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E Z II 11. x N fffi q lr' 3,4 'E E gA?d ? M f Q Q" , X m E tl' 'K K X W1 N X! Q lg , 1,-ff W 2 ip ,. 52341 1 Q UH ff 2 1 ,mf Slflj C1 'HIJDI A The I960 SPECTRUM published by 'lhe sfudenl' body of Ge'l'+ysburg College under 'lhe guidance of JAMES E. GARMAN, Edilor-in-chief JOAN WACHOB, Managing Edi+or WILLIAM WUNNER, Business Manager ROBERT KELLY, Phoiographer MR. ROBERT GEMMILL, Facully Advisor THE SPECTR g 'MN TYSBU RG... . mlaewwffsvff 'fl - Fwwmvmww Q A W,.,Z vm, V.. M f-xwwrih - '- f . 5. .h f 'l,.f--vw" QW, N V i5ii2,iv-f,sK',5Qi-- , I ' 3 :- . k M. 'A QL - 5 . ' g ,, Q14 x 5 , NF A gun .. 1 Y S , -' - : f 1 5 - 21 b 2 LL 'Q - L VW 'JI H t V' Q A r .M '.: ' , -f' 1,5 - x 1 . ""' V -' ?- lk-1' ,iv 5 Q-f-' EV . E XJ 1... - .. -N , Y , V Sgxxgif-S, 'Z NX M., 1 ' 1 A --I '1.. 9, - -A7 ' ' ' ' 3 ' A-,x ff'-' ' .... 'X'. , F "Vi" x ' g ' I ,- U , u V 5 P -- W.. -v X f If ww. 5, ll! F 12 '..,.. Em 'aj M 4 X V ,A -b,3gs,w ,-13 Q- Q . 1- N., f Nl ,X x ' v,4Q,, 5 ui: ' N ' - Q. -- :A A, M ' ' K ' , , fl- - -,mfr-' g 'X if . , + f Q", '- - . fx, '1' vw Af ,, ,. , , 1,4 , t 'ww Qwwfy n Q - X, A 5 . D , Q X . - ""' .. -a s A . M W , A I -- 'QW 'VIN ' 5. .. I 14. N - Vg' 1' " A L 'Z .- M 9'--.::.:.:.a -, -Zmigff: -. '-N:.,.- 1' -' " ? . w,Qyf'x- bi. 213- 'QNX 'NN ' ' fx Y f - . --'W 7 N -yu Q5 W fx Q , Q- , .K 1 X m V, . f X x QMAQ? ,R """ ,, '- .Egg X by r 1' .f wwf? 5 ,gf My ,- V, Q www Qw- qv f,.- 'er'::f-- s ' M uwfw A Kia f Y f. , 'f f 'f"4'k fs :I f 1 5, f M 'sS'1W?ss:::m:-:f'Zf," .:. 'ig' 1,3-:-gwf-.-..,.Y , - ., ,. '- "JF 'K 'vw wax-M' 2-'g " , ' N fn' , " N. pf v 'N " -' 5 M p Q' ' ' 'f f ,r fkifi 1 am .nz ,,, YM V 2 My , ' ' xv , -33 S - Q , Y. . K ' if ' X, P X p ' S .if I 4 X Q- - vffaf' . Y TYQWT' ' , Q . M6194 " , K .. is 'W QW ,f 4- Q x ' , - , ,N 'H I ' 4 W' , gh, - f X , ' ' v f VMA' AW SPIRIT y Organizafions Greeks Sporfs CONTENTS 4 SERVICE Aclminis+ra'rion Governmen+ Publica'rions 4 ACADEMICS Honoraries Classes 2 1 , W, 'vi 4. N im N " Q 5, K ,EQ , f '4-'k5Xix3.'k.x,,9.. ,f, .' ' ', L- ,qgX,v4' 5122" ' , , v Wsiqgi-,Q -5-ji If . gf X3 fig' ' ., 6 tip 1?-5-. -fiwg.. I .,,. L , ,L igvf zf. A A bN5S7"f1SQN 0 fi gif- ll !1 IIA 'T' I 5 H495 ws XZ Q ' s wwf' 5 ' VIL". f . . A r . fr ., N X1 V 1 V, FALL FEATURES Sepfember I3 found fhe parking Iof of Geffysburg College packed wifh cars and mill- ing people. Upsfairs in fhe dorms apprehensive freshmen and"old-fimer"upperclassmen greef- ed fheir roommafes. Fafhers puffed up fhe sfairs, nearly killing fhemselves under piles of clofhes, books, radios, and fypewrifers. Affer sad farewells fo fheir parenfs, fhe freshmen found fheir way fo Glaffelfer where fhey were equipped wifh blue and orange dinks, huge name cards, and a "I-Iow fo Sfudy Book." Their ih dink, I wecome you wi+h a fradifion of Geffysburg. 8 Moving in . . . a family affair. "Many people and much confusion" . . . 'Fall regisf I' idenfificafion picfures were faken, and before fhey knew whaf was happening, fhey had emerged from Glaffelfer mugged, equipped as real freshmen, and a Iiffle dazed. This dazed Iook was apparenf during Orien- fafion Week as fhe pace increased. Each day fhere were fesfs and inferviews wifh advisors. An SCA picnic was held on Sepfember I4 wifh a freshman mixer following in fhe gym. On Sep- fember I5 Rush Week began wifh a Pan-I-IeI- Ienic buffef supper for fhe coeds and supper aT The TraTerniTy houses Tor The Tellows. The rush was Truly on as upperclassmen poured in The doors oT Treshman dorms and down The halls To The bewildered new sTudenTs. As Rush Week proceeded The Treshmen became accus- Tomed To raTTling oTT Their home Town, major, and summer iob. l-lolding a smile consTanTly became a habiT. Finally The bids were given ouT and The Treshmen who were pledged relaxed, . ZS-' i We Holiday aT AlcaTraz . . . or The 'freshman picnic? The freshmen sing Tor Their supp Are They coming or going? . . . Backwards Day during T as much as pledges can, Tor The real inTroduc- Tion To TraTerniTy liTe. Classes and cusToms began TogeTher. As much as They would have liked To, The Treshmen could noT do away wiTh classesg buT They did puT an end To cusToms aTTer The Third day. A rioT Took place on The girls' dormiTory quad wiTh boys parTicipaTing Trom The ground and girls conTribuTing encouragemenT Trom The windows. AlThough iT annoyed such people as The upperclassmen, The housemoThers, Dr. Allan Nevins receives an honorary degree . . . Convo- ca+ion l959. Carl Sandburg confers will-I Secrefary of Healfln, Educa- llon' and Welfare A'+huQe'::l'QQm'g ' ' ' Clvll war Con- "Uni'red we sfancl . . . class of '63." Cusloms come 'lo an end "Going, going, gone" . . . dollars for WUS. Couples chaT and enioy reTreshmenTs aT The Dorm Dance. FATHER'S DAY The highIighT oT FaTher's Day Weekend, ceIebraTed OcTober I7 and I8 was The presen- TaTioin oT The FaTher oT The Year Award To The Reverend John S. Bishop aT The SaTurday eve- ning ConvocaTion. The weekend was high- IighTed by a TacuITy-parenT coTTee hour, a vic- Torious hockey game, and a TooTbaII vicTory over AIbrighT. SaTurday evening bangueTs were held by The diTTerenT living groups aTTer which a program was held in ChrisT Chapel. AT This Time The FaTher oT The Year was inTroduced and Dr. Francis Ivlason was The TeaTured speak- er. The weelcend concluded wiTh The Sunday chapel service Ied by Chaplain EdwerTh KorTe. II DORM DANCE "fXuTumn Leaves," depicTed by a coIorTuI Tree In The cenTer oT The dance Tloor, provided an appropriaTe Theme Tor The annual Dorm Dance held in The college dining hall on OCTO- ber IO. Dancing To The music oT Gil I.upp and The Crewmen, couples Tound Themselves in an auTumn seTTing as real as all ouTdoors. The Ta- vors, IeaT-shaped pin cushions, provided Tangi- ble reminders oT a happy and memorable evening. "FaTher of The Year" . . . The Reverend John S. Bishop. l SAE prepares To "Whale 'Em" . . . and They did! FirsT prize. . H O M E C O M I N G EnThusiasm and ingenuiTy . . . Homecoming floaT parade. l The TradiTional Homecoming Weekend be- gan on Friday nighT, OcTober 30, wiTh a pep rally and a parade oT elaboraTe TloaTs Through The Town oT GeTTysburg. Led by The college band and cheerleaders, The Tin Cup Queen and her courT wiTh an enThusiasTic crowd oT sTudenTs and Townspeople Tollowed To cheer The Team on To vicTory. DespiTe rain on SaTurclay, all TloaTs survived Tor a gala parade preceding The game againsT l.aTayeTTe "Leopards" AT The presenTaTion oT The winning TraTer'niTies, The Trophy Tor TirsT place wenT To SAE and Their blue whale who was ouT To "Whale 'Emf' TKE was awarded second place wiTh Their sTeam shovel designed To "Shovel a VicTory." Tin Cup Queen, Lois lvloyer, was presenTed wiTh a silver plaTe by The l-lomecoming Weekend chairmen: Dave T2 Brighl, Boosler Club Presidenl, Eleanor Schoel- ler, and Dave Benler. l-ler allendanls included Carol l-lirsl, Teddi Tichy, Pal Ness, and Yvonne Jacobs. The final viclory ol I6-I3 over Jrhe Leopards was received wilh Jrremendous spiril by lhe crowd of 3,500. SaJrurday's leslivilies were concluded wilh an alumni receplion in Jrhe Eddie Plank Gym- nasium and open houses and leas lor all alumni in Their respeclive lralerniry houses or sororiry rooms. Concluding Jrhe successful i959 Homecom- ing Weekend on Sunday, November I, was an alumni worship service in Chrisl Chapel wilh The Reverend William Sunday as guesl min- isler. Bui you're nof fl-ie queen, Dave! sfea, ff H"s always fhe women who do rhe world Independent floaf. ATO sails forih 'fo "Sink LafayeHe The lady in black is our queen for a day! INTERFRATERNITY WEEKEND Jim Brenneman, l.F.C. Pres . 'T Q- X ga K 2 ' Qugygff .' ' "V " if ' , iclenf, besfows 'Phe honors on In llwe new ballroom of Jrlwe Sludenl Union, couples al Jrlwe lnlerlralernily Dance on No- vembe-r 2Oll'i danced lo llme music ol llie Billy May l3and.Tl1e evening was liigliliqliled by llie crowning of llwe l959 IEC Queen, Miss Pal Ness, wlwo was presenled willi a cilalion and crown by Jim Brenneman, lFC Presidenl. Mem- bers ol lwer courl included Carol l-lirsl, Lucy Jones, Sue Sober, and Teddi Ticlmy. Foolball fans wilnessed GeHysburg's vic- Jrory over Temple on Salurday allernoon. Tlwe hall-lime ceremonies lealured ine lradilional Iniermission . . . ini+ia'fion of ihe new Bullef Hole Queen Pai' Nes fhe an presenlalion ol The queen and her courl. The queen was presenled wilh a silver cup in honor of her reign over Jrhe weekend, and her courl members were given gold charms as lceepsalqes. On Salurday nighl, pledge dances al Jrhe individual lralernily houses climaxed lhe weelc- end, wilh lralernily men and Their dales Carry- ing our lhe various lhemes by masquerading as Romans, bealniks, gangslers, and hobos. Fa- vors included copper mugs, brandy snifers, slufled animals, and pledge paddles. "When in Rome do as fhe Romans . . ." Phi Gam. Silver plafe presen+aHon during halffime. "The sack is sfill in s+yle!" . . . SAE. 2, HWWGC prepares for broadcasringn . . new siudio in fhe S.U.BN. "Say, fha+ does look good" . . . cafeferia sfyle BuHe+ Hole. STUDENT "This one's a cinch" . . . game room in The S.U.B. Swing your par+ner" . . . faculiy square dance. "Exper'I's show how H"s done" . . . faculfy nigh+ ar The S.U.B. V A UNION BUILDING "I iusl don'l believe ill" "Our Bullel cerlainly has gone modern." Such commenls buzzed lhrough The newesl and largesl' ol Ihe college buildings, Ihe Sludenl Union Building, on open- ing nighl December lirsl. This social-civic cenler ollers various recrea- lional Iacililies plus many meeling and sludy rooms and lounges, a boolcslore, posl ollice, and even a barbershop. Recrealional rooms are equipped wilh chess and card Iables, pool la- bles and shullleboard. Six lane bowling wilh aulomalic pin-sellers are a luxury Io C5-burg sludenls and iacully alilce. Anolher advance- menl is lhe colossal swimming pool wilh spec- lalor slands sealing approximalely lhree hun- dred people. For music lovers, lhere are pri- vale lislening rooms equipped wilh slereo- phonic inslrumenls and an exlensive record li- brary. Olher enjoyable lislening is Iransmilled from Ihe SUB via WWGC, Ihe campus radio slalion. Adiacenl lo Ihe snaclc shop is Ihe ballroom- audilorium which can seal 2,000 persons. De- spile Ihe inilial reluclance on Ihe parl of lhe sludenls lo having lhe old Bullel I-lole become bul a mere memory, lhey have Iouncl Ihe fI3l,l85.000 SUB wilh ils ifnnovalions and beller Iacililies a welcome replacemenl. This BuIIe+'s no hole! S HOUSE PARTIES A l3lanl4eT oT glisTening snow welcomed ChrisTmas l-louse-ParTies. held December I2 and I3, on our campus. The weekend was Tilleol wiTh exciTing happenings. SaTurolay aTTernoon in The SUB, The IFC presenTed a jazz concerT, TeaTuring Alphonso BriTT and The Dials. Friday nighT The TraTerniTy Tormal dances were held and SaTurclay nighT's program included inTor- mal dances wiTh parTies which lasTed inTo The wee small hours. The weelc peTore all The TraTerniTies TranTic- ally began To decoraTe Their houses Tor The big weekend. UnTorTunaTely, The rain and The snow did some harm lo The decoralions, buf il cer- lainly did noi dampen The spirirs. In rhe com- pelrilion a huge, jolly Sanla Claus walked oil wiih rhe lirsr place honors for Sigma Nu whose Jrheme was "l-lere Comes Sanla Claus." Thela Chi look second place wiih lheir modernislic mobile lheme "ConiiguraJrion oi Chrisrmasf' Phi Gamma Della decoraled wilh "San+a's Lir- Jrle l-lelpers" and came in Jrhird. Brandy snilers, wine skins, braceleis, and swear-shirrs were some oi Jrhe favors Jrhar were given and which added lo The sparkle and ex- cilemenr oi a wonderful weekend. Mixed emofions displayed al +he iazz con T S 1' cl H WINTER .WEEKEND February I2 and I3 wiTnessed The highlighT oT The winTer social siTuaTion, The memorable TesTiviTies oT WinTer Weekend. Friday nighT Ralph MarTerie and his orchesTra creaTed The perTecT aTmosiohere wiTh soTT, dreamy music. ExciTemenT ran high as everyone anxiously awaiTed The main aTTracTion oT The evening, The crowning oT The i960 SPECTRUM Queen. Charlie Weaver, oT Television and GeTTysburg Tame, selecTed lovely Sue Sober To receive The honor. Jo lfnsor and l.ois Moyer were her Two aTTenda'nTs and l.ucy Jones, Yvonne Jacobs, Lynn Jacobsen, Maureen Cronan, Linda Gui- lino and PaT Ness were CourT Members. "Bavarian Boy wiTh Cheek" was The Theme Tor The Frosh-Soloh Show which was yoresenTed SaTurday evening in The SUB Ballroom. The sTory Told oT an American producer's Travels To a small Bavarian ciTy in search oT TalenT Tor his laTesT Tilm. This enTerTaining display oT Tal- enT and humor plus The Frosh-Soph l-lop wiTh Bill Collins and his orch-esTra was a perTecT way To end a wonderTul weelcend. cl T cl SPECTRUM queen. Gesundheifll QLnn'll1ul'l1 CHESTFIA ff i 5 s 2 Sy Q, ii "ConformHy on OUR campus?" . . . SPECTRUM COUFT- 54 oq',' Q oa4',', ...tO ,,oo9, 5.9545 rs"' I 9940 050, '0Q,,. 5440. 'o.o.o"' : 5 -woes' gf. tooo -004 445' 5 f ,f ,s , 5 W., A s .3 4 ai v 0 s'.'o QL.-1 0 s Q Q 43791-L,--x o 4 4 nQg4in..aWn1- ,Q A 3,1 ,figs-4151 . Q V ,w.,,,,v fxwx. MQ,:Y,.-,513 -f H K. ' Wgfw ,,'f,:. 3 11:-.AL if ujg .fxg i ,F T . fE'fff.q:p.4zQ4'5W?' R ll KM, ur.,-V Z., . Qff af 1 ,Janaaf X , K , bv Aff-, 1, .Jia ' ' -'fu ffni- X Q ,W , . Aga , , HN 351 V ziL.2"L in 1 ,NA . Hurray for 'Phe pinny feam. ,fliilg aah. in f2Q3, M2222QZiZ?2 f22afifQz W W 4,1'L D, L' hiQ' msg' 9 6 Q I 4- Ralph! Hoch, presidenf of fhe Alumni lnferfrarernily Conference. arrives +0 regis+er for lhe concluding aclrivifies of 6eH'ysburg's Greek Week. GREEK WEEK March Il lo I3 proughl The annual Greek Week leslivilies lo lhe G-purq campus. This weekend was highliqhled by ba-nquels, lraler- nily discussion groups, visils from Nalional Ol- licers, and lormal inilialions. The program lor Friday included Jrhe Pledge Banquet al which lhe speaker was Roland Maxwell, Chairman ol The Nalional lnlerlralernily Conlerence. Presidenl' of 'rhe Na+5onal lnferfralernify Conference, Roland Maxwell, surveys 'The scene af 'lhe annual Pledge Banquet "ln fhe Sfill of lhe Nigl1l" . . . Sigma Kappas sang 'lheir way 'ro viclory. main manga- 1 .mn--4-A Mauna. -a-mam -Q11 . lim -.1m.v.,...1f,.v..v,,.X,..,1 Friday nighT The IFC-Pan-l-lell Sing was held and The TKE's and The Sigma Kappa's wallced oTT wiTh Top honors. Second places were Taken by The Phi Sigs and The Phi lVlu's. Trophies were Then presenTed by IFC PresidenT Jim Brenne- man. The new oTTicers Tor The lFC and The Pan- l-lellenic Council were Then inTroduced. SaTurday morning The visiTing naTional oT- Ticers were The guesTs oT PresidenT Paul aT brealcTasT. SaTurday noon The annual TraTerniTy alumni luncheon was held in The College Dining l-lall. lniTiaTions were The program Tor SaTurday aTTernoon. Sunday morning, Dr. Edward E. Frey con- cluded The weelcend wiTh The Chapel service. TKES Talxe The Trophy wiTh Their rencliTion of "Rebel Soldier." My ProspecTive iniTiaTes look 'Forward To Their inTroducTion inTo The Chi Omega-"My True Love HaTh My HearT." Alpha Chi Rho-Tops in scholarship during The firsT s Te 3' Whiie gloves and He aboard 'Phe fKE's "Shipwreck," SPRlNGi HGUSE PARTIES "A weekend a+ Waikiki" . . . Lambda Chi. Censored. Sigma Nu. .1 N, ' y 21 Queen Jean Charuhas and her courf presude over fhe May Day fesfivlfies. A+ lvloJrher's Weekend In May, l959, Mrs. Ensor was named lvlolher ol The Year. The weekend was also highlighled by Jrhe May Courl and The May Queen, Jean Charuhas who was crowned by The I958 Queen, Bonnie Ban- lrerl. The annual loaqeanl ancl The waler show were also held This weekend as Gellysburg honored The molhers of The sludenl body. The weelqencl was a complele success as beaulhful wealher prevailed. "A splash of Moonlighi Love" . . . wafer show. MOTHER'S WEEKEND "Congra+ula1'ions, Mrs. Er1sor"' burg's molher of ihe year. Oops, I +hlnk l go? a spllnfer. Gelly f ,. , -u l'd like you To mee? my friend. Seen any bu'H'erHies? Inside Old Dorm. H' isn'+ exacfly Roberi' Hall, bui- So who makes a profH7 A-4 1 -' I X Januar-M -I 1 I . .rl ' if X I r 1 fy! fb f 2 X N' Q iyf4gMQQ.m5?14i iQ'AV???QEi4A' 'f" "' ' Q ,f'.4 'HE-. V1 f4?iS'i'KfQff 1 Zkfzgg 414 smkmwvwi Hgmiwgg 4-6, W ,, -2124 A., ,, , 635.1 ,MI W E ag f,wa ,,, iafg ,Ne f54Q4QQ .QM Gettysburg College Gettysburg ' Pennsylvania Dear Students: May I tell you how flatgered 1 am to have been seiectpd io: inclusion in IQQ Sggctrazm. I hawk nevm' :name school yagaarbonk as a student, so if is a greai akriil hero in my quid agau tm finaiiv he incluaem. Lat me extend heartiest Qongratuiations XG all Q? the stuGQm?s and in warticmiar fha 4 X' . graduates upon a vegv flue accomvaishment. I1 there is ang one thought K migut imnarz tn you, it is fhis: He uapby. Smile at your troubles and always respacr the rights of fha UIUQ' feEIcw. Always remember me as vom? Eriend. beuause I shink uf you as 'my ?eopleU. Vfow :mai Hwiid old naw' ,, f ,. D E CEQSWXSJ3 weaver LCliIf Arquette? 'Ckzmkh THE SPECTRUM QUEEN iss ue Seger Az l ' 42 Q, ATTEN DANT iss ois otyer x V' ww! - ga . mmf? 451' , . kg, Q f Sw x :- we N Rf wx ' 'AAA, G! ba .a -5 . uf.. 1. X A N 1 X X Q X ix Q x N4 Y N Q X w M wx, X 5 gi gl' , . lf mixix V1 Y V ..-Q x b Q XM Q X 'lb :QQ 2 'ax ik ,gba X ,, f, Q 4 YQ J i . x . QE X 57-fx A N gx Xrewl xx-af X x ,wbvi-111.5 'fa Q. , Mn ATTENDANT smissjoe THE QUEEN'S COURT miss :Cinvla guihno miss ma iss lynn jacogsen iss ucly ones iss af gjwss THE QUEENS CGURT iss MOHHC jacogs WM!!- 'Q f',.g8?" " LT':' I ' l,'J' mn n ' x ii 1? MJX Q ' x 4.5-'Q-"ax I! 4' Q ' lil! C, M fm lx S E R1 CE IP" 'FQ 7 , . K " v . ,yr .K-A uf nu x 45.1 V D Q f .Ab - . ,H if-nh-,N. 5 -a 1- 'gf-Et! .Lg-' r Y... f 1 fe af l'. v' if -'K 4- ff gp'-J Yr . .., -ny. 1- :A Q S4 ' Ti w 1 Y ,...h. gr "ff . X,Q 3 ' ' Q Q X t I , :- -' iv.: ' 5 M Y, 1 A -x.,,., 1' .. f-ffl-: . , ' KVM-' .Typ If' -gf wa., me 'Neva 3 -. 4: . GN f?f1.', 4? Y six, ' Q ' Q AQ., aah , ya X Zi: A' r W . GEN. WILLARD S. PAUL lU.S.A. ReT.l PRESIDENT General Willard S. Paul, U.S.A. lReT.l, ninTh presidenT oT GeTTyslourg College, is now serving his TourTh year as presidenT. He was inauguraTed OcTober I9, I956. A naTive oT WorcesTer, lVlassachuseTTs, PresidenT Paul aT- Tended DarTmouTh College, The American UniversiTy, and The Johns Hopkins UniversiTy. He is also a graduaTe oT The lnTanTry School, The Command and General STaTT College, and The Army War College. AcTive in high-level adminisTraTion posiTions, Tollowing his service reTiremenT, PresidenT Paul served as ConsulTanT and Advisor To The American Red Cross PresidenT Trom i949 unTil I95O, as a member oT The CiTizens CommiTTee Tor The Hoover ReporT in l95l and l952, and as ConsulTanT To The AssisTanT SecreTary oT DeTense Tor Manpower Trom l952 unTil I953. A member oT The Hoover Commission Task Force on Civil Service and Personnel and on ReorganizaTion oT ExecuTivei Branch oT The GovernmenT, PresidenT Paul was AssisTanT To The DirecTor, OT- Tice oT DeTense MobilizaTion Trom T953 unTil he was elecTed PresidenT oT GeTTysburg College. MRS. MILDRED JOHNSON A B Ad ii Tive AssisTa TT Th P sd T m'n'sTra QWVQ- ADMINISTRATION I SEYMOUR B. DUNN A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Dean of The College CHARLES R. WOLFE MILDRED H. HARTZELL A.B., A.M. B,A, Dean of Admissions Regisfrar MARTIN H. CRONLUND LILLIAN H. SMOKE B,A,, M,A, Aciing Librarian Associate Director of Admissions PETERSON ZINAIDA ZAGARS PAUIR M S M Assisfanf in Admissions Admissions Counselor 4-1 ST UDENT PERSONNEL SERVICES JOHN W. SHAINLINE A.B., A.M. Dean ofS1uden'ls MARTHA H. STOREK THE REV. EDWERTH E. KORTE W. RAMSEY JONES A.B., h. . A.B.,B.D. A.B. P D Dean of W'c-me n Chaplain Dean of Men 4 DR. TILEi'EiiI3I I. MOE HAROLD CLOSSON . . B.S. Medical Director Direcior of Sfudem' Union 42 HAROLD A. DUNKELBERGER A.B., B.D., Ph.D. Direclcr of Developmeni' and Alumni Relations DEVELOPMENT AND ALUMNI RELATIONS RAYMOND S: DAVIS RONALD D. STAUB B.S. A.B. Diredor of Public Informalion Assisfanf, Public Informafion f ROY D. MILLER A.B. Assisla nl To Direclor of Developmenl' and Alumni Relalions JOHN D. KNICKERBOCKER BARBARA J. PLATT A.B., A,M, B.S., M.A. Historian Acfing Direclor of Guidance and Placement 43 BUSINESS AND FINANCIAL AFFAIRS F. STANLEY HOFFMAN B.S., M.S. Business Manager STEVE C. DUNLAP JAY IP. BROWN B.S. Bursar Assisianf Business Manager REX MADDOX RAYMOND STROHM Superiniendeni' of Buildings Book Sfore Manager and Grounds 44 HEAD RESIDENTS: Mrs.Alma Parnell, Miss Louise Parks, Miss Winnie fred Campbell. Sealed, Mrs. Lorelia Dealrick, Mrs. George Larkin. HOUSEMOTHERS A SECRETARIES: Sealed, Mrs. Clara Goss, Mrs. Thelma Bender, Mrs. Gladys lobes, Mrs. Belly Plank. Sfanding, Mrs. Callwarine Housron, Mrs. Slwirley Terwilliger, Miss Shirley Mumma, Mrs, Wanda Helwig. Mrs. Pal Harris, Mrs. Mary Cole, Miss Carol Ann Reaver. 45 We fjf ff SECRETARIES: Slanding, Mrs. Peg Singley, Mrs. Janel Rlwoads, Miss Mary Ann l-larlrnan. Sfanding, Mrs. Ada Noel, Mrs, Rufh Ruby, Mrs. Bobbie Mcl.eroy, Mrs. Mary Taranlino. ND SECRETARIES SECRETARIES: A+ iypewriler, Mrs. Geraldine Smilli. Sianding, Mrs. Clara 'McDannell, Miss Rosea Armor, Mrs. Dorolhy Bloom, Miss Rose 'Marie Whifed, Miss Pafricia Hinlcle, Mrs. Rufh Jean Luclcenbauglw. ARMY ROTC DEPARTMENT Ialphabeficallyl Caplain Charles I-I. Auer, Colonel Rob- er+ Beechinor, Caplain Daniel Beirne, Sql. Khlar J. Daye. SFC Armand F. Prosperi, M!Sg+, Gene SI. Clair, SFC James T. Tomlin, MXSQI. Sheldon Waife. AIR SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Ialplnabeficallyl TXSQI. Frank Davis, TfSg+. William I-I. Denningion, TfSg'r. Roberf D. Johnson, LI, Col. Marlin PeI'ers, Aflc Douglas W, Salo, Cap+ain Earl M. ScI'imidI', Cap+ain Welda A. Srni+l1, Maior William N. Srorrns, BIBLE DEPARTMENT Firs+ Row: Louis I-Iammann, A.B,, B.D.q William C, Walle- meyer, A.B., B.D., A.M., Pl1.D., Deparfmenr I-lead: Edwin Freed, A.B., BD., PI1.D. Second Row: Nelson R. Sulouff, A.B., B,D.g Carey Moore, A.B., B.D., Roberl' Trone, A.B., B.D.g Frederick Weiser, A.B. CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT Sealed: C. Allen Sloal, B.S., A.iM., PI'1.D.g Calvin Schild- Icneclilr, Pl'1.D., I-lead of Deparlmenf. Sfanding: A. T. Row- Iancl, Ph.D.g Glen S. Weiland, B.S., M.S., Pl1.D.q lEugene A. Deardorrl, B.S. BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT FirsI' Row: Rowland E. Logan, PI'm.D.g Roberf D. Barnes, B.S., PI'1.'D. Second Row: IMyron Simpson, D.Sc.: Gunar Sandnes, PI1.D.7 I-Ielen Darrah, B.S., M.S.: William Darrah, B.S.g 'I-Iarolcl 'Messer, M.'S. PI1.D. ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Sealed: Doroilwy W, Douglas, 'Pl1.D.Q MiI'ron L. Sfokes, Pl1.D., Deparlmenir I-lead, Walclemar Zagars, Ph.D. Sland- ing: Conway S. Williams, A.B., M.S.3 Prabalcar Akolekar. A.B., A.M.: James Krum, A.B., A.M. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Sealed: Joseph K. Wolfinger, A,M.y Sue E. Weinhorsl, A.B,, A.M.1 Mary IM. Sfewarf, Ph.D.q Marie McI.ennand, A.B., A.M. SIanding: James D. Pickering, A.B., A.M.7 Jack Locher, A.M.7 Ralph D. Lindeman, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.7 Richard Davison, AB., A.M.: John Loose, A.B., B.D.: Francis Mason, Ph.D.q Richard Geyer, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., DeparI'men'I Head, EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Russell S. Rosenberger, B.-S., Ed.D., Deparlmeni Head Lesjrer O. Johnson, A.B., A.M.q Alfred J. Bashore, B.S. GERMAN, LATIN, AND GREEK DEPARTMENTS Sealed: Lena Forfenbaugh, A.B., A.M.g John G. Glenn Ph.D., Head of Laiin Depar'rmenI': William K. Sunder meyer, 'Ph.D., Head of German Deparlmenf. Sfanding Glendon Collier, A.B., A.M.g Ilse Langerhans, Fred Shaf- fer, A.B., AIM., Ph.D., Head of Greek Deparfmenig G Roberi' Held, A.B., A.M.y Frederick C. Ahrens, 'Ph.D. HISTORY DEPARTMENT Sealed: Roberl L. Bloom, B.S., A.M., Ph.D., Head of De4 parlmenl. S+ancIing: Bruce Bugbee, A.M.: Charles Slal- feller, A.B., Ph.D.g Basil Crapsler, A.B., A.M., Ph,D. PHILOSOPHY DEPARTMENT Norman E. Richardson, B.D., Ph.D., Deparlmenl' Head: Chan L. Couller, A.M., W, Richard Schuloarr, A.B., A.M. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Sealed: Roberl' Fryling, A.B., A.M., Richard A. Arms A.B., Ph.D., Deparlmenl Head. Sfanding: Alberl W. Buf Ierfield, B.S., AIM., M. Scoll Morehead, B.S., A.M. Ph.D.q Earl E. Ziegler, B.S., M.S. FINE ARTS DEPARTMENT Pafrick W. Barclay, D.A.g Frank H. Kramer, PI1.D.: Ingolf QuaIIy, A.B., B.I:.A.. M.F.A. . , ,s . 1 MUSIC DEPARTMENT Seeded: Marie Budde, B.M.g Toni K. Heikkinen, B.M. S'I'anding: E. Douglas Danfelf, B.M., A.M.: Parker B. Wag- nild, A.B., M.S.M., A.M., Head of Depar+rnenIg Lois Kadel, B.S., M.S.IM.: R. Henry Ackley, A.B. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Sea'I'ed: Nancy K. MiIcI1eII, A.B., M.Ed.g Grace Kenney BLS., A.M.: Nancy J. KeIIy, B.S.Ed. Sfanding: Harold Glad B.S., A.M.: John Ridinger, A.B.g Howard Shoemaker, A.B. A,M.g Roberr HuI+on, A.B.g Garejrh Biser, B.S., M.S.q Eu gene Hummel, A.B., AjM.g Henry T. Brearn, B.S., A.M. Head of Deparfmenfg Gene Haas. A.B., A.M. POLITICAL SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Seaiedc Chesrer Jarvis, 'Ph.D., Head of Deparfmenr. S+anding: Arfhur Boenau, A.B., A.M.: Louise Harned, A.B. A.M., Ph.D., Roberr Knox, A.B., A.M. PHYSICS DEPARTMENT Seafedz WaIIer J. Scoff, A.B., M.S.7 J. Richard Haskins, B.S., Ph.D., Donald Homan, A.B. Sfanding: Richard T. Mara, A.B., M.S., Ph.D., Head of Deparrmenh Theodore Daniels, AB, PSYCHOLOGY DEPARTMENT Seaiedz Kennerh L, Smoke, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Deparrmenr Head: John Shand, Ph.D., 'Es'rher C. Woods, A.B., A.M. S'I'anding: Charles A. PIa'rI', A.B., AJM., Ph.D.I Lewis B- Frank, B.S., A.M., Edward R. Osfrander, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. SOCIOLOGY DEPARTMENT Dorolhy Douglas, AB., lPh.D,, M, Eslher Blass, AB., A.M., Ph.D.q Avery Slwaeller, B.S., AIM. ROMANCE LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Sealed: Janis Weaner, A.B., A.M., William Sanborn, A.B., Pl1.B. Sfancling: Herloerl G. l-lamme, A.B., A.M.: Alberl' Bacnrnan, Pl1.D., l-leacl of Deparlmenlg Manyard Playllool, A.B., A.M.: Caroline Cameron, A.B., A.M. 1-mwmymmmf E E mmsw,.,Qw.MzAw1mz4mu mmmm n w.m:cemw4s::m,w, skmm1wm31s2mSamvw'zavN mfg-z,1smf1f.7zM,',,a4 ww The STudenT SeinaTe regulaTes The acTiviTies oT all recognized organizaTions on campus. As The governing body oT The enTire sTudenT body, The SenaTe includes represenTaTives Trom each living group, Woman's STudenT C5overnmeinT, men's dormiTory counselors, IFC, and Panhel- lenic Council. BeTTer sTudenT-TaculTy relaTions are achieved Through The STudenT CommiTTee on ConducT and AcTiviTies, which handles sTu- denT violaTions oT school policy, Tederal or sTaTe laws. The SenaTe has The power To accepT or re- iecT The consTiTuTions oT newly Tormed organi- zaTions ThaT wish To be recognized. Freshman cusToms and Freshman OrienTaTio'n Week as well as The men's and women's Tribunals are or- ganized each Tall by The SenaTe. The Tunds oT The STudenT ChesT, which amounT To over Sl6,000 This year are disTrib- uTed To TiTTeen organizaTions. The SenaTe con- TribuTes To chariTy organizaTions by conducTing drives Tor communiTy, sTaTe and naTional aid. Also, The SenaTe sponsors movies in The SCA audiTorium every Friday and SaTurday nighr To raise Tunds Tor chariTy. The class, SenaTe, and l-lonor Commission elecTions are held by The SenaTe. lNlominaTions Tor 0uTsTanding Juniors, sTudenT members oT The Advisory CommiTTee on AThleTics, and The Leander M. Zimmerman Prize are TormulaTed by The SenaTe. The SenaTe also Tends To any oTher worThwhile issue oT general campus in- TeresT. A STudenT DirecTory is published by The Sen- aTe and MoTher's Day and FaTher's Day are planned annually. Each spring a Leadership Training School Tor sTudenTs, who are campus leaders, is organized by The SenaTe, and held aT Camp Nawalqwa. lvlany new ideas are Talcen back To GeTTysburg campus Trom The inTorma- Tive discussion groups. LUD SCHLECHT BOB MENGES JUDY KEYES . LOIS MOYER . AL PARKER . . TRUDIE HUBER JIM GARMAN OFFICERS . , . Presideni . . . .Vice-Presidenf . . Recording Secrefary Corresponding Secreiary . . , . . . . .Treasurer . .Publicify Chairman . . . . .Chaplain Teil you wi'1a1we're going +o do . . . 7 2 i 2 3 T l l rs Wilson and Grele 59 Trial Boa rcl 56 HONOR COMMISSION The school year l959-60 saw The Third year oT successTul operaTion oT The l-lonor SysTem aT GeTTysburg College. lniTiaTed by a sTude'nT commiTTTee in l957, iT was puT inTo eTTecT ThaT Tall, aTTer sTudenT and TaculTy reTerendums. The enTire l-lonor SysTem is made up oT The Trial Board, The Trial Counselors, The l-lonor SysTem ConsTiTuTion and each individual sTu- denT who aTTends GeTTysburg College. As The basic groundwork and The guide Tor conTinuiTy oT The l-lonor SysTem sTands The ConsTiTuTion oT The l-lonor SysTem. This seT oT rules is open To amendmenT by The sTudenT body Through The STudenT SenaTe. The l-lonor SysTem aT GeTTysburg is an aT- TempT To develop among The sTudenTs a sense oT honor in regard To all academic worlc The l-lonor SysTem is The responsibiliTy oT each sTu- denT Tor mainTenance and value. For The mosT parT, The l-lonor SysTem, used boTh in regular and summer sessions aT GeTTys- burg, has been relaTively eTTecTive in develop- ing honor among The sTudenTs. The l-lonor Commission iTselT includes The Trial Board, which is made up oT Tour seniors, Three iuniors, and Two sophomores. ATTer The ca'ndidaTes ioeTiTion Tor membership, They are elec:Ted by The sTudenT body. An inTerview is also a prerequisiTe Tor being accebTed To can- didacy. ln addiTion, Three Trial Counselors are szeleded by The Trial Board To gaTher and presenT aT a Trial all inTormaTion valuable To The case. The FaculTy advisors, ProTessor l-lammann and ProTessor CrabsTer are valuable To The Trial Board in consulTaTion. The enT i959 H C The ThirTeen TraTerniTies on GeTTysburg campus are represenTed in The lnTerTraTerniTy Council which meeTs once a week To discuss The plans and problems which arise. A cooperaTive eTTorT is made To mainTain Trienclly relaTions and esTablish saTisTacTory agreemenTs. INTER-FRATERNITY CCUNCIL As advisor To The council, Dean Ramsey Jones oTTers valuable suggesTions. Friendly compeTiTion among The various houses is sTimulaTed by The annual awards Tor TraTerniTy scholar- ship, inTramural aThleTics, and The TloaT and house decoraTions aT Homecoming and ChrisTmas, FraTerniTy social liTe is highlighTed by The IFC dance, which Tea- Turecl Billy lv1ay's orchesTra This year, and The ChrisTmas weekend jazz concerT which sTarrecl AlTonso BriTT and The Dials. The IFC urges parTicipaTion in campus acTiviTies, communiTy proiecTs and service To The college, as well as TraTerniTy responsibiliTy Toward scholarship. Two represenTaTives OT The GeTTysburg IFC are senT To The NaTional lnTerTraTerniTy ConvenTion each year, aT which schools Trom all over The naTion discuss Their problems and oTTer suggesTions Tor improving Their campus Tra- TerniTy sysTem. The oTTicers oT The IFC are: Jim Brenneman, Presi- denTq Fred Fielding, Vice-President Russ BranTon, Sec- reTary and Tom Norris, Treasurer. Officers. Firsi' Row: Russ BranTon, SecreTary: Jim Brenneman, Press idenT. Second Row: Fred Fielding, Vice 'Presidenlrg Tom Norris, Treasurer. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL 4, ,Q ,rYg:-fs, 'UA The six sororiTies on campus comprise The Panhel- lenic Council, an organizaTion which aTTempTs To har- monize ancl regulaTe inTersororiTy acTiviTies aT GeTTys- lourg. A junior and senior represenTaTive elecTed Trom each sororiTy aTTend The monThly meeTings. Besides inTroducing Treshmen To sororiTy liTe on campus, The Pan-Hell promoTes Tairness during rushing, sTudies new programming ideas, Tinances annually a scholarship Trophy To The sOroriTy highesT in scholasTic average, compeTes in The annual TloaT parade aT Home- coming and The Panhell-IFC Sing. This year, The Council inTerviewed naTional sororiTy represenTaTives in order To selecT The sevenTh N.P.C, group on campus. Dean MarTha STorek is advisor To The group. 59 Firsf Row: Sue Ruby, Ellen Sippel, Freya Wikfeld, Louise Schilpp, Phyllis Horn. Second Row: Judy Derr, Mary Franz, Anne Heckler, Nancy Susser, Flossie l-leckman, Judy Rempp, Dean MarTha Sforek. Officers of Pan-Hell AT The regular meeTings OT The Women's STuden+ GovernmenT, The dorm liTe oT women sTudenTs is gov- erned, and aTTempTs are made To answer Their com- plainTs. For The beneTiT oT Treshman and new sTudenTs, WSG publishes a brochure OT rules and plans Tor big and WOMAN'S STUDENT GOVERNMENT liTTle sisTers. The iudges, rules, and prizes Tor The ChrisT- mas dorm decoraTion conTesT, and The annual Dorm Dance, headed This year by Jo HOTT and Mary Ann Moore are sponsored by WSG. The council is composed oT Senior PresidenT Joan Wachob, Junior Vice-PresidenT Phyllis Boys, Sopho- more SecreTary-Treasurer Merle Miller, represenTa- Tives Trom each class, and The presidenTs oT each dormiTory. The Tood commiTTee, headed by Phyllis Boys, dis- cusses complainTs wiTh The caTeTeria manager and re- porTs back any changes To WSG Tor approval. During The Spring vacaTion a represenTaTive was senT To The sTaTe meeTing oT The lnTernaTional Associa- Tion Tor Women STudenTs. AlThough GeTTysburg is noT a member, many new ideas and programs were broughT baclc Trom The discussions oT This associaTion. 60 Officers, leTT To righT: Joan Wachob, PresidenTg Phyllis Boys, Vice PresidenTg Merle Miller, SecreTary-Treasurer. 'W ,A i Q-w 91 fir? Q YZ 5 ij J' E , 4 X , 4 ' 4 Q , 9 , 4 w 'i,g? . A. ' KN N. Mi 1 Z! THE SPECTRUM The I96O SPECTRUM sTaTT began worli in laTe April, I959. Work conTinued unTil June, lC76O. The I96O ediTion OT The SPECTRUM is. in The TradiTion OT The publicaTion, an eTForT To preseir1T a review OT The school year l959-60 aT GeTTysl:nurg. WiTh an ediTorial sTaTT OT TwehTy-Two arid a ToTal sTaTT OT over a hundred 5TuderiTs, we have Tried, Through picTures and words, To recall a f"'7?' And l1ere's your book fans! lew ol llwe memorable evenls ol llwe scliool year. Under ine edilorial guidance ol Jim Gar- man ancl Joan Waclioln. ancl willw Jrlwe coopera- lion ol llwe Benson Prinlring Company ol Nash- ville, Tennessee. we presenl llie one liunolred anol lwenly-eiglilli year of Gellyslourg Col- lege. Especially is lliis book cleclicaled lo llie Sen- ior Class ol l96O as llieir final, mosl lweclic, moslr inleresling year al Gellysburq College. Q :""' "'1nnnl!5T1' Bill Wunner handles 1-he business end, Bolo Kelly al worlr 1 Q, 'mem M my fawwswxvfswfwfmxzxm XX 4 ? xxx uT you misspelled Douglas 'Burgian STaFF THE GETTYSBURGIAN The weelcly ediTions OT The GeTTysburgian provide The campus wiTh reporTs oT The evenTs oT The pasT weelc, previews oT TorThcoming ac- TiviTies, and an ouTleT Tor campus opinion in The Torm oT ediTorials and TeaTures. CulTural arTic:les and discussion oT world siTuaTions are also Tea- Tured in The campus newspaper. The Burgian co-operaTes wiTh WWGC in providing sTaTisTics Tor Prism and an analysis oT currenT evenTs. Working along wiTh The BoosTer Club, The Burgian assisTs wiTh The An- nual Old Tin Cup TesTiviTies by elecTing a Tin Cup Queen and selecTing The CuTsTandi'ng Player oT The GeTTysburg Muhlenberg game. A Typical weelc Tor The sTaTT oT The GeTTys- lourgian begins Trom lvionday To Wednesday when copy is Turned in and rewriTTen, pages are planned, picTures Taken, and headlines wriTTen. The copy is Then senT To The GeTTys- burg Times To be prinTed. Thursday dummies are made. The paper is prooTread, and lasT min- uTe news and pic:Tures are added. The paper undergoes iTs Tinal cuT Friday morning aT The hands oT The ediTorial sTaTT. ThaT aTTernoo'n The circulaTion sTaTT disTribuTes The Burgian To all sTudenTs and subscribers. The Tollowing Mon- EdiTors aT work IT Th l lr Th g day, The ediTorial board reviews and criTicizes The lasT ediTion oT The paper and begins To plan Tor The nexT ediTion. The sTaTT oT nearly one hundred sTudenTs, who learn new Techniques oT reporTing and publishing ThroughouT The year, was rewarded by gaining FirsT-Class raTing in The AssociaTed ColleigiaTe Press con'1peTiTion. AssisTing The ediTorial sTaTT in an advisory capaciTy are Dr. Richard Geyer, Dr. Ralph Lindeman, Mr. James Pickering, and Mr. Rich- ard Davison. This is where I keep The proTiTs ExecuTive Commi'H'ee, Firsl Row: Dick l-less. ProTessor ScoTT. Professor 'Mary STewarT, Bill Fleischman, Phyllis Boyer. Second Row: Clyde Black, Jim Lockwood, Roger Reiner, Jack NorThrup, Barry Kerchner, Karl BurkhardT. W. W. G. C. Radio STaTion WWGC, newly locaTed in The STudenT Union Building, is in iTs TiTTeenTh year oT operaTion. The sTaTion presenTs The laTesT in music, news, sporTs, wea- Ther, and campus evenTs, IT broadcasTs all TooTball games Through The BulleT BroadcasTing SysTem. Special live shows are broadcasT weelcly Trom The snaclc bar and The audiTorium oT The STudenT Union Building. Some ouTsTanding musical shows are "GC DownbeaT," "Classical l-lighlighTs," "The BesT in Music." and "STar- lighT Serenade." Six Tive minuTe newscasTs, Two TiTTeen minuTe newscasTs, and several headline newscasTs are meT daily. Many new addiTions have been made in The sTaTion as iT has opened iTs new sTudios. Over Two Thousand dollars worTh oT new equipmenT has been added To The Tormer eguipmenT in The old sTudios, bringing ToTal asseTs oT The sTaTion To well over Ten Thousand dollars, New broadcasT equipmenT includes Three TurnTables, an eguipmenT rack, a Tapedeclc, console Table, and various iTems such as spealcers and microphones, Pro- gram wise, The highlighT seems To be WWGC's Ex- clusive Campus Coverage. This consisTs oT spoT an- nouncemenls concerning campus evenlrs. Every evening one hour and a half coniinuous dinner music is piped direclrly Jro The college cafeieria. The radio siahf includes over Tifly college slrudenls. The various fields They serve in are: disc jockeys, con- Jrrol announcers, wrilersl engineers, produciion workers, adminisiraiion, and record lilorarians. The Two Tacully advisors are Miss Mary lvlargarei Slrewarl and Mr. James Scolrlr. The enrire sJraT'F runs 'rhe slralrion, and as a special evenlr each year presenlrs or sponsors an all campus Jralenlr show. In The new slrudios, The WWGC slalll occupy six rooms-recording siudio, conirol room, news sfudio, office, record room, and engineer's room. The slraiion broadcaslrs from 2:00 PM. To l2:OO mid- nighl seven days a week during The school Term. This amounfs Jro seven+y hours air lime each week. WWGC mainlrains Jrwenlry-Tour hour Unilreol Press Telelrype News Service, and is aT'Filia'red wiih Jrhe lnfercollegiale Broad- casiing Sysfem and fhe College Radio Corporalrion. Audifions are held each semesier for Those looking for opporlrunilies in The field of college radio, l've conlacfed Mars!! I came +o malce sure you played 'Thai' requesf! Won'1' somebody say someihing? The Mercury, which is published quarTerly, is The oldesT OT our college publicaTions and conTains creaTive works OT The sTudenT populaTion. SelecTed works in The Tields oT poeTry, shorT sTories, essays, humor, and arT are accepTed Trom any GeTTysburg sTudenT, Only Those OT ouTsTanding liTerary meriT are published. Each spring The TaculTy judges The ouTsTanding work in each liTerary Tield and iTs auThor is presenTed a rnoneTary award. The sTudenT sTaTT handles all aspecTs oT publishing The Mercury Trom soliciTing adverTisemenTs To designing MERCURY NG" BCDCK illusTraTions To supplernenlr The liTerary creaTions. The EdiTor-in-ChieT is Jose Lacambre. l-le is assisTed by PeTe Casagrande and Sandy Wilson, AssisTanT Edi- Torsq AI Parker, ArT EdiTorg Ron Yocum, Business Mana- gerg and Dr. Francis Mason, Advisor. The G-Book, published Tor all Treshman by The STu- de-nT ChrisTian AssociaTion, is a handbook which serves To answer Their numerous guesTions abouT liTe on GeT- Tysburg campus. The vasT array OT Topics included are cheers, songs, TradiTions, rules and hinTs Tor a beTTer orienTaTion To college liTe. AThleTic schedules, social TuncTions, and answers To academic problems are TreaTed in The publicaTion. Dur- ing cusToms, all Treshmen are required To carry The G-Book wiTh Them. The sTaTT, under The direcTion OT PasTor EdwerTh KorTe is Lynn Jacobson, EdiTor-in-ChieTg Miclcey WalTers, Copy EdiTorg Julie Yeager, ArT Edi- Torg and Bev Mears, Head TypisT. Fron-T Row, leTT To righT: Lois Inman, Miclcy WalTers, Lynn Jacob- son, Julia Yeager, Carolyn Mills. Back Row: Dick Hershey, Dave Rhoades, Nancy l-lawbalcer, Linda STerner, Priscilla Dallmeyer, Carol Berrien, Suzanne Page. fa E , ,g Q sf' F, S , V fp 'i ff lllnl , Imlnllll " ffl 1 Q 31' ' , 'IlII'Iifii" R Mx 1 ,. f cf af Q 4 M +P ' X0 r I N .f V V ' 1"" Z: v V, 4 4 "-Z I - Q 4, EK W M, 7 H W r '- ' if l' ':r + ff 5 IPI RI Y K'-,bf-A W,.