Gettysburg College - Spectrum Yearbook (Gettysburg, PA)

 - Class of 1947

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O s 0 .- I .1 -.y...LD,-. N,,,-.J -uw-L-ML,-,.-.f,: 1 1 4 ' ' -"'f"1"?'-'SHT Q .I C.-Qfr 3- -Gft-E.-4r-g..-:wwg?A-7'f:'vpw 5-:vw-:vac-. 4 5 1 1 w I I FRANK W. KLOS Edifor-in-Chief 0 DONALD B. BEAL Business Manager Gee, aememeea wnen 'Tuoss wane REALLY THE ways? L? ,,..- f we Mane 'rms Srecrfwm? A WHAT A uve FQ v.-1-7,4 11 Yesfruose 'runes wean HAPPY -ru-aes! .1 N l "af 'I-Qqfb ' sv ,ww-4f,'Q ff Q." 5 F' X l "I1. Q-7 '-nf 5 5' -'-- 9 -3. 1-Z-' J' f N x M , 'nity A J Mx f 1 e If 1 J F 7 -:Iv . --I I r- , Q ! E, - ,Z Q' v' 'NK 14,95 1 X 'f-J 2 I QM '- If ,J L. ff N i I X' . .' . ix M7 Q W'ah'mf f f -J 2, I ,: N X--,Z .- ' ..-'-922 f" 31-,"",si:, P,.ga-,V I . . . 'X by f in . U.: . Qiaaalgfiiagasl I 1 '-"'. ' ' Amqwniu ' .fi ,.,a::1g2g:yv img: - , K jg ' ' fn ,qiiiiilzlgafm ,agggisl .1-, A..-gs..-,-5-,-l.,-,C.:,.A , - . Q g..f:f, V W MM it.. l if?-Z .,.' ., D ., X . id x Ni? ' ::'Y':' ' :Pug - ".' -T X Y fKj'g:: --yg,P'? , -Www44 NW fi , 1 f , . I 4- M l J" x li: f Il V ' Q, Y, xx W, M 5'-W XJ i 1943 1944 1945 1946 947 4' l.. Q1- ,-1 IQI6 " 11 L . -F -ig 3- , 3-1 -. "4-1 1-1 N iw '--'i 115- -1 nj -QQ- 1- if z - ,- 1 y , -- .,1 T 3... ,tl " 31- x 1 Q.,- "" in if +4 fbi ii inn- ning- '- ,J -i 1- ' -1- -gg .-i .. ' L, , x , , I ' U' X Nx-v - . ' , sr! ". . f. . . , 4 .-H-X - ' ' - -.Q-. 1-' , . I 5 ' .- Q I. .M , cv , . ,A r. -xg: ' 3. .Q , ..- 2 1 ' , Y A . . . Eff x 4, fu? l sa, . '- . - ,5. , .g. .- :A 'D' ' ' " T -- n . .5 IL'-.'l . 4 ',-1. 5 '-' .1 , - -f - s ,- V U.. 'Z .. , ,-,I 1. 1- f, .. A " -.. , ,,-- , , -- f. .. ,. - ,.. .r ir . . 4, .' g ,- - I-. ' J' .. r- XX 'n - ' ' 4 ' ' ' " ". v. fh., y ,X-V. n 1' 1. ' ....,1:' ,myfx , 4 v 3 . N I . . 'nite Lux .h T.. .3 r' 1. l .h v . ' n ,rv . u- , .' ' , "ff ' 1 u., ," 'I , 4. ' ' r . e -' Vx '- -'1'- - - 1- A '- 4.4 ,f J., . . y 4 .1 . , - . ,ap 4. , - - , :. ., ,,. .l A T . .- ,- -x I , ,. I. l " X L '. ' .x .' -' 4 L , - 1 .. 'Q 1. ' , 'U .Q ' .A I V X h, 'J' s' rl. I J: I. "1 . ' 1' 1 , ,v .' J ' '.1 . N f' .A :-- .' ' . 4 !.:,' .' :f 1-- . -l ,. Q . . ' . "'. ." ,'.' 1 'S-v IQY . U . -g . s ' ' . - 3 l ,. vu- - sw . - ,' - . v 'nu '-3, 4 sfl1.. .A.'53.f - o ,- . .4 v . -,Ou , ' g .' O ' 0 ' 1 I oogoo . '. .11u'l.'f:,:. , . . . 947 U X 4 , ,-, ,' ' Q SI . . ., 1 '. - ' , J.: ' - ff . -, I ': I -' wr ' '- W . If - . ' n 7 Q ' X A I 0 I 5. A Q5 I 1: '. 1. ., I ' gs I .. 1 ,I . ' I I an Y' -. ,, - r . . ,. . . . . - 5' ' . . - f r .. v- : 1 I I of . , . .1 ' . , ' ' . - . I' ' ' 'Sp 'L , g A-A H ' 5 5 1 . . . l, PUBLISHED BY THE JUNIOR CLASS OF GETTYSBURG COLLEGE ' GETTYSBURG PENNSYLVANIA ' COPYRIGHT, I946 ...w i z 'SEQ L '- 9 ,Sf x 2 I A 1 ,K - W , ,A , Q, A 'sv 1 5 fi wfqffn f 'Z ,, 4255 . 2 ' . 5. Q MX iii ' L1- , .fgvjt M H 3' z :..i.ff:" wk? 2, 4 KRS z V 2 515' LM lyk -Y ,---ff' 'Ns s a f ' 6 , , 3, vs-s . 1 ,, . -,m 5-. if . mi. Lx' 5 'Xin ,LQ Y? 13,1 , H, B539 Eff? ik f' QQ , f gegfgfgz 59. QM n it Q . ' my l Jr. x 5, , 55 E . Q. 3332521 w I K - , ,, 9 ,MN53 , 9 ' 4 , Q V ' f' 4 , W-MM. 3 12 ff MW" W ' 5 2-.. If , J 4. M y ef JF- ,Y -Q W... - A V ' f ' M 1, , ,f ww I 1. , .gy -wg K 1 , , 1 f 5 Q? QE? ' :'s?g'?, ag V w Qikxw YQ Q3 -3 1 ,1 f. Q 2355 if 21: .R im 'sim Q , - Q I fl 3 ,.,. Wi A Xu A 'M . ,Am '1AH yu:-QfL3 5 i ' 1 2 3, K 1 ' " 5 t 1? 'gfhiii " , : A 3 f E ' ,Z !f2,f5 5: -' gn I F4 y f ' U Q. A xi bf ff-- ff ZR ' 'i 1 35 . . " "Lei . . l wi: 535' Q? 3 ,L . Q f 0 M, I, QQ :sm 'A Y, Z5:.fz My 'X 1 ' .5 FN if Wiffev:s'fs3'.1 --Y 1 -' - . W M www. 'wb . k H -1 1+ A w-Wm 2, mn " " -:3:g,2w,gsf www " ',,,,.,-germ Qww :Q-1 sm N f-'Q M vw.: . gf Mil H wif" li!-5 4... viii If, a f 2" W he ,..f,-f"f7i5' rf' in. Q- f xxx? -N. fp gps, xx. se 41' I -- , .car 4.1-l1::1.1gl 4 '-3 5.1,-A-, -M ig: ...L A ,V F .1 X. L' . 'J f- " .M - ' . 'M r fa .gf Q1 Qfffj .1 f MQW. X Q1 . rw 'I f S xxx XXX 4 v V .4 .J .r-.,.-,Y .,"' V! 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HIS' 'ME x., xx Wm , .V ,C xx X U, N S - xfwgh 1 44 xx x- M H xx JHWW M T0 0171! lIONORED DEAD Ralph E. Waller, Jr., '4l John F. Sylzes, '43 James H. Mcllhenny, '33 Howard A. Hall, '39 A, L. Collins, '42 Daniel V, Emanuel, '44 Lafrohe M. Barnifz, '35 Richard M, Holland, '39 Charles J. Fife, '42 Richard M. Marsh, '44 Jay S. Canouse, '35 Harry O'Neill, '39 Roberf Love, '42 Ray S, Musselman, '44 Roberf F. McClure, '35 James W. Schwariz, '39 John A. Madden, Jr., '42 Michael Baden, '45 John R. Walker, '35 Gersl G. Buyer, '40 Charles E. Meyers, '42 John S. Baer, '45 Burlon A. Hall, '36 Theodore R. Engleharl, '40 W, M. Ralsfon, '42 Edward C. Billy, '45 Melvin E. Granl, '37 Roberi T. Raby, '40 Waller F. Simon, '42 Philip R. Bowman, '45 John Jeavons, '37 James A, Thompson, '40 Leon Todd, Jr., '42 Edward Reynolds, '45 Richard N. Long, '37 Harold Trenchard, '40 William A. Florsheim, '43 Joseph A. Borelli, '46 William K. Bine, '38 Ross G. Mencher, Jr., '4I Edward B, Maddoclc, '43 Charles G, Hess, '46 Frederich M. Fair, '38 Charles R. Relph, '4l Richard T. McCari'y, '43 George S. Benh, '03 John W. Gilberl, '38 Allen D. Smiih, '4I Ralph L. Sfehley, '43 Erich Saul, Jr., '29 Roberf E, Crede, '39 Herberf A. Ehrman, '45 Charles T. Beaver, '44 Her four long years of slrife and pain, rhe genlle hand of of peace once more resrs upon 1-he shoulders of our armed forces around rhe world. Every available ship and plane has sped rroops baclc home ro receive +he sincere plaudiis of a grareful land. Lesi' We Forgef, however, +he 'rrue srory of vicrory is fold by leHering on +he long rows of while crosses lefr behind in quiel' spols around fhe globe. These are lhe lasf symbols of rhousands of brave men who forfeired 'rheir mosr precious possession in +he name of liber+y and peace. Only our renewed consecrafion 'io lhe 'lask which lies ahead-+o +he achievemeni' and perpe'rua+ion of +he high ideals for which fhey died-can malce us worfhy of +heir sacri- fice and guaranfee fha? +hey shall have been +he lasf +o die in war. To fhis cause and fo 'rhese honored dead we humbly dedicafe 'rhis boolr, +he I947 SPECTRUM. I - A 'Hg :ff , yfrci . '!'T. mqk if L 'fn '-Elf, 1 JL? 5 V 143. "Lu-G. -v , '5.. vw . ,A 4 EK if 'W Zfffwfg Q I . ' ,-M:-15 A .hw 1 7 . 1. wi - ,ix . .aw , li' J ,Q , 15:-ff, I5 xx' 1- ' f ,.4s.,.. - ,rx My 4 if .-Miva, . :fm ' - .,,,,g.- f -.-- . -4 , A . '. , W ap' , . - 'nf ...Y --Ur ,f fi. ' ,' , N. ,Av f i . ,PSF v,Qf',,. . -5. by W . -, . x .. sk If 4, ,v ,M ,' . .- vfnqr., ,.:. if f, ,f - ia, 4- , I , ,gtg --, Q ,-V, EH ' gh' Q-,f A3Y:T'f,-+R- 1 gi- fag-i'f1,f Q'i'f'Pl'- 3 '. 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E Sig? 7 ' , , ,:-:-:vA:-: " 525 "" 5:5 :::"'n 1 V. t V . .zulzj :L ...,. z . M . , Y Wm . If V ' .rm-i-iw 5 ?-P" ' L' N ' M. H M W N ww W,,,.,,,. mga Qmngigfivgffi a.u1A" ,W gif K f s n aw f:-1-E We-Q 6 www miami M mgw A ww an A P55 4-I - is . K imfw X 9 1 m 5 1 5 Wm . W 4 max w N5 x f 5 9 Q E Q emma m- w m wawam awww nw mum 5 an aww m M H " -- 23? m 3 Ny V f , ,m .,?Qgn5'fg,W ff A I N - A, ,' iw MN" QD 'w':f. 'gif .: ,ww sf' , ' L. ,r - 1, V ,W , 'P A 1, 5-W. A ' ,ve-'23 521:35 " 1 gif 5 X any in ., -, , 7 fm 5.9, ..!', , q A f an ww gf iii w , ,MSL W'ra.'id:rj5'w ,K wwmm MET! s QM -.Q In "Yu .WCVT A Al I 3.4 1,7 -rt. '--. f Ax, 'QQQQLA I EH- 1 ighlf-:YQ l N I , ' 1- 'gg- . .HQ ' '. V5 . R-, 0 Q-5i'U 4- 1, .A s U I "' X '51 s 'xx l ,Q i 1- H wx gfnf M a- ' fi ix ,QE ,1- ff - IV' 1? ' vu 'Q Q . Q L x . I Q l. Q 3' 'QM ' 4, 'ini M was 'Q'-Vf"'i Q f' aiu.-' " 1' ' 3'-. . R I ' 5 w"': r', . 'fl "fi'f??'A'i?' f 'Af A ,V AQ , 5 '-in? ' Q, A iff Q if I N fimsagm A 2. t. K' ' Us If 'M Mmm V.-.' ' if 'Na l .1 .':!:4 f , ' sh Y -gg N xlgk 1 is s if x O 4 . ' Q 'X Lax? -.Q . :' .af Wim ,c. K 5 , It 'J .R sgaxxq. Y. -mv., .a ,gf 5 - A4 'K V fe qw Y' - v.. Q59- :'-ff fw- -1' 'K Lgw- , ff .K Q Ai! L, il , vw a 0 uf l 0 . ,S v , ' 2 Q - 9 vw ai Q X V5 be df is 5 ' in SQL A! xx, n 9 -X X . AMA. , x x f X w -wr 4 U x MWF, M . . ig A W x 5 1' M-1 Y ,f A g 35, -N.,-K ,f "N'NX,.:- '- X f7Ae AIIMINIST HD H OC Hanson P0se5 on Hn W . e Iahlfe House wn wifh his Three Sons Rob eff: Henry a J Painfer. N:J+.n I flue famous HaCe n- S071 smile' l'iHHE.PRHEsE1DENHT OF GETTYSBUR Y W A HKCOLLEGE ' r sn fflrxlhzge Gzktgahurg 61.1-rvsnuns P KHNBYLVANIA .sam-y s, 19 46 v ms nurse.-v A. Manson Hauler W. SPECTBKN 1 To the Editor of 'IE aesdemio year ls TB?- and the he milestones in eanh ities of the students of another year Uno of is SPF-CTRUH. It records the seth experiences which have entered into the life in the history of Gettysburg, Collage. Aa we turn the pages of THE SPECTRUM, we have all the aensatimxa of having, reflected un than a photographic eepy of eampue life. This yea.r'a edition fill be especially valuable because ef the memorable 'Weleane Home Cesmenoamenkf' 'wht ch is being planned as a conclusion for the work of the . . ne vhoae name appears on the ful life. lay ll year I want to wish each o THE- SPEGTRUI a lang, happy and use d a he realized in a life that sha better verld. pages of the dreams of eampue ay en to the bullding of a Ch 3, C O al ,ken h b Y be nobly 55.1 our friend, France 5 M. Bamlcy' H13 Dev ate dly , y . 22 Jr. 1-1 . ...J-' 1 '.. ww ':3"xT. - I A ff, 1 we LJ.. nf 4 , f' X. lf ' aff' ,W 1 l f 41 76235655 -- 1, 'qv 3' 1 ,ig ,ffm ' 152255 i-11,3 - A 'Ll .. . ,A . 6 sf! 1. 4- 'Q Aw- G NI1 Lmsulu' .L -Q42 " ,,?w?' ,,-, i. .nh . , - .. Q", f ui .af ,ff A wwf n A rm f .1 M - Y iilwix, , N 1 . 'hF??'?'w2' 1 . 7 viii ,L5'1" ff ' ' , .'.'. .. 3. ,. A: V 'xi 5, " H: , ,,..Q'gs2fwf' .3 "lemma ui.. -- '5 H- -I F- ly M, Bw .3-f' W 24 '-1-. M ,, . Q, . . . .N Q... E . , w Y fi f. - H ,, A w ' wf.:?ssf'f-ef, ' Q' .-- ' 5 , ,lf .fill J Y .' .I Y k I' r , f 9' . issipfia , Q, .. . 5,5 sm? ? .-.i.-i1'?'gQQQ, I'1Af,' 0' ' fi" 753' 1 29 1 5 1 . I . 1 'L' - A ' , 1: , 'a1 i..n14" -is ' 1627. 1. f ,QW L - . .1 V - Mg: ,wi . . r . 4 .1 ?gQ :rf . ,. , nas- ' ,, W ,. -,-,y..,-W3 v fy., W.. , .,,,, 9. 1425 5.Yf11??Qii 2 A i 'E . if '32 il.ff'fsff ' i Y -'af-"' .1 'nfl fa: ' ' - yf . 54: '.: ff . ' ' Y -Q if--' 4: is .. ,357 7. 1 , - if 13.1 if-:- is 'J 1 . -AJQ?-rug? . , -ry , -, J: Af.-'x.' 1 9 f3 1iw -Q, - . .ug ' IA5?"Qf I+si"gAf.,2 'N .F W-iinzipm " zU2vf.t.,::"....,T H' - 1 x 55'-fx '71 . 'U' f f, X- .mv-A v -. ."'Q.-1119 5- -. V 1 W .yi -1222--' f , K f .ri -'fffgsiff r' .' '.-A J 351. 4' ...L-lwf - 'f Y wg? "'::v I"-,ff ' L ffm' 4. . , -H.. . ,HQ ,ei-qf-.fy ,fhy-Q. ...V-,-, sf-. - A24 L- x, .. 1'.lf" 2-1 "LE Q...-. 'I-'iff T - ff ' 4.5.-,::.1, ' fa J ,..,l , 1 . . x 4 1 443 WILBUR E. TILBERG, Ph.D. DOROTHY G. LEE, A.M. Dean of MEN Dean of Women .xgclminidfrafion Am! AIHES MILDRED H. HARTZELL Secreiary fo the Dean Regisirar Wolfe wiih his Secrefary, Mrs. Bender JOHN N. KNICKERBOCKER, A.M. Librarian cz. PAUL cEssNA, A.B., AM. Alumni Secrelary CHARLES H. HUBER, A.M., Li'rl.D. V, CHARLES R. WOLFE, A.M. ROBERT B. RAU Regislrar and Dean of Admissions Assisfanl lo fhe Presidenf Direcfor Emerilus of Women's Division CLYDE B, STOVER, A.lvi.. Sc.D. Regislrar Emerilus KARL J. 6-RIMM, Pln.D., LL.D. Professor Emeritus of German H. VALENTINE, A.M., D.D. Professor Emeriius of English Bible CHARLES F. SAUNDERS, A.M., D.D. Professor Emerilus of Philosophy Lf... 7, :., ff 7 RICHARD A. ARMS Alumni Professor of Mathematics and Director of Drarnatics A.B., Ursinus College: Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania FRANK H. KRAMER Professor of Education A.B., Gettysburg Collegeg A.M., Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania THOMAS L. CLINE Graeff Professor of English A.B., Roanoke College: A.M., Princeton University: Ph.D., University of Virginia RASMUS S. SABY Professor of Economics and Political Science D A.B., A.M., University of Minnesotag Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania JOHN B. ZINN Ockershausen Professor of Chemistry B.S., Gettysburg Collegeg Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University ROBERT FORTENBAUGH Adeline Sager Professor of History A.B., Gettysburg College: AM., Syracuse Universityg Ph.D., University ot Pennsylvania CLAYTON E, BILHEIMER Professor of Physical Education M.E., Lehigh Universityg M.A., Columbia University WILLIAM C. WALTEMEYER Amanda Rupert Strong Professor of English Bible A.B., Gettysburg Collegeg B.D., Lutheran theological Seminary, Gettysburg A.M., Ph.D., American University ...HElllSll This is the way it's clone. l ALBERT BACHMAN Professor of Romance La .guages Ph.D., Universiiy of Zurich and Columbia Universify JOHN G. GLENN Pearson Professor of Lafin A.B., A.M., Wesleyan Universilyg Ph.D, Princelon Universiiy GEORGE R. MILLER Sahm Professor of Physics B.S., M.S., Geifysburg College: Ph.D., Universily of Michigan EARL BOWEN Dr, Charles H. Graff Profesmr of Biology A.B., Hendrix College: A.M., Ph.D., Harvard University WILLIAM K. SUNDERMEYER Professor of German Ph.D,, Universify of Goeifingen NORMAN E. RICHARDSON, JR. Professor of Philosophy A.B., Amhersi' College: B.D., Ph.D., Yale Universily W. FREDERICK SHAFFER Franklin Professor of Geek A.B., A.M., Ph.D.. Princeion Universify MAJOR JOHN C, HOLLINGER, INF., RES., U.S.A. Professor of Mililary Science and TL clics llllllllllll IS Recognize 'Ihai profile? BERTHA PAULSSEN Assisianl Proiessor of Philosophy Ph.D,, Universify of Leipsiq PARKER B. WAGNILD Associaie Professor of English Bible and College Chaplain Olaf Collegeg M.S.M., Union Theological Seminary, B. D., Lufheran Theological Seminary, Geilysburg FRANCIS C. MASON Associafe Professor of English A.B., A.M., University of Virginiag A.M., Harvard Universifyg Ph.D., Universify of Virginia MYRON L. SIMPSON Assisianl Professor of Biology A.B., American Universifyg Sc.D., Johns Hopkins Universiiy GEORGE R. LARKIN Associaie Professor of Economics A.B., A.M., Wesleyan Universily G. SAYLOR WARTH EN Associaie Professor of English A.B., A.M., Universily oi Virginiag A.M., Harvard Universiiy HERBERT C-3. HAMME Assislanl Professor of Romance Languages A.B., Dickinson Collegeg A.M., Geifysburq College WILLIAM D. HARTSHORNE, JR, Assisianl' Professor of Romance Languages A B , A.M., Haverford College: Diplome de Profrsseur de francais a I'efranger, . P , inns ul ' ,ii ' . 5 I J 1 L We demand anliviviseclion legislaiion. K KJ: LESTER O. JOHNSON Assistant Professor of Education A.E.. St Olaf Collegeg A.M, University ot Minnesota HENRY T. BREAM Assistant Professor of Education B.S., Gettysburg Collegeg A.M., Columbia University DUNNING IDLE Assistant Professor of History A.B., A.M., University of Michigan EARL E. ZIEGLER Assistant Professor of Mvhematics B.S., M.S., Gettysburg Colleqe KLAUS H. SCHAEFFER Instructor in German A.B., Oberlin College: B.D., Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg MRS, MARGARET B. ZARFOS Director of Physical Education for Women and Instructor in Hygiene B.S., Temple University MXSGT. RAYMOND STROHM 5 DEML, u.s.A. Assistant Instructor in Military Science HENRIETTA ZANER Instructor in English B.S., Gettysburg College llllllllllllli TS Better stick to soccer. prof. MRS. HENRY W. A. HANSON UAMPHS Every year we are welcomed io 1'he campus by our gracious firsi' lacly, Mrs. Henry W. A. Hanson, fhe wife of +he presiden+ of Gefrysburg College. Her warm sinceriry and friendly spirii' are ever presenr making srudenrs feel very much ar home and af ease. Whenever we see +he Whire House brighfly shin- ing, if showers our i+s welcome and as- surance, and ii' reminds us of our loyal campus hosress. College funcfions are never comple+e wifhoul' Mrs. Hanson's charming presence. Hers has been an airirude which was willing ro cheer in hours of cliscouragemenr, ro quicken 'rhe finer aspirafions of fhe sfudenfs, and fo help fhem a+ all limes in appropria'I'ing +he finer 'rhings of life. 'x MRS. WILLIAM BOYSON MRS. LOLA POOLE Eighl' of our loyal housemo+hers who have served as heads of fhe coecls' living homes are making 'I'heir las'r appearance on campus fhis year. Now +ha+ fhe girls will be refurn- ing +o Huber and Sievens Hall in Seplember, having spen+ 'rhree years in several of ihe frafernify houses, +l1ese G-Burg morhers will relinquish 'rheir duiies. The housemofher a+ fhe Delia Gamma House is Mrs. William Boy- son: ai' ihe Phi Mu House is Mrs. Lola Poole: Mrs. Beriha Dean is ai' fhe Chi Omega House: Mrs. Cornelia EhrgoH' is in charge of 'rhe girls in Sfeven Hall: Mrs. Lore'Ha Deairick is in charge of +he Chi Alpha Sigma House: Mrs. Pearl Sadler supervises 'rhe Huber Hall coecls: Miss Winifrecl Campbell is housemolher a'I' Aughinloaugh Hall: while Miss Ruih E. Koser is wirh 'rhe girls in Lincoln Hall. Mrs. Mabel Phelps has supervised fhe campus dining hall for +he pas? iwo years. HIIUSE MIITHERS as MRS. MABEL PHELPS MISS RUTH KOSER MISS WINIFRED CAMPBELL MRS, BERTHA DEAN MRS. CORNELIA EHRGOTT MRS. LORETTA DEATICK MRS PEARL SADLER 'li W1 1 i liz .. 7 564' Coffege ylfflll Blessing and honor, and glory and power Wisdom and riches, and sfrengih evermore Give ye 'ro Him who our ba'Hle haih won. Whose are fhe kingdom, 'fhe crown and +he 'l'hrone. Dwellelh 'I'he lighl' of ihe glory wilh Him. Ligl-I+ of l'he glory fhaf cannoi' grow dim. Ligh+ in ifs silence and beauiy and calm Lighi' in i'I's gladness and brighfness ancl balm. Ever ascendefh 'rhe song and The ioy, Ever ascende'l'h 'lhe love from on high, Blessing and honor, and glory and praise. This is 'rhe 'rheme of +he hymns thai' we raise. Life of all life, and +rue ligh+ of all lighl, S+ar of +he dawning, unchangingly brighi, Sing we 'Phe song of fhe Lamb +ha+ was slain, Dying in weakness, bui' rising +o reign. 32 'P 52 G EY ,.:,4 . , . 'Z L51-5 :-1 'W Ur - 5 , ,. 1, visa, F, -,.,' 5.1, ii h M:-J.-l . 1" 9 .,. " -'N-i 1 'lx 71?-1f'T:.m2'erg M :" in I E RV 4 f E12 R X .1 Vg, ? E N :wg I .VW ' Zimmerman, Wickey, Shepherd OFFICERS KENNETH W. ZIMMERMAN ..... VIVIAN D, WECKEY ...... ELEANOR M. STROEHMANN . . MARTHA W. TRUMPETER . . GEORGE E. SHEPHERD. f7Ae . . . Presicleni . . Vice-Presidenf . . . Secretary Class His+orian . . . Treasurer SE ISR CLASS HAROLD ANDERSON MARY APPLEBY RUSSELL AUNGST JOHN AURAND Sl llllll ir Plalonic, no doubl. I HAROLD EUGEHE ANDERSON, "Andy", Woodhaven, New York, Tau Kappa Epsilon, SCA ll, 2, 3, 41, Gelyslaurqian U1, lnferfralernify Council l2, 3, 41, Treasurer of lnlerfrafernily Coun- cil K41, Assisfanf Manager of Baskelball ll, 21, Junior Manager for Basketball l31, Manager of Basketball I41, Stage Manager ll, 2, 3, 41. O MARY ELIZABETH APPLEBY, "App", Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Chi Omega, SCA l2, 3, 41, Pi Lambda Sigma l3, 41, Geflys- burgian 12, 3, 41, May Courf l21, A Cappella Choir l31, Vesper Choir CZ, 31, Mercury l21. O RUSELL AUNGST, "Russ", Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, Tau Kappa Epsilon, U. S. Army Air Forces' Varsiiy Baseball Team ll, 21, Varsity Baslrelball Team U1. O JOHN MICHAEL AURAND, "Aiax", Wheeling, Wes? Virginia, Phi Sigma Kappa, SCA ll, 2, 3, 41, Sages l41, Efa Sigma Phi IZ, 3, 41, Geflysburgian ll, 2, 3, 41: Associafe News Edifor of Gellysburgi-an ll, 2, 3, 41, Sfaff of l945 G-Book. O PAULINE EDITH AVERY, "Polly", Winfhrop, Massachuseifs, SCA l2, 3, 41, Geffysburgian l2, 31, Bela Beia Befa I3, 41, Slu- denf Council l31, WAA Board l2, 31, Transfer from Vermonf Junior College, Vermonf. O FRANCES MARIE BANTLEY, "Frannie", Johnsfown, Pennsylvania, Della Gamma, SCA ll, 2, 3, 41, SCA Cabinet l31, Bela Bela Bela l3, 41 President of Bela Bela Beia 141, Delia Phi Alpha l2, 3, 41, Co-Edifor of Ari Sfaff of l946 SPECTRUM, A Cappe'la Choir l2, 3, 41, Vesper Choir ll, 2, 31, Skefch Club l31, WAA Board l21, Vice-Presidenl of WAA Board l31, Presidenf of WAA Board I41, Pan-Hellenic Council l31, Chairman of Dorm Dance l21, WSSF Drive l41. PAULINE AVERY FRANCES BANTLEY 34 MARILN BAUER ELSIE BEATTIE O MARILYN ANNE BAUER, Baltimore, Maryland3 Phi Mug SCA 1l, 2, 3, 413 Assistant News Editor of Geltysburgian 1113 News Editor of Gettysburgian 121: Managing Editor of Gettysburgian 1313 Fac- ulty Editor of H46 SPECTRUM3 I947 SPECTRUM Staff3 Kappa Delta Epsilon 1413 A Cappella Choir 12, 313 Vesper Choir 1l, 2, 313 Campus Senate 1313 Spanish Club 1313 Outstanding Junior3 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. I ELSIE MARGARET BEATTIE3 Watertown, MdSSBCh'US6ilSj SCA 131: Beta Beta Beta 13, 413 Sketch Club 1313 Transfer from Vermont Junior College, Vermont. O HELEN MARIE BERNSTORF3 Teaneck, New Jersey3 Phi Mu3 SCA 1l, 2, 3, 413 Pi Lambda Sigma 13, 413 Gettysburgian 1l, 2, 3, 411 l946 SPECTRUM Staff3 Sketch Club 13, 413 Chess Club 1413 Dorm Dance Committee 131. O ROBERT MARIS BLACK, "Blackie"3 Pine Bluff Arsenal, Arkansas3 Sigma Chi3 Campus Senate 1213 Vice-President of Campus Senate 1313 Gettysburgian 1l13 President of Sigma Chi 131. O ELEANOR ANN BRENEMAN, "Bren"3 Saxton, Pennsylvania: Phi Mug SCA 1I, 2, 3, 413 Kappa Delta Epsilon 13, 413 Vice-President of Kappa Delta Epsilon 1413 Getlysburgian 13, 41: Modern Book Club 12, 313 President of Modern Book Club 141. O MARGARET POMEROY BRERETON, "Peg", Chambersburg, Pennsylvaniag SCA 13, 41: Beta Beta Beta 13, 413 Historian of Beta Beta Beta 1413 Le Cercle Francais 1413 Transfer from Penn Hall, Pa. Shook croons a la Sinatra Sl IUHS ir HELEN BERNSTORF ROBERT BLACK ELEANOR BRENEMAN MARGARET BRERETON 35 ROBERT BRENNER MARGARET BUOY MICHAEL DALTON JANICE DEARDORFF Sl lllll 'A' Back to nature with Bantely. O ROBERT BEECH BRENNER, "Bob"3 Wyomissing, Pennsylvania3 Phi Gamma DeIta3 Pi Lambda Sigma 121: Vice-President of Pi Lambda Sigma 131, Gottysburgian 1l13 Mercury 121: Vice-President of lnterfraternity Council 12, 313 Manager of Men's Debate Council 1213 Gavel Club 12, 3, 41- Band 1311 IFC Dance Committee Chair- man 131: Men's Tribunal 13, 413 President of Phi Gamma Della 1313 President of lnterfraternity Council 141. 0 MARGARET KREITZER BUOY, "Margie"3 Milton, PennsyIvania3 Chi 'Omega3 SCA 11, 2, 3, 413 I946 SPECTRUM Staffg Gettys- burgian 131, Modern Book Club 1313 Dean's Honor List 12, 413 Girls' Chorus 121. O MICHAEL RICHARD DALTON, "Mike"3 Derby, Connecticutg Sig- ma Chi- Campus Senate 1l13 Skeptical Chymists 12, 3, 413 Gavel Club 12, 3, 413 President of Freshman Dormitory System 12, 31. 0 JANICE ROMAINE DEARDORFF, "Jan"3 Arendfsville, Pennsyl- Vdhldj SCA 1l, 2, 313 Eta Sigma Phi 141. O CONSTANCE DOUGLAS, "Connie"3 Sandy Hook, Connecticutg Phi Mu3 SCA 11, 2, 3 413 Sages 12, 31: Secretary of Sages 1413 Geltysburgian 13, 413 i945 SPECTRUM Staff3 Modern Book Club 2, 313 Secretary of Modern Book Club 141. I NORMA DE GHETTO, "De GHET"3 Clifton, New Jerseyg Phi Mu3 SCA 1l, 2, 3, 41Q Pi Lambda Sigma 13, 413 Gettysburgian 12, 3, 413 Modern Book Club 1313 "Royal Family" 1313 Varsity Hockey Team 13, 413 Varsity Basketball Team 13, 41. CONSTANCE DOUGLAS NORMA DE GHETTO 36 PATRICIA DREW LAURA DUTTENHOFFER O PATRICIA HOWITT DREW, "Patty"5 West Roxbury, Massachu- setts5 Chi 'Omega5 SCA 1l, 2, 3, 415 Sages 1315 President of Sages 1415 May Court 1I, 215 A Cappella Choir 1l, 2, 3, 415 Vesper Choir 1l, 2, 3, 415 Lead in "Blith'e Spirit" 1415 Sketch Club 12, 315 Modern Book Club 1215 Dorm Dance Committee 131. O LAURA ANNE DUTTENHOFFER5 Flushing, New York. I RHODA ELISE ESRIG5 "Rho"5 New York, New York5 Chi Alpha Sigmag SCA 1l, 2 315 Le Cercle Francais 121 O RUSSELL EDWARD FINK, "Russ"5 Manchester, P'ennsylvania5 Phi Sigma Kappa5 SCA 1I, 2, 315 Skeptical Chymists 12, 315 A Cappella Choir 1I, 215 Vesper Choir 1l, 2, 315 Secretary of Men's Tribunal 1315 Varsity Soccer Team 1315 Men's Quartet 12, 31. O MARIAN LOUISE FISH, "Pete"5 Mechanicsburq, Pennsylvania: Chi Omega5 SCA 1l, 2, 3, 415 SCA Cabinet 12, 3, 415 Secretary of SCA 1215 Eta Sigma Phi 12, 3, 415 Delta Phi Alpha 1415 Muhlen- berq Freshman Prize5 Student Council 1215 Vice-President of Stu- dent Council 1315 A Cappella Choir 1l, 2, 3, 415 l946 SPECTRUM Staff5 Secretary of Freshman Classg President of Sophomore Classy Director of Vesper Choir 141. I O GRACE CHARLOTTE FISHER5 Wesiernport, Maryland5 Chi 0mega5 SCA 1l, 2, 3, 415 Gettysburgian 1l, 2, 315 Mercury 1215 Kappa Delta Epsilon 13, 415 Sages 1415 Vesper Choir 12, 315 WAA Board 12, 315 Modern Book Club 1l, 2, 3, 41. Home for Ireeps SI IUIIS 'k RHODA ESRIG RUSSELL FINK MARIAN FISH GRACE FISHER 37 WILLIAM GLENN DORIS GLENN CHARLES GLATFELTER ALBERT GRANT Sl Illll 'A' Kiely Icabitzes. 0 WILLIAM EUGENE GLENN, "Bill"5 Hanover, Pennsylvania: Phi Gamma Delta: SCA 13, 415 Beta Beta Beta 1415 Campus Senate 12, 315 President of Campus Senate 1415 A Cappella Choir 12, 3, 415 Dramatics 1l15 i946 SPECTRUM Staff: Gavel Club 13, 415 Band 131' Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. O DORIS COLLIER GLENN: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: Phi Mu: Beta Beta Beta 12, 3, 41: President of Beta Beta Beta 1315 Skepti- cal Chymists 13, 415 Delta Phi Alpha 1415 Assistant News Editor of Gettysburgian 1315 Association Editor of Gettysburgian 1415 Girls' Sports Editor of 1946 SPECTRUM: Editor-in-Chief of l946 G-Book: Secretary of Modern Book Club 121: Outstanding Junior: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities: President of Phi Mu 141. O CHARLES HENRY GLATFELTER, "Charlie": Glen Rock, Pennsyl- lania: Phi Alpha Theta 13, 415 President of Phi Alpha Theta 1415 Dean's Honor List 1l, 2, 31. I ALBERTI' JACK GRANT, "AI"5 New York, New York: U, S. Army lntelligence5 Delta Phi Alpha 1415 Men's Tribunal 141. O HENRY GEORGE HANAWALT: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: Phi Kappa Psi: U. S. Army Air Force: SCA 12, 31: Pi Lambda Sigma 13, 415 Pi Delta Epsilon 131: Tau Kappa Alpha 13, 415 Men's De- bate Team 1I, 2, 3, 41' President of Phi Kappa Psi 1315 Gettys- burqian 1l, 21: l94l SPECTRUM Staff: Editor-in-Chief of I942 SPECTRUM: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities." O LYMAN E. HAWBAKER: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania: U. S. Army Air Force: Phi Sigma Iota 141: Eta Sigma Phi 141: Men's Debate Team 1l1. HENRY HANAWALT LYMAN HAWBAKER .38 ROBERT HENDERSON ROBERT HERR O ROBERT HENRY HENDERSON, "Bob"g Johnsfown, Pennsylvania, Phi Della Thela, U, S. Army Engineer Corpsg SCA 1413 Geflys- burgian 141. 0 ROBERT ROGERS HERR, "Rog"g Altoona, Pennsylvania, Phi Gamma Della: U. S. Army lnfanfryg Inlerfralernily Council 141, Men's Tribunal 13, 413 Assislanl Business Manager of I947 SPEC- l'RUMg Varsily Baskefball Team 13, 41, Afhlelic Council 141. 0 ROBERT ELDON HOOK, "Bob", Cumberland, Marylandg Alpha Tau Omega: SCA 13, 41: Sages 1411 Pre-Minislerial Association 13, 41, lnlerfralernily Council 131, Dean's Honor List 131, Transfer from Johns Hopkins Universify. 