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 - Class of 1951

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OFC3 0 SHIRLEY THOMAS, Editor 0 ANTHONY COSTANZO, Business Manager O PROFESSOR J. BLAINE SALTZER, Faculty Advisor Monument erected to the 26th Emergency Regiment which was composed of students of Gettysburg College. URG,PA THREE DAYS AT GETTYSBURG ' For Three Days, in the early summer of 1863, a great battle was fought here. Just as battlefiield guides show hundreds of present-day tourists the scene of the struggle, so our guide will conduct you through the following pages portraying a typical Three Days at Gettysburg College, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. ..M.nuxmmmgazz-:1z: wwnQewm,wnmpwvN:A-sveswxvbms+1,wwmw,::1:ax:::1p:fL,,, ,mwmw.wmeQ , ,U f- f swf iw A VC ' F .ffw Af-Qgfs M H '-:li 1 ,ff 9 ' T 16- ,tp f, , -5 WJ- D ' X ' " fl" 'ffjfff 'if Q WN X. N 5 3125 1 7' 'f , . u 3- a A" .' -. - D l7fffi"f7M fl X ff!! 'E -W N 3' 'w 'I MW' I' gffjfg -4 ' S.. x f X XX E 'gag -- I, ?Y, ' :Nia ' NIKHXQ D i X QL, KXQ2ffFXXkx5 ,' J A M N lx - .175 ,ne 5 , . '. f UL Q,:z xx 62. --0 W ,, In hkiix -Q ' 1fldx4m,!AJ.--.Lfff-nv , Q 'fb V 1 is A A A -' A - J A 4 ! A .1 fx YY-,-x L lx., map. ,Y A WEN, 'jj ff"l'..--.-5 1--.By w 1 L V if? , 'L ' ,ji-.57 elf' 'X A ? 'W die" df Q D 5 gps cjf I 'U e-gl Lil ,X , ,"'!f" 'rili' ,f A -4 .x '4" K. W U X K ,,- ,Z .I x 5-51 . '?l ' ,Mi JZ?" ?x xx XNQ x !, A A 71 m e A- T -NNW g. X' ' L' XM F "Nw C' . 1 um : X. i X xy V, 5,76 S EHINAXLY RIDGE 7' 4157, - PMT on A , A A QM Xxx X 1744 F qv' x COND 0 45' . is-NA 'C 'Ek uf4Wffd!'f"W'f X , 0 .af hr ff jf N , A D ,- ,Jgglfw ff ,ff vxerngf ,. , ,Hu rg N 3141 CJ , af,--'. .f nf N Z1-f .5 1 f .- . V- 5 7' f.,-'vxzf-ff 1 flz -' f ' Wy, I 9156 ' pw-S' ncmvs CHARM .QQ fd, ,x.:'L, S- 1 S33 3. 1 . :ur FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY PAUSE FOR O R A t home with the Fishers just as the battlefield on which the soldiers of the Union and of Wally playscatch with Cinder the Confederacy fought was dedi- cated, so would we like to dedicate the presentation of our Three most typical days at Gettysburg College. The Reverend Wallace E. Fisher, has contributed much to the spiritual inspirations and the intellectual aspirations of all students. Every Sunday he gives students a message to guide them through the pitfalls and obstacles which they face in every- day life. His sermons are so clear that the smallest child can understand and yet so probing into the intellect of the best thinker that he must reflect upon our pastor's words. Reverend Fisher has worked untiringly towards leading all men to a life cen- tered with jesus Christ. His rich life is a living example of the Christian Man, al- though many will tell us such a life has no rewards in our materialistic age. Thus we wish to express, in the small way that we are capable, our appreciation for our pastor's untiring interest in our spiritual and intellectual lives. Listening to the Nutcracker Suite Reverend Fisher in his study l DEDICAT ION The Reverend Wallace E. Fisher, college pastor 'YS . ,4 QQ f av l f ' .711 ,' mb if O .1, n.., - T" ur LM cc ,, , , ff , If mn' '-'wi f" -V 391' b X-wld www , HT-' k,'5 Rs.m+ - UI ' "Wim: X' V Q , vnv 5.4 pg, - f I V E. X:-,HV fV'k px 65' My f ? . if af. . . ri U 1!,,,' ', E . M W' MVMVV "fo, AQ' ' 9 fi, I A1 fV r h N Top: Old Dorm-used for n hospital during' the first day. Center: Chambersburg Pike-road by which the Confedera-tes nppron-clled Gettysburg. Bottom: Gettysburg' Theological Seminary an few weeks after the battle. Q THEYWNHIAND IRECTI IP LS ER E i 1 1 l F xmmwavxsmmgxxwzwz sfmmxfmammmmm A ' uw , X . Q. , . N . . NX. 1 55 2- ' ...-ii SNA TQ X Q 5 . Ski Q Lf: R-' ' x' X . .X Sf . E 1 W., :vs 1 x Xu. w Af. swf-.. s. X-Q.: t X W - -,Q M Ax 2 1-QQF' -259551 1. X f Q ' QF ' W S . ... J., ,...Q:2.,..,, 4 , SX 5 K ' Fm b xx Q' YQGSM K Q ..Zg Q k q gy ,,.. I X wx .. A X X ,q 51:1 tw, -s 3" ,f , .M 312253 Q X- xt, I : wx 1.m.wwm.m x.,.. . we fi NX . A4 X X 5 L 5 212' .- T .L N y- Nui-:'JZ' N' , WSW' Q of -. fs.: ..1N'-m .x QQ XIX W . pi 'xx Xxil mu.. xxx mmm my mxwmwegmwmv wmwmu E . ,ll Qwgxw W x. x, ,ij NSSQX fx' N mf' xxx ' il.- ' N, ix , . -....-,.,:ffseA-Pu... : Nlxiwkrfff- X . X :sp - ' ffi"R?s' I' Q N ' 5.5 xx .' :lfuwfr X . .. gb Y 1 .SF 2 ' . ' .:i:?YS.- Q X 425. 558533 Q: wx. Am . -...ggi 1 X Y -,. '-In v :KN X' N51 Y ,QNNWWN NAQxwsN...1. .. X. , :M .1 we -,f-- -5:gSi::I3I:'Ea3:-S5fegf-Q' " wlmxy K kg s NX-QN. 1. , . 1' .,.... N1 ,. Q. :fgggs - - -Ww w'-1 ' J: , Q1 wx N xxqx .X 1 . X-A M X Qx X x X Q X 1 1 X- Q , Q N V sw NX X X as Q' --'- L 1 ,K- 'Sm x,:1:3.i. Q :Tk Q 1' 1 1- . 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X X V ' - K KKK..9..Qx. ...W 'N X X KK :SEK - K...N.K, K K K QV. K . VS - . .. 'NV'S,sW V' X . fl rf Q fx QNX NW Qs-4 .Kf .M .xg f . K K SMX Q1 1 . V' ' Kgw S, Q ...Kfgw . 4 . I SH-.lx fx 5.9 - 5? M sf X f . . . xx .W5 K Q Q. Y , M s- W ,. . we A w S Qiwf QS xx . 4X'Y Right: C. PAUL CESSNA, Alumni Secretary, A.B., A.M., Gettysburg College. Below: HOWARD McCARNEY, College Chaplain, A.B., Gettysburg Collegeg B.C., Lutheran Theo- logical Seminary. JOI-IN H. KNICKERBOCKER, Librarian, A.B., A.lVI., Columbia University. AD IS Left: WILBUR E. TILBERG, Dean, A.B. Bethany Collegeg A.M., University of Kansasg Ph.D., Uni- versity of Wiscoiisin. ,-1 . vi 1,,. HTRATIO Right: CHARLES H. WOLFE, Registrar and Dean of Admissions, A.B., ANI., Gettysburg College. L ,, ,, Left: ROBERT B. RAU, Assistant to the President, A.B. Gettysburg College, B.D., Lutheran Theo- logical Seminary. Below: DOROTHY G. LEE, Dean of Women, A.B., Geneva College, A.M., Syracuse University. WILLIAM O. DUCK, Guidance Counselor, A.B., Bucknell University, A.IVI., Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh. I W 5 N kX 9 WN K yi Y xx S 2 Q A Q I r im ' gg. YXQQ 1 . Xu, Y 1 my X X X N -X :X X.XmX.XXX X X XX X X 1 Y X 1 ff Z Z Z Z ' A X 2 X X X Q X N : X X X X -zz- X X . X XX XXX XXX H is X- A X , mf X. XX Q ' .,:i 5 XX X f 'X XX i X X .x.. XA N si X: X 'XM XX' X X . X ..,a, X .X EXEI 153, N- A: . . X x. -.ha xx :X XS.. -.:-Q.,., Q .X - -:gf XX X XXX X: Ng X X XXX X XX X XX XXX R X f X XXV X X X XXXQM X XX Q W if N X ' . .1--QXJLXN: T' ' X "'ESf':x.- ' E A 3. . XX - X A.. . ....... ,X,X X X X X X X X ..,,X X X X X WILLIAM C. WALTEMYER, Amanda Rupert Strong Pro- fessor of English Bibleg A.B., Gettysburg Collegeg B.C., Lutheran Theological Seminaryg M.A., Ph.D., The American University. fBible Department, JOHN B. ZINN, Ockershau- sen Professor of Chemistry, B.S., Gettysburg Collegeg Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University. GEORGE R. LARKIN, Associ- ate Professor of Economicsg A.B., A.M., Wesleyaii Uni- versity. GEORGE S.WARTHEN, Graeif Professor of Englishg A.B., A.M., University of Vir- giniag A.M., Howard Uni- versityg Ph.D., The Johns Hopkins University. VVILLIAM F. SHAFFER, Franklin Professor of Greekg A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Prince- ton University. EARL BOWEN, Dr. Charles H. Graff Professor of Biol- ogyg A.B., Hendrix Collegeg A.M., Ph.D., Harvard Uni- versity. I Biology Depart- mentj RASMUS S. SABY, Professor of Political Science and Eco- nomicsg A.B., A.M., Univer- sity of Minnesotag Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania. FRANK H. KRAMER, Profes- sor of Educationg A.B., Get- tysburg C o l 1 e g eg A.M., Ph.D., University of Penn- sylvania. WILLIAM K. SUNDERMEYER, Professor of Germang Ph.D., University of Goettingen. FAC ROBERT FORTENBAUGI-I, Ad- eline Sager Professor of His- toryg A.B., Gettysburg Col- legeg B.C., Lutheran Theo- logical Seminaryg A.M., Syr- acuse Universityg Ph.D., University of Pa. RICHARD A. ARMS, Alumni Professor of Mathematics and Director of Dramaticsg A.B., Ursinus Collegeg Ph.D., University of Pa. NORMAN E. RICHARDSON, JR., William Bittinger Pro- fessor of Philosophyg A.B., Amherst Collegeg B.C., Yale Divinity Schoolg Ph.D., Yale University. GEORGE R. MILLER, Sahm Professor of Physicsg B.S., M.S., Gettysburg Collegeg Ph.S., University of Michi- gan. LTY JOHN G. GLENN, Pearson Professor of Lating A.B., A.M., Wesleyan Universityg Ph.D., Princeton University. CoL. ALFRED E. MCKENNY, Professor of Military Science and Tactics and head of Army Unit Reserve Officers Training Corpsg B.S., Uni- versity of New Hampshire. C. E. BILHEIMER, Professor of Physical Educationg M.E., Lehigh Universityg A.M., Columbia University. KENNETH L. SMOKE, Pro- fessor of Psychologyg A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Ohio State University. ALBERT BACI-IMAN, Profes- sor of Romance Languagesg Ph.D., University of Zurich and Columbia University. First Row: PARKER B. WAGNILD, Associate Professor of Eng- lish Bible and Director of Musicg A.B., St. Olaf Collegeg B.D., Lutheran Theological Seminaryg M.S.M., Union Theological Seminaryg M.A., New York University. HOWARD MCCARNEY, Instructor in English Bible and College Chaplaing A.B., Gettysburg Collegeg B.D., Lutheran Theological Seminary. EDWARD K. STIPE, Instructor in English Bibleg A.B., Gettysburg Collegeg B.C., Lutheran Theo- logical Seminary. Doing graduate work in Philoso- phy of Religion at Columbia University. A, ROGER GOBBEL, Instructor in English Bibleg A.B., Gettysburg College. Doing graduate work in New Testament at Lutheran Theological Sem- inary. HAROLD M. MESSER, Associate Professor of Biol- 20 ogyg Ph.B., Brown Universityg A.M., Columbia University. i Second Row: GEORGE E. GRUBE, Instructor in Biologyg B.S., Muhlenberg Collegeg M.S., Cornell University. Doing graduate work in Ornithology at Cornell University. RODERICK H. OUTLAND, Instructor in Biologyg B.S., Murray State Collegeg M.S., Vanderbilt University. Doing graduate work in cytology at Vanderbilt University. CHARLES A. SLOAT, Associate Professor of Chem- istryg B.S., Gettysburg Collegeg A.M., Haverford Collegeg Ph.D., Princeton University. GLENN S. WEILAND, Associate Professor of Chem- istryg B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of Maryland. Joel-IN F. DEPFER, Instructor in Chemistryg A.B., Gettysburg College. g I H First Row: RUSSELL E. FINK, Instructor in Chemistry, A.B., Gettysburg College. HOLMAN W. JENKINS, Assistant Professor of Poli- tical Science, A.B., The Citadel, A.M., University of Pa. ROBERT C. RILEY, Assistant Professor of Econom- ics, B.S., Shippenburg State Teachers College, M.S., Columbia University. Doing graduate work in Business Administration at N.Y.U. J. BLAINE SALTZER, Assistant Professor of Eco- nomics and Business Administration, B.S., Blooms- burg State Teachers College, A.M., George Wash- ington University. Doing graduate work in Busi- ness Administration at The George Washington University. CONWAY S. WILLIAMS, Assistant Professor of Po- litical Science and Economics, A.B., Columbia University, M.S-., Columbia School of Business. Doing graduate work in Economics and Business at Columbia School of Business. Second Row: RAYMOND W. YOUNG, Assistant Professor, De- partment of Political Science and Economics, B.A., New Jersey State Teachers College at Mont- clair. Doing graduate work in History at The Johns Hopkins University. CHARLES H. GLATFELTER, Instructor of Political Science and Economics, B.A., Gettysburg College. Doing graduate work in History at the Johns Hopkins University. LESTER O. JOHNSON, Associate Professor of Edu- cation, B.A., St. Olaf College, M.A., University of Minnesota. Doing graduate work in Public School Administration at the University of Minne- sota. FRANCIS C. MASON, Associate Professor of Eng- lish, A.B., A.M., Howard University, Ph.D., University of Virginia. HARRY F.. BOLICI-I, Assistant Professor of English, A.B., A.M., Bucknell University. Doing graduate work in Speech at Pa. State College. I 21 First Row: JOSEPH WOLFINGER, Assistant Professor of Eng- lishg A.B., St. John's College. Doing graduate work on "Dissertation: A Beaumont and Fletcher Allusion Book" at The johns Hopkins University. NATHANIEL L. KADERLY, Instructor in Englishg A.B., A.M., Mercer University. Doing graduate work on early nineteenth century English literature at The Johns Hopkins University. LEWIS E. WEEKS, Katherine Kressmann Taylor Instructor in Englishg A.B. University of Oregong A.M., Brown University. HEINZ LANGERHANS, Assistant Professor of Ger- mang Ph. S., University of Frankfurt-On-Main. KURT KEPPLER, Assistant Professor of Germany D. Iur., University of Heidelberg. ACULTY Second Row: FREDERICK C. AHRENS, Associate Professor of Ger- mang A.B., University of Western Ontariog A.M., Columbia University. Doing graduate work in Germanic Languages at Columbia University, EDWIN D. FREED, Instructo-r in Greekg A.B., Get- tysburg Collegeg B.D., Lutheran Theological Sem- inary. Doing graduate work in Classics at Harvard University. ROBERT L. BLooM, Instructor in Historyg B.S., Shippensburg State Teachers Collegeg A.M., Duke University. Doing graduate work in American History at Columbia University. BASIL L. CRAPSTER, Instructor in Historyg A.B., Princeton Universityg A.M., Harvard University. Doing graduate work in British History at Har- vard University. EARL E. ZEIGLER, Assistant Professor of Mathe- maticsg B.S., NLS., Gettysburg College. F irst Row: ROBERT H. FRYLING, Instructor in Mathematicsg A .B., Gettysburg College. Doing graduate work in Mathematics at University of Pittsburgh. ARTHUR L. EvEs, Instructor in Mathematics, B.S., Franklin and Marshall College. Doing graduate work toward B.D. at Gettysburg Lutheran Theo- logical Seminary. ' SHELDON C. ACKLEY, Assistant Professor of Phil- Second Row: CLARENCE BARTHOLOMEW, Assistant Professor of Physical Educationg B.S., M.S., University of Pa. Doing graduate work in Curriculum Study In Physical Education at University of Pa. CLYDE H. CoLE, Assistant Professor of Physical Education, B.S., MED., Pennsylvania State Col- lege. JOHN M. YCIVICSIN, Assistant Professor of Physi- osophyg A.B., DePauw University, A.M., Boston University, Ph.D., Boston University. WILLIAM A. STUART, Instructor in Sociologyg B.S., Harvard University, A.M., Harvard Uni- versity. Doing graduate work in Social Science Education at Harvard University. HENRY T. BREAM, Associate Professor of Phy.sical Education and Coach of Basketball and Football, B.S., Gettysburg College, A.M., Columbia Uni- versity. l r cal Education, A.B., Gettysburg College, M.S., University of Pa. GRACE C. KENNY, Instructor in Health and Physi- cal Educationg B.S., New York University, A.M., Columbia University. JOHN W. S1-IAINLINE, Instructor in Physical Edu- cationg A.B., Gettysburg College. Doing graduate work in Phy.sical Education at Columbia Univer- sity. 23 ' i:NEi11f1 1I11E "11151ii3151311.1-iii 1331. 155i 1 131 1 111 111 111.1!:11111::1115.111 11111111Q:1z1111-11 s.-1111 W 11 ,,,, :11 1 1"' ,g,3.,.1:11f2x.-N11 1- 3111112111 11:21 1E.X' X U 11 1"" 1:15115 11111111111a11s11:21:: 1 1:111E1bSX1SSXE111sg11.1. 1f1.1 11:11 -11--1':l11 S5211 1151111111 11111111111.:s112-5112: 1 11: '13 1111" 11111111111 :11'.111111 5111111521: :'1'1311ii3fSSiEXis1EEi11ii 31 1111113511131111511:11111111111s:111z1111-1:1111111.s11ss ass: .11 11. ,,,,., 11 NN. 1112111 1 11 tiihlfl -1211 1111131311 W ifi 11'11111iE111111E1': E1'11I311151l1Eii15 111111 OiESNs51151EE12E 115311-1 -,11111,5:1:1g.1111.11111s1a11511s?g11s11L'N5 1NfE1:1:Y1E11 -'SHE 11111Si1i11i11g1'11111, ,. sig 111111111112-1.1111111s:'111'5a11111,111agx S. .,-11 -11 2115? 11'1si11s1'111 11111111f'1111'111if 111i 3'1113liS55l3gi -15 .211 1:w1:x s x -1M.sv1: 11-1 -s 11 1W1s1sa11 sw: 5 ' X-19"S111-1N11?X' 3 'NEETA W :1 2111155111-1.11"'131513151YEs5X"11:1N.11-1: 211- F1111 119151111 -:s11-11w111111.--N1--1.1. 1 .15 1 1,.- .S1111::1-1 1319- ea 1 :r-t.-1:-1--1r1:,:j151,:1..11':1111-z2-1NXtg- -::1w1,s1513115.-e1e.-N113 -,., 1.-111.11112-Q11 1111k1 :1.11 -.11.-1gg1s:51.1-13Mms- '1-1- :-x1115W- V N fzillsfixi 'XE Si . 21:1 51?1111S11S.:s1s:111fw1. E: sm- ax .1 -Q 1: 55115 'liijj 3s11?sS1i?'vS11sQ1a- Q. Egcxsifi .111 aegis! c Q N my Q S XR of 1 1 1112!1:':'N:R, 2 N :N .'1'5Nl5l 555 il 1 11111111121:1S1.1.s issislis M' ' Q - 11 11 NMS: . 11111 5111111 1 ,..1 X.. 1., 111111 111- s11ss111g11 1.111IE.111q1,.1-1 N N11,.,g1,1.:-X 11..1s13S5fi1im1x:1r--1- -r11.115111Q11s111. SsQ111151g311Q5z151 1 1S11sxg,11N11h21s1Ss 5111 11 WilEEl5f155NlS:lW51Ni5111 lx 5 535 1: .. S1.1m:sg1 -1.11 .ESX N? .1 11151-11? Eis1gg1gg311-1:5 11- :11 1:1111'i1'1i111is'1y 215351 '53 21115121 ses , 511.11111.111111S1111.111..1,111, N1::1e:11111E::1b: 11 'iRP1es1s11111Ss1s5. 1 3. .. 1 111111111e11511111.1, 1-1121:s:11:111111is?15E1111112SNSfS11zQ1s12 il 111113 11511::isg115111i-'1 325:11 s1s11111112ii11si 1611111112111 1.-311 11 sl! ':l':.!C5"'!I-1-111111 NRI- 11-1"':'1- .. .1 1 11.,1g. .. 1,11 .,...g.1.,.. 511551 11'j1:5'11sg513 1: 1g11SgS15issiiE51i5s11'3151555 Q S '11 111z1111x1 Wi 5:6511-11: EEIQEEE 1: W :1 1 .. . gag 11 1 NR. .1 I '1 111-1- -1111111:111QXigR 1:1 ..s:111N-:1: 1111 s11a11511is1. 1 . .5ss:Sm2113A- !1111.111111:1.- 551311 gi 1111 11: 1-SRS 2 1s, ix- First Row: MERLE L, BOWSER, Assistant Professor of Physicsg A.B., Gettysburg College. Doing graduate work in Physics at the University of Pittsburgh. GEORGE D. STECKEL, Assistant Professor of Phys- icsg B.S., Muhlenberg Collegeg A.M., Columbia University. Joi-IN C. HAYWARD, Assistant Professor of Psy- chologyg A.B., Bowdoin Collegeg A.M., Boston University. Doing graduate work in Psychology at Pennsylvania State College. R HENRY C. KOGLER, JR., Instructor in Psychology 24 Second Row: and Director of Testingg BS., A.M., Syracuse University. ALBERT G. HAMME, Associate Professor of Ro- mance Languagesg A.B., Dickinson Collegeg A.M., Gettysburg College. WILLIAM D. HARTSHORNE, Associate Professor of Romance Languagesg A.B., A.M., Haverford Col- legeg Diplome de Professeur de francais a Fetrang- er, Universite de Toulouse. Doing graduate work at Columbia University and The Johns Hopkins University. ANGEL FRANCO, Assistant Professor of Romance Languagesg A.B., A.M., University of Puerto Rico.- First Row: ' ELIZABETH B. KILMER, Instructor of Romance Languagesg A.B., Mary Washingto11 Collegeg A.M., Middlebury College. Doing graduate work in Spanish at Middlebury College. EVA M. KOCHENOUR, Instructor in Romance Languagesg A.B., Gettysburg College, A.M., Syra- cuse University. ALLEN C. PERCIVAL, Instructor in Romance Langu- agesg A.B., A.M., Harvard University. Doing graduate work in French Linquistics at Universite de Paris. LT. COL. THOMAS E. PEDDY, USAI-73 Assistant Professor of Military Science Tactics for Air. " 35134 13133-ex 14:1 1,11:.11g-1. -11 2 l::e:1:3s11"' 3fiS353ll.s1rsaszs"31s :aa -Q 1x1 1 1 W5 V 17'x1' 55131231 31133131 - 1- 1s1s1s1. 11 ---i 1 N -3 11111f:111 11 iw:LE"i1. ,.,.,,, 1,1 33155333135i13'3f1IE3331f333.3I3 333331 3, ..,,,... 1. 1 ....,..i..i.... 1 -1 ,.,..,... 1. .... 1.. . ss11s3'132 S13i13123531'ES33i3i 31' 333 335 53:13 13rzS1'gs11g1.11111 1 11111111 111:11 31' 355 32113 S 15: 3:11ggEsE3E331I1 I x ,- -W-::-:,1:m11,1, 11 1 3 111N31sgj33E33E1433113333'3 35333 111,131 113 131- 113 313s,:31S5a,123s:s31531,33133 131311-:1 1:1115 113 111 31 '1'1131231:121 "3"3 ' 3 -ms1Qss1S1g11- '-" .. 1 1 1111:111.1-11 355229131-:1-5:-3. ' 1 931255.32151 1 111-, 1 'WS 311s.S:5 33' 33-3 3332 iiiifii 3'3'3'3333i313g 3:3 32133 3 ....... .....n... 1 11 131'3115131s1,11111:11111 1111 31313: 3331-11115-'33313311'33533115 311331: 1 1f13I'3 31 1313131'31'113'1.1 113511 51311 1 3133 1:3 1111 111 1.11133 1111553 1 12, yyli il1 A Second Row: DOROTHY G. LEE, Instructor of Education, A.B., Geneva College, A.M., Syracuse University, IST LIEUTENANT C. B. SPICER, JR., Assistant Pro- fessor of Military Science. CAPTAIN DOUGLAS A. CRONE, USAF, Assistant Professor of Military Science Tactics for Air. 25 CLASSES First Row: JAMES LEWIS ABBOTT, 1414 oak Hill Ave., Hagerstown, Md., Biology, Alpha Tau Omega, Band, 1, 2, 4. GILBERT N. AITKEN, JR., 229 Union St., Moores- town, N. J., History, Kappa Delta Rho, Transfer from College of South Jersey, SCA, 4. WILLIAM J. ALBRIGHT, III, 168 Second St., Highspire, Pa., Biology, Phi Kappa Psi, Wrestling, IQ Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4. FREDERICK ALDINGER, 161 S. 6th St., Chambers- burg, Pa., English, Phi Delta Theta, Transfer from Lafayette, SCA, 4, Gettysburgian, 4. JOHN C. ALLAN, JR., R.D. 2, Gettysburg, Pa., Social Science, Transfer from Columbia Universisty, Alpha Delta Psi. RICHARD R. ALLSHOUSE, 305 West Nedro Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., Biology, Alpha Tau Omega, Soc- cer, 1, 2, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4. Second Row: RICHARD ALTEMOSE, R.D. 2, Littlestown, Pa, Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Track, 2, Baseball, 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma, 4. JOHN APPLE, 1122 Market St., Sunbury, Pa., His- tory, Phi Gamma Delta, Gettysburgian, 1, 3, G-Book, 3 , Unesco, 1. GEORGE AUXT, JR., 339 South Potomic St., Hagers- town, Md., Social Science, Kappa Phi Kappa, 4, Psi Chi, 4, Pre-Ministerial Association, 4. JOHN C. BAIR, 211 Cornell Ave., Swathmore, Pa., Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, Historian, 1, Correspond- ing Secretary, 2, Vice President, 3, 4, I.F.C., Treasurer, 3, President, 4, Chairman All College Dance, 3, Chair- man I.F.C. Dance, 4, Gavel Club, 3, 4, Gcttysburgian, I . A LEWIS BARTHELS, second sr., Smithton, Pa., Biol- ogy, Kappa Sigma, SCA, 3, Beta Beta Beta, 3, Outing Club, 3. PERCIVAL JOSEPH PAUL BELL, sambia, Edding- ton, Pa., French, Phi Kappa Psi, Gettysburgian, IQ Phi Sigma Iota, 3, 4, Mercury, 4. - 1 Ross SAcHs Phi Gamma Delta . . . Football, Four Years . . . Basketball Stalwart . . , Athletic Council . . . Outstanding Junior. First Row: I I. WAYNE BLACKMAN, 221 Grandview Ave., Pitman, N. J., Chem- istry, Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice President, 2, Rifle Team, President, IQ G-Book, 2, Gavel Club, 2, SPECTRUM, 35 Sceptical Chymists, 3, 4. BARKER S. BLAUVELT, 710 Maple Ave., Honesdale, Pa., Economics, Phi Sigma Kappa, SCA, 3, 4, G.C.F., 3, 4. Second Row: ROBERT A. BLEY, 1908 Braddish Ave., Baltimore 16, Md., Mathe- matics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Campus Senate, 3, 4, President, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4, T.K.E. Vice President, 4, Who's Who. JAMES P. BORN, 219 Douglass St., Reading, Pa., Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, WWGC, 2, President of T.K.E., 4. Third Row: EUGENE D. BOYER, Valleyview, Pa., Mathematics, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA, 3, 4. RICHARD BRIDLE, Schickshinny, Pa., Economics. Fourth Row: RODNEY MILTON BRIGGS, 1505 Third Ave., York, Pa., Economics, Scabbard and Blade, 4. ANNE U. BRUBAKER, Bird-in-Hand, Pa., Physical Education, Chi Omega, Getiysburgian, 2, 3, Basketball, 2, Manager, 3, Hockey, 2, 3, May Court, 2, WAA Board, 3, 4. Fifth Row: WILLIAM EDGAR BUEHLER, III, 411 W. Price St., Philadelphia 44, Pa., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4. BERTRAM EDWARD BULLER, 26 Brightwood Ave., Pearl River, N. Y., History, Lambda Chi Alpha, Soccer, 1, 2, 3, 4, WWGC, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 3. Sixth Row: CARL R. BURKEL, 415 Jadwin St., Scranton, Pa., Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Transfer from Scranton Keystone College, SCA, 3. JOHN H. CANDIATO, 1841 Hirst St., Harrisburg, Pa., Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA, 2, 3, 4, International Club, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma, 4. 29 First Row: RICHARD E. CANOUSE, 219 W. Sixth, Berwick, Pa., French and Biology, Beta Beta Beta, 2, 3, 4, Le Cercle Francais, 3, 4., Phi Sigma Iota, 4. ANTHONY CERVINO, 101 E. Atlantic Ave., Haddon Heights, N. J., Economics, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4. PHYLLIS CHRIST, 77M S. Tulpehacken St., Pine Grove, Pa., Chemistry, Gamma Sigma Phi, German Club, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, SCA, 3, 4, Transfer from Penn State Schuylkill Undergraduate Center. PAUL E. CLOUSER, 143 Spring St., Middletown, Pa., Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, International Club, 2, 3, 4, Gavel Club, 2, 3, G-Book Business Manager, 3, Beta Beta Beta, 3, 41 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice President, 2, President, 3. RUPERT B. CLYBORNE, 449 S. 6th St., Camden, N. J., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Transfer from Glassboro State Teachers College. JOYCE C. COMBS, 8303 Liberty Rd., Baltimore, Md., Psychology, Alpha Xi Delta, Choir, 3, Owl and Nightingale, 3, 4, Psi Chi, 4, Transfer from Capitol University. Second Row: JOHN L. CONRAD, 114 Bridge St., New Cumberland, Pa., Economics, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4. EDWARD DALE COOK, 2240 Kensington St., Harris- burg, Pa., Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4, Phi Sigma Iota, 4, SCA, 1. WILLIAM R. COPELAND, 107 W. 3rd St., Louis- town, Pa., History, Phi Sigma Kappa, S.C.A., 3, 4, Outing Club, 3, 4, Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football, IQ Basketball, 1, 2, Softball, 1, 2. ROBERT C. COURT, 929 Teaneck Rd., Teaneck, N. J., Economics, Football, 2, 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma, 31 4- N. NEIMAN CRALEY, JR., Red Lion, Pa., Econom- ics, Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, Vice President, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, I.F.C., 2, 3,, S.C.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Soph. Class Treasurer. ANN CREUTZBURG, 595 Wyndam Rd., Teaneck, N. J., Spanish, Delta Gamma, Hockey, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, W.A.A., 3, 4, Pan Hellenic Coun- cil, 3, President, 4, S.C.A., 2, 3, 4, May Day Com- mittee, 3, Chairman, 4. 30 BILL SNYDER Editor-in-Chief, Gettysburgian . . . Asc't Editor, 1950 SPECTRUM . . . Editor of 1948 G-Book . . . Past Pres. of Senate . . . S.C.A ..., Pi Delta Epsilon , . . Dorm Counselor . . . Outstanding Junior . . . Pi Lambda Sigma. First Row: RICHARD H. CROMER, 161 N. College St., Carlisle, Pa., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Rifle Team, 2, Track, 2, 3, Gettysburgian, 3, 4, Mercury, 4. CHARLES E. CURLEY, R. D. 3, Gettysburg, Pa., German, Phi Kappa Rho, Phi Delta Alpha, 3, 4. Second Row: I EDWARD CZYZEWICZ, 207 Spring Ave., Hanover, Pa., History, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Transfer from Waynesburg College, Kappa Phi Kappa Education Fraternity, 3. JOHN M. DAVIS, I09 Pine Street, Danville, Pa., Biology, Phi Kappa Rho, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, 4,' Choir, IQ SCA, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta, 2, 3, 4, President, 4. Third Row: MORGAN C. DAVIS, 707 Willow St., Scranton, Pa., English, Kappa Delta Rho, Transfer from Keystone College, Scranton, Pa., S.C.A., 3. NICHOLES DEMAS, 5101 Mass. Ave., Washington 16, D. C., Biology. Fourth Row: ALEXANDER P. DENMEAD, 137 Wildwood Ave., Pitman, N. J., Biology. ' ' WILLIAM E. DERRICK, Trevorton, Pa., Mathematics, Phi Sigma Kappa, Kappa Phi Kappa, 2, 3, 4. F ifth Row: JOHN E. DEVOTO, College Apts., Gettysburg, Pa., Chemistry. B. F. DIANGELO, 988 North Rose Ave., York, Pa., History, Tau Kappa Epsilon, WWGC, 3, 4. Sixth Row: LUTHER L. DIETRICH, JR., 220 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, Pa., Biol- ogy, Rifle Team, I, 2, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 43 Sceptical Chymists, 4, Arnold Society, 4. BETTY LOU DINGER, Fairview Rd., Pittsburgh 15, Pa., Social Science, Phi Mu, A Capella Choir, 3, 4, SCA, 3, Council, 4, Gettysburgian, 3, WSG, 4, May Court, 3, United Student Drive, Chairman, 3, SPECTRUM, 4, Phi Sigma Iota, 4. 31 First Row: DONALD DI'XON, 1526 S. New York Ave., Lakeland, Fla., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Business Mane ager Alercury, 3, 4, Business Manager WWGC, 3, 4, Secretary Phi Gamma Delta, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 31 4- JAMES J. DRAGANI, 2630 S. 2nd St., Philadelphia, Political Science. WALTER DUMEYER, 462, Wonder St,, Johnstown, Pa., Biology, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA, 'A P GERARD A. DVORSKY, ,11o7'.Maryland Ave., Du- quesne, Pa., Chemistry, Kappa Sigma, WWGC, 3, 4, Sceptical Chymists, 3, 43 Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4, SCA, 3, 4, Transfer from VVashington and Jefferson College. EDGAR L. AEDDINS, 405 Maple Ave., Coatesville, Pa., Phychology, Pi Kappa Alpha, Transfer from Penn State, Owl and Nightingale, 4. ' SIDNEY S. EHRHART, Glenville, Pa., History, Phi Sigma Kappa, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, College Quartet, 1, 2, 3, 4. Second Row: PHILIP C. EISENHART, 1515 North George St., York, Pa., Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Interna- tional, IQ Rifle Team, 2, 3, Manager, WWGC, 2, 3, 4, Production Manager, 2, 3, SCA, 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4, Circulation Staff of SPECTRUM, 4. WILLIAM E. EISENHART, 576 Pine St., Steelton, Pa., Biology, Sigrria Alpha Epsilon, International Club, 2, G-Book Business Staff, 2, Interfraternity Council, 3, Campus Senate, 4, Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, 3, Gavel Club, 3, Junior Class Vice President. WILLIAM K. ELLIOTT, 1423 Elliott St., Verona, Pa., Economics, Transfer from State Teachers College, SCA, 3, 4, Outing Club, 3, 4, Vice President, 4. DOUGLAS L. ENSMINGER, 303 S. Front St., Har- risburg, Pa., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Span- ish Club, 2, International Club, 2, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, First Sgt., 4. JAMES R. ETSWEILER, 459 Center St., Millersburg, Pa., Physics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, A Capella Choir, 1, 2, 3, SPECTRUM, Editor-in-Chief, 3, Class Honors, 1, Dean's Honor List, 1, SCA, 4. GEORGE L. EVELER, Windsor, Pa., Physics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Transfer from York Jr. College. LIL MICKLEY ANN FELLENBAUM Chi Omega . . . Outstanding Junior . . . S.C.A .... Kappa Delta Epsilon . . . Debater . . . Owl and Nightingale . . . Delta Gamma "Veep" . . . Sec'y-Treas. of S.C.A. Cabinet . . . G-Book . . . Choir Student Council. . . . Tau Kappa Alpha . . . Kappa Delta Epsilon . . , Senate. First Row: CHRISTA M. EWALDSEN, 521 Virginia Ave., Havertown, Pa., French, Chi Omega, Transfer from Augustana College, Rock Island, Ill., Gettys- burgian, 3, 4, SCA, 3, 4, Phi Sigma Iota, 4, Student Council, 4, G-Book, 3, Hockey, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4. GEORGE FAIR, 120 Steinwehr St., Gettysburg, Pa., Economics, Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4. Second Row: ARTHUR H. FARNHAM, Sunset Lane R. D. 1, Shiloh, York, Pa., Eco- nomics. SAMUEL FAUST, Star Route, Bridgton, N. J., Chemistry, SPECTRUM, 4, Sceptical Chymists, 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 4. Third Row: CHARLES FEGELY, 235 South Franklin St., Allentown, Pa., Sociology, Outing Club, 4, Psi Chi, 3, 4, SCA, 4, Transfer from State Teachers College. ANN FELLENBAUM, 299 South West End Ave., Lancaster, Pa., English, Delta Gamma, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, Student Council, 2, SPECTRUM, 3, Kappa Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Recording Secretary of Delta Gamma, 3, Vice President of Delta Gamma, 4, Who's Who. Fourth Row: ROBERT R. FICKES, 101 N. 2nd St., Newport, Pa., English, WWGC, 3, 4, Gettysburgian, 3, 4. DAVID N. FINNEY, JR., 316 S. 17th St., Harrisburg, Pa., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta. Fifth Row: HARVEY W. FISHBURN, JR., 1334 W. Main St., Norristown, Pa., Mathematics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Transfer from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. WILLIAM B. FLAHERTY, New Oxford, Pa., History, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. Sixth Row: b RICHARD H. FOLTZ, 812 N. 6th St., Shamokin, Pa., Economics, Phi Delta Theta, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4. RUTHE FORTENBAUGH, x5o Broadway St., Gettysburg, Pa., Latin, Chi Omega, Treasurer, 3, President, 4, Literary Editor Gettysburgian, 2, 3, 4, Eta Sigma Phi, 2, 3, Secretary, 4, Garver Latin Prize, IQ SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, WSG, IQ WAA, 2, 3, Sophomore and Junior Latin Prize, Delta Gamma Prize, 3, Debating, 2, 3,i4Q A Cappella Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Out- standing junior, ,Who's Who. 3 U 3 3 33 First Row: BARBARA W. FOULKROD, 1021 Weller R. D., Ha- vertown, Pa., English, Delta Gamma, President, 4, Tribunal, 2, Mercury Art Editor, 3, 4, Kappa Delta Epsilon, President, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 4. ROCCO GAMBACORTA, I334. Atlantic Ave., Cam- den, N. I., Economics, Men's Council, 4, Intramural Sports, 4. PHILIP L. GARRETT, 190 Second Ave., Hanover, Pa., Mathematics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Phi Kappa, 3, 4. CHARLES GAUL, 740 S. 26th St., Harrisburg, Pa., Economics, Transfer from Lebanon Valley. CHRISTINE GEIMAN, 311 E. Walnut St., Hanover, Pa., Biology, Phi Mu, Gettysburgiarz, 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri- bunal, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 3, Senate, 32 WAA, 2, Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 4. WILLIAM I. GEISSELMAN, 325 E. Hanover St., Hanover, Pa., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Span- ish Club, 3, SCA, 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma, 4, Orches- tra, 3, 4- Second Row: DOROTHY GILBERT, 2040 Rigg St., Dunmore, Pa., Chemistry, Phi Mu, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Gettysburgian, 1, 2, 3, SPECTRUM, 43 Mercury, 1, 2, Senior Class Sec- retary, Sceptical Chymists, 3, Secretary, 4, Pan Hel- lenic Council, 3, Vice President, 4, Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4. JOHN J. GILLIGAN, 231 Fairlamb Ave., Havertown, Pa., Biology, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, IQ Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4. GEORGE E. GORMAN, 82 Steinwehr Ave., Gettys- burg, Pa., Economics, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, In 2, 3, 4- WVILLIAM F. GOTWALD, 80 Brookdale Ave., New Rochelle, New York, Physics, Phi Sigma Kappa, SCA, 2, 3, 4, International Club, 2, 3, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4- CARL H. GREENAWALD, 210 W. Douglass St., Read- ing, Pa., History, Phi Sigma Kappa, Gettysburgian, 1, 2, 3, 4, Independent Men's Executive Cabinet, 1, 2, 3, Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Campus Senate, 2, 3, Dorm Councilor, 4, Outstanding junior, Who's Who. GORDON GRIGSBY, 1804 Greenhill Rd., Lansdowne, Pa., Economics and English, Phi Gamma Delta, Bas- ketball, 1, 2, Tennis, 1, 2, 3,-4, Soccer, 2, 3, 4, Merrury, 2, 3, Editor, 4, Campus Senate, 3, 4, Gavel Club, 4, Senior Class President, Pi Delta Epsilon, 4, Who's Who. Boa BLEY President of the Campus Senate . , . V. Pres. of Tau Kappa! Epsilon . . . Scabbard and Blade . . . Delta Phi Alpha. First Row: CHARLES E. HALL, 306 N. Stratton St., Gettysburg, Pa., Economics, Phi Delta Theta, Transfer from Bucknell. GEORGE HAMM, JR., 720 Edgar Rd., Elizabeth, N. J., History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Track and Cross Country, 1, 2, SAE Secretary, 4. Second Row: L. JEANNE HANKINS, Princess Anne, Md., English, Chi Omega, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, SPECTRUM, 2, 3, 4, Gettysburgian, 2, 3, 4, Hockey, 2, 3, WAA Secretary, 2, International Club, 3, 4, Owl and Nightingale, 3, 4, Pan Hellenic Council, 3, 4, Dorm Dance Chairman, 3, Intramural Sports, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pledge Mistress of Chi Omega, 3, 4, Outstanding Junior, WVVGC, 2. WALTER HARRIS, Box 292, Gettysburg College, Economics, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Representative to IFC, Played Football, Volleyball and Softball with Independent Men, 2, 3. Third Row: LESLIE M. HARTMAN, 522 Nelson St., Chambersburg, Pa., Economics, Tau Kappa Alpha, VVVVGC Station Manager, 1, 2, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 1, 2, SCA, 1, 2, Who's Who. JOSEPH W. HEIDLER, I08 N. Gotwalt St., York, Pa., Psychology, Kappa Delta Rho, Choir, 3, 4, SCA, 3, 4, K.D.R. Secretary, 3, WWGC, 2, 3: 4- Fourth Row: GENE HEINDEL, Chambersburg, R. D. 1, Economics, Tau Kappa Epsi- lon, WWGC, 3, 4, SCA, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4. JAMES RICHARD HEINTZELMAN, 102 E. Middle St., Gettysburg, Pa., Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, Basketball, 1. Fifth Row: JOHN HOCK, 1802 Mahantongo St., Pottsville, Pa., History, Phi Kappa Rho, Wrestling, 1, 2. CHESTER J. HOKE, 24.1 Baer Ave., Hanover, Pa., Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Assistant Business Manager Gettysburgian, 32 SPECTRUM, 3, International Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, Lambda Chi Alpha Treasurer, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma, 4. Sixth Row: DONALD W. I-IOLLWAY, 168 Linden Ave., Red Lion, Pa., Chemistry, Phi Delta Theta, SCA, IQ Class Secretary, 1, SPECTRUM, 2, Business Manager, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Campus Senate, 3, 4. RICHARD MONROE HOUCK, 3 South Street, Hanover, Pa., Political Science, Sigma Chi. 35 First Row: C LUTHER D. HOUSER, 28 Huffman Ave., Williams- port, Pa., Social Science, Phi Delta Theta. KENNETH' H. HOUTZ, 207 Linden Ave., Rutledge, Pa., Chemistry, Phi Delta Theta, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, x, Sceptical Chymists, 3, 4. DONALD L. HOWELLS, 425 Argonne Drive, New Kensington, Pa., Mathematics, Phi Delta Theta, Gettysburgian, 1, 2, SQ Owl and Nightingale, 1, 2, 3, SPECTRUM, 1, 2, Assistant Business Manager, 3, Inter- national Club, 1, 2, 3. WILBER R. W. HUBLEY, 816 Princess St., York, Pa., Social Science. ELWOOD E. HUNTZINGER, Valley View, Pa., Chemistry, Baseball, 1, 3, Sceptical Chymists, 4. EDWARD JANKOWSKY, 2233 Gross Ave., Pennsau- ken, N. I., Chemistry. Second Row: ROBERT KENNETH JOHNSON, Succasunna, N. J., Economics, Sigma Chi, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM J. JOHNSON, 419 4th St., New Cumber- land, Pa., Economics, Sigma Chi, Student Senate, 4, Mercury, 3, 4, Sigma Chi, Historian, 2, Treasurer, 3, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4, Football, 2. ROBERT E. JUDITZ, 22 Ogg Ave., Somerdale, N. J., Chemistry, Kappa Delta Rho, President, 43 SCA, 3, 4, WWGC, 3, 4, Gavel Club, 4, Senate, 3, 4. PAUL F. KASE, II47 Rolleston St., Harrisburg, Pa., Biology, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA, 1, 3, Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4. BOBBY EARL KAUFFMAN, East Prospect, Pa., Chemistry, Sigma Chi, Basketball, 1, 2, 35 Senate, 2, 3, Delta Phi Alpha, 4, Assistant Circulation Man- ager of SPECTRUM, 3, Secretary of Sigma Chi, 4. RICHARD L. KEISER, Proctor Star Route, Williams- port, Pa., Mathematics, Physics, Phi Delta Theta, Kappa Phi Kappa, 3, 4, SCA, 3, 4, Phi Delta Theta President, 4, Gavel Club, 42 SPECTRUM, 2, Gettys- burgian, 4Q International Club, 4, Sigma Pi Sigma, 4. DoN SxMoNToN Pres. of Phi Kappa Psi . . . Pres. Owl Bc Nightingale . . . Pres. Alpha Kappa Alpha . . . Eta Sigma Phi . . . Student Mgr., Choir. First Row: RUSSELL RAY KERNS, 327 Conestoga St., Steelton, Pa., History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4g SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pre-Ministerial Associa- tion, 1, 2, 3, 4g International Club, 2, 3, 4, Gettysburg Christian Fellow- Ship, 3, 4- BERNARD R. KETTLER, 622 South Forrest Drive, West Englewood, N. J., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Track, 1, 2, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 42 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Herald, 3. Second Row: LAWRENCE KING, New Freedom, Pa., Mathematics, Choir, 2, 3, 42 SCA, 2, 3, Vice President, 4, Gettysburgian, 4, Kappa Phi Kappa, 3, 4, Senior Class Treasurer. v. JAMES K. KIPP, 219 Geddes Street, Wilmington, Del., Biology, Phi Delta Theta, Beta Beta Beta, 2, 3, 4. Third Row: WALTER R. KIRKER, 1930 Mulberry Street, Harrisburg, Pa., Chem- istry, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, 1, 2, 3, 45 Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, IFC, 3, Gettysburgian, 3, 4, SPECTRUM, 3, G--Book, 3. JAMES KNAPP, 604 Park Lane, Wyncote, Pa., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pi Lambda Sima, 3, 4, Golf, 4. Fourth Row: JAMES KOCH, 525 W. Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa., Political Science, Phi Gamma Delta, Gettysburgian, 2, 3, 4, SPECTRUM, 3, G-Book, 2, 3. MICHAEL J. KORMANSKI, 47 W. Middle St., Gettysburg, P'a., Physics. Fifth Row: ' STUART KULP, 327 Seminary St., Gettysburg, Pa., Chemistry, Dean's List, 1, 2, 3, Sceptical Chymists, 2, 3, Vice President, 4. EARL KUTZ, JR., 116 West Main St., Mechanicsburg, Pa., English, Phi Kappa Rho, Senate, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pre-Ministerial Association. Sixth Row: JOHN A. LANDIS, 611 Main St., McSherrystown, Pa., Psychology. JOHN C. LANG, 1oo9 Penn St., Hollidaysburg, Pa., Political Science, Alpha Tau Omega. 37 F irst Row: EDWARD A. LEAMAN, 361 North Broad St., Lititz, Pa., Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, SPECTRUM, 3. JOHN D. LEAMAN, 361 No. Broad St., Lititz, Pa., Social Science, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Gettysburgian, 1, 2, Literary Editor, 3, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, President, 4. JOSEPH H. LECKRONE, 9 Dewey Ave., York, Pa., Mathematics, Phi Kappa Psi, Gettysburgian, 3, 4. JOHN A. LEETI, 1225 Solamonie Ave., Hunting, Ind., Economics. ELWOOD LEISTER, 524 W. Middle St., Hanover, Pa., Social Science, Phi Kappa Rho, Treasurer, 2, Vice President, 3, President, 4, Pre-Ministerial Society, 1, 2, 3, 4, WWGC, 2, SCA, 1, 2, Cabinet, 3, Presi- dent, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 4, Gavel Club, 2, 3, 4, Eta Sigma Phi, 3, 4g Alpha Kappa Alpha, 4. DAVID LILLICH, Spring Grove, R. D. 3, Pa., Biol- ogy, Sigma Chi, SCA, 2, 33 International Club, 2, 4. Second Row: THEADORE LINQUIST, Pleasant Gap, Pa., Social Science, Phi Sigma Kappa, Gettysburgian, 1, 2, Asso- ciate Editor, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Pre-Ministerial Association, 1, 2, 3, President, 4, Eta Sigma Phi, 2, Vice President, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Secretary, 4, Outstanding Junior, Who's Who. CHARLES L. LODWICK, R. D. 2, Orrtanna, Pa., Economics, Beta Beta Beta, 4. WILLIAM J. LOLLICH, 315 W. Main St., Mechanics- burg, Pa., Economics, Phi Kappa Psi. JAMES E. LONG, 23 N. Front St., Steelton, Pa., Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gettysburgian, 1, 3, SCA, 1, 2, 4, Sceptical Chymists, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2. JAMES K. LONG, 120 Hay Ave., Johnstown, Pa., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega. ELIZABETH A. LOTT, Gardners, Pa., Economics, Chi Omega, Secretary, 3, Vice President, 4, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Gettysburgian, 2, 3, SPECTRUM, 2, 3, Women's Tribunal, 23 WAA, 3, VVSG, 3, President, 4, Basket- ball, 2, 3, 4, Hockey, 2, 3, 4, Intramural Sports, 2, 3, 4, Dorm Dance Committee, 2, Who's Who. .. --ss..- , Liz ANN LOTT RUTHE FORTENBAUGH V.Pres. of Chi Omega . . . Pres. of Wo- Pres. of Chi. Omega . . . Literary Editor of men's Student Council . . . S.C.A .... Gettysburgian . . . College Choir . . . Intramural Sports , . . Varsity Hockey and S.C.A. Cabinet . . . Secretary of Eta Sigma Basketball. Phi . . . Debater . . . Outstanding Junior. First Row: PAUL J. LOWER, JR., 118 W. Main St., Hummelstown, Pa., Economics, Sigma Chi, SPECTRUM, 3, Gettysburgian, 1, 2. CHARLES J. LUNDQUIST, 2406 Riverside Drive, Williamsport, Pa., Chemistry, Phi Sigma Kappa, SCA, 3, 4, Sceptical Chymists, 3, 4, Transfer from Lycoming College. Second Row: SANDRA P. LUHRS, 25 S. Penn St., Shippensburg, Pa., Psychology, Chi Omega, Gettysburgian, 3, SPECTRUM, 3, Spanish, 3, Modern Book Club, 3, Vice President, SCA, 3, Transfer from Southern Seminary, 3. C. BECK MARKEL, 460 Chestnut St., Columbia, Pa., Economics, Phi Delta Theta, SCA, IQ SPECTRUM, 2, 3, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4. Third Ro-W: RICHARD E. MATHIAS, 6 E. 3rd St., Waynesboro, Pa., Mathematics, Alpha Tau Omega, Transfer from Penn State. JOSEPH D. MATHIEU, Yonkers, New York, Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Football, 4. Fourth Row: ROBERT GAMBLE MCCAUSLAND, 1206 Dermond Road, Drexel Hill, Pa., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 3, 4: Golf. 2, 3. 4- LARRY S. MCCLUNG, Stewartstown, Pa., Chemistry, Phi Sigma Kappa, Sceptical Chymists, 2, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4, Basketball, 1. Fifth Row: JOHN L. McKAY, JR., 301 N. 26th St., Camp Hill, Pa., Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, Track. DAVID L. MCMORRIS, R. D. 2, Hollidaysburg, Pa., Biology, Alpha Tau Omega, Debate, IQ SCA, 1, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4, Swimming, 3, Dorm Counsellor, 4. Sixth Row: EUGENE MCVICKER, VVatsontown, Pa., History, Band, 1, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 3, 4, Kappa Phi Kappa, 3, Secretary, 4, Independent President. LILLIAN HOKE MICKLEY, Pine Manor, New Oxford, R. D. 1, Pa., English, Chi Omega, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Owl and Nightingale, 2, Acting President, 3, Vice President, 4, Women's Debate Team, 2, 3, Manager, 4, SCA, 1, 2, Chairman Recreation Committee, 3, Recreation Committee, 4, Gettysburgian, 2, 3, 4, G-Book, 2, SPECTRUM, 3, WWGC, 2, 3, 4, Senate, 3, 4, Tau Kappa Alpha, 3, Secretary-Treasurer, 4, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Who's Who. 39 First Row: CHARLES K. MILLER, JR., 318 Race Ave., Lancaster, Pa., History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Rifle Team, 1, 2, ROTC Rifle Team, 3, Cap- tain, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4. DAVID T. MILLER, 114 W. Philallena St., Phila- delphia 19, Pa., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Vice President Freshman Class, IQ Soccer, 1, 25 Radio, 2, 3, 4, Commencement Committee Chairman. GRANVILLE F. MILLER, Littlestown, Pa., R. D. 2, Physics, Phi Sigma Kappa, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Pi Sigma, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4. JOHN N. MILLER, 28 North 4th St., Lemoyne, Pa., English, Phi Sigma Kappa, Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Senate, 3, Treasurer, 4, Phi Sigma Kappa Secretary and Vice President, 3, Choir, 4, Vesper Choir, 1, 2, Pre-Ministerial Association, 4, Table Tennis Title, 3. JOHN MILNER, JR., 501 Bergen St., Gloucester, N. J., Economics, Kappa Delta Rho, Gettysburgian, 3, 4, Co-Sports Editor, 4, WWGC, 3, 4, SCA, 4, Transfer from College of South Jersey. .WILLIAM S. MOORE, R. D. 3, Delmar, Del., Eco- nomics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: JOHN B. MORGAN, 315 West Ave., Mt. Carmel, Pa., Economics, Sigma Chi, Pi Lambda Sigma, 4. JOSEPH W. C. MORGAN, JR., R. D. 2, York, Pa., German, Lambda Chi Alpha, WWGC, 3, 4, Inter- national Club, 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 4. PHILLIP D. MORRIS, 831 Cheltenham Rd., Chest- nut Hill, Pa., English, Alpha Tau Omega, Football, IQ Wrestling, 1. EMILY MORSE, 33 Chestnut St., Marlborough, Mass., Biology, Delta Gamma, SCA, 3, 4, WWGC, 3, 4, Transfer from Pine Manor Jr. College. ROBERT F. MOWBRAY, 167 E. Middle' St., Gettys- burg, Pa., Biology, Phi Theta Kappa, Transfer from Keystone Jr. College. ROBERT H. MOWERS, 384 Second St., Highspire, Pa., Economics. DICK BEAVER Phi Delta Theta . . . Football . . . Athletic Council. First Row: DONALD E. MULFORD, loo Baltimore St., Gettysburg, Pa., Mathe- matics, Intramural Sports, 1, 2, 3, 4. MAYNARD G. MUNCH, 217 First St., Hicksville, N. Y., Chemistry, Phi Sigma Kappa, Outing Club, 3, 4. Second Row: MILLARD MILTON MUNTZ, 520 Broadway, Hanover, Pa., Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega, Football, 1, SCA, 3, SPECTRUM, 3, Sceptical Chymists, 3, 4, President, 4. FAYE E. NEBINGER, 330 W. Broadway, Red Lion, Pa., Biology, Phi Mu, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sceptical Chymists, 2, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, SPECTRUM, 4. Third Row: CHARLES O. NEEDHAM, 4 Pennsylvania Ave., Havertown, Pa., Eco- nomics, Phi Kappa Psi, Intramural Sports, 4. MARLET CLAY NESS, JR., R. D. 3, York, Pa., Physics, Phi Kappa Psi, Sigma Pi Sigma, Vice President, 3, Kappa Phi Kappa, 3. Fourth Row: HARRY NEUBERT, 131 King St., Dover, N. J., Economics, Sigma Chi, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4. U WILLIAM R. OGDEN, 336 Baltimore St., Gettysburg, Pa., Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, Basketball, 1, 2. Fifth Row: I JESS OTLEY, Abohemia Farm, Earleville, Md., Biology, Phi Sigma Kappa, Track, 1, 2, 3, Mercury, IQ SEPCTRUM Class Editor, 2, Sceptical Chymists. RICHARD M. OTT, 508 Palliser St., Johnstown, Pa., Chemistry, Phi Sigma Kappa, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sceptical Chymists, 2, Treasurer, 3, 4, SCA, 1, International Club, 2. Sixth Row: CHARLES PRICE OYLER, 414 York St., Gettysburg, Pa., Mathematics. JOHN C. PALMER, 261 Highland Ave., Downington, Pa., Biology, Phi Delta Theta, SCA, 3, 4, WWGC, 3, 4, Gettysburgian, 4, SPECTRUM, 4, IFC, 3, International Club, 4. 41 I First Row: MAX H. PALMER, 253 Herding Court, York, Pa., Spanish, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Phi Sigma Iota, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, French Club, r, 2, 3, 4, International Club, 3. HARRY C. PEBLEY, ron Beckley Ave., Johnstown, Pa., Biology, Sigma Chi, Beta Beta Beta, 3. THEODORE PECK, SI Midwood St., Brooklyn, N. Y., . English, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Eta Sigma Phi, 2, 3, 4. BETTY A. PHLEGER, 711 Hepburn St., Milton, Pa., Social Science, Alpha Xi Delta, SCA, 1, 2, 4, WAA 3, Student Council, 3, French Club, 3, Vice President, 4, SPECTRUM, 3, Dorm President, 35 Sorority President 4, Mercury Staff, 2, 3. PAUL C. PLASTINO, Quarreyville, Pa., Economics, Sigma Chi, Basketball, 1, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4 ROBERT E. POTTER, Philadelphia, Pa., Mathe- matics. Second Row: WILLIAM POWNELL, 40 S. Broadway, Pitman, N. J., Economics. MORRIS R. PRICKITT, Medford, N. J., Mathe- matics, Sigma Chi, Student Senate, IQ Band, 3, Eta Sigma Phi, 3, 4, Kappa Phi Kappa, 3, 4, Interna- tional Club, 2, 3. HARRY PURE, 510 South St., Philadelphia, Pa., Physical Education, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country, 4. NORMAN C. RASMUSSEN, S. Hanover St., Hum- melstown, Pa., Physics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sigma Pi Sigma, 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4, Dorm Coun- selor, 3, 4, Student Faculty Committee, 4, SPECTRUM, 3, Class Secretary, 3, Deans List, 3, Who's Who. ALLISON REESE, 1542 4:11 sf., Altoona, Pa., Eco- nomics, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, r, 2, 3, 4, SCA, 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4, Phi Gamma Delta, Historian, 3, Vice President and Treasurer, 4g Senior Class Historian, 4. ROBERT P. REYNOLD, Funkstown, Md., Econom- ics, Phi Kappa Rho, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Phi Kappa Rho, Treasurer, 3g Intramural Sports, 1, 2, 3, 4, Postmaster, 3, 4. GORDON GRIGSBY Pres. of the Senior Class . . . Pres. of Pi Delta Epsilon . , . Editor of the Mercury . . . Soccer . . . Tennis . . . Phi Gamma Delta. First Row: DOMINIC RICCARDI, 110 N. Penn St., York, Pa., English, Transfer from York Jr. College. EDVVARD JAMES RICHTER, 24 Apple Ave., Mount Ephraim, N. J., Physical Education, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Summer Session President, 3, Treasurer, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Recording Secretary, 2, Class Treasurer, 2, Spanish Club, 2, Gettys- burgian, 1, 2, 3, Circulation Manager, 4, Kappa Phi Kappa, 3, Treasurer, 4, G-Book, Advertising Manager, 3, Senate, 3, 4, International Club, 4. Second Row: DONALD L. RIDEN, 703 S. Wayne St., Lewistown, Pa., English, Kappa Delta Rho, Kappa Phi Kappa, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Commission, 3, WWGC, 21 31 4- RUSSELL RIEGEL, 7 New St., Washington, N. I., History, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Wrestling, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Dorm Counselor, 4. Third Row: ROBERT F. RITTERHOFF, 60-12 Palmetto St., Ridgewood, N. J., Eng- lish, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA, 3, 4, WWGC, 3, Program Director, 4, Transfer from Bloomfield College. M. O. ROBINSON, JR., Apt. D-1 Country Club Manor, York, Pa., Chemistry, Lambda Chi Alpha. Fourth Row: RALPH E. ROCK, 3120 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa., Economics, Sigma Chi, Football 1, 2, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4, President Sigma Chi, 4. RICHARD E. ROMBERGER, 131 S. College St., Carlisle, Pa., Econom- ics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Fifth Row: JEAN ROST, 153 West High St., Red Lion, Pa., Pre-Medical Student, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Choir, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta, 45 Phi Mu Social Member, 3, 4. ' HARRY F. ROTE, JR., 3501 Victory Road, Progress, Pa., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SCA, IQ Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4, Gavel Club, 43 IFC, 3. Sixth Row: ALVIN S. RUDISILL, 830 Park Ave., Collingswood, N. J., Bible, Phi Sigma Kappa, Choir, 2, 3, 4, Pre-Ministerial Association, 1, 2, 3, 43 Eta Sigma Phi, 2, 3, 43 SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, College Quartet, 2, 3, 4. ALLEN R. RUDOLPI-I, 814 Franklin St., Wyomissing, Pa., Economics. 43 First Row: A ROSS SACHS, 34 Locust Ave., Gettysburg, Pa., 4 Physical Education, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Outstanding Junior, 3, Athletic Council, 4, Who's Who. ' ALFRED T. SANDERSON, 433 Morris St., Wood- bury, N. J., Economics. WILLIAM C. SANKEY, 420 College Ave., Gettys- burg, Pa., Mathematics, Tau Kappa Epsilon. DONALD SANNER, 404 South Franklin St., Som- merset, Pa., History, Phi Sigma Kappa, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Eta Sigma Phi, 4, SPECTRUM, 3. ROBERT SCHAEFFER, 5604 Chevy Chase Park, Washington, D. C., Economics, Sigma Chi, Gettys- burgian, IQ Spanish Club, 2, Scabbard and Blade, 3, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3. RICHARD SCHANTZ, 421 North St., Emmaus, Pa., History, Lambda Chi Alpha, Gettysburgian, 2, 3, Assistant Sports Editor, 4, G-Book Managing Editor, 3, A Cappella Choir, 4, SCA, 2, 4, Cabinet, 3, Campus Senate, 3, 4, Phi Alpha Theta, 2, President, 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4, Dean's List, 2, 3, 4. O Second Row.: LOUIS K., SCHEFFER, JR., 1013 Green St., Harris- burg, Pa., Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sceptical Chymists, 3, 4, Swimming, 3, 4. THEODORE C. SCHLACK, 3803 Wiley Ave., Chatta- nooga, Tenn., English, Phi Sigma Kappa, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Cabinet, 4, A Cappella Choir, 1, 2, 3, 4, Class 1916 Prize, 2, Eta Sigma Phi, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 2, 3, President, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Pre-Ministerial Association, 1, 2, 3, Vice President, 4, Gettysburgian, 1, News Editor, 2, 3, Managing Editor, 4, G-Book, Editor, 4, Outstanding Junior, Who's Who. HARRY W. SCHLEGELMILCH, Sproul, Pa., Eco- nomics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, 1, 2, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, President, 4, SCA, Recorder, 2, Treasurer, 3. JOHN FREDERICK SCHWARTZ, 26 York St., Gettysburg, Pa., Physics, Phi Sigma Kappa, A Cap- pella Choir, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT SHEADS, 26 Barlow St., Gettysburg, Pa., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3: 4- FRANK SHIMER, 519 James St., Syracuse, N. Y., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Vice President, 3, President, 4, Gettysburgian, IQ SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Gavel Club, 3, 4. 44 CARL GREENAWALD LES HARTMAN Phi Sigma Kappa . . . Gettysburgian . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon . . , Station Manager, Pi Delta Epsilon . . . Phi Alpha Theta . . . WWGC . . . Scabbard and Blade. Campus Senate . . . Outstanding Junior , . . Dorm Counselor. First Row: DEAN S. SHIVELY, 266 Market St., Milllenburg, Pa.3 Philosophy3 Bas- ketball Manager, IQ Varsity Soccer, I, 43 Pre-Ministerial Association, 3, 42 WWGC, 3. RUTH E. SHOEMAKER, 339 :oth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa.3 Mathematicsg Phi Mug SCA, 2, 3, 4g International Club, 2, 3, 43 Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4g Kappa Delta Epsilon, 3, 43 Dean's Honor List, 23 Class Honor, 23 Vesper Choir, 3, 43 Modern Book Club, 33 Gettysburgian, 3, 43 G-Book, 33 Owl and Nightingale, 43 Sigma Pi Sigma, 45 SPECTRUM, 43 Transfer from Moravian College for Women. Second Row: JAMES LEE SHROUT, Oldtown, Md.3 Physics. DONALD C. SIMONTON, 836 S. George St., York, Pa.3 Philosophyg Phi Kappa Psi3 Band, IQ Class Treasurer, IQ Phi Kappa Psi, Chaplain, 2, Recording Secretary, 3, President, 4Q Gavel Club, 43 Choir, 2, 3, Stu- dent Manager, 43 Owl and Nightingale, 2, 3, President, 43 Alpha Kappa Alpha, 3, President, 43 Eta Sigma Phi, 2, 3, 43 Soccer, 1, 23 Who's Who. Third Row: ROBERT M. SINGER, Manheim, Pa.3 Mathematics3 Tau Kappa Epsilon3 Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 SCA, 23 TKE Secretary, 33 Kappa Phi Kappa, 3, Presi- dent, 43 Chairman of Mother's Day Committee, 3. EARL H. SMITH, R. D. 1, Box 74, Woodland, Pa.3 Physicsg Lambda Chi Alphag Wrestling Manager, 1, 2, 3, 43 SCA, 3, 43 Scabbard and Blade, 43 International Club, 43 Senate, 2, 33 Sigma Pi Sigma, 3, 4, Sec- retary, 43 Gettysburgian, 2, 3, 43 SPECTRUM, 2, Circulation Manager, 3. Fourth Row: ROBERT L. SMITH, 406 Summet Ave., Westfield, N. 1.3 Economics3 Phi Gamma Deltag G-Book, 1, 23 SCA, 1, 23 Spanish, IQ Cheerleader, 1, 2. THORNTON G. SMITH, 101 East Main St., Waynesboro, Pa.: Econom- icsg Lambda Chi Alphag SCA, 3, 45 International Club, 43 Eta Sigma Phi, 43 Pi Lambda Sigma, 43 Transfer from Grove City College. Fifth Row: ' ALDEN SNYDER, 2014 Chestnut St., Harrisburg, Pa.3 Chemistry3 Sigma Alpha Epsilon3 Sceptical Chymists, 3, 43 Band, 1, 23 SCA, 3. WILLIAM L. SNYDER, 338 Centennial Ave., Hanover, Pa.3 Economics3 Alpha Tau Omega3 SCA, 3. Sixth Row: WILLIAM R. SNYDER, 108 E. Main St., Dallastown, Pa., Political Scienceg Lambda Chi Alphag SCA, 2, 3, 43 Gettysburgian, 1, 2, Sports Editor, 3, Editor-in-Chief, 43 Pi Lambda Sigma, 43 Senate, 1, Vice Presi- dent, 2, President, 33 SPECTRUM, 2, Asssitant Editor, 33 G-Book Editor-in- Chief, 23 Outstanding Junior, 33 Intramural Board, Secretary, 2, 33 Dorm Counselor, 43 Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 43 Who's Who. LAUNCELOT E. SOULT, 16 W. 3rd Ave., Clearfield, Pa.3 Economicsg Alpha Tau Omega3 Wrestling, 1, 2, 3, 4. - 35 First Row: WILLIAM H. SPERRY, 435 Carlisle St., Gettysburg, Pa., History, Phi Sigma Kappa, Deans List, 1, 2, 3, Freshman Football, IQ Phi Alpha Theta, 3, Secretary, 4, Kappa Phi Kappa, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 2. WESLEY R. STANCOMBE, 308 N. 5th St., Bangor, Pa., Biology, WWGC, 2, Beta Beta Beta, 2, 3, 4, Class Honors, 1, 2. HENRY J. STOCK, New Oxford, Pa., Biology. JAMES K. STOCK, Carlisle Street, New Oxford, Mathematics. EDWARD STRAUB, JR., Middletown Rd., Nanuet, N. Y., Mathematics, Alpha Tau Omega, Soccer, 4, Swimming, 3, 4. CURTIS B. STRAUSBAUGH, 1047 W. King St., York, Pa., Biology, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4, Transfer from York Junior College. Second Row: ' LOUISE J. STRICKLER, 35 W. Maple St., York, Pa., English, Chi Omega, Owl and Nightingale, 4, Le Cercle Francais, 3, International Club, 3, 4. LUTHER THOMAS STROUP, 501 Anthony St., Wil- liamsport, Pa., Chemistry, Baseball, 2, Track, 3, Sceptical Chymists, 2, 3, 4. CLAUDE P. SVVARTZBAUGH, JR., 580 Company St., York, Pa., History, Phi Kappa Rho, Spanish Club, 1, 2, President, 3, 4, WWGC, 2, 3, 4, Cheerleader, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4. M. HARVEY TAYLOR, 2319A N. 4th St., Harrisburg, Pa., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, IFC, 3, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, 4. FRANCES D. TERAN, 1700 N. Caroline St., Baltimore, Md., Spanish, Alpha Xi Delta, International Club, 3, 4, SCA, 3, 4, Hiking Club, 3, Spanish Club, 3, 4. NORMAN E. THIEME, 212 S. Beaver St., York, Pa., Political Science, Pi Lambda Sigma, 4, Transfer from Lycoming College and Sampson College. TED LINDOUIST Assoc. Editor of the Gettysburgian , , . S.C.A. Cabinet . . . Pres. of Eta Sigma Phi . . . Pres. of Pre-Min. Assoc .... Phi Sigma Kappa , , . Outstanding Junior . . . Pi Delta Epsilon . . . Alpha Kappa Alpha. First Row: , F. G. THOMA, 423 Salem Ave., Woodbury, N. J., Economics. FRANK THOMPSON, JR., 721 S. Queen St., York, Pa., Biology, WWGC, 3, 4, Transfer from York Junior College. Second Row: HARRIET A. THOMPSON, 207 Eighth Ave., Haddon Heights, N. I., Mathematics, Delta Gamma, SCA, 2, 3, 4, Rille Team, 2, Hockey, 3, 4, WAA, 3, SPECTRUM Advertising Manager, 3, Owl and Nightingale, 3, 4, Gettysburgian, 4, Transfer from Green Mountain Junior College. WILLIAM THOMSON, Morristown, Pa., Economics, Sigma Chi, Foot- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4, VVrestling, 1, Track, 1, 4. Third Row: JOHN L. URICH, 211 Kelso St., Harrisburg, Pa., Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Transfer from Elizabethtown Junior College. MARION bl. VART, 4950 N. Fifth St., Philadelphia, Pa., English, Delta Gamma, Kappa Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4, SCA, 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 2, International Club, 2, G-Book, 2, Rifle Team, 2. Fourth Row: CHARLES L. VENABLE, 3230 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa., History, Phi Sigma Kappa, International Club, 1, 2, WWGC, 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Alpha Theta, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, French Club, 3, President, 4, Com- mittee on General Welfare, 2, Spanish Club, 2, Constitution-Class of '50, Men's Debate, 1, ROTC, 1, 2. GEAN VILLAUME, 475 Grove St., Honesdale, Pa., Economics. Fifth Row: A. P. WALLACE, JR., VVistar Rd., Paoli, Pa., Economics, SCA, 2, M. WALLACE, Craley, Pa., French, Tau Kappa Epsilon, WWGC, 3, 4, Kappa Phi Kappa, 4, Phi Sigma Iota, 3, 4. Sixth Row: PHILIP WALTERSDORF, 506 Baltimore St., Hanover, Pa., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Orchestra, 3, 4, Tennis, 1, Alpha Tau Omega Ex- chequer, 2, 3. JOHN W. WAREHIME, 257 Frederick St., Hanover, Pa., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4, Gettysburgian, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, WWGC, 3. 47 First Row: MARY E. WARNER, 1750 Monroe St., York, Pa., History, Chi Omega, Hockey, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Choir, 3, SCA, 3, 4, Gettysburgian, 3, 4, Chi Omega, Treasurer, 45 WAA, Transfer from York Junior College. - 3 PALMER R. WATKINS, 153 Pine St., Oxford, Pa., Biology, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball, 1, Varsity Soc- cer, 3, 4, Vice President Men's Tribunal, 2. JAMES R. WATSON, R. D. 1, York, Pa., Econom- ics, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA, 3, International Club, 3. WILLIAM H. WEAVER, 268 Frankline Turnpike, Mahwah, N. J., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta. GEORGE WEIGAND, 823 Columbia Ave., Palmyra, N. J., History, Alpha Tau Omega, Soccer, 1, 3, Student Senate, 2, 3. DONALD K. WEIGLE, 32 W. Pomfret St., Carlisle, Pa., Psychology, Psi Chi, 3, 4, Transfer from Ly- coming College. Second Row: MARIANNE WHARTON, 207 Hutchinson Ave., Had- donfield, N. J., Psychology, SCA, 3, 4, Gettysburgian, 3, 4, SPECTRUM, 3, 4, WAA, 43 Hockey, 3, 4, Hockey Manager, 4, Senate, 3, 4, Transfer student. ROBERT WHITE, Norristown, Pa., Mathematics, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, 2, 3. DAVIS T. WHITEMAN, Valley Forge, Pa., English, Mercury. JOHN C. WHITEMAN, Valley Forge, Pa., Econom- ics, Band. ROBERT WIBBERLEY, 911 Dewey Ave., Hagers- town, Md., History, Lambda Chi Alpha. NATALIE E. WIBLE, 428 S. Washington Ave., Moorestown, N. J., Social Science, Chi Omega, Get- tysburgian, 4, Hockey, 4, Transfer from Moravian College for Women. I 48 NORMAN RASMUSSEN TED SCHLACK Dorm Counselor , . . Delta Phi Alpha . . . Pres. of Delta Phi Alpha . . . Managing Sigma Pi Sigma . . . Tau Kappa Epsilon. Editor, Gettyrburgian . . . Editor of G-Book . . . Choir Member . . . Pre-Min. Associa- tion . . . Phi Sigma Kappa . . . S.C.A. Commissioner . . . Eta Sigma Phi . . . Pi Delta Epsilon . . . Outstanding Junior. First Row: RICHARD B. WIEAND, 18 N. Sth St., Emmaus, Pa., Economics, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball, 1, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, IFC, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4, Gavel Club, 4, SPECTRUM, RICHARD J. VVILLIAMS, R. D. 2, York, Pa., Spanish, Phi Sigma Iota, 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Antena Club, 4, Transfer from York junior College. . Second Row: TILLMAN B. WILLIAMS, 430 Second St., Enhaut, Pa., English, Lambda Chi Alpha, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4, International Club, 3, 4, SCA, 2, 4, Beta Beta Beta, 2, 3, 4, Debating, 4, Lambda Chi Secretary, 3, 4- HARRY A. VVISOTZKEY, IOS N. Rockburn St., York, Pa., Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, Golf, 1, 2, 3, Football, IQ Campus Senate, 2, Secretary of Sophomore Class. Third Row: ALBERT H. VVOLFE, JR., 348 Garfield St., York, Pa., Economics, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, 4. ' DAVID STRATTON WOODRUFF, 2419 Merwood Lane, Havertown, Pa., Biology, Lambda Chi Alpha, LCA President, 3, Sophomore Class Vice President, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta, 2, 3, 4, Secretary- Treasurer, 3, 4, SCA, 1, 2, 3, 4, Gavel Club, 3. Fourth Row: A DALE EARL YINGST, 438 Second St., Highspire, Pa., Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, Football, 1, 3. ' JOHN YOST, JR., 606 S. Macon St., Baltimore 24, Md., Philosophy, Phi Kappa Rho, Track, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country, 2, 3, J. V. Soccer, 4. Fifth Row: PERRY E. YOUNG, JR., 511 W. Market St., York, Pa., Economics, Sigma Chi, SCA, 3, 4, Transfer from Rider College. BARBARA ZIEGLER, 127 Springs Ave., Gettysburg, Pa., Biology, Phi Mu, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, SCA, 3, Beta Beta Beta, 3, 4. 49 First Row: ROBERT M. ANSEL, 706 S. 25th St., Harrisburg, Pa., Physical Education, SCA, 2, 3, Band, 2, 3, Basketball, 2, Cross Country, 2, Track, 2, Soccer, 3. LAWRENCE A. ANTONIK, 94 Churchtown Ave., Pennsgrove, N. J., Biology, Transfer from Potomac State Jr. College, Football, 3. ROBERT W. ARENDT, 144 W. Franklin Ave., Pen- nington, N. J., Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, Transfer from Valley Forge, Gettysburgian, 3, Baseball, 3. MAUDE E. AURAND, 26 Maple Ave., Wheeling, W. Va., Sociology, Phi Mu, Choir, 1, 2, 3, Women's Student Council, 2, Secretary-Treasurer, SPECTRUM, 2, Assistant Feature Editor, Co-Faculty Editor, 3, Gettys- burgian, 1, 2, Assistant News Editor, 3, News Ed- itor, Mercury, IQ Spanish Club, IQ Pre-Ministerial Association, 2, 3, Pi Delta Epsilon, Secretary-T reas- urer, 3, SCA, 1, Council, 2, Cabinet, 3, Outstanding Junior. Second Row: STEPHEN AYRES, 319 East Dudley Ave., Westfield, N. J., Biology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Track-Cross Coun- try, IQ Beta Beta Beta, 2, 32 Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, 3, Gettysburgian, 1, 3, Sports Editor, 2. LEONARD C. BAUSBACK, III Iris Ave., Floral Park, L. I., Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega, SPECTRUM, 3: SCA. 3- LOIS E. BERENSMAN, 97 Chestnut Ave., Floral Park, N. Y., English, Delta Gamma, Choir, 3, SCA, 3. HARRY DWIGHT BIKLE, Fayetteville, Pa., Chem- istry, Alpha Tau Omega, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Sceptical Chymists, 2, 3. Third Row: CYNTHIA I. BOBB, 821 N. Second St., Harrisburg, Pa., Economics, Delta Gamma, Hockey, 2, 3, Intra- mural Hockey, 2, 3, SCA, 2, French Club, 2, 3, All- Star Hockey, 2, Radio, 2, 3. FRED E. BOTTERBUSCH, 983 E. Philadelphia St., York, Pa., Mathematics, Phi Gamma Delta, Swim- ming Team, 2, 3, Freshman Class Historian, SCA, 1. ROBERT S. BOWERS, 16 S. Findlay St., York, Pa., Pre-Med., Sigma Chi. PHILIP H. BOWMAN, JR., 616 S. Duke St., York, Pa., Economics, Transfer from York Junior College. 