Germantown High School - Red Devils Yearbook (Germantown, TN)

 - Class of 1959

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Germantown High School - Red Devils Yearbook (Germantown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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'VI In :AH i I Y V I v w i pf- 3 J 1.10 if yr 325.-Q IU I 1 w uri. vi. 'I .. 1 wig W , ir W,-' .... , Alibi. .5 fr! , iw 'iff . ls s U ' .-'T . Y ' 852. 'nb' , 1 Y ' QA ' Q .. .xy S , 9 X 1, O 1 X in i if Q X .N IQ. -' if fg',A Q, .G r it ,, 4' , X 3. 5 Q 8 X it., - 9 I XL we . Wa" ' ' SMX 8' K g J H' .Q Q 5' iff' K 'M A A " 'U Q 2 D: 'si g, W 5 gn Q.. 'sm 4 K Lg - , 3 kg if NJ 4 .. Y 5 ta Q -X K 'Q' X Q . Q. ' x Y N X -' "J',, 5' X X x . ' V .-U--...:.:fr,..f ,-1, Q5 :eg-, - -gf' .X ' 1.6 .... . z, jf . fwf, ., 1 .- - .7 , ' 'fl ,I ' V' ' A , ' o ' . 1 .5 4 ,. ,u : t 1. 1, ,fxx 3. N N . - : 'xx 1 pi! JA H 'ix' 'W i 1 ,N " .A A 5 - 1 ,X 1' 1' Q N u .way , my , ,. 1" K 41 gy ,Q .mg ,f -Av X f-4 - M VR "3 Q I 0 'QR Q .. ' E ' gn Ar . 1 k 25 . 'Quai ,Q Q v Q X 'L Q : . 215,05 v . " s r A K . ' ' X Q s K s., "Q ' , 'W '1,hw . ,, Q- - - F pa N , , , h N .. ' . - L W . Q . fx 'Y flag.. U . ,J l-Fifty: 1' fr: .xtivfs-L6 k6",'r4 . : 4 ,M ' nb. W L , K, Ng, A K f'fi'x-M ' fx-z KL! , ' ."" V" "V s ' N"' s' sf ' . X Q I. . l t ,X , K . Q 5 mn , ,W . My Q q K s k , Lg, 39 t , la-9g'.b,,iM,y 'gf .g.v,k'.. sfQf, 3, MJ, vi - ,YN x R X .5 31.6. t -gn ' .fi a'- in .,f ' U", -'H f' 7" X., ,wk . Y' 'f .- L.. e i 5. F , ,,,L K! '. X K ,rg :,'fH!aV Mn l in S' .ml-X X Q x ,J i J Q i .Nl A . 'I' '. .' 1 1' 1. ,lyf'.f'1L ' Li 9' f LL "1 ,x Q :N i nh' "'."lr , K' 4 fa., - , J C Q - 7 V wg K 1 QA 1, 1 fn 5. 1 I' , x I Q v vu FQ, .g :QQ QM gag A 'swf A3 J, , MQ .,, F .' o.. 5. 1 f-, . -Q g 'ZZ 1 ' , Ani t , u 4 A 4 Q Q5 . 5 - 5, it Li.tal,.i,0 , Q. N MMS, I2 giwk f N S4 pf My 5 .N xsix 2- K - l -.v.-.QA ng nw,.?,v 4, 6, Li :QU fl Y L Ar, i A . A Xl n I 1 34 ff" ag. AV . 4 i Q . 7 ,Q .A yy ,Q tif! ka sg x A .J I U-"H , n , F 9 P 73 , an-A . 'V , ' X f' ' . 1 , . ' tl A .W X ' . .-X W.: l - --. X Q.. . r- fw -. , f f if Af, ' .'- J. 4- nf..'Q iw+w 1.2 1 , ! 'Q X , Va. Q V3 5 vi- gi 'J s'r. Q ' . Q, n X f ix, N D v. D Agn 3 fav b, X K nk-,fn U. .v K . Q ,lr X Q i 5 Ex R at sl ' ' ' Q "' 1' ' ', A 1. SW' nh rf.. M12 n ' v ' . W 9 ' - -. .- P , . 5 -' ',g. Nr., Li V ,' Jig .FE 3,f.nH, W' at f?.' W N 1' E kqk. '. o s? H V is .S 'igpx-Ng! . gvxidfi Y. t,'4n1. ,iv LV 'Q ' "Q ' W - h S ir' 1 - ' M, - Q, pw . , 7 ' 1 ..., 9 . , . . - J .n w. gwu -Y - -, , v .. 'f '- ' v, - 4 K. N 1 , 'J' ' ' 3' , A f 1' A rw 5... 3 Y- Q in V -l,L 4 ' PH' Nb'l'. 'rv . ,.w, L, L' -' -lg ' 4 V R A 1 Y I Z1 x is 9 Y vi 64. Y art . r X K K X 1 ., . .K h ' ' si lb f ' " 5 :.,,i,-QQ, ga X x , A. 5-rf ,tab 'lx -5 it 'x:'.l I 'gg f Q, ww. s-an -. f.. .- ' , - M f N Q f rw.-.r - ... Q 5 r . . K 4 X L k i U f, - 1 ' Q it . '11, 5 Hr- F -j.e .A Lug-'tl' -.ff F14-fr" , .f ..,-5, 'Q' . ' - . K X I b N., , r f u 2 v K . K . 5 , J s in AI. n ,Iwi 13, , Y r 1 . tin, xxx G X .3 J A Q. i --fn". A19 M 5 -YIM: 'Fx QT . 7 ' Lf. il Q 1 m - Q Q . X' -an . . fig . S Lv? 5 Vroxe in , if V 'X , Q XS. ' A .,., ,If aim lab, X311 A 4 wk 2' fa r , r A Y . . - . ' 'X - g 4 wx x 4fA Q ' - 5 f . ,.' X. 1, ' 3 fn, .r ' - ' ,,,.,,.S , e an .' .J .. A 8,1 b ,S gala. I4 I ., x S A A., Q., 8' 1 . .arg ...M kk , Ak? ,Q ,ASQ . 'iff t ff'-1 ff A 1 .rw . .Q G K fiffla fs' D i . V . . lu -tx' fm Qi QQFX' U' sf 5 'J N ' ,if ,Ali ,S, Us a Q n -of , la Ill s l 'V ' z "'- ' in w J.. .-. 4, W J -3 r ,,, X is .rt We .W ff WNV. 'H Ax-M V? .X - 1 R E 3 3 3 5 5 s il! is up , fi. .. xv 3 A YY' .1 -' . J, Q' S s . 4 V' 4 -N xl 1 .5 f Suv, . ' . v. f Q x'-s QN, k I' 4 " Jn! xty - 'A' w si ,LJ 'mx .ax 'WYYQ-4 x mx.. Q. . ,-Q ,X-ew S XM: N x Q Q13 'll .Qlx ix ,,,. 'A -wr "'N'G Nnwf' X." 'rw a xi' x "'B..:N 'Q w. -..., S1 .. X N""'S1 Q N NK "X: X W.. 5 'Q ' xx ff u X1 QNX: .,:K+'- . A X- -. 5 I N N Q ff Q' 5-353 is if . Ngg,X K Editor ELEANOR FERGUSON , Business Manager JENAN DEMUTH Foreword As our footsteps fade, and we pass from the days of our childhood to those of man and womanhood, we shall always remember the events ofthis last year, Turning through the pages of this memorandum, we shall remember the joys and happiness we have all had. For this we give our heartfelt thanks to all who were responsible for the publica- tion of the 1959 Footprints, Staff Editor ELEANOR FERGUSON Assistant Editor BRENDA LEMONDS Business Manager JENANN DEMUTH Assistant Business Manager IEANIE GARLAND Feature Editor DORIS PINKSTON Assistant Feature Editor BETTY GAIL SCHAEFFER Subscription Editor FLEDA BELL ANDERSON Assistant Subscription Editor JANE CUMMINGS Sports Editor BUSTER BARRON Assistant Sports Editor IONNY FITE Typists LAJUAN MCKEE JEANIE GARLAND Photographers RITA WEEKS GORDON ALT ERNBERN ' ,,.,.,W.., . Contents W A TITLE PAGE , If ,.. W I ,xxah I . K ,Mg L ,M If, . -Y - 1 'N-.LNKNI FOREWORD CONTENTS THEME PA GE DEDICATION PRINCIPA L 'S MESSA GE W Ui. --.' E Ag N FACULTY CLA SSES ELEMENTARY PERSONA LITIES ORGANIZATIONS ATHLETICS ACTIVITIES - ' 'kfww We W If., .wc I N , 4C Yxxxg X 1"--i.t.:.s. - - ,,., ADVERTISING Ixs C, Qlflfs gg., ,,A,,, W .. gg- f ff fi in N .- I 7 OFZQEZY Qff' f2zQQ' 75615 D 6 Dedicatzon In appreciation for her helpfulness in all our research problems, cheerful assistance in helping us find something to read that will interest us, and her untiring efforts to make our library a pleasant place, the staff affectionately dedicates to Mrs. Amelia Campbell this 1959 Edition of Footprints. Princzyvafs Message Along with the theme of our book of the year, "Memories are Made of This," we would like to present a few thoughts relating to our school year. We hope that you will remember the many pleasant things that have happened to you. They did not just happen - you, through your right way of doing things, brought about pleasant incidents. There may be some events that were not so pleasant, but these too are part of a school year. These things have all been steps in learning how to live with people. Let us hope that we have learned by the things done well to continue them in that manner and by those not done well to have improved ourselves for the future. C. M. Ferguson Principal K VC!!! Remember . . . Our teachers, . .the hard work they made us do. . .the ideals they in- stilled in us. . .their interest and guidance, fi' MR. WALTER BURNETT Sponsor - Sophomore Class and Band Subjects - Band and Chorus Colleges Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - Memphis State Uni- versity, Bachelor of Science, University of Mississippi. MRS. AMELIA CAMPBELL Sponsor - Beta Club, Library Staff Subject - Librarian College Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - M.S.C.W. . Bachelor of Artsg George Peabody College for Teachers, Bachelor of Science in Library Science. MRS, MARY COLEBANK Sponsor - Senior Class, 4-l-I, Foot- prints, F.T.A. Subject - English Colleges Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - Memphis State Uni- versity, Bachelor of Science. MRS. LOUISE FERGUSON School Secretary College Attended - Louisiana State University. MRS, IANICE FITZPATRICK Sponsor - Senior Class, Pitchfork Subjects - Shorthand, Typewriting, Bookkeeping College Attended and Degree Re- ceived - Tennessee Polytechnic Institute, Bachelor of Science, MR, JAMES HANCOCK Sponsor - Sophomore Class Subjects - History and Physical Education Colleges Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - East Central Junior College, Mississippi State Col- lege, Bachelor of Science. MRS, ELIZABETH HARRIS Sponsor - Eighth Grade Subjects - Eighth Reading, Spelling and Arithmetic College Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - Memphis State Uni- versity, Bachelor of Science, George Peabody College for Teachers. MRS. FRANCES HAYNES Sponsor - Junior Class, Y-Teens Subject - English Colleges Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - Blue Mt. College, Memphis State University, Bachelor of Science. MR. PAUL HAYNES Sponsor - Junior Class Subjects - Civics, Health, Physical Education Colleges Attended and Degree Re- ceived - Memphis State Uni- versity, Bachelor of Science. MISS LOUISE LEIGH Subject - Mathematics Colleges Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - Memphis State Uni- versity, University of Tennessee Duke University, Bachelor of Science, MRS. RENA MARABLE Sponsor - Seventh Grade Subject - Seventh Grade Colleges Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - Dress Design, Acad- emy of Fine Arts, M.S.C.W. , Bachelor of Arts, George Pea- body College for Teachers, Master of Arts. MR, WILLIAM PADEN Sponsor - Science Club Subjects - General Science, Chem- istry, Physics, Eighth Grade American History and Science. College Attended and Degree Re- ceived - Memphis State Uni- versity, Bachelor of Science. 