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, 4 l L UM 1954 T f OE GETTYSBURG COLLEGE GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA MARY KAUFFMAN O EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ROBERT WELLIVER BUSINESS MANAGER DR. GEORGE S. WARTHEN IN MEMORIAM STudenTs aT GeTTysburg College will noT soon TorgeT Dr. WarTh- en's quieT kindness, his willing helpTulness, and his genuine love oT mankind. lT has been said ThaT George WarThen never knowingly hurT anyone, and ThaT he never said an unkind word abouT anyone. Dr. George Saylor War+hen served as head oT The English DeparT- menT oT GeTTysburg College Trom I947 unTil his deaTh This pasT win- Ter. l-le became a member oT The TaculTy in l924 aTTer having com- pleTed several years oT graduaTe work aT l-larvard UniversiTy, where he received his lv1asTer's Degree. Dr. WarThen aTTended high school in Danville, Virginia. T-le re- ceived a BA. degree Trom The UniversiTy oT Virginia in I92l, and was given an MA. degree Trom ThaT UniversiTy in l922. Johns Hopkins granTed him a Ph.D. in l948. The Tollowing verses were wriTTen To Dr. WarThen some ThirTy years ago by Francis Mason. They serve as a TribuTe To a man who gave The beTTer parT oT his liTe in service To GeTTysburg College, a man whose inTluence will noT be quickly TorgoTTen. By whaT righT do we call each oTher Triend Unless There lies some more Than morTal mesh In Tingers kniT in The hardy, Tlesh-To-Tlesh, Male grip oT honesT greeTing? IT an end lviusT be To all ourwork and goodly game, IT all our Talk oT women, books and words Take Tinal TlighT like winTer-banished birds, Why do we mock our momenT wiTh The name? ls There some secreT wisdom under all This lyric hour oT Tellowship we know, Some wind oT ThoughT ThaT moves us as iT musT Toward knowledge OT +ha+ kinship ThaT shall call lThrough unredempTive silence, when we gol BroTher To broTher, as The dusT To dusT? ,v "rW' A ' gf3m"S'v H: X J 3" , ,t , EK. . ' v , f , ,V ,fjH'f.'g-79411 F , x V' L-.--f-nw:-s.-.,.'oz v. Q N ! jf! ' A Igiw. I f A+- ' , , V '+.fQ',L',f If A 5 xf 1 Q x X XD I Km 'iff Il' i " ' . X Y :fn Qg 1 A 1 N! If I., xx' -1 fflqi XXX , , if Y Y '-:LY 2 , 1 - t -X .1 '4k w 'i - A XX fJ'9Q,c?QfelsTfX X M H ' f ' s X V1 ' - X , i . z 'M "1 MM, 1 E ' V l ' ' X f 5 , I . V vb EY, P ',-" 0 . , N. .XY W! t if Y in 'ESA Y? V wi ,M if A ' fff?1"fii3"7fT.w5'm, fd 2 15941: F 1 A-:.vff3E1fq 4 f' rg 'ff xfffiixa-. 1f'+m,: A455 V, f'f'f93':--'MP-'Q , ,. -' W ,ef if iw, ff' fi "K " wif' H gg: iff - If "-:::-: rg .3,ff : 'I.g' , ,uf QE-2, ' ' ' , 1 fr jj ,,n 4" +"o'f' 'uwgaf' - ' Ci L if ,ff 4,+'GfTf5' R . J . T " 9 H- 'a M f + A ' - - , A "- - 11 .' . ff A ' 1+ ,J wif , f X . A Q' ' .,:gi .-i ' if ,ff -'Wf'f'fM-fwmm, ,M ' f L! " , ' I f Ti' " r ' if ' . ' ' 5. W-g-fi,-2 J , 1 ' w . X i an Z 'V , in ' i'i"sWg'w3'ESw" l ,, . ---- .. ' I f i. Aw WW , H N H 'WfUfasQei4'i?h'T5Q5.Mx.Wf,W z Dim -hx? V... ,, -' iff' xr ni only L F 1 jp, , fm fi . I J ' u ""fT'r, ' LI' YI Fe..-Y I su sfyav 7. twvv' bn K., - " . - '.' -:' '- "np . ,V -.ff -.,,L -:-A I, .1 ., ' 21-1-, , x , -L, , ,xl ,QL 1-yu, -. I rg . 1 --If , - f, ..3.- .,-, . , , - H I-.. 31'- M , fu VJ- G., . ,.... A . Aw- -is v,l A-5 lv- lA, -1:5 . ., li ' '-ff' 4' iz. , 'A . Q? ." ' m' ' 2 Q-:r H '-meh. -,1.11L, , v.',T'1q- ,fn 1, - ' -:iffy w-iw' .- -,wzhijzuf-.'-wg. I X215 "'w-.'.-"iw A yr. jf, .. . qs? 1 .Li A X . 1,.,.,,,3Q -:,.r3j',-',,- 1 --H.. N -'. . , V 1: , ,q'g4.vq.g: 1 I ,ig L ,j,P..?,IX :JI 'r .,w'3,, Uxfdwli xv ,A ., .JI ,ay '. " 2 ix Y w ' , 'f-:,4Eg'vl" 'Q P3571 I - xi - V, J ,Y qfrlr V Y I Y 515.5 X K? ,, ' ' ' ', "" . Q - 1- 'f ff' ". Hi " y - , V , Th '," ' in ' 5 I W -1, ' I :sf ".,-V .1 f-- N., 'hx X 1' ' .afwlf -if 2 " I ., ruff. ,JV .' W, . ,J ' f ! fn -.ff . . w ,xx I, 1 ,U 4 , X , A :fr V, 1 f ,- f IT'---J" if I 'f ' H1 ' Fi ,V vzfgx 'E ' Ai- 21' ff 'Y '- f-'iff' I Q, K ,A gf. 4 Qg4"f'!,,1- ., ,, w H N . E Su Q :,.q M, M ,lm -f, c h . I I law affine limi . Since T929 when The Georgian-sTrucTured building was consTrucTed on our campus, college sTudenTs have ThoughT oT The library as The home Tor The various TexTs, novels, magazines and encyclopedias ThaT malce Tor good research or iusT plain browsing. BuT, unbelcnowrisT To The maioriTy oT The sTudenTs, here also are lcepT The GeTTysburg College SPECTRUMS, which daTe from I892, when G-Burg was The Pennsylvania MiliTary College, To presenT years. There, behind The reTerence desk, is sTored The diary oT GeTTysburg College, Tor all To see. The SPECTRUMS Trom The pasT and pres-enT are more Than iusT books. They are records, milesTones, which show The liTe and progress oT our Alma lVlaTer Through The Turn oT a cenTury. war years, depression and peace Time. .Af fAe predenf jime . ln SepTember, I953, The doors of ChrisT Chapel opened To The sTudenTs and Triencls oT C5eTTysburg College lTs newness, iTs vasTness, iTs puriTy, in Themselves malce iT The beauTiTul sTrucTure iT is, buT behind iTs maTerial beauTy lies a deep and abiding Torce ThaT will sTand as a symbol oT our ThoughTs and belieTs. ForwiTh iTs newness, we renewed our TaiTh: in iTs puriTy, we TelT cleansed: buT in iTs vasTness we TelT small and humble. The erecTion oT a True chapel on This campus has added noT only a cenTer oT worship, buT an inTangible someThing ThaT we musT live up To. Now, we marvel aT The grand and gleaming ediTice, buT in years To come, we will recognize The TacT ThaT if God is TruTh, and TruTh is beauTy, God is mosT cerTainly beauTy. Chris? Chapel 0 Fx QNDP' Y FRIDAY SUN 'il M 0 D 9 5150 .904 L A Y ,fo WFm,n-4--.1 ,, , ,, .,, :fb ' 'W' - -: "1 ' 9 I , v '. 9 R ' N4 Q- - -Q Q 1 L PX il 1 . , . 'r ' Q f I " ,'?' " ,P 1- ' 444 . ' 'lv' 59, 1 1 f 1 k - h-K.. ' 5 , ' , W A 'q.f'f'- W' '5+fP'f I if , 24 , z ' -1-,' lf W N .1' J.l', Af. ' '. ', 49, -.5 4.-A Q -. ll. 4d:. l .hiv I 6 '.,. - Q lv W? - 1,1 rf' '. ' g 'x I w l . . . x il 6 1 Max P -. up ., Jig ,rl 1 X I, AV ' ' L. ' ' "Q 1-3, N1 N P . I lv ' .- fy .- A . - ,. - 3 , ' ' Y: Q E- F Y a 7 'Fill ' f, :', af: , A 1 -,IL ' F iiiillwzikt l- ' 'IJ' F4-g'l,q5:, ' V '.i9i"31" "kH M" fl- 'af 1 r -K -1 1 - ' " 4 . K -uw . ,Tx - .ff9': ' ' x 1 U, N ' Sgr ,A ., 1 5 1: 44 .. .H :Q A : X , 1, I .5i:J,!- . Q. 7-L "AF ol- ' " 'A V, C! , fy 2 1 x'f:f"llf'fi'd : . '15 F E T511-Q6 W H NNI 5 -' -. "1 2' ' - -1. YE U Y' 19" 335 -."'y x 1 -f . faq '. , ' , Q 'vlfff K ' av' , :V - 1 .-' 54312, Q' -4 'vi . , . gd-. -..g'!'. Yi , ,V 1 , . .. ' , " ' -- ' " : E ' fx! Q. :Q'?55,T'-3 gfd ' L , ' 4" .F 1,4 '. 9 "H 1."f,?527"'.'u 114 '- U Q3 T.: '- . . .11 ' ' 4" . , , 'fag I, M Q . ,y..f . , ,f J, . .' , S., 5, ,. " ,. ,ffvi arf- if . Zi- , - .L - ,1,n. .-1-QL ' 1 AF: X. .3 , ,, .. .'.,'1, , 4 ff' A . ' ' I..-4 f A, r .-1 ' K . f, A v ..2 wo n ' ,L . . ....-4 A ' ,. , - 5 5 ' f- A - ' -' v 'Yl,- V I ' ILP' ' wi ,' .- -,gp ry,-A-4 1: , V v if 1 ,-'K - ' f X 'C .- . . , .:., ,1 , -1' - . ", 5 4,.,f--5 ,4 ,I K -,- - ,rwqrg Rig. 'Q A Y . , , -- Q 'pp ,11:E,f,g -A .4 ISL? " "'7'57U2'w'x-.-"-,- . . L Z ' i-1... ,q'.lx.'.- . X ' ' ,. I ,Q - ' f ,Q iff. 'L' . . A ? ' - 3 gigyglfbflgihag .. "yi I -V vi in ,, . Hf,,f4,. !j.-1QQ'4'-- 'Q 2.35. W, 'Q - 4,1 ' ffm?-,,-4115 1 f E A " T3 ' L ,A , VI.. , '- '- . ' . -pn 1 ,. . . 1 O . ,f'i"".'?'A ' ' 'l H 1 lzafif' 3 x N4 A . E f??'?4.Q'9 1 Z4 1 .. ... -- -'rn " M .4., '. . .db ,. ,-. v .jf W-A--K N., :riff-fry- . A. 5 . .. -V, -.,. ,. - K , ' ' R I 1 .. if 'Tf'5i2?ff'?f1 - -Ek be .vuflf 4? 5 DAY r YCSOPV JL1704, SQ Q 0 Q- 'Xp FRIDAY 5' UN04 y MON Su + Y' 'F R04 V N04 y hi 'flro X' 4 Q! V NJGNO ,Ap xy QQ, 4556 + L AVG IEH 51015, NJ GS-5940 N- ff rx 1 Wim . .,wx Q . ., A :J Q TL 'QW 0 5' QM4 1111, Q? ww O le? J' M cw OSHNOB AV NOW 5 D w R S :Qi S' wg W f se E L. 3,1 it f m --Q. - 'k 42 CL Y- Y, si, 1. 1 vu., ' 2 EW 4. , , H 9. . ... 1 X ., RET. .f,5.,. 1-Alf .. -. '.a.'.Q M ', 'ls 1 'A K Sf-f.. 'AI' , 9' vg.,n1 a'-' 2356" ig? ,Cf J' E' ll' 5? 'T GN09 5 J' 'fp 2 .si qxxt? O AVQSQNOEM V aim X45 QW' Ui. ?1 o . f- Ti I ' 4 . Q A 1 - J' - 5 - ,, " ' Z - QW, f ' . 1 ' . Ju.. T, Q 'fu A' 'L - y""',xi 2 16 wi Q ' f - 4 1 Q Q 2, f .7 Q ,, V fl . ? W A , ' 5' 5, A , D A 3 2 X Q, -:L I + Qb 3' Q 'Q 1 f L Q 4 I -BQ G6 L 9 ' 1 in V al-gg -XL wx 'V . V J , -J . Nr -cw 3 :' l 1 3 Y T1 5 I ' I S E 35 -4 iq 6 h Y S, V ..Z G' 3' 4 . J' "QNN . 2335 3 .:.. , ' Q - O "-- 1' ' 1 'QV 4--jxi M fvfw I J ' ' 1 'A ' . M O40 T' . ' " X J 'yy , J A 4 E M Q Q 'RQ A 1' X Q Q V , l ' ,u il Z E Y . e .0 I A .gy f E 1 ff e x A 253' 1 ,"' .. ' X' ' . I , I v 4 WF K Q . , . tx Y w N xv in 5 df' , E, X AI AAN L12 M. f y S g.iu'f7 . 4 1- -, . 1 Ev a 5 Q ii? ' 4 9 'T .z- Qi 5 " '39 "Pg, Pub 11 a 'N - . 5 fu 1 '-4- 1 'Y '7J- 73 " it M Q, -23' U x .. X J - 5 4' ,yi .Ab 4 , ' Q? 1, ,px MONDAY Y 33 N405 57 Q Gif' SATURDAY Q, V' ff. , V, weowssofw 22 QP Q , 0 + 5 053. ,NON A 04+ Y 4 70,9 Y 35 1 N04 y 04 Sis ,Q-Q55 -LPXEI K 0 is-D 14 1 Q3 -His? mmm I - s . .,, M sew HH .V 5 '- : - E59 X v M Wi x. gl --r-.P-1 WMP J x! ,f ,W s.,-e- In ' 4 ' iv, : - " ef: .. ,Q :.: -1. -.: ' sim .:. P- . if '-Q ' we X , :LW X iz Y . THE WEEKS AT GETTYSBURG MONDAY .... ..... A DMINISTRATION AND CLASSES .... I5 TUESDAY . . . ..... FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES . . . . 75 WEDNESDAY . . ..... CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS .... I I3 TI-IURSDAY .... HONORARY SOCIETIES . . . . I49 FRIDAY ..... ..... S PECIAL EVENTS .... Ibl SATURDAY .... ATHLETICS. . . . ZOI SUNDAY ..... GRADUATION . . . . 243 EVERYDAY - - - ADVERTISEMENTS, FACULTY DIRECTORY .... 247 ive on ArougA fAe Meant ,,. ...- 1 ,go 'E' -4 Ev E PQ A' 1 . -Sigh, S ' -- Q Za' m l 91,4 54, ...- J.,,.....-dl ..., . ADMINISTRATION AND CLASSES DR. LANGSAM Our Presiclenf displays recording of his inaugurafion ceremony. .Z .f-'ZA' H AW, ,iff i i z 1 l A Aciive and inieresled in campus and communiry affairs alike. Dr. and Mrs. Waller C. Langsam are a wonderful assel 'ro Geiiysburq. Since his inauguralion Dr. Langsam has broughi aboul such needed improvemenls To ihe campus as were only dreamed abou? before. And 'rhanlcs 'ro lvirs. Lanqsam, Jrhe physical appearance ol Geliysburq College is progressing wiih leaps and bounds, RS. LANGSAM IL The couple ailencls many social iunclions including pep rallies, arhlelic evenls, meerings and dances. The fron? door of Their briclc home is always open lo siudenis and facully. Togerher, 'rhe Langsams ar.e indomilable. Now, ai rhe cornpleiion of iheir second vear wilh our Alma Maier, norhing bul appreciafion, aclnniralion and aiieciion can be fell for ihis couple who have given so fully of iheir Time and friendship. Our Firsi Lady speaks af local Uniiecl Nafions Week celebrafion. DEAN OF MEN DEAN OF WOMEN ROBERT H. FRYLING MARTHA STOREK A.B., Ggffysburg College' M.S:, UrIiversity.of Pittsburgh: A.B., Connecticut Colleqeg Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College. domg graduate worlr, Umversnty of Pnttsburgh. DEAN OF THE COLLEGE WMUR E' mms DEAN or ADMISSIONS AND REGISTRAR A.B., Bethany College' A.M. Universit of Kansas' Ph.D. CHARLES R' WOLFE I . Y . . Unive,-Sify of wisconsin, A.B., Gettysburg Colleqeg A.M., Gettysburg College. -., 93 I ' I I 4 'El ' rv' - 'T ' - . .g:,- L I , 58 'F ' 3 ELI ' , , 'E tv' 15? . GUIDANCE COUNSELOR WILLIAM O. DUCK A,B., Bucknell Universiiyg A M., Universify of Piffsburghg IFh.D., Universify of Piffsburgh. N STAFF... PHYSICIAN ALUMNI SECRETARY DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC DINING I-IAI.I. MANAGER SUPERINTENDENT OF c P CESSNA RE'-AUON5 MRS EI.IzAIsETI-I BU"-DWG AND A, Ge,,ySbu,q C0,,,g, JAMES TARMAN PENNINGTON GROUNDS A M Gettysburg Co lege A B Geitysburg College. A.B., UnIversIty of Toronto NELSON J GROFT 19 ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Miss Mildred H. Hartzell, Assistant to the Dean: Mrs. Ruth S. Groft, Recorder, Miss Rosea B. Armor, Secreiary to the Alumni Secretary, Miss Rose Marie Swisher, Sec- retary to the President. SECRETARIES First row: Mary Cole, Doris Kint, Thelma Bender, Mary Ann George. Second row: Betty Tressler, Valioy Bender, Madeline Rupp, Darlene Kane, Rosea Armor. Third row: Mildred Harhell, Ruth Groft, Maiorie Hilton, Louise Krick, Dorothy Fidler. Fourth row: Patricia Winter, Rose Marie Swisher, Nancy Trout, Diane Re, Nancy Eberly. SECRETARIES ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF HOUSEMOTHERS HOUSEMOTH ERS Seated: Mrs. Anna N. Glass, Hanson Hall: Miss Ruth Koser, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity: Mrs. Lilian Stites, Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, Mrs. Loretta U. Deatrick, Stevens Hall, Miss Mary Harsch, North Hall, Mrs, May H. Sorrick, Auginbaugh Hall. Standing: Miss Winitred E. Campbell, Huber Hall, Mrs. Julia R. Augustine, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. . 1, . , , , , . ...,,,...., . r , . -' . I. .,,g, un ,-.14 n. 'U ,.4 A: v .w . -4- - 4-A 1 3 ' x A as :4 w .f.'- -- s- Q.-, ,-w3?i- ,I -,1 was A2 .ii li ,Q 22 25355 Z, ml AVN 1 1 V1 115 ' wif.. A A wk , six 5. Y Ns u ai K W A iq, . x 1 - S Huy " ,1:... . . ,, nl. ,A .5 A 1 X ,A , , A . A 'Q , 5 I if J- I sig 4. V Mw V Q gh A A K PE was ,A .,.. . W K I 1 4 v ' A-. E X K gif A MQW ' sl T A Q Aw K w NJ fa " - , y Am .,v Q-mn f" Bn' 5 an A as ang Eu ,mn 2 '45 man' N Ama 3-m ,,, Q n ms ,sax A .?k,. Kgs, A 5 M W M 1 0 AA A Am, Us-Q an ywjqxgfis QQ- A K. A ,I fs,--.A-:,,' , . fgaigiss if . .. A 2 fr, -:::: 5? f- 'uf :S L A "" , W if iw W . ' :.: " 5:5 -:-.'f- Q an ss 1 S A.: :.: .:. "'-'-fi-: :S :.: ' : -ar -:,:'-- - ,-. rf 55 axis E m E N aw E if A BIOLOGY The courses of 'rhe Biology Deparlmerii' have been designed lo provide an undersfanding of 'rhe basic principles of general and compara- live biology. Groups mee? al frequenl inlers vals for informal discussions, and in lhe labora- tory each sludenl may make many praclical observalions for himself. Showing The cullural values of a biological science, 'rhe courses poinl oul The correlalion of biology wifh so- ciology, psychology and ofher re'al'ecl sfudies. The biological principles in relalion 'ro human life are emphasized by lhe deparlmenl. Funda- menlal Training is also provided lor sludenls who plan 'ro enler graduale schools of medi- cine, or olher professional biological fields. George E. Grube, B.S., M.S.g M. Max Hensley, A.B., M.S., Ph.D.g Earl Bowen, Head, Dr. Charles H. Graeff Professor, A.B., A.M., Ph.1D.g William Grant, B.S., M.S., Fh.D.q Mrs. William C. Granlg Nina Wil- liams, A.B.g Harold M. Messer, Ph.B., A.M. FACULTY PHYSICS To relale For fhe sfudenl The principles of phy- sics lo lhe conlemporary world and ils problems is lhe goal of lhe physics deparlmenl. Courses are offered 'ro inlroduce mefhocls of obieclive lhinlc- ing and laboralory experimenlalion and lo cor- relate lhe principles of physics wilh sludies in relaled fields. The cleparlmenl is inleresled in providing fundamenlal fraininq for sfudenls who plan lo do advanced work in graduale physics and in engineering. General, lheorelical. modern and advanced laboralory physics are given in addifion lo mechanics, eleclroriics. descriplive meleoroloqy and lhermodynamics. Experimenls performed in lhe laboralory supplemenl classroom leclures. Richard T. Mara, A.B., NLS., Ph.D.g Howard C. Long, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. CHEMISTRY The ChemisTry DeparTmenT aTTempTs To cle- velop in The sTuclenT The abiliTy To Thinlc ob- iecTively. The scienTiTic rneThod as exemplified by chemisTry requires The acquisiTion oT cerTain manual skills, accuracy in observaTion, honesT ancl careTul recording oT experimenTal daTa and logical inTerpreTaTion. The deparTmenT believes ThaT such Training is applicable in all fields of human endeavor. Courses are oTTered in gen- eral chemisTry, qualiTaTive and quanTiTaTive analysis, advanced analyTical chemisTry, or- ganic cl-iemisTry, and physical chemisTry. For The prospecTive Teacher There is arcourse de- signed To acquaini' him wiTh The pracTical aspecTs OT adminisTraTion OT an elemenTary course in chemisTry. Glenn S, Weiland, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.g C, Allen Sloaf, B.S., A.M., Ph.D.g John B. Zinn, Head, Ockershausen Professor, B.S., Fh,D.g Mary Harsch, A.B. MATHEMATICS There are Those who mighT conTend ThaT iT is The aim oT a MaThemaTics DeparTrnenT To Teach maThemaTics per se. YeT iT is only The puresT oT maThomaTicians who would hold ThaT maThemaTics is oTher Than a sliqhT generalizalion Trom The applicaTion, Thus, This cleparTmenT aTTempTs To Turnish The underqraduaTe sludenT wiTh a Tirm Touridalion in n'iaThemaTics, nol iusT Tor iTs own sake or The sake of advanced sTudy, buf as a basis Tor Teaching and an aid Towards The unders sTanding of The sciences. ln addiTion To college algebra and plane Trigonomehy, The deparTmenT olfers courses in elemenlary analysis, analyTic geomelry, calculus, modern georneTry, modern analysis and melhocls of leaching. Andrew L. Maffeff, A.B., A.M.g Richard A. Arms, Alumni Professor, Direcior of Dramaiics, A.B., Ph.D.g Earl E. Ziegler, B.S., M.S. FAC LTY GERMAN The chief purpose of 'rhe Deparlmenl of German is 'lo enable lhe siudenl fo under- sland and appreciale 'lhe conrribulion of Ger- man civilizalion, ils lileraiure and ils hisiory. as well as Hs language, lo The cullure of The Weslern world. This aim is achieved by reading, wriling and speaking lhe language and sludying German. ln addilion lo elemen- iary and iniermecliale courses in The German language are ihose offered in comparafive philology, cornposiiion and conversalion. Courses in lhe reading inlerpreiarion of lhe Classical Period, The nineleenlh cenlury and lhe conlemporary period as well as sludy oi wrirings from Lulher and Goel'he's Fausl are also available. William K. Sundermeyer, Head, lPh.D.g Thomas W. Samuelson, A.B., M.A.g Frederick C. Ahrens, A.B.. A.M., Ph.D.g Martha H. Sforek, A.B., Pl1.D. ENGLISH The members of lhe English Deparlmenl fry io develop The abilily ol fheir siuclenls lo read, wrile, and speak Their own language: fo Teach lheir sludenls lo know greal lileralure. The de- parlmenl believes Thar maslery of one's own language-lhe abilily 'ro read il' and hear il' wilh full underslending, and lo express one's knowl- edge and opinions wiih facilily, clarify, and grace -is essenlial lo success in almosl every occupa- iion. They also believe 'fhal iamiliarily wiih 'the greal Iilerafure of lhe pasl and of ihe presenl, which is lhe embodimeni of The noblesl ihoughls of The noblest minds, is lhe besl preparalion for living happily wilh one's self, one's fellows. and one's God. Sealed: Harry F. Bolich, A.B., A.M.g Alice Carr Hersh- berqer, A.B., Kafhrine K. Taylor, A.B. Slanding: George S. Warlhenf' Head, Graaff Professor, A.B., A.M., Ph,D.g Francis C, Mason," A.B., A.M., Pl1.D.3 LeRoy W. Smilh, A.B., A.M.g Lee Snook, A.B.g Ralph D. Lindeman, A.B., A.M.g Joseph K. Wolfinqer, A,B., AM. 'Deceased February 6, I954. "Appointed Head, March 30, l954. GREEK AND LATH4 The aims and obieclives oi lhe Greek Deparl- rnenl are 'lo provide an underslandinq oi lhe nalure and use of language as a means oi corn- municalion: lo make available ihe rich siores of ihoughl and experience which are so noblv ox- pressed in lhe exlani remains of ancieni Greek civilizarion: and lo establish perspociive in meei- ing problems of conlemporary life and lhoughl. Tho chief obieclives of college Lalin are lo enrich lhe sludeni'5 underslanding oi lhe world, lhrough lhe sympalheiic sludy of a cnliure, which has exercised a conliriuous influence on human lhoughlg lo lay a deep ioundaiion for a reason- able masiery ol lhe English language: and le perioci his powers oi ihoughi and expression. Riqhl: W. Frederick Shalfer, Head of Greek Deparl- meni, Franklin Professor, A.B., A.M.. Ph.D. Far Riqhf: John G. Glenn, Head of Lalin Deparfrnenf, Pearson Professor, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. ff1r47.-X-P--v-1:-,gfw1y,a,'g3'3,, ROMANCE A 'rhreeiold purpose is planned in ihe worlc of ihe Deparimeni oi Romance Languages. The sfudenhs mind is disciplined along ihe rigid lines of grammar sludy. Released energy is widened info channels of self expression in The Romance Languages oi eifher French or Span- ish. A fuller undersfanding of and deeper ap- preciaiion for human values, as icormulaled and lived in orher civilizaiions, is aroused. The de- parimenl sirives ro alerf ihe srudeni io ihe ever increasing challenge of his Time. Basic. iniermediaie and advanced courses, plus vari- ous lilerafure courses. are offered in boih French and Spanish. An elemeniary course in lha llalian language is also open 'ro siudenis. Herbert G. Hamme, A.B., A.M.g William D. Harf- shorne, A.B., A.M.g Sigrid L. Lehnberger, A.B., A.M.g Albert Bachman, Head, Ph.D.g Vicior Alvarez-Silva, Ph.D.g Guillermo Barriga, 8.5.5 William Sanborn, Dr. de l'Universife. Chester E. Ja rvis, A.B., A.M.g Charles H, Glaffelier, A.B.g 'Ph.D.g Philip Johnson, A.B., A.M. POLITICAL SCIENCE The courses offered in ihe field of polirical science are designed 'Io acquainl' Ihe sludeni wifh boih lhe lheory and praclice ol poliiical organizalion and aciivilies as prepara- fion for responsible cilizenship Thai lrue democracy re- quires. Courses available also include lhe sludy of polilical parlies. BIBLE The Bible Deparlmenl endeavors Io acquainl rhe sludenl wilh 'rhe 'iacfs of Biblical hisiory in order lo develop an apprecialion oi 'rhe liler- ary expression of religious ideals. ll aims 'ro show lhe impacl of religion upon insfifulions and individuals in an allempl Io inspire Ihe sludenl lo apply Ihe Irurhs of religion lo his own life. ll' includes ihe sludy of Ihe Old Teslamenl and Ihe life ol Chrisf, Irhus creai- ing a piclure of 'the background ol church hislory lo exemplify 'rhe conlinuing influences. lolislory of clher religions is emphasized wilh a view of comparing rhem wilh Chrislianily, The deparlmenf seeks Io make praclical applica- Iions ol religious lrulhs in religious educaiion. Edwin Freed, A.B., B.D.S.g William C, Wallemeyer, Head, Amanda Ruperf Strong Professor, A.B., B.D., AM., Ph.D.g Robert E. can, A.s., u.D., s.r,M.g Harold A, Dunkelberger, A.B., B.D., Ph.D. George R. Larkin, A.B., A.M.g Charles H, Glaflelier, A.B., Ph.D.g Conway S, Williams, A.B., M.S.g Paul Baird, A.B., A.M.g Milfon L. Stokes, Head, Ma., AM., L.L.s., Ph.D. ECONOMICS Boih Iheorelical and applied courses in economics and business adminislraiion are offered by Ihe economics cle- parlmenl. These courses are designed 'lo provide an under- slanding of rhe iundamenlals and principles Ihal guide economic behavior which will prepare The sludenl Io enler graduale school. SOCIOLOGY AND PHILOSOPHY The new Deparlmenl of Sociology and Social Work is dedicaled Io lhe proposilion lhal' social science and sociology should represenl more Ihan knowledge for ils own sake. The sociology courses ore oflered wifh 'lhe desired resulf oi making wiser, more socially conscious human beings. Philosophy encompasses every phase of life. Olhor courses emphasize eilher proclice or Theory: philosophy involves a bringing Iogelher of the Iwo. II is a means Ihal is slriving wilhin hislory, science, eff and religion 'ro find roalily in accord wilh which mankind can live. Norman E. Richardson, Jr., Head of Philosophy Depart- meni, WiI'iam B'Hinger Professor, A.B., B.D., Ph.D.g M. Esfher Bloss, Head of Sociology Deparimenf, A.B., A.M., Ph.D.g I'Ie'n1 Langerhans, Ph.D.g W. Richard Schubarl, A.B., A.M. PSYCHOLOGY Each of The courses in Ihe Psychology Deparlmenl is de- signed Io serve one or more of Ihese purposes: Io infro- duce lhe sludenl Io Ihe principles of psychology lo help Ihe sludenl ollain an undorslandrng of himself and lo provide a good Ioundalion lor Those wishing Io aflend grzxdunle school Edgar Lee Eddins AB AM Kc-iinnefh L Smoke Head AB A D HISTORY Hisfory is nor only a branch of knowledge dealing wifh pos? evenls bul also a syslemalic record of lime, The de parlmenl offers ils courses in The belief Ihal one is likely Io guide his life more inrelligenlly if he has some concep lion of how pasl evenls have influenced human life Basil L Crapsfer AB AM PhD Roberf Forfenbaugh Head Adeline Sager Professor AB AM PhD Robefrf L Bloom AM Firsf row: Grace C. Kenney, B.S., A.M.g Henry T. Bream, Head, B.S., A.M.g Lois J. Gore, 8.5.3 Romeo Capozzi, Trainer. Second row: Clarence E. Bariholomew, B.S., M.5., Ed.D.g John M. Yovic- sin, A.B., M.S.g James S. Lenfz, A.B.g John W. Shainline, A.B., A.M. PHYSICAL EDUCATION The De-parimenl of I-Ieallh and Physical Educaiion conf ducis, for boih men and women, a program of in'rer-col- legiaie aihleiics: a "maior" reacher-iraining program: an inlramural program: and a required aciivily program. The aim oi 'rhe deparlmenl is Io aid in lhe dovelopmenl of a well-rounded individual. FINE ARTS Courses in harmony, lceylaoard harmony, musical form and analysis, and sighi singing and cliclaiion are designed Io give Ihe siudeni a background in fhe composilion oi melody. Praciical Iraining in choral and inslrumenial conduciion are available. The deparlmeni oi- fers insiruciion in voice, piano, pipe organ and Ihe more common insirumenls in addiiion Io sponsoring various musical organizaiions in- cluding Ihe choir and Ihe band. The newly organized Ari Daparimenl offers courses in drawing, painiing, polfery, hisiory of arf and arl appreciaiion. The courses have been developed io presenl' ari Io ihe sludenl as an imporlanl par? of life ralher Ihan pos- session oi special Ialenls. J. Herberf Springer: Paul A. Harnerg R. Henry Ackley, A.B.g Warren Robinson, Head of Arf Deparf- meni, A.B., A.M.g Eleanore Bidka, Chapel Organisig Parker B. Waqnild, Head of Music Deparimeni, A,B., B.D., M.S.M., ALM. Missing: Virginia Barriga and Anna M. Budde, B.M. 28 .. 'Qu Lesier O. Johnson, A.B., A.M.: Frank H. Kramer A.M., Ph.D. EDUCATION To prepare ihe siuclenl' For leaching in ihe high school is Ihe purpose of Ihe Educaiion Deparimenl. Courses are given covering Iho many and various aspects of leaching, such as visual educalion, and in Ihe senior year a sludenl is required io do aciual pracfica leaching in a local high school. AIR FORCE ROTC The Air Force Reserve Officers Training Corps is designed lo provide lhal lundamerilal lraining, bolh personal and professional, which will besl lil lhe cadel lo become a well- rounded iunior Air Force officer possessing a high growlh polenlial and lo develop and slimulale a growing desire on his parl lo enler lhe Air Force ilighl lraining program. The basic course was designed wilh lwo addilional obieclivcs: lo inloresl' lhe cadel in conlinuing in AFROTC and ullimalely malcing lhe Air Force his career and lo prepare him along lines lhol will prove of long-range value fo lhe Air Force whelher he relurns lo civilian life or becomes a member of lhe Uniled Sfales Air Force. MlSql. Elmer J. Johnson: S!Sgl. John D. Morrillp SlSqf. Donald E. Evinsg TfSgl. Joseph G. McCasIing M!Sql. Max T. Leonardg Caplain Richard T. Andrews: A.B., Captain James P. Luiz, B.S., Maior Floyd H. McKeand, A.B.. Colonel Charles E, Fulfon, 3.5. FACULTY haf Llsim Sims Alu mai imivzifsirv romanian ARMY ROTC The Army Reserve Officers Training Corps was eslablishecl lo produce college lrained officers for The Regular Army and lhe Army Reserve. ln ac- complishing lhis mission lhe ROTC has found lhal' nol only does il give lhe basic mililary lraining required lor iunior oflicers, buf if offers To rhe college a course of inslruclion lhal fils in well wiih 'rhe purpose oi a modern liberal arls educalion. lf offers a course Thai' gives lhe sludenls posilions oi leadership and responsibilily wilhin lhe Cadel Organizalion, presenling laclical problems for dis- cussion and offering praclical experience for The sludenls in inslruciing and speaking before groups of fellow sludenls. SFC Robert A. Fiscusg MlSgf. Ira S. Rion, Jr.g M!Sgl. Harold R, Evermang M!Sgf. John Deborde, Jr.g M!Sgf. Anlhony J. Navickasg Isl Ll. Guinn E. Unger, A.B.g Cap- lain James F. Eismann, A.B., Ll. Col. William M. Lipsey, B.S. - ' . 4 ": .. .,. . 1 4 -l'l 'Laing .:,-., I i 2 . , .:. ' hi 1 ,- I 1 F1 xx: Lf WE , . ., , wily: if xg 5 - S 1.3 3 I I K "' L N Caveman.. sway Q6 UXN E Gu ..l iff! L1 f I .ju , gn, W :M W-5 'Q A N ,I .GD n'. I-Uk. ,,? 4 i 1 'P' ,ah '52 35. S 3 M- ! fini-A" n-'V' ,. 144 J , ilu? . . ly Ty 2' ' w A , , Y Y I 7 W . ' ul, AV L ' -Y nf ms 'w H ..1.:. E X ,S 6 6-E m 'is H H ff ES. . W ia I -msg B E K I Qgw X: :E 5 5 Lm s m Eggs L3 H E Exif 152 iii in K M . .Q TA B, E ,4 X I ,i,.i,,,w,. :ll-B W... ,X ' X J B gf E 'fn' ji ws?-M' 5931 H WY 1 , , 4 1 . K 'K gig iw M. , 1 F ,ww 15523: , , ffm ,N ,I - S Q W ff 235 fi Egfgfweibr , "5 ge f 'L .jp EN-K ug.. . 'K 1xnEE'wE'2,?1zgggZ rig! Aw I ww 5 -,fn-J X Y -. ,Kam .:. E - - . :.: Nl Ng, , 2 ,Ma-gpg? ,IL 4 E W ?qWf'g H .Q 2 H W K Em 5, Vx M nf z r . msg fs -f 5 S I . V m . I , W X ' - , W na. 5 1,5 . L V - .M iw in XJR. - 'nl f sf EN X.. ,. T 2 E -EQ 5 Q Wnzug f U f , w -' M .u - x .wS1s5."' ' m X KS Y mgglffgdi Wg X R H , E fy ww sf Q K gill. , -X ' :Eg 11. X L. mv 5 R .Q M 5 M Q E, U 1 A ,Aw ay N213 'gwiffgw' """r"! ,ZHEQEQW ' ggi? sw, H E ' - ...MW MW, ,. H e .,.,, N , i zlz ,fm N Q-,...N...,.,..,,....., - 5: M WEVW.. 1. ' W.: A " 552 qgjgl ' 3, :Z Q M gi wfl ggw W wY .,w.,,, M . Ei ' Q . M- '-vi' . -w 12 S ' ' 3: M H , an if J ' 22 112 Ilfalll X ,Q 1 1 Qs, - 'ws' 1 F-Jai: -1 H- -- '- -, f gs, .j5.- -gym? ,a,f1.,.4g .3 . , .Q , sg 'Q ,Hex . my .rm .aw 'ng -:I-...,3... ,tb ,, E flfk ' W W' .,.. Y ' M 4 Q32-7 gsm - , ,ai W-H 5.3 .. iw 7: S 2 H Q Q53 'Qi 2 MSE, H A f Q 'K 5 Q" H M se-f HM-5351? H ., 2 22 , . -juwqhs ' ef, Qi fm 'V Wi A 4 ,,,g:,:, J -- zu .: gg -i ., " hw E 'Ev 5 I . -6 ' :.:.b. .. I ' W '1 , .ff " 1 ' Q71 s A , , 11: H gg. :E wwf E , W :.- B H5 w E334 N I , m..J. , 'fp I . " Y F' ' fl , . X Q, 5f , , ,, ,, M . fx W 'ma Q I is 5 , X S5 -giggiw I, ,Q 3 g ,K ln, 1, 1 E , -, Quwmvk A Firsl Row: ARTHUR C. AIKIN, JR., 38 E. Lincoln Avenue, Geiiysburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Physics and Maihemalics: Owl and Niqhfingale jEleciricianI I, jSIage Managerl 4: WWGC I, IChief Engineerl 3: Sigma Pi Sigma 3. -MARY CATHARINE ALBAUGH, 432 N. I-lillon Slreel. Ballimore 29, Maryland: Major: Chemisiry: "GeHys- burgian" I: S.C.A. I, 2: Sceplical Chymisis 2, 3, jSecre- Iaryl 4: Sigma Pi Sigma 3, jSecrelaryI 4: Dean's Lisl: Baum Mafhemalics Prize 2: Phi Bela Kappa. NICHOLAS L. ALLARD, l32 Harrison Avenue, Waynes- boro, Pennsylvania: Major: Biology: Bela Bela Bela. JAMES R. ARNFIELD, R.F.D. I, Hornesleacl, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Lambda Chi Alpha: WWGC 3, 4: S.C.A. I, 2. BABETTE BACHELLER, 53 Ballusrol Way, Shorl Hills, New Jersey: Major: Psychology: Phi Mu: "Ge-+'rysburgian" I, 2: Coed Choraliers I: S.C.A. l, 2, 3: Sociology Club 2, 3, 4: Boosler Club 2, 3, 4. RONALD BRUCE BAKEMAN, Wappingers Falls, New York: Major: Economics: Lambda Chi Alpha jVice-Presi- denll: Pi Lambda Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega: Scabbard and Blade: Minnesingers I: WWGC I, 2: Band I, 2: ROTC Drill Team: "C-5e'rIysburgian" I, 2. Second Row: WAYNE E. BATES, I5l5 Ogden Slreel, Washinglon, D.C.7 Major: Polilical Science: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Govern- - Fourvoeo I832 'T If ' ,Q-A, A menl Club 3, 4: WWGC I, 2, 3, 4: In'IernaI'ional Club 3, 4: Transfer from George Washingion Universily. B. ALLEN BERNSTORF, 336 Sherman Avenue, Teaneclc, New Jersey: Major: Economics: Sigma Alpha Epsilon IPresidenIj 4: Soccer 3. 4: WWGC 35 Gavel Club 41 Wresiling 2, 3, 4: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. DONALD -M. BOHN, I5I2 Carlisle Road, Camp Hill, Penn- sylvania: Major: Social Science: Phi Kappa Rho ITreas- urerl 4: Transfer from Penn Siafe: Pre-Minisferial Associa- lion 2, 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4: lnier-Fraferniiy Alhlefic Council Represenlaiive 3: Varsily Baseball 3, 4: lnframurals 2, 3, 4. DONALD E. BOLLINGER, Sieinwehr Avenue, Geiiysburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Music: Choir I, 2, 3, ISludenI Man- agerl 4: Orcheslra I: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Mercury 3, 4. BARBARA ERB BOWLBY, I953 Fairview Avenue, Easlon, Pennsylvania: Major: English: Alpha Xi Della: Coed Cho- jj raliers I: Choir 2, 3: Ouling Club I: "GeIiysburgian" I: S.C.A. I, 2: Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4. MARJORIE ANN BRANDT, I9 E. Marble Sfreei, Mechan- icsburg, Pennsylvania: Major: English: Phi Mu: Coed Cho- raliers I, 2: "GveIIysburgian" I, 2: SPECTRUM 2, 4: Mer- cury jAssociale Edilorl 3: S.C.A. I, 2, 3: Pla Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4: Kappa Delia Epsilon 3, 4: Senale I. 9 lo 'fha G-Burg campus! Firsl Row: ROGER P. BRAY, Magnolia Road. Pemberron, New Jersey: Maior: English: Alpha Tau Omega IPresiden+I 4: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: Men's Tribunal 2: l.F.C. 2, 3. ISecrefaryI 4: Arnold Air Sociely: Mercury. JOHN T. BRENNAN, 239 Avon Road, Springfield, Penn- sylvania: Major: Economics: Sigma Chi: Inlramurals 3, 4: WWGC 3, 4: S,C.A.: Spanish Club 4. RICHARD F. BUCHTER, so Brookside cam, copaagus. New York: Maior: Pre-Medical: Sigma Chi: Soccer 2: Bela Bela Bela 2, 3, 4. JOAN BURWELL, 26 Arcularius Terrace, Maplewood, New Jersey: Major: Economics: Chi Omega: Women's Sfudenl' Council I: S.C.A. I: "Ge'Ilysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4: Thing Commillee 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM 2, 3: Dorm Dance Chair- man 2: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Pan-Hellenic Council 3, 4: Women's Tribunal 3. DANIEL M. BUSHMAN, Arendlsville, Pennsylvania: Maier: Polirical Science: Varsily Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Ela Sigma Phi. JOEL S. CARLBON, 330 Springfield Avenue, Wesllield, New Jersey: Maior: Economics: Tau Kappa Epsilon: "Gerlysburgian" I. 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM 2, 3, IAdver'rising Managerl 4: Track 3. Second Row: WILLIAM CHAMBERS, 350 W. Lincoln Avenue, Geliys- burg, Pennsylvania: Major: Chemisfry. WILLIAM H. CLEMENT, 233 S. Spring Srreer, Blairsville, Pennsylvania: Major: Chemislry: Phi Sigma Kappa: Scab- bard and Blade 3, 4: Gavel Club 4: Sceprical Chymisrs 4: Phi Bela Kappa. ALAN B. COATES, I46 S. Washinglon Slreef, Easlon, Maryland: Maior: Philosophy: Alpha Kappa Alpha: WW- GC 2, lAssisIan+ Chief Supervisorl 3, lAssisI'an'I' Slalion Managerl 4: Pre-Minislerial Associalion: S.C.A, JOSEPH A. COLEMAN, III, 2II Harlranfl' Avenue, Coles- fon, Norrislown, Pennsylvania: Maior: Economics: Phi Gamma Della lOflicerI 3, 4: "Gel'Iysburgian" I: Senale 2, lTreasurerI 3: Pi Lambda Sigma 4. ALAN G. COMERY, 337 Fairmonl' Road, Ridgewood, New Jersey: Maior: German: lndependenr Men I, 2, lAl'hleIic Represenrafivel 3 and 4: WWGC I, 2, lSporfs Direcrorl 3 and 4: Band I, 2, 3: lnlramurals I, 2, 3, 4. MARVIN R. DAVID, 509 Reeder Slreel, Easfon, Pennsyl- vania: Maior: Malhemalics: Lambda Chi Alpha. Firsl Row: RUTH E. DAVIS, 21 I-O8 35 Avenue, Bayside, Long Island, New York: Maior: Social Science: Phi Mu: Pan Hellenic Council 2, 3, lVice-Presiclenfl 4: Governmenl Club I, 22 Debale Team I, 2: Cheerleader I. 3, 4: Owl ancl Niqhlln- gale I, 2, 3, lPresidenll 4: Sociology Club I, 3. lSecreI'aryl 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, lSecrelaryl 4: WWGC I, 2, 3, lAdverlising Managerl 4: Coed Choraliers I, 2: G-Book: SPECTRUM Beauly Courl l. SHIRLEY DEANE, 28 Park Avenue, Oreland, Pennsylvania: Maior: Social Science: Phi Mu: S.C.A. I, 2: Boosler Club I, 2, 4: "Ge+'rysburqian" I: Senale I, 2, 3, lCorrespondinq Secrelaryl 4: Kappa Della Epsilon: Sociology Club 4. ROBERT B. DEICKLER, 6 Devue Road, Chappaqua, New York: Maior: Economics: Phi Kappa Rho lCommissaryI 2, 3, 4: Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4: Thing Commillee I, 2: In- lramurals I, 2, 3, 4. RALPH E. DEMICHELE, 3IO 7I Slreel, Gullenberq, New Jersey: Major: Economics: Dorm Counselor 2, 3, 4: Fool- ball 2. 3, 4. WILLIAM G. DICKINSON, Lucas Avenue Exlension, Kingslon, New Yorlc: Maior: Economics: Phi Della Thela lReporIerl 3, lPresidenll 4: Who's Who 4: Drill Team I, 2, lCapIainl 3: "GeH'ysburqian" I, 2: Minnesingers I. 2, 3: I.F.C.: lTreasurerl 4: Boosfer Club I, lTreasurerl 2, lPresidenII 3 and 4: Scabbard and Blade: Disfinguished Mililary Siudenl 3: Thing Commiffee 2, 3. ROBERT J. DIETZE, 23 Parlc Courl, Verona, New Jersey: Major: Economics: Alpha Tau Omega: Men's Tribunal 2: Freshmen Soccer I, lVarsilyl 4. Second Row: GEORGE D. DISE, Glen Rock, Pennsylvania: Maior: Malhe- malics and Physics: lndependenl Men I, 2, 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Aslronomy Club lOrganizer and Presidenll 3, 41 Chess Club 2, 3, 4. WINONA JANE DRENNEN. 63 Wynneclale Road, Nar- berlh, Pennsylvania: Major: English: Della Gamma lPIecIqe Misrressl 3, lVice-Presidenll 4: S.C.A. I, 2, lComn-iission Chairmanl 3, lPresidenIl 4: "GeHysburqian" I, lAssisvanI News Edilorl 2, lNews Edilorl 3, lAssociale Ediforl 4: SPECTRUM l, llzealures Eclilorl 2, ll:acully Edilorl 31 G-Book I, 2: Delia Gamma Alumnae Award 3: Class of l9I6 Prize 2: Muhlenberg Freshman Prize I: Who's Who 4: Phi Be+a Kappa. GEORGE DUNN, Ill, l2O N. Second Slreel, Olean, New York: Major: Economics: Kappa Della Rho: WWGC I: "GeHysburgian" 3. ENOS C. EBERLY. 67 W. Main Srreel, Dallaslown, Penn- sylvania: Maior: Malhemalics: Phi Sigma Kappa: Band I: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4. .XX EDWARD W. EBERSOLE, 434 Second Slreel, I-Iiqhspire Pennsylvania: Maior: Physics: Phi Kappa Psi: Band I, 2 Scepfical Chymisls 2, 3: SPECTRUM 2. ARTHUR M. ECKERT, I29 Chambersburg Slreel, Gellys- burg, Pennsylvania: Maior: Economics. ueen Jane Bannisier receives gifl af LVCs Bologna Bowl ceremonies Firsl Row: TILLIE MAE EISENHART, I6 S. Findlay Sireal, York, Pennsylvania: Major: Social Science: Della Gamma: "Gel"Iysburgian" I, 2: S.C.A. I, 2, 3. DONALD C. ELWELL, I9 Park Courl, Sialen Island, New York: Major: Psychology: Phi Della Thela: ROTC Drill Team: "GelIysburgian" 2, 3: "Mercury" 2, 3: Spanish Club 4: Psi Chi 4: Scabbard and Blade 4, DOLORES A. ELWOOD, Main Slreel, Delmonl, Pennsyl- vania: Major' Psychology: Delia Gamma, Social Sisler: "Geilysburgian" 2: S.C.A. 2, lBulleIin Edilorj 3, 4: Psi Chi 3, lSecralaryl 4: Specirurn Courl lAIiendanII 2, 3: Mililary Ball Courl 3: May Courl 3: SPECTRUM 3, 4: G-Bool: 2: Phi Baia Kappa, PEGGY ANN ENGEL, Arlhur Avenue, Exit, Scoiiclale, Penn- sylvania: Major: Spanish: Independent Women I, 2, 3, 4: Coed Choraliers I, 2: Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4. ROBERT MILLER ETTER, 343 S. Coldbroolc Avenue, Cham- bersburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Chemisiry: Phi Kappa Psi lVice-Presidenll 4: Wreslling I: Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4: Sceplical Chymisls 2, 3, 4: Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4. JANE LEE EVANS, IOO N. Yorlc Slreel, Poilsiown, Penn- sylvania: Major: Economics: Chi Omega: "GeIIysburgian" I, 2, lCopy Edilorl 3, Il-leadlina Edilorj 4: G-Book I, lCopy Edilorj 2, jCo-ediiorj 3: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM 3, lManaging Eclilorl 4: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4: Choir I, 2, 3, 4. Second Row: GERALD S, EVELAN, Noxen, Pennsylvania: Major: Eco- nomics: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Drill Team I, 2, 3: Senale 2, 3. MARY A. FEEMAN, 227 Easi Middle Sireei, Gelrlysburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Transfer from Lebanon Valley College: Choir 2. MARJORIE ANN FICKEL, 264 W. Pomfrel Sireel. Car- lisle, Pennsylvania: Major: Social Science: Phi Mu lVice- Presidenil 3, lPresiden+l 4: S.C.A. I, 2: A.K.A. 3, 4: Boosler Club 2, 3, 4: Tribunal 2, Majorelie 2, 3, 4: Owl and Nighlingale 2: Sociology Club 4. RALPH CONRAD FISCHER, 403 Euclid Avenue, Wes?- lield, New Jersey: Major: I-lislory: Tau Kappa Epsilon lVice-Presidenij 3, jPresiden'rj 4: WWGC 3: Gavel Club 2, 3, 4: Who's Who 4: Kappa Phi Kappa 2, 3, lPresidenIl 4: Senafe 2, 3: lVice-Presidenll 4: Phi Alpha Theia 3, lPresidenlj 4: G'Book 2, 3, lManaging Edilorl 4: SPEC! TRUM 2, 3, lPiclures Edilorl 4. EDWARD J. FISHER, III, 2l N. Symingion Avenue, Balii- more 28, Maryland: Major: Psychology: Phi Kappa Psi lVice-Presideni 4, Archonl: "GeHysburgian" I: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, lVice-Presidenil 3, 4: Boosier Club I, lVice-Presidenl l2: Pershing Rifles 2, 3: Gavel Club 3: Debaling Team 4: Owl and Nighiingale I, 4: WWGC 2. RODNEY S. FISHER, 307 S. Rolling Road, Springfield, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Phi Kappa Psi lTreasurerl 4: Freshmen Baslcelball: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, 4: Boosler Club I, 2: Pershing Rifles 2, 3, 4: Class Vice-Presi- den? 4: Pi Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4. Firsl' Row: WILLIAM FRANKLIN FORBES. Box 306, Conyngham. Pennsylvania: Major: Polilical Science: Phi Gamma Delia lRecording Secreiary 3, Presidenl 4l: Foolball l, 2, 3 lAs- sislanl Freshman CoachI 4: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, 4: Pershing Rifles I, 2: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Class Presidenl 2, 3, 4: Ouisianding Junior 3: Who's Who 4. BARBARA ANNE FRANKE, I533 Luzerne Slreel Exi., Johnslown, Pennsylvania: Major: Social Science: Delia Gamma jRushing Chairman 3, Presideni 4l: Cheerleading I, 2. 