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 - Class of 1958

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l 5 i 1 s 1 ? ! a I Z 1 If It Z ? i F E ia 1 i 5 B 1 J r I Q T 1 4 l 1 v n 1440 afar s soffly 'lhe evening shadows Are veiling +he campus +owers, T We come, a band of good fellows, To sing in fhe 'lwilighi' hours. Ther silvery moonlighl' manrles The worn walls of chapel anew, -The wind in 'l'he frees sweeily echoes Our praises of Qrange and Blue. Whenever +hy loyal sons ga+her, To waken, fond memory, Our 'rhoughrs shall be +urned Alma A'Old Ge'H'ysb.urg back +o lheeg Ma+er Forever am l +hy debior And whafever else l may do, l'll Love, l'll Defend, and l'll Honor The glorious Orange and Blue. fi-"diff xg: 4 ,iff j if ? ff? li: lg' Z,-fff lk, ii 2 if ll fi , Z 1 - .-ij lf, 2 1 I ,ff if .-if ,-f" ,Z J! X m 49f3 Kg ec fvu I fl Gerrvsnunc cones: X GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA , BONNIE BANKERT o co-EDlToR-lN-cl-HEP JULIA OWENS 0 CO-EDITOR-IN-CHIEF RICHARD ADAMS 0 BUMNESS M ff, ,ll ANAGER s softly the evening shadows Are veiling the campus towers, We come, a loancl of good fellows To sing in the twilight hours. 1 s f Q X 'f 2, 5 , i i? gm. , Xxx 3 S Q ii E is 5 'E be X A Fi' '5 L2 il Q. lr M ...-. . . K i... ight mantles of chapel anew, rees sweetly echoes Orange and Blue. I I ,, "Z' rye I ereye he n e v e r t h y I o y a I s o n s g a t h e r, M I I I 5 T 0 W a ke H IO H d m e m O r , I e I witty IQI I 1 ez 'i Y Eh IIIIII Our thoughts shall be turned Alma Mater I,I OId Gettysburg back to thee, It aqE ? Forever am I thy debtor f7,h 33:31 'SEEN 4 5 IWYQ gk- " I I 3 I I 3 A n CI w h a t e v e r e I s e I m a y CI o , we I i... 5' ww, A' 6 awp, ,WJ , gggmq js, ww COLLEGE 0 I2 ATHLETICS ' 82 FEATURES 0 II2 A ORGANIZATIONS ' I46 ohfehfs GREEKS ' I84 PHILOSOPHER, TEACHER, FRIEND OF THE STUDENT AND HIS FELLOW MAN . . . To us, Ihe sI'uden+ he is: Wool, plaid shirls, blue Iwinlcling eyes, cheeks reddened by Ihe crisp, coolness of Ihe wallc down Io class from Oalc Ridge, a profound explanalion, a quick iolce or a "Hello, Diclc. I-Iow's Ihe paper coming?", all wilh The same inspira+ion-giving spark in his voice. Buff Ihere is more: The unasked 'For "GifI"' ..... . . Which calls Ior+h unending graliiude because of i+s Munbiddennessw. This is Ihe vilal dedicalion Io learning, Ihe devolion of a fell duly Io Ihe sludenl Ihai calls Iorfh every resource of Ihe being of i+s ful! Iillmenl. The In'finiI'ucIe of InsighI's ...... Ihalr carve clarify oui of choas, Ihal bring discernrnenl Io mysiery. lnsighls which change and shape sludenlls lives. The Aesfhefic Sensi+ivi+y ...... a sensilrivily mixed wifh sfrenglh giving beauiy Io Iruih, and Irulh Io beauly and in so doing evolving peace of mind, a peace, Ihough Ihalr is never so complele as Io lead Io apalhy. ebicat-Ion TO DR. NORMAN E. RICHARDSON Mmwmmww-mm Q WM, mwmmumw. wma-.SQ ww, : M M aijfik A 5 5 ggi? 45' fiswwmiqfi 155: 33195 K . V51 ir? . 2 I1 s ive: Fegfg :Q W f sgiffiifbijz 5 ggfiffifrzi 2 . ,ww Q wsu: my W. :ff -,M .,. gyaffvxfifw xfkifqgfg , ,gpg ri ff Q: ,zxgyvg .M j iff, Fi 14552 r 53 msg: gms fiszfvfa , A.-Naimwizsz, 'mfgiiiizsgfiii .zfwm ffl: gibflifrzggygs, fy V g , Q4 -xi, ssffglmm szigwfgffncgwsf' wg , iii.: WHEZSSSE 2 5- i"n3wQN Hxvmfi, :gy sfwizp mzfsaiwwm. fm WW ,q wg 4 1531 555555555 N: :352s:P:E? . iiifiig . jsikiilffjiiig . Gai?-xg--:if f. fp X L. , ff Xdibgfgfmag - --LJ 25 in lulu .,,. A ,.,Z,..,. .fs l PRESIDENT General Willard S. Paul, U.S.A. lRe+.l, is now serving his second year as Presidenl of Gellysburg College. l-le was inauguraled on Oclober I9, I956 as lhe ninih Presidenl of The College. A nalive of Worcesler, lvlassachusells, Presidenl Paul alle-nded Darlmoulh College, lhe American Universily, and The Johns l-loplcins Universily. l-le is also a graduale of +he lnlanlry School, lhe Command and General Slall College and The Army War College. Aciive in high-level adminislralive oosilions, following his service relire- menl, Presidenl' Paul served as Consullanl and Advisor To lhe American Red Cross Presiclenl from IQ49 lo I952 and as Consullanlr lo 'l'he Assislanl Sec- reiary ol Defense 'lor Manpower from I952 unlil I953. A member of lhe Hoover Commission Taslc Force on Civil Service and Personnel and on Re- organizalion of 'rhe Execulive Branch of lhe Government Presidenl Paul was Assislanl 'ro Jrhe Direclor, Office of Defense lvlobilizalion from I952 unlil he was elecled Presidenl of Gellysburg College. 14 DR. SEYMOUR B. DUNN, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. F. STANLEY HOFFMAN, B.S.. M.S. ROBERT L. KUNES, B.A., Ed.M. Dean of +he Coliege Business Manager Direcfor of Developmeni' JOHN W. SHAINLINE, A.B., A.M. W. RAMSEY JONES, A.B. DR. MARTHA H. STOREK, A.B., Ph.D Dean of +he Sfudenfs Dean of Men Dean of Women 15 FirsI' Row: JAMES H. ALLISON, A.B., A.M. . . C. PAUL CESSNA, A.B., A.M. . . MILDRED H. HARTZEL, B,A. . . RAYMOND S. DAVIS, B.S. . . Second Row: ROSEA ARMOR ........ MARTIN CRONLUND, B.A., M.A. . WILLIAM O. DUCK, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. . . MILDRED D. JOHNSON, A.B .... . . . ..... Medical Direcfor . . Hisiorian and Assisfanf Io +I1e Presidenf Regis+rar Assis+anI Io Ihe Direcfor of DeveIopmen+ . . Assisfanffo II1eAIumniSecreIary . . . . Admissions Counselor . . Gudiance Counselor . . Adminisfraiive Assisfanf D INISTRATION AD INISTRATION Firsi' Row: THE REV. EDWERTH E. KORTE, A.B., B.D. .. .. .. ............. ., Chaplain REX MADDOX .....,....,,....... . . Superiniendeni of Buildings and Grounds CHARLES R. WOLFE, A.B., A.M. ,. Dean of Admissions ZlNAlDA ZAGARS .... Assisianl' in Admissions Second Row: JOHN D. KNICKERBOCKER, A.B., A.M. .. ,....,.. ,, Librarian JAMES I. TARMAN, A.B. .. .... Admissions Counselor RAYMOND STROHM Boolcsiore Manager 17 Kifchen Staff: Ernesl Overfon, Bob Gladney, Leonard Heinle, Essie Kessler, Charlie Baier, Anna Wenchhof, Alice Williams, Homer Dively, C. A. Beck, Dale Shovaker. A INISTRATIO Office Staff: Doris Stoner, Rose Whiled, Mrs. Wanda Helwig, Mrs. Sally Kochenderfer, Mrs. Helen Wagnild, Mrs, Thelma Bender, Pai Lighfner, Mrs. Miriam Wilson, Mrs. Bobbi McLearoy, Mrs. Kafherine Huston, Mrs. Pal Harris, Doris Clabauqh and Mrs, BeHy Plank. Head Residenfs: Mrs. Berfram Salfzer, Mrs. Carl F. Dunne, Mrs. Lorelfa Dealrick, Miss Winifred Campbell and Mrs. George Larkin. ff-N R LUWIG AND MARGARET RANNETSBERGER, PRESIDENT PAQUS BUTLER AND HOUSEKEEPERT W 100 DO NW H WW GENUS AT WORK1 BETTER PEDDLE EASTER, TT S Firsi' Row: R. HENRY ACKLEY, A.B, FRED C. AHRENS, A.B., A.M., Ph.D, PRABHAKAR AKOLEKAR, B.A., O M,A. JAMES W. ALEXANDER, B.A., M.S. RICHARD A. ARMS, A.B., Ph.D.g Head of Mafhemafics ALBERT BACHMAN, Ph.D.g Head of Romance Languages Second Row: PAUL BAIRD, A.B., A.M. PATRICK W. BARCLAY, D.A. ROBERT D. BARNES, B.S., PILD. GUILLERMO BARRIGA, B.S., A.M. FACUL ALFRED BASHORE, Ds. EDWARD J. BASKERVILLE, s.s., A.M. Third Row: LT. COL. ROBERT M. BEECHINOR CAPT. DANIEL R. BEIRNE ROBERT L. BLOOM, B.S., A.M,. PI1.D. M. ESTHER BLOSS, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.g Head of Sociology ARTHUR B BOENAU, A.B., A.M. HARRY F. BOLICH, A.B., A.M. Fourfh Row: EARL BOWEN, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Head of Biology TY MARIE BUDDE A. W. BUTTERFIELD, B.S., A.M. ESTHER CHARLES, M.N. NORMAN CHARLES, B.A., A.M. GLENDON F. COLLIER, A.B., A.M. Fif+h Row: CAPT. W. R. COVINGTON, B.A. BASIL L. CRAPSTER, A.B., A.M., Ph.D E. DOUGLAS E, DANFELT, B.M., A.M. THEODORE DANIELS, A.B. HELEN DARRAH, B.S., M.S. WILLIAM C. DARRAH, B.S. FACUL Firsi' Row: TISGT. WILLIAM H. DENNINGTON SFC. BOBBY L. DOVE HAROLD DUNKELBERGER, A.B., B.D., Ph.D. LENA FORTENBAUGH, A.B., A.M. ROBERT FORTENBAUGH, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Head of Hisfory LEWIS B. FRANK, B.S., M.A. Second Row: EDWIN FREED, A.B., B.D. RICHARD GEYER, A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Head of English JAMES H. GILFORD, A.B., M.S., 'D.Sc. SISGT. THOMAS GIMPEL CHARLES H. GLATFELTER, A.B., Ph.D. JOHN G. GLENN, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.g Head of La+in Third Row: ANNA D. GRIMM, A.B. LOUIS HAMMANN, A.B., B.D. HERBERT G. HAMME, A.B., A.M. JOSEPH B. HAMPTON, M.A. WILLIAM D. HARTSHORNE, A.B., A.M. Rosen c. HELD, A.B., A.M, Fourfh Row: MRS. JACOB HEIKKINEN ROBERT HULTON, B.A., M.Ed. CAPT. VERNON HORNIG, B.S. EUGENE HUMMEL, B.A., M.A. CHESTER JARVIS, A.B., A.M. LESTER O, JOHNSON, A.B., A.M. Fiffh Row: GRACE C. KENNEY, B.S., A.M. RALPH D. LINDEMAN, A.B., A.M., Ph.D JACK S. LOCHER, M.A. HOWARD C, LONG, A.B., Ph.D., Head of Physics MARIE MCLENNAND, A.B., A.M. RICHARD T. MARA, A.B., M.S., Ph.D. 21 Firsi' Row: SEC. A. T. MARRSBERRY FRANCIS c. MASON, A.s., A.M., Ph.D. HAROLD MESSER, Ph.s., A.M. M, SCOTT MooRHEAD, s.S., M.A., PED. EDWARD oSTRANDER, s.A., A.M., Ph.D. LT, coL. MARTIN E, PETERS Second Row: MAJ. LEONARD o. PETERSON, e.s. JAMES PICKERING, A.a., A.M. CHARLES E. PLATT, A.B., M.A. MAYNARD R. PLAYFOOT, A.B., A.M. SGT. ARMAND E. PROSPERI INGOLF OUALLY, A.s., B.F.A., M.F.A. FACUL Third Row: NORMAN RICHARDSON, A.B., B.D., Head of Philosophy JACK RIDINGER, A.B. DOROTHY RIDDAGH. A.B., B.S.LS. RUSSELL S. ROSENBERGER, B.S., M Ed.D.g Head of Education GUNNAR SANDNES AVERY SHEAFFER, B.S., M.A. Four'Ih Row: W. RICHARD SCHUBART, A.B., A.M. FRED SHAFFER, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.g Head of Greek HOWARD SHOEMAKER, B.A., M.A. TY Ph.D. .LiH., RICHARD SHOEMAKER, A.B. C. ALLEN SLOAT, B.S., A.M., Ph.D. KENNETH L. SMOKE, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.g Head of Psychology Fif+h Row: J. HERBERT SPRINGER MILTON L. STOKES, A.B., A.M., LL.B., Ph D Head of Economics WILLIAM K. SUNDERMEYER, Ph.D.g Head of German MRS. K. KRESSMAN TAYLOR, AB. MAJ. KARL C. TEUFEL, B.S., B.D., S.T.M. FREDA TOWNSEND, A.B., A M., Ph.D. FACUL Firs+ Row: ROBERT H. TRONE, A.B., B.D. JOHN VAN INGEN, A.B., M.B.A. MISGT. JAMES Z, WALKER MfSGT. DAN J. WARRINGTON DAVID WEANER, A.B. PAYE L. WHITEHEAD, A.B., Ed.M. Second Row: CONWAY WILLIAMS, A.B., M.S. JOSEPH WOLFINGER, A.B., A.M. ESTHER C. WOOD, B.A., M.A. WALDEMAR ZAGARS, Ph.D. CAPT. MONROE D. ZARTMAN, B.S. EARL E. ZIEGLER, B.S., M.S. Third Row: DOROTHY DOUGLAS, A.B.A., Ph.D. Noi' Pic+ured: CLARENCE BARTHOLOMEW, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. ser, JAMES w. BORING HENRY T. BREAM, B.S., A.M. ROMEO cAPozzl JACK R. coRnlN, s.s. ser. KHLAR J. DAYE EUGENE HAAS, A.s., A.M. CAPT. FRANCIS HALL, s.s, JANIS HATHORN, A.B., A.M. JERRY L. JACKSON, A.B. LOIS KADEL, B.S., M.S.M, FRANK KRAMER, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. MAX T. LEONARD ANNE PICKERING WILLIAM SANBORN, A.B. SFC JAMES T, TOMLIN PARKER B. WAGNILD, A.B., M.S.M., B.D., A.M. WILLIAM C. WALTEMYER, A.B., B.D., A.M Ph.D. GLENN S. WEILAND, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. JOHN B. ZINN, B.S., Ph.D. 23 GMIOI' OF 1958 First Row: JOHN M. ABERNATHY, JR., 35 East Fourth Street, Media, Pennsylvania, Maior: Mathematics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Football I, Track 2, Alpha Phi Omega. . . RICHARD L. ADAMS, l608 Forster Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Air Force Drill Team 2, G- Book l, 2, "Gettysburgian" I, 2, SPECTRUM 2, 3, lBusiness Manager 41, Booster Club, Government Club 4, Alpha Phi Omega I, 2. CHARLES M. ALLENDER, 27 Gwynn Lake lDrive, Baltimore 7, Maryland, Maior: Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha lTreasurer 41, "Get- tysburgian" I, 2, Pi Lambda Sigma. RICHARD V. ANASTASI, 2l2-lalst Street, West New York, New Jersey, Maiorf Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball I, 2, 4, Baseball I, Booster Club 3, 4, Government Club 3, 4, International Rela- tions Club 3, 4. KENNETH CHARLES ANDERSON, Bluebonnet Knoll, New Millord, Con- necticut, 'Maiorz History, Tau Kappa Epsilon, International Relations Club, Booister Club, Class Representative 2, 3, Honor 'Commission Defense Board 4, Phi Alpha Theta lPresident 41, Phi Beta Kappa, WILLIAM ANGLEMOYER, 3534 Orchard Road, Huntingdon Valley, Penn- sylvania, Maior: Business Administration, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, WWGC, "Gettysburgian", Booster Club, Class Rep- reslentative. Second Row: JAMES G. APPLE, lI22 Market Street, Sunbury, Pennsylvania, Maioir: His- tory, Phi Gamma Delta, Army Drill Team lCo'mmander1, Student Senate l, 2, Varsity Track 2, 3, 4, Class Representative I, 2, 3. H. BRUCE ASLAKSEN, 395 Oakdene Avenue, Cliffside Park, New Jersey, Maior: Political Science, Alpha Tau Omega, International Relations Club. CHARLES ALEXANDER BAIER, JR., 609 Denison Street, Baltimore 29, Maryland, Maior, Sociology, SCA 4, Pre-Ministerial Association lSecretary 41. LARRY D. BAILEY, R.D. 46, York, Pennsylvania, Maior: Biology. GEORGE W. BAKER, I6l6 Aberdeen Rd., Baltimore, Maryland, Maioir: Philosophy, Kappa Delta Rho lVice-President 31, Owl and Nightingale, Student Senate 3, Alpha Kappa Alpha. PHYLLIS ANDREA BALL, Aronimink Arms, Building D, Drexel Hill, Penn- sylvania, Maior: Psychology, Chi Omega lPledge Mistress 31, Booster Club l, 2, SCA l, 2, lLeadership Training School Chairman 31, Student Senate 2, 3, lCorrespondinq Secretary 41, WSG 3, Panhellenic Council 3, lHistorian 41, Psi Chi, Outstanding Junior, Who's Who, Phi Beta Kappa. Firsl' Row: BONNIE BANKERT, 700 Easl' Sevenfh Sfreef, Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Ma- ior: Sociology, Alpha Xi Della lRush Chairman 3, Vice Presidenl 41, WSG 2, 3, iPresidenl 41, Panhellenic Council 2, 3, lSecrelary 41, SPECTRUM I, 2, lFealures Co-Edifor 3, Co-Edifor-in-Chief 41, Band I, 2, 3, 4, So- ciology Club I, 2, 3, 4, Owl and Nighfinqale, Dorm Dance Co-Chairman 2, I25fh Anniversary Commiflee, Hamme Award, Oufslanding Junior, Wl'o's Who, Psi Chi. ROBERT BARKLEY, 3852 Summil Park, Cleveland Heighfs 2I, Ohio, Ma- ior: Physical Educalion, Phi Sigma Kappa lVice Presidenf 31, Physical Educafion Maiors Club lPresidenl 41, Varsify Club, Foolball 2, 3, 4, La- crosse 3, Freshman Wreslling, Honor Commission lVice Chairman 41, Kappa Phi Kappa iPresidenl' 41, Who's Who. PETER BAUGHMAN, Seminary Campus, Geflysburg, Pennsylvania, Maier: Polilical Science, Phi Gamma Della, Sludenl Senafe, Freshman Foplball, Governmenl Club. CHARLES W. BEACHEM, 4I6 Spring Avenue, Ellwood Cify, Pennsylvania, Maior: Physical Educalion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Booster Club, Class Represenlafive 3, Physical Educafion Maiors Club, Scabbard and Blade, Government Club, Kappa Phi Kappa. WILLARD H. BEALE, 246 Sanford Road, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminislralion, Phi Sigma Kappa iSecrelary 3, Vice Presi- denl' 4,1 Army Drill Team l, 2, G-Book lAdverlising Manager 21, Pi Lambda Sigma. JOHN H. BENJAMIN, 32 Terrace Avenue, Nulley, New Jersey, Maior: Biology, Phi Della Thela lSecre'l'ary 31, AFROTC Drill Team I, 2, iCom- mander 31, Boosler Club I, SCA I, Baseball I, 2, Cheerleader 4, Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4, Befa Bela Bela, Della Phi Alpha. Second Row: ELLEN BILLHEIMER, Highwood, Easlon Avenue, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Maior: French, Chi Omega iCorresponding Secrelary 2, Vice Pres- idenl 3, Presidenf 41, WSG I, 2, ,Vice Presidenl 315 WAA 4, Owl and Nighfingale I, SPECTRUM lEdiforial Assislanl 41, Phi Sigma lofa, Oul- slanding Junior, Who's Who. STEPHEN H. BISHOP, 72 Greenwood Avenue, Madison, New Jersey, Maior: Biology, Boosler Club, Bela Bela Bela. JAMES H, BLACK, 708 Fiffeenlh Sfreel, New Cumberland, Pennsylvania, Maior: Biology, SCA, Bela Bela Bela. SAMUEL A. BLACKWELL, 500 Linden Avenue, Seaford, Delaware, Maior: Psychology, Lambda Chi Alpha, WWGC, SCA, IFC, Pi Della Epsilon. WILLIAM BODDINGTON, 562I Twin Lakes Drive, Miami, Florida, Maior: Philosophy, Chapel Choir, Pre-Minislerial Associalion, Alpha Kappa Alpha. HOWARD BODY, 56 Norlh Reading Avenue, Boyerlown, Pennsylvania, Maior: Polilical Science, Phi Gamma Della iPIedge Trainer 41, Boosfer Club 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4, Young Democrals Club 3, 4. Lunch 'lime line-up enior or 1958 First Row: BARBARA ELLEN BOGUE, 2l5 Longview Road, Union, New Jersey, Maior: Psychology, Chi Omega lTreasurer 4l, International Relations Club 3, 4, SCA I, 2. 3, 4, Young Republicans Club 3, lRecording Secretary 4l, WWGC I, Freshman Cheerleader, Psi Chi lVice President 4l, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa. HARPER L. BOHR, JR., 530 Woodland Avenue, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Major, History, Phi Delta Theta lSecreary, Pledgemaster 3l, WWGC I, 2, 3, 4, lAssistant Station Manager 21, Booster' Club I, 2, lPresident 3l, Men's Trimunal 2, Student Conduct and Activities Committee 3, lChair- man 4l, I25th Anniversary Committee Chairman, Dormitory Counselor 3, 4, Student Senate 3, lPresident 4l, Athletic Advisolry Committee lVice President 4l, Honor Commission 4, Senior Class Vice President, Hamme Award, Outstanding Junior, Who's Who. JOSEPH C. BOLTON, JR., 839 Country Club Road, Camp Hill, Pennsyl- vania, Maior: Psychology, Phi Epsilon Nu. ELAINE R, BONNETT, 2052 Coleman Street, Brooklyn 34, New York, Maior: English, College Choir I, 2, 3, 4, "Gettysburgian" lExchange Editor I, Assistant Feature Editor 2l, Dormitory Counselor 3, Dorm Dance Co-Chairman, WSG, SCA 3, 4, Religious Emphasis Week Committee 3, 4, Phi Beta Kappa. DONALD A. BOYER, 990 East Philadelphia Street, York, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Administration, SCA, Pi Lambda Sigma. RONALD BRANDT, I945 North Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Maigrg Physical Education, Phi Kappa Psi, Football 3, Baseball 2, Varsity G Club, Physical Education Maiors Club. 26 Second Row: WALTER L. BRENNEMAN, 23lI Valley Road, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Major: Psychology, Phi Gamma Delta, WWGC, "Gettysburgian", Band, Booster Club. C. DOYLE BRIGHT, JR., 924 West Main Street, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, Maier: Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Mercury I, ROTC Drill Team I, 2. BARBARA LYNN BROWN, 502 Prospect Avenue, West Grove, Pennsylvania, Maior: Music, College Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Madrigal Choir 3, WWGC I, 2, 3, SCA I, 2, 3, 4, Eta Sigma Phi, Psi Chi. ELIZABETH BROWN, l503 Ninth Street, Altoona, Pennsylvania, Maiolr: Biology, Phi Mu, SCA I, Booster Club I, Owl and Nightingale I, Beta :Sera Beta lEditor of "Beta-Rhover" 4l, Tri-Beta Provisional Member Prize 2, Tri-Beta Junior Prize. JEAN BROWN, 87 West Stratford Avenue, Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, Ma- ior: Physical Education, Delta Gamma, Hockey I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, WAA 2, 3, 4, lSecretary 2l, Physical Education Maiolrs Club, Kappa Delta Epsilon. JAY BRUNDAGE, Dutcher Avenue, Pawling, New York, Maior, Business Administration, Phi Sigma Kappa, G-Men I, Firsl Row: KARL RICHARD BRUNNER, JR., II00 Penn Valley Terrace, Morrisville, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminislrafion, Alpha Tau Omega, Govern- menl Club. WARREN LUCIUS BUCKLER, 3426 Cliffmonl Avenue, Ballimore I3, Mary- land, Maior: Malhemalics, Alpha Tau Omega lSecrelary 41, Band I, 2, 3, 4, ROTC Drill Team 2, Concerl Band I, Z, 3, 4, Kappa Phi Kappa lVice Presidenl 41. CAROL L. BURCHFIELD, IZB9 Oak Knoll Drive, Cincinnali, Ohio, Maior: Physical Educalion, Transfer from Ohio Sfafe Universily, Boosfer Club 2, 3, 4, WAA 3, 4, Physical Education Maiors Club lHisforian 3, Secretary 41. en -..Wee . -. -7 Wwe. H Y Wjfn- .. vw 1- ELIZABETH ELLEN BURGER, 5I Wes? Marke'l, Red Hook, New York, Malor: Music, Alpha Xi Della, College Choir 2, 3, 4, Madrigal Choir. CHARLES L. BURGER, Ill Wesf Trenlon Avenue, Morrisville, Pennsylvania, Maior: Polifical Science, Sigma Nu, Pershing Rifles I, 2, Governmenf Club 4. BARBARA ANN BURKHART, 408 Sixlh Sfreel, New Cumberland, Pennsyl- vania, Maior: Physical Educalion, Della Gamma, Hockey I, Baskefball 2, 3, 4, WAA 3, lDireclor of Inframurals 41, "G-Book" I, Owl and Nighl- ingale 2, 4, Physical Educafion Maiors Club, Kappa Della Epsilon. Second Row: DELTON C. BUSHEY, 3lI6 Schoolhouse Lane, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Physical Educalion, Sigma Chi, Physical Educafion Maiors Club, Varsify G Club, Varslily Manager of Soccer and Baskelball, Kappa Phi Kappa. DAVID T. BYRNE, 38 Beech' Slreef, Cranford, New Jersey, Maior: Business Adminisfralion, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Soccer l, 2, 3, 4, IFC 2, 3, lTreasurer 41, Pi Lambda Sigma, WOODROW WATTS CALL, l7 Ferguson Avenue, Port Jervis, New York, Major: Sociology, Sociology Club. LAWRENCE S. CAMERON, 4209 Sanner Avenue, Ballimore 6, Maryland, Major: Psychology, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chapel Choir 2, 3, 4, SCA 2, 3, 4. FRANK A. CAPTIANI, 506 Wesf Areba Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania, Maior: Physical Educafion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Varsiry G Club, Physical Education Maiors Club, Boosler Club, Governmenl' Club, Kappa Phi Kappa, Who's Who, Football 2, 3, 4, Baskefball 2, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4 RACHEL E. CARL, Friedens, Pennsylvania, Maior: Music, Della Gamma lCorresponding Secrelary 31, "G-Book" 2, 3, 4, College Choir 2, 3, 4, SCA, SPECTRUM IHonoraries and Organizalions Co-Edilor 41, "GeHys- burgian" I, 2, 3, 4, Bullelle I, 2, 3, 4. Ugh! Ei... ilu enivl- or 1958 I Firsl Row: ROBERT J. CARSON, 8l2 Souih Union Avenue, Havre De Grace, Mary- land, Maior: English, Lambda Chi Alpha, Young Democrafs Club, Scabbard and Blade, Phi Bela Kappa. WILLIAM S. CARTER, R. D. 9462, Avella, Pennsylvania, lMaior: Business Adminislrafion. CHARLES J. CHARLES, 46 Main Sfreei, Middleburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Sociology, SCA, Alpha Phi Omega. JAMES W. B. CHURCH, 47-A Garden Drive, Roselle, New Jersey, Maior: Biology, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA, Freshman Cheerleader, AFROTC Drill Team, Chapel Choir, Pre-Ministerial Associafion, Alpha Phi Omega. WILLIAM W. CLARK, Ill, 7l4 Ormond Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminisfralicn, Phi Gamma Della, College Choir, Pi Lambda Sigma. MARJORIE E. CLAYTON, 2622 Norih Fifih Sfreei, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: English, Phi Mu IPresidenl 4l, SCA I, 2, 3, 4, ICabineI' 2, Religious Emphasis Week Commiliee 41, Owl and Nighiingale I, 2, 3, 4, Honor Commission 4, "G-Book" 2, 3, 4, "GeHysburgian" I, WSG I, ISecreIary- Treasurer 21, Chapel Choir I, 2, 3, Mercury 2, Kappa Delia Epsilon, Alpha Psi Omega, Eta Sigma Phi ISecre+ary 4l, Who's Who. Second Row: SARA L. CLOUSER, l2l Spring Sfreef, Midcllefown, Pennsylvania, Maior French, Delia Gamma ITreasurer 3, Presidenf 4l, Owl and Nighlingale SCA, Religious Emphasis Week Commiffee 2, 3, 4, Phi Sigma loia, Phi Beta Kappa. RICHARD C. COLE, Sl Chamhbersburg Srreef, Gerlysburg, Pennsylvania Maior: Biology, Kappa Delia Rho, PAUL T. COLLINS, ll3 Bellevue Avenue, Upper Moniclair, New Jersey Maior: English, "Mercury" 2, 3 ICo-Edifor 4l, "GeH'ysburqian", "Mercury' Shorl Sfory Prize 2, 3, Pi Della Epsilon. LLOYD D. COOVER, 224 Wesf Chesfnuf Sireef, Hanover, Pennsylvania Maior: Maihemafics. Boosfer Club I, 2, 3, Kappa Delia Epsilon. THOMAS F. CRAIN, 335-A Hollis Avenue, Crum Lynne, Pennsylvania, Maier: Economics, Thefa Chi, IFC 2, Soccer I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3' 4: Var. SIIY 5 Clllbi AIPI16 Phi Omega, Pi Lambda Sigma. NANCY W. CRAFT, I37 Easf Middle Sfreef, Geilysburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Mafhemafics, Chi Omega, Cheerleader I, 2, 3, SCA 2, 3, 4, Firsi Row: ALLEN S. CUTHBERT, JR., 4l9 Gilpin Road, Narberih, Pennsylvania, Ma- ior: Mafhemafics, Phi Gamma Della, Swimming, WWGC, Cheerleader, IFC. EUGENE A. DEARDORFF, Arendfsville, Pennsylvania, Maior: Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Fooiball Manager 2, 3, 4, Scepiical Chymisfs 4. BARBARA E. DEETZ, 730 Wesf Sedgwick Sfreef, Philadelphia I9, Pennsyl- vania, Maior: Sociology, SPECTRUM iEdilorial Assisfani 41, Sociology Club, Orchesfra, Kappa Delia Epsilon. JAMES DEICHERT, ll0 Mifflin Sfreef, Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, Maior: Chemisfry, Sceplical Chemisls, Della Phi Alpha, Phi Bela Kappa. MARALYN J. DELOCA, I22 Ramview Avenue, Ramsey, New Jersey, Maior: Biology, Phi Mu iMembership Chairman 31, Owl and Nighfingale I, WWGC I, 2, iTreasurer 3, Assisfanl Sfafion Manager 41, Bela Bela Befa iHisforian 41, Pi Delia Epsilon iVice Presidenl' 41. ELAINE DERHAM, 23 Dufchess Sfreel, Freeporf, Long Island, New York, Maier: Psychology, Alpha Xi Della, Owl and Nighfingale l, 2, 3, 4, Siu- denl' Senafe I, 2, 3, iHisforian 41, Alpha Psi Omega iSecrefary 3, Presi- defnl' 41, Psi Chi, Kappa Delia Epsilon, SPECVTRUM Courl I, 2, 3, IFC Courf 2, 3, May Coiurf I, 2, 3, Thela Chi Dream Girl, Oulsfanding Junior. Second Row: ROBERT DlECK, 75 Caiawissa Avenue, Sunbury, Pennsylvania, Major: Busi- ness Adminislrafion. CAROL DINGFELDER, Riegelsville, New Jersey, Maior, English, Honor Commission 4, 'Dormifory Counselor, Efa Sigma Phi. MARILYN L. DIVAN, l'73l Franklin Avenue, Moirfon, Pennsylvania, Maior: Biology, Alpha Xi Delia iRecording Secrefary 41, "GeHysburgian", SPECTRUM, "G-Book", Befa Beta Bela iSecreiary 41. CAROLYN W. DOEHNE, 4508 Soufh Cedar Lane, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, Della Gamma, Boosler Club, Owl and Nighlingale, Alpha Psi Omega. JANE DONLEY, Easf Broadway, Geffysburq, Penn:ylvan'a, Mafor: Polifical Science, Alpha Xi Della iAssisl'an'l Membership Clairman 41, Governmenf Club iCor'respcnding Secrefary 41, Young Republicans Club, lnlernafional Relafions Club, "GeHysburgian," JOAN E. DOYLE, 4l7 Hummel Avenue, Lemoyne, Pennsylvania, Maior: English, Alpha Xi Della iCo'rrespo'nding Secrelary 41, SCA I, 2, 3, SPEC- TRUM I, iCo-Feature Edifor 2, 3, Co-Copy Editor 41, "GeHysburgian" 2, 3, Pi Delia Epsilon, Class Represenfafive 3, Psi Chi. Three o'clock break oulsicle 'lhe library enior or 1958 Firsl Row: ROBERT JAMES DRENNEN, 63 Wynedale Road, Narberfh, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminisfralion, Phi Sigma Kappa, Soccer, SCA TZ, 3, Era Sigma Phi. CAROLE ANN ECKMAN, 502 Dogwood Lane, Towson, Maryland, Maior: Sociology, Della Gamma, Sociology Club I, 2, 3, 4, SCA 2, 3, 4, "6- Book" 2, 3, 4, "GeIIysburgian" 2, Owl and Nighfingale I, 2, 3, 4, Psi Chi. JOYCE HAMM ELSNER, I6 Sfock Sfreel, Hanover, Pennsylvania, Maior: Music, Alpha Xi Della, Chapel Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, SCA I, 2, 3, 4. EUNICE ELWOOD, Box IBB, Delmonl, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, Della Gamma iVice Presidenl 41, Owl and Nighfingaleg Alpha Psi Omega, Psi Chi, Kappa Della Epsilon, Speclrom Courl' 3. EILEEN LENORE ENGSTROM, 9I2 Langley Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland, Maior: Spanish, AIpI'a Xi Della, Colege Choir I,2,3,4, Madrigal Choir 3, Phi Sigma lola, Della Phi Alpha. JOHN F. FARQUHAR, IZ9 Mulberry Sfreel, Kenneff Square, Pennsylvania, Maior: Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon iPresidenf 4l, Soccer I, 2, 3, 4, "C-3eHysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4, IFC 2, iSecreIary 31, Dorm Counselor 3, Base- ball Manager I. Second Row: URBAN E. FETTERHOFF, R. D. QIF4, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminislralion, MARTIN E. FINCK, 7339 I95Ih Slreel, Flushing 65, New York, Maior: Bi- ology, WWGC l,2, 3, 4, Track l,3, lndependenl Men, Bela Bela Bela. MICHAEL FINCK, 4509 Avenue K, Brooklyn, New York, Maior: Biology, Ouling Club iPresidenIi, AFROTC Drill Team, Scepfical Chemisfsg "Gef- Iysburgianf' RONALD E. FINK, Main Slreef, Emigsville, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminislralion, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Band, Scabbard and Blade iTreasurerl, JAMES H. FISHER, 243 Norlh Washinglon Slreef, Gellysburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Hislory, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chapel Choir 3, 4, "GeHysburgian" 2, SCA iCabineI 3, 41. MARY A. FISHER, 934 Norfh 2IsI Sfreef, Allenfown, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, Choir 2, 3, 4, SCA I, 2, 3, 4, WWGC I, 2, 3, 4, "GeHysburgiain" 3,4, "G-Book" 2, SPECTRUM 3, 4, Madrigal Choir 3, Psi Chi, Kappa Delia Epsilon, Pi Della Epsilon, First Row: BARBARA FLAMMER, 9I5 Seneca Street, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Maior: Chemistry, Chi Omega lPIedge Mistress 41, Owl and Nightingale l, 2, 3, 4, Sceptical Chemists 2, 3, ISecretary 41, Booster Club 3, 4. RICHARD J. FORD, 270 Orange Street, Northumberland, Pennsylvania, Maior: Biology, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, Track, Arnold Air Society. DAVID L. FOREMAN, 3527 Rutherford Street, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Administration, Lamba Chi Alpha, Booster Club 3, 4' AROTC Drill Team I, 2, Baseball I, Soccer I, SPECTRUM Business Staff 2, 3, 4, "G-Book" I, SCA, Pi Lambda Sigma. ANN R. FORGIE, Ridgeview Manor, Marysville, R. D. alfl, Pennsylvania, Maior: Political Science, Alpha Xi Delta, SPECTRUM 2, 3, lClasses Co- Editor 41, SCA I, 2, 3, 4, "Gettysburgian" I, 2, Spanish Club 3, Young Republicans Club 2, 3, Government Club 2, 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma lSec- retary 41. RUSSELLL H. FRIEDRICH, 624 Wood Lane, Haddonfield, New Jersey, Maior: Business Administration, Phi Gamma Delta, "Gettysburgian" I, Army Drill Team 2, Track 3, Booster Club 3. LAWRENCE W. GAENZLE, 75 Brookline Avenue. Albany, New York, Maior: Political Science, Phi Delta Theta, Class President I, 2, 3, IFC Council 3, lPresident 41, "Mercury" lliusiness Manager 21, Booster Club I, 2, 3, AFROTC Drill Team I, Student Committee on Conduct and Activities 3, lVice Chairman 41, Outstanding Junior, Who's Who. Second Row: EDWARD GIBBLE, l22 North York Street, Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Maior: History, Kappa Delta Rho lSteward 2, 3, 41, Student Senate 2, IFC 3, 4, Booster Club 3, Men's Tribunal 2, SCA I, Freshman Class RGPVESGHIGHVS. DALE F, GIESE, 52l3 Old Frederick Road, Baltimore 29, Maryland, Maior: History, Lambda Chi Alpha, Track I, SCA. J. SHERRICK GILBERT, 205 Hazel Drive, Pittsburgh 28, Pennsylvania, Major: English, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA I, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 3, 4, Student Senate 3, Army Drill Team 2, SPECTRUM Business Statf 4, Chapel Choir I, 2, 3, 4, "Mercury" Advertising Staff I, Eta Sigma Phi. ROBERT E. GLADNEY, 4 East Edgewater Avenue, Pleasantville, New Jer- sey, Maior: History, Lambda Chi Alpha, Booster Club, Honor Commission lChairman 41, Religious Emphasis Week Committee 4, National Poetry Association I, 2, 3, Kappa Rho Kappa lHistorian1,Wl1o's Who. JEAN B. GLOCKER, 5506 Wesley Avenue, Baltimore 7, Maryland, Maior: Biology, Sigma Kappa lHistorian 3, Recording Secretary 41, Beta Beta Beta, Tri-Beta Provisional Member's Award 3. RONALD F. GMEREK, IZ36 Van Hook Street, Camden, New Jersey, Maior: Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, SPECTRUM, "G-Book." That's good fellas, but you'll never strut like Dawn! 31 ZMIOI' OF 1958 Firsl Row: GUY O. GRAYBILL, Paxlonville, Pennsylvania, Maior: Hislory. CLYDE F, GRIMM, JR., SI6 Norlh Highland Avenue, York, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminislrafion, Governmenl' Club, Young Democrals Club, Pi Lambda Sigm'a. FRED E. GROSS, 806 Wesl King Slreel, York, Pennsylvania, Maior: Music, Chapel Choir, WWGC fDirecIor1. ARNOLD C. GROSSMAN, 6l34 Ellsworfh Slreel, Philadelphia 43, Penn- sylvania, Maior: Hisfory, Tau Kappa Epsilon. LLOYD J. GROVE, Chicago, Illinois, Major: English. E. MILTON GUSS, 20 Soulh Third Sfreer, Mifflinlown, Pennsylvania, Maior: Polifical Science, Thefa Chi lHisl'orian 2, Marshall 3, Presidenf 41, Gavel Club lSecre'rary 3, Presidenl 41, IFC I, 2, 3, Men's Tribunal 2, Inferna- rional Relafions Club, Young Democrats Club lChairman 31, Pi Lambda Sigma. Second Row: ROBERT L. HAAR, l60l Wyndham Road, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminisfralion, Phi Sigma Kappa KTreasiurer 41, SCA I, 2, 3, "G-Book" lBusiness Manager 21, Sfudenf Senafe 2, 3, Arnold Air So- ciely 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma iPresidenl 41. DONALD A, HAAS, 62l Soulh Kenwood Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland, Maior: Psychology, SCA, WWGC, Pi Delfa Epsilon, Psi Chi lPresidenf 41. ROBERT J. HAFEY, Ml. Grelna, Pennsylvania, Maior: Economics, Sigma Nu, AFROTC Drill Team I, 2. BETTY HALL, 4l4 Hopkins Road, Balfimore, Maryland, Maior: Spanish, SCA 3, 4, Chapel Choir 2, 3. A. DANIEL HAMILTON, II7 Elm Avenue, Haddonfield, New Jersey, Maior: Hisfory, Kappa Delfa Rho lTreasurer, Pledge Masfer 41, Baseball I, Slu- denl' Senafe 3, AFROTC Drill Team l, 2. JOHN HANZL, 4 Cenlral Avenue, Cranford, New Jersey, Maior: Psy- chology, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Booster Club I. Firsl Row: ROBERT NEFF HARCOURT, SSI Topping Hill Road, Weslfield, New Jersey, Maior: Sociology, Alpha Tau Omega, "GeHysburgian" 3, 4, "G-Book" 2, 3, WWGC 3, Circle Francais I, 2, Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, 4. DONALD HARMAN, 526 Fairview Avenue, Lancasler, Pennsylvania, Maier: Physical Educalion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Physical Education Maiors Club, Football I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, Dorm Counselor 3, 4, Varsify G Club, Kappa Phi Kappa. DON THOMAS HARRIS, 639 Highland Avenue, Jenkintown, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminislrafion, Phi Gamma Della, "GeHysburgian", SCA. MERRITT R. HECKEL, l4l5 Waverly Road, Gladwyne, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminisfralion, JOHN HENSCHEN, 628 Sussex Road, Towson, Maryland, Maior: Philosophy, Phi Epsilon Nu, Soccer. FRED M. HERRING, Fairfield, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminislra- lion, Pi Lambda Sigma. Second Row: DAVID R. HETRICK, Poplar Gardens, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: B'olcgy, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "GeHysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4, SPECTRUM 2, ICo-Adverlising Manager 31, "G-Book" 2 ISporls Edifor 31, Governmenl Club I, lSecrefary 2, 3, Presidenl' 41, Young Republicans Club 2, 3, 4 IPresiden1' 31, lnfernalional Relalions Club 2, 3, 4, Varsily Club 3, 4, Foolball I, 2, Track I, 2, 3, 4, Dor-milory Counselor 2, 3, 4, Bela Bela Bela, Oulsfanding Junior, Who's Who. NEIL A. HICKOFF, 70I High Sfreel, Duncannon, Pennsylvania, Maior: Physical Educafion, Foofball, Tennis, Physical Educafion Maiors Club. PHYLLIS HICKS, R,D. vlfl, Greencastle, Pennsylvania, Maior: Physical Educalion, SCA I, Hockey I, 2, 3, 4, Owl and Nighlingale I, 2, 3, 4, lVice Presidenl 31, Physical Educalion Maiors Club 2, 3, 4, ISecrelary 31, WAA 4, Alpha Psi Omega, Kappa Della Epsilon. JOHN C. HINRICHSEN, I50 Morlon Road, Springfield, Delaware Counly, Pennsylvania, Maior: Hisfory, Sigma Nu lPresiden+ 31, WWGC I, IFC 2, Gavel Club 2, 3, JANET BIKLE HOENNIGER, I302 Nolloway Avenue, Richmond 27, Virginia, Maior: Polifical Science, Phi Mu, Junior Class Treasurer, Booster Club l, 2, 3, 4, ISecreIary 2, 31, Governmenl Club I, 2, ISecrelary 3, 41, "GeHysburgian" I, 2, 3, ICO-Circulalion Manager 41, SPECTRUM I, 3, ISorori1y Editor 41, Dramalics, Alpha Psi Omega ISecrelary 41, Pi Lambda Sigma, Who's Who, Oufslanding Junior, MARTIN HOFFNER, 700 Second Avenue, Brisfol, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, Phi Sigma Kappa, Foofball 2, 3, 4, Wreslling 3, 4, Varsily Club lPresidenI 41. "We who are aboul io die salule you" 33 enivr or 1958 First Row: DON HOLLAND, 352 West Lincoln Avenue, Geltysburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: French, International Relations Club, Phi Sigma Iota lPresident 41, Phi Beta Kappa. GORGE E. HUBLER, JR., ll6 West Biddle Street, Gordon, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, Independent Men, Psi Chi. MARGARET HUETTENREITER, Clarksburg, New Jersey, Maior: English, Sigma Kappa lPledge Trainer 3, President 41, Chapel Choir I, 2, SCA I, 2, 3, 4, Young Republicans Club 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha lSecretary 41, Kappa Delta Epsilon iHistorian 41, German Art Award 2. SARAH JACOBS, Allentown Road, Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Maior: Soci- ology, Phi Mu, SCA I, Young Republicans Club 3, 4, Sociology Club 2, 3, 4, SPECTRUM 2, 4. KARL E. JOHNSON, i639 Scott Street, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Maior: Economics, Army ROTC Rifle Team l, 2, Pi Lambda Sigma, ELEANOR LOUISE JONES, 4960 Gardenville Road, Pittsburgh 36, Penn- sylvania, Maior: Mathematics, Sigma Kappa lCorresponding Secretary 41, SCA I, Z, WWGC 2, 3. 