'UW MR. CLYDE PIPPIN Sponsor - Eighth Grade Subject - Biology, Eighth Grade College Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - East Mississippi Junior College, Sam Houston State Teachers College, Master of Arts. MRS. VERNA PIPPIN Sponsor - Cheerleaders Subject - Health and Physical Education, College Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - East Mississippi Junior College, Sam Houston State Teachers College, Bachelor of Science, MRS, MARGERY STRATTON Sponsor - F.H.A. Subject - Home Economics Colleges Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - University of Oklahoma Memphis State University, Bach- elor of Science in Home Eco- nomics. MRS, LUCILLE SHORT Sponsor - Alpha Kappa Tau Subject - English, Latin, Spanish Colleges Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - Ohio Wesleyan, Bach- elor of Arts, Bachelor of Science Boston University, Master of Arts Texas Women's University, Grad uate Work in Spanish. ' 61J'. MRS. EUGENIA TINDALL Sponsor - Seventh Grade Subjects - Seventh Grade Colleges Attended and Degrees Re- ceived - Blue Mountain College, Bachelor of Arts, University of Mississippi. MR. I. A. WILLIAMS Sponsor - T 8s I Club Subject - Shop College Attended - Memphis State University, University of Ten- nessee. "Now 1et's see, what can I do to be mean today?" "DuhI 1" "Oh, my, I need another No-Dose tablet, here comes the Physics C1ass." W e Remember With Fondness "Tsk, tsk!! Mr. Pippin, put that back!" wav "Brush'a, brush'a, brush'a." "There 's that silly camera again," "Another day to face. "The little space girl Our Faculty Fic, Remember . . . The satisfying friendships. . .class meetings. . .fun we have had at parties, , A 'f""sw- i iitiinzfeg ig si gh f' Senior 0 jqcers President - - - ----- PHILIP GREEN Treasurer - - - -LUCILLE ANDERSON Vice President - - - - HENRY MCCULLOUGH Reporter ------ - - - KAREN TUCKER Secretary - - - ------ MARY HUNT Sergeant-at-Arms - - - - GEORGE TILLER Dedicated for twelve years to the profession of growing up, we seniors now find ourselves at the threshold of a vibrant and unexplored phase of life. The impressions that we have left and the cherished memories are no longer ours alone but are now a part of the history of Germantown High School. I FLEDA BELL ANDERSON ' "A head full of brains and a heart full of sun- shine." FHA 1-3: Delegate to Staff Convention 1: Tri- Hi-Y 1.2: Annual 2-4, Subscription Editor 4: Pitchfork 1-4, Editor 4: Band 1-3, Band Secretary 3, Band Queen 3. All-County Band 1-3: Beta Club 2-4: Junior Class President 3: 4-H 1-4. 4-H Honor Club 2-4: Science Club 2.3: Prom Com. 3: 1st Alternate Girls' State 3: AKT 3.4. Presi- dent 4: Pep Club 3.4, President 4: Chorus 1.2: Science Fair 2,3. Blue Ribbon Winner 2.3: Gold Metal Science Fair 3: School Entrant National Council of Teachers of English: Member of Youth Congress 3. LUCILLE ANDERSON "A girl who likes to work and play, but play wins out 'most every day." FHA 1-4: Cheerleader 3.4, Co-Captain 4: AKT 3.4, Chaplain 4: Annual 3,43 Pitchfork 4: Tri- Hi-Y 1.2: 4-H 1.2: Senior Class Treasurer: Chorus 1.2: Science Club 1-3. Science Fair 1-3. J, E. BARBER "He says little but thinks a lot." Football 1-4: Science Club 1-4: Track 3: "G" Club 4: Youth Guidance Council 4. BUSTER BA RRON "He slumbers soundly in the house of knowledge." Football 1-4: 4-H Club 1. Reporter 1: Science Club 2-4, President 2, Secretary 4: Annual Staff 4, Sports Editor 4: Beta Club 3.4, Treasurer 4: "G" Club 3.4: Hi-Y 1: Key Club 2.3: Prom Com- mittee 3, 4: Science Fair 2-4, Blue Ribbon 2, 3, Mid South Fair 4th Place. RAYNELL BASFORD 'You never can tell what she'll do next." Transferred from St. Agnes 3: Pep Club 3.4: Y-Teens 3.4: Y-Teens Basketball Team 3g An- nual Staff 45 Pitchfork Staff 4. IENANN DEMUTH "She sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil." 4-H Club 1-4. Reporter 3g 4-H Honor Club 1.2g FHA 1,2g Library Staff 3.4, Secretary 4: Pep Club 3.4: Footprints Staff 3,4, Business Manager 4g Beta Club 2-4g Science Club 2-4: FTA 4g Science Fair 2.3. lst Place 2.3. Mid South Science Fair 5th Place 2, 2nd Place 3. EDDIE DOWNS "O1d as he is, love still inspires him." Latin Club lg Spanish Club 2g Science Club 2-4: Track 1,35 Football 2.3: Basketball lg Footprints 4: 4-H Club 1.2g I-li-Y 1. SAUNDRA DUFFY 'Her quiet ways only add to her charm." Transferred from Treadwell 3: FTA 4: Science Club 45 Pep Club 4g Pitchfork Staff 4, Feature Editor 45 Footprints-Staff 4, ELEA NOR FERGUSON "Un1ike others, she is herself." Freshman Class Secretary5 Sophomore Class Secretary5 Latin Club 15 Science Club 1-35 Tri- Hi-Y 1.2, Secretary 25 Chorus 1,25 Teachers Aid 15 4-H 1-4. 4-H Honor Club 2,35 All-State Chorus 25 AKT 3, Secretary 35 Y-Teens 3.45 Beta Club 2-45 Volunteer Girls' State 35 Foot- prints 35 Canteen Com. 35 Pep Club 35 FTA 4. Secretary 45 Annual 2-4, Editor 45 Prom Com. 3.45 Science Fair 1-3. Blue Ribbon 1-3, Gold Medal 1-35 Mid South Science Fair 1-35 Girls' Basketball 1-4. Captain 3.4. JEANIE GARLAND "Generous with her time and talents." 4-H Club 1-35 FHA 1-3: Pep Club 3-45 Library staff 3.4. Reporter 45 Beta Club 2-4, Secretary 45 FTA 4. Vice President 45 Footprints Staff 4, Assistant Business Manager 45 Pitchfork Staff 4. Assistant Editor 4. MICHAEL GRAHAM "He could get into an argument with his own shadow." 4-H Club 15 Basketball 1.25 Track 2-45 "G" Club 3.4, Secretary and Treasurer 45 Football 2-45 Pitchfork Staff 45 Science Club 1-35 Youth Guidance Council 4. PHILIP GREEN "As boss of the seniors he never shirked. No one can say that he never worked." "G" Club 3.4. Secretary and Treasurer 3. Vice President 45 4-H Club 1-4. Secretary 2, Vice President 45 Science Club 2-4. President 45 Key Club 2. 3. Chaplain 35 Beta Club 3.4. President 45 Hi-Y 15 Sophomore Class President5 Senior Class President5 Football 1.3.45 Basketball 1-4: Track 3.4: Baseball 3: Annual Staff 45 Chorus 25 Band 1.25 Science Fair 2-4, Blue Ribbon 2.3. Mid South Fair 4th Place, JEAN HANCOCK "Quiet, reserved, and demure, A friend about whom you are always sure." 4-H Club 1-4. Reporter 2, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4: 4-H Honor Club 1-3g FHA 1.2, Beta Club 2.3. Reporter 4g'Language Club 2-4. Parliamentarian 3,45 Library Staff 3.4. Vice President 45 Science Fair 3. Blue Ribbon 3, Mid South Science Fair 3. White Ribbon 3. ED HUMPHREYS "He believes in work, but is not in favor of it." 4-H Club 1-4, Vice President 2, President 3. 4-H Honor Club 2-45 Football 1-4: Basketball 1-4g Key Club 2g "G" Club 2-45 Boys' State 3: Science Club 2, 3. MARY HUNT "Laughing, talking evermore. She's a girl we all adore." Band 1-3: All-County Band 1-3: All-State Chorus 1-3: Chorus 1,2g Sophomore Class Vice Presidentg Senior Class Secretaryg Pitchfork 3.4. Associate Editor 45 AKT 2-4, Vice President 4: Footprints 3,4g 4-H 1,25 Homecoming Queen Candidate 2.4g FTA 4g Y-Teens 4: Science Club 3,4g Pep Club 3.45 FHA 2.3, Reporter 3: Prom Committee 3. LINDA IONES "An all-around girl who radiates joy, her only weakness is a blond haired boy." FHA 1,2p Footprints staff 3.4: Library Staff 2.3: Pitchfork Staff 2-4: Pep Club 3: FTA 4. LEROY LEIGH 'He was born bright, but knocking around has polished him considerab1y." 4-H Club 1-4g "G" Club 3.4: Science Club 2-45 Key Club 2.3: Beta Club 3.45 Hi-Y Club 1: Football 1-4g Basketball 1-4: Annual Staff 4. BRENDA LEMONDS "Brown eyes have been the downfall of more men than one, " FHA 1. Secretary 2. Vice President 3,4g Pep Club 3.4. Beta Club 3.4. Vice President 4g An- nual Staff 4. Assistant Editor 4: Y-Teens 3.4: School Winner in National Merit Scholarship Test 4g Homecoming Queen Cadidate 2. HENRY MCCULLOUGH 'Always in a hurry, always late," Transferred from Whitehaven 2. Football 3.4: "G" Club 3.4g Baseball 4. Junior Class Treasurer, Senior Class Vice President. ELEANOR MCDANIEL "Neat little. sweet little person." 