0 KENNETH EUGENE HOUTZ, "Kenny"g Oberlin, Pennsylvania, Tau Kappa Epsilon, SCA 1l, 2, 3, 413 Ela Sigma Phi 141g Geffys- burgian 12, 3, 415 Dean's Honor Lisl 1l1g Pre-Minisferial Associalion 1l, 2, 3, 415 Campus Senare 141, "The Royal Family" 131, O ELLEN LOUISE KAMMERER, Baltimore, Marylandg Phi Mug SCA 12, 3, 415 Kappa Delta Epsilon 141, Geflysburgian 12, 3, 413 Women's Debale Team 141, l'746 SPECTRUM Slaffg Modern Book Club 12, 31, Skelch Club 131, Spanish Club 131. O FLOYD RADLE KEENER: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U. S. Army Air Forceg SCA 1l, 2, 3, 41, Sages 12, 315 Treasurer of Sugcs 141, Campus Senafe 13, 41, Pre-Minisferial Associalion 1l, 2, 3, 41, Faculfy Edifor of l947 SPECTRUM. The Fronlier Five Sl llllll ir ROBERT HOOK KENNETH HOUTZ ELLEN KAMMERER FLOYD KEENER 39- ESTHER KENYON KATHRYN KIELY FRANK KLOS, JR. ELMO K'OCH Sl IUHS 'k You loolr familiar. O ESTHER HALL KENYON, "Es": Teaneck, New Jersey: Delta Gamma: SCA 1l 2, 3, 41: Delta Phi Alpha 12, 3, 41: Treasurer of Delta Phi Alpha 131' Kappa Delta Epsilon 13: 41: President of Kappa Delta Epsilon 141: Phi Alpha Theta 13, 41: Secretary of Phi Alpha Theta 141: Assistant News Editor of Gettysburgian 121: Man- aging Editor of Gettysburgian 131: Editor-in-Chief of Gettys- burgian 141: l943 SPECTRUM Staff: Associate Editor of I946 SPEC- TRUM: Dean's Honor List 131: Delta Gamma Alumnae Association Award 131: Outstanding Junior: Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. 0 KATHRYN MARY KIELY, "Kathy": Westboro, Massachusetts: Chi Omega: SCA 13, 41: Gettysburgian 12, 31: Literary Editor of Gettysburgian 131: Managing Editor of Gettysburgian 141: Mercury 121: Associate Editor of I946 SPECTRUM: Properties Manager 13, 41, O FRANK WILLIAM KLOS, JR., "Fumf": Wheeling, West Vir- ginia: Phi Sigma Kappa: U. S, Army Tank Destroyers: SCA 1l, 31: Gettysburgian 1l, 31: Assistant News Editor of Gettysburgian 1l1: Sports Editor of Gettysburgian 131: I944 SPECTRUM Staff: Editor-in- Chief of I947 SPECTRUM: Sages 131: Gavel Club 131: Pre-Minlster- ial Association 1l, 31: Vesper Choir 1l 31: Track 1l, 21: Outstand- iiig Jul-Ear: Michigan State College 121: President of Phi Sigma appa . 0 ELMO LUTZE KOCH, "Kochie": Lansdale, Pennsylvania: SCA 1l, 2, 3, 41- Delta Phi Alpha 13, 41: Vice-President of Delta Phi Alpha 141: Kaipa Delta Epsilon 141: Skeptical Chymists 12, 3, 41: Secretary of S eptical Chymisis 131: Gettysburgian 12, 3, 41: Class Honors 1l, 2, 31: Baum Mathematical Prize 121: Campus Senate 131: Secretary of Campus Senate 131: Dormitory Counselor 131: Vice- President of Senior Class. O ROBERT BARR LOGAN, "Bob": Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania: Phi Sigma Kappa: SCA Cabinet 12, 31: lnterfraternity Council 121: Sages 13, 41: Gavel Club 13, 41: A Cappella Choir 1l, 2, 31: Vesper Choir 1I, 2, 31: President of Phi Sigma Kappa 131: Track 12, 31. 0 MARGARET ANN LOHR, "Peggy": Johnstown, Pennsylvania: SCA Cabinet 13, 41: Kappa Delta Epsilon 13, 41: Delta Phi Alpha 141: Dorm Counselor 13, 41: Vesper Choir 13, 41. ROBERT LOGAN MARGARET LOHR 40 PATRICIA MALONE MARY MARIKLE I PATRICIA MAIJONE, "Pat"3 Manhasset, New York3 Chi Om'ega3 SCA 12, 3, 413 Pi Lambda Sigma 12, 3, 413 Treasurer of Pi Lambda Sigma 1313 Secretary of Pi Lambda Sigma 1413 Circulation Mana- ger of Gettysburgian 13, 413 Mercury 1I13 Editor-in-Chief of I946 SPECTRUM: A Cappella Choir 12, 313 Vesper Choir 12, 3, 413 Chair- man of General Welfare Sub-Committee 1413 Women's Tribunal 12, 313 May Court 1213 Class Beauty 131: IFC Dance Committee 1213 President of Pan-Hellenic Council 1413 Outstanding Junior3 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. O MARY KATHRYN MARKLE, "Kay"3 Gettysburg, Pennsylvania3 Phi Mu3 SCA 1l, 2, 3, 413 "Gettysburgian" 1I, 2, 31: Vesper Choir 12, 313 Christmas Dance Committee 1l13 Modern Book Club 13, 41. O MARIE THERESE THIERRY MARSH3 Huntington, New York3 SCA 12, 3, 413 Phi Sigma Iota 1313 Secretary-Treasurer of Phi Sigma Iota Francais 1413 Le Cercle Francais 131: Vice-President of Le Cercle Francais 1413 Spanish Club 141. O MURIEL HETHERINGTON MARTIN, I'MBfiY'I: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania3 Chi Omega3 SCA 1I, 2, 313 SCA Cabinet 1413 Kappa Delta Epsilon 141: President of Chi Omega 1413 Gettysburgian 1l, 2, 3, 413 Mercury 1213 Class Editor of l?46 SPECTRUM3 V'esper Choir 12, 313 Girls' Chorus 1313 May Court 131. O RUTH MILLER, "Rufhums"3 Brooklyn, New York3 Phi Mu3 SCA 1I, 2, 3, 413 Sages 1413 Gettysburgian 1I, 2, 3, 413 Secretary- Treasurer of Junio: Class3 Student Council 121: WAA Board 1313 Sketch Club 1313 Modern Book Club 12, 3, 41: Organizations Editor of I946 SPECTRUM3 Le Cercle Francais 1311 Dorm Dance Com- mittee 1l, 2, 3, 413 Graduation Chairman. 0 NINA ANNETTE MIZELL3 Kensington, Maryland: Chi Om'ega3 SCA Cabinet 13, 413 Student Council 1413 WAA Board 1413 Varsity Hockey Team 13, 41: Sages 1313 Vice-President of Sages 141. Beauty on the bum Sl IIIIIS ir MARIE MARSH MURIEL MARTIN RUTH MILLER NINA MIZELL 41 ROBERT NALE CLARENCE NEAL, JR. .JOY NELSON DOROTHA PALMER S IUHS 'k "Yer Foclcler's Muslache7" O ROBERT EDWARD NALE, "Bob", Alfoona, Pennsylvania, Alpha Tau Omega, Sages 141, Pre.-Minisferial Associafion 141, Men's Tri- bunal 141, Chess Club 141, Transfer from Penn Slale Universily, Pa. O CLARENCE ARTHUR NEAL, JR., "Arr", Chambersburg, Pennsyl- vania, Phi Sigma Kappa, SCA 1l, 2, 3, 41, SCA Cabinel 141, Gellysburgian 1l1, l946 SPECTRUM Staff, Pre-Minisferial Associa- 'rion 1l, 2, 3, 41, Secretary-Treasurer of Pre-Minislerial Associalion 141, Varsily Baskelball Team 131, Men's Tribunal 131. 0 JOY ANINE NELSON, "Joyous", Brookline, Upper Darby, Penn- sylvania, Della Gamma, SCA Cabinet 12, 3, 41, Bela Bela Bela 13, 41, Secrelary of Bela Bela Befa 141, Secretary-Treasurer of Tau Kappa Alpha 141, Della Phi Alpha 141, Sages 141, Skeptical Chymisls 1l, 2, 3, 41, Gellysburgian 12, 31, l946 SPECTRUM Sfaff, Assislanl Ari' Edifor of I947 SPECTRUM, Manager of Women's Debale Team 141, A Cappella Choir 12, 31, Vesper Choir 1l, 2, 3, 41, Skelch Club 13, 41, "Blifhe Spirir", Oulslanding Junior, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. O DOROTHA IRENE PALMER, "Dol", Hagerstown, Maryland, Della Gamma, SCA 121, Women's Debale Team 121, Transfer from Lenoir Rhyne College, Norlh Carolina. O EDWARD KERSTEN PERRY, "Ed", Cresskill, New Jersey, Kappa Della Rho, Tau Kappa Alpha 12, 3, 41, President of Tau Kappa Alpha 13, 41, Della Phi Alpha 12, 3, 41, Treasurer nf Delfa Phi Alpha 13, 41, Ela Sigma Phi 12, 3, 41, Presidenl of Kappa Della Rho 13, 41, Men's Debale Team 1l, 2, 3, 41, Caplain of Men's Debale Team 13, 41, Adverlising Manager of Gellysburgian 121, Pre-Minislerial Association 12, 3, 41, President of Pre-Ministerial Associalion 13, 41, lnlerfrafernily Council 12, 31, Vice-Presidenl of lnlerfragernify Council 131, Dean's Honor Lisl 12, 31, Varsily Soccer Team . 0 JACK WILLIS RAY, "Jake", Getlysburg, Pennsylvania, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, U. S. Naval Air Force, Varsify Foolball Team 1l, 2, 31, Wreslling 1l, 2, 31, Track 1l, 2, 31. EDWARD PERRY K JACK R-AY W, 1 42 JAMES RENNINGER EUGENE RIES I JAMES HENRY RENNINGER, "Jim"3 Chambersburg, Pennsyl- vania3 Tau Kappa Epsilon. I EUGENE DONALD RIES3 Baltimore, Maryland3 Kappa Delta Rhog SCA 13, 413 Sages 141: Chess Club 1413 Varsity Soccer Team 1413 Varsity Baseball Team 1313 Varsity Basketball Team 131. I ELIZABETH KROEGER ROBINSON, "Betsy"3 Lancaster, Penn- sylvaniag Phi Mu3 SCA 1l, 2, 3, 413 Pi Lambda Sigma 12, 3, 411 Secretary of Pi Lambda Sigma 131: Treasurer of Pi Lambda Sigma 141: Gettysburgian 1I, 2, 3, 413 Business Manager of I946 SPEC. TRUM3 Modern Book Club 13, 413 Finance Committee of S'enior Class. O MARY AGNES SASSAMAN, "Mur"3 Williamsport, PennsyIvania3 Delta Gammag SCA 1l, 2, 3, 413 SCA Cabinet 131: Sages 12, 3, 413 President of Delta Gamma 1413 Student-Faculty Committee 141: Student Council 1413 Pan-Hellenic Council 141: A Cappella Choir 1I, 2, 41: Secretary of Junior Class. O PHYLLIS KELLER SCHWARTZ, "Shorty"3 Gettysburg, Pennsyl- vania3 Chi Omega3 SCA 1I13 Secretary of SCA 1211 Treasurer ot SCA 131: SCA Cabinet 13, 411 A Cappella Choir 1l, 2, 3, 413 Vesper Choir 1I, 2, 313 Spanish Club 141. I KENNETH CHARLES SENFT, "Kenny"3 Codorus, Pennsylvania3 Sigma Chig SCA 1I, 2, 3, 413 SCA Cabinet 1313 Eta Sigma Phi 1313 Treasurer of Eta Sigma Phi 141: Delta Phi Alpha 13, 413 Sages 141: Pre-Ministerial Association 1I, 2, 3, 413 Secretary-Treasurer of Pre-Ministerial Association 1313 Business Staff of I946 G-Book3 Ad- vertising Manager of l94b SPECTRUM3 Varsity Basketball Team 1313 Varsity Soccer Team 141- Chairman of National War Fund and WSSF Drives 1413 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Don't yank! He may need that IUHS ir ELIZABETH ROBINSON MARY SASSAMAN PHYLLIS ,SCHWARTZ KENNETH SENFT 43 GEORGE SHEPHERD HOWARD SHOEMAKER RICHARD SHOOK MARY SIEBER Sl llllll Pedal Pushers Paradise Park O GEORGE EDWARD SI-'IEPHER-D, "Shep"3 Glassboro, New Jer- SEYI Phi Gamma Deltag SCA 1l, 2, 3, 413 SCA Cabinet 12, 311 Skeptical Chymists 1I, 2, 3, 413 President of Campus Senate 1413 Vice-President of Freshman Class3 Treasurer of Senior Class3 Dorm Proctor 12, 3, 413 Student-Faculty Committee 1413 Band 1313 IFC Dance Committee 1213 Varsity Basketball Team 1l, 2, 3, 413 Varsity Baseball Team 12, 3, 413 Outstanding Junior 131. O HOWARD G. SHOEMAKER, HSIIOEYH: Sowderton, Pennsylvania3 Phi Delta Theta3 U. S. Army Anti-Aircraft3 Varsity Basketball Team 1I, 2, 3, 413 Varsity Baseball Team 1l, 2, 31: Varsily Football Team 1l, 2, 31. O RICHARD GROVE SHOOK, "Dick"3 Glenside, Pennsylvaniag Phi Sigma KEPPEQ U. S. Coast Guard3 SCA 12, 3, 413 SCA Cabinet 131: Treasurer of SCA 13, 413 Pi Lambda Sigma 12, 3, 413 Staff of I946 G-Bookg Campus Senate 13, 413 A Cappella Choir 12, 3, 413 Treasurer of WSSF Drive 1413 Transfer from Temple University, Pennsylvania. O MARY LOUISE SIEBER, "Mary Lou"3 York, Fennsylvania3 Phi Mu3 SCA 1I, 2, 3, 413 Delta Phi Alpha 13, 41: Eta Sigma Phi 141: Sages 1413 Geltysburgian 12, 313 I946 SPECTRUM Staft3 Modern Book Club 13, 41: Dorm Dance Committee 121: WAA Board 131. I DONALD CHARLES SINGER, "Don"3 Paradise, PennsyIvania3 Phi Delta Theta3 U. S, Army Infantry. O WILLIAM HENRY SNYDER, "BilI"3 Jersey City, New JBYSEYQ Tau Kappa Epsilon: SCA 12, 3, 41: Eta Sigma Phi 1413 Pre-Ministerial Associaiion 12, 3, 41. DONALD SINGER WILLIAM SNYDER 44 JOSEPH STALEY GRACE STERNER O JOSEPH RICHARD STALEY, "Joe", Frederick, Maryland, Sigma Chi. O GRACE LOUISE STERNER, "Gracie", Lineboro, Maryland, Chi Alpha Sigma, SCA 1l, 2, 3, 41, Bela Bela Beia 12, 3, 41, Kappa Della Epsilon 141, Skeplical Chymisls 141, Geilysburgian 12, 3, 41, l945 SPECTRUM Sfaff, Sfaff of i946 G-Book, Class Honors 1l, 31, Vesper Choir 121. O HELEN IRENE STITT, Kiffaning, Pennsylvania, Chi Alpha Sigma, SCA 1l, 2, 3, 41, Beta Beia Befa 12, 3, 41, Gellysburgian 1l1, Skepfical Chymisis 13, 41, WAA Board 141, Vesper Choir 12, 31, Girls' Chorus 121. 0 ELEANOR MABEL STROEHMANN, "Ellie", Williamsport, Penn- sylvania, Delta Gamma, SCA 1l, 2, 3, 41, Secretary oi Delta Phi Alpha 12, 31, President of Della Phi Alpha 141, Kappa Delta Epsi- lon 131, Secrefary-Treasurer of Kappa Delia Epsilon 141, Sfudeni Council 131, Presidenf of Women's Student Council 141, Gellysburg- ian 12, 31, I946 SPECTRUM Siaff, Vesper Choir 1l, 2, 3, 41, A Cappella Choir, 12, 31, Secrelary of Senior Class, Dean's Honor Lisf 1l, 2, 31, Spanish Club 141. I JOSEPH FRANK TOMS, New Brunswick, New Jersey, Sigma Chi, U. S. Army Engineers, Men's Debafe Team 12, 3, 41, Tau Kappa Alpha 141, Campus Senate 141, Dean's Honor List 12, 3, 41. I HENRY LOUIS TOMSUDEN, Wesf Hempstead, New York, Lambda Chi Alpha, SCA 1l, 2, 3, 41, Pre-Minisierial Associalion 1l, 2, 3, 41, Sages 141, Presidenf of Lambda Chi Alpha 141, Gavel Club 141, lnlerfralernify Council 141, A Cappella Choir 1l, 2, 3, 41, Vesper Choir 1l, 2, 3, 41, "Bliihe Spirif" 141, Campus Senafe 141. The Book Sfore "Jump 3 IHHS 'k HELEN STlTT ELEANOR STROEHMANN JOSEPH TOMS HENRY TOMSUDEN 45 MARTHA TRUMPETER QUENTIN WEAVER CALBERT WELLIVER VIVIAN WICKEY SE IHHS Prelude 'lo a clance O MARTHA WIENKE TRUMPETER, "Marty", Lancaster, Pennsyl- vania, Chi Omega, SCA 1l, Z, 3, 41, SCA Cabinet 141, Delta Phi Alpha 12, 3, 41, Kappa Delta Epsilon 13, 41, Historian of Kappa Delta Epsilon 141, Ela Sigma Phi 12, 3, 41, Treasurer of Eta Sigma Phi 131, President of Eta Sigma Phi 141, Gettysburgian 121, H46 SPECTRUM Staff, Historian of Senior Class, Hassner Latin Pri1e 131, Modern Book Club 1l, 2, 3, 41, Vesper Choir 1l, 2, 31. I QUENTIN CLIFFORD WEAVER, "Red", Harrisburg, Pennsyl- vania, Phi Kappa Psi, U. S. Army Air Force, Skeptical Chymists 12, 3, 41, lnterfrafernity Council 141, Varsity Soccer Team 121, Gavel Club 141, Wrestling 121. O CALBERJ' EARL WELLIVER, "Cal", Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Phi Delta Theta, U, S. Army Air Force, Varsity Basketball Team 1l, 2, 3, 41. O VIVIAN DELORES WICKEY, "Viv", Washington, D. C., Delia Gamma, SCA 1l, 2, 3, 41, SCA Cabinet 12, 315 President of SCA 141, Delta Phi Alpha 12, 3, 41, Outstanding Sophomore, Ouisfand- ing Junior, Vice-President of Sophomore Class, President of Junior Class, Vice-President of Senior Class, Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities. 0 ROBERT JACOB WOLFE, JR., "Hogan", Harrisburg, Pennsyl- vania, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, U. S. Army Infantry, lnterfraternity Council 141, Gavel Club 141, Chairman of Junior Prom 141. O FRANK BILLMEYER WILLIAMS, JR., "Benny", Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Phi Kappa Psi, U. S. Navy. FRANK WILLIAMS, JR. ROBERT WOLFE, JR. 46 if HENRIETTA YINGLING ALICE ZIMMERMAN KENNETH ZIMMERMAN 0 HENRIETTA SUE YINGLING, "Hank", Silver Run, Maryland, Phi Mu, SCA Il, 2, 3, 41, Vice-Presidenl of Modern Book Club I41. 0 ALICE ELIZABETH ZIMMERMAN, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, Chi Omega, SCA I3, 41, Pi Lambda Sigma 13, 41, Varsily Hockey Team I31, i946 SPECTRUM Slaif, I947 SPECTRUM Slaff, Ivy Day Commiflee I41, Transfer from Slafe Teachers College, Pennsylvania. I KENNETH WEBER ZIMMERMAN, "Ken", Philadelphia, Phi Gamma Delia, SCA Il, 2, 3, 41, SCA Cabinef I31, Della Phi Alpha I3, 41, Sages I3, 41, Geffysburgian 121, Circulafion Mana- ger of I946 SPECTRUM, Pre-Minisierial Associalion ll, 2, 3, 41, President of Men's Tribunal l31, Dorm Proclor I31, Head Dorm Prccfor I41, lnferfrafernily Council 121, A Cappella Choir ll, 2, 31, Vesper Choir il, 2, 31, Band 13, 41, Oufslanding Junior I31, Vice- Presidenf of Junior Class, Presideni of Senior Class, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies, ir sENloRs WITHOUT PICTURES I SAMUEL SLOANE FROEHLICH, JR., Camp Hill Pennsylvania, Phi Kappa Psi, U. S. Army Air Force. O HAROLD HERBERT HUMMEL, JR., Pine Grove, Pennsylvania, Phi Kappa Rho, U. S. Army Infantry, Phi Alpha Thefa I41. O JAMES JOSEPH MUNLEY, JR., Gellysburg, Pennsylvania, Sigma Chi, U. S. Army lnfanfry, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies, Transfer from Universify of Miami, Florida. O JAMES RICHARD TRIMBLE, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Phi Della Thelag U. S. Army lnfanfry, O BETTE OUTWATER WIZELMAN, Geifysburg, Pennsylvania, SCA Il, 2, 31, A Cappella Choir II1. 47 S llllll The music goes round and round AES A EAEAE AAEE AE EAU AEE WEAE ENAEAH EAI EAAAAIE IE V Beal, Zimmerman, Curry, Miller ' A 4mm A OFFICERS ' i A MARGARETTA M. CURRY ..... . . Presiaenr , wr ,fe I r RACHEL J,z1MMERMAN . vaEe.PreSader+ Q I, JEAN ANNE MILLER . . . . . serrmry ' Q DONALD B. BEAL . . . Treasurer ww 111V-fif'r1.Q' 3 . - J L MARCIA E. MAGUIRE . Class Hrnorrrrn ,dsl-A I ,.... - J. EEEEL gf A -1' -2. 53 I . L - " A ' ,V-,L ' 'fg gv ,E '-fvffa. :T 1 Vwgggffihrr 415' -rf L 4' 0 JOHN WILLIAM AMATUCCI: Silver Springs, Marylancl: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: U. S. Army Air Force: Campus Senaie I3I: Gavel Club I 0 LILLIAN MARIA AVILA, "Pefunia": York, Pennsylvania: SCA Il, 2, 31: Gel'- +ysburgian Business Siaff II, 2, 31: Var- siiy Hockey Team IZI: Varsiiy Baskeiball Team 0 ROBERT IRWIN BAYLINSON, "Red": York, Pennsylvania: U. S. Army Infanfry. O DONALD BRUCE BEAL, "Don": Trenfon, New Jersey: Phi Delia Thefa: SCA II, 2, 3I: SCA Cabinef IZI: Sages 431: Geffysburgian III: Assis'ran+ Cir- culalion Manager of Geifysburgian I2, 3I: Business Manager of I946 G-Book: Business Manager of I947 SPECTRUM: Secreiary of Freshman Class: Treasurer of Junior Class: Treasurer of Campus Senaie I3l: Gavel Club III: Pre-Minis- +eriaI Associafion Il, 2, 3l: Ouisianding Junior: Sfudenf-Governmeni Sub-Com- miH'ee I3I: Track IINIIIHS 50 ir O ALBERT BERTRAM BEHARRY, "AI": Briiish Guiana, S. A.: Phi Kappa Rho: SCA Cabinet II, 23: Skepiical Chymisis I2, 3I: Presicleni of Phi Kappa Rho I3l: Dean's Honor Lisi' IZI: Varsiiy Soccer Team O 0 ELEANOR JEAN BERKEBILE, "Berky": Johnsiown, Pennsylvania: SCA Il, 2, 3I: Varsify Swimming Team No, Fred, she's pinned. 1 Here we are, girls. 0 JOHN GRGSS BERNHEISELI York. Pennsylvania: Phi Kappa Rho: SCA Cab- inef l3l: Pre-Minisierial Associafion l2, 3l: Efa Sigma Phi O LUCILLE ANN BIRNBAUM, "l..ucy"l New York Cify, New York: SCA l2, 31: Dean's Honor Lisf l2l: Modern Book Club l31: Chess Club l3l: Women's Debaie Team l3l: Sages l3l: Trans- fer from Mi. Sf. Vincenf College, New York Cify. UNIIIHS 0 THELMA IRENE BLAUSER, "Thel": Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania: SCA l2, 3l: Le Cercle Francais I GERARD HENRY BORSTEL, "Jerry"I Bellerose, New York: Lambda Chi Alpha: Vice-Presidenr of SCA l3l: Assisfani News Ediior of Geiiysburgian l2l: Lil'- erary Edifor of Geffysburgian l3l: I946 SPECTRUM Sfaff: Junior Varsify Soccer Team lil: Oulsfanding Junior. o I HUBERT ALDINE BRANDENBURG, "Hubie": Hagersiown, Maryland: Phi Sigma Kappa: SCA ll,2,3l: SCA Cala- inei' l3l: Phi Sigma loia l3l: Delia Phi Alpha l3l: A Cappella Choir ll, Zi: Vesper Choir ll, 2, 31: Dean's Honor Lis? 111, 1946 SPECTRUM s+sff7 Pho- 'iography Ediior of I947 SPECTRUM: Spanish Club f3l. I MARY ELIZABETH BRUBAKER, "Meb": Lancasfer, Pennsylvania: Chi Omega: Cheerleader l2, 3l: Vesper Choir l3l: Circulafion Sfaff of I'-747 SPECTRUM: Transfer from Wilson Col- lege, Pennsylvania. 'A' 5I 0 DOROTHY HEDWIG BUHNER, "Dol- fie": Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Phi Mu: SCA ll, 2, 3,l: Delia Phi Alpha l2, 3lI Women's Tribunal l2l: Ediiorial Slaff of I946 "G-Boolc": Business Sfaff of l94b SPECTRUM: Gehlysburgian ll, 2, 3l. o 0 BARBARA STOREY CHALFONT, "Barb": Kennel? Square, Pennsylvania: Chi Omega: SCA ll, 2, 3l: Bela Bela Bela ll, 2, 3l: Vice-Presideni of Bela Be+a Bela l3l: Vice-Presiclenl' of Fresh- man Class: Geilysburgian l3l: Sfaff of 1946 G-Book: Sludenl Council l3l: Women's Tribunal i3l: Campus Senaie f2, 3l: Women's Debafe Team l3lg Varsiiy Hockey Team l3l: Oufslanding Junior. o 0 MARGARETTA M. CURRY, "Peggy": Brookline, Pennsylvania: Della Gamma: SCA lil: SCA Cabinel l2, 3l: Gelfys- burgian ll, 2, 3l: I946 SPECTRUM Siaff: Associafe Edilor of I947 SPEC- TRUM: Treasurer of Sophomore Class: Presidenl of Junior Class: Fralernily Sub-Commiffee l3l: Ouisfancling Junior. 0 JOSEPH CARL CARUZZI, "Joe": Camden, New Jersey: Phi Della Thela: Circulalion Sfaff of I947 SPECTRUM. O JEAN LOUISE DECKER, "Jeanie": Millheim, Pennsylvania: SCA ll, 2, 3l: Gellysburgian ll, 2, 3l: Kappa Delia Epsilon l3l5 Women's Debafe Team l2, 31: Modern Book Club l3l: Varsily Hockey Team l2l: WSSF Drive l2l: Nalional War Fund Drive l3l: WAA Board 0 CARL EUGENE EHRHART: Glenn- ville, Pennsylvania: Phi Sigma Kappa: SCA l I, 2, 31 Pre-Minisferial Associa- 'rion ll, 2, 3l: Vice-Presidenf of Pre- Minisferial Associalion l3l: Varsily Soc- cer Team l3l: Varsily Baseball Team l2l- So round, so firm . . . llllll - 52 Nice hai. O LOIS VIRGINIA ENGLEHART: Mey- ersdale, Pennsylvania: Chi Omega: SCA ll, 2, 31: Geffysburgian II, 21: Business Manager of Gefiyburgian 131: Assis'Ian'r Adverfising Manager of I946 SPEC- TRUM: A Cappella Choir II, 21: Vesper Choir IZ, 31: Campus Senaie O VIRGINIA ANN ESCI'lBACl'I,"Gini": Milfon, Pennsylvania: Chi Omega: SCA ll, 2, 31: Gefiysburgian I31: Girls Chorus IIIII O GRACE ANN FRYBERGER, "Grace- Iess": Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Chi Omega: Ge+fysburgian II, 2, 31: Siu- den+ Council I31: Secrefary-Treasurer of Sfudenf Council l21: WAA Board IZ1: Vice-Presiden+ of WAA I31: Afhlelic Council Represenfaiive 131: I946 SPEC- TRUM Sfaff. 0 DOROTHY ANN GARIS, "Dol"'Z Woodbridge, New Jersey: SCA IZ, 31: Kappa Delfa Epsilon 131: WAA Board I31: Modern Book Club I31: Transfer 'From Maryland College for Women. Maryland. o 0 KENNETH WILLIS GILMOUR, "Ken": Brooklyn, New York: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Inferfrafernify Council l31: Gavel Club I31: Baslxefball Manager 121: Business Slaff of I946 SPECTRUM. o 0 ALFRED ROGER GOBBEL, "Rog": Balfimore, Maryland: Phi Kappa Rho: SCA II, 2, 31: SCA Cabinei IZ, 31: E'ra Sigma Phi I31: Sages I31: Pre- Minisferial Associa+ion ll, 2, 31: Vice- Presidenf of Sophomore Class: Gavel Club 121: Campus Senaie 'k I 53 0 LUTHER ALEXANDER GOTWALD. JR., "Lu+e": Geifysburg, Pennsylvania: Phi Sigma Kappa: SCA ll, 2, 31: Pre- Minisierial Associalion il, 2, 31. O BARBARA ANN GRAYBILL, "Barb": Harrisburg, Pennsylvania: Delia Gamma: SCA ll, 2, 31: Circulafion Sfafi of I947 SPECTRUM: Campus Senafe i21: Vesper Choir i21: Naiional War Fund Drive l21: Women's Dorm Dance Com- miiiee O BEVERLY GREENBERG, "Bev": Far Rockaway, New York: Pi Lambda Sigma l31: Assisfanl Aclveriising Manager of I947 SPECTRUM: I946 SPECTRUM Siaff: Chairman of Women's Dorm Dance l21: Women's Tribunal 0 WILLIS LESLIE GUMM, "BiII": Piiis- burgh, Pennsylvania: Sigma Chi: U. S. Army lnfanfry. o 0 BLANCHE EVANGELINE GUSS, "Gussie": Sipesville, Pennsylvania: Chi Alpha Sigma: SCA ll, 2, 31: Ge'H'ys-- i' burgian ll, 21: Assisfanf News Ediior of Geffysburgian l31: I'-746 SPECTRUM S+a'Ff: Class Honors ll1: Carver Laiin Prize lI1: Efa Sigma Phi l2, 31: Secre- iary of Efa Sigma Phi i31: Bela Bela Beia l31: Presidenl' of Chi Alpha Sigma l31: Naiional War Fund Drive i21: WSSF Drive 131: Dean's Honor Lisf il, 21: Campus Senaie i31: Le Cercle Francais O BETTY JANE HAAG, "Be'l's": Leba- non, Pennsylvania: SCA ll, 2, 31: Delia Phi Alpha i31: A Cappella Choir ll, 21: Geiiysburgian ll, 2, 31. Dig in, gals. 11111354 A JU IIIHS 0 JANE VARNER HOFFMAN, Hoff : All Somersel, Pennsylvania: SCA l2, 31: Spanish Club l3l: Transfer from Cedar Cresi' College, Pennsylvania O RICHARD ALEXANDER ISHMAEL, "Ish": Brirish Guiana, S. A.: Phi Kappa Fare a+ Faber's. Rho: Bela Bela Bela l3l: Varsify Soccer Team O ROBERT WORK HEMPERLY, "Hap- py": Chambersburg, Pennsylvania: Phi , Sigma Kappa: U. S. Army Air Force: SCA ll, Zi: A Cappella Choir O LOUIS CYRIL JOYCE, lll, "Lou": . Grenloch, Pennsylvania: Phi Delia Thefa: SCA l3l: I947 SPECTRUM Sfaff. 0 GEORGE WILLARD HINMAN, "Bill": Newfonville, Massachuseffs: Alpha Tau . Omega: U. S. Army Air Force: Presi- clenf of Alpha Tau Omega l3l: Varsify Soccer Team l3l: Men's Tribunal l3l: Gavel Club l3l: I94-2 SPECTRUM Sfaff: 0 HERMAN ALLEN KELLAR, "Al": Band ill: Track ll, 21. Bronx, New York. 'A' 55 1 'k 0 SAMUEL WEAVER KNlSELY,"Knize": Elizabefhville, Pennsylvania: Phi Gamma Della: SCA 1l, 2, 31: Della Phi Alpha 131: Slreplical Chymlsfs 131: Campus Senale 1I, 2, 31: Dorm Counselor 131: Narional War Fund Drive O PAUL FRANK KRAMP: Balfimore, Maryland: Phi Sigma Kappa: SCA 1I, 2, 31: Gelfysburgian 12, 31: S'faFf of I946 G-Book: Associafe Edifor of I947 SPECTRUM: Sages 131: Tau Kappa Alpha 131: Men's Debafe Team 12, 31: Pre-Minisferial Associalion 1I, 2, 31. O MARY LOUISE KUNDE: Chevy Chase, Maryland: SCA 1l, 31: Bela Bela Bela 12, 31: Skelch Club 131: WAA Board 12, 31: Varsily Hockey Team 12, 31: Varsily Basketball Team 12, 31. I MARGARET EDITH LANKO, Newarlc, New Jersey: Phi Mu: SCA 1I, 2, 31: Gelfysburgian 12, 31: Ediforial Slaff of l946 SPECTRUM: Slcelch Club ll IIIRS 56 I VIRGINIA LOUISE LEEDOM, "Gin- ny": Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Phi Mu: SCA 12, 31: Geliysburgian 1I, 21: Edi- forial Siaff of I947 SPECTRUM: Slzepfi- cal Chymisls 12, 31: Modern Booli Club 131: WAA Board 121: Pan-Hellenic Council 0 JANE ANN LILLICH: Dundalk, Mary- land: Chi Omega: SCA 1I, 2, 31: Ves- per Choir 131: Adverlising Slaff of 1947 SPECTRUM. Beal is on 'rhe leff. Domesficaled damsels. O LAURA JEAN LIVINGSTON, "Liv": McKeespor+, Pennsylvania: SCA 1I, 2, 31: Sages 131: Spanish Club 131: Edi- iorial Sfaff of I947 SPECTRUM: Varsify Hoclrey Team O MARION LOUISE LOWER: Reading, Pennsylvania: SCA 12, 31: Phi Sigma lo+a 131: A Cappella Choir 121: Le Cercle Francais 12, 31: Spanish Club 12, 31. O MARCIA ELIZABETH MAGUIREI Wynwood, Pennsylvania: SCA 1I, 2, 31: Befa Bela Bela 12, 31: Hisiorian of Junior Class: WAA Board 12, 31: Var- UNIIIHS siiy Hockey Team 12, 31: Varsiiy Baslrei- ball Team 12, 31. O PHILIP JOSEPH MARTINI, "PhiI": Valley Siream, New Yorlz: Phi Delia Theia: SCA 1l1: Presideni of Phi Delia Thefa 131: Circulafion Manager of I947 SPECTRUM: Varsiiy Baslceiball Team 1I, 2, 31: Varsify Baseball Team 121: Dorm Counselor 131: Gavel Club 131: Ouisfanding Junior. O PEGGY LOU MAYER, "Peg": Har- risburg, Pennsylvania: Delia Gamma: SCA 12, 31: Geffysburgian 1l, 2, 31: Slrepiical Chymisfs 12, 31: Class Honors 1I, 21: Vesper Choir 121: Adverlising Slaif of I947 SPECTRUM. 0 JEAN ANN MILLER, "Jay Aye": Freeporf, New York: Del+a Gamma: Tau Kappa Alpha 12, 31: Phi Sigma lofa 131: Kappa Delia Epsilon 131: Highesi' Class Honors 1I, 21: Class of I9l6 Alumni Prize 121: Oufsfanding Junior: Secrefary of Campus Senaie 131:' Pan- Hellenic Council 131: WAA Board 12, 31: Dorm Counselor 131: Sfudenf Coun- cil 131: Women's Debafe Team 12, 31: Orqanizafions Edifor of I947 SPEC- TRUM: Nafional War Fund Drive 131: "Blifhe Spiriiu 131: Chairman of Scho- lasfics Sub-Commillee ir 57 0 MARGARET LEILA MILLER, "Lee", Silver Spring, Maryland: Della Gamma: SCA ll, 2, 3lq Vesper Choir ll, Zlg Girls' Chorus ' O PHYLLIS CLAY MOSERg Englewood, New Jersey: Chi Omega: SCA ll, 2, 3l: Pi Lambda Sigma l2, 3,3 GeH'ys- burgian Business Siaff l3l: Circulalion Sfaff of I946 SPECTRUM. o 0 CECELIA LAURENE MOYER, "Cece", Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: SCA ell, 2, 3l: Kappa Della Epsilon l3l: Women's Debafe Team l2, 3l: Varsify Hockey Team l2lg Varsify Baskefball Team l2, 3l: "Junior Miss" 0 JANICE EMILY OUTRAM, "Oul'ie"i Wesffield, New Jersey: Chi Omega: Phi Sigma lofa l3lg Geflysburg Business sfaff 133, um SPECTRUM s+sff, Le Cercle Francais l2, 3lg Presidenf of Le Cercle Francais l3lg Spanish Club l3l: Vesper Choir l3lg Varsi+y Hockey Team l2, 3l, Varsify Baslxeflaall Team llNllIllS 58 'Ir 0 IRA DAVID PLANK, JR., "Dave", Geffysburg, Pennsylvania: Phi Kappa Psi: U. S. Army Air Force: President of Men's Tribunal l3l: Varsify Baslrefball Team l2, 3lg Skepfical Chymisis lfil: Ini-er-Fraferniiy' Council l3l: Adveriising Manager of I947 SPECTRUM. 