34 Second Row: SANDRA R, JOSEPH, l07 Main Street, Conemaugh, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, WWGC, Psi Chi. RICHARD ARTHUR JUNGELS, I47 Rockglen Road, Philadelphia 3l, Penn- sylvania, Maior: History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Dorm Counselor 3, 4, International Relations Club, Government Club, Football I, 2, 3, Baseball I, Kappa Phi Kappa. ROBERT R. KAUFFMAN, 2?06 Limekiln Pike, North Hills, Pennsylvania, Maior: History, Phi Delta Theta iPresident 41, Basketball I, Army Drill Team l, Phi Alpha Theta lVice President 41. ALAN R. KEMPTON, 39-B Brookside Drive, Clifton, New Jersey, Maior: Physical Education, Phi Kappa Psi, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Lacrosse 2, 3, 4, Men's Tribunal, Dorm Counselor lPresident 41, Physical Education Maiors Club, Kappa Phi Kappa. DAVID C. KESSLER, 4l2 Perkiomen Avenue, Lansdale, Pennsylvania, Marior: Physics, Phi Delta Theta lSecretary 21, AFROTC Drill Team l, 2, Band I, Track l, 2, 3, Soccer 2, IFC I, 2, 3, Dorm Counselor 3, 4, Booster Club 2, 3, iPresident 41, l25th Anniversary Committee, Student Conduct and Activities Committee 3, 4, Sigma Pi Sigma iTreasurer 3, Vice President 41, Outstanding Junior, Baum Mathematical Prize 2, Military Memorial Prize 3. JOHN W. KIRST, l303 Delaware Avenue, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Maier: Business Administration, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa. Firsl' Row: ALICE KLEWER, 9l2 Melrose Avenue, Philadelphia 26, Pennsylvania, Maior: Sociology, Sociology Club, Boosler Club, lnlernafional Relafions Club, Hockey I, 2, Psi Chi. JOSEPH W. KOCHENDERFER, Sl Academy Hill, Lewislown, Pennsylva- nia, Maier: Mafhemafics, Soccer, Track, lndependenf Men, Sigma Pi Sigma, Phi Befa Kappa. DOROTHY G. KRANICH, II4-56 207fh Sfreei, Cambria Heighfs, New York, Maier: Psychology, Alpha Xi Delfa lPledge Trainer 41, Y-Teen Ad- viser I, Class Represenfafive 2, WSG 4. JOHN M. KRATZERT, New Oxlord, Pennsylvania, Maior: Physical Educa- lion, Phi Sigma Kappa, Physical Educafion Maiors Club, Wresfling. ADA LOUISE KREIDER, Roufe 4, Liiifz, Pennsylvania, Maior: Lafin, Alpha Xi Delfa iPresidenl' 41, "GeH'ysburgian" lCopy Edifor 3, Co-Edifor-in- Chief 41, Band l, 2, 3, SPECTRUM I, 2, lCo-Copy Edifor 31, "G-Book" Z, Chapel Choir lg WWGC I, Sfudenf Conducf and Acfivifies Commiffee, Efa Sigma Phi lPresidenf 41, Pi Delfa Epsilon, Garver Greek Prize, Garver Lafin Prize, Hassler Lafin Prize, Oulsfandinq Junior, Whc's Who, Phi Bela Kappa. HENRY E. KROH, Seven Valleys, Pennsylvania, Maior: Mafhemafics, Trans- fer from Penn Sfale. Second Row: NOEL E. KRONCKE, 5922 Wilmelf Road, Befhesda, Maryland, Maior: Business Adminisfrafion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon iPresidenf 41, Boosfer Club, Gavel Club, Young 'Republicans Club, Governmenf Club. SUSAN M. KRUM, IOO Caesar Boulevard, Buffalo 2l, New York, Maior: Psychology, Alpha Xi Delia, WWGC l, 2, 3, lMusic Direcfor 41, SCA l, 2, 3, 4, "Gelfysburgian" 3, 4, College Choir I, Z, 3, lSecrefary 41, Madrigal Choir 3, SPECTRUM 3, 4, Pi Delfa Epsilon. BARRY E, KUNKEL, SIB Norfh 4fh Sfreef, Sunbury, Pennsylvania, Maior Hisfory, Phi Sigma Kappa, Boosfer Club, Varsily G Club, Wresllinq. ROBERT G. KUNSMAN, 435 Third Sfreef, Beaver, Pennsylvania, Maior Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, IFC, Governmenf Club, Young Republi cans Club, Football I. BARRY JAY LANE, 20l Easfern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York, Malorz Po lifical Science. DIXON LANG, 344 Wisfer Road, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania, Maior: Malh- emafics, Phi Gamma Delfa, Be brave, 'lhis won'f be as bad as flue flu ,,g-- 35 enior or 1958 First Row: DOROTHEA LARKIN, Psychology, Phi Mu, SPECTRUM 2, 3, Psi LLOYD LAUVER, 724 Psychology, Phi Delta Brookhaven Road, Wallingford, Pennsylvania, Maior: Owl and Nightingale I, SCA I, WWGC 2, 3, Chi. South Grand Street, Lewiston, Pennsylvania, Maior: Theta lSecretary 41, "Gettysburgian", Booster Club. THOMAS O. LAWLER, I0 Maple Tree Lane, Sparta, New Jersey, Maior: Business Administration, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Foot- ball I, International Relations Club 3, Government Club 3. LARRY L. LEHMAN, I830 Willow Road, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, Maior: History, Lambda Chi Alpha lPresident 41, Scabbard and Blade 3, lPresi- dent 41, SPECTRUM 2, 3, Chapel Choir I, Army Drill Team I, 2, "Mer- cury" I. MARIE T LEONARD, 822 Main Street, Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Mathematics, Alpha Xi Delta, Booster Club, Sceptical Chymists iVice President 41, Owl and Nightingale, Hockey, Basketball, Cheerleader I, Senior Class Representative, Delta Phi Alpha. JOHN RICHARD LILLY, 4349 Berger Avenue, Baltimore 6, Maryland, Maior: Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pershing Rifles I, 2, Army Drill Team I, Sceptical Chymists 3, 4, Varsity G Club 3, 4, Track 2, Swim- ming 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta. Second Row: DORIS LOHNE, Unneberg Avenue, Flanders, New Jersey, Maior: Mathe- matics, SCA, Owl and Nightingale. MARGUERITE MITTEN LONG, R.D, 43, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: History, Chi Omega, "Gettysburgian" I, lHeadIine Editor 2, Assistant Managing Editor 3, Associate Editor 41, SPECTRUM lHonoraries Editor 2, Organizations Co-Editor 31, "G-Book" I, 2, iHonoraries and Organiza- tions Editor 31, Young Republicans Club 3, 4, International Relations Club 2, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Who's Who. HARRY GEORGE LOUSER, III, 244 Franklin Street, Gettysburg, Pennsyl- vania, Maior: Economics, Sigma Chi, Kappa Phi Kappa. ROBERT T. MCCLARIN, l972 Homestead Avenue, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, Tau Kappa Epsilon, GEORGE B. McGOWAN, 34 Winthrope Road, Manhasset, New York, Maior: Economics, Golf, International Relations Club, CAROLA MACHETZKI, I09 York Street, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Maier: Music, Delta Gamma, College Choir I, 2, 3, Chapel Choir I, Dorm Counselor 3, SCA, iWorld Relatedness Chairman, President1, I25th Anni- versary Committee, Student Committee on Conduct and Activities, Who's Who, Firsl' Row: PATRICIA A. MACKEN, 6BIl Windsor Mill Road, Balfimore 7, Maryland, Maior: Psychology, SCA 2, 3, 4, Chapel Choir 3, Sunday Morning Fellow- ship Chairman 3, 4, Dorm Dance Commiflee, Pre-Minisferial Association, Psi Chi. VORRIE B. MACOM, I07 Sfalion Avenue, Haddon Heighls, New Jersey, Maior: Chemistry, Phi Sigma Kappa lPledge Masler 41, Dorm Counselor 3, 4, IFC 2, 3, Sceplical Chymisfs 3, lPresiden'l 4l, l25fh Anniversary Commilfee lChairmanl, SPECTRUM 4, Della Phi Alpha. WILLIAM L. MAINE, JR., Poole Road, Weslminsfer, Maryland, Maior: Business Adminisfraiion, Sigma Nu lVice Presidenf 3, Presidenl' 41, Band I, 2, lPresidenf 3, 41, Srudenl Senafe 2. FRANK C, MALSY, 3l5 Division Avenue, Hasbrouck Heighls, New Jersey, Maior: Psychology, Psi Chi. JOAN L. MANGES, Il3 Maple Avenue, Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania, Maier: Psychology, Phi Mu, SCA I, 2, Cheerleader 3, 4, Boosfer Club 3, 4, Y-Teen Advisor 3, 4, May Courl I, 3, SPECTRUM Court 2, Homecoming Courf 3, Oulslanding Junior. ROBERT H. MANN, I3l Cumberland Sfreef, Cumberland, Maryland, Maior: Hislory, Chapel Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Eta Sigma Phi, Alpha Phi Omega. Second Row: EDWARD W. MARSDEN, JR., Ill Easl' Monlgomery Avenue, Halboro, Pennsylavnia, Maior: Mafhemalics, Phi Kappa Psi, Soccer l, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, Gavel Club, Arnold Air Sociely. RUTH M. MARSH, Soufh Main Sfreef, Union Bridge, Maryland, Maior: Hislory, Sigma Kappa, SCA 2, 3, 4, Class Represenlaiive 3, 4, Young Republicans Club 3, R. HUGO MARTIN, 2556 Norfh Fiflh Sfreef, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Bible, Lambda Chi Alpha, College Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. JOHN P. MATTHEWS, 39 Wheafon Place, Ruiherford, New Jersey, Maior: Polifical Science, Lambda Chi Alpha, Scabbard and Blade lSecrelary 41, Sludenl Senafe 3, Men's Tribunal 2, "G-Bock", Governmenf Club. DONALD W. MATTHIAS, 645 Harper Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, Phi Sigma Kappa, Band lSfudenf Direcfor 4l, WWGC I, Sludenl Senale l, Class Vice Presidenl l, 2, 3. ALBURT C. MAYHEW, 2l95 Ceniral Road, Forf Lee, New Jersey, Maier: Business Adminislralion, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Golf 2, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, WWGC lExeculive Councill, ROTC Drill Team, Whalcha Ioolring al, bub? 37 enivr or 1958 Firsl' Row: SUZANNE MICKLEY, Cashlown, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, Della Gamma, "GeHysburqian" I, 2, lNews Edilor, Co-Copy Edilor 31, "G-Book" I, 2, 3, SPECTRUM I, 2, iCo-Copy Edilor 41, SCA, Pi Delfa Epsilon, Kappa Della Epsilon. CARL E. MILLER, I50 Norlh George Slreel, Hanover, Pennsylvania, Maior: Hisfory, Phi Della Thela, Track I, 3, 4, Soccer 4, Band I, 2, 3, Chapel Choir I, 2, SCA. LARRY M. MILLER, R.D. 114, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Hislory, Kappa Delia Rho, AFROTC Drill Team, G-Men I, Alpha Phi Omega. MARTIN MILLER, 620I Buisf Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mafor: Psychology, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, Varsily G Club, Psi Chi, ROY D, MILLER, JR., 2l09 Woodbine Drive, Sharon, Pennsylvania, Maior: Sociology, Tau Kappa Epsilon lPresidenl 31, Senior Class Presfdenf, Slu- denl' Senafe 2, fTreasurer 3, Vice Presidenl 41, Gavel Club lPresidenl 31, "GeHysburg'an" I, 2, "Mercury" iCo-Edifor 41, Owl and Nighffngaleg Alpha Psi Omega lTrea:urer 31, Pi Della Epsilon, Who's Who. PATRICIA ZOE MILLS, 5I Alpine Sireel, Bridgeport IU, Conneclicul, Maior: Biology, Alpha Xi Della, College Choir I, 2, 3, 4, Chapel Choir I, 2, Sludenl Senale 3, WWGC 2, 4, Madrigal Choir 3, SCA I, Bela Befa Bela. 38 Second Row: LEROY A. MILTNER, l00 Fairmounl Avenue, Maywood, New Jersey, Maior: Hisfory, Sigma Nu ISecrefary 41, Sludenl Senafe 3, 4, Freshman Orienfa- lion Chairman 4, Chapel Choir 2, Who's Who. GARETH E. MITCHELL, 6I4 Pillsburgh Slreef, Springdale, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminislrafion, Sigma Nu, G-Men I, Young Republicans Club 3, 4, PAUL A. MONTGOMERY, IIB Norlh Mill Slreef, New Caslle, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminisfrafion, Thela Chi lTreasurer 2, 3, 41, "GelEys- burqian" 2, 3, 4, SPECTRUM 3, 4, Class Represenlalive 3, 4, IFC Pledge Council, College Pholographer. EDWARD R. MOORE, 35 East Plaza Place, Pleasanlville, New Jersey, Maior: Economics, Phi Sigma Kappa, Boosler Club, Governmenf Club, Class Represenlalive, Young Republicans Club, Army Drill Team, Pi Lambda Sigma. VIRGINIA A. MOYER, 5603 Wood Way, Washingfon I6, D.C., Maior: English, Phi Mu Social Sisler, Transfer from Ohio Wesleyan Universify, Y-Teen Advisor, SPECTRUM, CLYDE L. MUMMERT, 233 Meade Avenue, Hanover, Pennsylvania, Maior: Music, Chapel Choir, Orcheslra. First' Row: STANTON MUSSER, R.D. stil, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Physical Education, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, Track, Varsity G Club iVice Pres- ident 41, Arnold Air Society, Kappa Phi Kappa. MARGARET A, MYERS, I29 Broadway, Hagerstown, Maryland, Maior: Mistory, Transfer from Hagerstown Junior College. WILLIAM H, NEFF, JR., 987 Hill Street, York, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Administration, Phi Gamma Delta illecording Secretary 41, Stu- dent Senate 2, Booster Club 3, 4, WWGC I, 3, 4, "Gettysburgian" 3, 4, Arnold Air Society 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma iVice President 41, Psi Chi, Eta Sigma Phi. THOMAS C. NIVEN, 4 Ruth Place, Glen Head, Long Island, New York, Maior: Mathematics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, WWGC iStation Manager1, Sigma Pi Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon. CONSTANCE E. NOERR, 80I South Main Street, Lewistown, Pennsylvania, Maior: Political Science, Sigma Kappa iVice President 31, Hockey 2, 3, Basketball 3, Panhellenic Council 3, iTreasurer 41, Government Club 2, 3, 4, International Relations Club 4, Young Republicans Club 3, 4, WWGC 2, 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma. CHARLES D, OLLIVER, 305 Marter Avenue, Moorestown, New Jersey, Maior: Economics, Phi Delta Theta, "Gettysburqian" I, 2, Booster Club I, 2, AROTC Drill Team 2, Rifle Team I. Second Row: CHERYL SUZANNE OPPERMAN, 67 Miller Avenue, Lemoyne, Pennsylvan'a- Maior: Sociology, Sociology Club 2, 3, 4, Owl and Nightingale I, 2, 3 iSecretary 41, Booster Club 3, WWGC 3, 4. WARREN ORCUTT, l48 Hayward Street, Yonkers, New York, Maior: Po- litical Science, Spanish Club, WWGC, International Relations Club, NANCY JANE ORTEL, 4I3 South East Avenue, Baltimore 24, Maryland, Maior: Mathematics, Delta Gamma iTreasurer 41, SCA I, 2, 3, iSecretary 41, "Gettysburgian" 2, "G-Book" 2, 3, 4. JULIA OWENS, I7l3 Manor Road, Havertown, Pennsylvania, Maior: His- tory, Chi Omega iSecretary 31, "G-ettysburgian 2, iHeadIine Editor 3, Make-up Editor 41, Owl and Nightingale I, 2, 3, iPresident 41, Booster Club I, 2, 3, 4, SPECTRUM iCopy Editor 3, Co-Editor-in-Chief 41, "G- Book" I, iCopy Editor 21, Alpha Psi Omega, Psi Chi, Phi Alpha Theta iSecre!ary 41, Anthony DiPaIma Memorial Award, Who's Who, Phi Beta Kappa. WALTER P. PALMER, JR., I0l4 Main Street, Riverton, New Jersey, Maior: Business Administration, Phi Gamma Delta, Baseball, Senior Class Treas- urer, Arnold Air Society iPresident1, THEODORE E. PARSONS, 462 Derwyn Road, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta, Soccer 2, 3, Government Club 3, 4, International Relations Club 3, 4. Hungry hoards crowd hot dog stand at halt time 39 enior or 1958 Firsl' Row: ROGER M. PATCHES, Nelfsville, Pennsylvania, Maior: Bible, SCA 3, 4, Pre-Ministerial Associalion I, 2, 3, 4, Chapel Choir I, 2. JOHN K. PAWLOWSKI, 574 Main Sfreef, Sayreville, New Jersey, Maior: Psychology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Booster Club 3, 4, SPECTRUM 3, 4, Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4, Air Force Drill Team 2, Kappa Phi Kappa. JONATHAN PECK, lI5 Buford Avenue, Geffysburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Polifical Science, Phi Gamma Della, Baskefball I, 2, Boosfer Club 2, Infernafional Relafions Club, CLEMENT C. PEIREN, 3804 Cenferfield, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, Sigma Chi, Spanish Club I. RONALD E. PEIRSON, 2l3 Echo Glen Road, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Hislory, Chapel Choir I, SCA 3, 4, Pre-Minisferial Associalion, Ela Sigma Phi. JANICE PETRILLO, 47l Oak Avenue, Maywood, New Jersey, Maior: Eng- lish, Della Gamma, "Gel'fysburgian" 2, "G-Book" 2, Hockey I, Women's Tribunal 4, Bela Bela Bela. Second Row: LEON PHILLIPS, 42 Norfh l3Ih Sfreel, Allenfown, Pennsylvania, Maior: Philosophy, Thela Chi IRush Chairman 3, 41, Sfudenl' Senale I, 2, 3, Band I, SCA 2, Efa Sigma Phi, Alpha Kappa Alpha. ABBIE J, PINGATORE, 558 Summer Sfreef, Long Branch, New Jersey, Maior: Physical Educafion, Phi Kappa Psi, Foolball 2, 3, 4, Physical Education Maiors Club. GEORGE D. POTTER, JR., 253 Larkspur Lane, Bridgeporl, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminisfrafion, Phi Gamma Delia IPresidenf 41, Golf 2, 3, 4, Boosler Club 2, 3, 4, "Ge1Iysburgian" I, 3, 4, Gavel Club 4, Air Force Drill Team 2, Debaling Club 4, Varisfy G Club 4. JOYCE M. POTTER, R.D., Colora, Maryland, Maior: Physics, Sigma Kap- pa, lnlernalional Relalions Club 3, 4, WWGC I, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Pi Sigma lSecreIary 41, Delfa Phi Alpha. JOHN W. PRITSCH, Limekiln Pike, Maple Glen, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminislralion, Alpha Tau Omega, Rifle Team, Drill Team. DONNA LEE RAHN, 228 Easl' Pine Sfreel, Williamslown, New Jersey, Maior: Physical Educalion, Boosier Club I, SCA I, Chapel Choir I, 2, Physical Educafion Majors Club 2, 3, 4, Owl and Nighfingale 2, 3, 4, Scepfical Chymisfs l. Firsl' Row: VERNON G. RAPP, IZ39 Linden Slreei, Reading, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminislrafion. JOHN KENNETH REESE, 308 Easl Aliens Lane, Philadelphia I9, Pennsyl- vania, Maior: Business Adminisfrafion, Phi Sigma Kappa ISecrelary 41, Choir I, 2, 3, IManager 41, Dorm Counselor 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma. LOWELL REINHARDT, 860 Townley Avenue, Union, New Jersey, Maior: Business Adminisfrafion, Thela Chi, Ouling Club I, SCA 4, Alpha Phi Omega IVice Presidenl 2, Presidenf 31. MARYELLEN REINSMITH, 443 Norlh Second Slreei, Emmaus, Pennsylvania, Maior: Biology, Della Gamma IPledge Misfress 41, Sludenf Commifiee on Conduct and Acfivifies, Pan Hellenic Council IVice Presidenf 3, Presidenf 41, WAA IVice Presidenl' 3, Corresponding Secrefary 41, SPECTRUM IWomen's Sporfs Ediior 2, 3, Co-Feaiures Edifor 41, Baskefball I, 2, 3, "Gelfysburgian" 3, Boosfer Club I, 2, Owl and Nighlingale, Cheerleader 3, Befa Bella Bela, Ouisfanding Junior, Who's Who. WILLIAM D. REISS, 57-I2 Thornion Place, Foresf Hill 75, New York, Maier: Biology, WWGC, Senior Class Represenfalive, Boosier Club, Cheerleader, Bela Bela Beta IPresideni 41. ROBERT E. RENTSCHLER, 720 Soufh Main Street, Alhens, Pennsylvania, Maior: Chemislry, Lambda Chi Alpha IVice Presidenf 31, Religious Em- phasis Week Commiffee 4, Sceplical Chymisls, Delia Phi Alpha. Second Row: JOHN D, RHODES, 204 Bralfon Avenue, Lewistown, Pennsylvania, Maior: Physical Educafion, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Dorm Counselor, Junior Class Represenfalive, Physical Education Maiors Club, Kappa Phi Kappa. JACK T. RIBBLE, l02 Youman's Avenue, Washingfon, New Jersey, Maior: Psychology, Wreslling I, 2, 3, 4, Chess Club IPresidenf1. JACK N. RICHARD, I23 Reiford Avenue, Cranford, New Jersey, Maior: Hislory, Tau Kappa Epsilon, WWGC 2, 3, Boosler Club I, 2, 3, 4, Infer- nafional Relations Club 3, 4, "Gelfysburgian" I, 2. ROY E, ROBERTS, JR., 4005 Pilgrim Road, Plymourh Meefing, Pennsylvania, Maior: Mafhemafics, Alpha Tau Omega IVice President 41, Class Repre- senlaiive, Baseball I, Sigma Pi Sigma lSecreI'ary 31. KENNETH F. ROGERS, Valley View Road, Warren Township, Plainfield, New Jersey, Maior: Business Adminislrafion, Phi Sigma Kappa, Class Rep- resenfafive, Booster Club, Scabbard and Blade. OWEN I, ROIZMAN, 330 Golf Drive, Oceanside, New York, Maior: Physics, Phi Kappa Psi, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4, Class Represenlafive. Any mail for me 'l'oday? S? enivr or 1958 Firsl' Row: JOANNE ROSITZKE, 90-37-2I9lh Sfreel, Queens Village, New York, Maior: Economics, Della Gamma, Owl and Nighlingale, SCA. PATRICIA RUDISILL, l33V7 McAllisIer Slreel, Hanover, Pennsylvania, Maior: Sociology, Phi Mu, Sociology Club 2, 4, lPresidenI 31, Y-Teen Advisor 2, 3, 4, Band 4, SCA I, Class Represenfafive 3, 4. ELIZABETH RYDER, 2ll0 Club Road, Haqerslown, Maryland, Maior: Biolo- gy, Transfer from Hagerslown Junior College, Band 3, 4. JACOB SAGE, l335 Easf l2lh Srreel, Brooklyn 30, New York, Maior: Chem- islry. RAYMOND SAXON, JR., 726 Mounf Pleasanl Road, Byrn Mawr, Pennsyl- vania, Maior: Business Adminislralion, Phi Kappa Psi, Foolball I, Lacrosse. THEODORE R. SCHAFFER, R.D. 492, Geflysburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, WWGC, Pre-Minisferial Associalion, Alpha Phi Omega. Second Row: JUDITH L. SCHAUB, 89 Powell Road, Springfield, Delaware Counly, Penn- sylvania, Maior: Biology, Chi Omega, Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, Hockey I, 2, 3, 4, SCA I, 2, 3, 4, Boosfer Club I,2,3, 4, lnlernalional Relalions Club l, 2, 3, lCorresponding Secrelary 41, Bela Bela Bela. 42 CLAIR EUGENE SCHNURE, I4 Wesf Third Slreel, Walsonlown, Pennsyl- vania, Maior: Malhemalics, Thela Chi, Soccer I, WWGC I,2,3,4, SCA 3, 4, "Mercury" 4, ROTC Drill Team I, 2, Boosfer Club 4, Alpha Phi Omega lCorresponding Secrelary 31. ELIZABETH J. SCHREINER, 226 Marker Slreel, Nanlicoke, Pennsylvania, Maior: Sociology, Phi Mu, SCA I, Sociology Club I, lSecrelary 3, Treas- urer 41, Class Represenlalive 2, SPECTRUM 4, CHARLES B. SCHRIVER, R.D. WI, Manheim, Pennsylvania, Maior: Philoso- phy- RONALD W. SCHUETTE, 5 Wilson Drive, Berkeley Heighls, New Jersey, Maior: Business Adminisfrafion, Kappa Della Rho lVice Presidenl 41, Sludenl Senafe, Army Rifle Team, Army Drill Team. Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles. MARGERY SCHULER, 2035 Pennsylvania Sfreel, Allenlown, Pennsylvania, 'Maiorz Biology, Phi Mu, 'Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Boosler Club I, 2, lVice Presidenl 3, Treasurer 41, Panhellenic Council 3, lVice Presidenl 41, SPEC- TRUM Courl I, 3, lQueen 21, IFC Courl 3, May Courf 2, Bela Bela Bela, Oulslanding Junior, Who's Who. Firsi Row: DEAN J. SELL, R.D. 4642, Lilileslown, Pennsylvania, Maior: Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Governmenl Club 3, 4, Alpha Phi Omega lPresidenl 3, 41, Bela Bela Bela. ROBERT SEPULVEDA, 366 Wesl Lincoln Avenue, Geiiysburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Physical Educalion, Physical Educalion Maiors Club. MARLENE S. SHlLLlNG, 239 Norlh Washington Sfreef, Gefiysburg, Penn- sylvania, Maior: Music, College Choir, JAMES LARUE SHIPMAN, 809 Lafayelle Parkway, Williamsport' Pennsyl- vania, Maior: Hisfoiry, Alpha Tau Omega, Band 3, Pre-Minislerial Asso- cialion, SCA, G-Men I, Concerf Band. MARK SIBLEY, JR., 2l7 Haverford Avenue, Narberlh, Pennsylvania, Maicr: Business Adminislralion, Phi Sigma Kappa lPresidenl 41, Boosler Club 2, 3, 4, Gavel Club, Pi Lambda Sigma lTreasurer 41. JAMES T. SKELTON, JR., l573 Clover Lane, York, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminisfrafion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Track, Government Club. Second Row: JUDITH A. SLOTERBECK, 2026 Susquehanna Road, Abinglon, Pennsylvania, Maior: Physical Educaiion, Chi Omega, Hockey l,2, 3, 4, Baskelball l,2, 3, 4, Physical Educafion Maior Club lSecre+ary 2, Vice President 31, Boosler Club lSecrefary 41, Class Secrefary 2, 3, 4, "G-Book" I, 2, WAA lPresidenl 41, Afhlefic Advisory Commiliee 4, Kappa Della Epsilon lVice Presidenf 41, Oufsfanding Junior, Who's Who, SPECTRUM. THEODORE L. SOISTMANN, JR., 226 Barion Drive, Woodslown, New Jersey, Maior: Business Adminisirafion, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lacrosse 2, 3, 4, Governmenl Club 2, 3, 4, Young Republicans Club 3, lPresidenl 41. G. LOUIS SPOERL, 6l5 Nafional Highway, LaVale, Maryland, Maior: Business Adminisfralion, Alpha Tau Omega lTreasurer 41, lnrernalional Relalions Club, Alpha Phi Omega. RONALD D. STAUB, 2l9 Maple Avenue, Hanover, Pennsylvania, Maior: English, WWGC, Phi Bela Kappa. JOY STEIDLE, R.D. 1352, Germanlown, Maryland, Maior: Business Adminis- fralion, Chi Omega, Transfer from Rollins College, Pi Lambda Sigma, Della Phi Alpha. DONALD L. STEIN, R.D, 9652, Hellam, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Ad- minislraiion, Kappa Della Rho lPresideni 41, Sfudenl Senale 2, Gavel Club 3, 4, lPresidenl 31, Baseball l. Walch oul behind you! 43 enivr or 1958 Firsl Row: KENNETH V. STEINHARTER, l08l Park Lane Norlh, Franklin Square, New York, Maior: Chemislry, Phi Sigma Kappa, Foolball I, AFROTC Drill Team, Arnold Air Sociely, Sceplical Chymisfs, Bela Bela Bela. ANN STETSER, 208 Cherry Sfreef, Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, Maior: Bi- ology, Hockey I, 2, 3, 4, Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, SCA l, 2, 3.4, WWGC I, 2, 3, 4, Sociology Club I, 2, "G-Book" I, WAA Board 4, Boosler Club 4, SPECTRUM 4, Bela Bela Bela. STEPHEN B. STOCK, 897 Club House Road, York, Pennsylvania, Maior: Business Adminislrafion, Phi Gamma Delfa, Arnold Air Sociely, Pi Lambda Sigma, Psi Chi. MARLENE J, STRAYER, R.D. ilfl, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Busfness Adminisfralion, SCA I, 2, 3,4, SPECTRUM 4, Pi Lambda Sigma, SEWARD T. SWEET, l00 Cedar Sfreef, Dobbs Ferry, New York, Maior: Hislory, Lambda Chi Alpha, WWGC l, 2, 3, 4, IFC 2, 3, Men's Tribunal 2, Young Democrals Club 3, "G-Book" l, 2. ROBERT V. SWENSON, 2000 Markef Slreel, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: German, Phi Sigma Kappa, SCA I, 2 3, Soccer l, 2, 3, WWGC I, 2, 3, "Gel'l'ysburgian" I, 2, 3, Kappa Phi Kappa, Della Phi Alpha, Ela Sigma Phi. 44 Second Row: THOMAS THEALL, Ridley Creek Road, Media, Pennsylvania, Maior: Busi- ness Adminislrafion, Pershing Rifles 2, AROTC Drill Team 2, Pi Lambda Sigma. DAVIPD L. THOMAS, Box ll2, Jennerslown, Pennsylvania, Maior: Economics, Wreslling, Government Club, lnlernafional Relalions Club, Dorm Coun- selor. KEVIN B. THOMAS, 3000 Palmer Drive, Los Angeles, California, Maior: English, Sigma Nu, "Gel'+ysburgian" I, 2, Class Represenlalive 3, Phi Befa Kappa. ALLEN K, TOMLINSON, R.D. fl, Easf Greenville, Pennsylvania, Maior: Polifical Science, lnfernalional Relafions Club, Governmenl' Club, Pre- Legal Sociefy. WALTER TOPOLSKI, I260 Allanlic Avenue, Camden 4, New Jersey, Maior: Psychology, Booster Club 3, 4, Newman Club l, 2, Young Republicans Club 3, Bela Bela Bela. STANLEY S. TRAYMORE, JR., 2-26 Lyncresl Avenue, Fair Lawn, New Jersey, Maior: Business Adminislrafion, Phi Della Theta, Baskelball 3, 4, Govern- menl Club, lnfernafional Relafions Club, Boosfer Club. First Row: JACOB E. TRIMMER, 55 East Pomtret Street, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Maior: Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, "Gettysburgian", Government Club, Beta Beta Beta. J. SCOTT TULLY, R.D. 9'f4, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, Maior: English, Phi Delta Theta, "Gettysburgian" I, 2, 3 lCircuIation Manager 41. KENNETH LEE UNGER, I64 North Tulpetocken Street, Pine Grove, Penn- sylvania, Major: Business Administration, Tau Kappa Epsilon. JAMES A, VALLER, R.D. 4652, Newton, New Jersey, Maior: Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, lnternational Relations Club, Government Club. DAVID VAN HOUTEN, 3I0 East Front Street, Berwick, Pennsylvania, Maior: Chemistry. CARL R. VAN LOWE, JR., R.D. 4642, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Maior: Psychology, Phi Delta Theta. Second Row: ROBERT R. VAN SADERS, 7b6 Oak Avenue, Maywood, New Jersey, Maior: Physical Education, Kappa Delta Rho, Baseball I, Physical Education Maiors Club, Class Representative. JANET M. VARNER, IOO6 Jefferson Avenue, Portage, Pennsylvania, Maior: English, Phi Mu lVice President 31, SCA Uleligious Emphasis Week Com- mittee 2, 3, 41, WWGC, Chapel Choir 2, Alpha Kappa Alpha lVice Pres- ident 41. HOWARD L. VOGT, 85-3l 252 Street, Bellerose 25, New York, Maior: Business Administration. BARBARA WAGNER, 62l South George Street, York, Pennsylvania, Maior: History, Delta Gamma, WWGC 2, 3, Women's Tribunal 3, lnternational Relations Club 4. ROBERT WALSACK, 4l2 Woodside Avenue, Newark, New Jersey, Ma,o'r: Physical Education, Phi Kappa Psi. ROBERT B. WANDLING, 329 Westmoreland Drive, Trenton, New Jersey, Maior: Physical Education, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, Baseball, Physical Education Maiors Club. Gay ninety guys and gals from the Melodrama V 5 45 enior or 1958 Firsl Row: CHARLOTTE WAY, Limeslone Road, Hockessin, Delaware: Maior: Sociolo- gy: Sigma Kappa: Ouling Club I: Boosfer Club 3: Spanish Club 3: Inler- nalional Relalions Club 4: SCA 4: Sociology Club 4. RALPH S. WEAVER, 502 Pine Slreel, Calasauqua, Pennsylvania: Polifical Science: Phi Della Thefa, Maior: RONALD S. WEBB, l24 Palmer Drive, Norlh Syracuse, New York: Maior Music: College Choir. BARBARA WELWOOD, l82-59 Radnor Road, Jamaica 32, New York: Maior Spanish: Phi Mu: SCA 4: Young Republicans Club 3: SPECTRUM 2 Spanish Club I. FRED H, WETZEL, 2I Easl High Street, Maylown, Pennsylvania- Sociology: Chapel Choir I, 2: Pre-Ministerial Associalion I, 2, 3, NORMA WIELAND, 90l Dual Highway, Haqerslown, Maryland: Psychology: Chi Omega IRush Chairman 4I: SCA I: Boosler Club ICorresponding Secretary 4I: lnlernalional Relafions Club 3, 4: Ps Maior 4. Maior I, 2, 3, i chi. 46 Second Row: MICHAEL B. WIERMAN, 233 Highland Avenue, Hanover, Pennsylvania Maior: Business Adminisfralion: Foofball Manager I, 2, 3, 4. HOWARD A. WILLE, JR., 45l3 Arabia Avenue, Balfimore I4, Maryland Maior: Business Adminislrafiong Thela Chi: Soccer lg Spanish Club: Owl and Nighlingale: WWGC I, 2, 3, 4. JOHN K. WILLIAMS, 576 Lewis Sfreel, Minersville, Pennsylvania: Maior: Business Adminislraflon: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Governmenl Club: Inferna- fional Relafions Club: Pi Lambda Sigma. ROBERT C. WILLIS, 2254 Cove Road, Pennsauken, New Jersey: Maior Physical Educafion: Kappa Della Rho: Sfudenf Senale 2, 3: Baskefball I SCA I: WWGC l, 2: Baseball I: AROTC Drill Team: Booster Club 2 Freshman Class Represenlafive: Physical Educalion Maiors Club. ANNE M. WILSON, I405 Wesl King Slreef, Marlinsburg, Wes? Virginia Maior: Biology: Delia Gamma: WWGC: Bela Bela Bela. THOMAS J. WINTER, Holel Gelfysburg, Gellysburg, Pennsylvania: Maior Mafhemalics: Sigma Chi: Transfer from Bucknell Universify. JEANETTE R. WOODROW, 3l2 Rolling Knolls Road, Scotch Plains, New Jersey, Maior: French, Chi Omega, Booster Club I, 2, 3, 4, Owl and Nightingale 2, 3 iVice President 4l, International Relations Club 3, tRe- cording Secretary dl, SPECTRUM 2, 4, Pl'i Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl 3, Psi Chi, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Phi Sigma Iota, CHAUNCEY O. YINGST, 322 West Main Street, Hummelstown, Pennsyl- vania, Maior: Business Administration, Sigma Alpl'a Epsilon Ureasurer 3, 4l, Dorm Counselor 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, lCaptain 41, Varsity G Club lTreasurer 41, SPECTRUM 2, Who's Who. MERRILL A. YOHE, JR., R.D. Jil, New Oxtoird, Pennsylvania, Maior: Eng- lish, Phi Gamma Delta, Swimming, Booster Club, WWGC. Seniors Not Pictured: ROBERT C. ALDRIDGE, R.D. 1593, Hanover, Pennsylvania. JOHN G. BAYLOR, l0l Northeast Avenue, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania. JOHN C. BEST, 4I East Englewood Avenue, Englewood, New Jersey. EARL L. BOWER, l400 White Rose Lane, York, Pennsylvania. LEROY BREAM, R.D. 452, Gardners, Pennsylvania. BARTINE H. COADY, l000 West Cobbs Creek Parkway, Yeadon, Pennsyl- vania, FRIEDA EHRHART, 233 East High Street, New Oxford, Pennsylvania. BARRY L. EVANS, South Baltimore Street, Dillsburg, Pennsylvania. DAVE GRAYBILL, 3II Clearview Road, Hanover, Pennsylvania. DONALD HAILEY, 638 Van Hook Street, Camden, New Jersey, DONALD W. HALLAUER, I90l Hudson Avenue, Rochester I7, New York. ROBERT C. HARRIS, ll33 Julia Street, Teaneck, New Jersey. GLENN W. KAUFFMAN, Box ll2, Fayetteville, Pennsylvania. LYNN LOUDEN, 25 Park Avenue, Old Greenwich, Connecticut, FLOYD E. McMULLEN, 372 West Lincoln Avenue, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. JOHN MALONEY, Moiuntain Hill Road, Middletown, New Jersey. RICHARD E. MARTIN, l07 Wellington Road, Garden City, New York. GEORGE ROHRBAUGH, JR., 852 York Street, Hanover, Pennsylvania. ROBERT D, ROHRBAUGH, I4l Steinwehr Avenue, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. HAROLD M. RUDDY, 243 North Washington Street, Gettysburg, Pennsyl- vania. JOANN SHERMAN, I23 East Broadway, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. GERALD SHEALER, l55 South Howard Avenue, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. FRANK R. YOUNG, 385 Lookout Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey, Major: Business Administration, Phi Delta Theta, "Gettysburgian", Booster Club, Sophomore Class Representative, Track I, 2. EVELYN F. ZWAHL, IB9 Spencer Place, Ridgewood, New Jersey, Maio': Political Science, Chi Omega, "Gettysburgian" l, 2, 3, 4, Booster Club 2, SCA 2, 3, International Relations Club iSecretary 2, Vlce President 3, President 4l, Young Republicans Club iSecretary 3, Corresponding Secre- tary 4l, Hamme Award, Pi Lambda Sigma, Kappa Delta Epsilon lPresi- dent 4l, Who's Who. EARL A. TIEPPO, 6780 Luana, Allen Park, Michigan. JOHN TOGGAS, 232 South Pine Street, York, Pennsylvania. ALBERT VAN DE GRIEK, JR., R.D. iI52, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. BRUCE VILLARD, 20l0 Montgomery Street, Bethelehem, Pennsylvania. PAUL WILLIAMS, l200 26th Avenue, Altoona, Pennsylvania. A. HOWARD WORTS, l354 River Road, West Englewood, New Jersey. EARL YOST, 22 North Morris Street, Shippensburg, Pennsylvania. Step right up girls an-d get your linens 47 Firsl Row: CHARLES B. ACKER 30 Pen-Y Bryn Drive WARREN B. ADAMS 203 Wesf Broad Slreef IOR . . Scranlon S, Pa . Paul.boro, N.J WILLIAM F, ADAMS Upper Monlclair, N.J. Second Row: 89 Edqemonf Road JUDITH R. ALBRIGHT 32? Fairlane Avenue EUGENE R. ALEXANDER Roufe No. 2, Box 44l SANDRA AMUNDSEN 35 Beniamin Road JEANNETTE L. ANDERSON Third Row: 6l3 Braeside Road EDWARD ANDREWS 332 Soulh Morris Avenue VINCENT P, ANNICHARICO . BILL BARTHOLET 72 Main Slreef C. RUSH BARR, Ill 204 Easf l3Ih Avenue ' 423 West l20Ih sneer ' ' E. WAYNE BAUMGARDNER . . Fourih Row: Box No. I THOMAS W. BAUMGARDNER BENJAMIN BEAL ARTHUR H, BECK . . Fiflh Row: HARLES A BECK I926 Norlh Second Slreel HOWARD T. BEAGLE l003 Lafayelfe Avenue I8 Coral Drive 3A Glen Avenue C . . . . , 325 Maryland Avenue HELEN BERKEY . RON BERKLITE . I i 854 Anllfony Avenue l i WILLIAM R. BETZ l25 Garfield Sfreel' l40 Norlh :nh sneer ' ' , . . . Haverrown, Pa Cumberland, Md . . . Tsnafly, N.J Baltimore 29, Md . Crum Lynne, Pa Dobbs Ferry, N.Y Conshohocken, Pa New York 27, N.Y . Taneylown, Md . . . Harrisburg, Pa Prospecl Park, Pa Pillsburgh 38, Pa . . Glenolden, Pa Wesiernporl, Md . Waynesboro, Pa . Waynesboro, Pa . . Sunbury, Pa Sixlh Row: GEORGE T, BILLMAN . . . . Loysville, Pa HARRY H. BINGER . Soulh Williamsporl, Pa l92I Riverside Drive WILLIAM E. BITNER , Shiremanslown, Pa 408 Easl Main Sfreel' CYNTHIA E. BLACK . . . . Wesl Chesler, Fa 937 Poffslown Pike Sevenih Row: CARL C. BOHNER .... . . Dornsife, Pa LYNNE BONNEY . . . . . Harrisburg, Pa 55l Wiconisco Sfreel BARBARA A, BORKE New Cumberland, Pa 530 Harding Slreel' CHARLES L, BOSE . . . . .York, Pa l004 Soufh Pine Sfreel JUNIOR First Row: BARCLAY A. BOYD ..... DalIastown,Pa 47l West Main Street WILLIAM H. BRANDT . . Mechanicsburg, Pa I9 East Marble Street PEGGY JO BREAM . . . . Gettysburg, Pa 202 West Broadway LOIS A. BROBST . . . . . Telford R.D. 9942, Pa Indianfield Road S:co"d Row: GEORGE BROOKS . ..... Lebanon, Pa 700 South l3tI' Street PAUL BRUNELL , . . . . Hempstead, N.Y I6 Brickstone Court BENJAMIN C, BUCKLE! , . . . Roselle, N.J 472 Chester Place DAWN E. BURG . . . . . Red L'o1,Pa l32 West Broadway Third Row: SHIRLEY A. BURKZRT . . . Baltimore 29, Md 370 Marydell Road GEORGE O. BUTZ . . . Baltimore I4, Md 33l7 Beverly Road RICHARD BUTZ Chambersburg, Pa 520 East Washington Street JEAN H. CHARUHAS . . . SilverSpring, Md I28 Dole Drive Fourth Row: JOHN HENRY CLARK ll .... Lancaster, Pa I604 Wheatland Avenue ERROL M. CLAUSS ..... Rahway, N.J 230 Princetown Avenue RUTH CLEGG . . . . . Philadelphia lb, Pa I09 Overhill Avenue JOHN R. COCHRAN . . . . Altoona, Pa 2307 Fourth Avenue Fifth Row: WILLIAM P. CONWAY .... Bronxville, N.Y 25 Parkview Avenue HENRY F, COYNE . . . . . . . . Locust Gap, Pa Main Street DIANE L. CRAIN , . . .Harrisburg, Pa 2404 North Second Street PATRICIA DAY .... . . Pompton Plains, N.J 303 Boulevard Sixth Row: DAVID R. DENMAN , . . . Maplewood, N.J I4 Ridgewood Terrace JAMES D. DETHLEFSEN . . . Bayonne, N.J 743 Broadway i i DALE DETWEILER .............. Blooming Glen, Pa WILLIAM S. DIEHL . . . Northumberland, Pa Island Park Road, Rt. No. I Seventh Row: JOHN R. DILL . . . . . Roselle Park, N.J I44 East Roselle Avenue GEOFFREY DOBSON . . . .... Bellerose 26, N.Y 5 Ontario Road JOHN W. DOUB, JR. . . Baltimore I8, Md I553 Northwick Road MARYANN DRESHER . . . . Lansdale, Pa 25 East Seventh Street JUNIOR First Row: FLORENCE A. DUCKWORTH . . . Staron Hill, Pa. 57 High Street ALAN C. DUNCAN . . . . . , Robesonfa, Pa. Ardounie Farm GUY S, EDMISTON, JR, . . Elizabelhlown, Pa. 604 South Mt. Joy Street BRUCE ELTON .... , . Fort Washingtoi, Pa. Summit Avenue Second Row: DONALD EMICH . . , . East Petersburg, Pa. East State Street CARL EMIGH ...., .... T urtle Creek, Pa. I627 Lynn Avenue BARBARA J. ENSOR . . . . Lutherville, Md. I5II Bellona Avenue WILLIAM W. ENTERLINE . . . . Ashland, Pa 6 North l0th Street Third Row: RICHARD ERDLEY .... . . . . . Paxtonville, Pa. ALBERT C. EYDE . . , ..., . . . .Absecon, N.J. 209 Seminole Avenue GEORGE E. EARLEY . . . , . . ....... Gardners, Pa. Rt. No. 2 WILLIAM V, FASSBENDER . . . Williamstown, N.J. 5l9 South Main Street Fourth Row: GEORGE E, FERREY, JR. V.... ..... C onyngham, Pa I8 Butler Avenue FRANK FIORE .... . . . . . . Irvington, N.J 24 Allen Street ROGER E. FLEMING .... Ardmore, Pa. ZI9 Williamsburg Road JAMES F, FLOOD . . , . .... Abington, Pa I057 Holly Tree Road Fifth Row: JEAN FOELLNER ................. Manheim, Pa IO4 East High Street FREDERICK A. FOLTZ ..... . ..... Williamsport, Pa 2I5 Lincoln Avenue RONALD FORD ....... .,.. . . Coatesville, Pa Rt. NO. 3 WILLIAM J. FRAZEE .......... . . Fort Hill, Pa Sixth Rowi: MICHAEL F. GARMAN , ........ . .Johnstown, Fa 556 Cypress Avenue JOHN L. GEISER . , ..... Royersiford, Pa 600 Washington Street GRETCHEN S. GEORG . . ..,...... Boswell, Pa 308 Stonycreek Street NANCY J. GILROY . . . . ..,. Brookville, L.l., N.Y Meadowood Lane Seventh Row: NORMAN I. GINDLESPERGER . . . . .,.... Windber, Pa 908 Washington Avenue NICHOLAS A. GIORGIO, JR. . . . . Hartford 5, Conn I6 Lorraine Street CHRISTINE GOOD . . . . ...... York, Pa I9I5 East Market Street EDWARD M. GRANT ..... . .... . . Media, Pa Rt. No. lb JU OR Firsl' Row: GEORGE GREINER ...... . .... Neffsville, Pa FRANK GRZELECKI . . .....,.... Scheneclady, N.Y I9l4 Avenue A DAVID H. GUNDRUM . . . ........ York, Pa 625 Florida Avenue DONALD P, GUTEKUNST . , . , Philadelphia I9, Pa Second Row: 7046 McCallum Slreef RICHARD L. HADFIELD . . . 365 Church Sfreef ANTHONY J. HALL . . . . 756 Bryanf Sfreef ROSANNA L. HALLMAN . . . Third Row: JOHN W. HATTERY Harleysville Pike BRUCE E. HAMILTON . . . . . 295 Fairfield Woods Road ARTHUR G. HANNEL I68 Crescenl Avenue JACK HATHAWAY . l00 Croflley Road 4300 Raspe Avenue' i i I RICHARD M, HAWKINS Fourlh Row: BARBARA HAYS ISI soufh Main sneer ' ' 535 Wesl Main Sfreel- I I C. EDWARD HEINBAUGH ,.,. 23 Mercer Avenue MARY LOUISE HIGGONS RICHARD HISE Fiffh Row: JOHN L. HOCK, JR. WALTER M. HOFF 5228 Arrowhead Lane "Rf.No.3' . . .R+-.No..2 .. 2355 OcAean'Avenue- Q I I MCPHERSON G. HOFFMAN NANCY HOOD Sixlh Row: I53 Falher Zeiser Place- I I 628 Lawson Avenue . Phoenixville, Pa . . Rahway, N.J . . . Souderlon, Pa . Fairfield, Conn . Buffalo I4, N.Y . Lufherville, Md BaIlimo:e 6, Md Spring Grove, Pa Emmilsburq, Md Mercersburg, Pa . Drexel Hill, Pa . Gelfysburq, Pa . . Bloomsburg, Pa Brooklyn 2?, N.Y . Bronx 68, N.Y . Haverfown, Pa. KAY A. HORNER . . . . . .,... Sinking Spring, Pa I8 Spring Cresl Boulevard Roaenr M. Howeu., JR. . . ..,,, .,,,, 5 lmgnfl N.Y I Rosalind Avenue CAROL HOY . . . . , . , . Prospecl Park, Pa 503 Pennsylvania Avenue ROGER JACKSON , . . . Balfimore 5, Md Sevenlh Row: 5020 Erdman Avenue WILLIAM L. JACQUES , ........,... Milllown, N,J 444 Riva Avenue LAURENCE N. JOHNSON .... Jackson Hefghfs 72, N.Y 35- I 3 76fh Sfreef DAVID J. JONES . ............... Ardmore, Pa 29l4 Belmonl Avenue JACK KATINSKY . . . , , , , ,Camdem NJ 522 Randolph Sfreef First Row: OR FREDERICK E. KAUFFMAN, JR. .... . . Elizabethtown, Pa 425 Groff Avenue NORMAN R. KEAR . . . ForestHills75, N.Y I02-32 65th Avenue EUGENE BRUCE KEESLER . Estado Falcon, Amuay Bay GEORGE D. KEGERREIS . . . 209 Wood Street Second Row: JOHN C. KELLOW . . . . . 2l Davey Avenue . . Venezuela, S.A . . Harrisburg, Pa . . Pen Argyl, Pa CHARLES R. KEYES, JR. North Linthicum, Md I Charles Road Sr Boulevard Place MARGARET KILPATRICK . . Mount Holly, N.J I4 Hol ybrook Avenue EARL S. KING .... . . . Baltimore IS, Md 57I5 Rusk Avenue Third Row: WALTER W. KING, JR. .......... Huntingdon Valley, Pa 2532 Pine Road GEORGE R. KINNEY . 228 East Central Avenue JOHN M. KITZMILLER . . . I404 Girard Avenue JACK A. KLINE .... . . . Rt. No. 2 Fourth Row: BETTY L. KOEHLER . . . l508 Kingsway Road NICHOLAS A. KOLB . . 7402 Arlington Road PETER KOMROFF , 342 Beach I46 Street, Neponsit JOSEPH R. KOON . . . . . . I5 Lake Street Fifth Row: JON KOSTY . . . ..... . . . SID Haws Lane CARTER KOVEN . . 2l Greenridge Avenue KENNETH KRALL . . . l2l0 Evergreen Road VIRGINIA KRESSMAN . . . . . . Rt. No. 4 Sixth Rowlz GEORGE KRONE . . 9I2 West Locust Street ANITA LANDGREN . . . Bl Roosevelt Street BERNARD L. LANGELUTTIG B06 North Augusta Avenue Moorestown, N.J . Wyomissing, Pa . . Pine Grove, Pa Baltimore I8, Md . . Bethesda, Md Long Island, N.Y 94 . . Honeoye, N.Y . . . Oreland, Pa . White Planes, N.Y . . Morrisville, Pa . . Easton, Pa . . . . .York,Pa . Pearl River, N.Y Baltimore 29, Md WILLIAM W. LANGHANS .... Tarrytown, N.Y 37 Hamilton Place Seventh Row: GEOFFREY H. LANGSAM . . . . 3650 Clifton Avenue JOHN L. LARKIN . . . . . 