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C.7 MiiWKanRKwvm " Otete J diodes - - sl ' Zl - Arnautir CYPRUS - l- ' massopQ a,,,a g - Gata Tarabulus (Tripoifl - Anfakya Meske ' eppO(HalebJ el Kotchek c El Haitke " lagusta iHama -Meyad Abu ' finr SEA __ OEn Nebk T OWOR) Mosil Habban " Damascus ' ' " - Syrian Deserf ? " » ' ' »» J , 1 1% ' ' . _ Habban ' Kaf Bg ' Ane zo f ? £ ' Bawitj° : ttiM- ManfaiQ, 4 ' ■f ' Sama;Of os s ' ' - Fara-fra Oo5 s O ' ' " rga ' — ■ Ooj s__ ' snaO H " Cana JORDAN ' ? T 5B Sinai „ ;,„ 0.4 ' " ■ ' ' Y ' ' Maw 7?a( " ?Muwai Jh oMuadhdha n ■ 1 - «- ...•.- iUhi, ' c ' ' - l-Shakir 2- Dhaba n ' v J Cib eV|,;.r-ei i,:_- •__ _• ■ • V, • ' ri t . n ' ' ° " Medam O OSahh O l-r Jeb ' ■Si. ° :)llft ' ,f 7aoa ' :.■ ' ?f% Qasral ;j;..K ortSa«g3 ' Ka nakf " ? ' KEI Qijseir Oara,cr-V , A- ' a-dUQus Ayu - Nassers jKdmOmbo PAswan ' ■ ' efaj fos Barida i 0AM . ,f 487 ft (P fas „ss - -112.771 m.2) ' Zefirget 1(P Mashabi ' ' ■ Shaibara UfTim La,-, ' ■An, I rf Er Ras R i • Ba uiiii : ... - l s Wad, HaifTTv-.v - ' et. I ( ' 733 m:) Middle East CONIC PROJECTION SCALE OF MILES T(J l(Jo " ioo Sio SCALE OF KILOMETERS i ' 100 200 300 400 Capitals of Countries T tT International Boundaries .. Oil Fields -.... - Major Pipelines ..- - Principal Tanker Routes •■■ ■■■ e CopjTighl HAMMOND JNCORPORATEO, Mapltwood, N.J. I -4:50 ' J ' J . . MasturaSof ' 372 „t = _ _ Halalb . r o alim Oadh. ' ma)) »S j sHatibarf 0| S o ' ' ' " ' ' " o ' A Mecca OTaif Oawasir « Mastaba? r " Turaba n-j " Al Littf O Junainao NT Bisha . v «• Qunf.dhaV ihh, 9Khamis " ' ' " Vi° ' oHarai. ShuqalqX ZahranO , % , Saoya r :S TARTAN IS.OiTi ,nk 5u ' Arlsh Mas Kasar ' P I 0- (i ?; DAHIAK ■ u Massawa - ' rC CH PmJ LGO -ri iXa (v. .s KManakha Ma.dal? B ol .uhaiya ., Urmia ErbJI rbela) O V iMahabad Saqqez V ° Sulaimaniya iL. Urmia o " — - Maragheh ' Zanjan Maidano 7 ■■ Dezh Shahpur oSanandaj hanaqin„ Qom(Q Hamadan° -. or Kangavaro amarra p,fch,,„„o Nahavand Ara I . Bakntaran o o Ba qubai uh-e Vorzarm O c :9.186h.(2800 m.) Borujerd Baghdad Khnr..? Anzali " ■ " Atrek, Enzeli) - Gasan-Kul. ' Bandar-e VC ' j:2:i»a " .usJ !7 ' fc . w o Jo OSan . |o ' (-. Sabzevar V b Amoiaeabol rr;--V EmamshahF ,- " ' O 1° Tehran ! - °Dariefan Yj, -pr 18 76 h. oSemnan .-..«v..- ' . O ReyO fSaOI m.) Lo Saveh X P ?. ' .?? ' Toru , JQ — ■ — - , YKirovsR. iSl " " " ° t3L KaaKhka Qf „rhen Quchan H. . o Meshed Neyshabur l " - Torbat-e ■r.-,. .t. V HeydanyehQ S? ' ■ ■ iTuran Kashmar O yehfamak Dasht-e VWiabod I i.040 ft- 4 Kashan ' 365 ' --■f- J ONatanz C Golpayegan q Ardestan r. ' Kayir-e.-QBejestan Khvaf , Kuhestaiv. O Khvor Ferdows Gonabad Isfahan Najafabad 1 Shahrezao ONa ' in Yazdl o Kuh-€ Kukalar Gavkhiini ,-. ■ i i, _Bafq .. ,. -.OOP ™ 1 . . AS5 " - i " o Abadeho 3,,, M075 ,1 y ' iai,.ai. tJX " ; ' « • vii ' - T, ' AI Kuwait — c-, al Ahrrfed. - Mins. ' al Ahrrfed Ra ' sal Khafji , Minaj ajma-a hnib AI ' Auda Shaqra Koh-e Madvor 1 1,8? I f . f3600 m.) ' - jrosfcfe ; OAnar qZ ' T ♦ ' " 1 Rafsanjan Borazjan " C 10459 ft. f " 3I8b m.) I k -xl -Jahrom Kan O r O sbahdadV Kerman- " ■ — Kuh-e loleh Zar , _ 14,350 ft. ' - IV (4374 m.U r :. |--cf3,; ;;; f::oBaft Estahbanat (Sirjan) ir asa __! . " ' J ODarab if(fa " ■ ' oArtawiyi • -X-. )av - Nay Band ' =-- - fOqair MubarrgiQ Dukti " Zahedan Ki he Ta( 113,261 M084 . KuhUBoz. f348S yOharmaO ' 9 ' Riyadh " Q. T Dilam °Yamama I ° A Nilla Kama ' oGa- ' o Laila imama Hlad - yiXZ — 9, Buraimi • " XSuwaiq yah JebelDfisnna ORuwai -?J ' oTMina al JfiL W- ■ ■■ . - UNITED ' ■ ■ DhankO j ;; ' _Fahalb uscat Sf L:. :■•■ _i£ .i — T O Shaml Sarur " d Duryat ■KRas al Khaimah fUmm ' zirV ' i Sa ' id ° -r : .N O V Salwa Hannm-e Jaz-Mif ' " " B.andar -Abbas . i,t - -. ,;; OMinab v .i " ' " " " " " I gg Ijfusartoii ' iiy! Buus a yiCaJ 4 ( Td-Oman) Abu fihaljiC x-- An ' Madraka Sauqira Bay a ' ud 1) Vlff ' flas SauQca •flasS iafbata ' . .a „ KURIA MUWA 13. u ,, (Oman; : ' DESERT STORM During the allied buildup, Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf massed troops just south of Kuwait, tricking Iraq into expecting a massive frontal assault. Allied bombing knocked out Iraq ' s Air Force, allowing troops secretly to shift west along Iraq ' s undefended border in preparation for a flanking maneuver. As the ground war started, Saudi and U.S. troo ps pushed into Kuwait and feigned a main assault, while the XVIII Corps in the west " leapfrogged " into Iraq, setting up huge fuel and supply stations. The 101st Airborne raced within 100 miles of Baghdad to block retreating Iraqis and the VII Corps and Pan- Arab forces led ground assaults into Iraq and Kuwait. As the threat of a Marine amphibious assault kept enemy troops pinned down in Kuwait, allied forces from the west destroyed the outflanked Republican Guard. Pan-Arab forces moved into Kuwait City, overwhelming Iraqi troops. TABLE OF CONTENTS V- COMMANDING OFFICER EXECUTIVE OFFICER COMMAND MASTER CHIEF ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT 6 ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT 7 DECK DEPARTMENT . 17 OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT IHBHHP ' UPPLY DEPARTMENT . . 30 DENTAL DEPARTMENT 34 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT ACU-FIVE ,., UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS (EMBARKED TROOPS) FAREWELL DAY HAWAII AND THE PHILLIPINES, BEFORE THE WAR ' . S. ' . S4 GULF WAR PHOTOS 57 GULF PORT VISITS 62 SINGAPORE 67 WOG DAY AND THE CROSSING OF THE EQUATOR 70 SPECIAL EVOLUTIONS 74 HOMECOMING, AFTER NINE LONG MONTHS 80 DEDICATION -»_ 85 Commander William J. Marshall, III graduated from Villanova University and was commissioned in the U.S. Navy via the NROTC program in December 1972. He was stationed at NAS Bermuda (Port Royal Bay) as the Port Operations Officer while awaiting his initial sea duty. Continuing his overseas assignment. Commander Marshall was ordered to the USS SAMPSON (DDG-10), homeported in Athens, Greece from 1974 until 1977. In his next assignment, he served as a Warfare spe- cialty instructor at the Newport Basic Division Officer School until 1980. Following training at Department Head School, Commander Marshall was assigned as the Weapons Officer on board USS AYL- WIN (LST-1180) as First Lieutenant. Repor- ting in June 1982, Commander Marshall par- ticipated in the initial landing of U.S. Marines in Beirut, Lebanon as part of the multi-na- tional Peacekeeping Force, and their final ex- traction two years later. During this tour. Commander Marshall also participated in Operation Urgent Fury Grenada. Commander Marshall attended the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA., receiving a Masters in Business Administra- tion (Financial Management) in 1985. From 1986-1987 he served as Executive Officer on USS SAGINAW (LST-1188). Prior to receiving orders as Commanding Officer of USS GERMANTOWN (LSD-42), Commander Marshall most recently served on the staff of Commander, Naval Surface Forces Atlantic. Commander Marshall is married to the former Tricia Herion of Glenmore, PA. The Marshalls have three children; Kelly age ten, Katie age eight and Bud age four. CO xo LCDR Rand D. LeBouvier, originally of Baltimore, Maryland, received his commision upon graduation from the United States Naval Academy in 1978. LCDR LeBouvier ' s first assignment was as Combat Information Center Officer and First Lieutenant aboard USS EDWARD MCDONNELL (FF 1043) in MayPort, Florida. During his