3: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Oulsianding Junior 3: Boosier Club 2, 3, 4: "GeHysburgian" 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM 2, 3, lPorIraiI' Edilori 4: Pan-Hellenic Council 2, 3, lPresidenII 4: Coed Choraliers 2: May Courl I, 2, 3: G-Book 2: Spec- Irum Courl' 2, 3, 4: Sociology Club 3, 4: Iniramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Who's Who 4: Milifary Ball Couri 4. FRANK -M. FRANZ, JR., 5237 Casior Avenue, Philadelphia 24, Pennsylvania: Major: I-Iisiory: Tau Kappa Epsilon: S.C.A. I, 2, 3: College Choir I, 2, 3. 4: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4. JEAN LOUISE FRANZ, 33I5 Crossland Avenue, Ballirnore, Maryland: Major: English: Wafer Show I: Ari Club 2: Boosier Club 2: S.C.A. 4: "Mercury" jAr'I Ediforl 2, 4: Owl and Nighiingale 2, 4: Religion-In-Life Commiliee 4: SPECTRUM 3. lArI Ediforl 4. ALBERT W. FREDERICK, Arendlsville, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Band I, 2, 3: S.C.A. 2, 3: Oufing Club I, 3: Rifle Team I, 2: Soccer 3. CHARLES PHILIP FRIEDRICH, 264 Wayne Avenue, Had- donfield, New Jersey: Major: Biology: Phi Kappa Psi: Cheerleading I: Track 2: Boosier Club I, 2: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, 4: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4: Soccer 3, 4. Second Row: MICHAEL J. FRINZI, 234 I'ludson, Phillipsburg, New Jersey: Major: Economics: Lambda Chi Alpha lPresidenl 4l: Freshmen Foolball: Freshmen Wresiling: Gavel Club lSecreIaryl 3, jPresidenIl 4. R. PAUL GARMAN. JR., 802 Carl Slreel, Yorlc, Pennsyl- vania: Major: Physics: Tau Kappa Epsilon: WWGC I, 2, 3.4: Rifle Team I: Minnesingers I. ROBERT B. GATTO, IO E. Washinglon Slreel, Fieldsboro, New Jersey: Major: PsycholOqY7 Pershing Rifles I, 2, lEx- eculive Oificerl 3, 4: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4: Psi Chi 3, lTreasurerl 4. ALFRED G. GILLISS, JR., 2I3 N. Cenlre Slreel, Merchani- ville, New Jersey: Major: Biology: Phi Kappa Psi: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, lCorresponding Secreiaryl 4: Boosler Club I, 2, 3, lTreasurerl 4: Era Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4: Cheer- leading I, 2, 3, lCo-capiainl 4: "GeII'ysburgian" 3, 4. .XX JOAN VIRGINIA GLASER, BI2 Winchesler Avenue, Hill- side, New Jersey: Major: English: Inlramural Sporis I, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT L. GRAEFF, 73I Ormond Avenue, Drexel I-Iill, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Phi Gamma Della: WWGC I: "GeIIysburgian" I: Senale 4. Does ihaf lasf-minuie cramming REALLY help? Firsl Row: K. RICHARD GREENE, Rouleile, Pennsylvania: Maior: Spanish: Theia Chi iSecrelaryl 3: La Terlulia lPresidenfi 4. CARL GRETH, 457 Confer Avenue: Hamburg, Pennsyl- vania: Maior: Social Science: Phi Sigma Kappa: Alpha Kappa Alpha: Male Chorus 3, 4: Soccer 4: Pi Lambda Sigma: S.C.A, 2, 3, lVice-Presidenli 4: Dorm Counselor 4: Who's Who 4. DONALD RICHARD GUISE, I69 N. Sirallon Slreel, Gellysburg, Pennsylvania: Maior: Polilical Science: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4. JOHN ROBERT HABEEB, 5306 Park Avenue, Wes? New York, New Jersey: Maior: I-lislory: Phi Delia Thela: Baslcel- ball I, 2, 3, 4. DENISE R. HALDT, 3lO Chesinuf Lane, Swarihmore, Penn- sylvania: Maior: Social Science: Sociology Club 3, 4: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: "GeHysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4: Volleyball I, 2: WWGC 2, iMusic Direciori 3, 4. BARBARA HALL, 2I6 E. Thompson Avenue, Springfield. Delco., Pennsylvania: Maior: Economics: Chi Omega: Hockey I, lManagerl 2, 3, 4: Class Secrefary 3: W.A.A. Board I, iVice-Presidenil 3: lnframural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: Boosler Club 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM 3, 4. Second Row: IRENE LILLIAN HALLSTEIN, 64 Sunnyside Avenue, Tarry- lown, New York: Maior: Biology: Della Gamma: W.A.A. Board 2: Newman Club I, 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls: Cola lege Choir I, 2, 3, 4. NANCY HANSMANN. 479 Plymouih Road, Glenside, Pennsylvania: Maior: Social Science: Chi Omega: S.C.A. I: Sociology Club I: Owl and Nighfingale 2, 3, 4: Wo- men's Tribunal 2: "GeHysburgian" 3, 4: Boosier Club 3, 4: G-Boolc 3: Thing Commillee 3, 4: WWGC 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 4: lnlramural Sporis. MARLOWE HANSON, 273 Inglewood Drive, Pillsburgh 28, Pennsylvania: Maior: Economics. BILL BOYD HARRIS, 69 Markham Drive, MI. Lebanon, Pennsylvania: Maior: Economics and Pre-law: Tau Kappa Epsilon iOIficeri 3, 4: Baslcelball l: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4: Ouiing Club: lnlramural Sporis. CHARLES HAMPTON HARRISON, 348 S. Irving Sfreel. Ridgewood, New Jersey: Maior: English: Lambda Chi Alpha iSecreIaryl 4: "Gel'lysburgian" I. 2. lLiierary Ediiorl 3, iEdi'ror-in-chiefi 4: WWGC I, 2: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Junior- Senior Prom Ticlcel' Chairman 3: Oulsianding Junior 3: Who's Who 4: Pi Delia Epsilon lPresidenfl 4. JACQUELYN MAY HARVEY, 2l2 N. 29Ih Sireel, Camp Hill, Pennsylvania: Maior: Economics: Chi Omega iPresi- denfi 4: S.C.A. I: Dean's Lisf: "Geiiysburgian" I, 2, lAs- sislanf Business Managerl 3: Cheerleading I: Baslcelball I: Pi Lambda Sigma lSecre+aryi 2, 3, 4: Thing Commiffee 2: Boosler Club 2. 3: SPECTRUM 3: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4: Phi Bela Kappa. Firsl' Row: SHIRLEY MARIE HAWK, 79 Prince Slreel, Lillleslown. Pennsylvania: Maior: Spanish: Alpha Xi Della: Kappa Della Epsilon. PATRICIA ANN HECKMAN, Guylon Slreel, Easlon, Penne sylvania: Maior: Biology: Alpha Xi Delia lHislorian 2, Vice-Presidenl 3, 4l: Choir I, 2, 3.4: S.C.A. I, 2, lSecre- faryl 3, 4: Ouling Club I, lVice-Presidenll 2: Senale 2. lCorresponcling Secreiaryl 3: Class Treasurer 2, 3: Pan' Hellenic Council lCorresponding Secrelaryl 4: Bela Bela Bela 3, 4: Oulsianding Junior 3: Who's Who 4: Lulheran Brolherhood Award 4. WALTER HEMBERGER, 426 59'+h Slreel, Wes? New Yorli. New Jersey: Maior: Economics: Phi Della Thera lPresidenIl 4: Tribunal 2: Varsilv Foofball 2, 3, 4: Dorm Counselor 2, 3: Sludenl Senafa lilreasurerl 3: Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4: Gavel Club 4: Who's Who 4. PAUL FRANCIS HENNING, JR., 803 N. I7I'h Slreel, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Maior: Malhemalics: Phi Kappa Psi: "GelIysburgian" 3: Della Phi Alpha lSecreI'aryl 4: Band. BRYANT HESTON, II33 Bellield Avenue, Drexel Hill, Penn' sylvania: Maior: Biology: Phi Gamma Della: Swimming I, 2, lCapIainl 3, 4: Golf 2, 3, 4. THEODORE RALPH HILDEBRAND, Box l5b Chicora, Pennsylvania: Maior: German: Phi Kappa Rho lPresicIenIl 4: S.C.A. I, 2.3: Pre-Minislerial I, 2, lSecre+ary-Treasurerl 3: lVice-Presidenfl 4: Chess Club 2: Campus Poslmasler 4: Gavel Club 4: I.F.C. 2: Della Phi Alpha 2, 3: Ela Sigma Phi 3. Second Row: RICHARD V. HOKE, 24I Baer Avenue, Hanover, Penn- sylvania: Major: French: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4: Drill Team: Scabbard and Blade 3, lPresidenIl 4. BARBARA ANN HOLLEY, 7I05 Tenarlh Avenue, Upper Darby, Pennsylvania: Maior: I-Iislory: S.C.A. I, 2: Sociology Club I: lndependenl Women I, 2, lSecreIaryl 3, 4. KENNETH EUGENE HOLTZAPPLE, R.D. I, Dallaslown. Pennsylvania: Maior: Chemislry: Phi Sigma Kappa: Band I: Sceplical Chymisls 4, EARL RUDISILL HUMBERT. 4I7 E. King Slreel. I.iHIes- lown, Pennsylvania: Maior: Philosophy: Garver Greek Prize 2: Dean's Lisl: Phi Bela Kappa. .XX CAROLYN MILDRED HUTT, Friends Academy, Locusl Valley, New York: Major: Psychology: Della Gamma: Choir 4: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: "GeIlysburgian" 2. 3, 4: SPECTRUM 2, 3: Sociology Club 3, 4: Pi Delia Epsilon 3, 4: Coed Choraliers I, 2: Inlramural Sporls l, 2, 3. EUGENE MILLER ICKES. 357 W. Marlcel Slreel, Yorlc, Pennsylvania: Maior: Biology. quarief offers enierlaining sidelighi al pre-game pep rally. Firsi Row: BETTY MAY JOHNSON, l28 Henley Roacl, Overbrook Hills, Philadelphia 3l, Pennsylvania: Maier: Economics and Psychology: Phi Mu: Hockey I, 2: Class Secrelary I, 2: Speclrum Courl I: May Courl l, 2: S.C.A. I: Boosler Club 3: W.A.A. Board: SPECTRUM 4. CAROL JONES, 2467 Plainview Avenue, Pillsburgh, Penn- sylvania: Maier: Economics: Phi Mu: Coed Choraliers I, 2: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4-: SPECTRUM 3, 4: Boosier Club 3, 4: Cheerleader l, 3, iCo-Caplaini 4: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4. EUGENE F. JONES, 212 Lincolnway Easl, New Oxford, Pennsylvania: Maier: Economics: Band I. 2: S.C.A. 2, 3, 4: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Oulinq Club 3, 4. MARY AGNES JONES, Box 38l, Rl. I, Waynesboro, Penn- sylvania: Maier: Psychology: Alpha Xi Della lCorrespond- ing Secrelaryl 4: S.C.A, 2, 3, 4: lnlernalienal Club 4: Ouling Club 2, 3: French Club 3. JOHN A. KADILAK, 726 Manor Slreel, York, Pennsylvania Maier: Economics. JOHN EUGENE KAMMERER, l632 N. Millon Avenue Ballimore l3, Maryland: Maier: Physics and Malhemalics: Sigma Pi Sigma: Transler, Johns Hopkins Universily. Second Row: MARY KAUFFMAN, IOOI Elm Avenue, Lancasler, Penn- sylvania: Maior: Spanish: Phi Mu iRagisIrar 3, Correspond- ing Secrolary 4i: SPECTRUM 2, lPorlrail Edilori 3, as , lEdiior-in-Chiell 4: "Ge'rl'ysburgian" 2, iAssis'ran'f Manag- ing Edileri 3, iManaging Edilori 4: Cheerleading 2, 4: Wemen's Sludenl Council 3, 4: Hoosier Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: La Terlulia 3, iSecreIaryi 4: Della Phi Alpha 3, 4: Phi Sigma lola 3, 4: Pi Della Epsilon iVice- Presidenll 4: S.C.A. 2, 3: Who's Who 4: Dean's Lisl: Phi Bela Kappa. KARL J. KAUFMAN, 303 3lsI' Sfreel, AI'I'oona, Pennsyl- vania: Maier: Economics: Tau Kappa Epsilon: SPECTRUM 2, 3, 4: Soccer 3. 4: Governmenl Club 3, 4. ANN LOUISE KIRCHER, l3I8 Denmark Road, Plainfield. New Jersey: Maier: Biology: S.C.A. I. 2, 3, 4: Coed Choraliers I, 2: Chess Club 3: Ouling Club 3, 4: Independ- enl Women I, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE B. KNECHT, 2007 B. Soulh John Russell Circle. Elkins Park I7, Pennsylvania: Maier: Economics: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Pi Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4: Pi Delia Epsilon 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4: Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4: SPECTRUM l, 2, iCirculaIion Managerl 3, 4: Govern- menl Club 2. 3, 4: Sociology Club I, 2, 3. ROBERT J. KNOPF, 2l5 Riverview Avenue, Cliffside Park, New Jersey: Maior: Chemislry: Phi Sigma Kappa: Scab- bard and Blade 3, 4: Men's Tribunal 2: Scepiical Chymisls 4: Phi Bela Kappa. ROBERT HENRY KRICK, bl E. Middle Sireel, Gellysburg, Pennsylvania: Maier: Economics: Lambda Chi Alpha: Pi Lambda Sigma 3: Psi Chi. Firsi Row: LAWRENCE PAUL KROGGEL, 95 Beelrman, N. Tarryiown, New Yorlr: Major: Economics: Lambda Chi Alpha: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, lSecre+aryl 4: Band I, 2, 3, lVice- Presidenll 4: Arnold Air Socieiy 3, 4: Minnesingers I, 2, 3: G-Book 4: Chapel Choir 4. KEARNEY KUHLTHAU, JR., 97 N. Main Sireei, Milllown, New Jersey: Major: Economics: Lambda Chi Alpha lHouse Manager 2, Social Chairman 3l: Minnesinqers I, 2, 3: Alpha Phi Omeqa I, 2, 3, 4: l.F.C. 2: Boosler Club I, 2, 31 Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4. GETHIN JOSEPH KURTZ, 237 Maple Avenue, Hershey, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Phi Sigma Kappa lPresi- deni 4l: Pershing Rifles I, 2, 3: "Mercury" lBusiness Man- agerl 3: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, lSecrelaryl 3: lVice- Presidenil 4: Men's Tribunal lVice-Presidenil 2: Gavel Club 3: l.E.C. 2, 3, jPresidenll 4: Arnold Air Socieiy 3, lVice-Presidenll 4: Swimming I, 2, 3, 4: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, lVice-Presidenfl 4: Soccer I, 3, 4: Who's Who 4. JAMES HAROLD LAMPE, I3 W. Saddle River Road, Waldwick, New Jersey: Major: Economics: Sigma Chi: Boosler Club 3: Inlramural Sporis 3: Transfer, Rulgers Universily. JOSEPH JAMES LANG. 4042 "O" Slreei, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Major: Physical Educarion: Phi Delia Theia: Baslceiball I, 2.3, 4: Baseball I, 3, 4. MARILYN JEAN LEHMAN, Menoher Heighls, Johnsiown, Pennsylvania: Major: I-lisiory: Chi Omega: Coed Choraliers I: Owl and Niqhfingale 2, 3, lSecrel'ary-Treasurerl 4: "Geilysburgian" 3, 4: Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4: Women's Tribunal 4: WWGC 4: G-Book 3: Dorm lPresidenil 4: SPECTRUM 4. Second Row: WILLIAM STEPHEN LEHR, 4II4 Edgevale Courl, Chevy Chase, Maryland: Major: Physical EclucaIion:,Sigrna Chi lVice-Presidenll 4: WWGC I, 2, 3, 4: I.F.C. 2, 3, lVice- presidenil 4: Boosler Club: Swimming I: Soccer 3, 4: Gavel Club 4: Men's Tribunal lPresidenIl 2: Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4: Physical Educalion Major's Club I, 2, 3, lPresidenl'l 4. GLENN E. LEISTER, 524 W. Middle Sireel, Hanover, Penn- sylvania: Major: Biology: Phi Della Thefa: S.C.A. I, 2, lCabinell 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4: Dorm Counselor 3, 4: Beia Bela Bela 3, 4. ROBERT HARRY LOGAN, I45 E. 4-lh Slreel, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Social Science: Lambda Chi Alpha: Band 3: Pre-Minislerial Club 3, 4: WWGC 3, jProgram Direclorl 4: Transfer Sludenl. SUSAN GOTWALD LOSE, Seminary Dorm, Gellysburq, Pennsylvania: Major: French: Delia Gamma: I-loclrey I, 2, 3: lniramural Sporls: S.C.A. Cabinel' I, 2, 3, 4: Senale 2, 3, lPresidenl'l 4: W.A.A. Board 2, 3: Dorm Counselor 3: Oulsianding Junior 3: G-Book 2: Kappa Della Epsilon 3, 4: Who's Who 4. JOHN I. LOWRY, Monl Allo, Pennsylvania: Major: Bio- logy: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Freshman Wreslling: Soccer I, 2, 3, 4: S.C.A. 4: Alpha Phi Omega 2, lSecreIaryl 3, lVice- Presidenll 4: Bela Bela Bela 4: Arnold Air Socieiy 3, 4, DONALD GEORGE LUCK, 64 Norwood Avenue, Mal- verne, New Yorlc: Major: English: Lambda Chi Alpha: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Pre-Minislerial Club I, 2, 3, 4: "Geilys- burgian" I, 2, 3, lCo-Liierary Edilorl 4: WWGC 2, 3: lPubliciIy Direciorl 4: Ela Sigma Phi 2, 3, 4: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4. a 'fourih for bridge for "ius+ a half hour" affer-dinner relaxaiion. Firsi Row: FAYE E. LUCKENBILL, 357 E. Main Slreei, Kulzlown, Penn- sylvania: Maior: Physical Educalion: Delia Gamma: W.A.A. Board I, 2, lSecreiary-Troasurorl 3, lpresidenll 4: P.E.M.C. I, 2: lSecre+aryl 3, 4: Alhlelic Council 4: Hockey I, 2. 3, 4: Baskefball I, 2, 3, 4: Srudem' Councill, 3, 4: K.D.E. 3, 4: Band I, 2, 3, 4: Dorm lSecreI'ary-Treasurerl I, IPresi- denll 2: Dean's Lisl: "GeIIysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM 2, 3, 4: Sociology Club I, 2, 3: Class Honors I, 2, 3: Oul- slanding Junior 3: Pennsylvania lnlercollegiaie Band I, 3: Who's Who 4: Phi Bela Kappa. THOMAS A. LUNN, 316 Reading Avenue, Barringion, New Jersey: Maior: Political Science: Phi Kappa Psi: Baskeiball I, 2, 3, 4: Dorm Counselor 3, 4: E'ra Sigma Phi 3, 4. HENRY WILLIAM LUSH, I6-22 Wesl Sireel, Galelon, Pennsylvania: Maior: Economics: Tau Kappa Epsilon IPIedqemasIerl: Scabbard and Blade I, 2: Tribunal 2: Drill Team I, lCapIainI 2: Ouling Club I, 2. RICHARD BRYANT MACOMBER, 92 Bafhlehern Pike, Ambler, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Band I, 2, lCus- Iodiani 3, 4: lndependenl Men I, 2, 3. 4, WILLIAM MACKIE MAGUIRE, 940i Sfenlon Avenue. Philadelphia I8, Pennsylvania: Maior: Hislory: Tau Kappa Epsilon. BRUCE A. MAHON, 273 S. 57Ih Slreel, Philadelphia 39, Pennsylvania: Maior: Hisfory: Phi Delia Thela: Freshman Baskelball I: Varsily Baskelball 2, 3, 4. Second Row: ANN MUNRO MARTIN, l60O Main Slreel, Honesdale. Pennsylvania: Maior: English: Chi Omega: Transfer from Wesi Chesler Slale Teachers College: Choir 3, 4: Chapel Singers 4: S.C.A. 4. JOHN H. MARTIN, 467 E. King Slreel, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania: Maior: Chemisfry: Phi Kappa Psi: Freshmen Wresfling I: Alpha Phi Omega ITreasurerl 2: Scepfical Chymisfs 2. 3, 4: Befa Bela Bela 3, 4: Arnold Air Sociery 3, lSecre'raryl 4: Senale 3. HARVEY W. MCCABE, l4I6 Knox Road, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania: Maior: Greek: Freshmen Foolball I: S.C A. 2, 3, 4: G.C.F. lVice-Presiclenfl I: IPresiden'Il 2, 3: Boosl- er Club 2: Ouring Club 3: SPECTRUM 3: G'Book 3: Era Sigma Phi 3, 4: WWGC 3: Independenl Men. JAMES A. McCALLUM, JR., Harford Road and Herring Run, Ballimore, Maryland: Major: Psychology: Phi Della Thefa: Freshmen Foolball I: "GeIIysburgian" I, 2: Mer- cury 3. B. RONALD MCCLEARY, RD. No. 2, Chambersburg. Penn- sylvania: Maior: Business Adminisiraiion: Phi Kappa Psi: l.F.C. 4: Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4. RUTH ESTHER MCCOMAS, 3IO Woodside Avenue, Nar- berfh, Pennsylvania: Maior: Lalinz Phi Mu: Coed Cho- raliers 2: S.C.A. 2, 3, 4: Boosier Club 2, 3, 4: Era Sigma Phi 3, lSecreI'aryl 4: Ouling Club 3, 4: "GeHysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4: Dorm Counselor 4: Kappa Della Epsilon 4: SPECTRUM 4. Firsf Row: THEODORE W. MCKENRICK, JR., 2I7 Sleinwehr Avenue, Geflysburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Spanish: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4: Phi Sigma Iola 3, 4: Arnold Air Socieiy 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: French Club 2, 3, 4: Air Force ROTC Drill Team 4: La Terfulia 2, 3, 4: lnler- naiional Club 4. ARLENE R. MEY, 863 Avenue C, Bayonne, New Jersey: Major: Biology: Chi Omega ISecreIaryl 3: S,C,A, I, 2: So- ciology Club I, 2: lniernaiional Club 2, 3: Bela Bela Bela 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM LANTZ MIDDLETON, 325 S. 2nd Slreei, Sleel- ion, Pennsylvania: Major: Polifical Science: Phi Delia Thela: Transfer from Lalayelle: Freshmen Baseball I, Gov- ernmeni' Club, lnlramural Sporls. MARK JOSEPH MILLER, R.D. No. 5, Gellysburg, Penn- sylva nia: M ajor: Biology. RONALD CLARK -MILLER, 225 Maclay Slreer, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Hisloryz Lambda Chi Alpha: Fresh- men Foolball I, Varsily Foolball 2, 3, 4: Freshmen Wresi- ling I: Wreslling 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Dorm Counselor 3, 4: Who's Who 4. NANCY MITCHELL, 528 Pine Sireel, Lylcens, Pennsylvania: Major: Physical Educafion: Coed Choraliers I, 2: Kappa Della Epsilon 3. 4: Varsily Baslcerball 2, 3, 4: Varsily Hockey 3, 4: Physical Educaiion Major Club 2, 3, 4: Women's Alh- lelic Associalion Board 3, 4. Second Row: BARBARA SUE MOREHEAD, 427 W, Union Slreei, West Chesler, Pennsylvania: Major: Malhernalicsg Phi Mu jTreasurerl 4: Junior Varsily Baskelball I, 2: Varsily Hockey 2: lniramurals I, 2, 3, 4: S.C.A. 2: "6e+Iysburgian" 2, 3, jCopy Eclilorl 4: Pi Della Epsilon 4: Sigma Pi Sigma 3, 4. JOYCE HARVEY MORGENTHALER, 212 N. 29 Slreel. Camp Hill, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Chi Omega: Pi Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4: Boosler Club 2, SPECTRUM 3: Thing Commiiiee 3: Pan-Hellenic Council 3. SAMUEL R. MOWERY, l554 Locusl Slreel, New Cumber- land, Pennsylvania: Major: Biology: Lambda Chi Alpha: Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Bela Bela Bela 2, 3, 4. RICHARD D. IMOYER, S. Easl Avenue, Vineland, New Jersey: Major: French: Phi Kappa Rho: French Club 3: WWC-C 3: Owl and Nighlingale 3: SPECTRUM 4: Mer- cury 4. EDITH MULLER, I2l Counlry Club Drive, Porl' Washing- Ion, New Yorlc: Major: Social Science: Phi Mu IVice-Presi- derail 4: Transfer From Cenlenary Junior Colleqe: Boosier Club 3, 4: Owl and Nighlingale 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: So- ciology Club 4: Dorm Vice-Presidenf 4, GRACE MUMMA, 320 E. Main Slroel, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Business Adminislralion: Chi Omega IPIadqe Mofherl 4: "Gellysburgian 2, IAssisI'anl Lilerary Edilorl 3, ILiIerary Eclilorl 4: SPECTRUM 2, 3, 4: Coed Choraliers I, 2: Senaie 3, lCorresponding Secreiaryl 4: Dorm Counselor 3: Owl and Nighiingale 3, 4: G-Boolc 2, 3, 4: S.C.A.: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4: Psi Chi 4: Who's Who 4. H25-Phewl Firsi Row: BARBARA MYERS, 7l4I Eighih Slreel, N. W. Washingion I2, D.C.: Maior: French: Coed Choraliers I: S.C,A. I, 3, 4: Boosier Club I, 3, 4: "GeHysburgian" 4: French Club l, 3, 4. NELSON KURTZ MYERS, JR., 640 E. King Sireei, Lan- casier, Pennsylvania: Maior: Music: lndependenl Men IPubliciIy Chairmanl 4: WWGC I, 2, lAssisianf Classical Music Direciorl 3, iClassical Musical Direciorl 4. ANNA LOUISE NEAL, 28 Commerce Sireel, Chambers- burg, Pennsylvania: Maior: Music: Alpha Xi Delia: S.C.A. I, 2, 3. 4: Chapel Choir 4. THOMAS EDWARD NOLL, 38II Kramer Slraei, Harris- burg, Pennsylvania: Maier: Polifical Science: Kappa Della Rho: S.C.A. I: "Gellysburgian" l. DANIEL DAVID ORAVEC, Il40 Virginia Avenue, Johns- lown, Pennsylvania: Maior: Hislory: Kappa Della Rho: S.C.A, I, 2, lCabine'rl 3, 4: Religion-ln-Life Week Commit- iee 3.4: Pre-Minislerial Associalion I, 2. 3, lPresidenlI 4: Owl and Nighlingale 2, 3, lVice-Presidenil 4: I-larnme Award 3: Co-Chairman of Junior-Senior Prom 3. JOANNE ELIZABETH OSDAL, 515 Andrew Road, Spring- field, Pennsylvania: Maier: Biology: Zeia Tau Alpha, Phi Mu Social Sisier: Sophomore Transfer from Penn.: Coed Choraliers 2: Maiorelie 3, 4: Band Librarian 3, 4: Baia Beia Baia 2, 3, ISecre+ary-Treasurerl 4: French Club 2: "Geiiys- burgian" 3, ICO-Copy Ediiorl 4: Pi Delia Epsilon 4. 43 Second Row: GLADYS OWEN, I207 Wesl Princess Slreei, Yorlc, Penn- sylvania: Maier: Psychology: Psi Chi 3: Della Phi Alpha 3: Phi Beia Kappa. JOHN ARTHUR OWEN, I207 Wesi Princess Slreef, York, Pennsylvania: Major: I-lisfory: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, IVice- Presidenil 4. GLENN S. PANNELL, I8 Concord Avenue, Glen Rock, New Jersey: Maier: Economics: Phi Gamma Delia: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, 4: WWGC I, 2, 3, lSIaiion Manager I 4. ROBERT JOHN PEERY, 738 Belvidere Avenue, Wesifield, New Jersy: Major: Music: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Choir 2, 3, 4: Tennis Team 3. NANCY JOAN PENNIMAN, Winihrop, Maine: Maior: Maihemalics: Phi Mu iPresiden+I 3: lPledge Moiherl 4: S.C.A. I: Sociology Club I: Coed Choraliers 2: WWGC I. 2: Choir 3, 4: Kappa Delia Epsilon 3, iPresidenl'l 4: Women's Sfudeni Council 2, iVice-Presidenrl 3, iPresiden'rI 4: Oulsianding Junior 3: Secreiary oi Senior Class 4: Della Gamma Award 3, Wornen's Tribunal lPresidenfl 3: Dean's Lisig Who's Who 4: Phi Bela Kappa. EDWARD B. PENRY, 54 Bee-:hwool Place, Scoich Plains New Jersey: Major: Psychology: Phi Kappa Psi: Tennis Manager I, 2: Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3: Psi Chi 3, lPresi- denll 4: Pershing Rifles l, 2, 3: Freshmen Wresrling: Pi Lambda Sigma. Firsl Row: ROBERT WALTER PRAIS, 82-O4 Pellil Avenue, Elmhursl, New Yorlc: Major: Chemislry: Sigma Chi: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Senale 2: Men's Tribunal 2. HAROLD -MYRES RAFFENSPERGER, 705 Highland Ave! nue, Gellysburg, Pennsylvania: Maior: Malhemalics: Phi Delia Thela: French Club 2, lPresidenll 3: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, 4: Sigma Pi Sigma 3, lPresiclenll 4: Arnold Air Sociely 4: Mo'rher's Day Chairman 3. RICHARD SIMPSON REDLES, l6I2 Easi Cardeza Slreel, Philadelphia I9, Pennsylvania: Maior: Economics: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Governmenf Club 3, 4. LEIGH E. REILEY, I2OO Knox Road, Wynnewood. Penn- sylvania: Major: Economics: Sigma Nu: Transfer sludenl from Lafayelle 4. JOHN JERRY REILLY, lllS Woodruff Avenue, Hillside, New Jersey: Maior: Mafhemalics: Kappa Della Rho: Rifle Team lPresidenIl I, 2, 3, 4: Minnesinger 3: "GeIIysburgi- an" 3: Varsily Track Team 2, 3, 4: WWGC 3, 4: S.C.A. 4: Arnold Air Sociely: Swimming Team 4. WALTER R. RENTSCHLER, 720 Soulh Main Slreel, Alhens, Pennsylvania: Maior: Economics: Lambda Chi Alpha: WWGC I: Arnold Air Sociely 3. Second Row: MERRY ELEANOR RHYS, 98-34 63rcl Slreel, Foresl Hills, New York: Maier: Psychology: Alpha Xi Della. JOHN F. RIEDEL, R.E.D. No. 3, Linesville, Pennsylvania: Maior: Social Science: Cross-Counlry: lndependenl Men I, lVice-Presidenll 2, lTreasurerl 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega I: ll-lislorianl 2, 3, lPresidenIl 4: lPublici+yl 2: "GeI'rys- burgian" 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM 3, 4: Ouling Club I. GEORGE W. RIEKER, JR., 9OI Hamillon Avenue, Trenlon, New Jersey: Major: Social Science: lndependenl Men: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: Pre-Minislerial Associalion I, 2, 3, 4: Soccer lManagerl 2, 3, 4. ROBERT J. ROBERTS, ZI49 Soulh Cecil Slreel, Philadelphia 43, Pennsylvania: Maier: Social Science: Tau Kappa Ep- silon: Transfer from Rensselaer College: S.C.A. 3, 4: Pre- Minislerial Associafion 3, 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, 4. JOHN C. ROBINSON, JR., 354 Soulh Marlcel Sfreel. Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania: Maior: Accounlingg Phi Gamma Della, lCorresponding Secrelaryl 3, lTreasureri 4: Alpha Phi Omega l, 2, llaresidenll 3, lTreasurerl 4: Arnold Air Soclely 3, lPresidenIl 4: Boosler Club I, 2, 3, lTreasurerl 4: Pershing Rifles I, 2, 3, 4: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4: Infer- nalional Club I, 2, 3, lVice4PresidenIl 4: Gavel Club 3, 4: SPECTRUM I, 2: Who's Who 4. CARROLL G. ROHRBAUGH, JR., New Freedom, Pennsyl- vania: Major: Social Sludies: Phi Kappa Rho, lSecre aryl 5: Band I, 2, 3, 4, 5: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, lSecreI'ary-Treas- urerl 4, 5: lnlramural Sporls 2, 3, 4, 5. Hes cIon"I looln worried, Coaches, Relaxl Firsl' Row: IRWIN MARTIN ROSENBAUM, II5 Lenox Road, Brooklyn, New York: Major: Chemislry: Transfer from New York Uni' versily: Junior Varsify Foolball 2: "Mercury" 2, lAssociaI'e Edilorj: WWGC ISpeciaI Evenls Direclorl 2, 3, 4: Sceplical Chymisis 3, lTreasurer-I 4: Arnold Air Socieiy 3, 4. JAMES A. ROST, 322 Ballimore SIreeI', G-eilysburg, Penn- sylvania: Major: Economics: Phi Delia Thela: College Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Pi Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4: "Ge++ysburgian" 2, 3: Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4: AFROTC Rifle Team 3, 4. CAROLYN J. RUMBAUGH, 2I5 Whiflier Sfreer N.W.. Washingion. D.C.: Major: English: Della Gamma: "6e+Iys- burgianu I, 2, 3.4: SPECTRUM 2, 3: SPECTRUM Beauly Courl 2, 3, Allenclanr 4: WWC-C I, 2: Choraliers I: S.C.A. 2, 3, 4: Owl and Nighlingale 2, 3, 4: lnlramural Sporls I, 2, 3, 4: "Mercury" 3, 4: Phi Bela Kappa. DON FRANKLIN RYDER, JR., IOO6 Polomac Avenue, I-Iagerslown, Maryland: Major: Polilical Science: Alpha Phi Omega I, 2, 3, 4: Pershing Rifles I, 2, lPresidenIj 3 and 4: Scabbard and Blade lTrc-:asurerj 4: Drill Team I, 2, 3: Commanding Officer, Army ROTC 4: Geifysburg Gov- ernmenl Club lPresidenIl 4: Associalion ol U. S. Army Prize 3: Phi Bela Kappa. ROBERT L. SACHS, 34 Locusl Avenue, C-Bellysburg, Penn- sylvania: Major: Economics: Phi Gamma Della: Freshmen Fooiball I: Varsiiy Fooiball 2: Freshmen Baslxelball I: Minnesingors 3: Boosler Club 3, 4: Arnold Air Sociely 3, 4. ANITA HOLMSTEN SAMUELSEN, 2l Glenwood Avenue, New Rochelle, New Yorlc: Major: Bible: Phi Mu I, 2: Coed Choraliers I: Choir 2, 3: S.C.A. I, 2, lCabineIj 3, 4: Eia Sigma Phi 3, 4: Della Phi Alpha 3, IPresidenIl 4: Phi Bela Kappa. Second Row: LOIS L. SANDT, 2 Colfax Road, I-laveriown, Pennsylvania: Major: Social Science: Chi Omega ISecreIaryl 4: WWGC I, 2: Coed Choraliers I, 2' Sociology Club I: "GeI'vs- burgian" 3, 4: "Mercury" 3, lCo-Edi+orI 4: Pi Della Epsi- lon 4: Alpha Kappa Alpha 4. ALFRED JOHN SANER, 228 57'rI1 SI-1-43 Vfawk Ilnw Varlx New Jersey: Major: Hislory: Kappa Della Rho: Freshman Football I, Varsily Foolball 2, 3, 4: Varsify Wresiling 2. HOWARD WILLIAM SCHEITHAUER, 8l8 E. Cenfer Slreei, Mahanoy Ciiy, Pennsylvania: Major: Poliiical Sci- ence: Transfer from Pennsylvania Slale College Cenler, Poltsville, Pennsylvania. NANCY B. SCHUNTER, I235 Norlh Polomac Slreel, Ballimore, Maryland: Major: Socioloqvt Alpha Xi Delia: Coed Choraliers I: G-Book I, 2: SPECTRUM I, 2, ICo- Sporls Ediiorj 3, 4. "GeH'ysburgian" I, 2, 3: jAss.ociaIe- Sporfs Edilorl 4: Pi Della Epsilon: Alpha Kappa Alpha 4. CARL SCHWABENLAND, 7305 Sommers Road, Phila- delphia, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Spanish Club 2: Pi Lambda Sigma 3.4: Scabbard and Blade 3, 4: Governmenf Club 3. FRANK LAWRENCE SEGEL, 24 Norlh Raleigh Avenue, Allaniic Ciry, New Jersey: Major: Social Science: Kappa Phi Kappa 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Tribunal 2: Boosler Club 2, 3: Freshmen Soccer I: Varsiry Soccer 2, 3, 4: lndependenl Men's Council I, 3, 4: MoIher's Day Commiilee 3. Firsl' Row: ELLIS L. SHAFFER, 600 Norlh Ibih Sireei, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Bible: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Transfer from Penn Siaie: Soccer 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Pershing Rifles. DONALD ARTHUR SHA-MBAUGH, 254 Trernonr Avenue, Greensburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Phi Delia Thefag Varsily Track I, 2, 3, 4: Freshmen Baslceilaall, Arnold Air Socieiy: Men's Tribunal 2. SAMUEL ALVIN SHAULIS, Greenwood Village. R.D, No. 5, Builer, Pennsylvania: Major: Physical Educaiion: Phi Delia Thela: Freshman Baslceiball I: Vice-Presideni oi Freshman Class: S.C.A.: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Baslceiball 2, 3, 4: Infra- mural Council. HOWARD F. SHEETS, JR., 8l4If2 E. Oclclawaha Avenue, Ocala, Florida: Major: Music: Phi Gamma Delia: Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4. JOHN C. SHEPPARD, JR., 237 Craiion Avenue, Pilman, New Jersey: Major: Economics: Phi Gamma Delia: Fresh- men Baslcerball Manager: SPECTRUM 3, 4: "GeHys- burgian" 3, 4. SAMUEL M. SHULL, 2l Norih Kershaw SI., York, Penn- sylvania: Major: Hisiory. Second Row: WILLIAM RICHARD SHULL, l4I N. Church Sireei, Hazel- ion, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Phi Delia Theia: :Isl N N Freshmen Baslcelball l: Varsiiy Baslcoiball 2, 3, 4: "GeHys- burgian" jCirculaiion Managerj 4: "Mercury" 3: S.C.A. 3, 4: Arnold Air Socieiy 3, 4: Pi Delia Epsilon 3, 4. ARTHUR MELVILLE SMART, Souih Brewster Road, Vine- land, New Jersey: Major: Chemisiry: Sigma Pi Sigma 3, 4: Sceplical Chyrnisis 3, jPresiclen'rj 4. PETER CUTLER SMITH, l45 Buford Avenue, Geiiysburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. SUZANNE DAVIS SMITH, I45 Buford Avenue, Geiiysburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics. BENJAMIN C. SNYDER, 398 Jackson Sireel, New Holland, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Phi Della Thela: Pi Delia Epsilon 3, 4: S.C.A. I, 2: Freshmen Foolball Manager l: XX "GeiIyslourgian" l, 2, jAssisiani Sporis Ecliiorl 3, 4: SPECTRUM 2.3, ICO-Sporis Ediiorl: Head Fooiball Man- ager 2, 3, 4: Arnold Air Socieiy 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega . I, 2, 3, jTreasurerl 4: G-Booli 2, CHARLES F. SNYDER, 337 Wesi Marlcel Sl., Dallaslcwn, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics. quarler down 'rhe drain. Firsl Row: ROBERT JOSEPH SORRELL, Kensinglon, Maryland: Major: Economics: Thela Chi: Rifle Team 2, jCaplainI 3, 4: Drill Team 2, lCapI'ainl 3, 4: U.F.M.A. I, 2. DANIEL WARREN SPANGLER, 707 Glendale Road, York. Pennsylvania: Major: I-lislory: Phi Sigma Kappa: Band 2, 3. 4: S.C.A. 2, 3, 4: ProAMinislariaI Associalion 2, 3, 4: Trans- fer from Muhlenborg. NANCY ANN STEPHENS, McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania: Major: Biology: Oulinq Club I, 2, 3, jCo-Chairrnanl 42 S.C.A. MARION EILEEN STROEHMANN, II5 Lincoln Avenue, Williamsporl, Pennsylvania: Major: Social Science: Della Gamma jTreasurerl 3, jPledge Mislrcssl 4: Choir I. 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM 4: "GoI'fysburgian" I, 2, 3: lnlernalional Club 2, jCorrespondinq Socrelaryl 3, 4: G-Book 3: Alpha Kappa Alpha 3, lPresidanII 4: Sociology Club 2, lSecre- Iary-Treasurorl 3, jl-Iislorianl 4: Owl and Nighfingale I, 2, 3, 4: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4. LOIS T. WIGTON, 7521 Morningside Drive, N.W.. Washinglon, D.C.: Major: Psychology: Phi Mu: S.C.A. l, 2.4: Coed Choraliers I, 2: Owl and Nighlingale I. 2, 3, 4: "GcIIysburgian" I: Psi Chi 3, 4: Phi Sigma Iola 3, IPresi- denll 4. JOAN E. TAYLOR, H3804 W. Pacific Coasl' I-Iwy., Malibu. California: Major: Physical Educalionp Della Gamma: Spanish Club I: S.C.A. I: Varsily I-Ioclcey I, 2, 3, lCap- Iainl 4: Varsily Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: lnlramurals I, 2, 3, 4: Boosler Club 2, 3: W.A.A. 3, 4: Kappa Delia Epsilon 3, jSecrelary-Treasurerl 4: Physical Eclucalion Majors Club I, 2, jTreasurerI 3, lVice-Presidenll 4. Second Row: JOSEPH UJOBAI, I37 Fiffh Avenue, Phoenixville, Penn- sylvania: Major: Polilical Science: Fooiball I, 2, 3, 4: Who's Who 4. FRIEDA ELIZABETH VIERLING, 374 Grand Avenue, Engle- woocl, New Jersey: Major: Biology: Phi Mu jRecording Secrelaryl 4: J,V, Baslcelball I: Varsily Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: W.A.A. 2, 3, 4: WWGC 3: Sociology Club I: SPECTRUM Beauiy Courf I, 2: Inframurals I, 2, 3, 4: Bela Bela Bela. ROBERT ELLIOTT VLIET, 809 Willow Grove Avenue, Wesl- Iield, New Jersey: Major: Biology: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Wreslling I: Boosler Club 2, 3: Alpha Phi Omega 2, 3, 4: G-Book 2, jBusiness Managerl 3: SPECTRUM 2: Arnold Air Sociely 4. BARBARA C. WAGNER, 332I SI: Paul Sfreel, Ballimore I8, Maryland: Major: French: Della Gamma jSecreIaryI 4: "GelI'ysburgian" I, 2, 3, 4: SPECTRUM 2, 3, 4: Phi Sigma lola 3, lSecreIaryl 4: Coed Choraliers I, 2: S.C.A. I, 2, 3, 4: G-Book I, jManaging Edilorl 2, jCo-Ediforl 3: Pi Della Epsilon 4. CHARLES G. WAGNER, Crown Poinl' Road, Thorofare, New Jersey: Major: Economics: Sigma Alpha Epsilon jPleclge Trainerl 4: Pi Delfa Epsilon jSecreI'aryl 4: Pi Lambda Sigma jPresidenlI 4: lnlernalional Club lTreas- urerl 4: Arnold Air Sociely. LOUISE FAY WALSH, 9I Penbroke Avenue, Slaien Island I, New York: Major: Psychology: Phi Mu: Boosler Club 2, 3, jSecreIaryl 4: S.C.A. I, 2: French Club I: G-Book 2, 3, 4. 'Q S Firsi Row: EARL B. WANTZ, 2Il Schaffer Avenue, Wesiminsier, Maryland: Phi Kappa Rho: Pre-Minislerial Associalion: Phi Kappa Rho Fralerniiy jChaplainl 2, 3. EDWARD EUGENE WARTHLING, 343 Grove Sireel, I-lonesdale, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Sigma Chi: Pi Lambda Sigma 3, 4. ALBERT LEROY WEBER, 500 Oldiown Road, Cumberland, Maryland: Major: Psychology: Conceri Band I, 2, 3, 4: S.C.A. 2, 3, 4: Pre-Minisierial Associalion 3, 4: lndependenl Men I, 2, 3, 4: Senaie 3, 4. DON BRIGHT WEEMS, JR., l05 E. Munlua Avenue, Wenonah, New Jersey: Major: Biology: Phi Della Thela: Band I: Beia Befa Bela 2, 3, 4: "G-e+l'ysburgian" I, 2: lCirculaiion Managerl 3: Arnold Air Sociely 3: Pi Della Epsilon 3. PATRICIA W. MADDOX, IIOI W. Lehigh Avenue, Phila- delphia, Pennsylvania: Major: English-Lalin: lndependenl Women: Owl and Nighringale I, 2, 3 jSecer+aryl 4: lndependeni Women I, 2, 3, lPresiden+l 4: Eia Sigma Phi 2, lVice-Presiclenll 3, jPresidenll 4: Kappa Della Epsilon 2, 3. 4: Garver Laiin Prize I, 3: Gellysburg Chris- fian Fellowship I: Phi Bela Kappa. W. ROBERT WELLIVER, 25l Jefferson Slreel, Bloomsburq, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Lambda Chi Alpha jTreasurerl, 4: Baskelball Manager I: WWGC I, 2, 3, 41 Pi Lambda Sigma 2, 3, 4: Pi Della Epsilon 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega 3, 4: SPECTRUM jBusiness Managerl 4, Second Row: FREDERICK HENRY WENTZ, 53l S. Franlclin Sfreei, Han- over, Pennsylvania: Major: English: Kappa Phi Kappa 3, lSecrelaryl 4: Spanish Club I, 2, 3: lndependenl Men I. 2. jlpresidenil 3, lVice-Presidenil 4: Owl and Nighiingale I, 2, 4: S.C.A. I, 2: Arnold Air Sociely 4. JACK WHITCOMB, 700 Royal Slreel, Yorlr, Pennsylvania: Major: I-lisiory: Lambda Chi Alpha: Chair 2, 3: ROTC Rifle Team 4. EDGAR WIKER, 5Il9 Wallon Avenue, Philadelphia 43, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics. JAY WILLIAMS, 2702 I-lofier Slreel, Harrisburg, Penn- sylvania: Major: Physics: Lambda Chi Alpha: Foolball I. 2, 3, 4: Sigma Pi Sigma 3, 4. JOHN EDWARD WILLIAMS, 36l2 Brighion Road, Pilis- burgh l2, Pennsylvania: Major: Biology: Kappa Delia Rho: S.C,A, lg "Gellysburgian'i 2, EARL EUGENE WINAND, I35b W. Marlcel Sireel, York. Pennsylvania: Major: Chemislry: Phi Kappa Psi: Baseball 2: Alpha Phi Omega 2. 3: Pershing Rifles 2, 3, 4: Arnold Air Socieiy 3, 4: Ela Sigma Phi 3, 4: "Gellysburgian" I. One way lo spend an evening. Firsf Row: JAMES ROBERT WINGERT, JR., 149 Snider Avenue, Waynesboro, Pennsylvania: Major: Economics: Pi Kappa Phi: Transfer from Washinglon and Lee Universily. WILLIAM NORTON WISHARD, 743 E. Marlcei Slreel. Yorlc, Pennsylvania: Major: Physics. RICHARD EDGAR WOLFE, 3l5 Lumber Sheer, Lillies- lown, Pennsylvania: Major: Physics: Phi Kappa Rho: WW- GC jCon'rrol Announcerl I, 2, 3.4: Sigma Pi Sigma 2, 3, jTreasurerl 4: Aslronomy Club 3, 4: Alpha Phi Omega 4. JOSEPHINE ANNETTE YINGLING, Poiomac l-leighis. Hagerslown, Maryland: Major: Social Science: Alpha Xi Della: S.C.A. l, 2, 3.4: Sociology Club 3, 4: Spanish Club I, 2, 3: Oufing Club l, 2. Second Row: JUDITH LAMAR YINGLING, Pofomac Heighfs, Hagers- iown, Maryland: Major: Social Science: Alpha Xi Delia: 5-C-PM l. 2, 3, 4: Sociology Club 3, 4: Spanish Club l, 2.3: Ouling Club I, 2. RONALD P. YUZUK, 807 Anderson Avenue, Palisade, New Jersey: Major: Psychology: Phi Sigma Kappa jPresiclenl'i: l.F,C. 3, 4: Gavel Club 3, 4: Psi Chi 3, 4: "Mercury" 4: lnlrarnural Board 3. DONALD E. ZERBY, 722 E. Cenler Sireel, Millersburg. Pennsylvania: Major: Mafhemalics: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Baum Maih Award jl-lonorable Menfionl 2: Arnold Air Socieiy 3, 4: Sigma Pi Sigma 3, 4. 49 He weni' here, foo. Good nighi. SENIORS NOT PICTURED DONALD K. ADICKES, 4 Sherman Av enue , Bronxville, N. Y. FREDERIC ALMY, I90 Knickerbocker Road, Englewood, N. J. FRANK ARMSTRONG, IOI N. 32nd Srreef, Harrisburg, Pa. KURT BLUNCK, 39-99 Broadway, Fairlawn, N. J. SHELDON BOHEN, 2425 Kings Highway. Brooklyn, N. Y. KENNETH BOWMAN, 25 Funk Avenue, Palmyra, Pa. HELEN BREAM, 248 Chambersburg Sfreef, Gelfysburg, Pa. ROBERT BRUBAKER, R. D. 2, Media, Pa. DONALD CLARK, Walnuf Bolfom Road, Carlisle, Pa. WILLIAM CORCORAN, 252 Seneca Slreef, Harrisburg, Pa. JAMES DAVISON, 325 Academy Terrace, Linden, N. J. SAMUEL J. EVANGELISTA, IO7 Maple Avenue, Gibbsfown. N. J. ROBERT L. FISCHER, 403 S. Euclid Avenue, Wesrfield, N. J. ROBERT M. GEMMILL, I43 Carlisle Slreel, Hanover, Pa. DONALD A. GRIESMANN, 307 Ballimore Slreel, Geifysburg. Pa. PHILIP G. GUARNESCHELLI, IO65 Fulfon Slreef, Woodmere, N. Y. 50 SENIORS NOT PICTURED DONALD J. HOLLAND, 2nd Pine Sireef, W. Cafasaugua, Pa. RONALD A. JACOBI, IIO2 Kinqs Highway, Haddon Heiqhis, N. J. GLENWOOD F.JONES, 26I6 Yorkway, Dundalk, Md. x WILLIAM JONES III, 214 Sf. James Place, Merchaniville, N. J. JOHN H. KELLER, 209 W. Snyder Sfreei, Selinsgrove, Pa. RICHARD I-I. KREBS, IBO Kinden Avenue,MercersbL1rg, Pa. JOHN R. LARKIN, Brookhaven R. D., Wallingford, Pa. FRANKLYN J. LEINHARDT. 2 High Srreef, Hanover, Pa. DWIGHT LOSEE, Sussex Hall, Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. PHILIP A. LYNCH, Box 6I, WaIerford Works, N. J. LOVELLE R. MacDONALD, I3O CarIIsIe Sfreef, GeHysburg, Pa. CHARLES W. MQELFRESI-I, 926 DrexeI Avenue, Drexel HIII, Pa. EARL J. MCMILLEN, as spsrrr-,ale Avenue, Lewisfown, Pa. MILES B. MAMULA, 5I4 Buifermere Avenue. InerIaIcen, N. J. ERNEST MORRISON, III7 MoIer Avenue, Haqersiown, Md. JOI-IN H. MOSER, 57-22 8+I1 Avenue, BrooIcIyn, N. Y. OLIVER A. NEBEL, 802 Cinnaminson Avenue, PaImyra, N. J. LARRY D. PARMER, HGIIIGX R. D. I, Pa. GEORGE C. PENCE, 254 Wifherspoon Avenue, MIddIeIown, Pa. WILLIS B. PRATT, 8 W. Cenier Sfreei, AsI'1Iand, Pa. J. AUDREY RAWLINGS, Limerick, Pa. G, DOWNING REINBRECHT, 33 GranviIIe Road, KowIoon, Hong K HAINES L. ROBERTS, ZIO Jefferson Avenue, HaddonIIeId, N. J. JAMES J. ROONEY, JR., I3I4 Easf Pine Sireer, Mahoney Cify, Pa JOHN J. SCHRIEBER, 7I9 Longshore Avenue, PI'vIIadeIpI'1ia II, Pa EPHRAIM C. SHEFFER, Spring Grove R. D. I, Pa. RICHARD L. uraeo, 3 Chambersburg srreer, Geifysburg, Pa. GERALD A. WARD, 8l5 S. Broadway, Piiman, N. J. ADRIAN S. WEYN, 789 HamiIion Boulevard, Haqersiown, MCI, JOHN S. WHIIEHEAD, 'JII Second Avenue, WiIIiamsporI, Pa. HARRY E. WILLIAMS, I39 WIIson Avenue, Haveriown, Pa. GEORGE M. YOUNG, 4007 Jonesfown Road, Harrisburg, Pa. 51 ong, China Firsl Row: RAYMOND E. ADAMS ............ . . Trenfon, 2l0 Cleveland Avenue BARBARA RUTH ALLING ............... Clayfon 37 Eas'r Academy Street ED ANDERSON ................. New York Cily, New Cily Park RICHARD KNOWLTON ANSEL ............ Baltimore, 4000 Round Top Road ARIJA AUDRINS .,............ . . . .BalIimore, 4027 Belle Avenue RONALD ARLEN BAIR ............ . . Harrisburg 25 N. 24 Sfreel Second Row: RICHARD CARL BAKER ....... . . . . , . R.D. No. 3 LEO BARDENHEUER ................. 