-""'v,..x..-vw' "".- 4 A :S 'I gli? N. .,., ..- z.. ,.. 1.-n...:...... . ......-......... , .............. -......-..... -....-........ ..:::.3L, ,..:. ..... ...... - - --.nm-: ....... A .... B... ...- ... ... .... . an ' .-.F 'ik --:-- 'H-r.. . er -....... .,.-....-.... ,....- "" I . .. " "'L-'nw .- .mi- . .fn-. """'1'3'-?:-'S' ...1r..-....-.. .-.-...-v npgfg -s .-..-...H .-.......,....., ....-..-...V .-..-.....,.. nu ..-:TJ-1" ..-......a. ...--i... ...-...-.1 .-.....-.-. .......... " """-T:3'51!.' -...f.. , ..... -..- T 5'-'F' A 1175: ,-..-Y..-.. - -...- ' U Q1 , 1 'ill .. H -5.- , Ax, 6215, zz.. ... ., '- '11g! - H.- . x .s ! .'i A"""" 1, -xg. rf: ff L.. r"1+1.- ,111-x r.. . L L- .,. 'J -rf -- 5-' gr" "'-'1 111' if-'f 'gf' f1:f-11 F -A H 5f.I"C' 75:-f 1-TZ'-Zi .14 'Tis'-.L- X ,-. ,.....,,,.,,,,, W v 7? 'M vr . in if im' r ! f P X , 4 i x ' S , 1, ,RN . VX Q 'Q xf T l 'N 1 'i M A w L r x 1 R 1 V .,,1..g.,,,,,Ul..............f-..m.V,, Y., iw... ..,, ., ,,,n.. N., , .-4 G A N I Z A T I O N S I96O OTTicers, IeTT To righT: Brad King, presidenTg Helen GilberT, secreTaryg Nolan Feeser, Treasurerg Larry Miller, vice-president FirsT row: Brenda FosTer, Sue Haydu, Claire WilenT, Evelyn Mil- ler, Bonnie George, Sandra Schall. Second row: Judy Derr, Brad King, Berle Snyder, Mary Pai' Arnold, Eugenia Sundin, Gary Hall- man. Third row: Elaine Mook, Barb SchulTz, Joanna Neckell, Helen GilberT, Wally Mank. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION The STudenT ChrisTian AssociaTion is The Tellowship oT The ChrisTian sTudenTs on campus. ITs purpose is To lead sTudenTs To TaiTh in God Through ChrisTg To bring Them inTo acTive relaTionship wiTh The Church, To pro- moTe Their growTh in ChrisTian TaiTh and characTer, and To inTluence Them To devoTe Themselves in a uniTed eTTorT wiTh all ChrisTians To making The will oT ChrisT eTTecTive in human socieTy, and To The exTending oT The kingdom OT God ThroughouT The world. The S.C.A., which rneeTs every Monday evening, sponsors well-known speakers, discussion groups, movies. and sTudy groups which meeT periodically. The pro- grams Tor This year cenTered around a series oT Iimired Themes. Much oT The work OT The SCA. is carried ouT on campus Through The program, sTudy, publiciTy, R.E.W., and worship cornmiTTees. The biggesT proiecT underTaken by The S.C.A. each year is The Religious Emphasis Week program. In Eeb- ruary R.E.W. broughT MarTin E. MarTy, ediTor oT "Chris- Tian CenTury Magazine," To campus To speak on "Chris- TianiTy and The Mass Media." Discussion in all living Our +ol's' lirsl sleps. groups alilorded each sludenl an opporlunily lo par- licipale aclively in Religous Emphasis Week. The S.C.A. also publishes Jrhe G-Book, anolher proieclr. Three cornmillees of The S.C.A. worlc off-campus. The Communily Commillee does exlensive worlc al The AME Zion Church and The Home Tor The Aged. The World Universily Service Drive is sponsored each Tall by lhe World Relaledness Commillee lo secure funds for needy sludenls lhroughoulr The world. I+ is The duly R.E.W. "Men and maidens of Hey Jerry, would you iusl moulh Hue words? of The Inlercollegian Cornmillee lo see lhal Gellys- burg is represenled al conferences of Jrhe Sludenl Chrislian Movemenlr and Lulrheran Sludenl Associalion of America. The officers are Ron Shonlc, President Torn McClel- lan, Vice-Presidenlg Claire Wilenl, Secrelaryg and Larry Miller, Treasurer. Paslor Edwerlh Korle, Dr. l-larold Dunkelberger, and Dr. Richard Mara advise Jrhe organi- zalion. 'lhe Mass Media!" GETTYSBURG COLLEGE CHOIR The Geliyslaurg College Clioir lwas acquired acclaim noi only on campus pul in Jrlie sur- rounding areas as well. In Jrliis llie lwenly-ifiifllw anniversary year ol Jrlwe clioir, Jrlwere were sixly- live members under llie direclion of Parlcer B. Wagnild. During llwe year The clwoir presenled con- cerls on campus and in clwurclfies ol Jrlie sur- rounding area and wenl on Tour in Clwio. On campus llie clioir presenled Jrlweir annual Clirisl- mas Concerl and also appeared al llie Civil War Conference. ln April Jrlie clioir sang willi llie Gellysburg Sympliony Qrclieslra. Per- formances were also given in cliurclwes in Lan- casler, Yorlc, Pniladelplwia, and Ballimore. The main evenT on The schedule Tor The year was The choir Tour Throuoh wesTern Pennsyl- vania ancl Ohio. Leaving on January 29 They sang in such ciTies as Akron, Columbus, anol SpringTielcl anol reTurned To GeTTysburg on February 9. Social gaTherings were helcl Tor choir mern- bers oluring The year. There was a geT-acoluainT- ed parTy in The Tall anol The annual bangueT in The spring. AT The bangueT, lceys were pres- enTed To The seniors ancl To Those who have been members Tor Two years. Cn June 4 There was a reunion TesTival concerT oelebraTing The TwenTy-TiTTh year Tor The GeTTysburg College Choir. Angels we have heard on high PARKER B. WAGHILD DirecTor Teenage YouTh Rally BUT you had The car lasT nighT! THE OWL AND NIGHTENGALE The Owl and NighTingale Players oT OeTTyslourg Col- lege will celeloraTe Their 45Th anniversary on campus. The George Bernard Shaw play "Pygmalion" will be produced in April To commemoraTe This occasion. The Players merged in I958 wiTh Alpha Psi Omega, The naTional dramaTic honorary. The purpose 'oT The group is To uniTe all who are inTeresTed in dramaTics and To TurTher Their inTeresT and appreciaTion in The TheaTre. Anyone is eligible To ioin The group which meeTs every oTher Thursday nighT. The group prepares Tor campus producTions, clirecTs and produces one-acT plays, and hears guesT spealcers aT Their meeTings ThroughouT The school year. All campus dramaTic producTions are done by The Owl and Nighlringale Players under The direcTion oT Dr. Richard Arms, The produciions presenled Jrhe lirsl semesrer oi Jrhis year include "Anastasia" and "Dear Delinquenlf' The casr of lhe lalier was exclusively from lhe class ol I963. Wilh Jrhe complelion of The Siudenl Union Building, all lurrher produciions will be held on Jrhe new, well-equipped siage. Alpha Psi Omega also lries ro use dramalics in all fields of liberal aris by working along wiih orher groups and honoraries on The Geilysburg campus, This year Jrhey will work wilh Jrhe Sludenr Chrislrian Associalion +o preseni a play in conneclion wilh Religious Emphasis Week. Members of Jrhe organizalion work behind Jrhe scenes, galher properlies, painl scenery and make up The char- aclers for all maior produclions iealrured during The school year. Emily Payne is presideni of rhe group. Working wifh her as Vice-Presidenf is Lynda Leonard and as Jrreas- urer, Bellry Ann Pe-nninglon. Well, Jan Sferling go+ a new nose! Peace! Anasfasia reigns supreme BOCJSTER CLUB The BoosTer Club serves To promoTe sTudenT inTeresT in college acTiviTies, especially aThleTic TuncTions. In addiTion, The club supplies publiciTy To oTher campus or- ganizaTions. They also give conTribuTions To some of These organizaTions and To The college. The club publicizes all college aThleTics and sponsors pep rallies To increase school spiriT. Along wiTh This, The club also baclcs The cheerleaders. During The TooTball season The club operaTes The concession sTands, and during The baslceTball season They sell programs. Home- coming Weekend, TeaTuring The TloaT parade, is anoTher acTiviTy oT The club, This year The club inTroduced a new evenT-The Powder PUTT Bowl in which coeds com- peTe in TooTball. Also a celebraTion is held on Founder's Day. Membership is based on a poinT basis Tor acTive parTicipaTion in The TuncTions oT The club. Dr. l-larold Dunlcelberger and Mr, l-lenry Bream are The advisors. The oTTicers Tor l958-59 are: PresidenT Dave BrighT1 Vice-PresidenT Roland KurTz1 Corresponding SecreTary PaT Ness: Recording SecreTary Mary Jane Callisg and Treasurer Kenny BlueTT. FronT row: Dave BrighT, Roland KurTz, Julia GaTTer, Mary Jane Callis, Lucy Jones, PaT Ness, Ken BlueTT, Bob Adolph, Bill l-larral. Second row: BeTTy Ann PenningTon, Holly Achenbach, Yvonne Jacobs, Ann Howard, Jane STiTes. Third row: Jo Ensor, Lynn WilT- shire, Joy Kay, Luellen Gehweiler, Mary BeTh Long, EThel Jorden. FourTh row: Sally Foreman, Ellie Schoeller, BeTsy Mackey, KaThy Eclchardlr, Colleen Sholly, FifTh row: Linda Binlqley, Arlene WaTTis, Maureen Cronan, Barbara SchulTs, Joyce Munnich, SixTh row: Sally l-lavlich, Ann KnechT, 'Linda Leonard, Pam Caswell, Claire Meier, Dave BenTer. SevenTh row: Becky Davies, l-lugh Kellogg, Val AiTkinson, Karen Winn, PeTe Reeder, Gary TesT. BoosTer Club Officers THE ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT MEN The AssociaTion oT IndependenT Men is composed oT men wanTing a parT in campus acTiviTies ouTside oT a TraTerniTy. CompeTing in inTramuraI sporTs, This group won TirsT place in This year's Tennis TournamenT. The IndependenT Men and Women enTered a TIoaT in The homecoming parade and had mixers TogeTher. ATTer The success oT The splash parTy on Spring Weekend I958, The men again planned parTies and dances Tor big weekends This year. The advisor Tor This group is Mr. Collier. Serving aT Their weekly meeTings are: PresidenT Ray Lee: Vice- PresidenT Larry SmiTh3 Secrejrary Bill Howard: and Trasurer WaIT Dickenson. IndependenT Men, IeTT To righT: WaIT Dickenson, SecreTaryg Ray Lee, presidenTg Mike Re-ichgoTT, SenaTe RepresenTaTive. ,.-- W.-..,,Y ,,...,.- ...., .. .,. A M.,.,..:V,,,,,,,,,,-mrmr GETTYSBURG BAND s Rally round The flag, boys! The GeTTysburg College BulleT Band marched suc- cessTully Through Their l959 season under The direcTion oT E, Douglas DanTelT. The marching band members aT- Tended The Third annual band camp, which was held The week prior To OrienTaTion Week. Regular band members, maioreTTes, and several subsTiTuTes aTTended The camp To learn The season's drills. The marching band noT only perTormed aT all TooT- ball games, buT also parTicipaTed in many local parades. The spiriT on campus is greaTly boosTed by The enThusi- asm The band displays aT all Times, buT mosT noTiceably aT The pep rallies and TooTball games. Clare KreuTz led The band as head maioreTTe. Com- LosT? pleTing The band TronT were maioreTTes Maureen Parker, RuTh Ann Pugh, Carol Reese, and BeTsy Shelly and BulleTTes Joyce KendelhardT, Susie Landis, Dee Elmer, and Dawn ShaTTer. Bill l:iTzl4ee was sTudenT direcTor and Ronald l-leinze was drum major. The concerT band Toolc over aT The conclusion oT The gridiron season. There are approximaTely TorTy-Tive members oT The concerT band, many oT whom were also members oT The marching band. The band par- TicipaTed in This year's Civil War Comcerence aT GeTTs- burg, gave concerTs Tor The college and Tor many oT The surrounding high schools. On guard! A oneg a Two . . . lm!lV 7 5229025 The Key To conformiTy, AIR-ARMY RIFLE TEAM The Air-Army RiTle Team represenTed The College in RiTle meeT compeTiTion Tor The second year. QualiTicaTion Tor The riTle Team was based on a score oT aT leasT 240 ouT oT a possible 300. WiTh a compeTiTive season IasTing ThroughouT The school year, The riTle Team acTively engaged in maTches wiTh oTher colleges oT This area. Our counTry depends on You, AIR FORCE DRILL TEAM The Air Force Drill Team, sponsored by The Arnold Air SocieTy, sTrives To aTTain proTiciency in drill using Tive diT- TerenT manuals oT arms. This Team par- TicipaTes in naTional compeTiTion aT The Cherry Blossom I:esTival in WashingTon, D.C. and aT The Apple Blossom l:esTival in WinchesTer, Virginia, They also march in several local parades aT I-IagersTown, Carlisle, and GeTTysburg, Ivlaior STorms is The advisor oT This Team. The Commander is John Baerp Exe-cuTive OTTicer is Ray Lee: and Drill InsTrucTor is John I-IerringTon. fffls ARMY DRILL TEAM The Army Drill Team aims To achieve precision in drill. Talcing The posiTion oT The enemy and based on The Aggressor Eusler, This Team uses The EsperanTo world language and Toreign drill. Par- TicipaTing in local parades, The Team won TirsT place aT I-Ianover, and second place aT GeTTysburg and I-IagersTown This year. The Team also Talces parT in naTional compeTiTion aT The annual Cherry Blossom I:esTival in WashingTon, DJC. The oTTicers are: Company Com- mander Dave BrighTg ExecuTive OTTicer PeTe Nineslingg Training OTTicer George SeiTTerg FirsT SergeanT Don Qaldey. DORM CGUNCIL The primary duTy oT The dormiTory counselors is The guidance and super- vision oT sTudenTs living in Treshman and upperclass dorms. A counselor may play an imporTanT role in helping a new sTudenT adiusT To college liTe, and ThereTore musT be presenT To oT- Ter advice on any problem needing aTTenTion. The dorm council rneeTs Twice a monTh Tor discussion, and is headed by presidenT Mike Galdino. Fronl- row: Gary PTlug, Lud SchlechT, 'Mike Galdino, Rich Daviclyock, Phil Gleason, Mickey Minnich. Back row: Bob Grele, Bill 'l-lockenberry, Al Young, Bucl Emerson, Al Parker, Jim l-less, Eddie Lucas. SOCIQLOGY CLUB To promoTe an inTeresT in The Tield OT social work and oTher TaceTs oT sociology, The Sociology Club has a varied program oT acTiviTies. Topics Tor discussion by visiTing speakers Tor GeTTysburg sTudenTs are included in The monThly meeTings. OTher acTiv- iTies are movies and Tield Trips. A new proiecT This year is The preview and verbal review by The members oT movies To be shown in classes on The campus. Dr. Avery SheaTTer is acTing advisor To The group. The oTTicers include: Charlie CorbeTT, PresidenT, Barbara Young, Vice-PresidenT, and Joyce WolTord, SecreTary-Treasurer, GAVEL CLUB The Gavel Club, under The supervision oT Dean Ramsey Jones and Dr. Frank Kramer, is composed OT The chaprer presidenTs oT each TraTerniTy. The members work wiTh The advisors and wiTh Their alumni groups To discuss evenTs and problems perTinenT To The TraTerniTies and To promoTe good rela- Tions among Them. The presiolenT oT The club is chosen on a sysTem oT roTaTion. Ron NiTzsche holds The presenT oTTice. The hosT TraTerniTy Tor The monThly meeTings is also based on The roTa- Tion sysTem. Gnce a year, The Gavel Club and a iun- ior member oT a TraTerniTy parTicipaTe in The alumni inTerTraTerniTy conTerence. AT This Time They wiTness The oTTicial reporT on The annual naTional lnTerTraTerniTy Conven- Tion. FirsT row: Carol Bellamy, Carolyn Mills, Carolanne l'loTTmann. Second row: Gail l-lenry, Charles CorbeTT, Carol l-leaTher. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION The Women's AThleTic AssociaTion is composed oT all women sTudenTs, iTs pur- pose being To promoTe inTramural and inTer-colIegiaTe aThIeTic programs Tor The women. Business oT The associaTion is con- ducTed by The W.A.A. Board, headed by oTTicers elecTed by The women sTudenTs. The W.A.A. Board supervises The inTra- mural program and iTs poinT sysTem. Through individual parTicipaTion The girl receives poinTs guaIiTying her Tor sporTs awards. All SporTs Trophies are awarded To The Two Iiving groups which in The inTra- mural program, have accumulaTed The highesT number oT poinTs Trom Their vic- Tories. The W.A.A. oTTicers are PresidenT Sue Ruby, Vice-PresidenT Carol Lunn, and Sec- reTary Linda Rohrer. PHYS. ED. MAJORS CLUB The purpose oT The Physical EducaTion Maiors' Club is To insTiII in iTs members a proTessionaI aTTiTude Toward The Tields oT I-IeaITh, Physical EducaTion, and RecreaTion. MonThly meeTings include spealcers or pro- grams such as gym Team exhibiTions To Tur- Ther inTeresT in The worlc. AnoTher acTiviTy oT The cln-b is The sponsorship of The annual college waTer show, The proceeds OT which are used Tor a ChrisTmas parTy Tor The menTaIly reTarded children oT GeTTysburg. The oTTicers oT The club include: Jim I-less, President Ed Books, Vice-PresidenTg Sue Ruby, SecreTaryg BarT Elfman, Treas- urer: Ron Warner, I-IisTorian. Fronf Row: Linda Rohrer, Carol Lunn, Sue Ruby, Lynn Brown, Cindy SmiTh. Back Row: Ann Shoclcey, Flossie I-leclcman, Audrey Thomas, Doris Kurzenlcnabe, Diane PensTer- malcer, Sandy Dempcy. Missing: Bobbie Seewagen, Sue SToddarT. VARSITY PG" CLUB The VarsiTy G-Club is an organiza- Tion Tor varsiTy leTTermen on campus To help promoTe school spiriT. This year The members parTicipaTed in The World UniversiTy Service aucTion by donaTing TooTbaIl players To be sold as room cleaners in a girls' dorm. l:urTher acTiviTies include dances in The spring. The oT'Ticers include: Rich David- yoclc, PresidenTq I-lank AbboTT, Vice- PresidenTg John ReichTer, Treasurer, BarT EITman, Recording SecreTaryq Jaclc Perrine, Corresponding Secre- Tary. CHAPEL CHOIR The Chapel Choir is a TorTy voice choral group and is under The direc- Tion oT Miss Lois Kadel. The choir parTicipaTed in The worship services oT The daily chapel programs. ExTen- sive programs were presenTed aT Thanksgiving, ChrisTmas, and during The LenTen season. AudiTions are held Tor The Chapel Choir in The Tall oT each school year. ,C MW' :QQ-z, zz WT -rf-r- + rc'-" FronT Row: Carol T-lamie, Vicki Perkins, Joan HildebrandT, Flossie Heckman, Linda WiTTicar, Cindy 'MiddleTon, Paula Henry, Nancy Hawbaker, Alice Pfeiffer, Sue Landis. Second Row: Evelyn Miller, Sue l-lilTy, Alice Clardy, Bonnie Dunlap, Helen Gilbert RuTh Ann Pugh, Sue DiTTmar, Judy Rernpp, Barb J. Baker, Linda Seebach. Third Row: MargareT Brinkman, Shirley WerTman, Dolly l-logdon, Andrea Noyes, Carolyn lMills, Wally Mank, Nancy Kendall, Anne Weidmeyer. Linda Huey. Back Row: Dave Mum- Tord, PeTer STang, MerriTT STicker, Bill WerTman, John Wilkerson, John ArmsTrong. Charles Mallory. Charles Bikle. .,W,..,. wwiwvw CONCERT BAND iTs schedule oT perTormances. Ties, held also in April. The Sound of Music is welcomed by everyone! DEBATING TEAM The Debalring Team has been in exisTence Tor a IiTTIe over a year. CompeTiTive debaTes wiTh oTher schools kepT The debaTe Team very acTive ThroughouT The year, The Topic Tor This year's debaTes was wheTher The Supreme CourT had The power To declare laws unconsTiTuTional or noT. Very enThusiasTic response and acTiv- iTy have been The workings oT The De- baTe Team. The l96O ediTion OT The ConcerT Band was enlarged and became an organizaTion separaTe Trom, raTher Than The conTinu1Ty oT The marching band. The program was greaTly expanded and The group increased l-lighlighTs in This year's program were a concerT presenTed Tor The college in April and a weekend Tour To nearby communi SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club is an organizaTion open To all Spanish sTudenTs and iT meeTs every Monday during The Chapel period. The programs TeaTure music, games, guesT speakers, movies, and lecTures dealing wiTh The language and The cusToms oT The LaTin American counTries and Spain. The promo- Tion and inTorming oT The sTudenTs oT The language oT The background oT The lang- uage is a major obiecTive oT The organiza- Tion. FronT, leTT To righT: Anne Howard, Barb Sampson, Lynn Jacobsen, PaT Ness, Lois Moyer. STanding: Bob Lecher, Joe FiTzgerald, Mike Galdino, Bill l-lockenberry. A. U. S. A. PromoTing inTeresT in every phase oT miliTary Techniques, is The purpose OT The A.U.S.A. Any member oT The cadeT corps is eligible Tor membership inTo This organ- izaTion. The advisor To The group is CapTain Auer, PresenT oTTicers are: Ronald NiTzsche, CapTaing aTed Johnson, l:irsT l.ieuTenanT3 William Pursch, Second LieuTenanTg Wil- liam Kerchner, l:irsT SergeanT. CHEERLEADERS The GeTTysburg Cheerleaders are mosT acTive in The Fall, aT TooTball games, and in The winTer aT BaskeT- ball games. SelecTed by The graduaT- ing cheerleaders and The oTTicers and advisors oT The BoosTer Club, The cheerleaders were an eTTecTive Torce in sTirring up school spiriT aT pep rallies and aT The games. AND NOW, FANS, A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR . . , Y SO, WHAT ELSE IS NEWS? YI X 2 S 1 RALLY ROUND THE FLAG- BOYS! G R E E K S CHI OMEGA OFFICERS HALO WINES . ....... .... P residenl HELEN GILBERT . - . -VICG-PFSSICISUI JUDY COFPIVIAN . . ....... Treasurer NANCY I-IAVVBAKER . . . . Recording Secrelary LYNN JACOBSEN . . .... Pledge Ivlislress Sealed: Judy Coffman, I-Ialo Wines, I-Ielen Gilberli Sfancling: Jo Ensor, Rulh Alcorn, Lynn Jacolosen, Nancy Hawbalcer. The "mad ha'I'I4ers" a+ world 'Ere E mm Mg, If 'F I--, .sm , f -. 5 0-e 'T The Tirsl nalional sororily on campus, The Tau Della chapler of Chi Omega received ils charler on January 9, I937, Nalionally, The sororiI'y was founded ar Ihe Universily of Arkansas, on April 5, l'895, Chi Omega now consisls of I23 aclrive chaplers. The sororily colors are cardinal and slraw, and ils flower is The while carna- Iion. Eleusis is The nalional publicalion. Locally, Ihe Chi Omega's supporr several service aclivilies. Each year Ihey sponsor a prominenl spealcer Io address The campus on some cullural Topic. The Chi Omega's, also have a Chrisrmas Parry wilh The Phi Gamma DeIIa's Tor Ihe underprivileged children in Gel- Iyslourg. The sororily holds a Ioanquel on MoIher's and I:aIher's Day and Eleusenian Banqueis which commem- orare Founders' Day. This year, The Pledge Dance' was held in The Geflysburg I-Iolel and I'he Theme was "Plan- Ialion Ball." They look like 'Ihey are ou+ Io gel' I'ha'I- 'Irophy again! Top Row: Carol Middlejron, Mimi Nell, Lynda Leonard, Nancy Hawbalcer, Helen Gilberl, Halo Wines, Judy Ann Coffman, Rullw Alcorn, Nancy Oirmann, Judy Haldeman, Ginny Marclcs. Second Row: Plwyl Horn, Brenda Pensinger, Emily Payne, Lynn Jacobson, Judy Derr, Helen Siaub, Belly Penning- Jron, Louise Jacobs, Carol Hamie, Marlene Hyson. Third lRow: Linda Ronrer, Pai Moyer, Marlene Mcln- lyre, Merle Miller. Sally Plunlcerl, Sally Benner, Jo Ensor, Peggy Ensor, Joyce Gillespie, Sandra Oxley, Four+'l1 Row: Conslance Suilles, Carol Seibel, Holly Newcomb, Bonnie George, Julia Yeager, Linda Huey, Mickey Wallers, Linda Zurneia, Barbara Solnl, Carol Slinclwcomb, Karen Scnwemmer, Dororby Heissenbu+Jrel, FiHh Row: Nancy Taylor, Jane Hunrer, Karlwy Crew, Mary Alice Dress, Mary Helen Corbelrr, Mary Lou Rogers, Sandy Sclwall, Elsa Rudolf, Belsy Crouse, Carol Menge, Kailwy Hess. Anne Reus. ' .. . 1, i 5 E , WN .. . WMM' u.,1 ..u . .cA,, N7 f an Em 31 ' A ll G 1 i -: I " ' ' "f"qa:i. ' ' "f f-.f"'f E.X:E' . '- 'laq ' - r ? -L ' Vps, 1 , .- . ,. - W f. r'- ' 4, ' ' ' .. ,A :Sh 4 .- ,-ll: t h A K . K! L in 5 xx li 1 4 6 K.,-f, T. 1 fy M JA , Q :Z if S" :W ' ffl . '-il' 'T 'ir 71" -1 'Q 531' 4 ' l i G . . V J J 5' i L L V 3 - - M , 1 r r, H- L 1.5 V '-,Hg f ,ff V.. f-'fag'-,: 'V ' 1 gg f. 1 1 ' . 1 l W "S ' " 3-3:i'i W i V 5 42:1 l i l i I - I i .-.N . . crcc - i-. -.. ,MJ i... ...L . . . 1. l . ...LM . 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L,,,W,., ,,,,, , ,QM , raw, , W , ,, ,,,,cc ,, W... ,,,, , M c,,, L..- ..., ..,. -., ....., ,,... . g mon 1 naman u nrmca Moves uncc E a ui wrvws Mem.: A Mruxn saw: A murmur . sam. L amuse Q2oAMN9,'iA.E!iSOR '5VE?iSi75,' 1 M., f ' - .. ,. f- f ,.,ef::...:,...V f-'-- f --'- , . --M r- -"'-f--------A - 'W --M' ---f--- f- -f" - ' fr n'a'ra"'-WM "" 'ff " ' i 'i"3'P """' c3 ii" "'i f ' 5'L'L I ' 2 if-615.-sq-gfniff-" :5qgQrr1.2.':: :.- -V...:.,:-:5:2:vg:.g,, -, ,.. Y , .. . : ,-., - ra 1 :,z4g.5f5:gv,? .. .' '-',::.:.. I ' -' ' S. 1 ' V - , . . V. V, - S f r I '. ' 1 '- 'ir' i -. V 1 ff - Q Z. V 1 . - .V , f X glfm, .V E ., ,Vg..:.V - .V.,.V:g2 ,N ,I .,, ' Y ' 5 5 : 5 l 2 'E ff 5,-ggi 5 , 1 1 1 5 r Ii .5 s. . . . 1.. - . A . .... , . .L .,.... ,,.l... ...,.,. ,. ...M .... .J ..... .,,.. . .-,.. .... , ....., ...N .... 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' i ' , 'Q 1 , if-. 5 -4 ,,,., -..U W. .,.,W,.,r,,,,, .,., ..... l V, ,V .... , .... . .... .... VVV-. .... V. .... .W...i.Vm.V ..VV .V-.....m...W V-4--N-1 ei-mov img.:-1 an fi .1 um: ri mrsmn A can rfknvaxigz swiss MAFfi-REELEN Conair! wwf s,.S1QG.Rs Gambia ,sauna 541. A A. Rupcsnr 1f3o+sL'wCE cwtwzi " 'cmua KLVMENSE u.-.1riE.niu"a.s-cess 'ANNE H '. v DELTA GAMMA OFFICERS Lois MOYETR . . ....... .... P reeieienr TEDDI ncHY . . . . .vree-Preesderrr suE sTooDART . . . ....., Treasurer MARY JANE cALLls . . . .Recording SecreTary Doiasi KURZENKNABE . . . .Pledge MisT.'ess SeaTed: Sue SI'oddarT, Bobbie l-lrbek, Lois Moyer, Teddi Tcihy. Sfandinga Sue BriTcher, Mary Jane Callis, Sue Ruby, Doris Kur- zenknabe. An old sTunT wiTh a cuTe Twisfl ' , w-.,hfi,5,,e'4 . DelTa Gamma, celebraTing iTs TwenTieTh anniversary aT GeTTysburg, one oT eighTy-seven chapTers oT The BeTa Lambda ChapTer oT DelTa Gamma received iTs charTer aT GeTTysburg on 0cTober 7, l939. DelTa Gamma was Tounded naTionally aT Lewis School, Ox- Tond, Mississippi, in I873. lTs colors are bronze, pinlq, and blue, and iTs Tlower is The cream colored rose. Anchora is The naTional sororiTy publicaTion, and SighT UnlimiTed is The ToundaTion publicaTion. Their naTional social service proiecTs include sighT conservaTion and aid To The blind. They supporT hospi- Tals Tor blind children, and They also supporT Toreign sTudenTs sTudyfng in The UniTod STaTes. Their local proiecT wiTh Phi DelTa TheTa is a ChrisTmas parTy Tor orphans. A Tashion show and card parTy is one oT Their social acTiviTies. The proceeds oT This go To Their naTional proiecT. Among Their oTher social acTiviTies are TaculTy Tea wiTh Phi DelTa TheTa, a pledge dance, a Senior Dance, and a .Founder's Day BanqueT. The new D.G. room is well-decorafedl l Top Row: Pal Carr, Doris Kurzenknabe, Sue Briicher, Sue Siocldarr, Lois Moyer, Teclcli Tichy, Mary Jane Callis, Bobbie l-lrbek, Barbara Sampson, Anne l-lolcome. Second Row: Linda l-leberle, Carolyn I-lecker, Babs Buse, Sue Ruby, Susie Baumgarclner, Eleanor Schoeller, Mary Franlz, Paula Henry. Third Row: Marsha Zurowski, Donna Woolf, Annabelle Gouker, Kay Burchfield, Nancy Kessler, Mary Pal Ar- nolcl, Lynn Peirillo, Sancly Wilson, Lucy Miller, Jucly Mairson. Fourih Row: Charlolre Baker, Priscilla Dallmeyer, Caro- lyn Schriver, Sandy Johnson, Yvonne Jacobs, Ann Schulz, Dee Alhanas, Georgia Seolwick, Claire Kreulz, Barbara Mason, Nancy Royer, Claire Blose. Fif'rh Row: Pam Caswell, Anne Knechi, Margie Valk, Vicki Perkins, Beisy Mackey, Arlene Wallis, Emilie Pon- Tius, Chris Rice, Nan Cliiclorcl, Gail Henrie, Jucli Shai- fer, Marianne Srnilrh. PM M., ooms weaewfmns susan awwcmw sus swonxwv Lois umm .-.-.. 1 . -........ ,... ... vzvm ncnv -V- fr fu - " ' r " "'y---M A W ' 1' ' ' " " 'K M aw r J' ' ff, ? . i S' ' 4 2 ia a nn 111 a 'N-"IE P ' ' so sf-E 75 . f r 1 lr' ' 'V'-f S. I E., l, , nh s A xl l. JL' X, IX .- 3' . , Z , ga. , . X , s L V i fs some cmous wccnsn sans Burt! su: nusv ,V ii, uvlowim so-vua noon' r.-marsaul cousin uv raufzcmeno N1-Ncw rE:SLLR 93 f5et1gsl1urg PHI MU BETA PI CHAPTER OFFICERS JOAN WACHOB ......... . . .PresidenT BARB MOORE . PT-TYL BOYER . . JO HOPE. . . SANDY DEMPCY. . . .Vice-PresidenT . . . . . .Treasurer . . Recording SecreTary . . Pledge MisTress SeaTed: Louise Schlipp, Joan Wachob, Barb Moore, Linda Koble. STanding: Sandy Dempcy, Phyl Boyer, Jo HOTT, Myrna Speck, Connie Keller. lnTroducing Freddie-The Phi Mu Bear One oT eighTy-one naTional chapTers, The BeTa Pi ChapTer oT Phi Mu received iTs charTer aT GeTTysburg in l945. Phi Mu was Tounded naTionally aT Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, on March 4, I852. lTs colors are rose and whiTe and iTs Tlower is The EnchanTress car- naTion. The Aglaia is Phi Mu's naTional magazine pub- lished Tour Times annually. Phi Mu's acTiviTies is on The basis oT a Three sTar social-service program, naTionally, inTernaTionally, and locally. lnTernaTionally is The lnTernaTional STudy GranT Tor Toreign women sTudenTs To sTudy in America. Na- Tionally, an Alpha Memorial Fund Tor loans and scholar- ships, a l-lealThrnobile in Georgia, Toy carTs in hospiTals ThroughouT The UniTed STaTes, and The celebraTion OT Pounder's Day. Locally, The Phi Mu's begin Their acTiviTies by selling Phi Mu birThday calenders aT regisTraTion. They also have Three annual banqueTs, The PaThers' and MoThers' Day BanqueTs and The Big-LiTTle SisTer banqueT. The sororiTy had a "CoTTee KlaTch" wiTh Phi Kappa Psi Tor The TaculTy and a ChrisTmas parTy Tor The TaculTy children wiTh Sigma Chi. There are Toy carTs main- Tained in The GeTTysburg hospiTal Tor The children and The sisTers give parTies aT Paradise School Tor Boys. They also have a Seniors Women's BrealcTasT and an annual pledge dance. Back To work, Joanie! Top Row: Connie Keller, Louise Schilpp, Jo Hoff, Phyl- lis Boyer, Joan Wachob, Barbara Moore, Sandy Demp- cy, Linda Koble, Myrna Speclc. Second Row: Carol Lunn, Rulrh Kilparrick, Claire Wil- eni, Kay l-lorner, Bev Mears, Janer Weilcomb, Linda Kennison, Marian Davis, Sandra Wolff, Diane Fensler- malcer, Mary Schofield. Third Row: Mimi l-lall, Rulh Evans, Beryl Snyder, Loye Larlc, Barbara Fridinger, Nancy Wismer, Marly I-lallom, Carolanne Hoffmann. vs xx me H' K h 3 4 1 'WT V """"i'- 2- C: nys- - li li.. C .1 i ' -1. , .. fifiiil . 'w'.5".! .xl 'lil -si Fourfh Row: Barbara Feigel, Barb Thompson, Carol Slewarl, Belly Reade, Karen Michelson, Barb l-leiser, Mary Kany Gimmy, Carol Rolunda. Fif+h Row: Sue l-lilly, l-leaiher Ash, Carol Hopper, Carol Charles, Phyl Boys, Barb Roos, Judy Rarzman. Linda Groicf, Befh Giles, Ginny Laughlin, Linda Guilino. Six+h Row: Judy l-lofreiler, Barb Ailchison, Ginny EH- ing, Connie Mann, Pal Wenrich, Carolyn Scoil, Jane Fillmore, Janice Ferguson, Phyllis Cryfzer. 6 .- ,. i - 'Egzf' fr' Eye, I i 152:22 mf-2 , , ,- ff. ,ef - W4 i ef -1: 11: Iii, Q 2"3 " ,,-.f,4,5,, E . V ,131 l , ik ,.. ' s 'C' - i its I i i EAN I !.,.,,,,,, LM .... M... ...,,,, no cow'E KELLER z rrvvxvsvxx Qggl Q iv ..i ARM. L.uNN S Aix l lx iw Teuisii scmwv , l 5 1 5 . 1 , i l ,,,..-.l . .. . .WJ l- .. , nc: li W-- ., , ,J K JO HOFF FHYLLI' BUYER JOAN VQICHOH .Q UQT' l ,Q 3 N4 'abr -w., W RUTH KXLPATRIOK CLMRE WILENT KAY Homszk C i qi i si, fix rv mm HALL ,J J f. ee 939 4,7 ff, Ruin Ns EVANS , b h illll I -X e? K K ul-nag" ..z.. BZPYL. GPIVVM LOYE LAR! -'-1 We M! fs 5, 2 fbettgshurg 1 M l i l .,. L, ,,.,,.,.,,,,. 1-.. 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'Vf'z-i f 4 -A-f 's - 22 1 w J -' 12512--:ii-f-1' i Q 5 agrglafff-' 1, -2 V . V 3' "r" .9 , -j , z , '- - .. - ..,. 1 , . V:V:'.z .f,,,,. 33:-:Qs 51,-43 ' .,.,. . . -1 rf: fg,.V,:fQV ,,-.1 -gy ,-, M ' ,, -3,-gy ,V V Q, MW.: ,3,, 1- mfg . ,V -- . . V .. 1 7 " 'gp 'L ,. fx ,. .wc 1 fs.. 0 .A f ag. ., .- . . .4 . 4. , , .,,f,f1... I , ' W ' ' ' 'S "-' S 'V 1 im l i i ' V w ' K- w 5 , . ., . . x, 2. ' ' ' V. ff' i i V - i I V- , V' .L -lg V, V - ., 3, .1.5,5'f-:-- Q:g,jj-.yggiy-,Vi-,-3 K- jr.,.'f.gffv..:,5,.,v,5,,,Vf,fw,V , , - V V , V- f VV V I V vw... uf-,Vi ,Mi M 95 ALPHA XI DELTA OFFICERS ANNE HECKLER .,........ . . .Presiclenf JOAN KATZ .... . . .Vice-Presidenf MARY HOTCI-IKISS . . .,.... Treasurer KATHRYN EILER . . . , Recording Secrefary CAROL I-llRST . . . . ,Pledge Misfress Seafed: Ellen Sippel, Kafhryn Eiler, Diana Brehl. Sfanding: Joan Kafz, Anne Heckler, Carol l-lirsf, Mary l-lofchlciss. Keep looking, girls, if musf be up fhere somewhere! - i One of ninefy-one nafional chapfers fhe Befa Chi Chapfer of Alpha Xi Delfa received ifs charfer af Gef- fyslourg in l949. Alpha Xi Delfa was founded nafionally af Lombard College, Gralesburg, lllinois, on April I7, 1893. Ifs colors are double blue and gold, and ifs flower is fhe pinlc Killarney Rose. lfs nafional publicafions are fhe Alpha Xi Delfa and Quill Poinfs. Locally fhe chap- fer publishes fhe Berfa Chi Review. Among fhe nafional proiecfs of Alpha Xi Delfa are aid fo underprivileged children in Kenfuclcy and Ten- nessee, fhe Grace Ferris Fund fo augmenf libraries in fuberculosis saniforiurns, and fhe Founder's Day collec- fion foward fhe prevenfion of juvenile- delinquency. The sororify supporfs scholarships for foreign sfudenfs and fhe Alpha Xi Delfa Foundafion for alfruisfic purposes. Locally, fhe Alpha Xi's sponsor recreafion and acfivi- fies af fhe Hoffman Home fwice a monfh, a Chrisfmas parfy for orphans wifh Tau Kappa Epsilon, a visif fo fhe home for crippled children, A Rose Dance, a l-lalloween parfy for pledges, a Founder's Day program, and four annual banquefs. Whaf's fhe maffer, Jeanne-pledging can"r be fhaf bad! Top Row: Liz l-lelcli, Jean Grzeleclci, Carol l-lirsi, Diana Four+h Row: Karen Winn, Kaihryn Mayes, Linda Mc- Brehl, Joan Kaiz, Anne l-leclcler, Mary l-loichlqiss, Kalh- Kensie, Riia Missell, Mary Ann Moore, Mary Lou Hori- ryn Eiler, Ellen Sippel, Carol Severe, Trudie Huber. nnan, Barbara Gracey. Lincla Sierner, Ginny Russo, Alice Second Row: Nan Funk, Barbara Bingaman, Mary Toner, lzlemmg' Becky Brown' Janei Cam Lois Kern, Joyce Kencllehari, Dawn Schaeffer, Sally Fiffh Row: Kalrhy Eclchardi, Lois Kaloalriian, Valerie A+- Foreman, Marilyn l-lannas. lcinson, Karen Gran, Belly Davies, Maureen Cronan, Third Row: Merry Seberhagenl Elizabew Wilson' Bard Bonnie Forsier, Jeanne Cowan, Alice Clarcly, Carole l' ' Jr . bara Seewagen, Pai Ness, Lucy Jones, Pai Sweiqarlr, Johnson' Jane Anderson' Gmge' Dey on Josephine Roe, Sue Landis, Beisy Shelly, Lovey Birclsall. v fy 4 ' .' . . ' -. H' iw , 2 iw ,. -ran. I i' ' , rc- - -. . ' 'qu we ., 'ff' 1 I V. 'mf i .-- S ,i - .V , 5. ,- M , A A l A' A. as r-gf lx w i 2 gg '-, ' 'A I re , ,- , - . ,I y iff- f ' . V g , V J i 1 x 'x - fn i A i 2 fs? 1' Q , 5, ' T' 's" 1 ff l . ,ge , A A ' 2 B 1 ' ' ' i ' 7 ' i , , ' - H igigif , 2: i , E l A, . X l .3 1,5 1 V l i 23' ' I I , H I I l . 1 i , l ,W L, .... ..,..,,,, W.- ..... --.J ..... A-- .... ---MWJ il, V BETH C ILLCJT E 'I Pl CQIKLCCW OL901. A v4iFIQY DIANA E BPENL JDM! H !AYZ IA ANRC NECKLER MARY E PK?VCNK4fiS KAHHRYI W ULER CLIJEH GXVFEL QAQ91, K QQEVERC THULJIC A NLBER . . ,, , ., , i .. ,,.,,... . .. .....,i.. ....,L... , .....,... .4!, . . Q . 'li A' ' ' i L ' I h ' 4' 'V W-iiif' " if . '. Cf - . ' - i 'Bio - 1925255 ' " TQ YZ ' V ' ' 'z-N. X ' , Q ,- , W- 4 - V - , i a I B a , ' f , f " ,s- ' ,, i 7' X ' ' Q " ' ' i Vi! 'jiwf' 1 " . . A ,,,, , 2 . . l 1 , i if 1 II .1 2 , i I1 H i L i , i A , ' A ' ' K- ' l , l ,M i 1 H WW ,livin Y YW Ynfwmw Awni ,ufhhn yk , ,Ama Hn, ,,,,,,, c,,.,L,. . ,,,...,--.., ...N--.,. ...,,, .,.ZiL-....--..,.,...A. f , . .. JY Aw- ' ,L xncz r.. DMN 1 scrmsrrsa sms A roncmn marun S. nrwrwa NAM F FU-01 BARBARA A EINGAUAA MARY V YOJED LOOS K KERN X . . x r , , ' - .. ,, ,, .s,s., -A ,.., , ,- ,,,, -L ,Ls,, .,,.., L.- ...., , .,Y.. J i " Y1'3"'9 ' ' 3 3 ' - """' " ,. - we-715' '.w'2fwic::v WW . - W ivwf ' ' , ,Z W S b V, -1-+-f,.sx-U-11,3 , .- W. A , 1735 212-:E ' ?' Y,fZ:541. -' 145' ' ' -I safe: ,s :vs 4 F-111. 1 ' , ,f::::,z1 2621: ' We ' 43 " ' K ggi f f .. : V -vw "ses, - W . ,. - f f' -' ' f W " . ' , vgszflf 3- f ev 2' 2 - 'I 4 " ff . '. 4 " "1 , i Qieiigs Burg ' 'f l " i ,Q ', , 1 rf i ali 5 ,Al ' H-M, ,L W, W W ,.,,,. 351, .,,,...,,...:iti Q, .--.-...J H V W W-V V Y Y H -W nw www- H ww ww V 'pw - png-gg, A gwgigmy ,msgmiwg 5 ac: sums x Lwbis ELIZABEYH J. SMZLLY LCNU 21'51YfDS1Ll- www- f-fi - if - -f-ff if . ,. f- ff-1 , as--Q - - H : ' f ' - . ' "" i,i:. :. , iwfi 4" " - g A i , '- , .qf:,,.,,-:' ' ' , A 1 l 5 454 , , l y gf ' ' ' ' M' gf me i 'ii . ' V, A - : . , i i , ' I ' A-2 1 A ,V A 5 , , W, ,,,, Q WWW, ,,,, ,, I , ,,,,.-,1 .. .L ,..,, .- ..,.., . .-.-.--, ,,,, , KJUQEH L. WINS KAYMRVN M HAYES LINDA L MLKBNME KITA M. PMSSELL hllsF2IAHfi M0035 MSRYLDU NQFFMAN BWNRL 11,5-WRCEY LINDA J STERNER VIRGIIHA hi H0850 ALXCE L. FLEMU56 ' FEBECCA C SRUNN -AANLT CARR ' --man va,-. gnu 1: -mn-M 97 SIGMA KAPPA OFFICERS FLOSSIE HECKMAN ....... -.-. P FSS-lClSV1l' JUDY REMPP .... . . .Vice-PresidenT KAREN SCHAUMANN . . ....... Treasurer JOI-IANNA MENGE . . . . . Recording SecreTary LOIS HARDING. . . . . .Pledge MisTress SeaTecl: Lois Harding, Flossie Heclcman, Judy Rempp. STanding: Johanna lvlenge, Karen Schaumann, Nancy lvliddlemasT. "EnTerTaining" alumsl Gamma Nu chapTer oT Sigma Kappa oloTained iTs charTer on OcTober 27, I956. As a naTional sororiTy, Sigma Kappa was Tounded November 9, l874, aT Cobby College in WaTerville, lvlaine, and aT The pres- enT Time There are 97 chapTers, Lavender and maroon are The sororiTy colors and iTs Tlower is The violeT. Sigma Kappa's naTional publicaTion is The Triangle. The Sigma Kappa's render service To The communiTy by working wiTh The old Tollcs aT The Robbins l-lome and aT The Presbyjrerian l-lome. NaTionally, They give To The Maine SeacoasT lvlission, The American Farm School aT Salonilce, Greece, and mainTain a scholarship Tund. As social acTiviTies, The sororiTy holds a Spring For- mal, a Pledge Dance, and a Pledge ParTy. The Sigma Kappa's also have picnics wiTh Their broTher-TraTerniTy TheTa Chi. No 'fair-ThaT's cl1eaTingl r" ' i' , ,wf1?wFiF:""-' I .. , gvlxga A Top Row: Mary Munro, Jane Sliles, Nancy Middlemasl, Lois l-larding, Karen Schaumann, Flossie Heclcrnan. Judy Rempp, Johanna Menge, Bernie Blurnensline, Anne lde. Val Remenier. Second Row: Lynn Wilishire, Joyce Munnich, Judy Payne, l-lelen Francisco, Belly Jansen, Polly Horrnann. Carolyn Siorclc, Carolyn Kuhn. Third Row: Sherlyn Esher, Pam Powell, Elaine Boyd, Joan l-lildebrandl, Sue Tyson, Linda Walsh, Elizabelh L., ., .,,,.,, , ,.,, , , .1 ,,, "VL :V . ,..