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K I I N . - W 1 5 I 8 i i Q, R i 1 N 1 1 1 Copyright ROBERT EARLE HORNE Editor-in-Chief GEORGE GISHR DOUGHERTY Business Manager IE GE '5 f-' 1 1633?- 52 777.5 "'Q f M 57 55 K DEDHUWUE UWHE 'TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction COPYRIGHT. EX LIBRIS, TITLE, DEDICATION, ALMA MATER. College CAMPUS VIEWS AND ADMINISTRATION. Classes SENIOR OFFICERS, SENIOR CLASS INDIVIDUALS, JUNIOR OFFICERS, JUNIOR CLASS INDIVIDUALSQ SOPHOMORE OFFICERS, SOPHOMORE CLASS GROUP, FRESHMAN OFFICERS, FRESHMAN CLASS GROUP. Activities CAMPUS GOVERNING BODIES, I-IONORARY FRATERNITIES AND DEPARTMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS PUBLICATIONS, SOCIAL FRATERNITIES. Athletics ATHLETIC COUNCIL, MAJOR SPORTS, MINOR SPORTS WOMEN'S ATHLETICS. Aflvertisments ADVERTISMENTS AND BRASS TAX. l937'SPECTRUM 'IO ann! f-.,. 3 1 1 'Fx Q ,gm I I 1 f -1 Af 11 11111111111 wwgggfg, :wif 7 . . if 1532135 If 1 M.. Y ' ff Q 5 '111 ,1 " K-1 111 ,1 ,g 1 ,f mpqgd- 1 X 1,11 1sa1.f" "4 2 1 1 11 ' W ' 1' 1 iiA.l'T'4 ii' 2: ' ' N fhgaf 3 111 11f'iisf1ffffei!1i?f11-412511111 fff3?m"M1 1 1 -Q, 1 1 wifi 1, 1M Tfzfsap A Wai 'M 1 1 1 1 11 11 H1 1 1 11 11 '1'1'.1l.1ew D ,L WW - 1 -' 1111 111.. -x 111 1 11 111' 11 Y 111' ' wm1L1 1 11,11 1 1 Z Z1 ALMA MATER As softly the evening shadows Are veiling the campus towers, We come, a band of good fellows, To sing in the twilight hours, The silvery moonlight mantles The worn walls of chapel anew, The wind in the trees sweetly echoes Our praises of Orange and Blue. Whenever thy loyal sons gather, To walfen fonzl memories, Our thoughts shall be turned, Alma Mater, Olrl Gettysburg, back to thee, Forever am I thy flebtor, And what ever else 1 may flo, lnll Love, l'll Defeml, and Illl Honor, The glorious Orange anrl Blue. I937'SPECTRUM 'IQ C a m P U , X M' f f ' 5 .. x . ui X W ' A 1 1 ' I ' 2 S Q I OLD DORM ffl E937-SPECTRUM GLATFELTER HALL LIBRARY I937-SPECTRUM S. C. A. BUILDI x e., sf G 4 MM. , A ,me . .V P H , ,1 w,,,Wg,w ' w H mv x , ,,. 1 "1 'yW?'.'-'.1u..,v- ,an , w A ef . . , QQLQ .air ,. f .-Y 54 BER SCENE I937-SPECTRUM 1 1 ,.,. nwv r,,, H N, A' .,11,m1f 1 fnfsfmeii-' 959431-X, W ' af- ,w,,AM 1 X mf, M, 1 . f . 5521 , 1 :Q v my -4 ,'x:..:. fy- ly ,-i,,i51,. 1,293 , ,: 122119: i1!.'fB?' A-rr-QL i , 1-1' Q13 . THE OLD DORM IN THE MOONLIGI-IT Have you seen the Old Dorm shining in the moonlightg And the silver softly sifting through the trees? Have you heard the fellows singing on the Old Dorrn steps And the saxaphones a-moaning in the breeze? D0 you ever watch the Old Dorm in the evening When the lights begin to flash out one by one Like the eastern stars burn out upon the heavens, Upon the glorious setting sun? And when the lights have dropped away at midnight, And the moonlight sheds its brightness over all: Do you ever stand and gaze in silent rapture At the grandeur of this old and noble hall? Alt, Fellows how we love this old white building, With its mighty columns beautiful and strong, With its memories haunting every nook and cornerg It has been our second home place for so long. I937-SPECTRUM A dl m i n i S I r , mm, U 1 zgssa HENRY W. A. HANSON, M.A., D.D., LL.D. A. B., Roanoke College, 1901, M. A., Roanoke College, 1904, B. D., Gettysburg Seminary, 1904, Studied in Leipsig, Berlin, Halle, Germany, 1904-1906, Pastor, St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1906-1913, Pastor, Messiah Lutheran Church, Harrisburg, Pa., 1913-1923, D. D., Gettysburg College, 1919, President of Gettysburg College, 1923, LL. D. Bucknell University, 1925, LL. D. Lafayette College, 1925, Scabbard and Blade, Pen and Sword, Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Phi Kappa. i937-SPECTRUM QQ I937-SPECTRUM The first Spectrum was published in 1892. lt came into existence because of a widely felt need for something that would serve as a portrait of a college generation. What, after all, is a college? It is not so much the land, the buildings, the walks-these are but the external things. A college is a place where young men and young women enter upon lifeis greatest voyage of discovery. The quest is not in the field of the arts or sciences but rather within their own lives. Self- discovery, self-discipline, self-organization -- these are the key-notes of college life. Gettysburg College attempts to surround its students with teachers who are interested, environment that is inspiring, and ideals which give sublimity to the one talent life as well as to the ten talent life. The classroom must, of course, always be the center around which college life revolves. What a vast range of interests, however, have developed on the college campus! Four years are soon over. Life scatters. Each student experiences a growing desire to carry with him a record of the four most fascinating years of life. It is to serve this particular desire that the Spectrum exists. College life, with its variety of activities, its evidence of proficiency, its friendships, its victories achieved, finds itself reflected in the pages of this volume. It is my prediction that in years to come this volume will be a source of inspiration and will often cause one to turn his feet back to the college campus to renew again associations made all the dearer by the passing of time. May all who smile at you from these pages ind their way to that type of success which will leave a nobler and better world for those who follow after them. Cordially, your friend, HENRY W. A. HANSON Q3 WILBUR E. TILBERG M. A., PH. D. Dean of Gettysburg College A. B., Bethany College, 1911, M. A., University of Kansas, 1912, Graduate Work, University of Chi- cago, 1916-17, and at University of Wisconsin as Honorary Fellow, 1925-27, Ph. D., University of Wis- consin, 1928, Professor of History, Midland College, Fremont, Neb- raska, 1913-25, Dean of Midland College, 1914--25, Dean of Gettys- burg College, 1927-, Member of the National Association of Deans and Advisers of Men, Eastern As- sociation of Deans and Advisers of Men, Kappa Phi Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha. CHARLES HENRY HUBER LITT. D. Director, Womerfs Division A. B., Gettysburg College, 1892, M. A., Gettysburg College, 1895, Graduate, Gettysburg Seminary, 1895, Litt. D., Gettysburg College, 1914, Gettysburg Academy Tutor, 1892-93, Vice Principal, 1893-96, Head Master, 1896-1935, Pen and Sword, Head1naster's Club, Kappa Phi Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Gamma Delta. I937'SPECTRUM 24 i937'SPECTRUM MILTON HENRY VALENTINE M. A., D. D. A. B., Gettysburg College, 1882, M. A., Gettysburg College, 1885, B. D., Gettysburg Theological Sem- inary, D.' D., Gettysburg College, 1902, Pastor of Trinity Lutheran Church, Bedford Pa., 1837-99, Pastor of Messiah Lutheran Cllurcb, Philadelphia, Pa., 1892-99, Editor, Lutheran Observer, 1899-1915, Amanda Rupert Strong Professor of English Bible and History, Get- tysburg College, 1916-30, Pen and Sword, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Gam- ma Delta. GEORGE DIEHL STAHLEY M. A., M. D. Professor Emeritus of Biology and Hygiene A. B., Gettysburg College, 1871, M. A., Gettysburg College, 1874, M. D., University of Pennsylvania, 1875, First Assistant Physician, State Hospital for the Insane, Har- risburg, Pa., 1875-97, Specialist in Nervous Diseases, Easton, 1887- 89, Professor of Physical Culture and Hygiene, Gettysburgh College, 1889-92, Graff Professor of Biol- ogy, Gettysburg College, 1892- 1920, Member, The Pennsylvania Health Association, Fellow of the American Association for the Ad- vancement of Science and the American Public Health Associa- tion, Medical D1'ector,' Gettysburg College, 1920-, Pen and Sword, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Phi Kappa. Q5 WILLIAM CLAUDE WALTEMEYBR, M. A., Ph. D. Professor of English Bible A. B., Gettysburg College, 1908, B. D., Lutheran Theological Seminary, Gettysburgh College, 1911, M. A., American University, l925, Ph. D., American University, 1929, Pastor, Lutheran Church, Lanclisvillc, Pa., Butler, Pa., Thurmont, Md., and Wasl1ington,D. C., U. S. Army Chaplain, 1918-19, 71st Regiment Heavy Artillery, A. E. F., Associate Professor of Philosophy, Gettysburg College, 1929-30, Professor of English Bible, Gettysburg College, 1930-, Phi Sigma Kappa, Kappa Phi Kappa, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Phi Bela Kappa. EDWARD P. TURNBACH, A. B., B. D. Instructor in Bible A. B., Gettysburg College, 1933, B. D., Gettysburg Theological Seminary, 1936, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma Kappa. ROBERT PRICE MARSH, Ph. D. Dr. Charles H. Graff Professor of Biology and Hygiene B. S., New York University, Graduate Work, Rutgers, ln Charge of Graduate Plant Physiology Laboratory, Rutgers, 1922-24, M. S., Rutgers, Ph. D., Rutgers, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member of Botanical Society of Amer- ica, The American Society of Plant Physiologist, Vice President of Beta Beta Beta for the Northwest Region, Charles H. Graff Professor of Biology, Gettysburg College, 1924-, Member of the Pennsylvania Academy of Science, Sigma Xi, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta. UBL E. DIBBLB, B. S. Illslructor in Biology B. S., Denison College, 1930, Teaching Fellowship, Yale Univer- sity, 1930-32, Graduate Work, Biology, Yale University, 1930-32, Marine Biological Station, Woods Hole, Mass., 1932, Instructor in Biology. Gettysburg College, 1932-, Member of Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Sigma, Phi Kappa Rho. I937-SPECTRUM 96 I937-SPECTRUM JOHN BROWN ztuu, Ph. D. Oclrersitausen. Professor of Chemistry B. S., Gettysburg College, 1919, Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1911-13, Instructor in Chemistry, Amherst, 1913-16g Professor of Chemistry, Worcbester Polytechnic Institute, 1919-24, Member of the American Cltemical Societyg American Association for the Advancement of Science, Professor of Chemistry, Gettysburg Col- lege, 19241-g Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Epsilong Alpha Tau Omega. CLYDE BELL STOVER, M. A. Associate Professor of Chemistry A. B., Gettysburg College, 1894, M. A., Gettysburg College, 18975 Graduate NVork, Chemistry and Physics, Johns Hopkins University, 1894--95g Instructor in Chemistry, Gettysburg College, 1896'19l5g Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Gettysburg College, 1915-263 As- sociate Professor of Chemistry, Gettysburg College, 1926-g Registrar of Gettysburg Collegeg Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Scienceg American Chemical Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Phi Kappa. CHARLES ALLEN SLOAT, Ph. D. .4SSiSZllll1f Professor of Chemistry B. S., Gettysburg College, 19239 M. A., Haverford College, 1924, Ph. D., Princeton University, 19309 Assistant in Chemistry, Haverford College, 1923-24, Part-time Assistant in Chemistry, Princeton University, 1924,-27, Assistant Professor in Chemistry, Gettysburg College, 1927, Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Skeptical Chymists, Kappa Phi Kappa, lst Lieutenant in the Chemical Warfare Service Reserves, Scabbard and Bladeg Keppa Delta Rho. GEORGE REICH MILLER, M. S., Ph. D. Professor of Physics B. S., Gettysburg College, 19193 M. S., Gettysburg College, 19215 Assistant Professor of Physics, Gettysburg College, 1922-23, Profes' sor, Gettysburg College, 1922-24-g Member of the American Physical Societyg Professor, 1931-g Ph. D., University of Michigan, 1931, Kappa Phi Kappa, Phi Kappa Psi. Q7 RASMUS S. SABY, Ph. D. Professor of Economics and Political Science A. B., University of Minnesota, 1907, Graduate Work, University of XVisconsix1 and Cornell University, Ph. D., University of Penn- sylvania, 1910, Professor, Cornell University, 1910-24-, Professor of Economics and Political Science, Gettysburg College, 1924-, Mem- her of the American Economic Association, American Political Science Association, National Municipal League, American Acad- emy of Political and Social Science, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Psi Epsilon, Pi Gamma Mu, Pi Lambda Sigma. GEORGE R. LABKIN, M. A. Associate Professor of Economics A. B., Wesleyan University, 1919, M. A., Wesleyan University, 1921, Head of the Department of Economics, West China Union University, Chengtu, China, 1923-26, Acting Head of English De- partment, West China University, 1925-26, Graduate Fellowship in Economics, Cornell University, 1927-28, Associate Professor of Economics, Gettysburg College, 1926-, Psi Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Phi Kappa, Alpha Psi Epsilon. FRANK HENRY KRAMER, Ph. D. Professor of Education A. B., Gettysburg College, 1914, M. A., University of Pennsyl- vania, 1916, Ph. D., University of Pennsylvania, 1920, Head of the Commercial Department, West Chester High School, 1914-20, As- sistant Professor of Education, Gettysburg College, 1921-, Member of the National Educational Association, Pennsylvania State Edu- cation Association, Pen and Sword, Plii Sigma Kappa, Kappa Phi Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu. LESTER O. JOHNSON, M. A. Assistant Professor of Education A. B., St. Olaf College, 1924-, M. A., University of Minnesota, 1930, Assistant, Bureau of Administrative Research, Minneapolis Schools, 1929-30, Assistant Professor of Education, Gettysburg College, 1930-, Member of Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Phi Kappa, Phi Delta Kappa, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. l937'SPECTRUM Q8 l9?f7'SPECTRUM THOMAS LUCIAN CLINE, Ph. D. Graff Professor of English A. B., Roanoke College, 19113 M. A., Princeton University, 1912g Ph. D., University of Virginia, 19235 Professor of English, Midland College, Fremont, Nebraska, 1915-20g Instructor of English, Un- iversity of Virginia, 1921-22, Professor of Summer School, University of Virginia, 1922, Professor of English and Argumentation, Gettys- burg College 1922-24-g Head of English Department, Gettysburg College, 1924.-3 Member of the American Association of University Professorsg Phi Gamma Deltag Tau Kappa Alphag Kappa Phi Kappa. FRANCIS CLAIBORNE MASON, Ph. D. Associate Professor of English A. B., University of Virginia, 1912g M. A., University of Virginia, 1922g Harvard University, 1924g Ph. D., University of Virginia, 1929, Instructor in English, University of Virginia, 1924-25, In- structor of English, Gettysburg College, Summer Session, 193Og Assistant Professor of English, Gettysburg College, 1925-345 As- sociate Professor of English, Gettysburg College, 19341-3 Author of "This Unchanging Mask," Yale University Press, President of tl1e Poetry Society of Virginia, 1929-31g Phi Beta Kappag Phi Delta Kappa, Omicron Della Kappag Sigma Psig Tau Kappa Epsilon. GEORGE SAYLOR WARTHEN, M. A. Associate Professor of English A. B., University of Virginia, 1921, M. A., 'University of Virginia. 1922g Harvard University, 1924tg Instructor in English, University of Virginia, 1921-23g Assistant Professor of English, Gettysburg College, 1.924-34-g Associate Professor of English, Gettysburg Col- lege, 1934-3 Graduate Work, Johns Hopkins University, 19335 Phi Beta Kappag Kappa Phi Kappag Tau Kappa Alpha. CHARLES R. WOLFE, M. A. Instructor in English A. B., Gettysburg College, 19235 M. A., Gettysburg College, 19263 Principal Espy High School, 1918-20g Head of English Department, Gettysburg Academy, 1923-355 Pen and Swordg Kappa Phi Kappa: Phi Kappa Psi. Q9 FRANK HOLLINGER CLUTZ, Ph. D. Burton F. Blough Professor of Civil Engineering Professor of Fine Arts A. B., Midland College, 18925 Ph D., .lohns Hopkins University, l897g Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, 1894-96g Professor of Mathematics, Carthage College 1899-1900g Professor of Civil En- gineering, Gettysburg College, 1918-g Member of the American Mathematical Society, American Association of Engineersg Amer- ican Society for Testing Materialsg University of Wisconsin, 1902g Active Engineering iWork, 1902-19l8:, Beta Theta Pi. CALVIN GILBERT BEEN, M. S. E., B. S. Associate Professor of Civil Engineering B. S., Gettysburg College, 19203 M. S. E., University of Michigan, College of Engineering, 19305 Instructor in Civil Engineering Get- tysburg College, 1920-245 Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering, Gettysburg College, 1924-34-3 Associate Professor, Gettysburg Col- lege, 1934-g Pennsylvania Department of Highways, 1922-24, 19303 Contact Man, llighway Research Board, National Research Councilg Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education, Iota Alpha Engineering Fraternityg Kappa Phi Kappag Sigma Alpha Epsilon. BERTRAM HANSON SALTZER, M. E. Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering B. S., Pennsylvania Stale College, 1923g M. E., Pennsylvania State College, 19285 Mechanical Engineering Staff, Bethlehem Steel Company, Steclton, Pa.g Instructor in Mechanical Engineering, Gettysburg College, 1923-28g Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Gettysburg College, 1928-5 First Lieutenant, United States Infantry Reserves, Tau Kappa Epsilong Member of the American Association of University Professorsg Scabbard and Blade. WILLARD A. LANING, M. S. Instructor in Electrical Engineering B. S., Bucknell University, l927g M. S., University of Illinois, 193lg Graduate Work, University of Illinois, 1932-34, Engineering Assistant for the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania, 1927-29, Research Assistant, University of Illinois, 1929-313 Instructor in Electrical Engineering, Gettysburg College, 1934-5 Associate Mem- ber, Americau .Institute of Electrical Engineersg Sigma Xig Member, Society lor Promotion of Engineering Education. i937-SPECTRUM 30 E937-SPECTRUM KARL JOSEF GRIMM, Ph. D. Professor of German. Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1899. Received his education in the Gymnasia of Tauberbischofshcim and Wertheim, Germany, at Rome, Italy, 1889-91, Halle, Germany, 1891, Theological Semin- ary, Springfield, Ill., 1892, Gettysburg Theological Seminary, 1892- 1895, Johns Hopkins University, 1899-1901, Professor of Modern Languages, Ursinus College, 1901-06, Professor of German Lan- guage and Literature, Gettysburg College, 1906-, Member of the Modern Language Association, Historischer Verein All-Wertheim, Phi Beta Kappa, Theta Kappa Nu. . ERNEST 0. VON SCHWERDTNER, M. A. Assistant Professor of German. A. B., St. John's College, 1917, Graduate Work, Johns Hopkins University, 1917-18, 1923-27, Assistant Professor of Modern Lan- guages, St. .lohn's College, 1921-24, Instructor of German, Johns Hopkins University, 1924-27, Instructor in French, University of Maryland, 1926-27, Instructor in Spanish, George Washington University, 1927, Assistant oi German, Gettysburg College, 1927-, Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science: Modern Language Association, Kappa Phi Kappa, Kappa Alpha. GEORGE F. GUTMANN, M. A. Instructor in German. A. B., Gettysburg College, 1927, Gettysburg Theological Semin- ary, 1927, Instructor in German, Gettysburg College, 1929, M. A., Gettysburg College, 1934, Member of American Association of University Professors, Eta Sigma Phi, Theta Kappa Nu. WILLIAM FREDERICK SHAFFER, M. A. Acting Professor of Creek A. B., Princeton University, 1926, M. A., Princeton University, 1927, Graduate Work, Princeton University, Instructor in Classics, Princeton University, 1929-31, Visiting Instructor in Latin, Penn- sylvania Statc College, Summer Session, 1930, Member of the American Philological Association, Phi Beta Kappa, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Eta Sigma Phi, Kappa Phi Kappa, American Association of University Professors. 31 ROBERT FORTENBAUGH, Ph. D. Arleline Sager Professor of History A. B., Gettysburg College, 1913, Graduate, Gettysburg Seminary, 1916, M. A., Syracuse University, 1926, Ph.D., University of Penn- sylvania, 1926, Pastor, the Lutheran Church of the Atonement, Syracuse, N. Y., 1916-23, Instructor in Sociology and History, Syracuse University, 1920-21, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Syracuse University, 1921-23, Adeline Sager Professor of History, Gettysburg College, 1923-, Professor, 1923-263, Member, The American Historical Association, Alpha Tau Omega, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Beta Kappa: Kappa Phi Kappa. DUNNING IDLE, JR., M. A. Instructor in History A. B., University of Michigan, 1925, M. A., University of Michi- gan, 1926, Instructor, Muskegon Junior College, 1926-30, Graduate Work, University of Illinois, 1930-31, lnstructor in History, Gettys- burg College, 1931-, Member of the American Historical Associa- tion, American Academy of Political and Social Science, Theta Kappa Nu. CHARLES FINLEY SANDERS, M. A., D. D. Willirtrri Bittinger Professor of Philosophy A. B., Gettysburg College, 1892, M. A., Gettysburg College, 1895, li. D., Gettysburg Theological Seminary, 1905, D. D., Lafayette College, 1913, Studied Philosophy and allied subjects, University of Leipsig, Germany, 1905-06, Lectures on China and India, uThc Taproot of Religion and 1ts Fruitagef' Professor of Philosophy and Education, Gettysburg College, 1906-21, Willianl Bittinger Professor of Philosophy, Gettysburg College, 1921-, Member of Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Phi Kappa, Alpha Kappa Alpha, author, "The Pro- testant Principle of Authority," "The Soul's Quest," "The New Psychology," "A New Christian Apologetics," "Jerusalem," "intro- duction lo Philosophy," revised and enlarged. 