1700 students and their parents. For upper- classmen their first days were filled with fraternity and sorority housecleaning and the exchange of summer experiences. The first day for freshmen was plagued by the long registration line and lifted by new and interesting faces. The next week belonged to the Greeks, with rush week occupying morning, noon and night of both freshmen and upperclassmen. Classes soon put somewhat of a damper on the festivities, yet Septem- ber Was merely the beginning of a new and unpredict- able year highlighted by: a an gs sm gn asf ans xs xx F sf s SV 'fm 11 iw vu m ai svn fssm -was 1 ,WWE BK, glwx? 2?-,ii H- man V. ,mm-' E. vases - wmnwzx :Q ma-wsu:-me an mamma mnvxx ss "Mews mxmx my mvuf Mn wav Q fm:2a,m.p'k .f 1 ,QMM 1, A 1 f. aww yu fs H XQAQ Ja , 2 151 4-z .f4f. vas gun: ,imma fx H , ff 5242431-H Hf33?kLi3fQw QTHTIQZ ms? ss-me JIM! swim 'SLBSR , sf-Qxww ssreiiig mn - w seams wma B. m m ma www nw ' ne, ss ,wx -in gif Hs H if uw E s W . H sf- B 5 ss B, was mmf: mam aww new iam sxsxxsnvsyszgxsx Email: max' imma sms an we ww rm :A 1 ,mmf Mg, ,1l.. MU K .avi -Aww-My wav. aw .Hy an fa' A X. mn 1 wugfim-asm ,rm a1:,4-mama ww M - -' ' asia " E a Yam'-gfggssa Ss S,f' manga , kwywf-fm sf W :sly n sind E mmm B B amass www MMR nf pl sage ss yawn ' 5555 ,mm .Skiing sswwemixgngmms gmgq www grggsw - ,g H me gh-Mm ,Si bw swam E mkwwmw xanax- :K mmm Jw! , J iii 223' wana B -E , 314232 ' ' 1, kings Wim, .mx gxx.M 4: .V gikgxaismw q gg QE vs S52 iw :N H' E :urns as .. vzsxzqfqy ., 14-affxggzn Q R E, ,sis ,L Emifiiii magma H v ,fammw NM Mg, Wm ww 1.3 .1 fnjiws --f,-'Huw ,--3'i5fEQ2, : Sufi? Qi , w 7A'?.Af5sa,af': x ef L 3-xzsxfg 35 f, Q 'uw' rf, M may ,.1 X, ,4 , W an W. -fi:-wifi, ,Q 1: ai , Mjjfg- , X, Jil' ,,,,, ff .t:,-Lim ,Xwg'1-fyw,- frm :wx :alfa .wuz ff.-we xwl -A ,wfw M zfafulw. U A vggmgug if y W :--M v A , W, 1 .f w gn 5 m X-1 , .,.,.v:: . ,Q fa 1 Q zz Q D : 555, 'e -1 . ww wi: ,,.L.,U . .f,.,.,,,,, .f 15524 sn. V5 ww-T qv .f-,,- sf . ,mf mmmh a ms w na my fe nw we asa :wwf xx 1 puyww. wimm -Z 193m kiwi 5 rf- . W K my wwe, a ss -1 5 5 L4 x fm ,x :ww my fa bmw QU: -News means SSM Mis: H334 ami :. Egg 5531? ESQ! LSSQEH1 WQFS W, sm , wif! 'Sw -1 1, xx xi 5 :mega - 33153: x-x135- ,as E1 E 2 me as aww egg 55 viii i. M W5 H i ssl :amiga ,Human a 1 E mm ww? HH N an E MS wvnmg 4 , N ,mg mx! my . . . with rurlo and registration and September comes once again as cars fill the parking lot and parents of fourth floor girls mumble under their breaths. Summer-time memories still remain but soon fade as the bewildered freshmen are caught in the dis- play of Rush Week, tests, registration lines, bookstore lines, and cafeteria lines. Sororities and fraternities heave a sign of relief as rushing ends and boys start talking to girls again: "Do you have a date lor the Bucknell game?" Students gather at pep rallies and bonfires whooping it up for dear 'ole G-burg, but serious studying begins in Qctober when profs an- nounce the first round of tests. As the leaves begin to cover the campus, the students find it harder to get up for 8 o'clocks. L-T:-513' 0 X .-6. I I .Arg W 'H af' , . L, ,rf :A -.qx Q! 1 y'f',N 95 fy .gif .QS 58 ' '.2w?2L2.'i1 .V .- 11 2535 A-E Sollen wir beginnen? : f Wi!! fu- ,ws 'Sf yr 1 A view of the new smoking room. Ultrium li19m1y addr to clmpur growth at X' xi . l B N W E ii at 5 its si A college is an ever-changing institution. Each year the faces of new students take the places of the grad- uating seniors. Physically the campus changes also. This past year a-half-million dollar addition to the library was opened. Included in the changes were a smoking room, study carrels, and a modernized vestibule and check-out area. We've never had it so good. f 'xiii' 7 ' ' Li? : e ,,. awp ,a-fu es ,, is Hn, , H, ' z 1 t its 2 1 t Mi' 'ifw' " ,W H E -FE 'AME 'F el 2.11, Wt H ti "tt"-wif N' .. ,. .Isa -.eff-5' if-',,.4: 1 2 in 15 95 511 Q91 Q. Slgffigg-Q' 1, .41 . Sk kan, V V 1 .mae 52435 Myilxe 1 . :Fi - 125 1 1 Q 12 5' 'Hgh V 11' Q 7E 4. a 1 v F5 X RN- 1' ww 2 11 I fx -... wg. - new ' 1 Yiigfwi A ,fag- B 1111 H1 1 -11.111 ., W 'Z 1 , 1 - 1 V S 5. 1 ,vw ,M 1.1. 1, wif ' 'V' XYZ: L, we 3 "" H: , .,,A g Liiii, H , -"A if 1111 M111 -g M 1 13 M -,X G, 1 Q 1 if asa' m ,mf A 1. 1114123 ' .1-sy, " - . ,jw 1125511 1 A T A, as 67 ,FZ E W f Em .1 F: ' 1 agix, ..- x 1 r f X ' .ff ,- 'AKFSF' nf" -' 221 , ,JBA ai , - Q, 1 1111112 5253.1 My r , in if, 1 lm: ww . 2 E5 SSS' ' il .2 .Cx Autumn Bringf mrzbt A typical, eager, alert Gettysburg student! Spirit is high through the long autumn days at the beginning of a new year. As classes begin and organi- zations meet, life falls into a routine, broken only by week-ends and unexpected but welcome diversion. Fall brings football games, sprained muscles, pep ral- lies, cheering crowds, convocations, long walks, parties, and constant papers and exams-the many and varied aspects that balance campus living. An ankle in Dr. Hadsma's capable hands. 1' 4 ,, ,, iw,-'l' "'-'-' .eu 1 Q Swing out man! The man acer 0 giirit School spirit is something that cannot be explained, it's just there. ln the tall, G-burg spirit is at its peak. Customs bring the first display with orange and blue dinks clotting the campus. Sophomore tribunal rnern- bers keeping the freshmen in line. Bursts ot spirit come on weekends as the football fever hits the campus with the torch parade calling the students to the pep rally. Who can resist the excitement as the sound of the band is heard in the quad? Spirit heightens with the kick-oit on Saturday afternoon and soon Glattelter bells sound the victory. This spirit continues steadily throughout the year-dorms resound with it, fraternities shout it, athletic teams fight for it. It is evident that spirit lends a necessary spark to the college lite. Button Frosh. ii L A ffisvmw? 5 HE M Em 1 is is it 5.1 Nothing to get burned up about. A different kind of school spirit. qv tv, :L .J 2 -it-' fi' ,.-f-:, . -V - I -'L 6 1-. 5 - ii :'::. W "-ZF: ' A , 1, X 3: Y P232 2 i .- 1:1 . T:g?i' -,- xt'-1 li: 4, ,W V-Q ii r" Y fl ."-. , .V 2, - I - A 5' -X. .7 . ,P ' ,nf-ffr"':."" 1 3- Q 5, 'U is ' 2 all , gm. ,t,. 4 and The pep band does its bit in directing spirit I7 Indian visitors ,s Yankee visitors . . . And African visitors were present during the last year 18 ortlo visitors ome to G-buf' f Among its distinguished visitors on campus this year, Gettysburg has included representatives ot several clif- ferent cultures. Five labor mini'stry delegates from the tive newly formed nations of Niger, Dahomey, Ivory Coast, Mauretania, and Togo, participated in a panel discussion on the topic, "Emerging J-Xfrica4l96O." Ravi Shankar, tamed composer and satir virtuoso, presented a concert. The Civil War Conference brought outstand- ing historians frorn all over the country to Gettysburg for several days -of discussion and a pooling of re- sources. More familiar visitors arrived, in the form of our parents, for the annual Father's Day celebration, which was thoroughly enjoyable. Goooo G-burq! Merle Miller presents Mr. Ehrhart with the "Father of the Year" award. wev- Q I' L JXKX terv ll 'Miliu fda X a my t w Z5 g t as W 32535, 'jfgl-91 trial P it q q -it ttt ggqgttm ix N 1 I XS f' "Who says it only happens once!" omecomin .. ig? I We I I V 'V V " ' K . A. ,lg YY I I l gi .. lea ,,, , ,- . , , -1 QF- k ilfmi, . 7- f f -E A . rg '.. 1 f -'vi . , 1' A.: -UE"-v ., ' 1' '55 'iVQf2'f.:t ' 'F ' 1 nf: ggi fa ffszwt' ,qjftiii .., ,,,, ,. , ,.l., t-- . -, -. , F A - --is-,aff qv' n -' fa ,,g...t , . Qj T iwjgs. ' "if AQ' 1 I i L .s 1 t.: was ., ., ,B-N. sl.. is ,A- M A-A b. qv 4. 'L Y uri, . nt IA'f,f4,'2t Ll' XDR's second place entry. Each year at Homecoming, hundreds ot graduates return to their Alma Mater to revisit favorite places, to greet Well-remembered friends, and to conjure up memories of the past. An exciting afternoon awaits them as they cheer the football players home to victory, Watch the float parade, and applaud the pretty girls. The evening provides opportunities tor varied activities ranging from boisterous parties to small get-togethers of close friends to quiet walks around campus. Unique among the "Big Weekends," Homecoming is a mixture of fun and memories made bittersweet by the realiza- tion that college days are a part of the past that can only be partially recaptured once each year. What was that Tom' And G-Burg wins the game, .... .gt t' ,RfiEa gwm me ' f- iii, "if?i ,' " tCi', llkfa-C ,IVV . -' - 'E we ,E-,ge-,i , . ra ,f- itgsff 5:34. ,f K r'i'l'P' it it V -mf ' my , .,..,.. ., FL! l v I P. H it , f it t el tx, The pleasure is all mine, your maiesty. The chairman oi IFC Weekend mixes business with pleasure as Queen Karen receives the tokens oi office. IFC, the first big Weekend of the year, came early in November with the traditional dance in the SUB, fraternity parties, and football game. The Friday night formal had as its theme, "Sayonara," depicted by a Iapanese' tea house, garden, and Oriental food cooked over Kabachis. The atmosphere was heightened by the music of Billy Butterfield and his nationally famous band. Excitement grew as ll:O0 approached and seven Coeds were escorted down the aisle. Karen Gran finally appeared as the l96l IFC Queen chosen to reign over the Weekend festivities. Varied themes were displayed by the fraternities on Saturday night to turn their houses into exotic far away places. Elaborate decorations centered around such themes as "Around the World in Eighty Days," "Parisian Cafe," "South Pacific," and "the conflict over East and West Berlin." The weekend ended on Sunday as the imports climbed on the buses, fraternity pledges cleaned up the houses, and coeds turned reluctantly once again to the book shelves, counting the days until Thanks- giving vacation. A IJPHHEJH moon bfi lotem IFC weekend Teahouso of the August Moon. 'CIIF Man 'WLT Qi fic v ,Jhgk wp? Gettysburg broadens its horizons CoHee hours in the SUB provide an opportunity to discuss the ideas presented at morning convocations. Throughout the school year there is opportunity to strengthen the channels of communication, apprecia- tion, and knowledge between the individual student and the outside World. The convocation program was a varied presentation of science, politics, art, philosophy, and student affairs, as well as musical programs ranging from a neighboring university band to India's satirist virtuoso, The Civil War Conference brought us closer to our American heritageg the African delegation gave us insight into world problems. With exhibitions oi student and professional art in the chapel basement, with the exquisite pieces of the oriental collection on display in the library, with the subscription films and the campus dramatic productions, with the concert series and student recitals, the student body had ample opportunity to grow in the appreciation and enjoyment ot cultural achievement. During Religious Emphasis Week. Gettysburg took a closer look at the Image oi Man and his problems in the modern world. Students became active participants in the bettering of the world's educational situation during the WUS campaign-combined with the fun of the bazaar was the deeper pleasure that comes from sharing with those less fortunate than ourselves. During the last year Gettysburg has made great strides in the field of cultural awareness. The opera comes to Gettysburg in a presentation ot Mozart's "Cosi Fan Tutti." Fun and funds wlih the Delta Gamblers at the WUS Bazaar. Pertlneni world problems are brouqhi lo the siudenls. 25 '15 time to hear new ideas and discuss iheir significance There rs hme to relax between classes rn the Bullei Hole . . . time to find a deeper understanding of ourselves. .gba -.. . N ,. ,N Y N N XM V- -' "I..t. f..7 fngf- t 3 t ,Q ,V . , , 'g,aHiq, .- gg, -ra. A 'H-was-. ., V J.. -V , we afg,M,,f.. f X H fgagmi.-V. 32:3 .L--" --., 1 1' .Law , .ga , , , , g,::".-'tv-tt-'JH-,y .524 , QAJF-f wa'-L-Mi2Btabpv'f S' Q f fa I H ., Winter comes early and stays late in Gettysburg. Snow falls and people fall from November to March. Everyone finds himself bogged down with work and special obligations from Thanksgiving to Christmasff term papers, tests, orphan parties, decorations, gifts--W the list is endless. Intramural sport competition is at its peak now as groups vie for championships in swim- ming, ping-pong, wrestling, and basketball. The Christ- : . . . . as at -J, , .M lu' s W wr ' ws- 'wi "IDS A W Ly . 't , 1 5 YV ,, tl.. U . , ' A. , ,rs-v,., , ' -' ., 1 an . ' .. ' ,W ,, f l 5' La. -Af' . A amyqfx. , -x "iw gc' Mr 1 f - 4., am.. . .t r te., - af, -Q-ws t A mas spirit keeps one going and everything is done somehow . . . then back to school as the judgment days draw near. lt's a time oi intent cramming, quick tem- pers, loeards, and little sleep. Students trudge through the snow to take exams, hand in term papers, and reluctantly discover their final grades. A new semester dawns, some resolutions are made, yet most students settle down for a long winter's nap until niideterms. W'nter forecml' A flur f activit The Chapel Choir practices tor their Christmas Chapel services. which lend a serious note to the holiday week-end. Swirling snowflakes and howling winter wind ush- ered in the Winter wonderland of Christmas I-louse parties l96l, All over campus music sounded in the brisk air as decorations were being completed. The winning house decoration was Phi Gamma Delta's "Everywhere, Everywhere Christmas Tonight," which showed a small boy with a baby lamb walking into a lighted hut. The campus was humming with activity as it settled down to enjoy itself. Phones ringing, showers running, buzzers echoing down, the hall made up the symphony of the dorm as the girls prepared for the festive holiday. The fraternity houses bustled with last minute prepara- tions for their parties. Outside the snow still swirled down on the holiday dress of the campus. At last all preparations were finished, and the festivi- ties of the Winter wonderland began. Wall-to-wall people was the iloor covering tor the Brothers Four concert. U"m,'1,,'iFeE?,t:if3,'ll,trt3i-,WSQQIQALI - 1 " ff- nom bousqnartieg the Brothers Four Z Y Y KW Rally round. Women's swimming meets . . . Dancer u and more mow J The Iunior-Senior Prom Flu shots, knee socks, and heavy sweaters announce the approach of Winter. As bundled- up figures hurry through the cold from the dorms to classes and back again, the campus seeks long periods of indoor activity. Fraternity and sorority activities and the "big" Weekends provide much-needed respite from the daily routine, and the thought of spring took prece- dence. And those iniirmary remedies mark the winter season. ' 1 KV' YXT1' ,Q . T- Q ,.,,,,,. t - if . ' .b Q., f' ' . . , -.ff-f.,a,g!-gg'--A 4-. , - " , tug- ',3' 41-' In , -.qv . nav-.V -he? li? se ,Qhij W, 5552 -.r V , - V ' " : i""'4 ' . , ' Q"'L'fii cwwsw- .. 9 . , fm-15 -- "wx Y ., ,, Y, Y . Q , , . V V ,S .. .asm-Pi."'v' ' I .1 ' p .-Q, -5- 'A -'annex , , Q.. ...'ff-5"-gkgg ay: -' Q V M n. , V A X Whaler casts its while magic over the campus 31 vi' 5 Sl F 'Eg AV . ,f iw 'Ax ,Af In x - j :Lx K., I if -5 'X ."' X xx X 'Nftifrivf' .W Hr lg,1:' J Qi Y-557.51 -. 'H ' A gif- -is ""f5Fflr' . 0 , .. Lfw. . . ,L ,. . A. - ,fu ,. ' ,F..rzv,'gC xqjj' , if f -'Q "iw, 'ar V 'Y . 31311 2' . -.K 'Ea 6521.-sn fs, i -1? r V ' f HJ TA"-P-'iff V.. . ,. - V 4 4 . 1' ,. 1g ju lvxycglmf .yt , V h v .- E? x, ' , ' A ' Q al f ' Q' L . L '. P 'Of ,, ,ffl A' - X . . V5 img V JL. v f- ' 5.1 '99 Wk I , , X. N - E ji f in . X, . . ,-: . -5 5. 1 ., gg Q X N A .X '-.1 1 , 5 ii 1 Q ' I f' gag A ' 0 in ' ", b 355 - 1 . .E , Sf ,,, . , ga J . f ' , W 1 I ' 'F . f ' EVE' ' ' , Q V , , ff wi 'L. 1' " M "' , "E , 1- V ""h fi .gif ,V 1 W X Ka.: ' 1 GS., A 1 B, f 5 I ve, -vnu I. ,-f .Jr 'nw ,. cr, 3 . ..., 9 H . 3 Y W sw , Beauty and the Beast: Queen Ioy has a first dance with ugly man Lynn. Greek week displays a spirit of cooperalion and compelitio The newest ming in beaufi' ifeaffnenf- Coeds keep cool on Derby Day. 1 X ,ae E l 5' Q , . N Il. m. 4... 5. 'V X 1 . ., X '-. -3 x xx , H Tn ,ww :Isi- 'LH PL!- ' 'QV' 1-15-9 I, -E .535 Mk, 1 , -W ww., , 7-X , 'Q "fig . x . M., 2 , XX. Mis Z., 'I If.: 2' ' V ni ', 3. 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P, 'V - . .51 .M fi' , . M5 'ff '.,y'55f7-i q-V' ' ff. '-".L"- , , R2 47, Ex- Lili , - 4 .. 'A r, '- 1.-ggaf?- - ' ,gfF2+?g: ,-1, 15... -. ,Q - ug'-,J,. 2 - gi., -. , ' E- 1- - -Q?-bf' A' A' . ,-, '.fJ"1'vf1 X, jg -' 1 ,- y . , V-Q, -,5 ,1v."..,4-f.: Lz'.,?iuNy,3,,54 'J 5 A2 ' ' T-Q ' Vi . 'ifig' ff? " fill, A' "TWH, -W. sm A '25 N, V 9' V ' vig ' Q- Q -33:9 Q ' 1 13: A XFN Qt, 'igigffgi el, -'4 V f - A i' " - '5,z?F :S'QQii 'W 'ff P '- 'V' 9 5 "-A as 154 - Tig Q - . :tl '- -I wffifag X ' 5 V . . f LV - V. A N H if ff! ww .Y :ff a- ngiw M ' - ' ' ' N 1 A SQ .. 'Qi Y J' A K -:Q ,kLV,- . ' 1 ' 3 43 2 -F ' - , A , 1 if F t 4. hwy 14" .T - 2 Y, X L xyiw A is-ii ? K th 1 1' ' f A f H21 1 K 'N , ' if 4 ' 1" ft .,g V 121 W i 7 V ' f 9" 'R iv 4 ' 4 Qi X - M e' A W, ,Q , .,, U .17 7 K my f M .11 W J KITS P5 J gk, + fy ,, .. ' ' ,M '-"' '-' : . : ' 5. 5' ' s vg,, , ' 'li' "" ,, ' I . . 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Dormitory rooms are spotless, students dress in their best, and even dining hall food tastes good. The campus too is at its finest, displaying a wealth of natural beauty. The crowning of the May Queen, a thrilling water show, sorority banquets, and the presentation of the Mother-of-the-Year Award are the highlights of the weekend which lifts Mom's heart and empties Dad's pocket. lbrin tim tb air The face ol Gettysburg-as it heads tor that 7:50 class. When hearts were young and QHY- Well, I don't know-I didn't seem to have any trouble getting it all up here this Fall. 19 6 speftfum was wgf.M .M ma wfmm mwmggf Mzkf 03' Huntz'n ,on ,,4f,,, lhfuara Fzsafxny 96, 1?u9 .6 anim O R 5 H E 5 T H A To mv: Sfunnsrs ar Crrvvssuue CWLLEW' -- Wann fnrssnsz N is rs Auwavs H115 nrvsr frxnfwcs THAT I Accsvr fuw gfsvnnsznxurrr nr szuscrrns 1 Qvyrn fha Auf scnnrn snczxn runcrrnn. T an nfxwafn, or cwvnsz, FPL: xv rnzzvns is 95rrvs5vnc rsvp: msn ur vo FELTCT ragxa FPECTHUW jurfx. 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' , N. L .JH ., . 'S' M M W Q - 1 if 4 V 'ZH . ' . HL Y 2 A fu 4 : is! f W WH 'Q ,J-:Rua A ma 'j"Lf'j Q ' xg B188 ' 4 N: .S ., .. ,. 2 . . t ,I .2 wg ' lf- QP?-5 xl E K. . K ax a as Q sa N 7 , fm ' . V: , K' S3 - I E .Tb ' Q E M ,f M M. H E Wm . M A XMI, X, H5555 Wqfhsygp Kg' S SPE: s Q . , W A ,R E - . H Q E-E , . S? T wa ms my ma, as mmf san N 'X S S N 1 sw-1 2 3 2948 K . if '4:. H'2f.,.w ,aff .p Q I l Athletics Gettysburg College, instituted primarily for academic enrichment and the pursuit of knowledge, also provides for its students a well-rounded athletic program. At Gettysburg, students have the opportunity to earn a sports letter in football, cross-country, soccer, basketball, swimming, wrestling, track, lacrosse, golf and baseball. Gettysburg College partici- pates in the Middle Atlantic Conference, which provides keen competition in every sport. Complementing the varsity sports, the Gettysburg freshmen are provided with a sizeable program of athletic opportunities. Valuable experience may be gained on the freshmen teams in football, soccer, basketball, swimming, track and baseball. In addition to competition with many intercollegiate teams, Gettysburg offers an extensive intramural program. As any spectator can testify, the intramural contests are no less competitive than the varsity encounters, and the intramural games often draw large crowds. Each Gettysburg student has a chance to participate in intramural football, soccer, billiards, softball, bowling, tennis, volleyball, badminton, basketball, table tennis and chess. Gettysburg College, then, offers a diversified and well-balanced athletic program, the purpose of which is to provide its students with the op- portunity to supplement intellectual growth with competitive physical activity. us E xki All 47 Football Taylor scores against Lafayette. Mark Snyder applies the pressure. After losing its first five games the 1961 football squad rallied to finish the season with a 3-5-l record. The lack of a sustained offensive attack by the Bullets enabled the opponents to win the first four games by either one or two touchdowns. In the fifth game, the offense finally did break loose for twenty-one points only to see the defense allow an even greater total. Plagued with injuries and loss of key personnel, the squad was not able to put together the winning defensive and offensive combination until midway through the season. A talented crew of sophomores backed up the remaining seasoned veterans to produce a better or- ganized squad With renewed team spirit. Defeats turned to victories and the Bullets finished the season with three consecutive victories and a scoreless tie. Front Row, le!! to riqht: Robert l-lopple, Ralph r--niirio, Donald Car- penter, Paul Harbisori, Vance lohnsion, Barry Giiyv--,r, Rick Taylor, lohn Docldzs, Ronald Council. Second Row: Paul Lotilirifs, Barry Shaw, Bob Duncan, lohn Morqan, Dave Wehr, Allen Feld, Phil Warqo, Harry Richter, William Richardson, Fred Butler. Third Row: Phil Hudson, Reed Ernst, Phil Parsons, Richard Foellner, William Sarvis, Thomas Shreiner, David Eisenhower, David Meixell, Terry Looker. Fourth Row: Dave Brenner, Mark Snyder, loseph Wang, Richardson Bainbridge. Harry Buzzerd, Ioseioh I-Iiddemen, Earl Little, Robert Forney, Robert Nelson, Richard Clower. Fifth Row: loseph Murphy, Iames Garbutt, Gary Kerr, Richard Wix, Peter Wright, Steve Orobono, Lynn Hoffman. lack Norwood, Robert Wolfgang, Robert Coble. 0 l is stopped by a Lehigh defender. Little darts through opening in the Bucknell line. . rm. Jikflle . A big leap and ihe aerial pass is complete No running room in this line. Thal's far enough. Snufiyf' Football Fine individual performances were turned in by senior quarterback Earl Little who completed 90 passes for 797 yards and 4 touchdowns, and halfback Terry Looker, who gained 190 yards without a loss. Iunior lack Norwood did a consistently good job at the other haliback position, both on offense and defense. Sopho- mores Barry Gruber, Rick Taylor, and "Snutiy" Parsons provided better than average replacements in the back- iield. Gruber undoubtedly will be the number one kicker next year, and Parsons, although a haltback, caught 22 passes for 286 yards to lead in that depart- ment. Backing senior end Phil Wargo are promising sophomores Mark Snyder and Barry Shaw. Providing the punting power was senior Don Carpenter with an average of 31,3 yards per kick. A fine line bolstered by veterans Ioe Wang and Tom Shreiner had solid support from juniors Bob Duncan, Dick Wix, and others. A great number of regulars, especially sophomores, will be re- turning next year, and it looks as though Coach Haas may have the makings of an outstanding squad. Snuiiy is off and running. Earl Little fires a pass up the middle. Another TD for G-buxg. Locker breaks away against Albright. Bucknell, Bucknell everywhere. A Lafayette tackler closes in on Snui-fy. Buffalo t6-l4l The opening game resulted in the Bullets' first defeat at the hands of an experienced Buffalo squad. Although the defense was adequate, the only offensive drive that resulted in a touchdown was a pass from Little to Richter. Rick Bainbridge contributed 68 and 66 yard kicks to put Buffalo deep in its own territory at critical points in the Bucknell t6-12l Again the Bullets were able to produce only one touchdown-that coming on a seven yard plunge in the first period by Bainbridge. Rick continued his phenomenal punting with a kick of 54 yards. The game was finally lost in the fourth period as Pat Moran of Bucknell broke through the G-burg line for a nineteen yard touchdown run. Iuniata t0-l3l The Bullets suffered their third loss in a poorly played game against luniata. Little completed lO of 19 passes but they resulted in no serious touchdown drive. game. Lehigh f6-2Ul Although the squad had a great deal of spirit, they were not able to push more than one 6 pointer across the goal line. Little again passed well, completing ll of 23. The big play, however. was Rick Taylor's 25 yard run for pay dirt in the fourth quarter. Albright tZ1-37l For the first time an offensive threat was found that enabled the squad to come through with some touchdown punch. A touchdown by Bob Wolfgang put the Bullets ahead early in the first quarter 7-6, but Albright came right back to score 24 points in the second period. Held to a running game because of a heavy rain, the Bullets got fine runs from lack Norwood and Rick Taylor for third period touchdowns. Tom Shreiner is rough on quarterbacks. Snuffy adds to his league leading pass reception record. Muhlenberg tZ2-8l The losing streak ended as the fired up squad pushed across a TD in each of the first three periods. Little raised his already high passing percentage with 15 completions good for 183 yards. TD passes went to Norwood and Snyder, each for l2 yards, and Little also threw for two extra point plays. Lafayette f6-Ol G-burg faced a strong Lafayette at Homecoming and came through with an impressive B-0 win. After receiving the second half kickoff. the Bullets drove the length of the field with "Snuffy" Parsons going 22 yards for the only TD of the game. Hofstra t7-Sl This time the Bullets took an exciting victory from highly rated Hofstra. The game was won in the fourth period when Gettysburg marched 55 yards for 6 points and Barry Gruber kicked his first extra point for the victory margin. Earl Little passed for 164 yards, and Don Carpenter contributed a 50 yard punt that went dead on the one yard line to put Hofstra deep in its own territory. Temple t0-Ol ln the season's finale, both squads exhibited outstanding defensive performances. Temple had the ball inside the G-burg 2, with a first down only to be stopped by a Bullet defensive wall. Later Gettysburg had Taylor's 25 yard TD run called back for clipping in the third period. Carpenter again kept the opposition in the hole, this time with 40 and 50 yard punts that went out of bounds inside the 5 yard line. Seated: Bob Busick, Tom O'Reilly, Bob Gardten, Bill Rantanen, Dick Holzer, Ken Tholan, Skip Yohe, Don Pierce, Wayne Lajac, Ioe Hatch. Standing: Curt Coull, Coachg Fred Heutis, Rick Bainbridge, Bob Dun- Lacrorre-196 l98l marked the fourth year for lacrosse as an inter- collegiate sport at Gettysburg. lt also marked the first year for Curtis Coull as head lacrosse coach. Replacing Daniel R. Bierne, Coull led his inexperienced team to a l-8-U season record. ln a pre-season contest against Catonsville Lacrosse Club, the Bullet eleven squeaked out a 9-8 decision paced by the quick stick of Don Pierce. "Dumps" Pierce fired in four goals With aid from Ken Tholan and Wayne Yohe. The Bullets displayed much promise as they Won their first league game 8-5 against Franklin and Mar- shall. Don Pierce again led the Way as he netted five goals to tie the school scoring record. This Win was short lived, however, as the stickmen dropped their next six games, losing to Loyola 9-6, Drexel 8-6, F CS M 8-6, Penn State l4-3, Lafayette ll-ES, and Delaware 5-U. can, Calvert Iohn-son, Steve Cox, Bill Sarvis, Phil Simkin, Ioe Bailey, Ice Williams, Bob Simms, Bill Harding, George Marthinuss. The Delaware stickmen were the only team to hold the Bullets scoreless. Don Pierce was the high scorer for the season with l6 goals. Ken Tholan and Rich Bainbridge turned in 8 and 6 respectively. Steve Cox, C-ettysburg's sensa- tional goalie, broke the school record for saves in one season. Help! Los! contact lens. B if - First Row, left to right: Scott Sturges, Bayard lvlcran, Charlie Crosson, Steve Cox, Pen Yeatman, loe Williams, Rick Burchell. Second Row: Don Thompson, lohn Mattingly, Chauncey Iohnstone, Ray Truex, Wayne Zaiac, Ed Lucas, Tim Parsons, Harvey Goss, Hon Rock. Third Soccer An exciting, well-coached soccer learn represented Gettysburg College in the 1961 season. By winning eight and losing three, the squad finished the season with the second best record in the history of the College. The booters opened the season with a well-deserved 4-3 double overtime Victory against Lehigh. They con- tinued their winning ways before losing a close decision to highly-rated Elizabethtown 2-O. The next game saw Rick Burchell boot three goals to lead the squad to a 4-3 victory over Bucknell. Losses to Iohns Hopkins and Navy and a win over Susquehanna set the team record at 5 wins and 3 losses. The season ended gloriously with wins over Lycoming 4-l, powerful Penn State 2-l, and finally F. 6: M. 2-l, for a season record of 8 and 3. The team's leading scorer was Senior Rick Burchell with 8 goals and 7 assists for 15 points. Dick Taylor was second with 5 goals and 5 assists and Kerry Iohn- son was third. Not to be forgotten were outstanding performances turned in by other squad inernbers, espe- Row: Dave Powers, Dick Taylor, King Gore, Kerry Johnson, Howie Gerken, terry Farrow, Sid Breman, Bill Burfeincl, Dick Gardner, Coach Louis Hammann. cially King Gore, Charlie Crosson and goalie Steve Cox, who finished the season with an even ZOO saves. An added honor was the selection of Steve Cox and Charlie Crosson to the first team Middle Atlantic Soccer Team and Kerry Iohnson and Ray Truex to the second team. Howie Gerken, Rick Burchell, King Gore, and Ed Lucas were, selected as Honorable Mention for their fine jobs throughout the year. Pass completed from Truex to Taylor. i-nr. K it if -f .k . " -N WH ..v- qi. ,,-r. ,, Nothing like an elbow for that cauliflower. I didn't know you cared. Iohn Bushnell pushes his advantage. The gallant grapplers of G-burg suffered a hard fought but rather unsuccessful season this winter. Plagued with injuries and scholastic difficulties, the wrestlers were able to win only one match and tie one out of a total of eleven meets. Their only victory, over Elizabethtown, was the first Win in eighteen matches over a three year span. Sophomore Hayes Kline and Iunior Tom Shreiner posted the best team records for the season with 5-4 and 3-3 records respectively. Other fine performances were turned in by other individuals in the course of the season: however, the team was not able to get to- gether well enough to defeat such powerhouses as Wilkes, Temple, Bucknell, and the University of Vir- ginia. A promising Freshman squad, improvement by the underclassmen on the varsity, and a new coach could together add up to an exciting and winning season next winter. I M 'sm f I 3, 45 3 ,W Y 2532?-i21'fi ., -M My , S1 ,nawwiimg ,MTBE dw Lwfqsmf , a:' ,:, a ., i gvnw 9 J efmM4f x - V. ,., L , f , ifrifg .Ir-5 "I, :5:, , 1 'A' X 44 WWWWM 1-A . wam X R Swimmin Bottom Row, left to right: Iohn Socey, Scott Ashnian, Allen Thompson, Rudolph Socey, Thomas Faulkner. Second Row, left to right: James Ewing, Robert Gillinder, Robert Richard, Richard Iones, Clyde Betts, Frederick Cole. Third Row, left to riqht: Curtis Cheyney, William Lohrenlz, Harold Kulp, Bruce Lahr, David vom Lehn. Fourth Row, left to right: Vlfilliam Salminen, Robert Most, Roger Warren, Ward Iones. Top Row, left to right: Avery Gentle, Peter Wilson. Seated, left: larnes Gelbert, Frosh manager: right: Ronald Bailey, Varsity manager. Stand- ing: Curt Coull, coach. David Aker, absent when picture was taken. Scott Ashman demonstrates his record breaking form. Stretch it out. The 1951-62 Gettysburg College svtimming team tin ished the season with a 2-8 mark. Temple University and Dickinson College fell to the Bullets while such teams as Bucknell, American, Delaware, and F 61 M proved to be too much for the home team. As Gettysburg College played host to the Middle At- lantic Conference swimming and diving championship meet Scott Ashman, Clyde Betts, Curt Cheyney, Bruce Lahr, Bill Lohrentz, and Rudy Socey were able to finish with the medal winners. With sixteen schools partici- pating, Gettysburg finished in the eighth slot. Many outstanding performances were turned in by the Orange and Blue mermen. "Bulldog" Ashman es- tablished new records in the one and three meter dive, while lohn Socey set a new school record in the 200 yard individual medley event. Harold Kulp joined the select group by setting a new 200 yard backstroke mark for the school. While the 400 yard relay combination of Ashman, Betts, Cheyney, and Lahr tied the school mark, Peter W'ilson, an outstanding freshman swimmer, estab- lished new times in the 50 yard and the 100 yard free- style events. With many promising freshmen waiting in the wings and a nucleus of varsity performers, the outlook is bright on the G-burg swimming scene. Lump up for two more. Bmketba ll The 1961-62 basketball season ended with a fine 18-8 record for the Bullets. Once again this splendid effort was heightened by the individual scoring heroics ot Ron Warner and the outstanding play of Bob Parker. Warner, the "coach's dream" with a multitude of abili- ties on or OH the court, is the holder of just about every Bullet cage record, in addition to being named to the All-America team for the second straight year. Parker, Who was tagged as the "field general" from the very beginning, is second only to Warner in career point Kneeling: Earl Little, Bob Parker, Ron Warner, George Roberts, Don Szegda, Pete Nikander. Standing: Coach Bob Hutton, George Pappas, There you are, Ted. production. Warner ended his career with an overall 25 point average, While Parker finished With a 15 point average. This excellent record was earned not by individual play, but by fine play-making and spirited rebounding against consistently taller teams. Senior Bruce Simpson Was instrumental in many Bullet Wins With his rebound- ing and timely shots. Roger Gaeckler and Doug Kepner also looked impressive both in the shooting and re- bounding departments. The team was rounded out by Roger Gaeckler, Doug Kepner, Don Lochman, Bruce Simpson, Ted Koemer, Coach lohn Carpenter. I From one tight spot . . . the superior play-making of Ted Koerner, Don Szedga, and a senior Earl Little. Gpening with F 6: M, the Bullets wasted no time in chalking up their first win and followed this by addi- tional wins over Dickinson and Susquehanna. The local five ran into some difficulty as they dropped three in a row to Albright, Navy, and Bucknell. Follow- ing the Christmas Vacation the home forces went on a rampage as they racked up eight straight victories be- Stoney out-jumps a Bucknell defender. l V S ' 2. " 'ft at it H ll 'f. '1 , v 'AQNSE Into another. fore losing to a powerful Penn State squad. Following the loss to the Nittany Lions, G-burg dumped Hartwick and Muhlenburg before they lost a heart-breaking double overtime contest to St. Ioseph's, 80-79. This seemed to be a turning point for the Bullets, as they dropped two more to Lafayette and Delaware. The Bullets picked up again and went on to defeat E-town, Wagner, luniata and FGM before they lost the final game of the season to Temple, 59-46. Burnett for two. l W' an H 51-M ,is-B, N 4?n'- Q. Q ,IW 1 :xv 0 f., ,mm Q-Wx, A .L 1 .f ga Q 4, ,Sf vm , 33 'Q 'Q wif' 1142 my V, 53.2 EQQQEQQL ggi N, ., Q , M gM,.,,mz ww JS Qu WE f an N, 4 ,. no ww S f -f W1 ' sn- as xv N. SIL . 5135? 'i , if ef: - ihgxif' 5 mug sv 'a ' M fgvry 7 :J ,. ,, 5554 was Z, V 7- ix ,ma 5:::fi:a 'A E 51 Vf, 5 fa , :g. ' Q' if ,V R 1 21 HK -QR sf. H:-11 5 ai. z was ESQ F22 ws? Y" iwffwg 'Q Q . Q fi Q ,zu V: ' -f Tiara' lyfgiigig, M' , r - L Q. -fl - Q K. fg1g,1,jy,Q. 1,-gwge-,ff , fn ., wqwff K aw -V 1, - , ,vsp-1, -+f-'M 1' ,. ' f we -- wiv' . x me ' ' 4 v,: .H A 33 " ' ,f'Sx'f' lf' Z A L R "' L X 5' mar-tan ,A iisgur 1 , K. 2 :Isa A A 55, . A M 2, as M , K x- xx ' 1 F ,A Versatile Iack Russell is ilyinq high Q52 " ' .. ms-an gif . ,Mus 'L . Tfscg mfr. rw v.w?21f" -' ' " 7,r,3'm1 r Q -K-'gin' ': The 1961 track team began the season with Harold Glad as head coach. Under Coach Glad, the cindermen turned in a 3-5-0 record. Gettysburg finished seventh in M A C meets at Laiayette College ll'11S year wlth l0 polnts lack Russell and Lane Kneedler tled for frrst place 1n the hxgh Jump Wllh a leap of 6 Ralph Blgger took a hfth 1n the 200 yard dash to account tor Gettysburg s 10 polnts I-hgh scorers for the season were Ralph Brgger, 79 Iohn W1lkerson, 60 lack Russell, 57 Drck Puerta 53 and Kent Dumont Wlth 48 rm 0610 Another first for G-hurg and Ralph Bigger. . . . V . . . . I . . - 1 . . , f 1 1 1 . . rem: W-:aaa tr .r.. W .fe1.'wfe.fifav:r,,w ' 1'iQM-fs---M,w,,?9SN ,V WSW f' e"'1t-7-t"Q'tE, td gf " '- H'-ffl, C.,-'Sf' Qffuw M'k"gSff'fH 5ff?51Z5rf ' TWTVS 1 -fm 4 'I 'f"Y"' 0' f fl' H :K-r wif-wma,-Q-, ,I nh, e S N!" f ,N - 2, - NTL 'f 'eEg'H't" W" ' , ,.,r.iT,. .fdr :H -'S . fgfp 'K Jaw. ' ' ns: ef ft- .VJALR .1ay.,,.:i?-, liegf- X-v. fs - .,.t1,f.,. vis -"gf-"' '5g5TN.AN,1iTV UM Q 4t- -- ., .r . M ie N- eddy Track ,.