0 O CAROL LOUISE POTDEVlN: Garden Cify, New Yorlrg Chi Alpha Sigma: SCA ll, 2, 3l: Pi Lambda Sigma l2, 31, Le Cercle Francais l2, 3lg I947 SPECTRUM Sfaff. See any shirfs? Wanf a sailor wiih i+? O BETTE JEAN RATHBONE, "Brownie"I Upper Darby, Pennsylvania: Delia Gam- ma: SCA ill: Pi Lambda Sigma l2, 315 Cheerleader ll, 2, 31: Varsify Hockey Team O MARILYN ENID REICHERT, "Lynn": Glendale, New Yorlr: SCA ll, 2, Blg SCA Cabinef l2l: Phi Sigma lofa l3lg Kappa Delia Epsilon f3l: Dean's Honor Lisf ill: Geffysburgian IZ, Blg Class Edifor of I947 SPECTRUM: Women's Debaie Team l3lg Le Cercle Francais l2, 3l: Spanish Club JU IUHS 0 MARY JEAN REYNOLDS, "Rennie": Wesffield, New Jersey: SCA ll, 2, 31: Geffysburgian lil, Vesper Choir 0 RICHARD FRANK ROMIG, "Diclc": Wesf Lawn, Pennsylvania: Phi Gamma Delia: U. S. Army Air Force: SCA ll, 2, 31, Bela Bela Bela l2, 313 Var- si+y Soccer Team O HARRY EDWIN ROWLAND: Kings- ion, New York: Phi Delia Theiag GeHys- burgian ll, Zi: I946 SPECTRUM Sfaffq I947 SPECTRUM Sfaffg Presideni' of Phi Delia Theia l2Jg Sages l3lg Gavel Club l2, 31: Inferfrafernily Council l2, 317 Chairman of IFC Dance O LOUIS ARTHUR SALZMANN, "Leung Kingsfon, New York: Phi Delia Thefag U. S. Army Air Force. 'k 59 0 GEORGE I.. SAMES: Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania: Sigma Chi: SCA II, 2, 31: Bela Bela Bela IZ, 31: Dean's Honor Lisf II, 21: A Cappella Choir IZ, 31: Vesper Choir IZ, 31: Gavel Club 421, I947 SPECTRUM S+aff. 0 MARILYN ELLA SENIOR, "Miki": Ephraia, Pennsylvania: Phi Mu: SCA ll, 2, 31: Geffysburgian I31: Phi Sigma Ioia I31: Women's Debafe Team l31: Spanish Club IZ, 31: Le Cercle Fran- cais I31: Vice-Presideni of Women's Sfudenf Council I31: WAA Board IZ1: Varsiiy Hockey Team IZ1: OuI's+anding Junior. 0 JOHN WILLIAM SHAINLINE, "Spike": Norrisfown, Pennsylvania: U, S. Marines: Phi Gamma Delia: Baseball II, 2, 31: Varsiiy Foofball Team ll, 21. 0 CLAUDE RICHARD SHUMAKER, "Dick": West Fairview, Pennsylvania: Pre-Minislerial Associafion ll, 2, 31: III IIIIIS 60 'A' Chess Club I31: A Cappella Choir IZ1: Men's Tribunal l31: Track 0 0 ELIZABETH ANN SIMONS: Lancas- fer, Pennsylvania: SCA I31: Varsily Hockey Team I31: Transfer from Pra'H' Insfiiufe, New York. I JOAN ROSALIE SLElGI"ITER:"Joey": EvereH', Pennsylvania: SCA ll, 2, 31. A liHIe squirrely? Eli. 0 RUTH ELEANOR SLIFER, "SiIver": Alioona, Pennsylvania: Chi Alpha Sig- ma: SCA II, 2, 31: Geifysburgian II, 21: Phi Alpha Theia I31: Modern Book Club II, 2, 31. 0 JANE MILLER SPANGLER: New Ox- ford, Pennsylvania: Chi Omega: SCA II, 2, 31: Gefiysburgian II1: I947 SPECTRUM Sfaff: May Courf fl, 21: Beaufy Queen Il, 21. 0 FREDERICK D. SPREEN, JR., "Friar TucIc": Pearl River, New York: Lambda Chi Alpha: SCA ll, 2, 31: SCA Cabi- Jill ner I2, 31: Pre-Minisferial Associafion II, 2, 31: Vice-Presideni' of Campus Senafe I2, 31: Sages I31: Gavel Club I21: Sfaff of I94b G-Book: Business Sfaff of I946 SPECTRUM: Publicify Chairman of Junior Prom I21: Vesper Choir II, 2, 31. 0 JOHN LESLIE STIRZACKER: Cham- bersburg, Pennsylvania. 0 O ELEANOR DOLORES SULTZBACH, "ElIie": Valley View, Pennsylvania: Chi Alpha Sigma: SCA II, 2, 31: Geiiys- burgian II1: Dean's Honor Lisr I21: Women's Debaie Team II, 2, 31: Tau Kappa Alpha I2, 31: Slcepiical Chymisis I21: Presidenf of Skepiical Chymisis 0 M. JOANNE TITTLE, "Joey": Harris- burg, Pennsylvania: Delia Gamma: SCA II, 2, 31: Geffysburgian I31: I947 SPECTRUM Siaff: Sicepfical Chymisfs I31: Presidenf of Sophomore Class: Oul- sfanding Junior: Class Honors II, 21: WAA. Board Il, 21: Varsiiy Hockey Team I2, 31: Varsify Baslceiball Team i2, 31. if 61 OGLADYS CAROLYN TOBLER: "Toby": Teaneclc, New Jersey: Chi Omega: SCA 1I, 2, 31: Pi Lambda Sig- ma 121: Vice-Presiclenf of Pi Lambda Sigma 131: Delia Phi Alpha 131: I946 SPECTRUM Siaff: I947 SPECTRUM Siaff: Skeich Club 121: Vesper Choir 131: Dorm Dance Commiifee 131: Fra- 'rernify Sub-CommiH'ee O MARION HAZEL TODD, "Duich": Mafawan, New Jersey: Chi Alpha Sigma: SCA 12, 31: Le Cercle Fran- cais I MARY ROBERTA TURNER: Wrighfs- ville, Pennsylvania: Chi Alpha Sigma: SCA 1I, 2, 31: Befa Befa Bela 12, 31: Phi Alpha Thefa 131: Le Cercle Fran- cais 12, 31. O CARL THEODORE UEHLING: Clif- ion, New Jersey: Lambda Chi Alpha: SCA 1I, 2, 31: SCA Cabinei 12, 31: Geifysburgian 1l, 2, 31: Sfaff of 1946 G-Boolt: Pre-Minisierial Associafion 1l, 2, 31: Secreiary of Pre-Minisferial Asso- cia+ion 12, 31: Men's Debaie Team 1I, llNlllllSi 62 2, 31: lnlerfraierniiy Council 12, 31: Leader of College Band 1l, 21: Vesper Choir 1I, 2, 31: Track 0 JUNE EVELYN VIALL, "Junie": Leba- non, Pennsylvania: Del+a Gamma: SCA 131: Pi Lambda Sigma 12, 31: Head Cheerleader 131: Slteich Club 12, 31: Dorm Dance Commiffee 121: Vesper Choir 1I, 21. O HOWARD MAHL WALKER: Sche- neciacly, New York: Sages 131: A Cap- pella Choir On 'ihe serious slae. ullnls O HELEN KATHRYN WALT2: Washinglon, D. C.: Della Gamma: SCA 1I, 21: Bela Bela Bela 121: Dean's Honor Lisf 1I1: Le Cercle Francais 1I1: WAA Board 121: Varsily Hockey Team 121: Varsi+y Baslrefball Team 12, 31. O DONALD RICHARD WARRENFELTZ, "Donn: Hag- ersfown, Maryland: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Efa Sigma Phi I2. 31- 0 SARAH ELEANOR WOLFE, "SaIIy": Norwich, New Yorlc: Phi Mu: SCA 1I, 2, 31: Sages 131: Gellysburgian 1I, 2, 31: Assisianf News Ediior of Geflysburgian 121: News Edifor of Geliysburgian 131: I946 SPECTRUM Sfaff: Associale Edifor of I947 SPECTRUM: Oufsianding Junior: Le Cercle Francais 0 RACHEL JANE ZIMMERMAN: Mechanicsburg, Penn- sylvania: Chi Omega: SCA 1I, 2, 31: Secrefary of SCA 131: Vice-Presidenl of Junior Class: Pan-Hellenic Council 131: Sororify Edifor of I947 SPECTRUM: WAA Board 131: WSSF Drive JUNIORS WITHOUT PICTURES 0 JOHN WILLIAM AMATUCCI, "Jaclc": Silver Spring, Maryland: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: U. S. Army Air Force: Campus Senafe 131: Gavel Club 0 ELI NENADOVICH: Paxfang, Harrisburg, Pennsyl- vania: Phi Della Thela: U. S. Navy. I JOHN WILLIAM SHAINLINE, "SpiI:e": Norrislown, Pennsylvania: Phi Gamma Della: U, S. Marine Corps: Varsify Foolloall Team 1I, 21: Varsily Baseball Team ll 21 0 PAUL ADAM TRUMP: Kimberfon, Pennsylvania: Phi Sigma Kappa: U. S. Army Air Force: SCA 1I1: Pre- Minisferial Associalion 5 63 EEMEMEEE THESE SEEEHEEEE SUEEIIMIIEES E 64 CLASS UF 1948 R R I ROBERT S. BEHARRY . . A. ROGER GOBBEL . NANCY E, PYLE . . MARGERY H. ENES . B. LOU RENE STAUFFER Beharry, Pyle, Gobbel, Siauffer, Enes OFFICERS 65 . . . Presideni' . Vice-President . . . Secrefary . . . Treasurer Class Hisforian RICHARD NORWOOD ALLISON . . .ArendtsvilIe, Pa. ROBERT MILTON ARENTZ ..,...., Hanover, Pa. GUSTAVE HUGO BAHRENBURG . . .Hicksville, N. Y. WILLIAM ANGUS BAUSERMAN .... Toms Brook, Va. R'OBERT S. BEHARRY ...... EVELYN BETHKE ,...... LILLIAN ANNA BETZ . . . MARIE BLAIR ........ EARL EDGAR BOMBERGER . . ELIZABETH JANE BOOTH . . CALVIN LUTHER BOWERS . . BRACE MIRIAM FLORENCE ELIZABETH JANE BRITCHER . CAROLINE BRUBAKER .... ALEXANDER SAMUEL CALVIN MILDRED ELIZABETH CREELY GEORGE WILLIAM CROMER, AUDREY CUMMIN ...... CAROL MEREDITH DENZ . . HELEN JOYCE DIXON . . . JUANNE DUFFIELD ..... HELEN MIRIAM DURSTEWITZ CLAYTON ALBERT EATON, JR. BEATRICE MAE EACKMAN . . CLARA BETTY EDWARDS . . DORIOTHEA EVELYN EHMANN MARTHA ANNE ELLIOTT ,... MARGERY HELEN E-NES . . . RICHARD THOMAS ENTWISLE RUTH ANNETTE ERB .... DEAN ROY ERDMAN .... British Guiana, S. A. .Washinqton, D. C. , . , . Baltimore, Md. . . . Ramsey, N. J. . . Lebanon, Pa. . . . . Corapolis, Pa. . . . . Baltimore, Md. Shaker Heights, Ohio ci-IARLES ALBERT BOWERS, JR. . . . . Westfield, N. J. . . . Gettysburg, Pa. . . . . Bird-in-Hand, Pa. . . . Ramsey, N. J. . . . . . Clayton, N. J. JR .... Gettysburg, Pa. . . . . . Teaneck, N. J. . . . . . Flushing, N. Y. . . . . Westfield, N. J. . . . . . Greencastle, Pa. . . . Wood-Ridge, N. J. . . . Fitchburg, Mass. . . . . . Baltimore, Md. . . . . . . Lancaster, Pa. . Merchantville, N. J. . . . . Baltimore, Md. . . . . Clifton, N. J. . . . Philadelphia, Pa. . . . . . Philadelphia Pa. . . . . Elizabethville, Pa. MARGARET LOUISE ETCHBERGER . .Waynesboro, Pa. JAMES BRUNER FELTON . . . NANCY JEAN FERGUSON . . . . Philadelphia, Pa . . Camp Hill, Pa GR-ACE EVELYN FLUCK ..... . . , Reading, Pa .1 PHYLLIS FRALEIGH ...... HARVEY WITMER FROEHLICH DONALD RICHARD GALLION BETTY JUNE GARMAN .... NEAL EDMUND GARMAN . . ETHEL PATTERSON GEISEY . ALFRED ROGER GOBBEL . . JANICE CLAIRE GRACEY . . MARGARET ANN GRAEI-E . . R-ALPH AUGUSTUS GREIMAN, MANJORIE MAE GRISSINGER DORIS MARGARET HAUSSMAN MARY JANE HECKMAN . . ANNA LOIS HEIM ...... EDWIN AUSTIN HESS, JR. . JOHN ,LESLIE HICKS JR. . . JANET MENISH HIGH ..... I JEAN ANNETTE HOLLINGER ELIZABETH ANNE HOLMAN . GEORGE E. HOINBERGER . . GENE MARCUS HUGGENS . . NOVELLA ANNA ILGEN . . JOHN EDWARD JAMES .... THELMA MARILYN JENSEN . . ARTHUR J. JESURUM ..... BERNARD ROBERT JOEL . . ROBERT COLLIER JONES . MCFALL KERBEY, JR ....... GRAHAM PHILLIPS KESLER . . ROBERT ELWOOD KESSLER . . . . . Teaneck, N. . . . .Camp Hill, Pa . . . . Baltimore, Md . . Baltimore, Md , . Baltimore, Md . . Gettysburg, Pa . . Baltimore, Md . . . . . Gl'enside, Pa . , Owings Mills, Md JR. ..... York, Pa . McConnellsburg, Pa . . Great Neck, N. Y . . . . Allentown, Pa . . Hollidaysburg, Pa ......Akron,Pa . . Chambersburg, Pa . . . . Elkins Park, Pa . . . Abbottstown, Pa . New Bloomfield, Pa . . . . Littlestown, Pa . . . . Hanover, Pa . . . Mifflinburg, Pa . . . . Teaneck, N. J . . Takoma Park, Md . .Curacao, N. W, I . . . Glendale, N. Y . . . Royal Oak, Mich . , Washington, D. C . , Silver Spring, Md Lemoyne Pa GEORGE EARLE KIRSCHNER, JR.. '. '. '. '. . .Yorkl Pa snrunllujll lllss JEAN ARLENE KNISELY . . . KATHRYN LOUISE KOONS . . HENRY HSI-HUNG LEE . . . JEAN MARIE LEIDY .... RUSSELL NOBLE LEIDY . . . ROCCO JOHN LEO ...... CATHERINE MARIE LEWIS . . JOYCE LEWIS ..,...... MARILYN LORRAINE LEWIS . . ROGER PHELPS LEWIS ...., CONSTANCE V, LINGENFELTER JOHN MAHLON LOREE . .. PAUL FRANK LUESBE . . . BARBARA JANE MALONEY . . ANNA ELIZABETH MARTIN . . THOMAS CLAUDE MASTERS . . MIRIAM FAITH MCCARNEY . . MARY EDNA MEEKS ..... RUBY HARRIET MICHAEL . . . CLIFFORD ROSWELL MILLER . MILDRED ANNETTA MILLER . DOROTHY LOUISE MOSS . JOHN EDWARD MUHLBACH . MARY RUTH MUMFORD .... KATHRYN LOUIE NEWCOMER . . . DONALD GLUCK OYLER .... ANTHONY JAMES PALAZZOLO RICHARD EUGENE PATTERSON MADELINE JANE PEE ..... CHARLES WILLIAM PENTZ . . MORRIS RAYMOND PRICKETT NANCY ELIZABETH PYLE . . . CHARILES ARCHUT RAMBO . . THOMAS ALBERT RANKIN . . JANE MERLYN RHOADS . HELEN JANET RITCHIE . . ROBERT JAY RUBIN .... PHYLLIS ISABELLE RUOF . . JAY WALTER SADOW . . . . . Piilsburgh, Pa. . . Harrisburg, Pa. New York, N. Y. . . . Abington, Pa. Upper Darby, Pa. .Camden, N. J. . . Geifysburg, Pa. . Philadelphia, Pa. . Wesifield, N. J. . Plainfield, N. J. . . . Alfoona, Pa. Hollidaysburg, Pa. . . Johnshawn, Pa. .WeslfieId, N. J. . Waynesboro, Pa. . Teaneck, N. J. Conshohocken, Pa. . . Balfimore, Md. . . Hazellon, Pa. . . Lewistown, Pa. . . . . Lykens, Pa. . Philadelphia, Pa. . . Baltimore, Md. . . Geflysburg, Pa, Shiremansiown, Pa. . . Geffysburg, Pa. . . Johnslown, Pa. . . . . .York, Pa. . . . . Philipsburg, Pa. Chambersburg, Pa. . Medford, N. J. Wesf Chesfer, Pa. Woodbury, N. J. I . Drexel Hill, Pa. . . Ballimore, Md. Ridgewood, N. J. . Brooklyn, N. Y. Hummelsfown, Pa. New York, N. Y. GRACE J. SALTZER ,.... Penbrook, Harrisburg, Pa. ELIZABETH DOROTHY SALZMANN . . Kingston, N. Y. LOUIS ARTHUR SALZMANN . . . . . . Kingsion, N. Y. RICHARD OTTO SCHERCH ....,.. Baltimore, Md. SAMUEL W. SCHMITTHENNER . . . Chambersburg, Pa, DOROTHY SCHWARTZ . . Brookline, Upper Darby, Pa. DONALD LEON SELMAN . . JOANNE ROSE SERPICO . . . MARILYN RUTH SHEFFER . MARY LOU SHRUM ...... JOSEPH WINTERS SHUSTER . . DOROTHY ADELE SIMON . . . . . Chambersburg, Pa. . . .Red Bank, N. J. . . . New Oxford, Pa, . . Hollidaysburg, Pa. . , . SI. Johns, Pa. . . . . Philadelphia, Pa. LUTHER WALTER SLIFERT, JR. ..... Geflysburg, Pa. CARLTON NEWELL SMITH . . . ROBERT LONGYEAR SMITH . . RUTH CARLYN SNYDER . MARTHA SPAYD ....... FRED GLEN STAMBAUGH .. BERTHA LOURENE STAUFFER . ROBERT HENR-Y STERNAT . . . JOHN LOUIS STRUBE, JR. , . GRACE MORRIS SWEITZER . . ELWOOD LeROY TARBET . . . RICHARD LEON TOME .... CATHERINE GRIMM TOMPKINS Rockville Cenlr'e, N.-Y, . . .Weslfielc-I, N. Y. . . . Baliimore, Md. .. . . . York, Pa, . . . . York, Pa. . . Salem, N. J. . . Biglerville, Pa. . . Lansdowne, Md. . . . . Lancasier, Pa. .....,.York,Pa. . York New Salem, Pa. . .Washingron, D, C. ANNE LIGON TRICE ........... Shipman, Va. LOUISE HELEN TRUMPETER . . . . . . . Lancasler, Pa. WALTER JOHN VAN ELDEN . . Blue Ridge Summil, Pa. VERA LONG VENABLE ..., GILSON C. WALDKOENIG . . JUANITA ISABELLE WATERS . . PAUL SNOWDEN WEIRWICK SUZANNE VALENTINE WENTZ . . . . .Oak Park, III. . . Pillsburgh, Pa. . . . Roselle, N. J. . . . . Harrisburg, Pa. . . . . . . Hanover, Pa. Donor:-:Y ELIZABETH WHITE ..... eenysburg, Pa. VIVIAN LORRAINE WHITLOCK BARBARA BLAKE WICKERSHAM JANICE NANCY YOST .... . . . .BaIiimore, Md. . . . . Harrisburg, Pa. . . . . , Balfimore, Md. EDITH RUTH YOUNG ........ Hollidaysburg, Pa. 67- Agll THIISE FPULIUKSHME FHESHM 6' Y CF -Q 3 Zfwux X'.: , MKQ ig V' , sw, Ji' lgztzxw iii, , N Q V , K V Il w f f if-. I. A..-A-5. gh ,Ik M-7' A" g 2+ e 4. W V in -' ' 5? - 7 Q . 2 191- lx 0 -4- 31. - F t sg ? I Bofierbusch, Baniley, McCaw, Haabesfad, Weaver WILLIAM J, McCAW . DAVID S. BANTLEY .... MILDRED A. I-IAABESTAD . WILLIAM H. WEAVER . . . FREDERICK E. BOTTERBUSCH OFFICERS IISS III IIIIII I . . . Presidenf Vice-Presideni' . . . Secrefary . . . Treasurer Class Hisforian LUIS F. ARELLANO ................. . . . . . . . . Grenada, Nicaragua, Cen'Iro-Amer ROBERT THEODORE AVANCENA . . Washinqlon, D. WARREN ARTHUR BAHR ,....... Yonkers, N. DAVID STRAUB BENTLEY, JRI. . . . .Johns+own, DORIS LOUISE BAUGHER .. ...... Aspers, RICHARD ALFRED BEAVER . . . ,MonfoursviIle, DONALD HEINDEL BECKER . . . . .... , York, DOROTHY GERTRUDE BEISEL . . . . Philadelphia, Pa. VIRGINIA BRYANT BERGEN ..... ShorI.Hills,,N. J. ROBERT RAY BOHN ........ Chambersburci, Pa. FREDERICK EYLER BOTTERBUSCH ..,... Yor , Pa. ROBERT WILKINSON BOWEN .... Philadelphia, EUTHA COLLEEN BREIGHNER ..... Gardners, MARIE CHARLOTTE BRETTSCHNEIDER ....... Baltimore:-,Md. SHERWOOD BROWN ..... Jackson Heighls, N. Y. WILLIAM THOMAS BROWN ..... Audubon, N. J. DOROTHY JEAN BRUA ..... Niagara Falls, N. Y. BERTRAM BULLER .......... Pearl River, N, Y. NORAMA LOUISE BURKHOLDER . . . Hummelslown, Pa. MARILYN JANE BURNETT ..,. New Kensinqfon, JEAN LOUISE CALLARD . . . ...... Warren, Pa. HAROLD ANTHONY CAPONE . . . Norih Bergen, N. J. PAUL EUGENE CARL ........... Hanover, Pa. MARTIN EDWARD CERNEK ...,... Palmer, N. Y. JOSEPH SOUTHAM CHOQUETTE . . Jersey Cify, N. MARIE HELEN CLODE . . . F-REDA MARIE COFFMAN VINCENT CONTI ..... JACK L. CREAGER .... RICHARD HENRY CROMERI BETTY LOUISE CULP . . . ROBERT THOMAS CULP . SAMUEL FRANK DAVIDSON' .' . . . Wes? Englewood, N. . ...... Geilysburg, . ..... Geffysburg . . Harrisburg' . . . . . . Carllsle, . . Arnold, . . . Arnold Camden, ica C. Y. Pa. Pa, Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. J. J. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. Pa. MARION STEPHANIE DEJACOMO GEORGE 'ci-IARLEQ DQKRAFFT f . HARVEY WEAN ER DICKERT .... MARION LOUISE DIEHL . . . . DONALD BRISCOE DIXON ..... NANCY BER-THA DREIR .... . ANNA ALMEDA DUNDORE . . ROBERT WOLF ECKELS . . . GLORIA LUCENE ECKER . PERCELL BENHEM ECKER . . . BARBARA JEAN ECKERT ..... '. MARGARET LINDSAY eicHMAN. . RICHARD DAVID EPLEY ...... LUCILLE JOYCE ERDLEY . . . KARL BENTON ETSHIED .... ' . f CHARLES BUFFINGTON FAGER . . JEANNE CAROLYN PARIS .,... EVELYN VIRGINIA FIFE .... EDWARD DENNIS FISCHER . . JOHN RICHARD FISHER . . . SARAH JEAN FUSS ..... . . JANE ELIZABETH GARDILL . . M G R L AR A ET EA GETTYS ...... LUIS F. GONZALEZ .... . . . NANCY LOUISE GOULD . . . . ESTHER NAOMI GRAY . . . GAIL BLANCHE GR-OGAN . . WILLIAM CRIST GUISE . . . HARRY OGDEN GULDEN . . EVELYN GRACE GUSS ..... MILD ED A E AABE TAD . . R NN H S . MARY ELIZABETH HAGERTY . . ELEANOR JANICE HAG .... GRAHAM ARTHUR HAINss . . .' .iMefchanIvIIle, N. Y. 70 J Wesf Englewood, N. J. . Upper Darby, Pa. . . Geffysburq, Pa. . Lock Haven, Pa. Washingfon, D. C. . Weslfield, N. J. .. . . . Oley, Pa. . Waynesboro, Pa. . . Geffysburg, Pa. . . Geffysburg, Pa. .Wesffield, N. J. Union Bridge, Md. . . Gelfysburg, Pa. . . . Lebanon, Pa. . . . Lemoyne, Pa. . . Harrisburg, Pa. Washingfon, D. C. . . . .AIrviIIe, Pe. . . . Chicago, Ill. . . Camden, N. J. . Reisferslown, Md. . . Drexel Hill, Pa. Manahawkin, N, J. . . . . Puerto Rico . . Johnsiown, Pa. Balfimore Md. Nu e J. fl y, 'N. . . Arendfsville, Pa. T .. . ..Yok,Pe. . . . Sipesville, Pa. . . Springfield, Pa. . . Houfzdale, Pa. Upper Darby Pa. BLISS ROBERT EDWARD HAKE . . DOROTHY JEAN HAMME . . NEVIN ANDREW HAMME . . JANE ELIZABETH HARRIS . . PHILIP ELMER HARTMAN . . LeROY ROBERT HEALY . . . JANE MILDRED HEILMAN . . JOHN THOMAS HELD . . GEORGE LID HERRNSTADT . . . MELVIN RALPH HILL .... GORDON CHARLES HITE . . RUTH JOSEPHINE HOOPS . . PATRICIA ANN HOOVER' . . STANLEY MILTON HOSTLER . . DAVID HARMER HOUGH . , . JOSEPH FRANCIS HOWARD . . GILBERT B. HULTBERG .... FRANCIS S, JARMUSIK ..... JAMES L. JOHNSON, JR. . . . . Glenside, Pa ...,.York,Pa . . Brodbecks, Pa . . . Ballimore, Md , . York, Pa . Cliffside Park, N. J . . . . Balfimore, Md . . . . Woodbury, Pa . Long Island, N. Y. . . . Hanklins, N. Y. . . . Ballimore, Md . Mefuchen, N. J . , Chambersburg, Pa ......York,Pa . . . . Palmyra, N. J . . Chambersburg, Pa . . Philadelphia, Pa . . . Philadelphia, Pa Garden Cily, N. Y WALTER JOHN H. KACZKOWSKI . . . Springdale, Pa JOHN AUGUSTUS KATZ .... CORNELIUS CHRISTIAN KNORR WILLIAM AUGUSTUS KOCH BETTY JANE KOENIG . . . PATRICIA MAE KOLPIEN . JEAN MARIE KUHN . .. VIRGINIA LEA LANDIS . . JOHN CALVIN LEIDY . . . DOROTHY JANE LEITHOLD MARJORIE E. MacRITCHIE JOSEPH DOLBY MATHIEU . EDITH HAINES MATLACK . FLORENCE LOUISE MAYER . WILLIAM JAMES MCCAW . ROBERT LAVERNE MCCOY . . . . ROBERT RANDOLPH MCCOY MARIAN JOANN MENCHEY ROBERT ELMER MICKLEY . . HANNAH MAR-Y MILLER . . MARY LOU MILLER .,.., BETTY JANE MINNICH . . . WILLIAM DALE MIZELL .......York,Pa . . , . Gefiysburg, Pa . . . Lansdale, Pa . . Hazlefon, Pa . . , . Warren, Pa . . Bendersville, Pa . . . Fairfield, Pa . . . . . Abington, Pa . , .... Drexel Hill, Pa Y Niagara Falls, N. . . . .Yonkers, N. Y . . Mooresfown, N. J ......York,Pa . . Philadelphia, Pa . . . Carlisle, Pa . . . . Madera, Pa . . . Gefiysburg, Pa . . Evans Cily, Pa . . . Piflsburgh, Pa . . Wildwood, N, J . . . . Ramsey, N. J Kensington Md Joslam-I FRANCIS J. MONIDELLI' 1 1 :Audubon, 'N. RICHARD mvme MULLEN ........ Carlisle, ANNA MAE MUMMA .......... Lebanon, WILLIAM YOUNG NAILL, JR. ...... Hanover, PETER EDWARD NAWIASKY . . . . Summit, N. J Pa Pa CHARLES EDWIN MUSSELMAN . . . Mechanicsburg, ga H J Pa FAY ELIZABETH NEBINGER ...... Red Lion, ROBERT ALBERT NEIMAN, JR, ...... Ashland, Pa ENID MARVGUERITA NELSON . . . Upper Darby, SAMUEL PARKER NORLEY . . Brookline, Wel. Co., Pa Pa GEORGE EDGAR NULL .... . . . Geflysburg, Pa ARTHUR CULLEN OLSEN ...., Woodhaven, N. Y EDGARDO GUILLERMO ORTIZ .... New York, N. Y RONALDO MANUEL ORTIZ ..... New York, N. Y KATHRYN IRENE PADGETT . . . Pomplon Lakes, N. J JEANNE CHARLOTTE PERROTT .... Balfimore, Md JANET EADUM PETERS . . . . Linfhicum Heighis, Md WILLIS CHARLES PICKING .... Chambersburg, Pa CLAIRE NORENE PLITT ........ Balfimore, Md CHARLES MOORE POLLEY . . . . Harrisburg, Pa PAUL P. PORTER, JR ....... ROBERT S. RAUSCHENBERGER HARRY AARON REYNOLDS, JRI. FRANK GUY ROBISON ...,. HERMAN LEE ROWELL, JR. . J. RICHARD RUNKEL .... DAVID HARUM SAUR .. CLARA MAE SCHAFER . . ARTHUR A. SCHLOTT, JR .... DAVID LANCE SEATON . . CLYDE WILSON SHAFFER . . . MARY ELIZABETH SHAUB . . . ALVIN CLARK SHEETZ . . . DEANE SHERWOOD SHIVELY . . . .camp Hill, Pa . . . . Sellersville, Pa. . . Lumberfon, N. J . . . . Harrisburg, Pa . . Charloile, N. C. . . . , . Lebanon, Pa. . . . . . Lebanon, Pa. . New Kensingion, Pa Old Greenwich, Conn . Merchanlville, N. J . . . .Annville, Pa . . Shrewsbury, Pa . . BaI+imore, Md . . . . Mifflinburg, Pa RAYMOND LEE SHOTWELL ..... Lumberfon, N. J TEDDIE RICHARD SHOVER . VIRGINIA ANN SHULER . . ELI FRANKLIN SLIVER . . . JOSELYN ANN SLONAKER . DORIS CLARIICE SNYDER . . JAMES JOSEPH SODEN . . DORIS AU DREY STETLER .... JEANNE LOIS STEVENS . . . . . . . Carlisle, Pa . . Camp Hill, Pa . . . Red Lion, Pa . . . Phoenixville, Pa . . Philadelphia, Pa , . Red Bank, N. J . . . Piflsburg, Pa Lansdowne Pa CONRAD HENRY MANN STRINE '. '. '. , . .vorkf Pa CAROL MARIE STROEHMANN . . . wirlismsporf, Pa LILA JUNE TANTS ....... Valley Slream, N. Y JAMES WILLIAM TATE .... JACK RAYMON TAYLOR . HAZEL MORGAN TREXLER . . . . . . Geffvsburg, Pa . . . . Fayeifeville, Pa . Laureldale Pa FRED GARRISON VAN RIPER . . . . Maywood, J ROBERT E. WALKER .... . . . . Harrisburq. Pa JEANNE CHARLOTTE WALSH . . . Sfafen Island, N. Y MILDRED ANITA WALTER . . . Geflysburg, Pa PHILIP HOLLINGER WALTERSDORF . . . Hanover, Fa JOHN WILLIAM WAREHIME ....... Hanover, Pa LLIS ESTELLA WAYBRIGHT ...... Getfysburg. Pa WILLIAM HAROLD WEAVER . . . . Mahwah, N, J HENRY WILLIAM WEDAA . . ROBERT BRUCE WENTZ .... . . New York, N, Y .......LeoIa,Pa ALTON ADAM WENTZEL, JR. ...... Carlisle, Pa CHARLOTTE ETHEL. WICKEY . . . Washingfon, D. C RUTH HARRISON WOOD . . . . . . Harrisburg, Pa J SHIRLEY JANE WORTH ..... . . .Trenfon, N. ROBERT FRANCIS WRIGHT, JR .... Glen Ridge, N. J HEEE EE E EHEEE WEEE 41 ,f AHIIVINH CAMERA k, . ,,L.,. 5 , 3 WHERE IHIH1 ?ELLlIWS EET TIIHETHEI mam Maw- www nw was ms mmamsxq ws-ma mum an an ss mms ms hx mmm si rs X, w- x 3. nw ms m a gf sau-MPM few Um . v as nm s fa an L, MQ ss, ,555 E V f- 515 H 9 W W W A , W .::- .. ..:,., Q ' 3'5- W Zrve gffgbl fl? gfwggw 'Q 'N 2-4 ,gal-aamssfgsy Y -T - HHH Nigif 2 2' E Q if W SW' :M 1? f , S, - .f A-. Y W 1 ma f Q 2 Q2 X , 'Ffh ,:'f'X' 'I' 14" f ' 'J - V A -fwlifwm-f A F -xf .. ' " A E ' il' -1 QQ? Av Q 2 if H H' -2- gf ,gf gs Q-Q-:g5:.:. S HW 5 by w ss 1: vs 5: .. .j ..,. X ' H i ' WISE: -H H My " ,gf f 215 ,- x., Q 'if ef Nqfc' l l ll ,T-. E97 Y ll ll ll 14 'v QQ 'L sa mf- V W, w 112 -ASNE! -ns, .yi 'rf '1' X r 'P Av :V n.- I ld JJ X . V I ES: " A ' . HH M Qi. D ,K 1 I 5 if: I I ...fv bias -J., Q m 1 -.mzvwf H U an 31,-,xx at 3:7535 1 W M T55 Q ,W uf 'muff ,,.. :L -. marmm " ww' 1 iw -14:,agmMug-.3 5-'ami ., z . my .. 4 .M 25-aw 'f v x 1-- .wwf-nmfgiws, Y 'M-1aW?LZ'1QgA A 5 :.ff,3jh,.wc , ' zgizg-nm -f vw y ,. - 9 .sg fy 12 . gfkugi QHggw , w 1, 4 1 . mm' f I Q? E45 ?g,w?i,5 .5,f: 1 kv X Wulf' Ewfilgi - HW E . E . . 'i if 5 1 we W 7: X --Y X xii- V1 .."1-wwmjwjgcm f .. jp, ? ,M -I . , Y Y M Y 1 we zz ww n 3 ITIES w A - A mfiw ,, w gg, ,. Wy, mt: QW' ',.J':i, own.. .4:s..,,..L..L..L,Q1 W, 44..- Firsf Row: Hanawalf, Williams, Weaver, H. Froehiich, Plank. Second Row: Dicker, Porfer, Sfanbaugh, S Froehlich, Pfeifer, Bomberger. Third Row: Fager, Epley, Brown, Rambo. Fourth Row: Howard, Fisher. 76 Phi Kappa Psi, The oldesT TraTerniTy on campus, used again This year Tor iTs meeTing place Miller l-lall. This liTTle coTTage, builT by The Tounders oT The local chapTer, is The oldesT TraTerniTy house in Pennsylvania. The Penn- sylvania Epsilon chapfer oT Phi Kappa Psi was Tounded aT GeTTysburg College in l855. During The pasT school year, The Phi Psi house was leased To a privaTe Tamily and laTer was used as a boys dorm. When The Tall semesTer began in SepTember, Phi Psi was Tound wiTh a very limiTed number oT men. WiTh The coming OT "rushing" The Phi Psis increased iTs numbers by Tive pledges. By This Time, The TraTerniTy had passed over "The danger sTage" which was caused by The war. Phi Psi was once again a worlcing and Thriving TraTerniTy on The campus. WiTh The enTering OT veTs in November, The Phi Psis were again increased by boTh reTurning broThers and pledges. Some of The broThers To reTurn were The Froehlich broThers, Sam and l-larvey. OuT oT The class To enTer aT ThaT Time Three neophyTes were goTTen. AT The beginning oT The spring semesTer, The Phi Psi 'found many more of Their broThers reTurning. WiTh The reTurn of The service men, There were 22 acTive broThers in The chapTer. Some OT These were "Reds" Weaver, Fred STamloaugh, Dave Planlc, ClayTon Warman, and Franlc Williams. By The end of February, The TraTerniTy, including pledges, had grown To The sTrengTh of 34 men. The guiding of The TraTerniTy Through The year was "Reds" Weaver, an ex-G.l. Serving as vice-presidenT and secreTary respecTively were Franlc Williams and Dave Plank. Basl4eTball seemed To be The mosT ouTsTanding acTiviTy oT The boys OT Phi Psi. Three broThers held posiTions on The varsiTy Teams, and They were Dave Planlc, Joe Howard, and Charlie Rambo. l-loward and Planlc held Third and TourTh places respecTively Tor high scorers Tor The season. On The J. V. Team There was Fred STambaugh. AT The end oT The TirsT sernesTer, Phi Kappa Psi was The living group which lead in scholasTic raTing Tor The College. During The second semesTer, a banqueT was held in honor of Those pledges who had become broThers. AT This banqueT was The NaTional PresidenT OT Phi Kappa Psi. LaTer in The semesTer, a Tormal dance was held. 77 Q First Row: Glenn, Brenner, Romig. Second Row: Zimmerman, Shepherd, Knisely, Herr. Third Row: Masters Eaton, Palazzolo. Fourth Row: Allison, R. Liedy, Calvin, Muhlbach, Bentley, James, Weaver. Fifth Row: Hake Shaeffer, Botterbusch, Koch, J. Liedy, Sixth Row: Smith, Sellman, Mullen, McCoy, Shover, Seventh Row Soden, Dixon, Rowell, Cromer, Shively. 78 The Phi Gamma Delfa TraTerniTy was founded in I848 when six sTudenTs aT Jefferson College banded Togefher To form a fraTerniTy which was To be one of The largesf men's social groups in The counfry. The Xi chapTer was founded aT GeTTysburg in l858. Since coming To The campus, The Phi Gams have been among The sTrongesT and mosf influenTial fraTerniTies on campus. S ' The fall semesTer began wiTh The reTurn of I6 brofhers, and aT The end of "rushing" Phi Gam found iTself The largesf men's fraTerniTy on campus. In campus acTiviTies, The Fiiis were noT lacking. Bob Brenner, who was presidenT of The house, was also head of The l.F.C. ln The ranks of refurned veTs There were Herr, Shainline, Svarnas, H. SmiTh, and Allison. Rog l-lerr and George Shepherd were claimed by The "baskeT-men," and bofh served as sTudenT aThleTic represe-nTaTives. "Shep" was also presidenT of sTudenT senafe. Sam Knisely, who was hisforian and pledge masTer for The chapTer, served as a dorm counselor along wiTh Bill Glenn who was vice-presidenT of The Fijis. PresidenT of The Senior Class was Ken Zimmerman who was chosen To represenT The campus in "Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies" along wiTh Bill Glenn and George Shepherd. ln honor of The pledges, a dance was held aT The Peace LighT lnn during The firsT semesTer. As has been The cusTom in pasT years, The Phi Gams held iTs annual Chrisfmas parTy in Their house for some of The underprivileged children of GeTTysburg. The Fiji house served as The home of The Chi Omega sororiTy while The boys reTained Their headquarfers in a suife of rooms in The Hofel GeTTysburg. Phi Gam reTained iTs posifion as one of The largesf fraTerniTies on campus during The second half of The school year by increasing iTs ranks by I9 members. There were four broThers: PresTon RoTh, Bob Parker, George Svarns and STan l'lousTon: plus I5 pledges. WiTh The change of officers, Sam Knisely was elecTed presidenT and Dick Romig Toolc The second-in-command. A formal dance was held aT The l-loTel GeTTysburg during February. 