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,ge Sakhah Korea JAPAN T , Mariana alwan Islands Arabian ea Bay of Bengal Vietnam G A Ham Maldives anka Mala a Borne New + EQUATOR 'f' Guinea + Sumatra Java R Seychelles ' Indonesia + Tropic of Capricorn + MADAGASCAR INDIAN OCEAN Prince Edward Kerguelen -1 ,, ,,....1. ..,......--.....- gQ'1i,LQi ..-, ,XY . if .Q-S "': f 1' akhalin 'Q KAMCHATKA ' Bering Sea x I I I A Q I' f NCRTH PACIFIC San Francisco gi N San Nl . Q: ' Midway Q5 ' 5 T N I i,' ' Wake Island 3: : v I Hawfiigx ropzc of Cancer + ffffi? E5 ,emma S F1185 . ,Islands -2: PACIFIC OCEAN I .xg I. "' I" pq' Gilbeff I Phoenix l + Islands at -1- Islands , Solomon K 1 If' , Islands Euice ,I ', " I-I I Islands Samoa ' 'H I x Islands ' ' ,Htl -A f Ffefich NEWN? 1 Cook Polynesia A CALEDONIA + Islands S :E 5 5 ,3 SCUTH PACIFIC I ZEALAND 3 I I I I I Bay of Bengal Q Maldwes :I ,' Bering Sea 5 Qu Q Q NORTH PACIFIC San Francisco E San 3 Q ,Q B: Midway Manana 1 . Taiwan Islands Wake Island 'I,I,I,, ff Tropzc of Cancer -1- iq, ' Hawau x PHILIPPINES ix .Mg-,han Q " ,eariliive 1819-M18 I Gm? ,gflgf-ds :,j.b -gg PACIFIC OCEAN Seychelles + EQUATOR + Sumatra + Tropw of Caprscorn + INDIAN I Gilbert " ' phoenix V ' I I I Islands " " ' 1 + D ,C 5: -l:- Isands : 3. 'F Elliee 3 I 191811419 X Samoa Q Islands A, xx in If X E 121, .C French , Cook Polynesia ' I Islands I SOUTH PACIFIC OCLC fig C4252 ff W 024 ld i f V. A ,L.'b 'A , Q? ,"' 2 Ag H . 1 5212152 li-Ei? - g , , , 1 ' 2 A-gfk ,rj ,if,?Eg,f,5. 3? 255,15 . , V , I V! Lexi, eip- . tri" is ,V IVA, k , V,5--F5-,.,M V -1 -S55 A 1'-A 1 OW 4 .tn ..d!",,,,. L , V g yhh fi A .w,, K, -4 -A - ollow in ur Footsteps Cruise Book Staff Director. LTJG Thomas Hickey Editor: JOZCSWJ Andrea Leahy Assistant Editor: FN Reymond Agajanian Sales Director: SKZQSWJ Lilas Gawhry Committee Members: EMCCSWJ D. Zapanta OSICSWJ Hugh Rape DCZCSWJ R. Alvarez HMZCSWJ Rob Beedles HTZQSWJ Mark Hamilton SKZQSWJ Adrian Pich HM3CSWJ Kathryn Damall ET3 Dennis Perry This Cruise Book was made possible by a generous finan- cial contribution from the USS Germantown Morale, Wel- fare, and Recreation Fund. e"'mW W1 ,f tial' l A Gallons of Fuel .............. 3,118,000 gal. Cost of all that fuel .............. 83,336,260 Gallons of Fresh Water from Sea Water .............. 4,340,000 gal. Meals Served .................... 180,000 + meals Iraqi Merchant Sailors Rescued ............. 8 Sailors Miles of Toilet Pper ........... 30 + Miles 24,856 NauijcalMiies ................... DistanoeTraveled 37 .............................................. .Daysin Port 1 16 .......................... ........... D ays Underway 567,225,454 ........... ................. Ti meswe played 'Old School' on Site TV. 4056 ................ ........... H ours Underway TooMany .................................... Shots Given byMediczl Average number of hours: Watch stood by an Engineman ................ 2028 ln 90+ degree heat without Ventilation ............................... ......... 3 4 Watch stood by a Deck Seaman ............ 1900 In the chow line QE-5 8t belowl ........ .......... 5 7 Watch stood by an Operations Specialist .......... ........ 1 352 Sailors and Marines de- ployed on Germantown in 2003-2004 spent about S104,645 on soda and an- other S30,000 on phone cards. The two hot sellers generated enough cash to buy a 3-bedroom house. The Germantown Ship Store sells health and comfort items to promote crew morale. Profits raised by the store feed the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation fMWFl1fund. The Ship's Store is a double posi- tive for Germantown sailors. S 4 - e 1- e Q 6 W , L . k . , LX. USS Germantown is named after historic Germantown, Penn. Now residential section of Philadelphia, Germantown was founded in 1683. lttr, the site ofan important Revolutionary War battle fought Gct. 4, 1777 be 1 i t , the forces of General George Washington and General Sir William Hoiveiiii. the morning ofthe battle amidst dense fog, Washington's forces engaged 90h of Howe's troops. However, the American Colonists were forced to retro, when the British ranks reformed and were reinforced. Although technicalip a defeat, this battle demonstrated the colonists' tenacity and courage in batil against the better trained British troops and helped to gain French Suppgn fc. the final battle at Yorktown. The Navy ordered USS Germantown on March 26, 1982, and commissioner her Feb. 8, 1986. The ship played a significant role during Operations Desai Shield and Desert Storm. The ship was in the Arabian Gulf for the emiy, operation and deployed for a total of nine months. Germantown departed Sri Diego en route to the Gulf on 1 December 1990 as part of the large Amphibious Task Force C18 shipsj to leave the West Coast since 1965. T14 ship participated in mock amphibious assaults in the United Arab Emirars after the start of the air war in preparation for a possible amphibious assauia USS Germantown is the second Whidbey Island class dock landing ship arg was the first ship in that class to serve in the Pacific. On August 16, 2002, USS Harpers Ferry relieved USS Gemiantown asg forward deployed naval unit in Sasebo, Japan. Germantown returned toSr Diego, Ca., where she underwent a S25 million overhaul. Gerrnantoisnf 2003-2004 WestPac Cruise is the latest chapter in the ship's growing sion Take a look at pages 7-11 to see how we contributed to Operation Ing Freedom in 2003. I, fi , -- - 'XZ 'ff - ll cioistepS g USS GERMANTGWN adopted NS H1950 frOBeroftheGem1H11l0W Daniel PastoriuS, German Scholiaylpslicflcl-glgggllzib-SSSPEREN in or Wougxi - sc E U ius l ommunity. F01-GEN S1 ' d ccess P88101 -ki buf footsteps!" illustrates the Pf0SPeUtX12R1b: of Expeditionafy S26 characteristic in Germantown. takes pride in sustarningfpogiq or-Cup ours. uss GEBMANT llto"Follow111 OU . 3 , degree of Professionalism and cliggjliifs Strike group on Page 71 Steps," QY ou can find out more 21 a Quote bb' Francis L ,Z USS Germantownwestern Pacific Cruise X N USS Germantownwestern Pacific Cruise Facts, Figures, 81 History Commanding Officer Executive Officer Command Master Chief Our Mission Places We Took the Marines VBSS Flight Quarters Underway Replenishments Vertical Replenishments We Really Get Around Pearl Harbor Hawaii Singapore Manama Bahrain Darwin Australia Guam Favorite Photos General Quarters Steel Beach Picnics Holidays Crossing the Line Tiger Cruise Homecoming WestPac Babies EIC .4 .- 4 gf ontents Petty Officer Associations fRemember W'hen'?' CPhotosj Deck . lst Division 2nd Division . Engineering . Auxiliaries Electrical Machinery . Repair Operations Intelligence Weapons Communications Supply N3V1g3t1OHfAdm1H1Stf8t1OH Medical Dental Assault Craft Unit 5 Det Charlie Sc Beach Masters Unit l Memorable Photographs bl ' ' ....... ........ 2 ' ' .......... .. ' .......... ......... 4 . ...... . ' .................... ......... 5 .......................... ................... ' ......... ......... 6 ' ' .............. ........ . .. ' ' ........................................ 7 ' ' ...... .. ' .............. 8 ' ' ........ ' ........................ ....... 2 ' ....... ' ............... 4 ' ...... .. ' ' ......... ....... Q 6 ' ............ M ........ ....... l 7 ' ........ , " .......... .......... 1 8 ' ........... ' .......................................... 20 ................... .... , ' ............................. 22 ' ' ......... Jabel Ali, United Arab Emirates ...... 24 Electronics ............ .... ' , ' ............................. 27 .............. .... . ' ........ .......... 3 2 S-2 ....................................... .... ' ' .....,... .......... 3 6 ' ' ' ' ' ...... ' ....................... .......... 3 8 ' .......................................... ' ' ........ ........... 4 0 ........................................... . ' ' ............. .......... 4 4 ' , . ' ' ............ .......... 4 8 6 ' ........... . ' ........ .......... 5 O .............. . Commander Henry D. Angelino, USN Commanding fficer p A Commander Henry D. Angelino Jr. was raised in Springfield, Virginia and Palm Beach Gardeng, Florida. He received his commission through NROTC at Duke University, graduating in May 1985 and reporting to Orlando, Florida, for nuclear training. He completed nuclear training and Sur- face Warfare Officers School in February 1987, Commander Angelino reported to the USS LONG BEACH tCGN-97 in March 1987 and was as- signed as E-3 Division Officer and later as Aux- iliaries Officer. During his tour, he qualified as a Nuclear Engineer and a Surface Warfare Officer. Following his first fleet tour, Commander Angelino reported for duty as an instructor at HMS SULTAN in Gosport, England, commenc- ing in September 1990. During his two-year assignment as part of the Personnel Exchange Program, he taught various engineering subjects to enlisted personnel at the Royal Naval School of Engineering. I In June 1993, Commander Angelino completed I Department Head School and reported to USS years later, he reported to USS ABRAHAM STARK QFFG-315 as Combat Systems Officer.Two LINCOLN CCVN-725 as the Reactor Electrical Assistant. In March of 1997, he received orders to COMNAVAIRPAC, Where he served as the Maintenance Manager for USS CARL VINSON QCVN-701. Commander Angelino served as the Executive Officer aboard USS ANCHORAGE CLSD-367 fr0H1 January 1999 until July 2000. He then reported to Naval Beach Group ONE as the Chief Staff Officer. He stayed there until September 2002, earning a Masters Degree in Engineering Management from Southern Methodist University in his spare time. Commander Angelino's awards include the Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, the Navy Achievement Medal and various campaign and service medals. He is married to the former Lesley AVIUSITOHQ 0fNGWC21STlG-IIPOU-Tylle, England. They have three children and live in Coronado, CA. 4 I I 4 I I I I I I I I lised irdengh l'1IOUgl lx U Mai 1 luclem 1 1d Sur. ' 1987. ' LONG las as. S Aux. Sd asa lfiicer. I lander :tor at menc- I o-year :hange ubjects 1 iool of L pleted USS HAM ers I0 sl-701. from . :r. H6 xthem al, the ,eslCY A. ,..... .. .-A -....... . .Wa-....-.. .,,..-... ..---V -.. ..,...,.4-v--pv-1,-,ro-srsrff... .-..,...:-.,..,,.,......-.........,....,............- N..-..... ....-..