-. l af First Row: jim Schmucker, Boyd Wilson, Ralph Bigger, Row: Coach Hal Glad, Ron Council, Dick Lindsey, Marty Kirby Kiick, Art Cummins, lohn lvlulhern, Dick Strunk, Staub, Phil Wargo, Marty Young, Dick Dreas, lack Russell, Roger Malehorn, Terry Sille-H, Ichn Wilkerson. Second Dave Schaffer, Dick Clower. Kent Dumont streaks to victory. I H ....,.,.,., Q A , Z ,.,.,., I . Q he - ' ' f-3 - - - ., .QIQi'- Di 5 -M-W -sc-1---1 r '-" sf,-W -Q, 5? .fi E - ---- i . .5.f'z:Z 'M 1' rf - ,gjgig ififigg 1 , Q, 1 M- 1.1 , -N -1 w ig gf if if I-V ' 1 rm ws 5 Q K 5 l si H ,.,.,.,.:.:.. w- i 'W' .... .. ,Jw -, A s ,gg 'S 5 Av-:VM, we 5 if fww A :Mi-rss' Q -vw--wJ if 1 W, j, : 2- Another clean sweep for G-burq coming up! H3327 af -ff ww :fm ii ,- Kissner connects for ihe Bullets. Riccobono dives safely back to iirsi. Rain Hurt The Bullets register another out Bareball mm The Bullet Baseball team was again hampered by a wet spring which caused valuable loss of practice and the cancellation of six games. Despite this, however, Bob Hulton's men managed to play enough games to compile a 6-8 record. The Bullets went right down to the wire before being eliminated from M. A. C. Northern Division title in a 5-4 loss to Lafayette in ll innings on May 15th. The pitching staff was led by Bruce Simpson and Ted Koerner, who accounted for all six wins. Simpson was 3 and l on the season with a 2.97 E.R.A., while Koerner compiled a 3 and 2 record with a 2.30 ERA. With only five returning veterans, Bob I-lulton had to depend heavily on his rookies. Veteran first sacker, Ken Fruchter, bolstered the infield with help from lack Norwood at second, Iirn Riccobono at third, and Tom Perkins at the short-stop position. The outfield consisted of veteran Bill Hoffman with aid from King Gore and Ierry Robertson. The Bullets had trouble getting started as they dropped their first three games losing decisions to Villanova 3-l, Syracuse 3-0, and Penn State 2-l. The team then bounced back with a 5-4 win over Lebanon Valley and a 6-2 win over Bucknell. The win over Bucknell was highlighted by the 2-hit pitching of Bruce Simpson. Although the Bullets dropped eight games, they finished the season with a 6-3 M. A. C. record. Ken Pruchter led the team in batting .3507 home runs, 45 and RBl's, ll. Earl Little and Ierry Robertson smacked the rawhide for a .346 and .344 clip, respectively. Too late! Ken Fruchter slides safely into second. Cross Countr Led by speedy Ed Salmon, this year's cross-country team ran itself to a 6-4 record for coach Harold Glad. After losing their first meet to Iuniata, the pacers came back to defeat hard runners from Temple, Albright, Hopkins and Elizabethtown. Salmon finished first in five meets and broke the Gettysburg 4-mile course record against American University with a time of 21 minutes 57 seconds. Until he was injured lim Lom- bardi usually finished second to Salmon. Other con- sistently high finishers were team captain, Iohn Wilker- son, and lim Schmucker. With the experience gained Tennir First Row: lim Lombardi, Ed Salmon, Bob Loomis, Dick Pepler. Second Row: Coach Hal Glad, lim Weaver, Marty Young, Dan Huff. lim Schrnucker. No! Pictured: lohn Wil- kerson, Caplaing Iohn l-loback. by Marty Young and lim Weaver and the addition of freshmen Bob Loomis, Dick Beppler and Dick Hoff, next year's squad appears to have the makings of one of the best in Gettysburgs history. The 1961 Tennis team, coached by Reverend Law- rence Boller, compiled a disappointing U-9 record for the season. Despite this poor showing, however, the Bullets did show some promise for the future. Delaware was the only team to hold them scoreless. Kneeling: Wayne Streitz, Ion Baughman. Standing: Don Wyker, Bob Gray, Paul Henry, Fred Bloch. Dick Sleichter, Coach, John Rogers, Charley johnson, George Markley, The Gettysburg Golf team turned in one of the best Bill Trakat. seasons since 1958 by finishing the season with a 5-3 record. The team finished seventh in Middle Atlantic Con- ference matches at Wilkes College, an improvement over last year's tie for seventh spot. Iohn Rogers, sopho- more number one man took a fourth place in Middle Atlantic s tourney with a medal score of 77 79 156 The team scored Wins over lehlgh lO8 Dickinson l44 Qusguehanna llV2 616 Dickinson IUW 7M Albright l7V2 V2 While buckling to Bucknell ZW l5V2 Delaware Drexel 8Vz QW An afternoon on the green Fore! s he Ray Truex up and over. Practice makes perfeci. Everybody is happy over Lumps 1000th point Sporty Candzklf Sturges leaps high to save a score 1961 Freshman Football Team. rorlo Bmleetbo ll Coach Iohn Carpenters squad ended the season with a respectable l2-9 record. Led by back-courtman George Strousse, center Roger Ecker, and forwards Charles Crault and Torn Boker, the Frosh captured Wins over Franklin and Marshall, Dickinson, Albright, Bucknell, Hershey lunior College, Muhlenburg, Lehigh, Fort Bichie, and Elizabethtown. Losses were suffered at the hands ot York lunior College, Navy, Bucknell, Lehigh, Lebanon Valley, and St. Ioseph, George Strousse paced the Baby Bullets with a twenty-tive point average, while Roger Ecker led in rebounding. Kneeling: Art Robarge, lim Walker, George Strouse, Dominic Zazarino, Chet l-letkowski. Standing: Tim Shelly, Roger Ecker, lack Armitage, Tom Ecker, Charles Gault, Coach Iohn Carpenter. Frodo Football lack Bidinger's Freshman gridders boasted a 4-l rec- ord in a successful season. Wins were recorded against Bucknell Frosh 21-6, Lehigh Frosh 7-O, Shippensburg LV. 14-O, and Stevens Trade 14-13. The lone loss was suffered at the hands of Temple Frosh 26-13. Standouts on the Frosh tearn were Ken Snyder, who scored 20 points against Bucknell, and Don Enders, who passed for three touchdowns. I George Stouse takes charity toss." "And in conclusion . . "Please move ihat hand! 70 W u E Plenty of rivalry here." An easy two-pointer here for the Chicken Hawk." Men? Intramurals The program of intramurals at Gettysburg College has undergone a great deal of change. This big change has been the two-league system used in determining the clianipions oi football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, and softball. ln two sports, swimming and track, one meet determines the Winner. Iohn Carpenter, faculty advisor, has outlined and put into use a total oi twelve activities with points given tor entry, advance, and championship. "Sigma Chis championship football team." A vi sf 3 -- -Ml , t Wk S ...V X Q ,f a, z. ., J - '-2-gf 'SA y ,w f 4: Ma 1' a 1 ...M Wa an wb I 9 . ? ,ry V4 as 5 35.559 Q .... -. Km? . Q.. ,ss-g f raw. 1, 'ff-ax A u 333581 W ,i 355: ' 229' lm Fi - 4 if , MM! A ,, -' -.111 ' Us W s 3 N , v , A , -,gn ,A X x, 3, R. V' 3 1' mivw x A ws. V fm gg, www. N JP ,W A X , ww F? .53 E if ,v ms :Pima ww1 ' k 4 H , - , Y P X 1 . S a .. ,.,.,.,. ' f ggi xx: ,Air I W, Fl 2 ,. A H" ya: .2 tx W sw ,YW x -Q-an .5 13' f .Ag .zz 42 2? , B. 13? Q wg ,, W As? Wm 4 Q ,- 4 V. ni -X EM S + '- sw 411.8 - First Row: S. Plowman, l. Kneedler, D. Braunworth, K. Eckhardt, L. Aldrich, M. Test, I. Woodward, M. Bowers. Second Row: M. Hotch- kiss, C. I-lestwood, S. Hartman, B. Brown, A. Shockey, I. Stabler, C. lohnson, G. Irvine. Third Row: Mgr. I. Garland, T. Trafton, B. Taylor, B. Newell, B. Carson, K. Smith, F. I-leinrich, P. Be-ltz, S. Cunningham, C. Mannen, L. Brown, Coach G. Kenney. Girls will be girls. Women 3 Field Coach Grace Kenney built this year's team around a strong nucleus of thirteen returning players. Captained by Lynn Brown, the Bullettes completed their season with a record of three wins, two losses, and three ties. To open their season Gettysburg downed Millers- ville 3-O on October 5, l96l. The team then traveled to Ursinus where they tasted defeat as Ursinus topped them 5-1. Gettysburg played their first home game against Temple. The game, played in pouring rain, ended in a l-l tie. Gettysburg then traveled to Wilson and emerged victorious in a 4-2 contest. Back on their own field, after being forced to play a defensive first half against Beaver, the Bullettes poured through the Beaver defense in the second half to cap- ture the 4-3 victory. The East Stroudsburg team played a fine offensive game, making many threats, but they were unable to score due to the fine playing of the Bullettes defense. The contest ended in a U-O draw. Against the undefeatetd Elizabethtown team, Gettys- burg was forced to play a defensive game and took a 3-O defeat. The Bullettes ended their season with a game that proved to be the most thrilling of the season. The game, filled with excitement and penalty bullies, ended in a 3-3 tiep the West Chester opponents ended an unde- feated season. A stick in time saves a goal. Hack On November 4, 1961, fifteen Bullette players jour- neyed to Wilson College to represent Gettysburg Col- lege in the Susquehanna Tournament. They competed against players from Penn State, Lancaster, and Wilson. At the end of the day-long tournament, six Bullettes had been named to the first team of the Susquehanna Association, and four to the second. team. Named to the first team were the following: right wing, Mary Hotch- kissp right inner, Mary Ann Testg left wing, Carole lohnsong right halfback, Ann Shockeyy right fullback, Debbie Braunworthg and goalie, Lynn Brown. To the second team went center forward Ginny Irvine, left inner Sandy Iohnson, left halfback Miriam Bowers, and left fullback Betsy Taylor. These players then traveled to Dillsburg on Novem- ber ll, 1961 to represent the Susquehanna Association in the Mid-East Tournament and competed against teams from Pittsburgh, Central Penn, and the Finger Lakes. Again Gettysburg shone through, placing two girls on the first team: Ann Shockey and Carole lohn- son, and two girls on the second team: Lynn Brown and Sandy Iohnson. Debbie Braunworth and Mary Ann Test received honorable mention. During Thanksgiving vacation, the All-American Team was chosen at Long Island. Among those chosen to represent our country in international hockey compe- tition is Gettysburg's own Ann Shockey. Ann was selected for the second consecutive year as a member of the All-American Women's Field Hockey Team. Playing right halfback, Ann will tour England, Ireland, Scotland, and Denmark. Ann is one of the two colle- giate members of the team. The others are Physical Education instructors or members of private hockey clubs. Gettysburg is proud to be represented by such an excellent hockey player and fine person as Ann. ft if All American Ann Shockey. our ambassador to Europe. Stick around, more action to come. The Bulleties move in on the opponenfs goal. - Q K H.-WM' :wa 'W 16' jig? we First Row: C. Hildebrand, G. Russo, l. Kupprat, C. Iohnson, L. Brown. M. Bowers. Second Row: Mgr. E. Taylor, G. Havens, I. Brodissh, P. Steeley, N. Kendall, Coach S. O'Day. Women 3' Varrit Basketball The Gettysburg Women's Varsity Basketball Team, under the direction of Coach Shirley O'Day and Cap- tain Irene Brodisch, has been having a most successful season this year. With a record of seven Wins and one loss, the Bullette team is powered by the efforts of six returning varsity players, the determination of several new players, and tremendous team spirit. The varsity Bullettes started their season with a 38-36 victory over Shippensburg. Lynn Brown led the scoring with a total of 16 points, with Peqqy' Steeley close behind with 14 points. ln their first home contest, the Bullettes topped Eliza- bethtown by ZO points. Ginny Havens was high scorer with a total of 23 points. The expert guarding in combi- nation with the offense led to a 49-29 victory. Gettysburg then traveled to Muhlenburg where they racked up 75 points, a score rarely heard of in girl's basketball. Lynn Brown again took the scoring honors with a grand total of 33 points. The Bullette offense, coming up from be- hind, scored 5U points in the second half while the defense held the Muhlenburg girls to a small l6 point gain in the second half. The final score was 75-44. Again in their fourth contest, Gettysburg took the vic- tory over Lock Haven 38-27. Six days later, the Bullettes trounced Millersville 55-25. The Bullette charm took a one game dip as Gettys- burg bowed to East Stroudsburg 54-39. The Bullettes made a gallant comeback in the third quarter scoring l7 points to East Stroudsburg's 7 points, but the effort was not in time to save the game. The Bullettes immediately bounced back to defeat Wilson 52-43. Next on the Gettysburg roster was a return game at Elizabethtown. Again the Bullettes emerged as victors with a score of 48-45. Now Ginny, be nice! , f 'f' Q . 1 .,..f"' Q ,W A W, Q , ,....- V V nf-v " W" 1 , I... 7 A' ,bw .. ,sf ..-v 4 ,W W f Q3g...f - - , M. .fmt I ,- f I 'I ,V 1 ml 'lx . Mk Q. , . 4 X f ix - v... . W5 ,- 'qw Q .1 1' l A Q gi: 1-' ' --hz.. 5,1 "' 3, f.-,f ff fiifigif I cm -5.3, .m,s.:rL1w,, V w ,Y---4 . 4 fw wngvvf ' iw .f :I - J Lf' ' ., .x . -. . Vfbfgf, ' . , Q, , A Q, I . - X 'g,,w!F:1 1? ' 1 .3"1gA:4- '- 'r. '41 , if . xi tv H . J fx 1, M , f' I , , .42 y ' 4 f , ! 4- J 5 K 131. .gl ....4L' " "" 1 ' 1 . . -FEA .. - ff 4' -.- -'- -ff-. ,. , -- -,.,4 wg :Q W -. .1 - 52. -fm 1 ' 1"n-m- ' -, V-g,:!,,, - ' 61- "'n.,..' f" ' V V 1, ..-v-:sag ' V. ' 4 .- .7"1 - .. 1 X "j f--4-.' g fgflll - ' , l ,T w , ' .' ' A.-V .V 2 -., ' 1 V, ' rr- Y, , 1' , if iw, .' 'rg-1. ' ' ' .id 'Q l X N 117, . 1, y " """1 ,,.-' .L . ,. :I L , I B Y 1. ri -Q-. ,,, H, A E ,, -' - ,,g,f5:'g, Q , ei , ng, ' rf: 1 X , L X ' V .' F is ff 1 X, , f vu ' . . L 'QQ 'x If w M. nm EQ 5 , ,...., ,x :ef -al F 6, 554 - U - Q I I 9 Qfw! Kg! Q. Af-' . ... E - A 5 - We 1 f- . W pf X w gm ' 'Z , J Q A ig ,Q .WWf:.m,,wQm Q.4 2227- ,fi '41 N A F22 . g Nw fl ' ' if" -. fn 1. 1 ,,.j ' -P4 4 fa S N J ' " 11 ,94 25 K A , Nj-,mi K ia- . H. li W 5- M 1.1 . - " xfzfwwj . 'Singh ' Va .47-ilkixk viii ,v 9341! 'ie 41 L, his A M S ,M Sijfiiia aw Q f,5,gX.,, Q? ' 4? .. L, ,R E Q: Qi .Q f 1? f . 0 51 , xv MW iii in , S5 .JW Women if unior Vdffif Basketball The Iunior Varsity has had an equally fine record ot tive wins and one loss. The lunior Bullettes opened their season with a 36-10 victory over Elizabethtown. Fran Heinrich took the scor- ing honors With a total of 18 points. ln a close match with Lock Haven, Gettysburg again triumphed, this time with a score of 33-30. Mary Ann Test led the scoring with 16 points. The Gettysburg Iunior Varsity then stormed Millers- ville for a 47-17 victory, keeping their opponents score- less in the fourth quarter. Continuing their victory policy, the Iunior Bullettes put the East Stroudsburg team in its place with a 9 point lead to capture the victory 41-32. Fran Heinrich tallied 19 points as high scorer in the game. Gettysburg traveled to Chambersburg to beat Wilson 27-24 and then to Elizabethtown for a 40-31 victory. Handicapped by a small court, the Iunior Bullettes were unable to pull ahead of the girls from St. Iosephs and bowed to their opponent 61-41. Looks qood First Row: B. Yerkes, S. Hunnicut, C. Hestwood, 1. Stabler. Second B. Carson, F. Heinrich Coach N Mitchell L Dyott C Fegley Row: I, Kneedler, S. Plowman, B. Grossman, M. Test. Third Row: K Smith Mgr S Cunningham V for Victory. E Intmmumlf with bowling, basketball, volleyball, swimming, and ping pong in the winter months. At the time this article was Written, Gamma Phi Beta was leading with 34 points. Is that the Atlas? Ready-! set-splash! What do you think oi that, Iudy? loyszkal Education Majbrr The organization which provides the Physical Educa- tion majors the chance to widen their scope in their chosen field is the Phys-Ed Majors Club. The club holds parties for mentally retarded children, sponsors the Mother's Day water show, and in general promotes its own interests. The club was headed by Terry Looker. Elizabeth Brown, ludy Garland, Virginia Havens, Ingrid Kupprat, lane Woodward, Ivan Heinrich. Standing: Bill Herb, Niel Thompson, Miss O'Day. Roger Gaeckler, lanet Patterson, Bill Sarvis, Miriam Bowe:s. Ron Warner Bob Coble Earl Little I I . f -V ,, -4 -1:1-1.-:-. tm... .. - ...WW ,.- . - Vmfsit G-Club Headed by Vince Lipani, the Varsity G-Club is the organization of varsity lettermen whose purpose is to serve Campus and Community. With the proceeds from the sale ot programs at the basketball games, the club honors individ- ual performances in the various sports. The W.A.A. has the responsibility ol operat- ing the Women's intramural program through its Board composed oi the executive committee and the girls in charge oi the various sports. Under the direction of Linda Bohrer, the Asso- ciation also makes awards to individual girls on a point basis based on service to the wom- en's athletic program. First Row: Dick Lindsey, Dick MacNett, Sieve Cox, Iohn Wilkerson, Phil Warqo, Ron Warner, Vince Lipani, Calvert Iohnson, Pen Ye-atman, Rick Burchell. Second Row: Tom Perkins, Mark Snyder, Harry Buzzerd, Barry Shaw, Bob Nelson, lim Riccobono, Bill Burfiend, Dave Wehr, Tom Shreiner, Fred Butler. Third Row: Bob Putney, Art Cummins, Bob Duncan, Ed Lucas, Rich Fine. Howie Gerken, Pete Nikander, Ted Koerner, lim Lombardi, Fred Block. Fourth Row: Dick Gard- ner, Bruce Simpson, Scott Sturges, Don Pearce, Bob Wolfgang, Dick Taylor, George Markley, Dick Wix, Dave Clement, Rick Taylor. First Row: lanei Patterson, Secretaryg Lynn Brown, Director of Intramuralsy Linda Rohrer, Pre-siclentp Ann Shockey, Vice-Presidentg Carole Iohnson. Second Row: Sandy Iohnson, Ingrid Kupprat, Carole Stewart, Ginny Russo, Carol Charles, Susan Cunningham. Third Row: Miriam Bowers, Ianice Hannold, Carolyn Scott, Betsy Taylor, Mary Ann Test. Women ff Atlole Arfociation 81 The tall and the short of it. Beat Lehigh! Cheerleaders Our athletic teams' most ardent fans are the Bullet cheerleaders, who play no small part in the successes of our athletic contests. The l96l-62 version of the cheer- leaders was composed of Grussie Demchyk, Cathy Iohn- son, Connie Mann, Yvonne Iacolos, Gail Henrie, Ianet Patterson, loe Fitzgerald, Dick Mitchell, Georqe Martz, Ozzie Sanborn, and Dick Bankert. Give me a G! What's it mean? Victory! 4 i We proudly present the 1961 Bullet Band. Ma chi and The marching band performs at all football games With a Variety of halt-time shows. Perhaps the most exciting half-time show was at the Bucknell game, dur- ing which the band members, in complete darkness, lit red sparklers, While champion baton twirler Barb Wen- ger did her routine with tire batons. The rnajorette corps, led by Donna Gilbert, consisted ot Barb Ingram, Marnie Sedwick, Peggy Steely, Barb Grossman, and Barb Wenger. These girls with their characteristic pep and enthusiasm continually encour- aged the team and spectators and continually displayed the typical G'burg spirit. Another victory for the Bullets. .j 3 gfjjgg -1 if gg Q Q Q ri ,. ' s ' -'-'- i" rss+ - A fi P .. ,Q 5 f rr sails' g is Q Q y, M Wx: r 3 Q1 agar - 3551? 2 .Riggs sl gijg ig 'ig-fjvfngwga afwfeis Q2 fn 125 .-, -' tirgtgt, 5 ,ff 535 5552 VSW R -WE! L his ' 4. V f iggt Q ' 2 are rf 5 1 H . x t ....' ,g,,,,,,. ,, , ft , .,., , .. , W .. .,.. . ..... . , .... , . Q , . ,,M,,,.,.Q,ls-A, Qk,,,.,.,l,g.. ,V mam. V 1,351 wg A1-gtwrggtti t.r.-15? .:i.3i.?.M3EM.i 3.1-5 Ea, 5 ., .5- ,wi 1. ..f4'1a'S." " M31 ' 1 X .. K- --ii- TWT 3 'K-A - P 5535. iz, I . ,4:,,,:f,- 2 A SE, A gi, fav, , f W I 1 s . " i ff ' ""' " "' 5 K ess' m e " .. l i l! .,.. Q5 .ti K3 5553? tg .. .. .-i.-.ts ... : 1 --'- --'f--:-:- tm"""...,L"?:t2'19i2-ff'Ss-t'fgii-fis1m""' """"' 'ri E gg ,-misses-W :,..'g,mmwiQew'ewif1,1'.i?g,l tgl wif? it 1fa erse-ears tw fa i r.-,,.., - -"" ,s rr WWI F A ' 52? The Band goes through their paces. Mr. Dantelt looks pleased with his trumpet section. ACTIVITIES The college is primarily an educational institution but a large part ot a liberal arts education is to be attained by participation in the extra-curricular activity groups. At Gettysburg the interested student can find an organization to satisfy his interest in journalism, Christianity, public service, government, drama, music, forensics, and communications. The organizations are student started and faculty supervised. 85 W.U.S. Committee makes iinal plans. The Student Christian Association is the fellowship ot Christian students on campus. lts purpose is to promote growth in Christian faith and character. Meeting on Monday night, the S. C. A. sponsors well- known speakers, discussion groups, and movies. ln addition, S. C. A. sponsors the opening all-college communion service, the Fall Retreat, the WUS bazaar and Religious Emphasis Week. WUS week drew campus attention to the need ot students abroad. The bazaar was held on two successive nights in the SUB ballrooms, and all proceeds Went to the World University Service. Religious Emphasis Week, an annual project of the S. C. A., is held each February. REW features an out- standing speaker and aitords an opportunity tor dis- cussion through specially scheduled panel and group discussions. The Student Christian Association also serves the community through some of its projects such as work- ing at the AME Zion Church and the Home for the Aged. Student Clfirimkm First Row: Dave Mumford Nice-Presidentl, Dave Rhoads tPresidentJ Carolyn Hubsch, Colleen Shelly, Angie Gravino. Third Row: Sherry Sandy French tSecrettaryJ, lack Lynes CTreasurerJ, Peter French. Sec- Iackson, Loretta Helwiq, Diane Kuehne, Claire Kreutz. Shirley Wert- ond Row: Anne Fisher, Carol Siemers, Ingrid Erickson, Nancy Hunter, man, Dale Hendrickson, Indy Campbell. N AS' We gift?- 5' ug .flrfx '5. . ,M-3?,,?,,, J' a'l.l',1 Some WUSponsib1e, WUSpectable foreign hosts. A sociation S.C.1-X. Executive Committee: Dave Mumford, l-fir.:--President, Sandra French, Secretary: Dave Rhoads, President, Missing: lack Lynes, Treasurer. R.E.W. Committee: Front Row: Sandra French, Sandy lohnson, Arm Schulz, Claire Kreutz. Second Row: Pam Caswell, Mrs. Taylor, Mary Hotchkiss. Third Row: Peter French, Dale Messersmith, Glen Couch- man, Ron Heinze. First Row: Mr. Gernmill, Advisory Dr. Prank, Advisorg George Bur- nett, President. Second Row: Frances Heqwood, Andrea Noyes, Holly Achenbach, Wayne Garrett, Mark Slatkin, Iohri Harry, Bob Young, Mary Anne Moore, Gail l-lenrie. Third Row: Dave Moulton, Gussie Demchyk, lack Douglass, lack Lynes, Dick Levengood, Sue Steele, Student Senate Fwvwsev .,' 4-1-.L5,,a.g,,gsw , 5,1 . ia i :2' .EZE""i':L fi? L f T f l' 53344. Dick Santillo, Bill Thomas, Rick Taylor, lesse Houck, Gary Bicknell, Barb Nusbaurn, Dan Forbes, Frank Wisniewski, Pele Segesworth, Dave Hodgson, Dave Mumford. Fourth Row: Bob Taylor, Iulia Yeager, Marion Hatch, Aaron Rassas, Dick Bankert, Walt Davis, Irv Lindley. Lane Kneedler, Ron Council, Tom O'Reilly. The Student Senate, which is the governing body ot all students on campus, has the power to regulate the activities oi any campus organization. The Senate is composed of a representative and an alternate from each fraternity and sorority, the Independent Men and Women's Associations, Women's Student Government, Men's Dormitory Council, IFC, and Panhellenic Council. The Senate holds open meetings Weekly and plans many all-campus events. Father's Weekend in the fall and Mother's Weekend in the spring are under the jurisdiction of the Senate. It also conducts all campus elections, publishes the Student Directory, and selects the Winner of the Leander M. Zimmerman Prize. The Senate administers the funds of the Student Chest to various campus organizations and honoraries and to charitable organizations on state and national levels. The Senate plans and administers a Leadership Train- ing School for students who are campus leaders. It was Well-attended this spring and many Worthwhile ideas were obtained from the discussion groups. 1957 saw the initiation at Gettysburg College of an Honor System. The Honor Commission exists to enforce the Honor System. The Honor System at our college applies to all academic Work and is very effective in recognizing the mature individual by maintaining an adult atmosphere of honor. The functioning organization of the Honor Commis- sion is composed of four seniors, three juniors, and two sophomores who are elected by the student body for a one year term. At the beginning of each fall semester the Honor Commission orients the freshman class to the Honor System. After discussion seminars, the first test taken under the Honor System is given to the class. Included in the Honor Commission are two groups- each with a specific purpose. There are three trial coun- selors chosen from any class to accumulate and present all pertinent information concerning a case at trial. The function of the Trial Board is to notify the accused be- fore the trial, supervise investigation of the case, and preside at the trial. Throughout the year, the Honor Commission endeav- ors to promote pride and self-respect in each student, from which respect for the Honor System and the prin- cipals for which it stands can develop, Honor ommirrion HONOR COMMISSION OFFICERS 1962-63 LARRY RANKIN ......,.. CHRIS SCHENK ..,. VICKI PERKINS .... LARRY HOLLIDAY .....,. FREDERICK SETTELMEYER SUSAN HAWS , . Chairman .Vice Chairman . , . . . .Secretary Trial Counsellor Trial Counsellor Trial Counsellor First Row: Larry Rankin tChai1'manl, Chris Shenk Wice Chairmanl, Diane Marie Anderson, Thomas Archipley, Priscilla Dallmeyer, Paul Mundschenk, Gary Bicknell. 89 First 'Row: Ierry Lillich,l Peter Barnes, Lee Reeder CSecretaIyl, Pete Third Row: Steve Dressner, Ed Kramer, Rich Deaney, Ray Sylvester, Y1I1Ql11'1Q lPf9S1dGI'1il, IrvL1r1d1ey CViC9-Pr9SideI'1ll, Larry Study tTreasurerl, Robert Hall, Richard Santillo, Fred Eichner, Donald Szegda. Not Pic- Richard Hofmann. Second Row: Steven McCoy, Richard Gardner, lured: Iohn Iefteries, George Jefferies. Frank Martin, lohn Ewing, Torn Hasek, Gary McAinsh, Bill lacobson. Inter- mternily oumil And to the victors belong the first place trophy. small college division. The success of the fraternity system at Gettysburg College has been due to the efforts of the lnter-Prater- nity Council. Consisting ot a representative from each of the thirteen fraternities on campus, the council meets each Week to discuss and attempt to solve the problems which arise. To stimulate the important spirit of friendly but ear- nest competition among the various houses, the IFC awards trophies for fraternity scholarship, intramural athletics, and the float and house decorations at Home- coming and Christmas. Fraternity social life is high- lighted annually by the lFC dance, which this year featured Billy Butterfield, and Christmas Weekend lazz Concert, which this year starred The Brothers Four. Throughout the year, the IFC also urges participation in campus activities, community projects, and service to the college. The Gettysburg IFC also sends delegates to the National Inter-fraternity Convention where various problems and suggestions are discussed with students from colleges and universities throughout the entire nation. A , The Panhellenic Council is the ruling body of the seven sororities on campus. A junior and senior repre- sentative elected from each sorority meet monthly to discuss sorority problems and plan social functions. Panhellenic directs Rush Week activities. Rush Weelc commences With the Panhellenic Banquet which en- ables the freshmen to get acquainted with the sorority Women. During Rush Week the Council endeavors to bring about group harmony and to promote fairness and high standards in rushing. ' Through such activities as the Pan-Hell Float for Homecoming, the Pan-Hell-IFC Sing, and the awarding of a scholarship trophy to the sorority Which has at- tained the highest academic average, the Council at- tempts to promote good-will among all sorority Women First Row: Gail Shipman, Dean Storek, Ioanna Nickell. Second Row: Barbara Gracey, Barbara Thompson, lulia Yeager, Ann Schulz, Caro and to constantly improve Gettysburgs sorority system. lyn Kuhn. 0 Hln'.Hk ll: First Row. left to right: Karen Gran, Nan Clifford, Dorothy Hill, lulia Yeager, Ann Schulz, Carolyn Kuhn, Linda Giulino, Sue Cun Marilyn Brauer, Barb Linclner. Second Row: Gail Shipman, Dean ningham. Siorek, Joanna Nickell. Third Row: Barbara Gracey, Barbara Thompson, , Q it it 63 V82 F? r 'li . i . iff Si? rf ' V .wat f ,C . a. . K is :aa li-si it ei sri ijt f E. 'A 91 or a fr . M 91 1 Seated: Merle Miller, Iulia Yeager, Barbara Brattig, Gail I-lenrie. Standing: Walt Davis, Phil Iohnson, Lane Kneedler, Dave Mumford, Brian Bennett. tudent Dircgblinmy ommittee Seated: Barbara Brattiq, Gail Henrie, Sue Steele. Standing: Brian Bennett, Dave Mumford. The Student Disciplinary Committee is composed oi the President of the Student Senate, tive members ot the Senate, one representative of the l.F.C., one from Panhellenic, one from W.S.G., and one from the Dormi- tory Council. Social offenses against college policy are reported to this group by the Dean of Men or the Dean of Women. The committee functions under standard judicial procedures. The Women's Student Government establishes the dormitory rules for Women students. W. S. G. publishes a brochure of Women's rules and sends it to the incom- ing freshmen during the summer. During the summer, the "big sister" program is organized and under the auspices of WSG the Gettysburg co-eds Write to the incoming freshmen women in order to acquaint them with campus lite. W. S. G. also provides judges, rules, and prizes tor the Christmas dormitory decoration contest and spon- sors the Annual Dorm Dance. VV. S. G. is also respon- sible for the food committee which meets each month to discuss complaints and make suggestions concern- ing the cafeteria. Led by President Merle Miller, the council is com- posed ot Vice-President, ludi Boothroydp Secretary- Treasurer, Lyn Aldridge, the presidents ot each dormi- tory, and representatives from each class. OFFICERS MERLE MILLER President DOROTHY HILL Vice-President ANN BERGSTRESSER Secretary-Treasurer Women 3 indent Government First Row: Sue Hermann, Lynne Aldridge, Merle Miller, Ann Berg- stresser, Second Row: Iudi Boothroyd, Angie Gravine, Toby lo Orem, Io Foster, Marianne Smith. Seated, lei! to right: Linda McKenzie, Marianne Smith, Dr. Stewart, right: Dave Booth, Mr. Closson, Director of Student Union: Bob Gill- advisorg Sue Steele, Janet Patterson, Karen Gran. Standing. lei! to man, Don Snyder, Steve Whetstone, Frank Ursamaso, Gary Bicknell. Student nion Board EXECUTIVE BOARD GARY BICKNELL President SUE STEELE Secretary MR. CLOSSON and MISS STEWART Advisors Promoting campus activities Which contributes to "the social, recreational, cultural, and educational develop- ment of students, alumni, and taculty" is the purpose of the Student Union Board. The extensive duties of this industrious group include management of all activities initiated through the Student Union, direction of the numerous facilities in the Student Union Building, and services to other campus groups in the planning of their various functions. This year, under the able super- vision ot Mr. Harold O. Closson, Ir., the SUB Board sponsored a fashion show, the proceeds of which were used to finance the board's projects. These projects in- cluded the publication of an activities calendar tor each student, and an exhibition in Ianuary. The SPECTRUM attempts to portray Visually the essence ot life at Gettysburg College and to recapture the highlights ot the past year. As media of presenta- tion the SPECTRUM uses pictures and words. For students the SPECTRUM is more than a record of the year, it is a representation of the spirit, the Work, and the friendships shared. The l962 yearbook, under the capable editorship of David Clement has a traditional motif. Finally-The last piece of copy! Spectrum First Row: Gary Bilbie, Linda Huey, Io Hope, Bettye Gilbert, Elaine Gravino, Carol Siemers, Ann Reynolds, Carol Charles, Iudith Hamil- Hammond, David Clement, Elizabeth Mackey, Dee Athanas, Ianice ton, Diana Grove, Peter Mucha, Robert Hilgen. Third Row: Ian Fer- Hill, Lynda Engel, Scott Stryker. Second Row: Sue Herman, Angie quson, John Hobaclc, Pete Tullsen, Iarnes Whitcratt, Iesse Houck. 96 The purpose of Pi Delta Epsilon, national journalism fraternity, is to stimulate interest in the activities in undergraduate journalism in all its phases. To become a member, the student must have Worked actively for one year on a college publication or WWGC. Pi Delta Epsilon is also in charge of the New York "Times" subscriptions for the campus. This year, with Clyde Black as President, the group endeavored to further the cause of journalism and to establish a code of ethics arnonq the various staffs. Pi Delta Epyilon First Row: Robert L. Atkinson, Fran Heqwocd, Clyde Black. Second Row: Elaine H. Hammond, Barb Feiqel, Carol Dunlap, Priscilla Dall- meyer. Third Row: Betsy Graves, Patty Paul. And a good time was had by all Believe it or not-out oi all this mess comes a SPECTRUM! 1962 SPECTRUM STAFF DAVE CLEMENT . , , . Editor-in-Chief ELIZABETH MACKEY . Managing Editor ELAINE HAMMOND , . Assistant Editor DEE ATHANAS . . . Literary Editor GARY BILBIE . . Scheduling Editor Staff-Ian Ferqueson, John I-lohack, Ann Reynolds, lim Whitcratl. Business Manager-Bob I-lilqen. Staff-Barbara Thompson, Marilyn I-laer. Head Typist-Virginia Lehman. Features Editor-Judy Hamilton. Staff-Sue Hermann, Diana Grove. Academics Co-editors-Ianice Hill, Betiye Gilbert. Men's Sports Editor-King Gore. Staff-Frank Martin. Women's Sports Editor-Mary Algeo. Classes Editor-Scott Stryker. Activities Co-editors--Fran Lorenzo, Lindsay Price. Staff-.Angela Gravino, Pat Wishart. Fraternity Co-editors-Pete Mucha, Chris l-loiiman. Sorority Editor-Io Ann Hope. Layout Edilor--Lynda Engel. Photography-Zeigler Studio, Tom Simpson, Ray Hittinqer. Advisors-Mr. Steve Dunlap, Mr. Robert Knox, Mr. Robert "Hex-e's a good one." Gemmill '35 5 First Row: Ion Salmon, Donna Wolfe Kltllanaging Editorl, Carol Dunlap fNews Editort, Betsy Graves CEditor-in-Chiefl, Fran I-legwood fFeature Editorl, Katherine Taylor fFaculty Advisorl. Ray Hittinger tPhotog- rapherl, Priscilla Dallmeyer CSubscription Managert, Robert Walters- dorf CAssistant Editorl. Second Row: Barb Brattig, Angie Gravino, Getlyrburgian Loretta Helwig, Barb Feigel, Cathy Scozzaro, Hilary Haines, Pat Strawn, Nan Clifford, Kathy Mayes, Karen Gran. Third Row: Rich Santillo, Ioyce Gillespie, Dick Hart, Bill Baugher, Patty Paul, Christine Clatanoff, Peter Tullsen, Holly Corbett, Larry Woodward, Ianice Ferguson. As the campus' number one public informant, the "Gettysburgian" reviews the main happenings of the week, publicizes forthcoming events, and mirrors campus opinions. During a typical week the Burgian office is full of activity. From Monday to Thursday articles are sub- mitted, typed, proofread and sent to the Gettysburg "Times" office. On Friday the finished paper is dis- tributed to students, faculty, and administration. ln addition to an extensive coverage of news, the Burgian also features essays, poetry, and humor articles written by students and faculty members. The efforts of the hard-Working "Gettysburgian" staff have been rec- ognized by the Associated Collegiate Press, which awarded the newspaper a First Class rating. 3 Ii looks easy on the blackboard. T-h-i-n-k Eric! Cut that oui! Mercury First Row: Virginia Bergner, Micki Gimmy, Iudith Hamilton tEditorD, Shirley Wertman. Second Row: Francis Mason, Thomas Boals tBusiness Managerl, Dick Hart tAssistant Business Managerl, Patrea Ream, Nancy Kendall. First Row: Angela Gravino, Mary Alice Dress flirt Editorl, Ann Berrgstresser tEditorD, Carol Blirnline CCopy Editorl, Cynthia Rosenberger tlictivities Editorl, Ioanne Thomas tBusiness Managerl, Second Row: Sara Wolf, Barbara Metzner. Loretta Helwig, Christine Clatanotf, Ann Harnsberger, Ann Morrow. Third Row: Bob Taylor, Kathy Smith, Mary Lea Heydon, Marlene Schoen, Nancy Brown, Margie Evans. Absent: Sheryll Fleck, Carole l-lottinger. G-Book The oldest of the college publications is the "Mercu.ry". The "Mercury" presents the out- standing literary endeavors of students in the areas of poetry, art, essays, and short stories. Each spring, monetary awards are given to the authors of that composition judged by the fac- ulty to be the best in each particular division. Every phase ot publishing the "Mercury" is handled by the student staff, which this year is headed by Ierry Spinelli. In order to provide the answers to the baffling questions encountered by every new freshman at Gettysburg, the Student Christian Association publishes the "G-Book." Included in this fresh- man alrnanac are the songs, cheers, traditions, rules and regulations that are necessary for proper orientation to lite at Gettysburg. Each aspect of life is adequately condensed in the "G-Book." All freshmen are required to carry their "G-Book" during customs in order to become more thoroughly adjusted to campus lite. This year the "G-Book" is under the direc- tion oi Mary Lou Rogers. Come in WSBA. Which end do you have? Welcome to "Classic Highlights." WWGC W.W.G.C., the voice of Gettysburg College, is the oiiicial radio station of the campus. Located upstairs in the SUB, W.W.G.C. presents the latest in music, news., and sports. lt also broadcasts basketball and football games and provides music for holiday and dress-up dinners in the cafeteria. W.W.G.C. broadcasts approximately seventy hours a week and maintains a twenty-tour hour United Press Teletype News Service. It is also affiliated with the College Radio Corporation. A staii of over titty students operates the radio station and consists of disc jockeys, script Writers, engineers production Workers, and record cataloguers. The entire stait also sponsors an annual campus talent show. The seventeenth year of operation was capably di- rected by Clyde Black. First Row, left to right: Carolyn Thompson, Rae Rustad, lim Hoke Anderson, Sherry laclcson, Susan Paulson, Dorothea Sloop, Virginia fTreasurerl, Linda Sterner Wice-Presidentl, Ron Ditzler fPresidentJ, Botsis, Michele Walters. Third Row: Ulo Riivald, Ruth Ann Pugh, Bar' Karen Gran. Second Row: Ioan Myers, Eloise Gouker, Diane Marie bara Aitchison, Ioann Leeder, Marge Brinkman, Judy Singer. Music plays an important role in the lite of Gettysburg College. The College and Chapel Choirs and the Marching and Concert Bands are present at all major Waqs is in line fonn. functions. But of more significance is the fact that music is a part of life at Gettysburg, it is a tradition which is admirably upheld and strengthened by all the members of the music organizations. A fine first year's performance tumed in by Mrs. Schwartz. ' . 