1932. GARDNER C. BASSET, Ph. D. Associate Professor of Philosophy A. B., Clark University, 1911, Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1913, Professor of Educational Psychology and Director of Psy- chological Clinic, University of Pittsburgh, 1914-19, Consulting Psychologist, 1919-21, 1923-26, Vocational Counselor, Dartmouth College, 1922, Professor of Psychology, University of Kentucky, 1926-30, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Gettysburg College, 1930-, Fellow, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Phschological Association. Member of Ominron Delta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Alpha Sigma Phi, Kappa Phi Kapp 1. 39 !937-SPECTRUM JOHN GRAY GLENN, M. A., Ph. D. Pearson. Professor of Latin A. B., Wesleyan University, 19185 M. A., Wesleyan University, 19205 Ph. D., Princeton University, 19325 Instructor of Greek and Latin, Mercersburg Academy, 1918-195 Instructor in Greek, Dickin- son Seminary, 1920-215 Instructor in Latin, Polytechnic Preparatory Country Day School, Brooklyn, 1921-21115 Pearson Professor of Latin, Gettysburg College, 1925-5 Member of the American Association of University Professors5 American Philological Association: Tau Kappa Epsilon Eta Sigma Phi: Phi Beta Kappag Kappa Phi Kappa. RICHARD ALLEN ARMS, Ph. D. Alzmmi Professor of Matltentatics A. B., Ursinus College, 19135 Ph. D., University of Pcnsylvama, 19175 Professor of Mathematics, Juniata College, 1917-195 Instruc- tor in Mathematics, University of Pennsylvania, 1919-203 Alumni Professor of Mathematics, Gettysburg College, 1920-5 Member of the American Mathematical Associationg Pen and Sword: Tau Kappa Alphag Director, Owl and Nightingale Club. CHARLES PAUL CESSNA, M. A. Assistant Professor of Mathematics A. B., Gettysburg College, 19155 M.A., Gettysburg College, 19175 Instructor in Physics, Gettysburg College, 1915-19185 Assistant Professor of Physics, Gettysburg College, 1918-195 Instructor in Physics, Case School of Applied Science, 1919-215 Assistant Profes- sor of Mathematics, Gettysburg College, 1921-5 Phi Sigma Kappag Kappa Phi Kappa. EARL E. ZIEGLER, M. S. Irtstructor in Mathenmtics and Physics B. S., Getysburg College, 19215 M. S., Gettysburg College, 19235 Instructor in Mathematics and Science, Gettysburg Academy, 1921-235 Instructor in Mathematics and Science, Salisbury School, Salisbury, Conn., 1923-255 Senior Master and Athletic Director, Instructor in Mathematics and Science, Gettysburg Acaclamey, 1925-355 Kappa Phi Kappag Pen and Sword5 Phi Delta Theta. 33 ALBERT BACHMAN, Ph. D. Professor of Romance Languages Ph. D., University of Zurich, Switzerland, 1919, Additional Studies at the National University of Mexico City, 1925, and Gray Seminary Towshend, Vermont, 1920-21, Instructor at North Caro- lina State University, 1921.-22, Instructor at Hamline University, St. Paul, Minnesota, 1922-23, Instructor, Assistant, and Associate Professor at Arizona State University, 1924--31, Professor of Ro- mance Languages, Gettysburg College, 1931-, Member of thc Swiss Alpine Club, Phi Sigma Iota, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Ph. D., in French, Columbia University, 1933, temporary teaching position in Bengal, India. HERBERT G. HAMME, M. A. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages A. B., Dickinson College, 1919, M. A., Gettysburg College, 1927, Instructor in French and Spanish, Gettysburg College, 1922-23, Instructor in Latin, University of Puerto Rico, 1923-24, Graduate Work, Johns Hopkins University and Columbia University, Instruc- tor in French and Spanish, Gettysburg College, 1924-27, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, Gettysburg College, 1927-, Member of Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Phi Kappa, Phi Sigma Iota. WILLIAM DAVIS HARTSHORNE, JR., M. A. Assistant Professor of Romance Langaagrfs A. B., Haverford College, 1911, M. A., Haverford College, 1912, Instructor in French and Latin, Cedarcroft School, 1912-16, In- structor in French and Latin,, Warcllaw School, 1916-23, United States Army, 1917-18, Instructor in Latin, St. Louis Country Day School, 1923-27, Diplome de Professeur de Francais a l'Etranger, Toulouse University, 1928, Assistant Professor of Romance Lan- guages, Gettysburg College, 1928-g Member of the Modern Lan- guage Association, Phi Sigma Iota, Graduate Work, Johns Hop- kins and Columbia Universities. DONALD RUSSEL HEIGES, A. B., B. D. Instructor in Orientation A. B., Gettysburg College, 1931, B. D., Gettysburg Theological Seminary, 19341, Instructor in Philosophy, Gettysburg College, 1932-, Member oi Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Phi Sigma Kappa. Permanent secretary ol Student Chris- tian Association. l937'SPECTRUM 34 I 937-SPECTRUM CLAYTON 13. BILHEIMER, M. A. Professor of Physical Education M. E., Lehigh University, M. A., Columbia, Professor of Physical Education, Gettysburg College, 1927, Alpha Tau Onutga. HENRY TROSTLE BREAM, B. S. Instructor in Physical Education B. S., Gettysburg College, 1924, Professor of History and Physical Director, Phconixville High School, 1924-26, Instructor in Mathe- matics, Gettysburg College, 1926, Assistant Athletic Director and Freshman Coach, Gettysburg College, 1926, Head Coach and In- structor in Physical Education, Gettysburg College, 1927-, Pen and Sword, Phi Gamma Delta. EDWARD H. BERTRAM, LT. COLONEL INFANTRY Professor of Military Science and Tactics University of Minnesota, QEXJ, ,12, Commissioned Second Lieutenant, U. S. Infantry, April 24, 1912, Army Staff College, Langres, France, 1918, Command and General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 1924-25, Assistant Chief of Staff, 42nd Divi- sion, 1918-19, Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Gettys- burg College, 1931. GEORGE E. ABRAMS, Major, Infantry Assistant Professor of Military Science rmfl Tactics Graduate, Infantry School, Fort Bennington, a, 1925, Member, Sixth United States Infantry, 1916-17, Fourth United States In- fantry, 1917-24, University of Dayton Reserve Officers Training Corps, 1925-30, Fort McPherson, Ga., 1930-32, Post of San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1932-34, Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Gettysburg College, 1934-. 35 CHARLES YV. BEACHEM, B. S. Alumni Secretary B. S., Gettysburg College, 1925g Teacher and Principal, Mt Pleasant High School, 1925-29, Alumni Secretary, Gellyshurg Col lege, 1929-g Member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Kappa Phi Kappa, Pen and Sword. JOHN HOWARD KNICKERBOCKER, M. A. Librarian, A. C., Columbia College, 19213 M. A., Columbia University, 19289 Librarian, Gettysburg College, 1929-. MILDRED HARRIET HARTZELL, B. S. Secretary to the Dean B. S., Gettysburg College, Beta Lambda. CLARA M. SCHMITT Secretary to the President Pittsburgh Academyg Gamma Phi. i937-SPEC'l'RUMl 36 I937'SPECTRUM MRS. HENRY W. A. HANSON Campus Mother. MRS. HENRY W. PHELPS Hostess, Wonzenfs Division Wilson Collegeg Hostess Women's Division, Gettysburg College 1935-. 37 BOARD OF TRUSTEES OE GETTYSBURG COLLEGE 1902 Charles Baum, M. D., Ph. D., . ...,. Middletown 1907 Hon. R. Williarii Bream ...., ..,. G ettyshurg 1908 Frank E. Colvin, Esq. ,.,. ..... B edford 1908 George B. Kunkel, M. D.. . , .... Harrisburg 1910 Charles 1. Fite .,............ ..., ...,,.. P i ttsburgh 1914- Frederick H. Knubel, D. D., LL D ..., New York, N. Y. 1914- Percy D. Hoover, M. D .,......... ..... W aynesboro 1915 Harvey C. Miller ...... ....... .... P h iladelphia 1916 John B. MeAlister, M. D. ....,,.. ...... H arrisburg 1917 Jeremiah Zimmerman, D. D., LL. D. . . . . Syracuse, N. Y. 1918 Louis S. Weaver, M. D .,...,.. .......,.,. Y ork 1921 'l'Harry C. Hoffman, M. D ..,. .... C onnellsville 1921 'Joseph D. Baker, D. D .... ....,...... Y ork 1922 Charles T. Lark, Esq. ,.....,,.... .New York, N. Y. 1923 Henry W. A. Hanson, D. D., LL. .... ...... G ettysburg 1923 "George H. Hummel ..,........ ..,.... Y ork 1929 Paul B. S. Rice .......,........ ........ ...,... H a rrisburg 1929 Charles M. A. Stine, Ph. D., Sc. LL. D. ..,. ,..Wilmington, Del. 1932 ,lohn H. Beerits ..,.....,..,.,.. ...... ....... S o merset 1932 Harry H. Beidleman, D. D. .... .... H anover 1,932 1.1. McCrea Dickson, M. D .,.. ..,.,..... G ettysburg 1932 Amos E. Taylor, Ph. D ..., Washington, D. C. 1935 QC. Williarn Duncan ..... ..... P hiladelphia 1935 "Leveling Tyson, Litt. D .... ,New York, N. Y. "Designated as Alumni Trustees, having been elected on nomination hy the Alumni Association. 1937-SPECTRUM 'E ,. 1. X XX X. X X In Q2 XZXX X4 ff X XZW : , f .35 5 , A ,,f K' if N X Tay I, is ww XA, 3 ,W ,i 3317 V X X Zh A 4 gf is XXX Q Xl ' X5-X 1' -EQ, '22, X X W., H Q .sa X. , .5 . 5 Q as , 'f 'XX XXX' EQ? 5 WX Q Q A 'f XXX' X 5 H ' Q L A bf - ' 12 5 , E, ,iw -fs, 5 m X ,XM if' XQXWQXX gi- ' ,X , ' ' ' 'W N 'Q F' if I ' 3 A 'tif -fl' F E X " 1. Q, .XX QQXX 5 X E-if ,gif XXX gf S: -52-W5 XX XX5 1 . X J :XS X XX XXX-31 ,HX iw 2 ' frr- if X wx, 53' 5544 N X XXX Xb, .. h K V r W WW , Xi XXJ1 , X75 K, f Xf, . ' y ,X XXXXXX-X, W -X T XVX X 3 XQX:-X , qi 152 'ff' f 'n Xi ' XXX XXX, af. ,QS X Xfsf' XXX. X: Xgg XXX, 'F ' W - H X fm, Q. ,LXX if , V h, , X X X3 X X, 3-X XX XXX 5 Xu A, ,ga -'55 Aff: i ' XQXXSQ- gb, J., Q, ' W, H X'Xa..,mX QL., ,X gf X Xjj - 'X ZX. Kp X, :X K W 3, WX -'Y Xb! 'fi -1 ggi -..ff "7 A 'WZ-5"X 'f a 'fx :rs 1 X, X X " :X 'L f ' "1 ' f1X""g'15 ' .. 3' -j'3j0 s j ' N .X WX X- 1122 Ny , 54" X X, XXX if WH, - . Y X " ' XXX l ,XX :W X55 WX XXX, is XX? XX X ,X K ,V 1 X , -1. ' , Vx, A XM. .Xqsgzw -, X4 'f 4 L, ff X mf 5- ?:-Zggaux XX X ggi: ,gi A 2 ,QQ 5? 3 WX Q, L X335 W Z -"' .f tb. ,X 7.5 6 Vi, ' ' , ,X , f'v ,452 X " """' ' is " W., if It if cj X 3, X A WX 'X w I 'E' g 'X 2 A g XaX.X 7 ff I 5 W L X X W ,XX gl fl . T N .gg 1.2 fx 33-1 X 335 1" - fy .Xf , V "E" ' W -' W , " zX,.fX - . 5 ,XW H f K' Q' 'XX" 'Q gg W5 Gift XXX 1, XX X J, iX3f3iW"' ' 5 3:,f.X5zX XTX X gf X ' .Q :qv .XX X- ,X 45-X.v'H if 164--fa XX.. E 'Xxx XXX Lf XX? AX W Q Q4 fi jf fi? K M W gf T ' '- ggi' X ', R324 N X255 XXX, viz, 'LX -wx :T X Xa w H 9 X .X V ,..,,, , 5 N, 5 , XX . M, X'iX sw" -in ,W 55 ' f 1- 'Q7'X"-'X-3-Q XXX XXX X XXX .5 W X-' X . X .. X X Xe-A--11? Xa gi XXX XX X2 XXX ,XX - Xlqf. Ei ii gg 55455 X4 ,a::,ew. 5 R. X Q F8 ..,, X X Xp S V ., E M: X - M 1 Tl E' ' R XXXX HX LQ' H Hg - 1 fy :. N, XX ' V W Q ,jjj ' 6' 575+ gif? 'nazi 'fm X' 1: XQQXQM H. " 92 HXXX, 1 fi X 5' Xl X 51. . Q , H 'Q W V - 'Lk' PSE 5 AE, QQ ' E? gjS7S 'XSXQXX' Ffffw 555 :X mf RIGBY BORTNER CHARMBURY MCELROY DUNKELBERGER . SENIOR CLASS HISTORY AS probably the outstanding thought of our four-year history, classmates of "36", remember that we are the class of transition, reflecting both the old and the new Gettysburg. We are the last class to retire from the campus without some coaeds in our midst. We are the first class to complete our course entirely within the second century of Gettysburg history. Let us then, instead of making a retrospect at a college course fast closing, make this a view forward at what lies ahead. We, the transition class, go out to meet the world likewise in transition. There are few charts or compasses for the future. The invention of today may become the discard of tomorrow. lu a world where all values seem to change so rapidly, let us remain 'assured that the values of a trained mind and a disciplined character do not vary. Let us be prepared to meet our chang- ing world with these two values fixed. First, let us not attempt to hold on forever to the apron strings of book learning. The world has already a little more than its H11 of' collegiate braintrusters. But the world will always accept the man who, with a capable brain, brings still a larger heart. Finally, let's be ourselves and let the critics howl if they will. The phrase of Polonius, 4'To thine own self be true and it must follow as the night the day, thou ca.nt's not then be false to any mann, is, some think, already in the last stages of trite- ness, but its underlying truth will ever remain new. Let us not rely greatly on the approval of others, for each critic has his own standard. Our best selves shall be ou-r best and severest critics. --HAROLD A. DUNKELBERGER, H istorian. I937-SPECTRUM 40 l937-SPECTRUM HONOR STUDENTS Class of 1936 SCHOLA STIC HONORS Freshman BRUCE M. BARE LEONARD H. ERIKSEN LLOYD E. BARRON D. S. FREY DOYLE M. BORTNER G. K. KEET LAVERN I-I. BRENNEMAN C. IVILLIAIVI MILLER WILLIAINI B. BRISTOL E. F. PERLS HAROLD A DUNKELBERER CHARLES W. PRESTON W'ILLIAIVI U. SNYDER Sophomore BRUCE M. BARE DOYLE M BORTNER WILLIAM B. BRISTOL BRUCE M. BARE DOYLE M. BORTNER LAVERN I-I. BRENNEMAN WILLIAM B. BRISTOL LEONARD H. ERIKSEN JULIAN B. GRAHAM C. WILLIAM MILLER WILLIAM U. SNYDER HAROLD A. DUNKELBERGER GORDON S. KRUM junior LEONARD H. ERIKSEN STUART P. GARVER .IULIAN B. GRAHAM GORDON S. KRUM C. WILLIAM MILLER HAROLD A. DUNKELBERGER WILLIAM U. SNYDER GENERAL HONOR SOCIETY FOR ACTIVITIES LLOYD E. BARRON WILLIAM C. KRUMWIEDII WILLIAM B. BRISTOL 'C. WILLIAM MILLER HAROLD A. DUNKELBERGER JOHN K. RIGBY LEONARD H. ERIKSEN ROBERT S. SASSAMAN PAUL L. FREY WILLIS M. SMYSER GORDON S. KRUM WILLIAM U. SNYDER 41 Arthur Leonard Allewelt KAP Gettysburgian 111, Baseball Asso- ciate, Manager 131, Class Treasurer 121 , Skeptical Chymists 11, 2, 3, 41. Paul Burket Aurand EX 1936 SPECTRUM, 1935 G-Book, Kappa Phi Kappa 131, President 141, Football 11, 2, 3, 41, Basketball 111, Track 111, Rifle Team 121, Father's Day Committee 131. Bruce Maurice Bare, Jr. AT12 1936 SPECTRUM. Sports Editor, Cettysburgian 11, 2, 31, Phi Beta Kappa, Skeptial Chymists 12, 3, 4,1 , TI'3Ck, Mlillager 14-1, Der Deutshe Verein 13, 41, Rifle Team 111, Highest Class Honors 121, Class Honors 11, 31. Lloyd Eugene Barron CIIKKII Gettysburgian 11, 3, 41, 1934 G- hook, Business Manager, Phi Beta Kappa 141, Class President 111, Class Secretary 121, Student Coun- cil 121, Treasurer 131, Vice-Presi- dent 141, Tribunal 121, Owl and Nightingale 121, Vice-President 13, 41 , Scabhard and Blade 131, Captain 1413 Cadet Major of R. O. T. C. Unit 141, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 121, Secretary 131, Military Ball Com- mittee 111 , Frosh-Soph Hop Commit- tee 111 9 Junior Scabhard and Blade Military Prize Paul Rudisill Bender HDAQJ Football 12, 3, 41, lnterfraternily Council 12, 31, Skeptial Chymists 13 41. Robert Calvin Benner EX Cettysburgian 11, 2, 31, Eta Sig- ma Phi 13, 41 , Alpha Kappa Alpha 13, 41, Ministerial Association 12, 31, Vice-President 141. Edwin Lot Bergstresser CIPPA Owl and Nightingale, Associate Business Manager 11, 2, 31, Business Manager 141, Scabbard and Blade 141, Skeptical Chymists 13, 413 Modern Book Club 131. Martin Luther Bomberger CDKN Cettyshurgian, Advertising Mana- ger 131, Business Manager 141, Owl and Nightingale, Business Mana- ger 13, 41, Der Deutsche Verein 13, 41, Skeptical Chymists 13, 41, Scabbard and Blade 141: Junior Prom Committee, Military Ball Com- mittee 141. Doyle McLean Bortner EX 1936 SPECTRUM, Editor-in-chief, 1933 G-book, Kappa Phi Kappa 131, Secretary 141, Phi Sigma Iota, Treasurer 13, 41, Class Vie-Presi- dent 141, Baseball, Assistant Mana- ger 11, 31, Glee Club 121, His- torical Association 11, 2, 3. 41, ln- Qernational Relations Club 21, Vice- Presiclent 131, Blue Crocodiles 12, 3, 41, lnterfraternity Council 141, Highest Class Honors 131, Class Honors 11, 21 , Father's Day Commit- tee 121 Dean Harold Bower 1937-SPECTRUM George Edward Bowersox, Jr. Soccer 12, 3, 41 g Swimming 12, 3, 41 g Swimming Team Manager 13, 411 g Band 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Modern Book Club 13, 41, Rifle Team 11, 2, 3, 41 g S. C. A. Cabinet 13, 4113 Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 411 3 Junior Prom Committee. Laverne Harvey Brenneman Baum Mathematics Prize 121g Class Honors 111. William Baker Bristol KDEK lGettysburgian 11, 2, 3, 41: Phi Beta Kappa 141g Soccer 13, 4.15 Rifle Team 13, 4-1, Class Honors 41, 2, sm. Harold Myers Burkhart EX 1936 SPECTRUM, Class Editorg Alpha Psi Epsilon 13, 41, Banrl 11, 2, 31. Herbert Beecher Charmbury Class Secretary 1415 Skeptical I937-SPECTRUM James Rogers Childs John Adam Cico Football 11, 2, 3, 41g Basketball 11, 2, 3, 4-1g Baseball 12, 3, 4-1, Pen and Sword 13, 411 William Wilson Coble Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 41: His- torical Association 13, 41g Soccer 11, 3, 41, Basketball 11, 2, 3, 415 Track 11, 2, 3, 4-13 Football 121: Pen and Sword 14-1. Paul Harvey Correll EX 1936 SPECTRUM, Advertising Mana- ger, 1935 G-book, Beta Beta Beta 13, 4415 Wrestling 12, 31, ASSiSi2iUi Manager 1113 Track 1215 Rifle Team 11, 2, 3, fi-1, Glee Club 131: Band 131, Scabhard and Blade 13, 4-1g Senior Sponsorg Military Ball Committee 1441. George Smith Donehoo QKN Cettysburgian 11, 2, 31 g 19344 Mer- cury, Soccer 11, 2, 315 Wrestling 11, 2, 315 Rilie Team 1319 Frosh- Cl'lY1T1iStS 13, 41. Soph I-lop Committee 121. 43 Harold Aberly Dunkelberger CDEK Phi Beta Kappa 141, Eta Sigma Phi 12, 31, President 1415 Tau Kappa Alpha, President 141 3 Tennis 11, 2, 31 g Rifle Team 111 g Debating 11, 2, 3, 415 Debate Manager 1415 Der Deutsche Verein 12, 3, 41, Scabhard and Blade 13, 41 3 S. C. A. Cabinet 13, 41, Orchestra 11, 21g Muhlenberg Freshman Prize, Brewer Greek Prize 121 g Carver Greek Prize 111. John A. William Dunkelberger Soccer 121, Wrestling 111, Bas- ketball, Manager 11, 21, Assistant Manager 131, Associate Manager 1419 College Quartette 1415 A Cap- pella Choir 141, Glee Club 111. Frederick William Echelmeyer OKN 1936 Srncrautvt, Organization Edi- torg 1934 Mercury, Editor-in-chief, Owl and Nightingale 12, 31, Vice- President 1415 Ministerial Associa- tion 12, 3, 413 Historical Associa- :ion 13, 415 Rifle Team 1215 Seab- bard and Blade 13, 41 9 First Prize in Original Play Contest 121. Frederick John Eckert GJKN 1936 SPECTRUMQ 1935 G-bookg Alpha Kappa Alpha 1419 Soccer 11, 2, 31, Captain 141g Owl and Nightingale 11, 2, 31, Treasurer 141 3 Inter-fraternity Council 13, 41 3 Min- isterial Association 11, 2, 3, 41 g Ivy Week Committee 1413 Committee for Commencement, Chairman. Leonard Henry Eriksen 1152K 1936 SPECTRUMQ Gettysburgian 11, 2, 3, 4112 1935 C-book, Editor- in-chief, Debating, Publicity Mana- ger 141g Der Deutsche Verein 131 3 Vice President 141 3 Senior Sponsorg Class Honors 11, 2, 31. Martin Luther Fertner Skeptical Chymists 12, 31, Secre- tary 141. Jesse Waldron Field CDKWI' Football 111, Soccer 12, 31, Tennis 131. Richard Clay Fink CPKQ' Kappa Phi Kappa 131, Vice Presi- dent 141 g Soccer 11, 2, 3, 41 g Tennis 11, 2, 31 g Track 121g Historical Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Father's Day Committee 131g Mother's Day Committee 131. Paul Livingston Frey Kappa Phi Kappa 141 g Rifle Team 13, 41, Orchestra 11, 2, 31, Leader 141, Band 13, 41g S. C. A. Cabinet 12, 3, 41g M0lllC1',S Day Commit- tee 141. Stuart Paul Carver Eta Sigma Phi 12, 31, Vice Presi- dent 141, National Second Vice- President 141, Ministerial Associa- tion. 1l, 2, 3, 41g S C. A. Cabinet 11, 2, 31, President 141, State Council 13, 41g Glee Club 131: Senior Sponsor. l937'SPECTRUM l937'SPECTRUM Louis Joseph Gazzolo QDAGJ Beta Beta Beta 13, 4-53 Football 13, 45. ,lulian Burns Graham IIPEK Gettysburgian 13, 45 3 SOCCCI' 145 9 Wrestling 12, 3, 45 g Class Debating 125 5 International Relations Club 12, 35 g Historical Association, Vice- President 1355 Class .l-lonorgs 12, 35. Frederick Bence Hacr Historical Association 135: Clem- Club 115g Ministerial Association 135. Charles Carlton Hake TKE Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 4.5 3 Soccer, Manager 135, Interfraternity Coun- cil 145g Glee Club 11, 2, 35g A Cappella Choir 14-5, College Quar- tette 13, 45g Octette 1453 Senior Sponsorg Mothers Day Committee, Chairman. Harold Valentine Harholcl EX Beta Bela Beta 13, 453 Tennis 135, Skeptical Cllymists 13. 