79 First Row: Toms, Sames, Dalfon, Senff, Sfaley. Second Row: Mondeli, Prrckef, Felfon, Joel, Runkel, Brown Rankin, Weniz. Third Row: Munley, Shofwell, Guise, Gulden, Reynolds, Gumm, Tarberf. 80 FourTeen broThers were Tound in The ranks oT Sigma Chi aT The opening oT school in The Tall: and aTTer The TirsT semesTer "rushing," The number oT Sigs had been increased by nine pledges. Sigma Chi sTarTed iTs TirsT posT- war year wiTh Mike DalTon swinging The gavel Tor The boys. The Sigma Chi TraTerniTy was Tounded in June i855 aT Miami UniversiTy, Oxford, Ohio: and The TheTa chapTer was Tounded aT GeTTysburg College in June IS63. The Sigs were in The "know oT Things" where campus acTiviTies were con- cerned. Jim FelTon, The musician OT The group, Tormed The "Collegians," an orchesTra which gained greaT populariTy over The campus. Ken SenTT, The Sig "losT" To The "Hill," was chosen To represenT The campus in "Who's Who in American Colleges and UniversiTies," and he was also presidenT OT The GeTTysburg area oT L.S.A.A. Bud Raup, pasT presidenT oT Sigma Chi, was awarded The BalTour Province award Tor The scholasTic year oT T944-45. The crooner oT The house was George Sames who was on The College choir. To puT The Sigs in sporTs was Bob WenTz who played J.V. baslceTball. The TheTan, The chapTer newspaper, was prinTed ThroughouT The year and was senT To The alumni oT The local chapTer. AT The beginning oT The second semesTer, The annual SweeThearT dance was held aT which The chapTer SweeT- hearT was selecTed. The Sigma Chi house was The home oT The Phi Mu sororiTy while meeTings were in TraTerniTy rooms which were reTained in Town. Once again cerTain oT The alumni played an imporTanT role in The progress oT The TraTerniTy. To sTarT The second semesTer, The Sigma Chis welcomed six broThers back Trom The service. OT The six, Two were Transferees, Cervino, ChrisTner, Erskine, lvlonTorTe were OT The GeTTysburg chapTer. Young came here Trorn Cornell, and Groves came from CenTer College. During The second semesTer a banqueT was held aT l-laine's on The EmmiTTsburg road. if 81 f' 1 'QS 2 :'.offp'io ' QR?" 55.1-fy n ' - 'l 1'- n . : . 9 'J H964' " I Firsf Row: Beal, H. Rowland, Trimble. Second Row: Henderson, Coruzzi, Singer, C. Rowland. Third Row: Saur, Mizell, Joyce. Fouifh Row: Slrine, Kregard, Beaver, Held. Fiffh Row: Erdman, Van Elden. Sixfh Row: Nlarfini, Welliver, Salzman. l l L 1 1 I 82 One oT The largesT social TraTerniTies on The 6eTTysburg campus is The Pennsylvania BeTa chapTer oT The Phi DelTa TheTa TraTerniTy. This naTional organizaTion was Tounded aT Miami UniversiTy in I848. Since coming To The GeTTysburg campus, The Phi Delfs have played an acTive parT in The liTe on campus. WiTh The reTurn oT Tive loroThers Trom The service and wiTh The TruiTs oT a successTul "rushing" season, The TraTerniTy increased iTs ranks To 22. Howard Shoemaker, Cal Welliver, Don Singer, Chick Rowland, and Jim Trimble were Those broThers who reTurned. This year The TraTerniTy was under The leadership oT l-larry Rowland, who was The SporTs ediTor oT This years' issue oT The SPECTRUM. MarTini, Shoe- malcer, and Welliver were The Phi DelT represenTaTives on The baslceTball Team. MarTini, who served as a dorm counselor, was elecTed as an ouTsTand- ing Junior. Don Beal, The second Phi DelT To be chosen as an ouTsTanding Junior, was quiTe The boy abouT campus. Don was The Business Manager OT This issue oT The SPECTRUM, and he was a member oT The campus senaTe. ln The inTerTraTerniTy TooTball league lasT Tall, The TraTerniTy had one oT The sTrongesT Teams in The loop. The end oT The season Touncl The organiza- Tion in a Three-way Tie Tor TirsT place. As were all TraTerniTies on campus, The Phi DelTs were limiTed in acTiviTies. However, a hayride was held in The TirsT semesTer in honor oT The pledges. ThroughouT The year meeTings were held in rooms mainTained by The TraTerniTy in Town. This year, as in previous war years, The TraTerniTy house was oc- cupied by coeds. T The Phi DelTs sTarTed The semesTer oTT wiTh a bang when They pledged nine neophyTes. One broTher, Bob Janice, and one pledge, Bill Zondell, were Those members who reTurned. 83 'W , Firsi' Row: Eniwis le, Nale, Hinman, Leubbe, S+ernaf. Second Row: Hook, Culp, Musselman, H Row: Hough, Schlott. Jones. Third 84 Having rneT The emergency OT war-Torn days, Alpha Tau Omega Turned iTs eyes TO a new year OT peace and OT TraTerniTy prOsperiTy. The guidance OT The TraTerniTy was under The leadership OT Bill l-linman, a reTurned veT. Five acTive brOThers carried on The duTies OT The group unTil "rushing" when Ten pledges were gained. WiTh The reTurn OT Two brOThers Trom The service, Bill Hinman and Mcliall Kerbey, The number OT members was brOughT TO I7. The TirsT semesTer The ATO house was leased To a privaTe Tamily, and during The second semesTer The house served as a boys' dorm. A suiTe OT rooms lOcaTed on Chambersburg sTreeT were reTained by The TraTerniTy Tor meeTing purposes. The ATOS were righT in The "swing OT Things" where campus acTiviTies were concerned. l-linman, presidenT OT The TraTerniTy, was also a member OT lvlen's Tribunal. The Sages claimed Two ATOS, Bob Nale and Bob l-loolc. Holding down The vice-presidency OT The TraTerniTy Tor TirsT semesTer was Bob STernaT who was also The TraTerniTy's member OT The campus senaTe. The GeTTysburg chapTer welcomes lvlclzall Kerbey, a TransTer Trom WashingTon and Lee College, Kerbey served as a volunTeer ambulance driver in Europe. During his TirsT Term on campus, he was AdverTising Manager Tor The GeTTys- burgian. The aThleTe OT The organizaTiOn was Dick EnTwisle. Diclc was on The soccer Team and The Tennis Team. Paul Luebbe, who was SecreTary, was manager OT The Freshman debaTe Team. The iniTiaTiOn OT and a bangueT Tor The pledges was held on January I3. Dr. Zinn, who acTed as Treasurer Tor The chapTer during The war years, con- Tinued TO hold ThaT OTTice. The rosTer OT ATO's was greaTly increased by bOTh reTurning broThers and pledges. There were nine brOThers: Dick Lower, Bill Grove, Bob Alber, l-loward ResTin, Ed l-liggison, Bill Liebel:necT, Fred C-3eisTer, Ray Lukenbaugh, and Bob FOrTenbaugh. Ten men were pledged and soon aTTer a pledge parTy was held in Their honor aT LiTTlesTOwn. 85 : Firsf Row: Ray, Lewis, Wolfe, Hari, Mara. Second Row: Erhardf, Biemiller, Amafucci, Mearns, Arnold Third Row: Smifh, Efshied, Annus, Schoenbrodt, Robison, 86 i AT The beginning oT The war days, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, as all TraTerniTies on campus, Tound many OT iTs men going inTo The armed Torces. AT The beginning of The I944 Tall semesTer, S.A.E. was leTT wiTh Two broThers. LaTer in The Term The Two broThers leTT Tor The service. and Thus The chapTer be- came inacTive. WiTh The reTurn OT some of The broThers Trom The armed Torces, The local chapTer ended iTs year and a halT oT inacTive sTaTus. AT The beginning oT The second semesTer, There were I5 broThers and Two pledges. The I5 broThers were all veTerans who had leTT school in February '-43. During iTs TirsT posT-war year, S.A.E. was under The able guidance oT Presidenf Bob Wolfe. Two broThers, EhrharT and l'larT, gained places on The baslceTball Team. Among The reTurning broThers were Ray, Lewis, and Black- wood who were members oT The '42 TooTball Team. The GeTTysburg chapTer oT Sigma Alpha Epsilon was Tounded in 1838. This chapTer was The TirsT To be organized above The Mason-Dixon line. S.A.E. is The largesT naTional Greek-leTTer TraTerniTy in The naTion, also having more chapTers Than any oTher TraTerniTy. The chapTer house, locaTed on Lincoln avenue. Was used as a privaTe resi- dence and also as a dorm Tor boys. BeTore The '47 Tall Terms begin, The house shall have been compleTely remodeled Tor TraTerniTy purposes. Much crediT is due To The chapTer Tor iTs marvelous revival aTTer The war days, and iT is needless To say ThaT The campus was glad To see S.A.E. resume iTs old place in The rosTer of TraTerniTies aT GeTTysburg. 87 o o o o , .,,. . Q.. '..-,- " v- First Row: Shook, Aurand, Logan, Klos, Neal. Second Row: Knorr, Fink, Miller, Picking, Bowers, L'ee. Third Row: Hemperly, Gofwald, Wedaa, Hamme, Hicks. Fourih Row: Shusier, Brandenburg, Choqueiie. Fifih Row: Waldkoenig, Kramp, Bahrenberg. 88 L. AT The beginning oT The Tall Term, The Rho DeuTeron chapfer oT The Phi Sigma Kappa TraTerniTy Tound iTselT wiTh I8 broThers, wiTh Tour oT Them be- ing veTs. During The "rushing" season, They pledged eighT neophyTes. WiTh The broThers and pledges, The number oT Phi Sigs was broughT To 24 mem- bers, which made The TraTerniTy one oT The largesT on campus. AT The end oT The second semesTer, Phi Sigma Kappa compleTed iTs 2lsT year on The GeTTysburg campus. N Holding down The Top posiTion oT The TraTerniTy was Bob Logan. Bob was also a member oT The Track Team and The Sages. Moving To The "Angel FacTory" in February was ArT Neal who was vice-presidenT of The Pre- MinisTerial AssociaTion. Prank Klos, an ex-GJ., was The ediTor oT This year's SPECTRUM and sporTs ediTor oT The GeTTysburgian. He was also chosen as an ouTsTanding Junior. ln TKA, The riaTional honorary TraTerniTy Tor debaT- ing, The TraTerniTy was represenTed by Cal Bowers and Paul Kramp. ln addi- Tion To being a member oT The debaTe Team, Kramp was an associaTe ediTor OT The SPECTRUM and a member oT The GeTTysburgian ediTorial sTaTT. l-lubie Brandenburg was The phoTographic ediTor Tor This issue oT The yearbook. During The TirsT semesTer The Phi Sigs welcomed back Tour broThers Trom The service. They were Bob T-lemperly, Joe ShusTer, Paul Trump, and Frank Klos. FirsT semesTer, a weekend parTy was given in honor oT The pledges and The reTurned veTs. The TirsT was a Tormal, and The second nighT a pledge parTy was held aT Osaga Lodge. This year The Phi Sig house was used by The DG. girls, and The TraTerniTy mainTained rooms on Carlisle sTreeT whore The meeTings ThroughouT The year were held. During The second semesTer The gavel oT leadership was placed in The hands of "l:umT" Klos while Dick Shook and l-lubie Brandenburg were vice- presidenT and secreTary respecTively. Charles Gruber, Julius TondaT, John DepTer, Charles Williams, James GraeTe, Dale DeardorT, and Norman Cessna were The seven broThers who reTurned Trom The service. The Phi Sig aggrega- Tion was also boosTed by seven more pledges. During The Tounder's day weekend in March an alumni bangueT and reunion was held on campus. PHI SIGMA , ll P 89 "Q: 'uf N. .iv Firsf Row: Anderson, Snyder, Hourz. Second Row: Aungsr, Scherch, Becker, Renninger, Third Row: Van Riper, Bowers. Fourfh Row: Warrenfelfz, Mafhieu, Barr. f - , .. -. 90 Psi chapTer oT The Tau Kappa Epsilon TraTerniTy was Tounded on The GeTTysburg campus in I92O which was 2I years aTTer The Tounding oT The TraTerniTy in IS99. This year, as in previous war years, The TKE house was leased To a privaTe Tamily. The TKEs mainTained rooms on Carlisle sTreeT, and They were The siTe oT The group meeTings. Leadership Tor The TirsT se- mesTer was in The hands oT Ken Gilmour. The beginning oT The Tall Term Tound The TraTerniTy wiTh seven acTives. Four pledges were added during The "rushing,"' 'and'This3gaveT The TraTerniTy1a subsTainTial number To carry on plans Tor The making oT a beTTerfTKE in posT- war days. Gilmour, a pre-medical sTudenT, was also assisTanT manager oT The baslceT- ball Team. The only reTurned broTher during The TirsT sernesTer was Russ AungsT who served as a navigaTor in The l5Th Air Force. Serving as vice- presidenT Tor The organizaTion was Bill Synder who was also a member OT The Sages. The greaTesT boosTer To The TraTerniTy was Kenny l-louTz, and he served in The capaciTy OT chaplain. Kenny was a member oT The GeTTys- burgian, The Sages, and The Campus SenaTe. l-Iarold Anderson reTained his posiTion as manager oT The loaslceTball Team. He was secreTary OT The .lF.C., and he was a member oT The "TaculTy" oT The booksTore deparTmenT. Don Beclcer, one oT The newer broThers, spenT much oT his Time in geTTing news Tor The GeTTysburgian. The local chapTer conTinued To prinT iTs newspaper, Psi Press, which was senT To The alumni oT The chapTer. During TirsT semesTer, The annual pir- roasT was held in honor oT The pledges. ReTurning service men in The second halT oT The school year were Bob Graham, Jim Allen, Holger and l-loward Rasmussen, George lVloTTer, and Franlc STewarT. Two OT The ex-G.l.'s held The Two Top oTTices oT The chapTer. They were George MoTTer, presidenT, and l-loward Rasmussen, vice-presidenT. The chapTer was successTul in obTaining I2 pledges. ln TraTerniTy acTiviTies, The TKE's held a semi-Tormal dance. I 91 ill First Row: Ries, Perry, Tome. Second Row: Sheeiz, German, Kessler. A 92 The new school year Tound The KDRs wiTh Tive acTive broThers and wiTh plenTy oT spiriT. Leading The TraTerniTy Through iTs TirsT posT-war year was Ed Perry. The Kappa DelTa Rho TraTerniTy was organized on May I7, l905 aT Middlebury College, Middlebury, VermonT. From This Time The organiza- Tion spread unfil iT now has 20 chapTers ThroughouT The naTion, and The Pi chapTer oT Kappa DelTa Rho was inauguraTed aT GeTTysburg College on January I4, l928. Besides serving as prexy, Perry was also presidenT oT The Pre-MinisTerial AssocaiTion and manager OT The men's varsiTy debaTe Team, He was also one OT The Three KDRs which The soccer Team claimed. CapTain oT The soccer Team was Gene Ries who is very acTive in inTramural sporTs on campus. Two more broThers who can be classed as sporTsmen are Neal Garman and Dick Tome. Garman, a Traclcman, Tool: Third place in broad jumping aT The '45 Middle ATlanTics. Tome was caTcher on The '45 baseball Team. The KDRs boasT ThaT There are no broThers minus his pin in spiTe oT The TacT ThaT Bob Kesseler, The Third soccer player, is engaged. Being made up oT sporTsmen, The TraTerniTy had a sTrong Team in The TooTball loop. The organizaTion was one OT The Three Teams ThaT Tied Tor TirsT place. Ries and Kessler was a combinaTion which could noT be sTopped. ln spiTe oT small numbers, The TraTerniTy conTinued To publish iTs alumni bulleTin, Pi PosT, which was senT To all of The alumni oT The local chap- Ter. ln honor oT The pledges, a pledge parTy was held aT Osaga Lodge in November. To sTarT oTT The second semesTer, The chapTer held elecTions in which WalTon WolTe was named presiclenT, while Gene Reis sTepped inTo The shoes oT The vice-presidency. J. W. SmiTh, Bob Trewella, and Wolfe were Those broThers who reTurned from The armed Torces as one new pledge was added To The rosTer. The KDRs held a weekend shindig aT The College cabin as The inTegral parT oT Their social program. 93 - fa ' 'J J gf. . 5' 'L , 1 V A . frNf1 on ',",J'- .'s-935-3 Firsf Row: Bauserman, Borsfel, Uehling, Tomsuden, Spreen. Second Row: Greiman,j Pafferson, Hess, Cromer. Third Row: Mickely, Conti. Fourfh Row: Buller, Rubin, Kirschn'er, Rauscheberger. 94 i, The TheTa-Pi chapTer oT The Lambda Chi Alpha TraTerniTy made iTs TirsT appearance on The GeTTysburg campus in l9I8 as The Phi Sigma local TraTer- niTy, which laTer became a chapTer oT The TheTa Kappa Nu. ln I939, TheTa Kappa Nu and Lambda Chi Alpha uniTed on a larger naTional scale. During The TirsT semesTer, Henry Tomsuden handled The gavel which was Turned over To Carl Uehling Tor The second semesTer. Carl was one oT The more ardenT lovers oT The group, and he wasTed no Time in losing his pin aT The beginning OT The year. IT Carl couldn'T be Tound in The D.G. house, one was lilcely To Tind him in The GeTTysburgian oTTice beaTing ouT The news. Bill Bauserman, arT ediTor oT The SPECTRUM, served in The secondary posiTion. A conTagious laugh meanT ThaT Fred Spreen, wiTh his rosy cheeks, was near. Fred was always The liTe oT The parTy, and he was old "money-bags" Tor The TraTerniTy. To uphold The idea ThaT "brains" are absenT-minded, There was Dick PaTTerson who made a good iob oT proving This accepled idea. l-lis belongings could be Tound in everyones room excepT his own. AusTin l-less and Bob Rubin were The debaTors oT The broThers, boTh being on The men's varsiTy Team. The duTies oT The vice-presidenT of The S.C.A. were vesTed in broTher Jerry BorsTel, who was also liTerary ediTor of The G-eTTysburgain. This year The Lambda Chi house was occupied by The girls OT Chi Alpha Sigma, and meeTings were held in rooms in Town. ParTies were given by The Chi Alpha girls Tor The broThers ThroughouT The year. During The year, The TraTerniTy conTinued To publish The TheTa-Piper regularly. l:raTerniTy acTiviTies were many during The second semesTer. A Tormal dance was held, and The "lovers" oT The chapTer suTTered when a sTag parTy was held aT Laurel Lalce. I-lerman lv1elloT, Jack Berger, Andy l-lislop, Al SchwarTz, Bill EverharT, and George MarTin were Lambda Chis who reTurned To campus. The Lambda Chi ranlcs were increased greaTly by The pledging oT I3' pledges. WiTh a change oT TraTerniTy oTTicers Uehling was selecTed as The prexy and Gerry BorsTel as The vice-head. llllllllll lHl llPHl 95 r Firsf Row: Ishmael, Bernheisel, Beharry, Gobbel, Schmilihenner. Second Row: Slrube, Slifer, Arenfz, Loree, Wrighf, Carl. Third Row: Gallion, Hife, Hill, Fisher, Weirick. Fourlh Row: Olsen, Healy. 96 Phi Kappa Rho sTarTed The year wiTh nine acTive broThers and wiTh plenTy oT confidence oT a successTul year. The Phi Kaps made Their TirsT appearance on campus in T923 as The CriTerion Club which became a local TraTerniTy in I929. ln I932, There was a merger oT The Phi Kappa Rho TraTerniTy and The STar Club which was Tounded in I876. During The TirsT semesTer, The TraTerniTy was guided by PresidenT AI Be- harry. AI was a member oT The ScepTical ChymisT and a good boosTer OT The TraTerniTy average. Sam SchmiTThenner and "Bomber" Slifer, our boys Trom India, were on The soccer Team. The pholrographer of The group was John Loree who helped on The "picTure-Taking" oT This annual. "FoT," "l Don'T WanT To SeT The World on Fire," Olsen was voTed The broTher who desired mosT To become a lover and The mosT likely noT To succeed in doing so. The old man of The TraTerniTy, John Bernheisel, messed himselT up when he losT a diamond somewhere in York-buT he loves her. Dick Ishmael proved To be a WORTHY Treasurer. Dick's arnbiTion is To pracTice medicine in lndia, and everyone hopes ThaT he will be a beTTer MD. Than he is an ar- guer. Mike l-lummel and Don Gallion are The Two broThers which The TraTer- niTy welcomed back. Rog Gobbel served as Gallion's pin-inspecTor each Time Don wenT To Ballrimore. For The TirsT Time since pre-war Times. The TraTerniTy held iTs annual alumni banqueT which was a big success in spiTe oT Traveling diTTiculTies. The annual ChrisTmas dance was held aT The l'-loTel GeTTysburg. MeeTings were held in GlaTTelTer Hall as The TraTerniTy house was leased To a privaTe Tamily. ReTurning To The campus aTTer serving wiTh The armed Torces were Three broThers: Roland Kime, Bill Yingling, and George Weirick. One pledge was obTained during "rushing," 6eTTing back inTo iTs pre-war acTiviTies, The chapTer prinTed The TraTerniTy newspaper, The Rho-I I. Also, a parTy in The aTTernoon and an inTormal dance was held one SaTurday in May. 97 .- - ,,-, .kk .. :. - -L ggi'-ivgffgh ' IRL. Sf -1 5 - " 9. I .. 2' , W H 6' 5!f,,.' 1 . , ,ana . , ,3- ' 1 ".--' - " 2.525 '- . . W.-S 'n " 'E' 'f -2 . Y '. . 4'v'fvZf1--"'H-Wi EQ are 11:1 :- 'gg fe max' V, vw' W Tiff? :7 ,, ' W -'4'::: Q ' 18" 'Q E-E .-W ' JJ 4 w?""':':5m7lfW5""" W. ' V. f-f ,- ?f2? f?WE iii- Sbigiiiszziifif il, " -- f "WY W N' M 'Y My Ei ,.,. .,., ' Q 1 ,M F g Qgggi fu 5?fJ-1,14 -V x ' A - F9 M55 1 W 'Q A- S? L,- ap- - 2 ---- - y Q . V A N X .SZ ,ef ' ' 21 93?-5 Q- g g, . ' ' ' 4, 'A ww V -' - F9 , f A- . ' My , L ..,, 32? .. ' V. 5 W ' V .... . . ' -.-' .:.:.f A1 :M7:fg:a: " - " Q 'fe Q -,Q ' Q: I A H HE Q f gig , E , .-if A ' ra ,-gg 4111? ,g3,v1?,f5xf9sz-Q -as 3 Mm if 'ESS 1 3552- ,, ' -E f 2532215 L .. ,K - bMWM"'V V' ..::: 2,1-'Lt' 'ZZEQM1 .ly N . 5 fig Q' V f '- 1 - ' V - M W,: M-W-M 'Nj' " x 1 5 afwfk ' " ""' 1 lf' .. . 1- .53 ....... 1:55635 iifa:-:EF - :?:::E:2:2"'i2E 5fI"'f'- ' .. W1 'Y '4 ff E' . ,- ,.,, I B .- 1' '- m V ...:,:,,. H 3-gf ,.Q5:g:v.,:::gg. w . N igy mg ,,f:::,:.-.:-S ' 4, ' '1 4 gf x V 2 1 21 . ' -155 : ff.. ' , f n-.-:"L5i1-if' 1.2 I ' . ark - Iilkfyi hf, H 5 fu :f Q mx L- ""' ,, A N L .. ww. ' A ' , - ,, A - .,., - f f- ' fgggviff fl ' ff- ff :Q 1 '- fa 4. ,-gr'-f Qgggf 5 .rg , f -,Mm 3 2 2- .: ggi! 3-1.2. -E-...V 1 5 3 Q ' QQ if -' mf -N A swap if A, A 4 X Vim X' 0 gl-t Q M gy-+:Qh -Y fri? awww' ' K ff . .vga ir- - A L W ,v4 -, -. ,, .A Q . ii ,, U 4 if --yi.: ,Q Q 5 K , 2-gif:-Q. 5, g i i -I wif " 7 5' ew- .V nu gap . - - ' as N' Dj.-.331-' 1 Q: V.: Q -.- ,Q --1" Q-' ,f22,'fV , , X I, ,,5A:.Q,- , M Q, gs . , 5 X is A , Q 1? ' 1 1 'S Q. P, it W1 E -N H 5, W v- l v G f 'H fs ,J ,1?'Q?3y xi- ,X f , I if vffmifk ' ' gf ' 4 L E v :,' lv uf Q. -,-S-ga.-,M ' 1 25? A fir- W F 2 in 54 S E " H " 'z 1 , .. Simi 4? H F k Q, if 1.2 ns Az 1 E J asf? x , gs? f l 44,4 . 53 '14 w S 34 +A " if 2 ' X A if My 4 ' ' I4 x f ,M K el 1 is 9 ", R Z we ' - 4 Q "' 4. as ' 2: fa, f fwfrdi' ,-Q. ss if I .':i'I f i5??j: 1 ' ,J ..,i,. 1 fx ,:::-I ' ' i I 2 5 , .5 5 5. ' me 55 .Mm 'Mi E Emi Q,x5g.E.5fw .5 W M 5 :Mae 5 2215-5-' mQ:g,j W5 as Q .,.II M Hag .. ..., H5555 55 1 . 552955. 5 3' D315 511:-9? "' 11 '52511 1' 5. 3 Q. 7 5' 5: 25555555 'L f if 17 IM sg If xr W sf . . ...- W 3 H .5 .211 f. 5 . , .5 5. , ' 1 1 5 Z l .WI gy, 5.5..5555555.3..E5,f 5.5 5.5. I I 5 - 1155542 gg, 5:5555 ,i 55- s vig? wiv, . .5 -5. W 1 Y M 1 .5 ' 5 .sw .si M- M . 5,5 f 1.5 3' "1 m -f I M. ,mf 5 M Wm 5 5 M , ,Ig W 55 5 , 1 5 5 1,1 5 . , 5 1 2 HP K - - . - .5 5 ,Q 5 N v I I I M 'Z . M 'i E 5. .. H W S L' I 1 .5 1 T 5 u ns . - 5 55 MQ 1 gf . .3 Q., 5 55155753 g ' 'ix Q I IM Q 1 1 , , I I II gI II . Q A ., if I M 5 ...Z iw I . EI I 155 .55 Y, 'l' T53 w ww 1. 515. X 5 ' N -- M 55 55 55 1 f 5 Y w 4 K 52: www . 5. U, 5 - 5 gg g 2 W if . 55 5 M 1 M A 5 5 gm -Y K 5 . M 5 A ,. 5- . 5 l gg 555 Q I 15533 H W . 2 M 5, 5.5.5.:I555525,5 51 'A 3 1 M SH 5 M M .my .. W 5 ...... . . .52 '55 ' .5 'PWHW 5 1 2 M 2. 15' L ..':,a1:5 E HQ X QM A .1 ' , A 5 1 , 1' ':':"'.f?EZIE1l5IE 12151 M -5 s M , 1 ' 1 , ..,.. . M... ., .II IQ I . . I . 5 11132111 iiwfyv 1 5 3!-5 Q -15 M V K H W- I I -5.55.,5.. 5.5525 fix? W T. ..... ...::59.':5- 4 5 5 -S' v II --Ij I 5355 III , 5.5 5 55. 5.55-, ..5 I I .51 j.j 23255 H Y , 1" 52. LI ' 5 5' 2 . - 1.1-521' 5 W - 4- - --.E ,. 115.55455 5' . '-1: 1' 1 I I 5.