-.W --N W- -- - Lieutenant Commander ernon ffButch" Neuenschwander, U Executive fficer Lieutenant Commander Neuenschwander is a na- tive of Del City, Oklahoma. He was commissioned from the Naval Academy in May 1990 with a Bachelor of Science degree and later earned a Masteris degree in Public Administration from Troy State University. Lieutenant Commander Neuenschwanderis initial sea assignment was aboard USS BRISTOL CQUNTY QLST 11985 where he sawed as Dam- age Control Assistant. His second sea assignment was Operations Officer in Maritime Prepositioned Ship Squadron Two home ported in Diego Garcia. Upon completion of Department Head School in July 1998, Lieutenant Commander Neuenschwanderis sea assignments included de- partment head tours as Operations Officer on USS RUSHMORE CLSD 471 and Surface Operations Officer on USS ESSEX QLHD ZJXU SS BELLEAU WOOD CLHA 35. Lieutenant Commander Neuenschwander served his initial shore tour as a Seamanship and Navigation Instructor at the U.S. Naval Academy. He recently completed a tour on the staff of Commander, Naval Surface Forces, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Lieutenant Commander Neuenschwander recently retired from rugby after playing 12 years, including 3 years on the All Navy Team. He also coached the 1997 United States Naval Academy Women's Team to the Collegiate National Final Four. He now enjoys spending his spare time with his wife and infant son. . His personal awards include the Navy Commendation Medal with 3 gold stars and the Navy Achievement Medal with 1 gold star. 5 CMCSVVJ Eric . Page, USN Command aster Chief - Master Chief Page was born in Long Beach, Calif' in 1961. He grew up in Arkansas, Texas, and California, and he began his Navy career in April of 1980 by attending recruit training at Naval Training Center, San Diego, CA. M Upon completion of Sonar Technician HAR School. Master Chief Page reported to his first ship, USS MORTON CDD 9485, home-ported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. He then served on USS RICHARD S, EDWARDS CDD 9501, also out of Pearl Harbor, and USS PLEDGE CMSO 4927 out of Seattle, Wash. Master Chief Page transitioned to civilian K life in April 1984. In December 1985, he reenlisted and attended Sonar Technician "Cn school at Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center CFLEASWTRACENJ in Point Loma, Calif Master Chief Page then reported to USS SCHOFIELD CFF G 31, home-ported in San Diego. Master Chief Page's tours of duty include: USS CDOK CFF 10831, San Diego, Instructor duty at FLEASWTRACEN, USS LABOON CDDG 58l, Norfolk, Virginia, Student Manager at FLEASWTRACEN, USS FIFE CDD 9915, Everett, Wash., and Command Master Chief of USS GERMANTOWN CLSD 425, San Diego. Master Chief Page's awards include two Navy Commendation Medals, two Navy Achievement Medals. four Good Conduct Medals, and various Unit Citations and Awards. He is qualified as an Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist and Master Training Specialist. Master Chief Page is a graduate ofthe Navy's Senior Enlisted Academy, Class 106. He also piloted the Navyjs first Command Master Chief course. Meetef Chief Peee resides in Temecula, CA, with his wife of23 years, Debbie, and their three ehirafen. . . ...f -V.-.-...F -.f-....... ...,, .W-v...-.., ..-,...... . -.--.wwf ,... . -4 -9.7 g-I - .,..... .--rm... .,..l...,.-.,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,-,,.....,. - ,.-vW...,. --.1--rf.--.-...... ,......-.-.-. - 2-7. , What Do - . i I r 1 . . 3 I I rig Like all amphibious ships, USS GERMANTOWN's mission is to put Marines on beaches any where in the world at any time. With- out us, US Marines could not maintain their fomii- dable reputation as the world's finest landing force. Without them, weld be pretty bored. Together, amphibious ships and Marine units are the modem version of the ideas seen in the movie HSaving Private Ryanfl Only we have some cool gadgets troops landing at Normandy could never have imagined fdetails to followl. Over the years, amphibious assault ships like Germantown have deployed as part of "ARG! MEU's." That's short for "Amphibious Ready Groups!Marine Expeditionary Units." Three am- phibious ships rnade up the ARG, and a couple thousand Marine Infantryrnen, Tankers, and other combat specialists made up the MEU. In August of 2003 that tradition went away. The crew of USS GERMANTOWN joined the sailors of USS PELELIU and USS OGDEN and the Marines ofthe 13th MEU to become part of the Navy's first-ever Expeditionary Strike Group taptly named LExpedi- tionary Strike Group ONE' or 'ESGI ij. Nothing really changed for the amphibious ships or the Marines. The change came for the destroyer fUSS DECATURJ, cruiser CUSS PORT ROYALJ, frigate CUSS JARRETTJ, and fast-attack subma- rine CUSS GREENVILLEJ deployed with us. Until ESG l , the Navy didn't send these smaller, more heavily-armed ships with amphibs. They traveled with aircraft carriers or deployed on their own. Who defended the ARG's'? Good question. The ESG concept makes us feel a lot safer as we as we transit hostile waters to support the War on Terrorism. The concept also impressed Navy leaders who declared ESGI a success. At 8 o'clock in the morning on August 22, 2003, USS GERMANTOWN left her home port of San Diego, CA. The ship traveled north along the California coast for one day. In that time, three giant hovercraft called 'Landing Craft, Air Cush- ions' for LCAC'sjr from Assault Craft Unit 5, Detachment Charlie, brought aboard more than 300 Marines and enough trucks, tanks, humvees, as- sault vehicles, and related equipment to fill up the entire well deck, truck tunnel, and half of the flight deck, leaving enough space to land one helicopter. Then Gennantown turned westward. With only brief stops in Hawaii and Singapore, we were on our way to the Persian Gulf, where the LCAC,s took the Marines back to the shore. This time, they landed on a Kuwaiti beach, a short drive from Iraq and Operation Iraqi Freedom. In October 2003, the Marines of the 13th MEU took part in Operation Sweeney. They helped stop extremist rebels from attacking US and allied interests in Iraq. When Operation Sweeney ended, we picked the Marines up and took them to the coasts of Djibuti, Africa, and the United Arab Emirates, so they could train with those countries, militaries. We parted ways with the rest of ESGI for a few weeks in January to take just our Marines to Kenya, Africa, for training there. We also delivered a contingent of Fleet Marine Force medi- cal and dental professionals for a humanitarian mission that provided medical care for nearly 2,000 impoverished Kenyans. -f ..-...-f........ ..q.....v - .,.-.. W- i.. f-Q.-Y. -1, qv -- eplo ed... USS Germantown: We make things happen. Weapons recovered from Iraqi radicals by Marines from the l3thMEU. HMCCSWXSCWXFMFJ Blanca Mendez examines a Kenyan baby during Exercise Edged Mallet. 8 Germantown sailors are proud of our motto: "Follow in our Footstepsf' But if you're going to take us up on the offer, you'd better be prepared to trek to the ends ofthe earth. When we got underway for our 2003-2004 Western Pacific Cruise, only three months had passed since President George W. Bush declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq. Two months before that CMarch 20031 American troops entered the middle eastern country to over- throw its tyrannical dictator, Saddam Hussein. Husseinis Baathist regime was believed to possess weapons of mass destruction and was acting in violation of various United Nations resolutions. When we got to the Arabian Sea, Saddamis regime had already been overthrown, but there was plenty of unrest left behind in Iraq for our Marines to help tackle. And while they were on the ground in Iraq looking for weapons and explo- sives left over from years of war, we were underway, in the waters off Iraqis coast, looking for smugglers trying to steal Iraqi oil, transport weapons, or traffic drugs. fTurn the page for more on our Visit Boarding Search and Seizure teanrj The pictures on these pages show some of the people our l3th MEU friends met while they were on the ground in Iraq and while they provided medical care and rnili- tary training in Kenya during an exercise in January. ,,,,.,,,1 . -,,,,.., ,,,,,,,,...,,......,........ ...Q..-..,.,,.,,.....,.. -qi--- Winning Hearts 8: Minds, Une MRE at a Time. Nlarines niay not lind Meals Ready to liat thllllfsl to he the tastiest clion' in town. hut therexs Ll young Kenyan trightl xxho's not letting go I othis shiny gilt until he finds out XK'llllliS inside. tlieloxxtl tiySgt .lohn S 1. Berret shakes hands with a new lriend he mul in hat -.-, , .......-..-fn - iw' t 'n' """' 'So a Monkey Walks into a Bar...' SSgt Shawn Demenkow trightj jokes with Kenyan Paratroopers after the Exercise Edge Mallet Opening Ceremony. tAboveJ A Navy dentist removes a rotted tooth from a Kenyan patient dur- ingahumanitarian operation. The Navy Medical!Dental team saw nearly 2.000 Kenyan patients. A Marine in a Light Ar- mored Vehicle tleftj pre- paresto returntothe ship. K We Have ESWS... They have Merit Badges? For Kenyan paratroopers tabovej rubbing sticks together to make fire is ajungle survival technique. They shared this ancient skill with 13th MEU Marines, who never quite fig- ured it out in Boy Scouts. 9 --...nv--L, ---.--,-...---..... ..,,.....-.,,.... - ..-.-..., ,...- .i ....,. ,........,.-...,.--..