4-5. George Owen Heckert CIJKHII 1936 SrEc'rRUMg Gettysburgian 1155 1934- G-hook, Alpha Psi Epsi- lon 13, 4-5g Basketball 115. John Robert Henry Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 4-5 g Mothefs Day Committee 445 . Paul William Henry KAP Baseball 135. Ralph Gulden Hoover Harley Gilford Horner KAP Historical Association 115g Rifle Team 11, 2, 3, 415g Scabbard and Blade 14-5. William Hummel Karmany ATQ 1936 SPECTRMQ Cettysburgian 11, 25, Beta Beta Beta 135, Vice-Presi- dent 145, Pi Lambda Sigma 12, 35, Interfraternity Council 135, Secre- tary 1453 Owl and Nightingale 12, 3, 45 g Pan-Hellenic Dance, Chairman 145: Junior Prom Committee. Gordon Sumner Krum 1151011 1936 SPECTRUM, Photographic Edi- tor, Cettysburgian 12, 3, 455 Phi Beta Kappa 1453 Debate Manager 135, Glee Club 25. William Carl Krumwiede QPSK Gettysburgian 11, 2, 35 Literary Editor 145, 1934 C-bookg Soccer 11, 2, 3, 455 Debating, Publicity Manager 13, 455 International Re- lations Club 135, Blue Crocodiles 13, 45, Modern Book Club 13, 45g Rjfie Team 12, 3, 45, Ministerial Association 125, Secretary 13, 45, Historical Association 125, Secretary 13, 453 Class Honors 1255 Cheer Leader 11, 2, 35, Head Cheer Lead- er 145. Emanuel Samuel Kuskin Football, Manager 115. Richard Winner Latshaw BAE Alpha Psi Epsilon 13, 45, Pi Lambda Sigma 125, Secretary-Treas- urer 13, 453 Football 115g Owl and Nightingale 145g Scabbard and Blade 13, 45. Frank Mason Long EAE Alpha Psi Epsilon 135, Vice-Presi- lent 145g Pi Lambda Sigma 12, 35, Secretary-Treasurer 1453 Football, Assistant Manager 1155 Modern Book Club, Vice-President 145. William John McCahan GJAG Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 45g Foot- ball 1l, 2, 3, 45g Basketball 12, 3, 45g Tennis 115, Student Council 145, Tribunal 1455 Pen and Sword 145 5 Fathers Day Committee, Chair- man 14-5g Junior Prom Committee. William Rogers McElhiney EAE 1936 SPECTRUM, Business Mana- ger, Alpha Psi Epsilon 135, Presi- dent 14-5g A Cappella Choir 145: Glee Club 11, 25g Band 11, 2, 35, Leader 145. Wilbur Renfrew McElroy EAE 1936 SPECTRUMQ Gettysburgian 11, 2, 3, 45 3 Track, Assistant Mana- ger 11, 2, 35, Associate Manager 145 g Wrestling 115 g Class Treasurer 1455 Interfraternity Council 135, Treasurer 1453 Skeptical Chymists 12, 35, President 1455 Pan Hellenic Dance, Chairman 135. John William Mcllhenny IIDEK 1936 SPECTRUM, Gettysburgian 11, 2,5, Sports Editor 135, Managing Editor 1455 1933 G-bookg Tennis 12, 3, 45 g Scabbard and Blade 145 5 Pen and Sword 35, Secretary 1459 Blue Crocodiles 12, 35, President 1453 Frosh-Soph Hop Committee 125, Military Ball Committee 125, lvy Ball Committee, Chairman 145. I937-SPECTRUM l937'SPECTRUM Clarence William Miller CIJEK 1936 SPECTRUM3 Gettysburgian 11, 21, News Editor 131, Editor-in-chief 1413 Phi Beta Kappa 1413 Eta Sigma Phi 13, 413 Debating 12, 31, President 1413 Interfraternity Coun- cil 13, 413 Orchestra 11, 213 Gar- ver Latin Prize 1113 Hassler Latin Prize 1313 Class Honors 11, 2, 31. Robert Morris CIPKKII Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 41 3 Basket- hall 11, 2, 3, 41 3 Baseball 12, 3, 41 3 Soccer 13, 413 Student Council 131, President 1413 Tribunal 12, 3, 413 Student Representative to Athletic Council 1411i Pen and Sword 131, President 1413 Father's Day Com- mittee 141. William Luther Ney QHAOD Robert Horace Nichols KAP Tennis 1113 Basketball 1113 Owl and Nightingale 13, 41 3 Frosb-Soph Hop Committee 11, 21 3 Junior Prom Committee 131. Charles Dorsey Ott Emory Melvin Pittenger GJKN 1935 Mercury. Charles William Preston QKNII 1936 SPECTRUMQ 1934 G-bookg Football, Manager 1413 Rifle Team 11, 2, 3, 413 Scabbard and Blade 13, 413 Interfraternity Council 13, 41 3 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 121, Treas- urer 131 3 Commencement Committee 1413 Ivy Week, Cbairmang Class Honors 1113 Pan-Hellenic Dance Committee 131. Sam Joseph Puma Wrestling 12, 3, 41. Karl William Reighter KAP Skeptical Chymists 131, Vice- President 1413 Glee Club 12, 313 Band 11, 2, 3, 41. Edgar Nevin Rhodes ATQ Rifie Team 111. John Kenneth Rigby GDKN 1936 SPECTRUM, Circulation Man- ager, 1935 G-book, Business Man- ager, Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 41, Football 11, 2, 3, 41, Class Vice- President 121, Class President 13, 41, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 121 g Junior Prom Committee, Senior Sponsor. Joseph Henry Riley KAP Beta Beta Beta 13, 41, Scabbard and Blade 13, 41, Rifle Team 11, 2, 31. Robert Seebold Sassaman CIDFA Alpha Kappa Alpha 13, 41, Foot- ball 13, 41 , Basketball 13, 41 , Base- ball 13, 41, President of Student Body 141, Owl and Nightingale 13, 4-1, Pen and Sword 141, S. C. A. Cabinet 13, 41, Junior Prom Com- mittee. Malcolm Dare Shutters fIP2K Eta Sigma Phi 131, 'Treasurer 141, Debating 13, 41, Ministerial Association, Vice-President 121, President 131, S. C. A. Cabinet 12, 3, 41. Willis Michael Smyser KAP 1936 SPECTRUM, Gettysburgian 11, 21, Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 41, Phi Sigma Iota 12, 3, 41, Interfrater- nity Council 13, 41 , Owl and Night- ingale 12, 3, 41. J on Frederic Snyder KDFA 1936 SPECTRUM, 1935 Mercury, Beta Beta Beta 12, 3, 41, Baseball, Manager 11, 21, Cheer Leader 11, 21, Owl and Nightingale, Secre- tary-Treasurer 121, President 13, 41. William Ulrich Snyder KDEK 1936 SPECTRUM, Associate Editor, Cettysburgian 13, 41, 1934 Mer- :ury, Phi Beta Kappa 141, Eta Eigma Phi 13, 41, Class Secretary 131, Der Deutsche Verein 131, President 141, Rilie Team 11, 2, 3, 41, Blue Crocodiles 12, 3, 41, S. C. A. Cabinet 12, 31, Glee Club 12, 31, A Cappella Choir 141 , Sen- ior Sponsor, Class Honors 11, 21. Albert Edward Sobolesky EAE Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 41, Foot- ball 11, 2, 3, 41, Basketball 111, Track 11, 2, 3, 41 , Wrestling 13, 41 , Historical Association 121, Pen and Sword 14-1. Stuart Winfo1'd Steininger KAP Track 11, 2, 3, 41, Skeptical Chymists 12. 31, Treasurer 141: Band 11, 2, 31. Charles Robert Stevens I937-SPECTRUM I937-SPECTRUM Donald Reid Stonesifer Alpha Kappa Alpha 135, Secre- tary 145 , Rifle Team 12, 35 , Minis- terial Associalion 11, 2, 3, 45 , Band 11, 2, 3, 45. James Harold Thomas fIvAQ Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 45, Foot- ball 11, 2, 3, 45, Basketball 11, 2, 3, 45, Track 11, 2, 3, 45, Class Treasurer 135. 0tto Crouse Thompson KAP Arthur Charles Tilley KIDFA Alpha Psi Epsilon 13, 45, lnter- fraternity Council 135 President. 145 , Scabbard and Blade 13, 45, Rifle Team 25, Captain 13, 45, Military Ball Committee 135, Frosh-Soph Hop Committee 125. Charles Frederick Trunk, Jr. GJEK 1936 SPECTRUM, Cettyshurgian 12, 3, 45, Alpha Kappa Alpha 135, Treasurer 145, Eta Sigma Phi 12, 3, 45, Wrestling 11, 25, Class Sec- retary 115 , Scahbard and Blade 135, Secretary 1453 Der Deutsche Ver- ei11 145, Rifle Team 11, 2, 3, 45, Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 45 , Band 11, 2, 3, 45, Glee Club 135, Student Council 135, Treasurer 145, .lunior Prom Committee, Military Ball. Chairman 145. Louis Schneider Weaver, lr. KPKWII 1936 SPECTRUM, Beta Beta Beta 135, President 145, Track 11, 25, Scabbard and Blade 13, 45, Rifle Team 11, 2, 3, 45, Frosh-Soph Hop Committee 125, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Military Ball Committee 145. Luke A. Westenberger rI2KP Owl and Nightingale 12, 3, 45, Rifle Team 12, 35, Manager 145, Band 115, Fresh-Soph Hop Com- mittee 115. Ben William Wolf 111214 Tennis 13, 45, Ivy Ball Commit tee 145. Carl Elmer Yost 1936 SPECTRUM, 1934 G-book, Alpha Kappa Alpha 135, President 145, Eta Sigma Phi 12, 35, Sec- retary 145, Wrestling 13, 45, Min- isterial Association 11, 2, 3, 45: S. C. A. Cabinet, Vice-President 145 1 Band 11, 2, 35. LERCH TILLEY U MBERGER HULL KISOR JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY AS the class of 1937 approaches the end of the third year of its college journey, it is only fitting that each member of the class should take a few moments to investigate just how far he has advanced in his achievements as he proposed them in his mind at the outset of his college career. Has each one attained the goals as set forth? Since there is probably no one who has reached all of these standards, we should stop now to consider these goals and possibly draw up new ones to be guided by during the last year and to be established for later life. Surely it can not be said that the Athletic achievements of the Junior Class have not bolstered the varsity athletic programg financially, "STU has borne its burden wellg in the field of scholarship we rate highg and socially our enthusiasm and whole hearted support climaxes all social functions. These are characteristics of each mem- ber as well as the entire group. While it may seem that the Class of "37" is dauntless in these all-around phases of college life, "37" does hold a place of high esteem and honor on the Gettysburg campus. With this group as a nucleus, the student body activities, with the various members, each contributing toward a more successful Gettysburg, have reached new heights. Now that we are approaching the pinnacle of our college career, what standards should we aspire to? Let us continue to strive for scholastic, social, athletic, and finan- cial perfection, keeping ever before us the foremost attainment of our college life - a well rounded development into true Gettysburg men and women. --TED W. KISOR, Historian. l937-SPECTRUM 50 1937-SPECTRUM HONOR STUDENTS Class of I937 SCHOLASTIC HONORS Freshman GEORGE K. BOWERS CHARLES S. V. SANNER WARREN B. GILBERT SAMUEL B. SHIRK WILLIAM REIMER HENRY W. SNYDER KENNETH E. TAYLOR Sophomore GEORGE K. BOWERS WILLIAINI J. REIMER JOHN H. FISH CHARLES S. V. SANNER WARREN B. GILBERT SAMUEL B. ST-HRK HENRY W. SNYDER 51 EMERY EARL ALBIG, JR. KAP EARL West Newton, Pa. West Newton High School A. B. English Gettysburgian fl, Zjg Band QD, Rifle Team QU. PERICLES N. ASKOUNES GDKN PERK Monessen, Pa. New Castle High School A. B. Economics 1937 SPECTRUM, 1936 SPECTRUM, Gettysburgian 1255 1935 G-book, Advertising Manager, 1934 Mercury, Foot- ball f2, W1'estling Q2, 3, 4-jg Rifle Team f2, 3, 415 Scabbard and Blade ULD, Sophomore Military Prize, Military Ball Committee UIQ. JOHN WESLEY' BARKLEY GDFA J OHNNY Ligonier, Pa. Ligonier High School A. B. Economics Football, Manager f 1, 21. HELEN BELIRINGER BENEDICT BA PAT Wayliesboro, Pa. Waynesboro High Schoolg Wilson College A. B. Social Science Women's Student Government, President, Historical Asso- ciation, Vice President f3l 5 Junior Prom Committee. l937'SPECTRUM 5Q l937'SPECTRUM LESTER IVAN BERKOWITZ BERKY Bed Bank, N. J. Red Bank High School A. B. Biology Basketball fl, 21g Tennis fl, 2, 31. MARTHA KATHLEEN BLACK BA KAY Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg High School, Ursinus College A. B. English 1937 SPECTRUMQ S. C. A. Cabinet Q31. GEORGE KERMIT BOWERS GEORGE Bedford, Pa. Bedford High School A. B. Greek 1935 G-bookg Eta Sigma Phi f2, 31 g Wrestling fl, 2, 31 g Debating 111g Junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Q21 3 S. C. A. Cabinet Q31 3 Ministerial Association CZ, 31 g Garver Greek Prize f11g Garver Latin Prize f11g Muhlenberg Freshman Prizeg Brewer Greek Prize f21. LORAINE MALURICE BUYER BAE RAINY A. B. Chemistry Red Hill, Pa. East Greenville High Schoolg Lehigh University 53 RICHARD HABECKER BRYSON DICK Lancaster, Pa. Lancaster High School A. B. Economics 1937 SPECTRUMg Alpha Psi Epsilon Q2, 31g Glee Club fl, 21 g A Cappella Choir Q31. HOWARD FRANKLIN BUHRMAN Foxville, Md. Thurmont High School B. S. Mechanical Engineering ' Wrestling Q21 g Rifle Team fl, 31 g S. C. A. Cabinet f2, 31 g Baum Mathematics Prize 121. ROBERT JACOB CALHOUN BOB Steelton, Pa. Steelton High Schoolg Gettysburg Academy A. B. Philosophy Eta Sigma Phi K31 3 Alpha Kappa Alpha Q31 5 Ministerial Association fl, 2, 31. JAMES DUNCAN CAMPBELL QKWI' DUNC Harrisburg, Pa. John Harris High School A. B. Spanish Football C11 3 Owl and Nightingale 12, 31 g Junior Prom Committee. l937-SPECTRUM 54 l937'SPECTRUM FRANCISCO CASTILLO PANCHO Vifashington, D. C. A. B. French Phi Sigma Iota f3l. JACOB DREHER CHAPMAN BEN Sharpsburg, Md. Boonsboro High School B. S. Electrical Engineering W1'estling fl, 2, 315 Track fl, Zj. EDGAR TROEDER CHRISEMER QIQKP CHRIS Harrisburg, Pa. John Harris High School A. B. Greek Football fl, 25 g Track fl, 35 5 Basketball Q21 3 A Cappella Choir g Ministerial Association IZ, 31. WILLIAM ROLAND COMPTON QIJKXII BILL Sewickley, Pa. Bellevue High Schoolg Kiski Prep A. B. Economics Pi Lambda Sigma f3jg Rifle Team f2, 31 3 Class Presi- dent fljg Owl and Nightingale f2, 315 Glee Club f2lg Military Ball Committee C35 g Interfraternity Council Q31 3 Pan-Hellenic Dance Committee GU. 55 WILLIAM AUSTIN COOK fI3K'Il CUTIE Haverford, Pa. Haverford High School A. B. English Football fl, 29g Track fl, 2lg Wrestling fllg Tribunal 12, 33- FRED HENRY DALLMEYER TKE FRED York, Pa. York High School B. S. Mechanical Engineering Vlfrestling fl., 215 Clee Club fl, 21. FRANCIS EDWl'N DAVIS ED Pottsville, Pa. Pottsville High School A. B. Economics Rifle Team fl, 21 g Pershing Rifles f2J . JOHN CHARLES DELO E.-U5 JACK Pittsburgh, Pa. Edgewood High Schoolg Western Reserve Prep A. B. Chemistry Skeptical Chymists fl, 2, 3l g lnterfraternity Council f3'l. 1937-SPECTRUM 56 I937-SPECTRUM WILLIAM .IUSTICE DENNER QJKN Doc Manchester, Md. Manchester High School, Gettysburg Academy A. B. Economics STEPHEN CRAWFORD DOLLMAN STEVE Pine Grove, Pa. Pine Grove High School A. B. Chemistry Rifle Team fljg Skeptical Chymists f2, 31. GEORGE GEHR DOUGHERTY TKE Doc Reading, Pa. Reading High School A. B. Latin l937 SPECTRUM, Business Manager, 1935 G-book, Gettys- burgian fl, 2, 35 5 Eta Sigma Phi Q31 5 Pi Sigma Lambda f3jg Rifle Team Cl, 2, 33, Soccer, Assistant Manager 12, 31g Der Deutsche Verein f3jg Glee Club fl, 215 A Cappella Choir QSM Pen and Sword f3J. MARY ELIZABETH DOUGHERTY IRD Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg High School Shippensburg State Teachers' College A. B. English 1.937 SPECTRUM, 1,3Jg Phi Sigma Iota f3l: Womenl Student Government Q31 . 57 EDWARD EHLERS, J R. QIJAGJ GOON Montclair, N. J. Montclair High School A. B. Economics MIRIAM CALANTHE EICHNER TIP MIM Philadelphia, Pa. Kensington High School Lebanon Valley College A. B. Latin Womenls Student Government Q35 5 A Cappella Choir 1313 . HERBERT LUTHER ERB CIIFA HERB Orwigsburg, Pa. Orwigsburg High School A. B. History Historical Association 131. RAY ELLWOOD ESHENOUR TKE BLUE BOY A. B. Chemistry Basketball QU 5 Track fl, 2, 5 Class President Q21 . I937-SPECTRUM 58 1937-SPECTRUM JOHN HUFF FISH EAE FISH Paulsboro, N. .l. Paulsboro High School 11. B. Chemistry Football Ql, 2, 31 5 Track Ql, 21 g Basketball Ql, 2, 31 g Tribunal Q2, 31 5 Student Council Q31 3 Pen and SwordQ31. ROBERT WALTER FITZSIMMONS FITZY Honesdale, Pa. Honesdale High School B. S. Mechanical Engineering Band Q1, 2, 31 g Orchestra CARL VVILLIAM FOLKEMER QDKP CAREY Baltimore, Md. Baltimore City College A. B. English Eta Sigma Phi Q31 9 Football Q11 g Junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet g Ministerial Association Q2, 31. LAWRENCE DANIEL FOLKEMER QJKP LARRY Baltimore, Md. Baltimore City College A. B. Latin 1937 SPECTRUM, Photographic Editorg Eta Sigma Phi Q31 g Alpha Kappa Alpha Q31 5 Football Q11 3 .lunior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Q21g S. C. A. Cabinet Q31g Ministerial Association Q2, 31. 59 JAMES EDWARD GELBERT J IM Ambler, Pa. Ambler High School Franklin and Marshall Academy A. B. English Football f1,2l. WARREN BEST GILBERT 421011 MINDEY Harrisburg, Pa. Williaiii Penn High School A. B. Chemistry Football Manager fl., 2, 31. FREDERICK SINCLAIR GILLESPIE 4112K Fnrrz Arlington, N. J. Kearny High School A. B. Political Science l937 SPECTRUM, Sports Editorg Gettysburgian ll, 2, 341 9 l,935 G-bookg Pi Lambda Sigma flfvlg Soccer fl, 2, Slg Rifle Team fl, 2, 31 5 Swimming Q31 g Debating fl. 2, 3l : Glee Club f2l g Pershing Rifles 1,21 g Sophomore Military Prize. JOSEPH PARKES GOCHNOUR 1111011 POTATOE Jon Ligonier, Pa. Ligonier High School A. B. Political Science Pi Lambda Sigma 5 Baseball, Manager ll, 2. 35 . l937'SPECTRUM 60 1937-SPECTRUM WILLIAM CRAIG HALFPENNY, JR. QJAQED BILL Harrisburg, Pa. John Harris High School A. B. Economics Pi Lambda Sigma Q31 g Basketball, Assistant Manager fl., 2, 31 5 Junior Prom Comrnitteeg Pan-Hellenic Dance Committee 5 Frosh-Soph Hop Committee I21 5 Military Ball Committee. ROBERT ELLSWORT H HAMME BOB York, Pa. York High School A. B. Chemistry Kappa Phi Kappa MARGARET MILDRED HANAWALT IVI1 Pac Gettysburg, Pa. Kern County High School Baskersfield Junior College, Calif. A. B. History Historical Association Q31 . GEORGE FREDERICK HARKINS KAP HARK Gettysburg, Pa. John Harris High School A. B. Philosophy 1934 G-bookg 1935 G-bookg Owl and Nightingale f2, 31 g Kappa Phi Kappa f2, 31 g Ministerial Association fl, 2, 31 g Y. M. C. A. Cabinet fl, 21 3 Glee Club Q11 5 Assistant Manager f21 g A Cappella Choir K31 g College Quartette tf2, 31 9 Father's Day Committee. 61 JOHN WILSON HARNER EX JACK Gettysburg, Pa. Wheeling High School, W. Va A. B. Philosophy Alpha Kappa Alpha 12, 31 g Phi Sigma Iota 131 g Rifle Team 11, 21 g Debating 111 g Ministerial Association 12, 31 . HAROLD LYNWOOD HEIGES CIDEK HAL Biglerville, Pa. Biglerville High School A. B. Chemistry Gcttysburgian 111, Advertising Manager 121, Business Manager 131 g Junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 12, 31 g Skeptical Chymists 12, 315 Band 11, 2, 31. WILLlAM LEE HENCH TKE BILL A. B. Economics 1937 SPECTRUM, Tennis 111 5 Student Council 111 g Glee Club 11, 21. PHILIP HENRY HERSHEY TKE PHIL Spring Grove, Pa. Spring Grove High School A. B. Biology 1.937 SPECTRUM, Gettysburgian 11, 2, 9 Track Manager 131 5 Glee Club 11, 21 5 Band 131 Q Junior Prom Committeeg A Cappella Choir 131. 1937-SPEC'iI'RUM 62 I937-SPECTRUM EUGENE GURNEY HETRICK GKN GENE I-eWi5be1'1'Y, Pa- ' Gettysburg Academy A. B. Biology Beta Beta Beta C2, 3j . JACK FABEL HEYDRICH ATQ DUKE Lock Haven, Pa. Lock Haven High School A. B. English ROBERT EARLE HORNE fI11'A Bos Philadelphia, Pa. Overbrook High School A. B. Greek 1937 SPECTRUM, Editor-in-chiefg Gettysburgian Q31 g Alpha Kappa Alpha 12, 31 g Eta Sigma Phi 12, 33 3 Blue Crocodiles f3J 5 Pen and Sword Q39 g Junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet fll g S. C. A. Cabinet C2, 35 g Ministerial Association fl, 21g Secretary-Treasurer C3433 Glee Club flj. KENNETH PRESTON HULL 11122K ' KEN Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg High School A. B. Economics Gettysburgian lf 1, 2, 31 9 1935 G-bookg Rifle Team li3j 5 Class Treasurer f3l 3 Owl and Nightingale I2, 3:1 3 Band fl., 2, 31 g .lunior Prom Committee. 63 SHULL LEONARD IRWIN fIJI'A STU Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg High School A. B. French Phi Sigma Iota 5 Track fl, 2, 31 5 Rifie Team fl, 21 5 Captain Q31 g Scabbard and Blade C31. JOHN JEAVONS KAP JEAVES Merion, Pa. Girard College A. B. Biology Soccer fl, 2, 31 g Glee Club fl, 21. MILLARD CHRISTIAN KANZINGER KANZY Ardmore, Pa. Lower Merion High School A. B. Economics Der Deutsche Verein 12, 31. RICHARD ALBERT KEIL KDPA DICK West Newton, Mass. Newton High School A. B. Economics Gettysburgian fl, 215 1934- G-book, Junior Prom Committee. I937-SPECTRUM' 64 I937-SPECTRUM ROBERT W. KEINARD GJKN BOB Phoenixville, Pa. Phoenixville High School A. B. Economics Owl and Nightingale Q31 . JOHN BURGOYNE KEITH EX JACK Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg High School A. B. Political Science Track, Assistant Manager Q1, 2, 31 5 Pi Lambda Sigma Q21 g President Q31 . THADDEUS WILLIAM KISOR, JR. EX TED Monessen, Pa. Monessen High School A. B. Biology 1937 SPECTRUM, Sports Editorg Gettysburgian Q1, 21 5 Beta Beta Beta Q31 3 Class Historiang Soccer Q31 g Cheer Leader Q2, 31. WILLIAM HAMILTON LAMASON GEEK BILL Williamsport, Pa. Williamsport High School A. B. Chemistry Football Ql, 21. 