subsequent tour at Officer Candidate School, Newport, R.I., he served as the Naval Military Per- sonnel Command Liaison on Assignment Counselor and established the OCS Sail Training Program. As a Depart- ment Head, he was assigned as Weapons Officer on USS SCHOFIELD (FFG-3) in San Diego and as First Lieuten- ant on USS FRESNO (LST-1182) in Long Beach. In 1988, LCDR LeBouvier was chosen to attend the United States Marine Corps Command and Staff College in the Joint curriculum. Graduating in 1989, he received orders as the J-5 Navy Planner for United States Southern Command in Panama, where he participated in the plan- ning and execution of Operation Just Cause in December 1990. LCDR LeBouvier reported for duty as Executive Of- ficer of USS GERMANTOWN (LSD-42) in November of 1990. LCDER LeBouvier ' s decorations include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Navy Commendation Medal with gold star, the Joint Service Achievement Med- al, and various unit and expeditionary medals. LCDR LeBouvier is married to the former Julia Ellen Cahill of Sparta, New Jersey. They have three children Tara, Christopher, and Julia. COMMAND MASTER CHIEF Master Chief Boatswain ' s Mate (Surface Warfare) B.F. Nelson is from Turin, Iowa and enlisted 6 August 1968. Following Boot Camp he was assigned to Deep Water Piers, Danang, RVN and then River Patrol Flotilla Five, Binh Thuy RVN. Master Chief has been assigned to USS ST LOUIS (LKA-116), USS SPERRY (AS-12), USS DURHAM (LKA-114), USS ALBERT DAVID (FF-1050), USS RACINE (LST-1191) and as commissioning crew member of USS WHIDBEY ISLAND (LSD-41). Ashore BMCM Nelson has been as- signed as Command Investigator, Fleet ASW San Diego, as a member Commander, Amphibious Group Three Staff and is a graduate of the U.S. Navy Senior Enlisted Academy. He reported aboard USS GER- MANTOWN (LSD-42) as Command Master Chief 27 February 1989. ' Master Chief Nelson has been awarded four Navy Achievement Medals, Combat Action Ribbon, three Good Conduct Awards as well as service and campaign awards. Master Chief Nelson is married to former Barbara J. Jolley of Warren, Arizona and has five children, Lori, Brandye, Chris, Lisa, and Bill. LT BERGMAN NAV ADMIN DEPARTMENT HEAD ADMINISTRATION DEPARTMENT y ® The Administration Department provides administrative support and custom- er service to all crew members. This Division is made up of different ratings in the Navy, such as: Personnelman, Yeoman, Career Counselor, Postal Clerk, Master- at-Arms and the 3-M Coordinator. MAC STEELE PNC(SW) MERCADO YNI(SW) VIRGER PN2 UMBAY PC3 STUART YN3(SW) ELLERMAN YN3(SW) BLACKWELL YNSN DUNN YNSN MITCHELL NAVIGATION DEPARTMENT The Navigation Department consists of Quartermasters who are highly skilled sailors who assist the Navigator and Officer of the Deck. Their primary function is to safely navigate the ship by using a combination of traditional skills and sophisticated electronic equip- ment. They operate fathometers, radar repeaters, Omega receiving sets, and satellite receiving equipment. QMC CARLYLE QUI VEAL QMl KLASEK QM3 FLORIANO QM3 GRAY QMSN RACKLEY QMSA MARSH ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT LT PARKER CHIEF ENGINEER LT KELLEHER CHIEF ENGINEER The Engineering Department most closely represents the backbone of the ship. These men are responsible for nearly every mechanical piece of equipment on the ship. Without Engineers there would be no water, no cool air, no lights, and the ship wouldn ' t move. The department is divided into four main divisions. The first is the Electrical Divi- sion. This is made up of Electrician Mates and Interior Communications Technicians. They are responsible for the power system of the ship, interior