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VT1 - fx. f' ,Q 1 feffgfs ,.,NL,a9 'gg 1 H l Jw' o.,v I 3 Ji U ..-A MA 1 .14 ,gl 11:7-1 r-1. U 5 I 1.1 .--15" la M ' e ff? - -5 L , - 'x 5 ' "" 'f-f ' W"-,-.2 ' fb ' -.5 ?ifr'f4U" ' . 3 ,N V, s QQ, . MIIB 2 z , QV --, .A v, ."""'- 3. 5 ' 15' J' -. jlxglnv. n.1:4H14.! "' ' ' - fi' - ' 'E--.f 1-I ' Copyright, 1935 by DOYLE M. BORTNER Editoo'-in-Chief WILLIAM R. MCELIiINEY Business Manager h I ins .rs-S fgsj lf' f gl "" E-25,1 1' 91 Vg I IV ,fl ff' 4' bl' Iafag f: 1 I 5 - r 252' 'f . 34 T' Y - ,v I 3,-ff F. 'Wg' kj- , nr U i ? EX LIBRIS -Q.. u og- y Us 3 " 'f f 1 :P 6 1352 Published by THE JUNIOR CLASS of GETTYSBURG COLLEGE Ge'l"l'ysburg, Pennsylvania Forfy-+Tf+l1 Edi1'ion -4- 0 WCRD ONG before mankind had dis- covered the idea of a spectrum nature provided the world with a phenomenon of sunlight and mist particles which man called a rain- bow. In this arrangement he saw the various shades and tints of color separated so that they could be stud- ied comparatively, each on its own merit, and at the same time, the group as a whole. It is to this the original spectrum, that we turn for our theme, that it may symbolize our own attempts to give all the aspects of college life. An ancient tradition suggests that the rainbow symbolized aspiration, and that there lay buried at the end of it a pot of gold, so that he who would show sufficient diligence, could attain that for which he sought. This we have portrayed. At the end of the rainbow we ind the inspiration which motivates the am- bitions of each of us. CONTENT SECTION 1-CAMPUS SECTION 2-ADMINISTRATION SECTION 3-CLASSES SECTION 4-ORGANIZATION S SECTION 5-ATHLETICS SECTION 6-FEATURES KARL Josmr Gnrimvr, PHD. Professor of German, Ph.1?., Johns Hopkins University, 1889. Edu- cated 1n the public schools of Steinbach, near Werthcim am Main, Germany: by privare tuition innthe Gymnasia of Tauherbischofsheim and Wert- henn, Germany, St. .l'erome's College, Berlin fK1tCh8H8TJ 3 Ontario, Canada, 1878-18895 Rome Italy, 1889-18915 Halle, Germany, 18913 Theo-, logical Seminary, Springield, Illinois, 18925 Ln- theran Theological Seminary, Gettysburg, 1892- 1895 Johns Ho kins University 18961899 fUni 1 p S ' ' versity Scholar, 18969 University Fellow, 1897- T I Because we have felt an admiration for an intellect far greater than that of mo t meng Well rounded and thorough in many 'delds of learning 5- Because we have been enlightenedby a man's motives of character and spirit, in- tense in their ideals,- Because we have felt the inspiration of a cheerful disposition which for nearly thirty years has shown Gettysburg Col- lege the paternal aspect of teachingg- To DR. KARL JOSEF GRIMM we, the Class of 1936, dedicate this, the forty- iifth SPECTRUM of Gettysburg College. 189953 Rayner Research Fellow in the Oriental Seminary of Johns Hopkins University, 1899- 19015 Professor of Modern Languages, Ursinus College, 1901 19065 Professor of the German Lan- guage and Literature, Gettysburg College, 1906-5 Author: "Euphemistic Liturgical Appendixes in the Old Testament," Leipzig J. C. Hinrichts, 1901: Contributor to: "The ohns Hopkins Uni- versity Circulars," "The Journal of the American Oriental Society," "The Journal of Biblical Lit- erature and Exegesis," "The Modern Language Notes," "The Lutheran Quarterly," etc. Active Member in the American Oriental So' ciety, 1897-1907: The Societv of Biblical Litera- ture and Exegesis, 1902-19085 des Allgemeinch Deutschen Sprachvereinsg The American Dialect Society: Life Member of the Mode-rn Language Association: Historischer Verein Alt-Wertheimg Corresponding Member of the Schiller Akademie, Munichg der Deutsche Verein: Phi Beta Kappag Phi Sigma Iota: Theta Kappa Nu. OLD DORM IN THE MOONLIGHT 1-I ave you seen Old Dorm in the moonlight 5 And the silver sifting through the trees? Have you heard the fellows singing on the Old Dorm steps 5 ' And the sawophones a-moaning in the breeze? Do you watch the Old Dorm in the evening When the lights begin to flash out one by one Like the eastern stars burn out upon the heavens Upon the glorious setting sun? And when the lights have dropped away at mid night, And the moonlight sheds its brightness over all, Do you ever stand and gaze in silent rapture At the grandeur of this old and noble hall? Ah, fellows, how we love this old white building With its mighty columns beautiful and strong, With its memories haunting every nook and corner, It has been our second home place for so long. ,.. -it MLK.. ,.,. ..-.f x N w N N 4. x ,Q-ff AX F-if-v X x Old Dorm's Columns and GlaHel+er's Tower C-5laHel+er Hall -1-ff 5: .4 :N .sql 117-lf? . reg", 3 ' Pennsylvania Hall The Brua Memorial Chapel The Library The Eddie Plank Memorial Gymnasium The Weidensall Y. M. C. A The Breidenbaugh Science Hall 'if 4 Tiber Scene LDMINISTRATION , W1 ,W ,,,,,, , , ,. ,,- ,elbq , - H ,,,,,.L,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ..,,mT, .,,,,. - A W QQ, Mg Q3fQlEflf 1? I R Z Tai' '52 1902 1907 1908 1908 1903 1910 1914 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1921 1921 1922 1923 1923 1929 1929 1932 1932 1932 1932 Q , ---.M HL, e 2- - .--.--T,fT.fT,YYv,,:T .2 A . ., BOARD OF TRUSTEES Charles Baum, M.D., Ph.D. Hon. R. VV.il1ia1n B1'0fl.II1 Frank E. Colvin, Esq. Hon. John F. Dapp . George B. Kunkel, M.D. Charles J. Fite . . . A Frederick H. Knubel, D.D., LL.D. Percy D. Hoover, M.D. ' .1 Hon. Harvey C. Miller John B. MeA1ist,er H. . . . Jeremiah Z1I11H.l91'l1121H, D.D., L.L.D.- Louis S. Wfeuver, M.D. . .. Harry C. Hl'lf'fH12ll1, MQD. Joseph B. Baker, Charles T. Lark, Esq. . . . Henry YV. A. Han-son, D.D., L.L.D.' George H. Hunnnel " . . P21111 B. S. Rice I . Charles M. A. Stine, SYCD. ' John H. Beerits . . Harry H. Beidleman, D.D. J. McC'reu Dickson . Amos E. Taylor, Ph.D. Jrwenry-five ,,,., . , -" f1'f'7EEY:- ' ' 1' 'Vfti-SZ:"Ul'lT.1.L..i." 11211. .I-.LJ' Hazleton Johnstown Bedford Harrisburg . Harrisburg . Pittsburgh New York, N. Y. VVaynesboro Philadelphia Harrisburg . . Syracuse, N. Y. . . York Connelsville . . York New York, N.Y. . Gettysburg . York . Harrisburg xV11l11i11QtO11, Del. . Somerset Hanover . Gettysburg YVilS111l'lg1fOlI, D. C. in , V f .1 Y - --A 1 1- .,a,,,1r ..,- up fig ,, 5, . .F X I A ,,x,-4. 1- 'ef N 1: 1 fl. N .. fl . ' I H A 1 l-2: , , ' new ,H - 2 , ,fam 1. , , ' ., 5 f , HENRY XV. A. HANSON, M.A., D.D., LL.D. A.B., Roanoke College, 19015 M.A., Roanoke College, 1904, B.D., Gettys- burg Seminary, 19045 Studied in Leipsig, Berlin, Halle, Germany, 1904-19065 Pastor, St. Luke's Lutheran Church, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1906-19135 Pastor, Mes- siah Lutheran Church, Harrisburg, Pa., 1913419233 D.D., Gettysburg College, 19195 President of Gettysburg College, 1923 3 LL.D. Bucknell University, 19253 LL.D. Lafayette College, 1925, Scabbard and Blade, Pen and Sword, Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa Phi Kappa. Twenty-six H-,ITECTR UM To the Class of 1936: How swiftly the time has passed since you entered as freshmen. You are now issuing your class SPECTRUM. In all too short a time you will present yourselves for your gradu- ation diploma. Your years on the campus have linked my life to yours by ties that have become most precious. After all, your college life has been but a means to an end. That ,end is to prepare you courageously and success- fully to me-eii"Q5Qye1'y' issue which will confront you . In the years that lie ahead you will find that in each suc- ceeding year, life will be broadened and enriched by the expe- riences of your academic life. I am confidently believing that this world will be a better place in which to live because of contributions made by the members of the class of 1936. May God bless each member of the class with courage and vision and faith. In this crucial period of World history these three elements, above all others, present life's profoundest need. With every good Wish, I am Cordially your friend, HENRY YV. A. HANSON twenty-seven 4 , , . .. 1,541 f, , X, V 4 7 5 'Kilim ga V'3S5 ': 3- Rfzibihfl-,L wg. ,iiif any 5. f f AW ff- ' " ' ' ,f F' K'.Q it!.i R515 V , q .fQg W v Wg 1 nh - - 'f 2,1 J' :1 1' 1 4,5 Q- 'fl 'Q 1 f 1 1. 1 MMM fi ?'f 1 JH M nw 1 ' i .1!I.M i. ff ' Mp' ww ' M W E gi f? I Wfu ' D31 V mm ' i- ly ., is if Qfffmulflf il !La.f:n!'5iIn? ' QL .. 1 1 ' I QW if I . 1+ imffffw imwl' 5W,f 11n - yr fl- V7 fi mm -" , , ,1j4'jli.lL' 'ERM-l,' I 1Lju,:1 1f 3? 'f ",A?T-54 'I uk-Mit lk' F: S 12 f. 4' ' QLD? ,N fff. if ,-- my-Q '- qw- ffvmulw-:s---f 5,1-,.uf WT iv-wal-'L.f43GM-V MA. Q .1l,b'r5'- MV! wr-.. M x' 'ffiw-M31e!f1s,1:Q 1' lfziumm. vmavflaw uh. 1 ugl- Mu ---,.. , .. ,. ..., - ,. , .., -, .4 '1iwr v,..i--Q : . l I l '.- Jfff-'Zi-213 - .::.2e::f..g1 --i - ..i.,c,or L. VVILBUR E. TILBERG, BLA., Ph.D. Dean, of Gettysburg College A.B., Bethany College, 1911: A.M., University of Kansas, 19123 Graduate Work, University of Chicago, 1916-17, and at Uuiversitv of XVisconsin as an Hon- orary Fellow, 1925-27: Ph.D.. University ot XViscon- sin, 1923: Professor of History, Midland College, Fremont, Nebraska, 1913-253 Dean of Midland Col- lege, 191-l-253 Dean of Gettysburg College 1927-5 Member ot National Association ot Deans and Ad- visers of Men. Eastern Association of Deans and Advisers ot Men, Kappa Phi Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha. - GEORGE DIEHL S'lAHLE1, AAI., M.D. Professor Emeritus of Biology and llyyicne .A.B., Gettysburg College, 18713 A.M., Gettysburg College, 187-lg M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1S75g First Assistant Physician, State Hospital for the Insane, Harrisburg, 1875-97: Specialist in Nerv- ous Diseases, Easton, 1887-S99 Professor of Physical Culture and Hygiene, Gettysburg College, 1889-923 Graff Professor of Biology, Gettyslnirg College, 1892- 19203 Member, The Pennsylvania Health Association, Fellow of the American Association for the Advance- ment of Science and the American Public Health As- sociation: Medical Director, Gettysburg College, 1920-: Pen and Sword. Phi B'-ta Kappa, Phi Kappa Psi, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Phi Kappa. uLm.i..i. 141. gamut' abd!"-U r me-lf af.v-3L1.gs4JL'i::1P!"-ril2'.:-'Bmw 'W -B'-t"'f4f'5:.......:"fi-f?'5'l'LE2..-i.i......!....,.u-1"-"El "7"i'vVi1iL" 1 MILTON HENRY VALENTINE, A.M., D.D. A-znnavdav Rupert Strong Professor Emeritus of English Bible A.B., Gettysbilrg College, 1SS2g A.M., Gettysburg College, 1SS5g B.D., Gettysburg Theological Semin- ary: D.D., Gettysburg College, 19023 Pastor of Trin- ity Lutherau Church, Bedford, Pa., 1SS7-993 Pastor of Messiah Lutheran Church, Pliilaflelphia. Pa.. 1892- 99: Editor, Lutheran 0bser'vcr, 1899-1915, Amanda Rupert Strong Professor of English Bible and His- tory, Gettysburg College, 1916-30: Pen and Sword: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Gamma Delta. twenty-nine :rin V. nlT5iC'.:,...,,Ff'g'Zr1lg,'..'FU J. 1 Q f KARL JOSEF GRIMM, PH.D. Professor of Germzm Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1899. Received his education in the Gymnasia ot Tauberbischofshcim and iVert- heim, Gerinanyg at Rome, Italy, 1889-913 Halle, Germany, 18913 Theological Seminary, Springfield, Ill., 1S92g Gettys- burg Theological Seminary, 1892-953 Johns Hopkins Uni- versity, 1896-993 Research Fellow in the,Orieutal Seminary, Johns Hopkins University, 1899-19013 Professor of Modern Languages, Ursinus College, 1901-065 Professor in German Language and Literature, Gettysburg College, 1906-3 Mem- ber ot the' Modern Language Association: Historischer Ver- ein Alt'XAT01'tll6l1l1Q Phi Beta Kappag Theta Kappa Nu. FRANK HOLLINGER CLUTZ, PH.D. Burton F. Blough Professor of Civil El'lfgiT1C0'l'lI1g A.B., Midland College, 18929 Ph.D., Johns opkins Uni- versity, 1897 5 Fellow, Johns Hopkins University, 1894-965 Professor of Mathematics, Carthage College, 1899-19003 Professor of Civil Engineering, Gettysburg College, 1918-. Member of the American Mathematical Societyg American Association of Engineersg American Concrete Institute: Society tor Promotion of Engineering Educationg American Society for Testing Materialsg University of Nilisconsin, l902g active engineering work, 1902-183 Beta Theta Pi. J CHARLES FINLE1 SANDPRS XXI DD TV-illiam Bittinfgcr Professor of Philosophy - A.B., Gettysburg College, 18923 A.M., Gettysburg College, 18953 B.D., Gettysburg Theological Seminary, 19053 D.D., Lafayette College, 19139 Studied Philosophy and allied sub- jects, University of Leipsig, Germany, 1905-063 Lectures on China and India, "The Taproot of Religion and Its Fruit- agc." Professor of Philosophy and Education, Gettysburg College, 1906-.213 Wlilliam Bittinger Professor of Philosophy, Gettysburg College, 1921-5 Member ot Phi Beta Kappag Kappa Phi Kappag Alpha Kappa Alpha: author, The Protestant Principle ot Authority, The Soul's Quest, The New Psychology, A New Christian Apologetics, Jerusalem, Introduction to Philosophy, revised and enlarged, 1932. RICHARD ALLEN ARMS, Ph.D. Alfmnni Professor of .llfllflill-6'IIlfflt'iCS A.B., Ursinus College, 19133 Ph.D., University of Penn- sylvania, 19175 Professor ot Mathematics, Juniata College, 1917-193 Instructor in Mathematics, University of Penn- sylvania, 1919-20g Alumni Professor of Mathematics, Get- tysburg College, 1920-g Member of the American Mathe- matical Associationg Pen and Swordg Tau Kappa Alpha: Director, Owl and Nightingale Club. thirty bPl.Eil'rPlql UM. H' FRANK HENRY KRAMER, PH.D. - P1'0f68SO1' of Education , A.B., Gettysburg College, 1914g A.M., University of Penn- sylvania., 19165 Plr.D., University of Pennsylvania, 19205 Head of the Commercial Departnrent, West Chester- High School, 191420: Assistant Professor of Education, Gettys- burg College 199071 Professor of Educfxtion, Gettvbbnrg College, 1971 'llembex of Nrtrorrrl EClUC1t10Il1l Kssocr zrtron Penns5lx rn1-1 Strte Ednertron 1SSOCl"ll.101l Pen and Sword Plrr S1bm'r K-rppa, Kzrppfr Plrr Kappfr Phr Beta K-rppr, P111 Deltr Iq'11lll'l P1 G'rmm'1 Mu 1IIOMAS LUCI NN CLIN17 PHD Graff P1ofz,ss'm of Enqlwh X B Ronnolu. Colley., 1911 AM Princeton Unrxersrtv, 1917 PhD Unrversrtv of Xrrgrnrr 1993 Professor of Fnglrslr Mrcllmrd College Frcmont, Nebmslvr 1915 20 I Qiructor ot En,,11elr Urmusrty of X1l,.,llll'1 1971 '70 Pro .usor of Summer School, Unrrersrtv oi X 11,,1nlfr, 1999 Pro ltssor oi English md Ar lllllC,11tlt10lI Geltysbrrrb Collrbe, 1977 '71 Herd of Englrslr Dcprrtment Gettvsbrrrg College, 1974 Member 01 the 'Xmerrefru Assoerrtron of Unrrersrty Pl0fl.SS0lN P111 Gzrrnmr Deltfr T111 Ixrppfr Xlplrfr Ixnppn Ulll K-rppw GEORGI7 Ill ICH MILI LR M S PII D l'10fcss'o1 of Plzyszos B N beth sbnrt, Colle e 1919 NIS Gettrebnrg, Collect, 1971 xNNlStlllt Protcssor of Plrwrca Gettxslrrrrb follebe 1997 -H I,l0lLSN0l f1rttrsb11l,, C llc 1 1977 3-l Nlunlr r of the Xmurorn I,lllNlf"'ll Nonttx Iruhssor 1951 PlrD U1llXL1'51fX of XI1f'lll3.,lI'l 1941 lx 11111 P111 Ixrppr Plrr Ivrppr 1 sr RKSNIUS S SAB1 IHD Piofvcsm of Eco11mu1es and Polmcal Sczenoo X B Unrrersrtv of Mrnnvsoffr 1907 gr rdrmte work, Unr rusrtx of Wrseonsrn ind bornell Unrrersrts , Plr D Unr ursrtv of Pennsslx rnrr 1910 1 rotessor Cornell U11lXO1SltY, 1910 71 Profeiqor of Econonrrcs 'uid Polrtrml Science Get issburg Collc-gr, 1974 Member of the American Economrc ASbK!CIlfl011 Amr-rrefnr Polltrc 11 Screnel Assoeratron N iron rl 'llunerple League Amerrcfrn Acqdemy of Polrtlcfrl furd Sourl Suenu Phi Beta Ixnppa, Alplrr Psi 1913511011 P1 harmmr Mn P1 Lfnnbclr Slbllll Thirty one , .Mfg 3 . 4 . - g --tw .r t 4 yr , , -' ' 4 '- ' H ', A . 1 4. 1 L 1 g , Y f: 4 :. 2 1 . L' 3 1 ' Q "' 4 L ' 4. LQ L i' ' - 2 4 "tg 4 t . VY- , 4 . L 4. J, ' . ' V V- ", L Q lx V4 f r. .. , '- ' H .4 3 . ., " - ' ' ' ' ' Y'- ' '. . . - L '- -14 - --Q . ., . 4., 4... , .,.. 1 Y .. , ' 4 , 'E . 74, '4, - Q 11- " - ' 1 r'1 ' ' - --' v F- ' ' ' . - -1, me 1 4 fx, t ff' .,.,... -.., - 'lv" I ' - -1 - 'v l I 1 1 .,..e . , " - 1 'T' , - l,,,,,,,! x - ' .S : 'Q ' : , , , ,.1'j.7 'fr I. 341- 'f -4 . - '. W .- - or ...r-.1 . H . A Ei , , .., ' , 'U' .... -Q ', " Q 1 ' 4 ES ,2 V ' ,. 1 4 ... ' . ' - , . ' .,, e, I 1 , 4. 1 . L , . 4 4. r o 4 71' - 7 r f .1 J. 1 J , . ., ., ,. .150 . - N '1 w . v -4' 4, , - . ff -r 4r ...., 3 l ,4 , , ,. . ., , il - .L I r .fz " ' '. s, "f J 1" . -L-lf: " 'uhh ', ,':,,.'.' 'U' In 221, .LL-2 If ' IF' . .' . 1 ,' ,. 1. r .. . - . ,A 1... ,. ,4 x, .l,. Y--. 4 -- ', ..., ' . . ' ' ' 4 f . '. . ' '. . 4 ' "...' 1 , '4. -4. , 414 4.4, ' ' . r.' ' ,L 4 .. . ' A r . . 1 , , .. . 4 . ,- - A hr - ,'.' ' f . ., ' 'S , ' .. ,., g A':' 4 Y " - v,.1'-1 ,'v. S' : 1 u ygwnvy. . I, - ,.-.' - .. ,. '. . n. ' .. . . ' . ' Ve. ., 5 .J . ., . , 1. , . f- , vi . . . ' 4 ' ' ' ,, - -f.. , .H .. 4 4 , Ik' " ' , E L. -g l, ' 3 C 4 2 , E Ur' Q il' ' 1 1' . 4 Q- 1 . L 4 4. " '. ' . ' ' 4 - - ' 7 -' - ' . 74, ' '!, . 1 a W 4 4 . 4 ' ' . ' 1 , 1 , 1 4 n " 4. . 7 . ,E .,.. ,f. ff-4 -zji w-rr:-1 'H : T !:"r .f:gt:'1! r" 1 -'i r---.g.. 1 " f'- ---. were-fre--T-1? -H V Y--3 r. -ff --f -- ---- i - , .-, .: --.-.- - ,. -..-. ,.,.L---.--..' 7 5 - .une 111- .r-----1--me wg,5351M!!-SM7.'3?.1fs-,ii.-1gf"1 19195-'f-TfQ?:1'S fc fni-NTI:mr.JFi:iRs:sr-Q-.i.T.-s.-L11-spree:sez:greet L "Y -B f-Y WA, 11-1 H ROBERT PRICE MARSH, PHD. Dr. Charles H. Gray? Professor of Biology and Hygiene B.S., New York University3 Graduate W01'li, RIltgG1'SQ In Charge ot Graduate Plant Physiology Laboratory, Rutgers, 1922-243 M.S., Rutgers, Ph.D., Rutgersg Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sci- enceg Member of the Botanical Society of America: The American Society of Plant Physiologistsg Vice-President of Beta Beta Beta for the Northwest Region: Charles H. Graff Professor of Biology, Gettysburg College, 1924-Q Member of the Pennsylvania Academy of Scicnceg Simian Xig Delta Kappa Epsilong Beta Beta Beta. 1 CLAYTON E. BILHEIMER, A.M. Professor of Phys-ical Education M.E., Lehigh Universityg A.M., Columbia University: Professor of Physical Education, Gettysburg College, 1927 3 Alpha Tau Omega. JOHN BROXVN ZINN, PH.D. Ookcrshausen Professor of Chemistry B.S., Gettysburg College, 19193 Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 1911-13g Instructor in Chemistry, Amherst, 1913-163 Professor of Chemistry, 1Vorchester Polytechnic Institute, 1919-24. Member of thc American Chemical So- cietyg American Association for the Advancement of Seienccg Professor of Chemistry, Gettysburg College, 1924-3 Phi Beta Kappag Sigma Epsilong Alpha Tau Omega. ROBERT FORTENBAUGH, PH.D. Adeline Sager Professor of History A.B., Gettysburg College, 1913, Graduate, Gettysburg Theological Seminary, 1916, A.M., Syracuse University, 19203 Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 19263 Pastor, The Lutlxeran Church of the Atonement, Syracuse, N. Y., 1916- 23: Instructor in Sociology and History, Syracuse Uni- versity, 1920-213 Assistant Professor of Sociology, Syracuse University. 1921-233 Adeline Sager Professor of History, Member, The American Historical Associationg Alpha Tau Omega: Phi Kappa Phi: Pi Gamma Mug Phi Beta Kappa: Gettysburg College, 1923-g CActing Professor, 1923-261: Kappa Phi Kappa. 1 gg 1 th I rty-two '- 9' is 1' pw in lag r in rf'-"M-'rr-'a-Jr"""wx'fie WILLIAM CLAUDE WALTEMYER, A.Mg, PH.D. Professor of English Bible . A.B., Gettysburg College, 19083 B.D., Lutheran Theolog- ICH1 Seminary. Gettysburg College, 19115 M.A., American University, 19259 Ph.D., American University, 19293 Pastor, Lutheran Church, Landisville, Pa., Butler,.Pa., Thurmont, Md., and Vlfasllingtori, D. C.5 U. S. Army Chaplain, 1918- 19, 71st Regiment Heavy Artillery, A.E.F.f .Associate Pro- fessor of Philosophy, Gettysburg College, 1929-30: Professor of English Bible, Gettysburg College, 1930- g' Phi Sigma Iiappag Kappa Phi Kappag Alpha Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta xappa. l sition in Bengal, India. EDXVARD H. BERTRAINI Major, Infantry - Professor of ill'iZi15m'y Science and Tactics ' University of Minnesota, CEXJ, '12g Commissioned Sec- ond Lieutenant, U.S. Infantry, April 24, 19125 Army Stal? College, Langres, France, 19185 Command and General Staff School, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, 1924-255 Assistant Chief of Staff, 42nd Division, 1918-195 Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Gettysburg College, 1931-. Phi Kappa. thirty-th ree ALBERT BACHMAN PII D Professor of Romance Languages Ph.DQ, University of Zurich Surtaerlfrnd 1919 Additional Studies at the National Unrversrty of Mexico Crtv 1925 and Gray Seminary, Townshend Vermont 1920 21 Instruc tor at North Carolina State Urns ersrty 1921 22 Instructor at Hamline University, St. Paul Minnesota 1922 93 I structor, Assistant, and Associate Professor -it Arirona State University, 1924-313 Professor of Romance Langua es Gettysburg College, 1931-3 Member of the Swiss Alpine Clubg Phi Sigma Iotag Tan Kappa Epsilon Pl D in French, Columbia University, 1933 temporary teaching po ' JOHN GRAY GLENN AM PhD Pearson Professor of Latin A.B., Wesleyan University 1918 MA Wesleyan Uni versity, 19205 Ph:D., Princeton Unit E1SltV 1932 Instructor of Greek and Latin, Mercersburg Academy, 191819 In sructor in Greek, Dickinson Seminary 1920 21 Instructor in Latin, Polytechnic Preparatory Country Day School, Brooklyu,'1921-24: Pearson Professor of Latin Gettysburg College, 1925-3 Member of the American ASSOC1Ht1OD of Uni versity Professors: Arnericnn Phrlolo nal Association lfiu Kappa Epsilon, Eta Sigma Phi Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa 4 ' ....a. fp K' A i 193-6 + , , . , WILLIAM FREDERICK SHAFFER, A.M. Acting Professor of Greek A.B., Princeton University, 19261 A.M., Princeton Uni- versity, 1927 3 Graduate VVork, Princeton Universityg In- structor in Classics, Princeton University, 1929-313 Visiting Instructor in Latin, Pennsylvania State College, Summer Session. 19303 Member of the American I'hi1ologicalAssocia- tion 3 Phi Beta Kappag Tau Kappa Epsilon 3 Eta Sigma Phig Kappa Phi Kappa3 American Association of University Professors. CLYDE BELL STOVER, A.M. Associate Professor of Chemistry A.B., Gettysburg College, 1894, A.M., Gettysburg College, 1897: graduate work, Chemistry and Physics, Johns Hop- kins University, 1894:-95: Instructor in Chemistry, Gettys- burg College, 1896-19153 Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Gettysburg College, 1915-263 Associate Professor of Chem- istry, 1926-3 Registrar, Gettysburg Collegeg Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science: american Chemical Societyg Phi Beta Kappag Kappa Phi appa. GEORGE R. LARKIN, A.M. I Associate Professor of Economies A.B., Wesleyan University, 19193 A.M., Wesleyan Uni- versity, 19213 Head of the Department of Economics, XVest China Union University, Chengtn, China, 1923-19263 Acting Head of English Department, NVest China Union University, 1925-19263 Graduate Fellowship in Economies, Cornell Uni- versity, 1927-QSQ Associate Professor of Economics, Gettys- burg College, 1926-Q Psi Upsilong Phi Beta Kappag Kappa Phi Kappag Alpha Psi Epsilon. GARDNER C. BASSET, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Philosophy A.B., Clark University, 19113 P11.D., Johns ,Hopkins Uni- versity, 19133 Professor of Educational Psychology and Di- rector of Psychological Clinic, University of Pittsburgh, 1914-19, Consulting Psychologist, 1919-21, 1923-263 Voca- tional Counselor, Dartmouth College, 19223 Professor of Psychology, University of Kentucky, 1926-303 Associate Professor of Philosophy Gettysburg College, 1930-2 Fellow, The American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Psychological Association. Member of Omieron Delta ICHDDHQ Sigma Xi3 Alpha Sigma Phig Kappa Phi Kappa. ihiriy-iou r S 141 E C T R 'U M GEORGE SAYLOR WARTHEN, A.M. Associate Professor of English A.B., University of Virginia, 19215 M.A., University of Virginia, 19225 Harvard University, 19243 Instructor in English, University of Virginia, 1921-235 Assistant Profes- sor of Englisli, Gettysburg College, 1924+34g Associate Pro- fessor of English, Gettysburg College, 1934-5 Graduate VVo1'k, Johns Hopkins University, 1933g Phi Beta Kappa: Kappa Phi Knppag Tau Kappa Alpha. CALVIN GILBERIF REEN M S E B S Associate Piofessm of Czml Erlqmecvmy LS G1,1tvsb111 Colle c 1910 MSE Ull1X01SltV ci Xlieln '111 College of ED,1110C11llg 1930 Instructor 111 C1111 Englneering Getty sburg Colle e 1920 24 Ass1st'111t PIOECS so1 oi C1111 Fng,111ee1111,a, Gettvsbur College 1924 34 Asso c1111 I10i-LBSOI, Gettvsbui College 1934 Pennsylx -111111 De 111112111011 of Illghwiys, 1922 94 1930 Contact M111 H1 I1 11-11 Rcseuch Bonrd N-11101111 Rescsueh Council SOClCtV fo1 the PlOll1Otl0l1 oi E11g111ee1111t, Educ-:1t1o11 Int-1 11lDll'l lllgl1llLlll1 Fr'1te1111ty Ii'lDD2l. P111 K'1ppa Slhllll Alplm I psxlon FRANCIS CLAIBORNE MASON PhD Assocmfc P1ofcsso1 of En,glzsh. Al U1111e1s1t1 411 X11g,1111'1 1921 A M Unuersity ol x11ll.l1'l 1992 AM Ham ard Umversity 1924 PhD I.1111111s1i1 ot V11 1lIl'l 19 '9 Instiuctol 1n F11 l1sl1 U111ve1 sity ot V11 llllll 1974 75 111st111cto1 in English GQttySbHlb Colle c Sllllllllfl Session 1990 ASS1St'1I1f P1OfLSS0l of Eng lish G'1Lt1slJu1g College 192534 4S9OC1'lt9 Piofessm f L lisl ltitysbl Lulh e 1934 Autl1o1 of TPIS Ull Cllflllglll M1sL 1-ile Ulll1Cl'9liZY P1ess P1GSlf'iQl1i2 of the Portiy Socicts of V11 mm 1929 31 P111 Bctfi Kappw P111 Delti lx 1pp'1 Omicion Delta KWDDH SlgIIl'l. Psi alll lx ippl 1411811011 CHARLES PAUL CDSSNA AM 18-S'18tl11Lt 11101265807 of Mathematics AB Gcttysbui Colle L 1915 AM Gettvsbu1gColle e 1911 Instiuctor 1D Physics Gettysbulg College 191518 Ass1sL.1n1 P1ofesso1 of PllyS1CS Gettvsbuig College 1918 19 Inst1ueto1 1n PIIVSICB Case School of Applied SCIEDCO 1919 21 XSSlSt"l1lt Piofessor of M-ithematics Cettssbui College 1921 17111 S1 mn Kappi Kfippfi P111 Ii'1DDil ihlriy fwe 7 4 - , . . ., . . 