-...,. ,p.qQ.m-:1 llt ENS Richard Ferrari Cabovel prepares to board a merchant vessel for an inspection. fRightJ Our rigid-hull inflat- able boat nears an Iraqi dhow where a merchant sailor is in need ofmedical care. 1 l O oardlflg earch XL CIZUTQ The VBSS team tabovel inspects a merchant ship offthc southern coast of lraq. tRightl VBSS team members on a brand new, state-of-the-art dhow. t VBSS team lbeloxxl returns to Cieriiiamtowii alter providing liealtli and I'llvOl'l inspections lor several ships. llNl2 licetlles tru 1 lit ne 1il'Ierpi'ox'iding medical care for sick mereliunt sailors on an lraqi dlioxxp Who says Marines get to have all the fun? Certainly not the Visit Boarding Search and Seizure CVBSSJ Team Thev did their part to help restore order to Iraq by inspecting merchant vessels in search of stolen oil as well as weapons drugs or any other illegal cargo They also helped provide for the basic needs of crews on suspect ships identified by other United Nations C oa lition VBSS teams Our team took food and water to such vessels and provided medical care to their sailors as they waited in a pre trial penalty box USS Germantown played a unique role in ending smuggling when an Iraqi merchant ship sank in the penalty box Eight sailors on board the ship had been accused of smuggling oil out of Iraq Instead of waiting for trial they decided to sink their ship to destroy the evidence. The sailors were pulled from the water by boats from an Australia ship and another American ship The coalition sailors handed the wet and oil covered mer chants off to a Germantown boat crew, who brought them here for medical care and safe keeping A few days later, we sent them on their meriy way We donlt know what happened to them, and we weren't allowed to take any pictures with them while they were heic But we kmd ot' miss our eight, chain smoking Iraq friends who came for a visit early in the deployment MQ . .- 30:-N' BM2Stoek tleftl and EN3 Kuykindall labovel debate over who looks more hard- core with the M-I4 riflle. ll EN3 Kuykindal trightl prepares to fuel a heli- copter tBelowJ Flight quarters crew members carry the fueling hose across the flight deck. Flight Quarters "Designated Personnel Man your Flight Quarters Stations" tEverybody else, stay the heck out of the way.l While 'all hands not in- volved in flight quarters' were 'standing clear of weather decks aft of frame 63,' the flight deck crew was hard atwork. They removed Foreign Object Debris, or 'FOD,' before helicopters landed. They chalked, they chained, they even fueled. Unfortunately, we can,t afford to show you the flight deck crew in color, but if we could, you'd see more col- ors than a bag full of Skittles on our flight quarters people. The fire fighters wear red vests and cranials. The fuels folks wear purple. CWe call them grapes... if you squeeze 'em,you,ll getjet fuel.J The Landing Si gnalman Enlisted she do. The chalkers and chainers wear blue, and both the Flight Deck Officer and the on-scene corpsman wear white. CThe corpsman has a red cross on his cranial. The officer has a microphonej Sometimes our flight quarters crew had to get up extra early in the moming. Other times they stayed up late at night waiting for in- bound helicopters. But don't let them sob about it too much. For all these incon- veniences, and for the inher- ent danger involved in heli- copter operations, they get an extra S110 a month. Thatis not a bad deal. wears yellow. He or tells the pilot what to HTFN Holmes wraps himselfinalil' minum foil so he'll bake evenly in the event ofa fire. tHe's also read? to rescue survivors if there's a crash-l Q- J gf - -7 -u. f sf Q-Qi -1 ,--Q b -:'L..,v Er V , A '-. it ,I lx- 1' 3 Ji fr ' 1 5' my U X 1,1 I . N gf' iv' ,ff 1 X.. Q. .f-' ,., I , 1 4 7. W-,w..... .-,,-.-.- .-----.--...Q.-.--nv--4 l Underway Replenishrnents T CAKA: 'Replenishment at Sea' or 'UNREPU T l fm- Wow, those Japanese sailors sure do keep their ship clean! They must go through a lot ofSimple Green. Commanding Officer CDR Angelino. CW02 Miller. and Executive Officer LCDR Neuenschwander fabovel forma conga line on the port bridge wing during an UNREP with a Japanese oiler in the Arabian Sea. tLeftl A team of Boatswain's Mates and Deck Seaman brings in a pallet from a cargo high line during an Underway Replenishment with USS DETROIT. They first pulled the pallet across on an UNREP RIG like the one shown below to the left. fBelow, centerl CW02 Sabella and BMC Cox standby as safety observers during an UNREP refueling operation. flt was actually an overcast day. Bos'n Sabella put his shades on to look cool for the camera.l fBelow. rightl BM2 Woodard, SN Johnson. and Blvll Brown wait as Germantown's fuel tanks are filled. Theirjob is to receive the probe, seat it in the receiver. and remove it again when the refueling operation is finished. .V l av f . I 1 . ....., V ,-.,--. -Y ... -. -- A- ..., ...-..,..-Q. v--....-.V-.--.f Do you guys think l look like Bob the Builder in this hard hut'."' SN Costa and his fellow line handlers are serious about safety. tliightl lson-ihci-what?" PN3 Fraga talks to sailors on a Japanese oiler ox ci the bridge-to-bridge phone line during an UN REP. Here s how it works lmavmc driving in your car on 1 lonv trtp When you start to run lovt on gas a fuel truck pulls along side you You throw a line over and people on the truck tic a fucl ing hose to that line You use the line to pull the hose back over to your car so you can till up your tank without even slowing down Sounds crazy huhl That s pretty much exactly what we do during an Underway Replenishment We set a predetermined course and speed pull alongside an oiler and shoot over lines fot that ship to send us its hoses We don t change course or speed during the evolution During Gemiantown s 2003-2004 WestPac, we had the privi- lege of receiving fuel from Japanese and British oilers, as well as several US Navy and Military Sea Lift Command vessels. The American ships often also delivered supplies, food, and everyone's favorite, mail. Some deliveries came on the cargo high line. Others. called LVertical Replenishments' or 'VertReps' came by helicopter. These deliveries were very quick, and required giant working parties to get everything where it needed to go. tFlip to page 16 for VertRep photos.l UnReps and VertReps help us stay underway longer and get from place to place faster. That's a good thing for our nation's defense. Sometimes, though, we find ourselves longing for the days before all this technology. When you stop your car for gas. you also get to get out and use the toilet. We have toilets on board USS GERMANTOWN twe call them hheadsl. but we like to stop sometimes to get off the ship and walk around on land. Vemcal Re Ienlshmen Ver r-1.- ,... ,f-...-,-.. ........-,W-,.-.... , , . ..-.....,.-- .,...........,.v-,.....-.-.1 1... -.M PO11 W its 1- flqs . Q ,Lai - . ,4 3 n qv , ,F if - 1 J, 1 3. rf x if L.,- , ' , ,,,- V W 5 1 was 1 .Q sv if' I , 12 ' I " 'E f f. A ff' Z1 'Y l , I . 'I . .. .M f-"X 1' l 1 i . Ill ' I ul 1 ,. ,., . , 1 4. ', ' J . ,, K HR 4 ,. ,M M .r 1 0 1 n v'v 'Q . ...xg . I I rm ,P XUQ-Xa! Us be Q 5-un. '-T51 . -2+ . 4 a A -.., .. W i. - R ' 4A f .lp A Q Y s, 4gm'42,i'.1, ' x U 'gi 5..'jn L AJ V- V 'fr-I A fb If yi- 13" . -4, G ft Aj' SW' J' 'V' 5'-224 lo '- ,N l 1 .-,aa . li ck out thc Singapore night lil' 1B xlowl YNSN Williams unc There was no time to WHS and left again Monday morning, yet we made the most of ou te. We pulled in on a Saturday mgr illiulill lpNl'N Small. l'lN - X uluniun. and l1Nl-N luclici l hi rinc lihcrly buddy try to l00 la ugh wliilc shopping for li ipslick and moisturizer. l-lcy ut tl h wry harsh in Singapore. Singapore is an inter- esting place to visit. There, it's illegal to chew gum, vandals are flogged, and it's a good sign if your date offers you the eye from the fish- head in his curry. tcm some slack. The sun can in gap ore CS2 Gilstrap did not get caught chewing gum in Singapore. This is a good thing. She may still be there now serving out her prison sentence if she had. She would be missed in the galley. FC3 Higgins did not get caught vandaliz- ing Singapore. How- ever, he was accused of wearing an exces- sively loud shirt that prevented school children from hear- ing their lessons. Singapore nized FN French, and Keith for suspect littering as sailor ing a nl 5 N f If V147 ?--'xxx J-'ll ' -amuuw . . 'af 'a . 'Lx 1 1-5 ii O' 2 i 1 1' 54,1 ji 1 1 I Aj ,r T' f 5-.F 4- -: ' 6: , .Ir-' 1 H. IT, T' 1 I .3 1 4 , , - --kg out DC2 Garoutte Cbblolll Emi .Q thc .. , Q, ' '3' 1lI'CCl- Bahrain s Tice oi bile! T LV -ll mcg only natural vegetation for sevcia ll -- Ugialqtj C52 Challburg relaxes at the Desefl C : f "iin. Dottie on Naval SUPPOH I auml ' Bam L 11 CTop to Bottomj ENS Berry. HM3 Hernandez, and BM2 Bruns all on base at the 'Desert Dome' B h I We worked. We partied. We worked some more. Bahrain was a working port. We were there for about 200 years, give or take a few decades tmaybe just two weeksj, and we had a lot to do. Before pulling in, our mighty ship experienced some engineering troubles. The visit to Bahrain gave technical experts the chance to come aboard and help us tix a few things. As other ships from Ex- peditionary Strike Group One came and left, the mighty Germantown re- mained tied up to the pier. lt wasarough time. Butthanks to the hard work of Engi- neering Department we got underway again. V CAnd thank goodness we did. Our Marines were on the beach in Iraq during our visit to Bahrain. They probably wouldn't have liked being stuck therej While in Bahrain, Germantown sailors sneaked away for a few hours of lib- erty here and there. We vis- ited Bahrainls Gold Souk and Gold Mall--large build- ings filled with jewelry stores. We also spent some time at Bahrain 's mod- ern shopping mall, where veiled women covered in abayas from head to toe shop forlingere and designerjeans in Western-style stores. Sorry we eanlt show you any proof. They're not keen on posing for photos. tAboveJ SK2 Baugh Sehoen do something ofthe camera. Who's let them leave the ship CBelowJ QM3 Erb and lT2 Montero cut a rug at the Dome. Fortunately, they one ofthe Persian rugs 'Rug Souq' taka 'Rug Theyid be out a whole lot if they did something Al 521110: Chl, Q .,-..... 1- 5' GQ. 'gm 'a , -.fam N' 5 va: je xi 'WA' 1-Y V - f 41, - - .mv v W P HI 5 , f. L Qi ..afj ANP P 2' If 'xv .Lj- ' GI 0 1 . 0 , 1 ' , ' 1 I ' 'J' A VJ! W i' ' ' ' ' f -v-l-!S- F --1r!qu- X' ,, 5, I , .-vu 9 A 1 .flllllzwr N :S .41 'f-5, ,E ,,:,-vu , . x ' If la 4 N 0 'Ya X . k I ' ef " 7f .' A55 4 . I fi . -f Hx, T'-.A , l I WH F, ' sg, f- 1 - , , u 55.5.4 K H1 1- V , ,- V 'ff fr ' .e ff f' 3-'fi 1-.fir " ,jf I . i'.1'i2"H"' r H ' VIE'-'IVA :fl ' 17 'Z -.