4-H Club 1-3g FHA 1.2: Science Club 3: Pep Club 3.4: Language Club 3.4: Pitchfork Staff 2-4g Tri-Hi-Y 1.25 Y-Teens 3. Annual Staff4. LA JUAN McKEE "A loyal companion, an excellent friend." FHA 1.2g FTA 4: Chorus lg Science Club 1,2g Pitchfork 2-45 Footprints 3.4: Pep Club 3g Library staff 4g 4-H Club 1,23 Tri-Hi-Y 1.2. MARTHA MOORE 'Ring on her finger, man on her mind." 4-H Club 1-4g FHA 1-4: Canteen Committee 1. 2. Chairman 2g Pep Club 3,4g Y-Teens 3.4. Vice President 4: Library Staff 3. Treasurer 3: FTA 4. Treasurer 4: Pitchfork Staff 3.4: Science Club 1.2. Footprints Staff 3.4: Chorus lp Tri-Hi- Y l.2g Science Fair 1.2. MARY JANE MOORE "She dances away her cares," Chorus lg Tri-Hi-Y 1-3: FHA 1-4: FTA 45 Science Club 1.2: 4-H Club 1-45 Y-Teens 45 Pitchfork Staff 2, 3: Footprints staff 3.4: Pep Club 3.4: Y-Teen Basketball 4. CHARLENE O'NEIL "A modest girl in words and ways." 4-H Club 1-4: FHA 1: Pep Club 3.4: Library Staff 3. Secretary 3. FTA 4g Pitchfork Staff 3.4: Footprints Staff 3,4g Science Club 25 Band 49 Majorette 4g Tri-Hi-Y lg Science Fair 2. KENNETH OWINGS "Worry little, study lessg his idea of happiness." Band 1-3: Science Club 1-4, Key Club 35 Spanish Club 4. JACKIE PARMINTER "After four years of high school, he can still enjoy life," 4-H Club lg T gl I Club 4. President 4g Football lg Basketball lg Science Club 2,35 Band lg Science Fair 2, 3. DORIS PINKSTON "She has a smile for everyone, full of pep and all for fun," FHA 1-33 Pitchfork 2-4g Footprints Staff 3.4, Feature Editor 4: 4-H Club 1-4. Vice President 4g Science Club 3.4g Pep Club 3.4. Secretary and Treasurer 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2g Y-Teens 3.4. President 4: Junior Class Secretaryg FTA 4, Presi- dent 4: Beta Club 3.45 Band 1.23 Cheerleader 3, 4. Captain 4g Library Staff 1. ROBERT PROPST "He 's not lazyg he's just saving his energy." All-County Bandg Language Club 4g Band 1-3: Science Club 1-3: Science Fair 1-3. RUBY PROSSER "Laughter is her best medicine." Footprints Staff 4: Pitchfork staff 4g FHA 1-3: 4-H Club 1-4: Pep Club 3.45 FTA 45 Y-Teens 3 BUDDY SHACKELFORD "Shy and sweet, a hard guy to beat," Transferred from Whitehaven 49 Basketball 4g "G" Club 4. JIMMY SPARKMAN 'A modern Casanova." 4-H Club 1-35 Football 1: Basketball lg Track 1 Baseball 1: "G" Club 3.4. Sergeant-at-Arms T8LI Club 2g Science Club 1,2g Chorus 3, TOMMY THOM "Generally spea king, he's generally speaking." Football 1.3.43 Basketball 1.2g Science Club 1-4: 4-H Club 1.231-Ii-Y Club 1. GEORGE TILLER "He follows the path of least resistance." Sophomore Class Sergeant-at-Armsg Senior Class Sergeant-at-Armsg "G" Club 2-4, Vice President 3, President 4g T 8a I Club 4g Football 1-4g All- County Second Team 1, All-County First Team 2-4gAl1-State Team 4: Basketball 1-4: All- County Second Team 3: 4-H Club 14 Science Club 1-3g Track Team 2-4. ANN TINDALL "Her charm strikes the sight and merit wins the soul." Band 1-44 All-County Band 1-4, First Chair 2,43 Majorette 3.4: Freshman Class President lg 4-H Club 1-4. Songleader 4g 4-H Honor Club 2-4g FHA 2.3: Pep Club 3.4g Prom Committee 3g Library Staff4, President 4g AKT 2-4: Footprints Staff 2-4g Pitchfork Staff 2-4. Business Manager 45 Science Club 15 Beta Club 4: Tri-I-li-Y Club 1.2g Y-Teens 3.4: Chorus 1. KAREN TUCKER "Without music, life would be a mistake." FHA 1-3. Treasurer 3: AKT 3.4. Treasurer 4: Footprints Staff 3.4g Junior Class Parliamentariang Senior Class Reporterg All-County Band 1-3. First Chair 3g Pitchfork 3-4, Proofreading Editor 4: Band 1-3g All-State Chorus 3: Y-Teens 3.4: Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Pep Club 3.4: Science Fair 3, Blue Ribbon Winner 3. BARBARA WAGNER "As merry as the day is long." 4-H Club 1-4: FHA 1,2g l-'ep Club 3.4: Y-Teens 3,4p FTA 4g Pitchfork staff 3,4g Footprints Staff 3,45 Science Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 1.2. VID? E -- st . ,sav- ii: DANNY WALTERS "If good boys die young, he'll live to a ripe old age." Science Club 1-4: 4-H Club 1,25 Hi-Y 1. VIVIAN WEST "Nice to look at. nicer to know." 4-H Club lg FHA 1.3: Y-Teens 3.4: Chorus lg Majorette 1-4, Head Majorette 4g Junior Class Reporterg Footprints Staff 4g Science Club 2.3: Science Club 2, 3. Homecoming Queen 2nd Alternate 35 Homecoming Queen 4: Miss German town 4: Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Science Fair 2.3. "Is this a class. ..or is this a class?" "Al1 American Boy??" 'He 's a lover, not a fighter ,. "The typical senior class." "Romeo, oh Romeo, leave me "Now, how did they ever graduate? alone, " Q gg N, -QRS-Mlf .JW Mm K Ai .K -1 .,.X A fm ,N fx 3 . Wig, : .X . Mw,3.,: , ,gk Q. ,ff Q- ..,, wk 5, I A f , 3 spa H A ' V i V Xxx E , ,V .3 ,Iss Nl t A ' ,A W, M-lic, , 5 K'-ft ifwfsx - A , si, Was, 'TW,ggW:iJ3,Q,Kg-fif E v X5 V If 2, W L is it 1. f ,,. 1' M Junior Umcers IONNY FITE " - JERRY ELLIS ----- - - KATHY FERGUSON - - JOE BRAMBLITT - - - JANE CUMMINGS - - - - -President Vice President - - - - Secretary - - -Treasurer fnot picturedj - - - Reporter The nearness of their senior year fills them with a new sense of duty and responsi bility. They begin to realize that it was all worthwhile and plan to make the most of every minute of their last year, lf' 1 Gordon Altenbem Dorothy Arbogast James Beal LeNe11e Beegle Jerry Blackburn Joe Bramblett Jimmy Chancellor Monroe Cook Jane Cummings Jean Cummings Ierry Ellis Joe Ferguson Kathie Ferguson Dorothy Finerson Glyn Finch Jonny Fire Donna Fowler Leroy Franklin Eugene Fuller Bobby Golding Mary Ellen Gray Wayland Harris Freddie Hooker Mary Frances LaCroix Danny Lemmons Milton Lipford Jim Oliver Nancy Oliver Charles Owens Paul Patrick 'QW James Patterson Ruth Ellen Posey Larry Puller Betty Ann Thomas John Umstead Nancy Ward Iudy Wright Thomas Wright Don Yates Sidney Mantel Walter Jenkins N an Morton Bob Osborne Donna Thompson Johnny Wampler Rita Weeks Not pictured: Reda Byall Larry Lawson Bobby Joe Neal Genius at work?" "Frogman visits G'town" "Y a got me, Wyatt!! ,ww ..,- , ., , ,.:,f',. egmf 1. K 42,11 gy, kkzgf-qi, eff iam , :wiv l . ...ggi f , , . .7 sf - -A .r.s:sf..w22g LS.-, A -fy.. .N ,. fe M i K www- , . ...M Q fi, ' k 'K ,555 SM W S ..-. 5 YQ .A , ...WM ...A ,Sw ,. .. M, Q 1 2 Q S 6.3 s W iii: .-:nz-5 Q13 kg .1 fir? i ' 5 X.. x .... . . ..,. N . uv- :1vg.f-N. ..-.qi.. -- ww ,,,, is X gs 1 new Q .... S 5 Sm W SE Q Q E Q - - X X SA- 2 .XX .:. -- X wi . .Q .. .9 ,wt xi g W- 5. -.sN-,.X " 'gsM,Ngsf'fH 1-x.-Q5-T K . .. - X kg- A A ES-si 55 - Q X ,1 K ' Hvfx. X x jf: f Q fgffgx. QMS 'figffifsx Barbara Duke Louise Flynn Kay Ford Rose Gary Billy Glover Sandra Graham Jimmy Hall Lowell Jenkins Walter Jenkins Neal Johnson Steve Johnston Virginia Jones Alleene Joyner Peggy LaCroix Linda Lanier 1.4 vw x f 1 - f Xmas, Q .WW . ' :VX-ii R -,5 LES: 'gp X efffi! sim- Q1 M. X 1 1- was x SN gif gi: in ,5 53 x A --fig. iw? Sf" gmefxxy W 555 - 3 Q X' L X L L X kg N X il M f ' X yi K ' - Tsksgqg Dorothy Rhodes Carroll Robertson Jimmy Rogers Jerry Rogers Betty Gail Schaeffer Robert Schwam James Scott Carroll Shelton Georgia Siler Gary Swindell Marcia Tate Tommie Taylor Linda Thomas Malcolm Thomas Pam Thomas Edith Travis Jimmy Trusty Halley Turner Peggy Vaughan Dick Wagner John Wilkins Ainslee Young Nancy Moore John Reeves Romney Dickenson Jerry Smith Frenchie Fortune Not pictured: Pat Smith Freshman Ufjqcers MELVIN YOW -------------- President MELVIN BOOTH - - - - - Vice President CRAIG THOMPSON - - ----- Secretary JOHN TINDALL - - - ------ Treasurer JIMMY BRANDON - - - - -Sergeant-at-Arms Every adult at one time or another would love to trade place with the freshmen. Once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are theirs as they are making tomorrow's memories today. Mi.ig,. K :M xx A ,YQ 5' i xjvgggl Xk.k x K N mmmhm x 'H 1- '.,. A xl- .1 gzfjifr -if J X -ag N5 , L Y X XLLL- -111 Ximxtix. 