7 1' -cr u- " - 1 ' 'y I ---1 . u pe 1 -' s 0- 'y . i . W U ' 1 . . V L .N , . , , A ' ' v nr - - 1 . V in '. . cs 1 1 - f f ' A ' ' ", -1 g U, .1"Q 1 ' . , , -Q . - 1 v 1- - . -rr -- r. . 1, J . - , L., , , 1. 1- 3' - 1' ...-.., 3 ,I ,., Ig- I '11 ,:' 1 , 1, :. ' . , p " 7 1 1 I ' 0' . 3 . . 1 ' 1' ' v ' . ' . ' . - u 1' g 1 , . 1 , ff . . I, . Q V. J t. . 1 , , 1 , , . -.1, , i . ' . ,' ' 1 '. .J . 2 y', ' ' V . V '-1 ' . I., 'L M . " L, i, 4.. .? ' . if 7' 5. .'." ' . ' .' 1 .' 'S "!'i'1.v' , 'Q' 1, 1-12 ' M ' g 1 " -, ' .U -I 1 -5 . .- 1 . . .U X-. ' 1- -- - -1 '- . 1 . . lg' ' 1' 33. 1 .1 3 ,' 1 .D ' M' ' - , 1-3 ' , - 31.1 Q, - ' fl P 1 '- ' H -fr ' - -- v ff ' . llg' .. 1, 1:,,u 11 ,, 'gn , I 11 vu Y ' 1' v u 1 ' . 5: ...r , 5 1 . ,Y 11, . 3".' -' 'il' - ' I --1 li f ' . ' . ' . ' '. M 1 . 1 ., 1 .- , - 1 ., . '. . ws l - 1 1 ., . . -. 1 4 , . . 1 - -rr nr-1 - . . . ,, .. ., .. U ,, . . 1 1 , -.- . - . ' ', '13 , .1 1 1 .1.s' . ' 1 ' 1 - -1 - -- . . - . 1 1 l l 1 . I .1 '- '11 1 - , , 1 ' .f . 1 x . , .- . -1 - ' 1 .0- 1A- g U L y 1 .7 D '1 -- - n- 1. ' .. , D 1, L 1 1 . - 5 1 ERNST O. VON SCHXVERDTNER, A.M. Assistant Professor of German A.B., St. John's College, 19175 Graduate 'NVork, Johns Hopkins University, 1917-18, 1923-27 5 Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, St. John's College, 1921-245 Instruc- tor of German, Johns Hopkin Unisversity, 1924-275 Instruc- tor in French, University of Maryland, 1926-275 Instructor in Spanish, George Wasliington University, 19275 Assistant Professor of German Gettysburg College, 1927-g Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science5 Mod- Jesgil Languages Association: Kappa Phi Kappag Kappa i pia. BERTRAM HANSON SALTZER, M.E. Assistant Professor of Meehan-ical Engineering B.S., Pennsylvania State College, 19235 M.E., Pennsyl- vania State College, 19285 Mechanical Engineering Staif, Bethlehem Steel Company, Steelton, Pa.5 Instructor in Mechanical Engineering, Gettysburg College, 1923-285 As- sistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Gettysburg College, 1928-5 First Lieutenant, United State Army In- fantry Reservesg Tau Kappa Epsilong Member of the Amer- ican Association ot University Professorsg Scahbard and Blade. thirty-six HERBERT G. HAMME, A.M. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages A.B., Dickinson College, 19195 A.M., Gettysburg College, 19275 Instructor in French and Spanish. Gettysburg College 1922-235 Instructor in Latin, University of Porto Rico, 1923-243 Graduate Viiork, Johns Hopkins and Columbia Uni- versitiesg Instructor in French and Spanish, Gettysburg College, 1924-275 Assistant Professor of Romance Lan- guages, Gettysburg College, 1927-. Member of Phi Beta Kappag Kappa Phi Kappag Phi Sigma Iota. . CHARLES ALLEN SLOAT, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Chemistry B.S., Gettysburg College, 19233 A.M., Haverford College, 19245 Ph.D., Princeton University. 1930: Assistant in Chem- itry, Haverford College, 1923-24: Part-time Assistant in Chemistry, Princeton University, 1924 27 5 Assistant Profes- sor in Chemistry, Gettysburg College, 1927-5 Member of The American Association for the Advancement ot Science: Skeptical Chymistsg Kappa Phi Kappag 1st Lieutenant in the Chemical W'arfare Service Resernesg Scahbarfl and Bladeg Kappa Delta Rho. U J -f U rzf.....A .......e. 1 3 11 f-1" ' ' 'np f , ....,,, ,L,,,i1..:,..-..,..:.- WIT.-'iii ll" iw, ll 'l, ll at I WILLIAM DAVIS HARTSHORNE, JR., A.M. Assistant Professor of Romance Languages A.B., Haverford College, 1911, A.M., Haverford College, 1912g Instructor in French and Latin, Cedareroft School, 1912-16g Instructor in French and Latin, YVardlaw School, 1916-233 United States Army, 1917-183 Instructor in Latin, St. Louis Country Day School, 1923-27 g Diplome de Pro- fesseur de Francais a Pldtranger, Toulouse University, 192Sg Assistant Professor of Romance Languages, Gettysburg Col- lege, 1928-. Member of the Modern Language Associationg Phi Sigfma Iota: Graduate NVork, Columbia and Johns Hop- kins Universities. LESTER O. JOHNSON, A.M. Assislaazrt Profesxm' of Education A.B.. St. Olaf College, 19243 A.M., University of Minne- sota, 193Og Assistant, Bureau of Administrative Research, Minneapolis Schools, 1929-30: Assistant Professor of Edu- cation, Gettysburg College, 1930-. Member of Pi Gamma Mu: Kappa Phi Kappag Phi Delta Kappa: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GEORGE E. ABRAMS Grrptain, Infavvztry .issislun-t Pvcfcssor of Military Science anti, Tactics Graduate, Infantry School, Fort Benning, Ga., 1925g Member, Sixth United States Infantry, 1916-173 Fourth United States Infantry, 1917-243 University of Dayton Re- serve Oflieers Training Corps, 1925-303 Fort McPherson, Ga., 1930-32: Postyof San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1932-3-lg As- sistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics, Gettysburg College, 193-I-. X I, HENRY TROSTLE BREAM Instructor in Physricol Eclu-cation ILS., Gettysburg College, 19245 Professor of History and Physical Director, Phoenixville High School, 1924-26g.I11- structor in Mathematics, Gettysburg College, 19263 Assist- ant Athletic Director and Freshman Coach, Gettysburg Col- lege, 19265 cad Coach and Instructor in Physical Educa- tion, Gettysburg College, 1927-g Member of Pen and Sword' Phi Gamma Delta. thirty-seven U 3 J v- ' "" anlhsl new .5-za-Eiu!34iP-f,s1n""'fT-1-'Ji f. '9242501.13-3:f5ln Eg,:f,,:..,,:,EI-A ,.,,,5,,-,: ., -U-'--- - - ,-.YY .3 ,H ..-nm--. ..- GEORGE F. GUTMAN, A.B. Instructor in German A.B., Gettysburg College, 1927 g Gettysburg Theological Seminary, 1927-g Instructor in German, Gettysburg College, 1929-. Member ot Eta Sigma Phig Theta Kappa Nu. l i DUNNING IDLE, JR., A.M. Invstrzcctor in History A.B., University of Michigan, 1925, A.M., University of Michigan, 19263 Instructor, Muskegon Junior College, 1926- 303 Graduate Woiflc, University of Illinois, 1930-315 Instruc- tor in History, Gettysburg College, 1931-3 Member of the American Historical Associationg American Academy of Po- litical and Social Scienceg Theta Kappa Nu. thirty-eight 956 JOHN WV. OSTRUM, A.M. Instructor in English A.B., Gettysburg College, 1926g A.M., Gettysburg Col lege, 19309 Instructor in English, Japanese Goveinment Schools, Nagoya, Japan, 1927-28g Instructor in Fnghsh Gettysburg College, 1928-3 Contributor to Asia, Lztermy Digest and Japan Magazinesg Member of Sigma Alpha Ep silong Blue Crocodiles: Pen and Swordg Pi Gamma Mu Author of Textbooks, "Building Complete ideas" and Con trolling Ideas. "Chairman Subsection Wlork in English Amercian Association of University Professors. PRESTON F. AMSPACHER, ALS. Instructor in Mathematics and Physics B.S., Gettysburg College, 19303 M.S., University of Mich igan, 19333 Instructor in Mathematics and Physics, Gettys. burg College, 1930-5 Kappa Phi Kappa. A S P,DE1CTR U M UEL E. DIBBLE, P-.S. Instructor- 'lil' Biology B.S., Denison College, 19305 Teaching Fellowship, Yale University, 1930-325 Graduate VVork, Biology, Yale Uni- versity, 1930-323 Marine Biological Station, WVo0ds Hole, Mass., 19323 Instructor in Biology, Gettysburg College, 1932-. Member of Beta Beta Betag Kappa Sigmag Phi Kappa Rho. DONALD RUSSEL HEIGES, A.B., B.D. Instructor in. Ph'iloso1Jl1fy A.B., Gettysburg College, 1931g B.D., Gettysburg Theo- logical Seminary, 19345 Instuctor in Philosophy, Gettysburg College, 1932-. Member of Phi Beta Kappa, Eta Sigma Phi: Alplia Kappa Alphag Phi Sigma Kappa. ROBERT DELP HERSHEY, A.B., B.D. Lr1.st1'uctor in Enfglfish Bible A.B., Gettysburg College, 19319 B.D,, Gettysburg Theo- logical Seminary, 19345 Instructor in English Bible, 1932-3 Member of Kappa Phi Kappag Alpha Kappa Alphag Eta Sigma Phig Theta Kappa Nu. l WILLARD A. LANING, M.S. Instructor in Electrical ,E'llg'i'lLOG7"l:11-9 B.S., Bucknell University, 1927 5 M.S., University of Ill- inois, 19315 Graduate XVO1-k, University of Illinois, 1932-345 Engineering Assistant for the Bell Telephone Company of Pennsylvania, 1927-295 Research Assistant, University of Illinois, 1929-313 Instructor in Electrical Engineering, Bucknell University, 1931-323 Instructor in Electrical En- gineering, Gettysburg College, 1934-5 Associate Member, American Institute of Electrical Enginecrsg Sigma Xig Member, Society for Promotion of Engineering Education. l 'thirty-nine A1 'Q 1- ij, F CHARLES WV. BEACHEM, B.S. Almmzfi Secrelary B.S., Gettysburg College, 19255, Teacher and Principal, Mt. Pleasant High School, 1925-295 Alumni Secretary, Get- tysburg College, 1929-. Member of Sigma Alpha Epsilong Kappa Phi Kappug Pen and Sword. Blue j BIILDRED HARRIET HARTZELE, B.S. Secretary to the Dorm - B.S., Gettysburg College. JOHN HOWARD KNICKERBOCKER Librarian A.B., Columbia College, 19213 A.M., Columbia University 1928. Librarian, Gettysburg College, 1929-.. CLARA M. SCHMITT Secretary to thc Presirlent Pittsburgh Academ-yg Gamma Phi Sorority. fciriy ' 1 ,ff..,f-.avsegulf TZYIL TT '1 Q: 5 WC 'Q ill Iii xi i M 1::.p.Qwxaf:aQsm: : ffssiQ W MRS. HENRY W. A. HANSON forfy-one ,, 1. -rf:gf:,,Aq,l -- aj,-ff-1"-pf -771--wi-ly -,--4-rw U gf ,. ,,..,.. A, Ki, ,. .Inu ,..,.....,...f..-rq------,-. . - -Y-. v V ,, ,-,HJ.,,,.. - . .. . . -,-,.., Q-:V . .JW , . . ,, .N NMx,..,.. ,--.,--...V, - 1 4 AJLWSQHLJ . EE if l - 1 . 4 ' ll ALMA MATER As softly the evening shadows Are Azzeiling the campus towers, We come, fl bcmcl of goocl fellows, To sing, -in the twilight hoursg- The silfvebry 'll'b00'7'lNlI:glLt mcmtles The worn 'walls of chapel fl-7lGl0j The wind in the trees sweetly echoes Om' pwatlises of Orfmge mul Blue. ' Whenefver thy loyal sons gather, To fuzalceazf foml 'me-mory, Our thoughts shall be tfwrhecl, Alma Mater, Old 'G'ettysburg, back to theeg Forever' hm I thy clebtor, An-cl wlultever else I may clo, I'Zl Lofve, I'll Defend, and I'll Ho-nor The Glorious Orange mul Blue. 2 K 1 K 1 f SP'ECTHlUjl1l SE ICR Tones Xl enuoh Sim 1 l XSS OPFIC ELS Brnnl Lang,.c UIORGI J Towle Pleswleut llxmu E XXHJXRTLH T ur IJl65lflC'7If ALSLN T Lxxu Seuciazy Imms BR xzvr IIICCISZLIGI Hn11eL111 S Suuu .H19T0llCM? CLA SS H I STORX have been 1lSC1IllCCl 'ro that goal ulneh xtudente c1e to alttllll at fl libel al dl fs college The Class of 1935 wlll soon be ldentllied XVll2l1 that ...,lLflf band alumnl flo date the luefow of the cl we lS filled wlth val 1ed and cololed 0.Cl'1Xll1ES 1n all the fields of 3011011 on an up to dale LXDJQIICZIII college campus Xrt accounts ol these actnmee would be SIIPGIHIIOIIN, actually useless What does lt nlaltu l Celfdlllli somc of the clase have been and ale I11ClllSlZ11 oue, 1n1paf1en1 , and mel as ce1ta1nlV othe1 of the class have been and ale IIVIHQ' an mdoleni, C0ll1'll1y club ixpe of QXISLQHCB Those who 1116 111 the mean betu een The two ue DIOllflb1V the moat fmtunate lhev ale the ones who would cel 'ramlx llllflQISl2ll1d YV1lT YY lllllllflll who helpe the l1ldllSt1lOl1S vouth relleve hunself of the NV0lffl1lZ of lhe 11 o1ld, and ihe mdolent vouih take upon huneell some of the czuee of llfe Most of us hawe lealned That the Well p1op01t1oned hfe IS the one VV0lll1 wlule It IS the "ble ld educat1o11,', the Hleaznlng to hve' but hele let ue call l at 1CSllll' and goal Htolcxanee " What IS 111019 to be adnuled than the Just eshmate and acceptance of anothefq VIBWSS7 All of us have 0111 eecent11c1t1es BV l1v1ug togethe1 ue have been able fo unde1eta11d each 0l'l101 , we have been able to 1611178 each OlllGl7S tum of nund, ue have been able lo 1espect each othe1's opuuone Sluely we have been 1ebell1ous, adamant, and l,O1tll0UQl, but dlftelences have been 11011661 out by The welght of soclal necessltv MW the iutlue be gllldf-Ed by auch expeuences and be 0S61fl0NV1I1g wlth s1n11la1 ones of equal value Hmmm RT S STA1111, Hzstorum forly five 1 ll ' fi 1 ig in 1 . A f1 ' - L1 I ' .aa ez "' -, ' ' '5 ' A 1 'E ,f ' ' ' ' l . . 1 F ,rj- . I e g NH, -In . b 1 z .555 l C ' , - 1 1 1 , li lvl-, , , ,J , -4 r '4 1 4A' 1, ,.- S "gi, 1-.191 It 1 . I 11'D o. 1' H v 1 ' A U A . . ' . . . - 1 . I fm. A S 'Y V1 III .I Y I V". - ' . .. , . . . ..... 1 1, 1 1 , 1 V 7 ' V n- BROAD edllcaflorhl' "learning to l1ve" and Sllllllill' l101IlBl1Cl21tll1'GS . fr .L-wtf I - I- - .' v fd. if V ,K fl' - ' U L . If - a 1 A ' 'I 4 . I . . V . W W K . Y U 1 L . - . W . - ' . . . ' ' a', 1 . ' 1' " ' , , 1 1 Q 1 1 c., 1, . 1 1 .1 '. - ' ' . - " ' 'c A . V3 1 1 if -f - I. ' y' -' -. iw 1 P . 1 - ' v. - -A a' w 5 ' 7 1 J , 1 4 4 - 1 ' 1', . 1' ' -n ' l . 7 ' I 1 I v -4 I i I . I A V1 1 12 A 11 P b N 1- 1- , . , , D , 1 . ' ,' , . i ' 1 i ', - y 1 4 - ' , w 1 ' ' ' -1- , I L , r 1 tl ' ' . . ' ' ' 1' 1 . 1 'X i 'r ' ll 4 A ' I 1 . " i i ' ' i v A 3 ' I 1 ' 1 I ' . I . .I I L l '. 1 , 1 . " . . . A Ct . h, A W 1 1' ' LUTHER BRINGMAN ARNOLD Luke Bellfonte, Pa. A.B. Economics Bcllfonte High School Alpha Psi Epsilon 12, 3, 41. JOSEPH H. BANKS +211 1' A Joe Llanerch, Pa. A,B. Economics Haverjorcl H-igh School 1935 SPECTRIJM, Assistant Business Managerg Cheer LBEICI-'1' 11. 215 Head Cheer Leader 13, 415 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41- DANIEL LUTHER BARKLEY 'IJ 2 K Dun Shippeusburg, Pa. A.B. English Slzfippcnsb-zm'g High School Fresh-Soph Hop Comrnittee5 Band 11, 215 Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Alpha Kappa Alpha 13, 41. LESTER S. BARR CIP K P Less Linden, N. J. A.B. Biology Linden High School WVrestling Manager 12, 3, 415 Rifle Team 1115 Beta Beta Beta 13, 41. VVILLIAM ALLISON BENDER Bill Chambersburg, Pa. A.B. Chemistry Chambwsb-m'g High School Skeptical Chymists 141 5 Rifle Club 111. SOL N. BERS A.B. Chemistry Plliladelpllia, Pa. Cheltenham High School Football 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Track 11, 2, 3, 41. RUSSEL BOGER E A E Ilorsf- Reading, Pa. A.B. Mathematics Reading High School F?ootl3all 11, 2, 3, 415 Basketball 11, 215 XVrestling 1 , 4 . ' CHARLES RICHARD BOLLINGER Dick Erumitsburg, Md. A.B. History V . .1 Kishi Prep Baseball 12, 3, 415 Historical Association 11, 2, 3, 41. CLARENCE HOKE BOMBERGER BO'IlI'77l'iC Parnlyra, Pa. A.B. Chemistry ., 5 , ,l'?1Llfn1,y1'a High School Scabhard ami Blade 1415 Skeptical Chymists 12, 3, 415 Rifle Club 12, 3, 41. HENRY L. W. Bowne 5 -5 H' A e Abe Lafayette Hill, Pa. A.B. Chemistry ' ' ' Spvingfielrl Q"o:121zs.'1.ip High School Owl and Nightingale 131, Skeptical Chymlsts 12, 315 mae Club 131. to rty-sh -snnwa-U -L 1 1 f + 'l ,, ,,F'-' f nr'x'v""' w ww?-saw ? V 111 1 U it l 1 FW GEORGE S. BOWLUS A.B. Mathematics Gettysburg, Pa. Middletown High School, Md. Band 13, 413 Soccer 13, 41. RIC-HARD STANLEY BOVVLUS O K N Dich Middletown, Md. A.B. English Middletown High School Fresh-Soph Hop Comrnitteeg Varsity Debating 131 5 Soccer 11, 2, 3, 41 g W1'cstlirxg 12, 31 9 Track 131 g Min- isterial Association 11, 2, 3, 41. JAMES A. BRAZEL 'T K E Bud Newburg, N. Y. A.B. Chemistry Newbury High School 1935 SPECTRUM, Associate Editorg Treasurer of Senior Class: Track 12, 3, 419 Tennis 12, 3, 41, Skeptical Chymists 12, 3, 415 Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 413 Class Honors 121. GUY EDVVABD BROYVN 1i'l'0'll?II.l6 Fairfield, Pa. A.B. Latin Gcttylsburg High School Military Ball 141g Scabbard and Blade 131, Treasurer 1415 Baseball Manager 11, 2, 3, 41 3 Ride Club 11, 2, 3, -lg Eta Sigma Phi 12, 31 3 Pylorus 1419 Phi Sigma Iota 141, Kappa Phi Kappa 141. XVILLIAM V. BROTVN Cb 1' A Bobo Lebanon, Pa. A.B. Political Science ' Mcrccrsburg Academy Football 12, 31 g VVrestling 12, 31. EDYVARD B. BUT LFIT O K M fel Gettysburg . A.B. Politf :rl Science Gettysburg High School 1935 SPECTRUM Associate Editorg Gettyshuo-gfian 11 3 41 ' Tunior Prom Committee 131 ' Owl and Nightin- ,,ale 13 41 ' Blue, Crocodiles 13 41 ' Class Honors 131. CRAIG FRANKI IN CAI DYVELL E A D A.B. History Clrrnrbersburg Pa. Clz.cmnbcrsbui'g High School Football 11 2 3 41 ' Historical Association 12 3 41 CH ARLFS XBIEL CHAMBE1 LIN T K E Chmh Lebanon AB German .fvcnton High School 1935 SPECTRUM, Assistant Editor Junior Prom Com mittee Band 11 2 31 Mana er 141 Glce Club 11 2 31 311111501 141 Orchestra 131 Student Leader 141 Der Deutsche Ver:-rn 11 21 President 13 41 Krppa nlll Kappa 131 President 141 CNPL FRANK CHRONISDER GI 2 K Bose la rrrsbur P AB Business John Ilonzs High School 1935 SPECTRUX1 Associate Editor Cettvsburgmu 11 2 31 Assocxrte Editor 141 Varsity Debating 12 3 4 Debate Council 11 2 3 41 Owl 'mdN1glt1ngale 13 4 Soccer 13 41 Tau Kappa Alpha 131 President 14 P111 Lambda S1 me 12 3 41 Clrss 11 fo s 11 2 3 Phi Beta Ivrppfr 141 PRESTON W S CKOFF DISE XB Ecoromrcs Clereland Heights Ohio has I' G :ton High School, Yonlevs N Y 1935 SPr.crRUM 'llCl1l1ll',1OI1 Mana er Band 11 2 Student Terder 141 Plea Club 131 Track 111 Soccer 17 41 Wrestling 11 21 Alpha Psi Epsilon 131 Presr dent 141 Class Honors 121 forty seven U' 1 L A J I 1 l 1 , P11 r ' y 1 y 2: y 1 ' ' 1 Y C CY ' y v X v v 1 l ' A J ' ' L 1 l y any y , 1 1.1 . I 7 , ' 1 1 1"T 1. D f. . ' z, I , , 1 ' , PH. 1 n N L l a 1 ' - K . , . I .3 . . , , 1 2 L i -1 1 1 13' ' S 1 , , 3 ' 1 1 ' ' ' 9 . ' 3-N L ' 3 . . . . . . , 1 f , , , A , , - ' I L 1 V 1. , 'X - . - r X, 11. .1 . . n , .9 ' A-IW n ' or . . Ac ,,, a. u v 5.4 xr. l V ' - ' 1 y fi T' . ' 1 1 1 f ' r , . , :. 3 . ' .1 - .., , 1 3 1 1' ' 7 3 Y 1 1' ' ' . I I ' . - ' , :A Q 1 . 2 : 1 ,-, . . Q . , '- 1 as 1 y s 1 ' - -- 1 1 '- v . x f ., . L r . . . 4 k ' 1 V 4 1 . . I . ' 1 , ..f y. -r' , , ..: -, . ,. . - , ' : . ' , . . . - , -1- -g . , , 31, u .1 2. . 2 J' 1 ' Q '4 Q H - , - ' . .' ' N- 1.11 ..1, , ,-. I K , W 1 , 1 1 5 . . ' - . -:, .' ....r.:.-'r .1 ' .. ....'z WE .- -.,:' .1 , gf 1:-ra: -"-'1 -11,... ., , , ....., ' ' -. ..- ,.c,.,., 1. 3:4-.J-.1-,. - -. .-,-., Y . ,,, . , 1. ,, .ses 1, , . . , .. rs . l--ue.: , , , J Y,-, ,-mg-: Y , ' .. . ..,.. ,TY 512,31 A , .,,,..,, Lg, VH W G-:Mi "l A15 6 JOHN A. CULP A T Q Jack New Kensington, Pa. A.B. Economics Arnold High School Alpha Psi Epsilon 125. DAV 1D BLACK DUNLEVEY KID I' A Dave Centralia, Pa. A.B. History Gonyngham Township High School 1935 SPECTRUM, Editorg Gcttysb1m'g'ian, Associate Editor 11, 2, 3, 45 3 G-Book, Associate Editor 12, 35 g Y. M. G. A. Cabinet 11, 2, 3, 453 Scabbard and Blade 13, 453 Basketball 115 9 Pen and Sword 13, 45 g Blue Crocodiles 12, 3, 45 5 Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 45 3 Histori- cal Association 11, 2, 3, 459 Junior Prom Committee 135 g Student Host, Centennial. HAROLD EUGENE ECKERT 2 X Dutch Tyrone, Pa. A.B. Mathematics Tyrone High School Football 11, 2, 3, 45 : Basketball 11, 25 9 Baseball 125 : Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 45, Vice President 145: Baum Mathematics Prize 125. FRANK GRAFF EDTVARDS Eel Clymer, Pa. A.B. Biology Clymer High School Skeptical Chymists 11, 25. CEIAB-LES E. ETZLER C'hm'l'ic Hanover, Pa. A.B. Business Honovcr High School Football 11, 2, 3, 45. ARTHUR FOELLNER Art A Ferndale, Pa. A.B. English - Nockamirvon. High School 1935 SPECTRUM, Associate Editor, G-Book, Associate Editor 135 g Junior Prom Committee 1353 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 3, 45 g Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 4.5 CHARLES CALVIN FRAZIER A.B. English Bellwood, Pa. Bellwood High School h.E13isterial Association 11, 2, 3, 45 5 Int. Relations Club EMERSON T. FREY Em York, Pa. A.B. Philosophy York High School 1935 SPECTRUM, Art Editor, Band 11, 2, 3,5 3 Ministerial Association 11, 2, 355 Eta Sigma Phi 12, 35. CHARLES S. GARVERICK 'iv A G5 Ohng Somerville, N. J. A.B. Mathematics Somerville High School Class Debating 115 3 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 125 3 Football 11, 2, 3, 45 9 Basketball 115 3 Tvrestling: 125 5 Skeptical Chymists 125 5 Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 45. VVILLIAM HAYES GILL fl! A O Buzzie Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. Business Administration John Ilcirrfis High Schoolg Hcrrisbiwg Academy,- Vallcg Forge M.A. Junior Prom Committee 135 3 Owl and Nightingale 135 3 1gntizriE?gernity Council 135, Football 11, 2, 35 3 Basket- a . fo rty-e ight l 1 i 5 pnqda--2-,'s'3.55Q..53g5yeqeZ 2i-iggp--fl! f-45"-f3?4::r.f?3l-N',l1'i-?EffQ J UW-13 ROBERT ERNEST G IIEENIVELL Ep-,pig Middletown, N.Y. A.B. Mathematics Ill'i1ldlcto1.on, High School Kappa Phi Kappa 12, 3, 4.5 RICHARD CHRISTIAN GUISE A D-ici.: Gettysburg, Pa. A.B. Chemistry Arc1zzlts'v'illo Vocational School Eljeptical Chymists 12, 3, 45 g Kappa Phi Kappa 12, 3, LESLIE S. GUY A T Q Les Pittsburg, Pa. ALB. ICCOHUITIICS ilIu.nhu.ll High Sohoolg Peabody High School I Gcitysbmqf-ian 11,25 g Advertising Manager 135 g Associ- ate Business Manager 145 : Fresh-Soph Hop Comlnitteeg Interfraternity Council 135: President 145, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 135 g Football 115 3 Alpha Psi Epsilon 12, 3, 4:5 3 Student Host, Centennial. . VICTOR L. lilAl5Il51E Tic York, Pa. A,B. Mathematics , Williium Pcnn Sr. High School Glee Club 1353 Kappa Phi Kappa 14.5 OIVEN 5VlS'l'ER HARTMAN GJ K N Bull Cl15lll1lJl!I'Sblll'g, Pa. A.B. Chemistry Girccncastlc High School Inter Fraternity Council 13, 45: Scahbarcl and Blade 145 : Skeptical Chyniists 11, 2, 35 g President 145 3 Rifle Team 11, 2, 3, 415. RUSSELL XV. HEIGES K fb P A.B. Chemistry lfla,rrisbnrg, Pa. John Ilarris High School 1935 S1'Ec'r1mM. Associate Advertising Managerg Gettys- Imryian. 12, 3, 45 1 Basketball 11, 2. 35 g Skeptical Chy- mists 12, 35 g G-Book, Art Editor 12.5 FRANK ERNEST HELSEL A.B. English Hollidaysbnrg, Pa. llollifloyshu-rg Ilfiyh School G-Hook, Associate Editorg Football 115: Soccer 12, 3, -153: hV1'0Stllllj.1' 12, 353 Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, -L PAUL EUGENE HENRY T K E Hen- Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. History Wfillirrizil liffllvllf High School: .'ll.'H'l"f8l?'llI'g Academy Band 11. 2, 3, 453 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 453 Orchestra. 13, 45: Tennis Manager 1353 Ministerial Association 11. 2, 3, 455 Historical Association 12, 3, 453 Fresh- Soph Hop Committee. EINVARD IVILCOX HEPF ORD Hep Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. History Will-iroiz. 1,1577-Hy .High School GTIf!jSlI'lH"!l'lfl11f 11, 2, 3, 45 3 1933 G-Book Managing Ecli- tor: Glee Club 145 5 Football Manager 11, 2, 3, 45 g Rifle Club 11, 2, 353 Cheer Leader 1153 Historical Associa- tion ZRKM Int. Relations Club 14.5 GEORGE IVILLIAM HILL CIP E K Slowic . H31'1'lSlJl1l'g, Pa. All Economics .lln.1'rish1u'g A oudcmy G-Book. Business Staff 125 3 Circulation Manager 1353 Football Manager 11, 2, 3, 45 g Alpha Psi Epsilon 13, 4.5 'forty-nine 'T i His? ,sf 4. -iv -Ti-H-w-433-fiiisg-.:'4-ns-:i'3r:f.' 112113613,s."ff3f:.f1Qf?iLiT:fE1g ZE3L'.4.irf1L."'!.fZ A-f ,. .., . A b ,, s-x:- ' -:s' - ' ' -1 uf, JOHN W. HOUGH CD K N Johnny Racine, 5Visconsin B.S. Engineering Racine High School W1'estling 11, 2, 3, 45. CONRAD D. HUBINIEL - A T Q Connie . Easton, Pa. A.B. Biology ' llhilsou High School, Szoartlmnore Prep 1935 SPECTRUM, Advertising Managerg Gettyslmry-iruz 115, Circulation Manager 125, Business Manager 135: Der Deutsche Vcrein 13, 455 Beta Beta Beta 13, '51 Basketball 125. GEORGE JAMES JONES 2 X Bud Natalie, Pa. A.B. Chemistry Mt. Carmel High School 1935 SPECTRUM, Associate Editor5 President Senior Classg Foot-ball 11, 2, 3, 453 Basketball 11, 2, 3, 455 Track 11, 2, 3, 455 Wrestling 1155 Skeptical Chymists 12, 3, 45 5 Der Deutsche Verein 13, 45. VVARREN RAMSEY JONES QT? K XII Buck Littlestown, Pa, A.B. Political Science Littlestown. High School 5 Mcrcerslm-rg .4 emlemy President of Student Body 1455 Student Council 1455 Baseball 12, 3, 45 5 Soccer 12, 3, 45 5 Alpha Psi Epsilon 135, Treasurer 145. VVILLIAM HOYVARD KADEL Bill Gettysburg, Pa. A.B. History Gcttysbiwg High School Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 13, 45 5 Scabbard and Blade 13, 45 5 Glee Club 11, 3, 455 Ministerial Association 11, 3, 455 Historical Association.1455 Int. Relations Club, Pxesi- dent 1455 Eta Sigma Phi 13, 455 Kappa Phi Kappa 135, Treasurer 1455 JOHN BRUCE KAUFMAN KID K P A.B. History Pleasant Hall, Pa. Cham-bersburg High School Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 455 Historical Associ- ation 11, 2, 3, 45 5 Eta Sigma Phi 13, 45. NORMAN BATES ICEIJLOW CID K P Norm Upper Darby, Pa. A.B. History Hcwerforrl High School: Drexel Institute Varsity Debating 135 5 Debate Council 1355 Ministerial Association 12, 3, 45 5 Historical Association 12, 3, 45 5 Int. Relations Club 145. ' ROBERT YV. KIRKPATRICK T K E Bob Palmyra, N. J. A.B. Pholosophy 1'elmg1fro High School Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 45. PAUL THEODORE KNORR E X P.T. Trucksville, Pa. B.S. Mechanical Engineering: Kingston Township High SchooZ,' Gettysburg Aeczcle-nzy ANTONY CARL KOZMA fI1 K XII - Kozz Berwick, Pa. A.B. History Berwick High Schoolg lVenono,h Military Academy Tribunal 1 355 Student Representative, Athletic Coun- cil 1455 Football 11, 2, 45, Captain 1355 Basketball 11, 2, 3, 45 5 Baseball 11, 2, 3, 45 5 Pen and Sword 13, 45 5 Historicw' Kssociation 11, 2, 3, 45. ,U - " W".. fifty I 1 NYY Y V YV- Y ' Y CHARLES NIKANDER KUHLMAN 2 X Charlie' Brooklyn, N. Y, A.B. Philosophy Mafniml Tra-ining High School Fresh-Soph Hop Committeeg Junior Prom Committee3 College Centennial Colnmittee3 Intrafraternity Council 131, President 1413 Chairman, Spring Pan Hellenic3 Seabbard and Blade 131, Captain 1413 Military Ball Co1n1nittee3 Ride Club 12, 3, 413 Assistant Manager Basketball 11, 2, 31, -,nager 141 3 Freshman F00tballQ Cheer Leader 131 3 He id Cheer Leader 141 3 Ministerial Association 13, 41 3 Alpha Kappa Alpha 13, 413 Seab- bard and Blade Sophomore Military Prize. AUSTIN JOSEPH LANGE 2 X Andy Brooklyn, N. Y. A.B. Political Science Bay Ridge Even.