-W - ,,. N- A, 1 , lil X., , -. A ' Q' i wmv n uuvo Ulm wlusmni JOYCE .iomnmulaucn Juolm e Pawi NSLENF FIU-NCLSCO i f"T'c . ef, I 5 ,, 5 , I .fy ' I . . , A . """ x ' " X ' , IV li- '11 '..-4 -V . , , ' 1, QQ uf. i i , . l . V i l ME E m-ES wxncv s mnnnuusr Lois A wmnmu wr ,Y Goecke, Barbara Carback, Joanne Thomas, Diana Brandi. Fourfh Row: Georgeanne Brown, Joan Walers, Be++y Anderson. Judy Lapen, Mary l-larnillon, Janice Han- nold, Kalhy Smilh, Belly Plail, Marlha l-ludson, Grace Wassmer, Bonnie Anderson. Fif+h Row: Barbara Thalcher, Barbara Baker, Ann Shoclcey, Marilyn Brauer. Margarel l-liscox, Carol Dun- lap, Phyllis Mills, Virginia Vallery, Barbara Leverinq, 'Joyce Gargan, Valerie Vild. ,-.. cc-.. ,Tign- ,..1, l l i KAREN 5 SCNALIAANN FLORENCE E nlcxmn :umm A AEMFP ,, . I J be .U . . ., ,M A, , I V .. ,g .- F v I ,- 'f fx- -3 ,- -mffiff 1' ' WL- - f' " ' .if:if,,T,f-:V I , ,." 'iZ"f,'f' . fy 'w r if. g . . ' ' " ' ' ff Mg ' "G , -'K . 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I A ,-4. -- , - VV-:,,,,.4, ,g m ,- V V. ,,- .mm V ' -V ' 2 -sv ' 'Z' - . . . ' A N- ,fz 3. ' af- f- V ,:sVi.'f -' . ,a:fX.sf sz- 'S' '- .- , -1 3 V -' 1591 1- If V: -V T, '. 2 12 1, ' ' - g: V K q w :V ..,, ' s- f -'.. l l l' V"V 1 V - ' . , K V V ' ' -. ., .- 'V , , Q , J! ,Q ,, , , K. . .gi ,Q Wf , ., ,. E A V ,..E..,c, ix ,,,:E2,5, , , .. 5 l 'ffl 5 V 5 X 5 . 1 V A . ' 3 "l 5 V 5 . i . 1 . Q , 71261-:, E l . l 5 f - I - j ' l 5 1 f., ' i ia .... . W ...... . ,. ,..... -...-..,, .... .,.A..--.,, .... .....,, .. ..,.,. ....- ...... ..... ..... .M ..... -.c, ...... c,.-.z.,....,, ..,.. ,c,..-.a..,.....- .......,.......W.. Vc:.1..M,..,..,...,.u...J ' -- A , , P. . ' 'uc , . K' . " , TY'li i"' JST, . Qi . , W' ' A' A . : f V :, - f " f w .: , : : ...,.,., 1' VV ' A . as - . , . , - -.fx -63.1541 fy, if, 1 1, g.:,.,,. :Wea ff. .4 , , yy ,,g.:-'w.Hv-rw-as ,ff ,M f J-f :mmf -f f- fm -"' 1 . . . ' 'G "F A X . , :kfiliiff 3' Ji. i' " 2 .- 1 ' "" 4 - '-if a '. ?:'1"f . 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This way, Ginder-Loolc over here! , jizz. x 3' The lalesr adolilion Io Ihe Gellysburg Panhel., Ihe Gamma Bela chaprer ol Gamma Phi Bela received ils charler al Gelrysburg on -February ZI, I959. Narion- ally, Ihe sororiry was founded al Syracuse Universiry in New Yorlc, on November II, I874. A+ Ihe presenl Iime, Ihere are 68 chaprers, The sororiIy's narional publicalion is Jrhe Crescenf. IIS colors are brown and beige, and irs flower is Ihe pinlc carnalion, As a local aclriviry, Ihe sororiry sells UNICEF Chrisl- mas cards. Their narional proiecls include such philan- Ihropies as and Inlernarional Camp Fund, aiol 'ro re- Jrarded children, a summer camp for underprivileged girls in Colorado and Brirish Columbia, a Universilry of California camp lor diaberic children, as well as an Arizona chilolren's colony. The sororily also sponsors rhe Lindsays Barber Fellowship for advanced sludy in Ihe social services. Go, gals, Go! I Top Row: Sally Africa, Carol Owen, Wilda Pelers. Nancy Susser, Elaine Hammond, Audrey Thomas, Cindy Smiih, Julie Gafier, Ginny Dorn, Eileen Wallace, Flor- ence Coul+on, Lynne MacAr+hur. Mary Ellen Schmidi Meg Genrich Sally Hannah Con nie Larson Judy Weeks Nancy Thomas, Ereya Wlkleld Third Row Linda Wlniers Dee Elmer, Judy l-lamullon Chris Scheihing Sue Hermann, Denise DePugh Pajrrncia Second Row: Sue Wernecke, Diane Faries, Sue Dillmar, ,-... Paul, Joey Nickell, Ginny I-loward, Leslie Noyes. Fourfh Row: Diane Roberis, Lorraine Eriesinger, Eu- genia Sundin, Nancy Kendall, Judy Curchin, Sue Sober. Sharon Bishop, Sara McGee, Janice I-lill, Mary Algeo, Sue Sieele, Peggy Jaeger. Eiffh Row: Barbara Lindner, Maureen Parker, Sue Dem- ing, Rulh Ann Pugh, Judy Boojrhroyd, Anne Trunk, Sue Cunningham, Luellen Gehweiler, Rebecca Willy, Ru+h Sellew, Nancy Clegg. - W 1 T L "'r V ew' l"fT"'T'W""""r'1i1' 1- -Q-Q--we-ef--em' T, - - -W .. f o Q: x, w -.-N fm' P xc- 1, ' , -' 1 1 . "'- .1 - ffm: ' ,f:':s.1: 'L . 4:56 1 ., . 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STanding: Hank AblooT, Barry Gwinn, George Gunnell, Tom Archipley, John Lapeire. Phi Psi's break ground Tor new house w",Z.-:N h in :gr I ECM. KISE On December 26, l855, Pennsylvania Epsilon Chap- Ter OT Phi Kappa Psi loecame The TirsT naTional TraTerniTy aT GeTTysburg College. ln l852 Phi Kappa Psi was founded naTionally aT JeTTersOn College in Cannons- lourg, Pennsylvania, and now has grown To include 60 chapTers. The TraTerniTy colors are Cardinal red and I-lunTer green and The Tlower is The JacqueminoT rose. The Torch is The local publicaTion and The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi is The naTional pulolicaTion. The acTiviTies OT The TraTerniTy include a Thanlcsgiv- ing BanqueT, ChrisTmas and Spring I-IouseparTies, and an EasTer Egg hunT Tor The children OT GeTTysI3urg. Hail To The Champs Firsf Row: Al Keim, Henry Abbori, Garry Pilug, Andy Gurley, lsaiah Haines, Joe Sieger, Barry Gwinn, Bill Davies, Ray Paskell, Jim Moyer, Bradley Benneich. Second Row: Russ Glicksrnan, Larry Krircher, Ed Au- miller, George Gunnell, Howard McClure, Jack Per- rine, George Schalick, Bob Grele, Charles Barlrleii, Richard Smiih, Frank Fuschino. Third Row: John Perry, Frank Lufiig, To Ron Charles Pairli, John Lapeire, Jay Hebrank, garian, Harry Garrison. m Willson, Chilin- 5 1: L' fb " 1 37x Y X X-,. ! . ,Q 1 f mv 'QD ,.. 9.11, -5 fm- - Fourlh Row: Ralph Bigger, Tom Archipley, Bob Simms. Hal Casey, John Eriling, Frank Temme, Bill Barring, Jim Johnson, Ed Burchell, Dick Bainbridge. FiHh Row: Hank Valeniine, Sieve McCoy, Roland Miller, John Sabo, Ken Cole, Pele Moss, Joe Wang, Ed Haiier, Bob Warson, Greg Maiviak, Kenlr Dumoni. Sixfh Row: Dick Siegle, Joe Harbeson, lvar Malsirom, Sian Schin, Allen Thompson, Bruce Lewis, Jay Rossell. Bill dePalo, Brad Kays, Paul Gorski. X , N MQ x 1 i Qj N X fig? ff - Q 5 ff A fw 'f if Ie: --- M B . -.:-S . we .fr -, - .,,- ' 'W . .. ,.. ., ., . :,..,- Y .-me-is Y . ,f wp,--,sgffff-ff:.s:'f--12 fn '. 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V JOHN .1 Psnwv FRANK Luwlc Tvsowxs x.wii.Lsow canmis 5 warn some F messes JAY c MSBRANK RGNALD P.CPBLlNSAR!A!'L MARRY E anlililsma r---'W-Mr' W- - - 1 H --f-V---W' M- ---- -- f- 'HH--' 'f f 'Y .4 ' ,, ., ,. . ,. ., f--- -A f ii, W'--M , J Pm ,395 E y,-- 'avfz ' 4' . , -' . fm.-f . .,. , - ' .-::.-:xy-5: :ir - ' .v..,:g::,,,g- .-,,,,:,: , " 1 , 'f:1i:z:::s3 :,..-IMI' - ' 112:-..:':.:1 :Q f - ,si .- e ff' as l v ,, 1 nam -f - . 1 any is .,:. ,, f :L 'ffsrra '- W , f vw va .f- 'Q if - - 3, - 1-:,. 1- 'Q f ,f f - ' ji, Q X X we SS" I 5 A B A , IN, 9, H 3 , ,,,,,., A .. .V f , I , S ' 5 B 1 ' il pl Ng l 5 5 f. 'i i -- . , , - . , , L....--...M-..,., ,W,,..,,-,, ,,,,,. ,l.. .. .,.... W .... ,.-,,,...E,.-- .... ,, , i ,,M ..,,..-.-n.l ..,.W.M..W.W...N...1eM..................e....dl..,.---.-W...-,.....vvm-.-.Q-+4---...H-A RALPH ESWGER JR. THOMAS E.A61CH!PLEV ROBERT A SNMS H-IL R. CASEY JOHN U FRUJNG FRANK W.TE!lK4i VMLLRAN B. BATTING JAMES H. JOHNSON EDGAR 8.615-YCHELL RW?-'ARUSON BAHABRQDCK ' , ' .vm!' i " """ 01:.. .f..s,,,-,. . 'f MMT' :w.:.:::1 . 1' :swa- f r . - I ' 'Y "" J I ' My A s WZ, -is., ,:,, . . , 3 if V' fxfi ' 2 '1 l ' 'X A 'N' ' 1 S A 4 gm, W f i A ,, Q! 3 .:,2v:.55:- . 3, - :flaky . E-QR 3 K. , ,!,3,3:.A WL? K . h 0 4 E . ., M ., ., ,O l 5 i Q x fyk 5 l V xl 3 fa 4' X X I fi Ks A V , ,V I , . 5 2 , YQ l., ...,..w............4.,L........-.. ...... .L . . , ..., X ..... ..,,...-...,.. mzmmow vmzuriuzda manner: c wmv ammo Jenni? ' 2251 Q s Q. NJ? , , 'D f '43 , 1 , 3 , f i is B NB BQ we 4? 3 f , r i X? 9 . .. :p . - M y . x s bg 4 Q W A X , . 131- as ,mv i Q y 2 My i si W sys- Y GP QQ ' Q 'W QA Q A f me k , Z sf 1 In il 9113, we X f X ,Bs l 1 Q Wi ...,,.. if ,V lg E2 , as if Qi l ..., .. I . Q g . i E ..-.....:.-.,., .. ,.,,-.,,,...N..--.. .....,-.,.-..,-..e.-..-.o-.-M .M,...,,...,,m,,..,,,a.W.....MW..w.-.,.se..L...h.-..i- E.MILLER JOHN J SABC KENAETN J. COLE PETER S. MOSS' JQSEPH WANG gDWlN GNNATTER, ROBE?TgE.'fiv1TSUN GREGORY A VATVMK KENT P UUMON1' R n A ' ,W f .,.. :ws u N- 044245 ,,.,:,W fk C 'M1:i, .,,,-.,..,.,,-:- 1 -iimmzs 21: .:WQ? f5MZSk "gf ' vi' q fysfiy 4 ""' ' :-4q:sa.f :.,. . 516211. f - if sms: -.-.N w x ANQW f . 1 'f QQ.-.-as-,--b. V qv Q W wywfgwf wavy, , -eww - .X V sf . mi? .,. , 4 :-:Q Awmwsf Qffsi, ss! M X-Q-sf 44,....- rf - X v fv , V " i -..-. B X Q ., -. ' .. -' - ' B 1 ..-W ,,., .,...,.,. -... .,.,...,,..,. ..,...,.,, ,.-.,,,-.a-4.,., '- ....s.-..-..,. . . ., -..WM .-..W--M-.- e.M0.f-....-f-.W RICHARD A. SQEGEL 1035924 B MRPBESON WAR W KNALVSTRUJN. STANLEY L WNW ELLEN 9. 'YNDNPSGN BRUCE H. L,EfWlS JAY M. Pl0SSELt 'HKLIAM A. Dx5'ALO EWADLZY RJCBY5 PAUL C.S SKI 103 Off k -.fmx 1.-W m -.W PHI GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS WALTON R. JOHNSTON ............ Presideni MARK GASS ...... . . . Recording Secrelary JOE BAILY .... . .Corresponding Secrelary JOE CONAWAY . . . ...,, Treasurer ROLAND KURTZ .... . . . Pledge Trainer FRANCIS DOUGI-IERTY . . . . Rush Chairman FRED FIELDING . . . . . .Hislorian SeaI'ecI: Mark Gass, Wall Johnsion, Joe Conaway. S'I'anding: Fred Fielding, Joe Bailey. Phi Gam Pledg Class Xi chapler of Phi Gamma Della received ils charler in I858 and Ihereloy became The second naiional Ira- Iernily al Geliysburg. The Iralernily was founded in I848 al Jefferson College, and ar presenl coniains 85 chapers. The Fiji Bullel' is Jrhe chapler paper, and The Phi Gamma Della is Ihe nalional publicalion. Royal purple and while are The Iralernily colors: Ihe purple clemaiis is The flower. This year The Fiii's gave a Chrislmas parly for under- privileged children, and celebraled Their annual "Pig Dinner." Olher aciiviries include Jrhe annual loig week- ends. Family Porlrail l-lemsing, Bruce Mirclwell, Wayne Yolie, Clriarles Lenlz, Firsi' Row: Mel Paylon, Roland Kurlz, Bob Saniillo, Bob Mulzi, Ross Lyon, Dick Hawkins, Francis Douglweriy, Redding l-licks, Dick Slwimer, Harvard I-licks. Second Row: Ken Tlwolan, Jolin Snook, Joe Bailey, Joe Conaway, Wall Jolwnslon, Mark Gass, Fred Fielding, Jim l-less, Doug Underkofiler. Third Row: Mike Pacilio, Ron Frederick, Barry Kain, Bill Four1'l1 Row: Dick Wriglwlr, King Gore, Craig Biiner, Mel Jacobs, Dave Barclay, Vince Lipani, Bob Allen, Bruce Simpson. Fililli Row: Bill Weagly, Jeii Preslon, Jolin Fleming, Lee Roeder, Dick MacNeH, Dick Pueria, Ron Warner, Tom Perkins. Russ Cramer, Bob Telkins, Don Pearce. Six+l'i Row: Bob Barker, Mike Bligli, Bob Hopple, Jim Bill Marz. Riccobono, Jerry Roberlson, Jim l-louldin, Bob Duncan, Brian l-lickey, Joel Peck, George Spinelli. r I . - --JJ - -JJ A--J -J Y. J., - - , ., ,. . "Mt: WJ 1' ' , ,f 9,'r'.,:..z:.:1,.MQ,4"x5-Q, Jr-":rrc'fr- J ""7 ' P X ll ' " ' , , . J J , i .. 'Hug J, J J J JJ Mari WJ Jgwf eff, f - J-BT , - J - -- -' Baia - if .1 J -r'- J J J- J- JJ fl JJ: ', N-J i J' In , if sz Q.,3W2g?, , J ZZZQ JJJ' 514. 3 f I is aw .-J J- f . f X, ' , , ' 1 Q' ' . 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LEE KOEI-ILER . . . . .Piedge Trainer . . .Rush Chairman Firs-I Row: Dick Amann, Lee Brown, John Roesch. Second Row: Tom Siipe, AI Chaikewiiz. The Theia chapier of Sigma Chi was granied iis charier on April 3, I863. The IraIerni+y was founded na+ionaIIy ai Miami of Ohio, on June 7, I855 and Ioday II' numbers I3O chapfers. The Iocal pubIica+ions include The BaH'IefieIcI Sig and Buzards Roos+, and naiionally The Sigma Chi Magazine. Old gold and blue are Ihe Iraierniiy cc-Iorsg Ihe whilre rose is Ihe Iralrerniiy Iiower. Annual ac+iviJries of Ihe Iraierniiy inciude Ihe Open I-Iouse, Chrisimas and Spring I-Iousepariies, Pledge Dance, and Derioy day. Derby Day scores I1i'I' a+ G-burg Two Sigma Chis fake Iime ouf I-o sirudy Firsl Fre John Silas d Row: Frecl Pazro, Gunars Zagars, Don l-larrison, Nalschke, Lee Koehler, Jim Risser, Bob Slrail, Roesch, Lee Brown, Bill Brown, Dave lvlallheiss, Creech Second Row: Larry Curlin, Frecl Muller. Dave Ganoe, Dick Amann, Joe l-lunl, Tom O'Malley, Ecl Monaghan, Joe Kiser, Third Row: Bill Sarvis, Charles Wahl, Tom Slipe, Bill mmcmc 1 ! iii" X l X5 1 E1 X . ii, 1 X X ' X SXX x-. 4, 1 , W . FA ZRD 'QS ':5.X 'iii QI1I'5S:-Sf' SSX- 1 X y X 1.-N N X 5 ' l 'A XX . .. 1 Xe? -1. X M XS. .i XXX my 'XX . . XX 1 , l 1 1 . 1 f .. ,-.,1 Gum-.Re X' :nous :., :izz - X . ,Xi fiys :.2... a Seve-X, WW --.- ,.r2..qX1s- -'E-, - X X.. . L.. QC ., , -1 X-X12 XX . - X161 " 1 1 SX ga 'ral is l DONALD B mwuisow an - X Xx.X,.XX . l F ., ,- X, 1 Xglwff 1 , X X-f 1 .MX 1 . A 'Q . , V. ,,,.,,,Lf, . , . X RX r f X VB 5 ' i ff'-X' ' . I Fnrcamcx nuscuxl LEE 54 , X ,-...W -'X a ,g X. .X .g.g,:X. 15 Rc ,:s--X1.1,-:Em , fv - Ax 'A - X Snyoler, John Armslrong, George Volkman, l-lal Rob bins, Bob Wagner, Alex Chalkewilz, Pele Yingling. Fourlh Row: Ray Truex, John Connolly, Phil Forresler, Jim While, John Vanclever, Frank Malozzo, Dick Rocke- leller, l-lorsl Sylvesler, Boycl Wilson, Tim Schmill, Jim l-lealon, Doug Pallon, Fillh Row: Bob Sumas, Frank Young, Floycl DeAngelo, Gary Boolay, Cora M. Pelers, Lou Boockoll, Sleve Hin- man, Ron Joy, Don l-lope, Bob Garlen. ' AX M 1 rg-1-sl R . Q Q 5 L-HX3. ,,.,,1 ,. 2' ,g,.1.. f1 . Jr L 1. ' QP- Xs ,. W SYS 44 ll? X l X- , .,.,. XX I lr, '11 1 ' 'f 'fi in , X 1 , 5, yx li ,E n. X J . QW ,f A S ,Zee 4-X - .. i , ,.f.,.:X. . 1 4 'Bla ' 1' . f " ,WL . WZ WX, .. ff A . xaimcn JAMES D Russia noasnr c STRAH Jam A Rosscn-1 JR Liumo renown 51 Soi? " '?5 ' 31ff5f f X f .. .. . fly ' " Eff? Bw IS? N -4, yy 1 f f if zf X, 1 Q S. X , XXXXx,,.,,1X - ,.,X -XJQXX, "" 1 X' Q' .3,, ' X -f Sijl 1 1- Y 1 X . XX X X l X X 1 1 l Q XM X 1 'X X X X X 1 , 3? 1 X N AX ' ZX X X A S X VX, M ,iw is JL? X X l ,NX A 'Xl A, Ah X. 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XZ '. 1 1 .J Ffeiwngmi L MULLEQ JR x - K' 1, i , 0 ' f ff ff' A , 6 ,,, , , .J 61255514 f f? C YSL CNG ,X-fa. -' e. .. eww-SM: cxsusx Jean F.comsG1.1.v wmv Q rcnarslm V vA . 57 7 1, 5 - , -' 'X .... ff .. if ' 'Xfx-.XX-fXfXf mee , f if Y V - X ------- v JAMES FXMVIYMTEI, JOHN XXXL NDEVNW Fihlili JXNAYUIZQ R!CNQROK,ROO1f?EfflK.9l H6951' YLJQEST R KENNEDY B WLSQN Ymnmv Xi.5c1-emit? JAMES NEn'r0N.lR 'DOUGLAS '.F'1.1'?GN ,X QW .....,. A I . .H . -- ..f.e-- 1-er m - . X ,,,, .. , . .. f 1 1 . . . 1..f,..Xe , of- . Xf X . X. ..... . 1 .,.. . X..f,..., fx- Q. .1 - .fc-:f i,.5 , ,ZZl'f:5 in 1 . .X ,H X V -, ' ' ' W f . W.. W fey X f 1, 5 f I . . ,, ,wa 5 - 4- .. , we -124 . 1 1 magna: 4- snags I reflux W mums Puma 1 oimmro - an-mas Q emussw any M avoid . 1cQRA'mfPfliees 1 sm ,J Z . A, Q X A im M 1.03115 w, ec , ,A -M - . 55-15 Xf,g5,Q4,-age: iieifx 1-gjm eq,,.f.-gen-1-izgiefeee. N-M ---'-' - . 1 ""' .Lv . V . 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W , Q W , 1 4 ' f X. l f X 1 f , W4 Q , 1 9 0 aff K f 54, 1 X 1 XM f W 1 X' f 1 if X, Q Y 1 74 ,, f ,X 4 6 X 4 4, S Q f X ' 1 f X 1 1 .V f f W gf X X 'B f fi ff V ' 4 X Kgw f X f 529' l l 95 f 1 5 gf 1 V, I 592 ,gf 0 I 5 1 1 ' sig nb 1 1 'f MX, M3 f y f 5 af ,W 5 W X X ' 42 , X 4' I V1 X QQ gy 455 5 I B :fm CQX f 59' ,X fex fx , few f CX X Xl ., N, A pf 4 ,0 ff , . W. X ff QX P , Xf, f X1 Six W K X f jg? X 12X , A X 4 y , y 5 g , f 1 . . 1 1 J y , 1 1 P l 2 ' 1 ' X K ' f ,fy f 5 Y 1 , , Q if As Y ' E 1 X . Xi X . 4 X 5 E Q QQ f H 2, 2 1 1 yy Q 3 1 3 1 L 1 . , L,.,,..,.m..,e.,..weNg...c,..M....,...M...A.......,. .. ,,,.....MX..,,.,.-.e..,,..,..f.,..--M.,,.-X.,,,... ' 0' 1 a ov 1 f ov 1 1:11-' - ---.--. , 107 PHI DELTA THETA C I'I A P T E R OFFICERS JuLEs PREVOST . , . . .Presidenf DICK H555 , , , .... Vice-Presiden+ BILL I-IARRAL . . , , .Recording Secrefary MERV DILTS . . . . . Corresponding Secre+ary DAVE MCGAUGHY . . . .... Treasurer PETE NINESLIN6. . r e .Pledge Trainer DICK PEARCE . . . .Rush Chairman Bill I-IarraI, Dick I-Iess, Jules Prevosf, Dave MCC-Baughy Brofhers congraI'uIaI'e new pledges WI The PennsyIvania Bera Chaprer of Phi DeIIa Theia received irs charier on May 5, I875, The Irarerniiy was founded naIionaIIy aI Miami Universilry of Qhio in I848, and now consisIs of I2O chapiers. The naIionaI pubIicaIions are The Scroll and PaIIadium, and Ihe paper is Ihe Karux. The Irarernify coIors are I3Iue and whife, and Ihe whiie carnaiion is Ihe Iralrerniiy IIower. Phi DeII's annual proiec+s incIucIe a Iaculfy Iea and a Chrisrmas Pariy for Ihe children aI Ihe I-Iofirnan Or- phanage, boih sponsored ioin+Iy wiih Delia Gamma: a na+ionaIIy sponsored communiiy day proiecf, and a Founders Banquer are some of The oI'her IraIerniIy ac- Iiviries. Phi DeI'I's go serenading 108 Firsl' Row: Howard Pelers, John Reniilian, Lud Schlechl, Fourlh Row: Pele Reeder, Byron Crego, Terry Loolcer, John Caulwell, Dan Hudson, Bob Allcinson, Paul l.ou- bris, Gary Naughlron, Jim Barclay, John Walborn. Diclq Pearce, Bob Lecher, lvlerv Dilrs, John Weaver, Pele Ninesling, Pele Huyck, Bill Wood, Dave Brighl, Harvey Mumrna. Fiffh Row: David Branning, Jell Harfsi, Bruce Sluclcel, Bill Morrison, Tom Glodek, Bruce Sands, Paul Allcins. S cl R : R Y , P l M l , N l econ ow on Ocum GU on gomely Oan Brian Bennell, John Conner, Dave Hamillon, lvlilqe Sieg- Feeser, Diclc Hess, Dave lVlcGaughy, Jules Prevosl, Bill fried. John Hershey- Harral, Dave Benler, Doug Taylor, Roberl Anderson. Sixfh Row: John Charsha, Bob Hall, Tom Schriner, Tom Donaldson, Doug Collins, Bob Ryan, John High, Joe Diniaman, Scoll Cornelius, Sieve Whelslone, Fred Sel- lelmeyer. Bill Slewari. Third Row: Bill Chillingworlh, Al Young, Gary Teslr. Dave Greenlund, Chiclc Loclcard, Pere Humrichouse. Hugh Kellogg, Joe Kleinleller. X 1, E 1 1 X - -, . X If , " 1 , . H A w. N- , Nea. - If ,wi K . ,f wr, . ll'!'i'i. I sf,zIxi ,sf aI ,c4vQX.w4 1 . .n f l 4 W A-ff" ,W 2 my X N . I sy . gl -5.5,-X-J 5, 1 .. .L f., ,,y:,',,- :i,,,,-- .wx - M 5,g:345s,gf, A ,,,.w, , V: , W f f. ,,. ,, li as ' ff ' F' I' A 1 , I. ' " Z as 1, ' . . 'f ' :F I 1 3 fp I 1 ' , -I - I , '-4? ' E , . 'iq ,QE W I gg E img, E , 1172, , ,, I , Si. r W .W , ,, 5 , a 4 - . .,.,.,..,l,a.,A- . ,i .,...., .Hs ..... A , l , i , ,W , L ,M , iw, . ,.... , ,LH -..-W,,,..,.,,-...,,...l wownno uyenzws Jam L aemiume Luo-vas r scmscnv +1 momma Peace rvoesnv c Lecnzn uenvm R wus .noun A wuvsn amen J unsung Euosvm 9 nuvcx wn.Lu-.u swoon onmo n Baron? nmavsv M uuum , ' " , fr w, . A., 11.21 :mx-,.,3F1S'i'l , ' ' - ' .I . . . I I ' ' " ,..I .: , 7,7 ,. " 'wil t A ,,,,,5L5g ., A . l V ,, , , f f or' .. NI s - . I, ,IH I - 54: 'fx' s 'nf .- . 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Applying The Tinishing Touches To The Homecoming I"IoaT Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon ChapTer oT Alpha Tau Omega received iTs charTer aT GeTTysIourg on June 27, I882. The naTionaI Tounding oT The TraTe-rniTy is Traced loaclc To I865, aT The Virginia lVliIiTary InsTiTuTe in Rich- mond, Virginia. AT The presenT Time Alpha Tau Omega has II8 acTive chapTers. The Palm is published naTion- ally: The BaTTIeTieIcI Guide is The local pubIicaTion. The TraTerniTy colors are azure Iolue and gold, and The Tra- TerniTy Tlower is The whiTe Tea rose. This year's acTiviTies were an Orphans' EasTer ParTy, The donaTion OT a Trophy To ThaT TraTerniTy having The l3esT help week proiecT, Spring and ChrisTmas House- parTies, and The annual BIaclcTooT-WhiTeTooT Dance held ioinTIy wiTh The Sigma Nu EraTerniTy. BroThers enTerTain aT annual Orphans' EasTer ParTy , . Wqm-,, fi , ug- mr r J 1- Firsi' Row: Marlin Ellioilr, Wall Greif, Paul Laubner, Al Bauroih, Bill Hunr, Herb lvloulron, Rocl Laylon, George Hammer, Roger Crump. Second Row: Ari Wedra, Sieve Jacoby, Bruce Thorn- ron, Gerry Kollholzf, Bob Bullock, Charles lvlacDonough, Dan Thoman, Gene Leber. Third Row: Dave Boorh, Dick Praclel, Bob Wollersclorf, AI Cacciarelli, John Tinsman, Bill Pinlarol, Bob DeCam- ara, Dirk Ouclemool, Dave Donges, Don Richarclson. Fourfh Row: Norm Brerherlon, Dick Ehrgoli, Dave lvloullon, George Roberls, Don Boone, lvirs. Helen Day, Karl Wagner, Pele Lloycl, Connie Hummel, Dave Veng- haus, Gary Thompson. Fif+h Row: Carl Boclo, Glen Couchman, Gary Wynkoop, John Baumann, Pele Johnson, Pele Wrighl, Ralph Mon- ahan, Gill Smilh, Joe Winkler, Bob Eigenrauch. M X wav ' .fm r - Jw ,rf 'T 1 M 'HQ fi M. ll 1 Q., 1 "" 5 1 Y 1 .F 1 'S fr is 'wif l i a 1335 'Q l J 5 - I, ff- Hs: K W A--Wl4WVWmAsA4- vf- AJ U -Av -,MA - may W- I-.WW ir MW L,-mm WM,W,,,,,M, 43 wm'riN F.ELi.1oTr W-N-TEEMVIEMGREIF F P-iulyzlulif-uBr4ER AL:.:1ar:ne1z:Ano1r4 vrlLLpw:l, n NUMT Newegg! ixgphrou c,Roor2tiLAcAYToN JR. GEORSEA-1: HAMMER goggg gjnifma vi - : X ' PE'fIiQ' fx , Q - -f - , eng! .. -- ,ww if i fi ' ev 1 f ..-. - Ag . ,, :ze ,J-53 -X , f 1:iU", .,5,, my ,:, 1 . 51 ,-1 W atv Q " ?I'7 51 -, ff ,. we gnc V ,t- i 2: a ' 1 ' .. , 1 2 K -,yi ' wi -' jzf f .51 1' - 1'-, 1-' 1 C V V I 'Q 1" emi- E: f' x ' 9 5 2 ' ' Ry 'Iwi-H L :Cin l l , f 3 " . 1 k .1 g .1 Q i f - , 6 - 1 ' ,.,.,, , 1 ..1,. , . .o...-W...- 1..- 1 f ...-...-W ' We W- ' ,.,.....-a.... M... D , Anmun i-1.wsnRA srsv: maaccev sswci amoamoeu GERALD M komnorr 5 nosim L. sucmcx QHARLES mwoowovw ozrmex. L,TS'l0MAN GENE 5. 1.5552 L -A--------Q ff-- -----'-- M - -Y--1--f-----func , ., N ., ,. C... 35 " r-Mx ' 'av'H'-"---'A'-'aww'-z:fw"1f'V- """'rMM' rV '19i17'1 ' 6' Ov ' J , my 'W 1 " a ' in ' ' u g m by - Q ' Q ,R V . 1 - f ' Z 1 ck, X T' Q , ,Q V! , . , , 4 iff 1 gale .. , ,,,,. , , ,, ,, ,, , ,, , ., ....,. ,, . ,X , .... , . 1 , ., . , , V , . ,, 1 1 , Q , N. ,l l -W, g f SQ ..,. . .l k ' . gy W " J 5 Q X ', - ' X ' f -we wa: , - .5 C -12 f ,ge 1, e, -Q1 ' ' ' 1 --,c'..1 X rc . '- HE' Q s 1 zsggi , ,, Q 1 z -W ,,,,, , Y WLM, ,-g, MH, ,,,,,,,h,,,,ggi,,.,,..,,, ,,,. mm.- ,,,-,,. ,.,N.. ..,.JW. .... -...... .,..,. -....c.,.,.l...4.....C.e......e.-..-.,..,.,.-c.,.L.,v,a..,...,..+..,,..,.J 'QLVAD E UUOFH' RECHARD P. WRADEL ROBERT J.WOLTORS5GR!' ALEXMJMR OHCCQARELLI JOHN L TUISMAN JRC I WELLURM Li PWTARD ROBERT G. DICAMARA UNK J DUDEMOOL DAVID ILOONGE , DON 9'1,NIOHARU5C5N 80014 1111 news rs so sm r Roesm Laifszrmwi' PENNSYLVANIA DELTA SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON C H A P T E R OFFICERS WALTER McC-BOWAN ....... .... P resiclenl FRANK AUSTIN .... ..... V ice-Presidenl' RONALD BEERKIRCI-IER. . .... Recording Secrelary GARY JACKSON .... . . . Corresponding Secrelary JOHN YINGST . . ........ Treasurer DAVID IVIORAN . . . . Pledge Trainer BUD EIVIERSON . . . . Rush Chairman Sealed: Frank Auslin, Mike Galdino, Bud Emerson, Tony Delprele, Dave Moran. Slanding: John Yingsr, Keilh Quigley, Wall Mc- Gowan, Ron Beerkircher, Bruce Sherbine, Gary Jackson. Early slages of winning homecoming floal' When Pennsylvania Della Chapler ol Sigma Alpha Epsilon was issued ils charler on June I I, I883, il loe- came lhe Tirsl Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chapler lo be esrablished norlh of The Mason-Dixon Line. The Iralern- ily was founded nalionally on March 9, I856, al The Universily of Alaloama, and now consisls of I42 chap- Iers. Nalional pulolicalions include The Record and The Phi Alpha, and lhe chapler newspaper, appearing biannually is The Dope Sheelz Old gold, royal purple are lhe fralernily colors, and The violel is lhe flower. This year's aclivilies include I-Iouseparlies, a Pledge Dance, a Chrislmas Parly for underprivileged children, a Halloween Parry for orphans, and a Founders' Day Banquel. A "cool" evening was had by all mfMmWvNkWf,-mq.W ---M-M-V ---- I W ,, .,,1,wmmennm,s,,. M. I. lmwmmummmLeeQ.eii Firsf Row: George Kissner, Wayne Wrigh+, Jim Emer- son, Gordon Musch, Bob Adolph, Gary l-loiclnnan, Ken Kamis, Barry lvlacGibney, Bill l-lockenberry, Ken Bluelrl, Ed Lucas. Second Row: Tony DelPre+e, Rich Davidyock, Phil War- go, Mike Galdino, John Yingsi, Waller McGowan, Frank Ausiin, Ron Beerkircher, Gary Jackson, Dave Moran, Keifh Quigley, Bruce Sherbine. Third Row: John Long, Jim Naylor, Guy Barnhari, Hor- ace Goodman, John Rose, Lance Builer, Clark Billie, George Burnellr. Fourfh Row: John Wilson, Terry l-lake, Don Carpenier, Dick Bankerl, Charles Ealon, Gerry Farrow, Charles Johnson, Don Vilko, Bill Kircholrf, Joe Hiddernen. Fif+h Row: Bob Hinds, Bob Golden, Jerry Hudson, Wall Davis, Barry Dubbs, Bobo Olson, lrv Lindley, Bill Barnes, Dick Foellner, Ray Srringer, Dave Lake, Dick Eshane. Sixfh Row: Joe Murphy, Dick Pendlelon, Bob Lichien- wahler, Joel Trexler, Lane Kneedler, Dick Helbig, John Ewing, Fred Buller, Sam Malhis, Bill Richardson, How- ard Wilbraham. L . , ,,,. V L V .---., V 'VV V ,, . .... V . .V .. VVV'.v'f"':'w-"lf V1rVf5f2Vf'e " .V V. . 5:1 wifag' ' -2 . V - -' V-V - l l ., 'V 6213" - ,J A Vf f - " M , A- .5 1 H A V, 5 V VVj,Vi: -. . E 1 1 V V V., ,-.V ' .V Q- , ,V V - Q., V TS Zi. ' ,V M ' L . ,X QVQVI 2 B K .,,J I I . I 2 3 V ' 5 ' 1 i 1 ' E 6 i ' l 1 3 " E ' , 3 ., , i mg ig T l , V Z n I E 4 1 viigin-mlm l V A V im A , Y W Y ,ing A Y,,, ,,,.,,,J ,,L, .L .. ,....,. -......... . 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TheTa Pi ZeTa was one oT The original charTer chap- Ters oT The There Kappa Nu NaTional TraTerniTy, which. in l'939, ioined wiTh Lambda Chi Alpha in The largesT and mosT signiTicanT merger in The Greek World. Lambda Chi Alpha was Tounded aT BosTon UniversiTy in BosTon, MassachuseTTs, in l909. WiTh l53 acTive chapTers, Lambda Chi Alpha is presenTly ranked among The largesT OT The Greek leTTer groups. Purple, green, and gold are The TraTerniTy colors, and The WhiTe Rose is The Tlower. The naTional publicaTion is The Cross and CrescenT, and The local periodical is 'Phe TheTa Piper. ChapTer acTiviTies include a public relaTions proiecT each semesTer, a Founders' Day BangueT in March, and The annual Crowning oT The CrescenT Girl aT Spring I-louse parTies. So who cares if They repossessed The furniTure? Firsl Row: -Floyd Schmid, Gerry Vickery, Jim Kiick, Bob Willoughby, Fred Mueller, Pal Henry, Jim Carman, Joe Arcesi, Norm Henry, Jell Kahler, Connie Youse, Bob Parry, Bob Ralhmann. Second Row: Dave Flerlzler, Ed Egeland, Bill Fleisch- man, Sleve Bishop, Bill Wunner, Dick Marlin, Pele Casa- grande, Jim Zerbe, Rich Ruesch, Dan Selak, Mickey Minnich, Dave Bullell. Third Row: Russ Branlon, Vic l-lorvalh, Dick l-lolzer, John Freed, John Pokrilcsak, Charles Balcheler, Dennis McCurdy, Bob l-lerr, Norm Maisel, Les Ilgenlrilz. Fourlh Row: Russ Klauk, Ron Van l-leerlum, Joe Filz- gerald, John Knudsen, Jack Norlhrup, Darryl Sensenig, Jim Peckham, Bob l-lilgen, Dave l-lunl, Larry Pelersen, Charles Scoll, Dick Milchell. Fiflh Row: Pele Trenl, Tom Wenger, Jim Papoulsis, Frank Wisniewski, John Norlhup, Rich Veleber, Mrs. Jane l-l. Burkell, Bob Keller, Bob Jaeger, Don l-ley, Tom Humphreys, Joe Williams, Kirby Kiick. Sixlh Row: Slu Schlamp, Chris Shenk, Fred l-lueslis, Bob Busick, Jack Baxler, Pele Van Name, Arl Meckerl, Jack Engle, Nick l-lughes, Paul Phehicie, Jack Shealler, Pele Ohl, Geno Ciavarelli. Sevenlh Row: Dave Garbacz, John Rosenberger, Bob Taylor, Paul l-lielmeruik, Ken McCluskey, John Pawelek, John Socey, Jack Russel, Mark l-layden, Jim Barrell, Scoll Slurges, Duncan Evan S. E xe 5' " "' 5. gs- U1-fa, ,. , - V' -Vg ., -GV. E ' S' - 'I' V ia?t1,1V5,V'g 3,1 f- - 51 V , 4' -. . sm, Q Q 5,2 'W W 4,4 i r Q V' f , V i k 551: w A , J .1 W ' '1 qv , i ,W 1 B z ' A ' ' l i l ' i ll . , f i i V ' - l.- . A .. Q., ..,, , l. . . . 1 .. ,, - ,, ,. s . . i, . , ., ,, L ,. ,, 5 new r some 'annie wvcnsw 1 MMS Q wan susan Vi wuovawav mm -1 wana nconau v Npinv .mu L ummm .mum A nnszm A :mum if www mr-an i. mimi comm a vousz wazav v num aaezux w,Q,m1u,sw 'R WT s"- I V. 1 V. 1 -V VV l - 5 V-as .V F l -' gg as H- ' Q 3 . R 1 af V V. " i - P ig., r 2 sg' , ,, , , , V-az z V, f . V, 'V QE , MQ, 1 X M, , W , i , af , . A . , i , 1 5 we 1 i fy c.. . . .. . -- ... LM.. .,--, .L .... .. Ya. ,,. . A .. 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KUARK RONALD LRAKEKEKTXM QGSEPN FITZGERALD JOPCN TJLIBKJSU1 JOHN CLHOHTQUHP DAFRYL L N.5Bl'SEYl5U - JAMES S FECKNAM ROBERT FJ-LRLGEYI DAVID O. RUN? LAWKY 1..Pi'!EBSEN CHARLES 6 SLDYT' RIGICIARD A QAYOFELL K ' . f V . ' , .- ,J ,, , l , 1 4 ef V V 4. ii .ss Liepf 2 ., S ., , law: V s ' " QV f x J - x 2 3 . Q - V my-,F V 3 sg.. - I . whim ' ' r z fV V VV 1 , ,i ' V e Q s V I A . was X. . . 4. 4 , ..,-....,,,.L,,-...., ..... V ,,.. W.......- ,.,..,..,.,,. ,,l.,, ......... ,, .,.. . ,.., . r:...- f HJC , ,,,. .,.. , --,., .. . ,C .,..... ...., - -- ..... ,.,,..,,.-,W,e ,,.....a.a ,,. ........,,,.,, ....l " , ,,Pgz1m ,u.msr-TV 114onAex.:aEusia ,Lvm5a.P1womsis mmm wwiswlewaxx Jem nmommuw RscvuRps.vs1.sses Hsgghgvfalgdgmvxwewf awdezrrr KELLER Rosen Amman wanna s im 1uomnas,Huwmw1s mszvawriccmsez mam M mick U ' ' ,, f lr . . V'ss Q 'V V ' .V ! lr' v .. , , V,..'. ., ,: Q-ff gs - ':,ii..,xiVeL:fe - ' e:,, . . ,fy ,rg V.. A g i' .1 Q :V :riser ' 1, 5" ' Wm- 1' N- V: Q .V - .... , . . ., s,,..,. , . ,X ... , L., A, 4. sf., , , ,, Q, ,. ,, , , y . 2 Y ,MJ , ,,,, . . ,X 4 , ,. .VMC . s,,V,.,..,. f ms.:-Q.. eww 4 +4 -V - wiVV:.V: .aVsVmi--1 ,V4f4sW'.-:::,,. ,J es? , fi.- f f -af ,V Af nw. . f ,,:,,,.V: :V -Y A 49- f- f-.,-.VQ.-ms new 9 Am r, - Y! is- , Q. ,sy- . efzeassi ca- A 'ep-QV, ,i-m.4, ,,4-gay igvg qf-sa:.- -wg.,1g, .y ,A,1V::s:ra s ffvw -V'-V-Q iikseii N' A -me-.Ve --N S. em! f f y :pVf. ?1e . : V ,f- . 1 -mfs' vff V , -s 4 ls? f : wg p ,' , ' 1 V V B VV A W, .M e w, Q .,, lg, Mgys z , ,, y 0 .. V .,....s,....c.h.s,,,..a...,..42,,,.i...,...., .... 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Vice-PresicIenT JOSEPH EDWARD ROICKLEIN, JR .... Recording SecreTary GEORGE DEDRICK ........ Corresponding SecreTary TI-IOIVIAS CLAYTON NORRIS . . . ..... Treasurer JOI-IN WILLIAM BAUER ..,. . . Pledge Trainer WILLIAM MALCOLM WRIGHT . . . . Rush Chairman DAVID I-I. CLEMENT ...... . . .SenTineI DAVID SAWY'ERS DOWNS . . . . Ir1ducTor Kneeling: Dave Clement Joe Rocklein, Dave Downs. Sfanding: Tom Norris, BarT Elfman, George Hanrahan. "RoII OUT The Barrel" On March I5, I925, Rho DeuTeron ChapTer of Phi Sigma Kappa received iTs charTer aT GeTTysburg, The naTionaI founding oT The TraTerniTy occured on IVIarch I5, I873, aT The UniversiTy oT IvIassachuseTTs. Phi Sigma Kappa has 66 chapTers aT The presenT Time. The na- TionaI pubIicaTion is The SigneT and The Iocal paper is The Oakleaf. Phi Sig coIors are siIver and magenTag The Tlower is The red carnaTion. Several acTiviTies OT The chapTer are I-IouseparTies. Founders' Day, and an open house. This year a parTy was heId Tor The children aT The EIizabeThTown STaTe CrippIed ChiIdren's I-IospiTaI. Ground breaking ceremonies Firsl Row: Ralph Wagoner, Ed Hackenloerg, Jack Dear, Gilloerl Slile-s, Charles Richler, Tom Johnson, Lehner Billle, John Axe, Mike McConnell, Boyd Gummo, John Reighler, Al Eyde, Bill Bear, Dave Williams. Second Row: Ray Milchell, George Hilliard, George Dedrick, David Downs, Joe Rocklein, George Hanra- han, Barl Ellman, Tom Norris, Dave Clemenl, Jim Finck- enauer, Jim Walker, Sleve Wood. Third Row: Lee Grossman, Kerry Johnson, Don Wise- man, John Bauer, Brad King, Bill Wrighl, Don Oakley. George Seiller, Louis Caban, Bill l-lollman. , ,- ,,-...K-.5..e.e.:.-.:-.....- ' . .gs --- ' Q . L, r'l i Qif.. ,A .... Q . .,.. .. , my . T, I D N I M Fourlh Row: Tom Green, Gary Billoie-, Pele Tullsen, Jay lngerle, Don Snyder, Jim Schmucker, Doug Dreyer, Clyde Black, John Mallingly, Jim Wilcrall, Dick Kee- porls, Jim Mummerl. Fillh Row: Bill Fuller, Dave Miller, Wayne Wagner, Dave Rhoads, Joe l-lalch, Dick Kremp, Marlin Pelers, Bolo Nelsen, John Goldcamp, Merrill Blackburn, Nick Kargas, Frank Marlin, Jim l-lacker. Sixlh Row: Bob Rowe, Bolo Nyce, Dave Polls, Blaine Karr, Bruce Tippell, Anlhony Winch, Jim Vinson, George Markley, Craig Bonnell, Gary Holman, Richard Wix, Jim Goold, Terry Sillell, Lewis Frey. fflfy 04 W fm f - W., ,, s-,, , 4 we W ,u 5, ,, 1 f M N- N1 N. : ,.-... -.3.. . . . MMD - -f...a.:'f- ffi-J. 5 3 s, :If ig iff. Q RW k X x ,, X ww, X ' we X XXX X, MX Y ...,. renew xx ws awsome mrzw LL X 925' if P ww xucwv N vusouiffr rrswm M nominees. .mek umm: A Jameson wma L -iv. . 1' , .-L . 1-. ,mi 2519-.11 jim- -4. '-9.151 - WQ51 . . - Q., wk ' . Q... V ,L 2. -W .. gqwfw Y u us.-.i:.m vsiacwv vs sv LE. in -lma- , mu me e :cw f wx X .JZ vs 41 KKW af V nil v,-an .iowa is emma Li can n :uf r ww Wk, ,, GN VNC, V 357 7 Qi' 5624316 J GREU6 WV if Kyo' vmuau L UL an mwah H f 4- rw as sf J f s f V'?fCV J N! fx Q Xl 49' ' ix ! , my fe "7 X is 9 f Q. SYM W f X new .s Pe an vuLL Eu an N :mek-E H N4 Qf If ay. My , f QQ ,x f N .vm f 2, R W W N nam: ha imc-ws mme C nmcu Mme? vmvrc' v mx 4 -er . . 3 ' -f W 4 , . . W , 'V ok, i n : . JY, ,' .E,,j",r .' -' g f f--1, I i . Y ., , ' '19 -7 ' 1 72 .1 V'-.5 . f f , il :X x g. .Q .. I K sal? X , Ng ,iff y v. wr i giige, W ly 4 , 'fg K is H pw- ' r f 'Mez rn '- eu - - 'za-. " -A ' W L , 2 1 V 4 -,A 3 .. ,,., , ,,,,, .R . Q., , hx, . .V g,,3, . , , , A ,, 6 ,. ff M X. Q xc 3 r i L , 2 1 f' .af ,, Q.. f 3--I if f-4 3 ff X. yi K ' J f X x Q ' , is A " f -W-'IT ' .fgiyig ' 4 -Y 2 ,V . Q 11' f X ff f M .X A X gm 4? I I 3, x M 7-' . if ,Q , , f fff f f 1 X I E E o , Q I J I i 3 - ' i 1 2 1 i 5 L - 1 . . i . i. Yi ,W L+ s cwamza smowrzw news. .I 40-ozow Loman n ann: .funn e 1.12 uicwnni L mcoarln i: ei-fu .uve an K wmrrw warm . Q wmiw 211. A Lf-wo N wmvli no x. me Q5 sw w s-mzss .wx sfvfvxviit W 11 Rica 'E-J? Y ms Q w ,L L wiivuum 5 Sigma 9 --ee Q. sr Geltgsliurg 'T hiv u u...-in vi.,-u i.Ar"i U1-rw ' ,.., . ..., .... - ....l.. . , ...-..L...c.g,,.-.J iii' I I ,J Fi i W if Y Q' C 67751: R . ' , '51-A U' i i' 7 W X X MM f wfgl f 43 5 X 24 f rf f QM ff 'K' M, 7 flffl Q,-A f W n onsve Y .mum o rxreevrnauw me L ef X 4 I TEVYXJLVIJOJ is Yew W 2-sw f 5 42 M VJ f V VAXQ wwf wi waz ,X 4 Af, W,,f may Qy gida f jf? ffywf Af? W s 1 'W I ...L.. im u na on mm.-no L om: L1 uwuci vi in-:su o.: in-aw an aw A wvvwsr x W if fi KM Q X f W X' Z Q f f v X56 mi A f ,Q ff f f J 2?-'C' ki 1 59" K 'W 1 ,wx ff ,, .......1 bovscn co-'mf ww 0 unix som eus,v'1mc.f ,in-ea Awwmur airmen ymxr-,rf if snr,-5. 1 awww Miem. Qyzffy ff' Wow fs K fs C Kxzf f Amy J R Q Wa ww A f f! X QA RW 5 i fl 5322 uf, 32 e X f Y KK? 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'..,,f .ff we-,nf ,cs ,ss 'f s. as ,..1 , Q agp ,Y fn.-'T Q, , - -' . . 4- f' ww 1. .if-'f '---, -' l ,Q y K . , . V 5, I R , , G. gi f.. A U i EQ. ,VPQ 4 ,V . g 5 ,, 4 2 ,- ' 3 1 . er -.I . .- li f E' -. 43f:uLf.f. ..' -gi . ' , . - - L.LWV,-..... .....,. .,... .l.,..... ... .. V, ..., ...1 ....,, L s... ' .x 1 .,...........,f,.. .,.. ..,.. w...T.W.,.,..,,,., ,i lf2rv.,.1W,..fA....-...,f-,,fM... 2. ,. ....-.....-.---- .' , ,- 5 ,v , - , ,. - ,, , -Mg, sf-I. W VV, H K- . , yy ,rf rs, mi, 1.4es1s'mav 'V 1 11-7 TAU KAPPA EPSILON PSI CHAPTER OFFICERS GERALD KRUM . ,.,.... . Presidenl' RONALD THOMSON . . .... Vice-Presidenl' PAUL IVIUNDSCHENK . . . . . Recording Secreiary PAUL MUNDSCHENK . . . .Corresponding Secrelary JAMES BRENNEMAN . . . . .... Treasurer ROBERT LINDSTROM . . . . Pledge Trainer ALAN PARKER . . . . .Rush Chairman Kneeling: Ron Thomson, Jim Brennernan, Gerry Krum, Bob Green- wood. S+anding: Bob Linslrom, Dave Grover. Jon Wagnild, Paul Mundschenlc. Her Maiesiy, Ihe Queen! Tau Kappa Epsilon was founded on January IO, I899, al Illinois Wesleyan Universiiy. The original Della Kappa Sigma local Iralerniiy became Psi Chapier ol Tau Kappa Epsilon when il received ils charier Novem- ber 25, l926. Cherry and grey have been chosen as Jrhe Iraiernily colors, and Ihe red carnalion as Ihe Ira- Jrernily flower. There are now I59 aclive chaplers in Tau Kappa Epsilon. The naiional publicalion is The Teke Life and The local publicaiion is The Psi Press. This year's acliviiies included and orphans' Chrisl- mas Parry, held ioinlly wilh Alpha Xi Delia sororiiy, I-Iouseparlies, and a Founders' Day Banquel. I This is Help Week? Firs+ Row: Bob Hershey, Phil Werl, Keilh Wohci, Ralph Fourfh 'Rows Bob Gray, Craig Weidensaul, Wally Thay- Carruihers, Michael Bramley, Dave Bowen, Don Mc- er, Charles Reese, Dick Bowen, Henry Newman, Roy Miller, Bob Mclieen, John Swyers, Ned Kaufman, Bob Cord, Ron Shonk, Al Parker, Bob Eldridge, Charles Dey, Leon Silber, Ralph Pearson. Parker, Mike Yosi, Jim Walker. Fif'I'h Row: Joe Hosieiler, Bill Sensenderier, Dick Gard- Second Row: Ken Fruchier, Sid Shuey, Bob Greenwood, ner, Larry Rankin, Bruce Sulclikie, Dave Smiih, Winiired Bob Lindslrom, Jim Brenneman, Ron Thomson, Gerry Terrel, Dale Messersmilh, Dick Ahrens, Ted Koerner, Krum, Paul Mundschenk, Jon Wagnild, Dave Grover, John Traulwein, Paul Jones. Third Row: Claverr Johnson, Bill Kesler, Harry Richier, Dick Hershey, Bill -Fiizkee, Ernie Snow, Sieve Shanlz, Gary Kerr. Marv Fink, Jim Mike Marino, Dick Weiherhold, John Hayes. Six+h Row: George Pappas, Tom O'Reilly, Ari Schroe- der, Bob Hamme, Jim Jackson, Dieier Sayle, Alden l'l5Ye5- Sanborn, George Burke, Pele Nikander, Bill Traker, Don Rudolf, Terry Lauer, Brian Jacobs. VV-V --,-- '-'-- V -'Vw ,c f VVV.z',-XV-Va-I' -V.-V .: V V ' . V' ,V -. rr-Vw -V. " .V. . - 'gig-.7 LfuigrrV2r'fVw7,QV: yegfffra ff" 1T A 1 ' V p ' V " V " ,Q ' V V V V ' Y - . rv - -5 -mg ,-Q ' xwsii , ' VL, ' gf'11'4 V .. . V ' .': .Q , ', 21 ' My V' - : 2 , - VV ' :V . VV'VV .. - 'V 'V V. 'V ful V- .. 'Q V ,V J- .VS S ga V Zigi 'V V , f'-2 V. LV .W -'far VV 1 V V- ' iV..i , VV- .V GV f - Ve g! - .. -, - Q - V. . Q V, . VV, -V V - - .V ss V . , , -V V - . V w- , V- -V,-:,,-5 V , V V VV ,,f.. ,, N. V' :VVVV-V4 I 2 ,. , V, A,,,A,.,: X , i Z. , 1,3 6 , irqzaiv E, 4 , , , V , V xy V V H V E - 5, E -wggvr igif cys V I 2 . . I J -. , I 'V 5 . . V f ' - i V V V 2 - V ,VV V W- Z E , - L V i , ,M-, iw, . J ,,--,,,,, l. .,,. ., L,,..., V . i ,. ..,,, , mi.. V. ,. , ,..., .,., c,,,i.,..-,.,,. ., ,Vicks ., ..-...,,M, RDSERT 0 NERSIGY PHILIP L WEB! KEIYN B WDUF -RALPH B GARRUTNJQS MKSNAEL BNAMUV OAVID L BOWEN OONAUJ 5 MWQRDJW WDMALD SMGNY ALAN L PARKER RGBERT ELOMDBE 61417791.25 N UEV LEON 0 SILZEF? WTLPH L PSARGUN -V . VV V- -----V ---------A V .1 -V ,,-V -V VV- V ' 1-T' -.. .. 1 V' 'f' FL z'f.fg5Wif V7 ' EV- " "N " Vw iw V- V V 1 'V - V ' ::.1,-5' ?l,fiV33' QL, V 'Q-I , .4 -- ,... B 'Sig I -Ex vu' "'Y: " .-V. 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V . . - ,, V 4 V V- wx -farm V- f- V 'V VV..:.e:g ' 252-2:22 V A-:-, ,.,I::-. ,. vw Vi- , 5 - --V' l . V V-ff' -2 'Yvlf , 4115? V4 , MV . V -.