communications, naviga- tion equipment, and the various engineering control consoles. Next is " R " Division. These men are the Hull Technicians, and Machinery Repair- men. They are responsible for the structural repairs to the ship, the ship ' s repair lockers, firemains, ballasting systems, damage control, and firefighting systems. Auxiliaries Division is responsible for various auxiliary equipment. This includes air conditioning, refrigeration, heating, anchor windlass, and the ship ' s steering. " A- Gang " is also responsible for helicopter refueling systems. The last division is the Main Propulsion Division. They provide steam, and fresh water. Enginemen assigned to " M " Division operate and maintain the ship ' s main pro- pulsion diesel engines which move the ship. They also operate the generators, distilling plants, auxiliary boilers, and high and low pressure compressors. LT O ' BRIEN LT HARRISON LT STEINS LT BRANUM CW02 JOHNSON -Q. CW02 OIRA A-GANG ENC(SW) NAVARRO ENl ISLEY ENl WHEELER ENl MANUEL EN2 ALLEN EN2 CRESSINA EN2 McGINNIS EN3 VANSON EN3 RODRIQUEZ EN3 BELTRAN EN3 PREUSS EN3 ROCK EN3 TERENCIO EN3 HUNTLEY EN3 ESTEP FA NAVARRO FA SOTO FA MULLINS FR CANTERO E-DIVISION m ENCS MAUS ICC RATTEI ICl MELCHER EMI COLEMENARES EM2 McCLAIN EM2 TIMOG IC2 NEWELL EM3 STANFORTH EM3 BARLOW EMS TONKUL 1C3 GEIGER EM3 FLORY EM3 KOCH EM3 STANFORTH EM3 ALVAREZ EM3 GERVACIO IC3 JORDAN EMFN ELECANAL EMFN FIELDS JOSN SAINOPULOS ICFN PICARD EMFA STEINHART EMFA MIRANDA M - DIVISION liNCM DAVID ENCS STAHL ENC SANDERS ENC MANN ENl JUSTER ENl TUCK ENl DAVIS ENl FULLER ENl ANDERSON ENl FAUSNAUGH ENl KNIGHT EN2 BARRON EN2 SLATER EN2 KOZLOWSKI EN3 CAMPBELL EN3 McCALL EN3 HERNANDEZ EN3 RILEY EN3 GALLEN EN3 PREUSS " For it was all of you, the brave men and women of our armed forces, who were truly the thunder and lightning of the Desert Storm. " Pres. George Bush, speaking to Desert storm veterans returning to the states. 11 EN3 TORRES EN3 FERGU5EN EN3 KOUTCH FN CHIPNER FN NIMIDEZ ENFA PITTS ENFA ROUSE BTFA REED ENFA SOLANO ENFA SIMPSON FA WATERSS FA GRACE FA ZADWYDAS FR MEDRANO FRE DEROSA FR ROBERSON FR BROADNAX FR HUNT FR WICKAM ENS Fergusen shows Chief Sanders the secret to an " Awesome Bod " . 12 This is all real neat guys but I just wondered where the head was. 13 Nobody does a better " Head Job " than me! 14 No! And for the last time, there ' s nobody named " Scotty " Down here! R-DIVISION DCC BROWN HTC LORD HTl KENNEDY DC2 LANE HT2 BARIL f 0 ' HT2 CASAGRANDE MR2 CANNON DC2 DORNER DC3 STALLOWAY DC3 JACKSON 15 DC3 ALLAN DC3 DONNELY DC3 HANSEN DC3 PRUNEAU DC3 TROUTT MR2 JONES HTFN BROWNING FA SEIDL FR SITZES ' • ? LT CAIN HEAD DECK DEPARTMENT DECK DEPARTMENT GERMANTOWN ' s Deck Department is comprised of three divisions; First, Second, and Third. First and Second Divisions are the Boatswain ' s Mates and their nonrated Seamen. Their primary responsibilities onboard include the painting and preservation of all topside spaces. Along with this they also man all the special evolutions such as sea and anchor detail, flight quarters, and lA LCAC. Third Division is manned by the Fire Controlmen and Gunner ' s Mates. They are responsible for the maintenance and operation of all weapons on- board. That includes everything from the CIWS, a computer controlled gatt- ling gun, to the .45 caliber pistol worn by the Petty Officer of the Watch. LTJG CORRIGAN LTJG JOHNSTON CW03 BEASLEY BMC BELL Combination Rambo, Shaft, and Indiana Jones. BMl HERSEY BMl SANDOVAL BMl PARKER BM2 RICHIE BM2 BAILEY BM2 CALDERON BM2 HENRY BM3 EBY BM3 ESCAMILLA BM3 WINKLER BM3 LUEVANO BM3 SAVAGE BM3 HOOVER BM3 BOJORQUEZ BM3 SIMONE Please don ' t hit me. No that way!! No that way!! SN LAGRUA SN SILVA SN