- 5 qi- --- . ' - -f l-"ei 2' , ,: g1Q,:.f ' 491.13 'af A .g,r sN K 1, , KZ7' J. ' - THE - - Who would have thought the Middle EH-St could be so much fun? - i l T I DC Q Scuba Sanders J b Rogers. and ENFN lnsco e 9 I ebrate the end ofHT2 5 four the ship in the Sand Box Daytime vrs. Nightlife UAE has a lotofcool stulifto do during the day. There are shop- ping centers.cultural sites. and even a wa- ter park. If you re- ally want to get into the spirit. dress the part like FN Peralta. For an Islamic coun- try. UAE also has a pretty hopping night scene. There's a Hard Rock Cafe. several western- style clubs. and oli course, the .lebel Ali Seamen Center. Ben Affleck No, your eyes aren't deceiving vou. Above is a photo of PN3 Fraga, Ben Affleck, and FT3 Smith. Affleck vis- ited ,lebel Ali on a Christmas USO tour. At the time, he was still 'in volvecl' with jennifer Lopez. lf not, PN3 Fraga might just have had a shot... Beer on the Pier ET3 Parsnel, SK2 Pich, FC2 Clarrido, ETZ Boliva r, and Ell Sgnipilty ruldx at the Sand Box in ,Iebel Ali. .lebel Ali isa port city in the United Arab Emir- ates. a wealthy little country on the southeastern edge ol' the Arabian Gulf. It has the distinction of being very close to Dubai. a city ol' international trade. We visited Jebel Ali twice during our deploy- ment. First in November. right in the heart ol' Ramadan when none of the locals ate while the sun was up. and again for Christmas. a holiday that isn't celebrated much there but is well decorated for. Dubai has beautiful beaches which attract Euro- pean tourists. You can visit huge, western-style shopping malls there and see scantly-clad Scandina- vians shopping among aba-covered Arabians. tUn- fortunately. the locals frown upon American Cruise Book stafl'ers snapping their photos.J For many Germantown sailors. Jebel Ali's great- est asset is the 'Sand Boxf lt's a county-fair style block ot' shops and American restaurants specifi- cally lor US Sailors visiting the port. The Sand Box's biggest appeal: a beer garden right in the middle ofeverything offering Beer on the Pier. Perhaps FN L u n d b u r g looks grumpy because his grandma's last batch ofcookies haven tBelowj DCI Osmundsen her darndest to convince a oil sheik to marry her. Oh Better luck next time. DCI c' , 5 7 ......-....-.. ,, , T.-. i', - if--.1 1-. " Q 1,1 v .-1 W ' 4:42 ..,,.,..-v--, -. ,W-.-. .,..,..-....-,-w,--,..--1.11-ws-:ur ,A H A S Q 5 X 4 -, V Y 1 f 1 ,.,.,....... R Pri-f s 1:12152 ,M . 1 V' ..........-if-. ,M 1 'A x 1.2 ' ku 4 v ' 1 WW f , ,U 1,- I.. -. N Q...-.-.--..., n-un-.5 I .u ,v :ati ' I I' . J' 1 , , . , "MW f"""""'X fy fm- ibg-.'.,: 1 ' , gf rf ' M! J -. - 5 I 1 W. bg + ,ff .Jw -V 'ww 49' .-'U' Y Eff- f . , 11. ' .7, Na.. - i .N .,--mrnnm-uysfzu V ...,, A " dn I 'DA is ,.. Q 1 iiF. 4 5 I I I . ' " -- fig .1 Q - , , 1 I ,wi . . . 1 . ulliis' v f un W A . 1 ' , I I y" 1., . 5 , . Ii ,4 I ,.W, 4i,' -aw ff I rs ' -- 1 ",.'g3'.-li.. ,Y .f, 'yin' 5,1 ,Q fa -'V 4. 'Q ' 'Q 5 ,gl L' 1-4 . ,L' wvrf ' ,Jul ,ct ,. ,,'. ,L ,I !L,:.f ff Y- ,.gl1.i' f B5 ufbifpi. .' 4 ' I' ' wwf' H 'Y f' 2, F . ,,,. ,J pl, 1, ' x I 'WQZ J . . . Z T:-t ,,.f . D' 44 ' N- MM. Q'- I 1 f 1 J 1 fa Sify ' , i i f '11 5 1 R L - .-.,,,M-,, .-,,-, -W , -,,, , , 'if , iff' ' .- IQ 3251 ff 11555 .v nf 4' 'fif- if 4 BQ.-ffag 1 A ag YJ 6 f i F a 1 fm -- , n Qwfff 5-' ' .pq G 2 an ogg. 4 ' s . I . X v : f ff ' '1- ' X 'F -il' ,f vf - x., , wife? -S , , -, ,.......... ..., .as ' f,. .mjgikhunl 'u-vw -- '- ...-..,. , 1 ', U, 5. ' -" - -i M. - .... .r....,,.s.- ,--Y. .....-....... .,,...,,,..,. ,,,,, - , ,., , 12 Days in the Land Down Under 'Yi-i, e can finall wear shorts. It's about time. -E11 tLel'tJ Even L1sGerin:1ntown sailors checked out DUl'Wlll.5 tourist traps. Dnrwin's tourists checked out Germantown from another pier. ...... -.........-...... ............-....... -..--.-, - ,, ,- Pflf QAHU 3 u ig ruQ.,,-fx: 3 . 1 tLeltJ OS3 Kinserand OS3 Harrell go beyond the wildlite of down- town Darwin to see some real Australian hush creatures. like this grey kangaroo fright, ubovel, HTC Powers. IC3 Martin, ICQ Collett. and EN2 Briggs tleftj hang out at Shenanigans's Irish Pub. although they claim to be up to no she:zcznigans themselves. Au tralia 29 Guam knewiheradbe an islangwine l y l When we passed through the Pacific Ocean on our way to the Arabian Sea, we didn't have time to stop in Guam. We waved as a helicopter brought us supplies and mail from the tiny island. On the way back, we had more time. We stopped to give the Marines a chance to wash their equipment of Middle Eastem and African soil so it wouldn't be held up by customs in Hawaii. During our visit to Guam, one of our Marine friends, Cpl Adam Lipford, died in a tragic accident. He drowned after a tank he was riding back to the ship from a wash- down site rolled off its LCAC. Despite the tragedy, some of us Navy folks still got the chance to get away from the ship fafter work- ing hoursj and check out the island night life. But the hectic wash- down schedule prevented us from getting involved in the beach and water activities Guam is famous for. BM3 Campbell Cleftj and GM2 Jones UWC? leftl hang out on the ,pier in Guam. lRigh0 SN Trute stands Watch as Germantown gel? 1 A underway, IO c lefty? a .'HCYfGI1f.ff9111 Watch ,,,- , 'staflfffliir ticii 59' . ' 11551 Sulck-1ziP 'gi.' 'T-D. - Marines from the 13th MEU held a memorial service for Cpl Lipford as Germantown got underway from Guam. They dropped flowers in the water when we passed the spot where the accident happened. v momingttcololiiu? 1153 K. 1 fha wk? f 1 9 .V is Nail 1.3 ' fn - '-1 Q' nw-.Q-.1-Q . X , l 1 , .il nr. .I llll 17 gn an .--'K As. 'T' . ,N J 7: -A in- 4-v 'Q-'W . , X fig' ' -wr Who says corpsmen have it easy? HMI Thula has wait around in case someone gets injured during this Unliep. That's a big responsibility. CBelowJ Bogn Sabella takes aim with the M-H rifle to requalify on the weapon, 'lf we're the Three Stooges, l get to be Moe.' fAboveJ EMC Redondo, SKC Arceo, and SKC Consulta pose for a photo in their best khakis, fLeftl PNC Cuaresma always wanted to be a cul- inary specialist. tHe just worried his friends would call him a 'sissy' for wearing an apron.l That's why he's first in line to volunteer when the Chiefs' Mess hosts a Steel Beach Picnic. FC3 Wells likes to be a phone talker for her division because sound-pow- ered phones match her uniform and bring out the sparkles in her eyes. 33 vi C1 2 Es' +-2 U1 CD 'E CES m S5 O we S cn E' cti .Si v-4 F14 vi i-4 li CES 5 ral Q HG rters, Ge CSS 3 ral Q HC NGC: 'x.. qRiglitJ BM2 Valtlerrania and HT 3 Lopez take ai break llroni investigating the tire scene to look for the beach. tBCl0Wl SK3 Rickerby is hard at work as a zone setter. llerjob is to set condition 'Zebra' to seal o ll' clil'l'erent coinpartments for water- and tire- tight integrity. "lI'm gladj anytime I can go without doing my job lin rnedicalj. When I do my job, somebody's in trouble." HMIISWI Musa Thula 4, tp "You neverknow whenthetimemight 1 fell come that we have to respond. We , have to be prepared." Mmqswp Russel Riedel Damage Control Training Team "fNow I'm a zone setter, butl Pm ' 3 - A working on my Repair Electrician A qual. I feel that's my place." ' EMFN Ardrina Harris Vqeiful ri" S lAb0VCl ENS Berry. the Spe- cial Assistant to the Assistant's Special Assistant. also known as Assistant Damage Conn-01 Assistant fills in as a Damage Control Central Phone Talker. ,,,. .... ,.......-., -W.- i......-.-Y... --,............ ..........,...,........................,...,,, , -..q.- gv h 4 ' I Small fires, minor flooding, and other emer- ifucies are handled by the Flying Squad. The -fm! Squad is a small group of emergency ?:llf?IldCl'5 mild? up of Damage Controlmen ull Technicians tlellt SL ahovel. 1' . 1 General Quarters rs the Navy s emergency re sponse plan In the event of any major emergency ttlre flooding torpedofmissrle hit chemical at tack etc jwe call away general quarters Everyone Control Central rs the command center for GQ The -- ,Q--.. f-U...-... t, llJQlll Dental Doc. LT Davis, her gas mask. tBelowl EN3 trains Repair 3 on how to use lluyomade anxiously waits ar' chemical antidote. CS2 with his repair locker to C lrallhurg listens from under spring into action. Doesn't it just make you wannaf tuck your pant legs into your r socks and button your collar to the very, very top? Damage Control Assistant goes there to take charge t Damage Control rs the name of the game for General Quarters D Sailors man up Germantown s three repair lockers which are filled with equip ment tor lighting fires stopping flooding and investigating damage Other GQ stations include C IC, weapons mounts and the pilot house tThe pictures shown here are from GQ training.l has a job to do to help save the ship. Damage --,..,,......,,......- -.....-.-h... ......1......-........ ...--. ......... "Luke, l am your father." As a locker phone talker. SK3 Tantengco doesn't let wearing a gas mask prevent her from keeping up com- munication with Damage Control Central. 35 MM2 Arehuleta. EN3 Kida. and FN Mason trightl eop a squat on a pile ofdisearded pallets to enjoy their meal... it ahnost seems like a sidewalk cate in Paris. doesn't it? tBelowJ SSgt Mareelino Corehado takes literally the phrase 'Kiss the Cook' written on SSgt William Amass's eover. tMaybe we're not disappointed about the Ma- rines deeiding to publish their own eruise book.l ,,,,.f-f 1' GSM2 Mendez and SK2 Pieh tabovej dunk for sodas during a2nd CIassAssoeiation Spon- sored pienie. SMC Chambers trightjand SMI Braggforig it NCC Chambers and QMI Braggflj use semaphore to keep the rest ofus in the dark on their dinner conversation. 36 ENCS Mitehell always replaces his divots driving golfballs offthe back ofthe flight Abraeadabra. H oeus-Poeus. and GSM2 John demonstrates how he made 4 hamburg6fS hall' a dozen ribs disappear - magically. and Vw ,u..w,x. .+A 'Q Randel and CS3 Bynum are happy to turn over today's lunch preparation to the lst Class Mess. But they're standing by. just in case. 'Ummm such great food almost makes me forget this awful haircut. ' ET3 Trausch munches on his fried rice on the edge ofthe llight deck. SN Steen eats onthe boat deck next to the RHIB boat. What else can we say about SN Steen? That's about it really. Any questions? teel Beach Picnic E "Delicious and nutritious. Therc's nothing like a Boat Deck Barbecue!" just ask CSCS Villar or CSEC Biscocho labovel. YNSN Williams and EMFN Harris ftwo abovej prefer theirs To Go. PC2 Delgadillo lrightl is happy to serve. as long as you have the right postage. FQ. 37 9 is CU 'U 9 5 E as GJ 'G E CD CD E Q CD o Q. .t fn 2 O o H 3: 423 8 U7 CD GJ IN UQ L E O O 8 E co .C H: 3 on USS Tm. e mantown Our AC friends came up with this holiday ditty. Just set it to the tune of the Christmas song of your choice: On the 15' day of Christmas, my C-O gave to me an admiral in a CH-53. 