-1 , 4, Q :H iw , ,V Vg, 'ww V V . .,,,, if 5,,:g.. - .V W -:ig Q , -H VQQIL VV V1 3 , Vg - -'X ,V V Vi 2 - 5 f f -+V wa: ly W 4, V7 .XGQMQHY ,xc 4. , ., ,, W . N , , ,, i , V , Wm, , .,, V gy., V. ,g 0 Q,,fUQM, . , , ,yi aV.kV,fsEVi vf iikgsygl VV ip 'Ne ff' V. - ,V I ,TQ V A T V VV lg, -:A Vs V ,V V LV! V ,- w is l- I V Q f B' V I 5 Vs ,QQ pn V V' l, Q V : 2 ' lS"'ffVf 5 1 ' - V f .1 , NAV- ' ,, i,..,. V ,,,.,. . . 2 , ,WQ.......,..,5 ,,,. -.,....,c-,.l,., . . K i U M, .,..z . .L,...-......V..VV.-1 'YW-VVVV -e-- --V' V 0 -V- V-V +--MV - . caviar KV-sovissoun. wuum Amcsml umvm ofmx HARRY v. moz-wif: Ja momwo a nusuev 6 u wxwaea s: rnzkee .imzs u Mvssz Eiwasr .1 snow svemzn XSHBNTZ GARY 1. KEHR C R VV VV V -- -f -- V-- ------ - VV-----V-V VV--- - V- V 1 M W..::V:: .. .. " ' V ---,foc::L:..u.X . 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V, WW ., h MJD, M, .,,, ,,,,,.,.,, .,,V i..,..,. . .,...s, ...,,.W.c ,..,., , i...u..,-.M,., .. , , V TWT" Aff. 1 V ', ' - 2 V ' 0' V 'V "V V V V' .. .V Q .V ,, .Ri on Y cnusn wum: acres .V Qc,Hg5,5n5,A?n,s rj, -ngggmg a,',QxeQu.t.Y fpwrf-iuB, SGHNGQUER 805665 v1,,yxmp4g ,ggygg gg ,mgggqyg Vaq51Qf,94 u,SAYLg , ALDEH BEMJQQQNBONH Gwr'1eg.E.6-EKG R A PBSQR infirvnwtit efi'LiAH F mmm nouzuxa n to svn L :WW Wig! :W an 119 KAPPA DELTA RHO Pl CHAPTER OFFICERS HARRY BITTLE . . ...... . . .Presidew DAVE KLEPPER . . .... Vice-PresidenT BOB NET-TER . . . . . Recording SecreTary BOB BOYER . . . . . Corresponding SecreTary BILL PURSCH , , ,....... Treasurer TAYLOR REEDER . . . . PledQ9 Trainer TOM KNOX . . . . Rush Chairman Bill Pursch, l-larry BiTTle, Dave Klepper, Skip Reeder K.D.R. receives CiTaTion of MeriT for aid in Muscular DysTrophy Drive. l Kappa DelTa Rho was Touncled naTionally aT Middle- bury College in I905. The original TheTa Phi local Tra- TerniTy became Pi chapTer oT Kappa DelTa Rho when iT received iTs charTer on January I4, l928. Middleloury Blue and PrinceTon Orange are The colors oT Kappa DelTa Rho, and The Tlower is The red rose. PresenTly There are 25 acTive chapTers. The naTional pulolicaTions include The Quill and Scroll, The SenTry, and The PaTh- Tinder, while locally The Pi PosT is prinTecl. Kappa DelTa Rho assisTed in The communiTy's Mus- cular DysTrophy Drive, and included ChrisTmas and Spring l-louseparTies, l:aThers' and MoThers' Day Week- ends, and an open house among Their annual acTiviTies. Sure beaTs The caTeTeria 'Food fs Firsl' Row: John Applegale, Jere Towson, Jim lv1cQuil- kin, Bill Pursch, Dave Klepper, l-larry Birrle, Skip Reeder, Tom Knox, Ed Schneider, Bob Boyer. Second Row: Dick Gibbs, Don Wilson, Mike Galassi. Al Buechler, Floyd Adams, Al Slaler, Dave Nagle, Frank l-lamilron. Third Row: Earle Wasner, Bob Neher, l-lerb l-lirning, Bob l-laaf, Randolph Richardson, Bob Girvan, Ari Drake, Bob Doerschner. r Fourfh Row: Arl Cummins, Bill Harding, Fred Block, Wayne Chalmers, Tom Burke, Charles A, Sloaf, Carl Despreaux, Larry Slrudy, Jim Pipal, Fred Eichner, John Ebersole. FiHh Row: Bill Berlolel, Bill Wellman, Joe Reeder, Dick Kauffman, Dick Slrunk, Phil Johnson, Don Clifford, Charles Marquardr, Merrill Slicker, Ellis Burkhardl, John Eve reH. .1 Z 1 W, ,-1 ,..i,, - ,. -,11,q.:1-- .:1y.1fw1-w..':- 1 .. 1 '1 'N ' .4 f " l ' 1?"'1 w i Q 1 ' ' 1211153 fd 1 iii .43 Q ., 1 11 sv '1 s. 1 1 B 15 11-' , -. ,g .s , '.-ff-'--. 1 - - 1 . 1-11 .- -We-F41 1 1 ' "f: 2-1 122 .1 1 . 11 f ff'-ai 'A 1 - ., .- .. I ,, J- M95 y 1 I M is W 459' N -4' firm, . .1 15 92 ra X -if '4- l1Wf1" 1', .1 W9-211:11 ' iii V' 1 '15 ' ssl 1' Sars 'W' 1' A . 1 ' 1 ' 1' " - 1 141117 -.Ns -U 5 Y 1 J ,-:L . 1 , ,, - X , S 1 11 .1 , y 1 Wm ,Y 1 ,V W, W 1 ,Km ABF, ,,,, ..,... 1 .. ,, R ,ORN Y,pp,iGu-'E ,R JERE YQWSOH JAMES F MCQWLKXN WILLIAM C PUWSCN DAVID E, KLEPPERJN R P::t9RV BITYLE TAYSOEQPSUSSEUER THOMAS J. KNOX EDMUNU M SCHNUUCP 97055.55 Pl HUVER - - - - ..., 1. - - .. .. .. , . 1. .. , 1. k , . ., A .. , -ff--1 ,- .1 rv- 11- ii i ? 1 ,- -. ,, 1 1-, -. 11.:,g-2515114 ,. . .gs 5 .1111 .. - ' .. f- ,,'1.1fe:. . 1 , f 1 . 1, Q4 1 I ' ' 4 "' 35 , 1 '1 5 - . .W 1 A 1 f1 1 1 ., - '. 'I9111 5- ' 1 11:2 ' ,- 1- -"': 1 .1 . fi 1 b 1 gg' 457- , f-1, -. t , X Q Q u, 5155 I - -K 1 -zgjqyg , 15, V 4 :ia-8,3 1 1515-6 2, . ,rsy iagl 11 1 ' . 1- 1 1 .. - - 1 '11 ,V . 1 1 . 1 H ' 1 , u H y K dirwmw - K - usmvmwn V 'MWF-W wiv i,Z'L'jvi:1v3 ,, .. MN., ...-.a,..-., ,,-, .... -..- ..., ..... - , -.1e.1.,., .... .. if F" i:i":::'-1 'i' FLOYD C. ADAMS JR, ALLEN, R SLAYE9 DAVID 51 NAGLE FRIJCK 'll HA'-IAILTUN FJSCHI-RD E GIEHS JR DONALD ld WILSON MICHAEL H. GALASSI BLAN L1 BUECHLEP , 11---0M r ' i ?l '519 ' ,. X ', 5 1 3 . Pi s Ng, 5.-K' - . X f si, ix if ,Q T . . . A 'Q pl i x f 1 1 ' i fff z 1 -' ., ' 1 ' 11 . - 11' ffs- . -sa ' 'K UWT! 1 1 1 4 B 1 1 ' - ' . 3 1 ..,f':'f J 1 1 Q g 1' A . 1 1 X - . . ., .Jeff ' 7-,Q 1:.1"-':5"i-11321-'11 ' s A .V ,.,,,d,,,N ,,,,,, LH. .,.. ... ... ..,.. ,,., . ..., . .M. .1...,. , ..,. ..,-.....1.,,... ..1-- -H Mr- H" '- " , f 1 n f- Mr :manova c Rickmos-'xi ROBERT a. euavm ,mrmm :J same: rzaesnw P, msszscrwan ..AP-E G WASHER ROBERT W. NEHER HERBERT W. Ml MNG RGBEWT A H V' 1--- 1 -1- '1fU" 2 e--+ -' 'M T' ' 'i'1g5ff-- .. W"' ,,,, 1 -e+fis'E'g wg? W- -'V i " 1 1 "7-411 Z .,.. . 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'f:eY '11-R+ f- 1 52111 1 ,gg -1. shkifgyi 1 QQ W 12 111 ' iw. 11 Q- wwf-f,1. e fW 1.1 -ok, 1 1.314 1-,,a14.ff ,W 1 ,f 6 ,1 1, sf?-13. .,,. 1151-fl ,Wg Y : . 1,152 V, .si ,M , H 31 Zi e x, ,.,, F 1 Q51 --W ,, , 15,1 3 1, 11-12, 51- ,4,Q, ..., , ' 'Briefs 'X ' W 1 21-111 11 , 5.i1rs1'n . K- nf w 'S -1 1' ' fl . g 1 g 1. X 1 s - 1 .s - 1' f 1 1 - ' fs ' f.- 1 13 1 fa 1 1 X 1 ., 1 , - 1 1 ' 2 Z . ' . - . 2 1 - " 1 1, . 1 . 1 . 1 f .. 1 1 1 s 1. - ,, .,,. ,e....-,c. ,.,. 1.,, ,. .. ..... , 1, ..,, 1 .,., .,..a D,,,....z.c,.,..,.. s. .... , ..., .....M,.s.,., . ,,,. W . , 1,.,1 .,. .. ., , 1. . 1 1 .. , WILL!-'RM B EEUQTOMET VHLLXAM H. WQLMRN 005'-IPR E. QEEDEN RQCNAG5 R. KISUFFMAN RSCHARU J. STRUNX4 FHSLIP A. JGWNSDN DONALD J CUFFCAFQD CWARLZS A M!-FfQfUAf7DT MEWRITF P STTGKEJ! ELLIS ri, BUWKIV-F?i7T JOHN L EVERETY 121 THETA CHI OFFICERS LARIRY D'REWS . . ....... .,.. P residenr CI-IARIQES BLACK . ..... Vice-Presidenr DAVE FRANZ . . . . . . Recording Secreiary JERRY KRON . . . .Corresponding Secrerary FRED MARCKS . . ........ Treasurer CRAIG KERTR . . . . Pledge Trainer TOD DOYLE . . . Rush Chairman Fron'I': Jacic BaiIey, Dave Franz. Rear: CharIes BIac:Ic, Larry Drews, Craig Kerr. "JusI' cIose your eyes and shoo'rI" The Deira Ornicron Chapier of Theia Chi received iis charier on March 8, I952, airer a period of deveI- opmeni' as The Siar and Cresceni Club and as The Alpha Theia Chi local. Theia Chi was founded naIionaIIy on April IO, I856, a+ Norwich Universiry, Norwich, Ver- rnoni. Presenriy Ihere are I25 chaprers in Theia Chi. The Ra++Ie is Ihe naiional puIaIica+iong The DeII'acron is Ihe IocaI paper. During Jrhe pasr year, Jrhe house parricipared in such social Iunciions as Faihers' and Moihers' Day Week- ends, Pledge Banquet Chrisimas and Spring House- parries, and Jrhe Senior Banquet The'I'a Chis admire new Hi-Fi sei Firsi' Row: John Busch, Roger Allorighl, I-lenrySeekamp, Craig Kerr, Charles Black, Larry Drewes, Dave Franz, Fred lvlarcks, Elmer Mcllechnie, Mike Levengoocl, Ralph Dendler. Second 'Rowz Elson Blunl, Sieve lvlunzinger, Larry Woocl, John Beuchler, Ron Wood, Barry Kerchner, Dave BenneH', Sherman I-lenclrix. Third Row: John Uroislcy, John Bailey, Ted Doyle, Bill Neison, Jeff Rafliensperger, Auslin Crolhers, Doug i R Norlon. Wes While, Lynn l-leinbaugh, Bolo Zeclelis. Fourfh Row: Frank DeNoyelles, Pele l-lamillon-Jones, Royce Dendler, Sieve Bonney, Frank Wolfe, Jerry Kron, Al Darolcl, John Seelig, John Herringlon, Dick Green, Barry Smilh. Fiffh Row: Lynn Fox, Diclc DeLaney, Jim Dilimann, John Cunningham, Daren Tew, Garry McAinsh, Larry Gor- clon, Barry Colyer, Jim I-lolce, Fred Wrighl, Bob Han- HUITI. V 1 i N-V-ff-f1V:e:L-- .... :W-V--V --rr Vw. . .f ' --A T " , 1V ,, , ee-r.,m,V,2V....V...... f7 L-V .., V. ,- ... VV-1-VV :... . fVfV2'f m'W1V"2Q?'21f"Y"r V' 2' 'i9f'5"'V'W'7l V - . ' 'z,:aV:sz:,V2:kV Vi' ' .gg . ' ',,-:'V ' - ' 122191. "" " W' VV' ' Q , . if gi f .V V V V l V- -"-' -- V X . V Q -V V, ....S V. VV, V.g 8 . . V . 1.4-V4 . V,f.V V AMVVMV 1 ,ffggngf V ,V , V S V W: W Q V1 6 IM, V - VV . Y QF' ?'f ' f Kb.. XXV' 4 V ., V VS ..VV.-x., N ., ., U fa .. 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KRON ALFRED ALDAROLD JOHN C.SEEL?G JOHNVHVHERRINGTON RICHARD T,K3F'iEEiNZ BARRY SMITH 5 . .V V llif if V K 'V - 9 5 5 5 V.V V N., , Q... ,. , . W , .W M. . u v . .,..,, .VfV.wx., X f1xAo.. .,,-... Q fm., ,,,, .fw,,3, ,am V 7, ., wmv, V WN .f m y. .V . , VMVJV -.41 ,-. C ,. V V V V i l V 5 T . - iii 3' Q9 4 V .V ,, if V fr , V VV p W5 ., V 5 , 4 V 'V VV .5-.,-5V V , VH 1 3, QV V .. VV 55465 4W,.o V l 'Q f':'g,5'- , f1:, ' : H " 1 ,ia-.,11"1-I ' 1 55. F V f , ' WY nr 'V V, ,. fi ,, ' V ', 1' ,I"2I-Q54 FF"-'i-?":5,j.',,V'::' ' .1 . i'K?44"'f EV k ' E l, ,P ... . 5 wggg. D 5 U , in .. . , M M , J ,FHM ,,,, , M ..,..,,.... -.-Lg ,,.., L...-..L.,......-.....,.. ..,,,.. W,..W,,.. V , I ,-...,......,..n.. .... ,, .,.. W W-.. ....,..L.- 1 V 'LYFQN Visa for ,Inseam e.uzLAg-:EY expats wunxrwugnrl jun!-1raV?.2:usQ1iNcnAra J, Dames flew BARRETT Lwaxusu LARRY Rxzokooes HARRY r..coi:!sn JAMES o.,i-ions ,rein G WRVGHY RGBEFT H mwwuu X 123 who ww-4 .MM M SIGMA NU DICK BENTZ . . LARRY MILLER TOM Iv1cC'LELLAN ALLAN WYSOCKI LARRY CARUTH BOB MENGES . OFFICERS . . . . PresidenT . . . Vice-PresicIenT . . . . SecreTary . . . . Treasurer . . . Pledge Trainer . . Rush Chairman Tom McClellan, Larry CaruTh, Diclf BenTz, Larry Miller, AI Wysocki. FaTI'1er's Day FeasT 1 ZeTa Sigma ChapTer OT Sigma Nu received iTs char- Ter on lvlay I5, I954, Thus replacing The Phi Kappa Rho local TraTerniTy, Sigma Nu was Tounded aT Virginia IvIiliTary InsTiTuTe on January I, I869. AT The presenT Time There are I28 acTive chapTers in Sigma Nu. The nalional publicalrion is The Delfa, while The local publi- caTion is The Sigma Nus. Blaclc, gold, and whiTe are The colors OT Sigma Nu, and The whiTe- rose is The Tlower. The ChapTer annually underTal4es several acTiviTies. including The WhiTe Rose Formal. houseparTies, a Fac- ulTy Tea, and a WhiTeiTooT-BIackTooT dance held ioinTly wiTh Alpha Tau Qmega. BroThers and pledges harmonize. y,,.fA Firsl' Row: Don Aiiken, Howard Cosi, Bill Slifer, Dave Haman, John Miller, John Scheicley, Charles Ziegler, Jim Klinefelier, Jim Hamsher, Bob Menges, Henry Basso. Second Row: Ken Geils, George Koeing, Bob Winehol'i, Larry Caruih, Al Wysocki, Dick Benlz, Larry Miller, Torn McClellan, Ray Phyles, Fred Pedersen, Warren Eshbach. Third Row: Henry Borneman, Bob Andrews, George lvlarihinuss, Ed Vogelsong, Bob Muller, Dick Krayer, Paul Herman, Charles Lingenlelie F. E Fourfh Row: Bob Grauch, Waller Plain, Gerald Miller, John Miller, Don Brown, Dave Mumford, Carl Pearson, Lee Collins, Ronald Heinze, Jim Lockwood. Fifih Row: Phil Huichison, Paul Henry, John Trimmer, Ed Paiierson, Bruce Smiih, Bill Shaffer, Dick Lane, Paul Pukanecz, Bob Schaffer, Ed Arnmarell, Terry Lehr, Tom Henson Sixfh Row: Bill Anspach, Jim Freund, Bill Praker, Haro cl Shea Geo Krup 6. ds, Marlin Young, Wayne Zaiac, Ted Wachhaus, rge Miller, George Yaies, Charles Schwarz, Ml e i i z , W. W h - - If 1 sf -, ,, - ,L k ' ' ".'.f7f1'i1irfg:-W ' Mfr Wx' V Q'Wi i?.2V 1 x -v ,..a - ' SN -K V ' Q2 'ff' ' f Q-ivdilhf? P iifgi r " 4 5' " i""'4f i. 22'Y ' - . .w s S -' ' ar. Els: X Q 4, 1 -Lim, - ' Qi 1 ff f r' I is ,W 9 si -f i. v. , , - -' M . ray., cf ,M -92 M , iw A 'fy.2-fgif- Yfyiwa f 1 XV ,fgys?3gQ we f- s e., ' '1' i 3" . f:f,f',1y sf p f A 'I' rf g L . f , i -':5bLggrI55:iX, " ' 3 i " ' '14 . ' ' i ,, , 2 ' , , 1 , , l , , . . f 1 , ,, i. ..,.., ' .,.J...-, ,, c. Aimee sa i I namwo cos: i: -:men :mm s mmm mum r wi.LLn u Jenn c sew ner cm-.mes L :iran Jn wars H ximzmmi was If nnmsnen Poeem J nsuc-as warm Hmmm Maeva? - ' .' -f fn, 2. W M ff ' -s 11 X Q Q - f,-9" f . . , ,,, L.. + . lf ,' ,, 4, , f g 1 4 4 - ,, S as L' ' Q .- M2 1 . f, , . , l .5 . W, lf, ,, ,J-g y ' -f ff,a,,A j as-gray 5- ihffs-1 ' ,L , if-Q fi ay :iii ' , 'N 2 'S i sc. i I " " , ,iff . - I 'f ' " ' fi s,.. X -- -..,,,QE- i i ,V Y, V I - V . 1. ,VH , V x ' , , i . ' V. i i l , ' J i 1 i A l , 1 . . i ,, .. , , . ,,,,, ., ,CJ L.. , . i . .,.,.-L,J i, . ...,, . ,.,.,,,, ,,, ,.,, ,,..-n-J ,fpwgyn ii GEM GEUME E mem I mega: L w.,,5,,QU Lnwrfvfzuc Veewm aLL5iiV SV Knock. aicm:f1LiVuVnfsiirl L:.ww:v.c:V5.VT:iVL:zn Jw vi-oMzZsVLVVf1Tc5LcLLAN uvnnc-io fi. mars Fnzoemx o vweasere wmfmrv M, Lsmancn ,, ,..:::::.Y, axis.. nf-71-Q. .. . ., .. . i ' i . ,. '-Qfzv s fw f X swff-f f ' 'ia " "" , ' ' 1 --1 5 'ezztg-2 .. i - T My .- ' ' -6 of KY r sfua :.. wif s my fn fs. ,K 5 ' 4 . 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V .f . i f' i 4 ' , l 1 1 , 5 1 ' - - ' i I - i V - z . 3 . 1 1 ' ' 4 2 i ' ', - .- E 3 . Q ' ., ss- ,e......,, .. -L1s..,,....c. ...,. J.--.,. -.....,.,-J 5 . ., .i .. , i . . ,. .. W.s...,,..sf WOMEN R YWAUCN .1574 WALTSR R, PLMN CIEQALI5 B WLLER JOHN J MXLLEH DGVUQLD C. BROWN JDAVBP YAUUFCGZJ CRW, PEARSOW JR KLEE CGLLNS Gi!-'INLLD O NEWIE JLNSS fi LOOKWVDOJR W P- . N N' ' AW. I Qe ew ' 1 'L A"i 1 , s me ' f L L . L gc , gil Jffiz ': f , 4-We 'f Xi D' ' ' .j ff K1 fi - w , . ' 1,-fl,5Z,.., , X V, 'ffl' ' D , 325 1 2- ' D7-Q Z. 'Qi AWE' ' ' 5 sr ' f J' 417' 1" Q - 1 .wk X - mmf? ff S- 0 -1 aw Q -f - MW -fm -i -QMN5 .W ss. if -' ,ix , . 'fs ww W. 9,1 -o fa .ff -.,:s1,.,. 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N .... f ' Q f -, ,Q 'f a rgrgs' ,TQ ,X Q gwaaf wgxw 1 ' fi . , XZ. 2 Q pf , .-rg, Q' QQ as 1 ff is-ga-2.2124 J-, r ,nf 11- NW? uf-5 1,159 N x.y .? w' -1-14" -W '94 ' a g ge f-ff .Q 6 f W4-. Y r QLWIRQN, 1' A 45 ,yff if , Q, 5 , f , 'f f ff , 2 v 1 . 'z , 1f , r --1 'ff-tfsfme 1- f - Mn, sf Q if-'f w ' A 1- wi. fo 4 fe ..: 2 1-I-:ir is-' ' .f T A' 2" ' 'i r 1 v , ' ' 7' f , . , I f - ' A 0 ' 'ffm f fZZ:0'vI'9-L3 . 9-4'-:gif-"cv f ' fill" " i-I, -. ....... . ..., ,, .,,.,.. ms, ...-..,, .,,.. ,..,. .,.. , WHJJQM A! AYWAOD4 Fi, JAMES FRSUND WVLLU64 W. FFMKER BQRQL9 C YJHEADS -m MRQTIN T1 YGUYQ5 , NLYH5 ik 'lifxliii TMECXJDNE R HVASHHAUS- BEC'f4GE"N NELLEH 550965 R, YZYS45 CHLFLZ3 R 536rU4!52Z WQHALL. A YBJVA 125 ...f.f.,, N 4 ALPHA CHI RHO OFFICERS RONALD E. Nilzsorie ...... . . . Pre-Ssderr H. FREDERLOH REISZ, JR. . . ..... Vice-Presidenl WILLIAM O wRieHT . . . , . Recording Secrelary RADLL E. sRRiNe ...... . . Corresponding Secrelary I-IAROHLD OJOII-INSON,JR. . . . . .... Treasurer O, BOYD PFEIPFER .... . . . Pledge Trainer JOHN KEEN .... . . .Rush Chairman Sealed: Fred Reiz. Ron Nilzche. Slanding: Boyd Pleiller, Bill Wrighl, I-Ial Johnson. Everybody reads lhe 'Burgianl gl 1. feel? , WW. . : S 2' 05 4 0 0 a v A-. 0 . Q, RX! 'U ni 12:0 Ela Phi Chapler ol Alpha Chi Rho, lhe rnosl recenl nalional lralernily al Gellysburg, received ils charler on March I, I958. Previous lo lhis il served as lhe Phi Epsilon Nu local lralernily. On a nalional level lhe lra- lernily was lounded al Trinily College, I-Iarllord, Con- neclicul, on June 4, I895. Al lhe presenl lime lhere are 24 Alpha Chi Rho chaplers. The Garnel and While is lhe name Ol lhe nalional pulolicalion. Garnel and while have been chosen as lhe lralernily colors and lhe garnel and while carnalions as lhe lralernily llow- ers. Ela Phi's annual aclivilies include Chrislmas and Spring I-Iouseparlies, a pledge dance, and Falherrs' and Molhers' Weekends. A house warming was held lhis lall lor Direclors and Adminislralion ol lhe college. and lhe Nalional Ollicers, in recognilion Ol lheir new quar- lers localed on Springs Ave. The Peace Lighl was lil! Firsf Row Boyd Pfeiffer Paull Spring l-lal Johnson, Second Row Len Alenicln en Knapp Bill Werlman, Third Row Rollo Perez Ed Peppler Pele Slang, Bill lf ly fl' - wx 2 Bra W X bafiiaiavfiwef WX. fa 2 " 3' ' Fourfh Row: Don Burden, Jerry Lillich, Richie Fine, Charlie Lighlner, Randy Brown, John Wilkerson, Bob Kaslberg, Dave l-lodgson. Fiflh Row: Bill Taylor, Chuck Bikle, Wall lvlausl, Jacl4 Slevens, Rick Smilh, Charlie Mallory, George Mass, Josh Coclcey, Sieve l-lubperl. i 1 i l X .SES '- ' ' ' . , 1 - 24 f--- of-P , fl 65:55 . ' ' f ,, in H 1-'ox - V , , , , W i ' ,r lg . W i. ,i V1.3 2 gf. , 'R ,K L l ,Q nigifyri l Zigi fi H V ,ia E i K I 3 cffyw, i J i ' J yr J I 1 3 i ,V E! l xl 1 . 4 l J e - - ,e.. ci ,.u, ,,,,o...w.M, 5 HAL JOHNSON R0'?,,,"'T??9"E fffE",.,"5l5?, a'Lhl'i'f"T JSE? l ' lr -' I ,V 1 ,1 1 , r Q. f f , Z 3 5. . ' . 'f ' xl l., , 4 -ci ,.,.,. -- ..,, .,c, ....,. ,lc ' BM, wgnmfm .7 A-I .Joi-in anew Teo i-use HILL Lows ii K ., .., Wa... ,,,...M.,,o,.. ..f.,, , H sg , J J A - li ,W :.,,q4S...A, J .Z ,Mm f 4,3 ,:.,,, , A , E i , Ffh .,, 5, 'l 435' E' " ' -- ,il .' iugffi 'TNQ 5 i :f.f:f,f . rw e B' , sv' i ei Q f i M 03211 shun' 1 1- 2 f 1 B 9 J i A i 1 f ' ii 9 ol L ml l,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,l. ...,. c..,,, ,N -,,, .,,, .m..., W...-..A...l g BILL BOOR SOB CORN BARRY WENZ A ?: il l : E Ei . ,i il i l l, i ,l ,i Zi! F""MW"i"i in "A N' X 127 owe womfwx' NOT ANYQNE FQR A LET 'ER GO, DlXlE. LON CS WALK? WN M we 100 JAZZ ,-,tai swfqq im X X x w --W-V b .V N. - , 1..Qf-iM5azQ:49ilw.kX,,Mgf.X4D,g1:' w...m Q 41 B .A . Q, - W.WgswdbswNWQ.,..nWWMW,,,v-MWWWWMM Y v X , S .Na , :Q Sx ..,....,,...... W Q ' 'Q' W if 5 if Jam 1,:'!-L1-,yQ,.iu21L,, x1uxxSQ1N'H'-Bgwxzwfgifgx n Q -Q-uv ,. W W 2 H K if 5 M 4, we -A-qw 'n Eff, QM.-M, W wry ..., , ,W ' W1 , , K W V X X s,'7s?. Y ,, qv N vxxg: I,-Q1 Q qw, ., 71 ,f-,f I fy A 2 WW wwf, myf W ,xv EM f 'R' aww WW, ff ,gy a AW' VS! WW AQ, X ' M40 f I In Mx WWW jg f ,aww M I, f ww , , f A 01 12,11 f ,Af ,Z ' 9 Vyifwi f A 14" V f EBV, f' f'Zg,,,,,,4 , ZW ,W H f f ff MQW , 1 ff, M n f '7 A 4,14 ,f 1 Wy HM W Wffv fffff ?f55k'Q! ff J M f W ,W f ff IWW! MMM ,wwfwiyis ww f f I Z9 My W W W ff W ff f WEA f H W ' ' ii ' 36 -- A 4, f ww , K 4A f A .9 A ',AA A V.., .Q ., , W WL A n 'X . V- X Www J ., K , x ,. , 'J X Y' 4 A Sfop, I losf a coniacf lens!! Wake up, pal, ihe sun's gone under Weren'+ you in my cul' pack? Ge-'Hysburg I2--Albriglu+ 6 Before a large FaHuer's Day crowd, Hue Bullels oulclassed a surong Albriglul 'ream on Ocuober I7. Tuck Hicks scored for Hue Bullels early in Hue game. Terry Looker made Hue Bullels oHuer ially. Hicks and Frank Tenume 'were luonored on Hue All-Easl learn 'lor Hueir fine play in Huis game. Gefiysburg I2-Muhlenberg 7 Capluring Hue "Tin Cup," Hue 'Bulleus mudded Hueir way lo viciory on Oclober 24. Ed Lucas and Tuck Hicks led Hue Bullels as Huey picked up a Tolal of I78 yards beuween Huem. LilHe made a key 44-yard pass inuerceplion. Ge++yslourg I6-LafayeH'e I3 By far Hue mosu exciling game of Hue year, Hue Bullefs squeezed our a l6eI3 win over Hue leopards before 3,500 luome- coming fans. -Earl LiHle kicked a I7-yard field goal wiHu I6 sec- onds remaining in Hue coniesl, Jim 'Hess and Riclu Davidyock, wluo luad recovered from injuries, were very inslrumenlal in 'Huis win. LiHle was once again named sopluomore of Hue week. Hofs+ra I8-GeHysburg 6 ln a game played in rain and mud Hue Bullels were oufclassed by an undefeared Houcsira eleven. Hofsura's iouglu defense slopped Hue Bulleis four limes wiHuin Hue I5-yard line. Earl LiHle socored Hue Bullers lone rally on a one-yard plunge. Buffalo I9-GeHysburg 6 Tlue new opponenl on GeHysburg's scluedule, Buffalo, proved lo be loo much of a malclu for Hue Bullers as Huey overwluelmed Hue local club on a muddy Held. Buffalo gained 3l8 yards To Hue Bulleus IO8. Buulfalo kepl Geufysburg in Hueir own ierrilory Hurougluour mosu of Hue game. A pass from Books ro Lance Bur- ler was G-burg's lone rally, Ge'Hysburg 35-Temple O On November 2l Hue Bullers luanded Hue Temple Owls Hueir 2Is+ suraiglul loss. Tlue sizeable Owls failed ro impress Hue Bullels as Gerlysburg ended Hue season in fine suyle. Seven seniors graduared from Hue l959 Bullef grid squad. A fine froslu 'ream gives Coaclu Gene Haas nuuclu lo work wiHu in I96O and indicalions are Huau Huar wiHu Hue experienced men from Huis year relurning, Geriysburg sluould refurn 'lo i'rs win. ning ways in l96O. Are you in my way?? 2 5 3 S E Would you please move a liH'le fo Hue leff? - l l EarI's sure 'lo make a TD Gefiysburg Rockeiles 'lake Hue slagel 2 w 5 s u l f J Z 'Well we can'T play wiTh iT up There, can we? FronT Row: George SeiTer, Kerry Johnson, Bill Harral, l-larold Robbins, STeve Cox, Bob Anderson, Dale MessersmiTh, Dennis Naylor, Paul Mundschenlc. Second Row: AssT. Coach Baumberger, Baird Moran, Don Oakley, Mide HunT, Bob Henry, Gary Pflug, Ron Thompson, Connie Youse, Jaclc Perrine, Charlie Crosson. The l959 GeTTyslourg Soccer Team, under Coach Lou l-lammann compiled a 4-6-I record. The booTers sTarTed oTT The season guiTe well, buT aTTer a vicTory over Lehigh 3-l, a Tie wiTh an always-Tough BalTimore UniversiTy, and a close 3-2 loss To ElizabeThTown, which evenTually emerged as The second-loesT Team in The na- Tion, The BulleTs losT Tive sTraighT games. Near The end oT The season The Team Tound The winning comloinaTion once again and beaT Wilkes 2-O, Lycoming 3-O, and upseT a Tough l-loTsTra Team 4-2. The Team was builT around six veTeran leTTermen. Jaclc Perrine, Bill l-larral, Jim Moyer, Connie Youse, Gary PTlug, and Ron Thompson were The bulwarlq oT The aTTaclc. PTlug and Thompson led The Team in scor- ing. Many underclassmen developed inTo Tine soccer players during The season. MosT noTable oT These was Goalie STeve Cox. The i959 BulleT soccer Team was much loeTTer Than Their record shows. The mid-season slump hurT Them a greaT deal buT wiTh The reTurn oT many experienced veTerans nexT year along wiTh The nucleus oT a Tine Treshman Team There will be liTTle problem OT replacing The graduaTed seniors. I warned you abouT The head hifsl CROSS-COUNTRY The GeTTysburg College cross counTry Team improved greaTly on iTs l958 O-7 record. The harriers won Tour OT Their dual meeTs and losT The same number. Several oT The meeTs were very close, Three being decided by one poinT. The BulleTs were led by consisTenT high Tinishes by Bowen, MarTin, and Garman. These were capably backed up by l-lerTzler, Wilkerson, Bonney, and Myers. The season was marked by wins over AlbrighT 27-28, Johns Hopkins 24-35, Franklin and Marshall 20-4I, and Millersville 28-29. The harriers losT n'1eeTs To JuniaTa I5-48, Penn STaTe Frosh I7-46, Dickinson I8-39, and ended The season wiTh a close 27-28 loss To ElizabeTh- Town. The Team parTicipaTed in The Middle ATlanTic MeeT in Philadelphia. Running over a 4.7 mile course, The Bul- leTs placed lOTh in a Tield oT I8 Teams. The Team showed much oT improvemenT over The year beTore as cross counTry became a more Tirmly esTablished varsiTy sporT aT GeTTysburg. Froni' Row: Dick MarTin, Dick Bowen, Jim German, Dave Herfzler, Garnel' Coble. Second Row: Coach John CarpenTer, John Wil- kerson, Larry Myers, Roland Miller, Larry Bonney, PeTer l-luyck. VARSITY BASKETBALL Bob I-IuITon, sTarTing his Third season as BulleT head menTor, summed up The 6eTTysburg College baskeTbaII Team's siTuaTion in This preseason sTaTemenT, "We are rebuilding wiTh a TasT young Team, We will have To rely heavily on sophomore and iuniors wiThouT much expe- rience. The sophomore crop, despiTe iTs lack OT size, is The besT in recenT years." Yes, I-IuITon depended heav- ily on Ron Warner and Bob Parker, who averaged 28 and 22 poinTs respecTiveIy on a Treshman Team ThaT won I8 and IosT 3, To help Till The holes IeTT behind by The enTire sTarTing Tive ThaT graduaTed. In one OT The besT seasons The BulleTs have had in six years, a I5-I I sIaTe was regisTered, enabling The BulleTs To cop TourTh place in The UniversiTy division oT The Middle ATIanTic ConTerence play behind ST. Joseph, I.a Salle and Temple. ATTer a greaT deal oT early season juggling, in an eTTorT To discover a winning combinaTion, aTTer losing six oT The TirsT nine games, I-IuITon seTTIed on his sTarTing Tive in The sTyIes OT 6'3" Rocky BurneTT, 6'3" Bill I:iTZkee, 6'0" Bob Parker, 6'3" Bruce Simpson, and 5'IO" Ron Warner. In The season's inaugural againsT AIbrighT The BulleTs were unable To Tigh+ oTT a 37-34 inTermission lead and were downed 68-84, Rider used Their heighT and ac- curaTe Toul line shooTing To nip The ouTnnanned BulleTs 74-55 in Their second encounTer. In one oT The besT played games oT The season The BulleTs downed The Temple Owls in overTime 76-74. Bill lPickIesl Kennedy kepT The Owls alive by sinking a jump wiTh 2:04 To go in The reguIaTion game Tor a 68-all Tie. Bill I-Iemsing, Touled by Owl Bruce Drysdale, sank Two Touls Tor The winning margin. Villanova, ST. Joseph and Bucknell dampened I'IuI- Ton's squad's hopes Tor a vicTory in The nexT Three ouT- ings, as The BulleTs IosT 56-78, 56-74, and 7I-80 respec- Tively. The margin oT vicTory in These games could be seen in The baTTIe Tor The rebounds as The rangy oppo- nenTs pulled down The ball wiTh ease Trom The local boys. OuTside shooTing ace George GeTTiIIan oT Muhlen- berg was sTopped cold as The BulleT squad goT "red hoT" and handed The Ivlules a IO4-67 Io-ss. WiTh The I2 or I2 Toul line shooTing oT TeammaTe Bob Parker aiding Them, The BulleT squad IeTT The Tloor aT inTermission wiTh a 45-24 advanTage. Ron Warner, connecTing on 641, oT his shoTs, Tlipped in 27 poinTs as The BulleTs bIiTzed Johns I-Iopkins 76-66. Navy's once-beaTen baskeTbaII Team barely sTood a FronT Row: Manager Bob Draper, Dick Lindsey, John Warner, Ron Warner, George RoberTs, RoberT Parker, John l-larTwell, Manager Charles Richfer. Second Row: Manager Clinf Fronfz, Bruce Simpson, Bill l-lemsing, John Fleming, John Bauer, Bill Fifikee, George BurneTT, Coach Bob T-lulTon. second-half surge by The visiTing Bullefs for a 64-6l vicTory. Officials said ThaT G-burg's Bob Parker Trav- eled before geTTing away an off-balanced ouTside jump wiTh only four seconds remaining. The goal, if counTed, would have puT The Bullefs ahead 63-62. CaTching fire, The Bullefs were never headed in Their nexT six ouTings againsT Lehigh 75-59, Dickinson 86-70, Delaware 57-47, 5cranTon 84-75, Bucknell 6l-46, and Lehigh again 68-6I. ln moST of These games The high accuracy of field and foul line shoofing, and The yeo- man duTies of Bill FiTzkee, grabbing off rebounds from The Taller opponenfs, spelled vicTory for The local Bullefs. Penn 5TaTe romped over The BulleT scjuad 62-47. LaTe in The game The Bullefs managed To pull wiThin nine poinTs, buT losT Their chance To exfend Their six-game sTreak. The l-lulTonmen sTunned The Franklin and Mar- shall scjuad 69-50, wiTh The Diplomafs drawing close several Times, buT never able To gain The lead. AgainsT Wagner, The BuIIeTs jumped inTo an early lead 'and wenT on To pile up a 98-57 win, a one-sided conTesT all The way. Loss of conTrol of The defensive boards and lack of abiliTy To fighT off a lasT-minuTe rally enabled Lebanon Valley To reverse The Bullefs 67- 64. l 137 While R. Warner sTarred offensively wiTh an assorT- menT of 26 poinTs on drive-ins, jumpers, layups and push shoTs, Bill Pifzkee pulled off nine exfra rebounds in spelling vicTory for The BulleT squad as They downed Dickinson 78-70. Juniafa nipped The BaTTlefielders by a 75-74 margin. ln a game Tied seven Times, The conversion of Two foul line Tries wiTh I:03 remaining was all Juniafa needed To keep G-burg aT bay. T-lemsing wiTh I2 poinTs, BurneTT wiTh I0, l:iTzkee wiTh l2, Parker wiTh l7, and R. Warner wiTh 23 all hiT double digiTs for The local boys. Ron Warner racked up 38 poinTs aiding in The de- feaT of LafayeTTe 98-84. The BulleTs edged ElizabeTh- Town 74-7I in a game whose lead changed hands four- Teen Times. The season closed on a sour noTe as The Bullefs were Trounced by I-lofsfra 66-92 and Muhlenberg 75-IOI in Two hard-foughf maTches. Muhlenberg pulled ouT of a 65-65 deadlock and scored 22 consecufive poinTs, whfle holding The BulleTs scoreless. Ron Warner was Top indi- vidual scorer of The game wiTh 38 poinTs, which gave him a record-breaking 600 poinTs for The season. Ron Warner ended The season as high man in scoring in MAC. Bob Parker was Top foul shoofer and Bill Fifzkee raTed in MAC rebounds. BOB HULTON Head Baskefball C H I +I1inIc I can, I Ihink I can . . . I goi I+, I goi' H' A candidafe for Swan Lake ' Do you have 'rI1e 'Feeling 'rhai' you're being wafched? SWIMMING ln a year oT rebuilding under head coach Gene l-lummel, The I959-l96O BulleT Tankmen compiled a 2-9 charT. DespiTe The Tour reTurning leTTermen and a hosT oT excellenT sophomore prospecTs, The lack oT depTh hurT The inexperienced squad. SwarThmore inauguraTed The new Olympic sized pool and nosed ouT The BulleTs 48-46. QTher early sea- son losses came Trom such Tormidable Teams as Loyola 35-60, Delaware 35-60, Bucknell 37lf2-56lf2, Dickinson 38-56, Villanova 29-66 and Franklin and Marshall 27-59. l-liTTing The largesT margin ever recorded by a GeT- Tysburg Team, The BulleTs swam away wiTh a weak Temple squad 80-II To posT Their TirsT home vicTory. SpliTTing The Tinal Two meeTs, The local Tankers gaThered a vicTory Trom Lycoming 50-3l and dropped one To a sTrong Virginia MiliTary InsTiTuTe 37-57. Second place in The l.iTTle Three meeT behind Dickinson and ahead oT FHM closed The season Tor The BulleT aguamen. Doug Seely broke a school record in The 200-yard breasT sTroke, 2:43.5 Taking .9 seconds OTT PrevosT's record. The 400-yard TreesTyle relay Team oT Jack Per- rine, Jerry Farrow, Jack NorThrop and John ApplegaTe losT buT once during The regular season. Bruce Lahr, 400-yard TreesTyle, Jack Perrine, 200-yard individual medley, Dennis McCurdy, 200-yard backsTroke, and Sheldon BroTman, diving, did yeoman duTies Tor The BulleT Tankmen. Praise Allah! FronT Row: Bruce Lahr, Dennis McCurdy, Bob Gillinder, Tom Mowlcls, Gerry Farrow, Bud Johnson, Frank Wisniewski. Second Row: Jack Perrine, Doug Seely, Jack NorThrup, John ApplegaTe, Sheldon BroTman, Frank Temme, Shyam Akolakar, Manager Jerry Krurn, Coach Gene Hummel. s 1 vs w YQ, WRESTLING Where'd he go? Fronl Row: Norm Henry, Clark Billie, Mike Pacilio, Bob Duncan, John Young, Irv Lindely, Coach Jack Ridinger. Second Row: James Schmucker, Charles Kealing, Jim Pipal, Norm Maisel, Jim Comas, Tom Propsf, John Evereil, Bob Girvan. Despile ihe services of MAC heavyweighi champion Mike Pacilio, The Geiiysburg wresiling squad lacked deplh and recorded a 2-9 seasonal log. Coach Jack Ridinger counied Jrhe year as one of rebuilding around ihe Jrhree reiurning leilermenz Tom Propsi I23, Norm l-lenry I47, and Mike Pacilio in lhe heavyweighi brackei. Oiher maimen were Jim Comas and Norm Maisel l3O, Bob Girvan I37, John Young l57, Clark Billie l67 and Vince Lipani l77. Mike Pacilio gol his season olzl io a good slrarl by grabbing Jrhe Bulleis' only poinls via a lirsi period fall, as Jrhe Bullels dropped a 5-29 decision io Navy. Three decisions and a lirsl period pin by Pacilio were noi enough lo gain lhe viciory from The Red Devils oi Dickinson as Jrhe Bullels losl I4-I8. A pin by Pacilio and a decision by John Young accounled for Gel'+ysburg's lone pofnis againsl l-lolsira. Againsi Franklin and Marshall, Pacilio was able io avenge lasl year's 6-2 bealing ai Jrhe hands oi Charlie Piommer, by geiling his lourih consecuiive win. Coach De head bone connecTecl To cle knee bone . . . Ridinger had Trouble in his lighTweighT divisions as Tour BulleTs were pinned giving F8cM The score I I-23. Two mid-season vicTories were recorded by The local grapplers againsT ElizabeThTown I6-I4, and Muhlenberg I7-9 by winning Tive oT The eighT evenTs. Temple grap- plers deTeaTed The BulleTs in a hard-Toughlr maTch 26-IO. Pacilio pinned his Owl opponenT in 6:40 aTTer Trailing 6-5 in poinTs. Tom PropsT recorded The oTher Tive poinTs, pinning his man in 5:09. A pair oT pins on boTh ends oT The maTch were The only poinTs recorded as The BulleTs dropped a 22-IO decision To Bucknell. Tom PropsT looked good as he regisTered his Third win oT The season. l.aTayeTTe 8-22, Lycoming O-32 and Wilkes 3-27 gaTh- ered laTe-season vicTories Trom The BulleTs. Mike Pacilio, ION-O Tor The season, losT ouT in The MAC during The TirsT round due To an injury. Tom PropsT, Norm Henry, lrv Lindley, and John Young won Their TirsT round maTches, buT losT ouT in The second round, Pacilio was also unable To compeTe in The NCAA. Please have mercy PickpockeT's Haven! Hold iT, we'lI call on Michaelangelo! 'Xxx 'N-N. XR., High, boys!! TRACK FronT Row: Ken l-lerTzler. Ron Krall, Bob Willoughby, Dave l-lerTz- ler, Don McCord, John Dill, STeve Munzinger, Second Row: Coach Jack Ridinger, Ed Lucas, Jerry Vickery, Skip Reeder, Jim Kiick, BarT Efman, Ed Egeland, Jim Garman, Brad King, Manager Fred Mink. GeTTysburg's Thin-clads Taced a Task oT rebuilding To come up wiTh as Tine a season as lasTs. SpiriT Through The season was very high, buT iT was The lack oT depTh which accounTed Tor The 2-3-I log charTe-d by The BulleTs. BulleT Thin-clads had To seTTle Tor a 63-63 Tie wiTh JuniaTa in The season's opener. The BulleTs goT double wins Trom Buddy Goodman, Ed Egelman and Dick PuerTa, buT The lack oT depTh hurT The locals in second and Third place Tinishes. Johns Hopkins was ouTclassed by The BulleT cinder- men, 78-53. Improved sTrengTh was noTed as The Thin- cla-ds romped To a 76-50 vicTory over AlbrighT. Good- man, ivlarTin and PuerTa wiTh Their Twin TirsTs exTended The score To 8 sTraighT Tor The cindermen in dual com- peTiTion. BulleTs placed second in Tri-meeT To Lehigh wiTh Muhlenberg Tinishing Third. GeTTysburg garnered Tour TirsTs by Two oT Coach Jack Ridinger's consisTenT win- ners, Dick PuerTa in shoT puT and discus and Ed Egeland in The high and low hurdles. BulleT Thin-clads Tell vicTims To Bucknell Trackmen 72-54 in The TirsT deTeaT in Two years oT dual-meeT compeTiTion. Dave l-lerTzler came Through wiTh Two TirsTs in The one and Two mile iogs as Jim Kiick, Dick PuerTa and JeTT Langsarn also garnered TirsTs in Their specialTies, The broad iump, shoT puT, and The high iump, respecTively. The local Thin-clads dropped anoTher meeT as They Tinished behind Dickinson and EZQM 7Olf4, 46'f2, and 37lf4. In The season's Tinal, a sTrong Dickinson Team ran over The local Thin-clads, 88V2 To 37V2. firm The BulleTs boasTed a much improved squad-all buT Tour oT lasT year's squad were on hand Tor This I959 campaign, as were The sTrong compeTiTion oTTered by several players Trom The l958 Treshman Team. l'lead Coach CapT. Beirne had excellenT supporT in any of his Tour aTTackmen: Seniors Jack Doub, Dick Simpson, Roger Jackson and Sophomore Andy John- sTon. While lack oT depTh hurT The squad and gave Them a 3-6 seasonal log, BulleT sTickmen play musT be respecTed Tor They played several oT The besT Teams oT The EasT coasT. The husTling local underdogs baTTled unbeaTen Tow- son STaTe Teacher College on even Terms unTil The Tinal minuTe beTore bowing 8-7, in a Thriller which was Tied Three diTTerenT Times. The Tables were Turned on The deTending class 'C' NaTional Dickinson Team, as They were Trounced by a deTermined BulleT Ten, I2-6. ATTer a win over FXQM, 8-4, The BulleTs dropped Two games To Delaware 3-8, and To Dickinson, I-lO. BeTore an enThusiasTic lvloTher's Day crowd, The Bul- leT lacrosse squad blanked FHM, 7-O. Losing The lasT Three ouTings To Three Tormidable Toes: Drexel, 3-I lg UniversiTy oT BalTimore, The deTending Class B lacrosse champs, 3-l8g and To l-loTsTra, The BulleTs closed The season on a sour noTe. On The brighT side, however, goalie Dave Severe approached a naTional record in recording 33 saves againsT UniversiTy oT BalTimore. we . 9" I would have had iT buT l Tripped over The arrow. FronT Row: Mel PayTon, l-lank AbboTT, Bo-b MUTT, Roger Jackson, Herb Payne, Frank WoodruTl, George Farley, Bill lvlaTz, Ernie VelTon, Dave Reeser, Leon Silber. Second Row: Andy JohnsTon, Dave Severe, John Moore, Jack Doub, Dick l-lolzer, Bob Adolph, Guy BarnharT, Jim KlineTelTer, 'Henry Coyne, Dick Simpson, Coach CapT. Daniel Beirne. sefwj -.Wy sz fx fs ' 4? '41 ? T fi B SEBALL 4915 F, ig?-jf! f i fr ,Q . Our nominee for Hall of Fame -5121-5 -1 Q 7 . 2 , , f QSKZTM f ,Agmf , N X sm, fs X A, , w W ,Xi fri 4 4! M Ya X Y , ,.,. is f ' f mm? i wwwvferg -L " cv A , K 1 , , Y W of 1 J J ' i , vig-X .9 955.91 sfxa' ' 0 ,fffwfv . I -f or ' v vi xi ff ' ,, ., 7 f ' sf N f , 1" , I- 1432. R-'ff-pf: , , 2 5 fp, . , v ,f ww W , ., .,,.s,f , A ,fs f Q ,-ak. Jifqw, '11 Q 0' -pi Vi.:-.aff ,sw-"0 , 33,7 glyfyf: ,f ,,f5y,.QS, 132. . wif.,-wsfff xo zwiw sffax' 2 we 2 fi f ,gif ,ysffi -My, mx hx, W' , 4 K' Q 4 I ,4 . are 7 ,, . ff ii f , , , 'G - W ff, :fm " ' mga Q- 'A ly 7 . f f f , , ri! 52511 1 4 ,fl5rZ'?M.w WVQ - ' -1,m,w: 4 , , y 1. . Q! g V 'Vf,'ff5Q i , 'e',.,:g,5A42,1 ' Q7 7 3 my ., , f , 5 X , - 4. , JW ,Wy , ,wg 1. -E sf M1 w 2 j ' 14.-4' ' f vi?-V 'lp zziwf- if f' f"1?'.f1W9 .viz Vjrfffswsffef ffga . . V. 7 5.-. lghvjf, V My wytzfr bfi: 5, f - X g, .74 V,-Y H ,ZFX ,ky 4 5, .1 N., 91,45 ra- mfifz-5555 3.Ex'f'g', 4 X ,Ci r Y f' f 4 19' Fronf Row: Fred Mueller, Connie Youse, Harry Garrison, Tom Knox, Larry Leidel, Riller Smifh, Ken Fruchier, Ron Fredricks, Bucky Waliers, Keilh Quigley. Second Row: Coach Bob Hulfon, Harry Binger, Gorclen Kissner, Mel Jacobs, Barry Kain, Jerry Long, Jeff Kahler, Sieve Monfy, 'Marly Elliof, Geoge Schalick, Dick Hawkins, 'Manager Clini Froniz. The l959 ieam inheriied good hilling, improved de- fense and good spirilr from a i958 ieam Jrhal had posred an impressive record oi I5 viciories againsi four losses. Bob Hul+on's squad having 7 members hiiiing barring averages over .300 including a ianiasiic .477 by Fruchler closed Jrhe season wilh a I0-5 record overall and 7-4 MAC play. Minus Jack McCracken, who has chosen io go info professional baseball, Hulion has selecied Dick Hawkins, Mel Jacobs, Gordon Kissner, Thomas Knox as Bullei hurlers, Connie Youse caicher, Ken .Fruchlrer and Arloe Olsen iirsi base, Jeri Kahler second base, Jerry Long and George Schalick shorl siop, Larry Leidel Jrhird base, Riiler Smiih leil field, Harry Binger in cenier and Freddy Mueller playing righi field. The pilchers' Hawkins and Walrers held 'rhe Syracuse Ten io Two hiis as ihe Bullels won handily, 9-0 in ihe season's inaugural. Lebanon Valley proved no march for lhe hard hiring Bullels as ihey were downed I0-l. Penn Slraie, always a Jrough Jream, gave Jrhe Hulion boys Jrheir firsi loss, I0-6, ar Siaie College. Hul+on's Bulleis paces by Jerry Long's lowering 400 fool homerun and four hiis by iirsi baseman Ken Fruchier broughi Jrhe score 5-6. Four runs in Jrhe eighi squelched Jrhe Buller l 144 ' M'-:,,.,b 4 ., You coulcln'T have run inTo Two doors, Ken hopes Tor a win. Bucky WalTers hurled shuTouT ball Tor 6 innings as The BulleTs Tripped FGM, 6-3. Rainy weaTher plagued The BulleT early season's schedule as Tive games and many club pracTices were cancelled. The hiTTing BulleTs goT solid piTching Trom Dick Hawkins who sTruck ouT eleven and sophomore Mel Jacobs To nip WesTern Maryland 5-2 and a romp over Johns Hopkins, I4-I. LaTayeTTe College nipped GeTTysburg's BulleTs 2-O in a IO-inning MAC maTch. SouThpaw Hawkins cuT clown I2 Leopards on sTrikes buT lacked The hiTTing supporT as The 'Pards gave The BaTTleTielders only Two hiTs, Ken FruchTer poled 2 homeruns To lead The local Team To a I2-7 win over Dickinson in a sloppy conTesT marred by IO errors. ATTer marching over GeorgeTown nine I7-5. The BulleTs hiT a mid season slump and prompTly losT Three sTraighT, AlbrighT 6-I, Lehigh I3-6, and ScranTon I2-I I. Weird plays, odd hiTs, and incon- sisTenT piTching Tailed To maTerialize The runs Tor The BulleTs. Closing The season, The BulleTs won 3 games sTraighT -a close one over a sTrong Navy Team, II-IOg F8fM again, I3-I 7 and To Dickinson, 6-2. You're safe, Freddie! 