5 u QSLJW 'W W ' , W Z 4, Q 3? -Aw M .: 32.13 Ek fw Q- H . iffy , tg .Li . 1 f vw . W '31 . HA mf In , V gg . .? K lf., 'fue aug- -L fn . 52,,y5:w-A' 1 -1-3 , 5 , . 2 ffl -1 Eff 5 '12 wff'Q:g'Va' ',1,,:??,.x?:W' "NE fy Q W' WQW":. -2 5" 1 Y 'S 'mu 'A f ' X X fr 1--K fffii 'J , I K V555 -Qmr i II, K 1 ,Wig Q 'V' ' X f ' HV ' -wigs.. , ' gf':'2- www NWS. x x, 1. , W1-Wwmmz . f ? .ygwnssf QQ . W.. K .. Y 2, " 5 ZA. Ng . H. X1 v 'I E v I M N Q f .f HH muff" w.,5mSgLT5N,, 2' -::f r x ,Q -: .W .1 H ., .. ..:... 5 , bi 1, . d Q,,..,......,,,,, 42 A. as z 2 E ffimn ,fczxwwfiff , 2? gpg Q -' wi gi. ' 5 5' 14 V .4 QA.. uiblililw r Y V ,,. J,,..,.......,...,., ,M ., .f.,,.,W.M V V . , W.. ,, an . Q ' K , 1. if .PX W. mx fqwwe Nh , IX: H f 4 F if x S I . Q I i g I E W Q- 1E ssl 1 " ' , 'A W . X Z 2 as , W.. WI and zlglatin ale The Owl and Nightingale players form the Gettys- burg chapter oi Alpha Psi Omega. The purpose of the college drama organization is to unite all who are inter- ested in dramatics and to further their interest in the theater. All campus dramatic productions are given by the Owl and Nightingale players and are under the direc- tion of Mr. Karl Harshbarger. The members of the organization also Work behind the scenes, gather prop- erties, paint scenery, and make up the characters for all the major productions ieatured during the year. This season Owl and Nightingale cooperated to pre- sent "She Stoops to Conquer," "Trojan Women," "I.B.," and "South Pacific." All students are eligible to join the Owl and Nightin- galep members can be admitted to Alpha Psi Omega by accumulating a certain number of points which are obtained by participating in the activities of the club. Wiz , 4:1 "BL , far? Vx a t ling.. An appreciative Christmas audience iills the Chapel. The Gettysburg College Choir is the outstanding Vocal group of Gettysburg College, This year the sixty- three voice choir is directed by Paul G. Peterson. Au- ditions are held by the director each fall and they are open to the student body. The Choir rehearses five times a Week and there are extra sectional rehearsals once a Week. Also, all Choir members take voice les- sons. Now in its twenty-sixth year ot existence, the Choir has grown in size and recognition. Each year the college sponsors a tour for the Choir and the Choir has thus carried its music and fame to all parts of the United States. The Choir also gives concerts on campus and in neighboring towns. During Christmas Houseparty Weekend, the annual inspiring Christmas Concert is presented. The Choir also performs in the spring for Mothers' Day Weekend. During a summer workshop program, the choir mem- bers perfect standard musical selections and increase their repertoire. They work and study intensively in order to prepare for the coming concert season. 4444? H3 Social gatherings are held for the Choir members during the school year. Each fall a banquet is held where the old and new members can get acquainted. In the spring, an annual banquet is held at which time keys are presented to seniors and to those who have sung for two or more years in the organization. This year the Choir tour extended from Pennsylvania to North Carolina and included twelve performances. And thal's the way it SHOULD be. allege Choir F :W ww ' "xr, ' :W 1" 'P' W ' ' .. M ' ' oncert Bama' Anyone for some classical jazz? Recently organized as an entity apart from the march- ing band, the Concert Band performs numerous times during the school year, and in addition presents concerts throughout the state. Led by E. Douglas Danfelt, the members of the Con- cert Band audition in the tail and rehearse three times a Week in preparation for their performances. The year's schedule included a performance during Fathers Day weekend and a tour through Pennsylvania and nearby areas. The Chapel Choir participates in all worship services in the chapel and presents programs at Christmas and Easter in cooperation with the College Choir. ln addition, The Chapel Choir is directed this year loy Mrs. Schwartz. and Parent's Weekend. Those interested in this group audition in September. The Chapel Choir is directed this year hy' Mrs. Schwartz. Chapel Choir On the downbeat. 109 Gavel Club First Row: Craiq R. Iacobs, Ray Sylvester. Second Row: Clyde Black, Fred Eichner, Iohn Wilkerson, Irvin Lindley. Missing: Ice Wang, Torn Henson, 'Gary Naughton, Ron Van!-leerturm, lack Baily, Dave Grover, Dave Donges. Front Row: Bert Kobayashi, Dick Hoffman, Phil Warqo, Wayne Gar- rett, Iohn Sainsbury. Second Row: Vance Johnston, Terry Lauer, Ted Kcerner, Lane Kneedler, Dick Foellner. Third Row: Brian Bennett, Al Sanborn, Roger Gaecklery Paul Loubris, Dorm ouncil The Gavel Club is composed of the presi- dents of the various fraternities on campus. lt meets several times during the year and en- deavors to promote qood intertraternity rela- tions and administration-fraternity cooperation. The Club discusses problems and events and submits their ideas to the Senate or I. F. C. for any necessary decisions. Dean Ramsey lones and Dr. Frank Kramer serve as advisors. Dormitory Counselors play a behind-the scenes role in the lite oi Gettysburg College. They help with the guidance and orientation ot the freshmen men and aid them in adapting to college lite, They also uphold the dormitory rules and are always available for counseling. They meet twice a month to discuss any prob- lems. Boorter lub First Row: Jon Salmon, Phyllis Savage, Buck Atkins tBusiness Mana agerl, Joe Williams, Priscilla Dallmeyer lRecording Secretaryl, Kerry Johnson lP1'esidentl, Susie Landis lProject Chairmanl, Tom Perkins Cfreasurerl, Lucy Miller, Bob Hopple, Carolyn Hauser. Second Row: Sally Read, Linda Binlcley, Dale Hendrickson, Sue Westcott, Rae Ruslad, Janet Patterson, Gussie Demchyk, Loretta Helwig, Ginger Dayton, Yvonne Jacobs, James Holdin, Sandy Perry. Third Row: Bill Martindale, Anne Fisher, Marge McClain, Ingrid Erickson, Lee Damm, Sue Trautman, George Marz, Joseph Fitzgerald, Richard Mitchell, William Jacobson, Gary Bicknell, John Platte. First Row, left to right: Paul Baird tFaculty Adviserl, John Hutton tRe- cording Secretaryl, Irvin Straw, Jr. list Vice-Presidenll, James Schmuck- er tPresidentJ, Carl V. Hunt t2nd Vice-Presidentl, William H. Engel tSergeant at Armsl, Paul W. Steiner tCorresponding Secretaryl. Second How: Richard D. Cleland, Laurence Woodward, Stephen Bonney, Bruce Pritchard, Arthur I-l. Strock, Allan M. Brown, Donald B. Spahr, David C. Holbrook, Arvid M. Carlson. Third Row: Vaughn A. Erickson, Ronald B. Joy, Daniel W. Lang, Robert J. Manning, George D. Pe- tronio, Bruce A. Baky, Gerald A. Richter, David F. Thomson. Agbla hi Ome cz The Booster Club endeavors to promote school spirit by sponsoring and encouraging activities in which the whole student body can participate. Traditionally responsible for the success of Freshman Customs, the Club strengthened the system greatly this year and the favorable re- sults showed an improvement over past years. The Club maintains a refreshment stand at home football games and sells programs at both football and basketball games, Stressing all- campus enthusiasm for athletic events in par- ticular, the Booster Club publicizes all games, supplies the cheerleaders' uniforms, and holds several pep rallies before football games. In addition, the Club experimented this year with a campus Snake Dance before one of the games. For Homecoming, the Booster Club arranges the annual Float Parade, and first this year pre- sented a college fashion show and dances during the weekend. The Powder Puff football game, in which two teams of energetic coeds don football jerseys to play a unique game, was again sponsored by the Club this year before I. F. C. Weekend. The proceeds from the game went to local charity. The officers of Booster Club are: Kerry Johnson, Presidentp Jo Roe, Vice-President: George Markley, Business Manager: Tom Per- kins, Treasurer: Priscilla Dallmeyer, Recording Secretary, Jane Fillmore, Corresponding Secre- taryp and Susie Landis, Project Chairman. Alpha Phi Omega, an honorary fraternity, is dedicated to service-to the college, the com- munity, and the nation. As a service honorary, A P O members are to be seen during Orienta- tion Week, guiding new freshmen about the campus and assisting at registration and at the Library. In addition, they conduct guided tours for prospective students and their parents. I ndqnendent Men The organizations of the Independent Men and Women consist of those students who de- sire a fellowship other than that of a national fraternity. They participate in intramural sports, and co-operatively enter a float in the Homecom- ing parade. Through these organizations these students gain a voice in the Student Senate. The associations of Independent Men and Women sponsor get-acquainted dances and hold parties on big weekends. The members strive for high scholarship and participate in many campus activities in an ei-fort to enrich college life. First Row: G. Robert I-lostetter, Irvin Straw, Ir. CTreasurerl, Terry Lauer CPresidentl, Arthur I-I. Strock CVice-Presidentl, Henry A. Jeffers III CSecretaryJ. Bill Schumacher, Glenn Spangler. Second Row: Mark Kaufki, Bob Gillinder, Harold Cooper, John Wachter, Arvicl Carlson, Dan Lang. Third Row: Mr. Mudd Uidvisorl, William Engel, Thomas F. Scott, John P. Reis, Bob Friedman, Gerald Richter. First Row: Annabel Lindley, Carol Anne Reese KTYGGSUTGTX Shirley Anne Wertman Nice-Presidenti, Barbara Nusbaum Cpresidentl, Nancy Ascencio, Pat Strawn. Second Row: Ruth Crawford, Marianne Gelbert, Kathie Parr, Loretta Helwig, Carolyn Huhsch, Eve Swank. Third Row: Mary Lou Sampson, loan Kleinielder, Andrea Noyes, Maryann Hud- son, Marilyn Hasselbauer, Muriel Pickel. I ndqnendent Women ' m M 1 Q -Q31 W is 13 QW , as 1. fi f E A Q .1 Q V4 . A V Q 5 IEE:-: Vlll- SE --: A Q 1 w A 5 , if-New :" f1- "ww'f5Q' ' Z Q Q 5 ,, p?, 3+ View V L? N M Q - , 2 f 1? A as ggi gaigqggw 3 I 1 f Y , fa ' 'bgfgi ,.. - fi-ES -s ,...:. :Q .. i . L ' . A,., . . - ' f ' P if .. g Q -:-1-: 71 H' 'J w , - h ' M5 ' E A17 1.. san g J ,i ii 5255? 3:455 3 F5523 mg J 4 ' 91.1-71 , E 1 iw 4.: S? fr ig if' , ' , , D 1 QIQ " 21 Tiff ' - - Q 3 V af. f .. .... ,. . ' , eff J, , 'g:: -'- 4252 vi -rr: A N .M A W 61,1 " Y- ! 3 J X, va m r AH Q ebate ouncil The Gettysburg Debate Council is a campus organization established on the principle of fost- ering intellectual activity on the Gettysburg Col- lege campus. This year's national topic With which they were concerned Was: Resolved: That Labor Organizations Be Under the lurisdiction of Anti-Trust Legislation. Under the direction of Pro lessor Bolich, Director of Speech, the team had a fairly successful season. The group attended tournaments at Villanova, Franklin and Marshall, Lebanon Valley College, Temple, Rutgers, and Pitt. They also played host to several teams in- cluding Messiah College, Dickinson, and F. and M. This year the Gettysburg Debate Team "broke even" in the won and lost column and did much to enhance the prestige of the college in the areas of forensic ability and intellectual endeavor. The lnternational Relations Club, which Wel- comes all interested students, provides oppor- tunities tor discussion and analysis of current World affairs. Meetings ot the IRC are held twice a month, at which time guest speakers, films, and panel discussions are presented. All meetings ot the club are open. Larry Woodward, Iohn Sawyer, Nancy Kendall, Bill Marshner, Mr. Bolich. First Row, left to right: lon Salmon, Sandra Fischer, Thomas Archtpley, Barb Sohl, Wallburga Mank. Second Row: lanice Harmold, Ethel Iordan, Holly Corbett, Karen Schwemmer, Bettye Gilbert. International Relations Club ,xf iw vf , My qw ' ya-A ag. ,. ff .fi ww ww?-1 M ghwvy. VAN, gig, B . lg 5 , 'Fif a f. ZW X . II4.. 1 EL hifi' IQ.:.:fQIQIQIf "" - Ajgjj-QHIQ' F 523 59 Z 15.3.31 , 'L57!A-5!525!5-- - - . ,.,.,.. "5555555i55 : .fif7if, fi ,.,. K Ei? .IZ ' : .--. : :.: 5 95 ,, 'D K , as . .J fl' 12 A i I2-. , z Q- v 5'fQfFf7 - 4 4 ,, - Leaf-4:5-"V :M -sg: ":a:y Q ' ex ' vu. ,K "q36+w ?', V , 'e 1 ,kajnfi-. 3 G ,Q 32 gl W,..-,-.,-.iYiE ,WM Sf JOYCE A. GILQSME ANNE EA BEUS DIANA L GROVE JUL KAYE LQ HOOVER CHRISTINE A- Ci-ATANOFF num: mnufmosnsw CORWBIE IA E YEAOER Seated, left to right: Merle Miller, Linda Huey. Standing: Nancy Taylor, Linda Rohrer, Cathy Scozzare, Linda Zumeta, Deje Heissenbuttel. OFFICERS MERLE MILLER . . . President LINDA ROI-IRER . , Vice President NANCY TAYLOR . . . ecordinq Secretary DOROTHY HEISSENBUTTEL . . .Treasurer LINDA ZUMETA . . . Pledge Mistress Seventeen pledges make a perfect picture. Chi Omega became the iirst national sorority at Gettysburg College on lanuary 9, l937. Wilh the com- ing of the Tau Delta Chapter oi Chi Omega came also its symbols-the White carnation, the colors of cardinal and straw, and the Wise Chi O owl. The Eleusis. Chi O's national magazine, was also an important addition since it kept Tau Delta informed of the activities of all other Chi Omega chapters. The local activities of Chi Omega include mending books at the public library and stuffing envelopes during the Easter Seal campaign. The Chi O's annually sponsor a prominent speaker who discusses topics of cultural interest and timely concern. Every Christmas the Chi O's and the Phi Gains join in giving a Christmas party for the underprivileged children of Gettysburg. Chi Omega Was founded on April 5, 1895 at the University ot Arkansas. That event is celebrated in the spring of each year by the chapter's Eleusinian Banquet. Biannual conventions are held at White Sul- phur Springs, West Virginia and regional tiresides are held in non-convention years. These conventions and tiresioles which bring together Chi Ornegas from all of the 129 chapters help to keep Chi Omega united in its com- mon ideals and purposes. TAU DELTA CHAPTER Delta Gamma T , ,..,k -M 'B Y f A4 .. M T -. ' K W W '-l ' . Y" 'j ,Q ' 51' " lvigzwavx ls, W lu W' 6, M' ...L .W ., ,Q ,E Y In , Y M1 : E, .F"' 9i.":I..,"1 A as zz' , A' ..,. X' . A 1 , . ' - ,,... .. - ' 7-5. K l .. Ei- A: ,f..,:J' K -:grim ,..... 1 .. rlrl . A 1 .1 -:fig 4 .. 5' -I Q. -3,-:A ,F I K V , V' ' gf A A? . f Q A A f l S A- H A ,.,., h.:.,g:, ,.. may f5:5:1:5::f,1f,we1. , 1 25: D -5 x -- " :r. 'A'-":s1E'5s:5E:5:E9: mis .g. gy, L1 .. 'wa-.-: - y, sf ms J ' -. .. -- " - E, , X - ,. ke. lf - V . 'nm' ..,,, ,gg ww l . - vw 'Y -. f-15 sa'-P :s ::- l V ,- - ff 1 'W :::--:- 'R ,:.:.s.1 - ' . Km " W ' ' X ., -. 2:f-vm 1 ,wma . . LW.. - A 1- - A A ll l L. NANCY 3, RVYER nuns nun IAARSHA JADE IURUWSKI BETSY MACKEV no-. nu:-nnv up nnn.-f vucxl LFEPKIN8 ANNE E KNECHT Arm E.scnux.z CHARLOTTE naman rwacv 6. STRANGE 1 'W' A' -' H Am' ' ' Em" , 3 f ww.. , ji.: , . rwag- 5 V f l -yi .gg . . .Q 4 ,, r. Q - uf.-1-:, .- - A: i... z . , V 1 ,, ' .- ' U -.:,g.1 -9' .Q -53225 ' ,.i:f':i5s 3 if - f .. 1 -- " 'I .. W ' ':':'- ' ' ' - e.. if' N " 7 -. - . ::::EiE?ia.:.5a ' ' v! -'1 if E. .:. l ff 'J ' ::::::: " u .Li N 1 ' -. . . I ':-: 53 :-: ' - 1-:gg-., F nj. ' V B 5:5 ' 2 , 4 .... V--:-32:2 ae .- I!:::::f'252':5i':5:.:,fIEfE:2if:' '- ' E ' "" '52525Qs""'Yf:f X W L 'Ziff' Y 34-,w.,..-fy. ,... , .:.-F.. A , 7 -- ,ff N 5 5: ,Xl sz .wh A .aah fwgqiggfy - . -1 , .. .... 'l . Jomus v. FOSEER vuckn 5.-wcocx clan. J. Hamm: :wuz a. Pormus sum' J. Havucx NANCY E, CHESTER BETSV LSLAYBALJG11 SRETCHEN KFENALY PEGGY STEELEY MARTHA W. H1LL NANCV 0 BROWN SANDY L.-JOHNSON FFISGILLA LDALLUEYW DAPNQE ATMANAS MNNANNE SIMTM LUCILLE H. MILLER DONNA KLWOOLF ,cn eswmu vw-mana vw-nwnw my-. an-:Mm mm mc.-N -Della l 632111111121 GEORGIA I. SEDWICK sc, P V- LOXS E, INMAN BARBARA A.MA50N SVLVIA V JACOBS CLAIRE REUTZ NAN L Qietigslmurg College CARDL KAY BELLAUY PAMELA W.CASWE'v.L SONJA I. OLSEN JANET D. JOHNSON SARA G. DEEORAN F,7I'K7N-AS JOY NUNTWGTUN SANDRA E ROBERTS JD ANN HOPE JANE L CALDEFWOOD RAE G. HUSTAD SARA IYBRINKERHOFF KAY D. MILLER JLUY JUUIYH C.HE1LOG BARBARA A WE NBER SUEA N K TRAUTMAN PATRDCIA W, CAREY MARNE K SEDWKZK CDNNIE G, SANDBCRG PRUDENCE D. SYAHL CHRISTINE LHXLOSEANO LINDA 118 I tt X . f i 1 i f 1 f V' at 1 a a H l a a ua 1 r A aww , E, , .Y Azlz ,Y,. . , 9, A at N tr , ,I , .-:.: fe . ,. .. as as Q. FW a 4 a g 5 -1 v -4 H2 ' t W- ' 'lr' W 3 , S a f as K t I t . - ' f . .t . T Y . , - V-- --:- l it, 1 2 Qzg i rt. -5 D :., lp r X Seated: Dee Athanas. Standing: Marianne Smith, Sandy Iohnson, Prisf cilla Dallmeyer, Lucy Miller, Marsha Zurowski, Donna Woolf, Betsy Mackey. OFFICERS DEE ATHANAS . . . . , . . Psrscrrtzx DALLMEYER . . MARSHA zuaowsrqr . . MARIANNB SMITH . . .President Vice President Pledge Trainer . ,Treasurer SANDY IOHNSON , ecording Secretary BETSY MACKEY . . DONNA WOLFE and LUCY MILLER . . . . , .Corresponding Secretary Rush Chairmen Delta Gamma pledges serenade the sisters. The iirst Delta Gamma chapter was founded at Lewis lnstitute, Oxford, Mississippi in 1873. On October 9, 1939, sixty-six years later, Beta Lambda chapter of Delta Gamma, sailing under the bronze, pink, and blue, with Hannah at the helm, cast its anchor at Gettysburg College. Beta Lambda is now one in the tleet of ninety chapters. To keep Delta Gamrnas in touch with every chapter, the Anchors is published. The cream-colored rose is the sorority ilower. Nationally, the sorority sponsors the Delta Gamma Foundation which, in addi- tion to its largest division, Sight Conservation and Aid to the Blind, also includes a large program ot Grants and Loans and an International Education Program. Local activities include an annual Christmas party lor local orphans held with the brothers ot Phi Delta Theta, the presentation ot the tinest in campus attire at the spring fashion show and card party, and sale ot D. G. candy. A costume party pledge dance, the Spring Formal, with our own "DG Man," held in the honor of our seniors, and our annual faculty tea round out the social season. BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER bi Mu sm: wg MKQVML 812935 gfpxffwg E 1 if WW 1 MARY KAY BETH GILES PENELPE KUNKEL BARBARA YHDMPSON KAREN HIGHELSON nklsmma CAROL CHARLES PHYLLIS CRYTZER x if JANE ' vzyenmn ,emma AUDITIL 50'FRElf!tR 35Bia -I Ifhaptkr L4 Geiigzhnlfg. Qnllege' I PATRICIA BARBARA RIQHTER .HEATHER Asn CAROLYN ,f SQOTT 'hide I epuwlo .mimic Fzncsusbix zscmsrmcs aymw 8810018 BETTY NANCY CURNELLU5 MARY BOTEYL BARBARA NETZNER VIRGINIA BROWN KLEIN i 120 susan .mag vista n f .... 9 2.12 Ima, g . 1 if i B i t - - A-' ---' " W V ' B .. .. -A 52" ' I f rg A 'K I X Seated, left to right: Carol Charles, Barbara Thompson, Elizabeth Achenbach, Karen Michelson, Carol Stewart, Virqiriiat Elting, Standing: Ann Reynolds, Barbara Feigal, Elizabeth Reade, Carol Rotunda, Ianice Ferguson, Patricia Mummeri. OFFICERS KAREN MICHELSON .,.,. . . President BARBARA PEIGAL . . . Vice President CAROL ROTUNDA . ..,.. Treasurer ANN REYNOLDS . . Recording Secretary CAROL STEVVART . . , Pledge Mistress Phi Mu captures Derby Day trophy. At Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia the first Phi Mu chapter was founded in March 1852. The Phi Mus came to Gettysburg College ninety-three years later. The rose and white and the Enchantress carnation have been established in eighty-five national chapters throughout the country. The "Aglaia", which tells of Phi Mu happenings, keeps the Phi Mus in touch with every chapter. Among the Phi Mus' international social service pro- jects are study grants for foreign Women students and the adoption of war orphans. A I-lealthmobile in Georgia, toy carts in many hospitals, and a fund for loans and scholarships comprise some of the Phi Mus' national projects. Each year the Phi Mus sing at the Home for the Aged and adopt a needy family at Christmas. An annual Christmas party is given with the Sigma Chis for the faculty children. A party at Halloween Was held with Phi Gamma Delta for the underprivileged children of Gettysburg. Throughout the year banquets are held for Father's Day, Mother's Day, and Big-Little Sisters. Also marking the Phi Mus' social calendar is the tea for all the house- mothers. The highlight of the year is the annual pledge dance, which rounds out the social season. BETA PI CHAPTER gpm XI Delm .. - 1 ' ,.,, " ' ' 2 1 G H " V x ' ' : 'f1H,' ,..,. I " 31' V: A R, ' 1 ' .QW E I W' LINDA J. SYERNER JOSEPHUE B ROE BARBARA H. GRACEV LUVE nun uma Gnu 'I E.B!NDSM.L LUCY F. WORKS MARY E.N07CHKl5S WRGNIA M FUSO UARY LOU FDFFMAN CANDLE ILJOQNSON M SETUSQJH YNLAAUMI Plllllivlf vm! 554115191741 ll! IEQGETMY Iluiw tual. ELIZ TH J' S Lv 'MRVAW L? , ,W , . L V L J Alpha ' iflelia -f ii ' VIRUNYA A. KRVINE KATFERIIE WECKPIARDY ALICE E. CLAHDY ELIZABETH A.DAV1ES JOYCE A LNDREW5 'Q HEREDITH SEBERKAGSN SUSAN K. LANDIS VWRGINYA R. DAYTON JANE7 UANDERSON VBLERE 1, 1-Qvwi: ' '-N.. . 5 . N . ., . - - . . . ..A, ,, ...,A " -1 Q .. L .f . . ,Q 1 .,' ' "'5:'f'4 'f "Qi-C3:l ., : I L6 'A' , . f "" .,,V " ' - q " : V Q .... if "'3f3":-52-5 :Ig , f ' 42' :ae :- "" Wx M Qeiigshurg - 0 Eg? SUSAN J. FALLSON JUUITH B. LAWRENCE GEOFGCHA A. RGYER IINJREEN CRO NGN SUSAN E.5AHYLON X REBECCA C.BFl0VN KAREN C, QRAN ALICE L. FLEMIW LINDA L. IMKEHZIE LINDA C, PRICE - --"5' " - .. -7I' .I - ' U R . Yki ..:-- . -- -- ' ' f.f. ' 3' . -2- K ':':':' ., ,E .: ,": L ,5:. .. .. Q ' ,'-: ':'.,,' ,1.W ,'-, A 5 , A111 ,,.,, ,,, -,A, Q 4W.A: . 1 A .NNE A. KNEEDLER JUDY N. IILKER SUZANNE LMBLLUXRU SUSAN J. SIMTT EL-SIE J. HAIKEY GNL B. LBFSON DIANE C. MLN! MARY MW! NAWLEY EN GLAR5 PLBRADFORO I-LGCEQ E. KDLZ BARBARA CLGROSBMAN NANCY L BOTBVL KAREN E, REBERT CAROL LBAILEY CAROLVN M, HAU-SEK JANEC. KATHY A EMIG UNDA YOUNG LINDA L PEYERS 5054594 M. HOWELL PATNICIAJLSHERMAN SUSAN G NARTHAN PENELDPE NOMLLLAN BONNIE D 122 First Row, left to right: Barbara Gracey, Lovey Birdsall, Mary Lou Hoffman. Second Row: Bonnie Richards, Ginny Russo, Mary Hotch- kiss, Carole Iohnson. MARY HOTCHKISS . GINNY RUSSO . . BARBARA GRACEY . CAROLE IOHNSON , BONNIE RICHARDS . LOVEY BIRDSALL . . MARY LOU HOFFMAN OFFICERS Alpha Xi pledges. . . President . . Vice President , . Pledge Trainer Membership Chairman . . . . Treasurer orresponding Secretary , Recording Secretary -e- --Tri:- lt was at Lombard College in Galesburg, Illinois that our ten founders established Alpha Xi Delta as a na- tional sorority in 1893. Beta Chi chapter was organized at Gettysburg in 1949 and is one of ninety-four college chapters of Alpha Xi. The colors of the Fraternity are double blue and gold. The flower of Alpha Xi Delta is the pink Killarney rose. Its badge is the Quill. Nationally, the Fraternity publishes the Alpha Xi Delta and Quill Points, while the Beta Chi Review is published annually by the local chapter. Alpha Xi Delta has established an extensive phi- lanthropic program in which the local chapter is active. Present projects include the sponsorship of rural schools in Kentucky and Tennessee, the donation of books to tuberculosis hospitals, the support of foreign students and grants for further study and research. Each Week the Alpha Xi's and brothers of TKE visit the Hoffman Orphanage where they supervise studying and athletic activities. Traditional activities include a Christmas party with the alurns, hoagie parties in the room, big and 'little sister events, and the annual Rose Dance following initiation. Beta Chi is especially proud of its newly decorated room, a result of project Work by both sisters and pledges. A rejuvenated mascot, Al Fuzzy, completes the new furnishings. BETA CHI CHAPTER Sz ' ma Kapp ,A z ,Q : . ,f.fI x 'A - 3w,'Q1":' z..-fi H -s,,-.QE ,. .. , ' . , g3,,.,f1 .:':1.,,-55' 13 .. Q'-,-gg:-' , 4 5 ' Q. ' 1 iff" ' 5:'z'::r ,:..IllIQ--' ".::,,t ,' " - 1 ' si 'fiiz' . " ":f5Q'fff 5' .K " 1255: ' ' 'ff ' , -1 Q I . -x,- W- 1: - -Y 1 . in .::. .f BQ? C sd H 5555:-:-':-'3f:: 1-fffv ' ll- f:f.I:-:4,. 'Sz-Ewsilsi:f-.::l:Q:.':',.': ,fi-lx" ' lla-P V- V ' " .. V . - , '7 ' -Q .. , , , , , V 2 ,, " X i -L wifi ,V ,A X - Vi gil , , J ,Q ' g f LYNN WlLT'5HlRE cannula A xunu nam LEA usvnou ELIZABETH F. uoecofe BNN a. snocrfsv susm w 'rvsou Joan u mwzanmuv uma. A. uunnr ANA a an-mm CORP SICIIYAII YKIAIIIKII P80 VIC! lklsfitlti Plffpnull-Y . II? VIC! IIPEIQYIAY RAC KKGWKYKWV SJQW ill 'I UARULYN J SKWCK . I. ' E i,i,E.,.3M.:.. x .. . W F ,L is , ,,., t H V' 'QVC gg J 4 1 g m 3 :::Y:.3,,i Viv: ' :? "-ff?-41' -"QQ-Yr. we N . TIF- 3 2' if .rua A ' ' 1. M.-Q U f 1 1 . , .. ,sg -fp , X 1:3 1 Sigfywx ' , , - I FV - 9' 33. A " Q- ' Ai f 1 N1 'T ' ' E '- .mune acwv w.'mozaso14 Zuwxvu a. Pafnga is am: .rom wanna-1 ,HELEN we rnnnclscc ' 3 fi 'A . BETTY H, .mean Pkliibfli rn Hamann .mes 5 1 , -S M -W' f f .k ,, J5i.3f:: , sg: "ti1?Q'f . I.,:fI:Q -- ' - '-s.s-3.5" iz ' ' ' 152 2. ':':':" - : 12- .- EJ' " "" ": '- . .f::'- ' .' ,,f'I IQ . . . .:. Qfl 5: -A" KJ iv ' N' Lf 5 mace c, mmogn oofas u. uvun semen: u. swam-. rm-mourn A. Mus emo: a. vmssusa .mmm Q. msn amannnn a, mm ELRAKYH J. PLATT Gim5EAM6E MJIIJA ymnnnm JLCKBON 1 UFWSN BARBARA A ALICE FISHER EWG!! SAIL. E. SHE! NMMA 124 CARQKD STAKL SQIELLEY A KEENE IIURIEL-I RQSBIAN EJZRBETH N NEVIEL L MARTHA N, Seated, left to right: Liz Goecke, Diana Brandl, Sue Tyson, Carol Dunlap, Ioan Hildebrandt, Ann Shockey. OFFICERS SUSAN W. TYSON . . IOAN M. l-HLDEBRANDT . ANN B. SHOCKEY . CAROL A. DUNLAP . . . . Recording ELIZABETH F. GOECKE . . . . DIANA E. BRANDT . . . . . Rush MARY LEA HEYDON . . Corresponding Sigma Kappa pledges celebrate Halloween. President . . lst Vice-President . Znd Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Chairman Secretary "Cooperation" is the key word among the Gamma Nus this year, and they have a silver tea service to prove it. The girls received the coveted Wick Award at last summers national convention, signifying that they are the most cooperative of Sigma Kappa's 100 chapters. Sigma Kappa came to Gettysburg College, in 1956, 82 years after the national founzling at Colby Col- lege, Waterville, Maine, on November 9, 1874. The Sig- mas claim lavender and maroon as their colors and the violet as their flower. Through the Triangle, their na- tional magazine, and The Gamma Nus. the chapter alumnae newspaper, they keep in touch with sisters throughout the country. Remembering the state of their founding, they aid the fishermen of the Maine Seacoast Mission. Nationally, the girls also finance the education of a Greek girl at the American Farm School in Salonika. Here in Gettysburg the Gamma Nus visit and aid the residents of the Adams County Home. Annual social functions include the pledge dance, the spring formal, parents' day banquets, and a Christ- mas party. This year the Sigmas added a picnic, a hayride, a l-lallowe'en party, and jewelry parties for the other sororities. GAMMA NU CHAPTER Gamma Ply' Beta . , - v - , , . . , . ,, v v. ,WALL emsnru Lmonen wma scxfnmfrf Leslie. Mcinrfssb, Munn rnimtssew. swam-I cuvzgzwn. suzaunr gxzauama, nowsscz www nuns sesame Q simon oxvm Rum anuw g - WL umm: ew- f ,L,m.w., .,,,,,., ,K mi- 3,,,,m, -mga www.: K -- nwaznr , 'K av vm irumnn k rnnunn can mmm-n ww mm. ' trsnnruu mum, ' Q I 'I l '5 :,f, Ei :Iq ff: '.q - ' 8 V.,., , , v VA 1.., JUDITN HAMILTON SUE SOBER MARY ALGEO PATRICIA PAUL LINDA VIINTERS DENISE DtPlXiN 5UZAN4i STEELE ELIINE HAMMOND fm l ,.,, q ,-:-: ':"" "E' ,"" ' 652-iisshurs , . NANCY CLEGG RUTPPANN PUSH SANDRA FXSGHIN -WANNA NKSKELL QHRlSTlN4ESCl-EIHING' JAMOE HILL LUELLEN GEHWEXLEN MARGAWFY M5659 SUSAN GUNNWGHAM 'REBECCA IU'-REU 5F0llEIiR LYNDA ENGEL SUSQN SCDGIHING OUSSIE DDBGMYK .MNET SEVIARD QATHERINE JOWISCN IUIABETN BREDNECKE SUE WESTCDTT JUDY GARLAND SUSAN NAWS LIYQA KELLER ,h'l9lRK3H aoahfomcnsruw .icmnnce nwrwcob umm. omni. mmcv :wiki CMOLYN uusseuwv Pr-'rkfcun YZRKEN 'I 126 Seated, lett to right: Carol Owen, ludy Curchin, Les Noyes. Standing: Lura Coulton, Diane Roberts, Barb Lindner, Iudt Esothroyd, Ruth Sel- lew, Ianet Patterson, Sue Hermann. OFFICERS IUDY CURCHIN . . . . President SUE HERMANN , . lst Vice President IANET PATTERSON . . 2nd Vice President DORA COULTON . ..... Treasurer DIANE ROBERTS . . . Corresponding Secretary LESLIE NOYES . . . Recording Secretary RUTH SELLEW . . . . Efficiency IUDY BOOTHROYD . . Scholarship BARBARA LINDNER . . . Standards A chilly reception for the Gamma Phi pledges. ln the tall of l958, the Gamma Phi's brought their crescent moon to Gettysburg College, and after re- ceiving its charter on February ll, l959, became the sixth national sorority on the campus. Since its found- ing at Syracuse University on November ll, 1874, seventy-two chapters have been established throughout North America. The Gamma Phi's selected brown and mode and the pink Carnation to represent their sorority. The Crescent illuminates the activity of each chapterp while The History of Gamma Phi Beta and The Song Book are well known to each pledge. Spreading con- vention information and ideas, The Crescent Moon is published during each convention. Nationally, Gamma Phi supports summer camps for retarded children, sponsors the Gamma Phi Beta Lindsey Barbee Fellowship, and an endowment fund. In an attempt to raise the literary level of the country, the Gamma Phi's sell magazines all over the United States. Any time of the year, Gamma Phis can be seen using numerous propaganda methods to increase the sales of peanut crunch and mints. The annual pledge dance at the Lambda Chi house and the Crescent Ball in the spring completes a list of varied activities. GAMMA BETA CHAPTER 7 l l .Ei 3. . - ,..,. .I Q I 1 I f -4 N Afph elm Pi I I.. . , . LINDA J. BINKLEY E, LOUISE COLLINS BONNIE L, DUNLAP BGTSIS IANE W ANDERSON FIOWENA M. CAMPBELL H. GALE. MARILYN L. LOWCLL ' ..-v-2 5: 4, . . -,-'Q '29 X f X ' LINDA O. SHUMAN CAROL BULICK NANCY I., BAUMGAFDNER EVELYN D, MILLER lpha Delia Mfg. , .,...,.... 3 19 H Geiigshnrg Ifnllegs JUDITN L. ZEREE JEAN A, GAUMNIYZ ANN C, MUNSHUWER , , I , ...., , 5 xll- g 1 IA- Z if-is-, .F I -1 is ' :., .!'zf.g'.',:,,- :' CLAIRE D. HAMME 0 LINDA R. HALLETT CAROL S REYNOLDS ELIZABETH A JUDITH L, -. FRANCES E. LORENZO BEVERLY L. RADCLIFFE DIANE E. EAST EAN G. RITTERSIIAUSEN RU'I'H EHRMAN MARILOUISE 'GAUYSCH AMY E, FCHWSMAN FRANCES E 52:5 fl. - z ffiliipz I " "I. I JOANNE C. LUTT MARION R HATCH SUSAN M. MERRILL PAMELA J. STURGE NANCY L, HELSEL BARBARA A. BIFFAR VIRGINIA M, ALLEN DUROTHY L. DYOTT MARGARET BLISS FHYLLIS E SAVAGE RCBERTA C bfulfg n. vmsou vs. zuznezm cmsou vsmnnmna L wr-Iullnucm mc: L. mcum Tffeifsnuur. E, Hzswooo s-sms n. suacwea snzrcmm I. mcxsv aoume z. sroso umcv L. einem ELLEN e nossms 128 1 ,QQ iff ig- 5 fa 1- It if P . 1 G rs First Row, lei! to right: Betsy Sherwood, Ioyce Woliord, Carol Berrien. Second Row: lune Bloom, loann Dearcopp, Marilyn Radel. OFFICERS JOYCE WOLFORD . .....,,... President CAROL BERRIEN . . ViceLPresident and Pledge Trainer MARILYN RADEL . ,...,... Treasurer IOANN DEARCOPP . , Recording Secretary IUNE BLOOM . . , Corresponding Secretary BETSY SHERWOOD . . , Rush Chairman A D Pi pledges enioy a coke break. 1-if was On May 15, 1851, the first secret sorority for women was founded at Wesleyan College in Macon, Georgia. ln September, 1960, the Delta Rho chapter was colo- nized at Gettysburg. The Adelphian, national magazine, informs the sisters of the activities of the other 103 chapters. Blue and white are the colors of Alpha Delta Pig the woodland violet is the sorority flower. Every ADPi saves a penny a day to support the National Society for Crippled Children, the national project. Local philanthropy has included Collecting for the local Community Chest and making Christmas tree decorations to raise money for the Gettysburg Library. Sisters provided babysitting services to enable faculty wives to attend various meetings. Nationally, Alpha Delta Pi has established the 1851 Memorial Fellowship Fund to be given to outstanding foreign women who Wish to continue graduate work in American colleges. The local activities include a tall pledge dance, Christmas party with the alumnae, the Black Diamond Ball in the spring, the Founders Day tea, and a party for the Senior sisters. DELTA RHO CHAPTER ', 'H ,Y y -. ,i . L, mamma ' a is it is . :. , aaa m rg m if E ' """' ' " " t.: .:. t.: .:. :.:.:.: :rc is a is M a --vt,-L:::5,:,.-.' Q is -t. ,5E5.,E35,5 -: v:.L.:,::m:.:e:.. -X Em H S f t ' H rsziiiz' as 4 ,i if .. f.. a - 2-'-I ' , i s 1 S Phi Kapil: .fi ALLEN 5, THWYPSON PETE RICHARD A . K,-6 I' Exp PETER J JAMSS R 'REID DOUGLAS 0 TRUAX SEPH OIRNG was .lun U LANE ROBERT E D111 Kappa :- JOHNW WILLIAM F EVANS THEODORE A, HORN BN-,TZ an JAME 5 CARL Gkiigshurg BUYER ROGER N. ANGLETON CHAD KLKNGER RONALD A. BFUENS SCOTT T OYICE J O X Mi J JOHNSEN ' xnvm F NJBERT C. LDOMIS SUFFES T ALLEN E DOUGLAS E ESTES 1 130 First Row. left to right: Iohn Ackerman, Richard Siegel, Bob Simms, Bill Evans, Steve McCoy. Second Row, leit to right: Ted l-lohn, Ed l-latter, Charles Baltz, George Burghardt. OFFICERS IOSEPH WANG ...,........... l.., P resident ROBERT SIMMS . . , HAL CASEY . . . . . . . . Vice President . . . . . . .Recording Secretary ED HATTER ..... .... C orresponding Secretary STEVE MCCOY A... .......l . . . .Treasurer At home! Being the first national fraternity on campus, the Penn- sylvania Epsilon Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi has over one hundred years ot history at Gettysburg. They were es- tablished here on December 26, 1855, just three years after being founded nationally at Iefferson College in 1852. Today, Phi Kappa Psi has a total of sixty-one active chapters nationally. Boasting the colors oi cardinal red and hunter green and the Iacgueminot Rose as the fraternity flower, the Phi Psis keep up with their fraternity's news through The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi. the national publication, and The Torch, the local literary endeavor. The Phi Psis, along with being outstanding in intra- mural sports each year, engage in many yearly activi- ties, including an Easter Egg Hunt for the children of Gettysburg and a trip to a football game for the under- privileged children of Gettysburg. The Phi Psis have moved into their recently com- pleted chapter house Which lies majestically on the banks of the Tiber. PENNSYLVANIA EPSILON CHAPTER Phi Gamma Delta L 132 Left to right: Ietf Preston, Lee Roeder, Craig lacobs, Vince Lipani, Bob Allen. OFFICERS CRAIG R. 1AcoBs . ROBERT A. ALLEN . . . LEE ROEDER , . ,Recording VINCENT P. LIPANI , . . Corresponding IEFFREY M. PRESTON . . , Phi Gam's class of 1965 President Treasurer Secretary Secretary Historian Xi Chapter of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta was installed at Gettysburg on March 31, 1858. This was the thirteenth chapter of Phi Gamma Delta to be instituted since the founding of the fraternity on May 1, 1848. The color of the Fijis is royal purple and its flower the purple Clematis-symbolically star-shaped. The fraternity house is located on the college campus. Local publications are "The Eyes' of Xi" and the "Bullet Eijif' the national magazine is The Phi Gamma Delta. During the past year Xi Chapter has participated in many social service projects such as donating blood, sponsoring a foster child, and numerous parties for underprivileged children. Of all Xi's social events, the most famous, both locally and nationally, is Fiji Island Party, held annually on Spring House-party Weekend. XI CHAPTER Si moz lv' mass u, wr-urs ammo s. uomw FRANK J. nrrozzo MIXNQQZEQQPQWW "'0WQ5ff!j'fEs'm 6,2 'QT-iffm Roafffj-A,2fRTEN vnLLmA J. sums momma nc nocxsfeusn .xox-an .v v.