-ing High School Sophomore Class Treasurerg Junior Class Treasurer3 Senior Class Secretaryg Ivy Wieck Committeeg Fresh Debating 111 3 Class Debating 111 3 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 13, 413 Seabbard and Blade 13, 413 Glee Club 11, 2, 3, 41 3 1Vrestling 141 3 Pi Lambda Sigma 13, 41 3 Presi- dent 1413 Rilie Club Prize 12, 3, 41. FRED ERIC LARSON KID I' A Fred Gettysburg, Pa. B.S. Electrical Engineering Strong Vincent Acczeclmy G-cltyslm-rgicm 1, 21 3 G-Book 111 3 Class Committee 121 3 Track3 AVFGStllllgQ Tennis. JOSEPH STEVEN LATORRE J oo XVest Pittston, Pa. A.B. Biology Pittston- High School Skeptical Cl1y'mists3 Beta Beta Beta. JOHN ELMER LEAS Shorty York, Pa. A.B. English Junior Prom Treasurer3 Military Ball3 Ministerial Asso- ciation 11, 2, 3, 41 3 Eta Sigma Phi 141. CHARLES MILTON LEVJ GOOD 111 1' K Leu Norristown, Pa. B.S. Economics Vice-President of Class 111.3 Pi Lambda Sigma. FRANCIS CHAR-LES LINDAMAN Lindy Littlestown, Pa. A.B. English Merc-zlry, Assistant Editor 1313 Asn :iate Editor 1413 Der Deutsche Verein 13, 41 3 Phi Sigma Iota, Secretary 141 3 Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 413 Class Honors 12, 313 Modern Book Club 12, 3, 41 3 Vice-President 141. MARION F. R. LOWVER KD K 'I' Bub Roaring Spring, Pa. A.B. Political Science , ROH7'il1,g Spring High School G-Book, Editor-in-Chief 1313 Assistant Baseball Man- ager 11, 2, 313 Manager 1413 Rifle Team 1413 Blue Crocodiles 13, 41Q Pi Lambda Sigma 12, 3, 413 Rifle Club 11, 2, 3, 41. ' GEORGE MACMILLAN 111 K ill Mac Atlantic City, N. J. A.B. English TVcn,on'ah Military Academy Student Council 13, 413 President 1413 Tribunal 13, 41 3 Student Chest Flllldg Baseballg Basketball. MERVIN EUGENE MANNING 411 2 K Mero Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. History TVill'imn. Penn High School ' Gcitysb'1u'gim1,, Assistant and Associate Editor 11, 2, 3, 413 Band 11, 2, 3,1 3 Track Manager 11, 2, 3, 41 3 His- T'-l'lC21l Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Presiden' ',1 3 Int. Rela- tions Club 13, 41 3 Secretary, Treasurer 1i1. 'fifty-one gs 13,12 1wf'fLV"l11f U M at i' ' ' 3- 1-1 -4'-'ll'-'39 gin- Jw fwrs- 1-'11 az . -'HE -h l' 2 1863:-.:....... i Si.. --f If -I L 'rlenlbillk , "3 Ll' --A2 Z' " "N I-YY' ' EY! is-'T-2 ROBERT FISHER MCGLURE ' Q 14 if Joc Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. English W-illfiam Penn High School 1935 SPECTRUM, Associate Editor5 Fresh-Soph Hop Com- mittee 121 5 Junior Prom Committee 131 5 Intrafratern- ity Council Chr. Muslrball 1315 Secretary 1415 Blue Crocodiles 131 5 Vice-President 141 5 Student Chest Fund Committee 131: DAVID DALZELL MCCRACKEN 2 X Mac f '. ' New Kensington, Pa. B.S. BIGCI18.Ill',"ii- Engineering Track 12, 315 Gross Country 111. DANIEL REUTTER MCGINNIS Gr A G . Mac Lancaster, Pa. A.B. History -I Lancaster H. S. and F. 8: M, Academy Football 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Basketball 11, 2, 31 5 Track 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Captain 131. -' JAMES EDIVARD MCNULTY Cb K P Mac Coalport, Pa., A.B. Business , C0lL11J0l'f-I1"UO1ll'L High School . SPECTRUM, Representative for 5 Junior Prom Com- mitteeg Band' 131 5 Alpha Psi Epsilon. HAROLD ISIAH MEIER T K E Hal Johnstown Pa, A.B. History Johnstown, High School Basketball, Manager 11, 215 Soccer, Manager 13, 415 Member, Ministerial Association, Historical Association, Int. Relations Club. RUSSELL C. MILLER fl? K P Squirt Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. Chemistry' John Ilrmois High School G-Book 1115 Class Committee 1415 Skeptical Chymists 12, 3, 41 5 Der Deutsche Verein 141. RAYMOND MILTON MILLER T K E Ray Baltimore, Md. A.B. Greek Gettysburg Academy Mercury, Associate-Editor 13, 41 5 Interfrateruity Conn- cil 13, 41 5 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 3, 41 5 Secretary 1315 President 1415 President State Student Council Y.M. C.A.5 Chairman at Y.M.C,A. Convention at Gettysburg5 Glee Club 111 5 Assistant Pianist 1115 Orchestra 111 5 Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 41 5 Alpha Kappa Alpha 12, 3, 41 5 Vice-President 141 5 Eta Sigma, Phi 12, 3, 41 5 President 1415 Class Honors 12, 315 Samuel Garter Greek Prize5 Hassler Latin Prizeg Modern Book Club 12, 3, 415 Vice-President 141. ROBERT SMITIEI NAGLE K A P Bob Pottsville, Pa. A.B. History 1'ottsv'illc II-igh School Band 11, 2, 3, 415 Glee Club, Assistant Manager 1115 Conductor 13, 41 5 Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 415 Historical'Association 13, 415 Old Dorm Quartet 12, 31 5 Associate Chapel Pianist 141. BLAINE E. NARY ' Blmine Gettysburg, Pa. B.S. Electrical Engineering 5 Gettysburg High School VVILLIAM HENRY NIX, JR. Q I' A Bill Caclogan, Pa. B.S. Mechanical Engineering , If'I:tf1l'lH1'i'Hg High- School SPECTRUM, Business Manager C351 5 G-Book, Art Editor 1'3415 Ivy XVeek Committee: Baseball, Assistant Man- ager 141 5 Assistant 11, 2, 31. fifty- two r .--tgms-e... E 1+"'7 -1- -f:-1'-2 5, jifllt Nfl 'Pill or a'i' .13 N? L ED WARD JOSEPH NORYVICKI E A E Eddie East Hampton, N. Y. B.S. Civil Engineering East Ilompton High School SPECTRVULI Staffg Tribunal 135 g Intrafraternity Cou11cil 13, 453 Band 11, 25 9 Football 11, 2, 3, 45 9 VVrestling 11, 2, 45 3 Military Prize 135 9 Centennial Hostg Junior Prom Committee, Pan Hellenic Committee. HARRY NYE A T Q Hen Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. Chemistry ' John Harris High School Football 11, 2, 3, 45g Basketball 115, Pen and Sword 145, Skeptical Chymists 11, 2, 3, 45. PAUL PAIILONIS Pal Paulsboro, N. J. A.B. Chemistry Paul.-horo High School Football, Junior Varsity 11, 25 3 XVrestling 11. 25 3 Junior Varsity Soccer 1359 Skeptical Cllymists 12, 353 President 1459 Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 45. DONALD RAYMOND POOLE GJ K N Don, Baltimore, Md. A.B. Philosophy Baltimore City College n Class, Vice-President 135 : Military Ball Committee 1145 g Scabbard and Blade 13, 45 g lVrcstling Squad 135 3 Min- isterial Assoeiationg Alpha Kappa Alpha: Historical As- sociation 13, 45. m CLEON FRANKLIN PROVVELL 111 K P Olcmcy Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. Latin John Harris High School Gcttysburyian 11, 2, 3, 455 G-Book, Managing Editor 11, 35 3 Band 13, 45 g Der Deutsche Verein 13, 45 g Min- isterial Association, Alpha Kappa Alpha: Eta Sigma Phi, Class Honors 11, 2, 355 Garver Latin Prize 115. RAYMOND JOHN QUICK CID K XII AQB. Economics Kingston, N. Y. Kingston High School Scabbard and Blade 13, 455 Alpha Psi. Epsilon 12, 3, 45: Senior Sponsor. JEAN HARPER .REED A T Q A.B- Economies Crowl, Pa. ' Slmmohin. High School Alpha Psi Epsilon 12, 3, 45. TAYLOR PRAUL REEDER K A P Burl Trenton, N. J. A.B. History Trolllzm, High School Sl'EC'l'RUlXlI 1353 Grotlysburgiou 11, 25: Student Council 11, 2, 35: Tribunal 11, 25: Junior Prom Committee: Owl and Nightingale 12, 3, 45g Intel-fraternity Council 13, 45 g Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 11, 2, 3, 45 : Football 13. 45 9 Historical Association 11, 2, 3, 453 Kappa Phi Kappa 13, 45. JAMES DAY RlCHARDS O K N Jimmy Collingclale, Pa. A.B. History Gettysburg Academy Freshman Basketballg Varsity Soccer 11, 2, 3, 45 g Class 11, 25g Historical Association 12, 3, 45. BRUCE LEROY RITZ 2 A E A.B. Chemistry YVaynesbo1'o, Pa. Grccn.9lm1'g High School S1'EC'1'liUM 135: Senior Announcement Committee 145: Owl and Nightingale, Property Manager 1453 Skeptical 12, 3, 45, Viec-President 1453 Class Honors 7 '47 ' fifty-'rh ree A ' 4 ff I'iZl"33"'g " --532' 1 ?d ' .-L .:- ...q,1 ..-.- - 1 -.g,,,5,i-E,i-,5gU W- , ,sfgxyg .A-Q.,--,-.Li-Ei -y - is 1:4 vi., 9- 1 BISSETT J. ROBERTS A T Q Biz Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. History Valley Forge Military Academy Junior Prom Committceg Scabbard and Blade 13, 453 First Lietenantg Historical Association 12, 3, 45 3 Mili- tary Ball Committee 11, 453 Chairman 145 3 Ride Club 13, 45- ROBERT HAROLD RUNK KID 2 K Bzmlc Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. Chemistry OW'ill'ia.m Pon-n. High School Gcttyslmrgian 11, 2, 3, 453 Mercury 135: Graduation Committeeg Varsity Debating Council 12, 3, 45 3 Tennis 1253 Phi Beta Kappa 145: Skeptical Chymists 12. 3, 45, Seeretaryg Der Deutsche Verein 12, 3, 45, Vice- Prcsidentg Kappa Phi Kappa 145 : Highest Class Hon- ors, 1153 Honors 12, 353 Muhlenberg Freshman Prize. KNUTE SAHLE Kozutc York, Pa. York High School I-LS. Mechanical Engineering Glee Club 13, 45 3 Ivy Ball Committee 145. ROBERT CHARLES SCHIEBEL A T Q A.B. History Hanover, Pa. ' Gettysburg Academy Glee Club 11, 453 Der Deutsche Vorein 13, 453 Minis- iijssoeiation 11, 2, 3, 453 Historical Association SAMUEL A. SCHRECKENGAUST Sam Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. German Williaaii Penn High School SPECTRUIVI 13, 45 3 Associate Editor 135 3 Gettgsbuwrian 11, 2, 3, 45 3 Managing Editor 145 3 Sports Editor 135 3 Varsity Debating 12. 3, 45 3 Class Debating 125 3 Debate Council 12, 3, 45 3 Phi Beta Kappa 145 3 Pen and Sword 145 3 Der Deutsche Vercin 125 3 Secretary 13, 45 3 Blue Crocodiles 135 3 President 145 3 Int. Relations Club 135 3 Tau Kappa Alpha 12, 3, 453 Class Honors 11. 2, 35 3 Muhlenberg Freshman Prizeg Senior Sponsor 145. WALTER CARL SCHROEDER Walt Dolgeville, N. Y. A.B. History Dolgevillc High School G-Book 135 3 Advertising Manager: Mercury 12, 3, 453 Associate Editorg Band 12, 353 Der Deutsche Verein 12, 35 3 Phi Sigma Iota 12, 35 3 Class Honors 125. ELMER F. SEIFERT A.B. English Hellertown, Pa. Allentown Prep HARRY A. SHIMER 11, K XII Bud Bedford, Pa. A.B. Biology Bedford High School Freshman Footballg Beta Beta Beta 13, 45, Secretary. MAURICE MCCLELLAN SMEAL Morey , Clearfield, Pa. A.B. Philosophy Olcarfielcl High School Varsity Debating 12, 3, 45 3 Class Debating 11, 35 3 De- bate Council 12, 3, 45 3 President 145 3 Ministerial Asso- ciation 11, 2, 3, 45 3,Eta Sigma Phi 12, 3, 45, Secretary 145 3 Modern Book Club 13, 45 3 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 145. FLOYD CLAIR SMITH Smitty Riiverton, N. J. A.B, Economics Palmyra High School, N. J. Gettysburgiau, Reporter 11, 25 3 Soccer, Junior Varsity 145 3 De Molay Club, President 115. 'fifty-four sig 3 I 1 RQ IM ROBERT YVOODROYV SMITH 2 X Bob Tarreytown, Md. B.S. Civil Engineering F7'CflG'l"lOk 1Z'i,lZ'7L School Baseball 12, 3, 453 Rifie Club. CHARLES NVILLIAM SN YDER CID K 11' C'l1.orloy Seven Valleys, Pa. A.B. French Glen Rock High School Father's Day Committee 145 : Motlmr's Day Committee 1353 Varsity Baseball 13, 453 Eta Sigma Phig Phi Sigma Iotag Kappa Phi Kappa, Secretary 145 g Brewer Greek Prize 125. NELSON YVEAVER SPENGLER 2 A E Nelse Harrisburg, Pa. A.B- Economics lVill'in.m, Penn Sr. High School Gcttysbzwgiavzl, Business Statf 11, 2, 3, 45 : Fresh-Soph Hop Committee, Chairman 125: Class Debating 135, President 1453 Centennial Host Committee. HERBERT STOV ER STARE fb E K Herb York, Pa. A.B. English North York High School 12535 SPECTRUM, Assistant Editor 135: G1'lfjlSb1l.I'g'lUxlL 11, 2. 3, 45g News Editor 135: Editor-in-Chief 1455 Class Historian 11. 2, 3,45: Junior Prom Committee 135: Military Ball Committee 145g Interfraternity Council 13, 45g Y. M. C.A. Cabinet 135g Scabbard and Blade 13. 45 3 Pen and Sword 13, 45, President 145 g Blue Crocodiles 13, 45, Seeretary-Treasurer 1455 Int. Rglaugoiis Club 1353 Class Honors 11, 353 Riile Club EIHYARD C. STONE Shorty Pittsburgh, Pa. A.B. Business Administration Carson-Long Prep BROOKE H. STONER A.B. English Hanover, Pa. Ilfl'lIf0'l.7C'7' Ilifvh School HENRY DEAN STOVER A.B. Mathematics Littlestown, Pa. Littlestown High School CHARLES AUSTIN SULLIVAN 111 K P Sully Hanover, Pa. A.B. Greek Hanover High School Owl and Nightingale 145g XVrestling 135: Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 45 3 Eta Sigma Phi 13, 45. DONALD MCCURDY S5VOPE CD I' A Don Gettysburg, Pa. A.B. Political Science Gcttyslmgh High School Gettyslmrgian 11, 45, Associate Eclitorg Class Secretary 11, 2, 353 Junior Prom Committee, Chairman 1353 Interfraternity Council 13, 45: Alpha Kappa Alpha 13, 45, Treasurer 1453 Pi Lambda Sigma 13, 455 Class Honors 135. POXVELL STACKHOUSE THOMAS A T Q Pal Philadelphia, Pa. A.B. English George School SPECTRUM, Associate Editor 135 g Gcttysbumion, Assist- ant Advertising Manager 115g Associate Editor 1455 G-Book, Associate Editor 135 3 Class Debating 135 3 Glee Club 115: Tennis 115: Der Deutsche Verein 13, 455 Modern Book Club 13, 45. fatty-five fr- .gcc ..f........ Z - Hi, -, ISL-J-ff H W ' - r1'?s1 ,i5".Ll,ne,.rf"LT?i?f1'1TllET7f'7"""x ."" 'Q Ay... ,. . Q, Q, i 1 l 'li 11 1 1 V JOHN R. Visco fp K ip Jvlmfw Newark. N. J. A.B. Romance Languages ' East Side High School J. ROBERT YVALKER 111 A QD B05 Berlin, Pa. All. Chemistry 1 Berlin High School Owl and Nightingale: Track, Associate Managerg Skep- tical Chymistsg Kappa Phi Kappa. HARRY EDGAR 'WENRICH K A P 'Wen Hummelstown, Pa. A.B. Mathematics Ilcrshcy ll-igh School Class Vice Presidentg Tribunal 1213 Ivy XVeek Com- mittee, Chairman: Football 1315 Track 13, 41: Fresh- man Football, Assistant Freshman Football Coach 131. HARRY ROBERT 1VISE 111 K P Bch A Harrisburg, Pa. ALB. English John Ilarris High School Glue Club 11, 21 : Track 11, 2, 3, 41 5 1Vrcstling: 11. 31 : Soccer 11, 2, 31: Der Deutsche Verein 13, 41, Treas- 141 3 Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 41, Secretary JOHN MARLIN XVITHERSPOON Jock Chambersburg, Pa. All English ClllL1TLlJ0'l'8lJ'lH'g High School YVAYNE ROBERT XVOODS KD 2 K Woodic Pittsburgh, Pa. A.B. English TVes'tinghouse High School SPECTRITM 1935. Photographic Editor: Gctliyslrzlirgifzzl. 11, 2, 3, 41, Associate Editor 141: Fresh-Soph Hop Com- mittee 121 g Varsity Debating 12, 3, 41: Class Debating 121: Debate Council 12, 3. 41, Vicf--Prusideiit 141: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 12, 3. 41 : Band 11.21 : Glue Club 111 I Tennis 11, 21 g Cheer Leader 111 g Phi Beta Kappa 141 5 Ministerial Association 11, 2, 3, 41 : Alpha Kappa Alpha, Secretary 141g Eta Sigma Phi. Treasurer 141: Tan Kappa Alpha, Secretary 141: Class Honors 11. 2. 31, Highest Honor 121 : Garvcr Greek Prize: Brewer Greek Prize: Gcttysburg's Representative to Y. M. CLA. Presi- dents' School 121 1 Senior Sponsor. HARRY FREDERICK ZECH fb A GJ Fred York, Pa. 11.13. Political Science York Collegiate Instif-1110 llllf0l'f1'illIl'1'll'llIY Council 13, 41 : Fall Pan-Hellenic, Dance Chairman 141 : Spring Pan-Hellenic Committee 1313 Basketball 12, 31. CHARIJES YVOODROTV ZECH CIP A O Woodig Y01'li, PH. A.B. Political Science York High School Student Council 11. 2. 3, 41: Tribunal. Secretary 131, President 141 3 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 121 : Glee Club 131 : XV1-estling 121: Kappa Phi Kappa 141: Pi Lambda Sigma 141: Frosh-Soph Hop Committee 11. 2. 31: Senior Sponsor. . fifty-six . - W is ' fi 1.""X - -- 531 W V rw If 6. ,li H in M CLASS 'HONORS G. E. Brown E. B. Bulleit C. F. Clironistei' P. Palilonis C. F. Prowell R. H. Runk L. T. Bowers J. Brazel C. F. Chronister' P. XV. Dise F. C. Lindaman R. VV. Miller G. F. Chronister E. F. Larson C. F. Prowell B. L. Ritz CLASS OF '35 J 'ami-ors H B. L. Ritz Z3 M. M. Smeal H. S. Stare H. D. S1'o1'e1' D. M. Swope W. R. FXVoods S'QplLOm01'08 C. F. Prowell B. L. Ritz R. H. Ruuk D. E. Robison S. A. Sclireckengallst W. C. Scliroedei' W. R. Woods Freslwnen D. E. Robison R. H. Runk S. A. Scllreckengaust H. S. Stare W. R. VVoods fifiy-seven I n: :i S. A. SChl'GCk0Il"'ZlllSlY ju Q 6 lsE. .ll UNIQR Thomas Snyder Rigby Karmany Duukclbcrger CLASS OFFICERS JOHN K. RIGBY . , President XVJLLIABI H. ICARMANY Vfice-Pre,g11deq1,t VVILLIAMI U. SNYDER Secretary J AMES H. THOMAS . Treasurer IIAROLD A. DUNKIELBERGER Historian CLASS HISTORY HERE is a point in every Shakespearean drama at which the action reaches its crisis or climax. Likewise there comes a time in a college course when opportunity if taken leads on to honor and success, and that time of decision usually comes within a. Junior year. Now fellowclass- mates, I could so continue with similes comparing ourselves to the recipients of that noble torch which those who preceded us have thus far so nobly ad- vanced, but let me replace this meaningless euphuisni for tangible facts. Certainly weire a class little different from any other Junior Class with our fame and ilaws very equally distributed throughout. YVe have reached the peak of this, our college life, just like every class of the pmt. In our social, activity, athletic and scholastic life this year will most probably mark our greatest achievement both as a group and individuais. out is that not ex' p pected of any Junior class? , fifty-eight Y YM Y life' ' 1-Q .K WYE 453.3 '-fi if E' :E 1 'V :E ' N 73.5 What, then, is there to say of the class of "3G"? Certainly it is not extra- ordinai y either in genius or stupidity. Few classes, anyway, ever approach even partiali y the nnqualiiied graphers. Let it be said, perhaps not outstanding, it is certainly a diversified and well rounded group in harmony with the Greek ideal 'of the accomplished man. There is no sport, no actix ity, no social event where our influence is not strongly felt and rightly so. , Q and gaudy virtues heaped upon them by their bio- however, in all honesty to the class of "SG," though What practical ideal, then, C12lSSll12lfCS,iiSh?1ll we uphold as we approach the pinnacle of our college attainment? minus continue our standard, not alone as brilliant scholars, not alone as outstanding athletes, not alone as social lionsg but as four square men, the only true Gettysburg gentlemen. CLASS HONORS CLASS or '36 Sopiznmores B. M. Bare L. H. Eriksen D. M Bortner J. B. Graham NV. B. Bristol O. YV. Miller H. A Dunkelberger YV. U. Snyder 'f'1'e.sl1.n1.eiL B. M. Bare L. H. Eriksen L. E. Barron D. S. Frey D. M Bortner G. K. Keet L. H. Brenneman C. XV. Miller XV. B. Bristol E. F. Perls H. A. Dunkelberger C. XV. Preston YV. U. Snyder titty-nine -f'f154:PE-?'3'ifiH-2''!-"9F.s- ?i2a?'?.1'2':??i- f3sT.S?Fil,zailasiiissaz-'.z.-'an EKTEEEW 35 'ia' T 35113 L ARTHUR LEONARD ALLENWVELT K A P ART A,B. Chemistry Hanover, Pa. Hanover High School , . Class Treasurer 1253 Skeptical Chy- mists 11, 2, 35. PAUL BURKET AURAND 2 X SALLY A.B. Mathematics Tyrone, Pa. Tyrone H-igh School 1936 SPECTRUINI Staig Freshman Foot- ballg Varsity Football 12, 35, Fresh- man Basketball, Fathers' Day Com- mittee 1355 Kappa Phi Kappa, Rifle Club. BRUCE BIAURICE BARE A T Q A.B. Chemistry Philadelphia, Pa. Olney High School, Pluilaclclphia 1936 SPECTRUM, Sports Editor, Gettys- burgmn 11, 2, 353 Assistant Track Manager 11, 2, 35 3 Skeptical Chymists 12, 355 Class Honors 11, 255 Highest Class Honors 125. sixty SPECTRUM LLOYD EUGENE BARRON CID K 'Il GENE A.B. Chemistry Harrisburg, Pa. William Penn High School, IIar1'isburg Gcttysbfzwgm-n QZ, 315 1934 G-Book, ,Business Managerg Freslimaii Class ' 'Presidentg Sophomore Class Secretaryg Student Council QQ, 31, Treasurer Q31 5 Tribunal f215 Fresh-Soph Hop Coin- initteeg Owl and Nightingale f2, 31, Vice-President f313 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 31, Secretary 1315 Freshman Foot- ballg Scabbard and Bladeg Sophomore Militairy Prize. PAUL RUDISIL BENDER KD A GJ v BENDER A.B. Chemistry I Berwick, Pa. Berwick High School Interfraternity Council f31g Freshman Footballg Varsity Football f2, 315 Skeptical Chyrnists QQ, 31. ROBERT CALVIN BENNER 2 X B A.B. Philosophy OB Taneytown, Md. Tmzicytowu High School G'cfty'sburgia11, fl, 2, 31 g Ministerial As- sociation fl, 2, 31, Alpha Kappa Alphag Eta Sigma Phi. sixty-one was fl, 9 33 6 EDWIN LOT BERGSTRESSER 'Iv 1' A ' E A.B. Chemistry 4D Hanover, Pa. Hcmmrer High, School Skeptical Chyinists. MARTIN LUTHER BOMBER-GER G-J K N , 'BOMMIE A.B. Chcinistry Lebanon, Pa. Gettysburg .ilCllfl6Ill'1j Gettysburgicm fl, 2, 35, Advertising Manager 1355 Owl and Nightingale K2, 35, Business Manager 1355 Skepti- cal Chyinists Q35. DOYLE MCCLEAN BORTNER 3 X DUKE A.B. History Cape May Court House, N. J. Olney High School, Plzvilatlelplzia Editor-in-chief 1936 SPECTRUMIQ G-Book, Assistant Advertising Manager 115, Glee Club Q25 3 Assistant Baseball Man- ager 1155 Blue Crocodiles 135, Histor- ical Association Q2, 35, International Relations Club 12, 35, Vice-President 1353 Phi Sigma Iota, Treasurer Q355 Kappa Phi Kappa, Class Honors fl, 25. sixty-two We-fQ- fl!! 4. PEP QQ Q 'U' H U M was-mml xiio ' i ww DEAN HAR-OLD BOYVER Emu? A.B. Political Science Gettysburg, Pa. Gotifyslmrg High' School GEORGE EDYVARD BOYVERSOX, Jr. Snoivry AB. Philosophy Leechburg, Pa. Loechbm-g High School i Junior Proui Commitlieeg Band fl, 2, 313 Soccer QSJ5 Rifle Club fl, 2, 315 Modern Book Club QSM SXVll11l1ll11g Club QQ, 31. LAVERN H. BRENNEMAX BRENNIE A.B. Mathematics Seven Valleys, Pa. York II'ig71, School Class Honors Q15 5 Baum Mntliematical Prize 125. sixfylih ree TVILLIAM B. BRISTOL KD E K BILL A.B. History Philaclclpliin, Pa. Germantown A cadcmy Gottysbumgfiavzf fl, 2, 31 3 Assistant Base- ball Manager fl, 213 Soccer 1313 His- torical Association Q315 Rifle Club fl, 2, 31 5 Class Honors fl, 21. HAROLD M. BURKHART 2 X BURKY A.B. Economics Ghfunbersburg, Pa. Ohambc1'sbm'g High School 1936 SPECTRUM, Class Editorg Band fl, 2, 31 5 Alpha Psi Epsilon. HERBERT BEECHER CHARMBURY H. ALB. Chemistry ERB Hzuiover, Pa. Hanover High School Skeptical Chymists. - sixiy-four P 1131 L 'll' .Iii ill M JAMES ROGERS CHILDS JIM: A.B. Business Merclmntville, N.J ' V alley Forge Military Anaclemy JOHN ADAM CICO -' C10 A.B. Mathematics Steelton, Pa I TVenona7L Mfil'itm'y Academy Freslimau Footballg Varsity Football f2, 353 Freslnnau Basketballg Varsity Basketball Q2, 31 ' Varsity Busobfmll Q2 XVII LI XM XVILSON COBI E BILL AB Hlstoly Meicelsbui P Lemasfw Hxgh School F16-5Nl11T1 in Basl etball, V31S1fy Basket bfrll Q2 31 Vfuslty Football Q2 3 SOCCC1 Q1 23, 11-lol fl 21 H1StOTlCa1 ASSOL1'1f10l1 fl, 2 31, Kflppfl P111 Kap SlXl'y five x 7 I L 4 -1, ' J I f - I ' ,- - 1 ' l . i , . 1 . . .g, 8 1 C 2 K ' 'f i " I P I . I f -'J 1 4 1 5 1 . . I 1 ., - . ' ' , c x , , . ' c , c c ' x W' ' "- 4' Y Y 1-Q 7 -f -I Y- 'V -if---v-1-'Y--' M 4 - - ,s.,42 i. --1..- . -54 :3 g .:..i',g:-L... 1 lj 5 6, w PAUL HARVEY CORRELL 2 X PAUL A-B- Biology Catonsville, Md. CfLl011fS'U'lllG High School 1936 SPECTRUM, Advertising Managerg Scabbard and Blade Q31 3 Band C31 3 Glee Club Q31 3 T1-ack 12, 31 3 Assistant YV1' Manager C11, YVrestling Q2, 31 5 Beta Beta Betag Rifle Club fl, 2, 31. GEORGE SMITH DONEHOO GJ K N DONNIE 'A.B. Cllemistir Hu1'risburg, P-1 Willicmzi yPenn. 'High School, Ilarr-isburg Gettysbmurgianif fl, 2, 315 Mercury Q313 Frosh-Soph Hop Committee Q11 3 Soccer Q1, 2, 313 NV1'GStlll'1g fl, 2, 319 Rifle Team. HAROLD A. DUNKELBERGER CII E K DUNKY A.B.- English Gettysburg, Pu. Gettysburg High School Class Historiang Class Debating fl, 21 3 Varsity Debating Q2, 31 5 Debate Coun- cil Q2, 313 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet Q2, 313 Tennis 1215 Der Deutsche Vereing Ministerial Assoeiaijon Q2, 31 5 Eta Sigma Phig Highest Class Honors Q113 Class onors 1213 Muhlenberg Fresh- man Prizeg Brewer Greek Prizeg Graver Greek Prize. sixiy-six E? ll T lil U MQ JOHN A. YV. DUNKELBERGER JOHNNY A.B. History lVcst Chester, Pa. Penn, High School, West Chester Glee Club Q11g Assistant Basketball Manager Q1, 2, 31 5 llhrestling Q11 g Soc- -cer Q21 3 Ministerial Association Q1, 21 g . Historical Association Q31g Interna- tional Relations Club Q31g Elia Sigma Phi. FREDERICK XV. ECHELMEYER C0 K N FRED A.B. English Philadelphia, Pa. - . - O-verbrool.: High School, Pliilcrclclplzia 1936 S1-ncfrnum, Organizations Eclitorg .Editor of the rlfG7'C1H'flf,' Owl and Night- -i-ngaleg Ministerial Associationg Histor- ical Associationg Rifle Clubg Scabbard and Blade, Pistol Chainpionshipg First Prize in Original Play Contest, 1931. FREDERICK JOHN ECKERT G K N 5' A Fnisn All. English Baltimore, Md. Gwttysbwrg Academy Sriccuricigmr Stallig Owl and Nightingale Q1, 2, 31g Interfraternity Council Q31g Soccer Q1, 2, 313 Ministerial Associa- tion Q1, 2, 31. sixty-seven ,. ...r . ,-. - 1 .. ..1,. - . ,r s.1,,,,4L. --.LQ-,, -- --,-Fa-:r.-:A .,f.g:,' 3:.1.e:5gn 2.- ff-,i',f,,Q:4,-if2:f.51,:-,gg gg , ,1,,fff,7 3 LEONARD HENRY ERIKSEN 111 E K A.B. Chemistry LBN Jersey City, N. J. Lincoln High School, Jersey City 1936 SPECTRUM Staffg Gettysburgian fl, 2, 31 5 Associate Editor Q31 5 G-Book, Associate Editor f3J3 Skeptical Chy- mists Q25 g Der Deutsche Vereing Class Honors fl, 25. ALFRED P. FEHL E A E AL A.B. English Smithsburg, Md. Smithsburg High School Eta Sigma Phig Phi Sigma Iota 3 Kap- pa Phi Kappa. MARTIN LUTHER FERTNER FERT A.B. Chemistry Red Lion, Pa. Red Lion High School Skeptical Chymists Q35 . sixiy-eighi SPECTRUM VVALDRON FIELD flw K XII - XVALLY A.B. Chemistry New York City James Monroe High School New Yorlf City Fmshmnn Football, Soccel fl 9 RICHARD CLAX FIYK 111 K 11' -. DIOI' A.B. History Littlestown Pa 1 1 A Littlestow11,Hlgh School ' Soccex fl, 2, 35 5 Tennis Q21 3 Histoucal Association fl, 2, 35 kappa Phi Kappa PAUL L FREE. FRI 1I'1thGIT1'lt1CS Xml, Pa TV1lIu1m Penn Ilzgh School Yool 9, 31 Rlfle Club Q31 SlXl'y nine 1 . , - , ., 35. I 4 S 7- . .9 I 7 ALB. '. . ' ' ", . Y.M.c.A.V Cabinet 42, 39, ofchesml 41, ,J S . I . STUART PAUL GARVER STU A.B. Greek York, Pa, Philadelphia School of the Bible, Philadelphia Y.M.C.A. Cabinet fl, 2, 313 Glee Club 1255 Ministerial Association fl, 2, 355 Eta Sigma Phi. LOUIS JOSEPH GAZZOLO CIP A 0 L A.B. Biology OU Tarrytown, N. Y. North Tarrytown High School Varsity Football Q33 5 Beta Beta Beta. JU-LIAN B. GRAHAM 415 2 K A.B. History East Haddon, Conn. Nathan Halo High School, East Haddon, Class Debating f2Jg XV1'GSti'i11g' 12, 313 Historical Association f2, 353 Vice- President QSJQ International Relations Club 12, 35 5 Class Honors fill. seventy L 1H11'I Hlf,41ii'lll' l.1!l RAY ARLINGTON GUNNET RAY A.B. History Stoverstowu, Pa. TVcst York Iligh School Baud Qljg Historical Association. ROBERT YVHITNER- HAAS CID I' A B .A.B. Economics OB Allentown, Pa. :UI0fl1f01,0I1' High School FREDERICK BENCE HAER C . A.B. History Y Marion Center, Pa. Marion. Ceufcr High School Glce Club fljg Ministerial Association Q35 5 Historical Association 131. seveniy-one CHARLES CARLTON HAKE T K E Hmm A.B. English Dallastown, Pa. Dallastown High School Glce Club Q1, 2, 355 Soccer Manager Q35g Ministerial Association Q1, 2, 35. HAROLD VALENTINE HARBOLD Doo A.B. Biology Dallustown, Pa. Dallastown, High School Skeptical Chymistsg Beta Beta Beta. GEORGE O. HECKERT KID K III A.B. Economics York, Pa. O York High School 1936 SPECTRUM Staffg Gettysburgfiain Q15 3 G-Book Q25 3 Alpha Psi Epsilon. seveniy-+wo S P E C 'l' R IU M ROBERT HENRY BOB A.B. Mathematics Menges Mills, Pa. York Collegiate Institute Kappa Phi Kappa. PAUL YVILLIAM HENRY K A P P DUTCH A.B. Biology York, Pa. Geettysbwrg Academy DON LAVANN HERSHBERGER T K E DON AB Economlcs Johnstown P Jolmsiown Hzgh School Juu1o1 P10111 Comnnttee Inte1f1ate1 nlty Councll Q35 , ASS1St3111, Tenms Manlgel seve nfy Th ree ..1 ,z1. 