145 Coach Curf Coull faced his firsf season as chief nnenfor of a green Geffysburg College fennis sexfef. ln Coull's affempf fo insfill fundamenfals of playing wifh good condifioning, his boys did a respecfable iob againsf feams more of fheir calibre in recording a sea- sonal log of one win againsf fen losses. Backed by veferan nefman, Capfain Charles Mac- Donough, Dave Wingfield, Bob Philson, Dick Hershey, John Miller, Bud Maclvor, and Morf Mailman fhe Bul- lefs recorded fheir sole win over Elizabefhfown, 5-4. The Bullefs suffered losses fo Wesfern Maryland I-7, The i959 Geffysburg College golf feam, coached by Dick Sleichfer, Presidenf Eisenhower's professional af fhe local counfry club recorded a winless season in nine sfarfs. Early seasonal rains prevenfed valuable pracfice fime for fhe local linkers. Juggling of fhe feam's lineup failed fo find several low scoring mafch-play deamons fo back Firsf Row: Charles MacDonough, lll, Bud Maclvor, Dave Wingfield, Ron Krall. Second Row: Coach Curl' Coul, Roger Miller, Roger Crump, John Miller, Dick Hershey, Hugh Tyson. Johns Hopkins 2-7: fwice fo Franklin and Marshall 3-6, 3-67 Dickinson fwice O-5, O-9: Bucknell O-95 Lebanon Valley 2-7: Albrighf 4-5, and Lehigh O-9. The scores don'f begin fo indicafe fhe closeness of fhe individual sefs. Though Bucknell blanked fhe locals 9-O, fhe Bullef number one and fwo man bofh held fheir opponenfs fo 3 sefs before losing ouf. The local neffers have several promising freshmen who have shown indicafion of sfrengfhening nexf year's squad- Bob Allen, Shyam Akalekar and Bob Gray. up his consisfenf one-fwo-fhree punch of Gary Hoff- man, Norm Wheeler and Pre Walker, Hank VanOrmer, Terry Newman, Wayne Baumgardner and Dale Gorden also saw considerable acfion againsf such highly rafed feams as Bucknell, Lehigh, Johns Hopkins, 'Franklin and Marshall and fhe Universify of Balfimore. GULF Hank Van Ormer, Wayne Baumgardner, Norm Wheeler, Gary Hoffman, Terry Newman. FRESHMAN FOGTBALL FronT Row: Joe l-laTch, John Ewing, Frank Young, Ron Council, Bill Richardson, Joe lReeder, Greg lv1aTviak. Second Row: Jules PrevosT, AssT. Coach, Richard Wix, Ray STringer, Fred Bufler, Bob Duncan, Dick Foellner, George Pappas, Rodger Gaeckler, Rich Clower, Head Freshmen Coach Jack Ridinger. Third Row: AssT. Coach Barclay Boyd, Bob Hopple, Brian 'l-lickey, Tom 1 Shreiner, Jerry Roberson, Jack Shaercier, Dick Helbig, Ralph SorrenTino, Jack Sabo, Howard Wilbraham. GeTTysburg College's yearlings coached by l-loward Shoemaker Taced a sevenTeen game card wiTh more heighT Than lasT year's squad, bu+ lacked The excellenT ouTside shooTing which was exhibiTed a year ago. Ham- pered by The loss oT six Treshmen due To scholasTic diTFiculTies, The Baby BulleTs gave a good show oT second eTForT, winning seven oT The Iasf nine games and recording an 8-8 seasonal record. ATTer dropping The TirsT Tour encounTers To Villanova. Muhlenberg, Navy and Lehigh, Ted Koerner's sensa- Tional shooTing sparked The Frosh squad To iTs 79-76 vicTory over Dickinson Junior VarsiTy. Shaded by York Junior College 72-68, The Builers were also ouTmanned by Lehigh 80-48. Ted Koerner, Dick WeTherhold and Roger Gaeckler all hiT double FRESHMAN BASKETBALL digeTs Tor The Bullef squad in revenging Their earlier loss To York Junior College 76-65. 6eTTing over a loss aT The hands oT The hard-playing F8clVl Toam, The Baby BaTTleTielders played Top ball in posTing vicTories over Slrevens Trade, Lebanon Valley, Dickinson, ST. Francis Prep, ElizabeThTown and Fgclvl. The Freshmen gridders compiled a 3-2 record under The leadership OT Coach John Ridinger. Wins were over Johns-l-lopkins, Temple, and STevens Trade. The losses were susTained aT The hands oT Bullis Prep and The Baby Bisons oT Bucknell. All The games were close and The Baby BulleTs had To press hard To do as well as They did, ln summaTion, The Treshrnan Team OT V759 should supply The l96O varsiTy wiTh an experienced group oT players. GeTTysburg RepresenTaTives aT The Susquehanna Field Hockey TournamenT, FronT Row: Carole Johnson, Sandy Dernpcy, Diane FensTermalcer. Second Row: Linda Rohrer, Ann Shockey. Third Row: BeTsy Taylor, Lynn Brown, Carol Lunn. No Tripping allowed. This is a clean game WCMEN' WiTh TourTeen oT lasT year's Team reTurning, The girl's varsiTy hockey Team was provided wiTh a sTrong nucleus Tor The I959 season. Facing a schedule oT rough op- ponenTs, The BulleTTes posTed a record oT Tive wins, Tour losses, and one Tie Tor This year's acTion. ATTer one week oT hard, hard pracTice, The Team, coached by Miss Grace Kenney and capTained by Sandy Dempcy, was ready Tor The TirsT scrimmage on SepTember 26. However, The BulleTTes were To go down To Their TirsT deTeaT as The Harrisburg l-loclqey Club recorded a 5-I win. Traveling To Philadelphia GeTTysburg again TasTed deTeaT as Temple ouTplayed Them wiTh a 6-I vicTory. Beaver Tollowed wiTh a 3-I win over The BulleTTes. VicTory was Tinally recorded as GeTTysburg, The hosT Team, Tallied Tive goals while holding Millersville To only Two. The girls Trom Wilson also suTTered a deTeaT as The home Team posTed Their second sTraighT win, 3-2, Shippensburg was The nexT vicTim, as The C5eTTys- burgians again proved superior, 4-l. Indeed one oT The highlighTs oT The season was a Push ThaT ball pasT The goalie! T4 8 HOCKEY close 3-2 vicTory over Ursinus, as The BulleTTes played an ouTsTanding game. AT EasT STroudsburg, The Team meT deTeaT in a hard played game by The score OT 4-I. The only Tie oT The season was wiTh ElizabeThTown, 3-3. Dickinson Tell easy vicTim, as GeTTyslourg Tallied seven goals, while holding The opposiTion To one. The lasT game, on The home Tield, Tound WesT ChesTer The winner wiTh a 3-O vicTory. DisTincTion came To GeTTyslourg College as several individual members gained recogniTion Tor Their ouT- sTanding play as Lynn Brown, Sandy Dempcy, Diane FensTermalcer, Carole Johnson, Carol Lunn, Linda Roh- rer, Ann Shoclcey, and BeTsy Taylor were selecTed To The Susquehanna Team. When The Mid-EasT Team was selecTed, Tour Bul- leTTes were chosen Tor The TirsT Team-Sandy Dempcy, Diane FensTermalcer, Carole Johnson, Ann Shoclcey- - T and one was selecTed Tor The second Team-Carol Lunn. These girls well represenTed The i959 hoclcey Team, as This broughT The season To a close. The Bulleirles for l959. FronT Row: Diane Fensfermalcer, co-cap- Taing Sanclra Dempcy, capTain. Second Row: BeTsy Taylor, Mary Ann l-lamilTori, Marianne SmiTh, Emilie PonTius, BeTsy Wenger, Lynn Brown, Lois Fink, Mary Algeo, Linda Rohrer. Third Row: Carolyn l-lecker, BeTsy Brown, Ann Shoclcey, Miriam Bowers. Sandy Johnson. Carol STewarT, Carol Lunn, Debbie Braunwarfh, Barbara Gracey, Mary l-lofchkiss, Judi BooThroyd, Carole Johnson, Tamsie TraTTon, manager, and Coach Grace Kenny. I l 4 l Touchee! Figh+ Tor Thai' ball! The l96O Junior VarsiTy Team. Fronl' Row: Sue Cunningham, Nancy Kendall, Lois Shook, KaThy EclshardT, BeTsy Taylor. Second Row: Sandy Fischer, Thelma AiTlcen, Debbie Braunwar-Th, Ginny l-lavens, Miriam Bowers, Colleen Sholly. STanding: Sue SToddarT, Phyllis CryTzer, Ginny lrvine, Miss Nancy Kelly, coach. WOMEN'S Miss Nancy Kelly, in her second year as varsiTy coach, had an ouTsTanding season wiTh The reTurn oT eighT leTTer winners and some promising Treshmen. Nine vicTories and only one loss were recorded Through- ouT The l96O season. Opening on The home courT, The BulleTTes proceded To Trounce EliabeThTown by The score oT 47-3l. The ElizabeThTown J.V.'s bounced baclc, however, and cle- TeaTed our J.V.'s, 49-28. The season loolced promising when in The same weelc, The BulleTTes Travelled To Ship- pensburg and once again emerged vicTorious wiTh a score OT 52-27. Remaining on The road, The varsiTy Tallied Their Third vicTory in as many games, when They swamped Wilson, 55-30. Diane l3ensTermal4er was high scorer, Tallying 28 poinTs. The J.V.'s losT a hearTbrealcer The same day by a 45-43 score. ReTurning home The GeTTysburgians encounTereol The sTrong Ursinus six and were deTeaTed by The sharp shooTers, 60-45. Diane FensTermalcer again rallied wiTh 23 poinTs. NeiTher could The J.V.'s sTop The aTTaclc oT Ursinus and Tell by a score oT 55-28. DespiTe Their loss BASKETBALL To Ursinus, The BulleTTes showed ThaT They sTill had spunlc and The TighT To win when They Trounced Millersville, 73-I I, and The J.V.'s Tollowed suiT wiTh a score OT 37-27, The nexT Two encounTers were played by The varsiTy alone, The TirsT being Loclc l-laven. Once again Tollowing The paTTern OT The season, G-burg swamped Their op- ponenTs, 59-26. Diane ,l:ensTermal4er and Lynn Brown garnered 25 and 24 poinTs respecTively To help down The sTrong EasT STroudsburg Toe by a score oT 67-59. IT was a hard baTTle all The way, buT The BuIIeTTes lcepT up a consTanT drive and pulled ahead in The lasT Two guarlers. The Two Teams Then Travelled To Philadelphia where They deTeaTed The Temple six in The lasT Tew seconds, 54-50. Linda Walsh had scoring honors wiTh ZI poinTs. The J.V.'s also won Their game in The lasT Tew seconds by a score oT 52-50. ln The remainder oT Their games, The varsiTy deTeaTed Shippensburg and ElizabeThTown wiTh Doris Kurzen- lcnabe high scorer in boTh games. Thus The varsiTy ended The season wiTh an commendable record oT nine wins and one loss. Two more poinTs Tor G-burg! The VicTorious VarsiTy Squad. FronT Row: Doris Kurzenlfnabe, Linda Rohrer, Lynn Brown, Diane FensTermalcer, capTaing Barbara Sampson, Audrey Thomas. Second Row: Carole Johnson, Irene Brodisch, KoTy Eiler, Linda Walsh, Carol Lunn, Ann Shoclcey, Miss Nancy Kelly, coach. CompleTing iTs TirsT inTormal soTTball season, The T959 BulleTTe squad compiled a 2-I record. A ToTal oT Twelve girls parTicipaTed on This Team which is noT yeT con- sidered on a varsiTy level. Under The direcTion oT Miss Nancy Kelly, The Bul- leTTes began Their season on Their home Tield by deTeaT- ing Penn I-lall, I3-3. l.aTer in a reTurn maTch aT Cham- bersburg, They again Trounced Penn I-Iall, This Time by a score oT I5-4. The single loss oT The shorT season was adminisTered by a sTrong Ursinus Team, 3-I. IT was a closely ToughT baTTle, Though, and The BulleTTes indeed well repre- senTed GeTTysburg. All The Team excepT Two will be reTurning This year, so Miss Kelly will be provided wiTh a sTrong nucleus Tor The spring season. SCDFTBALL I96O Tound The addiTion OT a new girl's varsiTy sporT aT GeTTysburg College, namely swimming. Under The guidance oT Miss Nancy MiTchell, The Team had a lighT schedule oT Three games in iTs iniTiaI season. Traveling To Wilson Tor Their TirsT encounTer, The BulleTTes Tound Themselves on The shorT end oT a 40-28 score. NeverTheless, Judi BooThroyd and Deni DePugh capTured TirsT places in Their TirsT aT'TempTs aT inTercol- legiaTe swimming. On The road again, The Team losT To I-Iood in a close meeT by The score oT 60-5 I. OuTsTanding perTormances were Turned in by PaT Moyer in The breasTsTrolce and Deni DePugh in diving. VicTory again eluded The hands oT C5eTTysburg as The BulIeTTes Tell To The experienced Penn I-lall Team, 65-2l. The lone GeT'Tysburg swimmer copping a TirsT was San- dra Dempcy in The diving evenT. VARSITY SWIMMING f v r. 6 4:9 - lf Z ' N J f' ' X ff f I X ff I 1 7 I 0 'v 1 f Z,f,!,gg ,ff fk ff ff I , Wg,-,,. A, 4" -1' -.,,. --' .. --V' J' f I' f T' '-" - -' 1 1, I f 'I kx ' ' I ,' ,.., .. -. 5 1 f f 1 3 3:55 va! , Q15 :AMT I' 1 - I fi cy?-5 -wavy! ia, , I QDARN--WHY DOESN'T THAT TEN PIN GO ' DOWN! I 2 IGAMMA PHI BOWLERS ROLL ON TO FIRST? i PLACE. ARE COPS FIRST IN DIVING, BUT THE D.C-5.5 SPLASH ON TO A TEAM VICTORY. 9 'I I WYLTLY PAYS OFF WITH TWO MORE Help, Help, l'm caughT! INTRAMURAL SPORTS The program oT inTramurals aT GeTTysburg College during The lasT several years has undergone a greaT many changes. All These changes have been made wiTh an eye Toward The overall obiecTives, eg. The develop- menT oT a well-rounded program OT acTiviTies wiTh em- phasis on increased parTicipaTion. John CarpenTer, TaculTy advisor, has ouTlined and puT inTo use a ToTal oT Twelve acTiviTies wiTh poinTs given Tor enTry, advance and championship. In Tive oT The acTiviTies, namely: TooTball, bowling, basl4eTball, volleyball and soTTball, a round-robin leach Team plays every oTher Team oncel schedule is played. In several oThers such as soccer, badminTon, Tennis and Table Tennis, a double eliminaTion will be played. The remaining evenT will be on a one meeT basis wiTh The highesT poinT ToTal winning The evenT, as in cross-coun- Try and swimming. WiTh Two evenTs remaining, The race seems To be cenTered upon Phi Kappa Psi wiTh 635 poinTs and Thanlcs, I can do if myself! Pssf, we're going lhe wrong way! Whal' makes 'em come down like +ha'r7 Lambda Chi Alpha, second, wiih 428 poinls. Seasonal Jrallies are as follows: Tennis-I Indies, 2 Phi Gamms, 3 Phi Dells Soccer-I Phi Sigs, 2 Phi Psi, 3 Lambda Chi and Phi Gam Foolball-I Phi Psi, 2 Phi Gam, 3 Lambda Chi Baslcefball-I Lambda Chi, 2 Phi Psi and Sigma Chi, 3 SAE Badminlon-I Phi Sigs, 2 Phi Psi, 3 KDR Table Tennis-I Phi Sigs, 2 TKE, BSAE and Lambda Chi Chess-I Sigma Nu, 2 Alpha Chi Rho, 3 TKE Bowling-SAE, 2 Lambda Chi, 3 Phi Psi Volleyball-I Phi Psi, 2 TKE, 3 Lambda Chi and Phi Gam Swimming-I Phi Gam, 2 Lambda Chi, 3 Phi Psi Soflrball and Cross-counlry are yel lo be decided. l'm ihe welcoming commi'Hee I CAN 'T REACH I AT TI-IE BIRDIE: JACK, THE BIRDIEI! I I Yi? DIDNT YOU FORGET SOMETHING? STEP A Ac AIIEI 3 F J gf: 1' ef ff4 aif.. 1,-x 5 , In 1 A, 'W E I nQ 'V ff TL Q, IIQ1 ELXXK .gfff kj , Il:-'QQQJHEII Y. h W W I ,N LX? lg? + AC? 'VA' f 112 ff JV rf RIICS 5. Ai g ? , ' YA gg.J'iSB -.....-.. all K wr f' fe , Q 'W' 14. X ill Tie ff ,-- f N 9, -' . I1 ll TQ sf X 35+ an 'li gf jf , .. , , A, D , N , . 225. 5 -- "ff 1 ' A' fl 5 N ix . C'-.rf '-f' -I -up A A X ,-fir' , "Yi " ..,g - . 'jjgjg , I "'--,,. W Q K . 'W-'!""7N - we , Q i ' - , I. .L V r.. jr-Q, - , . . 1 1 mlm -L aaa-,.1 M. ..f ,qv , V - ', M,-,,,, ,, -I ,...N,Q . my , . l ' P ur .Q 5" -' J f Q ' " ,Qs A 4 f l I we ' Q. In mfgr,,. . W A- K J., ,N . , , .Q .f +'-- . " V, 'y .. A . 4.'f?Q N f It W , ,fa aj i 'N . E' of ' ' vi :fait-V'x I, .N QQ" ' 1' N' 'fr ' 1 Jil' -- " " an ' ' ' N J ,' ' .A Ni A . .-.', E308 TNURS NEXT HEETENG ve? :S 9 3 5, if X, X v i nf . W, M .-sf' PHI Firsf Row: Dr, Charles A. Sloar, Linda Seebach, Helen B. Slaub, Janel Weilcomb, William Weriman, Dr. C, H. Glalfeller, Second Row: Dr. Harold Dunlcelberger, Dr. Edwin D. Freed, Donna Brogan, Julia Geller, Virginia Dorn, Sieven Bishop. Third Row: Mr. Roberl M. Gemmill, Mr. Cary Moore, Anne Heckler, Sue Ruby, Elizabelh Heidi, Roberl Parry. Four'I'h Row: Richard David- yock, James Brenneman, Edward Palmer. Fiffh Row: Mr. H. G. Hamme, Dr. Seymour B. Dunn, Dr. John G, Glenn, Dr. W. F. Shaliier, John F. Miller. Six+h Row: Mr, Roberf Trone, Mr, Ronald Siaub, Howard Pelers, Mervin Dilfs, Mr. Nelson Suluoff. On March 3, lwenly members of The senior class were eleclred Jro membership in Iola Chaplrer of Phi Bela Kappa. According lo Jrhe by-laws of lhe local chapler, only Jrhose seniors are eligible for eleclion +o The Phi Bela Kappa Sociely who "in addilion of show- ing evidence of good moral characier, have a high scholasric record, who are Candidales for an A.B. de- gree, and who have Jralcen al Geliysburg such work as is prescribed" by lhe chapler. B E T A K A P P A ' Officers. Sealed: Dr. Francis C. Mason, Dr, Charles H. Glalfeller. Sianding: Dr. Edwin D. Freed, Dr. Charles A. Sloal. T62 KAPPA DELTA EPSILCN Kappa Della Epsilon, nalional women's educalrional honorary, was organized lo promole inleresl in leach- ing opporlunilies. For membership an overall l.7 scholaslric average and a B mark in all educalional courses are required. The honorary observes The Hag- erslown T.V. educarional program, gives Jrhe ETA. Kappa Phi Kappa is lhe nalional educalion honorary for men. The group meels lo discuss The various prob- lems in The field of educalion. The requiremenl for membership is al leasl six hours ol educarional courses. The honorary sponsors The annual Ea+her's Day and KAPPA PHI KAPPA Firsl Row: Elaine Moak, Dawn Schaelzler, Janel Weilcornb, Ginnie Dorn. Second Row: Susie Baumgardner, Liz l-leldl, Joyce Kendle- harl, Karen Schaumann.. Third Row: Lynda Leonard, Cindy Smilh, Mimi Nell, Trudie l-luber, Joan Kalz, Bobbie l-lrbelc. lea, and co-sponsors lhe Parenls' Weekends. The ad- visor is Mrs. Plall, Orclicers are Dawn Schaeffer, Presi- denlg Linda Kennison, Vice-Presidenlg Janel Weilcomb, Secrelary-Treasurer, Joan Kalz, Corresponding Secre- laryg and Elaine Mook, l-lislorian. Molher's Day Weekends. The officers are: Roberl MuEF, Presidenlg Barr Elfman, Vice-Presidenlq Ralph Wag- oner, Secrelaryg Rolf Johnson, Treasurer, and Mike Pacilio, l-lislorian. The lacully advisor is Professor Les- ler O. Johnson. Firsl' Row: Ralph Wagoner, Rolf Johnson, Barl Elfman, Bob Muff. Second Row: Franklin Auslin, George Thomas, John l-lenry, John Warner. Third Row: Philip Werl, Dick Hawkins, Mike Pacilio, Mr. Lesler Johnson. Fourfh Row: Jerry Vickery, Keilh Quigley, David Nagle, Lance Buller. Firs'I' Row: Diana Brehl, Mary Belh Krug, Bradley Bennifrch, Bo-bbie Hrbek, Mary Munro, 'Mrs. Langerhans. Second Row: Dr. Freder- ick Ahrens, Harry Billrle, Doris Kurzenknabe-, Suzanne Ovemiller, Michael Levengood, Carol Hirsl. Third Row: Mr, Sundermeyer, Karl Slollo, Nolan Eeeser, Waller Wedemeyer, Lud Schlechl. ETA SIGMA PHI A B average in six hours of Greek or Larin is required Tor membership in Ela Sigma Phi. Ac- livilies during lhe year included The showing ol Oedipus Rex for The campus and an annual ban- guel Tor members and iniliales. Doclor Glenn, Doclor Shaerler, and Professor Held are advisors. Officers are Mervin R. Dills, Presidenlg John E. Miller, Vice-Presidenlg Raymond Phyles, Trea- surer: Richard Marlin, Pylorisg and Johanna Menge, Secrelary. Firsl Row: Howard Pelers, Elaine Mook, Mr. 'Maynard Playlool. Second Row: Miss Sigrid 'Lehnberger, Linda Sue Lack, Paula Henry, Eileen Wallace. Third 'Rowz Miss Caroline Cameron, Flor- ence Heckman, Mrs. Janis Weaner, Liz I-Ieldl, Carolyn Hecker. Fourlrh Row: Mr. Sanborn, Mimi Nell, Lois Shook, Mr. Alberl' Bachman, John C. Scheffey. DELTA PHI ALPHA Members ol This nalional German honorary heard speakers on Berlin and Germany and visiled a German language church as parl' ol lheir program lo promole inleresl and apprecialion in German language and cul- lure. Those wilh a B average in I2 hours ol German may become members afler recommendalion by a pro- lessor in The deparlmenl. Advisors are: Dr. Sunder- meyer and Dr. Ahrens. OI'Ticers are: Bradley M. Bennelch, Presidenl: Diana Brehl, Vice-Presidenlp Carol Hirsl, Secrelaryp Lud Schlechl, Treasurer. Firsl Row: Richard Marlin, Mervin Dilrs, Johanna Menge, John Miller, Ill, 'Raymond Phyles. Second Row: Yoko lshikawa, Palricia Slillings, David Klepper, Kennelh Kilhehler. Third Row: Dr, Jo-hn G. Glenn, Mr. Nelson R. Suloulzli, Roloerl' Hyson, Barry Kerchner, Charles Siegler, Tom McClellan, Fred Riller. PHI SIGMA IOTA To creale cullural underslanding belween our nalion and lhose nalions speaking Romance languages is The purpose ol Phi Sigma lola. A B average and Iwo years ol lileralure in The Romance language deparlmenl are lhe requiremenls lor membership. Each member pre- senls a research paper in his senior year. Dr. Alberl Bachman is The advisor. The officers are: Howard I.. Pelers, Presidenlp Mr. Maynard Playloor, Vice-Presi- denlp Elaine Mook, Secrelary-Treasurer, and Mr. Her- berl Hamme, Rocording Secrelary. Firsl' Row: George Gunnell, Barbara Dean, Garry C. Pllug, Fred Bigelow. Second Row: Ray Paskell, Sally l-lannah, Barbara Young, Norman l-lenry, Dr. Edward Osfrander. PI LAAABDIA SIGPAA Pi Lambda Sigma is The nalional lralernily for eco- nomics and polilical science maiors who have achieved a B average in lwelveo hours in eilher deparrmeni. Under Jrheir advisor, Professor Chesier Jarvis, The ira- 'rernily holds an annual banguel, and periodic discus- sion groups wilh speakers. Firsl' Row: David L. Bennell, Raymond Phyles, John Miller, lll, David Klepper, Jr., Kennefh Kilheller. Second Row: Lud Schlechl, Larry Miller, Fred Riller, Allan Wysocki, Dick Hess. Third Row: John Reniilian, Nolan Feeser, Tom McClellan, William Slifer, Charles Ziegler, Jr., Dale Lind. --Z -1-------- f..A f.1ss.a,emms,,,,.s, P SI C HI The purpose of Psi Chi is 'ro lurlher inleresl and knowledge in lhe field of psychology and all ils various applicalions in conlemporary problems, adiuslmenls, and Jrasks. To become a member a sludenl musl have a B average in I2 hours ol Psychology, and an over-all C-l- average. The advisor is Dr. Kennelh L. Smoke. The presenlr offi- cers are Gary C. Pllug, Presidenlg Barbara Dean, Vice-Presidenlg George Gunnell, Secrelaryg and Fred Bigelow, Treasurer. Firsl' Row: Dr. C. E. Jarvis, lvlary Jane Callis, R. Charles Black, Mike Galdino, Ted Johnson. Second Row: Judy Corlman, Nancy Ollmann, Diana Brehl, James Risser. Third Row: Rich Davidyock, Jim Brenneman, Elmer lv1cKechnie, Ed Palmer, Frederick lvlarcks. Fourlh Row: Joseph Donahue, Charles Dey, Charles Parkell, Jr., Alan Parker, Alan Baurolh. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Alpha Kappa Alpha is lhe nalional fralerniry for lhose inreresred in philosophy and who have compleled al leasl six semesler hours ol philoso- phy wilh a B average. The purpose of The group is ro gain an underslanding ol essenlial philo- sophical problems and lo develop a religious phi- losophy ol life. The advisors are Dr, Norman Rich- ardson and Professor Richard Schubarl. Ciclicers are: J. F, lvliller, lll, Presidenlg Jerry Krum, Vice-Presidenlrg Barbara Sampson, Secre- Jrary-Treasurer. PHI ALPHA THETA The purpose oT This naTional TraTerniTy is To recognize sTudenTs oT high academic abiliTy in hisTory. The club brings TogeTher These sTudenTs wiTh TaculTy members Tor TurTher enlighTenmenT Through speakers, discussions, and Tield Trips. A B average in Two-Thirds oT all courses including hisTory is required Tor membership. The advisor is Dr. Basil CrapsTer. Officers are: Jim Oarman, President Paul Spring, Vice-PresidenTq Joan KaTz, Secrelraryg Dr. RoberT L. Bloom, Treasurer. Firs'I' Row: I-larry Marsh, Charles Parkell, Tom Green, Fred RiTTer, Karl BurkhardT, STephen Ilvlunzinger. Second Row: Lawence Bon- ney, Richard Crisp, Ed lvlcCleaT, WalTer Dick, Franklin Wolfe. Third Row: John E. Baer, Lawrence Myers, Ralph Dendler, STephen Bonney, R. Charles Black. FourTh Row: Al Darold, Jim Crofhers, RoberT WhyTe, William Pinfard, John Tinsman. PI DELTA EPSILON Pi DelTa Epsilon, naTional iournalism TraTerniTy, seeks To sTimulaTe creaTiviTy in The liTerary endea- vors oT campus publicalrions and in The campus radio sTaTion. The reguiremenT Tor membership is one year oT acTive parTicipaTion on a campus pub- licaTion or in WWGC. The advisors are Mr. JeTT Davis and Mr. Roy lvliller. The oTTicers are Jim Garman, PresidenTg Bill Pleischman, Vice-Presi- clenTg Claire WilenT, SecreTary-Treasurer, and Joan Wacholo, I-lisTorian. I l FirsT Row: Mr. Basil CrapsTer, Paul Spring, Joan KaTz, Jim Garman. Second Row: Mr. Bruce W. Bugbee, Roberl' Grele, Mr. James Alexander. I ALPTTA PSI CDMECSA , The purpose oT The Alpha Phi Omega TraTerniTy is 1 To serve The college, The communiTy and The naTion. Previous Boy ScouT aTTiliaTion and saTisTacTory scholar- T ships are requisiTes Tor membership. Advisors are: Dean Jones, Dr. Bloom, Dr. GlaTTelTer, Mr. Carver, and lvlr. I Rogers. OlTicers are: Fred RiTTer, PresidenTg Thomas Green, I, lsT Vice-PresidenTg Karl BurkhardT, 2nd Vice-PresidenT: Charles Parkell, Corresponding SecreTaryg Lynn I-Iein- baugh, Recording SecreTaryg STeve Ivlunzinger, Treas- urer: Jim CroThers, Alumni SecreTaryg Richard Crisp, Il SergeanT-aT-Arms. I FirsT Row-: Jim German, Claire WilenT, Joan Wachob, Bill Fleischman. Second Row: Bobbie I-lrbek, Cindy SmiTh, Doris Kurzenknabe, Phillis Boyer, Joe KleinTelTer. Third Row: Rod LayTon, Janel' WeiTcomb, Rich- ard I-less. PeTer Ninesling. Jim Zerbe. FourTh Row: Bob Kelly, Doug Taylor, Nolan Feeser, Bill Wunner, Richard Ruesch. - - I SIGMA PI SIGMA The purpose oT Sigma Pi Sigma, naTional physics honorary, is To promolre high scholarship and sincere inTeresT in The Tield of physics. A B average in I2 hours OT physics is necessary Tor membership. Dr. Richard T. Mara serves as The advisor. Officers are: STeve Bishop, President Malcolm RaTT, Vice-President William I-IunT, Treasurerg Lois I-Iarding, SecreTary. FirsT Row: Don Oakley, Joe Arcesi, JeTlery Kahler, RuTh Evans. Second Row: Dr. C. A. SloaT, Anne I-Ieckler, Mary Joseph, Carol RoTunda. Third Row: Bradley M. BenneTch, Jeanne Thompson, Bill Wunner. BETA BETA BETA BeTa BeTa BeTa, naTional biology honorary, em- phasizes high scholarship and seeks To TurTher The scien- TfTic knowledge oT iTs members Through parTicipaTion in biological research. Biology maiors who have a B average are eligible Tor membership. FirsT Row: Janice Hill, Joan Myers, Mary I-Iauck, Mr. I-I. M. Messer, Sandra Dempcy, Ginnie Dorn, Jed GoldsTein. Mary Ellen SchmidT, Louise Jacobs, Kay Dulin, Barbara Mason. Second Row: Row Campbell, Anne Weidemeyer, Alice PTeiTTer, Doris Kurzen- knabe, Carol Lunn, Cleve Laird, Nancy MiddlemasT, George Thomas, Sally Foreman, 'Richard DeeporTs, Jerry Kollhoif. Thi d Row: Frank I-IamilTon, Carol Lebo, Carolyn STorck, Polly Hormann, Mary Algeo, Bob Cohn, Len Alenick, Freya WikTeld, KaThryn Eiler, Sally Skomsky, George FriTzinger, Rod LayTon. FourTh Row': Alex Cacciarelli, Donald AiTken, STephen Munzinger, David Ziee ger, William Brown, Gary Jackson, William I'-lockenberry, C. Boyd PTeiTTer, Bayard S. Moran, Philip Wargo, Richard BankerT, David R. Franz, Karl SToTko, Charles MacDonough, Firsf Row: Malcolm RaTT, Slrephen Bishop, Lois I-Iarding, RuTh KilpaTrick. Second Row: Fred Grace, Lawrence Friling, Wayne Yohe, James Comes, James Walker. Third Row: David Bowen, RoberT Eldridge, Ro-ger Miller, R. Frederick Guise, Four+h Row: Darryl Sensenig, I-Iarvey Murnma, Gunars Zagars, Paul Mund- Schenk, Daniel Thoman. SCEPTICAL CHYMISTS ScepTical ChymisTs, local chemisTry honorary, oTTers a means whereby sTudenTs inTeresTed in chemisTry may keep inTormed oT The laTesT advances in The Tield. The organizalrion is open To all chemisTry maiors who have compIeTed one year oT college chemisTry wiTh a B average. JeTT Kahler is presidenT oT This organizaTion. Firsi' Row: Charles Parkell, Raymond I-I. Lee, Walfer R. Oreif, Frederick Marcks. Second Row: Lf. Col. 'Marlin F. Pefers, Edwin I-Iackenberg, IR. Charles Black, John E. Baer. The Colin P, Kelly Squadron is fhe official branch of Jrhe Arnold Air Sociefy. Ifs main obiecfive is Jrhe promofion of inferesf in The Air Force fhroughouf fhe college and fhe surrounding communify. For member- ship, a man musf be an advanced AFROTC sfudenf wifh a 2.4 AFROTC average and a I.5 college average. Scabloard and Blade, nafional honorary for ad- vanced Army ROTC sfudenfs, is open fo men having a B average in milifary courses. The purpose of fhe group is To promofe communiry inferesf in fhe ROTC pro- FirsI' Row: Ron Nifzsche, William Pursch, Joe Arcesi, Ted Johnson. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The advisor is LI. Col. Marfin IF. Pefers. Officers are: Edwin Hackenburg, Commander, R. Charles Black, Execufive Officer, Frederick C, Ivlarcks, Operafions Officer: John E. Baer, Adiufanf Recorderg Waller R. Greif, Compfrollerg Raymond Lee, Informa- fion Officer. gram. The advisor is Lieufenani'-Colonel Roberf lvl. Beechinor. Officers are: Joseph Arcesi, Presidenfg Wil- liam Pursch, Vice-President Ted Johnson, Treasurer: and Jack Kunkel, Secrefary. SCABBARD AND BLADE 5 5 I -sf! 1 , V' , ,, gg, A3 f :J if F -NH, - -,,,,..f , fffffg fig, IJ ,,.A A - Miwgiz Q A if 0 - ..,, 4? 5 ' - e ' 7.5. ' K ., Romans or Greeks? Firsi' Row: HENRY E. ABBOTT, 24 Dale Road, Chalham, N.J.: Major: His- lory: Phi Kappa Psi: Young Republicans Club I, 2: Varsily "G" Club 3, lVice-Presidenl' 4I: lacrosse I, 2, 3, 4: l.E.C. Pledge Council. FLOYD C. ADAMS, 80 Board Slreel, Elmer, N.J.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Kappa Della Rho: Boosler Club 3. SALLY A. AFRICA, 629 Warm Springs Avenue, Hunlingdo-n, Pa.: Major: Music Educaiiong Gamma Phi Bela: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Chapel Choir I, 2: S.C.A. I: I.R.'C. I: Boosler Club 3: Orcheslra I, 2. Second Row: ROGER L. ALBRIGHT, R.D. No. 2, Hanover, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Thela Chi: Army Drill Team 2, 3: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. V RUTH L. AIJCORN, 77 Easl Pierreponl Avenue, Rulherlord, N.J.: Major: Malhemalics: Chi Omega lVice-Presidenl 3, Personnel Chairman 4I: Owl and Nighlingale I, 2: Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4: WWGC I: Boosler Club I, 2, 3, 4. RAYMOND D. ALDRIDGE, Abbolislown, Pa.: Major: Malhe- malics. Third Row: ROGER S. ALLING, 37 Easl Academy Slreel, Claylon, N.J.: Major: Business Adminislralion. R. JOHN APPLEGATE, JR., IO4 Plymourh Place, Merchanlville, NAI.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Kappa Della Rho: Swimming I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily "G" Club: l.P.C. Pledge Council I: Boosler Club 2. JOSEPH A. ARCESI, 4l7 Nor'Ih Wilbur Avenue, Sayre, Pa.: Major: Chemislryg Lambda Chi Alpha: Scabbarcl and Blade 3 lPresidenl 4I: Slceplical Chymisls 2, 3, IVice-Presidenl 4I. Fourlh Row: G. EDWARD AUMILLER, 5I7 Washinglon Avenue, Downinglown, Pa.: Major: Business Adminisrralion: Phi Kappa Psi: Baseball I: Washinglon Semesler 3: Pi Lambda Sigma 4. FRANKLIN B. AUSTIN, JR., 2866 Jasper Slreel, Philadelphia 34, Pa.: Major: I-Iislory: Sigma Alpha Epsilon lVice-Presiclenl 4I: Vfreslling I: Boosler Club 3: Cheerleader 3: l.F.C. I, 2, 3: Class Represenlalive 3, 4: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4. JOHN D. AXE, 22I Maple Road, Syracuse 4, N.Y.: Major: Psy- CIWOIOQYZ Phi Sigma Kappa: l.E.C. I: Psi Chi. ll I r I E 1960 SENIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG Eirsl' Row: JOHN E, BAER, R.D. No. 4, Waynesboro, Pa., Major: Business Adminislralion, Alpha Chi Rho, Sabre Air Command 2, Arnold Air Sociely 3. 4, Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES P. BARTLETT, 43 Beechwood Avenue, Manhassel, N.Y., Major: Business Adminislralion, Phi Kappa Psi, "Gellysburgian" lCircuIalion Manager 2l, Lacrosse I, WWOC 2, ROTC Drill Team I, 2. SUSAN E. BAUMGARDNER, 402 Soulh Oueen Slreel, Lillies- lown, Pa., Major: Psychology, Della Gamma lSocial Chairman 4l, S.C.A. I, Bo-osrer Club I, 2, 3, SPECTRUM 3, Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4, May Day Commillee 2, Erosh-Soph Show I, 2. ALAN R. BAUROTH, 550 Somerfon Avenue, Philadelphia I6, Pa., Major: Business Adminislralion, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Phi Omega, Pi Lambda Sigma, Scabloard and Blade, WWOC, As- socialion of lhe U.S. Army. BRADLEY M. BENNETCH, 827 Wesl Marlcel Slreel, Belhlehem, Pa., Major: Biology, Phi Kappa Psi lHisforian 2, 3j, "Oeflys- burgian" I, SPECTRUM 2, 3, lSporls Edilor 4j, 'Slreplical Chym- isls' 2, 3, Della Phi Alpha 2, 3, lPreside-nl 41, Honor Commis- sion jSummerj 3, Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4, Lacrosse I, 2, 4. RICHARD M. BENTZ, 5907 Wilmell' Road, Belhesda, Md.: Ma- jor: Malhemalics, Sigma Nu jTreasurer 3, Presidenl 4j, Chai: I, 2, 3 jAssislanI' Manager 4l, Dislinguished 'Mililary Sludevi- Army ROTC, Baum Malhemalics Prize lHonorable Menlionl. Second Row: PAUL W. BERGER, R.D. No. 2, Pine Grove, Pa., Major: Chemis- lry. JOHN D. BEUCHLER, 69 Mifflin Slreel, Pine Grove, Pa., Major: Psychology, Thela Chi, Boosler Club I. FRED H. BIGELOW, lI2 Norlh Main Slreel, Yeagerlown, Pa.: Major: Psychology, Psi Chi jTreasurer 4j, "Gellysburgian." JAMES H. BINKLEY. Chippewa Trail, Medford Lakes, N.J., Ma- jor: Business Adminislrarion. STEPHEN G. BISHOP, 238 Buford Avenue, Gellysburg, Pa., Ma- jor: Physics, Lambda Chi Alpha jSocial Chairman 3, 4j, Honor Commission I, 2, 3 lChairman 4j, S.C.A. I, 2, Track I, Sigma Pi Sigma 3 lPresidenl 41, AFROTC Drill Team I, "GeHys- burgian" 3, R.E.W. 2, WWOC I. LEHNER K. BITTLE, 5526 Ridgeview Drive, Harrisburg, Pa., Maw jor: Business Adminislralion, Phi Sigma Kappa. Phi Psi False Alarm! Firsl Row: R. HARRY BITTLE, 878 Slouicler Avenue, Chambersburg, Pa.7 Ma- jor: Hislory7 Kappa Della Rho jSecrelary 2, Presidenl 3, 4l7 Sludenl Senale I, 2, 3i Boosler Club 3, 4j Della Phi Alpha 3, 47 Gavel Club 3, 4. R. CHARLES BLACK, Sycamore Road, Riegelsville, Pa.7 Major: Business Adminislraliong Thela Chi lVice Presidenllg Alpha Phi Omega I, lTreasurer Zl 3, Ali Sludenl Senale I, 2, 3, 47 Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4j Pi Lambda Sigma 3 jPresidenl 4l7 APROTC Drill Team I7 Class Represenlalive 47 Class Treasurer 47 Pro-lessor ol Air Science Awardg Dislinguishecl Mililary Sludenl-Army ROTC. DAVID BOWEN, Long Valley R.D., N.J.7 Major: Physics7 Tau Kappa Epsilon7 l.R.C.7 Sigma 'Pi Sigma. Second Row: PAUL E. BOWERSOX, II, 33l Margarel Avenue, Weslminsler, Md.7 Major: Economics. ROBERT H. BOYER, I36 Norlh 26lh Slreel, Camp Hill, Pa.: Ma- jor: Polilical Scienceg Kappa Della Rho lSecrelary 3, 4l7 Class Represenlalive 3, 47 Tribunal 2: Track I7 WWC-C lj Boosler Club 3j l.R.C. 47 Scabbard and Blade 3j Pi Lambda Sigma 4j Sludenl Senale 3. MICHAEL BRAMLEY, I Crescenl Place, Ho-Ho-Kus, N,J.7 Ma- jor: Malhemalics7 Tau Kappa Epsilon jSocial Chairmanl7 l.R.C,7 Class Represenlalive. Third Row: DIANA E. BREHL, 49-I6 Fo-resl Drive, Douglaslown 62, N.Y.7 Major: Business Adminislralion7 Alpha Xi Della lSecrelary 4l7 Boosler Club I, 27 WWQC I, 3j Della Phi Alpha 2, 3, 47 Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4. JAMES H. BRENNEMAN, 2233 Louclcs Road, York, Pa,7 Major: Business Adminislralion7 Tau Kappa Epsilon lVice-Presidenl 3, Treasurer 4l7 I.E.C, lVice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4l7 Class ol I96O lVice-'Presidenl I, 2, Presidenl' 3, 4l7 l.E.C. Dance Chairman 37 Mililary Ball Chairman 3j Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4j Dislinguished Mililary 'Sludenl-Army ROTCI Oulslanding Junior 37 Dean's Lisl7 Hamme Award 3. DAVID R. BRIGHT, I443 Aslor Slreel, Norrislown, Pa.7 Major: Business Adminislralion7 Phi Della Thela7 "Gellysburgian" I, 2, lAdverlising 'Manager 3l7 :HG-Book" jAdverlising Manager I, 2l7 Bo-osler Club I, 2, 3 lPresidenl 4-I7 Army ROTC Drill Team I, 2, 3 lCommander 4l. Fourlh Row: MARY L. BRIGLIA, 560 Poller Boulevard, Brighlwalers, N.Y,7 Major: French. SUSAN F. BRITCHER, 43I Ballimore Slreel, Gellysburg, Pa,7 Major: Chemislry7 Della Gamma lTreasurer 3, Rush Chairman LII: "Gellysburgian" 2, 3 jPersonnel Manager LII: "G-Book" 27 W.A.A. 2, 3j S.C.A. I, 27 Baslcelball I jManager 3Ij Della Phi Alpha 47 Pi Della Epsilon 4, DONNA J. BROGAN, 652I Cleveland Avenue, Ballimore 22, Md,7 Major: Malhemalics7 lndependenl Women I, 47 Chapel Choir I, 2, 3, 4. E19 SENIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG fr. , Q 5 Nxsx ,Q - x V: . . 1 .ay I 'fs-2 If X 10" Firsl' Row: LELAND B. BROWN, 65 Wes'I Essex Avenue, Lansc.lowne,. Pa.: Maior: Biology: Sigma Chi IPresidenl' 41: l.R.C. 3, 4: Gavel Club 4. WILLIAM M. BROWN, 65 Wesl Essex Avenue, Lansclo-wne, Pa.: Maior: Biology: Sigma Chi lHisI-orian 31: l.'R.C. 3, 4: Bela Bela Bela 3, 4: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4: SPECTRUM 2, 3: Alpha Psi Omega 4. ALAN L. BUECHLER, I754-45'rh Slreel, Pennsaulaen 8, N.J.: Ma- jor: English: Kappa Della Rho lChaplain 2, 3, 4, Secrelary 21. DAVID B. BULLETT, 27 Ferris Place, Ossining, N.Y.: Maior: Busi- ness Aclminislralion: Lambda Chi Alpha: SPECTRUM 4: Spanish Club 3: Rifle Team I, 2: Cross Counlry Team 3: Boosler Club I. ROBERT A. BULLOCK, II Main Slreel, Dennisville, N.J.: Maior: Chemislry: Alpha Tau Omega: Chapel Choir I: Band l: Choir 2, 3, 4: S.C.A. 2. JOHN W. BUSCH, 8l3 Noslrancl Avenue, Broolclyn 25, N.Y.: Maior: Business Aclminislralion and Polilical Science: Thela Chi: Rille Team I, 2: AFROTC Drill Team I. I4 si I im as ' . ,I ,I -, ,Y ' -M 96- I I i , I l I -vl"""' Seconcl Row: MARY JANE CALLIS, 936 W. King Slreel, Yorlc, Pa.: Maior: Business Aclminislraliong Della Gamma lSecreIary 41: Boosler Club I, 2, 3 lSecre+ary 41: Pi Lambda Sigma 3 lSecreI'ary 41: Psi Chi 4: Class Secrelary 4. DONALD V. ICAPECE, 97 Locusl Avenue, Scarsdale, N.Y.: Maior: Economics: l,R.C,: Spanish Club: Alpha Psi Omega: SPECTRUM. PAT CARR, 7505 River Roacl, Richmond, Va.: Maior: English: Della Gamma lSecrel'ary 31: S.C.A. I, 2: Junior Varsily Baslcel- ball 2: "GeHysburgian" lEdiI'or-in-Chief 41: W.A.A. 4: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4: Della Phi Alpha 4: Class Hislorian I, 2, 3, 4: Oui- slancling Junior: Dean's Lisl. RALPH B. CARRUTHERS, I6 W. Halley Slreel, Mounl Union, Pa.: Maior: Biology: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Bela Bela Bela: l.F.C. 2, 3: Army ROTC Drill Team I, 2. PETER J. CASAGRANDE, Pen Argyl, Pa.: Maior: English: Lambda Chi Alpha l'Presic.lenI 41: Gavel Club 4: Boosler Club 2, 3: "Gel- Iysbui-gian" 2, 3: "Mercury" IAssIsian'r Eclilor 41: l.F.C. 3: Honor Commission 3 lVice-Chairman 41. PETER C. CHRIST, Trexlerlown, Pa.: Maior: Physical Educaliori: Freshmen Baske+baIl: Track 3: lndepenclenl Men: Physical Educa- 'rion Maiors Club. You'II LIKE il here!! Firsl Row: GARNET N. COBLE, JR., R.D. No. I, Aspers, Pa.: Major: Physi- cal Educalion: Track I, 2, 4: Varsily "G" Club 3. 41 PIWYSICGI Educalio-n Majors Club: Cross Counlry 4. JUDY ANN COFFMAN, 903 Hamillon Boulevard. Hagerslown, Md.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Chi Omega lSecrelary 3 Treasurer 4l: Boosler Club I, 2, 3. 