65 EMILY MARIE LANDIS BA Berlin, Pa. Berlin High Schoolg Ursinus College A. B. English hVOI1'1BH,S Student Government f 31 3 S. C. A. Cabinet Q31 5 A Cappella Choir 131. JOHN CALVIN LARSON fIvI'A JOHNNY Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg High School A. B. Economics Gettysburgian C11 9 Phi Sigma Iota 631 3 Phi Lambda Sigma, Vice-President 01413 Tennis U15 Class Secretary Q11 . CHARLES FREDERICK LAWLEY KIDEK CHARLIE Tamaqua, Pa. Tamaqua High School A. B. Chemistry Rifle Team fl, 2, 31. CASPER EDMUND LERCH EX ED Vlfyomissing, Pa. Wyomissing High School A. B. Economics Basketball II1 3 Soccer fl, 2, 31 5 Class President Q31 3 Frosh-Sopli Hop Committee f21g lnterfraternity Council Q31 5 Pershing Rifles C21. l937'SPECTRUM 66 !937'SPEC-TRUM DONALD ROOT LOVELL TKE DON Bellwood, Pa. Bellwood High School A. B. Chemistry Tennis, Assistant Manager fl., 21 g Skeptical Chymists C31 5 Band fl., 2, 31, Glee Club C213 Orchestra fl, 2, 31. JAMES HENRY MANGES EAE I-IEN Harrisburg, Pa. John Harris High School A. B. Economics Football, Manager g Junior Prom Committee. GEORGE WASHINGTON MARTIN, JR. TRN MARTY Cumberland, Md. Allegany High School A. B. History Glee Club fl, 21 3 Orchestra fl, 21 g Wrestling, Manager 121. ELLIS RAY MCCRACKEN ATS! MAC Freeport, Pa. Freeport High School A. B. Mathematics Football fl, 2, 31 g Basketball g Wrestling f2, 31. 67 ELWOOD NORMAN MOFF ITT TKE NORM Palmyra, N. J. Palmyra High School, Perkiomen Prep. A. B. Spanish Kappa Phi Kappa Q2, 31 g Football Q1, 2, 31 g Track Q1, 21 : Class Treasurer Q11 3 Class President Q21 g Student Council Q2, 31 g Interfraternity Council Q31 g Frosh-Soph Hop Com- mittee Q21. PAUL JONES MUMFORD QKP LOLLYPOP Ellicott City, Md. Ellicott City High School A. B. Greek Cettysburgian Q11 3 Alpha Kappa Alpha Q31 5 Eta Sigma Phi Q2, 31 g Soccer Q11 g Track Q11 5 Debating Q11 5 Assist- ant Manager Q31 3 Ministerial Association Q11 g Brewer Greek Prize, Honorable Mention Q21 . J. RICHARD MYERS SAE DICK Lemoyne, Pa. Lemoyne High School A. B. Biology Football Q11. WALTER NELSON NORLEY IIDKKII SQUIRRELLY Haverford, Pa. Haverford High School , A. B. Biology Beta Beta Beta Q31g Football Ql, 2, 315 Track Q11 3 Tri- bunal I937-SPECTRUM 68 l937'SPECTRUM MARTIN FISHER PETERS CIJEK PETE Phoenixville, Pa. Phoenixville High School A. B. Economics Football, Assistant Manager fl, 2, 33 5 Rille Team fl, 2, 31. CLARENCE SANFORD POWERS, .l R. CIDEK Doc York, Pa. York High School A. B. Economics Alpha Psi Epsilon Q31 g Basketball flj 5 Glee Club fl, 21. HAROLD EMANUEL RAF F ENSPERGER TKE RAFFIE New Oxford, Pa. New Oxford High School A. B. History Basketball KID g Clee Club fl, 25 5 Band fl, 2, 35 5 Orches- tra fl, 25 5 Historical Association Q31 . ROBERT KIEFF ER RAF F ENSPERGER BOB Biglerville, Pa. Biglerville High School A. B. Chemistry RiHe Team fl, 21 . 69 ROBERT BROWNING RAU TKE Boa Baltimore, Md. Baltimore City College A. B. German Der Deutsche Verein f2, 31 g Glee Club fl, 21. BERNARD S. REHMEYER KAP BERN New Freedom, Pa. New Freedom High School A. B. Economics Tennis fl, 215 Clee Club fl, 21g Band fl, 2, 31g Junior Prom Committee. WILLIAM JOHN REIMER KIDEK BILL Stone Church, Pa. Bangor High School A. B. Political Science IQ37 SPECTRUMQ Tau Kappa Alpha, Secretary f31g Pi Lambda Sigma 12, g Debating fl, 2, 31 g Der Deutsche Verein f21g Treasurer f31g Glee Club fl, 215 Orchestra fl, 2, g Class Honors Q21 g Highest Class Honors f11. HARRY THOMAS RICHWINE EAE H. T. Harrisburg, Pa. John Harris High School A. B. History Historical Association f2, 31 g International Relations Club 12, 31. l937'SPECTRUM 70 F937-SPECTRUM PAUL DANIEL RINES l TKE PAT Altoona, Pa. Altoona High School A. B. Biology Pi Lambda Sigma Q31 g Clee Club Q21 g Band Q1, 21 g Man- ager g Orchestra Q21 g Manager Q31. DONALD RICHARD RUDOLF fbili DON Harrisburg, Pa. .lohn Harris High School A. B. English Gettysburgian Q11, Sports Editor Q21, Managing Editor Q31 5 1935 G-bookg Debating Q1, 2, 31 S Junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, President Q21 3 S. C. A. Cabinet Q31 g Ministerial Association Q1, 2, . LUTHER BURNS SALTZGIVER TKE JUNIOR Silver Run, Md. V Charles Carroll High School A. B. History 1937 SPECTRUM, Gettysburgian Q11 5 Eta Sigma Phi Q2, 31 g Historical Association Q1, 2, 31 g Basketball, Assistant Man- ager Q1, 2, 31 g Ministerial Association Ql, 2, 31 . CHARLES STEINER SANNER KDEK CHARLEY Frederick, Md. Frederick High School A. B. Economics 1937 SPECTRUMg Gettyshurgian Q31, Alpha Psi Epsilon Q2, 31 3 Tau Kappa Alpha Q2, 31 3 Rifle Team Q31 5 Debat- ing Ql, 2, 31 5 Scabbard and Blade Q31 g Band Q1, 2, 31 3 Orchestra Q1, 2, 31 g Glee Club Q21 5 Sophomore Military Prize, Class Honors Q1, 21. 71 ANTHONY PAUL SAVARESE TONE Brooklyn, N. Y. St. Francis High School A. B. Biology LESS MALCOLM SCHADEL, JR. TKE BUD Philadelphia, Pa. Roxborough High School Philadelphia Normal School A. B. Chemistry Gettysburgian Ql1g Rifle Team Ql1g Swimming Q2, 315 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Q21 :, Glee Club Ql., 21. J. GEORGE SCHMID TKE SCHMIDDY York, Pa. York High Schoolg Gettysburg Academy B. S. Mechanical Engineering 1937 SPEcTRUMg Wrestling Q1, 21. LLOYD LOUIS SCHRADER QKN Bucs Bellerose, N. Y. Sewanaka High School A. B. Chemistry Soccer Q1, 2, 31 :, Rifie Team Q2, 31 g Track Q11 g Owl and Nightingale Q2, 31 g Frosh-Soph Hop Committee Q21 . I937-SPECTRUM 72 l937-SPECTRUM HARVEY EDWIN SERFASS ATQ HARVE Bethlehem, Pa. Bethlehem High School A. B. History Football Q1, 2, 31 5 Wrestling Q1, 2, 31 5 Track Q1, 2, 31 5 Tribunal Q 21 5 Student Council Q2, 31 5 Interfraternity Council Q315 Historical Association ROBERT LEE SHADLE fIJPA BOB Selinsgrove, Pa. Selinsgrove High School5 Blueiield Prep. A. B. Economics Football Q1, 2, 31 5 Basketball Ql, 21 5 Student Council Q21 5 Tribunal Q21 5 Frosh-Soph Hop Committee, Chairman Q21 . ROGER EVANS SHAFFER Roc Hanover Junction, Pa. Glen Rock High School A. B. Chemistry Gettysburgian Q11g Skeptical Chymists Q2, 31. SAMUEL BLAINE SHIRK IIJFA SAM Wyonlissing, Pa. Wyomissing High School A. B. English l937 SPECTRUM, Associate Editorg Gettysburgian Q1, 21, Literary Editor Q31 5 1935 G-bookg Tau Kappa Alpha Q31 5 Blue Crocodiles Q31 5 Debating, Manager Ql1, Q2, 5 Owl and Nightingale Q2, 31 5 Der Deutsche Verein Q2, 31 5 Mod- ern Book Club Q11 5 lnterfraternity Council Q31 5 Glee Club Q11 5 A Cappella Choir Q31 5 Class Honors Ql, 21. 73 HERBERT WARNER SMULL QKN BUCK Lansdowne, Md. A. B. Economics Soccer, Manager Q11 3 Wrestling Q21 3 Owl and Nightingale 2 . ETHEL VIRGINIA SNYDER BA GINNY Wheeling, W. Va. Wheeling High School Wittenberg College A. B. English Women's Student Government Q31 3 S. C. A. Cabinet Q31 : A Capella Choir HENRY WILLIAM SNYDER, JR. 1112 li HEN Washington, D. C. Western High School, Wash. A. B. Philosophy Gettysburgian QI1, News Editor Q21, Editor-in-chief C31 3 Debating QI, 313 Owl and Nightingale Q313 Blue Croco- diles Q 2, 31 3 Ministerial Association QI, 21 3 Interfraternity Council Q31 3 Junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3 S. C. A. Cab- inet Q31 3 Class Honors Q11 3 Highest Class Honors Q21. WILLIAM JOSEPH STROLIS KAP STREEBLE Shenandoah, Pa. Gettysburg Academy ffl. B. Political Science Basketball, Assistant Manager Q21 3 Interfraternity Council Q31 !937'SPECTRUM 74 Gettysburg Academy I937-SPECTRUM BERNARD CONRAD STROSAHL BERNIE Honesdale, Pa. Honesdale High School B. S. Mechanical Engineering Glee Club Q2, 31. JOSEPH LEO SUPERKA KDAQ Jon Catasaqua, Pa. Bethlehem High School A. B. History Football fl, 2, 31 3 Baseball fl, 21 g Historical Association K31. KENNETH EDGAR TAYLOR PROF Yoe, Pa. Red Lion High School A. B. Economics 1937 SPECTRUMg Alpha Psi Epsilon 12, 313 Rifle Team fl, 2, 31 g Track ORTHA ELOIS TAYLOR TCI, ORAY Codorus, Pa. Codorus High Schoolg Ursinus College A. B. English S. C. A. Cabinet Q31 g A Cappella Choir f31. 75 RAYMOND ALLEN TAYLOR 4:1011 TOAD York, PH- York High School A. B. Biology Basketball, Manager f3j g Clee Club fll. WILLIAM ADRIAN TILLEY CPFA BILL Washington, D. C. Newton High School, Mass. A. B. Economics 1937 SPECTRUM, Circulation Managerg Gettysburgian fl, 21 3 Soccer Ill 3 Class Vice-President f3j g Rifle Team fl, 275 Pershing Rifles, Vice-President PETER ANTHONY TRIANI KAP ToNY Berwick, Pa. Berwick High School A. B. Biology Football ill 3 Wrestling 12, 3l. EUGENE BAKER UMBERGER GENE Runnemede, lN. J. Audubon High School A. B. Greek 1937 SPECTRUMg Alpha Kappa .Alpha f2, 31 3 Eta Sigma Phi f2, 31 5 Track fl, 2, 35 3 Class Secretary f3l g Modern Book Club f3l g Ministerial Association fl, 25, President C35 5 S. C. A. Cabinet f2, 3b. T I937-SPECTRUM 76 I937-SPECTRUM WILLIAM CARL WAGNER QDFA PUC Williamsport, Pa. Willialnsport High School A. B. Economics Football QI, 2, 31 g Track QI, 2, 31 3 Wrestling QI, 2, 31 g Rancl JOHN GORDON WALBORN 11,2111 JOHNNY Harrisburg, Pa. John Harris High School A. B. Economics Alpha Psi Epsilon Q2, 31 3 Tennis Q11 , Assistant Manager Q2, 31g Rifle Team Q2, 31 g Glee Club Q21. A RICHARD EUGENE WALKER EX DICK Harrisburg, Pa. John Harris High School A. B. Chemistry Football QI, 2, 31 3 Basketball QI, 21 3 Baseball Q21 3 Track Q21- MILDRED RUTH WALTEMEYER BA RUTH Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg High School, Wilson College A. B. English Women's Student Government Q31 5 S. C. A. Cabinet Q31 g A Cappella Choir Q31. 77 ARTHUR WILLIAM WIZIDNER QKN ART York Springs, Pa. York Springs High School A. B. Biology 1937 SPECTRUMQ Beta Beta Beta f2, 31 3 Kappa Phi Kappa C31 g 1935 G-bookg Soccer Q21 g Track C11 3 Interfraternity Council C31 3 Owl and Nightingale, Business Manager Q31 3 Junior Prom Committee. EDWARD ALLEN WENRICH EX ED West Reading, Pa. West Reading High School Albright College A. B. Political Science Cettysburgian I31 3 Pi Lambda Sigma C31 g Der Deutsche Verein f31g Glee Club f21. DENNIS ROBERT WETZEL QIDKP DENNY Hanover, Pa. Hanover High School A. B. Biology 1937 SPECTRUM, Gettysburgian fl, 21, Baseball, Assis- tant Manager fl, 2, 31, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet fl, 213 Orchestra 121. EARLE WILSON WORLEY WORLEY Littlestown, Pa. Littlestown High School fl. B. M alhemalics Soccer fl., 2, 31 5 Baseball I937-SPECTRUM 78 l937'SPECTRUM MARK ANTHONY ECKERT 'MOI' ECKERT Gettysburg, Pa. A. B. Economics STERLING MONROE ECKER TURK Littlestown, Pa. Littlcstown High School A. B. History Soccer fl, 2j g Baseball tl., 2, fl 3. .IOHN W. HEIGES ATS! JOHNNY Harrisburg, Pa. john Harris High School A. B. Economics Gettysburgian ll, 21, Circulation Manager f3,l g Basketball 11, 21 g Junior Prom Committee. EDWARD NORMAN HOVIS ED Rouzerville, Pa. Wynesboro High School Washington Prep, Albright College A. B. Biology Beta Beta Beta f3l g Kappa Phi Kappa f3l HAROLD WILBUR LEWIS IIJEK HAL Hazleton, Pa. Hazleton High School A. B. Economics Basketball fl, 2, 33. .IOHN ELLSWORTH MINNICH JoHNNn-: Harrisburg, Pa. William Penn High School A. B. English Cettysburgian fl, 21 5 Modern Book Club 123, Secretary i33- .IAMES HAROLD MYERS ATQ SPIKE Harrisburg, Pa. John Harris High School A. B. History Football QU 3 Basketball flj 5 Baseball Q21 g Historical Association, Secretary-Treasurer 125. PHILIP NEVIN REBERT QDAGJ Frederick, Md. A. B. Economics WILBUR LANE SANDERS ATS! Rios Woodbine, Pa. Delta .High School A. B. Economics Gettysburgian fl., 25, Baseball, Assistant Manager LU, Frosh-Soph Hop Committee f2J. HARRY WALTER UFFELMAN ATQ Hoss York, Pa. Williain Penn I-Iigh School A. B. Chemistry ALFRED YOUNG WOLF F Hanover, Pa. A. B. English 79 MCCL'URE BANE PHELPS SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY Q CLASSMATES, we now bear the title Sophomore! Sophomore! The very word itself seems to be mysterious and alluring. Often in the past, we wished that we could bridge the gap between the Freshman and Sophomore years, a gap so great that bridging it would be a far greater achievement than entering college. Now that we have come into our second year, let us examine our accomplishments. Without a doubt, we have proved ourselves worthy representatives of Gettysburg College. The football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, and rifie teams have drawn heavily upon our class for varsity members. Present observations indicate that the baseball, track, and tennis teams will do the same. Others of our number, observing that "the pen is mightier than the sword" have entered Gettysburgian work, debating, band, orchestra, dramatics, and other non-athletic activities. Scholastically, we boast of a large group who have succeeded in achieving scholastic distinction, and the class as a whole has succeeded in maintaining a high average. Coincidental with the advancement of our college life has come social develop: ment. Our social life has not consisted merely of large representations at college dances, but has extended to other institutions. Upon our shoulders fell a goodly share of the task of furthering the standing of our fraternities. The Freshmen, who have come here green and innocent, whether they have become members of fraternities or not, needed thoughtful direction. We have indeed advanced far from our Freshman days. But we realize that we cannot stop here. We must continue the building of our foundation of life, a founda- tion which must meet and conquer adversity and prosperity. We have come far but we must go farther. -H. WII,LIAM PHELP5, H istorian. !937'SPECTRUM 80 i937'SPECTRUM SOPHOMORE CLASS CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS Horace William Asimus Arlington, N. J. William Kenneth Bane Bellersose, N. Y. George Anton Barten Baltimore, Md. Robert J. Bates Harrisburg Thomas J efferson Bell Harrisburg Helen Marguerite Boden Mechanicsburg Henry Sittner Boehner Philadelphia Arthur Charles Boyer Catawissa John Greenawalt Brehm Gettysburg Samuel Burns Campbell, Jr. Milton Helen Anne C. Carey New York, N. Y. Warren Freeman Cooper Hazelton Edward Gordon Crist Gettysburg Francis August Daeliling Philadelpha John Bartlett Daugherty Red Hill Williarn Watson Davis Confluence John L. Diehl Chambersburg Donald Goodyear Doll York Richard Edgar Dreas Reading James Wilson Eckerd New Bloomfield Andrew M. Egeland Fair Haven, N. J. Ralph Eugene Eisenhart East Berlin Gertrud Evers Baltimore, Md. Frederick Maxwell Fair Harrisburg Quentin James Florence Waynesboro George Albert Frantz, Jr. Confluence Arthur McCaleb Frey Harrisburg Willard Stanton George Mohnton Kathryn Gitt Gettysburg Charles Marshall Goff Elizabethtown, N. J. Edward Walter' Graefe Owings Mills, Md. Edward Eugene Green Laurelton, N. Y. Elliot Francis Gross Grantwood, N. J. Lester Roy Gross Dover Warren Guldin Pennsburg George Joseph Harris Lonaconing, Md. Henry Miller Hartman Gettysburg Lester Bernard Herbert Lavelle John Henry Hege Dover Martha Jane Herman Harrisburg Karl Milton Herr Berwick Walter Charles Hess Rosedale, N. Y. George Edgar Hikes Gardners Ralph Adam Hildebrand Wilkes-Barre Robert Leroy Hildebrand Johnstown George Farnsler Hooker Bethlehem Harold Randolph Hockman Bellefonte Robert Samuel Hughes Ashland Frederick DeWitt Justin Merion Edward Clifton Kakel Towson, Md. ti mx ..,. me I SOPHOMORE CLASS James Grear Kelly Gettysburg Samuel Alexander Kirkpatrick New Cumberland Harvey Delle Klinedinst Red Lion Frederick Vernon Knecht Tower City Byron Albert Kuhs Johnstown Donald R. Lau Reading Robert Edmund Lau York Jean Catherine Logan Turtle Creek Jack Perry MacNeille Bayonne, N. J. E. Sayre F. Maiden Philadelphia Willis Edmund Manges Moylan Willialii Jacob Marks Gettysburg I937-SP w Fred Messinger Easton Arlton Wayne Milbourn Great Bend Edgar Allen Miller, Jr. Gettysburg Robert H. Miller Patton Louis Richard Mizell Kensington, Md. Allison Park Moore Downington Willialn Naile, Jr. Drexel Hill Richard Dixon Olmstead Worchester, Mass. Richard Graham Perkins York Henry William Phelps Gettysburg Louis Charles Pirnik Pennsburg Edward J. Pszwaro Gibbstown, N. J. ECTRUM' i937-SPECTRUM Harold Henry Quickel York David William Reutter Tamaqua Richard Curtis Bife Harrisburg Nicholas Frederick Schultz East Liverpool, 0. Richard Kulp Schumo Hamburg Meyer Oscar Schwartz New York, N. Y. Elizabeth Seel Malvern Roderic Newman Senit York Ray Querns Seyler Brookline Charles Donald Sheely Gettysburg Arthur Russell Shoop Richland Joseph Huber Sierer Chambersburg Rodger Miller Singer Manheim James Mervin Smith New Freedom Peter Henry Smith East Berlin Ray Frank Smith Frederick, Md. Arthur Theodore Soderberg East Wfeymouth, Mass. Clyde Herbert Spangler New Oxford John Maurice Stambaugh York David Edward Starry York Springs Vivian Virginia Staub Hazleton William .l. Staubitz Buffalo, N. Y. Howard Edwin Stine Blain Fred Elmer Strong Worchester, Mass. James Rutherford Swan St. Thomas Elizabeth R. Swope Gettysburg Emil Frederick Tashenberg Cumberland, Md. Edmund Wells Thomas, Jr. Gettysburg ,lohn Charles Villaume Honesdale Romeo Barrick Wagliei Philadelphia YValter Augustus W ahler Littlestown Charlotte Louise Waltemyer Gettysburg Elizabeth Laura Weaver Utica, N. Y. David Bentzel Weller Gettysburg Edward Allen Vifenrich Beading George Edward Whetstone Yvaynesboro Roland Crull Whisler York Musser Diven White, Jr. Harrisburg Robert Harper Williams Gettysburg Francis Monroe Wingate W'ellsboro Paul Emerson Wolfgang Lavelle Robert Eugene Yevak Hazleton Glenn Walburn Zarger Chambersburg Eugene Martin Brubaker Altoona Carroll Leroy Buhrman Waynesboro Donald Weller Dickey Somerset Vifalter Alexander Dubovick South River, N. J. Martin Edward Florence Waynesboro Harold Sanford Landau Bayside, N. Y, Mahlon Albert McCarney York William Edward McClure Harrisburg William Wallace McNeil. jr Tyrone Ralph Howard Michael Bethlehem William Ernest Pitts, Jr. Hanover Bernard Conrad Strosahl Honesdale Kenneth Draper Walker, Jr. Lansdowne WEEMS W mv ER MOTRY TILBERG FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY Q GETTYSBURG College may be likened to a great steel mill, which takes raw material, and by a long, hard process, transforms it into sturdy steel. Every year Gettysburg College receives new train-loads of eager, wide-eyed freshmen to transform, by four years of purifying, strengthening, tempering, testing, and polishing, from the raw mfaterial, boys and girls, into refined young men and women. September 20, 1935, the Class of 1939 arrived at the plant. To them the long process was to be an entirely new experience which was to have profound effect upon their whole lives. Some members of this group thought college was a place to enjoy life, and wait for something unknown to happen. Others thought college was a sweat-shop, where they must work to the limit, night and day. Another group saw the real meaning of college but they needed time to get themselves accustomed to new experiences. Still others got the right conception from the very beginning. They forged ahead, acquiring a running start on their confused classmates. The year has passed. Athletics, studies, customs, new surroundings and friendships, fraternities and sororities, dances, and many more phases of college life have left their indelible impression on the new students. Our Freshman year has been a great disciplining and orientating period, it has given the Freshman an insight into the joys and sorrows, the successes and failures, the simplicities and complexities of college life. With the coming of our second year we are ready to start anew, better able to explore for three years the vast treasures that college has to offer. -CEDRIC W. TILBERG Historian 'e i937-SPECTRUM 84 5937-SPECTRUM FRESHMAN CLASS Class of 1939 CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS John David Alexander New Cumberland Henry Philip Arras New York, N. Y. Julius Oscar Aschenbach Leonardo, N. J. Isabelle Ray Barlup Waynesboro Mark Henry Bast Schuylkill Haven John Henry Baum Lemoyne Janet Louise Beach Johnstown Dale Monroe Bentz Shiloh Daniel Lane Bergstresser Selinsgrove Pauline Ann Bernd Lansdale Horace Morgan Besecker, Jr. Fayetteville Katharine Edna Bierbower Camp Hill Kenneth John Bommer Hazelton Margaret Bernice Bowers Gettysburg Jean Lyle Bowman Harrisburg Lucille Esther Bowser McDonald William Edgar Brandt Pittsburgh Marie Virginia Bray Kittanning John Lewis Brown Ford City John Allen Buckbee Camp Hill Seth Lovellan Bucklen Oakmont Beatrice Hermance Burgdorf Baltimore, Md. Goldie Irene Byers Gettysburg Willam Harry Chester Montrose, N. Y. Aurelia Henrietta Codori Gettysburg Robert Edward Crede Pittsburgh Charlotte Virginia Creegei Thurmont, Md. Elizabeth Matilda Damm Baltimore, Md. William Alexander Davidson Palmyra, N. J. John Edgar Deardorff Gettysburg John William Deardorff, Jr. Biglerville Katherine Louise Deibert Northampton David Gulden Deitch Gettysburg David Dennison Newton Center, Mass. Ellis Leroy Derry Plainfield, N. J. Eric Edward Duckstad Gettysburg Joseph Potts Echternach Penfield John Henry Ehrhart Hampton Florence May Empie Baltimore, Md. Gertrude Mabel Enck Harrisburg George Adam Felder Oberlin Hadwin Keith Fischer Gettysburg Robert Harley Fischer Gettysburg Leroy Clyde Folmsbee Berwick Paul Carlton Fulmer Milton Karl Solomon Gamber Harrisburg John Dixon Geiser, Jr. Belle Vernon Irving Gellert Ashland '- 1.55 rf xxx l .. ,',' L I. ..., LW ,,.' ll ff' .Hin H , , E5? 