'z 1 ' . 11 1- - 7 . . . . 1. n .vs Fi- A - , ,i 99 as is RALPH HOOVER b ' ' B.S. Mech. Ell'glll0Cl'll1g' I-Iuntingdou Valley, Pu. Lower Moreland High School HARLEY GIFFORD HORNER K A P i JAC! A.B. Mathematics I Lakewood, N.J. Lakewood High School Historical Association QQQ. L, ii ,VVILLIAM HUMMEL KARMANY A T S2 CHIP A.B. Biology , Hummelstown, Pa. - Mcrcerslgurg Academy i 1936 SPECTRUINI Staffg Gottysbm'g'ian tl, 21g G-Book 12, Sjg Vice-President of Junior Classg Junior Prom Committceg Owl and Nightingale QQ, 31g I11tc1'f1'a- ternity Council f3jg Beta Beta Beta. U soveqntyffour' zu Owl-'iCE:"iE 5 CEP' L1 T It lj M . I l GORDON SUMMER KRUBI CID K WI' GORDIE ALB. English Graliamsville, N. Y. Drexel I -nstfitfwte 1936 SPECTRUM, I'l1otograpl'1ic Editor, Gettysbw'gicm 12, 35, Associate Editor Q35 g G-Book Q25 3 Debate Council Man- ager Q2, 35 3 Glee Club Q25 35 Class Hon- ors 125. VVILLIAM CARL KRUMWVIEDE 41,2 K BILL A.B. Estory Rochester, N. Y. F-rcmlklin High School, Rochester Gettysburgicm, fl, 2, 35, Associate Edi- tor C35 5 Varsity Debating Q35 5 Debate Council 135, Varsity Soccer fl, 2, 35, Cheer Leader fl, 2, 35, Ministerial. As- sociation fl, 2, 355 Historical Associa- tion 12, 35, Secretary Q35 3 International Relations Club f35g Class Honors 1253 Rifle Club 12, 35, Modern Book Club 135. EMANUEL SAMUEL KUSKIN BIANNY A.B. Chemistry Newark, NJ. So-wth Side High School, Newark seventy-tive vcag -Q 'Y 'V 357-' f ' '-fi: ' '- 3 , 533' f 4- 5-"H 77 "f f ':" , "i"VfL7 ffE"""l'filf ' -1" g:7'f5'7'?s'15?I-1T5x!2" "7'f'1'f'm - l'3ff'?'lEE'F4fiEf5l5" '-"H - " L- Z .ifLL'4F.'Fi!1'.E'., .-f. Y ' l N. I RICHARD WINNER LATSHAXV 2 A E DICK A.B. Business Spring City, Pa. Spring City High School Scabbarcl and Blade 5 Freshman Foot- ballg Alpha Psi Epsiloug Pi Lambda Sigma. FRANK MASON LONG 2 A E STRETCH A.B. Economics Punnhurst, Pa. Spving City High School Alpha Psi Epsilong Pi Lambda Sigmag Assistant Football Manager flj. HENRY MfELVIN LONG 111- K P NIEL A.B. English Cumberland, Md. P671f1L8'1ll'U'Cl11iCL Avenue High School Ministerial Association fl, 2, 31. seveniy-six 93 SPECTRUM YVILLIAM JOHN MCCAHAN CIP A GJ A.B. Economics Upper Darby, Pa. Newton, Academy Junior Prom Comniitteeg Freshman Fooiiballg Varsity Football 12, 313 Freshuian Basketballg Varsity Basket- Ball 12, 315 Tennis 111. YVILLIAM ROGER MCELHINEY E A E BILL A.B. Business Greensburg, Pa. 0onncZZs'zriZlc High School Business Manager of the 1936 SPEC- crRUMg Band fl, 2, 31g Glee Club i213 Alpha Psi Epsilon. VVILBUR RENFREVV MCELROY MAC LLB. Chemistry Fayetteville, Pa. Chambersburg High School 1936 SPECTRUBI Staffg Gcttysburgicm. fl, 2, 31 5 Interfraternity Council C315 Skeptical Chyniists QS1. seveniy-seven W 1 4 3 W JOHN YVILLIAM MCILHENNY 'IJ 2 K MAO A.B. English Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg High School 1935 SPECTRUM Staff, Gettysburgian 11, 2, 313 Sports Editor 1315 G-Book 1113 Fresh-Soph Hop Committee 1215 Military Ball Committee 121, Tennis 12, 315 Pen and Sword, Blue Croco- diles. C. 'SVILLIADI MILLER CII 2 K BILL A.B. English Hazleton, Pa. Hazleton High, School 1936 SPECTRUM Staffg Gettysburgicm 11, 2, 31, News Editor 131 5 Varsity Debat- ing 12, 315 Class Debating 11, 21, De- bate Council 12, 31 3 Interfraternity Council 131, Orchestra 11, 215 Blue Crocodiles, Eta Sigma Phig Class Hon- ors 11, 215 Garver Latin Prize 111g Modern Book Club 12, 31. ROBERT MORRIS 119 K NI' MOONEY A.B. Mathematics Reading, Pa. Reading High, Sohool Student Council 1315 Tribunal 12, 313 F1-eshman Basketball, Varsity Basket- ball 12, 31 3 Baseball 12, 31 3 Soccer 131. seventy-eight fr C o 'ff' in H P' QQ QC 'll' nl LJ M 5? i YVILLIAM LUTHER NEY CIP A GJ LUKE A.B. Economics Upper Darby, Pu. Haverford High School ROBERT HORACEENICHOLS K A P Fuzz A.B. Chemistry Hagerstown, Md. Ilagef-slow-n High School Frosh-Soph Hop Committee 1213 Jun- ior Prom Committee QSM Owl and Nightingale f2, 313 Freslxlnan Basket- . ball. CHARLES OTT CIIAS B.S. Electrical Engineering Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg Iliyh School sevemly-nine .E Y H 'A- '-W m1..l:g :.:f14,-.'fg-15.3-.1-an' an gain-v 'iivn-51-,LA'T.LT5Lg.' '- .:,.-, 3 gag , f z,aja.1p l- -513 ' l W V, r -:5.:.. : nl 9 3 0 1 MELVIN PITTENGER GJ K N PITT A.B. English Gettysburg, Pa. New Milford High School Merozwy Q3J. CHARLES PRESTON CID K III CHARLIE A.B. Chemistry Baltimore, Md. Forest Pc:-wk High School 1936 SPECTRUBI Staffg G-Book, Circu- lation Manager Q35 5 Interfraternity Council Q31 5 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet f2, SJ, Treasurer f3Jg Scabbarcl and Bladeg Assistant Football Manager 1313 Class Honors flj. SAMUEL: JOSEPH PUMA SAM ' A.B. Chemistry P1VttS'C011, P51- Pittston, High School Wrestliiig Q2, 313 Skeptical Chymists. eighty S P E C T R IJ M KARL YVILLIAM REIGHTER K A P RIC A.B. Chemistry Harrisburg, Pa. J ohn Halwis 1I'igh School, .HU-7'7'i8b1t1'g ' Band 11, 2, 35, Glee Club 11, 2, 35. JACK TRAVIS RENSHAVV E A E A.B. Political Science JACK Phoenixville, Pa. TVyom-ing Seminary 1936 SPECTRUM Staff, Student Council 11, 2, 35 , Tribunal 12, 35 , Chairman of Junior Prom, Freshman Football, V ar- sity Football 12, 35, VVrestling 11, 2, 35, Tennis 12, 35. JOHN KENNETH RIGBY 111 K N A.B. Mathematics JACK Johnstown, Pa. Johnstown High School 1936 SPECTRUM, Circulation Manager, Sophomore Class Vice-President, Jun- ior Class President, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 135 , Freshman Football, Varsity Foot- ball 12, 35, Track 115, W1'estling' 11, 25. eighty-one -- ' Z.. ' 4"- JOSEPH HENRY RILEY A.B. Biology Gettysburg, Pa. Gettysburg Academy ' ' Beta Beta Beta. ROBERT SEEHOLD SASSAMAN YIJ I' A BOB A.B. Philosophy Wlilliamsport, Pa. Pcddic School Junior Prom Committee 3 Owl and Nightingale 12, 315 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet Q35 5 Freslunan Footballg Varsity Foot- ball f2, 35 g Freshman Basketballg Var- sity Basketball 12, Sjg Ministerial As- sociationg Alpha Kappa Alpha. ' HERBERT L. SCHLUDERBERG CID K P V SCHLUDIE A.B. History Baltimore, Md. 17'ricn.ds School Junior Prom Coniniitteeg Ministerial Association fl, 2, 35 5 Historical Associ- ationg Modern Book Club. H eighty-Jrwo as fp ill Ml 5' 1-:SEL -Us ww ' ' 1 we MALCOLM D. SHUTTERS KID 2 K AJS. English MAC Wnsliington, D. C. Eastern High School, Wasil-iozgtovz Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 315 Ministerial Association, Vice-Presidelit 121 , Presi- dent 1315 Eta Sigma Phi. YVILLIS MICHAEL SMYSER K A P TAMAN A.B. French York, Pa, TVillia,m Penn Iligh School, York 1936 SPnc'r1eUM Staffg Gettysburgfiaa1, 12, 315 G-Book 11, 215 Owl and Nightin- gale 12, 315 Inter-fraternity Council 131 5 Phi Sigma iota. HERBERT AUSTIN SNYDER 2 X SOUTHERN A.B. Biology Montgomery, W. Va. Montgomery H-igh Sch-ool Freshman Class XHCG-PI'CSld611tQ Soph- omore Class President 3 Tribunal 1215 Junior Prom Co1nn1ittee5 II1t01'fFfLfIE1'I1- ity Council 1315 Freshman Football5 Varsity Football 12, 31 5 Freshman Bas- ketballg Varsity Basketball 12, 315 Track 11, 21. eighty-three ,zzf,..:mr,.rl.nn-unam,ui.f':1..:w 1 ,M ag Ma j- M : .:f:..'.:1,. ' 1 fi' ' f -. - ,. , - - ' .. J ON FREDERIC SNYDER KID I' A FRITZ A.B. Biology Lebanon, Pa. Lebanon High School 1936 SPECTRUM Staff 5 Meroufry 131 5 Owl and Nightingale 11, 2, 31, Secretary 121, President 1315 Glee Club 11, 215 Assistant Baseball Manager 11, 2, 315 Cheer Leader 11, 215 Der Deutsche Vereiu5 Beta Beta Beta. VVILL-IAMf ULRICH SNYDER ll? 2 K A.B. English BILL Vlfashington, D. C. Wcste1'ot High School, T'l7llSll,'I:'l'1fgtO17f 1936 SPECTRUM, Associate Eclitor5 Mer- cury 12, 31, Associate Edito1'5 Junior Class Secretary 5 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 315 Glee Club 12, 315 Der Deutsche Vereing Blue Crocodiles5 Ministerial Association 12, 315 Eta Sigma Phi5 Class Honors 11, 21. ALBERT EDYVARD SOBOLESKY E A E Sonny A.B. History Minersville, Pa. IIli11.ers'viZZe High School Freshman Footballg Varsity Football 12, 315 Freshman Basketba115 Varsity Basketball 12, 315 Track 11, 2, 315 Vfrestling 1315 Historical Association 11, 2, 31. eig hty-tour il 9 5 6 P E 11 T EER U 'M STUART VVINFORD STEININGER K A P STEW A.B. Chemistry 'Harrisburg Pa. John, Harris High School, lTa0'1-is'lJm'g Band Q1, 2, 35 5 Track fl, 2, 35 5 Skepti- cal Chymists. CHARLES ROBERT STEVENS STEVE A.B. French Heidlcrsburg, Pa. Gettysburg II-igh School DONALD REID STONESIFER STONY A.B. English Hauovei-, Pa. Hanover High School Baud fl, 2, 35 5 Ministerial Association q1,2,3y5 Rina Club f2,f-31. eiglwfy-five li' - -url . A, if is 4 61 JAMES HAROLD THOMAS KD A 0 TOLIMY A.B. Chemistry Harrisburg, Pa. John Harris High School, Harrisburg Junior I Class Treasurer 5 Freshman Footballg Varsity Football 12, 31g Freshman Basketballg Varsity Basket- ball 12, 315 Track 11, 2, 31. OTTO CROUSE THOMPSON K A P A.B. Chemistry TINY Lakewood, N. J. Lakewood High School ARYDHUR CHARLES TILLEY 111 I' A AR A.B. Economics T Newton Center, Mass. Newton High School F1-osh-Soph Hop Connnitteeg Interfra- ternity Council 1315 Scabbard and Blade 1313 Military Ball Committee 1313 Rifle Team 12, 31, Captain 131g Alpha Psi Epsilon. eighty-six I 'EP If if1'lffliUM CHARLES F. TRUNK, JR. fb E K CHARLIE A.B. Philosophy Coatesville, Pa. Coatesville High School 1936 SPECTRUM Staff, Gettgysburgiicm f2, 35, F1-esliinan Class Secretary, Junior Pvoni Committee, Scabbartl and Blacleg Baud fl, 2, 355 Glee Club 12, 353 5Vrestling fl, 25, Ministerial Associa- tion fl, 2, 355 Eta Sigma Phi. NVILLIAM SLOCUM ULRICH, JR. CID I' A A.B. English BILL Dowingtown, Pa. Minneapolis High School i GG'H:ljS1J'tM"gtIMI' fl, 2, 35, News Editor t35g G-Book, Assistant Advertising Manager Q15 5 Me1'cfzw'y Q2, 35 5 Gwl and Nightingale tl, 2, 35, S-ecretary 1355 Glee Club fl, 2, 35 3 F1'GSl1IiIl2U1 Football, Varsity Football QQ, 355 VVr.estling fl, 2, 353 Track fl, 253 Pen and Sword, Blue Crocodiles, Fresliniau Essay Prize LOUIS SCHNEIDER, WVEAVER CID K 'If PETE A.B. Biology York, Pa. York High School 1936 SPuC'rIcUM Staff 5 Frosli-Soph Hop Committee, Track fl, 255 Assistant Football Manager Q35, Rifle Club fl, 2, 35 5 Beta, Beta, Beta. eig hty-seven ' 41 19 LUKE A. WESTENBERGER KD K P XVESTIE A.B. Mntlxenmtics Middletown, Pa. Middletown High! School Frosli-Soph Hop Committee 5 Owl and Nightingale QQ, 313 Ride Club 12, 31. BEN WILLIABI WOLF 411 E K BEN A.B. Chemistry Harrisburg, Pa. TVill'ia'm Palm High School Skeptical Chyniistsg Tennis. CARL ELMER YOST ALB. English York, Pa. Williavn Penn High School, York 1936 SPECTRUM Staig Gr-Book, Adver- tising Manager Q213 Y.M.C.A. Cabinet 12, 315 Bancl Cl, 2, 313 Der Deutsche Vereing Ministerial Association fl, 2, 315 Eta Sigma Phi. eiqhiy-eighi 1 M O .ridrirn ' 1 f- IN. fff ff 'f Nl Viriff K fl f- 1-mu W1 iw f-wf. 1A'f'LJ! I" :ff-f"f -f ' 'Q?5,T1'Km3?UffJv'll1 i" f ,., 53537 1-Hfhillnlmgf Wkf ,Y ,vmu:1T,10-liwmm , -qv-f " Hy iv, 'X ' i-,A lu! Sim - , L F-Y QQ! V X? :U V 1 IPM! ffl g4Z7"fHi, T. wh U L' f- -i' V,. 2 " 1 Mr" Wftf -A,, fi, W If + Ps Milf' f:,, 1 M pa n Y MQ Q vu 4 A .f4gmf,g.x,ff:f, "1 'J WJ 1 Kr fivfw e ' . ix - l' ' "W 'ik I'---fx' -fx 1 u ' -.Q3f'.,45Qg fe WTBX rf- le E7'3 ?155'? 5.'?i-4EWf5 5f9W 'Pb' - 22 swf: f. uT'5.2'.T?-173.115 Sllgiw Sclmell Ra n Eshenour Mom t Kisu 1- CLA SS OFFICERS E. NORMAN Momriw RAY E ESTJICNOUR ROBERT B. RAU . Gnonen F. SCHNELL THADDEUS VV. Kxson CLASS HISTORY . 1J7"6S.v'ZCNf Vice-Pfrcsidcnt Secrcinry T'reas'zw-or U fS1"f:'l'f!!II HE class of '37 returned in September to begin the second leg of their collegiate journey, with the grim determination to show everybody on the Campus, that the Sophomore Class was truly the backbone tysburg College. of Get- Days before the student body returned a goodly number of the 'SS-o1,l1s" were out on the gridiron showing, tutor "Hen Bream, that he could along without the assistance of '37, this "Hen" soon realized and wl kick-off for the first game sounded, five of our number were in thei-ef fighting for the Orange and Blue. Both of the tackles, "Dick" lValker, and Ellis Me- Orackeng Jack Fish at end, and 6'Bug" Wag11ei,' at guard as well as "Joe" Superka at right half-back. Serfasa, Shadle, Moffit, and Lamason also were on the squad and saw much action. XVhen the indoor sports started. '37 again was out in mighty array. Fish, Wfalker, Heiges and Lewis took to the basket- ball court, while Bowers, Chapman, and S-erfass found bertlis on the XYI"9Sfi,lllg team. In the spring the baseball team, track team, and tennis team weze bol- stered by the f'Sopl1s." ninety not get ien the D-' E?.'i"'7fAe Q. - . Y Y El ,.. 1 I J . , , -- -. .-.. .-.M W.. Y, ., ly 1 - -....-..... V M - ---,J "gg:4e el Although z1'i'l1le1'ic:1lly the Class of 1937 is heavily endowed, one can not forget the scholastic and activity rating. Even if only il few were able to make the Dezufs Honor Roll, many 'fSopl1s" had very high scholastic i1.VCl'ilgQS. Praetiezmlly every man in the class of '37 can boast of some activity, which indeed enlmnces the strength of the Sophomore Class. VVi13l1 such evidences of strength atl11etien.lly, in relation to scliolurship, and activity and social support who dares to say tlmft the Class of '37 is not the backbone of our Gettysburg College Campus. T. YV. Klson, Historian. CLASS HCDNORS CLASS OF '37 F1'0sl11n.c11f G. K. Bowers C. S. V. Sanner W. B. Gilbert S. B. Shir-k G. S. Krum H. YV. Snyder W. J. Reimer K. E. Taylor nineiy-one V L.L'.T.E 7:df'f"Q,:T gi ' H'f1"'7b ' ' 1 'Y 5 fi CLASS OF 1937 Candidate for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts Albig, Earl Emery W'est Newton Askounes, Fericles N. Monessen Barkley, John Vifesley Ligonier Berkowitz, Lester Ivin Red Bank, N. J. Bowers, George Kermit Bedford Bowers, Stewart Cole, Jr. New Freedom Brown, George Edward, Jr. Staten Island, N.Y. Bryson, Richard Habecker Lancaster Calhoun, Robert Jacob Steelton Campbell, James Duncan Harrisburg Chriselner, Edgar Troeder Harrisburg Compton, Xvlliltllll Roland Bellevue Cook, lxqlllillll Austin, Jr. Brookline Cooper, Charles Harold Lakewood. N. J. ninety-two Davis, Francis Edwin Pottsville Delo, John Charles Pittsburgh Denner, Wfilliam Justice Manchester, Md. Dollman, Stephen Crawford Pine Grove Dougherty, George Gehr Reading Ecker, Sterling M. Littles town Eckert, Mark A. Gettysburg Ehlers, Edward, Jr. Montclair, N. J. Eshenaur, Ray Ellwoocl Ha rri sb nrg Fish, John Huff, Jr. Paulsboro, N. J. Folkeiner, Carl Xvllllilllll Baltimore, Md. Folkeiner, Lawrence Daniel Baltimore, Md. Frazee, Murray Bennet, Jr. Gettysburg Geistwhite, Donald Snyder Harrisburg P C T ll. ll M -J Lfxss or IQ Gelbert, James Edward Ambler .. Gilbert, Warren Best Harrisburg Gillespie, Frederick Sinclair Arlington, N. J. Gochnour, Joseph Parkes Ligonier alfpenny, Wfilliam Craig, Jr. Harrisburg Hamme, Robert Ellsworth York Harkins, George Frederick Harrisburg Harner, John YVilson Gettysburg Heiges, Harold Lynwood Biglerville Heiges, John Wfilliam Harrisburg Hench, lVilliamLee Dallastown Hershey, Philip Henry Spring Grove Hetrick, Gurney Eugene Lewisberry Heydrich, Jack Fabel Lock Haven Hopkins, Leonard Howard Holyoke, Mass. Horne, Robert Earle Philadelphia Hull, Kenneth Preston Gettysburg Irwin, Shull Leonard RD., Gettysburg Jeavons, John Merion Kanzinger, Millard Christian Ardmore Keinard, Robert TV. Phoenixville ninety-th ree Keith, John Burgoyne Gettysburg Kisor, Thaddeus YVillia1n Monessen Krnni, Gordon Sumner Grahainsville, N. Y. Lamason, X-Vllllillll Hamilton xVllll2lII1S1J01't Larson, John C. Gettysburg Lawley, Charles Frederick Talnaqua Lerch, Casper Edmund Wlyomissing Lewis, Harold Wfilbur YV est Hazleton Lovell, Donald Root Bellwood McCracken, Ellis Ray Freeport McIntyre, James Murray Indianapolis, Ind. Manges, James Henry Harrisburg Martin, Geo. lvashington, Jr. Cumberland, Md. Minnich, John Ellsworth Harrisburg Moffitt, Elwood Norman Palmyra, N. J. Moyer, Thomas Wfilliam A. Bloomsburg Mumford, Paul Jones Ellicott City, Md. Myers, James Harold Harrisburg Myers, J. Richard Lemoyne Norley, YValter Nelson, Jr. Brookline Opperman, Harry, Jr. Audubon, N. J. diff! 11-il"-' T ,,fijl1T'1l.'Q:i1Q:..L: "' 17 , p,, 1':.4.7, 11-1' -,,'.'-cf jj' -""w"T'x"1fr':,,":-'17, . HE'-V : -" . - f- -,,. V -Y ...-.-.,... .. - - -- - -'- - V .A ... .. .. .A -. -, .... .,... .... - ,..- , - ..,, 144, J.:V.- -1-.-...ggi .1 5,535 37 illre.""'?t'5E""77 'TTT71 E' 215- V" ffliff 'ELL 'iii f. 5.1-134 '-sf ',-f in -.-:L -2353? rificwfrrri TTT? Q A -,gg , -l 3 , Peters, Martin Fisher Shirk, Samuel Blaine, Jr. Phoenixville Xllyoinissing Powers, Clarence S., Jr. Sinull, Herbert XVarner Y01-k Lansdowne, Md. Raffensperger, Harold E. New Oxford Raffensperger, Robert Kieffer Biglerville Rau, Robert Browning Baltimore, Md. Rehineyer, Bernard S. New Freedom Reimer, YVillian1 John Stone Church Richwine, Harry Thomas Harrisburg Rines, Paul Daniel Altoona Rudolf, Donald Richard Harrisburg Saltzgiver, Luther Burns VVCS1TIDillSt61', Md. tjinders, Wlilbur Lane Wfoodbine Sanner, Charles Steiner Frederick, Md. Savarese, Anthony Paul Brooklyn, N. Y. Schadel, Lees Malcolm, Jr. Philadelphia Schnell, George Frederick Harmon-on-Hudson, N. Y. Schrader, Lloyd Louis Bellerose, N. Y. Serfass, Harvey Edwin Bethlehem Shadle, Robert Lee Selinsgrove Shafer, Russell Morey Hanover Shaffer, Roger Evans Hanover Junction Oucl-Mates for the Degree of Bd Buhrman, Howard 'Franklin Lantz, Md. - Chapman, Jacob Dreher Sharpsburg, Md. Dallnieyer, Fred Henry Snyder, Henry Nviuiillll, J r. lVashiugt0n, D. C. Stevens, Charles Robert York Springs Strolis, Yvliliillll Joseph Shenandoah Superka, Joseph Leo Catasauqua Taylor, Kenneth Edgar Yoe Taylor, Raymond Allen York Thoinpson, Otto Crouse Lakewood, N. J. Triani, Peter Anthony Berwick Uffelnian, Harry Wlalter York Umberger, Eugene Baker Runneinede, N. J. Vifagner, YVilian1 Carl XVlili21I11SP01'iT VValborn, John Gordon Harrisburg YValker, Richard Eugene Harrisburg Mfeidner, Arthur Yviliililll York Springs YVenr.ich, Edward Allen Reading Wfetzel, Dennis Robert Greeting Hanover VX7iiil21ll1S. Paul lVell.i11gton YVillow Grove Wolff, Alfred Young Hanover YVorley, Earle lVilson Littlestown Zug, Richard Davies Harrisburg clzelor of Science Keil, Richard Albert YVest Newton, Mass. Schmidt, John George York Strosahl, Bernard Conrad York E Honesdale ' Fitzsinnnons, Robert WValter Tilley, William Adrian Houesdale Newton Center, Mass. ninety-four EQ T E-. gg. P EQ ei Q T M xii-naar-3Err:'a:14-111Aiqhe-href-fsfffi ef Q PRES Olmsteud I-locker Graff Snyder Phelps CLASS OFFICERS JOHN F. GRAFH' . . Prcside-n 1' FRANK L. SNYDER TflCC-P'l'0Slfl!?lLlT Gnonon F. ociinn . . Secretary RICHARD D. OLRISTEAD 'T1'easfu1'e1' HIGNRY YV. PI-IELPS . H istorian CLASS HISTORY T would be well for tus, the Class of 1938, to pause a nioinent to contem- plate ourselves as we lirst entered Gettysburg College. Vile were filled with youthful ideals and felt inspired to conquer the heights and to surniount the dilliculties which lay before us in our college career. Since that time we have, through our various contacts and associations with the professors and with students, changed in nxany respects. We still have high aims, but we have lost many of our ideals. This loss of the ideals of our young inanhoocl may not appear to be seri- ous, but it is indeed to he deplored. It is true that ideals alone will not carry very far, but they are a necessary part of true living in the sense that, it we lose them, we become materialistic and hence live only superficially and never experience a real and full, life. YVe have, however, gained inuch during our brief experience of college life. YVe have learned for one thing that hard work and constant application are paramount if we expect to he more than idle dreamers. We have at least acquired a thin veneer over the callowness which was so evident during the early part of our freslnnan year. We have for the first time in our short lives stopped to ponder on the complexity and magnitude of life, College has done much for us and will do even more. 'We must, however, hold steadfast to our ideals lest we fall into the fate of the niaterialist. VVe must cling to the same indomitable spirit which has led us thus far on our way. n I n ety-fi ve .fel L in s - l CLASS OF 1938 Ocmclficlrtfes for the Degree of Bacllelor of Arts Agati, Anthony Raymond YVQSt Wfyolning ASl1HlIS,HO1'21C8 YVilliam Arlington, N. J. Baeha, Andrew Edward Mclieesport Bane, William Kenneth Bellerose, N. Y. Barbush, Albert Francis Harrisburg Bai-ten, George Anton Baltmore, Md. Bates, Robert J. Harrisburg Beck, Robert A. Hampton. . Bell, Thomas Jefferson H3l'PlSllll1'g Boehner, Henry Sittner Philadelphia Borsi, Lawrence Renzo YVest YVyo1ning Boyer, Arthur Charles Catawissa Brehm, John Greenawalt Gettysburg Campbell, Samuel Burns, Jr. Milton Cooper, XVa.rren Freeman Hazleton Daehling, Francis August Philadelphia Daugherty, John Bartlett Red Hill Davis, xxyllllillll XVZIJESOH Confluence DeVore, Clair Eugene Cumberland, Md. Diehl, John L. Chambersburg Diehl, Millard Grayson Loganville Doll, Donald Goodyear York Dreas, Richard Edgar Reading Eekard, James XVilson New Bloomiield Eekstrom, Edward Nelson Harwiek Egeland, Andrew M. Fair Haven, N. J. Ehrin ger, Sheldon VVil1i am Altoona Embick, Wfilliam Harry New Cumberland "" "1 IF li 1,1 153, U ll l 1 F F1111, F11 cle1 1Clx Maxwell Ul1llNbll1g 811161 llbmf M0111 oe ktl111t1c C111 Fullcm Russell HQ1115 3 Ollx 110111111 QQUQIIUH Juueb YN UllLQb010 1 1llL0lll Remo 01111111 YVLQ WV10111111-1 F1 llltl Gnolgc Albell J1 C011f111e11cC FILX Alllllll lILC1leb H1111sb111f1 Fu111cv D 16610111 L H11 111ou C1eti5sl1111 g G10 ge, W 111211 d r-1 1111011 BIUlllll'0ll R D GL1t1sl1111w Golf C11 uleb M11sl11ll Louw lsl.1111l N Y G1 lCf6 L1l11.11cl YW nl're1 O11 mgs Nhlls Md Glflff John F1'lllC1Q XY O1flll11gl0ll 16011, Edu 'url I'11ge11e I1111cl1o11 N X Cnoss Llllot F1 111115 G1 ll1lXNOOd, N J Glosx Lwfel ROV Dovm mnelry seven Gue1 ald J ack XV1ll13111SO11 I l11l.1dQlpl11 1 G11l1l111 lV111e11 Pe1111sb111 g 12111115 GL01ge Joseph fOlllC0lllllg Mfl H111111111 Hhlllb Nhllu, I1 01,111 bljlllg Hebell Teslm Bc.111'11d Laxelle gc 101111 UL1111 Dovel H911 B111 1lIIlfO1l Bu 11 Lk Hess YV.1l111 CIIIIILS lx0eed1lc N X Hlkes GL01 ge Edg-11 G'11d11e1x Xvllld-'S B111112 H1ld1l11 111d Rol1e11 Lel 011 101111 Qtms 11 HOClxQ1, Gem ge F1111s,le1, Be'chlel1e111 HOLIIIII 111, B1 nee F1 111111111 Bcllntoute H0tlx11l 111 1Tz110ld Randolph I-lGllefo11te Hughes, R0llOlt S'1n111el A2111-111d I1-11111, lLdw111 fl Chllou 'l 011 son Hd . ' . 1, 1' v 1. L , , - - . I .I A . 1 J .V , -img 1- ,1',- ,Z 'E 4 ' 9? 1 L A . c w ' , F . ,, 1 , 1 H .4 A 7 1 H 1 1 " I ij, N. J. 41" rj ,'A if '17 1."-7 ,1 1- ' , F 1111, ,mf .2 1 Z.. 1 Q , .,l,- Ti y 1' 1- '1 J. yr, , . vi ' "-, F-2 1 ' , N' f 1 JS 1- J hw- 1 ,1 'M 1 1 mf' 1 1 ' 1 7 1. . . D ,.. -1 1, 1-, f.- 1 AW, 111, 1 1, 1 . ,, . Hut , . V . 4 I1 1 1- 1 1 1 1 I A V, , 1, ' .5 A 1' , 1 . V ,S 1,,,1,, 1 ir, W1 -lv gm- - 1,--J 1. Ti.. Y i. 1 ' 'zum A ' 1. 2, I. . . " '1 .,. . - , . , ,' 3 1L 1' ' - 1- , p, 1 , L 1 '1 ' W 1 .A1 ' 1 1 V , ,L ' .- . T' '1 ,. ' - .. 1 . G1lbe11, J.1,111es lN1ll1.1111 II1ldeb1.1111l, Ralph Adam .1 ., 1' 'ISC -D , ' fda. . .1 7-7 Z . 1 12' 1 2 ' 3. ,z 7 , ,I ? ,g .' ' , . . . 1, 1 -1',P 7,1 .,,1 .J1. y' .1 1 ' . - . 1 , . . . M M! ' 'ai '- ' I Q ' , 'L ' - ' ' " A J' A G1 1 1 ' 1 . . ' - f - " Q, P ' 'z .1 1 1 1. ' 7 - r , -1 ' 2. ' .f. 41, .' lb C 5 - 5 , , 1 1 7, ,- l "fri ' Y " ' if , :IL , 1""'i-fr' -i' T?',,:' f:1.'vT -T:-"'i 1 ":::'1 11"i"'h1" '2'1:"'1Y' Yr". fiffinifaf-Eiffiui .. ',j,'jT,'.ziufI1'1x-my -Meg-l V, ,..- of - - 1 1 l Y- u -Aa' .fa "A-.J -n- -- gffb. nf Kelly, James Grear Gettysburg Kirkpatrick, Samuel Alex. New Cumberland Kitziniller, Clarence Edward Gettysburg Klinedinst, Harvey Delle Red I1l0ll Kneel1t,Frederick Vernon Tower City Kuhs, Byron Albert Johnstown Langdon, Charles Henry, Jr. York Lau, Dona.ld Reading Lau, Robert Edmund York Longenerker, George Roman York McCue, Edward Lyons Stoyestown MacNeille, Jack Perry Bayonne, N. J. Mader, Joseph Ard Danville Maiden, E. Sayre F. Philadelphia Manges, Wfilllis Edmund Moylan Marks, YVilliain Jacob Gettysburg Meals, Marlin Stewart Carlisle Messinger, Fred Easton Milbourn, Arlton YVayne Great Bend Miller, Edgar Allen, Jr. Gettysburg Miller, John Harold Littlestown Mizell, Louis Richard Kensington, Md. Moore, Allison Park Downington Morecraft, Howard George Rahway, N. J. Naile, Jxnlllillll, Jr. Drexel Hill Olmstead, Richard Dixon, J 1 TVorcester, Mass. ninety-eight Pennnigton, Robert Taylor Atlantic City, N. J. Perkins, Richard Graham York Phelps, Henry 'William Gettysburg Pirnik, Louis Charles Pennsburg Plank, Edward Stewart, Jr. Gettysburg Poffenbarger, Reese St. C. YVest Farview Pszwaro, Edward J. Gibbstown. N. J. Quickel, Harold Henry York Rehder, Vfillialn Stewart A-Vll1l'1l1lgtOIl, N. C. Reutter, David XNTllllH1I'l Tainaqua Rife, Richard Curtis Harrisburg Roceato, John C. Pittston Rosenstengel, John Gettyslmrg Ross, Charles Alexander Harrisburg Ross, Donald Joseph. Harrisburg Schiebelii Edward Charles H Hanover Schultz, Nicholas Frederick East Liverpool. O. Schwartz, Meyer Oscar New York, N. Y. Senft, Roderice Newman York Seyler, Ray Querns Brookline Sheely, Charles Donald Get tysburg Shenk, Harold H. C. Harrisburg Shoop, Arthur Russell Richland Sierer, Joseph Huber Cliainbersburg Singer, Rodger Miller Manheim Skelly, Frank Leonard Genesee. N. Y. r- 1 1:11-U.. .i::j- W 'D L ZTLT9 'W' ffwi l5r'vv:.'f:m'7?':1'K5c' '-.' .':1i'-'j,'FT- 'ff " '-""'-"H+-' E-'-Taliffizw-12:-F-1-sci! -J' N'g,'l'.F"l.!,. V 'fri 'W Y Y Y xv ""'.7"" -'.LL.,4.,.