50 Fourth Row: ALBERT B. CLIFF, 24 West 17th St., Ocean City, N. J., Mathematics, Sigma Chi, Pledge Master, 3, IFC, 2. OWEN V. COBLE, Bendersville, Pa., Chemistry, Phi Kappa Rho, Sceptical Chymists, 3, Baseball, 3, Rifle Team, 1, 2, 3. LORRAINE A. CORRELL, II3 S. Rolling Rd., Catons- ville, Md., French, Phi Mu, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Interna- tional Club, 1, 2, 3. First Row: RUTH M. BRINKMAN, x17 Beacon Blvd., Sea Girt, N. J., Mathematics, Aipha Xi Delta, Transfer from Marion College, SCA, 2, 3, Owl and Nightingale, 2, Outing Club, 2, Secretary, 3, Radio, 2, 3. PAUL L. BRINTON, 320 Geary St., New Cum- berland, Pa., Economics, Sigma Chi, SPECTRUM, 3. RAYMOND I. BUNDRICK, 39 Spruce Ave., Floral Park, N. Y., Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, SCA, 2, IFC Secretary, 2. Second Row: LOIS A. CALLARD, 8 Madison Ave., Warren, Pa., Social Science, Chi Omega, SCA, 3, 4, SPECTRUM, 3, 4, Choir, 4, Gettysburgian, Assis- tant Literary Editor, 4, G-Book, 4. CHARLES VV. CARLSON, 475 8th St., Clear- field, Pa., Social Science, Phi Kappa Psi, Choir, 2, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, Tribunal, 2. ROBERT CARREL, 2606 S. Franklin St., Phila- delphia, Pa., Biology. Third Row: WANDA CARROLL, 105 Petroleum Ave., Claysville, Pa., Psychology, Alpha Xi Delta, SCA, 3, Outing Club, 3, Transfer from Blooms- burg S.T.C. VVILDA CARROLL, 105 Petroleum Ave., Clays- ville, Pa., Social Science, Alpha Xi Delta, SCA, 3, Transfer from Bloomsburg S.T.C. RICHARD D. CARSON, 702 Lincoln Ave., Palmyra, N. J., Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, Chess Club, 2. MARY ALICE HARTRANFT College Choir Veteran . . . SPECTRUM Queen . . . Associate Psi Chi XV.A.A. Vice President . . . Phi Mu Prexy. First Row: ANTHONY I. COSTANZO, 2403 S. 62nd St., Phila- delphia 42, Pa., Chemistry, Alpha Tau Omega, Soc- cer, 1, 2, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, SPECTRUM, Business Man- ager, 3, Sceptical Chymists, 3. VIRGINIA MAY DECKER, Spring Mills, Pa., His- tory, Phi Mu, Band, IQ Dean's List, 1, 2, Hockey, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Women's Student Council, SQ WAA, Secretary, 2, SCA, 1, Council, 2, Secretary, 3, Gettysburgian, 1, 2, Spanish Club, 3, SPECTRUM, 2, 3, Woman's Tribunal, 2, Class 1916 Prize, 2, Class Honors, IQ Athletic Council, 3, Great Greek, 2, Class Vice President, 3, Outstanding Junior. ROBERT B. DEGROFT, 30 Prince St., Littlestown, Pa., Mathematics, Phi Kappa Rho, Band, 1, 2, 3, Stage Manager Band, 2. BERTHA L. DEMOCH, 681 Manhattan Ave., Brook- lyn 22, N. Y., Social Science, Delta Gamma, Debat- ing, 2, Association Debate Manager, 3, Getlysburgian, 2, 3, SPECTRUM, 3, SCA, 2, 3. Second Row: CLARENCE A. DIEHL, 507 E. Penn St., Bedford, Pa., Biology, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SPECTRUM, 2, Wrestling, 1, 2, 3, Beta Beta Beta, 2. WILLIAM C. DONALDSEN, 913 Hamilton Blvd., Hagerstown, Md., Psychology, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Gettysburgian, 2, Psychology Club, 2. ROBERT A. DRIESBACH, 86 E. Pettebone St., Forty Fort, Pa., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega. PRESTON H. DUSMAN, R.D. 2, Hanover, Pa., Social Science. Third Row: JAMES E. DYSON, 250 E. Winona Ave., Norwood, Pa., Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, Baseball, 2. DONALD A. EIFERT, 91 Sherman Ave., Teaneck, N. J., Economics, Sigma Chi, Basketball, IQ Swim- ming, Varsity, 2, Golf, 2, 3, IFC, 2, 3, Gettysburgian, 1, 2. KARL B. ETSHIED, 124. Hummel Ave., Lemoyne, Pa., Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tennis, 1, 2, SPECTRUM, 4, Sceptical Chymists, 3. R. RAY EVELAN, I3 E. Pottsville St., Pine Grove, Pa., English, Phi Kappa Rho, Pre-Ministerial Asso- ciation, 2, 3, SCA, 2, 3. ' F ourtlv Row: ROBERT H. FUSMER, 177 Moyer St., Canajoharie, N. Y., English, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Tau Omega, 1, 2, 3, Palm Reporter. VVILLIAM J. GILBERT, 95 N. Center St., Ring- town, Pa., Chemistry, Tau Kappa Epsilon, SCA, 2. FREDERICK D. GILLESPIE, 624 Benson Place, Westfield, N. J., Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Owl and Nightingale Club, 3, Transfer from Union Junior College. First Row: LLOYD I. EYSTER, Stewartstown, Pa., Physi- cal Education, Cross Country, Ig Baseball, 25 Swimming Manager, 2. THOMAS G. FAULKNER, 90 S. Keystone Ave., Upper Darby, Pa., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, 1, 2, 3, Track, 2, 3. CHARLES F. FAUSOLD, Mt. Pleasant, R.D. 1, Pa., History, Sigma Chi, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Owl and Nightingale, Business Manager, 2. Second Row: VVILLIAM M. FAUSOLD, Valois, N. Y., Eco- nomics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Band, 1, 2, 3, G-Book, 2, Gettysburgian, 3. H. HAINES FENIMORE, 2I E. Oak Ave., Moorestown, N. J., Physics, Alpha Tau Omega. RONALD E. FITZKEE, 16 VV. Main St., Windsor, Pa., Physical Education, Sigma Chi, Football, 1, 2, 3, Baseball, 2. V Third Row: CHARLES F. FLAHARTY, Stewartstown, Pa., Economics, Phi Sigma Kappa, Intramural Sports, 1, 2, 3. CONSTANT B. FORBES, cfo C.P.I.M., Cur- acao, D.VV.I., German. RAFAEL L. FRANCO, 161 York St., Gettys- burg, Pa., Spanish, French, Kappa Delta Rho, Spanish Club, 2, 3, French Club, 2, 3, 4, Phi Sigma Iota, 2, 3, Kappa Phi Kappa, 3, SCA, 2, 3. AL HOLMAN Heads new Booster Club . . . Sophomore Class President . . . Active S.C.A.'er. First Row: HAROLD B. GRAEFF, 1905 Swatara St., Harrisburg, Pa., Bible, Vesper Choir, IQ SCA, 2, 3, Soccer Man- ager, 2, 3. ROBERT M. GRAINGER, 723 Harper Ave., Drexel Hill, Pa., Political Science, Phi Gamma Delta, Foot- ball, 1. ELOYD JOHN GRIER, 107 Highland Ave., Pied- mont, Calif., Political Science, Sigma Chi, Transfer from York Junior College. FRANK GILBERT GRIFFITH, 37 Shelbourne Rd., Springfield, Pa., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta' Track, 2, 3, Tribunal, 2. 3 Second Row: HOWARD J. GRIFFITHS, 81 Hercules Park, Kenvil, N. J., Economics, Football, 2, 3. ROBERT M. GROVE, 4. N. Main St., Pennington, N. J., Political Science, Phi Kappa Psi, Band, IQ Tennis Manager, 2, Tribunal, 2. ROBERT E. HAKE, I4 Elmhurst Rd., Camp Hill, Pa., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Varsity Soccer, 1. LOUIS J. HAMMANN, 4108 Granite Ave., Baltimore, Md., Latin, Phi Delta Theta, Debating, 2, Manager, 3, Soccer, 1, 2, 3, Eta Sigma Phi, 2, 3, Psi Chi, 3., Third Row: RICHARD E. HANINGTON, 6015 Columbia Ave. Philadelphia, Pa., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega' SCA, 2, 3. 3 ! MARY ALICE HARTRANFT, 39 E. Linn, Bellefonte, Pa., Social Science, Phi Mu, Choir, 1, 2, 3, SCA, 1, 2, WSG, Vice President, 3, WAA, Vice President, 3, President Phi Mu, 3, Tribunal, 3, Varsity Basket- ball, 1, 2, Varsity Hockey, 2, Secretary Junior Class, 3, May Court, 2, SPECTRUM Beauty Queen, 2, Out- standing Junior. ' MARILYN G. HAUSSMANN, Devon, Pa., Social Science, Phi Mu, Gettysburgian, 1, 2, WWGC, 1, 2, 3 fNews Editorjg International Club, 1, 2, 3 fSec- retaryj , SCA, 1, 2, 3. JAMES T. HAYS, JR., 535 W. Main, Emmitsburg, Md., Economics, Kappa Delta Rho, Wrestling, 1, '3, Track, IQ Radio, 1, 2, 3, Aviation Club, IQ Men's Debating, 1. 54 L Fourth Row: EDVVIN T. JOHNSON, North Radcliff St., Bristol, Pa., History, Lambda Chi Alpha, International Club, 1, 2, Football, IQ SCA, 1, Council, 2, Cabinet, 3, IFC, 2, Fraternity Rush Chairman, 3. LAVVRENCE JOHNSON, 1132 Upland St., Chester, Pa., Economics, Kappa Delta Rho, Football, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, IQ IFC, 2, Dorm Counselor, 3, Vice Presi- dent of KDR, 3, Outstanding Junior. OHN R ONES 211 VVest Plumstead Ave, Lans J . J t , . - downe, Pa., Economics, Kappa Delta Rho, Football, 1, 2, 3, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Gettysburgiau Sports Staff, 2, 3, Spanish Club, 2, Outstanding Junior. First Row: MARSHALL T. HEAPS, JR., cardiff, Md., Economics, Phi Delta Theta, SCA, IQ Interna- tional Club, 1, Arnold Society, 3. ROBERT L. HELDRICH, 1156 North Long- wood, Baltimore, Md., Biology, Phi Gamma Delta, Soccer, 1, 2, 3, Wrestling, 1, 2, 3, Or- chestra, 2, 3, Junior Class Treasurer. MARTHA L. HERMAN, 2121 South 2nd St., Steelton, Pa., French, Chi Omega, Choir, 1, 2, 3, SCA, 1, 2, 3, WAA Secretary-Treasurer, 2, VVomen's Tribunal, 2, Outstanding Junior. Second Row: ROBERT A. HERROLD, 503 West Fourth St., Lewiston, Pa., Economics, Phi Delta Theta, Gettysburgian, 2, 3. JOHN R. HERSHBERGER, Juliana Heights, Bedford, Pa., Greek, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, 2, Wrestling, 2, SCA, 2, 3, Eta Sigma Phi, 2. ALAN VV. HOLMAN, JR., 826 West Diamond Ave., Hazleton, Pa., Political Science, Phi Delta Theta, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Booster Club, 2, 3, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Freshman Class Secretary, Sopho- more Class President, Outstanding Junior. Third Row: EDGAR HOOS, 229 Charles Street, Westfield, N. J., Psychology, Lambda Chi Alpha, Cross Country, 1, 2, 3, Track, 1, 2, 3, SCA, 1, 2, 3. HOWARD GEORGE HUMPHREYS, 3226 Middletown Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa., Economics, Kappa Delta Rho, Baseball, 1, Senate, 3, Dorm Counselor, 3, SCA, 3. JOSEPH R. JOHN, JR., 926 McKenzie St., York, Pa., Chemistry, Lambda Chi Alpha, Foot- ball Manager, IQ International Club, 1, Chess Club, 1. Boa Yosr Mercury, Ass't Editor SPEC 60 minute half-back . . . speedy Outing Club . . . WWG C track man. Senate Representative Track First Row: JOSEPH L. KANE, 4415 Underwood Road, Baltimore, Md., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Basketball, IQ SCA, 3. PAUL LAVERNE KAUFFMAN, Beavertown, Pa., Chemistry, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Inter- national Club, 2, 3, Sceptical Chymists, 2, 3, G-Book, 2, Gnttysburgian, 2, Assistant Basketball Manager, 2, Basketball Manager, 3. PAUL S. KELLER, 2931 Woodland Ave., Baltimore, Md., Biology, Phi Sigma Kappa, Choir, 1, 2. RICHARD J. KENDALL, 2oo2 Kentmere Parkway, Wilmington, Del., Biology, Phi Delta Theta, Gettys- burgian, 2, 3, Band President and Student Director, 3, Sophomore Class Treasurer. . Second Row: JOHN B. KERR, R.D. 3, Clover Hill, Clearfield, Pa., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, SCA, 3. XX A xxs X X xg xfi ASX XR X X N Q Qs XXX .X HN xx SRX , xy X .x Y X15 X X x X 2 'xi 56, xx X 'QS . - Q91 .3 -8.55:-1,1:.x tim'-F-faux ' -I ...N ., gsfsssssssiss xgcs: -if ,J-2'-P ' fsigwsig x-s::::,,, is-.3 X -x 2 -:N -t misss, .xffi X X sb- .'31-"ff'1- Niki-2 -I f.:5:::Fs2.-IAQ' sxx Q, ., ,.., ...M Nix SSQXXNX ' 152 24-525. - xaiiiswiisars N Ny gui, ,..g5:,:x:Q:g -g. -. Qgzrgrigagig.g::r-1- fag:-'2'-"'x ss-xx :- ,, N--12- ' E::I5E5E.:'.-'-54 QQ t '- al.,..s-:,s:s::::5:g.,:Se- .igasrgs -x W X '?E?Er25'i'EE5Ei5E5E1:5:5 E21-21s.SN5.. -, ss x. . -, ' Ss:-:ga-::fsa+- ..:::--.:,:.:.::..::::::- 'f- gfsgagsg-ffm . :, .,.:sfs5:2'1' , a - es tgxf Q -as X N , .. -jy,f.g,:-,', '-333.-.',-,zggggg 3 Y ' ' ' " ' -1 X . .- X ' ..ameQ:sg..e?b..s:ss3g N .sw :Ns Q vsp QGQQNS JACK E. KOETZLE, 370 E. Springfield Road, Spring- field, Pa., Mathematics, Sigma Chi, SCA, 2, Gettys- burgian, 2. JOHN C. KUHN, 1928 Fairview Ave., Easton, Pa., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Rifle Team, 3, Trans- fer from Valley Forge Military Academy. ARTURO KUSHNER, Fdo. Montes de Oca 92, Mex- ico D. F., Economics, Soccer, 1, 2, Men's Tribunal, 2. Third Row: DAVID P. KYLER, Bakers Summit, Pa., History, Phi Delta Theta, SCA, 2, 3, Pre-Ministerial Association, 2, 3. JOHN K. LANDIS, JR., 256 North Railroad St., Pal- myra, Pa., Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, WWGC, 3, SCA, 3. JOHN A. LARSEN, 67 Grandview Place, Upper Mont- clair, N. J., Political Science, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Soccer, 1, 2, 3, Gettysburgian, 2, 33 SPECTRUM, 3, Dean's List, 1, 2, Corresponding Secretary of SAE. JOHN C. LEIDY, 51.1. York Road, Abington, Pa., Chemistry, Phi Gamma Delta, Soccer, 1, 3, Wres- tling, 1, 2, Track, 2, WWGC, 3. Fourth Row: JOSEPH N. MACNGANARO, 439 Monroe St., Berwick, Pa., Economics, Spanish Club, 2, 3, SCA Radio Vespers, 2, Soccer, 3, Transfer from Bloomsburg State Teachers College. SHIRLEY A. MARTIN, 1004 South Fourth St., Cham- bersburg, Pa., Spanish, Chi Omega, Eta Sigma Phi, 2, 3, Choir, 2, 3, International Club, 3. DOUGLAS G. MARTZ, IC6 Church St., Macengie, Pa., Chemistry, Phi Delta Theta, Getlysburgiafz, 1, 2, Baseball, 2, 3, Chess Club, 2, Sceptical Chymists, 2, 3, Band, 1, 3. First Row: ROBERT G. LITTLE, JR., 1421 Sherman St., Williamsport, Pa., Chemistry, Sigma Chi, Sceptical Chymists, 2, 3, junior Class President, Sigma Chi, Vice President, 3. ROBERT B. LONG, Muncy, Pa., Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon. VVILLIS L. LONG, Bakers Summit, Pa., Politi- cal Science, Phi Delta Theta, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, 3, G'r'f1'y.vburg1ia1z, 2, Advertising Manager, 3, SCA, 2, 3, SPECTRUM Assistant Business Man- ager, 3. Second Row: DAVID VV. LONGACRE, 115 North Reading Ave., Boyertown, Pa., History, Band, 2, 3, Delta Phi Alpha, 3. JOHN F. LOSE, 630 North 4th St., Sunbury, Pa., History, Phi Gamma Delta, Soccer, 3, Senate, 2, 3, SCA, 2. DONALD C. MACBEAN, 22 Hilaire Road, St. Davids, Pa., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Cross Country, 2, Men's Tribunal, 2, Fresh- ITIZIII Class Treasurer, Grlfysburgiazz, 2, Busi- IICSS Manager, 3, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2. Third Row: JAMES G. MACKEY, JR., lI3O South Forge Road, Palmyra, Pa., Biology, Phi Sigma Kap- pa, SCA, 2, 3, Beta Beta Beta, 2, 3. RICHARD LEE MAJOR, III, 7517 German- town Ave., Philadelphia, Pa., Economics, Trans- fer from Temple University. THOMAS M. MALIN, JR., R.D. 6, York, Pa., Chemistry, Lambda Cl1i Alpha, Gcilysburgian Assistant News Editor, 1, 3, SCA, 1, 3, Scep- tical Chymists, 1, 3, Swimming, 3. S111R1.eY THOMAS SPECTRUM, Editor-in-Chief, Gettyrburgian, Sports Editor . . . College Choir . . . Hockey Center . . . G-Book . . . W.A.A. . , . S.C.A. . . . Pi Delta Epsilon . . .Phi Sigma Iota. www First Row: DONALD R. MASTMAN, 439 North Walnut St., East Orange, N. J., Biology, Phi Delta Theta, Swim- ming, 2, 3, Track, 1, 2, 3. DONALD J. MATLACK, 214 West Main St., Moores- town, N. J., Economics, Kappa Delta Rho. HUNTER C. MCCLURE, Quarters o-49, Fort George G. Meade, Md., Chemistry, Transfer from University of Maryland. ROBERT L. MCCOY, 429 West Louther St., Carlisle, Pa., Physical Education, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1. Second Row: HUGH A. MCGAUGHY, 807 Holland Square, Wyo- missing, Pa., English, Phi Delta Theta, Soccer, 1, 2, SCA, IQ Phi Sigma Iota, 3. 4 ALBERT MEADEN, JR., 20 Race St., Middletown, Pa., Biology, SCA, 2, '3, Beta Beta Beta, 2, 3. BARBARA MOGEL, 1023 Terrace Ave., Wyomissing, Pa., Choir, 3, SCA, 3, Transfer from Albright Col- lege. JOSEPH CALVIN MORELAND, 1613 North Broad- way, Baltimore, Md., Social Science, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA, 1, Council, 2, 3, International Club, 1, President, 2, 3, Pre-Ministerial Association, 1, 3, Treasurer, 2, Vesper Choir, 1, 3. Third Row: HAROLD R. MORGENFRUH, 37 Elmwood Terrace, Packanack Lake, N. J., Biology, Delta Phi Alpha, 2, 3, Psi Chi, 2, 3, Beta Beta Beta, 2, 33 WWGC, 2, 3. AUSTIN MORRIS, 1426 Davis Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa., Phi Delta Theta, Scabbard and Blade, 2, 3, Gettys- burgian, 1, 2, SCA, 3. VVALTER SCOTT MOUNTAIN, III, 30 West Broad- way Ave., Gettysburg, Pa., Biology, Phi Kappa Psi, Gettysburgian, 1. H. EDWIN MOUNTFORD, 45 South Royal St., York, Pa., Political Science, Lambda Chi Alpha, Transfer from Drexel Institute of Technology. O -58 Fourth Row: PARKER C. PETERMAN, 634 State St., Lemoyne, Pa., Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA, 2, 3, In- ternational, 1, 2, 3, Picture Editor of SPECTRUM, 3, Pi Lambda Sigma, 3, Vice President of Lambda Chi Alpha, 3. WALTER A. PLECHNER, 5654 Pentridge St., Phila- delphia, Pa., Economics, Basketball, 2, 3. DONALD C. REEVES, 116 Carleon Ave., Larchmont, N. Y., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Swimming, 2. First Row: ALLAN C. MUHLBACH, 201 Woodlawn Road, Baltimore, Md., Physics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Orchestra, 2, 3, Cheerleading, 2, Captain, 3, Swimming, 2, 3. JOHN J. MULVIHILL, 9 West Chestnut Ave., Merchantville, N. J., Political Science, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, 1. RICHARD J. MUTCH, 135 Church St., Glen Rock, Pa., Biology, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Band, 1, 2, 3, SCA, 2, 3, Rilie Team, IQ VVWGC, 2, 3, SPECTRUM, 2, 3, Secretary of TKE, 3. Second Row: VVILLIAM I. NEBINGER, 330 VVest Broadway Ave., Red Lion, Pa., Economics, Phi Sigma Kappa, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Track, 2, 3, Cross Coun- fry, 3. LEONARD A. NUGENT, 323 West Hudson St., Long Beach, N. Y., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Football, 1, 2, 3, Wrestling, IQ Swim- ming, 2, Scabbard and Blade, 2, 3, SCA, 2, 3. WADE R. ORTEL, 413 South East Ave., Balti- more, Md., Social Science, Phi Sigma Kappa, Gettysburgiarz, 2, 3, SCA, 2, 3, Senate, 2, 3, Soccer, 1, 2, 3. Third Row: 3 HENRY W. PARLETT, 3940 65th Place, VVood- side, N. Y., Chemistry, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sceptical Chymists, 2, 3, Rifle Team, 1. CAROLINE W. PEERY, 309 Valley Road, Merion, Pa., Social Science, Delta Gamma' SCA, 3, Getlysburgian, 3, Transfer from Roa: noke College. DAVID B. PEERY, 968 Back Bay Boulevard, Wichita, Kas., Chemistry, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Swimming Team, 3, SCA, 3, WWGC, 3. MAUDE AURAND Gettyrburgian News Editor . . . SPECTRUM . . . College Choir . . . S.C.A. Cabinet Member . , . Psi Chi . . . Pre-Min Association . . . W.S.G., Sec'y-Treas .... Pi Delta Epsilon. GINNY DECKER Outstanding Fraternity Woman, 1949 ...WSG...SPEcrizUM... S.C.A. Secretary . , . Basketball Ace . . . Women's Tribunal, V. Pres .... Junior Class, V. Pres. n mammmwm-wmmmvmvmwsmimmmwmwsxmaamuuml-:u First Row: JAMES F. REHR, 161o North mb sf., Reading, Pa., Political Science, Getlysburgian Advertising Staff, 1, 2, Independent Men's Association, 2, 3. DALE H. REINECKER, York Springs, Pa., Mathe- matics, Tau Kappa Epsilon. WILLIAM R. ROCK, 317 South Park Ave., Mercers- burg, Pa., History, Phi Sigma Kappa, Choir, 1, 2, 3, SCA, 2, 3, IFC, 3, G-Book, 2. CLARENCE B. ROGERS, 3-5 Silverwhite Ave., Red- bank, N. J., Economics, Phi Delta Theta, SCA, 2, Baseball, 2. Second Row: KENNETH M. ROMMEL, JR., Sevilla Court, Bala Cynwyd, Pa., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SCA, 1, 2, SQ Pi Lambda Sigma, 2, 3, Scabbard and Blade, 2, 3, Captain, 3, Interfraternity Council, 2, 3, Vice Presi- dent, SQ Swimming, 2, 3, Sophomore Class Treasurer. DAVID L. ROSBOROUGH, 1974. East 226th St., Eu- clid, Ohio, Political Science, Phi Delta Theta, Bas- ketball, 1, 2, SCA, 1, 25 Ping Pong Champ, 2, President Tribunal, 2. RICHARD B. ROSS, R.D. 1, York, Pa., Chemistry, Lambda Chi Alpha, Basketball Manager, 1. LUCILLE D. RUGGIERO, 425 Second St., Bangor, Pa., French, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Epsilon, Sec- retary, 2, 3, Booster Club, 3, SCA, 2, Cheerleader, 2, 3, Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, Transfer from Beaver College. Third Row: RICHARD J. RUNKEL, 109 South 9th St., Lebanon, Pa., Economics, Sigma Chi, IFC, IS Gettysburgian, IQ SCA, 1. JOHN F. RYS, 810 North Glover St., Baltimore, Md., Political Science, Men's Debate Team, 2, 3, Assistant Manager, 3, SCA, 2, 3, Vesper Choir, 3, WWGC, 3, Le Cercle Francais, 3, International Club, 3, Transfer from Baltimore Junior College. NORMAN R. SAN SOUCIE, 1350 Second Ave., York, Pa., Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Transfer from York Junior College. VIRGINIA A. SAUL, 109 East High St., Carlisle, Pa., Social Science, Delta Gamma, Choir, 1, 2, 3, SCA, 1, 2, 3, WSG, 1, 2, Senate, 3, Pan-Hellenic Council. F ourtlv Row: ISABEL SI-IIELDS, 9 North 25th St., Penbrook, Pa., Chemistry, Phi Mu, Debate, IQ SCA, IQ Getlyxbur- gian, 2, 3, SPECTRUM, 2, 3, YVWGC, 3. DONALD S. SI-IINTAKU, P. O. Box S Phala Kau Hawaii, Biology, Phi Kappa Psi. N. EUGENE SHOEMAKER, Red Lion, Pa., Biology, Transfer from Ursinus College. F irst Row: DAVID L. SCHEIDT, 7oo East Highland Ave., Baltimore, Md., German, Kappa Delta Rho, Delta Phi Alpha, 2, 3, Pre-Ministerial Associa- tion, 1, 2, 3, SCA, 1. JACK SCHELLHASE, 115 Barrington Road, Upper Darby, Pa., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Football, 1, 2, Track, 1, 2. JOHN M. SCHERCH, 812 Cator Ave., Balti- more, Md., Social Science, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Choir, 3, Pre-Ministerial Association, 1, 2, 3, Owl and Nightingale, 1, 2, 3. Second Row: A JANET Z. SCHULTZ, R.D. 2, Norristovvn, Pa., Psychology, Zeta Tau Alpha, WWGC, 3, SCA, 3, Transfer from Dickinson College, 3. VVILLIAM C. SECHRIST, JR., 4516 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa., Physical Education, Phi Kappa Rho, Football, 3, Chess Club, 2, 3. CLYD VV. SHAFFER, 37 North Chestnut St., Annville, Pa., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Gritysburgian. Third Row: NANCY R. SHANEBROOK, R. D. 5, Gettys- burg, Pa., Spanish, Alpha Xi Delta, Band, 1, 2, 3, Girls' Rifle Team, 1, Gettysburgian, 2, 3, SPECTRUM, 3, Phi Sigma Iota, 3. FREDERICK B. SHEARER, 553 Colonial Ave., York, Pa., Economics, Phi Kappa Psi, SPEC- TRUM. ALVIN C. SHEETZ, 3009 Salisbury Ave., Bal- timore, Md., Psychology, Kappa Delta Rho, VVWIGC, 3, SCA, 2, 3. MARTY HERMAN Choir Soloist . . . Wome11's Tribunal . . . Women's A.A. First Row: JOHN W. SHOOP, 117 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg, Pa., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. RAYMOND L. SHOTWELL, 1 South Main St., Lum- berton, N. J., Economics, Sigma Chi. WILLIAM A. SIMMONA, Wilson Place, Frederick, Md., Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, WWGC, 2, Fraternity Treasurer, 2, 3. RALPH SLOAN, JR., 742 16th St., Prospect Park, Pa., Economics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SPECTRUM, 3. Second Row: TODD M. SMITH, 1157 Agnes Ave., Johnstown, Pa., Biology. HENRY R. SNYDER, 817 North George St., York, Pa., Chemistry, Lambda Chi Alpha. DALE L. SODERBERG, 108 Wood St., Warren, Pa., English, Band, 3, SCA, 3, Gettysburg Christian Fel- lowship, 35 Pre-Ministerial Association, 3, Transfer from Grove City College. LEON P. SPANGLER, 455 Madison Ave., York, Pa., Economics, Transfer from Lebanon Valley College. Third Row: DWIGHT W. sPEAKER,'304 Barker Ave., sharon Hill, Pa., Economics, Phi Sigma Kappa, Football, 1, 2, 33 Track, 1, 2, 3, Outstanding Junior. ELIZABETH J. STETTLER, 40 East Chocolate St., Hershey, Pa., Economics, Phi Mu, SCA, 3, Gettys- burgian, SQ Transfer from Hershey Junior College. ALBERT C. STILES, 110 West 2nd St., Moorestown, N. J., Economics, Kappa Delta Rho, SCA, 35 Trans- fer from Virginia Military Institute. ALICE J. STOCK, R. D. 1, New Oxford, Pa., Chemistry, Owl and Nightingale, 2, SQ SCA, 2, SQ Sceptical Chymists, 2, 3. 62 Fourth Row: WILLIAM EDVVARD TRILLER, I24 Forest Ave., Pearl River, N. Y., Economics, Lambda Chi Alpha, Soccer, 2, 3, Football, 1, VVWGC Chief Announcer, 2, 3, Lambda Chi Alpha Social Chairman, 3. JOHN H. WAGNER, 295 Hudson Place, Hudson Heights, N. J., History, Phi Sigma Kappa, Choir, 1, 2, 3, Eta Sigma Phi, 2, 3, Pre-Ministerial Associa- tion, 2, 3, SCA, 2, 3. THOMAS EDVVARD WALTERSDORF, 20 Highland Ave., Hanover, Pa., Economics, Alpha Tau Omega, Spanish Club, 1, 2. First Row: JOHN STONESIFER, 30 Centennial Ave., Han- over, Pa., Physics, Track, 1, 2, 3. DONALD E. STOUDT, The Heights, VVerners- ville, Pa., Chemistry. JAMES M. STOUGHTON, Amherst, Mass., English, SCA, 3, Transfer from Boston Uni- versity. Second Row: JAMES W. SULLIVAN, 1129 North VVest 6th St., Miami, Fla., Mathematics, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Gettysburgian, 3, SPEC- TRUM, 3. HAROLD VV. TESNO, 730 Walnut St., Ashland, Pa., Mathematics, Transfer from Penn State. SHIRLEY JOAN THOMAS, 6531 Wheeler St., Philadelphia, Pa., French, Phi Mu, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Hockey, 1, 2, 3, Choir, 1, 2, Gettysbur- gian, 1, Sports Editor, 2, SPECTRUM, 2, Editor- in-Chief, 3, G-Book, 1, Phi Delta Epsilon, 2, 3, Phi Sigma Iota, 3, VVAA Board, 2, 3, Dean's List, 2, Pledge Director of Phi Mu, 3, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Outstanding Junior. Third Row: WILLIAM B. TIPTON, 356 York St., Gettys- burg, Pa., Economics, Band, 1, 2, Owl and Nightingale Club, 2, 3, VVVVGC, 3. PHYLLIS J. TITTLE, 3941 Rauch St., Harris- burg, Pa., French, Delta Gamma, WSG, 3, Women's Tribunal, 3, Owl and Nightingale Club, 1, 2, Le Cercle Francais, 3, VVVVGC, 2, Secretary of Delta Gamma, 3. RICHARD M. TITUS, Windemere Court, Wayne, Pa., Economics, Phi Sigma Kappa, WWGC, 2, Choir, 3, Owl and Nightingale Club, 1, Spanish Club, 3, Phi Sigma Iota, 3, SCA, 3, Le Cercle Francais, 3. DITIY JONES Outstanding Football Back . . , LARRY JOHNSON Gettysburgian . . . Spanish Club. Dorm Counselor . . football end First Row: CLEASTON F. WARNER, Spring Grove, Pa., Chem- istry, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Skeptical Chymists, 3, Transfer from Shippensburg State Teachers College. MARSHALL WELCH, JR., IOI Grampian Boule- vard, Williamsport, Pa., Chemistry, Sigma Chi, Men's Tribunal, 2, Gezftysburgian, 1, 2, Recreation Club, 1. LAVVRENCE E. WELKER, Lavelle, Pa., Biology, Sigma Chi, Band, 2, 3, WWGC, 3, Owl and Nightin- gale Club, 3, SCA, 3, Transfer from Penn. State Col- lege. ALTON WENTZEL, JR., 330 Mooreland Ave., Car- lisle, Pa., Economics, Phi Gamma Delta, Gettysbur- gian, IQ Swimming Manager, 2, 3, Booster Club, 2, 3. Second Row: ALFRED K. VVHITE, R. D. 3, Fleetwood, Pa., Eng- lish, Tau Kappa Epsilon, SCA, 2, 3, SPECTRUM Or- ganizations Editor, 2, 3, Mercury Circulation Manager, 1, 2, Associate Editor, 3, Phi Sigma Iota, 3, WWGC, IQ Soccer, 1, Spanish, 1, 2, 3, International Club, 3, Scabbard and Blade, 3, Rifle Team, 3. ROBERT B. WIEAND, II North Sth St., Emmaus, Pa., Economics, Phi Delta Theta, SCA, 1, 2, 3, Baseball Manager, 1, 2. ALBERT A. WITZ, IOI South Barrett Ave., Audubon, N. J., Economics, Kappa Delta Rho. RUSSELL J. YOCOM, 125 North Washington St., Gettysburg, Pa., Political Science, Track, 2, 3, Foot- ball, 1, 2, VVrestling, 1. ' Third Row: ' ROBERT M. YOST, 5143 Race St., Philadelphia, Pa., Mathematics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, WWGC, 2, 3, Assistant Dramatics Director, 2, Dramatics Director, 3, SPECTRUM, 2, 3, Organization Editor, 3, Gettysburgian, 2, 3, Mercury, 2, 3, Editorial Board, 3, G-Book, 2, Organizations Editor, Delta Phi Alpha, 3, Owl and Nightingale, 2, 3, SCA, 2, 3, Outing Club, 2, 3, Track, 2, Senate, 3, Outstanding Junior. DONALD G. YOUNG, Lemoyne, Pa., Physical Edu- cation, Phi Kappa Psi, Football, 1, 2, 3, Baseball, 1, 2, 3. EVA M. ZINNER, 6117 North Marshall St., Philadel- phia, Pa., Physics, Alpha Xi Delta, SCA, 2, 3, VVWGC, 2, 3, Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, Delta Phi Alpha, 3. 64 9ef'iQIiifi' i W x WW fs . - rv. -fs. Q- ws te' 5515.9-3 . , ' -lrz ."',-' i ,"' 2 ' "i"":',., ..' N 1' ".. 2 lf? vs N N -..1:,':-:i.::-: I Q 2.':-.'."-:':"-- - ' ' X ' . V X X X x,2s21's gs s xwws gsm, X ,X .XX Y X 4 x . .:,. . . EX.: Q, fi-5 NF N Q X X S ' wk X MANXX Q . N N Q Q RX N ' .msg-. . S 586 NN ff X- X -:rs-1 '-5, XL x X , .Q . ,S ,I Q - . - -52 X X X 52- N Y , . A Sh . XXX. Mlif Ss? x Q sw. NM ..,. X X -S Q, si Xl, 'M 3 R . 'f f X '-Q X' .-.-:-. ,Erik by X X '., K l Q V r Nm. hw gg K NNY Q X ,x 4 X www NN ., xi 'Q x EX xi xx 5 xx w Q " N Q N X w,, X E x, N. . 5. 3 - :- ' . -+z5'5:g5 :,9: ,. Q.. mum wwmm w 5 First Row: ROBERT H. ALDSTADT, 806 Somerset Ave., Wilidber, Pa. ROBERT C. ALTLAND, Seven Valley 1, Pa. EARL H. ALWINE, New Free- dom, Pa. RICHARD D. ARMOR, 174 Hen- derson Rd., Fairneld, Conn. CLAIRE ARMSTRONG, Hart St., Ramsey, N. J. KENNETH W. AUNGST, 76 N. 18zh Sr., Harrisburg, Pa. JOHN H. AUSTIN, 300 Bel Air Ave., Aberdeen, Md. Second Row: Third Row: RUTH I. BALLANTYNE, 304 MARIANNE BRACEY, 54 E. Edgehill Drive, Havertown, Pa. Middle St., Gettysburg, Pa. RICHARD LEWIS BARRICK, ARTHUR R. BRADLEY, 7 Bed- R. D. 1, Shermansdale, Pa. ford Pl., Fair Lawn, N. MARTIN M. BECKNET, 416 T. CHESTER, 1443 Astor St., Rarhron Rd., York, Pa. Norristown, Pa. MELVIN P. BIS1-IOP, 345 Powell RICHARD A. CADMUS, 712 Rd., Springfield, Pa. Standish Ave., Westfield, N. J. MARGARET H, BLANCHARD, PHYLLIS CESSNA, 40236 E. 122 Darlington Ave., Ramsey, N. J. John St., Bedford, Pa. ALBERT D. BOND, 127 W. WILLIAM K. CHAPMAN, Odes- Broad St., Paulsboro, N. J. sa, N. Y. JAMES F. BOYNTON, 1534 HENRY H. CHARLETON, 600 Cleveland Ave.,- Wyomissing, Pa. NVest Main St., Ernitsburg, Md. 66 Fourth Rofw: DALE Pa. E. CLARK, Bendersville, JOHN W. CLARK, 346 N. Main St., S. Deerfield, Mass. BETSI stone Ave., Upper Darby, Pa. WILLIAM F. COCI-IRANE, 231 W. Church Sr., Ligoner, Pa. CLEMENT, 1021 Key- NEEL I. COCKLEY, 14 Chesney Lane, Philadelphia, Pa. PHYLLIS A. COFFMAN, 441 S. Broad St., Waynesboro, Pa. ALICE K. DAVIES, Haymont, Route 35, Easton, Pa. First Rofw: JOSEPH S. DAY, 161 Main St., Souderton, Pa. SAMUEL DESIMONE, 563 Green- wich Avc., Paulsboro, N. ARTHUR DINGMAN, 265 Van Nostrand Ave., Englewood, N. J. DONALD ELLESWORTH, 6716 Collins Ave., Merchantville, N. ROBERT EMERY, 21 Abbott Pl., North Arlington, N. J. HOWARD FELTMAN, Davisville and Terwood Rd., Xvillow Grove, Pa. MILTON G. FORRY, JR., Dills- burg, Pa. Second Rofw: ANNE FOSTER, 501 Broadway, Westville, N. HAROLD N. FROCK, 331 Broad- way, Hanover, Pa. CAROL Y. FUHRO, 223 North St., Jersey City, N. J. DANIEL J. GEORGE, 426 Pleas- ant St., Minersville, Pa. RICHARD B. GIBSON, 6953 Limekiln Pike, Philadelphia, Pa. RUTH ANN GOFF, 2723 N. 5th St., Harrisburg, Pa. JOYCE J. GROSSER, 823 Main St., Lykens, Pa. Third Row: VIRGINIA HALL, Thomson Ave., Springfield, Pa. GEORGE T. HARE, 223 Reading Ave., Barrington, N. J. ELWOOD E. HAUVER, Smiths- burg, Pa. BARBARA A. HENDLEY, 402 Hollen Rd., Baltimore, Md. HERBERT HINMAN, 659 spring- field Ave., Summit, N, J. BARBARA HISLOP, 37 Arthur Ave., Lynbroolc, L, I. RICHARD L. HOLLER, R. D. 4, Mechanicsburg, Pa. Fourth Rofw: JOANN E, HUBER, 1510 Easton Ave., Bethlehem, Pa. SUSAN B. HUNSBERGER, Ninth Ave., Collegeville, Pa. WILLIAM C. IMHOFF, 113 Wynwood Rd., York, Pa. ROBERT N. JOHNSON, 31 In- diana Ave., Youngstown, Ohio. MARION M, JONES, 200 Wood- bine Ave., Narberth, Pa. NANCY KAHL, 6408 Sherwood Rd., Baltimore 12, Md. WILLIAM P. KEISER, Proctor Star Route, Williamsport, Pa. 5 5 First Rofw: WALTER KENNEDY, JR., 23 Lee Ave., Yonkers, N. Y. THOMAS KETTERMAN, 1617 N. George St., York, Pa. Lois A. KIPSEY, 112 DeLacy Ave., N. Plainfield, N. JANET S. KLOTER, I1 Harlow St., Rockville, Conn. GEORGE W. KNAPP, 604 Park Lane, Wyncote, Pa. JANET N. KNECHT, 134 E. Grand Ave., Tower City, Pa. HELEN KNUBEL, 43 Rockland Pl., New Rochelle, N. Y. Second Rofw: RICHARD S, KRISSINGER, 78 Tremont St., Hartford, Conn. TED LAZORISHAK, 9 E. St., Sharon, Pa. JANET M. LEIBFRIED, 1007 Quincy Ave., Scranton, Pa. PATRICIA D. LINGENFLETER, 520 Walton Ave., Altoona, Pa, SCOTT W. LIPPINCOTT, 106 Station Ave., Haddon Heights, N. J. CHARLOTTE LOEHLER, 698 Rollingwood Dr., Chevy Chase, Md. JOSEPH M. LOVE, Lonaconing, Md. Third Rofw: V EARL H. MARKEE, JR., 6933 Forest Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. HOWARD B. MAXWELL, Shirley Court D 204, Upper Darby, Pa. GLENN J. MEISENHELTER, 563 W. Philadelphia St., York, Pa. WILLIAM MENAH, JR., 125 High St., Woodbury, N. J, MARGUERITE MICKLEY, Cash- town, Pa. ELWOOD H. MILLER, 317 N. 2nd St., Lykens, Pa. ROBERT C. MITMAN, 100 Park Ave., Sellersville, Pa. Fourth Rofw: ALLAN B. PANNELL, 55 Mid- land Ave., Wortendyke, N. J. EDWIN N. PARTIKIAN, 6 Con- necticut Ave., Massapequa, N. Y. JAMES G. PERRY, 738 Belvidere Ave., Westfield, N, J. CHARLES A. PITTMAN, 15 S. 6th St., Perkasie, Pa. GEORGE N. PROCTOR, 44 Chest- nut Rd., Verona, N. J. M. JOANNE PURSEL, 123 North St., Harrisburg, Pa. FRED REIFSCHNEIDER, 22 Jef- ferson St., Garden City, L.I., N.Y. lfirst Rofw: EARL L. ROMESBERG, 1311 W. Market St., York, Pa. OOROTHY JANE ROMMEL, 315 Wellesley Rd., Philadelphia 19, Pa. GERALD E. ROYALS, 458 Reis Ave., W. Englewood, N. J. 1 ANTI SCALZI, 224 Greenwich t., Reading, Pa. MARILYN SCHAAD, zzz E. La- fayette St., Easton, Pa. RTHUR SCHILLER, JR., 214 . . Pearl St., Bridgeton, N. OBERT SCHOEN, 538 Sacamore d., Havertown, Pa. Second Rofw: ROBERT SCI-IW'EIZER, 1832 44th St., Merchantville, N. JAMES E. SCHWERING, JR., Parkhurst Apt. A8, Bethlehem, Pa. R. JANE SEITZINGER, W. Grand Ave., Tower City, Pa. ELAINE C. SERFASS, Palmerton, Pa. CYNTHIA LAUX SHEARER, 126 E, Durham St., Philadelphia, Pa. JAMES W. SHEEHAN, 155 W. 32nd St., Bayonne, N. J. JOANNE SLIFER, 26 Elm St., Milton, Pa. Third Rofw: GEORGE E. SMELTZ, 100 Han- over St., New Oxford, Pa. HUBERT C. SMITH, Dillsburg, Pa. GERALDINE L. SNAVELY, 403 W. Main St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. JACQUELYN M. SNEEDER, 19 S. 13th St., Harrisburg, Pa, LEE E. SNOOK, 494 W. Fourth St., Lewistown, Pa. LOWELL M. SOWERS, JR., 24 E, Main St., Lonaconing, Md. ROBERT L. STEPLER, Nelson Hall Apts., Chambersburg, Pa, 5 .-. Fourth Rofw: EDGAR B. STERRETT, 6011 Callowhill St., Philadelphia, Pa. FRANK L. STOLSITS, 1677 Pop- lar St., Northampton, Pa. HANS H. SUHL, 812 Beaver St., New York 5, N. Y. JACK K. SVITZER, 1866 Mur- ray St., Forty Fort, Pa. CHARLES A. SWAIN, 305 Jack- son St., Cape May, N. J. JAMES I. TARMAN, 124-5 E. South St., York, Pa. JOSEPH TEDESCHI, JR., 9 S. Willis Ave., Endicott, N. Y. First R01-w: THALIA S. TICHENOR, 453 Wyndham Rd., Teaneck, N. J. CHARLES G. TRUNDLE, 12 Rahway Rd., Millbum, N. J. RAMCN E. VELAQUEZ, Puerto Rico, South America. LEE E. XVELSH, McConnelsburg, Pa. WILLIAM J. WHITE, 133 W. Lincoln Ave., Gettysburg, Pa. FRANK L. WHITTAKER, Route 38 and Church Rd., Circle Mer- chantville, N. ROY A. WILLIAMS, 201 Schuy- ler St., Montour Falls, N. Y, M' 'T -4371"-.. 70 Second Rofw: BETTIE J. WOHLFARTH, 2331 Rudy Rd., Harrisburg, Pa. JOHN LANDIS YODER, 1734 Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. JOHN T. ZIEGLER, 1714 Wil- liams Way, Norristown, Pa. .1 . .4-ri I- I . , . f l ,- ' , -Q." 'Ufl , . Nix ' ,3lQf"f 'WA ,Q ' ,.'.':vaz2-' W .H 1 , 'WSE' f' 'bhlsxzl A-' '--mm. , ,- 'ef-ix, I N4nws..mfn W - " z -- , rf H "vin -' . 1 wg' 4.-.1 Ms g if Wtkv - -. ., . aff. 'of A r- 7515 3? f 9' . ,f ff . i', I ,IC ' 6 Q' F Nll,wll1Augi.K,xk- H .. -N.. First Rofw: BARBARA ANN AIERSTOCK, 1037 Woods Ave., Lancaster, Pa. RICHARD C, ALBER, 5326 Wakefield Ave. , Philadelphia 44, Pa. ROBERT ALENSON, 77 Oakland Rd., Maplewood, N. J. WALTER ARNDT, 129' E. Pal- mer Ave., Collingswood, N. J. ALEXANDER W. ASTIN, 5008 Battery Lane, Bethesda, Md. THEODORE F. AYERS, 65 Maple Ave., Morristown, N. J. NANCY A. BAKER, 35 E. Lin- coln Ave., Gettysburg, Pa. Second Rofw: RUSSELL E. BAMBERGER, JR., 103 Sylvan Ave., Norwood, Pa, DONALD W. BARON, 80-47 235 St., Belrose, N. Y. WALTER B, BASTOW, Willow Ave., Ambler, Pa. GLENN L. BAUGHMAN, 31 S. Main St., Dover, Pa. MARY ELLEN BELLES. 