404 Bayview Avenue . Cincinnati, Ohio Seaside Park, N.J ANDREW V. LEH . . .... Nazareth, Pa 40 South Fairview Street JOHN D. LEIDICH . . . . . . Box No, I . . Sheridan, Pa JUNIOR First Row: JANET LEIGHT . . . . . .West Point, Pa. Park Road LAURENCE LIEDEL . .... Fair Lawn, N.J. 55 South Broadway JOHN W, LIMPERT . .... Maplewood, N.J. I5 Girard Place DELORES J. LITTLE . ..... Johnstown, Pa. Rt. No. 5, Box I64 Second Row: G. ROBERT LITTLE . . ....,...... Pittsburgh I5, Pa. 403 Maple Avenue DOROTHY J. LLOYD , ..... Towson 4, Md. 7808 Ruxway Road CHARLES J. LOBIANCO, JR. . . Baltimore I2, Md. 6729 Glenkirk Road LUCILLE A. LOHMEIER . Garden City Park, N.Y. 5l Park Avenue Third Row: REINHARD C. LUDIN . . . . . . New Hyde Park, N.Y. I7 Kamda Boulevard THOMAS MacDOUGAL . . . . . . Ridgewood, N.J. 305 Grandview Circle WILBUR N. MacIVOR, JR. . . . New Cumberland, Pa, 4I5 Park Avenue MIKE MCCONNELL . . . ..... Blairsville, Pa. I75 South Liberty Street Fourth Row: HAROLD T. MCELROY, JR ,....... . . . Lancaster, Pa. 8I Peach Lane WALTER MCGOWAN . . ..... East Lansdowne, Pa. I48 Wildwood Avenue DAVID McGRAIL ..... ...,. .... W o odbury, N.J 20 North Columbia Street ZOE R. MACHAMER . . . ......... Pocono Pines, Pa Bofx 34 Fifth Row: JOHN L. MAGOR .... . .,.,... . .York, Pa 229 Springdale Avenue KENNETH MANNING . . ..... . .Arcadia, Fla Route I7 ROBERT C. MELECH .... Rochester, N.Y I36 Harvington Drive WALTER MELNIK, JR, . . . . Collingswood, N.J I03 East Coulter Avenue Sixth Row: KAE L. MEYER I I I I 'Byberrv Road i I I D. VAUGHN MICKOULS . . . Hatboro, Pa . . Windber, Pa 507 Maple Heights' I i DONALD W. MILLER . . . . . . . . Baltimore 27, Md IOI3 Plever Drive EDMUND M. MILLER .... . , , .... Mount Wolf, Pa II South 7th Street Seventh Row: MARJORIE MILLS .... ........, H addonfield, N.J 500 Washington Avenue JOHN E. MITCHELL . ....... . 5 Ballard Place JOHN F. MONTGOMERY . . . . . . New Rochelle, N.Y I0 Alpine Road JOHN F. MOORE .... . , , ...... Lansdale, Pa Berks Road, Rt. No. 2 . Fair Lawn, N.J First Row: OR JOHN N. MOORE, JR, ..,.... . . . Downinqtown, Pa Harmony Hill Road, Rt. No. 2 ERNEST T. MOTTA ...,.. . . . . . . . . .Panama, R.P Bella Vista 50th Street, House No. I6 WILLIAM W. MYERS PAUL APE .3l3 Dearfsfreer' ' ' W. N R . . , . ..,. . . . . 69l6 Fifth Avenue Second Row: TERRY LEE NEWMAN . . . . PAUL J. NONAS ROBERT C. OBLINGER 23 Lee Street 505 'Grand Avenue 447 Hale street ' ' ' ' . West Chester, Pa Baltimore 22, Md . . Hanover, Pa . . Leonia, N.J . Harrisburg, Pa JAMES L. O'BRlEN , . . Jackson Heights 72, N.Y 79-I0 35th Avenue Third Row: DONALD ODELL .... . . . New Rochelle, N.Y 5l Interlaken Avenue ARLOE R. OLSEN. JR. , . Fourth Row: Skyline Orchards' . h A RONALID L. PAUL . 223 North 30th Street PHILIP E. PAULES . 42I Colonial Avenue . Hockessin, Del . Harrisburg, Pa . . . York, Pa M. BENSON PAULL . . . . . . . . . . Waynesboro, Pa Rt. No. 4 CAROL H. PELTON . . , ,... . . . KENNETH R. PELTON 3I4 Hyslip Avenue 3l4 HYSllD'AhlEhlJE. ' ' ' ROBERT T. PHILDIUS, JR. . . . Fifth Row: 969 Ardmore Road ROBERT M. PHILSON .... I4I Center Street U ' I A ' ROBERT M. PRATT . Route. No. '3,. Liberty Street. JULES F. PREVOST, JR. . Sixth Rowl: RICHARD C. PURDY Il0 West Greenwood Avenue MATTHEW A. PUSHKAR . RONNIE RAMSDELL CAROL R. REED Seventh Row: DAVID REESER . . . IRA M. REICH 604 Lenox Avenue KATHRYN PUTMAN 2608 North Third Street 500 Rock'GIen Drive ' ' 4526 Falls Road ' ' ' ' I250 Girard 'Avenue' ' . ' 'I500 Nami Broad' sheer' ' DONALD REIHART .... . . . . . . . Rt. No. 7 GRETCH EN RENTSCHLER .--.- 720 South Main Street . Westfield, N.J . Westfield, N.J. Baldwin, L.l., N.Y Myersdale, Pa . Madison, Conn . . . Radnor, Pa aio Pine Tree Road ' ' ' , . . Lansdowne, Pa Pittsburgh 2I, Pa . Harrisburg, Pa . Wynnewood, Pa Bagimore 9, Md. . Wyomissing, Pa. . . Hillside, N.J. . . . York, Pa. . . Athens, Pa. First Row: NIOR JERRY L. RHOADS ..,.......... NOEL RICHARDS Susquehanna Avenue ' ' 252 Oxford Road ' ' HEATHER RICHMOND . .,.. . 7925 Westview Avenue STANLEY RITTENHOUSE . . . . Second Row: KEITH A. ROBERTS 228 Pleasant Street 'l408 Washbutn' Street I I I PAUL C. RODENHAUSER, JR. . . . . . . I I34 Manor Street RICHARD E. ROWAN ..... .... RICHARD S. ROYER . Third Row: 357 South l8th Street 2 Clifton streef ' ' DAVID L. SALBERG . . . . . . . . . 24 Jenkins Avenue JOHN W. SANKEY, JR, , . . . I52 Wildwood Avenue THOMAS R. SCHAEFFER . . MARILYN M. SCHALICK . . Fourth Row: NANCY M. SCHECK . I4 Lawndafe Road Boxt 424 ' ' 3 Pu'fn'aH1 'Hill' ' ' SARA J. SCHNEIDER . . .... . . I325 East High Street CARL SCHOENBORN . . ..... . . 2I North Stinson Avenue M. MARGARET SCHRACK . . , , . . . Fitth Row: I02 Summit Avenue HUGO SCHROEDER, JR, ...... . . . 36l0 Hillsdale Road PHILIP H. SCHULZ . . RON SCOTT . . Wassona Boulevard I85 West Greenwood Avenue . Selinsgrove, Pa. . Havertown, Pa. Upper Darby, Pa. Hammonton, N.J. . Scranton 4, Pa. . . Columbia, Pa. . Harrisburg, Pa. . Lynchburg, Va. . Pennsville, N.J. . . Pitman, N.J. . . Yardley, Pa. . . Elmer, N.J. Greenwich, Conn. Springfield, Ohio . Gloucester, N.J. . Shillington, Pa. Baltimore 7, Md. . . Marion, Va. . Lansdowne, Pa. DUANE SEARLES . . . .... . . Easton, Pa. 24IA Birch Street Sixth Row: THOMAS L, SEBRING , . . . . ..... Fanwocd, N.J. 97 North Glenwood Road J. ARTHUR SEEBACH, JR. . . . . . Merion Station, Pa. l23 Glenwood Road DONALD E. SELLERS . . . GARY L. SEU FERT Seventh Row: DAVID F. SEVERE JOHN SHALLOCK DIANNE SHEFFER DAVID G. SHELLY 4807 Locust Lane I I2 Acketrrian Street' I 407 South Ellwood Avenue I '9l Lawrence Street I I I I"The Maples", I I I 254 Green Streeti I . . Harrisburg, Pa. . . Nutley ID, N.J. . Baltimore 29, Md. .... . Fords,NJ. . . Watsontown, Pa. . . Doylestown, Pa. 'Tl' Firsf Row: OR SALLY ANN SHIRK . . . . ......... Wyomissing, Pa I2l7 Garfield Avenue FLOYD K. SHOCKLEY . . . . . Penngauken 8, N.J l700 Hollinshed Avenue RICHARD SIMPSON . . . . . . Ballimore IB, Md 3604 Rexmere Road PEGGY SINNOTT . . . . . Ballimore l2, Md Second Row: 72l Norfhern Parkway PETER B. SINNOTT .,.......,... Green Harbor, Mass. ll Park Slreel' ELSA S. SKARE . . . . . ....... Ardsley, Pa. 7 I 2 Tyson Avenue HARRY B. SMITH .,........,.. Sanlurce, Puerlo Rico Barbe Slreel No. 50l RICHARD H. SMITH .......,.... Third Row: ROBERT D. SMITH 66 McKinley Slreef RONALDW.SMITH Parry Road JOHN SMOOT ..... . . . . . 276 Main Sfreer PAUL A. SNOWMAN, Ill . . . . . . . FOUFIII Row: ALVIE G. SPENCER FRANK STADLER . 2690 Overridge Drive ' sob C-b5d'sIfQei ' . . Baldwin, N.Y. . . Hollwood, Pa. Springdale, Conn. . . . Telford, Pa. Ann Arbor, Mich. . . Palapsco, Md. . . . EnI1auI,Pa. PAUL J. STAHL, JR ........ . . Hunlingdon Valley, Pa. l525 Dogwood Lane JOSEPH A. STEGER, Ill . , . Fiflla Row: CHARLES H. STEIN .,........,... l434 Soufh Main Slreel SUSAN STEINBAUGH 9:4 Marshall Road ' ' ' l90 Floral Parkway' I I I WILLIAM F. STEIRER, JR. . . . . . 98 Harvey Avenue RICHARD STEVENSON ,..... . Sixllw Row: 675 Prospecl Slreel , Sharon Hill, Pa. Wilkes Barre, Pa. Floral Park, N.Y. . Doyleslown, Pa. Maplewood, N.J. PRESTON STRATTON, III ......... ..... A ldan, Pa. 325 Aldan Avenue J. RICHARD STRAVOLO . . . . . . . . .Chambersburg, Pa. 584 Soulh Fourlh Sfreef CHARLES S. STRICKLER, JR .......... 327 Counlry Club Drive GEORGE SWEET, JR. Sevenlh Row: 3' waoavbafd' ragga ' ' ' WILLIAM R, SWISHER, JR. . , . . . I06 Easf Middle Slreel ROBERT D. TAGGART .,,,. ...... BETTY TALBOTT . . . PAULA TORTORA . I4 Girard Place 39oo'Kimb1e'lio.Sa I ' ' I 36 .Model Avenue I . . Oradell, N.J. . Rose Valley, Pa. . Gellysburg, Pa. Maplewood, N.J. Ballimore IB, Md. . Hopewell, N.J. JU OR First Row: GEORGE TRACY ..,. . ..., Margate City, N.J I4 North Mansfield Avenue JOHN A. TRIMNELL , . ,..... FranklinviIle,N.J Malaga Road JOHN ULRICH , . . Livingston, N.J 36I East Mt. Pleasant Avenue MILTON W. UMBENHAUER . . . . . Second Row: BEVERLY J. VANIEL 32 Hendel Street' D h D aze som Fifth 'sneer' ' ' HENRY P. VAN owen, JR 26 Ft. Williams Parkway RONALD VENTURINI Third Row: PHYLLIS S. WAGNER DIETRICH WAHLERS DAVID C. WALKER Fourth Row: FRED B. WALKER . . II4 Oak Street NANCY E, WAGNER . . 77 North Wakefield Road lII2 Watson Avenue SIGNE L. WAGNILD Route No. 2 l09 Oakview Avenue 345 La Grande Avenue 224 Heights Road SAMUEL WALKER, JR . 30I Jacks Run Road DAVID R. WALLACE 9I3 West Tenth Street WILLIAM H. WALTERS sis Fox Road' NORMAN A. WAMPLER Fifth Row: RANCIS D WARFEL 536 West Market Street . Shillington, Pa . Duquesne, Pa . Alexandria, Va . . Boonton, N.J . Norristown, Pa . Lancaster, Pa . Gettysburg, Pa Maplewood, N.J . Fanwood, N.J Ridgewood, N.J . Pittsburgh, Pa . . . . Erie, Pa . . Glenside, Pa , . York, Pa . Lancaster, Pa F . . . . 252 East Frederick Street JOHN J. WENZKE 25 South Summit Street' A I DONALD G. WETZEL . . 406 Tarrington Road Lock Haven, Pa Rochester 9, N.Y NORMAN WHEELER, JR. ..,....... Collinsville, Conn Huckleberry Hill Road BARRY L. WHITSEL . , . . . . . Mount Union, Pa I5 West Market Street Sixth Row: CARLTON H, WILLIAMS . . . . . Norristown, Pa l72B Sheridan Lane JOHN H, WILSON, lll . . ,West Orange, N.J 33 Highwood Road C. DAVID WINGFIELD . . . , . .Washington IZ, D.C ROBERT B, WOLF ELAINE WOLFE Seventh Row: DRA L WOLFF I33I Geranium Street -60 Manor- Avenue 37 East Lincoln Avenue SAN . . . . . . . . . l43 Chambersburg Street DAVE WOODWARD . . .... . . 2400 Avenue M CAROL H. YOUSE . 820 Forneydale Road NELSON E. ZAPF . . .... . . JO-AN N ZENTMYER . 74 Springs Avenue 2224 Penn Street . Oaklyn 6, N.J . Gettysburg, Pa Gettysburg, Pa, Brooklyn IU, N.Y . . Lebanon, Pa . Gettysburg, Pa . Harrisburg, Pa SOPHOMORES Firsl Row: HENRY ABBOTT .... . . . Chalham, N.J. 24 Dale Drive FLOYD C. ADAMS, JR, . . . . . Elmer, N.J. 80 Broad Streef ROGER L. ALBRIGHT . , , , , , Hanover. pa, Rouie No, 2 RUTH ALCORN . . . Rufherfcrd, N.J. 77 Easl' Pierreponl' Avenue Second Row: ROBERT J. APPLEGATE. JR. . . Merchanlville, N.J. !04 Plymouth Place JOSEPH A. ARCESI , ..... Sayre, Pa. 4l7 Norlh Wilbur Avenue G. EDWARD AUMILIVER A , , Downingfgn, Pa, 5l7 Washinglon Avenue FRANKLIN B, AUSTIN, JR. . . Philadelphia 34, Pa. 2866 Jasper Sfreef Third Row: JOHN AXE . . . . . . . Syracuse, N.Y. 22I Maple Road JOHN E. BAER ....... . . . . . Rouzerville, Pa, Box 3 CAROL S. BAKER , . . , . Baltimore I4, Md. 2203 Woodbourne Avenue BRUCE BARBER . . . . Ml. Holly, N.J. Creek Road, Roure No. 2 Fcurih Row: HELEN R. BARLEY . . . .C-Bellysburg, Pa. 420 Harrisburg Slreef CHARLES P. BARTLETT . . . Manhassel, N.Y. 43 Beechwood Avenue SUSAN BAUMGARDNER ..... ........ L illleslown, Pa. 402 Sourh Queen Sireef ALAN BAUROTH . . . .... Philadelphia I6, Pa. 550 Somerlon Avenue Fiflh Row: BRADLEY M. BENNETCH . .... Belhlehem, Pa. 827 Wesi Markel Slreel RICHARD M. BENTZ . . . Bethesda l4, Md. 5907 Wilmell' Road PAUL BERGER ..... . . . . . . Pine Grove,Pa. Roufe No, 2 JOHN D. BEUCHLER . - . . . . . Pine Grove, Pa. 69 Mifflin Slreel Sixih Row: FRED H, BIGELOW . . . . Yeageriown, Pa. ll2 North Main Slreel JAMES H, BINKLEY . . . . . Medford Lakes, N.J. Chippewa Trail BRIAN BIRCH .... . ..... Tenafly, N.J. 2l0 Engle Sireel STEPHEN G. BISHOP .,.. GeHysburg,Pa. 238 Buford Avenue Sevenlh Row: R. HARRY BITTLE . . . . . . . . Chambersburg, Pa. 878 Sfouffer Avenue RAYMOND C. BLACK . . . . Riegelsville, Pa. Sycamore Road VINCENT BOSCO . ..... Monessen,Pa. IZ43 Hillcresf Avenue ROBERT H. BOYER . ..., Camp Hill, Pa. I36 Norih 26lh Sireei' SOPHOMORES MICHAEL BRAMLEY ...,.......... Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J. I Crescenl Place DIANA BREHL .......,......... Long Island, N.Y. 49-'6 Forest Drive, Douglasion 62, L. I., N. Y. JAMES H. BRENNEMAN ................ York, Pa. 2233 Loucks Road DAVID R, BRIGHT ............. . I443 Aslor Slreef Second Row: SUSAN BRITCHER ................ Geflysburg, Pa. 43l Balfimore Slreef DONNA J, BROGAN .......... . . . Ballimore 22, Md. 652l Cleveland Avenue BARBARA JANE BROWN .,....... . . . Alloona, Pa. I503 9fh Slreel' CHARLES G. BROWN . .... ...... R eislerslown, Md. 705 Main Sfreef Third Row: LELAND B, BROWN ........,...... Lansdowne, Pa. 65 Wesl Essex Avenue WILLIAM M. BROWN . . . Lansdowne, Pa. 65 Wes? Essex Avenue ALAN L. BUECHLER ............. Pennsauken 8, N.J. I754 45+h Sfreel DAVID B. BULLETT .........., . . .Ossining, N.Y 27 Ferris! Place Fourlh Row: ROBERT BULLOCK ............ . .Dennisville, N.J II Main Slreel A. BELTING BURROUGHS, Ill ........... Trenfon, N.J 336 Concord Avenue JOHN W. BUSCH . .............. Brooklyn 25, N.Y BI3 Nosfrand Avenue JAMES C, BUTLER ....... .......... . Easton, Pa l326 Spring Garden Sfreel FIIII1 Row: MARY JANE CALLIS . ..., ..... . . . ..,. York, Pa 936 Wesf King Sfreef DONALD V. CAPECE .............. Scarsdale, N.Y 97 Locusf Avenue PAT CARR .......... . . .,.. . . Richmond, Va 7505 River Road RALPH CARRUTHERS ....,......., Mounl' Union, Pa. I6 Wesl Halley Slreef Sixll-I Row: PETER J. CASAGRANDE ....... . . Pen Argyl, Pa Roufe I PETER C. CHRIST ............. . . Trexerlown, Pa ROBERT T. COBLE ....,... ........ P iflsburgh, Pa 7Il0 Perryville Avenue PETER A. COCKSHAW . . . . , ...., West Orange, N.J 5 Undercliff Terrace . Norrisfown, Pa. Sevenfln Row: JUDY A. COFFMAN .............. Hagerslown, Md GLEN H. COLBY ...,......... Bedford Village, N.Y LEO H. COLLETT ......... ......... I rwin, Pa JOSEPH CONAWAY .,.......... . . Norrisfown, Pa SOPHOMORES Firsl' Row: JANETLOUISE COOPER .,........ Philadelphia 20, Pa. 56I9 Norih 4lh Slreel CHARLES COIRBETT ..,, . .... Abinglon, Pa. 2l58 Susquehanna Road KENT CRAWFORD . . . .,., .... L ansdowne, Pa. 37 Easl Essex Avenue THOMAS J. CRUM . , . , ....,.... Riderwood, Md. Brookside Lane Second Row: LEE A. DALLAS ....... , , .... Philadelphia 50, Pa. l409 Easl' Cliveden Sfreel PHILIP DAMON ...,...... ,.... R idgewood, N.J. 255 Gaieway Road RICHARD DAVIDYOCK .... . . ..... Summil Hill, Pa. 326 Wesl Iron Sfreel' WILLIAM R. DAVIES ,..., . . . . Medford Lakes, N.J. Lenape Trail Third Row: MARIAN DAVIS ......,............ Crewe, Va. l0l Wesl' Maryland Avenue BARBARA M, DEAN . ........... Vineland, N.J. l0l0 Park Avenue LINDA DECKER ..... . . . . .,.. . . Troy, Ohio 4I4 Soulh Plum Sfreel' RALPH DENDLER, JR. . ..... . . Berwick, Pa. I l32 Markel Sfreef Fourlh Row: JUDITH A. DERR ............. Shepherdslown, W. Va. Roule I WALTHER DICKINSON .... ...... S yracuse 8, N,Y. 465 Woodruff Avenue DIANNE E. DOREMUS . . . . . . .... Harrisburg, Pa. 64l0 Joneslown Road VIRGINIA B. DORN . . . , . . . . Haqerslown, Md. 906 Armslrong Avenue Fiiih Row: FRANCIS J. DOUGHERTY . , ....,. ArIinglon,Va. 4lll Soulh 36lh Sfreel LAWRENCE P. DREWES . . .... Drexel Hill, Pa. 4lI5 Bloomfield Avenue GEORGE D, DULEBOHN . . . ..... Greencaslle, Pa, Roule 2, Box 2I3 EDWIN T. EGELAND . . . Fair Haven, N.J. 66 Fair Haven Road Sixih Row: KATHRYN W. EILER .... ........ C umberland, Md. 854 Camden Avenue ROBERT ELDRIDGE . . . . Abingfon, Pa. l720 Websler Avenue C. BARTLEY ELFMAN. JR. . . . ..... Doylesiown, Pa. 248 East Courf Slreel MARTIN F. ELLIOTT . . . . Broomall, Pa. 2603 Franklin Avenue Sevenlh Row: HAROLD L. FISHBURN ........... SoulhampI'on,N.Y. Leland Lane WILLIAM R. FLEISCHMAN, JR. . .... Philadelphia 50, Pa. l6I4 Roumforl Road DAVID R. FRANZ . . . . Philadelphia 24, Pd. 5237 Casfor Avenue MAURICE C. FRONTZ, JR. . , .... Lancasfer, Pa. 206 Princess Avenue OPHOMORES Firsl Row: MICHAEL H. GALASSI ......,..... Garden Cily, N.Y. Sl Vassar Sireel' MICHAEL E. GALDINO . . . . ...... Harrisburg, Pa. 440l Lexingfon Sfreef, Colonial Park JAMES E. GARMAN . ..., ...... P iflsburqh 36, Pa. ,933 Broglie Drive MARK K. GASS .... . , . . Sunbury, Pa. 9I0 Markef Sfreel Second Row: JULIE B. GATTER . . . , .... .,.. . . Oreland, Pa. 86 Cannon Place HERMAN L. GEORGE, JR. . , . .... Middlefown, Pa. 6l2 Briarcliff Road THOMAS F. GREEN . . .... Haddonfield, N.J. l237 Oakwood Road WALTER R. GREIF .... .......... L ong Island, N.Y. I6I7 Beech Slreel, Wanfagh Third Row: GERALD G. GRIFFIN . . , . .... Manhassel, N.Y. I0 Homewood Drive WARREN D. GUMPRECHT , . West Hempsfead, N.Y. 250 Lenox Drive GEORGE T, GUNNELL , . ...., Floral Park, N.Y. II6 Oak Sfreel ANDREW FENN GURLEY . .,.. . . . Brooklyn, N.Y. 427 Washinglon Avenue Fourlh Row: JAMES R. GUTHRIE . , ..,... . . Greensburg, Pa. Box 43l, Roule 3 BARRY GWINN . . . . . . Swarfhmore, Pa. I3l Rutgers Avenue ROBERT A. HAAF .... . . . . .SaIem, N.J. Roure 2 EDWIN HACKENBERG ,... Westfield, N.J. ZI4 Norfh Cheslnuf Sfreef FiI+h Row: JUDY HALDEMAN , Mahanoy Cily, Pa. l35 Wes? Mahanoy Sheer DAVID B. HAMAN . Norih Haledon, N.J. I48 Linda Visfa Avenue SANDRA E. HAMM , . ...... Hanover, Pa. Il: Sfock Sfreel' JAMES R. HAMSHER . . . Chambersburg, Pa, 824 Broad Sfreef Sixlh Row: CHARLES M. HARTER , . . . . . Berwick, Pa. I307 Merkel Srreel WALDO HARTMAN . . . . . . , . Geffysburg, Pa. Roule 3 ANNE HECKLER . . .... Landsdale, Pa. 705 Wesl' Main Sfreel' FLORENCE E. HECKMAN . . . Kullfown, Pa. 239 Pennsylvania Avenue Sevenlh Row: JOY HEINDL ...... ...... . . Bound Brook, N.J. 233 Shepherd Avenue ELIZABETH HELDT . . . . . . Gelfysburg, Pa. 4l Easl Broadway NORMAN H. HENRY . . . . . , New Cify, N.Y. Lilfle Tor Road PATRICK HENRY .... , . . . . . . New Cily, N.Y. Lilfle Tor Road SOPHOMORES Firsl' Row: DAVID R. HERTZLER . . . l205 Radcliffe Srreel JAMES HESS ..,.., .,.. Bailey Road RICHARD E. HESS , 2358 Soulh Queen Sfreel THEODORE HISE . . . . . . . Roule No. 3 Second Row: ANN HOLCOMBE . 5l6 Counlry Club Road CHARLES F. D. HOWARD . . 29 Easf Second Slreel BARBARA HRBEK . . . . 372l Colony Lane TRUDIE HUBER 297 Easl Commerce Sfreef . . . Brislol, Pa. Curwensville, Pa. . . . .York, Pa. . . Gellysburg, Pa. . . . York, Pa. . Frederick, Md. . . Roanoke, Va. . . Bridge'on, N. J Third Row: WILLIAM A. HUNT . . . While Plains, N.Y. 205 Wesl Pos? Road EUGENE P. HUYCK . . . Dumonl, N.J. IZI Eas? Quackenbush Avenue ROBERT D. HYSON . . . Hampslead, Md. II4 North Main Sfreel YOKO ISHIKAWA . . . Tokyo, Japan IB49 2-Chome Araiiuku Ofra-Ky Fourlh Row: J. THEODORE JOHNSON . . , Berlin, Pa. 295 Cumberland Sfreel THOMAS JAMES JOHNSON. JR, ..,, Harrisburg, Pa. 60 Willow Road WALTON R. JOHNSTON . . Philadel hia 3l Pa, P I 6l24 Nassau Slreef MARY M. JOSEPH . . . . . . 49 Alpine Lane, Hicksville Fiflh Row: JEFFREY L. KAHLER . . . . . . James Slreei KENNY KAMIS .... . . . . 4b3l Frilchey Slreel JOAN N, KATZ . . . . . IO49 Serrill Avenue JOHN H. KEEN . . . . l3'76 Lowlher Road Sixlh Row: ALAN R. KEIM . . . . . . l29 High Sfreef CONNIE KELLER . . , 226 Wesl Blh Slreef JOYCE A. KENDLEHART A . . 47 Norlh Hay Slreel LINDA M. KENNISON . lI03 Soufh l6l'h Slreef Sevenlh Row: LOIS K. KERN . . . , 300 Easf Franklin Slreel CRAIG R. KERR . . . . , . . Conewango Avenue Exf. SANDRA KERR . . . . . . b5l Croylands Avenue JUDITH M. KEYES I . . . 57l9 Highgafe Drive Long Island, N.Y. . . Towanda, Pa. . Harrisburg, Pa. . , Yeadon, Pa. , Camp Hill, Pa. . Stale College, Pa. . . Waynesboro, Pa. . Geflysburg, Pa. . . Arlinglon, Va. . . . Slafinglon, Pa. . . . Warren, Pa. . . . Indiana, Pa. . Balfimore l5, Md, SOPHOMORES Firsi Row: JAMES Q. KIICK .................. Easion, Pa. Woodlawn Avenue, Parkwood KENNETH KILHEFFER . . . . ..... Lancasler, Pa. 322 North Charloile Sfreef KWANG SO KIM . . ..,. Seoul, Korea l00-68 Hai-Hyung-Dong 2nd Sireei JOSEPH A. KISTLER . . . . . . Second Row: Rouie No. I DAVID E. KLEPPER, JR. . . 903 Carlisle Srreel JAMES H, KLINEFELTER . I206 Wes? 40Ih Slreel THOMAS J. KNOX . . . . 99 Linden Avenue PHYLLIS A. KNUDSEN . . Tl1lrd Row: GERALD KRUM JACK KUNKEI. I500 Union Sfreel 469 Wesi Third Sireel l40 Souih Howard Avenue . Duncannon, Pa. . . Hanover, Pa. . Ballimore ll, Md. . . Pilman, N.J. . . Reading, Pa. BIoomsburg,.Pa. . Gehysburg, Pa. ROLAND KURTZ . . .... York,Pa. 303 Wes? Newbery Sfreel CAROL M. KUSIV . . . . .Cranford, N.J, I08 Thomas Sfreel' Fourlli Row: LINDA S. LACK .... . Parks Air Force Base, Calif. Wing Chaplain LOUISE LANG . . , . . . .Valley Siream, N.Y. MARJORIE L. LATSHAW . RODNEY LAYTON Fiflh Row: ROBERT LECHER I7 Kenmore Road sox iss' ' ' ' ' IO4 Souih Liberly Sireel 940 Turner Avenue WILLIAM J, LE COUNT ..,... 22 Tafi Lane PETER D. LEE .................. Box 243, Roule I G. MICHAEL LEVENGOOD . . . SIXII1 Row: Rouie No. 3 DON LEX ....... . .... . I2 Ferry Road DONALD B. LIEBERKNECHT . l08 Edgewood Road DALE R. LIND ................. ROBERT L. LINDSTROM . . . . . , . . . SSVQHII1 Row: I999 Bannisler Sfreei ROBERT A. LUTHER . ...., . . . 60 Sagamore Road ROSWELL H. LYON, Ill . 2729 Norlh 4fh Slreef CHARLES O. MacDONOU6H. Ill . . 70l Argyle Road BARRY MacG-IBEMY ......., .,.. 3l7 soufh Columbia sneer' ' . . . Sidman, Pa. Cenlerville, Md. . Drexel Hill, Pa, . . Ardsley, N.Y. . Linrhicum, Md. . . Reading, Pa. . Morrisville, Pa. . . . .York, Pa. Woodsboro, Md. . . . . York, Pa. . Cransron 9, R.l. . Harrisburg, Pa. . Wynnewood, N,J. Wood bury, N ,J. OPHOMORES Firsl Row: THOMAS L. MCCLELLAN ..,.......... Cresskill, N.J. I0l Elevenlh Slreel' DAVID L. MCCLURE . . . ...... Whflel1ouseSIafIon, N.J. Main Sfreel HOWARD P. MCCLURE . . . . . Maplewood, N.J. 299 Wyoming Avenue JACK E. MCCRACKEN . . . .Towanda, Pa. 7 Ellioll Slreel Second Row: ELMER MCKECHNIE . . . . . . Berwick, Pa. 509 Eas? Fronf Slreef JAMES F. McQUILKIN, JR, . . .... . . Springfield, Pa. 96 Worrell Drive FRED MAIN , , . . ......,.... . . Nuney, N.J, I52 Oakridge Avenue FREDERICK C. MARCKS . . . . . . Easlon, Pa. 332 Norfh 9Ih Sfreel Third Row: DAVID C. MATTHEIS . ..... Ballimore, Md. 328 Arden Road BEVERLY MEARS . . . .Silver Spring, Md. l6l6 Oaklawn Courl' ROBERT MENGES .... .......... M enges Mills, Pa. THEODORE L, MERCER, JR. . ...... Avondale, Pa. ZI4 Pennsylvania Avenue Four+I1 Row: CAROL A. MIDDLETON . . . . Mooreslown, N.J. 60 Easl Main Sfreef DARLENE A. MILLER . . .... Easlon, Pa. I637 Liberfy Sfreel JOHN F. MILLER, III . . . , . Ballimore 28,Md. 2I0 Fores? Spring Lane HOWARD W. MINNICH . , . .Harrisburg,Pa. 52I Kelker Slreel Fifth Row: JOHN M. MOLTZ, JR. . New Cumberland, Pa. 509 Haldeman Avenue ELAINE V. C. MOOK ...... Wyncole, Pa. 415 Waverly Road BARBARA MOORE .... Ballimore 7, Md. 37II Washinglon Avenue JAMES M. MOYER . . . . . . Annville, Pa. 34 Wesl High Slreel' Sixlli Row: LOIS MOYER .... ...... S ouderlon, Pa. 52 Wes? Broad Sfreel FRED MUELLER . . . ..... Lancasfer, Pa. IZ7 Atkins Avenue ROBERT C. MUFF . . . Garden City, N.Y, 299 Brixlon Road Soulh FREDERICK R. NATSCHKE .,... Mechanicsburg, Pa. B-I3 Irving Manor Apls. Seven'lI1 Row: WILLIAM T. NEISON, JR, . . , . Minisink Hills, Pa. MIRIAM E. NELL . . .,.... . .... Mariella, Pa. 566 Wesl Merkel Sfreef JEAN NISSLEY ..... . . . .... . . . Salem, N.J. I6 Oak Slreel RONALD E. NITZSCHE .,........ TrenIon,N.J. 3606 Soulh Broad Slreel SOPHOMORES Firsl' Row: THOMAS C. NORRIS .... Sfewarlslown, Pa. Soulh Main Sfreef GORDON C, OBER . . . Easl Pefersburg, Pa. 5760 Main Slreet JUDITH ORTLIEB . . .... Dolqeville, N.Y. 33 Van Buren Slreel NANCY E. OTTMAN . . . Floral Park, N.Y. I2 Lexinglon Slreef Second Row: GERALD A. PACKARD ..... ...., M aplewood, N,J. CHARLES H. PARKELL, JR. . . ..... Red Bank, N.J. ALAN L. PARKER . . . Yeadon, Pa. RAY PASKELL ........ , , . . Ballimore IB, Md. Third Row: MELVIN PAYTON Moores1own,N.J. 2 Wesl' Cenlral Avenue H. RICHARD PEARCE . . . .... Haverlown,Pa. I5l4 Dorchester Road SUE PELTON ..... ,.,. . . . . . . Falls Church, Va. I3l5 Oak Ridge Road JOHN E. PERRINE . . .......... Jamesburg, N.J. 20 Sedgewiclr Slreel Fourlh Row: HOWARD N. PETERS ...........,... Ha1lefon,Pa. 523 Wesl Diamond Avenue C, BOYD PFEIFFER . . . ......,.... Balfimore, Md. 60l7 Bellona Avenue GARRY C. PFLUG . ......... , . . Valley Sfream, N.Y. l04 Easf Oxford Slreel KAREN LEE POLM , . ........ . . Williamslown, Pa. 62l West Market Slreel' Fiflh Row: THOMAS I. PROPST ..,........ . ,. . Sunbury, Pa. 234 Spruce Slreel JOHN PRUESS . . . ........... Ridgewood, N.J. 455 Waslena Terrace WILLIAM C. PURSCH ............ Pennsauken 8, N.J. l665 Tinsman Avenue ROBERT W. RADER ,..... ........ M eriden, Conn. 55 Kensinglon Avenue Sixfh Row: ROBERT RAPP . . . .... ..... P hiladelphia, Pa. l900 Riflenkouse Square ROBERT H. RATHMANN . . . . Palisades Park, N.J. I2 Easl' Washinglon Place JOHN RENJILIAN . . . , .... Fairfield, Conn. 880 Old Posl Road CHARLES W, RICHTER ..... Baltimore 22, Md. 56l8 Oakland Road Sevenlh Row: HERBERT RIGBERG . ...... Philadelphia 26, Pa. l2l9 68'rh Avenue JAMES D. RISSER . . ....... Elizabelhlown, Pa. 53I College Avenue FREDERICK MARSHALL RITTER, JR. .... Winchesfer, Va. l4I9 Greyslone Terrace ALBERT B. ROSENTHAI. .... Manhasse'r,N.Y. 30 Ba rllelf Drive OPHOMORES Firsf Row: WALTER F, ROSPENDOWSKI . . . v.... Syracuse 6, N.Y. 44I Soulh Collingwood Avenue SUE ANN RUBY . . . . . . . ...... .York, Pa. 79 Mounf Zion Road CAROL RUDISILL . . . . . . , .... Bedford, Pa. 527 Soulh Richard Sfreef RICHARD W. RUESCH . ......... . . Leonina, N.J. 326 Moore Avenue Second Row: CHARLES RUHL . . . . . . . Neffsvllle, Pa. 2558 Lililz Pike MAUD J. RUSSELL . . . . . . .Arlingfon 2,Va, 26I8 Soulh Hayes Sfreel G. THOMAS RUSK . .... Coalesville,Pa. 328 Walnuf Sfreef ROBERT W. SANDERSON . . . Soulh Orange, N.J. l68 College Place Third Row: ROBERT SANTILLO . . . . . . . . Norrlslown, Pa. 2806 Second Avenue DAWN SCHAEFFER S . . . . Myerslown. Pa. 24 Wesf Main Avenue KAREN SCHAUMANN . . . . Newark, Del. 80l Capilol Trail JOHN C. SCHEFFEY . . . . . Pollslown, Pa. 783 Norfh Charlolle Slreef Fourlh Row: LUDWIG SCHLECHT ..,...... Syracuse 7, N.Y. 329 Wellesley Road LOUISE SCHILPP . . ......... Drexel Hill, Pa. ll4l Morgan Avenue FLOYD F. SCHMID . . . . .Wes1Englewood,N.J. 42 Church Sfreef EDMUND M. SCHNEIDER . . . ....... .CIifIon, N.J. l23 De Moll Avenue Fi'FI'I1 Row: NANCY CAROLE SCHNEIDER . . . . Bal1imoreI3, Md. 2824 Cliflon Park Terrace ROBERT L. SCHUMANN . . .... Waskingfon, N.J. I29 Norlh Prospecf Sfreef HENRY SEEKAMP . .... BeIIerose,N.Y. 240-06 93rd Avenue R. DANIEL SELAK . . . .Conemauqh, Pa. Roule No, I, Box 342 Sindh Row: BRUCE SHERBINE , . . . . . Porfage, Pa. Roule No. 2, Box 304 RICHARD F. SHIMER . . . Bedford, Pa. Meadowbrook Terrace RONALD SHONK . .... ManheIm,Pa. 22 Soulh PIH Slreel ROBERT E, SHRYOCK . . .Waynesboro, Pa. 705 Easl Main Sireef Sevenlh Row: SALLY SKOMSKY . . . ...... Berwfck, Pa. 705 Easl Fronf Sreet ALLEN R. SLATER . , . . . . West Caldwell, N.J, l33 Weslover Avenue SANDRA G. SMITH . . . . . . . . Ephrala, Pa. "Boxwood Hill Farm" Roule No, 2 RICHARD C. SMITH . ............. Hawlhorne, N.J. 3l MacFarlan Avenue SOPHOMORES Firs+ Row: JOHN G. SNOOK .... . ,,..... Amiiyville, N.Y. 64 Perkins Avenue CHARLES E. SNYDER, JR. . , . . Piflsburgh IO, Pa. 806 Esfella Avenue MARJORIE J. SNYDER .... Trumbull, Conn, 20 Indian Road SANDRA S. SNYDER Williamsporf, Md. Mounf Tamany, Roufe No. 2 Second Row: ROBERT C. SOWERS, JR . . . , New Oxford, Pa. Roule No. I PAULL E. SPRING . , . . .Wheeling,W. Va. 4 Fairview Terrace GEORGE M. STILES, JR. . . . Yarmoufh, Me. I25 Main Sfreef GILBERT W. STILFS . . Lansdowne, Pa. I2l Wes? Sfrafford Avenue Third Row: JANE STITES . . . . . . C1mden,N.J, 30I6 Carman Sfreel' KARL STOFKO . . . .... Plymoufh, Mich. 8975 Beck Road ROBERT C. STRAIT Harrisburg, Pa. 504 Edward Slreef I I NANCY E. SUSSER . . . . .,..... . . Meyersdale, Pa. Roufe No. I Fourlh Row: RALPH M. TABOR I . Balfimore lB,Md. 3807 Norfh Charles Sfreef GEORGE F. THOMAS . . . . . . . River Edge, N.J. II5 Jefferson Avenue RONALD F. THOMSON . . . Hampsfead,Md. I8 Shiloh Avenue BRUCE E. THORNTON . . .Wynnewood, Pa. ISIB Powder Mill Lane Fiflh Row: DAVID L. THORPE . . . . .... Fairfield, Conn. 30 Cafherine Sfreef TEDDI TICHY . . . Mouni Holly Springs, Pa. 44 Soufh Balfimore Avenue DOUGLAS UNDERKOFFLER , . . . Souderfon, Pa. 323 Easl Cheslnuf Sfreef GERALD W. VICKERY, JR. . . , . . . . . Troy, Pa, 466 Elmira Sfreef Sixfh Row: JOAN WACHOB . ......... Piflsburgh 28, Pa. 25l Jefferson Drive GARY F. WACHTER . ....... Greaf.Neck, N.Y. 3 Brookbridge Road GEORGE K. WALLACE , ....... Coafesville, Pa. 2903 Easf Kings Highway JOHN A. WEAVER , . ....... CollegeviIIe,Pa. Evansburq Road, Roufe No. I Sevenlh Row: WALTER H. WEDEMEYER . . . . . . Phoenixville, Pa. Mounfed Roule ARTHUR H. WEDRA . , . . . . . .Green Creek, N.J. Delsea Drive JANET WEITCOMB . . .... .,... Y ark, Pa, Rouie No. l WILLIAM H, WERTMAN . . . , . . . .Silver Spring, Md. 706 Sfoningion Road OPHOMORES First Row: J. EDWARD WESTBY ..,.......... 4605-B South 36th Street PETER B. WHITE .,.............. 230 North 23rd Street CLAIRE WILENT .............. Route No. 3 SARAH E. WILLIAMSON . . . . . . l33 East Roseville Road' I Second Row: ROBERT WILLOUGHBY . . . I23 George Avenue HALO WINES . . ..,...... . . . . Arlington, Va . Camp Hfll, Pa . . Sewell, N.J . . Lancaster, Pa Wilkes Barre, Pa Washington, D.C 420I Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. KEITH B. WOLFF .... . . ........ Gettysburg, Pa Route No. 3 RALPH L. WOOD . . .... . . . . Media, Pa ' Fox Road, Route No. I6 Third Row: RONALD WOOD ..........,.... New York 70, N.Y 80 East 235th Street WILLIAM 208 South I9th Street WILLIAM H. WUNNER . ...... . I78 Mortimer Avenue JOHN C. YINGST ......... . 322 West Main Street Fourth Row: BARBARA L. YOUNG . . 24 Taplin Avenue CONRAD YOUSE .... II4 West Park Avenue JAMES L. ZERBE . . . ..... . . . 204: White Hall sfreef ' ' CHARLES ZIESLER ............ I33 East Oak Avenue WOOD........,.. . Camp Hill, Pa . Rutherford, N.J Hummelstown, Pa . Maywood, N.J . Myerstown, Pa . Harrisburg, Pa Moorestown, N.J FRESHMEN Firsl Row: ROBERT E. ADOLPH ....., . . . , . . Emaberh, N.J. B42 Magie Avenue MICKE E. AGABEG ................ Teheran, Iran Khiaban Shahreza Khouye Sharslvar, Kuchespeed, House I2 DONALD G. AITKEN, JR .... ...... I0 Russell Road LEONARD B. ALENICK Second Row: l408 Ocean Avenue CHARLES A. ALEXANDER ....... RICHARD AMANN . Roule Nc. I . Garden Cily, N.Y. Brooklyn 30, N.Y. . . Malvern, Pa. . . ..... ...... L ynbrook, N.Y. I5 Cafherine Sfreel' ROBERT C. ANDERSON . . . . JOHN ARMSTRONG Third Row: 38 Cranford Place 200l- shbferields 'Rael-1' ' . . Teaneck, N.J. Silver Spring, Md. RONALD M. BACHMAN .,...... . . Camp Hill, Pa. Mounled Roule JOSEPH J. BAILEY, lll ..., ..... . . Oreland, Pa. 3l7 Plymouth Avenue DAVID BARCLAY . . . ..., ........ A mbIer,Pa. 5Il Glencoe Avenue GUY H. BARNHART .... ....... N orlh Haven, Conn. Fourlh Row: HENRY R. BASSO . l053 Harlford Turnpike CHARLES L. BATCH ELER .... 2000 Bellevue Road WILLIAM G. BATTING . . . . . JOHN BAUER . . . Fiflh Row: WALTER E. BAXTER WILLIAM S. BEAR 69 Kendall Avenue . Harrisburg, Pa. I-200-Soulh. mn 'sf'fe'e+' ' ' . . . . Harrisburg, Pa. . Maplewood, N.J. . . . ........... Harrisburg, Pa. 45I7 Joneslown Road 'sfio-i 'Lalana sneer' ' ' ' 555 vvaliah lsireef' RONALD W. BEERKIRCH ER ........ I22 Jackson Avenue BARBARA A. BEERS . . . Sixfh Row: TOM BENDER . . . DAVID A. BEN FER SARA L. BENNER . 2I2 Elmer Avenue 'dui Beadhiey slim' ' ' ' iabl' D.-.iby'Rba'd' ' ' 'Sli Ruby sneer' ' ' DAVID L. BENNETT .......... Sevenlh Row: lll3 Washinglon Averiue I LEONARD C. BILLIE ., ........ .. 8l3 Slanbridge Road BARBARA A. BINGAMAN ....... Roufe No. 2 KENNETH A. BLUETT ,...... . . 32I7 Beflou James Place I BERNADINE BLUMENSTINE ...... 357 Pine Sfreel . Philadelphia, Pa. . . Lemoyne, Pa. . . Magnolia, N.J. Scheneclady, N.Y. . Meyersdale, Pa . . Ardmore, Pa . . Lancaster, Pa . . Lewisburg, Pa . . Drexel Hill, Pa . . . Hellam, Pa . Ballirnore 7, Md . . S1eel1'on,Pa FRESHMEN Firsl Row: ELSON M. BLUNT, III . .... . .Wellesley HZlIs,Mass. 48 Livermore Road LARRAINE S. BOHLANDER ........... Hollwood, Pa. Roule No. 2, Box I6 L. DENNIS BONNEY . . ........ , . . Drexel Hill, Pa. 38 Soulh Revere Road RONALD E. BORGWARDT , ........... BelIsvilIe,Md. Second Row: I08I5 Monlgomery Road GEORGE BOYER, JR. . ......... . . . York, Pa. PHYLLIS BOYER PHYLLIS A. BOYS I22l Wesf Poplar Slreef aol Noble slim' 4all'wellina+bri Drive' ' RUSSELL W. BRANTON ........... Third Row: CAROL A. BROOKS MARCIA BROWN 527 Pen Argyl Slreel 7300 Wesiernl Aveniue I I 4I5 Spruce Slreel RUSSELL BUCHHEIT . I9 Louise Lane . . Kulzlown, Pa. Cl'evy Chase, Md, . . Pen Arqyl, Pa. Chevy Chase, Md. . Philipsburg, Pa. . . . Tenafly, N.J. KAY BURCHFIELD .,.. ......... C incinnali 24, Ohio Fourlh Row: JOHN BURD . EARL R. BURG . KARL L. BURKHARDT AUBISON T. BURTSELL Fiflh Row: LANCE H. BUTLER . LOUIS H, CABAN . . I2B9 Oak Knoll Drive 'I92I- Hang 'Raed' I32 We.sf.Broadway 7 Campus Place 8 Regina Avenue I I-nigh Sfieef' rigid' Jamaica Avenue THOMAS A. CAM PBELL ......,.. 29I8 George Sfreef I l I LAWRENCE G. CARUTH ........... Sixlh Row: Box 252, Roule No. I RONALD CHILINGARIAN ,........ 705 Wesl Saddle River Road SUSAN H. CLARK . . Roule No. 4 H. FRANKLIN COFFMAN, JR. . . . . ROBERT COHN Sevenlh Row: ROBERT H. CORDIER Wenonah Avenue . Jenkintown, Pa. . . Red Lion, Pa. . Brooklyn 8, N.Y. . . Bellmore, N.Y. Mullica HIII, N.J. . . Medford, N..Y . Harrisburg, Pa. . . Moscow, Pa. . Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J. . . Easlon, Pa. . . Mantua, N.J ..Brooklyn30,N.Y. IBI9 Avenue L S86 -Slireieli SILAS M. CREECH, JR ,... . ,.... , 52I7 Goddard Road RICHARD G. CRISP . . ..... . . . I39 Easf Avenue . . . . Oradell, N.J. Belhesda I4, Md . . Freeport, N.Y. AUSTIN CROTHERS, JR. . ,....... . . Lakewood 7, Ohio I276 Overlook Road FRESHMEN MICHAEL S. CULLEN . . , . Brooklyn 24, N.Y, 3726 Laurel Avenue CYNTHIA R. CUNNINGHAM . . .Wynnewood, Pa. 430 Haverford Road FREDERICK E. DAVIS ..,. Woodbury, N.J. l7l Delaware Sfreel ROBERT C. deCAMARA . . . . Philadelphia, Pa. 5427 Wayne Avenue Second Row: ALFONSO A. DECAPITE . . . .Vandergrifl, Pa. 3I4 Beech Slreel GEORGE DEDRICK ..,, Haverlown, Pa. I434 Virginia Avenue ANTHONY J, DEL PRETE, JR, .... Cheltenham, Pa. 3l Laniair Road SANDRA DEMPCY , Forwood Wilminglon 3,DeI. ll00 Greenway Road Third Row: WALDA 6. DENNY . . . .Wye Mills, Md. JUDY B. DERSTINE . . . . .Challonf,Pa. MERVIN R. DILTS .... . . . Three Bridges, N,J. Main Sfreel EDWARD DiMlCELl . . . .Wood-Ridge, N.J. 33l Innes Road Fourih Row: SUSAN L. DITTMAR . Wcsl New York, N.J, 65l4 Bergenline Avenue THEODORE O. DOYLE, JR. . . . Harrisburg, Pa. 2l6 Soulh Madison Sfreef ARTHUR D. DRAKE, JR. ,,.. Irvington, N.J 8l6 Lyons Avenue BRUCE L. EARLIN . . Penninglon, N,J. 48 Easl Welling Avenue Fifth Row: HOWARD EEERWEIN . . Mamaroneck, N.Y 58l Shore Acre Drive JOHN ERNST .... Cambria Heighls, N,Y Il5-94 23l Sfreel GARY ERWINE . . , . . . Bloomsburg,Pa. l46 Wesl Bfh Slreef WARREN ESHBACH . . , . Poflslown, Pa. Roule No. 3, Box 382 Sixlh Row: RUTH E. EVANS . . . . , . Philadelphia 24, Pa. ll53 Anchor Slreel NOLAN W. FEESER . , . Williamsporl, Pa. 7l8 Campbell Sfreef DIANE FENSTERMAKER .... Kulzlown, Pa. 707 College Boulevard FRED F. FIELDING .......,.,... Mechanicsville, Pa. Sevenlh Row: JAMES FINCKENAUER , . Easl Hampton, N.Y. I63 Three Mile Harbor Road JOHN A. FIRMSTONE . . ..... Honesdale, Pa 640 Park Street ROBERT T. FITZHUGH ......,.. . . Craryvi le, N.Y WILLIAM E. FITZKEE . . . , , . MounlWolf, Pa. I67 Soulh Main Slreel' FRES MEN Firsl' Row: WILLIAM E. Fl.oro .,.......,., . . ssycafy, Mich 223 Norfh McLellan JOHN V. FOLTZ, JR. . . . . . .... Middletown, Pa 28 Maple Sfreef SALLY A. FOREMAN . . , .... Harrisburg, Pa 3527 Rufherford Sfreel' DANIEL C. FOUGHT . . Hollidaysburg, Pa I73 Norlh Main Sfreef Second Row: J. BRUCE FOX .... sie walnuf sneer' ' MARY G, FRANTZ . . . 6I2 Main Sfreef JACK V. FRAUTWEIN , . . 280I Ailsa Avenue NANCIE L. FRAZIER . . 5I7 Easl' Main Streel Third Row: Run-I v. FREAS . . . . . . 207 Hillmoor Drive RONALD D. FREDERICK . . 2I Wesf Broad Sfreef JOHN D. FREED .... . . . Fronf Sireel BRUCE R. FRETZ .... . . . Builer Avenue Fourlh Row: DARBYE.FREY.,.......... I20 Adams Avenue LAWRENCE A. FRILING . , . . , Church Sfreef KENNETH P, FRUCHTER . . , Il0-20 691h Avenue . Hollidaysburg, Pa . Worfhingfon, Pa . Baliimore I4, Md . New Holland, Pa . Silver Spring, Md . . Harleysville, Pa . . Liverpool, Pa . . Chalfonf, Pa . River Edge, N.J . . . Milford, N.J . Foresl' Hills, N.Y NAN FUNK ....... ....,.,. . . . , Easlon, Pa 223 Lachenour Avenue Fifih Row: FRANK FUSCHINO . . ....,.... Maplewood, N.J 234 Hillon Avenue DAVID GANOE ............ ...... S ecane, Pa 3l3 Soufh Bishop Avenue HARRY E. GARRISON . . . . . . . Roufe No. 2 KENNETH H. GEILS , , . . . 4l Sumfer Avenue Sixfh Row: RICHARD E. G-IBBS, JR .,........ I4I Smull Avenue HELEN GILBERT ........ 205 Hazel Drive WILLIAM M. GILLINGHAM, III .... Riegel Ridge ROBERT GIRVAN ............ I9Z Chrisfie Sfreef I I Sevenih Row: PHILIP GLEASON . ' 3031.24 ' JOAN GLEISNER ...,......... 7II4 Chambers Road . . . . Elmer, N.J Easf.WilIislon, N.Y . Wes? Caldwell, N.J . Piffsburgh 28, Pa . . Milford, N.J . . Leonia, N.J . . Doylesfown, Pa . Balfimore I4, Md RUSSELL GLICKSMAN . .......... Larchmonf, N.Y 8 Jochum Avenue CAROLE B. GLOVER . , . .,..... . . . Milfon, Pa I23 Broadway WILLIAM HARRAL Ill , Drexel Hill, P FRESHMEN THEODORE R GOLLER JR . . Oreland, Pa. HORACE Y GOODMAN JR Wilminglon 3, Del. PAUL H GOTTSCHLING . Wenonal1,N.J. ANNABELLE GOUKER Philadelphia 44, Pa. . , Carlisle, Pa. . . Warren, Pa, . . Yeadon, Pa. Seymour, Conn. . Magnolia, N.J. . . Hanover, Pa. MARlLYN S HANNAS . .Hollis,N.Y. MARTHA HALTOM rrinsburg, W. Va. GEORGE C HAMMER . New York, N.Y LOIS A HARDING G den City, L. l., N.Y NANCY HAWBECKER Chambersburg, Pa . Harrisburg, Pa . Demaresl, N.J Mercersburg, Pa . Lancasfer, Pa . Hellerlown, Pa . . Wayne, Pa Sfrafford, Conn . . . York, Pa . Harrisburg, Pa . . . York, Pa . . Joppa 2, Md GEORGE HILLIARD Ill Philadelphia l8, Pa 5. FRES MEN Firsl Row: CAROL HIRST .... .....,..... C ollin swood, N.J 9 607 Talem .Avenue EARLE W. HOCKENBERRY, JR, . , Olmslead Air Force Base, Pa BARBARA HOFFMAN ............. Erdenheim, Pa l08 Afwood Road CAROLANNE HOFFMANN , ...... New Hyde Park, N.Y Second Row: I4 Eric Lane DON HOLSTEIN ......,, . . . . . . Hopalcong, N.J Box 794 ROBERT HOLTHAUS ,............ Ballimore I4, Md 2609 Kings Ridge Road RICHARD HOLZER . . ............ Easlon, Pa 209 Old Orchard Drive MARGUERITE HORN ............ Philadelphia 3l, Pa Third Row: 6l I8 Columbia Avenue PHILLIS HORN . . . ..,. Alexandria,Pa VICTOR HORVATH .... ,.,... L ake Ronkonkoma, N.Y. Lake Shore Drive C. PETER HUMRICHOUSE ....... . . Soulhamplon, Pa. Slump Road JOSEPH R. HUNT .,.. ...... . . Trenlon, N.J. 558 Bordenlown Road Fourlh Row: ELMARIE S. HUTCHINSON ,... . . . Sacramenlo,Calif. 350i 35lh Slreel MARLENE HYSON ............ . . Fawn Grove, Pa. ANNE R. me . . .,.,.......,... 2324 North Richmond Slreel HARVEY W. ILGEN . . ...... .... M ifflinburg, Pa. Fillh Row: 42l Walnuf Streef GARY G. JACKSON .......,.... . . Allenlown, Pa. 602 Cleveland Slreel NANCY A. JACOB ................ CliHon,N.J. I I4 Woodlawn Avenue LOUISE JACOBS ............., Newlown Square, Pa. I4 Clover Lane MEi.vlN L. JACOBS, JR. , ...4... . .camp Hiu,Pa. l928 High Slreel Sixlh Row: LYNN D. JACOBSEN ........,., . . Cranford, N.J. ll Herning Avenue JO ANN JENNINGS ............. Fairfield, Conn. l42l Jennings Road WALTER E. JOHNSON ........ , . . . . . Brooklyn, N.Y. 682I Owls Head Courl ANDERSON S. JOHNSTON ......... Ballimore 28, Md. Sevenlh Row: PAUL W. JOLY LUCILLE JONES PAUL JONES . W. BARRY KAIN I9 Dullon Avenue . . . . . . . . . . . . . Porl Washingfon, N.Y. 95 Carllon Avenue ...............Salisbury,Md. 223 Middle Boulevard . ............. Geflysburg, Pa. 32l Springs Avenue . , . . . , . Alloona, Pa. 205 Norlh Pine Slreel FRESHMEN Firsl Row: MYRON S. KELLEY . . ...., . . IO7 William Slreel ROBERT KELLY .... . . . BIB Porler Slreef HUGH KELLOGG . . ..,.... . . 6l5 Tremonl' Avenue WILLIAM M. KERR .. ..., .. Roule No. 3 Second Row: NANCY KESSLER . .... . . . 262 Fleming Avenue BARRY W. KERCHNER . . B29 Worlh Boulevard RUTH KILPATRICK . . . I4 Hollybrook Avenue BRADFORD D. KING . ..... . 