-.zi".l:-.' "1 ,v . Smith, James Mervin New Freedom Sneeringer, Theron Francis Hanover Snyder, Frank Lawrence Danville Soderberg, Arthur Theodore E. lVeyn1oul'l1, Mass. Spangler, Clyde Herbert New Oxford Stalnbaugh, John Maurice York Staubitz, Xl'illia1n J. Bullfalo, N. Y. Stine, Howard Edwin Blain Strong, Fred Elmer lVoreesl'er, Mase. Swan, James Rutherford St. Thonias Swisher, Charles Edwin Gettysburg Tasehenberg, Einil Frederick Cumberland, Md. Tlioiuas, Edmund lVells, Jr. Gettysburg Trestle. George Stanton Johnstown ' Cu1ul'idafe.e -for The Deg Bnhrnlan, Carroll Leroy Waynesboro Dickey, Donald XVeller Somerset Dubovick, XV alter Alexander South River, N. J. Eisenhart, Ralph Eugene East Berlin Florence, Martin Edward lVaynesboro Landau, Harold Sanford Bayside, N. Y. MCCaruey, Mahlon Albert York ninety-nine Villaunle, John Charles Honesdale W'agner, Romeo Barrick Philadelphia lVahler, XVal1aer Augustus Littlestown XVCllllGI.', Joseph Michael Geliliysbnrg Wfeller, David Benlizel Gettysburg Xvlietstone, George Edward Waynesboro Whisler, Roland Crull York lVhilie. Arthur WV. .Sparta.nburg, S. C. Hfhite, Musser Diven, Jr. Harrisburg xVllll21IllS, Robert Harper Gel't'ysburg 'Wingate Francis Monroe lVellSbo1'0 lVolfgang. Paul Emerson Lavelle Yevak, Robert Eugene Hazelton Zarfos, Jay Robert Red Lion Zarger, Glen lValburn Cl12llllb0l'SlJ11l'g.I ree of Bm-Izfelor of Sc-imzce McClure, Wlillialn Edward Harrisburg McNeil, William XVallaee Tyrone Michael, Ralph Howard Bethlehem Miller, Robert H. Patton Pitts, lVillian1 Ernest Hanover Smith, Ray Frank Frederick, Md. VVa1ker, Kenneth Draper, Jr Lansdowne -,,... --- L -Y , -... ,. ,. l..:,L.-.. .-- f., , .f..-..,.: . . .. 1 ,- . . 51 ?fW N J 'F' w ,f - ' - ,fl jj ' Lx-if . ' ya- X n. 1 V ' f fi f f X -gi q'.,, fb ., -f fx I H ..,. . WI 1 "vga lx ,N ., 3.5 1, fe - In .., fflggfy ,df ,, I. , Efjfijal x W H' llullfnb . - ' w. ,,' - gf A f 5. .-1. mm I I Q F . JJj2 Y N-M Q? .. .r I Wu i Q W mm "fb fm iv ff 2-H ,H w. WN f 7 ' f f xp. I s Aw. V- ,Azfffpgfjyf 1 f XV, ' N Mag gg, ," " Q33-20 , ,i 1 X Q v . gm NX- 1, . I 1 H! fp, 'Ng-kfz. 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Serfass Elmer Strong' one hundred Hwree I 92, if. n.LJ.4L.- f.:+n'--..1:.....wo i w PHI BETA KAPPA fNatioua1 Ho1'1ora.ry Scholastic Fratez-nityj Fowzdecl at the College of TVflHG7l'l. and Mary, 1776 PENNSYLVANIA IOTA CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. YV. A. Hanson J. B. Zinn G. D. Stahley R. Fortenbaugh K. J. Grimm C. B. Stover G. F. Sanders G. S. VVartl1en M. H. Valentine G. R. Larkin F. H. Kramer F. C. Mason R. S. Saby H. G. Harnnie YV. C. WVa1te1nyer W. F. Shaffer -T. G. Glenn FRATRES IN COLLEGIO VVayne YVoods Carl Chronister Samuel Sehreekeugaust Francis Lindaman Robert Runk Cleon Prowell Edward Bulliet Raymond Miller Preston Dise Bruce Ritz A XValte1' Schroeder one hundred four J--..-..-.,"i'l"'!'?s1F'L--2- F' Y ' " FEL-4' '1ir.frM-nvfwi-Q,-2,,.,ega' -, lf ll? 12 "T R? 'l A 'ki ' S 1 ' ,av-::w.z.."r' A- 1 F. 9' -eaiwzmia-NWA-5-wwwfelt SCABBARD AND BLADE CHOnorary Military Fraternityj CHARLES IfUHLMAN .... BISSET ROBEIRTS . GUY BROWN . . RAYMOND QUICK . DR. H. W. A. HANSON . . . ASSOCIATE MEMBE Professor Saltzer Dr. Sloat Dr. Basset Dr. lvaltemyer Capt. Abrams Seniors A. Lange O. Hartman D. Poole YV. Kadel Jfzm.iov's ' F. Echelmyer P. Correll E. Barron . . Crlptafin First Li6'llflfCIMl,7lft Second Licutemmt . First Sergefmt Honorary Member RS Dr. Marsh Dr. Kramer Dr. Fortenbangll Maj. Bertram D. Dunlevy H. Stare N. Spengler C. Bomberger A. Tilley C. Trunk V' M njm- Bertram Stare Dnnlevey Spangler Kndel Captain Abrams Hartman Poole Quick Kuhlmnn Roberts Brown Echelmeyer Lange one hundred five - '-' - 1. 5 HIS-6 Benner Kulmun I Poole Woods Prof. Shaffer Proxvell Dr. Sanders Swope CLEON F. PROWELL RAYHIOND M. NKILLER XVAYNIG R. Woons Dr. F. Sanders Rev. D. F. Plltlllilll Prof. F. Shaffer Dr. M. H. Valentine Dr. G. C. Basset Dr. WV. C. XValteu1ye1' C1l3,1'1Bl1'N. Kulman Donald M. Swope Carl E. Yost one hundred six . Pres iclent . T7'lCG-.P'VCSiC1G7llf Scoreta.v'y-Tr'easv,w'er Donald R. Poole Robert S. Sassfunau Daniel L. Barkley Robert C. Benner Donald R. Heiges Charles F. Trunk, JP. Donald R. Stonesifer Fredeljick B. Haer ' J E 1. ITIL R, Li M E T A S I G M A P I-I I fNational Honorary Classical Fraternityj ' HONORARY MEMBERS Miss MARTHA J. LARSON DE. JOHN G. GLENN Pnor. W. FREDERICK SHAEEEE Pnon. LESTER O. JOHNSON Pnor. GBZORGE F. GUTMAN FRATRES IN COLLEGIO RAYMOND M. MILLER, . . CLEON F. PROWELL ,355 . Mannion M. SMEAL, YVAYNE R. W oons, GUY E. BROWN, '35 . . . Guy E. Brown J. Bruce Kaufman J. Elmer Leas Robert C. Brenner Harold A. Dunkelberger John A. W. Dunkelberger George K. Bowers George G. Dougherty Carl VV. Folkerner L F' I rf ls Sevzuiors Raymond M. Miller Cleon F. Prowell Maurice M. Smeal Juniors Alfred P. Fehl Stuart P. Carver C. William Miller Malcolm D. Shutters Sophomorcs Lawrence D. Folkenier Robert E. Horn Paul J. Mumford . Prytan-is l-Iipparohos G1'zm1,w1..at0'zcs Clzrysoplbgflclzr . P yloris Charles A. Sullivan Wayne R. Woods YVillia1n U. Snyder Charles F. Trunk Carl E. Yost Luther B. Saltzgiver Eugene B. Umberger g., -. X ' ' . 'V ., 1- 54:7 -3 Fchl -Lens Shutters Dnukulbcrgor Dun kelbergcr Trunk Knut man Brown Woofls Prof. Shaffer Prnwell Smeul Prof. Johnson Gfarvcr one hundred seven Efi'3'l"'5 5 ' " V r bi 1 I f J :Q .l 3 Brown Schroeder Fehl A Smyser Bortner Prof. Hil1'tSll0l'llG Dr. Baclmmn I'rof.'Hu1nmc Lindman Harvey PI-II SIGMA IOTA fNational Romance Language Honor Sociefyj OFFICERS PROF. H. G. HAMBIE . . . . Preslirlfmt DR. ,ALBERT BACHMZ-LN V'iG6-P'I'6S'iCl67Z7f FRANCIS C. LINDALMAN . SC0l'6ffL-'l"y DOYLE M. BORTNER . Treaslwer CHARLES WV. SNYDER .... Stuficmt Deputy MEMBERS ON THE FACULTY Dr. Albert Bachman Prof. Herbert G. Hannne Guy E. Brown Francis C. Lindzunan Doyle M. Bortner Prof. WVillia1n Hartshorne Dr. Carl J. Grimm Seniors Wfalter C. Schroeder Charles WV. Snyder J uniors Alfred P. Fehl Willis M. Smyser one hundred eigln' i .g i 5.14. -L., A , 3, - V. , ,. - L-".,,::i ,i, -w.-.- -ll?" - , " 1 'A ' ff ' awmaTi."E.-ww ivfffif YP 'Exif .r Q 'IJ' HEL ll 1 Fifi in DR C. L. H J. BETA BETA BETAC fH0no1'a1'y Biological F1'ate1'11ityj FACULTY MEMBERS G. D. STAHIJGY PROF. U. E. DIBBI.lG Du. R. P. MARSH, A.l'l'lI'iS0'I" ACTIVE MEMBERS D. HUMMEL 1J'l'GSldC7'l.f S. BARR V'ic:c-Prcsficlmzt A. SHIMER Sem'ctary S. Luonnln Hisiorifm P. H. Correll A. D. Lippevine L. G. Guzzolo J. A. Riley H. V. Harbold J. F. Snyder T 1 1 H.-. I-.,.. Ea-ar V .. T--P -- B llll P 1 Q B- xf EET Latorre Corroll Hnrlmlrl Riley Weaver Snydnr Lippcrine Shimcx' Barr Dr. Stalhley Hummel Dr. Marslx Prof. Dibblc Gazzolo one hundred nine A' ' ia--fa : El gully. :L:B2'...' img..-11:1".'.vH.-f..' r.ZE,Qi.i12j.-Lv igipg L,wg.Kg!1 ., N I U f, Bai Swopc Dr. Suhy Ch rouistcr Lange Zach Lower PI LAMBDA SIGMA fHOl101'H1'3' Pre-Legal F1'afe1'ni'ryj A. J. LANGE D. M. Swomc A. J. Lange D. M. Swope N. YV. Spangler R. VV. T..v1's H .uv R. XV. Latshaw J. Larson F. S. Gillespie XV. J. Reimer G. Dougllelfty J. P. G'OChl10'lU' E. A. VVenriCh GAMMA CHAPTER H0ll01'111'5' Member Docuron R. S. SABY ACTIVE MEMBERS Scmiors . . . . . P'l'C8'ff?C?l1ff . . . T'ficc-Prc'sidwzt C. F. Ch1'O11iStC1' M. R. F. Lower G. YV. Zech C. M. Levengood J zmiors . . . Sec1'f'fm'y-7'1'w1sure:' F. M. Long Sophomorcs M. B. Frazee J. B. Keith P. D. Rimes D. L. HG1'S1llJ91'gGI' D. S. Geistwhite NV. R. Compton YV. C. Halfpcnny one hundred Jren 5 P EQ Q41 TLV' 'H U M KAPPA PI-II KAPPA fllonorary Educational Fraternityl EPSILON Cl-I AFTER CH.x1n.ns CH.u1n1'm1.IN . . . . . Prrsfide-nt HAROLD E. ECKERT CHARLES SNYDER Vice-Preside11.t . S eo1l'ctao-y 'XVILLIAM H. IIADEL . Tvreasurer FRANK H. ISTRAMER . . . Faculty Aclvtsor IN FALCUTATE William C. Vfaltenleyer Charles F. Sanders George R. Larkin Lester O. Johnson John G. Glenn Richard A. Arms Preston F. Anlspaeher Thomas L. Cline Robert Fortenbaugh C. Gilbert Been Clyde B. Stover George D. Stahley C. Paul Cessna Seniors F. C. Lindaman A. R. Grove J. Brazel T. P. Reeder R. E. Greenwell P. Palilonis R. C. Guise Russel Heiges E. Seifert W. H. Kadel VV. Zeeh G. Brown Juniors P. R. Anrand Albert Fehl vvlulillll Coble Ricllard Fink Ernst O. Von SchWerdtnerC. Allen Sloat Gardner C. Basset Herbert G. Hanlnle Clayton E. Billheimer NV. F. Shatter YVilbur E. Tilberg V. Hannne R. Wfalker R. Runk C. Garveriek Doyle Bortner Robert Henry flfllllllli? Gnise Runk Pnlilnnis Fehl Greenwell Zach Henry Anrnnd Bruzel Fink Lindnnmn Brown Burtner Heiges Prof. Shnlfer Dr. Stanley Kudel Clmmherlln Snyder Dean Tilhcrg Prof, Johnson one hundred eleven imfbyrrgiy T "- :nz.rg."3.w?2T,':,g1',,f'--f'-Q-,2.g g555ggg,, +33-jg ' 1, j" :" ijirn 3 ' M , HWEM NVoods Schreclzcngaust Dr. Cline Chronistcx- Dean Tilbcrg TAU KAPPA ALPHA fN211fi0l1il.1 I101101'il1'y Debating Sociefyj Fozmded 1908 Seniors L. L. Hare C. F. Chronister S. A. SC1'l1'GCk61l,f.'fI1l1Sf W. R. Wfoods one hund red Twelve yfglgf-Q-: "i?, '5, Efifaizgf 3'3Z53iiv"'-li-17' EE'iCZ.mx1Q?'1 if-1 F? Ei df 'lf Eg F MQW 4 E221 TRIBUNAL C.W.ZmcH . GEORGE NIACB1-II4LAN Rorsmvr Monms . . YVILLIAM J. BICCAHAN Jack Renshaw Har Bob Shadle . P?'G8'illC7'Lt Tfice-.Prcsiclcnt Scc1'etfw"y . Cfzastoclian vey Serfass TRIBUNAL Zcch Morris McCnhun Serfass Reushaw Shudlc M11 cMil1uu one hundred Jrhirfeen L :QifQE?v2i'i 5 u.Tf?fi11i?F?'1zq 5 'mr2i55v3rWgg1Z-T-34 "fZaE'.'P?J,.LaL if 'W if-fffg-.m-f . -E -gf-Zi.: Gillespie Shirlt Szxnnvr Shutters Runk Woods Dunkelber ei Miller Scllreckeugaust Krumwcicle Professor Mason Dr. Cline Smgal Krum Reimer Seniors S. Sclirenkengaust WV. R. Woocls M. M. Smeal R. H. Runk N. Kellow C. F. Chronister Jzmiors H. A. Dunkelbergeli C. XV. Miller VV. Krumwiede G. Krum Sophomores S. Shirk C. Sanner VV. Reimer D. Rudolf one hu nd red fourwieen I dy -V, yr- If ni-1, ga 3. TN -V W- A Y. M. C. A. CABINET IIAYMOND M. BIILLER . Presirlmzt T. PRAUL Runnin: . Vice-Pv'esi1lent L. EUGENE BARRON Secretary CI-IARLIQS NV. PRESTON . . Trea.surer EDXVARD S. Fluw . Grzrzcml Sc0retcm'y NV. R. Wfoods A. E. Foellner M. M. Smeal A. J. Lange P. L. Frey S. W. Garver R. S. SHSSHHIEIII NV. U. Snyder M D. Sl1H'ffC1'S P H. A. Dunkleberger C. E. Yost ' Gr. E. Harkins H. XV. Snyder Edward S. Frey General Secretary Lange Yost Kadel Dunlcvcy Gnrver Faelluer Snyder Hnrkins S113 du' Woorls Bnrrun Reeder Miller Frey Slmtters Stare one hundred fiffeen Bulleit Jones Morris Mn cllhenny Ulrich Nye Schreckengnust Kozmfs. Stu rc Dunlevey Nowicki P E N A N D S W O R D fHonora1'y Upper Class Activity Soeietyj OFFICERS H. S. S'mRE . . . . . Presiclenft G. -DZTACLIILLAN . . . VTCG-Pl'C-9'ill0'lL'f A. K. KOZMA . . . . . . Scczratary C. BEACHEM . . .Rcsiclcnt Secretary and Trca-surcr FACULTY MEMB R. A. Arms C. YV. Beuchenn H. T. Breurn Dr. H. XV. A. Hanson A STUDENT MEMB Seozfior Sw01"d George MacMillan Anthony K. Kozma. W. Ramsey Jones Harry Nye E. Nowicki Junior Sword J. Cico R. Morris R. Sassfunan one hundred six+e ERS F. H. Kramer JXV. Ostroln G. D. Stahley M. H. Valentine ERS Senior Pon, David B. Dunlevey Herbert Stare S. Sclireckenguust E. Bnlliet J'l,L11"iO7" Pen VV. McI1l1enuy YV. Ulrich GH "I""f"'L T Y 7715: ,JI - "-e+1!f"-l":ifM1'L1'-"-ffmiz'HJ3mJ?ff 53 lf lf? Qi I T M E 1rf if ' "' wi fri '- f mm.-ww ALPHA PSI EPSILON fCampuS Honorary Economics Frateriiityj PRESTON XV. DISE . . P7'G8'iCl6?1lt JEAN H. REED . Vice-I'freside'nt LESLIE S. GUY . . . Secrcta-ry W. RAMSAY J ONES, Jn. .... Treasurer HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. R. S. Saby Prof. G. R. Larkin ACTIVE MEMBERS ' Semlors Raymond J. Quick Jean H. Reed William O. Brown W. Ramsay J ones, Jr. Luther B. Arnold Leslie S. Guy George W. Hill J ames E. McNulty Preston W. Diseb Jimiors George O. Heckert Frank M. Long Harold M. Burkhart YVilliam McElhiney Richard Latshaw Guy Brown Quick Arnold Dr. Snhy Reed Dise .Tones Prof. Larkin one hundred sevenieen 1 6 l Bortner Ulrich Mcllhcuny Snyder Lower Stare - Schreckengaust Dunlevey Miller BLUE CRQCQDILES fCampus Literary Societyj l - Seniors Edward Bulliet Robert McClure Herbert S. Stare Samuel SCh1'6Ck6I1g2ll1St David Dunlevey Marion F. R. Lower Juniors Vifilliam Ulrich YVilliam G. Krumwiede William Mcllhenny lVil1izun U. Snyder William Miller Doyle M. Bortuer Frederick NV. Echelmeyer Sophomores V Henry YV, Snyder Mll1'1'3Q' B. Frazee one hundred eiglwfeen .- 4.3.4 352 IE dj 'lf li M M 5 1, .Y. DER DEUTSCHE VEREIN fCa.mpus H0llO1'211'5' GQ1'I1J2l1l Fraternityj CHARLES C'H.xMnEnL1N . Prcslidc'n.t ROBERT H. RUNK . . V'icc-Prcsicla-n.t S.uuU1cL SHRECKENGAUST . SGC?'6'Hl'l'y ROBERT XVISIQ . . . . T1'ec1.Sm'eo" HONORARY MEMBERS Dr. K. J. Grimm ' P1-of. F.. O. XVOH SCl1W61'dt11Gl' I Prof. G. F. Gutmau Dr. A. 132lCl1l11Z111 Conrad Hummel Elmer Seifert Powell Tl10I1121S - R. C. Miller Harold Dunkleberger Senfiors J mzniors Dr. F. H. Kramer Prof. H. G. Hamme P1-of.'VV. F. Shaffer Mrs. R. FO1't911bill1g11 C. F. Prowell F. C. Lindaman R. C. Sehiebel George J . Jones J. P. O,DOHDB11 Lenard Erikseu Carl Yost Wfilliam Snyder Sophomore YVillja1m Reimer 1 Y g F' 'W ' f - X , .. Thomas Dunlzclhel-gscr Prowell Lindnmun Schiebel Hummel Sch reckengaust Chamberlin Ruuk Prof. Shntfcr Dr. Grimm one hundred ninefeen 1 .!. Y - ': 'fY YY'YY YY" Y Y' Y 'Y ' Y' Y Y' " ' Y - Y Y- Y - f-A-Y -AY.-. e L1- ...-,,'-Ls.-,gp ,-. :.:.1,:.'1 ." ui,-1- I-'Jffi W ,ffjifwff H-G-:rf-:-gr r.r:.7. -If Jw.-H 1 5: ff ,iiimiiggi ET..-gig V-li,fl:7,,1':TZ? 5 6x ax ' v 7 E- -A . Y .- ' . J ,.i"' X Q ...,. Qrlllieek H,,,. Hnrbold Bare Hcigcs McElroy Clxarnbury Wulf Kindig Puma Stglninger: Shulfcr Dollman Lovell Bender Fertner Allewelt Bowers Bruzel Runk Palilonis Dr. Zinn Heiges Bomberger Gulse PAUL PALILONIS . Prcsiflent BRUCE Rrrz T7'iCG4I,l'0S'id6I2,f Roenrvr RUNK Secretary RUSSELL EIEIGES T?'CClS'Il.'l'CV FACULTY ADVISER Dr. C. Allen Sloat FACULTY MEMBER S Dr. John B. Zinn Dr. G. R. Miller Seniors Clzuence H. Bomberger Henry L. WV. Bower James Brazel Riclmard C. Guise Owen NV. Hartman J zmiors Edwin L. Bergstresser ' Martin L. Bomberger George J. Jones, Jr. Russel C. Miller Harry C. Nye J. Robert Wfalker TV111. A. Bender Sam J. Puma Charles VV. lV:Lllgren one hundred +wenJry e: Hr rfff 1ft'.i'fQfTf A--..'..e1::.--.'f A... A... ' S E' D351 ij I ,R Ejkbl M I-IISTQRICAL ASSOCIATION RIERVIN E. HIANNING . President J ULIAN B. GRAHAM . . 17'fCC-IJ7"CS'i!lLllt YVILLIAM C. KRUMWEIDE S001'ctc14'y-Twicml1ez J. Richard N. Kellow D. Dunlevy J. O'Do11ne1l C. Bollinger P. Henry C. Caldwell D. Bortuer A. Kozma WV. Goble D. McGinnis R. G-unmet H. Meier L. Haer' T. Reeder A. Sobolesky B. Roberts J. D1lD1iC1b61'gC1' R. Nagle H. SCl1lUdQ1'bG1'g E. Hepford G. Martin XV. Kadel L. Saltsgiver P. VVi11izuns V., , ,, . - H W- A X f if one hundred Jrwenfy-one 2i.'..'EJYQ?!.?3Im'f T-"ll::.?i... M WATE. FTW.- Z-wtf ff,4fr:w51TfFa!Ww3vg5yg,,fa11'E1+I5 if-Q-Hzi -w-m1--f-v- ,gg DEQ- if i fly U Eg. 65. r MINISTERIAL ASSOCIATION IIZIALCOLM D. S H. YV. Baker Daniel Barclay Robert Benner George Bower George Bowersox Richard Bowlus . Robert Calhoun Charles Chamberlin E. T. Chrisemer Harold Dunkelberger J.A. XV. Dunkelberger David Dunlevey Frederick Echelmyer Frederick J . Eckert James Fisher Arthur Foellner Charles Frazier Emmerson Frey Stuart Garver Fred. Haer Frederick Hake George Harkins 111 U OFFICERS fr'rnRs . . . MEMBERS Frank Heisel Robert Horne F. A. Daehling YVillia1n Kadel D. G. Doll WV. C. Hess E. C. Kakel Donald Lau IV. J. Marks R. N. Senft R. M. Singer G. E. Ylfhetstone M. D. Wfhite Bruce Kauffman Norman Kellow Robert Kirkpatrick WVilliam Krumxviede Charles Kulman Elmer Leas Raymond Miller Paul Mumford Robert Nagle one hundred twenty-two P1'csicler1't Donald Poole Cleon Prowell Robert Rau Harry Richwine Donald Rudolph Burns Saltsgiver Robert Sassaman Robert Sehiebel Herbert Schluderberg Elmer Seifert Richard Shanebrook Malcolm Shutters Maurice Smeal YVilliam Snyder Donald Stonesifer Charles Sullivan Charles Trunk Eugene Umberger Paul XVilliams Robert YVise YVayne IVoods Carl Yost D P lui. F R ld M CWL AND NIGHTINGALE fD11'HlDi1tiC Societyj DR. RICHARD ALLEN lXRMS . . D-irccfoi' J. FREDERICK SNYDER EUGENE BARON . VVILLIAM ULRICH EDWVARD BULLIET . MARTIN L. BOMBERGER Eugene Barron YVi11iam, Ulrich T. Praul Reeder Robert Sassamau P1'esfidcf-11kt . 17iCG-P'I'6S'iCZC'll't Sccretaw'y-Treasurer . Stage M'cmm.g00' . . Business Manager MEMB ERS Frederick J. Eckert Frederick W. EGIIGIIHCWVCI J. Frederick Snyder Hurliius Bomhcrgcr Shirk Smyscr ' Eckert Ulrich Barron Opperumn Echelmycr one hundred Twenfy-H1 ree .ria i a,::i 1g3.:f3g5 f.,n..x' :i2- 'F ' Q .. :H . f - V H3 " 7 '-H - f ff Q jg 5533 Vi vs 5--5 57 -,-a-U5 1: .. 4 Frazier Krumwiede Kellow Grulnaxn Manning Kudcl Bortncr VVILLIAIXI H. ICADEL . Pwcsfiflwbt DOYLE M. BORTNER . Tficc-President :MIERVIN E. BIANNING SCC!'GILIU'jj-TI"C!L8'I.H'0l' J. Graham N. Kellow G. Frazier YV. Krumwiede E. Hepford H. Richwiue Prof. Idle A one hundred Jrwenjry-four 5" ,F3:fsI'VE'..'3!51EY-' H -..w-- 1 w1w 'l 1am1 ' M I 1 . 1 V- 1 .Y.,, A 4. . COLLEGE BAND PRESTON D1s1n . . . - . CHARLES C1-IAMBERLIN . . . PROF. B. H. SALTZER . . . CHARLES LANGDON Low ell Gross Hull Heg D159 G1 'iff Sflllli S16191 Coueh Bon lu Helg Hemy S-lnnel .l'I'Ll'I112JGt.S I 'mu Boy G1 H001 e Ulm uzf fs Tx1l11Cdl11St Bm I h 11 t Rnhlnwex Saaioplfoncfs R lffelmspu gm FIJCISIHIIIIOHS Bal :ion es T1 unl To ombonm Alto? Basses D1 mms St0l1CS1f6l one hundred iwenfy five Stuclmzft Leadcv . M cm 1. a gm . Conductor Drum Majm SIHECI BICEHIIIIBX F1 fumcom N lg X ost DlEl11 PIOXXLH Huxls Sllllgbl Rules Egel md I V , A. W. f p A.1' 1 12. ' e D. .' ' ' .' H R. fa Ael ' H. 'i 2. ' C. T B. x - M. ' . .' H. ... 0. - 'Q ' - 1 R. A. 1 , S C. - Q R. ' . --ues 1 V 1 P. ' Wfetzel C. Clmlnberiih cis. sclmen . ' D. ,- '- a A. 5 1 ' . -. -ze.. -..,,...,.f Ri. ..... -. , .. -rm y A---f l I I I CGLLEGE GLEE CLUB G. A. Cliamberlin ROBERT S. NAGLE . . . Uofncluotoo' ROBERT B. RRU . . . . P'idf7L'i'St CHARLES A. CHABIBERLIN . Student Mcmclgew' GEORGE MiXRTIN . . . . ALibrm'QLan. PROFESSOR XV. F. SHAEEER . . . Faculty Acl-wiser Seniolrs W. H. Kadel K. Sahle A. J. Lange R. C. Schiebel P. E. Henry E. VV. Hepford P. Correll G. G. Hake R. H. Bryson F. H. Dollnieyer G. Dougherty S. Gillespie T453 G. F. Harkins P. P. Hershey H. S. Boehner J. H. Hege G. E. Hikes H. D. Klinedinst R. E. Lau J. P. MacNei1le J'lM'lfi07'S W. L. Ney K. W. Reighter Sophomores J. J eavons D. R. Lovell G. XV. Martin G. S. Powers B. S. Reluneyer YV. J. Reimer Freslmnen E. S. Maiden A. P. Moore R.D. Olinstead R. G. Rife A. R. Shoop one hundred Jrweniy six R. XV . P. C. G. B J. R. H C. G. G. S. Sasszunan U. Snyder D. Rines S. V. Szinner Schnell C. Strosahl J. Walboifn M. Singer' E. Stine E. Swisher S. Trostle E. VVhetstone , ...V , ,.,! ' BATALLION STAFF ' ' Fruzee Corrcll Lntshaw Sclmdcl Larson Wvlfikl DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS one hundred fwenfy-seven A , ,T I, W1 19 ,Si ip .,.,,:f:ri'mgun- 5 CCMPANY "A" Captain H. S. STARI-1 First L'iCHt671-CL'H1t8 R. F. NICOLURE, lst Platoon C. H. Bonruaxzczmn, Qtncl Platoon Second Lioutoozantts YV. H. :KADEL ' R. S. NAGLE First Sorgocmt L. E. BARRON Sorgefmts L. S. VVEAVER P K. W. R-EIGHTER P. N. ASKOUNES W..S. IQRUZSIWIEIJE W. A. SVMYSER J. A. W. DUNKELBERCGIER J. H. RILEY A W. S. ULRICH one hundred twenty-eight 1- 2 I- C 1 V., -E5 Y ""7' , '-1 -V ' V ff ""i "f 7 'w ' -1-l" q,., f,, ..i ,N .55- 2" 1:'1.'iF . i-Tag s -1 ima' .425 - -r fl V 5 ' nv iv 4 ' 'H r---- - fd- 11- La. : , . 1. -i':f'--1--f""'l2" Y' W" rim' . COMPANY "B" Cyflllflliil C. N. IQULMAN Ffiwst L'iC'll-t6?1.fH'LfS B. J. R-0BEu'1's, lst Platoon M. F. R. LOWER, 2nd Plafoon A. G. LANGE, 2nd Platoon, Scooutl Lioutemmts N. W. SPENGLER D. B. DUNLEVEY First Sorgcrmt J. R. CHILDS Platoon Sergemzt, lst Platoon A. C. TILLEY Platoon Smgcrmvt, Qml Platoon R. YV. LATSHAXV Sorgcants P. L. FREY P. B. AURAND E. L. Brzncswrmssmlc B. M. BAKE M. L. Bcmnmnclm L. E. VVESTENBERGER one hundred 'rwenfy-nine ,L 1 --iL',i A .:,..,.................,,q,,-...QV -. ..-Y . -.,. X- A: ..,.,.m,. iE?:p.,. ..1-.. .2 .J .,- J. .:vLw:...,. J..-f l4.5:..-Yfjgg.-...Lui ,., ,. " 'ef'--' v1-n-v--'-f1- 'LL nf, -V. .-1, ,., oh ' "' o M- " l ' ll 'HP qi lf: COMPANY HC" Gupta-in O. WV. HARTMAN, 2nd Platoon, F. W. ECHELMEYER First Lieutommts G. E. BROWN, lst Platoon R. J. QUICK Second L'ioutm1,aut D. R. Poomn First SGl'gCCM'Ll'F H. A. DUNKELBERGBJR Platoon S67'gCCl'7l'f, lst Platoon G. YV. PRESTON Platoon S'C7'gGCw7,f, Qncl Platoon P. H. CORREL Sovrgocmts C. D. OTT J. YV. BICILHENNY C. F. TRUNK H. C. HOHNER one hundred Hwirfy ' PUBLICA IG 1 . . THE Em' Girttqshurquan g .. , 1 - f - r 1- ---f---M ' lloyd lhmglzns Nuns ' I'lr.mmlu- ljnfd 'mu-4 Ikms IL-:null Iiznliupihgmp ' Tu Hin' .-Mlrll'1x- :KI W ii! I'H'N"'H 'I-I llnhl Tun Ilmp lu Hr-lrdilzllwflilr NUS!1:0lllll1rm'1'7lIl'lHll'l"!H"l' VL-5 f""""'- Uifllflf lin' l-'in-fl Serum-r-In-r m.:1..x.z-:um-X.: ., -..ij ' " V ffl' ' 1 W. . . .4j,,-,,,.,., 1:mp',x,.,.u,- 'Mn im-.N ul '. T. " '- -' In Vmnminr- ' H7 I' I ' N -S 0194 ' , W :mmf if ji 5 A ' 1936 N DCJYLE M. BORTNIGR l Editor-i1'1,-Chief P I- t YVILLIAM U. SNYDER . Associate Editor E HAXIIOLD M. BURKHART Class Ed-itofr E l BRUCE M. BABE Sports Editor I M FREDERICK VV. ECHELMEYER . O'l'gCML'i2fCLf'i071S Editor 2 A GORDON S. KRUM M Photograplvic Editor 5 , 3 flSSfSf7lL77ff Editors i Q Paul B. Anrarxd ' Frederick J. Eckert X Leonard H. Eriksen Q George 0. Heckcrt Q C. VVil1iz1n1 Miller Wfillis M. SlI'lySQI' E J. Frederick Snyder Carl E. Yost X t L . one hundred thirty-two Q 97 1 ' 1 3. ' 55 -11 ' -fm-1- ' Y ., Y 'M grf '1 -gm -,-Y'xx., " U ' -T - ' ,.f..T: f - - ilf 7" ""33T"" "7" A212 4 ,17 -"".'1-:'1I-r'Hwr. "rr-wr if LJ QQ pf H H l M ,, l w 1 SPECTRUM l 'YVILLIABI R. BICIELHINEY Bfzosincss Manager JOHN K. RIGBY Circulation Mamcgm' PAUL H. CORREL Aclvertfisi-azlg Mfmager Cfirculatiovv, Staff James H. Thomas Charles W. Preston Al'tllll1' C. Tilley YVillizun H. Karnlally Yvllblll' R. McElroy Pericles N. Askounis Donald L. He1'sl1be1'ge1' f1cZ've1'tising Stal? 4 Charles F. Trunk J ohu YV. Mcllheuuy - Louis S. YVCHVSI' John T. Renslmw one hundred fhirfy-Hwree '- '+I .. . ' - .:AJi1:hf.w- I N 1 one hu ndred Hiiriy-four . 1 7-1' .L L: lr W GETTYS- EDITORIAL STAFF C. YVILLIAZM MILLER, '36 EcZ'itor-'ilu-Chief J. WILLIAM MCILHENNY, '36 Mcmagmg Editor WILLIAXBI S. ULRICH, '36 Make up Editor VVILLIAM C. KILURINVIEDE, '36 Literary Editor HENRY W. SNYDER, '37 News Editor MURRAY B. Frmzmm, '37 Sports Editor Associate Editors Bruce M. Bare, '36, Eugene L. Barron, '36, William B. Bristol, 36, Leonard H. Erik- sen, '36, Gordon S. Krum, '36, Willis M. Smyser, '36, Robert S. Sassanian, '36, NVillian1 U. Snyder, '36. ' Assistant Editors Earl Albig, '37, George Don- ehoo, '36, Frederick Gillespie, '37, Philip Hershey, '37, Ted Kisor, '37, J ohn Minnich, '36, Paul Rimes, '37, Donald Ru- dolph, '37 3 Samuel Shirk, '37, Charles Trunk, '36. Reporters Davis, '38, Gross, '38, Knecht, '38, Lau, '38, Marks, '38, Phelps, '38, Singer, '38, Whet- stoue, '38, A White, '38, Rife, '38, 1 QA op og: li iglg. . ,. . ,. l.,ll'f,l BURGIAN BUSINESS STAFF BIARTIN L. BOMBERGER, '36 Business M anager WILBUR R. LICELROY, '36 Associate Business Manager' HAROLD L. HEIGES, '37 JOHN W. HEIGHES, '37 C61-culatiion Manager Assistcmt AcZfue1'tisi11,g Managers George G. Dougherty, '37 g Kenneth Hull, '37 3 Robert Ben- ner, '37 5 Howard E. Stine, '38, Wi11a1'd S. George, '38, Robert E. Lau, '38, RQA. Hildebrand, '38, Robert Willianms, '38 5 Stan- ton Trostle, '38, Donald G. Doll, '38, E. S. Maiden, '38, Roland XV11iS161', '38 5 Claire De- Vore, '38. Assistcmt C'fi1'cuZat'iou VVi1lizun Tilley, '37 5 Richard Keil, '37 3 Dennis Wfetzel, '37, Harold Hockman, '38, George Hocker, '38g J. H. Hege, '38, William Naile, '38, A. E. YV en- rich, '37, Delle Klinedinst, '38. - .ff 'i.:5'52.Qf': ff 5- :as-Agiiiv BUSINESS STAFF NEWS STAFF one hundred ilwirly-five fa ,Em 'J-Ffffwwmfr:Nm3!vHEfi2iFoI:1GHm'!'miBEfi'?m PW -1, sm! 1',1!.!E'fZilL?ii.5ll'rL'3 Z-- fy Q' V J' J N x G - B O O K EDITORIAL STAFF BLIARION F. R. LONVER., '35 . . . Edfifor-'in-6'7wfief EDWARD YV. HEPRORD, '35 . Mmmgifneg Editors CLEON F. PROWRLL, '35 YVILLIAMI NIX, '35 .... Art Editor ASSOCIATE EDITORS Leonard Eriksen, '365 A1'thl11' Foellnor, '35g George Harkins, '37g Frank Helsel, '365 Wfillis Slnyser, '365 Nelson Spangler, '35g Powell Thomas, '35. BUSINESS STAFF EUGENE L. BRRRON, '36 . . . BQLSMDGS-S Mcmagm' GORDON S. IQRUBI, '36 . Associate Bf1z.s'inIo.9s Maamgm' CARR E. Yosuf, '36 . . ilIl17C7'15'f'-97177 g Manager CHARLES IV. 1,RESTON, '36 Circulation Mcwzavgor ASSISTANT MANAGERS Willialn Karmany, '36 W'i1liam Krumwiede, '36 Richard Keil, '37 XVi11iam Ulrich, '36 F ,IA I Smyser Hnrkiv-s 'Erikecn Krnmwiorle AYUSIZ Helscl Bax-ron Lower Promwell Ulrlch one hundred H1ir'ry-six N if-'Q-Qi- w - sn-me :--"Mn ' zgnnwfi-xmmsisyh. Af- ,-kara-I --fe 1 .