- .E . -w E l M I I I ' I I K 5 A . of 15.4-f -- 5 2 ' - ,. . H. . .1553 1 .5 . .. .5 . A III2I""n,, .5 .W-QQ - W X ,Q af. lllllllll- , Chi Omega was The TirsT naTional sororiTy on The campus. The naTional organizaTion was founded aT The UniversiTy of Arkansas in l895. Since ThaT Time, The number oi chapTers esTab- lished ToTaI 98. The colors oT Chi Omega are cardinal and sTrawg The whiTe carnaTion is iTs Tlower. - E AT Thanksgiving, The Chi Os wenT ouT To The Adams CounTy l-lome and held a parTy for The women There. "Frozen Frolic," one of The nicesT ChrisTmas dances we've had, was held on De- cember 8. The unusual decoraTions TeaTured Jaclc FrosT and Snowman's land. The music was Tur- nished by Red McCarThy's band. Again The acTiviTies cup was awarded To us. Ancl we can'T TorgeT To menTion all Those vicTories in soTTball. ln TacT, we came ouT undeTeaTed, unscarred and on Top. MarTy MarTin, as prexy, is George's Sigma Chi SweeThearT . . . vice-presidenT, Grace Fryberger, wroTe Tor The GeTTysburgian . . . Lois EngleharT, recorded our minuTes and represenTed us aT SenaTe . . . PeTe Fish, our Treasurer, is The SweeT- hearT oT Phi Sigma Kappa . . .Alice Zimmerman, The house's pracTical iolcer, insTrucTed our pledges . . . and Grace Fisher, as chapTer correspondent is Tiny in sTaTure buT big in hearT, Mary Appleby brings beauTy honors To Chi Omega . . . our Threesome in l-luber, Doris Flaussman, PeTe Spayd, and Mimi Brace, lcepT us sTepping wiTh Their pep and good spiriT . . . The Brubaker sisTers, Meb and Caren, were new To our group This year . . . Barb ChalTonT, one oT The ouTsTanding Juniors, spenT her Time Teach- ing biology To Freshmen . . . Carold Denz is our Tall, glamorous model . . . Joyce Dixon and Marilyn SheTTer were always ready To lend a helping hand . . . PaTTy Drew was presidenT OT The Sages . . . Gini Eschbach, our social chair- man, was always having man Trouble . . . Jean Ferguson, a chem major, could be Tound sTarring on The hoclcey Tield. KaThy Kiely's hearT and soul lay in The GeTTys- burgian . . . Jane Ann l.illich is our TuTure MD . . . PaT Malone, Pan-Hell prexy, plans her TuTure wiTh John . . . Nina Mizell represenTed us in STudenT Council . . . Phyl Moser has her head in The clouds wiTh Chiclcen . . . Janice OuTram has Phi BeTe poTenTialiTies in German-French- Spanish . . . Phyl SchwarTz, a good worlcer, lives in Town . . . Jane Spangler is proud To wear T 100 Firsl' Row: Bergen, L. Trumpeier, Dixon, Fisher, Moser, R, Zimmerman, Spavd, C Brubaker. Second Row: Kiely, Malone, Appleby, Mrs. Dean, A. Zimmerman, Frybergar ivice-presidenil Fish, Engleharf, Mizell, Drew, M. Trurnpeier, Dreier. Third Row: Wickersham, Ferguson, Brace, Chalfonr, Denz, Marrin ipresidenfl, Haabesfad, Oulram, Lillich, Tobler, Burneii. Fourlh Row: Schwarfz, Haussrnan, Snyder, Sfauifer, Weniz, Shaffer, Eschbach, M. E. Brubaker, Spangler, Padgefl. , lhe Phi Deli shield and is a beaury queen no less . . . Rene Siauiier, Sophomore class hisrorian, was also secreiary of WAA . . . Toby really has whai ii lakes when ii comes io cloihes and capruring Jack . . . Lou Trumpeier, 'rhe girl wiih ihe beauliiul, naiural blond hair, is our cheer- leader . . . Mariy Trumpeier, our iulure school Teacher, was our capable precepiress . . . when ir comes +o dramarics, Sue Wenrz ialces lhe lead . . . Bobbie Wickersham, our debuianie, plans a business career . . . Rachel Zimmerman, vice-presideni of her class wears The pin oi Phi Sig . . . Margie Buoy was our maih quiz-kid. Mrs. Dean was our compelenr and gracious housernorher . . . Ah, yes . . . here come lhe pledges . . . firsr oi all, we have ihose Two dashing lassies who were always found logeiher, Millie l-laabesiad and Nancy Dreier . . . Ginny Bergen, sisier of our former prexy, is really iops . . . Marian Menchey, a iown lass, spenr mosl' ol: her iirne in The office . . . Marilyn Burnerl shows promises of becoming a Phi Bere girl . . . Doris Snyder lcepl ihe mail man busy bringing her leiiers from all Jrhose men . . . and Karhy Padgeri wiih a cheery "hello" for everyone, lived ai Lincoln. AAAAA AAMAAA- A DelTa Gamma was Tounded 72 years ago in The small college Town oT OxTord, Mississippi. IT has been eighT years now since GeTTysburg congraTulaTed The BeTa Lambdas as newly- iniTiaTed DelTa Gammas. The colors oT DelTa Gamma are bronze, pink, and blueg The Tlower is a cream-colored rose. The Dee Gee "wreck" room became The hang- ouT oT many sociable young maids and men, buT believe iT or noT, we did sTudy There occasionally. Our ChrisTmas dance, ChrisTmas Jingle, was held in The sTrangely TransTormed "wreck" room. Bill Jones orchesTra Turnished The music. The ChrisT- mas Anchor was enThroned in green pine This year. During The year, we had a song-geT- TogeTher wiTh The Chi Omegas and Phi Mus, and exchanged some oT our songs wiTh Them. Again, The sororiTy was puT in Top place scholas- Tically wiTh The awarding oT The scholarship cup. The annual iniTaTion banqueT was held in March. Prexy Mur Sassaman served on The STudenT Council and Pan-Hell and Tried To keep The D.G.'s under hand . . . vice-presidenT J. A. Miller organized and headed The scholarship sub- commiTTee . . . Peggy Curry managed The iob OT presidenT oT The Junior Class as well as kepT our minuTes . . . Vivian Wickey collecTed The "monya" and presided over The SCA . . . and EsTher Kenyon spenT her Time wriTing leTTers when she wasn'T busy ediTing The 6eTTysburgian . . . Ellie STroehmann, our pledge misTress, lead . ,.:::g:- .A i -.,j-M, ,- was A The Women's STudenT GovernmenT . . . Presi- denT oT Women's AThleTic Council, Fran BanTley, was charm chairman in charge oT making The gals glamorous. Joy Nelson, hisTorian, arranged debaTes Tor Wemon's DebaTe Council . . . Too bad we can'T Tell you Barb Graybill's liTTle secreTs, buf she sure kepT us hilarious This year . . . Josey TiTTle and Peggy Mayer did a good iob oT capTuring The pledges as well as keeping up Their scholasTic averages . . . laughing Junie Viall kepT The sTu- denT cheering secTion pepoy as head cheerleader . . , DOT Palmer kepT us upon The very laTesT in sTudenT Teaching . . . and her roommaTe, 'Bones" RaThbone, helped us all enTerTain The SAE's . . . The Tiles are now in perTecT order, Thanks To Lee Miller . . . Midge Enes Tried To keep us coeds peddling our bikes around-good- ness knows, our waisT lines didn'T suTTer Trom ThaT . . . philosopher and debaTer, Jean Knisely, TascinaTed us wiTh her dimples . . . one good reason To aTTend chapel was To lisTen To organisT and pianisT Mickey McCarney . . . Two good plays, Phyl Fraleigh and Nan Pyle, kepT us up on our aThleTics . . . RuTh Erb Tound Time Tor a "couple hands" oT her TavoriTe game each day by arranging sTudies and acTiviTies inTo a schedule . . . and The always To be counTed on "TourTh Tor bridge" was RuTh's roommaTe, KaThie Newcomer . . . Helen WalTz was one girl we e.-eg. .4-Ag niggas, . 1-A - Y? A , ?ana ,, s ,, . ., , ,.,. .., .. BA . A aa Xara. .A-mlsfssii FirsT Row: Kniscly, Rathbone, Eckrran, Heim, Haqy, Snyder, HagcrTy, Second Row: Palmer, J. Nelson, E. Slroehmann, V. Wickey, J. A. Miller lvice-prcsidcnij, Curry, Kenyon, Mrs. Boyson, Banlley, llgen, Third Row: Graybill, WalTz, Mumma, L. Miller, Viall, Erb, Sassaznan lpresidenll, TiTTle, C, Sfroehmann, Minnich, E. Nelson, WhiTloclc, Fourlh Row: Fraleigh, Grogan, Holman, C. Wickey, Erdley, Enes, McCarney, Pyle, Mayer, M. L. Miller, Newcomer. could always counT on Tor a lasT minuTe Typing job and a ready smile . . . and we were rep- resenTed in l-luber l-lall by Diz Snyder, Viv WhiT- lock, and Anne llgen, all Three oT whom moved To The house during The TirsT semesTer . . . and Tinally The Three some, Al l-leim, Bea Eclcman, and BeTh l-lolman, who always dragged us down To The piano Tor a singing session. Now, we proudly inTroduce our pledges. Anna Mae Mumma, pledge class secreTary, made her Pennsylvania DuTch expressions all The rage . . . "Sandy" Miller wenT around sniTTling, "CaliTornia was never lilce This" . . . BeTTy Minnich livened up any geT-TogeTher wiTh her humorous cracks . . . Lucy Erdley was oTTered a pair of sTilTs so she could conTinue her career as a baslceTball guard . . . Flossy Mayer had an inTimaTe ac- quainTance wiTh a TracTion splinr, Thanlcs To ThaT horse . . . Gail Grogan blossomed ouT inTo quiTe an arTisT, as well as pledge class Treasurer . . . Janice l-lagy lcepT sTeady company wiTh a Phi Gam sweeThearT pin, plus whaT gave iT To her . . . Mary l-laggerTy brighTened up physical Ed classes by providing piano accompanimenT Tor The exercises . . . Char Wiclqey came To G- burg The lasT, buT noT The leasT, oT The Wickey's . . . Carol STroehr'nann had her hands Tull hand- ling The aTTairs OT STevens l-lall as iTs presidenT . . , Enid Nelson, pledge class presidenT, knocked herselT ouT running up and down The hoclcey Tielcl. We will always Thinlc OT and Thanlc Mrs. Boy- son, our dear housemoTher, who has wonderTully helped us wiTh our problems, been a perTecT hosTess, and made us The happiesT of DelTa Gamma. 103 l- PHI BeTa Pi, Phi Mu's youngesT chapTer, looks To a sTrong naTional organizaTion which represenTs The second oldesT sororiTy in The counTry, having been Tounded aT Wesleyan College, Macon, Georgia, in l852. Complying wiTh Phi Mu's high ideal, The GeTTysburg group inauguraTed The Tall semesTer by pledging I5 oT The TinesT coeds in The Freshman class. The neophyTes soon capTured ThaT Phi Mu spiriT and Threw all eTTorTs inTo making dolls which were disTribuTed To The Negro children who were guesTs aT a ChrisTmas parTy given by The sororiTy. The colors oT Phi Mu are rose and whiTe: The Tlower is The pink carnaTion. AT head oT The Phi Mu household was Mrs. Lola Poole, who The girls aTTecTionaTely called Their "G-burg Mommy!" Phi Mu Chris+mas dance, STarry NighT, was given a background oi sparkling and Twinkling sTars. Joe Wiley and his band helped make The dance a huge success. Doris Glenn, who guided BeTa Pi Through her second year on campus, was selecTed Tor "Who's Who" and represenTed The group in SenaTe . . . To Vice-PresidenT Eleanor Breneman we say, "Big- ger and beTTer conquesTsl"-ThaT complex ro- mance problem sure has us worried . . . RuTh Miller, chairman of The graduaTion day cere- monies. kepT The records oT The sororiTy meeTings . . . Pan-Hell represenTaTive, BeTsy Robinson, managed our debiTs and crediTs . . . Marilyn Bauer, anoTher oT our "Who's Who" girls, was a swell big sisTer To all The girls in The TirsT pledge class oT BeTa Pi . . . every day aT I2:I5 we Tound Ellen Kammerer dashing To The high school, or, you Too can be a Teacher . . . soror- iTy acTiviTies were reporTed To Phi Mu's naTional magazine by Connie Douglas, who also kepT The secreTarial records oT The Sages . . . l-lelen BernsTorT made an aTTracTive nurses' aide . . . Norma Def-3heTTo kepT us in The soorTs' lime- lighT during her Tour years in college. "Allan's coming To see me This weekend!" was Kay Markle's TavoriTe saying . . . one oT our preTTiesT Seniors was Mary Lou Seiber, who appeared as The cuTe, bewildered Frosh in The Freshmen recepTion pageanT . . , DoTTie Buhner, our beauTiTul brain child, TaughT a lap-Tull iso sorry, we mean lab-Tulll oT physics sTudenTs . . . vivacious Ginny l.eedom's passions were Heaven ScenT perTume and Norrie . . . Trom souTh of The border came our likeable SenioriTa, Miki Senior . . . our demure Sally WolTe proved Thai news scoops and romance go hand in hand . . . live-wire l-Tank Yingling elecTriTied us all wiTh her SaTurday nighT pracTical iokes . . . Budge BooTh was a swimming enThusiasT and a news- hound . . . Audrey Cummin, debaTer, shouTed Tor ioy every Time she saw a Bergen CounTy, 104 A 3, Air Firsl Row: Fuss, Yingling, Buhner, Leeclorn, Lanko, Wolfe, Gellys. Second Row: Douglas, Sielzier, DeG-hello, Mill El hbcr r Br ernan vice sid nl Robinson Mr P l Kamnerer Bauer Third Row' Senior er, c ge , en l 'pre e J, , s. oo e, , . . , Ehrmann, Pluck, Bernslorl, Boollw, Glenn lpresidenll, Veriable, l-leilman, Cummin, Schafer, MacRilchie, Ecker. Fourlh Row: Waller, l-lamme, Harris, Walsh, Leilhold, Meeks, Faris, Serpico, Stevens, l-loops. New Jersey aulo license . . . Dol Ehmann pounded lhe pavemenls lor Gellysburgian ad- verlisemenls . . . Peggy Elchberger worked SO hard as pledge mislress Thar Kelly senl her his army laligues . . . Aunl Emilie, beller known oil lhe slage ser ol "Snalu" as Evie Pluck, held her place on 'rhe Dean's honor roll . . . Meddy "I Love ll Dearly" Meeks warmed our hearrs wilh her radianl Personalily . . . Vivi Venable walked +o Chambersburg lor a Turkey dinner . . . Jay Yosl was proud of her diplomalic rela- lions on lhe campus. The limelighl now lurns lo lhe pledges. Millie Waller was always ready lo lend The proverbial helping hand . . . Gloria Ecker, a rown girl, wears a Phi Sig pin . . . Sara Jean Fuss lell her hearl in Reislerslown . . . Jeanne Faris hails from The nalion's capilal . . . Jeanne Walsh was our Lone Ranger from Aughinbaugh , . . Dorolhy l-lamme "la pelile iolie lille" has peaches and cream complexion . . . Joanne Serpico from Red Bank, New Jersey, is a iivesler from way back . . . Dollie Leilhold was presidenl of lhe pledge class . . . Rulh Hoops was secrelary- lreasurer of lhe pledge class and a candidale for beauly queen . . . Jean Srevens has "gobs ol love lor lhe Navy" . . - PGQIQY SGHYS Was our graceful dancer . . . Clara Mae Schafer was our "Sweel and Lovely" gal . . . Marge Macliilchie hails from Niagara Falls , . . Jane l-larris is crally wilh lhe needle . . . Jane l'leil- man was our famous equeslrian. CHI llllll Sllilllll - - ---1 Chi Alpha Sigma is lhe women's local soror- ily on Gellysburg. Prior lo ils acceplance as a local sororily on January l8, I946, Chi Alpha Sigma was a social club lor non-sororily women. The colors ol lhe Chi Alphs are blue and yellow: lhe flowers are lhe yellow rose and lorgel-me-nol. The highlighl ol lhe year was lhe Chrislmas lormal held on lhe 8lh ol De- cember. The decoralions cenlered around lhe lheme "Sanla's Paradise" and were exceplionally clever. During lhe year, also, eighl girls were inilialed in Chi Alph. Mrs. Dealrick, lhe housemolher lor lhe Chi Alpha Sigmas, was loved and apprecialed by all lhe girls. Mrs. Dealrick helped lead lhis group lhrough a successful year. Evangeline Guss held lhe mallel as prexy ol lhe Chi Elves . . . Nurses' aid, Carol Poldevin, ranked as vice-presidenl . . . Grace Slerner kepl all records ol ollicial procedures . . . Rhoda Esrig, quiel and always ready lo help, carried on lhe correspondence ol Chi Alph . . . Ruby Michael knew her malh and proved il by looking aller lhe money bags and accounl books . . . Helen Slill lound lime lo keep lhe hislory ol Chi Alph up lo dale and lo keep Jay happy . . Mary Turner ruled as pledge mislress. Rulh Sliler plans lo leach school in India . . . Anna Marlin and Calherine Lewis joined lorces and served as "rushing" chairmen . . . Margarel Graele kepl lhe Chi Elves singing in her capacily .fisli l .',' iff y Q., A p m' 'fr gf? 5' 106 1 u Firsl Row: Mrs. Dcatrich, Tompkins, Todd, Slerner, Poldevin lvicc-presielcnll, Michael, Turncr, Sfifl. Second Row: Elchman, E, Guss, Grlssinger, Gracie, B. E. Guss lpresldcnfl, Slifer, Lewis, Bcisal, Brua. Third Row: Fife, Brclfschneidcr, White, Brilcher. as chorisler . . . Eleanor Sullzbach, scholarship chairman, was "lop boss" of Jrhe Sceplical Chemisls . . . Calherine Tompkins was a "cuH'er- upper" in Jrhe analomy lab . . . lvlargorie Gris- singer always mel Lulher and carried The Chi Alph mail lo Glalfeller . . . Dorolhy While was lhaf peppy Chi Alph who always gol 'rhings done . . . Belly Brilcher was always around wilh a smile and willingness +o help . . . Marian Todd look up pholo-finling as a hobby . .Y . Dorolhy Brua was The Chi Alph aclress in "Blilhe Spirilu . . . Margarel Eichman, Evelyn File, and Rulrh Wood gained Those ruddy complexlions from exlra-curricular physical ed aclivilies . . . Evelyn Guss, known as Gussie, Jr., ran a close second io Dr. Shaffer in punning . . . Doris Slefler is one ellicienl' wielder of drawing ulensils. 107 LETS llll TU T v 4 PW- sv X: x ,N igf,,,g,-,- X, kj ,VV , .fgfgvgymu Q H W ww ggysw i K fm Jmf w A Zsgyi 53-.I .ww A fn.: Fr' giagiiv ,Q smgjgji mf fj QQZWUQ "!7II,'xgfg frm y'n1,ifif'igLT'l'?f 'Usxlwzm MLW YE VYQLJQIJ LQ .V fxgfgzgf' ,fb vin: Q 21,3 wg 1, x x ,ww ' M Q ,f ,nm K A X. M, E., W A N, ' HN w, 5 .Rx 5.2.-,www 1"'T,z - W ,W vi f.,v,,h L: , K, im-, .,,Wx,, M :H . " ,u mmf: w .'if-NYJ ' wi 4 , ,yr 1, Q ff 'sw ..N3,,A,H A x ,w fmwww ww wJ: A Q w x w W " w iw W A poem' . jtt 9 Q. '1: ..-'- ' ' C 22 :2" 5 ' L X ,.,., 6' ,,..,... , i . , l , ., 5 , ,47 . l X GJ K I I WL- ' SPIIHTS With about four years of restricted, under-par, and touch-and-go athletic competition at Gettysburg now a thing for the memory, sports enthusiasts are preparing themselves, spiritually and materially, tor a post-war boom in all sports at G-Burg, Football, wrestling. tennis, golfing, and to a lesser degree baseball, basketball and soccer, have been sports kept under wraps by war-time restrictions. But now that young men with capable bodies and eager minds are once again spilling all over this campus, we can be sure that the dust of unuse that has covered Gettysburg's inter- collegiate and intramural athletics will be quickly swept away, Sounding the key-note for this triumphant return to a full and sparkling program of "big-time" athletic competition is the "Little Brown Bucket." This handsome silver ma- hogany bucket is a material symbol of success resulting from intense and spirited competition between Gettysburg and Dickinson colleges on the gridiron. Presented in l938 by George H. Hummel and S, Walter Stauffer, members of Gettysburg and Dickinson alumni groups respectively, this trophy was annually awarded. in the years of pre-war com' petition, to the winner of the Thanksgiving Day football game. No college athletic program is complete without football and no G-Burg football season is the "real-thing" unless the "Little Brown Bucket" is under contention. Reposing in the Eddie Plank Memorial Gymnasium since the last game be- tween the two schools in I942 in which G-Burg was the victor, the "Little Brown Bucket" has remained a symbol of what was and what is to be. ask 509.21 L xi? ss Rf NO' 46.0 51 M if? Aggies Q gilfsfe gag Q X SSM is Buns 3 X R vita L0 iii 1... ,f-gi - , 'sw -4 feggifg WL ' - Ile ' ,-1-il S 1' Of' iilyl s , .s.f..,se.. Slllllli This year which is now rounding out at Gettysburg has served to increase the tempo of competition iust so much more than in the few preceding years. Soccer made its return to the campus in the form of a four-game schedule, and though the boys failed to capture a single victory, the season served as a sounding-board for next year. Basket- ball, always present even in the worst of the waretime years, expanded into a I7-game program with opponents such as Muhlenberg and Lafayette once again providing first- class competition. A Il-6 record for this year's squad is not too impressive, but nevertheless the scent of G-Burg's former, high-caliber, basketball performance was in the air, This spring we look forward to track and baseball as the main events though complete plans for competition are still lacking. Early in March spring football practice begins and at that time "l-len" Bream will begin the hard task of lead- ing his gridiron squads back to former supremacy, Intramural activity in the various athletic fields will once again be in full swing next year headed by fierce inter- fraternity competition. This year for the first time in a few years, interfraternity competition in touch football and basketball was held. Owing to the greatly reduced size of the individual houses this was impossible in the war years with competition being effected by a pooling of available men. ln the spring softball will undoubtedly be the by- word of intramural athletics, and will inaugurate inter- fraternity athletics in the first post-war year. K, jf:-f., - - ' wi , , ' n. '- Baffling againsf fhe odds of ine-cperience and a fhree-year layoff, fhe Bullef soccer- men played fhrough a winless season, los- ing four games. A squad of 30 responded fo Coach l-larfshorne's call for soccer, wifh I7 having previous experience on fhe pifch. Opening fhe season, af home on Ocfo- ber I9, againsf a well-coached and ex- perienced ouffif from Johns l-loplqins, fhe Bafflefielders fired badly in fhe final quarfer and dropped fhe game 5-3. Counfering for 'rhe Bullefs were Ries, Shively, and Schmiffhenner. Againsf fhe Universify of Delaware in Newark, Dela- ware, on fhe following weelcend, fhe local boys fell aparf in fhe second half and suffered fheir second sefbaclc by a score of 3-O. Playing fheir besf game of The season before a Homecoming crowd on Safurday, November 3, The Bullefs were hosf 'ro fhe Delaware Mudhens. Affer four regular periods fhe Harfshornemen were nosed ouf in 'rhe second overfime period, 2-I. Failure fo capifalize on numerous scoring oppor- funifies caused 'rhe Bulle+'s downfall. Con- cluding a disappoinfing season, fhe Geffys- burg soccermen fraveled To Balfimore, where fhey mef fhe Blue Jays in a refurn mafch. Unforfunafely fhe Bafflefielders mef fhe Medicos affer Navy, 'rhe Easf's mosf powerful soccer feam had handed fhe Balfimoreans a crushing 7-I defeaf. ln a revengeful mood Johns Hopkins soundly frounced 'rhe l-larfshornemen 6-I. Nof enough credif can be given fo fhe sen- safional play of 'rhe Blue Jay's sfeller Cuban cenfer-forward Nuenez, who falled six fimes againsf us in fwo games. VARSITY HIISTE FIRST ROW Schmilrhenner, Mizell, Shively, Ehrharf, Slifer, Enlwisle SECOND ROW Manager Wrighl, Smi+h, Kessler, Buller, Reis, Rankin, Perry, Romlg THIRD ROW Sjrrube, Hough, Jesurum, Kerloy, Koch, Banlley, Fink Leidy, lshman Manager Held, Coach Harfshorne 'k THE SEASII HEIIIIHII Gelrysbu rg Gerfysburg Gehlysburg Gerrysburg . . . 33 Johns Hopkins . . . . Og Delaware . . . . Ig Delaware . . . . lp Johns Hopkins . 112 Achon cenTers aboui G-Burg's goal wifh The Bullefs figl1Ting To profecf Their lead. AlThough The season was dishearTening, There were several brighT lighTs on The local horizon. "Slippery" Sam SchmiTThenner was a consTanT scoring ThreaT in all The BulleT games. The key cog of The GeTTysburg de- fense was Dick EnTwisle, whose spiriT never sagged and whose play was hard on oTTense and deTense. ln Three of The Tour deTeaTs, The BulleTs were all even wiTh Their opponenTs aT The half buT badly TalTered in The Tinal periods. This sag aTTer The half was due To The lack OT condiTioning among The boys as well as The lack oT adequaTe reserves and manpower. Our defense ToughT hard buT had a Tendency To relax aT a crucial momenT. OT- Tensively The ball was handled raTher capably unTiI pay-dirT was neared and Then There was liTTle scoring punch. DespiTe a poor season, Three of our piTchmen, Dick EnTwisle, Sam SchmiTThenner, and Gene Reis received second-sTring honors on The All STaTe Soccer Team, selecTed by The coaches and oTTicials of The Middle ATlanTic Conference. Though an unTorTunaTe season, The exper- ience gained This year will undoubTedly sTand The BulleTs To good advanTage nexT season, since nine sTarTers are due To reTurn. Things aren'T going so well, eh boys7 CapTain Reis-sfar performer is a losing cause. FQMT' SE' :Www EWGSYWKW' ywmy a Lrjmagg , ,J ziifxwi Mlm WH Jw mwa- . lah?-, K. ggw' w sf' Ask 5 1 if 7? S. if-H' X gg? .1 rf iv we zkmi 5 QM .,.gm:z1 H, w K 5 --1 n 11 3 L. lg L .-9 x 1 WLS Sw v ii? Q . X is , k ai' PM I ,Q f..,:L A, 1 1'.'5.ixg 1 V KY v '- H X W Q -is 1' is as , . J X' kv M , In M Q .4 N ,agar H gg -' .A 9 'Xt , - A y A' Q5 .,:' U- lg L M. ' ' .r ' Zzz Q :::.:.: Q M 4 if .:g. ' 'Q 6 553 Ziff I :. , K . .ML gg? .:. ---- - I , X xxf DAVE PLAN K i JOE HOWARD PHIL MARTINI Among lhose who play maior roles in lhe games played by the Bullels are lhose men leaiured on This page. "Ski" Kaczlcowslci, offen referred lo as "Skeet- er" for lhe darling manner in which he covered lhe floor, was a high scoring man and a very clever defensive player. ln his iirsl year al' Gellyslourg "Slceeler" proved his righl lo a varsily role early in 'rhe season and sparked The ieam. on more lhan one occasion lo viclory. Dave Plank and Joe l-loward exempli- fied smoolh ball handling and sharp- shooling more Than once lo pull lhe Bullels our of a Hgh? spof, Dave played on 'rhe freshman learn in preewar days, and despile a lriclc knee was a spark on The leam with his long set shols, Joe in his lirsl year al G-Burg came along in line shape and gives promise of de- veloping inlo lirsl-class baskelball ma- lerial. Two hold-overs from war-lime years were George Shepherd and Phil Mar- lini, and borh had lheir say again in lhe 'lirsl peace-lime season in a long iime. Though neifher served as regulars bolh George and Phil were called on frequently when Coach Bream lhoughr il necessary lo bosler his Team in a wealc spell. G-eorge's courl slyle is charac- Terized by heady playing, and Phil's by hard aggressive affaclc. These boys, along wilh Welliver and Herr, formed 'rhe nucleus of lhe Bullels' alraclc, and af limes The combinaiion was capable of playing greal baslcelball, while lhere were limes when ihings looked prelfy bad, Such in-and-our per- formance can be lraced in some degree 'ro inexperience and reorienlarion frou- bles. 115 WALT KACZKOWSKI GEORGE SHEPHERD 6 :Y ag .! Q f Q alf a E ki P S am 5: 5 . k f K f fi af ,SSE I I 5 - w fi I E, Q www' WG! 2 Ma mem . ' 7 . 1 : ,,. 4, ThreaTening To be a naTional kingpin aT The very ouTseT oT The season, GeTTysburg's BulleTs blazing baskeTbaIl comeT dwindled down To a spark and The Team ended iTs season wiTh a mediocre record oT I I wins and six losses. Open- ing The season wiTh a closely conTesTed 47-42 win over an underdog ElizabeThTown Tive, The Breammen Then journeyed To Reading where They played an excellenT game and Trounced AlbrighT by a 52-25 score. The Bullefs Then gained mo- menTum wiTh each succeeding game as They chalked up Tive consecuTive wins and were en- ioying Their sTay among The seIecT group oT undeTeaTed quinTeTs in The naTion. The boys edged ouT JuaniaTa 44-43, and crushed WesTern Maryland and Lehigh by scores oT 78-20, 6l-38 respecTively. Faced wiTh The handicap of an exTremely small Tloor aT LancasTer, G-Burg experienced a liTTle Trouble in downing F 8: M: buT They managed To do so and walked OTT The Tloor wiTh a 49-4I vicTory. Again The Orange and Blue wenT oTT on a scoring spree againsT Mechanicsburg Naval Supply DepoT and when The ball had Tinished swishing Through The hoop GeTTysburg Tound iT had noTched iTs sevenTh consecuTive Triumph 65-33. The sTage was Then seT Tor The LaTayeTTe game and all hopes were high when The BaTTleTielders iourned To EasTon Tor Their encounTer wiTh a sTrong LaTayeTTe quinTeT. The Leopards sTarTed like a house on Tire and dropped in 25 poinTs in The TirsT quarTer To gain a precious lead which They never relinquished. Led by "Skee" Kac- zkowski, who scored I8 poinTs, The local lads ToughT hard and persisTenTly To proTecT Their record, buT They were unable To overcome The LaTayeTTe aTTack, and C5-Burg suTTered Their TirsT deTeaT 59-54. Playing Their worsT game oT ball since The opener, The Breammen eked ouT Bucknell's Bisons, 46-37. Journeying To BeThlehem Tor Their second encounTer wiTh The Engineers from Lehigh, GeTTysburg ouTscored Their opponenTs in every period and coasTed To a 6l-40 Triumph. Going inTo The nexT game wiTh a 9-I record, The BuIIeTs Then Taced a greaT Muhlenberg Tive and suT- Tered Their second seTback, 67-44. AT This poinT The TorTunes oT The Orange and Blue appeared To hiT a landslide and They were able To win only Two ouT oT Their remaining six games. The Breammen's Third deTeaT was suT- Tered aT The hands oT Bucknell's Bisons, losing 44-36 in an excessively rough and Tumble con- TesT. ATTer Taking Their previous encounTer by a 49-4l counT, The BaTTleTieIders again Took The measure oT F 8: lvI's DiplomaTs and easily won, 50-25. This vicTory was Tollowed by The mosT Thrilling TilT oT The season, The LaTayeTTe game. Led by Semko, who scored I6 poinTs, The EasTon lads gained an early lead and were hard-pressed unTil The very lasT Two minuTes when G-Burg was wiThin one poinT oT Tying up The game, buT The LaTayeTTe boys came Through wiTh six counTers To emerge The vicTors, 47-4I. GeTTysburg Then gained Their Tinal vicTory in "Meb" is one of our cheerleaders who give The crowd someThing To cheer about lhe besl game They played all season. The locals subdued a fasl-moving LaSalle quinlel, 79-54, lo shaller lheir previous scoring record, Again lhe mighl of Muhlenberg's Mules proved loo much for The Bullels and They dropped lheir fill' 56-34. The game slarled our wilh indica' lions ol being a close conlesl as The lirsl quar- ler leslilies: loul Gellysburg succumbed lo lhe swill Mules. And so anolher baskelball season has drawn lo a close and lhe games are bul memories. All Gellyslourg looks forward lo nexl year in hopes of again seeing a schedule packed wilh long shols, lhrilling plays and lasl passes. SEASON'S RECORD Gellysburg. .47: Elizabelhlown . . . .42 Gellysburg . . 525 Allorighl . . . . 25 Gellysburg . . 447 Juanila . . . . . 33 Gellyslourg . . 78, Weslern Md. . . . 20 Gellysburg . . 6lg Lehigh .... . . 38 Gellysburg . .491 F. 84 M ........ 4l Gellyslourg . . 65: Mech'burg Naval Depol. 33 Gellyslourg . . 543 Lalayelle . .... . 59 Gellysburg. .465 Bucknell . . . .37 Gellysburg . . 6lg Lehigh . . . . . 40 Gellysburg . . 44: Muhlenberg . . . 67 Gellysburg . . 365 Bucknell . . . . . 44 Gellysburg . . 503 F. Sc M. . . . 25 Gellysburg . . 4lg Laliayelle . . . 47 Gellysburg . . 79: La Salle . . . . . 54 Gellysburg . . 34: Muhlenberg . . . 56 Gellysburg . . 427 Lebanon Valley . . . 