59 Alden Road Third Row: JOSEPH W. KISER . . . , . . . . IIS Soullv Slreel EDWARDKLEIN... . 35 Bayview Avenue JOSEPH H. KLEINFELTER. IV . . . . G. LEONARD KNAPP .......... Fourlh Row: LINDA A. KOBLE , ..,.,.... . I3V2 Norfh Main Slreel GEORGE E. KOENIG . .,,.... . 237 Foresl Avenue WILLIAM H. KNAPPER .......... lB25 Elm Sfreel, N.E. RICHARD M, KOECKERT ......... 37 Lake End Road Fifllm Row: LEE N, KOEHLER . . ...... . . ISOB Kingsway Road RONALD KRALL ......,...... Roule 2 ANNALIESE M. KRAMER . . . . , . . Soufhold Road JAY A. KRESS .... .... . . . I4 Evergreen Drive Six'Il'1 Row: LARRY KRITCHER . . . , . , . . Roule No. 2 PAULJ.KROM... ...,. 328 Easf IBO Sfreef MARY E. KRUG . . . . , 2l4 Easl Randall Sireel GERALD L. KUNKLE . .... . . . . Brockie Drive Sevenlli Row: DORIS KURZENKNABE .......... 247 Emerald Sfreef JOHN F. LAPEIRE ........ .,.... I7 Pennsylvania Boulevard , . Lyons, N.Y . . . . Easlon, Pa . . . Weslfield, N.J . . Clearfield, Pa . . Hanover, Pa . . Pollslown, Pa . . Mounf Holly, N.J . . . Dedham, Mass . Johnslown, Pa . . Greaf Neck, N.Y . . Harrisburg, Pa :sos Norlh Third sneer ' . . . . Silverdale, Pa . . Pine Grove, Pa . . . . Paramus, N.J . Sl. Pelersburg, Fla . Green Pond, N.J . . Balfimore IB, Md . . Myerslown, Pa Sound Beach, N.Y Berkley Heigliis, N .J . Phoenixville, Pa New York 57, N.Y . , Balfimore 30, Md . . York, Pa . . Harrisburg, Pa . Bellerose, N.Y JULIA A. LA ROSE ......,.... Norh Syracuse I2, N.Y 306 Palmer Drive F. PAUL LAUBNER . . . . ...... Easf Sfroudsburg, Pa Slar Roule FRESHMEN LEE J. LEHNER ................., Allenlown. Pa- Tremonl Aparlmenls CHARLES LENTZ, IV . . . , . ,..... Wyncofe, Pa I222 Rices Mill Road JUDITH LEVINE . . .V.......... Margare, N.J 8IIO Ventnor Avenue CHARLES H. LIGHTNER . . . ....,.. Gellysburg, Pa 55 Soufh Slreel' Second Row: WILLIAM R. LOWE ............ . . Gellysburg, Pa Roule No. 4 EDWARD A. LUCAS . . ...,........ Eddysfone, Pa l2O0 Easl' Ninfh Sfreef CURTIS E, LUCKENBILL . . , . , . . . Ku1zlown,Pa 357 Easl Main Sfreel WALLACE E. LUDWIG . . .... Honesdale, Pa l239 Wesfside Avenue Third Row: FRANK LUFTIG , . . ....... . . New RocheIle,N.Y 30 Easrchesfer Road CAROL A. LUNN ...... ,........ B arrinqfon, N.J 3I6 Reading Avenue ROBERT MacDOUGAL . ..,,..... Silver Spring, Md 3I3 Hillmoor Drive KAY MCCLELLAN . . . . . . . ..... Glenolden, Pa I9 Easf Knowles Avenue Fourlh Row: DAVID A. MCGAUGHY . .... ...,.. W yomissing, Pa 807 Holland Square ANNE V. MCRAE . , , . . . .Washingfon I6, D.C H02 Glosler Road NORMAN D. MAISEL . . . . . .... Harrisburg, Pa 20I8 Susquehanna Sfreef BARBARA MANN . . . ..... .... C umberland, Md I3I Cumberland Slreef Fiflh Row: RICHARD K. MARTIN ,.... , . . . . . Brookeville, Md Laromar Farm HARRY R. MARSH . . . . . . ..... Brooklyn, N.Y 990 Easi Eighfh Sfreef SCOTT M. MASON . ..... ..... V irginia Beach,Va 4702 Ocean Fronl- DAVID MATTSON ............... Hempsfead, N.Y 7I Angevine Avenue Sixlh Row: WILLIAM M. MATZ, JR ........... Easf Lansdowne, Pa 33 Lexingfon Avenue MEREDITH MEIXELL, JR. . . ....... Lewisburg, Pa 20 Sourh I3'Ih Sfreef EARL R. MELIN . . . . . , . . . . Garden Cily,N.Y 75 Kenwood Road JOHANNA M. MENGE . . . ...... Dolgeville, N.Y 98 Van Buren Slreef Sevenlh Row: JOHN T. MESSERT . . ...... Ardmore, Pa 3I3 Inwood Road PHILIP M. MICHEL ......... Dobbs Ferry, N.Y l36 Walgrove Avenue JOSEPH P. MIELE . , . . .... Wes? Orange, N.J 29 Gregory Avenue SAMUEL A. MILAZZO . .... . . Berwick, Pa 358 Monroe Sfreef FRESHMEN Firsl' Row: HENRY MILLER ..........,... . . . Elmer, N.J. 44 Fourlh Sfreef LAWRENCE A. MILLER ......... . . . Phoenixville, Pa. 927 Wesl Bridge Slreef THOMAS C. MOLLOY .,........... Soufh Dorsef, Vt. BERNARD P, MONTGOMERY .....,... Baltimore 29, Md. Second Row: 424 Soufh Augusfa Avenue DAVID E. MORAN . 704 Sferner Mill Road EDWARD C. MOTT, JR ......... HERBERT MOULTON LYNN MOYER . . . Third Row: FREDERICK MULLER Roule No, 3 'mi Re'e1'sifLei ' i 2? 'Aikini Avkriug MARY A. MUNRO .......... J. STEPHEN MUNZINGER ....... GORDON F. MUSCH Fourrh Row: JOAN E, MYERS DAVID S. NAGLE ' ios Norih-Fiflh 'sifeei' ' ' ROBERT NEHER . . . APRIL NELSON . . . Fiffh Row: 38 Oak Drive 39:-i v5ia'nAoiRo5d' ' ' 'aio' Chhfih' Earle' I22 Emery Slreel 73 Sagamore Drive PATRICIA A. NESS .... ...... . Roufe No. 3 JOHN NORTHRUP ....,... . . I02 Hopkin Sfreeti I I DOUGLAS L. NORTON . . . . . JAMES L. NYE .... Sixlh Row: 36 Turner Drive 2460 Market Srreel DONALD L. OAKLEY 43: 'seuih' Foiifiifsifgei ' ' SUZANNE M, OVERMILLER ...,..... I02 Biddle Road ERMIN F, PACHELLA, JR. ..... . MICHAEL PACILIO . Sevenfh Row: CHARLES S. PATTI , EMILY A. PAYNE l7l4 Powell Slreef 80 Loines Avenue I I7 Mereer -Silrehelh chaihlsrh Roadf Reine No,45' . . Trevose, Pa. Oysfer Bay, N.Y. . Norrisfown, Pa. . Harrisburg Pa. . . Lancaster, Pa. . . Elverson, Pa . . Lansdale, Pa . Balfimore, Md . . . Yeadon, Pa . Coafesville, Pa Hempsfead, N.Y Rochesler I7, N.Y . . York, Pa . . . Athens, Pa Chappaqua, N.Y . Harrisburg, Pa North Wales, Pa . . . . Paoli, Pa . Norrislown, Pa . . Merrick, N.Y Phillipsburg, N.J Ellicofl' Cily, Md FREDERICK J. PAZRO ..,...... . . , . Jersey Cily, N.J l82 Pavonia Avenue RALPH L. PEARSON . . .,..... , . , , Quakerfown' P5 22 Elm Slreel' f FRES M Firsl Row: FREDERICK O. PEDERSEN . ...,.... Garden Cily, N.Y 78 Cambridge Avenue ELIZABETH PENNINGTON ..,........ Geifysburg, Pa 2I0 West Broadway BRENDA J. PENSINGER . . .....,.. Chambersburg, Pa Route I EDWARD H, PEPPLER ...,........ Ballimore 23, Md 25I5 West Lombard Sfreei Second Row: ROLAND PEREZ ......,.......... New York, N.Y I5l Wes? 66lI1 Sfreel' LINDA PERISSI . . . . . . ....,. Valley SIream,N.Y 25 Wesl' SI. Marks Place JOHN J. PERRY ...v.......... I50 Hillside Avenue LYNN PETRILLO . . . . . . . 47l Oak Avenue Third Row: RAYMOND H. PHYLES . ,.... . . . 87I6 Summil Avenue SALLY A. PLUNKETT . . . . 328 MI. Vernon Drive JOHN S. POKRIFCSAK . . . I908 Buller Slreel RICHARD L. PUERTA I240 Befhlehem Pike Fourlh Row: KEITH B. QUIGLEY ............ IOS Norfh Filih Slreel MALCOLM I. RAFF ........... 83 Wesl 34141 Slreel HARRY J. RAFFENSPERGER ........ 30I2 Dunmurry Road CAROL M. REATHER ........... 70I0 York Road Fiflli Row: TAYLOR P. REEDER, III ........ . . 3I0 Wyncole Road MARLIND REEVES ............ . Meluchen, N.J . Maywood, N.J Ballimore I4, Md Ellwood Cily, Pa . . . Easlon, Pa . . Flouriown, Pa . . Lemoyne, Pa . . Bayonne, N.J . Baltimore, Md Ballimore I2, Md . Jenkinlown, Pa . . Nassau, N.Y HOWARD F. nelsz, Ja ............. PilI'sburgI'I mrs I06 Elm Road VALVA REMENTER ........... . 9l0 Yeadon Avenue SIXIII Row: JUDITH A. REMPP . . . . . . ZID Haines Road THOMAS J. J, RICE .......... IOS Woodlawn Road . . . Yeadon, Pa . . . . York, Pa Ballimore I0, Md HAROIJD L. ROBBINS . ....,........ Cafawissa, Pa II5 Soufh Fourlh Sfreef JOHN A. ROESCH ............. Minnisink Park Sevenlh Row: . . . .Wayne, N.J WILLIAM ROHRBACH .........,..... Ephrala, Pa ID50 Wesl Main Slreel ARNOLD W. ROLFE ............. New Rochelle, N.Y 20 Easfchesler Road HARRY E. ROSE . , ................ Ligonier, Pa 308 Indian Slreel JOHN H. ROSE ............... , . Merrick, N.Y 48 Roydon Drive Easl' FRESHMEN Firsl Row: PAUL H. ROTHFUSS . . ........... Williamsporl, Pa l032 Rural Avenue PETER C, SATTERTHWAITE ,,.,,... Buller Park GEORGE SCHALICK .......... Box 424 . . . Ambler, Pa . . Elmer, N.J MARY ELLEN SCHMIDT ........... . . Bogola, N.J l40 Beechwood Avenue Second Row: MARY B. SCHOFIELD ,.... ..... 485 Wigard Avenue MARILYN SCHULTZ . .,,....,. 49 Grampian Boulevard ROBERT A. SCOTT . , ,,,. , . 6730 Rufland Slreef GEORGE H. SEITTER . 949 Foulkrod Srreef Third Row: ARDIE SEHULSTER ,.,...,. .... 28 Crane Avenue DARRYL L. SENSENIG . ....... . 95I Wesf Main Slreef PAUL SHALLOCK ............ l. 9l Lawrence Slreel' DAVID W. SICKELS .,......,.. 88 McLaren Sfreel Fourfh Row: SIDNEY L. SHUEY ............. Polrsville Slreel LEON SILBER ............... 9 Devonshire Lane STEVEN A. SIPOS . . '4va'g6hid'i3' ' ' ' LOIS SHOOK , ....,....... . . 4l2 Paxson Avenue Fiflh Row: ELLEN F. SIPPEL . . 244 Easl Euclid Slreel' Philadelphia 28, Pa. . Williamsporf, Pa. Philadelphia 49, Pa, Philadelplfa 24, Pa. Bloomingdale, N.J. Ephrala, Pa. . . Fords, N.J. . . Red Bank, N J. . . Wiconisco, Pa, . Greal Neck, N.Y. Budapesl, Hungary . . Glenside, Pa. . Valley Slream, N.Y. HENRY a. sLele-Hr, Jn. . . . . .sehenec1ady9,N.Y. 880 Morgan Avenue DEBORAH SMITH .............. Chambersburg, Pa. Coldbrook Avenue WILLIAM SNYDER, lll .......... l3II Windemer Avenue Sixlh Row: ROBERT L. SONNER .,,,,...... 5 York Avenue AUDREY SOUTHARD .......... IO7 Dilch'ey Road THOMAS W. STIPE . . Balfimore, Md. . . Befhpage, N.Y, . Virginia Beach, Va. , ........... Wallingford, Pa. Rabbil Run MYRNA K. SPECK . . ......... Porf WashingIon,N.Y. I9 Coverl Slreel Sevenlh Row: WILLIAM SPOERL . ...,... ..... C umberland, Md. IBZO Bedford Sfreef J, GARY STAUDT .,............ . . Amilyville, N.Y. 77 Broadway WILLIAM O. STEVENS . ............. CoIumbia,Pa. l04 Soulh Fourth Sfreel SUSAN STODDART .............,. Lancasler, Pa. 562 Wesf Lemon Slreel FRES MEN Firsf Row: PATRICIA A. SWEIGART .,., . . 9l Spruce Slreel LYNNE STONAKER ....... . . . . I964 Bowers Hill Road WALTER SWEYER .....,,,...... I695 Washingfon Avenue EUGENE J. SZABO ...... . . . . IZII Broadway Second Row: ELIZABETH J. TAYLOR . 224 Washinglcn Avenue FRANCIS W. TEMME , . ....... . . l92I Plymoufh Sfreel JOANNE TEMPLE .............. 209 Norfh Easl Avenue LU ISE A. TEM PLIN .....,......... 3202 Oxford Road Third Row: VIRGlNIAC.TEPP.,....,..... 36 William Slreel GARY W. TEST . . .... . . . . Roufe No. 9 GILBERT TOGLIA ..... ....... 689 Main Sfreel DANIEL L, THOMAN . . . . . . , . . Roule NO. 2 Fourlh Row: JEANNE THOMPSON ..,........ 4023 Soufh Warner Road , . Ephra1a,Pa. . Pillsburgh I6, Pa. . . . Seaford, N.Y . . Belhlehem, Pa. . . Chatham, N.J. Philadelphia 38, Pa . . Vineland, N,J. . Madison, Wis Valley Slream, N.Y . .York,Pa . New Rochelle, N.Y . Spring Grove, Pa . Lalayelre Hill, Pa JOHN L. TINSMAN, JR. . ....... , . . Media, Pa 20I Valley View Road RONALD W. TORRENCE .......... Chevy Chase I5, Md 72l I Bybrook Lane RONALD L. TUKLOFF . ........ . II7 Fern Hill Road Fiflh Row: PHILIP L. VAN BLARCOM ,...... 397 Parkview Drive RICHARD VEE ..... . . . . . . 3I Wayne Road EDWARD L. VOGELSONG I204 Hudson Sfreel' GEORGE W. VOLKMAN 605 East 37Ih Slreel Sixlh Row: CARL VON CZOERNIG . . . Pikeland Road JEAN E, WAGNER . ROBERT Z. WAGNER . . 26 Monlross Slreef JON WAGNILD .... . . . Roule No. I Sevenlh Row: EDGAR WALKER . . . . . . . 2I2 Nichols Sfreef JAMES L. WALKER . . . . . . . . Route No. 2 EILEEN WALLACE .... . . . , . . 26 Norfh Maple Sfreel' DONALD R. WARRENFELTZ, JR. .... Roule No. 5, Leifersburg 200 Souih Forge Road' I I I . Wes! Chesler, Pa Scofch Plains, N.J . . Fair Lawn, N.J . Harrisburg, Pa Ballimore, Md Chesler Counly, Pa . Palmyra, Pa . While Plains, N.Y Gerlysburg, Pa . Clearfield, Pa . . Somersef, Pa . . Woodbury, N.J . Haqerslown, Md FRESHMEN Firsl Row: BARRY WENZ . . . ,...... . . . Brooklyn 26, N.Y. 2620 Beverly Road PHILIP L. WERT .... . . . .... . . Laurel. PB- Roule No. I H. IRVING WHITE, JR. . .......... Trenlon 8, N.J. I0 Pershing Avenue PETER B. WHITE .... ..,....., W ashinglon 3, D.C. I449 Pennsylvania Avenue S.E. Second Row: WESTON B. WHITE, JR. ........... Flushing 67, N.Y. l4l-34 73 Terrace DAVE WILLIAMS . . ..,,... . . .... Weslfield, N.J. Il8 Virginia Slreef JAMES B. WILLIS . . . . . . . . . Medford Lakes. N-J. McKendimen Road THOMAS L. WILLSON . ..... Manhazsel, N.Y. 403 Ryder Road Third Row: DONALD M. WILSON ......... . . . Morrisfown, N.J. 44 Hill sneer, Am. so SANDRA L. WILSON ............ San Diego IU, Calif. lB47 Erie ROBERT L. WINEHOLT .......... . . . York, Pa. 25 Easf 81h Avenue JOHN WINTERSTEEN .... ......... M orrisville, Pa. I I I5 Evergreen Road Fourfh Row: DONALD WISEMAN ........... . . Abboffslown, Pa Roufe No. I NANCY WISMER ........... . . . . Souderfon, Pa 25I Noble Sfreel' LAWRENCE R. WOOD . . Chesfer, Pa ll2 Wesf 24lh Sfreel' STEPHEN L. WOOD . ........... Haverfown, Pa 230I Grasslyn Avenue Fiflh Row: WAYNE W. WRIGHT ........... Gloucesier, N.J I2 Barnard Avenue WILLIAM C. WRIGHT ..... Rurherford, N.J 370 Feronia Way WILLIAM M, WRIGHT , . . ,... . . . Wesf Chesfer, Pa 700 Easf Marshall Sfreef PENNOCK J, YEATMAN. III . . Kennelf Square, Pa 238 Lincoln Sfreef Sixfh Row: JAMES A. YINGLING . ........ . . Union Bridge, Md Box I20 WAYNE YOHE .................. Havertown, Pa l60I Melrose Avenue ALAN YOUNG ................... Tenafly, N,J 62 Sherwood Road v. 3 5 2ElRiia's1kXifx3 3 .l ei-ics WesTern Maryland Taclcler l73l Tails To hall Earl YosT as he drives for TD BULLETS HAVE GOOD SEA ON FooTball varsiiy coaches: Baclcfield Coach Howard Shoemaker, Head Coach Eugene Haas, Line Coach Eugene Hummel. 84 On The eve ol GeTTysburg's l957 grid opener againsT Bucknell, head coach Gene l-laas said, "We'll Take one game aT a Time and hope ThaT adds up To a successful season." Haas, who loegan his TirsT campaign as head TuTor aT his alma maTer, mainTained his word and The Tormula worked To near perTecTion as The Orange and Blue posTed a 7-I-I record. As wiTh mosT good aThl.eTic squads iT was noTa one man, buT an eleven man Team which had several sTandouTs and overflowed wiTh cleTerminaTion and spiriT. CerTain aThleTes raTe higher praise Than oThers, and in G-Burg's case iT was Tullback Frank CapiTani and Tackle Alan KempTon. Frank, during his Three year career, was named To TirsT sTring All-STaTe Twice and received honor- able menTion All-American, KempTon received honorable menTion and second sTring All-STaTe, honorable menTion All-American, and The weekly Maxwell Trophy for his play in The LaTayeTTe game. CapiTani also received The Max- well award in his iunior year, BoTh players were given All- Easl' recogniTion. OThers who had a noTable season were halibacks Earl YosT, Don l-lailey, and George Greiner, cenTer Dave Yohn and guards Don Harman and Dick Rowan. CapiTani led in scoring and rushing wiTh 56 poinTs and 669 yards respecTively. Hailey was second in scoring wiTh 48. YosT Tollowed in rushing wiTh 384 yards. As a Team, GeTTysburg scored 255 poinTs To The op- ponenTs' 79. ln ToTal oTTense G-Burg garnered i880 yards on The ground and 759 in The air Tor a ToTal oT 2639. The opposiTions' ToTal yardage was l605, 770 OT which was on The ground, Beiore 9,500 Tans aT l-lershey, The BulleTs opened The schedule riddling The Bucknell Bisons I9-0 in The annual ChocolaTe Bowl Tray. Held scoreless Tor Three periods, G-Burg broke The ice in The Tinal guarTer when l-lailey Tallied Trom The Tive. l-le also added The second score aTTer Taking a handoTT Trom guarTerback Dick STravolo and racing 36 yards. Junior back Greiner puT The icing on The cake when he scored ii X ii Rich Davidyock gains Bullei yardage enroufe To Trouncing Wesiern Trom I7 yards OuT. Maryland Firsf Row: Dick Ford, Jim Flood, Harry Binger, George Greiner, Alan Kempfon, Frank CapiTani, Harvard Hicks, Redding Hicks, Nick Kacandes, Fred Mink. Second Row: Coach Jack Ridinger, Coach Howard Shoemaker, Neil Hickoff, Dick Sfravolo, Dave Graybill, Abbie Pingafore, Dick Davidyock, Dick Rowan, Don Hailey, Earl Yosf, Ron Brandi, Bob Barkley, Henry Coyne, Bruce Wandling, Ed Books, manager Jerry Krum. Third Row: Coach Eugene Hummel, Coach Gene Haas, Sfan Musser, Don Harmon, Dave Yohn, Arloe Olsen, Marfy Hoffner, Jules Prevosf, Bill Anglemoyer, Herb Payne, Chel Knighf, Barclay Boyd, Carl Schoen- born, Jim Hess, Trainer Romeo Capoui, manager Michael Wierman, equipmeni' manager 'Pappy' Swope. 97 T83 85 Dick Ford reverses field in fhe mud againsf F8cM FOOTB LL Traveling fo York Ocfober 4 fo fangle wifh Wesfern Maryland, Geffysburg gained ifs ninfh consecufive win dafing over fwo seasons, 38- l 3. Geffysburg was handed ifs firsf, and lone defeaf of fhe season, by fhe Lehigh Engineers by a 20-7 margin Ocfober I2 in Befhlehem. Wifh quarferback Dan Nolan leading fhe way Lehigh rolled for fwo scores and a I3-O lead. Shorfly before half- fime fhe Bafflefielders came ouf of fhe dolclrums when Sfravolo skirfed end for I I yards and a TD. Capifani made fhe conversion. Lehigh added an insurance score lafe in fhe final sfanza. Before a Fafher Day's crowd of 5.000 fhe Orange and Blue rebounded 'ro clobloer fhe Albrighf Lions, 37-I3. Capifani sfarfed fhe Bullefs rolling when he refurned fhe opening kickoff 77 yards. Also scoring was cenfer Dave Yohn who ramblecl 30 yards wifh an infercepfed pass. Sparked by a sfrong defensive wall Geffysburg nofched ifs fourfh win Ocfober 26 by frimming Muhlenberg 2l-0 Yosl' heads for open spaces affer sfraighl arming Temple gridder Bullef line opens hole To pave way for Frank CapiTani's Tally Halbaclc George Greiner grabbed from behind on The losers' gridiron. The win also enabled 6-Burg To reTain The Old Tin Cup. The hard changing line held lv1uhlenberg's oTTense To a palTry 27 yards. The home Team peneTraTed Orange and Blue TerriTory only once. Hailey, who received The MOST Valuable Player Award aT halTTime, sTarTed The scoring in The TirsT sTanza when he Toolc a piTchouT from quarTerbaclc Neil HickoTT and wenT inTo paydirT. Hailey seT up The second TD when he Took an enemy punT on his 45 and reTurned IT To The Mules' 20. CapiTani, aTTer a pass, rolled over Three Taclclers and scored Trom The I I. The Tinal score came in The lasT Trame when HickoTT connecTeol on a pass play wiTh YosT. On November 2, Coach Haas' gridders TreaTed a Homecoming crowd To a 46-20 pasTing oT LaTay.eTTe. CapiTani opened The scoring gaTes on The TirsT scrim- mage play when he roared OTT Tackle Tor 64 yards. ATTer Binger converTed, The rouT was on. Hailey scored Three and CapiTani noTched his second be-Tore The Tinal gun. Rich Davidyoclc also scored. 3 'nw 5' Carl Schoenborn leads inlerference for Greiner Ll mf FOOTBALL Top: Don Hailey abouf io meef Lafaye'He laclrler Bolfomz Hailey loolrs for running room agains+ fhe Leopards Capifani bowls over Temple raclrler as anolher moves in Weslern Maryland faclrlers gang up on Franlc Capilani fl S W W Q 7 x HM mm V A Firsf Row: Manager Cleve Laird, Ed Rose, Ed Lucas, Skip Yohe, Frank Temme, Norm Maisel, Jay Hebrank, Howie Eberwine, Bill Holzer, Ed Molloy. Sec- ond. Row: Tom O'Malley, John Pakrifesak, Mike Pacilio, Charles Pafli, Gordon Kissner, Ron Tukloff, Bill Gillingham, Louie Caban, Bruce Fox, Coach Jack ' ' ' ' - n e Al Harris John Rose, Budd Goodman, Joe Bail , Lance Bufler, Ernie Velion, Jim Bower, Dick Puerla, Ridlnger, Coach Joe Ulobdl. Third Row. Ma ag r an , I y y Tom Willson, Ron Frederick, Wayne Wright, Ron Robbins. Greiner provided The garne's highlighT in The lasT sTanza when he Took a kickoTT in The end zone and sTreaked IO2 yards inTo paydirT. Sparked by CapiTani, YosT and The deTensive align- menT, G-Burg Traveled To ScranTon November 9 and gained Their Third shuTouT and sixTh win, 39-0. CapiTani ran Tor Three TDs and gained I4I yards in I4 carries. YosT scored Twice and had a 9.l rushing average. Also gaining honors was The deTensive uniT, The home Team was limiTed To a mere eighT yards rushing. Junior halTback Jim Flood added The sixTh Touchdown when he galloped 45 yards. Coach Haas' squad reTurn.ed home November I6 and TeasTed on The Temple Owls To The Tune oT 42-7. l-lalT- back Greiner, Ford, and YosT paved The way Tor The Bul- leTs by scoring Three, Two and one Touchdowns respecTive- ly. STravolo, Binger, and PingaTore made good on all six conversions. Ge-TTysburg closed The season playing To a 6-6 sTale- maTe wiTh a Tired up.Franklin and Marshall eleven. ATTer a lang pass To Davidyock gave G-Burg a 6-O lead in The second Trame, FEM scored in The TourTh quarTer To knoT The counT. Turning To The Treshmen grid scene, Coach Jack Rid- inger's eleven raised hopes Tor conTinued varsiTy success. The "Baby BulleTs" played only Three games, buT Touncl vicTory in Two oT Them. Opening againsT Bucknell, The BulIe+ Trosh had liTTle Trouble in clobbering The visiTors, 34-O. Traveling To LancasTer, G-Burg Touncl easy pickings again as They rouTed Fgcivl, 32-O. An undeTeaTed season wenT by The boards when The Trosh were sTopped by STevens Trade, 7-O. Can Those Albrighl' players find The ball carrier easier Than we? Kneeling: Jack Perrine, Connie Youse, Don Gufekunsf, Gary Pflug, Dave Byrne, Ed Marsden, Bill Adams, Tom Baumgardner. Standing: Cca h B Il B g Don Emlch, Rrffer Smifh, Jack Halhaway, Tom Crain, Bob mifh, Roger Jackson, John Henschen, G g B II SOCCER, 1957 Fielding a veleran leam, lhe I957 Gellys- burg soccer learn booled ils way lo ils 'linesl season in school annals wilh a 9-I-2 log. Coach Bill Barriga, who relurned lo lhe helm afler an absence ol several years, formed Jrhe nucleus ol 'rhe squad wilh eleven lellermen. Opening lhe season Oclober 5, lhe Grange and Blue lurned back Lehigh 3-I on G-Burg grounds. Scoring for The viclors were Jack Per- rine, Gary Pllug, and Don Emich. Emich even- lually led in scoring wirh sixleen bools. ln lheir nexl ouling, G-Burg and John l-loplcins 90, S eor e i man. COACH BILL BARRIGA played To a 2-2 deadlock. The BulleTs scored Twice in The opening Trame when PTlug and Emich Tound The range, buT l-lopkins rallied To Tie The counT. ATTer deTeaTino1 GeorgeTown Univ'ersiTy in The naTion's capiTal, GeTTysburg received its only seTback oT The season aT The hands oT Eliza- beThTown. The Tinal ouTcome saw The Orange and Blue Talling by one goal, 3-2. G-Burg Then rebounded To sTarT a seven game winning sTreak. Following Triumphs over Wash- ingTon College. Franklin and Marshall and a TorTeiT vicTory over Bucknell, The BulleTs squeaked by a sTrong Wilkes College uniT, 2-l. Don GuTekunsT scored in The Tinal quarTer To break a l-I sTalemaTe. Fullback Jack l-laThaway RiTTer SmiTh Tries To clear The ball Acfion in The Mouni' Sain? Mary's Tussle Tallied The TirsT Orange and Blue goal. AgainsT Mr. ST. Mary, Emich was The.whole sTory as he booTed Tive goals in a 6-O G-Burg vicTory. RiTTer SmiTh scored The sixTh. The booTers gained Their eighTh Triumph when They Trampled WesTern Maryland, 4-l. Emich conTinued his scoring rampage wiTh Three goals. Emich again paved The way wiTh Tour Tallies in an 8-I clobbering OT Lycoming. GeTTysburg closed iTs season baTTling l-loTsTra To a 2-2 Tie. The 'rip-off of ano+her season BASKETBALL Alrhough The final record may nol indicale ir, rookie Coach Bob Hullon deserves plaudifs for his handling of ihe Gellyslourg loaskelball squad during Jrhe l957-58 campaign. l-lulfon, who came Jro barllelield counrry af 'rhe close of +he I956-57 season afler qreal success al York Junior College, molded rhe Orange and Blue cagers in+o a respeclable uni+ afler a miserable, demoralizing s+ar'r. The respeclabilify, however, came foo lare as G-Burg closed wi+h a 9-I4 log. Bur one musr rake info considera- Jrion +ha+ a+ one Jrime l-lullons five had a very weak 3-I2 slate. Affer a greal deal of early season iuggling, in an ehforf +0 discover a winning comloina+ion, l-lullon seHled on his sfarfinq live in Jrhe slyles of 6'6" Del Warlel, 6'1" Bob Walsack, 6'5" Frank Grzelecki, 5'lO" Wall Melnik, and 5'l I" Frank Capilani. Capifani and Walsack are seniors and fhe remaining rhree are iuniors. l-lulfon also had reserve deprh in seniors Marry Miller and Sian Traymore and underclassmen Marry Kaye, Jack l-lafhaway, Gerry Long, Fred Mueller and Jim Moyer, Affer a heavy snowsform caused a cancellalrion of rhe Seafed Frank Capifani, Marfy Kaye, Walf Melnik, Fred Mueller, Marry Miller, Gerry Long. Sfandingg Manager John Reiqhier, Sfan Traymore, Bob Walsack, Del Warfel, Frank Gnelecki, Jim Moyer, Jack Haihaway, Coach Bob Hulfon. i l Top: Thai' ball can be elusive BoH'om: Sfrefching for a rebound 1957-1958 season's inaugural againsl' Villanova in Philadelphia, G- Burg iournied io l-lofsira and incurred iis iniiial seiback, 80-64. The Bulleis made only four field goals in ihe firsi half and frailed ai infermission, 34-22. Walsack paced Bullei scoring wiih I5 poinis. In 'rhe rescheduled malch wiih Villanova, Geiiysburg wen+ down lo deieaf by a 75-ol counf in ihe Penn Palesira. I-lul+on's cagers opened 'rhe home floor season on a sour no+e as +hey were 'rrampled by 'ihe Bucknell Bisons, 80-58. Once again G-Burg goi off +o a very slow s+ar+ as Jrhey iallied only I5 in 'rhe iirsl half and were behind af infer- mission, 34-15. The locals, sparked by Capi+ani's 29 couniers, won 'iheir iirsi fill againsf Wesfern Maryland, 81-62.Capi+ani's ou'r- pul was an individual season's high. During lhe Chrisimas vacaiion, ihe Bulleis slipped back info a rui' and dropped five siraighi. Wagner sfarfed ii oil wi+h a 56-SI viciory. This loss was followed by sei- backs 'ro Dickinson, 52-44 and Albrighl, 75-67. ln ihe Al- brighi' encounler G-Burg led ai infermission by nine, bui couldn'+ hold lhe bulge. Traveling +o Alleniown, Geliysburg displayed one of Hs beiier games in losing a hearfbreaker 'ro Muhlenberg, 64-63. Warlel led ihe Bulleis wiih 20 couniers. Nexi en- counlering Navy, G-Burg losi iis fiflh consecuiive iilf and eighfh of ihe season as The Midshipmen sank ihe locals 63-45. , ln a game marred by loo much whisile-Tooling on ihe pari of ihe officials, Geiiysburg came oui of 'rhe doldrums 'ro nip Johns Hopkins, 75-74 on fhe loseris hardwood. Colleciing only I2 poinis in Jrhe iirsl hall, ihe Bulleis Bob Walsaclc hifs on iump shof Top: MarTy Kaye wiTh a one-hand iump sho? CenTer: Up he goes for anofher Two poinTs BoTTom: Warfel iso1,walssckou+rebQuna Dickinson opponenT U51 AcTion in Upsala game made iT easy Tor Lehigh as The Engineers gained a 65-55 win. Paced by WalT Mc6owan's 22 Tallies, G-Burg bounced back To whip Franklin 81 Marshall on The loser's courT, 65-59. The highly ranked Temple Owls, sparked by All-Amen ican Guy Rodgers, Trimmed The BulleTs 89-68. January I8, in a Tine exhibiTion of baskeTball. l-lulTon's quinT absorbed iTs TenTh seTback aT The hands oT Penn STaTe, 87-6l. This seTback was Tollowed by The second deTeaT oT The season To Muhlenberg, 89-62, WiTh 6'6" WarTel pouring in 24 counTers, The BulleTs embarked on a Tour game winning sTreak wiTh a 72-70 Triumph aT Lehigh. Coming Trom behind in The closing seconds G-Burg gained iTs second sTraighT by nipping ElizabeThTown, 59-58. A 66-6I vicTory over Lebanon Valley and a 84-54 Trouncing oT Dickinson gave The Orange and Blue Their Tour sTraighT. WarTel and Walsack Tallied 23 and 2l markers respecTively in The laTTer TilT. Walsack also had 21 againsT Lebanon Valley. LaTayeTTe snapped The winning skein wiTh a hard ToughT 67-64 decision aT G-Burg. Bouncing back, G-Burg Took FHM inTo camp, 82-68. CapiTani led scorers wiTh 27. GeTTysburg closed The season wiTh seTbacks by Buck- nell, 80-58 and JuniaTa, 79-69, sandwiched around an 8l- 70 decision over Upsala. Walsack led his maTes wiTh 24 Tallies againsT Upsala. Under The guidance oT Coach Howard Shoemaker The C5eTTysburg Treshman baskelball squad improved as The season progressed lo Tinish wiTh a 9-8 log. fXTTer dropping iTs TirsT Tour encounTers, GeTTysburg broke The sTreak wiTh a convincing l05-7l mauling oT Hershey Junior College. WiTh Bob MacDougal, Bill FiTzkee, Barry Kane, Phil Graham, and Bill Hemsing composing The sTarTing Tive, Shoemakers club goT inTo high gear and picked up vic- Tories over ST. Francis, 93-69, and Lehigh, 7I-64. l:iTzkee came Through wiTh scoring honors againsT 5T. Francis scor- ing 3l. lvlacllougalls 20 led The Bulle-Ts againsT Lehigh, Qver semesTers G-Burg accumulalred a 5-6 charT, Then The Trosh hiT The .500 mark wiTh a 58-57 nipping oT Lehigh. Grahams jump shoT wiTh Three seconds remaining was The diTTerence. lNlexT Traveling To Lebanon Valley The Trosh absorbed a 30-69 licking. G-Burg picked up iTs eighTh in l5 sTarTs wiTh an easy 82-5l win over Hershey Junior College. Closing The season G-Burg walloped FHM 6l-45 and were Trimmed by Hill School 68-66. Del Warfel l50l in for a lay-up FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Kneeling: Bill Filzkee, Bob MacDougaI, Ken Fruchfer, Bill Hernslnq, Phil Gra ham, Paul Rofhluss, an Lehner, Pele Whife. S+ ding: Barry Kane, Frank Lulliq, 6 g K s e L Kneeling: Jack Ribble, Tom Probsl, Dave Thomas, Barry Kunkel, Carl Williams. Slanding: Coach Jack Ridinger, Jim Hess, George Brooks, Ron Sco+l Bob Phildius, Fred Mink. WRESTLIN No mailer now good llwe coach or lwis rnalerial may loe, 'rlxere is one elemenl lllai ollen wrecks chances for a good season. Jack Ridinger and l'1is wreslling squad encounlered Huis elemenl in The form oi lime injury iinx during llwe i957- 58 campaign. ln compiling a 2-7-l clwarl one can nol' say llwal il' was all injuries llwal' led lo line poor season, buf could slale ilwal' born injuries and inexperience played maior roles in 'fine season's oulcome. Coach Ridinger buill his leam around iliree relurning leliermen, Barry Kunkel, l37 pounds: Paul Nonas, l57g and Andy Lelw, I67. Oilwer rnalmen were Tom Probsl, IZ37 Dave Thomas, l307 John Crawford, Norman l-lenry and Bolo Plwildius, I477 Ron Scoll and George Brooks, I57g l-lerb Payne and Jim l-less, I777 and Marry l-lollner, Barclay Boyd, and Floyd Sclwmid, lweavyweiglwls. Before lime season closed all excepl Kunkel, Scoll, Probsl, Brooks, Scllmid, and Plwildius were iniured. G-Burg grapplers opened llwe season by langling willm Bullel Barry Kunkel Hopi slriving for pin a Tough Navy squad aT Annapolis. The BulleTs absorbed a 30-O whiTewashing. Ridingens squad rebounded in Their nexT ouTing To clobber ElizabeThTown, 28-5. ProbsT, Nonas, Payne, and T-less all pinned Their opponenTs as The Bulle-Ts dropped only one maTch. A highly-raTed T'loTsTra maT squad received an unex- pecTed iolT when They were Tied I3-I3 by The BulleTs. O-Burg led ThroughouT The maTch unTil l-loTsTra's FingereT won a hoTly conTesTed 3-2 decision over l-loTTner in The heavyweighT division. Following The l-loTsTra conTes, GeTTysburg could noT mark The winning side oT The ledger in The nexT Tour maTches. The Ridingermen Traveled To Philadelphia where They were iarred by The UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania squad. ln Tollowing TilTs The Orange and Blue were Turned back by a sTrong Franklin and Marshall crew, 23-55 Muhlen- berg, 7-8: and Lycoming, I8-I2. Kunkel saved The BulleTs Trom a shuTouT againsT FHM by winning via deTaulT. AgainsT Muhlenberg aT OeTTys- burg, The locals gained vicTories only in The T30 and T37 pound classes when Thomas and Kunkel decisioned Their opponenTs, 3-2 and 5-O respecTively, ln The Lycoming dual Henry gained a BulleT vicTory wiTh a pin. ProbsT also won by a decision, 8-2. Ridingens musclemen snapped The Tour game losing G-Burg wiresTler going head over heels Andy Leh lleffl aTTempTs To haul down opponenT sTreak by edging Temple, I6-I4. The Orange and Blue builT up an early lead and never relinquished iT. In Their nexT ouTing, OeTTysburg was Bucknell's TiTTh sTraighT vicTim, 24-7. ProbsT gained a decision and Kunkel a draw Tor The BulleTs' only poinTs. George Brooks, replacing injured Nonas in The I67 pound class, wresTled his TirsT varsiTy maTch and was pinned aTTer giving The Bisonls undeTeaTed Dave Murdock quiTe a baTTle. The Orange and Blue closed The l957-58 regular maTch secedule by Taking a pasTing aT The hands oT The LaTay- eTTe Leopards, 29-3. Kunkel collecTed all oT O-Burg's poinTs when he ouT- classed Bob Mack, 7-2. Kunkel closed The season wiTh a very good 6-I-3 charT, The besT on The Team. As an indi- caTion oT The iniury plague, Kunkel and Phildius were The only sTarTers who were able To complefe The season. O-Burg oTTicially nailed down The curTain iourneying To Wilkes College To parTicipaTe in The Middle ATlanTic Championships. 4 97 Prevosl' makes his move in lhe relay race WIMMIN The I957-58 edifion of Geffysburgs swimming feam sfarfed slowly, buf rallied sharply af mid-season, and ended fhe season wifh a credifable 5-6 record. Affer losing ifs firsf five meefs, fhe roughesf compefifion seen all year, fhe squad beaf five of ifs final six opponenfs for coaches Gene Hummel and Jerry Seifer. The Bullefs, hampered by inexperience and lack of depfh, losf fo Loyola, 5I-347 VMI, Soulhern Conference champs, 6I-24: Delaware, 44-4lg Villanova, 46-401 and Dickinson, 62-22. This losing sfreak ended wifh vicfories over Georgefown, 54-3l1 Temple, 63-237 and Bucknell, 48-38. Second place in fhe Liffle Three meef behind Dickinson and ahead of FHM preceded fhe final vicfory of fhe year over FHM, 55-30, The biggesf win was over Bucknell, when fhe Bullefs came from behind, and frounced fhe previously undefeated Bisons. Jules Prevosf broke fhe 200 breasfsfroke record fo 2:47.0, while fhe 400 medley relay feam of Jack Perrine, Jules Prevosf, Duke Wallace, and John Applegafe lowered The mark fo 4:33.5. SH ng Jack Perrine, John Applegale, Paul Brunell, Dave Salberq, Bill Fassbender, Duke Wallace, Merrill Yche. Sfanding: Coach Gene Hummel, Dave Severe, Bob Smifh, Jerry Sweet, Bob Willoughby, Jules Prevosf, Wall Rospendowsky, Manager Jerry Krum, Coach Jerry Seifer. 98 Kneeling: Charles Naumann, Norman Gindelsberger, 'Dick Ford, Ron Paul, Malcolm Palchell, Joe Paradine, Carl Miller, Dave Helrick, Bill Adams Fred Mink. Slanding: John Abernafhy, Carler Koven, Paul Delwiler, Jeff Langsam, Jim Apple, Bill Diehl, Dave Yohn, Bill Morrow, George Grei e Barclay Boyd, Bill Ward, Coach Jack Ridinger. TRACK ln a rebuilding year under new head 'rrack Coach Jack Ridinger, lhe i957 Bullel cindermen compiled a 2-5 chari. The 'rrackmen opened 'rhe season dropping a 59-58 decision lo Weslern Maryland al Gellysburg. Ron Paul was lhe lone G-Burg double winner. The Bullels' iirsl win came in 'rheir following meel againsl Johns Hopkins. ln a iriangle meel wilh Franklin and Marshall and Dickinson al Carlisle, The Bullels lin- ished lasl. Dickinson look iirsl place. In lheir nexl lri- angle meel, The Orange and Blue lhinclads lrailed Hav- erford and Albrighl. The cinderrnen caplured lheir second meel of lhe season when lhey grounded 'rhe Lebanon Flying Dulchmen 79-47, Dave Kessler and Ron Paul each enlered lhe winner's circle iwice. G-Burg closed lhe season losing lo lhe powerful Bucknell Bisons al Gellysburg. Season slandouls were Ron Paul, Dave Kessler, Sian lvlusser, Paul Delwiler, Bill Ward, Dave l-lelrick, Dave Yohn, George Greiner, Jim Apple, Bill Morrow and Jeff Langsam. 