5 Eii ii . FRESHMAN CLASS Philip William Gorman Everett Odell Hesselgesser Hanover Freeport Jack Williamson Guerard Charles Leslie Hill Philadelphia Howard Anderson Hall Newtonville, Mass. Janet Dyer Hancock Salem, N. J. Robert DeLolle Hanson Gettysburg Harrison Franklin Harback Gettysburg Elizabeth Williia Harris Lanaconing, Md. Moses McCoy Hartman Richmond Furnace Mahlon Plank Hartzell, Jr. Gettysburg .Bruce Minnich Hassinger Harrisburg John Klinker Heindel Glen Ridge, N. J. Frostburg, Md. Gilbert Clarandan Hine New York, N. Y. Richard Milton Holland Red Lion Robert Hartz Holsberg Harrisburg James Wesley Hudson Philadelphia Marianne Elizabeth Hultber Philadelphia George H. Hummel, Jr. York Arthur Douglas Hunger, Jr. Point Marion Stanley Beecher Jennings Mechanicsburg Herbert J esser Philadelphia l937'SPECTRUM l937-SPECTRUM Courtland Frederick Kanzing Ardmore John Williani Kaufman Ashland Elizabeth June Kidd Allentown Clarence Edward Kitzmiller Gettysburg Immanuel Max Klette Rockville, Conn. Bert Takaaki Kobayoshi Honolulu, Hawaii Walter Reehling Kuhn, Jr. Gettysburg Frederick Thomas Kull Ashland Carl Robert Landau Bayside, N. J. George Martin Leader York Jacob Elwood Leisenring, Jr. Bear Gap John Galt Lindtwed Biglerville John Kenneth Linn, Jr. Tokoyo, Japan Nolan Revere Little Carlisle Margaret Janet Logan Turtle Creek William Hunter Lynn Philipsburg Margaret Elizabeth Manges Harrisburg Robert Starner Martin Gardners Vinton Gise McClellan Centre Hall Ivan Jerome McCormick Leechburg Allen Robert McHenry Sagamore John Haag McHenry Sagamore Mary Elizabeth Mcllhenny Gettysburg Spurgeon Arthur Messner Carlisle Allen Cook Miller New Oxford Jean Vivian Miller Long Island, N. Y. John Harold Miller Littlestown ei 87 Joseph Douglas Miller Chambersburg Dorothea Anne Motry Baltimore, Md. Janet Katherine Moyer Harrisburg John Maurice Musselman Fairfield Vernon Murray Ness York Theodore Norley Brookline Harry Mink O'Neill Darby Robert Taylor Pennington Atlantic City, N. J. Frederick Herman Persiko, Jr Meriden, Conn. Arthur Karl Phillippi Wilb1'aha1n, Mass. Mary Lois Pretz Gettysburg Homer Irving Raymond, Jr. Green Lane John Oliver Ream, Jr. Berlin Mabel Wagner Reed Phoenixville Arthur Haines Reese Jenkintown Mervin Rehrer Pine Grove Williaiii Hudson Rhodes Emmitsburg, Md. Arthur Charles Richards, Jr. Philadelphia Peter Paul Roman Worchester, Mass. Wesley J. Rose, Jr. Johnstown John Rosenstengel Gettysburg William Raymond Rossman Altoona Glenn Hartman Rudisill Collingswood, N. J. Edward Rutledge Sanford Paxtang Robert Jonathan Saul Reading John Clair Saylor York Harry Robert Schard Camden, N. J. George Pershing Schmitt T arentum Granville Radcliffe Schultz Trenton, N. J. .James William Schwartz Frederick, Md. Alvin Charles Schweizer Brooklyn, N. Y. Lloyd Henderson Seiler Jelferson, Md. Mildred Elizabeth Sell Biglerville Helen Marguerite Sellers Chambersburg Robert Harley Senn Egg Harbor, N. J. Corriston Casper Sharp Philadelphia Jack Wetzel Shotsberger Sunbury Natalie May Sims Westfield, N, J. Edwin Elias Staudt, Jr. Pottsville Wilbur Tobias Stein Harrisburg Mary Virginia Storrick Gettysburg Richard Towne Sutcliffe Taneytown, Md. Cedric Wilbur Tilberg Gettysburg Harrison Lewis Todd Medford, N. J. John Henry Trimmer, Jr. York Elizabeth Mae Troxell Gettysburg William Henry Utz Gettysburg Susan von Schwerdtner Gettysburg George Mark Walborn Millersburg Paul Ernst Walder Gettysburg Ruth Rosina Wareheini Littlestown Doris Ethel Warrenfeltz Hagerstown, Md. Stuart Martin Warrenfeltz Hagerstown, Md. John Benner Weaver' Altoona Thomas Michael Weems Atlantic City, N. J. David Franklin WhCl'l8yY Glen Rock Willis Frederick White Blossvale, N. Y. Donald Hale Wltitliioyei' Harrisburg Jerome Hite Vifhitmoyer, Jr Harrisburg Robert Blair Williailis Wellsboro Harold Eastwood Winder Ardmore Walter A. Witman Pennsburg Jane Stuart Wood Glenside Dorothy Louise Yingst Harrisburg Luke Max Yunaska Tarentum William Jacob Zepp York Springs Evalyn Corinne Zimmerman Lititz CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Clark Eugene Bricker Shrewsbury Charles Cleveland Custer South Mountain Robert Joseph Heller York Angelo Lewis Jerome Berwick Arthur Stanley Lewis, Jr. Trenton, N. J. Joseph Harry McKendree, Jr Philadelphia James Edward Peters Bellefonte Lawrence Glen Sadler Irwin Donald Estabrook Smith Summit, N. J. Joseph Tyler Yarnell, Jr. Swissdale l937'SPECTRUM ' "E E?" ' 2-u-M W ,U img, 75.11 Mg Jin fi ' Jgj N 12255 , V f 'HSJ' 3335554 .. iq... .. ,, , U 4 4 flfiui- ' fx if W ,si Ml- 'N ,w,i.,L ,:q1,a5,. -. , W Q: . Mag i: 2595- f w 2 L i I , f gj. . 2 , , ,MJ .- H, . E22 W ix ,. Ee? :. 24202 . :ECI WU - - - ,,A:,u,i-ik , X,,.X..,,fmk,.,k 1, , w lx w w w Mg sg? J , :Nw Us P ,. ,mg 5 FA, Y . sg.5?fl9 ,. 5,35 K 'Y I f' Wx. 'ifgfiggszezgm w x A 15, M--,Q fp- 1 fgggmrm 2... ,-., mm--Q I ' V ' '49-V- gmwN - 'Lf-21523 E3 X i .M , 5 , i , , I 5? 45355 'fin S N v F 4 9Qig's--. , ziisiff , rf? ."- ' 15: fi ,F I Q7 , ,JM iS3'fsi??lif . 'WSW' 'mv ,iw ' 1 4 ff 11 'nw ' V if: 1 ,, vmfmsifi f, ff 'U ii ' 53135 Jiilsfgis-xg ,Q-A gsffqfglr-4: V., M W ' 1 F Y sw ,- 15 'Ugg , M , 3' '2ffiK2ggA2yfiKi2i-5 ?v if :'wQfw wL14ef M'H2f2?fi 7 3- ' 1 1 1 - 2,1 .11 ' ' - I 1 I '- V , 'A . :im N ' ,-x. E ASQLEQ .s5. lqggggg 5?5Eigg1I: A YV ' ' Q - ' X f ' ,A 5516521 sf'gz4fLg'75i1gfk 'ff -if Huff ,iS'..,' i' iff' , 79: Til?-E321 V 1 E N L. g2QQf 35381 J' Q -gnxwzv' if 1, :w,f,.:l M?QQ55? 5???5E2i35 i 232153 F1 i 1 5 -, . X J 5' 1: 4 'f , x "' ' .. .Zin r ' n. . K 1 1" ' 2 1-,F 'M ' .,wfQvEf'9EQ i 4.-' Q: ?:Xf,lQ::Q:::. ,Q -., H ' M ji, f 1 5294. 5 ' Q- 2 32 J -fs Q1 ' , A , '- -- 4 . 0 - i1LM7LQ- HL 1 eiikg A Y ' Y W- f- '3i:sfii2:igpz.., - , gr1,..:- A ,, --P H A 1 - ,g 771 ""'F I JH 'H X ,. 'SwjfQgwf4. ,, M 4 I ,Sl i E5Ei? Z?s'qY'L 1 EO .:, : lggwj-'fi P '?,S -Eg Jax. - , 51 Q ,i ' Wifi L . L , sl 1 X M , 5,2 -?,:Vl3 :A 5gg- fi-,-I :g g -L-- .SJ H. V , Y im ik,-,,,, N5 X ya ,- . E U: - s " -Q,"l1r QQ. 24, K F' Q get .. Ifggs ,ii-, '. ,H -'Q-.Ei ff.-wx . . Q ang 7 f, . ,, A . :gas - H E fx wi' I ,rw 1 ' 1 , H 1 f ff fi . f f ' T A Q T 5 . Thu , X W. ,J , g i : ' QA 1 H A f - ' -, f ' ' w 1' ff V 7 -' 1 NV, AX 71- ' V Il 'Eff :z V ' if " ' ' 1231 i , 5? ' . . X .M ff 'fix - .Q . 4125525252: , ,L-aw-z Sis ' J 5 Q 4:3125 '4 ' 1-'1111zg1Hf,1f, W L1E.1l2i?3A :, 1aqf,," W EE 'ffm'-G " '- .f:g,e:"'Y - fi :Q 3 xuxxj Q s-ii! ,gk . I 'f- wg ' - 1 ' ' Q ,Z-' 2 gm ,i ' , V W W - A ii? f'-f wwl mf fqbawfw fir f 8 ' .V 555' L 1 . 1--- -gzzfmiv K A ' . '. J 5 551? v ,V Q g mzii ' , 1 ENZFZEJ . - M ,wr-4-e' A fi .. -. - fp: w ' ' ?kfA'L .4 "ff f ' ".+2 , 'f?!f:P"'.f . ' , 'M' , .hrrl -, .t ,, Q lawggiiz e:'Lv:V,,- A fig 1 Y as aw 4 Wag r F W W , ..,,,a. -. ,, ,Am . ,- ..., w..,J, W, g,,4,,.,.,..L-.-,- ,-,,.,,, ,Am ,ff f-gf, Jennings, Strong. Morris, Trunk, Kirkpatrick, Moffitt, Fish, Barron. STUDENT COUNCIL ROBERT MORRIS ...., L. E. Barron J. H. Fish S. A. Kirkpatrick Seniors C. F. Trunk funiors H. E. Serfass Sophomores F1' S. B. Jennings President W.J.McCaha11 E. N. Moilitt F. E. Strong, I937-SPECTRUM 90 ff? L.g+i l937-SPECTRUM WOMENS STUDENT GOVERNMENT HELEN BENEDICT ...,. . , . Presizlen! Members of Comnrillees Martha Herman Elizabeth Damm Ethel Virginia Snyder Ruth Waltemyer Janet Moyer Florence Empie Helen Carey 1-Ierman, Benedict, Snyder. Moyer, Empic, Damm, Wallemyer. Carey. 91 Serfass, Fish, McCahan, Dougherty, Horne, Mofiitt. Miller, Rigby, Morris, Coble, Sassaman. P E N A N D S W O R D fH0n0rary Activity Societyl Founded at Gettysburg in 1897 ROBERT MORRIS ........4,... President Dr. R. A. Arms Mr. C. W. Beachem Mr. H. T. Bream Dr. H. W. A. Hanson Senior Sword J. A. ,Cico W. W. Coble W. J. McCahan A. E. Sobolesky R. S. Sassaman Junior Sword J. H. Fish E. N. Moiiiu H. E. Serfass Facully Members Dr. F. H. Kramer Prof. J. W. Ostrom Dr. G. D. Stahley Dr. M. H. Valentine ACTIVE MEIVIBERS Senior Pen. C. W. Miller J. K. Rigby J. W. Mcllhenny funior Pen G. G. Dougherty R. E. Horne l937'SPECTRUM 99 I937-SPECTRUM STUDENT TRIBUNAL ROBERT MORRIS, . . . ..... President Seniors W. J. McCahau funiors A. Cook J. H. Fish W. N. Norley Sophomores S. A. Kirkpatrick F. E. Strong R. Seyler R. E. Yevak Morris, Norley. Seyler, Kirkpatrick, Strong, Fish, Cook 93 Kline, Bortner, Bristol. Prof. Heiges, Snyder, Dunkelberger, Prof. Shaffer Miller, Dr. Kramer, Krum, Bare, Barron, Prof. Warthen, Prof. Hamme, Dr. Mason, Prof Turnbacli Dr. Miller, Prof. Larkin. Dr. Fortenbaugli, Dr. Sahy, Prof. Stover, Dr. Grimm, Dr. Stallley, Dr. Hanson, Dr. Sanders Dr Zlnn Dr. Waltem5'er, Dr. Glenn. PHI BETA KAPPA fNational Honorary Scholastic Fraternityj Founded at the College of William and Mary in 1776 Pennsylvania Iota Chapter established at Gettysburg in 1922 DR. C. F. SANDERS .........., President Dr. H. W. A. Hanson Dr. G. U. Stahley Dr. K. J. Grimm Dr. M. H. Valentine Dr. F. H. Kramer Dr. R. S. Saby Dr. W. C. W'altemyer Dr. J. B. Zinn Dr. R. Fortenbaugh B. M. Bare L. lf. Barron D. M. Bortner W. B. Bristol FACULTY MENIBERS Prof. Prof. Prof Prof Prof Prof R. B. S R G F Heiges Stover Warlh en Lark n Hamme Shaffer Prof. lf. P. Turnbach Dr. J. G. Glenn Dr. F. C. Mason Active Chapter A. Dunkelberge H. E. Kline G. S. Krum C. W. Miller W. U. Snyder I937-SPECTRUM 94 I937'SPECTRUM ETA SIGMA PHI CNational Honorary Classics Fraternityil Founded at University of Chicago in 1924 Alpha Pi Chapter established at Gettysburg in 1931 HARoLD A. DUNKELBERGER. . .President DR. J. G. GLENN ....... Faculty Adviser PROF. W. F. SHAFFER Faculty Adviser Prof. L. O. Johnson Mrs. L. 0. Johnson Prof. G. F. Gutmann Miss Martha Larson R. C. Benner HONORARY NIEMBICHS ACTIVE CHAPTER J. A. W. Dunkelberger S. P. Carver C. W. Miller C. K. Bowers R. J. Calhoun G. Dougherty ariam Eichner C. W. Folkemer G. M F. A. Daehling D. R. Lau Seniors Junior s Ruth Waltemyer Sophomores C. E. Whetstone Miss Miriam Waltemyer Mrs. Charles H eldt Dr. C. H. Huber Miss Emmaline M. D. Shutters W. U. Snyder C . F. Trunk C. E. Yost L. D. Folkemer R. E. Horne P. J. Mumford L. B. Saltzgiver E. B. Umberger R. N. Senft Charlotte Walte Rife myer Bowers, Horne, L. Folkemer. C. Folkemer, Benner. Prof. J0l111S0l1, W. Snyder, J. Dunkelherger, Shullers, Trunk, Dougherty, Miller Prof. Shaffer, Carver. H. Dunkelberger, Yost, Prof. Cutmann. 95 Horne, Shutters, Stonesifer, Trunk. Prof. Heiges, Naugle, Benner, Yost, Dr. Sanders, Umherger, Eckert. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA CNational Honorary Philosophy Fraternityj Gamma Chapter established at Gettysburg in 1931 CARL E. YOST ,...........,................,4..... President Dr. G. C. Basset Prof. D. R. Heiges Rev. D. F. Putman R. C. Benner F. J. Eckert Hazel Naugle LPos G. F. Harkins J. W. Harner Elizabeth Weaver HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. C. F. Sanders Prof. XV. F. Shaffer Dr. M. H. Valentine Dr. YV. C. Waltelnyer ACTIVE CHAPTER Seniors R. S. Sassaman M D . D. Shutters tGraduatel . R. Stonesifer C. F. Trunk fzmiors R. E. Horne P. J. Mumford E. B. Umberger Soplzomores G. E. Wlletstolme I937-SPECTRUM 96 !9374SPECTRUM KAPPA PHI KAPPA fNational Honorary Education Fraternityib Epsilon Chapter established at Gettysburg in 1922 J PAUL B. AURAND 4..,, ........ .......w.., , . . President DR. F. H. KRAMER ,..., . ,... Faculty Adviser PROP. L. O. JOHNSON. ., ..,........... Faczilly Adviser FACULTY NIEMBERS Dr. W. C. Waltemyer Prof. C. B. Stover Dr. C. F. Sanders Dr. G. D. Stahley l rof. G. R. Larkin Prof. C. P. Cessna Dr. J. G. Glenn Dr. C. A. Sloat Dr. R. A, Arms Dr. G. C. Basset Prof. E. O. von Schwerdlner Prof. H. G. Hamme Dr. T. L. Cline Prof. C. F. Bilheimer Dr. R. Fortenbaugh Prof. W. F. Shaffer Prof. C. C. Reen Dean W. E. Tilberg ACTIVE CHAPTER Seniors D. M. Borlner R. Morris XV. W. Coble W. J. McCahan R. C. Fink J. K. Rigby J. R. Henry W. M. Smyser P. L. Frey A. E. Sobolesky C. C. Hake J. H. Thomas Juniors R. E. Hamrne A. W. Weidnel' C. F. Harkins F.. N. Hovis E. N. Momlt L. M. Boyer S. M. Ecker Smyser, Fink, McCahan, Morris, Hake, Harkins, Sobelesky. Bortner, Prof. Johnson, Aurand, Prof. Shaffer, Coble. 97 Larson, Smith, Irwin. Castillo, Dougherty, Prof. Hammo, Dr. Bachman, Prof. Hartshorne, Bortner, Smyser PHI SIGMA IOTA fNational Honorary Romance Language Fraternityj Tau Chapter Established at Gettysburg in 1931 DR. A. B. BACHMAN ............,........ .... P resiflent FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. K. J. Grimm Prof. H. G. Hamme Prof. YV. D. Hartshorne ACTIVE CHAPTER Seniors D. M. Bortner W. M. Smyser Margaret Zinn fPost Graduatej funiors Mary Elizabeth Dougherty S. L. Irwin J. C. Larsor Soplwmores P. H. Smith I937-SPECTRUM 98 I'-737-SPECTRUM DER DEUTSCHE VISREIN lQHonorzu'y German Societyfl Ifozzlldea' at Gettysburg in 1836 WILLIAM U. SNYDER. .,........,....,,.. ,.,.. P resident HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. A. B. Bachman Prof. H. G. Hamme Miss Anna Grimm Dr. F. H. Kramer Dr. K. J. Grimm Prof. E. O. von Schwerdtner Mrs. Robert Fortenbaugh Prof. W. F. Shaffer Prof. G. F. GUIIHBNII Dr. A. R. Wentz ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors M. L. Bomberger H. E. Kline H. A. Dunkelberger C. F. Trunk L. H. Eriksen C. E. Yost fzmiors G. G. Dougherty W. J. Reimer M.. C. Kanzinger S. B. Slrirk R. B. Rau E. A. Wenrich Sophomores Helen Carey F. A. Daehling Gertrud Evers Daehling. Wenrich, Bomberger, Kanzinger. Prof. Shaffer, Sllirk, Dougherly, Trunk, Dunkelberger, Prof. Gutmann, Prof. von Schwerdtner Dr. Grimm, Eriksen, Snyder, Reimer, Carey. 99 Goclmour, Reimer, Halfpenny, Compton, Gillespie. Wenricli, Larson, Dr. Saby, Keith, Long, Lalsliaw, Dougherty. PI LAMBDA SIGMA C National Honorary Pre-Legal Fraternityj ' Gamma Chapter Established at Gettysburg in 1928 JOHN B. KEITH. . DP.. R. S. SABY. ., R. W. Latshaw J. C. Larson W. R. Comptcn F. S. Gillespie E. A. Wenricli . . . . . . . . .President . . . . .Faculty Adviser ACTIVE CHAPTER Seniors F. M. Long flLllI:0l'S J. P. Gochnour G. G. Dougherty W. C. Halfpenny W. J. Reimer l937'SPECTRUM 'IOO I937-SPECTRUM ALPHA PSI EPSILON QHono1'ary Economics Fraternity Al Founded at Gettysburg in 1928 WILLIAM H. NICELHINEY ,.,.,. 4,4,. ....,.. . . .Preszdenf Dr. R. S. Saby H. M. Burkhart J. A. Culp G. O. Heckert R. C. Bryson C. S. Powers FACULTY MEMBERS Prof ACTIVE CHAPTER Seniors fzmiora J. G. WHlb01'l1 R F. A C. K . R. Larkin Latshaw . Long Tilley Sanner . Taylor Sanner, Taylor, Bryson, Walborn, Powers, Latshaw. Dr. Saby, Long, Burkhart, Prof. Larkin. 'IOT Bomberger, I-Ieigcs, Charmhury, Shaffer, Sleininger, Dollman, Ferlner. Dr. Zinn, Reighlcrg McElroy. Allewell, Dr. Sloat. SKEPTICAL CHYMISTS fGettysburg Honorary Chemistry Fraternityj WILBUR R. MCELROY ..,. ..... P resident Dr. J. B. Zinn A. L. Allewelt M. L. Bomberger S. J. Puma M. L. Fertner L. H. Eriksen J. C. Delo FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. G. R. Miller Dr. C. A. Sloat ACTIVE CHAPTER Seniors B. M. Bare H. V. Harbold K. W. Reighter S. W. Steininger H. B. Charmbury Juniors R. E. Shaffer S. C. Dollman I937-SPECTRUM 102 J I937-SPECTRUM BETA BETA BETA QNati0nal Honorary Biology Fraternityih Rho Chapter Establislnecl at Gettysburg in 1928 LOUIS S. WICAVER. . . .... ...T.... P resident DB. R. P. MAIXSI-I ,.4. ,.,,.,..,...,, .... I ' acuity Adviser FACULTY NIEMBERS Dr. G. D. Stahley Prof. U. E. Dibble ACTIVE CHAPTER Seniors P. A. Correll W. H. Karmany L. J. Gazollo J. H. Riley H. V. Harbold J. F. Snyder funiors C. E. Hetrick E. N. Hovis W. N. Norley Sophomores L. B. Hebert R. E. Lau E. F. Taschenberg Hetrich, Lau, Hovis, Riley, Karmany, Weidner. I-Iarbold, Dr. Stahley, Weaver, Dr. Marsh, Prof. Dibble. 'IO3 Gillespie, Snyder, Wllelstone, Sauuer, Phelps, Rudolf. Dean Tilberg, Shirk, Dunkelberger, Miller, Krumwiecle, Shutters. Dr. Cline DEBATE COUNCIL C. WILLIAM MII.LER .,,., ..,,,..... P resdenz DR. THOMAS L. CLINE ,....,.,............... Faculty Adviser HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. Francis C. Mason Prof. G. Saylor Warthen Dean W. E. Tilherg ACTIVE M EMBERS Seniors H. A. Duulcelberger W. C. Krumwiede M. D. Shutters juniors F. S. Gillespie C. S. V. Sanner W. J. Reimer S. B. Shirk D. R. Rudolf H. W. Snyder Sophomorev Q. J. Florence H. W. Phelps G. E. Whetstone I937-SPECTRUM 104 i937-SPECTRUM TAU KAPPA ALPHA 1Nalional Honorary Forensic Fraternityj Fomuleri at Buller College in 1903 Chapter Eslablislnefl at Gettysburg in 1917 HAROLD A. DUNKELBERGER .A.., ,,.. P resident ,FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Thomas L. Cline Dean YV. E. Tilberg Dr. Francis C. Mason Prof. G. Saylor Warthen ACTIVE CHAPTER S. B. Shirk W. J. Reimer C. S. V. Sanner Shirk, Sauner, Dunkelherger, Krumwiede. Dean Tilberg, Dr. Cline. 105 Harkins, Campbell, Kirkpatrick, Coll, Nichols, Bomberger, Smyser, Keinard, Bergstresser, Sassaman Weslenberger, Karmany, Ecllelmeyer, Dr. Arms, Snyder, Shirk, Barron. OWL AND NIGHTINGALE fCettysburg Dramatics Societyl J FREDERIC SNYDER DR. R. A. ARMS . . . L. E. Barron E. L. Bergstresser M. L. Bombergef' F. W. Echelmeyer F. J. Eckert .. ' J. D. Campbell W. R. Compton ACTIVE MENIBERS ' Seniors L. A. Westenberger Juniors H. W. Snyder Sophomores C. M. Goff . . , President ., Director W. H. Karmany R. W. Latshaw R. H. Nichols R. S. Sassaman W. M. Smyser G. F. Harkins S. B. Shirk I937'SPECTRUM 'IO6 l937'SPECTRUM BLUE CROCODILES fGettysbu1'g Honorary Jburnalistic Societyl WILLIAM MCILHENNY ,... . . .President D. M. Bortner L. H. Eriksen R. E. Horne D. R. Rudolf F. V. Knfecht ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors W. C. Krumwiede C. W. Miller W. U. Snyder Juniors S. B. Shirk H. W. Snyder Sophomores H. W. Phelps Horne, Dougherty, Shirk, Phelps. Rudolf, W. Snyder, Miller, H. Snyder, Eriksen. 'IO7 Blllllilllhll, L. .Folkemer, Horne, Dunkelbergcr, Senft. Lau. Black. Klinedinst, Graete, Heiges, Bowersox, Shutters, Duehling, R. Waltemyer Frey, C. Waltelnyer, Carver, Prof. Heiges, Sassaman, Carey, Yost. SENIOR S.C.A. CABINET fStudent Christian Associationj Established at Gettysburg in 1935 STUART P. GARVER ......,......,..,............... President PROF. D. R. HEIGES ..... ............ . ,. Faculty Adviser ACTIVE MEMBERS Seniors R. S. Sassaman C. E. Yost M. D. Shutters H. A. Dunkelberger G. E. Bowersox Juniors Kathleen Black Emily Landis Ethel Virginia Snyder Ortha Taylor Ruth W'altemyer H. F. Buhrman E. B. Uniberger C. YW. Folkemer L. D. Folkemer H. L. Heiges R. E. Horne D. R. Rudolf Soplzomores Helen Carey H. S. Boehner G. E. Whetstone F. A. Daehling E. W. Graefe J. H. Hege Charlotte YValtemyer H. D. Klinedinst R. N. Senft D. R. Lau A. YV. Milbourn Q. J. Florence I937-SPECTRUM 'IOS l937'SPEC.TRUM .JUNIOR S.C.A. CABINET QStudent Christian Association! Esmblishecl at Getiysburg in 1935 J. BENNER VVEAVER A... ...., I 'resident ELIZABETH DAMM ,... ..,... C o-president Prior. D. R. Hamas. . , .... Faculty Adviser ACTIVE MENIBERS Charlotte Creeger E. L. Derry Beatrice Burgdorf A. C. Schweizer Elizabeth Kidd F. H. Persiko Katherine Deibert G. H. Rudisill Helen Sellers C. A. Felder Evalyn Zimmerman S. B. Jennings Virginia Storriok J. H. McKendree Doris WH1'1'6HfCllZ P. E. Walder Margaret Manges S. M. Wa1'renfeltz Marianne Hultherg J. W. Hudson R. C. Rite Hudson, Rudisill. McKendree, Felder, Walder, Jennings, Boehner. Schweizer, Hullberg, Kidd. Deibert, Storrick, Sellers, Creeger, Hege. Warrenfeltz, Persiko, Weaver, Darnm, Burgclorf, Derry, Cordori. 'I09 Rudolf. Lau. L. Folliemer, Doll, Shutters, Wlzelslone, Staudt, Rossman, Dunkellxerger Y v t Eckert. Benner, Umherger, Horne, Daeliling. MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION lSociety for Undergraduate Ministerial Students! EUGENE B. UMBERGER. . . , . , , ,,,, President R. C. Benner C. E. Bowersox H . A. Dunkelberger F. ,l. Eckert S. P. Carver G. K. .Bowers R. J, Calhoun E. T. Chrisemer C. Folkemer FU? 713 U EQ CD5 E 55 L. Folkemer 95 U1 FU :D 34 CD 'J 5 -. EJ UQ UD HONORARY MEMBER Dr. H. W. A. Hanson ACTIVE NIEMBERS Seniors fzmiors Soplzomor es G. E. Whetstone Freshmen E. Staudt R. S. Sassaman M. D. Shutters W. U. Snyder C 'F . J. Trunk C. E. Yost C. F. Harkins J. W. Harner R. E. Horne D. R. Rudolf L. B. Saltzgiver D. R. Lau R. M. Singer VV. R. Rossman I937'SPECTRUM 110 i937-SPECTRUM HISTOARICAL AssoC1AT1oN tflettysburg Society for Students of Historyl RICHARD C. FINK .,.., ..,... ....., , ......,,. I ' resident FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Robert Fortenbaugh Prof. Dunning ldle ACTIVE Mmfrstzns Seniors D. lVl. Bortner ,l. B. Graham W. B. Bristol F. B. Haer W. W. Coble W. C. Krumwiecle J. A. Dunkelberger W. J. McCahan A. E. Sobolesky juniors Helen Benedict L. B. Saltzgivel J. H. Myers H. E. Serfass H. T. Rieliwine C. R. Stevens J. L. Superka Sophomores Helen Boden Margaret Hanawalt W. Guldin R. L. Hildebrand Kathryn Gilt R. C. Rife J. C. Villaume Freshmen H. lesser Graham, Dunkellmerger, Coble, Villauule, Serlass, Sobolesky, Bortner. Prof. ldle. Bristol, Fink, Dean Tilberg. Dr. l7orl,enl'maugl1. 