ANYANWU SN MILES SN ODEN SN BROWN SA HERRING SA CURRAN SA PARKHURST SA MCRAE 20 We did it again! SN WlhBOURN SA THOMAS SA SCHMIDT SA WALKER SA PIETROZINSKl SA FORSON SA LAVEGANE SA ELIE SA SMITH SA GILLARD Five minutes left. Come on, I don ' t have all day. 21 SA BETABARN SA PARRISH SA BAKER SR SOPCO SR TORRES 22 FCC GRUELE GMGl PARRISH V GMG3 SENEFF GMG3 LEUCK GMG3 ALLEN GMGSN DAVIS GMGSN NELSON _ FC2 PASAURIELLO FC2 ADAMS FC3 DONICA FCSN INGLES LT PETERSEN HEAD OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT OPERATIONS DEPARTMENT Operations Department is made up of the Electronic Technicians, Electronic Warfare Technicians, Radiomen, Signalmen, and Operation Specialists. Their job varies between operator and technician. Their main goal is to provide quality com- munications and identification between ship and other units of the task group. The ET ' s and EW ' s are the technicians. They are responsible for the upkeep and mainte- nance of all electronic equipment onboard GERMANTOWN. This ranges from the handsets used to talk to other ships, to the most advanced piece of radar equip- ment. The RM ' s and OS ' s are tasked with the operations of all of the electronic communication equipment. The SM ' s use various forms of visual communications, ranging from flag hoists to infra-red lights. I oc RMC PERNA RMl THORSON RM2 BURPO RM2 COX RM2 RODRIQUEZ RM3 PUGH RM3 i ;eller RM3 LANCASTER RMSN SMITH RMSN VAUGHN RMSN JOHNSTON RMSA ALCANTARA 25 OE ETC HARJE ETC HALLA ET2 LORENZEN ET2 KAISER ET2 LANE ET3 MAZON KT " ' EW2 SCHWEIGER EW3 ZEILER EW3 BEAVER ET3 OVERSTREET ET3 SMITH ETSN HARWOOD EW2 CORVILLE 26 OS SMC BARTULIO SM2 CATION SM3 MERRYMAN SM3 BARBRE SM3 SHERIDAN SMSN REED SMSN McDUFFE SMSA MOONEY OI OSC(SW) LAWSON OSl(SW) FECHT 052 BELL 053 KLANG OS3 RICHMOND 0S3 RHODES OSS BREAZEALE OS3 FENTRESS 0S3 RAYMOND OSS GAUGHEN 28 y ' " i - J i OSSN FREDERICKS OSSN FARRIS OSSN BURROUGHS OSSN CATALINE OSSA BAULDREE 29 SUPPLY DEPARTMENT LT SIST SUPPLY OFFICER The Supply Department ' s motto, " Service to the Crew, " is never more appro- priate than during an extended deployment. Comprised of Storekeepers (SK ' s), Mess Specialists (MS ' s), Ship ' s Servicemen (SH ' s), and Disbursing Clerks (DK ' s), these are the guys who make the ship feel like home. Their work is all very different, yet interrelated. The SKs manage the ship ' s " checkbook, " requisition needed supplies, and maintain storerooms containing over 1 7,000 different repair parts necessary to keep the ship mission capable. The job of the MS is to provide a hot meal and friendly smile to the 700 sailors and Marines aboard ship. They do it quite well. The SHs tasks are many, providing haircuts, doing the laundry, filling the ven- ding machines, and operating the ship ' s store. In recognition of their superior ser- vice provided the crew, they were awarded the Best Ship ' s Store and Service Award. The DKs keep track of everyone ' s pay and many of the accounting needs of the ship. Their motto is; " Think DDS! " The Supply Department is a vital cog in the wheel that is GERMANTOWN. Keep up the good work! LT NEWBURY SKC GALLARDO SKI LAMORENA SK3 MASCARINAS SK3 OPETA SK3 GARAND MSC NEPOMUCENO MSI AMPER MSI McMillan MSI TAUTl MS2 KRETZER MS2 BAILEY MS2 CHALAKEE 31 MS3 RAGUCES MS3 CALDWELL MSSN WINDER MSSN HODGE MSSN RUSSELL , MSSN MOLLIS MSSA RAMIREZ MSSA HUND COLDDRinnS 32 SHC ALCANTARA SH2 MENDOZA SH3 MARTIN SH3 JONES SHSN IVORY SHSN JAQUES SHSA MAZON DKC ALFONSO DKSN COLE 33 DENTAL DEPARTMENT LT LUPORI HEAD DENTAL DEPARTMENT DT2 EADES DN BORJA DA SMITH The Dental Department is headed by Lt. John P. Lupori, a graduate of Northwestern University Dental School, and consists of three Dental Technicians, DT2 