4853:-Six-Ati .fy 11 .-'K---. in-'fir -. -5 . fi J 1,1 x ' K K -i - -swf: QQfxf:Q5efQgf. yi x Q x- N ws -,Q-N -K Q K :S .1 2: 5 ' 'V-:Hai wwf A --my N - "X 'Q X - 1 f M1 1,1-. W-fmwgwsw N1gi", s- - - , -ww -f-vs, ss- - . N Norman Hass Sharon Hendrix Robert 1-lorrell Larry Hubbard Dickie Huckabee Hulon Lessel Otto Lyons Johnny May Martha McCal1a Pat McKinley Wayne Merritt Lyman Miller Glenn Mitchell Buddy Moorehead Fred Morgan Stewart Nelson Linda Parminter Mary Ann Patterson Sue Peterson Billy Price Eva Ragan Kenneth Robertson Mike Rogers Roger Scott William Shelton Jimmy Stallins Bobby Steele Lindy Tanner Jimmy Tapp Craig Thompson Mike Tiller John Tindall Barbara Wade James Watson Billy Watts Mary Douglas Wee Donna Young Melvin Yow Jimmy Red Robert Red ks . 2 'inf - iss , .. ,, W, J11 igw :wk as A 1 fav' Q wx f.. :. .. ,w,,sgL, lining, mm hx Y if HS: w Z X P """i f -vi f 1 How Q WW rm 5 AS - . six si W fx , time w I i . . ,f , m Eighth Grade Ufjqcers KENNETH HARRELL - - ---- President BEVERLY WHITTEN - - - - Vice President SANDY STREET - - - ---- Secretary JUDY WARD ------ - -Treasurer MINETTE HARRISON - - ---- Reporter 8A JUDY HINDMAN ---- ----- R eporter 8B JIM SHACKELFORD - - - - - Sergeant-at-Arms Q not picturedp Clothes, records, and members of the opposite sex are in the limelight. Still clinging happily to the freedoms of childhood, they anticipate an exciting new ex- perience in the form of "high schoo1." vi,-' gy, , KL xx f X . X N- , Q . L. ,352-Q Ei fl-i,.51-bfgfh-5' . x. V . . .A . . - -as L, - Q,-ffm X l J ' yl s fik xegg Y X X my K , . K .L frgf.. 'gi 2 S5359 fii x 4 -' 11-"si iffyf L iii if - -A L 'fain Q , W Siam:-2 ,. ix Q -1 X5 k 1 . M A 5.52,-gig-gig? 'M :if .si Q -: A ,. .s - X . N 5 A .x X . Nagy-. .- .- f 5. X qs, -1 y fihykg-.Aff " K W:-:ig-. , , . ,Efxwz ids: . A Nm 4 .. ,if-,fs fiiiikf 1157 ' i -k ' ' 5 A A A K A A . A A , X k-.:. , . ,K , :W R W V X Q. , ' Q X . ,KL . -Exif? bwfwsgiw , ., 5 . Q - 1 - X X X Sara Sorsby Sandra Street Danny Tate Frank T rusty Iep Ward Beverly Whitten Billy Whitten Barbara Winn Elaine Yarber Alan Young Larry Ellis Lee Ellis Mike Foreman Asa Hoke Kenny Harrell Minette Harrison Ronnie Nance Jimmy Phillips Larry Robertson Joan Swindell Judy Ward Roy Watson Joe West Robert White Ruth W ismiller A ....,,,,.,, , ,. m m? ,S ' X X N Y-!ig ' XX W , i A , 1 e as if Wy. qv -Qs R X KK' ,QQ 'fi' 1 1 li -. W 5 122- J ' , iii -1' i' .- fp, ' ' " yi: i , ,::f:4,1g startegies. is-i .L 1 - 11-ai gisssnaf L K 1 ' wif ff2S?5:riv,sf1- I x i ., se. f!,.w..f,5M3aw, , '. L f ' ' VM: Willson x at 2: Q' f s.s1saR.--sw-' , -W-. gQW,3e,f, 5 , ff A s K' 'tif 3921 Sliiifisifi' L- -'-' - 1,2 'X 11" Seventh Grade Officers VIRGINIA BALL - - - - -President MARCIA HAMM - - - - Vice President CELESTE CANTLEY - - ----- Secretary ALLAN BOWDEN - - - Sergeant-at-Arms Grammar school is just for kids, now that they 're in Junior High, Along with this first taste of adolescence conies the hitter and the sweet. Many of life 's secrets fully blossom, but now they find no one fully understands their special problems. ,af Andy Anderson Dolores Arevalo Virginia Ball Harrel Bennett Gil Brandon Alan Bowden Clinton Buel Celeste Cantley Lyle Carson Eugene Chambers Gary Clark Dorothy Colwell Cary Cox Sara Crossnoe Phillip Dean Ian De Crow Mike DeVois Carol Dorris Janet Ferguson Rick Fite Marsha Fuzzell Emery Gary Marcia Hamm Mark Hartz George Livermore Linda Merritt Sonny McBride Billy Moore George Robert Moore Jimmy O'Brien Iatee Payne Rebecca Perkins Linda Prosser Johnny Ragland Darrell Reiners Betsy Springfield Sunde Smith Peggy Stafford Bill Swindell Lynn Vaughan Betty Watson Nancy Watts Bobby Yow Cheeryl Franklin Cathy Hurt Pat Moore Kenneth Orman Janet Wismiller Lowrey Young B fl a lam, s o ws s ' s . - 'IK FIRST ROW: Jan DeCrow Marcia Hamm Jatee Payne Mike DeVois Andy Anderson Par Moore Clinton Buel Johnny Ragland Mark Hartz Gil Brandon Linda Merritt Celeste Cantley Dorothy Colwell 0 S Junior High Chorus .SECOND ROW: Delores Arevalo Cheryle Franklin Mary Jo Markwell Kay Rhodes Patsy Guyer Rebecca Sasser Joan Swindell Barbara Bannas Carolyn Bazemore Betsy Springfield Virginia Ball Sunde Smith Sandy Street Sara Sorsby Elaine Yarber Mary Lynn Smith Q THIRD ROW: Cary Cox Lyle Carson Randy Miles Allan Bowden Rick Fite Eugene Chambers Billy Whitten Beverly Whitten Judy Hindman Ruth Wismiller Thelma Colwell Nancy Watts Sara Crossnoe Linda Prosser Nancy Cox Brenda Anders Kay Sandlin Rebecca Perkins Lynn Vaughn Typical Classroom Scenes . YJ? gha- 2 5 t - OJQ7' e - CW Remember. . . The things we learned. . . teachers J. we loved. . . parties and refreshments . . .fun on the playground. , ix! ff' ,Q lj J- , ,,f L 1 ix , , " f FXIAJAZ, X k aj 0 1 I , Ox L MISS MARY BARRY First Grade MRS, MARY BA ZEMORE Second Grade , ' ' 1 ,f fiflffb Wwe W'5WM"6' MRS, LOUISE COOPER Fourth Grade MISS ELLEN GRIFFIN Music I ff? Aft! 1 X X001 , . ELIZABETH HANCOCK Se ond Grade MRS, ANNE LEIGH Fourth Grade fi f L1 JZY-K." .V MRS. GRACE MADDOX Third Grade MRS , MA RGA RET PHILLIPS Fifth Grade V1 I V 4 ' f X2 wff ' fi hw - P MRS. MARTHA PIPPIN Sixth Grade MRS . MA RGA RET POSEY Third Grade 'N G, X j iron'-1 LULL MRS. JOHN SCRUGGS Sixth Grade MRS, LOUISE WALLER 5 First Grade ,JJ J If IIT:- 5 , -if ,f xv' v QXQQ' Not pictured: MRS. ANN BRUCE Fifth Grade hw A x Mis Elizabeth Akins Debbie Anders Denise Arant Douglas Booth Joel Braddock Patricia Branan David Butler Bobby Craft Elizabeth Du Bose David Edmonds Patricia Fast John Ferguson Paula Haynes Harvey Jenkins Susan Jolly Johnny Jordan Kermit Kaiser Doug Key George Leckner Michelle Luster Russell Nichols Gregory Lynch Debbie Lynn Margaret Martin Sherry McCandless Mac McDonald Lynn Moore Carol Nance Pam Newman Wallace Polk Sandra Scott Susie Shepard Peggy Sullivan Bill Trevathan Janice Taylor s Barryfs First Grade Mrs Waller's First Grade Susan Grizzard Zelda Herring Debbie Hodges Donna Hodges Beverly Hughes Priscilla Hughes Brenda Johnson Lynn Jones Beverly Morton Ronald Oliver David Perkins Phillip Pierce Mary Io Rape Eugene Red Cathy Simmons Wayne Still Gwen Stone Linda Sweat Kathy Tinkler Becky Underwood Carolyn Vaughn Helen Visconti David Walker Susan Webb Sheryl Wilson K Dwight Abbott Patricia Agee Danny Baldwin Randy Baldwin Dianne Bennett Judy Brandon Lynn Brookhart Mark Cantley Doyle Chandler Michael Crislip Sara Ellis Harold Green Mrs. Bazemorefs Second Grade Daphne Anderson James Anderson Pat Abbot Carlos Arevalo Douglas Baker Steve Baker Larry Barber Cherie Carlisle Maureen Cobb Buddy Downs Jeanie Grace Mike Jobe Bob Koleas Ray Lessel Dennis Malone Jimmy McGee Janice McKinley Melanie Miller Irene Mitchell Paul Newman Edith Nichols Lynn Pace Barbara Perkins Neosa Pierce Candace Richards Lois Sandusky David Scheibert Gary Smith Janice Stone Diane Taylor Bert Walker Wayne Wilson Richard Winn Stephen Worrell David Thompson Kenneth Wilson Mrs Hancock s Second Grade Larry Adams Glinda Baggett Pam Bailey Karen Bartholemew Susan Brown Vicki Bugg Susan Burnett Linda Colebank Debora Crossnoe Bruce Downing Molly Freeman Jim Fussell Evangeline Gaines Janice Garner Jimmy Griffin Shelly Hamlin Bill Hicks Lindsay Hughes Heide McClelland Bob McGehee Glenn Moore Larry Norton Dale Pace Mike Parr Donna Ralcliff Larry Reber Pete Roop Chuck Rutledge 'GK Mrs. Maddox s Third Grade Carol Arevalo Barry Bannas Timmy Buel Ed Butler Hugh Carlisle Cathy Carson Margaret Cran Brenda Crossnoe Emily Fox Jerry Green Donnie Gresham Brent Hartz Judy Hamil Bobby Herring Debbie Ingle Buddy Luster Becky Maize Connie Maize Joe Moore Todd Reber Malcolm Still Chris Scott Susan Sasser I. W. Thompson Bill Travis Kay Trevathan Mrs. Poseyfs Third Grade Harold Gene Agee Keith Allen John Booth Benny Braddock Peggy Brandon Cheryl Buchanan Kevin Clark Orvil Cotton Billy Dawson John