-.uneven :s 1 X s , .. 5: ., s- - , 0 E : :. - 5:52.11 gay' .. Eawf 1.1 - - .- "-" ' 1 5 .. ,s:" . - -- T . 31 , ..., -- V- 1 - RK 3 :: f.f'--f- . 'fl k , . .V I Y -. FRED u wulsrn' murmorau c, 'rwusx FRANK w vouns c ALEK TURCK cnbmss l..caosscN.R 1 g Q Q H E DOUGLAS c Pnwn 'rlucrmv J. scumlrr Lows w. soocxon: GARY M soouv K BOVD WILSON , , - , X AA ,,,. Qieiigshurg FRANK E STUART CURTIS R CHEYNEY DAVID L HARRISON NEIL J, TPDMPSGN VIILLIIII D C. SMITH ' ROBERT P SUMLS SCOTT L STUROES ULD M RIIVALD WYLLIIM U THOMAS KENNFJD1 E i 5 i w ROBERT S, DWILEY GEURBE C SAIIARAS JAKE! E GELBERTJR M. HARDY NICYWLS PAUL R. ANDREWS MRS. CORA N PETERS -mf. -wp., THQRAS C CRIST ROBERT G HOOPER JOHN C S045 JR PETER J SCHELKER RALPH L. VIGKAYI HOWARD M KLINE R, NUIMRD F LIVINGSTON AM70 NOUKDS ROBERT J. NIGY VICTOR L WDNSTEAD ROBERT M WILSON STEPHEN Dv 5NOLES RHIHARD VI MYERS KURT KLLTREIDER THOMAS R KLINE FRED W SNOOK 134 Seated. left to right: Rick Rockefeller, Horst Sylvester, Dave Harrison. Standing: Frank Young, A1 Chatlcewitz, Ulo Riiyaid. HORST SYLVESTER . RICHARD ROCKEFELLER ALEX CHATKEWITZ , DAVID HARRISON . ULO RHVALD . . FRANK YOUNG . GARY BOOTAY , ROBERT HOOPER . PETER SCHELKER . . , . President . . Vice President , . . Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . Pledge Trainer . . , Historian .Associate Editor . . . Kuslos "1961 Soccer Champions" Located at 240 Carlisle Street is Sigma Chi, the third oldest fraternity at Gettysburg College. Issued its charter in April of 1863, the Theta Chapter of Sigma Chi is the thirteenth chapter of the Fraternity, originally fomided at Miami of Ohio in l855. The national colors of Sigma Chi are blue and old gold and the flower is the white rose. Prior to occupying the Whitepillared Cornelia Wright McPherson Memorial Chapter House, the Theta Chapter was located at the Old Eagle Hotel and then at the building now being used as the college business office. lt was in 1881 that the national fraternity "Magazine of Sigma Chi" was started here at the Gettysburg chapter. Sigma Chi sponsors "Derby Day," an annual women's olympics, which is held in the spring. "Derby Day" gives the Coeds a chance to prove their Versatility in various athletic and humorous events. Other social functions engaged in by the fraternity are Fall, Christ- mas, Winter and Spring Houseparties, the crowning of the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi, numerous desert dances with the various sororities, and the first open house of the year. TI-IETA CHAPTER JMEPH A R BUNFEYPQ EISUCSQVE F N 5E1'rELMEYEFl GARY x. MAUSHYQN WAVQJE L V-Ury-U -Muff-ff sv L f-P33 Wi M C1,A,,.11 if fbeiigs-Burg LNAASE 136 T -.Q Left to right: Bob Hall, Rick Settelmeyer, Gary Naughton, Bob Atkin- son, Wayne Garrett. GARY NAUGHTON , ROBERT ATKINSON . ROBERT HALL . . . FREDERICK SETTELMEYER RAY SHAFFER . . . OFFICERS Phi Delt-Delta Gamma desert dance 1 .Kayaks amass gasses H rr . , President . . Reporter . Warden . . Treasurer Pledge Master The history of Phi Delt at Gettysburg dates back to May 5, 1878, just twenty-seven years after the first chapter was founded at Miami of Ohio on December 26, 1848. The number oi chapters now totals 121. Repre- sentative oi the literature read by the Phi Delts' is the local publication, Karux. and the national publications, Scroll and Palladium. Both the white carnation and the colors blue and white represent the Phi Delts. On the Gettysburg campus Phi Delta Theta takes second place to none. Always high in athletics, scholarship, and leadership of campus organizations, Pennsylvania Beta is proud of its past achievements, and looks forward to the future with confidence. Besides the activities previously mentioned, the Phi Delts' find time to participate in several annual func- tions. The iaculty tea in the spring separates the think- ing brothers irom the drinking brothers. A Christmas Party for the children ot the Hoffman Orphanage is held in conjunction with the Delta Gamma's, Phi Delts' sister sorority. There is always the question of Who receives more benefit from the party, the Phi Delts' or the kids. Social activities also include a Pledge Dance, Christmas and Spring Houseparties. A nationally sponsored Community Service Day Project helps to strengthen bonds between the town and the college. PENNSYLVANIA BETA CHAPTER A401901 Tau Umegoz Lett to right: Bob Woltersdort, Conrad Hummel, Dave Booth, Dave Donqes, Pete Wright, Don Boone, George Roberts. OFFICERS DAVID Domotas . CONRAD HUMMEL . ROBERT WOLTERSDORF . DAVID BOOTH . . . PETER WRIGHT . GEORGE ROBERTS . DAVID MOULTON . PETER WRIGHT . Another first prize for ATO . . President Vice President . , Secretary , . Annals . Sentinal . . .Usher Rush Chairmai Pledge Trainer Reminiscent of last years "clean sweep" the Alpha Upsilon chapter of Alpha Tau Omega started the year off by winning two trophies presented by the national at a province conclave held at American University in Washington D.C. Returning to campus, the Taus pro- ceeded to win, for the second year in a row, the first place trophy in the annual float competition. The Taus, who were founded nationally at the Virginia Military Institute on September ll, l865, boast the colors of azure blue and gold and have as their flower the white tea rose. Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon chapter received its charter at Gettysburg College on Iune 27, 1882. At the present time, Alpha Tau Omega has 119 active chapters throughout the U.S. and in Canada. The Palm is the national publication with The Battlefield Guide being the local publication. ln addition to winning first place trophies, the Tau's find time for many yearly projects to create good will with the town. These include an annual Orphans Easter Party and the donation of the Help Week Trophy, which fosters competition among the other fraternities in doing beneficial work for the town. ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER Si mol Agbbvz Epyilon PMI. IF UMWARGO W NlDDE!iN TERRY H, HAKE GEM! E.DlM1E1'TE.IR. CHARLES ILEATON NORBERTN LDLSEN WILTER J , DONALD R. VIYKO R I .LINDLEY GQIALD B. FARWOVI JOHN S, EWING JOHN LMUKJKPN 'lv-W F-RWMRW 'WW """"'?...2.?""m" M. ' "",JZ.,..., ...,.. ...Lb "f"'0C" J"E""""' "'C"""' E :- :-:P-: : ' ":' 2, "1.:'-if 4' . . ,. """ -' V Sq 'i 3: ' . -- . I 1 ,. 54- gf:-,f +' . 5:5 E lglllil ifiiik D, as , Y - 1 Q ,,, ' ' , Q ' -.Q .N W, .- . , v ' 1' , , , 2 P 1 n Y-7 w M . - 5 ,, N. LANE KNEEOLER 2. JOEL YRED W. BVTLEN JOSEPH LWILLIAMB EDWARD PLSALMON BRUCE A.NIEL.5EN JAMES L. IDBERY E FUHNBI DAVE G SHAFFER JOHN R BIBULE FRANCIS S ORGBONO CHARLES P f 5 .mv Musa J CABLE? ROOIEY 44 KCI-INS INTNUNY PRISOGNA DONALD N. BINDER HENRY AJJREVER IAN R.lOGPP4ERSON J0'3EPH ELFRAZIANO HORJCE V. LUWTON RONALD LEARLV ARTHUR T. BURKET PATRICK FJIOONA-N ROBERT T. SHAINON WILLIAM T. MAUPT TNUIMS 140 Seated, lett to right: Don Szegda, Ierry Farrow, Irv Lindley, Ed Salmon, Don Vitko. Standing: Sam Gracie, Torn Shreinei, Walt Davis, Iohn Ewing. OFFICERS IRVIN W. LINDLEY . DONALD R. VITKO . . DONALD T. SZEGDA . . THOMAS D. SHREINER . EDWARD H. SALMON . . IOHN A. MULHERN . LANE KNEEDLER . WALTER DAVIS . . . . Eminent Archon Eminent Deputy Archon . Eminent Recorder . . Eminent Warden . Eminent Chaplain . . Eminent Herald . , . .Preceptor . Eminent Correspondent What's rush week without a picnic? Pennsylvania Delta Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon came to Gettysburg on Iune ll, l883, and thus became the first chapter north of the Mason-Dixon Line. This is quite significant since the fraternity was originally founded at the University of Alabama in l856 by eight southern gentlemen With exclusive southern sympa- thies. The extension of the fraternity to the north marked a beginning of an end to the distinction between the north and south which was built up during the Civil War. The chapter here at Gettysburg is one of the traternity's shrines in recognition of this advance. This year was a tremendous year for the Sig Alph's at Gettysburg. The 380,000 addition and renovation having being completed, they were eager to begin rushing. With the new facilities as a foundation, the brothers plunged diligently into rushing and obtained a tremendous pledge class. In accordance with an S. A. E. tradition, hospitality, the various departments of the faculty and their families were entertained for dinner. The annual Thanksgiving Day dinner was again held with members of the cor- poration in attendance. Last but far from least, the Little Sisters of Minerva must be included in this year's history of Pennsylvania Delta. They, along with Mrs. Hershey, our housemother, were responsible for adding the feminine touch to the fraternity house. The Little Sisters also organized the Orphans' Christmas Party which is an annual affair. The assistance of the Little Sisters and Mrs. Hershey has been a tremendous asset to the house this past year. 1 fraternity Flower . . , ......,,.........,..... Violet Fraternity Colors .... .,,. O ld Gold and Royal Purple Local Publication .... . . , ,....... The Dope Sheet National Publication ...... Sigma Alpha Epsilon Record Local Address .,.... ..... 4 l West Lincoln Avenue PENNSYLVANIA DELTA CHAPTER Lambda cm AQDIQ SOCEY nAvlo 0 Q EVANS RKZMARDA MTC RT F nl F DONALD F EDWARDA BIVID I GQRBICZ, M836 nomo R SAKIN FFIILIPG SCNRQYMR ocsuuea emo BARNES ROBERT T DEAN PTTER A WILSON R PEYER Mnlrlaoan 'mcxxeas w BLACK mcnmo LARRY I rPNJL O R OFFICERS RONALD VAN HEERTUM ...... CHRIS SHENK ,........,, ROBERT KELLER ..., ROBERT SCHIEK .... ROBERT HILGEN . . . DUNCAN EVANS ....4. KENNETH MCCLUSKEY . . . RICHARD MITCHELL . . . Twisting Lambda Chi style. It'11 never work! . . . , , ,President . .Vice President , . . .Secretary Pledge Trainer . . . .Treasurer . . ..... Ritualist Social Chairman ,Rush Chairman The Lambda Chi house, located at ll3 Broadway, underwent a complete renovation last summer, and the returning brothers welcomed the many additions which came from the chaos of the spring preparations. Through all ot this remodeling, however, the fraternity flag of purple, green and gold still hangs proudly on the front ot the house. Theta Pi Zeta received its charter on Ocobter ll, 1924. Lambda Chi Alpha was founded nationally at Boston University on November 2, 1909, and since then it has enlarged to the present 152 chapters. The Cross and Crescent is the national magazine ot Lambda Chi Alpha, while the local publication, the Theta Piper, appears bi- annually. The men ot Lambda Chi Alpha, ever active in campus activities, continually prove themselves on the intra- mural battleground as Well. It could never be said that the brothers lack interest in the social aspect ot college life. Lambda Chi partici- pated in such annual functions as a Pledge Dance, Christmas and Spring Houseparlies, Senior Picnic, Open House, and an annual Public Relations Project. THETA PI CHAPTER Tau Kappa Epfilon Seated, left to right: Ernie Snow, Dave Grover, Larry Rankin. Stand- ing: Henry Linck, Ion Rudolph. DAVID E. GROVER ERNEST T. SNOW . HENRY F. LINCK . GARY L. KERR . lON A. BAUGHMAN LARRY S. RANKIN D. RICHARD RUDOLF HENRY E. NEWMAN Baughman, Hank N9'Nll'l-Sill, Gary Kerr, Rich OFFICERS . Prytanls . .Epiprytanis , Grammateus . Crysophylos . .Histor . . . l-lypophetes . . . Hegemon . Pylortes "Get pinned will you!" Standing behind the impressive stone wall on Car- lisle Street, at the southern edge of the G-burg campus, is the Teke House. The Tekes arrived in G-burg on November 25, 1926. Their National, a late-comer founded on Ianuary l0, 1899, has grown by leaps and bounds until today it is the largest international fraternity with l79 active chapters. The Teke, its national magazine, has a circulation of over 40,000 The local publication, The Psi Press. reaches nearly 500 alumni, as well as nearby chapters of Tau Kappa Epsilon. From the first rushing meeting in early September to the last exam in late May, the wearers of the cherry and gray can be found in classrooms and labs, on stages and athletic fields, as well as in the infamous "Bullet Hole". The Tekes can boast of members in almost all academic, service, athletic, and social or- ganizations of the school. The Big Red is usually up tor a title fight in football and basketball, as well as many other intramural activities. The singing Tekes start early in preparation for the IFC Pan-Hell Sing. ln a more serious vein, Tke has always ranked high scholastically. The pledges' two month "l-low To Study" program, conducted by Dr. Mudd, is probably one reason for this. Brothers and pledges also have the opportunity to receive, through informal discussion with faculty members at the house, valuable information in varied fields of interest. Faculty Tekes, as well as other faculty members, enioy participating in this con- tent program. On weekends the Tekes turn to "less strenuous" pursuits. Highlights on the social calendar are the annual Christmas formal and the traditional Sunrise Service of "Springies". Among the joint events with their sister sorority, Alpha Xi Delta, are the preparation of the Homecoming float and frequent visits to the orphanage-also a few picnics! PSI CHAPTER PM Si ma Ka 8 PP 'Q K 9 . 4 Y f x i 5. W ggi? if umsonv c WHICH anus s vmson wmv A .nomsou 4- CQLHQQQFFNW S. RDCNAID KREMF !'rulollA5rlll.lllI.R ULLXAI BJIGNEI l1u.lAIAlLONk2N'l'l -IGH! .I BANCROFI' LEMS E. FREY GEORGE 5, urns DAVID 5. DOWNS Guo: 0. BLACK MLLIAM A.nofFlAN Gimme E. IAYER we :awww-1 num-f fn-ww. -wma- QS! 0.9 33 . GI Cn? mi s.oov.ocmv mme u. manzn faecruum n mx .mms c-onus on-no u v-moans .mess 1' nnunsu Qieiigslmrg mcnous A.xuma umm: n.nuum.n use u annex c vucnmo uvnoe vurn warm as Domus Y . . 3 A I A r -xl -L1::fia:: va- I Y Y if as , ll-WN J. JAlvSf5 LHRCLU1 JOHN LIIORBAN NBRVSY B BOSS QHIISTDHII CONOVEW UESSE 0 NOUCK l I. if fl! F rs ay -. , : A, .gg 3:-I:--1-51:1-ii: :.: j ff 1 .. ,... .. .X . , r X vs N : I 406911. GARY N. slum' .sown A AHMATAGE mcnum L,uoEL GARY u., show crumxs s,ulu.ER wossm' w,soAnuArd CML B. Left to right: Bill Hoffman, George Mayer, Dave Downs, Clyde Black, Chris Hoffman, Bruce Beuchler. OFFICERS CLYDE OLIVER BLACK it . . DAVID SAWYERS DOWNS . . STANLEY BRUCE BEUCHLER , WILLIAM ANDREW HOFFMAN . IAMES CRIS HOFFMAN . , GEORGE EDWARD MOYER . Phi Siqs collect tor Community Chest Vice President President Secretary Treasurer Sentinel Inductor Formerly known as the Druids, Gettysburg's Rho Deuteron Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa received its charter on March 13, 1925. Now a thriving national fraternity with 73 chapters comprising more than 30,000 members, Phi Sigma Kappa has advanced a long way since its inception at the University of Massachussets on March 15, 1873. Phi Sig's colors of silver and ma- genta and its flower, the red Carnation, are proudly displayed on suitable occasions throughout the year. Phi Sigma Kappa's national magazine is the Signet. published quarterly: the "Oakleaf" and the "Acorn" are local publications written by the brothers them- selves. Socially, Phi Sig has a well-organized and efficient program. Houseparties and other affairs are always enjoyed by all, but a real sense of satisfaction is re- ceived from the numerous social service projects per- formed on campus and in the community. Participating in campus cleanups, collecting for Community Chest drives, helping the aged and underprivileged children during the holiday season, and traveling to the Eliza- bethtown Crippled Children's Hospital every year are only a few of the activities that the Phi Sigs carry out in order to aid their fellow men. ln an effort to better fraternity-faculty relations, a well-attended faculty ban- quet is held in April each year at the Phi Sig I-louse. This past fall the achievements of Phi Sigma Kappa were culminated in receiving the Best Chapter in the Nation Award. Recognized for scholarship, athletic ability, participation in campus affairs, and service to the college, Gettysburg's Rho Deuteron chapter was chosen the best in the United States, triumohing over seventy-two competitors. RHO DEUTERON CHAPTER Kapp Delta R190 J CL UYFORD PHKLGP im VELLMAN B C-UMMLNSAB JOHN E EBERSOLE Kappa Delia Jlilw ROBERT VI SBSSAU OUSLAS FLAGK VHLLIAU V If PARKELL EDWARD B LARJON WILLIIAI 'K 1 lim fiieitgshurg ERIC D FIELDS WILLUQH GSALZMAN JAMES W. MOORE PICENT MA-JKOWSKI ROGER EVANS W MOUSER R NAC!-E C 5491-tivn LAN R JOHNSON JAMES M SWING GARSON N,F'LBCK WILLGAM F. Mnnnu 0. UAV!!! S. ALLING . TIMOTHY NGIMLLIN - ff 1 K J, PENN JOSEPH GARY L EDWARDS 148 RICHARD 'RUQTYESF SFEPMEN JAMES VKUGNN flower is the red rose. National official publications Seated. left to right: Don Clifford, Fred Eichner, Merritt Sticker, Doug Flack. Standing: George Hartenstien, Paul Slicwalter, Karl Erickson, William Lauber, Bob Doerschner, Chip Marquarcit. OFFICERS FRED EICHNER . CHIP MARQUARDT DOUG FLACK . DON CLIFFORD . BOB DOERSCHNER MERRITT STICKER PAUL SHOWALTER KARL ERICKSON . . .President , Vice President . Recording Secretary ponding Secretary . . . Treasurer . Pledge Trainer . . Chaplain . Rush Chairman KDR's feverishly working on their 2nd place float entry Pi Chapter of Kappa Delta Rho received its charter at Gettysburg on Ianuary 16, l928. On May l7, 1905, KDR was founded nationally at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont. Today, there are nineteen active KDR chapters across the nation. Princeton orange and Middlebury blue are the traternity's colors, and its include "The Quill and Scroll" and "The Sentry" while the chapter publishes a newsy alumni letter every so often entitled "The Pi Post." The KDR's are very proud of the renovations which were done to the House over the last two years and which were culminated this past September. The new look at 249 Carlisle Street shows a redecorated dining room and more spacious social facilities. To go along with its greater facilities, a social pro- gram has been initiated matched by none. Activities included a bigger and better Open House, the usual spring and Christmas houseparties, Fathers' and Mothers' Weekends, plus a pledge weekend. With its actives and pledges numbering close to 60 members, the largest enrollment in the chapter's history, KDR feels that its scholastic and social promi- nence on campus has just begun. A second place in the Homecoming Float competition and constant rave reviews from the community for services rendered uphold the fraternity's boasts. PI CHAPTER The! Chi 5112121 6111 A T ,. , 2 , T fbeiigshurg A b I ROVCE A. DENDLER FRANK D: NQYELLES LARRY R. WALTER P DIJRAND YPKJMAS C HASEK DAVID G POMFRET ERNEST N BOWEN BARRY L. COLYER FRANK B. GEDDES GHAUNCEY 0.-JOHNSTONE FAU.. A PASCHKE RQGHARD PETER A, MANGAN HOWARD S. GAVJ' 150 HARVEY HOLMES LIAM N. YOUNG WILLQAM F JARVI STEPHEN B.BONNEY FRANKLIN A WOLFE Iohn Herrington, Richard DeLaney, lack Bailey, Lynn Fox, Iames Hoke. OFFICERS lOl-iN A. BAILEY . , . . President lOl-IN H. HERRINGTON . , Vice-President RICHARD G. DeLANELY . Secretary LYNN C. FOX . , . . Treasurer IAMES L. HOKE . Sak-3 'QT' It gs 54'!"'f,-E. Wt rep e 'CS . Pledge Marshall Intramural action fide? 31 X5 ei' Z stair tmtsef -fb- -isis. 'ZF-af it 935, i 2 sd' . . . .A QE, 31,1 A L. : ' Q-Q - , -fm, fi ,r s 1- -- Qifsy ,. e- ' V' ,- F V--at Hex . .. wwf, ,, S MSQQ-ages.:-.f - '. ' "1 4 'X' Y 4' - B euskal 1 FHA, ull - f.4:,::.4J .1 f " J' 'ififwf 1 - -.7 ., ur 'V -,- 1 . ' ' 4' A FJ' ' ,t V s + is ewuws y Metz." J K . ,' zffrzgfr' if ' as 4 f ,fre ,534 -i-xkgwraz use 1 seg, ,sas 15' S' . wwivz- -5 eases ,se , , ' eQ..s',1fiw,, ,Q QM , . , Q 'tfretrfefd' V L ,, :jeff ,. , A I. , 'I .s!gJ'Hi'?zl ,psf .,, 1 ,, 5 .' 5 , ig f- ' 'H' ve: sf, -.ii ' Q 'ff 1 5 ' ' A ig , 3 ,l W . we ww - - , 1 -:eff .asm ' -, .pr 1 '- f , - , ., .Wa .. 4-...1 y ,., 1: up by . : . A . V . . "4 ' , ' , , milf! t T' , , I . , ' 'iq wx' g r 5 ifhfrfl -'fi X - -- : Z W' ' P'- QQ 1 . W 3? s .. V . ' Q" ' . of sem 1 gwu:.,.rr -f 'ggi GQ' 'f wr, ' W -. V " I'-9 w ,, ,,iw,g,." ,' text. "" -I Q' .E J ff : :V .5 ' 'f'5': ' " 5' '.EI?5:Es:.:.::,: , f ts I G., ----v- " V W : : :2:'t"f'fE:a' -1 - If "is-1 we-rank wwe' s3s'E'ai':1'N ' 'fkifra is was -Nia L -ef.. jeg ,WW H Meg , Q ,I A i f it 4 ef t fi To if l. it I W 1 F? - A -' . - ' f , - W1 Y W f .- ,V t L A 1, 1 W,, .X i 1 if ,, ff: 1 ,S-. it V13 , Q06 ,ve :gy J' l , V 11 ' rf fi gif -.if-5' as 4 jf, ,,,,e:, -5- - Q 'wits g,.W- ,.,,, ,. M.-aim 3 X as 2 r t ,x 'PW-V 'iff 2" aB,m-:img f ' .. 3, it Ama 'tie H 1-,ie F l N . . .. M as as H fs Ji i : M"f' 4 -if 'fi vs-'my-'elf " Musa ,, We is N :Qt .kk A' V K wi, 9,9 A 1 .E 7 5- , PQ if. 5 4 M, ..... , ,, .flu , ,tuba , ,, N i N., 3. 1 L . . it .Q , ef vw '- Y. ,, he rn X L aaa.. ,. r M is A... f- A 1 'ra' Tai? zaaqisg -Q 3:14 ' T gf ..,. First called Alpha Theta Chi, the Delta Omicron chapter of Theta Chi received its charter on March 8, 1952. Working diligently for the past nine years, the brothers and pledges have built up the tradition on which the house is now presently based. Founded nationally in 1856 at Norwich University in Norwich, Vermont, it has become the eighth largest national fraternity with 128 active chapters and over 45,000 men. Everyone recognizes the Theta Chi jacket on campus With the fraternity colors of military red and Carnation White. The "Thetes" keep up to date with national publications, The Rattle, and the local issues of the Deltacron. As every other year, everyone has enjoyed a full and successful season ot social functions. This year included a pledge dance, hay rides, Fathers' and Mothers' Weekends, senior and alumni banquets, and Christmas and Spring House Parties. DELTA OMICRON CHAPTER 1 T I ml xl? Si ma D AMUARH-L ISIOIYW QTERRY R BCHWNQ CHARLES RONALD 0 RESHZE ummm- NLLER YOH JR . Sngma nonuiv P. SIHONOS DAVLD YI SQ!-RIIDER DAVID QVBGORIIICK BARRY R 'MH' 4 '?'l'1'?i1 K wcmfmn PFYER D LEE JONN A JCFFERCES L LINBSAV ROWLAN9 KARL L GTUTZIIAN eiigskurg HOWARD GERKEN JME5 E SIII TN BECK! E.-IEFFERYEB ONARL5 H LISSE CLIFFORD E, STEVENS HOLLENH EARL D, HAYDEN ERIK A. F. KRINER EDWIN J. H.lRV!V TODD E. LBWSDN AJSQMRBNXIW VOSEBA DUPKJAH EBNSDN Uh SMITH JOHN E.ROGER5 JR. 152 KENYA wr 'sm A F V Left to right: Lee Collins, Charles Lingenfelter, Tom Henson, Martin Young, Ron Heinze. OFFICERS THOMAS L. HENSON ..,.,. Eminent Commander CHARLES A. LINGENFELTER . , Lieutenant Commander RONALD O. HEINZE . . . . . Recorder MARTIN T. YOUNG . . . Treasurer K. LEE COLLINS .... . . Pledge Marshall MRS. EVELYN K. MANLEY . . House Mother Sigma Nu's entertain local town children Sigma Nu Fraternity, located at 43 West Broadway, came to Gettysburg May l5, 1954, and is now one of l3O national chapters. The national publication of Sigma Nu is the Delta and Zeta Sigma keeps it alumni well informed through its publication of the Sigma Nus each spring. Sigma Nu is active in community service projects. A big event of this type is the annual halloween party given, with the much-needed aid of Phi Mu, for the children of the Hoffman orphanage. Zeta Sigma spon- sors a rousing open house each fall with the help of a cider keg and the Valiants. Each spring the crowning of the White Rose Queen highlights the Spring House- parties weekend. Winter weekend, Parent's weekend and l. F. C. find much activity within the walls of Sigma Nu. The chapter rated an honorable mention on its Christmas l-louse-parties decorations in 1960. Sigma Nu ranked second on campus in scholarship for the 1931 spring semester. Zeta Sigma has ranked tops in its national division in scholarship and finances for four of the last five years. This year's very successful rush-week found the chapter with thirty new pledges. This pushes the house total to sixty-six active men. ln November the chapter filled a bus with the eager pledge class of 1962 and sent them off for a Weekend at V. M. l. in Lexington, Virginia, for a firsthand look at the national headquarters and the site of the founding of Sigma Nu in 1869. ZETA SIGMA CHAPTER Aglbd Chi Rho JDSHUA M COCKEY JR. WXLLIAM J. TAYLORF 2 6 BRUCE N. PRKTCMND EGRLE W. FF V rf. . A , 5 ,yggg K fx eiigshnrg, RICHARD B. FINE WCHARILES W. MALLDRY BIKLE DONBLD RICHRRD W. DEANEY JOBEPH POL SABO RICHARD C. Q-.....-.F .... I Q I W W ig' 1 g A ocnnuz own 2 I 1 GREGORY C. SECKLLR CONE I M VXYILLIAM E. HORN LAWRENCE H KUJUV VCI-I -JUMN D. BARR BRUCE L. PACKIKND LION R JONNSON DOUGLAS Fi :annex PA GARY M. KAT2 MARK L. RICE A RICHARD C ME55 THERON J, UEKSNAM JOHN R CALHOUN LILE, MAZIK JR. NORRIS L BOULDER CHRIS S. TRAGIAKIS RONALD H PRENTICE HARRY R ELACKBURN DONALD GLEASON 154 Seated, left to right: Bill Taylor. lohn Wilkerson, loel Reaser. Stand- ing: Ierry Lillick, Walter Maust, William Hedem.-tn, Bob Young. OFFICERS 1oHN H. WILKERSON lOEL REASER . . . IERRY R. LILLICH . WALTER E. MAUST . WILLIAM N. l-IEDEMAN . PETER C. STANG . . . . DONALD W. BURDEN . "Waltz me around again '1 . . . President . Vice President , .Treasurer . Pledge Trainer Recording Secretary esponding Secretary Rush Chairman 1. The Eta Phi Chapter of Alpha Chi Rho, which was once the Phi Epsilon Nu local fraternity at Gettysburg, received its charter on March l, 1958. lt is the most recent national fraternity on campus. On Iune 4, 1895, the first chapter was founded at Trinity College, Hart- ford, Connecticut and to date, Alpha Chi Rho has ex- panded to 25 chapters throughout the country. The fraternity flowers, which represent the fraternity colors, are the garnet and white carnations: the national publi- cation is known as The Garnet and White. The "Crows" now reside at their house located on Springs Avenue. The fraternity began its social season with a "beat- nik" dance to honor its pledges. Other big weekends included Christmas House Parties and Spring House Parties. Following the tradition of the College, the fraternity also honored its fathers, mothers and alumni on respective weekends. On October 6, the "Crows" held their annual Open House where "Nicki and the Flames" entertained. Alpha Chi Rho provides many services to the com- munity such as its annual Easter Party at the Adams County Day School and collecting for the Salvation Army. The fraternity was also fortunate this year in having Mr. and Mrs. Norman Annis join with Mr. and Mrs. Harold Glad as its advisers. E ETA PHI CHAPTER n 5534, M A 'X sm -.Lf MKS: 25552 fn-:wk-,QE .rf .Ummwmm --mngggxnw m ,X 'gf QULSJWA h 1 1 M 2 rf?, Qi ? H 2 is Q ffisidigl ,.:fSRfF'3iS K Es 1 fl To provide students with intellectual stimulationp to broaden their horizonsg to enable them to discover their own capabilities and lirnitationsg to prepare them to take their places in the world as thinking men and women: these are the ideals oi the liberal arts college. Gettysburg College, through its capable faculty and administration, proyides each student with ample opportunities toward the fulfillment oi these goals. A wide range of courses offers the serious student a taste of the richness and variety of the many realms of human experience. Classroom discussions quicken his interesty the learning process is an attempt to provide insight and excite his imagination. A Gettysburgian who takes advantage of the academic atmos- phere surrounding him will emerge from his four years of college life better prepared to meet the challenge of today's fast-changing World. f V Y S4 2' B W M 55 H H H fEezi'SM . 'nw 2 L ,ftisf W ai - www a, we 1 W mug at , . 'xnxx' nagriagrg' 1TfW?55x2 'Q at ' ' . ai' .. s M , - Q a wa Zig ft rr Q a rf Q a :qfwaai R a 'H grins E H W ifrau, V a y 5' 'A V Q F 35 : 0 . , 1 V' it H , ff Q ' . - S ,,, a Q -5 stag Ehjl. .Xu , 'v 1 '- 2 It f , Nr sf ., ' Q W F , I 9 W H ...... - K ' . ' 1 Q. 4 'ga 'X Q wr ig . ' ' baggy 3 ' ni"-, I Q, - - A 'U If Q 1 , , . s 3 - X ' E K , E F , 3 K a M W I ' 9 f iw 'I i Wm 5 X 'SL HL I ' af.N'?a W H, lat-isa .1952-Q :V . am,- x , as its ' ' 5. sa V V s , ss . 4 a , Q f , Q53 W A 1 'Semi , an mass at 4 E-ia? fm 3 msg mm? M Q aa' Hangar- at - 'al .4 Ei K N .ga : " ' 'vE"'Ig at we s WV F' HEEEP, iixxixzkli QAYQHY sis- LJ-Ease bfliftww ?E:-ring. ,W itffttii, r 3 awaensp H at wrfl' Y' tr ra msg?j.'a ii-QQAXYKBY ,rr L ,gy-Q gf 5 H 1 f at fam is is H ,nf ,wrmfwegs MW,a n -we mr Ein? 1 ,X -mp: ZW tw, ri Q NJ' 41? 5 'ZW isle -Miami? f if nt ssem mania Eliza, 1 .Zag ret, S as Law sw EH H ,Jw ll W x l PRESIDENT C. A. HANSON be Prerzblentff Mafia e Over the years Gettysburg College has brought together people, buildings, and accumulated knowledge in skillful and honest design. These resources are now, and always have been, directed to the cause of liberal education. This cause is served when the teacher and the student have examined the content of accumulated experience and have come to know that scholarship is the only way of liberating the human mind. For scholarship is not only the means of understanding, and adding to knowledge, it permits also the escape from pettiness, provincialism, and prejudice in the use of knowledge. Stripped of its supporting structure, education is essentially an exchange between teachers and students. The curricula, the library, the physical plant can be no more than means of facilitating the transmission of learning. Whether these are elaborate or ordinary is not finally controlling for the central process of the college is a human one which derives its strength from the motivations of the persons involved. Liberal education, moreover, is rarely a passive process. Its tensions arise from curiosity about the unknown, its direction is supplied by the quest for truth, its dimensions in time and content are limitless. Thus it is that terms like inspiration, dedication, and intellectual challenge are used in describing the successful academic experience. Where these are present learning is well nigh inevitable-in their absence virtually impossible. The academic life of this college must always consist therefore of meaningful human experiences in which alertness and curiosity are joined with experience and discipline. C. A. HANSON 158 MILDRED D. IOHNSON, A.B. Administrative Assistant to the President ,seams BRE, 1 was it as 'E::E-fa it it -ss W :t .2125 it S was -' f i w it s is-as s. as .re r-mx Dean of Students Dean ol the College CHARLES H. GLATFELTER, A.B., Ph.D. Dean ot the College and Director oi the Summer Session The academic program of the College is developed and carried out by the Dean of the College and the administra- tive officials associated with him, working in cooperation with the faculty. Dean Glattelter, together with the faculty, is responsible for the curriculum, instruction, academic standards and the admission of students. IOHN W. SHAINLINE, A.B.. ILM. Dean oi Students The student personnel staff, organized only a few years ago as a unit with common objectives, attempts to consider each student as an individual, as a distinct personality with many facets. Through the services ot the personnel staff, each student of the college is encouraged to reach his highest level of effectiveness and scholarship. Business Maiiagei' F. STANLEY HOFFMAN, B.S.. M.S. Business Manager The performance of the many duties of the Business Department, headed by Mr. Hoffman, is directed toward two major goals: the development of a wholesome physical environment for the cultivation of the qualities of the mind, and the perpetuation and improvement ot that environment for succeeding generations, Director of Development SEYMOUR B. DUNN, A.B., ILM.. Ph.D. Acting Director of Development The responsibility of coordinating the many teams oi workers which are necessary for the success of the devel- opment campaign at Gettysburg College tails to Dr. Sey- mour B. Dunn, assistant to the president and acting director of development. The important task of maintaining public support through the continuance of mutually beneficially relationships is carried on by harmonizing the work of public information with that ot alumni affairs and other areas. 159 Administrator! CHARLES R. WOLFE A.B.. I-LM. Dean of Admissions 1 MILDRED H. HARTZELL MARTIN H. CRONLUND DEANE G. BORNHEIMER Regish-ar A.B., I-LM. J-LB.. M.Ed. Associate Dean oi Admissions Admissions Counselor my 14 - 41 'E'fw. rw da ax -MW? rags vm. as Librarians, leit to right: D. Kemler, B.S.g D. Riddagh, A.B., B.S.L.S.g A. Grimm, AB.: LILLIAN H, SMQKE N. Hodqes, .A.B.g G. Weilandy A. Moyer: S. Westine, B.S.g L. Smoke, 1-LB., B.S.L.S. A,B,, BJ,-S, KI-lead Librarian? Librarian 160 MARTHA H. STOREK W. RAMSEY Jomzs DHXAID M- LONG A.B.. Ph.D. A.B. 'BH Mm' Director of Guidance Dean of Women Dean of Men and Placement - Q X figs: . H E 4 W st v rg Q A R. DAVID YOUNG HAROLD O. CLOSSON, IR. LEWIS B. FRANK PAUL N. TERWILLIGER .A.B., Ph.D. B.S. B.S.. A.M. B.S., I-LM. Clinical Advisor Director of Student Union Special Counselor Director of Reading Services W l l I A. TUCKEY. R.N.: B. ORNER, R.N. i Nurses DOUWE L. RADSMA M.D. College Physician RAYMOND S. DAVIS. B.S. Director of Public Infomation BARBARA L. PLATT, B.S., A.M. Assistant Director of Guidance and Placement ROSEA B. ARMOR Administrative Assistant to the Director of Alumni Relations REX MADDOX Superintendent ot Buildinqs and Grounds STEVE C. DUNLAP. B.S. Assistant Business Manager HOWARD B. MAXWELL, A.B A.M.T. Director ot Alumni Relations an ts n A, -rw.: ici H' 1 ' fe MP. T , . Y E t. -..,. iw :nw I. P. BROWN Bursar CHARLES P. GUMMEL, A.B. Book Store Manager s N, M.. N' Q. smwp E- as swf tr Seated: Mrs. Ickes. Left to right: Mrs Houston. Mrs. Terwilliqer, Mrs. Nichols Mrs. Plank, Mrs. Wetzel, Miss Beaver Miss Moser, Mrs. Mclreaiers, Miss Wick line. .- -' N 1 . -,-. . -W H y -wsgisgju .. . am.- Q ef ' 'A '.'