2 Hours Sleep 3 Hours Field Day 4 Greenie Weenies 5 Golden Sponges 6 Hour Watches 7 Days to Oftload 8 Days in Dubai 9 Zone inspections 10 Helo Landings 11 Knots Max Speed 12 Beers at the Sandbox . A ,J lf' 1 KA if 1,41 1-,rf-. CAboveJ DC3 Davis and OM3 Davis inc relationi pose for a Christmas photo while enjoying holiday cake on the mess decks. fDon't worry. It wasn't fruit cake. No medical assistance neededi 43 fAboveJ LT Davis, LCDH Clarke, and HM3 Darnall enjoy a glass of sparkling cider at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. We were under- way that night, so they cele- level brated on the O7 watching a fireworks provided by HU . scheduled live-fire driitw M partied like if was 29 tad PN2 Kalbrofsky reeniis - zzz- -ge -k A ---- f-- - 1 -Jr, rig' i i' 55 ' :sc- i 9' g j To take the sting out of being away from home for the holidays, we held our own festivities for all the major celebrations, like Penguin Awareness Day and Inter- national Credit Union Day... And a few less important days like Christmas and Thanksgiving. fWe're joking about the screwy holidays, but they are real obser- vances that people actually celebrate. Really.l - 'F' ' 1 .rr . V 3.-,.--, . . .1 .f g, -ge.-Q .i ,ii . ,gd 1. . .'-1.f...:.i: PN3 Siagigi dresses upto scare us as part of the 3rd Class Associations Hallow- een Haunted House. The fund-raiser was such a success, the 3rd Classes offered to do it again for Christ- mas. tThe offer got turned down.l EN3 Fraga goes out 5,15 Q ff. ,..r .1 --: .by is of her way to make us ,r f, A really scared on Hal- 1.-,Y loween. Thank you . ...X 54 :f-,5 in EN3. We appreciate all your hard work, .,,. -.....1-., ...,...,.-,N-..Y -V V,-W.v......... ,..,, , .fed 1- -A 1. .71 'f 22 A -.I-1,1 -, V -'f1sf,j',F - gl ,-.- b -,tw-..,.,N :',g,,.3 5, -- ' ,. and we must say, the ix:-,gi LL'-'l.'...c. Quai ,,.,.f5,.-.4 1 L QLettl BM2 Payment read tarot cards as part of the Halloween festivities. Be- lieve it or not, she actually predicted we'd go home early. qBelowl O83 Kinser closes her eyes during the Thanksgiving prayer. . .-........... ...-1-...-...-. ..-...-.. ketchup on your shirt really makes quite convincing fake blood. l xr! Our commanding of- ficer, CDR Angelino, cuts a Thanksgiving turkey. The galley had its best meal of the year that day. They served unlimited help- ings of all the tradi- tional stuff, including pumpkin pie and cran- berry sauce. 39 M . --... - W...,. W , I If? , fa - 5 Y - A 'via L? G' -, K E ' 1 -, wily U. ! 'rr' Q K c L , DQ- i na .L ,., ,K , 5 vni.l 25, .., H . , 4 y as Nia H0 Og PhoK0gfaPhiU.'-5 Wog Day li 3 daunting task. It involves putting your camera in the line-of-fire of water hoses and galley leftovers. That's why we don't exactly have a lot of close-ups. These phOIQS. mostly courtesy of FN Agajanlall and ENCS Magpantaya, should give you some insight... Wog Day is a little different for the Marines than it is for us. They like to yell at each other more and do more push-ups. Then again, any day a Marine can relive the Boot Camp experience is a good day for that Marine. tWe really do worry about them sometimes.J D o Sorry Senior Chief Guerrero lfighil. we love ya', but the idea of pulling a cherry out of your lard-spattcred belly button makes most of our stomachs churn. Upon crossing the equator into the Southern Hemisphere, ot the Wog Day excitement while Germantown s CD assisted King Neptune in dctcrminin the woithintss ol perspective Shell Bieks the ship s Slimy Polllwogs to transform into Honorable Shell Backs It s an old school Navy initiatlon that s often associated with hazing Although we can t tell you much about Wog Day, we can assure you that things have changed. Everything we did on Wog Day was done in . . Everyone's tavorite XD. LCDR Davy Neuenschwandcr Jones, led much Gennantown 6W0g Day, for - , ,, , ,1,.. N ,', D, , wx, -I -, 6 . . , X X. xamg A ..3:S,1TD.i VU n 6 - , , - S . . .' 3 . ' a .P A ' good fun, and no one got injured. GRAND MSTER Wt 2 flseftl The Marines brought out their water-purification storage blad- ders to use as dunking tanks forthe final initiation. tAbovel On Wog Day, the Marines also practiced their earthquake survival skills in preparation for the return to California. Leave it to the DSMC to cram valuable training and a Naval tradition all into one fun-filled morning. 43 44 Move over USS Detroit, German o t Wnis got tigers, too! it Tiger C ruise tBelowJ LT Davis's nephew fol- lows along as BM3 Goen and BM2 Stock trightj teach him the ropes of knot tying. His goal: to securely fasten his class bully to the school flagpole and send him to the top. Good luck, young Mr. Davis. God speed and good luck. r 'Wish you were here ' fAbOvC ' el HTC Powers't' ' -. BM2 Cerdzps Children C-mailed as a deck Seanflelrirightlenlisted this snapshot ofthemselves in the Captains chair to their mom, as soon as WC reached California. fThe lagf statement is pure speculationj Pk . USS Detroit has 3 dancing Detroit Tigers mascot tha BCDR Clarke and her dad pose for a picture on the Dlglli deck. Amazingly enough, not only does UQ S dad say he doesn't give shots, he admits to Setting qUCHSy at the sight ofblood. Go figure? UUf0rtunately too stealth for LT Davis offers golf' lessons to LT Albers' sister during a Steel Beach Pienie on the flight deck. She entered the LPGA tour upon ourarrival to California. fThe last statement. once again, is pure speculation. lt may or may not be true. We don't knowxj fBelowJ GSEC Spritzer and his son play in the chiefs, mess. us to photograph- Not only did SK2 Baugh's dad get to see his son reenlist underway, the elder Baugh also got to swindle several hundred dollars from the younger in illegal card games. Don't worry Mr. Baugh, we won't tum you in. CWinkJ 45 Qur 'Tigers' met us in Ha- waii to experi- ence a week of life in the Navy on the way back. It's amazing how exciting the things We do everyday seemed to our friends and relatives. wir' SN Trute Crightj answers ques- tions for the CO's step dad and other Tigers while standing look- out watch. fBelowJ OS2 Weppleinan and his mom take in the sights during a Steel Beach Picnic on the flight deck. l FN Lundburg and his dad watch T as Hawaii disappears into the ho- l t UZOU- fS0fIy, Dad, it's too late to turn back now. I hope you brought your seasickness inedicationj Tiger Crui e 1 1 it A tBelow1ENS Merchant and his dad chow down during the Steel Beach Picnic, tRightJ Kodak offered corpo- rate sponsorship for our next Tiger Cruise after seeing how many pictures this ycar's participants snapped. i fAboveJ Can you tell which one is ENS James and which is his dad? It's a tough Call- U-eff? We took a snapshot of ENFN Tucker's dad in the Captains chair. but he refused to pose in 21 barber chair. Hmm. Go tigure'? - , .,.,.. -- - -A - ,..... -.-,,..- . If everyone could j ust convince each relative and guest to carry one bag of trash to the pier... iq. Due to the beautiful ll am sunset, our CMC excused him- self for a Cigar Smoke Out. 'I-loney, please, I have an im- age to projectf ENCS Mitchell's wife greets him. 01118 Olfflllfl H March 9, 2 'Can we havea minute? CAboveJ ENS Berry attempts to kiss his girlfriend without making the 6 o'clock news. Foroncethe pushi- est person with a camera isn't on the Cruise Book staff fRightJ MM2 Archuleta andhis kids meet up with Mom after the 24-hour TigerCruisc. The kids saytheylre never coming near the ship again. 'Q WWF ihrllbl Clmflfnognn s xx nie brought ull 27 ol then' ehrldren to see the . Ap rn. 1 e owl C DR AIlgCllll0'S daughter tells her dad uvcrrtlzizw he nnssed whi -' f' f T - V . . . s ' - ' 'S le .m.1y. I our hours Idler. she fell asleep rn nnd sentence. 1-' -1 l 1 Things are Di event... on the way home Th1s tlme people who usually h1de out 1n englneermg W, Anchor detall ran chlts askmg per mlsslon to man ' I the antlclpatlon' I - - ' 'e , I during Sea 81: Can you sense I or i I VJ . . ' I 5 9 fLeftl GM2 Wheeler is defl- nitely glad to be home. QAboveJ A lug boat welcomes us back to San Diego with a water show. , . ' of new babies born while we We set aside this entire D399 for pmtures I I e dad let us have a photo. So, BM1 Unfortunategfagqlguiqig Eustazia Zinnia Lindemood, this pag WestPac Special Honorable Mention on the Baby Page goes to GMC Grogan, who was attacked by children pretty much as soon as the brow opened up. fCongratuIations to GM2 Jones, GSIVIFN Cantrall, and all the other new dads who didn't even tell us.J fLeftJ 3rd Class Association Officers meet to plan events and brainstorm for ideas. fbelowj FN Campos fin disguisej and PN3 Fraga catch a movie sponsored by the 2nd Class Association and shown 'Cinema QD Sea' style on the flight deck. ira- .ns- Shortly after we deployed, Gennantown's 2nd Class Petty Officers came up with a crazy idea: 'the lst Class Petty Officers have an association, why canlt we'?' They took the idea up with the Command Master Chief, and he agreed. f'There's a lot of things lower ranks see landl a lot of ideas that aren't getting up to the topf, he said. The 2nd Class Petty Officers' Associa- Their first order of business was to host a Steel Beach Pic- nic on Germantown's flight deck for the rest of the crew. tion was bom. A few weeks later, the 3rd Class Petty Officers got in on the action. Their inaugural event, a Haunted House for Halloween, impressed and terrified just about everyone, while raising more than S5200 for MWR. CSee page 38 for photosj Throughout the deployment, the lst, 2nd, and 3rd-Class Petty Officer Asso- ciations continued to sponsor events for the crew. They held basketball shoot- outs, movie nights, and picnics. Asso- ciation members also volunteered to work in the galley to give our Food Service Attendants a break from their tedious jobs on PSA appreciation day. Overall, the Petty Officer Associations turned out to be a huge success. 51 mx 1-A:-,jk i' N AAA remember that 1 V A Something. Vu , . I' next tnnreg - Q I, , f " V 1 QV 1 A. O gg . ' t A f if 3 f A , , . xXx XXX KXXXQ fl A4 XX X Xxx x' XfVN'xx XX Vxxx EXXXXx Xxx . 