1864 E. Third St., Williamsport, Pa. JUNE C. BERGEN, 99 Meadow- brook Rd., Short Hill, N. JOAN E. BERGER, 134 N. Fair- view Ave., Upper Darby, Pa. Third Rofw: RAYMOND H. BIRKLE, 9948 211th Place, Queens Village, N. Y. WILLIAM T. BLACK, 797 Wayne Ave., Indiana, Pa. BERNARD I-I. BLANKENBILLER, 52 E. Wyomissing Ave., Mohn- ton, Pa. JANE L. BOWERS, R. D. 2, Littlestown, Pa. RONALD H. BOWERSOX, 550 Madison Ave., York, Pa. SHIRLEY BROCKMANN, 609 Hillside Ave., Elmhurst, Ill. LEE T. BROWN, 3850 Rodman St., N. W., XYl,3Sl11l1gEGl'l, D. C. Fourth Rofw: MARIAN ELIZABETH BRUDIN, 1739 E. 35th St., Baltimore, Md. FERN L. CARR, 140 Pendleton St., New Haven, Conn. RICHARD CARR, 404 Nassau Ave., Paulsboro, N. J. RUSSEL DONALD CHARLES, 2600 Woodlawn Ave., Har1'isburg, Pa. CHARLES E. CLOSE, 111 Bron- son Rd., Syracuse, N. Y. ROBERT D. COLLINS, 1111 S. 17th St., Harrisburg, Pa. EDWARD N. COOKE, 914 Clin- ton St., Philadelphia, Pa. First Row: CONSTANCE A. CRAMER, 3105 Yale Ave., Camp Hill, Pa, ARTHUR E. CREUTZBURG, 595 Wyndham Rd., Teaneck, N. J. CHESTER CREUTZBURG, 108 Waverley Sr., Jersey City, N. J. CAROL A. CROCK, 319 Valley Rd., Havertown, Pa. PAULINE A. DALE, 3174 N. 21st, Arlington, Va. JANE E. DEARDORFF, 153- Car- lisle St., Gettysburg, Pa. WILL A. DEISROTCH, 325 W. Diamond Ave., I-Iazelton, Pa. Second Ro-w: CHARLES DESOI, 4422 Peachin St., Philadelphia, Pa. ROBERT S. DETWILER, JR., 126 Waverly Rd., Wy'ncote, Pa. DIANA J. DUNCAN, 429 Baker Ave., Westfield, N. J. WILLIAM EARP, 1206 Lebanon Ave., Silver Spring, Md, WILLIAM N. ENGLEHART, 315 High St., Meyersdale, Pa. JOHN D. EVANS, 412 Pine St., Roselle, N. J. PIERCE EVANS, 235 Columbus Third Ro1w.' WILLIAM W. EWING, 1142 Bay Ave., Ocean City, N. J. DONALD FAUST, 1120 N. 16th St., Harrisburg, Pa. RICHARD R. FICHTEL, 913 AE. Upsal St., Philadelphia, Pa, HENRY FICK, 352 Blauvelt Rd., Pearl River, N. Y. BRIAR H. FITZPATRICK, 28 South St., Red Bank, N. J. JOHN FLOOD, 5906 Cedar Park- way, Chevy Chase, Md. ANN FOOSE, 2002 Mulberry St., Ave., Hasbrouck Heights, N. Harrisburg, Pa. Fourth Rofw: NEVIN J. TRONT, R. D. 1, Fel- ton, Pa. ROBERT L, FRY, Route 3, New- ville, Pa. JOHN F. FUNK, 476 Madison Ave., York, Pa. EUGENE GARDNER, 915 W. Washington Ave., Havertown, Pa. IRA L. GEISELMAN, 229 W. Chestnut St., Hanover, Pa. GEORGE H. GENSEMER, 87 Knapp Ave., Bloomsburg, Pa. DONALD R. GLOTFELTY, Ac- cident, Md. F irst Rofw: JOSEPH GOTTSHALK, 1345 De Kalb St., Norristown, Pa, EDWARD A. GRANT, 168 Frank- lin Ave., Pearl River, N. Y. HENRY MILTON GREYBILL, 3132 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa. WILLIAM J. GUSS, R, D. 6, Greensburg, Pa. KENNETH W. HAGY, 113 Washington Ave., Haverstown, Pa. HARRY F. HAMER, JR., 548 Broadview Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. DAVID I-IAMME, R. D. 9, York, Pa. Second Rofw: JAMES W. HAMMOND, R. D. 3 , Bradford, Pa. ROBERT G. HANNA, 38 S. 2nd Ave., Lititz, Pa. ROBERT R, HARRIS, 118 Union St., Moorestown, N, MARY HARSCH, 104 Llandaff Rd., Havertown, Pa. LORRAINE HARTMAN, Route 3, Gettysburg, Pa. JOHN J. HENDERSON. P. O. Box 127, Gettysburg, Pa. ELSA M. HENNIG, 153 Linden Ave., Dumont, N. J. Third Rofw: JAMES HERBST, 1060 Grandview Rd. , York, Pa. ALAN HERSHBERGER, 301 Wat- son St., Bedford, Pa. JOSEPH B. HESS, 36 Market St., Lititz, Pa. WHEELER 1-1, HESS, Noxem, Pa. GLADYS L. Hicks, 547 E. Washington St., Chambersburg, Pa. HENRY HOFF, We11:.ville, Pa. ROBERT E. I-IOTTLE, R. D. 1, Littlestown. Pa. Fourth Rofw: WILLIAM K. HOUSEHOLDER, 827 Florida Ave., York, Pa. JAMES HENNESBERGER, 129 Ridge Ave., Waynesboro, Pa. RICHARD JENNISON, 220 Frand Ave., Freeport, N. Y. JEFF W. KEALEY, 150 Frothing- han Ave., Jeannette, Pa. PAT A. KEENER, Lampetcr, Pa. RICHARD M. KEISER, 135 South 15th St., Camp Hill, Pa. DOROTHY KELLOW, Hackett Ave. , Easton, Pa. First Rofw: RICHARD J. KENYON, 394 Warwick Ave., W. Englewood, N.J. GLENN W. KINSEY, 1518 N. 14th St., Reading, Pa. DONALD R. KLINGLER, 211 Lyndhurst Rd., York. Pa, RALPH J. KNOLL, JR., 317 S. Scott Ave., GlenOlden, Pa. ALLAN R. KNUDSEN, 357 Staf- ford Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. JAMES KRETSCHMANN, 39 Irv- ing Place, Lynbrook, N. Y. W. ROBERT KURZ, 534 Fair- fax Rd., Drexel Hill, Pa. Scrond Rofw: GEORGE XV. LAROSA, JR., 6265 60th Drive, Maspeth, L. I., N. Y. RICHARD F. LEISMAN, 100'1 N. 16th St., Harrisburg, Pa. P1-IYLLIS L. LIDOFF, 3629 Ever- ett St., Washington, D. C. RICHARD E. LIPPERT, 1930 Gwynn Oak Ave., Baltimore, Md. RICHARD A. LITTLE, JR., Ma- ple Ave., Littlestown, Pa. BREWSTER LOCKE, 4630 Green- place, Washington, D. C. JOHN W. LOOMIS, 511 Moore St., Millersburg, Pa, Third Rocw: GENEVIEVE MARIE LOTZ, S. Main St., Zelienople, Pa. WILLIAM T. LOWE, Shrewsbury, Pa. MARGARET M. LUEBBE, 1073 Franklin St., Johnstown, Pa, HENRY LUHRS, 25 S. Penn St., Shippensburg, Pa. JACK E. LUNDSTEDT, 407 Main St., Riverton, N. J. JAMES MacDONALD, 170 Penn- sylvania Ave., Westminster, Md. ELEANOR M. MANGELS, 41-22 Sr., Little Neck, N. Y. Fourfh Rofw: RoBERT T. MANLEY, 2109 Green St., Harrisburg, Pa. ALFRED R. MARCKS, 114-37 178th Place St., Albans 12, N. Y. WILLIAM MARKLEY, Myer-sville, Md. BRYAN T. MASON, 1025 Park- view Ave., New Kensington, Pa. BETTY CHLOE MCCOMBS, 1107 Charles St., Kannapolis, N. C. HARRY L. MERTZ, 1710 M. St., Northeast, Washington, D. C. WILLIAM E, MILES, JR., 244 Kent Rd., Upper Darby, Pa. SSM s xx Nx X X xXx Q x First Rofw: ARTHUR S. MILLER, 74 South- side Ave., Freeport, N, Y. MARILYN A. MOSER, soo Edge- wood Ave., West Englewood, NJ. WAYNE W. MOSHIER, 345 Dia- mond Bridge Ave., Hawthorne, N.J. CHARLES G. MUDGE, 769 Kim- ble Ave., Westfield, N. WILLIAM MUMMERT, North Main St., Dover, Pa, HELEN E. MYERS, 141 Seminary Ave., Gettysburg, Pa. DOREEN NAGAO, 209 Mauna Loa St., Hilo, Hawaii. wwvv--Q-1-s is XX N XX X XX Q Y Rx Second Rofw: EDWIN BRUCE NAYLOR, 76 Bates St., N.W., Washington, D.C. SONIA M. NEWLYN, 2 Bartol Ave., Rioley Park, Pa. CHARLES R. NICHOLAS, 354 Church Rd., Elkins Park, Pa. JACK E. NIGHTINGALE, 69 Harvard St., Garden City, N, MASATOSHI OGASAWARA, 143 Nishiura, Nagamachi, Sendai City, Japan GEORGIA M. OSWALD, 1409 Penn Ave., Scranton, Pa. CARL H. OTLEY, Bohemia, Earle- ville, Md. Third Rofw: BETSY PAUL, 507 Wynne Ave., Havertown, Pa. ROBERT PEELING, 524 Pine St., Roselle, N. J. PETER W. PLITT, 1107 W. Pop- lar St., York, Pa. HUBERT K. POOLE, 1014 Perm- sylvania Ave., Hagerstown, Md. JOHN F. PROBST, 698 Gladstone Ave., Baltimore, Md. RICHARD REBENSTINE, 23 East Middle St., Hanover, Pa. RAY R. REIDER, 315 Pine St., Middletown, Pa. Fourth Rofw: DALE A. REIGHARD, 444, S. Richard St., Bedford, Pa. RICHARD RIEFLER, 318 10th St., Honesdale, Pa. MARION E. ROBARDS, 2423 Wynnefield Dr., Havertown, Pa. ELEANOR RODGERS, Pennsyl- vania Ave., Zelienople, Pa. CHARLOTTE ROGERS, 452 W. Middle St., Gettysburg, Pa. LOUIS V. ROGERS, 409- Shipley Rd., Wilmington, Dela. CARROLL G, ROHRBAUGH, New Freedom, Pa. First Rofw: ALEX T. ROWLAND, 108 Spring St., Kingston, N. Y. CHARLES SANDERS, Abborrs- town, Pa. GERALD B. SANDERS, 6 Pen Mar St., Waynesboro, Pa. HELEN L. SAUL, 109 E. High St., Carlisle, Pa. DONALD F. SAUSE, R. D. 2, Hanover, Pa. WILLIAM F. SCHAFER, R. D. 1, New Kensington, Pa. FREDERICK J. SCHMITT, 7 E. Woodbine St., Chevy Chase, Md. Sccond Rofw: VVALTER SCHUMANN, P, O. Box 112, Downingtown, Pa. DONALD SLATER SCHWARTZ, 60 High St., Pine Grove, Pa. MARIE L. SEEBADE, 41-46 248th St., Little Neck, N. Y. FREDERICK SEGNER, 205 Jan- ice Drive, Pittsburgh 21, Pa. ROBERT SEIBEL, R. D. 1, West- minster, Md. SIGMUND L. SEIGEL, Box 106 N, Radcliffe St., Bristol, Pa. DOROTHY ANN SENFT, 196 Woodbine Ave., Narberth, Pa. 76 Third Rofw: MELVIN G. SHAFFER, New Freedom, Pa. PHYLLIS SHEARER, 220 S. 17th St., Camp Hill, Pa. FRITZ SHENK, 1233 Garfield Ave., Wyomissing, Pa. WILLIAM SIEGART, 1324 Perry St., Reading, Pa. ARLINE SLIFER, 902 16th Ave., Altoona, Pa. JEAN C. SLOOP, 530 Bridge St., New Cumberland, Pa. BARBARA SLOTHOWER, 319 Woodbine St., Harrisburg, Pa. Fourth Rofw: GLENWOOD T. SOLOMON, 2 Chestnut Lane, Middletown, Pa, SHELDON C. ST. CLAIR, 53 Chestnut Road, Verona, N. EDWARD F, STAUDERMAN, 321 Collins Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y. JOSEPH STEVENSON, 22 Ninth Ave., Haddon Heights, N. J. ALBERT MILLER STOCK, 33 N. Queen St., Littlestown, Pa. WILLIAM STORCH, R. D. 1, Hem-yville, Pa, JEANNE D. SWINDELLS, 149 Prospect Place, Pearl River, N. Y. First Rofw: ROSE MARIE SWISHER, 131 Buford Ave., Gettysburg, Pa. BRADLEY TAYLOR, 120 Forrest Ave., Ambler, Pa. JAMES THOMAS, 736 E. Mar- ket St., Donville, Pa. SUSAN THOMAS, 1690 Seaton St., Pittsburgh 26, Pa. PHYLLIS G. TRUCHSES, 217 W. Louther St., Carlisle, Pa. JAMES L. ULRICH, Mifiienville, Pa. RUTH ANNE VOWINKEL, 206 Champa St., Pittsburgh, Pa, Second Rofw: JEANNE F. WALTEMYER, 251 Springs Ave., Gettysburg, Pa, ALAN WASHBURN, 646 Cole- man Place, Westfield, N. GLENN ROBERT WEILAND, 163 Carlisle St., Gettysburg, Pa. NANCY L. WERTMAN, 98 Ha- zel St., Delano, Pa. JAMES B. WHARTON, 207 Hutchinson Ave., Haddonfield, N. J. NANCY B. WIEAND, 18 N. Sth St., Emmaus, Pa. ROBERT WIGTON, 104 Newberg Ave., Catonsville, Md. Third Rofw: JACK WILLEY, 154 Clyde Ave., Baltimore 27, Md. HARRY DANIEL WILLIAMS, 906 N. 16th St., Harrisburg, Pa. RICHARD T. WILLIAMS, 132 Hopkins Ave., Haddonfield, N. JACK L. WILMOT, 292 W. 2nd St., Moorestown, N. PETER WILSHUSEN. 33 Lafay- ette Drive, Portchester, N. J. DAVID A. WOODCOCK, 156 Plumstead Ave., Landsdown, Pa. UHHANIZATIUNS 1 . Nix ..,N.. G., , X aw Q, Q -1 S. N was-Sasha-IN.. w X --:Q.-:::.:.-f- xx X X x X SX X X NX si? NN x ,RQ XR X Y N .SRX 1 ' neg X. gm, x xx X - 1 1 ,.,. r J. X :sac -2. Af SYN Q ,NS XL? . X .XXX X. V.V..V. . xx xas1e2Sr5?iE-NEA. we H X ' Q SX X QS X X Xl WSW X Q ma:-:s:si Y , Q wiv N x f NN ,NA .Qs .xXx SX. x XM. ix, .. QE' ?EPygi59:s . x y -:::5 :.:, , .x X I , yy: f 1 'gfi.,,. :gmff ' ,ff ,G W - WNW, 5 ia X V , ' 1,1 ' , 1 X X .f , 'ffwf Y, ff Qfzffffazwy "4 ' V .1 2 7225, "" , ,. A f, , '44, f f f ,ffy ,wg ,y N V, ,I 41,',f! ...A.. W ,, V f,4V I FEEL AhA,A I, ,vvi , ..:,, . ' L f ,jg f 'rjz-'H 'Cf , , V "' f- V , - u , I 3 , ff vflfzgg, V , v fa ,mfw W , 0 I ,. Wifi ' ,, , -.W,,,,,,M,,,,,,m,v, f ' - 'I f ,... , If 33' 44 4, , ff 7337? 'f217?',:.wi:-2.50 759121. ,. ' W , 0 gf'122fiq,gyf1z H . '- ,Mufff,,mcf'f11iif:-' .jf???2L6ffu, W fwfg' 2 , J 7644125 ,gfj f , N, , Af f Wgfw, ,A f. 4 , V , , . ,.. . W"s:pEli1.f1ffeim -xg -, ,fffW1'f2f2."-ff-Z2 Q ' W ' ,WW ' , W , X A ,Q S S xy THE Published traditionally by the members of the junior class of Gettysburg College, the SPEcT1zU'M marks another milestone in its his- tory of reporting outstanding events on the campus throughout the school year, and of recording the many deeds of the students who pass their four years at this institution leaving a more tangibie impression of their accomp- lishments here by recording them in the SPEC- TRUM. Scenes of the Gettysburg battlefield mark the theme of this issue, and the panoramic view of events, o-rganizations, individuals, and other activities are built around this theme. This is- sue differs from earlier ones, in that individual photographs of all students, irrespective of their LITTLE CHIEF THOMAS. class, have been printed. The SPECTRUM is a member of the Associated Collegiate Press Con- ference. In the annual campus elections Shirley Thom- as was elected editor-in-chief and Anthony Costanzo received the business manager posi- tion, with Willis Long as his assistant. Parker BUSINESS STAFF First Row, left to right: DeMoch, Tittle, Costanzo, Sowers, Wohlfarth, Melhom. Second Row: Tichevor, Aierstock, Love, Keiser, Bcckner, Ballantyne, Long, Lippincott. lll5I SPEUTH VI l Business is this Cookie's business. Parker pickin' pictures. Legal copyist. Peterman was appointed pictures editor, John Larsen re- ceived the copy editorship, and Paul Lower is handling the circulation of the book. Subordinate positions on the edi- torial staff are held by Lynn Leibfried, featursg Jim Soden, Bill Rock and Claire Armstrong, fraternities and sororitiesg and Bob Yost and A1 White, organizations. Bud Green handled sports. . EDITORIAL STAFF First Row, left to right: Serfass, Wohlfarth, Larsen fcopy editorl, Thomas feditorl, Peterrnan Qpicture editorl, Leibfriecl, Jones, Aurand. Secondi Row: Dinger, Rom- mel, Callard, Pursel, Kloter, Kipsey, Handley, Huber, Green. Third Row: Segner, Etshied, Mulvihill, Ketterman, Brinton, Sloan, Beckner, Bradley. Two heads are better than 0119 in l7llSll19SS I Last year for the third successive time and the seventh time in its history, the Gettysburgiem was given an All-American rating by the Associated College Press. But this merely underlined a fact that everyone on the campus already knew-Gettysburg College has a truly superior newspaper and the students who make it what it is can be proud. Editor-in-Chief, Bill Snyder First Row, left to right: Jones, Green, Aurand, Schlack, Snyder, Warthen advisor? Lindquist, Fortenbaugh, Milner, Greenawald. Second Row: King, Hankins, Shoemaker, Mickley, Callard, irker, chantz, Srettler, Serfass, Smith. Third Row: Rommel, Kerstetter, Moser, Waltemyer, Leibfried, Handley, Peery, Duncan, Berger, Newlyn, Deardorff. Fourth Row: Yost, Partikian, Larsen, Lippert, Fickes, Strang. EDITORIAL STAFF ic s BUSINESS STAFF First Row, left to right: Aierstock, DeMoch, QBusi.uess Managerj, Hoke fAssociate Business Paul, Crock, Wieand, Tichenor, Swisher, Sulli- van, Long fAdvertising Managerj, Richter QCir- flulation Managerl, Wohlfarth, Snavely. Second ow: Third Row: Sowers, Fausold, Lowe, Keiser, Clark, Thomas, Fishburn. Every Wednesday night, Bill Snyder, Editor-in-Chief, and his staif assemble in their office in Weidensall Hall and put the paper together. And every Thursday, Ed Richter and his staff see that the paper is circulated to all parts of the campus. The circulation staff is also responsible for seeing that hun- dreds of copies are mailed, every week, to alumni and parents. The Teds, Schlaclc and Linquist, are respectively Managing and Associate Editors. Ruthe Fortenbaugh assembles and edits all of the features. Maude Aurand handles the news, and Bud Green and Johnny Miller share the sports. Don A Mags Bean around. MacBean is business manager and Ted, the galley slave. Willis Long gets the advertisements. Besides the news, the Gettysburgian features apt editorials, columns of belle lettres, records of all var- sity and intramural sports events, a calendar of all Weekly events, including church notices and a schedule of WWGC programs. All the information for these is rounded up and written by reporters who do a hard job well with little glory. Sportin' with the news editor. Ted likes this work. Let's be literary. ns .- i1 ssvm wmqng, 1 First Row, left to right: Dixon Qbusiness managerj, Armstrong fcirculation managerj, Dr. Warthen fadvisorl, Grigsby feditorl, Foulkrod fliterary eclitorl, Yost fassistant editorj. Second Row: Titus, Cromer, Aldsradt, Fortenbaugh, A. XVhite, YV. White. ERCURY The Jlfercury, a magazine published entirely by the students of Gettysburg College, had its silver jubilee during the past year. Organized in 1899 for the purpose of developing creative writing and encouraging literary effort on the part of students, the magazine has made considerable progress in content, make- up, and range of material since then. Especially during the past year has this progress been noticeable when, under the editorship of Gordon Grigsby, a critics' column was introduced, for the purpose of reviewing current theatre productions, books, music, and art. Grigsby is ably assisted on the editorial board by A1 Wllite and Bob Yost, assistant editors. Barbara Foulkrod directs the i art staff, Chet Bright supervises the soliciting of advertisers, Don Dixon is business manager, and Claire Armstrong is cir- culation manager. l l Grigsby and Barbara busy at work. 84 First Row, left to right: Prof. McCarney faclvisorl, Ewalclsen, Richter faclvertising managerl, For-tenbaugh fmanaging editorl, Schlack feditorl, Jones fmanaging editorl, Shoemaker, Knubel, Hendley, Callard. Second Row: Yost, Sneecler, Leibfried, Titus, Ortel, Fausold, Kirker, Rock, Kloter, Duncan, Berger, Swisher. - B The G-Book contains all the information about everything on the Gettysburg campus that anyone should want to know. Specifically it is for freshmen who are unfamiliar with Gettys- burg, but upperclassmen also find that an up-to-date G-Book is any exceedingly valuable item. This is because this little pocket sized edition, in an informal manner, tells the freshman how to stay on the right side of tribunal and how to get accustomed to the new life. Then, too, a complete sports and social calen- dar of the school year is included along with a list of fraterni- ties and sororities, and organizations with their functions and purposes on campus. In the back of the book, one can find all the rules that govern the student here at Gettysburg. Last year the book was edited by Ted Schlackg the managing editors were Marion Jones and Ruthe Fortenbaughg Ralph Weavei' handled the business and Ed Richter, the advertising. Larry King and Jim Koch took the pictures. The whole affair was supervised by Chaplain MCCarney. 85 Schlack finds his work amusing 1 9 KJ f f V . t X E. , ,Q X E l CQ i ' . FQ! YE ' I if rl: 'f , 5' I I K. ,ff ,if ' fi' W TI-IE OWL AN N IGHTIN GALE Owl and Nightingale is the acting club of the college, The members patiently await their call from the man who produces and directs the plays, Dr. Richard A. Arms. Professor Ziegler handles everything technical and Fred Pfeffer takes charge of all the makeup. The first play of the year was "First Lady," a comedy by Katherine Dayton and George S. Kaufman, The play centers about the feud between two Washington hostesses who bar no holds to become First Lady in the social scene. On the spring agenda were an English translation of Goethe's brilliant masterpiece, Faust, arranged for modern staging, and a translation of a Spanish play by Professor Franco. With the new constitution in effect, making entrance requirements a-We ,. . 1 i , 1 X , .kv lighter, there was an increase in the membership of Owl and Nightingale 1 v -N , .city . . . . . i JW!" the past year. Don Simonton served as president, Lil Mickley, vice- l V 'I ,Q ict-. -,G ll 4 I W ffm . Wffi b f W . lgfbqf' Nag- J First Row, left to right: Stock, Herman, Combs, Mickley Qvice presidentl, Kerstetter, Shoemaker. Second Row:, 1 If 'VFR' I-Ioenniger, Titus, Gillespie, Hankins, Scherch fsrage mzmagerj, Yost. i 2 925' 0 Gig, 7 S A : T55 1 , 92 an -5 L f YFN. 4 N l f - s + 9 +A i f N C E ' f 'N x Q Q 4 '5 'Nr y' 5 5 , 7 J K . X A - i 1' ,wwe eeee LLL L, , ,I I 'Ig , iii ll! X x We ll 'lu T XX K 1 N D 1 x at V , xt X . s ,1 X XXX 4 X 2 presidentg and Fred Hoenniger, secretary- treasurer. Jack Scherch was stage manager. At the meetings on the second Wednesday of each month short skits or instruction periods on stage techniques are presented. The actors also takepart in dramas for the SCA and regularly Work on the weekly drama shows at the radio station. Prof. Simonton The Play's the thing. Cast of FIRST LADY Lucy Chase Wayne ..... .... L ILLIAN MICKLEY Stephen Wayne .... .... D ON SIMONTON Irene Hibbard ...... ............ H ELEN SAUL Carter Hibbard .......... ...SEBASTIAN HAFER Bill Johnson........................SBNA1'oR KEANE Others in the Cast Liz Ann Lott Barbara I-Iislop Donald Charles Ann Fellenbaum Josie Stuart James Stoughton Pat Keener - Dick Titus Bud Nugent Cast of JOHN LOVES MARY John ..... . . .FRED HOENNIGER The Senator. . . . . . Mary .... ..... L ots KERSTEWER The General .... Fred ..... . . .HENRY GRAYBILL Lili ......... . . . Mama ..... ........... G LORIA ECKER 0'Leary ......... Waiter.................. ..... Rosswr DAY Gordon jones Bob Yost Lois Kerstetter .. . .RICHARD RICE ....SEBAS'I'IAN HAFER .LXL MICKLEY . ...DWIGHT YOUNG : .. , , Nw . My-X .XX -wvzx V x - X. X . ' N -X -wwxw-1' Qwww -k:---my .'., x 1.1:-:QQ-xrw.--wzz iz- -1:--':.x:w?v.,1v-+1ff,Q-mx-'..::-v::..,. Av-.- An outstanding organization, the college band has done much in adding enthusiasm as well as color to the football games this year, both home and away. Under the direction of Mr. Paul A. Harner the marching band has completed a commendable year of entertainment. Among such entertainment projects were the pre-game and half-time formations at foot- ball games, credited to the ingenuity of drum major Fred Mahan. The concert band under the baton of Mr. Harner and student director Dick Kendall looks forward to another successful year. Three times a week the con- cert band assembles in the chapel for several hours i Margy Struts First Row: Flaherty, Geiman, Miller, Mickley, Davis, Ott, Plank, Stiles, Ziegler, Costanzo. Second Row: Kendall fstudent clirectorj, Ansel, Naylor, Martz, Shanebrook, Belles, Blanchard, Bowers, Dickey, Clouser, Stambaugh, Mahan, Hamer fdirectorj. Third Row: Singer, Forty, Reighard, Welker, Blymire, Rohrbaugh, l-lenneberger, Thomas, Seibel, Guss, Baughman, Peel- ing, Sowers. Fourth Row: Schwering, Smeltz, Andrews, Mutch, Bushey, Taylor, McNulty, Fosnocht, Fausold, Sanders, Longacre. of practice. It is expected that this line organization shall in the near future plan a concert tour during the spring. Right: No, he doesn't play them allg he's the leader of the band. First Row, left to right: Wei and, Schantz, Mickley, Saul, J. Miller ftreasurerl Bley fpresidentj, Dinger fsecretaryj, Brinkman, Wharton, Kutz. gecond Row: Yost, Juditzl Eisenhart, Seiders, Hlumphreys, Grigsby, Richter, Hallway, OFFICERS Schantz, messenger, Brinkman, corresponding secretaryg Miller, treasurer, Dinger, secre- taryg Bley, president. Sterrett. A, The Senate is the student represented governing body on campus. It is composed of four faculty members and one stu- dent from each of the seventeen living groups on the campus. Organized to provide equal representation to all students in de- termining campus policy, the Senate backs the Booster Club, supervises freshmen customs and the function of the men's tri- bunal, and advises the administration of the college on student opinion, This year an investigation was conducted to discover an improved means of electing campus ollicers fairly, a Saturday night canteen was sponsored, new uniforms were 'gotten for the cheerleaders, and several changes were proposed to the college over discrepancies in the curriculum. . The officers of the Senate are Bob Bley, president, Jack Loose, vice-president, John Mille1', treasurer, Ruth Brinkman, corresponding secretaryg and Betty Lou Dinger, recording sec- retary. Professor Fryling is parliamentarian. 90' The governing body of G-Burgmisses is the Women's Student Council.. Two members are elected from each ll. class by the girls and the council is responsible to them at the monthly meeting of the coeds in the Science Ha L 't d disci linar action against campus women fall under the jurisdiction of this group. This year's ate permi s an p y Witches Ball CThe Women's Dorm Dancel was held under the auspices of the Women's Student Council which also has complete charge of the May Day programs during which the May Queen is crowned. The principals of this group are: Liz Lott, presidentg Mary Alice Hartranft, vice-presidentg and Gerry Snavely, secretary-treas- Ul'CI'. , A., ,... ..,.,. - ni OMEN'S r X 5 Q 1 Q 2 3 E Y Q 3 S S Q 3 S S Q S 2 COUNCIL X t s s s S Q X s 4 FIRST ROW, left to right: Slifer, Hartranft fvice-presidentj , Lott fpresidentl, Snavely fsecretarymreas- urerl, Tittle. SECOND ROW: Ewaldson, Din- ger, Decker. S S Q N E E E Q m S s E 3 Q 3 s S FIRST Row, left to fight: Arm. strong, Tittle, Saul, Rommel, Hart' 3 ranft fpresidentl , Scrfass. S 5 M N'S TRIBUNAL W.- The court of the Women's Tribunal holds the ax over the violators of VVomen's Freshman Customs during the traditional period from mid-September until November. Pity the poor frosh coeds who must appear before this com- mittee during the regular Weekly meetings. Varied and hilarious are the results of these gatherings. The vice-president of the Women's Student Council is traditionally the president of the VVomen,s Tribunal. Then she in turn appoints one member from the senior class, two from the juniors, and three from the sophomores. Mary Alice Hartranft is the guiding hand of this group. 91 This group of Ogres, ruled by Bob Schoen, president, Johnny Clark, vice-president, and Gene Coder, secretary, keeps the freshmen in line during the annual period of customs throughout October and November. Regulations for freshmen include wearing a dink, black tie, black socks and a nameplate, carrying a G-Book, knowing Gettysburg songs and cheers, and greeting everyone on the campus with a cheery "Hello." VVoe to the poor frosli who must attend its VVednesday night "inquisition" for his trial. And greater pity for the one found guilty at said affair, as he must attend and take part in the "Roman Holiday" for the amusement of upper classmen on the following Friday evening. f N'S TRIBUNAL FIRST ROW, left to right: Davis, E. Miller, Schwering, Schoen fpres- identl, Clark fvice-presidentj, Brad- ley, Romesberg. FIRST ROW, left to right: Arm- strong, Paul, Swindells, Rodgers Fortenbaugh, Ballantyne, Hankins., SECOND ROW: Aungst, Franco Smith, Gotwald, Hoke ftreasurerj Moreland fpresidentj, Teran, Hauss- man, Morgan, Dr. Shaffer fadvisorl. THIRD ROW: A. 'XVhite, Max- well, Lotz, Kauffman, Schantz, Rich- ter, Craley, Strang, Allan, Rommel Yoder, Candioto, Suhl. 2 3 2 FOURTH ROW: Peterman, Mo- shier, Jones, Gillespie, Smith, Bir- kel, Hammann. I TER- TIO e eee G CLUB Organized for the purpose of developing student interest in international affairs, the International Club, with its numerous committees promoting world peace and harmony amongst nations, meets monthly. Each year this club formulates a model United Nations, including the Security Council, General Assembly, etc., and discusses a par- ticular problem that then confronts the United Nations at Lake Success. In the spring the club plans a trip to the - headquarters ofthe United Nations, which will be attended by the several committee heads, in order to obtain in- formation for campus activities in international affairs. Cal Moreland is president of the organization. 92 Alpha Kappa Alpha is the national honorary philosophy fraternity at Gettysburg College. The admission require- ments include six hours in advanced philosophy plus four hours in philosophy or related subjects. The Gamma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha is advised by Dr. Norman E. Richardson and Dr. Sheldon C. Ackley. Monthly there are open meetings at which a member of the faculty or student body may speak or lead a discussion on some branch of philosophy. Also, guest speakers are regularly scheduled and philosophy groups from other col- leges come to Gettysburg to discuss their philosophies. Don Simonton is the president of these associated thinkers. ALPHA PPAl i ALPHA FIRST ROW, left to tight: Leis- ter, Lindquist, Kem. SECOND ROW: Prof. Stuart, Dr. Ackley, Dr. Richardson fadvisorsl. FIRST ROW: Granville Miller, Sankey, Dietrich, Parlett, Col, Ped- dy, Capt. Crone, Plastino, Bley, Little, Craley, I-Ieindel, Hallway. SECOND ROW: Aspen, Kennedy, Rogers, Holman, Heaps, lVlcBean, Reynolds, Ellis, Shearer, Woods, Peery, Simon. THIRD ROW: Manganero. Gil- bert, Williams, Trundle, Snyder, Lieknecht, Sullivan, Landis, Trieski, Glissman, Landis. NOLD SOCIETY me teree e In the fall of this past year a chapter of the national honorary society for air R.O.T.C. was formed on the campus. This organization is known as the Arnold Society of Air Cadets in honor of Gen. H. H. Arnold and was formed during the latter part of 1947. The group has guest speakers during the year to further the members' knowledge of the Air Force. Plans are underway to organize a trick drill team. Arnold Society officers are Paul Plastino, Commander, Robert Bley, Executive Oliicerg Robert Little, Operations OH'icerg Henry Parlett, secretary-treasurerg and Lay Dietrick, Adjutant Recorder. Lt. Col. Thomas E. Peddy and Capt. Douglas A. Crone are chapter advisors. 93 Beta Beta Beta is the national honorary fraternity for biology majors and students with a special and contrib- utive interest in biology. Members must have at least twelve hours of biology in which they have maintained a con- sistently high average. Then, after they have given their pledge talks, the neophytes are accepted into the fold oi Beta Beta Beta. Even with these stringent membership requirements, the number of actlves and honorary members remains quite large. John Davis is president of the fraternity. Bill Canouse is vice-president and Dave Woodruff acts as treasurer. The Gettysburg Rho chapter is advised by Dr. Earl Bowen. IBET BET BET FIRST ROW, left to right: Shane- brook, Gilbert, -Nebinger, Gaiman, Ziegler. SECOND ROW: Dr. Bowen fad- visori, Outland, Canouse fvice- presidentl , Davis fpresidentl , Woodruff fsecretaryj, Mackey. THIRD ROW: Pebley, Jones. Ayres, Dvorsky, Gilligan, Kase, Al- bright, McMorris, Meaden. FOURTH ROW: Barthels, Eisen- hart. Strausbaugh, Diehl, Gladfelter, Clouser, Allshouse, Nlorgenfruh. FIRST ROW, left to right: Wood- ruff, Reese, Suhl, Schlegelrrtilch, Dr. Langerhans fadvisorj. SECOND ROW: Strang, Morgan, Schantz, Kase, Faust, Bley, Mor- genfruh, Shoemaker, Serfass, DELTA PHI ALPHA To promote the knowledge of German culture on the campus and to enable interested students with ability to learn and help to apply their knowledge of German, der Deutsche Verein was established at Gettysburg College in 1836. Then in 1930, the group went national to join Delta Phi Alpha. This year, under the presidency of Ted Schlack and the advisory of Dr. Langerhans, the society is meeting its objectives with great success. The executive posts are filled out by Hans Suhl, vice-president, Marion Jones, secretary, and Al Reese, treasurer. Last fall a Goethe Jahr Week was held at the college with Dr. Heinrich Meyer as guest speaker. And a bi- weekly radio program, Deutschland Echo, is produced. These, in addition to the monthly meetings, much aid the formation of our liberal arts tradition here at Gettysburg. 94 Eta Sigma Phi is an honorary fraternity for outstanding students of classic literature, chiefly Latin and Greek literature. At monthly meetings discussions are held in which critical interpretations are given by the members and faculty of Greek and Latin tragedies, comedies, and the great prose writings, including such renowned writings as those of Sophocles, Aristophanes, Thucydides, Plautus, Terence, and Seneca. Papers written by the students on classic literature are read regularly. Ted Lindquist is president of the fraternity, with Lou Hammann as vice-presi- dent, Ruthe Fortenbaugh as secretary, and ,Ted Schlack, treasurer. ET SIGMA PHI FIRST ROW, left to right: Dr. Shaffer I advisor D , Fortenbaugh fsec- retaryl , Lindquist Qpresidentl , Hammann fvice-presidentj , Schlacl: ftreasurerj , Dr. Glenn fadvisorl . SECOND ROW: Evelon, Leister, Leeti, Smith, Ruclisell, Wagner, Sanner, Dusman, Jones. FIRST ROW, left to right: Rebec- ca Sachs Qsponsorj, Brinkman, Fel- lenbaum fcorresponding secretaryl, Foulktod fpresidentj, Ruggiero fsec- retaryj, Shoemaker, Mickley. SECOND ROW: Warner, Christ. PP DELT EPSILO Kappa Delta Epsilon is an educational sorority organized to promote professional interests and to keep students in contact with the educational world. It is strictly a women's sorority and its afliliation is national. Its activities in- clude one business meeting each month, the annual Father's and Mother's Day programs, an annual trip to Hershey Industrial School, and a party for underprivileged children. 95 The honorary fraternity organized for men who are preparing for the teaching profession is Kappa Phi Kappa. Meetings are held monthly at which time the members discuss different methods of teaching, the problems that a teacher may encounter and other related subjects. Prominent speakers in the field of education are often a part of the organizationis meeting, giving to the future teachers first hand information on current educational problems. The fraternity's other activities are made up of a yearly field trip, sponsoring of Mother's Day and Father's Day, and an annual banquet in the spring. The oflicers are: Robert Singer, presidentg Larry King, vice-president, Eugene McVicker, secretaryg Edward Richter, treasurerg Morris Prichet, historian. KAPP PHI PP FIRST ROW, left to tight: Prof. johnson fadvisorj, King fvice pres- identj, Singer fpresidentj, Mc- Vicker fsecretaryj, Richter ftreas- urerl. SECOND ROW: Bushman, Keiser, Farr-ett, Knippel, Di Angelo, Wal- ace. FIRST ROW, left to right: Sperry, Schantz, Warner, Greenawald, Dr. Fortenbaugh fadvisorj. SECOND ROW: Strang, Venable, Bingham, Bloom, Cameron, Crap- ster. PHI LPHA THETA Phi Alpha Theta is an honorary fraternity for majors in history, and its purpose is to develop a keen interest and a better understanding of present day problems through a systematic and organized study of the past. Meet- ings of this fraternity are held monthly, and the programs are usually highlighted by a message from an authorita- tive history scholar or instructor, or the reading of ar thesis Written by one of the students. 96 Phi Sigma Iota is an honorary fraternity organized for the purpose of furthering an interest in the study and speaking of the romance languages and the authors of those languages. Tau chapter at Gettysburg College con- tains students who are principally concerned with French and Spanish. Meetings are held monthly, at which guest lt e ent to ics of interest and senior members of the society read research papers which they have written Sp63'C1'S pr s p . on various authors and literary movements in a romance language. Professor Angel Franco directs the meetings and the entire romance language department serves the fraternity in an advisory capacity, while Professor William D. Hartshorne is chapter secretary. PHI SIGMA Ivor FIRST ROW, left to right: Shane- broolc, Prof. Hartshorne, Williams, Prof. Franco fpresidentl, Palmer, Wallace, Ruggiero, Prof. Kilmer. SECOND ROW: Dinger, R. Fran- co, Titus, McGaughy, Mute, Cook, Dr. Bachman, Prof. Percival, Thomas. ' FIRST ROW, left to right: Thom- as, Fortenbaugh, Greenawald fvice presidenti, Grigsby fpresidentj, Au- rand fsecretary-treasurerj, Foullcrod. SECOND ROW: Dixon , Long, Venable , Schlack , MacBean , Holl- way, Lindquist, Snyder, PI DELT Any student who has served at least one full year on the editorial or business staff of a campus publication or on the radio station is eligible to be nominated to Pi Delta Epsilon, the national honorary journalism fraternity. A grand national convention of the fraternity was held last June in Pittsburgh. Gettysburg's representative there V' P 'd nt Carl Greenawald At the monthly meetings, presided over by President Gordon Grigsby and was ice- resi e . recorded by Secretary-Treasurer Maude Aurand, round table discussions were held on all the problems encountered in producing a successful magazine or paper. 97' Pi Lambda Sigma is an honorary fraternity for majors in Economics and Political Science who have excelled in that Held. Eligible for membership now are those students who have a total of twelve semester hours credit in one of the two fields, or a combination of fifteen hours in both. The local chapter had thirty-two active mem- bers from last year, and initiated nearly fifty new members on December 1, 1949, the date of the annual initiation banquet. Ollicers for this year are Harry W. Schlegelmilch, president, Neiman Craley, vice-president, jim Way, secretary, and Richard Foltz, treasurer. Dr. Rasmus S. Saby is faculty advisor to the fraternity. P I i LAMBDA S I G M A FIRST ROW, left to right: Reese, Foltz Qtreasurerj , Schlegelmelch fpresidentj, Craley fvice presidentl, Prof. Larkin faclvisorl. SECOND ROW: Knapp, Wieand, Markel, Sheads, Conrad, Warehime, Rommel, Rote, Neubert, Soult, Rock, Cook, Bushman. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dr. Smoke fadvisorl, Nucho, Sheetz fftreasurerj, Long, Landis, Morgen- ruh, SECOND ROW: Prof. Kogler, Ed- dins fsecretaryj, Combs, Fegely fvice presidentj, Heidler, Weigle fpresidentj, Prof. Hayward. PSI CHI During Commencement week of 1949, a chapter of Psi Chi, national honorary fraternity for psychologists and students in psychology, was installed on the Gettysburg campus. The four categories of members in this fraternity are honorary members, associate members, alumni and undergraduate members. An overall B average in psychology courses is a prerequisite for active undergraduate membership. Last year, activities in this field were confined to the Psychology Club, a local organization, whereas this year the Psychology Club is nationally aliiliated. Don Wei- gle is president of Psi Chi, and Dr. Kenneth L. Smoke is faculty advisor. 