Ed Hamlin Patricia Hartnett Tim Hoke Mike Howard Jerry James Judy Ja mes Lynda Langston Wayne Oliver Gary Orman Barbara Perkins William Pierce Annette Sandlin Mary Lee Scott Gay Smith Juanita Stills Jean Stone Marilyn Wren We Remember . . the fun at work and play ---it the first grade field trip the pa rties our cla sswork ui qw Q 4? .W . is if Sal I mgmgni, w...,.u' lag., S K g L' -X ,-1 N-X A 3 ,GEN T1 f si? .. if Q kiwi.. iv " 1' X ' all Q R X gg 3 Q was I X"'r' + , 1.1 +52 Mrs. Cooperfs Fourth Grade Helen Allen Bob Anderson Steve Brandon Carol Brown John Buchanan Francene Bugg Glenda Chandler Bobby Davis III James Dew Rosann Dixon Linda Duke Dan Edmonds Comadora Ferguson Jenny Freeman Kenneth Grace Dorothy Green Charles Hodges Mark Johnson David Jolly Larry Jones Buddy Lanier Julia A nn Levens Larry Lynch Jimmy Maddox Pete Mitchell Peggy Nichols Calvin Ozier Dale Perkins Bari Polk Donald Puller Terri Rutledge Brenda Steward Stewart Stimson Glenda Sweat Johnny Taylor Mary Ann Taylor Sharon Travis Annette Vallery Miles Vickery Pamela Winn Marion Wright William Wright SSW '5 X X R 1 K skis .MN- is JQ XX 13.5 - 0 X. km - 'E Q W QQ 5 . wx A ,ggxskh 1 , Q 3 -N-in :ii . S .. Q, 5. .. K X. sxf ww. QSM' 2 EX .. ' 1 igiw Q Mrs. Barbara Abbott Sara Allen Sharon Bennett David Carson Phyllis Cirzoveto Marilyn Cooper Gary Foreman Douglas Harville David Hester Linda Hodges Paul Koleas Jimmy Lee Mike Lemonds Judy Lessel David Malone Steve Mosley Doris Norton Billie Joyce O'Neil Roger Parr Judith Perkins Robyn Reiners Billy Sasser Mary Nell Stevens Jimmy Still Mickey Tapp Patty Sue Trusty Russell Valentine John White Brucefs Fwh Grade Jimmy Taylor Watt Wallace Mrs Plzzllzps Fmfh Grade Jim Anderson Jerry Bailey Rebecca Bradley Karen Carlisle Mike Caylor Lynda Colwell Jimmy Corum Randy Craft Alan Fitzpatrick Susan Garner Paula Glover Linda Ingle Gary Jew Bill Jones Nancy Jordan Leonard Langston Rogers Lyons Henry McGee Wayne McGhee Bobby McKinley Katherine Mitchell Albert Moore Irene Pierce Janette Richards Patricia Rogers Kathy Roop Howard Young Bill Simmons Mrs. Sandra Adams Jimmy Allen Sharon Allen Sharon Anders Carol Arant Ted Buel Fred Case Hershell Chandler Dennis Gaines Jack Gronke Carolyn l-lorrell Roger Keathley Karen Lynch Melissa Mantel Billy Markwell Kay Miles Allen Mueller Ioan Myers David Sorsby Jean Starks Ioy Sullivan Linda T app George Tarrance Dan Tindall Peter Trimble Robert Tucker George Vallentine Bill Venable Billy wrigm Pzppinfs Sixth Grade Mrs Scrugg s Sixth Grade Pat Arevalo Pam Branan Jimmy Booth Al Cummings Jim Edmonds Martin Fast Frances Fayssoux Judy Gronke Janis Hamil Walter Harville Donnie James Scott Jones Pat Jordan Eddie Lawson Rebecca Marsh Cathy O'Nei11 James Pace Billy Pardue Shirley Peterson Fred Phillips Robert Pinkston Larry Quenichet David Rogers Rick Rutledge Mike Thompson Diane Vaughn Harold Walker Bobby Wampler Gail Williams l X X .1 , Y 3.-A , mf 'M 4 ,a2:g?.s. awpvef' BraK'Q'!f,f'L ii? QA Vwgg ww A M wi iw- , ,..,.A,: , kizfg J i Q . f g f y 'E-aa 6 f , Q. 5 ,W I iyk , .em k g K 155' A . 5 v ' 2. 1- K gy av Qi A i I , L.,,, vwwms 335, f 'ff' ' . V an vi V ', ffim W 9 m E wa 2 ww Us - K nga 1,-,W 5 f A KM .' 3 'SKS Hs' zf Q Wk ki QQ ' i !' fw , if 5 f rr ki ' f .3 S WEN fix '55 I 12' s 5 ' ,fn -522 iiykgfvy i 5 fix ,M nf ' 52? ' EQ if fg M U Q 555,21 i n ' ' - ' S ' 'f,f""MT" ft N' A " ,- w 1 " v 5 .ph e, f,- I J V -fjfpflff ......... 1-ww' W' Remember . . . The fun of voting. . .our favorite people. . . posing for pictures. ew ff . I saggin- x S f xx gfzlf 8 guy : 4 b 5 .. i ' 1 3 3 Y W y. -: 1- ' , :"I:. 'rf K A--w I qgg miff 1 fir. gkflfii. ' K' ' 5 -C. 1 -01 ., . S Q, . and Miss Germantown ' 1959 4 y1VIANiWEQT and GEORGE TILLER f X N' M-X me 'W 'I Senior Beaut MISSMARY HUNT L fx E J Af 3 N-f A X J' iw . Y L32 Q ff L k ,, X Q 5 ,, W Nw S k . A . ,X H X Q K Q 5 S f fix -f -'il5sqf:42s ' 1:g "" - - ff Q ., ,. - X ---- Q A21 ws.: S gf , 5 f N A , V , X W,- '-lfmf ,N L .gllfgzfiy '1 -15253 f ., L.g2.W. it iw 5E5fsi? Q : gig H . . i, j.jg- fx as X W. is 35553 -:AQ S5 X,.1 hm., A ..m, k1,, L If-V 4 HSS' MEN: ,. Q. . .,g,,,,W K vim. -1: ' ' -A g .- , , 's,:: ' gf ss1.5?22-1'me-XX9sgg1iSi-11 : :. 1:5515 M T QQ Z' MN 1 S ' ..,. X312 if Beauty TURNER ., S fx- 3 sf N- 1 Junior Favorites KATHY FERGUSON IONNY FITE Senior Favorites DORIS PINKSTON PHILIP GREEN "'-m. 1 '-Bf5,,A, A5 W. ax Sw rd' Aw WWW V W fw t ,, 4, 1 , , 4 -A-igf' vffzn' f , 1 x E 3 K in 1 -mwkif' , I in M h Q 'S ii ms iff, as Q.. PHILIP GREEN ANN TINDALL 32 ...-and Friendliest JIMMY SPA RKMAN DORIS PINKSTON Us Most Athletic ELEA NOR FERGUSON GEORGE TILLER an X.,-mwN1, ymw-. , .-.. 4, w vwx. .. ww U ww " "" QW' , -- A' T Rf . 'M R '+- ' W ' Xl 3, V, ' W. M MW E Cutest ELEA NOR MCDA NIEL TOMMY THOM Neatest MA RY HUNT EDDIE DOWNS I 1 E 3 QI L I S 5 s i I a Z Best All- ,round PHILIP GREEN FLEDA ANDERSON Most Courteous MARY HUNT ED HUMPHREYS LET E Wittiest MARTHA MOORE TOMMY THOM We Remember. . . These students who won honors and represented our school. IEANIE GARLAND. . . Winner of the DAR good citizenship award. MIKE GRAHAM. . . Chosen "Teenager of the Week." MIKE GRAHAM - FLEDA BELL ANDERSON - JEAN HANCOCK - JENANN DEMUTH Panel for "Quiz 'Em On The Air." BRENDA LEMONDS - PHILIP GREEN High scorers in the Merit Scholar- ship Test, JOHNNY COLEBANK - RITA WEEKS - GLYN FINCH - JEAN CUMMINGS - I EDDIE DOWNS - JANE CUMMINGS I , - MIKE GRAHAM - J. E. BARBER Members of Youth Guidance Coun- cil. DORIS PINKSTON ....M.-.,. School winner of Betty Crocker :Gong Homemaker Award. FLEDA BELL ANDERSON School Representative in NCTE Competition. VIRGINIA BALL - GINNY FINNEY - GLYN FINCH - ALLAN BOWDEN NANCY MOORE - ANN TINDALL MARY FRANCES LACROIX Members of the All-County Band. ELEANOR FERGUSON - ED HUM- PHREYS Volunteer Girls' and Boys' State. ANN TINDALL School Representative on "Youth Hunts Headlines. " rg Jeanie Garland Jenann Demuth Buster Barron Gordon Alternbern Mary Jane Moore Cheri O'Brien Charlene O'Neil Vivian West Jane Cummings Martha Moore Ruby Prosser Barbara Wagner FT: ISN? Footprints - 1959 Linda Jones Fle da Bell Anderson Judy Wright Rose Gary Pam Thomas Saundra Duffy Eleanor Ferguson Brenda Lemonds Doris Pinkston Philip Green Betty Gail Schaffer Jerry Blackburn Scrappy Branan Jimmy Hall Rita Weeks Terry Collins Linda Lanier Eleanor McDaniel Caroline Dean Kay Ford Jennifer Laurence Lucille Anderson Mary Hunt Ann Tindall Raynell Basford Larry Neal Sidney Mantel Ed Humphreys I. E. Barber Jimmy Sparkman MEIUHE KUNG Smit Sum lim hmmm :S W Pitchfork Fleda Anderson Jeanie Garland Mary Hunt Ann Tindall Karen Tucker Philip Green Mike Graham Joe Bramblett Saundra Duffy Halley Turner Jane Cummings Betty Ann Thomas Eleanor McDaniel Jean Cummings Raynell Basford Charlene O'Neil Caroline Dean Mary Doug Weeks Advisor: Mrs. Fitz atrick Staff Doris Pinkston LeNel1e Beegle Lucille Anderson Ruth Ellen Posey Linda Jones LaJuan McKee Martha McCa1la Susan Ball Donna Thompson Norma Crouse Rose Gary Jennifer Laurence Pam Thomas Linda Lanier Barbara Wagner Kay Ford Nan Morton Ruby Prosser Editor -------- Assistant Editor - Assistant News Editor - - - Business Manager 090000000 P Proofreading Editor - - - Sports Editors - - Feature Editor - - - - Art Editor ---- Circulation Editor mmf, FLEDA ANDERSON IEANIE GARLAND - - -MARY HUNT - - ANN TINDALL - KA REN TUCKER - -PHILIP GREEN MIKE GRAHAM JOE BRAMBLETT SAUNDRA DUFFY - -HALLEY TURNER JANE CUMMINGS 'VN f-if all 2 OFFICERS President ---- ------- - - - PHILIP GREEN Vice President - - - - BRENDA LEMONDS Secretary ---- - -JEANIE GARLAND Treasurer - - - - BUSTERBARRON Reporter - - - - -JEAN HANCOCK ki? Beta Club Fleda Anderson Jenann Demuth Eleanor Ferguson Jeanie Garland jean Hancock Leroy Leigh Philip Green Brenda Lemonds Kathy Ferguson Mary Frances LaCroix Buster Barron Larry Puller Ruth Ellen Posey Doris Pinkston Eugene Fuller lim Oliver Rita Weeks LeNelle Beegle Ann Tindall Advisor - MRS. CAMPBELL 4 k ., 1-R - ,Y K. i s v eg 1 X W wx gui X M wi 1 . X wx 1 x we-.iff , fu REE: A L ' iz " 5' Y:-gala ': x'1'5" ' Q ' . f 1 Q H. is ,ax wfmfafw' 55 X X2 : . ff K A . f - X fwsm R' nw 'S-w.,., MN. , ,A Xml. ig 4' 2 x iii ' -Q -Q axwwavwas. .RTW I-+I?