6lIl N. Washinglon Boulevard JOHN CHARLES BAUERSFELD .......... Chevy Chase, I6 Virginia Street . Arllnglon JOAN MARIE BECK .................... York 623 W. King Slreel RICHARD PAUL BEIMLER ........... . . . Yonkers, 139 Kimball Terrace BARBARA A. BERGER .............. Upper Darby, 528 Elm Avenue Killanninq, Third Row N.J. IPHYLLIS E. BERGER ........,..... . . Lansdale, PL 4lI N. Board Sfreel N J MERLE BERNARD BETSKOFF .............. Camden, N.J ' ' Ib07 Parlc Boulevard NY BARBARA BLACK ................. Wilmington, Del ' ' l2I5 Brandywine Boulevard Md DONALD C. BRAKE ............,... Washinglon, D.C ' I433 Webster Sfreel, N.E. Md ROBERT G. BRAZENOR, JR ........... .... U nlon, N.J ' 406 Prescofl Road pa' PATRICIA ANN BRENNAN ......... . . . Cheltenham, Pa ' BOI Rowland Avenue Four'l'h Row: Pa. AINSWORTH BROWN .....,........ Silver Spring, Md llll Woodside Parkway , Va. GARY L, BUCHER ................... Blglerville, Pa Md, ANN LOREN BUCK ........,......,.. Arlinglon, Va 3l65 Norlh Mililary Road , Pa. HARRIE G. BURDAN ............... . . Poffslown, Pa 276 Diamond Slreef N.Y, DAVID MITCHELL CHUBB ............. Upper Darby, Pa 275 Glendale Road Pa. HENRY E, CLARE ................ . . . Paoli, Pa Rochsolach Road 52 i - 1 , fain- 4 L new Hi rim Row: M, JANE EISENHARDT . t ...... woodbufy, N.J. JOHN ROBERT CLARKE .....,. Lewisfown, Pa. '22 EUC"d Slfeef 528 S. Wayne Svreef DONALD J.eLY ........ . , . Bal1imore,Md. news ANN COULSON ...... . . Havertown, Pa. 4003 Grove'-and Avenue 3l6 Kenmore Road CHARLES ALLEN COVEY . .... Silver Spring, Md. B403 Galvesfon Road Thifd Row: PATRICIA CRANE -,.- .-.--- B rnokiyn, N.Y, ROBERT GORDON EPPLEMAN . Gloucesfer Cify, N.J. ll? Henry S1-reef 512 Bergen Street GEORGE W. EVANS, JR ........ Columbia, Pa. Second ROW: 343 Union Sfreef JANET LEE CROWL ,..v.... ..... Y Crit, Pa. MARTIN L. FACKLER . ...... York, Pa. 305 Roopevcli Avenue 457 Hillcresf Road NANCY DIEMER . ...... Philadelphia, PB. JOHN SEBASTIAN PAUL ........ Sfeelion, Pa. BBI9 N. Front Sfrcer ll 5, 3 Sfrgef The audience iislens wiih solemn allenfion as Ciwrisl' Observers 'lhrong from flue edifice following 'lhe iasl' Chapel is dedicalecl. sfrains of fhe recessional. Firsl' Row: WILLIAM RONALD FEARER iooo'B5d'fafA Slim' ' ' VIRGINIA ANN FEESER ........... MARTIN FEIT .... EDWIN T. FERREN, III FREDERIC J. FILBERT 320i Penbrook Avenue I l IE? .INA.el:IOTI IROGIII - I BRUCE JONATHAN FOX ............ Second Row: 444 Dulchess Turnpike ANNA MAE FRANKENFIELD .......... 222l Menlo Avenue . Cumberland, Md. . . Harrisburg, Pa. . . . Brooklyn, N.Y. Merchanlville, N.J. . . . . Auburn, Pa. . Poughkeepsie, N.Y. . . . Glenside, Pa. BETTY JEAN FREAS .............. . . Conshohoken, Pa. 205 E. ll Avenue CYNTHIA ALMA FROLEN ...... CYNTHIA KNIGHT GARROW ..... RICHARD E. GEIB . . Burden Drive ' 'ai 5. 'Pulliam' Sirbei ' JOSEPH S. GEORGIANA ..,......... 46 E. Broad Sfreef Wichila Falls, Texas . . . Polfsfown, Pa. . . . Manheim, Pa. . . Gibbslown, N.J. Third Row JANICE GIBSON . . . IBIO Robinson Avenue CYNTHIA LOUISE GINGRICH ......... IOOZ E. Lehman Slreel JOHN F. GLASS .................. WILLARD P. GRAHAM, JR ........,.. 4 I 2 Haverford Avenue GARY F. GRETH ................. . . Hamburg Pa DONALD CARL GRIESEL ......,. , . . , Fourlh Row: EARL RAL'PH GUISE 666 E. l6I Sfreef . Haverfown, Pa . . Lebanon, Pa Fenneffsburg Pa . . Narberlh, Pa . . Bronx, N.Y York Springs, Pa GRACE HAAaEs1Ao .... . ........ springfield, Delco., Pa 37 S. Hillcrest Road JOSEPHINE HAJJAR ................. Harrisburg, Pa 23l2 A N. 4ll'1 Slreef ROBERT NEFF HARCOURT ........,.. . . Weslfield, N.J I23 Harrison Avenue NANCY HARTER ................ . . Berwick, Pa i307 Merkel Slreel SALLY HARTER ................. . . . Berwick, Pa l307 Merkel Slreef Y' 54 o 5-:L N I .f - U , 'QTY' 3 :Z Q f"N FHS, Row: LYNN HUZZARD ...... r. . : . . Jenkintown, Pa. Mmes MALCOLM HENDERSON . . . chavham, N.J, '45 TOWHSWP Une 255 I:'3"'mOUnI AVCVIUC BURCE IHLE . . .......... Cranford, N.J. WILLIAM E. HERSHEY ........... York, Pa. 404 Lincoln Avenue 222 N. Format SIVQQI JOANNE LOUISE HILL . ...... Falls church, va. Thing Row, llj N. Oak Shoe! RICHAR ONE P, G P FERN LEE HOUCK ........... Hanover, Pa. D C-J f7-Lau-rc-I 5,5855 ' 'ne 'Ove' 1'- 39 MCAIIIQIN Sfrcef ROBERT KATZ ..,,........ . Brooklyn, N.Y. Second Row, wo E. 92nd sneer JAMES THOMAS HOWARD' JR. ,.,,, Me,-ion. pa. DIANE CAROL KENNEDY ....... Teaneck, N.J. 3l5 I-Iamilion Road I075 MBVQBVEI' SIFESI VIRGINIA L. HAUSMANN . .... Cranford, N.J.. JAMES WILLIAM KEPHART .... , Philipsburg, Pa. 2I3 Thomas STree1 l30 Fifth Sfreef Faculfy and guesfs siop Io char aI Hanson HaII's annual Jus'I"II1is once, coeds enIerI'aIn gen'IIsmen In Iheir "open house." clormiiory rooms. Ho, we Firsl Row: Third Row RICHARD FLATT KETCHAM ............. Ballimore, Md. IRVIN M. LOOSE ..,....... . . . . . Wes? Leespori, Pa. ll7 Hawlhorn Road CLAUDETTE L. Korruvsk ............... Duquesne, ra. NANCY KAY I-UCKETT ------------- ----- Y Wk- PH- I4I6 Highland Avenue 85l Rallllor' Road JOHN L. LAMSON ..,.'-,..'...'. Howard Beach NY BARRON BOTT MABERRY ........... . . Ballimore, Md 160,22 97th Sheet ' ' ' 3220 Wesimonl Avenue MARIAN c. LANE ................. Hawthorne, N.J. GUY MARINO - ---------------'--- Hifflsbufg- Pa- 51 Summer Sireef l9I2 N. Cameron Sfreef CLARK W. LAN-I-Z .'.-...,..'..'- I ' I Leonia N-J. WILLIAM REED MARTIN ............. . . Reading, Pa '00 Woodrgdge place ' I09 Douglass Slreel MICHAEL W. 1-AU -...,.....-l...', Spring Grove pa. ROBERT F. MATTHIAS . ............ . . Drexel Hill, Pa, Ill? 5' Main gfreef ' 645 Harper Avenue Second Row: Fourlln Row: COURTENAY LENHARD ..,,........ . . Drexel Hill, Pa. BARBARA MAURER .............. . , Greenville, Del 2456 Hillcresl Road OwI's Nesl Road WALT N. LICHTENBERGER ........... . . High Spire, Pa. CHARLES McKENZIE ...........,. . . Stony Brook, N.Y 520 Second Sfreel Box 47 JOAN VIRGINIA LINDSTROM ......... . . Jamaica, N.Y. JAMES F. MEGEE .............. . . Lansdowne, Pa 85-bl 150 Sfreel b0 Nyack Avenue JACK PHILLIP LIPKIN ............ . . Coalesville, Pa. RICHARD ALAN MEYER .......... . . . Brooklyn, N.Y R.D. No. 4 537-Bl Slreel' EDWARD A. LIVINGSTON ............. Williamsport, Pa. DONALD L, MILLER .......,........ Washinglon, D.C I522 Whxfman Sfreel 43I4 IOIh Sfreel, N.E, NANCY LORRAINE LONG ........... New Kensingion, Pa. JOHN NORMAN MILLER ............ Merchanlville, N.J 328 Charles Avenue I5 Linden Avenue 56 Firsi' Row: JOSEPH MOLNAR .......... Piffsburgh, Pa. 365 Hazelwood Avenue COLIN FRANKLIN NEUHAUS .... Glen Rock, Pa. PETER DAVID S. PARKINSON . . . Philadelphia, Pa. II9 W, Mi. Airy Avenue N. RONALD PEASE ........ Mechanicsburg, Pa. 508 W, Simpson Street Second Row: RUSSELL W. POWLEY ........ Glen Rock, N.J. 40 Sorncrsel Courl JOHN D. QUICK ....... New Cumberland, Pa. 135 Carol Slreei G-Burg's newest insfifufion, The siop in during a b 'I '17 2 Fi.-up I A 'Tri I ll M rw HELEN MARION RAWLINGS ..... Limerick, Pa. JOANNE R. REESE ......... Wallingford, Pa. Providence Road Third Row: RONALD EDWIN RESLEY ....... Hancock, Md. H. WILLIAM RIES, III ..... Haddon Heighfs, N.J. 431 Firsl Avenue C, JANE ROGERS ......,. Greenville, Pa. I08 Plum Slreel WALLACE ROHRBACH ....... Harrisburg, Pa. 206 Schuyler Hall "Bullet Hole," proves ifs worth as a campus enierfainmenf spo? where sfudents usy day or evening for some relaxation-a chat, a snack or a dance. Vwfw -sy 'X rfrawxa Bm - E mn an mi Q3 if -f Km rw. M I s- W W vw 'W M M H ggrmiimssssaw E H- f 's1:s'm--winning-,-Z: .mr ms K .H E B, mm ,i www... - gm ,HN xmjmmu " M nfs .. , .3 U., - Q ' W 'HSS . Fi' First Row: CARL F. ROSENBERGER .......... . . Freedom, Pa. Mengel Heights SUSAN RUMBERGER ....,..........,. Philipsburg, lll S, Center Street Pa. JAYE RYAN .... . .............. Merchantville, N.J. lb Ambler Road H. THEODORE RYBERG ........,.... P709 E. Pennsylvania Avenue OAKFORD A. SCHALICK, JR ............. ALBERT HAMILTON SHADER, JR. ...... . l94I Bellevue Road Second Row: RICHARD H. SHETLER ............ IO7 Holmecrest Road ARLENE SHOLLY ............... Route No. 3 ROBERT LEE SIBERT ..........,. . R.D. No. 2 WALTER EUGENE SNYDER .......... 837 Florida Avenue MARY JANE STACKOWSKI ........... 209 Buttonwood Way WILLIAM A. STEINBACH ........... 30l Hancock Avenue . . Warren, Pa. Cenlerton, N.J. Harrisburg, Pa. Jenkintown, Fa . . Myerstown, Pa New Oxford, Pa . . . .York, Pa . . . Glenside, Pa Norristown, Pa Third Row JANET L. STETLER ................ , . Bethesda, Md 7408 Fairfax Road JOHN RICHARD STONER ............. Mercersburg, Pa. R.D. No. 2 ROY P. STONESIFER, JR. .............. Little Rock, Ark. IZ4 W. 20th Street CONRAD R. SUMP ....,.......,. Cambria Heights, N.Y llB'52 224 Street WILLIAM PAUL TAUTZ ......,......... New York, N.Y 2l6 W. 67 Street NANCY J. TEETER , ..,.............. Gettysburg, Pa 230 Springs Avenue Fourth Row: EDWARD E. THOMAS ........,...... Garden City, N.Y B0 Stratford Avenue JOHN D. THRUSH ....... . ........... Gettysburg, Pa 200 Springs Avenue GEORGE A. URBAN ............... Collingswood, N.J 245 Crestmont Terrace PAUL ADRIAN VANHOUTEN .............. Berwick, Pa 3I0 E. Front Street WILLIAM T. WALTHOUR . ............ . Greensburg, Pa 433 W, Otterrnan Street LAVERNE J. WARTLUFT ............... West Lawn, Fa 37 Keppel Avenue 58 ' . JOHN l'l, WORTH . . B llll l1 , P . Fund Row' 3 W. Church Slreef e e em a NATALIE ELIZABETH WAY .... . . Easlon, Pa. N J R.D. NO. 2 MARJORIE A, WORTH ......... Trenlon, . SALLY DIANE WEHN ......... Ardmore, Pa. 392 Ma55aC"'l5e"S Avenue 29's Be""eV Road BARRY B, WRIGHT .....4... Greensburg, P... RONALD H. WEINELT B. . . . . Millersville, Md. 330 Afih Slfeel ox JOHN A. WILSON .......... Lancasler, Pa. 859 Grandview Boulevard Third Row: ROBERT JAMES YINGLING ..... Liifleslown, Pa. Second Row. 46 Maple Avenue DONALD WOODINGTQN ........ Ambler, Pa. SHELDON YINGST ........ Hummelsfown, Pa. Norruslown Road 322 W. Main Slrcel Frosh coeds gel inlo the holiday mood under the gally decoraied Chrisfmas lree in Stevens Hall' living room ll ww il I-11 m....J1... wnxm .-J ... ' L-, ,A , ,. Firsf Row: JOSEPH A. ADE ..,............,,......,.4.... Crescenf Park, N. J. 9 Union Avenue MADELINE ALBRIGHT ......4...,......, ,........ U pper Darby, Pa. 309 Richfield Road WILLIAM POWELL ALEXANDER .,....,.,.. Haddon Heighfs, N. J. I5 Ninih Avenue ROGER D. ALEXIS ............................... Salamanca, N. Y. 35 River Slreel VERONICA ANGLEMYER ......,................. Wesl' Fairview, Pa Walters Hill LOUISE M. ARMSTRONG ..... . ,........ ....... , ..PhiIadeIphia, Pa H24 Van Kirk Slreel' Second Row: BARRY DORAIN ATTIG ....,............,..... ........ Y ork, Pa l337 Arlhur Sfreel DICK AVADIKIAN ..........................,. ..... W hearon, Md ll7I8 Georgia Avenue JAMES W. AYRE .........,......,............ .... H arrisburg, Pa 388 Wyalf Road KAY ALICIA BAKER ,. .... . .....,,........,. .,... L ancasfer, Pa Bll Janef Avenue GORDON BANKERT ......................... ..... H anover, Pa R.D. No. 3 JANE DEPPEN BAUER ................... . .... Sunbury, Pa R.D. No. 2 Third Row: JEAN M. BECK ,........,........ ,.... . ..,.., ..,..... K u Izfown, Pa 206 Pine Slresl MARY NORA BERTHOLD .... .......... .......... N e w Freedom, Pa JAMES LOUIS BIEHL ........,.. ,........ ....... K e w Gardens, N. Y II7-OI Park Lane South JOSEPH W, BIERLY ......................,........... Glen Rock, Pa BARBARA BINNS .............,............ Philadelphia, Pa IOZ Rex Avenue LLOYD JAMES BITTNER .................., .... J ennersfown, Pa Four'I'l1 Row: ETTA RAE BLACK .... .. ........................... Hagerstown, Md I07 E. Magnolia Avenue WILLIAM HAROLD BLACK, JR. ........................ Everefl Pa 401 Easr Main Slreel SHIRLEY ANN BOLLINGER ....... ..........,...,...... H anover, Pa 422 Carlisle Slreel GEORGIANA BORNEMAN ,.,....,,..,...,. .Lynbrook, L, I., N. Y I7 Kowall Place KENNETH CHARLES BOTENSTEN .............. Manhassel, L. I., N. Y 'll Kensel Road nusseLL ALAN Bowen ,,.....,.,.,..,,.........., Ridgewood, N. J. 971 Andover Terrace 60 Firsl Row: JOAN CLARE BRETTSCHNEIDER ....,....,.., ..... B alfimore, Md. 46I I Mary Avenue LELAND BLAIR BROWN ....,....,.........,. ..., L ansdowne, Pa. 65 W. Essex Avenue RUTH ALLENE BROWN ...,...,......,.......,..... Weslminsfer, Md 54 Wesfmoreland Sfreel ar en Cily, N. Y. HUGH R. BURNS .....,,....,....,.....,....... G d I42 Tuliamore Road ROBERT H. BUSCH .,..,.....,. , ...,..,.......... . 813 Nostrand Avenue LOUISE CATALANO , ,...,,., ,,,,,.,.. .,,,.,.., , Second Row: 944 Wesl Avenue ,. Springfield, Pa , .....,.............,....... .... H arrisburg, Pa ......Easfon, Md Smilhsburg. Md. ....,...SaIem, N. J CHRIST CHIANOS 2703 Derry Sh-ect EVELYN JEAN COATES ......,..........,... . WILLIAM R. COFFMAN ......,...,.,... ALFRED CLIFTON COLEMAN, JR. ..,.,.. . R.D. No. I JOHN DANZER COLLINS ..... ..,.....,......... H agersfown, Md 832 Oak Hill Avenue LAVERN PETER COOK ..,. ...,,............,..,... Boy I34 .Browns Mm, N. J. ..BraokIyn, N. Y. Third Row: EDWARD COOPER HAROLD B. COOPER.. PATRICIA A. CROSS .. ,....Brooklyn, N, Y. I23 E. 39lh Slreel 732 Morgan Avenue 307 Central Avenue ....Palmyra, N. J. .Glen Burnie, Md. CHARLES EDWARD DAVIES, JR. . ............. ..... H arrisburq, Pa. 3IlO Penbrook Avenue FRANCIE ALICE DAVIS .......WyaIusing, Pa. R.D. No. 2 RICHARD SPIER DOWHOWER ....,............., Fourlh Row: llb S. Franklin Slreel FRANKLIN ANTHONY ECKERT .,.....,.......,. .. I49 N. Locus? Sfreel JEAN ELIZABETH ECKERT .............,......,. DONALD LEE FASNACHT .... ..........., 3406 Dudley Avenue SOB Mr:Cosh Slreel SYLVIA LOUISE FENSTERMACHER ..,.... FRANK R. FISCHETTI .. 24 N. l2lh Slreef 726521 Slain? Shea? ' ' ' " Colonial Park, Pa. ......Palmyra, Pa. ,Ballimore l3, Md. .... Hanover, Pa. ....Allenfown, Pa. Brooklyn, N. Y. DAVID FLAWS ............,..........,.,.... .... F airlawn, N. J. I0 Summil Avenue 61 l Firsl' Row: SYLVIA ANNE FLICKINGER ............,...... ..... H anover, Pa 577'!2 McAlIisfer Sfreef HOWARD FLOOK, JR. ...,......,......,.,........... Frederick, Md I5 Easl Second Slreel JOHN ALBERT FOOR ........................ ...... E verell, Pa R.D. No. 2 WAYNE FRANKHOUSER ,.,,................... ..... B radford, Pa I74 Kennedy Slreel H. RICHARD FRANTZ ..,.,........................... Souderlon, Pa 3I2 Washington Avenue ROBERT E. FRANZ .,...................,............ Philadelphia, Pa 5237 Caslor Avenue Second Row: FREDERICK A. FUHRMEISTER, JR. ................. Haverlown, Pa 45 Easf Marlharl Avenue RICHARD W. GAENZLE ...........,....,..,..... ..... A lbany, N. Y lbb Cenfral Avenue ROBERT G. GILCHRIST ...,.,................ , ,... Haverfown, Pa I23 Ellis Road JOHN H. GRIFFITH .................................., ,Ligonier, Pa 3I8 Washinglon Slreel MEL H. GROSSMAN ........,...........,.,...,.., Foresl Hills, N, Y. I9 Ingram Sfreel ROY EDWIN GULLIFORD .................,....... Philadelphia, Pa 5437 Oakland Sfreel Third Row: DONALD S. GUTHRIE . ...............,.,... .. 3l4 Cornell Avenue E. DONALD HACHTEL ...,.,........,............... , 5326 Wesley Avenue EDWIN NORMAN HADLEY .........,.,......,....., 888 Soulh IBII1 Slreel ALBERT SMITH HARRIS, JR. ........... ..... , R.D. No. I0 JAMES WADDELL HECHLER .......,......... l007 Main Slreel ERNEST WILHELM HELMKE .....,...........,,..... I798 New York Avenue Fourlh Row: JOHN FOREST HENDERSON .....,..............,,.. Bedford Heiqhls Swafhmore, Pa Ballimore, Md .Newark, N. J ,. ., . ,York, Pa ,.Windber, Pa .BrookIyn, N. Y ..,Bedford, Pa LOWELL ERWIN HENDRICK, JR. ,.., ..,. , . ...., Silver Springs, Md l324 Fenwick Lane JERRY HERZ ..................,,.................... New York, N. Y l027 Lecgell Avenue BARRIE MORGAN HOFFMAN ............,....,...... Bronx, N. Y I53 Falher Zeiser Place DONALD HOMAN ...,.........,...,..........., Mcoreslown, N, J 3l5 Everq reen Drive NANCY MARIE HUSBANDS ...,....,.,..,.... ....., R ahway, N, J 68l Wes? Hazelwood Avenue 62 Firsi Row: Third Row: GAIL IRVIN .....,..................,,.......... ..... M aywood, III. DONALD C. KLEINFELTER ................. IbI8 S. Eleventh Avenue 343 E. Water Sf. DOROTHY HAYWARD JAMES ............., .......,,... M ilfon, Pa. GENE L. KLUPT ,.... .....,......,............ .... 57'fg Soufh Froni Slreei 3625 Rosedale Road LONNIE JANNEN ,....,.,... ............,. F Ioral Park, Long Island CLAUDE JOHN KNOL, JR. ..,.......,....... I52 Tulip Avenue l8I8 Boas Sireei DZINTRA JEKSTE ....,..,............,...,....,...,,. Baliimore, Md. GEORGE J. KOCH ....., .................... . .. 4904 Haddon Avenue LEONARD G. JEWSON ....,...........,.. Monigomery Counfy, Pa. Lalayelle Hill H. WILLIAM JOHNS .......,.................,..... Hi-Nella, N. J. 48 Mlnne HaHa Road 2523 Gardiner Lane SI Academy Hill I28O Liliiz Pike JOSEPH WILLIAM KOCHENDERFER ......... ,. JOANNE MARIE KOHR ..........,.. ,........ . .. Middletown .BaIIimore, . Harrisburg . .Louisville , Pa Md , Pa K . .Lewisiown, Pa ..LancanIer, Pa Second Row: Fourfh Row: ELEANOR JONES .............,.....,.............,.. Lansdowne, Pa. NANCY KRALL ......,.... , ...,.........,... ...Dillsburg Pa 2II W. Plumslead Avenue ROBERT JOHN KAISER ..............,............, Bloomfield, N. J. MARGOT KRAUTMACHER ...........,............... Pittsburgh, Pa 21 Main Terrace 304 Brillianf Avenue LEE JENNINGS KELBAUGH, JR. - ......... .,.... T hurmcnf, Md. MARILYN LUCILLE KREIDER ..........,....., Hicksville, L. I., N. Y 20 Terrace Place SHIRLEY A. KEPPLE ............ ., .... Chicora, Pa. JAMES R. KRUM ....................................... Lebanon, Pa 508 Cumberland Sireel WILLIAM D. KERNER ,......,................... .,..... N uiley, N. J. RALPH FREDERICK KURTZ .............,................. Derry, Pa 72 Rhoda Avenue IIB Walfers Sireei DONALD A. KLASSEN .........,,............ New Hyde Park, N. Y. THOMAS L. LAAVY ...,...,..............,......,.. Ridgewood, N. J 530 Soulh I3Ih Slreel 4I8 Ardew Courf 63 Fourfh Row: Firsl Row: G-LANDON R. LAING ..........,,............,.,. West Nyack, N. Y. PAUL A. LARSON .....,...........,.................. Bethlehem, Pa. 1820 Wilson Avenue ANNA JANE LATSHA .... , ............. . ....... Hickory Corners, Pa. DAVID O. LEBZELTER .,......,.............,......... Johnsfown, Pa. 520 Glenwood Avenue RICHARD JOSEPH LEWANDOWSKI ........,.. .... P iiisburgh, Pa. Il5l Peermonl Avenue BONNIE G. MacGIBENY ....,......,......,......,. Woodbury, N. J. 3l7 Soulh Columbia Slreel Second Row: FAITH MARLENE MANGES JANET BRADELY MATTHEWS JAMES ANDREW MALLETT .....,................. .. 55 Elm Sfreel Maplewood, N. J. ..FIinI's'lone, Md. ..,..Phoenixville, Pa. R.D. No. 2 BEVERLY ANN MCCONNELL STEPHEN PAUL MCCONNELL .....,............... blb E, Gales Slreel JANE ELLEN McFADDEN . ..,.,....,............. Middlelown, Conn. Long Hill Road Sfewarlsiown, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Third Row: JOHN WILLIAM McGAUGHY ,.... . ....... , 807 Holland Square THOMAS BERNARD MCGRATH, JR ...,.. ..., 35 Spruce Slreel KENNETH R. McKEAN ....................... CHESTER S. MCLAUCSHLIN .,...,... .,...... 528 McClintock Avenue' H I I H PATRICIA JANE MCLAUGHLIN ........,,... 38 N. 9th Slreel LOUIS GUY MEHL ..,.,..,................ IOIO E. Pierson WILLIAM ROBERT MILLER, JR. .........,.... . IIOJ Chillon Slreel Wyomissing, Pa Middlelown, Pa .,Amenia, N. Y ..PiHsburgh, Pa ,..Lemoyne, Pa ...Phoenix, Ariz ..Balfimore, Md RICHARD M. MITCHELL ,...,..., .....,..,........... H averlown, Pa I732 Ridgeway Road WALTER S. MITTON .......... ..,. . ..... ....... .... II6 I-lasfings Avenue SALLY ANN MOCK .,..........,.......,...,. Tillou Lane ALAN DONALD MONTGOMERY ,......., 75 Park Drive DALE WARREN MOYER .,,..............,.... ,. 8l7 N. Evans Slreef ,HaverIown, Pa. ....Nyack, N. Y. ....Erlton, N. J ,.PoffsIown, Pa 'Zi' L65 ,ZW-J 64 Firsf Row: KATHLEEN ANN NAUS ......................... 2204 Browning Road JANE ARLENE NAYLOR ,...,......... ........ R.D. No. 4 ..Pennsauken, N. J .....Hanover, Pa RUSSELL HOWARD OURSLER, JR. .. ......, . ..,. Haveriownl Pa 3I7 Sagamore Road ERNEST B. PALISZEWSKI ............,....,... . I43 Plcainiield Avenue GRETCH EN S. PARKINSON ..,...,...,......,.. II9 W. MI. Airy Avenue DONALD ROBERT PHILLIPS ................,... 24 Cameron Place Second Row: JOHN R. PHILSON .,....... ....... .... RICHARD ALLEN PLATT .......,....,...... 3I7 Third Avenue RUTH E. FLOMGREN .................,...... IBS Ciinion Avenue SONDRA E. PYLE ...,..................,.... 220 Spruce RICHARD REICH ..... .,.........,...,.......... II78 Frocan Court HERBERT CU RT REIMANN ..,.......,..,..,.. I2 Borbeck Sfreef .....JohnsIown, Pa .,.PhiIadeIphia, Pa .New Rochelle, N. Y. . . . . . Jennersfown, Pa ..........Derry, Pa ......BrookIyn, N. Y ....MiddIeicwn, Pa .....HewIeH, N. Y. .....RockIedge, Pa Third Row: DOLORES RAE REINDOLLAR ..........,...........,. Lifflesfown, Pa. 3I7 Lonbard Sfreef JOHN R. RENFREW, JR, ....,............,..... ..., J ohnsfown, Pa. 504 McMiIIen Sfreef CLIFFORD R. RHODE ............ ............ ..... N a nuef, N. Y. 20 Copper Drive JOHN MELCHIOR RIDINGER ........,.............. Geffysburg. Pa. Oak Ridge R.D. No. 3 SAMUEL ALAN RUBY ........,...................... Johnstown, Pa. 25I Glenn Sireef DAVID CARROLL RUPP ....,.....,............ ..., W oodbury, N. J. 4I9 Giorer Sfreei Four+I1 Row: JERRY T. RUZICKA ......................... .... . Maywood, N. J. 56 Cedar Avenue JAN SACHS ...................................,........ Emmaus, Pa. Beechwood Farm, Harrison Sfreef PAUL TIMOTHY SCHMIDT .......................... Brooklyn, N. Y. 325 CIinIon Avenue SUZANNE JANE SCHMITT ..,.....,............,..,.. Geffysburg, Pa. 3I Easr Middle Sireef HAROLD JAMES SCHRIVER ..... ............ ..... M a nheim, Pa. oufe I STEPHEN J. SCHULZ . ....................... . ....... Knoxville, Tenn. I73I Emoriland Boulevard 65 Firsl Row: JOHN NICHOLAS SCHWARZ ..,........,,....... Jacksonville, Fla 464l POST Slreel CONSTANCE MARY SCULLIN ............ ..... T renfon, N. J l03 Allhea Avenue RICHARD SELBY ...................,..,....,........ Lilflesfown, Pa 408 Prince Sfreef ROBERT ARTHUR SENFT .,..........,........,......... Narbelh, Pa H6 Woodbine Avenue JAMES B. SEVEBECK .,......,................,.. Mounlainside, N. J I458 Woodacres Drive WARREN H. SHAFFER, JR. .................. .... H ooversville, Pa Second Row: ROBERT SHARP .................,......,.....,......... Glenside, Pa 334 Abinqlon Avenue MARY ANN SHEARER ..........,.......,.,...,.... Philadelphia, Fa 3436 W. Coulter Sfreel DAVID H, SHEETZ .,.......,...,,............... . .,,. Sfeelfon, Pa I S. 4fh Slreel ' JOAN SHIMKUS ..,.................,......, ..... E llzabelh, N. J. B34 Jackson Avenue FREDERICK H. SHISLER ..,..................., .... L ansdale, Pa 729 Mr, Vernon Slreel F. ROBERT SIEBOLD .........,...,............., ..... T eaneck, N. J. 538 Cumberland Avenue Third Row: RUTH E. SIEGART .......,...................... ....Reading, Pa l324 Perry Sfreef GEORGE SIPP ..,.,.........,......,...,.,...,....... .Teaneck, N. J 259 Highwood Slreel ALEXANDER JAMES SMALL .........,.......,. ..,.. C olonia, N. J. I63 Easl Hill Road ' SAMUEL M. SOLLENBERGER ..,............, .,.., G elfysburg, Pa GERALD LEE SPANGLER ..,...,.....,.. ....,.. Bedford, Pa. R.D. No. 2 GORDON SPILLINGER .......,............. .... F alls Church, Va. IB55 Linda Lane Fourl'l1 Row: BARBARA JEAN STADLER , .................., Por? Washinglon, N. Y. Bridele Path East JOHN STARINCHUCH, JR. .,..,.............,..... Rulherford, N. J. 35 Yahara Avenue ' CLAIR W. STARNER ........,....,.....,... ..... N ew Freedom, Pa. JOAN ELAINE STEIN ............................. North Wales, Pa. 224 S. Main Sfreef PATRICIA MARIE STONER ........,......... .... M ercersburg, Pa. Box I87 BECKY JANE STRACENER ......................... Lilfle Silver, N. J. 57 Silverlon Avenue IT.. E , -4 66 MIM Firsl Row: J. WAYNE STREILEIN AUDREY CAROL SUTTON "limi ' E'li3Ef5' Siiggi' " 7ili 'Lge 'kvefiiie' ROBERT CHARLES SWENK .,.........., ROBERT W. TESKEY ..... EMERSON R. TRACY .... ,.., . , ......... . I-43 Main Slreeli L 643' 'iiihi 'kinja ' ' ' A ' " . ............ Margale, N. J I4 N. Mansfield Avenue ..,,.Johnsfown, Pa . ...., Hicksville, N. Y .East Greenville, Pa Bernardsville, N. J wALren KING vm Nesr ...........,,.,......,.. upper Darby, Pa Second Row: 7I0'? Pcnnrlh Avenue BARBARA VOTENS , ....,.,....... .......,... . . I-136 Edenwald Avenue CHRISTA N. WELLS .,... .....BrookIyn, N. Y Valley Forge, Pa. RALPH THOMAS WERLEY ...,............... 236 N. Lehigh Slreel ADELAIDE M. WHETSTONE .,...... ,...... . .. . R.D. No. 4 DONNA JANE WH ITSEL ,..,.,......... ..... .... I5 W. Merkel Slreel .,..,Tamaqua, Pa ....Norrislown, Pa .....Mf. Union, Pa DONALD GARY WILLIAMS .........,............. Wilmingfon, Del Third Row: l204 Talley Road JOHN HENRY WITMER .................. R.D. No. l JOYCE ARDEN WITTENBERGER ,. .,..,..... .. . I09l Alicia Avenue OTTO WILLIAM WOLTERSDORF ............... IZII Herberf Slreel CAROL DAWN ZU KSW ERT ................, 5b Maple Avenue V 67 Mechanlcsburg, Pa ..,..Teaneck, N. J. ...PhiladeIphia, Pa . ,.., Madison, N. J. Firsl' Row: Third Row: ROBERT W. AHRENS ...................... ..... L ynbrook, N. Y. MARY FERSUS CARLSON ..,.,,.........,......... Ballimore IZ, Md 44 Sluarl Slreef B25 Wellinglon Road NANCY JO ALEXANDER ....................,.... Silver Spring, Md. STUART RANDALL CARSWELL, JR. .....,...... ...... N ewark, Del 222 Baden Slreef 502 Briar Lane PHYLLIS ETHEL ALLEN ........................ Haddonfield, N. J. SHIRLEY CASHMAN ...,.........,..,,....... ...., L ancasler, Pa 46 Eslaugh Avenue l40 College Avenue EDWIN BACHMAN ...,.......,...,.............,.... Gellysburg, Pa. RICHARD CHARLES CHRISTENSEN ......,.. .... M efuchen, N. J 325 N. Sfrallon Slreel l3l Woodbridge Avenue JOANNE S. BANKS .......................,... ..... P ollsfown, Pa, JOSEPH E. CLARK ..............,...,............ West Reading, Pa 4l2 Beech Slreel 203 S. 71h Avenue ANNETTA MARIE BEAN ...................... ..... F ayelfeville, Pa. JOHN L, CLEAVER ........................,. .... L ansdowne, Pa l3l Walsh Road DORIS BEISLER ........ ........ ................... R u lherford, N. J. CAROLYN A. COHEN ....................... ...... Y ork, Pa 346 Feronia Way 936 Linden Avenue Second Row: Fourlh Row: GEORGE ROSS BENDER . .......................... Geflysburg, Pa. HAZEL LOUISE COWAN ......,....,,..... ....... G reencasfle, Pa 449 W, Middle Slreel R.D. No, I JOAN BENFER .................,.......,............... Ardmore, Pa. BRUCE PRESTON CRAFT ,...,.......,.....,.... Monlerey Park, Calif 280l Darby Road 628 W. Hellman JEANNE BINKLEY .....,.................,..,.., Medford Lakes, N. J. BARBARA CROUSE .................,............... Springfield, Pa Chippewa Trail 236 Brock Road DEANE GORDON BORNHEIMER ................. Yarmoufh, Maine J. RICHARD CUNNINGHAM, JR. .....,........ Mechanicsburg, Pa 57 Pleasanl Slreel 520 E. Simpson Slreel JOHN DOUGHERTY BREAM ......,.......,..,....., Gelfysburg, Pa. PAUI. A. DAVIS ..........,,......................... Greensburg, Pa 3l7 N. Slrailon Sfreel 6l8 Locusl' Slreel WILLIAM JORDAN BUNCE . ....................... Weslfield, N. J. RAYMOND SCOTT DAVIS, JR. ,....,.. .......... ...... C r owe, Va 425 Alden Avenue 'Ol W. Mafvland AVENUE JOHN M CALIFF Lancaster Pa PAULISAAC DETWILER JR Bedford 5l5 Easl Roseville Road JUIIBFIB Heights -6' ii' '5- 'FL' 68 17" 6 l I I I I I I Firsf Row: Third Row: SALLIE ANNE DIMMICK ....,...,........ Mechaniscburg Pa. JAMES EDWARD FULLER ..... ,........... ...... U h richsville, Ohio R.D. No, 4 6Il N. Uhrich Sfrecf LOU ANN DULANEY ..,...............,.,.... ..... G eifysburg, Pa. ALBERT JOHN GABIG ...,.......,,........,..... Hummelsiown, Pa. I54 E. MidcIIe Sireei E. Main Sfree+ JUDITH DUNLOP .......,,.....,,.....,....,., ..... B alfimore, Md. S. DIANE GIBBLE .........,.................,.. . .... Lancasfer, Pa. 7204 Dunwood Courf 420 Lancaster Avenue THELMA RUTH ERNST ,..,. ,,..,.........,.....,.., B alfirnore 6, Md. DONALD GEORGE GOSDEN ....................... Hollis I2, N. Y. 37Il Ridgccrolf Road I04 ZOSII1 Sfreef CHARLES F. ESHLEMAN, JR. ..,.............. .,.. L ancasfer, Pa. LORETTA MARIE GRETH ..................... .... A Ilenfown, Pa. 722 Second Sfreef 62I N. 24'fI-I Sheet A JAMES A, EVANS ...,...,...............,.. ...,..... D illsburg, Pa. MARION GROVE .................................... Sellersvllle, Pa. 213 Lawn Avenue WAYNE A. EWING ........................ Shiremansfown Pa. JOAN HABECKER ..,..........,............ ..,.. L ififz, Pa. 9 East Green Sfreei R.D. No. 3 Second ROW? Fourfh Row: ARDATH FISHER ...,,..............,....,...... ..... F ullerfon, Pa. WILLIAM R. HAGERMAN ...,................ ..... P Hman, N, J. 1031 Woshinqaon Sfreef I49 Craffon Avenue H. EDWARD FISHER, JR. ...,....,............. .... J efferson, Md. WILLIAM A. HANCOCK .................... ..,. M aywood, N. Y. 349 Concord Drive GERALD WAYNE FLECK ..,,......,......... .... A Ifoona, Pa. JOHN BRUCE HECKMAN ..,...................... Wyomissing, Pa. I05 23rd Avenue I333 Monroe Avenue ROGER T. FOOR .............................. .....,, E verefi, Pa. WILSON ALLEN HEEFNER ................,....... Waynesboro, Pa. I39 West Main Sfreef I47 Wes? Norih Sfreei ANN ESLIZABETH FORTENBAUGH ..,....... .,... G effysburg Pa. DONALD RICHARD HELFRICH ...................... Allentown, Pa. I50 W, Broadway I052 North 22nd Sfrcef ARTHUR LEROY FREAS, JR. ..................... Conshohocken Pa. ARTHUR HENDLEY ......,.......,................ Balfimore I2, Md. 205 East Ilfh Avenue 402 Hollen Road ELEANOR JOAN FRECH .................,..,...,.. Balfirnore, Md. MILDRED HELEN HERRMANN .......................... Union, N, J. 2400 Erdman Avenue 2157 Vauxhall Road First Row: Third Row: DOROTHY HEYMAN .....,,.,..,.,.,....,... .,..., M errick, N. Y. ELISE KORMAN ..,. .,....,.........,....,,. .,... H o hoken, N. J l08 Marion Avenue l23I Garden Street AMY LEE HIBBERD ........,.......,..,.....,...,,... Havertown, Pa, CAROL KRIVENKY ..,.......,......,....,........ Maplewood, N. J 57 East Eagle Road I5 Schaefer Road JUDITH EVANS HINTON ....,............. Woodbury Heights, N. J. DOROTHY S. KULMAN .,..,, . ,.,,.....,......., Schenectady, N. Y 3lB Elm Avenue I4 Linden Street JAMES EDWARD HOLMES .....,....,...........,,.. Baltimore, Md. VIRGINIA ANNE LAMMEY .....,.,,...... ...... U nionville, Pa 34I0 Wabash Avenue NANCY JANE HUNTSBERGER ...................... Collingdale, Pa. DIXON JEFFREY LANG ....,..,,....,....... .. ..... Wynnewood, Pa. 439 Beechwood Avenue 344 Wister Road GEORGE M. VAN ISTENDAL ........,........., Collingswood, N, J. MARY CRONIN LEARY ,..,........ ...... . .,...,.,....... E aston, Pa 436 Grant Avenue 847 Milton Avenue JOSEPH KENNETH IVORY, ll ..........,........ Mechanicsburq, Pa. BARBARA ANN LEE ...,...............,...,.... Collingswood. N. J 24 East Coover Street 3I6 Virginia Avenue Second Row: Fourth Row: PRISCILLA DALE JORDAN ...........,.....,.. .... T eaneck, N. J. JUDITH ANN LEHN ......,.....,,..,...,.. ..... W oodbury, N. J l424 Lozier Place 505 Park Drive JACOUELINE JEAN JURY ................... ...... C learfield, Pa. DAVID LICHTENFELD ......,.,...,........... ..... D rexel Hill, Pa IO4E Blythe Avenue KENNETH W. KAUFFMAN ........................ New Holland, Pa. SUSAN LIGHTER .......,,...,.,,......,......,,..., Gettysburg, Pa IO6 E. Main Street 353 Buford Avenue A. E. JOAN KEEPER . ....,..........,......,.. ...... K eymar, Md. NANCY OELLA LINDNER ,..,....... ...,......, ........ M i lton, Pa 632 N. Front Street MARILYN SUE KERR ...........,....,......... .... W oodbury, N. J. JOHN D, LITTLE . ......,.. .....,.. ,.... ......... P i i tshurqh l5, Pa 35 West Street 403 Mamie Avenue, Aspin Wall ROYLE JOHN KIPP ..,.,...........,......... ..,., A rdsley, N. Y. JAMES M. LONGANACRE, JR. ,.......,.,..... Poughkeepsie, N. Y. S. Lincoln Avenue 20 Violet Avenue LEE KOPPELMAN ............. , ......,............. Philadelphia, Pa. CYNTHIA LOVELIDGE , ............................. ..Lancaster, Pa 504 W. 67th Avenue 201 E. Orange Street 70 ' Firsl Row: ANNE MARSHALL ..,.,..,..........,............ Bdlfimbre I4, Md 75l6 Hermosa Avenue RICHARD BRUCE MARSHALL .,,,...........,.,.... Ballimore, Md 2824 Beechland Avenue IRIS FEHL MARTIN .,..............,.,............ Pikesville 8, Md Greenspring Avenue, Box 400 MARGARET E. MASON .......,...,...........,.. Falls Church, Va IOOI I-lillwood Avenue FRANK LEO MCLAUGHLIN ....,.....,....... Valley Sfream, N. Y. 26 Cedar Lawn Boulevard AUDREY W. MCMAHON ..4..........,.....,...,, Mefuchen, N. J 266 Middlesex Avenue ELIZABETH MEYER ..............,................ Hackensack, N. J 400 Maple Hill Drive Second Row: RONALD MILO .................,....,....... . ..... Sleellon, Pa 308 Mohn Slreel A. LOUISE MOYER ............,.,...,...,.... ..... A nnville, Pa 34 W. High Sfreef CHARLES DANIEL MOYER .......... ,. ,,.. .. ..,. Harrisburg, Pa 2734 Reel Slreel' THOMAS ones, IV ,,......,.......,,.....,... .,,, c oafesvirle, Pa 40 S, I3fl1 Avenue MARTIN PAUL PALICKA, JR. ........ . ........ , .... Darragh, Pa. P. O. Box IIO JONATHAN BOSWORTH PECK .,..,................,,.. Wayne, Pa 3II Conestoga Road GERALD D. PETERS ................................ Geflysburq, Pa '55 S, Howard Avenue Third Row: CHARLES MICHAEL PIPER .........,......... .... H arrisburg, Pa 241 N. ISII1 Slreef DONNA LYNN RAMM .......,..,.......... . .... Waynesboro, Pa Roule 4 FREDERICA M. REED ...........,,............ ..... S wansea, Mass 38I Cedar Lane JOHN NATHAN RIGHTMYER ....................... Hamburg, Pa 607 Soulh 4ll1 Slreel' BARBARA LEWIS RITZ ....,.......,.... Hasfinqs-On-Hudson, N. Y 62 Circle Drive JERRY KENNETH ROBBINS ........................ Ballimore 6, Md 4502 Parkmenl' Avenue SARA JANE ROWE .............................. Mechanicsburg, Pa 508 W. Main Street Four'I'l'1 Row: KAY McKNI6HT SALEK ..,.....,.............. FI. Lauderdale, Fla I7I5 E. Las Olas CARL F. C. SCHLEUNES, JR. ...............,........ Balfimore, Md 4608 Wallher Boulevard ODETTE SCHWAGER .............,.....,......., Philadelphia 34, Pa IBI7 Easf Tioga Sfreel JEANETTE ANNE SCOTT .......................... Burlinglon, N. J 727 Wood Sfreel CHARLES FRANK SEIDEL, JR. .................,., Williamsporf, Pa 4ll Lundy Drive WILLIAM W, SHAFFER .....,..,,.....,............ Williamsport, Pa 42I Woodland Avenue WINIFRED KAY SHEARER ...,......,,......... .... C amp Hill, Pa 220 S. I7lh Slreel l 71 Firsf Row: SHIRLEY A. SHIMP ...,...... ......... ...... . ....... E I mer, N. J. ROBERT E. SICKEL .................,....,...,....., Woodbury, N, J. 335 Cooper Sireef ROBERT R. SIECK ........................,..,..... Balfimore IB, Md 94I Argonne Drive JAY SIXEAS ..........,..................,.... ...., G ehysburg, Pa 34I York Sfreef PHOEBE ANN SPACHT .........,.........,............... Lififz, Pa. SouII1 Broad Sfreef RONALD L, STAUDE ................ ........... B inghampfon, N. Y. 70 La1I1rop Avenue MARIE RUTH STAUFFER .............,....... ..... M yersfown, Pa 38 Wes? Main Avenue Second Row: MARJORIE DAY STEELE ........................... Scarsdale, N. Y Thornycrofr Aparfrnenfs JOHN MATHER STENTZ ..,............. . ............ Camp Hill, Pa I50I Chafham Road DAVID PHILLIPS STITELER .,..,,.................. Bloomsburg, Pa I37 W. Sfh Sfreef JANE ELIZABETH STRANG .,...........,....... New Rochelle, N. Y 230 Pelham Road RUTH MARIE STROMBERG ................. .... O ceanporf, N. J 8 Arcana Sfreei MARY ANN SULZER ..,...............,............ Waynesboro, Pa SI? Clayfon Avenue KATHLEEN SWAIM ........................... .... D Illsburg, Pa Third Row: SEWARD T. SWEET ......,........,.,....... ....,. N ew York, N, Y 6063 Broadway PATTI ANN TOPPEL ,................,.,..,.., .... T eaneck, N. J I59 Griggs Avenue ARTHUR RICHARD TRAIN . .,..,......,.... .... B rcoklyn, N. Y ISO Crown Sfreef CAROL ANN TRAYNOR .,................,....,.,, Ruiherford, N. J 4I E, Pierreponl Avenue BETTY LOU TYSON ............... ,, ...... ,...., R oselle Park, N. J ISI Camden Sheer PAUL L, UTZ .......................... , ...... ........ P Iffsburgh 2, Pa. 9 . I A - f- 4 S Fremonr venue, B-IIevue ARLENE ANNE VAN ARTSDALEN .,......,........ Southampton, Pa Fourfh Row: RONALD VAN BLARGEN .,............,....., ..... P hilipsburg, Pa 525 Pine Sheer PAUL VERDONE .....,.....,.,.,.,..,.,....... ,... B aliimore, Md, 4lOB Soufhern Avenue ELAINE VOLTZ .,,...,.,,..,...,.,.. ,.......,. ...,. B a Idwin, N. Y. 8 Croydon Drive WILLIAM TERRY WAGNER ................. ..... W aynesboro, Pa. RouIe 4 HAMILTON CAWGHEY WALKER, III .............. Lifilesfown, Pa. 4I Lombard Sfreef ROBERT L. WEBB ........,,........,....,.....,,......, Narberfh, Pa. -'IOI Dudley Avenue MARY CATHERINE WEHLE .,..,....,..,.,....., Sf. Pefersburg, Fla. 72 Firsf Row: CYNTHIA FERN WERTZ .,.....,......,.... SAMUEL HEWITT YOUNG ...................... . I24 E, Irvin Avenue ...,Indnana, Pa. 553 S. bfh Sireei Second Row: SHIRLEY LOUISE WHITE .......,,......,...... ...,. L ancasier, Pa. .Hagers1own, Md 435 Pcfshinq Avenue ELIZABETH ZWICKER ....... , A.4............ ..... K ingsfon, Mass III Summer Sfreef eeonee ARTHUR wu.uAMs ...,,............ , ...,. York, Ra. IIB Neaier Streei JOHN ZEIGLER ........................,....... FRANK PETER WOLYNIEC, JR. ...,..,.......... . uwilliamsporfl Pa. 156 Coeyman Avenue I350 Faxon Parkway SUZANNE ELLEN ZIEGLER ............... RICHARD SRRINGER wuRs1 ......,.,......,..... Philadelphia, Pa, 48 SOM Shee, 424 Wadsworfh Sireef cARoLYN JANET Yoosn 4....,.............. ...., P Hman, N. J. ELEANOR EUZABETH ZOERBEL 4-----f---- ---- l53 Cralfon Avenue II Banfa Avenue ....NufIey, N, J .GeHysburg, Pa ..GarfieId, N. J 'Burgians plow Through January snow driffs on iheir Dr. Langsam awards diplomas fo mid-year QFBAUBYIDQ way fo class. CIBSS- 73 .QSf9f'H' FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES LefT To righT: Arlene Shelly, Lynn Huzzard, Joan Burwell, Treasurer: Ruth Davis, vice-presidenh Barbara Franke, presidenh PaT Heckman, secrefaryg Nancy Diemer, Jo Reese. Two members Trom each sororiTy, one alumni adviser from each group, and Dean of Women, MarTha STorelc, comprise The Council which meeTs once a monTh To discuss and guide sororiTies and To promoTe close cooperaTion beTween Them. Pan-Hell Workshop, consisTing oT Tour groups oT mixed aTTiliaTion, inTroduce problems and sug- gesT improv.emenTs oT sororiTy acTiviTies. A voTe is Taken on each quesTion: The resulTs are con- sidered laTer by The council. Incoming freshmen receive a Pan-I-lell booklet "AbouT SororiTies," which Tamiliarizes Them wiTh sororiTy life and rushing rules. ln order To answer oTher quesTions, discussion groups headed by council members meeT during rush week. Pan- l'l.ellenic Weekend occurs in March, The main TeaTure being The presenTeTion of original slciTs, followed by group singing. Also a luncheon is held aT which Time new oTTicers Tor The coming year are insTalled. PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL INTER-FRATER The Council is composed of one represenialive 'lrorn each fralernily, wilh Dean of Men, Roloerl Fryling, as adviser. If meels Twice monlhly io dis- cuss and acl' on mailers requiring infer-fralerniiy cooperalion. ln The fall, lhe council sponsors The annual IFC Ball. March marks anolher funcfion when all fra- +erni'I'ies join in skir and song compelirion. In ad- dilion fo organizing and regulafing rushing, fhe Left to riqhl: Joe Kuru, prcsidenfg Roger Bray, secrekaryg Ron Aiexanderg Bill Lehr, vi treasurer: Henry Bargrnanng Ron Guiseg Ron McClearyg Bill Steinbachg Ain Browng Ron NITY COUNCIL IFC fosters a "Help Weelc" when fhe frafernily pledges combine efforls in conslrruclive worlc 'lor campus or communiry. This year Jrhe Geilysburg Inier-Fralernily Coun- cil was rafed besr among one hundred of The na- lion's small colleges. The award was delermined by criiical siudy ol a brochure confaining pic- Jrures, newspaper clippings, and ofher dale on fhe group's acliviiies during 'rhe pasi year. ce-presidenig Bill Dickinson, Yuzuki Buck Beaverg Adviser Robert Fryling. Absentee: Ed Ferren. - -get -nm.,-5 4. 5- I sz' ' .51 - ,Av-i lQ'il' if ' '14 Q 4 i 1 , .L s 1 F1252 rig r . ii, ' , i ill 'I ' -1-L' :fa . l . n'??L"'3Yg -:aw 1-i. cv . .- , 9, ,-3. 4 .wr - fr- Q lf 'I -A .A -J ,M Chi O room Tau Della chapler. . . charier issued January 9, I937 . . .formerly Gamma Phi local.. . nalionally founded al Universily of Arkansas, Fayelleville, Arkansas, in l895 . . . live founders . . . purpose: lo promole higher educalion lor women and lo emphasize high scholaslic slanding . . . I I5 chaplers . . . largesl sororily in America . . . nalional proiecl: Nalional Achievemenl Award presenled annually lo a woman of emineni allainmenl. . . social science prize. . . flower: while carnalion ...colorsz cardinal and slraw, Local proiecl: social service work wilh lhe orphanage . . . Chrislmas parly wilh Phi Gamma Della for underprivileged children . . . room improvemenls: al- mospheric pressure clock . . . silver service . . . pledge proiecls: compiling hislory ol former Gamma Phi local sororily . . . leller lo parenls . . . second in scholarship . . . pledge dance . . . skaling parly wilh SAE's . . . Elusinian banquel . . . banquels lor parenls on Falhers' and Molhers' weekends . . . parly for alums . . . Hmolher-daughleru dinner, Firs? Row: Grace Mumma, pledge mislressg Jackie Harvey, presidenfg Gail Irvin, corresponding secrelaryg Barbara Hall, rush chairman. Second Row: Claudelle Kopriver, personnel h' ge Hbld,l giqsai, d' , , C alrmansecrggfy: Sgusisay Lgzagxrvgczgfeilldenfrecol mg Chi O's hold informal "molher-claugh+er" banquel 78 TAU DELT A CHAPTER -2 , i . i r re B ,J J rr rrr - J ,Srl 'fr --:' 'fi ' H ,I 9 L N 1-: " ig ""' ' A M N' W ii ' if f N Q' lffg' ' M B 1 PN Y Q 6: xg J: " i 3531 ,. I N , I 3 .:-. I . . . A l , Q , if l j l , W v- ' , 1 .f E-gi 3-7 qpcHiB5l3ul'B , i 'V S i i ., '2',:, S rlcirffff Y, Y 1 . fi-, A-:-:..