.' M, s Phi B za Kapp llc: . w .1 ., Betsy Graves, ludy Hamilton, loan Hildebrandt, Mrs. Ruth Bushman. Standing: Dr. Chan Coulter, Dr. lohn Glenn, Dr. Charles Glatfelter, Mrs. Stone, Miss Goddard, Dr. Richard Mara, Mr. Sidney James, Dr. I. R. Steman, Dr. Richard Albig, Dr. Basil Crapster. Phi Beta Kappa, the academic fraternity, recognizes those members of the senior class Who possess both an outstanding academic record and evidence of a broad general culture, and show promise of future intellectual and moral leadership. Under the auspices oi Dean Glat- felter, Phi Beta Kappa elects members in February and in September. Membership in Phi Beta Kappa is the highest academic honor bestowed upon undergraduate students. loyce Wolford. Not Pictured: Donna Io Rickrode, Gabriel Deutsch. Left to right: Philip L. Strong, A.B., A.M.7 Elixfzalotli V. Stone, A.B., M.A.g Edward I. Baskerville, B.S,, A.M.g James D. Pickering, A.B., A.M.g Harry F. Bolich, A.B., A.M.7 Richard E. Geyer, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. tl-lead of Departmentlp Ralph D. Lindeman, A.B., A.M., 'Ph.D., Francis C. Mason, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.g Mary llflaigmel Stewart, A.B., Ph.D,g Elizabeth H. Goddard, B.A., M.A., Sidnuy G. James, B.A. Not Pictured: Marie McLennand, A.M.g Karl l-lai':5lx5..u'ger, A.B., A.M Kathririe K. Taylor, A.B. Mr. Pickering presents Mother of the Year Award. -t Englirlo Dqb rtment As stated in the chapter of Gettysburg College, we find that this institution exists "to exert a salutary in- fluence in advancing the cause of liberal education." A liberal arts college, such as Gettysburg, presents courses in many varied fields leading the student to an understanding of his own capabilities and limitations, of the relationships which he must establish with others, and of the universe in which he lives. A liberal educa- tion prepares one to think with imagination and pre- cision, to form wise judgments, and to act in many different types of situations on the basis of a critical consideration of all available information. English studies train students to express their thoughts correctly and effectively through spoken and written language, and to understand the great creative and imaginative minds of our English and American literature. Proficiency in expression and the ability to comprehend the literary arts are essential for suc- cessful communication with ones fellow men. ible qbmftment t 1 Seated. left to right: Harold A. Dunkel- berger, A.B., B,D., Ph.D. lDepartment Headlg Louis I. Hammann, A.B., B.D.: Edwin D. Freed, A.B., B.D., Ph.D. Sland- inq, left to riqht: Robert H. Trone, A.B., BD.: Carey A. Moore, A.B., B.D.g Wil' liam Robert May, B.S., B.D.g lohn H, Loose, A.B., B.D. Essential to an understanding of man is a knowledge world, is studied through the Bible and other religious of his beliefs and aspirations. Hebrew-Christian tradition, works to acquaint the student with a better understand- the predominant religious influence on the Western ing of his own chosen faith and that of others. Matbematzkf Dqnmftment ln contrast to the philosophical thought of religious study, mathematics presents the more objective side of life. A student in this field learns the abstract as well as the practical knowledge which will help him to a more efficient life in another field or to a vocation requiring sound mathematical knowledge. Seated: Albert W. Butterfield, B.S., A.M., Richard A. Arms, A.B., Ph.D. IDepart- ment Headlg M. Scott Moorhead, B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Standing: Robert H. Fry- ling, A.B., M.S.: Earl E. Ziegler, B.S., M.S. Frank H. Kramer, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.g Norman L. Annis, AB., M.F.A.: Ingoli Oually, A.B., B.F.A., M.F.A. tDepartme-nt Headl rt and M uric qi rtmentf The departments ot Art and Music offer practical and theoretical instruction, thus help- ing the student to be more appreciative of the cultural World he lives in, or to take an active part in this esthetic side of life. Both depart- ments offer courses for a mere appreciation oi these fields, and courses designed to prepare students to enter artistic or musical professions. Seated: Marie Budde, B.M.g Mary Lou Schwartz, BS., lVl.A.p Paul G. Peterson, A.B., M.S.M.g R. Henry Ackley, AB.: E. Douglas Danfelt, B,M., A.M.y Donald Golden, B.M. Not Pictured: Parker B. Wagnild, A.B., M.S.M., BD., A.M. tDepartment Headj rival Education qi rtment Another art in the true sense ot the word is physical education. Development of the body and instruction in habits of living which will promote the student's physical Well being and personal enjoyment are as important in the aims of education as is the development of the mind. For this reason two years of physical education are required for every Gettysburg student, and a major is also offered in this field. Sealed: Henry T. Bream, B.S., A.lvl. fDepartment Headl. Lett to right: Harold L .GI-ad, B.S., M.A.: Curtis E. Coull, A.B., M.Ed.y R. Eugene Hummel, A.B., A.M.g Grace C. Kenney, B.S., A.M.: Nancy K. Mitchell, A.B., M.Ed.g Howard G. Shoe- maker, A.B., A.M.g Shirley A. O'Day, B.S.g Iohn Ridinger, B.S.g Robert T. Hulton, A.B.g Gareth V. Biser, B.S., M.S.p John B. Carpenter, B.S., M.Ed.g Robert Kenworthy. Left to right: Lester O. lohnson, A.B., A.M.g Russell S. Rosenberger, B.S., M.Litt., Ed.D., Head of Departmentg Iohn T. Held, AB., A.M., M.S. Education Dqbmftment Education courses are offered at Gettysburg to in- vania Society oi the National Education Association struct future teachers in the most effective techniques aids the student teacher in the promotion of the pro- of conveying their chosen subject to others. Pennsyl- fessionai organization of teachers. P SEA - N E - .. ' 4. ... -i A W If 168 sz we layrzkr Seated, left to right: Richard T. Mara, A.B., NLS., Ph.D. tDepartme-nt Headlg Walter l. Scott, J-LB., MS., Donna Cullison, Secretary. Standing. left to right: I. Richard Haskins, B.S., Ph.D.g Thomas I. Hendrickson, B.S., lVI.S., Ph.D.g Theodore C. Daniels, A.B. e Natural Sczbncer The Natural Sciences are the branches oi systemized Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Past discoveries and knowledge viewed collectively which deal directly theories are learned in lectures and practiced in labora- with natural objects. Thus the study of lite in all its tory periods. The college also oiters courses which aspects falls under this heading. In this area of study, prompt the student to experiment and do research of Gettysburg College Otters comprehensive courses in his own choice. First Row, let! to right: David S. Downs, Vice-President, Kenneth W. Hertzler, President: Joseph P. Baugher, Richard Fine. Second Row, left to right: Charles H. Bikle, Ieifrey Dermer, Robert Smith, Ed Gross, lim Schmucker. AIP :mm ' D P rtment a Q E na I Seated, le!! to right: Dr. N. W. Beach, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.: Dr. Rowland E. Logan, A.B., M.S., Ph.D.g Mrs. Helen H. Darrah, B.S., M.S. Standing. left to right: Mr. Biology qu rtment Harold M. Messer, Ph.D., A.M.g Dr. Robert D. Barnes, B.S., Ph.D.p Mr. William C. Darrah, B.S.g Dr. Earl Bowen, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Physics deals with the various qualities and phenom- ena of the inanimate which do not involve its chemical composition. The addition last year of a new physics Be nz Be or Beta The honorary organization of the biological sciences is Beta Beta Beta. lt offers biology majors, who have achieved outstanding academic recognition in their building greatly alleviated the crowded condition of the old science building and enabled the chemistry depart- ment to expand its facilities. courses, a chance to investigate more closely this par- ticular field of science. It is the aim of the society to promote sound scholarship and interest in research. First Row, leit to right: Helen Gatterclarn, Susan Deming, Harold M. Messer tCourrselorJ, Nancy Middlemast lSecretaryl, Richard Keeports lPresidenU, Mari- anne Smith lVice-Presidentl, Alexander Cacciarelli ll-listorianl, Bayard Moran, loanne Dowling. Second Row: Marlene Schoen, Barbara Grossman, Alice Pfeiffer, Larry Rankin, Sheldon Brotman, Susan Eymann, Nan Clifford, Carol Menges, Lynne Aldridge, Carol-Ann Manen, Betsy Glenn. Third Row: Ianice O. Hill, Mary Lea Heydon, Diana Brandt, Alice L. Fleming, Carolyn Storck, Polly Hor- mann, Colleen Sholly, Liz Brennecke, Iudy Lawrence, Barbara Ingram, Ioan Kleinfelder, Mary I. Algeo. Fourth Row: Kurt Erlanson, Tom Green, Pete Mucha, Ir., Wayne 'Wagner, lohn Ietferies, Bruce Sutcliffe, George O. Friizenqer, john Dillan, Steiphen Gelfond. Chem istry Q3 rtment Seated: Mrs. Patricia D. Geiser, AB. Standing: Dr. Alex T. Rowland, A.B., Ph.D.p Marshall H. Cohen, B.S.g Dr. Glenn S. Weiland, BS., M.S., Ph.D.g Dr. Calvin F, Schildkecht, B.S., Ph.D.p Dr. Iohn E. Benson, B.S., M,A., Pl'x.D.q Dr. Charles A. Sloat, B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Biology students study the living orqanisms of the stance and its various transformations and properties plant and animal kingdom. Combined with aknowledqe many students prepare for a career in medicine, re of Chemistry, the study of the composition of a sub- search, or industry. S f' I Cla ' z In the field of Chemistry, The Sceplical Chymists advances in chemistry through stimulating Wider read- offer the student the means to become interested in ing and research. First Row, left to right: Irene Brodisch Nice-Presidentl, Richard Lane CPresidentl, Shelly Brotman, Bob Taylor CTreasurerl, Ann Berqstresser, Nancy Hunter, Iohn M. Mattingly. Second Row: Wallhurga E. Mank, Alex T. Rowland fAdviserl, Robert G. LoPresti, Ronald F. Bollinger, Constance Hedland, Annabel Lindley. Third Row: Sheldon Karabell, Robert Garten, Boyd Wilson, H. Richard Bassoh, Ioe Sharrah, Douglas Pincock, Fred Block. 1 1 Romance Language Dgp rtment Seated. left to riqht: Grace Hesse, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.g Sigrid L. Lehm- berger, AB., A.M.p Ioan T. Crook, AB., Ianis H. Weaner, A.B., A.M.: Caroline M. Hendrickson, A.B., A.M. Standinq, lett to right: Albert Bachman, Department Chairman, Ph.D.g Guillermo Barriga, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.p Maynard R. Playfoot, I-LB., A.M. Phi Szlgma Iota First Row, left ot right: Linda Rohrer, Elizabeth Taylor, Secretary- Treasurerp Ioan Hildebrandt, President, Miss Lehnberqer, Cor-respond' inq Secretary. Second Row: Carol Berrien, Betty Gilbert. Third Row: Linda Huey, Patricia Paul, Anne Reus, Barb Feiqel, Mr. Playfoot. Spanirb Club First Row, lett to right: Carol Berrien, Ioan Hildebrandt, Ioyce An' drews, President, Iudy Curchin, Gary Bicknell. Second Row: Mrs. Weaner, Advisor, Kathy Parr, Barb Feigel, Anne Reynolds, Elaine Hammond, Betty Iansen. Left to right: Glenclon F. Collier, A.B., A.M.: Erika E. Theobald, Ph,D.p Left to right: C. Robert Held, A.B., A.M.p William F. Shaffer, A.B., A.M., William K. Sundermeyer, Ph.D.g Donald C. Riechel, AB., AM.: Fred- rick C. Ahrens, AB., A.M., Ph,D. Ph.D.p Iohn G. Glenn, AB., A.M., Ph.D. German and Rurriem Latin and Greek q76l1" f7fl'l61'll'.f The truly educated person knows not only of his own culture, but also ot the cultures of other peoples and other ages. The study of modern languages-Spanish, French, German, and Russian-enables the student to communi- cate with people of other countries, to appre- ciate their literature, and to better understand their thoughts and culture. Equally important is the study of the classical languages. Study of Greek and Latin provides the student with technical knowledge which is the basis of many modern languages. Also, in classical literature are numerous foundations of our modern literature. DELTA PHI ALPHA First Row left to right: Peggy laeger, Alice Fleming, Secretaryg Dave Clement President: George Mass, Treasurerg Marilyn Haer. Second Row Colleen Sholly, Mara Brimheman, Scott Stryker, Micki Gimmy, Tim Schmitt. 6 0l1"f1fl'l61'lfJ' T h r e e honoraries recognize outstanding achievement of students in the language de- partments. Delta Phi Alpha, the national German honorary, provides further opportunity for study of the German language, literature, and civiliza- tiony the honorary also promotes greater under- standing of the German-speaking people and their culture. Phi Sigma Iota is a national hon- orary recognizing outstanding Work in the Romance languages, while Eta Sigma Phi is the classical honorary for those interested in the history, art and literature of ancient Greece and Rome. ETA SIGMA PHI First Row, left to right: lohn G. Glenn, Adviser: Lucy Miller, Secre- tary, Iulie Yeager, President: George Touloumes, Vice-President. Second Row: Bob Andrews, Margaret Villard, Valerie Atkinson, Becky Herman, Cathy Scozzaro, Sandra Perry. Third Row: Chauncey lohn- stone, William H. Fralcer, Gary L. Thompson, Robert Duncan. 7.4 Sociology Club The Sociology Club has been established in order to stimulate deeper interest and understanding of the prin- ciples and precepts of sociology. The group meets in- formally, discusses related topics, and sponsors note- worthy speakers. First Row, leh to right: Margie Evans, Program Chairman: Edward Sites, President, Carolyn Mills, Vice-President: Frank Schroen. Second Row: Stephen Williamson, C. Iohn Strokel, Mary Elizabeth Hoffman, James R. Iohnson, Avery Sheaffer, Advisor. Sociology qmrtment Sociology has as its subject the study of man in all his social relationships and attempts to measure the effect of environment upon the individual. Seated: M, Esther Bloss CDepartment Headl, AB., A.M., Ph.D. Stand- ing: Avery Sheaffer, B.S., A.M.g Ianvier Hamell, B.A., M.A.g Iohn W. Albig, AB., A.M., L.H.D., Ph.D. Economzks qmrtment The study of economics delves into the problems and processes found within the economic structure in an attempt to provide understanding of the basic principles of production, distribution, and consumption. Left to right: Robert M. Gemmill, A.B., A.lVf., Waldemar Zagars, Ph.D.g Edmund R. Hill, B.Comm., M.A., Ph.D.g Conway S. Williams, A.B., M.S.g Milton L. Stokes, I-LB., A.M., LL.B., Ph.D. tDepartment I-leadl: lames R. Krum, A.B., M.S.y Paul R. Baird, A.B,, .A.M. Pi Lambda Szlg Front Row: Rich Veleber, Bob Barker, Elizabeth Goecke, Suzanne Page, George Marthinuss, Pete Moss, Craig Iacobs. Second Row: Dick Lindsey, Nick Karqas, Bill Hoffman, left Harfst, Dave Powers, Hay Sylvester. Third Row: Bob Hilgen, Earle Snyder, Frank Wisniewski, Dick Ahrens, Prank Wolfe. loe Fitzgerald. P litical Sczknce qi rtment Political science is concerned with the insti- tutions which men have established to govern their societies, and attempts to understand not only the various systems of environment, but also the problems which arise among the na- tions of the World. Lett to Right: Robert T. Gillespie, B.S., M.A.y Arthur B. Boenau, A.B., A.M.7 Robert S. Knox, AB., A.lv1.g Chester E. Iarvis, A.B., AM., Ph.D. Cllepartment lrleadl. Government Club The Government Club consists primarily ot those majoring in political science but is open to all who are interested in the workings ot American government. The club endeavors to put the theories learned in the classroom into practical application through participation in the intercollegiate Conference on Government held every year at the state capitol, and through the use of speakers and films relating to politi- cal subjects. Harold Cooper, Ioyce Gillespie, Iohn Cunningham. Second Row: Tim Shelly, Ron Rock, Terry l-ialcf.. Jychology 6D6l1"f7'l'l61'lf Psychology is concerned with the exploration of varieties of human experience and studies the behavi of man. The psychologist relies on empirical data reachinq his final conclusions, Seated: Esther C. Wood, A.B., A.M., Lewis B. Frank, B.S., A.M. St ing, left to right: Iohn D. Shand, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.p Charles E. Pla A.B., A.M., Ph.D.g Kenneth Smoke, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. tDepartm Headlg Samuel A. Mudd, A.B., M.S. Pri Chi Standing, left to riqht. First Row: Ianice Hill, Elizabeth Sherwo Mary Alqeo, Linda Huey, Diane Roberts, Ioyce Woliord, Lynn Bro Second Row: Scott Stryker, Lura Coulton, Suzanne Page, Phy Kreutzer, Fred Knouse, Sally Holdridqe, Carolyn Kuhn. Third R Bruce Sutclitie, Wilda Peters, Sandra French, William Brown, Ed Sit Phi lorolbhy qv rtment The philosopher deals with the aqe old questions III has asked about himself and the universe. Included this iield is the study of logic which attempts to ena the student to reach his decisions in an impartial way Lett to right: W. Richard Schubart, A.B., A.M.g Norman E. Richard Ir., AB., B.D., Ph.D, Department Headl: Chan L. Coulter, M.A., Ph.D. Plai Si ma Tau Seated: Clyde Black, Ronald Heinze, Annabelle Sassaman, lack Bailey. Standing: David Rhoads, George Mass, Dr. Richardson, Dr. Coulter, Mr. Schubart. Hi: my D lb rtment History presents a Wide panorama of rnan's accomplishments, ideas, and ideals. The study ot history gives the student a deep sense of his heritage and the knowledqe of his own era as well as those of the past. Seated, Left to Right: Bruce W. Buqbee, AB., Ph.D., Iohn R. Stemen, B.A., M.A., Ph.D,g Robert L. Bloom, B.S., A.M., Ph.D. tDepartment Headl. Siandinq. Left to Right: Basil L. Crapster, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Ioseph S. Bachman, B.S., A.M. Phi A Q19 Theta Standing, left to right, first row: Dr. Buqbee, Advisory Betsy Graves, Linda Rohrer, Frances Hall, Mr. Bachman, Advisor. Second Row: Ann Munshower, Penny Kunkel, Debbie Braunworth, Mary Lou Hoffman, Ian Brown. Third Row: Dr. Crapster, Advisory lean Gaumnitz, Kathy Koolw Bob Simms, Dr. Bloom, Advisor. Arm ROT The Lt. Charles I. Fite Company of the Association of the United States Army CAUSAD was founded on the campus in 1957. lts membership consists of those cadets interested in furthering their knowledge of the Army and its activities. Activities ot the Lt. Fite Company consist of meetings at which prominent speakers are present or interesting films are shown, trips to military installations, and participation in campus activities. Each member receives a copy of the National organization's monthly magazine "Army." The Army Reserve Officers Training program is de- signed to produce a junior officer with the necessary qualities and education for continued development as an Army Officer. Standing, left to right: Sflc Prosperi, Capt. Auer, Sflc Davis, Lt. Col. Eddy, Sflc Hill, M!Sgt. St. Clair, Sflc Waite, Sflc Koballa, Capt. Richardson. With this goal in mind, the Army provides the cadet with instruction in those military fundamentals common to all of the military services. A further aim of the pro- gram is the development of the individual character and attributes of an officer. The framework of a regular Army unit provides the basic pattern for the Army ROTC cadet program. The drill and rifle teams enable cadets to demonstrate superior skills in a particular area. The Lt. Fite Company of the Association of the U. S. Army includes basic cadets interested in furthering their knowledge of the Army and its activities, While the Scabbard and Blade society accords recognition to honor cadets. Association oi the United States Army. standing. lett to right: First How: Douglas Awad, Bob Win- ters, Secretary, Don Snyder. President: Frank Ursomarso, Treasurer: Bob Rankin, Tom Co' Vey. Second Row: George lones, Ir., Fred Cole, Aaron Rassas, Vance Porepaugh. lames Grant, Daniel Lang, James Farrar. ,l , 'x Q K! . 5 V, X1 , hu . 'Qw- ' , , Qs' Q 'F' ' 1 in" 'Sf 5 .L if :Ex gl R ,mfg .55 . W 2mff.,,f., g arf , M, My K. ., M iii , Y , V ,b ,L ai. ' , vf x' Wai ,LM M S' eg? KY - -if N X wif M 142 iw 3 5 -"Q fm- wa ,iid af..-:5:3eEe:, , Q fi , E355 'L HQ:-1 ,21 ,vga gk if X, ggipggig vi W M :Q-f--. . W 5 ' X' sf GSA 4 si 5- w M E5 wex.5,A, Q -.M ,,, X. Eliza! 5- .M M511 4 , Sign? X1 - wa? . ww., mgg 3564 '14 M A 9 M -isfwfrf ,4 F A ,lift ' M. R 1: igiw, i if ' w ,V A ws - ii 4, Q , ' fx' wavwi, V . M I A tw 4 I A,,,,Q,. FW' gy - ,Ay-gg' -,gy , Az f . ',,f V- , - ' ' ,W 7 -1 M wr f A 9?Qg 1 Wfxiws, f Fw 'ii' M y 0 . ' L . . A in - 0 t 1 .l A G3 k 1 D we A EQ' - 52 sas V X, U KK 'l ' Y: it I H k - W :gf iz Fm ' K a ' , - - 7 lf I I 1 i Q Q ' Q I M Ab ' 4 ,, xx """'M' bf A XXX if - iii? jg Q' mf? L , f ' A 0 4 1 e Q e -V ww, . 4. , , K, . ,, A 4 ,ia 1' 0 Auf Force R OTC Air Force Drill Team goes through their paces. 180 Standing, left to right: Sgt. Davis, Sgt. Swiger. Seated: Major Schmidt, Major Storms, Capt. Smith, Airman Salo, Capt. Paparazo. The Air Force believes that advanced education is necessary for the future leader. In order to recruit young officers with a broad educational background in addition to the necessary technical training, the Air Force has established units of its Reserve Officers' Training Corps at many colleges and universities. The AFROTC program also serves to educate the student in the World ot the aero-space age, in addition to its primary function of training young officers. The organization of the ROTC unit is patterned as closely as possible after a regular Air Force unit. Functioning as an integral part of the program, the Arnold Air Society provides recognition for outstanding cadets. The rifle team and drill team offer opportunities tor those interested in marksrnanship and precision marching. What a motley lookmg oulht' Let us pray To the victor belong th SPOIIS Seated: Gary Thompson lComptrollerJ, Carl Yinqlinq 6Com manderb, Captain Paparazo lAdvisorJ, Frank Martin CLt Cornmanderl, Iohn Wilkerson Ukdjutant Recorded. Standing Torn Glodek, lack Dillon, Chuck Bickley, Harold She-eds Robert Duncan, Ted I-lohn, Robert Manning, Fred Heuslis Chris Hoffman. Gary Worley, lohn Ebersole, Rirh Santlllo Doug Griebner, Iohn Harry. m ff?- ,zx an Ea? Y' n Qi aavmfsfw ffgfspg My "5 mil .-'flfjgwgi ,K VE 5 f I: if E12 ' Wikia wmfvwws .M 2 M f-!4,5fg.V:f .J - ,, ' . ' 'fi 1 - T wx 13 w Y F3834 3 5 M f-x , 5--,Jn Q, . , f ,ying A Q. .Ei - 1 vw? W 2 L A 1. Yi im I' Y L .. K Q Z. 4 :5: ....f J K E A, Q , ' E 5' 72 5: E 'L M f' 1 ' " 5 "i . HA .. 5 Q .sf is . Q51 1 n M - N awww . 1 1 'S if Muff N M -. ' 4 A 1 Q 52 55? 2 - 'U Swim, M . fi Jwiwf., nf 4 W B5 if fam F - ww 'M?.wwwk W . ,. 'mrmf f' . 'fi rw' - xiii'-:Er Q' . M QE ' viwii 5? -gwgi' .ai .. : r W if :L Pix' - M W we 3 :I Y ' 'Y-1229155 ' ' f'f'Qf.,.. xiylif . 4 Q R M V Jjfgfw y - . .. xx , M . - K Q., gk, - A : . an Q L, gl 'B W 56, Q WW.. E N -. ., ,A W Q. Q 1 f , T f N, mania- Q hi Hwy' . ' 'Wai . Sw - . . , X M P-JEFF 'EE iii' " X: -:- E.I:- 3 ,ww-H 1 .: - ' ,-, N Ag, :-.g:5:,. .T N,f:.,Q vw V . ,,, W gl -4...-....:, . -.. JE. : . 5 5 L , V V I 5, " .s:5' gi - :a: V - ? SW-X., .ffwZfaf' 3' V W F V f ' " 5: , SEQ r Q , ish, " 'W ff W' wi m . Y 1f1w....,,.m K W x w wa-155 an Q '- .R 35 W 'lu 1 :Yau A kill 52 A . fi x W ,F Ahdrvzw rx... :suv-z N.,.L.x-. f.-up fw--Q ,. 13:51 ff. aw. YV' M M fa .s ga an sw, ..- RH .as f , 5 x vw an A. M Xi -V fr 1 K. wa af- .M Q .5 Q . .. W , , . 35:06. . . 4 9 WZ 'Q 'Wy WN 'Q 52 If W M X ai 2 5: ww an, 5 E - it Q t 1 ., N 5 fmeza-V W 5' 1' 5' QE ...N ff Agri 3 Ci' H C B5 N SE 5. ,E S? if 2 Q 2 5 3 . X L Q-in t, Y F , ' Q I lg in I V L . is .sEsi- w , :"jf:Qj!:5. N W' a Q 5 5 2 an A N HM is-. gr :www s If E. . L .. Auwca -,W,. SW.- AME, ww" Ly , ,, ,, . ,Q ,X ,fm 5 r WSH xi H, Q is 3 H L m H? '! A 1 . fi 'X' ..,. Q' -W5-:---:-:.: W my 3, -rg 54531 is . -. ..,. b H F ESQ? 'Wi' wa, N tw N N5 ,:5...:.:.. A SQ, 5.91 A1 ss w ww A .:.:.:-:-:-:51 Z 1 5 F, -fr sg 5 2 X '39 :Y F. in HE 5 ' . :g45551f:fsA:5? W " W WE .: .:,5ssa:a '- 1 ' ww ---- 3 :::a.a5:.:.:,: ' w T ' an-A in .si "tea 'ff . 3 f W '- a A-I- -252-5252525 A 'W , M Qi .:.::s?a:::f5 f :.: s . 3 Q w f 5 Q. MW ? .W iw, .: qw w 1, ss -15' W -wifi? ga H 5' sm Z Q. A 2 ws az ' Q' ' 1 ,rfiwamiq -K1 'miwxi , 3 Q E Q 5 mf k H 'SJE4 an H . W - ' ig.: Q smjg . gf ..,. .25 LEE 'f " ' "' - ' 'f2 my f E. W Q , f B' 4 , F, "JJ Zi? mi m - K B Q , . H5 , ,Q Y is . 3 M M 3 B' fy 1 QQ es- fl " , A 55295 "-Tffgmy , 3 . 1 X H E Q , 12 'V . xx 82 E Si ' 'Y if .1 w rx sun -.+....,M, ,. N N S gg n 2 -Q, gm Q E -1 ' sfsggw' x cj ,, w A., .J L , , ,, 65.15 ,f .xXfW.j. . xml, K, V, k- .gl , X' IX. ' .1 qs f ' nw an 7 V 1 , 1255 aww' mix: . vm Qxw ygm Y-rw wine w X ,ai Eggers WV. ggfff 5556 5 I EQ my Azzzf. , ...,. z Wi f 'E Es Y 'fx if gg, MV ,qw-QA , w, :"lif'1,,,2 ,X M ::: :. f. 1 ' 5556: -L fm f- sf F3 ' 'fm' ez 'QW' .NN 'kwa . 5333 .:. 3112 1 ' E+ H, ii . M 1 v , ww 4 s f i ff 1, :,. is 'sag ., mm s x L W5 1, F51 if 37 ' ' S 21 -'::. X-n f-11 X- Q aka? f First Row: ACHENBACI-I, ELIZABETH H.-426 W. Main St., Loch Haven, Pa., Major: English, Senate, Booster Cub, "Guys and Dolls", Spanish Club, Frosh-Soph Show t2 yrs.J. AITKEN, THELMA D.-227 Hazel Ave., Delanco, N. I.,, Major: Eco- nomics. ALGEO, MARY I.-Solebury, Bucks County, Pa., Major: Biology, Varsity Hockey l, 2, 3, Softball l, Z, Beta Beta Beta, Rhover Editor, SPECTRUM-Ass't Woman's Sports Editor, W.A.A. 2, 3. ALLEN, ROBERT A.-Pleasant St., Meredith, N. H., Major: Econom- ics, Phi Gamma Delta-Vice President, Treasurer, Booster Club, Var- sity Tennis. ANDERSON, DIANE W.-4 Garland Lane, Valley Stream, N. Y., Major: English, Owl and Nightingale, "Gettysburgian", Booster Club, Alpha Psi Omega. Senior Clam Second Row: ANDERSON, KARIN--100-I2 207 St., Queens Village 29, N. Y., Major: English, WWGC-Recording Secretary, Booster Club, I.R.C., Pi Delta Epsilon. ANDREWS, IOYCE A.-4601 Brandywine St., N.W., Washington l5, D. C., Major: Spanish, Spanish Club-President, Booster Club, "Get- tysburgian", Young Republican. ANDREWS, ROBERT W.-310 Tee Road, North Hills, Pa., Major: Business Administration, Sigma Nu, Cross Country, ,Track. ARCHIPLEY, THOMAS E.-48 VJ. Gibbons St., Linden, N. I., Major: History, Honor Commission l, 2, 3,3 4, I.F.C. 3, Phi Kappa Psi-Rush Chairman 4, Football, Government Club, Baseball l.2, Outstanding junior. ATHANAS, DAPHNE-401 S. Garfield St., Arlington 4, Va., Major: English, Delta Gamma President, "Gettysburgian" 1, 2-Editor 3, SPECTRUM Literary Editor 4, Pi Delta Epsilon-Secretary-Treasurer 3, VicePresident 4, Student Advisor 3, Pi Delta Epsilon journalist of the Year Award 3, Delta Gamma Alumnae Award 3. Third Row: ATKINSON, ROBERT L.-IOS Kenmore Road, Upper Darby, Pa., Major: Psychology: Phi Delta Theta-Reporter, Psi Chi-Vice Presi- dent, WWGC-Assistant Station Manager, Scabbard and Blade, "Mercury" Advertising Staff, AFROTC Drill Team, Pi Delta Epsilon. BAILEY, IOHN A.--416 Seventh St., Oakmont, Pa., Major: Philosophy, Theta Chi Assistant Treasurer l, 2, Treasurer 2, 3. President 3, 4, President Phi Sigma Iota 4, Tribunal, "Gettysburgian", VVWGC, Gavel Club 4. BAKER, CHARLOTTE A.-651 Chestnut St., Emmaus, Pa., Major: English, Delta Gamma, "Gettysburgian", Cheerleader l, Water Show, Intramurals. BANKERT, RICHARD B.-700 E. Seventh St., Lansdale, Pa., Major: Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta, Student Senate, Class Council, Scabbard and Blade, Cheerleading, Booster Club. BASSO, H. RICHARD, IR.-1200 S. 19th St., Harrisburg, Pa., Major: Chemistry. First Row: BAUGHER, WILLIAM P.-132 W. Sixth Ave., Roselle, N. I.: Major: Business Administration: Spanish Club l, 2: Scahbard and Blade 3, 4: "Gettysburgian" Circulation Manager 3, 4: Pi Delta Epsilon: Pi Lambda Sigma: Phi Delta Theta. BENTZ, RONALD H.-1349 Sleepy Hollow Road, York, Pa.: Major: History: A.P.O.: S.C.A. BILBIE, GARY T.-R.D. 8, York, Pa.: Major: Psychology: WWGC: SPECTRUM: Tennis: S.C.A. BIRDSALL, LOVEY-27 Birchwood Dr. West, Valley Stream, N. Y.: Major: History: "Gettysburgian" l, 2: Booster Club I, 33, 4: Owl and Nightingale l, 2, 3, 4-Secretary 3, President 4: Alpha Psi Omega: Alpha Xi Delta Corresponding Secretary 4. BLACK, CLYDE O.-409 Water St., Roaring Spring, Pa.: Major: Phila osophy: Class President 2, 3, 4: House Oitice: Secretary 3, Vice- President 3, President 4: Pi Delia Epsilon, President 4: WWGC, Pro- duction Directotr 2, Program Director 3, Station Manager 4: Phi Sigma Tau, Muhlenburg Award, 3: I.F.C. 2: Student Senate l: Outstanding junior 3: Student Advisor 4: Gavel Club 4: Delta Phi Alpha 4. Second Row: BLOOM, IUNE M.-Violet Ave., Floral Park, N. Y.: Major: Psychology: Psi Chi: Dorm Counselor: S.C.A. BONNEVILLE, SUZANNE E.-153-U1 32 Ave., Flushing, N. Y.: Major: Psychology: Booster Club: Physical Education Club: "Gettysburgian." BONNEY, STEPHEN B.-38-5 Revere Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Alpha Phi Omega 4: VJWGC l: Air Force Drill Team 2. BOONE, DONALD G.-303 Dumbarton Road, Baltimore 12, Md.: Ma- jor: Economics: Soccer 1: Spanish Club: Pi Lambda Sigma: Intramur- als: ATO Pledge Trainer 3, Treasurer 4: Young Republicans Club: l.R.C. l. . .BOOTH, DAVID E.-1732 Overlook Dr., Silver Spring, Md.: Major: Biology: Intramural Soccer, Swimming: I.R.C.: Student Union House Committee Chairman: ATO House Manager: LEC. Alternate: Booster Club: ATO Chairman Decoration Committee. Senior Claw Third Row: BOOTHROYD, IUDITH C.-945 Old Huntingdon Park, Huntingdon Valley, Pa.: Major: Health G P.E.: Beta Beta Beta: Physical Majors Club: PSEA-NEA Vice-President: W.A.A. Board: W.S.G.: S.C.A.: May Court: Swim Team. BOTSIS, VIRGINIA-129 Sutton Rd., Ardmore, Pa.: Major: Music: MENC: PSEA-NEA. BRINKMAN, MARGARET E.-443 N.E. 70th St., Miami 38, Fla.: Major: Music: Chapel Choir 2, 3: Band 2, 3: MENC 33, 4: Delta Phi Alpha 3, 4: Intramural Bowling 2, 3, 4. BRODISCH, IRENE H.-1515 Bristol Pike, Cornwells Heights, Pa.: Major: Chemistry: Sceptical Chemists 2, 3, Vice-President 4: Varsity Hockey l, 3: Varsity Basketball 2, 3, 4: Softball 1, 2: Intramurals l, Z, 3, 4. BROTMAN, SHELDON-3204 Chelsea Terr., Baltimore 16, Md.: Major: Biology: Lacrosse Team: Tennis Team: Swimming Team: Beta Beta Beta: Sceptical Chemists: Intramurals: "Gettysburgian": Independent Men. I E First Row: BROWN, LYNN M.-215 Haines Dr., Moorestown, N. I., Major: Health 6: P.E., Hockey, Basketball, Softball, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Director of Intramurals, Psi Chi Historian, Physical Education Majors Club-Vice-President, Independent Women. BROWN, WALTER T.-82 Haven Ave., Port Washington, N. Y., Major: Sociology, Alpha Chi Rho, Freshman Council l, SCA 2, 3, 4, Psi Chi 4, A.U.S.A. l. BURKE, THOMAS H., IR.-122 Westover Ave., W. Caldwell, N. I., Major: Business Administration, Kappa Delta Rho, Intramurals, Class Council Z, 3, 4, Fraternity Steward KKDRJ 3, 4. BURNETT, GEORGE E., IR.-IUO7 Riverside Rd., Salisbury, Md., Major: Political Science, Class Council l tVice-Presidentj. 2, 3, Student Senate-Treasurer, President, Athletic Advisors Board, SAE Frater- nity, Varsity Basketball, Varsity Baseball, Student Conduct Commit- tee, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Student-Faculty Attairs Committee. BUSHMAN, RUTH L.--R.D. l, Orrtanna, Pa., Major: English. e Senior Clow Second Row: CACCIARELLI, ALEXANDER A.-41 Berkeley Ave., Belleville 7, N. I., Major: Biology, Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity, AFROTC Drill Team, Track Team l, Beta Beta Beta 2, 3 tVice-Presidentl, 4 tl-Iistorianl, Intra- mural Cross Country 2, 3, Student Freshman Advisor 3, 4, Worthy Scribe KAOJ. CAMPBELL, ROWENA-1028 High Mt. Rd., Franklin Lakes, N. I., Major: Biology, Alpha Delta Pi, Beta Beta Beta, Booster Club 1, 2, Owl and Nightingale 3. CARBACK, BARBARA LEE-8 Lombard St., Thurmont, Md., Major: English, I.R.C. l, Sigma Kappa 1, 2, NEA-PSEA 4, WWGC 3, Student Manager of Dining Hall 3, 4, 'Burgian l, "Mercury" 3. CARMICK, STEPHEN C.-lll9 Ashton Rd., Wynnewood, Pa., Major: Biology, IRC l, 2, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta 3, 4, Intramural Soccer 2, 3, 4, Intramural Swimming 3, Intramural Baseball 3, 4, Intramural Bowling 2, Alpha Tau Omega l, Z, 3, 4, Iunior Class Council 3. CARPENTER, DONALD M.-86 Tooker Ave., Springfield, N. I., Major: Health :St P.E., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, Kappa Phi Kappa tPresidentl, Physical Education Majors Club, NNewman Club, Intramural Basketball and Sottball. Third Row: CARSON, ANDREA I.-120 Carson Drive, Chardon, O., Major: Psy- chology, Psi Chi, Booster Club, W.W.G.C. tConttnuity Directorl, SPECTRUM, Chi Omega, SUB Committee, Government Club, Class Council, 'Burgian. CASEY, HAL R.-45 Burnet St., Maplewood, N. I., Major: Business Administration, Phi Kappa Psi tRecording Secretarylz Intramural Foot- ball, AUSA, Army ROTC Drill Team, Lacrosse, Student Senate, G-Club, Class Council, Pi Lambda Sigma. CASSIDY, WILLIAM I., IR.-l252 Edgehill Rd., Abington, Pa., Major: History, Booster Club: Spanish Club, Independent Men. CAULINELL, IOHN P.-522 Essex Ave., Narberth, Pa., Major: Biology, Phi Delta Theta, Fraternity Intramurals, Band, Wrestling, 'Burgian. CHALMERS, WAYNE C.--28 E. Willow Grove Ave., Major: Business Administration, Kappa Delta Rho tPresidentl, Gavel Club, Varsity Golf. V' First Bow: Cl-IATKEWITZ, ALEXANDER G.-259-35 148th Ave., Rosedale, N. Y.: Major: Business Administration: Sigma Chi tTreasurer, Secretarylz Delta Phi Alpha: Freshman Soccer: Freshman Baseball: Freshman, Soph., junior, Senior Class Councils: Air Force Drill Team. CI-IILLINGWORTH, WILLIAM, IR.-630 Harding Ave., Williamsport, Pa.: Major: Economics: Phi Delta Theta tChristrnas l-louseparties Dec. Chairman 3, Pledge Training Com. 3, Social Com. 3, 4, Rushing Com.7: AFROTC Drill Team, Booster Club 1: IRC 1: Intramural Base- ball. CLEMENT, DAVID H.-2608 Graham Ave., Windbcr, Pa.: Major: His- tatry: Phi Sigma Kappa CSentinel 2, Inductor 27: Class Oiiicer, Vice- President 4: Track l, 2: Football Mgr. 3: SPECTRUM Sports Editor 3, Editor 4: WWGC l, 2, 3, 4, News Ed. 4: WUS Com. 4 Booster Club 2, 3: Delta Phi Alpha, Pres. 4. COCKLIN, TI-IERESA ANN-BD. l, Shippensburg, Pa.: Major: Music Education: College Choir: Music Educators National Conference, Sec- retary 3 ,4: Guidance Department. COLLINS, K. LEE-Mountain Spring Rd., Rockville, Conn.: Major: Choir 2, 3, 4: Chapel Choir I: MENC 3, 4: Marching Band l: Freshman Music Education: Sigma Nu tPreside-nt 3, Pledge Marshal 47: College Advisor 4. Second Row: COULTON, FLORENCE R.-59 Acres Dr., Trenton 90, N. I.: Major: Business Administration: Gamma Phi Beta: Booster Club: Psi Chi: Pi Lambda Sigma. COX, STEIPHEN E.-5510 North Carlyn Springs Rd., Arlington 3, Va.: Major: Mathematics: Soccer 1, 2, 3,3 4 tCo-Captain 47: Lacrosse l, 2, 3, 4, Boostetr Club: Varsity G-Club. CRONLUND, MARTIN H., IR.-RD. 3, Gettysburg, Pa.: Major: Mathe- matics: LSA 3, 4 tTreasurer7. CROSSON, CHARLES W., IR.-Box 185, Unionville, Pa.: Major: Mathe- matics: Sigma Chi tPresident of Pledge Class7: IFC: Soccer I, Z, 3, 4: Booster Club. CULLER, IUDITI-I L.-36 Poole Rd., Westminster, Md.: Major: English: "Gettysburgian" 1, 2: Independent Women 1: NEA-PSEA 4. e Senior Clow Third Row: CUHCI-IIN, IUDITI-I A.-98 Fairlawri Dr., Rochester l7, N. Y.: Major: Spanish: Gamma Phi Beta tPresident7: Spanish Club I, 4 tVice-Presi- dent 47: IRC 3, 4: Booster Club l. DALLMEYER, PRISCILLA E.-2071 Spring St., York, Pa.: Major: French: Delta Gamma tPledge Mistress, VicePresident7: "Gettysbur- gian" tSubscription Managerj 4: Booster Club tSecretary7 4: G-Book 2: SPECTRUM 2: Honor Commission: Pi Delta Epsilon: Outstanding junior: Freshman Council 2. DEARCOPP, IOANNE-Birch I-lill, West Milford, N. I.: Major: Psy- chology: Alpha Delta Pi: Psi Chi 3, 4: Band 1: Dramatics 2, 3, 4. DENDLEB, ROYCE A.-l13Z Market St., Berwick, Pa.: Major: Art: Theta Chi tFr. IFC Rep.7: Art Editor of "Mercury": Tribunal Member, Guys and Dolls, Soph-Frosh Show: Owl and Nightingale: APO. DePUGl-l, DENISE A.-ll Cardinal Rd., Audubon, Pa.: Major: Spanish: Gamma Phi Beta U-Xlumnae Relations Chairman 2, lst Vice-President and Pledge Mistress 37: Swimming Team l, 2: Spanish Club l, 2, 3, 4 tPresident 37: IRC 2, 3, 4: Government Club 3, 4: SPECTRUM 4: Phi Epsilon Iota 3, 4. First Row: DESPREAUX, CARL W., IR.-55 Apple Orchard Dr., New Shrewsbury. N. I.: Major: Biology: Kappa Delta Rho ISecretary ZJ, Class Council 3, 4: Intramurals. DIEI-IL, CHARLES R.-241 Columbia St., Cumberland, Md.: Major: Mathematics: Band, Concert Band. DITZLER, RONALD L,-R.D. 2, Gettysburg, Pa.: Major: Music Educa- tion: College Choir 1, 4 tStudent Manager 43: MENC 3, 4, President 3, 4: G-Book 3: "Trojan Women" 4. DOERSCHNER, ROBERT P.-504 Maple Ave., Haddonfield, N. I.: Major: Mathematics: Kappa Delta Rho Cfreasurerl: Intramural Sports. DONGES, DAVID A.-525 Ferndale Ave., Iohnstown, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Alpha Tau Omega tPresident 4, Treasurer 37: Gavel Club 4: Psi Chi 3, 4: Marching and Concert Bands l, 4: Pep Band: 'Burgian l: Soph. and Ir. Class Rep. 2, 3: Student Advisor 4 Army ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps 2: Tribunal 2. e Senior Clan' Second Row: DOWNS, DAVID S.-109 Norwood Ave., Newton, Bucks County, Pa.: Major: Physics: Phi Sigma Kappa tlnductor 2, Vice-President 41: Stu- dent Senate 2, 3: American Institute ot Physics 3, VicefPresident 4. DRACI-IA, RICHARD M.-257 E. Middle St., Gettysburg, Pa.: Major: Sociology: Kappa Phi Kappa ISecretaryl: Eta Sigma Phi: Owl and Nightingale: Soc. Club: Alpha Psi Omega. DRAPER, C. ROBERT-967 East Glen Ave., Ridgewood, N. I.: Major: Business Administration: Booster Club I, Z: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Baseball Manager l: Basketball Manager 2: SPECTRUM 4: Scabbard and Blade 3: Army Drill Team l. DREYER, DOUGLAS C.-188 Broad St., Red Bank, N. I.: Major: Eco- nomics: Phi Sigma Kappa: KI-Iouse Steward, Secretaryl: IFC Rep. 2: Class Council 1: Army Drill Team l, 2, 3. DUNLAP, BONNIE L.-322 N. Baltimore Ave., Mt. Holly Springs, Pa.: Major: English: Alpha Delta Pi: Owl and Nightingale 2, 3, 4: Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4: Chapel Choir 2, 3. Third Row: EATON, CHARLES M.-37 Craig Pl., Cranford, N. I.: Major: Business Administration: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Basketball: Varsity G-Club: Booster Club: Golf: Intramurals. EDMONDSON, CAROL A.-706 Stone's Crossing, Easton, Pa.: Major: English: 'Burgian l, 4: Independent Women l: Young Republican Club 4. EHRHART, DAVID B.-Box 66. Glenville, Pa.: Major: History: Theta Chi: Concert and Marching Bands: Booster Club: 'Burgian. FARROW, GERALD B.-100 Burroughs Dr., Snyder 26, N. Y.: Major: Biology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon KChaplain 2, Treasurer 3, 43: Frosh Soccer: Booster Club l, 2: Varsity Swimming 2, 3, 4: Varsity Soccer 4: Freshman Advisor 3, 4: Tri-Beta. FEIGEL, BARBARA A.-219 Sumac St., Philadelphia 28, Pa.: Major: French: Phi Mu Wice-President 45: 'Burgian CCopy Editor 41: Booster Club: IRC: Spanish Club: NEA-NSEA: Cercle Francais: Phi Sigma Iota: Pi Delta Epsilon: Kappa Delta Epsilon: Freshman Advisor. First Row: FINE, RICHARD B.-71-38 Harrow St., Forest Hills 75, N. Y.: Major: Mathematics: Alpha Chi Rho: VVWGC: G-Club: Owl and Nightingale. PINK, MARVIN D.-Emigsville, Pa.: Major: Business Administration: TKE: A.U.S.A. FITZGERALD, IOSEPH-lZl4 Stewart Ave., Wananiassa, N. I.: Major: Political Science: Lambda Chi Alpha lPledge Trainer Sl: Tribunal 2: Frosh-Soph Hop: IFC l, Z, 3: Student Union Board 3: SPECTRUM, Managing Editor 3: Cheering CVarsityl 2, 3, 4: Booster Club 2, 3, 4: Young Republicans Club 4: Intramural Football and Swimming: Pi Lambda Sigma 4. FLEMING, IOHN I., III-5 E. Wilmot Ave., Havertown, Pa.: Major: Business Administration: Phi Gamma Delta: Freshman Baseball: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Track: Booster Club: Soph. Class Rep. FRANCISCO, HELEN F.-Box 745, Newton, N. I. Major: English: Sigma Kappa lScholarship Chairmanl: Intramurals: College Choir l, 2, 3: NEA-PSEA 3, 4. Second Row: FRITZINGER, GEORGE O.-2136 Gordon St., Allentown, Pa.: Major: Biology: Beta Beta Beta: Organist-Chapel Meditations. GARGAN, IOYCE B.-231 Parkway, l-larrington Park, N. l.: Major: Spanish: Sigma Kappa. GATTEY, ROBERT L.-65 Server Lane, Springfield, Pa.: Major: Bust' ness Administration: Phi Delta Theta lklouse Manager 33: Intramural Football 1, 3, 4: Basketball 1, 3, 4: Volleyball l, 2. 3,3 4: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4: Bowling 2, 3, 4: Badminton 3, 4: Billiards 3: Booster Club I, 4: College Band l. 2: 'Burgian Alumni Circulation Manager l: IFC Alternate l. GAUMNITZ, IEAN A.