4: S.C.A. I, 2: I.R.C. I, 2: Owl and Nighingale I, 2, 3, 4: "GeI'Iysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4' SPECTRUM I, 2, 3: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4. JOSEPH A. CONAWAY, I5O W. Airy Slreel, Norrislown, Pa.: Major: English: Phi Gamma Della lTreasurer 4l: Freshmen Base- ball: Boosler Club I, 2: "GeHysburgian" I, 2, 3 lAssociaI'e Edi- Ior 4l: Pi Della Epsilon: Kappa Phi Kappa. I I Second Row: CHARLES H. CORBETT, 2l58 Susquehanna Road, Abinglon, Pa.: Major: Socio-logy: Freshmen Soccer Team: Sociology Club: In- depenclenl Men. THOMAS J. CRUM, Brookside Lane, Riderwood, Md.: Major- Business Adminislrarion. ROGER S. CRUIVIP, I39 W. Poplar Slreel, Floral Park, N.Y.: Major: Business Adrninislralion: Alpha Tau Omega: Varsily "G" Club: Tennis: Lacrosse: l.R.C. Third Row: ROBERT E. CUSTER, 830 N. Railroad Slreel, Porlage, Pa.: Major' Psychology: S.C.A.: Church Vocalions Fellowship. RICHARD J. DAVIDYOCK, 326 W. Iron Slreel, Summil I-Iill, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Freshmen Baskelball: Varsily Foolball 2, 3, 4: Varsily "G" Club lPresicIen+l: Alhlelic Advisory Commillee lVice-Presidenll: Pi Lambda Sigma: Kappa Phi Kappa: Oulslanding Junior: Dean's Lisl. WILLIAM R. DAVIES, Lenape Trail, Medford Lakes, N.J.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Phi Kappa Psi: Baseball I, 2: Foolball 3: Spanish Club I: "Ge'rlysburgian" 2: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4. Fourlh Row: French: Phi Mu: S.C.A.: I.lR.C.: Boosler Club: "GeIlysburgian" I, 2: Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4. MARIAN E. DAVIS, I4l Barlow Slreel, Gellysburg, Pa.: Major- BARBARA M. DEAN, IOIO Park Avenue, Vineland, N.J.: Major: Psychology: S.C.A. I, 2: Sociology Club 3, 4: Psi Chi 2, 3 lVice- Presidenl 4l. JACK B. DEAR, II, 7OO Arlhur Avenue, Scolnldale, Pa.: Major' Business Adminislralion: Phi Sigma Kappa: "Ge'rIyslourgian." E19 174 I SENIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG Firs+ Row: RALPH E. DENDLER, II32 Marlcei Slreei, Berwick, Pa.: Major: Chemis+ry: Thela Chi: Band 2, 3: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, 4: Slceplical Chymisls 2, 3, 4. JUDITH ANN DERR, Dulce Slreei, Shepherdslown, W.Va.: Major: Chemislry: Chi Omega: S.C.A. 2, 4: WWGC 2: Pan Hellenic Council 3 lTreasurer 4l: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4. CHARLES H. DEY, 424 Jouel Slreel, Roselle, N.J.: Major: Busi- ness Adminisiralio-n: Tau Kappa Epsilon: AEROTC Drill Team: WWGC 2, 3, 4: Pi Lambda Sigma. WALTER J. DICK, I9II Durfor SI'ree'I', Philadelphia 45, Pa.: Ma- jor: Maihemalics: lndependenl Men: "GeHysburgian": Alpha Psi Omega. WALTHER H. DICKINSON, 465 Woodruff Avenue, Syracuse 9, N.Y.: Major: Malhemalics: Independenl 'Men 2, 3, 4. MERVIN R. DILTS, Main Slreel, Three Bridges, N.J.: Major: La- lin: Phi Della Thela: I.R.C. I, 2: "Ge+Iysburgian" I, 2: Ela Sigma Phi jPresiden+l: Hassler LaI'in Prize 3. Second Row: VIRGINIA B. DORN, I54-9 Norlhwiclc Road, Ballimore I8, Md.: Major: BiolOQYI Gamma Phi Beia 3, 4: S.C.A. I, 2: 'Chapel Choir I, 2: Wafer Show I, 2, 3, 4: Independenl Women lSecreI'ary- Treasurer I. 2l: Bela Bela Bela 3 lHlsIorian 4l: Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4: Psi Chi 4: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3, 4. FRANCIS J. DOUGHERTY, 4III S. 36l'h Slreel, Arlinglon, Va.: Major: English: Phi Gamma Della: I.R.C. 2, 3: Boosler Club I. 2, 3: Class Represeniaiive I, 2: I.F.C. Pledge Council I: Sludenl Senale I, 2, 3, 4. LAWRENCE P. DREWES. 4II5 Bloomfield Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Thela Chi lPresidenl'l: I.E.C. I, 2: WWGC I, 2, 3, 4: Gavel Club 3, 4. EDWIN T. EGELAND, 66 Fair Haven Road, Fair Haven, N.J.: Major: Poli'I'ical Science: Lambda Chi Alpha: Rifle Team 2, 3: Track I, 2, 3, 4. KATHRYN W. EILER, 854 Camden Avenue, Cumberland, Mcl.: Major: Biology: Alpha Xi Della jSecrelary 41: S.C.A. I: WWGC I, 3: Baslcelball I, 2, 3, 4: Psi Chi 3, 4: Bela Bela BeI'a 2, 3.4. ROBERT ELDRIDGE, I72O Websler Avenue, Abinglon, Pa.: Ma- jor: Physics: Tau Kappa Epsilon: I.R.C.: Sigma Pi Sigma. Wonder where Ihey work? Firsl Row-: C. BARTLEY ELFMAN, JR., 248 E. Cc-uri Slreer, Doylesiown, Pa.: Major: Physical Educalio-ng Phi Sigma Kappa lPledgemasler 3. Presidenl' 4l: Kappa Phi Kappa 2, 3 lVice-Presidenl 4lI Physical Educalion Majors Club I, 2, 3, lTreasurer 4l: Varsiiy "G" Club 2, lSecre'rary 3, 4l: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Senale 2, 3. MARTIN F. ELLIOTT, 2603 Franklin Avenue, Broomall, Pa.: Ma- jor: Business Adminisrralion: Alpha Tau Omega: I.R.C. 3: l.F.C. 2, 3: Baseball I, 2, 3.4. EMIL J. ENGELMAN, IOI Springs Avenue, Oeriysburg, Pa.: Ma- jor: Hislory: Church Vocarions Fellowship: Golf Team. Second Row: LOIS E. FINK, 750 Hallowell Drive, Hunlingdon Valley, Pa.: Ma- jor: 'Physical Educalion: Physical Educalion Majors Club: Basker- ball: Hockey. HAROLD L. FISHBURN, Leland Lane, Sourhamplon, New York: Major: Polilical Science: Pislol Team lPresiden+ 2, Vice-Presidenl 3l: AEROTC Drill Team I. WILLIAM R. FLEISCHMAN, JR., l6l4 Rournlorl Road, Phila- delphia SO, Pa.: Major: English: Lambda Chi Alpha lRush Chair- man 4l: WWOC I, 2, 3.4: Pi Della Epsilon 3 lVice-Presidenf 4l: "GeI'Iysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I: Erosh-Soph Show Chair- man 2. Third Row: DANIEL C. FOUGHT, I73 Norih Main Sireel, Hughesville, Pa.: Major: Malhemaiics. DAVID R. FRANZ, 5237 Caslor Avenue, Philadelphia 24, Pa.: Major: Biology: Thera Chi lSecre'I'ary 4l: Bela Bela Bela 2, 3, 4. MAURICE C. FRONTZ, JR., 206 Princess Avenue, Lancasler, Pa.: Major: Physical Educalion: Band I, 2: Eoolball: Baslcelball: Base- ball: Physical Educalion Majors Club. Fourfh Row: MICHAEL H. GALASSI, 5I Vassar Slreer, Garden Cily, N.Y.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Kappa Della Rho lSocial Chair- man 2, 3l: Sludenr Senale 3, 4: Boosler Club 3. MICHAEL E. GALDINO, 44OI Lexinglon Srreer, Harrisburg, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislraiion: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Dorm Counselor lPresiden'rl: Cheerleader 2, 3, 4: Boosler Club 2, 3, 4: Phi Lambda Sigma lVice-Presidenil: Honor Commission 2, 3: "G-Book" 2: Sludenl' Senale I, 2, 3, 4: Srudenr Disciplinary Commilree 2, 3, 4: Oulslanding Junior. JON B. GANSER, Union Mee'I'ing Road, Blue Bell, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion, E19 SENIOR CLASS CF GETTYSBURG "mr-f Firsl Row: JAMES E. GARMAN, 933 Broglie Drive, Pillsburgh 36, Pa.: Ma- jor: Hislory: Lambda Chi Alpha: SPECTRUM lManaging Eclilor 3, Edilor-in-Chief 4j: Traclc I, 2, 3, 4: Boosler 'Club 2: Sludenl Dis- ciplinary Commillee: S.C.A. 2, 3, 4: R.E.W. 2, 3: Pi Della Ep- silon lPresiden'r 4j: Phi Alpha Thela lPresiden+ 4l: Senale lTreasurer 3l 4: Honor Commission 4: Oulslanding Junior. MARK K. GASS, 910 Marlcel' Sfreel, Sunbury, Pa.: Major: Biol- ogy: Phi Gamma Della lSecre'lary 4j: Boosler Club 2, 3, 4: Band l, 2: "GeI"rysburgian" 2: Lacrosse 2, 4: Kappa Phi Kappa. JULIE B. GATTER, 86 Cannon Place, Orelancl, Pa.: Major: Malh- emalics: Gamma Phi Bela lSecre'lary 3, Treasurer 4l: Chapel Choir l, 2: Boosler Club 2, 3, 4: Psi Chi 4: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4: l.R.C. 3: R.'E.W. 3: Dean's Lisl 2, 3: Class Honors 2, 3. JED GOLDSTEIN, 67466-IO8 Slreel, Foresl Hills 75, N.Y.: Major: Biology. FRED I. GRACE, R.D. No. 4, Gellysburg, Pa.: Major: Physics. THOMAS F. GREEN, I237 Oakwood Road, Haddonfield, N.J.: Major: Psychology: Alpha Phi Omega: Spanish Club. Second Row: WALTER R. GREIF, 45 Coclconoe Avenue, Babylon, N.Y.: 'Major: Chemislry: Alpha Tau Omega: AFROTC Drill Team I: Arnold Air Sociely 3 lTreasurer 4l: Slceplical Chymisls 2, 3, 4. GERALD G. GRIFFIN, IO Homewood Drive, Manhassel, N.Y.: Major: Psychology: AEROTC Drill Team: "Gellysburgian": SPECTRUM: Sociology Club: Spanish Club: I.R.C.: Psi Chi. JEAN N. GRZELECKI, I6 Oalc SI., Salem, N.J.: Major: French: Alpha Xi Della: "Gel'I'ysburgian" I: Mililary Ball Courl I: Boosler Club 2, 3: Young Republicans Club 3, 4: French Club 3: Owl and Nighfingale l. E. BOYD GUMMO, Box I77, Duncansville, Pa.: Major: Economics: Phi Sigma Kappa: Boosler Club 3. GEORGE T. GUNNELL, 93 Sunlrisl Lane, Los Allos, Calif.: Major: Psychology: Phi Kappa Psi lSecrelary 3, 4j: AFROTC Drill Team I, 2: Governmenl' Club 2, 3: Young Republicans Club I, 2: Psi Chi lSecrelary 4j. ANDREW F. GURLEY, 420 Clinlo-n Avenue, Brooklyn 38, N.Y.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Phi Kappa Psi lVice-Presidenl 3l: l.F.C.: "Gellysburgian": Boosler Club. Sfoui' Hea ried Men Firsi Row: BARRY D. GWINN, i3I Ruigers Avenue, Swarihmore, Pa.: Ma- jor: Polilical Science: Phi Kappa Psi: Track: Baslcefball: Govern- menr Club: Band. EDWIN M. HACKENBER6, 2l4 N. Cheslnui Sfreel, Wesliielci. N.J.: Major: Business Adminisfralioni Phi Sigma Kappa: Arnold Air Socieiy 3 jPresiden+ 4j: AFROTC Drill Team 2, 3: Sabre Air Command 2. ISAIAH HAINES, Springfield Road, New Lisbon, N.J.: Major: Business Adminisiraiion: Phi Kappa Psi: Young Republicans Club. Second Row: JUDY HALDEMAN. l35 W. Mahanoy Sirreei, Mahanoy Cily, Pa.: Major: Music Educaiion: Chi Omega: College Choir 2, 3, 4: Owl and Nighiingale 2, 3. DAVID B. HAMAN, I48 Linda Visia Ave., Norih Haledon, N.J.: Major: Maihemaiicsg Sigma Nu. SANDRA E. HAMM, I6 Siock Sireel, Hanover, Pa.: Major: Mu- sic Educarion: Choir: S.C.A. Third Row: JAMES R. HAMSHER, 824 Broad Slreel, Chambersburg, Pa.: Major: Chemisiry: Sigma Nu: AFROTC Drill Team: I.F.C. Pledge Council jVice-Presidenij: Tribunal: l.F.C.: WWG'C. SALLY A. HANNAH, IO7 Newell Avenfue, Trenlon 8, N.J.: Ma- jor: Psychology: Gamma Phi Bela: Psi Chi: Owl and Nighiingale 3, 4: Swimming Team 4. GEORGE E. HANRAHAN, 4Ol Pine Sireei, Hanover, Pa.: Major: Business Adminisirraiion: Phi Sigma Kappa jVice-Presiden'r 4j' Dean's Lisi 3: l.F.C. I: S.C.A. 3. v Fourih Row: DONALD B. HARRISON, JR., Lenni Road, Glen Riddle, Pa: Major: Psychology: Sigma Chi: I.R.C, WALDO T. HARTMAN, R.D. No. 3, Geiniysburg, Pa.: Major- Poliiical Science. RICHARD M. HAWKINS, l5l S. Main Sireei, Spring Grove, Pa.: Major: Physical Educafion: Phi Gamma Delia: Physical Edu- ca+ion Majors Club: Varsiiy "G" Club: Kappa Phi Kappa: Varsily Baseball. E19 SENIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG Firsl' Row: JOSEPH N. HAZEN, I529 Red Oalc Drive, Silver Spring, Md.: Major: Business Adminislralion. i M. ANNE HECKLER, 2I Edgemoni Avenue, Lansdale, Pa.: Ma- jor: Chemislry: Alpha Xi Della lPresiden'r 4l: Panhellenic Coun- cil 3, lPresiden'r 4l: W.S.G. lVice-Presidenl 3l: Sludenl Senale 2, 3: Dean's Lisl I, 2, 3: Slceplical Chymisls 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM 2. 3 lCopy Edilor 4l: 'May 'Couri 3: Siudeni Disciplinary Com- millee 3: Oulslanding Junior, FLORENCE E. HECKMAN, 239 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kulziown, Pa.: Major: Spanish: Sigma Kappa lVice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4l: S.C.A. I: Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4: Phi Sigma Iola 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: W.A.A. 2, 3, 4: Pan Hellenic Council 2, 3 lVice-iPresi- denl 4l: Dean's Lisi 3, 4. ELIZABETH C. HELDT, 240 Sleinwehr Avenue, Geilysburg, Pa.: Major: Spanish: Alpha Xi Delia: Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4: Phi Sigma Iola 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4: I.R.C. 2, 3 jSecre'Iary 4-I: Dean's Lisl 2, 3. GEORGE P. HENRY, I56 Lilile Tor Rd., New Cily, N.Y.: Major: Psychology: Lambda Chi Alpha: Psi Chi 4: Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4: Wreslling I, 2, 3, 4: Bridge Club. NORMAN H. HENIRY, I56 Liille Tor Rd., New Ci'I'y, N.Y.: Ma- jor: Psychology: Lambda Chi Alpha: Psi Chi: Wreslling I, 2, 3, 4: Owl and Nighlingale: Varsily "G" Club: Arnold Air Sociely: Foolball I, 2: WWGC. Second Row: DAVID R. HERTZLER, I205 Radclilile Slreel, Brislol, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Lambda Chi Alpha: SPECTRUM: Track 2, 3, 4: S.C.A,: Boosler Club: Varsily "G" Club: 'Psi Chi: Cross Counlry 3, 4. JAMES C. HESS, Bailey Road, Curwensville, Pa.: Major: Physical Educaiion: Phi Gamma Delia: Physical Educalion Majors Club lPresidenI 4l: Foolball I. 2, 3, 4: Wreslling I, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD E. HESS, 2358 S. Queen Slreel, Yorlc, Pa.: Major: So- ciology: Phi Della Thela lPresiden+ lil: WWGC lSI'a'lion Man- ager 4l: Pi Della Epsilon 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 4: Class Repre- senlalive 3. HARVARD M. HICKS, SI E. Slale Slreel, Doyleslown, Pa., Ma- jor: Physical Educalion: Phi Gamma Delia: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Swimming I: Wafer Show I, 2, 3: Governmenl Club: I,R.C. REDDING F. HICKS, 8I E. Siale Slreei, Doyleslown, Pa.: Major: Physical Educalion: Phi Gamma Della: Fooilball I, 2, 3, 4: Waler Show I, 2, 3: Tribunal 2: Physical Educafion Majors Club: Alpha Phi Omega. THEODORE R. HISE, R.D. No. 3, Gellysburg, Pa.: Major: Polili- cal Science: Alpha Chi Rho. Pleasa nl Dreams Firsl Row: GARY J. HOFFMAN, 1856 Blue Cedar Drive, Manslield, Ohio: Major: Psychology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon lVice-Presidenlj: Goll: Eoolball I. ANN HOLCOMBE, 4I6 Duponl Avenue, York, Pa.: Major: Music: Della Gamma: Waler Show I. KAY A. HORNER, I8 Spring Cresl Boulevard, Sinking Spring Pa.: Major: Chemislry: Phi Mu: "Gellysburgian" 4: Cheerleader I, 3, 4: Boosler Club 3, 4: Skeplical Chymisls 2, 3, 4. Second Row: BARBARA HRBEK, l25 Jameslown Road, Fronl Royal, Va.: Ma- jor: Malhemalics: Della Gamma lSecrelary 4j: Boosler Club I, 2: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4: Kappa Della Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Della Phi Alpha 3, 4: "Gellysburgian" 2, 3 lNews Edilor 4l: Erosh-Soph Show 2: R.E.W. Play 2. TRUDIE A. HUBER, 297 E. Commerce Slreel, Bridgelon, N.J.: Major: Malhemalics: Alpha Xi Della ll-lislorian 3j: Boosler Club I, 2: Owl and Nighlingale I, 2: Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4: Kappa Della Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Senale 3, 4: Class Represenlalive 3, 4: W.S.G. 4: Tribunal 4: Ealher'5 Weekend Chairman 4. WILLIAM A. HUNT, 205 W. Posl Road, While Plains, N.Y.: Ma- jor: Physics: Alpha Tau Omega IPresiclenll: Sigma Pi Sigma lTreasurerj: Tribunal. Third Row: EUGENE P. HUYCK, I2I Easl Quackenbush Avenue, Dumonl, N.J.: Major: Physics and Malhemalics: Phi Della Thela: Sigma Pi Sigma: Cross Counlry 3, 4: Track I: l.E.C. Pledge Council lTreasurerl: Erosh-Soph Show I, 2. ROBERT D. HYSON, II4 N. Main Slreel, Hampslead, Mcl.: Ma- jor: Sociology: Ela Sigma Phi: S.C.A.: Church Vocalions Eellowe ship. YOKO ISHIKAWA, I649 2-Chome Arai'uku Ola-Ku Tok o Ja- . I I I Y . pan: Major: English: Ela Sigma Phi. Fourlh Row: STEVE N. JACOBY, 28 N. Kenyon Avenue, Margale Cily, N.J.' Major: Business Adminislralion: Alpha Tau Omega: l.R.C.: Gov- ernmenl Club: Chapel Choir. JOHN THEODORE JOHNSON, 295 Cumberland Slreel, Berlin Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: 'Pi Lambda Sigma lTreas- urer 4j: Scabbard ancl Blade lTreasurer 4j: Band 2, 3, 4: Army ROTC Pislol Team: Dislinguished Mililary Sludenl: Associalion ol lhe U.S. Army lVice-Presidenl 4j. j THOMAS J. JOHNSON, JR., 60 Willow Roacl, Harrisburg, Pa.: Major: Malhemalics: Phi Sigma Kappa: Senale I, 2: Sigma Pi Sigma 3, 4: Boosler Club 2. E 1960 SENIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG Firsl Row: WALTON R. JOHNSTON, 6l24 Nassau Slreel, Philadelphia 3I, Pa., Major: Business Adminislralion, Phi Gamma Della jPresiclenl 4l, Wreslling I, l.F.C. 2, jTreasurer 3l, Gavel Club, Boosler Club. MARY M. JOSEPH, 49 Alpine Lane, Hicksville, N.Y., Major: Chemislry, lndepenclenl Women, Skeplical Chymisls, Alpha 'Psi Omega. JEFFREY L. KAHLER, I059 Winlon Road S., Rochesler l8, N.Y., Major: Chemislry, Lambda Chi Alpha, Skeptical Chymisls lTreas- urer 3, Presiclenl 4l, Baseball 2, 3, 4. KENNETH C. KAMIS, 463l Frilchey Slreel, Harrisburg, Pa., Ma- jor: Business Adminislralion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Baskelball I, 3, 4, Pi Espilon Phi. JOAN N. KATZ, IO49 Serrill Avenue, Yeadon, Pa., Major: His- lory, Alpha Xi Della lVice-Presidenl 4l, Hockey I, Baskelball I, 2, "Gellysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4, SIPECTRUM I, 2, 3, 4, Class Secrelary 2, Phi Alpha Thela 3 jSecrelary 4l, Kappa- Della Ep- silon 3 lSecrelary 4l: W.A.A. 2, Erosh-Soph Show I, 2. JACK H. KEEN, I396 Lowlher Road, Camp Hill, Pa., Major: Hislory, Alpha Chi Rho lRush Chairman I, 2, 3, 4l: l,F.C. Pledge Council, l.F.C. 2, 3, 4, Class Represenlalive I, 2, 3, 4. Second Row: ALAN R. KEIM, l29 High Slreel, Slale College, Pa., Major: Psychology, Phi Kappa Psi, l.R.C. 2, Class Represenlalive I, 2, 3, 4. CONNIE E. KELLER, 226 W. blh Slreel, Waynesboro, Pa.: Ma- jor: Malhemalics, Phi Mu lTreasurer 2, 3l, "Gellysburgian" 3, 4: "G-book" 2, 3, 4, Sociology Club 3, 4, l.R.C. lSecrelary 4l, Senale 3, S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4, "Mercury", SPECTRUM. JOYCE A. KENDLEHART, 47 Norlh Hay Slreel, Gellysburg, Pa., Major: Music Educalion, Alpha Xi Della, Music 'Majors Club jSecrelaryl, Boosler Club 3, 4, "Bullelle" 3, 4, Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4, Alpha Psi Omega I, 2, 3, 4. LINDA M. KENNISON, IIO3 S. I6lh Slreel, Arlinglon, Va.: Ma- jor: English, SPIECTRUM, "Mercury", "G-Book", S.C.A., Class Represenlalive 3, Kappa Della Epsilon 3, jVice-Presidenl 4l, Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4. LOIS K. KERN, 300 E. Franklin Slreel, Slalinglon, Pa., Major: English, Alpha Xi Della lHislorian 4l, Boosler Club 2, 3, 4: Young Republicans Club 3, 4, l.R.C. 3. CRAIG R. KERR, Box IO4, R.D. No, I. Warren, Pa., Major: Psycho-I-ogy, Thela Chi lPledge 'Marshalllg Scabbarcl and Blade, Army ROTC Drill Team. Errrrll Firsl' Row: JUDITH KEYES, 57I9 Highgale Drive, Ballimore I5, Md.: Major: Chemisrry: Independenl Women jPresidenl 3, 4l: S.C.A. I, 2, 3: Senale 2, 3 jRecording Secrefary 4j: Boosfer Club I, 2: WSG. 3: Honor Commission 4: Skeplical Chymisls 2, 3, 4. JAMES KIICK, 623 McCorlney Slree+, Easlon, Pa.: Major: Physical Eclucalion: Lambda Chi Alpha: Track I, 2, 3, 4: Physi- cal Eclucarion Majors Club I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily "G" Club 3, 4: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4. KENNETH L. KILHEFFER, 322 N. Charlolle Slreel, Lancasler, Pa.: Major: Sociology: S.C.A.: Church Vocalions Fellowship: Era Sigma Phi. Second Row: DAVID E. KLEPPER, JR., 903 Carlisle Slreel, Hanover, Pa.: Ma- jor: Philosophy: Kappa Della Rho jTreasurer 3, Vice-lPresiden+ 4l: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Church Vocalions Fellowship I, 2: 3, 4: Sludenl' Senale 2: l.F.C. 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4: Ela Sigma Phi 3, 4. JAMES H. KLINEFELTER, I206 W. 4O+h Slreel, Ballirnore II. Md.: Major: Hislory: Sigma Nu: S.C.A. I, 2: Wreslling I: Track I: Lacrosse 2, 3, 4: AEROTC Drill Team I, 2: Class Represenra- live 2, 3, 4. THOMAS J. KNOX, 99 Linden Avenue, Pilman, N.J.: Major: Economics: Kappa Della Rho jRush Chairman 4l: l.F.C. 3: Base- ball I, 2, 3, 4. Third Row: GERALD M. KOLLHOFF, 2629 S. 76'lh Slreel, Philadelphia 42. Pa.: Major: Biology: Alpha Tau Omega: Rifle Team I, 2, 3. 4: Bela Bela Bela 2, 3, 4. GERALD A. KRUM, 469 W. 3rd Slreel, Bloomsburg, Pa.: Major: Philosophy: Tau Kappa Epsilon jPresidenl' 4l: Baskelball jMan- ager Il: Lacrosse j'Manager Il: Swimming jManager 2, 3. 4l: Fjoolball j'Manager I, 2, 3, 4l: l.F.C. 3: S.C.A. 2, 3, 4: Ela Sigma P i 2, 3, 4. JACK W. KUNKEL, I4O S. Howard Avenue, Gelfysburg, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Scabbard and Blade. Four'I'h Row: ROLAND L. KURTZ, 303 N. Newberry Slreel, York, Pa.: Major: Polilical Science: Phi Gamma Della: I.R.C.: Governmenl' Club 2, 3 jTreasurer 4l: Boosler Club I, 2, 3 jVice-Presidenl 4l. LINDA S. LACK, 56 Dawn Drive, Ml. Holly, N.J.: Majors: Eng- lish and Spanish: lndependenl Women: S.C.A.: Spanish Club: "Gel'lysburgian": Alpha Psi Omega. RODNEY C. LAYTON, IO4 S. Liberly Slreel, Cenlreville, Md.: Major: Biology: Alpha Tau Omega jSecrelary 4l: "C5el'rysburgian" 2, 3 jAssociale Edilor 4l: Bela Bela Bela 2, 3, 4: Pi 'Della Epsi- on 3, 4. E 1960 SENIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG Firs'I Row: ROBERT C. LECHER, 940 Turner Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pa.: Major: Chemislry: Phi Della Thela jPresiden'r 3l: I.P.C. Pledge Council jPresidenI' ll: WWGJC I: I.F.C. 2: Class Presidenr I, 2: Band I, 2, 3: Cheerleader 4: Chairman Winler Weelcend 4: Slceplical Chymisls 4: Oulslanding Junior. LYNDA JOYCE LEONARD, I65 Caller Avenue, New Hyde Parlc, N.Y.: Major: English: Chi Omega: I:R,C. 3 jSecrelary 4-l: Boosler Club 3. 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: "GeHysburgian" 3. 4: SPECTRUIM 3, 4: S.C.A. 3, 4: Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4: Alpha Psi Omega 3 lVice-Presidenl 4l. MICHAEL LEVENGOOD, R.D. No. 3, Reading, Pa.: Major: Po-lilical Science: Thela Chi jSecre+aryl: Band I: Governmenl Club 2, 4: Della Phi Alpha 2, 3. 4. DALE R. LIND, Woodsboro, Md.: Major: Philosophy: Phi Sigma Tau: Church Vocarions Fellowship. ROBERT LINDSTROIM, I999 Bannisler Slreel, York, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Tau Kappa Epsilon jPledge Trainer 4l: I,R.C.: Governmenl Club: AFROTC Drill Team I, 2: WWOC I. 2, 3, 4. ROSWELL HUNT LYON, III, 2729 N. 4Ih Slreel, Harrisburg, Pa.: Major: Polilical Science: Foolball I: Track I, 2, 3: Varsily "O" Club: Boosler Club I, 2 jPresiden'I 3l, 4: Alpha Phi Omega. Second Row: THOMAS L. McCLELLAN, IOI Illh Slreel, Cresslcill. N..l.: Ma- jor: Philosophy: Sigma Nu jSecrelary 4l: S.C.A. I, 2. 3, jVice- Presidenl 4l: Church Vocalions Fellowship I jTreasurer 2, Secre- Iary 3, Presidenl 4l: Era Sigma Phi 3, 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4. DAVID L. MCCLURE, Main Slreel, Box 343, Whilehouse Slalion, N.J.: Major: Psychology: Drill Team I, 2: Band I, 2. HOWARD P. MCCLURE, 299 Wyoming Avenue, Maplewood, N.J.: Major: Psychology: 'Phi Kappa Psi jSecrelary 3, Vice-'Presi- dem' 3, 4l: Wreslling I: Boosler 'Club I: Tribunal jPre-sidenl 2l: Sfudenl Senale 3: Young Republicans Club 3. MICHAEL L. MCCONNELL, 4840 Bradley Boulevard, Belhesda, Md.: Major: Biology: Phi Sigma Kappa: AFROTC Drill Team I, 2 jC'ommander 3l: Arnold Air Socieiy: Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3: Bela Bela Bela. DONALD S. MCCORD, JR., 22 Oak Lane, Cranford, N.J.: Ma- jor: Economics: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Track. WALTER L. MCGOWAN, I48 Wildwood Avenue, Easl Lans- downe, Pa.: Major: Biology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon jSecre'Iary 2, Vice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4l: Governmenr Club I, 2: I.'R.C. I, 2: Varsily "G" Club 2, 3, 4: Gavel Club 3, 4: Baseball I, 2: Baslcel- ball I, 2, 3 ICO-Caplain 4l: Honor Commission Trial Board 4: Sludenl Senale 2, 3. I haven'I' had 'lime 'Io correcl your papers yer Firsl Row: ELMER J. McKECl'INlE, 509 Easl From' Slreel, Berwiclf, Pa.: Major: Polilical Science: Thela Chi ll-Iislorian 3l: l.F.C, 'Pledge Council: Band I, 2, 3: Orcheslra I: Governmenl Club: l.R.C.: Pi Lambda Sigma. JAMES F. MCQUILKIN, 96 Worrell Drive, Springfield, Pa.: Ma- jor: Polilical Science: Kappa Della Rho jVice-Presidenl' 3l: I.F.C. 3: Della Phi Alpha. C. LYNNE MacARTHUR, 46-I9 26Isl Slreel, Greal' Neck, N.Y.: Majo-r: Biology: Gamma Phi Bela: W.A.A. 4: Owl and Nighl- ingale: Swimming Team 4: Bela Bela Bela 4. Second Row: CHARLES MacDONOUG'H, III, 7OI Argyle Road, Wynne- wood, Pa.: Major: Biology: Alpha Tau Omega: Orcheslra: Srring Ouarlelle: Tennis: Bela Bela Bela. D. BARRY MacGIBENY, 3I7 Soulh Columbia Slreel, Woodbury, N.J.: Major: Business Adrninislralion: Sigma Alpha Epsilon jSec- rerary 2, Pledge Trainer 3, Vice-Presidenl 3l: Soccer I, 2: WWGC I: Young Republicans Club. FREDERICK 'CARL 'MAR'CKS, 29 'Eas'I: Slevens Srreer, Gerlysburg, Pa.: Major: Poliiical Science: Thela Chi Rush Chairman 3, jTreas- urer 2, 3, 4l: Sludenl Senale I, 2, 3: WWGC 2: Governmenl Club 2, 3, 4: l.R.C. I, 2, 3, 4: Class Represenlalive 2, 3, 4: Tribunal 2: AEROTC Drill Team I: Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4. Third Row: VIRGINIA T. MARCKS, 29 Easr Slevens Sireel, Gellysburg, Pa.: Major: Polilical Science: Chi Omega: Governmenl' Club I, 2, 3: WWGC I, 2.3: l.R.C. I, 2, 3: Pi Lambda Sigma. DAVID C. MATTHEISS, R.D. No. I, llchesler Road, Ellicoll' Cily. Md.: Major: Sociology: Sigma Chi: I.R.C. 3, 4: Chapel Choir 3: S.C.A. 2. BEVERLY A. MEARS, l6l6 Oalrlawn Courl, Silver Spring, Md.: Major: Bible: Phi Mu: S.C.A. I, 2, 4: Chapel Choir I, 2: Boosler Club I, 2: American Universily 3: I.R.C. 4: "G-Book" 4: Church Vocalio-ns Fellowship 4. Fourlh Row': ROBERT J. MENGES, Menges Mills, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Sigma Nu: WWGC I, 2, 3: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Lulher League of America Presiolenr: WUS l'Chairman 3l: R.E.W. lChairman 4l: Senale 2, 3 lVice-Presidenl 4l: Facully Religious Acrivilies Com- millee 4: Psi Chi: Alpha Kappa Alpha: Oulslanding Junior. ARTHUR L. MENTZER, Slare Hospilal, Harrisburg, Pa.: Major: I-lislory: College Choir: Scabbard and Blade. CAROL A. MIDDLETO-N, 60 Easl' Main Slreel, Mooreslown, N.J.: Major: I-lisrory: Chi Omega: Boo-sler Club 2, 3: Senale 3, 4' Tribunal 3: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4. E19 SENIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG Firsi' Row: DARLENE A. MILLER, l637 Liberly SIreeI', Easion, Pa.: Major: Chemisfry: lndependenf Women: Class Represenlalive I, 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: WWGC 2, 3, 4: Owl and Nighlingale I, 2: Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4. JOHN F. MILLER, III, 2IO Foresl Spring Lane, Ballimore 28. Md.: Major: Philosophy, Greelc: Sigma Nu: Wresiling I: Tennis 3: Eia Sigma Phi jTreasurer 3, Vice-Presidenl 4I: Alpha Kappa Alpha lVice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4l. RODNEY S. MILLER, JR., R.D. No. 2, Gardners, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion. FREDERICK W. MINK, JR., 3733 Rulheriord Sireel, Harrisburg, Pa.: Major: I-Iisiory: Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball I: Wreslling 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3, 4. HOWARD W. MINNICH, 2448 Jefferson Sireel, Harrisburg, Pa.: Major: Biology: Lambda Chi Alpha: Pooiball I: Baseball I, 2: LEC.: S.C.A.: SPECTRUM: Boosier Club: Della Phi Alpha: Bela Bela Bela: Psi Chi. JOHN M. MOLTZ, JR., 509 Haldeman Avenue, New Cumber- land, Pa. Second Row: ELAINE V. C. MOOK. 4I5 Waverly Road, Wyncole, Pa.: Major: Maihemalics: lndependenl Women: Boosler Club I, 2: S.C.A. I. 2, 3, IWUS Chairman 4I: Phi Sigma Iola 3, jSecre'rary-Treas- urer 4l: Kappa Della Epsilon 3, jHisIorian 4l. BARBARA L. MOORE, 37II Washingfon Avenue, Ballimore 7, Md.: Major: English: Phi Mu jVice-Presideni 4I: "Ge'rfysburgian" I, 2, 3: SPECTRUM 3: "Mercury" 3: Senale 2: Sociology Club 3: S.C.A. l, 2, 3: R.E.W.: Dean's Lisl 2, 3. JAMES M. MOYER, 34 Wesl' High Sireei, Annville, Pa.: Major: Physical Educalion: Phi Kappa Psi: Soccer: Baslcelball: Physical Educalion Majors Club: Varsiiy "G" Club: Kappa Phi Kappa. LOIS A. MOYER, 52 Wesl Broad Sireei, Souderlon, Pa.: Major: Economics: Della Gamma jVice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4l: Slu- denl' Senale 2, 3 jSecreIary 4l: W.S.G. I, jSecreIary-Treasurer 2l: Sludenl Disciplinary Commiliee 3, 4: Boosler Club I, 2, 3: Cheerleader I, 4: Pi Lambda Sigma: Kappa Delia Epsilon: Spec- 'rrum Courl' jQueen II, 3: l.F.C. Courl 3: May Courl' 2: Home- coming Queen 4: Oulslanding Junior. FRED W. MUELLER, I27 Allcins Avenue, Lancasler, Pa.: Major: Malhemalics: Lambda Chi Alpha: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball I, 2: Boo-sler Club I. ROBERT C. iMUFF, 299 Brixlon Road Soulh, Garden Ciiy, N.Y.: Major: Physical Educalion: Phi Gamma Della: Baseball I: La- crosse 2, 3, 4: 'Physical Educalion Majors Club I, 2, 3, 4: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, lPresidenI 4I. By George! Revlon is lhe beslll Firsl' Row: HARVEY M. MUMMA, R.D. No. 3, C-Eeflysburg, Pa.: Major: Physics: Phi Della Thela lPresidenl' 3l: l3GSl4GllD5ll li BGSGLJGII li Soccer l, 2, 3: Sigma Pi Sigma. FRAIDOUN NASSEHI, Universily Avenue, Tehran, Iran: Major: Malhemalics. FREDERICK R. NATSCHKE, B-I3 Irving Manor, Mechanicsburg. Pa.: Major: Physics: Sigma Chi: Sludenl Senale 2: Class Repre- senlalive 2. Second Row: MIRIAM E. NELL, 566 W. Markel Slreel, Marieila, Pa.: Major: French: Chi Omega: l.R.C. l: Young Republicans Club I: "Gel- l'ysburgian" I, 2: Boosler Club l, 2, 3: Phi Sigma lola 3, 4: Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4, WARREN M. NEWMARK, ISOO Garrell' Road, Upper Darby, Pa.: Major: Economics: lnclepenclenl Men: Young Republicans Club: l.R.-C.: WWC-C. PETER J. NINESLING, I9 Millbrook Courl, Greal Neck, N.Y.: Major: Economics: Phi Della Thela lPledgemasler 4l: ROTC Drill Team 3, 4: "Gel'lysburgian" 3 lBusines5 Manager 4-I: Pi Delia Epsilon. Third Row: RONALD E. NITZSCHE, 3606 S. Broad Slreel, Trenlon IO, N.J.: Major: Psychology: Alpha Chi Rho lVice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4l: WWGC 2: S.C.A. l, 2, 3: Pislol Team 3: Army 'ROTC Drill Team l, 2: Associalion ol lhe Uniled Slales Army 2, 3 l'Presidenl 41: Gavel Club lPresidenl' 4l. THOMAS C. NORRIS, S. 'Main Slreel, Slevvarlslown, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Phi Sigma Kappa lTreasurer 3, 4l: Boosler Club l: Tribunal 2: l.F.C. 3 lTreasurer 4l: Class Represenlalive 2: College Choir 2, 3, 4: Class Vice-Presidenl 3. NANCY E. OTTMANN, I2 Lexinglon Slreel, Floral Park, N.Y.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Chi Omega: SPECTRUM 2: Boosler Club 2, 3, 4: "Ge'rlysburgian" l, 2, 3, 4: l.R.C. 4: Pi Lambda Sigma: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4. Fourlh Row: EDWARD L. PALMER, 6l7 Hi hland Wa Ha erslown Md 9 Yr 9 I -i Major: Business Aclminislralion: College Choir I, 2, 3 lManager 4l : Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4. CHARLES H. PARKELL, JR., 52 Reckless Place, Red Bank, N.J.: Major: Business Adminislralion: "6el'lysburgian": Arnold Air Sociely: AFROTC Drill Team: AFROTC Rifle Team: Pi Lambda Sigma. ALAN L. PARKER, 655 Arbor Road, Yeadon, Pa.: Major: Eco- nomics: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Frosh-Soph Show I, 2: l.R:C. 2, 3, 4: l.F.C. Pledge Council: Sludenl Senale I, 2, 3 lTreasurer 4l: "Mercury" lAr'r Edilo-r 4l: Alpha Psi Omega 3, 4: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Oulslanding Junior. E19 SENIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG Firsl Row: ROBERT T. PARRY, 293 Rumson Drive, Harrisburg, Pa.: Major: Economics: Lambda Chi Alpha lVice-Presidenll: l.R.C.: Young Republicans Club: Pi Lambda Sigma. RAY S. PASKELL, JR., 1209 Soulhview Road, Ballimore IS, Md.: Major: Psychology: Phi Kappa Psi: "Gellysburgian" 2: Young Re- publicans Club 2, 3: Psi Chi. MELVIN N. PAYTON, 2 W. Cenlral Avenue, Mooreslown, N.J.: Major: Polilical Science: Phi Gamma Della: Foolball I: Swimming I: Lacrosse 3: Governmenl Club: I.R.C. H. RICHARD PEARCE, l5l4 Dorchesler Road, Haverlown, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Phi Della Thela jTreasurer 3j: "G-Book" I, 2: "Gellysburgian" I, 2: Boosler Club I, 2: WWGC l, 2, 3: l.R.C. 2 lTreasurer 3j. JOHN E. PERRINE, 20 Sedgwick Slreel, Jamesburg, N.J.: Major: Physical Educalion: Phi Kappa Psi jPresidenl 4l: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Swimming 2, 3 jCaplain 4l: Baslcelball I: Physical Educalion Majors Club I. 2 jVice-Presidenl 3l, 4: Varsily "6" Club 2, 3 jSecrelary 4j. HOWARD N. PETERS, 523 W. Diamond Avenue, Hazlelon, Pa.: Major: Spanish: Phi Della Thela lSecrelaryl: "Gellysburgian" I: Boosler Club I: College Choir 2, 3: Spanish Club I, 2 j'Presidenl 3, 4j: Phi Sigma lola 3 l'Presidenl 4j. Second Row: C, BOYD PFEIFFER, 6Ol7 Bellona Avenue, Ballimore I2, Mcl.: l Major: Biology: Aplha Chi Rho lPIeclge Masler 4l: Army -ROTC Drill Team I, 2: l.P.C. 2: Bela Bela Bela 2, 3, 4. GARRY C. iPFLUG, IO4 E. Oxford Slreel, Valley Slream, N.Y.: Major: Psycholo-gy: Phi Kappa Psi I'Se'crelary 2l: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Senale 2: Philosophy Club 4: Psi Chi 2, 3 lPresidenl 4j. JULES F. PREVOST, JR., 3I0 Pine Tree Road, Radnor, Pa.: Major: Polilical Science: Phi Della Thela lPresiclenlj: Swimming 2, 3' Foo-lball I, 2, 3. PAUL PRUTZMAN, JR., John Slreel, Hanover, Pa.: Major: Psy- chology. WILLIAM C. PURSCH, I665 Tinsman Avenue, Pennsaulcen, N.J.: Major: Biology: Kappa Della Rho lSecrelary 2, 3, Treasurer 4lI WWGC I: Rille Team I, 2: Sludenl Senale 2: Associalion ol U.S. Army 2, 3 lTreasurer 4l: Scabbard and Blade 3 lVice- Presidenl 41: Alpha 'Phi Omega l, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT W. RADER, 55 Kensinglon Avenue, Meriden, Conn.: Major: Biology: Marching Band I, 2, 4: Concerl Band I, 4: Chapel Choir 4: WWGC I, 2, 3, 4. Slaughler on Soulh Mounlain Firsl Row: ROBERT H. RATHMANN, I2 E. Washinglon Place, Palisades Park, N.J.: Major: Malhemalics: Lambda Chi Alpha: Baseball li Boosler Club 2: Young Republicans Club 2. JOHN K. REIGHTER, 37 S. 3rd Slreel, Newporl, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Phi Sigma Kappa: Band I, 2: AFROTC Drill Team I, 2: "Gellysburgian" I, 2, 3 lSporls Edilor 4l: Baslqel- ball lManager I, 2, 3, 4l: Varsily "G" 'Club 2, 3 lTreasurer 4l: Sabre Air Command 2. JOHN L. RENJILIAN, 880 Old Posl Road, Fairlield, Conn.: 'Majorr I-Iislory: Phi Della Thela: Foolball I: Baseball lManager Ili Young Republicans Club I, 2: WWGC I, 2, 3, 4: I.R.C. I, 2, 3 lPresiclenl 4l: "Gellysburgian" 4: Class Represenlalive I, 2, 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 4. Second Row: CHARLES W. RICHTER, 56I8 Oakland Road, Ballimore 27, Md.i Major: Philosophy: 'Phi Sigma Kappa lVice-Presidenl 3l, Chapel Choir I: Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4: Ela Sigma 'Phi 2, 3 lVice- Presidenl 4l. JAMES D. RISSER, 53I College Avenue, Elizabelhlown, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Sigma Chi lVice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4l: Baseball I: Tribunal 2: Class Represenlalive 3, 4: I.R.C. 3, 4: Gavel Club 4: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4. FREDERICK M. RITTER, JR., I4I9 Greyslone Terrace, Winchesler, Va.: Major: Philosophy: Boosler Club I: Band 2, 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2 lPresidenl 3, 4l: Ela Sigma Phi 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4. Third Row: SUE A. RUBY, 79 Ml. Zion Road, York, Pa.: Major: Physical Edu- calion: Della Gamma: Boosler Club I, 2: J.V. Baskelball I, 2, 3: Hockey I: W.A.A. 2, jVice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4l, W.'S.G. 2: Phys. Ed. Majors Club I, 2, 3 ISecrelary 4l: "Gellysburgian" I, 2,3 lSubscriplion 'Manager 4l: Pan-I-lell 3, 4: Alhlelic Advisory Board 4: Oulslanding Junior: I-Iamme Award: Dean's Lisl. RICHARD W. RUESCH, 326 Moore Avenue, Leonia, N.J.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Lambda Chi Alpha lPledge Trainer 4l: Boosler Club I, 2, 3: "Gellysburgian" 2, 3: SPECTRUM lAdver- lising Manager 4l: "G-Book," 2: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4. BARBARA SAMPSON, I2O Meadow Road, Easl Longmeadow, Mass.: Major: Philosophy: Della Gamma: Cheerleader: Baslcelball: Class Represenlalive: S.C.A.: Dorm Dance Co-Chairman: Waler Show: Boosler Club: "Gellysburgian": Phi Sigma Tau jSecrelary- Treasurerl: Oulslancling Junior. Fourlh Row: ROBERT S. SANTILLO, 2806 Second Avenue, Norrislown, Pa.: Major: I-lislory: 'Phi Gamma Della ll-lislorianl: Wreslling I: I.F.C. Pledge Council: I.F.C.: Boosler Club. DAWN I. SCHAEFFER, 24 Wesl Main Avenue, Myerslown, Pa.: Major: l-Iislory: Alpha Xi Della: Marching 84 'Concerl Band I: Frosh-Sohp Shaw: S.C.A. 2, 3: I.R.C. 3, 4: Owl and Nighlingale I, 3, 4: Boosler Club 2, 3, 4: Bullelles 3: SPECTRUM 4: Phi Alpha Thela 4: Kappa Della Epsilon 2 jSecrelary 3, Presidenl 4l. KAREN S. SCHAUMANN, SOI Capilol Trail, Newark, Dela.: Major: German: Sigma Kappa lTreasurerl: Chapel Choir I, 2: S.C.A. I, 2, 3: Della Phi Alpha 3, 4: Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4. E19 IIB 8 I SENIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG Firsl Row: JOHN C. SCHEFFY, 783 N, Charlolle Slreel, Pollslown, Pa.: Major: French: Sigma Nu: Phi Sigma lola 3, 4. , LOUISE C. SCHILPP, lI4I 'Morgan Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Phi Mu: Panhellenic Council: Boosler Club I, 2 lSecrelary 3l: S.C.A. 3, 4: I.R.C. 3, 4: "Get lysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4: "Mercury": Tribunal: Sociology Club: Chapel Choir: Dean's Lisl: Class Honors 2, 3. LUDWIG F. SCHLECHT, JR., 329 Wellesley Road, Syracuse 7, N.Y.: Major: Philosophy: Phi Della Thela: Sludenl Senale 2, 3 IPresidenl 4l: I.R.C. I, 2, 3: Honor Commission Trial Counselor 2, 3: Della Phi Alpha I, 2, 3 jTreasurer 4I: Philosophy Club 3, 4: "Mercury" I, 2: Oulslanding Junior. FLOYD F. SCHMID, 42 Church Slreel, Wesl Englewood, N.J.: Major: Hislory: Lambda Chi Alpha jSleward 3, 4l: Boosler Club I, 2, 3: SPECTRUM 3 IAdverlising Manager 4l: Baseball l: Wreslling 2. EDMUND M. SCHNEIDER, I23 DeMoll Avenue, Clillon, N.J.: Major: Chemislry: Kappa Della Rho: Slceplical Chymisls 2. LINDA A. SEEBACH, I3O Carlisle Slreel, Gellysburg, Pa.: Major: Malhemalics: Chapel Choir I, 2, 4: S.C.A. I, 4: "Mercury" I, 4: "Gellysburgian" I: Alpha Psi Omega I, 2, 4. Second Row: HENRY C. SEEKAMP, 240-O6 93rd Avenue, Bellerose, N.Y.: Major: Malhemalics: Thela Chi. R. DANIEL SELAK, R.D. No. I, Conemaugh, Pa.: Majo-r: Hislory: Lambda Chi Alpha: S.C.A.: SPECTRUM: Honor Commission jSer- geanl-al-Armsl. CAROL K. SEVERE, 505 Hawlce Slreel, Fredricksburg, Va.: Major: Biology: Alpha Xi Della jRush Chairman 3I: W.A.A. 2: "Gellys- burgian" I: Della Phi Alpha 3, 4: Bela Bela Bela 3, 4: Owl and Nighlingale I: Tribunal 2: "G-Book" I. JOHN R. SHARRAH, Cashlown, Pa.: Major: Chemislry: Inde- pendenl Men. K. BRUCE SHERBINE, Box 964, R.D. No, 2, Porlage, Pa.: Major: Biology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon ISleward 4l: Bela Bela Bela: Kappa Phi Kappa: Band l, 2: "6ellysburgian" 2. RICHARD F. SHIMER, Meadowbrook Terrace, Bedlord, Pa.: Ma- jor: Business Adminislralion: Phi Gamma Della: Governmenl Club 2, 3 jVice-Presiclenl 4l: Boosler Club I, 2, 3: I.R.C. 2, 3: Class Represenlalive 3, 4: Pi Lambda Sigma. Carl Sandburg pays I'ribu'I'e Io Lincoln Firsl' Row: RONALD SHONK, 22 S. Pili' Slreel, Manheim, Pa.: Major: Psy- chology: Tau Kappa Epsilon: S.C.A. I, 2, 3 IPresidenI' 4j: Phi- losophy Club 4: Church Vocalions Fellowship jVice'PresIden+j. SALLY E. SKOMSKY, 705 Easl Fronl Slreel, Berwiclc, Pa.: Major: Biology: Wafer Show 2: Bela Bela Bela 2, 3, 4'lProvisionaI Awarclj 2. ALLEN R. SLATER, I33 Wesiover Avenue, Wesi' Caldwell, N.J.