-.:-:EE:-:l AAAA 1 :jEiE,, ? '-:- I E is .N .. E::7 - , - ! l X l X .1954 J i - , i ,Q "fl .2l"-F-.LL ,, . , , -, S ,bin 3 , i ' 1 - L r '. j , A E 7 E , VA,,: 'lf 'U 3 L 2 uf. , 'V :.-.: l 'A B. iii. E v in 'N , I. , ,:.: Q' -, - N .:: 1 . , .H i . N! Nz V ::' ,Hifi ' xi I M ' V 5 5' - S MEMBERS Firs+ Row: Virqinia Feeser. Ann Marlin, Jane Evans. Grace Haabeslad, Jacquelyn Harvey, Courienay Lenhard, Lois Sandi, Arlene Mey, Nancy Hansmann, Grace Mumma, Second Row: Joan Burwell, Joyce H. Morgen- ihaler. Lynn Lehman, Barbara Hall, Bobbie Maurer, Marian Lane, Jane+ Crowl, Joan Beck. Third Row: Par Brennan. Claudelle Kopriver. Lynn Huzzard, Louise Caialano, Nancy Krall, Pal Cross, Kalhy Naus, Janel Malihews. Fourlh Row: Barbara Binns, Louise Armslrong, Gail lrvin, Mildred Herrmann, Thelma Ernsi, Shirley While, Lee Hibberd, Elizaberh Zwiclcer, Winiired Shearer, Barbara Crouse. FiF+h Row: Sue Ziegler, Anne Forlenbaugh, Louise Moyer, Judy Dunlop, Be-Hy Schwabenland, Susan Lighler, Phoebe Spachi, Marjorie Sieele, Shirley Cashman. 79 4131! xx 121. 'E' ' Q N-. Y . V g i ' . I . DG room. Befa Lambda chapfer . . . charfer issued in 1939 . . . nafionally founded af Lewis School, Oxford, Mississippi, in I873 . . . fhree founders . . . purpose: 'ro fosfer sfrong fies of friendship and loyalfy wifh high sfandards of personal conducf and scholar- ship. . . 79 acfive chapfers . . . nafional proiecf: Sighf Conservafion and Aid 'ro 'rhe Blind . . . nafional publicafionz The ANCHORA . . . flower: cream colored rose... colors: bronze, pinlc, and blue. Local proiecfs: financial supporf of nafional proiecf fhrough sale of Avon cos- mefics and annual fashion show. . . room improvemenfs: fwo new sofas . . . new frophy case presenfed by lvlofhers' Club . . . hoagy parfy for fhe pledges. . . parfy by pledges for fhe sisfers . . . Province ll scholarship cup. . .firsf place in hoclcey and swimming inframurals.. .second place in volleyball inframural . . .social func- fions: "comic book characfersu pledge dance... Founders' Day banquef... Chrisfmas parfy for local orphans. . .engaged girls parfy . . .formal dance for seniors. Ffrsf Row: Barbara Wagner, recording secreiaryg Mari Worfh, freasurerg Barbara Franke, presidenfg Marion Sfroehmann, pledge misfress. Second Row: Barbara Siadler, social chair many Cindy Frolen, assisfanf rush chairmang Janie Rogers, corresponding secrefary. ' Hoagies were enjoyed by all af fhe parfy for fhe pledges. ' 80 BET LAMBDA CHAP Q A-1 5.-more 1.4. Ld IN. mv .us .4-J ,KU 3 1 Tllclllu Gbauunu 'Q fAil f"'s W' hi FH Qpeflfgshuv 1954 'dv L-4. 'Q lv- I G F MEM Frrsi Row Marlon Srroelwmann, Joan Taylor, Tullue Ensennarl, Marjorie Worlh, Barbara Franlce, Jane Drennen, Barbara Wagner, Carolyn l-lull. Audrey Rawlungs, lrene l'lalls're1n Second Row: Faye Luclcenbvll, Lynn Rumbauqlw, Susan G Lose, Dee Elwood, Nancy Dlemer, Vrr gunna l-lausmann, Nancy Harfer, Helen Rawlings BERS Ella Rae Black, Joanne Kolwr Fourfh Row. Barbara Sladler, Jean Beck, Kulfy Balcer, Rufln Plomgren, Sue Sclwmrlrr, Mary Ann Shearer, Bonnie MacG1beny, Sylvia Fensrer maclwer, Carolyn Snyder, Sylvia Fllclcnnger Fnfih Row: Sue l-lays, Joan Sfeun, Barbara Lee, Nell Henning, Carol Wullrs, Judy Lehn, Mary -. J BH r Q rr p r rr a r ' L' .A M , 5 L?" 2 ' - .. " 1 4 Q 1 .1-. ' PM ' 'EZQQQ N , .T y 3 .., gg , is Pg L' l , Z-ff ":: 52 , If ' ,, ":' ' 5, " b f ' fl ' - "IL f - ' - ' " . L ' , . F .rijii Ziff- 4. I ' E ' FEHE' ' , A . 3 s. , if QW ' V,,. I Lfigjr 25? fig S 5 L- X A, , W, r "r,,, , :-: ' f .- . - ' A 'i 2:".-' 1 ':-: "':' f 4, 2,- .'-'1 - :fill B A , I . 4. ,X . 14 sl :il-A fam IF fe' w-ew, afwa ix Maman. 3 era rrer lffr IM1 lw,aw,w5fawwama rrr V' r.,'ra 'U l aaa up 2'fa wakes Ar, A , . -,dxf ,,.:3,,.- .., ,P ., - W, W , -1 KW V I v .4 J xffvylljeigl . ' -T, ' Il U- m ' r ll ' 'E-' '2 1 Til 2 l if J B, 1, 2 Q -fi.: V J -J I , niiif x N l - r , , l . '. 4 . H if F H af an If ' ' 1 .. 's. ' ' S 4 an J , - Q f , ,.. A 5, ' 3, ' ' . ' ' 5 A D A .x g ' W: H 4 L A I- A- ' .iii ' - :" , I ' IF J r r "" , 'ij ,.- 3 r 5, H ,S--V Y - V .V ,. ' : M -A s .l 4 I 'sf 'X 'N ,fi 'f'f-I 'xgi Q H J., ' ' 'V " : i 1 -- -1 , - 1 ' ' r b "L -' ' lr "': 5 r - of sl 4r,f 5ra Third Row: Jane Rogers, Sally Harler, Cynrlaia Frolen, Janice Gibson, Anna Lalslraa, Jan Sachs, 81 Carlson, Dorollwy Kulwlman, Marlon Grove, Nancy I-lunisberger. Q .,A. s M . Q , 9'9"-f I 1 3 xx , N +3 .33 1,- is Phi Mu room. Bela Pi chapler . . . charler issued in I945 . . . formerly Phi Phi Phi local sororiiy . . . nalionally founded al Wesleyan College. Macon, Georgia, in i852 . . . lhree founders . . . over 80 chapiers . . . nalional publicalionz AGLAIA . .. proiecls: loy carls in children's hospilal wards . , . l-leallhmobile eslablished in i922 in Georgia service proiecls financed 'rhrough 'rhe Philanlhropic Fund . . . Alpha Me- morial Fund To enable Phi Mu's lo complelre college worlc . . .ilower: enchanlress carnalion . . . colors: rose and while. Room irnprovemenls: new drapes.. . silver and dishes from Moihers' Club .. . pledge proieclz wooden map ol United Slales, depicling localion of Phi Mu chap- lers , , . Nalional Fralernily Educaiion Award . . . dislricl besl' all-around chapler award . . . firsl place in volleyball inlramural . . . second place in swimming and hoclcey . . . social lunclions: "Win'rer Wonderland" pledge dance . . . carnival parly by pledges 'lor sislers . . . spaghelii dinner. . . senior brealelasl . . . picnic. Firsf Row: Nancy Penniman, pledge rnisfressg Marge Fickel, - in - presidenfg Edie Muller, vice-president Second Row: Bobbie ...flow do You llkf my,n?w han Pledges Presenli sl Morehead, treasurer: Frieda Vierling, recording secretary. Wlfl'I I'8Pl'959f1fBl'IV9 mIllln9fY CT96l'l0l'1S if pledge 82 BETA PICHAPTER N 1 if L it X' lx t iarri . 3!fN,'a, e, '0, p , anti di, - ri life? Q 5 gf i V -gg J .i Al i' f , V i . i . 7 fs gf "2 X X 'wx X ! Ek s, , C avafvcs :vu ,aaufwmnv FAT Jiaum-Q: A MA. .rfirrg 5 amuse .S A any a 5 W 1 hi mu 4:1 L iii ja cflrgshuvyg 3 4 P SHO!! rf J 140-IVA! J SIIIAIIWK ' fi: Ira? es?. Q Y Q: i Fad e 5 24, 1.351 Er rf .Q , E X 1 ' f,i Za HZ Qi s V a ff 5 BKPA'-IAIJCIIV A, C. 5' YVDIV C 0 ZLIQA-uZ'?7' all 5EL8.E!7' D. E' lK'b'i'l45tf WI. C A5457 25-5 ", '. "V, ' smpiilfv L lr- ' ,, , , I , ,iivha ku J . 1 ,'k f V x.4i' - """, . " li.L-es: 1 - A - -M 'fu i r f-14 i 1 . f A , urwww Jcmmmmr Msnuf M4255 Wvuwwwigfmwmlfufmmw Clwdwm Firsi' Row: Belly May Johnson, Carol Jones, Nancy Penniman, Frieda Vierling, Marjorie Fickel, Edillw Muller, Shirley Deane, Barbara Morehead, Baberle Baclweller, Marjorie Brandi. Second Row: Louise Walsh, Rulh Davis, Lois T. Wiglon, Joanne Osdal, Rulln McComas, Mary Kauffman. Third Row: Pal Crane, Arlene Slwolly, Jo Haijar. Joan Slwimlcus, Nancy Long, Marilyn Kreider. Margol Kraulmaclwer, Allene Brown. Fourfh Row: Barbara Vorens, Grelchen Parkinson, Audrey Suilon, Dawn Zulcswerl, Jerrian Gelberf, Dol I-leyman, Mary Leary, Marie Srauffer, Judy l-linion, Karlwy Swaim. Fifflw Row: Lou Ann Delaney, Jane Slrang, Helen l-ioman, Jane Bannister, Marilyn Kerr, Mary Ann Sulzer, Nancy Lindner, Barbara Alling, Joan Freclw, Carol Traynor. i J -,,dl.o'1l'u1 la'o-, 'K or , -f,:f,- - -Wifi ,gf y ' Alpha Xi room. Bela Chi chapler . . . charler issued in I9-48 . . . nalionally founded al Lombard College, Galesburg, lllinois, in l893 . . . len founders . . . purpose: lo seelc lo culli- vale a irue spiril oi friendship among ils members lhal encourages, aids, and pro- lecls iis members by all honorable means during lile, and lhar mainiains in all acls lhe highesl sense of honor and duly . . . 66 chaplers .. . nalional proiecls: war or- phan . . .underprivileged in Brown Counly, Indiana . . . publicalionsz THE ALPHA Xl DELTA.. .QUILL POINTS. Hilowerzpinlc Kilarney rose . . . colors: double blue and gold . . . pin: The quill... Founders' Day: April I7. Local proiecl: Chrislmas parly for local children wilh Telces . . . room improve- menls during lhe year: new rug and lamps presenled by 'rhe alumnae associalion ...nalional dislinclions: 'rhird ranking chapler in nalional magazine sales . . . social lunclions: "S'rairway lo lhe S+ars" pledge dance.. . "l-l.ivl.S. Bela Chi" parly for The pledges... pledge banquei . . . inilialion banquel. Firsf Row: LaVerne Warlluff, recording secrefaryg Phyllis Ber- ger, president, Merry Rhys, vice-president, Sally Wehn, lreas- .. . . urer, Second Row: Diane Kennedy, rush chairman, Mary Agnes Alpha X' S spend lhe day al me College cabm Wh The Jones, corresponding secrelary. Pledges- 84 BETA CH I C HAPTER ' ' H 1 1 f,- f I fe J 1, as , 'i 1' J 'Ba A J 'J ae' 'vw -, ..., M Q 419' J F -ie-or T? - 'S I ' 7 I L" V. ' 'fi E 'lisa i V' ' 1. X , 'B 'y r 'ma I In a "i' l" ""l 7 ""' " " U -5-. .,.,.,2.,.,.: i ,,,,. ,,.. ,. ..,, , :. H , . 7 - AK Alpha . genes 1? :'1 ' 1 V , an we J as 2 Xldelrflf f v ' ' - """ . , 'S , S Aff ---: , .:': l 'f J S 5- ' I i rrrr ' rrr an J . V . ,, S -:':Q- , J . ' f-riv er -V -' ir emi c.Tf2fW? H :3 "- :-' '-:-':' 1 2-- i gg: ..:- , " '-" -2'-- 2 rfax , ':': 1': 1 ' ,c - ,,- fe- 1' - - ' -11AA,A iff .. ,g , ., ,:. J , . . . A ik gcigygbufy I B 'Q" -+ W' e V I - IA' :-A S J ' Golleyc . f '..': , J, 19 54. r I Ili ' . 'LL y i a in 1 + av V Q. , - M., - J J A l -4, . 1- S .Ji V ,ww Pl X x ,uv V :fig . 1 ka I Q 1, V, I 5- i is , X. 6-2' '. V J N A ' 1- ' ZW il, ' ' A J Q - f ,, Y ,. V .. X MEMBERS Firsf Row: Judy Yingling, Par Heclcman, l.aVerne Warflufi, Merry Rhys, Phyllis Berger, Sally Wehn, Barbara E. Bowlby, Nancy Schunier. Second Row: Jo Ann Yingling, Shirley Hawk, Mary Agnes Jones, Anna Neal. Barbara Black, Janel Sfeller, Alice Davis, Nancy Luckeli. Third Row: Jo Reese, Barbara Berqer Mary Jane Slaclcowslci, Belly Freas, Diane Kennecly, Jane 85 McFadden, Jane Naylor, Shirley Picking, Fourih Row: Madeline Albright Jean Eckerl, Donna Whiisel, Nancy Teeler, Barrie Hoffman, Peggy Mason, Sally Cole, Jean Wolfe, Jeanne ScoH. Fiffh Row: Sally Jordan, Jeaneffe Zulick, Be+'ry Lou Tyson, Nancy Alexander, Lois Winneberger, Arlene VanAr'rsdalen, Pai Toppel, Carolyn Yoder, Dale Luiz, College campus. Pennsylvania Epsilon clwapler . , . clwarler issued December 26, I855 . , . firsr fra- Jrernily on Gerrysburg campus... Miller l-lall, flue rneeling house used by person- nel, is llwe oldesi' fralerniry lriouse in use in 'rlwe Uniled Siales . . . naiionally founded ai Jefferson College, Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania in i852 . . . 'rwo founders. . . pur- pose: 'ro aid ill friends and To slress 'flue need for brollierlwood . . .58 clwaprers. .. publicalion: THE SHIELD . . . everyone wears ilwe same slylo pin, no ieweled pins .. . colors: cardinal red and lwunler green. House improvemenls: painling of house, inside and oul . . . cellar improvemenls . ..cl1ap'rer progress: improved slanding on campus. .. special acliviliesz open house . . . pledge lea for officers of oilwer living groups.. . campus awards: i953 iniramural looiball, baslcelball, swimming, sofiball awards and llne all-sporls 'rroplwy . .. l954 volleyball iroplwy.. .social lunclions: Falliers' Day banquel .. . Horne- coming banquer for alumni. . . pledge dance. . . Founders' Day banquer. Firs? Row: Bob Effer, vice-presidenfg Bill Miles, recording . .. . . . . secrefary, Second Row: Rodney Fisher, treasurer: Ed Williams The Ph' Ps' 5 mu busmess and Pleasure In workmg O presidenfg Ron Pease, corresponding secrefary. ' Cl1l'iS'l'fT1B5 d6C0l'6'ii0f1S- 86 PENNSYLVANIA EPSILON CHAPTER "-2' I 9 Ulu Ilmppw 11 -sl A OLH sbuvs In IK! W' -sw, I lt ld l gl 3 Mero' Q .. A I tllllr gl? 15 1 I Ilrlk lellildnl IW 4 lllfllrll ,lr In If MEMBERS Flrsl' Row Edward Fnsher Pele Henning John Marhn Doc Grllns Chuck Fruedrnch Edward Penry Ron lvlcCleary Earl Wlnand Tom Lunn Larry Bulller Jerry Taddulcen George Thompson Bull Hafner Second Row Edward Kerlz Edward Cooley Al Eysfer Don Flreoved Rocky Fisher Ron Pease Harry Wllllams Roberl Eller Blll Mules Jerry Seidman Don Woodxnglon Oalcue Schallclc Fred Loclcemeyer Third Row Jack Palmer Jack Llplcun Sandy Lanfz Brll Alexander, Len Jewson, Joe Ade, Joe Foullc, 87 Barry Afhg Dlclc Hammell Roloerl Endrlss Fourih Row Rober+ Gnlchrusl Al Teh Wall Mn' lon Frank Gagllardl Fred Fuhrmelsler Roberl Ensenharl Dlclc Chellon Dave Cornish Bll Schwarz Ernle Reeder Jlmmle Delgadlllo Joe Ivory Wayne Ewing FlHh Row George Vanlslendal Howard Lewis Douglas Craver Vlncenl Scola Dave Llchlenleld Dave Fefrow Fred Welser Dave Wallon John Schlelcher Wally KUlIQOWSlCI Charlie Johnson Lee Koppelman, Gordle Rolls F , F, ' V F V ' WY F V 1:-fr-f' ref ' iff " 'ef'2':f' -,ww A '- l 5 9" ll- 1 1 3' ff l ,- ' 1171 ' .1 . llif- s l' 1 -' mel ' xl 1' I S . 1 A I "' 'P ,.. ,izi 'Q 5,1 " , ' .. ,liz 1 l ' . - ' 1 ,-I " 1:-' .- . ' : 5' - 11, '- , 1 1 L , .1 - 1 .Q 1 'I I A. I I W l L 1 1 -.Hr 1 1 -3- 111 vtffm V ., It Mfrrm ln 1: an. .fa-1 Ig -Lfznvffw r' . 1: fn' iin-iivf,-.-:qirgf ijlfnlyfl Iliff i ig,3j5Yf.fnuj lan mfzffrfr,-1 ,fnifrm-:Aran rvrfumzg 1'1 l , 1 . , -'-:' 1' - 2 jf V 'fi' ' - ff f, ,iff 1 , 1 - -,YW ' g l 1' H- ' I y-' 1l 1 ' ' A - 1 ' -ll-5. 1 ,, . , ' . -we 1' E lf P- - I 4, I . .A 211 , .. psf K 34 ::. ' fl . ,. ' le '1 ' 1' 'Ia A' W J 1 .0 fa 9 5 g X :ba 5. A .. sy A, A ,F ,S 5 . t i 7 ' , 124- l f ' X" W , 1 ,A 1 j1 ' A - ' 4 5' ' I' lm Q "1 ' 5 ' 1 ' I ' 1 lt 1 v-' . 1 1 1 ' ' ' X' Y. K , lr ' " ""- I 5 1 ::, .2 I , 52", .az v , - 1 - 1 - I 1 l 1 I if l i l ' , R l 1 5 vi Q 5 can. n 1' ' 4 r new I .Q I.. .-1:5 ajga ." Maven: 1' llv 1 firm.-: J-15 s.,v, .f Mffrgz .vf1! 1.1 M ,snow-:M 's c 1.'.w5fEffjAl9Lsc,w1L1:x ri' ur-nr 4' ., 1 ' - ' - -' '-- "'f 1 I A fir? f r- . . ':1 , 1. :K ,Sz Q -- If-5 12 tx 1 11 - - 1 f -f - H - l ,QI ,I , Lf, 552 wa , if 4 1 '19 ' ' 1- "" ! 1 1 -1- , - ' 1' .3 . "."? ig: 1 ,. - ' - 1 l ' . 4 mg L? ,- l " ' l ' X l -f 5 ' af? . - l , , 1 1 . b 1 1 'lf 1 .B 1 Q E , J I , 1, A un W ., I-.lg-LA' iluwgt ffyqqyf-golf Lelfwsav lf fl V Y YY - df 1-.1 5 ,ww f Y iL1f 5- ,N-Fw. Af a a .vrrac - ,env new-wssrr AA Evans: F -' ' - -F ig 'F - F -f ' 491 5.5.4 1':':'-f- X 41.1 1.1.1-' ' 'iiili 3 . 1 al 53 4 F 1 : ' ' 1' tm y . M l i ll - - W VA. X 1 1 : S f I, In I E in-TFIZHN , :.:- , , , f ' I f Z, 1 f - 5 1 L , ll , I1 1 ... - . 1 1, y . .s I lg'-u. A f s., 1- ,Q ' ' , In - .' , - 1 ' , 1 - ' -I ' - ' 1 I 1 ' - ' -, .: ,r , , . 'V , v 1 f L A W I az.. - N V ,1,, V ,J q If Li . .1 1 , ' 1 xx .U - - Q - V ,V 'X 1 K - ' I - 1 I ' I A 1 ' I I , ,1 1 1 , , 1 , H. If 'hr ,QL ,J .iyiik :Q-it f':'5f lg L' F!4f' 'I I 5:1 .GZN-Wi! ftAf f!J.L:'f iid ,QML 14115 r Y ff E:-u E l-Diff A l D A ,l?:4:TS5Af' l J I JD l I C ffVk14Q 11419975111 "gi: 'I - - , , ' ' .a-. ' A ' ' 11,1 5214 SQWW ' ' ,15-:1z1:l:1: 1 " -self " 'H l r ' - , -1 K 4 'WV l If ' W W : " ' S A SIE 5 l 3, -5 H 1-1-2 l 1 'W 1, .-1 a- 3.11 e M -4 1 I, Q 'I 1 " '37 'S' - --" 2 12", lxq , Q X: Q , - A I 1' -is -1 :Q ,V j K l ' ' ' ' l 'W' "W ' , ' - f , ' 1 '1 . l ' I -' X -' I ' X Q , 1 ' 1 y xv i 1, , -., - .1 ,- :J W .v fc ,-wmv f f:4zu,v,gf lg, .pm-1 ,J .- f .A-,fr.r4w-:ff ' N1 fwn new J A nu-,f,f pf l W 0 l 5 rp H4-free QJ ae-.csmnfzna 4 .1 nr ,zvpfv - W ,o :wave . ' 7 A . I' ' ' ' 'F W ' A ' 'E . '- , l f ' LFE ' ' 'W'f1'g.55 ' ' Q f 'f, A 1.. l - 1 ' K .N I , W W 1 N 1, Z W 4 .4 A - 3 ,V Q ,I af A ,. K g , ' ff S -3- 14 , -I I ra -as - . - 1 -' 1+ ' - , 11-11 - '--- Qs. 1 V A Y. , 4 X, LV Y , 1 , y I, 1 X I ' , X I .5 - 1 1, V . l 1 l l I -.Lvl annul -I .1 11 Q1-a if 1 ,:- 1 in vig- A yrigia-1.4 - fi1,v:ffrQmf1pA ,o .4-fa rrcw- l Vfisrygfsqv 1 .2 arvlufji .,1f,5fw.':frf.zr L-u'.4' :jf .fam-xsrafv fz M.ezfgxf4Mm'l wflvus ' I I I I ' 1 1 1 , . . . : 1 , , - . .. . . I I I I I I - 1 1 1 I , I 1 1 1 U I I ' . . , . . 1 1 1 I I I ' ' l ' . . . . . , , I I I F A I I ' I - 1 1 1 ' I I I I I College campus. Xi chapler . . . charler issued in ISS8 . . . nalional founding al Old Jeflerson Col- lege, now Washinglon and Jeflerson, Washinglon, Pennsylvania, in l848 .. .six founders . . . purpose: lo fosler high ideals and brolherhood, slrenglhened by com- mon inleresl. . .over IOO graduale chapiers . . . Bl undergraduale chaplers . .. large club house in New York Cily, open lo all wearing lhe badge. . . flower: purple clemalis . . . color: royal purple. Local proiecl: compiling a hisiory ol lhe lralernily for cenrennial celebralion in l958 . . . Chrislmas parly wilh lhe Chi Omegas for lown children.. .house im- provemenlsz modernizalion of lcilchen wilh an eleclric dishwasher, new relrigeralor, fables and racks. a ian and a new coal of painl . . .pledge proiecl: volunleering services al lhe local hospiral ...campus awards: second place in Chrislmas decora- lions and homecoming floal parade . . . social funclions: lea dance.. .pledge dance wilh lradilional garler ceremony. . . Norris Pig Dinner wilh alumni. Firsf Row: Bill Forbes, presidenlg Mrs, Lillian Sliles, house- mofherg Jack Robinson, vice-president and treasurer. Second Row: Charles McEIfresh, hisforiang Joe Coleman, recording , , Secrefa,-y: Ga,-y G,-em' ggrrggponding genera.-y, Phi Grams snalch a 'Few hours of leisure al' ihe house I1-..- 88 l CHAP 1f""s- i 'x ra-r I fragr- fc-4 Y WEE In 'S il lllhl Q,7Cllllllll'l Dull I9 4 if-4 WW, f--D V 6011090 5 -r .eww l ' A 'hiigfnx -'ml lm ui' 2 32 K lu. an lla! 4. Ai. ll ,. an MEMBERS Flrsf Row Guy Mehl Howard Sheers Bryanr Heslon Jack Sheppard Bob Graell Charles lvlcEl'lresh George Pence Bob Sachs Joe Ulo ban Bull Sfelnbach Bob Creasy Second Row Tom Koslelac Wally Rohrbach Carl Beck Glenn Pannell Joe Coleman Bll Forbes Jack Robinson Gary Grelh George l-laase Doug Janes Tom Bracken Thlrcl Row Bob Sfarlc Curl Coull Wayne Smulh Ken McKean Jlm Schrlver Jlm Beuhl Paul McConnell, Jam Ake Fourfh Row. Tom McGra+h, John Phalson, Enos Young, Sreve Schulz, Herb Relmann, Fred Al leva Dale Moyer Ted Reymeyer John Schwarz Duck l-lockenbury Fxffh Row John Marlnovuch Fred l-lopklns Bob Webb Bob Sleck Mrs Shres Bob Deardorlf Torn Gals Dixon Lang John Cleaver Jack Bream Slxfh Row Charles Moyer Joe Paradlne Bob Deuhl Phil Frederrck Arr Freas Bob Ahrens Barry Jones Gene Lincoln Jon Peck Bruce Crafr Noi' Pucfured. Arr l-lendley, Frank Wolynnec, Don l-lellrlck A r D , 4, -Qi f ' l . I , ,Q ' Q . , J -.,, ii ' lf. l- ln-4, '51 ca Aylfg 4, qv F Y F, E: ,.g4 y F V ' D if ' l ' ' S5371 l- lf "" I '5 ' ' I ' K Z K sn r Y' my J- F i A -::- il' ',,,,'.l lla A X l ' 1 - , f Q ' Q 1 all-lcvw'-'-"' '4' "MB .. in ' W' 'H' hc' 'W' -ifijf' in F- f - . r l . ,Y :': 1-7-' ,vial 1 .rw z' :-: :-- 5553" . . V V . , L ,I . 4 1 . L 3 .:.r , I g gig 5? 1 - Q - F 4 ., fl ,, J 1- , it 4. fr B - I - on ' 4, ,. P: T4 ... ,' - Q' A - -4. -L A 'T , 1- . 1' '1' - F N :-: Q 1 1' H -fr-- ., Qs - r I ' K Bl ' X, V l 3- l l' ..v' '-' K K fx T l - I , V -2 , W -5 , t .,. ,Z 1' I1 I R , x , ! Q I a-A Q J In f 3 C 4 5 l 7 -'lewd' A V' 7 ' N W- C . . W A W ' iz ' 33 S ., ' -- W -f- . Q ,r.'- -f'.. I -": zz- - A -mi ,gf Q f ' n i' 3 5 'll"' l '- , . ' 9 .IL --V , ,. , -1 'zz' Z ' -322 ,:-:, rz, 2-- wg .- ",., ,. I 'v., , A - -W fl- ef? F .' I The U - .l,1 J' ' i , A' AA 2 J,-,,-I, ,-- .- All z i 1, ,fir -:- 1, rg ::: ,, r ' ' l 5 C 5 - l arrr -, ' - f r -Q ,. - 1 T S 5 "'F V ? I V' W - Ql f".'f. - ' vi: 565 ' 7,64 " .:.:, I '-" -'I' kr' 1'- A 'rrr 2 Irr - 2 .- - , -' , - " 9 ' .. Il' S- E "" .L .f:.' ,euv , ffl ll f 'fy ' -I ' , 5 lj - :-: f "" ' lfffgi 5 , Q 'jf ..Z:.f5f J .. A v :U re -1- i 1- Q 9- Q B I L' IT- - . Ir' :-: an ' -"'1 5- Q b . , ' F' V al- - 0 , :IH 13 I . , ,g Iz, , , 5 1 y n, " I V . -AL : I , QI!! X . rr I Q, 3 f ry 1-,. ' Q 1 l I B-. Q -' fl e N 1-fij ' E ' ,-:Yi- .V -..., l , A-' W - .,. ,, - 5 ' If .yc,T:, .cc,g.,. ,MTAW Q' C AQ l -I5 ll Q 5-I " F ' V l fvll ' - J ' - , - l l :'s J 5 U gy I. Q .X I!-, .N Ad 0 1 4 Q - - il 44 .:.: A in -- -4- B ' - 1 1: -- , Q - - A. r:-' - 5 ' - 5 . , 'I H -I gf? , , - . , A ', :A 4 ,, .. - Arif :HH ,,.A L X' J L F- ls, 1 - 2 - J Jcs- - - 1 ' If A I 4' J 'w l T i - - A lv- azz?-' TT? Mi?-V I'-'-'iff' - 7L"::l F V' ..,. fa- .:- ,-.. .,- F '- '---l.-l- ' '- - . ?-,I f -' -211 - :" 1 - :" li I - l 9 ll' F - - " zrz - -- 1 ,E-3' r '21 f- C ' - 1 5 ' - 4? X l l in Qi' 5 7 3' il - l y - fi' tml, ' ffm , .-.g lll. f ,..a A , , , g ,, ,-Q., , an , 4, y 4, 4 -if I ,I 151, fu ,Qu 1 Y l X I X M - sf W 5 X 4 , Iv- S ,,, in Q 1 Q K -,J .s L. I . . cc. ---Q Y . ,, .l . . ...- W... -,...,. Y. M ' -,,..4.v lw gccc, X ' ' ' I - . U . . . ' l . n G u - . I n ' I I . I I v . ' l F I I . . I . I I . ' ' . . f . 1 1 1 89 I Carlisle Slreef. Theia chapler . . . charier issued April 3, I863 . . . preseni chapier house pres- enled lo lhe iraiernily in l922 by John McPherson as a memorial lo his wife . .. nalionally founded al Miami Universily, Oxford, Ohio, in l855 . . . seven founders . . . purpose: 'ro supply The social and inielleclual wanls ol ils members, 'ro creaie characler, and lo develop personalily . .. l23 chaplers . . . only irafernily 'rhal as- sures iis alumni employmenl upon graduaiion . . . chapiers noled for friendliness. generosily and cooperalion . . . publicalion: THE MAGAZINE OF SIGMA Cl-ll .. . flower: while rose. ..symbol: Norman shield of blue bearing a while Sigma Chi cross . . . colors: blue and gold. Local proiecl: Chrislmas parly for underprivileged children . . . house improve- menis: currenily building an addilion lo The chapler house . . .campus awards: lhircl place in Chrislmas houseparly decoralions . . . social lunciions: pledge dance ...homecoming . . . Falhers' Day Weekend . . . Sweelheari Dance. io righf: Jack Larkin. hisloriang Mike Barber, president Sigma Chl Chow hounds mffke quick work of fhe Chef? Jim Lampe, vice-presidenfg Joe Kisslinger, freasurer. Specially. 90 THETA C HAPTER -ng f A ..- 'Q S-Sngma mr HM- I vw' ,f---.5 1.4- tfi I' ' i i 1 l, X Ceann QW' .W X l ,f S .- --i."'!l.lf.4m. .fam Q5-Jiflg' , 1 My C gQ'?f'f'9e 'a 75527 Glu we ew 5 l MEMB Firsi Row: Roberf Prais, David Kafz, Mike Bar- ber, William Lehr, Ed Warfhling, Richard Buchier. Second Row: Frank Leinhardl, James Davison, Don Adickes, Kurl Blunck, Willis Praii, James Lampe. Third Row: Jack Brennan, Dwighi Losee, Miles Mamula, John Whilehead, John Larkin, Lem Lowrie. Four+h Row: Rober+ Finnegan, Joe Kisslinger, Don Griesel, Peie Cooper, Jack Marnula, Danzel 91 ERS Loker, Don Kleinlelier. Noi' Picfured: Ron Jacobi, Jim Rooney. John Wilson, Richard Purdy, Anlhony Dipalma, Rob- er'r Casey. Clinion Shuffle, Ari Trainer, Don Phillips, Ganz Carfer, John Lamson, AI Hill, Charles Nash, Kenneih Bowman, Thomas Burd- zell, Paul Gallagher, Dave Sfieiler, Jon Hilde- brand, Ted LeCarpen+ier, Waller Anionell, Rich- ard Polily, Lernmel Lawson, Roberlr Briggs. John Oliver, Willis l-lolier, Norm Jeffries, Phelps Penninglon. E' eg Q. ralizgsi i IO9 Wesl Lincoln Avenue. Pennsylvania Bela chapier . . . charler issued May 5, i875 . . . nalionally founded al Miami Universiiy, Oxford, Ohio, in i848 . . .six founders . . . 'rhird largesf na- 1'ionalfralerni+ylor men... I I5 aciive chaplers. . . nafional publicalionsz SCROLL .. . PALLADIUM . . . KARUX . . . flower: while carnalion . . . symbol: l'he pallas . . . colors: blue and while . . . pin: lhe sword and shield. Local proiecls: pariicipalion in The infrarnural program . . . pariicipaiion ol pledges in Help Week. . . house improvemenls: new wallpaper and Iinoleum in 'rhe sludy rooms. . .naiional dislinclions and awards: second place for The Naiional Cleveland Trophy, awarded lor all-around excellence , . . rushing program: a "casino" parly wirh gambling games . . . play al Allenbury. . . slock car races . .. social lunclions: Falhers' Day weekend . . . Homecoming .. . hayride lo college cabin ...Hobo Hop pledge dance. . .Chrisfrnas parfy wiih The Delia Gammas for local orphans... Molhers' Day weekend.. .iacully lea wilh The Della Gam- mas. Firsf Row: Hal Raffensperqer, reporter: Wal? Hemberger, - - - presidenfg Norm Ollivier, warden. Second Row: Ben Snyder, The brolhers 'lake Mme oul for relaxallon wllll a gem freasurerg Hal Cooper, hisforiang Ham Shader, secrefary. of C6I'd5- 92 PENNSY VANIA BETA CHAPTER :Q man 5 2 ,Iwi 3 i . Zuumr 'D L.. Sfvdf V 451 lilln Willa Gln in fl I, . ibm? ' I' 1 1 1 1 - --. 215:-aafiir .E.Q'f 'r'::: :F 4-F " ::. Q i I 231 , -:-: 1 59 . Ig -:-' , , . I :III I 51... I ..... fovffyd Uryv I II 'MMD Il ,J Colley' :-:V': --V- "homo a near . c so - . I 2 j I ff .. - -' . ' 3' ' .,.-r1 - ' 1 I I .L was 'A Lu . am' we kH4'B1 5, 1 '.a-as-do 1 ' 4 I 4 1'1S C 1 4 ..-'WW .3 . . ... . . Q- 4 e 1 Jivaavnz -2-v Ir :ner .zefaura 94 1 I ' 1 I ' I- Ii -I I, ,I- 1 I , N 5. I A I -1.5, .. .I . I I.: I 1- II, ' it 12:1 .521 M Q- .. I I I A I I ,I ,,., I, . .,.,.,. I .,., ,1 I I -,I ,I as I I., I , - , - . , , - - . ,-Q' 1' I I - . , I I 1- -1 , 1 , , Ir, - Q Q I A. ., 5- - 1 , . , -- ' .. . S .-,. 1 .-1.1 - , V I I I -1 , 1 -, ..- Q -f ,, -.. . ,-2 ., , ., Aqw 0 Aw ' f - - 1 I F f . A452 ' I I -. T. lr lf 1 rv I .IDAGIIUAI C NJIKAMQYIM duff Al Jbllrlil' IOCOOYE' 4 rwgzxosa um 'svn-me MEMBERS Firsf Row: John Weaver, Glenn Leisler, Bruce Mahon, Don Holland, Sam Shaulis, Bill Dickinson, Jim McCallum, Don Elwell, Bill Middlelon. John I'labeeb, Don Shambauqh, Bill Shull, Earl McMil- en. Second Row: Joe Lang, John Sloner, Bill Snyder, Barry Wrighl, Hamilfon Shader. Wall' Hember- I , Fourih Row: Lowell Hendrick, Howie Flook, Bob Swenk, Dick Brighl, Fred Shisler, Tom Brower, Russ Bower, Gerry Pelers, Mike Dika, Gerry Sasser, Don Ollivier, Don Dewar. Fif+h Row: Paul Uiz, Pennell Neikirk, Bill Morro, Bruce Heckman, Lynn Trainer, Craig Griffen- berg, Miss Rulh Koser, Charlie Bieler, Gino Cal- .ll . BCCM. -lj?" fi' FY 'FM F W ' 'F W . EAM' ge e FF" F -57 ' FHTMFFW ' II I 15 T :TEV H -I 41- I Mx I I '1 -,QUIZ 53+ IE I' -2-. xI .I"'.,!'f,.:I I I II Q g, ' 1f '- -- 'I ' I ' 3. 1' . , . in fi 22-3 :1.., QQ, . - 4' H, I 'Ja ' lf ' ,, ' Ii' Q O! I I Q' , Eau ' 3- rf 5?-in " Q 5 i . IW' ." , '11 - , 1 MII- Qi ,IM :G Ii I L .,- K -If - .... . up , II ,,. 1 I xi I If , i ,I I R V, I - I I . X -,1 l I I J ,III , III- 1 1 I I . . , I I Ir, I Il NI' I xxx I E :vcr riruvlrlf I 4 Malay 9 .4 LIE- 45-4 5144111-fs .vdacayfvsafy .1 A M: enn.-Q, :J c cu-vr4L wi. nffauuetmfv .fzwnazra Ian .sfmuaausw l W 4' s-mu, 5.4 Mc .. A --0 TQ. , , , ,.,, . , ,,,,, I o i ,, I .I If . I, , I .NI . ,I III? r ge 2 J., whey, 6 I? 43, V In ! . I I , -II., - I -I -- . ,X -. I I II if II II Le - 1 I Y 'i-.f ri .4 ii 5' ' -ii 1 1 1 f E r H . ? F Q I - - SI .-'I .I n , if 3, 3 '3 I I 'E be if I 5 . ' I l 33 I ' I, af I I I 1 ' I i 6 9 us arxrafvfzz'-I wr .vwrarr A a ufnur A.H-flue!! M Mm' -.uurrnvs 4 c. r fs 1 I .f J 1: lwf. aumvafv ,vwaeuvfg-.e F A 'F FIT- ' I I If Wwe I '-wg: ' fig. ' i. ' l lj ' n ' 1 P' 'I if Hi? ' sm 17 .- if 'B A I I . ,Ir fi IIT: v I I I H , I i I . 7 H g b Q-, .ver -qgj 1 .1 .1 f 11 I wr Q ,I I, ... . 3 If i -. I: .IV J I 'I I M I I Y M I 'Y I I ig I .L ,'i 9 f I .- K' II' -fi I I I z I , .-ff? 1- ' ' a l 5 QR A 1 i V ,AF fi ISI! A .- fl II! l?lG'Nf7?'I I ll'CII4Ll"'Q-f0YH '-1" '-'W 2 X -I-L1 5 IGI' I 2 A-sf64fvV'Il.f l IV C 4111.4 vvfl CK .11-sllvll X V' - 1 .- - -.1 'ani 1. .1 if 1 1 .I -. -. I . II I In i... I: II.,-. 4. ,SI il I F ak I ,I If . . f 1 r .- .1 . 5- . 4 . . I ,X 1 . I - . . - M Q -I H I I , ri 1 , i i 3 :I -A I. I ,I I iw - ' fd , 9- , 5 ,fy . vi? ll, .1 I., ,' . Q1 , ,vi ,QW 1' 1 o, . -,- 1.4 4 ,, 1 1 A 1- eg 1- BK E SI x I I I fm ,Y J' i fi 7 ' li ' fi I' v I I,-' - I Y . . il 1. 1 Q . 5 I M1 AWWA' N' D IZDDA' F C SWCN4' I 0 A'4f'fg5'll7' l'N,5IlIJl-fl' I TN Af MVK? .P SDA-VIP 55 T71-3 I I' X40 6 7' I lc 0 OLLIVIGI C 0 Dfldil . I j - ff,-ff - I f if - in .,. , , 1.1 ' Q -, ,- , E I "' ii X 'f f' 1 L- ii I" ' . - - , .3 R 1 1 ' la I Q 'm- M. Q - l 5 Q Ev l I If -Q, ' me ' - ' if 1 -.. - U 1 I 'U ' a 1 E V 1 'Y W K1 f.-Q I,- v 1 - I -.. if 1 I 1 21 I. of , 19- ' I I in f I f '11 N J ie 24 1 -f F- 1 . -fl 1 1 .1 Q 4 M 5 1 Q if lf ' f ' I ' 1 A X I 5' I .P I 1 df! JP AZIYIIA' ld D J MIM f FYYAINKI E' I? C L ll G :F A E-'VI 'F IC F fiwlfllil fl VIA gfi'?' ,. I I l 55' so la is 5 III .1 " Q 1 " .I i . v. I i .H - J N 1 H i n li ' an an i ' ' ap l li' Q ii 6 l ' 7 A 4 2? 5 V I, I ' 'F M' ' W "' i W 1 F 1 2 5? ur ii I X I G , l I 1 'N 9 I A , ,wx I I hr i A it 'J Q 'I I . ' I D . ui- L Q 'I A' 'll f5 if ger, Hal Rallensperger, Ben Snyder, Ron Bair, Jack Burke, Bill Bannon, Norm Ollivier. Third Row: Tom Weaver, Jim Megee, Al Olli- vier, Frank Fischelli, Ray Gulliford, Hal Cooper, Dick Gaenzle, Nick Lizza, Jack Black, Jack Mc- Gaughy. 93 cagni, .Fran Richard, Fred Huffnagle, Bill Ward, Bill Waddell. Sixfh Row: Bolo Lauffenburger, Jerry Horlon, Dean Bornheimer, Ken Kauffman, Jack Lillle, Ned Cooke, Lou Weislogel, Harvey Mumma, John Henderson, Ron Resley, Joe Clark, Paul Davis. A Q A 5 Norfh Washingfon Slreel. Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon chaprer . . . charler issued June 27, l882 . . . nalion- ally founded al' Virginia lvlililary lnslilule in l865 . . . Three lrounders . . . purpose: +0 help heal lhe wounds belween lhe Norlh and rhe Soulh creared by 'fhe Civil War, ro unile man from Jrhe Norlh, Soulh, Easl and Wes? . . . eslablished as a Greek leller lraferniry wilh Chrisr ar 'rhe head , . , I I9 chaplers . . . insliruled rhe "l-lelp Week" on a nalional level . , . lirsl nalional lralerniry lo endorse any such movemenl . . . currenr emphasis: raising nalional scholaslic slanding . . . provides job-seelcing bureau . . . publicalion: THE PALM . . . flower: while :ea rose . . , co'ors: aqua, blue, and gold... pin: malrese cross, Local proiecls: proposed campus grounds improvemenls...plans lor new chapler house. . . pledge proiecl: painling inferior ol house .. .campus awards: lirsl place in Chrislmas house parries decorarions . . . rushing program: pizza pie parly . . . srnorgasborcl parly . . , social liunclions: homecoming . , , April Fool's Dance. Leff fo righf: Bob Brubaker, vice-presidganfp Dave Chubb, freasurerg Roger Bray, presidenlg Wayne lreilein, secrefaryg I -I - - Charles Covey, senfinelg Ed Thomas, alumni secretary: Willard ATO 5 and Alpha Xl 5 llele lawn chlldren al B Chrlslmas Graham, usher. P5"lY- 94 C'4I5SL'Af' V LVILLQVIE' Vyifqllff - PENNSYLVANIA ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER Z' FIUSEIVQIKAT AP dfFB4d4A'f8 Nl H4 I .' ., zfvfrfc' V! 6"14'VG-P Alpha Eau Qmuga I 4 11-0 Url' sbuvg Cxv0AL!' Sfiilf 5-Lfidvv' MEMBERS Firsi' Row: Roberf Diefze, Carl Rosenberger, Dave Chubb, Roger Bray. Bob Brubaker, Wayne Slreilein, Dick Beimler, Willard Graham. Second Row: Bill Kepharf, l-lerberf Wilbur, Bob l-larcourl, Charles Covey, Dick Sheller, Dick Bru- baker. Third Row: Ed Thomas. Richard Meyer, Jim Spangler, Jim Kenna, Carl Jensen, Olro Wollers- dorf. Fourih Row: Lavern Cook, Charles Dolphin, La- mar Ligh+, Sfeve Parr, Roberr Goldale, John Zeigler, Roberf Siellman, Waller Heidelberger, Richard Wiese. Fifiih Rcw: John Cassels, Don Williams, William Ryon, Frank Gingrich, Ronald Downey, David Washabaugh, James Jones, Frederick Foersier. No+ Piciurecl: James McElhenny, Ronald Sens- bach. 95 I. XZAE 4l Wesl Lincoln Avenue. Pennsylvania Delia chaprer. . . charrer issued June ll, i883 . . . narionally founded ai Universily oi Alabama in I856 . .. I36 chapiers . . . nalional publica- iion: THE RECORD . . . largesr Greek-leiler iralernily . . . firsi SAE chapler io be eslablished above 'rhe Mason-Dixon line . . . flower: violel . . . colors: royal purple and gold . . . symbol: Minerva and lion. Local proieci: building fund for a new house . . . house improvemenis: oil burner porch iurniiure from The Moihers' Club . . . general chapier progress: sieadily increasing in membership, scholarship, sporls and aciiviiies. . .pledge aciiviryz "New York Socieiyu pledge dance. .. finish remodeling cellar. . .build new irash disposal unii. . . all varsily sporls parlicipalion 'frophy . . . social func- lions: homecoming . . .Thanksgiving and Chrislmas banqueis for alums and aciives meals wiih olher iraierniries . ..dinners and desserl dances wiih sororilies . .. Falhers' and Molhers' weekends. Firsf Row: Charles Wagner, herald: AI Bernsiorf, president Buck Beaver, vicefprejdeni. Second Roar: Bi: SelIs,' warden: Dick Snook, correspon ing secrefaryg Jo n Sc river, reasurer. - - Third Row: Bop Eppleman, chroniclerg Ed Pollin, chaplain: Joe Three houseparly beauhfuls lfugh wllh an SAE r Georgiana recording secrelary man- 96 PiE D1PJfSETI,W'A.PJIQA. IDIEIQTLA. CIIIJA ?'I'E R i i l A' Tl li Qi .V i Y iz T 1 ii mi ' f E ' ' ' 8 "' - 5553? " s Hi ":::"-5""1- V -2- -5-isis 'Q V. ' .Ji i 1 nf W re , sae i i l I i b ,. Y V B Q ,N , - gg-3 5-an 5, .. .,i,,j:i..., A. . ,Ez , ' :gs lj '-Q l . .ig ig gift liiav K 5 ,m f 'W I , i 1 I ' ' X if 1 , P 2 gc i f L1 i f . i s- J 1. I4- i ' In We - A 51 , - ,. -- 1 Q QM eyfaff of www ,A "'f'91'ff" ,icfaaxf- ,l5151f-sfwiqffa ! Mwwffr .fsfnff-'Lc,l .v 3'f"f'1'-?':'-,.l,, 245,121-aff: D-1 CEWWJMV lfii: -Q: 1? if -l N C -l lb F-fi", N- i ' L, . e' - L ,, 3 - 'i ,:.,..-. il - 1-1 -:--.-:-:--:--1. ,... II 'lf- I- ,V . .tu in-ii-. Y I utlgjo, swat, fx if .gsm l r . 3755? .,.., ,. ..,.l,ig.,,f ' ' , ' .-V ii. ' ' i-...J ' ,, 'V' ' ., 'Q QV: :- - f ' Q A i it .. ' i . - ' 1 :' i. 1 . i , . ' . -- i- 1. -ii . i '- 1 U , . is if . - , . - r P M 1 V , - , , , s V Y -, I - - mm, R wk 4, ' L 1 J af M 1 -M " af 1 ' ' . , I l , . s! ,. . gsfwfff. .44-cwxvff 1 , if C4 M-f . ,fa fm-UAA A-refffa . . N-hz-maffvaefr Lil-fffffff0f!u.G.cf21fef44f4.,L ea .fafies -Ld www- . M fm' fkff' ,' M ,Q N52 , -- ' sq, , Z , I " -ggi. f -' EN' ' " ,N ,if - r,g A A ,JgmH2XbhU,5PSdml f. , gamer f-Ql+iiiv-a.f- ' , ' 1- . ' - , H ' g r , -1- .,., QI: .QI 'A I .A if .. Ei: af , ' 3 .N Q- Y Q 3. , li- fi 'i - W-3 .- H - ia l 3 Q 1 4 ' QQ ""' :?"' V . -- ., N Wi, , .:.: ' ::: "f f :. :az . lv L rf'rf7Q. R y hfa'M5eaaamwaa p - - M- ere- , . , , f " 'IM fir :, N .... ,.- il '5 if l .1 ' I 9 '- 4 E' ' , N. fps., , 1 . Q 4 .fi Xe r . ,ii . A 5 -,lg-0: If , i -. - r V X wwf 155654402424-etf.L+fy4fff. ,LefffgwW.- -V 'Qi 'ev Qi ---T - JCQYWP0 -wwf-M 1?-+'K"fC'f' . W4 -ff' 4f -- - f Y - l Q my .-.J .: ,. . . i . . - f e-'V-fu ' --71 .-1. . 'i ' I l N Lf -T fi R, - '5"l .V T 5,55 :lf I ... ff, . i l, l " H 35:1 Q: . -. i 'Il 1 , - V ' 5 " LLL ' H, ' -. - if - . ide 5 H ' if: ' , - ' , 3 ' V i N V w T-21 ff- . ,. PS2 . -V . fr cs ,tj ' fsslei 6 H i 'Q W 2.2 , S I ,Z W x iz 1, .f Q M ' ' ' , , ooffvya l Q" -w f ., I - ig ,fil e . 4 I A ky R C ,gs .3 V.-- ,ff .3 14 H . if 1 l I. f - lf 1 , 1094,-A 716' Aware -I lfgffngfyaffr -faq fyumf Jggpalyafg-l Y 'huQx.Qe',vflni-l :manager Mlnpnvwfgfaf Je ,siaggs l Agf1hw4nf.S'zfrl P " l V ' . 1 x..zz.- ,Q . 1 ------- .A -., f J . ' ii w e--W---5 -Q ' - 1 ,A ' '. " l ."T :-- - " -' fi- W - . .,., . ' " Y i ,V-. 1 ii , ll ' ' " isa 1 "ggi, Ei wi ge A . i - . - .- - , ,. , " Q4 FT 'LY 5 , ff? , Q -:J J l, - 1 l v . , -- , 5 I vu 8 . 4- K ' 4 6 ' In 1 ii .1 -2 Q i .. L. 11, . girl E i I '1,' fly- zlav f-gg. if,f. TE. age- - l .il 41 l 1 DL - A' A 'i li l - Kayne.: V nvygfzmra l Y ff .-r.-rezfjg. i QQVQQAEQV j cfafg-.Lage . ,qrxafgg-Y-W, Pl aqryfwe L-affvefygqzg :.41,ggQ:j5WAj4g,5f5.gggfgcAr.i ,., eraafer v.li3"I ' ' "ft - - A- l - f-- - 11:-i ---ic rg. ' -- " i - .:. - T 'X' ' 2-is n Nm ' -5. -5. ... .E,.,, .. - - . -iiifff' it 1 :Q ,gi1.,f"2' Q V l ' rl i all m' WR-- 3 y . Pi-w wa -err- fwaae- - . - ' - , W W - v - f.. i , E' 1' ' K ,. Ii. iQ.i s:... i 'Q , f my , . 1 1' :Q - g y, J Q, .sl ,, Q wxiigg gh :Z W, U ' g - . .1 .v 1 r .7 H i. . F H -, ,H - is . H I ' r -- :z ' ., w i --:fy l , - ' ' . A. si ,J trol Ilgq lig'3 I . Ygrvzvat Lrg! vane ww gfgpw' A'P1WELfVlK 6.4! :email IATIIDVUZB Jffrwamfnwx nw: MMF ' l QA?-Q NRA? A fifffbdd jf ifesfcksz MEMBERS Firsi' Row: George Young, Richard Holce, Charles Wagner, Peier Smilh, Frank Armsrrong, Sam Evangelislra, Donald Clark, Roberl' Vliel, George Knech+, Wayne Baies, Carl Schwabenland. Second Row: Ted McKendriclc, Sheldon Yingsi, Henry Clare, Richard Snoolc, Roberi Beaver, Allen Bernsiorl, John Schreiber. Joseph Geor- giana, Barry Keller, Jack Thrush, Jack Kelley. Third Row: Marlin Faclcler, Roloerf Eppleman, Edward Pollin, Harrie Burdan, James Howard. Bruce Pieper, Roberf Rice, William Sells. Fourlh Row: John Foor, William Knup, William Sfewarl, Kenneih Polaclc, William Keenan, Ed- ward Hadley, Alan Monlgomery, James Holmes, Roberl Walmsley. Fiffh Row: Charles Heverly, Thomas Hyland, James Keezel, Dennis Dooley, Charles Melzger, Lewis Kosl, Paul Defwiler, David Turnbull, Larry Davies, Carl Frederick, Raymond Davis. Sixih Row: Louis Nalale, Virgilio Volpe, Neil Sfone, Michael Melniclc, George Bender. Tom Arnold, John Slarinchuclc, William Bunce, Ken- nelh Purdy, Roger Foor, Roloeri Siclcel. Na+ Pic+ured: Glenn Penniman. ii ' or i s ii.. . EA if",-is rt o' 1' ,-"' LS' "J II3 Wes? Broadway. There Pi Zela chapler . . . charler issued in l939 . . . formerly Phi Sigma local irarerniry. . .became There Kappa Nu in I924 which, in Turn, merged wilh Lambda Chi Alpha in I'-739 . . . nalionally founded al' Bosron, lvlassachusefrs. in V909 . . . union wijrh Thela Kappa Nu in I939 was rhe largesr and mos? significani in Jrhe Gneek world . . . I44 chaplers . . . narional publicarion: THE CROSS AND CRESCENT . . . flower: while rose. . . symbol: cross and crescenjr . . . colors: purple, green, gold. House improvemenls during lhe year: new 'file floor in dining room . . .new lurnilure for fron? room and library.. .general chapler progress improved schol- arship .. .pledge acliviry: pledge dance in Ocrober wirh l'lallowe'en lheme . . . new cemenr floor in The basemenl. . .campus awards: second place in lnlerfra- Jrernily Council weekend skiis . . .social funciions: "Casino" open house wilh dancing and a floor show. . . Ealhers' Day weelcend . . . Molhers' Day weekend . .. desserl dances. Leff fo righi: Don Griesmann, rush chairman: Ron Bakeman, ' Lambda Chi's provide a chance for a liffle nighi life al ary. 0 el . . . .. , 9- . .. ... mann, pledge Trainer, Kearney Kuhlfhau, social chairman, Their dI1I1Udl CBSIHO OPEN l'l0U5E- vice-presidenfg Mike Frinli, presidenfg Chick Harrison, secre f ' B b W Il'ver treasurer' Don Luck rifualisf' Hank Bar 98 THETA PI ZETA CHAPTER EYE., i-Y Y Y A D il 5' ' i, Lf'l Ti 1- 'VW-E ' .f , Q'f:, :" 1 "-' ,,, ,,,.'.,. , Q 1 J ii f rir ri -'S' .i 1 l ' V 1 -9 J A A 2 if 9 ...Q A if f .C 7 Q ' L l B E li X J L B ' l 'z e x i f i L I X , l-if it l ' E-:ip :.., A 4 , ii, ,.,3!.-J.L L 4 L J JL Lo L ii L my A . ilii L 1 B ff 1- ' 1 , Q51 .i A IE AA'- B 1 . ,.A '- L' 1 ' . ' ' ' -:- 1 1' . , x-:,..-,- : : - ' ll.: ., ,: .' :lv W ' if . i. 1 QE 'Q ,, ---A - V ' I , lv 'j,l K9 'N 'Y V,-l !Q'Qi p ix? I .l , Q , Q vqxk , , i- - X , ' ,X ' -' - 'v 4 ,' 5 ' jfs X .4 -:-:,, .Ly . l ' ' V- E E ,i X - K - ,l '- , if , , ..f, , L J , 5 H i A or i . QU ,T '.c :,,'g4iHfL Q , W - -f-- Prix! ,, . . , H 151153-4.1,. H ,4.N fi A "" rf, ' if y, Uiumhhu Qiluilplln ' g A. Alzi ' i 3, i " 4 ", Eff ,I ,. - : 'Q' nfl? ' , ' . 'ff-i 9 ,l as l 1 if 2 lk , Sir 9 +1 AL- E L -mg 2 . ..,:. Q F' ..:. l f 3 f H 19 J 54d L ' ' I 1 v Eli 'V -:Tri-E A 4 hi l 'r ,. i - f A A 1 r e lax vl f Q i ": V 'znq Qi" i A -L ' lz' ' A':V" V "V' , f . - - ' Q i 3 4 A l' - -A Q In I ' .i V , 'ir f. A 4' L 'F' gcflwufy 1 F , ' Q2 1 .E ' . H. - -- a f Y 6011090 4 L I riff -V y I yy' L ' 1- , my , , dm ,tm Blum i' 1 -1-fl v 1 H lf N A A l , M . i J Q if "' f "" in 'E 1 1. l : J ,J Q ' , J 4 I iyc rriri J L P - vs ' 'X ' A S,-P I . i I' 1 Lf' W S . . X i ' W : ' L 'Ml lt' L l H Jizilfk 3 A' , -,.,:!'2-V . V 'U' , 'fm' :-:1 "Mi 1 l. Q li llli 9- ' l ll' 'Z lvl' A? -l 1 .-,.. 2 3 ii. -' ', A? .. A ' .,.:,. ,C fi J . L' - u i: se g E?" .5 y ,. 1 f U 1 xl f I ' H l ' A l , ii il ' ' l I .'11,l.HEl. Dn- LA I-l -k wifi: U l .ax J Y My Y Vi . -l A J MEMBERS Firsl Row: Jack Whilcomlo, Don Luck, Bolo Lo- gan. Sam Mowery, Jay Williams, Jim Arnlielcl. Larry Kroqgel, Bolo Krick, Kearney Kuhllhau, Don Greisman, Dick Schiller. Second Row: Ken Louder, John Worih, Ray Ad- ams, Chick Harrison, Mike Frinzi, Ron Bakeman. Bob Welliver, Bill Hershey, Jim Lau, l-lank Barg- mann. Third Row: Bill Wiemer, Len Rein, Fred Filberi, Guy Marino. Don Homan, Bill Gemmill, Dave Johnson, Dick Lewandowski. Fourfh Row: Dick Franlz, Bolo Siebolcl, Dave Sheerz, Chris Chianos, Tom Goldsborough, Rog- er Alexis, Bruce Roberls, Bob l-leder. Joe Ro- binski, Jim Longenecker. Fiffh Row: Jim Mallrson, Ron Paul, Lee Sholly, Sieve Coyler, Dick Chrislensen, Mrs. Julia Au- gusline, Phil Wall, Bill l-laqgerman, Jim Fuller, Bolo Schullz, Fred Slroehmann. Sixlh Row: Ed Kline, Ed l-lill, Dick Laiacome, Tony Barr, Mike Bishop, Tom Siahl, Lynn Heil- mann, Jim Meunier, Don Gosclen, Jim Evans. ,JA 3 f I 7 343 Carlisle Sfreef. Rho Deuferon chapfer . . . charfer issued March I5, 1925 . . . preceeded by 'rhe "Druids" . . . nafionally founded af Massachuseffs Agriculfural College in I873 . . . six founders. . . purpose: To promofe ideal of lorofherhood, fo sfimulafe schol- arship, io develop characfer . . . 