'VH A CAPPELLA CHOIR PARKER B. WAGNILD, ..,. ,...,....,.. . C. CARLTON HAKE ..... WILLIAM U. SNYDER .A.. . . MARGAIiET ZINN ...... ...,...... Q":2'r.'.:l olrogm "f"1C'-'E ,TH's--Or-I mms:- 5.52-,a CD . Fgizm AP' v For-'ppm D:-54: aww 5 QF! QF GF L-4 Cayo? CDG:-v"DN "7"1H':e-P Sfsewz. iiasg r11mE:Zo:1 fizsdgc CD-I'-' H an :UQ ... QA 'D o '1 Ph Boehner Dougherty . Hall Harkins R. H. Bryson C E. F. J. L. Burhman T. Chrisemer A. Daehling A. W. Dunkelberger Sopranos: Anna Grimm Emily Landis Margaret Manges Mary Pretz Dorothea Motry Ethel Snyder Tenors: J. K. Heindel G. E. Hikes J. P. MacNeille R. C. Michael Altos: Kathryn Gilt Marianne Hulther Betty Kidd Margaret Logan Bassas: J. D. Geiser C. C. Hake J. H. I-lege P. H. Hershey W. R. McElhiney o' D . . . .Director . . . . .Manager . . . .Librarian . . .:',Secretary Betty Swope 01-tha Taylor Charlotte Walteiiiyfer' Ruth Wfaltemyer Ruth Warelleini A. P. Moore W. R. Rossnian A. R. Shoop R. M. Singer Janet Moyer Mabel Reed Betty Troxell Evalyn Zimmerman Margaret Zinn W. U. Snyder R. T. Sutcliffe C. M. Walborn J. B. Weaver G. E. Whetstone I937'SPECTRUM 112 i937-SPECTRUM B A N D PR01-'. B. H. SALTZER ....,.A...A..,.. W. R. MCELHINEY.. P. D. RINES .A....,. D. R. LOVELL 4... Members J. H. Baum G. E. Bowersox C. Bricker C. A. Felder R. Fitzsirnmons P. L. Frey L. R. Gross J. H. Hege H. L. Heiges P. H. Hershey K. P. Hull H. D. Klinedinst W. R. Kuhn F. T. Kull C. R. Landau R. E. Lau .L M. Musselman V. M. Ness W. S. George Directol .Student Leadel Student Manage: Sludsnt Librarian B. S. Rehmeyer M. Rehrer YV. R. Rossman C. S. V. Sanner R J. S-aul L. H. Sieiler J. H. Sierer R M. Singer D E. Smith D R. Stonesifer H E. Stine R T. Sutcliffe J. H. Trimmer C F. Trunk G E. Walbo1'n J. T. Yarnell H. H. Quickel H. E. Raffensper gel' 'VI3 Correll, Lalshaw, Bomberger. Preston, Mcllllenny, Childs, Bergstresser, Dunkelberger, Riley. Lt. Col. Bertram, Askounes, Tilley, Barron, Weaver, Trunk. Major Abrams. SCABBARD AND BLADE lNati0nal Honorary Military Fraternityl Fozinderl at the University of Wisconsin in 1905 Company Established at Gettysburg in 1922 LLOYD E. BARRoN Prof. B. H. Saltzer Dr. C. A. Sloat Dr. G. C. Basset Dr. W. C. Waltemyer P. N. Askounes E, L. Bergstresser M. L. Bomberger .l. R. Childs P. H. Correll HVONORARY MEMBER Dr. H. W7. A. Hanson FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. R. P. Marsh Dr. F. H. Kramer Dr. H. Fortenbaugh Lt. Col. E. H. Bertram Major G. E. Abrams ACTIVE MEMBERS H. A. Dunkelberger H. G. Horner R. W. Latshaw ,l. W. Mcllhenny C. W. Preston J. H. Riley l937'SPECTRUM 114 I937-SPECTRUM R. O.'T. C. UNIT LLOYD E. BARRON .....,........,....,.. Battalion Commander CHARLES F. TRUNK ............A.,......... Captain Adjutant SHULL L. lRWIN.2nd Lieutenant, Battalion Communications Officer LT. COL. E. H. BERTRAM. .Professor of Military Science and Tactics OFFICERS Company A James R. Childs, Captain Arthur C. Tilley, lst Lieut., lst Platoon J. Willialn Mcllhenny, lst Lieut., 2nd Platoon Charles S. Sanner, lst Sergeant Company B Pericles N. Askounes, Captain William C. Krumwiede, lst Lieut., lst Platoon Paul H. Correll, lst Lieut., 2nd Platoon William A. Tilley, lst Sergeant Company C Harold A. Dunkelberger, Captain Paul L. Frey, lst Lieut., lst Platoon Martin L. Bomberger, lst Lieut., 2nd Platoon William R. Compton, lst Sergeant una-n:v.m,Q...... ,-, 'I'l5 1937 SPECTRUM EDITORIAL STAFF ROBERT E. HORNE Editor-in-Chief SAMUEL B. SHIRK Associate Editor L. BURNS SALTZGIVER Urgfmizations Editor FREDERICK S. GILLESPIE Sports Editor TED W. KISOR Sports Editor PHILIP H. HERSHEY Class Editor WILLIAM J. REIMER Activities Editor LAWRENCE D. FOLKEMER Photography Editor GEORGE W..MARTIN Art Editor HENRY W. SNYDER Pztbiications Editor I937'SPECTRUM 116 I937'SPECTRUM 1937 SPECTRUM BUSINESS STAFF GEORGE G. DOUGHERTY Business Manager WILLIAM L. HENCH Associate Business Manager WILLIAM A. T ILLEY Circulation Manager JOHN G. SCHMID CHARLES S. SANNER RUTH WALTEMYER KATHLEEN BLACK RICHARD H. BIIYSON KENNETH TAYLOR WILLIAM R. COMPTON Assistants to the Circulation Stay? DENNIS R. WETZEL Advertising Manager 117 GETTYSMHKHAN EDFNNUAL HENRY W. SNYDER .......A... ,...,V. . ,,,... DONALD R. RUDOLF ..... SAMUEL B. SHIRK FREDERICK V. KNECHT .... STAFF . . Editor-in.-chief Managing E dizor . . . . .Literary Editor . . .News Editor H. WILLIAM PHELPS .,.... ..., S paras Edizor ASSOCIATE EDITORS Frederick S. Gillespie George K. Bowers Charles S. Sanner Philip H. Hershey Ethel V. Snyder Robert E. Horne Marion Miller ASSISTANT EDITORS Henry S. Boehner William J. Marks William YV. Davis Joseph H. Sierer Donald R. Lau Rodger M. Singer REPORTERS J. L. Brown Gertrude Enck R. H. Fischer IVI. P. Hartzell C. C. Hine Elizabeth Kidd Virginia Storrick E. E. Duckstad R. D. Hanson R. IVI. Holland J. K. Linn J. M. Schwartz C. W. Tilberg Dorothy Yingsl I937-SPECTRUM 118 I937'SPECTRUM GETTYSBURCIAN BUSINESS STAFF HAROLD L. HEIGES .... ............ B usiness Manager JOHN W. HEIGES ....... .... A ssociate Business Manager H. DELLE KLINEDINST .... .,..,.. A dvertising Manager ROLAND C. WHISLER .... ..., C irculation Manager MANAGERS Kenneth P. Hull Howard E. Stine John E. Deardorff George P. Schmitt ASSISTANT ADVERTISING George G. Dougherty Willard S. George H. Philip Arras John C. Lindtwed ASSISTANT CIRCULATION MANAGERS George F. Hooker John H. Baum Karl S. Gamber Frederick T. Kull Arthur S. Lewis Arthur C. Richard S 'I19 Bowers, Gillespie. I-lull, Dougherty, Correll, Eriksen, Askounes, Rigby, Aurancl, Harkins lackert Rudolf, Yost. 1 9 3 5 G - B O O K fF1'CShm3D Haudbookj LEONARD H. ER1Ks1sN ..l.. ..... E rlimr-in-chief JOHN K. RIGBY .... CARL E. YosT .,.. P. B. Aurand F. ,l. Eckert D. R. Rudolf F. S. Gillespie K P. Hull P. N. Askounes . . . . . . . .Business Manager . . . . .Managing Editor EDITORIAL STAFF . G. K. Bowers G. F. Harkins P. H. Correll S. B. Shirk BUSINESS STAFF G. G. Dougherty A. W. Weidnel' I937-SPECTRUM 120 I937-SPECTRUM INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL ART!-1 UH C. TILLEY .,,....,......... ..,............ P resulent W. M. Sluyser F. J. Eckert P. R. Bender W. J. Strolis S. B. Shirk A. W. Weidner Seniors C. C. Hake C. XV. Preston W. R. McElroy funiors W. C. Halfpenny C. E. Lerch H. E. Serfass H. W. Snyder 'IEZ1 D. M. Bortner C. W. Miller W. H. Karmany W. R. Compton J. C. Delo E. N. Moffitt my '13 f L? g.:f"g :.:'. r.-Li If .-. ..-. 'I Q V- -I ' Ls, gy-7: j 43255.23-?1Z2 if K, V -sf' .1 lm- I " Ut Inf' 3:4 , K .-1xa'WX 'fb ALPHA TAU OMEGA Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865 Alpha Epsilon Chapter established at Gettysburg in 1882 Brothers in Faculty Prof. C. E. Bilheimel Dr. R. Fortenbaugh Mr. C. W. Baker Mr. R. XV. Baker, Dr. B. Zinn Brothers in Town Mr. W. H. Scott Mr. R. F. Topper Brothers in Seminary Mr. R. C. Sclliebel I937-SPECTRUM 122 l937'SPECTRUM JOHN A. CULV. .. B. M. Bare W. H. Karmany J. W. Heiges .l. F. Heydrich E. R. McCracken G. A. Barten R. Lf. Michaels J. L. Brown W. H. Chester E. O. Hesselgesser C. H. Hummel A olive C hapler Seniors Juniors H. W. Ulfelman Sophomores Freshmen J. H. Whitmoyer . . . President E. N. Rhodes R. C. Sutherland J. H. Myers W. L. Sanders H. E. Serfass W. Naile W. J. Staubitz R. Pennington W. H. Rhodes A. C. Richards J. H. Trimmer Hummel, Brown, Chesler, Whilmoyer. llessfrlgesser, Richards, Trimmer, Naile. Uflelman, Heyflrich, McCracken, Heiges, Sanders, Staubitz. Serfass, Karmany. Rhodes, Culp, Bare, Sutherland, Myers. 'IQ3 KAPPA DELTA RHO Founded at Miflcllebury College in 1905 Pi Chapter eszablisherl at Gettysburg in 1928 Brothers in Faculty Dr. C. A. Sloat Brothers in Seminary Mr. R. S. Nagle Mr. P. H. Smith i937-SPECTRUM 124 .t ,L L A F'-. .ff E1 Ter mx? Q 'fish E55 QWQQX iii! qi' - -in v' ,A 'G-,Z Q S f fx . v - Y, 7 '- I X al. H ffx ' 'RA 'Htl' -1 , 'f wx g7,.L."3 L xg 'QW-'.,. 'Q X . .f":n.:,Q:,l:-2 A' y 9 f U 15 I937-SPECTRUM KARL W. REIGHTER .... A. L. Allewelt P. W. Henry H. G. Horner R. H. Nichols ' . E. L. Albig G. F. Harkins J. M. Smith D. H. Whitmoyei' P. W. Kesecker Active Chapter Seniors flmiors Sophomores Freshmen. H. ,lesser . . . .President S. W. Steininger O. C. Thompson J . H. Riley W. M. Smyser B. S. Rehmeyer W. Ji. Strolis M. D. White J. D. Alexander C. R. Svhultz Harkins, Triani, Strolis, Albig, Wllile, Ross, Rehmeycr, Frey, Smith. Pagliaro Allewelt, Tliompson, Horner, Reighler, Steininger, Smyser, Henry. Schultz, Ceiscr, Alexander, Whitmcmyer, Kesecker. 125 PHI DELTA THETA Founded at Miami University in 1848 Pennsylvania Beta Chapter established at Gettysburg in 1875 Mr. D. Blocher Mr. F, S. Fablr Mr. F. P. Haenlien Mr. M. A. Hartley Brothers in Faculty Prof. E. Ziegler Brothers in Town Mr. R. C. Hartley Mr. S. C. Musselman Mr. H. M. Oyler Mr. H. M. Singmaster Brnthers in S8171-ifLflI'LY Mr. J. XV. WllSlStOIlS l937'SPECTRUM 'IQ6 QW 1, -df V- . Ng,1h . Q. 01 NCL: U: .aprt ,v tv' if s- F937-SPECTRUM PAUL R. BENDER L. J. Gazollo W. J. lVlcCaha11 E. Ehlers W. C. Halfpenny R. J. Bates K. M. Herr W. E. Brandt J. P. Echternach C. A. F elder B. M. Hassinger K. M. Herr R. H. Holsberg W. R. Kuhn A. R. McHenry Active Chapter Seniors C. W. Wallgren f uniors Sophnmores K. D. Walker Freshmen H. E. Winder ...........Pl'6S1:lZ6TlZ W. L. Ney J. H. Thomas P. N Rebert J. L. Superka E. C. Kakel L. R. Mizell J. H. McHenry H. H. Miller H. M. O'Neill L. G. Sadler R. H. Senn C. C. Sharp P. E. Walder R. B. Williams Willianis Brandi Kuhn Nviuder O'Neill Weenls Hassinger J McHenry H olsherg Echternach Fel der Sharp A. McHenry Senn Bates Herr Walker Hebert Kakel Mizell Sadler Gazollo Thomas I-Ialfpenny Ney Bender McCahan Wallgren Ehlers Superka 'IQ7 PHI GAMMA DELTA Founrlefl at fejferson. College in 1848 Xi Chapter established at Gettysburg in 1858 Dr. T. L. Cline Prof. H. T. Bream Mr. A. D. Bell Mr. H. L. Bender Mr. M. Coover Mr. M. D. deTar Mr. M. L. Eckert Mr. D. M. Moser Dr. H. C. Alleman Brothers in Faculty Dr. C. H. Huber Dr. M. H. Valentine Brothers in Town Mr. J. S. Rice Mr. C. H. Smith Mr. J. D. Swope Mr. H. H. Stauffer Mr. D. M. Swope Dr. B. N. Wolff Brothers in Seminary Mr. E. G. Colestock IQBTSPECTRUM 128 lr. iff 'ME V' . Af f . W W .ef 9529.15 in '35 5 if If 4 154: ' l f. FIS: . , . ,,,,1:1 1695" t 44:4 97' N:-7 ' A 'CW' vv ' -' ,wtf ' ' 'rk-i.,Jw." . . .J 2, 1 ' . ,.. , 13:33 l937'SPECTRUM ARTHUR C. TILLEY. I L Bergstresser ,l. W. Barkley H. L. Erb R. E. Horne S. L. lrwin R. A. Keil A. C. Boyer W. VV. Davis E. F. Gross M. E. Florence Q. J. Florence D L Bergslresser C L Custer ,l ll Deardorfl D Dennison L F. Duckstad H K Fischer Active Chapter ......................,....Presider1.t Seniors J. F. Snyder R. S. Sassaman I Luz io rs Sophomores G. A. Frantz Freslunen B.. H. Fischer H. A. Hall R. D. Hanson lVl. P. Hartzell J. K. Heindel J. W. Hudson J. C. Larson R. L. Shadle S. B. Shirk W. A. Tilley W. C. Wagner G. F. Hocker A. P. Moore R. G. Perkins A. T. Soclerberg B. H. Williams A. S. Lewis J. H. lVlcKend1 ee R. ,l. Saul C. VV. Tilbeig J. B. Weaver L. M, Yunaska Dearclorfif l-lcindcl, R. Fischer, Harlzell, D. Bergslresser, Saul, Hall, Weaver, Duckstead Hanson K. Fischer. Custer, Lewis, Hudson, Tilberg, McKendree, Dennison Williams, Davis, Perkins, Boyer, Erin, Soderberg. Q. Florence, Moore, Cross, E. F lorenee, Frantz. l I-locker, Barkley, Shirk, Castillo, Wagner. Sliadle. Keil, E. Bergstresscr, A. Tilley, Snyder, W. Tilley, Horne. 199 Vx 5 5 lt LJ Fflflllln PHI KAPPA PSI Founded at Jefferson College in 1852 Pennsylvania Epsilon Chapter established at Gettysburg College in 1855 Brothers in Faculty Dr. G. D. Stahley Dr. G. R. Miller Prof. C. R. Wolfe Brothers in Town Dr. C. G. Crist Mr. R. F. Sheely Mr. D. D. Eck Mr. C. E. Swisher Mr. T. P. Hanson Mr. S. F. Lehman Mr. W. A. McLean I937'SPECTRUM 130 l937'SPECTRUM A Clive Chapter ROBERT lVlORRIS ,... . . A.,,.,..,. . . Seniors L. E. Barron R. C. Fink G. O. Heckert Juniors W. A. Cook J. D. Campbell W. R. Compton M. A. Eckert Sophomores T. J. Bell S. B. Campbell F. M. Fair H. M. Hartman S. A. Kirkpatrick Freshmen J. A. Buckbee S. L. Bucklen P. C. Fulmer A. D. Hunger H. L. Todd ...........Presiden.t G. S. Krum C. W. Preston L. S. Weaver W. B. Gilbert J. P. Gochnour W. N. Norley R. A. Taylor W. E. McClure E. A. Miller R. D. Olmstead R. Seyler C. D. Sheely A. C. Miller T. Norley A. H. Reese W. l. Rose Sheely, Cochnour, Hartman, Strong, Fair, Compton, McClure, Seyler, Kirkpatrick, Miller, S. Campbell B ll e . J. Campbell, Taylor, Gilbert, Preston, Weaver, Barron, Krum, I-Ieckert, Fink, Morris, N orley, Olmstead Bucklen, Hunger, Buckbee, Todd, Reese, Miller, Rose, Norley. 131 .,, ,, I X PHI SIGMA KAPPA Founded at Massachusetts Agricultural College in 1873 Rho Deuteron. Chapter established at Gettysburg in 1925 Prof. C. P. Cessna Prof. D. R. Heiges Mr. C. R. Shumau Mr. D. L. Barkley Brothers in Faculty Dr. F. H. Kramer Dr. YV. C. Wfallemyer Prof. E. P. Turnbach Brothers in. Town Mr. EQ' C. Beard Brothers in Seminary Mr. E. P. Turnbach Mr. P. H. Gleichman Mr. W. R. Woods I937-SPECTRUM 132 I937'SPECTRUM LEONARD H. ERIKSEN, . . . Active Chapter Seniors W. B. Bristol I-lf. A. Dunkelbergei J. B. Graham W. C. Krumwiede .l. W. Mcllhenny Junior Q F. S. Gillespie H. L. Heiges K. P. Hull W. H. Lamason C. F. Lawley H. W. Lewis J. G. Walborn Sophomores D. R. Lau H. D. Klinedinst H. VV. Phelps H. H. Quickel Freshmen C. C. Hine R. M. Holland .l. D, Miller J. K. Linn C. H. Ruclisill N. R. Little ..........,PresirlenL C. W. Miller M. D. Shutters W. U. Snyder C. F. Trunk B. W. Wolf M. F. Peters C. S. Powers W. J . Reimer D. R. Rudolf C. S. V. Sanuer H. W. Snyder J. H. Sierer J. M. Stamhaugh D. B. Weller R. E. Yevak C. P. Schmitt A. C. Schweizer D. E. Smith S. M. Warrenfeltz Warrenfeltz Sierer Hine Schmitt Phelps Linn Yevak Quickel Miller Gillespie Walborn Lawley Rudisill Sanner Kl inedinst I-Iexges Trostle Lewis Powers Reimer Rudolf H. Snyder Peters Hull Wolf Trunk Eriksen Miller Graham Bristol Krumwiede Mcllhenny Lamason 133 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Founded at University of Alabama in. 1856 Pennsylvania Delta Chapter established at Gettysburg in 1856 Prof. L. O. Johnson Prof. C. C. Reen Mr. C. A. Baum Mr. D. P. Bream Mr. J. P. Eicholtz Mr. G. N. Flynn Brothers in Faculty Prof. J. W. Ostrom Mr. C. W. Beachem Brothers in Town Mr. G. Newbould Mr. E. J. Peduzzi Mr. H. M. Scharf Mr. I. C. Kitzmiller I937'SPECTRUM 134 l937-SPECTRUM JOHN H. FISH. . . , R. E. Koons R. W. Latsluaw F. M. Long J. C. Delo J. R. Myers C. L. Bullrman J. L. Diehl J. B. Daugherty R. E. Dreas R. E. Eisenhart R. L. Hildebrand .l. O. Aschenbach M. H. Bast H. M. Besecker J. H. Baum K. S. Camber Active Chapter Seniors Juniors J. H. Manges Soplzomores W. E. Manges Freshmen C. R. Landau , . . . . , , . . . .President W. R. Mclilhiney A. E. Sobolesky W. H. McElroy H. T. Richwine L. M. Boyer L. C. Pirnik W. Guldin H. S. Landau E. J. Pszwaro F. M. Wingate G. W. Zarger H. I. Raymond IS. E. Staudt W. A. Witman H. W. Davidson J. H. Harbach Camber Baum Slaudt Besecker lllfitman Pirnik Bast Boyer Raymond Buhrman Guldin C. Landau H. Landau Hildebrand Dreas Zarger Diehl Myers Eisenharl Manges Delo Richwine McElroy Sohelesky Latshaw Long McElhiney Koons Pszwaro 135 .9- jff ', if-511'-7. ,,l.4-,ra .V 5,- -,D MIN, .... ,..'.,,.-..xv.v .A --.36-4g.....,.' 1 gsm.-'i"55? , ,.A, . GIIYGES tn , I . X fr L ,la .r . I K' X I' K X, 1 I fl ,W w., -. . .Wi r- .,f" Ln. :Aga 31 . V , Aw.. g,,-,w -5 , ,,, .......-...--..,..-if .-il ............... SIGMA CHI Founded at Miami University in 1855 Them Chapter established at Gettysburg in 1863 Mr. P. Berger Mr P. R. Bikle Mr G. K. Bream Mr. J. C. Britcher Mr. A. R. Buehler Mr. J..Butt Dr. J. M. Dickson Mr. J. A. Dickson Brothers in Town Mr. H. M. Hersh Mr. J. D. Keith Mr. D. P. McPherson Mr. R. G. Mumma Mr. M. C. Plank Mr. M. H. Reuning Mr. W. C. Sheely Mr. C. E. Stahle Mr. YV. G. Weavex' I937-SPECTRUM 136 l937'SPECTRUM PAUL H. CORRELL. . , . . P. B. Aurand R. C. Benner R. H. Bryson J. W. Hafner T. W. Kisor J. G. Brehm W. F. Cooper C. M. Coil J. W. Guerard R. A. Hildebrand J. W. Deardorff F. T. Kull Active Chapter Seniors H. M. Burkhart funiors E. A. Wen1'ich Soplwmores Freshmen E. R. Sanford . . . . .Preszdent D. M. Bortner H. V. Harbold J. B. Keith C. E. Lerch R. E. Walkel' H. R. Hockman W. W. McNeil M. S. Meals E. W. Thomas P. E. Wolfgang W. H. Lynn S. A. Messner Brennan Kull Deardorff Crede H urbold Sanford V101 fgang G ucrard Brelun Leibenrmg Cooper Hildebrand Thomas McNeil Hockmin Goff Keith Lynn Lercll Kisor Walker A urand Correll Borlner Burkhart Brj son Wenrxcll 'I37 TAU KAPPA EPSILON Founded at Illinois Wesleyan University in 1899 Psi Chapter establzfsherl at Gettysburg in 1926 Brothers in Faculty Dr. R. A. Arms Dr. F. C. Mason Dr. A. B. Bachman Prof. B. H. Saltzer Dr. I. G. Glenn Prof. W. F. Shaffer Brothers in Town Mr. S. H. Moyer Mr. S. P. Marks Mr. C. W. Lefever Brothers in Seminary Mr. C. A. Chamberlin Mr. R. M. Miller !937'SPECTRUM 138 I937'SPECTRUM ROBERT B. RAU . . F. H. Dallmeyer G. G. Dougherty R. E. Eshenour W. L. Hench P. H. Hershey D. R. Lovell H. W. Asimus H. S. Boehner C. M. Brubaker J. W. Eckerd W. S. George J. H. Hege E. L. Derry l. J. Klette G. M. Leader Active Chapter Seniors C. C. Hake funiors G. W. Martin Sophomores F reshmen. W. R. Rossman . . . . .President E. N. Mofiitr H. E. Raffensperger P. D. Rines L. B. Saltzgiver L . M. Schadel .l. G. Schmid R. E. Lau E. S. F. Maiden J. P. MacNeille R. C. Rife H. E. Stine R. C. Whisler V. G. McClellan V. M. Ness J. 0. Ream McClellan I-lege Kletle Ness Leader Brubaker Rines Stine Asimus Rossman Hershey George Dallmeyer Boehner Hench Rife Eshenaur Eckerd MacNeille Maiden Derry Ream Martin Schmid Hake Lau Sallzgi ver Rau Lovell Dougherty Moffitt Schadel 139 E ' nf IL. V get Y. ..-fux , -X Q V J M 4, I . .+ 3 10' ,Y xv' A -35 Q 5-f:-fr ,TL- THETA KAPPA NU Founded at Drury College in 1924 Pennsylvania Alpha Chapter established at Gettysburg in 1924 Dr. K. J . G1'i1111l1 Mr. E. B. Bulleit Mr. K. J. Grimm Mr. D. R. Poole Brothers in Faculty Prof. Dunning Idle Prof. G. F. Gutmann Brothers in Town Mr. J. E. Mumper Mr. M. J, Sheads Brothers in Seminary Mr. R. C. Wolf Mr. H. F. Reisz I937'SPEC.TRUM 140 i'-737'SPECTRUM Active Chapter . . . .President JOHN K. RIGBY. . . . . . Seniors M. L. Bomberger M. E. Pittenger F. J. Eckert C. S. Donehoo Juniors P. N. Askounes L. L. Schrader G. E. Hetrick H. W. Smull R. W. Keinard A. W. Weidner W. J. Denner Sophomores W. K. Bane B. A. Kuhs W. A. Dubovick M. A. McCa1'ney W. C. Hess W. E. Pitts E. E. Green D. W. Reutter N. F. Schultz Freshmen J. H. Ehrharl J. Shotsberger Green Messinger Kuhs Sholsberger Martin Ehrhart Phillippi Pitts Keinard Schultz Herrick Denner Hess Morecraft Bane D. Reutter McCarney Schrader Eckert R. Reutter Donehoo Rigby Bomberger Smull Askounes Weidner 'I-41 X Q N IWW! PHI KAPPA RHO Founded at Gettysburg in 1928 Brothers in Faculty Prof. E. O. von Schwerdtner Prof. G. R. Larkin Prof. U. E. Dibble Rev. D. F. Putman Mr. H. S. Bowman Mr. J. N. Fisher Mr. L. L. Hare Mr. I. B. Kaufman Mr. N. B. Kellow Mr. D. L. Kohr Mr. I. H. Knickerbocker Brothers in Town Mr. P. O. Neth Brothers in Seminary Dr. H. D. Hoover Mr. C. F. Prowell Mr. H. Schluderberg Mr. C. E. Staub Mr. C. A. Sullivan Mr. L. M. Utz Mr. E. Zeigler Mr. J. D. Mumford I937'SPECTRUM 142 l937'SPECTRUM Active Chapter LUKE A. WESTENBERGER, . . . . .President Juniors E. T. Chrisemer L. D. Folkemer C. W. Folkemer P. J. Mumford D. R. G. VVetzel Sophomores D. W. Dickey G. J. Harris D. C. Doll A. R. Shoop E. W. Graefe R. M. Singer L. R. Gross F reshmcn D. M. Bentz M. M. Hartman F. Persiko C. Folkemer Graefe Westenberger Wetzel Mr. Knickerbocker Harris Chrisemer L. Folkemer Dickey Milbourn Shoop Singer Gross Miller Beutz Arras Wilite Persiko 143 A .V . B E T A L A M B D A F0 zarz fled at Gettysburg in 1916 Honorary Members and Alumnae Mrs. Charles Beacheln Mrs. Paul Cessna Miss Marian Fischer Miss Mildred Hartzell Mrs. Lester O. Johnson Mrs. Elsie Singinasler Lewars Mrs. Donald McPherson Mrs. John S. Rice Miss Mary Jane Snyder Mrs. S. F. Snyder Miss Ruth Spangler Mrs. Ida Sperry Mrs. Edmund Thomas Miss Miriam Waltemyer Miss Constance Weaver Miss Jessica Weaver' Miss Luella Snider I937-SPECTRUM 144 5937-SPECTRUM HELEN BENEDICT, . Anna Grimm Kathleen Black Emily Landis Kathryn Gitt Martha Herman Elizabeth Seel Katherine Bierbower Beatrice Burgdorf Aurelia Codori Charlotte Creeger Mary Mcllhenny Margaret Manges Active Chapter Post Graduate Margaret Zinn fllJl1:0l'S Sophomores Freshmen . . .Pl'CSl'd8IlL Marion Miller Ethel Virginia Snyder Ruth Waltemyer Elizabeth Swope Charlotte Waltemyer Elizabeth Weaxfel' Dorothea Motry .lanet Moyer Natalie Sims Virginia Storrick Elizabeth Troxell Evalyn Zimmerman Bierhower Mcllhcnny Weaver Molry Moyer Sims Troxell Bowman Manges Grimm Benedict Gilt Cmlnri Zimmerman Storrick Landis Burgdorf Creeger Miller Herman R. 