-5720 Oregon Ave., NJN., lxtfashington, D. C.: Major: History: Alpha Delta Pi: Phi Alpha Theta: Delta Phi Alpha: Scholarship Chairman CAlpha Delta Pit: SCA NEA-PSEA: Freshman Advisor. GELBERT, MARIANNE E.-2l5 Iroquois Rd., Pittsburgh 34, Pa.: Major: English: Independent Women: Library Assistant. Senior Clam Third Row: GILLESPIE, JOYCE A.-823 Brooklyn Ave., Brooklyn 3, N. Y.: Major: Psychology: Chi Omega tSocial Chairman 4l: Booster Club l, 2, 3: Y-Teens Advisor 2, 3, 4: Class Council 3, 4: 'Burgian 3, 4: Govern! ment Club 3, 4 lRecording Secretary 4l: WWGC 3, 4 Corresponding Secretary 47: Little Sisters of Minerva 3, 4. GILLINDER, FREDERICK ROBERT, 4th-I4 E. Main St., Lansdale, Pa.: Major: Mathematics: Band I: Freshman Tennis: Swimming 2, 3, 4: Class Council 2, 3, 4: Sceptical Chem. 4: Independent Men Z, 3, 4. GIMMY, MARY KAY-516 Fountain Ave., Pennside, Reading, Pa.: Major: German: Phi Mu tCorresponding Secretary Zl: Delta Phi Alpha: G-Book: Chapel Choir. GOECKE, ELIZABETH F.-6509 77 Place, Middle Village 79, N. Y.: Major: Economics: Sigma Kappa lTreasurerl: Delta Phi Alpha: Pi Lambda Sigma tSecretary 4l: PSEA-NEA: Bowling League tSecretary Zl: Booster Club I. GORE, KING W.-221 Murdock Rd., Baltimore, Md.: Major: Econom- ics: Phi Gamma Delta: Frosh. Soccer: Varsity Soccer: Varsity Base- ball: Sports Editor SPECTRUM: Assistant Sports Editor 'Burgian. First Row: GRACEY, BARBARA M.-104 Dill Ave., Collingswood 7, N. I.: Major: English: Alpha Xi Delta tPleclge Mistress 4l: Hockey l, 2, 3: Booster Club 2, 3: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3: Intramurals l, 2, 3, 4: Swimming 2: Owl and Nightingale l, Z, 3. GRAVES, ELIZABETH E.-15 Piney Point Ave., Croton-onfHudson, N. Y.: Major: History: 'Burgian Editor: SPECTRUM: Phi Alpha Theta lVice-Presidentl: Band tSecretary, Librarianl: Pi Delta Epsilon: Class Historian. GRAY, ROBERT Y.-141 Valley View Ave., Ridgewood, N. I.: Major: Political Science: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Varsity Tennis: G-Club: Inter- national Relations Club: Government Club: Young Republican Club: Tribunal. GREEN, THOMAS I.-336 'Portage St., Lilly, Pa.: Major: Biology: Phi Sigma Kappa: Beta Beta Beta: College Choir. GROSSMAN, LELAND-140 Erial Rd.. Clementon, N. I.: Major: Busi- ness Administration: Phi Sigma Kappa: WWGC: Booster Club: Track. Senior Clow Second Row: GROVE, DIANA L.-32 E. Frederick St., Williamsport, Md.: Major: Spanish: Chi Omega: SPECTRUM 3, 4: Hagerstown junior College: Nightcrier: Student Council, Treasurer. GROVER, DAVID E.-Box 432-D, Rt. I, East Brunswick, N. I.: Major: Psychology: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Honor Commission: Trial Counselor: Psi Chi: Scabbard and Blade. HAER, MARILYNN R.-211 East St., Warren, Pa.: Major: German: College Choir I, 4: Delta Phi Alpha Z, 3, 4: Owl and Nightingale 2: SPECTRUM 4. HAKE, TERRY H.-l545 Carlisle Rd., York, Pa.: Major: Biology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade. HALL, FRANCES A.-209 Highfield Lane, Nutley, N. I.: Major: tory: Phi Alpha Theta tSecretaryl: NEA-PSEA. Third Row: HAMILTON, IUDITH M.-216 Forest Hill Dr., Syracuse 6, N. Y.: Major: English: Gamma Phi Beta: SCA I, 4: "Mercury" 3, 4 CEditor 4l: Freshman Advisor 3, 4: WUS Committee 3, 4: SPECTRUM Fea- tures Editor 4. HAMMOND, ELAINE H.-I7 East St., Syosset, N. Y.: Major: Spanish: Gamma Phi Beta tAssistant Treasurer l, Vice-President 2, Rush Chair- man 3l: SPECTRUM I, 3 tLayout Editorl, 4 CAssistant Editorl: Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4: Psi Chi 3, 4: Spanish Club I, 2, 3, 4: IRC 3: lr.-Sr. Prom Committee 3: NEA 4. HEINZE, RONALD O.-llll Hamiltotn Blvd., Hagerstown, Md.: Major: Philosophy: Sigma Nu CRecorderl: Band tDrum Majorl: SCA: LSA tPresclient7: R.E.W.: Phi Sigma Tau tSecretary-Treasurerl. HERB, WILLIAM S.-116 W. Patriot, Somerset, Pa.: Major: Health G P.E.: Kappa Phi Kappa Wice-Presidentl: Football: Student Trainer: Physical Ed. Majors Club. HERRMANN, SUZANNE K.--R.D., Lafayette, N. I.: Major: French: Gamma Phi Beta lStandards Chairman 3, Pledge Trainer 45: Booster Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: 'Burgian l, 2: SPECTRUM 4: Womer1's Student Government 3, 4. First Bow: HERRINGTON, IOHN H.--l85 King St., Troy, Pa.: Major: Business Administration: heta Chi tVice-President 4l: Commander AFROTC Drill Team 3. HERTZLER, KENNEH W.-1205 Radcliffe St., Bristol, Pa.: Major: Physics: A.I.P. 2, 3, President 4. HERZOG, KARL A.-Churchville, Pa.: Major: BiolO1JY7 Phi Sigma Kappa: Booster Club 1: Army Drill Team 2. 3, 4: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4: SPECTRUM 4. HESS, RONALD F.-R.D. l, Orrtanna, Pa.: Major: Mathematics: Delta Phi Alpha. HEY, DONALD-Smoke Rise. Butler, N I.: Major: Business Adminis- tration: Lambda Chi Alpha. Second Row: I-IIDDEMAN, IOSEPH W.-162 So. Norwinden Dr., Springfield, Pa.: Major: Sociology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Varsity Football l, 2, 3: Baseball l: Lacrosse 2: Varsity GClub 2, 3, 4: Intramurals. HILDEBRANDT, IOAN M.-174 Primrose Rd., Williston Park, N. Y.: Major: French: Sigma Kappa tlst Vice-Presidentl: Chapel Choir: Phi Sigma Iota tPresiclentl: Spanish Clul: tSecretaryJ: French Club: Booster Club: Bowling: NEA-PSEA. HILGEN, ROBERT F.-340 Magnolia Pl., Leonia, N, I.: Major: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha tTreasurerl: Business Manager SPECTRUM: reasurer Pi Lambda Sigma. HILL, IANICE R.-Trooper Rd., R.R. l, Norristown. Pa.: Major: Bioiooy: Gamma Phi Beta: Beta Beta Beta. HOBACK, IOHN .-l83O South Queen St., York, Pa.: Major: Chemis- try: Phi Sigma Kappa: Booster Club: SPECTRUM: Cross Country: Track. Senior Clem Third Row: HOEHNE, VICTORIA R.-R.D. 2, East Stroudsburg, Pa.: Major: Eco- nomics: Majorette l: Booster Club: Government Club: IRC: Young Republicans. HOFFMAN, MARY E.-R.D. 2, Fairfield, Pa.: Major: Sociology: Sociology Club 3, 4: Chapel Choir 4: Rifle Team l, 2: SCA l. HOFFMAN, MARY LOU-57 Elm Drive, Lansdale, Pa.: Major: History: Alpha Xi Delta CMarshal 2, Historian 3, Recording Secretary 47: Little Sistetrs ot Minerva 2, 3, 4: Booster Club l, 4: SPECTRUM Publicity Chairman 2: IRC 2, 3, 4: Band l, Z: Government Club 3, 4: Freshman Advisor 4: Phi Alpha Theta 3, 4. HOFFMAN, WILLIAM A.-Iclcesburg, Pa.: Major: Business Adminis- tration: Phi Sigma Kappa fTreasurerl: Pi Lambda Sigma: National Society ot Scabbard and Blade: Varsity Baseball. HOLDRIDGE, SALLY L.-162 Islington Rd., Newton, Mass.: Major: Psychology: 'Burgian 2, 3, 4: SCA 2, 3: Psi Chi 2- 3: News Editor 4: Water Show 3. First Row: HORMANN, PAULINE M. P.-2520 Malama Way, Honolulu 14, Hawaii, Major: Biology: Sigma Kappa, Beta Beta Beta. HOTCHKISS, MARY E.-312 Fairview Rd., Springfield, Pa., Major: Mathematics, Alpha Xi Delta iTreasurer 2, Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 47, 'Burgian 1, 4, SPECTRUM 3, IRC l, 2, 3, SCA 1, RTW 3, 4, Hockey 1, 4 Booster Club 1, 2, 3. HUEY, LINDA L.-327 Skippack Pike, Fort Washington, Pa., Major: Psychology, Chi Omega tOificerj, Psi Chi tTreasurerl, SPECTRUM CCopy Editorl, Phi Sigma Iota, Chajel Choir, YWCA Advisor. I-IUMMEL, CONRAD C.-1726 Lehigh St., Easton, Pa., Major: Biology, Alpha Tau Omega tPledge President l, Vice-President 43, IRC 1, APO 1, 2, Booster Club l, 'Burgian Z, Student Senate 3, Senior Class Council, Intramurals. HUNT, DAVID O.-1028 W. Main St., Ephrata, Pa., Major: Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha, SPECTRUM Assistant Business Manager. e Senior Clan Second Row: HUTTON, IOHN E.-232 Baltimore St., Hanover, Pa., Major: Biology, Band, Skeptical Chyrnists, Alpha Phi Omega. INGERLE, IAY N., IR.-743 King of Prussia Rd., Radnor, Pa., Major: Business Administration, Phi Sigma Kappa, Booster Club. INMAN, LOIS E.-802 S. Wind Ct., Towson 4, Md., Major: English, Delta Gamma, Honor Commission tTrial Counselor 3, Trial Board 47, Owl and Nightingale, Alpha Psi Omega, Outstanding junior. IACOBS, CRAIG R.-777 Southern Rd., York, Pa., Major: Economics, Phi Gamma Delta tlaresidentl, Gavel Club tPresidentl, lr. Class Coun- c1l. IACOBS, SYLVIA YVONNE-1928 High St., Camp Hill, Pa., Major: English, Delta Gamma, Booster Club l-4, SPECTRUM Court 2, Home- coming Court 1, 2, 3, Military Ball Oueen 2, Outstanding junior 3, Cheerleader l, 2, 3, Captain 4, Class Council 2, 3. Third Row: IANSEN, BETTY H.-22 Park Circle, White Plains, N. Y., Major: Spanish, Sigma Kappa, Water Show, Chapel Choir, Spanish Club. IOHNSON, CALVERT K., IR.-3819 Monterey Rd., Baltimore 18, Md., Major: Business Administration, TKE, Young Republican Club, Varsity Swimming, Varsity Lacrosse. IOHNSON, CHARLES P., ll-Golf Circle 3, Allentown, R.D. Z, Pa., Major: Biology, SAE Nice-President 37, 'Burgian 2-3, Booster Club l, 2, 3, Varsity Golf 2, 3, 4. IOHNSON, HAROLD C.-2032 Baker Ave., Schenectady, N. Y., Major: German, Alpha Chi Rho, Eta Sigma Phi, Delta Phi Alpha. IOHNSON, IAMES R.-R.D. 1, Winfield, Pa., Major: Sociology, Phi Kappa Psi, A.U.S.A., lntramuratls, junior Council. First Row: IOHNSON, KERRY A.-l707 Lehigh Rd., Wantagh: N. Y.: Major: Mathematics: Phi Sigma Kappa: Booster Club lPrs-sident 4l: Soccer I, 4: Swimming 2: G-Club 2, 3, 4: American Institute ot Physics: Class Council l, 4: Frosh-Soph Show I: 2. IOHNSON, SANDY L.-Knoll Rd., Wallingford, Pa.: Major: Health and Physical Education: Delta Gamma tAthletic Chairman 2, 3, I-listorian 3, Recording Secretary 43: WAA I, 4: Physical Education Majors Club 1, 4: REW Committee 4: Hockey l, 2, 3. KAUEFMAN, NED M.-1637 Monroe St., York, Pa.: Major: Biology: TKE: Class Council. KEEPORTS, RICHARD L.-103 S. Walnut St., Dallastown, Pa.: Major: Biology-Chemistry: Phi Sigma Kappa: Band I: Beta Beta Beta 2, 3 tPresident 43: Student Advisor 3, 4. KELLER, C. ROBERT-226 W. 6th St., Waynesboro, Pa.: Major: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Pi Lambda Sigma: Iunior Class Council. Second Row: KENDALL, NANCY DENT-l2l Longwood Ave, Red Bank, N. I.: Major: English: Gamma Phi Beta: Debate Club 2, 3 tSecretaryJ, 4 tPre-sidentj: Chapel Choir Z, 3: Varsity Basketball l, 4: Kappa Delta Epsilon: Cercle Francais 1, 2, 3. KERR, GARY L.-1904 Orange St., York, Pa.: Major: Business Ad- ministration: TKE: Scabbard and Blade: Pi Lambda Sigma: Football. KESTER, WILLIAM A.-401 Valley View Rd., Media, Pa.: Major: Biology: TKE: Intramurals: Kappa Phi Kappa: PSEA-NEA: Track. KITZMILLER, MICHAEL B.-315 Newton St., Salisbury, Md. Major: Music Education: Lambda Chi Alpha: Choir 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4. KLINGER, BONNIE I.-468 Granite Terrace, Springfield, Pa.: Major: Biology: Booster Club: 'Burgian: Owl and Nightingale: Young Re- publicans Club: SPECTRUM. Senior Clam' Third Row: KNUDSEN, IOI-IN T.-lUl5 Crest Dr., Creston, Iowa: Major: Econom- ics: Lambda Chi Alpha: Spanish Club: Bridge Club. KRAYER, RICHARD T.-3l8 Ninth Ave., Haddon Heights, N. I.: Major: English: Sigma Nu: Scabbard and Blade: Band: Drum and Bugle Corps. KREUTZ, CLAIRE-I37 E. Rosedale Ave., Northfield, N. I.: Major: Mathematics: Delta Gamma tTreasurer 37: SCA Cabinet: REW tChair- man 4j: Pi Delta Epsilon tl-Iistorian 2, 33: Majoreite l tl-lead 23: 'Burgian I, 2, 3 tA'ssociate Editor 4l. KUI-IN, CAROLYN A.-400 E. Main St., Middletown, Pa.: Major: Psy- choloqy: Sigma Kappa tliistorianj: Psi Chi: SCA: Panhellenic Coun- cil: PSEA-NEA. KUPPRAT, INGRID C.-1933-23 Salerno Ave., I-Iolliswoocl 23, N. Y.: Major: Physical Education: WAA: Physical Education Majors Club: Water Show: Varsity Basketball: Intramurals. First Row: LAHR, BRUCE A.-377 Ocean Terrace, New York, N. Y., Major: Political Science, Theta Chi, Pi Lambda Sigma, Swimming, "Our Town", Army Drill Team, Tribunal, Literary Discussion Group. LANDIS, SUSAN K.-101 Quakertown Ave., Pennsburg, Pa., Major: Music Education, Alpha Xi Delta tPledge Trainer 3, Social Chairman 41, Booster Club tSecretary 3. Projects Chairman 41, Little Siste:s of Minerva, Chapel Choir l, 2, MENC 3, 4, "Bullette" 2, 3. LAWLEY, CHARLES B.-Pt.D. 5, Shavertown, Pa., Major: Chemistry, KDR, Band l, 2, Rifle Team l-4, Orchestra 1, 2. LEESE, H. ROBERT-239 Baer Ave., Hanover, Pa., Major: Biology. LEHMAN, D, VIRGINIA-41 Ziegler Tract, Penns Grove, N. I., Major: Biology, Phi Mu, SCA CWUS Committeej 3: SPECTRUM 3, 4 lTYPing Editor 47, Ir.-Sr. Prom 3, Beta Beta Beta 3, 4, Intramurals. e Senior Clary Second Row: LILLICH, IERRY R.--High St., Abbottstown, Pa., Major: Chemistry, Alpha Chi Rho, IFC, Skeptical Chyrnists, Scabbard and Blade. LINDLEY, ANNABEL C.-4443 Clifton Rd., Baltimore IG, Md., Major: Chemistry, Skeptical Chymists, Intramurals, Independent Women, Delta Phi Alpha 4. LINDLEY, IRVIN W.-452 Maplewood Rd., Springfield, Del. Co., Pa., Major: Biology, SAE, IPC, Student Senate. LINDSEY, RICHARD O.-400 Znd Ave., Haddon Heights, N. I., Major: Economics, TKE, Pi Lambda Sigma tPresidentl, Varsity Track, Stu- dent Advisor. LINGENFELTER, CHARLES A.-3517 Nottingham Way, Harrisburg. Pa., Major: Economics, Sigma Nu tViceAPresicIentl, Scabbard and Blade, Drill Team, "Guys and Dolls." Third Row: LIPANI, VINCENT P.-328 Green Brook Rd., North Plainfield, N. I., Major: Biology, Phi Gamma Delta COt'ficerl, Varsity "G" Club, Varsity Wrestling, Football 1, 2, 3. LITTLE, EARL M.-Gettysburg, Pa. tP.O. Box 867, Major: Physical Education, Physical Education Majors Club, Varsity G Club, Football, Baseball, Basketball. LOOKER, TERRY I...-207 Perma. Ave., Camp Hill, Pa., Major: Physical Education, Phi Delta Theta, Football 1, 2. 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4. LOUBRIS, PAUL-ll Apple St., Clearfield, Pa., Major: Business Ad- ministration, Phi Delta Theta tHistorian 2, Social Chairman 37, Fresh, man Football, Freshman Track, Physical Ed. Majors Club l, " 'Burgian" Cartoonist l-4, Pi Delta Epsilon 3,4, New York Times Manager 4, Dorm Counselor 3, 4, Varsity Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity G-Club 4, Varsity Track 3. MCGRAIL, ERIC R.-20 N. Columbia St., Woodbury, N. I., Major: History, Eta Sigma Phi, "'Burgian", "Mercury" First Row: MacNETT, RICHARD L.-276 Springdale Ave. East Orange, N. I., Major: History, Varsity Lacrosse 2,31 Varsity G-Club 2, 3, 4, Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4, Booster Club 2, " 'Burgian" 4, G-Book 3. MANCKE, ROBIN B.-1805 W. Union Blvd., Bethlehem, Pa., Major: History: NSEA-PSEA. MARTHINUSS, GEORGE L., IR.-2619 Liberty Pkwy., Baltimore 22, Md., Major: Business Administration, Sigma Nu tSoc:'. Chairman 33, La- crosse l, 2, 3, Soccer 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 4, Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4, IRC 1, 2, Class Representative 3, 4. MASON, BARBARA A.-1.016 Ormond Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., Major: Biology, Delta Gamma, Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4, Varsity Hockey 1, Water Show. MATOZZO, FRANK 1.-1228 W. Lafayette St., 1-loiristown, Pa., Majort Business Administration, Sigma Chi. Second Row: MATTINGLY, JOHN M.437O1 Cumberland St., ttt.W., Washington, D. C., Major: Chemistry, Phi Sigma Kappa, Varsity Soccer. MESSERSMITH, DALE E.-R.D. 6, York, Pa., Major: Fhilgsophyp TKE, SCA, REW Committee. MICHELSON, KAREN W.-443 Beechwood Place, Westlielcl, N. l., Major: Biology, Phi Mu tPresident 43, Choir, " 'Burgian", Beta Beta Beta, "Trojan Women." MIDDLEMAST, NANCY S.-30 Haverford Rd., Hicksville, N. Y., Najaf: Bio1OQY: Sigma Kappa tRush Chairman 2, lst Vice-President 37, Col- lege Choir 1-4, Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4 tSecretary ll, Intramurals l-4. MILLER, LUCILLE H.-26 S. Martin St., Clear Spring, Md., Major: English, Delta Gamma tRush Chairmanj, Chee-rleafier, Booster Club, .fenior Clam Third Row: MILLER, MERLE A.-1705 Woodboume Ave., Baltimore 14, Md., Major: History, Chi Omega tpresidentj, WSG tPresident, Vice-Presi- dent, Secretary-Treasurerj, Dorm Counselor, SCA, Senate tSecreta1'yl: Student Conduct Committee, GeBook, May Court, Student Affairs, Mothers' Day Chairman. MILLS, CAROLYN-500 Washington Ave., Haddonfield, N. I., Major: Psychology, SCA Cabinet, Sociology Club, Chapel Choir, Y-Teen Advisor, Mothers' Day Committee, G-Book. MITCHELL, RICHARD A.-5 Ballard Place, Fair Lawn, N. j., Major: Psychology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Booster Club, G-Book, Lacrosse, jr.-Sr. Prom Committee. MOORE, MARY ANN-2505 Swede Rd., Norristown, Pa., Major: English, Alpha Xi Delta, Senate tRecording Secretary 3-41, Co-Chain man of Freshman Orientation Week 3, 4, " 'Burgian" 1, 2, Freshman and Sophomore Class Councils, IFC Queen 3, Homecoming Court 3, Military Ball Court 1, 3, WUS Committee 4, Frosh-Soph Show 1, 2, PSEA-NEA, May Court 1. MORAN, BAYARD S.-2333 Fuller St., Philadelphia l5, Pa., Major: Biolfhqy: Sigma Chi, Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4, Student Senate 3, 4, Tennis l, 2, Track 3, Soccer 1-4. First Row: MOSS, PETER I.-84-D9 Talbot St., Kew Gardens 15, N. Y.: Major: Political Science: Phi Kappa Psi: President Freshman IPC: Freshman Basketball: Student Senate l-4: Psi Chi: Govemment Club: Young Democrats Club. MOYER, M. PATRICIA-156 E. Court St., Doylestown, Pa.: Major: English: Chi Omega: WAA 3: Varsity Swimming 2: " 'Burgian" 2, 3, 4: G-Book 3: SPECTRUM 2: Water Show l-4: Class Council 3: Intra- murals. MUMFORD, I. DAVID-1397 Henning Dr., Cleveland 24, Ohio: Major: English: Sigma Nu: SCA. MUMMERT, IAMES A.-R.D. 3, Spring Grove, Pa.: Major: History: Phi Sigma Kappa: SCA. MUMMERT, PATRICIA P.-243 N. Washington St., Gettysburg, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Phi Mu tCorresponding Secretaryl: Class Council: Band 2: WAA Board 3. Senior Clam Second Row: MUMPER, KATHERINE IANE-445 Fort Hill Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y.: Major: English. MUNDSCHENK, PAUL E.-20 Winthrop Rd., Port Washington, N. Y.: Major: Psychology: TKE tSecretary 2, Vice-President 3l: Frosh Soccer 1: Varsity Soccer 2: Sigma Pi Sigma: Honor Commission: Astronomy Club 4: Intramural Sports. MUNNICH, IOYCE JOAN-305 Indian Trail, Mountainside, N. I.: Major: Mathematics: Sigma Kappa tSocial Chairmanl: Class Council 2, 3, 4: Frosh-Soph Show 1, 2: Booster Club 1, 2: Owl and Nightingale 2, 3: Public Relations: Tribunal 4. MYERS, LAWRENCE A.-534 W. Washington St., Bradford, Pa.: Major: Economics: Alpha Phi Omega: Rifle Team: Cross Country. NAUGHTON, GARY L.-170 Forster Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.: Major: Business Administration: Phi Delta Theta tPresident 4, Treasurer 3. House Manager ZJ: IFC Representative 3: Pledge IFC Representative l: Booster Club 1, Z: " 'Burgian" l, 2: Government Club 3: Class Rep- resentative 2, 3: Freshman Soccer 1: Intramural Football, Softball 1-4. Third Row: NAYLOR, IAMES D.-121 North Main St., Lambertville, N. I.: Major: Health and Physical Education: SAE: Varsity Soccer: Varsity Base- ball: Varsity G-Club: Physical Education Majors Club. NEVVMAN, HENRY E.-245 E. Grove Ave., Clark's Summit, Pa.: Major: Chemistry: TKE. NOYES, LESLIE-1470 Main St., Stratford, Conn.: Major: Psychology: Gamma Phi Beta tl-Iistorian 1, Recording Secretary Z, 33: Booster Club 1: " 'Burgian" l: Psi Chi 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Class Honors: Dean's List l, 2: Vice-President North Dorm 2. NUSBAUM, BARBARA A.-2420 N. Sth St., Harrisburg, Pa.: Major: English: Independent Women tPresidentl: Student Senate: Class Council: Summer Honor Commission: LSA: Frosh-Soph Show. OLSEN, NORBERTH L.-Skyline Orchard, Hockessin, Del.: Major: Business Administration: SAE: Student NEA-PSEA tTreasurer, Presi- dentl: IRC: Freshman Track: Varsity Baseball: Intramurals: Kappa Phi Kappa tTreasurerl. First Row: OWEN, CAROL E.-509 Tilden Ave., Teaneck, N. I., Major: Mathe- matics, Gamma Phi Beta, Booster Club, " 'Burgian", Eta Sigma Pi. OXLEY, SANDRA L.-161 Westhampton Ave., Danville, Va., Major: French, Chi Omega, Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4, Owl and Nightingale, " 'Burgian" 1-4, Booster Club I, Intramurals. PAGE, SUZANNE A.-527 Oakland Ave., Baltimore IZ, Md., Major: Business Administration, SCA, G-Book l, Administration Editor Z, 3, Pi Lambda Sigma, Dorm Dance Committee. PARKER, ROBERT C.-655 Arbor Road, Yeadon, Pa., Major: Econom- ics, TKE, Basketball, Baseball, Outstanding junior, PAUL, PATRICIA A.-7l3 Hillside Dr., West Chester, Pa., Major: French, Gamma Phi Beta, Phi Sigma Iota, Pi Delta Epsilon, " 'Bur- gian" 2, 3, 4. Second Row: PAYNE, IUDITI-I B.-1845 Stewart Ave., New Hyde Park, N. Y., Major: Economics, Sigma Kappa: Water Show 3, Y-Teen Advisor 3, IRC l, Z, Brownies 3. PERKINS, THOMAS F.-546 Kathmere Rd., Havertown, Pa., Major: Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Freshman Baseball lg Varsity Baseball 3, 4, Booster Club l. 2, 3, 4 tTreasurerl, Government Club 1, 2, Varsity G-Club, Frosh-Soph Show, Sub Board. PETERS, WILDA B.-Southwest Rd., Bayside Beach, Pasadena P.O.. Md., Major: English, Gamma Phi Beta tReoort:ling Secretary 29, Psi Chi 3. 4, "'Burgian" I-4, G-Book Art Start 2, 3: Owl and Nightin- gale 3, 4. PFEIFFER, ALICE A.-3 Natick St., Albany 5, N. Y., Major: Biology, Beta Beta Beta, " 'Burgian", "Guys and Dolls" Stage Manager, Owl and Nightingale, College Choir 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha. PONSIGLIONE, GERALD-1826 East 23rd St., Brooklyn, N. Y., Major: Business Administration, Freshman Soccer, Freshman Basketball. he Senior Clam Third Row: POWERS, DAVID F.--880 E. 37th St., Brooklyn IO, N. Y., Major: Political Science, Soccer Manager 4, Young Democrats 4, Govern- ment Club 4. PRADEL, RICHARD P.-510 So. Adams St., Hinsdale, Ill., Major: Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega, Booster Club, IRC, Intramural Foot- ball, Baseball, Track. PRESTON, IEFFREY M.-346 Fairway Rd., Ridgewood, N. I., Major: Political Science, Phi Gamma Delta, Booster Club, Government Club, Student Senate, IFC Pledge Council. RADEL, MARILYN K.-IZO Houston Ave., Harrisburg, Pa., Major: Mathematics, Alpha Delta Pi, Owl and Nightingale I-4, Alpha Psi Omega I, 2, 3, Vice-President 4. RANTANEN, WILLIAM G.-25l6 Huntingdon Lane, Ardmore, Pa., Major: Biology, Phi Sigma Kappa, Varsity Lacrosse, First Row: READE, ELIZABETH A.-86 Mapes Ave., Nutley, N. I.: Major: French: Phi Mu: " 'Burgiann 1, Z: French Club 1, 2, 4: Booster Club l: junior Year in France. REASER, IOEL M.-650 Sunset Ave., Gettysburg, Pa.: Major: Psychol- ogy: Alpha Chi Rho: Delta Phi Alpha: SCA: Chapel Choir: Psi Chi: Scabbard and Blade: ROTC Drill Team: DMS. REESE, CAROL A.-56 Sherbrooke Rd., Trenton 8, N. I.: Major: Mathematics: Independent Women tTreasurerl: Chapel Choir: WWGC: Bocster Club: junior and Senior Class Council: Band iMa- jorettel. RICHTER, BARBARA A.-1127 Packer St., Williamsport, Pa.: Major: Political Science: Phi Mu tChaplain and Ritual Chairmanl: SPEC- TRUM l: "'Burgian" 1: Class Council Representative l, 2: Psi Chi 2, 3, 4: IRC: Young Republican Club. ROBERTS, DIANE P.-Carversville, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Gamma Phi Beta: " 'Burgian": Booster Club: Psi Chi. Senior Clam Second Row: ROBERTS, GEORGE K.-4005 Pilgrim Rd., Plymouth Meeting, Pa.: Major: Psychology: ATO: Varsity Basketball: Rush Chairman, Sports Chairman, Worthy Usher tATOj: Intramural Sports: Intramural Ath- letic Board: " 'Burgian": Psi Chi: Battlefield Guide. ROCKEFELLER, RICHARD K.-218 Glen Ave., Port Chester, N. Y.: Major: Political Science: Sigma Chi: Scabbard and Blade tVice-Presi- dentl: Band: IRC: Pep Band: ROTC Drum and Bugle Corps. ROE, IOSEPHINE B.-39 W. Main St., Frostburg, Md.: Major: History: Alpha Xi Delta tPublicity Chairman, Rush Chairmanl: Booster Club tVice-President, Publicity Chairmanl: " 'Burgian": Owl and Nightingale. ROEDER, LEE-337 Trinity Ave., Ambler, Pa.: Major: Economics: Phi Gamma Delta tRecorcling Secretaryl: Freshman Football: Fresh- man Baseball: IFC Representative, IFC Secretary: Scabbard and Blade. ROHRER, LINDA I.-317 Summit Rd., Springfield, Pa.: Major: History: Chi Omega tVice-Presidentj: Intramurals: WAA tSecret,ary 2, Vice- President 3, President 4l: Phi Alpha Theta 3, President 4: Phi Sigma Iota 3, 4: PSEA-NEA 3, Secretary 4: IRC 3: SCA I: Spanish Club I: Varsity Hockey l, 2: Varsity Basketball l, 2. Third Row: ROTUNDA, CAROL A.-212 E. Locust St., Annville, Pa.: Major: Mathematics: Phi Mu tTreasurerl: Sceptical Chyrnists I-4: Color Guard 3: "Mercury" I: "'Burgian" l, 3. ROXBY, ROBERT W.-519 Crescent Ave., Glenside, Pa.: Major: Biol- ogy: Lacrosse. ROYER, NANCY S.-Z Clifton St., Lynchburg, Va.: Major: History: Delta Gamma tRush Chairman 33: " 'Burgian": "Mercury": SPECTRUM. RUSSO, VIRGINIA M.-429 Maple Ave., Trenton, N. I.: Major: Hewlth and Physical Education: Alpha Xi Delta tVicePresidentH: WAA: Vat- sity Basketball: Booster Club: " 'Burgian": Athletic Chairman ot Alpha Xi Delta: Newman Club. SARVIS, WILLIAM V.-IBO Washington St., Tappan, N. Y.: Major: Health and Physical Education: Sigma Chi: Football: Lacrosse: Physi- cal Education Majors Club: Varsity G-Club. First Row: SASSAMAN, ANNABELLE W.-333 W, High St., l-lummelstown, Pa.: Major: Philosophy: Independent Women l, Secretary 2: SCA 1, 2, 3: College Choir 2, 3, 4: Phi Sigma Iota 3, 4. SCI-IEIHING, CHRISTINE H.-2303 "B" Loney St., Philadelphia 15. Pa.: Major: Mathematics: Gamma Phi Beta: " 'l3urgian": Psi Chi 4: Delta Phi Alpha 4. SCHMUCKER, IAMES D.-17 Duryea St., Islip, N. Y.: Major: Mathe- matics: Phi Sigma Kappa: Alpha Phi Omega tPresidentj: American Institute of Physics: Cross Country 4: Track: Wrestling 2. SCI-IULZ, ANN E.-466 Wassona Dr., Marion, Va.: Major: English: Delta Gamma: College Choir: Panhellenif: Counotl: Dorm Counselor: Class Secretary: Delta Phi Alpha. SCI-IUMANN, LYNN B.-1107 Wakeling St., Philadelphia, Pa.: Major: Psychology: SPECTRUM Court I, Second Row: SCOTT, CHARLES G.-6406 Falkirk Rd., Baltimore 12, Md.: Major: Economics: Intramural Softball, Tennis: Choir. SEBERHAGEN, MEREDITH L.-113 Penarth Rd. Bala Cynwycl, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Alpha Xi Delta tChaplain Bl: Dorm Vice-President 1: Booster Club l-4: Delta Phi Alpha 2, 3, 4: Intramural Sports l-4. SEDWICK, GEORGIA I,-216 North jefferson St., tiittartning, Pa.: Ma- ior: English: Delta Gamma: "'Burgian": G-Book: Water Show: SUB Board: Booster Club: "Guys and Dolls." SHANTZ, STEPHEN H.-3189 Mayflower Rd., Plymouth Meeting, Pa.: lvlajor: History: TKE tOfficerJ: Phi Alpha Theta: IRC: Govern- ment Club: Young Republicans Club: IPC: Freshman, Sophomore, junior, Senior Class Representative. SHELLY, ELIZABETH j.-304 Fishburri St., lrlarrisburg, Pa.: Major: History: Alpha Xi Delta tRecorder 33: Majoretie ,Z ll-lead Majorette 3l: Booster Club: Sophomore and junior Class Cextntiils: PSEA-NEA. Senior Clam Third Row: Sl-IIPMAN, H. GALE-1471 E. University, Springfield, Mo.: Major: English: Alpha Delta Pi tPresident 33: Senate 3-4: Panhellenic Coun- :il Vice-President: President oi North Dorm 4: 'Trojan Women. SHOLLY, COLLEEN G.-Myerstown 3, Pa.: Major: Biology: SCA: PSEA-NEA: Delta Phi Alpha: Basketball jV: Booster Club. SIMCOE, LARRY P.-240 High St., Troy, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Theta Chi: Commander: AFROTC Drill Team: Alpha Phi Omega. SIMMS, ROBERT A.-718 Chandler St., Philadelphia ll, Pa.: Major: History: Phi Kappa Psi Wice-Presidentl. SIMPSON, BRUCE R.-5 Ninth Ave., Shamokin Dam, Pa.: Major: Economics: Phi Gamma Delta: Freshman Basketball: Freshman Base- ball: Varsity Basketball: Varsity Baseball: Class Council: Pi Lambda Sigma. First Row: SITES, EDWARD W.-Fayetteville, Pa.: Major: Sociology: Psi Chi 3, 4: Band l, 2: Sociology Club 2,3, President 4. SLOOP, DOROTI-IEA E.-407 Nottingham Rd., Baltimore 29, Md.: Ma- jor: Music Education: College Choir l: Chapel Choir 3: Independent Women 1: MENC 3, 4: Y4Teens 2, 3, 4: PSEA-NEA: Trojan Women. SMITH, DAVID C., IR.4Mounted Route l, Middletown, Pa.: Major: Biology: TKE: Tribunal: SCA: IPC Pledge Council: Intramurals: PSEA-N EA. SMITH, MARGARET A.-615 Highland Ave., Gettysburg, Pa.: Major: English: Delta Phi Alpha 4: Hedda Galoler 3: Trojan Women 4. SMITH, ROBERT P.-423 Nassau Rd., Roosevelt, N. Y.: Major: Psysics: American Institute ot Physics. Senior Clam Second Row: SNOW, ERNEST I.-31 First Ave., Haddon Heights, N. I.: Major: History: TKE tHistorian 3, Vice-President 4l: Phi Alpha Theta: " 'Bur- gian": Tribunal: Intramurals: Booster Club. SNYDER, DON I-I.-3640 Everett St., N.W., Washington, D. C.: Major: Business Administration: Phi Sigma Kappa: Freshman Council: Assn. U.S. Army 2: President 3, 4: Student Union Board 3, 4: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. SOBER, SUE D.-33 Basset St., Fort Bragg, N. C.: Major: Psychology: Gamma Phi Beta t2nd Vice-President 33: Psi Chi 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4: Class Representative l, 2, 3, 4: Swimming Team l: Best Dressed l: SPECTRUM Court l, 2 COueen ZJ: Militatry Ball Court I, 3: IFC Court Z, 3, 4: Homecoming Court 4: "Gettysl:aurgian" I, 2: Guys and Dolls 3: Frosh-Soph Show Z. STANG, PETER C.-1909 Locust Grove Rd., Silver Spring. Md.: Major: Chemistry: Alpha Chi Rho: Chapel Choir: Sceptical Chymists. STEELE, SUZANNE E.-4ll White Horse Pike, Haddon Heights, N. I.: Major: Sociology: Gamma Phi Beta: Song Leader 1, 3: Student Senate I, 2, 3, 4 tl-listorianl: Student Union Board 2, 3, 4 tSecretary-Treasurer 47: Class Representative 1, 2, 3, 4: " 'Burgian": Tribunal: Orientation Program: Frosh-Soph Show 2. Third Row: STERNER, LINDA I.-510 Frederick St., Hanover, Pa.: Major: Music Education: Alpha Xi Delta tSongleader 3, Chaplain and Songleader 41: College Choir 1, Z, 3, Secretary 4: MENC 3, Vice-President 4: G-Book: SCA 3, 4: Prosh-Soph Show 1, 2: Dorm Secretary 4. STEWART, CAROL A.-120 Washington Ave., Berlin, N. I.: Major: English: Phi Mu: WAA, Booster Club: G-Book: SPECTRUM: Honor Commission, Recorder: " 'Burgian": Hockey. STORCK, CAROLYN I.-Box 446, Ear Hills, N. I.: Major: Biology: Sigma Kappa tTreasurer 33: Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4: Young Republi- cans 3, 4: Freshman Advisor 4. STRANGE, NANCY B.-5043 Bond Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa.: Major: Biology: Delta Gamma. STRAW, IRVIN E., IR.-1307 Arthur St., York, Pa.: Major: Philosophy: Alpha Phi Omega: College Choir: SCA: Independent Men. First Row: STROBEL, C. IOHN-Z0 Livingston Ave., White Plains, N. Y.: Major: Sociology: Band 1-4: Army ROTC Drill Team 2: Sociology Club 3, -" Delta Phi Alpha. STRYKER, SCOTT H.-2301 Appleby Dr., Wanamassa, N. l.: Major: English: Psi Chi: Delta Phi Alpha: SCA l: Booster Club 2: SPEC- TRUM tClasses Editor 4l: "Our ToWn" 3. STUDY, LARRY B.-R.D. 4, Hanover, Pa.: Major: Mathematics: KDR: IPC lTreasurerl: Delta Phi Alpha. SWYERS, JOHN W.-ll Lebanon Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y.: Major: Psy- chology: TKE: Band. SYLVESTER, HORST-628-58 St., Brooklyn 20, N. Y.: Major: Econom- ics: Sigma Chi CRushing Chairman and Vice-President 3, President 42: Student Senate Z: IFC 3, 4: Pi Lambda Sigma: Freshman Advisor: IRC: Lab Assistant lAcc'tl. Second Row: TAYLOR, ELIZABETH I.-104 Price St., West Chester, Pa.: Major: French: Hockey: l.V. Basketball: WAA: Phi Sigma Iota: "'Burgian." THOMPSON, BARBARA W.-50 Estaugh Ave, Haddonfield, N. I.: Major: Biology: Phi Mu: Beta Beta Beta 2, 3, 4: Panhellenic Council l-4: Booster Club 3, 4: Young Republicans Club 4: SPECTRUM 4: "Mercury" 3. THOMPSON, CAROLYN E.-i236 W. Market Sr., York, Pa.: Major: Music Education: Chapel Choir: MENC: Kappa Della Epsilon. TOULOUMES, GEORGE D.-3 W. Pine St., Mt. Holly Springs, Pa.: Major: German: College Choir: Eta Sigma Phi: Owl and Nightingale. TULLSEN, I. PETER-2427 Hill Rd., Westfield, N, I.: Major: Business Administration: Phi Sigma Kappa: " 'Burgian": Sabbard and Blade: SPECTRUM. Senior km Third Row: TYSON, SUSAN W.-R.D. Z, Doylestown, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Sigma Kappa lRush Chairman 3, President 4l: Booster Club l, 3: Psi Chi 3: Sociology Club 3, 4: Softball 2: Hockey l, 2: PSEA-NEA 3, 4: Intramurals. VANDEVER, IOHN I.-27 Ninth Ave., Haddon Hts., N. I.: Major: English: Sigma Chi tSteWard 2, 3, 47: Army Drill Team l-4: IRC 3, 4: Soccer Mgr. 3: Lacrosse Mgr. 2: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. Vanl-IEERTUM, RONALD L.-330 Fourth St., Palisades Park, N. I.: Major: Chemistry: Lambda Chi Alpha tPresident 43: Tribunal 2: IFC 2: Sceptical Chymists 3 tTreasurerl: SPECTRUM: Summer Honor Commission Nice-Chairmanl: Gavel Club 4. VELEBER, RICHARD S.-37 Brooks Ave., Rochelle Park, N. I.: Major: Economics: Lambda Chi Alpha lSecretary 3l: Phi Lambda Sigma lVice-President 4l: Student Union Board 3: Young Republican Club 4: Baseball l: Intramurals Z, 3, 4. VITKO, DONALD R.-700 Hilltop Dr., Stratford, Conn.: Major: Eco- nomics: SAE lVice-President 43: Football: Track: Government Club: Booster Club: Sociology Club. First Row: WAGNER, KARL A.-2nd and Arm St., Milford, Pa., ATO, Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4, IRC 2, 3, Psi Chi 4, Junior Council 3, Senior Coun- cil 4, Intramurals 1-4. WALKER, JAMES G.-129 N. Diamond St., York, Pa., TKE CSocial Chairman 4l, Rifle Team I, 2, 3, IFC Representative 2, Psi Chi 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. WALTERS, MICI-IELE L.-2704 Union Ave., Altoona, Pa., Chi Omega tVice-President 33, College Choir I-4, Honor Commission 2, Dorm Officer I, Military Ball Court I, Dorm Counselor 4, MENC 3, 4, G-Bcok 2, Editor 3. WANG, JOSEPH-I33U W. Roosevelt Blvd., Philadelphia 40, Pa., Football, Wrestling, Class Treasurer, Phi Kappa Psi. WARGO, PHILIP M.-440 Cypress St., Shamokin, Pa., SAE tPreSi- dent 41, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Track I, 2, 3, 4: Beta Beta Beta, Sceptical Chymists. Senior lm! Second Row: WARNER, RONALD L.-209 N. Newberry St., York, Pa., Phi Gamma Delta, Scabbard and Blade, Kappa Phi Kappa, Varsity G-Club, Physical Ed. Majors Club, Basketball. WEAVER, LINDA JAYNE-R.D. I, Tower City, Pa., Class Council I, Owl and Nightingale, Alpha Psi Omega, Independent Women, Stu- dent Christian Association. WEDRA, ARTHUR H.-Delsea Dr., Green Creek, N. J., ATO, " 'Bur- gian", Pi Delta Epsilon, Frcsh Baseball, WERTMAN, SHIRLEY A.-706 Stonington Rd,, Silver Spring, Md, SCA I-4, Independent Women 2, 3, Vice-President 4, Chapel Cltoir I-4, " 'Burgian" 2, "Mercury" 4. WI-IITCRAFT, JAMES A.-226 Price St., West Chester, Pa., Phi Sigma Kappa, Marching Band 4, SPECTRUM 4. Third Row: WHITE, JAMES M.-32 S. Sugartown Rd., Malvern, Pa., Sigma Chi, Phi Lambda Sigma, Football l, 2, Wrestling 1-4. WIEGMANN, JOAN A.-766 Moreclon Rd., Meadowbrook, Pa., SCA, SPECTRUM 3, " 'Burgianu 3, G-Book. WILKERSON, JOHN H.-4500 Beaufort Farms Rd., Harrisburg, Pa., Alpha Chi Rho, Cross Country, Track, Arnold Air Society, Class Council. WILLIAMSON, STEPHEN G., III-21 Creighton St., Providence, R. I., Pre-Ministerial Association I, 2, Owl and Nightingale 2, 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega 4, Sociology Club 3, 4. WILTSHIRE, LYNN-l942 Kimball St., Brooklyn 34, N. Y., Sigma Kappa, SCA, Literary Group. First Row: WINTERS, LINDA-525 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y.: Major: Psy- chology: Gamma Phi Beta: "Gettysburgian" 2, 3: Swimming Team: Sociology Club 3, 4 tSecretary-Treasurerl: Young Republicans Club: Spanish Club I. WISNIEWS-KI, FRANK H.-221 Princeton Ave., Stratford, N. I.: Major: Economics: Lambda Chi Alpha: Swimming 4: Senate 3: Scala- bard and Blade 2: Pi Lambda Sigma 2: SPECTRUM l. WITT, IAMES L.-R.D. l, Aspers, Pa.: Major: English. WOLFE, FRANKLIN A.-R.D. l, Pine Grove, Pa.: Major: Business Ad' ministration: Theta Chi: Alpha Phi Omega tTreasurer 45: Pi Lambda Sigma: Student Senate. WOLFORD, IOYCE E.-2331 Sunset Rd., York, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Alpha Delta Pi tSocial Chairman 3, President 43: Sociology Club tSecretary-Treasurer 2, 35: Psi Chi 3, 4 tSecretary 4l: Dormitory Officer 3: WSG 3: SCA l. Second Row: WOLTERSDORF, ROBERT IOSEPI-I-1211 Herbert St., Philadelphia 24, Pa.: Major: Chemistry: ATO tSecretary 4, Social Chairmanl: Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4: "'Burgian" I-4 tAsst. Editorl: Sceptical Lhymists 2, 3, 4: IFC 2, 3: WWGC l. WOOLF, DONNA M.-75 Arlington Ave., Caldwell, N. I.: Major: Biology: Delta Gamma tRush Chairman 3, 4l: Booster Club l, 2, 3: " 'Burgianu 2, 3, 4 fManaging Editor 4l: WAA 2, 3: SPECTRUM 3, 4: Pi Delta Epsilon. WRIGHT, RICHARD A.-314 Chestnut Hill Rd., Glastonbury, Conn: Major: Sociology: Phi Gamma Delta. WYKER, DONALD C.-R.D. 3, Box 18, Newton, N, I.: Major: Business Administration: Phi Delta Theta: Pi Lambda Sigma: Tennis: Pistol Team: Booster Club: Intramurals. YEAGER, IULIA E.-ll4l Concord Dr., I-Iaddontield, N, I.: Major: Latin: Chi Omega: Eta Sigma Phi tPresidentl: PSEA-NEA tSecre1aryl: "'Burgian" tAssociate Editorl: G-Book tArt Editcrl: Student Senate: WSG tDorm Presidentl: Panhellenic Council: Student Conduct Com- mittee. Senior Clary Third Row: YINGLING, CARL G.-728 Baltimore St., Hanover, Pa.: Major: Busi- ness Administration: Sigma Chi tVice-President, Pledge Trains-rl: IFC tPresidentl: Arnold Air Society tPre-sidentl: Outstanding junior: Intra- murals: IRC. ZERBE, IUDITH L.