67 chapfers . . . proiecf: Nafional Phi Sigma Kappa Foundafion, Inc., founded for benificienf, charifable, liferary, and educafional pur- poses, especially scholarship awards .. . naiional publicafion: SIGNET . . . flower: red carnafion . . . colors: silver and magneffa. House improvemenfs: newly painfed inferior . .. radio-record player . . . fele- vision sef. . . special acfivifies: pledge-brofher foofloall game . . . nafional and campus awards: regional Phi Sigma Kappa Nemeschy Award as The oufsfanding chapfer in Region II . , , I954 Inferfrafernify Council sing frophy , . . l954 infer- frafernify scholarship award ...rushing program: picnics. .. smokers wifh enfer- fainmenf. . .social funcfions: freshman recepfion for coeds . . . Dry Gulch Saloon pledge dance . . . serenading coeds' dorms. F'iR :BbK f, 1 gBbM'II ,s V lg Ron ' Ygiuk, opiresigenfgmmkesegtmaniiill, cfreasuireiiri Sslcloi-T3 Row: The broihers foolball squad congregaies before me Bill Clemenf, vice-presidenig Bob Kaiser, inducfor. Pledge-bf0fl'I8r game. 100 RHO EUTER N HAPTE WW' Q5 PQWWQ -8 f mi 4 ,ww -N wr l I 1 lr Uhr Sngmu yliappu Khin dam? f R 4 1 LIT shrug W h 19 'fl Q 4: I Kal! L1 il 1 I MEMBERS Farsi' Row Wlllram Render PrescoH'H1lls Dan Spangler Duck Krebs Wvlllam Rres Enos Eberly Ken Hollzapple Joe Kurlz Carl Grerh Les Mrchener Second Row RalfG1lber'r Wall Smrrh Francis Scalzl Make Gemmlll Ron Yuzulc Bull Clemenr Roberr Knopf John Faul Frank Belz Donald A+ lcmson Third Row Bull Marlin Bob Mallhlas Larry Emler AI Coleman, Ron Hoover, Norris Mlnler Fourlh Row Roberr llgenlrrlz Bob Muller Salva lore Marznale Danzer Collrns Rlchard Flair Rob erl' Debols Dale Hollrday Fred Maslerman Flffh Row Byron Dougherry Lee Elnwaechfer Jack Grncfzlh Roberr Kalser Donald Holclc Rich ard Wursr Jerry Robms Harry Uflerbaclc AI Tomlmson Wllllam Goelz Sux+h Row Waller Wagner James Pellon Charles Coeyman Philip Aponre Jack Gabrg Rlchard Cunmngham Ken Wrlluams Garerh Brser Norm Grelh, Gnrard Se1Her l ' 31,-' so E11-To ' .7 "ffl 1 C' 1 1 f R E' H 1 1' al ll 'I 11 l t 1? 11 l QI? Igjgj "'- 1 :if ' i f 1 I I, 1 1 .5 1 11 I li I1 4 W I,-I, FF I? 3 ff-. 411 1- ,1 I 1 I I I 11 1 ,I I .LI " , :EH 'F IIIII 'Ig I 11Mls,, 1 1 , I as W a.r. 1 P 1 l ' 1C 1 155: -1 " 1 ' 'ff-'fl :': ' -.:.: :': ? l -:-: f..- '.:,-: I f M111 ' ' DH l 1 I II III -3 I I SI If - :Q ,I II I I 11,11 1 II II J 111 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - ' ' ' fl -1 X 1 123- ff? :"23 5 ' :Y 1' - I 1I 11 ,I II I ' 1 ,1 1,1 9 .:.: - In ..,. I N 5 Mg - - 3 -1 1 52511 I' II 111 r I 17 3 , II-1 11 -" ls ?" :'r' 1, 1 1 ll . I ' x - , ,1 I 1 E I If ..,- g: IIT ,... II' ' 1, X I' 1 1 ' ' ' ,' '- "" ,f ' '1 " i, P , 1 f L 1 1 l ' 455 1' I 1 R gm- ,-1 1 ' 1 L 41 l " 1,1 ,' - ' 1 1" ' ' 11911 Mfr: -.-, ' If " ' 1' 11 l I ' 1 ji' A ,11 1' ' ' fl' 1 1 :': 1 " P .1 1 fi F 223-.1 I I Q I I I , 1 If I INNIIIIIWI I I A V.:. I,I 1: w11 I I 1 , X ' l X 'V ' , 1 , X 1 , I 1 I ACCC J, cc -1 1 -.9 ' X 11 D1 1' I 1 1 1 1 l V ' .-1 1 I l F3?ii"T7" Jw W f f T T N 1 " 52 3235 , . . M ' H . I ' 1 l 1 -- lg L -d M 1 --:1e 1 ' ' I .1 .. 1 sv l- mf " 1 '15 . 1, .a1s! sa, ' .1 ,.,, 2,1511 -1- 1 ' ' 4' l , 9 L A -9 - 252 :': Q21 1 1 ' ' ' 5 ' "-: 1 'sz' "'-., I Qi '11 1 ,1 gala ,L 11 111 I I 1 11 A 1 W1 11 11 ? -MN 'i WT-f 1 Z2 :" 1 1 1. 1 .,.,, M " '1 1 Ps ' ' l if :1: 1 ' ii-1 A 1 1 :': if I 1:1 -1-- 1 ---- 39-if ' 1 1 ' ' 1' fa' :':-:' a 1':' 1--- f r A --If l ':': jig flfff' -1 1 9 ,I 'Q C l I - - 9 , I, i 1 2 11, 11 -11 4, 1' ' F I1 I 1': ' 1 H 1 'l 1 1 1 1 1 f 1 r' 1s1s ' . 11' I 1111 11 L91 'A F 1 1 Z' l R 1 X l ' 5 ' ' A Y dl - M' 'L 'V A x 4 l 11' III - I I 1 II I I , 1 . . 1-11, f . I -nl ... .L - 1.1. ,...,.,.1 l- is .1 nl II ' A 'W l R 1' 1 111 rrr 11 1 1' I A' lf, I fQfff?igig1gf1' 1 -1 ' ,I 5 9 .11 1 32' l' l i f 1 , ' 1 if - 111 Q ' p 521'-21' H 1: "if '- . " " C' l. 11 "1" f' 1 .111 11 5 L 1 ,S .J 1 Z., ' '1 ' "5 :. I..II Rggi " ,,, :' 'K I I To I , 1 l' 1 ,1 xx, 11,7 ,,-..L.1-..I. D.. ,.,,, an I..,,,.i I -C QW IKIIII I . . . I 1 I I . I . I I I . I l l . I ' I ' I ' I . I - ', I I I 1 - I I I I I I ' ' 1 1 . . . 1 . , . 1 , 1 1... . . I 1 1 ' ' ' I 1 . I . I I . I . . I . I 101 ,.-W g, fi i ' ,. 'il ,X Y vrvsmtfey :V-Q-:wh fl. , . ,,,',' F 1 1 'N 4. 2' Z . I af, is - Q ll! as f ' ,G 5 i A Y ' X 1 9 . -Hx ' -m', ig. , f ' ' ,, , i l f r" M' A J p " ' f U -av . 4- af-, , " V ' ' 'f " ' 2 A ai-E . , c 'li 1 HU lg fl' .ri an ': .- Q , , -1' :yr l ' , 'Erik 'W 'f ' Hill fin rrf 'cl ofa Cr 1?'T'i:.5:S: . ' i i f : H1 E Ti it .5 ,il 1 11 -ii , V' X 'Q l -:gm ,f l 4. it .MLM , J , , I . . 'lrf ' tu- nu -an V V ' :. 223 Carlisle Sireei. Psi chapier .. . charier issued November 25, I926 . . . formerly Delia Kappa Sigma . . . naiionally founded ai Illinois Wesleyan Universiiy in l9I6 . . . five found- ers.. . purpose: 'ro aid college men in menial, moral, and social developmeni . .. 99 aclive chapiers . . . nalional publicalion: THE TEKE. . . noied for lack oi segregaiion and discriminaiion . . . flower: red carnaiion . . . symbol: iriangle . .. colors: cherry and gray. Local proiecl: helping underprivileged children , , . house irnprovemenis during ihe year: refinishing hall ol basemenl . . . remodeling a room for housemoiher . . . alhlelic courl in side yard . . . chapier progress: increased membership . . . improved scholarship . . . iirsi place in Homecoming lloal parade , . . second place in inlramural iooiball . . . rushing program: Delaware looiball Trip , . . dance wilh Hood freshmen . . . social iunclions: laculiy lea . . . pig roasl . . .open house ...Homecoming banguei , . . hosi lo province leadership school. First Row: John Bauersfeid, historian: Ralph Fischer, presidenfg Bob RobeIriSM chaplairg. Second Rrawi, gickff Redles, plgdgf m f g B'l u' , gf.-af-a mg o en , v'ce-presi eng , as er Dbn Zggairiireasurerg gonsnie Sump, secrelary, Broihers proudly display paddles made by 'lhe pledges 102 S II A.l? TTIE R ,V TIT' 4-'FF'-T?" I :fl .pa .Q , as Whip Giswdf ff' IIA!!! I PSIAWMIV Wd ld-10641 Aff-fl' J 144040 40 L' Ztldff ,P 6 9-It'ly'A'ff 4' 4 .547v1-"F 4' 5 F w M Maswf IJ 49:55:75 as .s'v4:e.Afv 01 'Qe :Jr 'Tune au QEUPPE giPSJun E ' X523 T 1 c!5A!4ArAf .JI .44 Ar ILAVIENII E X 'B foes .sf xuwfmfm ww-N ll J FJILEAAI in If W Lash' flak'- ...l fa elf sbuvg nM4lA'S 6'-FIMAA' fr M Maur .1 c JAOEAFFILD Y' :M 'f""4' wh ,, ,Y I H. Aw. if we 5 !4M'HS JDTDYSZV W If CDFIVVYIWV IV 3 Fdfllel flffl. LHOFSOAI EA' 444 IZELJSA' if hl4fA'Af 7' L L44Vlf I? 500185 WA FIANKQMIM' E D N46 B F0500 401 "' f?nvI'gQ lklkkllf W T'InM6lVA'-P S IMGJIAKIYMDQP Ts! MII!!! I-VIAAICFI 5 Sdanrvtf G lv 1.4-cz ez THUL N crscauwvcs aw A4-cr .fs ass-zmfcx l MEMBERS Furs? Row Rmchard Redles Paul Garman WI Imam Harris Gerald Ward Donald Zerby Ralph Fascher Robert Senll Conrad Sump Wllluam lvlagunre Roloerr Roberls Gerald Evelan Second Row Roberl' Peery Henry Lush Joel Carlbon Roloerl Fischer Rlchard Gurse Karl Kaufman Ellrs Shaffer Johr Lowry Third Row Rvchard Jones Bruce Ihle Herberl Harvey John Bauersfeld Joseph Molnar uen hn Lengel Edward Anderson Chesler lVlcLaugh Fourlh Row Ke-nnelh Bolenslen Richard Coll Herman Gohn Rnchard Walkin Thomas Richard Combs Wayne Franlchouser Donald Hachlel Paul Larson Ernesl Palrszewslm Alberl Harris man Laavy Flffh Row Richard Dowhower Wrlllam Wagner George Garclenhour Terrence Harris Theodore Wlllnch Roberl' Goldner Wayne Fleck Roberl Thulin Carl Schleunes David Peck Barry DeSaT mc Noi- Pacfured Frank Franz Phrlrp Guarneschellr Davld Schrnver Eugene Coslello Davnd Slrelser f -1 ' I 3 . .,ee I f , X ,yy Myra: i .1 . ., y Ti., Ez. 5 .l . 7 .,,? EE. EM ,.,.. 1 k b-ag ia... N - :ll I A H .id . I li., , V.: ,IF - -N 1 - .5 .. .1 ' ". X fc Ti .. 5 ., 1. fs .f-. Q -T ., l ' 4' 1 5 ' -J .' ' i ff Ap' W l ,. ig' ' ,- -f -. Y' -' 4 - if H52 1 'S I as E- - l il A .T U Y.. . , .4'A L , Q . v , . ,A V r.: ' f :Q 'il . 4 x Q- W -5 :Q :-5513? lf .-' U , fl ll H fy A Fen- QIWQ , Amr 0 sl- fa. . , . . . . . . C, cf , , 5- . ' , , :'f"N- V Y ffl' ' ., P' , 1 M33 ,, .. fgul ' V V . . V. fa Q 9.3 lu 11 ., 'y ' f ' 5.5: f r" 5, ,T Q 1 , , 'EM T r ,ma .A, y,,. W . . X: M I , X F -Q 3 V , K - .-Q., cl g , , ,.,.,. ,,., ' V . ,, IQ A A 1.,-351' Q ,A Y fd 5- ' , .ffl ' f 4 - if ,: -23 T all T ,lf R? T Tl: Wil" 'Y ' "uf Tl ' " Tl l '-'xv L' , ' ll -,lwsu - Ul f 3 ,- -5 ' G- ' a 'sb 1 -ef: Ps. If W. -A -T 'ca . .. .- -6 . . ,..., e, ,...... . 1 T - lf . - J ' ' NI ' ' h 'F - 4.3. '--- ' "wi ' ::: -,,g. - i V A , V 3.-. -.L R f N H , I K it A i H ph - 9 gain M V . . . . , . ,, ' ' ' ' . . 01 . . u 5. ' , T25 ' . 5- M, 'L U- I Q ag? 'a'M4.3e me .'iwfH ff L1 sw'ea-' . . I lfiaz. .-4+ QE aa! we lf Q 4 . 1 A ' ' l A ja E L Tr 1- - V - V - -bmw-lv-at Q. E.LfNGf-1-.V s.4w.asasoAf c5.mcuMs1,wN 3 y , E. ' " llll , A Q' V " Q 7 ' " lf: : l-a 5 Y' 'Tr Q ' 1, 4 . .rV, wiaf aaa aaa me e: aaa -f lr ' .5 7 7 if 'I ' Pi ' 'l 'U f- f if , T If .J if 5 X f ,.. ,fl 45' Iran qv., ft fgl zfg' Q awww f?a53wqwwWww , E . .4 fl , I . . .EF -'. T fl X im--. I " "1 lil J 'A -l 1 . E " I -. . . , 1 . . . . ' . . 4- . .04 , . -1 f 4 . ' T '- . 'lf "Hair 4 f 'Til I ' T ' Qi? ' . - T 5 ll Af . . E I if 3 y, E .if TT ali 49 4 f?-K-'wma -ff-Afawuiagaaavfafaff . law rf" '- .0 1. ffl T.: -f l -w W YN -T -f . Wy ea . . f ez Q 1' ft: .peg ' , ' T 1. V 5"' " l ' , ig -- I " ,Jfeill -,gt fl' f " ' Q" , ,,,., lg' ' " .- ' Nfl -T Q- 'Y-.1 A Aff , - V lil ' ' ' , Q f .3 -. . . .. . ' '. l ' 77 ' ' ' A- ' I ..- ' .Q . .. ..- 14 I. fs. 4 ' Q ...I I I I I ' . ' I I I ' I l .1 - ' I I , I I 0 l : , , . . . . . . . . , I I v v ' ' I I ' 1 u I , Q 1 I l I . ' . I l I T 1 - 1 Q - ' k. . I I - Im- . : . . . . . I , - , , . 103 . I 551 .6203 225 Wesf Lincoln Avenue. Pi chapler. . . charler issued in l928 . . . preceeded on campus by Thela Phi nalionally founded al Middlebury College. Middlebury, Vermonr, in I905 . .. seven founders . . . purpose: wirhdrew from Jrhe Commons Club lo found a group based on smallness of size and a closely lcnir organizalion . . . I9 chaplers whose main characlerislic is being small . . . nafional publicarionsz rhe QUILL AND SCROLL, rhe SENTRY . . . local publicarion: Jrhe Pi Posl . . . flower: red rose.. . colors: Middlebury blue and Princelon orange. l-louse irnprovemenrs: new rugs in Jrhe living rooms . . . new soundprool ceilings in 'rhe living rooms. . .addilional closer space in The sludy rooms... reinforcing rhe sleps . . . pledge-brolher aclrivily: proposed painring of 'rhe fronf porch . .. sanding lhe floors in The living rooms.. . painring 'rhe upslairs hall . . . sccial funcrions: hosl' lo coming annual nalional convenrion wilh delegales from all over The Uniled Slares . . . Falhers' Day Weelcencl ...l-lomecoming ...pledge dance . . . Molhers' Day weekend. Leff fo righf: Don Brake, presidenfg Don Schmidf, siewrjrdg J R ,'- s'd 'rgN M'll,t 38 a- ,, , , , ay Yan vice pre i-,gli-:yt page nlasfreffeasurer any Y Killing hme in fron? of flue house: Wllh snow fo boo? L lf"'1i ll."'1 Ufl'l 104 I il :E 'ii I ll 2: -I Ill PI CHAPTER 1 - - .,. -5 - ,,.-- C, , . .,., :., I Wm zlz . ,,. , , gm V 5'v'a I 1' ' 1 pw 54 l Q, , ' l' ' if Tl N ,gf 'Hi i 't f l'i"'il'? gg ' . i M im rg- , ' 1 ' -ti, ,,.: , .4 ..5L2zL"1f V I , , . .i , -2 -,. ,, 'K 'III ii' " , ' ff 'Z X X, H f-i ' ,A ' . V i . af, ' , - ' 4 Q ' ' 1 A R if - -4 -J -SAND? -A :A Mfzgr J. M 'WILLIE zz c. azure H nw A .PrAAi2 Z V .. .. ,, A . ' 4 W v ,' U V ' mix. W U K H .1 A 2, , . . il i , ' E ' Warsl? Ma 93545 4 9 Us 1 W -W 'bg K ' , 'wg 5 by af., H ' ii X l if, i '-'Q ' Us ' , Q ll mafz. 6 acwfv ewtaafvfs '21, , Age, awww , num 'i 'E ' ' N 'A rn, ,' ' ri - '- ' " 2 , , H i, , i me : . , i V 4' ,Q 'f' u' 5 ., gcgyab 'Y ' L ' A 1 ' ' eollfve . g .,,- rx ' N i, H 414. UASCH .1 a. owcx c..e max.: V-Fl , "RK-. ' .c., V . , ' ,' .. , 1 L f- E '- ' ii "I if in . l i am cw.u,v.s 44. swzrxz MA 1-7c.gwrrf4j-H an gqfuvs? 43:4-elf Aewfgji MEMBERS Firs+ Row: Jaclc Williams, AI Saner, Jack Reilly, Norm Miller, Don Brake, Jaye Ryan, Don Schmidt Haines Roberfs, Tom Noll. Second Row: Ollie Neloel, George Dunn, Glen Jones, Barry lvlaberry, Edwin Ferren, Leo Barden- lweuer. Third Row: Jim Henderson, Edward Kirsch, Jaclc Quick, Charles Cable, Jack Silberman, Edward Brown, Edward Spicer, Ted Welosfer. Fourfh Row: William Yocum, Ron Collins, Roberr Bufler, Hugh Mclniyre, Jules Prevosf, William Peak, Richard Brown, Larry Ramsay, Joe DiSalvo. Nor Picfured: Jim Ayre, Jim Maller, Jose Mar- ra'r'ra, Alfred Milchell, Jerry Ruziclca, Jack Sil- cox, Roy Cornell, Dan Oravec. 43 Wesi Broadway GeTTysburg's only local TraTerniTy. . . preceded by: STar Club, Tounded in l89I ...CriTerion Club, Tounded in l923 .. . CriTerion Club adopTed oTTicial name oT Phi Kappa Rho in l928 . . . merged wiTh STar Club in l932 ...became a voTing member of The lnTerTraTerniTy Council in I949 . . . STar Club was Tormed To aid a reTired minisTer, The Reverend William GeTTle, in his waning years. . .annual local publicaTion: The Rl-IO-I I alumni leTTer . . . TraTerniTy flower: lily oT The valley... colors: maroon and blue, l-louse improvemenTs during The year: addiTion of new TurniTure To The living room . . . exTerior oT The house repainTed in The Tall by The acTive chapTer . . . rush- ing program: clambalce al' Caledonia Park . . . card parTies . . .social TuncTions ThroughouT The year: pledge dance wiTh a l-lallowe'en Theme on homecoming week- end . . . FaThers' Day banquelr. . . barn picnic on ChrisTmas l-louseparTie5 weekend ...MoThers' Day Tea and banqueT . . . clambalce aT spring houseparlries. Firsf Row: Carroll Rohrbaugh, secr?arygdDr?naId Bohn, T s arg T d Reiner, pledge masfer. econ ow: George , , , , rezvugngl viize-presidenTg Dick Wolfe, Sergeanf-af-arms. Phu Kaps' Plcmc af Caladoma- 106 lu Qappa hun I9 5,1 HI KAPPA RHO W :vs f1fvsaf'f,Q3grl?3'-,rizg s A vm 29, - I -5 .. vi fqfrgg .- Mi 3 W. I n-E: 5: -525' rv, . B xx it - V 'T 'l il lr X 'k , 91-f' T , 1, .,., , LV, A -9 ., I ,, , .,,, KI'-gig: , N M L- ,395 , rl , . 1 V ' 5 K. A A h lie 45 5 P01-lF34U6'f'f TE !!!.LOA'5fA!V.0 D A4- EOHIV ' 6. Ml EV4!V.5 1 5. ZUPEIIVATQ lifif Q :gal Q ' M ia ' B535 Ek ya. 7 Q " 'TV 2111 Shuvg B M r IM- A.f.,fxAf-.4956 49 A44 7' , , , V .. ,t ,. -W , to MEMBERS Third Row: Ernesr I-lelmke, Richard Wolfe. Bolo Alexander, Bob Kalz. Fourih Row: Jerry Herz, Bill Hancock, Bob Beierle, Dave Cullwloerr, Mark Oclcslworn, Jack Slenlz. Noi' Picfurecl: Vince Romano, Earl Wanfz, Eugene lrschiclc, Charles Esl1elman,James Kenna. 5. 5 .fewer .J fe lk., ,Vo . E ., N! 339 Carlisle STreeT. DelTa Omicron chapT,er , . . charTer issued March 8, l952 . . . preceeded by The STar and CrescenT Club and Alpha TheTa Chi local TraTerniTy . . . naTionally Tounded aT Norwich UniversiTy, Norwich, VermonT, in l856 . . .Two Tounders . . . purpose: To malce TheTa Chi l:raTerniTy a posiTive Torce Tor consTrucTive and con- Tinued developmenT oT The high.esT Type oT cifizenship among iTs members and To perpeTraTe The Tundamenlrals oT The TraTerniTy . .. l I2 chapTers .. . naTional publicaTion: THE RATTLE OF Tl-IETA Cl-ll . . . Tlower: red carnaTion . . . colors: mililary red and whiTe . . . symbol: raTTlesnal4e. l-louse improvem.enTs: new living room Turnishings . . . new Television seT . .. exTerior newly painTed . . . painTing oT parTs oT The inTerior . . . nafional and campus awards: Two naTional aTTendance Trophies . . . TheTa Chi TraTerniTy scholarship Trophy... l953 Ugly Man ConTesT Trophy. . .social TuncTions: l:aThers' Day weelc- end . . . Homecoming smoker. .. pledge dance . . . regional conTerence aT Susque- hannah . . . MoThers' Day weekend. Left To righl: Chuck McKenzie, vice'presidenTg Bob Sorrell, Decorallcns for The pledge dance carried oul 5 pledge masTerg Fred Almy, president, Pete Parkinson, Treasurer. hearf Theme. 108 DELTA OMICRON CHAPTER 'i 2.50115 ILP' 4?CA" 8 E05 DEM!!! f,,Lr., Hy4611f9 9 eoll09e C -M Afffvz AT if 6:5 ,HJV 4,111.4 Nag! Q I gijlg Y 'fa'-1 V ,Y fli . -,-J nh ,Li .mf me ..,. i- 1 - ' Y- - lT ., ,i J 49. AI06li5f'Af.i' -F H .SNVOEP J.-Z F' 04.5 . 6.5 -Shbbffk , nsfmcfff H .e downs 1-1,9 waaaw,-100 .1 il D A HARVEY 0, 5 6070115 F If AILAL E 0 MIEXG 5 MEMBERS Firsf Row: Roy Slonesifer, Jack l-louclc, Roberl Sorrell, Peier Parkinson, Fred Almy, Charles Mc- Kenzie, Richard Greene, Ted l-lay, Ronald Alex- ander. Second Row: John Glass, Roberf Sharp, Irwin Loose, John Augusline, Richard Snyder, Bruce Fox. Third Row: Donald Ely, Joseph Krisewicz, Roberl Kohr, Edward Budderneyer, David Slelser, Nor- man Srnifh, Earl Shaffer, Noel Hamillron. Fourih Row: Donald Fasnachl, Hugh Burns, Al- berl Woodward, John Buggeln, David l-larvey. Donald Gulhrie, Frank Neal, Richard Wexo, Jay Sixeas. Nof Piclured: William Shaffer, George Ebersol, John Jones, Wally VanDylce, Charles Siedel. 54 ll .SAM . l , '- if N fnwljl b Ml s an 4 I v dig I ,x DELTA OMICRON CHAPTE LQ df ix QV 'fl-IMCA' 2 -SIPEL X-'-Saaerfv cHM4f4af " 'fhcia 63111 "' 6 'U 9 rf I 4 665 ISHAIP I M A -Ch'-S VE-P 4 i f ' 7 -- f ' P , -L , F?F'fY""l-DDE Y W - - X- Wy., WW Aw.-Ii i I 1 - ,f . I gg- Y 1 .V , . I, I I I ,-in-, 3 ,Z J -, " 95"-. " . ,, lj, i iii . . f Y , ' ., li ,, 1 . " -i ,- - - 4 A ,J ,l - ii- . Ll .-1 , . ' " "7 A '1 ', .' ' r ' - . ' ' " .1 rj -3 xii' lj? -J '. ' i i - ' 514- 4' .' ., 45 V- f. I J- " ff " ' Q V- , f 'P' L. ll- 3' -V ,.-, ' H f -1 . f l ' "', 'Q i ir' 71 'D . ...Q -2.1 J 'ii ' fn? i,iJF l X i . J we 1' V l W- .5 l 'A N , X 4- ' 4 24, -1 - -f VGWLWFEE . ll ,M o z. Y, . f sam 55.441451 . , c 5 1 ..e' 55,115 ro W . 'cf' fz 5 '5 leaf" 2 f ' ' i., of 1 Q- J if? 4 -1' li .X ,li-if. ' 'gil l -I3 ,gilt ryj+,1,' if if A W .A 1 ' , J A .. --:-' 1 'F l W if ' - ' Q , 1 ,1 T' l T H1 1 A , L' rf :uf Y ,X , , H 2 .g.,3:-fQ'- . ,rg - l ,-. '51 3 A H lil V i':f':fi ' ,' V 4 S .. , :asf A .1,a.Aasas7-nv: , ,v a a JI ,f M M - i F,4.Sfv1cx!f' H MM .e ea-PN5 45571. A -vgaaqufpa J-fl. QQ66E4.ff I 0 4 -ffA,evgvY 'Ja 5. rsiflxfffe' mf ,ff h'Lfff.fAA. f -6 0 wfxa 4. 1.25 5 MEMBERS Firsl' Row: Roy Sionesiler, Jack l-louclc, Roloerl Sorrell, Peler Parkinson, Fred Alrny, Charles MC- Kenzie, Richard Greene, Ted l'lay, Ronald Alex- ander. Second Row: John Glass, Roberl Sharp, Irwin Loose, John Augusline, Richard Snyder, Bruce Fox. Third Row: Donald Ely, Joseph Krisewicz, Roberl Kohr, Edward Buddemeyer, David Stelser, Nor- man Smilh, Earl Shaffer, Noel l'lamil'ron. Fourih Row: Donald Fasnachi, l-lugh Burns, Al- loerl' Woodward, John Buggeln, David l-larvey, Donald Guihrie, Frank Neal, Richard Wexo, Jay Sixeas. Noi' Piclurecl: William Shaffer, George Eloersol, John Jones. Wally VanDylce, Charles Siedel. A' 66 If-QV -654.4 DE-F ,,..-W.. 4s..SN va N11 K M 5' is w '15 Nw xml fs' Fx. X X ' N "-.., ' X' JL. JJ' 9 .r , , Q Q R 'Q .1 DELTA OMICRON CHA i M i , K E E E PTER 'L ':' :-: ::-:- ' --A ' 1 ,, , , ,, I- , . i i- -:,.-:- ,I .-:. ,.. . i ' . li m lk l l l c l M w R v a' 1 3 -Q K I -vm N ss is yi fa we H E is Y E , E H H ix H 3, H alia 5 E I f lr I .fL.f,Qqa4f ,Q .1 .sa1w:z.r. ,Ts mgwfvsaw if f-TQ ggi fa, 14.717441-,vlzf2A'Y A1 2 5123-,vii 4 TDEIQAEV W as 1u:xfw2u-,e W .5 - Ki :Ax ' V I iiv? xiv' V ik' wif hiii i i A-A vl-T , - 1' I M i ai F- -,fu - .. U Y ,, A . In ,. 1 f i '-if ' 'f , 'A 5 :hr N WE.: -Q., ,2,, ,,M E i-,i f at 3 jeg, 5 J 'ir .J V3 -if il' 'Q 54 c, - if a , , -W M . M . N ,, , I' 3, ' 5 - L Q' 3, : - fined f ' ' 4 L--'tv' 3 a--.M aa 'W X.-:I W -Ha r H4 H 4-f ' f rm-fl--vu-k fu- xv Meera w 5 N572 -.5 M if E an ., gi 'X V 3.1 .Zz Em 73. K V 'Si if 1: , QE, A X K j 5 F mi j 'xi f, jj . , , S 3 Li. gfxim a K H K V 1' , A - M W ,' E ii 1: S- - V - 5""f2?' my ""'5'a'5E 'mf Q2 HW gm egg? rigrfgigaii NYM -W,, ,, J0,AU6llST!!Vd' 1 Il SAIVOEF 6,41 A-ax c-2v11?9' -ff 5 W9 qgcdw I -f-, 5-iifaf i " EZV u M 412155141161 2 C AZN? U AUQDEAVVII D A 57517552 rv 5 .SM1 ffl 5' w -5h6'1ff'f?."F IVA' IAYWYILTHAI ,,,," -,,,:, D W i. i 1 -iw" lk-F ' , ' 3? 1' A i ' '1 .- ,,n 1. . ' .L f Q 1,91 li in ig 7 i 5 f l ' R -ji: , B i wr . , .' l l 1 A I9 lfsfiadih-54105 56f56f'LAf . .0 'V HY lr fr' NEAL ,F 9 lAfL'A'0 J L --S!!6'4S Firsl' Row: Roy Sionesiier, Jack Houck, Roloeri Kohr, Edward Buddemeyer, David Slelrser, Nor- Sorrell. Peler Parkinson, Fred Almy, Charles Mc- Kenzie, Richard Greene. Ted Hay, Ronald Alex- ander. Second Row: John Glass, Roberl Sharp, Irwin Loose, John Augusiine, Richard Snyder, Bruce Fox. Third Row: Donald Ely, Joseph Krisewicz, Roberi 109 man Smiih, Earl Shaffer, Noel Hamilion. Fourih Row: Donald Fasnachi, Hugh Burns, Al- berr Woodward, John Buggeln, David Harvey, Donald Guihrie, Frank Neal, Richard Wexo, Jay Sixeas. Noi Piciured: William Shaffer, George Ebersol, John Jones, Wally VanDyl4e, Charles Siedel. I ,Lv ,W ,Al L . gpg, . Jf'aw'fi! 4c'f M In A ' .. -4 W " his Q 'V ' X QL. .L ,.,f, fy! Q I 'X , I 1 A TA , ,1J'1 ',:iAZ1 I . ' , ' 3 -V . ,A my 1?-Ni ,QQQQE T JL I n ,g, DE S f I K f Li! Gif vlkg .1-,. A .- M15e'3?."-yi: f -,-511 fE'r15Pli x,V!i.Y.A,f 1x f-Q: Q- wffu.. f. -1 QJTQ L., 155: 1.,f- -- - "sig - -'Y 'xff xl if Q' 44 'PX CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS ,IVE-. ,.. 1' en . W EdiTor-in Chief Mary KauFFman, adviser Mr. Paul Baird and business manager Bob Welliver discuss progress of The yearbook THE SPECTRUM To make The T954 SPECTRUM diTTerenT Trom any previous ediTion, To provide a True accounT OT daily liTe aT GeTTysburg College, and To ren- der The yearbook enduring and meaningTul in TuTure years were The goals Toward which The ediTors concenTraTed Their eTTorTs. Following "The We.eks aT GeTTysburg," The SPECTRUM provides a picTure OT campus liTe Trom spring OT '53 To March of This year, wiTh The graduaTion supple- menT compleTing The semesTer. DigniTy and simpliciTy were mainTained ThroughouT by use oT black and whiTe conTrasTs in arT, phoTography and prinTing. CharacTeris- Sfaff workers, firsf row, leTT To right: J. Eckerf, J. Shimkus, P. Brennan mann, P. Cross, B. Alling. Sfandingz E. Jones, B, Maurer, K, Naus, D. berqer, D. Ha Tic oT The I954 SPECTRUM are inTormaliTy and naTuralness. To TurTher This aim a varieTy oT can- dids were included, while group picTures were Taken unposed as much as possible, Occurring This year. The dedicaTion of ChrisT Chapel, a highlighT in The hisTory oT The College, provided a suiTable subiecT Tor The cover. As wiTh all yearbook ediTors, The SPECTRUM workers were anxious To produce a disTincTive annual by TesTing several new ideas. ChieT among These were The inclusion OT a Table oT conTenTs and The presenTaTion oT deparTmenTal copy in The TaculTy secTion. To increase reader appeal. , J, Beck, C. Jones, N. LuckeTT. Second row: G. Irvin, N. Hans- Elwood, B. Binns, B. Sfracener, B, Hoffman, K. Baker, J. WiTTen- chfel. Secfional eclifors L. Warfluff, J. Rogers, D. Zulrswerf, S. Fensfermacher. B. Franke, R. Pease, N. SchunTer, C. Frolen, H. Beaver, J. Franz. J' Managing edifor Jane Evans and picTures ediior Ralph ,A Ar+ sfaff J. Beck, P. Toppel, edilor J. Franz, and N. Harfer puf finishing Touches on feafure secrion Fischer prepare copy and phoTos for The prinTer The ediTorial sTaTT collaboraTed on expressive capTions Tor picTures and inauguraTed The use OT vivid headlines on sporTs pages. An inTegral parT oT any pulolicaTion, The busi- ness sTaTT displayed iTs meriT by increasing year- book and supplernenT orders and adverTising con- TracTs. In March came The presenTaTion oT keys To senior ediTors and The announcemenT oT new ediTors. Wifh correcTion oT Tinal prooTs in April The '54 sTaTT's job drew To a close, Tinally com- pleTed by circulaTion OT new SPECTRUMS in May. Business siaff, seafeclz H. Bargmann, D. Franz, D. Snoolc, manager B. Welliver, J. Carlbon, E. Hadley, B. Maurer. Sfandingx J Davis, D. Johnson, J. Forr, N. Sfone, W. Bunce, J. Jaclcson Q., rientativn dministration A In Chapel pleted the evening. Faculty Explalns Intramurals THE GETTXMB RGIA GETTYSBURG COLLEGE, GETTYSBURG, PA., SEPTEMBER 17, 1953 The GETTYSBURGIAN, campus weelcly news- paper, is edileol and published enlirely by a slaici of sludenls. Members of Jrhe diicierenl slaliis, un- der The ediiorship of Chick Harrison, firsi semes- ler, and Bill Marl'in, second semesier, worlc in The publicaliorfs office in Weidensall Hall To keep The srudenf and alumni informed of campus ac- Tivilies, lo presenl sludenl and lacully opinions. and lo recognize sludeni crealrive lalenl, The slaicf is advised by Mrs, Kalhrine K. Taylor, insfruclor in English. Sludenls inleresied in journalism find an ex- celleni lraining ground in working on lhe 'BURG- i i I e Advisers Mr. Harry Bolich and Mrs. Kalhrine Taylor fall: over GET TYSBURGIAN policies wilh Eclilor-in-Chief Chick Harrison. IAN. ln lhe fall, lry-ours are held for 'rhe siafls and inleresled siudenls are 'rrained for furlher worlc. BUSINESS STAFF Firsf Row: B, Shull, N. Ollivier, C. Wagner, J. Harvey, H. Burden. Second Row: F. Reed, B. Tyson, C. Mumper, B, Franke, L, Lehm n F. Shisler, N. Hansmann, L. Hendrick, J. Burwell. EDITORIAL STAFF First Row: C. Harrison, G. Mumma, M. Kauffman, J. Evans, T. Erns-T, C. Frolen. Second Row: D. Luck, A. McMahon, K. Baker, J. Rogers, C. HuTT. Third Row: L. WarTIufT, S. Wehn S. Fensfermacher, A. Forienbauqh, W. Shearer, S. Ziegler. Fourth Row: J. Worth, J. Eckert F. Luckenbill, J. Stein, B. Siracener, D. Zukswerf, B, Sfadler, E. Black, S. Cashman. Fifih Row: A. Whefsione, B, Binns, T. Websfer, E. Jones, R. Pease, J. Davis, A. Harris, P. Verdone. The sTaTT also conducTs "The GeTTysburgian of The Air," a regular TeaTure on WWGC. The Tive- minuTe broadcasT was presenTed Monday Through Friday aT 9:55 p.m. CusTomarily, The sTalT honors reTiring sTaTT members by The presenTaTion of keys To deserving members. This year The organizaTion improved iTs Tinan- cial siTuaTion by overcoming iTs deTiciT, making The paper a proTiTable proie-cT. AdverTising raTes as well as The amounT oT adverTising in each issue were increased and one hundred new subscripTions were sold. A loan Trom The sTudenT chesT iiquidaTed debTs Trom Tormer sTaiTs. AnnouncemenT oT The paper's raTing, as lisTed by The inTercollegiaTe Press, was made by EdiTor l-larrison, The paper was awarded a TirsT-class raT- ing, was lisTed as "good" in all deparTmenTs, and was commended Tor "greaT improvemenT." Liferary co-edifcrs, Don Luck and Headline edifor, Jane Evans and SporTs edifor Norm Miller and Grace Mumma. managing ediior, Mary Kauffman. news eciiTor Cindy Frolen. we --T' '-r- Execulive Council of WWGC-Firsl Row: N. Meyers, P. Crane, F, Davis, C. Scullin, Mr. Bolich, A. Cornery, A, Cramer, N. Way, P. Boyer, G. Pannell. Second Row: A. Coales, l. Rosenbaum, F. Masferman, R. Creasy, R, Selby, R, Logan, A. Aikin, WWGC engineer mans lhe conlrol board. Gellysburg Colleges "Voice ol lhe Campus" is in ils eighlh year of service lo lhe lacully and siudenis. This year has been one of conslanl progress and revision by The slalil members oi WWGC. A new RCA console and conlrol board were inslalled during The summer. Clher innovalions are a more powerful lransmiiler and radio fre- quency lines lo all of ihe dormiiories and lraler- nily houses H640 on your dial" now has lwelve- hour conlinuous broadcasling daily. I in The campus sTaTion boasTs a varieTy oT pro- grams including compleTe play-by-play broad- casTs oT many TooTball and baslceTball games, boTh home and away, The "C5eTTysburgian oT The Air" brings daily coverage oT campus and world news evenTs. The adminisTraTion has insTalled a remoTe Telephone line in The chapel whereby evenTs can be broadcasT direcTly from There-a special Tea- Ture This year was a direcT broadcasT oT The dedi- caTion oT ChrisT Chapel. The sTaTion has special arrangemenjrs wiTh The RCA, Columbia and CapiTol recording companies Tor obTaining Their laTesT releases. Luclcy STrilce has sponsored a UniTed Press TeleType machine T giving 24-hour Service for The use OT Adviser Harry Bolich and STaTion Manager Glenn Pannel lnTeresTed in cemenTing good relaTions, The Coniefon WWGC Policies- college sTaTion TuncTions in close cooperaTion wiTh The Town sTaTion, WGET. AT presenT, sTaTT mem- on lv1oThers' Weekend To enable sTudenTs and bers are drawing up plans Tor a new consTiTuTion. parenTs To see The sTaTion in acTion. Keys were The sTaTion works wiTh The College Radio Corpo- presenTed To deserving personnel and sTaTT heads raTion, and adverTising agency which Tries To were announced in April, ConsTrucTion oT The sTa- secure naTional sponsors Tor college sTaTions. Tion's Tour sTudios, oTTice and newsroom was com- An Open l-louse was held in The Tall and again pleTed in The spring. First Row: J. Reilly, S, Fllckinqer, R, Davis, P, Crane, R. Logan, G. Pannell, A. Coates, N, Way, A. Comery, N. Meyers. Second Row: T McGraTh, R. Ahrens, S. Fensfermacher, B, Heslon, L. Lehman, J. Slefler, C, Scullln, I, Rosenbaum, K. Swaim, B. Voiens, J. Sfrang, J Hinlon, M, Kerr, F. Davis, Third Row: R. Wolfe, D. Homan, R. Fearer, M. Herrmann, D. Janes, H. Tykoi, O. WalTersdorf, L. Bardenheuer A. Kramer, P, Boyer, C. Salek. Fourlh Row: W, Slreilein, J, Krum, E.. Bower, J. Slenl-L, F. Gingrich, M. Cohen, S. Koffler, F. Masferman J. Holmes, S. Sweet, H. Shader, A. Aikin, L, Goodyear, M, Peiper, D, Griesmann, R. Selby. ii,. T A. i Y' ... EJ ... Ab:-:. E 3- .,.,. . I "L '- Y 'T f ' .,. I-sr - if Q. ,., . .3, V' :':' "' 'M f 'Lil s ri T53 ... . ..,... Eff. Lv B E 1 I 'TS-L . G Bflfufliug SenaTe sponsors all-campus voTe on various Types of diplomas Dean Fryling and PresiclenT Lose coordinaTe SenaTe procedure Eggs , P T y X ,X XX The STudenT SenaTe is composed oT Tour TaculTy members, one voTinq represenTaTive and one non- voTing alTernaTe Trom each TraTerniTy. sororiTy, and independenT group on campus. Organized To provide equal represenTaTion To all sTudenTs in deTermining campus policy, The SenaTe baclcs The BoosTer Club, supervises The class ,elecTions and advises The adminisTraTion of The college on sTu- denT opinions. Whenever necessary. six members oT The SenaTe, wiTh six members oi The TaculTy, meeT To iudge disciplinary cases such as Those oT sTudenTs who cause damage To college properTy or oT Those who cause a personal misdemeanor againsT The sTandards oT The colleqe. This year, The STudenT SenaTe passed The pro- posal ThaT The graduaTion diplomas be in "sheep- skin" Torm insTead oi The proposed bookle-T Torm. AT The end of each school year, The social com- miTTee oT The SenaTe prepares The social calendar Tor The ensuing year, such as seTTing The daTes Tor special weekends such as Homecoming, FaThers' Day and lvloThers' Day. Proposals Tor improving sTudenT condiTions are brouqhT beTore The SenaTe meeTinqs and Then re- Terred by The represe-nTaTives To Their respecTive living groups Tor discussion. AT The Tollowing meeTing The represenTaTives reporT baclc To The SenaTe on The reacTions oT Their groups, Thus crysTallizing sTudenT opinion, Those proposals which are approved luv The SenaTe are presenTed To The college adminisTraTion. The aim oT The SenaTe is To have an increase in sTudenT voice in deTermininq school policies and a concurrenT increase in cooperaTion among The aclminisTraTion, The TaculTv and The sTuclenTs. - - STudenTs casf ballofs for AThleTic Council represenfaiive First row: J. Lau, G. Mumma, C. Kopriver, J. Ryan: Second row: B, Berger, C. Wagner, R. Fischer, W. Sfreilein, H. Cooper, Third row: V. Lammey, J. Sachs, S. Deane, B. Mafihias, R, Graeffg Fourfh Row, A, Weber, D. Laing, N. Olliviarg Fiffh row: D. Ely, B. Siorch, Dr. F. Mason, S, Cashman, Miss G. Kenney, D. Gufhrie. We 1 .sewn I n Emwrgqmwaw , E W Q , 2 . ' Z is 5 L 5 X X Y E K KT A-22.91 H ' ' 5 A. iyg L L Y 4 E if L 35'Mx-an-iffy? ., ,5, S 4 we-3 gg 52'-H ggnmgguwgiixgi K ,K W- 1' in W wx- - 'G :zzgfw-gr ,E Q w : -K 55 iw: W 915 W W -1 W :V 1-L ., ., 1: M -: -5-:+ 5 M W .,x- Q iw B, C W W i, f - . -f i?,1Wg5,Efg1 5-his 2 E 5 H G vi ,L if f-5 it T :::i.? 5 L:j: 'I . Q M .1 H 5 M154 W Q W WWW H E H H H I A 41, 3-H Q, Twig ' ,Q is K if U I ,lm wg nf H -f ww. ,X Q Q, , .:' V1 awzwwwsm 'X v , M. 'W - , A 5 : M W Mm mn 3 ,Y wk , ,::.f., i was GEMM: E s J! 'nz K B M rf X vw -if-PM Li :E '9 If ,, my H WEEE 5 if B 'W 'B ! A H as SS H W ' E E x K: H E I' I' I' W ' M . W mggmm .,,2.35wW, .. X . 5 Y ,. - ', ml' . W 5: , . E H X as :K 'S 1 m m5'W ma as 1:- F32 '5 " f '1Y253?1f2fB'f?-M-- V , K 34 g , 'f am +5 : .V - ' N ,9,,gfi'E,3f,.,:,1 xi-5 Q1 ilqfi-j-ge.E! :,:' -:.:. :' -' . Ww.41?.,gff9fg5 fllvsh' :, ' '-" 53' f .za fiwnei:-XlJ4:':-'ze' " N .6 f ,-2'fv:,,y.'N1- ww-U lf' , N- 'W fy., -WI:-,, 1155---.Mg E X, ' 1 5 5 51'?w43:f3iiPWk"g'h ,fs QE ' "1 H H 1 .. -esgigiigizsxi " 1 ,X .-X , 9' ' " 'H , , . ' ,. W-fw.:g?lmw?,gH.W' W , , ss a ss sm a mn a H w vm vm 'Ei fam a as as -"0 .. . Mamma- . -www :X M mf:- ,grk I I ,-,fi ss as : ss mm K' Y f H I ,, New .'23F57f'-5' ,n 6. . M ,E M 0-mx w 1 :5 - - - , .su--X, 1 MLA WIN Vx -1 Q - L- ,zgg gi Q. A 1-E. , , 1 .A I V, ,A V' B. .k ' : ,Ax 1 J 4 ...Q ff 1 M, 'Q ,xv A VM? V. writ -1 Qi, Wag, , N 4 ,np - na mm ., ' g. .sw pw ink' ,L 4, .iw H :.:, M. "':-: :E' 5:5 mf. ' R: sf m n Ww- . My ,. w ' 'P' F -fx , W U., ,M H gl I A aww iw, mtg +1 'wwf wf,,:.y , x 1,5 H K 'JJ ff H H Q5 H y H gf -,gr f W A R4 A Si ' H Jw M J 5? I ' My f' I - , ,X Si H , 'bm uit? X415 L-V E . Q -"M-Yf. ,irl I ' ' , l 'Y ,. ' 'si'-ak ' .1 X, , f, . 1 , '-' fra!! 4,, . P... v, . . .bw ,.q fyxh '. ., asa ,j ' KW, wa ,, 1 mmm MWA ' , XM MB? ,I B rx 'X M ' Egju n f. . N21 H Y ,H , , Y ul' , .. Q ,fl T- ' 'I 1 A '? .- EF: , l,4M'.T:-: as X X Q K nw my - N f E is my gy m S Q . .:. m . B H 'I H E Y E Y - n,.,v,g' -' -' -ax, V - -Sal j Z ', wk . H H 53 :Agri AN IGHTINGALE D. Oravec, J. Banlxs, F. Wenfz, R. Davis porfray a 'fense momenf in "LiHle Foxes." for special occasions. Professor Earl Ziegler fills fhe posifion of 'rechnical direcfor. Opening fhe 4O'rh season in November was fhe comedy "Bell, Book and Candle" by John van Drufen, lf depicfed modern wifchcraff in mefro- Acfors receive finishing fouchos before 'lhe big perform- ance. P. Maddox, A. Marclcs, R. Brubaker, E. lrshiclc, J. Krum, R. Rice, J. Brefischneider, J. Maffhews, P. Woodward and W. Sfreilein preseni "The Lafe Chrisfopher Bean." polifan New York. The second producfion was The drama "The Liffle Foxes" by Lillian l-lelman, por- fraying a soufhern family which loases success on wealfh. This was presenfed in January. Lafe in lvlarch The club produced "Rope" W. Shearer, D. Laing, P. Maddox, E. Fisher and J Krum pose for a newspaper publicify shof. 'N , K WNW An ouisicle guesf speaker addresses SCA members aT regular Monday meefing. STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION Frexy Jane Drennen and "P, K." Tormulafe SCA plans. 124 Shining nighTly Trom Weidensall Hall is a lighTed Cross, CenTer OT campus and oT The STudenT ChrisTian AssociaTion. This SCA Building is a cenTer Tor worlc and Tellowship-especially Tor ChrisTian Thoughf and acTion. Convinced ThaT ChrisTianiTy's viTal message is relevanf To eyerv phase OT college liTe, This all- sTudenT organizaTion is more Than an acTiviTy, lTs program OT worship, sTudy and acTion is aimed aT showing inquiring sTudenTs how FaiTh can be- come a ToTal way oT liTe. STudenTs Tace manv problems in The new ex- periences oT maTuring vears. On campus, The SCA Torms a Trameworlc oT ChrisTian Tellowship and commiTemenT in which quesTions and convicTions may be shared, wifh The realizaTion ThaT only in a deTiniTe and dynamic relaTionship To The ChrisTian FaiTh can any individual Tind real meaning Tor liTe. AT weelcly meeTing, ThereTore, The Associa- Tion considers viTal Topics OT world, campus or personal inTeresT, Trom a ChrisTian viewpoinT. ln The quesT Tor spiriTual cerTainTy, members hold Bible sTudy regularly and use The privaTe chapel in The SCA Building. They lead services Below: Members gafher in SCA lobby 'For fellowship affer Monday meeTing, Boiiom: SCA carolers ioin in Chrisimas spiriT wiTh Dr. and Mrs. Langsam. SCA Cabinef members, left to right-on floor: A. Samuelson, R. Plomgren, M. Bishop, D. Geib, D. Oravec, R, Weinelf. Second Row: P, Heckman, Dean Tilberg, J. Drennen, S. Lose, Mrs, Lang- sam, B, Mariing B, Hershey, Dean Frylinq. Sfandingz "P. K." in ChrisT Chapel once weelcly. Some lead an inTer- racial program aT The local colored church or regularly visiT and worship wiTh oldsTers aT The CounTy l-Tome. The SCA sponsors Vespers weelcly over local radio sTaTions. A spiriTual highliqhl is Religion-in-LiTe Week, when speakers and discussion leaders sTimulaTe reThinking, VolunTary giving provides Tunds Tor inTernaTionallv-relaTed causes. This year supporT- ing a Korean quesT-sTudenT. On The Tall -calendar are The Frosh OuTing and all-campus RecepTion. AT ChrisTmasTime is carol- ling. There are worship services, inTercollegiaTe comcerences,, hymn-sings and reTreaTs. Only religious organizaTion on campus, The SCA is an ever-widening core oT commiTTee ChrisTian sTudenTs, re-dedicaTing Themselves in Their personal TaiTh and seeking To serve The Col- lege liTe. They have pledged personal commiT- menT To ChrisT as Savior and To The TurThering oT l-lis Kingdom. AlThough acTiviTy and service are imporTanT in The SCA program, iT is primarily concerned wiTh The individuals TaiTh. ln This sTudenT comrnuniTy, Triendships and enriching experiences are many and lasTing. Under The guidance oT The Chaplain. The SCA moves Toward more meaningTul Tellow- ship in The ChrisTian TaiTh. ThaT l:aiTh Thus Torms The lifeblood oT The individual members oT The SCA program, and oT The whole C-5eTTysburg College campus. as .- .sn s :.: . .:. z.: r .... .,. ,., l ., - f .. K 'QTQ f' " .15 ,,5:1.f . E .... ' fs . . ' Q? T 3 5 . .V i . gi H is X ' ' -?....... :-: as srl l TE -, K lf. 2 5 as-X Us E 1 ' : r - lx? .-,- gm., ,. , ,gi is I 1. M , fi T 2. Tl is 5, M3 .. - -' an lfif is , 1, .2153 , liil-as 5 I 4 lp! fi QS 3 PMB ' zz 3 Bu. ?,.,vv-" M rv .W , ' ' Zine - -a Q www W?-N VTP? nfs- sui M K e Q 4: . ss M5 . ss-serif. Qs 2 "Wags" conducTs a daily rehearsal. Coniinuing iTs Tame as one of The leading col- lege choral groups in The EasT, The 6eTTysburg College Choir has completed iTs eighTeenTh suc- cessiul year. Under The capable baTon OT Proiessor Parker B. Waonild, beTTer known To all as "Wags," special programs were pre-senTed on The campus by The choir, including a ChrisTn'1as ConcerT and a special program aT The dedicaiion of ChrisT THE COLLEGE CHOIR Chapel in The Tall, However, The choir concen- Traiecl iTs eTTorTs on preparaTions Tor The annual conceri Tour, which This year exirended Trorn March 26 To April 5. The group Travelled To weslern New York sTaTe appearing in Binghamiron, Elmira, Syracuse, Bui- Talo, and Niagara Falls. OTher concerT sTops were made in Duquesne, Honesclale and Pine Grove, Pennsylvania. The college choir also made a weekend Trip To The Philadelphia area where con- cerTs were given aT The Philadelphia Navy Yard, in GerrnanTown, and in Upper Darby. Day Trips were rnade To Harrisburg and Lan- casTer and To Glen Rock, Pennsylvania. CoordinaT- ing The Trips and Tour was Dr. l-larold A. Dunkel- berger, The laculTy business manager Tor The or- Firsi' Row: J. Beck, A. Bean, N. Penniman, I, Hallsiein, J, Evans, M, Sfrcehmann, P. Mason, M, Lane, H. Paugh, A. Rawlings, A, Forfen- baugh, S. Picking S. Rowe, L. Rosf. Second Row: J, Jury, C, Wells, G. Feeser, J. Benfer, R. Siegarf, A. Marlin, N. Krall, G. Hausmann, H, Rawlings, G, Haabeslad, S. Schmill, P, Heckman, E. Zoerbel, C. Kopriver, J. Banks, S. Hays, Third Row: M. Grove, E. Fisher, J. Gabiq, R, Sickel, D. Moyer, F. Scalzi, J. McGaughy, L, Emlel, J. Molnar. D, Bollinger, B, Shaffer, C. Davies, D, Baker, C. HuTT. Fourlh Row: S. Sollenberqer, R. Wursl, R, Lauffenburger, P, Schmidf, G. Williams, J. Rosl, C. McKenzie, E. Anderson, S. Schulz, R, Maflhias, J. Kenna E. Mayberry, R. Peery. sg. - , "- '-7 .-lie . i5,?g,gsw gm K ,E .'