53 1, I r 1 'W ' x-J., lin b ,K 1 x I , L I. 4 ' 'Z Whe . ,, ,z GTK I 1 ,Q af X K VT ff SB! . 'fi' 3' -ELA- Ht' ,- N I -sn ' l 5 -11... No matter how hard we tried, we could never out run the LCAC's. ACU5 said they felt like they were drag racing a thnn tractor in a Mustang. Hmmm, wonder what they meant by that. ,4- '53, 3 'Y X gif, Az:-isbn" 7 .".I1 , .-... A ,SQ - ., ,... .. ' my 'A-fat--4' Fl ci' 1: ' lf .fu 1' .-' 1 Il . . I 4 X A. 3. ., . fl Q . Q .LA u ,ff , fl f' X ig 5 I .. 1 -. e ' " ' 'U 5 Y ' 'ins l X 8 J , y . ...3 1 n I ' --F351 ' ,-'Uv' 1 , V ., 1- ..--....l, .. . . 1 .-:C eck ep artment BM3 Castanos Albertos teaches SN Grant and SN Morrison how to do moming colors during a port visit to Guam. f t W: A1i's ' sont p foodiai in line for ,Beach Picnic. BM3 BM3 Gocn relax at .lebel the United Arab Einiratcs. Club during a holiday-sew Leader hip LCDR Henry Travis I" Licutcnunl LTJG Alcx Turner ,RM Asst. li' Licincnzinl "" - 'K -3 I ENS jcrciny Fonncvillc lol Division Gfticcr ENS Justin James 2'1" Division Officer CWO2 Frank Sabcllu "Bos'n" BMCTSWJ Zyrcxsc Agonoy li! Division LCPO QQ i I-I BMCfSwi Barry Artis W Division LCPO in David Clio replaced LT Travis us lst Liculcnznn around thc Isl ot' llic ycur. and BMC Wziync Cox hccunic Duck LCPO Ili i'Cbfll1U'Y-5 5 BMHSWJ Micliacl llollcy BMHSWJ Mark Lindemood BM2 Raven Payment BMMSWJ Edward Stock l vm: 11 15, if BM2lSWl Kevin Sullivan BM2 Dominic Valderama BMQQSWJ Darrell Woodard BM3 Rene Ardon Mx Yr 9 15 Divi ion fAboveJ BM3 Ardon ii 1 G ps cook for our His ' ' tage Montli celebration. fRightJ Believe it 022225 Payment is painting for ERO9 - D- -i not Deck. Go figure? l 4 BM3tSWl Daniel Burns BM3lSWl Omar Contreris BM3 Thomas Finucane BM3 Lance Gocn SN Chris Bluitt SN Morris Brown SN Iris Cifuentes SN Marco Costa SN Allen Gause SN Jennifer Grant SN Steve Hawkins SN Melanie Hoover SN Alano Martinez SN Nathan Miranda SN Scott Morrison SN Daniel Steadman SN Miesha Taylor SN Obieze Uchendu SN Maria Vallejo SN Melinda Vanwoert BNJIISWJ Rio lirown HNJZKSXXJ Jesse Bruns BN-'12 Jacob Nlcliridc BNJZISWQ Bill Patteraon BMZISWJ Kyle Schocn BMZKSWJ Joaquin Vargas BMS Shannon Bookey BN13 Ciuaroa Castanos Albertos BM3 Chara Oatis BM3 Erika Sonnier SN Jessica Chavez SN Dorothey Gaines SN Ryan Haase SN Vincent llammons SN Phillip Harris SN Sandra Hernandez SN Michael Johnson SN Nybria Lynch SN Manlia Moran SN Michael Nicholas Alla 'H Y W f llml ,--""" SN Mac O'Connor SN Erin Parr E 1 SN James Patterson f SN Alicia Ryan 1.5 f SN Ivan UVSCVY SN Joseph Weisenberger SN Allen Solis SN Anthony Steen SN Laura Tometczak SN Eric Tmte Hd Divi ion CAboveJ BM2 McBride and SN Solis are line handlers for an underway replenishment. CLeftJ BM3 Castanos Albertos mns the paint locker. He mixes paint, pours paint. cleans-up paint. - , ... -.,,...-....Y.., .,., . V . Q .,,.... Fw Yu 'f .V lf A ,Qs I 25. 'ffm 4, ' bf 'A 1. 1 i, Tiff S "gt Vhfxiii - '1 -so 0- Y" J .,1?j4'i ' ' '?Lw:r. Hifi ' fl-V: -nl F 1. SN Cifuentes works on her mural masterpiece 'Le Side.' 2. BM2 Payment practices a yoga position on a well-deck 'T' Bit while SN Vanwoert and BM2 Woodard wait to help an LCU land in the well deck. Ready for my close up! Y 3. And there it is, the 'LCU' or "Landing Craft Utility' they were waiting for. lt carried tanks and Marines to the beach in UAE. We love the morning., ...W 4-9 'N- cky paint smell! Yummy paint smell' 3 7 Just a few more days. Too eary, need coffee I need a hug. Are you talking to me? 1. SN Vanwoert and SN Lynch say there's no bet- ter way to start your day than LCU ops. 2. SN Trute enjoys mak- ing things spin. He never misses Wheel of Fortune. 3. SN Hernandezand SN Vallejo model their life vests. Can we wearthese things on liberty? Sometimes when theY 'Un out of deck stuff to clean. SN Tometczak and SN Steen llefll head down to Main 1 to lend 8 hand cleaning there- E neerm Depa tment ,gf gift ' i .-.., 'lm CWO2 Travis Nguyen Main Propulsion Assistant T LT Brett Sealey Y Engineer Oflieer inf' , ig., I ENCSLSWB Scott Mitchell Engineering LCPO LTJG Jeff Betz Assistant Cheng tAbovej The XO leads an all-hands main-space field day while ENC Drennon and DK! Valenzuela get down and dirty. You know how the old saying goes Eng, neers you can tlive with them You cant live without them Engineering Depart ment really does keep us ahve They tum sea vvatei into potable water so we dont dehydrate They air condition our spaces so we don t cook like Thanksgiving turf keys. They maintain the firemain and dam' age control equipment so we can save our ship in the event of an emergency E To our engineers: We salute you. Were sorry we made you work 6 and 6 C6 hours on 6 hours offj for so long and we re sure the oil stains will wear off your fingers eventually. Just keep scrubbing. CBelowJ DC2 Patchen. SK2 Baugh, EN3 Greggory, LTJG O'Connell. and DCI Osmundson--the angels of ER09--are ready for Charlie's next assignment... to fix any fire station, anywhere. 'l ler Name was Lolaf sings EN2 Sabal flellj. LShe was a Showgirl,' chimes in EN3 Burnett lbelowl. Due to the deafeningly loud noise in the main spaces, and the tendency ofsome engineers to relive the 70's through song, everyone must wear double hearing protection. DCA LTJG Garcia Cbe- lowj patrols Aux 2 dur- ing all-hands lield day. fScrateh and sniff for the l odor of Simple Greenll g mile gl S y 6GGrease', 4 A, 1. l g nond Agajanizm during FN Tywon Manning cleans an EM2 Dotarot in EPCP 1 during EN3 Kimi monitors the Oil Dis- traigmg, engine- SPCCl21l Sea 8L Anchor Detail. tribution Box in Main l. V 1-11- :sg 7, , uf' I 'J ,g,-'F-ESS fgsiif '1 -4.55 ,,.4f A - 1.. H. -'Sf .- f-:fav 1 I ,gf ' g Q , , 4. A if 1" I 'ae Mx 5?-1 hX N ww 4 ,e ., gg? .. A ,bl I: ,rf ,. W. if :hifi Q .ss . H, if , ffifz Y 2 aa Q. 'L A mms, 1,. 5, 1 ' 1 X- I ig..1m Blau.: s E 1 1 , QWTI fn ,r.:-U + el N ls. gi W 'e Q, js :fh- J- -A 'ai wwrpqf ms 1 aw ,,,. I is U.S, NAV if U M6 " Aux . iari SDiv' ion ' 4 ii "PWR i' eff ENICSWJ ENZCASWJ Edwafd Briggs Emlswl Gustavo .. ' qswp ENS Ph I p Dwyer, DCCS. - , Lilo Divisitifi officer Charles P. Miner, LCPO Alelandfo Pascua 'S' r Yr han.. fl, ' " EN2 Donald Dangpa ENZCSWD David W .l ll EN7lSWl Scott Teuscher EN3CAWf5W5 EN36 D O n Segun Iluyomadff 4 7 EN3fSWJ Ryan ENFN Anthony Dickens ENFN R an Small - Trevor Larson FN Brandon Lundburg ENFN y Ku kindall A-Gang: These Guys do everything... Auxiliaries Division better known as A Gang is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of air conditioning ieefers galley equipment fork lifts small boats and cranes They also calibrate gages and refuel helicopters landing craft Mar me vehicles and other topsidc stuff A Gang is made up ot cnginemcn and firemen who arc glad to lvoid thc long watches stood by their M Division brcthrcn 'HA These P1cturcS0f'dCnm C1 inf, Wim EN2 Cam it ab0 ind EN? Grt Ohlisiiprn xx crc liken 3 mon lectrical . Q . X K it LTJG Thomas Hickey, ElVlCCSWl Division Officer Diomedes Zapanta, any 9 NA X wiv Q ' 47 EMICSWJ iciiswp EMZISWJ ICZCAVWSWP .liilylzrgswle Rodino lgnacio, LPO Walter Hooks Andree Atanacio Christina Collett L1 la mam We really get a spark... aft. Electrical Division is a bright crowd Electrician s Mates and Interior Communications Electricians maintain electrical equipment in the main spaces and above They monitor th e Electrical Plant Control Panels and maintain the ship s gyro compass. They are also responsible for electrical safet to f ' Y make sure no one gets too big ofa charge out ofdeployment. J 'Ill-A Sf Ecu! Sf' Qs 31, I-mga Y f EM-'ZISWD Jimmy Dotaror EM2 Corneal Jenkins lC2lSWJ Patrick Rocsncr EMZQSWJ Jarvis Wright EM3 Baguio Arcangel IC3 Brian Escobar IC3 Seana Martin IC3 Joe Moran EM3 Aleida Nieblas EM3 Diana Rivas EM3 Edelmira Salas FN Reymond Agajanian FN Dion Anis EMFN Richard Doman ICFN Joe Ensley EMFN Justin Graham EMFN Arclrina Harris EMFN Michael Keith EMFN Michael Penallor ICFN Jacob Schonacher M achmelfyp iv i im i FN Jarvis tleftj climbs through 21SCLllllC while MM2 Arehuleta triglitj does some extensive cleaning in Main l.ancl the Aux 2 crowd tbelowl gets up close and personal with their favorite szenerator. lii0?l?l Sftys he doesn't like it mmcrs. Xameeherto engineers as 'nwrench It Meanwhilj IIETHSQH wrench in Main Chucks 8 Inky- I -FUN Tucker tleftl lFiQhtl QWCL! 'v mpg and EN3 Burnett V A Ps the deck. W X' Y I Ya Ewsjohn Nlerghggl. ENS Troy Treaccar, ENS Rory Berry ENCSQSNV, Angel ENCYSW, Thomas i llain I Division Officer Main 2 Division Officer Aux lfiPiVj5iOn Magpantziya. LCSPO Drennon, Aux I 8: 2 33-ll. Y if Q! V Y! N! ENHSWI Scott Beck ENICSWJ Troy Irvin ENIQSWJ Randy Morris PN2 Stuart J. Kalbrofsky, MM2 Steven Archuleta Nlain I LPO LPO Main 2 LPO Engineering Yeoman I viii D ' 4 5 iiiliw Machinery Division makes us go. Theyire responsible for ithe upkeep and operation of the four main-propulsion 1 i diesel engines that send us whizzing through the water and I the four ship's service diesel generators that make electric- s NY. M has the distinction ofbeing the biggest division on the 5 Ship, with more people than any other. Enginemen make up imost of M-Division, but there are also a few machinist I mates who are primarily responsible for the oil lab. , I 1 I if EN2 Julio Bonilla MMQQSWJ David Housmah ENZKSWJ Kelly McKenna ENZCAWXSWJ Kevin Quick EN2 Conrad Sabal MM2 Tommy Wilbanks ENZKSWJ Julius Williams EN3fSWJ Tania Andino EN3 Jon Beck EN3 Joshua Bumett EN3CSWJ Justin Kida EN3 Kelsada Narong EN3 Kenneth Pennington ENBCSWJ Maribel Perez EN3lSWJ Gregory Peterkin ENISCSWJ Amanda Pierce EN3 Jose Ramirez EN3 Leon R055 FA Marius Borca ENFNCSWJ Joe Campos FN Heriveno Colado FN Danny Cowart ENFN Eric Curlig FN Mark Griggs FN Jose Herrera Espinoza FN Osiel Hipolito FN Joshua Insco FN Craig Jarvis FN Wayne Jones FN Rodrigo Loera Solis FN Tywon Manning FN Aaron Mason ENFN Alexei McCall FN Damell Moore FN Aaron Page FN Edgar Peralta FN James Smith ENFN Devon Tucker FN Jaye Valenciano FN Roben Watson 0 l ' '9 epairDivi ion i 1' Wm 'WM 41 val V LTJG C.Garcia, LTJG lvlegan O'Conncll DCClSWl Victor Fudge, HTCCSWD J. Powers, MRIQSWJ Russell Riedel Damage Control Asst. ER09 Division Officer LCPO tlntirum A Gang LCP0l LPO AHQY sl DC llSWl llTllSWl HTIQSWJ DC IISWJ DCRLQWJ Oliver Crane Timothy DeFuentcs Michael Knott Rebecca Gsmundson Rosemarie Alvarez Dzvlslon Hull Technicians and Damage Controlmen make up Repair Division HT s are a mix between plumbers and Welders. With the important job of declogging toilets on their to-do list, many HT's have developed the SuPef' human power to turn off their sense of smell. We love our HT's since things could get ugly without them. Things could also get ugly without our DC' men. They are our most capable firefighters. They train the rest of us ifill sailors are firefightersl, and they mam- tain firefighting equipment. 