Eades, DN Borja, and DA Smith all graduates of Dental Technician " A " School. The department is responsible for the oral health and preventive dentistry of the crew and embarked Marines on board GERMANTOWN. The work spaces include two fully equipped operatories, x-ray room with laboratory, and admini strative office. All phases of dentistry can be accomplished aboard ship including fillings, root canals, extractions, soft tissue excision, periodontal treatment, and pro- phylaxis. During Operation Desert Storm, the member of the Den- tal Department were prepared to assist in the treatment of casual- ties. DR. LUPORI PERFORMING COMPLICATED EXTRACTION WITH FST-3 DT2 EADES IN THE ADMIN OFFICE, SMILING r 34 SMITH AND BARRERA CAUGHT NAPPING DURING CHRISTMAS DN BORJA AND HM3 REYES TALK ABOUT THE GOOD OLE DAYS MEDICAL DEPARTMENT LT ABRAHAM HEAD MEDICAL DEPARTMENT LT Victor Abraham, a graduate of Temple University Medical School, heads the Medical Department on board GERMAN- TOWN. HMCS(SW) Bosequett is the Leading Chief in charge of the ship ' s four Corpsmen, HM3 Reyes, HM3 Chennault, HM2 Charles, and HM3(SW) Rivers. The Medical Department is respon- sible for the health of the crew and embarked Marines as well as providing trauma care in the case of mass casualties. The facilities are modern and well-equipped and include a main treatment room, surgical suite, and x-ray room. The department is also re- sponsible for the maintenance of sanitary conditions on the mess decks and in the berthing areas. The Medical spaces are the " Best in the Fleet " . HMCS{SW) BOSEQUETT HM2(SW) CHARLES HM3 REYES HM3 CHENNAULT HM3(SW) RIVERS HE COMMANDS AT- ONB bLMOK, TWO SENIOR, THREE SENIOR . . , THAT IS NOT A SMALL SYRINGE, NOT AT ALL. LT PETERS DET OIC MAINT ADMIN HTC(SW) SHEPHERD ENl(SW) WILKE GSMl(SW) WHITE HTl(SW) VERTZ GSEl(SW) DARTER SK2 ROGERS ET2 FLORECE BMU 1 RM2 TSETHLICAI BM3 FRANCIS CM3 MUSKEY CMCN DUDLEY 36 LCAC 002 BMC(SVV) RUSSELL GSMC(SW) CARREE OS2(SVV) RENE BM2(SW) HAMRICK HT2{SW) WALLACE GSM2(SW) GUFFIN GSE2(SW) LEDFORD GSE3(SW) TITUS GSMFN SALAZAR m 37 LCAC 004 GSMC SACRIS OS2 HALL BM2 RICE GSMl SPAGNUOLO GSM3 BAENA 38 LCAC 018 BMCS(SW) GUEVARRA GSEC TUBB OS2(SW) ADAIR BM2 ABRAMOVVSKI GSM2{SW) SUTTO GSE2 NAVARRO GSM3 GREENE GSE3 ABERNATHY 39 LCAC 013 GSM2(SW) RADSICK GSE2 PERRIN GSE3(SW) JACOBS GSE3 ARCE GSM3 FRANCIS 40 GOLF 3 12 Field artillery is the king of bat- tle. Battery G ' s mission is to de- stroy, neutralize, or suppress the enemy by cannon and rocket fire. To assist in integrating all fire sup- port into combined arms opera- tions. BDA from Desert Storm - " Mission Accomplished " ! CAPT WALKER IRST SGT GUTHRIE CO. TROOPS IRST SGT TROOPS IRSI LT LOZADA MSGT FEHEREN XO TROOPS BTRY FAC LT GODWIN LT RAKOW LT CASTILLO LT LANDRY GSGT MOSELEY GSGT FLEISHOUR SSGT HALL SSGT WESTBROOK SSGT GARCIA SSGT SHOE SSGT ROMAN SSGT SCOTT CPL ALBRIGHT LCPL ALFONSO CPL ALMAZAN LCPL BADEAUX LCPL BERNARD LCPL BELL LCPL BERNADINO LCPL BERNAS LCPL BLAYLOCK CPL BOSTION CPL BOYD LCPL BREEDEN 41 LCPL BREWER LCPL BRIGGS SOT BRITTIAN LCPL BRITTINGHAM LCPL BROUGAL LCPL BUCK CPL BUTLER LCPL CABRERA LCPL CANTORNA LCPL CARDENAS CPL CHANEY LCPL CLEVELAND LCPL CONNERLY CPL COOPER LCPL COSTELLO LCPL CULHANE CPL DAIGNEAULT LCPL DAVIS LCPL DEAL LCPL DELGADO CPL DIMODICA CPL DUNLOP CPL ELIZONDO LCPL FERREL CPL FLORES CPL FREDERICK LCPL FREEMAN CPL GALLEGOS LCPL GAMBLE LCPL GANDARILLA CPL GARIBAY CPL GILCHRIST ■lA, li kX.A ffi:i } w 42 The gates of hell have opened and the Marine Corps marches forth! z 4ki CPL GRIMES CPL GROH LCPL GROSS LCPL HAIDER LCPL HAMEL LCPL HARRIS PHOTO PHOTO NOT NOT AVAILABLE AVAILABLE V HM3 HARRIS LCPL HAWES LCPL HENDERSON LCPL HERRING LCPL HOLSWORTH LCPL