99 Bullel pole vauller receives leammales' boosl First Row: Bruce Wandling, Leroy Bream, Don Brandf, Frank Capifani, Art Hendley, Joe Robinski, Jack Bream, Gareth Biser, Wal? Palmer, Bob Rohrbaugh. Second Row: Coach Hen Breaim, Manager Jeff Davis, Harry Binqer, 'Riffer Smifh, Owen Roixman, Tom Crain, Larry Leidel, Arloe Olsen, Bill Walters, Ron Vanfurini, Ron Brandi, Manager John Reniilian. BASEBALL Affer serving for six years as baseball coach. Hen Bream hung up his spikes, buf before doing so he led his l957 diamond nine fo a fair 9-7-I log. Alfhough iolfed by a midseason six game losing sfreak, fhe Bullefs rebounded fo play sound ball, compiling an 8-I charf affer an April 26 defeaf af Georgefown. Coach Bream builf his squad around Joe Robinski c, Ari' Hendley ss, Vincenf Scola 2b. Jack Bream lb, Larry Liedel 3b. and ouffielders Frank Capifani, Leroy Bream. Harry Binger, Bob Rohrbaugh, and Don Brandf. Pifchers were Owen Roizman. John Schleicher, Bill Walfers, Wally Kuligowski, Tom Crain and Garefh Biser. G-Burg opened The season playing an 8-8 fie wifh Cornell's Big Red. Third sacker Larry Liedel's run pro- ducing single in fhe bolnlom of fhe ninfh forced fhe deadlock. Darkness halfed fhe filf affer fhe regulafion nine innings. Bad weafher fhen forced fhe Bullefs indoors for a 100 week. When fhey nexf fook fhe field fhey garnered fheir inifial win, whipping Wesfern Maryland 9-4 af Wesf- minsfer, Maryland. On April I3 Temple defeafed fhe Orange and Blue in fen innings, 9-7. The loss puf fhe skids under Geffys- burg as fhey losf fheir nexf five. Despife a fwo-run four bagger by Leroy Bream, Dick- inson garnered a 7-5 verdicf over 'rhe Bullefs af Carlisle. Syracuse handed G-Burg ifs fhird consecufive sefback wifh a 6-2 friumph. Bullef hurler Walfers was 'ragged wifh fhe defeaf when Syracuse scored four fimes in fhe eighfh frame fo puf The game ouf of reach. The Breammen played hosf fo Penn Sfafe April I9 and were fhe perfecf hosfs in receiving a I3-2 lacing. The Niffany Lions were aided by several Bullef errors and I3 free passes. Lafayeffe and Georgefown exfended The losing sfreak fo ifs limif wifh 7-3 and 8-4 wins respecfively. Susquehanna runner beaTs peg To Third Pu? on The brakes Paced by Sonny Scola, who led The BulleTs in seasonal average, G-Burg snapped The losing skein wiTh a I5-I blasTing oT Dickinson on home grounds. Scola slammed Two Triples and a double. Schleicher scaTTered six saTeTies To gain The win. ATTer Thumping Lehigh 4-2 The BuIle+s were nippecl by AlbrighT, I-O. The winning run Tallied on a circuiT clouT oTT Schleicher in The Tinal canTo. AlThough ouThiT I3-IZ, G-Burg Trimmed Johns Hop- kins 7-5 and sTarTed a six game winning sTreak. Robinski, Hendley, and CapiTani each had Two saTeTies To pace The BulleT oTTense. ConTinuing To display cluTch hiTTing, GeTTysburg gained iTs TiTTh and sixTh wins in clobbering Franklin and Marshall. I6-3 and Susquehanna, I6-5. AgainsT F 8: lvl The BulleTs scored Two in The TirsT, Three in The second and puT The icing on The cake wiTh an eighT run ouTbursT in The Third Trame, Sparked by home runs by CapiTani and l-lendley, G-Burg Tound liTTle Trouble wiTh The visiTors Trom Susquehanna. Robinski also clouTed a bases loaded Triple. The Orange and Blue closed The season wiTh vicTories over Bucknell, Lebanon Valley and F 81 M. Coach Bream holds board of direcTors meefing wiTh CapTains Robinski and Hendley. sl Row: Ted Brenneman, Jeff Dobson, Dick Smilh, Earl Yosl, Alan Kemplon, Dick Rowan, Mike Tabor, Reinv Ludin, Second Row: Manager Gerry Krum, ve Severe, Charlie Barllell, Earl King, Herb Payne, Dick Simpson,JPof1'r Jackson, Hank Abboff, Bill Anglemoyer, Philip Schullz, George Farley, Coach im Lenlz. Skirmish behind fhe cage LACROSSE A fairly successful l957 season has led lo lhe recogni- lion of lacrosse as a varsily sporl al Gellysburg. Coach Jim Lenlz, who is now coaching al' l-larvard, led Bullel slickmen lo a 2-2 seasons log. Making up lhe 'ream nucleus were Lou Naiale, Alan Kemplon, Earl Yosl, l-lank Abboll, Dick Simpson, Earl King, Dave Severe, Charles Barlleil, Dick Smirh, l-lerb Payne, Dick Rowan, Bill Anglemoyer, Reiny Ludin, Roger Jackson, Ted Soisl- mann and Jeff Doloson. In lhe season's opener Dickinson's Red Devils whippefl G-Burg, 9-2. ln winning, lhe Red devils displayed finesse, superior slickwork, and added experience. Paced by Dick Sirnpson's lhree goals, lhe Bullels bounced back in lheir following lill 'lo whip Franklin and Marshall al Gel- lysburg, 5-4. ln lheir nexl encounler lhe Bullels were handed lheir second loss ol lhe season by Dickinson, I5-5. Simpson again paced lhe losers wilh lwo goals. Traveling To Lan- casler, lhe Lenlzmen closed lhe season wilh an II-3 lriumph over lhe F 8: M Diplomals. GOLF Coach Bob Davies, in his lasl coach- ing posilion al Gellysburg College, guided Bullei' golfers 'fo a 5-6 charl in I957. Top Orange and Blue golfers were George Poller, Dick Bulz, George Mc- Gowan, Wally VanDyke, AI Mayhew, Bill Bunce and George Bender. The link- slers opened lhe season wilh a l3lf2-4lf2 win over Ml. S+. Mary. Olher viclories were posled al lhe expense of Albrighl I2-6, Weslern Maryland I2-6, Juniala I5-3, and Ml. Sl. Mary 6-3. Selbacks came al lhe hands ol Bucknell I5-3, Holslra 9lf2-SV2, Frank- lin and Marshall l5lf2-2lf2 and l2lf2-5lf2. Johns Hopkins 9lf2-Slfp, and Lehigh I3- 5. In lhe Middle Allanlics, G-Burg golf- ers finished in elevenlh place. Poller paced lhe Bullel' linkslers wilh a I66. Firsf Row: Bill Bunce, Wally VanDyke, George Pofler. Second Row: Coach Bob Davies, Al Mayhew, George McGowan, Dick Bull. TENNIS Bullel nellers, who have had 'rheir share of misforlune for The pasl several seasons, conlinued lheir losing ways in l957 by posiing one win againsl I2 sel- backs. The Orange and Blue squad consisled of Charles Moyer, Chauncey Yingsl, Neil Hickofl, John Clubbe, Bill Fischer, Howard Body, Wilbur Maclvor and Dave Wingfield. Lycoming College proved lhe Bullels' lone viclim, losing 5-4. Prior To lhe win, Coach Richard Schubar'r's nellers had losl ll slraighl. G-Burg opened lhe campaign losing lo Johns Hopkins 7-l. Olher deleals were suffered al lhe hands oi Dickinson 'rwice by 8-I, Frank- lin and Marshall 8-I and 9-O, Weslern Maryland 9-O and 8-I, Elizabelhlown 5- 4, Georgeiown 9-O, Lehigh, Temple and Albright Firsl Row: Neil Hickoff, Bill Fischer, Dave Wingfield. Second Row: Charles Moyer, Chauncey Yingsl, Wilbur lvlaclvor, John Clubbe, Coach Rickard Schubarl. Firsf Row: Nancy Hood, Lindy Reeves, Judy Sloierbeck, Audrey Thomas, Carol Lunn, Sandy Wilson, Sandy Dempcy, Carol Lange, Ma e Leona d Second Row: Judy Schaub, Ann STeTser, Jean Brown, Joan Wachob, Carol Hoy, Sissy Higgons, Kay McClellan, Marilyn Schalick, Sue Bower J nef L ghf Coa Grace Kenney. WOMEN' HOCKEY Early in SepTember The pracTice sessions oT The i957 GeTTysburg Girls' Hoclcey Team began, Tinding on The Tield seven Trom lasT year's VarsiTy eleven and many promising new Taces. Coach Grace Kenney had her Team, capTained by Judy SloTerbeclc, ready Tor The TirsT game OcTober 5. In This game The BulleTTes held Beaver To Three goals, while Tallying Two oT Their own Tor The close score oT 3-2. Traveling To Temple in Philadelphia Tor Their second game, The G-burg Team was ouTplayed Tor a 9-I loss. The Tollowing game wiTh ElizabeThTown Tound The GeTTysburgians happily vicTorious wiTh a 2-O win. AT EasT STroudsburg, The siTuaTion was reversed as The Bul- leTTes were unable To sTop The Teachers' Two poinTs, re- sulTing in The Tinal 2-O score. Due To The Tlu epidemic The GeTTysburg Team wenT To play The Harrisburg Hockey Club wiTh only ThirTeen girls and many changes in The lineup. The G-burg Las- sies played a good game, allowing only Three goals scored in The TirsT halT. However, The KeysToners were able To keep GeTTysburg Trom scoring and The game ended aT 3-O. LeT's win This one, CapTain! How 'bouf iT, ref-obsTrucTion? NexT The BulleTTes played hosTess To Millersville, which resulTed in The only Tie oT The season aT I-I. The lasT game wiTh Ursinus, on a muddy home Tield, Tound Ure sinus The winner wiTh a 6-O vicTory. The game wiTh l.ocl4 Haven, Shippensburg, and Wilson were cancelled due To The heavy Toll oT The Tlu. Three G-lourg girls were successTul in The individual compeTiTion aT The CenTral-Penn TournamenT aT Wilson College. Judy SloTerbeclc and Sandy Dempcy gained posiTions on The CenTral-Penn TirsT Team and honorable menTion on The Mid-EasT Team, and Marie Leonard placed on The CenTral-Penn second Team. The winners af The CenTral Penn TournamenT-Marie Leonard, Sandy Dempcy, Judy Sloferbeck. Top: Lose someThing? CenTer: A liTTle sTreTch will do iT BoTTom: WhaT a posiTion! Diane's favori+e one hand se+ shof Alrhough only lour lellermen rerurned from lasl season, lhe Girls' Varsily Baskelball leam slarred 'rhe I957-I958 year wilh high hopes of a vicrorious season ro finish Miss Grace Kenneys lasr year of coaching. ln compiling a record of lour viclories and four losses, rhe Varsiry showed much fiqhr and spirilr. Wifh rwo games remaining, lhe Team is hoping +o improve rhar record. The Junior Varsiry, coached by Miss Nancy Kelly, showed slcill and agressiveness in posiing a record ol four viclories and Jrhree defears. Wilh one game lelr, many of Jrhe iunior hoopsiers have shown greai promise for Jrhe Varsiry ream nexl year. In rhe lirsr garne of lhe season, rhe Varsily came from behind in Jrhe lasi rninure To bear a slrong Elizaberhlown squad, while The Junior Varsily Topped rheir opener. ln ihe nexl conlesr wirh Shippensburg, rhe Bulleiles were able lo bring home a double vicrory, as bofh reams won in 'rhe lasl few minufes of play. Playing lhe besi game of rhe season, a spiriied Varsiiy bear Ursinus, for The firsi lime since ihe beginning of Their rivalry a few years ago. The guards pui up a very WOMEN' BASKETBALL Furs? Ro Audrey Thomas, Diane Fensfermaker, Ann Sferser, Barbara Burkharf, Judy Sloferbeck, Barbara Sampson. Second Row: Jean Brown, Walda Denny, Kafhy Eiler, Coach Grace Kenney, Doris Kurzenknabe, Joan Kafz. Nor Picfured: Elsa Skare. First Row: Carol Lunn, Kay Burchfield, Sandy Wilson, Carol Lange, Penny Cance. Second Row: Sue Sfoddarf, Sue Ruby, Coach Nancy Kelly, Lois Shook, Dawn Burg. Third Row: Phyllis Boys, Carol Rudisill, Pal Carr, Mary Joseph, Sue Bower, Marilyn Scl'aIick, slrong delense, while lhe lasl moving lorwards piled up lhe poinls. Tasling deleal lor lhe lirsl lime, lhe Varsily losl lo Wilson, bul lhe J.V.'s came lhrough wilh llying colors lo challc up anolher viclory, Traveling lo Philadelphia, lhe Gellysburgians ran inlo double lrouble, as lhe sharp' shooling Temple squads were loo much for eilher leam lo handle. Relurning lo lheir home courl, lhe Varsily engaged in lheir nexl encounler wilh a l'all, aggressive leam lrom Easl Slroudsburg. The Bullelles were noi able lo gel lheir allaclc slarled and wenl down lo deleal, Millersville for- ieiled lheir games lo bolh G-burg leams, as lhey were unable lo play on lhe scheduled dale. ln lhe relurn conlesl wilh Elizabelhlown, lhe linal re- sulls were reversed. The Varsily losl a lhriller by lwo poinls in lhe lasl lour seconds, while lhe J.V.'s won by lwo poinls in lhe linal minule ol play. Playing lheir nexl lo lasl game lhe iunior Bullelles lraveled lo Emmillsburg lo lose lo Sl. Josephs in a high scoring ballle, Because of lhe mid-,February snowiall lhe Bullelles slill have lwo games lo play, which will be The lasl encounlers lor seniors Judy Slolerbecli, Jean Brown, Barbara Burl:- harl, and Caplain Ann Slelser. , A "Who's geHin' hung?" Tau Kappa EpsiIon capiured possession oi Ihe I957 AII-Sporis Trophy in inIramuraI compeiiiion. The champs accumulaied I8 poinis 'ro Iead a field of I3 iraferniiies. Defending champion Phi Kappa Psi closed wiih I5 poinis and Phi Gamma DeIIa wiih I3 Io finish in second and Jrhird place, respeciively. The Irophy is awarded on Ihe basis of compeiiiion in TooIbaII, basIce'rIoaII, bowling, voIIeybaII, and soIIbaII. Wifh The coming oi iaII, The Irophy race was on once again. Phi Delia Theia and Sigma Alpha EpsiIon, Ihe eveniual Ieague winners, goi off Io a good siari in Ihe Iirsi Iwo weeks of iooIbaII and were nOI' haIIed uniil The season closed. Independenh clear fhe boards Independenf goes high +o grab rebound in championship filf wifh Phi Gam SAE ball carrier Tries To slcirT around Phi DelT defender Lessons in baslceTball balleT MEN' INTRAMURALS Phi DelTa TheTa opened wiTh a narrow 6-O Triumph over Lambda Chi Alpha. This win was Tollowed by 38-6 and I2-2 poundings oT Phi Epsilon Nu and Phi Gamma l5elTa. respecTively. SAE clenched vicTories over Sigma Chi and Phi Sigma Kappa, I2-O. Defending champion Phi Psi, aTTer an opening 24-I8 win over Phi Gam, dropped an I8-6 sTruggle To The Seminary SainTs. A Two-way race Then developed in League A when The SainTs ups-eT unbeaTen Phi DelT, 24-6. SAE conTinued To hold The Top rung in League B wiTh Sigma Chi moving inTo second place by Thumping TheTa Chi, I2-O. Phi DelT clinched The league crown wiTh a I4-6 beaTing oT Phi Psi. Seminary Tell back To second place wiTh Two successive losses. Phi Psi and Lambda Chi evenTually finished in a Tie Tor The runner-up posT. SAE clobbered Sigma Nu To cop The League B pennanT. ln The champ- ionship TilT Phi DelT came Trom I8-6 deTiciT To Trim The Sig Alphs, 24-ia. BaskeTball season opened soon aTTerwards wiTh Phi Sig and Phi Gam posTing easy wins in League A and B, respecTively. WiTh Two weeks oT acTion gone, Phi DelT, lndependenTs, Phi Psi and Phi Sig remained undeTeaTed in League A while Phi Gam, SAE, and Lambda Chi were unscaThed in "B", Phi Gam laTer clinched The "B" TiTle wiTh a 58-54 over- Time Triumph over SAE. The game was one of The season's besT as neiTher Team had a decisive advanTage. lT Toolc anoTher "Thriller" To decide The HA" crown as The lndependenTs Trimmed Phi DelT, 46-43. The Indepen- denTs Tollowed up Their league crown by nosing ouT Phi Gam Tor The cage championship. 109 The Coeds' lavorile sporl! WOMEN' INTRAMURALS Top: Phi Mu goes up lor a shol Bollom: Nice hil, lndependenls! The Women's Alhlelic Associalion began lhe I957- I958 inlramural program wilh lhe annual lennis lourna- menl. Thirly girls braved lhe crisp aulumn days lo play lheir malches. The lournannenl was won by Nancy l-lood ol Phi Mug second place wenl lo Joan Wachob, Phi lvlu, and Della Gammals Jean Brown loolq lhird. Spiril was high as lhe hockey season slarled. and lhe learns pracliced in lull lorce. Then lhe llu epidemic inler- lered, and lhe hoclqey schedule had lo be cancelled. Two games were played belore lhe cancellaliony Della Gamma delealed Chi Omega, and lhe lndependenl Women won over lhe Alpha Xi Della leam. ln November lhe recuper- aled coeds resumed compelilion lor lhe lrophy, lhis lime wilh bowling. Sigma Kappa remained undelealed lo caplure lirsl place, lollowed by Phi Mu in lhe second place. Volleyball praclices were especially lmporlanl lhis year as all lhe leams lried lo masler playing under lhe new rules. Aller Chrislmas six enlhusiaslic leams parlicipaled in lhe volleyball loop, A slrong, well-coordinaled Della Gamma leam swepl lhe lournamenl lor lirsl place honors. The lndependenl Women copped second place, and Chl Omega came in lhird. This year lhere was only one swimming meel, which was held in February. Capluring lilly poinls lrom lhe nine evenls, lhe Della Gammas swam away wilh lhe number one posilion. The Phi lvlu swimmers gained second wilh lorly-lwo poinls, and Alpha Xi Della collecled lhirly-live poinls lor lhird place. Mixed emolions al lhe swimming meel February I3 was lhe dale lor lhe bridge-pinochle lournamenl. This is usually a popular evenl wilh lhe girls. bul lhis year even some ol lhe males were inleresled in lrying lheir luclc. The bridge winners were lvlargo Schraclc and Sally Alricay and in pinochle, Donna Brogan and Sally Skomslcy. Al lhis lime lhe race lor lhe lrophy is very close: Della Gamma is leading wilh lwenly-one poinls, Phi Mu is righl behind wilh lwenly poinls, Sigma Kappa has len poinls, lhe lndependenl Women and Chi Omega have six poinls each, and Alpha Xi Della has lhree poinls. The lnlramural season is lar lrom over, and lhe remaining sporls ol baslcelball, badminlon, lable lennis, and sollball will be lhe linal inlluence on lhe announcemenl ol lhe winner ol lhe l957-l958 Cup. The 20 yard crawl presenls quile a splash Top: Sally gels sel 'for lhe relurn Cenler: The Sigma Kappa bowling champs Bollom: All eyes focus on lhe volleyball 3 5 z E E Q QW, , 4,,N,mg S5 v A MLM ,ffm .q.v .. - , W r . i'u1'65 CuTe, vivacious Miss Barbara Manges was crowned I958 SPECTRUM Queen aT The Junior-Senior Prom, Eeb- ruary I4, i958 by PresidenT Paul. This blue-eyed bruneTT.e was selecTed by Perry Como, The singing sTar of Television and radio. PhoTographs OT The sixTeen conTesTanTs Tor The TiTle were submiTTed To Perry Como early in The Tall. He sTaTed in his leTTer To The SPECTRUM sTaTT ThaT "IT iT were up To me l would like To make each and every one a winner." l-le Tinally selecTecl Barbara as queen and named Elaine Der- ham and Barbara Brown as aTTendanTs, The courT mem- bers selecTed by Mr. Como were JeaneTTe Woodrow, Sue PelTon, Jean Charuhas, l-leaTher Richmond, Nancy Wag- ner and Margie Schuler. Mr. Como concluded by wishing "each oT The lovely conTesTanTs all The very besT." Miss Manges, a sophomore Trom Bala Cynwyd, Penn- sylvania, served as Treshman class secreTary and was on The Treshman cheerleading squad. She is an acTive member oT BoosTer Club. LasT year she was a member OT The lEC courT, The SPECTRUM CourT and The May CourT and again This year, Miss Manges was a member oT The lEC CourT. SPECTRUM QUEEN MMA Kal-641-alllan9eA Q' 11355: l 34433 fi W T 1325 55225 ,Si5?fZ2 . fish? g 1? bww ' ':.,:II fggisgigisg ,,5,3,M33, Qiiiiliifiin 'E I . f',,1vS?i,f'?g ', . 22? - w4M,,k3gg ,mi 7 Mm x, Pa ,U ' gl gg, mms Q., agua ' U M1 sm 1 ww v J , His' 'EXW' ww ,JM WM W' it iz iii' 2515. ', ww ..xI' "'- 3' 3 ""2Y' E Z S 5 mv W as 0: :.:,,.u,m:mw-1 fe 5: Lraswmn my fmweewarawwmww wwmmmz aw m MA gdl'6dl'd K1-own Affendanf ' W? Ni! 2 TM ZZ SE fe 57 H W4 Q'W2'9NZXYAf5fWf5SSEYS?'5E?E Niwiikiwawsizifissvwexxx Aww ,221 'Q www News mm MISS JEANETTE WOODROW SPECTRUM COURT MISS JEAN CHARUHAS MISS SUE PELTON MISS NANCY WAGNER MISS MARGE SCHULER MISS HEATHER RICHMOND Eeautiu MISS JEAN CHARU HAS MISS BARBARA BROWN MISS NANCY WAGNER MISS HEATHER RlCHMON MISS SUE PELTON Miss MARGE SCHULER Miss ELAINE DER:-IAM Miss JEANETTE woonkow 1 YS . .... .. , gzffy 1 Q Q , K EK fe. s gkrf, 'ir f in-: 9 ffizrf 55 3.12 was 215'-.-: 1' .,S., v X' A .... : ,.::3 .. fi .N , Lf-W X ks ' .N . 1.7.1. z. .- .: ee Q- .-1 . .gg H 'K wgiig , ' . . H. gy.. "Z :ii A TEV +f'?"3i W 2541 wi 2 .W If 'iff 4 x ' Nu ig img., ,nf Q. gi -. 1' 'ze 'f ' J Y .f . Q5 .,..2. .1 -- X 1- sw ' M ' -mg, 5 -A .Q ,QM ,Q .,... 4 .1 ..... X gi M . E Sf f E2 2 We 1 ,fi-liizi ia...-2-if-" xqlggfigr Q . V, , ...., .-gg. :g.,,.,, : ii- :E.5-52Ea2.:2IE'2-3 Q. EEE I EE Z? ,, . 5 . v x MMR ww .. iSgg,.:z.EEzi fi 2" L.55g.f2,-1-gb.-9, as . fag. -mbsfggggzw S ' 1Sw1W ..wgK ::.. ,. ' ww -- 'Ss 3.-5 ki 5 5 i is fi :si FALL FEATURES Cars were scarcely unpacked and rooms fhrown info disorder before freshmen and upperclassmen were in fhe midsf of rushing. Af ifs ferminafion, fhe Greek groups had pledged a greafer overall number fhan ever before including over sevenfy per cenf of fhe freshmen men and approximafely sevenfy women. During fhe firsf week of classes fhe freshmen were infroduced fo fhe orange and blue dinks and name badges as fhree weeks of Cusfoms began. Headed by Tribunal members Barb Borke and Hap McClure, Cusfoms operafed on fhe fradifional goal of unify and school spirif for fhe frosh as a class. Main evenfs in- cluded Tuesday nighf line-ups, Baby Doll Day, Indian Day, and a song compefifion. November 2 found sfreams of cars pulling up in fronf of fhe dorms as parenfs furned ouf for fhe annual Fafhers' Weekend. During half fime of fhe Albrighf game fhe crowd wifnessed fhe "Fafher of fhe Year" award. Dr. Paul R. Clouser 'l9 received fhe presenfa- Sing frosh sing 122 eQ,, s,,,.,,.Ls,,,,,g,,,,g:,w,,, I Q, . , P 1 331 Y , . , l Firsf sfep-a big one fion. Safurday evening a fhree acf melodrama enfifled "On fhe Bridge af Midnighf' was presenfed. Sunday morning worship service in Chrisf Chapel significanfly concluded a memorable weekend. Abouf fhis fime Geffysburg received an influenfial caller: his name . . . fhe "flu bug." Many plans for Homecoming Weekend were cancelled due fo fhe flu. Among fhese were fhe fradifional floaf parade, ban- quefs, and various group gafherings. Alumni and sfu- denfs feamed up, neverfheless, fo cheer fhe Bullefs on fo vicfory over fhe Lafayeffe Leopards. Dr. Allen Nevins and Bruce Caffon were among fhe eminenf aufhorifies parficipafinoi in fhe Civil War For- um, November I7, I8, I9. These fhree days of discus- sion and films marked fhe climax of fhe year-long ob- servance of Geffysburg College-'s I25fh Anniversary. Silhoueffes of sea horses decorafing green programs infroduced coeds and fheir dafes fo fhe annual Dorm Dance, "A Nighf wifh Nepfuneu held November I6. Af fhe firsf dance of fhe year, couples glided fo fhe funes of fhe 6-Nofes on an ocean floor encompassed by pink oclopi, a shipwreck, sand dunes, and myriads of kissing fish. Tex Beneke's nalionally known band provided music for Ihe IFC Dance, November 22. A huge Buddha, bril- Iianr red and black slreamers, and Japanese lanrern favors made up Ihe colorful decoralions. The highlighf of 'rhe evening was 'rhe crowning ol The I957 IFC queen, I-Iealher Richmond. Members oi her courl were Jean- effe Woodrow, Jean Charuhas, Sue Pelfon, Barbara Manges, Ann I-Ioward, and Lynn Jacobsen. Lady Macbefh, Vampira, Li++Ie Iodine, Daisy lvlae, flappers-overran Geburg Safurday nighl of IFC as couples dressed Io sui+ Ihe Ihemes of Ihe various pledge dances. These 'rhemes ranged from Jrhe "Roaring Twen- lies" Io "A Nigh+ in I-leIl." The descenlr info I-lell was realis+icaIly achieved as couples dropped headlong Through a long dark funnel. Two olher houses were dec- oraled as Bolshevik and Carfoon Land. Favors included ashlrays and pajamas. Who's sick? The bad and Ihe good 'Mr ? 41, N. am, Ln- iw 'X 2 ,- T vqyaii Q Qfw ez 'S :iii , QQ 5 - ' is fb ' , wx: f,wk,i -wfmw., ,gf , 1-fw,,,q, h Vmmnwfizymf uzw fi iff f w 7 f y I f'?f2:?5geim2f f W I M W :r -2 xg? 'rigwaif ggfSQ4X"g?ZgQS24Q , ffiigf, Aqyliwgvzxsfkq - 2:53, as Szlfarggiwgi ru Y mam: - fgEl?55u?2 '?w33,v,,4:',g rf iw: .0 1 rag: A 1, i . 43' - fi? . ,Q -fp ,Eg j' finiw N 1 W gszggeg ,.,.,. wz. U M. -: :i'a' g, Y Ey5x: :.,.: f F if Nw ff .. - J- x,,Jm.v . . mfMg..,.:fgg '--f:,,,. H 1 ,: ---' M25 6 ' 0 .ffs ,W 4 ..-.-. f':I:E'5f' if we 1 Lf -.: ., .. Ng?-U I, fjf af 1 mg -:v 312: ":: Q iLE?i 3557? E5Q ,z5f55: 5 il .. . 3 MNL435E?i:.w Wigs Li - - 4, :iif1f1wf 2 A 'QWSS 5535? I Am Ng, K ,A ,1,.,.1 ,Rf 1 f- ,., .,: ,.. , 155 x L. is Eb 51 K K f , . ' my . , ag- 1 'Q' 1642355 .., .,., : W ,Nav .zfz1. ii?giQqg, -3 2Q'2:'.ff' ag-gg' A4555 .Q 4 6 fx fb Jg9x,5.,gQ - . g- W I, , 5, ,Q X1 , gg k 7 :.t:E-:E':- E' Q 6 , y wmsixzqsi' eegwsw . 11 355, A f rgqg,,wg?f2Ys 5 WA D' w Qy f up: 5 Lim - I A n Y as H :ref wfwxf 2 k .335 9 X M Q 1 'K'-'I satfdmlzg W ff. ,ga 1,3 ., . ,.... . f ,ymkggmw Q! M .,.Q. .. mQggg'e, gwxy ., .... M t QF, A W ,552 5 5 K :"'ii2'5Z::: - ' 552: v 52 , I . - :E E W' 5 fit-L" k vm WSE? sw 4. A .. wg, M3 -W ig-Q .. iam fi W Z -Q fi .3 454 sf' Q 4- wg 559355 wif M ,Q wa. .41 45 .a gag X325 ii uf 5,3 Q wg K iran me M? b .F H, 555 N5 ' We Vislfzw A wymsx' .W Q ML My 55 wwf gi . 6 331331: . z sw im' fwgifzsx A , f ,gem 4:5 wma 2.1. ' 2225555415 ' " f P 75 f ' ww .w,w,Q f W. . A, W M, W v , M., .sw .... 1 4 - A E Q ww a vi A E7 fifzii M ggi 2 52 if K ef 4? ii 41 4 Q gf , E . A 2 3 i 5 ,xi Hz fsfhzmviiww 4--p gf z- W 41 as J? .yy M, -Hgwxzww f wwf z 'Z 5382 ff' 5f"f' ESQ My fms dQw ,QJX wi 5 X' fr Wbggiwgygg Q2 JL f5:55'S?aY ggiEg W, H iw www 55? ' ve WS E gigs 5 2 3, ? -if ,- ,Q .-5,fj 5xa:'E:, j'Er1gz:4 E"::: ,:5: 'EAS vf- 'S " X wg 55: 15-i,: ,- g - -5 s Q W , Pi' .. - :: .v.. W 'W -- wg! , M , ,, Q ,, ...f ..,,. ..1f ilfgw ' . - 1 x Q W Bw I s-,x .... h x ' Q , mx - 3 352855 Ss? 5-.::.. Wiffg 2 ,, I X , ev 123532255215 Q u If: A "'?l11 A-'- 'Q ,. .: - Ah ggw y v:w,3v,,,, --V N. pn W , 'ff View M i M ir' 4315 355242 :Q wif ' W , as fs M, :fb rwswsmzz U if A . f 2 A 54 ,ggi-iff Q .ww mi 3 4 am ,Wagga 1' WW gig? wimkf , D wif? ,H 5 .Q ,Q W :YQ qi , yi, L 15' 13-3-3: ,Q ' mg if ww?-4931 vwwa H 41 ai 1 W wif W aww MQW mv-N vb a l Q E Q 5 Q F "FirsT place Xmas decorahons Phi Gam WINTER FEATURES AnTicipaTion oT ChrisTmas and a long vacaTion Trom boolcs broughT a holiday spiriT To The campus in The Torm oT numerous parTies. ChrisTmas l-louseparTies began wiTh The TirsT snow oT The season, December 6 and 7. Talcing Top honors in house decoraTions was Phi Gamma DelTa wiTh The Theme "The Twelve Days oT ChrisTmas". Phi Kappa Psi was second wiTh "ChrisTn1as Around The World", and honorable menTion was awarded To Alpha Tau Omega. Friday nighT Tormal dances were held in The houses, while SaTurday inTormal house hopping Toolc place. Tigers, Play- boy rabbiTs, and pajamas were among The Tavors given by The TraTerniTies. SanTa Claus provided The ulTimaTe Touch aT children's ChrisTmas parTies given ioinTly by Greek groups. A large Turn-ouT oT TaculTy children l4epT Sigma Chi's and Phi lvlu's jumping To supply all wiTh Tood and games. Dinner, presenTs, and games cheered children Trom The l-loTTman Orphanage aT annual parTies given by The Phi DelTs and DelTa Gammas and The Tekes and Alpha Xi's. The College Choir presenTed iTs annual ChrisTmas con- cerT in ChrisT Chapel December 7 and 8. "There ls No Rose", sung by The choir and accompanied by Ann Hol- combe, harpisT, was one oT The highlighTs oT The evening. LaTer The enTire campus was inviTed To ioin The SCA Tor ChrisTmas caroling. KeynoTe speaker, Dr. PresTon RoberTs oT The UniversiTy oT Chicago, delivered Three messages on "ChrisTianiTy and The ArTs", The Theme oT GeTTysburg's annual Religious Emphasis Week, February 9-l2. Chairmaned by JaneT Varner and sponsored by The SCA, 1958 REW empha- sized The inTluence OT music, drama, arT, and liTeraTure on religion, The main evenTs oT The week were Two dramaTic presenTaTions, "Murder in The CaThedral" and "For The Time Being", direcTed by Mr. Jerry Jackson and an ex- hibiTion oT conTemporary religious arT loaned by Three leading galleries in New York CiTy. February I4 and I5 broughT ValenTine's Day and WinTer Weekend. Couples aT The Tormal Junior-Senior Prom Friday nighT heard The Tamous Tommy Dorsey QrchesTra led by Warren CovingTon, Ugly man Bob All TogeTher now +-..,,,,,mMmn X ,, T Q 55 5 W Ceremony of carols Howell crowned The SPECTRUM Queen Barabara lvlanges wiTh a wreaTh oT whiTe carnaTions. The Theme Tor The Frosh-Soph show SaTurday nighT was "Loves a Poppin'g" The scene: "a noT so ordinary" day and nighT in The Bull.eT Hole. Dancing To music by Bill Collins and his orchesTra climaxed The evenings enTerTainmenT. LeT's Take a break 129 ? i I E s E L THE CATHEDRA IN URDER 'w-M HORUS' x X v .. ,f ww fs ik ivbdfvdk. xi: 5 Qgfwgxg fd . MMV , Wx Aayxwgwwa A 1. ,V ' ,M .... ...I ..-, E ,...,,... 1 ..,.. . i 13" ' ,H 1. " 9' ,. ax i 51252, K -.-.- . I 5 Sf Ei, gig ,' :l .Eg,E ,,Q4:ffvmfmameS.wse1kiw:fewQIf.fMm. . :wz:ff:"45ggQ 2l 353254 Zhi! ,yg 'SP5iia,m,w MN :MEM 2- - ': 2E?Wswa:5maiE4w W, any Aww" 8.5. ,www awww f ,.M...,,,....... AMW wi- ,Q Qffw 'W aa was aiigw W2 N YM, ,s X 'fe mg? 'fy ,Q 'fb QQMIWS, t Mggffxzm . ,',,,i:, N' ' 1 . . wb, ,xg K .. .1 1 1. x Y' X Q 4215? Q . 5-35 was QwrvqQ , ,. ,, rf . 4'x xy in 4551 "Hospodi Pomiloi"-l FC-PanHell Sing PRIN FEATURES The lnTerTraTerniTy Weekend and Panhellenic Sing were combined This year Tor The TirsT Time, and The resulT was a more meaningTul l958 Greek Week Than in The pasT. This 23rd annual TraTerniTy week began and TerminaTed wiTh worship services held in ChrisT Chapel March 9 and lo. Included in The acTiviTies were The annual TraTerniTy pledge banqueT held Friday aT The l-loTel GeTTysburg, The Panhellenic Council banqueT SaTurday aTTernoon, and Friday evening discussion groups held in The TraTerniTy houses. The highlighT ol: The preparaTions was The IFC and Panhellenic Sing in The gymnasium Friday evening. Co- l-leaded by Vorrie lvlacom and Nancy Wagner, The program included greeTings by Mrs. Cicero l-logan, NPC delegaTe oT Gamma Phi BeTag Colonel John lvl. Mac- Gregor, Alpha Tau Omega, pasT chairman oT The NaTional lnTerTraTerniTy ConTerenceg The inTroducTion oT naTional oTTicers presenTed by RoberT Deardorlif, Phi Gamma DelTa, PresidenT oT The Alumni lnTerTraTerniTy ConTerence: plus presenTaTion oT awards by Nancy Hood and Larry Gaenzle. Each Greek group sang one novelTy number wiTh iudging based on appearance, selecTion, execuTion, and harmony. FirsT and second place Trophies were awarded To Tau Kappa Epsilon and Lambda Chi Alpha respecTively in The TraTerniTy compeTiTion, while honors in The sororiTies wenT To DelTa Gamma and Chi Omega. April I9 meanT Time Tor The ROTC men To spruce up Those Tuxes and black suiTs once again, Tor The MiliTary Ball had come aT lasT. Bill Conway, represenTing The Army, and Jim Church, The Air Force, were in charge. Couples Tound Themselves in an "OTTicers' Club" wiTh Glenn Ross' orchesTra To provide The music, The queen, selecTed Trom Twelve conTesTanTs picked by The squadrons, "DelTa Gamma and Tau Kappa Epsilon receive T'irsT place Trophies in Greek Sing compeTiTion" "Sigma Nu cops IFC scholarship award" Who needs The ocean was escorTed To her place oT honor by members OT The drill Teams. Surrounding The pool on April 25 and 26 Tor The annual waTer show, were Twelve illuminaTed calendars porTraying The "Twelve MonThs oT The Yearll. l'-lighlighTing The show were a June wedding and a novelTy To The Tune oT "Dry Bones" Tor OcTober's l-lalloween. The conclud- ing specTacle, TeaTuring The enTire casT, was l'WhiTe ChrisTmas." Th.e waTer show was also parT oT The enTerTainmenT provided Tor The annual MoThers' Day Weekend on SaTurday, May 3. The May Day program under The direc- Tion oT Nancy l-lood was held on Memorial Field SaTur- day aTTernoon. ThaT nighT The MoTher oT The Year award was presenTed in ChrisT Chapel Tollowed by a concerT by The College Choir. The church service in chapel Sunday morning TerminaTed The TesTiviTies, and shorTly aTTerwards parenTs reTurned home while sTudenTs reTurned once again To The books. The nexT weekend rounded ouT Spring social evenTs as TraTerniTies wenT all ouT Tor The lasT big weekend, Spring l'louseparTies. .Friday nighT There were Tormal dances in The TraTerniTies while SaTurday nighT parTies broughT inTormaliTy back To The campus. SaTurday was picnic Time -Fuller Lake has never known more populariTy. Days passed and exam Time drew To a climax wiTh an ever increasing sTruggle . . . cram, sTudy, or Throw in The Towel. Wedding showers, inTramurals, sunbaThs, walks and bikerides To The baTTleTield all made a bid Tor ThaT precious liTTle Time. Finally iT was over. For Those oT us who will reTurn To compleTe our learning-educaTionally and socially, and Tor Those also who leave regreTTully or ThankTully during graduaTion on June 8, There is much To look back on and To remember in The school Term OT l957-58 aT GeTTysburg College. The end of a perTecT day Q . eg 42 1? 31 if E Q M T ii '22 an 2 Yi fi xi li K Q ? 2 if E ' gf 1 5 .55 fi S ws 3 I S , ,Q fs A ,Z .W L , Wg tgqg.: 'K 'pkg W Wwsg, ics wx 53 5 S 4551 mf M 'SX T sg " Af SS? 2 Q fffligsk 41 ' xv Mfg, XEQYPR i Sei? Q A ggfm w .Q ws: f Q2 eww g m gs? .,,, S, f"u ilu, 3 15: ff, w. Sf Q2 'S' .-1 I5:5,3g1K2m , .Q wifi. .wQ,'?,'zS, 'wir 5 . SNR, Sex wx' aegis? , gm ,' R?,gpL.i.i15fffA1H" fNdeY,?'Z'iN'-'-445W Q ', "' h'5f?fi,1a5Q? Qgi3'gg:gXaa':'N:m W 7 5.291 - :if ff fE.12f'4Qfs:?f'fi2F f fwsyw hf'f's',::y.:f ifcifafffwwf wrmiiesfi f S ' ,K M 2 , fi ei 55 z RF N. hwy: A -1 L, W7 ,,,qpma, q 4 F, 1 Q , ff. ii ,ggi -15353 ,V arf Q 4? YS? .:. . 1 ., vm ' :., .. H' f-- Hf imff A, H 'j:'f V ,HW-Q :sE':f':- :M Q' We W . ,-.. .. . . Wm 2 S w 2 S -4 i '5wmW:12F'32Sxf',mWWN" V , , Y 'zfxwwsaerrx r 1 gg , ...W W,,,.,,..x,.....,..w...u,-w..N. .M ...w,W..4,.M,,,,,...........-.. .V - ,M :olde machelzlci ada lou lnreider lxarper bohr bifsy ovens larry gaenzle who's who in american colleges margie clayion 5 5 1 - margie schuler frank capiiani bob giadney vorrie rnacom bob barfrley A and universities bonnie banker? Iboiiomj 1958 lyn zwahl phynas eau chauncey yingsf dave hefnck roy miliner roy miller ' donald holland mary ellen reinsmifh ianef hoenniger E4 ellen billheimer gudy sloferbeclr peg long ' Bob Smifh, Barb Borlre, Ka+l'1y Pu+man, Howard Beagle, fnoi pidured, Dick Buh OUT TAN IN Dede Sheffer, Lynne Bonney, Heafher Richmond, Bucky Walfers y 5 - :ze 3 Y., mf- my " Wayne Baumgardner, Jean Charuhas, Nancy Wagner, Guy Edmis+on, Bill Conway J U N I 0 R . . . Jeff Langsam, Sara Schneider, Fred Fol+z, Dawn Burg, Larry Larkin div!! 3 2 s K Q- The Honor Commission Czaf Cons CasT your voTe Harper Bohr, SenaTe prexy TUDENT The STudenT SenaTe is The governing body oT all sTu- denTs on campus and has The power To reguIa+e The acTiviTies oT any campus organizaTion, lT is composed oT a represenTaTive and an alTernaTe Trom each living group and The independenT group and endeavors To promoTe beTTer sTudenT-TaculTy relaTions. The SenaTe has The power To accepT or reiecT The consTiTuTion oT any newly Tormed organizaTion ThaT wishes To be recognized. IT also regulafes Freshmen cus- Toms, plans, organizes and adminisTers Freshmen Orien- TaTion weelc, and organizes and supervises The men's Tribunal. The SenaTe Takes charge oT disTribuTing The Tunds oT The STudenT ChesT, which This year amounTed To SI5,000 To be divided among I6 organizaTions. ConTribuTions Trom The enTire sTudenT body To The communiTy, sTaTe, and naTional chariTy drives are deTermined and carried ouT by The SenaTe. All campus elecTions including class, SenaTe. and Honor Commission are conducTed by The SenaTe. lT is The duTy oT The SenaTe To malce nominaTions Tor sTudenT members oT The Advisory CommiTTee on AThleTics and Tor The Leander M. Zimmerman Prize. NominaTions Tor OuTsTanding Juniors are TormulaTed by The SenaTe. Any worThwhile issue oT general campus inTeresT also comes beTore The SenaTe. IT is The duTy oT The SenaTe To cooperaTe wiTh The adminisTraTion and TaculTy in maTTers relaTing To sTudenT discipline and oTher perTinenT maTTers ThaT may arise. The SenaTe handles all minor violaTions oT The school policy and promoTes sTudenT responsibiliTy To malce sTu- denT governmenT acTive, eTTecTive and useTul. The SenaTe plans, develops and adminisTers a Leader- ship Training School Tor sTudenTs who are campus leaders. This school is held each spring and oTTers ouT- sTanding speakers and discussion leaders. HARPER BOHR . ROY MlLLER . . NANCY WAGNER Pr-JYLLIS BALL . GUY EDMWSTON A OFFICERS T . . . . Presfdenf . . . ,Vice-Presidenf . , Recording Secrefery Corresponding Secrefary . ..... Yreasurer They keep ihe Sena+e going The happy Senaiors me-ei Monday evening Firsf Row: Dean Jones, Jim Brenneman, John Moore, Bill Conway, Larry Gaenzle, Dave Byrne, Jack Wilson, Bill Rudderow, Ed And'ews. Second Row: Jack Keen, Wayne Baumgardner, Dick Simpson, Wall Johnson, John Axe, Bob Lecher, Jim Hamsher, Third Row: Ray Carrufhers, Bob Kunsman, Larry Drewes, Hank Seekamp, Ed Gibble, Mickey Minich, Fourlh Row: Ken Pelfon, Paul Rodenhauser, Paul Brunell, Bob Schumann, Al Slafer. INTERFRATERN OFFICERS LARRY GAENZLE . . .,...,, .... P resideni BILL CONWAY . . . .Vice-Presidenl JOHN MOORE . . . .Secrelary DAVE BYRNE . - .Treasurer Execulives 'ro lhe core, Larry Gaenzle and Dean Jones . i M' ' 2Ei:'R ,:Si5fQ'iii5-b'53- ITY COUNCIL In order lo discuss inlelralernily problems and pro- iecls, lhe lnlerlralerniry Council meels every Monday wilh ils advisor, Dean Ramsey Jones. The council is com- posed of a represenlalive and an allernale from lhe lhirleen lralernilies on campus. IFC sels up scholarship lor lralernilies and issues a lrophy lo promole Tralerniry scholarship, To promole unily beiween lhe various pledge classes, IFC seis up a pledge council. IFC promoles inlramurals and issues a sporls Trophy. Sock l-lops and Homecoming lloals are also under The councils supervision. The annual IFC Dance held November 22, fealuring Tex Benelce's Orcheslra and lhe Jazz Concerl held November 23, lealuring Joe Renaldi were also sponsored by lhe IFC. The lnrerfrarernily Council supervises rhe iudging ol Chrisrmas l-louse Parry decorarions and awards Jrwo lrophies in lhe compelilion. The regional IFC Workshop in April discusses Trai lernily problems wilh sludenls from schools in lhis area. Throughour lhe year IFC emphasizes parlicipalion in campus acrivilies and service lo The college, The Panhellenic Council acls a a co-ordinaior of ihe Tive living groups To mainiain a high plane of iraierniry life and inierfraierniry relaiions wilhin our college. Composed of a iunior and a senior represeniaiive and an alumna advisor from each sororiiy, ihe council meels monihly wilh iis advisor, Dean lviariha Slorek. Pan-Hell regulaies fall rushing rules and holds a Rush Workshop in ihe spring for rushing improvemenis. Pan- l-lell also finances a scholarship cup, sponsors ihe Pan- i-lell-IFC Sing and a floai for rhe Homecoming Parade. The annual Pan-Hell Weekend includes a song com- peiiiion and a banquei feaiuring a speaker. The officers of Pan-Hell are lviaryellen Reinsmirh, Presideniq Margie Schuler, Vice-Presideniq Bonnie Bank- eri, Secreiaryg Connie Noerr, Treasurery Phyllis Ball, Hisiorian. Wha+'s fhe rule for ihis? PANHELLENIC COUNC Firsi Row: Phyllis Ball, Margie Schu!er, Maryellen Reinsmifh, Dean Siorek, Bonnie Eankerf, Connie Noerr. Second Row: Margie Mi Jean Fo ea Trice Spofford, Nancy Wagner, Nancy Hood. FirsT Row: Alia Lesher, Sandy Wilson, Joan Wachob, Carolyn Pufman, Sue Ruby. Second Row: DoTTie Kranich, Elaine Bonnelf, Bonnie Bankeri, Dean Sforek, Lois Moyer, Nancy Wagner. WOMEN'S STUDENT GOVERNMENT i , The Women's STudenT Council is The governing body oT all women sTudenTs. The council meeTs every Thurs- day niqhT in The aparTmenT OT iTs advisor, Dean MarTha I STorelc. The main purpose oT The council is To regulaTe dormi- Tory liTe OT women sTudenTs, WSG publishes a brochure oT women's rules, provides judges, rules and prizes Tor The ChrisTmas dormiTory decoraTions conTesT, prepares The compleTe May Day program in cooperaTion wiTh WAA, and sponsors The annual Dorm Dance. The council is composed oT: Senior Pre-sidenT, Bonnie BankerTg Junior Vice-PresidenT, Barbara Borlceg Sophof more SecreTary-Treasurer, Lois Moyer: represenTaTives Trom each class, and The presidenTs oT each dormiTory. This year WSG has organized a Tood commiTTee To work ouT menus wiTh The manager oT our caTeTeria. Bar- bara Jane Ensor heads The commiTTee This year. 152 Firsl Row: Larry Lehman, Bob Kauffman, Dr. Frank Kramer, Bill Maine, Mifl Guss, Dean Ramsey Jones, Don Sfein, Charles Schriver. Second Row: Mark Sibley, Ed Marsden, George Pofler, Jerry Rhoads, Duane Searles, Fred Folfz. GAVEL CLUB The Gavel Club, advised by Dean Ramsey Jones and Dr. Frank Kramer, is composed of fhe presidenfs of fhe frafernifies. lf sfrives for inferfrafer- nify harmony and close co-operafion wifh fhe college adminisfrafion, A non-ruling body, fhe Gavel Club meefs once a monfh fo discuss perfi- nenf problems and fufure evenfs. Their ideas are fhen referred fo fhe adminisfrafion or IFC for fhe final decision. All meefings are climaxed wifh re- freshmenfs served by fhe hosf fra- fernify, which is chosen on a rofafing sysfem from fhe oldesf frafernify, Phi Kappa Psi, fo fhe youngesf, Phi Epsilon Nu. The presidency of fhe Gavel Club is rofafed in fhe same fashion-old- esf fo voungesf. The presidenf of Thefa Chi now presides. Nexf fo hold fhe one year office will be fhe presi- denf of Sigma Nu. Firsf Row: John Rhodes, Bob Liflle, Kalhy Pulman, Carol Dingfelder, Elaine Wolfe, Sara Schnei- der, Paf Macken, Ken Reese, Dave Thomas. Second Row: Dave Hefrick, Harper Bohr, Rich David- yock, Dave Kessler, Coy Yingsf, Dick Junqles, Third Row: Bob Walsack, Don Harman, John Yohn, Buck Kemplon, Arlce Olsen, Vorrie Macom, 153 DORMITORY COUNSELLORS Dormifory counsellors play an im- porfanf role in fhe smoofh funcfioning of fhe college communify. Here af Geffysburg fhis group is made up of upperclassmen chosen for fheir leader- ship and oufsfanding record in college, The puropse of fhe dorm counsellors is fo assisf freshmen in adiusfing fo col- lege life, The counsellors hold regular meefings fo discuss and seek advice on special maffers, and fhe officers of fhe group make up fhe disciplinary board for minor infracfions of dorm- ifory rules. Edilors, Bilsy Owens and Bonnie Bankerl 1958 SPECTRUM "Whenever Thy loyal sons qalher lo walcen fond memories." symbolizes lhe Theme of The l958 SPECTRUM. Dramalic campus loholo shols. in which a glimpse ol college aclivilies Dick Adams, Business Manager, checks lhe files F-irsf Row: Rachel Carl. Second Row: Mill Umbenhouer, Marilyn Divan, Ann Forgie. Third Row: Bilsy Owens, Ben Beal, Joe Slegers Fourfh Row: George Tracy, Jack Pawlowski, Brenda Pensinqer, David Woodward, Judy Coffman, Jeaneffe Woodrow, Nancy Hood, Bonnie Bankerl, Margie Mills, Jim Garmon Fiffh Row: Sherrick Gilberl, Mary Alice Fisher, Marlene Strayer, Sue Krum, Jean Charuhas, Dof Lloyd, Maryellen Reinsmilh, Joan Doyle. Sixll- Row Dave Foreman, Shirley Burkerl, Barbara Deefz, Carol Youse, Joan Wachob, Elaine Wolfe, Vorrie Macom, Dick Adams, Bob Taggarf. and organizalions is given. porlrays 'rhe lrue meaning ol our Alma Maier. The Alma Maier, used as The Jrheme, presenrs campus lile from Jrhe spring of '57 +o March of This year. Under Jrhe direcrion of Bilsy Owens and Bon- nie Banlaerl who were chosen EdiI'ors-in-Chief lasl spring by The previous Ediror and Eacul+y advisor, Mr. Paul Baird, +he yearbook work be- gan lale lasl spring. In June The Edilors spenl several days al +he Benson Prinring Company in Nashville, Tennessee, working on The layoul and dummy of lhe SPECTRUM. Assignmenls were given This Tall wirh Jrhe organizalrion of pholography, business, and liierary commillees. Airer a slighi delay in The boolc's progress be- cause oi Jrhe flu epidemic, The slallf made irs December deadline. The SPECTRUM slawci hopes To give a piclure of college life which will serve To bring fond memories To all who nor only have Jralcen par'r buf have been and are This phenomena which is Geliysburg College. Endless work for ihe seciion edifors I2:00 midnigh+ and 563 piciures fo go STAFF BONNIE BANKERT . ...,. . . Co-Edifor JULIA OWENS . . . . Co-Ediior RICHARD ADAMS . . . Business Ediior ELLEN BILLHEIMER . . . . . . Eclilorial Assislanl BARBARA DEETZ , . . ......... Edilorial Assisfani' GEORGE TRACY .....,... Assislanl Business Manager Diane Crain John Pawiowslci Roberf Taggarr David Eorema n JOSEPH STEGER . JOAN DOYLE . . SUE MlCKLEY . . ELAINE WOLEE . JEAN CHARUHAS ANN FORGIE . . Healher Richmond BEN BEAL .... NANCY HOOD . , Paul Brunell RACHEL CARL . VORRIE MACOM Sherriclc Gilberl . . . Adverlising Manager Bradley Bennlich Margorie Mills 'mn ' sieigei . . Co-Copy Edilor . . Co-Copy Ecliior . Faculiy Edifor . . . , Class Edifor . . . . . Class Edifor Belly Ann Penninglon . . . . . Sporrs Edifor . . . . . Sporis Edilor Mary Louise Higgons . Organizalions Edilor , Organizafions Edilor Doi Lloyd Carola Machelzlci Linda Heberle Brenda Pensinger Nancy Kessler Mary Eranlz Marcia Brown Carolanne Hoffman DAVE WOODWARD ........... Honoraries Edifor Louise Jacobs Anne Heckler JANET HoENNieER . ....... Sororilv Edi+Or Jeaneile Woodrow NancV Oiimaf' JIM GARMAN ....., ....... F ralerniiy Ediior Jim Zerbe Larry Liedel MARYELLEN RElNSMlTH . . . ....... Eeaiure Edilor JOAN WACHOB ............... Eeaiure Edilor Rulh Clegg Cynihia Cunningham Barbara Sampson Sandy Amundsen Marian Davis Janel Weircornb Kay Burchfield Pal Day DAVE JONES . . Belly Kohler MARlL DlVAN . , Par Mills Sandy Smiih Mary Alice Fisher Sue Krurn Shirley Burlcerl Marlene Slrayer . . . . . . . . Ar? Eclifor Will Brown . . . . . . , Head Typisi Brenda Pensinger Becky Sloferbeclc ,,,, 1, , , , s., e.s.e.