'Waltemyer C. Waltemyer Snvder Black Scel 145 : L .L . Pj 1 :lui - 3 4.""'... 1 'Q 'Cm !i Qi m GAMMA PHI Founded at Gettysburg in 1923 Honorary Members and Alumnae Mrs. Marguerite Long Miss Louise Hamer Miss Ruth Scott Miss Eva Rafliensperger Miss Julia Peters Mrs. Verna Myers Miss Margaret Staulfer Miss Mary Stauffer Miss Sara Black Miss Mabelle Hereter Mrs. Dorothy Barley Miss Grace Durboraw Miss Sara McCullough Mrs. Frances Plank Miss Mrs. Miss Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Miss Miss Jessie Voorhees Clara Schmitt Dwight Putman Ruth Mcllhenny David Gilbert Spencer Aungst Charles Sanders Robert Fortenbat Wilbur Tilberg Ernst von Schwe Rosenstengel George Miller Katheryn McCoy Marian Richter Beatrice Pfeffer P931-SPECTRUM 'I46 lgh rcltner I937-SPECTRUM Active Chapter MARGARET HANAWALT. . . . , . . . . Mary Elizabeth Dougherty Helen Boden Jean Logan .lanet Beach Polly Ann Bernd Katherine Deibert Gertrude Enck Janet Hancock .lane W ood Juniors Miriam Eichner Sophomores Gerlrud Evers Freshmen . . .President Ortha Taylor Margaret Rohrbaugh Vivian Staub Elizabeth Harris Marianne Hultberg Elizabeth Kidd Margaret Logan Hu th Wareheim Dorothy Yingst M. Logan Logan Taylor Eichner Bernd Beach Enck Yingsl. H an awalt Harris Rohrbaugh Dougherty ' llultlnerg Boden Wareheim Wood lflciberl Slaub Evers Kidd Hancock 147 J K I937-SPECTRUM W ! I A L T 5 H L E T n 1 ? C ' 1 I n --i,,.hM Ki. ' . I, 4Rm 1.GW,,G,l,'TF"""'1, F, H X L , NIU H N WU H HW,,,m,vm.,1Kf,,F f ATHLET MR DR. PERCY D. HOOVER, Way MR. CLAYTON BILHEIMER GEORGE H. HUMMEI., York. . . . DAVID M. GILBERT, Harrisburg . THOMAS L. CLINE, Gettysburg . RICHARD A. ARMS, Gettysburg . CLAYTON PERCY D. HOOVER, Waynesboro. . MILTON H. VALENTINE, Gettysburg J. B. MCALISTER, Harrisburg. .. ROBERT S. SASSAMAN ...... ROBERT MORRIS ..... E. BILIIEIMER, Gettysburg IC COUNCIL . GEORGE H. HUMMEL, York - President nesboro - Vice-President , Gettysburg - Secretary . . . .Alumni Representative . , .... Alumni Representative . . .Faculty Representative . . . . .Faculty Representative . . ............... Athletic Director . ..... Board of Trustees Representative . .... Ex-Ojicio Trustees Representative . . . . .Ex-Officio Trustees Representative . . . .Student Representative . . . .Student Representative l937'SPECTRUM 150 I937-SPECTRUM CLAYTON E. BILHEIMER WITH the cooperation of the coaching staff and the Athletic Council, Professor Clay- ton E. Bilheimer, Director of Athletics for the last nine years, has inaugurated a system of physical education that provides for the participation of over forty per cent of the student body in some form of intercollegiate athletics. First, there is a compulsory physical examination for all stuclentsg second, com- pulsory physical or military trainingg third, better equipment and improved facilities to encourage competition in sportg and fourth, a more extended schedule with noteworthy opponents to build up a greater interest in sports. 'I5'I Kisor Wood Krumwiede Sims Rosenstengel C--BURG TEAM G-BURG ! G-BURG I C-BURG! G, g, g, gg B, b, b, bg U, u, u, ug R, r, r, rg G, g, g, gg G-BURG! TEAM! TEAM! TEAM! LOCOMOTIVE YELL Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Get-Lys-burg -ia C Repeat five times with acceleration! SisLBoom! Team! Team! Team! FIGHT FOR OLD GETTYSBURG Eight for old Gettysburg, Fight for old Gettysburg, As the Blue has conquered the Gray, Let us win a victory today, Whether on court or field, Orange and Blue will never yield, Bullets of the Battlefield, We'll iight, fight, fight! l937'SPECTRUM 152 Varsity Lettermen BERKOWITZ GRAHAM ROSS BOLLIN GER HARBOLD SASSAMAN BOWERS, G. HARTMAN SCHNELL BOWERS, S. C. JEAVONS SCHRADER BRAZEL JONES, G. J. SERFASS BRISTOL JON ES, W. R. SHADLE CHAPMAN KISOR SNYDER CICO KRUMWIEDE SOBOLESKY COBLE ' LERCH STAMBAUGH COOK LEWIS SUPERKA DAUGI-IERTY MAN GES, W. THOMAS DUN KELBERGER MCCAHAN UMBERGER ECKER MCCRACKEN WAGN ER ECKERT MCGIN NIS WALKER, R. ESHENAUR MCILI-IENNY WOLF FIELD MILLER, R. WOLF GANG F IN K MIZELL WORLEY FISH MOF F ITT YEVAK GILLESPIE MORRIS YOST PUMA Managerial Lettermen HAKE LOWER PRESTON HEIGES, R. MAN N ING TAYLOR HENRY, P. N IX, W. WALLGREN FOOTBALL CHARLES PRESTON. .. .,,...,.A.,......,. . ..,........ Manager LOUIS WEAVER. . .... .... . , . .... Associate Manager MARTIN PETERS, WARREN GILBERT .... .... ...,. A s siszant Managers Fish E Wagner C Sobolesky E Rigby G Wolfgang E McCahan C Norley E Hebert C Walker T Cico QB Serfass T Sassaman QB Daugherty T Shadle HB Staubitz T Superka HB Ross C Cook FB Q. Florence G Yevak HB McCracken G Moflitt FB Pirnik HB Reserves: Caldwell T F. Smith E N Aurand C E. Florence C N Soderberg G Herr B 3 J. Smith E Cooper B Guldjn B Coach Bream 1937-SPECTRUM 'I54 I937-SPECTRUM Coach Griffiths . JUNIATA'S fast eleven inaugurated this 1935 football seasson, and were defeated after an extremely hard fought contest by a 14-0 score. The Indians held Gettysburg in check until near the close of the second quarter when Bob Shadle cut loose for the frrst touchdown. Superka kicked the extra point. Shadle duplicated this feat in the second half, and Serfass added the goal. Stars for the Bullet eleven were Shadle, Walker and Serfass at tackles, McCahan at center, and Gico and Joe Superka in the backfield. Bream's proteges next travelled to West Point to face one of the most powerful and well drilled aggregations ever turned out by the Army. Although hampered greatly by injuries and the lack of suitable reserve material, the Orange and Blue fought gamelyg but the Cadets hurled an incessant stream of fresh athletes into the contest, and Gettysburg, worn down, succumbed 54 to 0. The brightest spot of the game was Sobolesky's work at end. Crippled from the gruelling Army contest, the Bullets faced one of the finest elevens Mt. St. Maryls has produced. The Emmitsburg boys took the offensive and scored a touchdown early in the first quarter. Gettysburg then braced and fought an 155 Yevak Cook Cico even battle until, late in the third quarter, a well-executed lateral pass, Cico to Sobolesky to Superka, netted a touchdown. Superkais trusty toe tied the score at 7-7. Muhlenberg provided a Roman holiday for the Alumni, a large crowd witnessing Gettysburgds first Conference victory by a 27-0 score. The Mules fought gamely, but the Bullet backfield was fast and shifty. Superka added three touchdowns to his record and lVlcCahan tallied the fourth. Fine line play by Walker, Serfass and Wagner held the Allentown eleven scoreless. Lehigh invaded Gettysburg for the next battle and met with a 21-14 defeat. Yevak and Superka scintillated in this contest. It was a ding-dong battle and at half time the score stood 14'-14, but the touchdown in the last quarter paved the way for an Orange and Blue triumph. Unanimously picked by the critics to win, Breamis Bullets slumped ignominiously at Carlisle, and Dickinson captured its first victory in eleven years over the Orange and Shadle Superka Walker '6 l937'SPECTRUM 156 I'-737-SPECTRUM Serfass Wagner Ross Blue. The Colonials played smart football and well deserved their 32-12 victory. The triple wingback formations of the Red and White completely baf:Hed the visitors, and after Dickinson had scored five touchdowns in the first three periods, the Bullets shot through for two tallies in the final stanza. It was a stunning upset. A well-coached Ursinus team completely shattered all Gettysburg hopes for a Conference title on the following Saturday. Scoring in every period, the Collegeville boys galloped oil with a 30-141 victory, completely outplaying the Bullets. Scarcely conceded a chance at Lancaster on Thanksgiving Day, a game and desperate Orange and Blue eleven rose to the heghts, holding the high-scoring Franklin and Marshall machine to an 18-7 triumph. The muddy field was a great handicap to B1'eam's light warriors, but they displayed the best football of the year and surprised everyone by their gallant stand. Shifty Joe Superka, capturing a punt from leagers, amazed the crowd with a spectacular seventy-yard dash for the only Battlefield tally. ! Fish McCahan Sobolesky 'I 5 7 McCahan Culdin Lewis Stambaugh Dreas Manager Taylor Yevak Cohle Morris Cico Thomas Fish B A S K E T B A L L RAYMOND TAYLOR ,...,A........ ..,.. , . , ...,...,....A.,.. Manager Fish forwarcl Yevak Cico forwarrl McCahan Coble centre Guldin Morris guard Stambaugh Thomas guard Lewis Dreas and Kitzmiller--Alternates SEASON,S RECORD: Eleven Victories Six Defeats Second place in the Eastern Pennsylvana Basketball Conference l MEETING the powerful Rutgers five in the opening contest, the Orange and Blue met decisive defeat 34--23. The home season opened with a victory over Juniata, the Indians bowing 48-26. The first Conference battle of the season was against Ursinus, on a floor so slip- pery frorn dancing that the players could scarcely keep their feet. The Collegeville five triumphed 19-16. The Bream quintet showed great power in the next match, trouncing Lebanon Valley's Flying Dutchmen 4-9-27. A last period Navy rally gave tl1e Battlefield team a 440-34 defeat at Annapolis. Two Conference tilts followed, both victories, 38-31 over Lebanon Valley at Ann- ville, and a conquest of Drexel Institute, league newcomer, which gave the Bullets second place in the race. 158 fi937'-SPECTRUM Fish Cico Cohle Dickinson proved a stumbling block, the Colonials rallying in the last period to win 40-36 on their own floor. Muhlenberg succumbed at Allentown 40-29, but Franklin and Marshall proved invincible and annexed a bitter battle 37-32. The Bullets then exhibited a smooth functioning machine which whaled Drexel again 48-30, outclassed Muhlenberg 50-29, and eked out a one-point victory over the fast Albright quintet 4.1-40. The team reached its highest form in the Dickinson contest, swamping the Colonials under a 4-9--23 score at Gettysburg. Faced with the chance of tying Franklin and Marshall for the title, Breamls Bullets trounced Albright 39-33 at home, but failed to wrest a victory from the Nevonians at Lancaster, F. and M. winning the Conference championship by a 41-31 score. l l Morris Thomas Yerak 159 l Morris . . Snyder . . Bollinger . . Navy Swarthmore Penn State Ursinus Bucknell Mr. Sr. Mary's Army Drexel Lebanon Valley ....3lJ BASEBALL MARION LOWER WILLIAM Nrx Managers Co-champions of Eastern Pennsylvania Baseball Conference Worley ...,..,.. lf Jones ....,,... 2b Ecker. ..M.1b Kozma Superka , .... , .ef Cico , . . Sassaman ,c Bowers .....,.. p Smith Gettysburg 6 Gettysburg 22 Gettysburg 4 Gettysburg 0 Gettysburg ll Gettysburg 3 Gettysburg 13 Gettysburg 10 Gettysburg 7 Coacll Plank I937-SPECTRUM 160- i937'SPECTRUM T R A C K MERVIN MANNING. . ,,.... .,.. . . , .,.....,,...,,....... Manage: Penn Relays ,...,... Relay Team Secondg Moflitt, 6th in 100 meter Drexel ........,, . 719g Gettysburg .... SKLLQ Dickinson .....,,.. LWV3 Gettysburg ....... 78W Middle Atlantic Meet ..,.. Gettysburg .... Central Perma. Conference. Franklin and Marshall , 82. Moffitl . . . ,.,. Dashes Sobolesky ..... Pole vault McGinnis , .... Hurdles Irwin ....,.., Pole vault Jones . , ..., Dashes Wenrich ..,...... Discus Chapman . . , Dashes Fish ..,.,.. Half mile run Umberger .,.... Dashes Eshenaur ..,.. High jump Thomas ........ Mile run Brazel ...,., Broad jump Norm llflojfilt, after capturing the 100 and 220 in both the Drexel and Dickinson dual meets, placed third in the century sprint in the Middle States carnival, and wound up the season by Iinishing sixth in the 100 meter dash against the pick of the nation at the Pennsylvania relays. 'l6'1 5 38 f2nd Placej Gettysburg. . , . . . Gettysburg ........ 4.4. Norm MOFHH SOCCER CARLTON HAKE. , . . - ...,,...... ..,..,................. M anager Easlern, Pennsylvania Collegiate Soccer VARSITY Fink Mizell Lerch Gillespie Hartman Stambaugli Worley Goble Eckert Bristol I Krumwiecle Penn State Dickinson Army Q Wvestern Marylaiid Navy Dickinson Ursinus Franklin and Marshall League Clzampions OL lL C IR OR LH RH CH RF LF G 4. Gettysburg l Gettysburg 3 Gettysburg 2 Gettysburg 2 Gettysburg 1 Gettysburg 0 Gettysburg 1 Gettysburg ALTERNATES Olmstead Kisor ,leavons Musselman Custer Messinger Wahler McClellan Grahaln Schrader Reutter I937'SPECTRUM 162 l I937-SPECTRUM Coach Hartshorne A Coach Hartshorne sprang a pleasant surprise by developing a soccer eleven that captured the first championship title in the newly formed Eastern Pennsylvania Col- legiate Soccer League, composed of Dickinson, Franklin and Marshall, Ursinus, and Gettysburg. The team won two games and tied the third. Outclassed in the opening canto at State College by the fast Penn State aggrega- tion, the Orange and Blue lost flf--0. Showing a reversal of form in the first home contest they trounced Dickinson 4If-l. A TRIP to West Point proved unlucky, for the wet field and the drizzling rain were responsible for a fractured shoulder sustained by Kisor, which put him out of competi- tion for the year, and a knee injury to Lerch, which kept him out for three weeks. The Cadets rallied to win 3-2. Playing in a sea of mud, Western Maryland took the locals into camp 2-0. A trip to Annapolis resulted in a 2-2 stalemate, Navy by a brilliant last minute rally averting defeat. Three conference games followed. Dickinson played a fine game at Carlisle and held the Bullets to a 1-1 tie. Ursinus, though weak, fought gamely, and was barely beaten 1-0. At Lancaster, the Diplomats succumbed in a fast game by a 4'-1 score, assuring the Orange and Blue of the title. 163 Coach von Schwerdtner Sobolesky Puma Miller Serfass McCracken Graham Manges Yost Chapman Pirnik W R E S T L I N G CHARLES WALLGREN ..,.. ........... 1 Manager ROBERT LAU .,...,.,.. ..... A ssistant Manager Manges 118 Pound Class Yost 126 Pound Class Haverford F. and M. Lafayette Rutgers Ursinus Soboleskyg Chapman Pumag Sobolesky Graham Miller Serfass McCracken Middle Atlantics: Lafayette 26 Ursinus 15 Gettysburg 25 Haverford 14 Gettysburg 25 135 Pound Class 145 Pound Class 155 Pound Class 165 Pound Class 175 Pound Class Unlimited 19 Gettysburg 13 24 Gettysburg 8 14 Gettysburg 18 16 Gettysburg 14 6 Gettysburg 26 fsecond placej I937-SPECTRUM 164 I937-SPECTRUM Coach von Schwerdtner SINCE only a few regulars returned for varsity wrestling competition, Coach von Schwerdtner was faced with the difiicult task of breaking in new men to wrestle in about half of the eight weight classes. In this matter he was ably assisted by g'Bates,, McCarty, Bullet luminary of former years. Two sophomores and some holdovers from last year eventually filled the vacancies and the team then set out to do its best as a member of the newly organized Middle Atlantic Association. In the first two meets a rather unsettled team dropped decisons to Haverford and F. and M. The former won a 19-13 contest on their home mats. Another trip to foreign soil at Lancaster saw Gettysburg succumb to the clever bone Crushers from F. and M. by a 241-8 score. The Bullets, however, fared better than Army, Tufts, or Chicago. As the season neared the half way mark, the Baltlelielders hit their stride and utookll the experienced Lafayette team, 18-111-. The next week the still more powerful Rutgers combination eked out a 16-14 decision after trailing 11-3 in a meet in which the Orange and Blue got no breaks whatsoever. ln the final dual meet of the season, Gettysburg fans saw the smoothest wrestling team ever to Wear Bullet togs crush a rather fair Ursinus octet, 26-6. The last event, the Middle Atlantics at Easton, witnessed a primed, but nevertheless somewhat crippled Gettysburg team fighting its way to second place with 25 points while the winner, Lafayette, had 26. Individual champions from Gettysburg were Carl Yost at 126 lbs., Al Sobolesky, who had come down from 157, at 135, and Harv Serfass, 1175. These men, together with Sam Puma, were the outstanding men all season, losing only four matches of a total of 23 wrestled by the group. Yost was undefeated for the season. 165 TENN PAUL HENRY .....,..................,...,.......,.,,,.,,.. Manager DONALD LovELL J OHN WALBORN Assistant Managers P L A Y E R s Berkowitz Mcllhenny Wolf Dunkelbergel Fink Schnell Harbold Brazel Woods Field Western Maryland Gettysburg 8 Western Maryland Gettysburg 9 Bucknell Gettysburg 3 Catawba Gettysburg 6 Haverford flncomplete Rainj Dickinson Gettysburg 6 Penn State Gettysburg 1 Lehigh Gettysburg 1 Muhlenberg Gettysburg 2 Dickinson Gettysburg 3 Coach Glenn I937-SPECTRUNO 166 I937-SPECTRUM Gillesple R l F L E LUKE WESTENBERGER. . . ............... .... M anager SHULL IRWIN ...... ..., C aptain T, E A M Bristol Barron Lawley Tilley Dougherty McCormick Doll Ott Compton Riley Q A FULL season of matches was experienced by the Rifle Team this year. Many telegraphic and shoulder to shoulder matches were fired. The shoulder to shoulder match against Georgetown tired on the home range was the first match of this type that the locals have won in two years. 'I67 Coach M ash IJ urn SWIMMING GEORGE Bowrmsox .... ....,....,..,..., M anager Strong Dashes, Diving Schweizer Backstroke Schultz, G. Breaststroke White, M. 200 yard swim Gillespie 200 yard swim, Diving Norley Dashes Messinger 100 yard swim Medley Relay Schweizer Schultz, G. Gillespie 200 Yard Relay Gillespie Norley Schweizer Strong Dickinson 18 Gettysburg 30 Dickinson 26 Gettysburg 38 C THE newest team on the campus is that of swimming. Being organized late in the season, the team had but two meets, both with Dickinson, one at Gettysburg and one at Carlisle. The locals emerged successful in both, displayng a superior team, taking first places in practically all events in both meets. High scorer for the season was Tug Strong who was acting coach for the mermen. l937'SPECTRUM 168 I937'SPECTRUM FRESHMAN SPORTS WITH a wealth of material answering Coach HCharley" Gelbertis call for Freshman Football candidates, he proceeded to mold an aggregation worthy to wear the Orange and Blue. In the backfield, Bucklen, Chester, Fulmer, and Walder were the out- standing contenders. On the line O'Neill, Yunaska, Schard, Kaufman, Gellert, Weems, Roman, and Buckbee were foremost. As the season opener neared these men had won their berths as regulars, however, Fisher, Alexander, Bast, Deardorff, Trimmer, and Lynn pressed the regulars for their posts. On October 25, at Gettysburg, the Diplomat Frosh handed the Orange and Blue yearlings a stinging 7 to 0 defeat. The score was made by Roeder, in the Hnal quarter, after he snared a twenty-yard pass from Schwartz. O'Neill and Bucklen were the standouts for the Little Bullets. The ball toting of Bucklen was by far the best of any G-burg back, however, punting by Chester was good. In the second game, the Dickinson yearlings were held to a scoreless tie on Memorial Field. Again, fumbling and poor ball handling handicapped the Orange and Blue. In the climax to the 1935 Freshman football season, a strong Perkiomen Prep team came to Gettysburg. The Little Bullets outplayed them in every department, but lacked the final drive and power to scoreg so, the game ended in a scoreless tie. Walder with his fine punting kept the Perkiomen team out of dangerous territory. Although not winning any games the Little Bullets have given "Hen" Bream some fine material for the Varsity next year. In basketball, the Bream coached Yearlings compiled one of the best records of any freshman teams in years. In a tough nine game schedule, the Little Bullets dropped but one encounter, that to York High's aggregation, in their final game. Big Harry O'Neill at center, Bob Fisher, and Ken Bommer at forwards, and Tom Weems, and Luke Yunaska at guards were the five that toppled all of the opposition by large scores. Waynesboro High was the first victim by 36 to 20 count, followed by a trimming handed to "Chug,' Carverick's Allentown Prep outfit by a large score. O,Neill and Weems worked the pivot play to great advantage in this game, and the Prep boys were vynable to cope with such passing. ln the first game with Dickinson on their floor, the Frosh rung up a neat 37---21 victory, however, in the next home engagement with the Red Devils the going was much easier as the resulting score of 544 to 38 would show. The D-son boys led the entire first quarter, however, the Battlefield boys found themselves the second and were never in danger of any Red Devil threats there- after. Perkiomen came up for a Saturday night engagement on February 15, and went home with a stinging defeat. In a return engagement with Waynesboro, the Golden Tornado found even tougher going than in the first game, losing by a 416 to 18 score. In the final tilt for the Frosh, they travelled to York on a disastrous trip, losing by a five point margin 25 to 30. 