-,-1 1 - - MERCURY Ed it01'fivz,-Chief FRIQDIQRICK XVILLIABI ZECHELMEYER Associate Efliyfors YVi11i3.111 U. Snyder Raymond Miller J. Frederic Snyder Francis Lilldidllliill Assistfmt Editors VVaIte1' Shroeder George S. Donehoo E. Melvin Pitteuger Charles Chzuuberlin Lloyd L. Sh1'21dQ1' BUSINESS STAFF Business lllaenvagev' Wmilliam Ulrich AfIveo'tisAiw,g Mcmmger Ci1'c'z4Zatio11, .Mofrz,wge4' Eugene Barron V Robert Runk ' f V I C1ll1lllbE1'1i11 Linda mn ll Dcncehoo Pittengcr Snyder Professor Miuson Ec11eIn'1ye1' Miller one hundred H1 Irlry-seven -' ' U'7E53???73T15-3:--W5 '? 4f.-,.-. .-1-.i1TTY'i-735mQT?6:fTiffii5f'7TC . j' H I f NR M U fwigo-.Q41.Ei'7f"' 'f:5L3Lh':Qrwff " .1 S P C 'flf' R, U M Y 8 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL . N. KULWIAN . S. GUY . F. MCULURF . W HXRTNIAN . Zech . Stare . Swope -. Miller T. Reeder E. Norwicki H. Snydex F. Echelt W. McE11 oy C. Miller R. Zug one hundfed ufhirfy-nine P1 eeident Vice-Presficlmt Sao-rctcwy fl 1-'easurer NV Eilley P Bendel D. Hershbelgel C. Preston W. Smyser rv dFfn..n-ff' 'I MJ T l ' PI-Il KAPPA PSI 2 - 'X me . . ef' 1 M , exe? if . 5.4.-:L V - if-Sl W ,Q lim, X,-'5, ,:,?n 1,70-IQ K- "g"f.' ,V 4572" f' J '--'if tr, '-4 if c X-:Fifi N the evening of December 26, 1855, in a room of the Eagle Hotel, J. W. Jenkins of Jefferson College initiated five students of Pennsylvania College into Phi Kappa Psi, founding the Pennsylvania Epsilon chapter. Phi Kappa. Psi was the first greek-letter secret organization at Pennsylvania College, and due to anti-fraternity prejudices among the college authorities held its meeting in strict secrecy, never two in the same place. All of the founders graduated in 1856, and carried off the following honors: the Vale- dictory, the salutatory, the Greek oration, and the Latin oration. It is said that the lirst appearance of Phi Psi pins on the campus came on Commence- ment day, when these brothers received their various honors. During the Civil XVar, the chapter furnished 111911 to both the Union and Confederate Armies, one company of Union infantry included iifteen members of the chapter, three officers, and twelve enlisted men. ' Pennsylvania, Epsilon erected the first Phi Kappa Psi house in the United States, and the first fraternity house in Pennsylvania. This house, Miller Hall, has served continuously since its erection in 1882 as the meeting- place of the chapter. Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity was founded February 19, 1852, at -VVashing- ton and J eiterson College, Qthen Jefferson Collegey by Charles P. T. Moore and NV. H. Letterman. The number of active chapters is 52. one hundred 'forty Y H 1 5- im.-,Hr ef gej, j ., " F-Las-4 E . '. . " ' ' "H, ' . Q..."-'!""' Kirkpatrick Bull Hartman Fair Strong Olmstead Swisher Cnlnplscll Fink Shccloy Rosen tcngle Goclmonr Grail' McClure Hockmam Suylor Shank Field Gilbert Norlcy NVeu1'ur Campbell Compton Krum Taylor Morris Embi g P rcstnn Barron Kozma Shlmer McClure Visco Jones: Quick Ilcckcrt QFOuncled at JeIl'ersou College, 18521 Active Chapters, 50 PENNSYLVANIA EPSILON CHAPTER- Fimurmzs IN FAcUI.'I',u:1s G. R. Miller G. D. Stanley Frmrrnrzs IN URBE C. G. Crist S. F. Lehman R. D. Taylor D. D. Eck W. A. M'Clcan R. F. Sheelcy FnA'rkEs IN PREPARATIONIS F.xCUI.'r.xCrE C. R. XVolfe Fnlrrxuss IN SEMINARIO -I. L. Nicholas FR.rrIms IN COLLEGIO Seniors YV. R. Jones H. A. Shimer A. K. Kozma A. MacMillan J. R. Visco R. J. Quick C. YV. Snyder F. McClure M. F. R. Lower J mz-iors L. E. Barron C. VV. Preston J. XV. Field D. Heckert L. S. YVeavcr R. F. Fink R. M. Morris S. Krum Sophomorras J. D. Campbell W. A. Cook J. P. Gochnour J. Taylor XV R. Compton XV. B. Gilbert XV. N. Norley Freshmen F. Fair F. Strong J. Graff Kirkpatrick R. Seylcr T. Bell S. Campbell Hartman C. Swisher R. Olmstead B. Hockman Rosenstengel J. Shenk YV. McClure D. Sheeley Miller one hundred forfy-one W I ' f'a"L" AJS?-J,-Ja77V'7":-7ff1':." I' l'...'I'3i',l "Y LEWf.IQ,l.lf.:,L:.-A-Qif-l,1Tl ...Y -'lu-iQlx.4...IQ.L..E.I"fgf.a7.. .-Q nl. ff- 'ff'-'T.HQETQZTE --e:sLjg,:gif-1.3111 li ' . PHI GAMMA DELTA 'fF'fii' 5?4ll4,3. ics. 2,55 Ahh? - sans ..... C?s,.,.,A., ,.,,- iff.-'f'.ri'11 . i- ,--'li-"Y - oi-hip: 1 ' 4-Pvmf'-'iz 32s. Ur- B ri "-., LVQJL ,Kp . , X if-Its? "Tubs ', 'X' ,-Q' ,H-1'F:'2'E"N-X in if ji' qfiiowxi. ll. Ziyi,-Ip, .-XYg5XLy,,ji2gi. , It nl wsjff I Chapter, fourteenth to be established and second oldest in countinu- ous existence in Phi Gamma Delta, and second among the fraternities to appear on the Gettysburg College fthen Pennsylvania Collegey cam- pus had a rather inconspicuous beginning. Its instigation and first few years of existence were shrouded in secrecy, but Xi grew rapidly in prominence and prospered. From the beginning, Xi Chapter has shown an unbound interest in the judicial expansion of Phi Gamma Delta. Six chapters can look directly to Xi and its members as being responsible for their existence. YVhile it was with Xi Chapter that its members were primarily interested, the concern in the National Organization and the earnest endeavor to' place the fraternity upon a plane of prestige and honor will forever stand as a memorial to their un- selfish endeavors. The evolution of the chapter house comprises an interesting story in the history of the Chapter. During the early years meetings were held in the vari- ous rooms of the members, never twice in the same place, because there was always the liability of intrusion and interruption. However, on November 7, 1865, after some agitation, Xi entered its first real home. Then in 1890 the unrestful again stirred the air with their pleas for a new house and their efforts were rewarded. In this year Xi received the pleasure and distinction of owning the second house of our Fraternity. Due to the efforts of those two venerable and faithful Fijis, Harry Stahler and Luther Brewer, who gave freely of their time, money, and effort, Xi was able to' build its present com- modious quarters. In the autumn of 1931, to preserve the sacred memory of Harry Stahler, whose interest in the Fraternity and especially in his own Chapter had al- ways been of the deepest, sincerest, and most practical nature, the Chapter appropriated a sum of money to develop and beautify a portion of the campus. A worthwhile project was completed and Harry Stahler is eulogized and honored in his 'fMemorial Gardens." one hundred forty-two -ir,,.g,,,rf1 ..--- 1 ,, ' ' --.W -Y --rf - -cw. fl1.1-332' +6 B-1 Q. i-f V if 1' I-' Iii E ' 'I-I' LTQIZFQ-15.4125 J V f E H H. C. H. E. M. M E. J. E. R. A. F. XV. M. Perkins Will iuins Frantz Will imns Florence Soclerl.merg Moore Wagner H001 ei Barkley Schnflel Gross lT'lore11c-e Tilley Kilc Horn Shi rl: Snssauumi ' Boyer Ulrich Hans Snyder Irwin Bergstresser Dn vis Nix Levingood Banks Swope Brown Dunlevey Tilley fFounded at Jefferson College, 18481 Active Chapters, 75 XI CHAPTER Fnnurnris IN SIIIIINAIIIO F.IcUI.r,wI:s Alleinan ,M. H. Valentine Fu.I'rIuas IN FACULTATE T. L. Cline Fnnwlcns IN PRAEPARATIONIS F.If:UI.'rATn G. T. Brezun H. Huber L. Bender S. Crouse Coover D. deTar Korte H. Banks XV. V. Brown L. Bergstresser WV. Hams C. Boyer Castillo XV. Davis E. Florence z:Ei:1mP"......irm'Jk-Zglg .1, ,, , -iw.--f,.1fg.iiggQ5r .4 F fr X nf' FI1.xTnr:s IN Unmn M. L. Erkert D. M. Moser A. A. Pzirtner Fnxrnics IN Sm.rINIxR.Io E. G. Colestock Fnivriucs IN COLLIQGIO Seniors E. F. Larson P. P. Ulrich H. M. Roth C. H. Smith J. D. Swope E. G. Johnson TV. H. Nix C. M. Levingoocl D. M. Swope D. B. Dnnlevev -f'll71fi07'-S' R. S. Sassaiiizui A. C. Tilley J. F. Snyder WV. S. Ulrich Jr. S. L. Irvin Freslzmeu Q. J. Florence G. A. Frantz E. F. Gross R. YV. Williams one hundred foriy-Hiree G. F. Hooker, JI A. P. Moore A. T. Soclerberg Q 'PV Qin' 1 - .nHg.m,,::-:ITQQQQQJ 'y ivy gg 6 SIGMA CHI T.. -ra. augihhi 6.77" , .2 '1' Qi-'X ii. f p .I , el me mic ex gurus? X it-,SI enij, f HE Sigma Chi Fraternity was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on June QS, 1855, it now consists of 96 active chapters. Theta Chapter of Sigma Chi was installed at Gettysburg College on February 1, 1863, being thee thirteenth chapter of Sigma Chi and the third fraternity upon the local campus. The charter members of the chapter were: Philip M. Bikle, Thomas C. Billhiemer, Simon P. Mikesell, and Henry L. Ziegenfuss. The iirst earnest advocate for a magazine for Sigma Chi was Dr. Bikle in 1865 and sixteen years later "The Magazine of Sigma Chfif' was founded at Gettysburg College with Charles R. Trowbridge as its first editor. The maga- zine has since gained national distinction in the fraternity world. The lodge of Theta Chapter on the Gettysburg campus, built in 1891, was the iirst lodge owned by any chapter of Sigma Chi. John B. McPherson and William L. Grlatfelter led in the movement for its acquisition. It served as a headquarters for the chapter until 1922, when John B. McPherson gave Theta the beautiful chapter house it now occupies, in memory of Mrs. McPherson. It was named the Cornelia W'vigh.t MePherso1t House in her honor, thus Mr. McPherson gained the distinction of being the sole donor of a Sigma Chi Chapter House. ROBERT C. BENNER, I-Tzstorz-cm one hu nd red forty-tou r - , if-. J' ' '?,i'i':fL,",,m ' -H' "w" 'FY"Tf'1.fH 71,-,"EglSf '- jf, lriw Liji' 1 ' "T -:ff f"""Zf,f -I 'TP.".l5!Laf-Q35-.- V ' 1, 2.12 Ll, X . -YY. 4. ig " Wolfgang Ms1cNcil Thomas Wcnrich Gucrurd Brehm Bryson Kisoi' Suhucll Benner Snyder Burklm rt Alll'fllld Lcrch Walker Kei ll Box-tncr Eckert Kuhlnmn McCracken J ones Smith Lange Knorr Corrcll Hammer Langdon Goff Meals Hocluunn Iflildehrilml R. F. Bell K. P. Berger P. R. Bikle G. J. Brcfun J. C. B1'ltCll6l' A. R. Bnehlcr J. Butt J. D. Dickson H. E. Eckert G. J. Jones P. B. Aurand R. C. Benner R. C. Brfsou J. B. Keith J. G. Brehm VV. F. Cooper C. M. Golf J. W. Guerarcl J. WV. Hafner QFOUIIGGLT at Miami University, 18555 Active Clmptel,-S, 96 Finvrincs IN Umm J. M. Dickson YV. L. Hafcr H M. Hersh J. D. Keith D. P. 1lT,PllB1'SOl1 A. Dickson W. Hersh Fimwiucs IN COLLEGIO Seniors P. T. Knorr C. N. Kuhlinan J uf11mifo1's D. M. Bortner H M. Blll,'kllfll7lf S0p11,omo4'es T. VV. Kisoi' C. E. Lercll Freshmen R. A. Hilcleblfancl H R. Hockman G. M. H. L3.llg'Cl01l S. Meals one hundred foriy-five R. M. H. XV. C. G YV. A. D. P. H G. R. G. Mummn C. Plank Renning C. Sheely F. Stahle M. WVa.ltc1's G. Wcawfel' J. Lange D- MCC1'acken H. Correl A. Snyder F. Schncll E. Walker TV. XV. M'Neil E. E. P. NV. Thomas A. Wfcnricll E. Wlolfgnng 1+,,v-:sesame-2 5---5-ff. F3 i'TQ:Lb-3QffLeU'f-35,1-F'?I?.f4i N! 23 f I PHI DELTA TI-IETA A -ng -1-gg-,,.a.,,, - g 1 .4-fi!" x c5g,1T::QX,,,... N ,4 jl"f,.i,1f.,5?l.1,UC7Qf"Pf3' GZ- mf? - '2"i'ii'xv'. .Diff-"--.I " - fri? F E33 ?1"xf+fSQ? -.,,- --r---Tw, f-- ,v ,gf...ea , , 1-'fgfl N 2.5-,L an fri :ef 14, The -uni -we' jf r 7 -,x x N6 N, X" wt- LHS Ri X if 1'j.7-,QI LTQQBX , Q, X-nl-:,. -L .lu nn. rW..P'i1 ENNSYLVANIA Beta of Phi Delta Theta was established at Gettysburg May 1, 1875 and since that time has grown to be one of the largest and most outstanding fraternities on the campus. Phi Delta Theta was founded December 26, 1848 at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Since that time it has grown to 106 chapters in almost every state in the United States and several chapters in Canada. Among the promi- nent alumni may be numbered Benjamin Harrison, President of the United States from 1889-93, one vice-president, seven Cabinet members of Whom the present Secretary of the Interior Ickes is one, and five governors: at present. In the World of sports Phi Delta Theta at-present is represented by eight major league ball players, four semi-finalists in the National Intercol- legiate golf' championship, several All-American football players, and numer- ous sports writers headed by Grantland Rice. The local chapter has always been prominent in campus activities never failing to have representatives in all sports and other extra-curricular func- tions. For the past three years we have been inter fraternity champions in both basket-ball and, mush-ball. one huncl red forty-six A H F PROGRAM Fora THE NINTH ANNUAL ERESHMAN WEEK 72? T N CONNECTION WITH THE ONE HUNDRED AND FOURTH OPENING OF GETTYSBURG COLLEGE 'ik' SEPTEMBER 16-th TO 19th, T935 W W FRESHMAN WEEK Freshman Week is a regular part of the student's first year in Colle ' 4 . , n ge. Its purpose is to help the Freshman get a good start 5 to 'discuss with him the opportunities and responsibilities o Co1lege.L1fe 3 to attempt to convey to him in part at least the ,"Spirit of Gettysburg" that make the institution so greatly loved by her students, alumni, and friends. Every lecture, conference, and test has been carefully planned with this purpose in mind. Hence every Freshman isl expected to attend every exercise. ' Special attention is called to the following facts: l. Monday, September 16th is Freshman Registration Day, 9:00-12:00 A. M. and il :001 5:00 P. M. ' Plan to arrive in Gettysburg as early as convenient Monday morning so as to avoir the late registration rush. This will in turn leave suliicicnt time in which to do other necessary things, such as, taking your physical examination, securing a boarding place, fixing up you room, and becoming acquainted with your roommate. 2. Go directly to the Y. M. C. A. where your Senior Sponsor awaits you. He will be gint to help you get lined up. - 13. The keynote address for-Freshman Week will be delivered by President Hanson in th College Chapel on Monday evening at 7:00. His message will be of vital importance to ever, Freshman. Let nothing interfere with your attendance at this lecture. 4. A Medical Examination is required of all Freshmen and is given free of charge if take in accordance with the schedule listed below. Otherwise a fee of two dollars 62.001 is charger Kindly call at the Physical Education Office in the Gymnasium as soon as possible to mal: your appointment. The examinations will be given in the Gymnasium during the tollowin hours: Monday, September 16.,.,.,....-,......-.,.......c1l100-12:00 A. M. and 3:00-5:00 P. Iv Tuesday, September 17 -...,...........q.,.-.....-...-. 4200- 5200 P. M. Wednesday, September 18 .,.. .......,.........---.--.....- 3t30- 5200 P. M. Thursday. Sepember 19 ,.--....-..- .... -..- .... -- ........ -- ..... 3.30- 5100 P- M- Friday, September 20 ,.,...................-..,..-............... 3130- 5200 P. ill. 5. For the convenience of students .unable to secure rooms in dormitories or fratcrnitic. the college authorities have compiled a list oi approved private- homes in which rooms may l. rented at reasonable rates. Silllf6'!l-155 are 11-rgea' to consult ou-r Irst before making jinal arran-g 1nc'nts. 6. Discussion Groups under Faculty and Senior leadership have been arranged .for Tue. dav and Xilednesday afternoons. All conferences will be held in Glatielter Hall or Science Ha CSci. HJ. You have been assigned to Discussion Group number ........--- as l1SlCf1 119101 Section Professors SDOUSOYS Room l Professor Sanders Sassaman 105 2 " Clutz Bare 311 3 " Arms McCahan 102 4 ' Kramer Correll 303 5 Cline Snyder 201 6 Saby Latshaw 302 ' 7 Zinn Barron 303 Sci I 8 Marsh Weaver 211 Sci. 9 ' Fortenbaugh S0b01CSkY 214 10 " Waltemyer Eriksen 213 1l Bachman SITWSU' 211 12 Glenn Dunkelberger 203 13 ' Shaffer Garver 206 14 Lai-kin Hake 301 15 ' Bassett Tilley 101 . 16 " Warthen Echelmeyer 202 17 ' von Schwerdtner Bender 210 18 Johnson Rigby 304 9:00- 5:00 7100- 8:00 '8:00-10:00 8:30- 8:45 - 8 :45- 9:30 9:30-11:00 1:00-11:45 2:00- 3:00 3:00- 3:30 3:30- 5:30 7:30- 8:30 8:30- 8:45 8:45- 9:30 9:30--11:00 11 :OO-11 :45 ' 2100- 3:00 3:00- 3:30 3:30- 4:00 7:00- 9:30 8:30- 8:45 8:45- 9:30 7 9:30-11:00 11:00-12:00 7:30- 9:30 FRESHMAN WEEK PROGRAM MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16 Registration CRegistrar's Oiiicel For further information see previous page Address fCollege Chapel?-Life's Higher Responsibilities..-...President Hanson Social Hour at the Y. M. C. A. TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 Chapel ..--.-... L V ..-Professor Waltemyer Address CCollege Chapelj-The Liberal Arts College.......Professor Sanders Psychological Test CChemistry Lecture RoomJ.....Professor Kramer in Charge Address CChemistry Lecture Roomj-The Administration and the Student, Dean Tilberg Discussion Group: Why Have You Come to College?......-Professors in Charge Discussion Group Ccont'dJ : What Do You Expect to Get Out of College? Senior Sponsors in Charge Trip to Bloody Angle-Description of the Battle of Gettysburg- Lieut. Colonel Bertram Freshman Class Organization and Discussion of Freshman Customs CCollege Chapell .-.-......-....e..-....-Senior Sponsors in Charge WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18 Chapel - ....- --. - .-.. ..- . Professor Waltemyer Address CCol1ege Chapelj-Gettysburg Ideals and Traditions, Professor Waltemyer English Achievement Test CChemistry Lecture Roomj, Professor Cline in Charge Address CChemistry Lecture Roomj-College Life and Manners, Professor Cline Discussion Groups: Right Attitudes-Rules, Books, Library, Study Professors in Charge Discussion Groups Ccont'dJ: Right Attitudes-Faculty and Students, Senior Sponsors in Charge Tour of Campus, Special Attention Being Given to the Library Weiner Roast ...-.......-s--.........----.........Senior Sponsors in Charge THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 Chapel :::::, ,:--.u- n-. V ..... .. .- Professor Waltemyer Address CCollege Chapelj-Extra Curricular Activities.: For the Faculty .....a.---..........--.--..--.-..--.-Professor Kramer For the Studellts 7.1.........-.............-,.................-.........,...Robert Saggaman Reading Test CCl1emistry Lecture RoomJ.....i..Professor Kramer in Charge Formal Opening of the College Year CCollege ChapelJ-.........,President Hanson Social Hour for All Students at the Y. M. C. A. llgf' R311 QT H 1' M ffwmera-'af'f+1.21Qf..1sim.iww l l L Nye Skelly Bates Walker McCnhun Poffenbergcr Kngle Herr Mizell Fetro 1' Half E111 1 ' B nder McIut 're Gcistwvhitc Hopkins Thonms Super .a penny 4.1 s c 5 McGinnis Zech Bowers Walker Gnrverick Gill Messic Gazzolo Zech F. S. Faber D. J. Forney O. M. Messec D. R. McGinnis S. Garverick Q V? FH gl! W. C. Halfpenny D. S. Geistwhite R. J. Bates L. Meizel grounded at Miami Univel-Sify, 18485 A PENNSYLVANIA BETA CHAPTER FRATRES IN P11AEr.xnAT1oN1s FACULTATE E. E. Ziegler FRATRES IN URBE F. B. Haeulen J. E. Musselman Fnmnms IN COLLEGIO Seniors H. XV. Bower H. F. Zeeh C. VV. Zeeh Juniors H. J. Thomas P. R. Bender Sophomorcs J. McIntyre L. H. Hopkins Freslmzen K. D. Wallce1' E. Kakel ' one hundred forfy-seven R. Hartley XV. H. Gill J. R. Walkel' R. D. Erickson WV. L. Ney C. YV. VValg1'e11 E. P. Ehlers J. S. Superka C. M. Herr J 5-"1 J "" efgg- -1:1-1 547: "1-were-11 - a gjglgj-g ' .1 --vp-cv :,'z1-,--..:-3:- 33- ' :.gjv.-,1,-1:::-e gg -' -U' mga-5 :fag-Q.-fi -v.., :' -la mp f.,-S-1'+1" .f-W.:-L ..-cz. l 'J S fl Vu" K -- Y'----H -f---ef -----V - ALPHA T1 A TAU OMEGA s f. F' I B ,LFC ' . if .HA P ' : ' 31, '7ii+5f"i -- 4, y H- " 2 . w p es" 4 A f 'Z . fats - Mya XL AA.. , 4 , V , 'T l f' W 2-A--' xl:-. - s i,-,ff HE Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity was the first Greek-letter college fra- ternity to be founded after the Civil lVar. The Founders were three young Confederate soldiers whose names were Otis Allen Glazebrook, Alfred Marshall, and Erskine Mayo Ross. The fraternity was founded at Richmond, Virginia, on September 11, 1865. The first chapter being estab- lished at Virginia Military Institute, Lexington, Virginia. Wfith the aim of a real union the fraternity expanded and at present there are ninety-four active chapters in the colleges and universities of this country. The Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Gettys- burg College fthen Pennsylvania Collegej on June 27th, 1SS2. It is of interest to note that the college was at that time celebrating its Semiecentennial. The founding of the fraternity here was brought about through the efforts of N. Wiley Thomas, the first initiate of the Pennsylvania Tau Chapter at the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. YVhile at Gettysbiug he met Mr. J. Allen Smith, a member of the local chapter of Phi Kappa Psi, to whom he had been directed to confer by the latter's brother, Provost Edgar Fahs Smith. Mr. Allen J. Smith called in C. R. Trowbridge, a member of Sigma Chi, and after giving the matter serious thought, they recommended to Bro. Thomas as the only man capable of building a new chapter Mr. Charles Witmer Baker, then a junior in college and a very popular man on the campus. At one o'clock that afternoon, in room 323 Old Dorm, Mr. Baker was initiated, and later that af- ternoon his room-mate, Mr. Gerhardt, was taken i11. Thus was founded the nucleus of A.T.O. which has flourished since uninterruptedly. Becoming the fifth National fraternity at Gettysburg and the 28th chapter of Alpha Tau Omega. one hundred forty-eight 3 P .IE C T R U NE Myers Brown Sanders Heiges McCracken Plsluk T' Zu He 1111111 But, Rh dLs Uiiclmau Serfavs xarumny g - y - ' -: -- 0 I , SIIUICTIIIIIICI Hummel Reed Culp Guy Schiebel Thomas Roberts Nye fFOU11dQd at Virginia Military Institute, 19655 Active Cha,pte1's, 98 PENNSYLVANIA ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER C. E. Bilheimer C. VV. Baker G. Gardner' C. H. Howard J. H. Reed L. Guy C. D. Hummel B. M. Bare W. H. IQHPIHZIDY WV. L. Sanders E. R. McCracken TV. U. Stoubitz FRATRES IN FACULTATE J. B. Zinn Fmvrums IN Unun XV. Scott G. Strock FRATRES IN COLLEGIO Seniors R. C. Sutherland J. A. Culp P. S. Thomas Juniors E. N. Rhodes Sophomorcs J. H. Myers J. W. Heiges Freslwrz-an R. T. Pennington one hundred forfy-nine B. Fortenbaug C. Topper E. Wfible J. Roberts C. P. Nye C. Schiebel F. Heydrick E. Zerfass XV. Uifelman . Noile 11 EPSILON- . A 40 ,JS ,Q - ,- . ......i. -A .--i. .TA AT- .s AY .:.l .?e-QL. ... -1 . . ,,..,. .we . LW.. M.. , , ,. ,A . -.. ,1 1 SIGMA y ALP-I-IA if ,,Ig'r+ K .Q -'if .3 if .V 7- K gf.-A -- A,-, . 4'-J-1 Ag.. .lf-gre-5: l "tx wi-.QU 1, .fLf.13ft-f7.4Ai- qi' al mfwT1.Q14?ff1 Xiqb L T V V' 41.1" ' ri piggy, w.f--xaiflfl V .-1, Yr wi. ,elif Q-:fins N 1856 Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and for twenty-seven years it flourished as an exclusive Southern fraternity. Having Weathered the War between the States the fraternity took a momentous step in 1883 that was to lead to nation Wide extension. Two Southern boys in attendance at Pennsylvania College began the movement by sponsoring the founding of Pennsylvania Delta. Because of intense sectional feeling the iirst chapter of S. A. E. north of the Mason-Dixon line did not show much promise untilf its- reorganization in 1899. Two years later a little group of alumni decided to incorporate them- selves as The Pennsylvania Delta Corporation with the purpose of guiding and advising the active chapter. Not long after its founding, the corporation extended its activity to providing and maintaining a chapter house. The first chapter house of Pennsylvania Delta was located on Springs Avenue. The fraternity soon found this house too smallg so, in 1923, the corporation purchased the home of the late United States Senator Martin, its present domicile. one hundred titty A - - .C vf- . f, af-..-fs.-V aw-F1 W .-.-. 1' 'W , ii. ...Y ' A ----- - --1.-H ,me---L, H Eff,-fu A --,fuk jgFv..T5,i.i..GLi7- I , l 41 01 'I-,1 rwevyf -ii A 4S.LL.,.,,, ..- .11 " ii I Blglmm Purnick Pszwarro Bllllflllllll Eisenhart Diehl Mfnnges Dougherty Naile Zn rger D reuse McCue Golden Fish Richwlne Dnlo Lntslunv Moyer Mnngos Koons McElroy Sohelesk y 'Ms ei s Renslxuw Long Bogur Fc-hl Ritz Caldwell Spangler McElh new W. Beachem O. Johnson A. Baum D. Bream P. Eicholtz Boger F. Caldwell E. Koons W. Latshaw M. Long C. Delo H. Fish L. Buhrinan L. Diehl B. Daugherty E. Dreas E. Eisenhart fFounded at University of Alabama, 18565 Active Chapters, 110 PENNSYLVANIA DELTA CHAPTER A Fnnmmis IN FKXCULTATE J. YV. Ostrum FRATRIIS IN URBE G. N. Flynn I. G. Kitzmillei' G. K. Newbould Fnmrnns IN CoLI.EGIo S07'1f'l:07'S E. J. N owicki A. P. Fehl Jfzmiors VV. R. M'E1hiney W. R. M'E1roy Sophomores J. H. Mauges J. R. Meyers Freshmen, R. L. Hildebrand VV. E. Manges L. C. Pirnik E. J. Pszwaro one hundred fifiy-one 1 C. G. Reen E. J. Peduzzi H. M. Scharf B. L. Ritz N. W. Spengler J. T. Renshaw A. E. Sobelesky T. W. A. Moyer H. T. Richwfine G. YV. Zarger YV. Guldin H. S. Landau E. L. McCue ii P if' fl! TI-IETA KAPPAA I. '..r 5. i t , NU PT-wir -s I f 9 std! wi, --A P!-4-S 'H - f V N fr if A. H I ' X , .1 lx J if K Q H 'V Illl , 1 . G, ,W u.,,. 