HUGGINS CPL HUNT CPL HUTCHERSON SGT JOHNSON LCPL JOHNSON PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE 1 9 LCPL JOHNSON CPL JOHNSTON LCPL jONES CPL JORDAN LCPL JOYNER LCPL KAHMANN CPL KELLY CPL KEMP LCPL KRUDWIG LCPL LANE % Hi , LCPL LAU SGT LEHMAN CPL LEIJA CPL LUTTREL LCPL LOLLIS LCPL McCLARENCE Retreat, HELL! We just got here. 43 LCPL MAHLE LCPL MANNING LCPL MARTINEZ HM3 MATA LCPL MATHEW CPL MATHEWS CPL McCOMBS LCPL Mcknight lcpl mears LCPL MEHSCHING CPL MICHINARD LCPL MILLER SGT MOORE CPL MORRISON CPL NELSON LCPL NICHOLSON LCPL NOELTE LCPL NORTH CPL OCHOA LCPL OWENS LCPL PANKEY CPL PARREL CPL PERREZ LCPL PHILLIPS SGT PINHERO CPL PINKSTON CPL REMALY PHOTO LCPL RINNER NOT CPL SATO AVAILABLE LCPL SHOEMAKER LCPL SHRECKENGOST PFC SIMMS PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE SEMPER-FIELD-DAY-US! 44 LCPL SONNIER SGT SPADARO CPL STIVENSON LCPL TAYLOR LCPL TRAYNOR CPL WADE CPL WELKER LCPL WELLS CPL WHITE SGT WINN CPL WOOD LCPL WOODS CPL WORREL LCPL AYALARIVERA C.E.B. ISTLT PETRANEK SSGT KING SGT CHINCHILLA SGT LANDRY CPL BUTLER CPL GRAHAM CPL KING CPL HAZELVVOOD CPL DAVILA CPL WEBB CPL KAREL CPL ALMANZA CPL CULHANE LCPL BURKE LCPL CARR LCPL FRENCH LCPL FOXWORTHY LCPL GILLESPIE LCPL HAWKINS LCPL HEREDIA LCPL HOOD LCPL JOHNSON LCPL PADRON LCPL RANDALL LCPL STANZIANO LCPL STEFFENSON LCPL THOMPSON LCPL WALLNER LCPL WYNN PFC WEIS HM3 PUCKETT 1ST LT KREIC SSGT OLIVERAS PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE LAV PLT Light Armored Vehicle Platoon is made up of 33 marines and one corpsman. We provide mounted reconnaissance for the main body of the Battalion Landing Team. We also fill security roles, protecting the BLT, and are capable of conducting a wide variety of special operations missions. We are the primary armor force available to the BLT. This is the only time that a LAV unit this small has deployed. SEMPER-Fl! 46 4i- ,XA f tj: «i LCPL AHO LCrL BENNETT LCPI, BRYANT LCPL CARVER CPL CASTILLO CPL CATHER LCPL CULYER LCPL DAVIS SGT DIAZ CPL GALDIANO 1 LCPL GARCIA CPL GARDNER CPL HARRIS LCPL HUMPHREY CPL JACKSON LCPL JONES CPL KARCHER LCPL MAIAS LCPL McCRACKEN LCPL MEDRENO CPL MEYERS SGT MITCHELL SGT MOERICKE SGT MONTALVO CPL NELSON LCPL PEREZ d Uncommon Valor was a Common Virtue. LCPL RICHARDSON SGT RUCKER LCPL SNEED CPL STEVENS LCPL VANHOY 47 ISTLT SEAGRIST GUNNER MARTIN GSGI SOTELLO WPNS CO. 3 1 SSS! When Anti-Armor PLT was created many people had their doubts about it. Was it worth it to keep all anti-armor assets in one platoon or better to attach them out? We showed that the former is best. We ac- complished many missions and paved the way for others to follow. It was my pleasure to lead the men of Anti-Armor PLT. They are the ones that made the beast work. My thanks and gratitude goes out to the marines of A. A. PLT, WPNS CO., 3 1 . 1st Lt. Seagrist. PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE SGT DELLANO HM2 DESCOTEAUX SGT WARREN SGT WELMON HM3 BARRERA CPL BROWN f S GPL Hf )-- BOURGEOIS F ' CPL COLLINS (i ; i ' v ■ 1 CPL DAVIS _ _ 1 CPL FREDERICK 1 CPL GROSS ■ 9H m CPL LAMB - i m m a ' j - .-- " " ■, CPL MIRACLE CPL SCOTT CPL SHANE CPL TOWNSEND LCPL ADAMS LCPL ANDERSON Jlr? ' a Ta■ : v .ifc-i- ' M jy LCPL BARNES LCPL BECK LCPL BLITZ LCPL BOGAARDS LCPL BURNS LCPL CAVAZOS LCPL DEGRATE LCPL EARNEST LCPL GARDNER LCPL GIAMANCO LCPL GOKEY LCPL HOLLIBAUGH LCPL JOHNSON LCPL lOHNSON LCPL JOHNSON LCPL JONES LCPL JOYCE LCPL KEDROWSKI HM KNAPP LCPL LAUER LCPL MAXEY LCPL MAXWELL LCPL MORGAN LCPL MULLIGAN LCPL NUNDAHL LCPL NUNEZ LCPL PEACOCK LCPL PENA LCPL PENA- CARAMBOT LCPL PLASKY Hy LCPL PROVVSE LCPL RESPONTE LCPL RICHARDS LCPL RIDGE LCPL ROGERS LCPL SAMUEL We came. We saw, We kicked some ASS! 49 f i I LCPL SIBLEY ( LCPL SLOYER r LCPL THOMSON ■ ' :f HM TRAYNER LCPL WASINGER — j PFC BOCHE tfk; PFC HELLBERG PFC HOBBS PFC MISHAK PFC PROBASKO PFC SHARKEY PFC THOMSON PVT HALL SSGT WILSON SGT PITTMAN SGT KAIMIMOKU CPL JOHNSON CPL STYLES CPL GROTERS C PL DERRY LCPL KYLE LCPL BRADSHAW LCPL CHEVALIER LCPL WILSON LCPL REMERO LCPL FRIVICK LCPL ROBICHEAUX i. r w I I -j HL. MSSG ' -,| i_, A . u GONAD THE MARINE TEAM IST LT RETHWISCH SSGT PIAZZO 5GT BASS CPL AARRNAGA CPL AVVACATO CPL GIVENS CPL HERNANDEZ CPL MILLER CPL PAUL LCPL COOK LCPL GARCIA LCPL RIVAS LCPL VALLADOLID 51 THE MARINE TEAM FAREWELL DAY DECEMBER 1, 1990 P A 1 riFi 1 . J m i V Si r 4 |B ' :5 :i PEARL HARBOR PHILIPPINES 56 " Germantown Softball in Subic. GULF WAR LCAC disembarking GERMANTOVVN in " Mock " assault. CH-53 on spot 2, ready to transport. M198 Howitzer pre-boated on LCAC. Bagging sand in Oman for ship ' s gun mount protection. Cleaning weapons prior to war PREPARATIONS 58 GMG3 Seneff demonstrat ing 25mm gun on GER- MANTOVVN. M 1 98 firing in war. CPL Bostain and CPL Wade react. KUWAIT. Ml 98 in direct fire mode. Lt. Rakow uses MULE to lay battery for hip shoot. A first. Gunner Martin digging-m AUvafra Forrest On the road to a destroyed oil refinery in Kuwait. CH-53 lifting a MlOl Howitzer and crew. 155mm Rocket Assisted Projec- tile with quote on side, " If you want blood, you got it towel head. " Damaged plane bunker Jebel Airfield, Kuwait. THE AFTERMATH ... 100 HOURS LATER CPL WORRELL, CPL NELSON, and LCPL LOLLIS hang by the fire. SGT MOORE, LCPL ALFONSO, and CPL HUTCHERSON taking a break. Above left: CPL McCOMBS, SGT JOHNSON, and CPL GALLEGOS playing cards in Saudi Arabia. Above: LCPL McCLARENCE with confiscated arm. Above Right: Leaning Tower of Pinkston. LCPL HAMMEL, CPL GROH, and SGT BRITTAIN with M198 Howitzer. 60 Confiscated RrG-7 and other Iraqi weapons. Destroyed oil refinery in Kuwait. Iraqi EPWs on Dragon Wagon in Kuwait. CPL KELLY and SGT CHILDRESS check out a dead tank in a hole. EPW collection point " Ice Tray " in Kuwait. EPWs on Tow HMMWV in Alwafra Forrest. A " Sea of Oil " is left behind. ARABIAN GULF PORT VISITS (DUBAI, ABU DHABI, BAHRAIN) iSALOON Shaikh Zayed Road regals Jl. NATIONAL BANK OF ABU DHABI ' oTn i» iITMytiftrtiiii 6 " ' ■ nr AUQiQ SINGAPORE 67 i M ' @ ill 1 if ' ' ' { - .ii 68 CROSSING THE EQUATOR SPECIAL EVOLUTIONS. . . . UNREP UNREP, or. Underway Replenishment, allows the GERMANTOWN to refuel at sea. The evolu- tion is dangerous and requires total professionalism. ,,4!6» " ■ ■ , ,!, CO and XO watch closely. Three ships abreast. Note line to measure dis- tance between ships. Navy and Marine line handlers. Shotline from station five on oiler. 74 FLIGHT QUARTERS Ti ■ 1 B BV T mi 1 = . MAIL CALL, MAIL CALL STEEL BEACH PICNIC and BEER DAY Uncle Walt, " two for me, one for you. ' Nice shorts. Witfi his jaw in one piece. The Godfather. 77 VIP ' s Son of a Shiek. The guest that wouldn ' t leave. ONE ALFA LCAC with M60 Tank. LCAC 13 turning on cushion. Apparently, A Debark Control Officers job is ever done. Aft phone-talker. HOMECOMING 28 AUG 91 A -$NE HELL 1 - ' V ' ' ? " «rfi«. 80 L I f 82 T " -v ,. ' « " , ..: w. :: v . ' This book is dedicated to the Captain. Throughout the difficult mission, he assured the crew decent, and even pleasurable, living conditions. STAFF LT LUPORI - OIC RMC(SW) THORSON - SALES YN3 DUNN YN3(SW) BLACKWELL SK3 GARRAND J03(SW) SAINOPULOS CREW 86 SIGNATURE PAGE I I « i 87 t The largest Amphibious Readiness Group to leave the West Coast since 1965. mWALSWORTH PUBLISHING COMPANY MARCELINE, MISSOURI, U S A Cruise Book Sales Office Vic Nigro 10755 Anaheim Dnve LaMesa, CA 91941 ' , •■ ■ » f . ■ •l M

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