-212316 , Q V . SQ ,WX Q, S . X .. it KWWAQ355 5 Q 5 Ax . Kjfvgf K gf 2 . 1 X , 23 53 l at Aw ,ml . k 5 V if f RQ X i M ffl Sf " Q SX fm . . hx f .-: , -'f' - ' X1 ,. X. ,f "'- X, W. L ,-'. x---- Qs- 5 , 'S , , b f . 'XS N NS W W A A imp 'flgfwv , EX -- 'S A my , Q. ix 1.9 :ng-f if 5 QE .,.. ,. -w ::,Yk m,N, .M k ,j x k , Tfuiiiw-NN,.,.,.,.AXNwfmfaxsxsfm-WNQNSXx .... .. xx .sif- XQ M X gg R i X Q xx D 1 ,ru y ? Q x fi. ' H "iz .bm .5 4 My -fi . X 38 sig Q t , E A Q , M 9 , x s ,Sf e.. gil S: :fi v If , a lj sl. ii U' - GEORGE TILLER ------ ------ P resident PHILIP GREEN --'- ---- V ice President MIKE GRAHAM - - Secretary-Treasurer JIMMY SPARKMAN - - Sergeant-at-Arms LL "G" Cl b OFFICERS quot picruredj FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: Charles Owens George Tiller Mike Graham Jerry Ellis Marvin Lindsey Bobby Golding Scrappy Branan Jerry Rogers Philip Green Henry McCullough Tommy Thorn LeRoy Leigh Monroe Cook Ioe Ferguson THIRD ROW: Danny Lemmons Ed Humphreys I. E. Barber James Scott Jonny Fite NOT PIC TURED Buster Barron OFFICE RS DORIS PINKSTON -------- President MARTHA MOORE - - - - Vice President BETTY ANN THOMAS ------ secretary KATHY FERGUSON - - ---- T reasurer MRS, FRANCES HAYNES ----- Advisor Y- Teens FIRST ROW: Lucille Anderson, Joyce Cooper, Caroline Dean, Dorothy Arbogast, Norma Crouse, Kathy Ferguson, Martha Moore, Doris Pinkston. Betty Ann Thomas, Betty Gail Schaffer, Brenda Lemonds, Linda Lanier, Pam Thomas, Effie Leary. SECOND ROW: Lynda Perkins, Tommie Taylor, Jane Cummings Charlene O'Neil, Barbara Duke, Rita Weeks. Mary Doug Weeks, Louise Flynn Donna Thompson, Lynda G . reen, Eleanor Ferguson. THIRD ROW: Mary Hunt, Ann Tmdall. Nancy Ward, Ruth Ellen Posey, Jean Cummings, Mary Jane Moore, Ginney Finny, Pat Duffy, Donna Young, Glenn Mitchell, Martha McCalla, Susan Bowden, Halley Turner, Susan Ball, Judy Wright. Y- 1 een, Basketball Team ELEANOR FERGUSON """" Captain KATHY FERGUSON ------ Co-Captain Pam Thomas, Jean Cummings, Betty Gail Schaffer, Jane Cummings, Mary Doug Weeks, Barbara Duke, Raynel1Basford, Rita Weeks, Louise Flynn, Ruth Ellen Posey, Donna Thompson, Doris Pinkston, Effie Leary, Halley Turner, Mrs. Bannas, Coach. Hep Club OFFICERS FLEDA ANDERSON - - - - - President JANE CUMMINGS - - ---- Vice President LENELLE BEEGLE - - - -Secretary-Treasurer Brenda Anders, Fleda Anderson, Dorothy Arbogast, Susan Ball, Barbara Bannas, Ray- nell Basford, Carolyn Bazemore, LeNelle Beegle, Judy Benson. Dale Bigbee, Susan Bowden, Nancy Cox, Norma Crouse, Jane Cummings, Jean Cummings, Caroline Dean Carole Downs, Pat Duffy, Saundra Duffy, Kathy Ferguson, Ginny Finney, Kay Ford, Rose Gary, Lynda Green, Jeanie Garland, Patsy Guyer, Caroline Hancock, Mary Hunt Minette Harrison, Judy Hindman, Peggy LaCroix, Linda Lanier, Effie Leary, Brenda Lemonds, Gloria Lipford, Jennifer Laurence Judy Mann, Mary Jo Markwell, Pat Marsh, Martha McCalla, Eleanor McDaniel, Glenn Mitchell, Nan Morton, Nancy Oliver, Charlene O'Neil, Martha Moore, Linda Parminter, Linda Perkins, Sue Peterson, Margaret Phillips, Ruth Ellen Posey, Ruby Prosser, Sally Quarles, Dot Rhodes, Kay Rhodes, Kay Sandlin, Rebecca Sasser, Georgia Siler, Sara Sorsby, Sandy Street, Marcia Tate, Tommie Taylor, Betty Ann Thomas, Linda Thomas, Ann Tindall. Karen Tucker, Peggy Vaughn, Nancy Ward Mary Doug Weeks, Rita Weeks, Beverly Whitten, Barbara Wagner, Judy Wright, Elaine Yarber, Donna Young. o g iff.1"'.,... SEC MA.- 'fffflf' it ,. '-M.M..L 53e5 M -33 W" 1 MJF, A X X 3 X Q Q Q33 fi SQ' Q S x, HIV " ll FHA. OFFICERS BETTY ANN THOMAS ---- JEAN CUMMINGS - - - - - - - - LINDA THOMAS - - LEAH BRAMBLETT - - EFFIE LEARY ---- THIRD ROW: Marcia Tate SECOND ROW: Pat Duffy Sue Peterson Donna Young Jane Cummings Brenda Lemonds Sharon Hendrix Dorothy Finerson Nan Morton Margaret Phillips Peggy Vaughn Reda Byall Judy Wright Ruth Ellen Posey LeNel1e Beagle Caroline Dean Joyce Cooper MRS. MARGERY M. STRATTON - Advisor - ----- President - - Vice President - - - Secretary - - - Treasurer - - - Song Leader FOURTH ROW: Catherine Clark Pam Thomas Tommie Lou Corum Judy Benson Pat McKinley Eva Ragan Linda Parminter FIFTH ROW: Susan Bowden Linda Lanier Sandra Graham Cheri O'Brien Linda Green Alleene Joyner Caroline Hancock Lucille Anderson Betty Gale Schaeffer X 7 wi gig- X. 'Ez Q I 3 A- -1 , , Future Teachers of America Club DORIS PINKSTON - - - - - - - - President JEANIE GARLAND - - - - - Vice President ELEANOR FERGUSON - - - - - Secretary MARTHA MOORE - - - - - Treasurer Jenann Dernuth Ruby Prosser Linda jones 3 Judy Wright Laluan McKee Charlene O'Nei1 Barbara Duke W ll Barbara Wagner Mary Jane Moore S Saundra Duffy Jane Cummings MRS, MARY COLEBANK - - - Sponsor The purpose of our club is to encourage young people to enter the teaching profession. We get a taste of teaching duties by reading stories to children, helping grade papers, making copies of tests, playground supervision, and assist- ing at the blackboard. T A Liv-yi ,L K .. M RJ x g.: K i v 559' Q i , P - up ' l ,W .gs x s. 5 . Mk ,' ef- 'Wsj u. ,' Q ' x 'Q 4. OFFICERS GLYN FINCH ----------- - - Band Captain MARY LACROIX RUTH ELLEN POSEY - - - - - Secretary-Treasurer MR, WALTER BURNETT - - - - - - - -Sergeant - - - - - - Director FIRST ROW: Mary Frances LaCroix Nancy Moore Glyn Finch Doug Puller Ann Tindall Sue Peterson Larry Puller Ruth Ellen Posey SECOND ROW: Virginia Ball Joan Swindell Andy Anderson John Tindall Robert Horrell Rick Fite Jim O'Brien Pat Smith Clinty Buel John Black LeNel1e Beegle Ginny Finney THIRD ROW: Sharon Hendrix Charlene O'Neil Allen Bowden Phillip Dean Bobby Yow Donna Young Ginger Jones Otto Lyons Ken Moran David Darley Stewart Nelson Bob Oliver fy, OFFICERS 4 f PHILIP GREEN - - -------- ---- Pr esident JOE BRANBLETT ---- ---- V ice President BUSTER BARRON ---------------- Secretary-Treasurer FIRST ROW: Science Club Betty Gail Schaeffer Jenann Demuth Saundra Duffy Jean Cummings Alleene Joyner Linda Thomas Joyce Cooper Scrappy Branan Tommy Christie Larry Neal Dennis Haskins Mike Tiller Sidney Mantel SECOND ROW: LeRoy Leigh Cheri O'Brien Linda Lanier Leah Bramblett Dale Bigbee Effie Leary Kathy Ferguson Libby Carson Mary Ellen Gray Mary Frances LaCroix THIRD ROW: Danny Walters Jerry Ellis Charles Owens George Tiller Tommy Thom Philip Green Lowell Jenkins Jack Applewhite Johnny Colebank Robert Schwam Freddie Morgan FOURTH ROW: Bobby Golding Marvin Lindsey Jimmy Rodgers Jimmy Tapp Glenn Finch Larry Puller Eugene Fuller Norman Hass Larry Hubbard Lyman Miller Ronnie Cirzoveta FIFTH ROW: Otto Lyons Mike Rodgers Melvin Booth Craig Thompson Dick l-luckabee Johnny May Ja mes Roy Golding William Shelton fnot picturedy SIXTH ROW: Mr. Paden Butch Robinson John Tindall Robert Harrell Melvin Yow Billy Gray Buddy Moorehead Brooks Clark Jimmy Hall Eddie Downs Terry Collins SEVENTH ROW: J. E. Barber James Scott Jerry Rodgers Betty Thomas Doris Pinkston EIGHTH ROW: Bobby Steele Jimmy Stallins lull ,E fs OFFICERS Library Staff ANN TINDALL - - ---- President Dorothy Arbogast, Jeanie Garland, Jenann Demuth JEAN HANCOCK - - ---- Vice President Caroline Hancock, Jean Cummings, Jean Hancock IENANN DEMUTH - - - - Secretary-Treasurer Peggy Vaughan, Tommie Taylor, Ann Tindall. JEANIE GARLAND - - ------- Reporter Margaret Anne Phillips, LaJuan McKee, Dorothy Finerson, Marcia Tate. OFFICERS T and I Richard Brooks, Bernie Byrd, Wayne Byrd, Tommy JACKIE PARMINTER - - ---- President Christie, Henry Clark, Jackie Parminter, Tommy TOMMIE CHRISTIE - - - - - Vice President Phillips, John Reeves, Carroll Robertson, Carroll BERNIE BYRD ---- - -Secretary-Treasurer Shelton, Malcolm Thomas, Jimmy Trusty, George TOMMY PHILLIPS - - ------ Reporter Tiller, Dick Wagner, '66, . 30 af Wax ,NJ ! Remember. . . N' L' N' sg cheering and yelling. . .Home coming. 'C I M I 1' 5 1 1 fe . J ee e L' e- e N ff' f jr -N-,5is:.s-it gwxzzlw lb: ,A ,g 1 1, A M M5325 12 The ball ga mes, , ,D-E-V -1-L S . -X A if If Y? ,Q 'W E. mul ww? .5 14, U 2 . Nw- iw gl x -f .N F15 ,uv 'Q' 5 gm Saw 5 Ns.. 