'L Tl, ' 15, ff- fi miie '. "L, lil. NJ .4",.v.f- ' .2 C " ' " 9 4 fx s , W3f'5.gQ1Inuu5N vm Liv' f-fry 1 ,1 ' N 1921 W. S. Anderson a member of the faculty of North Carolina Uni- versity, and a member of a. local fraternity at Rollins College, conceived the idea of combining several local fraternities together to organize ai na- tional fraternity. ln 1924 he communicated, through the aid of several promi- nent fraternity leaders, with O. P. McAttee of Springfield, Missouri, an alum- nus of Drury College. Upon exchanging views they found they had common ideas and the purpose of calling a meeting for consideration of forming a new national fraternity. Kindred spirits were found in J. H. Krenmyre, an alumnus of Iowa YVesleyan University and Donald F. Lvb-irfver of Gett fsburv' College. they then entered into correspondence with a number of locals for 9 4 ., C D 5 an :- These four planned all the features of the new fraternity and became the first Grand Council, having on June 9, 1924 at Drury College, Springfield Missouri, banded together eleven local fraternities from nine states under the name was one of the original eleven chapters and carries the designation of Penn- sylvania Alpha Chapter. . of Theta Kappa Nu. Phi Sigma, local fraternity of Gettysburg, Phi Sigma began its recognized existence on May 30, 1916 when cere- monies were held at dawn on Oak Ridge and badges were worn for the first time. The the outbreak of the VVorld YVar. However, through the devotion of the mem- bers the organization survived and it became Well-established, having an accepted place on the campus. fraternity was hardly launched until it faced trying times due to Phi Sigma's nrst permanent headquarters were in the Stallsmith Build- ing fformerly the Wil.lis Housej on Center Square and first occupied in the fall of 1916. In 1920 rooms were taken in the Wfinter Building on Chambers- burg Street which were occupied until 1923 when the house on the campus was bought. The chapter still owns this house but since 1930 it has rented the former Beales house on Carlisle Street. one hundred fifty-two i . Q3 if T WH I lm J "' - ' im' 'a Hetrick Weidner D. Rcutter Mcssingex' Donner Oppermuu Bane Kelly Pl tts Schlehvl Echelxncyer Smull Rigby Pittenger Askouuus Donclmo Schultz Kelu-ucl Eckert R. Rcnttor Richard Bulleit Hartniun Poole Bowlus Boruherger Schradei fFOUllC-lfid at Springfield, Missouri, 19245 Active Chapters, 45 PENNSYLVANIA ALPHA CHAPTER Fimmiuss IN FACULTATE K. J. G1'iIn1II D. Idle, J 12. R. D. Hershey G. F. Gllimann JFRATRES IN SEINIINARIO R. F. Reisz R. C. YVolf Flmwnms IN PIc.I1aP.x1mTIoNIs FACULTATII S. L. Hoffman C. L. Saunder-s FIIATRES IN Umm K. H. Grimm, J1'. F. DelV. Justin M. J. Scheads J. E. Mumpei FRATIIES IN COLLEGIO Seniors E. B. Bulleit J. D. Richard J. XV. Hough R. S. Bowlus O. XV. Hartman D. R. Poole Jufniors M. L. BOl11b61'g'01' F. J. Eckert R. E. Reutter G. S. Douehoo E. M. Pitteuger J. K. Rigby F. XV. ElCll6llIlC5'QI' Sophomoms P. N. Askounes L. WV. SCl1I'2l.Cl61' A. VV. VVeidne1' G. E. Hetrick H. YV. Smull J. Denner R. NV. Keiuard Freshmen R. Reutter G. Hikes H. M01-ecraft F. ljI8SSlllfICl' J. Kelly B. Kuhs E. Schiebel WV. Dubovick N. Schultz XV. Pitts VV. Bane one hundred fifiy-ihree Z Ii: C.W'trilri-.uf.?Z"'i,-.TC:i"?7..e-I'IQTTQQ''U'Z1fT?f'2T' :,-2u!:1LTttE'L'TW'l?fZFZf.THF -M ' ' lf, "' . ,,,4,.i..-, .-A. .-f,-- 'f'!'l - fWmT'?' KE ' PHI SIGMA KAPPA 1 HOUSE built on a rock? Such a statement characterizes the Rho Deuterson chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa, founded, on the Gettysburg Col- lege campus ten years ago. This chapter was originally the Druids, a powerful and influential campus organization, who used their foundation the elemental principles of a useful brotherhood-clean living, constructive Working, and tenacious loyalty to its sacred traditions. Down through the years these same principles, sacred traditions and ideals have served as a guiding light which lead to the establishnient of those worthy elements of character and the nioreq perfect fulfillment of the true purpose of education. It is not with a spirit of boastfullness but rather with one of proudness that we point to our scholastic attainnients, having held the highest schol- astic rating among the various campus fraternities for the past eleven years. In the campus activities, Rho Deuteron men have always been leaders, evi- denced by the fact. that the chapter has held the interfraternity activity cup for a period of time. Social activities, both of the college and of the chapter are entered into with the same spirit of enthusiasm and cooperation. Rho Deuteron is always ivell represented at all social functions. one hundred titty-tour ,. ,ii ,7. , , W - ,.,,,, . H. -- -1, . - ., - .. 1. V 7- --. V. A x I Rehcler Smith Lewis Lamuson Heiges Peters Sunner Walborn Hull Reimer Gillespie Frazer: Rudolf Powers Lnwley Snyder Bristol Wolf Slxntters Trunk Mellhenny Whetstune Graham Snyder Dunkelberger Miller Eriksen Barkley Ruul: Woods lhmning Hill Chronister Sellreckenguust 1f1'l1Il'lYVll2Cl0 Cooper Weller Michael Ycvak Phelps Lau DeVore Trestle , fFounded at Massachusetts Agricultural College, 18733 Active Chapters, 48 R-HO DEUTERCN CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE C. P. Cessna WY C. lValten1yer D. R. eiges F. H. Kramer Fluvrlms IN SEBIINARIO M. XV. Boyer P. H. Gleielunan E. P. Turnbach E. S. Frey Fnlvrrcns IN Umm E. C. Beard C. R. Shnman FRATRIIS IN COLLEGIO h Senliors X D. L. Barkley H. S. Stare R. H. Runk SA. Schreckengaust M. E. Manning C. F. Chronister G. XV. Hill W. R. Woocls Jwwiors YV. B. Bristol H. A. Dnnkelberger J. YV. Mellhenny J. B. GPIIIIZIIH XV. C. Krumwiede YV. U. Snyder C. W. Miller M. D. Shutters C. F. Trunk, J r. B. YV. lVolf L. H. Eriksen Sophomores M. B. Frazee H. VV. Snyder D. R. Rudolph C. S. Powers K. P. Hull F. S. Gillespie R. K. Schumo C. V. S. Sanner H. YV. Lewis W. L. Lamason H. L. Heiges J. G. YValborn XV. J. Reimer M. F. Peters C. F. Lawley F'rcshmeIn C. E. DeVore H. D. Kliuedinst R. F. Smith D. B. lVeller H. XV. Phelps H. H. Quickel H. H.Sierer R. E. Yevak- one hundred fifly-five ZNFJE' - 1 V- I - If-i 5 i .I.. jI'.:l"'l .f'I?f'f I-.fl unmfx.-.11--.-: L-I, gi lr, A ' : 5 ... ..-..-I I ,,..- - -L-.F EV -wg, ,,g,E5.. . K 1 13 'g in .- I-gggii a TAU KAPPA 1 EPSILON f 5 3 wait gt .. A ,,, gif-.hifi fra N October 12, 1916 a local fraternity was founded on Gettysburg cam- pus called Delta Kappa Sigma. The main purpose of the founders was to promote an organization for social, intellectual, and moral benefits. The organization was suspended from 1917-1920 due to the war, and then recorganized and immediately recognized by the faculty and inter-fraternity council. In 1923 they succeeded in procuring the Broadway property which they occupied in October of that same year. Delta Kappa Sigma petitioned Tau Kappa Epsilon and were granted a charter and duly installed as Psi Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon on Nevember 23, 24, and 25, in the year 1926. Tau Kappa Epsilon of Gettysburg occupies the same house on Broad- way as that occupied by Delta Kappa Sigma. She is the ninth national fra- ternity of the college, and the second youngest at the present time. one hundred titty-six i-- Y. ...J I . . Huge Eckerd Stine Whistler MncNielle Rifc Sultzbivcr Gilbert George Boehner Hines Wagner Mzxiflen Snvder l3arl'msl1 Eh ringer Lau Dall meyer White Mofli t Lovell Schmidt 'Scluxdle. Eshenour Hench llxxilexispeiger Dougllerizy Run Hershey Martin Hersllbcrger Kirkpatrick Harvey Henry Miller Anderson Brazel Meier Hake QFounded at Illinois Vlfeslcyan University, 18991 - Active Chapters, 38 PSI CHAPTER Fmvrnns IN L1ACULYlTATE R. A. Arms F. C. Mason XV. F. Shaffer J. G. Glenn B. H. Seltzer A. Bachnmn Frwrlzxcs IN Unnn L. Z. Fitzpatrick Fnlvmns IN HIGLI SCHOOL FAoUI.'rArn G. YV. Lefever DWRATRES IN Connnoro Seniors J. Brazcl P. YV. Henry R. M. Miller C. A. Chamberlin . YV. Kirkpatrick H I. Meier J ua Li 01's C. C. Hake L. Hershbergei- Sophomores G. G. Dougherty . R. Lovell B. Saltzgiver R. E. Eshenour F. H. Dallinyer M. Schadel VV. L. Hench E. N. Moffitt G. Schmid P. H. Hershey . E. Raffensperger B. Rau G. lV. Martin . D. Rines F7'GSll77LCIL H. Asimus H. Hege L. Snyder A. F. Barbnsh R. E. Lau, Jr. E. Stine H. S. Boehner J. P. MacNeille B. Wagnei' J. YV. Eckert E. S. Maiden C. Wfhisler S. YV. E111-inger . G. Rife W. White YV. S. George one hundred titty-seven T:,'1G'f 1 , rf' H , A - 'Li :". lf?-'-1 ,3-5 T13-151'-if if Si-:if-' " Y . ' 3 "-'Ei , i I1..:IJ:.f ' .,.i , J , 7 ' L n " ' :. . f. '!E l YE ' I ,U X :L , W KAPPA DELTA 1 RI-IO f . , -ALI: N. 7:-."f7fbo ,f4z,r::3Z'l , Cx we-llfeiel vi- , "'3lZ"i , QL .165 vxqg ,iyifw Iwrmryl fT:-i.!f.,1:1iQSl, 'Fx .,-133. if 7 li Ri' 'aiffz 7' as W '-5: .ff,3.'f..fg:1ff,-1-. it I '-'flsiiir1?g.rgz.':1If ak, 1 in env-4 121131 7y,,5,'.zx2l'La 'X.w,Afa1Ay1fg'f.'.!', f, .54 , -55,2-:,v5:'. f sfilzlifsi-Cl! fsfzifvsii a is i warp ,:fi'H":l f fi'fff':1g'Q' fX'7 . i ,gjxg -52-15: Per, , QQ-f',f.5 -" '1- Yo, A-C JV- '3 "N 'T-3. 'lf' -,L -' . 1' f xi-iQ '31 wiv' 1 QT " f Y X1 S UT-4-,L.,:',f-QQ HE fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho was founded at Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vt. in the spring of 1905 with ten members, but having as one of its aims to be in the small fraternity group, it has never had an extensive expansion program. There are now 19 chapters, most of which are located on the campuses of The larger universities. The local fraternity, Theta Phi, was founded at Gettysburg in the Spring of 19093 and in 1928, this group joined the National fraternity of Kappa Delta Rho with 41 charter menibers. At this time, the new chapter purchased a residence on Lincoln Avenue which is still in use as the chapter house. one hundred titty-eight Fi if I-if 'ff if M L. .. .Farsi C. R. iz. C. T. In H. E ix. IA. 12 W H. G IQ. S. C. G. F. E. 'H. A. M. G. R. Eckstrom Alhig D. Ross Meyer White C. Ross Fry Zarf-is Hnrk ins Henry Longnnccker Reigzlitoi' Bowers Steiuinger Strolis Jcnvons Smith Thompson Hai-linlrl Horner Na gle' Heiges Reeder Wcnrich Nichols Smyscr Allexvolt Iluohl Fuukliouser Howler XV0lll'lCll Allewclt Henry Horner Albig Bowers H21 rkius Eckstrom Fry Lo ll geneck er QFouucled at Middlebury College, 1 Active Chapters, 20 PI CHAPTER F1:,vrn1es ix FACUL'1ux'rm C. A. Sl02lt FIlA'1'llICS IN SEM1N,x1a1o P. H. Smith Fn.xu'ru+zs IN Unms R. Gilbert Fraivrrms IN COLLEGIO Seniors . W. Heiges J 'zu 1. io 1 's . ll. Nichols . W Reighte '. M. Sinysor Sophomorcs Jeavous F. Pug'liz11'o F VGSYIIMGQZ A. Ross . J. Ross one hundred fifiy-nine 9055 S. W. Aungest R. S. Nagle S. NV Stoiuiugei 0. C. Til0Illl!S0ll B. S. IRQIIIUQXCI' XV. J. Strolis -l. M. Smith M. D. lYhite - -- .,,.,..i...- - .,r.z.....,.. -Y.-1: --f-- - 'Q 4 tj Ig .U 5 PHI .X KAPPA RI-IO S -, , C 1 0 06 HE present Phi Kappa Rho Fraternity is the result of a merger of the Star Club and the Phi Kappa Rho Fraternity on December lst, 1932. The Star Club, which was iirst organized in 1876, reorganized in 1891, continued its? existence as a distinct local fraternity until December 1, 1932, when it merged with tl1e old Phi Kappa Rho Fraternity. The latter organization was an outgrowth of the Criterion Club, organized in 1923 and became the Phi Kappa Rho Fraternity in November 1928. It continued as a distinct fraternity until December 1, 1932 when it united with the Star Club. This fraternity is now located at 135 North Wlfashington Street. On our alumni files, there are some three hundred alumni, of which approximately two hundred are still living. Among them are numbered leaders in the nelds of theology, mathematics, engineering medicine, and education. At present the active chapter is composed of twenty active members and two honorary members. The fraternity has an otlicial publication which is published annually and is sent to each alumnus. Phi Kappa Rho has always in the past, and will always in the future strive to produce men worthy of Gettysburg College. one hundred sixty I2 Il: ci V :II 1 ' Melbouru Gross Sr-hoop Singer Harris Wise L. Folkunml' Wetzcl Mumfm-d ClII'is0l1n-I' C. Folkeluur Wcstexxhcrgcr Long Snlli van Miller Iiurr Sch1udcI'I,IeI'g Kellow Prowcll MvNu1ty Kuufmrux G. H. Be1'khein1e1' R. E. Carl R. YV. Meckley H. O. YValkc1' E. WV. Young P. O. Neith L. S. Barr K. Henry N. B. Kellow H. L, SclIlude1'beI'g E. T. Grislner' P. J. LIll1I1fOl"d L. D. Folkemer C. TV. Folkemer R. M. Singer' LOCAL FRATERNIQTY F1I.uI'IzI:s IN FAcUI.T.v1'Is H. D. Hoover L. L. Hare H. S. Bowman J. N. Fisher I". L. Folkelner FRIITRES IN Umar: Fnmrnns IN CoI.LIzc:Io ITRATRES IN SIGMINARIO Seniors J. B. Iiilllflllilll R. C. Miller J. E. McNulty J 'Llfllfi 0-1 's Soplbomorcs R. RrIfl'e1Isperge1' R. S. Sfrine Frcslmwn G. J. Harris A. R. Shoop one hundred sixlry-one D. L. IqO111' J. D. Mumford C. E. Staub L. M. Utz Rev. D. F. Putlnan G. F. Prowell C. A. Sullivan R. Wise L. A. JVQSLCIIDGPQGI' D. R. G. VVe1:ze1 E. YV. Graefe L. R. Gross r::Y'.1Lia:l:lQZ'i"JlX-5-2:-"g5Z"'JQI:?.L?usE.2a514:':::2L1': mfr?-QI:TQiE'T5'Ifn2EiI23sLizrgmainrvsam W1 LELTJP' .LLL "im i!Efr34V'gW 41.-:ln V' 'rrp A , ?5'-fi'3:.'f'71l155 vi' 5 21':."'w'.17',lf'tP'F'?3',i-F5-52"331 wifi eg-.g ",1,g',1' fl-EiQFf,:'+ 1? :if ix- .. ,L -Q., - T-A 311.4-gfiilawif. fs, yt '-Jn . f1,,.w:"f.-fm-.palm ., . my ffivr-al.:.f:.".ffifL2:-f -z,g:V..A. iff,-Luffy' gin: kb! ,sw ,A K Mala, r. j!g.!'Q-v 1'qq-'wjfi5Qzwyf.fi2!1gEQ2f':Lf'fff' fnzfffgm ,-. 'gig - -f,,-224-3'-'WfZAmQe451 'REQ ff' 3, Fr? Ya P Y-Friar., 1iff.f,' fvffbfAg,41,N.4 ' ir mu.: ,, , . su-,fi 2--1ge.,fL41yf1W-ff 452, .11, V Y' H?l .Sl ' ufiipixiff A V r --if-.1f wry-53.5. S- - z,:,.'.':m,v'r,1.-W ,-3312. 5535191-4-+-f. , -, -,, 15. , :TQ T,-,ff - 145ggfpfgg-y.e.'g,Lu:'g,:4L,ir ,'-iff-729.4-25'-Ja 1 'V- trirjf 3 gh- --"f1'::- ,:r:Q:p1, 24: 3-V Ag-:af-, 21111 ggipqgxgj-313' , g X 'f-4,4 'A'-',' ff " 2'1" a5s1'w ,,,-,r ,- X.:-N., 1 ----aw., if :jj 'rf if WU gr I, Er 5 ,gov 4,55 -my -fp If-f-,.,..,,f. 4 , .1 ,yr ,. , A, V, , , . 12511-2354115 H559 iii TL' ,:,, ag-N 25 . aw- WU' IM .gf,ZLQ,.,i'g? ffl' iz, H55 U-1 555. 51.11, 'Q EKU? 9? ,-f.,:z'f1'w' V: -11",-A ':::' V- uf- 1, f- , 52 V435 '1-.LH W 23 Ea Eff l1"'. M- si!-N M 1- fw- -zsfimh b Fff. nfs- 21:5 V' P V1 kmffm 2,:f'f,.1,, - ,Li"QgT' wld 12,31 1 V: f' 1 :Yr :ni , ,- Y' 'g-J-2551e':'tLgg,gi'ff1,'I fx -1- ,Vi.iik5-,lQLgf'.,,q J -LL15 ,rg-'5 P-ij: V1 11 meuxfgjiizirflt 5' ie? 65153 ,ani 'iWf'w'.:f-.ffm-. ' 'Z 2c?+WaFLf,iES4?fr' 5E1'3?7if ' h if ,A 1-all -f fb uf u "hw:-HIL! J, MU' M514 '- 1 M235 "--...iv M A, 4u.wr'Yff'3,f2:f-' ' xv-. A 1, X, M.. Ci, . " ,,,,,,,9,3ff1 L15-I ' J S RL , , Q, .WL-1 egg. X' - h, , ., ,r,x,4. ,Lg J..-YA gr. f . L1 CJ!-a5"f.': if. m-:Qi 1,21 4 ' fig - 1-J. -v-- ,111 ' "-in TL - F 1 '!,L',,.Q .2--., ' 1 -"4.53'2i5,:5Q?T1,w 3 5:71 ,ffl-f. - I I-f.. ,gif--L .'.-'-5 . -29 1 v "51'F'TT:Z.iJ,. -1 1 5"-214-:' wr: x L 3.1 -..':-' . HB1 'J V Aff? 'gig 5-'gi '-jf, rg-,hw ,mr-,Q pr ..i., 1-,111 i.. 'EH Cfgv--,,,--5-,Fw-Q4-.wr -191:-1 "'-I - -, J jjgvgli n ,, .ff 7-:,: .1 ' 1 'pf'-'-1!1,.: If ' , 1 L.--arf-,rg ' Li.i?"i':'15ifE' 'qi ,- 2,-f5w.l" 19' - ., 112-1 'fi "5 ,Z:.r, -,, " r fxg 13 ?'Xif.'g:r-r.- 9 , , fl' L , ' --..-.nw , j:..f1' 14 Y ' W K W Q, V- W y ,- I U 11 V M V rl. ' hi-'r ' W gr xy. -R ,V I I J- v U EH , cf ia- , v M B L 4. Jpfz. Q, V X fl: iw. I , 2:42 ifw F464 xv,.- ,'-:..w..3,'. . A. H., v fr? r '- gf 'S-IFE " 1. ' viii? ELL,-,Q um,-' 1 , , X X512 f 74,4 , " wif H x l 1 x 'TC f N -i -fl A 1e,: li' ' A i ' I in 10 'riff' , '- , -. -1-- f--- -v-- f 7 :fl 1- L--'fwi -f-fi' i 1 11.5, 7 ,Q 1-gi .'., .,.f-1.... ..1 ! . 1 ill ...w I l li l' 1 1111 11 1 11- 1 nl Prof. B llheimcr Mr. Bream ETTYSBURG may well be proud of the athletic ability of her sons and their deeds. She is not a school which desires athletic notoriety, yet she has shown up favorably among the schools of her size and is prominent in the conferences of which she is a inelnber. Basketball has been the strong suit in the last four years. Undefeated on her own floor, and rarely defeated on foreign ones, Gettysburg quintettes have stood alone as conference champions. Three undisputed first places in succession won perinanently the conference trophy. The fourth chainpionship was the Iirst leg on another. The last three years have produced gridiron victories enough to place Orange and Blue elevens at the top in the conference, although this position was not held alone. 1932 saw three of the five league contenders tied with Hen Breanfs squad for iirst place. In 1933 the Muhls stole a share in the Gettys- burg lime-Iight, and this past season F' and M tied the Battlefield eleven for iirst honors. Then, too, there have been victories over Navy in soccer and base-ball and an entree in the National lVrestling Intercollegiates for the first time, all of which retains for Gettysburg an, enviable athletic record. one hundred sixty-tive .ii Yi...:e- .. ' 'f :fs ::f:f1:. x-fl .1 if i "i n S1 ,-g1.,,-igdzgif , -. gs.: iff? .-'ifiw'-5-'s-'WSI 315-6 nw? F--ve. . 17, . -Y , .., ,N n.-....r1.s.., -.E ..4..--.. . -..,, ...,S..-N-,-..1. .Q D ru m-11 1 aj 01: La n gdon CHEERLEADERS Kisor Kulmun Ic1'lIllHVil'dG Iiuscnstongel one hundred sixfy-six VARSITY LETTER MEN BDRS OG XR BOI LINCER. 'RAYEL BRONX N CICO LOBLL COOK DA1 DRAUHA LLRLRD FISH GARVERICK L RDI N HL IC EQ HLI 14 ORD HOUC IITON HOXV XRD T XQOBS C' TONFS R TONFS ROZMA LFWIS NI xc,NIILL KN NICGINNIS MCCAHAN NI XUSL NIORRIL UORRIS NTOXVILKI NXF OLKFXX IC J 'S' XSS DIANE SERFASQ QU XDI F 'QOBDT KY C SNYDE II SN1 DDR Nl IPERK X 1 EBDEH IIIOMAQ. XX APBTR. XX XLKDR XVISD ,I 4 V . A ' B 1 . : A T V f. A4 v , n , V1 ' -1 Q . . -r , iwwvg r n N- 'Q 49 ' ' D -:'s. , . rl" - L . ,v - 1 . -I . w 1 :I ' 1.1 'J ' .- J yr . J' 1 1 'A A . 1' ' f ' VLA rw 1 , X L I-1 r 1 J' 7 ki E11 L L s. AA AU . ' JES .. 'Y 4 1' 'H L 1 ' YW' T f rwA , A y T r D .V f ,I 4 4 one hundred sixfy-seven -f -..-1 -. .' "" """"i' ' Y 5 ATHLETIC COUNCIL MR. GEORGE H. HUMMEL, York . . President Da. PERCY D. Hoovnn, Waynesboro . Vice-Presiiclent Mu. CLAYTON E. BILLHEIBIER, Gettysburg . Secretary Alumnfi Represeutattve Mr. George H. Hummel, York Faculty Representative Dr. Thomas L. Cline, Gettysburg Athletic Dtreetor Mr. Clayton E. Billheimer, Alfzmmt Representative Mr. Davicl M. Gilbert, Harrisburg Faculty Represe-ntattfue Dr. Richard A. Arms, Gettysburg Board of Trustees Representative Dr. Percy D. Hoover, Vifaynesboro Gettysburg Ea:-Ojieto Trustees Representative Em-Officio Trustees Represeatettfue Dr. Milton H. Valentine, Gettysburg Dr. J. B. McAlister, Harrisburg Student Representetfiee W. Ramsey Jones Student Represeutelttfv-e Anthony K. Kozma one lwund red sixty-eight ""L'5t'i!E!?21s:I..g: - -- If '5-MVR? '5177Yi"'i'7'?:rr'52?.T1'.,,p1t-ff5,1v11-f.."",-i27'T"1 75713-'3.EIQ H: I ' y ' i- 1 7 --W -4?LN-,1f.A-.-.4---T-- 1- ,,....+ 4 .. A-1 ,, - w , , f 1,-, ,-..-.,-.,.,, FOGTBALL EDXVARD HEPFORD . . Managw GEORGE :HILL ..... Assoczate llrmagez LOUIS Wmxxwflnx, CHARLES PRESTON . Asswlstcmt Maozagels Ga.1've1'i ch .... B . Nye .... Fish ..... .... E . Kozma . . BICNIH11311 .... C. C100 ---- Jones .... .... B . Slmdle ' - Renshaw .... C. iinfrger " Soboleskv .... E. ,CL er ' ' Sassamail B Gazzola . . i "" ' Brown . . . Se1'f21SS . . . .... E. BICC1.aCken BOQJHI' .- ---- C- Moffitr ... Cook .... .... B . Eckert ,I NOWiCki .... B. Aurand , XVa1ke1' . .... T. Bets . . . McGinnis .... B. Bender .. Wfagner . . .... G. Thomas . . Superka . . . . . . B. Norley . . one hundred six+y-nine lT'fR.oQL-'l'2:'i,L .LSE TF' "WF Gettysburg 0 013 0-13 Juniata 0 7 0 0- 7 In the season opener against the light Juniata squad, a well-balanced Orange and Blue eleven came through in the third period to gar- ner fourteen points, counteracting the seven point lead the Indians had amassed at half time. The Bullets, playing on their own field, were often in scoring position, but lacked the final punch. The second half marked the entrance of the new Soph- omore find, the shitty, fast, very clever Superka, who went over for two scores, putting the game on ice. Juniata made their first half score on a blocked kick. 00066 14666-32 Gettysburg Penn State The powerful Blue and IVhite eleven all but annihilated it's crip- pled and deinoralized Orange and Blue opponent with two scores in the first period and one in each of the subsequent three to gain a de- cisive 32-G victory. The Breain coached aggregation, except for a Iifty yard pass in the final period, Sassaman to Kozma, which gained six units, was completely routed by the Nittany Lion on the up-state field. Penn State performed admir- ably before a Dad's Day crowd, while the Bullets, minus star de- fense man Cico, courageously tried to prevent one onslaught after an- other. The lone Orange and Blue score was made when Sassanian on Hrst down hurled the pigskin fifty yards into the far-reaching arms of Kozma, who galloped five more yards over the final- stripe. Gettysburg 0 0 0 2-2 Mt. St. Mai-y's 0 0 0 0-0 Although crippled badly as a re- sult of the State fray. the Bullets outclassed the Mount eleven in every department of the game, but could only eke out a scant 2-0 victory over the fighting Irish on Memorial Field. Superka, fleet and elusive, consist- ently got off for substantial gains. Sassaman too, consistently made ground carrying the leather, besides passing and kicking. Time and again the Bullets penetrated deep into Mount territory, only to be repulsed by a squad whose lone attribute was its ability to dig in securely at the crucial moment. It was in the 'final period that Kozma, hard fighting end, smashed through to block a punt and then retrieved the ball be- hind the end zone to give the Bream coached eleven the two points which meant victory. Gettysburg 0 6 0 6-12 Muhlenburg 0 0 0 2- 2 In their conference opener the Bul- lets smashed through a highly touted. Muhl squad to gain a 12-2 victory, with the shitty Superka streaking across for both tallies on the rain soaked' Allentown iield. Superka late in the second period intercepted a pass and dashed 40 yards before being brought down and followed this with a 12 yard sprint over the 'final line. At the be- ginning of the final period the Or- ange aud Blue obtained the ball on the enemy oneeyard stripe, and Su- perka plunged across to set the score at 12-0. In the closing minutes Cook voluntarily fell on the pass from center, when kicking from behind his own goal-line, to give the Mules two units. one hundred seventy JVV 4 one hundred sevenfy-one Gettysburg 0 0 0 14-14 Lehigh O 0 0 0- 0 A smashing, final period, spurt which produced 14 points enabled the Bream-men to trounce the Brown and White Lehigh eleven, which journeyed to Gettysburg only to go down decisively before an enthusi- astic Homecoming Day crowd. Ex- cept for a concerted drive in the opening minutes, which threatened the Bullet goal-line, the Engineers were completely out-played. In the fourth period the Orange and Blue outfit made good use of a Lehigh kick which went out of bounds on the 15 yard stripe. A series of short plays brought the ball to within two inches of victory, from which point Superka plunged across and then proceeded to kick the extra count. Just before the linal whistle, Oico scored after McCahan had inter- cepted a Lehigh pass. Superka again successfully booted the extra point. Gettysburg 6 7 0 0-13 Dickinson 0 0 0 0- 0 A first half onslaught, which gained 13 points and toppled a fight- ing Dickinson eleven, moved the Bullets one more rung up the con- ference ladder and featured on the Fatheris Day program. Cico and Su- perka divided the scoring honors, Gico plunging oved in the first per- iod, and Superka dashing across from, the 11-yard mark in the second. Superka also booted the extra unit. Gettysburg 0 7 7 0--14 Ursinus 0 0 0 6- 6 A 14-6 victory by the Orange and Blue gridiron warriors over the Ur- sinus Bears resulted in undisputed first position in the conference, with only a tie with F and M necessary for the championship. It was a high- ly aggressive Bullet eleven, showing superior punting and an almost im- penetrable defense, that subdued the Bruins and won its sixth straight victory. Late in the second quarter Sassaman faded back to the Ursinus 43-yard stripe and rifled a forty yard pass to Cico who stepped over for the score. Superka successfully ac- complished the conversion. In the third frame when Ursinus attempted to punt from their twelve yard line, the two Bullet ends, Fish and Sobo- lesky, broke through and blocked the kick, Brown falling on it in the end zone. Once again Superka's educated toe produced a point. A pass, Price to J ohnson, was good for six points for Ursinns in the last quarter. Gettysburg 0 0 0 0- 0 Fand M 0 0 7 12-19 YVith only a tie necessary for the conference crown, a light Bullet eleven found that it took more than the will to win against a much heav- ier Nevonian aggregation, for the Bream men were deluged by 19 points in the second half. This an- nual and ancient Turkey Day clash saw the Orange and Blue held to a tie with F and M for the champion- ship, and also ended up a successful season of six wins and two loses. The entire nrst half was a dcadlocked battle with neither squad obtaining an edge. But in the third period the power possessed by the heavier eleven showed, with the Blue and WVhite marching straight down the field to push the leather across. Two costly fumbles by Gettysburg receiv- ers in the final period, indirectly re- sulted in F and M scores. lVhen Su- perka fumbled on his 17 yard line, McCormick took the ball across on the next play. Cook fumbled the kick- off and again F and M recovered. This time Hummer raced the neces- sary 27 yards to end the scoring. one hundred seventy-two one hundred sevenfy-Hwree 7. ..,.f,- -r H772 QL . l W jg, :R f, FRESI-IMAN FOOTBALL October 26-F. and M. FTeshmen 13 Gettysburg Freshmen 12 November 6-Dickinson Freshmen 0 Gettysburg Freshmen 12 N'OVQl'11b61'2iL-PC1111 State Fresh. 