..,s,52.g, Q Wi ' if Nh ,H S'ruclen+ manager Don Bollinger and "Wags" check a score. ganizalion. Donald Bollinger served in lhe capa- ciiy ol siudeni manager, The group, made up of approximately lilly-live frained voices plus four or live allernafes, was selecled bv Professor Wagnild af 'rhe beginning of The Term. Praclices were held four limes a weelc wi'rh addilional seclional rehearsals once or 'rwice each week. ln lhe reperloire of The choir were modern sacred music and classical seleclions. A+ lhe loanquef held in 'rhe spring, keys were awarded fo seniors and lo Those members of lhe choir who had served Two or more years. Choir members waii' io board busses for spring concerf four. Choir presenis i+s annual Chrisfmas concerl' in 'rhe chapel Lef? to right: L, Kroggel, B. Wiflen, D, Homan, R. Finlay, C. Rohrbaugh, T. Shaffer, T, Hay, D. Fefrow, D, Sheefz, Mr. Hamer, D. Guise, B. Corcoran. Under 'lhe direclion of Mr. Paul A. l-larner, lhe Geliysburg College Band is aciive lhroughoul lhe year, bolh on lhe loolball field and in The pres- enlalion of concerls. Led by lhe head maiorelle, Bonnie MacGibeny and lwirlers Joanne Osdal. Marge Ficlcel, and Lois, lhe marching band performed al all of 'rhe home loolball games and al 'rhe away games wilh Weslern Maryland, Albright Muhlenberg, and Lebanon Valley. A new lealure lhis year was lhe use of orange and blue flags inslead of barons by lhe lhree maiorelles. Before mosl of ihe ioolball games lhe band was iealured al pep rallies held on lhe sleps of Old Dorm, al Lincoln Square, or on lhe praclice field around a huge bonfire. Filling The posilions oi drum major and presi- denl, Bill Corcoran planned all of lhe lormaiions used al lhe foolball game halflimes, wilh special programs presenled on Falhers' Day and Home- coming. THE COLLEGE Presidenl Bill Corcoran reviews music wilh Direclor Harner. ' ' ,- L " 2 hi 1 . ": ' ii 1- - L Bonnie in aciion. , Following The TooTball season, pracTice Time was devoTed To preparaiion Tor The concerT band season, which included Two concerTs during The second semesier. This year The band received several ouT of Town concerT engagemenTs which helped To bring more recogniTion To The college. FeaTured in These programs was Twirling by Bonnie Macevibeny as well as classical and novelTy band numbers and marches. STill TuncTion of This organizairion is ThaT oT parTicipaTing in local parades. AT The annual Halloween Parade This year GeTTysburg College Band was awarded Tirsi prize Tor music. Each spring a banguei is held in one OT The local churches and all members who have given Three years oT service wiTh eiTher The marching band or The concerT band are recognized, Those serving wiTh The marching band receive leTTers, while keys are awarded To Those who have been members oT The concerT band. A Bill Corcoran leads a pep song Bk D Sh' L Kro el R Ilgenfrlfz O Firsf Row: J. Osdal, M. Fickel, L. Winneberqer, Second Row: C. Neuhaus, G. Biser, K. a er, . river, . gg , Schwagjer, D, Macornber, D. Rupp. Third Raw: L. Hendrick, C. Rohrbaugh, B. Wiffen, F. Shisler, P. Harner ipnreciorl, J McGaughy D. Sal y, J, Sr.oTT, J. Lehn. Fourih Row: N. Husbands, G, Borneman, E. Morrison, P. Boyer, R. Siberf, D. Relndollar, P Henning D Fefrow, J. Shriver, D. Spangler. Fiffh Row: B. Corcoran, B. Beirle, B. Heckman, G. Dise, W. Fleck, D. Brighf. THE G-BOOK lnvaluable lo all Freshmen is The poclcel'-sized G-Book, which is The lirsl college publicalion lhey receive upon malriculalion. This annually published handbook conlains in- lormalion concerning all ol 'rhe campus organiza- lions and aclivi', as well as hinls aboul lhe '54 Edilors: Barry Keller, Business Managerg Ron Pease, Edilor-in- Chief, Joan Sfein, Managing Edilor. clolhes and equipmenl sludenls should bring, ln- clucled in lhe boolc is a map localinq all campus buildings and a calendar ol lhe year's evenls, bolh alhlelic and social. Facully and aclminislra- lion are inlroclucecl and college mileslones and lradilions are lislecl. Sealed: P. Berger, J. Sfein, K. Baker, E. Jones, E. Thomas, J. Rogers B Sfracener G Mumma N. Hansmann L. Lelin ani: A. Nnhelsicnle, R.'Peaseg Sfanding: J, Eva'ns,i8. Keller, Plarcourf, I I E EdiTors Lois Saudi and Bob MaHhias inspecT MERCURY wiTl1 Mrs. Taylor, adviser. The Mercury, GeTTysburg's liTerary magazine, is issued approximaTely Tour Times a year. WiTh lloaTinq oTTices localed ThroughouT The 'favored haunTs oT GeTTysburq College sTudenTs, The Mercury gains iTs maTerial. ArTicles, shorT sTories, reviews, and poems Tor This maqazine are gleaned Kneel ng: B. Maiihias, D, Clarke. Sealed, left To right D. Holck, N. W Taylor. ay, G. THE ERCURY Trom many sources, MOST oT The maTerial, how- ever. is secured Trom The creaTiv,e wriTing classes and conTribuTions Trom The sTuclenT body. All man- aging and ediTinq oT This publicaTion is clone by The sTudenTs wiThouT assisTance oT The TaculTy. Haabeslad, L, Huzzard, L. SandT, J. Franz, B. Wagner, Mrs. THE G- The G-Men, an ourgrowfh of The Minnesingers which was organized in The fall of I950, is a male chorus of 30 non-choir members who are inter- eslecl in choral work. Under ihe direcrion of Pro- fessor R. Henry Ackley, The group sings all Types of music, including bolh sacred and secular songs. Adviser Aclrley and presicleni Sfreilein plan program. During The pas+ college year, lhe G-Men gave a concerl' for lhe Women's League ancl 'roolc par? in The annual Chrisfmas program in Chris? Chapel. Hood, Wilson, and various ofher colleges in lhe vicinily were hosfs 'ro 'rhe group for appearances. Sfarrding: Prof. R. Ackleyg Firsf row: K. Kuhlfhau, D. Fefrow, F. Sfroehmann, M. Bishop, W. Ewing, O. Wolfersdorf, C. Eshlaman J. Paradine, F. Foersfer, H. Cooperg Second row: R. Franz, R, Sensbach, D. Lang, E. Reeder, L. Kroggel, J. Sfenfz, C. Sfarner, N Su Iouff, G. Hoyf, W. Sfreilein, J. Gabig. -. Siudenl Council presidenf Nancy Penniman and Dean Siorelc discuss agenda for weelrly meeling. Women's Sluclenf Council is 'rhe governing group of 'rhe coeds. The Council, consislring of Jrwo seniors, +wo juniors, one sophomore and one fresh- man represenfalive plus +he officers, meels week- ly as an advisory group wilh Dean iviarlha Slorek. The council granls special permissions and makes Le? to riqhf: F. Luckenbill, D, Zukswerl, N. Penniman, M. Sfackowski, WO NTS STUDE COUNCIL decisions on disciplinary cases. All coeds are ex- pecled To arlend lhe monfhly meelring of Wo- men's Sludeni Government Also, WSC is in charge of Women's Tribunal and sponsors May Day and The annual Dorm Dance, which lhis year honored 'rhe ioolball ieam. Kauffman, J. Sfrang, C. Lenhard, 6. Irvin, M. Lane. we is E ,4 3 F MEN'S TRIBUNA lvlen's Tribunal, which is under The sponsorship OT The STudenT SenaTe, is an inTegral parT oT The Treshmen acTiviTies in The Tall. Regular meeTings are held se- veral Times a week during The TirsT Tew weeks oT school. Freshmen who have dis- obeyed cusToms regulaTions are broughT beTore This group and penalTies are is- sued. lvlen's Tribunal is composed oT various represenTaTives Trom The men's living groups and iT is Their job To decide on The annual cusToms rules and regula- Tions. The group is acTive unTil Treshmen cusToms are called oTT by virTue oT The winning oT a Tug-o-war, which is held on The banlcs oT The Tiber beTween The Tresh- men and sophomore classes. Leff To right D. Holk, B, Knup, C, Chianos, E. Bower, J. Ayre, J. Mamula, E, Paliszewski, B, Williams, J. Kelly, T. Brower. Wornen's Tribunal, headed by The vice presidenT oT The Women's STudenT Gov- ernmenT, is The group To be reckoned wiTh by The Treshmen girls. Tribunal is composed oT seven members oT Women's STud.enT Government One oT The girls is a senior. Three reoresenTaTives are juniors and The remaining Three are sophomores. Tribunal holds regularly scheduled meeTings and line-ups Tor The Treshmen during The TirsT several weeks oT The school year. ViolaTors oT The an- nual cusToms rules are punished and spe- cial cusToms are announced. The rules and requlaTions oT Treshmen girls are also esTablished by This group. They are acTive every Tall 'From The beginning OT The school Term unTil cusToms are called oTT. B. Black, L. Lehman, M. Siackowski, A. Brown, J, Sachs. WGMEN'S TRIBUNAL 4 DOR ITGRY COUNCIL Helping To solve personal problems oT The Treshmen and aiding Them in Their sTudies is The principal iob of The Dormi- Tory Council composed oT junior and senior sTudenTs. AT leasT one oT These procTors lives on each Tloor oT The Treshmen dormi- Tories. OTher duTies assigned To Them are The mainTenance oT quieT hours in The living c4uarTers and guidance in The selecTion oT courses. The women counse- lors worlc in close cooperaTion wiTh The housemoThers, while men counselors meeT each weelc wiTh Dean Rob.erT l-l. Fryling To discuss anv sTudenT problems. ln an- oTher capaciTy, They acT as supervisors Tor The Tire-TiqhTing squads and prepare records abouT each Treshmen boy. Firs? Row: G. Leisfer, C. Beck, R. Eppleman, W. Snyder, Prof. Johnson, R. Gaenzle, C. Frolen, J, Franz, R. McComas, Dean R. Fryling. Second Row: M. Fackler, T. Lunn, J. Schreiber, J. Clarke, Dr. Dunkle- berger, C. Grefh, J. Howard, D, HammeTT, R. De- michele, Dr. Duck, Dr. Sloai, Mr. Wolfe, R. Miller. A group composed of TaculTy advisers and The counselors in The freshmen dorms acTed as Treshmen counselors This year. Each TaculTv member and counselor meT wiTh a group oT TwenTy To ThirTy new sTudenTs during The TirsT monThs OT The Term To air problems involving adiusT- menT To college life and The selecTion oT The proper courses. RelaTionships wiTh Tellow sTudenTs and wiTh professors were also discussed. These TaculTy advisers had access To The six-week grades oT The sTudenTs in Their group. They arranged personal con- ferences wiTh each advisee To oTTer sug- gesTions for improvemenT in grades and To help Them overcome any diTTiculTies They may have encounTered. Firsf Row: Dean Fryling, R. McComas, M. Fackler, Prof. Jarvis, C. Beck Prof. Williams, R. Eppleman, Second Row: Dr, Barfholomew, Prof. Johnson, Dr. Dunkelberger, Prof. Wolfinger, Prof. Zeigler, Prof. Schubarl, Dr. Ahrens, Dr. Glaffelfer. Third Row: G. Grefh, J. Franz, D. Hammeff, iP. VanHoufen, B. Jones, C. Grefh, T. Lunn, C. Frolen, P. Boyer. Fourih Row: Dr. Long, Prof. Smifh, Prof, Bolich, Prof. Lindemann, J. Schreiber, R. Miller. FRESHME COUNSELGRS INTERNATIONAL CLUB STuolenTs inTeresTed in inTernaTional aTTairs, currenT news evenTs and world problems comprise The membership OT The lnTernaTional Club. Coopera- Ting wiTh The UniTed NaTions, The club holds panel discussions and TeaTures guesT speakers on currenT news Topics. This year The lnTernaTional Club spenT a weekend in New York CiTy Touring The UniTed NaTions l'leadquarTers and sTudying various phases oT UN work in which They may be oT assisTance. Members oT The lnTernaTional Club also sponsor and wriTe a weekly column in The GETTYSBURGIAN, This column, The IRC Observer, brings ouT deTails and highlighTs OT The laTesT world problems, inTer.esTing news in- TormaTion and opinions. AT leff: N. Luckelf. First Row: D, Phillips, R. Webb, T. Bracken. Second Row: M. Berlhold, C. Garrow, E. Velecky, M, Rilling, M. Wehle, J. Gib- son. Third Row: J. Robinson, J. Beck, J. Coleman, B. Vofens. Sfandinqz R. Sachs. The GovernmenT Club. which is a member oT The lnTercollegiaTe Con- Terence on Government was organ- ized aT GeTTysburg in l95O wiTh Th.e assisTance oT Proiessor ChesTer Jarvis. The purpose oT This club is To acquainT iTs members wiTh qovernmenTal pro- cedure on The local, sTaTe and naTional levels. This group especially sTresses The sTaTe governmenT angle, buT iT is also in close conTacT wiTh The lnTer- naTional Club. AT Their bi-monThly meeTings The group hears speakers who have had experience in govern- menT work. The members hold inTormal discussions and debaTes on currenT is- sues and each year The group sends delegaTes To The lnTercollegiaTe Con- Terence in Harrisburg, Firsf Row: D. Ryder, Prof. Jarvis, D, Ely, W. Shank, G. O'Malley, J. Seidman, B, Alexander. Second Row: B. Vanlsfendal, B, Eisenharf, A. Swifzer, W. Ewing, C. Garrow. GOVERNMENT CLUB MEN ATE CLUB To develop skill and abiliTy in argu- menTaTion and public speaking is The purpose OT The Men's DebaTe Council oT GeTTysburg College. This experi- ence also provides The debaTers wiTh The arT and pracTice oT logical Think- ing, Membership in The organizaTion is acquired Through inTeresT and There are no dues. Advising The council is Professor Harry F. Bolich. Some oT The year's acTiviTies include TournamenTs wiTh nearby colleges, such as Dickin- son, Messiah, MounT SainT Mary's and Franklin 3a Marshall. MeeTing each week, This organizaTion also holds in- Tormal debaTes on noTeworThy Topics, wiTh The professors who are relaTed To The Topic acTing as The judges Tor The debaTe. Leif To righT: G. Evans, C. Cass, H. Shader, J. Lipkin, A. Brown, Prof. H. Bclich, T. Rehmeyer. La TerTulia Espanola, a group oT ad- vanced Spanish sTudenTs who assemble regularly To pracTice speaking in Their adopTed Tongue, was organized in T953 by Senor Angel Franco. The so- cieTy's name is TranslaTed "a Spanish social gaThering" and is highly ap- propriaTe, Tor The inTormal meeTings are devoTed To improving Spanish conversaTion and providing aTmos- phere and undersTanding of The Span- ish-speaking naTions. lnTeresTed mem- bers presenT reporTs on aspecTs oT Spanish culTure or oT The language aT The meeTings which are ConducTed en- Tirely in Spanish in order To increase Tluency in iTs pracTical use. This group is advised by Senor Alvarez-Silva. Seafed, leff To righT: B, Slracener, P. Berger, J. Marrofa, D, Greene. Sfandingz Senor Alvarez- Silva, M. Kauffman. WOMEN S DEBATE CLUB FRENCH CLU The French Club has in previous years Tried To give The sTudenTs a greaTer ap- preciaTion oT The French language. OUT- side of regular classes iT Tries To show, Through varied programs consisTing oT informal Talks by boTh proTessors and sTu- denTs, The imporTance oi The language of France. Following The Talks casual con- versaTions by The members in French is noT uncommon. Movies and plays in French are also presenTed, wiTh The laTTer beino produced bv Those mosT inTer- esTed. "L'Anqlais Tel Qu' on le Parle," which inTroduced inTo The club a liTTle biT oT "Le Comedia Francaise," was one of The plays Tor This year. Also, French music is enjoyed by The members OT This organizaTion. Leff To right M. FeiT, Dr. Bachman, R. Sfromberq, B. Myer, G. Irvin, Miss Lehnberqer, J. Califf, C. Eshleman. DirecTed by Th.e proTessors in The Spanish deparTmenT, The Spanish Club has Tor iTs purpose The idea oT giving Those inTeresTed fluency and pracTical knowledge OT This parTicular Romance language, oTher Than can be obTained in- side The classroom. Unique in ThaT iT holds iTs meeTings enTirely in Spanish, The club aids The members in aTTaining a verbal Tluency in The language. BrieT dramaTiza- Tions, Torums and radio programs are produced by The members under The dir.ecTion oT Professors Guillermo Barriga and l'lerberT G, Hamme, aTTording The members wiTh ample culTural and prac- Tical inTormaTion oT Spain. Every Two weelcs inTormal meeTings are held in Weidensall l-lall. First Row: Prof. Alvarez, J. Ziegler, P, Berger, J. STeT- ler, B. Stracenerg Second Row: Prof. Barriga, C. Frolen. Nof picfuredz Prof. Hamme. SPANI SH CLU SOCIOLOGY CLUB l l' I "' T i T 0' l I T . -' H I I l ra Ea' H R X sit.. ,-'sfffk I! X X- ,Q v 1 . A SCEPTICAL C lv1eeTing Twice a rnonTh, The Sociology Club endeavors To discuss and analyze Tields oT social worlc. Members are lcepT acTive by being on eiTher The social Theory commiTTee or The Tield worlc commiTTee. The criTerion Tor member- ship is inT.eresT. PasT acTiviTies include a poll on The aTTiTude oT GeTTysburg sTu- denTs Toward inTellecTual sTimulaTion on The campus, wiTh The resulTs being pub- lished in The GETTYSBURGIAN and seri- ously sTudied by The club. Also highlighT- Inq The vear's acTiviTies are speakers and Tield Trips To insTiTuTions which are ger- mane To The sociological problem under sTudy. Dr. Heinz Langerhans and Dr. EsTher Blass advise and assisT aT The meeT- ings. Seafedz R. Davis, M. Siroehmann, B. Franke, C. Huff, E. Anderson, G. Rieker, N. Hansmann, N. Schunfer, L. Warfluff, S. Wehn, N. Wayg Siandingz B. Logan, R. STaude, Dr. Langerhans. Founded in I927 by Dr. C. Allen SloaT, The ScepTical ChymisTs SocieTy is com- posed oT chemisTry maiors who are seri- ously inTeresTed in TurThering Their lcnowl- edge oT The sciences. Members are re- quired To deliver Two speeches, one upon admission, The oTher in The senior year. These speeches develop a speciTic aspecT in The Tield OT chemisTry. Besides arrang- ing meeTings, The members underTalce Trips To commercial laboraTories and in- dusTrial planTs, Thereby gaining pracTical experience beyond ThaT obTainable in The classroom. The lasT was a Trip To The BeThlehem STeel Company in l-larrisburg. where The Tield oT chemisTry could be visually comprehended and pracTically undersTood. SeaTed: M. Harsch, M. Albaugh, J. Sfein, M. Wcrfhg Standing: A. Smart, Professor Weiland, R. ETier, J, Marfin, I, Rosenbaum, M. Shearer, E. Monigomery. HYMISTS The Chapel Choir came inTo being during The Tall oT i952 and was or- ganized under The direcTion of Ed Naylor, who has since graduaTed. The size oT The choir has grown Trom I5 members To approximaTely 45 volun- Tary members, The group sings daily in chapel and is called upon To sing aT special occasions, such as Home- coming, FaThers' Weekend and lvloTh- ers' Weekend. The choir members, who c1iveTreely oT Their Time, are now under The direcTion oT Miss Eleanor Bidka and Joe Molnar, This year's presidenT. Rehearsals are held every Thursday nighT and membership is open To anyone who enjoys group singing and who wanTs To volunTeer his Time Tor rehearsal. Firsf Row: Miss Bidka, D, Lu'l'z, R, Sfromberg, P. Mason, J. Dunlop, A. Marfin, G, Haabesfad, C. Frolen, A. Neal, P. SpachT. Second Row: I. Mare lin, S. Whife, M. Sfeele, M. Herrmann, B. Rifz, D. Reindollar, L. Grefh, A. Fisher, V, Feeser, C. Lovelidge. Third Row: W. Ewing, M. Bishop, N. Suloff, K. Kuhlfhau, R. Seabrighf, E. Livingsfon, B. Schulfz, R, Baker. FourTh Row: F, Sfroehmann, P. Schmiff, J. Robbins, E. Irshick, D. Luck, B. Hershey, J. Molnar,SL. Krog-gel, R. Fearer, R. nare. The Pre-lviinisTerial AssociaTion has Three aims: To give The pre-minisTerial sTudenT on The campus an insighT inTo The work oT The minisTry and The liTe oT The minisTer: To promoTe Triendship among The pre-minisTerial sTudenTs aT GeTTvsburq and Thereby encourage greaTer comradeship and Tellowship on The campus: and To make The daily liT.e OT each member of This organizaTion an example OT whaT The aspiring min- isTer's conducT and sinceriTy oT pur- pose should be. The organizaTion holds weeklv meeTinqs and members oT The associaTion assisT wiTh services in The surrounding Towns. The group spon- sors weekly Sunday School classes and presenTs a daily devoTion program on WWGC. Firsl' Row: D, Spangler, D. Reindollar, R. Seabright, J. Habecker, A. Fisher. Second Row: R. Fearer, N. Sulouff, A. Weber, J. Hechler, A. Ruby. Third Row: A. Siegel, R. Weinelf, R, Bower. Four-Th Row: R Marshall M. Piper, J. Robbins, W. Markley, R Mack, C. N'aumann, A. Coaies, D. Geib, R. Plom- gren, W. Wagner. PRE-MINISTERI L ASSOCIATIO PHYSICAL EDUCATIGN CLUB The main obiecTive of The Physical EclucaTion Club is To familiarize iTs members wiTh The various aspechs oT physical educaTion. The club meeTs monThly To hear speakers and hold dis- cussions on subiecTs which help sup- plemenT Their course. The organizaTion is closely associaTed wiTh The sTuclenT body. Members Take charge oT The men's and women's ir1Tramural sporTs programs and insTrucT square dancing. During The year The group sponsors a waTer show and carnival. The proceeds of which are used To buy equipmenT To help TurTher The vouTh recreaTional program OT The communiTy. Member- ship is open To all physical educaTion majors who are inTeresTed in gaining more knowledge in Their Tield oT sTudy. Seafedz A. Buck, B. Lee, F. Luckenbill, N. Mifchell, Miss Kenney, J. Taylor, A. Davis, B, Crouse, M. Leary, A. VanArTsdalen. Siandingz B. Peiper, L. Eckman. D. Hockenbury, C. Coull, E, Young, S. Shaulis, W. Lehr, J. Lang, D. Griesel, W. Snyder, D. Holland, J. Keller, S. Evangelisfa, J. Ridinger, D. Lebzelfer, F. Eckerf, R. DeBois, R. Siebold, Dr. Barfholomew. The Gavel Club was organized To bring abouT inTer-TraTerniTy harmony on The GeTTysburg College campus and To aid The diTTereriT TraTerniTies in carrying ouT The policies which are adopTed by The aclminisTraTion. The organizaTion is composed oT The presi- denTs and vice presidenTs oi each TraTerniTy on campus. During Their meeTings, which occur every Two weeks, The group inTormally discusses The probl.ems which someTimes arise beTween TraTerniTies: buT The members Talce no legislaTive acTion. PresidenT lviilce Frinzi and SecreTary Ron Yuzulc, Togeirher wiTh The remainder oT The group, keep in close conTacT wiTh Dean RoberT Fryling and The college aclminisTraTion. Seafed: B. Sanff, R, Fischer, R. ETTer, R, Bray, D. Snook, B. Clemenf. Sfanding: M. Barber, F. Almy. Seafedz Dean Frying, M, Frinzi, iDr. Kramer, R, Bru- baker, T, Hildebrand, C. foull, W. Hemberger, D. Bra e. GAVEL CLUB THE 'THING' COMMITTEE Grganized in The Tall OT l95O The 'lThing" COmmiTTee has as iTs purpose The sponsorship OT "The Thing," an inTOrmal weelcend dance. Providing There is no scheduled campus evenT, This cOmmiTTee sponsors a dance every Friday nighT in The audiTOrium OT Weidensall T-lall. This year The STudenT ChrisTian As- sOciaTiOn Toolc over The OTTicial cOnTrol OT The organizaTiOn, Each week a diTTer- enT TraTerniTy and sororiTy sponsor The dance and acT as hOsTs and hosTesses Tor The evening. Music Tor These sTricTly in- Tormal evenTs is provided by eiTher rec- ords Or a campus combo. The success OT "The Things" depends enTirely on The co- OperaTiOn and suppOrT OT The sTud.enT body, Kneeling: D, Lichfenfeld, D. Helfrish, B. Diehl. STand- ing: R. Adams, D. Fredrich, B. Brazenor, G, Grelh, S. Schulfz. GeTTysburg college-'S Chess Club, as a member OT The lnTercOllegiaTe Chess League, compeTes wiTh The chess Teams OT OTher colleges in The area including Penn STaTe and AlbrighT. This year The members OT The chess club also played wiTh people in The local hospiTals. Dr. William K. Sundermeyer is adviser To This group in which The .experienced players give lessons To inTeresTed begin- ners. ReTreshmenTs are served and musi- cal enTerTainmenT is TeaTured aT .each meeTing. lnnOvaTiOns during The pasT year were The cOnsTrucTion OT a Three- dimensional chessboard and The sponsor- ing OT an all-campus chess TournamenT wiTh a prize being awarded To The cham- pion G-Burg chess player. Standing: D, Miller, LeTT To righfz R. Sfaude, R. Sfranq, G, Dise, R. Milo, 6. Spillinger, J, RighTmyer, Dr. Sundermeyer. CHESS CLUB VL. x I is Ill i K l 'Jul' . 1 . 5 .P y4, ,l, .H yM l I w A .- X l D a?g'i"":-y. I I' ' ' "NM 5 u , - .. . , we E ,. 1.5,--J g x .xxg-A I . V, .- ff --...W V 2 K I 'X- g "1-ga -K' 'i Al' leff: G. Rieker. Firsf Row: J. Kochenderfer, H, Tykof, D. Trein, R. V orley, G, Lang. Second Row: F. Segel, N. Myers, J, Riedel, S, Young J, Jones, F. McLauglIin, R. Macomber. Indepenclenf Men 'la lie lime oul io polish Trophies. nz 5. sf if Y: ' r THE The Associalion ol lndepenclenl lvlen was or- ganized lo provide represenralion in siudenl gov- ernmeni and in olher aclivilies and lo provide an organized social program for 'rhose who are unable or do noi care lo join a fralernily. Every male sludenl nol a member or pledge ol a lralernily is considered an independenl man and is eligible for aclive membership. The lndependenl Men de- sire lo cooperale wilh lhe living groups on campus 'ro offer an equal opporlunily lor all sludenlrs ai Gelfysburg. This year's aclivilies included enfering leams in 'rhe school's inlramural alhlelic program, and enlry in The annual Homecoming Day lloal parade. receplions on lvlolhers' and Falhers' Day and Chrislmas and Spring housepariies. The Chrislmas houseparly was called lhe Di- onysian Fesiival, honoring Bacchus. The Roman god oi wine. Under The chairmanship of Sam Young, lhe commilree arranged for servanrs dressed in 'rogas and reireshrnenrs served from a 'rhorn bush. The main floor of Jrhe SCA building was fur- nished wilh a lable and a pillar holding a busr of one of ihe gods. Creafing aimosphere in rhe audi- roriurn were blue lighling from The Ceiling, flow- ers around ihe sides and a cenrerpiece consisling of anorher pillar holding a busl of ihe god Mercury. A silhouelre of ancienr Rome was our- lined behind The swimming pool while palms, red glasses holding candles and large vases com- pleled ihe decorarions. Members eleci a presideni, George Rielcer This year, and ofher officers 'ro conduci rheir business meerings and social affairs. The groups represen- farive on lhe Siudenr Senare is Al Weber. DEPE DE Relaxing wifh a song fesr affer meefing. Lefi io riqhfz J. Riedel, vice-presidenig G. Rieker, presidenig J Kochenderfer, freasurer. Noi picfured: J. Ziegler, secrefary. "The Exo+ic" reigns ai houseparfies. A was . Pai' Maddox, president Paula Boyer, secreTaryg Mrs. Korie, adviser. Absent ETTa Veleclry, vice-presideni. In 1949 a small group oT non-sororiTy women joined TogeTher To provide a social organizaTion Tor The non-sororiTy women on campus, This group was dedicaTed To recreaTion, service and Triendship. Phyllis ChrisT and Dean DoroThy Lee served as The TirsT presidenT and adviser oT The lndependenT Women. Because oT an increase in membership, re- sulTing Trorn The larger enrollmenT, The group was reorganized in SepTemloer OT l95O and Jean BarneTT and Mrs. Douglass Crone served as presidenT and adviser, respecTively. AcTiviTies oT The lndependenT Women have included service proiecTs as well as several so- cial aTTairs. In The Tall oT each year Th.e Independ- enT Women honor new members wifh a parTy held in Their room in Hanson Hall, During The college Term members Talce a Trip To The College THE "P, K." and Mrs. Korfe chaperone Independ- lndependeni' Women enioy winfer Tormal. enT dance. Couples Take Time ouT To eaT af parTy 146 Cabin. ln an eTTorT To raise money To compleTe The 'furnishing ol The room, card parTies are in- cluded on The lisT oT social eve-nTs. IT has been The cusTom To hold a Tormal dance each year during second semesTer, Members also presenT a slciT on Friday nighT oT Pan-l-lellenic Weekend. Service proiecTs oT The organizaTion include working as nurses' aides in The local hospiTal and sponsoring a ChrisTmas parTy Tor The underprivi- leged children oT Gellysburg is a ioinT proiecT wiTh The Phi Kappa Rho TraTerniTy. VisiTing wiTh people aT The Adams CounTry Home and holding a Chrislrmas parTy aT The Home compleTe The Iisl of service proiecTs performed by members OT The lndependenT Women's organizaTion. As of March I7 The group became known as The Lambda Nu socieTy. DEPE DE Independenf room Sealed on floor: M. Rilling, A. Buck, M. Wehle, C. Lovelidqe, A. F. Maddox, E. Zoerbel, B. Holley, N, Way, S Gnbble A Mac F'h P M La hlin S Mock G Borneman Back Row N Mahon A Wheisfon C Mum er P En el F Reed E Vel k is er, . c ug , . , . . : . , . e, ,. p , , g I ec y Mifchell, B, Coulson, J. Keefer, V, Lammey, R, Sfromberg, C. L. Grefh, J, Banks, C. Gingrich, N. Sfevens M Albauqh A Werfz, P. Boyer, F. Davis, B. Sfracener, E. Coafes. Kircher, E. Korman, A 'U H -,-- I. v K E L, Em I. v LL I I K. if XE ' 0 . 5 V. E. 195 ... ! ... Q mx -. R,v...,A,. Z xi v HGNORARY SGCIETIES PHI BETA KAPPA .gi Firsf Row: Dr. Forfenbaugh, Mary Kauffman, Dolores Elwood, Faye Luc kenbill, Pafricia Maddox, Mary Albaugh, Gladys Owens. Second Row: Dr. GI nn William Cl rn M R b rt Kno f Do R d Adr' We M' h el Ge 'lI. Th' d R w: D . Z' D, D k Ib er Dr. e , e e , o e p, n y er, ran yn, ice mmr ir o r inn, r une erg , GlaTfeITer, Dr. Long, Prof, Larkin, Dr. Mara, Dr, Kramer, Dr. Shaffer, AbsenTees: Jacquelyn Harvey, Nancy Pennrman, AniTa Samuelson, Jane Drennen, Earl HumberT. Dean OT American Greek-leTT,er TraTerniTies, Phi BeTa Kappa was Tounded December 5, I776, aT The College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. The Tounders disTinguished Themselves in public life and They showed a broad concepTion oT whaT The group mighT become. Three imporTanT changes oT policy rnarlced The TransiTion oT Phi BeTa Kappa Trom a social TraTern- iTy To an honor socieTy. ln l83l, secrecy was re- linquished: abouT The same Time, membership was placed on an honorary basis: and in l875 women were TirsT aclmiTTed. The key of Phi BeTa Kappa became The symbol OT excellence in scholarship. As chapTers ol: The UniTed ChapTers oT Phi BeTa Kappa were Tormed ThroughouT The naTion, eT- TorTs were made by alumni oT GeTTysburg College To have a chapTer esTablished here. loTa ChapTer OT Pennsylvania was insTalled on January l l, l923. To daT.e, nearly Tive hundred have been iniTiaTed inTo This chapTer. Members are chosen primarily Trom The besT scholars oT The graduaTing class. OThers may be selecTed Trom ouTsTanding alumni. No more Than one-quarTer OT The graduaTing class is chosen. Roughly TiTTeen per cenT oT The class is nominaTed. oT which Ten per cenT is Then elecTed To member- ship. Persons who have a good moral characTer, a high scholarship record, and who are candidaTes Tor The Bachelor oT ArTs degree are eligible Tor consideraTion, according To The chapTer's consTi- TuTion. OuTsTanding scholars presenT papers aT The lniTiaTion Dinner meeTing in May. Dr. RoberT l:orTenbaugh is presidenT OT The local chapTer. KAPPA DELTA EPSILON The naTional educaTional honorary so- cieTy Tor women sTrives To promoTe pro- Tessional inTeresT among TuTure Teachers. The socieTy presenTs educaTional prob- lems and soluTions aT monThly meeTings. Speakers, movies. and The annual iniTia- Tion oT new members highligl1+iTs gaTher- ings. ln cooperaTion wiTh Kappa Phi Kap- pa, KDE planned The annual lvloThers' and FaThers' day programs. The sororiTy also sponsors an annual Tea To which are in- viTecl all prospecTive Teachers on campus, The group climaxes iTs year wiTh a spring banqueT. To be eligible Tor membership, sTudenTs musT carry Two courses in educa- Tion and mainTain, a B scholasTic average. Mrs. LesTer G. Johnson is The group ad- viser. Firsf Row: J. STeTler, R. McComas, S. Flickinqer, A. Frankenfield, L. Lehman, S. Wehn, S, Hawk, S. Deane, N. Penniman. Second Row: M. Lane, J. Burwell, J. Tay- lor, F. Luckenbill, J, Gibson, A. Sholly, Mrs, L, John- son, J. Lindsfrom, N, Mitchell, P. Engel. Kappa Phi Kappa, The naTional proTes' sional educaTional socieTy Tor men, sTrives To develop social abiliTies, scholarly aT- TainmenTs, and inTeresT in The Cause oT public educaTion among prospecTive Teachers. AT monThly meeTings, held ioinT- ly This year wiTh Kappa Delfa Epsilon, members consider educaTion Trom Th.e so- cial angle and inviTe guesT speakers To discuss problems conTronTing The Teach- er Today. The group's main acTiviTy is planning The annual lvioTher's and l:aTh- er's Day weekends in cooperaTion wiTh KDE. The TraTerniTy is open To Those sTu- denTs who plan a career OT Teaching and have a B average, ProTessor l.esTer O. Johnson serves as The group adviser, Standing: R. Fischer, Dr. F. Kramer, R. Siber+, S. Mowery. Seafed, FirsT Row: J. Ziegler, R. Sfonesifer, D. Griesel. Second Row: J. Whifcomb, Prof. L. Johnson, F. WenTz, F. Segel. APPA KAPPA PHI ALPHA THETA Phi Alpha TheTa, The naTional honorary Tor hisTory maiors, meeTs Tour Times each year To discuss problems oT hisTorical signiTicance. One oT The meeTings was devoTed To a lecTure by Dr, John Glenn enTiTled "The Value oT STudying Classical l-lisTory." AT meeTing, William Eisenharlr addressed The group on "His- Torical Research." Among The organiza- Tion's acTiviTies is iTs annual Trip To a poinT oT hisTorical imporTance. Membership is limiTed To Those hisTory majors who have compleTed T2 hours oT work in The cle- parTmenT wiTh a B average and who have a similar average in Two-Thirds of Their oTher courses. The adviser is Dr. RoberT lzorlrenbaugh. Seafedz B. Mayberry, Dr. Crapsfer, R. Fischer, Dean Tilberg. Standing: E, Noll, G, Greih, E. Livingsion, Dr. Forfenbaugh, E. Wenh, R. Sfonesifer, Dr, Bloom, J. Tarman, H. Fcsfer. Alpha Kappa Alpha sTrives To prof moTe improved human undorsTanding by discussion oT problems oT inTeresT To sTu- denTs who are maioring in philosophy or who are Talcing advanced philosophy courses. A minimum oT six hours in phi- losophy courses is required. AT The monTh- ly meeTings members heard recorded pro- ducTions oT provocaTive pieces oT liTera- Ture and guesT speakers. Dr. lvl. EsTher Bloss, spoke on The subiecT "BeTTe-ring l-luman RelaTionships" and Dr. Richard J. Mara discussed "Views oT a Modern ScienTisT." The group's advisers are Dr. Norman E. Richardson, Jr., and ProTessor Richard ShubarT. LefT To riqhf: R. Roberfs, R. Gilberf, M. Fickel, D, Ba- ker, Professor Schubarf, Professor Mara, L. Walsh, Dr. Richardson, M. Sfroehmann, T. Eisenharf, J. Drennen, Mrs. Mara. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA PI LAMBDA C SIGMA Pi Lambda Sigma, The honorary Tor sTu- denTs maioring in economics and poliTical science, was esTablished on campus in l92O. Originally an honorary socieTy Tor sTudenTs who planned To enTer The busi- ness world, Pi Lambda Sigma was reor- ganized in I929 To include pre-law rnaiors. Economics or poliTical science maiors carrying I2 hours in eiTher course or a combinaTion of I5 in The Two wiTh a B average are eligible Tor membership. lvlonThly mee-Tings serve To keep mem- bers inTormed oT currenT problems. This year consideraTion was given To combin- ing several oi The honorary TraTerniTies aT one oT The meeTings by Dr. STokes, head oT The deparTmenT. Professor G, R. Lar- kin is adviser. Firsi' Row: C. Wagner, C. Jones, J. Morqanihaler, R. Eppleman, J. Harvey, J. Kurfz, Second Row: E. Jones, E, Warfhlinq, J. Rosf. Psychology maiors who mainTain aT leasT a B-minus average in Their psychol- ogy courses and a C-plus average in Their oTher work are eligible Tor membership in Psi Chi. Originally The Psychology Club, The socieTy was aTTiliaTed wiTh The na- Tional organizaTion in I949. MonThly me.eTings are devoTed To Tilms and speak- ers oT inTeresT. Field Trips To The Pennsyl- vania lr1dusTrial School aT WhiTe l-lill and To The menTal insTiTuTions in Harrisburg oTier members an opporTuniTy To see ap- plied psychology in eTFecT. The socieTy has conTribuTed several magazine sub- scripTions To an insTiTuTion Tor juvenile delinquenTs. Dr. KenneTh L. Smoke is The adviser. Seafed: J, Morganfhaler, P, Brennan, B. Coulson, P. Crane, M. Rhys, G. Mumma, J. Harvey, D. Elwood, L. Wigron. Sfanding: N. Diemer, D, Kennedy, Prof. John- son, R, Yuzuk, B. Maifhias, Dr. Smoke, R. Gatfo, Prof. Eddins, E. Penry. PHI SIGMA OT Dedicafed fo fhe sfudy of Romance languages, Phi Sigma lofa was insfalled in I93 I. Af ifs monfhly meefings speakers of fhe group discuss some aspecf of fhe Romance languages or of fhe nafions us- ing fhem. Each member musf wrife and presenf a research paper fo fhe sociefy on his field of sfudy, Prizes are given fo The +wo members presenfing 'rhe besf papers fo fhe frafernify each year. Trips fo Washingfon and New Yorlc are planned in fhe yearly programs. Only sfudenfs in fheir second liferafure course in a Ro- mance language, wifh a B average, are eligible for membership, Dr, Alberf Bach- man serves as fhe group's adviser. Firs? Row: G. Irvin, Dr. Bachman, N. Diemer, 8. Myers, P, Engel. Second Row: Prof. Barriqa, M. Kauffman, Mis: Lehnberger, quesf, B. Wagner, J. Ziegler, S, Lose, Prof. Alvarez, J. Berger. Nof picfured: Prof. Hamme, Prof. Harfshorne. Encouraging appreciafion of German culfure and offering an opporfunify 'ro use 'rhe German language, Delfa Phi Alpha is one of fhe oldesf honorary sociefies on campus. Af monfhly meefings, fhe organ- izafion offers spealcers and films fo eligible sfudenfs in 'rhe cleparfmenf. Membership is open fo fhose who mainfain a B-plus average in German and who- have falcen I2 hours in fhe field. Those elecfecl fo membership are inifiafed af fhe banquef held every fall, A conversafional program designed fo assisf sfuclenfs in acquiring fluency in speaking German has been inaugurafecl fhis year along wifh 'rhe showing of a recenf mofion picfure filmed in Germany. The group's adviser is Thomas Samuelson. Left fo righf: K. Lauder, J. Wcrfh, P. Henning, E. Livingsfon, E, lrshick, Mr. Samuelson lAdviserl, A. Samuelson. DELTA ALPH T GMA PHI Creaiing friendships among siudenis inieresied in Laiin and Greek classical liieraiure is 'rhe purpose of Eia Sigma Phi. A+ monihly meerings, members dis- cuss 'rhe masrerpieces of classical liiera- iure, Several meerings Jrhis year were cle- voied To slides on ancieni Greece, The group sponsors leciures on aspecis of Greek and Roman culiure. Each winier The members hold a classical Chrisimas pariy ai which ihe program is planned in ihe Roman 'rradiiion and ihe menu is based on Greek cuisine. A picnic is an annual spring feaiure. Drs. John G. Glenn and W. Frederick Shaffer, heads of ihe Laiin and Greek deparimenis respeciive- ly, are advisers. Firs? Row: D. Bushman, Dr. Glenn, G. Feeser, B. Ep- pleman, S. Picking, R. McComas. Second Row: E. Shaffer, S, Lighfner, Dr. Shaffer, C. Neuhaus, P. Mad- dox, E. Livingston, E. Irshick, K. Louder, J. Lau, J. Worih, J. Wiimer. Pi Delia Epsilon, naiional honorary journalism frarerniiy, was founded locally in l939. Srudenrs who have shown inieresi and abiliiy in rhe 'field of journalism and who have s.erved for ai leasi one year on a campus publicaiion are eligible for membership, Aciive pariicipanis in The campus radio siaiion are also accepied. This year's aciiviiies included a irip io Washingion in 'rhe early spring for a Tour of ihe "Evening S1'ar" building and The "Voice of America." This four was organ- ized wi'rh The belief ihar aiier seeing firsr hand professional journalism and broad- casiing, viial rips could be broughf back and applied. The group holds regular monihly meeiings wiih iniriaiion being held in May. Lefi io righf: J. Evans, B. Morehead, D. Luck, G. Pan- nell, N. Schunfer, D, Griesmann, R. Welliver, M. Kauff- man, vice-presidenfg J. Drennen, hisforiang B. Wagner, C. Harrison, president C. Wagner, secretary-Treasurer. P TA EPSILON SIGMA PIS The purpose OT Sigma Pi Sigma, na- Tional physics honorary, is To award dis- TincTion To sTudenTs oT high scholasTic sTanding in physics and To promoTe sTu- d.enT inTeresT in The advance sTudy oT physics. The local chapTer oT Sigma Pi Sigma was esTablished in I'-749 wiTh 23 charTer members, and since ThaT Time, iT has grown inTo a sTrong organizaTion which has conTribuTed much To boTh iTs members and school. BeTore being iniT- iaTed inTo Sigma Pi Sigma, a research pa- per on a cerTain Topic oT a scienTiTic na- Ture musT be wriTTen by The perspecTive member. New members are Taken in aT an annual recepTion banqueT. ProminenT speakers address The group aT iTs monTh- ly meeTings. SeaTed: G. Dise, R. Wolfe, A. Aiken, M. Albaugh, B, Morehead. Sfanding: Dr. Mara, J, Williams, Prof. Long, H, Raffensperger, l, Rosenbaum, W. Wishard, F. Siegel. BeTa BeTa BeTa is a naTional honorary socieTy Tor biology majors and minors, An eligible sTudenT goes Through a period oT pledging whereby he learns Tri BeTa's TuncTions and organizaTion. BeTore iniTia- Tion, pledges are required To address The group on a Topic oT currenT inTeresT, ln- cluded in Tri BeTa's program are Tield Trips, an annual banqueT, and an exhibiT in GlaTTelTer Hall on each lvloTher's Day. ThroughouT The year, monThly meeTings are held aT which Time movies are shown and speakers address The group. The main purpose is The sTimulaTion oT sound schol- arship. The promoTion oT biological re- search and The disseminaTion oT scienTiTic knowledge. FirsT Row: M. FeiT, J. Osdal, C. Gingrich. Second Row: A. Weyn, R. Buelifer, H. Clare, J, Howard, Prof. Messer, Prof. Grube, Dr. Hensley, F. Vierlinq. Prof, Muma, D. Weems, Dr. Bowen, A. Sholly, N. Sfephens, M. Worfh, S. Rumbergar. IGM BETA BETA BET RSHING RIFLES The local chapTer oT Pershing RiTles was charTered in April OT l95l and has since grown To near regimenTal size. An hon- orary socieTy Tor sTudenTs in The basic course oT Air and Ground ROTC uniTs. iT sTrives To develop The riTle and drill Teams. The basic purpose is To promoTe inTeresT in The miliTary Tield among The sTudenTs oT air and miliTary science. A period oT six weeks oT pledge Training is a pre-inil- iaTion requiremenT and during This Time pledges are acquainTed wiTh an ouTline OT The Air Force and Army. Weekly meeT- ings are held ThroughouT The year and TeaTure guesT speakers and films on cur- renT miliTary evenTs. The group is also Tri- sponsor oT The MiliTary Ball. FirsT Row: R. Kalchem, D. Ryder, Capf. Luiz, Capf. Eismann, R. Sfonesifer, R. Weri'ey. Second Row: D. Gufhrie, G. Ebersole, R. Sharp, D. Musch, R. Baron. Alpha Phi Omega, The naTional scouT- ing service TraTerniTy, expanded iTs pro- gram This year wiTh The addiTion oT new service proiecTs. AcTiviTies included prinT- ing oT semesTer social calendars, assisT- ing American Red Cross. aiding The counTy UniTed NaTions Week cornmiTTee, seTTing up and operaTing a ride locaTor service, disTril3uTing magazines Tor The counTy home and hospiTal, and organizing Tive parTies aT Two orphanages. ln addi- Tion, The Alpha Phi Omega's conTinued Their perennial service proiecTs such as serving as guides Tor Treshmen during regisTraTion and orienTaTion week, spon- soring a blood donor campaign and con- ducTing a Career Day ConTerence guide service. Firsl' Row: J. Riedel, A. Gilliss, E. Thomas, R. Franz, D. Clark, G. Knechf, K. Kuhlihau, L, Kroggel, Dr. Langsam. Second Row: C. Neuhaus, R. Kurlz, R. Alexis, B, Harcourf, B, Goldafe, E. Guise, Third Row: P. Palicka, Dr. Duck, S. Yingsf, J, Howard, T. Bracken, D. Plalig E. Hadley, G. Evans, D. Bohn, M. Lau. Fourth Row: Mf'Sgl. Johnson, O. Shalick, W. Miitcn, B. Webb, Chaplain Korfe, D. Wolfe, T. Reiner. LPHA OMEGA. ARNOLD The Arnold Air SocieTy, a naTional honorary, is composed oT Air Force Reserve OTTicers Training Corps sTu- d,enTs in Their Third or TourTh year who have aTTained aT leasT a "C" average in air science and demonsTraTed deT- iniTe qualiTies oT excellence in miliTary leadership. The principal obiecTive is To TurTher insTrucT The members in The qualiTicaTions oT a good oTTicer and To bring abouT a beTTer undersTanding oT The Air Force and iTs TuncTions. The bi-monThly meeTings TeaTure promi- nenT speakers who discuss currenT Topics in The aviaTion Tield. The high- liqhTs of The year include The presenTa- Tion of The MiliTary Ball, oT which They are Tri-sponsor, and an annual picnic. Firsf Row: W. Shull, R. McCleary, G. Young, T. McKendrir:k, J. Schreiber, Col. Fulion, Adviser: J. Robinson, President, J. Kufh. W. Lehr. Second Row: J. Lowry, D. Clark, D. Zerby, J. Davison. P. Garman, J. Rosf, R, Sachs, E. Winand, G. Knechf. Third Row: R. Brubaker, H. Sheefz, K. Kuhlfhau, R. Deikler, I. Rosenbaum, C. Wagner. Fourth Row: J, Mariin, K. Blunck, L. Kroggel, R. Guise, R. Bray, R. Efier, B. Snyder, H. Raffens- perger, W. Renfschler. The NaTional SocieTy OT Scabbard and Blade is represenTed on The 6,eT- Tysburg Campus by Company E Third Regiment The purpose OT This honor- ary miliTary TraTerniTy is To TosTer The ideas and ideals oT ROTC in colleges and universiTies, OuTsTanding cadeTs are inviTed To ioin Scabbard and Blade and go Through a brieT buT Thorough pledge Training, and Tinally are iniTiaTed inTo The organizaTion. ln addiTion To Tri-sponsoring The annual MiliTary Ball, Scabbard and Blade en- gages in organizaTional acTiviTies and cornpeTiTion wiTh miliTary uniTs of This and oTher nearby schools. Under The command of iTs elecTed cad,eT oTTicers and adviser, Scabbard and Blade is expanding iTs acTiviTies. Firsr Row: Capf. Eismann, R. Hoke, LT. Col. Lipsey, D. Ryder, L+. Unger. Second Row: B, Mamula, J. Brennan, D. Snyder, R. Brazenor, H. Burden, D. Griesel, R, Sfonesifer. AIR SOCIETY SCABBARD AND BLADE AIR R O T C DRILL TEAM Being organized only in SepTemloer, This year was The TirsT ThaT The Air ROTC Drill Team made public ap- pearances. TryouTs were h.eld Tor all Air ROTC sTudenTs desiring To be on The drill Team and a group oT 36 men, Tour al+ernaTes, and Two oTTicers were selecTed To represenT The local Air UniT in precision drills. This group made Their TirsT appearance in The UniTed NaTions Dav Program in Oc- Toleer. Their second performance was in The 6eTTysburq Halloween Parade where They won TirsT prize OT TiTTy dollars Tor perTormance. OTher aciivi- Ties included a precision drill beTore The Bucknell TooTball game and a com- peTiTive drill wiTh The local Army Team and Dickinson's drill uniT. First Row: K. McKean, H, Fluke, J. Black, T. Nev- HE, P, Ulrz, H. Raffensperger, D. Dewar, G. Seiller, L. Weislogel, D. Guise, Second Row: R. Grlberl, J r M L hl D M D. La . Sanio a, C. c aug in, . oyer, ng, J. Nofaro. Third Row: R. Mafihias, T, Williams, B Herman, R, Kalz, C. Oliver, R. Lalacome. Fourih Row: P. Defwiler, J. Henderson, J. Davis, T. Mc- Grafh, C. Slarner, F. Gingrich. The Army ROTC Drill Team was organized in l95O and has won many awards and prizes, Team members are chosen Trom men in The ROTC UniT and number 35 men and Three oTTicers. The purpose oT The drill Team is To develop a higher degree oT eTTiciency and To sTimulaTe enThusiasm among The local ROTC UniTs. This year They appeared in The local Halloween Parade and won TirsT place Tor lo.esT appearance and second place Tor periormance. The Team also perform- ed l::eTore The Bucknell gam.e and in a compeTiTive precision drill wiTh The local Air ROTC Team and a Dickinson drill uniT. Firs-I' Row: W. Heidelburger, P. Wall. Second Row: R. Sorrell, P. Hill, F. Hashagen, G. Ebersole, Capt. Eismann, MfSqT. Everman. Third Row: R. Sfone- sifer, J. Jones, G. Biser, P. Davis, J, Waroffa. W. VanDyke. ARMY R O T C DRILL TEAM mn as 1 Am '3 'mai e,rJl 'H N Vumpu, Qgnuw ljlmlu .. !1fK..,.