-.e. .,....,, , , , STAFF BILL STEIRER , . ADA LOU KREIDER . . PEG LONG , . . BITSY OWENS , BARBARA BORKE . GEORGE STILES . PAT CARR . . . CAROL BAKER . DAVE WOODWARD . BEN BEAL ..,. LARRY LARKIN . . SALLY SHIRK . . LYNNE BONNEY . . PAUL MONTGOMERY NANCY GILROY . , . MARILYN DIVAN . JOHN KIRST .... BERNIE LANGELUTTIG . . . BRUCE HAMILTON . MARGIE MILLS . . . JANET HOENNIGER SCOTT TULLY . . . Edifors: Ada Lou Kreider, Bill Sfeirer, and Business Manager, John Kirsf THE GETTYSBURGI . .Cc-Edilor . . .Co-Edilor . .Associafe Edifor . Makeup Edilor . .Fealure Edilor . . Copy Edilor . .Co-Copy Edilor . . Co-Copy Edilor . . Headline Edilor . . Sporls Edilor . . I-Iumor Edilor Office Manager ASSI. Feaiure Edilor . . . . Pholography . . Exchange Edilor . . . Head Typisl . . Business Manager .Adverlising Manager . ,Credil Manager . , Subscriplion Manager .Circulalion Manager Circulalicn Manager Firsl' Row: Terry Newman, Bernie Langelulliq. Scoll Tully, Ada Lou Kraider, Bill Sleirer, Peg Long, Ben Beal, Barb Borke, Janel Hoienniger, Sally Shirk, Blfsy Owens, Second Row: Merv Dills, Pal- Mills, Doris Kurzenknabe. Carol Baker, Lynn Jacobsen, Mimi Nell, Jane? Weilcomb, Claire Wilenl, Marilyn Divan, Rachel Carl. Third Row: Ellie Schoeller, Linda Lack, Helen Gilbert, Belsy Taylor, Brenda Pensinger, Audrey Thompson, Linda Perissi, Sissy Higgons, Lynne Bonney, Beverly Vaniel. Fourlh Row: Don Lex, Margie Lalshaw, Sue Ruby, Nancy OHmann, Louise Schilpp, Diana Brehl, Joan Kalz, Judy Coffman, Mill Umbenhouer, Lud Schlechf. Fillh Row: Dave Herrick, Barbara Moore, Par Carr, Larry Leidel, Paul Shallock, Sue Clark, Fred Ron Gmerek. Sixth Row: Bob Taggart, Marian Davis, Bob Shryock, Jane Donley, Rod Laylon, George Sfiles. Rifler, Bob Schumann, ' 1 a-in 4. lnTo The wee hours of The morn. and nine headlines To go SupporT Tor all college acTiviTy and reTlecTion oT campus opinion are provided by The GeTTysburgian, The college newspaper, which reporTs The evenTs in iTs polls, ediTorials, and arTicles To all The sTudenTs and iTs 200 subscribers. The Burgian has backed campus programs, such as The inauguraTion oT The l-lonor SysTem, insTigaTion oT a saTe driving program on dance weekends, and supporT oT The various IFC proposals. The many reporTers oT The Burgian submiT Their arTicles on Monday, and The members OT The oTTice sTaTT work Monday and Tuesday evenings To compleTe The copy and make-up oT The paper. Wednesday is The prinTer's deadline, and on Thursday The subscripTion and circula- Tion sTaTTs work To compleTe The disTribuTion OT The Burgian. The GeTTysburgian has received All-American raTing Trom The NaTional AssociaTion oT College Press as an ouT- sTanding collegiaTe publicaTion. WriTing clinics are or- ganized each Tall Tor The Training oT TeaTure and news wriTers, and Three or Tour sTaTT members are senT To The NACP conTerences aT New York. There They aTTend Talks by leading iournalisTs, in which The Techniques oT publica- Tion and diTTerenT Types OT wriTing are discussed. Each year seniors who have done ouTsTanding work are awarded keys aT a spring picnic which is given Tor all sTaTT members. The GeTTysburgian sTaTT is advised by lvlrs. Kressman Taylor, lvlr. Edward Baskerville, Mr. William l-larTshorne, Mr. l-larry Bolich and Dr. Charles GlaTTelTer, SeaTed: Jane? Hoenniqer, Bernard LangeIuT1ig. Slandingz Sally Shirk, Scott Tully, Dave Brighf, S hgfh flf di spin d Bob Kenworf W W G C The voice ol lhe campus is WWGC. lhe col- lege radio slalion loacled on +he rhird floor ol Breidenbaugh Science l-lall. Slalion WWGC is in ils Jrhirfeenlh year of service lo lhe sludenls oi lhe college by providing lhe lalesl in music, news. and evenls. Some lypical programs lo be found on Jrhe slalion are: newsg 'Big Beat' a program ol roclc and rollg 'Classical l-lighligh+s'g 'Top Forly Tunes'g 'Slarlighl Serenade: and 'rape recorded plays lor which any sludenl is eligible To +ry oul. hy working 'rogefher for a successful program w-1-mw,cc Firsl Row: Tom Niven, Lyn DeLoca, Mary Fisher, Sue Krum, Jack Haflery. Second Row: Ken Krall, Jack Kafinsky, Fred Gross, Larry Drewes, Mr. Jerry L. Jackson, Babara Ensor. WWGC broadcasls approxinnalely 120 hours a week, rnainlains a lwenly-four hour Uniled Press Telelype News Service, and is aili- lialed wilh lhe lnlercollegiale Broadcasling Syslem and lhe College Radio Corporalion. The slalion now occupies nine rooms, including re- ceplion roonns, news rooms and broadcasling sludios. Opporlunilies for radio work are given lo all sludenls by audilions held each semesier lor announcers. disc-iockeys, scripl wrilers, engi- neers, and produclion workers. Dr. Howard Long is lechnical advisor and lvlr. l-larry Bolich and Mr. Jerry Jackson are lhe olher iacully advisors. WWGC quarlerbacks: Lyn DeLoca, Tom Niven, and Mr. Jackson. MERCURY In addiTion To being The magazine oT liTerary meriT aT GeTTysburg Col- lege, The "Mercury" is one oT The oldesT publicaTions on campus. IT en- courages wriTing and arTisTic slcills in sTudenTs, and accepTance OT a sTu- denT's worlc Tor publicaTion is a re- ward Tor ouTsTanding abiliTy. An add- ed incenTive Tor submiTTing maTerial is The awards which are given each year Tor The besT enTry in each par- Ticular liTerary group, The conTenTs OT The "Mercury" in- clude The liTerary Tields OT poeTry, arTicles, shorT sTories, and reviews wriTTen by boTh sTudenTs and TaculTy. Cover ilIusTraTions Tor all sTories and arTicles are slceTched by sTudenTs. ln- cluded in The quarTerly publicaTions OT The "Mercury" are arTicles con- cerning issues oT campus inTeresT. The sTaTT includes: Paul T. Collins and Roy Miller, EdiTors-in-ChieTy, Edna Grommisch, EdiTor oT ArT STaTT Dick Royer, Business Manager and John KiTzmiller, CirculaTion Manager. Mrs. KaTherine Taylor advises The group. Firsf Row: Edna Grommisch, Roy Miller, Mrs. Kafherine Taylor, Paul Collins, Lyn DeLoca, Second Row: Dick Royer, Gene Schnure, JaneT Varner, Linda Perissi, Jeanne Thompson, Diane Crain, Elrnarie Hulchinson, Beffy Miller, John Kifzmilier, Dave McGrail. Third Row: Jim Wenlzke, Bill Jacques, Kevin Thomas, Larry Larkin, Paul Naper, Terry Newman, Joe Koon. G-BOOK The G-Boolc is The Treshman's guidebook: during orienTaTion no Treshman is ever Tound wiThouT This necessary liTeraTure, An answer To almosT every quesTion is To be Tound in The G-Book. IT noT only provides valuable in- TormaTion abouT social and aThleTic evenTs buT even oTTers suggesTions abouT Typical apparel Tor campus liTe. By reading his 6-Book, a Treshman learns The cheers, songs, TradiTions, and hisTory oT C-3eTTysburg College: he is inTroduced To The TaculTy mem- bers, and he receives his TirsT glimpse oT campus organizaTions and rules. In addiTion necesesary inTormaTion is provided abouT men and women's cusToms. Published annually by The STudenT ChrisTian AssociaTion under The su- pervision oT Chaplain EdwerTh E. KorTe, The G-Book also conTains a compleTe calendar oT evenTs Tor The college year and a map oT The cam- pus. FirsT Row: Bernie Langeluffig, Elaine Wolfe, Sue Brifcher. Second Row: Joan Wachob, Margie Mills, Jean Charuhas, Lucille Lohmeier. 160 BoosTers meeT To musTer spiriT BOOSTER CLUB The aim oT The BoosTer Club is To uniTe The sTudenT body in inTeresT and spiriT Tor supporT OT The aThleTic program and oTher evenTs oT The college. To increase aTTendance aT sporTs, The club sponsors pep rallies and publicizes sporTs evenTs and oTher school TuncTions, The BoosTer Club also chooses and supporTs The cheerleaders and awards lceys To senior cheerleaders who have given Two or more years OT service. ln addiTion This club plans The annual FloaT Parade during Homecoming Weekend: sells BoosTers, pins and shalcers Tor home games: sells Freshman cusToms con- sisTing oT dink and badge: soliciTs adverTisemenTs Tor baslceTbaIl programs: and operaTes concession sTands aT TooTbalI and baslceTball games, To provide money Tor proiecTs. Some oT The proiecTs To which The Club has con- TribuTed in previous years have been The erecTion OT The press box and Tinancing The TransporTaTion oT The band To away games. Membership in The BoosTer Club is available To every sTudenT who acTively parTicipaTes in The club's acTiviTies and earns The necessary number oT poinTs. This is done by selling reTreshmenTs aT games, selling BoosTers, and malcing publiciTy signs. Dave Kessler is PresidenT and Dr. Harold Dunlcelber- gleljand Mr. l-lenry T. Bream are The advisors To The c u . The cheerleaders: Margie Schuler, Milne Galdino, John Beniamin, Barb Sampson, Bob Gladney, HeaTher Richmond, Bill Reiss, Joan Manges, Dede SheFFer, George PoTTer. 5 HS is 161 Lighls, cur+ain, aclion Owl and Nightingale officers are: Sue Opperrnan, Secrelaryg Jeaneffe Woodrow, Vice-President: Bifsy Owens, Presidenlg Grefchen Georg, Treasurer. OWL AND Owl and Nighlinqale is lhe College drarnalic orqanizalion. The purpose oi lhis group is 'ro unile all who are inleresled in drannalics and lo iurlher lheir inleresl and apprecialion in 'lhe lhealre. Anyone is eligible To join This group. A+ The meelinqs held every olher Thursday nighl, 'rhe- Owl and Nighiingale prepares lor campus pro- duclions, dire-cis and produces one acl plays, and hears guesl speakers. The sfars and siege hands of G-Burg campus NIGHTINGALE Larry Cameron fades inTo Dr, WyaTT under The hand of The malre-up arTisT Owl and NighTingale produces all The campus dramaTic presenTaTions which are direcTed by Dr. Richard Arms. Members oT The organiza- Tion worlc behind The scenes, gaThering proper- Ties, painTing scenery, and making up The char- acTers Tor all maior producTions TeaTured during The school year. Some of Their producTions This year were "On The Bridge aT MidnighT," a melo- drama produced Tor FaTher's Day Weekend: "WiTness Tor The ProsecuTion," "The RelucTanT DebuTanTe," "John Brown's Body" and "The PoTTing Shed." LeTT, Top: "The LeTTer, iT's lies, all lies!" CenTer: The 5Tars of "WiT- ness For The ProsecuTion", Roy Miller and Marlene Hyson, cuT The calce ai' The casT parTy. BoTTom: "Don'T leT iT worry you Cora: iT's only your hea rT. President Collie MacheTzIi, leads The S.C.A. CabineT members guide The acTiviTies of The group STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION To lead sTudenTs To TaiTh in God Through ChrisTg To bring Them inTo acTive relaTionshilo wiTh The Church: To promoTe Their growTh in ChrisTian TaiTh and characTerg and To influence Them To devoTe Themselves in uniTed eTTorT wiTh all Chrislrians To making The will oT ChrisT eTTec- Tive in human socieTy, and To The exTending oT The kingdom oT God ThroughouT The world: These are The purposes oT The SCA. AT Monday nighT meeTings, well lcnown spealc- ers, discussion groups, and movies are TeaTured. One oT The highlighTs oT The I957-58 calendar P.K. reads a leTTer of imporTance PriesT, renegade, TraiTor To Th lc g' year was The Tall reTreaT held aT Camp Thomp- son. The Theme oT The reTreaT was "The Cross and .The Campus Crowd." AnoTher proiecT oT The SCA was Religious Emphasis Weelc aT which Dr. PresTon RoberTs oT The Chicago FecleraTecl Theological Seminary, lceynoTed The Three-day program. The Theme Tor REW was "ChrisTianiTy and The ArTs"-a pres- enTaTion oT conTemporary expressions oT Ii+era- Ture, arT. and music and Their relaTionships To The ChrisTian TaiTh. The SCA exTencls iTselT oTT campus Th rough The CommuniTy CommiTTee, The World-RelaTedness CommiTTee, ancl The lnTercollegian CommiTTee. Dr. PresTon Roberfs Talks abouT The Greek, Chrisfian, and Modern Themes in liTeraTure EW, -K' Y i M--rw" 7 gf A ' 5- f i ' W' , 1, 3 ,. ' R ..- . , 2 T f Y -iff-4 , f , - . is ,mziwi-,, .fa ' f - " f' ., . 3 :' r ' ,f'p. . . Ljltr' :. 155. e We . , via., Whiz. eM.13-Elsa if. , ,zu W xsYJZ.a4ma,!.w.. Firsf Row: Rachel Carl, Karen Polm, Barbara Hays, Helen Barley, Lynne Bonney, Sue Krum, Nancy Schneider, Sandra Hamm, Carolyn Pufman, Joyce Kendleharf, Pal Mills, Second Row: Barbara Mann, Judy Haldeman, Marilyn Schulfz, Mary Munro, Signe Wagnild, Beverly Vaniel, Linda Koble, Teddi Tichy, Kafhryn Furman, Dorolhy Lloyd, Mary Fisher, Lorraine Bohlander, Third Row: Florence Duckworfh, Elizabeih Burger, Marlene Shilling, Barbara Brown, Delores Liffle, Phyllis Horn, Shirley Fisher, MargueriTe Horn, Rosie Hallman, Lucille Lohmeier, Elaine Bonneff, Maud Russell, Fourfh Row: Eileen Engstrom, Roberf Bullock, Alan Duncan, Vaughn Michouls, Robert Lilfle, Hugo Marfin, Kenneth Reese, Ar? Menfzer, Richard Benlz, Jack Limperf, Howard Feiers, Paul Rodenhauser, Kay Dulin. Fifrh Row: Bill Clark, Edward Peopler, Bruce Frefz, Clayfon Reaser, Ron Webb, Jon Wagnild, Tom Sebring, Nelson Zapf, Hugo Schroeder, Tom Norris, David Greenlund, Edward Palmer, George Boyer, C L E I DIRECTOR PARKER B. WAGNILD The GeTTysburg College Choir has achieved recogniTion as one OT The mosT ouTsTanding choirs in The EasT. Under The direcTion oT Parker B. Wagnild, This sixTy voice body has become an acTiviTy which GeTTysburg College has Taken pride in sponsoring. The Choir, originaTing in l939 wiTh The beginning OT co-educaTion aT GeTTysburg College, has compleTed iTs TwenTy-Third year. AudiTions Tor The enTire sTudenT body are held in The Tall oT each year. This year Pro- Tessor Wagnild has selecTed sixTy-Two sTudenTs Tor membership in The -1r-' Y Choir. Rehearsals are held Tive Times a week wiTh exTra secTional rehears- als once a week. Also, The maioriTy of The Choir members Take voice lessons. Each year The Choir Takes an EasTern Tour sponsored by The College. This year Trom February 2-9, The Choir Traveled norTh and presenTed con- cerTs in Philadelphia, New York CiTy, l-larTTord, New Jersey, and lviary land. During AugusT l957 The Choir represenired The UniTed LuTheran 7 Church oT America, musically, aT The LuTheran World FederaTion As- iiiiiiif sembly held in Minneapolis, MinnesoTa. The Choir members Tlew To lvlin- ,,., ' neapolis and sTayed Tor Tour days aT Augsburg College, l'lere They pre- senTed Three concerTs Tor The members oT The FederaTion and visiTors and l66 were highly acclaimed Tor Their exguisiTe perTormance. 'During The school year The Choir annually presenTs a ChrisTmas ConcerT on HouseparTy Weekend and a concerT in The spring Tor MoThers' Day Weekend. Dur- ing The second semesTer, The Choir presenTs programs in various communiTies surrounding GeTTysburg. This year during The Civil War Comference aT GeTTys- burg, The College Choir parTicipaTed in The opening session oT The conference. The male members oT The Choir sang a group oT shorT melodies wriTTen during The Time oT The War BeTween The STaTes. AT The end oT The program The enTire Choir presenTed "The BaTTle Hymn oT The Republic." AT The annual Choir bangueT held in May, keys are awarded To senior members and To oTher Choir mem- bers who have parTicipaTed in The Choir Tor Two years or more. The choir also enjoys social TuncTions such as seasonal parTies. The GeTTysburg College Choir This year consisTs oT The Tollowing sTudenTs: Sopranos: Barbara Hays, Susan Krum, Karen Polm, Helen Barley, Lynne Booney, Maud Russell, Florence DuckworTh, Lorraine Bohlander, Rachel Carl, Linda Ko- ble, BeTTy Burger, Marlene Shilling, Barbara Brown, Phyllis Horn, Delores LiTTle, Joyce KendleharT, Signe Top: Memories of choir Tour BoTTom: Hurry! The bus is clue in Ten minuTes l l Back To rehearsal afTer a summer of Tun Wagnild, Mary Munro, Judy Haldeman, and Marilyn SchulTz. AlTos: Eileen FngsTrom, Nancy Schneider, DoTTy Lloyd, Sandra Hamm, Mary Fisher, Carolyn PuTman, Barbara Mann, PaT SweigarT, Elaine BonneTT, KaThy PuT- man, Beverly Vaniel, Kav Dulin, MargueriTe Horn, Teddi Tichy, PaT Mills, Lucille Lohmeier, Shirley Fisher, and Rosie Hallman, Tenors: Nelson ZapT, Ken Reese, Dave Greenlund, ArT MenTzer, Howard PeTers, Jack LimperT, Bill Clark, George Boyer, Tom Norris, and Dick BenTz. Basses: ClayTon Reaser, Jon Wagnild, Bob Bullock, Ron Webb, Hugo MarTin, Alan Duncan, Tom Sebring, Ed Palmer, Paul Rodenhauser, Hugo Schroeder, WalTer BaxTer, Bruce FreTz, Ed Peppler, Bob LiTTle, and Vaughn Mickouls. The oTTicers oT The Choir are: Ken Reese, STudenT Manager: Susan Krum, SecreTaryg and Nancy Schneider, Librarian. The TaculTy manager is Dr. Harold Dunkle- burger. The big Three plan The choir Trip GeTTysburg Marching Band sfeps ouT aT BuIIeT halffime GETTYSBURG C OFFICERS BILL MAINE .......,........... PresidenT SARA SCHNEIDER .... ....... V ice PresidenT VIRGINIA KRESSMAN . . . .Corresponding SecreTary JEAN FOELLNER .,.. ,... R ecording SecreTafy JANETLOUISE COOPER . . .....,.. Librarian Mr. DanfeIT plans maneuvers for The coming fooTbaII game CLLEGE BAND This year The band, under The direcTion oT E. Douglas DanTelT, was increased To sixTy marching members, This increase was The resulr oT The band camp, which was held The week prior To OrienTaTion Week, and which was aT- Tended by The sixTy regular band members as well as Thr? subsTiTuTes and The maioreTTes. Besides performing aT TooTball games, The marching band parTicipaTed in many local parades and also in The Army and Air Force ROTC Review held in The spring. The band also led The songs and cheers during pep rallies. The maioreTTes Tor The marching band were Dawn Burg, NaTional BaTon Twirling Champion, who performed dur- ing The halT-Time shows aT The TooTbaIl games, Sandy Snyder, Bonnie Banlcerl, Barbara Borlce, Barbara Brown. and Kae Meyer. The "BulleHes", who led lhe band down The field al lhe games were Rachel Carl and Sue Miclcley. Don lvlallhias was lhe sludenl leader for lhe marching band. lmmedialely following lhe gridiron season, rehearsals began for The Concerl Band. This organizalion numbers approximalely lorly-l'iv.e and includes many ol lhe reg- ular members ol lhe marching band. The band held ils lirsl concerl lor lhe College in March and parlicipaled in lhe May Day leslivilies. Concerls were also given in neighboring high schools, including Weslminsler and Chambersburg. Dawn Burg, our drum maiorelle, flashes her winning smile Firsl' Row: Jean Foellner, John Maier, Larry Eggleslon, Belly Ryder, Margo Schrack, Vida Helms, April Nelson, Second Row: Sue Graul, Alfa Lesher, Helen Berkey, Sam Nlelazzo, Warren Eshbach, Larry Miller, Sue Sfoddard, Sara Schneider, Dolly Miller. Third Row: Janellouise Cooper, Barry Kershner, John Firm- sfone, Bill LeCounl, Phyl Boyer, Dave Klepper, Bernie Blumensfine, Jane Young. Fourfh Row: Don Malfhias, Gil Toglis, Ron Paul, Dave Schafanoff, Annabelle Gouker, Lawrence Wood, Ginny Kressman, Harold Wrighf, Bob Kelly, Bill Fifzkee, Bill Maine. Fiflh Row: Joyce Hamm Elsner, Ted Johnson, Nina Grove, Dave Benneff, Dick Royer, Ralph Wood, Mr. Douglas Danfelt, direcror. 169 Firsf Row: Barbara Burkharl, Becky Slolerbeck, Nancy Hood, Joan Wachob, Maryellen Reinsmifh. Second Row: Sue Brilcher, Phyllis Hicks, Carol Burchfield, Marilyn Schalick, Ellen Billheimer, Sue Ruby, Jean Brown, Casey Cusiv, Ann Sfelser, Carol Lunn, Marie Leonard, Joan Kafz. lNlkA Every woman sludenr is a voling member of 'rhe Women's Alhlelic Associalion, whose pur- pose is ro promole lhe women's inlramural and varsily alhlelic program. The aclual business of lhe organizalion is conducled by lhe board composed of lhe oilicers, corresponding represenlalives and lhe sporls managers, represenling borh varsiry and inlramural sporls. The responsibililies of lhe board are rhe arrangemenl ol lhe inlramural program and managemenl ol lhe poinl syslem. The girls receive poinls for parriciparion in individual or leam sporls, and an accurnulalion ol lhe required number of poinls qualifies lhe girls for WAA awards. WAA also awards lhe All Sporls Trophy lo lhe living group accumulaling lhe mosl poinls from vicrories and parlicipalion in all inlra- mural sporls. Firsl' Row: Jim Apple, Dick Lilly, Wall McGowan, Coy Yingsf, Dave Helrick, Marly Hoffner, Jack Haihaway, Sian Musser. Second Row: Andy Leh, Riller Smiih, Don Emich, Dave Sal- berg, Dick Slravolo, Larry Leidel, Barry Kunkel, Paul Nonas, George Pofler. Third Row: Wall' Melnick, Barkley Boyd, George Greiner, Bucky Walfers, Frank Capifani, George Billman, Del Warfel, Ted Parsons. Fourlh Row: Dick Ford, Jim Flood, Bob Walsack, Don Herman, Dick Rowan, Dave Yohn, Frank Grzelecki, Sian Traymore, Paul Brunell. 170 G-CLUB The G-Club was formed lasl spring by a group of varsily arhleles. The club's purpose is lo work wilh lhe alhlelic deparrmenr lo pro- more school spiril ancl lo give 'rhe members a chance lo work logelher in a social group. All varsily lellermen or parlicipanls in 751, of minor sporls conlesls are given a bid lo rhe club. Because if is a new group. rhe club's main iob lhis year was lo plan ils lulure program. Anolher goal is lhe promolion of scholarship and leadership among lhe members by means of an annual award lo lhe alhleie ouslanding in scholarship and leadership. Among lhe acliviries planned are social evenls, such as picnics and dances lor The lef- lermen. The group also plans lo work wilh high schools 'ro presenl alhleles lo speak lo all inleresred sludenls. IRC The lnTernaTional RelaTions Club brings The ouTside world To sTudenTsg iT sTrives To con- TribuTe To The advancemenT oT Treedom and To make currenT evenTs more meaningTul. MeeTings are held Twice monThly and are open To all inTeresTed sTudenTs. AT several oT These meeTings, ouTsTanding spealcers and Tilms -obTained largely Trom embassies, The UniTed NaTions, and The gove-rnmenT-are presenTed. AT oTher meeTings There are opporuniTies Tor sTudenT parTicipaTion in panels and in discus- sions. PerTinenT Topics such as "Communism and ChrisT" or The sTudenT rebellion in Hun- gary are Typical discussion subiecTs. One oT The year's highlighTs was The annual ChrisTmas buTTeT supper and The presenTaTion oT an enTerTaining Toreign Tilm. AnoTher high- lighT was The Trip Talcen To WashingTon, DC., To observe The governmenT in acTion. As a special proiecT, The club sold cards and noTes To raise money Tor UNTCETZ. The InTernaTional RelaTions Club of GeTTysburg College PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB The Physical EducaTion Majors' Club, which is proTessional in naTure, Tries To give iTs mem- bers ideas and lessons which cannoT be TaughT in class. All sTudenTs who are Phys. Ed. maiors are members. MeeTings are held once a monTh aT which Time programs are presenTed and plans are made Tor parTicipaTion in many school and communiTy proiecTs. One special proiecT was The canvassing oT The enTire Town by The club members during The CommuniTy ChesT drive. AnoTher service proiecT was The annual ChrisT- mas parTy held aT The reTarded childrens school. Two OT The big money-raising proiecTs This year were The presenTaTion oT The EasT STrouds- burg GyrnnasTic Team in February and The annual waTer show which was enTirely sTudenT direcTed and produced. The Physical Educafion maiors of GeTTysburg College 171 Firsl' Row: Miss Lois Kadel, Cynlhia Black, Linda Perissi, Ann Broderick, Virginia Kressiman, Rulh Evans, Sue Dillmar, Yoko lshikawa, Sally Benner, Nancy Hawbecker, Second Row: Grelchen Georg, Peggy Slnnoll, Barbara Beers, Shirley Burkerl, Beverly Mears, Julie Geller, Donna Brogan, Carolanne Hoffman, Sally Sleller. Third Row: Lois Brobsl, Sara Schneider, Jean Foellner, Jo Zenlmyer, Carol Reed, Helen Gilberl, Judy Remp, Louise Schilpp, Florence Heckman. Fourlh Row: Richard Krebs, Clyde Mummerl, Bob Mann, Jack Sankey, Bill Boddinglon, Jim Fisher, John Dill, Bill Swisher, Guy Edminslon, Art Seeback, Larry Cameron, George Ferry. CHAPEL CHOIR The chapel choir, under lhe direclion ol Miss Lois Kadel, is composed ol lilly voices. The choir rehearses every Monday allernoon and lakes parl in lhree ol lhe lour weekly chapel periods as well as in presenling a com- plele Thanksgiving and Lenlen program and parlicipaling in special services, such as lhe College Communion, Sunday Evening Vespers, Religious Emphasis Week Services, and Par' enls' Weekend Services. Tryouls, as announced by Miss Kadel, are conducled al lhe begin- ning ol each school year lor any sluclenls who are inleresled in singing and leading worship services. Firsf Row: Nancy Kessler, Annabelle Gouker, Warren Esbach, Sara Schneider, Charles Mac- Donough, Larry Egqlesfon. Second Row: John Mozar, Jean Foellner, Vida Helms, April Nelson, Judy Levine. Third Row: Ron Paul, Bob Kelly, Bill Maine, Larry Miller, Sam Milauok, Sally Africa. Fourfh Row: Mr. Danfell, direclor, and Janeflouise Cooper. 172 COLLEGE ORCHESTRA The College Symphonelle is under lhe leadership ol E. Douglas Danlell who, also is direclor ol lhe college marching band and ol lhe college concerl band. This year lhe Sym- phonelle consisls ol lwenly-lhree pieces. The Symphonelle presenled a Spring Con- cerl and parlicipaled in olher college aclivilies al Gellysburg as well as olher schools. A slring quarlel and a chamber music group, which is composed ol all lhe slrings in lhe Syrnphonelle, also parlicipaled in aclivilies on lhe campus. SQCIOLOGY CLUB To encourage inreresi in sociology and social research, rc familiarize iis members wiih vocalional opporluniries and graduale work, lo promole srudy in social condilions, ro en- gage in social welfare proiecls, and ro establish discussion groups are ihe purposes of lhe Sociology Club. Dr. Avery Sheaiier is acring advisor for lhe club. The oiiicers are: Pal Rudisill, Presidenlg Alice Klewer, Vice-Presidenlq Bar- bara Deeiz, Secrelary-Treasurer, and Sally Jacobs, Program Chairman. Seated: Alice Klewer, Pal Rudisill, Barbara Deeiz, Sarah Jacobs. Slanding: Karen Polm, Elsa Skare, Charles Charles, Phyllis Wagner, Roy Miller, Bonnie Bankerf, Charlolle Way, Woodrow Call, Rose Hallman, Charles Baier, Sue Opperman, Mr. Avery Schaeffer, Carol Eckman, Liz Schreiner. YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB The Young Republican Club is open lo all srudenls who are inleresled in ioining. The meeiings are held The second Wednes- day oi every monih To promore and explain lhe Republican Parry and iis plaliorms. This year rhe Young Republicans worked under lhe Theme ol: "Wha+ is Republicanism?" The officers oi lhe club are: Ted Soisiman, Presidenr, Dave l-lelrick, Vice-Presidenig Jeannerre Woodrow, Recording Sec- relary, Lyn Zwahl, Corresponding Secrelaryq Dave Shelly, Treasurer: and Sally Shirk, Wal? Topoiski and Jack Pawlowski, Publicilv. First Row: Richard Reusch, Bob Kunsman, George Brooks, Norman Wampler, Charles Beck, Dave Shelly. Second Row: Jack Pawlowski, Jane Donley, Peg Long, Meg Huellenreiler, Jeanefle Woodrow, Sally Shirlr, Wall Topolski, Lyn Zwahl, Arloe Olsen, Bob Ralhrnan, Dave Herrick, Ted Soislman. The Student Committee on Conduct and Activities The Siudenl Commiriee on Conducr and Aclivilies handles all cases involving violations of school policy, such as drinking and immoralily. ll also handles all cases involving violarions oi lo'wn, slare, or iederal laws. This commiliee, which is iunclioning on a rrial basis lor a period oi one semesler, is composed ol rhe Srudenl Senale Presidenl, chairman: The Presidenl' oi lFC, rhe presidenrs of rhe various organizalions on campus, and lhe Tour class pres- idenls. The Dean reads rhe iacls iirsl 'lo lhe commiilee and rhen before The accused. Minures are raken al every meering and are lrepl on file in ihe Deans office. The results oi 'rhe deliberf alion are posled on rhe bullerin board and published in rhe Gellysburgian. Aclion Taken on maior violalions is reviewed by The Deans and rhe Presidenrg chearinq is reviewed by Pres- idenl Paul and his iacully advisors. Firsl Row: Carcla Machelzki, Ada Lou Kreider, Maryellen Rein- smilh, Bonnie Bankerf, Judy Slolerbeck. Second Row: Bob Lecher, Bill Sieirer, Harper Bohr, Bill Conway. Third Row: Roy Miller, Dave Kessler, Larry Gaenzle, Bucky Kemplon. 'Y 4 X-41 1' ' vgmxqi .Nam GOVERNMENT CLUB Crealing an inleresl' in governmenlal affairs by discussion of local and naiional affairs is ihe main purpose of lhe Governmenl Club. This year ihe group mer lwice a monih 'ro formulale bills io be broughr lo 'rhe Model Nalional Congress held every spring ai' an l.G.C. Convenlion. Besides having such polilical leaders as Senalor Douglas Elliol for guesl speakers, The years aciivilies also included a region- al nominaiion commiilee meeling, Officers of ihe Governmenl Club are: Dave Herrick, Presidenig Charles Beck, Vice-Presidenig Janel l-loenniger, Recording Secrelaryg Jane Don- ley, Corresponding Secrelary, and John l'lock, Treasurer. Firsl Row: Dave Helrick, Presidenlg Jane Donley, Corresponding Sec- refaryg Janef Hoenningar, Recording Secrelary, John Hock, Treasurer, Norman Wamplerg Charles Beck, Vice-President. Second Row: Clyde Grimm, Marlon Mailman, Milton Umbanhauer, Kwang So Kim, Ann Broderick, Ann Forgie, Ted Soisfmann, Phil Damon, Ted Parsons, Rich Anaslasi. Third Row: Dr, Chesler Jarvis, Jeff Langsam, Joe Arnold, Andy Leh, John Geiser, George Brooks, Frank Grzeleclri, Wall Mc- Gowan, Riffer Smifh, Pele Cockshaw, Slan Traymore, Fred Walker, Bob Kunsman. PRE-MINISTERIA ASSOCIATION Members aclive in ihis group are lhose sludenls who are inleresled in church work or in lhe minisiry. The group meels on lhe firsl Wednesday of every monlh 'ro discuss lhe religious problems facing lo- day's human sociely, The associalion aids ihe local churches and sponsors ihe College Fellowship Pro- gram each Sunday morning. Serving as officers are: John Cochran, Presidenl: .Fred Welzel, Vice-Presidenrg Tom MacDougal, Cor- responding Secrelaryg and Charles Baier, Recording Secrelary. Firsf Row: Leonard Knapp, Charles Baier, Tom McClellan, John Coch- ran, Tom MacDougal, Roland Perez. Second Row: Ed' Miller, Jerry Krum, Howard Beagle, Don Miller, John Wenzlre, Ed Peppler, Fred Reisz, Larry Cameron. Third Row: Ron Peirson, Sleve Williamson, Charles Ziegler, John Haflery, Ray Philes, Ed Voqelsong. PANISH CLUB The Spanish Club meeis informally every Monday during chapel period and is under lhe supervision of Professor Guillermo Barriga. The purpose of rhis group is 'ro acquainl 'lhose sludenls inleresled in Spanish wilh lhe polilical, social, and economic con- dilions of lhe Spanish speaking counlries. All lhe conversaiion of 'rhe organizalion is in Spanish. Pro- grams include guesi speakers, speeches by-members, and playing games, such as "Twenly Queslions. Elaine Mook, Marilyn Gnanr, Clem Peiren, Professor Barriga, Belly Johnson, Bob Howell. Tn' 3 First Row: Lynn Louden, Dr. Robert Fortenbaugh, Dr, John S. Glen, Dr, Frederick Shaffer, Dr, Howard C, Long, Dr. Charles A. Sloat, Dr. Charles H. Glattelter. Second Row: Donald Holland, Bitsy Owens, Kevin Thomas, John Kirst, Kenneth Anderson, Barbara Bogue, Dr. Robert D. Barnes. Third Row: Dr. Basil L. Crapster, Mr, David Weaner, Elaine Bonnet, Phyllis Ball, Jo Ann Sherman, Ada Lou Kreider, James Deichert. Fourth Row: Dr. Francis C, Mason, Mr. Louis Hammann, Dr. Harold Dunkelberger, Mr. Robert H, Trone, Dr. Freda L. Towsend, Mr. Robert Held. Fifth Row: Mr. Edwin D. Freed, Mr. Herbert G. Hamme. IBET K PP First Row: Dr. W. Frederick Shatter, president: Dr. Charles A. Sloat, vice- ' ' , ' president. Second Row: Dr. Charles H. Glatfelter, secretaryg Dr. Howard This year 5 iolval OT mneieen Semol-S were elecled lo C. Long, treasurer. Phi Beta Kappa, national honorary society, The students were selected by the taculty members ot Phi Beta Kappa on the basis ot intellectual and moral leadership, a broad general culture, and a distinguished academic record. Those selected tor membership this year are: Lynn Louden, Don Holland, Barbara Boque, George Rohr- baugh, Jr., Ada Lou Kreider, John Kirst, Phyllis Ball, Ken- neth Anderson, JoAnn Sherman, Elaine Bonnett, Kevin Thomas, Bitsy Owens, James Deichert, Sara Clouser, Robert Carson, Ronald Staub, Joseph Kochenderter, Carol Long Pennington, and Robert Register. The present otticers ot the Gettysburg chapter ot Phi Beta Kappa are: Dr. W. Frederick Shatter, president: Dr. Charles A. Sloat, vice-president: Dr. Charles l-t. Glat- telter, secretary: and Dr, Howard C. Long, treasurer. 175 Aa. . Q...-V, 'TZ 37' '77 KAPPA DELTA EPSILON Kappa Delta Epsilon, the national women's edu- cational honorary, meets to discuss the problems, opportunities, and responsibilities of teaching, An overall B average and the presentation of a pledge paper are required for membership, This year the group was hostess to the KDE Northeast Regional Convention. Mrs. Lester O. Johnson is the advisor. The present officers are Lyn Zwahl, President: Beclcy Sloterbeclc, Vice-President: Joanne Sherman, Secre- tary-Treasurer. First Row: Margaret Huettenreiterg Jon Ann Shermang Lyn Zwahlg Judy Sloterbeckg Jean Browng Mrs. Lester Johnson, Advisor. Second Row: Cynthia Blackg Beatrice Spotfordg Marilyn Gnantg Mary Fishery Jeanette Woodrow. Third Row: Barbara Deetzg Nancy Wagner: Phyllis Hicksg Eunie Elwoodg Margie Claytong Peg Long. KAPPA PHI KAPPA Kappa Phi Kappa, the national educational hon- orary for men, meets to hear various spealcers and to discuss the problems in the field of education. ln cooperation with KDE the fraternity sponsors the annual Fathers Day and Mothers Day weelcends. Professor Lester O. Johnson is the the advisor. The current officers are Robert Barlcley, President: War- ren Buclcler, Vice-President: Eranlc Capitani, Secre- tary: Diclc Jungles, Treasurerg Bob Gladney, His- torian. First Row: Lester O. Johnson, Advisorg Warren Bucklerg Dick Junglesg Bob Barkley. Second Row: Stan Musserg William Swisherg Bob Swenseng Vincent Annichiarico. PI DELTA EPSILON Students who have served for at least one year on a campus publication, or who have been active in WWGC are eligible for membership in Pi Delta Epsilon, the national journalism fraternity. This year the fraternity sent two representatives, Lyn DeLoca and Roy Miller, to the National Conference at Cor- nell. lvlrs. Kathrine Taylor is the advisor. The present officers are Paul Collins, President: Lyn DeLoca. Vice-President: Sue Krum, Secretary-Treasurer. First Row: Lyn DeLocag Joan Doyleg Susan Krum. Second Row: Ada Lou Kreiderg Peg Longg Mary Fisher. Third Row: Bill Steirerg Roy Millerg Donald Haas. DELTA PHI ALPHA A B average in aT leasT Twelve semesTer hours oT German is required Tor membership in DelTa Phi Alpha, The naTional German honorary, which aims To promoTe The appreciaTion OT The German lan- guage and culTure. lTs evenTs This year included a speech by The German ambassador, Dr. William Sundermeyer is The advisor. The presenT oTiicers are RoberT Swenson, President RuTh Clegg, Vice-Presie denT: Meg l-lueTTenreiTer, SecreTary, Jack Sage, Treasurer. Firsf Row: Sally Williamson, Jack Sage, Marqarel- Hueffenreifer, Roberf Swensen, Rufh Clegg, Befsy Johnson. Second Row: Marie Leonard, Diana Brehl, Roberl Renlschler, Lois Brobsf, Frederick C. Ahrens, Advisor, Third Rowz. Jim Zerbe, Bob Howell, Joy Sleidle, Eileen Engsfrom. Fourlh Row: Karl Johnson, John Beniamin. ET SIGMA PHI ETa Sigma Phi, The naTional Greek and LaTin hon- orary, whose purpose is The promoTion oT inTeresT and appreciaTion in The classics, requires a B average in six semesTer hours oT Greek or LaTin Tor member- ship. The monThly meeTings TeaTure guesT speakers and discussions. Dr. Shalzler is The group's advisor. Curreni oTTicers are Ada Lou Kreider, PresidenT: ArThur Seeback, Vice-PresidenT, Margie ClayTon, SecreTary, Norman Gindlesberger, Treasurer. First Row, Shirley Burkerl, Barbara J. Brown, J. Arlhur Seebach Jr., Ada Lou Kreider, Margaret Schrack, Dr, John G, Glenn, Advisor. Second Row: Mary Louise Hiqgons, John F. Miller Ill, Jo'-Ann ZenT- myer, ScoTT Tully, Third Row: Bill Sfeirerg Charles Ziegler, Charles Richlerg Thomas Theall. FourTh Row: John Wenlke, John Ulrich, Robert Swensen, Ron Peirson. PHI SIGMA IOTA Phi Sigma loTa is The naTional TraTerniTy Tor sTu- denTs who have achieved a B average in Two years oT a Romance language course. lTs purpose is To TurTher undersTanding beTween our naTion and Those naTions speaking Romance languages, and To en- courage individual research in This Tie-ld. Dr. Alberi- Bachman is The advisor To The group. PresenT oTTicers are Don l-Tolland, Presideniy Proiessor William l-larT- shorne, Vice-PresidenT, Ellen Billheimer, SecreTary- Treasurer. Eileen Enqslrom, Sally Clouser, Jeanefle Woodrow, Don Holland, Ellen Billheimer, Sara Schneider, Marqarel Schrack. PSI CHI Psi Chi is fhe nafional psychology honorary for psychology majors and fhose faking advanced courses in fhe science, who have a B average in fwelve semesfer hours of Psychology. Monfhly meef- ings include films and lecfures on psychology and fhe edifing of a bi-semesfer newspaper. The ad- visor is Dr, Kennefh L. Smoke. The currenf officers are Donald l-laas, Presidenfq Barbara Bogue, Vice- Presidenfg Edna Grommisch, Secrefaryg Ronald Paul, Treasurer, Firsl Row: Kennefh L, Smoke, Advisor: Pafricia Mackeng Lynne Bon- neyg Ronald L. Paulg Donald A. Haas, Barbara Bogueg Mary Fisher, Eunie Elwoodg Jeaneffe Woodrow, Second Row: Janel Leighfg Sandra Josephg Mary Ann Dresherg Didi Larkin, Third Row: Carole Eckmani Lois Brobsfg Sara Schneiderg Alice Klewer, Fourfh Row: Norma Wie- Iandg Dolly Lloyd1 Bonnie Bankerf. Fiflh Row: Susan Krumg Bilsy Owens. Sixfh Row: Don Mafhiasg Ben Paullg John Kellowg Larry Cameron. Sevenfh Row: Charles E. Plallg Edward Oslranderg Georqe Louserg Ronald Peirson. PI LAMBDA SIGMA Pi Lambda Sigma is fhe nafional frafernify for Economics and Polifical Science majors who have achieved a B average in fhose sciences. Advised by Professor Philip Johnson and Professor Chesfer Jar.- vis, fhe group hears speakers on fhe currenf prob- lems of business and governmenf, and discusses such problems af fheir monfhly meefings. The presenf officers are Bob l-laar, Presidenfy Bill Neff, Vice- Presidenfq Ann Forgie, Secrefaryy Mark Sibley, Treasurer. First Rowg Janel Hoenniqerg Beverly J. Vanielg Ann Forgieg Mark Sibley, Bob Haarg Joy Sleidjeg Lyn Zwahlg Marlene Strayer. Second Row: Thomas Theallg Clyde Grimm, Will Bealeg Donald Boyer. Third Row: John K, Williamsg E. Millon Gussg Andrew Lehq Reynold Hand- werk. Fourlh Row: Karl Johnsong Carl C. Bohnerg Bud Moore: George Louserg Dielrick Wahlers. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA The nafional philosophy frafernify, Alpha Kappa Alpha, is available fo all sfudenfs wifh a B average in six semesfer hours of philosophy. The bi-nnonfhly meefings include guesf speakers and discussions on fhe various phases of modern culfure. The advisors are Dr. Norman Richardson and Professor Richard Schubarf. Currenf officers are Lynn Louden, Presi- denf: John l-lenschen, Vice-Presidenfg Janef Varner. Secrefaryg Bill Boddingfon, Treasurer. Firsl Row: Dr. Norman Richardson, Lynn Loudeng John Henscheng Dr. W. Richard Schubarl. Second Row: Bernie Schriverg George Baker, Edmund Miller, John Wenzkeg Barbara Bogueg Herb Payne. PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha TheTa is The naiional honorary TraTern- iTy Tor hisTory majors and Those Taking advanced hisTory courses. who have mainiained a B average in Twelve semesTer hours OT The subjecT. This year The group assisTed in reqisTraTion and in The Civil War Program. The Advisor oT Phi Alpha TheTa is Dr. Basil CrapsTer, PresenT oTTicers are Ken Ander- son, President RoberT KauTTman, Vice-PresidenT: BiTsy Owens, SecreTary, Dr. RoberT Bloom. Treasurer. F-irsl Row: Dr. Basil Crapsler, Advisor, Bob Kauffman, Bifsy Owens, Ken Anderson, Roy Miliner, Second Row: Dr, C. H, Glaffelfor, Robert Philson, Dr. Roberi L. Bloom, Guy Edmisfon, Jr., Dr, Roberf Forfen- bauqh. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Alpha Phi Omega. The naTional TraTerniTy Tor Tormer Boy ScouTs, sTrives To serve The sTudenT body, TaculTy, communiiy, and naTion. The advisors To The group are Dr. William Duck, Dean Ramsey Jones, Dr. Charles GlaTTelTer, and Dr. James Gil- Tord. Oillicers are Dean Sell, PresidenT, Charles Charles, FirsT Vice-PresidenT, Roger Fleming, Sec- ond Vice-PresiclenT, Ted SchaeTTer, Recording Sec- reTary, Fred RiTTer, Corresponding SecreTary, Rush Barr. Treasurer. Firsf Row: Paul Snowman, A, Belling Burroughs ll, Noel Richards, Roger Fleming, Dean Sell, Charles J, Charles, Thomas F. Crain, William C. Pursch. Second Row: W. Ramsay Jonas, Advisor, David L. Bennetf, Duke Wallace, Thomas Green, Don Reiharf, Edgar L, Mc- Cleaf, Jr., Alan Baurofh, Fred Rilfer, Jr., Dick Erdley, Bill Adams, Bill Fassbender, Dr. C. H. Glalfeller, Third Row: Jack Sankey, David Walker, Ralph Dendler, Edward Donnald, John Baer, Lowell Reinhardl, Rush Barr, Paxfor Edwerlh E, Korle, ALPHA PSI OMEGA Alpha Psi Omega, The naTional dramaTic TraTern- iTy, aims To promoTe a sincere appreciaTion oT The TheaTre, Membership requiremenTs include one major role, Three minor roles, or a suTTicenT amounT of commiTTee worlc. The group in cooperaTion wiTh Owl and NighTingale, sponsored a melodrama Tor FoThers' Day Weekend. ProTessor Harry F. Bolich is The advisor. PresenT oTTicers are Elaine Derham, President JaneT l-loenniger, SecreTary, Larry John' son. Treasurer. Fin? Row: Carolyn Doehne, Phyllis Hicks, Janef Hoeninger, Bifsy Owens, Eunle Elwood, Second Row, Roy Miller, Jerry L, Jackson, Advisor, David Walker. SIGMA PI SIGMA The nafional physics frafernify, Sigma Pi Sigma, is open fo physics maiors who have achieved a B average in Twelve hours of physics. The purpose of fhe group is 'lo promofe high scholarship and a sin- cere inferesf in fhe science. Dr. Howard Long and Dr. Richard Mara are fhe fral'ernify's advisors. Pres- enf officers are George Rohrbaugh, Presidenfg Dave Kessler, Vice-Presidenf, Joyce Poffer, Secrefary, William Langans, Treasurer. Firsl Row: Lin Pofler, Dave Kessler: George Rohrbaugh, Bill Langhans. Second Row: Donald Lawverg Alvie Spencer, Roy Roberls, Ron Berk- lile, Michael Garman, Joseph Kochenderferg Lesler Poffeigerg J. Arfhur Seebachg William Werlman. BETA BETA BETA Befa Befa Befa, The nafional biology honorary has a fhree-fold purpose: sfimulafion of sound schol- arship, dispersion of scienfific knowledge, and pro- mofion of biological research. Tri Be+a Rho-ver, The monfhly newspaper published by fhe frafernify, in- forms fhe members of The lafesf biological develop- menfs. Professor l-larold Messer is fhe honorary's advisor. Officers are William Reiss, Presidenf, Paul Rodenhauser, Vice-Presidenf, Marilyn Divan, Secre- fary. Firsl Row: Jed Goldsfein, Ralph Carrulhersg Jack Moore, Don Gule- kunslg Dick Ford, Karl Slofko, Herb Rigberg. Second Row: Dave Helrickg John Farquhar, John Beniaming John Wilson, Harold M. Messer, Advisor, Marilyn Divan, William D. Reiss, Paul C. Rodenhauserg George Thomas, Lyn DeLoca. Third Row: Earl Bowen, Maryellen Reinsmifh, Chris Good, Margie Schulerg Judy Schaub, Anne Wilson, Elizabelh Brown, Sandra Amundsen, Sally Skomsky, Pal Mills, Jean Glockerg Ann Slefserg Jan Perlillo, David Franz, Rod Laylon, Fourth Row: Howard Worfs, Slephen Bishop, Wall Topolskig Marly Fink, Sam Walker, Charles MacDonouqh, Kalhryn Eilerg Jacob Trimmer. SCEPTICAL CHYMISTS Scepfical Chymisfs, a member of The lnfercol- legiafe Sfudenf Chemisls, is a local chemisfry hon- orary open fo chemisfry majors or fhose wifh fhree years of chemisfry, lf keeps ifs members informed of fhe lafesf advancemenfs in chemisfry fhrough regu- lar meefings feafuring speakers, movies, and pledge falks by prospecfive members. Dr. C. Allen Sloaf advises fhe group. The presenf officers are Vorrie lvlacom, Presidenf, Bobbie Plamrner, Secrefary, Jack Kline, Treasurer. Firsl Row: Steve Bishop, Vorrie Macomg Bobbie Flammer, Dr, C, A. Sloal, Advisor, Jack Kline, Jeff Kahler. Second Row: Judith Keyes, Kay Horner, Anne Heckler, Marie Leonard, John Beuchler, Ed Schneider. Third Row: Ron Berklifeg Bill Wunner, Joe Arcesi, Ralph Dendler, Mike F-inck, Dick Simpson, Dick Lilly, Vaughn Mickouls. SCABBARD AND BLADE Scabbard and Blade, lhe nalional honorary Tor sludenls in lhe advanced Army ROTC who have a B average in mililary courses, slrives lo promole inleresl and a beller underslanding ol lhe ROTC program in lhe communily. Advisors are Caplain Francis G. l-lall and Lieulenanl-Colonel Roberl M. Beechinor. Currenl olllicers are Larry L. Lehman, Presidenlg Charles W. Beachem, Vice-Presidenl: John P, lvlallhews, Secrelaryg Ronald E. Fink, Treas- urer. Firsr Row: Ll, Col. R. M, Beechinor, Jr.g John R. Maflhewsg Larry L. Lehmang Ronald E. Fink: Capf. Francis G. Hall, Advisor, Second Row: Thomas Lawlerg R. Hugo Marling Dick Simpson: Donald Hallauerg Ronald Schueffeg Ben Buckley, Third Row: Ken Shockleyg William Diehlg Bob Tagqarfg John L, Geiserg William Enferlineg Gary Seuferf. ASSOCIATION OF THE U. . ARMY The A.U.S.A., a new associalion ol lhe Uniled Slales Army, was organized al Oellysburg College December 7, l957 'lor lhe discussion ol mililary lechnigues. Lieulenanl-Colonel Roberl M. Beechinor is lhe advisor lo lhis group. The oilicers are l-lenry Coyne, Caplainq Donald l-lallauer, Firsl Lieulenanlg Gary Seuferl, Second Lieulenanlg Ronald Nilzsche, Firsl Sergeanl. F-irsl Row: John P. Maffhewsg Donald W. Hallauerg Lr. Col. R. M. Beechinor, Advisor, Ronald E. Finkg Gary L. Seuferl. Second Row: Richard S, Royerg Thomas Lawlerg Bruce E. Hamillong William C. Purschg Alan Baurolhg Ken Rauchg Don Wilsong Robert Neher, Third Row: Bob Whyleg Roberr Carson, Henry F. Coyneg Bob Taggart, George A, Rhoads, Jr.: Larry L. Lehmang Norman R. Kearg Ronald Nirzsche. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY The Arnold Air Sociely, a nalional honorary lor advanced Air Force ROTC sludenls having a B average in lhe AFROTC program, has as ils mis- sion: lhe promolion of social service, service lo caclel corps, and lhe promolion ol social aclivilies for members. Officers are Wall Palmer, Squadron Commander: John Beniamin, Execuliveg William Neil, Adiulanl: Slephen B. Sloclc, Complrollerg Sian lvlusser, Public Relalionsg Ed lvlarsen, Operalionsy Roberl l-laar, Flighl Coordinalor. Firsr Row: Slanlon Musserg John Beniaming Edward Mardseng Walter Palmer: William Neff, Second Row: Slephen Sfockg David Kessler: Richard Fordg Kenneth Sfeiniharferg Ll. Col, Marfin Pelers, Advisor. ARMY DRILL TEAM The Army Drill Team, appearing in Their new aggressor uniTorms, in April I957 aT- Tained eighTh place in The NaTional Drill Com- peTiTion during The Cherry Blossom FesTival in WashingTon, D.C, The Team, This year also, won awards in York and I-lagersTown and lasT year achieved TirsT place in Hanover, York, Biglerville, and HagersTown. In May The group parTicipaTed in The Apple Blossom FesTival in WinchesTer, Virginia. James Apple is The CadeT Commander. Gary SeuTerT and James DeThleTsen are The CadeT LieuTenanTs. The Team, which has been organized on campus Tor seven years, is ad- vised by CapTain Beirne and SFC A. T. Marksberry. AIR DRILL TEAM The Air Drill Team, composed oT volunTeer members Trom Air Force ROTC program, ap- peared This year carrying new riTles and wearing new super saber uniTorms and helmeTs. Advised by CapTain Monroe D. ZarTman, The Team compeTed lasT spring againsT uniTs Trom all secTions oT The counTry aT The annual Cherry Blossom .FesTival in WashingTon, D.C. In iTs TiTTh year on campus, The squadron, headed by Mike McConnell, Cader Com- mander: Phil ShulTz, ExecuTive OTTicerg Bill SheTTer, AdiuTanTg Dick Wagner, FlighT Com- mander, won TirsT place in drill compeTiTion aT NewporT. ARMY RIFLE TEAM The Army RiTle Team, which is sponsored by The Army ROTC, is composed OT TiTTeen cadeTs. The Team, which shooTs approximaTely eighTeen maTches during The year, won eighTy per cenT OT Them in l956. ln March, under The leadership oi Team CapTain, Donald l-lallauer, The cadeTs Tired in The lnTercollegiaTe lvlairches aT Annapolis. All members who Tire qualifying scores in a maTch are awarded NaTional Rifle AssociaTion keys. Advised by CapTain Francis G. l-lall and coached by SergeanT Bobbie Dove, The Team parTicipaTed This year in The Second Army lvlaTch and in The Randolph-l-lursT Trophy lvlaTch, Firsl Row: Ronald Krallg Harold McElroyg John Prilschg Donald Hallauerg Gordon Muschg Sfc, Bobby L, Dove, Second Row: Charles Lenlzg David Bolleflg William Purschg Gerald Kolhoff. Third Row: John Maqorg Edwin Egeland: Charles Bafchelerg Charles Bose. AIR FORCE RIFLE TEAM To qualify Tor The Air Force RiTle Team, a cadeT rnusT achieve a score oi 240 ouT oT a possible 300 while lying prone, kneeling, and sTanding. This year The Team, which is spon- sored by The Air Force ROTC, Tired againsi' The UniversiTy of PiTTsburgh, George Washing- Ton UniversiTy, and againsT Penn STaTe on The GeTTysburg College Tiring range. Under The leadership of Team CapTain, Paul STahl, The Team compeTed in Ten maTches including The Randolph-l-lursT Trophy MaTch in November. The group usually ends iTs season wiTh a field Trip, which lasT year included Florida. Sergeanlr Richard Walker is The coach, and CapTain Monroe D. ZarTman is The OTTicer-in- Charge. Firsf Row: Roberl Coidierg Richard Smiih. Second Row: Paul Slahl, Jr.g Curtis Luckenbillg Cleve Laird: Jerry Rhoads, Third Row: MfSgl, James Walkerg David Walker: Laurence Johnsong William Bear. 22 LK. lk Us 321 as if 'E 3.2 JE 5 E ii 2 Z2 52 :E S 5 if 2 5 S ka , ff-www-wx , wu1mk-M N, -M-Mmm annum, -, W , ,. W-w ff, W - W aww x-wwz-Wwvwg Km1wm eelzs Beclry gives las? minuTe insTrucTions Chi O pledges wifh Their Owl H' iii: OFHCERS ELLEN BILLHEIMER .... ...... P residenT BETTY TALBOTT ...... ..... V ice-PresidenT FLORENCE DUCKWORTH . ..,. Recording Secretary HALO WINES ...... . . .Corresponding SecreTary BARBARA BOGUE . . . ......... Treasurer BARBARA FLAMMER . . . . .Pledge Trainer NORMA WIELAND . . . . . Rush Chairman Tau DelTa chapTer OT Chi Omega was issued iTs charTer aT GeTTysburg on January 9, I937. As a naTional sororiTy, Chi Omega was Tounded on April 5, l895 aT The UniversiTy oT Arkansas in EayeTTeville, Arkansas, and aT The presenT Time has IZO chapTers. lTs colors are cardinal and sTraw, and The Tlower oT Chi Omega is The whiTe carnaTion. The Eleusis is iTs naTional publicaTion. As an annual service proiecT The Chi O's give a ChrisTrnas parTy wiTh The Phi Gamma DelTa TraTerniTy Tor The underprivileged children oT Ge-TTysburg, As en- TerTainmenT Tor The enTire campus, The sororiTy sponsors a culTural spealcer, In The Tall The chapTer has a social hour wiTh Sigma Alpha Epsilon TraTerniTy To in- Troduce The pledges oT bo+h groups To The TaculTy. Eleusinian BanqueTs are held in boTh The spring and The Tall and Chi Omega moThers and TaThers are enTer- Tained aT The annual MoThers' and .FaThers' Day BanqueTs. Eor The pledges, The sisTers also give a Pledge Dance aT The SAE house and in The spring The sororiTy has a roller slcaTing parTy wiTh The SAE's. To round OTT iTs social service proiecTs, Chi Omega awards a Social Science prize. 186 MEMBERS Frsi' Row: Nancy CraTT. Joy STei- dle, Phyllis Ball, Florence Duclc- worTh, BeTTy TalboTT, Ellen Bill- heimer, Barbara Bogue, Barbara Elammer, BiTsy Owens, Norma Wieland. Second Row: Judy Schaub, Peggy Long, JeanneTTe Woodrow, Judy SloTerbeclc, Lyn Zwahl, Elaine Wolfe. HeaTher Richmond, Mar- iorie Mills. Third Row: Jean Charuhas, Nancy Gilroy, Barbara Ensor, DoroThy Lloyd, Lucille Lohmeier, Judy CoTTman, Linda Declcer, Marjorie LaTshaw, Joy Heindl, Miriam Nell. FourTh Row: Carol lvliddleTon, Halo Wines. Nancy OTTman, Helen Barley, RuTh Alcorn, Karen Polm, Judy Derr, Nina Grove, Mar- lene Hyson, Lynn Jacobsen, Mar- gueriTe Horn. Fif+h Row: Phyllis Horn, Louise Jacobs, BeTTy PenningTon, Brenda Pensinger, Emily Payne, Virginia Tepp, Sally PlunlceTT, Nancy Haw- balcer, Louise Templin, Helen Gil- berT, Barbara Mann. J Seafed Ellen Blllhelmer Beffy Talboff Sfandung Florence Duckworfh, +1 .L -'H , V QL- wif' 91 Q I9 5 s 3 , 54395 M mp' M3224 Qflmi Qxucgu lfi v5-5 h uv 9 A 4 X!! TAU DELTA CHAPTER Qu 42? 1 3 I if 1 A -fi nv, E :G il ,f A v-wzwf 'W' e-2 N 'v:':':" ' f 'h': ' , x ""' ':" 1' ' ' "y': "':" ',', I' 'R : ' ,.Egf:f5QiE:y:E 5":' , Y K ju J V .:.:. Y 3? , J tw ggi T f X -uf gi 14' 'f iiaf' f f 'U' 'C ' .:. ' 2' A 2 r W, M ,W , Q4 V ,Jw i Q, N Y , P, v- ' 'A 4 193, VBR., U 4113! x 'A ,gf A f i I, i 7 X I I 15' fi 7 : 1 A mm-new ' 14 sa Mwamqs i L A mums lm ?4c'oa.Kn 187 bfzziiamzr' Ywbzfbw' U A .5 1 5 : ig la? k X av I Fx F N' gl t f ,I ,aw I :,, gif' in : i Q f' l i , QL .!,,,.,M DG's finish anoTher hockey game Ready Tor anofher class? DELTA GAMMA D OFFICERS SALLY CLOUSER . . ..... PresidenT EUNICE ELWOOD . . ..... Vice-PresidenT BEVERLY VANIEL . . . . Recording SecreTary CAROLYN DOEHNE . . . Corresponding SecreTary NANCY ORTEL ,,.... .....,. T reasurer MARYELLEN REINSMITH . ...., Pledge Trainer BARBARA WAGNER , . . .Rush Chairman BeTa Lambda chapTer oT DelTa Gamma sororiTy was granTed iTs charTer in I939. IT was Tounded aT Lewis School, OxTord, Mississippi in December, l873. There are now 85 chapTers oT DelTa Gamma in The UniTed STaTes. Anchora is The The name OT The DelTa Gamma naTional publicaTion, The TraTerniTy colors are bronze, pinlc, and blue, and DelTa Gamma's Tlower is The cream-colored rose. Among Their Tall social acTiviTies The chapTer held a EaTher's Day BanqueT, a recepTion aTTer The Homecoming Game, and a cosTume dance honoring The pledges. Their annual Eounde-r's Day BangueT was held in March, and a Tea Tor The TaculTy was given by DelTa Gamma and Phi DelTa TheTa TraTerniTy. There was also a MoTher's Day BanqueT in May on MoTher's Weelcend and a spring Tormal in honor oT The senior members oT The sororiTy. BeTa Lambda's annual philan- Thropic acTiviTies include a ChrisTmas parTy Tor orphans wiTh Phi DelTa TheTa TraTerniTy, reading To old people aT The Adams CounTy Home, and a Tashion show and card parTy in March wiTh The proceeds oT This aTTair going To Their NaTional ProiecT. 188 MEMBERS FirsT Row: Maryellen ReinsmiTh, Janice PeTrillo, Anne Wilson, Bev- erly Vaniel, Eunie Elwood, Sally Clouser, Nancy OrTel, Carolyn Doehne, Barbara Wagner, Joanne RosiTzlci. Jean Brown. Second Row: Rachel Carl, Barbara BurlcharT, Sue Miclcley, Carola Ma- cheTzlci, Carole Eclcman, Sissy Hig- gons, Signe Wagnild, Nancy Wag- ner. Third Row: Carol Hoy, Lynn Bon- ney, Virginia Kressman, Dawn Burg, Barbara Hays, Marilyn Schal- iclc, Mary Jane Callis, Ann Hol- combe, Lois Moyer, Barbara Sampson. FourTh Row: Sandy Snyder, Carol Baker, Sue BriTcher, Sue Ruby, Pal' Carr, Sue Baumgardner, Barbara Hrbelc, Sue PelTon, Teddi Tichy, Doris Kurzenlmabe, Linda Heberle. Fif+h Row: Nancy Kessler, Mary FranTz, Sue SToddarT, Paula Henry, Kay BurchTield, Annabelle Goulcer, Darby Frey, Lynn PeTrillo, JoAnn Jennings, Mary PaT Arnold. Nancy Orlel, Sally Clouser, Beverly Vaniel, Eunie Elwood. BETA LAMBDA CHAPTER e e e E H 2 -1 J - A 3 3 ,v-l 5 A - 2,1 n A E, L, ,gh M 1 ,lv Q - A - A 4 V ' A l A A i f . E ' H ' ' A Y " 1 -"-2- 12 ----'- M ' A l , 'ffl S Us .wglliime s an-mil" K hfiiliaon 1 ANM' A 51-,L s Q show 2 'E an mblfiinu l W beam Mui' A'k" Q wboiffiimk' "WQL12A5w2fV' N Akf' ' MAweZ'i'2EEMM ' i"""TlEEQJ gee EEEE A A W' A A flellf-1 Ggffmmff W A ,ff A E a A A A , ff A V , A 'W we ' 1 i . :.i:g.: :.... . I lf - T W r I .xi 3 I wrw I -Q-E: E Q.. A 5 L ww'-AMI Q- :sm we ': -f. lfl. Nm A' il ,mln 4 'Q 5 wma fa, I 4 :lllz : :Qi .E -Ei A:,, ,.:ig:: :::' -:E it ii-L -Q Q '-vV R -X'-1.,.kxgu::-VEE:,g 7 A If E, f l le 4. . - --:-1 : 5 -.,, - '. v K ' ' hh -:',:V...:Hm I I - I I . - . . - . I ' ' A G1:-: zvf A .::,. A . .,,-. A 'S Q an A V , 4, .Q my A .- 'IZ A -I A If ..,A.V I V wg my I.: ., 1 A 3 K , 1 A A A A f ff Qel l ee., W A :,1 .- Q - V W ., 4 ' H ,I V I 5- is 4- Q V 4.,. I '-41 I A A I ' me A-P, ---' - W' - f ' jjfnr A I ' :. Q , if , dv I fl. ll gg, ' ffxlxunrxl 'Uzmliuc .?A',J,m5, '3421 fa'-, 1540. Q lf, jd-,, if :f,,, .U in V., - 1 A Hearis are humps for fhis hand Tuning up for a pracfice PHI fQQcg2fZ'3 OFFICERS MARGIE CLAYTON ...,.... ...., P resideni' CAROL REED .... ....., V ice-Presidenl SANDRA KERR .... .... R ecording Secrelary JANET HOENNIGER . . . Corresponding Secreiary CONNIE KELLER . . ......., Treasurer LYN DELOCA . . . . Pledge Trainer BARBARA BORKE .....,. ,..,.., R ush Chairman Beia Pi chapler of Phi Mu sororiiy received iis charier in I945. I+ was founded a+ Wesleyan College, March 4, I852 ai Macon, Georgia. There are now 77 chapfers. Rose and whilre are Phi Mu's colors and ihe Enchaniress carnalrion is iis flower. The Aglaia is ihe sorori'ry's naiional publicarion. The 'rhree-siar social service program, local, naiional, and iniernaiional, in- cludes such philanlhropic proiecis as The Healihmobile, and providing ioy caris in children's hospiials. Visiiing Paradise School for boys, and baby-siiiing in ihe nursery ai Chrisi Luiheran Church during Sunday morning services are Beia Pi's local social service proiecis. A Each year ihe chapier prinis and sells Phi Mu birrhday calendars. The social aciivilries include an ouiing io ihe college cabin ai The end of pre-pledge week, a "Coffee Kla+ch" for ihe iaculiy wiih Phi Kappa Psi iraierniiy, a Faihers' and Moihers' Day Banguei, a big-lilile sisier pariy and an annual pledge clance. Phi Mu and Sigma Chi iraierniiy have a Chrisimas pariy for faculry children. In rhe spring, Eounder's Day is celebraiecl wiih Dickinson College chapier and laier in 'rhe year Beia Pi has a breakiasi for all ihe senior women a+ Geirysburg. 190 MEMBERS Firsi' Row: Margie Schuler, Barbara Welwood, Lyn DeLoca, Sandy Kerr, Carol Reed, Margie Claylon, Connie Keller, Virginia Moyer, Didi Larkin, Janei Varner, Joan Manger. Second Row: Sarah Jacobs, Eliza- beih Brown, Elizabeih Shreiner, Janel Hoenniger, Pair Rudisill, Margo Schrack, Kay Horner, Diane Crain. Third Row: Nancy Hood, Rosie Hallman, Margie Kilpairick, DeDe Sheiier, Barbara Borke, Sandy Wolff, Beverly Mears, Joan Wa- chob. Four+h Row: Janei Weiicomb, Barbara Brown, Barbara Moore, Louise Schilpp, Marian Davis, Carol Lunn, Cyndy Cunningham, Rui'h Kilpairick, Sandy Dempcy, Diane Fensiermaker, Mary Schofield. Fif+h Row: Phyllis Boys, Marlha Haliom, Nancy Wismer, Linda Koble, Janei Leighi, Phyllis Boyer, Lynn Moyer, Lindy Reeves, Myrna Speck, Barbara Hoffman, Carol- anne Hoffmann. Seafed: Margie Clayion, Sfanding: Connie Keller, Carol Reed, Lyn DeLoca. Sandy Kerr, Barbara Borke. BETA PI IIIIVI CHAPT . , I ,, ,gagii -...:,.: , -1- 5.-.ra ' - .. - ' 4 5 .,,, 5 'V 1 my ' rf, fc , 1- . 5 " A A .fi x . .,.,, ' 'A .2 Q Q as , 5, 'I I ,,. , A .:. X-,il Q, ,A , A -I 5 A S - A , , . , A -, V 'f , 1 1 , 1 ' W 1" 4 V 1 .A ' ' , -- i S - ...EX 5 435 :gf gy - - xi 'mg I:- Z ..: us IT, 1. A wi .ZZ V ,gif a w x, . .. L I ' ,. A '! Q, 1 5 g , A uAs scsuziu s A aw 01 u snow. A s L nun A re nee: u f churn! E xzwew A A va waves? A A A A AAAMo nm-ou' AA A u A Nw 7 fm. .1 AMAA M A vv'v M Am! N-, . f VW A ,.,,,,, Z V AA AAAAA , ang H . 1 Y I F u Q, .. V 1 1- . A U ' ,A dw 1, W ga V, 'F g -g f, N 'M l' 'Q' ,:, ll ""' .:::AfAA' .:gA A A .A - -V qi , . . r , , , l ,I Q: .. 1 Q F A 3 A MGMWMM 1 M 4 L 4 i 5 ,XACOSS 44Aw'M4 AA E A BWQNNA CNWENNIW . E4 YN ZR P U5 LL N ll 5 i fi I- NUWNYYI L WA N W 2 I 2.2! t I u X, I E i J aw - M f-2 , -P -1 -P an Q , 4, H A J g.-- " 9 'Q' , . J, Q A , 4 YW " ' A if ' 1-'f r Qkflf sbuv Q -A 5 We ,M E ' L W 5 8 N W 742 wool WWA A A nf .xmnm - 5 ,M -- P e 2 W .ff 9 A ..W.q ........,W,,M.Y. ,. ,, ..,,.., , WH, ,,Ag,,,, , V A - fwfmvggx .,-..-,:..... , .,..: 5, .:,.:6. -g ,,,, T W ,..,.... : . k,,-, - K y l t ...., '-5 ' 1 H L ,,., -E .,,.: . , f ""-' L -N- ,Qi-X' , - - if " ., A ' . A . 'V A - ., 4 W . V , ,,, W ., K' Y T a . . ... ,Q b A 5 llvl . i my M 6 2, - ,cg , ,Y K , A , , Z uv, I 1 1 X . I ' L- fo W5 v q'3 -ag, easy 1:1 "' ,gf ig- N ' .gf f. Q A Q fi! U 1 I 5 ' -.....,, . H -MWMN -. L... N..,. . , , . . , ,Af V n..m0.m L ,mm .Wm .aww-V 4 " .f If W " 51.2Q,..4GW nmxsxrca .A.,., Q. ffwm.. ur 1 T A. A, A ls, 5 norman c M mnvrw. 191 fare: Confucius awails an evening of enlerlaining Relreshmenls in an Orienlal Garden MEMBERS Firsl Row: Eileen Engslrom, Joyce Elsner, Ann Forgie, Dorolhy Kra- nich, Bonnie Banlcerl, Ada Lou G"""' Y7 ""'fr- Kreider. Marilyn Divan. Joan Doyle, Susan Krum, Belly Burger, Elaine Derham. OFFICERS ADA LOUISE KREIDER . . BONNIE BANKERT . . . MARILYN DlVAN . . . . Recording Secrelary JOAN DOYLE . . . LOIS BROBST . . DOT KRANICH . . PAT DAY .... . , Presidenl . . . . Vice-Presidenl . Corresponding Secrelary . . . . . , .Treasurer . . . Pledge Trainer . . . . . . . . , . .Rush Chairman Bela Chi chapler ol Alpha Xi Della sororily received ils charler in l949. The sororily was founded nalionally al Lombard College, Galesburg, illinois, on April I7, i893 and now has 70 chaplers. lls nalional publicalions are lhe Alpha Xi Della and Quill Poinls, and on lhe local level lhe chapler publishes lhe Bela Chi Review. Double blue and gold are lhe sororily's colors, and lhe pinlc Killarney rose is ils llower. The nalional proiecls ol Alpha Xi Della include giving aid lo lhe underprivi- leged children ol lhe Save The Children Federalion in Tennessee and Kenluclcy, lhe Grace Ferris Fund lo augmenl libraries in luberculosis saniloriums and lhe Founders Day colleclion lor any currenl nalional philanlhropic aclivily. The sororily also supporls scholarships lor loreign sludenls and lhe Alpha Xi Della Foundalion lor allruislic purposes. On lhe local scene, Bela Chi has a Chrislmas parly wilh Tau Kappa Epsilon lralernily, a Founders Day program, a receplion and dance al lhe TKE house on Falhers' and Molhers' weekends, a l-lalloween parly lor lhe pledges, a Pledge Dance, and a Rose Formal. The lhree annual banquels are lhe pledge, lhe inilialion and lhe senior banquels. 192 Second Row: Pal Mills, Marie Leonard, Jane Donley, Rulh Clegg, Carol Pellon, Phyllis Wagner, San- dra Amundsen, Mary Ann Dresher. Third Row: Anila Landgren, Jean Foellner, Pal Day, Lois Brobsl, Sally Shirlc, Kae Meyer, Shirley Burlcerl, Sara Schneider, Kalhryn Eiler, Joyce Kendleharl. Fourlh Row: Diana Brehl, Joan Kalz Anne l-leclcler, Nancy Schnei- der, Carol Kusiv, Jean Nissley, Vida Helms, Ardilh Sehulsler, Bar- bara Bingaman, Ellen Sippel, Eliza- belh l-leldl. Fillh Row: Jody Bream, Dawn Schaeller, Pal Sweigarl, Sally Foreman, Carol l-lirsl, Nan Funlc, Marilyn l-lannas, Pal Ness, Lucille Jones, Trudy l-luber. f'5 Firsi Row: Bonnie Bankerf, Ada Lou Kre7der, Lois Brobcf, Second Row: Pa? Day, Maril Divan, Joan Doyle, Do? Kranich. ai BETA CHICHAPT W? -ew. -. -,,.-M as R v::E, EE '5:h,., l Y .af W K A x I ,.7, D :-:, , ,Q ,Ti '.:- 'I iw? --,.- ' if 5 an 4, 'Q W gig, E S, 1 igg fi 'M W Q K .1 it 19 58 e me V sfk xl ':'--::', ' Lf U! U1 li ljglllllfg 2 -vw l Mfr- , 193 Cafching up on gororify news The pledges apply silver polish and elbow grease SIGMA KAPPA OFFICERS MARGARET l'lUETTENRElTER .... ...... P residenT RONNIE RAMSDELL ..... ....... V ice-PresidenT JEAN GLOCKER . . . .,... Recording SecreTary ELEANOR JONES . . . . .Corresponding SecreTary NANCY LOGAN .... ......... T reasurer BETSY JOHNSON ...,. . . . . Pledge Trainer GRETCHEN RENTSCHLER . . , . Rush Chairman Gamma Nu chapTer oT Sigma Kappa received iTs charTer in I956. The sororiTy was Tounded naTionally aT Colby College, WaTerville, Maine, on November 9, I874, and now has 72 chapTers. lTs colors are maroon and lavender: The naTional Tlower oT The sororiTy is The violeT and iTs local Tlower is The yellow rose, The Triangle and The TriangleTTe are iTs Two publicaTions. For Their naTional proiecTs, The Sigma Kappa's give aid To The Maine SeacoasT Mission Tor underprivileged Tamilies and To The Greek Farm School. They also mainTain a Scholarship Fund and a College Loan Fund. The annual local evenTs of Sigma Kappa include FaThers' and MoThers' Weekend BanqueTs on The corre- sponding college weelcends, and a ChrisTmas parTy Tor The elderly people aT The PresbyTerian Home and The Robbins Home. A Pledge Dance and a Spring Formal are The Two dances held annually by The chapTer. An lniTiaTion BanqueT and a Founder's Day Program are also annual social evenTs held Tor The members oT The sororiTy. LasT year Sigma Kappa became The local sisTer sororiTy of TheTa Chi TraTerniTy and TogeTher They parTicipaTe in social and philanThropic acTiviTies. 194 MEMBERS FronT Row: Elly Jones, Nancy Logan, Ronnie Ramsdell, Meg l-lueTTenreiTer, BeTsy Johnson, Jean Gloclcer, Connie Noerr. Second Row: Lin PoTTer, RuTh Marsh, CharloTTe Way, GreTchen RenTschler. Third Row: Bea SpoTTord, Marilyn GnanT, BeTTy Miller, Paula TorTora, Jane STiTes, JaneT Louise Cooper, FifTh Row: Karen Schaumann, Flos- sie l-leclcman, Mary Munro, Val RemenTer, Judy Rempp, Julie La- Rose, Bernie BlumensTine, Lois Harding. EK GAMMA NU CHAPTER Firsi' Row: Jean C-Blocker, Eleanor Jones, Nancy Logan. Second Row: Bonnie Ramsdell, Meg Huefienreiier, Befsy Johnson. 195 AT leas+ somebody works Aui-umn housecleaning PHI KAPPA P I OFFICERS EDWARD MARSDEN ........ ...,.. P residenT JOSEPH STEGER . . ...,.. Vice-PresiclenT WALTER MELNIK . . . . . GARY PELUG ..... DIETRICH WAHLERS . , .....,... Treasurer PETER SINNOTT. , . . . . . Pledge Trainer RICHARD BUTZ . Recording SecreTary . , ,Corresponding SecreTary . .Rush Chairman Pennsylvania Epsilon ChapTer oT Phi Kappa Psi, receiving iTs charTer on Decem- ber 26, l855, was The TirsT naTional TraTerniTy aT GeTTysburg College. Phi Kappa Psi was Tounded naTionally aT JeTTerson College, in Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania, in l852, and now has a membership oT 60 chapTers. The TraTerniTy colors are cardinal red and hunTer green, and The TraTerniTy Tlower is The JacgueminoT rose. The naTional publicaTion is The Shield of Phi Kappa Psi, and The Torch is published locally. Annual acTiviTies oT The TraTerniTy include a pledge parTy and dance, and a JeTF-Duo weekend. This year a hi-TideliTy seT has been added To The house, and also a priceless collecTion oT valuable and hisTorical pins was awarded To The chapTer. RecenTly, The TraTerniTy has underTaken a research program To prove ThaT Milller Hall, The building now in use by The broThers, is The oldesT TraTerniTy house in The UniTed STaTes, s+iIl used Tor meeTings. 196 MEMBERS FirsT Row: Ray Saxon, Ron BrandT, Bob Walsack, Owen Roizman, Al KempTon, Ron Gmerek, Abbie PingaTore, Dick Rowan, Ron Ven- Turini, P.eTe SinnoTT, Bruce ElTon, Dick Ford, Dick STravalo. Second Row: JeTT Dobson, Rein- hard Ludin, Dave Reeser, Dave Denman, Gary PTlug, Dee Wahlers, Ed Marsden, Joe STeger, WalT Melnik, Jim Flood, John MonT- gomery, Bill Conway, Ben Beal. Third Row: John KosTy, Dick BuTz, Paul Brunell, Don Odell, Jack Per- rine, George Gunnell, Hank Ab- boTT, Andy Gurley, Gerry Packard, Dick SmiTh. FourTh Row: Brad BenneTch, Bill Davies, Ed Aumiller, Harry Gwinn, Ray Paskell, Charlie BarTleTT, Jim Moyer, Hap McClure, Al Keim, Tom Willson, Prank Temme, John Perry. FiTTh Row: Bill Gillingham, Bob Grele, Harry Garrison, George Schalick, Bob Sonner, Larry KriTch- er, Ron Torrence, Howard Eber- wein, Bob Sanderson, Erank Eusch- ino, Guy BarnharT, Fred Davis, Jay Hebrank. SixTh Row: Zeke RolTe, Ed Klein, Erank LuTTig, Bill BaTTing, Joe Miele, Dave Sickels, Ted Meixell, Russ Glicksman, Ron Chilingarian, John Lapeire, Ron Bachman, John ErnsT. f' 5 gf ,apr Www "awk, dm . .,,1 2 55 ay! 'H eb A E751 3 'QQ 4 3 L as Q K3 me QW mm 'WHS f Hagar WA ?? V QW Q Q Q35 in 5,3 ,mfr " 'E Dee Wahlers, Joe Sieger, Jim Flood, Dick Bufz. PENNSYLVANIA EPSILON CHAPTER 4 47, . t Wg., gz5:g5g,,:.. , I i 2. me ,,..,.....,,...,,,,,, E :,. 33353. It A5 A, . Qz, ,e., 6,, I gr' V lgzl- E E ' gg. : 'Ti Q :V ,, Q 've Y U' ug? A ' :"": I '55-Ei. airZ' .- 0 , ,.-' I luzulzu in A W - A A ZW A 2 'Ti ar F AA A A ' ' W' A ' 'B' sf if '- -EZ it Il.. g..::g.5::5.-: I EW M :I v,..: A VVQI 'E -,.,.,. 51:1-' . K VM 'f Z , 'T 'A Af ' -if J!-if .. f ' 'J ' f - v , I I9 58 ' 1 if Lf :js ij. gvvn -H Q, 1, X gggg f fr -I N ' ..,,....,.,,,-- :::- N-:v A 9 5 J W n at , 0 VK' 4 A -V li , Q: 7 ,. Q i I ,.,.. J vi nm I f A 9 J , - .5 Y A N ,, 'Y 1, - I 5. .,,- : t, , px In V ' an , I ,, X4 A I .Qi J ..,VQ n Z-kappa Y .ii V Q Q 4 L " . ..,,. . ' E! A 1 B51 A35 ..:,, -:', f -zln : I ' lnn' Z IA- , ' ".. g v-,-, 'If- ""' I,"V 1 :" E .:,-: ---- f f:-' 5 gl, 1' if t mf A i AAA A ,T Q3 x 1 f .a -I X A -V A : 'U L . ,v--' h... : .,, 1 A, , -, -1' , 7 H u an 'Z A 2 QA .,..E i A I ,4 . . ' 1- :gg if A . ' 1 ' "':i gi AA f A A A Wm' gi? A W 4. J I1 4 My -r .:, , M VV V, A 7 'A :': ' . , J :ii i 2 W 41 : -a .. - A x .s A A Ai -5 A 3 Q ki I A -A 'Q "-., s 1 .miii ,A , 197 There musT be a co-ed walking by The Fiii's prepare for The big sing PHI GAMMA DELTA OFFICERS GEORGE POTTER . . ..,... ....,. P residenl PETER BAUGHMAN . . ..... VICO-Presider1T WILLIAM NEFF .,.. .... R ecording SecreTary GEOFFREY LANGSAM . . . . .Corresponding SecreTary PETER BAUGHMAN . . ,,,...... Treasurer I-IOWARD BODY . . . . . Pledge Trainer TED BRENNEMAN . , . . Rush Chairman Xi ChapTer oT Phi Gamma Della was granTed iTs charTer aT GeTTysburg in l858. The TraTerniTy was Tounded naTionally aT JeTTerson College in I848, and aT presenT conTains 83 chapTers. The nalional publicaTion is The Phi Gamma DelTa. Royal purple and whiTe are The TraTerniTy colors, and The Purple ClemaTis is The TraTerniTy Tlower. Annual acTiviTies oT The Fiii's include Two open houses, a ChrisTmas parTy Tor underprivileged children, and a Pig Dinner, JeTT-Duo weekend is held ioinTly wiTh Phi Kappa Psi, commemoraTing The Tounding oT The Two TraTerniTies. A cenTen- nial celebraTion was held in November by The chapTer. Blood donaTions and communiTy chariTies are among The oTher acTiviTies oT Phi Gamma DelTa. 198 MEMBERS FirsT Row: I-lowie Body, Jon Peck, Jim Apple, STeve STock, Bruce Wandling, Russ Friedrich, Al CuTh- berT, Don I-larris, Bill Clark, Ted Brennemann, WalT Palmer, STan Musser, Dick Lang. Second Row: Merrill Yohe, Bill Anglemoyer, Don I-Iolland, Jack I-laThaway, Dick Ford, PeTe Baugh- man, George PoTTer, Bill NeTT, JeTl Langsam, John Moore, Bill BiTTner, WalT King, l-Iowie Beagle. Third Row: John Geiser, Dick l-Iaw- kins, Bill Diehl, Norm Wheeler, Phil SchulTz, Del Warfel, Paul STahl, Dick Simpson, Andy Leh, John SmooT. Fourlh Row: Mike Pacilio, Jim I-less, Al RosenThal, Bob MUTT, I-Iarv I-licks, Red Hicks, Mark Gass, Jack Snook, Joe Conaway, Bud Dougher- Ty. FiTTh Row: Dick Shimer, Ross Lyon, Roland KurTz, Bob SanTillo, Doug Underkohfler, Bob Shryock, Mrs. I-lilda I-leldrich, Mel PayTon, WalT Johnson, Chuck l.enTz, Mel Jacobs, Bill MaTz, Skip Yohe. SixTh Row: Bob FiTzhugh, Barry Kain, Dave Barclay, Joe Bailey, Dick PuerTa, Ron Frederick, Tomos Alpha, Bruce Fox, Fred Fielding, Earl Burg, Don Emich, Chuck Alex- ander, Bill I-lemsing. Bill Neff, Fefe Baughman, George Pofter, Jeff Lanqsam, Dick Ford Walch Ilwal' eighf ball Whai' could be so inieresling, Vince? SIGMA CHI OFFICERS JERRY RHOADS EARL KlNG , . . JACK WINTERS . . . ..... Recording Secrelary CHARLES BROWN . . BILL MEYERS . DAVID JONES . . ...,, Pledge Trainer HARRY LOUSER . . . . ,Rush Chairman . . ......... . . . Presidenl . . ..... Vice-Presidenl . . .Corresponding Secrelary . . .... ...,. T reasurer The Thela Chapler ol Sigma Chi received ils charler April 3, I863. The lra- 'rernily was founded nalionally in l855, and loday has a membership ol l27 chaplers. The nalional publicarion is The Magazine of Sigma Chi, and lhe local publicalion is lhe Balilefield Sig. The lralernily colors are blue and old gold, and The lralerenily llower is lhe While rose. Among lhe annual aclivilies of Sigma Chi are 'rwo open houses, a pledge dance and parly, and a Chrisrmas parly wi'rh lhe Phi Mu's, lheir sisler sororily. Also, lhis year a skaling parly was held wirh lhe Phi Mu's. 200 MEMBERS Firsl' Row: Jack Winler, Harry Louser, Clem Pieren, Del Bushey, Dave Wallace, Bob Oblinger, Bob Prall, George Kinney, Wall Holl, Harry Smirh, Dave Jones, Al Spen- cer. Second Row: Arr Beck, Sam Wal- ker, ,Fred Kauffman, Nick Kolb. Earl King, Bill Laughans, Ron Paul, Jerry Rhoads, Bill Myers, Bill Enfer- line, Ben Buckley, Bill Frazee. Third Row: Dick Purdy, Harry Wil- liams, Bill Brandi, Hal McElroy, Duke Howard, Carl Von Goernig, Bob Rapp, Gordie Ober. Fourih Row: Vince Bosco, Bob Lulher, Bill Brown, Dave Mallhias, Fred Nalschke, Chuck Brown, Bob Slrail, Leland Brown, Jim Risser, Silas Creech. Fiffh Row: Jim Willis, John Roesch, Andy Johnslon, Tom Slipe, Phil Gleason, Miss Florence Higgins, Fred Mueller, Gordie Musch, Dave Ganoe, Bill Snyder, Gary Erwine. Sixlh Row: Jay Kress, Joe Kiser, Auslin Crolhers, Dick Amann, Ron Tuklofl, Earl Melin, Bob Wagner. George Volkman, Joe Hunl, Fred Pazro, Lee Koehler, Hal Robbins. Seafed: Jack Winfer, Jerry Rhoades, Earl King, Standing: Chuck Brown, Dave Jones, Bill Myers. j W . 1 in lf T rTHETA CHAP ZX E R 1 5 ..... H- . . I '- - 1 in - . wi ,,. gr., a z, . .Q wgfg im ,.- , ., . .. ,ff 1 I n .,. ,: --4+ W 5 K U EA fx l N3 n a -1 ggi - " J I- 3 r r V . - ,V ,A -P K . .X if X t , is I t A . .P ., E, f I i Y. I I , - - . Q 1 Q, s 1 , S , S --4 V ' . 'f . ,. v mn L, M-Mfr ffr X. , ppm U 5 my w -1 wa-me L a mmm Q M mfr xx H. www w M ww -rs. mms mr. mm s. ommangk-,ig M.W. ...W M, WWW. WMM, , ,W W WM., MW W A I "" r 2F5.I:1j:E,::z q . Q 'V .,,, :,Z:,':5:r5r,5,::i ' ' 3 - , Q 4 'K 2 13 5 E 5 V , A , . in 5 :Af ""L' . 1 if 'A E E - S E- . " " '.'. ':Z': ' ' '-51, - -2':"':"E5: -J -' "?:' IEiI::'. ' , 'B-Q-1:31-:gil 1 5IS:- - ,r y -2 w , 5 ...Y .,,,: f - r M , - f- --fi . f 2 -2 5 i f, 2 tif . Q , - M 1 .3,. k , E kg' lbw ,. - 1 ll .5 1 gy , X 3 55': ,.3.. -.A . xii .... W .Z if , ir :Q-:Q .jigs K Q v ' . I ., i . EY T i f . .' 5 ' I Q ' . rx Z 35213 I , . nf-.R -J f , 0,-rw.-.H vhs gs me Z w w ,mhaaanz K n L mag E L means 5 -1 1 mens 5 1 1 snmnmz Q Q Q worm wa.rn1,:gw, K "" ...... .V 3 ' E L Q "1 ' , w p . , -o 4' , 1 5 L , gg- :IL T17 "" ' - W E -' 252:51 L37 --L' "" ,. f , -. L 1 1 L .rr' 1 Q I 3 " l' n N ' " ' r 1 1 f il 1 i ' -f a? IL'75' .,-.- V X A , fl Q- A r 5 ii .1 E3 -W -W ' - 3? A Q 5 Q f .- . www N Q Wm -4 u me-1 rs W --1-N-W W ' W-MM-WM S k 4 rn, wma ix. voumnmsa, 2 a 1 an q :V A WM' ..,. K - , ea,-:5'-. 'I : Q . 1.1, 3 :E?5:,- H ?fEE5ia:f:s. E:QQ:?1- E I f - L - , , - r , ' . - -- ,.,. I I, V ir , N --:a v ..E?: ,::i .VS xx e 5 . iw , 5 , .. ,g il N . 5 A r 4 i . 5 B uv ,, Q 5 ,E 3 i z r f -i - r L v 1 Q In - X I - i vii. L , , " .. 3 r Q ' . f , if 1 J 5 muses A - may 1 N amass o c we-mu 2 r u museum ,Q sawn 5 ma wan 1 1,.a.xsc'vw 5 un, uxssse E A, :aunt U, ,WMM W W.-i ,N ,V AM M . 5 -H AMWMM LMMW AW H ,Amr H ,, . M 1 H 3 ,-: , " V K ..,- 1 :.,,. , - , . :, -Qf'5"Z3 I ' E -I1- K ":"' . "xii-35 ": -r X I .. 2 H -3- V V ' ' 1 ' ' -f , -. '2 I Y' . .:.,. V 3 "I 'Z ' - , x f -' ' .- - I 42- 5E-:- . ' . . 1. -' ' , ETH-1 L-. -f'I5f'. ' , -' ZyZ5,.- , . 1 f A Au Q 5 gf H. -'-- - , .,v' ry S -::-F11-eg-.f.f- 2. sr:-:iff-p., -. :1, .,:: f ' -: .. -ra Q-vi ::si.2:f- 2 W 2- -2 62 - -JE' 5 f ' A A ' Q N ifiz, ' 35 q f ' - X ,'. "" f:-- 1 fgyivi , ' E 5 if . 5,27 135. J, S " 5115-5 -L1 ' - - - , L if 5 ' 35:53:31-:g,.g:E, 'f 1 --" , 1... L -Q., ' -, Y X 51: 5' K ' 532515: , 1 ' . -' , 5 ' Q gs Qli-Q . . . V Si S S g Q -, qgsi .,... Q f iv - ' 2 ' K Q? 1. N , 2 ' V, 1 :uses 5 mmm 3 r vm arm F -f J, arenas K Q umamnnuuwus f xx, mms 4 v wwe 5 an. ww: E w w ea-mens we 2 on lumix 4- A M-M A- M- ---- M.-A-A V wMMM--u-f..s----- -.WM--Wm+f H- - M Wg-MM. -f W --my M --v-7.fw-ww r- M--'WM U --W --- -W , f Y -I yghiiifz s-41"'S S 3 V . v 1- t - H k ---- t- : ,Vg - , , 5 H ,,,.,, 'fr wry' . '- . . .w " - . - . ..r . 1 - . . .,,. A -, ' .,,:-if mg:-:25f2.,, .4 , vi ' . V A.-V , J ' .. : X .. -. "" .. -. , iii: . ' r ' - L, -' - ----- . 1 f - .- '-"' 1 A if " n " 1 . - N- ,. . A Y 'i i up ,A.L , ,Q . ,Q i , , 2 i Q ., .,V, , - ff ' ' Swv -. . A - S , - ,, L. 5 X es? - i . - " I 1 ' 5 'f W I A W K Xi W-f , 4 ' , S ,rl , - , , , , ,L . 2 , ig 5 -5 , -,z ., Q , k - N-f Q " T 551 ' Mr 1 Q iifiii r,,,-f"T ff ,W ."f.fl"i"1,.,.W . '.' ISL.. .,,Wff "'f?"ji..,.r.r, Y " ffwfh' M.. ,f,LT.,WM..,,2l.,f"l'fi',n..Ml. .fL,1f2'.T?f",,,L,.W,igff'N'f1s.,05. Edmnwi Umxiim- 5f?z1m925, Winzzfffzys, ,wg 201 Ahwrzaz' ffwmwfbfk we ur - . :aww , QU' Will he malre il? Al really enioys his clesserl PHI DELTA THETA OFFICERS ROBERT KAUFFMAN ....,... ...,. P residenl JOHN BENJAMIN . . . . . Vice-Presidenl LLOYD LAUVER . . . . . Recording Secrelary SCOTT TULLY ..... . . Corresponding Secrelary BRUCE HAMILTON . . . ......... Treasurer ROBERT SCHUMANN . . . ..... Pledge Trainer JOHN SHALLOCK . . . . . . Rush Chairman STAN TRAYMORE . . . . . Rush Chairman The Pennsylvania Bela Chapler ol Phi Della Thela was granled ils charler al Gellysburg College May 5, l875. Nalionally, lhe lralernily was lounded al Miami Universily, Oxlord, Ohio, in l848. A lolal ol l2O chaplers is included in lhis large nalional lralernily. The Scroll and lhe Palladium are lhe nalional publi- calions. The Karux is lhe local paper. The colors ol Phi Della Thela are blue and while, and lhe llower is lhe While carnalion. This year's aclivilies included a ioinl Chrislmas parly held wilh Della Gamma lor children al lhe Hollman Orphanage, a Communily Day proiecl, a lacully lea wilh Della Gamma, and an alumni banquel. 202 MEMBERS Firsl Row: Ralph Weaver, Slan Traymore, Rich Anaslasi, Scoll' Tully, Carl Miller, Ted Parsons, Sleve Bishop, Harper Bohr, Larry Gaenzle, Don Ollivier, Dave Kess- ler, Carl Van Lowe. Second Row: Frank Young, Jack Maloney, McPherson Holiman, Lloyd Lauver, John Beniarnin, Bob Kaullman, Bruce Hamillon, Henry Coyne, Paul Naper, Bernie Lange- lullig, Don Sellers, Third Row: John Shallock, Bob Phil- son, Bob Lillle, John Kilzmiller, Bill Sleirer, Jules Prevosl, Pele Cock- shaw, Frank Grzelecki, Dick Royer, Gary Seulerl, Fourlh Row: Terry Newman, John weaver, Bob Schuman, Harry Pearce, George Sliles, Lud Schl- echl, John Reniilian, Fred Walker, Dick Hess, Herman George. Fillh Row: Dave Brighl, Don Lex, Bob Lecher, Pele Huyck, Howie Pelers, Miss Rulh E. Koser, Dave Thorpe, Pele While, Bill Wood, Ermin Pachella, Dave McGaughly. Sixlh Row: Joe Kleinleller, Tom Bender, Gary Tesl, Merv Dills, Chuck Taylor, Dave Benler, Hugh Kellogg, Bob Anderson, Chris Humrichouse, Al Young, Nolan Feeser, Bernie Monlgomery. Sevenlh Row: Paul Rolhluss, Bill Harral, Paul Shallock, Tom Molloy, Sam Milazzo, Mr. H. G. Shoemaker, Ed DiMicelli, Dave Greenlund, Wall Ludwig, John Armslrong, Jack Messerl. ., --,, .,,.. . ,. ,, ff Q ,. 