54 BASKETBALL VARSITY ROSTER Fira? Row: Mariini, Herr, Plank, Welllver, Shepherd, Howard, Davidson. Second Row: Rambo, Brown, Fischer, oem er sine acz ows i T ir ows An erson r H Mafhew, Seaton, Sh ak,H s,Kkk.hdR. d ,Mg.,u Allison, McCoy, Robinson, Wenlzcl, Gilmour, Mgr. mmel, Wenlz, Mullen, Neal, x , 2" 5' 23.1. 4 DQ., is Z harm 6,,Y15,,iQ7 K, f .... 'Ewqff K fx 'X' Q Qsl ,, we 355 we M Weir Q., -14 ,,,,.. V it A .h , IL., W V.. ff - mr-f'?1'3n' X. if 'ig 1 ff jzi . a FM,ji,., - , if-1-fv.,f.1a gpg 1 ,, M A lfik, .r 1 ,S 1.2 p. , X- THE EAMP Under lhe sponsorship ol lhe Gellysburgian an eighl-leam campus louch-loolball league was lormed, composed ol lhe lollowing leams: Phi Della Thela, Phi Gamma Della, Sigma Chi, Kappa Della Rho, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Sigma Kappa, Phi Kappa Rho, and Lambda Chi Alpha. Compelilion was keen lhroughoul lhe aulumn as each leam lielded lairly slrong aggregalions. Slarling oll wilh a bang lhe Phi Dells and KDR's were early season leaders. When lhe lwo mel lhey ballled lo a bruising I2-I2 draw. Playing lhe role ol lhe dark horse in lhe league were lhe Phi Gams who slarled oll shakily, dropping an I8-I2 encounler lo lhe Phi Dells and lying lhe ATO's, I2-IZ. Aller lhis wobbly slarl lhe Phi Gams swepl lhrough lo live slraighl viclories including an I8-6 deleal ol lhe speedy KDR's. This was lhe sole deleal ol lhe season lor lhe KDR's. Aller lhis encounler lhe Phi Dells incurred lheir onl deleal ol lhe Y season, dropping a close I2-6 decision lo lhe KDR's. In lhe middle brackel ol lhe league were lhe Sigma Chis, lhe ATO's, and lhe Phi Sigs, which were almosl on a par wilh one anolher. Sigma Chi had a .500 season, winning and losing lhree games. Despile lwo losses lhe ATO's were al- -k CAMPUS LEAGUE FINAL STATISTICS G. W. L. T. Phi esm . . .7 5 I I KDR . . . .7 5 I I Phi Dell . . . .5 3 I I sigma cha . . .6 3 3 o ATO . . . .4 I 2 I Phi sig . . . .4 I 3 o Phi Kap . . . .5 I 4 o Lambda Chi . . .4 O 4 O Sllllillli ways a lhreal wilh lheir line passing allack, as can be seen in lheir I2-I2 draw wilh lhe Phi Gams. Equipped wilh several speedslers bul lacking a polenl passing allack lhe Phi Sigs likewise had a slrong leam despile lheir several sel-backs. Bringing up lhe rear end ol lhe league were lhe Phi Kaps and Lambda Chis, which, allhough ollen bealen, loughl spiriledly and liercely. As lhe season closed a virlual lhree-way lie exisled belween lhe Phi Dells, Phi Gams, and KDR's, each leam sullering only one deleal. These leams clearly were lhe class ol lhe league. On December I2. an innovalion, a posl season "All Slar Game" was held belween lwo six-man leams selecled by lhe caplains ol each leam in lhe league. On lhe one leam were Mac Kerby and Lulher Sliler al lhe lerminal posls, Dick Tome al cenler, and Dick Beaver, Tom Rankin and Bob Kessler al lhe backlield posls, For lhe olher leam lhe ends were manned by Bob Kessler and AI Calvin. Slarling al lhe pivol posl was Dick Romig, wilh lhe backlield assignmenls being carried oul by Bill McGaw, Harry Row- land and Phil Marlini. Displaying a slrong passing allack lhe lirsl menlioned leam de- lealed lhe laller I2-0. rouhne, buf The sTarT of mframural bes- I TEHFHATEH ITT BASKETBALL Under The direcTion of Their respecTive mana- gers, who were aided by The lnTramural AThleTic Council, The TraTerniTies waged a shorT buT Turi- ous baTTle Tor Top honor in baslceTball compeTi. Tion. The rapid increase in The male enrollmenT in February made iT possible Tor all The houses To organize Tull Teams. CompeTiTion was quickly seT up and Two leagues were formed. The Norfhern Division was composed of Those Tra- TerniTies locaTed norTh of Lincoln Avenue, and The SouThern Division consisTed of The groups souTh of ThaT sTreeT. In The NorThern League The Phi DelTs and The TKE's Tinished in a Tie. The Phi DelTs, aTTer losing Their TirsT game To The Lambda Chi five, roared in Through Three sTraighT vicTories includ- ing a win over The TKE ouTTiT. The laTTer quinTeT had no Trouble ouTside oT ThaT one game, being favored by plenTy oT heighT. The SAE's finished Their season wiTh Two games won and an equal nof a baIleT lrefball. Anoiher Tense momenT when The boys go high in The air-"Red," on The righT, is all sei and waiiing. number IosT. Their Team would have had a greaT chance if The schedule had been longer. The Lambda Chi squad won Their TirsT game and Then wenT in To drop Three which puT Them aT The boTTom wiTh The Phi-KDR's. The SouThern League also closed The books wiTh a Tie on The records. The Psis and Phi Sams each won Three and losT one puTTing Them aT The Top oT The sTandings. Losing Their TirsT game To The Phi Gems, The Phi Psis came back To Tie ThaT ouTTiT when The Sigma Chis scored Their only vicTory by deTeaTing Phi Gamma DeITa. Ending Their season wiTh The debiT and crediT columns balancing were The Phi Sigs and ATO's, each wiTh Two wins and a like number OT seTbacks. AT The Time oT This wi-iTing, arrangemenTs were ir INTRAMURAL RESULTS NorThern Division Won Losl TKE . . . ........ . . 3 I Phi DSIT . . . . 3 I SAE .' . . . . 2 2 KDR .,.. ......... I 3 Lambda Chi .......... I 3 SouThern Division Phi Psi ............. 3 I Phi Gam . . . 3 I Phi sig . . . . 2 2 ATO . . . . .2 2 Sigma Chi . . . I 3 being made To have The Ties played OTT, and The leaders oT each division were To meeT Tor Tinal honors. An inTeresTing sidelighT To The league's compeTiTion was The game played during InTerTraTerniTy Weekend on Ivlarch 2. Each TraTerniTy chose Two oT iTs Top baskeTbaIl men, and These 20 men were divided inTo Teams oT Ten each. Though The resulT was poor bas- keTball iT did meeT somewhaT The need oT Torm- ing inTeresT. ProT. L. O, Johnson, DirecTor oi The lnTra- mural AThleTic Program in Tormer years, was insTrumenTaI in geTTing The pasT season's com- peTiTion quickly organized. VarsiTy baskeTbaIl men served as non-parTisan reTerees, and were responsible Tor clean compeTiTion. WUMENS lllllllllll HATS LiTTle recognized among our aThleTic circles as being oT any greaT imporTance, women's sporTs, neverTheless, conTinued This pasT year To play a deTiniTe and susTaining role in The recre- aTional and physical acTiviTies oT The Coeds aT GeTTysburg. Mrs. Peggy B. ZarTos, women's physical educaTional insTrucTor, has wiThouT Tan- Tare esTablished a sTrong aThleTic organizaTion Tor The girls in inTramural and, To an exTenT, inTercollegiaTe spheres. Hoclcey and baslceTball were The major aThleTic pursuiTs oT The women buT swimming, riTlery, Tencing and bowling were iusT as eagerly received. lnTercollegiaTe compeTiTion was greaTly ham- pered by bad weaTher and oTher diTTiculTies, buT The inTramural program operaTed in high gear ThroughouT The year. The boys have noThing on The girls when iT comes To spiriTed courT playing as evidenced by The lceen zesT Tor vicTory shown in The coed baslceTball league. When The girls Tool: To The waTer They acTed like ducks, buT cerTainly had liTTle oTher resemblance. Every Tuesday and Wednesday The girls spenT Their aTTernoons in swimming classes. These classes were sTeps Toward The earning oT The coveTed Senior LiTe Saving badge. The Tinal TesT con- ducTed by lvlrs. Zarfos, is exTremely rigorous, To say The leasT. An inTeresTing and modern developmenT in The women's aThleTic program is The inclusion oT riTlery Training. ATTer learning The principles OT riTlery, The girls wenT To The range and pracTiced acTual Tiring. Who Talks abouT The weaker sex? Fencing, The masTer Teacher oT grace and co- orclinaTion, Tound many and willing girls ready To respond when iT issued iTs TirsT call aT G-Burg The pasT year. IT is ThoughT in many guarTers ThaT now ThaT The boys are again ready To resume Their Tormer Top posiTions in aThleTic acTiviTies on The cam- pus women's sporTs will once again be relegaTed To an insigniTicanT posT. BuT when one looks closely aT The way The girls have worked and sTrived To build up Their presenT organizaTion iT is doubTTul if such spiriT can be suppressed. An exTensive and well-execuTed aThleTic program is jusT as necessary and iusT as desired Tor The girls on This campus as iT is Tor The boys. May The coeducaTional TronT OT sporTs compeTiTion be as well represenTed as The men's! 'Zar," who Through hard work and winning ways, has the girls moving smooThly Through a well-rounded sporTs program. 4 Our 'Field hockey lassies relax for a spell. -ma Q , , , 4 if These mermaids came up 'for air and a look af our cameraman 124 Hllllll ll ll SWIMMIIT WiTh many old Taces reporTing Tor pracTice, The coed varsiTy hockey Team, coached by The women's physical educaTion direcTor, Mrs. Pegqv L. Zarfos, baTTled Millersville STaTe Teachers College To a 2-2 draw in The only game played lasT Tall. The Team, which had an unblemished record lasT year, was composed oT many OT These Tormer sTars. All Tour classes were represenTed on The squad, which held daily pracTices under The direcTion oT Mrs. ZarTos. f'xlThough The co- eds had planned a six-game schedule, inclemenT weaTher cancelled The remaining TilTs. Opening Their l945 season on SaTurday, Oc- Tober 27, The coeds meT and Tied The Millers- ville coeds in a very exciTing and Thrilling conTesT played on The local Tield. G-Burg's Rene STauTTer opened The scoring when she dribbled Through The opponenT's deTense To score. How- ever, The visiTors quickly reTaliaTed To Tie The score as The half ended. Millersville Took an early lead in The second half when l-lilligas, leTT inner, senT The ball inTo The neT. For The nexT Ten minuTes The game was evenly ToughT near The cenTer oT The Tield. WiTh only seconds leTT on The clock and deTeaT sTaring Them in The Tace, The baTTling BaTTle- Tielders marched down The Tield and drove The ball in The cage as The Tinal whisTle blew. Nina Mizell was given crediT Tor scoring The crucial Tally. Excelling in defensive play was Nancy Drier, alerT C5-Burg goalie, who Time and Time again warded oTT Millersville's aTTempTs To score. WiTh The hockey season spoiled by bad weaTher, The coeds, under The direcTion oT Mrs. Peggy B. Zarfos, Took Tull advanTage of The TaciliTies OT The pool. AlThough inTercollegiaTe compeTiTion was ouT, iT was The goal To make each girl in school a more-Than-average swimmer. lnTeresT was shown by nearly everyone. OT The 75 Treshmen girls who enTered in SepTember, 65 of Them were using The pool regularly. WiTh a very large number inTeresTed, The swimmers were divided inTo Tour groups-The beginners, The inTerrnedi- aTes, The advanced, and The lnsTrucTors. Regular hours were arranged Tor Those per- sons who wished TurTher insTrucTion in waTer TundamenTals. Nine persons, who had previously passed an insTrucTor's course, acTed as coaches Tor These swimmers. These pracTices, which are being held daily, aT The pool, should bolsTer The swimming squads Tor nexT year. The advanced swimmers are working on TronT and back crawls and breasT sTrokes as well as diving and form swimming. Under The presenT seTup, swimmers oT all classes can swim wiTh his group and be in- sTrucTed by a beTTer swimmer. Plans are being TormulaTed To again presenT a waTer aquacade under The direcTion oT Nadine EuTis, WAA swimming manager. A similar waTer aquacade was held lasT year as parT of The MoTher's Day program. Included in The aquacade was diving, Torm swimming, and waTer TormaTions presenTed by The besT swimmers oT The group. As in previous years iT is hoped ThaT a rep- resenTaTive Trom Red Cross l'leadquarTers will be on hand To give an lnsTrucTors Course To Those advanced swimmers who wanT To Take iT and have passed previous courses. Rugged on The field and fair in The waTer-They're our girls, men! L WSC , Aliliaif 1 40: ff My . A 25 . f iwi pw-1 X i7 M X, 1 5,11 N 'lid .32 K M Wy? 4 6 J, ' U' '31'fQ" Q ,,. , .M wk, . . ., ., Y f. ., Y X 9 ,ZW ' K l gl lk s ,Y ,, e N. YU , , QF? 13235 '-1, 31. s M Lx? , 2 vwifhwv W' x' Hn y vw bww r ,A : U xx l r 2 ' ,953 6 X K 7 'E Q , v s '55 :QU 5 ugh 52 i NNNQW Q .tw 6, nah, TQ" fffihd' 2 1 figalymwi T A f .x 12:4 -ww-:snr-eww.-wh .. A 4 x r U x H ,ff " . fffgsl sf, . i '1-:' Q " 4' ,,, 5' E W Q1 1 P s . 3 . .: 'F ' X we X ' P 1 U is-V' ALMA MATER Words by S. GILBERT, '22 Music by FREDERICK REINARTZ, '24 IJTJLJ1 .Ml A soft - ly the eve - ning NVhen - hy loy - al sons shad-ows are veil- ing the gath-er to wak - eu fond fh 'LAT E' SV 5' 1' V F1-'fzf i F F F? FF ML? Hi Ns R gif? nf' EAP i FF I 1 Pi F f rr -,ff J J ga' .J LJ J 1 C pyright MCMXXII by P IS Gllb rt Prx T. d 1 th U. S.A. If CN V' pr Q' V V E V 311:11 F3 si1 - ver-y moon - light mau- iles the worn walls of ev - er any I .1 thy debt - or and what- ev - er Z5 fh CN : iFFlFF Fg FF liebe JQHHVV chap e1 a - new, The wind in the trees sweet ' ly else I may do, 1711 love, 1711 de - fend, and 1,11 P F5 1 E F F F I wri gif EFF J- 4 ' S! vm. fn J 1 I "FF-.' J J .B J E9 ,, I5 ech - oes Our prais - es of orange and blue hon - or The glo - ri ous orange and blue Il. ng-?-f F F E CJ 'A 2 i 4 F F 1 'Q Z'1nmerh-mu Pi t Alma Mute 2 129 Cincinnati A,,.g , -Q I 3 'fi :::': f, 'L Urrsrfgiww- . ,g ' f Q . 'V '15 1 f i W M I1.,,,, . ,,k.A., , , 5 W P44 251133 1 i w " fi ?T,ViK, A M . : M-I - ig., 1 x 'A L"' -W A '. 'c.. 'fakg a W f ar t Www Q ' 4 rf ful ,L X: - .4 F ' ,mdk ,Z 'ftfw Q .I' 'ap I 1' if! " ,f-'W f , P 'T 4 x Q fgxgyl, 1 SM' xg mmm XJ ' .- an N? BLRH c ' 4 , DR. NORMAN E. RICHARDSON S.l.l. llllll El The mosl influenlial organizalion on campus, The Gellysburg College Sludenl Chrislian As- socialion has as ils members well over 50 per cenl of lhe sludenl body. Under 'rhe presidency of Vivian D. Wiclcey and 'rhe advisorship of Dr. Norman P. Richardson and Prof. Parlcer B. Wagnild, The SCA conlinued This year lo ful- fill ils lraclilional place as a spirilual, social, and culrural force al Gellysburg. The SCA lunclions lhrough ils numerous com- millees, on one of which each aclive member serves. The wide scope of 'rhese commillees has been increased 'rhis year by Two addilions: Jrhe Music Commillee, which during lhe lempo- rary absence ol Prof. Wagnild mainlainecl rhe Vesper Choir, and lhe Srudenl Employmenl Firsl Row: Waters, Marlin, Borslel, Zimmerman, Wiclcey, Shook, Schwariz, Second Row: Nelson, Curry, Fluck, Pee, Venable, Erb, Lohr. Third Row: Uehling, Gobbel, Beharry, Brandenburg, Dr. Richardson, Spreen, Fish, Logan, Mozell, McCarney. Agency, parT oT The larger STudenT Service CommiTTee. OTher commiTTees TuncTion variedly To provide The campus wiTh posTers, To arrange daily chapel services, To organize The TradiTion- ally popular Vespers and CandlelighT programs, To acquainT sTudenTs wiTh churches oT Their own denominaTion in GeTTysburg, To conducT craTT classes Tor young children, and To render ser- vices To The handicapped oT The communiTy. Through The SCA's monThly open house pro- grams, disTinguished guesT spealcers are inTro- duced To The sTudenT body. Among The speakers This year were FBI AgenT WalTer V. McLaughlin, James Farmer, lecTurer and wriTer on racism in The UniTed STaTes, and Jerome Davies, war correspondenT and auThoriTy on Russia. Because OT The unusually large enrollmenT aT second semesTer, The SCA This year held Two oT iTs popular recepTions Tor new sTudenTs, one during Freshman Vifeek in SepTember and The oTher in February. BoTh oT These served Their purpose oT making new GeTTysburgians Teel like old ones. The SCA building iTselT reTlecTs The acTiviTies oT The organizaTion, Tor in iT are harmoniously locaTed TaciliTies Tor worship, culTural improve- menT, and relaxaTion. When one considers ThaT in This building aT The same Time he may Tind a commiTTee chairman planning a war Tund drivo or a Sunday evening musicale, anoTher making copies oT a Vesper program, a sTudenT prac- Ticing his TrumpeT, anoTher lisTening To a ball game, a group enjoying The indoor pool, a choir rehearsing, and a Tew odd iiTTerbugging, iT is IiTTIe wonder ThaT The SCA is The mainspring of our college liTe. lllMP S Sl llll Only Tour years old buT Tirmly esTablished as The sTudenT governmenT body oT The campus is The Campus SenaTe. Under The iurisdicTion of This body, composed oT a represenTa- Tive Trom each oT The campus living groups, are The rules and regulaTions oT daily college life. The SenaTe This year inaugu- raled a sTudenT-TaculTy commiTTee sysTem Tor The discussion and improvemenT oT problems demanding represenTaTive views oT bolh bodies. Under The leadership oT George Shepherd and The guidance oT Tour TaculTy members, The SenaTe prepared iTs annual bomfire Tor welcoming Treshmen, appoinTed The sTaTT Tor The G-Boolc, approved The selecTion oT cheerleaders, and served generally as grievance board Tor The seTTling oT sTudenT problems. it S led: Keener, Engleharl, Guss, Miller, Glenn, Amaluccr. Sfandingz Sfrube, Wil- liams Knisely, Beal, Shepherd, Spreen, Shook, Siernafl Kerbey, Tome, l-louTz. l 134 First Row: Glenn, Perry, Ries, Dalton, Tomsuden. Second Row: Gobbel, Bauserm Thi d Ro ' Klos, Marlini, Weaver, Gilmour, Hinman, Logan. When lhe presidenls and vice-presidenls oi lhe IO nalional iralernilies and one local iralernily meel, conversalion is cer- lain lo lurn aboui one main aspecl of college liie-mulual lralerniry aclivilies and problems. For The obvious beneiils arising from discussion of lhese common problems, lhe Gavel Club was formed under rhe guidance ol Dr. Frank l-l. Kramer. Because The organizalion has no aulhorily lo malce or enforce regulalions, il is nol limiled in lhe scope of ils bi-monihly chals. From il have come many worlhwhile suggeslions lor change, laler 'ro be Jrransmilled as rules by lhe aulhorifalive governing body ol Jrhe iralernilies, lhe lnlerlralernily Council. lllllll Ill Pl -HELLE Ill IIUU EIL Two members Trom each oT The Three naTional women's sororiTies, Chi Omega, DelTa Gamma, and Phi Mu. compose The governing body oT sororiTies, The Pan-l-lellenic Council. ln advisory capaciTy are an alumna oT each group and The dean oT women. This year The Council eTTecTed a revision oT iTs consTiTuTion and presenTed under' iTs auspices a Tea Tor all The women oT The campus. Among The Council's duTies are The Tixing and enTorcemenT oT rushing rules and daTes and The awarding oT The scholarship and acTiviTies cups. PaT Malone was prexy Tor The year. S Td S R binson. STanding: Leedom, Miller, Zimmerman. 136 Firsf Row: Sassaman, Senior, STroehmann, Erb, Mizell. Second Row: Hagerfy, Mille Fralelgh, ChalfonT. ConsisTing oT represenTaTives Trom each class. The Women's STudenT Council, under The guidance oT Eleanor STroehmann, accomplished a compleTe revision oT The consTiTuTion oT The Women's STudenT Government The council conTinued To spon- sor The honor plan as opposed To The old demeriT sysTem, Thus reTaininc4 The innovaTion made lasT year. "Do's" and don'T's" Tor The women on campus occupy much oT The Council's Time, Tor iT is This body ThaT deTermines The number oT niqhTs ouT, laTe permissions, and weelcends oTT cam- pus Tor The coeds. Such maTTers do noT receive iTs whole aTTenTion, however. Tor in The Council oriqinaTed plans Tor a dance To culminaTe freshman cusToms Tor women. These plans were ably carried ouT by Beverly Greenberg, chairman oT The "Back l-lome Tor Keeps" dance. The pre-war cusTom oT Leap Week was re-esTablished and culminaTed in a Sadie l-lawlcins Tree-Tor-all. lvlay Day, always anTicipaTed by The sTudenT body, was one oT The bicg evenTs oT The year under The auspices oT The Council. WIIME 'S STUIIENT Illlllllll First Rovr: .Spreen, McCarney, Schwarlz, Lohr, Fish, Jensan, Wafers, Moss, Tomsuden, Dreier. Second Row: Tobler, Miller, Llllich, Ecker. Brace, Salfzer, Beisel, Kolpien, Dixon, Haabesfad. Third Row: Faris, Uehling, Sassaman Banlley, Pyle, Ehrnann, Pliff, Meeks, Hamme, Bergen, Fourlh Row: Trexler, Weaver, Banfley, Walfz, Pairerson Scherch, Hoopsu Graefe, Sarnes, Brandenburg. Fiffh Row: Slifer, Smifh., Brubaker, Siauffer, Minnich, Gould Klos, Logan. Sindh Row: Miller, Fisher, Brifcher, Lrulmpefer, Moser, Fisher, Heilman, Harris, l-life, Aurand eson. VESPEH Professor Parker B, Wagnilcl's absence from Gelrrysburg College during 'rhe lirsl semeslrer of lhe year was fell mosl keenly perhaps because if meanr loo lhe absence of rhe very popular Gellys- burg College Choir. Sludenls who had enjoyed membership in The choir before and ihose who 1 1 lllllllll desired 'ro see some conlinualion ol +he len-year old musical group could nor be siopped from singing. Under Jrhe capable guidance ol choir veleran Marion L. Fish, a Vesper Choir of aboul 40 members was formed and held weekly praclices. This group of volunleers delighled alnrendanls al 138 Sunday evening Vespers and conTinued The ex- Tremely popular ChrisTmas ConcerT. On The evening of December 9, in Brua Chapel, The sTudenT- direcTed chorisTers provided one-halT of a well re- ceived program: The remaining rendiTions were per- Tormed by a male quarTeT under The direcTion of RoberT B. Logan. WiTh The reTurn of "Wags" in February, The Ves- per Choir was disconTinued, and regular TryouTs were held Tor The College Choir. STudenTs who could demonsTraTe genuine vocal abiliTy, sincere inTeresT in The organizaTion, and willingness To per- Torm The necessary hard work were selecTed. The Tinal group of abouT 50 members represenTs The cream oT GeTTysburg's singers. Relieved of her duTies as direcTor of The larger group, Marion Fish was able To Turn her aTTenTion To The organizaTion of a girls' group. The high esTeern given To membership in The College Choir is proof enough oi iTs populariTy and service on The campus. Too much crediT cannoT be given To Those sTudenTs who mainTained The organizaTion during The absence oT Their popular direcTor. MISS MARIAN E. FISH Direcfor uk' ul' ir ME 'STHIHHNAL Brua Chapel sees ofher scenes fhan fhose predominanfly religi- ous. Each Wednesday nighf from Sepfember unfil Thanksgiving fhe raffers rang af Tribunal frials wifh fhe shouf of "I-laircufl", enough fo sfrilce ferror fo any freshman hearf. Decisions were handed down, and weelc-long punishmenfs loegan af noon on Friday affer fhe exhilnifions on fhe sfeps of Old Dorm. Dave Plank headed fhe board, composed of one represenfafive from each frafernify. Dufies of Trilounal, well-known fo everyone who has endured fhe resulfs, consisf of esfablishing freshman cusfoms, enforcing fhem, and punishing offenders. f Row: Herr, Granf, Senff, Plank, Fink, Wolf. Second Row: Sliferl Marfini, Shu' maker, Kessler, Uehlingl Enfwnsle. 140 i Chalfonf, Greenberg, Appleby, Senior. Buhner, Pyle Those Wednesday nighf freshmen line-ups, followed by Tri- bunal Courf for offenders, fhose "gruesome" specfacles each Thursday for five weeks lasf fall, and all fhe ofher frials and fribulafions of fhe freshman girls were resulfs of fhe acfivify of fhe Women's Tribunal. Cusfoms were officially ended by a ceremony on Ocfober Zofh, when fhe freshmen formed a circle and doffed fheir garishly beriblooned "dinlcs." This was climaxed fhe following evening by a formal dance given in honor of fhe freshman women by fhe Women's Sfudenf Gov- ernmenf. Marilyn Senior served as chairman of fhe Trilounal. WUME 'S llllllllllll 141 llE'Sl1lBlll Such formidable compeliiors as leams of Temple Universily, Rulgers, Princeion, Pennsylvania Slale, Syracuse, Columbia, Lehigh, and N. Y. U. have all been mer Jrhis year by Jrhe Gerlys- burg hAeWs Debale Team. Preddenl Edward K. Pewy and Adviser Dr.. Thomas L. Cline led a Jream ol veleran debalers and novices Through a season +ha+ enabled each member of +he squad lo parHdpale M a+lead'+wo debales VVeeHy meelings were spenl in discussing Topics and developing lac- Tics. The relurn To ihe campus second semesier of l-lanawall, hhggens and VVohHaH sweHed ihe number of expedenced members. Firsi Row: Bowers, Perry, Uehling. Second Row: Rubin, Kramp, Luebbe. Firsf Row: Chalfonf, Miller, Nelson, Reichert Fluck. Second Row: Enes, Garis, Bir baurn, Senior, S II b h D cke Curnmin, K I y Advanced debaTers oT The GeTTysburg Women's Team car- ried Their argumenTs This year To Pennsylvania STaTe, Philadel- phia, and WashingTon, D. C. Manager Joy A. Nelson and AssisTanT Manager Eleanor D. SulTzbach arranged ioinT meeT- ings OT The Women's and lVien's Teams which were addressed early in The season by TaculTy members who insTrucTed in The arT of debaTing. PracTice Tor The neophyTes is made possible by campus debaTes open To The sTudenT body. lvleeTings This year were made more inTeresTing by reviews oT currenT evenTs: naTional and sTaTe Topics composed The maior parT oT The agenda. ProTessor George S. WarThen served aga-in as menTor. Wlllll 'S lllllllll T43 FRANK W. KLOS Edifor-in-chief SPEETH Now aT lasT The deluge oT cornplicaTions and The various posTwar diTTiculTies, which seemed To arise aT The onseT of The publicaTion oT The I947 SPECTRUM, have been hurdled and The annual is Tinished! However diTTiculT iT may have seemed aT TirsT Tor The sTaTTs To ediT iT, The yearbook under such Trying siTuaTions as The consTanT shiTTings in sTudenT and TaculTy enrollmenT, The revivals and disinTegraTions of cerTain campus TradiTions, and The prioriTy on camera Tilm, EdiTor-in-ChieT Klos and Business Manager Beal carried Their sTaTTs Through The un- cerTainTy oT iT all. Klos was noT only The chief mogul oT The SPECTRUM. buT he also became his own arT ediTor in February when Bill Bauserman leTT college and relinquished his posiTion . . . The carToons especially were handled by The ediTor-in-chief. AssisTing Klos were his associaTe ediTors, Paul Kramp and Sally Wolfe, who were seen shiTTing C5eTTysburgian and SPECTRUM manuscripTs back and TorTh Trying To keep Their copy sTraighT. AnoTher associaTe ediTor was Peggy Curry, presidenT oT The class oT I947, sponsor oT The annual Tor This year. l-lube Brandenburg Tlashed back Tor The second consecu- Tive year as phoTographer oT The publicaTion. A broken camera and scarciTy oT Tilrn slowed down his besT eTTorTs, EDITORIAL STAFF FlrsT Row: SweiTzer, Leedom, Zimmerman fSororiTy Ediforl, Hoops, TiTTle. Second Row: Brandenburg lPho- Tographic Ediforl, Kramp fAssociaYe Ediforl, Wolfe IAssocia1e Ediiorl, Klos lEdiTor-in-Chiefj, Curry fAssoci- afe Ediforj, Bauserman fArT Ediforl, Reicherf KClass Ediforl. Third Row: Gobbel Ulrafernily Editorl, Tome, Guss, Miller, Eichberger, Boofh, Erb, Livingsfon, Keener QFaculTy Ediforl. BUSINESS STAFF Firsf Row: Greenberg IAssisfant Adverfising Managerl, Plank IAdverhs1nQ MBNBCJEFI Beal l3U5lf1e55 Managed Sames IAssisfanf Circulafion Managerl, Englehari Mssisiani Adverhs ng Managerj Sec nd Row Tobler Bru baker, Spangler, Lillich, Zimmerman, Graybill Mayer POICIEVIH Buhner bur neveriheless I-lube was able Io 'rurn in some Qoocl pro- ducrions from Ihe dark room. One week afier his appoini- meni' as fraierniiy