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Kappa' Della Rho IVice-Presi- denl 3, Social Chairman 4j: I.F.'C. Pledge Council I: l.F.C, 2, 3. Second Row: WILLIAM E. SLIFER, 748 Wesl Philadelphia Avenue, Defroil, Mich.: Major: Philosophy: Sigma Nu: Chess Club IPresidenl' 3, 4I. Alpha Kappa Alpha 4. CYNTHIA L. SMITH, Slonecrc-I+ Manor, Drums, Pa.: Major: Eng- lish: Gamma Phi Bela lVice-Presidenl 3, Presidenl 4I: Sludenl Senale 3, 4: W.A.A. 2, 3 ISe-crelary 4j: "GelI'ysburgian" 3, 4: SPECTRUM 3: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4: Kappa Della Epsilon 2, 3, 4. LOREN H. SMITH, 3 Prescoll' Slreel, Edison, N.J.: Major: Malhe- malics: Independenl Men. Third Row: JOHN 6. SNOOK, 64 Perkins Avenue, Amilyville, N.Y.: Major: Polilical Science: Phi Gamma Della: Wreslling I: Governmenl Club 2, 3 IPresidenl 4I: Pi Lambda Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega: I.R.C. MARJORIE J. SNYDER, 20 Indian Road, Trumbull, Conn.: Major: Psychology: S.C.A. 2, 3: "G-Book" 2: Psi Chi 3, 4: Alpha Psi Omega 4. PAULL E. SPRING, 4 Fairview Terrace, Wheeling, W.Va.: Major: Hislory: Alpha Chi Rho lSociaI Chairman 4l: S.IC.A. 4: Church Vocalions Fellowship 4: Ela Sigma Phi 4: Phi Alpha Thela jVice- Presidenl' 4I. Fourlh Row: HELEN B. STAUB, 420 Harrisburg Slreel, Gellysburg, Pa.: Major: EHQIISIN Chi Omega: Kappa Delia Epsilon 2, 3, 4: Choir I, 2. JOSEPH A. STEG-ER, III, 9I4 Marshall Road, Sharon Hill, Pa.: Major: Psychology. GILBERT W. STILES, I2l Wesl Slralforcl Avenue, Lansdowne, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislraiion: Phi Sigma Kappa: Army 'ROTC Drill Team 2: Boosler Club I. E19 SENIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG Firsl Row: JANE E. STITES, 39I Boyd Slreel, Camden, N.J.: Maior: Lalin: Sigma Kappa: S.C.A. I, 2, 3: Chapel Choir 2, 31 Boosler Club I, 2, 3, 4: Owl and Niqhlingale 2, 3: IJRJC. 2, 3. KARL P. STOFKO, 8975 Beck Road, Plymoulh, Mich.: Maior: Biology: S.lC.A.: Della Phi Alpha, Bela Bela Bela. ROBERT C. STRAIT, 504 Edward Slreel, Harrisburg, Pa.: Maior: Business Adminislralion: Sigma Chi lVice-Presidenl 3, 4l: I.F.C. 2. NANCY E. SUSSER, 332 Clay Slreel, Meyersdale, Pa.: 'Maiorz Psychology: Gamma Phi Bela lSecrelary 3, Rush Chairman 41: Pan Hellenic Council 3 lSecrelary 4l1 Sludenl Senale 3, 4: Sociology Club 2: Sludenl Disciplinary Commillee 4: Baslrelball I1I3'oosler Club 2, 3, 4. GEORGE F. THOMAS, Il5 Jellerson Avenue, River Edge, N.J.: Major: Bio-logy: Bela Bela Bela: Kappa Phi Kappa. RONALD F. THOMSON, I8 Shiloh Avenue, Hampslead, Md.: Maior: Economics: Tau Kappa Epsilon lPledge Trainer 3, Vice- Presidenl 4l: Soccer 3, 4: Varsily "G" Club: Baslcelball. Second Row: BRUCE E. THORNTON, 32 E. Middle Slreel, Gellysburg, Pa.: Maior: Psychology: Alpha Tau Omega: SPECTIRUM. TEDDI TICHY, 44 S. Ballimore Avenue, Ml. Holly Springs, Pa.: Maior: Biology: Della Gamma lSecrelary 3, Vice-'Presidenl 4l: Choir I, 2, 3 lSecrelary 4l1 Bela Bela Bela 2, 3 lVice-Presidenl 4l: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3 lSecrelary 4l: Class Secrelary 3: "Gellysburgian" 3, 4: Junior Biology Award: Homecoming Courl 4: I.F.C. Courl 4: Oulslanding Junior, MARY VIRGINIA TONER, 29 Newman Slreel, Meluchen, N. J.: Maior: English: Alpha Xi Della: I.R.C. 3: Young Republicans Club 3, 4: Boosler Club 3. JERE L. TOWSON, 43 W. Lancasler Avenue, Downinglown, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Kappa Della Rho: I.E.C. Pledge Council 3. JOHN A. ULRICH, 36I E. Mounl Pleasanl Avenue, Livingslon, N.J.: Maior: Greek: Ela Sigma Phi: S.C.A. DOUGLAS R. UNDERKOFFLER, 323 Easl Cheslnul Slreel, Soud- erlon, Pa.: 'Maior: Polilical Science: Phi Gamma Della: Boosler Club l, 2, 3, 4: Governmenl Club: AFROTC Drill Team. More punch anyone? Firsl Row: GERALD W. VICKERY, 466 Elmira Slreel, Troy, Pa.: Maior: Physical Educalion: Lambda Chi Alpha: Physical Educalion Ma- iors Club: Track: Kappa Phi Kappa: Boosler Club. JOAN G. WACHOB, Thomas Wynne Aparlmenl, Wynnewood, Pa.: Maior: English: Phi 'Mu lPresidenl 4l: WSG. 2, 3 lPresi- denl 4l: W.A.A. 2, 3 lSecrelary-Treasurer 2l: "Cv-Book" I lCopy Edilor 2l: "Gellysburgian" I: Boosler Club I, 2: Hockey 2, 3: May Courl 3: Pi Della Epsilon 2 lHislorian 3, 4l: SPECTRUM I, 2,3 lManaging Edilor 4l. GARY F. WACHTEIR, 3 Brook Bridge Road, Greal Neck, N.Y.: Maior: Psychology: Inclependenl Men. Second Row: RALPH H. WAGONER, Box 24, Wesllord, Pa.: Maior: Biology: Transler from Susquehanna Llniversily: Phi Sigma Kappa: Lacrosse 2, 4: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, lSecrelary 4l: "Gellysburgian" 2: Alpha Phi Omega 3 lVice-Presidenl 4l. JOHN A. WEAVER, 243 Evansburg Road, Collegeville, Pa.: 'Ma- ior: Malhemalics: Phi Della Thela lSleward 4l: "Gellysburgian" I, 2: "G-Book" I, 2: I.R.C. 2, 3. WALTER H. WEDEMEYER, 500 E. Anderson Avenue, Phoenix- ville, Pa.: Maior: Business Adminislralion: AEROTC Drill Team: WWGC: "Gellysburgian": Inolependenl Men: l.R.C. Third Row: JANET L. WEITCOMB, R.D. No. I, York, Pa.: Major: English: Phi Mu: S.C.A. I, 2: "Gellysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM lClass Edilor 4l: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4: Phi Sigma lola: Kappa Della Epsilon 2, 3 lSecrelary-Treasurer 4l: Dean's Lisl. WILLIAM H. WERTMAN, 706 Sloninglon Road, Silver Springs, Md.: Maior: Malhemalics: Alpha Chi Rho lSecrelary 2, 3l: Class Represenlalive I: Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4: Sigma Pi Sigma 2, 3, 4: Baum Malhemalics Prize 2. CLAIRE C. WILENT, Box 548, R.D. No. I, Blackwood, N.J.: Maior: Sociology: Phi Mu: S.C.A. I, 2, 3 lSecrelary 4l: "Gellysburgian" I. 2, 3: 'Pi Della Epsilon 3 lSecrelary-Treasurer 4l: Sociology Club 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 4: Church Vocalions Fellowship 4: Dean's Lisl. Fourlh Row: ROBERT H. WILLOUGHBY, I23 George Avenue, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.: Maior: Psychology: Lambda Chi Alpha: Swimming 2, 3, 4: Track I, 2, 3. 4: Della Phi Alpha: Psi Chi: Varsily "G" Club. M. HALO WINES, 42OI Massachusells Avenue, N.W., Washing! lon I6, D.C.: Maior: Psychology: Chi Omega lSecrelary 2, Presi- denl 4l: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 4 lSecrelary 3l: WWGIC I: Tribu- nal 2: Honor Commission 2: Sludenl Senale 2: Co-Chairman Dorm Dance 2: Oulslanding Junior: Class Represenlalive: Alpha Kappa Alpha 4: "6ellysburgian" I, 3: Oulslanding Junior. KEITH B. WOLFE, R.D. No. 3, Cvellysburg, Pa.: 'Maiorz Business lixdmgznhislralion: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Foolloall Manager: WWGC: si i. E 1 SENIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG Firs'I' Row: SANDRA L. WOLFF, I43 Chambersburg Slreei, G-eilysburg, Pa.: Major: French: Phi Mu: "GeIIysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM I, 2, 3, 4: "G-Book" I, 2, 3: S.C.A. I, 2: Boosler Club I, 2: Majorefre 3: French Club 3. RALPH L. WOOD, JR., Fox Road, R.D. No. I6, Media, Pa.: Major: Psychology: Marching Band: Concerl Band: WWGC. RONALD E. WOOD, 80 E. 235Th Slreel, Bronx 70, N.Y.: Major: Business Adminislralionq Thela Chi ll-Iislorianlg Boo-srer Club I: Army ROTC Drill Team 2. WILLIAM B. WOOD, 208 S. I9Ih Slreel, Camp I-Iill, Pa.: Major: Biology: Phi Della Thela: Bela Bela Bela 3, 4: Frosh-Soph Show I, 2: "Ge'rIysburgian" 2: Choir I. WILLIAM H. WUNNER, I78 Morlimer Avenue, Rulheriord, N.J.: Major: Chemislry: Lambda Chi Alpha jSecre+ary 3, 4l: Band I: Orcheslra I: Boosler Club 2: SP-ECTRUM 3 jBusiness 'Manager 4l: Skeplical 'Chymisls 2, 3, 4: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4. JOHN C. YINGST, I63 S. I-Ianover Slreel, I-Iummelslown, Pa.: Major: Business Adminislralion: Sigma Alpha Epsilon lTreasurer 3, 4l: Arnold Air Sociely. 193 Second Row: BARBARA L. YOUNG, 24 Taplin Avenue, Maywood, N.J.: Major: Sociology: Psi Chi: Sociology Club jSecre+ary'Treasurerl: S.C.A. CONRAD B. YOUSE, II4 W. Park Avenue, Myerslown, Pa.: 'Ma- jor: I-Iislory: Lambda Chi Alpha: Della Phi Alpha: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Varsily "O" Club 2, 3. GUNAIRS V. ZAGAIRS, 50 W. Broadway, Gelrysburg, Pa.: Major: Physics: Sigma Chi ll-Iislorian 4l: Sigma Pi Sigma 4: Alpha Psi Omega 2, 3, 4: I.'R.C. 2, 3 jTreasurer 4l: WWGC 2, 3, 4. JAMES L. ZERBE, 204I Whiiehall Sireel, 'I-Iarrisburg, Pa.: Major: Marhemalics: 'Lambda Chi Alpha lTreasurer 3, 4l: Della Phi Alpha lTreasurer 3l: Pi Delia Epsilon: SPECTRUM: Boosler Club. CHARLES L. ZIEGLER, JR., I33 E. Oak Avenue, Mooreslown, N.J.: Major: Philosophy: Sigma Nu: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Efa Sigma Phi 3, 4: Garver Lalin Prize I: Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4: Church Vocaiions Fellowship. Seniors Noi' Picluredz William M. Barlholel, Edgar F. Books, Del- berr Bou'i'weII, Jr., Raymond Cranmer, Ralph Dencller, Joseph Donahue, Rila Frey, Roberl Fullon, Lenora Genlzler, Herman L. George, Jr., Philip Gleason, Edward Granl, 'Edna Grommisch, Lee O. I-lanes, John Roberl Henry, John I-Iowarcl, Chesler Knighl, Joyce Kocialyn, Joel M. McKean, William McLaughlin, Waller Mervine, David L. Miller, Emerson Palmer, Peler lPenningIon, Thomas I. Propsl, I-Ierberl Rigberg, Charles IE. Ruhl, IE. 'Louis Slapl, Elizabelh Vallco, John Warner, James Weslenberger, Edwin W. Whilmer, Jr., Norman J. Wilson. Sea+ed are Don Oakley, Doris Kurzenlrnabe, and Jon Wag- nild. Sfanding are Phyllis Boys and Mike Pacilio. Wm-X OUTSTANDING JUNIORS Sealed are Bill Filzlcee and Lucy Jones. Sfanding are Fred Fielding, Lynn Jacob- sen, and Bill Hockenberry. 44? Sealed are Sancly Dempcy, Carol Hirsf, anicl Bud Emerson. Sfanding are Dave Benfer, Helen Gilberl, and Russ Branfon. JU I RS Firsl' Row: ROBERT E. ADOLPH, 842 Ivlagie Avenue, Elizalselln, N.J. DONALD G. AITKEN, JR., IO Russell Road, Garden lCiIy, N.Y LEONARD B. ALENICK, I4-O8 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn 30. N.Y RICHARD W. AIMANN, I5 Callwerine Sfreel, Lynbroolc, N.Y. Second Row: ROBERT C. ANDERSON, 38 Cranford Place, Teaneclc, N.J. JOHN B. ARMSTRONG, ZOOI Slworefqelds Road, Silver Spring, 'Md MARY PAT ARNOUD, ZIOZ Donald Avenue, Hunfingfon, W.Va. GRETCIHEN A. AUNGST, 20 Maple Avenue, Hershey, Pa. Third Row: JO ANN BAILEY. 3300 Lowell Slreel, N.W., Washinglon 8, D.C JOSIEPH J. BAILY. Ill, 3I7 Plymoulli Avenue, Oreland, Pa. DAVID M. BARCLAY, 5II Glencoe Avenue, ForlWasl1ingIon, Pa GUY H. BARNHAIRT, IO53 Harllord Turnpike, Norllw Haven, Conn FOUTII1 Row: HENRY RICHARD BASSO, JR., IZOO SouI'I1 I9II'1 Sireel, Harris burg, Pa. CHARILES L. BATCHEEER, l5l8 Carlisle Road, Camp lHilI, Pa WlLLlA'M G. BATTING, 69 Kendall Avenue, Maplewood, N.J. JOHN W. BAUER, 4-517 Joneslown Road, Harrisburg, Pa. FIHI1 Row: JAMES M. BEAM, Box 4-I6, R.D. No. 2, Gardners, Pa. S. WILLIAM BEAR, 355 Wallon Slreel, Lemoyne, Pa. RONALD W. BEERKIRCHER, I8 Wesl Palmer Avenue, Collings- wood, N.J. BARBARA A. BEERS, 2I2 Elmer Avenue, Sclweneclady. N.Y. Sixfh Row: DAVID A. BENEER, 28OI Darby Road, Ardmore, Pa. SARA L. BENNER. 3I3 Ruby Slreel, Lancasler, Pa. DAVID L. BENNETT, III3 Waslwinglon Avenue, 'Lewislourg, Pa. L. CLARK BILLIE, 8I3 Slanbridge Road, Drexel Hill, Pa. Seven'rI1 Row: BARBARA A. BINGHMAN, R.D. NO. I, Hellam. Pa. ESTA M. BLACK, 27I Easl Granada Avenue, Herslwey, Pa. KENNETH A. BLUBTT, 32I7 Bellou James Place, Ballimore 7, Md BERNADINE D. BLUMENSTINE, 357 Pine Slreel. Sleello-n, Pa. EigI1I'I1 Row: ELSON M. BLUNT, 48 Livermore Road, Wellesley Hills, Mass. LOR'RAlN'E S. BOIHLANDEIR, R.D. No. 2, Box I6. Hollwood, Pa. LAWRIENCE D. BONNEY, 38-5 Revere Road, Drexel Hill, Pa. WIELIAM C. BOOR, 4 Virginia Avenue, Pelersburg, W.Va. JU I RS Firsl Row: GEORGE W. BOYER, JR., I22l W. Poplar Slreel, York. Pa PI-IYLLIS J. BOYER, 3OI Noble Slreel, Kulzlown, Pa. PHYLLIS A. BOYS, 48II Wellinglon Drive, Chevy Chase I5 Md. RUSSELL W. BRANTON, 925 George Slreel, 'Pen Argyl, Pa Second Row: MARY P. BRAY, R+. 4. Box 285, Elkridge 27, Md. RUSSELL J, BUCHI-IEIT, I9 Louise Lane, Tenally, N.J. KAY BUIRCI-IFIELD, l6OO Monaco Drive, Warsovn Woods, SI' Louis, Mo. KARL L. BURKHARDT, 7 Campus Place, Brooklyn 8, N.Y. Third Row: BARBARA BUSE, IO7 Mollrom Drive, McLean, Va. LAN-CE H. BUTLER, High Slreel Road, Mullica Hill, N.J. LOUIS H. CABAN, 2829 Queen Lane, Philadelphia 29, Pa. LAWRENCE G. CARUTH, Box 252, R.D. No. I, Moscow, Pa Eourlh Row: RONALD P. CHILINGARIAN, 780 Howard Courl E., Ora dell, N.J. ROBERT M. COHN, l8l9 Avenue L, Brooklyn, N.Y. CATHRINE E. CONWAY, 3I4 Norlh Rock Slreel, Shamokin Pa. ROBERT H. CORDIER, 680 Church SI'ree+, Oradell, N.J Fi'f'I'h Row: E. HOWARD COST, IIOI Polomac Avenue, Hagerslown Md. SILAS M. CREECH, JR., 5217 Goddard Road. Belhesda I4 Md. RICHARD G. CRISP, I39 Easl Avenue, Freeporl, N.Y. AUSTIN L. CROTHERS, l276 Overlook Rd., Lakewood 7 Ohio. Six'I'h Row: LAWRENCE B. CURTIN, Glen Valley Road, Morrisville, Pa ROBERT C. DE CAMARA, 4l4 Manheim Slreel, Philadel phia 44. 'Pa. GEORGE DEDRICK, I434 Virginia Avenue, Haverlown, Pa ROBERT D'ElCHERT, IIO Soulh Mifflin Slreel, Pine Grove Pa. Sevenlh Row: ANTHONY J. DEL PRETE, 3l Lanlair Road, Chellenham, Pa SANDRA D. DEMPCY, IIOO Greenway Road, Wilminglon 3 Del. FRIED W. DIMMICK, 249 Wyoming Avenue, Enola, Pa. SUSAN L. DITTMAR, 65l4- Bergenline Avenue, Wesl New York, N.J. Eighlh Row: JOSEPH J. DONAHUE, ll5 Brown Place, Jersey Cily, N.J THEODORE O. DOYLE, JR., 216 Soulh Madison Slreel, Har- risburg, Pa. ARTHUR D. DIRAKE, JR., BI6 'Lyons Avenue, Irvinglon, N.J KAY E. DULIN, I4I8 Huddle Avenue, Linwood, 'Pa. NIORS Firsi' Row: JAMES E. EMERSON, JR., 723 Smilh Slreel, Salisbury, Md. WARREN M. ESHBACH, R.D. No. 3, Box 382, Polrslown, Pa. RUTH E. EVANS, II53 Anchor Srreel, Philadelphia 24, Pa. DIANE K. FAIRIES, IIO5 Trafalgar Srreel, W. Englewood, N.J. Second Row: NOLAN W. FEESER, 7l8 Campbell Sfreer, Williamsport Pa. DIANE L. FENTSTERMAKER, IOI College Boulevard, Kulzlown, Pa. FRED F. FIELDING, Box 78, Mechanicsville, Pa. JA'MES O. FINCKENAUER, I63 Three Mile Harbor Road, Easl Hampron, N.Y. Third Row: SHIRLEY L. FISCHER, 8805 Harford Road, Balrimore I4, Md. WALTER H. FITZGERALD, 7203 Pifrville SI., Philadelphia 26, Pa. WILLIAM E. FITZKEE, I67 S. Main SI., Mounr Wolf, Pa. RICHARD C. FITZPATRICK, IIS Easl 2nd S+., Frederick, Md. Fourlh Row: SALLY A. FOREMAN, 3527 Rulheriord Sr., Harrisburg, P MARY G. FRANTZ, 363 Norrh Jehierson S+., Kirlanning, Pa RONALD D. FREDERICK, Harleysville, Pa. JOHN D. FREED, Fronf ST., Liverpool, Pa. 6. Fiffh Row: BRUCE R. FRETZ, I43 Easl Burler Avenue, Challonf, Pa. BARBARA L. FRIDINGER, I23 Soulh Main SI., Manchesler, Md. JOHN D. FRILING, II3 Spring Garden Sr., Milford, N.J. LAWRENCE A. FRILIN6, I8 Church S'I'., Milford, N.J. Six+h Row: KENN'ETH P. FRUCHTER, IIO-20-69 Avenue, Foresl Hills, N.Y. NAN F. FUNK, 223 Lachenour Avenue, Easron, Pa. FRANK G. FUSC'HlNO, 234 Hillon Avenue, Maplewood, N.J. DAVID B. GANOE, 3I3 Sourh Bishop Ave., Secane, Pa. Sevenlh Row: HARRY E. GARRISON, R.D. NO. 2, Elmer, N.J. KENNETH H. GEILS, 4I Sumrer Ave., Easi' Willisron, N.Y. MARGARET E. GENRICH, 55 Elrnhurslr Road, Snyder 26, N.Y. RICHARD E. GIBBS, JR., I4l Smull Avenue, Wesr Caldwell, N.J. Eighfh Row: HELEN C. GILBERT, 205 Hazel Drive, Piflsburgh 28, Pa. ROBERT B. GIRVAN, I92 Chrislie S+., Leonia, N.J. JOAN V. GLEISNER, 7I I4 Chambers Rd.. Ballirnore I4, Md. RUSISELL A. GLICKSMIAN, 8 Jochum Ave., Larchmonl, N.Y. JUNIORS HORACE Y. GOODMAN, JR., IO8 Laurel Avenue, Wil- minglon 3, Del. ANNABELLE L. GOUKER, 5829 Wissahickon Avenue, Phila- delphia 44, Pa. DAVID B. GREENLUND, I6 Russell Slreel, Warren, Pa. ROBERT F. GREENWOOD, 939 Church Lane, Yeadon, Pa. Second Row: ROBERT F. GRELE, 94 Wesl Slreel, Seymour, Conn. MARGARET F, GRIMA'LDI, 3I2 Cook Avenue, Scorch Plains, N.J. R. FREDERICK GLIISE, Lincolnway Easl, R.D. No. 5, Gel'- lysburg, Pa. ROBERT A. HAAF, R.D. NO. 2, Salem, N.J. Third Row: MELINDA S. HALL, 6102 Edlynne Road, Balfimore I2, Md. MARTHA .A. HALTOIM, II3 N. Tennessee Avenue, Marlins- burq, W.Va. FRANK W. HAMILTON, II7 Elm Avenue, Haddonfield, N.J. CAROL J, HAMJE, 38 Shellbank Place, Rockville Cenlre, N.Y. Fourlh Row: GEORGE C. HAMMER, 264 Echo Place, New York, N.Y. MARILYN S. HANNAS, William Penn Drive, Slony Brook, LI.. N.Y. LOIS A. HARDING, 655 Franklin Avenue, Garden Cily. N.Y. WILLIAM HARRAL, III, 244l 'Marshall Road, Drexel Hill, Pa. Fililh Row: NANCY M. HAWBAKER, R.D. No. 3, Chambersburg, Pa. JAMES H. HAYES. III, No. 8-30 Mummasburg Srreel, Gel- rysburg, Pa. LINDA S. HEBEIRIJE, 58I 'Rosewood Lane, Harrisburg, Pa. JAY C. HEBRANK, 240 Counry Road, Demaresl, N.J. Sixlh Row: CAROLYN A. HECKIER, Slale Hospilal, Embreeville, Pa. LYNN A. HEINBAUGH, 23 Mercer Avenue, Mercersburg, Pa. WILLIAM S. HEMSING, 4I3 Warren Road, Wayne, Pa. SHERMAN S. HIENDRIX, 35I Hilllop Drive, Slralforcl, Conn. Seven'I'h Row: PAULA S. HENRY, 9 Slanyon Road, York, Pa. ROBERT L. HERR, 2420 'Marker Slreel, Harrisburg, Pa. RICHARD B. HERSHEY, 2040 Easlern Boulevard, York, Pa. ROBEIRT D. HERSHEY, 340 Johnson Avenue, Teaneck, N.J. Eigh+h Row: GEORGE HILLIARD, 6 Chesney Lane, Philadelphia I8, Pa. HIERBERT W. HIRNING, IO69 Wilson Avenue, Teaneck, N.J. CAROL A. HIRST, I333 Paddock Way, Delaware Twp., Had- donfield, N.J. EAR-LE W. HOCIQENBER-RY, JR., 5626 26+h Slreel, N., Ar- Iinglon 7, Va. J I R Firsl' Row: CAROLANNE H. HOFFMANN, I4 Eric Lane, New Hyde Park, L.I., N.Y. RICHARD J. HOLZER, 209 Old Orchard Drive, Easlon. Pa. PHYLLIS D. HOIRN. Alexandria, Pa. VICTOR A. HORVATH, Lalce Shore Drive, Lalce Ronlconlcuma, N.Y. Second Row: ANNE M. HOWARD, I2OI Maple Slreel, Belhlehem, Pa. CHRISTOPHER P. HUMRICHOUSE, Slump Road, Soulhampron, Pa. JOSEPH R. HUNT, JR., 558 Bordenlown Road, Trenlon IO, N.J. MARLENE B. HYSON, Fawn Grove, Pa. Third Row: ANNE R. IDE, 2324 N. Richmond Slreel, Arlinglon, Va. HARVEY W. ILGEN, 4-2I Walnul Slreel, Milllinburg, Pa. NELSON E. ILGENPRITZ, R.D. No. I, Hellam. Pa. GARY G. JACKSON, I35l Linden Slreel, Allenlown, Pa. Fourfh Row: LOUISE JACOBS, I4 Clover Lane, Newlown Square, Pa. MELVIN L. JACOBS, JR., I928 High Srreef, Camp Hill. Pa. LYNN D. JACOBSEN, II Herning Avenue, Cranford, N.J. WALTER E. JOHNSON, 682i Owls Head Courl, Brooklyn, N.Y. Fiffh Row: LUCY JONES, IO8 W. Belcresl Road, Bel Air, Md. PAUL B. JONES, 32I Springs Avenue, Gellyslourg, Pa. W. BARRY KAIN, I3I7 Cleveland Avenue, Wyomissing, Pa. HUGH M. KELLOGG, 6I5 Tremonl Avenue, Wesllield, N.J. Sixlh Row: ROBERT L. KELLY, IO3 W. Huisache Avenue, San Anlonio I2 Texas. BARRY W. KERCHNER, 829 Worlh Boulevard, Pollslown, Pa. NANCY L. KESSLER, 262 Fleming Avenue, Hanover, Pa. RUTH KILPATRICK, I4 Hollybrook Avenue, MI: Holly, N.J. Sevenfh Row: BRADFORD D. KING, 59 Alden Road, Dedham, Mass. JOSEPH W. KISER, 525 Horner Srreer, Johnslovwn, Pa. GEORGE G. KISSNER, IOI2 Rualan SI'ree'r, Silver Spring, Md. JOSEPH H. KLEINFELTER, IBO6 N. Third Slreel, Harrisburg, Pa Eighlh Row: G. LEONARD KNAPP, Silverdale, Pa. LINDA A. KOBLE, I3V2 N. Main Sfreel, Pine Grove, Pa. LEE N. KOEHLER, I508 Kingsway Road, Ballimore IB, Md. GEORGE E. KOIENIG, 237 Eoresl' Avenue, Paramus, N.J. JUNIORS Firs+ Row: RONALD W. KRALL, R.D. No. 2, Myers+own, Pa. MARY ELIZABETH KQRUG, 2I4 Eas+ Randall S+., BaI+imore 30, Md. DORIS J. KU RZENKNABE, 247 Emerald S+., Harrisburg, Pa. CLEVE W. LAIRD, 76 Cedar Grove Parkway, Cedar Grove, N.J. Second Row: CAROL L. LANGE, 2408 Twis+ Lane, Limes+one Gardens, WiIming+on, Dei. JOHN E. LAPVEIRE, I7 Pennsylvania Blvd., Bellerose, N.Y. SARA LOYE LARK, Box IO96, Anna Maria, Fla. JULIA A. LAROSE, 306 Palmer Dr., Nor++i Syracuse I2, N.Y. Third Row: CONNIE L. LARSON, 4OI Wa+er S+., Srne+I'1por+, Pa. ERIEDERICK P. LAUBNER, S+ar Rou+e, Eas+ S+roucIsI:uurq, Pa. GENIE S. LEBER, R.D. No. 9, York, Pa. CHARLES LENTZ, IV, I222 Rices Mill Rd., Wynco+e, Pa. Four+h Row: ALTA E. LESHER, Clear Spring, Md. CHARLES H. LIGHTNER, 46 Sou++1 S+., 6e++ysI:urg, Pa. CHARLES IR. LOCKARD, 2I9 Mar+zviIIe Rd., Berwick, Pa. WILLIAM R. LOWE, R.D. No. 4, Ge++ysburg, Pa. Fi++I1 Row: EDWARD LUCAS, IZOO Eas+ 9+Ii S+., Eddys+one, Pa. CURTIS E. LUCKIEINBILL, 70 SOu+I'1 Baldy S'I'., Ku+ZI'own, Pa. FRANK LUETIG, 30 Eas+c+ies+er Rd., New Rochelle, N.Y. CAROL A. LUNN, 3I6 Reading Ave., Barring+on, N.J. Six+I'1 Row: EDGAR L. MCCLEAF, 26 Nor+I'1 Roys Ave., Columbus 4, Ohio S. KAY MCCLEIQLAN, I9 Eas+ Knowles Ave., Glenolden, Pa. VIRGINIA MCCLELLAND, 4405 Sou+I+ Firs+ S+., ArIing+on, Va. H.dDENNIS Iv1cCU'RDY, 3305 HamiI+on Ave., BaI+imore I4, M . Seven+I1 Row: DAVID A. MCGAUGHY, 807 Holland Square, Wyomissing, Pa. NORMAN D. MAISEL, 2OI8 Susquehanna S+., Harrisburg, Pa. HARRY R.'Iv1ARSI-I, 990 Eas+ 8+I1 S+., Brooklyn, N.Y. RICHARD K. MARTIN, Box 33, Brookeville, 'Md. Eigh'+I1 Row: WILLIAM M. MATZ, 33 Lexing+on Ave., Eas+ Lansdowne, Pa. EARL R. MELIN, 76 WI'1i+eI'1aII Blvd., Garden Ci+y, N.Y. JOI-IANNA M. MENGE, 98 Van Buren S+., Do-Igeville, N.Y. LqTWIi,EN'C'E A. MILLER, JR., 927 Wes+ Bridge S+., Phoenix- vi e, a. .IU I RS Firs'I Row: ROGER J, MILLER, 220 Calverl' Terrace, Hagersiown, Md. BRUCE E. MITCHELL, 4626 Warren SIreeI', Washinglon I6, D.C G. RAYMOND MITCHELL, 2059 Knob Hill Road, York, Pa. EDWARD J. MONAGHAN, II, R.D. No. 2, Box 4, Union'ro'wn, Pa Second Row: BERNARD P. MONTGOMERY, 424 Soulh Augusla Avenue, Balfi more 29, 'Md. DAVID E. 'MORAN, JR., 704 Slerner Mill Road, Trevose, Pa. HERBIERT F. MOULTON, R.D. No. 3, Norrislown, Pa. FREDERICK L. MULLER, JR., 800 Wallberg Avenue, Weslfield N.J. Third Row: MARY A. MUNRO, Elverson, Pa. J. STEPH'EN MUNZINGER, 38 Oak Drive, Lansdale, Pa. GORDON F. MUSCH, 39I4 Volando Road, Balfimore I8, Md. AUDREY H. MUSSIER, Box II6, Mounf Joy, Pa. Four'Ih Row: JOAN E. MYERS, 630 Church Lane, Yeadon, Pa. DAVID S. NAGLE, IOS Norlh Fiffh Avenue, Ccalesville, Pa. ROBERT W. NEHER, I22 Emery Sfreef, Hempslead, N.Y. WILLIAM T. NEISON, JR., Minisink 'HiIIs, Pa. Fif+h Row: PATRICIA A. NESS, R.D. No. 3, York, Pa. JOHN C. NORTHRUP, Box 2I, Tioga Cenfer, N.Y. DOUGLAS L. NORTON, 36 Turner Drive, Chappaqua, N.Y. DONALD L. OAKLEY. 431 Soulh 4Ih Sfreef, Norfh Wales, Pa. Sixfh Row: A THOMAS W. O'MALLEY, II39 Jancey S'rreeI', Piflsburgh 6, Pa. SUZANNE M. O'VER'MILLE'R, IO2 Biddle Road, Paoli, Pa. MICI-IA'EL J. PACILIO, JR., 80 Loines Avenue, Merrick, N.Y. CHARLES S. PATTI. II7 'Mercer Slreei, Phillipsburg. N.J. Seven+h Row: EMILY A. PAYNE, Chalham Road, Roule No. 5, Ellicoli' Cify, Md FREDERICK J. PAZRO, I82 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey Cily 2, N.J RALPH L. PEARVSON, 22 Elm Srreel, Ouakersfown, Pa. JAMES S. PECKHAM, I95 John Sfreef, Troy, Pa. Eighfh Row: RREDERICK O. PEDEIRSEN, 78 Cambridge Avenue, Garden Cify, ELIZABETH A. PENNINGTON, 2IO Wes? Broadway, Geflysburq, a 'BRENDA J. PENSING'ER, ZI36 Lincoln Way Easl, Chambersburg a. I I 'EADdWA'RD H. PEPPLER, 25I5 Wesl' Lomloard Sireel, Ballimore 23 JUNIORS Firs'I' Row: ROLAND Y. PEREZ, 5I-I9 Golclsmilh SI., Oueens, N.Y. JOHN J. PIEIRRY, I50 Hillside Avenue, Meluchen, N.J. LYNN L. PETRILLO, 47I Oak Ave., Maywood, N.J. RAYMOND H. PHYLES, 87I6 Surnmil Ave., Ballimore I4. Md. Second Row: WILLIAM M. PINTARD. 8I, Conover Place. Red Banli. N.J. SALLY A. PLUNKETT, 328 Ml. Vernon Dr., Ellwaod Cily, Pa. JOHN S. POKRIPCSAK, I908 Buller Sl., Easlon, Pa. RICHARD L. PUERTA, I240 Belhlehem Pike, Flourlown, Pa. Third Row: KEITH B. OUIGLEY, IO5 N. 5Ih S+., Lemoyne, Pa. HARRY J. RAFFENSPERGER, I965 Homesfead Ave., Belh- Iehem, Pa. CLAYTON P. REASER, 650 Sunsel Avenue, Gellysburg, Pa. CAROL M. REATHER, 7OIO Yorlq Rd., Ballimore I2, Md. Fourlh Row: TAYLOR P. REEDER, 3I0 Wyncole Rd., Jenlcinlown, Pa. RODGER L. REINER, II9 Miller Ave., Freeport N.Y. H. FREDERICK REISZ, JR., IO6 Elm RCI., Pillslburqh 37, Pa. VAL G. REIMENTER, 9IO Yeadon Ave., Yeadon, Pa. Flflh Row: JUDITI-I A. R'EMPP, 2l0 Haines Rd., York, Pa. RANDOLPH G. RICHARDSON, Nicodemus Rd., Reisler- Iown, 'Md. HAROLD L. ROBBINS, JR., II5 Soulh 4+h SI., Calawissa, Pa. DOUGLAS F. ROCKAFELLOW, 705 Harrison S+., French' Iown, N.J. Sixlh Row: JOSEPH E. ROCKLEIN, Box 87, MI. Sinai, N.Y. JOHN A. ROEISCH, JR.. 3I Park Lane, Wayne, N.J. JOHN H. ROSE, 48 Roydon Dr. E., Merriclc, N.Y. MAUD J. RUSSELL, 5 rue G. Malhieu, Bois-Ie-Roi, France Sevenfh Row: GEORGE 'R. SCHALICK, Box 424, Elmer, N.J. MARY ELLEN SCHIMIDT, l4O Beechwood Ave., Bogofa, N.J. EILEANOR E. SCHO'ELLER, Cedar Rd., Miclilelon, N.J. MARY B. SCHOFIELD, 485 Wigard Ave., Philadelphia 28, Pa. Eigrhfh Row: MARI'LYN R. SCHULTZ, 336 W. Fremonl Ave., Elmhursl, III. R. ALAN SCOTT, 6730 Riulland S+., Philadelphia 43, Pa. GEORGE H. SEIIETER, 949 Fohllcrocl SI., Philadelphia, Pa. DARIRYL L. SENSENIG, 95I Wesl Main Sl., Ephrala, Pa. J R Firsl' Row: PAUL SHALLOCK, 9l Lawrence Srreel, Fords, N.J. LOIS K. SHOOK, 4I2 Paxson Avenue, Glenside, 'Pa. SIDN'EY L. SHUEY, Po'HsviIIe Slreel, Wiconisco, Pa. LEON D. SILBER, 140-35 Beech Avenue, Flushing, N.Y. Second Row: ELLEN F. SIPPEL, 244 E. Euclid Slreef, Valley Slream, N.Y. HENRY B. SLEIGHT, JR., 2520 Hillrop Road, Schneciady 9, N.Y DEBORAH S. SMITH, 4OI S. Coldbroolc Avenue, Chambersburg Pa. RICHARD C. SMITH, 3I Macfarlan Avenue, Hawrhorne, N.J. Third Row: BERYL L. SNYDER, 554 Broad Slreer, Chambersburg, Pa. WILLIAM SNYDER, III, I3II VVindemere Avenue, Ballimore, Md JOHN K. SPECK, 243 Trowbridge Slreef, Pillsburgh 7, Pa. MYRNA K. SPECK, Ross Haven, Slar Roule, Saylorsburg, Pa. Fourlh Row: HELEN M. STABILE, 53 W. Somerser Sfreel, Rarilan, N.J. PETER C. STAN6, 1909 Locusr Grove Road, Silver Spring, Md. THOMAS W. STIPE, Rabbi? Run, Wallingford, Pa. SUSAN F. STODDART, 562 W. Lemon Slreel, Lancasrer, Pa. rr++h Row: ' RONALD K. STONER, Box 248, R.D. 2, Easl Berlin, Pa. EVELYN M. STOUGH, II23 E. Poplar Slreel, York, Pa. PATRICIA A. SWEIGART, 9I Spruce Srreer, Ephrala, Pa. M. KATHARYN SWENEY, 606 Cocoa Avenue, Hershey, Pa. Sixrh Row: BETSEY J. TAYLOR, 224 Washinglon Avenue, Chaiham, N.J. C. DOUGLAS TAYLOR, R.D. 3, Gelrysburg, Pa. FRANK W. TEMME, I92I Plymourh Srreel, Philadelphia 38, Pa. GARY W. TEST, R.D. 9, York, Pa. Sevenrh Row: KENNETH M. THOLAIN, 464 Olympic Avenue, Haverlown, Pa. DANIEL L. THOMAN, R.D. 2, Spring Grove, Pa. AUDREY B. THOMAS, 746 Kings Highway, Swedesboro-, N.J. NANCY THOIMAS, II7 Wesr Berrsch Srreer, Lansford, Pa. Eighfh Row: JEANNE K. THOMPSON, 4023 S. Warner Road, Lafayelre Hill Pa. JOHN L. TINSMAN, JR., 2Ol Valley View Road, Media, Pa. JOHN V. TRAUTWEIN, 28OI Ailsa Avenue, 'Ballirnore I4, 'Md. EDWARD L. VOGELSONC5, I204 Hudson S'rree'I, Harrisburg, Fa JUNIORS Firsl' Row: GEORGE W. VOLKMAN, 605 Eas+ 37'rh S+., Ballimore I8 Md. JEAN E. WAGNER, 200 Soulh Eorge Rd.. Palmyra. PG. RQBIERT Z, WAGNER, 26 Monlross S+., While 'PIains, N.Y, Jon P. WAGNIILD, R.D. Na. 2, eefiysbufg, Pa. Second Row: JAMES L, WALK'ER, R.D. No. 2, Somersef. Pa. D. EILEAN WALLACIE, 26 Norlh Maple SI., Woodbury, NJ ARTHUR H, WEDRA, Delsea Dr., Green Creek, N.J. JUDITH L. WEEKS, SI44 Norlh I5ll'1 SI., Arlinglon, Va. Third Row: ELIZABETH M. WENGER, 425 College Ave., Elizaloelhlown Pa. BARRY WENZ, 2620 Beverly Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y. SUSAN E. WERN-EKE, Nelson Blvd., Brewsler, N.Y. PHILIP L. WERT, Laurel, Pa. Fourfh Row: WESTON B. WHITE, JR., 49 Beacon Hill Rd., Por-I' Wash inglon, N.Y. ROBERT M. WHYTE, JR., 320 Oaldord SI., Wes? Hempslead N.Y. EREYA S. WIKEELD, 36 Overloolc Ave., Slalen Island, N,Y DAVID R. WILLIA'MS, IIB Virginia Sl., Wesflield, N.J. Fiflh Row: THOMAS L. WILLSON, Shoreham, V+. DONALD M. WILSON, 44 Hill SI., 5D, Morrislown, N.J. SANDRA L. WILSON, IB74 Erie SI., San Diego IO, Calif. ROBERT L. WlN'E'HO'LT, 25 Easl 8+h Ave., York, Pa. Sixlh Row: DONALD L. WIS'E.MAN, Abboffslown, Pa. NANCY WISMER, 25I Noble S+., Souderlon, Pa. LAWRENCE R. WOOD, II2 Wesl 24Ih SI., Chesler, Pa. STEPHEN L. WOOD, 230i Grasslyn Ave., Haverlown, Pa. Sevenfh Row-: WAYNE W. WRIGHT, I2 Barnard Ave., Gloucesler, N.J. WILLIAM C. WRIGHT, 370 Eeronia Way, Rulherford, N.J WILLIAM M. WRIGHT, 700 Easl Marshall SI., Wesl' Chesler Pa. ALLAN S. WYSOCKI, R.D. No. 2. Berwick, Pa. Eighfh Row: RONALD H. YOCUM, 4301 Slale Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. WAYNE I. YOHE, I60I Melrose Ave., Haverlown, Pa. ALAN E. YOUNG, 62 Sherwood Rd., Tenafly, N.J. EAVID H. ZIEGER, Welsh and Dresher Roads, Willow Grove a I 1 SGPHOMORES Firsi' Row: ELIZABETH H. ACHENBACH, 426 W. Main Slreei, Lockhaven, Pa. THELMA D. AITKEN, 227 Hazel Avenue, Delanco. N.J. MARY J. ALGEO, Solebury, Buclcs Co., Pa. ROBERT A. ALLEN, 387 Church Sireel, Wefhersfield, Conn. Second Row: DIANE W. ANDERSON, 4 Garland Lane, Valley Slream, N.Y. KARIN ANDERSON. IOO'l2 207 Sfreei, Queens Village 29, N.Y. JOYCE A. ANDREWS, 460i Brandywine Srreel, N.W., Washing- Ion, D.C. ROBERT W. ANDREWS, 3IO Tee Road, Norlh Hills, Pa. Third Row: THOMAS E. ARCHIPLEY, 48 W. Gibbons Slreel, Linden, N.J. DAPHNE ATHANAS, 4OI S. Garfield Sfreel, Arlinqlon 4, Va. ROBERT L. ATKINSON, IO8 Kenmore Road, Upper Darby. Pa. JOHN A. BAILEY, 4lb Sevenih Slreel, Oalcrnonl, Pa. Fourih Row: RICHARDSON W. BAINBRIDGE. 256 Slandish Road, Merion, Pa. CHARLOTTE A. BAKER, b5I Cheslnul Sire-ef, Emrnaus, Pa. RICHARD B. BANKERT, 826 Eorresi Slreel, Lansdale. Pa. JAMES C. BARCLAY, King Slreel, Porl Chesler, N.Y. Fiflh Row: WILLIAM E. BAUGHER, I32 W. Sixlh Avenue, Roselle, N.J. GRETCHEN G. BEAL, I8 Coral Drive, Pilfsburgh 38, Pa. RALPH E. BIGGER, JR., 425 Cook Avenue, Paulsboro, N.J. GARY T. BILBIE, R.D. 8, York, Pa. Sixlh Row: Y LOVEY E. BIRDSALL, 27 Birchwood Drive W., Valley Slrearn, N.Y. SHARON R. BISHOP, II2 King William Drive, Olney, Md. W. CRAIG BITNER, 408 E. Main Slreer, Shiremansldwn, Pa. CLYDE O. BLACK, 409 Wafer Srreel, Roaring Spring, Pa. SevenI'I1 Row: JUNE M. BLOO'M, I62 Violei' Avenue, Floral Park, N.Y. SUZANNE E. BONNEVILLE, I68-OI 32 Avenue, Flushing 58, N.Y. STEPHEN B. BONNEY, 3845 Revere Road, Drexel Hill, Pa, DONALD G. BOONE, 303 Dumbarlon Road, Ballimore I2, Md. Eig h+I'l Row: DAVID E. BOOTH, I732 Overlook Drive, Silver Spring, Md. HEN'RY G. BOIRNEMAN, 605 E. Eourlh Slreel, Boyerrovvn, Pa. VIRGINIA BOTSIS, I29 Sullon Road, Ardmore, Pa. RICHARD L. BOWEN, R.D., Long Valley, N.J. ' - 655. '-1-s, . .M Arm! ' P ig... AS fv- 4- 4. SOPHOMORES Firsf Row: ELAINE M. BOYD, 24 Sunsel Terrace, Wayne, N.J. MARGARET E. BRINKMAN, 683l Abboll Ave., Miami Beach 4l, Fla. IRENIE H. BRODISCH, l5l5 Brisro-l Pike, Cornwell Heighls, Pa. Sl-IELDON l. BROTMAN, 3204 Chelsea Terrace, Ballimore I6, Md. Second Row: DONALD C. BROWN, l28 Hopkins Ave., Haddonfield, N.J. WALKER T. BROWN, 82 Haven Ave., Porl Washinqlon, N.Y. EDGAR B. BURCI-IEIJL, 43I N. Barry Ave., Marnaroneck, N.Y. THOIMAS H. BURKE, I27 Weslover Ave., W. Caldwell, N.J. Third Row: GEORGIE E. BURNETT, JR., IOO7 Riverside Rd., Salisloury, Md. LYNN E. BUZBY, ll07 Wakeling Sl., Philadelphia 24, Pa. ALEXANDER A. CACCIARELLI, 4l Berkeley Ave., Belleville, N.J. ROWENA CAMPBELL, l028 High Ml. Rd., Franklin Lakes, N.J. Four'l'h Row: BARBARA L. CARBACK, Thurmonl, Md. DONALD M. CARPENTER, 234 Washinglon Sl., Berkeley Heighls, N.J. ANDREA J. CARSON, l2O Carson Dr., Chardon, Ohio. HAL R. CASEY, 45 Burnel Sl., Maplewood, N.J. Filfh Row: WIIJLIAM J. CASSIDY, 1252 Edgehill Rd., Abinglon, Pa. JOHN P. CAULWELL, 522 Essex Ave., Narbelh, Pa. WAYNE Cl-IAIQMERS, 2008 Hilllop Rd., Flourlown, Pa. ALEXANDER G. CHATKEWITZ, 82 Rhoda Ave., Norlh Babylon, N.Y. Sixlh Row: WILLIAM E. CHILLINGWORTH, 92I Campbell S+., Wil- liamsporl, Pa. DAVID H. CLEMENT, 2900 Jackson Ave., Windber, Pa. TERESA A. COCKLIN, R.D. No. l, Shippensburg, Pa. KENNETH J. COLE, 51 E. Srevens S+., Gellysburg, Pa. Seven'l'h Row: K. LEE COLLINS, Mounlain Spring Rcl., Rockville, Conn. FLORENCE R. COULTON, 59 Acres Dr., Harnillon Square N.J. STEPHEN E. COX, 5510 N. Carlyn Springs Rd., Arlinqlon 3, Va. RUSSELL C. CRAMER, ll, Shawnee-On-Delaware, Pa. Eighlh Row: JUDITH L. CULLER, 36 Poole Rd., Weslminsler, Md. JUDY A. CURCI-llN, 98 Fairlawn Dr., Rochesler, N.Y. CHRISTIAN DAHLGARD, Harbor Rd., Harbor Acres, Sands Poinl, N.Y. PRISCILLA E. DALLMEYER, 207I Spring Sl., York, Pa. SCPHOMORES Firsl' Row: ALFR'ED J. DAROLD, 448 E. 20 Slreel, New Yorlc, N.Y. JOANNIE DEIARCOPP, Birch Hill, Wesl' Milford, N.J. JANICE L. DELLINGER, l405 Alsace Road, Reading, Pa. ROYCE A. DENDLER, II32 Marlcel Slreel, Berwick, Pa. Second Row: DENISE A. DePUGl-l, Cardinal Road, Audubon, Pa. CARL W. DESPREAUX, JR., 29 Forresl Avenue, Rumson, N.J. ROBERT P. DOERSCHNER, 504 Maple Avenue, Haddonfield, N.J. DAVID A. DONGES, Box 7, Davidsville, Pa. Third Row: DAVID S. DOWNS, IO9 Norwood Avenue, Newlown, Pa. C. ROBERT DRAPER, 967 E. Glen Avenue, Ridgewood, N.J. DOUGLAS C. DREYIER, 300 Deal Lalce Drive, Asbury Parlc, N.J. BONNIE L. DUNLAP, 322 N. Ballimore Avenue, Ml. Holly Springs, Pa. Fourlh Row: CHARLES M. EATON, 37 Craig Place, Cranford, N.J. CAROL A. EDMONIDSON, 706 Slone's Crossing, Easlon, Pa. DAVID B. El-IRI-IART, Box 66, Glenville, Pa. DEE EIJMER, 64 Deshon Avenue, Bronxville, N.Y. Fiflh Row: POLLY A. ENGEL, Willow Brook Road, Flolmdel, N.J. JOANNA M. ENSOR, 5l8 Yarmoulh Road, Towson 4, Md. MARGARIET S. ENSOR, l5lI Bellona Avenue, Lulherville, Md. STEPHEN TEN EYCK, 2 Willow Lane, Loudonville, N.Y. Sixlh Row: , GERALD B. FARROW, IOO Burroughs Drive, Snyder 26, N.Y. BARBARA A. FEIGEL, 2l9 Sumac Slreel, Philadelphia 28, Pa. RICHARD B. FINE, 7l-38 Harrow Slreel, Foresl Hills 75, N.Y. MARVIN D. FINK, Emigsville, Pa. Sevenlh Row: JOSEPH FITZGERALD, l2I4 Slewarl' Avenue, Wanamassa, N.J. JOHN J. FLEMING, Ill, 5 E. Wilmol Avenue, I-laverlown, Pa. RAYMOND A. FORGIE, JR., 224 Park Avenue, Marysville, Pa. HELEN F. FRANCISCO, Brighlon Avenue, Andover, N.J. Eighfh Row: EVELYN FREIBERG, American Embassy, USOMXK lCAfPAA. APO27I, N.Y., N.Y. LORRAINE R. FRIESINGER, 465 Alcoll Slreel. Philadelphia 20. Pa GEORGE O. FRITZINGER, 2l36 Gordon Slreel, Allenlown, Pa. JEAN A. GAUMNITZ, 5720 Oregon Avenue, N.W., Washinqlon l5, D.C. SOPHOMORES Firsi' Row: MARIANNE E. GELBIERT, 2I5 Iroquois Rd., Piiisburgh 34. Pa. JOYCE A. GILLESPIE, 823 Brooklyn Ave., Brooklyn 3. N.Y. F. ROBERT GIILLINDER, I4 E. Mai.. si., Lansdele. Pa. t MARY KAY GIMMY, 5I6 Eounlain Ave., Pennside. RSBCIIHQ. Pa. Second Row: HUBERT B. GINN, YMCA, Harrisburg, Pa. ELIZABETH F. GOECKE, 6509 77 Place, 'Middle Village 79, N.Y. KING GORE, 22I Murdock Rd., Ballirnore I2, Md. BARBARA M. GRACEY, IO4 Dill Ave., Collingswood, N.J. Third Row: ROBERT R. GRAUCH, JR., 388 E. Monigornery Ave., Wynne- wood, 'Pa. ELIZABIETH E. GRAVES, I5 Piney Poinl Ave., CFOIOW1-OH Hudson, N.Y. ROBERT Y. GRAY, I4-I Valley View Ave., Ridgewood, N.J. THOMAS J. GREEN, Main SI., Lilly, Pa. Four+h Row: i GAIL G. GRIGGS, Magna Lane, Wesilarook, Conn. LEE GIROSSMAN, IO3 Evesham Ave., Magnolia, N.J. DAVID E. GROVER, Box 432-D, R+. I, 'Easf Brunswick, N.J. MARILYN R. HNER, 2lI Easl SI., Warren, Pa. Fiflh Row: TERRY H. HAK'E, l545 Carlisle Rd., York, Pa. FRANCES A. HALL, 209 Highfield Lane, Nulley IO, N.J. JUDY M. HAMILTON, 2I6 Foresl Hill Drive, Syracuse 6, N.Y. ELAINE H, HAMMOND, I7 Easi' S+., Syosser, L.I., N.Y. Sixfh Row: MARY B. HAUCK, 2668 Lililz Pike, Neiisville, Pa. SUZANNE J. HAYDU, IO Shirlawn Dr., Shorl Hills. N.J. ROBERT B. HEESEN, I6IO Ross Hill, Beaver Falls, Pa. RONALD O. HEINZE, IIII Hamillon Blvd., Hagerslown, Md. Sevenlh Row: BARBARA A. HEISER, Il27 Packer Sl., Williamsporl, Pa. PAUL A. HERMAN, 434 Slale SI., Lancasler, 'Pa. SUZANNE K. HIERMANN, R.D., Lafayelie, N.J. JOHN H. HERRINGTON, IBS King SI., Troy, Pa. Eighih Row: KARL A. HERZOG, Churchville, Bucks Counly, Pa. RONALD F. HYESS, R.D. I, Orrfanna, Pa. DONALD B. HEY, Smoke Rise, Buller, N.J. LEOSEPH W. HIDDEMEN, I62 S. Norwinden Dr., Springfield, a SOPHOMORES Firs'I Row: JOAN M. HILDEBRANDT, I74 Primrose Road. Willislon Park, N.Y. ROBERT F. HILGEN, 340 Magnolia Plaza, Leonia, N.J. JANI'C'E R. HILL, Trooper Road, R.D. I, Norrislown, Pa. JOANNA H. HOFF, R.D. I, Wellsville, Pa. Second Row: MARY E. HOFFMAN, R.D. 2, Fairfield, Pa. MARY LOU HOFFMAN. 57 'Elm Drive, Lansdale, Pa. WILLIAM A. HOFFMAN, Iclcesburq, Pa. SALLY L. HOLDRIDGE, I62 Islinglon Road, Newion 66, Mass. Third Row: PAULINE M. P. HORMANN, 2520 Malama Place, Honolulu, Hawaii MARY E. HOTCI-IKISS, 3l2 Fairview Road, Springfield, Del. Co.. Pa. VIRGINIA ANN HOWARD, IO Melrose Drive, Livinqsion, N.J. DANIEL H. HUDSON, Sherman Avenue, Mars, Pa. Fourlh Row: LINDA L. HUEY, 327 Slcippaclc Pilce, Forf Washinglon, Pa. CONRAD C. HUMMEL, l726 Lehigh Sheer, Easion, Pa. DAVID O. HUNT, IO28 W. Main Slreel, Ephra+a, Pa. JOHN E. HUTTON, 232 Ballirnore Sireel, Hanover, Pa. Fiffh Row: JAY N. INGERLE, JR., I29 Henley Road, Philadelphia 3l, Pa. LOIS E. INMAN. 802 S. Wind Courl, To-wson 4, Md. CRAIG R. JACOBS, 777 Soulhern Road, Yorlc, Pa. YVONNE S. JACOBS, I928 High Slreel, Camp Hill, Pa. Sixih Row: ROBERT A. JAEGER, 4 Fay Park Drive, Norlh Syracuse I2, N.Y. BETTY H. JANS'EN. 22 Parlc Circle, While Plains, N.Y. CALVERT K. JOIHNSON, JR., 38I8 Monlerey Road, Ballimore I8. Md. CHARLES F. JOHNSON, II, Golf Circle 3, R.D. 2, Allenfown, Pa. Sevenfh Row: HAROLD C. JOHNSON, 2032 Balcer Avenue, Scheneclady, N.Y. JAMES R. JOHNSON, R.D. I, Winlield, Pa. KERRY A. JOHNSON, l707 Lehigh Road, Wanlagh, N.Y. SANDRA L. JOHNSON, IO4 E. Marshall Road, Lansdowne, Pa. Eighfh Row: NED M. KAUFFMAN, I637 Monroe Slreel, York, Pa. RICHARD L. KEEPOIRTS, I03 S, Walnul Srreel, Dallasiown, Pa. C. ROBERT KEIIJLER, 226 W. Sixlh Slreei, Waynesboro, Pa. NANCY D. KENDALL, I2I Longwood Avenue, Red Bank, N.J. 'ET fm.: SOPHCDMORES Firsi Row: GARY L. KERR, I74O Eilberl SI., Yorlc, Pa. WILLIAM A. KESTER, 4OI Valley View Rd.. Media, Pa. WILLIAM T. KIRCIHHOFE, 307 Kings Highway, Swedesboro, N.J. E. RUSSELL KLAUK, I5022 Vose SI., Van Nuys, Calif. Second Row: JUN'E D. KNAEIIJE, I404 E. Wellinqlon S+., Philadelphia II, P . JOHN T. KNUDSIEN, I Charles S+., Welslooro, Pa. EVELYN J, KRAYB'ILL, 4-37 E. Bainbridge SI., Elizaloeihlown, P . RTCHARD T. KRAYER, 3l8 Ninlh Ave., Haddon Heighrs, N.J. Third Row: CLAIRE KREUTZ, I37 E. Rosedale Ave., Norlhfield, N.J. GERALD J. KRO-N, Millwo-od Rd., MI. Kisco. N.Y. CHROLYN A. KUHN, 400 E. 'Main SI., 'MiddIeIOwn, Pa. BRUCE A. LAHR, 377 Ocean Terrace, Slaien Island, N.Y. Fourfh Row: SUSAN K. LANDIS, IOI Ouakerlown Ave., Pennslnurg, Pa. JEIRRY R. LILLICH, High S+., Abborislown, Pa. ANNABEL C. LINDLEY, 444-3 Cliilon Rd., Ballimore Ib, Md. IRVIN W. LINDLEY, 452 Maplewood Rd., Springfield, Del. Co., Pa. Fif+h Row: RICHARD O. LINDSEY, 400 Second Ave., Haddon Heighls, N.J. CHARLES A. LINGENFELTER, 35l7 Noliingham Way, Har- risburg, Pa. VINCENT P. LIPANI, 326-A Green Brook Rd., Norlh Plains field, Pa. PETEIR E. LLOYD, I26 Gladslone Rd., Lansdowne, Pa. Sixlh Row! JAMES G. LOCKWOOD, The Plains, Va. JOHN R. LONG, Cenlerville Rd., Greenville, Del. TERRY L. LOOKER, 207 Pennsylvania Ave., Camp Hill, Pa. PAUL E. LOUBRIS, II, II Apple S+., Clearfield, Pa. Sevenfh Row: SARA J. McGfEE, Box 968, Jaclcsboro, Texas. ERIC R. MCGIRAIL. 