98 Scabbard and Blade is the honorary society composed of outstanding students enrolled in the advanced courses of the Reserve Oliicers' Training Corps. Its purpose is to increase interest among the members in topics of interest to the military profession and current developments in weapons, organization, tactics, and other fields of military operations. At its two meetings per month various training and campaign films are shown, prominent guest speak- ers talk on recent developments in defense, weapons, occupations, training, and a Wide range of other topics. In addition to its meetings, Scabbard and Blade again plans to sponsor its annual military ball. Officers of the local chapter are Mac Rommel, president, Fred Mellin, vice-presidentg Doug Ensminger, secretary, and Don Hollway treasurer. SCABBARD AND BLADE FIRST ROW, left to right: Holl- way 12nd lieutenantl, Mellia list lieutenantj, Rommel fcaptainj , Col. McKenney fadvisorj, Ensminger fist sergeantj. SECOND ROW: Reynold, C. Mil- ler, Gotwald, Soult, Dietrich, Cra- ley, Bley, Heindel, Hartman, Nu- gent. FIRST ROW, left to right: Ne- binger, Stock, Shelcls. SECOND ROW: Gilbert fsecre- taryj , Ott ftreasurerj , Muntz fpresidentj, Kulp fvice presidentl, Otley. THIRD ROW: Stroup, Coble, Die- trich, Bikle, Parlett, Faust, Mc- Clung, John, Blackman, Kauffman, Juditz, FOURTH ROW: Warner, Lund- quisr, Long, Scheffer, Etshied, Sny- der, Little, Welch, Dvorsky. SCEPTIC L CI-IYMISTS -no Th S tic.l Ch mists or Scep Chem as it is popularly referred to, under the guidance of Dr. C. Allen Sloat, e ce '1 1 is an orgaiiization tiff chemistry majors on campus who w ant to take chemistry out of the classrooms and into their activities. Each pledge before initiation must present a talk to the group on some subject related to chemistry. This year tours through various industrial plans in the vicinity are being planned for the club in order to ac- d ' l l m' fl The chief Skeptic is Fred Muntz' Stu Culp is quaint the members with modern, practical, in uistria cle IS 'y. , vice-president, Dick Ott is treasurcrg and Dot Gilbert, secretary. 99 Last spring Sigma Pi Sigma, an honorary fraternity for distinguished students in Physics, was established at Gettysburg College. The chapter was installed in May, 1949, and since then it has grown considerably in member- ship and activities. Already numerous projects in physical research are under way, several guest speakers have presented talks to the society, and members have submitted research papers showing the results of their work on a project. The society plans to attend a science conference in the spring at Barnard College, Columbia University. Officers of the fraternity are Norman C. Rasmussen, presidentg Marlet C. Ness, vice-president, Earl Smith, secre- taryg Lawson Wright, treasurer, and Professor Merle Bowser, faculty advisor. SIGBLA P I SIGMA FIRST ROW, left to right: Prof. Steclcel, Shoemaker, Smith fsecrc- taryj, Rasmussen fpresidentj, Zin- ner, Prof. Bowser fadvisorl, SECOND ROW: Straub, Korman- ski, Keiser, Green, G. Miller, Adamson, Eveter, Lefever. FIRST ROW, left to right: Dean Tilberg, Prof, Bolich fadvisorj , Mickley fsecretary-treasurerj , For- tenbaugh fpresidentl , Dr. Mason fadvisorl , Dr. Warthen fadvisorj . SECOND ROW: Rvs, DelVloch, Seitzinger, Kerstetter, Serfass, Ham- mann. KAPPA tALPHA The members of Tau Kappa Alpha are chosen from those students who have distinguished themselves in the fields of debate and public speaking. TKA isa member of the national forensic fraternity which has almost one hundred chapters. This year, under the advisory of Professor Harry F. Bolich, the group had its first formal initiation in several years. As Gettysburg has an active chapter, the members receive the national forensics mag- azine, T116 Sjmaleer. At the monthly meetings problems in debating are resolved,,and plans are now being Worked upon for an organized intramural debate contest for the college. TKA's prexy is Lil Mickley, and Ruthe Forten- baugh is the secretary-treasurer. 100 A lack of student interest in college athletic events and an even greater absence of genuine school spirit led to the organization of the Booster Club last year. In its brief lifetime the Booster Club has overcome these deficiencies to a great extent, but it now has the task of maintaining the ground already gained. The sale of refreshments and booster buttons resulted in proceeds which bought new uniforms for the cheerleaders. A parade of Hoats, con- structed by nearly all living groups on the campus, highlighted Homecoming Day. Officers of the club are Al Ho- man, presidentg Ted VVoutersz, vice-president, Sue Hunsberger, secretaryg John Loose, treasurer, and Professor VVilliam Stuart, faculty advisor. BOOSTER CLUB I FIRST ROW, left to right: Schaad, Armstrong, Foster, Wohlfarth, Keener. SECOND ROW: Green, Snavely, Holman lpfesidentj , Hunsberger fsecretaryj , Loose ftreasurerj . THIRD ROW: Rosborough, Rich- ardson, Malley, Nlangels, Muhlbach, Kendall, Swartzbaugh, Nlahan. FIRST ROW, left: to right: Bair, Juditz, Born, Craley, Shimer, Rock fpresidentj, Melhorn, Bley, Wieand. SECOND ROW: Peterman, Rote, Grigsby, Keiser, Little. GAVEL Organized for the purpose of promoting inter-fraternity harmony and for aiding fraternity leaders in adopt-ing administrative policies is the Gavel Club, a non-legislative group which is composed ofuthe president and vice- president of each fraternity on campus. This organization has no treasury and the presidency is delegated in a cycle, each year going to the president of a different living group until the cycle is complete. At 1ts monthly meetings in the various fraternity houses problems of mutual IIIICYCSI torhgroup leaders are discussed. This year Ralph Rock of Sigma Chi is president, while Dick Keisei of Phi Delta ' eta is secretary. lOl Le Cercle Francais welcomes those interested in the French language, customs and music. Membership into the club is open to those students who are enrolled in an advanced French course. The club offers an opportunity for the French student to obtain more Huency in language through the constant use of French during the meetings. The programs included in the meetings offer various forms of entertainment such as a French play, dramatized by the members, movies, or a speaker. An annual event always looked forward to by the club is their Christmas party. Dr. Albert Bachman is faculty advisor and Charles Venable, president, Joanne Pursel is secretary. A LE CERCLE FIRST ROW, left to right: Walte- myer, Brudin, Phleger fvice presi- dentj, Pursel fsecretary-treasurerj, Swisher, Cessna, Schaad, Peery. SECOND ROW: F. Franco, Wal- lace, Mitman, Venable, Prof, Bach- man, Palmer, Rys, Prof. Percival. FIRST ROW, left to right: Han- R, Franco fpresidentj, Decker fvice kins, RoBards, Fuhro fsecretaryl, presidentj, Huber, Teran, Prof. Franco fadvisorj. SECOND ROW: Faruhan, Attig, A. White, Tichenor, Leibfried, Kip- sey, Berger, Shanebrook, Swartz- baugh, Palmer, Manganaro, THIRD ROW: Boynton, Williams, Stone, Knippel, Mellin, Feltman, Morgan, Bradley, Titus, Gillespie. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club was organized for the students who wish to further their knowledge in Spanish as well as to become acquainted with the customs and ideals of our South American neighbors. Also another important purpose of the club is to teach the student to express himself more freely and with more ease in the Spanish lan- guage. The meetings, open to any interested student, are held every second and fourth Wednesday of the month and are conducted entirely in Spanish. The activities within the club are made up of Spanish movies and slides, reading of well known Spanish prose and poetry as well as the study of their more popular music. The officers are: Rafael Franco, president, Virginia Decker, vice-president, Carol Fuhro, secretary. 102 FRA CAIS For those who like to bear the rigors of the great outdoors there is the Gettysburg Outing Club. Besides regu- lar excursions to Osaga Lodge, the club takes trips to Harper's Ferry, Caledonia, Virginia, for purposes of hiking and sightseeing. Maybe, a visit will be paid to a game preserve or a fishery. Perhaps, the group will go on a 'coon hunt or a toboggan slide. The only prerequisite to joining is a strong back and sturdy legs, for someone has to carry the club's new cooking and hiking equipment. The Outing Club also holds monthly meetings at which the trips are planned. Glen Munch prexies the meet- I . . ings. Bill Elliott, vice-president, Ruth Brinkman, secretary, and Lowell Sowers, treasurer, help to keep tnngs in order. Dr. Duck watches over the group. OUTING CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Dr. Duck fadvisorj, Brinkman fsecre- taryj, Munch fpresidentj, Elliott Qvice presidentl , Compagnone. SECOND ROW: Curfman, Carr, lVlcCombs, Foose, Kloter, Davies, Sqhaad, Pursel, Kennig, Kellow. THIRD ROW: Sowers, Love, Bar- thels, Lowe, Copeland, Markee, Kingman. Suhl, Ottey, MacGhee, Barnes, Hays, Fegely. FIRST ROW: Prof. Franco, Mar- ion RoBards, Carol Fuhro, Joyce Combs, Lois Kipsey, Jo Ann Huber, Frances Teran, Nancy Shanebrook. SECOND ROW: Ted Mellin, John Mulvihill, joe Tedeschi, Rafael Fran- co, Al White, Dick Williams, Howard Humphries, Dick Titus, Frank Frain, Jim Lechrome, ,loc Nlorgan, Pete Swartzbaugh. ANTENNA CLUB ... .. ,.. oooo as s Under the direction of Professor Angel Franco, a group of students this year organized a club for the purpose of gaining a finer appreciation of Spanish and Hispanoamerican drama by the actual staging of these plays over the college radio station, WWGC. Meetings are held every Monday afternoon for rehearsal and study of the various characters. Then after four of these meetings of intense preparation, the play is ready for production. It is usually broadcast over the air in the original Spanish, so as not to lose the effect of the great Spanish dramatists through the flaws of translation, although translation is sometimes required. Outstanding among the playrights whose dramas are produced are Lope de Vega, Tirso de lV10lill1l, and Calderon. 103 Once a month members of this club meet in the office of the librarian, Mr. John Knickerbocker, to discuss books of all types and categories, those of the past, present, and future. Mr. Knickerbocker is the advisor and Claire Armstrong is the president. They have well-known authors as speakers, presenting different phases of the literary world. The purpose of the book club is to create an apprecia- tion among the students for books. The club presents novels and various other types of hooks to the college library from funds allotted to it by the Student Chest. Other projects include the annual Christmas essay contest, book week and the numerous book exhibits in the library. ODER BOOK CLUB FIRST ROW: Dorothy Gilbert, Jeanne Hankins, Claire Armstrong, president, Phyllis Tittle, Ruthe For- tenbaugh. SECOND ROW: Marion Jones, Lynn Leibfried, Ann Creutzberg, Maude Aurand. FIRST ROW: Dean Tilberg, Prof. Fryling, Prof. Johnson, Rev. Mc- Camey, Prof. Hayward, Coach Hen Bream. SECOND ROW: Bill Snyder, John Mulvihill, Dave lVlclVIorris, Carl Greenawald, Larry Johnson, Bob lVIcCausland, Norman Rasmussen, Jim Soden, Bob O,Brien, Howard Humphries, Dick Beaver, Bill Mus- selman, George Auxt. DOR COU SEL- ORS lGettysburg's highly efficient group of dorm counselors is the principal reason that the dormitories are so well maintained. In addition to the job of maintenance and administration, the dorm counselors are called upon to advise the freshmen in their charge, so that the incoming crop of students can get off on the right foot before unrest and waywardness take hold of them. Keeping thing under control at all hours of the day is a task which requires the most responsible leaders that the college can provide. The counselors are entrusted with these duties, and they are directly responsible to the Dean for the execution of dormitory policy. In return for their services, the counselors receive free room accommodations plus a small allowance. 104 X N XR mx Q X Mask., Q NX .3 X X '55 mi X H. N- X gi... X XX x X -mil - Wyxigsew SN ww . . Q Nw . :X ...- X, - , , x. Q:155g4-4:2-R Q' xx '.Q':v:: ' 2 p m' -' ' I N Q Q L ggi... Wig - .RJ ., Q51 --:SQ .Q -'j2I:S.1ggv,'i51-S -ikxkxzywx ' -f,- ' 1 X XX 'TNQQW-SS :T X . . , I iw X f " ,X S . X X x K t X ' - . R , wggl .. A ' , X ,N X ... S i - V. I 1 K Q X Nm M x X 3 -1: 5 ffm X . : . Q -:rw , - -- . I .5 ::,. X x mx Q xx .QQ Q f W -A . SX-. " x X .... as -XM X -Q '1 my f: if ,F T . 1 1 .Qw -:I Q Wal .S xx ' Q, 2 H ' NS N15 X Q.. . 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'N - 'NN .X mme, X X Q xv ...5-f:L X S X 'ar -9 . XX NN' ...Aw M, .ask 3 x Q - ww. 1 ,Z Q1 Q x, X , Q .Qs-w.Q:g,QfNag'QM., Ut? -Mxifll 1. , K wg: EA . if X .,:.., W Nw-gQX.Ngg---- Kgs -wx. NN www NNf:-fkwwgm. QITN -' A 4- ' wx -f . NN .. I Head Coach Hen Don'r steal that ball. Bream-his 21st year was his great- est. Rub-clown Rome. Coder lends an assist to Don Emert or three's a crowd Gettysburg's 1949 gridiron machine was the finest ever assembled by Coach Hen Bream, under whose tutelage the Bullets posted a seven won, one lost and one tied record. A glance at the record books shows that this was the best mark for an Orange and Blue eleven since 1891. Highlighting this superb season was a thrilling last minute triumph over highly favored Bucknell on Homecoming Day. G-Burg's pigskin powerhouse opened the season in Hershey, Pa., where they met the Lebanon Valley eleven in the third annual Chocolate Bowl Game spon- sored by the Harrisburg Rotary Club. Held on fairly even terms by the Dutchmen in the first half, the Breamites exploded in the two final quarters to post an impressive 33-14 victory. The scoring started early in the first quarter as Tony Cervino took a short pass from Ross Sachs and raced into the end zone for the tally. Ron Fitzkee added the extra point, giving G-Burg a quick seven point lead. Later in the same period, Cervino got loose on an off tackle thrust and knifed his way 35 yards for a score, and it seemed that the Bullets were on the way to a rout. The Flying Dutchmen braced, how- ever, and gave their own rooters something to shout about late in the second period when they put on a sustained drive which carried them all the way for a score. The extra point was added, and the first half ended with the score 13-6. Striking with devastating effectiveness through the air, the Orange and Blue clad gridders dazzled the Flying Dutchmen in the second half. Bobby Bitner, substituting for the injured Ross Sachs, pitched touch- G-burg man tackled'short of a T.D First Row, left to right: Faulkner, Zinn, Kirker, Bitner, Speaker, Harford, Day, Bailey, McCoy, Hauver. Second Row: Head Coach Hen Bream, Trainer Rome Capozzi, Gallagher, Jones, Sachs, Grifiith, Cervino, Nugent, Reese, Lentz, Keetley, lVlcCausland, Bowman Thomas Third Row: Beaver, L. Johnson, Young, Mathieu, Schlegelmilch, Fitzkee, Emert, Court, Gilligan, Coder, Yovicsin, Shainline. Fourth Row Snook, Nloore, Hurley, B. Johnson, Disimone, Kassouf, Seachrist, Mateer, Herschberger, Ebert, Pavelic. Court extends open arms to Engineer. down heaves to Don Emert, Gene Coder, and Lee Snook. Lebanon Valley was unable to dent the Bullet defense again until late in the fourth quarter, and the final gun sounded with the score 33-14. In their first home game of the season the Battle- fielders trounced the Green Terrors of Western Mary- land 21-o. Touted as a strong club with a wealth of veteran material, the Terrors nevertheless proved no match for the rampaging Bullets. The inimitable Ross Sachs, back in the lineup once again, connected on two scoring tosses to end Don Emert. Dwight Speaker, diminutive speedster, accounted for the second TD when he took a handoff from Sachs in the second quarter and outraced the Terror secondary into the end zone. Drexel Tech was the next team to feel the sting of the Bullets. This game featured the spectacular long distance runs of the sensational Junior halfback, Dwight Speaker. "Speak" made touchdowns in the first and second periods on gallops of 83 and SI yards. In the last period, Gene Coder scored from two yards out on an end around play. G-Burg's defensive platoon played a brilliant game in staving off several Drexel threats. Gettysburg's hopes for a perfect season were given a rude jolt on October zo when the hard hitting Le- high Engineers invaded the Gettysburg stadium. In the first half the inspired Bullets matched touchdowns with the vaunted Brown and VVhite and, by virtue of Ron Fitzkee's two perfect placements, held a 14-13 lead at the intermission. In the second half Lehigh broke the game wide open despite the desperate attempts of the Bullets to stave off the inevitable. Dick Gabriel stunned the local parti- sans when he took the opening kickoff of the second half, and behind beautiful downfield blocking, ran 90 yards for a score. Later in the same period this same Mr. Gabriel executed another bit of dazzling footwork when he took a G-Burg punt and scampered 65 yards to paydirt. The Breamites scored their lone touchdown of the second half late in the fourth period. A pass, Sachs to Coder, set up this tally which was registered by Jones on a short plunge. It was clearly a case of too much Gabriel, and the G-Burg gridders ended up on the short end of a 33-20 score. Following the Lehigh encounter, the Orange and Blue journeyed to Allentown to meet arch rival, Muh- lenberg. The Bullets were fighting mad after their setback of the previous week and accomplished what no other Gettysburg football team had done for ten years by pinning back the Mule's ears with a 9-6 Ditty invades Bison territory. victory. For three periods it was a give and take battle with both teams wasting precious scoring op- portunities. Then, in the final stanza, Ross Sachs finally found the scoring range with one of his passes, pitch- ing a perfect strike to Larry johnson in the end zone. Fitzkee's conversion was good and the Bullets had a 7-o lead. Muhlenberg wasted little time in retaliating after they intercepted a Sach's pass deep in G-Burg territory. It took just three plays for the Mules to score with Latzko lugging the ball over the last white stripe. The all-important extra point was missed by the Mules and the Bullets held a slim one point lead. G-Burg added two insurance points in the final min- utes when Marty Pavelic, stellar Bullet tackle, dropped Vernon Miner to the turf in the end zone for a safety. Gettysburg's juggcrnaut hit full stride against John Hopkins University, crushing the luckless Blue Jays by an overwhelming 56-6 score. Dwight Speaker swivel- hipped his way to three touchdowns with runs of 37, go, and IZ yards, while Tony Cervino accounted for Don't look now, but- Emert leads parade to Diplomat goal line. two tallies with spectacular dashes. Marty Pavelic, Bob Court, and Bob Johnson performed brilliantly on the defense, cutting down Blue Jay runners with machine- like precision. Homecoming Day brought the powerful Bucknell Bisons to Gettysburg to meet the onrushing Bullets. Bucknell, rated as a strong favorite, did not figure to have too much trouble with the lighter Bullet eleveng but sixty minutes and a thousand thrills later this opinion was knocked into the proverbial cocked hat. In the opening minutes of the first quarter it ap- peared that Bucknell would live up to predictions. The Bisons scored on the first play from scrimmage on a tricky lateral pass play to take a quick lead. Later in the same period the Bisons widened the margin with a sustained drive which started deep in their own backyard. In the closing minutes of the first period the Bullet attack finally started clicking with Ross Sachs connecting on passes to Bob McCausland and Don Emert. The payoff toss was a 13-yard pitch to Tony Cervino in the end zone, and the subsequent extra point made the score read I3-7. G-Burg went ahead in the second period when Ross Sachs hit Bob McCausland with a pass in touchdown territory. Dwight Speaker, a complete mys- tery to the Bisons all day with his dodging, twisting runs, set up this score with a brilliant 40-yard run. Bucknell regained the lead in quick fashion when they scored on a beautifully executed pass play. G-Burg came right back to tie up the game when Ross Sachs hit Dwight Speaker on the Bison 20-yE11'Ci line and the elusive halfback raced down the sidelines to regis- ter the score. A few moments later the half ended with the score tied. In the third quarter both teams scored once more. The Bisons scored first on a line plunge from the two- yard line, but they failed to convert. The Bullets roared right back with Ross Sachs directing the at- tack, and hitting his pass receivers with deadly ac- Q 115 AL Reese. Ross Sfxcus. BUD KIRKER. SLUG SCHLEGELMILCH BUCK ELL WAS THE CLIMAX curacy. This time Don Emert was the recipient of the touchdown toss as he made a diving catch in the end zone. Fitzkee booted the extra point to give the Breamites a 27-26 advanage. Most of the fourth uar- fl ter was a see-saw battle with the Bullet defenses twice hurling back Bucknell attempts to score. As the min- utes ticked away that one point margin looked bigger and bigger. Then it happened. Not to be denied a thi d t' B ' r rme, ucknell scored on a fourth down plunge from the one-yard line with just 40 seconds remaining to play. The try fur point was good '33'27- Bucknell kicked off to Bob McCausland who raced o t f b u o ounds to stop the clock. Sachs threw one pass which was groundedg then on his next attempt inter ference was called against the Bisons on their - 'l 35 yarn line. Time for just one more play. Sachs. rushed by the charv' B lt ging uc 'nell line, lofted a wobbly pass down- field. Don Emert and two Bucknell backs went into the a1r for the ball. The elusive pigsl-:in bounced off Emert's Speaker on 83 yard jaunt against Drexel. Cervino romps against the Mules. shoulder pads and away from the groping arms. Out of nowhere came Lee Snook who gathered in the ball on the zo and outran the Bison secondary into the end zone as bedlam reigned in the stands. Ron Fitzkee, with the game ofiicially over, coolly booted the extra which gave the Bullets a 34-33 victory in a game which will probably never be equaled in the number of heart-stopping thrills that it provided. Hold him, Dobber, relief is on the way. Suffering a noticeable letdown after that upset victory, the Breamites were held to a I3-I3 tie on the next Saturday by a surprising Albright eleven. Gettysburg's touchdowns came on passes from Sachs to Cervino and Emert. Albright was threatening an- other score when the final gun sounded, and the Bul- lets had to be content with a disappointing tie. In the final game of the season on Thanksgiving Day the Bullets returned to form and overwhelmed Franklin and Marshall, 39-14. Sachs and Speaker led the attack which rocked the Diplomats back on their heels, and wrote finish to a highly successful season. Post season honors were heaped on several of Hen Bream's gridiron greats. Ross Sachs, Marty Pavelic, and Dwight Speaker all were named to the Associated Press All-Pennsylvania Teams. In addition, Pavelic gained honorable mention on the all-east and Little All-American teams. Tony Cervino participated in the annual Blue-Gray classic in Montgomery, Ala., during the Christmas vacation. Thus closes another chapter in Gettysburg's march to the top in small college grid- iron circles. MANY Pavsuc. Bon MCCAUSLAND. Tom' Csavmo. DOBBER JOHNSON. THROUGH THE HGOP It was a tough night against the Mules. Up to the time of the Penn State upset, the sixteenth game of a 24 tilt schedule, G-Burg's Bullets had been on the long end of the score nine of the sixteen contests. Opening up rather slowly and not showing their "stuff" until half the season was over, Hen Breamis cagers came along fast, taking big vic- tories from Dickinson and Penn State. The State game was easily their best performance against a club which had three starters over six foot three. Making their shots count and fighting for every rebound they possibly could get, the Bul- lets held the favorites to a tie for the regulation time. The locals were ahead every inch of the 118 All Eyes on the hoop. way from their first basket to the final minute when the visitors crept up and deadlocked the Crange and Blue, Ross Sachs threw in two foul shots with the pressure on to assure the extra period for G-Burg. Stretch Watson, Bob O'Brien and Hank Belber also played commendable games, especially O'Brien who grabbed many of the few rebounds G-Burg got. In the extra five minutes, State tallied two quick goals only to have G- Burg come rushing back with Pure, Sachs and Watson doing the honors. The victory was quite an upset for Gettysburg and proved that the team was definitely on the up-swing. Dickinson provided the opposition before the N -:.::- :: :sfgf-2-5 155.2 ,.'E5I::i5 S ' 1 -'.:-'--,:5'5:e: U . , xxkxx 909 5 ESQ Q K 5 X 3 ' .Q Q S X x QQ, , 1" X A I NX z X Xxx.... . X X N X XXX Q XX X xx,., , X 'I Q X Sf. X , I: 1: . 2. I .X , 1 'i',f':kg X . .A QSM N Q --Q -X, x X, . .wg Xwx X -w. Ei XXX-SQ Y ,iii -QQ X Xiiw k w , in S S S X X X QW . ky,-Q :X Xwgrhi x Q Q ws s xlmx f :Qa- N N F5 N X: .2 X X- s XX Q V s F5 K ax ' . ww x X X x XS A 1 :4. ':' Q1, " I'- XX' fig XQS X .1 ff X XX Q X QX .Xzf we XSXXX. . QTQQ Ask X e NSG YW X X sw? X XX X X xxx XX X x X X X X xx xx , xi . -- 'S X F? Ir- 3 5:-2 , X '5 :xg- Xb, .. 'igx' 1? 1: z.: gximx X X :QQ XQXQXX :XXX N ,EI 'X-X2 AFX SX Xe I -S X . . Xi x'5:'qQ-w:,f.':"f5-11 iff: Q, , Y X X .XXXXXX X xx ' . X -6231:-',::'E-5 1 . N , 1 .X X N- X N . W If-'s X K K " X' XX XXX X 1 ' X , ' .XX ' 5 K X Y -Sis ' X ' Q , ' 'W . - X Y " E z. ' X Sf " wx Ras, Z QQ ' . iii? N55 ,N XXXXX X XX X xuxwwx X . "'f"' X , gag.. QS F X ....-..: .lg L IEXEJ. I .,,.- xii: R Q ww WX xx R, fx x- N 3.25 ,,.-'. X :1:r:. Q. . , E ,.,. . X X Q Q R X S A Q ZH...--,'-IQ-N - X xi. X X iw x , S i'.55if3'f:f 'I W f11E32-i1 V. 7226 Je fi QK if x X X s -:...:i. , .5 5 get-ff., fa y '- lxli I NN we Sf' .Kr -1.4. Q x Q Am x. Y - 95. Q: ...R jx WL QQ x..., N X S A ox + A M Q Ss.. N.- 'S .X X . f sf 1 Q f osx.-W. 3 .5125 2 X X x QQ: 5 H '--,x,,rE' w:,:::,.::mN N. . Y . qv ix..-b-X .-.1.1.NXq:ggQf,-g.. -K vrxx K . . Sw ,f Af-.naw X . 1-.spkgf , .K -26.1. ':sQW9iL:1Qfi: . pw N, X K aw: . M A Qip5wff1.3-.fm4.S r , , "SN:-.'s.2:Nez-5, E. ...H H-:sa fgzsgmzgr.. 5 :::.::.:,-.... - K au-Q - Q. Eiggvzz- .1-qg.g:sg.:.,'g5::.::55.5 ' if XNWA? . . JA " x Q' N x c... xv, , 5 ' X , X , .....-,...., , x-NYT, .,...... - X X, xg- X x S ' Q Q gk Q 'New - .N 33 Q53 XY PRETZEL "King" Cole, in his fourth year as coach of the Gettysburg mat team, seems to have perma- nently established the habit of turning out win- ning aggregations at the Battlefield college. Under his sterling leadership, the team copped first place in the Middle Atlantic Championships held at Eddie Plank Memorial Gymnasium last year, entering seven men out of a possible eight in the finals and coming up with three champions. T ISTERS This year's squad has run up an enviable seven and two record with meets remaining between lvluhlenberg, Lafayette, and the M.A.C.'s aft Delaware. - In the season's opener, the G-Burg grapplers served notice of what was to come by downing a powerful University of Pittsburgh outfit, 20-6. Bud Diehl turned in the only pin as three other matches were settled by the slim margin of one point. Princeton handed the Battlefielders their What happened to the other leg? Russ Riegel-57 without a loss. The master at work. first defeat in another hotly contested contest by a 21-11 count, Riegel picked up the locals' only pin, taming the Tigers' Lakeland in the second frame. Bouncing back into the win column, the Cole- men edged the mighty University of Pennsyl- vania, I7-I3, with Loose, Woods, Sassman, and Diehl all turning in creditable decisions. Haver- ford was the next victim as the G-Burg manglers swept every match but the last to win 29-3. Pennsylvania Milita1'y Academy was routed the following Saturday, 36-o, as Andrews, Woods, l Lon breaks him down. Riegel, Soult, and Bob Herschberger all posted falls. Bucknell's Bisons turned out to be little sheep falling before the G-Burg Juggernaut, 24-6. Traveling to Philadelphia, the locals pasted the Temple Owls 24-6. Sassman was outstanding, pinning his opponent in the last period of a closely fought match. F.8lM. finally snapped the Colemen's five meet Win streak by administering a 32--O Whitewashing at Lancaster. Russ Riegel, undefeated in 57 straight bouts and three time M.A.C., took his first inter-collegiate defeat. Roaring back with everything they had, the Battlefielders upset a favored Johns Hopkins out- fit, 21-O, to avenge last year's loss. Thus, another successful campaign can be written into the books before it is even completed, thanks to Clyde Coleik Company. Pullin' a roll. Oh, doctor, the pain! LLET BOQTERS Annapolis, Md. provided the setting for the Gettysburg' soccer squad's initial test of the 1949 campaign. The naval academy's booters, with a strong well balanced team spoiled the Bullets cur- tain raiser with a 3-0 victory. Only one of the Middie goals was earned, the other being the result of freak action on the part of the elusive leather, and the game was much tighter than the score indicates. Joe McLernon, Navy's great All-American halfback, was a thorn in the side of the Bullet booters with his defensive play which stopped many a scoring thrust. Facing the University of Maryland booters in their second tilt, the Hartshornemen again found luck against them as the Terps scored a 3-1 win. Goal by Maryland' s Reider in the second and third periods provided the victory margin. Al Aspen scored the lone G-Burg goal after some beautiful teamwork by the Bullet forward wall. The Gettysburg booters finally hit their stride against Johns Hopkins University and won their first game of the year. Playing on a muddy, rain- W'l1ere do you think you're going? soaked field which hampered offensive play, the Bullets nevertheless rammed four shots past the Blue Jay goalie. Aspen, Lou Hamon, Wade Ortel, and Fred Schmidt scored for the Orange and Blue in this 4-2 victory. A A stubborn Washington College team held G- Burg to a 1-1 tie in the next scrap. The Shoremen were the first to score when they hit the nets two minutes after the second half began. Although holding the offensive edge through most of the game, the Bullets did not score until late in the final period when Fred Schmidt tallied with a driving shot from 20 yards out. Cookie Costanzo, stellar lineman was lost to the Bullets for the rest of the season when he broke his leg in the second half after colliding with a Washington halfback. With Peck Watkins performing in great fash- ion in the nets, the G-Burg booters played their finest game of the year, shutting out a strong Lehigh team, 1-0. The Engineers were unbeaten up to this contest, but they couldnit get a ball past Watkins who had the goal covered like a Get rid of it, Peck. blanket. Wade Ortel scored the only goal of the game in the lirst quarter, and from then on it was a defensive game all the way. Gordon Grigsby and Chuck Granger, G-Burg fullbacks kept the Lehigh attackers at bay with long, booming kicks dow11- field which repeatedly broke up scoring threats. Bucknell handed the Battleiielders their second whitewash of the year with a 2-0 triumph. The first half found both teams battling on even terms with neither able to penetrate the other's defense successfully. However, the Bisons roared back in Grigsby gives the high sign. First Row: Allshnuse, 1Veignnd, Liebknecllt, hI2lllgflllRI'0, Leidy, Smeltz, Maxwell, Lange, Himes, Schmidt. Second Row: Mnsselman, Costanzo, Aspen, Stnub, Suively, Buller. Triller, Grigsby, XVutkins, Granger, Clark, llmumond, Royals, Ortel, Hartshorne fconchy. the second half to chalk up the winning margin on goals by Remer and Raynor. Gettysburg suffered their second and third loss- es in succession when they dropped overtime ver- dicts to Franklin and Nlarshall and Westerii ivlaryland, Ortel, and Shively scored for the Bul- lets in the Diplomat encounter, but FSCM broke the deadlock with a counter in the final minute of the second overtime period. Against the Green Terrors it wasa case of missing too many scoring opportunities. G-Burg outplayed the Terrors throughout most of the game, but a goal by jim Culhane in the five minute overtime spelled de- feat for the Grange and Blue. Wade Ortel and Fred Schmidt combined to give G-Burg a victory in the seasonis finale against Muhlenberg as the Mules were conquered, 2-1. Ortel scored in the second period and Schmidt con- nected in the third to clinch the win. The entire Bullet team played inspired soccer in climaxing the season. Q.-' ,:b- fc " D K'-' X ie. s. - .- ' ""'2QSI'f:2"':5s353: N::..: , ,.'1" ' N-., 1 . ii-do X.: 'f- fffi-+rf2"" ---- N .- " . . . X :'G','1'9:I,:,:'5':SiP?'s t-.X 'j,1., .-',i-' .g .- i i X JERAV1:-51 K -x vii' f'::"".i5 -53 rx, .Tim-?1,'.2 . 'f':':1 P- 1. :,,Q2,3.1w ' N19 N t 'xi' "Nt x-S " 5 .