ediior, Charles I-Iunsberger pulled up srakes and assumed duiies wi'rh Uncle Sam, Roger Gobbel rhen succeeded Io I-Iunsberger's posirion. Harry Rowland. anoiher hangover from Ihe I946 sraff, found Thar Ihere was a big pickup in The sporis seciion even if ioolball hadn'I as yer reiurned Io The campus. Rach Zimmerman, Lynn Reicherf and J. A. Miller carried our The sororily, class and organizaiions deparlmenis of 'rhe yearbook respecrively wifh efficiency. In his own inimiiable sI'yIe Floyd Keener ediied ihe iacully seclion. Having achieved good resulls on 'rhe business siafis of oiher campus publicalions, Don Beal managed ihe SPEC- TRUM business siaff successfully and balanced Ihe budger wirh careful figures on expendilures and profirs. Assisring Beal was Roger I-Ierr who combined his duries wi+h raising an offspring. Adverrising Ecliror Dave Plank and his assisi- anr, Beverly Greenberg, almosr succeeded in securing an amounr of adverlising subscribers io equal Jrhe Ioial number of pages alloiied Io 'rhe ediiorial sialic. Ivlarrini and Sames were in charge of securing subscriprions and collecring paymenis on Jrhe boolc, and ihen followed Ihis dury up wilh dislribulion of The publicarion. MARTINI WOLFE KRAMP FLANK CURRY BRANDENBURG Founded IS97 P Th + H Member oflnier aper a as Grown Wl+h H16 colleglTe Newspaper THE GETTYSH lllill Vol. XLVIII GETTYSBURG COLLEGE, GETTYSBURG, PA., lDATEl No, 5 ' ' ' '. ' EDITORIAL STAFF Firsl Row: Tome lAssislanT Sporfs Ediforl, Klos lSporTs Ediforj, Glenn lAssociafe Ediiorj, Borsiel lLiT'erary Ediiorl, Kenyon lEdifor-in-Chiefl, Kiely lManaging Edilorl, Wolfe lNews Ediforl, Guss lAssisfanT News Ediforl, Aurand fAsSisfanf News Ediforl, Second Row: DeGh-eifo, Miller, Marlin, Robinson, Serpico, Boofh, Meeks, Guss, Koch. Third Row: Bernsforf, Reicherf, Erb, llgen, Chalfonf, Efchberger, Sferner, Brubaker. FourTh Row: Nelson, Dreir, Haabesfad, Siauffer, Sweifzer, Edwards, Ecker, Tobler. Fiffh Row: Kramp, Uehling, Curry, Brace, Buhner, Young, Pafferson, Luebbe, Ries. ATTer Two years oT ediTing and managing The GeTTysburgian, The coeds have yielded The head posiTions To The men once more. ThroughouT The lean ye-ars aT GeTTysburg The women have done a highly crediTable piece oT work in publishing every Two weelcs a Tive- column sheeT which was increased This year To iTs Tormer six-column size. EdiTor-in-Chief EsTher T-l. Kenyon and Managing EdiTor KaThy Kiely esTablished permanenT residence on deadline nighTs in The cluTTered GeTTysburgian oTTice in The basemenT oT GlaTTelTer T-Tall. SweaTing iT ouT wiTh Them w-as Jerry BorsTel, who seized The reins relinquished in February by Kenyon. Sally WolTe sTepped up aT promoTion Time THE GTTTYSB llllll Page Four THE GETTYSBURGIAN lDa+el Trom The posiTion oT news ediTor To Thar oT managing ediTor. VeTeran Frank Klos reTurned To serve as sporTs ediTor. a iob occupied in February by Tormer assisTanT Dick Tome. Bill Yingling was also welcomed back by sTaTT members and hounded The reporTers in his iob oT news edi- Tor. Ginny Leedom, like all good business manfagers, sysTemaTically Tried To make The red and black columns balance. Marilyn Sen- ior and assisTanT Midge Enes headed The sTaTT Tor gaThering The all-essenTial adver- TisemenTs. CirculaTion Manager PaT Malone yielded To Don Beal The Task oT disTribuTing To The dormiTories every oTher Thusrday some seven BUSINESS STAFF Firsr Row: Breneman, Trum- pfer, Kerbey lAdverTising Managerl, Engleharf Uiusine M . . anagerl, Beal fAssis1anT Cu Iafion Managerj, M a rii S d R D gl E es. econ ow: ou a B rgen, Wickersham, OUT S ' r, Leedom Ehmann F Th d Row: K eni , H gy Tf l 9 STroehmann May Dixon, Sheffer, C Fourih Row: Schwaf R f Moser, Worth, Decker, E T Garman, Venable. Fiffh R Mixell, Houfz, Beck H I H H k man, arris, e hundred copies oT The sheeT. To supply The increasing number oT sTudenTs living in Town. disTribuTion in GlaTTelTer l-lall was also made necessary. During The TirsT semesTer abouT Tour hundred copies oT each issue were mailed To servicemen, in addiTion To a sub- scripTion lisT oT abouT 60. The TuTure oT The GeTTysburgian -looks brighT. Plans have already been made Tor The reTurn To The paper's original six-page size: The increased enrollmenT and reTurn To The campus oT many Tormer ediTorial and business sTaTT members will provide Tresh sources oT abiliTy. The successTul eTTorTs made during The war To mainTain The school paper have noT been unappreciaTed. The Collegians. eighT men on campus who drown Their scholasTic: sorrows in barrel-house, have been beaTing iT ouT only since lasT Tall, buT already Their band has become parT oT campus liTe. Jim FelTon, sweeT TrumpeT player, sTarTed iT all in The summer: by OcTober The "worn walls oT Chapel" were being shaken by The TirsT rehearsals oT The swing addicTs. Bob Neiman plays The saxophone and is aided aT Times by Dave BanTley, who preTers The clarineT. Sherry Brown Torms The oTher halT oT The TrumpeT secTion. and Tony Palazzola rounds ouT The brass secTion wiTh his Trombone. Bob Brenner and Kenny Zimmerman, on drums and bass respecTively. supply The all-imporTanT rhyThmq PianisT Bob Jones serves also as arranger. Firsr Row: Banlley, Felfonl Brown, Palazzolo, Second Row: Zimmerman, Brenner, Jones. 148 Firsf Row: Shepherd, Lohr, Zimmerman, Millcn Second Row: Slerner, Knisely Marilnl. This year wirh every square inch ol available dormifory space overflowing wilh humanily, lhe dormilory counselors mighl easily have had a dillicull iob of making Jrheir lime and allenfion reach each of fheir charges. Palience, willingness io lislen and lo advise, abilily lo mainlain some semblance of quiel and order. lacl, and underslanding are l'he reguisiles for an ideal counselor. Bill Glenn filled lhe iob of l-lead Coun- selor ior lhe men afler Jrhal posilion was vacajred in February by Kenny Zimmerman. Peggy l.ohr served as l-lead Counselor lor freshman girls in Sfevens l-lall. Illlllll llllll SELIIHS 149 INTEHFHATEHNITY lllllllllll One represenralive from each of lhe nalional liralernilies represenled on campus composes +he membership of lhe Infer- lrarerniry Council, governing body ol social fralernilies. Mosr imporlanl of ils aclions Jrhis year was Jrhe abolilion of "hell week," a move designed 'ro raise lhe groups in public favor. A decision disconlinuing lhe awarding of 'rhe aclivilries cup was also passed. The eslablishmenr of uniform rushing rules. Jrhe sponsorship of inlerfralernilry sporls programs, and Jrhe conducling ol 'rwo dances lurlhered lhe group's allempf 'ro promole harmony among Jrhe iralernilies. Semi-monlhly mee+- ings were held ar which Roberr B. Brenner presided. The ser- vices ol Dr. Frank l-l. Kramer were soughr as counselor. F si' Row: Enfwisle, Brenner, Perry, Anderson. Second Row: Weaver, Herr, Uehling, Sames, Waldkoenig, Rowland, Wolf. 150 First Row: Dr. Richardson, Nale, Wolfe, Douglas, Drew, Mizell, Keener, Zimmerman. Second Row: McCarney, Kniseley, Livingslon, Sieber, Fisher, Marsh. Miller, Nelson. md ROW: Bl'nr?357"s,flZZfj lS.3?Saelf'ai2T5.', l3ZlLef"'5gnfi',0'ifiiQn2? Fowl Sludenl philosophers, lhose who would lcnow lhe "why's," "whereiore's," and lundamenlals, form a group lcnown as lhe Sages. A local organizalion which dares back ro l9l I, il is nol limiled lo philosophy maiors, bul is open lo all members of advanced philosophy courses who show inreresl in a search for wisdom beyond lhal which can be salislied by lhe regular classroom work. Regular monlhly meerings were divided lo include guesl speakers, open discussions, and social hours. Ol- licers lor Jrhe year were Palricia l-l. Drew, president Nina A. lvlizell, vice-presidenrq Conslance Douglas, secrelaryg and Floyd R. Keener, lreasurer. Adviser lo lhe group was Dr. Norman E. Richardson. Jr. l5l WIIME 'S llllllll llllllllllll ln exislence only since I944, lhe Women's Alrhleiic Associa- Jrion has conlinued +o sponsor individual and group sporis, inrramural iournamenfs, and informal ma+ches wilh olher local colleges. The organizalion is governed by an execujrive board composed of sludenjf managers oi +he various sporls. Frances Banlley served as presidenr of The board. A poinl syslem, under which girls may earn credil by parlicipalion in alhlelics. has been i,ns+i+u+ed, and rewards for accumulalion of poinls have been sei. The associalion aclrs cooperalively wilh lhe Physical Educalion program for women under Jrhe inslruclion of Margaref B. Zarios. F l' Row: Enes, Wallz, G F le1gh.Second Row: Zimmerman, MIZEll, Banlley, Sfauifer, SHH, Eichberger. Third Row: Ehmann, Kunde, Euslis, Maguire, Miller, Za rfos. 152 Firsf Row: Leedorn, Fluck, Serpico, Cummin, Elchberger. Second Row: Robinso Douglas, Breneman, Yinglinq, Euslis Decker. Third Row: Fisher, Garis, Birnbaum Brlfcher, Slifer, Ehm Meeks, Miller, Organized lor ihe purpose ol sludying coniemporary liiera- iure and acquiring a crilical abiliry lo appraise il, Jrhe Modern Book Club includes in ils aclivilies The seleciion of cerlain books for purchase by 'rhe College Library. During Book Week The group sponsors an essay conlesl and aids in adver- iising lhe nalional vifeek by lhe dislribulion oi posiers. Reg- ular meelings include discussions and addresses by guesl speakers. Librarian John l-l. Knickerbocker acis as adviser: officers for ihe year were Eleanor A. Breneman, l-lenrielia S. Yingling, and Conslance Douglas. Mlllllll llllllll llll SITETUH KLH Organized lasT year by sTudenTs wiTh a common inTeresT in arT, The SlceTch Club has had a second successTul year on cam- pus under The leadership oT Joy Nelson. lvleeTings were held every Monday aTTernoon, aT which Time The members expressed in Their varying media The subiecT Tor The week. likely To be anyThing Trom The arches oT Brua Chapel To a TaculTy mem- ber. The worlc oT The club has made iTselT known Through pos- Ters and displays and has added much To The pleasure oT The sTudenT body. SeaTed: Vxall, Kunde, Bernslorf. Standing: Ehmann, Nelson, Hamme. 154 Firsf Row: Dr. Bachrnan, Todd, Poldevin, Marsh, Oufram, Turner, Senior, Brerelon, Prof. Harishorne. Second Row: Lower, Graefe, Grissinger, Jesurum, Euslis, Slifer, Grogan, Gould, Shaub. Third Row: Reicl-ierl, Sweilzer, Schwarlz, Young, Nelson, Haussrnan, Edwards. Open lo all sludenls desiring lo improve llieir conversalional f French and lo learn more ol llwe life and lileralure ol France. -k Le Cercle Francais enlered ils second year as a Gellysburg ,k club. Officers were Janice Oulram. presidenlg lvlarie lvlarsli, vice-presidenlg and Alice Lage, secrelary-Treasurer. A pro- gram commillee lweaded by lvlarie lvlarsln arranges llrie bi- monllnly rneelings wlwicli include llie presenlalion oi plays, speeches on various aspecls of Frencli lile and cuslorn, 'flue playing ol Frencli music, and opporlunilies lor small-group discussion in Frencli. Dr. Alperl Baclfirnan served as lacully adviser. ll lllllll lllll lllll SKEPTIEAL IIHYMISTS held since i+s founding in i929 an esfeemed place among 'rhe honorary socieries of lhe campus. Membership is offered only To science majors wilh ar leasr Two years of chemisfry and a "B" average. Pledges of rhe group are required ro deliver a scienrilic address: nafurally enough, Jrhis year Jrhe aromic bomb was ligurarively Jrossed abou? ar meelings, Dr. John B. Zinn provides rhe guiding hand and was assisled by Presidenr Eleanor D. Sullzbach. rsf Row: S N I F k Bh y S Ifzbach, Shir. Koch, Plank. Second Row: L edom, Ferguson, Young, Jones, Pafferson, Lewis, Sferner, Glenn. Third Row: Sadow, Brace, Ruof, Mayer, Weaver. 156 Firsf Row: Sames, Romig, Brerelon, Chalfonl, Banlley, Nelson, Rubin, Ishmael. Second Row: Wallz, Ruof, Fraleigh, Turner, Slerner, Stiff, Glenn, Young. Third Row: Palaz- zol K d D S pson, Dr, B 6 Mag B ll y Sludenls wilh a "B" average and eilher a maior or a minor Y in biology are eligible lor membership in Bela Bela Bela, na- f lional lralernily for biology sludenls. Guesls, lacully mem- t bers, and sludenls lead discussions ol any of lhe mullirudinous lopics ol biology al lhe meelings. Conlinuing 'rhis year lasl spring's precedenl, rhe sociely presenled an exhibil of mounls, specimens, and models. A group aclivily during lhe fall was lhe observalion of a hawk migralion. ln April GeHysburg's chapler was hosl al lhe regional convenlion ol lhe lralernily. Frances Banlley served as presidenl. lllllll lllll lllllll 157 PHI ALPHA THETA Mosr recenlly insfalled deparlmenral sociely al Gelrysburg is Phi Alpha Thelra, nalional honorary organizalion for hislory maiors. Eligible lor membership are iuniors and seniors wifh a hiqh scholaslic record and wilh aclive parlicipalion in college aclivilies. Charles l-l. Glalfeller served as presidenr of lhe sociely, and Dr. Roberl Forlenbaugh conlinued in his job of adviser. Two meelings were held each semeslrer, a+ which limes guesl' speakers addressed Jrhe members. F f Row: Prof. Idle, Glaffeller, Kenyon. Second Row: Slifer, Dr. Forlenbauqh, T UFHEY. 158 Fxrsf Row: Dr. Mason, Dr. Cline, Perry, Nelson, Prof. Warfhen. Second Row: Kramp Sulfzbacli, Toms, Miller, Bowers. ln I9l7 a chapler ol Tau Kappa Alpha, nalional honorary forensic sociely, was charlered al Gellysburg "lo recognize excellence in public speaking and lo develop and promole inleresls in oralory and debalef' Sponsored by lhis sociely are The men's and women's debale squads. Membership in The squads is open lo all sludenls inleresled in oralory, buf The sociely membership is eleclive and reslricled lo lhose who have demonslraled parlicular abilily in public speaking. Presidenl ol lhe group was Edward K. Perry: Dr. Thomas L. Cline conlinued in lhe capacily of adviser. Tl Ill-ll'Pll ALPHA Illlll Illlll EPSILU ily, cenlered ils meefings This year alooul lopics of special inreresl Jro women. Guesl speakers inlroduced lhe 'ropics ol inferior decoraling and china pallerns. This sociely is open To women who are preparing lo 'reach and promoles improved professional educalional ideals and high scholaslic a+'rainmen'r among Hs members. Serving as presidenl was Esfher Kenyon. and as adviser Dr. Franlc l-l. Kramer, head ol lhe Educalion Deparfmenjr. YR LI1 Sfh Ky B Tp? S dR My Koch, Decker, Marhn, Bauer, Miller, Third Row: Gans, Reicherf, Sferner, Karnmerer, Fisher. 160 Firsl Row: Dr. Shaffer, Fish, Guss, Trumpeier, Senff, Perry, Dr, Glenn. Second Row: Deardorff, Pee, Houfz, Snyder, Gobbel, Hawbaker, Marlin, Sieber. Alpha Phi chapier ol Ela Sigma Phi, nalional lralernily ol sludenls inleresled in Jrhe language and hislory of Greece and Rome, was founded ral Geilysburg in I93I. Upperclass- men who dennonslraie a serious inleres+ in classical languages and liferalure and who have rnainlained a high scholaslic aver- age may be iniirialed. Lyman E. l-lawbaker filled Jrhe vacancy lell by Presiclenl' Marlha W. Trumpeler ai her gradualion in February. Meeiings lhis year have leaiured Jrhe enacime-nl of ancienl lragedies and reporls on classical wrirers. Dr. John C. Glenn and Dr. W. Frederick Shaffer served as laculiy ad- visers. ETA SIGMA PHI 161 PHI Sllilllllllll High scholarship, individual research in The Romance lan- guages and liTeraTures, and The promoTion oT amiTy and under- sTanding beTween our naTion and The naTions using These lan- guages fare The aims oT Phi Sigma loTa, naTional honorary Tra- TerniTy Tor sTudenTs oT The six Romance languages. AdmiTTed as acTive members are college Teachers oT Romance languages and advanced sTudenTs recommended by The TaculTy. Each undergraduaTe member is required To prepare 'aT Ieasr one original paper, The resulT oT individual research, and To presenT This paper aT one oT The regular monThly meeTings. Each year moneTary prizes are awarded The auThors Tor excellence oT preparaTion. ProTessor l-lerberT G. l-lamme was ,aided in his work as presidenT by Marilyn E. Senior, vice-presidenT, Marie T. Marsh, secreTary-Treasurer, and ProTessor William D. l-larT- shorne, Jr., corresponding secreTary. FrsT Row: Dr. Bachman, Marsh, Senior, OuTram, Prof. Harfshorne. Second Row: Hawbaker, ReicherT, Lower, Miller, Brandenburg. 162 W Schmiffhenner, Tome, Golwald, Luebbe, Scherch. Klos, Kramp, Gobbel, Shumake L g Th' R Sl'f Sl f T d R' cl K H T Nl Firsl' Row: Dr. Wallemyer, Hookl Ehrharl, Perry, Neal, Senft, Beal. Second Ro o an. :rd ow: ner, erna, omsu en, ies, Sny er, eener, ou z, a A 1 A d ln keeping wilh Jrhe religious feeling and serious inlenl of ils members, 'rhe Pre-lvlinislerial Associarion loslers grealer apprecialion lor l'he significance ol lhe desired membership in lhe minislry. Under The leadership of Presidenl Edward K. Perry, lhe group had as 'rhe bulk ol ils discussions lhe codes and erhics of lhe profession, philosophical works, and inspira- 'rional lallcs. Assisling Perry were Carl E. Ehrharl, vice-presi- denl, Carl T. Uehling, corresponding secrelary, and C. Arlhur Neal, secrelary-Treasurer. The group may well be proud of il's large enrollmenl. PHE-Ml lllllll lllllllll-lllll l 163 lllillll PHI lLPHll Membership in Delia Phi Alpha, nalional honorary German language sociely, is by eleclion and may be oblained by slu- denls who have achieved a high scholaslic record in advanced German courses. Marking Jrhis year Jrhe complelion of IIO years as a deparrmenral sociely -ai Geliysburg, The group srrives lo promole inleresl in lhe German language and cul- lure. To complemenl regular meelings and lo increase knowl- edge oiconlemporary Germany, Della Phi Alpha recenlly purchased a movie proieclor lor lhe use ol lhe German De- parlmenl. Dr. William K. Sundermeyer advised, and Eleanor Slroehmann served as presidenl. Frsf Row: Dr. Sundermeyer, Kenyon, Koch, Sfroehmann, Sxeber, Perry, Senfi. Second R W H k T p Y K ly F h N I B h Th R I w: ickey, ec man, rum eer, mise, is, eson, u ner. ird ow: Tobar, Lohr, Brandenburg, Zimmerman, Ehrharl, Glenn, Banfley. 164 Firsi Row: Prof. Larkin, Poidevrn, Brenner, Tobler, Dr. Saby. Second Row. Greenberg Raihbone, Shook, Viall, Appleby, Zimmerman. Those siudenis majoring in eiiher poiirical science or eco- nomics and mainiaining a "C" average in iheir maior are efigible for eleciion inio Pi Lambda Sigma, honorary prelegal and economic socieiy. Meeiings of The iraierniiy were held regularly bi-monihiy. A+ ihe iirsr meering oi each monih a Jrallc was given on some subieci oi economics or polirics. The Jropic was opened ior discussion ai Jrhe nexr meelring. Roberr Brenner, lasr year's vice-presidenr, served This year as presi- deni. Dr. Rasmus S. Saioy and Professor George R. Larkin were advisers To 'rhe group. Pl AAMHHA SIGMA 165 I TEH lllll ll Ill ll Wilhin The pasi Jrwo years Jrhe enrollmenr 'a+ Gerlysburg has included an increasing number of sludenls from Soulh America, India, and Europe. From Jrhis group has arisen lhe Cosmopoli- lan Club, an organizalion aiming lo promole easier assirnilarion of foreign siudenis and grearer underslanding among foreign and American sludenls. Aclive members are Those eilher born or raised in counlries orher lhan The Uniled Siaresg all orher slu- denls are welcome To associale membership. Presidenr Roberl' S. Beharry was lhe insrigaror of Jrhe group rhis year: Program Chairman Alberl Granlr has included al meelings discussion of inlernalional relajrions. 166 Fnrsl' Row: Reicherf, Birnbaum, Moss, Schwarfz, Sfroehmann, Oufram, Senior, Llvlngsio Second Row: Meeks, Enes Lower Brandenburg, Trice, Dixon, Hamme. Sfudenfs inferesfed in fhe Spanish-speaking nafions or in Lafin American cusfoms and life are welcomed fo fhe bi- monfhly meefings of fhe Spanish Club, organized by Professor l-lerberf E. l-lamme. The informal qafherings presenf no need for officers, and fhe programs are planned by a commiffee for fhaf purpose. Several of fhe meefings have feafured fallcs lgfifudenfs on fheir experiences in Soufh America and Mexico. Fluency in Spanish is increased by conversafion and discus- sion in Spanish. SPANISH llll Perhaps The True value oT The G-Book was noT realized unTil publicaTion ceased in i943 and I944. The resuming of publicaTion This year has shown whaT a gap This handy li++Ie reTerence Tills in The lives of sTudenTs. No bigger Than The smallesT poclceT, buT packed wiTh TacTs nowhere else so convenienTly collecTed, The G-Book has long been known as The "Fresh- man Bible." ThroughouT The summer monThs a small sTaTT worlced busily To have ready Tor incoming Treshmen in SepTember a compilaTion oT college daTa. Doris C. Glenn was assisTed in her job as ediTor-in-chieT by Richard G. Shoolc, managing ediTor. Heading The business sTaTT were Donald B. Beal and Frederick D. Spreen. Since IS94 The C5-Book has made iTs appearance, This year's ediTion being The TorTy-ninTh. Originally The book was prepared and published by The Y.M.C.!Tx. CabineT and supporTed solely by The adverTisemenTs oT local merchanTs. EvenTually iTs worTh was appreciaTed, and iT received Tinancial aid Trom The STudenT ChesT. From Y.M.C.A. hands iT passed To The S.C.A. CabineT7 Tor Two years iT was published under The super- vision oT Pi DelTa Epsilon, honorary journalism socieTy. AT presenT The Campus SenaTe is in charge oT The boolc and appoinTs The heads of ediTorial and business sTaTTs on a meriT basis, selecTing Trom The enTire sTudenT body. ,'sT Pow: Buhncr, Challonij Shook Uvianaging Ediiorl, Glenn lEdilor-in-Chiefl, STerner. Second Row: Aurand, FelTon, Kramp, Uehling. 168 FirsT Row: Spreen lAssisTanT Business Managerl, Beal fBusiness Managerj. Seca Row: Eaton, SmiTh, Senfl. The G-Book conTains a wealTh oT inTormaTion. l-lere The new or old sTudenT may Tind a hisTory and direcTory oT The college, helpful advice on school haloiTs and wardrobe, The "do's" and "donT's" OT The campus. Here cusToms are lisTedq The purposes and work of socieTies and organiza- Tions, explained: members OT TraTerniTies, named. College songs and cheers, The rules oT class aTTenclance, OT dormiTory liTe, and of rushing, an explanaTion OT The acTiviTy poinT sysTem-are all here. ln no oTher publicaTion, The College BulleTin, The GeTTysburgian, or The SPECTRUM, may be Tound such an invaluable collecTion OT "Who's Who" and "WhaT's WhaT" abouT GeTTysburg. Already appoinTecl by The SenaTe To prepare nexT year's ediTion are DoroThy l-l. Buhner, ediTor-in-c:hieT: l-l. G. l9lanawalT, managing ediTor: Mcllall Kerbey, business manager: and Carol L. PoTdevin, assisTanT busi- ness manager. 169 EHES ll A bil of Old World charm Transferred To sludenl life is manifesled by Jrhe Chess Club. Anyone inleresled, experlr or lyro, was welcomed on Monday nighls lo lhe meeiings and praclices al which Roberl Nale presided. Allhough compe- +il'ion so lar has been limiled lo 'rhal among members, 'rhe group is eager To lesl Hs slcill and has corresponded wi+h several local colleges in search of a lournamenl. Dr. Sunder- meyer has inslrucled and crilicized Jrhroughoul Jrhe year. S afed: Scherch, Nale, Birrbaum, Eafon. Slanding: Slifer, Shumaker, Luebbe, Dr, Suridermeyer, Bernsforff, Wright 170 Firsl Row: Poldevml Kenyon, Leedom Second Row: Bernslorff, Schwarlz, Turne S enior. An organizalion crealed by Jrhe nalional war emergency, bul noi Terminaled wilh The war, is ihe Gellysburg College Nurses' Aides Corps. For Jrhree years Coeds volunleered and served independenlly, vvilh no relalion lo an organized group. This year, however, lhrough Jrhe elforls ol Mrs. Francis C. Mason, lhe College Corps was formed, and ils members will conlinue Jrheir worlc as represenralives of Jrhe school organiza- lion. The worlc of Jrhese college sludenls al lhe 'rown hospilal has been neilher unapprecialed nor slighlg in Jrhe years Jrhal Jrhey and Those who have been gradualed have served, besides an individual lraining program of IOO hours, lhe girls have amassed a Jrolal of 800 hours of volunlary aid. Any coed who has sullicienr slamina and is willing lo donale her lime and vvorlc may become a Nurses' Aide. Eslher l-l. Kenyon was elecfed Corps leader: Carol I.. Poldevin, secrelrary-Jrreasurer. NURSES AIHES 171 preaenfing 348 H E A U T Y .fda .gefecfecl gg HARRY EUNIIVEH Nored Beaufy Aurhorify and Head of fhe Conover Cover Girl Agency in New York Ci+y. E If Mvns PINQHP HMS XAQQQQNHU B BH Xqfv L Q .3 F f X ,, RD fl' 4 ,I 22 i' , F19 W7 1,9 I4 173 Fifi? QQ M Q. 5522 .-2521 .. f-.Wm 6 we-iw ,-imf1I'5- I3 V- ' we 1. 'W mafia .. -W. E 33 3 -Pg as Zz :W ,al :Hi 'N 1 W mm F 'VF -1? Q? Wi - X V: W :YH M W.. .- .,, - W SEQZSBX . 12 53125 ss Q 352 Q 1 mx- Wig? 3 ? ., M- f . 1153 -7 13- 1-- I 'W ' - 1 ..I : 51 ff Zig?- 1 Q 2 ,i5311-ag LSZHE 1111-4151,-51 la323"11 -- ' 5-2.25225 r ,Bl N A 5 f y ,... W E -'sg 5 Q E-s .-'I - .Q-5 -21135 5 95 255. I mm. W iizg-xilklyf 3? .5?fFQJ3g . -Wg :Kea qv. Q15 x ,W . 1 T Q 1955: W W sig., ws W 2 gg :fi E E V A M X1 ,K sf? R '1 ' 55 5 32131-sg 5 'x figgffgf 115'-H -E - 1 5 A . . f3?5a'?ff A .1 JE L Q.. "uf W :ww-Q., U, gxuggf 5 W W! N 2:1 5 vim- W W -1-'asm Asif. XZSWSE Z 4 7 z TEWV- .. , .Cs?'??-5 I . W.-.M wk- . -K-fag.--W - -mix., pig. :WN , feuivf' ' 7 ' . W,-2-L .1 ,qi Vw ismf A W Wy-.W 51 QE 1 e 51. :QQ .M , . W ... W .sw W E 1 1 W ' 2 K1 1 . get Au Q 5 . ' if QE 1 1- 25-52 f?Q W s- as md- 222 2 f ' Nw-55 'EE -. yi S M """ . 5gE5:5.5,5.....: . . QE? ., - . 5 5 ss H Q . - Q ,. ...--5:5p:g- Q WW X L Q 'S ME. ' We 35 Es ' 25?--ws -ur- - W W - gi , ' M 'Q ' ':5: I H . -W' -Eel. W -7 - Q 5...-:.......:..a.... ---: W E Q mi . . -ag:..:s:5 - Si 1- M - vm 1- ...-2 -sir.. fsg. 235123 - E . . 5 -..-.:-Z-33 ' :1 , W W . . - W ff --E I 522' . :J5 l 1, 1 ef. ,242-Higgs K M E 31 E Ex REA Wiww -- H .........- . - 1 B Q I .J-z... 5 . " 5 -. W E iw. Q 5 i 7 W -X - Ag 5 K H 3 - 5: - .-.1 B: -1 ' ' sm : 1 N315 W - ii-FQ 9:51 E -1 M E gf Y hx L li 1 1 553- T -:- Q13 1 eg . ' 2 2' . .. . 3-Qlkg ' 2 Q 'TT Q , ' -S- W H H I' '1 - - ' Xi V .- .:. Rl ' '::f'-:- " , W Q W Y ..-. .... . -- -- - E E S 2 i f B H H H? M ::: M --K+ QQ- H ff" 5, .... - W a 1. .Q ..... I K 5 will . gig-'RE?W,i..' Xu I - ---- D., -ffffw. ww- gm- -- E 1 3 2 H Hx . 'Pig - W M 2? nf K . Q Q 1 H -. H- pf f' - ""' . .4 w .I ... 15: .. EEE :E- -. W ,. .. 3:21 ' ,.. -.5:f::: --12.,:-1-V :-.::' .: .EaE1'1'-11 3' .,. 1 X1 ' ' S515 1:1 W zzz In . ,,. Jw ..... ... '11iEi,.,:-' Bk ... W I -- is Q. H .- . --1-,..EzE.. L Q E 1 Q? he u EW E 14 Q H .Q X xg -1- ..--:Q-. , B 1 3 ig: .:. :.:... - E 1 ms-i ff iii -2- 52 52 ' f1-1-1f111- W 5:1 1-1 -11-11 2.21-as :5:-as-2-.-.. ng .1 ,.,- in fi 5-Q V 1'-APE .... .- -1 2 .... .sg 'gg '- .-. ..- x x R fig... -. - ,B ,., V H .Q 11-1 -2- IEE-..Q.. -if ... 1:1 5.5-5- H We-2.2 .:s..:::-.-.- 5 5. Q -: 1+ W, -f E M . -1- T , gi gf 3- : 'gag -.,. ' 5 2 -- -- 1-1 .2 E55 . 2 S- ' . " '- Q -5- -Ez B - 2 1 . ":':' L - iii' "" 5 L -- I . wk- 'Lx WWE may-W m15w-5--wa..-1 in :wg X md pafricia Wakne F L, W ' ma marie! ,mfheringfon martin J g y0al'llle ma mommy .jvleclwig gukner W AX Qh?19gN1.3g5Q3Qk5fg,g4QWa '-PM www -Q-ssgw,-Q.