169 WOMEN,S DORMITORY Women?s Athletics PROP. ZIEGLER 'I7'1 I WE welcomed the co-eds again to our campus and at once found they were good sports. Professor Earl Ziegler was given charge of the feminine sport program and inaugurated a three day a week schedule that kept the newcomers busy. Accustomed to Cupid's darts, they naturally took to archery, and proved that bullseyes were almost as easy to make as sheep's eyes. Although no regular team was selected, the interfraternity match created great enthusiasm. Field hockey also got a great reception. Maybe the male gallery helped, for every game was well-attended., the ability of the maidens to "knock 'em for a goali' being well attested by all and sundry. Spring sports also proved very popular and it is hoped that next season games may be played with nearby colleges in several sports. 'rl I93VSPECTRUM in I937'SPECTRUM r'f" I ' 37 ' -' if ..r u n - , W3 WHEN cold weather intervened, indoor sports became popular. On two afternoons a week the pool in the S. C. A. Building was given over to the co-eds, and the girls got along swimmingly. Sorority basketball proved intensely popular, and the girls showed wonderful form. On Monday and Thursday evenings the gym was a busy place, and many were the volunteer coaches. Beta Lambda finally captured the sorority crown defeating Gamma Phi in a game marked by the cleverness of Misses Motry and Sims. it I L be 'I73 WHEN it comes to Hracketsl' the girls are in a class by themselves. They seemed fond of "courting" and the three courts behind the main building were always crowded. The net results were very good, and it is probable that next year a regular team will be picked by Mr. Ziegler, who teaches the girls how to play. I GREAT guns, the girls have a rilie team! They practiced in the Eddie Plank gym- -nasium, and, most of them being good cooks, were fine on the range. Using a heart- shaped target, they could scarcely miss. What a bunch of sharpshooters we have in our midst. You certainly must "shoot straight" with these girls. ,,:,?4. ,1 I937-SPECTRUM 174 I937-SPECTRUM OSOCA Lodge, a log cabin of the Swiss Chalet type, is the scene of many enjoyable parties and week-end visits. The lodge is favorably situated near Laurel Lake and within a short distance of the famous Appalachian Trail. Mountain climbing, archery, swimming, and canoeing are among the outdoor sports offered to the girls as part of their well-rounded athletic program. 175 .sg . V is-,117 S Xi 1, V6 .-11 sf L W THE members of the staff extend their appreciation to- H. G. ROEBUCK AND SON, Printers PHIADELPHIA WEEKS Co., Engravers HOLLANDER AND FELDMAN, Plwzographers for services renderfzd. HOWEVER, the editors also wish to thank the following individuals for the valuable suggestions and unremunerative work done in mak- ing the 1937 SPECTRUM possible. MR. H. I-I. lVlATLACK MR. HARRY HOLLANDER MR. SIDNEY C. SCHULTZ MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. MR. CHARLES BEACI-IEM ARTHUR SODERBERC 101-IN P. O,DONNELT. JOSEPH MCKENDREE FREDERICK PERSXKO CEDRIC W. T ILBERG I937-SPECTRUM 176 GETTYSBURG COLLEGE lljounded in 18321 GETTYSBURG, PENNA. Gettysburg College: Is the Oldest Lutheran College in America. Is a distinctly small College of limited enrollment located on the famous battlefield. I-Ias a cam us of nearl' loo acres on which there are zo buildin s modernl . - . - n 1 gi equipped. Fl hese include a new 70,000 volume library which enjoys an annual grant of the Carnegie Foundation. Ranked third among Pennsylvania Colleges in the percentage of living alumni who appeared in the 16th volume of VVI-IO'S WI-IO IN AMERICA. Is the only Lutheran institution having a chapter of the honorary scholastic society of Phi Beta Kappa and ollering Military Training CR. O. T. Cj Regards education as character-building rather than the amassing of informa- tion or the acquiring of skills. Is fully accredited by the association of American Universities, the department of Public Instruction of Pennsylvania, the Board of Regents of the State of New York and the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Middle States and Maryland. It holds an "A" rating by the University of Illinois. Courses Offered Include: Arts and Sciences General cultural coursesg also reministerial re P v P ' medical and pre-legal coursesg and preparation for industrial chemistry and for teaching. Business Administration Preparation for positions in banking, accounting, merchandising and general business and commerce. Engineering This department offers courses in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineer- ing. SUMMER SCHOOL WILL OPEN FOR A TERM OF SIX WEEKS COMIVIENCING JUNE 22 COLLEGE OPENS FUR MEN AND WOMEN SEPTEMBER 17, 1936 For C1IflIl0gllC' and Book of View.: Il'l'I'fl'.' It-Ienry W. A. I-Ianson, D.D., LL.D., President GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHURCHES OF GETTYSBURG "Come, let us worship in the House of the Lord." CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH The Rev. Dwight F. Putman EPISCOPAL CHURCH The Venerable H. O. Lounsbury UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH The Rev. Dr. N. B. S. Thomas METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH The Rev. Edwin L. Eslinger PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH The Rev. Frederick B. Crane ST. FRANCIS XAVIER'S CHURCH Father Mark E. Stock ST. IAMES LUTHERAN CHURCH The Rfev. Spencer W. Aungst TRINITY REF ORMED CHURCH The Rev. Howard Sehley Fox 1 O. :: : ::::v ::: A :.':::::::::::::::: - A:::: A A A A A A A A A A A A A:::: A A A A A A::::::::: .A A A: BRASS TAX November 12-BRASS TAX puts in its initial appearance on the campus. November I3-Al Brennan says of his Watch, "The times are so bad that I will have to lay off a hand." On the same day Ieanne Miller jumped into the swimming pool with her Wrist Watch on, and it wasn't vvatertite, either. November 14-MUSING: VVe wonder what the cop thought after having pulled his head down to let a 'lripew Fish pass over. fD'son Frosh Gamej November 15-FACULTY CI-IATTER: Prof. Shaffer emphatically denies that he is the editor of BRASS TAX. I-Ie adds, after asserting that the person responsible for said rumor should be sued for libel, "I would have been liable to have published it myself if I had thought of the idea first." November i6AFOUND: A roll of dollar bills. VVill the owner please form a line in front of the Dean's oflice? November I8-'IXIICI' the Fathers' Day Collation this comment was heard, "Times change, taces are different, but Gettysburg is always Gettysburg." VVhat finer tribute could be paid to the college than that? November zo-BIDS FOR FAME: The co-ed who wants a date with Mussolini because he is the Fascist man . . . Isn't it awful how a certain Phi Psi careyfsj on? . . . The Dean, waiting until the crowd clears away from the bulletin board he is then able to read BRASS TAX without excessive eye strain. Yes, he's for itl The College Bulletin and The View Boolc Are the products of our plant where dis- tinctive typography and careful supervision gives to all college printing the appearance of Work well done. We always delight in helping to plan any piece of printing matter. TI-IE MAPLE PRESS CGIVIPANY YORK, PENNSYLVANIA .A:.,-Q:,-,A::,,:::-p::.A A A A:::::::v::v-v-vvv'Qfvff'ov ,,,' .V-04-4-Q,-,.,,'000Q.,-.,.,.,,,,,,,t,,,0,-4-4.4-4-4,4-::,-4-:::: - - - ---- -:- "Say it With Flowersv 56 YEARS OF DEPENDABLE FLORAL SERVICE TO DUR oETTYsBURc:PATRoNs Member of the P'f0I'Ii.ff.f, 'llflegzzzph D6!1AUt'I'j' .flssomztiolz CREMER Florist HANOVER PENNSYLVANIA BRASS T.-'XX -- fCO7Zll'l1llC'lfJ November 22-DANCING? The SHADOW will probably be present in a BRASS TUX or a copper evening gown. QVBefore the Pan-Hell Dance.j December 4-BRASS TAX asks students to petition for an extra day of vacation at Christ- mas time. Petition was drawn up and was successful. December II-To co-ed Burgdorf we say more powers to you. Take it away. BRASS TAX EXTENDS THE SEASGNS GREETINGS TO BOTH GF OUR UQ READERS. january 6-CHINA CLIPPER: Prof. Larkin explains the absence of his mustache: "My car skidded on the ice and I had a close shavef' Ianuary 8-judging from the way the words are being split up by the crazy antics of this typewriter, one mig ht think i t ha cl the hi cc o ughs, but the truth of the matter is that someone oiled i t with ha i r-tonic, ale cholic content 44 per cent. Ianuary 12-BRUCE BARE, in a statement concerning Doc Sloat said, HI-Ie's not a tra- ternity man, he's a KDR. january 16--LETTER FROM MY CO-ED: Authentic conversation between two students: First: l have six cents to my name. Secmzd Same: Capitalist . . . "Rosebud", the Littles- town Hash advertizes for sale his coupe, 'LTl1e father of the Studebaker President Series," but one look at it convinces us that what he really means is the grandfather. COLLEGE BOOK STORE ON THE CAMPUS STUDENTS' SUPPLIES a n d N O V E L T I E S P. CESSNA E. L. BERGSTRESSER, Faculty Adviser Mdndgff ::: ::.-::::::.':::,,.,::4-Q'::::::f:.-4-4-,4-'::: ,::: :v SITTINGS HY APPOINTMILNI' BELL PHONE "Our Portrait.: Live Fo1'c'uer" HOLLANDER 85 FELDMAN J PHOTOGRAPHERS 17115 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. Ph0f0gI'lIf7hl'I'J' for the 1937 USPECTRUIVIU K3 SPECIALIZING IN SCI-IOOL AND COLLEGE ANNUALS Q- - - v ::::::: - :::::,::4::"0,ooa-QQQQQQQQQQ BREI-IM The Tailor ASK THE ALUMNI BRASS TAX -- CCwzlinuedj Ianuary I41Pl1i Game "Hell-raisersl' Gross, Iohn Barkley, and Perkins involve G-burg in international complications when they paint a SWVASTIKA on Glatfelter Tower right above the College clock. Ianuary zo-AND then there was Fitzsiminons who went to Wilson attired in one fellow's pants, another's shoes, and still another's coat and vest. It was believed that he had his own shirt . . . February 3-LETTER FROM MY CO-ED: After semesters-Probably some of these low marks can be blamed on the zero weather we have been having . . . The frosh who also tried to date Iennie VVade is now trying to "Make, Beta Lambda . . . Dougherty and Hartley THE HQMESTEAD "on the square" WINDOXV SHADES L O D G I N G LD3gIg1CGgDS Students' Families i'1l'C'0l127110dflZ8l1 1 R U G S Mas, CAROLINE PRETZ, Hostess ' B f d Avenue Prompt and Cau1'zeoux Service Since 1892 UD u or Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg Penna- S COMPUMENT LEI-IMAYER'S, INC. OF YORK, PA. S A U B L E , S I N N Our Represezztativc Calls Every Month TANEYTOWN, MD. 0 ,,...,,,'4-Y'-O.,-0.,4-,,.,4-.,.' 1- Q-..-.'..-."0-p 0-N04-.,,,,-.,,,,0Q",,-.,.-,f 4-'00 1 Follcemer Photo Service V. CHAMBERLAIN Dezfelopizzg - Pflllllfllg - Ell!lZl'gIllg Agent of Eastman and Bell and B U I L D E R Howell Movie Eqzrzipmelzzf ,X I I B R AAN C H E S W c' Spc'c1'uf1'zc' in Sflmol and College glnnualx phgm, l,1dd,.c55 2814 RAYNER AVENUE 225XV 229 Chambersburg St Baltimore, Md. Fissel's Insurance Coffman - Fisher Co. Agency ISIATIIRYN L. FISSELL, flgcrzt DEIJARTMENT STORE NIASONIC BUILDING CENTER SQUARE phone 434 GCttySbu1'g, PCIIIILI. "The flgency of Service BRASS TAX -- fC07Zil.71l'lt?lfD February 4-Tonite the library was on fire :mtl the smoke came out in VOLUMES. February 7-SCENE: A fair young damsel standing on an uptown curb. SMART PETE ROMAN: Hxwvlldll are you waiting for, a trolley carP,, SWEET YOUNG THING: "No, my lmsbandfl February Io-A certain faculty prof CWC won't tell you his name, but it is Doc Masonj should be named Adam. Adam was 'Kclay born", too. February 15-A wise guy sent YE BRASS TAX ctlitor ll cure lfor insomnm LINCOLN WAY SERVICE STATION BUFoRD AVE. GETTYSBURG, PA. RALPH B. BUTT, Prop. "THE ESSO STAT ION" Open All Night --- ----,---,--- LUTHERAN TI-IEOLGGICAL SEMINARY GETTYS BURG, PENNA. Offers standard theological courses lending to HD. and S.T.M. degrees. Able and enthusiastic faculty. A loyal student body numbering 99 of whom 60 are Gettysburg College men. The 1 1 ith year begins September 9, 1936. A limited number olf scholarships available. For catalogue mul other fvzformalion zlddresxi THE REV. IOHN ABERLY, D.D. SENIINARY AVENUE GET'1'YsBURc, PENNA THE GETTYSBURGIAN TO OUR PRESENT AND FUTURE ALUMNI! Keep In Touch With the Activities Of Your Alma Mater Read !'The Gettysburgiann SUBSCRIPTION RATE-552.00 PER YEAR Address All Subscriptions to: Business Manager of "The Get1fysburg1'mz" Gettysburg College, Gettysburg, Penna. fSignedj "The Gcttysburginn. - A A -::.',':::: 1 8 1 4 1 9 3 6 AFTER COLLEGE - WHAT? The Secret of Success is N 0l HOW MUCH YOU MAKE but HOW MUCH YOU SAVE REGULARLY The person who succeeds is the person who has the amount of money needed to open the door when opportunity knocks. THE GETTYSBURG NATIONAL BANK fOn York Streetj GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA. Member of Federrzl Reserve Syslem CMember of Federal Deposit I fzmrmzee C orpormfiovzj OVER 1f3,3oo,0oo.oo RESOURCES Oldest and Largest Bank in Adams County I 8 I 4 Corzszfruezive Btlllkltllg Since I 9 3 6 Colonial Days 0,'."::.'.,:::Q'oQ0::'.,.,0:.-::.- ::4 - A A - - A -0 L A A A A A A-,,, - - , , , , , , ------- - .... -0-- -Y 0,-.,-, Compliments of The Malestlc Theater Prompt Delivery Serzfice lo Fraternities Gettysburg Penna. Phone 171-W MYERS SHOE SHOP 59 CHAMBERSBURG sr. Expert WOI'kN1H715hlf7 on Leather Goodx Gettvslmw Pemm . ev ' ' 119 Baltimore St. Gettysburg, Pa. BRASS TAX - CCOIlZl.775lC'll5 February I6-ICHIHIC Miller to lack Fish, "I-Iello, sonnyf, February 19-LETTER FROM MY CO-ED: Our engineering students went Casa Loma on us when they spent one whole afternoon Watching a freight engine blowing out "Smoke Ringsf! February 10-PERSONAL T0 DICK SCHUMO: BRASS TAX Detective Agency has located your missing pocketbook. You may obtain the same by calling at a certain girl's home in Hanover. LEE - MEADE INN On U. S. 15, Two Miles South of GETTYSBURG, PA. Luther I. Sachs Contractor and Bulilllfl' Rooms Cottages HARDWARE DEALER Restaurant 26 YORK STREET New Comfortable Moderate Rate: ' , , P nna. Gettyllmrg 6 los. H. CHAMBEuL.1x1N, Host I-IENNICFS BAKERY HOTEL ALTLAND We Cater to Fraternities Known for Our "All-You-Can-Eat" Delivery Service CHICKEN DINNERS Ph C 323 Large 01' Small Prn't1'e5 XlC'C'017117'l0ll6Il6d on Gettysburg, pemmi Abbottstown, Penna. A A -:: -:,-YA ,.:::, - -A - - -- - - - -:::- :::- :: GL,tTf,e,,1A,-jg IUNIORS ! I SISNIORS I I FUTURE ALUMNI I I Remmel's Print Shop Look forward to an active part in the PRINTING, MIMEOGRAPHING affairs ofthe NOTEBOOKS . Gettysburg College Alumni STUDENTS' NEEDS Association 54 Chambersburg Street BRASS TAX - fC0l1lf7lLl6db February 22-lT,S ALL BRIGHT VVITI-I US IF TI-IE BULLETS TAKE ALBRIGI-IT TONITE AT READING. February 23-CI-IATTER: A college student has olTered to remove the SWASTIKA for 54.50. It would involve the use of seven sticks of dynamite. Well, Dinah might. February 27-Cl12lFlIC Trunk to Stew Garver, our HY" president: "Can I bum a cigarette from you, Stew?" February 28-tiWl15' is the gizzard of a chicken like a Phi Sig?" l'They are both organs for grinding." February 29-SUGGESTED PRAYER FOR TI-IE PI-II PSI PLEDGES: If Phi Psi before I awake, I pray the brothers my pulse to take. March 3-PROGRESS: IQIO 1920: 1930: 1936 Students roll cannonballs down the hallways of Old Dorm. Students roll milkbottles down the same. Student roll pop bottles down the same. Students stand aghast as Millard Kanzinger winds up a toy train and sends it roaring down the lengthy hallway. March 9-FROM A COLUMNISTS SCRAPBOOK: We believe the signs found on nu- merous mirrors in the rooms of G-burg gentlemen to be the "top', in OPTIMISM. They read: "GUARANTEED TO PLEASEV, . . . A certain Senior is so used to bum- ming cigarettes that he now says thanks to himself everytime he takes one from his A own pack. Have' your clothes cleaned and pre.c.fc'd Gettysburg News Agency G I L B E R T 7 S PAPERS 52 Chambersburg St. MAGAZINES 3 Student Reprexntrztive Vinton McClellan, Room 417, Old Dorm STEWART IVIOYER, '32, Prop. N. E. Corner of Square C0l7ZP1i772t"71I5 0 f Gettysburg Steam Laundry Gettysburg, Penna. C. RAY RUPP, Prop. A ---,-:::::::::::: -- L- ..... --- ...... -- --- Fellow Getly.vbz.u'gia115: For many years it has been my privilege and pleasure to serve the Life Insurance needs of a large number of the Faculty, Students and Prominent Alumni of old Gettysburg. This I deeply appreciate. I sincerely trust that I may always merit your conlridence and favor and that I may be of service to you and to your loved ones in the future as I have been in the past, to our ever increasing number of loyal Gettysburgians. I am always most cordially and sincerely yours, -R. K. G. RICE, '22 "Cfmf'teren' Life U7ZC1IC'I'IL'1'lill?l"J G6l18l'lIl flgenz, Equitable Life of Iowa. :kThe Equitable Life Insurance Co. of Iowa Razer! "fl" Excellent by every known rating bureau, is one of the OLDEST and STRONGEST Life Insurance Companies in America and is outstanding by any standard of comparison. I Associated with me in Maryland are T. B. 'LBuck" Cash, 'zo-Westminster, Md.g S. F. "Doc,' Lehman,-45 E. 3rd St., Frederick, Md.: and Lowell M. Sowers, i23-I4OH2IC0l'lIl'1g, Md. BRASS TAX - QC0l2lIi71AlCfij BRASS TAX Wishes to thank the student body for their support of our sheet. It was their interest which enabled BRASS TAX to be published during the past year. Now that the year is over wecan safely remove our dictaphones from the VVomen's Dorm, the Dean's Ofhee, the Chem lab, the Library, and the "Gettyshurgian" office. Wishing you all the luck and happiness which the fates can bestow upon you, I am, your BRASS TAX editor-Geo. Boxversox, Ir. efrlutogwzlblzs v---v,-,----vvvvvvvvvvovvvvvvof---v-,----------------vvvvvv f KA- ir 'JJ' , Jgf 1 . Z .ff X, ,, w 5 1 ' i 4 J rw- V LL. 1 . gi: 5 6' if H4 it . I 144 .. 1'4" Wg..-.f1"' M. .., v- W ,mf 11 r dl 8.54" ,..-"1 , Vw:-Hr' ' ,,..n .1-t' sv- f' . 'A"' ' I Q' WM " --1" " rf fl . . enslzrining the very soul ofa great American industrial enterprise, preserving memories that are precious to those who reared it. 180 PAGES. .491 PICTURES very book that wins its way to a place of safekeeping must possess either much wanted subject matter or great physical charm . . there is no reason Why a book should not possess both. . it's all a matter of planning. Of course one must know about such things as pleasing layouts . . suitable paper and other materials, and particularly about securing the most effective engravings . . our hehn in such mat- ters . . and our experience . . insures added charm for any book. PHILADELPHIA WEEKS EN GHIWIN G C 0 M 29 NORTH SIXTH STREEIIQ PHILADELPHIA, PA. ww-wQsvQJi?:rfbi9.awseQfQ:wfaAvwerQ99- wevewvw- gwwggewewggweg-Megnweg W 'giiwgf' ' ' Xvl ------- ' XX . 14X . IAX . bt. JS ' 21. ' Xyl . YR S' A - I vi' 1 gy 1 ' -E wg' . IAX . : A 5 i Xvg . x if ' E It 5 ' Q ?Y. sf :E m MAKE YOUR BOOK A are ,Fwd as i 'Walsall bil URE ' sf ' 5 X4 5 E X74 . l4X . Z-' 1 5 24 ii ' SE . Open to You -- our Treasure Chest of .ny . Originality - Versatility - Quality - Service . - . xv, . X4 . . . . l.X . O U R past four years have able treasure chest of a completely - E - xv, . been glorious! -They are be- equipped plant, years of college - X - . in 'culminated in this, our book. craftsmen ex erience, ualit . 14X . ai . 3 y . . d RH. Y 31, Q ' , printing an W1 mg service. gr ' , ,561 The Treasure Accumulated f X14 ' 4 . Familiar s c e n e s, faculty, The Treasure Preserved ' A ' friends and events deserve a re- pro Cr O Cnin of 3 book Cn, ' f- , Xvl - - P P P g Xvl i f,i sentation that will embody all the Sums 3 'long Subgfantial life, If i QAQ u an eg memorable PC' Ou treasure Vour annual reserve 7 I gf -jg , , Y - . . P 1 . . ' XQ4 f10d ChCf15hC5- it by following these simple direc- ' A94 ' . X - tions. Hold the book with its - 'X- Z' ig The Treasure Presented back on a flat surface, let the front Q ' :E . Throughout the production cover down gently, then the back ' 7 , of this, your book, every care was cover. Open a few leaves at the , ' , ' A :E exercised to build an annual that back, and so on, alternately open- , , ?'i would be a credit to you and to ing back and front, carefully u 3 ourselves. We offer to the school pressing open the seetions until - ke and college annual staffs our verit- the center ofthe volume is reached. tag, - fAy , . IQX . ca rr r - - - . . 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