- -s N 4-1sff'1'-L:1.i5iL 'f '-w jsz zgggk- U -1. -' 'wi' W Take a deep breath. With only two experienced swimmers out for the team, Coach Jack Shainline started from scratch in the first year Gettysburg has pro- duced a swimming team since pre-war times. Dick Carothers, 100-yard free styler, and Emile Georgett, 60-yard specialist, were the backbone of the '48-'49 squad. Other men de- veloped as the season progressed, including Bob Nugent, 400 yard free styler, Al Mulbach, 200 yard breaststroke, Dave Peery, and "Tinner" Moore. Below First Row: Moore, Botterbush, Sheffer, Muhlbsoh, Lelsman Second Row: Malin, Cadmus, Delabaugzh, Rom- mel Peery, Mastman, Third Row: Fury, Deisroth, Huff, Hess, Miles, Shainline fCOBCll,. Bottom: Jack gives the word. In their first match, the G-Burg mermen were sunk by Lehigh. The Bullets had no more luck against Johns Hopkins and Delaware. It was a different story against Drexel, however, as coach Shainline's boys dropped the Dragon's 52-23. The remainder of the season wasn't too impressive, as the team lost the rest of their matches. The swimming team should develop through the years with more experienced men out for the team. Below: And they're off. Bottom: How's the water? we DIAM ST RS First Row, Left to Right: Cervlno, Atherholt, Brown. Houtz, Nowak, Jones, Kirker, lvieand, Hummel, Plank U'021PllJ. Set-oml Row, Left to Right: Huntzinger, Dyson, Gbblc, Fitzkee, Buehler, Young, Mnrtz. Razor laces the horsehide into distant spaces Atherholt welcomed after circuit wallop. tsns::Q:vrrasswsssswsissssswatsweserxzzz::---1:11-mwmsmewse.111:-arzz:111:12amx-sate,.t,,,see:atifezzqaasel-are-eff-fans-ummm ::1:::::m The II won and two lost record of 1948 had every- one thinking of a successful diamond season in 1949. However, Coach Ira Plank's proteges finished the year with a "so-so" seven and seven record. At times the squad showed great possibilities, dis- playing either fine hurling or good solid stickworkg but seldom a combination of both. Behind the three-hit pitching of Bill Brown and Kenny Houtz, G-Burg opened its season with a 3-1 conquest of Susquehanna on Nixon Field. The Orange and Blue then lost 8-4 to Dickinson in ten innings. The Bullets next overpowered johns Hopkins by a I5-2 score. The first road trip found Delaware defeating G-Burg 3-2. The Bullets defeated Mt. St. Mary's 13-2 in the following fray. On the second swing around the circuit, G-Burg lost to both Penn State and Muh- lenberg. The local nine finished the season by defeat- ing Temple, lVestern Maryland, Lehigh, and splitting a twin bill with Dickinson before a Commencement Day audience. Losses to Lafayette and Navy gave the Plankmen an even .500 mark for the year. l l l l I First Row, Left to Right: Grove fmanagerj, Etshied, Copeland, Hewson, Sclnnitthenner, Second Row: Miller, Grigsby, White, Rice. ' CI DER AN ET l Although victorious in only two of eight matches, Coach Jack Shainline's tennis team showed flashes of form that angers well for future net combines. Bad weather during the early part of the season hampered the netmen in their workouts which made it difficult for the team to round into shape. jupe Plu- vius stepped in again to wash out the first two meets against Pitt and Haverford. Against F8zM and Western Maryland the racqueteers showed the effects of lack of work and dropped 7-2 and 8-I decisions. Muhlenberg fell prey to the sharp slants of Bill Hewson, Gordie Grigsby and John Miller as the netmen annexed their first win, 5-4. The only other win of the season came at the expense of Mt. St. Mary's in an abbreviated match while additional losses were suf- fered at the hands of Lehigh, Dickinson Ctwicel, and Speak shatters the tape. Bucknell. Varsity Harriers, lFirst Row: Knauss, Copeland, Hamer, Thls year Should Show a blg Improvement In the Hamlin, Ansel. Second Row: Yovicsin Qeoaethy, Buyer, tennis fortunes as Shainline lost only two men from last year's squad, Bill Hewson and Chick Rice. VVinning their first meet against Lehigh and Muhlen- berg, the Gettysburg track and field team looked for- ward to a successful season. However, in their next trio meet with Bucknell and Juniata, they placed second to the latter, and against johns Hopkins lost out by a 62M-63M score. At midseason the team was seriously hurt, due to the injury of Dwight Speaker. Speaker is a standout in the Ioo and 220 yard dashes and in the broad jump. Because of this, Gettysburg did not show too well in the Middle Atlantic meet, won by St. Joseph's. The squad also lost to Haverford in a dual meet and to F8zM and Dickinson in a triangular affair. The final record was one win, one . second place, and four losses. J !Vatson, Dillon, Nebinger. l - E Sparked by sophomore Milt Plantz, the 1949 golf team enjoyed one of its finest sea- sons in history. Plantz went undefeated in I2 matches while the team as a unit com- bined to record eight Wins in II matches. Starting with a victory over a strong Uni- versity of Pennsylvania squad, the linksmen went on to register a win over Johns Hopkins before bowing, 4-3, to a red hot F8zM ag- gregation, Penn State and lylaryland were the only other teams to pin a defeat on the Wolfinger coached golfers. The Nittany "Lions" won by a 5-2 score, the Terrapins Won by an identical mark. Highlighting the season Was a 9-O shutout, administered to Dickinson on the Gettysburg Country Club course. In the Westerii Mary- land Tournament, competing against several CAPTAIN DICK DODDS V COACH JOE VVOLFINGER Ieft to right: M. Plilntz, Kahler, Yoouzm, NV. Plantz, MoCauslnml, Davies, Dodds of the top teams in the section, the Bullets finished fifth, close on the heels of the Juniata entry. Dick Dodds, playing his last season for the linksmen took scoring honors for the season by posting a sizzling 66 on the G-Burg course. Other seniors participating in their Hnal season included Walt Plantz, Dick Kahler, Johnny Davies, and Johnny Yocum. This group was instrumental in bringing G-Burg recognition as a power in golf circles. This should be interesting. Milt fires the opening shot. Now hear this. Up and over. IDDLE ATLANTIC TRACK U On May 13 and 14 Gettysburg College played host to the Middle Atlantics Track and Field Championships. Our distinguished president, Dr. Henry W. A. Hanson, gave the Track Dedication speech to the swarming athletes from the 19 schools represented. The two day alfair was won by St. Joseph's of Philadelphia with 29 3f 7 points. Lafayette ran a close second with 281f7 markers. Gettysburg, without the services of their capable dash man, Dwight Speaker, placed a lowly twelfth. Tribute to Old Glory. Les Hainley of Albright College smashed the es- tablished javelin record with a toss of 201 feet, 7 inches. This record-breaking throw was the only new mark set during the meet, The meet was for the most part closely con- tested since one team did not win more than two events. The only double winner of the week end was Grosholz of Haverford. Jim took the first place medal in the 880 and mile run. Gros- holz was striving to break the mile record, but missed by two seconds with a time of 4125.5 min- utes. Most of the races were very close. The gang's all here. The three musqueteers. EET... The Gettysburg squad's twelfth place was at- tained by the accumulation of 5 3f 7 points. Utech captured a tie for fourth place in the high jump. In the 440 yard dash, a fourth place was taken by Shellhase. Bob Snodgrass, with his best toss of the year, took the third place medal in the discus with a 132 foot throw. The ceremonies were started by the playing and A Bear leads the pack. Below: Mr. Bilheimer acclaimed for his splendid record Bottom: Dr. Hanson officially opens the Middle Atlantic track meet. marching of our college band. They were ended with St. Joseph's receiving the coveted cupg also with the furthering of cooperation between all the participant schools. Happy landings. N'S I TRAMURALS Below: That's a base hit. Bottom: How did I get like this? They're off and running. Men's intramurals completed a fine spring and fall season with all the leagues being close. Basketball, for the season 1948-49, was one of the closest races seen around this college for quite some time. Sigma Chi, edging out many line teams, completed the season undefeated and thus gained the title. The crucial game of the schedule was the Phi Psi tilt which resulted in a nip and tuck battle. With a last second rush, the Sigma Chi's outscored the Green and Red, 37-35. In volleyball the story was a little different. Phi Psi this time was not to be denied and walked off with the championship for the second straight year. Plenty of height aided the Phi Psiis in their title drive. This iirst place also helped the winners to garner the All Sports Trophy, which is presented to the fraternity team with the most first, second and third places. Also in 1949, the Phi Delts captured the softball race. With a tight race down to the wire between SAE and Phi Psi, the Phi Delts nosed out the contenders to sweep first place honors. Ti'-Y "" " Individual champions in intra-mat tourney: First Row: Miller and Rosborough, ping pong finalists. Ross, Kerns, Apple, Second Row: Xvliittnker, Spangler, Schlcgelmilch, l-lerschberger. Continuing their dominance, the Phi Delts opened the 1949-'50 intramural season by taking the football title, After Lambda Chi was in first place most of the season, Phi Delt and Phi Psi charged into the lead with timely vic- tories over the leaders. The league ended in a tie, which was the first one in a few years. The championship was decided by a play-off game between the co-leaders, in which Phi Psi was swamped 36-12. Ping Pong was captured by Phi Psi's team, including Albright, Proctor, Shearer, and Craw- ford. Johnny Miller of Phi Sig toolc the indi- vidual crown by defeating Dave Rosborough, four games to three. In the Intra Bowling race, KDR toolc the honors behind some powerful roll- ing. ...mliwaii d A... ,eg ,wk-, x .A - . i H9 .ss -. Mel applies the English. MMF - Another Lambda Chi TD in the making. Hess Moves against the Mules. Frosh sports enjoyed a fairly successful year with the football and baseball teams enjoying good records. Freshman baseball of 1948-'49 played three games, defeating Mercerburg Academy twice and shutting out the Navy Plebes, 3-0. The scores of the Mercersburg games were 1G-6 and 8-1 with George Hare doing the pitching honors. Irving Lubetlcin and Bob Bitner led the attack wield- ing powerful bats. The golf team had two meets, PRESHMAN S P 0 R T S one with Mercersburg and the other with the Navy Plebes. The former resulted in a 52 to IZ vic- tory for the junior Bullets. The Plebe outing was not so victorious as the freshmen from Annapolis took the meet, six to one. The frosh golfers, al- though not engaging in many meets showed some possibility. The last ,spring sport was tennis. In this, the freshmen dropped two out of two to M-ercersburg. Both were by a 9-0 shutout route. The spring sports, hurt by rain, did not compete in many games but the ones they did were full of enthusiasm. Freshman Fall sports included football and soccer, of which the former had a mighty im- pressive record. Playing a tough five-game card, the junior Bullets rolled through the whole sched- ule without a loss. The Orange and Blue stopped a previously unbeaten Bucknell squad 21-18 in one of the year's'most exciting games. Other wins included victories over FecM, 27-13, Western Maryland, 27-6, Mercersburg, 19-6, and a rough Muhlenburg team, 13-7. Sparked by Bob I-Iottle, A1 Hershberger and Vince Rosetti, the Bullets presented a powerful attaclc, smartly run by Jim Hammond. These four should aid the varsity a Fnrstltowz Hossfeld, Hess, Ewing, 1Vard, Smith, Moore, Mertz, J. Spangler, WV. Spangler, Hershberger, Rider, Xvilmot. Second Row Hoff, I-Iottle, Mudge, 1Voodcock, Dolson, illhomas, Nichlas, l-Iammond, Tx7RllR'lllSl.k8l', Swanson, Rosetti, Feist. Third Row: Coach Cole, Arvidson, Lundstndt, Bublin, Dickson, Grosso, Solomon, Byrne, 'VVilliams, Vignola, Lallosa, Brnmagim, Sanders, ' Naughton, Bonghter. --------L -"' W . ....... 1 -W W --M ww--.----van--M--.-.. --..-. ff:-.':r::f:f221.---.-aff: 2-wa... ....... . .1 ,, ,,,,,, ,, ,,,,, ,,,,,, - - -- ---f:.eaa,f..e:-:,,, , ....,..sgg-:-L-soma. ,,,,,, ,fmmmng ,,,, great deal next year. Not only was G'Burg's attack powerful but also the defensive unit was as great. Phil Dolson, Bob Dixon, Bill Ewing, and Harold Hossfield proved themselves to be outstanding in this respect and should be able to patch up the varsity line next year which will have lost quite a few valuable players. Coach Clyde Cole should receive a lot of credit for his untiring effort and work which certainly helped the team to their un- blemished record. Winning two of their five games, the frosh soccer team finished with a fair record. Western Maryland took the junior booters into camp, 2-1, to o-pen the season. This was followed by a 3-2 loss to Mercersberg Academy. Later in the season, the Mercersberg boys repeated this again by blank- ing the locals, 3-0. The booters' only wins came between these two tilts when they caught fire and trounced McConnellsberg High, 3-O. This was fol- lowed by a crushing win over Penn State Forestry, 5-1. Hank Mann, Bob Harris, and Tom Geary were a few of the outstanding players to perform for the frosh boo-ters. So far, the frosh mat team has defeated Hop- kins frosh, 19-135 FHM, 25-11, and lost to pow- erful Mercersberg team. Don Woods, Jim Spang- ler, and A1 Herschberger have shown great prom- ise while wearing the fro-sh livery. The freshman basketball team opened the sea- son by lo-sing a doubleheader to Mercersberg Academy, 67-'54, and 38-36, In a return engage- Hottle heads for paydirt. ' ' ' ' First Bow: 1Voocls, Rnbenstine, Moore, Mille Hosl ng Will it or wont lt? , Second Row: Couch Cole, Spangler, Herslnberger Trout Capt. Crone. 135 x :Q Q A . r NK X X xx x x Q X Y X - 5 X. . S .- TN 1 I.. 6 ,N .I . f' .x X, K iw ... ,I . .5 55, X: S ,ad jywxxw N N xxc xii. x X SYS xxx Nw N Q Qwx .- Q Q, . Q1 Q M .- , X ., ss: . Fl. fs" 'ff2:2ff2isiss:f:X ,I Q.,::.N x.,: - .1 ,.1.,.:- . .W . 1 ''Q''-E55':EE''ETEEISIISEEES-'5:f.'f45:2 wf55:i:1 .5EEE fE55 :::::: ' ev: ' X0 X 5-j:z:Is25E :gy ...xr ,,.. .. 'jifzz . a ss! ::"1f'X1:i,1 X.. .X xl X Tex -is 4 X W ,S A X A As. x N FQ. QQ ,- 1 H fi . .. g .. wig. ,wr f 3 A X .. .AQ . wix.. Q' ,Q Six S A . N X.. " 3 .Ns X.. .. X . ,.-..,.. .Trrmw 3, . b X 8 K . Q :N-r H Yssxf . N. .Q N f:f,g,:g.,'.-'f'gF -. S , N: W. Y -:X -Nw. " ff:--:'-f:-fra-ff:':5..-Ss: U 1 X .w:s.-X ' ' v Z., .. , ix v ' 'C-555 'x S' Q X w X is , ,M 2:15 Y x . -...S-X, . ,:.::,. S ? Q XML N55 5 '-f X A XX Q SQ- K :ij -Neg Rig... -. ..., , ' .... 5 K X X ' x X 5 g. 5 .x A QQ? - 5" x.. 1 - ?. 'jTSE1I4F' Y ii E X' fx 4 -gg. ,. ,gc-I. -1,-N:--as-. vwNSs3:5.:::::- Q.:-.5,.f-- 51.13 1:gg1:r::,:::i:...,. ....,, ASL: 2 -:g,.j:g,,1::v:-:q:. . H Q: .,., X ,..g.g.., N. .,.,.,.,..,.. , ..,., , ,,.,,. ..,. ..... .... . w x .,,, ..,....., . .V X .Q S . ,, . N ' ' V Nl 'Nw . k"' Q zi. x,f?Ls.gis- C. -Q X. . X N X ----A--,- ...- . X . . ':. . X' X5 'fQ?x-so K .Q X V EXE? ., 5X:5S..X.Xk I 5 . QS-S 5 - - 1 :'7f1"2"': Q? S K W ' ' P. f W' N.. N Walt on the ile of Shangtila. WALTER B. LANE APPRECIATIGN The staff of the SPECTRUM takes time out to extend our thanks to our photographer, Walter B. Lane, for his pain-staking efforts to make this hook a dramatic, but yet true picture of three typical days at Gettysburg. "Walt," a veteran of four years service in the Navy, has earned great respect from the students with his amiable and cooperative personality. 137 Flrst Row Thomas Berger 'Wharton Lott Ewaldson Brubaker, Hislop, EFoose, Creutzburg, Coach Kenney Fuhro Crock Alerstock Decker Bobb Thompson, WVarner, I-Iunsberger, Clement, THE HOCKEY Coach Grace Kenney moulded a well-balanced group of coeds which produced the fmest rec- ord ever achieved by a G-Burg hockey team. The record was four Wins as against only one loss and one tie. With only a minimum of practice behind them, the coeds dropped their opening contest to Lebanon Valley. In the next tilt against Sus- quehanna, the hoclceyettes emerged with a hard earned 3-2 victory. Another very close and bitterly fought game saw the G-Burg girls come out on top with a 3-2 triumph. The Roar- ing Lions from Albright were next on the list of Gettysburg victims. Brilliant defensive play by the locals held the Albrightians scoreless, while Coach Kenna-:y's kids managed to dent the cords with two markers. The best played game Coach gives instructions. Half time briefing I ,I , HOCKEY CAPTAINS of the season had the Millersville lassies tang- ling with the G-Burg squad. Sue Hunsberger scored a goal in the early minutes to give the Orange and Blue an advantage which they held until two minutes before the final gun. A bit- ter scramble in front of the G-Burg cage ended with the Yellow and Black denting the cords with the tying marker, and the game ended with the score still deadlocked. In the scoring department Sue Huinsberger led the field with a total of seven goals for the year. Shirley Thomas finished a close second with five counters. Thus, these two coeds ac- counted for 12 of the 14 markers garnered by the team. With a large number of underclass- men on the team, future prospects for the Ken- ney combine are very bright. CCED HOOPSTERS Susie scores again. Gettysburg's coed basketball team, with a six game schedule started off on the right foot when the Kenney coach team drubbed the Lebanon Valley sextet, 54-48. Sue Hunsberger led the Bul- lettes attack with 25 rallies. With a four and three record in 1948--49, and with such veterans as Sue Hunsberger, Shirley Thomas, Ginny Decker and Liz Ann Lott, Miss Kenney looked forward to a good season. Following the game with the Flying Dutchmen, the coeds will face Millersville, Susquehanna, Al- bright, Penn Hall, Shippensburg, and a tentative- ly planned tilt with Hood College. The Lebanon Valley game proved very interest- ing as the Battlefield coeds showed terrific team- work and defensive ability. Along with Huns- berger, Shirey Thomas and Ginny Decker showed Wlnat, another joke? i V X Q , fm-my . t -wkqz. 5 , sr.. ka sg.. ff xx xl .EMJQ .vzvg MSX 5 NW . :SN 3 X x N ..., . X N ew X Q fs xvQ fx . 1 i.f:2:.::1s- v.. -Nia: Y Q . NX -,f...2:.:..- Q , . gs ey::::::5:g:g:::5 Q , , . ,Q W. RSYS. eww . x -X s..gTx FQ il X W Wi-, VO XX X3--QXW b. N ,. :gm :.1g::,q3, . QQ A A - .... -X x X . ..K X X XXX X .x xx .Ry- X . '-N 4:3 ,QX-YW 255515Egfiririwiriririiiiil 2. 'i ,:.q:.::c X. ... - .-ma:::m::::::-::,:: :::-mx x aq Q mmm. NN x XB DELTA GAMMA HQCKEY CHAMPS PHI MU BASKETBALL VICTORS First Row, Left to Rig-ht: Bobb, Foster, Thoamsou, Huntvz- Left t9 R-ight! Sally Geima-u, lit-len Knuble, Fa-ye Neblm berger, Duncan, Caootla. Second Row: XVicand, Fuhro, SPF. ffllfllb' Dl'l'k0I', Barbara HISIUD. A1111 110059, lffbb' B91 P-eery, Creutzberg, Loliler, lierste-tter, Clement, l0W, NIIYIP3' Tlwllms, BI, A, Hnvrtrnnft, Barbara Alerstotl Spike that ball! Phi Mu dominated the girls' intramural scene in the past year of competition by annexing three of the four championships. The Rose and White captured trophies in softball, basketball, and volleyball, while the Delta Gammas won the field hockey award. Sweeping through four games without a defeat, the Phi Mu's had little trouble in taking the basketball championship of 1949. Ginny Decker, Barbara Hislop, Shirley Thomas, and Mary Alice Hartranft were the main cogs in the strong hoop combine that took the honors. Following up their conquests in the b-ball circuit the Phi Mu's took to the outdoors in the spring and copped the softball championship. Once again the Rose and White swept through the slate undefeated, largely on the strength of Barbara Hislop's strong right arm. Barbara did all of the pitching for the champs, besides chipping in with many timely hits for her club. Alpha Xi's and Chi O's Tangle. PHI MU VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS First Row, Left to Right: Kellow, Geixnun, Golf, Thomas. Second WVith Sue Hunsberger pacing the attack, the Delta Gamma's swept by all opposition and garnered the intramural trophy in field hockey. Carol Fuhro also lent valuable support to the DG cause with her bril- liant defensive work. In the deciding game with the Phi Mu's, Nancy VVieand scored a goal with only sec- onds remaining to assure the DG's of the top place in the standings. A furious struggle right down to the wire, this game produced many thrills for the cheer- ing spectators. Regaining their dominant position in the intra league, the Phi Mu's walked off with the Volleyball cham- pionship. The Chi O's gave the Phi Mu's a stiff battle all the way, bowing in the playoff games in which the champions took two straight to annex the trophy. Air View. Row: Aierstock, Hart- ranft, Armstrong, Third Decker. MENS I TRAMURALS PHI MU SOFTBALL VICTORS First Row: Decker, Hartrnnft. Second Row: Goff, Heaton Knubel, Hislop, Thomas, Third Row: Walsh, Hoops Row: Iiislop, Foose. This group guides and rules over most of the athletic prowess of the Gettysburg Coeds. The Women's Athletic Association sponsors individual, group, intramural and intercollegiate tests under the helpful and fully appreciated influence of Miss Kenny, VVomen's Phys. Ed. Director. The athletic tilts with other institutions throughout Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland are scheduled by this organization. For the more athletically inclined girls it maintains the programs in hockey, basketball, softball, swimming and riflery. The members and oflicers of this group are elected by the Women's Student Body at large. Anne Brubaker holds the top spot, Mary Alice Hartranft, vice-president, and Josie Slifer, secretary-treasurer. FIRST ROW: Sue Huntzberger, Josie Slifer, Anne Brubaker, M. A. Hartranft, Shirley, Thomas. SECOND ROW: Carl Fuhro, Ginny Decker, Barbara Hislop, Anne Creutzberg, Coral Buck, Maryann Wharton, Mary Warner. FIRST ROW: Graham McCutchcon, Al Gee, George Weigand, SECOND ROW: Clyde Cole, Bill Snyder, C. Bartholomew. TRAMUR THLETIC BO RD ,xg X Ei :N X E R X S x X x X X X x xX mwwmwmw.mWWx,x .N , imnm X x 1 X x Q f S X X YN: ' V t N x W N NS 'f::Z'5S'Q Xx t. ' Q ff-was F 5 sg, -s is 1 Xl , S SN E X V:., . 5 X' . xx xx X FRED WARING THE SELECTUR Amid red hearts and chubby cupids, lovely Susan Thomas was crowned the Spectrum Queen of 1951 at the Junior Prom on Feb, 4. After the queen ascended her white throne, decorated with hearts and red crepe paper rufiles, Mary Alice Hartranft, the queen of 1950, placed a crown of white carnations with a camillia peak upon Sue"s head. To complete the regal splendor of the evening, the queen was surrounded by two charming attendants, Janet Schultz and Lois Kerstetter, and a court composed of 12 other noted beauties. Every year, an outstanding personality is aslced to select the queen, attendants, and court from a special set of pictures, The entrants are first chosen by the girls' living groups. This year's celebrated judge was Fred Waring. Waring, a native of Tyrone, Pa., was graduated from Penn State College and recently elected to the Board of' Directors of his Alma Mater. . Waring's musical ability is recognized internationally, both for his choral ar- rangements and conducting of the choral group, the "Pennsylvanians." He and his glee club have performed on stage, for television, radio and the movies. In his letter, accepting the invitation to judge, Fred Waring said he was pleased to have been chosen and was very glad to select the queen. His selections were accompanied by a letter stating that the 15 finalists were all so beautiful that he had a hard time choosing the top three. Waring extended personal con- gratulations to Sue, her attendents, and the beauty court. THE QUEEN maid Suaan jAoma5 ATTENDANT 7 mars Gaia JQM feffer Delta Gamma ATTENDANT my Jane! .glkukz Phi Mu Social Sister MISS VIRGINIA SAUL MISS ANN BRUBAKER Delta Gamma Chi Omega 1 MISS TOBY KELLOW Phi Hfu BE UTY MISS PATRICIA KEENER MISS ELEANOR MANGELS Chi Omega Alpha Xi Delta RT OP MISS CARGLINE PEERY Della Gamma vmmmmnm mmwam i MISS JACQUELYN SNEEDER MISS JOYCE COMBS a Chi Omega Alpha Xi Della a N l MISS CORAL BUCK Chi Omega N, ,:,.,fm wxw: X' xx.. -. .y .r.qm.Q mnmmxmxwmwmxm BE MISS GEORGIA OSWALD Phi Mu OURT GF A TY MISS JANE RAMER Alpha Xi Delta MISS GERALDINE SNAVELY Chi Omega IFC, MOTHERS DAY, ALL-SCHOOL DANCES IFC WEEKEND The annual Interfraternity Conference Week- end was held on March 11, 12, and 13th. The weekend commenced Friday evening at which time dinner conferences were held in the fraternity houses where problems of fraternity interest were discussed under the able guidance of national ofli- cers of the respective fraternities. A banquet given in honor of the pledge classes of all the fraternities took place at the Hotel Gettysburg on Friday evening. The principal speaker was Judge Frank Myers, Chairman of the National Interfraternity Conference. At the conclusion of the dinner conferences and the pledge banquet, 'everyone convened in the Ed- die Plank Memorial Gymnasium for the pre.senta- tion of the evening's program. President Hanson introduced the principal speaker of the evening, Mr. Ellis M. Derby, National President of Lamb- da Chi Alpha. Mr. Derby delivered his address, "The Challenge in the Job of Fraternity Member- ship," to the capacity group assembled. Next on the program, following the pertinent address by Mr. Derby, were the enjoyable fraternity skits. All of the skits were highly entertaining as was evidenced by the spontaneous applause which fol- lowed each presentation. Several alien eyes were noticed watching the skits from the confines of the balcony. Prior to the announcement of the winning skit, several of the reluctant female eaves- droppers were escorted to the stage where they received a variety of reactions in the humorous vein from the men in the audience. Phi Sigma Kappa's skit was announced the winner by the judges. It consisted of a selection of slides of varying themes simultaneously interpreted by a fine choral arrangement. Second place was awarded to Alpha Tau Omega which presented, "The Retro- gression of a College Student." Cups were then awarded to those fraternities which had won first honors in the following activities: Scholarship-Phi Sigma Kappa, Christ- mas House Decorations-Phi Gamma Delta, In- tramural Football-Phi Delta Theta. Saturday afternoon an alumni luncheon was held in Huber Hall where the topic of discussion was, 'iWhat the Alumni Can Do for the Active Chapter," Speakers on this topic were Dean Joseph Park of Ohio State University, Mr. Fred B. Ensminger, National Executive Secretary of Kappa Delta Rho, and Mr. Lauren Foreman, National Secretary of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Dr. W. Bird spoke on vocational guidance. Formal fraternity initiations were conducted Saturday afternoon for those men who had suc- cessfully completed their periods of pledge train- ing. A total of one hundred and forty men were initiated. A fine weekend of fellowship was concluded Sunday morning with a special chapel service conducted by Dr. D. Montfort Melchoir, Dean of Secondary Education at Girard College, who emphasized the role to be played in world events by college graduates. MOTHER'S DAY-MAY DAY One of the most colorful spring occasions on Gettysburg campus is Mother's Weekend, a tra- dition that has been observed for years. In 1949, the weekend of May 7 and 8 was set aside to cele- brate this tribute to the mothers. Opening festivities were centered around the May Day exercises. Despite the fact that Satur- day began with blue skies and warm sunlight, by 154 A C T I V one-thirty that afternoon, the time scheduled for the beginning of the exercises, a sudden thunder- shower threatened the Memorial Gardens and necessitatd moving the May Day exercises inside the gymnasium. The program started with the pro- cession of the May Queen, Sarah Jean Fuss, her Maid of Honor, Ruth fHoopsl Sachs, the at- tendants, representing their respective classes: Anna Mae Mumma and Clara Mae Schafer, seniors, Betty Lou Dinger and Jeanne Hankins, juniors, Mary Alice Hartranft and Virginia Saul, sophomores, Patricia Rhodes and Geraldine Snave- ly, freshmen, and two flower girls, Jean Stipe and Kathy McCarney. Following the greeting of the guests, the crowning of the Queen, and the Vir- ginia Reel, was the prsentation of trophies. Delta Gamma and Phi Mu Sororities shared athletic honors, Delta Gamma winning intramural hockey and volleyball cups and Phi Mu winning the soft- ball and basketball trophies, while Alpha Xi Delta received the scholarship cup. The Women's Athletic Association awarded blazers to its out- standing members, Nancy Drier, Edith Matlack, Mildred Wald, and Ada Parker. After the May Pole dance by the freshmen girls, Queen Sarah Jean Fuss directed the chang- ing of classes. At the evening program in the gymnasium the mothers were heartily welcomed by Mrs. Henry W, A, Hanson, the Campus Mother, by Dorothy Hamme, speaking for the daughters, and by Philip Lightner, speaking for the sons. Mrs. Ar- thur H. Hendley responded as a representative of the mothers. The program was climaxed by a short one-act comedy, "Evening Dress Indispen- sable," presented by the Owl and Nightingale Club. Shortly afterward informal get-togethers 5 I T I E S in honor of mother were sponsored by the living groups throughout the campus. A Sunday church service was held in the gymnasium, where Dr. Hanson delivered an inspiring sermon bringing this weekend to a successful conclusion. ALL-SCHOOL DANCE Friday and Saturday evenings, the thirteenth and fourteenth of May, found the students dressed in their best at the All-College Dance in the Eddie Plank Memorial Gymnasium. Sponsored by the Pan Hellenic Council, the Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil, and the Student Chest fund, the dance was the first of its kind to be given at Gettysburg College. A cry.stal ball reflected lights on colored lanterns and awnings around the gym and on the boy and girl silhouettes by the gym entrance. The queen's throne was surrounded by a picket fence, flowers, and colorful umbrellas. The garden scene was set in front of the stage. and well illustrated the theme of the "Spirit of Spring." Highlights of the week-end included the music by Duke Ellington and his nationally known band, and the crowning of Bob Hope's choice for the 1950 Spectrum queen, Mary Alice Hartranft. Dance chairman John Blair announced the beauty court and their escorts as the couples stepped to their positions around the queen's throne. Geraldine Snavely and Sarah Jean Fuss were chosen first and second attendants to the queen respectively. The remainder of the Court included Ruth Hoops, Betty Shaub, Carolyn Lee, Ginny Saul, jackie Sneeder, Ruth Brinkman, Lois Kerstetter, Pat Rhoads, Jane Heilman, Anne Bru- baker, Evelyn Fowler, and Rosanne Wohlfarth. Mrs. Henry W. A. Hanson crowned the queen XS X X S ww XXX mu.-mmwwme XXX X XXXXX- fs XS 'S my XX S N :NX X NF sg NX XXX X 5 SSX Xv NS XXX XXX X XX 2 XSS A ,, X X - ft' XX XFX. - X X ' XX ft. X f Xgrg' XX -X .X , XXX. 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The gayety of this long-awaited weekend com- menced on Friday evening when the fraternities held their formal dances. Summer tuxedoes were the prevailing mode of attire for the men, while the women wore a picturesque variety of summer evening gowns. A majority of the formal dances were held at selected places away from the campus. Fine orchestras provided the music for the eve- ning's entertainment which lasted until one in the morning. For those whose vitality had ebbed after a night of strenuous dancing, there were numerous fraternity picnics held on Saturday afternoon in order that the vigor could be renewed. Caledonia State Park, Arendtsville Fair Grounds, and Fuller Lake were a few of the sites chosen for the picnics. The gay revellers returned to their respec- tive fraternity houses for an evening of informal dancing after an afternoon of softball and other outdoor activities spent among the scenic wonder- lands of the surrounding mountain country. The weekend had Hnally come to an end leaving fond memories to recount later on in the year. GRADUATION 1949 Gettysburg College,s one hundred and seven- teenth Commencement ceremonies were held on the campus from June 3rd to June 6th, Examinations had ended on Thursday, and the seniors were now preparing to participate in their final college func- tion. The reactions to this great moment in the life of a college student were varied, some were sad at the thought of leaving Gettysburg, while others were jubilant and eager to face the chal- lenge that life of today presents to a college graduate. Many alumni were present Friday evening for the Alumni Council dinner meeting held in Huber Hall. A total of three hundred and fifty-two seniors attended the Alumni Collation buffet luncheon as guests on Saturday. Later in the af- ternoon, the traditional Ivy Day ceremony was held at the south side of Weiden.sall Hall. Follow- ing the Ivy Day ceremony, class reunions were held throughout the campus. President Hanson held a reception for the seniors on Saturday evening which was followed by the Alumni Dance in the Eddie Plank Memorial Gymnasium. The Baccalaureate Service was con- ducted Sunday morning with the Reverend Dwight F. Putman, D.D., delivering the sermon. Sunday evening, the College Choir presented a program in the gymnasium for the listening plea.sure of the seniors and alumni. The graduation ceremonies were held Moiiday morning with the Academic Procession followed by the Commencement exercises held at ten o'clock in the college gymnasium. The Honorable Clinton P. Anderson, United States Senator from New Mexico, delivered the commencement address. Dr. Robert W. Bowen, Chairman of the Commence- ment Committee, and his associates had done a A ctr 1 V splendid job in making this one of Gettysburg College's finest graduation ceremonies. MEN'S CUSTOMS The upperclassmen who returned to college in September were greeted upon their arrival by one of the largest freshman classes in Gettysburg College History. The easily distinguishable fresh- men were seen wandering around the campus dressed in the customary attire of orange dinks, black ties, and black socks. Freshman customs were in full effect to the dismay of the newly indoctrin- ated college men. The mental anguish could be plainly seen upon the faces of the freshmen about the campus, especially, when groups of evil upper- classmen entered Old Dorm to ask an unsuspect- ing freshman to sing the Alma Mater correctly or be placed on the Tribunal list. Distorted rumors concerning the devices used by the Tribunal ran rampant throughout many freshman gatherings. Those freshmen who ran afoul of customs were subjected to the torture of Roman Holidays, and each week the guilty ones were seen carrying enormous suitcases, sporting fish placed appro- priately near their noses, or wearing skirts from which masculine legs extended. The thought up- permost in the minds of the freshmen was: When will this constant misery cease? The long awaited Tug O' War between the freshmen and the world- ly sophomores arrived. The tussle was a bitter one, but the gallant freshmen emerged victorious to the infinite joy of all concerned. Ar last, customs, the blight of all freshmen, had come to an end. GIRLS' CUSTOMS Freshman customs of the year ,49-'50 were I T I E S characterized by a mass of orange dinks appearing on the heads o-f all the weary coeds. For four weeks, the girls wore no make-up but dangled name signs, G-books, and matches on a string around their necks. This was by no means the only phase of customs, weekly tribunal sessions were held, during which offenders of the previous week were accused of their crimes before perform- ing for upperclassmen. The penalties usually consisted of a variety in dress-such as the ad- dition of five hats, a dunce cap, or five suitcases to be carried to each class. The oddities were, of course, accompanied by an extra sign, hung around the neck with every day requirements. Special days which concluded each week consisted of special dress, perhaps baby clothes, raincoats and umbrellas, or 20 signs pinned to clothes in clashing colors. Freshmen had the honor of wear- ing pajamas, bathing caps, and clothes inside out and backwards to football games where they formed a line to applaud the team as the players charged on to the field. Customs ended one wonderful Friday in Huber Hall living room with a brief ceremony for all coeds. Although the freshmen dreaded customs, they felt than this orientation program welcomed them to G-Burg and enriched the beginning of their Collegiate life. , FATHER'S DAY Among the numerous college traditions at Gettysburg, none has assumed a more prominent place than the weekend dedicated to our Fathers. Qver five hundred parents visited the campus for the celebration of Father's Day on October 8 and 9. Some parents began the weekend by at- tending classes with their sons and daughters, V:-W-.qumwAxmmmw--QQ-Qm mNwmxmx 1 . wma-vm-www -M - 1, , vmxwf A. . ,nwxwmwmwmmnw,,N-wmsfmmmwan emrwm1w-'ann1:mmf,-smssmxmwxwwczmwwwmxww-ww:m:1'mvnmmmeawww-sw:wmsmxm,m-ww'mmm X NX N qx NX www ms X x Q a x: dig, ax . be xxX X Xxx x we wx F ...A ' ,bam G S X x ws YR v -' s Q P Nb Q xxxx, X SN -N QQ 'S ik ,. N , QM . ' 2 , , ' ' Q N S A X 2 g, ., X U 3 S ':5NAMiE' Y W V- . 553 SS? 'W Q ' N 'X asia- :' X Q . 