-x1i:ll-Xl! ' " 1 . ., Nr., E Tx nm, ig . x mf- swf-M ar., :Eg ww K 3 Kfuv MAE: K Us wx , ,.,,5W.,. fam, I- www :mg yy? fin 1: it K, Q, U V1 3 gm. L .Mm -U:.?wl-wg B Ll gn X- Q n ,fa f K yi r 'BJ xg we I , , S a Q n 1 3 - nr:-: M H ESS S5885 vw . Vi 1 I g.-14441311 I nn HLHJAT H 3 Z ' K -me WHHQH 'iugmxx ma-1 n:Lgs A EW mugs .1 QW kuw N m,5f.l1uWf M? ,.,,,5U.fg, wimgg .Him C. L. K, h2.2"g ,U :TM . . Mgham F 7-M-1 yxmnm N V 3 Q l, Yifif H, ,Q X ' ww Y W ,. ,W W ggisf wszmffi-H--H fC:!X V1 'T W M H ALg,m- E 12133 I ' , 'J V4 ,. F13-1' ' V v if as-vi' ,W 'fP' B,-my X: , agar' xii' f t W5'1J'M.g:-4 J .. ic--A t V.,uJ 1 fi, 'Pi 4 ' HSV, ,Mi f X f Q li f If sa nm m .Hs na m 5 H -5-E 5. , H ss E - -Afff' N f fm 4 V .N If A ,,-Q K X" ' , 1. X ' ESE? . fw-,, aff l I-g sm ,MAS , -..' x V X -Q .Z -.Z ak- 15 k s i ,cz M 'f ,I A v' 2 my 45' A' A Q. 5 f SPECIAL EVENTS l Top: Courfenay Lenhard reigns as Specirum Queen for ihe second 'lime affer being crowned by Presidenf Langsam. Boffom: The i954 SPECTRUM Beauly Courl: Grace Haabesfad, Cynlhia Lovelidge, Belly May Johnson, Barbara Franke, Jean Wolfe, Ella Veleclry, Dee Elwood, Nancy Luclcefh allendanisz Lynn Rumbaugh and Jane Bannisler. 162 "- Us Q1 I' " .1 The queen and her escorf, Bill Forbes. Courlenay displays awards: picfures of seleclors, presidenlial proclamafion, SPEC- TRUM ltey. , H SELECTORS The idenTiTy OT This year's iudges Tor The SPECTRUM BeauTy CourT was revealed December IO, when The GETTYSBURGIAN, campus weekly, an- nounced ThaT The honors had been perTormed by midshipmen and cadeTs Trom The UniTed STaTes Naval and MiliTary Academies. SelecTors oT The Queen, her aTTendanTs, and The CourT were The ediTorial sTaTT oT The WesT PoinT yearbook, THE HOWTTZER, and members OT The Navy Toolball Team Trom Annapolis. The SPECTRUM ediTors, in deciding on The selecTors, endeavored To Tind a group oT iudges who would look Tor The same aTTribuTes oT beauTy as would any college man on The G-Burg campus. Thus, The MiliTary and Naval sTudenTs, being Typical oT This counTry's ouTsTanding young men, seemed a TiTTing choice. Four f The members of The Na al Academy l753 football squad Editorial Board members oi The West Polnf l954 "Ho Tze asss In ludg ng The SPECTRUM Courl candidafes, Leff fo righf: complele The seledion of The Geffysburg Beauly Court L Mdshlpmen S S Elsenhaue Flrsf Team "All-American Guard"g righf: Cadefs Browne, Ediforg Howes, Chairman: Jarref Bus: R L Olson Center and Capiain J C Perkins: D, M, Fullam. ness Manager: Calvin, Associafe Ediforg Rude, Ar? Edxfor M Veiqh, Chief Secfion Edifor. ln order To presenT a Tair sampling oT The campus beauTies, one Tormal and Two informal porTraiTs oT each oT The nineTeen candidaTes were senT To The selecTors. ln iudgincl The picTures, The men were asked To look Tor good-looking college Coeds wiTh special emphasis on naTural beauTy, Tacial beauTy, and All- American beauTy. AThleTes and iournalisTs alike gave serious consideraTion To all candidaTes while making Their decisions. BoTh The Navy and Army iudges expressed pleasure aT being inviTed To selecT The SPECTRUM CourT. This is evidenced by The TacT ThaT THE HOWITZER sTaTT requesTed viTal sTaTisTics on The candidaTes, while The Middy Team sTaTed ThaT The Task oT iudging The be-auTies did much To lessen Their gloom aT having losT The Army-Navy game. 163 ss Q A 14 gwggim 5. mwEf.,.k 5 an m B an W xmas. my L X H f mn M wang' WVX, B. mm- sm mn Beaufy and The boolcs. Lovely, misTy-eyed junior, Miss CourTenay Lenhard Trom Drexel Hill was crowned SPECTRUM Queen oT l954 by PresidenT Langsam of The Junior-Senior Prom. Winning accolades is noT new To CourTenay, who was chosen This year's winner by members oT The U. S. Naval Academy TooTball Team and The ediTorial board of The WesT PoinT yearbook Tl-lE HQWITZER. ln l952, while a Treshman, The Winsome bruneTTe was also chosen SPECTRUM Queen and NaTional MoonlighT Girl Tor Phi Sigma Kappa FraTerniTy. LasT spring, and This year Too, The GeTTysburg miliTary honorary socieTies selecTed her as Queen oT The MiliTary Ball. l-ler poise, personaliTy, and winning loolcs also placed her as a runner-up in The Miss GreaTer Philadelphia conTesT during The summer oT I952, when she reciTecl ElizabeTh BarreTT Browning's "How Dol Love Thee." CourTenay, a Chi Omega, sTudied modeling Tor a while, buT her sighTs are Turned Towards a career as an airline hosTess. "I love working wiTh and meeTing people," she says, "and my psych major may come in handy here." -cpm. fi. rf X few, 'Dx A ' X VOX Lf , k 1 x.1,l:s x x XA Xi. ' .A M - A H W E' I Vx W wg Q f .1 KAW! sm Mum vw ,gs 4, a Nm W as 'F r nw. as U gf. 'N KX" A A' BK :gf 2 :Nb 3' .":v'S , ,H .Aa.:ws.n: A may X i .KE Vt ,Q ,A 1, r 1 sh ' 2 1 1 :.:.:.:.:. , N , 4 f A sw ,fy D' " fwx 1 K 44,21 W: HA f Q f ffl, . . ' 5,535 , ., ,l:, -,,- , , .,.:.,,. , ,. rw 117, , . 5 .1 I, 8. Vs, E n Q .. W 5 , 7 . Ima' 3 ian b..,.,m5' , b :iv ':' , ., Zy k ,, QQ , - 'ff gg. 4 .-A' . 1 wp Z 7 'P M Q- .HV N A 0 E53 " 5 1: Rf E if t V x' -"' 1 f -- , ' 'Q S H K1 1 , :::, 3 fi- ' , 1' SS v igf 155 5' pgs , ., k ' ff awww 21 9. 5 Ei ..-.ZA - 1: E 2: , ' 4- Y H A ,S K mpg :.:.. ig: 6 E W5 iss N ' Ks, -S wnxwf my gfg, gm? 1,5 Sv-.K ff ' 'W , iff! 1 M Y lyk 1114-esg'-rw:-m1,k img Q X - ' ' - ' H wa A L '55 'Inf fx- QQ1 ,I 41 2 ai 3 Q , Q mm Q n 4 s - Hmmm. Y - ,,. ss E B . 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Senior halTloaclc Joe Uiobai, one oT The spark- Geining berfhs on The All-STaTe and Middle Six Conference 'firsf Teams were Ronnie Miller and Joe Uiobai, who also received honorable menfion on All-Easf and LiTTle All- American Teams. plugs oT The Team, led The Team in yards gained in rushing wiTh 662 yards, good enough Tor second place in The rushing deparTmenT in The EasT. Uioloai was also The leading scorer in Pennsyl- vania wiTh IO7 poinTs, as well as The recipienT oT The Maxwell Award Tor his ouTsTanding play in Th.e Bucknell UniversiTy conTesT. This marked The second successive season ThaT he received This coveTed award: iT is very seldom Thai' an aThleTe is honored wiTh This award Two Times. The Tinal honor besTowed upon Joe Uiobai was an inviTa- Tion To parTicipaTe in The annual Blue-Gray game, played in MonTgomery, Alabama. The greaTesT honor awarded The TooTloall Team was The naming of Tour men To The AssociaTecl Press' All-STaTe Team, wiTh TWO GeTTysburg men on The TirsT Team. Joe Uiobai was The Top voTe- geTTer on This All-Pennsylvania Team: while one oT The worlchorses oT The Team, Ron Miller, a IN G-BURG FOOTBALL HISTORY senior guard who was a sTandouT all season, was also selecTed Tor a berTh on This squad. End WalT Hemberger gained a posiTion on The second Team as did sophomore quarTerbaclc Franlc Gagliardi. BoTh Gagliardi and Uiobai were named To The honorable menTion All-EasT Team, and To honor- able menTion l.iTTle All-American posiTions. Uio- bai, Miller and l-lemberger were named To The TirsT Team of The Middle Six ConTerence, while Gaqliardi and Bob Eppleman were given second Team berThs, Carl Beck, Sheldon YingsT and Jim Rooney each earned honorable menTion posiTions on This same Team. Gagliardi, playing his TirsT season oT varsiTy ball, was one of The insTrumenTal TacTors in The success of The Team, IT was Gaqliardi who con- sTanTly pulled The Team Tog.eTher and gave Them The spark They needed To carry on. He compleTed The season leadinq The EasT in Throwinq Touchdown passes wiTh I8. one shorT of The EasTern record. OT The I2 seniors on This season's Team Three of Them, Bill Forbes, Sam lvlowery and Ed Williams suTTered injuries and never saw acTion during The '53 campaign. In addiTion To Uiobai, lv1iller,l-lem- berger and Rooney. were Ron Jacobi, end: Ken Hemberger rushes To aid Uiobai in downing F 81 M ball carrier. Frank Gagliardi, Lillie All-American honorable menTion and WalT Hemberger. Tirsi' Team Middle Six Conference each garnered pcsiTions on The second Team All-STaTe. G-Burg fans brave rainy weaTher To waTch The Bullefs conclude successful season wiTh vicfory over The D1plomaTs John Yovicsin, head coach of Toofball squad which esTab- lished an unprecedenfed record. Trainer Capozzi, Line coach Shainline, Head coach Yovic- sin, and assisTanT coaches Leniz, Forbes and Finnegan map Team sTraTegy. COACHES PRODUCE Bowman, Tackle: Al Saner, Tackleg Bill PraTT. guard: and Jay Williams, Tackle. Opening The TooTball season aT Delaware, The Blue l-lens, plus a Tew very cosTly BulleT errors. proved Too much as The BaTTleTi.elders dropped a I9-7 decision. Delaware scored TirsT, early in The second period, buT The BulleTs came righT back To knoT The score wiTh Gagliardi scoring on a quarTerback sneak Trom one yard ouT. AT halTTime The score sTood 7-7. as iT did aT The end oT The Third period. The Blue l-lens opened all cylinders in The Tinal quarTer and won The game by scoring Twice. The BulleTs acTually losT The game on breaks! The Team had one Touchdown called back, as well as having Two Tumbles recovered by Delaware, one leading direcTly To The Tie-breaking score. The Tollowing SaTurday in a beneTiT game Tor The American Legion played wiTh WesTern Mary- land aT Hanover under The lighTs, The BulleTs rolled To an easy 46-7 vicTory. In This conTesT The Orange and Blue goT oTT To a Tlying sTarT scoring 20 poinTs in The TirsT period, and ended The game on an even more Thrilling noTe. The Green Terrors avoided a shuTouT when Their Team scored wiTh only l I seconds remaining in The conTesT. Follow- ing This score one OT The mosT Thrilling plays oT The season Took place. Ernie Paliszewski received The kickoTT on his I2 yard line, raced To his righT and ran inTo a hosT oT Tacklers. He shook Them oTT and reversed his Tield To The leTT To go The enTire 88 yards Tor a Touchdown as Time ran ouT. Follow- ing This game hahfback Earl YosT was called inTo The service, leaving Ernie Paliszewski To Till The huge gap leTT in The backTield. Joe Uiobai's Tine running led The BaTTleTielders To a 27-O vicTory over AlbrighT in a nighT conTesT GUTSTANDIN G FOOTBALL SQUAD played aT Reading. The BulleTs iumped ouT in TronT on a Gagliardi-To-Epplernan pass, and shorT- ly ThereaTTer counTed again when Gagliardi Taked """"" a pass, and Then ran The ball over Trom The I5 yard sTripe. Then Uiobai Took over. In The Third period, The only quarTer where There was no scoring. Uiobai broke Through Tackle Tor 76 yards beTore being hauled down Trom behind. In The Tinal sTanza he romped 89 yards Tor a TD. In This conTesT alone The "Splendid SplinTer" gained 216 yards. ln The annual Homecoming conTesT in OcTober The BulleTs meT a sTrong Lehigh eleven, and downed Them in an exciTing conTesT, 22-7. The Uiobai rip, rhmugh +.sckle To scare againn Lehigh BaTTleTielders Torged ahead in The iniTial period on a SoITesz-To-T-lemberger pass. In The second quar'Ter The BulleTs Took a I4-O lead on a one-yard Front row, lefT To right: Rosenbaum, Kosfelac, Weifzel, Yost, Bowman, J. Williams, E. Williams, Hemberger, Jacobi, Rooney, Miller, Saner, Mowery, lPraTT, Beaver, Beck, Kafz, and Megee, Second row: Seachrisf, Forbes, Snyder, Finnegan, Paliszewski, Dolphin, DeSaTnick, Polak, Hoffman Yocum, Eppieman, Lowery, Yingst, Coull, Eckerf, Brown, Solfesz, Ridinqer, Morro, Yovicsin, Capoui, Shainline and Lenfz. 'Third row: Afiig, Avis, Alleva, Roth, Lewandowski, Hammeff, Small, Siebold, Gagliardi, and Peiper. 5 5: T 205 1 0 SAM MOWERY Cenfer Uiobai, .. ss, ED WILLIAMS Guard "The Splendid Splinfer." plunge by Uiobai. The Engineers lhen came back before fhe half fo make fhe score read I4-7. The fhird period was a sfalemafe wifh neifher feam showing much offense, However, fhe Bullefs pui' The game on ice in fhe final quarfer on an Eppleman fouchdown and a safery. Frank Gagliardi's play broughf fhe Bullefs a close, well earned vicfory over a powerful Muhlen- berg squad 20-I9 as he passed for fwo fouch- downs, ran for anofher and sfopped Muhlenberg's final drive wifh a pass infercepfion in his end zone lafe in fhe final period. The Bullefs drew firsf blood on a pass from Gagliardi fo Ed Brown affer fhe opening kickoff, however fhe Mules came righf back fo knof The score af 6-6. The Bullefs fhen baffled back fo mid-field affer fhe kickoff, where Gagliardi scored on a 50 yard romp affer faking a sfafue of liberfy play, Muhlenberg came back fo score early in fhe second frame. However fhe 8-1 RECORD ENDS Ge'Hysburg's pass affempf is foiled by Lehigh defender in annual Homecoming game. We f lil.. exTra poinT aTTernpT was no good, and The score sTood I3-I2 in Tavor oT G-Burg aT halTTime. The BulleTs scored whaT proved To be The winning counTer laTe in The Third period on a pass Trorn Gagliarcli To T-lemberger who was in The end zone. Uiobai made The all-imporTanT conversion and The Bullets were ahead 20-I2. The Mules, noT To be ouTdone, came back To score again, This Time mak- ing The exTra poinT. WiTh only Two minuTes OT play remaining, Muhlenberg goT possession oT The ball on The BulleT 24 yard line. IT was aT This Time ThaT Gagliardi came Through wiTh his game-saving in- TercepTion in The end zone preserving a close 20-I9 verdicT Tor his TeamrnaTes. ln The annual Bologna Bowl game played wiTh Lebanon Valley The BaTTleTielders compleTely ouT- classed Their undermanned opponenTs by a 60-I9 Final Tally. The BulleTs were Torced To punT only once in The conTesT in which Uiobai scored Tive i I gi. -7 Q .:. : ' .:- I 1 4 Qlitfl T ii I I V, .. V3 . 5,0 V -Pls .fm ll lf? . ,Q W 1' - Kev' .. 'T 15' , 2-' -4 wi 6 dw 3 if ' . ' T ,es 4 -EA JAY WILLIAMS AL SANER Tackle Tackle Touchdowns and converTed Tive Times, while Gag- liardi was compleTing nine ouT oT l I passes. FaTher's Day was hearlded aT C5eTTysburg by a GRIDIRON DAYS FOR TWELVE SENIORS Paliszewslci rounds righT end in scinTilaTing run deep info Morro piclrs up vifal yardage in Tense momenT of Bucknell Lehigh TerriTory, helping The Bullefs win, 22-7. encounTer, which ended in a 26-I3 G-Burg vicicry. 207 W We is ' -5543 ' sw- llv' .,: ,., , A. V., T , -, Lb" ,- . . , .135 i KEN BOWMAN JIM ROONEY RON JACOBI Left Tackle Righf Tackle Righl' end Freshmen heavy snowsTorrn. ATTer The plows were Tinished pushing The snow Trom Memorial Field, The BulleTs Took over and nearly pushed Their smaller oppo- nenTs, Dickinson, inTo The snow banks, When The Tinal whisTle had sounded The BulleTs had piled up a 32-0 decision over The Red Devils in snow, mud and cold. QuarTerback Frank Gagliardi was The ouTsTanding player compleTing I3 ouT oi l5 passes good Tor Tour oT The Tive Touchdowns. The G-Burg line showed whaT They could do in This conTesT as They limiTed The Red Devils To 28 yards on The ground and only I7 Through The air, The BulleTs were Torced To come Trom behind bolsTer Team spiriT prior To TilT wiTh Lehigh Engineers. in The Bucknell clash, Trailing I3-7 aT halTTime. On The TirsT play aTTer The second halT kickoTT Uiobai wenT 52 yards To The Bison one Yard line, Trom where he scored on The nexT play. ATTer The BulleTs sTopped The Bisons in Their Tracks, Bucknell was Torced To kick, However Jim Rooney crashed Through To block The punT and l-lemberger grabbed The ball and raced over The goal Tor The winning Touchdown. The BaTTleTieIders scored The Tinal Touchdown laTe in The Third period when Uiobai scored from The six yard line, giving The BulleTs a 26- I 3 verdicT. The Orange and Blue closed The season in a Pre-game warm-up is led by Uiolsai and Miller. 208 4 ,T . BRINGS FOOTBALL SUCCESS Uiobai meals sfone wall of Lehigh line, buf, neverfheless, picks up a firsf down. free scoring conlesf wilh F 8: M, 40-2 I. The Bullefs scored firsl on a Gagliardi pass 'ro Ron Jacobi. The Balflefielders led af halffime 2I-7 affer a 5I- yard pass play from Gaqliardi 'ro Uiobai in The dying seconds of 'rhe lirsf half. Early in Ihe Ihird period The Dips came back 'ro 'lie Ihe score al 2I apiece. Afler 'rhis Ihe Bullels caughl' fire and SEASON'S RECORD G-Burg. . . 7: Delaware ...... . I9 C5-Burg. . .46-: Weslern Maryland . . . 7 G-Burg . . . 27: All:-righl ..... . . 0 G-Burg . . . 22: Lehigh . . . 7 G-Burg . . . 20: Muhlenberg . . . I9 G-Burg . . . 60: Lebanon Valley . . . . I9 G-Burg . . . 32: Dickinson . . . . 0 G-Burg . . . 26: Bucknell . . . . I3 G-Burg. . . 40: F 84 M . . . .2I Gagliardi-Io-Uiobai pass is compleled as Bullefs Irample Dickinson, 32-0. scored I9 poinls Io win Ihe game and give Gerrys- burq Ihe besl season record in 'rhe annals of 'rhe hisloric old college. BILL PRATT BILL FORBES Guard Ta kl V A U E xi - . 3 A Qi I 209 ' Coach Harfshorne and Co-cap+ains Al Bernsiorf and Roger Bray discuss game facfics. OCCER SQ AD POSTS Front row, leff fo righf: Reiker, Bauersfeid, 8Zehl, Nash, Senff, Burden, Lehr, Stoner, Fuhrmeisfer, Kauffman, Ochshorn, and Adams. Second row: Coach Harfshorne, Miller, Bofensfen, Lowry, Schaeffer, Grefh, McConnell, Sipp, Bray, Kochenderfer, Bernsforf, Diefz, Rosenberg, Kurfz, and Gemmill. Y I , . ff.-wwe ' '- 210 Grefh uses his head in passing ball To Teammafe. Bernsforf prepares To kick ball in direciion of Lehigh's neT. 4-4-1 SEASON RECORD Low in experience, buT high in spiriT, The BooTers oT Coach William l'larTshorne emerged Trom The l953 season wiTh Tour wins, Tour losses and one Tie. ATTer The BulleTs Took Their iniTial conTesT 3-2 aT The expense oT ElizabeThTown, Navy proved To be Too powerTul Tor Them as The lvliddies posTed a 7-0 vicTory. The Orange and Blue ag- gregaTion Then bounded back inTo The win column by deTeaTing Lehigh I-O, buT a well-polish.ed Johns Hopkins Team downed The G-Burg boys, 4-O. ln a very rough conTesT GeTTysburg pushed one goal across To beaT Bucknell I O AT WashxnqTon College The Harshorne men ToughT To a scoreless deadlock AlThough The booTers played played well agamsT F 8: M The DnplomaTs sTrengTh was noT To be denied as The Dxps emerged vncTouous 3 0 ln The lasT home conTesT WesTern Maryland was deTeaTed I O Owls blasTed The BulleTs 9 2 The play oT Roger Bray STeve McConnell Gary GreTh Al Bernslorf Bob SenTT and l-larrue Burdan was ouTsTandung Also deservlng oT credrT was BulleT Goalle George Sapp who repelled many goal bound balls ThroughouT The season Burdan moves forward To pounce upon descending ball. 2 is The season's Tinale was wiTh Temple and The 211 S WiTh l-labeeb, Lang, and Snyder carrying The scoring load while Keller, Lunn, and l'-loclcenbury were clearing The baclcboards. The I953-54 ediTion oT The Breammen compiled a highly respecTable I4-8 record. lT was indeed a Tirey Tive That Toolc To The hardwood To Tace Penn STaTe. Navy, Virginia, and Temple. ATTer racking up Two quiclc wins The Bullefs losT hearTbrealcers To Temple and Virginia. Leading aT half Time in boTh of These +iI+s The local lads succumbed To The TighT deiense Thrown up by The Philadelphia men and The 34 Tallies Thrown in by The cenTer oT The souThern squad. UTilizing spiriT and husTle, The Orange and Blue pro- ceeded To down The nexT Tive Teams in quick succession. Included in This Tive-game winning sTrealc was a sweeT 93-77 vicTory over Wagner, a Team ThaT had been undeTeaTed in Ten previous encounTers. The local players leTT The floor B A S K E T E E R S Co-Capfains Lang and Habeeb discuss Tilf wifh Coach Bream 212 x X 'V K if If 251 ' vi 1,- 'bm ffv 5 lfilh-deg, E., dfkwf 143 Q Www 1? an 13332212 A Q- F a - . V' 2 . n Hoclrenbury reaches high in Eliza beihfown Ferren garners rebound off E-lown board. F Xe M bows To Bullefs in season 'finale fray. SENIORS SPAR Penn Sfaie proved foo much compefilion for 'Phe Bullefs. K HARDWOODERS air half-lime +railing by a 47-35 counl. Bulleis were firing in all direciions as Co-Caplains Habeeb and Lang racked up 22 and I5 respecrively io lead Jrhe way in lhe excifing second half when Wagner was buried in an avalanche ol Gellysburg poinls. Jesse Arnelle and Company 'rhen invaded lhe Plank gymnasium lo wreck fhe winning slrealc of lhe Bullefs and give a 64-SI viclory +o Penn S'ra+e. Allrer losing Hgh? games ro Muhlenberg and Albrighi' and winning over a weak Lehigh quinirel, lhe Bafllelield Boys were downed by Navy To fhe Tune of 83-70. Clune and Lang of 'rhe squad from The banks of 'rhe Severn lhrew in 33 and 3I poinrs respec- Jrively 'ro squelch a possible Gelfysburg upsel. Following anoiher deleal af ihe hands of Jrhe Penn Slale Lions. fhe Bullels wenr on lo oulscore Jrhree of 'rhe remain- ing lour opponenls. The final game of rhe campaign proved lo be a fiicling finale To a season +ha'r included excifing wins, close defeals, and lhe injury of high scoring John Habeeb. Led by The 29 poinrs of Snyder and lhe siellar play of gradualing seniors Lang, Lunn, and Keller fhe squad deleaied F8flv1,9l-62 lo wrap up anolher baskefball season al Gefrysburg College. 214 Fronl row, lelf lo righf: Ferren, Lang, Habeeb, Sevebeck, Fe lh 1 n All a Second row. Lunn, Snyder, Keller Hockenbury, C Mahon, Sipp, Mclnfyre. ON T014 8 RECORD FUR everyone scrambles fo fha ban .n lhe SCQRES G-Burg G-Burg, . . . G-Burg G-Burg G-Burg G-Burg G-Burg C5-Burg G-Burg G-Burg. . . . G-Burg. . . . C5-Burg. . . . G-Burg G-Burg G-Burg G-Burg G-Burg, . . . G-Burg G-Burg G-Burg 6-Burg. . . . l-lofslra . . Ml. Sl. Mary's . . Temple . . Virginia . . Johns Hopkins . . Weslern Maryland Wagner .... Bucknell . Lehigh . Penn Slale . . Muhlenberg . F 8: M . . . Albrighl . Lehigh . Navy . . Bucknell . . Penn Slale . . Lafayelale . Muhlenberg . . Elizabelhloviin . F Xi M . . each Bre man B GRAPPLERS WIN SIXTH For The sixTh consecuTive year GeTTysburg Col- lege capTured The Middle ATlanTic WresTling Championship. Under The ousTanding Training oT Coach Jacl: Shainline, The grapplers compleTed The regular season wiTh a 4-4 record. Because OT limiTed pracTice, The squad losT To l-loTsTra in The opener, 20 To I2. ATTer The ChrisT- mas holidays, GeTTysburg won iTs TirsT maTch aT Bucknell, 26-IZ, The Tollowing weelc, Muhlenberg Tell beTore The charges oT The Team by a score oT 23 To IO, During semesTer vacaTion The BulleTs losT Their second maTch To an excellenT Temple Team, 22 To IO. CompeTing againsT The UniversiTy oT Virginia Tor The TirsT Time, The BaTTleTielders subdued The Virginia Team, I6 To I4. Franlclin and Marshall claimed a vicTory over GeTTysburg Tor The ninTh sTraighT year, 25 To 2. Shainline's men capTured a one-sided vicTory, 25 To 5, over WesTern Mary- land. AgainsT an excellenT LaTayeTTe Team, The squad losT, I7 To 7, Thus making LaTayeTTe The TavoriTe To capTure The Middle ATlanTic Cham- pionships. The Championship maTches were held aT GeTTys- LeTT To rlghf: MiTchell, Sells, Burdan, Evangelisfa, Coach Shalnline, Miller, Seidman, Turnbull, Paliszewshi. Top: Safurday afharnoon and The wresflers are in acTion againsT WesTern Maryland. BoTTom: One second from a pinning in The Wesfern Maryland mafch. Coach Shainline Talks To co-ca pfains Miller and Evangelisfa before The mafch. "innu- MAC TITLE Riglif Top: Boys loosen muscles before MAC maiches be- gin. Righl Bof+om: Champions are recognized as Middle Aflanfic compeli+ion closes. Below: Miller, Coach Slmain- line and Evangelisfa beam eller receiving MAC cham- pionship. burg on March 6, 7, and 8, lhe confenders being Haverford, Swarihmore, Ursinus, Delaware, Buclc- nell and Muhlenberg. ln The IZ3-pound class, Har- rie Burdan sparlcled by gaining a ihird place in The compeiiiion of eighi ieams represenled, ln his lasi maich of an illusirious career, co-capiain Sam Evangelisia became Jrhe Middle Aflanlic champion in ihe l3O-pound class, pinning his opponeni in 'rhe second period. Sophomore Bill Sells caplured ihe 167-pound championship, pinning his man in ihe 'rhird period and Jerry Seidman look iourih place in 'rhe i57- pound class. Anoiher sophomore, Dick Miichell placed second in compeiiiion for lhe I77-pound crown. Co-capiain Ron Miller easily won ihe heavyweighi championship by deleaiing his op- ponenf, I6 'io 3, ihus compleling his brilliani aih- leiic career al Geiiysburg. A final iabulaiion indicaled Thai G-Burg had a ioial of 29 poinis, five more ihan second-place Lafayefle, ihus giving Jack Shainline his 'rhird Championship ieam in as many years as coach. laiill' A A -en.-11... 1 Wesfern Maryland's heavyweighi and Ron Miller baffle for lhe poinfs. 217 ...Q--""""' Top: Pulling hard To Tinish The Third lap of The Two-mile, Griesel wins Tor G-Burg. Above: Record-brealring high-iumper, Les Eclcman, shows how iT's done. '53 TRACK TEAM SURPASSES RECORD OF 1952 SQUAD SpringTime Tounol The Track Team rounding inTo shape Tor The coming cinder campaigns. ThirTy candidaTes, including ThirTeen Treshmen, were on hand Tor The TirsT worlcouT, ATTer long hours oT hard oracTice, Coach Johnny Yovicsin broughT a deTermined and enThusiasTic squad To The TirsT meeT. The runners, jumpers, and weighTmen Trom Johns Hopkins were The ciuesT opponenTs. When The Tinal TaloulaTions were announced, The BulleTs had ToTaled sevenTv poinTs To Their opponenT's TiTTy, scoring eighT TirsT places in The process. The squad was noT so successTul in iTs second endeavor, losing To Lehigh and Muhlenberg in a Triangular meeT aT Nixon Field. BuT even in deTeaT. The Orange and Blue raclced up Tour TirsT places. In anoTher Triangular meeT The BaTTleTielders were second To Bucknell, alfhough besTing ..luniaTa. ln This encounTer Les Eckman, in addiTion To Tak- ing TirsT honors in Two oTher evenTs. seT a new GeTTysburg record Tor The high iump. l-le soared over The cross loar aT six TeeT Tour inches, Thus shaTTering his own record OT The previous year. IT was The Third consecuTive conTesT in which Eclc- man won Three evenTs. Jim lviegee, Don Brake, High iump acTion aT The Triangle meeT wiTh F and M and Dickinson. LA. .A My Off To a good sfarf in The second lane is Don Bralre under Clearing The hurdles for anoTher Gefiysburg vicTory aT The careful scruTiny of Teammafes and foes. Don Griesel, and Ron Jacobi also scored wins in This meeT. ln The LiTTle Three lvie.eT aT LancasTer, GeTTys- burg again TasTed vicTory. Trailing The BulleTs were Dickinson and Franklin and Marshall. ln .gaining The LiTTle Three championship, Coach Yovicsin's charges rolled up wins in Tive evenTs wiTh Les Eck- man, Bob l'loTTle, Ron Jacobi. Bob Eppleman, and Don Griesel receiving honors in high iump, shoT- puT, discus, TOO-yard dash, and Two-mile respec- Tively. The 'Final encounTer oT The season Tound The cinder squad again engaged in a Triangular mee-T, Decisive momenT for Bublin in pole vaulf affempf. 2 if .-. ,, 39.1 , g-- Lancasfer meeT. This Time being Topped by AlbrighT and Haver- ford. AlThough Tinishing lasT, The BulleTs were neiTher ouTToughT nor ouTclassed in This Tinal con- TesT. Besides The regular schedule, The Team par- TicipaTed in The Penn Relays aT Philadelphia and The Middle ATlanTic Championships aT Lehigh. Thus, alThough noT boasTing a winning season. The squad did have a successTul one. The Track- men seemed To be on The upgrade as evidenced by The TacT ThaT iT loeTTered The record oi The 1952 aggregaTion. Losing very Tew men by graduaTion, Coach Yovicsin will have virTually The same Team Tor This year's campaign. Ron Miller puTs The shoT inTo The blue. STORMY WEATHER, MISHAPS G-Burg's H53 Diamond-men, firsi row, left To righT: Bohn, G. McClennen, Filberf, Weaver, Lina, Beal, Nevilf. Second row: D, McCIennen, Schulfz, Morrison, Mowery, Reider, Keller, Shaulis, Dudley, Shaffer. Third row: Coach Bream, Solomon, Rlefler, Geis, Zeiss, Schalick, Seve- beck, Thomas, Byrne, Schreiber, Yosf. Fourth row: Sechrisf, Sferner, Lillell, Hadley, VanNesT, Kurlz, Cooley. A combinaTion oT bad weaTher and injuries played havoc wiTh G-Burg's l953 baseball record. Coached by Hen Bream and sparked by a veT.eran inTield, The BulleTs won Three oT Their TirsT Tour conTesTs. However, aTTer This The Team had Trouble Tinding The winning ledger, dropping six of Th.eir remaining eighT conTesTs, wiTh The Lehigh en- counTer ending in a 2-2 deadlock. Shalick goes high for a wild Throw in Dickinson TilT. Junie Shaeffer performed Tor The BulleTs aT Third base when he was noT called upon To do The piTching. Jack Keller was kepT busy in The shorT- sTop posiTion and Chick Dudley Tilled The bill aT The keysTone sack. BoTh "LeTTy" Zeiss and Oakie Shalick performed aT TirsT base wiTh Ray Reider rounding ouT The infield as caTcher. Sam Mowery, Dan Bushman, Harry ShulTz and Len Rein were Reider's baTTery maTes. Holding down The ouT- Tield posiTions were Joe Lang, righT Tield: Sam ?hacglis, cenTer Tield: and Chick lvlcClennen, leTT me . In The opening game of The season aT ElizabeTh- Town The BulleTs were deTeaTed by an 8,4 counT. One of The Tew briqhT spoTs Tor The BulleTs was The play oT Oakie Shalick, who had Tour hi+s in Tive Times aT baT. Opening The home campaign, The BulleTs downed Franklin and Marshall 6-5. The game, which was played in 45 degree weaTher, saw Sam Mowery and Junie Shaeifer spliT The piTching chore. ShaeTTer received The win Tor This game, and was insTrumenTal in The Tinal ouTcome delivering a single in The eighTh inning when The winning counTer crossed The plaTe. HAMPER 1953 Harry ShuITz, "LeTTy" Zeiss and Len Rein limiTed John Hopkins To Three saTeTies while 6eTTysburg was racking up eleven hiTs To capTure an easy 9-2 vicTory. Sam Shaulis, Chick Dudley, Earl YosT and Joe Lang each coIIecTed Two hiTs apiece To pace Th.e BuIIeTs. ATTer This game The rains came To G-Burg, and The Muhlenberg game was can- celled. In Their nexT ouTing The BuIIeTs meT Dickin- son on Nixon Field and walloped Them by a 9-2 Tinal. Sam Mowery was The TirsT hurler To go The disTance in wrapping up The vicTory. Following The Dickinson ConTesT, The Bullefs Tound iT Troublesome To geT back inTo The win column, They dropped a 23-O decision To a sTrong Penn STaTe nine, and Then an II-3 verdicT To Temple. Nexl' They meT MT, ST. Mary's in an away conTesT. WiTh The score Tied aT one run apiece in The IasT haIT oi The ninTh inning, a cosTly error allowed The winning run To be pushed over by The MounT. Once again The rains played an imporTanT parT in The BaTTIeTieId baseball season as They haITed The Lehigh game wiTh The score Tied 2-2. ATTer This, Dickinson was again conquered by The 6-Burg baTT.ers, IO-O. Jack Keller led The way wiTh Three hiTs in Tive Times aT The pIaTe. LaTayeTTe proved To be Too much as They bIasTed The BuIleTs by a I4-3 margin. Errors proved cosTly To G-Burg as They came up wiTh six miscues. Closing ouT The season GeTTysburg IosT a hard-ToughT game To Bucknell, 7-6: Then F 8: M evened Their season's log wiTh The BuIIeTs by a IO-6 win. I953 G-Burg . . . 4: ElizabeThTown . . . . 8 G-Burg . . . 6: Franklin 8: Marshall . . . 5 G-Burg . . . 9: Johns Hopkins . . . 2 6-Burg . . . 9: Dickinson . . . . 2 G-Burg . . . O: Penn STaTe . . . . 23 G-Burg .... 3: Temple ....... I I Earl YosT connec+s for a solid smash againsT The Hopkins nine. DIAMCNDMEN Coach Hen Bream flashes safisfied smile in reviewing season's 5-7 record. SEASON G-Burg .... I: MT. ST, Mary's .... 2 G-Burg .... 2: Lehigh . . . . . . 2 G-Burg .... IO: Dickinson . . . . O G-Burg .... 3: LaTayeTTe ...... I4 G-Burg .... 6: Bucknell ....... 7 G-Burg .,.. 6: Franklin 8: Marshall . . . IO Team's aHenTion is cenfered on diamond acfion confesf. inF ,Qi SWIMMING Firsi Row: K. McKean, T. Webder. Second Row: S. Carswell, J. Paradie, T, Oafs, F, Hopkins. Third Row: R, Eppleman, R. Gil- chrisf, C. McLaughlin, B. Hesfon. Absenteesz D. Gaenzle, J. Lipkin, Fourih Row: G. Thompson, C. Coull, J. Kurtz. Sparked by CapTain BryanT l'lesTon, who cap- Tured Top diving honors in The Middle ATlanTic Championship, and CheT McLaughlin, who Took second in The 220-yard Tree sTyle, G-Burg swim- ming Team placed TourTh in This compeTiTion. Thus, The naTaTors compleTed a successful season oT seven wins and Two losses under Coach Jim LenTz. The Tishmen sTarTed The season wiTh a bang by deTeaTed CaTholic UniversiTy, buT The Tables were Turned when The squad losT To Lehigh, Tor- mer Middle ATlanTic Champions. The Tollowing week The swimmers were all keyed up To drown Franklin and Marshall. by a 47-37 score. BryanT l-lesTon, who remained undeTeaTd ThroughouT The season, and ace swimmers CheT McLaughlin and Joe KurTz helped The Team To Two more vic- Tories. AlThough The squad gave UniversiTy oT Delaware a hard TighT, G-Burg suTTered The sec- ond loss oT The season. Then The spiriT and energy exploded and The Team wenT on To win The nexT Three meeTs. These included Temple: GeorgeTown, which had been undeTeaTed unTil This meeT: and The Triangular meeT wiTh Franklin and Marshall and Dickinson, wiTh a 51-40-2 score. This year many school records and Two pool rec- ords were shaTTered by The swimmers. The 60- yard TreesTyle record was broken by BryanT Hes- Ton and The 400-yard TreesTyle relay by Gilchrist l-lesTon, McLaughlin and Eppleman, Thus, cop- ping TourTh place in The Middle ATlanTic Cham- pionship TournamenT was a TiTTing climax Tor The besT swimming Team in GeTTysburg College his- Tory. Bryant Heston, Team capfain, execuies half-qainer in Middle ATlanTic Swimming Championships. 1953 GOLF ln many maTches The BulleT sTickmen compiled excellenT scores only To be besTed by such ouT- sTanding squads as Penn STaTe, Bucknell, Lehigh, and Haverford. Only once in Twelve Trips around The links did The l953 6eTTysburg golT Team record a vicTory. in The season's TirsT maTch The linskmen were shuT ouT aT Dickinson, 9-O. WesTern Maryland and Muhlenberg chalkecl up narrow wins by idenTical 5-4 scores. G-Burg was shuT ouT in Three oT Their nexT Tour maTches as They Tell beTore Bucknell, HaverTord, Penn STaTe, and F 8: M. losing To Johns Hopkins, Lehigh and Dickinson The BulleTs Tinally peneTraTed The vic- Tory column as They downed Franklin and Mar- shall in Their second encounTer by a 5-4 margin. The season came To a close as WesTern Maryland wrapped up a 5-4 win. Coach Wolfinger and squad discuss coming match aT The GeTTys- burq Counfry Club, The P753 golfers are: Don Perry, Tom Naugh- ton, Coach Wolfinqer, Dale Reighard, Harry Williams, Bob Weaver, and Bryan? Heston. The T953 GeTTysburc4 College Tennis Team wenT Through Their eighT game schedule wiThouT a win. During The season Coach Richard SchubarT relied heavily on seniors Fred Rice. Hank Greybill, Harry Hamer and Hank Mann. Opening The year, a sTrong Johns Hopkins squad downed 6-Burq's neTmen by The shuTouT score OT 9-O, The BulleTs carne closesT To winning in Their second maTch, when ElizabeThTown man- aged To edge by The BaTTleTielders by a 5-4 margin, Following This encounTer G-Burg was soundly deTeaT.ed by Muhlenberg 6-2, WesTern Maryland 8-I, Bucknell 7-I, and Lehigh 9-0. ln Their nexl' ouTing wiTh WesTern Maryland The BulleTs Tell prey To The Green Terror opponenTs, 6-3. ln Their lasT maTch oT The season The n.eTmen dropped a 7-2 decision To a sTrong F 8: M Team. Tennis Team Hank Mann, Hank Greybill, Bill Hershey, Dick Schiller, and Coach Schubert pose before match begins, 1953 TENNIS GROUND R Fourfeen members compose GeTTysburg's Army Reserved Officers Training Corp rifle Team, which is direcTed by LT. Ouinn Unger and an advisory sfaff of four men from The Team. This year The Team fired againsf I6 colleges and universifies and Traveled To The UniversiTy of Vir- ginia Tor The concluding maTch in The shoulder-To shoulder comp.eTiTion. Six of The I4 members of The squad are engaged in range compeTiTion. The five highesT scores of The six parTicipanTs are ToTaIed for The Team average. In The Posfal lvlafches, GeTTysburg compefed againsT eighT colleges, concluding wiTh Texas Uni- versiTy in March. Once again This year, The Team, which has aver- aged more Than 500 poinfs over The maTches of lasT season, will compeTe for The William Randolph I-learsT NaTional Rifle Trophy. Firsl Row: D, Guthrie, A, Siegel, A. Mitchell, R. Sorrell, R. Baron. Second Row: M!Sgl'. DeBorde, P. Wall, R. Sionesifer, G. Rolls, W. VanDyke, LT. Unger. IELE TEAM DirecTing The acTiviTies of The Air Force Rifle Team is SergeanT Elmer Johnson. The group com- posed of l I members engaged in 32 PosTal Mafches This year-wherein The local Team fired on iTs range and Then senT iTs scores To anoTher college. ThaT college Team, in Turn, Tired on iTs range and senT The score back To The local Team, A comparison was Then made beTwe.en The Two Teams. GeTTysburg won six of The I2 maTches held in November. Opposing The Army Rifle Team and George Washingfon Universify Rifle Team, The Air Force losT iTs only shoulder-To-shoulder maTch of The year. Members of The Team were enTered in The Area lnTercollegiaTe Rifle MaTches and This gave Them a chance To compefe in The NaTional lnTercollegiaTe Rifle lvlafch Championships. Left To riqhfz J. Slarinchuk, G, Penniman, J. Cassells, R. Gilberi, J, Reilly, R. Mallhias, D, Hachiel, AIR RIF LE 224 TEA ATHLETIC COUNCIL Behind The organizaTion and promoTion of GeT- Tysburg's enTire inTercollegiaTe aThleTic program is The sTudenT-facuiTy commiTTee, composed of Three undergraduaTes, alumni members, TacuiTy members and a member oT The Board of Irusiees. The Tollowing TilTered Through The chan- nels This year: GeTTysburg's possibiliTy of mem- bership in a myihical Middle Six Conference and Tinancial sTaTemenTs of all esTimaTed receipTs and expendiTures Tor The aThleTic program. IT was d.e- cided To presenT liTeTime passes To all C5eTTys- burg home aThleTic conTesTs To Dr. Henry W. A. Hanson, Mr. C. E. Bilheimer, Dr. ChesTer 6. CrisT and Dr. John Cline. R.ecommendaTions and award- ing of aThleTic honors and compleTe revision of The commiTTee's ConsTiTuTion and By-Laws were discussed. H. Bream, Dr. Raby, S. Lose, S. Evangelisfa, W. Tilberg, F. Luckenbill. increased efficiency of G-Burg's wome-n's aTh- leTic program was eTiecTed by Board members and advisers Miss Grace C. Kennedy and Miss Lois J. Gore. This year WAA revised iTs consTiTuTion, enlarged The Board. and seT up an inTramural pro- gram on a poinT basis for an all-sporis Trophy. Hockey all-sT'ars Traveled To Wilson To deTeaT Shippensburg while The volleyball all-sTars gave an exhibiTion game aT Hanover. Hockey clinic direcTed by All-American KiTTy DuBois occurred in The Tall wiTh a Tennis clinic being sei' Tor spring. VarsiTy Teams celebraTed aT The College Cabin. InTroduced This year were bridge and badminion. Local WAA assumed vice-presidency of The sTaTe aThleTic federaTion Tor women. G. Parkinson, B. Johnson, A. Brown, D. Zukswerf, F. Vierling, B. Black, J. Sachs, C. Lenhard, Miss Kenney, B. Hall, N, Miicheli, A. Davis, J. Taylor, F. Luckenbill. WOMENS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 225 FRESH , c nf-IA fa Firsf Row, leff fo righf: Sfahl, Craver, Lebo, Moyer, Weber. Th d ff f' d fh f h f fb ll 1 Second Row: Heverly, Cooke, Hyland, Cosfello, Nafale, Lichfen- urs ay a el-noons ln Fe res man oo a eam ln feld, Scola, Bell. Third Row: Wearer, manager: Finnegan, assislanf ac lon' coach: Lewis, Lincoln, Calcaqni, Smiih, Davies, Hendley, Ward, Gasser, Coach Lenlz and assisfanf coach Forbes. Again 'rhis year freshmen alhleles were pro- vided wilh an excellenl' program which exiended lhroughoul mosi of lhe school year. Early in lhe fall, many hopeful candidales could be found any ailernoon running, blocking, and lackling under ihe crilical eyes of coach Jim Lenlz and assislanl' coach Bill Forbes. The young gridders learned well, and when The Team mel 'rheir firsf opponent Farsi Row leff io righf: Melnick, Wolmsey, Purdy, Kessel. Second Row Snyder manager: Harrel Wilick Heverl Lewis, Coach . . Y. Shainline. Franklin and Marshall. lheir labors were rewarded wiih an overwhelming viclory by a score of 63- l 3. This win was quickly followed by decisions over Johns Hopkins and Bucknell lool'h on ihe home gridiron. ln ihe final coniesl of lhe season ihe Orange and Blue dropped a I3-7 decision 'ro Slevens Trade School. Fealured before lhe Varsily on Saiurday aflernoon were ihe frosh wresflers. SPORTS The Team provided an abundance of acTion To The specTaTors in every game, and oTTen The scor- ing plays came in droves. Leading The Touchdown parade were Bob Lebo and Dave LichTenTeld. The squad finished wiTh a record of Three and one. When The call came Tor freshmen baskeTloalIers, Coach John Yovicsin was meT by a whale hosT OT eager hardwooders, When The iniTial TilT rolled around The BulleT Trosh were ready. AlThough los- ing a close 6l-59 conTesT To WesTern Maryland. The freshmen showed promise OT much beTTer Things To come, Towards The end oT The campaign The cage squad showed a log of nine wins and Tour seTloacks. Leading The way Tor The BaTTleTield Tos- Lehigh challenged The freshmen buT fell prey. I Flrsf Row, Ieff To righf: Coach Yovicsin, Hagerman, Hendley, Forqie. Second Row: Lang, managerg Robinski, Koppleman, Bornheimar, Peck, Schliecher, Kulogowski, Muma, and Neikirk. sers were Lee Koppelman, Wally Kuligowski, Jon Peck and ArT I-lendley. Rounding ouT The winTer program, wresTling provided anoTher opporTuniTy Tor Trosh aTh- leTes, ParTicipaTing in live meeTs The young grap- plers succeeded in deTeaTing Mercersburg, The 7 Freshmen once again score againsT Lehigh UniversiTy oT Virginia, and Hershey Junior College, while suTiering seTloacks aT The hands of Franklin and Marshall and STevens Trade Tor a Three and Two mark. Ken Purdy, Jerry Harrell and Skip Lewis proved To be consisTenT winners Tor The 'Orange and Blue. Miss Grace Kenney, hockey coach, and Joan Taylor, leam caplain, discuss plans for All-College Tourna- menl which was held al Gellysburg in November. Wilh a large number ol relurnees and an enlhusiaslic lresh- men group, Coach Kenney's hockey leam oi i953 ended lhe season undelealed. The Bullelles were viclorious in lhe opening encounler wilh lhe Harrisburg Hockey Club, 4-O. Gelling oll lo a lasl slarl lhe Grange and Blue drove lwo in lhe cage before lhe slarlled Pennsylvanians were able lo pul up a delense. Aller adding lwo more lor insurance, lhe coeds coasled lo an easy viclory over lhe hoslesses. By overpowering Millersville 5-I, lhe Gellysburg hockey slalwarls earned lheir second viclory. The viclors scored a liasl goal lo commence lhe game bul lhere was no more scoring unlil lhe second hall when G-Burg pushed in lour goals and Millersville one. To slarl lhe Homecoming leslivilies al G-Burg, Lebanon Valley lell prey lo lhe local leam, 4-I, The visilors lailed lo push lhrough lhe Bullelle delense lhe lirsl hall: however, LVC did lally one goal lale in lhe second period, The lollowing week lhe Kenny girls showed beaulilul lorm by bealing Lock Haven lor lhe lirsl lime in lhree years, by a score ol 5-2. Slepping oul in lronl in lhe lirsl minules ol play, lhe Bullelles conlinued lo score lhroughoul lhe en- counler. Traveling lo loreign lerrilory, lhe G-Burg lassies again dis- played winning lalenls when lhe leam mel Shippensburg. The Orange and Blue squad lilerally crippled lhe Shippiensburg eleven when lhe line charged lhrough lhe opponenl's delense lo produce a 7-2 viclory. The Bullelles lallied lhree limes in lhe lirsl hall while Shippensburg drove in lwo, Wilh lhe be- ginning ol lhe second hall Cv-Burg's game picked up and lhe learn scored lour more goals while holding lheir opponenls scor.eless. The Bullelles gained lheir sixlh win al lhe expense ol lhe Penn Hall eleven lor lheir linal viclory ol lhe season, winning WOMEN'S VARSITY HOCKEY TEAM HAS I953 SEASON G-Burg .......... 