3, .- Eb A M M, -v A 1 W A 5 if W Bruce Hamilfon, Bob Kauffman, John Beniamin, Lloyd Lauver. 'Q IDB PENNSYLVANIA BETA CHAPTER l ! Q -:v A -f:-1 Www E: - .1 H :-,gy f- f A -"- - . ,.2.,g. A -: -2 EWG' 'K f 'K' I,,v2,2:5: s esu i? M1i,,L' HQ A zszm'-:: - f , 1 ....., ., . , ,, .., .. if ,,.,. , ,, . , ,.,,,. . .... 4 ,, M. , ,, , ..,1,.. K .af - . , . - , 'ff ' N ' ' . , '2 fi fr , 'if f i ..- 212.9 : w ww E v -, 4 . s r- ,. 'A , f ' , ' H v . N V : w , .. : f V A , E, - ev :11 ,:-:, - , A 1 .1 A V A E E A - A - A Wm, it V 4, E b A , ff .I Rf E G5 E ff ., I S , A ' V A 1 T , 4 . W.. , 5 m,..w.f V . . Y I . ...M 1 V . 2 3 N .mm , . L .W M. . . .mm W M...-I 4 N SUM. 5 .f. .WM ,. i ..,.. V ,.,,, V , 7 + ' 'WLM 'E E ' 'VE WMM MM Nimmwu .. 'wwi Q E' A 5 3 im 'Ts 1 - M5 322 1 -2-E:f '. 7 Q. fl E fa: I ill? A I 1 a 5,1 ,V Y .T W f fl. ., .I ij I , Q gi -4: 7 r V M ,qi .UI I .A V V V Za V A 4 7 A A E 5 . il ' A - ' i V 4, A P uf-,am Q ff ,Q ,www R L S www EM 1 fx mmm L 1 n xwwwe L Q 1 Mu Q1 f-L iw w v www ' s 4 ,AN Q umm o L sum-1 E W T ,. .,,. 1 ,E AZ ,Q M, A -V Q 3:21-H ,, 5 gh. B .li h 4. A I 41555, ,. . I - V , - Q. - 1 rf 2 2 A l L 3 ' l U , ' r v , ,gg A97 4 " I- :QF 1 f -7 Q 0 n ' 2 J' . gf .. ny 'A , .- f A ' E If g 55 f .,,. Y 0 y Q 5 ' , 3 X C1 W 5 1 . 1 E 4 MV. K ff f k.4w.,. ku. X Q :f VE HQ, A MM ff,-,-LWME N 'G Wiigf' 5:Q.,5i-Q5:if-Q3Eggigggsfiriiiiff-::, 1 P X A 32-Q2 .:.,:.::Qs" Y 3 A f . -A A,,A,, i . . z,-afssf. ' "':2'- 5?A"?f H W - 5 V 1- ' Nag, I A ' " i f Q M 4 p it ,Z ,Vi . I 5 63 Q f it 3 g n:-. Mi d! gg? W EW I . .gag I KA N, I -A 3 f -. ? e 9 --v- 11,5 1 , - 2 ., ,i guy, Ah :E 'V""M' X . Q -: ..,,.. W -: H A W' N V' 'Awww W1 H N 'g-:g: .,,. ,.:.:::g,,,', 'VME :,,,,.,:, M MWMMMMMN 'Mr 'nf F W A I.z:,:f ' , X4 il? "Ere, 5 T i ff: 'E i' 2 , I Q f t 'Q' ' A -V ' A 'D 2 "' ' 5 Y gf LW ' 6' .. , iii ' . Y --: A ' 'P' " '- P." lr it , XR ,,.. .. V i ii' " z f 1 :V V' GQ ' 2 ' 2 A - S. 5 Al W g Q W 7 . ,W . , W Q L. . Q . .M ., . ,-N.., ,. , iv VA , v L , V. V 2 , , . , ,WMA .,.,.,,, . , A -L , , '- ' .n-., 2-1, .V ,, " 1. . ' :L A - -, 21 .-., 'fzzf 1 ' ' :am ..,.., 1 ' - " -.:" .' , ,Q K lg bi irgiziff i 1 Z-Us 1 U" , 7 Zfw? . ,mf , ..,.. :i v 'Z f, X A 4 ,r H. f' 'A A ki AH A get a " fii yif' , H .:gi::,:.: you 5 If Q ,, '- Q E '. ., fe f-' , -I ,: , . ,f ,. ., A , .Vg , ., . g .. Q' wwf .., n , lg ,, , , f V' , .. f.Mu, W ,, N K i ,, W, , , mm D . wwf 2 v -mme g L , Hamm N -7 -mf-we rr mum A 4. ,X .. ,.,,'-EMM. 5 -- - - WW H 'v-- wwvf qk N - -rw v'v-' f 1, V . -- -A "kf X M M ' 4 . , 'E It -JH, In , W5i'ffE,?2 ,.:.,:.:-3 , .V :AE ,.... QE.. ,. I ., , ' ,. ' 7: , , ,,,1-,,-5' ., A .,.,.., ! :g.F:5:::':SE - .. ,,.,: af 3' , -wif: 'A ...H 4,,:1-:W 146: - - f' 1:55, '- 2- ' ---- 5 -V ' zj -Sis,-2. 3 f -: -:afrasw Y X . Q A' A5 X ..,. g i -V . '33 , xv .M . ,f t - w .fag -.-' 1 7: ' , , , , , h ,. ...Q V X 4 .vw R ,,4.', , X M. f.Eafm'za1'3f 52022214 -F -ww!! nw ' Qdumw Usfniimr infos. ?w?Z:'.w2'2Y5f2.fYf ff' 203 This is sfudying? Tom and Sfan in a baffle of wifs ALPHA TAU OMEGA OFFICERS DUANE SEARLES . . .,.... . ..... Presidenf ROY ROBERTS . . ...... Vice-Presidenf WARREN BUCKLER . , . . Recording Secrefary and Corresponding Secrefary LOUIS SPOERL ..... . ..... Treasurer RONALD BERKLITE ..... . . . Pledge Trainer WAYNE BAUMGARDNER . . . . Rush Chairman Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon Chapfer of Alpha Tau Omega received ifs charfer June 27, l882. The nafional founding of fhe frafernify was af fhe Virginia Mili- fary lnsfifufe, Richmond, Virginia, in I865. Alpha Tau Omega has I I7 chapfers af fhe presenf firne. The Palm is fhe nafional publicafion: The Bafflefield Guide is published locally. The frafernify colors are azure blue and gold, and fhe fra- fernify flower is fhe Whife Tea Rose. Alpha Upsilon's annual acfivifies are an Orphans' Parfy af Easfer, a Chapfers' Officer Conference, and a specific Help Week Proiecf. Also, fhey have an annual Blackfoof-Whifefoof Dance, ioinfly wifh Sigma Nu frafernify. 204 MEMBERS Firsf Row: Rich Brunner, Bill I-lunf, Tom MacDougal, Dave Woodward, Roy Roberfs, Duane Searles, Lou Spoerl, Wayne Baumgardner, War- ren Buckler, John Prifsch. Second Row: Bob I-larcourf, Jim Shipman, Bruce Aslaksen, Bill Befz, Ken Krall, Dale Defweiler, Bill Adams, Hank Van Ormer. Third Row: Jim Richardson, Ron Berklife, Chuck Acker, Dave Wal- ker, Don Miller, Bill Eassbender, Noel Richards, Buddy Main, Char- lie MacDonough, Walf Greif. Fourfh Row: Al Baurafh, Bob Bul- lock, Marfy Ellioff, Bruce Earlin, I-lerb Moulfon, Mrs. M. V. Good- enow, Bob DeCamara, I-lank Miller, Ellie Blunf, John Tinsrnan, Paul Laubner. Fif+h Row: Bill Spoerl, Carl Emigh, Dan Thoman, Fefe Safferfhwaife, John Winfersfeen, Sfan Riffen- house, Gene Szabo, Keifh Roberfs. Jeff Raffensperger, George Ham- mer, I-loward Whife. PENNSYLVANIA ALPHA UPSILON C HAPTE R Kneeling: Warren Buckier, Dave Woodward, Roy Roberfs. Sfandinq: Lou Spoerl. Wayne Baumgardner, Tom MacDougaI, Duane Searles. 0 Bauman DQQGAL UA vrocnwnw L Suuss .v w Madsen -4. an bi 4 555 0116351 9 L v 1 Mliifmu s ' PM S5 il 5-N KB KNALL F AUG H 15' VIN? CHMER . .,.T.,,,T 3 51 A Ailffn Q C, WALKER 17 W. U LLEF FSSSBENGER J N 9:13505 5 S Ml!! UIC' CGNUUGI4 Vi Q. Gilt. F Aunmn ,,,,,m K,-Wm W K 5 Q 3 A e1 uuo rw f X uv Q nz c.mAQ:- L L sm Mm v P La an R ' L ww ' ea'vwv,.+. 'E ,Q -naweaff-1 ,. 4 1. , K 205 SAE's enferfain a familiar guesf The Lions chow down SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON OFFICERS NOEL KRONCKE . . . ...... . . . . .Presidenl WlLLlAiM WALTERS . . ..... Vice-Presidenl HARRY BINGER ..... ..... R ecording Secrefary WALTER MCGOWAN , . . . .Corresponding Secrelary CHAUNCEY YINGST . . ......... Treasurer TED SOISTMAN . . . ..... Pledge Trainer WALTER MCGOWAN . . . . . Rush Chairman Pennsylvania Delia Chapler of Sigma Alpha Epsilon was issued iis charier on June II, l883. This chapier was The firsl SAE To be esiablished norih of The Mason-Dixon line, and This year il is celebrafing iis 75lh anniversary, The fra- rerniry was founded naiionally al The Universiiy of Alabama, March 9, l856, and in iis I43 chaplers il has The largesr membership in The Greek world. The Record, appearing quarierly, is The naiional publicaiion, and The Dope Sheel' is The bi-an- nual publicalion. The Traiernily colors are royal purple and old gold: The flower is The violei. Among The acliliviries of The chapler are houseparlies, a Thanksgiving Ban- quet and a Founde-r's Day Banquet 206 MEMBERS Firsl' Row: Jim Skelion, Charlie Beachem, Bob Kunsman, Dean Sell, Dick Jungles, Gene Deardorff, John Farquhar, Frank Capiiani, Don Har- man, John Kirsi, Jake Trimmer. Second Row: Ted Soislman, Arloe Olsen, Wall McGowan, Harry Binger, Noel Kroncke, Bucky Wal- fers, Coy Yingsf, Mike Galdino, Dave l-leirick, John Lilly. Third Row: John Crawford, Roger Jackson, George Brooks, Jack Doub, Charlie Harfer, Barclay Boyd, Jack Clark, George Greiner. Fourfh Row: Carl Schoenborn, Pres Sirailon, Ron Scoii, Mike Garman, Chuck Loloianco, Riiier Smiih, Frank Auslin, Rich Davidyock, Jim Gurhrie, Barry lv1acGiloeny, Ken Kamis. Fiffh Row: Phil Damon, John Yingsi, Jim Builer, Lance Builer, Penn Yeai- man, Keirh Quigley, Tony DelPre+e, Jim l-leinly, Jerry Kunkle, Dave Moran, Ed Lucas. Six'l'h Row: Clark Billie, Ken Bluefl, Gary Jackson, John Rose, Wayne Wrighl, Phil Graham, Bob Adolph, Tom Rice, Bill Hockenberry, Buddy Goodman, Ron Beerkircher. Kneeling: Coy Yingsf, Mike Galdino, Harry Binger, Ted Soisimann, Sfand- ing: Bucky Waliers, Riifer Smi9h, Arioe Olsen, Noel Kronke, Dick Lilly. 'LA' ," W 'U ' 1 -1 iw wan Lsfzs sums 4 .- -" E I-df ,ff Sigma Alpha fpsilon N PENNSYLVANIA DELTA CHAPTER 4 c :Anagram -.f 1,-1 , 3 I L X :N f ,w ..: 2 V,E V : - 5 A W E . . , 6 6 W , H ' K 5, .. , if if 5 8 A +1 if . ' ,,,. . ...,,. .A Q If I 2 m , 3 e 1 ' G 7 Wpellvgsbuvg Qinllcse . S E, , ' GA.i.5m E. ..., , ,E.E. - A . f E, M m W .-.,. 5 . W K Q I ,.?if' A . I ,.. ' 4 - ' 5:1-QgI:2 " ' f A 'M A V il ,Q , 9' iff W , .- , ' , Q .B A 3: ' -.,, , :Q- , , 5 QQ, Q, , 4, S I . 55 EE ....,,... ., -, V ...3:1,:1:2:,:fMfw1fQ fair' .g::33.:.:s:r:5:s " h, Q i I is Q . ii , .L .,,.. 5 ,:. , , I .V . :lv E . Al: . E V ' Ea f A .. A E -:jg ,..., i Q-E A QF' ff' 'fag W' 1 ""' 1 "": A ..,..5g'f,.:.: ..., A , . -1 ,.. ,WM , -::f-mfg? -1 an .,,. - - I .. .. .."L"' ' ".'? 5Is..: . , Im ' L "EEZ A , 4 1 ' ' V 1 , 5 M y G: Fa y A S, , -Q if ya F 35 .f: r, ,-...LL Yi, I r . 1, S 4 lm N Q mm-w51:n.,e.,w , w p ' -ffiwf , -V f M 1 W.. M, W, Ron snags a whiz-Triz FirsT chapTer presiclenf meeTs This year's chief LAMBDA CHI ALPHA OFFICERS LARRY LEHMAN . . ...... ,... P residenT BOB RENTSCHLER . . . . . Vice-PresidenT DICK ADAMS .... . . .Se-creTary MASON ALLENDER . . ,,... Treasurer HOWARD MINNICH . . . . .Pledge Trainer PAUL NONAS .... . . .Rush Chairman TheTa Pi ZeTa oT Lambda Chi Alpha received a charTer Trom TheTa Kappa Nu in l924, which merged wiTh Lambda Chi Alpha in l939, in The largesT and mosT signiTicanT merger in The Greek world. NaTionally, Lambda Chi Alpha was Tounded aT BosTon UniversiTy, BosTon, MassachuseTTs, in l909, and now has more chapTers Than any oTher naTional TraTerniTy. There are a ToTal oT l53 chapTers in Lambda Chi Alpha. The naTional publicaTion oT The TraTerniTy is The Cross and CrescenT, and The local publicaTion is The TheTa Piper. Purple, green, and gold are The TraTerniTy colors, and The whiTe rose is The Tlower. ChapTer acTiviTies include a public relaTions proiecT each sernesTer, a Founder's Day BangueT in March, and The annual crowning oT The CrescenT Girl aT Spring HouseparTies. 208 MEMBERS FirsT Row: Bob Carson, Jack Paw- lowski, Bob Gladney, John Aber- naThy, Seward SweeT, Sandy Black- well, Doyle BrighT, Bill Knapper, Jack MaTTh.ews, Dale Giese, Hugo MarTin, Sherrick GilberT. Second Row: Jim Church, Dave Foreman, Jack MiTchell, Paul Rod- enhauser, Dick Adams, Bob RenT- schler, Larry Lehman, Mase Allend- er, Hugo Schroeder, Bob TaggarT, George Tracy, Larry Johnson. Third Row: Paul Nonas, Charlie STrickler, Ken Manning, Carol Youse, Frank Fiore, Larry Liedel, ClinT FronTz, Jim Zerbe, Jim Gar- man, Dave BulleTT. FourTh Row: STeve Bishop, Dan Selka, P,eTe Casagrande, Bill Fleischman, Bob RaThman, PaT Henry, Fred Mueller, Rich Ruesch, Ed Egeland, Bob Willoughby. FiTTh Row: Connie Youse, Joe Arcesi, Dave HerTzler, JeTT Kahler, Norm Henry, Dr. William O. Duck, Bill Wunner, Floyd Schmid, Jim Kiick, Mickey Minnich, Ed WesTby. SixTh Row: Gerry Vickery, Les IlgenTriTz, Dennis McCurdy, Dar- rell Sensenig, Gary STaudT, Jack NorThup, Ron Krall, Richie Vee, Larry Miller, Russ BranTon, Vic HorvaTh. SevenTh Row: Jim Nye, Chuck PaTTi, Norm Maisel, John PokriT- csak, Ed Rose, Charlie, STeye Sipos, Bill Rohrbach, Dick MarTin, Bob Herr, Dick Holzer. Firsf Row: Bob Renischler, Larry Lehman, Dick Adams, Second Row: George Tracy, Mickey MinnichI Sherrick Gilbert. THETA PI AXA ZETA CHAPTE R . ' fxgxfr, . WMMWWWVW M- . ,....,,,..mM ,f ' H W . W 1? 1 -,...:-::.:E:g:A - M , , , 1 X- , ww , " ff-'A -. 5 . 1 Q 5 W f 'X 'A "2 ' Q . 5 E A??1'g 1 A3 PA ., 2' AF ' i f fa? STC? 'Q 'Eff 52:22-:z-.:E.Ei..f ' ' Qgf V: II 1 .. ..55:g- - A f ,Ag A ... ' A :5-5- I ., ,r - 1 ., '-152. A 1 Aa 'Eg ' ? . 4 A 3 ' fil A A E K , mm ' ,. F WMW E af 4 W 1 n mwxm Q r 9,-eu ' s A mwrm ' 1 Q aomzmiu 1,11 wumsf 4 v Mmm U v use in mc. nu n in wa, hun g 3552, ? k - .,... ...... V' ::-:-:.-. MNMNM ' ' .A-... : a. ' . '::::e 1 A ' A U MM M A WWW " x . 3 '-5-Mme--' U : - , .. . .55-..,.:.: , VI . f f? A' II I , I .IIIIIIIIIIEII ,-:z E- I iw A I I f I ff: 563735 gf? k 'SEI I , v. UA " In 1 , 3' .. J ' 1. I .. I, 4 N . . II . X gif' q :,' II I I , : .. 5 2 F A ' 'UAS ,.. . 3 35' T " :SET FK P Q XA .gf ..-5 ' 1 9 ' zzfi'-5 L, , Q 2 if - 'i1..::-..::EE ' ff 1 V ' " QI A . ff I,.f::' . EQQE rf- " ff. ' 'I ,,Ig K ar m: - S r- X . A . ' Q 5 1, X . K I x I .. I , I .,. I ,.,II I 5 ,I B H V, ,..m.p. M AM. Q mmwmm 1 ff . mu ff 1 -vwsfmw 3 . . 1 -f Q. 1 Mmm rf f Mmm m , I -mm 5 5 1. mm 0. g r Q mlm WM 35,25 I:.k,?i:2hf:'- :, '1E:-'- e2 Hif45'5v1: ,.g , fa' ' TYWW' . TW I A ,WWMMMW- W my III, 2 3531 , A s ,.:.::': , . , " A A . mf., 5. . 11" 2 . Q 1 ' ,. .. . A . . ,Q ' v : Af W :Q .E iambba Q51 NPN ' 5.AA1A- A., :iw .. 2, 1 ia :img I . ' .1 " A, y -A ' " " . ' 'A M 1 Bs , . , k A. -A NI 'gr Q A H - III I'IIf:efI v 5: 7 III 55" I. ' wif . IZ., V MII , . I . ,, , f , 3.5 f 4. " --3 Q rf- If ' .4 x ' A ' iii, . I 9 'f '- K , X ' 5 . AMA-, .N fa Q r Q ...rm-Ra 1 .. mn 5 S 4 nam mm.-M. 'A uf'-5, -AM My Q ., ,mer I r. 4 mm Jn A r mm ' 1 L nn., 4 5 nuns W" A W ""'NW"""""" " W '4""""" r"A" M' A' 'M'M"'A"' -""L"M"""'-"'MA'+f'M'M"MWM"' - ,.... 3 ,. - 1 f K , 3 .g A zz: , V -:ga.5:g,. f 1 . , ' -. X wie- ,:g ' I- -. , A ,. A- 21. .. 1.5. . I..I., .:.: ., , . II .. , - M. .. IgI I .... A ,E ., g. A 1 ' ,xy .Q 'A - 9 . .. A . if I .. W, . M , .. ,. I 1, ., I .I II I Q 5 I ,I III I x ii ,EXW A pf R' +A 5157. ', . 5 ' - ' 25:5 -: . r r A ' 55"" fi i s: 5 A S 5 E. A, " E I : A . . 1:5 222. "2 232 A. " r 5 I I E Q s, s Imam R rf wma 5 w,.w ummm 3 w n ummm sa ss. a n-mm 44. nun g r w musrww n an naman A r. r am mo E n. vs. lualam-r. . -1'-31,5-ff? -' 115' . " I I . i2:5.5:i:g.g.g, A - f :. J ,. ' , . TIT?" ":1E21E2f -.2212 ' E rf, 1 I f . I Z' Stf' if . I' I Z..IIIj fM1 I W' ' , 'g.II I ' 1 -,I 'rig' 'I . I A A' :g. :If ' -. ffwy A - ,A - 1 .A . W. .Q..f.A. ..,H.-- .Y ,. 1 'S' .1 1 .fr 1 2 1 Ax A I I 5 . 24 x, '. -A I af . ' ' g 3,3 . .aw-as-E. . I 2 - . - V , ----.,-..-.-- W . .....,......,..... . N . A - I Q 5 . IWIIIII . W. ... W A W. Q Q- .gm ' . H. mm . . W.. Q M. I N . ...W I Q A M.. I . .. A -A 7 " ' WW" Ms' A . ..,.. . .,.,..,.,.... , , ' ,A N'---W A 4' . 5 .,..... .... 1 , i e f' ff V ' W . "" H, 21 f A 1 :lf-A - ' r,- -A ' 'M ' .. H ' an Q.: V 533 ' .2 -2' 7 L fb: ' -' ' g a gy 1 Q '32, - gfw' A .ri , 4:-1. -A MW.. f A . :A-1.-yr.: wg if A f.. g -A A. AA H - Q AQ , f -f "- r" Mfg? 5 , - 5 ,f' 4 an ' -A Qi A . Ar 5 Q .. Q ' , 1 , . ' . 25" 5 5 2 5 A E aff . " ' 2, I A .fu . r 2' E 5 iz 1 ' ' 'ff ' 'Az 4 1 1 - A .5 f A " 'lm' I ff hir-frm Q -v e wmv- ' A um . , rv I mf.-7. 1 H fm. 3 1 -A fu , A im -1 4 5-iw.. . A www Q .,.,.,. MW 'T" "'4' - . ,.,,. . . , A M ' ' ' ' . ,. , A , AA -f -,. -'V' L .... . f ---- A 1 . A -12411-':f'A1rif:2A , 3 z. ' . . 3 ' J 5 ' ' . N f' - 3 ' ' Y . A,- . . A " M Y fe1..,.2- A " A F' - H ' ' 1 ' , A 31 Ig Q R ,p .-gf.. , . . I +i.Jum::Ii!mwlm.-,f Q m,,q.,, A I, -I ,, MII 'gfg,,m ,g'bgZQ5.,cpf3C51fmw1L,,w ,f Q ,, Q A , ,W 209 Dear old Dad's weekend A cool Phi Sig hinT on Dad's weekend PHI SIGMA KAPPA MARK SIBLEY . . WILLARD BEALE J. KENNETH REESE JOHN SANKEY . ROBERT HAAR . VORRIE MACOM . ROBERT PHILDIUS CHARLES RICHTER JOHN AXE ...... OFFICERS . . . . . PresidenT . . . Vice-PresidenT Recording SecreTary esponding SecreTary . . . . . Treasurer . . . .Pledge Trainer . .Rush Chairman . , . .lnducTor . . .Senfinel Rho DeuTeron ChapTer oT Phi Sigma Kappa received a charTer aT GeTTysburg, March l5, l925. On a naTional level Phi Sigma Kappa was Tounded March 15, I873 aT The UniversiTy oT MassachuseTTs. AT The presenT Time The TraTerniTy has 61 chapTers. The naTional publicaTion is The SigneT and The local paper is The Oak Leaf. Phi Sig colors are silver and magneTTag The Tlower is The red carnaTion. Several acTiviTies oT The chapTer are a semi-annual TaculTy banqueT, houseparTy programs, and an open house. This year a parTy was held Tor The children aT The EIizabeThTown STaTe Crippled Childrens HospiTal, 210 MEMBERS FirsT Row: Bob Swensen, John KraTz,erT, MarTy T-loTTner, Bob Barkley, Barry Kunkel, Jay Brun- dage, Bud Moore, BurT Eyde, Ken STeinharTer, Bob Drennen, Don MaTThias, Ken Rogers, Vorrie Ma- com. Second Row: Rush Barr, Ron SmiTh, Jack Sankey, Vince Annichiarico. Ken Reese, Will Beale, Mark Sib- ley, Bob Haar, Jim DeThleTsen, Don R,eiharT, Bob Phildius, Roger Flem- ing, Mike McConnell. Third Row: Jack Moore, Larry Lar- kin, Frank STadler, Ken PelTon, Tom Johnson, Vaughn Mickouls, Charlie RichTer, Duke Wallace, Ken Craw- Tord, Ed Hackenburg. FourTh Row: Tom Norris, Tom Rusk, John Axe, Gil STiles, BarT EIT- man, Tom ProbsT, AI DeCapiTe, John Bauer, Don Oakley, Ron Borg- wardT. Fif+h Row: John FirmsTone, Bob MacDougal, John Burd, Bill WrighT, Bill Bear, Phil VanBlarcom, LT. Col. M. E. PeTers, ScoTT Mason, Dave Williams, Lee Grossman, Jim Wal- ker, Larry Erilling, STeve Wood. SixTh Row: Mike Kelley, George Se-iTTer, Joe Rocklein, WalT Sweyer, WalT BaxTer, PeTe WhiTe, Brad King, Bob ScoTT, George Hilliard, Jim Einchenauer, Lou Caban, CurT Luckenbill, George Dedrick. Fronf Row: Bob Hear, Charles Richfer. Back Row: Will Beale, Mark Sibley, Ken Reese. llllll RHO DEUTERON CHAPTER . -V . --'l A 6 . l W 'liaf2?25i5' :f V ' ..: 11 ,. 55 2?-en. ,. A TL:--1. nfl l V A ll 'I va' 55 M3 'f' -if-' 5575- ml -- -- 'il' . 1 'H , - '2'f- 53 :-:fs 9 - lf-'ll' , - X J' Y 1: 5" " W 5 " g f, .Fl f "- ne w -Q1 ff W1 Xl 5 if 4 - 4 X' Q -'V- --Q -S f 5 -:JE-V f l -5- f-'iv -, . ' 'W S 4 hw. . . A V f:-i":, . - l --- 1 W - '7 2 3. " ,, . E7 ' 3- . 2 'fe' - i, W e 2 ' Q6 , . 2 "" e A- - 1 fl -' l f 'll' , - 2 5 - z- 1 z I s ' - 4 '- 2 ' ' ' l Cx. ' F 2 4 sweussn l wfigw-'-vzgff eff gefmuf fs nancy a s wwe manuqmxee sa moons n . r of gf, sjejnmxfxzfs -1 1 naman nw nrwa: K -l , A M . was Q, W? K 55:61. -I 5.-:gr .,.. .z we , ? 9' ., f T 'ffl 'Al' fgmy ' an 53", - K , E5 ll J i f , ' f- - ' '- " f f , - H: . , - . , Vlq' - x V - 5 ' :1 K K , -' 4 xi 2 53 ' S l my . W ,mm H. M.-fktlm Arm: .nw mm ef. Q -J ww -A L ff 4 fwfr-gfgm N Q .1 K H ,-.. H - . . 1 J H , , 5 Y ,,,: 1 2- :ze ' iff' 22-!g25- '3: :. ,,,,. . ,,., 3.21. K - " -. ' -- ':,"' I' A .:, -5- .,.,. 1 1 'Z " ,351 if -ia-:1:,. 4 -2'-2-' I . .,::51'3:- -112: .. + -l ' we ' .- z , 'xii -W ---iii-5 L U' 1 if, .:,. :' 3 ,g:5.5gg!, Q -SQ ? Q '- ' L ., ':,..5y, 'g -'iff' if 1?-J A T 3221? -f f? A 1 1 ' an me Q , - ' ' ' 7 F ,. . ,-5:35, In ,iq - x . 1 , Q g lg -,.- K r -, 3 e slams: Eason e --ff + e l L36 l 7 Q Ml , - W- - A 4 . ..: 1, ., :N ' ':. X i - ' ' -1 file: f ,:g:,f Elfi '-EFI" -.55 1- we if - , JiEz'55i'E5:': .1 , 5 ' " lie 3 1, -5 L - if T T 3, . J 4 2 f e W l H ., ' ' J., i 'Ziff - - ' ".:-' Y 51-'W -f-,.,:5i - , , ' 152.72 , E 5fj'g3 ef f , 23. IZ.: :g.', - . 9 V ,jf ' 1 ' px ,. v A , , xx . ..f , X S12 5- .H 'Sl T Qbclfgsbuv , , , U -. -- K Q . I M. , M ., , ,.,. . V- "W , ".:f:,.-it A -----lv- H: -.-:.,Q:v,:-si:.:g: W """"" R "-" I . ' ' I V .,.. . 'S K . W J " ' .. -1 'V '22-. I-w S ' lfh Y 5 I E1 ' '55, 1 5- if' .. ' - f l eil, fm Q , J' 1 fi' we 5' l ' ll " l - " " 1 ' l ' ,ij hi xi I . ii? 1 'P , f .Ziff ,V ax x Vg, 5- ,Z-J ,XV . 1 J L-1 - I 1 1 2: .f - ,l K ,-., W. :R W Q .1 f. -M .15 W WM , me Q .A -, . ,WM - -. V I, ..,. ..,.,. - 6 V-I V I- :u l -:A ----a -- .-: .-..- - fy H f f fl ,M is Q V 5 ,Q lQ1:zg:' -f-55 gh ' -ET ffm, QE? 9 if'- 'W f Y A 2 ' A , -.-- Y ' x4 1' -' K ,gg J ..:: I-1 .3 ."' ' . . e if - l 'S- Q .X z 3 " 211 A vw l W .nm I -. ,mum I - 1 ww K EDWARD 'YANTSNE Sludms Hexrmtmn N Y yn. The pride and ioy of The TKE house Tl1ere's one of These in every crowd TAU KAPPA EPSILON OFFICERS FRED FOLTZ . . . ..... PresidenT BOB MCCLARIN . . . . .Vice-PresidenT GERRY KRUM , . . ,... SecreTary JACK WILLIAMS . .... Treasurer BOB SMITH .... . .Pledge Trainer DAVE WINGFIELD . . . Rush Chairman ART l-IANNEL . . .,.. HisTorian Psi ChapTer oT Tau Kappa Epsilon, originally The Del+a DelTa Sigma local Tra- TerniTy, was granTed iTs charTer November 25, I926. NaTionally, The TraTerniTy was Tounded aT Illinois Wesleyan UniversiTy January IO, I899. Tau Kappa Epsilon has I42 chapTers in This large naTional TraTerniTy. The Teke Life is The name oT The naTional publicaTion, and The Psi Press is The local. The red carnaTion has been chosen as The TraTerniTy Tlower, and cherry and gray as The TraTerniTy colors. Annual acTiviTies oT Teke include an orphans' ChrisTmas ParTy held ioinTly wiTh Alpha Xi DelTa SororiTy, a FaThers' and MoThers' Day Program, and Alumni Week- end, and a Founder's Day BanqueT. 212 MEMBERS FirsT Row: Jim Valler, Roy Miller, Ken Unger, Arnie Grossman, Tom Scha.eTTer, Zeke l-lanzl, John Rich- ards, Ron Fink, John Fisher, Tom Niven, Tom Lawler, Al Mayhew, Second Row: Ken Anderson, John Rhodes, Bob SmiTh, Dave Byrne, Gerry Krum, Bob McClarin, Fred FolTz, John Williams, ArT I-lannel, Larry Cameron, MarTy Miller, ConsTanTine Koulouris. Third Row: Dave WingTield, Carl Bohner, Bill Jacques, Randy Keyes, John Kellow, Dave Severe, Don GuTekunsT, Nick Giorgio. FourTh Row: Joe Koon, Ben Paull, Barry WhiTsel, Dave Salberg, Dick l-lise, Chuck Dey, Ron Thomson, Ralph CarruThers, AI Parker, KeiTh Wollli. FiTTh Row: Bob l.indsTrom, Mike Bramley, Ron Shonk, Leo ColleTTe, Jim Brenneman, Mrs. W, E. Ter- rel, Bob Eldridge, Ed Walker, Bob Greenwood, Leon Silber, John TrauTwein. Sixfh Row: Bill FloTo, Ken iFruchTer, Phil WerT, Bob l-lolThaus, Sid Shuey, Mr. RoberT D. Barnes, Mike Cullen, Paul Jones, Henry SleighT, Dick l-lershey, Bill FiTzkee. Fronf: John Williams, Bob McCIarin, Larry Cameron. Back: Dave Byrne, Ar? Hannel, Gerry Krum, Fred Folfi. H 213 The animals al play Pledges enlerlain wilh a song KAPP DELTA RHO .5 I I OFFICERS DON STEIN . . . ...,.. ...... P residenl RON SCHUETTE . . ...... Vice-Presidenl WILBUR MaclVOR . . .... Recording Secrelary ALAN BUECHLER . . . . Corresponding Secrelary DAN HAMILTON . . ........ Treasurer DAN HAMILTON . . . . Pledge Trainer LARRY MILLER . , . . . Rush Chairman Pi Chapler ol Kappa Della Rho, which was originally Thela Phi, received ils charler January I4, I928. Middlebury College in Vermonl was lhe sile ol lhe nalional lounding ol KDR in l905. Al lhe presenl lime lhere are l8 chaplers in lhe lralernily. Colors ol Kappa Della Rho are Princelon orange and Middle- bury blue, and lhe llower is lhe red rose. The nalional publicalions ol lhe lra- lernily are The Quill and Scroll, The Senlry, and lhe Palhlinderg lhe local paper is lhe Pi Posl. The chapler underlalces several aclivilies including Falhers' and Molhers' Day programs, and houseparly weelcends. 214 MEMBERS Firsl Row: Diclc Cole, Bob Van Saders, Danny Harnillon, Don Slein, Ron Schuelle, llce Willis, Larry Mil- ler, Ed Gibble. Second Row: Bud Maclvor, Carler Koven, Huey Alexander, Ken Shoclcley, Al Slaler, Tom Knox. Third Row: Floyd Adams, Milce Galassi, AI Buechler, Ed Schneider, Jim McQuillcin, Bill Pursh. Fourlh Row: Harry Billle, Bob Boyer, Dave Klepper, John Apple- gale, Bob Haal, Don Wilson, Diclc Gibbs, Al Burlsell. Fiflh Row: Bob Girvan, Dave Nag- le, Bob Neher, Dick Koeclcerl, Paul Gollschling, Taylor Reeder, Arl Dralce, Frank Coffman. na 1: CME v C ADAM swf Tai Ron Schueife, Ken Shockley, Don Sfein. wk no vs m ra YALAR 1 w +4 Hmm 'D 5 NABLE we rv P KLQWFS42 cv A wwf Gui QQMEQH R M weaken? Gm me vu. m G T P 966583 An mmm Salurday nighl of fhe big weekend Roses for a Thela Chi sweelhearl THETA CHI OFFICERS MILT GUSS ...,. ..,.. P residenl LEON PHILLIPS .... . Vice-Presidenl GEORGE KEGERREIS . . . .Secrelary ED HEINBAUGI-I . . .... Treasurer JIM O'BRlElNl . Pledge Trainer CHARLES BLACK . , . , . Rush Chairman Della Omicron Chapler ol Thela Chi, preceded by lhe Slar and Crescenl Club and Alpha Thela Chi local, was granled ils charler March 8, l952. On a nalional level, lhe lralernily was lounded al Norwich Universily, Norwich, Ver- monl, April IO, l856. Thela Chi claims IZO nalional chaplers. The Rallle ol Thela Chi is lhe nalional publicalion, and The Dellacron is published locally. The lralernily colors are mililary red and while, lhe llower is lhe red carnalion. Included among lhe annual aclivilies are an Alumni Banquel and a Pledge Banquel. Chapler scholarship, aclive chapler service, and oulslanding pledge awards are issued by lhe lralernily. 216 MEMBERS Firsl Row: Tom Crain, Lowell Rein- hardl, Paul Monlgomery, Howard Wille, Gene Schnure, Bob l-lowell, Diclc Erdley, Don Welzel, Diclc Slevenson, Ron Wood, Second Row: John Beuchler, Ralph Denoller, Ed l-leinbaugh, Leon Phil- lips, Mill Guss, George Kegerreis, Jim O'Brien, Mike Levengood, Bill Neison. Third Row: Brian Birch, Fred Marclcs, Craig Kerr, I-lenry See- lcarnp, Elmer McKechnie, John Pruess. Fourih Row: Dave Franz, Charlie Blaclc, John Busch, Roger Albrighl, Glen Colby, Larry Drewes, Wes While, Bob Corclier. Fillh Row: Larry Vifood, Tom Campbell, Russ Buchheil, Don Holslein, Ralph Pearson, Karl Burlchardl, Barry Kerchner, Dave Mallson, Doug Norlon, Phil Michel. Sivlh Row: Tod Doyle, Bob Kelley, Ted Goller, John Munzinger, Larry Bonney, Ed Moll, Wall Johnson, Lynn I-leinbaugh. im: 2 Seafed: Leon Phillips, Mit? Guss, George Kegerreis, Standing: Jim O'Brien, Ed Heinbaugh. , ' Inav ,l"'W"T,ZL1lf" 'M HX DELTA OMICRON CHAPTER i 4 'H' i i V 7 in A - "' V 3 0- W L in , if Q , ' 4 ':" " 15 ' L' .95 4 ' Vw In '15 ff., 3' 1.52 ' Q i! iff' ' f', 3 Q A .. . 1: ..,:' : 1 ,...,: : .s::g.i: '..- V XI i I - 2'-: - ,,2:1:.- " iw 6 A U Q X .:'-:E.2Ef2E J2f2 E i ' h 5 K 5 Vuunz I .bfi 2 .,,. '1 N , . i S ,V "Q .l if X' ,U AE, .fr is I Z v:.,, E. i vi . PM l gf 1,i, ,,i,,V 2 p i K ' I f , X' ' Q 'Q X .. X f Ei gl i Z 1' -' " rv Y' gi W :fu vf 2 A -'f-. .' M E il X H NL" - X 'bN1'i 5 H WY NH? J X q,,,... . , x,.:1 .:-Q-'b-1-- .,.. i , "" 1 ..:,., 1 . ""?' Q .Q ,,.., "':""" ei ella Qui ff 4 . ,Q X A .Zi 7' as KP , , f, A ,.,: . 'J :A Q . ' k-Ffa Q lil S I9 5 8 1 ii Q . I, F I: -':-:-:' Q. ..,.: f:a:fs..'. : ,... F ,A 1' ' .:, 0 Q .I 4 1: ---- A In E i I 4. ,, f -wi - , J, M- sz' if up . -,gs . ..,. .. 'N ii 'A': V - " "i , I in f, V V y . .E , K ,,., 1 A 3 lk i. , a X Q , , X . I . Q H I ,. ' . .,.,., 4 - Q V - .Q It 5 0 li 1 ff ,,.. A 'v:,:,,V,,. 'K' A: Iuunilui J a 4 An E Q W F E if G w, 1 Q Q 452. 12 52 gg M fr w Q In I 2 E, -:ig 1.233 ii f Y i zz' H 'Nh ' ' 2 G i In fi' : W ' i .Q " V Emi 1, we Q + 75. AQ xl A if . 5 A is ' . E Q 'M' ., , .,,': . ' H 'i:'i""" ' "5 Z 2 alz -I i.fE:':',.:z5g,-- , if my in M JAW S? uilllil i :7T'f .5. 3 V .. , . I l 4 it ,N 9 A , Y , xx 5 ' V .:: - E 5: V t -Q ,-,, , f J is A f -if .,,. mb In .. V- ' I .f ihh X , ggi: Q44 um! ggi 'ggi 1 V r E 'J Q 35" 2 Tl Al nfl 1' ,, Uwt ' 217 Mr. Shelly al lhe keyboard So lhis is how lhey keep flue cup! SIGMA WILLIAM IMAINE WARREN ADAMS ROY MILTNER . ARTH UR SEEBACH GUY EDMISTON ROY MILTNER . . NU OFFICERS . . . Presidenl . Vice-Presidenl . . . Secrelary . . .Treasurer Pledge Trainer Rush Chairman Zela Sigma Chapler ol Sigma Nu, received ils charler May l5, l954. Phi Kappa Rho local lrahernily preceded lhe chapler. Nalionally, Sigma Nu was 'Founded al Virginia Mililary lnslilule, January I, l869. The lolal membership is now l24 chaplers. The nalional publicalion is Tlhe Delrla and lhe local publicalion is The Sigma News. The while rose is lhe lralernily llower, and black, while, and gold are lhe lralernily colors. Annual allairs include a communily help week, a While Rose Formal, a pledge dance, and a lacully lea. A "While-lool-Blacklool" Dance is held annually wilh Alpha Tau Omega. 218 MEMBERS Firsl Row: Charlie Burger, Hup Hin- richsen, Garry Milchell, Guy Ed- mislon, Arl Seebach, Bill Maine, Warren Adams, Roy Millner, Kevin Thomas, Lloyd Grove, Bob Haley. Second Row: Dave Shelly, Jack Wil- son, Bob Woll, Charles Beck, John Wenlzke, Dave lvlcGrail, Norm Kear, Bill Swisher. Third Row: Chuck Slein, John Trimnell, Jim Hamsher, Lee Dallas, Bob lvlenges, Chuck Ziegler, John Miller, George Duhlbohn. Fourlh Row: Pele Lee, Warren Gumprechl, Dave Haman, Jim Klineleller, John Schelley, Dick Benlz, Tom McClellan, Warren Eshbach, Harry Marsh, Larry Carulh, Don Ailken. Fillh Row: Ken Geils, Bob Wine- holl, George Koenig, Ed Vogel- song, George Boyer, Ray Phyles, Dick Basso, Fred Pedersen, Paul Joly, Bill Slevens. numb Seaied You figure This one ouT Why so glum chum? ALPHA CHI RHO in eff." Q .2 ' :J ' OFFICERS C. BERNARD SCHRIVER ...... ...... P residenT JACOB SAGE ..... ..... V ice-PresidenT WILLIAM WERTMAN . ..,.. Recording SecreTary JACK KATINSKY . . . . . .Corresponding SecreTary IRA REICH . .... ......... T reasurer EDWARD ANDREWS . . ..... Pledge Trainer JACK KEEN .... . . .Rush Chairman The ETa Phi ChapTer of Alpha Chi Rho is The mosT recenT naTional TraTerniTy To be esTabIished on Th.e GeTTysburg campus. The new chapTer received iTs charTer on March I, l958. NaTionaIly, The TraTerniTy was Tounded aT TriniTy College, l-IarT- Tord, ConnecTicuT, on June 4, I895, and aT The presenT Time is comprised oT 22 chapTers. The name oT The naTionaI publicaTion is The Garnei' and WhiTe. Alpha Chi Rho's colors ane garneT and whiTe and The Tlowers are The garneT and The whiTe carnaTions. ChapTer acTiviTies include houseparTies. annual pledge dance, and FaTher's and MoTher's Weekends. The TraTerniTy quarTers, which include a privaTe dining room, meeTing room, and lounge, are locaTed aT The SheTTer I-louse. 220 MEMBERS FirsT Row: John Cochran, Joie Bol- Ton, Jack KaTinsIcy, Jack Sage, Bernie Schriver, Ira Reich, Bill WerT- man, Ed Andrews. Second Row: John I-Ienschen, I-Iowie VogT, Barry Lane, BarT BarTholeT, Ernie MoTTa, Ron NiTz- sche. Third Row: Jack Keen, Boyd PTeiT- Ter, Ted I-lise, Bill WrighT, Paul Krom, Rollo Perez. FourTh Row: Ed Peppler, Len Knapp, Barry Wenz, Bill Lowe, Charlie LighTner. Bob Cohn, Fred Reisz, Len Aleniclc. Firsf Row: Ed n ETA Andrews, Bill Werfman. Second Row: Jack Sage, Bernie Schriver, Joe Bolfon. PHI CHAPTER I .....,.. , .. ..,.., 4 ,...., - .,.,, - ..., .,..,.. . .. 5 W, , , 'A "' ' ' .. M x ' ' ' , 1 A ' ., l " V- ri , ..,. , .P 7 ' -.4 1 ' 1 4 - x Q M zz. ifz- A AW ' L 3 an in J , A' , AW 1 4' 'A 5 ,Q M .. 3 A h ff A , . Y A A Y' I V F . . ' . 7 A . . . , 4 2 iw- E ' - JOHN COLAQAN :OE aoufxw JACK xmwsnv 3 JACK Snci BERNSE SCHRSVER HM QLQCH BDU.. .A ,, , . . , ' .V W, 3 . , A 1 1 f LAY- L....44::.V. N, .--W ' 'f'.L4!.ELv...,.- M...1:A,,, 42" M. fin.-M fN"":" - 'W'-'ff W'-f 'A' f 'ef' J ' I f -1 :' I f ,pw f 5 1 A 1 O -. -:A , A - s i Q A A 1 Stlon n . ' 1 -qv 4 . Wm -.-A V .1 1 x Q 3 5 91 :. ' W, , , , X . 5 5 Z ft.: x in 2 ' F1 V 5 lil A . ' fa? f if A v 3 , -, . 2 2 -4 Y .- . i mm. wgugwfw womb vo,-p Banpy ,A-,L H1 in N J sum EARTHOLUY 1 ERME morn new mrzscds . 5 A 'W?'i?g i 13, M , .3 .Sf ' 5? A - -A-' " ,1 2 EFA 'wfik ffw 4544 2 1 5 - 1 vb ,H ,ww l 5 ' 35, 'f ' - E 5 F ' azri' """" -iff-:27:f.":: I 'I 3 A A V 117 b A f ,av 5 : W " '- ' ' ,.Q ::'E5s??:: ' A ' K 'I 3 1 'E """ Y 1 . 5 .... "" 5 W 5 Q A W 1 ' , 1 1-.W l , ........MM,..JA..... 5 E z 1 X , 2 I 1 2 f -'WK 'W-95 ' L' ff! l""!'5K TED H vi ""A"""""""'M"M BDLL WRXGMT E PAUL. KROM POLLO PERF! . , A , , .. ,,.,, -, M-. A,,. MMM.,-....,,..M,,MA, , L ---- Civ... 4, ,, 5 , 1 V , fr J I .,..., . A A. A A f L.., I ' -, - i GTZ' ma A i' E if ' '5 1 .,., P V A f ,, fix. A b 2 , ,gg fx E A l Jax , if .:g:f 1 " i , 5 - A ig , - 'TS A 5 - ,k -A '2f'IE?: 2 'iff 5 5 , H I 0 : E 1 1 k A a 1 E 1 5 A ' 2 Q ' ' 1 5 W 1 2 z ' A 4 . A A x ' I 5 A I 2 6 1 2 E, J 9519? Ew ,FN KNAW? HAWYZW Nl?-41 BML QCHVE Y'H:'X'f1H- KIVNYNIZR BUH 'UMM FCEKD RE!5,' ,,fCPl'll1-Yi!! A,LFHCk A i . ,Aw , , , ,. M,-A,.v, , ,... ,WVU . ,. .A . ., M fiidwarb Unnlinv 5EZf12b5, 362-fmklinfz, 'Qi Ahfzma!! Wzown 600655 956044 1 221 nd another year of Gettysburg posses And another year ot Gettysburg passes-a year ot walking the path trom Glattelter to the library, trom Han- son to Brua, trom the gym to Stine: a year ot rushing- to classes, to meetings, to games, to dances: a year ot newness with the honor system, the catteria, Senate movies, the big snowstorm, the building program: a typical year with G-Burg mud, Saturday atternoon toot- ball games, Dr. Arm's plays, the smile and the "hello", and exams: a year ot meeting treshman and saying good-bye to the seniors: a y.ear ot growing-expanding intellec- tually, morally, culturally: a year ot challenge met by victory, compromise and sometimes deteat: a year ot ex- perience-some ot it uplitting, some detlating, but all ot it enlightening: another year bound inseparably to the one long span ot each lite-this year so insignificant and yet so vitally meaningtul in the total scheme ot that one long span-this year inevitably ioins the I25 years ot that rich tradition ot the past that is Gettysburg College. A,y,s2, A .Mmm 5 q"""-61 mm, Uma, fb.. "" ff ,,,,...,m...-,a4.' Ways, k , , M, ,A , f 7 Y ww-,WAY M:-,Musa ,,4,7f 'Y 4 . M ' if :WW 9 -' 5 is-52f,s:f?E bw L2,giEaz,3LMff 2:1 GETTYSBURG COLLEGE STUDENT'S ACCIDENT AND PATRONEE slCKNEss INSURANCE OUR JOHN C. STAH LE The Represenlafive Phone l2I8 Congratulations Graduate APPRECIATION AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT A word of lhanlcs and appreciation lo The l958 SPECTRUM Slafl whose enlhusiasm and Cooperalion made 'rhis book possible. To Mr. Paul Baird, we exlend our deepesl apprecialion lor The endless hours of palience and guidance. The Class porlrails and Tralernily Cornposiles were prepared by Vanline Sludios, l-lamillon. New Yorlc. The porlrails of Jrhe SPECTRUM Courl were prepared by Lane Sludios, Gellysburq, Pennsylvania. Tl-IE EDITORS HOTEL GETTYSBU RG GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA HENRY M. SCI-IARF. '25 Manager As much a pa'rI' of Ge'H'ysburg College as if i+ were Iocafed on fhe campus. ADAMS COUNTY MOTORS CORPORATION GETTYSBU RO, PA. TOBEY'S Famous Fashions CHAMBERSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA G-ETTYSBUR6, PENNSYLVANIA SCHWARTZ'S WASHETTE Quick Service Laundry I58 Wafer SI. GETTYSBURG, PENNA. REA AND DERICK "The Sfores of Service" Cenier Square 81 York SI. GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA MCCAUSLI N Auro sALEs Au+horized Dealer for Dodge-PIymou+h Cars Dodge "Job Ra+ed" Trucks FuII Line Genuine "Mopar" Paris PEOPLES DRUG STORE The RexaII Drug S+ore PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 334-336 York SI. Gerrysburg 26 York ST- GGIIYSIUUVQ P5 Phone 698 Prompr Aiienfion-Courieous Service Over 50 Years of Dependable Service PROSPERITY CLEANERS Wesf Railroad S+. GeH'ysburg, Pennsylvania DOUGHERTY 81 HARTLEY DRY eoons, NorloNs COMPLIMENTS OF A PHILADELPHIA BUSINESS FRIEND FLOOR COVERINGS GETTYSBURG, PA. COMPLIIVIENTS OF C. W. EPLEY HETRICK'S STUDEBAKER - MERCEDES I00 YOFIC Si. Geifysburg, P BENZ AND TRIUMPH DEALER I "Don'+ cuss--caII us" Phone GETTYSBURG, PA. BRITCHER 81 BENDER DRUG STORE 27 Chambersburg Sireei GETTYSBURG, PA. THE SHETTER HOUSE 46-48 Chambersburg Sireei' GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA "Home of 'Phe Geffysburg Liohs Club" 50 Miie Caiering Service CLOYD B. SHETTER, Prop. Phone 9594- THE COFFMAN-FISHER CO. DEPARTMENT STORES MENS AND WOMENS WEAR SHOES-DRY eooos-Notions Lincoln Square Gelfysburg, Pa. The Young Men's Shop GETTYSBURG GULLEGE BO0KSTORE Tex+boolcs, School Supplies College Novellies, Clofhing College Rings and Jewelry owned and opera+ecl by BIX SWAY Collegiafe Clofhes GETTYSBURG CULLEGE "ON THE CAMPUS" 24 Chambersburg Sl. Phone 20-Y WElKERT'S FABERS BARBER SHOP 57 Chambersburg Sl. GETTYSBURG. PA. Where 'I'he Campus Mee+s Lincoln Square-By The Holel SODA FOU NTAI N-LU NCHON ETTE WHlTMAN'S CANDIES For all Occasions MAGAZINES-PIPES-SMOKERS' SUPPLIES DAVES PHOTO SUPPLY THE COMPLETE CAMERA SERVICE GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA GEO. M. ZERFING HARDWARE ON THE SQUARE COMPLIMENTS OE THE STANDLEY WARNER MAJESTIC THEATER "Were Happiness Cosf So LiHIe" BLUE RIDGE OIL COMPANY RoY H. HAMMOND, Prop. LITTLESTOWN-GETTYSBURG BUPP'S DAIRY, INC. 877 York SI. HANOVER, PA. 1958 "SMALL GROUPS AND PARTIES" Good Dufch Cooking and a friendly atmosphere CO' Io en+erIain your week-end guesf COP Park THE DUTCH CUPBOARD GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Dufch Meals Served Daily Designer Builder Margaref E. Scoff '27 523 Balfimore S+ PI'1one Gerrysburg IO93 Geffysburg, Po T H E W A Y S I D E WHILE IN GETTYSBURG FLOWER SHOP VIsIII'I1e F. E, CRAVER, JR., Prop. 4255 W Sh, + S+ JENNIE WADE MUSEUM . a mg on . QET1'Y5gU RG' PA. Balfimore S+. near NaI'IonaI Cemefery Member EIorIs'I's TeIegrapI1 DeIivery Assn. W. G. WEAVER LincoIn Square Geffysburg, Pa. Geffysburg '2 I Owner WENTZ'S FURNITURE Opposife POST Office GETTYSBU RG NATIONAL MUSEUM INC. HOME or THE Electric Map SUNKEN GARDENS Colrfaqe Cour+ 4'f2 mi. Easf on U.S. 30 Phone 7I6X AVENUE DINER One of Pennsy'lvania's Fines? FREE PARKING Air Condifioned S+ nwehr Ave. Geffysburg, P SAYLOR'S GULF SERVICE IO3-I I I Cariisie Sfreef GETTYSBURG, PA Anyihing for The Aufomobile Phone 677 THE GETTYSBURG NATIONAL BANK Treasurer of GETTYSBU RG COLLEGE Member of Federal Deposif Insuranc Corporafion Member FederaT Reserve Syslrem WEISHN-IR BROS. ELECTRICAL 81 GAS APPLIANCES PLUMBING, HEATING 8: SHEET METAL Phone I25 Geiiysburg BOOKMART 'I' SI'aI'ioners PLAZA-SWEETLAND ResI'auranI's GETTYSBU RG. PA. HERSHEY'S MENS SHOP Tailoring 8: Harberdashing Tux For Ren'I Cleaning, Pressing and Re-pairing Opposiie The Couri House on Baiiimore S+ HIGH FIDELITY CENTER I I8 Baiiimore SI. Magnavox Sales and Service Componenf High FicIeIi+y Sfereophonic Sound CompIe+e Record Depar+men+ and Tape DeparI'me'n+ You Are Aiways Welcome aI' THE TOWNE RESTAURANT Cariisie SI. Geiiysburg, Pa WARREN BUICK 81 CHEVROLET SALES LINCOLNWAY EAST PHONE 424 GETTYSBURG. PENNSYLVANIA HELLER 81 KELLER STORES 243 Sfeinwehr Ave. GETTYSBURG, PA. Pick Up and Deiivery Phone 672 Esso Producis COMPLIMENTS COMP'-IMENTS of OF The JOHN C- LOWER HANOVER HARDWARE WHOLESALE GROCERS GETTYSBURG, PA. HANOVER, PENNSYLVANIA Meel' Me al The VARSITY DINER Good Food Means Good Heal'I'h LINCOLN LOGS RUSTIC BAR "The Showplace of Pennsylvania" DAN AND HELEN GREENAWALT "l'I"s DiFFeren'I" Dine and Dance Pizza Pie-Hof lfalian SpagheHi- I Block Norlh ol Square on RI. I5 -Pan Fried Chigken- P C d-+- d Four Miles Easl' of Gellysburq ar 'ng 'I on ' 'One QETTYSBURG RD, 5, PENNA. GETTYSBURG BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY 225 Sou+h Franklin Sfreef GETTYSBURG. PENNSYLVANIA SMEDLEY ancl AUMILLER Insurance and Real Es'I'a're Phone IO42 Modern Maferials for BeHer Building 38 Lancasquer Ave. Downgngfownl pa S. BLAINE MILLER W. H. MUSSER, JR. A. B. SEIFERT 81 SON General Conlraclors Churches Schools Resiclenlial-Commercial-Induslrial 633 W. Poplar SI. York, Pa. GORDON DAVIS LINEN SUPPLY COMPANY PI-IILADELPI-IIA, PA. A Memorable Year 0 Congratulations to the Student Body and Faculty of Gettysburg College upon the completion of another outstanding year. 0 The Staff of your annual has worked exceedingly hard to give you a superb book that portrays the highlights of memo- rable activities. To preserve this excellent literary and photographic record, the best grades of material have been combined with skilled workmanship to provide the finest quality yearbook. 0 We are very proud that the 1958 Staff selected us to help design, print and bind the SPECTRUM. We have earnestly en- deavored to fulfill the conhdence placed in us. BENSIIN PRINTING COMPANl' Comlodfe 5004 qfnanufacfurerri NASHVILLE 3, TENNESSEE

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