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The impressive get-together in the Eddie Plank Memorial Gymnasium rendered a most hearty salutation to all parents and guests. Having first been welcomed to the college by Dr. Henry W. A. Hanson, greetings from the coeds and the boys were delivered by Lynn Leibfried and Gordon Grigsby. Dr. Chester Simonton of York, Penn- sylvania, responded in behalf of the fathers. Group singing led by Howard Humphries and a one-act comedy, staged by the Owl and Nightingale Club, closed the program. The fathers were then invited to Weidensall Hall and various fraternity houses for smokers. To soberize and climax the weekend on Sunday morning a special church service was held in the gymnasium, President Hanson addressed the con- gregation. These programs were initiated at Gettysburg College in 1924. They are considered a priceless opportunity to have our fathers join in the closer relationship of college life with each and every son and daughter. A most sincere and genuine welcome is extended as an authentic tribute to the devotion and love for our dads. HOMECOMIN G WEEKEND This year's annual Homecoming Weekend was observed on Saturday, November 5th. Alumni, young and old, returned to the campus to renew old acquaintances, and bring back nostalgic mem- ories of their former undergraduate days. The weekend fell appropriately on the date of Gettys- burg's crucial football encounter with Bucknell University. A giant-size pre-game rally was held in the gymnasium on Friday evening. The fervor of the student body was extremely high at the rally as was evidenced by the response given to the direction of the cheers led by rejuvenated cheer leaders. At the conclusion of the gymnasium rally, everyone gathered along Carlisle Street to witness Gettysburg's -first parade of floats. The Booster Club was the sponsor of this annual event which is to take place each year during the football season. The fraternity which entered the best float in the competition was to receive an appro- priate trophy. The parade was led by the football band to the center square where the judging was to take place. The ffoats were very unique in de- sign and detail, some featured still 'life motifs, while others had huge cardboard originations which forecast the ultimate defeat of the Bucknell Bison. Phi Sigma Kappa was judged the winning fraternity with their float which represented a buffalo hunt consisting of Indian scouts and Buffalo Bill. The parade of floats was highly suc- cessfull and culminated a fine pre-game rally. Saturday morning found the campus vibrating with excited anticipation for the forthcoming foot- ball game. The temperature had dropped during the night, and the majority of fans arrived at the game dressed in their warmest apparel. The game itself is now a legend in the annals of Gettysburg football history. The alumni present at the game had the honor of witnessing the most thrilling game of Gettysburg's 1949 football season in the form of a 34-33 defeat of Bucknell. After the exciting game, alumni and under- graduates returned to the warmth of the fraternity houses to have dinner and recapitulate the high- lights of the game. Several dances were held .in the .houses Saturday evening which climaxed a perfect Homecoming Weekend. A C T I V I T I E S CHRISTMAS HOUSE PARTIES Scholastic interest at Gettysburg began a notice- able decline as preparation for the annual Christ- mas House Party Weekend gained momentum during the week of December 5, 1949. This func- tion, generally regarded by most of the student body as the outstanding social event of the col- lege year, proved to be no exception to the pre- vailing opinion. The weather was inclined to be unruly, but fortunately, it failed to hamper the spirit of the festivities. With the customary influx of imports and our own college co-eds, the weekend began with a sumptuous dinner at the various fraternities. The formal dances, complete with the girls in ravish- ing gowns and the fellow.s in tuxedoe.s, were held later in the evening. Many fine musical aggrega- tions, such as, Red McCarthy, Bill Jones, Leigh- ton McNulty, and Howard Gale, were engaged by the fraternities for their respective dances. The evening was culminated by the popular after-the- dance parties which lasted until the early hours of the morning. In the 'traditional custom of our campus, the determination of the best fraternity house decora- tion in line with the Christmas theme was held on Friday evening. The ten presidents of the fraternity houses comprised the board of judges whose basis for selection was theme, originality, and workmanship. When the final tabulation was given, Kappa Delta Rho was announced as the winner of the competition. The theme of Kappa Delta Rho consisted of the supplanting o-f Santa Claus' reindeer by a locomotive which represented the mechanistic age. This theme showed originality coupled with purpose and be- came a reality only through extensive work. There were many other fine house decorations which evidenced the same properties and added infinitely to the Christmas beauty of the campus. Saturday morning found the usual number of absences in class attendance. Those who- did at- tend class were not too respondent to the lectures. After regaining their energy during the after- noon, the festive-minded students attended in- formal dances held during the evening. Sunday afternoon a somber air fell upon the campus, the impo-rts had left, the students rested, and the campus began the slow recovery to a normal pace, IF C DANCE The annual Autumn Dance sponsored by the Interfraternity Council was held on the weekend of November 18th and 19th. The campus was a scene of excitement Friday afternoon with every- one making last-minute preparations to assure a successful weekend. The formal dance on Fri- day evening was held in the gymnasium. The pro- fesional decorators had done a splendid bit of work to transform the gymnasium into a wonder- ful ballro-om. The mixture of the dancing couples in elaborate evening gowns and tuxedoes with the decorations provided a dazzling spectacle. The ethereal qualities of the Ray McKinley Orchestra permeated the atmosphere to the sublime delight of the gay couples present. The dance ended at one o'clock with everyone having an extremely enjoyable evening. There was no football game on Saturday after- noon, and the majority of the couples therefore, spent the available time in pursuit of their favorite pastimes in preparation for Saturday evening's informal dance. Central Pennsylvania's renowned Red McCarthy and his Orchestra provided the musical efforts for the dancers on Saturday evening. The dancing was not as vigorous Saturday night as it had been the preceding evening, due to the apparent lack of stamina as a result of Friday night's activities. Upon the conclusion of the dance, the couples spent the remainder of the evening discussing the fine weekend which was had by all. W :-. 4 Xe S s . fu uv!-.tux 4' Q 4. 4 xxx A 5-Mx mwwmw wm mw -uw:-1: Nw-fi-.wwwwwwr.-1:wawbmxmx wwXw4mMwwx xmwxxxxx :::::Qmxmmwzmzzxmxza:mm wmvqcqwqqmfrfmzzazzzNmmwmkfxw mwmmwwwwgmmmamvmwwmvmmwm N .-Q wt-www: -wmv. X.fmA,,wmwwfw,NMww- wmwwwg .,.,. . my f-mx W V. Y - , wwwmmwn-mNw:xfqx.N N.--Nwrz-12,-an A A S S S S R S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S N S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S X S S X S S S X S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S X S S S S S S S S S A S S S S S S S S S S A if S S S X S S S S 2 5 5: S S S S S S ,. 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Nw 1.'7ffX 5 ,E if xi i ' gfwwgkwwww--vw-A--XQXXXXXXQ XX.X..QX.VX.f,4.,,XXX.-. 5 ,,.,X.X..,, :XE J: g s r M, X-X XXX.. X. - LX f ik ' K t 1 XNX ix A SN X XX X ,E XXQQX 'XFN ,Egg wr M X-XX XXX? , 1 . N ,Vs Ri' 'XXNN- . ,, .. m QA X x sw: XM -X 4 COLLEGE CHURCH When the Theological Seminary was founded in Gettysburg in 1826, the stu- dents and faculty worshipped at the St. James Lutheran Church. Since most of the services were conducted in German, it was found that more English preaching was --v --'-Y f ' needed. When the preparatory school of the Seminary had grown to be a college, the commencement exercises were held in the same church, but the actions of the students were not approved by the "staid old Germanv congregation. In fact, from then on they had to talce advantage of the hospitality extended by the Presbyterian Church. In 1836, Christ's Evangelical Lu- theran Church was built to H11 the needs of the college, unique because there was Reverend Wallace E. Fisher in the pulpit-a familiar scene to many students. SNASSSQY , ik, , k x.,. ,. ,,,. ,, 35 N 1 . WX QVWY ., .. , . 4 NM, , SNP? fi X X X ,.... V I' N Q X wx X ex xx X K WN x xxx : : ,- N . QQ ,gf , .M ,N 5 xg, 3,3 QM 'Z' :wiv is uw X kg Q N. X X ss -- SQ: gi j .- :Eng sys f- , :fig ..,, RX 2 sgaxifsszai "-'-' Q' gi X as . 3 my 51 if.: 23,- J S ggi .. X Q tx 2 gi? N., W I Aw 4 Sw! QXXXXX X Nm xx X .. Y Xmwwmmvr SES Y X - XY xofmzxx N 9 -LY ' iii: A X S9 A --x. X Q, x WQQQQQNM-r ww.::.Q. . - .. ,..x .,,,,..., . .,... , ,, ,..,XxxN NWN. x..Xx . ., X X fxsf X M ESX 45 s x First Row, left to right: Lindquist, Richter Ctreasurerj, Forrenbaugh, Johnson, King, Leister fpresidentl, Decker fsecre- taryl, Kutz, Schack, Aurand, Prof. McCai'ney fadvisorj. STUDE CHRISTIAN Dancing WD at the SCA. Ideally stated, the Student Christian Association is a fellowship of undergraduates dedicated to the realiza- tion of a true Christian community. Its purpose is to actively minister to the religious needs of the student body and to carry on, through its committees, various social and philanthropic activities. The Student Christian Association is ably advised by Chaplain Howard McCarney and directed by President Ellwood Leister. With a total membership of 400 and 22 active committees, the SCA includes one-third of the student body, marking it as the largest individual organization on campus. Membership is attained by actively participating on a committee or attending three of the four meetings held each semester. Last September the SCA Council met at Osago Lodge to plan the activities and committee projects for the year. These activities included a program for Fresh- man Week, Church Night, Halloween party, a Christ- mas cantata, several inter-collegiate conferences, and Religion in Life VVeek, which featured prominent Chris- tian speakers. Committee work includes the weekly ves- pers and candlelight services, social action projects, de- votional periods, radio vespers, and other similar activi- ties. The SCA also sponsored the World Student Drive, held last November. The WSD combined the VVorld Student Fund and Lutheran Student Action. 188 Ellie definitely has something to say. Dr. Waltemyer conducts open-air services at the SCA retreat. SS CI I Motley group too much for jeep. Treat at the Retreat. 189 THE COLLEGE CHUIR Let's try again. This year the Gettysburg College Choir, which boasts of being referred to as the "St, Olaf's Choir of the East," after the renowned Minnesota ensemble in the Mid- west, has fifty-five members. The student business manager this year is Don Simon- ton while Rev. Edward K. Stipe represents the faculty on the team which annually schedules the spring trips of the choir. Pro- fessor Parker B. Wagnild is the man who has so superbly molded this organization to its esteemed position. Say "Alu" Few realize the untiring effort that is required to gain the necessary proficiency in group singing which this group is noted for. The annual tour this year will be a de- parture from the trips of the last few years, in that the group will travel to cities in the South. Concerts are scheduled for Martinsburg, W.,Va.g Roanoke, Winches- ter, Newport, and Richmond, Va., Wil- mington, Del.g Camp Lejeune, Charlotte and Kannapolis, N. C. 5 Silver Springs and isps Q wk - x A .OG , .... XNX T N 'L X 'X A K X-figrzfi,-A MSR . .E xlj W Y X N Q' S X X Q Q EX R X X x S3 lx 'W MEQ Qs Nik lk . , .ew Q. , .. x X xg N -3 z: 1 is x fi. g r- x '-:-.421-,wg .I ' ':.::::-:b:-f: 5 ,. . ' ' ':..1.:-' ,' ' Q: 'r X X '.':::2.2:55aisi5g ., :K gsef M- 15. -Q X T-A A .X1 X X, as X X xwwwk Ax x N xx Xa ,. Y Q S Fx s ixg N. ..,::.. . ,,,. , LN.. Q Q- i P X zgs: X N Q X - L 'N -Q. Y W.:-by H X is fx NF J 5 Q X Q Q X N X N X N X Q X N.. N .. X x xxx? X E 2 x 3 1 X , K X x ' N Q ' x EQQE x N. 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S X N X X X Q X X XX W X X x . vim E 5 -' ,N 1 rr. As :ik 'xi KX QI: N1 I '5:i,:2Qf: iiz' . Q. X wx - WX A X g x X X Q X X N X N gx X X x M X X G X XXX X . XSXN X Nix X xg g a XXX X X X X , X x XXXXEEEEQNE: -- X! -N ,, x1ws.1.5 -Hi ' x .Q M.,- j , .. A'-'P 1 if -a n Q Q S '. . E1 3 X X"' I f f A'V'Q "A '--- 'Q'--' 2 .A ' ' 5953 . X . R S if Q gg is ' X K .K ' 5m GETTYSBURG CHRISTIAN FELLO SHIP First Row, left to right: Baron, Aungst, Ross fpresidentj, Teeter fsecretary - treasurerj , MacDonald, Soderberg. An organization whose purpose is to interest the student in the reading of his Bible as well as to discuss it, is the Gettysburg Chris- tian Fellowship. At least once a week a Bible study class is held at which time the students discuss the Bible or have some speaker in the field of religion speak to them. The organization also strives to meet daily in small prayer groups. First Row, left to right: Lindquist fpresidentl, Schlack Qvice presi- clentj , Cochrane fsecretary-treasurerj , Aurand, Dr. Waltemyer fadvisorj. Second Row: Strang, Sause, Ruby, Leister, Ogasawara, Segner, Allan, Zellers, Vetter. Third Row: Mac- Donald, McDaniel, Soderberg, Wag- ner, Kutz, Best, Wright. The Pre-Ministerial As- sociation is, as its name im- plies, an association of the divinity students on Campus. This group is open to stu- dents of all denominations and is organized to give bet- ter preparation to those plan- ning to enter a seminary and to stimulate free discussion on subjects related to the Ministry. Outside the College, the members conduct full evening and Luther League services for churches within a fifty mile radius. At their regular monthly meeting prominent religious speakers talk on subjects of interest to pre- ministerial students. Dr. Wal- temeyer is the faculty ad- visorg Ted Lindquist, presi- dentg Ted Schlack, vice pres- identg and Bill Cochran, sec- retary-treasurer. PRE M NISTERI L ASSGCIATIG WOMEN'S DEBATE TEAM First Row, left to right: Kellow, Oswald, Seitzinger, DeMoch fassistant manager, , Mick- ley lmanagerj, Serfass, Wertman, Buck. Sec- ond Row: Fortenbaugh, Thompson, Kerstetter, Newlyn, Berger, Hicks. WOMAN'S DEBATE TEAM With a membership of 13, the Woman's Debate team has as its purpose to further woman's forensic activities on campus and to represent Gettysburg Col- lege on other campuses. The squad is coached by Professor Harry Bolich, while Lillian Mickley serves as student manager and Bertha DeMoch as assistant manager. The team plans to hold its annual pre-season clinic at Gettysburg in December. During the debating sea- son, which opens in February, there is a definite trip scheduled to the Pittsburgh area and tentative jour- neys to either the Philadelphia or Allentown region. The squad also plans to debate local colleges during the year. EBATE TEA S The Debate team goes a long way to prove its point. In fact, on four trips, it travels to New York, New England, and all points South. Then other debate teams come here to argue our team on its own ground. On December 1, six schools came to Gettysburg for an Oregon style pre-season clinic. All this was simply to prove whether or not "the United States government shall nationalize all basic non-agricultural industries." In weekly meetings with Lou Hammann, manager, John Rys and Carey Moore, assistant managers, and Professor Harry Bolich, advisor, the debators discuss their purpose in debating. -an A as-fs' W We-X' A be 'T-Yif'S1ifQRQsT.2r.: a. Fas, s MEN'S DEBATE First Row, left to right: Raslcin, Rys, Hammann fmanagerj, Moore, Schwei- zer. Second Row: Glatfelty, Aldstadt, Reho, Fitz Patrick fsecretaryj, Buyer, Kulp, Klingler. ' First Row, left to right: E. Miller, Gambacorta, Ryberg, McVicker fpresidentjy Prof. McCai'ney fadvisorj, Harris, Schweizer. Second Row: Fegcly, Segner, Morgenfruh. DEPE DE Those men on campus who are not in fraternities are represented by the Indepen- dent Men. Operating under Eugene Mc- Vicker, their president, the group formu- lates their various members into dilferent squads which take part in the intramural athletics. The men are also represented on campus by Ted Ryberg, a member of the senate, George Levenclis, tribunal represen- tative, and Buclcy Harris, the head of their 198 intramural sports. The group has a meeting in the fall of the year at which time they formulate their various committees and lay their plans for the coming year. They try to organize interesting activities for the independent men, and on Father's Day and Mother's Day they sponsor programs in the S.C.A. building. This year's advisors are Rev. Edward Stipe and Professor Her- bert Hamme. X x XX N R X Y. X1 N, X D. . Q Lg X X X, K-X XX ' 5 :XXX - ag X -:fs.i-XX - N X XX ' - 5' X X N A RX X Q X Q3 5 XX ' f X -X , ' S KS " 'IF . XX E"'1'- 1:-2:5Eg:S3,r'E:x?i?iwiX-:Ns SXXXX Y 5- , A f WBH X is X- - XXX X X ,k,. sk A X Y X 1 X , N X Y X Y 5 N ' X X fi 1Xl"NNfWr' .,,.. 5 gf - -' X ' X F' M in . S X ww? ASW X: ' -- ' A ' ""' I " x ' A X, t , X- X X S ,X , -:X v ,wi ' . X - ' N X - X X A X g,-g N ' X X , -XXX, ' ' f':ffE::':'NfXw ' . 'g :NAA T' X -- 1 - f X X 5' ,-XI 'A K X X. . X T? X X X X"- X E " , x,.. Q X I I , ' SE X -"--Q-- X 'Q" -X fX S M Wrfiis X. - TX " X X1 ' fm - SNHMEXS-g' x NX X XX? :f.-If-rr: -1Q:x..51...'::5X:1:s5::.,sfswzssags X g Q , ' ANSQNS 5 ., a X 1 A ' X """"-' 2 Q EX X -"' 1 ' X. 'V ' A XX X N X XR KX X M XX . ..,,. , N QI.: i QXX XX fig? X. X' X X :Xp -X -fe r X, , X N- Xi XXX. N- XX AX XXX-Xgm u . X m y , I X Q X 2 X was- ww... QNX x X -X NK X'--xv X XX-X x"i:Q5- XX XXNXX-S-NX X XX . .,., XMXUX ,.., X XX X N XXX kk XXxXx xx X X RX X N 7 k X 1 Q N XSS X S-AX Xyk X-X X X X -XXX SXXXQX X '5Ej,5X . X X ' ,X X SRX ,X X ' XX X 5 X X X sX'N SXXXX XXNXNX :X-XR ' X Xzrgf. 'A fx- '- XX X ws H X X XSS: N X X - .. -X XX XF :.22f. f NX? Fi L X X Y W X S X X K , - iff? X 9 X 2 S X NSXQXXXQNQX QN X X 212?- XXM X- -X X X Vi-YSEX WX? X X-2 l"'x', X X f X X? AQ' X QQ? f X. " 'f XX X 'E :E f' X- TY a k' X' S X X X X W- Q5: Ni . " 59 5 Q '- XXX ' XX. X ' XJ X XXXX S:- -i i, XX -XXQ Ft.-EX X ' 3 xl " -XXX: XXXQXX 'xf,jy,., X 5 S- mmf ' SSW X SN. . . X x X X X X , X X N XXXXXXX XXX X XX X W A' wg., 4 XX NX-axis . X Q .XXXY-XN Q X,::i:XX :XX . All day suckers. Chi O pledges on parade. Chi Omega founded in 1895 at University of Arkansas...Largest sorority in America, with IOS chapters... First national sorority on campus . . .Tau Delta granted charter in 1937 . . . Cardinal and straw . . . VVhite Carnation. Among the year's events were the Eleusinian banquet . . .Trips to the county home... Christmas party with the Phi Gams for underprivileged children . . . Alumni's party for the actives and pledges. Chi Omega presents four cheerleaders, Lou Ruggerio, Bettie VVohlfarth, Gerry Snavely, and Pat Keener...Liz Ann Lott rules VVomen's Student Government.. . Gerry Snavely is secretary-treasurer of VV.S.G., while Christa Ewaldsen and Josie Slifer represent their classes in the group . . . VVomen's Athletic Association president is Anne Brubaker, with Josie Slifer as secretary-treasurer...Ruthe Fortenbaugh presides over Tau Kappa Alpha, holds position of literary editor on the Gettysburgian staff...Pan-Hellenic Council minutes are written by Jeanne Han- kins, while Lou Ruggerio keeps the records of Kappa Delta Epsilon .... OFFICERS Left to Right: Warricr, Treasurerg Ruggerio, Sec- rctaryg Hankins, Pledge Nlistressg Fortenbaugh, Presidentg Lott, Vice-President. CHI CMEGA - is Q - Q msnmmssas mu, sessm:fnsmxm MEMBERS SENIORS Anne Brubaker, Christa Evvaldson, Ruthe Fortenbaugh, Jeanne Hankins, Elizabeth Ann Lott, Sandra Luhrs, Lillian Mickley, Louise Striekler, Mary Warner, Natalie Wible. JUNIORS Lois Callard, Martha Herman, Shirley Martin, Lucille Ruggiero. SOPHOMORES Coral Buck, Virginia Hall, Alice Plank, Dorothy jane Rommel, Jane Seitzinger, Joanne Slifer, Geraldine Snavely, Jacquelyn Sneeder, Bettie Wohlfarth. FRESHMEN June Bergen, Constance Cramer, Patricia Keener, Genevieve Lotz, Betsy Paul, Eleanor Rodgers, Charlotte Rogers, Phyllis Shearer, Jean Swindells, Rose Swisher. First Row: Luhrs, XVible, Ewalclson, Ruggerio, Lott, Fortenbaugh, Hankins, War'ner, Brubaker, Mickley, Strickler. Second Row: Seitzinger, Martin, Rommel, Callard, Herman, Plank, Snavely, Sneeder, Slifer, Wohlfarth, Rodgers. Third Row: Hall, Keener, Swisher, Rodgers, Swin- dells, Bergen, Shearer, Buck, Cramer, Lotz, Paul. TAU DELT CHAPTER Come out from behind that tree. Rocky seat. Delta Gamma Fraternity...Founded originally in 1874, in Oxford, Mississippi...Came to Gettysburg campus in 1937 via Beta Lambda chapter of DG...Girls may be identified by gold and white anchors... Cream colored rose . . . Bronze, pink, and blue. Social life began with hayride for new pledges...Fashion show, highlight of spring calendar...Formal dance for seniors in spring...Sch0larship cup for second semester of 1948-I949...Volley ball and hockey trophies for same year. Ann Creutzburg, president of Pan-hell . . . Annie Foster, on cheering squad . . . Marion Jones, assistant news editor for GettysI1urgian...Barb Foulkrod, president of K.D.E .... Ruth Ballantyne, assistant advertising manager of Get- Iysburgian . . . Ginny Saul and Lois Kerstetter on Beauty Court... Susie Hunsberger, active sports woman ...Annie Fellenbaum chosen for Who's Who. . .Two Phi Beta Kappas in class of ,49 . . . Barb Hendley, Ginny and Helen Saul, Cindy Shearer, Jeannie Sloop, Janie Deardorff, Lois Berensman, in the college choir. OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Thompson fTreasurerj, Fel- lenbaum lVice-Presidentj, Foullcrod fPrcsidentJ. Standing: Tittle fllccordinrz Secretaryj, Vart QCor- rcsponding Secretaryj. DELTA GAMMA MEMBERS SENIORS Ann Creutzburg, Ann Fellenbaum, Barbara Foulk rod, Emily Morse, Harriet Thompson, Marian Vart. JUNIORS Lois Berensman, Cynthia Bobb, Bertha DeMoch, Caroline Peery, Virginia Saul, Phyllis Tittle. SOPHOMORES Ruth Ballantyne, Phyllis Cessna, Patricia Emlet, Ann Foster, Carol Fuhro, Joyce Grosser, Barbara Hendley, Susan Hunsberger, Marian jones, Lois Kerstetter, Charlotte Loehler, Marguerite Mickley, Cynthia Shearer. FRESHMEN Marian Brudin, Geraldine Carota, Elizabeth Clement, Jane Deardorff, Dianna Duncan, Helen Saul, jean Sloop, Phyllis Truchses, Jeanne Waltemyer, Nancy Wieand. First Row, left to right: Handley, Saul, Creutzburg, Vart, Tittle, Foulkrod, Fellenbaum, Thompson, Mickley, Loehler, Foster. Second Row: Jones, Shearer, Hunsberger, Emlet, Kerstetter, Bobb, Cessna, Ballanty ne, Peery, Berensman, Fuhro, Sloop. Third Row: Deardorff, Waltemeyer, Corota, DeMoch, Saul, Brudin, Duncan, Wieatid, Grosser, Truchees, Clement. if we .ff BETA LAMBDA CH PTER 203 Your hand can't be that bad! What's so funny, Gilbert? Founded at VVesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, in January, 1852. . . Second oldest woman's fraternity.. . Drew national charter in January 1945 to become Beta Pi chapter of Phi Mu... Rose and white . Enchantress carnation. Held week-end pledging ceremony at the college cabin .. . Party for actives given by pledges..'.Won 1948-49 intramural basketball and softball trophies...VVell represented in varsity sports. Ginny Decker, Junior class vice-president and S.C.A. secretary...Margaret Blanchard, head majorette. . . Shir- ley Thomas, SPECTRUM editor...Betty Lou Dinger, senate secretary...1948-49 May queen Sara Jean Fuss with Ruth Hoops as attendant...President Mary Alice Hartranft, 1948-49 SPECTRUM queen, W.S.G. and NV.A.A. vice- president.. . Sal Geiman, Outstanding Junior.. . Pan-Hellenic Council vice-president, Do Gilbert, is also the senior class secretary . . . Claire Armstrong, Mercury circulation manager, co-chairman of the Woman's Dorm Dance. . . Maude Aurand, Gcttysburgian news editor and choir soloist. . . SPECTRUM featurc's editor, Lynn Leibfried, elected secretary of the sophomore class. OFFICERS First Row: Shoemaker, Treasurer, Shields, Secre- tary, Hartranft, President, Gilbert, Vice-President. PHI MU . ..-... - .,-., .- ...- wmmm1nnmnw..ssmmms.wmemu.R --- m y MEMBERS SENIORS Betty Lou Dinger, Christine Geiman, Dorothy Gilbert, Faye Nebinger, Jean Rost CSocial Sisterj, Ruth Shoemaker, Barbara Zeigler. JUNIORS Maude Aurand, Lorraine Correll, Virginia Decker, Nila Grimm, Mary Alice I-Iartranft, Marilyn Haussmann, Bar- l bara Mogel, janet Schultz QSocial Sisterj, Isabel Shields, Elizabeth Stettler, Shirley Thomas. l SOPHOMORES Claire Armstrong, Margaret Blanchard, Marianne Bracey, Ruth Ann Golf, Helen Knubel, Barbara Hislop, JoAnn Huber, janet Leibfried, Thalia Tichenor. . l FRESHMEN l Barbara Aierstock, Fern Carr, Ann Foose, Dorothy Kellow, Phyllis Lidoff CSocial Sisterj, Marilyn Moser, Georgia l Oswald, Marie Seebade, Dorothy Senft. l First Row: Knubel, Nebinger, Zeigler, Gaiman, Thomas, Shoemaker, I-Iartranft, Gilbert, Sheilds, Dinger, Hausman, Corn-ell. Second Row: y Licloff, Schultz, Rost, Tichenor, Bracey, Decker, Liebfried, Goff, Armstrong, Huber, Stettler, Mogel. Third Row: Seebade, Kellow, Moser, l Aierstock, Foose, Oswald, Hislop, Blanchard, Aurand, Carr, Senft. W V4 gfftll 'b B E I A P I C l E 205 Ruth must like her G-Book. Rogue's Regiment. Alpha Zi Delta founded in 1893 at Lombard College, Galesburg, Illinois.. .Beta Chi Chapter granted charter at Gettysburg in 1948 . . . Formerly Chi Alpha Sigma local . . . Colors double blue and gold . . .Pink rose. Awarded scholarship cup at May Day ceremony, ,49 . . . Five Phi Beta Kappa's among last year's graduates . . . Fall cabin party in honor of new girls... Pledges gave dance for actives. . . Formal initiation banquet at Hotel Gettysburg. President Betty Phleger attended national convention at French Lick, Indiana...Elaine Serfass, sports writer of Getiysburgian, elected secretary-treasurer of debate team...Janet Kloter, Barb Slothower lend their voices to choir.. . Carol Crock wields hockey stick for varsity. ..Ruth Brinkman on Senate, heads SCA radio vespers.. . Eva Zinner, winner of Baum math prize . . . Mercury member Arline Slifer.. . Gettysburgian writers Allie Davies. Shirley Brockman, Gladys Hicksinjoyce Combs and Fran Teran altar bound after graduation. OFFICERS Left to Right: Combs, Membership Chairmang Zin- ner, Corresponding Secreraryg Kipsey, Recording Secretaryg Serfass, Vice Presidentg Kloter, Treasurerg Phleger, President. ALPHA I DELTA mqmgmm MEMBERS SENIORS Joyce Combs, Betty Phleger, Frances Teran. JUNIORS Ruth Brinkman, Wanda Carroll, Wilda Carroll, Nancy Shanehrook, Eva Zinner. SOPHOMORES Dorothy Curfman, Alice Davies, Lois Kipsey, Janet Kloter, Patricia Lingenfelter, Margaret Moul, Joanne Pursel, Marilyn Schaad, Elaine Serfass, Lee Welsh. FRESHMEN Nancy Baker, Jane Bowers, Shirley Brockmann, Carol Crock, Pauline Dale, Lorraine Hartman, Gladys Hicks, Pa- tricia Oyler, Eleanor Mangels, Helen Myers, jane Ramer, Arline Slifer, Barbara Slothower, Nancy Wertman, Lil- lian Whittingtoll. First Row, left to right: Moul, Lingenfelter, Shanebroolc, Kloter, Zinner, Phleger, Kipsey, Combs, Serfass, Carroll, Ramer. Second Row: Slothouer, Wertman, Myers, Baker, Schaad, Dailies, Crock, Whittington, Carroll, Bowers, Hicks. Third Row: Curfman, Slifer, Pursel, Brinkman, Brochmann, Welsh, Mangels, Hartman, Oyler, Dale. 209 I i . 1 l 's . . Y First Row, left to right: Combs, Hankins, Creutzburg fpresidentj, Gilbert. Second Row: Zinncr, Ruggiero, Decker, Saul. Smiling confidently above are senior Pan Hellenic officers: Dottie Gilbertg Ann Creutz- berg, Presidentg Jeannie Hankins. n COUNCIL The Wonien Greeks or the Pan Hellenic Council is organized to bring about harmony and good will among the sororities. This group is composed of a senior, a junior, and an alumna repre- sentative from each of the four national sororities on campus, with Dean Dorothy S. Lee as faculty advisor. The council elects the ofiicers, one of which is from each sorority. At the monthly meetings, campus relations and rushing are. discussed. When problems arise, workshops are held in each of the sorority rooms in Stevens Hall and free discussion of the problems is participated in by all the Coeds with recommenda- tions being sent to the Pan Hellenic Council. This year Ann Creutzberg is presidentg Dottie Gilbert, vice- presidentg Joyce Combs, 'treasurerg and Jeanne I-Iankins, sec- retary. 208 First Row, left to right: O'Day, Eifert, Wieand ftreasurerl, Bair fpresiclentl, Rommel fvice presidentj, Bundrick Csecrctaryj. Second Row: Wallace, Rock, Tarrnan, Finney. TER-FR TER ITY C0 NCIL The I.F.C. with its advisor, Dr. Frank H. Kramer, is the rul- ing body of campus fraternity men. It exists for the promotion of harmony and good will between the men's Greek letter societies. All campus-wide programs of the fraternities fall under their jurisdiction. Fraternities may make suggestions to the I.F.C. for action and it formulates fraternity rushing rules. Socially, twice a year, the Council sponsors I.F.C. Dance Weekends, each of which consists of a formal Friday night and an informal Saturday night. Arrangements for exchange dinners between the fraternities and awards for the fraternities' Christmas decorations fall under the I.F.C.'s wings. As a philanthropical gesture, the fraternities with the guidance of the I.F.C support a war orphan. The wheels that make the machine roll are Johnny Bair, presidentg Mac Rommel, vice-presidentg Ray Bundrick, secretaryg and Dick Wieand, treasurer. ' ' 209 First Row, left to right: Bundrick, Wieand Bair, Rommel. MEMBERS SENIORS William Albright, Comer Atland, John Bair, Richard Heintzelman, Dean Kern, Allen Larson, Joseph Leckrone, William Lollich, Laird McKay, Marlet Ness, William Ogden, Donald Simonton, Harry Wisotzkey, Dale Yingst, Charles Needham. JUNIORS Paul Bell, Charles Carlson, Richard Carson, James Dyson, Warren Green, Robert Grove, Laurence Hughes, Samuel jones, Thomas Kraemer, Walter Mountain, Frederick Shearer, Donald Shintaku, Donald Young, Robert Arendt. SOPHOMORES A Henry Belber II, William Conner, Ir., Jack Cromwell, Charles Granger, George Hare, Marlin Moore, Milton Plantz, George Proctor, Robert Scheon, Reed Seiders, Edgar Sterrett, James Tarman, Theodore Woutersz, John Ziegler, Alexander Griest, Richard Lloyd. . , FRESHMEN William Black, Edward Brownley, Russel Bamberger, Charles Close, Robert Crawford, Robert Dickson, William Ewing, Howell Foster, Thomas Gearey, III, James Herbst, Russell Hess, Ralph Knoll, Richard Leisman, Bruce McKay, Sheldon St. Clair, Joseph Stevenson, George Van Lenten, Edward Williams, Harold Wright. First Row, left to right: Arendt, Close, McKay B., Ewing, Hess, Herbst, Gearey, St. Clair. Second Row: Greist, Knoll, Leisman, Bamberger, Crawford, Lloyd, Brownley, Foster, Williams, Wright. Third Row: Shearer, Jones, Shintaku, Kern, Simonton, Bair, Green, Carlson, Ness, Heintzelman. Fourth Row: Needham, Altland, Carson, Ziegler, Albright, Wisotzkey, Yingst, Mountain, Wouterz, Dickson, Van Lenten. Fifth Row: Lollick, Hare, Conner, Tarman, Proctor, Hughes, Plantz, McKay L., Sterrett, Schoen, Stevenson. PENNSYLVANIA EPSILON CHAPTER 210 N X Lookit all the tropics! Lacly's Day with the Phi Psis. First fraternity founded at Gettysburg-1855 . . . Nationally established at jefferson College-185z.. . Miller Hall oldest fraternity house, in continuous use as such, in country... Social events include: Pledge Tea 8: Dance, Meet- ings of "Epsilon Club," alumni club, Christmas House Partyg Spring jefferson Duo with Phi Gamsg Dinner-Dances for Sororities...VVon all-sports trophy for second straight year. Athletically represented by: Don Young, on Varsity Football, Russ Hess, Bill Ewing, Ed Williams, Bob Dick- son,, Frosh Football.. .Soccerz Chuck Granger.. . Frosh Soccer: Tom Geary, George Van Lenten, Bob Crowford . . .Basketballt Hank Belber, George Hare Baseball: Jim Dyson, George Hare, Don Young...Swimming: Mar- lin Moore... Golf: Milt Plantz, Harry VVisotzkey. Campus Activities include: John Bair, President of I.F.C .... Bob Scheon, President of Tribunal ...Bud Green, Sports Editor of Gettysburgian...Don Simonton, President of Owl and Nightingale, Student Manager of Choir . . .Reed Seiders, Student Senate ...Ted VVoutersz, Cheerleading. OFFICERS Seated, left to right: Yingst, Jones. Standing: Proctor, Green, Simonton fPresidentJ, Bair QVice Presidentl, Bell, Kern. - PHI APP PSI 211 MEMBERS SENIORS john Apple, Donald Dixon, David Finney, John Gilligan, Gordon Grigsby, Walter Kirker, james Koch, Robert McCausland, Robert McCoy, David Miller, Nathaniel A. Pettit, Allison Reese, Ross Sachs, Robert Smith, James Way, William Weaver, J. Kenly Carr. JUNIORS ' Frederick Botterbusch, Richard Cromer, Thomas Faulkner, Robert Grainger, Frank G. Griffith, Robert Hake, Robert Heldrich, VVilliam Keetley, John Leidy, James Lentz, John Lose, William Mateer, Richard, John Mulvihill, William Musselman, Clyde Shafer, john Shellhase, James Soden, Alton Wentzel. SOPHOMORES Robert Aldstadt, David Asch, Kenneth Aungst, T. Chester Bright, Eugene Coder, Daniel Ebbert, Charles Swain. FRESHMEN Richard Barrick, Lee Brown, Duflield Collins, Harry Hamer, Robert Kurz, VVilliam Miles, Howard Pettit, William Rutherford, Gerald Sanders, Frederick Schmitt, VVilliam Stanley, Leonard Smith, Edwin Weaver, Harry Williams, Richard VVilliams, Peter VVilhusen. First Row, left to right: Williams, Homer, Barrick, Weaver. Second Row: Storch, Williams, Collins, Schmitt, Sanders, Third Row: Pettit, Brown, Wilshusen, Asch, Smith. Fourth Row: Apple, Finney, Smith, Miller, Musselman, Dixon, Mrs, Parnell fHousemotherJ, Grigsby, Koch, Shaffer, Buehler, Heldrich. Fifth Row: Soden, Coder, Aungst, Carr, Weaver, Hake, Botterbusch, Griffith, Gilligan, lVlcCausland, Kirker. Sixth Row: Bright, Grainger, Mulvihill, Alclstadt, Lose, Wentzel, Leidy, Swain, Mullen. XI CHAPTER 212 The Nose dances. Twins? Phi Gamma Delta founded in 1848 at jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pa .... Xi Chapter organized here in 1858 .. .Present house built with donations from Harry Lincoln Stahler in 1927.. . March 12-date of Norris Pig Din- ner...Spring House Party Dance held in conjunction with Phi Psi's to celebrate jefferson Duo.. .Winner Christ- mas House Decorations. Athletically represented by: Ross Sachs, Bob McCausland, jack Gilligan, Bud Kirker, Bob McCoy, Tom Faulk- ner, jim Lentz, Al Reese, Bill Keetley, Bill Mateer, Gene Coder, and Jack Schellhase on the gridiron...Basket- ball: Ross Sachs, Bob McCausland, and Gene Coder. . . Soccer: Gordon Grigsby, Bob Heldrich and Jack Leidy . . . Track: Gil Grilhth, Jack Schellhase, and Tom Faulkner. . . Baseball: Bill Buehler and Bud Kirker. Campus leaders: Gordon Grigsby, Editor in chief of the Mercury, President Senior Class, President Pi Delta Epsilon, Captain soccer team...Ross Sachs, Athletic Council, Co-Captain of Football team...Don Dixon, Busi- ness Manager of Merczzry and Radio Station. OFFICERS Seated, left to tight: Grigsby fpresidentj, Mrs. Parnell fl-louse-Motherl, Standing: Dixon fSecre- taryj, Musselman fCorresponding Secretaryj, Prof. Saltzer fFaculty Advisor and Trusteel. PHI GA A DELT l 213 MEMBERS SENIORS Richard Dutrey, Robert K. Johnson, William J. Johnson, Robert Kauffman, David O. Lillich, John B. Morgan, William F. Marks, Harold W. Nubert, Harold C. Pebley, Paul Plastino, Morris R. Prickett, Ralph E. Rock, Robert Schaeffer, Raymond L. Shotwell, William Thomson, Perry Young, Richard M. Houck. JUNIORS Robert Bowers, Paul Brinton, Henry Charlton, Albert H. Cliff, Donald A. Eifert, Charles Fausold, Ronald Fitzkee, Thomas