'kmblmmiwi Y no MB M Tealn, FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: Johnny Reeves Jerry Rogers Jonny Fite Jim Oliver Scrappy Branan Lowell Jenkins Tommy Bramlitt James Scott Mike Tiller Junior Team FIRST ROW: SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW Larry Robertson Ronnie Nance Craig Thompson Asa Hoke Melvin Booth Kenneth Harrell James Watson Johnny Colebank Larry Hooker Joe West Alan Young Johney May Billy Price William Shelton Jimmy Dale Brandon Billy Gray 'Young America Sings" "O1d America Sings" "The Terror of The Twenties" We Remember the 1958 Junior Talent Show "Beta Club Member Makes Good" "Germantown Rocks" "The Living End" "Latin Lovers" "Sweet Le1ani" "Having Such A Lo-o-ovely Time ul, ,,. f -wr AQQSZVX ?'H7?0i'iiH STR? YBKIW . mv A A ,guna neu -4 Remember . . The excitement of homecoming, , hard work of science fair. . . the glamour ofthe prom. . .Cheerleaders practicing after school. rg! . 5 3 Es Q if 2 F5 if E E 2 K First Alternate MISS JUDY MANN Second Alternate MISS HALLEY TURNER We Remember the 1958 Science Fair ,la Many hours of hard work are required to make the Science Fair a success Here are shown some of the preparation and projects, the admiration, and the recognition. W e Remember With Pride The Awards Bestowed Upon Our 4-H Members at the Achievement Ban- quet. John Colebank receives his awards for Dairy Achievement and Most Outstanding 4-I-I Boy from Mr. Ray Strong of the Kiwanis Club, - I wu- wxa.. s 2, W ft? A Jean Cummings is awarded first in county for Gardening and second in county for Yard Improvementg Jane Cummings, first in county for Health and second in county for Room Improvement, by George Barnes Pictures compliments of Livestock Magazines. H ln- K., We Remember the Top Ten Dance Party FIRST ROW: Jonny Fite Jerry Ellis Linda Parminter Philip Green Mary Hunt Glenn Mitchell Melvin Yow SECOND ROW: Betty Ann Thomas Sidney Mantel Doris Pinkston Tommy Thom Henry McCullough Nan Morton Betty Gail Schaffer Scrappy Brannon THIRD ROW: Judy Mann Billy Bugg Jackie Parminter Kathie Ferguson Wink Martindale Donna Jackson Fleda Anderson Mike Graham Li 23 1, gp gn. ' me an sf Q? -Wy 5 Wag .. X . quam ,kha Ui 3' 1 - EQIP: 5. QUE, 5. 55221, Q . uw W Xxx : 2 m K, m ......, . ,,..:: Z Q , Hs' QP if? W X , . Q 1 SAV si -W f f' N 39 1 I , Q Q. I WFT. -. gig, lk ya' M- 0334: Y '. ' jig, ., ..f .. . .wr ' , J , .Q w.. il U.-.f ffm lr .. 4 ' Hi. I lfgf , .J-Q. ,ww H.. A . gn f1?'f'! ,. f?3',4-'73 fs. ,fm K 4-av, fy ' - . .fe Q R , K pw t N , L .. A -- . S " H ,..a-E L A, ga I I' 'N ...rg way, T 1 y W..Q,W. L -A SQL N A -- ,. ,,.,V,i LL 1 ,L.i , . X' gen Q L.. - v 1 . My , . .. .- '. .fwylppff F , L. if , ,S , - - .-,,' .4-2 ' ,,..' r' . , Qx. X 'L A .. uf . RW ll fm fa. .T .x . .. W , Nfl 1 , ' . 11 WM 195 if' "' 5 , -" . 1. ' '55, JR: " flffxxh . 5:':,.v.,-M L , ff, vm if 42,- 'gf Q L: 1, .0 ,, , vi. f , ' f"-1 pf-2.AfN1'i1j.f?aff,si-f+4Eai.." .4 :Teri ' f1 je 3i5'M'T"i.Fi"f' rf '1'.L'.wJ ,.wwA ifk V., v:q"Ji,l5 ' - 'ik ,efmglf 6 . .3114 ,fy ,2,gi',4.ffff' f 3..ewE'?'m "'Jz,41 . T' Y 1-. A Cheerleaders DORIS PINKSTON - Captain LUCILLE ANDERSON - Co-Captain BETTY GAIL SCHAFFER GLENN MITCHELL BETTY ANN THOMAS LINDA PARMINTER JUDY MANN wa ,- 'vw 54 X. fr, 'T cg 5 N .STNI ' 'D I 3' El Q' 1. Q. W w Q 112' Remember . . . Getting out of school to sell ads, . . the fun of meeting people, , .writing copy. . .taking pictures, ks , 1 ml 3 Q, 1 I ll ' lr 7 w W , ' 1 Y J M r r ? H 1 .I Wim' U, W .LM '. I LMI 1 ' .. 1 . Y,-n A ,dr 1 - X J U '-'X I ' ' x .J af 4 2 nf rf- JY if "LM: 'qu 'Sq' b",' Z 4 'Q K ' ni - " f 'Q' i 1, '7 ,-. f gt, ,Z S: EE bs ., C1 E-' - I fi , -,-.. . .,g:MEg4L . Q In , ' 'N P... 112 1 1 2-:-:2:':- -sv . - - :rn :- -4 ' gig gs!!! . I 2 x:"f""5'5'f:Q2' E52 555 : XX -- gg, 5 O 0 O O O D 3-' QYOC QR SIVXA Ll. WE WELCOME YOUR ACCOUNT THE PEOPLE'S BANK Collie rville , Tennessee Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 2552 CORDOVA 5 J' - C-IN For Friendly Service ' E V 1' . ' THOMAS GRO h " L E' Lenow, Tenne nb AND sAvs Il! ,Lei-fill! ! Aw AT Phone TU 4-762.1 M Eg:.fl "T U' 3 '-hf nf E W 2 fn, SSCC Compliments of FLOWERS EAST POPLAR EUNICE MCNEALY ELLIS J. D. ELLIS Flowers for All Occasions BAR BER SHOP Cordova TU 4-7404 COMPLIMENTS OF GROCERY AND MARKET Fancy Groceries, Quality Meat Fruits, Vegetables A Frozen Foods - A Complete Food Service - 5957 Winchester Pike Phone GL 8-4359 Compliments of WONDER BREAD AND HOSTESS CAKE , L3 ,--"" ..4"' 55.-25221 g 7 '::. gil? ENRICIIED ' 'N' ' O n.a,,u..ausf..,s.4a.,nw...f, A , 5 CORDOVA ,J G VEL ,X 1' I III! CONGRATULATIONS, SENIOR 9204 Raleigh-LaGrange Rd. S Diff Whoever you are whatever you do BRODNAX FINE JEWELRY at Main and Monroe The Wonder Horse Patented Price S39 Retail C1 by Manufacture WONDER PRODUCTS CO. Collie rville , Tennessee REEVES HUGHES, JR. INS UR AN CE - L OANS Auto - Fire - Lia Livestock - Bonds - Burg - Life - Smith Mtr. Co. B1 C. B. 2586 Poplar - Memph Ofc. FA 4-5557 Nite MU 5-6913 bility - Ma rine lary dg. is Congratulations to the 1958-59 Germantown Students and Faculty for Your Many Accomplishments Best Wishes for the Years to Come We are grateful to the many alumni and friends of Germantown School who now use our insurance services. Whenever any kind of insurance is needed, call our office, Jackson 5-0711, Day or Night. J.B. MAIZE ll CC. .9-mam fa 7IO Goodwyn Institute Bldg. ' Memphis, Tennessee Everything Automotive G0 fo TOWN AND COUNTRY i MERRIPS BAR BER SHOP ' for the best in AUTO PARTS Barber Service 4650 Poplar at Perkins 4980 Poplar at It MU 3-7365 ,Mendenhall Y Compliments KELSEY BROTHERS DEPARTMENT STORE MCCOOI-S' Collierville, Tenn. FOODS One of Shelby County's Best Stores Since 1910 3471 Poplar Free Delivery Phone GL 2-2168 1 Q.. JWHENINTHEE WHITE Mnnnrnn mae mon .pu CAFE Collie rville , Tenn. WRlGHT'S MEN 'S WEAR Showing the Latest in I Young Men's Clothes 1 X 1641 Union 3470 Plaza Ave. fPop1ar Plazal. Lubrication Tires and Batteries JAMESON'S CORDOVA SERVICE STATION GROCERY Cordova TU 4-7914 GERMANTOWN HARDWARE AND VARIETY COMPANY WHITE STATION PHARMACIES Germantown, Tennessee TOM GUTHRIE HERBERT PECK Phone TU 4-7748 EDGAR T. MCHENRY I 5061 Park 4990 Poplar s0"' "lia- JOHNSON IMPLEMENT CO. 338 South Front Street Memphis, Tennessee FOOD STORE AND ,fl Q, ' T ill 111- T SNACK BAR Qifji f Phone JA 7-0331 I W O 5043 Park Avenue ALLEN BROTHERS CONSTRUCTION CO Mark the Occasion With a PHOTO REFLEX PORTRAIT Let the Unique Mirror Camera of your Official Footprints photographer be your recorder of all memorable occasions PHOTO REFLEX ST UDIO Znd Floor Zl-31 N. Main Street GERBERS . . . One of Arnerica's Fine Stores COMPLIMENTS . QF COLLIERVILLE HERALD ' Advertising A FRIEND Job Printing Collierville, Tennessee Phone UL3-2241 PARRY'S CORNER GR OCER Y Germantown, Dexter Rd. Cordova, Tennessee Phone TU 4-7800 Specializes STORE Gro., Meat and Dry Goods DAVE GREEN NURSERY 5131 Poplar Avenue Phone MU 5-7061 Telephone BR 6-6338 ?f1o7'o BA I1 A 7 'D Qui 1626 Union Memphis, Tenn. Compliments Compliments of of DAN WEST FEED AND SEED FRANK COSCIA Purina Chows Lawn and Garden Supplies AND SON 4763 Poplar 4908 Poplar Memphis, Tennessee SlDDON'S . es , s Wynn xg ' -1 - GE ' LUCKY FOOD STORE 41910 w ., A Complete W A is V lip One Stop Food Store - J is A ' Germantown, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS BURTQN OF PHARMACY A FRIEND WHITE STATION YORK ARMS co, "If It's Sporting Goods, We Have It" 162 S. Main Street Phone JA 6- 1217 Branch - Poplar - Highland Plaza Memphis Q5 r. ' C EVTU14 IS OUR Q MSSQL RIPLEY SCREEN 81 STRAINER Tel. UL-3-2265 CO, Collie rville , Tenn. , GUUU BEST POLICY 6 Plunmus AT ALL X .MJ Sag 15 TIMES Q ' ' , ' 5, x ze L J. J. MORRISON ' 3 5 Cc AND soN X u 2 A F' 6 ,L grxx' Bo Ju ,Q -5 Complete PL MBING at "JM 'PVA ' Q' Insurance Service U ...4 L. 147 Jefferson Ave. HEATING CO. JA 5- 0201 COMPLIMENTS WALTER GHOLSON Esso OF 3 Convenient Locations 71141 1877 Union A FRIEND ffl 5030 Poplar 1143 7595 Poplar Happy M otoring! I A QFEE- ., f.,.. .g?r.L'5::rg A. -F'-gfgwf ear. 