20 N. Columbia SI., Woodbury, N.J. MAR'LENE S. McINTYR'E, IO92 N. Cenler SI., Corry, Pa. ROBERT W. MCKEEN, 8 Byron SI., Haverhill, Mass. Eigh+h Row: IIZIOHARD L. MacNETT, 276 Springdale Ave., Easl Orange, ieori? L. MARTHINUSS, 261 Lsbeny Parkway, saiiimore BARBARA IMASON, IOI6 Ormond Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa. ERANK J. MATOZZO, I228 W. Laiayelre SI., Norrislown, a SOPHOMORES Firsf Row: JOHN M. MATTINGLY, 370i Cumberland Slreel, N.W., Wash- inglon, D.C. JUDITH L. MATSON, SIO8 Kerry Lane, Chevy Chase, Md. DA'IjE E. MESSERSMITH, R.D. 6. York, Pa. KAREN W. MICHELSON, 443 Beechwood Place, Wesllield, N.J. Second Row: NANCY S. MIDDLEMAST, 30 Haverford Road, Hicksville, N.Y. GERALD B. MIULER, 20 Hidden Lane, Feaslerville, Pa. JOHN J. MILLER, 203 N. Illh Slreef, Sunbury, Pa. LUCY MILLER, 26 S. Marlin Slreer, Clear Spring, Md. Third Row: MERLE A. MILLER. I705 Woodbourne Avenue, Ballimore I4, Md CAROLYN MILLS, 500 Washinglon Avenue, Haddonfield, N.J. ELLEN C. MINNICH, 253 Spring Garden Slreer, Ephrala, Pa. RITA M. MISSELL, 6405 Birchwood Avenue, Ballirnore I4, Md. Fourfh Row: RICHARD A. MITCHELL, 5 Ballard Place, Fair Lawn, N.J. MARY ANN MOORE, 2505 Swede Road, Norrisrown, Pa. PETER T. MOSS. 8409 Talbor Srreei, Kew Gardens, N.Y. M. PATRICIA MOYER, I56 E. Courl Sireel, Doylesiown, Pa. Fiffh Row: ROBERT W. MULLER. 965 Alpine Drive, Teaneclc, N.J. J. DAVID MUMEORD, I39 Highland Avenue, Wadsworlh, Ohio JAMES A. MUMMERT, I42 S. Main Srreef, Spring Grove, Pa. PAUL E. MUNDSCHENK, 20 Winfhrop Road, Porl Washingion N.Y. Sixfh Row: JOYCE J. D. MUNNICIH, 305 Indian Trail, Mounrairiside, N.J. LAWRENCE A. MYERS, 534 W. Washinglon Slreel, Bradford, Pa. GARY L. NAUGHTON, I7O Eorsier Avenue, MI. Vernon, N.Y. JAMES D. NAYLOR, I2I N. Main Slreel, Lamberiville, N.J. Sevenfh Row: HENRY E. NEWMAN, 245 E. Grove Avenue, Clarks Summif, Pa. JOANNA E. NICKELL, 607 Highland Way, Haqerslown, Md. JOHN H. NORTHUP, R.D. 3, Lifilz, Pa. LESLIE NOYES, IS48 Main Sfreel, Slrallord, Conn. Eigl1'I'I-i Row: . BARBARA A. NUSBAUM, 2420 N. Fiflh Slreel, Harrisburg, Pa. NORBETH L. OLSEN, Skyline Orchard, Hoclcessin, Del, DIRK J. OUDEMOOL, I09 Pearl Slreel, Kingslon, N.Y. CAROL E. OW'EN, 509 Tilden Avenue, Teaneclc, N.J. SOPHOMORES Firsi' Row: SANDRA L. OXLEY, Apl. 243, Jericlwo Manor, Jenkinlown, Pa. SUZANNE A. PAGE, 527 Oakland Ave., Ballimore I2, Md. JAMES G. PAIPOUTSIS, I2IIf2 Garfield S+., Waynesboro, Pa. ROBERT C. PARKER, 655 Arbor Rd., Yeadon, Pa. Second Row: PATRICIA A. PAUL, 7I3 Hillside Dr., Wesl Clwesler, Pa. JUDITH B. PAYNE, I84-5 Slewarr Ave., New Hyde Park, L.l., N.Y. CARL PIEARSON, JR., I9 Romano Dr., Dumoni, N.J. THOMAS E. PERKINS, 546 Kaflwrnere Rd., Haveriown, Pa. Third Row: WILDA B. PETERS, 4640 Norilwwood Dr., Balfimore I2, Md. LARRY L. PETfERS'EN, 6600 Lemona, Van Nuys, Calif. ALlC'E A. PEEIEPER, 3 Nalick S+., Albany 5, N.Y. WALTER R. PLAIN, Tyler Hill, Pa. Fourfh Row: PAMELA J. POWELL, I507 Sheldon Dr., Alexandria, Va. PATRICIA A. POWERS, 684 Florida Ave., York, Pa. RICHARD P. PRADEL, 2225 S. Clinlon Ave., Trenlon IO, N.J. JEFFREY, M. PRESTON, 346 Fairway Rd., Ridgewood, N.J Fiffh Row: MARILYN K. RADEL, I2O Houslon Ave., Harrisburg, Pa. JUDITH R. RATZMAN, 399 Poplar SI., Roselle, N.J. ELIZABETH A. READIE, 86 'Mapes Ave., Nu'l'Iey, N.J. JOEL M. REASIER, 650 Sunsel Ave., Gellysburg, Pa. Sixfl-1 Row: CAROL H. REES'E, 66 Sherbrooke Rd., Trenlon 8, N.J. CHARLES M. REESE, Buck Hill Ealls, Pa. PHIL H. REIMSIBERG, 374 Wilson S+., Carlisle, Pa. DON W. RICHARDSON, 90 Wynsum Ave., Merrick, L.I., N.Y. Seven'rl1 Row: HARRY L. RICTHTER, JR., 423 Mo-nlclair Ave., Bellwlelwem, Pa. MARY L. RITTER, 55I Glenwyn Dr., Liflleslown, Pa. DIANE F. ROBERTS, Carversville, Pa. EEORGE K. ROBERTS, 4005 Pilgrim Rd., 'PlymouI'l'1 Meieiing, a Eigl'i+I1 Row: IRJISHARD K. ROCKEEELLER, 2l8 Glen Ave., Pori Clnesler, JOSEPI-IINE B. ROE, 39 w. Main si., Efoaburg, Md, LEE ROIEDER, Ambler, Pa. LINDA I. ROHRER, 3I7 Summil Rd., Springfield, Pa. SOPHOMORES Firs'I' Row: BARBARA A. ROOS. 53 Bayway Avenue, Bay Shore, L.I., N.Y. CAROL A. ROTUNDA, 2I2 E. Locusf Slreel, Annville. Pa. ROBERT W. ROXBY, 5I9 Cresceril Avenue, Glenside, Pa. NANCY S. ROYER, 2 Cliflon Slreel, Lynchburg, Va. Second Row: VIRGINIA M. RUSSO, 429 Maple Avenue, Trenlon, N.J. WILLIAM J. SARVIS, IBO Washinglon Slreel, Tappan, N.Y. ANNABELLE W. SASSAMAN, 333 W. High Slreel, Hummels' fown, Pa. LINDA J. SCHAREE, I2O 4OI'h Slreel, Irvinglon, N.J. Third Row: CHRISTIANE H, SCI-IEIHING, 58O'f2 Alcoll Slreef, Philadelphia 20, Pa. JAMES D. SCHMUCKER, I7 Duryea Slreef, Islip, N.Y. ROYAL C. SCHOMP, 35 Perry Slreef, Fairfield, Conn. CAROLYN A. L. SCHRIVER, R.D. I, York, Pa. Fourlh Row: BARBARA A. SCHULTS, 659 Hamillon Slreel, Rahway, N.J. ANN E. SCHULTZ, Wassona Park, Marion, Va. CHARLES G. SCOTT, 6204 Falkirk Road, Ballimore I2, Md. MERIEDITH L. SEBERHAGEN, II3 Penarlh Road, Bala Cynwvd, Pa Fiffh Row: GEORGIA I. SEDWICK, 2I6 N. Jehferson Slreer, Killanning, Pa. DOUGLAS C. SEELEY, JR., 42I9 Brookfield Drive, Kensinqlon, Md JOHN C. SEELIG, 34-26 87 Slree-I, Jackson Heighls, N.Y. BARBARA M. SEEWAGEN, ZI4--45 32 Road, Bayside, N.Y. Sixfh Row: STEPHEN H. SHANTZ, 3IB9 Mayflower Road, Plyrno-ulh Meeling, Pa ELIZABETH J. SHELLY, 304 Eishburn Slreel, Harrisburg, Pa. COLLEEN G. SHOLLY, R.D. 3, Myersfown, Pa. LARRY P. SIIMCOE, 24-O High Slreel, Troy, Pa. Sevenlh Row: ROBERT A. SIMMS, 7I8 Chandler Slreel, Philadelphia II, Pa. R. BRUCE SIMPSON, 723 N. Eourlh Slreel, Sunbury, Pa. EDWARD W. SITES, Box II4, Eayelleville, Pa. DOROTHEA E. SLOOP, 407 Nollinghann Road, Ballimore 29, Md. Eigh+h Row: DAVID C. SMITH, M.R. No. I, Middlelown, Pa. ELLEN A. SMITH, 202 E. Eighlh Sfreel, Frederick, Md. ERNEST J. SNOW, 3I Eirsl Avenue, Haddon Heighls, N.J. DON H. SNYDER, 3640 Everell SIree'I', N.W., Washinglon 8, D.C. SOPHOMORES Firsf Row: SUE D. SOBER, 38 Basself S+., Eorl Bragg. N.C. SUZANN'E E. STEELE, 82l7 Rambler Dr., Richmond, Va. LINDA J. STEIRNER, 510 Frederick S+., Hanover, Pa. CAROL A. STEWART, I2O Washinglon Ave., Berlin, N.J. Second Row: CAROLYN J. STORCK, Box 446, Far Hills, N.J. IRVIN E. STRAW, JR., I307 Arlhur S+., York, Pa. SCOTT H. STRYKER, 23OI Appleby Dr., Wanamassa, N.J. LARRY B. STUDY, R.D. 4, Hanover, Pa. Third Row: EUGENIE A. SUNDIN, I3I3 S. 2Is+ S+., Arlinglon, Va. JOHN W. SWYERS, II Lebanon Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. HORST SYLVESTER, 628-58 Sf., Brooklyn, N.Y. ELIZABETH J. TAYLOR, I04 Price S+., Wes? Chesler, Pa. Fourfh Row: G. WALLACE THAYER, 7I4 Washinglon Sl., Brainlree, Mass. BARBARA W. THOMPSON Irs E U.S. Nav Hos ilal. . O . . Y P Beauforl, S.C. CAROLYN E. THOMPSON, l236 W. Markel Sl., York, Pa. ANNE H. TRUNK, I405 Slirling Sl., Coalesville, Pa. Fiffh Row: CHARIJES E. TRUNK, Ill, 33 E. Church S+., Frederick, Md. J. PETER TULLSEN, 2427 Hill Rcl., Weslfield, N.J. SUSAN W. TYSON, R.D. 2, Doyleslown, Pa. WARREN L. UNC-EIR, 28OI Norlhamplon SI., Easlon, Pa. Sixfh Row: JOHN R. UROESKY, 405 Granl Sl., Easlon, Pa. JOHN J. VANDEVER, 27 Ninlh Ave., Haddon Heighls, Pa RONALD L. VANHEERTUM, 330 Fourlh Sl., Palisades 'Park N.J. RICHARD S. VELEBER, 37 Brooks Ave., Rochelle Park, N.J Sevenlh Row: DONALD R. VITKO, 700 Hilllop Dr., Slralriord, Conn. KARL A. WAGNIER. J'R.. IO6 E. Harford SI., Milford, Pa. CHARLES R. WAHL, Lloyd Rd., Bernardsville, N.J. JAMIES G. WALKER, I29 N, Diamond Sl., York, Pa. Eighfh Row: LINDA L. WALSH, 60 Tappan Landing Rd., Tarrylown, N.Y MICHELE L. WALTERS, 2704- Union Ave., Alloona, Pa. JOSEPH NNANG, 4l0I Germanlown Ave., Philadelphia 40. a PHILIP M. WARGO, 440 Cypress SI., Shamokin, Pa. SOPHOMORES Firsl Row: RONALD L. WARNER, 2I9 N. Newberry Slreel, York, Pa. EARLE G. VVASNER, 7322 Pillville Slreel, Plwiladelplwia 26, Pa. ANNE WEIDEMEYIER, Windsor Mill Road, Ballimore 7, Md. T. CRAIG WEIDENSAUL, Pearl Slreel, Reedsville, Pa. Second Row: ARLENE H. WEINER, 360 Boulevard, Hasbrouck Heiglils, N.J. SHIRLEY A. WERTMAN, 706 Sloninglon Road, Silver Spring, Md. LINDA J. WHITACRE, 636 S. Tanglewood Drive, Springfield, Oliio. JAMES A. WHITCRAET, 226 Price Slreel, Wesl Clwesler, Pa. Third Row: JAMES M. WHITE, Box II7, Orchard Way, Berwyn, Pa. JOAN A. WIEGMANN, 766 Moredon Road, Meadowbrook, Pa. JOHN H. WILKERSON, 4500 Beauforl Farms Road, Harrisburg, Pa. CAROL M. WILLIAMS, 39-20 Greenpoinl Avenue, Sunnyside, N.Y. Fourlh Row: ELIZABETH A. WILSON, 710 Maryland Avenue, York, Pa. JOHN H. WILSON, 363 E. Valley Forge Road, Bridqeporl, Pa. K. BOYD WILSON, 859 Grandview Boulevard, Lancasler, Pa. LYNN WILTSHIRE. I942 Kimball Slreel, Brooklyn 34, N.Y. FIHI1 Row: LINDA WINTERS, 525 N. Broadway, Yonkers, N.Y. FRANK H. WISNIEWSKI, 22l Princelon Avenue, Slralford, N.J. FRANKLIN A. WOLFE, R.D. I, Pine Grove, Pa. JOYCE E. WOLFORD, 233i Sunsel Road, York, Pa. Sixlh Row: ROBERT J. WOLTERSDORE, I2Il Herberl Slreel, Plniladelplwia 24, 'Pa. DONNA M. WOOLE, 75 Arlinqlon Avenue, Caldwell, N.J. RICHARD A. WRIGHT, 3l9 Clweslnul Hill Road, Glaslonloury, Conn. DONALD C. WYKER, R.D. 3, Box 7, Newlon, N.J. Sevenlh Row: JULIA E. YEAGER, ll4l Concord Drive, Haddonfield, N.J. CARL G. YINGLING, 728 Ballirnore Slreel, Hanover, Pa. MICIHAEL J. YOST, II4 Pleasanl' Slreel, Hanover, Pa. ROBERT V. ZEDELIS, 378 Lewis Slreel, W. Hempslead, N.Y. Eighfh Row: JUDITH L. ZERBE, 204-I Wliilelwall Slreel, Harrisburg, Pa. LINDA A. ZUMETA, I47 Crescenl' Land, Roslyn Heiglils, N.Y. MARISHA J. ZUROWSKI, R.D. I, Ernrnaus, Pa. FRESHMEN Firsf Row: RICHARD C. AHRENS, 50 Park Terrace Easf, New York, N.Y. A BARBARA A. AITCHISON, ISOU Sharon Drive, Srl- ver Sprir-lg, Md, A EDWARD D. AMMARELL, 406 Yosl' Avenue, Sprung C'f , P . BETXTY ill. ANDERSON, 66 Elmwood Avenue, AI- lendale, N.J. BONNIE M, ANDERSON, 66 Elmwood Avenue, Al- lendale, N.J. Second Row: JANET G. ANDERSON, 7 Mayfield Place, Mefu- chen, N.J. WILLIAM M. ANSPACH, I526 Palm Sfreel, Read- ing, Pa. EDWARD T. ARNOLD, IOI Pinehursf Road, York, P . HdEATl-IER G, ASH, "Ashwood," Ardora Road, Lafayeffe Hill, Pa. PAUL S, ATKINS, 2285 E. Wood Srreef, Decafur, III. Third Row: VALERIE A. ATKINSON, 33 Byron Place, Scars- dale, N.Y. RONALD E. BAILEY, 23I Soufh Royal Sfreef, York, P . BARBARA B. BAKER, l7l Arlingfon Sfreef, Johns- fown, Pa. BARBARA J. BAKER, IOI9 W. Lake Avenue, Rah- way, N.J. ROBERT D. BARKER, R.D. No. 22, Bedford, N.Y. Fourfh Row: WILLIAM D. BARNES, ZI6 Flagsfone Drive, Belh- Iehem, Pa. JAMES E. BARRETT, 357 Greenwich Avenue, Pauls- boro, N.J. JOHN W. BAUMANN, JR., ll Prospecf Avenue, Pompfon Plains, N.J. JOHN C. BAXTER, bI3 Winfhrop Road, Wes? En- glewood, N.J. BRIAN E. BENNETT, IO4 Morlyn Avenue, Bryn Mawr, Pa. Fifi-I1 Row: CAROL BERRIEN, I36 Herberf Avenue, Trenfon 90, N.J. WILLIAM B. BERTOLET, I92 Sfock Sfreef, Hanover, Pa. GARY C. BICKNELL, 79 Summif Avenue, Norlh Plainfield, N.J. CHARLES H. BIKLE, 497 Lincoln Way E,, Cham- bersburg, Pa, MERRITT L. BLACKBURN, 27 Terrace Road, Nor- risrown, Pa. Slx+I'1 Row: MICHAEL A, BLIGH, 508 Oreland Mill Road, Oreland, Pa. FREDRIC M. BLOCK, I28 Spring Sfreef, Wood- bury, N.J. CLAIRE W, BLOSE, IO2 Norfhmonf Sfreef, Greens- burg, Pa. CARL A. BODO, JR., lb4 Oakland Avenue, Easf- chesfer, N.Y. RONALD F. BOLLINGER, 569 Broadway, Hanover, a. Seven'I'l1 Row: CRAIG W, BONNETT, 5ll Redding Road, Fair- field, Conn. LOUIS W. BOOCKOFF, 629 Linwood Avenue, Col- lingswood, N.J. GAFLQYNMJ. BOOTAY, 24 Claremonf Avenue, Bloom- :e , , . JIJDITH BOOTHROYD, 945 Old Hunfingdon Pike, Hunfnngdon Valley, Pa, DIANA E. BRANDT, Carversville, Pa. Eighfh Row: DAVE L. BRANNING, 578 Crickef Lane, Radnor, Pa. MARILYN M. BRAUER, 582 Monroe Place Ridgg. field, N.J. I NORMAN T, BRETHERTON, 27 Locusr Sfreef, Floral Park, N,Y. ELIZABETH A. BROWN, SIA Fox Road, Glenside, Pa. GEORGEANNE l'l. BROWN, 2303 I'liClCOry Road Plymoufli Meeflng, Pa, ' FRESHMEN Firsl Row: REBECCA C. BROWN, 23 N. Sherman Slreel, York, Pa, DONALD W, BURDEN, 52 Park Lane Road, New Mullord, Conn. GEORGE E, BURKE, JR., l0I Wesl' Ridley Avenue, Ridley Park, Pa. ELLIS- H. BURKHARD, l63 Glover Avenue, MI. Ephraim, N.J. ROBERT J. BUSICK, lll, I525 N. Spring Sfreel, Baltimore, Md. Second Row: FRED W, BUTLER, 3725 Macomb Slreel, Washing- ton D,C. JANET CARR, I707 Williams Way, Norrislown, Pa. :U-XMEEA W. CASWELL, 258 Malher Road, Jenkin- own, a. CAROL E. CHARLES, I50 W. Evergreen Avenue, Philadelphia, Pa. JOHN E. CHARSHA, III, R.D. No, 2, Kerencll Square, Pa. Third Row: GENNARO A. CIAVARELLI, 54 Ridge Avenue, Ambler, Pa, ALICE E. CLARDY, Rockland Sfafe Hospifal, Orangeburg, N.Y. CNANCY L. CLEG-G, 32 Elmwood Avenue, Norwich, onn. DONALD J, CLIFFORD, 4725 Camden Avenue, Pennsauken 8, N.J. 'NAN L. CIFFORD, I32 S. Main Sfreel, Lewislown, a Fourlh Row: JOSHUA H. COCKEY, JR., J. M. Pearce Road, Monkfon., Md. G. DOUGLAS COLLINS, 36I Norfh Terrace Ave- nue, Ml, Vernon, N.Y. IEOUISE COLLINS, 75 E. Broadway, Gelfysburq, a BARRY L. COLYER, B35 Queen Sireel, Oberlin- Steelfon, Pa. CHRISTINE F. CONLEY, 454 Rosslyn Avenue, Springdale, Pa. Fiflh Row: JOHN H. CONNER, 700 Gypsy Lane, Pilfsburgh, Pa JOHN F. CONNOLLY, 29 Browndale Place, Porl Chester, N.Y. ERNEST D, COOLEY, bl W. Sunsel Avenue, Chal- fonl, Pa. MARY-HELEN CORBETT, 2I5B Susquehanna Road, Abinglon, Pa. DONALD G. CORDERMAN, 845 Preslon Road, Hagersfown, Md. Sixl'I'l Row: H. SCOTT CORNELIUS, 5I6 Merwyn Road, Nar- berih, Pa. GLEN R, COUCHMAN, I024 View Sfrezl, Hagers- Iown, Md. JEANNE A. COWAN, 233 E. 69ll-I Slreel, New York ZI, N.Y, BYRON E. CREGO, JR., IO4 N. 25fh Slreel, Camp Hill, Pa. KATHRYN M. CREW, 63 S. I-Iillcresl Road, Spring- field, Pa. Seve-nl'I1iRow: MAUREEN S. CRONAN, 418 Evans Avenue, Wyo- missing, Pa. ETHEL A. CROUSE, IIIO Greenmounf Road, Had- donfield, N.J. PHYLLIS S. CRYTZER, 20 E. Mafn Sfreel, New Bloomfield, Pa. ARTHUR B. CUMMINS, JR., Morning Glory Road, Bound Brook, N.J. JOHN P. CUNNINGHAM, I03 Kenwood Road, Garden Cify, N.Y. EigI1+I1'Row: SUSAN G. CUNNINGHAM, 6904 Wardman Road, Balfirnore IZ, Md. , JAMES J, D'A.NGELO, IOI Ridgewood Avenue Glen Ridge, N.J. , ELIZABETH A. DAVIES, lll Knox Slreel, Norris- lown, Pa. WALTER J. DAVIS, 44I Walnul Avenue, Aldan, Pa. VIRGINIA R. DAYTON, 6l6 Cenler Slreel, Dunel- len N.J. FRESHMEN Firsl Row: FLOYD T. DE ANGELO, BOI Pafchogue Road, Porl Jefferson Sfalion, N.J. GEORGE D. DEARDORFF, R.D. No. l, Hellam, Pa. RICHARD G. DE LANEY, 358 Old Eagle School Road, Slrahlord, Pa. SUSAN R. DEMING, 230 Oregon Road, Cheshire, Conn. FRANK DE NOYELLES, 2 Glendale Road, Park Ridge, N.J. Second Row: WILLIAM A, DE PALO, 4I2 Hawlhorne Slreel, Nepfune, N.J. I NANCY L. DILCHER, 220 N. l8lh Slreel, Poflsville, Pa. JOSEPH C, DINTAMAN, 3Il6 Bramar Road, Camp Hil a JAMES W. DITTMANN, 3427 Kramer Slreel, Har- risburg, PB. THOMAS P. DONALDSON, 7208 Hazel Avenue, Upper Darby, Pa. Third Row: MARY ALICE DRESS, 206 Slralhdon Way, Lulher- ville, Md. BARRY L. DUBBS, 2702 Allen Slreel, Allenfown, P , DTANE R. DUBOIS, I0 Cedar Lane, Glen Head, N.Y. EAENT P. DUMONT, 6 Payson Sfreel, Newburyporl, ass. ROBERT M. DUNCAN, I8 S. Hillcresl Road, Springfield, Del Co., Pa. Fourlh Row: CAROL A. DUNLAP, 52I Prince Georges Slreel, Cumberland, Md, JOHN E. EBERSOLE, Box 266, R.D. No. I, Mechan- icsburg, Pa, CAROL W. ECKHARDT, 6608 Cabin John Road, Springfield, Va. KATHERINE M. ECKHARDT, Mays Landing Road, I-Iammonlon, N.J. RICHARD J. EHRGOTT, 97 Reeve Road, Rockville Cenfre, N.Y, Fiflh Row: CHARLES F. EICHNER, I043 Bedford Slreel, Cum- berland, Md. ROBERT A. EIGENRAUCH, 20 Carllon Avenue, Jersey Cily 7, N,J. VIRGINIA R. ELTING, 62l Pershing Drive, Silver Spring, Md. JOHN G. ENGLE, JR., R.D. No, 4, Muncy, Pa. KARL K. ERICKSON, 326 S. Colclbrook Avenue, Chambersburg, Pa. Sixlh Row: KURT H. ERLANSON, I Jefferson. Avenue, Rock- ville Cenfre, N.Y. SHERLYN E. ESHER, 233 W. Morning Glory Road, Wildwood Cresl, N.J. DUNCAN L. EVANS, 254 Chrisfie Heighls Slreef, Leonia, N.J. JOHN L. EVERETT, Counfry Club Drive, Hunling- don Valley, Pa. ,JOHN S. EWING, 237 Berkeley Road, Glensicle, a Sevenlh Row: EAROFLE A. EYLER, 35I4 Nollingham Way, Harris- urg, a. JANICE K. FERGUSON, Qlrs. "Y," U.S, Naval Base, Philadelphia, Pa. JANEP W. FILLMORE, IOI7 Sixlh Slreel, Calasau- ua a CI I - ALICE L. FLEMING, 708 Schiller Avenue, Narberlh, a. RICHARD P. FOELLNER, I04 E. High Slreel, Man- heim, Pa. Eighfh Row: PHILIP R. FORRESTER, 83I Cheslnuf Slreel, In- diana, Pa, INUJCY H. FORSTER, 328 99th Sl'reeI', Sfone Harbor, IEVNN c. Fox, R.D. No. 2, Box 268, Lewasiown, 6 WlLLIAM'H. FRAKER, I7A River Park, Apl. 3, While Plains, N.Y. LINDA G. FRANK, I303 Sweefs Corners Road Penfleld, N.Y. ' FRESHMEN First Row: R, JAMES FREUND, SIO7 Carmine Avenue, Balti- more 7, Md, LEWIS E, FREY, l20 Adams Avenue, River Edge, N.J. WILLIAM D. FULLER, Cherry Tree, Pa. DAVID R. GARBACZ, I63 Kent Place, Summit, N.J. RICHARD Y, GARDNER, 27 Bay State Road, Wel- Iesley Hills, Mass. Second Row: JOYCE B. GARGAN, 28I Parkway, Harrington Park, N.J. ROBERT L. GARTEN, 4BI6 Orchard Street, Harris- burg, Pa. LUELLEN T. GEHWEILER, 35 Midwood Road, Glen Rock, N.J. WINIFRED B. GEORGE, 5I6 Regina Avenue, Cumberland, Md. BETH GILES, 22I4 Providence Avenue, Chester, Pi. Third Row: LINDA L. GIULINO, E36 Farview Terrace, Paraf mus N.J. THOMAS R. GLODEK, 27 N. 23 sneer camp Hill, Pa. WIINLIAM GLUCK, 932 East Eighth Street, Brooklyn 30, .Y. JOHN S. GOLDCAMP, BIO Colonial Drive, Youngstown 5, Ohio ROBERT A. GOLDEN, 453 Lincoln Street, York, Pa. Fourth Row: BARBARA J, GOODRICH, 6 Walmsley Road, Darien, Conn. JAMES GOOLD, IIO South Main, Street, Castleton, N.Y. LARRY R. GORDON, 420 S. I6th Street, Harris- burg, Pa. PAUL C. GORSKI, 322 Walnut Hill Lane, Haver- town Pa KAREN C, GRAN, eoii Branch Avenue, washing- ton 23, D.C, Fifth Row: RICHARD T. GREENE, I25 Lincoln Road, Linstead, Reading, Pa. LINDA L. GROFF, l305 Aintree Road, Towson 4, Md. KENNETH A. GUNDERMAN, 6 Norwich Avenue, Tattville Conn. JAMES T. HACKER, ZI9 Elm cam, Search Plains, N.J. MARY HAFFEY, l58 Van, Brunt Street, Moscow, Pa. Sixth Row: ROBERT B. HALL, l25 Oxford Hill Lane, Haver town, Pa. DAVID L. HAMILTON, 295 Fairfield Woods Road Fairfield, Conn. MARY A. HAMILTON, 347 Manor Avenue, Down ingtown, Pa. PETER D. HAMILTON-JONES, I09-I9 205 Place Hollis I2, N.Y. ROBERT W. HAMME, I547 Filbert Street, York, Pa Seventh Row: JANICE C, HANNOLD, 254 Elm Street, Westville N.J, ROIBERT H. HANNUM, Z9 Oak Street, Irvington N.Y. JOSEPH B. HARBESON, I48 Jackson Avenue Gibbstownl, N.J, WILLIAM H. HARDING, Mill Road, R.D, No. I Norristown, Pa. JEFFREY L. HARFST, 203 Tatt Street, Boonton, N.J Eighth Row: JOSEPH C. HATCH, 227 Luzerne Street, Johns town, Pa. EDWIN G. HATTER, 50 Todd Road, Valley Stream N.Y. VIRGINIA L. HAVENS, I3 High Street, Allen town, N.J, MARK H. HAYDEN, 4509 Rokeby Road, Baltimore Md. JOHN F. HAYES, 32I Bradshaw Avenue, Haddon tield, N.J. FRESHMEN Firsl Row: JAMES I-IEATON, JR., 7205 Honeywell Lane, Belh- esda I4, Md. BEVERLY A, HECKMAN, R.D. No. 3, York, Pa. M, FRANCES HEGWOOD, 6 Edgeclifl Road, Tow- son 4 Md. DOROTHY J. HEISSENBUTTEL, I4 Ridgeway Ave- nue, Greenville, Pa. RICHARD J. HELBIG, 22 John's Slreer, Cranford, N.J. Second Row: GAIL J. HENRIE, 3l6 W. Mahoning Slreel, Dan- ville, Pa. PAUL E, HENRY, JR., 53 S. Broadway, Red Hook, .Y. KHOMAS L. HENSON, 203 W. New Slreel, Shep- herdslownl, W.Va, , JOHN H. HERSHEY, ISS Shoreham Drive, Roches- Ier I8, N.Y. KA'TAI-LERINE G. HESS, 6I5 Yarmoufh Road, Towson 4, . Third Row: BRIAN L. HICKEY, 2I06 E. Joppa Road, Balfimore I4, Md. , JOHN B, HIGH, 5 Piedmonl Drive, R.D. No, I, Cranbury, N.J. DOROTHY L. HILL, 59 Frosl Avenue, Froslburg, Md. C. SUE HILTY, 626 Juniper Slreel, Quakerlown, P , REBERT W. HINDS, 20 Hobarl' Slreel, Bronxville, N.Y. Fourlh Row: E, STEPHEN HINMAN, I46 N. Walnul' Slreel, Spring Grove, Pa. MARGARET J. HISCOX, New Mill Road, Srnifh- lown-, N.Y. PAUL K. HJELMERUIK, I436 Slonewood Road, Ballimore l2, Md. DAVID S. HODGSON, 38 Burrell Terrace, Wesl Orange, N.J. MARTHA L. HODSDON, 28 Sourh Slreef, Yar- mouth, Me. Fiflh Row: JUDITH L. HOFREITER, 35I Cherry Hill Road, Mounfainside, N.J. JAMES C, HOKE, 529 Carbon Slreel, Pollsville, P . GSARY L. HOLMAN, Millersfown, Pa. DONALD H. HOPE, 1305 W. Marker Sfreel, Polls- 'll , P . lG.eCAEROL HOPPER, 23 Ocean Avenue, Ocean Grove, N.J. Sixlh Row: ROBERT H. HOPPLE, 2ll Harlranfl Slreel, Norris- Iown, Pa. JOSEPH A. HOSTETTER, Thomasville, Pa. CHRISTINE E. HOTTINGER, Elycrofl' Avenue, Rockaway, N.J. JAMES S. HOULDIN, 405 Greenwood Avenue, Wyncole, Pa. WILLIAM L. HOWARD, 302 New York Boulevard, Sea Girl, N.J. Sevenlh Row: IE. STEPHEN HUBBERT, SOO Vine Srreel, Perkasie, a JERRY R. HUDSON, lllb Tener Slreel, Johnslown, a. FRED A. HUESTIS, 30 Virginia Avenue, Manas- quan, N.J, FRANK N. HUGHES, 3I5 Oakdene Avenue, Leonia, N.J. THOMAS B, HUMPHREYS, 8 Hobarf Slreef, Bronx- vllle, N.Y. Eighlh Row: gAjRL V. HUNT, I98 Willow EXI., N, Plainfield, ANITA J. HUNTER, 7240 Sollers Poinl Road, Balli- rnore 22, Md, PHILIP O. HUTCHISON, R.D. No. I, Dalfon Pa. JAMES K. JACKSON, R.D. No. I, Christiana, Pa. BRIAN E. JACOBS, 82 W. Calherine Slreef, C,h'irnbersburg, Pa, FRESHMEN Firsl' Row: MARGARET A. JAEGER, 2I Longacre Drive, Liv- imgslon, N.J. CAROLE A. JOHNSON, 2064 Oakdale Avenue Glenside, Pa. LETER L. JOHNSON, 43 Melbury Road, Babylon IPHSLIIE, A. JOHNSON, izo Lafayelle Avenue, ore- an , a. RONALD 8. JOY, 44 Meadowbrook Road, Shorl I-Iills, N.Y. Second Row: LOIS E, KABAKJIAN, I86 N, Lansdowne Avenue, Lansdowne, Pa. SHELDON KARABELL, I309 Knorr Sfreef, Phila- delphia II, Pa. EIICHOLAS A. KARGAS, 357 Park Slreel, Geffys- urg, Pa. BLAINE C. KARR, Yoe, Pa. ARTHUR R. KASTBERG, JR., 73 Arlington Avenue, Caldwell, N.J. Third Row: RICHARD R. KAUFFMAN, R.D. 356, Buller Road, Freeport, Pa. JOYCE KAY, 34 Crestline Road, Wayne, Pa. BRADLEY R. KAYS, 206 Hoiland Drive, Shipley I-Ieignrs, Wilminglon, Del. KIRBY KIICK, Woodlawn Avenue, Lincoln Ter- race, Easron, Pa. D. LEE KNAPP, I7 Addison PI., I-Io-Ho-Kus, N.J. Fourlh Row: ANNE E. KNECI-IT, 75 Avenue "E," Schuylkill Haven, Pa. H. LANE KNEEDLER, 59 Oak Drlve, Lansdale, Pa. THEODORE G. KOERNER, IOI2 Sfralford Avenue, Melrose Park, Pa. KATHLEEN E. KOOB, I3O-I5 2l7 Sfreel, Jamaica I3, N.Y. VALERIE A. KOYEN, 6 Salem Courl, Meluchen, N.J. Fillh Row: S. RICHARD KREMP, R.D. No. 5, Chambersburg, Pa. MICHAEL A. KRUPA, 638 Slewarl' Sfreef, Beaver- dale, Pa. B. DAVID LAKE, 2363 Secane Road, Secane, Pa. RICHARD D. LANE, I038 Russell Sfreef, Avoca, Pa. JUDY A. LAPEN, 78-43 6I Sfreel, Glendale 27, Road, Hammondlon, N.J. Sixlh Row: TERRY L. LAUER, 709 N, George Slreel, York, Pa. VIRGINIA E, LAUGHLIN, 43 Cedar Lane, Clem! enfon, N.J. W. TERRY LEHR, ISII W. Markel Sfreer, York, Pa. BARBARA L. LEVERING, 208 Bullorwood Way, Glenside, Pa. BRUCE H. LEWIS, I3 N, Cheslnuf Slreef, Augusfa, Me. Sevenlh Row: ROBERT D. LICHTENVJALNER, 45 S. Sycamore Sfreef, Macungie, Pa. JEAN C. LINAH, R..D. No. 4, Geflysburg, Pa. BARBARA M, LINDNER, 2902 Homer Avenue, Erie, Pa. GARRETT L, MCAINSH, 76I3 Takoma Avenue, Ta- koma Park, Md. KENNETH A, MCCLUSKEY, 530 S. Egg Harbor Road, Hammonfon, N.J. Eigh'I'l1iRow: STEPHEN C. MCCOY, 3l5 N. lfhan Avenue, Rose- mon'r, Pa. LINDA L. MCKENZIE, Soulh Ereeporf, Me. BEVERLY D. MACK, 34-28 86th Sfreef, Jackson I-Ieighls, N.Y. ELIZABETH M. MACKEY, 7539 Greenhill Road, Philadelphia 3I, Pa. CHARLES W. MALLORY, Quarters No. 75, USMA, Wesf Poinf, N.Y. FRESHMEN Firsl Row: IVAR W. MALMSTROM, JR., l2O Lynbrook Avenue, Poinl' Lookoul, N.Y. CONSTANCE MANN, 2ll Hearherwood Road, Philadelphia I8, Pa. A , MICHAEL G. MARINO, ll32 Lorraine Drive, Franklin Square, N.Y. GEORGE R. MARKLEY, 4l06 Walnul Srreel, Har- risburg, Pa. CHARLES A. MARQUARDT, JR., 2250 Willowbrook Drive, Hunfingdon Valley, Pa. Second Row: FRANK S, MARTIN, SOI Lincoln Way E., Cham- bersburg, Pa. GEORGE MASS, 44 Wilkins Srreef, Rochesler, N.Y. SAMUEL S. MATHIS, JR., 62l7 Monimoulh Avenue, Allanlic Cily, N.J, GREGORY A. MATVIAK, Warren Glen, Sfewarls- 'll , N.J. WPELTER F. MAUST, 425 S. Franklin Slreel, Han- over, Pa. Third Row: KATHARYN H. MAYES, 36 Rosemonl' Avenue, Pilfsburgh 34, Pa, ARTHUR E. MECKERT, I34 Hunlville Road, Karo- nah, N.Y. CAROL D. MENGE, 98 Van Buren Slreel, Dolge- ville, N.Y. DAVID G. MILLER, R.D. No. I, Hallam, Pa. DAVID R. MILLER, I7 Van Meier Terrace, Salem, N.J. Fourlh Row: EVELYN D. MILLER, 30 Caslle Place, Buffalo I4, N.Y. GEORGE W. MILLER, 28 School Lane, Ardmore, P . REOLAND E, MILLER, 4ll Soulh Avenue, DuBois, Pa. PI-IYLLIS A. MILLS, 604 Cloverfield Place, Silver Spring, Md. RALPH T. MONAHAN, 630l Poindexler Lane, Rockville, Md. Fif'l'h Row: WILLIAM H. MORRISON, 709 Browning Road, Collingswood, N.J. DAVID G. MOULTON, R.D. No. 3, Norrislown, Pa. ANN MUNSHOWER, IIB Lebanon Slreel, I-lame ifon, .Y. JOSEPH P, MURPHY, 44l S. Brooksvale Road, Cheshire. Conn. ROBERT G. NELSEN, 24 Old Mill Larie, Tappan, N.Y. Sixlh Row: HOLLY C. NEWCOMB, 33 Gerdes Road, New Ca- naan, Conn. PETER C. NIKANDER, Wagner College, Slafen Island, N.Y. CAROLINE F. NOBLE, 1708 Kurfz Avenue, Lulher- ville, Md, ROBERT E. NYCE, R.D. No. 2, Biglerville, Pa. D. WARD OHL, 23 S. 29th Slreel, Camp Hill, Pa. Seven'l'h Row: THOMAS G. O'RElLLY, 91 Bellewood Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y. GEORGE S, PAPPAS, IOOO S. Frazier Slreel, Phila- delphia 43, Pa. MAUREEN V. PARKER, 67 Mounilain Avenue, Norfh Plainfield, N.J. CQEEVVARD PATTERSON, I40 Maple Slreel, Sum- rni , . . DOUGLAS C. PATTON, 209 Irenhyl Avenue, Porl Chesler, N.Y. Eighlh Row: JOHN M. PAWELEK, I3l8 E. 36fh Slreel, Balli- more IB, Md. DONALD W. PEARCE, 7I7 Homesfead Road, Hav- erfown, Pa. JOEL N, PECK, 3ll Conesfoga Road, Wayne, Pa. RICHARD- F. PENDLETON, 68I0 Greene Slreel, Philadelphia I9, Pa. VICKI L. PERKINS, -22 Brandywine Boulevard Edgewood Hills, Wilmlnglon, Del. FRESHMEN Firsl Row: IEAUL O. PHENICIE, 22I Logan Slreel, Lewislown, a. .IIJALIMES F. PIPAL, 27 Hillside Avenue, Teaneck, ELI2ABETH J, PLATT, as N. Brandywine Avenue, Schemecfady, N.Y. 'EMILIE J. PONTIUS, 40I Soulh Enola Drive, Enola, a DAVID L. POTTS, Evans 81 Gypsy Hill Roads, Gwynedd Valley, Pa. Second Row: STANLEY C. PROSSER, 639 S, Washingfon Slreer, Gelfysburg, Pa. RUTH ANN PUGH, 70l Williams Sfreef, Conflu- ence, Pa, PAUIEJ. PUKANECZ, 624 Fairmonl Avenue, Fuller- Ion, a. LARRY S, RANKIN, 720 Graham Sfreef, Belle Vernon, Pa. .FLOE E, REEDER, 3I0 Wyncole Road, Jenkinlown, a Third Row: PETE L. REEDER, 247 Spruce Slreef, Emmaus, Pa. BARBARA A, REESE, Taylor Knolls, R.D. No. I, Phillipsburg, N.J. .IIIAXMES W. REIMAN, 2806 AvenIueIJ, Brooklyn IO, QUNE E, REUS, II Hillcresl Avenue, Hampsfead, DAVID M. RHOADS, vor spruce sneer, Hollidays- burg, Pa. Fourlh Row: JAMES C. RICCOBONO, I394 Tabor Road, MI. Tabor, N.J. ELLEN E. RICE, 60 W, Broadway, Gellysburg, Pa. WILLIAM F. RICHARDSON, I Shorewood Road, Marblehead, Mass, JAMES G, ROBERTSON, 227 Dalzell Avenue, Pills- burgh 2, Pa. JERRY B. ROBERTSON, 625 Paddock Road, Haver- fown, Pa. Fif+h Row: IEAARY L. ROGERS, I08 Plum Slreel, Greenville, a if?-FHN S, ROSENBERGER, 470 Carlfon Road, Wyc- , N.J. JAY M, ROSSELL, 5I7 S. Broadway, Pennsville, N.J. ROBERT C, ROWE, 5527 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, Ariz. RPNALD R. RUDOLF, 720 Foresf Avenrue, Geneva, Sixlh Row: ELSA A. RUDOLF, 720 Foresf Avenue, Geneva, Ill. JOHN E. RUSSELL, 538 Clemson Drive, Ml, Leia' anon, Pa. ROBERT E. RYAN, 567 Manor Road, Wynnewood, Pa. JOHN J, SABO, 49I Congress Sfreef, Phillipsburg, N J MARY LOUISE SAMPSON, 858 Willow Grove Road, Weslfield, N.J. Seven'I'h Row: ALDEN R. SANBORN, 857 Morningside Road, Ridgewood, N.J. BRUCE W. SANDS, 5 Behnerl Place, Cranford, N.J. DIETER M. SAYLE, I43 Hillside Avenue, Livingslon, N.J. ROBERT D. SCHAFFER, 8 Beechdale Road, Balli- more IO, Md. SXIANDRA SCHALL, 8 Harwood Drive, Snyder 26, Y Eighfh Row: ROBERT A. SCHIEK, IOIO Manor Road, Phila- delphia 36, Pa. STANLEY L. SCHIN, 9535-239 Slreel, Bellerose, N.Y. STUART H. SCHLAMP, I53 Greenway W., New Hyde Park, N.Y. TIMOTHY J. SCHMITT, 7I5 Ridge Road, Orange, C I. EEJILIEIN M. SCHNEIDER, I45 Firsl Avenue, Lillle Falls, N.J. I I I I I I I I I I I I I FRESHMEN Firsl Row: ARTHUR J, SCHROEDER, 40 Eiglllh Avenue,Wesl- wood, N.J. CHARLES R. SCHWARZ, 46 Woodland Slreel, Windsor, Conn. KAREN E, SCHWEMMER, 99-I9 Ascan Avenue, Foresl Hills 75, N.Y. CAROLYN M. SCOTT, 332 Oak Road, Glenside, P . PZTRICIA L. SCOTT, Egypl Road, Audubon, Pa. Second Row: CAROL A. SEIBEL, I3l Manor Avenue, Oaklyn 6, N.J. RUTH E. SELLEW, 3046 Sulqrave Road, Ardmore, Pa. WILLIAM A. SENSENDERFER, 435 Slale Slreel, Lancaster, Pa. FREDERICK H, SETTELMEYER, 22 Hawlhorne Road, Shar? Hills, N.J. JUDITH A. SHAFFER, 225 Mlllwood Road, Chap- paqua, N.Y. Third Row: W. THOMAS SHAFFER, 36 N. Main Slreel, Man- Chesler, Md. JOSEPH C. SHARRAH, Cashlown, Pa. HAROLD C. SHEADS, JR., 49I3 Franklinl Slreel, Harrisburg, Pa. JOHN B. SHEAFFER, 28 Clarke Avenue, Milford, Del. CHRISTOPHER F. SHENK, I233 Garfield Avenue, Wyomissing, Pa. Fourllrl Row: ANN B. SHOCKEY, 265 E. Main Slreel, Moores- lown, N.J. THOMAS D. SHREINER, ll72 Elm Avenue, Lan- caster, Pa. RICHARD A, SIEGEL, I80 Belrnonl Avenue, Jersey Cily, N.J. MICHAEL C. SIEGFRIED, 94l Sloney Brook Drive, Springfield, Pa. TERENCE B. SILLETT, AIO6 Pine Slreef, Harrisburg, Pa. Fiflll Row: BARRY SMITH, 236 Lindner Sfreel, Wesf Hempe slead, N.Y, BRUCE W. SMITH, II42 Marklev Sfreel, Norris- lown, Pa. GILBERT W. SMITH, R.D. No, 3, Red Lion, Pa. KATHLEEN A. SMITH, Box blb, Cfo Aramco R. T., Dhahran, Saudi Arabia MARIANNE SMITH, 405l Wilshire Drive, York, Pa. Sixlll Row: RICHARD C. SMITH, JR., l4l6 Hillcresl- Road, Lanlcasfer, Pa. JOHN R. SOCEY, IOIA Fairmounf Avenue, Tren- lon, N.J, B6KR'5AfRA L. SOHL, 790 E. 37lh Slreel, Brooklyn I , . . ALEX H. STERN, 4l2 Wislar Place, Allanlic City, N.J. JACK la. STEVENS, II6-O6 228 sneer, Cambria Heighls II, NX, Sevenlll Row: WILLIAM T. STEWART, I2O S, Beaver Slreel, York, Pa. MERRITT P. STICKER, I7OI Chelsea Road, Elkins Park I7, Pa. CAROL J. STINCHCOMB, 1502 Windemere Ave- nue, Ballimore I8, Md, ' RAYMOND E, STRINGER, l58 Hurd Slreel, Mine Hill NJ RlCilA'Rlb J. slRuNK, sos Rose Boulevard Bald- win Ll., rw. ' EigI'l+l1 Row: BRUCE J: STUCKEL, I28l9 Conneclicul' Avenue, Silver Spring, Md. iCS'l'T L, SIURGES, I305 River Road, Youngslown, RORERT P. suMAs, I73 Village Road, South Orange, N.J. BRUCE E. SUTCLIFFE, 52 Beechwood Drive, Wa ne NJ Y , . . CONSTANCE J. SUTTLES, 38l7 Lingleslown Road, Harrisburg, Pa. I . may X ' 1 'I I .--C .. fx 5. - W-..- "::' G- . FRESHMEN Firsl' Row: NANCY L. TAYLOR, 73I Florida Avenue, Pills- burgh 28, Pa. ROBERT L. TAYLOR, 73I Florida Avenue, Pills- burgn 28, Pa. WILLIAM J. TAYLOR, I533 Brookside Drive, Fair- field, Conn. ROBERT W, TELKINS, I874 Edge Hill Road, Abingfon, Pa. J. DAREN TEW, 9922 Markham Sfreel, Silver Spring, Md. Second Row: BARBARA C. THATCHER, 3 Wilson Lane, Madi- son, N.J. JOANNE THOMAS, 432I Wallher Boulevard, Bal- timore I4, Md. QLILEE THOMPSON, IO Chaiham Lane, Mullica I . . GARY J. THOMPSON, Amenia, N.Y. BRUCE A, TIPPETT, 320 Charles River Sireel, Needham, Mass. Third Row: 'EAMSIE L, TRAFTON, 9 Parlrick Lane, Weslporl, OFIT1. WILLIAM F. TRAKAT, M.R. No. I, Lansdale, Pa. PETER M. TRENT, I9I Midfield Road, Ardmore, Pa. E. JOEL TREXLER, 43 Church Sfreef, Macungie, a. JOHN B. TRIMMER, 386 Glen Sfreef, Chambers- burg, Pa. Four+h Row: DOUGLAS O, TRUAX, R.D, No. 2, Berwick, Pa. RAYMOND C. TRUEX, 2l9 Avon Road, Narberlh, Pa. EVERETT L. UPHAM, 22 Oakhursl Circle, Need- ham, Mass. H. CARLETON VALENTINE, JR., Bancroft Road, Moylan, Pa. VIRGINIA F. VALLERY, I26 Page Avenue, Lynd- hursf, N.J. Fi'F'rh Row: PETER VAN NAME, 36 Wellinglon Drive, Orange, Conn. DAVID H. VENGHAUS, Cove Edge Road, Laurel Hollow, Syossei, L.I,, N.Y. VALERIE L. VILD, 23 Vine Sfreel, Fords, N.J. JAMES S. VINSON, IZ29 Lircoln Wav E., Cham- bersburg, Pa. MARGARET M. VOLK, 640 Roseland Avenue, Philadelphia II, Pa. Sixfh Row: THODORE A. WACHHAUS, 32I9 Derry Slreef, Harrisburg, Pa. WAYNE U. WAGNER, I536 Kennelh Avenue, Bald- win, N.Y. JOHN B. WALBORN, I252 Monroe Avenue, Wyo- missing, Pa. DORICE J, WALLEY, 29 Marion Slreel, Farming- dale, N.Y. GRACE E. WASSMER, 5908 Wilmeil Road, Belhes- da I4, Md. Sevenlh Row: JOAN M. WATERS, 5803 Bradley Boulevard, Berh- esda I4, Md. ROBERT E. WATSON, Mounl' Rose Road, Penning- Ion, N.J. ARLENE J, WATTIS, I446 Noble Road, Jenkin- Iown, Pa. WILLIAM G. WEAGLEY, I06 N. Easl Avenue, Waynesboro, Pa. LINDA J. WEAVER, R.D. No, I, Tower Cily, Pa. Eighrh Row: WILLIAM H. WELLMAN, 4I Coolidge Avenue, Wes? Caldwell, N.J. THOMAS L. WENGER, Quentin, Pa. PATRICIA L. WENRICH, 816 Bellefonle Avenue, Reading, Pa. RICHARD S. WETHERHOLD, I323 Parfridge Rd., Roslyn, Pa J. STEPHEN WHETSTONE, 203 Sylvan Road, Bloomfield, N.J. FRESHMEN Firsl' Row: HOWARD S. WILBRAHAM, 32 Orienlal Avenue, Pennsville, N.J. JOSEPH L, WILLIAMS, 8202 Moorland Lane, Belh- esda I4, Md. LHREBECCA WILLY, 2954 Lovell Avenue, Broom- a , Pa. ANTHONY C. WINCH, I47 Fernwood Terrace, Sfewarl Manor, N.Y, JOSEPH C. WINKLER, I8 Heafh Place, Garden Cify, N.Y. Second Row: KARENYL, WINN, 3 Colonial Road, Por'rWasl1ing- Io , N. . RIVCHARD H. WIX, 2444 Canby Sfreef, Harrisburg, P . FRIEDPG. WRIGHT, I209 Mason Avenue, Drexel H' , . IFQETER aW. WRIGHT, 524 Prescolf Road, Merion, a. 'RICHARD K. WYETH, Sylvan Drive, Allison Park, a Third Row: CHARLES G. WYNKOOP, 1928 Old Gulph Road, Villanova, Pa. GEORGE R. YATES, Main Sfreef, Vineyard Haven M s . PATTRICIA J, S. YOO, Seoul, Korea. ERANIS W. YOUNG, 829 Onaha Slreer, Honolulu, awau. INAARTIN T. YOUNG, 24 Taplin Avenue, Maywood, FourI'l1 Row: HIALYJQIE D. ZAJAC, 5004 Morello Road, Balfimore EPILOGUE Ai The close of The one hundred Jrwenlry-eighih year of Gelrlysburg Col- lege, we loresenlr The I96O SPECTRUM. Through E+ we have shown Jrhe year al' Gelrlryslaurg. This is bulr a single year in a line of many, buf for The class of I96O il will be a memorable year. Aifler Tour years of close asso- ciaiion, our ways parlr. Many are Jrhe friendships Thai we have made and will carry wherever we go. Bur Gerlryslourg College will conlrinue, expand- ing year ailrer year. There will be olher years and olrher SPECTRUMS bulr The SPECTRUM of T960 will be a memorable one Tor many of us. Tl-IE EDITOR THE COFFMAN-FISHER CO. HERSHEY'S MENS SHOP DEPARTMENT STORES "Serving The Communify ancl College for Thir+y Years" Tailoring 8: Haberclashing Tux For Reni' Cleaning, Pressing and Repairing Lincoln Square Geriyslourg, Pa. Opposiie The Couri House on Baliimore S+. COMPLI VIENTS EHRHART-CONRAD CO., INC. HANOVER, PENNSYLVANIA Wholesale Disfribufors BOOKMART 'I' S+a'Iioners PLAZA-SWEETLAND Resfauranfs GETTYS BU RG, PA. DAVES' PHOTO SUPPLY THE COMPLETE CAMERA SERVICE GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA DOUGHERTY 81 HARTLEY DRY e-oons, NoT1oNs FLOOR COVERINGS GETTYSBUR6, PA. WEISHAAR BROS. INC. ELECTRICAL 81 GAS APPLIANCES .. PLUMBING, HEATING 81 SHEET METAL Phone I25 Geliysburg, Pa. COMPLIMENTS HCTEL STANLEY WARNER GETTYSBURG MAJESTIC THEATER GETTYSBURGI PENNSYLVANIA "Where Happiness CosI' So Li++Ie" HENRY M. SCI-IARE, '25 SERVING CAMPUS SPECIALS, PLATTERS 81 FULL COURSE DINNERS Manager LAMPPOST TEA ROOM "Hue House of Good Food" As much a pat-I' of GeI"I'ysburg College as if if were Ioca+ecI on The campus. Carlisle ST. OpposiTe College YOU'RE ALWAYS WELCOME AT "GEORGES" TUWN RESTAURANT AND VARSITY DINER I block from Campus Carlisle ST. GeTTysl3urg PUB RESTAURANT GEO M ZERFING Ilzormerly MiTcI1eIIsI Food, Liquid Refreslwmenfs HARDWARE BARNEY ALDINGER. Prop. BALTIMORE STREET I-Inggln Sq, I.GI6ye'I"I'e, '24 GETTYSBURG COLLEGE BO0KSTORE Tex+booIcs, School Supplies College Novellies, CIo+hing College Rings ancl Jewelry ownecl and operaled by GETTYSBURG COLLEGE "ON THE CAMPUS" TOBEY'S Famous Fashions CI-IAMBERSBU RG, PENNSYLVANIA GETTYSBU RG, PENNSYLVANIA COM PLIMENTS OF DITZLER'S MUSIC SUPPLIES I2 Ballimore SI. GETTYSBUR6, PENNSYLVANIA BIX SWAY MEN 81 BOYS SHOP Formal Wear Service Collegiafe Clolhes 24 Chambersburg SI. Phone 20-Y BRITCHER 81 BENDER DRUG STORE 27 Chambersburg Srreel GETTYSBURG, PA. FABERS Where 'rhe Campus Meefs Lincoln Square-By Ihe I-Ioiel SODA FOUNTAIN-LUNCHONETTE WHlTMAN'S CANDIES For all Occasions MAGAZINES-PIPES-SMOKERS' SUPPLIES COFFMAN JEWELERS I6 Baliimore Slreel GETTYSBURC5, PA. 60l'lgTl'CLllMf6tlSi0l'l6 ana, MAI! IMAJAM fo My L56 of 1960 TI-IE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA On Lincoln Square Since I857 Member Federal Deposil' Insurance Corporalion PROSPERITY CLEANERS Wesl' Railroad S+. Gel-I'ysburg, Pennsylvania WEIKERT'S BARBER SHOP 57 Chambersburg SI. GETTYSBURG, PA. WHILE IN GETTYSBURG Visil' Ilwe JENNIE WADE MUSEUM Balfimore SI. near Narional Cemarery W. G. WEAVER Gel-Iysburg '2I Owner PEOPLES DRUG STORE The Rexall Dru-g SI'ore PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 26 York S+. eaiysbufg, P Over 50 Years of Dependable Service THE GIETTYSIBURG NIATIIUNAL BANK Treasurer of GETTYSBURG COLLEGE EsIabIIshecI I8 I4 ADAMS COUNTY'S OLDEST AND LARGEST FINANCIAL INSTITUTION Member oI Federal Deposir Insurance Corporajrion Member EecIeraI Reserve Sysrem SAYLOR'S GULF SERVICE REMMEI-.S PRINT SHOP IO3-I I I CarIisIe SI'ree'r GETTYSBURG, PA. Any+hing for 'I'he AuI'omobiIe Phone 677 54 Chambersburg SI. RALPI-I E. BARLEY '33, Owner Phone EDgewood 4- I 5 I 3 For A Real TreaI' I'r's UTZ'S POTATO CHIPS I-IANOVER, PENNA. Phone ME 7-6644 REA AND DERICK "The Sfores of Service" Cemter Square Xa York SI. GETTYSBURG. PENNSYLVANIA Ea! ,Mila PHATEHNAL ooMPo51TE SERVICE loo nationwide oollooo photographers 810 Varick Stree BUPP'S DAIRY York ancl Aclams Counties' Most Honored Milk Phone ME 7-3888 877 York Slreel I I-Ianover. P61- WHILE IN GE-I-TYSBURG IISIVIALI. GROUPS AND PAR-I-IESII ' D Good Dufclm Cooking and a friendly almosplwe VISII The Io enferiain your week-end guesi' HALL SSSEESIDENT THE DUTCH ouPBoARD Du'rcI1 Meals Served Daily Baliimore S+. near Narional Cerneiery Margarer F. Scofl '27 523 Balfimor W' 6' WEAVER' Gellysburq' IZI' Manager Phone Geilysburg IO93 Gehlyslourg SUPERIOR DISTRIBUTING CO. BEER, SODA, ICE "The Place I'o Buy Beer" ED 4-I I57 603 S. Waslwinglon SI. Geilysburg, Pa. GETTYSBURG GEORGE F. HULSE NATIONAL MUSEUM INC HOME OF THE I IO3 Norlh Fronl Slreel Electfic Map I-IARRISBURG, IDA. JOHN STAHLE I COMPLIMIENTS Phone ED 4-49I7 of GETTYSBURO, PA. The JOHN C. LOWER AGENTS-SI'uden+ Accidem' 8: Sickness Inc' Insurance WHOLESALE GROCERS G ETTYSBU RG. PA. ongrafufafiorw, gracluafefi For four years you've been passing Iesls, socially and academically. Now you face Ihe real "final IesIs"-The ones you've been preparing lor al school: earning a liwing, marriage, children, providing a home. When you know you musI' provide, iJr's reassuring Io remember Ihar as a Lulheran you can Iurn Io such oulslanding insurance as Ihe Brolherhood Provider Plan lor The Iinancial supporl Ihalr will help you build a beller life lor yourself and your family. For lull delails, call your Lulheran Brolherhood campus represenlalive Ioday. LUTHERAN BROTHERHO0D Life Insurance A legal reserve life insurance sociely 0 7OI Second Ave. So., Minneapolis 2, Minn. "When you know you mus'r provide"

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