-uwgm. N 3fMm.MQ:sf- x 9 -4m Q5 ?'?ffW A ' ' A I ,415 ' H? Eiwff 9 ll. L I :B+ h i 5'-nfs ' : Us-W' mu sf in 1-1 A dwg fm A x : n f vw , . K . mggm' sm- w ni? -mu y Wan Janna ofoia ,Heim SIIPHIIMUHE Il TIES f GPO! Wqerecbfl len! iM Suzanne uinfine mnfz L 179 mod Janice ,N iM pufk again .jwloopd FHESHMA FA DIES x W,H,w Wwxw .,t,,, KE W x 1 - ..w1,L.M QWM Q 1 11 'LE2,:fL,xg T,z,-,V W 5-7,U.ML L .L X H , 1 V- f ,rl I ML my M fyfwydg T-my ,I L , --m.,..WvW X43 QQ., - M'ix 'HTTT M,x xqm, aww , M, MMM, Wm ,iwxlxbm M gL.,.gm,.,H,wQ w W xx fm ..,. T325-ww uk. yah., .,, 4 'Nifm -n.2Mi,,: ,. ., K ,xv .V '. i if 2 . X. Lf., LM fx , my-MW, -Eh ,,M,m3'N,,,yf-ff -X W V : :Jai-Jlkiwf :.J 'HW mf' . kr .W 2.x-7:-'mug -fvgig SEN-4,,.,f: ww, wi Q if M Q ga iw E -. 2152 3235 lg'-JL'L25Kiu4A :1 2 vigil .,gyM QW 1, T, , -7 Mx , M K: Maw. if mf L VWJL ,mf-.7 wwha-xi v mf rm an na, an E as Ea HHH an :mam was ary 1 Ii ' H ESTHER KENYON KENNETH SENFT Newspaper Woman and Edifor Tribunal Official and Weiiare Solicitor .X I' E X PATRICIA MALONE Eciiior and Beauiy Queen X S! GEORGE SHEPHERD DORIS GLENN Hoop Sfar and Diamond Twirler Phi Mu Leader and Tri Bete Head 'I' I' A lb M 182 IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES BILL GLENN JOY NELSON Senate Mogul and Singer Artist and Oraior , -xi I' A A 1' VIVIAN WICKEY SCA Maior Dome and Prize Winner A l' H ' T w I , s Vg 1 f M, 'wmv sf F sz, 4213, E -LVM xv H: I -3 Erik X . . U , iw - ,Z " ,I AU-K ,. ,, , My 3. H, E Lg! H .N. W 'Y-M121 ,M nm, E39-. ma H Q ,, E MARILYN BAUER KENNETH ZIMMERMAN Warbler and Wrifer Senior Class Prexy and Head Counselor fb M ip 1' A 183 , H Mfrs ,. . ? DONALD BEAL J. A. MILLER SPECTRUM Bigwig and Business Man Scholar and Debaier fb A O A 1' BARBARA CHALFONT Afhlefe and Pre-Med Gal X S2 X K N s,v:?'i::2,, H .yg5gwigg. if JOEY TITTLE PHIL MARTINI Coed Cage Siar and Class Beaufy Courfman and Dorm Procior A I' fb A 9 -4 I.. :- A , H f wif! wmsmwgf TSTA Ill SALLY WOLFE FRANK KI-05 Journalis+ and Edifor Ediffll' and Columnisf 4, M fl' E K PEGGY CURRY Class Presideni and SCA Worker A I' MICKEY SENIOR GERRY BORSTEL Sfudenf Council Boss and Tribunal Head Weekly Edifor and Publicafions Hound 11' M A X A UNIUHS... The ioyous ChrisTr'nas season wiTh all OT iTs colorTul decoraTions, merrimenT, and good will was celebraTecl early aT G-burg Through The "ChrisTmas Dances" which were sponsored by The Three naTional sororiTies on campus. WiTh Themes of winTer and decoraTions oT The yule-Tide as a background Tor Their dances, The sororiTies succeeded in bringing To The col- lege campus one oT The rnosT delighTTul seasons OT The school year. As The couples hurried from one house To anoTher in order To Talce parT in all The acTiviTies of The nighT, The whole campus was awakened wiTh a biT of The SpiriT oT The ChrisTmas Season. S P E U T H U M HUES Tll THE EHHISTMAS IIANIIES ' V of , Wi W "Weave," "Buck," and Lulher-Jrhree campus per- sonalilies whose names have become a par? of Geflys- burg Jrradilion. W h i I e "Weave," known only lo The uninilialed as Mrs, Mabel Weaver, has lefl Jrhe College Infirmary To enlrer privale nursing, Lufher MacDonald never fails wilh lhe daily mfil, and Lloyd "Buck" Washing+on's hof calces are on hand several 'limes a week for early risers al' The brealcfasl' lable. ' 'f iv fri -sg Z PEHSUNALITIES ANU PASTIMES . .,,.,,, A , to -, ,K . l, -.-, ....,: ,, -.-' Q ,TM-w,,, .W -, -fwwufmy.-w,w SEPTEMBER 'Tis True, all roads lead To Rome-buT some- one pulled a deTour on us and here we are . . . Girls arrive in Tull Torce lTo be read wiTh em- phasis on lasT wordl . . . afTernoon finds Fresh- men unpacked lupperclassmen won'T arrive unTil OcTober-The cowarclsll . . . Dean Tilberg greeTs all new sTudenTs-meeTs Dean Lee in The Book STore, explains cuT sysTem, gives her Three exTra hours, sells her a dink for 53.58, and assigns her a room in Old Dorm . . . a few men were seen in Huber-probably on Their way To Penn, STaTe lyou geT biTTer aTTer Two hours herel . . . new Frosh arrives by The name of Charlie-To guoTe Charlie: "l'm Too young To go To college." lCharlie is only Tive Years old buT as his moTher says: "Charlie's only here To Take a posT grad course in OrienTaTion."l . . . all in all, SepTember proved one Thing-we were wrong-Things can be as bad as They seem. OCTOBER This was a good monTh lwe'll Try anyThing Tor a changel . . . Charlie graduaTes cum laude . . . cusToms drag on-Frosh boys geT panicky and lose Their heads lwe losT more hair cuTs ThaT wayl . . . Campus spends a damp Hallowe'en- waTer, waTer everywhere and all The gals' dun- garees did shrink land me wiThouT a Two-way sTreTch To my nicknamel . . . Dr, Hanson, dressed as Harold Anderson, ioins in The Tun-makes 545.67 by selling baTh Towels, hand Towels, dish iisiuli Yll Thanks To Sue Weniz, your old ediior can Take a few minufes off and relax while she imparfs words of weighfy wisdom To all you lucky readers. Go To if. Sue! Towels, and repTiles To The drips lsome people will do anyThing Tor moneyl-land Then There's The one abouT a laughl . . . So iT goes . . . and we sTay . . . no Transfers, no honors, no claTes. no dice . . . Tor punch line refer To opening senTence. NOVEMBER Speaking of Turkeys la joke abouT a Turkey should precede ThaT sTaTemen'r . . . if noT- Frank Klos is a sTinkerl Doc. Arms goT The bird during The presenTaTion of "BliThe SpiriT"-ap- peared on sTage in balleT cosTume and Amish bonneT-carrying buTTerTly neT and singing "l'm Always Chasing Rainbows" . . . Doc asked by Dean Tilberg To resign-seems he had neglecTed To wear a sign reading "EaT aT WhiTTy's Pink Bird" or "Go To The Dean Tor Your Cold CuTs." Also in November we had inTerTraTerniTy TooT- ball, girls hockey . . . and aThleTics. DECEMBER AH December, Ah December, WhaT a glorious monTh Thou 'isTl You were snorkier Than November Thanks To misTleToe-we goT kissed. The Dean was in a gay mood, Dr. Hanson was in his office, Mrs. Phelps choked on Huber's Tood llT goT caughT in her esophagusl. The B. S. smelled oT pine and sTuTT Mrs. Cessna rarely yelled, 190 iiiiiiili llllll llllllllllll ll The TounTain was workin' on The cuTT BUT The service, iT sTill smelled. I-lere's a beer To The new year! lMay God make iT greaTl Our blessings sTay wiTh you BuT chum, we're oTT To Penn. STaTe llid. noTe on lasT sTaTemenT: "The besT laid plans oT mice and men gang aTT agley"-when TranslaTed ThaT means-"The besT laid plans OT mice and men gang aTT agley." JANUARY "Men" are back on campus-even The D sTu- denTs are happy . . . Due To overTlow OT veTs . . . no more D sTudenTs . . . our only consolaTion is-This can'T be happening To us . . . There musT be some misTake . . . Flash! General Eisenhower To speak aT GraduaTion-we suspecT shell shock. . . . "Wags" reTurns-new co-ed spies him- Takes advanlage oT "GeT Your Man Or Any- Thing ThaT Wears Trousers Technique." Due To winTer weaTher Dr. Mason caTches a co-ed ldraT These Typographical errorsl . . . as someone once remarked: "There's someThing abouT GeT- Tysburg college."-l-low True-no oTher college can make ThaT sTaTemenT. Our advice oT The monTh-iT you can'T Take iT wiTh you . . . leave iT. FEBRUARY "Roses are red-violeTs are blue So will you be-when The Dean says 'You're Through.' " STudenTs leave daily . . . To remain you need an A average, a Pre-Min raTing, and a dining card To "WhiTTy's Pink Bird" . . . Beau and Ar- row liT noThing else works Try a sling shoTl Ball was a greaT success-Dean Tilberg caughT selling marijuana To minors during inTermission. . . . Some sTudenTs slill reading "Bare FooT Boy Wi'Th Cheek" la loT oT die hards on This campusl . . . Dr. Hanson gives hearT rendering chapel speech-sTudenTs sell Their cars in order To raise money Tor a monumenT To Mr. GilleTTe . . . Mrs. Phelps and The Dean Turn dining hall inTo Rogues Gallery . . . collecTion oT Tine painTings Trom T. PainTer l-lanson To a surrealisTic drawing oT a sausage in a Greek Toga, enTiTled: "IT You Can Think oT a Tifle You're a BeTTer Man Than I Am-Gungal'-By Dr. ShaTTer. MARCH Now should Tollow a pun-maybe on The ldes oT March . . . no pun liT you'd sTayed up all nighT wriTing This sTuTT you couldn'T Think oT one eiTherl . . . don'T TorgeT-"Bring The Family- EaT aT WhiTTy's Pink Bird-The Only Place This Side OT l-leaven ThaT l-lasn'T Gone To Seed" lsorry Tellas-buT we goT nine cuTs excused ThaT wayl. Campus mourns deaTh oT Charlie . . . someone misTook him Tor a beer boTTle and Threw The head away . . . while on The subiecT oT passing . . . April and May passed This way- on Their way To Penn STaTe. ln closing-our senTimenT lin The words oT Those deah Harvard boysl is . . . FighT harder, TighT harder-Tor deah old Penn CharTer We may noT win . . . buT weah deTerminedlll KniT one . . . Pearl Two . . . deah Harvard . .. woo, woo!!! lClap, clapl ....... ENDEAVORH! Forgive us Tor all, fellas . . . iT wasn'T easy! 191 lllll lllll-lllll NANCY M. IRLE May Queen The annual May D-ay, sponsored by The Women's STudenT GovernmenT oT C5eT- Tysburg College, was held May 4, l945, in The STaley Memorial Gardens. AlThough several days oT bad weaTher had leTT The ground damp and The weaTher man senT showers during The day. The occasion was carried oTT according To schedule. The TradiTional program was per- Tormed again This year wiTh The crowning oT The queen aTTended by her courT oT class beauTies, The perTormance oT The May Pole Dance, and The moving up exercises. Before The acTual winding oT The lvlay Pole sTreamers. The girls per- Tormed in modern dance The coming oT The March winds, April showers, and Tinally The bursTing TorTh oT The May Tlowers. The new oTTicers oT The Women's AThleTic AssociaTion were announced along wiTh Those oT The Women's STudenT Government The queen oTTiciaTed dur- ing The moving up exercises in which each girl received The colors oT her new class. The seniors received carnaTions. According To The TradiTion The names The Queen and her Couri' oT The queen and maid oT honor were lcepT secreT unTil They appeared Tor The procession. The T945 queen was Miss Nancy M. Irle aTTended by Miss Shirley R. EmleT. Mrs. RoberT Kride, The I944 queen, was unable To be presenT aT The ceremonies, and in her absence The maid oT honor crowned The queen wiTh a coro- neT oT whiTe Tlowers. The queen wore whiTe and The maid oT honor and The courT wore pasTel shade gowns. The senior represenTaTives were VioleT Nenadovich and KaThleen OrTlip l-lendriclcson: The juniors were Muriel l-l. M.arTin and PaTricia l-l. Drew. Jane M. Spangler and -Marcia E. Baur were The sophomore delegaTes while Suzanne V. WenTz and Carol M. Denz represenTed The Treshman class. The houses oT The Women's Division were opened aTTer The exercises To all parenTs and Triends visiTing The campus. The play-oTT beTween Chi Omega and STeve.ns I-Tall in The soTTb.all TournamenTs was held laTer in The aTTernoon. The evenT saw The Chi Qmegas Triumph To Talce TirsT place in The league. M4 Safufe fo OW IIIIIS SIIII I SIIIIIII Today, when so many of GeTfysburg's gal- lanT sons have consigned Their baTTIe garb To The mofhballs in favor of slouch hafs and Tweeds, if is noT fiffing ThaT we should pass by Those who are sTiII serving in The Armed Forces. The Ioss of The Tiniesf wheel can puT The mosT perfecT cloclc ouT of commission. There- fore The SPECTRUM pauses To salute These men who are carrying on The comparafively small buT imporTanT assignmenT of mainfain- ing The peace for which we have so dearly paid. On Their shoulders resTs The fuTure of a world-wide harmony among naTions. IT is noT easy To sfand wafch when The war is over nor is iT easy To die affer The peace has been signed. YeT, as long as rene- gade naTionaIs oT our conquered enemies confinue To jeopardize human righfs and freedoms, if is necessary ThaT some remain To finish up The job and To inaugurafe The con- version of ravaged lands To normal peace- Time levels. Oufside of The men in The occupaTion forces, There are ofhers who are yeT fighfing severe baffles . . . baTTles of life and deafh in miIiTary and naval hospiTals Throughouf The counfry. Undaunfed by hardship, day by day, They are sTriving To achieve ufilify from mangled bodies and shaTTered nerves. Theirs is an unsung conflicf buT worThy of noTe Thaf we of GefTysburg be noT found guilfy of forgeTTing Their humble sacrifices so soon. In our parade of SPECTRUM memories, we Thinlc of all These fellows wherever They are and hope ThaT if will noT be long unfil They are all back wiTh us again. ln I942, SPECTRUM ediTOr, l-lerberT A. Bow- man, wrOTe in The closing pages OT The book ThaT iT cOnTained no 'iwar borne harum-scarum," only careTree campus liTe in Order TO preserve The precious memories OT college days Tor Those who had laid aside Their books To go To war. Three years have passed since Then and once again we are Taced wiTh diTTiculTies in Telling OT col- lege life and dreams Tor now The war is Over, The college is reTurning TO normal, The accele- raTed schOlasTic program is on iTs way ouT, and each day brings more and more men OT GeTTys- burg back TO The campus. Since iT is Our honor TO ediT The TirsT peace- Time SPECTRUM in Tive years, we TelT, wiTh humble apologies TO Those who mighT ObiecT, ThaT This book should be one OT The TirsT Things reTurning To The sTandards OT days gone by. All OT The campus acTiviTies, OrganizaTiOns, and even The sTudenT body iTselT are in a consTanT XPLT TTIU sTaTe OT Tlux, changing and readiusTing as The veTs reTurn. Across This background, we have aTTempTed To revive some TradiTiOns, iniTiaTe some new Ones and On The whole slip in an anchor OT sTabiliTy. While we have noT accur- aTely chronicled The OuTward maniTesTaTiOns OT college liTe, we hope ThaT we have somehow caughT The spiriT OT iT On These pages To pre- serve Our happy memories. The ETernal Peace LighT, Overlooking The cam- pus Trom Oak Ridge was reliT in T945 by presidenTial order. IT is perhaps symbolic OT The Things To come when TOOTball and dance week- ends, TraTerniTy display cOnTesTs and gOaTs in The chapel reTurn Through The reconversion To link Through The recenT crisis The GeTTysburg OT yesTeryear TO The GeTTysburg OT Tomorrow in perpeTuiTy. Thus iT is Tor all Those sacred memo- ries OT college days ThaT This I947 ediTiOn, The TiTThy-Third SPECTRUM, has been designed. 34611146 .A mmon This is iT. Finally aTTer monThs oT wondering wheTher The pages would all TIT Togelrher and wheTher They would be published, we woke up one morning and lo and behold, held a I947 SPECTRUM in our hands. To our ediTorial and business sTaTTs, we give our congraTulaTions Tor a bang- up iob and express our sincere graTiTude Tor all The hard work and co- operaTion which They puT inTo This book. However, There are oThers whose suggesTions and aid have been invaluable in making This publica- Tion a realiTy: Dr. Rasmus S. Saby, who helped keep The Tinancial waves Trom washing us away: Dr. Thomas L. Cline Tor assisTance on mfaTTers oT policy and ediTorial conTenT: ProT. C, Paul Cessna who aided in The phoTographic siTuaTion wiTh picTures and The use oT his camerap l-lubie Brandenburg, Henry Lee, .and John Loree who capably handled The phoTography de- spiTe Tremendous diTTiculTyg To The arT sTaTT oT The Benson PrinTing Company Tor guiding us in arT makeup and layouTg Mr. John Benson of The same company, whose aid was diversiiciedg Mr. Dan Feldman of Hol- lander and Feldman STudios: John Aurand, who helped wiThi ediTorial maTTersg and Tinally Dr. l-lenry W. A. l-lanson, presidenT oT 6eTTysburg College, who advice was immeasurable. To all we say, "Thanks a Million." Frank W. Klos. EdiTor Donald B. Beal. Business Manager THE AUVEHTISEME S 'A' l-lE merclianls, business firms and commer- cial eslablislwmenls lisled in These pages are endorsed by The i947 SPECTRUM as reliable and worllwy of The pal- ronage of Hue sludenl body of Gellysburg College. The good will and liberal conlribulions displayed by These busi- ness men has done rnuclw for The imporlanr obligalions ol financing 'rlwis yearbook. In rurn, The SPECTRUM feels rlwal by prinling These adverlisemenls il is presenling a praclical guide for praclical sludenl buying during The years To come. G 0 T ll A Rl NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK NEW YORK CT? .xdralor 0 arid STEIN TOBLIER C0 UU lncorporafed 9 E W J E R S E DAVID'S 225 WEST 34TH STREET NEW YORK NEW YORK Qin Hdh .6 276 Wes+mms+er Sfreef PROVIDENCE R I Q73 Sincere Good Wishes in All You Do 'A' A FRIEND .,1AY,,-.- - Y.-..-, ,,-, -L -,-,..-.-.-0.-,.3L,,, .za-. ,L V...,4.vm..v,G,...g,E ,-.--.,.,, . 1.,,,,,, GETTY GE Our program is arranged +o help young men and women on 'I'he "Road Back" affer fhe war A LIBERAL ARTS COLLEGE For Parficulars Address DR. HENRY W. A. HANSON, PRESIDENT GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA - ...g.. . - 1,a.,..., f-.-au?--u- -...:.v:.-:S f.-f,, W ---4-L-- -K-f--- -- '-,:-:Hazen-1:1 1,-- - -27 1-ea,--fr, 15-95:- TANNE INR ci? NEW YUHH CITY, NEW YUHH Ofllp U'l'l2l'l ttf WASHINETUN PENNSYLVANIA C' K of 174.2 .iladhfon .SZW " H U D S O N S BCSTON MASSACHUSETTS ir 'A' ir 7 ir 'k ir STERLING NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK CENTURY BUTTCJN WORKS ir ir ir i' ir i' NEW Y0llK, NEW Y0llK Ill. IIIFISLHII KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI ST LOUIS MISSOURI ir uk ir if if if KLEIN 949494 MARTlN'S BROOKLYN NEW YORK M. GCLDIE 4 6 0 S W E L D O N LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA Mm NU voeuf NOVELTY co NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK cxCD FASHIONABLE PASSEMENTERIE C0 NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK Ci? Q73 SPHULDEIYS IIIC cI-IIcAeo, ILLINOIS I Q-Z0 Tfkifffl? CDRBACICS New YORK CITY NEW YORK il? Sf? Sf? MASTER PAD 00 NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK 94 94 94 5. BIEHN NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK 94 94 94 l l l CALTABIANO NEW YOI!K NEW Y0llK l I I SHERIDAN S I NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK CQD EVENS FUR C0 CHICAGO, ILLINOIS CXCJ ir ir 'Ir II. S. IIIIII IIIIII WILKES-BARRE, PENNSYLVANIA 'k 'k 'k 'ik Sir if L. FRANK CO WASHINGTCDN, D. C. ik if if 9173 S H KAPLOWITZ Q70 WASHINGTON, D. C. CQD THE YOUNG QUINLAN COMPANY CXCD NEAPOLIS, MINNE M B SACH5 CXCD CHICAGO, ILLINOIS C THE FRENCH IIIHRT BROOKLYN NEW YORK The Fuller hirt Compan 45-57 Pine Grove Avenue KINGSTON, NEW YORK Esfablished I892 4: FULLER SIIIIITS I 4? DRESS SHIRTS-FOR FATHER AND SON 4? Manufadruring PIan'r-Kingsfon, N. Y. Sales Office-385 Fiffh Avenue, New York Ci+y 4? FIT FABRIC FASHION 5 L S' F N ll il 0 ICI-lS!'lq'll.d IS PHIIITIHG IIUIIIPAIIY 'A' NASHVILLE Q In S' 5 Q li 0 2? H 5 Mm FRANCES SHOP SOUTH BEND, INDIANA ci? DIA1VIOND'S DETRGIT, MICHIGAN CXCD M ne lgicfure 495 llfljorfh .14 jhouaancl llfuorcla H Especially when that picture is made by 'CameraMasterS' The experience of Two Generations of Photographers went into malcing most of the photographs in this hook .... Photographs to tell an everlasting story. Yes, Two Generations of Photographers, offer a special service to Editor and Class Advisor, a service which includes, not only making Portraits, Groups and Candid Photographs, but also suggesting ideas for adding interest to the Year- book. The small Yearbook and large, can he just as interesting, hy making every photo- graph count. We will gladly show you how. Hollander 81 Feldman 6 Cthlefa W6l,5t2l'6 , 1705 Chestnut Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Comlagm en td of CANADIAN FUR EUHPUHATIUN I60 Wesi' 34+h Sfreei' NEY YORK CITY, N. Y. ci? I.fIUSUI.S PI-IILADELPI-IIA, PENNSYLVANIA CSC t 'lr 'lr MORTON'S 89 CAUSEWAY STREET, BOSTON if if ir X X 94 FLAK 81 COMPANY SYRACUSE, New YORK 94 94 94 FIELD' 9 9 9 MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN 9 9 9 S fSfSJi55'5554S4S4SfS4S4.fS4i555854S 4 MMA POTDEVIN THE PAPER H E l-lab B -rr - W ikw :af S 4 "1 WHMMX rw PMC 2069 POTDEVIN Model 2A8l lSOSl self openlnq square qrocers bag machine equipped wllh dnrecl connecfed 2 color anullne xnk web prmhnq press prlnllng and makrnq bags ln one operahon from 'lhe roll of paper wllhouf reduchon of hugh converhng speed WlDTH 0 FA E D ENGTH BAG or n o -1 -1 o I -n 0 :- o D-v 'V LAT D NL NDN B HH :II ZH 5:1 -I 251 HZ :HH r-U1 ml-6 c. GT BA BOTTOM FOLD OLD FASHIONED SQUARE BAG 'FUCKED SATCNEL. GUSSET PMC 2130 POTDEVIN Model ZAl04 Flal' 8: Square lF8:Sl bag ma chane equipped wlrh dxrecl connecled mulh color multi length amllne web prlnhng press and llmng alrlachmenl for producmq muhcolor prlnied smqle or duplex nohon mnlllnery and special bags an one operahon PDTDEVIN MACHINE 00 l22l 38+h S'l'ree+ Brooklyn I8 N Y Eslabhshecl I893 Tel Wlndsor 6 l7OO Q, . , . : ' I PH .IO uaiuaq - r O U iz rf J.-:gi -.---- Q37 - as ' - eel me ..-.. - ....., U, A 5 "" "1 ' by - :Vr ' .,.. - 1 5' gf. f,.. ,.- , , - ' 1: Q 13 QW . ' - ' in U--H . f'-e:Q: 2 S , ' ' --0-----2 -. s ls aqn,L go q42ua"1- V--I 991 I ' ' r ' f"- - :ff A ff'-3 ' f- Skv - ' ff 5 .ii I . I i""'x. X M W M 5 "l r l ' . + ,, I L 5 eggs ,,,,,ss p prr-1- ev :I l 3 P 5 U, X . - . '. P LEN El --J 1 Ib- LENGTH O TUBE, T-PI sew . ' ll 221 H' X 1 Sv fSfS55'54S55.fS55fSf5554S5fS554S 5 Pornzvm V Wading jafea Me pace 0 gjxlaerience 6555555555558555555555 wk . CLAYTON'S INC. ir ir WALTER LEESER MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA ir 60l'I'lPAl'l'lel'lt6 of A FR I E N n if THE III. 81 l. DIW GUDDS C0 WATERBURY, CONNECTICUT 'k 94 CUHUIS EUMPANY COHOIS, NEW YORK 9 ETTA'S FASHION SALON, INC. FIICTOR-GREEIIST 'K BREIIIIER BRDS. IIIC NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK O NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK 4 9 SPAULDING SHOPS, INC. SCI-IUL1VIAN'S UNION CITY, NEW JERSEY I if FROCK SHGPPE 0 HUTHEHILIT5 KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI 94 I'EiEIIDIZIiI43fKQS HEMPSTEAD, NEW YORK ir J.GOLDSTEIN COMPANY NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK UJEIIDLEV SHOPS BRONX, NEW YORK C0l'l'll0Al1'lel'lf:f of A F R I E N D 4 I3 RISE Fl S H CDP S CHICAGO, ILLINOIS DORINSONS SMART SHOP Patrons Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Appelby, Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Avery, Mr. and Mrs. Herberl S. Bahrenlourg, Mr. and Mrs. Gusiov Banlley, Mr. and Mrs. David S. Bauer, Mr. and Mrs. Alberl' Baylinson, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beal, Mr. and Mrs. H. Winfield Beal, LT. Claude W. Bearlie, Mr. and Mrs. William Beisel, Mr. and Mrs. William J. Bernsiorf, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Black, Col. and Mrs. H. M. Blair, Mrs. Pauline Boolh, Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Borslel, Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Bowen, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl O. Brace, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie E. Breneman, Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Brua, Mr. and Mrs. George E. Buhner, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl Calvin, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Capone, Mr. and Mrs. Anfhony Cummin, Mr. and Mrs. Waller E. de Kraflil, Mr. and Mrs. George Denz, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Dreier, Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Drew, Mr. and Mrs. Arno S. Durfenholer, Mr. and Mrs. Arihur Eckert Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Eckman, Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Edwards, Mrs. Margarel B. Enes, Mr. and Mrs. Carllon E. Euslis. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer T. Faris, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Fife, Mr. and Mrs. S. M. Fish, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl W. Fraleigh, Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Fryberger, Mr. and Mrs. Phillip S. Garis, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Garman, Mr. and Mrs. Waller E. Gerfys, Col. and Mrs. Charles W. Glalleller, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Gould, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Gracey, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Greiman, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph A. Gumm, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie M. Haag, Mr. and Mrs. J. Harold Held, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Henderson, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl' H Herrns+ad'r, Mr. and Mrs. O. E. High, Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Hoops, Mr. and Mrs. Herman J. Hunsburger, Mr. and Mrs. Charles L James, Mr. and Mrs. Augusra Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Harold G. Kammerer, Mr. and Mrs. George A Keener, Mr. aand Mrs. Floyd C. Kessler, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Klos, Mrs. lrma B. Kunde, Mr. and Mrs. Carl O. Leedom, Mr. and Mrs. George M. Lohr, Mr. and Mrs. J. Donald Loree, Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Lower, Rev. and Mrs. N. N. Maguire, Capi. and Mrs. Edward B. Masfers, Mr. and Mrs. Alberl M. Mayer, Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Mizell, Mr. and Mrs. Russell F. Moser, Mr. and Mrs. Reginald F. Muhlbach, Dr. and Mrs. Arlhur C. Nawiasky, Dr. and Mrs. Paul Palazzolo, Dr. aand Mrs. Sanle Perry, Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Refers, Mr. and Mrs. Arlhur H. Porclevin, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Pyle, Dr. and Mrs. Norman J. Rankin, Mr. and Mrs. Waller A. Reicherf, Mr. and Mrs. John F. Reynolds. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Rowland, Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Rubin, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Salzmann, Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Schwarrz, Mr. and Mrs. Adolph F. Senior, Mr. and Mrs. George W. Serpico, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Smiih, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. L. Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. John Spreen, Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick D. Srroehmann, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Tanfs, Mr. and Mrs. William H. Tompkins, Mr. and Mrs. N. D. Toms, Mrs. Sluarl Wenlz, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Wickey, Dr. and Mrs. Gould Worfh, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Wrighi, Mr. and Mrs. Roberl F. .1414 t0gI'aPL .Au t0gl'6ll9A 5 .All t0gI'Cl,9A.'f .!4U, f0gl'6lPA 6 .2411 f0gI'Cll9L E ,,,,.. .VAN Y. MY- -. ,.-.-.,..-.. -A . ,...- B .t.,,,,,,,.m.,,H,,.,?Eu , x. .,.....m. w s! .twain-1 wpx.. L ,W .-rqvzwl-vvwv V.. . V., U

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