-2041 Whitehall St., Harrisburg. Pa.: Major: Psy- chology: Alpha Delta Pi: Booster Club l, 2, 3: PSEA-NEA 3, 4: Sociology Club. ZUMETA, LINDA A.-147 Crescent Lane, Roslyn Heights, N. Y.: Major: Spanish: Chi Omega tSecretary 3, Pledge Mistress 4l: Cheer- leader 1: " 'Burgian" 2, 3, 4 tl-Ieadline Editorl: WWGC 2, 3 tSecretaryl, 4 t'l'reasurerl: Spanish Club 2, 3: Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 4: Fresh-Soph Show 1. ZUROWSKI, MARSI-IA IANE-R.D. l, Emmaus, Pa.: Major: Economics: Delta Gamma tPledge Trainerl: Class Council: "'Burqian": Water Show: SUB Committee: Basketball: Intramurals: Booster Club. COBLE, ROBERT T.-7110 Perrysville Ave., Pittsburgh 2, Pa.: Major: I-Iealth and Physical Education: Football l, 2, 3, 4. First Row: CRAMER, RUSSELL C., Il-Shawnee-on-Delaware, Pa.7 Major: History. GEESEY, IAMES E., IR.-111 Pine St., Middletown, Pa.: Major: Bible. HUYCK, EUGENE P.-15 Park Ave., Dumont, N. I.: Major: Physics. NICKELL, IOANNA E.-607 Highlnad Way, Hagerstown, Md.: Major: Englishg Pan-Hellenic Council fPre-sident 43: Gamma Phi Beta tPresi- dent 31: SCA: Phi Sigma Iota 3, 45 IRC: Spanish Club: Alliance Francaise: Student NEA-PSEAQ Student Union Committee 3. REYNOLD, IOHN V.-16 S. Mulberry St., Hagerstown, Md.: Major: Business Administration. 204 e Senior Clam SENIOR CLASS IUNIOR CLASS Seated: Betsy Graves, Historian: Ann Schulz, Secretary. Standing: Seated: Carole Iohnson, Secretary: Dave Rhoacls, President: Karen Ioe Wang, Treasurer: Clyde Black, President: David Clement, Vice' Gran, Historian. Standing: Richard Rudolf, Vice-President: Lane President. Keedler, Treasurer. SOPHOMORE CLASS lack Lynes, President: Gussie Demchyk, Secretary: Carolyn I-louse' FRESHMAN CLASS Historian: Iohn Bushnell, Treasurer. Missing: Don Szqeda, Vice' Pete Wilson, Treasurer: Chris Hildebrand, Historian: Barb Wenger, President. Secretary: Buck Miller, President: Vince Maikowski, Vice-President. 205 l.l. , Q , First Row: RICHARD C. AHRENS, 50 Park Terrace East, New York 34, N. Y. BARBARA A. AITCHISON, 1500 Sharon Dr., Silver Spring, Md. EDWARD D. AMMARELL, 406 Yost Ave., Spring Grove, Pa. BETTY M. ANDERSON, 66 Elmwood Ave., Allendale, N. I. BONNIE M. ANDERSON, 66 Elmwood Ave., Allendale. N. I. IANET G. ANDERSON, 7 Mayfield Place, Metuchen, N. I. WILLIAM M. ANSPACH, 1526 Palm St.. Reaclinq, Pa. EDWARD T. ARNOLD, IR., 101 Pinehurst Rd., York, Pa. HEATHER G. ASH, "Ashwood," Andorra Rd., Lafayette Hill, Pa. Second Row: PAUL S. ATKINS, III, 2023 Oak Hill Rd., Evansville, Ind. VALERIE A. ATKINSON, 33 Byron Place, Scarsdlae, N. Y. SUSAN E. BABYLON, 315 Skyhill Rd., Alexandria, Va. e unior Clays RONALD E. BAILEY, 231 S. Royal St., York, Pa. BARBARA B. BAKER, 171 Arlington St.. Iohnstown, Pa. WILLIAM R. BARKER, Rt. 22, Bedford, N. Y. JOSEPH F. BAUG1-IER, Manokin, Md. NANCY L. BAUMGARDNER, 8552 Philadelphia Rd., Baltimore 6, Md IOI-IN C. BAXTER, 613 Winthrop Rd., West Enqlewood, N. I. Third Row: CAROL KAY BELLAMY, 1645 Rahway Rd., Scotch Plains, N. I. BRIAN E. BENNETT, 104 Merlyn Ave., Bryn Mawr, Pa. ANN BERGSTRESSER, 59 N. 4th St.. Sunbury, Pa. CAROL N. BERRIEN, 136 Herbert Ave., Trenton 90, N. I. GARY C. BICKNELL, 79 Summit Ave., North Plainfield, N. I. CHARLES H. BIKLE, 497 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburq, Pa. LINDA I. BINKLEY, Blue Ball, Pa. MERRITT L. BLACKBURN, 27 Terrace Rd., Norristown, Pa. FREDRIC M. BLOCK, 128 Spring St., Woodbury, N. I. Fourth Row: CARL A. BODO, 164 Oakland Ave., Eastchester, N. Y. LOUIS W. BOOCKOFF, 629 Linwood Ave., Collinqswood, N. I. GARY M. BOOTAY, 24 Claremont Ave., Bloomfield, N. I. MIRIAM BOWERS, 11 Stokes Terrace, Moorestown, N. I. DIANA E. BRANDT, Carversville, Pa. MARILYN M. BRAUER, 582 Monroe Pl., Ridgefield, N. I. DEBORAH I. BRAUNWARTH, 938 Roanoke Ave., Elkins Park, Pa. SIDNEY D. BREMAN, 127 Main St., Leechburq. Pa. ELIZABETH A. BROWN, 516 Fox Rd.. Glenside, Pa. First Row: GEORGEANNE H. BROWN, 2303 Hickory Rd. Plymouth Meeting, Pa REBECCA C. BROWN, 23 N. Sherman St., York, Pa. DONALD W. BURDEN, 52 Park Lane Rd., New Milford, Conn. ROBERT I. BUSICK, III, 1408 Walker Ave., Baltimore 12, Mcl. FRED W. BUTLER, 3725 Macomb St., Washington 16, D. C. PAMELA W. CASWELL, 258 Mather Rd., Ienkintown, Pa. CAROL E. CHARLES, 150 W. Evergreen Ave., Philadelphia 18, Pm IOHN E. CHARSHA, R.D. 2, Kennett Square, Pa. ALICE E. CLARDY, Rockland State Hospital, Orangeburg, N. Y. Second Row: BENNETT I. CLARK, R.D. 1, Seven Valleys, Pa. NANCY L. CLEGG, 32 Elmwood Ave., Norwich, Conn. DONALD I. CLIFFORD, 4725 Camden Ave., Pennsauken, N. I. NAN L. CLIFFORD, 132 S. Main St., Lewistown, Pa. RICHARD E. CLOWER, 5008 Hubert Rd., N.W., Roanoke, Va. IOSI-IUA H. COCKEY, IR., I. M. Pearce Rd., Monkton, Md. G. DOUGLAS COLLINS, 32 Nearwater Ave., Massapequa, N. Y. E. LOUISE COLLINS, 75 E. Broadway, Gettysburg, Pa. BARRY L. COLYER, 835 Queen St., Oberlin-Steelton, Pa. Third Row: CHRISTINE F. CONLEY, 454 Rosslyn Ave., Springdale, Pa. IOHN H. CONNER, 700 Gypsy Lane, Pittsburgh 34, Pa. HAROLD C. COOPER, P.O. Box 897, Orleans, Mass. MARY HELEN CORBETT, 2806 Bethel Church Rd., Bethel Park, Pa. GLEN R, COUCHMAN, 1024 View St., Hagerstown, Md. IEANNE A, COWAN, 233 East 69th St., New York 21, N. Y. e unior Clam KATHRYN M. CREW, 63 S, Hillcrest Rd., Springfield, Pa. MAUREEN S. CRONAN, 418 Evans Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. ETHEL A. CROUSE, 1110 Greenmount Rd., Haddonfield, N. I. Fourth Row: PHYLLIS S. CRYTZER, 20 E. Main, New Bloomfield, Pa. ARTHUR B. CUMMINS, IR., Morning Glory Rd., Round Brook, N. I. IOHN P. CUNNINGI-IAM, 103 Kenwood Rd., Garden City, N. Y. SUSAN G. CUNNINGI-IAM, 6904 Watdman Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. IAMES I. D'ANGELO, 101 Ridgewood Ave., Glen Ridge, N. I. ELIZABETH A. DAVIES, 111 Knox St., Norristown, Pa. WALTER I. DAVIS, 441 Walnut Ave., Aldan, Pa. VIRGINIA DAYTON, 616 Center St., Dunellen, N. I. G. DAVID DEARDORFF, R.D. 1, Hellam, Pa. First Row: RICHARD G. DeLANEY, 858 Old Eagle School Rd., Stratford-Wayne, Pa SUSAN R. DEMING, 230 Oregon Rd., Cheshire, Conn. FRANK de NOYELLES, 2 Glendale Rd., Park Ridge, N. I. NANCY L. DILCHER, 220 N. 18th St., Pottsville, Pa. MARY-ALICE DRESS, Setaquet Trail, Medford Lakes, N. Y. KENT P. DUMONT, Grayson St., Newburyport, Mass. ROBERT M. DUNCAN, 555 Pennsylvania Ave., Dover, Del. CAROL A. DUNLAP, 521 Prince George St., Cumberland, Md. IOHN E. EBERSOLE, Box 266, R.D. 1, Mechanicsburg, Pa. Second Row: CAROL W. ECKHARDT, 6608 Cabin Iohn Rd., Springfield, Va. KATHERINE M. ECKHARDT, Mays Landing Rd., I-lamrnonton, N. I. RICHARD I. EI-IRGOTT, 97 Reeve Rd., Rockville Center, N. Y. e unior Clan CHARLES F. EICHNER, 1043 Bedford St., Cumberland, Md. VIRGINIA R. ELTING, 621 Pershing Dr., Silver Spring, Md. KARL K. ERICKSON, 326 S. Coldbrook Ave., Chambersburg, Pa. DUNCAN L. EVANS, 113 Haskell Drive, Lancaster, Pa. MARIORIE F. EVANS, 903 Enderby Dr., Alexandria, Va. IOHN L. EVERETT, 2010 Country Club Dd., Huntingdon Valley, Pa Third Row: IOHN EWING, 237 Berkeley Rd., Glenside, Pa. CAROLE A. EYLER, 3514 Nottingham Way, Harrisburg, Pa. IANICE K. FERGUSON, 641 Terrace Drive, Annandale, Pa. IANE W. EILLMORE, 1017 6th St., Catassaqua, Pa. SANDRA L. FISCI-IER, 327 Park Lane, Massapequa Park, N. Y. HELEN L. FITZGERALD, 7203 Pittville St., Philadelphia 26, Pa. ALICE L. FLEMING, 708 Schiller Ave., Narbeth, Pa. RICHARD' P. FOELLNER, 104 E. High St., Manheim, Pa. LYNN C. FOX, Box 268, R.D. 2, Lewistown, Pa. Fourth Row: WILLIAM H. PRAKER, 17-A River Park Apts., White Plains, N. Y. PETER A. FRENCH, 34 W. Middle St., Gettysburg, Pa. SANDRA S. FRENCH, 34 W. Middle St., Gettysburg, Pa. LEWIS E. FREY, 120 Adams Ave., River Edge, N. I. DAVID R. GARBACZ, 163 Kent Place, Summit, N. I. RICHARD Y. GARDNER, 27 Bay State Road, Wellesley, Mass. ROBERT L. GARTEN, 4816 Orchard St., Harrisburg, Pa. LUELLEN T. GEHWEILER, 35 Midwood Rd., Glen Rock, N. I. BETTYE I. GILBERT, 542 E. Baltimore St., Greencastle, Pa. First How: BETH GILES, Chester, Pa. LINDA L. GIULINO, E36 Farview Terrace, Paramus, N. I. THOMAS R. GLODEK, 27 North 23rd St., Camp Hill, Pa. IOHN S. GOLDCAMP, 810 Colonial Dr., Youngstown, Ohio. ROBERT A. GOLDEN, 453 Lincoln St., York, Pa. IAMES GOOLD, 110 S. Main St., Castleton'on4Hudson, N. Y. LARRY R. GORDON, 420 S. 16th St., Harrisburg, Pa. SAMUEL C. GRACI, 3805 Bonnybrook Rd., Harrisburg, Pa KAREN C. GRAN, 6011 Branch Ave., S.E., Wasliinqton 23 1 Second Row: LINDA L. GROFF, 1305 Aintree Rd., Towon 4, Md. CHARLES E. GROSS, 1415 Glendale Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. IAMES T. HACKER, 219 Elm Court, Scotch Plains, N. I. ROBERT B. HALL, 125 Oxford Hill Lane, Havertown, Pa. LINDA R. HALLETT, R.D. 1, Towanda, Pa. DAVID L. HAMILTON, 221 Old Mill Rd., Fairfield, Conn. CLAIRE D. HAMME, 14-48 157th St., Beechurst, New York 5 ROBERT W. HAMME, 1547 Filbert St., York, Pa. IANICE C. HANNOLD, 254 Elm St., Westville, N. I. Third Row: WILLIAM H. HARDING, Mill Rd.. R.D. I, Norristown, Pa. IEFFREY L. HARFST, 203 Taft St., Boonton, N. I. EDWIN G. HATTER, IR., 50 Todd Rd., Valley Stream, N. Y. VIRGINIA L. I-IAVENS, 13 High St., Allentown, N. I. SALLY I. HAVLICK, 411 Wynmere Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. D. 7, N. Y. T unior lam FRANCES HEGWOOD, 4313 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore 18. Md. DOROHY I. HEISSENBUTTEL, I4 Ridgeway Ave., Greenville, Pa. MICHAEL T. HENCHY, 9 Locust Ave., Dover, N. I. GAIL I. HENRIE, 316 W. Mahoning St., Danville, Pa. Fourth Row: PAUL E. HENRY, IR., 53 S. Broadway, Red Hook, N. Y. THOMAS L. HENSON, 203 W. New St., Shepherdstown, W. Va. PAUL A. HERMAN, 434 State St., Lancaster, Pa. MICHAEL K. HERTZ, 2365 Hudson Terrace, Ft. Lee, N. I. DOROTHY L. HILL, 59 Frost Ave., Frostburq, Md. ROBERT W. HINDS, 20 Hobart St., Bronxville, N. Y. E. STEPHEN HINMAN, 146 N. Walnut St., Spring Grove, Pa. DARLENE M. I-IODGSON, 38 Burnett Terrace, West Orange, N. I. DAVID S. HODGSON, 38 Burnett Terrace, West Orange, N. I. 209 I First Row: IUDITH L. HOFREITER, 351 Cherry Hill Rd., Mountainside, N. I. IAMES C. HOKE, 529 Carbon St., Pottsville, Pa. ROBERT N. HOPPLE, 211 Hartranft St., Norristown, Pa. IOSEPH A. HOSTETTER, Thomasville, Pa. CHRISTINE E. HOTTINGER, 44 Elycroft Ave., Rockaway, N. I. IAMES S. HOULDIN, Hemlock Lane, Vlyncoie, Pa. CAROLYN E. L. HUBSCH, 521 Monroe Rd., Merion Station, Pa. FRED A. HEUSTIS, IR., 30 Virginia Ave., Manasquan, N. I. CARL K. HUNT, 198 Willow Ext., North Plainfield, N. I. Second How: ANITA I. HUNTER, 7240 Sollers Point Rd., Baltimore 22, Md. PHILIP O. HUTCHISON, R.D. 1, Dalton, Pa. VIRGINIA A. IRVINE, 431 S. York St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. e unior Clam IAMES K. IACKSON, IR., R.D. l, Christiana, Pa. MARGARET A. IAEGER, 21 Longacre Drive, Livingston, N. I. CAROLE A. IOHNSON, 2604 Oakdale Ave., Glenside, Pa. PETE L. IOHNSON, 43 Melbury Rd., Babylon, N. Y. PHILIP A. IOHNSON, 120 Lafayette Ave., Oreland, Pa. ETHEL E. IORDAN, 45 Ralph St., Berqentield, N. I. Third Row: RONALD B. IOY, 44 Meadowbrook Rd., Short Hills, N. I. RUSSELL C. KANZINGER, 40 Rockhill Rd., Bala'Cynwyd, Pa. IAY A. KAPPMEIER, 95 Cloverdale Circle, New Shrewsbury, N. SHELDON KARABELL, 1309 Knorr St., Philadelphia 11, Pa. NICHOLAS A. KARGAS, 357 Park St., Gettysburg, Pa. KIRBY M. KIICK, 623 McCartney St., Easton, Pa. E. RUSSELL KLAUK, 15022 Vose St., Van Nuys, Calif. D. LEE KNAPP, 17 Addison Place, I-lo-Ho-Kus, N. I. ANNE E. KNECHT, 75 Avenue "E", Schuylkill Haven, Pa. Fourth Row: H. LANE KNEEDLER, 59 Oak Drive, Lansdale, Pa. THEODORE G. KOERNER. 1012 Stratford Ave., Melrose Park, Pa KATHLEEN E. KOOB, 130-15 217 St., Iamaica 13, N. Y. IANET C. KRATVIL, 1128 Edgewood Lane, Palisade, N. I. S. RICHARD KREMP, Route 5, Chambersburg, Pa. PENELOPE I. KUNKEL, 500 Orchard Ave., Schuylkill Haven, Pa RICHARD D. LANE, 1038 Russell St., Avoca, Pa. IUDITH A. LAPIN, 32 Hemlock Dr., Mastic Beach, N. Y. TERRY L. LAUER, 709 N. George St., York, Pa. First Row: S. TERRY LEHR, 1511 Market St., York, Pa. BARBARA L. LEVERING, 208 Buttonwood Way, Glenside, Pa. IEAN C. LINAH, Route 4, Gettysburg, Pa. BARBARA M. LINDNER, 2902 Homer Ave.. Erie, Pa. ARTHUR Gr. LOHMAN, 520 Sturges Hwy., Fairfield, Conn. MARILYN L, LOWELL, 165 Tenth St., Wood-Ridge, N. I. I. EDWARD LUCAS, III, Box 158 Manor Rd., Glen Arm, Md. GARRETT L, MCAINSH, 1331 18th St., N.W., Washington 6, D. C. KENNETH A. MCCLUSKEY, 530 S. Egg Harbor Rd., Hammonton, N. I. Second Row: STEPHEN C. McCOY, 315 N. Ithan Ave., Rosemont, Pa. LINDA L. MCKENZIE, South Freeport, Me. ELIZABETH M. MACKEY, 7539 Greenhill Rci., Philadelphia 51, Pa. CHARLES W. MALLORY, Quarters 75, West Point, N. Y. WALLBURGA E. MANK, 32-67 42nd St., Long Island City 3, N. Y. CONSTANCE MANN, 211 I-Ieatherwood Rd., Philadelphia 18, Pa. GEORGE R. MARKLEY, 400 Brentwater Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. CHARLES A. MARQUARDT, 2250 Willowbrook Dr., Huntingdon Valley, Pa. FRANK S. MARTIN, 501 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, Pa. Third Row: GEORGE MASS, 44 Wilkins St., Rochester, N. Y. WALTER E. MAUST, 425 S. Franklin St., Hanover, Pa. KATHARYN H. MAYES, 36 Rosemont Ave., Pittsburgh 34, Pa. CAROL D. MENGE, 98 Van Buren St., Dolgeville, N. Y. DAVID G. MILLER, R.D. 1, I-Iellam, Pa. unior Clary EVELYN D. MILLER, 30 Castle Place, Buffalo 14, N. Y. GEORGE W. MILLER, 340 David Drive, Havertown, Pa. PHYLLIS A. MILLS, 640 Cloverfield Place, Silver Spring, Md. RALPH T. MONAI-IAN, 6301 Poindexter Lane, Rockville, Md. Fourth Row: DAVID G. MOULTON, Blakeslee, Pa. ANN C. MUNSHOWER, 118 Lebanon St., Hamilton, N. Y. IOSEPH P. MURPHY, 441 S. Brooksvale Rd.. Cheshire, Conn. HOLLY C. NEVVCOMB, 33 Gerdes Rd., New Canaan, Conn. PETER C. NIKANDER, 6 Stratford Rd., Staten Island, N. Y. ANDREA N. NOYES, 1246 Ellen Court, Silver Spring, Md. THOMAS G. O'REILLY, 91 Bellwood Ave., Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. GEORGE I. OTLOWSKI, 541 Kennedy St., Perth Amboy, N. I GEORGE S. PAPPAS. 1000 S. Frazier St., Philadelphia 43, Pa First Row: C. EDWARD PATTERSON, 140 Maple St., Sumtnit, N. I. DOUGLAS C. PATTON, 209 Irenhyl Ave., Port Chester, N. Y. RUSSELL E. PAUL, 400 Broadway, Westville, N. I. IOHN M. PAWELEK, 1318 E. 36th St., Baltimore 18, Md. DONALD W. PEARCE, 717 Homestead Rd., Havertown, Pa. RICHARD F, PENDLETON, 6810 Greene St., Philadelphia 19, Pa VICKI L. PERKINS, 22 Brandywine Blvd., Wilmington 3, Del. PAUL Q. PHENICIE, 221 Logan St.. l.ewistown, Pa. IAMES F. PIPAL, 27 Hillside Ave., Teaneck, N. I. Second Row: ELIZABETH I. PLATT, 88 N. Brandywine Ave., Schenectady 7, N. Y. IOHN D. PLATTE, 105 Lake St., Pleasantville, N. Y. EMILIE I. PONTIUS, 401 S. Enola Drive, Enola, Pa. e unior Clam PHILIP L. PRIM, 4600 South Road, Harrisburg, Pa. STANLEY C. PROSSER, 639 S. Washington St., Gettysburg, Pa. RUTH ANN PUGH, 1110 Ramble-wood Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. LARRY S. RANKIN, 720 Graham St., Belle Vernon, Pa. PETER L. REEDER, 247 Spruce St., Ernmaus, Pa. IAMES E. REID, 27 Sandford Rd., Fair Lawn, N. I. Third Row: IAMES W. REIMAN, 2806 Ave. I, Brooklyn 10, N. Y. ANNE E. REUS, ll Hillcrest Ave., Hampstead, Md. DAVID M. RHOADS, 901 Spruce St., Hollidaysburg, Pa. IAMES1 C. RICCOBONO, 1394 Tabor Rd., Mt. Tabor, N. I. LUCY F. RICHARDS, 328 99th St., Stone Harbor, N. I. WILLIAM F. RICHARDSON, 1 Shorewood Rd., Marblehead, Mass IERRY B. ROBERTSON, 625 Paddock Rd., Havertown, Pa. IOHN H. G. ROGERS, IR., 1650 Forest Hill, Plainfield, N. I. MARY LOU ROGERS, 108 Plum St., Greenville, Pa. Fourth Row: IAY M. ROSSELL, 517 South Broadway, Pennsville, N. I. GEORGIA A. ROYER, 303 Creston Rd., York, Pa. D. RICHARD RUDOLF, 720 Forest Ave., Geneva, Ill. ROBERT E. RYAN, 567 Manor Rd., Wynnewood, Pa. IOHN S. SAINSBURY, 470 Carlton Rd., Wyckoff, N. I. MARY L. SAMPSON, 858 Willow Grove Rd., Westfield, N. I. ALDEN R. SANBORN, 857 Morningside Rd., Ridgewood, N. I. BRUCE W. SANDS, 5 Behnert Place, Cranford, N. I. ROBERT A. SCI-IIEK, 8054 Audrain Drive, St. Louis 21, Mo. First Row: LARRY SCHIN, 9535 239 St., Bellerose, N. Y. TIMOTHY I. SCHMITT, 715 Ridge Rd., Orange, Conn. ELLEN M. SCHNEIDER, 145 First Ave., Little Falls, N. I. CHARLES R. SCHWARZ, 42 Woodland St., Windsor, Conn. KAREN E. SCHWEMMER, 101-08 Ascaw Ave., Forest Hills, N. Y. CAROLYN M. SCOTT, 332 Oak Road, Glenside, Pa. RUTH E. SELLEW, 3048 Sulgrave Rd., Ardmore, Pa. WILLIAM A. SENSEDERFER, 435 State St., Lancaster, Pa. FREDERICK H. SETTELMEYER, 22 Havtrthorne Rd., Short Hills, N. I. Second Bow: RAY G. SHAFFER. R.D. 1, Wrighlsville, Pa. IOSEPH C. SHARRAH, Cashtown, Pa. HAROLD C. S1-IEADS, IR., 4913 Franklin St., I-larrislaurg, Pa. CHRISTOPHER F. SHENK, 1233 Garfield Ave., lltfyomissing, Pa. ELIZABETH B. SHERWOOD, 1702 Lanham Rd., Falls Church, Va. ANN B. S1-IOCKEY, 265 E. Main St., Moorestown, N. I. THOMAS D. SHREINER, 1172 Elm Ave., Lancasler, Pa. RICHARD A. SIEGEL, 180 Belmont Ave., Iersey City, N. I. TERENCE B. SILLETT, 6106 Pine St., I-Iarrislnurq, Pa. Third Row: THOMAS M. SIMPSON, 2118 Horace Ave., Abington, Pa. MARK W. SLATKIN, 1429 Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn, N. Y. WILLIAM A. SLEZAK, 674 Swarthmore Ave., Ridley Park, Pa. BRUCE W. SMITH, 1142 Markley St., Norrisiown, Pa. GILBERT W. SMITH, R.D. 3, Red Lion, Pa. e unior Clam MARIANNE SMITH, 4051 Wilshire Drive, York, Pa. WILLIAM D. C. SMITH, Box 431, Bryn Mawr, Pa. IOHN R. SOCEY, 1016 Fairmount Ave., Trenton, N. I. BARBARA I... SOHL, 790 E. 37th St., Brooklyn 10, N. Y. Fourth Row: IUDITH L. SPENCER, Springfield Rd., Somers, Conn. IERRY SPINELLI, 1810 Locust St., Norristown, Pa. IACK R. STEVENS, 116-U6 228th St., Cambria Heights ll, N. Y. CARROLL S. STEVVART, 307 Pleasant St., Holyoke, Mass. MERRITT P. STICKER, 1701 Chelsea Rd., Elkins Park 17, Pa. CAROL I. STINCHCOME, 1502 Windermere Ave., Baltimore 18, Md. ARTHUR I-I. STROCK, 16 Ridge Way, Fanwood, N. I. RICHARD' I. STRUNK, G05 Rose Blvd., Baldwin, N. Y. BRUCE I. STUCKEL, 12819 Connecticut Ave., Silver Spring, Md. First Row: SCOTT L. STURGES, 970 River Rd., The Pillars, Youngstown, N. Y. DALE L. SULTZBAUGH, 245 W. Main St., Elizabethville, Pa. ROBERT P. SUMAS, 173 Village Rd., South Orange, N. I. CONSTANCE I. SUTTLES, 3817 Linqlestown Rd., Harrisburq. DORIS M. TAYLOR, 4908 Stafford St., Baltimore 29, Md. NANCY L. TAYLOR, 731 Florida Ave., Pittsburgh 28, Pa. ROBERT L. TAYLOR, 731 Florida Ave., Pittsburgh 28, Pa. WILLIAM I. TAYLOR, 1533 Brookside Drive, Fairfield, Conn. ROBERT W. TELKINS, 1874 Edge Hill Rd., Abington, Pa. Second Row: BARBARA Tl-IATCHER, 3 Wilson Lane, Madison, N. I. P G. WALLACE THAYER, 714 Washington St., Braintree 85, Mass. IOANNE THOMAS, 4321 Walther Blvd., Baltimore 14, Md. unior Clam ALLEN S. THOMPSON, 10 Chatham Lane, Mullica Hill, N. I. GARY I. THOMPSON, Amenia, N. Y. NEIL I. THOMPSON, 86-91 Palo Alto St., Hollis 23, N. Y. TAMSIE L. TRAETON, Box 656, Westport, Conn. WILLIAM F. TRAKAT, 506 Cowpath Rd., Lansdale, Pa. E. IOEL REXLER, 43 Church St., Macunqie, Pa. Third Row: DOUGLAS O. TRUAX, R.D. 2, Berwick, Pa. RAYMOND C. TRUEX, 219 Avon Rd., Narbeth, Pa. C. ALEX TRUCK, 1000 Oak St., Elmira, N. Y. PETER VAN NAME, 36 Wellington Drive, Oranqe, Conn. VALERIE L. VILD, 23 Vine St., Fords, N. I. IAMES S. VINSON, 1229 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, Pa. G. FREDERICK VON EIFF, 252 Old Mamaroneck Rd., White Plains, N.Y THEODORE A. WACHHAUS, 3219 Derry St., Harrisburg, Pa. WAYNE U. WAGNER, 1536 Kenneth Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. Fourth Row: DORICE I. WALLEY, 29 Marion St., Farmingdale, N. Y. GRACE E. WASSMER, 5908 Wilmett Rd., Bethesda 14, Md. IOAN M. WATERS, 5803 Bradley Blvd., Bethesda 14, Md. ROBERT E. WATSON, Mi. Rose Rd., Pennington, N. I. WALTER M. WEBER, Box 92B Hoffman Station Rd., Enqlishtown, N. I WILLIAM H. WELLMAN, 41 Coolidge Ave., 'West Caldwell, N. I. THOMAS L. WENGER, Quentin, Pa. I. STEPHEN VVHETSTONE, 203 Sylvan Rd., Bloomfield, N. I. IOSEPH L. WILLIAMS, 8202 Moorland Lane, Bethesda 14, Md. First Row: I. REBECCA WILLY, 2954 Lovell Ave., Broomall, Pa. K. BOYD WILSON, 859 Grandview Blvd., Lancaster, Pa. ANTHONY C. WINCH, 98 Meadow Sl., Garden Cily, N. Y. RICHARD H. WIX, 2444 Canby St., Harrisburg, Pa. FRED G. WRIGHT, 1209 Mason Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. PETER W. WRIGHT, 524 Prescott Rd., Merion. Pa. C. GARY WYNKOOP, 1928 Old Gulph Rd.. Villanova, Pa. PENNOCK I, YEATMAN, 238 Lincoln Sl., Kennett Square, Pa. C. ANDREW YVOH, IR., 1630 N.E. 27111 Dr., Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Second How: FRANK W. YOUNG, 829 Onaha Si., Honolulu. Hawaii. MARTIN T. YOUNG, 24 Taplin Ave., Maywood, N. I. INAYNE D. ZAIAC. 5004 Morello Rd., Mallimore 14. Md. 21 5 T e unior Ckm First Row: IOHN W. ACKERMAN, IR., 572 Prospect St., Nutley, N. I. GEORGI ANNE M. ACKERSON, 24 Barlow St., Gettysburg, Pa. VICKI S. ADCOCK, 1813 Arden Drive, Bloomington, Ind. RICHARD- H, ALBRIGHT, IR., Quarryville, Pa. M. LYNNE ALDRIDGE, Flying Point Rd., Water Mill, N. Y. VIRGINIA M. ALLEN, Box 394, Pine Beach, N. I. DIANNE MARIE ANDERSON, 4441 Lowell St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. PAUL R. ANDREWS, 4601 Brandywine St., Washington 16, D. C. IUDITH A. ARMSTRONG, 14 Dolan Ave., South Amboy, N. I. Second Row: BARBARA A. ARNOLD, 50 Arnold Dr., Westminster, Md. SCOTT E. ASI-LMAN, 5802 Murryhill, Pittsburgh, Pa. S. BRIAN AVNET, 3833 Sequoia Ave., Baltimore 15, Md. e Sophomore Clam DOUGLAS I. AWAD, Park Drive, South Rye, N. Y. CAROL L. BAILEY, 3300 Lowell St., N.W., Washington 8, D. C. CHARLES E. BALTZ, IR., 2132 Alberta Ave., Linden, N. I. IOI-IN I. BANCROFT, 376 Prospect St., East Orange, N. I. PETER A. BARNES, 4625 Harlem Rd., Buffalo, N. Y. DAVE E. BARTON, 41 Vokes Terr., Lynniield, Mass. Third Row: GARY E. BASHIAN, 973 Sheffield Rd., Teaneck, N. I. " DIANE E. BAST, 417 E. Main St., Schuylkill Haven, Pa. ION A. BAUGHMAN, 963 Hummel Ave., Lemoyne, Pa. CLYDE S. BETTS, N. Radcliffe St., Bristol, Pa. S. BRUCE BEUCHLER, 164 Wedston Dr., Morrisville, Pa. IOHN R. BIDDLE, 652 5th St., Huntingdon, Pa. BARBARA A. BIFFAR, 112 Palmer Ave., Tenafly, N. I. IANICE H. BIGELOW, A-7 Apt. Dorm, Lutheran Seminary, burg, Pa. CHARLES P. BLACKMAN, 8 East Main St., Lansdale, Pa. Fourth Row: SUSAN ANNE BLACKHARD, 44 Barton Circle, North Haven, STEPHEN F. BLANK, 115 N. Reading Ave., Boyertown, Pa. MARGARET BLISS, 20 Aldon Terrace, Bloomfield, N. I. LYNNE W. BLOSSOM, 283 N. Central Ave., Ramsey, N. I. THOMAS P. BOALS, 1931 Mulberry St., Harrisburg, Pa. ETHEL L. BOLSTAD, 47 Rhoda Ave., Nutley 10, N. I. MARY E. BOTBYL, Main St., Monsey, N. Y. NANCY L. BOTBYL, Main St., Monsey, N. Y. ERNEST N. BOWEN, 26 Spring Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y. Getty Conn. First Row: CLARE M. BRADFORD, 527 Mixsell St., Easton, Pa. BARBARA V. BRATTIG, 1719 Newkirk Ave.. Brooklyn 26, N. Y. ELIZABETH C. BRENNECKE, Box 38, Rich Square, N. C. DAVID E. BRENNER, 236 Green St., Doylestown, Pa. FRANCES E. BREWSTER, 201 Volan St., Merchantville, N. I. POTTER BRIMLOW, IR., 517 Glenwood St., Emmaus, Pa. SARAH W. BRINKERHOFF, 4317 Hamilton Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. VIRGINIA R. BROWN, 804 Gosher Ave., West Chester, Pa. ALYCE V. BRUENE, Beechwood Dr., Morristown, N. I. Second Row: ROBERT A. BRUSH, 400 Ridge Rd., Orange, Conn. E. DAVID BUCHER, Owings Mills, Md. WILLIAM R. BURFEIND, II9 Oak Drive, R.D. I, Camp Hill, Pa. GEORGE C. BURGHARDT, 145 Cooper Dr., New Rochelle, N. Y. IOHN A. BUSHNELL, 1470 Rockwell Rd., Abington, Pa. HARRY W. BUZZERD, IR., 760 Glenwood Ave., Williamsport, Pa. IANE L. CALDERWOOD, 33 West Irving Chevy Chase, Md. CHRISTINE A. CARUSO, Box 1049, Southampton, N. Y. SUSAN E. CASTELLAN, 95-07 243 St., Bellerose 26, N. Y. Third Row: RAMON I. CASTRO, 6 Dahill Rd., Plainview, N. Y. BETTY I. CHALMERS, 28 Highland Rd., Valley Stream, N. Y. SUSAN D. CHAPIN, 428 Allendale Way, Camp Hill, Pa. CURTIS P. CHEYNEY, 40 Decatur Rd., Havertown, Pa, CAROL M. CLAESSEN, Il Rose Lane it-T.. Merrick, N. Y. Sophomore Clow IEFFREY I. CLARKE, 428 Bloomfield Ave., Nutley 10, N. I. CHRISTINE A. CLATANOFF, New Brunswick, N. I. RICHARD D. CLELAND, 53 Vine Rd., Larchrnont, N. Y. FREDERICK L. COLE, IR., 218 Bettlewood Ave., Oaklyn, N. I. Fourth Row: MARILYN M. COMFORT, 125 White Horse Pike, Haddon Heights, N.I. CHRISTOPHER W. CONOVER, 193 Harding Dr., New Rochelle, N. Y. EARLE W. CONRAD, 837 Fernhill Rd., Glenside, Pa. DAVID F. COOLEDGE, 8 Devereaux St., Arlington 74, Mass. NANCY I. CORNELIUS, Susquehanna St., Iohnstown, Pa. MARGARET A. COULSON, 1144 Main Street, Akron, Pa. DOUGLAS W. CRAIG, 502 Weidman Ave., Sinking Spring, Pa. BRUCE T. CRANDALL, 2 Abbott Ave., Earlville, N. Y. PHILIP U. CRANE, 206 E. Park Rd., Havertown, Pa. First Row: ALFRED CREW, 425 Wastena Terr., Ridgewood, N. I. THOMAS C. CRIST, 2 Elm St., Gettysburg, Pa. G. SCOTT CUSHMAN, Snake Hill Rd., Belmont 78, Mass. WILLIAM M. DAVIES, 3rd-137 Progress St., Lincoln, R. I. SHIRLEY A. DAVIS, York Springs, Pa. ROBERT DAWES, 20 Benjamin West Ave., Swarthmore, Pa LANE H. DAYLOR, 1150 High St., Pottstown, Pa. RICHARD W. DEANEY, l Sunset Dr., No. Caldwell, N. I. SERGIO l. DeARAUIO-, 34 McLoughlin St., Glen Cove. N. Y. Second Row: GUSSIE A. DEMCHYK, 820 Fernwoocl St., Ernmaus, Pa. DAVID H. DENNEN, 1 Bay Statte Rd., Wellesley, Mass. JEFFREY S. A. DENNER, 33 N. Main St., Manchester, Md. e Sophomore Clam DENISE E. DERINGER, 11129 Carlisle St., Natrona Hts., Pa. BARBARA R. DIEI-IR, 1946 Blair Blvd., Wooster, Ohio. CHARLES W. DILLEY, IB., R.D. 3, Bethlehem, Pa. IOHN A. DOUGLASS, 1949 Lycoming Ave., Abington, Pa. IOANNE M. DOWLING, 4C4 W. Garden Rd., Orelancl, Fa. STEVEN A. DRESSNER, 365 E. Shore Rd., Great Neck, N. Third Row: WALTER P. DURAND, 974 Pittsburgh St., Springdale, Pa. ROBERT I. DURST, 228 Mercer St., Munhall, Pa. DOROTHY L. DYOTT, 404 Trippe Ave., Easton, Md. DOROTHY E. ECKERT, 4215 Stuart Ave., Richmond 21, Va. ROBERT D. EGAN, 41 Oakridge Rd., Bloomfield, N. l. RUTH El-IRMAN, Elm Court, Butler, Pa. DAVID A. EISENHOWER, 127 Tyson Rd., Newton Sq., Pa. ANTHONY S. EMERY, 2801 Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. LYNDA N. ENGEL, 5424 Springdale Way, Baltimore, Md. Fourth Row: WILLIAM H. ENGEL, 599 Upper Blvd., Ridgewood, N. I. ELIZABETH S. ENTREKIN, lOU5 Olive St., Coatesville, Pa. W. REED ERNST, 2157 Yale Ave., Camp Hill, Pa. RICHARD W. ESSER, 2901 Rathton Rd., Camp Hill, Pa, WILLIAM F. EVANS, 10 Single Lane, Wallingford, Pa. WILLIAM H. EVERETT, 513 Dartmouth Ave., Sliver Spring, Y Md RANDOLPH D. EYLER, U.S.A. Chap. Sch., Pt. Slocum, N. Y. SUSAN A. EYMANN, 42 Ianet St., Kingston, N. Y. IAMES R. FARRAR, 410 Broad Ave., Belle Vernon, Pa. First Row: E. THOMAS FAULKNER, IR., 626 S. Newberry Si., York, Pa. CAROL L. FEGLEY, 3770 Sycamore Dr., Easton, Pa. LANNY G. FELTY, 112 Mifflin St., Pine Grove, Pa. ALLEN S. FERG, 410 Kings Highway, Moorestcwn, N. I. BEN FERNANDEZ, IR., 30 Elmwood Terr., Linden. N. I. ERIC D. FIELDS, 229 Fillmore Si., Hunlingion, N. Y. IANET I. FILING, 1448 Woodford Dr., Wayne, Pa. DOUGLAS ELACK, 1064 Esplanade, Pelham, N. Y. PAUL D. FOLKEMER, 4404 Rokeby Rd., Ballimf-re 29, Md. Second Row: VANCE B. FOREPAUGH, IR., 72 Wyo. Hills Blvd., Reading, Pa. AMY E. FORSMAN, 16 Cliff Rd., Merrick, L. 1., N. Y. IOANNE V. FOSTER, 139 S. Main Si., Doyleslown, Pa. STEVEN M. FOX, Route 60, Allentown, Pa. IACKSON C. FRANK, 1.491 Bowen Rd., Elma, N. Y. IAN H. FREDERIKSEN, 1971 W. Market St., Poitsville, Pa. ROBERT E. FURNEY, 734 Sunset Ave., Geilysinurg, Pa. IAMES L. GARBUTT, 747 Baeder Rd., Ienkirmiown, Pa. RICHARD V. GARDINER, 411 Stale Rd., Gladwyne, Pa. Third Row: IUDY A. GARLAND, 36 Tunnel Sl., Lansiord, Pa. BRUCE D. GARMAN, 225 S. Oak Si., Ephrata, Pa. WAYNE L. GARRETT, R.D. 1, Hanover, Pa. HELEN A. GATTERDAM, 75-51 195 St., Flushing 66, N. Y. MARILOUISE GAUTSCH, 7780 l7ih Si., N.W., 'Washington 12, D. C. Sophomore Clam FRANK B. GEDDES, 1445 Edgewood Ave., Roslyn, Pa. STEPHEN D. GELFOND, 716 Ashbourne Rd., Philadelphia 17, Pa. CAROL SUE GEPPERT, 956 Braddock Rd., Cumberland, Md. HOWARD GERKEN, R.D. 2, Freehold, N. I. Fourth How: DONNA 1. GILBERT, Biglerville, Pa. ROBERT H. GILMAN, 671 Belgrove Dr., Kearny, N. I. BETSY A. GLENN, 406 Bridge Sl., Towanda, Pa. KENNETH E. GODDARD, 60 Argyle Rd., Alberison, N. Y. HARVEY B. GOSS, 124 Academy Hill, Lewistown, Pa. JAMES S. GRANT, 340 Ardmore Ave., Ardmore, Pa. ANGELA R. GRAVINO, 306 Delaware St., Woodbury, N. I. DOUGLAS C. GRIEBNER, 531 Green Field Rd., Lewiston, N. Y. BARBARA G. GROSSMAN, 1302 Chatham Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. First Row: BARRY L. GRUBER, 2017 Holly St., Harrisburg, Pa. CAROL GULICK, 462 Berkeley Ave., Orange, N. I. ROGER W. HACKSTAFF, 27 West Neck Rd., Huntington, N. Y. HILLARY H. HAINES, 17 Braeburn Rd., Havertown, Pa. IERRY L. HALE, 3733 Sylvan Dr., Baltimore 7, Md. PAUL W. HARBISON, IR., 2506 Pine Rd., Huntingdon Valley. IOHN E. HARKINS, 437 Meer Ave., Wyckoff, N. I. DAVID L. HARRISON, Lenni Rd., Glen Riddle, Pa. IOHN B. HARRY, 57 Audrey Dr., Pittsburgh 36, Pa. Second Row: RICHARD G. HART, l Serene Lane, Yardley, Pa. GEORGE L. HARTENSTEIN, IV, 1201 Ruxton Rd., York, Pa. MARTHA V. HARTMAN. Box 664, Rt. 2, Severna Park, Md. e Sophomore Clam Pa ELAINE A. HARTZELL, Fayetteville, Pa. THOMAS C. HASEK, 1505 Savoy Place, Lynchburg, Va. MARION P. HATCH, 425 Pelham Manor Rd., Pelham, N. Y. CAROLYN M. HAUSER, 98 Suffolk Rd., Wellesley Hills, Mass. SUSAN I-l. HAWS, 602 Hastings Rd., Towson 4, Md. ELIZABETH W. HEADLEY, 130 Delano Dr., Pittsburgh 36, Pa. Third Row: IOI-IN L. HECKEN, 159 Locust Ave., Garden City, L. I., N. Y. WILLIAM N. HEDEMAN, IR., 7313 Knollwood Rd., Towson 4, Md CONSTANCE L. HEDLAND, 381 High St., Highspire, Pa. NANCY L. HELSEL, Hqs. Etain Sub Post, APO 87, New York, N. Y .ORETTA I. HELWIG, 3902 Groveland Ave., Baltimore l5, Md. BETTY HENZE, 3924 Nethefield Rd., Philadelphia 29. Pa. REBECCA A. HERMAN, 103 Lyndhurst Rd., York, Pa. MARY LEA HEYDON, 281 Clinton Place, Hackensack, N. I. SUZANNE E. HILLIARD, 431 Berryhill Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. Fourth Row: RAYMOND C. HITTINGER, 406 Erie St., White I-Iaven, Pa. I. CRIST HOFFMAN, 2400 Walnut St., Harrisburg, Pa. IUDITH L. HOFFMAN, 107 W. Broadway, Gettysburg, Pa. LYNN I. HOFFMAN, 409 Forest Ave., Iohnstown, Pa. RICHARD I. HOFMANN, 8 Pinewood Ct., Short Wills, N. I. THEODORE A. HOHN, 60 Severan Ave., Springfield, N. I. ROBERT G. HOOPER, Wallcersville, Md. KAYE L. HOOVER, Box l3, Woodbury, Pa. IO ANN HOPE, l96 Harleysville Pike, Souderton, Pa. First Row: IESSE G. I-IOUCK III, 1447 Sunset Drive, Pottstown, Pa. THOMAS M. HOUGHTON, 489 Vermont St., Olean, N. Y. BARRY R. HOWE, 1504 Harding Blvd., Norristown, Pa. MELISSA P. HOWE, 4708 Alton Pl., N.W., Washington, D. C. PHILIP H. HUDSON, R.D. l, Dillsburq, Pa. MARY S. HUNNICUTT, 1919 Ursinus Ave., Lancaster, Pa. NANCY E. HUNTER, 419 Lincoln Ave., Highland Park, N. I. IOY HUNTINGTON, 822 Gordon Ave., Falls Church, Va. BARBARA A. INGRAM, 9 Clemson Drive, Camp Hill, Pa. Second Row: SHERRY IACKSON, 238 Walnut St., Westlleld, N. l. WILLIAM B. IACOBSEN, 570 Kenwood Place, Teaneck, N. I. ROBERT W. IAKOBER, 35 Calaman Rd., Cranston, R. I. MAIIA IAUNZEMIS, 428 Pleasant Valley Blvd., Altoona, Pa. GEORGE E. IEFFERIES, 900 Orange St., Oberlin-Steelton, Pa. IOHN A. IEFFERIES, 900 Orange St., Oberlin-Steelton, Pa. CATHERINE A. IOHNSON, 3533 Saw Mill Rd., Newton Square, Pa. CLINTON E. IOHNSON, R.D. 2, Box 1l3A, Brewerton, N. Y. IANET D. IOHNSON, 84 E. Broadway, Gettysburg, Pa. Third Row: SARA C. IOHNSON, clo Chief Navy Group Iusmmat. APO 254, N. Y. WILLIAM S. IOHNSON, 526 Lakewood Rd., Neptune, N. I. C1-IAUNCEY O. IOHNSTONE, 635 Park Ave., New York 21, N. Y. GEORGE R. IONES, IR., R.D. 2, Box 141, Aberdeen. Md. RICHARD D. IONES. 