2 l I I del ,fe Eel ln, a idl of l SI, ll" of , gs l gs fi - ,f le n'. i.. I i ill Y R V EX-qiswijogcph Patchen HT2 Aaron Rogers l-ITZCSWJ Brandon Smith DC2 SW l l Martcz Tyus DC3fSWl L01-ry Davis DC3fSWj Jaye Garouttc DC3 Jason Judson HT3 Derrick Kennington I ffi I DC3 Ryan Boswell 'Quia Y X V HT3 Juan Lopez . , - B k. DC3Cra1g Morris DC3 Steven Sanders HT3 Ryan Vaughn IBITFN Brandon Abrams FN Bryan an s lx B . ' V S L S llivzn ason Chalman HTFN Joshua Cowsky HTFN Justin lslolmas HTFN Rym U 1 Bl' OS3 Olealia Harrell Cbelowl keeps traclc of contacts with a Digital Dead-Reckoning rmeefwhiie OS2CSWl DClvi1tTyfCCtf125l1fl plots a course on a paper navigation Chaff- ENS Burdick reenlists ETI Barnes in the pilot house. ETI had actually planned to make his escape after receiving his dis- charge certificate, but he forgot to take into account the fact that we were underway in shark infested waters - and he can't swim. 'lf,t,.,..f..a 5.2 LRE Qyvaba, I 1 E42 I5 4. ' '55 1 if Tiff Ig? f-15 .al 1 so 1-A E-:ti QQ if R view 1 We 4515" ,f "2 .5 iii. viii V 5--3 ,K 5!":1 wi mv' fl," :ir-ff ff msgs? "'-QU',...e1:.'S.a n -1..."-... s 1- ,. .1-mia.. '-,wr ,.,,, . 1 - - ff Q 5 f , W gl N i I . ' 9 lions pmg only, S111 f SS Germantown isn't exactly a submarine, but scenes in movies, like 'Hunt for the Red October,' can give you an at it's like for some of our operations folks. The Radio and the Combat Information Center QCICJ are both dreary, atory looking spaces that make you think a lot of is happening. Indeed, a lot of secret stuff is happening. Intelligence Division QOIJ monitors contacts Qother and planes around usb with radar, and other tracking The Operations Specialists of OI Division are just like the TV monitoring brightly-colored computer screens. Division QOCJ handles radio. The Infomation Technicians there receive and send messages using several circuits and transmission frequencies to keep us in the loop out to sea. OC is also responsible for Germantown's They make it possible for us to have Intemet and email. Division QOEJ fixes stuff. The Electronics Technicians of all the fancy gadgets--including the radar devices--that members of Operations Department to do their jobs. Weapons QOWJ Division protects and defends the ship. Mates maintain crew serve weapons, rifles, and hand They stand crew serve weapons watches in dangerous parts world and they train the rest of us. Fire Controlmen operate the Phalanx Close In Weapons System QCIWS, it can down planes and missilesi and the Rolling Airframe Missile it can also shoot down planes and missilesj And our Technicians, Technical tformerly Electronic War- Jmaintain and operate our Nixie anti-torpedo device our Super Rapid Offboard Blooming Chaff decoy device. ration ILNS Bower demonstrates the proper WC21r ol the Michelin Tire suit dur- mg 8 gun shoot on a chilly day GM3 Green fright? wpf-IS up 21 magazine temperature report in the operations of- fice. When he's finished with that. he ll run laps 3IOLl1'ld the flight deck until every- one watching gets tired out ot sympathy. .L new A eration . ' i. " ' N- " ' . . ' . 1' t '-fr' 13:1 'iii' LT Hilary Albers, LT Omar Farmer, CW04 Donald Gussler. Operations Officer Training Officer EMO -ui LTJG Tyrce, LTJG Russel Thiem, LTJG Sheilagh Jankowski, Assistant Ops. Officer Assistant Ops. Officer ll Training Officer II ENS Jason Jackson. OI Division Officer OSCCSWJ Scott Hunnicutt LCPO G Q00 si 1-. yank 1 mv. lx J' I ntelli ence OS2cSwl Charles Ortiz OS2 Charles Davis 0S2lSWl Cuthrine lfreneh OS2lSWl Lori Hemish lm-Fi, H5 Y V OS3lSWl Garrett Love OSZQSWJ Demetrius Mason OS2tSWl Terrence Miller OSZVSWJ Delvin Tyree p, Fi., V OS2 Gary Vaughn OSQLSWD Lawanda Walker OSZQSWJ Shawn Weppelman OS3 Dana Beaudoin 1'L?f .1 OS3 Olealiu Harrell OS3 Jennifer Kinser OS3tSWl Tyler Smith OSSN Angelika Aguilar OSSN Scott Caldwell OSSN .lohn Florendo OSSN Frank Huynie OSSN Danny Mason Z N I Sl , 4 H1 -, f-P ""r"""Y"'-""""F1'f"" " "ff Wapon I O I Operations Weapons Division is responsible for all the fire power onboard. In the event of an attack from a terrorist or enemy ship, it would be OW's job to protect the Mighty Germantown. The Gunner's Mates are in charge of pistols, rifles, shotguns, and crew sewe weapons. Besides stand- ing watches and maintain weapons the GM s also train the rest of us so we can stand armed watches The Fire Controlmen are in charge of the Phalanx Close in Weapons System CCIWSJ It s a high tech anti aircraft gun They also maintain and operate the ship s Rolling Airframe Missile System LRAMJ Our Cryptologic Technicians CTechn1calJ are in charge of the Nixie a long tail that makes noise behind the ship as a torpedo decoy CTT s also handle the Super Rabid Offboard Blooming C haff nh.. HPF! Y CTTNSWJ CTT7 SVN - Q L 1 - t , . -. A, L R Michael Ncummm Mcghimlpongch PgTI3g.5?TiJ CTTSN Bonita Lcvarlo LTTSN Junta Q ll o in Ply, Zlll 1 V 4 Q ENS Michael Bower, Division Ofticer t V4 i J i i l ql GMCLSWD Miehael Grogan GMI KSWJ Larry Neeaise GM2 Gary Jones GMZQSWJ Richard Myles GM2iSWl Jeremy Smith GM2 Cynthia Wheeler GM3lSWl Eric Green GM3iSWJ Abram Merritt GMSN Jacob Trammel nlgiii 414 vmiiili QV , ,,, i I Im ii -,, i I 1 r CT? t i l l 4 Sf? if' XY PLQ2 Y Hg, wg FCCSlSW!AWl Todd Guerrero FCZCSWQ Thomas Garrido FC3 Derek Gamett FC3 Brandon Hilstad FC3 Huyen Mai FC3 Jacob Olsen FC3 .lillian Wells FC3 Brady Wiggit1S 83 9 I 1 4 omm uni ation OC Division introdueed us to our le ist favorite phrase ofthe deployment: River City. That s what they call it when they cut off our email access. But since they re the ones who give us email in the first place we still love them As for OE they keep all that cool communica tion and navigation stuffwoileing so We don t get lost and we can call home on the sailor phone We love them too ENS Richard Ferrari ITCSQSWJ Jayne Communications Officer Galbreath, LCPO 5. YQ 3 E ,XM 2 N 'Q GN. 'N L N 3- 've ITCS Galbreath delivers an address as pan of Gennantowns African American Heritage Month celebration. ln the early l98O's, ITCS Galbreath was one of the first women in Navy history to remain on active duty after becoming pregnant. Since then. she's become an advocate for equality for all races and genders. m SW J 5 l Sim R lb. Nl mms Vrlfswl Allan ITHSWJ Tyree ITHSWJ James lTlChad J. Mitchell o inson, Jr. Capps Newton Snyder Emily if . -Fir-5 Y . .HH ' " i vi V ITUSWJ Samantha IT2 R b, - . - A , 4 i Corbin 0 Ln Slmull lT2lSWl Calvin lT2lSWl Titto Medina ITSN Rucbm Poreh Clulmlllgliziiim Montero Q,-I F. , l .Qi Qf, 95? ' .x lll S ENS Sara Burdick. ETC Brian Meyer, , Division Oftieer LCPQ ..? Y if J ETZQSWJ Carlos Bolivar ETZQSWQ Richard Johnson ET3lSWl Richard Innes ET3lSWl STCVC "MMU lVleMullun ET3 David Truuseh ljT3 Dennis Perry J V, ETIISWJ Kevin Barnes ETICSWJ Cyron Sumpilo Q21 'mn Y 4 I ETZQSWJ Todd Monte ET3 Chinomnso "E-Bay"Ekwuribe 4 BTMSWJ Edward Pursad ET3lSWf"'FMFl lClmlfCV Smith k-in pf' i 1 .I .X v ,V x. 1 ET3lSWJ James ET3 Milxhiel lll1lLlII1NOI Ywmlldc 85 :L 1 . ,. ,. .4 LT Ferdinand Herrera, LT Nathan Francis, LTjg Sara Keef Supply Officer Supply Officer Disbursing Officer tr' l . mm -s .fl p 1 cscsfswmw 3 ai 1 - Jaime Villar, Supply SKCCSWD Mariano SKCCSWJ Emmanuel LCPO Afcco, Si LCPO Consular, si LCPof3Mc 86 wi HALL, Our Store Keepers fSK'sJ a They keep track of everything we need to get underway, from toilet paper to engine parts. They order parts and consumables, store them, and distribute them. When we need emergency parts in a hurry, they make sure we get them. The SK,s run our Hazardous Materials Locker fHazMatj where they keep dangerous stuff like explosives and corrosives. To look cool, SK's also carry lots and lots of keys on their belts. re our supply clerks. HH1, Y QIQQ. ' K2 SWB M ra Martinez smcswa rims Gawhry, sk2cSWJ Tony Alvarado SK2fSWfDaH'e'BHUg'1 S I Y LPO CO Qllri as 47 Qt: Y S Q L T t ' N, xg D. Y SK3 Odajlg Rlckerby SK3 Crystal an em! SK2 Alb ' ' ' ' l ert Obriquc SKQCSWJ Adrian Pich SKMSWJ JCWLU Hon Q, .Q j ,A ,1 is Ja iii.-1 7 JIX DN J Balogo i Q - l I , , A .1 L Flo HH Vincent SKSN Michael David s1sSNfSWl A ml ....--f " All Solis rcs SKSN Laura Sanchcl SKSN Cn 8 YL-53,5 . -wx 'fg.f,,f,. Y EJ Il, , Qs U Q-H 1, 'QT' F5 "if Y V Yr . f' CWXSW CSNAWXSWJ CS2 M' h ll H l A CSICSWJ Everett CSHSWJ Ronald CSHS l H- ic e e aivey Broadie Cerezo Renaito Farin Maribel Chalburg - limb it Z CSZQSWJ CSZCSWJ Cesar Peji CS3 Jenny Bueso CS3 Bonita Bynum CS3 Holly Clow Marvin Mack Reyes i ' 35:31 The Culinary Specialists fCS'sj of S-2 Divisions feed us. CThat's Why if we had something bad to say about them, weld keep it to ourselvc-:sl The CS's do lots of cool things for us. They make H cake eveiy month for people with birthdays in that month. They feed us yummy snacks like ice cream and hot wings during "Supply Suiprisej' and thCY make sure we have peanut butter and jelly, the m0Sl important food groups. Even though we some' times complain when they donlt make our favorite foods, we know we couldnlt live without our C53- 1 1 l 1 l 1 1 J 4. I 1 .ll 't Mm., ill ,O IC El it Il i lYr SI' 3- J IC CS3 Vanity Gilstrap CS3 D'Neil Hopper CS3 Elizabeth Horn CS3 Sulye Melton CS3 Teniea Nerestant CS3 Judy Patterson CS3 Cesshecka Randel CS3 Maria Solis Morales CSSN George Balogo CSSN Randall Dicknite CSSN Richard Quinones CSSN Erik Rosenbloom CSSN Jabari Stamps CSSN Vannessa Tate FN Tania WBTC Q! V Sl-IHSW3 SHZCSWJ SHZQSWJ SH3 Latoiyal SH3CSWJ RicardoParaiso Luis Lemos Shawn Wilson Forte Benjamin Pierce Mlfll' Y x SH3CSW5 SH3fSWJ Estela SHSN Michelle Joel Rodriguez Rodriguez Lopez Montalvo Albino The Disbursing Clerks fDK'sJ and Postal Clerk CPCB of S-4 have the dis- tinction of pertaining to Germantown's smallest di- vision. They do what their titles imply... The DK's take care of money and the PC mns the post office. The Ship's Servicemen fSH'sJ of S-3 Division are some of our favozitepeople. They cut hair, do laundry, and run the ship's store. They even keep the soda machines stocked. Who could ask for more? T qi ,1 ig 'Y If DKICSWJ Gilbert PCZCSWJ DKSN Valenzuela Olga Delgadillo Jose Hernandez ,r:.g,.5:,v ' R I ia ,A C7 Delgadmo U-ightl prepares a package ll -nailina. During the deployment lnrione ofthe most popular people on the ns . up But when our mail was late. she hid. S l ' 1Abovel Of course DKl Valenzuela is smil- ing. lf anyone messes with him, he,ll stop their pay. Who else has that kind of insur- ance policy? fBelowl When he's not busy manning a gun mount, DKSN Hemandez learns the disbursing ropes from DKI. fRightl He even does laun- d1y...SH2 Wilson'swife could be the luckiest lady alive. Y54Y5iwTT:ee'Wm Y-as, .b .JL 9 ,xy wit., 4 US, If x -IU-W1 .gi illill' MN 'm T1 Frm? , W, ...