L. Gallagher, Robert Little, Paul J. Lower, Hunter C. McClure, Richard J. Runkel,I3fl1ars.hall Welch, Lawrence E. Welker, Jack L. Williams, Sebastian R. a er. . SOPHOMORES T. William Bailey, Rodney B. Beck, Robert K. Bitner, Kenneth Bowman. John R. Cervino, William K. Chapman, Robert B. Dellabough. James R. Fickel, Frederick B. Hoenniger, Walter J. Kennedy, John E. Koetzle, Allan B. Pannell, Robert L. Pillote, Otto B. Raphael, Gerald E. Royals, Richard E. Scott, C. George Trundle, Richard B. Gilson. FRESHMEN Donald A. Boughter, Bayard A. Burch, Robert G. Ehrman, Donald S. Faust, Ricci W. Fretz, Frederick A. Gettys, Robert L. Hosking, Henry E. Luhrs, Henry Mann, III, Frank B. McElmoyl, Robert G. lVIoore, Charles D. Mudge, Richard B. Riefler, Robert C. Sellers, Charles D. Thomas, Alan B. Washburn. First Row, left to right: Sellers, Welker, Delabough, Boughter, McClure, Parnell, Fredz, Bitner, Moore, Mudge, Ehrman, Cervino, Second Row: Schaeffer, Melch, Lollick, Shotwell, Little, Rock, Kauffman, Morgan, Nubert, Johnson, Burch, Thomas, Greer. Third Row: Scott, Mann, Hoennin- ger, Trundle, Pebley, Kennedy, Bowers, Prickett, Lower, Royals, Beck, Brinron, Johnson. Fourth Row: Gettys, McElmoyl, Riefler, Cliff, Young, Runkel, Eifert, Thompson, Bailey, Gallagher, Fausold, Williams. Fifth Row: Koetzle, Faust, Raphael, Washburn, Chapman, Pilotte, Luhrs, Haskings, Gibson, Fickel, Charleton. THETA CHAPTER 214 Holdin' down the flagpole. Anybody got a pledge pin? Founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, in 1855...Theta chapter organized at Gettysburg in 1863... Original house is on campus between Glatfelter Hall and the gymnasium...Present home presented by John Mc- Pherson in 1922 as a memorial to his wife . . . National fraternity magazine founded at Gettysburg. Traditional sweetheart dance was highlight of spring social events.. . Music by Phil Young and Orchestra . . . Crowning of Lucy Erdley as fraternity sweetheart. . .Pledge and Christmas dances held... Latter preceded by for- mal dinner... House repainted on inside . . . Pledges did work . . . New furniture and rugs for first floor. Varsity football: Bitner, Bailey, johnson, Thomson, Bowman, Fitzkee, Kennedy, Gallagher...Playing freshman football: Boughter, Mudge, Moore...Represented in soccer by Royals, Gibson, Rieller, Mann, Scott...In basket- ball: Kauffman, Beck, Bailey, Bowman . . . Baseball players: Fitzkee, Royals, Bitner, Bowman, Cervino, Bailey, Ken- nedy . . . Won intramural basketball trophy . . . Had an undefeated team, 13-o . . . Bob Little, president of junior class. OFFICERS Left to Right: Cliff, Kauffman, Shotwell, Rock fPresidentj, Little. I C I 215 MEMBERS SENIORS Fred B. Aldinger, Richard A. Beaver, Francis W. Carroll, Vincent C. Changlin, Richard H. Foltz, Charles E. Hall, Donald XV. Hollway, Luther D. Houser, Kenneth H. Houtz, Donald L. Howells, Richard R. Keiser, C. Beck Markel, John R. McNally, M. Eugene Mittel, Charles A. Musselman, John C. Palmer, Palmer R. Watkins, Richard B. Wieand. JUNIORS Alfred Aspen, Jr., Louis J. Hammann III, Marshall T. Heaps, Robert A. Herrold, Jr., Allan W, Holman, Joseph S, Kassouf, James R. Kendall, III, David P. Kepler, Willis L. Long, Douglas G. Martz, Donald R. Mastman, Hugh A. McGaughy, Austin R. Morris, Clarence B. Rogers, David L. Rosborough, William J. White, Robert B. Wieand, SOPHOMORES William A. Blose, George W. Brenholtz, Charles R. Buchholtz, Harold N. Froclc, Harry F. Geng, Robert W, Johnson, William P. Keiser, Bruce M. J. Knauss, Harry J. Koch, Richard S. Krissinger, Ernest J. Kruse, Bruce A. Mahan, Robert H. Trone, Stewart V, Veale, Warren R. Watson. FRESHMEN Robert J. Brumagin, John C. Buyer, Donald L. Cunningham, Will A, Deisroth, William L. Earp, II, John M. Flood, George L. Hall, Joseph B. Hess, Robert E. Hottle, Albert S. Knoettner, Robert A. Pizolato, Louis V. Rogers, Alex T. Rowland, William F. Schafer, Jr., Joseph B. Taylor, Carl A. Wanamaker. First Row, left to right: Whik, Shaeffer, Earp, Pizolato, Hess, Deisers, Taylor, Flood, Rowland, Brumagin, Hottle. Second Row: Markel, Martz, Keiser, Miss Koser QHousemotherJ, Wieand, Hamman, Herrold, Tome. Third Row: Wieand, R., Keiser, Froclc, Krissineer, Kendall, Kipp, Koch, Kanauss, Aldinger, Veale, Rogers. Fourth Row: Rosborough, Hall, Holman, Beaver, Musselman, McGaughy, Mastman, Buck- holtz, Johnson, Mahon. Fifth Row: Wanamaker, Howells, Boyer, Blose, Long, Foltz, Palmer, Aspen, Brenholtz, Houser, Holloway, Mittel. Sixth Row: Carroll, Kassouf, Watkins, Knoettner, Watson, Hall, Rogers, Canningborn, Whittaker, Heaps, Geng, Kruse, Kyler, Morris. PENNSYLVANIA BETA CHAPTER 216 Pill-Peddlers Personified. Phi Delts take another trophy. Phi Delta Theta founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, in 1848...Pennsylvania Beta founded in 1875 ...Penna. Beta established the chapter at Dickinson. Spring House Party at Carlisle Country Club...Leading the campus fraternities in scholarship...Winner of the softball trophy. Dick Beaver, Bud Musselman, and Joe Kassouf on the gridiron...Matmen, Bill Blose and Joe Kassouf... Soccer: Al Aspen, Peck Watkins, Dick Krissinger, Lou Hammann, Ernie Knise...Basketball: Al Holman, Dave Rosborough, Stretch Watson, Bruce Mahon... Swimming: Dick Mastman, and Harry Koch . . .Trackz Dick Mast- man, Stretch Watson, Bruce Knauss, Harry Koch.. . Dick Wieand, Ken Houtz, Doug Martz, Clarence Rogers, Bob Pizalota, and Bob Wieand, manager, on the baseball diamond... Lou Hammann, president Men's Debate. . . Al Hol- man, president of Booster Club . . . Dick Kendall, Band manager.. .Dick Beaver, Athletic Council . . . Don Hollway, Senate representative.. . Dick Wieand, I.F.C. treasurer... VVilly Long, advertising manager of the Gettysburgian. OFFICERS Kneeling, left to right: Martz, Wieand, Standing: PHI DELTA TI-IET Hammann, Trone, Herrold, Keiser fPf9Sid2I'1tJ. 217 MEMBERS SENIORS J. L. Abbott, R. R. Allshouse, L. C. Bausback, R. B. Clyborne, R. Driesback, W. G. Geiselman, P. Haller, R. E. Hannington, G. H. Jones, J. C. Lang, J. K. Long, D. Mathias, D. L. McMorris, C. T. Mellin, P. D. Morris, M. M. Muntz, R. Sheads, F. H. Shimer, Jr., L. E. Soult, E. Straub, jr., W. L. Snyder, E. F. Utich, P. H. Waltersdorf, J. VV. VVarehime, Weigand, G. B. Weigand. JUNIORS H. D. Bikle, A. J. Costanzo, H. H. Fenimore, R. H. Fusmer, H. VV. Glissman, R. M. Griest, H. M. Hostler, J. L. Kane, J. B. Kerr, H. R. Knippl, J. Kuhn, C. L. Liebknecht, G. J. Melhorn, F. Mellin, J. S. Orrendorf, T. E. Wal- tersdorf, H. M. VVhite, Jr. SOPHOMORES C. G. DeSimone, D. N. Dubbs, H. L. Feltman, VV. Hauver, F. R. Mellvorn, VV. S. Noggle, VV. F. Richardson III, B. S. Ried, A. D. Risley, J. G. Soult, J. D. Tedischi, Jr., R. D. Thomas, F. R. Wilhide, K. J. Woodhall. FRESHMEN R. Alber, R. Detwiler, R. Kenyon, R. Kick, W. Lewis, J. Lundstedt, I. L. Robinson, -I. Spangler, W. Spangler. First Row, left to right: Dreisbach, Lundstedt, Detweiler, Robinson, Kenyon, Kick, Kuhn, Franz, Lewis. Second Row: Bausback, Morris, Mc- Morris, Noggle, Glissman, Liebknecht, Shimer, Melhom, Soult. Waltersdorf, Feltman, Dubbs, Fenimore, White, Reed. Third Row: Orendorf, Abbot, Mathias, Straub, Richardson. Fourth Row: Weigand, Clyborn, Lang, Fusmer, Hennington, Melhorn, Costanzo, Tedeschi, Risley, Spang- ler, Soult, Kane, Warehime, Geiselman. Fifth Row: Wilhide, Waltersdorf, Jones, DeSimone, Thomas, Ken, Woodsee. ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER 218 Watch the boidie fellas. Wet and pinless. National organization founded in 1865 at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia. . .Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon chapter at Gettysburg College founded in 1882. VVon second place in the Intrafraternity skit contest and second place in intrafraternity singing during IFC week- end.. . Copped awards for singing and attendance at Province I9 conclave held at Baltimore in March . . . House featured gala decorations for Christmas House Parties . . . Spring House Party held near Boiling Spring, Pa .... Dean Parks of Ohio State University was guest speaker at the annual ATO banquet over IFC weekend . . . Alpha Up- silon took second place in Intrafraternity Wrestling Tournament, sending three men to finals. . . Football team lin- ished in upper brackets of league. Campus leaders include: Cookie Costanzo, business manager of the SPECTRUM ...Howard Feltman, varsity foot- ball . . . Milliard Muntz, president of Sceptical Chymists . . . George Melhorn, sports department of WWGC . . . Fred Mellin, batallion commander of ROTC. OFFICERS Left to Right: Waltersdorf, Liebknecht, Soult, Mel- LPH V lin, Glissman, Melhorn, Shimer. EG 219 MEMBERS SEN IORS Paul E. Clouser, Douglas L. Ensminger, Harvey W. Fishburn, George H. Hamm, Jr., Russel R. Kerns, Bernard R. Kettler, William E Eisenhart, James Knapp, Jr., James E. Long, Graham E. McCutcheon, Charles K. Miller, Warner H. Moore, William S. Moore, Martin T Pavelic, Russel K. Riegel, Edward J. Richter, Richard E. Romberger, Harry F. Rote, Jr., Richard H. Sassman, Louis K. Scheffer, Jr., Harry W. Schlegelmilch, Alden L. Snyder, M. Harvey Taylor, II. JUNIORS Samuel E. Andrew, Henry Arndt, Jr., Richard C. Court, Clarence Diehl, Henry Emrich, Karl B. Etshied, William Fausold, John R. Hersh berger, Michael W. Kretsinger, John A. Larsen, Donald C. MacBean, Leonard A. Nugent, Robert E. O'Brien, Henry W. Parlett, Kenneth M. Rommel, Jr., Donal C. Reeves, John W. Shoop, Robert V. Simon, Ralph Sloan, Jr., Joseph Stevenson, James W. Sullivan, Charles Van Stone. SOPHOMORES Leroy K. Bixby, John W. Clark, K. Danner Clouser, Samuel G. DeSimone. William H. Howe, George Knapp, Lee E. Snook, Lowell N Sowers, Jr., David E. Thomas, James R. Woods, Jr. FRESHMEN William Arvidson, Gary Hanna, Robert Harris, Alan Hershberger, Al Knudson, Jack Lovell, Donald Mayes, Harry Mertz, Charles Nicholas John Nye, Jr., Fred Rice, Vincent Rossetti, Richard Whetstone, John Whitaker, Donald Woods. First Row, left to right: Mayes, Whitaker, Arvidson, Hershberger, Rosetti, Knudsen, Fausold, Harris, Rice, Whetstone, Nicholas, Mertz H . i . . . I anna, Nye, Woods, Lovell. Second Row, left to right. Riegel, Knapp, Clouser, Richter, Sloan, Larsen, Schlegelmilch, Hamme, Taylor, Rote, Kettler, Eisenhart. Romberger, Snyder, Long, Moore. Third Row: Sullivan, Etshied, Reeves, Simon, Emrich. Kretsinger, MacBean, Hershberger, Diehl, Rommel, Fishburn, Nugent, Miller, Kerns. Fourth Row: Sowers, Howe, Andrew, Woods, Van Stone, Court, Ensminger, Thomas, Clark, Stevenson, Knapp, Bixby, Clouser. I EAP. ' PENNSYLVANIA DELTA CHAPTER 220 1 Three's a crowd. Dogpatch Hop. Sigma Alpha Epsilon founded at the University of Alabama, 1856. . . Pennsylvania Delta initiated at Gettysburg in 1883 ...A precedent leading to the nation-wide expansion of the fraternity. Sports-wise, Pennsylvania Delta captured intramural wrestling trophy... Second in the softball league...Many outstanding athletes...Pavelic, Nugent, Moore, Schlegelmilch, De Simone, Snook, and Hershberger on the foot- ball squad... McCutcheon, Riegel, Diehl, Sassman, Woods, and Hershberger on the wrestling mats . . .Basketballz O'Brien, and Clark... Rommel, Nugent, Moore, and Scheffer in swimming. . . Baseball: Bixby . . . Soccer and Track: Clark. Pennsylvania Delta well represented in campus al'fairs...Numerous members active and leaders in all impor- tant campus organizations...Mac Rommel, Scabbard and Blade president...Harry Schlegelmilch, president of Pi Lambda Sigma...Don MacBean, Gcttyrburgiavz business manager...Graham McCutcheon, intramural athletic czar . . . john Larsen, SPECTRUM copy editor. Spring House Party at Camp Ritchie highlighting the year's social events...Founder's Day in March... Pledge dance... Underprivileged children's party... Open houses... And the gay Christmas House Party. OFFICERS First Row, left to right: Rote, Vice Presidentg Sloan, Steward: Hamm, Secretaryg Taylor, Presi- dent. Second Row: Larsen, Correspondentg Schlegel- milch, Treasurer. I a LP A EPSILO 221 l l l ,l MEMBERS SENIORS Richard Altemose, VVayne Blackman, Eugene Boyer, Bertram Buller, john Candioto, Neiman Craley, William Cro- mer, VValter Dumeyer, Philip Eisenhart, Chester Hoke, Paul Kase, Joseph Morgan, Robert Ritterhoff, Milton , Robinson, James Rumberger, Richard Schantz, Earl Smith, Thorton Smith, VVilliam Snyder, VVilliam Triller, james Watson, Robert VVibberly, Tillman Williams, David Vlloodrulf. JUNIORS Stephen Ayres, Edgar Hoos, Joseph John, Edwin Johnson, Paul Kauffman, Dale Lau, Albert Malley, Calvin More- land, Edwin Mountford, Parker Peterman, Richard Ross, Henry Snyder, Ray Snyder, Arthur Wallace. SOPHOMORES Frank Barranco, Martin Beckner, Melvin Bishop, Arthur Bradley, VVilliam Cochrane, Joseph Day, Robert Emery, Thomas Ketterman, James Leckrone, Thomas Malin, Edwin Partikian, Earl Romesberg, Arthur Schiller, Hans Suhl, Earl Taylor, John Yoder. FRESHMEN Raymond Birkel, john Funk, Frank Grasso, Thomas Haddock, Harry Hossfeld, Jefferson Kealey, John Kline, VVayne Moshier, Thomas Naughton, Frederick Shenk. First Row, left to right: Grasso, Emery, Haddock, Malin, Suhl, Funk, Moshier, Keely, Shenclc, Naughton, Yoder, Schiller, Bishop. Second Row: Wibberley, Boyer, Bullet, Johnson, E., Triller, Peterman, Craley, Mrs. Augustine fHousemotherJ, Hoke, Williams, Candioto, Eisenhart, Schantz, Morgan. Third Row: Ross, Snyder, R., Snyder, H., Nlontford, Kauffman, Lau, Malley, Ritterhoff, Moreland, Smith, T., John, Wal- lace, Ayres, Robinson. Fourth Row: Watson, Hoos, Whipple, Leclcrone, Beclcner, Ketterman, Cochrane, Woodruff, Bradley, Johnson, R., Romesberg, Smith, E., Strang, Kase, Dumeyer. 4 I L 3 l Q u el 3 .ii THETA PI CHAPTER 222 .,......iT.-nf, Ride 'em cowboys. The Ox's in great shape. Founded at Boston University, . . Largest by point of chapter roll in U. S .... Local Zeta under third title... Originated as Phi Sigma loc:1l...Absorbed by Theta Kappa Nu in I92.l....B'ICl'gCd with Lambda Chi Alpha in 1939- Headed by prexy Nieman Craley, Lambda Chi enjoyed a bang-up year...Parker Peterman was vice president as well as SPECTRUM pictures editor . . .Tim VVilliams, secretary... Chet Hoke, treasurer.. .Bill Triller, sports an- nouncer, who was social aid chairman this year...jack Candioto, ritualist...Rusl1 chairman, Ed johnson, also active in the SCA . . .Bill Snyder is the Geliysburgian Editor in Chief. . . Dick Schantz, Phi Alpha Theta president ...Cal Moreland, International Club presidcnt...Hans Suhl, Delta Phi Alpha vice president...Dave VVoodruff, Beta Beta Beta secretary. . .Radio broadcasters: Mac Becner, Triller, Bob Ritterhoif, Ray Birkle, Bert Buller, jim Lachrone, and Bob Johnson . . . Neiman Craley, Pi Lambda Sigma vice president and choir member. OFFICERS Kneeling: Candioto QRitualistJ. Standing, left to right: Craley fPresidentJ, Hoke QTreasurerJ, Tril- ler fSocial Chairmanj, Williams fSecretaryJ, Peter- man fVice Presidentj. LAMBD I LP MEMBERS SEN IORS Barker Blauvelt, William Copeland, William Derrick, Sidney Ehrhart, William Gotwald, Carl Greenawald, Charles Houseworth, Theodore Lind- quist, Charles Lundquist, Larry McClung, Granville Miller, John N. Miller, Glen Munch, Jesse Otley, Richard Ott, Alvin Rudisill, Donald Sanner, john Schwartz, Theodore Schlack, William Sperry, Charles Thompson, Charles Venable. JUNIORS Thomas Campbell, Charles Flaharty, Franklin Indzonka, Paul Keller, Cornelius Knorr, James Mackey, William Nebinger, R. Wade Ortel, Willis Picking, William Rock, Dwight Speaker, Richard Titus, John Wagner. SOPHOMORES Richard Abbott, Raymond Best, Albert Bond, Donald Diehl, Edward Farrell, Wilbert Gladfelter, Jack Harford, Raymond Lowe, Fred Mahan, Howard Maxwell, Carey Moore, Charles Oberkehr, Jay Raskin, Dante Scalzi, Austin Stiles. A FRESHMEN Walter Arndt, Alexander Astin, John Byrne, William Bushman, Donald Charles, William Englehart, Thomas Fosnocht, Henry Greybill, Kenneth Hagy, Robert Harris, Richard Kaiser, Robert Manley, Richard Margin, Carl Otley, Hubert Poole, Raymond Siegart, Jerauld White, Robert Wigton. Front Row, left to right: Hagy, Charles, Byrne, White, Manley, Arndt, Harris, Siegart, Wigton, Fosnocht, Otley, Poole, Astin, Greybill Kaiser, Bond, Englehart. Second Row: Thompson, Lundquist, Munch, Venable, Schlack, Ortel, Lindquist, Derrick, McClung, Moore, Best, Got walcl, Rudisill, Miller, Campbell, Greenawald, Houseworth. Third Row: Ott, Picking, Sanner, Keller, Miller, Wagner, Otley, Indzonka Mackey, Rock, Nebinger, Flaharty, Speaker, Copeland. Fourth Row: Farrell, Maxwell, Mahan, Scalzi, Blauvelt, Lowe, Gladfelter, Stiles, Ober- kehr, Abbott, Harford, Diehl. x RHO DEUTERON CHAPTER Clif' ggi: L9-ir, . MN ' A, ,, sg... 1, 1 224 52+ ll ,xx 3 P J i l v l l, S f Vespers at the Sig house. The Winnah! xr.. ,, 1950 marks the silver anniversary of Rho Deutron Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa...Began as Promethean Club, local brotherhood founded at Gettysburg in I897...Later known as the Druids...National Phi Sigma Kappa I founded in Massachusetts State College in 1873. In athletics . . . Speaker sparks football squad . . . Harford, Oberkehr rate varsity eleven . . . Soccer claims Ortel, S' Maxwell, Diehl, Charles... Cross-country, Nebinger. Q, Campus organizational cogs . . . Munch, Outing Club prexy . . . Venable, presides over Le Cercle Francais . . .Lind- 'if quist, Prexy for Pre-Min Association and Eta Sigma Phi, plus associate editor of the Gettysburgian...Greena- al Wald VP of Phi Alpha Theta and Pi Delta Epsilon.. . Delta Phi Alpha presldent, managing editor of the Gef- Hrlgl , , , tysburgian, editor-in-chief of G-Book, Schlack . . .Best, V.P. of Sophomore Class... Drum Major, Mahan... College Choir nets eight. if The social whirl... Freshman girl reception...Entertainment of Chi O's and Dads for Fatherfs Day smoker... Homecoming...PIedge dance and hayride... Gala Christmas and spring housepai-t1es...All climaxed by Silver 'AT Anniversary observance. OFFICERS . Left to Right: McClung, Treasurerg Derrick, Pres- identg Lindquist, Vice-President, Best, Inductor: Ortel, Secretaryg Moore, Sentinel. l l EL l Q l F e A P i i l l 225 1 1 F MEMBERS SENIORS Robert Bley, James Born, Carl Burkel, Willard Carpenter, Frank Diangelo, William Donaldson, James Etsweiler, George Eveler, Phillip Gar- ret, William Glaclfelter, Les Hartman, Gene Heindel, Ned Leaman, Joseph Mathieu, Max Palmer, Theodore Peck, Norman Rasmussen, W. C. Sankey, Robert Singer, Charles Stauffer, C. B. Strausbaugh, J. L. Urich, Donald Wallace. JUNIORS Phillip Bowman, Ray Bundrick, Magnus Flaws, Richard Gillespie, John Landis, Robert Long, Allan Muhlbach, Richard Mutch, David Peery Dale Rcinicker, Norman Sa.nSoucie, Jack Scherch, William Simmons, Clete Warner, Alfred White, Robert Yost. SOPHOMORES Kenneth Andrews, Jack Barnes, James Boynton, Bransbey Bushey, Richard Cadmus, Mahlon Clarke, Neel Cockley, Jack George, William Gil- bert, William Gotwalt, Melvin Lange, John Lenker, George Mangelsa, Glenn Meisenhelter, James Peery, Fred Reifschneider, Joseph Rose, James Schwering, George Smeltz, Robert Stepler. FRESHMEN Richard Fichter, Joseph Gotschalk, James Hammond, Wheeler Hess, Paul Huffman, Donald Klinger, Robert Kulp, George Miller, Arthur Vas- quez, Joseph Vivaldi. 1 First Row, left to right: Lenkcr, Simmons, Rassmussen, Bley, Born, Hartman, Mutch, Flaws, Kulp. Second Row: Peery, Urich, Strausbaugh, Peck, Eveler, Burkel, Sankey, Heindel, Mathieu, Meisenhelter. Third Row: Vasquez, Muhlbach, Bundrick, Peery, Gladfelter, White, Scherch Bacik, Gotwalt, Etsweiler, Fichtel. Fourth Row: Vivaldi, Landis, Kramer, Long, Boynton, Bushey, Mangles, Smeltz, Schwering, Stephen, Yost Lang. Fifth Row: Gillespie, Gilbert, Palmer, Lagman, Donaldson, Cadmus, Clark, Cochley, Rosanovich, Andrews, Reifschneicler, Hess, Barnes Huffman, SanSoucie. Sixth Row: Warner, Wallace, George, Rose, DeAngelo. s 1 1 ,Q , Q . s G . X ' ' ' Wg x 'X ' f - Q , ' K . L ...s...s,.,s , traa xg? ...,,... .l... M... .,... , L- ...,,... .,,,, 'R .... , .. ., C ....s.. ..L--, .. ., :..c , . ,, ,, .. .... PSI CHAPTER .,.. 226 Christmas package. TKE's give Xi's a party. Tau Kappa Epsilon founded at Illinois Wesleyan University in 1899 . . . Chapter established at Gettysburg in I926 . . . Celebrated Golden jubilee last year. Christmas House Party at Hotel Yorktowne... Spring House Party at the Outdoor Club in York...Hayride and pledge dance. . .Tea dance with each and every sorority . . . Homecoming party . . . Annual Pig Roast. . . Barn Dance. Bob Bley, Senate President . . . Les Hartman, station manager of VVVVGC . . . Bob Singer, president of Kappa Phi Kappa . . . Norm Rasmussen, president of Phi Sigma Pi . . . Al White, associate Editor of the Mercury . . . Bob Yost, dramatic director WWGC...Al Muhlbacll, head cheerleader. . . Mel Lange and George Smeltz, soccer...Joe Ma- thieu and Neel Cockley, football ...Don Becker, last year's president, now National Field Secretary for T.K.E. . . . Dick Bacik, junior class Historian...Jack Scherch, stage manager of Owl and Nightingale...Norm Rasmussen, Les Hartman, and Bob Bley made VVho's Who ...Dave Peery, Ned Leaman and Dick Cadmus, swimming. OFFICERS First Row: Bley, Born fpresidentl, Lenlcer. Second Row: Flaws, Mutch, Rassmussen. Third Row: Hart- man, Simmons. PA EPSILO 227 MEMBERS y SENIORS 3 Gilbert N. Aitken, Morgen Davis, Joseph Heidler, Robert Juditz, Donald Matlack, John Milner, Jr., Anderson O'Day, Donald L. Riden, Albert Stiles, Alvin C. Sheetz, Albert A. Witz. l JUNIORS Rafael Franco, Howard Humphreys, Lawrence Johnson, John R. Jones, David L. Scheidt, James T. Hays, Jr., Leroy Ziegler. soPHoMoREs 3 Charles L. S. Brennan, jr., Scott Lippincott, Dixon L. Lockwood, John Loose, Richard Manning, Jack E. Shaffer, R William Shuler, Lyman L. Thompson, Byron Wagener, Donald Reed Zeller. 5 FRESHMEN l William Chambers, Robert Laird, jr., Richard Garman, Ronald Bowersox, Paul H. Cummings, David Hamme, Rich- ard E. Lippert, Robert Peeling, john Willey, Jack L. Wilmot, Eugene Gardner. 5 First Row, left to right: Lippert, I-Iamme, Peeling, Cummings, Gardner, Bowersox, Woodcock, Wilmot, Wagnor, Stiles, Lippenscott. Second Row: Kogler, Franco, Davis, Scheidt, Juditz, Johnson, O'Day, Aitken, Heidler, Sloat. Third Row: Loose, Zeller, Franco, Manning, Humph- ' reys, Milner, Lockwood, Riden, Jones, Witz, Chambers. FourtlklRowghMatlack, Garman, Laird, Schuler, Willey, Brennen, Hays, Thomp- 5 son, ein, eetz. PI CHAPTER l not 228 Who's your chauffeur, Larry? Winter Wonderland. Kappa Delta Rho founded at Middlebury College in 1905 ...Pi Chapter established on Gettysburg campus since 1928... . Grew out of local Theta Phi Fraternity which was founded in 1909 ...Alumni hold seats of importance on the College Board of Trustees, the Alumni Interfraternity Council, and the Executive Committee of the National Chapter...Over goo have graduated from Pi Chapter as Kappa Delta Rho since 1928. House Improvements...Renovated kitchen with additional cupboard space installed by the Alumni Association . . . Extensive interior decoration of the study rooms by the actives . . .Larry johnson of the G-Burg Bullets. ..Jol1n Milner, Sports Editor of the Gettysburgian . . . Jim Hays, chief control engineer of WWGC . . . Johnny Loose, varsity wrestler and Treasurer of the Booster Club...Joe Heidler, member of choir. ..Bob juditz in the Sceptical Chym- ists Club...Ditty Jones, assistant sports editor of the Gettysburgian, baseball and football player. OFFICERS First Row, left to right: Matlack, Juditz fPresi- dentl, Scheidt, O'Day. Second Row, left to right: Johnson, Witz, Jones, Loose. PA ELTA RHO 229 ' MEMBERS SENIORS 4 John Hock, John Davis, Elwood Leister, Claude Swartzbaugh JUNIORS Earl Kutz, XVilliam Sechrist, Robert Reynolds, Owen Coble, Richard Evalyn SOPHOMORES Milton Forty, Jack Hinnman FRESHMEN T. Ayres, G. Guss, R. Rabestein, P. Schwartz First Row, left to right: Ayers, Schwartz, Guss, Rabenstein. Second Row: Heck, Davis, Leister, Kutz, Sechrist, Forrey. Third Row: Hinnman Reynolds, Coble, Schwartzbaugh, Evalyn. PI CHAPTER 230 Kaps at home. Romance by candlelight. In 1923 the fraternity was known as the Criterion Club...By 1929 adopted the letters Phi Kappa Rho and be- came a local fraternity...Merged with Star Club in 1932...Place of residence now is the Shetter House Restau- rant. At present there are I7 active members...Seven freshmen were pledged in the first semester...Band members include Bob DeGrott, Harold Sentz, John Davis, William Guss, Richard Robenstein, Richard Little and Al Stock ...John Davis and Claude Schwartzbaugh are members of the Orchestra...Ellie Leister, president of the SCA and Earl Kutz is the Publications Commissioner on the SCA Cabinet. . . John Davis is president of Beta Beta Beta . . . Claude Schwartzbaugh, cheerleader. . . In the field of athletics, john Yost, track and cross country, and Bill Sea- christ, football. Social events for Phi Kap include informal parties . . . Christmas dances . . . Homecoming Weekend . . . Spring Dance. OFFICERS Left to Right: Ellwoocl Leister, Presiclcntg John Davis, Vice Presidentg Earl Kutz, Treasurer. PHI K RI-IO 231 PATRCN LIST Mrs. Marlha E. Adams Mr. Joseph H. Aldsiadl Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Alenson Mrs. Margarei R. Angela Mr. John Apple Mr. and Mrs. Waller Arndf Mr. C. William Arvidson Mr. Allen V. Aslin Rev. and Mrs. VV. Edward Auslin Mr. Theodore Ayers Mr. Roberl T. Bair Dr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Dr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr, Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. Henry J. Barrow and Mrs. L. L. Barlhels Waller B. Baslow . The resa BaHis+i and Mrs. N. M. Baughman C. Baumgarl and Mrs. Fred W. Bausback and Mrs. Waller R. Belles and Mrs. Harold R. Birlcel Livingsron Blauvell . Byron B, Bobb and Mrs. Brockman . A. A. Brown and Mrs. Charles E. Brownley and Mrs. Herberl' A. Buck Raymond Bundrick , Anna Buos B. M. Buyer and Mrs. Thomas E. Campbell James H. Carr . Kafherine R. Cheek Fred Clemenr Alberi J. Cliff Charles B. Close Wilbur M. Cramer Arlhur Creulzburq Chesler Creulzburg George T. Cunningham and Mrs. O. DeMoch Mailhew DiMauro and Mrs. R. L. Duncan and Mrs. Ellwood E. Dyson Balburl' H. Earp Huberl A. Ehrman Alan F. Eiferr and Mrs. Joseph Emery Earl B. Emlel Karl W. Eishied R. P. Evans Sianley L. Evans Edward Farrell Thomas Faulkner, Sr. John P. Fegely Harry R. Fichfel and Mrs. Henry Fick J. Rodney Fickel . S'ranley G. Fickes Paul W. Fiizkee Leo Fi+zparrick and Mrs. Magnus Flaws C. F. S. Forbes and Mrs. J. C. Fosfer Ricci R. Freiz Alfred A. Fuhro and Mrs. Homer Fusmer Thomas L. Gallagher, Sr. . Anihony Gambacoria and Mrs. Charles E. Gardner lra L. Geiselman and Mrs. Raymond L. Geiselman Mrs. Ruih B. Gibson Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Gilberf Kermil S. Glorfelfy and Mrs. Henry Glissmann Joseph F. Goflshalk Spurgeon T. Golwall' A. M. Granr Joseph Green Mrs. Miles Greenawald Mrs. Elo T. Grier Mr. Mr. and Mrs. F. Gilberf Griffilh and Mrs. Louise S. Grigsby Mrs. Esiher H. Guy Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W. Haddock Edward Hake and Mrs. Raymond G. Hall and Mrs. Kennerh M. Haningfon and Mrs. Roberi J. Hanna and Mrs. George W. Hare Joseph J. Harris and Mrs. Horace J. Harfranfr Sianley E. Hauver Joseph W. Heidler, Sr. Miss Mary C. Heim Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr, Mr. Mr. Mr. Arlhur H. Hendley Chesler J. Hoke. Sr. and Mrs. Harry W. Holler and Mrs. Allan W. Holman and Mrs. Donald E. Hollway A. Hopkin, Jr. and Mrs. Charles P. Huber and Mrs. Russell B. Hunsberger Charles M. Hunlzinger Howard lmhoff G. H. Johnson Harold L. Johnson and Mrs. John Judiiz, Sr. Maurice W. Kane Leon P. X. Keiser J. Richard Kendall, Jr. and Mrs. Waller J. Kennedy and Mrs. Charles E. Kersleiler James F. Koch N. B. Kochenour John J. Koerzle B. P. Kreisinger Theodore J. Krokus and Mrs. John K. Landis John Landis and Mrs. Ernesl Lange Frank Lazorishak B. M. Leaman and Mrs. A. S. Leibfried and Mrs. David Lillich, Sr. Mr. Theodore Lindquisr, Sr. Mrs. Margarel E. Lippincoll' Dr. and Mrs. Roberl' G. Lifile Mr. Charles Long Mr. J. Earl Long Mrs. David F. Longacre Rev. David F. Longacre Mr. Jacob A. Longacre Mr. and Mrs. Norman D. MacBean Mrs. Beisy MacGhee Mr. James G. Mackey Mr. R. L. Maior, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Mangels Mr. and Mrs. Earl H. Markee Mr. Henry G. Marfz Mrs. Ru'rh A. McDaniel Mrs. L. E. McNulfy PATRGN LIST Mrs. Siephanie B. Merry Mrs. Coral B. Miller Mr. Fred Eberi Miller Dr. M. Valenrine Miller Mr. and Mrs. John Milner Mr. and Mrs. Abram Mifman Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Moreland Mr. Edmund F. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. J. W. C. Morgan Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mounfford and Mrs. Arfhur C. Mulbach Daniel Munch and Mrs. George A. Mufh Mariel C. Ness Erasmo Velazquez Olmedo Mrs. Edgar Orendorff Mr. W. Leroy Oriel Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Oiley Mr. M. M. OH Mr. Roger D. Oirignon Mrs. Ru'rh Hughes Palmer Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Parlelr Mrs Mrs Mr. Mr. Mrs Mr. . Berlha Parfikian . Beulah S. Peierman and Mrs. Gordon S. Phleger A. J. Plasiino . Fred Rasmussen, Sr. Ber+ram S. Reed Mrs. Anna F. Rehr Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. M. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr Roberf E. Sheads. Sr. Waller J. Sheehan Charles L. Shields Kenichi Shiniaku Fred Shively and Mrs. Clarence Shoemaker C. F. Shuler Chesier S. Simonion, DD and Mrs. Paul Singer and Mrs. Ralph Sloan, Sr. and Mrs. Augusl Smiih Gerald Snavely and Mrs. C. C. Snyder George F. Snyder and Mrs. Wiiiiam L. Snyder J. Elmer Soiivak L. E. Soulr and Mrs. S. M. Speaker and Mrs. Garnei' Siancombe Dr..Wayne D. Sfeiiler Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. S'rock Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sfoudi' Mr. Edward Sfraub, Sr. Mrs. Edward T. Subers Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Charles Swain Mr. and Mrs. Claude P. Swarizbaugh, Sr Mr. Mr. and Mrs. James M. Tarman Paul H. Taylor Mrs. John S. Teeier Mr. and Mrs. Fred Reifschneider Mr, and Mrs, Roy C, Thomas Mrs. Sadie R- Richfer Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. RiH'er. SV. Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Thompson MV- and MVS- J0l1V1 Rlegel Mr. and Mrs. Sherman Tichenor MV- C- Rogers Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Triller DV- EGU C- Romesberq Mr. William J. Walker MV- and MVS- Kefmeili M- R0ml'T19l Mr. and Mrs. Granf M. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. William Rommel, Jr. Mr, John A, Vvalfergdorf Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Rosborough Mr, and Mrs, Harry N, Wagon Mr. Earl A. Ros+ Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wafson Mrs. W- E- R0'fl1 Mr. George B. Weigand, Sr. Mr. A- C- Rudolph Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Weiser, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Herman T. Ryberg Mr. T, J, Whife Amon and Agnes RYS Mr. Davis Whifeman, Jr. ivir. and Mrs. LU'l'l16r l. Sachs Mr, Harry Whifman MV- Charles J- Salvafo Mr and Mrs Aiberr B. Weiand Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. V. R. San Soucie Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Lloyd D. Schaeffer and Mrs. Norman S. Schanfz Richard Schlack and Mrs. Leroy R. Schulfz and Mrs. James E. Schwering Mr. Waller E. ScoH' Mr. W. C. Sechrisr Mr. Charles H. Shaffer Mr. Ivan D. Shanebrook Chrisiopher J. Sanderson Mr: and Mrs.. Lloyd B. Wilhide Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. E. D. Williams and Mrs. Fred Williams Frank J. Wifz and Mrs. D. S'fra++on Woodruff James R. Woods J. Russell Yocom, Sr. Hugh E. Yosi and Mrs. George J. Young and Mrs. Alberf Zedelis and Mrs. C. T. Ziegler S GEO. M. ZERFING GENERAL HARDWARE, PAINTS, ETC. Cenire Square GETTYSBU RG. PENNSYLVANIA -L ,gl ll 1l I ADAMS HOUSE BARBER SHOP KIKE AND SAM WE CATER TO THE STUDENTS 11- 1, -- ' I Compiimenis of PEOPLE'S DRUG STORE THE REXALL DRUG STORE Drugs - Medicines HospiI'aI Supplies - Cosmerics Candy - Sodas Famous for Prescripiions Phone I7I-x On Roure 30 DE LUXE RESTAURANT STEVEN SVARNAS, Prop. I SPECIAL DINNERS AND PLATTERS ALSO A LA CARTE SERVICE 5 Bagrgrgosgears of Dependabgefgjgijg. Pa. I 53 Chambersburg SI. Gerrysburg, Pa REMMEI-'S , Douel-IERTY 8. HARTLEY OHLER STINE 54 Chambersburg Srreei G-ETTYSBURG. PA. For Your Prinfing Needs 1.7 . if--. 11..- 41- , .. ,Tv Y DRY GOODS, NOTIONS FLOOR COVERINGS GETTYSBU RG, PA. -1--1-2 f 1 1-"H--M f-1-A- " Al ROMAYNE MILLER'S Home-Made Candies 52 Chambersburg Sireei GETTYSBURG, PA. FORD Sales and Service ADAMS CO. MOTORS York and Liberiy Sireeis Geirysburg, Pa THE 0 FULLER SHIRT CO., INC. E bl h d 2 O FULLER SHIRTS FOR FATHER AND SON SKYLINE MFG. COMPANY 57 Pine Grove Ave. KINGSTON N Y O "KIDSTUFF" HOTEL VVENTZS GETTYSBURG FOR A I GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA I I I FURNITURE HENRY NI. SCHARF, '25 I Manager - OPPOSITE POST OPEICE I I if if were loca'red on The campus. As much a par+ of GeH'ysburg Colleg r........E. N ASSAU FUR CGMPAN Y ' 68I MANHATTAN AVENUE BROOKLYN 22. NEW YORK 'Y ' 11 ' 'I' '-'A1-:rf ' ' A' BLUE PARROT BALDWIN Pianos and Organs Chambersburg SIree+ GETTYSBURG. PENNSYLVANIA Open 7:00 A.M. Io I2:OO P.M. 8 Norrh Markelr Sq. Harrisburg, Pa. "YOUR COLLEGE LIFE PICTURED BY PHOTOGRAPHY" THE LANE STUDIO "CIIarac+erisI'ic PorIrai'Is" - COMMERCIAL - WEDDINGS - SOCIAL FUNCTIONS - CUSTOM PICTURE FRAMING 34 York SI. GeHysburg, Pa. Phone: 526-W COMPUMENT5 DAVE'S PHOTO SHOP or - CAMERAS - SUPPLIES - CHAMPION SHOEE REPAIR PHOTO FINISHING I am rs ur re ,Besmmmown IQ. so Ch be b g S+ .I+ eerwssuae, PA. 43 Chambersburg S'rree+ Phofographic Heaclquarfers in Geirysbnrg Telephone 677 or 49I-Y Open 24 Hours Nexr Io Ihe Maiesiic Theaire GULF SERVICE Anyihing for 'rhe Auiomobile SODAS-'CE CREAM-CANDY eoon YEAR TIRES DEALER SANDWICHES Ba+'ferieS BLUE PLATE JACOB G. APPLER I IO3-I I I Carlisle SI. Geiiysburg, Pa. Phone I I9-Y Charles Milne, Mgr. BOOKNART When in Geffysburg Shuoners I The Place Io Eai' Puizn and swfmnun THE SHETTER HGUSE 50 Mile Resfauranh CaI'ering Service GET-I-YSBURG' PA' Phone 623X Geiiysburg FABER'S On Ihe Square-NexI Door Io Hoiel Gefiysburg I Gefiysburg, Pennsylvania - COMPLIMENTS OF L. E. RUST 1 1 if-'W ' - GETTYSBURG COLLEGE BOOK STORE BOOKS SCHOOL SUPPLIES STATIONERY SODA FOUNTAIN SUNDRIES Owned and Opera'IecI by GETTYSBURG COLLEGE On +I1e Campus ROBERT L. SHRYOCK, Mgr. THE GETTYSBURG NATIONAL BANK Treasurer of I GETTYSBURG COLLEGE Member of Federal DeposII Insurance Corporafion Member Federal Reserve Sysrem FOR MILK THAT IS OUTSTANDING AND FOR FINE SERVICE Call BUPP'S DAIRY HANOVER, PA. Phone 6 I 27 Cream Top Milk-Homogenized Milk-PasI'eurIzecI Guernsey Milk Cream-CI1ocoIaI'e-BuH'ermiIIc-Cheese-BuHer and Ice Cream lil' ' l lu' j EXPERIENCE HAS NO SUBSTITUTE 20 years of yearbook "KNOWHOW" is yours when you sign wiI'h MERIN STUDIOS PATRQNIZE OF PHOTOGRAPHY GUR Official Phoiographers Io 'rhe I950 SPECTRUM AII PorI'rai+s Appearing in Ihis PubIica+ion Have Been Placed on File in our Siuclio, ' and can he DupIica'recI aI' Any Time. Wriie or Phone us for Iniormaiion Pennypacker 5-5777 IOIO Chesinui SI. Philadelphia 7, Pa. ' L THIS BOOK DESIGNED AND PRINTED BY BENSON PRINTING CO.

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