19 Circle Rd., Scarsdale, N. Y. R. MICHAEL KARR, 643 Upper Market St., Milton, Pa. T Sophomore Clary MARK A. KAUFKI, 600 8th Ave., Asbury Park, N. I. GEORGE A. KAUFMANN, 1819 Roberta Ave., Abington, Pa. WOUTER KEESING, 4508 45th St., N.W., Washington 16, D. C. Fourth Row: LINDA I. KELLER, 3219 Brownsville Rd., Trevose, Pa. DOUGLAS E. KEPNER, 300 E. 4th St., Berwick, Pa. DAVID B. KERR, I8 Orpinqton St., Hamden, Conn. FREDERICK R. KIRSCI-I, 438 Clubway, Hackensack, N. I. NANCY L. KLEIN, 224 Berkeley Rd., Glenside, Pa. IOAN L. KLEINFELDER, 13 Webster Ave., Summit, N. I. ELIZABETH E. KNOLL, Richland, Pa. FREDERIC KOCH, 931 S. Poplar St., Allentown, Pa. HENRY M. KOCH, IR., 32 Hawthorne Rd., Wyoming I-Iills, Reading, Pa. First Row: ALICE E. KOLZ, 364 Owen Ave., Fair Lawn, N. I. EDWARD A. KRAMER, 2315 Rudy Road, Harrisburg, Pa. A. DIANE KUEI-INE, 1623 Larkspur Dr., Mountainside, N. I. DANIEL W. LANG, 501 W. White Horse Pike, Lindenwold, R. PENN LARDNER, IR., Z0 Clinton Ave., Montclair, N. I. EDWARD B. LARSON, 400 Strathmore Rd., Havertown, Pa. WILLIAM LAUBER, II, 1111 Ormond Ave., Drexel 1-Iill, Pa. GEORGIA C. LAURIDSEN, Wassona Park, Marion, Va. DONALD T. LAWRENCE, 826 Coles Ave., Merchantville, N. Second Row: IUDITH S. LAWRENCE, 161 Birch Tree St., Westwood, Mass. PETER D. LEE, 243 N. Washington St., Gettysburg, Pa. RICHARD L. LEVENGOOD, R.D. 3, Reading, Pa. Sophomore Class N. I. I. HENRY F. LINCK, IR., 3110 Parktowne Rd., Baltimore 14, Md. CHARLES H. LISSE, 1723 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa. DONALD W. LOCHMAN, 509 Collingdale Ave., Collingdale, Pa. WILLIAM B. LOI-IRENTZ, 1651 Williamsburg Rd., Pittsburgh 16, Pa IAMES C. LOMBARDI, 12 Oxford St., Montclair, N. I. ROBERT G. LOPRESTI, 34 Westminster Rd., Great Neck, N. Y. Third Row: FRANCES E. LORENZO, Cedar Heights, Annandale, N. I. BRUCE I-I. LOW, 22 Dixie Drive, Towson 4, Md. ALAN R. LUKENS, 425 Edgeboro Dr., Newton, Pa. LEE F. LYBARGER, N. 8th St., Mittlinburq, Pa. IOI-IN W. LYNES, IR., 355 S. Marshall St., Lancaster, Pa. IAMES L. MCCLOY, 312 Eagle St., Mt. Pleasant, Pa. DAVID G. MCCORMICK, 111 Depew Ave., Buffalo 14, N. Y. HAROLD A. MCELROY, 4 Hemlock St., Montvale, N. I. IEAN A. MCCORD, R.D. 2, Valencia, Pa. Fourth Row: PAUL W. MACKASEK, 148 Albertson Parkway, Albertson, N. Y SUE R. MacKNIGI-IT, 8318 Haddon Drive, Takoma Park 12, Md. ORTRUD MAI-ILER, 2535 Harrison Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. NORMA M. MAIDMENT, 17 Leigh Dr., Plorham Park, N. I. WILLIAM F. MALLETT, IR., Truesdale Lane, South Salem, N. Y. ROBERT I. MANNING, 99 Pleasant I-Iills Blvd., Pittsburgh 36, Pa WILLIAM C. MARTINDALE, IR., 2920 Belmont Ave., Ardmore, Pa GEORGE C, MARTZ, 2632 Eastwood Dr., York, Pa. GEORGE E. MAYER, 81 Midwood Rd., Teaneck, N. I. First Row: MARION E. MEIER, 410 66th Ave., Philadelphia 26, Pa. CAROLYN M. MEISTER, 210 Valley Dr., Pittsburgh 15, Pa. DAVID O. MEIXALL, 20 Crane St.. Caldwell, N. I. SUSAN M. MERRILL, 90 Pond St., Georgetown, Mass. BARBARA L. METZNER, 1290 Lowther Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. IAMES L. MEYERS, 3109 Glenmore Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. CAROLE A. MIELKE, Teaticket Path, Falmouth, Mass. SUE A. MILLER, 310 S. Hanson St., Easton, Md. IERALD E. MIRROW, 6420 Dorcas St., Philadelphia, Pa. Second Row: IOHN F. MORGAN, 236 Edward Ave., Pittsburgh 16, Pa. ANN MORROW, R.D. 1, New Bloorniield, Pa. PETER MUCHA, IR., 207 S. Center St., Frackville, Pa. IOHN A. MULHERN, 116 Main St., Orange, N. I. HANK MULLER, 13-32 146 St., Whitestone 57, N. Y. LOWELL W. MUNSON, 20 Fuller Ave., Chatham, N. I. WARREN F. MUTH, 39 Hemlock St., Islip, N. Y. ALBERT C. NEWMANN, 88 Steve-nsave, Littlefalls, N. I. M. HARDY NICHOLS, 236 Buford Ave., Gettysburg, Pa. Third Row: BRUCE A. NIELSEN, 12020 84 Ave., Kew Gardens 15, N. Y IAMES L. NYE, 2460 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. WILLIAM E. OFF, 61 Suqartown Rd., Malvern, Pa. BOBBI OLDERSI-IAW, 107 Shaver Ave., Shavertown, Pa. SONIA I. OLSEN, 7040 Colonial Rd., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. FRANCES S. OROBONO, 2 W'est 23rd St., Chester, Pa. LINDA A. OSBORN, 546 Sunset Ave., I-'Iawc.rth, N. I. Sophomore Clam' MARTIN D. PALMER, 7319 District Hts. Pkwy., Washington 28, D. C. WILLIAM V. K. PARKELL, 52 Reckless Pl., Red Bank, N. I. Fourth Row: KATHLEEN A. PARR, 15 Third St., Pequannoclc, N. I, TIMOTHY H. PARSONS, 61 Watchung Ave., Montclair, N. I. PAUL A. PASCHKE, 278 East Ninth St., Oswego, N. Y. IANET M. PATTERSON, 518 N. Meadowcrott Ave., Pittsburgh 16, Pa. SUSAN I. PAULSON, 78 Waldron Ave., Glen Rock, N. I. SANDRA P. PERRY, 150 Hillside Ave., Metuchen, N. I. DAVID S. PERTUSIO, 3447 Clifton Blvd., Wantagh, N. Y. DOUGLAS G. PINCOCK, 3604 Cardiff Rd., Chevy Chase 15, Md. DAVID G. POMFRET, 127 Field Crest Rd., New Canaan, Conn. First Row: BURRILL C. PORTER, 2537 Pe-nbrook Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. LINDA C. PRICE, 157 Arch St., Sunbury, Pa. ANTOINETTE O. PRISCO, 15 Briarheath Lane, Clark, N. I. BRUCE N. PRITCHARD, 647 I-larristown Rd., Glen Rock, N. 1. IOYCE E. QUINN, 255 Marcellus Rd., Mineola, N. Y. BEVERLY L. RADCLIFFE, 421 Windsor St., Reading, Pa. ROBERT E. RANKIN, III, 2630 Ramshorn Dr., Manasquan, N. I. AARON A. RASSAS, 99 N. Riveredge Dr., Little Silver, N. I. PATREA A. REAM, 166 Oak Manor Pk., So. Plainfield. N. I. Second Row: KAREN E. REBERT, 2075 Knob Hill Rd., York, Pa. THOMAS M. REESE, 111 Penn St., Martinsburg, Pa. ERIC D. REIFF, 858 Mansion Drive, Huntingdon Valley, Pa. e Sophomore Clays IOI-IN REIS, 137 Brook St., Garden City, N. Y. ANN L. REYNOLDS, 225 McCully St., Pittsburgh 16, Pa. CAROL S. REYNOLDS, 4 Horton St., Rye, N. Y. KAREN L. RIBBLETT, 1489 Frankstown Rd., lohnslown, Pa. REBECCA A. RIFE, 21 S. Grant St., Waynesboro, Pa. ULO M. RIIVALD, 418 Monmouth Ave., Lakewood, N. I. Third Row: IEAN C. RITTERSHAUSEN, 55 Carman St., Hempstead, N. Y. SANDRA E. ROBERTS, 1412 N. Market St., Frederick, Md. RONALD A. P. ROCK, 2575 Sedgwick Ave., Box 68, N. Y. CLAUDIA A. ROEDER, 45-68 196th St., Flushing 58, N. Y. IAMES H. ROLLYSON, 40 Darrow St., South River, N. I. ROGER D. ROSENSTOCK, 170 Hawthorne St., Brooklyn 25, N. A. LINDSAY ROWLAND, Millville, Pa. RAE C. RUSTAD, 225 Homewood Rd., Linthicum Heights, Md. IOSEPH W. SABO, R.D. 2. Biglerville, Pa. Fourth Row: ROWINA E. SACHS, 506 Blackwell Way, Neptune, N. I. EDWARD H. SALMON, 1033 Walnut St., Lemoyne, Pa. WILLIAM C. SALZMANN, 15 Morgan Pl., Keamy, N. I. DOROTHY I. SAMUEL, 20 Roselyn Dr., York, Pa. ALLEN W. SANBORN, Duncan Rd., White Hall, Md. RICHARD M. SANDERS, 2 Whitehall Blvd., Garden City, N. Y. RICHARD I. SANTILLO, 2806 Second Ave., Norristown, Pa. ROBERT W. SASSAMAN, 873 Southern Rd., York, Pa. C. RICHARD SAVAGE, R.D. 2, Bloomshurq, Pa. Y First Row: IAMES M. SAVAGE, 139 Chestnut St., Shillington, Pa. PHYLLIS E. SAVAGE, 135 Haddon Ave., Collingswood, N. I. MARY C. SAYER, Mt. Bethel, Pa. ELIZABETH M. SCHAEFR, 30 West Hobart Gap Rd., Livingston, IANE B. SCHAEFER, 39 Chandler St., Rockledge, Pa. SUSAN E. SCI-IEIHING, 2303 "B" Loney St.. Philadelphia, Pa PETER I. SCHELKER, 17 Rockwood Dr., Larchmont, N. Y. FRED O. SCI-IICKER, 579 South Forest Dr., W. Englewood, N. DAVID W. SCHNEIDER, 1325 East High St., Springfield, Ohio Second Row: MARLENE M. SCHOEN, 1532 Lehigh St., Easton, Pa. FRANK I. SCHROEN, Poplar Ridge Rd., Pasadena, Md. THOMAS F. SCOTT, 524 Dudley Court, Westfield, N. I. CATHERINE M. SCOZZARO, 2841 Nottingham Way, Trenton 9. N. I. I. N. I. IANET C. SEWARD, 204 E. Belvedere Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. DAVID C. SHAFFER, B6 N. Grant St., Manheim, Pa. TED G. SHARP, 2I South St., Yarmouth, Maine. F. BARRY SHAW, 810 S. Providence Rd., Chester, Pa. GAIL E. SI-IEA, R.F.D. 5, Harrisonburg, Va. Third Row: TIM S. SHELLEY, R.D. 1, Red Lion, Pa. PAUL L. SHOWALTER, B32 Pine St., Denver, Pa. LINDA O. SHUMAN, R.D. l, Mechanicsburq, Pa. CAROL A. SIEMERS, 5 N. Coloane Terr., West Orange, N. I. RODNEY P. SIMONDS, 26 Sixth Ave., Nyack, N. Y. IOI-IN C. SIMS, IR., 31 Lehigh Court, Rockville Centre, N. Y. ALAN W. SMITH, 26 Holly Lane, Darien, Conn. Sophomore Clam DONALD E. SMITH, 434 W. High St., Gettysburg, Pa. GRANT S. SMITH, 40 Phelps St., East Hartford 8, Conn Fourth Row: IAMES E. SMITH, Star Rt. 2, Shippenisburg, Pa. IOEL F. SMITH, 2933 Neifeld Ave., Baltimore, Md. KATHLEEN A. SMITH, Barrville Rd., Elba, N. Y. VIRGINIA A. SMITH, 228 Logan St., Lewistown, Pa. SUSAN I. SMITTEN, 536 Park Ave., Uniondale, N. Y. MARK I. SNYDER, 812 Locust St., Lebanon, Pa. LYNN E. SODEMANN, 2949 Roxbury Rd., Oceanside, N Y EDWARD G. SOUTHWORTH, 228 Nimitz Ave., State College P DONALD B, SPAHR, 503 Saratoga Ave., Glen Barnie, Md First Row: KAREN B. SPONHEIMER, 99 Yale Rd., Hartsdale. N. Y. C. MARTIN STAUB, 242 Broadway, Meyersdale, Pa. CARL R. STERNAT, 3938 Dowling Ave., Pittsburgh 21, Pa. IOHN B, STEVENS, IR., 204 Berkeley Rd., Glenside, Pa. WAYNE C. STREITZ, 6 Broad St., Clayton, N. I. FRANK E. STUART, P.O. Box 329, Colon Republic, Panama. PAMELA I. STURGE, 58 Mead St., Hempstead, N. Y. KARL L. STUTZMAN, 26 Mead Ave., Freehold, N. I. DAVID W. SUNDAY, 1747 Swatara St.. Harrisburg Pa. Second Row: RICHARD C. SUNDAY, R.D. 1, Mechanicsburq, Pa. DONALD T. SZEGDA, 725 Wilson St., Chester, Pa. BRUCE A. TAYLOR, 9 Hickory Lane, New Canaan, Conn. Sophomore Class CHARLES F. TAYLOR, III, 125 S. 27th St., Camp Hill, Pa. RICHARD W. TAYLOR, Box 51, Glen Mills, Pa., R.D. 2. PAUL L. TECKLENBERG, 518 Franklin Ave., Balltimore 21, Md. MARY ANN TEST, 119 Homestead Ave., Haddonfield, N. I. LEILA I. THARP, 429 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, Pa. DEBORAH F. THOMAS, 1918 Waterbury Rd., Cheshire, Conn. Third Row: WILLIAM M. THOMAS, Brookville Lane, Old Brookville, L.1., N. WILLIAM M. TILDEN, 4 Haines Drive, Moorestown, N. I. KENNETH W. TYSON, 102 N. Everhart Ave., West Chester, Pa. FRANK A. URSOMARSO, 1004 Shadeland Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. LANCE G. VALT, 43-35 Kissena Blvd., Flushing, N. Y. ROBERT B. VanAMBERG, 183 Forest Ave., Montclair, N. I. PETER E. VENDT, 655 Main St., Hyannis, Mass. RALPH L. VIGNATI, 99 Valley View Dr., Wetherstield, Conn. C. ALBERT WAGAMAN, 2423 N. 4th St., Harrisburg, Pa. Fourth Row: ROBERT L. WAGNER, 110 4th Ave., S.W., Glen Burnie, Md. ELIZABETH A. WAKEFIELD, 68 Grandview Pl,. Upper Montclair IONATHAN I. WALBORN, S. Liberth St., Orwigsburg, Pa. PATRICIA A. WEAVER, 225 S. Howard Ave., Gettysburg, Pa. ROBERT W. WEBBER, 9 Sunnybrook Rd., Bronxville, N. Y. ALICE E. WEINHOLD, 771 Mt. Vernon Ave., Haddonfield, N. I ALFRED K. WEISENBECK, 40 Canterbury Ct., Teaneck, N. I. SUE E. WESTCOTT, 639 Church St., Boonton, N. I. CLIFFORD P. WICKS, 62 Hoyt St., Stamford, Conn. First Row: ANDREW S. WILDRICK, ISO3 Meetinqhouse Rd., Huntingdon Valley DONALD F. WINSTEL, 315 New Market St., Salem, N. I. ROBERT C. WINTERS, IR., 304 Lake Drive, Allenhurst, N. I. PATRICIA A. WISHART, 699 E. Grand Ave., Rahway, N. I. NORMAN C. WITT, Greenwich Ave., Goshen, N. Y, SARA K. WOLF, 139 Highland Ave., Wadsworth, Ohio. WILLIAM M. WOLF, 124 W. Walnut Lane, Philadelphia 44, Pa. DAVID R. WOLFF, 9368 Norihqale Dr., Allison Park, Pa. I. ROBERT WOLFGANG, 1036 Blvd., Westfield, N. I. Second Row: HENRY F. WOLTMAN, Country Club Manor Apl. H-9, York, Pa PETER A. WOOD, 904 Delene Rd., Jenkintown, Pa. ROBERT E. W. YOUNG, P.O. Box 43, Ierferson, Md. GEORGE W. ZEEMER, 620 LeMoyne Ave. Ext., Washington, Pa IUDY N. ZILKER, 609 High St., Easton, Pa. STEVEN F. ZINNER, 735 Argyle Rd., Brooklyn, N. Y. .Pa. Sophomore low First Row: F. DAVID AKER, 2925 Swede Road, Norristown, Pa. IANET E. ALBERICH, Hasbrouck Heights. N. I. HARRY L. ALLEN, 4204 Hartel Ave., Philadelphia 36, Pa. WILSON S. ALLING, 74 Melrose Pl., Montclair, N. I. DEAN C. AMADON, 62 Kirkland Cir., Wellesley, Mass. RUSSELL P. ANGERMAN, 501 Unruh St., Philadelphia 11, Pa. R. PETER ARCHBOLD, 662 Penn Ave., Teaneck, N. I. IOHN A. ARMITAGE, 340 W. Graisbury Ave., Audubon, N. I. E. DOUGLAS AROSELL, 2131 Fairview St., WestLawn, Pa. Second Row: NANCY I. ASCENIO, 3530 Olympic St., Silver Spring, Md. PETER R. AUGELLO, 73 Kenneth Pl., New Hyde Park, N. Y. HARRY H. AUGI-IINBAUGH, R.D. 6, Gettysburg, Pa. Tl: reslamen Class 2 ROGER N. ANGLETON, 39 Prospect Hill Ave., Summit, N. I. GEORGE L. AXFORD, 105 Holmes Run Road, Falls Church, Va. NANCY L. AYERS, 1508 Dorchester Rd., Havertown, Pa. WILLIAM F. BAKER, 9 Kensington Ave., Massapequa, N. Y. BRUCE A. BAKY, Sandy Ridge Rd., R.D. 2, Stockton, N. I. RAYMOND K. BARLEY, P.O. Box 205, Huntingdon, Pa. Third Row: TIMOTHY M. BARNES, 1514 Frederick St., Cumberland, Md. IOHN D. BARR, 18 Benning Rd., Claymont, Del. IOEL L. BASKIN, III, R.D. 1, West Willington, Conn. WILLIAM D. BEATTIE. 1031 University Avenue, New York 5, N ROY A. BEAUCHAMP, 6910 Henley St., Philadelphia 19, Pa. IUDITH A. BECI-ITEL, 6122 Alta Ave., Baltimore 6, Md. NANCY L. BEDELL, 3444 Bay Front Dr., Baldwin, N. Y. ELEANOR L. BEEBE, 8 Waverly Place, Trenton 9, N. I. NANCY A. BEHN, 11 Elm St., Garden City, N. Y. Fourth Row: PATRICIA R. BELTZ, Schwenksville, Pa. DONALD H. BENDER, R.D. 1, Harmony, Pa. A. VIRGINIA BERGNER, Mounted Route, Mechanicsburg, Pa. BARRY D. BLACK, Glen Rock, Pa. THOMAS N. BLACK, 21 Longview Drive, Springfield, Del. Co., THOMAS W. BLACK, 3710 Simpson Road, Harrisburg, Pa. HARRY R. BLACKBURN, 77 Spruce Dr., Torrington, Conn. CAROL A. BLIMLINE, 1570 Fairmont St., New Kensington. Pa. ROBERT W. BOARMAN, 350 Rosedale Drive, Pottstown, Pa. First Row: BONNIE L. BOGDAN, 71 Fairview Ave., West Orange, N. 1. ROGER N. BORGERSEN, 84 Cedarhurst La., Milford, Conn. NORRIS L. BOULDEN, 3 Orchard Dr., New Canaan, Conn. ANN L. BOWKER, 7613 Ouintana Court, Bethesda, Md. WILLIAM C. BOYER, 402 N. 9th St., Sunbury, Pa. IOAN E. BRETZ, 2607 N. Second St., Harrisburg, Pa. PAUL A. BRINGEWATT, 57 Elmwood Rd., Cedar Grove, N. I. ALLAN M. BROWN, 11 Gulich Ave,, Clearfield, Pa. NANCY O. BROWN, 2303 Hickory Rd., Plymouth Meeting, Pa. Second Row: DAVID E. BRUBAKER, Media Rd., Media, Pa. RONALD A. BURNS, 10 Overlook Terrace, New York City, N. Y. ARTHUR T. BURKET, 9520 Riley Rd., Silver Spring, Md. STEPHEN S. BURLING, Box 306, E. Orleans, Mass. BONNIE B. BURMSIDE, 6 The Circle, Hornell, N. Y. BARBARA L. BUTLER, 305 10th Ave., Iuniato, Altoona, Pa. STEPHEN I. CADLEY. 72 Old Field La.. Milford, Conn. IOI-IN R. CALHOUN, 404 W. Market St., York, Pa. IUDITH A. CAMPBELL, R.D. 1, Penn Run, Pa. Third Row: PATRICIA W. CAREY, 1004 Forrest Rd., Brielle, N. I. IEFFREY R. CARLSON. 5 Cedarwooci Rd., Kensington, Conn. E. ELIZABETH CARSON, 812 S. Union Ave., Havre De Grace, Md. NANCY E. CHESTER, 1738 Westminster Ave., Iaclcsoriville 10, Fla. CAROLE A. CHRISTIAN, 48 Sheridan Ave., West Orange, N. I. DONALD F. CHRISTY, 305 Palmers Lane, Wallingford, Pa. e Freshmen Clary DRYDEN E. CLARK, Box 56, Winchester Center, Conn. PAUL S. CLARK, 30 Kirke St., Chevy Chase, Md. CYNTHIA L. CLAVS, 731 Vernon Rd., Philadelphia 19, Pa. Fourth Row: DONALD A. CLEMENT, 2608 Graham Ave., Windber, Pa. PATRICIA S. COFFIN, 502 Goucher Blvd., Towson 4, Md. IOHN M. COLESTOCK, 806 W. 36th St., Baltimore 11, Md. IOHN I. CONE, 268 Washington Blvd., Springfield, Mass. PAUL R. COOPER, 1227 High, Duncannori, Pa. CAROLYN COUDERT, 409 Franklin Ave.. Wyckoff, N. 1. MARY I. CORNEY, 474 Lake Shore Dr., Hilton, N. Y. RUTH E. CRAWFORD, 90 South State Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. LYNDA G. CROWL, 7809 Creteld St., Philadelphia 18, Pa. 2 First Row: IUDITH A. CRUM, Gardners R.D. 2, Pa. EDWARD A. CURTIS, 79 Crown St., Stratford, Conn. IOHN R. CUSHING, 592 Valley St., Maplewood, N. I. LEONDRA A. DAMM, 26 Nickerson La., Darien, Conn. FREDERICK T. DANSER, 44 N. Hamilton Ave., Trenton, N. I. IOHN R. DEAL, IR., 35 Stanford Rd., Wellesley, Mass. ROBERT T. DEAN, Oak Ridge, Gettysburg, Pa. SANDRA I. DEHNEL, 169 Beechwood Dr., Wayne, N. I. THERON I. DERSHAM, 302 Green St., Miiilinburg, Pa. Second Row: GRETCHEN I. DICKEY, Danville, Pa. THOMAS C. DINGLE, 716 Chestnut La., Easton, Pa. KENNETH I. DOANE, 723 Monroe St., Rockville, Md. e Frerlamen Clary DAVID R. DODD, 414 Black La., Camp Hill, Pa. IILL DONNELLY, 16 Indian Spring Rd., Cranford, N. I. ROBERT S. DOORLEY, 215 Penfield Place, Dunellen. N. I. ALAN S. DRESNER, 1034 Harvard Pl., Palisade, N. I. GEORGE E. DREYER, U.S. Route 22, Mouniainside, N. I. HENRY A. DREYER, 831 Springfield Ave., Cranford, N. I. Third Row: GORDON C. DUNNE, 147 Belvidere Ave., Fanwoocl, N. I. DOUGLASS M. DURRETT, 514 Hampton La., Towson 4, Md. SCOTT T. DYKE, E. Main St., Phelps, N. I. RONALD L. EARLY, 5214 Western Ave., Chevy Chase, Md. H. THOMAS ECKER, 412 W. Garden Rd., Oreland, Pa. ROGER I. ECKER, 48 Stevens St., Gettysburg, Pa, WILLIAM C. EDDY, 227 Oakwood Rd., Wilmington, Del. GARY L. EDWARDS, 209 Comanche Dr., Oceanport, N. I. ANN B. ELLIOTT, 39 Brubaker Rd., Cheshire, Conn. Fourth Row: E KATHY A. EMIG, 1721 Randolph Dr., York, Pa. DON D. ENDERS, 125 N. 27th St., Camp Hill, Pa. VAUGI-IN A. ERICKSON, 326 S. Coldbrook Ave., Chambersburg, Pa IUDITH O. ESHBACH, R.D. 3, Pottstown, Pa. IERE E. ESTES, 706 Cambridge Rd., Bala-Cynwyd, Pa. ROBERT A. EVANS, Port Iefferson, N. Y. IAMES M. EWING, Windy Ghoul Estates, Beaver, Pa. THOMAS A. FELL, R.D. 7, Box 388, Greensburg, Pa. WILLIAM F. FERGUSON, 1828 Patricia Ave., Willow Grove, Pa. First Row: KENNETH L. FETTERS, Gardners R.D. 2, Pa. CHARLES F. FINLEY, IR., 2323 Morganton Rd., Fayetteville. N. ANNE C. FISHER, 1517 Powder Mill Lane, Wynnewood, Pa. SUSAN M. FISHER, 501 ,Cheltena Ave., Ienkintown, Pa. DAVID W. H. FLACK, 1064 Esplanade, Pelham, N. Y. SHERYLL A. FLECK, 105 Twenty-third Ave., Altoona, Pa. DENNIS S. FLYNN, 426 Barclay St., Perth Amboy. N. I. DANIEL W. FORBES, 20 Howe St., Wellesley, Mass. MICHAEL I. FOX, 1783 Manor Dr., Irvington, N. I. Second Row: IOHN C. FRANK, High View Terr., Fishkill, N. Y. IOSEPH C. FRAZZAND. 15 Mayfair Dr., W. Orange, N. I. VIRGINIA R. FREAR, 1052 Kipling Rd., Ienkintown, Pa. MICHAEL V. FRENCH, 2 Phyllis Dr., Montvale, N. I. ALBERT R. FROMM, 32 Horseshoe Dr., Northport, N. Y. ERNEST G. FULLER, 3320 Bronx Blvd., Box 67, N. Y. LARRY R. GADSBY, 817 Weedcresi Dr., Spring Lake Hgls., CAROL A. GANOE, 313 S. Bishop Ave., Secane, Pa. ROBERT I. CARSON, 609 Evans Rd., Springfield, Pa. Third Row: CHARLES S. GAULT, 510 W. Main St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. CAROL GEHLIN'G, Old Stirling Rd., Warren Twp., Plainfield, N. N. I. IAMES E. GEBERT, IR., 215 Iroquois Rd., Pittsburgh 34, Pa. AVERY D. GENTLE. 520 The Parkway, Ithaca, N. Y. CHRISTOPHER P. GERSHEL, 450 E, 20th St., New York City. RICHARD P. GIACHINO, 95 W. Forest Ave., Teaneck, N. I. N. Y. C, la reslomen Clam LEWIS R. GILBERT, R.D. B, Box 201, Westminster, Md. DONALD I. GLEASON, 58 N. Elm St., Manchester, Conn. DAVID L. GOOD, 636 E. Birch St., Palmyria, Pa. Fourth Row: IOHN L. GOOD, New Cumberland, Pa. STEPHEN H. GOTWALS, 555 Nelson St., Chambersburg, Pa. ELOISE PAYE GOUKER, 5829 Wissahickon Ave., Philadelphia 44, Pa. GARY L. GRAHN, 565 Baldwin Ave., Baldwin, N. Y. PATRICIA A. GREEN, 1237 Oakwood Rd., Haddonfield, N. I. IOHN I. GRIBB, 715 Arlington Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. NELSON L. GROH, 3215 Rittenhouse St., N.W., Washington, D. C. BRUCE W. GUENTHER, 64 Pleasant La., Levittown, Pa. IAMES V. GUIDA, 782 Arthur St., West Hempstead, N. Y. First Row: T. ALLEN GUILD, 71 Lake Dr., Mountain Lakes, N. I. ROBERT W. GYGAX, 611 Cleveland Ave., River Dale, N. I. NORMAN L. HASSE, 58 E. River Rd., Rumson, N. I. BRUCE HAIG, 34 Ashland Ave., New Hyde Park, N. Y. SARA LEE HAIN, R.D. 3, Elizabethtown, Pa. IUDITH A. HALL, 6513 Nevius St., Falls Church, Va. ALBERT H. HALLAM, 528 Prospect St., Nutley, N. I. ELAINE I. HAMLEY, 488 Greenbrook Rd., North Plainfield, N. I. C. DAVID HAMSHER, Aronimiclc Arms Apts., C-ZC, Drexel Hill, Pa. Second Row: ELAINE R. HANSEN, Hilcrest Ave., Gladstone, N. I. ERIK A. HANSON, 35 Carll Rd., Middletown, Conn. SUSAN C. HARTMAN, Box 353, R.D. l, Harleysville, Pa. T e mvbmen Clam EDWIN IONATHAN HARVEY, 528 Laurel Rd., Ridgewood, N. l. WILLIAM T. HAUPT, 29 E. Oak Ave., Moorestown, N. I. RODNEY A. HAWES, 2B Ardsley Rd., Stamford, Conn. MARY A. HAWLEY, 371 Linwood Ave., Ridgewood, N. H. CHRISTOPHER HAYDEN, Truesdale La., South Salem, N. Y. EARL D. HAYDEN, 15 Iackson St., Greensburg, Pa. Third Row: VIRGINIA E. HEGWOOD, 4313 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore 18, Md IUDITH C. HEILIG, 605 Mason Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. IOHN F. HEINZ, III, 15 E. Cedar Ave., Merchantville, N. I. DALE HENDRICKSON, 13 Ross Ave., Demarest, N. I. MARY ANN HENNINGER, 314 E. Railroad St., Gettysburg. Pa. PETER D. HERSLOW, 20 Hobart Ave., Short Hills, N. I. LEON E. HESS, Ill Gettysburg St., Dillsburg, Pa. RICHARD C. HESS, R.D. 1, Orrtanna, Pa. CANDACE HESTWOOD, 315 Riverview Dr., New Kensington, Pa. Fourth Row: CHESTER HETKOWSKI, 1507 Lucon Rd., Oreland, Pa. SHERRIN H. HILBURT, 205 Penrose St., Harrisburg, Pa. CHRISTINE L. HILDEBRAND, 44 Durand Rd., Maplewood, N. H. MARTHA W. HILL, 29 York Rd., Wilmington, Del. VERDA D. HINES, 1906 Glen Keith Blvd., Towson 4, Md. DAVID C. HOLBROOK, 22 Church St., Westboro, Mass. DONALD WAYNE HOLDEN, 215 Wyoming Ave., Dover, Del. E. STEVENS HOLLEN, 309 Elmdale Ave.. Akron 20, Ohio. GERALDINE HOLLINGER, 716 Lehigh Ave., Lancaster, Pa. First Row: HARVEY L. HOLMES, 104 Dean St., 1-licksville, N. Y. WILLIAM H. HOLSBERG, 3604 Cloverlield Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. IAMES H. HONAFIUS, 321 E. Chestnut St., Cleonia, Pa. WILLIAM E. HORN, 6118 Columbia Ave., Philadelphia 15, Pa. GEORGE R. HOSTETTER, R.D. 1, Thomasville, Pa. CAROLE I. HOTTINGER, 44 Elycroit Ave., Rockaway, N. H. SUSAN M. HOWELL, 1900 Windsor Teri., Spring Lake Heights, N MARYANN P. HUDSON, 1495 Gloi St., Scotch Plains, N. I. RICHARD H. HUFNAGEL, 1031 Wyandotte Trail, Westfield, N. I. Second Row: ROBERT HUGHEY, 118 Whitehill Ct., Pittsburgh 27, Pa. EDGAR A. HYER, 32 Ieiterson Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, N. I. PAUL M. IACOBSON, 116 Saltonstall Pkwy., East Haven, Conn. IOHN F. IAEGER, 21 Longacre Dr., Livingston, N. I. WILLIAM F. IARVIS, Box 11, Seven Stars, Pa. ARTHUR I. IOHNSON, 226 97th St., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. ALAN R. IOHNSON, 136 Old Mill Rd.. Middleton, Conn. DAVID O. IOHNSON, 84 E. Broadway, Gettysburg, Pa. DUNCAN P, IOHNSON, 434 Shrewsbury St., Holden, Mass. Third Row: LEON P. IOHNSON, 523-525 W. 152 Sl., New York 31, N. Y. ARTHUR W. IONES, 547 Sherwood Pkwy., Westfield, N. I. KENNETH W. IONES, R.D. 2, West Chester, Pa. KURT KALTREIDER, 1526 Northwick Rd., Baltimore 18, Md. GARY KATZ, 67-29 Kissena Blvd., Flushing 67, N. Y. HENRY W. KAUFMANN, 7903 Franktord Ave., Philadelphia, Pa .I. The Frerb Clair SHELLEY A. KEENE, 19 E. Fairview St., Mohnton, Pa. WALTER P. KEI-IOE, 477 Windsor Rd., River Edge, N. I. MARCIA L. KELLER, Gibson Island, Md. Fourth Row: IOSEPH E. KELLEY, 1030 Clinton Ave., South Plainfield, N. I. RANDALL A. KENDRICK, 8065 Ridgeleigh Rd., Baltimore 12, Md TIMOTHY D, KERNS, 3413 Miami Dr., Tallahassee, Fla. CHARLES F. KERR, 706 Scott Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. DONALD W. KEYSER, 915 Weatherbee Rd., Towson 4, Md. DONA KIER, B47 Wood St., Clarion, Pa. ROBERT KIRKPATRICK, 344 Raymond St., Pittsburgh 18, Pa. WILLIAM C. KIRSCHNER, 207 E. Broad St., Hazleton, Pa. HOWARD M. KLINE, IR., 413 Windsor St., Silver Spring, Md. First Row: THOMAS KLINE, 8 Oak Dr., Chatham, N. I. CHAD KLINGER, 1290 Madison Ave., New York 28, N. Y. JANE A. KNEEDLER, 59 Oak Dr., Lansdale, Pa. FRED W. KNIER, 1 Rambling La., Malvern, Pa. CARL C. KOHL, 652 Lindley Rd., Glenside, Pa. ' SUSAN M. KREMER, 58 Center Ave., Schuylkill Haven, Pa. ARTHUR F. KRINER, 512 W. Race St., Pottsville, Pa. PAUL L. KRUEGER, 600 W. Magnolia Ave., Aldan, Pa. MARTHA A. KRUG, 214 E. Randall St., Baltimore 30, Md. Second Row: CHARLES E. KUENLEN, 131 Hudson Ave., Tenafly, N. I. RODNEY I. KUHNS, Wescosville, Pa. LAWRENCE R. KUIOVICH, 241 E. Lincoln Ave., Gettysburg, Pa. rerlamen Clam WILLIAM A. LAKE, IR., 558 Fairview Terr., York, Pa. GAIL B. LARSON, 155 Bay Ave., Patchogue, N. Y. ROBERT E. LARSON, 718 Hilda St., North Bellrnore, N. Y. DONALD B. LAWSON, 7 Osage Dr., Huntington Station, N. MAURICE LAZENBY, 1247 Glenhaven Rd., Baltimore, Md. IOANN M. LEEDER, 379 Huff Rd., North Brunswick, N. I. Third Row: LAWRENCE E. LEES, 319 Sumner Ave., Seaside Heights, N. NANCY LEITH, R.D. 1, Hellertown, Pa. GRACE LEONARD, 93 Harrison Ave., Roseland, N. I. BETTY LESTER, 4618 Tompkins Dr., McLean, Va. ERIC C. LILIEFORS, Chadeayne Rd., Ossining, N. Y. WAYNE LINDOUIST, 220 Balmforth St., Bridgeport 5, Conn. HOWARD F. LIVINGSTON, 1932 Harclay Pl., Lancaster, Pa. THEODORE A. LLOYD, IR., 2 Birch Hill Road, Great Neck, L. WAYNE A. LOCHBAUM, Park St.. Bendersville, Pa. Fourth Row: KAREN P. LONG, 97 W. 7th Ave., Trappe, Collegeville, Pa. ROBERT C. LOOMIS, R.D. 2, Lebanon, N. I. IOANNE E. LOTT, 20 Davis La., Red Bank, N. 1. HORACE V. LURTON, 4711 Butterworth P1., N.W., Washington HARLAN G. LUSK. 22 Powder Mill La., Oakland, N. I. MARGO D. MCCLAIN, 239 Washington St., Geneva. N. Y. MARLIN R. MCCLEAF, 301 Church St., Royersford, Pa. PETER B. McDOWELL, 1338 Wheatsheaf La., Avington, Pa. WILLIAM H. MCEWAN, 323 Forest St., Kearny, N. I. Y. I. I., N. Y. 16, D.C First Row: IOHN T. MCGROGAN, Minnetonka Trail, Medford Lakes, N. I. IOHN H. MCHENRY, IR., R.D. 3, Sundays La., Frederick, Md. TIMOTHY MCMILLAN, 60 Passaic Ave., Summit, N. I. PENELOPE MCMULLAN, 3213 W. Penn Sl., Philadelphia 29, Pa. IAN R. MCPHERSON, 88 Morningside La., Williamsville 21, N. Y. CLAY MCOUIDDY, 328 Fairway Rd., Ridgewood, N. I. CHESTER B. MacARTl'lUR, 4606 Del-lussey Pkwy., Chevy Chase 15, Md. WILLIAM L. MacMILLAN, 6 W. Cooper Ave., Moorestown, N. I. ALICE MAGUTH, 12O Eighth St., Wood-Ridge, N. I. Second Row: DONALD A. MAIN, 25 E. Main St., Middletown, Md. VINCENT MAIKOWSKI, 58 Pavonia Ave., Kearny, N. I. ALBERT W. MANDA, 44 Old Short Hills Rd., Livingston, N. I. PETER A. MANGAN, 70 Tuttle Rd., Briartlifi' Manor, N. Y. MARY C. MANSDORFER, 2937 N. Charles Sl., Baltimore 18, Md. DIANE C. MANZ, 182 Marlyn Rd., Lansdowne, Pa. DOUGLAS R. MAREK, 3 Fuller Ave., Chaiham, N. I. PAUL E. MAZIK, 37 Greenfield Rd., Glenbrook, Conn. WERNER E. MEIER, 176 W. Marshall Rd., Lansdowne, Pa. Third Row: THOMAS W. MERCER, Artis Dr., Dover, Del. LAWRENCE H. MILES, R.D. 1, Box 687, Clear Spring, Md. BUCK G. MILLER, 1705 Wooclburne Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. CHARLES S. MILLER, IR., 517 Elm Ave., Clearfield, Pa. ALLEN I. MILLER, 46 William Penn Ave., Pennsville, N. I. KAY D. MILLER, 2023 Lycoming Creek Rd., Williamsport, Pa. T Frefbmen Clary PAUL D. MILLER, 26 S. Martin St., Clear Spring, Md. CHARLES P. MILLS, 407 Station Ave., Haddonfield, N. I. DONALD R. MINK, 158 Wayne Ave., Collingdale, Pa. Fourth Row: EVANS MOORE, IR., 22 Whittier Dr., Greenlawn, N. Y. IAMES W. MOORE, 166 East Bruceton, Pittsburgh 36, Pa MATT MORAN, 1920 Maple St., New Cumberland, Pa. EDWARD L. MORGAN, 106 N. 31st St., Camp Hill, Pa. IEAN W. MOSS, 336 Allaire Ave., Leoriia, N. I. ROBERT A. MOST, IR., 3351 Park Ave., Oceanside, N. Y. CAROLYN MUSSELMAN, R.D. 3, Gettysburg, Pa. D.ARYL S. MYERS, 2912 Duke St., Harrisburg, Pa. EDWARD L. MYERS, 1537 E. 35th St., Baltimore, Mcl. First Row: RICHARD MYERS, 159 Lafayette Ave., Chatham, N. I. IOHN R. NAGLE, 628 Brighton Terr., Holmes, Del. Co., Pa. ROBERT NAGY, 118 Division Ave., Fairfield, Conn. ELLEN M. NESHEIM, 6801 Owls Head Ct., Brooklyn 20, N. ELIZABETH A. NEWELL, 332 Greenwood Ave., Wyncotte, Pa. GEORGE B. NEWMAN, 208 DuBoice Rd., Ithaca, N. Y. RICHARD L. NOEL, R.D. 4, Gettysburg, Pa. PATRICK F. NOONAN, 3714 Harrison St., Washington, D. C. AADO NOUKAS, 1211 Monmouth Ave., Lakewood, N. I. Second Row: WILLIAM I. O'BRlEN, 35 Rockwood Rd., Florharn Park, N. MICHAEL I. OCHS, 1633 Scott St., Williamsport, Pa. HOWARD W. OLAFSON, 319 Innes Rd., Wood-Ridge, N. e reslamen lan PATRICIA E. O'NEILL, 125 Lake St., Westwood, N. I. TOBY IO OREM, 104 S. Second St., Columbia, N. I. IOHN ORTH, 211 Lombardy Circle, Lewistown, Pa. RODNEY C. ORTH, 429 Greenview La., Havertown, Pa. DOUGLAS OSGOOD, Westminster St., Saxtons River, Vt. ROMONA OZIAS, 545 Ridgewood Rd., Maplewood, N. I. Third Row: IOHN M. PACILIO, 80 Loines Ave., Merrick, N. Y. BRUCE L. PACKARD, 3604 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore, Md. IOSEPH PADEN, Peachcroit Dr., Bernardsville, N. I. MARTHA N. PEARCE, 2343 Ridgeway Ave., Evanston, Ill. HOWARD S. PECK, 865 Pines Lake Drive West, Wayne, N. I. RICHARD D. PEPPLER, 114 S. Main St., Allentown, N. I. LINDA L. PETERS, 1815 Arclin Dr., Norristown, Pa. THOMAS PETRONE, 242 Washington Rd., Princeton, N. I. GEORGE D. PETRONIO, Hawk Nest Rd., Stony Brook, N. Y. Fourth Row: HENRY L. PHILLIPS, 135 Chestnut St., Sunbury, Pa. WILLIAM C. PICKETT, 330 Crocker St., Bel Air, Md. SHARON A. PLOWMAN, 930 Broadway, East Mclieespozt, Pa RONALD O. POST, Pot Spring Rd., Timonium, Md. RONALD H. PRENTICE, 58 Stevens St., Manchester, Conn. ANTHONY PRESOGNA, School St., Curwensville, Pa. THOMAS G. PUGLIESE, 164 S. Pine St., Hazleton, Pa. RONALD L, RACE, 718 Lindale Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. MARTIN RADBILL, 120 E. Ashbridqe St., West Chester, Pa First Row: DAVID A. RADIN, 8410 Widener Rd., Philadelphia 18, Pa. ARNOLD RAUDENBUSH, 560 Fountain St., I-lavre de Grace, Md. SALLY P. READ, Middletown Rd., Rt. 32, Media, Pa. ANN E. REASER, 4 Cedar Ave., Poughkeepsie, N. Y. IAMES W. REIN, 726 Stanbridge Rd., Drexel I-lill, Pa. GRETCHEN REMALY, 1555 Cloverleat St., Bethlehem, Pa. IOI-IN P. RHODIN, Chafiinch Island Rd., Guilford, Conn. MARK L. RICE, 625 Victory Dr., Sharpsville, Pa. IAMES R. RICHARD, 417 Lafayette Ave., Collingdale, Pa. Second Row: GERALD A. RICHTER, B57 Shagbarlc Dr., Orange, Conn. MARTIN RICI-ITER, Blue Mill Rd., Morristown, N. I. KATHRYN W. RIDER, 22 Regester Ave., Baltimore 12, Md. IOSEPH A. RITSICK, 926 Bth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. ELLEN G. ROBBINS, lll Yorkshire La., Manassas, Va. IOI-IN E. ROGERS, 523 Penna. Ave., Downingtown, Pa. DONALD A. ROI-IRBAUGI-I, 315 Sth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. CHARLES T. ROSE, 187 Maplewood Ave., Maplewood, N. I. WILLIAM C. ROSE. Main Rd., Orient, N. Y. Third Row: CYNTHIA I. ROSENBERGER, 115 E. Lincoln Ave., Gettysburg, Pa. HARRY T. ROSENHEIRM, 497 Plymouth Rd., Glenside, Pa. MURIEL 1. ROSSMAN, 749 Westmoreland Ave., Syracuse 10, N. Y. ALICE E. ROYSE, 718 Cliveden Rd., Baltimore 8, Md. ROBERT A. RUDOLPI-I, 16 Chatham Rd., Chappaqua, N. Y. IANET C. RUESCI-1, 47 Fifth Ave., Avenel, N. 1. T19 efeskmen Clam ROBERT M. RUNYON, 810 Schoolhouse Rd., Brielle, N. I. ROBERT W. RUSSELL, 36 Lafayette Ave., Maywood, N. I. THOMAS C. SADLER, IR., 2047 Washington St., Allentown, Pa. Fourth Row: CHARLES R. SAKIN, 82 Division St., Keyport, N. I. BONNIE D. SALANGO, 27 Amherst Ave., All View Estates, Ellicott City, Md. WILLIAM SALMINEN, 259 Rye Rd., Rochester, N. Y. ION SALMON, 72 Oakiield Ave., Freeport, L. I., N. Y. GEORGE C. SAMARAS, 28 Bay Ridge Rd., Annapolis, Md. CHARLES SAMPSEL, 415 Radcliffe St., Bristol, Pa. WILLIAM H. SAMUEL, 1101 E. Palmer St., Philadelphia 25, Pa. CONNIE G. SANDBERG, 10 Edgeclift Rd., Towson 4, Md. RICHARD F. SANDOR, 26 Matthew Ave., Cateret, N. I. 7 First Row: IOHN C. SAWYER, 390 Contention La., Berwyn, Pa. KENNETH W. SAWYER, 70 North Rd., Nutley 10, N. I. BRIAN SCHECHTERLE, 605 Sewell Ave., Asbury Park, N. I. LINDA F. SCHAEFER, 7876 Spring Ave., Elkins Park 17, Pa. SUZANNE M. SCHEUER, l7l3 Makison Ave., Scranton 9, Pa. WILLIAM R. SCI-IINNERER, 6216 Kennedy Dr., Chevy Chase l5, Md. FREDERICK A. SCHOENBRODT, 146 Liqon Rd., Baltimore 6, Md. PHILIP G. SCHROEDER, 27 Lapham Park, Webster, N. Y. IO-ELLEN SCHWARTZ, 4626 Rokeby Rd., Baltimore 29, Md. Second Row: GREGORY C. SECKLER, 9 Oakwood La., Rumson, N. I. MARGARET SEDWIDK, 216 N. Iefferson St., Kittanninq, Pa. SIGRID SHAGNER, 177 Hillside Ave., Teaneck, N. I. , reslomen Clam ROBERT T. SHANNON, 4700 Romona Ave., Philadelphia 24, Pa CLARK E. SHEAFFER, R.D. 4, Carlisle, Pa. IUDITH E. SHELLENBERGR, 316 Shearer St., North Wales, Pa. PATRICIA SHERMAN, R.D. 2, Fayetteville, Pa. STEPHEN SHOLES, Gaston Rd., Morristown, N. I. CHARLES L. SILCOX, 925 E. 15th St., Chester, Pa. Third Row: C. STEPHEN SIM, 140 Cambridge Ave., Garden City, L.I., N IEANNE M. SIZOO, 3400 N. Peary St., Arlington 7, Va. DONALD SKEKEL, 415 McKee Ave., Monessen, Pa. BETSY A. SLAYBAUGH, 206 E. Rosedale Ave., Northfield, BUDINGTON S. MEAD, 14 S. Myrtle St., Vineland, N. H. CAROLE LYNN SMITH, 51 Clemens Ave., Trumbull, Conn. GARY W. SMITH, 103 Pleasant Rd., Norristown, Pa. IEFFRY W. SMITH, 308 Cherry La., Glenside, Pa. IOHN L. SMITH. McConnel1sburg, Pa. Fourth Row: RALPH SMITTEN, 1395 Millwood La., North Merrick, L.l., N ROBERT R. SMYRL, IR., 92 Putnam St., Tunkhannock, Pa. LESTER SMYTH, IR., 505 Chadwick Rd., Timonium, Md. FRED W. SNOOK, 17 Valley St., Hatfield, Mass. CONRAD W. SNYDER, 954 Allenqrove St., Philadelphia 24, KENNETH L. SNYDER, 64 W. Caracas Ave., Hershey, Pa. RUDOLPH A. SOCEY, lOl6 Fairmount Ave., Trenton, N. I. ROBERT SONNENBERG, 424 Bedford Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. BRADLEY L. SOWERS, 621 S. Albemarle St., York, Pa. Y. N Y. Pa. First Row: IACK G. SPEAR, Main Post Office, Box 516, APO 864, New York, N.Y RICHARD R. SPENCER, IR., 1 Lansdowne Court, Lansdowne, Pa. IUDITI-I M. STAEBLER, 116 Bala Ave., Oreland, Pa. CAROL D. STAHL, 1126 Highland St., Tarentum, Pa. PRUDENCE D. STAI-IL, 1969 Sheridan St., Williamsport, Pa. GERALD H. STAUB, 719 Avondale Rd.. Philadelphia 18, Pa. MARGARET C. STEELEY, 451 Station Rd., Quakertown, Pa. MARTHA P. STEWART, 118 Chestnut Ave., Narberth, Pa. C. BRUCE STILES, 115 N. Harrison St., Blackwood, N. I. Second Row: CORINNE A. STINCHCOMB, 1502 Windeniere Ave., Baltimore 18, Md. BONNIE STOBO, 49 Colony Ave., Park Ridge, N. I. ROBERT C. STRAUB, Box 500, Selinsqrove, Pa. PATRICIA L. STRAWN, 7715 Matthias St., Philadelphia 28, Pa. CARL E. STRAYER, R.D. 3, Dillslourg, Pa. CRYSAL H. STROBEL, 191 Iohnson Ave., Dumont, N. 1. IRVIN F. STROHECKER, 1033 Mahanoy St., Trevorton, Pa. CHARLES E. STRUNK, 7808 Frankford Ave., Philadelphia 36, Pa. IEFFREY T. STUFFES, 558 Park St., Montclair, N. I. Third Row: EVE G. SWANK, 142 W. Mt. Kirk Ave., Norristown, Pa. ALLAN S. TAYLOR, 1533 Brookside Dr., Fairtield, Conn. SANDRA E. TAYLOR, 321 Garth Rd., Oreland, Pa. RICHARD N. THOMPSON, 10 Chatham La., Mulltca Hill, N. I. MERRILY S. TIMMINS, 601 Kings Highway, Swedesboro, N. I. DOUGLAS G. TIADEN, 765 Wooded Rd., Jenkintown, Pa. The Freshmen lem IAMES S. TODD, 128 Woodlawn Ave., Merchantville 8, N. I. CHRIS TRAGAKIS, 485 Spring St., Newport, R. 1. SUSAN K. TRAUTMAN, 1512 Linden St., Cheswick, Pa. Fourth Row: GRACE E. TRITSCH, 1213 Grinnell Rd., Green Acres, Wilmington 3, Delaware. IAMES D. TUCKEY, 224 Barlow St., Gettysburg, Pa. KEITH VAIL, R.D. 1, Boyds, Md. ERIC VAN GILDER, 113 Llandorl Rd., Havertown, Pa. CRAIG VAN TATENHOVE, 9 Hemlock Dr., North Caldwell, N. I. FRITZ VERRATTI, 1520 Chatham Rd., Camp Hill, Pa. LOUISE VINSON, 179 Rodney St., Glen Rock, N. I. DAVID A. Von LEHN, 145 Buttonwood Dr., Fair Haven, N. 1. D. WARREN VOSE, IR., 73 Washburn Ave., Wellesley Hills, Mass. 239 First Row: IOHN RICHARD WACHTER, 5907 Loch Raven Blvd., Baltimore 12, Md. IAMES R. WALKER, 5-25 First St., Fair Lawn, N. I. IOHN R. WALKER, 800 Lortz Ave., Altoona, Pa. N. ANNE WALTON, 451 N. Hills Ave., North Hills, Pa. ROBERTA C. WARFIELD, 152 Maple Shade Ave., Trenton 10, N. I. FLOYD W. WARNER, 175 Linden Ave.. Red Lion, Pa. ROGER G. WARREN, 4504 Harling La., Bethesda 14, Md. I-IARMON WEBB, IR., 25 E. Moreland, Hatboro, Pa. IERRY P. WEIGLE, 100 Oak St., East McKeesport, Pa. e rerlamen lass Second Row: HENRY A. WELLER, 5211 Militia Hill Rd., Plymouth Meeting, Pa BARBARA A. WENGER, 425 College Ave., Elizabethtown, Pa. THEODORE E. WENTZ, Lock Haven Port Heights, Lock Haven, Pa THOMAS G. WEST, 208 Belvedere Ave., Centerville, Md. MARY E. WESTKOT, 1123 Albright Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. IOI-IN O. WILDASIN, R.D. 1, New Oxford, Pa. DAVID V. WILLIAMS, 2827 Forest View Ave., Baltimore 14, Md. CLIVE N. WILSON, 20 Norfolk Rd., Arlington 74, Mass. PETER A. WILSON, 114 Smith Ave., White Plains, N. Y. Third Row: ROBERT M. WILSON, 431 Hopkins La., Haddonfield, N. I. ROBERT G. VJINFREE, 9219 Quintana Dr., Bethesda 14, Md. VICTOR WINSTEAD, 842 W. Broadway, Red Lion, Pa. WARREN VYINTERHOFF, 21 Westervelt Pl., Westweed, N. I. SANDRA 1. WITZEMANN, 220 Allegheny Ave., Kittanning, Pa. PETER P. WOLYNEC, 94 Wilton St., New Hyde Park, N. Y. IANE C. WOODWARD, 5010 Copley Rd., Philadelphia 44, Pa. LAURENCE WOODWARD, 9601 Shore Rd., Brooklyn 9, N. Y. IOI-IN D. WRIGHT, 700 E. Marshall St., West Chester, Pa. Fourth Row: C. PHILLIP YOST, 114 Pleasant St., Hanover, Pa. LINDA YOUNG, 507 Overhill Rd., Norristown, Pa. WILLIAM W. YOUNG, 458 Herkimer Ave., Haworth, N. 1. DOMINIC ZAZZARINO, 248 Harrison St., Bristol, Pa. IAMES L. ZERBY, 722 E. Center St., Millersburg, Pa. Advertzlfemen Lf THE COFFMAN-FISHER CO. HER5HEY'5 MENS 5H0p DEPARTMENT STORES "Serving The Communify and College For More Than 30 Years Tailoring 84 Haberclashing Tux For Renl' Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing L. I a Opposiie The Courl House on Baliimore ST. mcon Square Geirysburg, P COMPLI VIENTS OF EHRHART-CONRAD CO., INC. HANOVER. PENNSYLVANIA Wholesale Disiribulors BOOKMART 'I' S+a+ioners BENDER'S GIFT SHOP Hallmark Cards-Jewelry PLAZA-SWEETLAND Novellies ResI'auran'I's S+a+i0'1e'Y GETTYSBURC-3, PA. Lincoln Square Geiiysburq, Pa. DAVE'S PHOTO SUPPLY PHOTOGRAPI-uc sf HI-FI WEISHAAR BROS. INC. ELECTRICAL 8. eAs EQUIPMENT APPLIANCES PLUMBING, HEATING 8: SHEET METAL 244 Sleinwehr Geiiyslourq, Pa. ED 4-I '59 Geffysburgl Pa HOTEL GETTYSBURG GETTYS BU RG, PEN NSYLVANIA LIPPY'S Men's Wear 49 Chambersburg Slreel HENRY M. SCHARF. '25 Manager As much a pa'ri' of Geffysburg College as if if were locafecl on +he campus. MODERN MISS Sl-IOP Everylhing For The College 5 Chambersburg Slreel GETTYSBURG, PA. Gir YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT "GEORGES" VARSITY DIIIER AND DINING RUUIVI For Banquels and Me-elings call ED 4-3OI3 One bloclc lrom campus Carlisle Sl. Gellysburg COfT1pllrT1Gl'1lS l:FOl'T1 ll'1S- FOFITISF "PUB" M. PUB RESTAURANT llzorrnerly lvlilchellsl HARDWARE Foocl, Liquid Refreshmenfs BARNEY ALDINGER, Prop. Lincoln Sq. Lalayefle, '24 BALTIMORE STREET GETTYSBURG COMPLIMENTS OF DITZLER'S MUSIC SUPPLIES BUOKSTURE Texfloooks, School Supplies Colleg-e Novellies, CIo+hing College Rings and Jewelry owned ancl operafecl by GETTYSBURG COLLEGE "ON THE CAMPUS" I2 Balfimore SI. GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA COME TO TOBEY'S IN GETTYSBURC- For The Fashions You Love." BRITCHER 8: BENDER DRUG STORE 27 Chambersburg Slreel GETTYSBUR6, PA. COFFMAN JEWELERS I6 Ballrimore Sire-.ei BIX SWAY MEN s. BOYS sl-IOP Formal Wear Service Collegiaie CIo'Ihes GET-IYSBURG' PA' 24 Chambersburg SI. Phone ED 4 40 Congrafufafiorw ana! gzaf ?jM5AeA fo fha 66145 of 1962 TI-IE FIRST NATICDNAL BANK OF GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA On Lincoln Square Since I857 Member Federal Deposii' Insurance Corporalion COMPLIMENTS OF WOLF'S RESTAURANT Lincoln Square GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA TEXAS LUNCH 58 Chambersburg SI'reeI' GETTYSBURG. PA. Goool Luck Io Class of '62 Charlie 'SI WEIKERT'S BARBER SHOP 57 Chambersburg SI. GETTYSBURC5. PA. MELLOTTS ESSO 237 Buford Avenue GETTYSBURG, PA. Ailes Tires, Ballerries, Accessor PHONE ED 4-6I35 THE GETTYSBURG NATIUNAI. BANK Treasurer of GETTYSBURG OOLLEOE EsTabIisI1ecI I8 I4 ADAMS COUNTY'S OLDEST AND LARGEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTION Member OT Federal Deposif Insurance COrpOraTIOn Member Federal Reserve Sysfem COMPLIMENTS OF EDDIES LAUNDRY LiHIesI'Own. Pa. Geflysburg, Pa. ED 4-29I3 REMMEL'S PRINT SHOP 54- Chambersburg ST. RALPH E. BARLEY '33, Owner Phone EDgewOOcI 4- I 5 I 3 For A Real Treai' If's UTZIS POTATO Ol-urs HANOVER, PENNA. Phone ME 7-6644 REA AND DERICK "The S'I'ores of Service" Cenier Square 81 York Sf. GETTYSBURG. PENNSYLVANIA BUPP'S DAIRY York and Adams Counties' Most Honored Milk Phone ME 7-3888 877 York S'rreeI I-Ianover, Pa. SWOPE'S XX ll 66 SERVICE SUPERIOR I50C III S'I'. STI I1 A DISTRIBUTING co. ED 2338 I ESWLZJ Open 24 hrs. 7 a.m.-I0 p.m ED 4-I I57 No Hope Call SWOPE'S 603 S. Washinqfon SI. ANYTIME-ANYWHERE C5eHysburg, Pa. H2515 of Jac! 66144 of 1962 dzbiyou know? THAT THE LUTHERAN BROTHERHOOD SPONSORS THESE SCHOLARSHIP STUDENTS - 45 Years of Service - 701 SECOND AVENUE SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS 2, MINNESOTA Larry Rankin David hoads Sandra French R COMPLIMENTS OF The Colton Motel COMPLIMENTS On U. S. I5 SouI'I1 Edge of Town OF A SWIMMING POOL 232 S+einweI1r Avenue Geffysburg, Pa. JANE Z. BOUS, Owner Phone: ED 4-55I4 COMPLIMENTS OF DUD-B MANOR NATIONAL MUSEUM INC 4 MiIes NorI'I1 of Ge+'IysI:urg on U. S. I5 HOME OF THE Your I-IosI's-Frank and DoroII1y Auclwfer ' Phone ED 4-I937 Electric Map Life INSURANCE for Lutherans gm! 'lfwlea PHATEHNAL EUMPUSITE SEHVIEE INC naiiunwide culleqa phutnqraphars 810 Varick Street CONGRATULATIONS Closs of 1962 The Ziegler Studio Portraits-Commercial-Wedding SPECTRUM Photographers 69 West Middle Street ED 4-I3l I GETTYSBURG. PA. A Memorable Year Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Gettysburg College upon the completion of another outstanding year of accomplishments. The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays the highlights of memorable activities. To preserve this excellent literary and photographic record, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. We are very proud that the 1962 Staff selected us to design, print and bind the SPECTRUM. We have earnestly endeavored to fulfill the confidence placed in us. BENSIQIN PRINTING C0lVIPANl gomladfe goal' Wnanufacfurerd NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE

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Gettysburg College - Spectrum Yearbook (Gettysburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


Gettysburg College - Spectrum Yearbook (Gettysburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


Gettysburg College - Spectrum Yearbook (Gettysburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Page 1


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