-4L.,,, I x qqfigg a - r 7 ff' " ,w 4 -i rl if "" 773 il i 4241 'xl .f .L f 1' lf ix ' .L 3-,r , ,gl , ,N , 55. ' 1.,.l!'Q, I" ' YQ' 3? 951,14 gi? - , 73' 1 K. 'Thi 'B 63, until S24 S fi:-Qu.. HN e......,,, mardi A WWW U-TNA Y f' , , xr. ' : D' .J,. Af, f :WHY "'-V Y., .: ' Lip W-N75 Nj , X, 1 ' ,sf PIRIGW ,ht If , Q -Q 1 iv' mu. 4 N ' 4 . V4 "' u IQ-7k29lf .,f'- ff. . gem x V ,, :X K " i ', .AV 1' Raj H PNC' Cuuresinu und PN2 Brown Hefty do the stuft' that PN's do, Klielow J QM3 ijzii'diierunti YNSN Williams give their uniforms the day oitduring ai visit to Buhruin. PN3 Fraga tbelom just found out we were going home early, tCan you tell from her big sinile'?J tLet'tt SKC Arceo. YNSN HayCS. find XINI Niclzggrtry not to bump into each other in the C'21PmW S Office. mbvvvt QM' B1"'CP' prefers the arent outdool'S. CWI 61110 ,rx i . ii 1 Q LTJG Michael Miller, QMCKSWD Douglas SMCXNCCCSWB QMICSWJ QMNSWJ Navigator Johnson, Dep. LCPO James Chambers Kevin Bailey Howard Bragg 51111111 mn 4 1 M- ..- as J, 'iv 3-f QMZCSWJ JHVOH Brown QTVUISWD 12111105 Griffin QMBCSWJ lcsha Bradley QlVl3lSWJ Tamika Davis QM3 Tina Efb Till Y i' 'HM I I M3E'kC' "z N. , . ' ,W Q ric iarcii QM3 lnramusza Ciardmr QMS Matthcw Lindsay QlVl3lSWl Stacey Vcrccn QMSN Lorcncc Blyniyrr l ul .ls 4 3 , 'Nm hggggvannu Dixon, ENCIWSWJ Nestor NCCQSWXAWQ Anne PNCtSW!AWyWilfred0 mm Division Ufticcr Perez. Cynkar. Career Counselor Cuaresma, Admin LCPO ' 3-M Coordinator W tDon Knotts, ' fg A .t , r U 173 -we Ziff N- '- xr' W gs-fl A , Celebrity Stand Inj M S33 Y YXiCtSWJ Redondo. YNHSSJ MAIQSWJ Kenneth Tate, PN2tSWj 3-N1 Coordinator Thomas Metzger, LPO C hiet' Master at Arms Sandreale Brown Y -uni. Yr 3, iiwl Frankie Knight. JOZCSWJ YN2 Chris PNMSW7 ist. Master at Arms Andrea Leahy Rosenstock Norma Fraga Hrph lPN3'3Wt L S YNSN Dustin Wright M vtuattfala ID8n'liUn leluycs Nillrk wfillilllii Hg' A ediclll ':7. 'Y-5, fa :ff 'uf 471 . . . ,. 'A -:sw I Gad: li 1 pi X LCDR Trisha Clark, HMCSCSWXFMFQ Medical Officer Laurie LaBudde CF ar ri ghtj HM2 Beedles dem- onstrates to his patients why drinking alcohol is not good for their health. Meanwhile, HM2 Bratcher fright and be- low ri ghtj competes forthe title of 4Most Expressive' Germantown sailor, and HMC S LaBudde tbelowl gives her l00,000th shot. Not of her career, just of this deployment. "" N ""f'v 'im wr i-iivilcswp HMIKSWJ Hiviiqriviry HMZQSWXFMFJ HMZQSWJ HM3 S Musa Thula Antonio Juanes Trent Osicr Rob Becdlcs Brian Bratcher Medical Kathryn Daman T em- Why Q00Cl iile be- title ve' Q and ives 'her C I. Il fill. 1 :-1 .pg f 1 T 313 - Z .. iw? Q HM3 Damall and her daughter Katrina tleftj took in the sights of Hawaii be- fore the Tiger Cruise. CAboveJ HM2 Bratcher and HMI Osier petition the CNO to make every day wog day. 5 'gl' P. CAboveJThere she is again! Katrina is so cute, we couldn't stop taking pictures of her. lLeftJ That's not exactly the case for HMl Juanes. He's cute, too, we guess, but he has to do something interesting, likC walking through the pasSagC WHYS blindfolded for egress training, be- fore we take his picture. lRigl1fl We'rc not really sure what they'rC doing. but it looks like it hurts. USS Germantown's Medical and Dental Departments fshown above in Dubai, UAE, celebrating Christmasj have a lot going for them. For one thing. ifyou should ever happen to find yourself dying, gravely ill, or seri- ously injured, the people of Medical Department can help you. They are capable of providing all types of routine care including stitching up minor injuries and conducting physical examinations. They can arrange and provide transport to a larger medical facility when it is needed. Medical Department is also responsible for training the rest of us in first aid in addition to CPR certification for Germantown sailors who work with electricity. We may poke fun at them sometimes and run for the hills when they attack us with needles but the truth is: we sleep a little bit easier at night knowing we have the Navy s finest Medical Department. Germantown s Dental Department also has a lot going on. Our dentist LT Davis can perform most extensive dental procedures on board. That s not just cleanings and fillings. He can actually do root canals and wisdom teeth extractions underway. About the only things he can t do are give you braces and implant prosthetics. tRightJ As you can see from HMI Osier. it's not all fun and needles in medical. Sometimes there's paperwork. tBe- lowl HM3 Darnall. LT Davis, and HM2 Brateher go the extra mile to become Shell Backs on Wog Day. tAboveJ We can all learn what it takes to become USS Germantown's Sailor ofthe Year from our very own DTI Stalinsky EW! lAboveJ LT Dfms and LCDR Cltrkg, look cool in their spitty xx lute. uniforms outside ot Hiwan CRig,htl HM? Beeclles has seen Pirates ol the C mb bean onetimetoomany Cariyourblln CAbovel What happens xx hen you let L1 bunch of l'vIed1c'1l!Dental people. hanf' out on the fllghtdeckl We re not sun Whatcx er it is they re doing in this photo we guess tBeloxxl DT' Bantugan relaxes dLlI'll1Q a break trom stiekmf, his hands in people s mouths it v.. I . rm , Y ,, f . . . 3 -. - 1. S - 3 I v - s' . ', K . 5 . - - -1 ' s l . Q nun U ' -. I u . n u 1 v ' W y ps l 'I .1 !, I 1. '. Z 1 ' ' 1 ' 1 " , Q , ., i A Q 5 " 'T L , A- -: 3- 1 .3 s ' - Y, , X , , t L' 1 2 .- .f ' x ' -, I 1 K 1 1 X A-'V , D. l tltbovel DTI Stalinsky and LTDavis get psyched for the W0gDay festivities. CRightJ UT3 Manenuesi anxiously '-vaitsto pull into Hawaii. It's TOI that he'd rather be in port 1'Way carTying on he Proud Naval traditions - Who are we kidding? ll0uIdn't you rather be in DOH than underway? :nan unde LT Adam Davis. DTllSWl Drew mal Dr3cSWl RW DDS Stalinsky Bfl'm'gf"l tRightJ LT Davis and DT3 Bantugan are hard at work at what they do best: tortur- ing the rest of us through high-tech pain devices in a practice known as 'den- tistryf Actually, LT Davis is one ofthe best dentists we know. And we're not just sayingthatbecausewedon't when he'lI find a cavity in one of our mouths. tBelowJ Dental Department cel- ebrates DTI Stalinsky's birthday by naming him 'Burger King' for the day. DT3f5Wt Warlin Marteneusi 101 ASSault Cyan Team Cha Beach 3 ter, Team Cha ACU 5 and BMUX are an interesting bunch. They' re responsibie for getti' the Marines to the beach so the Marines can do their thing. ACU5 cai ahf-ard with three Landing Craft Air Cushions, or LCAC' s, speciiicaiiy 'Mt hovercraft carry more than 160 cargo tons i ""' 180 Marines wit! 1 . . 4 A i t h o 1 ACU5 and the eir equipnien were not a part Germantown company, the an integrai pai Navy comba Meet the people of Assault Craft Unit 5 8: Beach Masters Unit l. GSEBCSWJ Tiffany Mosley, GSE2fSWJKcllyGollant,and GSE3CSWJ Patricia Sturre take their force protection re- sponsibilities very seriously. L- .M I GSECQSWD Biscocho and BMZCSWJ Neal filbgycj look back at earth from the surface of Mars... OK, it's the Unite doesn't it look like a Sci-Fi flick? And doesn't OSZCSWJ Hugh Rape Crightj look like he's flying a helicopter in a low-budget war mgvicfv cl Arab Emirates, but lO4 - ., w 4-J 4 riff 4, 7' F75 in 5 s k 3, ' 'la-.Q Q a X I. wc" . 5 . 51 , A . S.: 1 ! n "1 '- fi B: .A Hi 14 X f?5'f:?f7"755A' M -- -- ' w . 5 Q53 sm" . - 5,--M . 15 ACU5 81 BMU1 -iw New-g,. livin 4 Amr win il fx ,,,, . .,,.L,,.?, , V t-1,4 kg., , , -L A ' ,,,.N4....,.., , 'f-T'--usu.m.,,,..u V 1 1 Ev Ei- ?"s:,..2f f 33522 ER Lf' 7 EG? Q .15 igfw ig , Y' i NJ' - :il ,,.x , ACU CMZQSWJ Jason Williams tbe- lowjcontemplatesacquiringa big floppy hat for his civilian attire. tRightl GSE2tSWj England. GSMIKSWB Joe White, and GSMHSWJ Chad Wilkinson are all about doing things by the book. Work Hard, Play Hard YNl CSWJ Darrell Mercer, HT3fSWl Alejandro Aguila, and HTZCSWJ Mark Hamilton kick back in Bahrain during a pon visit there. 108 G3E3r5Wj Sturre and BM2fSWl Ned look so carefree, if we didn't kI1OW any better, we might think they were all- ditioning for an afiult diaper commercial. Who needs '8-Minute Abs? GSENSWJ Nicole Irving has I8 kd stokeepherinshape. hour wor ay .HV GSM3lSWlEdwin Sonntag waves at the camera. GSM 1 fgwf Awl vl0C White fbelowj gets ready for take off, 1...- GSMMSWJ Adams fabovel al- ways whistles while he works, and GSECQSWJ Donald Ekstein fleftl says you're never too old to play King ofthe Hill. 109 I Q L .,L., I ' ,f f,"'i-' " 4 Hr, gag: iii 92,154 A, J uni Tf, f , . - , :ff,':.',Qf?1'R2.QfL"i','1f JAPAN ',,-' .,1:,yw. iffwff .QL ,. 1.--,, -' Y: .. ,J My --A , 1 1 A' L QA-if maj- ' .,'-:Y 'A' " '-1 f 'I v- 'L -'Z ,. --,,l,,-A',,1fg,.- S, ii azflf f qzifj ,I ,.x,f - 1,-'-' af' Taiwan Mmm q Islands A ' Arabi ea f '- Bay of A l?HILIPPl'NES E4 , , Bengal Vietnami? Gumfii A 2 Maldives , + EQUATOR + N Seychelles DB Sumatra ' 51 Java , U V ""h Indonesidf' If GW. .VI fr'-'I fy f . 1 . -,W I gf + Tropic of Capricorn + MADAGASCAR if Prince Edw INDIAN OCEAN ard Kerguelen f 'Q Fe! Sakhalm 3 KAMCHATKA I B8 Mxdway Wake Island a Islands Islands Berzng Sea NORTH PACIFIC San Franczsco San Tropzc of Cancer + Hawan PACIFIC OCEAN G lbert Islands Phoenix Solomon Islands ' O. Elhce - 1 Islands L I ' ' ISI8.I1dS Sgmga NEW FIJI HEBRIDES 5 -1-- f ,L Islands Ffench NEW Q EQ Cook Polynesia ZEALAND I I ---,,, -..-.........i......... - ,.Y,....---- ..... .- --'- .-.,.-- CALEDONIA Islands gm SOUTH PACIFIC I I ' .. ,. . -.V..........- . . . -,........-1 ---4-'-1-in

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