29 Gettysburg Fr Linevup Ends-Furuey, Ehringer, Daugherty Tackles-Staubitz, Bacha, Hughes, Miller Guards-Q. Florence, Ross, Fair, Soderberg Centers-Hebert, Smith, E. Florence Fullbacks-Cooper, Guldiu Halfbacks-Peruik, Yevak, Skelly QH2l1't81'b2lCkS-J181'P, Longeuecker, Fetrow one hundred seventy-four Ea'3Ei35E?'f'f -' ' eshmen 0 Pj3K1'Eki j" ll'L215' M v Ucigns 'Dhmuns Lewis Coach Brcaun Unhle Walker Meumgcr Kuhlmau Kozum Ciuo MucMi11an Fish Morris TEAM MacMillan Fish Cico Morris Kozma Thomas Goble Lewis SHSSEIIBHII WVa1ke1' Heiges Kulmau, Mgr. one hundred sevenfy-five 54-YY Yi V ' I ,ke N Y ir V if ' i i J I5-'Tf'1T.Y?v':TT"-gag' ' 21:-: 4'T1E'E2'gT'l Gettysburg 16 23-39 Shippensburg 15 16-31 lVitl1 Fish and MacMillan leading the attack, the Bullets opened their season with a 39 to 31 Win over Shippensburg. Gettysburg 25 13-38 Mt. St. Mai-y's 15 10-25 Setting up a iirst half lead of 10 points, the Orange and Blue coasted to an easy victory over Mt. St. Mai-y's. Gettysburg 19 17-36 Ursinus 18 14-32 lVith three minutes to go, Jack Fish sank tive foul goals to give the Bream-coached outfit a 36-32 victory over Ursinus at Oollegeville. Gettysburg 18 19-37 Lebanon Valley 17 6-23 After being held in check for thirty minutes of play, the Orange and Blue hit their stride to vanquish Lebanon Valley 37 to 23 in a league game played at home. Gettysburg 21 13-31 Drexel 12 15-27 Scoring eleven points before the Dragons tallied one, the locals handed Drexel a 34 to 27 drubbing at lQ'hiladelphia. Gettysburg 17 21-41 Lebanon Valley 1.2 11-23 VVith Fish scoring 21 points, the nien of Bream had little trouble trouncing Lebanon Valley to the tune oi' 11. to 23 at Lebanon. Gettysburg 11 5-19 Mt. St. Mary's 13 12-25 Handicapped by the snlall playing lioor at the home of the Mounts. the Bullets sull'ered their Iirst defeat ot the season, 25 to 19. Gettysburg 18 18-36 Dickinson 18 1 6-21 Holding a 31 to 2-1 lead with but three minutes to play. Dickinson threw a scare into the Orange and Blue wi tl1 three quick iield goals. but a foul by flieo and two 'tield goals by Fish gave the Bullets a 36 to 31 win. Gettysburg .11 19-30 Muhlenburn- Y 12 20-32 For the first time in 'four years, the locals lost temporary leadership in the league when a last minute iield goal sent the Bullets down to a 32 to 30 defeat. Gettysburg 9 19-28 F. 8 M. 13 13-26 The score standing 26 to 26 Cico dropped a, lield goal from well be- yond the center of the floor to give the Orange and Blue a 28 to 26 vic- tory over F. 8. M. Gettysburg 27 30-57 Drexel ' S 6-14 Playing again on their home floor, the Bullets swamped the Drexel Dragons-57 to 14. Gettysburg 20 34-51 Muhlenburg 19 19-38 1Vhen Muhleuburg visited the lo- cals took advantage of the opportun- ity to avenge the setback handed them earlier in the season and wal- lopecl the league leaders to 38 to go into a tie for the league leader- ship. Fish scored 21 points and Mac- Millan 11. Gettysburg 26 28-54 Albright 12 20-32 Albright proved an easy opponent for the Breain-coached outfit and the locals won an easy victory, 51 to 32. Gettysburg 19 11-33 Dickinson 18 1 6-31 In a game played at Carlisle, the Red Devils spurted in the last eight minutes to defeat the Bullets by the close score of 3+ to ?3. D Gettysburg 36 23-59 Ursinus 11 21-33 Tn one ot the best exhibitions of tloor work, passing and shooting dis- played all season, the Orange and Blue up an early lead to coast in an -easy winner over Ursinus Gettysburg 28 31-62 Albright 14 12-26 The locals encountered no trouble in disposing of the Albright Parsons 62-26. This victory clinched the league crown for the Bullets for the fourth consecutive year. Gettysburg 13 19-32 F. X M. 10 11-21 . 1Vith the league diadem safely iii their possession for another year. the Bullets took F. X M. into camp -22 to 21. one hu nd red seventy-six J dr' 48 Q , :-41 1. X R 9 f x 1 ' f . , . one hundred sevenfy seven J an J an - J an Feb Feb Feb Feb Mar. 6 Fo 1"1 or 1-z'c I 3-Kitzmiller Dr cerls Y csx' nk Florence Stumlmugh G'uaJ'zZs --Ross Cooper Guldin Herr Guildiu Feirfcr Ccutfrrs -Wolfg rlll g Smith FRESI-IMAN BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 15-Tressler Orpha11's Home 17 Gettysburg Freshmen . 18-Y. C. I. 28 Gettysburg Freshmen 21-Gettysburg Academy 21 Gettysburg Freshmen 6-Dickinson Freshmen 27 Gettysburg Freshmen 16-Perkiomen 35 Gettysburg Freshmen . 20-Y. C. I. 25 Gettysburg Freshmen 27-Dickinson F1'CSl1D1011 41 Gettysburg Freshmen -Gettysburg Academy 24 Gettysburg Freshmen one hundred seventy-eight' 37 23 26 34 39 41 38 22 f'fl'l3m-4Y-'L--EFrE'i3'-1H'!i!'f'2.?.ii?i f""'i"'-l"" ,Z Z -rl?-""" L Slflfiliflfllfc UM Mazinger Day Jones Bollinger Snyder Smith MacMillan Hummel Morris Coach Plank Ollzcwicz Howard Nowicki Houghton Birely Ruby Dracha Cleo Kozum B A S E B A L L TEAM Olkewicz Kozma Howard Bollinger Maust Smith Cico Jones Morris Snyder Dracha MacMillan Bierley Houghton, Capt. Day, Mgr. Lower, Asst. M gr. Dartmouth-Gettysburg, rain. The Bullets traveled to the Naval Gettysburg 001220 23X-10 Academy and easily won a victory Dickinson 010 010 020- 4 over the Midshipmen by a 12 to 5 YVith Jones leading the attack with four hits and Bollinger spacing out the visitors four base blows.. the Bullets opened their season with an easy 10 to 4 win over Dickinson on Nixon field. Gettysburg 030 030 30x-9 TVestern Maryl'd 041 000 300-8 In a game in which errors played an important part, both teams com- mitting flve, the Orange and Blue nosed out the Green Terrors from Western Maryland 9 to 8 in a hard hitting fracas. Both teams had 12 hits, Kozma and Howard contribut- ing three apiece toward the local win. Gettysburg 711 020 010-12 Navy 110 110 100- 5 score. The result was never in doubt after the first inning when the locals laid down a barrage of base hits, led by Jones and Houghton, to score seven runs. Gettysburg 000 110 02X-4 Juniata 030 000 000-3 The locals continued their win- ning streak by edging out a close win over Juniata by virtue of an eighth inning rally which turned the tide in favor of the Bullets 4 to 3. Bollinger pitched a steady game after the second inning and spaced out the 12 hits he allowed the vis- itors. Gettysburg 030 000 000- 3 Dickinson 002 031 33X-12 When the support behind the pitch- one hundred seventy-nine E v 11 J ,L ,f , V' , ,-- , - -L, 3. ,ll .fja tw ers failed and the local team com- mitted six errors, the Bullets re- ceived a severe thrashing at the hand of Dickinson at Carlisle by a score of 12 to 3. This defeat broke the locals winning streak. Gettysburg-Ursinus, rain. Gettysburg 000 011 110-4: Drexel 000 110 000-2 YVith Kozma pitching superb ball and allowing the opponents but six hits, the battlefield team took tl1e Drexel Dragons into camp at Phil- adelphia by a 4 to 2 score. Gettysburg 001 002 200-5 Albright 020 000 330-8 In a comedy of errors when the local defense folded up completely and committed 10 miscues, Albright took advantage of these breaks to score an S to 5 win over the Bullets on Nixon field. Gettysburg 600 003 30x-12 Lebanon Valley 101 004 000-- 6 Lebanon Valley could not survive the barrage of 18 base hits laid down by the locals and surrended to the Orange and Blue in a game played on Nixon field by a score of 12 to 6. Olkewicz, Morris, and Dracha led the hitting for the locals with 3 apiece. Gettysburg 000 000 000-0 Bucknell 002 101 10X-5 f" 1 it L 1F EZ- ..i., 1 , 1 if 'ip 1, K fix! "' L 25' 4 In a game played at the home of the Bisous, the locals could not find their batting eye and lost to the Up- State team by a 5 to 0 score. Gettysburg 000 000 000-0 Benn State G00 021 00x-9 Still in their batting slump, the battlefield boys encountered the Nittany Lions at Sate College and dropped a 9 to 0 verdict. Gettysburg 001 210 000-7 Westeifn Maryl'd 100 310 102-8 By virtue of a last minute rally Wifest-ern Maryland nosed out the Bullets by a score of S to 7 in a hard fought game played at xNV9SIl'll111StG1'. Gettysburg 000 030 010-4 Lebanon Valley 000 012 002-5 In a game played at Annville as a farewell to "Hooks" Mylin, Lebanon Valley's coach, the home team spurted in the ninth inning to nose out the Bullets 5' to 4. Gettysburg 341 022 X-12 Mt. St. Marys 000 010 0- 1 In a game which was played before a Commencement day crowd and which was interrupted at the end of the seventh inning because of rain, the Orange and Blue easily con- quered their old riva.l, Mt. St. Marys by a 12 to 1 score. Howard, pitching his last game for his alma mater, allowed but four hits and struck out five men in the shortened game. 1111 ' 111 11 E7 A1 if f 1 5 .1 is HHH Q XY, I 1 uv f 1 fic, 4: ,G it G: i11'i' QWQM' I 55- in td. L f it 2 lf Qi ml ,I k , 2 :1':' 3 agus .--1 .-11-1 .1 lm- 1 ' 11' one hundred eighty egg, -'.' S5Q1?Pjlj41'II'flf2 lj M Bus Cohle Snulu 'XI1U12'l, Jacobi Mnssmgex mmne hum A L ,nuns nun 101115 Urmlll TRACK luesday, 513111 91 Irldlllxllll and Mcuslmll Sdtlll dag, May 5 D1Clx1DSOD Satm div, Mav 19 Cenual P611119VlVZl111d COIHGI ence X XRQITY I TFNDER Managev R JACOBS Assoczaic Managev x VVALKLR, M MANNIINC Asszsmwf Ilfmmqcvs G1ee11 Morull RICG1D111S J ones B1 aml N-VISG Goble 'lhomas Soboleslq ,ff " 5 gqdlkgp, 3 -'fr 'X A ru F, 1 us-Jr uf W2-fwf e 'W www A V , ,559 wi. 1 one hundred elghfy one ,. , ,. ' f.. I 1 J' ' ' TI I ' " 1'1" C 'E V 3, . ' " 'X -' 1 1- Y ' 1 1 . 1 a . v . ' v' w .L 4-1 ' V ' .I 0 , , g A . 1 - V - 1 1 'I -7 1 C L .A D . up , 71 L. . u . . . . V' V- ' . ' . . . V' Vi X V ' . V .' A, ' ' L . , f d ' A 7 , Y , . V - Af- ' F fx A49-!' L ' -'Q - ' . I' 7' "L, , ,-"-A - 1,-.51 in . ,1V "1 ' ' , :V-ff-' ' . 'r ' -g,- ,V -VV VV ' f ' 73 - , , in : n,f 4, - wg- iz' -.1 V ' "la V. -V .' ' ' f .. RWM W . 4 . 4 .. f e f- V1 i -- - -' vw ' " ' U V ' . ' ' f '. .-:T ,Q " 1 ' -. A N ' -' ' -V, VVVA' VVV V ,- -: '- A , -Y 1V 25 fx! ,. V ,,-. J, H1 gml d ,fm MQ ..-'ying' ly' . ji ' ,- -,- ...L 1 J.. 45,51 V V 4, ' . , 4 , --ff 1 -fe, 7 . , -V ,V -- V , . , ,L ., VI- V , V . , Vv, 'V as V. ,y .1 -, V - , -- L5 f Q. 1 VV.,-V-5 -9 , V V .. . , A - ' , ' .." , eV 1' ,Y ,V J -mg., , - ' ,A - x N - ,V 3.3,-V X F , X , .. T, VY .iii -Ml X V. . I Q j . . "'- :LR ge. 5' -, V W' I I , - 2. fn, ' y , f V , 1 1-1 , ., VV1 116 N . Ve: --.',vz1V . '- . 3 V 1 ' ' '- -,g L- gf... . --J - ,. e g, . '- . r thi? 1 4 -11'-.M-:L .'- V-fi V : - V R . ' ' 4254- -Q.-V"-Azi' af2gn.'?tf.:ff.n F,.- 'X W sv V V ,K V V' ' K: - , E?Hi?MVi,?.tQLffV??Vl'-5l.iJ5l53:f+9 RH' gz- ' Y "'f':?'e xiii ,-iililfkfi n ' -. 'f V -1.152152 'x'',i?f"g'?5fff'v'79'Ef"4"?3 ' if J -we-J f1:L1i'f5rf5-v-L-12.1 Liifnfe 'Ti' av A ".'1."V:,. - EL- I3-'11-Q?-53JEx:'3f'v?T"fT.a7i " H : 79'-7'11:5.' .. if -Affliimifxff'-E 575' f11"?kL'594 , 4- V5 -4- ,x .-.,. -,-,,,,:.V. ,vJm.N..e-v. . x-., f 1-1 ,,.4V.1,,y. Vey ,, Q., , f .Le , V. ., .Au ., v V. W- I- r ' ' r: 'lf-, .AV '23E3c,,.,- 'fan lt, A 3557 ,V .- 11 - , .nag--rift. ,Qi 353115. , Y L ' 51 wig S I! K - M., , ... I Vm,,,., ,I Y T.. 3 J SA, MJF' KW. Q35 I A.. . ' ' -'11 H 75 4 1--V:'-2- ' ' "-A--1.'.:eeef..41'- '- L A .f' V V Y . ' 'i' jf ir' :xiii 513 "- 'j iff ,' -' 5' "V" " T-1, . - V f Q . F'. . ... 'TE 'iff' :"-." 1 it. in 't?4i"fTE ':+':'i- Swv- f VV . j V-'- Y 1 ,V. L 'ly . .7 B 'tie L 55 Af-'I V53 I ms-sw I . .- ,, . SOCCER J 14, LUL Penn State 9 Gettysburg Navy 4: Gettysburg XX7GStC1'11 Maryland 0 Gettysburg Dickinson 2 Gettysburg Ursiuus 2 Gettysburg Frallklin and Marshall 1 Gettysburg H. Mmm: . Manager -T. :R,lCl1II1'C-l .... ..... R. Bowlus .... ...... C . F. Eckert .... R. F. G. Bowlus ..... .... R -. F. YV. R. Jones . . . L. F. E. XVor1ey ..... R. H. Con h H tslorne C. C1l1'O1liSfQ1' .. . S. Ecker ....... F. Gillespie .... C. Lerch ..... P. Wi.1liams . . . R. Fink ...... F. elsel .... R. Morris .... W. Goble one hundred eightyftwo ....L.H. ...I. C I. ...O. CHE H H'1ve1 fol d Lflfayette Rutgel s Temple Muna 61 Wal um Bulm un Uluvh Sdm dt Manu cr Lau Pl l C L11 C1111 nm Lange 10 ps or Yost Bowers Sc fuss Sobeleslg Chap an W R E S T L I N G Johns Hopkms Ulslnus F and M EMBERS L Ban . Serfass Bowers Hong Sobolesky Yfowicki Renshaw Chapman Gettysb 111 g Getty sbm g Gettysbul g Grettysbul g C effysblu g Getty iblll g, C GJCtYSbU1 Q . Ma nalgeo' Brown ' Yost Ulrich Shilner Lange Graham McCracken one hundred 'eigl1'ry-H1 ree Coach Von Sclnverdtner Coach Glenn, Manager Stcckroth Fink Livingoocl Mcllhenny Smith Achey Dlll1kQ1b0l'gQ1' Brazel Uh-iclx H' Conch Glenn TENNIS April 14 April 21 April 25 April 27 April 28 May 2 May 10 May 12 May 16 May 19 May 22 . Johns Hopkins Wfestern Maryland . Lebanon Valley . Bucknell Penn State . Catawba . Muhlenburg . . . Dickinson . WCStG1'H Maryland Wfashington and Jefferson . . . Dickinson VAR SITY H. STIQCKILOTH . . M cwmgefr O. ACHEY J. Brazel H. Dunkleberger R. Fink one hundred Aeighiy-four . . . Captwin J. Livingood R. Ulrich p U 1 Hg' gjii,j'.jj H I9 M Donchoo Compton Lowu llunghertx Ium Broun Brictul XX 0910111301 gc: l'1l1c5 H unu RIFLE 193-J LIBI 1 UJAWI Hartlnall Tilley Lower Dzulgllerty Irwin Lawley Bristol H111-ner Coach Mnshhurn one hundred eighfy-five Kr, IAA- A I 1 F E A'I'U R E S , ,,-4', Q N j V Y -eg: V21 - 1' - I. F, FV fill' 1.11 wi ' , ' ' -.-,y..,,,, .f. + by I f 1 - 4- A my ' NX ' sm , W ' 1 1 E., x f ,N W I N 1 I X X 1 A L , X Xf V If ' h I, if as EL X5 fi U 12 5 135+- ,?E:,f Fi i HIPS?-H' ES lit lil QQ 'li lip ll till eaaiggiii-f:E5aic ii'Nz In sr 'ffl ARLY on the morn of May twelfth in the depressionistic year of 1934, cars bearing the mothers of Gettysburg sons began to pour upon the campus, and the Mother's Day ceremony which proved to be the largest and most successful in the ten years of its observance was inaugurated. The entire morning was spent in registration and ill the distribution of tickets to the various eve11ts planned for the momentous occasion. Immediately after the noon meal had been digested the R. O. T. C. unit rendered a brilliant drill demonstration on the football field. This was followed by a baseball game with Lebanon Valley College and we, incidentally, were victorious. A tennis match with the Dickinson team was in progress at the same time, the results being-well, we didn't win. At three o'clock Mrs. Hanson officially welcomed the guests to the campus at the annual reception held in the "YVhite House," our campusorial capitol. The most important and inspiring event of the day was the collation held in the gymnasium at which there were 11ea.rly five hundred people in attendance. Miss Anne J arvis, the founder of Motherls Day was the speaker and a most pleasing dissertation it was. Mrs. J. H. Manges responded to the speech made by the student repre- sentative, Paul Smith. Dr. Hanson also gave a short talk appropriate to the occasion. The collation was followed by a presentation of the famous his- torical play, "Disraeli," which was well executed and thoroughly enjoyed by all attending. On Sunday morning an impressive service was held in Brua Chapel at which time Dr. Hanson presented the sermon. The sermon related the mean- ing of Mother's Day to mothers, to their sons, and its meaning to the campus. A concert given by the combined college band, glee club, and orchestra. con- cluded quite tittingly the happy celebration. iVe were mighty pleased to be able to display our pride in our mothers during these two days, and our prayers Sunday night were lifted with the hope that there would be many more such joyful occasions in store for ns. one hundred eighty-nine in if ritj lf. - -.Y . r -if 'Asig,,1qfe-fqf,f,f' 7 ,.- af f-f-.,,.-,,.,..,.:..,.T ,,1.,,....-.:.,-.,.. ,,,-, v tl. ww-,-AH 1 7,1-,. l . ii, H . -V V- L J , U- .DL ' L-: -444-,,-4.w,. ...-,- . ,,... Y Lg 1,724 ,. ..,, f . one hundred ninelry 'dz' ll QP 'I lil - V E CAMP US EVENTS College formally opens Septem- ber 20 with an 2LC2.l.119111lC pro- cession to the chapel. Delegation of Ihllizm Sl'lld9lll'S visifs the Campus on Septem- ber F' Sf l ff ,H lf M n-iwefagzimgff?-fd.MM'1e' 5 1 HH- I 0 E' .2 'T 12 First tribulml Svlniences 0l.'1'iI1Q FI'l3SlllllCll ou Ocztobmf 12. one hundred nfnefy-one Y uf . L ZIT LL1?-1 y - 21'- ,ng , 12- Y., i7 41 ' .1 LL..: ! ,, : ,-,::.-Jx fl 5: iiiz-'-L .u '-new-A 1-1944, one hund red ninefy-'rwo V I- ,J YQ -' 5 - November 3-Homecoming Day -traditional Soph-Frosh inter- class contests the feature of the lnorning. W ' 7 n.m"'...4:','-:- W ' ,,- , H f ?QiG!aT3-Emiiwifilisl QQ 'Y-' wi gg an-1:'f.i.-:,y,,.q.f-mga-:m...-:.11-.Lame U 1-'.1QgQfizirg-sf.zfwffgfi W' me Us ' ' " ' i e . 3 1 1 OVGIDDGI' 3 -Lehigh brings i bgmfigimm5M, 1, ,, E, 1-72,4 .ww V hundred piece band to Gettysi 1 " Q-, . A N 5 ,..N 1 ,. ,i burg for the Homecoming Day W . c""" 1 N , , ' f 5 N v t game. Victory over Lehigh makes Homecoming Day a success. Score-Gettysburg 14 Lehigh 0 November 10-Dickinson genie. Dr. Corson, president of Dick- inson :Lttends with Dr. Hanson. Ofticials and captains of the teams meet before kick-off. Gettysburg crosses Dickinson goal line. Score-Gettysburg 13 Dickinson 0 November 20-SPIQCKIFRUM pho- tographer goes into action. For result of this picture see page 101. Q e 1 r Y 5 1 I I 5 3 E i i , ..,, ., . ,, some hundred nineiy-Three " ' ' Y 'f-'?J':5l7F'fiE!gxu1itr:5-i'2.E+'kLla??..iE'i?iP , .iiirhsav-rqipzwu w4va.'.2l!4!E?5.ZZ-5:5 1 gl.. l L, I I l one hundred ninety-tour 9' 6' Football season ends with a splash. Central iigure, Manager Ed Hepford. January 3-Christnlas vacation ends. Kulman returns from Manhattan. January 10-Hildebrand, lucky Freshman, rolls peanut down basketball floor and escapes the- Tribunal, W 11 i c li functions again, January 11, after a long vacation. January 23-Heavy snow ar- rives in time for exams. Harvey Serfass, Gettysburgg's star wrestler, completes his second year undefeated. Professors have a way of Cans- ing headaches. Note Dr. Zinnts example. M ,, , ,gnu My ,1 , , , , f 2--w,:Y,,3s4,41.3-e,i.,,..L-Y -:l,,g gg'i ,1, .Jg,. ,ci:' 1:.:.f.i15.1.x:1i'f.. l-3.'E'L'27J :1' W -ff?" l'5-41513 1 " ' H -'ffl -Fp5"'9- - ' w gs ggqjff HIPTNI ,-A. : 1-. A1.,. 1: fl mu H, wmv H H . gn' 1... T-,x Y.x:,::,w, ,, w., W I . W E 'sas :1f,.,. ' L' . 1 ' x.,..t, Fd. V, i, . 1 if 5.311 . i . 1 xi ,v 5 ' ,' ' wg. Q w X w X .4 W i 1 l , '1 1 + I ' ig ,, , 5 ? l ' I . 'jj'-F ' -gf W ! I ' TTlf':'f I I w K x ww x., ' , 1 , -' -. -1. ' I --f sic.. gg ,,. vw- :fi iff' if M hggg. ' , .. , - .1-,,-M, W 'N' M HF 4 ' 411'-j H 1 Yr? I I e, A Num 4229 , N V I f a - 1 ff 1' '5 ,1 W V, Y X X ,' -23vj?f ,f"f3:'1fv , ' '7' , ' - " ww my, .-:,X.,w- Jw , V , N Y 2 -- -V T H ,,,y,,4 F.-. .W g A I v ,1 w . 1 ,Q-315, ,- -1 m U muL,-na ,.,: -,, - -H: gi . w ., , -4- . . . . w m I, I: H, .Jim Y. MH.. . l il g V ,, Mfgf WE i 4 fa ' '?" 'Qi . ' A 4 W as f ig f iw l biggkjesq in 1 .Vg . f :, l,1 I f ...4 - . -rv 'iid -,-,ax JJ AROUND THE CAMPUS one hundred ninefy-five E, 2 : mf m- -. ,, fm-:i1 ,, af JUNIOR PROM-FEBRUARY 1 CENTRAL PENNSYLVANIA Y. M. C. A. CONVENTION one hund red ni nelry-six INTERIOR OF Y. M. C. A INTERIOR OF LIBRARY one hundred ninelry-seven 1 U fy li - APPRECIATION The production of the 1936 SPTCTRUM was greatly facili- tated by the assistance cheerfully given us by our friends. DR. H. W. A. HANsoN DR. T. L. CLINE and DR. R. S. SABY MR. C. VV. BEACHEBI PROFESSOR J. H. :KNICKERBOCKER THE OFFICE STAFES of Gettysburg College MR. CELIMIETT F. DEADY, of the Lynchburg Engraving Company MR. SIDNEY C. SCI-IULTZ, of the Roebuck Printing Company MR. HESRRY HOLLANDER, of Hollander and Feldman TFIE LYNCHBURG ENGRAVING Co., of Lynchburg, Va. H. G. ROEBUCK 8: SON, Printers HOLLANDER Sz FELDLIAN, Photographers THE ADVERTISERS one hundred nineiy-eighi AD ERTI EME fi ff .Rx f--.1 fi Y .ff K 'Ni ,Q,'-.!- X 1 KT- - . -- xf-X Fifa mf F515 2 1 K fic, ini' Ag. f, M, Q W , Eff Zi ww-E! if if 3 .f-' 'kv-wv"'m"-v'3F?'ff 4 I 'A 1' '-WE ' - ':.i?J?-2111 2728.24 Q . ,. 9 3 952.5 if ,fri-'m?'n - . X Q M ,gps ,, . . I -': . . V- 1 5 . -5 h, ,.3 .. -- .Tf -.f 25' 'v .dwg X vs:,"i 1 fr N r- aff.. ,:.-X-f :-Aff. 23:4 .X , Q Q 1 X rg.--,sis-A 'ht'-'pg-..:h,.L ,IN f ef MPX X53 .- I, ET.f'-2,3 1. 'f Q " 'I ' x xxx lik 1 '. I . f X k. :X fx L fi ifwixfi' Q Q I ' ff -was f. - ff ef: Fi? 'Q mpg. V? 'mg 1 1" X. in .2 Q L ' ' " -- Ui .4 NJ' 511 -14-' -Luz! 'ML - 'PN 7 9379 'ZZ' ' . P J 4 ,jf-Y E. xx 1 Ag P251 jf, 4.5 , fx K f? if -' f I X, . A-, 4 , f ,- 1 kg I Q 'i f,:.."' REE, fi , " ei 1 , pf " "xg X4 . V .1 r '- 5, if 1 of I .fra I I 'XILFJ ,flf E125 -FN f 1 fQ:fp:a:-- H ' 'E 4- Li: X: k ' 'f'5..5,L'F,,? N. 1 xi Q "9 "" ,fy qi' ' fhlli. , 3 iw . if 5115! 'M - 'lim 'O ..g..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.,g ! ..... ....q..q........a..p-.,. . ..q.-o. ,.q..........q--o-o--o-v-o-o-o+-g- COLLEGE BOOK STORE ON THE CAMPUS 0 Student Supplies a n cl N o v e I t i e s , O 6 Y ! Q P. CESSNA E. L. BERGSTRESSER, Faculty A d-visor - Manager Jrwo hu nd red -9- 'DMO- D10-1 y4v-Q-0-0-Q-0-l-f0-m--lv-0- -3.-Q-0 -I 2 E .gun-Q1-g..g..g.. ..g..g. . .guy -.g..g. ..q..q..g..g..g.- up -.q-q..gv.g.q..q..g... g..g..g--5-'gags-Q. GETTYSBURG COLLEGE fliounded in 18321 GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA Gettysburg College: I. Is the Oldest Lutheran College in America. 2. Is a distinctly small College of limited enrollment located on the famous battleheld. 3, I-Ias a campus of nearly 100 acres on which there are 20 buildings moclernly equipped. These include a new 70,000 volume library which enjoys an annual grant of the Carnegie Foundation. 4 Ranked third among Pennsylvania Colleges in the percentage of living alumni who appeared in the 16th volume of WI-IO'S WHO IN AMERICA. 5 Is the only Lutheran institution having a chapter of the honorary scholastic society of Phi Beta Kappa and offering Military Training fR. O. T. CJ 6 Regards education as character-building rather than the amassing of informa- tion or the acquiring of skills. 7 Is fully accredited by the association of American Universities, the department of Public Instruction of Pennsylvania, the Board of Regents of the State of New York and the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Middle States and Maryland. Ir holds an "A" rating by the University of Illinois. Courses Offered Include: Arts and Sciences General cultural coursesg also prexninisterial, pre- medical and pre-legal coursesg and preparation for industrial chemistry and for teaching. Business Adxninistration Preparation for positions in banking, accounting, merchandising and general business and commerce. Engineering This departments offers courses in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineer- ing. SUMMER SCHOOL WILL OPEN FOR A TERM OF SIX WEEKS COMMENCING JUNE 24 COLLEGE OPENS POR MEN AND WOMEN SEPTEMBER 19, 1935 For Catalogue and Book of Views Write: I-Ienry W. A. Hanson, D.D., LL.D,, President ..g..g..g..g..g..g..g.....g.....g....-o--Q-....g.....g. . GETTYSBURG, PA. Jrwo hundred one w44w..oa44+ SITTINGS BY APPOINTMENT BELL PHONE "OUR PORTRAITS LIVE FOREVERH HOLLAN DER 86 FELDMAN Photographers 1705 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. 0 Photographers for the 1936 "SPECTRUM" 9 Specializing in School And College Annuals .4 . g. g..g..q..g..g..g. g..g g..g..g.....g..g.....g..q.....g.....q..g..g..g..g..g..g.....pq ...g..g..g..gwouo-.o-ynwo-s-oo-nwg.-p-o-c 'l'wo hundred 'rwo -1--Q-0-vo-4-vi I--O--if-0-so g..g..g.. -0 Of -0 .mug 400 .q..g..g.-g..g..g..g.-gng. NO -of-0-0-Q-Q-4-'O-'Q-'Cub-'oo-04-of-01 - Hu--0--l..0-. 'Say it with Flowers" 55 YEARS GF DEPENDABLE FLORAL SERVICE TO OUR GETTYSBURG PATRONS CREMER F l o r i s t HANOVER, PENNA. The College Bulletin and The View Book Are the products of our plant where dis- tinctive typography and careful supervision gives to all college printing the appearance of work well done. We always delight in helping to plan any piece of printing matter. W TI-IE MAPLE PRESS COMPANY Yoluc, PENNSYLVANIA nQ-0ol-Ov001-0-lvO0lwQo0ulw0--0-v0ulf-0--0- 0--0 0-muIwc--0--0--I-ll'-0-40-ul--lv0-I--0--0-fc--0--0 two hundred three BREHM The Tailor ASK THE ALUMNI ... E COMPLIMENTS OF The Gettysburg National Bank fCOLLEGE DEPOSITORYJ GETTYSBURG PENNA. DELECTO DAIRY A "ON THE SQUARE" -HAVE YOU TRIED OUR- Lunches Ice Cream Delicatessen Dairy Produces GETTYSBURG ICE 86 STORAGE COMPANY ICE - ICE CREAM PASTEURIZED MILK G. B. DOUG:-IERTY, Mgr. GET THEM AT Remrnelys Print Shop Printing, Mimeographing, Notebooks, Student's Needs '54 CI-IAMBERSBURG STREET LEI-IiVIAYER'S, INC. YORK, PA. OUR REPRESENTATIVE CALLS EVERY MONTH Compliments of WARNER BROTHERS Majestic Theatre COMPLIMENTS OF Varsity Barber Shop WEBB PRINTING COMPANY THE: BATTLEFIELD PRESS PUBLISHERS and PRINTERS Only Lutheran Printer in Gettysburg 149 E. Middle St. Gettysburg, Pa. Have Your Clothes Cleaned Sz Pressed at GILBERT'S 52 CHAMBERSBURG ST. Student Rep., "Bob Kirkpatrick" Room 118, Old Dorm' A. B. PLAN K Plumbing and Heating Contractor AMERICAN RESTAURANT 13 CHAMBERSBURG ST. Open Day and Night Gettysburg, Pa. Regular Dinners and A La Carte Serfuice Sandwiches and Homemade Pies Meet Your Friends at THE MIRROR Center Square CAN DY-REFRESHMENTS STUDENT MEAL TICKETS Sfmcial Limclzes and Affcr Dance Fa'vm'ife.v .4ug..g..pq..g..g....-n..o..q..g..g.... .......g.....q........g........g..g..g..Q........g.....g..g..g........g.................g..g..g.....g..g..g.....Q.....g,.g..g..g.....g..g.. two hu ncired five .5 H 6. LYNCI-IBUR6 ENGRAVED ANNUALS ARE BUILT UPON YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AS SPECIALISTS IN TI-IE FIELD OF SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS . of IN successfully Fuliilling the requirements of the modern College Annual Staff we have combined a comprehensive and systematic servicing program with that high standard of quality so essential in the production ol: Fine yearhoolcs. Lynchburg engraved annuals are built by an organization: specializing on school annuals exclusively, there- by assuring each statt oF the personal and in- telligent assistance so necessary in the planning and designing of a truly satisfactory boolc. LYNCHBURG ENGRAVING -COMPANY- LYNCH BU RG - VIRGINIA Iwo hundred six l'O'l0O0l"lvOvO0lNO SPECTRUM A Modern Annual V Throughout its production, every care was exercised in building a year book which would be a credit to the Gettysburg College and ourselves. To school and college annual staffs everywhere, we offer our com- pletely equipped plant, our years of college craftsman experience, willing service and quality printing. H. G. ROEBUCK 8: SON 'HQ W. Mulberry Street BALTIMQRE ...................... .................... Jrvvo hundred seven ..g..p..g..g..q..q..g..g..e..g.,g..g..g..g..p .. -1. -on .r.-n..a..q-fe g.. .g....,g.-9.-9.-9.4--c..g..q.-g.,g..g..

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