7 Harrisburg Hockey Club . . . O G-Burg ..,....... 4 Millersville S. T. C. . . . . I G-Burg ....,.... 4 Lebanon Valley College . . . I G-Burg .......... 5 Lock Haven S, T, C. . . - . 2 G-Burg . . . . . . . 7 Shippensburg S. T. C ..... 2 C5-Burg .... ..... 4 Penn Hall Junior College . . . O I953 Undefealed Hockey Squad: lelf lo righl, fronl row: Barbara Hall, Cindy Garrow, Coach Kenney, Louise Calalano and Miss Gore. Second row: Barbara Lee, Arlene Van- Arlsdalen, Kalhy Naus, Joan Taylor, and Elly Jones. Third row: Barbara Crouse, Alice Davis, Faye Luckenblll, Janice Gibson, Allene Brown, Louise Moyer, and Nancy Milchell. Top: Goalie Cindy Garrow rushes ouT in aT- Tempi To halT Penn STaTe from scoring. Mid- dle: Cenfer forwards sTarT off game in All- College TournamenT. BoTTom: Barbara Crouse aims ai goal as Wilson Tries To Thwari' The score. by a score OT 4-O. By Tallying Two Times in The TirsT halT and Two more Times in The Tinal half The BulleTTes clinched The verdicT. ToTaI Tallies Tor The BulleTTes during The season were 30 goals, wiTh only 6 being scored againsT Them. UnTorTunaTely The coed hockey Team losT Tour ouTsTanding players via June graduaTion: Joan Taylor, leTT halTbaclc and capTain oT Th.e eleven: Faye Luclcenbill, righT inner: Barbara Hall. cenTer Tor- ward, and Nancy Mirchell. The SouThern Division OT The All-College Tournam,enT was held again This year on GeTTysburg's hoclcey Tield. The local girls downed Wilson, Penn STaTe, and Shippensburg by The idenTical scores oT 3-O To remain undeTeaTed and unTied in The T953 season. OuT oT The eleven G-Burg coeds parTicipaT- ing in The Tourney, Ten oT The girls gained berThs on The All- College squads. The CenTral Pennsylvania TournamenT which was To be held aT Bucknell was cancelled because oT The excessive snowiall ThaT weelc-end. The Ten G-Burg girls who had placed on The All- College squads, Traveled To Wilson Colle-ge Tor The Middle EasT TournamenT. Four Teams were Then chosen Trom The Tield oT Ten squads To represenT The Mid-EasT aT The Na- Tional Hockey TournamenT. G-Burg laced eighT represenTaTives on These elevens buT because oTPThe snow OT The previous weelcend more cancella- Tions were in order. The chosen eighT Then iourneyed To Harrisburg Tor The Tinal eliminaTions. Barbara Crouse, leTT inner: Alice Davis, righT wing and Coach Kenney gained berThs on The Mid-EasT TirsT Team and on The second Team squad were Janice Gibson, righT halTbaclc1 Joan Taylor, leTT halTbacl4: Faye Luclcenbill, righT inner and Lois Gore, leTT inner, These Coeds Traveled To HunTer College, New York, The scene oi The NaTional Hockey TournamenT. UNDEFEATED SEASON Bullehes place Ten members on first and second All-College Teams, Ieff To righT: Barbara Crouse, Alice Davis, Janice Gibson, Elly Jones, Faye Lucken- bill, Joan Taylor, Cindy Garrow, Kaihy Naus, Louise Caialano, and Barbara ee. Barbara Black passes ball To Teammafe in ElizabeTl1Town game. Ending The season wiTh nine wins and one loss, The G-Burg BulleTTes, under The excell.enT coach- ing oT Miss Grace C. Kenney, experienced The besT season on record. ElizabeThTown was The TirsT vicTim OT Coach Kenney's TasT-moving squad, losing by The mosT decisive score OT The season, 49-9. The BulleTTes Then dropped The only conTesT-To Shippens- burg, by 30-I7. The coed sexTeT reTurned To The win column by Trouncing Lock Haven 58-3l, This being Loclq l-laven's TirsT deTeaT by G-Burg. The BulleTTes Lock Haven aTTempTs To break Through G-Burg defense. BULLETTES Coach Kenney gives The VarsiTy a few poinfers beT halves. wenT on To swamp The visiTing Lebanon Valley six by a score oT 69-14. Traveling To Millersville, The coeds Tound iT Tough going unTil The TourTh quarTer when a Bul- leTTe rally produced a Tinal score OT 45-35. Vic- Tory came again as The squad deTeaTed Penn Hall, 56-I7, having losT To Them The pasT Two years by only one poinT. lvlosT exciTing game was The Tray wiTh E-Town where Alice Davis scored in The lasT IO seconds wiTh a righT hand shoT on a scneen play, puTTing The Coeds on Top, 38-37. Avenging The earlier loss, The Orange and Blue Tallied a 42-23 Triumph over Shippensburg, beaTing Them Tor The TirsT COMPILE BEST BASKETBALL RECORD Coach Kenney and Capfain Nancy Mifchell confer before Alice Davis 'flies 'Through fhe air fo score agamsi' Loclc whisile blows sfarfing The game. lime in baslcefball hislory. A 58-I5 viciory over Lebanon Valley closed 1'he regular season. Hoping +0 ser a precedenl' The Varsiiy played lhe Alums Safurday afiernoon o1cPan-l-lelWeelc- end and won lhe conlesl 64- I 8. The Junior Varsify, coached by Miss Lois Haven. Gore, produced an 8-I record. The Coeds cle Teaieol E-Town Two limes by 45-I4 and 50-I7 Millersville by 47-26, LV 'rwice by 48-8 and 34-I4 Shippensburg 43-34, Penn l-lall by 44-I I and Sl Joe's 52-42. The only loss was lhe lirsr Shippens- burg game, The score being 27-37. Firsf Row: Coach Kenney, N. Milchell, Second Row: F. Vierling, Firsf Row, leff fo righf: D. Beisler. A. Brown, J. Sachs M Carlson B. Crouse, C. Snyder, A. Davis, B. Black, J. Taylor, J. Gibson, Second Row: A, VanArfsdaIen, B. Lee, E. Coates N Long F. Luckenbill. Sfracener, T. Zwicker, 5. Finsier, J. Gelberl WOMEN'S Top: Independen+'s goalie saves score aH'emp+ by Phi Mu. Coaches brief Alpha Xi and Inclependenf squads before Above: Phi Mu's aiming for a goal in lhe hoclrey fourna- acfion begins. menf. A new program for The girls' inlramural sporis awarded 'ro lhe living group acquiring Jrhe largesl' agenda was adopied by ihe Women's Alhleiic As- 'roial number oi poinis, accumulaled by winning socialion early in l'he spring of I953. This new pro- and placing in fhe ieam and individual compefi- gram arranged for a single All-Sporfs Trophy fo be Hon, The ieam having The second largesi Jrolal Fall affernoons mean hoclcey games befween the living groups. 2'3l2 INTRAMURALS -.0."g, Delia Gamma, l953 hoclcey champions. number of poinls would receive a lrophy of a smaller size Than lhe All-Sporls Trophy given To The' lirsl place winner, The program was based on compelilion be- lween Jrhe living groups including lhe 'ream sporls Phi Mu volleyball viciors, I954. Alpha Xi Delia, l953 bashelball vicfors. of hoclxey, baslcelball, volleyball, sollball, and swimming: and 'rhe individual sporls, lable lennis, bowling, and lennis. -len, seven, and live poinls respeclively were awarded lo fhe placing living groups in The 'ream Alpha Xi, winners of fhe sof+baII fourney, spring I953 :wg H-gg Q' ,xN's5.?lH?EH RP W M gim- 1 5-mn gsa wg ms 11 'FEW H 5 I-2 W 3 : 3 ? QE? H :sw H liesgggmgamsgfgsim sg Q s-nvmB5g H W fag, 4f.21.3v.,-zu, n wb' 5 W f A 1 sz- 2: ' ,Z . , H mf -56? . Vx E vm if 'HK :L 4 an W 1 mlm Ax s f i . ri K Q 1 5 aww' Q ,ff X H gym pq--sg . ,, x , A Q f ik R Q if s: E ECL ,-n. ,,,.... -iypu' Q V " 1-U , , ,, -+V Q , W f ,Q-,. H- Y 1523 A Es wig Q21 sig: ,gg mf. k gg, - 5:5 -- ,Q Q 1.-N M g? W- 1 'a ,X ,, W fa ,Q .B-N? Jw L A 3 , if Wfggwfjl ,- akin Wing' 2 MQ -1 TWH ,M f. L' .' 'ff ff' L . "V 1' sw pwisg' ww ,Wgflfgh . , .,.,. 3' M :ai ' A, 1 S " 1 f f ,' A 1 ,. .. ,, :.: Q H ,A H ,- M, E , S ag ..,. EH ,, , mggg .,.,., viwgj y 'Q gi gg, ,K-ij, .Wm 5,51 :.: . H - :., 15- :-nz - , -' X :.: .Q QV- 2:2 H H - QB .... -1- .... : F2 MQ- ' E . 'S Q4 I" Ti 7 1 W, L W 'I' 2 FBT, A 55, ' A E :E :-: -ras: :-: ' . "" """ - - W-5 " Em ' J 'F .I. K5 :gg M, :-: " A Q :- - p 41 gwigi Q as ' -1 ,i W' ZQMQYE ,J jg ,. , ,.,., mgy mg , - ""' if 1' if Q . T dm- fi ' W ' W , ,ww - 5.3, 5' as In A .,.. , . K N H 2 s:-:T u, , .. :, y Y--1 , , W -1? A , f f is? gg, 5555: QS ,,wgf'MQ,, 5 M4 nf :Wg sjwgwwu W V ,m-,E-V ,1.,Q:,m. :M LA affix., M 5 -Qfffsingxrgiysg fix if' 4 - K ..g N fr-1 'X W VW ,,5":a,: gx - 'H sw iv iw M xi W W xjk ' Y 1 , A ,I K 7 Ea . 'RQ Y if A U Cuff f N 'HHH-EH Ak. .: .. . :,f, Z wif' xykfifffgf V : ina., -Mvvj .lf Q S E rx -:Q 4 A .j2Sfesf5,,,2g.3,, PEW W M X, , bs. 1, . Y f Www Aw -, A Y' W1 , 1 2 - Eiigrigw. jgwimgf z , w ' E E - -, X. ,wg s zj ' -: 41 , ,:,.,.m . K aw ' , 5,-vis? gfYfw'., Y fg?Q1 wwwwm gwif ME, , mm E A ,zz X, grgnx an . ,X ., ,J ' 'zu Q Eigiizgififg ux jgifi' 1- -- 2 T W r h B B H I K f ' ' 9" ' 'l :-:, :-:- A, 'K 1 . , , s:f2mS f , Mixi ng' W f Q - 155. A, F E 5, K gk , ,E-wc A .Y-5 .:. . 43 A '3 A ', ' ' 3 M I viii? -'I ga me ? , V W , Mm E IL -- my ,.,x2,f,..,.g3,: 3 Q: 'giver-W dw---S mf?ig'Tif H A - 1,441 ' V .MM1 ,any A , :..E5MQ:: with Em - MM 'I+ , I Us Nw , E X Ei ' -1 -, M ,QA 12 Z , "5 '- ,X A ' 2 E, M , . . , FZ' ' ' I , HA A' K f' f Y gf ' " - iii 11 EX' SWE-1555 . 'X - P W1 W 2 ., , ,Q , ' ,K , My QE Ama , f ,, f A A V 1 . -vi. H' ' ' K ' 'f -:-:. -:-,:: 'W' "" - ' ",.:: , - , P .V ..,. ,U ' I A N, 2 , ,ff Q gm' rf , ""- 'f ...,., , QQ- ' A 1,51 f J 'gg RWM yyg' , vp , J ., N- as hmhgzd 1 MM -Q A .. TQ 'im , at- 7 Mt.-:A I- Y Q L-..... .,...,Y ,. , + - f I -- if ,, . . -,-.. T .. ,- Q, h Y ,awk A 8 -L Q ,fir-QL, A -- EM lmgrafx ly '-rf-' Y 25? .3 E A V , , W ' N M - K f 3 ' : M f aj 4 N Q Yi 2 ' 5 1 V ,Q I ' , , . - ., A 4 ,. 5 ,. 5 , 5 A .- . w B D .1 K K Y K 8' E, an a WOMEN'S INTRAMURALS RighT, Top: Alpha Xi hifs over The neT info DG Terrifory. Leif, boTTom: Spring is soffball weaTher. RighT, boffom: Phi Mu and DelTa Gamma show fine form as specfa- 'rors cheer The Teams on. Traveled To Wilson College where iT deTeaTed The Shippensburg hockey Team. MeanTime The inTramural Tennis TournamenT was moving along. AT The 'Finish of The Tourney, Alice Davis was on Top, gaining Tive poinTs for The Alpha Xi group. GreTchen Parkinson capTured Three poinTs for The Phi iv1u's, and Grace l-laabesTad added one poinT To The Chi Omega record. A Three-way Tie sTImulaTed inTeresT in The Table Tennis Tournament Alice Davis, Alpha Xi: Cindv Frolen, DelTa Gamma: and Jackie Harvey. Chi Omega, each added Three poinTs To The Tally Tor The living groups. DeI+a Gamma capTured TirsT place and Ten poinTs in The inTramural swimming maTch by ob- Taining 27 markers in The six evenTs OT The maTch. Phi Mu placed second and Chi Omega Third. ln The coed volleyball TournamenT, Phi Mu came ouT on Top, boasTing an uncleTeaTe::l record. A Three-way Tie Tor second place among DelTa Gam- ma, Chi Omega and Alpha Xi resulTed wiTh The DG's capTuring second place by deTeaTing Alpha Xi and Chi Omega. Since Alpha Xi was deTeaTed in The TirsT round oi The playoici, Chi Omega gain- ed Third place. Baskelball, won by Chi O, and baseball held The spoTlighT during The spring monThs, wiTh The win- ner oi The Trophy To be announced laTe in May. 235 -1 Aiier meeiing siihr comperiiion, Phi Kappa Psi capiured The men's inframural all-sporis frophy, which is awarded annually by ihe lnierfraierniiy Council during IFC weelcend in March. This Trophy is preseniecl io 'rhe ieam 1'ha'r compiles The mosf viciories fhroughoui fhe eniire iniramural season. A promineni and popular exira-curricular aciiv- iiy on Ge'r'rysburg's campus is 'rhe men's iniramural aihleiic program. Nof only does fhis program help io pronnoie good sporismanship, buf if also ai- forcls a frienclly basis for connpelilion beiween ihe various living groups on campus. Lasi spring ihe rnen's iniramural ieams baffled one anoiher for lop honors on fhe soffloall dia- mond, Alihough The season was hampered by a lol of bad weafher which necessiiaied several posi- Phi Kappa Psi, winners of 'Hue '53 foofball irophy. Phi Delia Theia, '54 baslceiball viciors. MEN'S INTRAMURALS ponemenTs, every Team managed To play The nec- essary number oT games To be eligible Tor The Trophy. AT The end oT The season Phi DelTa TheTa and Phi Kappa Psi were Tied Tor TirsT place. The play-oTT game proved To be one of The mosT Thrill- ing conTesTs oT The season. Going inTo The boTTom oT The ninTh inning The scores read 6-5 in Tavor of The Phi DelTs wiTh The Phi Psi's coming To baT. A vicTory Tor The Phi Psi's was insured by a home run wiTh one man on base, The Tinal score OT The game being 7-5. Thus Phi Kappa Psi came ouT in Top place in The '53 soTTball compeTiTion. A high spoT oT Tall sporTs was The inTramural TooTball compeTiTion. UnTil The lasT week oT The season Tau Kappa Epsilon and Phi Kappa Psi were Tied Tor TirsT place. The Teke's hopes were Tinally Brilliani blocking execuTecI by Phi Gems againsf Lambda Chi squad. -an-' All-SporTs Trophy-Goal of every G-Burg fraTerniTy Elusive pigskin evades Three would-be receivers ,gk Q ,L Q, if ,EE ,L A ,Q QW., ww. 2 ,, -Ad A I .'S.5,..,5qwf ' x 1 E. mmm ms Q Ba mm ms ami was W. en-I M'-T, gx,m,,"'4'vn ' w Q x :Naam f ww me ma .- ww, N. HAWK mf W, -N :NA 1- :mv H , we , ,Z ff? Zif- is-A ww! JSR? Jae. ,S iam wa r Q FN " R M 'Z sf , ' 5 .Q A H Q .sg XI 'M 1 W ,, w w -a P1 .4 3 Q 2' M W : K . 2 my jggaga- . ,g , : f. ,,, is-f,,,??x3'gj??Qg Mk- ,, I f .wa -v " 22,1-,gs KAW fi aww! y : W, 5 1: F., 5 ' 1' an . ' 1 1 Ebgfgg ,M .md . at 1 W a 'ff ' I ' , -- hx .. . 7 No . W:2M1m:.H,1J R ' M mmwmw 4 "-4 , 'fe Sfjmilix Y, tix . W LY 31'5'V?gSfiEQT4?,E.v3 X, ,Ll "3W'fQf'iYE"QH7 ' QQ Wi,X,:, , QI U Vg' M f'f,ww:kSgE-EXW ,I Wikfvigg .1 ,ff :Mi E 'insist' 'nf' M ' N vw MQ Qmwiwsfm 5 A- ,WJ , M W M B Q 5 M A f . , , , Z . 9 - i S 1 g pf ,wsxfw ' ,H A 'L 'w. I' Fi n?.gW TW' x A 25 I Y -1 5 -M 5 3 if 535: " E 5 Q- 1 QQ Q Q ,mfr I .rw , , , 5 S, Q f' mf F ffm- 5 K 5 W 5,5 M y is . 4 Q Sf A RSESQWBQ L .. 4 Q X .f , eff aw W V M F ' Q f fs : iw - A - ' ,- ,,,., 3 Mg W, f ,. Y Q, Q M '3 1 w 7 1 pf F11 ::: px 52 A - .9 .:. - , Q .I,.,..1!E"- w E, ' M +1 . ' fIQ-:-:f:-:-:,:-- -:-: ,,,.,. ' I-3 B- A Q ,.:55s35E5.,.: , '1' f Q 94254 L 1 A ' Mm is gf ,...,.,. W. ,ns 'i .' ' ms ,hr , f -:. --In .Q gl, affix . 1:, t, ,. x . N 9 M, 4: V., nn - - .iw-K 1 i iv - K Z' . P1 A ', T 4 1- E, J M 1 -" fy-. - , - X1 " sf . sf ' -- i ' A .555 .. --" ,E H Z . W Q :full :.: 2 ' X Q ' ' Lf F' :if 5 H . X V f , 37 -- .:. .1 A gs 2 P5 -Z E ,Q V, ,X ., -k 151' .... g :g .,g-',L,'e:s- V .: W .5: Q , gpg Jigga. - - f is FM , ., 'Sf' ff me ' i . X ? ' , it g X T9 . ,Q ,,.,5,,:W M r ., Msg iixggv W, . , :A ww' 4 it '-fM,?-xvzvfrwv Gi, .':.,Ww ,V MLW s , , H X wa' 1-nm fn x ,,...- A . YV' ,. yl i . an ,,-4.4, .. is' X' L14 W H 92- mm , .,w.,, 'in w wi?-3.-M fflgffrwi E 5 iii..- in 1 S. 4 , D H. - W, .4 Y 1 1 i L 2 ..l ,, ,' N ,K W 35 mg-. as Hug. 2 MEN S INTRAMURALS Phi Kappa Psi, The defending cham- pions, raced ouT To a TasT sTarT in League A. The Red and WhiTe moved Through The enTire season wiThouT a blemish To The championship series. The iniTial league had an overbalanced record wiTh The vic- Tories oT The leaders and The second place KDR's piled high. Phi Sig, TKE, and ATO all spliT near The Tive hundred mark. In League B, The TiTle was much more hoTly conTesTecl. For a while a playoff game loolcecl in The oTTing. Finally The Phi DelT quinTeT dumped SAE To gain The Top spoT and remained There ThroughouT The remainder oT The schedule. A Three game series was needed To decide The champs oT l954. Phi Psi Topped Phi DelT in The opening encounTer by a convincing margin. l-lowever The Blue and WhiTe was noT To be denied as The Taller Phi DelT squad came back wiTh TerriTic spiriT and deTerminaTicn To cop Two sTraighT close TilTs and The Trophy. The series was perhaps The besT exhibi- Tion oT inTramural baslceTball ever seen aT GeTTysburg College. CHEERING SQUAD '54 Squad consisfs of nine spirifed 'Burgians. Sfandingz John Bauersfield, Don Williams, Doc Gllliss, Howie Sheefs. Kneeling: Mary Kauffman, Lynn Huuard, Carol Jones, Rufh Davis, Arlene Shelly. AT bonfires and pep rallies on The sfeps of Old Dorm and ofher campus spofs, The cheer- leading squad helped arouse unusual enfhusi- asm for The various sporfs evenfs This year. This spirif carried over To The playing fields, home and away. where Geffysburgians who were proud of Their Teams followed The squad in showing Their appreciafion. Chosen in The spring of l953 by faculfy members and graduafing cheerleaders, The squad was ready for acfion early This fall aT The Freshmen Bonfire and Tribunal meefings. Cheering af foofball and baslcefball games is The responsibilifv of The varsify squad, while The freshman squad Takes over for iay-vee games. Displaying new uniforms and old-fashioned soirif, The cheerleading squad did a commend- able iob in supporfinq GeTTysburg's foofball and baskefball Teams and boosfing specfafor spirif Through wins and losses. BOOSTER CLUB ln a shorT Time The hard-working BoosTer Club has aTTained a prominenT posiTion on campus. The aim oT The group is To creaTe and ' mainTain spiriT aT GeTTysburg by encouraging supporT of aThleTic Teams. To This end, The club sponsors The cheerleaders and pep rallies, and plans The Homecoming TloaT parade. Also, an , exTensive publiciTy campaign is conducTed To increase aTTendance aT games. Managing concession sTar1ds aT aThleTic evenTs is a major responsibiliTy of The club. 2 Working in cooperaTion wiTh The aThleTic de- parTmenT, The group uses money raised Tor im- provemenT oT college TaciliTies, as evidenced by nTs conTribuTion Toward The purchase OT an elecTric scoreboard. Thus, during The l953-54 seasons The club has added considerably To iTs pasT accomplish- menlrs, wiTh The guidance of a Tine execuTive commiTTee and adviser, Dr. Harold Dunkle- berger. vs-Y, I i" . 4 M 5 X- , f we - Top: Booslers, band and cheerleaders ioin al The bonfire pep rally -lo give The griclders a real send-off. Boliom: Boosler Club concession sland provides ever popu- lar hoi clogs and sofl drinks-plus--for fooTball specTa+ors. .A Sealed: J. Bauer, J. Eckert, L. Walsh, B. Allfng, J. Shlmkus, B. Hoffman, C. Jones, D, Heyman, N, Hunfsbergsr, J, Sachs, P. Cross, N. Hansmann, K. Naus, B, Hall, L, Huuard, M. Kauff- man, J. Harvey, B. Dickinson: Second row: J. Malfhews, J. Beck, P. Brennan, B. Maurer, J. Black, T. Brower, H. Cooper, R. Gaenzle, L. Weislogel, J. Ziegler, D. Williams, D. Hachfel. Club prexy, Bill Dickinson, discusses plans for nexl' sporTs evenf wiTl1 ad- viser, Dr. Dunlrleberger. V . Q1 gtg, ,:, W , IV' A-,1 ' NWI Ur V 1. wx x1TiHJ"'UQ3'J-V S Z - Q. Nu., 1 1171! N Q '1 w H? L' 1 A w f w , H. . 5, , , E X ,, 5 S8 SS .A k Zi Y 4 X E Us 1 B " W Z B H:-E1L,A,1,5. , V uw 3 Q 3 ',','Q'1" f' - ' l 53" wi f Q w.-4-.pp tm . j W . H ' , .,.. .' i is ' as ' an ,-,..7,.- H , -,JBJK--I ru Y 3 y '7 i. WL. . gb, B , f u.,r'5F.3 ,gn . ' 4 F ., 'EW H ' , QP ' uf'-J-, ,. wh La AHL' AV E - --.k 1 1- '5 ..' ,. ,Eff ,L H H g my-L-U34 WW: ' Emfscfg , ' 52 as Hui,-E2 13.19 . E-my ' --53,5 . E-B1 QL H 'M .5m'E'!k, sag-xr ..',--'F' if,-'I-Avg, M: ,W 'sw I - .:..:. :.: g :5gggZ,F::v 'Q , 1 ff -2151,-f ,,a1,ffQ M'-1143? ' wi . i vfrw-'fiQ?ffZz3gp. "M ' 'f .T ' -1:-gfsgibf ' :.:.-.: In +1 I- ' , 121: , ' 'YIM F, f : J. 11 v' v I , 61 A-1 , . W ' 1 4 'E' ' F L ' v S. ,,,, 4 Q - Ei us I W. Bfss Q Ju.. L H' -JP Tift ,-1, r H 4', . 11' S Vlimk 5.-. 1 ..- A 4 Ai -N gi 5.73 , 41.10, Z wM,1-:mo w1Y'i,.!'A"7o"M . Q, Q-...N , Q.:-.J Y, F:-5 1 4 'r " ' , -Qifr-ff : . H 1- " '51?? 'gm I UATION 1954 SPECTRUM STAFF EDITORIAL MARY KAUFFMAN . . ..... Edifor JANE EVANS ........................ .... . Managing Edifor Kilfy Baker, Joy Willenberger, Becky Sfracener, Louise Arrnsfrong, Joan Shimlcus, Marilyn Kreider, Barrie Hoffman, Rich Moyer, Ginny Hausmann, Elise Korman, Suzanne Ziegler, Fredricka Reed, Margie Brandi. RALPH EISCHER ...... .........,..... . . Picfures Ediior Lynn Lehman, Pal Brennan JEAN FRANZ ......... ,...... ............,..,. A r l Edilor Belly May Johnson, Joanne Hill, Barrie Hoffman, Barbara Binns, Lynn Huzzarcl, Jean Beck, Paf Toppel, Nancy l-larier, Joan Sfein, Bill Schwarz, Kay Salek LAVERNE WARTLUFT . . ................... . .Eaculfy Edifor Bobbie Maurer, Jane Naylor, Sally Wehn BARBARA FRANKE ...,. .............. ....... P o rfrail Edilor Nancy Luckeff, Carol Jones, Jo Reese, Dee Elwood, Beffy Freas, Barbara Alling, Jo Haiiar, Barrie Hoffman, Joan Shimkus, Ellie Jones, Becky Slracener JANE ROGERS . . . . . . . . . . . .Frafernily Eclifor Bobbie Maurer CINDY FROLEN . . . . . .Organizafion Edilor HART BEAVER ......................... Assisfanl Organizafion Eclilor Wayne Slreilein, Kiffy Baker, Joy Wilfenberger, Jeff Davis, Ed Anderson, Ginny Lammey, Marly Rilling, Fred Weiser NAN SCHUNTER, RON PEASE .,,...., . ...... . . . Sporls Co-eclifors Norm Miller, Jim Howard, Donna Whilsel, Norm Ollivier, Faye Luckenbill, Ellie Jones, Dick Gaenzle SYLVIA EENSTERMACHER, DAWN ZUKSWERT , . . , . . , Eeelures Co-ediiors Gail Irvin, Kafhy Naus, Jean Eckerl, Barbara Binns BUSINESS ROBERT WELLIVER . . . . Business Manager HANK BARGMANN Assisfanf Business Manager Dick Franz, Dave Johnson, Bobbie Maurer, Lynn Huzzard JAY CARLBON . . . . . . , . . . . . Adverlisinq Manager ED HADLEY .....,...... . . . . . Assisianl Adverfisinq Manager Jefl Davis, Bill Bunce, Virge Volpe, Neil Stone, Dave Peck, Karl Kauffman DlCK SNOOK . . ..... . .Circulafion Manager John Foor WALTER B. LANE .................,......... . . Phofographer Candid Piciure Credits p. 32, Arlene Shollvi D. 36, 42, 222, Ken McKean: D. 38, 44, Louise Walsh, p. 2I7, Keith Johnsong p. I87, Jerry Gelberf. The T954 edifors sincerely Thani: The incoming execuiive and associaTe boards Tor publishing The Graduafion SupplemenT. Bob Welliver, Business Managerg Mary Kauffman, Ediforg Jane LaVerne Warfluff, Managing Ediforg Hank Bargmann, Business Evans. Managing Editor: Ralph Fischer, Picfures EdiTor. Manager: Jane Rogersu Editor: Gail Irvin, Copy.Ediforg Ken Mc- Kean, Phoioqraphic Edrforg Joanne Hill, ArT Ediforg Ed Hadley Advedising Manager. APPRECIATION Since March oi lasT year we have come in con- TacT wiTh many people-oTher Than The T954 SPECTRUM sTaTi-who. in Their own way, meriT a Tew words of appreciaTion Tor Their conTribuTions -small and large-To The publicaiion of This year- boolc. Our special and sincere "Thanks" To . . . ... Mr. Paul Baird, yearbook adviser, Tor his help- Tul counseling and sympaTheTic inTeresT in all our problems. . . ...The T955 ediTorial board Tor Tully compleTing This, our '54 annual, by capably publishing The GraduaTion SupplemenT. .. . . .our adverTisers Tor helping malce This yearbook possible . . . . . . The TaculTy and adminisTraTion Tor Their earnesT cooperaTion . . . .. .The sTudenT body in general Tor Their supporT and inTeresT . .. ...Those 'Burgians in parTicular who posed so na- Turally Tor our candid shoTs . . . . . . Those who provided needed inTormaTion To desperaTe capTion-wriTers and TacT-gaTherers . . . ...Those who puT up wiTh our gripes and groans ThroughouT The year... ...Those who piTched in and helped in Those lasT weelcs beiore The deadline... ...Those who were lcepT awalce by our Typing in The early a.m. hours . .. ...and lasT, buT cerTainly noT leasT. To ThaT which is GETTYSBURG COLLEGE Tor being so worThv a subiecT on which we were proud To concenTraTe our .eTiorTs To porTray iT as iT was-during T953-54. THE EDITORS 245 MR. BAIRD Adviser r' . fs w a 'Si Sv. ,JH ..-., 55555, A A ww: ms ss mu Eagan , 1 I v w .ul ff 4 , ' ' l -sw.. , X f....,5-K' 4" 'Q . 'RT',,'!"' 4' JN' '+ 1 ' -, 1- . fi W, g. Vw A 1 ' . .' . V... ,N " V41 "5T1ff!' ,A-" 3 at 1 -'F' f Q gg 1 W , , 'j L ' is ' W nf ' fx Q , mm W ADVERTISEMENTS I THE FULLER SHIRT CO., INC. 45-57 Pine Grove Ave. E bl h d O FULLER SHIRTS FOR FATHER AND SON SKYLINE IVIEG. COMPANY 57 Pine Grove Ave. KINGSTON N Y O "KIDSTUFlF" B U P P ' S D A I R Y PRIZE WINNING MILK OF I954-PENNA. STATE FARM SHOW You, foo, can enioy 'Ilwis healih-building mill: by calling Hanover-6I27 or Geffysburgfnrerprise-I-6l27 and aslcing us To place your name on our ever- increasing lisf of saiisfied Bupp cusiomers-or-when shopping ai your gro- cers, be sure 'ro specify BUPP'S milk. BUPP'S DAIRY "Serving +I1e Public for Nearly a Half Cen+ury" GETTYSBURG HANOVER ROYALE DAIRY PRODUCTS FIT FOR ASKING We Cafer Io Frafernifies and College Acfivifies Wifh Qualify and Service Always Hanover, Pa. Phone SI63 Try Royale Dairy Ice Cream a+ Shaffer's Resfaurani' one Block off we campus HOTEL GETTYSBURG GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA HENRY M. SCHARF, '25 Manager As much a pa'ri' of Ge++ysburg College as if if were Iocafed on 'lhe campus. GETTYSBURG COLLEGE BOOK STORE COLLEGE RINGS JUVENILE T-SHIRTS NOVELTIES We accepf mail orders from Alumni Owned and Operaied by GETTYSBURG COLLEGE On fhe Campus Under new managemen+ AFTER EVERY CAMPUS EVENT STOP IN AT THE BULLET HOLE FOR CHOW AND A CHAT MITCHELL'S On 'rhe Square Open 24 Hours THE SHETTER HOUSE 46-48 Chambersburg Sfreel GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Home of 'Phe GeH'ysburg Liohs Club 50 Mile Calerinq Servlce CLOYD B. SHETTER, Prop. Phone 9594 I WHILE IN GETTYSBURG VISII The NATIONAL MUSEUM INC. JENNIE WADE MUSEUM Balfimore SI. near NaIIorIaI Cemehery ELECTRIC MAP W. G. WEAVER G Hy b rg 'ZI O GEO. M. ZERFINC HARDWARE ON TI-IE SOUARE THE WOLF SUPPLY CO. "The PIECE +0 shop for aI1ome" 27 N. SIraI'ron SI. GETTYSBURCI, PA. WEISHAAR BROS. ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES HOUSEWARES one I25 GeIIysburg, Pa. VISIT YOUR NEW MURPHY'S VARIETY STORE G. C. MURPHY CO. I5'3I BaIIImore SI. GETTYSBURG PA DAVES PHOTO SUPPLY THE COMPLETE CAMERA SERVICE GETTYSBUR6, PENNSYLVANIA ARTCARVED DIAMONDS COFFMAN JEWELERS Phone I7I W 5I Chambersburg S+. GETTYSBURG, PA. HAMILTON WATCHES ELCIIN WATCHES N. o. SIXEAS WENTZ'S FURNITURE-APPLIANCES For FLOOR COVERING Phone 50354 FURNITURE 62 Chambersburg ST. Gehxysburg, Pa. OpposiTe Posf Office THE COFFMAN-FISHER CO. QQMHTMENTS DEPARTMENT STORES OF MENS AND WOMENS WEAR THE JACK 8: JILL SHOP SHOES-DRY GOODS-NOTIONS Lincoln Square GeJrTysburg, Pa. On Ike Square DOUGHERTY 81 HARTLEY OHLER STINE DRY GOODS, NOTIONS FLOOR COVERINGS GETTYSBUR6, PA. TOBY'S FASHION CENTER FOR WOMEN I3 Balfimore ST. Phone I8-X Cour+esy T. E. FARRELL SHULLEY AND WILLIAMS Disfribufors Fresh Fruifs-Vege+abIes-Sea Foods Phones 1235 or 634-W Lincoln Hi-Way Easf GETTYSBURG, PA. BRITCHER 81 BENDER DRUG STORE 27 Chambersburg Slreef GETTYSBURG, PA. JOHN S. TEETER 81 SONS, INC CRUSHED STONE GETTYSBURG, PA. MCCAUSLI N LINCOLN-MERCURY A3312 Ziifio, DAVE QYLER Dodge 8: Plymoufh Cars Dodge "Job Ra'fecl" Trucks Full Line Genuine "Mopar" Paris Sfeinwehr Avenue G-ETTYSBURG. PENNA. YorlcS1'. Geffysburg, PB. A. Owner PlTOl"le Phone Y Prompf Affenlion-Courfeous Service C. W. EPI-EY ADAMS COUNTY MOTORS Sells FORD CARS-TRUCKS Sales and Service STUDEBAKER DEALER Phone 274 COMPLIMENTS GLENN L. BREAM O F OLDSMOBILE 0 CADILLAC 0 G M C TRUCKS ' ' H SERVICE CENTER Smce l932 IOO York S+, Geffysburg, Pa Telephones 336 81 337 I-Don-1, cuss-can us-- IOO Buford Ave. Geflysburg, Pa. Pl-,One 570 Phone IO46R3 ELM COURT MOTEL SCHWARTZ'S WASHETTE SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY 3 miles easl on U.S. 30 Newly Buill' De Luxe Unils IS8 E Wa+er S+ CLAUDE SIMPSON R.D. 5 Gellysburg, Pa. GETTYSBURG Phone 279-W I-lol Waler Heal' PROSPERITY CLEANERS HI-WAY MANOR I mile eesl of Gellyslourg on U.S. 30 Wesf RaIIl'OaC.I SI. MR 3: MRS. LAWRENCE DYSART Geffysburg, Pennsylvania RD. 5 Gellyslourg, Pa. Phone 80 Gellysburg, Pa. PEACE LIGHT INN Tailoring 8: Ha berdashing Tux for renl 53.50 per nile On Ilwe Balllefielcl al Enlrance io Peace Cleaning, Pressing, and Repairing Liglil Memorial Opposife Courl House Ballimore SI SUNKEN GARDENS TOURIST COURT Large Deluxe Co'H'ages, All wi+I1 Showers, Hoi' and Cold Running WaI'er GETTYSBUR6, PA, 4 M I s Easf on RI. 30 Teleplmon 7I6 X LARSON'S COTTAGE' COURT SPECIALS DAILY SNACK SHACK LUNCHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE Lincoln Highway Easl Phone 823-X 7 A.M.-I I P.M COM PLIMENTS OF SCOTTY'S PENSUPREME RESTAURANT HARRISBUR6 ROAD "SMALL GROUPS AND PARTIES" Good home cooking and a friendly almos- phere 'ro enlerlain your weekend ques THE DUTCH CUPBOARD TEA HOUSE MARGARET F. SCOTT '27 Phone Gelfysburg 33-W Is. Qpposife Jennie Wade House Geflysburg, Pa FABERS BANKERTNS Where 'rhe Campus Meels D ' -I R 'I I Lincoln Square-By Ihe Holel Nye nn es au'-an sooA FQUNTAIN-LuNcHoNE1TE Roufe '40 WHITM N'S C NDIES . . A A V4 mile souI'hoINa'r1onal Cemeiery For all Occasions MAZAGINES-PIPES-SMOKERS' sumies PIIOHG 754 Geilyslourg, Pa BOOKMART 'I' Siafioners PLAZA-SWEETLAND Resfauranfs GETTYSBU RG, PA. PEOPLES DRUG STORE The Rexall Drug Sfore Prescriplion Specialisls 26 Yorlc SI. Gellysburg, Over 50 years of dependable servic Pa THE BULLEN CHEMICAL CCMPIINY Incorporalecl Manufacfurers Since l905 of I'I1e Finesf DisinfecI'an+s - Cleaning Ma- Ierials, Floor Treafmenfs and Waxes A COMPLETE LINE OF JANITOR SUPPLIES For Schools, Hospifals, lnsfilufions, and In- clusfrial Planls FREE-Mainlenance Advisory Service Re- searcln Sfalf available for all problems PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE Local-EA 9-4479 Phila-BE 6-4479 EOLCROET, PA. DELHI STROEHMANN BROTHERS CO. PRIDE WINNER BREAD On Curlain al Sevenllw Slreel +- 0 +- HARRISBU RGPENNSYLVANIA THE GETTYSBURG NATIONAL BANK Treasurer of GETTYSBURG COLLEGE Member of ,Federal Deposir Insurance Corporalion Member Federal Reserve Syslem WINTER GARDENS NEW OXFORD, PENNSYLVANIA HARTZELL'S ESSO STATION CABINS Lincoln l-li-way Easl Phone 449-z Gellysburg, Pa SCHMITT'S INTERIOR DECORATIONS Cusfom made slip covers--Draperies Upholsfering-Fabrics-Wallpapers GETTYSBURG BUILDING SUPPLY COMPANY 225 Soulh Franlclin Slreel GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA COMPLETE DECORATING SERVICE Phone 643-Y Phone 75-Y Moclern Ma'I'erials 'For Be'H'er Building Lincoln Square Gefrysburg, Pa. s. BLAIN vv. H. Mussere, JR LITTLE CABS radio conlrollecl a cab as near as your phone THE WAYSIDE FLOWER SHOP F. E, CRAVER, JR.. Prop. 425 S. Washingfon SI. GETTYSBURG, PA. Call Member rleraerr Telegraph Delivery freer. Lincoln Square Gerlysburg, Pa. BIX-SWAY MEADOW CLEANERS AND LAUNDRY VALLEY ABA-l-IOIR WHOLESALERS 24 Chambersburg Slreel "We caler +o college s'ruclenI's" Phone 20-Y Home Dressed Ouali+y Meafs and Meal' Producls Phone 790 Gellysburg R. D. 3 LINCOLN LOGS RUSTIC BAR "The Show Place of Pennsylvania DON W. GREENWALT, Prop. "I'I's Dif'Feren'I" DINE AND DANCE ROOMS-FOOD-BEVERAGES Television af ifs besf Four l4I miles easl of Gelfysburg GGTTYSIDUFQ, R. R. 5 Penna. WEIKERT'S BARBER SHOP 57 Chambersburg Sl. GETTYSBURG, PA. "YOUR COLLEGE LIFE PICTURE BY PI-IOTOGRAPI-IY" THE LANE STUDIO "CI1arac+eris'ric Por+rai+s" - COMMERCIAL - WEDDINGS - SOCIAL FUNCTIONS - CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING 34 York S+. Geffysburg, Pa Phone: 856 r' Luscnous Iuts of berrlcs, Nuts and frlut supreme Lots and lots of flavors . . . 'l1l18t,S DeIvuIe ICP Cream. Qelvale ICE CREKM 'Zyunyufoovifadk " STEWART'S ROOT BEER DRIVE IN 20 miles wesr of New York CiIy on R+, 22-Mounfainside, N GOOD HEALTH FOOD! I52 Chambersburg Sfreef, Gerfysburg WOLEIS PASTRY SHOP Doughnufs - Decorafed Cakes a Speciality 3I BaIIirnore Sfreef-Phone I I4 CITY MARKET Eruifs, VegeiabIes, Groceries 9 Chambersburg Sfreef-Phone 165 DE LUXE RESTAURANT 53 Chambersburg Sfreer BLUE PARROT TEA ROOM 37 Chambersburg SIreeI WITH BEST REGARDS-THE INSURANCE MAN John H. Basehore KIKE AND SAM BARBER SHOP 447 Chambersburg S'rreeI' JOHN S, THOMAN-WaIIpaper and Pain+ I I7 CarIisIe Sfreef, GeI'rysburg, Pa. BENDER'S CUT RATE STORE Gerfysburg, Pa. MRS. A. Z. ROGERS Rooms for sfudenfs or weekend guesfs 4I2 York Sfreef, Ge+'rysburg Phone 546 W VARSITY BARBER SHOP 39 BaI'rirnore SIreeI A. R. LEVAN 84 SON Plumbing Service 27I Balfimore Sfreef DENGLER BROS. GROCERY Green goods and groceries-Frozen foods 29 York Slrreef Phone 97 SWOPE'S ATLANTIC SERVICE ISO Carlisle S'rree+ FACULTY DIRECTORY ACKLEY, R. Henry, I6 Granger Si., Hanover I Al-IRENS, Fred C., Carlisle Si., Exf. . ALVAREZVSILVA, Vicior, Adams House . ANDREWS, Richard T., Capf., 565 I-Iillcresi Pl ARMOR, Rosea, IOO Ballimore Sl. . . ARMS, Richard A., 59 W. Lincoln Ave. . , BACHMAN. Alberl, 325 N. Siralion SI. . . BAIRD, Paul R., 38 E. Middle Sl. BAKER, Joseph J.. Dr., R.D. No. 2 BARRIGA, Guillermo, W. Confederale Ave. . BARTHOLOMEW, Clarence, R.D. No. 2 . . BENDER, Thelma, 449 W. Middle Sl., . . . BLOOM, Roberi' L., R.D. No. 5, Lincolnway BLOSS, M. Eslher, 339 E. Lincoln Ave. , BOLICH, Harry F., ll N. Washinqlon SI. . BOWEN, Earl, 34 E. Lincoln Ave. . . BREAM, Henry T., 3l7 N. Srrallon SI. . CAPPOZI, Romeo, 325 E. Lincoln Ave. CESSNA, C. Paul, 2l8 Ballimore SI ..... CRAPSTER, Basil L., 337 Carlisle Sr. . . . DARRAI-I, William C., Spruce Hill, R.D. No. DEBUS, Richard C., 707 Highland Ave. DUCK, William O., 262 E. Middle SI. DUNKELBERGER, Harold A., SI2 Carlisle SI. EDDINS, Edgar L., I33 N. Washinglon SI. . EISMANN, James, Capl., 52 W. Conlederale EVERMAN, Harold, MXSQI., 4I E. Wafer Si. EVINS, Donald E., Sleinwehr Ave., Exl, . FISCUS, Roberl A., Sql., 247 Ballimore Sl. FORTENBAUGH, Roberl, ISO W. Broadway FREED, Edwin, I33 W. Lincoln Ave. FRYLING, Rolnerl, 2ll N. Washinglon Sf. . FULTON, C. E., Cal., SI6 Ballimore SI. GLATFELTER, Charles H., R.D. No. 3, GLENN, John G., 27 E. Lincoln Ave. GORE, Lois J., 60 Yorli SI. GROFT, Nelson J., I32 Carlisle Sf. . GROFT, Mrs. Rulh, l32 Carlisle SI. GRUBE, George E., R.D. No. 4 ..... . I-IAMME, I-lerberl G., 4 W. Coniederare Ave. HARNER, Paul A., 413 Fullon Sl., Hanover HARSH, Mary, I09 W. Broadway . . HARTSHORNE, William D., Jr., R.D. No.3 I-IARTZELL, Mildred, 46 E. Lincoln Ave. HELMRICH, Oliver W., Emmilsburg Road HENSLEY, Marvin M., 53I Carlisle Si., Exl. JARVIS, Chesler, Seven Slars, Pa. I-lanl 2-1250 79I'X 447 ace 743AY-I . 266-W 829-W 383-W I5-Z 693 . I2I3'W , I IS7-Y 488-VV Easl 279-Z . 372-W . 56I . 239-Z . 559rX . . 6-X 247-Y l 926-R-32 . I22342' . 6042 . , 686-X SI-W Ave. . 940-R-2 IO27-W . 243-Y . 243-X-I B06-Y . 784-Y 694-X . . 297 , 36-W . B53-W B53-W . 349-Y 205-Z ll-Ianl 8I86 , 52-W . . 427-W 79l-Y 978-R-3I JOHNSON, Elmer, MKSQI., 300 E. Middle SI. I43-W JOHNSON, Lesfer O., 309 N. Slraiion S+. . . 828-X JOHNSON, Philip, Eberharl Apis ...... . . . . . KENNEY, Grace C., 243 N. Washingfon SI. . 497-Y KNICKERBOCKER, John, 4 W. Confecleraie Ave. 205-Z KORTE, Edwerrh, College Campus . . . . . . 883-Y KRAMER, Frank, 140 W. Broadway . KRICK, Louise G., 6I E. Middle Si. . . . . LANG-ERI-IANS, Heinz, P. O. Box 22, Seven Slars, Pa., LANGSAM, WalI'er C., 300 Carlisle SI. . . . LARKIN, George R., 3l5 N. Srrairon SI. LENTZ, James, 531 Carlisle SI., Exl. , LEHNBERGER, Siqrid, I7 N. Washingion SI. . LEONARD, M. T., MXSQI., 356 Yorlc Si. , . LINDEMAN, Ralph D., IO3 W. Middle Sr. LIPSEY, William, LI. Col., II2 Chambersburg Sr LONG, Howard, 708 Highland Ave. Lurz, James P., Capt., 703 Highland Ave.. . McCASLIN, Joseph G., Sgr., 27 E. High Sl. . MCKEAND, Floyd, Maior, 436 W. High Sl. . . MAFFET, Andrew, 50 W. Wafer Si. . MARA, Richard, I24 Carlisle SI. . . . MASON, Francis C., 69 E. Broadway . . MARSDEN, Jane, College Infirmary MESSER, Harold M., SI6 Balrimore Sr. . MORRILL, John D., SfSgI., 3l6 Yorlc SI. . . . MUMA, Harold E., 57 E. Middle Si. . . NAVICKAS, Anrhony, MXSQI., IO9 Springs Ave. . PENNINGTON, Elizabeih, 4l2 Carlisle S+. , . RICHARDSON, Norman, R.D. No. 3 RIDDAGH, Dorolhy, I2B Carlisle Sl. . . RION. lra S., SFC, I67 E. Middle Sl. . . ROBINSON, Warren, 3 Wesi SI. . , SANBORN, William, II4 Buford Ave. - . . SCHUBART, Richard, 24l W. Lincoln Ave. . Sl-IAFFER, W. Frederick, 243 N. Washinglon Sr. SHAINLINE, Jaclc, Carlisle S+., Exl. . . . SHELDON, John, 227 Ballimore SI. . . . . SLOAT, C. Allen, l29 W. Lincoln Ave. . . SMITH, Leroy W., 24 Balrimore SI. . . . SMOKE, Kenneih L., 249 N. Washingron SI. STOKES, Millon L., 23I E. Lincoln Ave. . . . STOREK, Marlha, Hanson Hall . SUNDERMEYER, William K., 239 W. Lincoln SWISHER, ROSE Marie, 237 W. Lincoln Ave. . TARMAN, James, 568 Elm S+. TAYLOR, Mrs. Kressman, 28 W. Middle SI. . TILBERG, Wilbur E., 67 W. Lincoln Ave. . . UNGER, Guinn E., L+., 37 Barlow Sl. . . WAGNILD, Parker, 39 E. Lincoln Ave. . , WALTEMYER, William C., 251 Springs Ave. WEILAND, Glenn S., R.D. No. 3 WILLIAMS, Conway, Sreinwehr Ave., Exl. . . WOLFE, CHARLES R., 37 E. Lincoln Ave. . WOLFINGER, Joseph, 209 N. Washinglon SI. . YOVICSIN, John M., R.D. No. 2 . . . ZIEGLER, Earl E., 48 Soulh Si. . . . . . ZINN, John B., 201 W. Broadway . . . Ave, . .468-X . .3l7-Y '869-R-24 . . II44 239-X . 79I-Y 4I 7-W I2l I-W . 8l4--Y . 220-X . . 794-Z . I2 Y I l54'X . 774-X IO26-Y . 509-Z . l25I 784-X BIB-W-I 377-W . 282-X . 822-X .lO26-X 679-W . 5l7fZ 27I-Y-I I97-W I9I-Z , 57-X . I59-Z . 885-X . 24I-X . 82I-X 88I-W 27I-X 27I-W 876-W IO04-X . 535-Z 453-W I28-Z 85-X II33-R-II . I5I-Y . 543-Z 806-W lI27-Y . II7-W II74-Y

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