'gm f- -if - Ji 42 CK ff Emi -,,-5 'mm 1, , .Q : jffuwfq' xv , -,?Jif,lwN I, "'5EJn"5""'51'IZ ,I COMPLIMENTS OF AMOS E. NEAL INC. BUILDER OF QUALITY HOMES Phone FA 4-4405 Memphis , Termes s ee F'-4-,f .. AD 'T'5 A PLEASURE! 87 1 Vance AND . K 4 Q, '9 ELECTRIC CO. 0 Phone JAckson 7-0711 Memphis EAST PARK BEAUTY AND BARBER SHOP DARI DELITE "The Aristocrat of Frozen Dairy Products" Stylist WH-IMA STRINGER Cones - Shakes Malts Sundaes - Drinks Operators RUTH SNEED FAY POWERS 3920 Park 3994 Park Ave. Ph. FA 4-7365 SAMMONS FURNITURE 8: APPLIANCE CO. DEALER Maytag Washers Household Appliances VlNCENT'S Carpets - Frigidaire A11 Types of Floor Covering Phone UL 3-2251 WILEY SAMMONS, Owner ESSO SERVICE 3861 Park Ave. FA 4-3117 AAA Service CADY BROS. HARDWARE CO. 3998 Park Ave Memphis, Tenn. Telephone 48- 9160 PAINTS CO0PWOOD'S BIG STAR NO. 5 3980 Park Ave. Ph. FA,3-0816 Memphis, Tennessee HARRISON BEAUTY SALON For the Coiffure of Tomorrow HARVEY HARRISON, Owner Phone GL 8-6498 1511 Airways Boulevard C om plime nt s of SIGMA SIGMA Have Tomb stone Will Travel Compliments of WHITE MoNUMENT co. A FRIEND 1675 Mississippi Ave . WH 8-8022 MELvlN's !' CORDOVA SERVICE STATION M1NNoWs AND V7, Lubrication Tires SPORTING GOODS STORE and Q Batteries Cordova TU-4-7914 Patronize Your DRUG STORE Compliments of Call - FA 4-6634 , JAMISON S STANDARD DRUG CO GROCERY 394 Park Ave . POSEY'S DRUG STORE The Germantown Drug Store Since 1946 Reliable Prescriptions Soda Fountain School Supplies Sealtest Ice Cream f X 22, I - X' f fi 3 -Established - 1907- Suburban Acreage Suburban Hom e s C omm e rcial Re sidential VAN COURT MRS. W. N. FINCH ' GL 8-5914 REALTORS - RENTALS - INSURORS Commerce Title Bldg. JA5-4491 "It Pays to Play" BAKERY LAWSON-CAVETTE 456 M L A . SPORTING Gooos co. 9 C emore Ve WH 8-8862 Fishing Tackle - Trophies Birthday - Wedding - Party Baseballs - Tennis Balls Cakes Footballs - Golf Clubs Guns and Ammunition School Letters Call JA 5-2725 We Feature Complete Service for Weddings Including Punch Bowls, Ladles, Cups and Reflector Other Locations 1897 Lamar Ave. - BR 8-7451 1916 S. Lauderdale - WH 8-4167 9 N. Third Memphis 640 S. Highland - FA 3-7097 Boost Your School Through the Boosters Germantown School Germantown Community BCOSTERS' CLUB Sponsors of Buses to Out-of- Town Games Community Directory Canteens Little League Baseball ANGEL FOOD ICE CREAM Call GL 2-2171 for Special Party Items Ice Cream and Sherbet Balls Ice Cream Molds Ice Cream Slices Ice Cream Cakes Nesselrode Puddings Stenciled Slices New Location -- 2469 Summer Ave . NJN"-f ROYAL CROWN p BOT TLING CO. 935 Rayner Street, Memphis, Tennessee Phone - BRoadWay 5-3141 -1171- ia lillgll DEH VINSON'S STEPHERSON SERVICE STATION BIG STAR Tires - Batteries GROCERY """""" Accessories BAKERY DELICATESSEN Use Our Budget System 3964 Park Avenue Poplar at Perkins Memphis, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF M. C. WILLIAMS P. T. A. EXECUTIVE BOARD President - MRS. MELVIN YOW Secretary - MRS. DURWARD SIMMONS Treasurer - MRS. E. F. WHITE lst Vice President - MRS. HENRY DORRIS Program Committee - MISS MARY BARRY MRS. WARNER BOWDEN MRS. L. L. LYNCY In Cooperation With Vice Presidents and Chairmen Parliamentarian - MRS. ASA HOKE 2nd Vice President - MRS. JOHN B. PAYNE Publicity - MRS. R. C. LANIER Registration - MRS. C. M. TRIMBLE Hospitality - MRS. W. H. OLIVER Home Representatives - MRS. BOB PRICE Scrapbook - MRS. BART MUELLER 3rd Vice President - MRS. J. W. O'BRIEN Ways and Means - MRS. JOHN FREEMAN Cooperation Between P. T. A, and Other Organizations 4th Vice President - MRS. I. H. SCHAFFER Membership - MRS. WM. PETERSON Publication - MRS. I. F. WARD, IR, Founders Day - MRS. ROY E. WINN Study Course of Manual - MRS. J. D. PICKERING 5th Vice President - MRS. RICHARD WINN Recreation - MRS. W, W, WATTS Exceptional Child - MRS. VASCO FAST Civil Defense - MRS. W. A. NANCE Legislation - MRS. WM. A. MCCLELLAN Juvenile Protection - MRS. DON REINERS Safety ' MRS. S. M. DEAN 6th Vice President - MRS. FOY W. POPE Student Aid - MRS. C. M. BOOTH Fine Arts - MRS. DON PULLER Visual Education - MRS. FLOY BRADLEY Television - MRS. LOUISE COOPER 7th Vice President - MRS. R. F. DOWNING Character and. Spiritual Education - MRS. J. B. EDMONDS 8th Vice President - MRS. CARL BANNAS Summer Round-Up and Clinic - MRS. BOYD MAIZE Mental Hygiene and Mental Health - MRS. H. B. PHILLIPS - MRS, ROY WINN 'Ira' FAMGUS BARBEQUE DRIVE-IN We Cater to Parties and Prepare Food to Go Italian Chicken Spaghetti and Ravioli Seafoods Steaks CIIOPS Bar-B-Que Ribs 3477 Park Ave. at Highland GL 2-9274 "Best Wishes" RIPLEY SCREEN AND STRAINER CO. UL-3-22.65 Collie rville , Tenne s see STANDARD BUILDERS SUPPLIES, INC. BUILDING MATERIALS RM Concrete Asphalt Shingles Concrete Blocks Insulation Cement Dexte ff Hardware Brick Sheetrock Sand Plastering Products Offices and Warehouses: 3169 Johnson Ave. Telephone: FA-4-4405 FRIENDLY, DEPENDABLE, SERVICE Compliments of BLUFF CITY BUICK 37 Years in Memphis Authorized Dealer for Buick - Renault - MG Austin Healey - Morris Minor Magnette 739 Union Memphis TODDLE HOUSE Visit Our New Drive- Inn 47 2 6 Popla r Memphis FOREST HILL DAIRY DAIRY More Memphis and Shelby Co. Families Use Forest Hill Milk Than Any Other Brand Scrappy, Larry, Terry and .Timmy Say, p "We Like Forest Hill Milk, Too." l 'ZGHP i t D C omplirne nt s of BARNETT C ONS TRUC TION C OMPANY T. O. BARNETT 2078 York BR 5-2366 WEEK'S PLUMBING New Installations Remodeling - Repairs Call TU 4-7066 Germantown KELSEY CHEVROLET COMPANY Phone UL 3-2294 Collierville, Tennessee 'ls Bl I l 1 0 1 Q' FORD Collie rville , Terme s see -.f-rv -.-v J. C. MICHAEL ESSO 5091 Park Ave . J' ' Atlas Tire s Batteries AND SA VE Accessories dull ! A.. AT Road Service TISCIA AND WADE MEAT CO. Catering to Restaurants Institutions Groceries Meats Cut to Crder Fresh Meats - Frozen Food Hamburger Patties 4-5-6-8 to a Pound MAT AND JOE TISCIA - CHARLES WADE 604 N. Third JA 5-5344 Be a Winner Drink KLINKE-REED Milk rms 4. Brad -'P Mfg, ,- ,palm MSFAVORITF- KLINKE-REED DAIRIES WH 8-6643 M 1 ' EVERETT W. COOK 8: SONS, INC. Masonry Contractors 930 Keating Memphis, Tennessee STEWART'S TELEVISION AND RADIO SERVICE WE'RE KNOWN FOR TV KNOW-HOW 9- ,rvnr Service G onA1l Make S A11 work if Guaranteed TU-4-79 67 Germantown, Tenn . Phone TU-4-9008 SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT GERMANTOWN GULF SERVICE Highway 7 2 Ge rmantown , Tenne s s e e WALLACE GOSSETT, Owner , DAVE GREEN Compliments f NURSERY O 5131 Poplar MU-5-7061 Designing - Planting MACHINE Lawn Service PRQDUCTS Free Estimates Fine st in Cleaning MADDOX BROS. CLEANERS TU 4-7340 I C OLIE S T OL T Z MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS .IA 7-6732 A? 111 Madison , X 1 W J- 1, Over 25 Years Experience C 1" r omp men S with Appliances f O ANDERSON APPLIANCES 445 Fred Rd. MU-3-2181 Specialists in Kitchen Equipment Compliments of PEPPER PRINTING CO. Phone JA 7-6564 161 Jefferson Memphis Compliments of Compliments A FRIEND --ABTH STUDENTS-H ln order to stimulate league bowling among high school and college students, IMPERIAL offers the Junior Bowling League rate per game to all students and provides bowling shoes rent-free to all junior and student bowlers playing in regular league competition. IMPERIAL will provide all necessary assistance in forming a high school or college league. Free bowling instruction available at all times. League openings now available in afternoons as well as on week ends Call IMPERIAL LANES for information MU 3 5224 9 ' 'gn 0 ' lla J 525 3- 2 9- " - U ., , . 's Sw . 5 9' L1 s f ,V C OMPLIMENTS OF THE GERMANTOWN CIVIC CLUB Backers of the .Toe P1cke1'ing Memorial r 'SL 9 ,W , fuel im ' at i i. ' Q 4? J- MH if ,f,,.,. Isl. ,Sv-v 5.1 J f 5' A QQ, ' . N u- wg' ' . 29. iff? '. 4 x 'csv' .1 1' -12 ' x , an - ot, lt 1, T .iv . ' yu 5- ' JJ 'Ulf lvl - fr' TH' V: ,Turf it gg: fgzwgggez-'f .f 5 1 Q 3. 212' gi Q4 X A zz 1 ,NA V 1 5Q't' Swag li E I fe Q M rim. , ,R is ,W i, ., . ,Ea Q1 . www--lm in Wil' s. , . f . : 'qw H , "3 Q 'Y A . ff 'W' ,Wf " , "' .sf 'f T55 W' fm f I .' ,LT If 55 , N I4 Q 5? I . g 17 s- I M 4? v' 'K ' ' 5' 3 , .Lf , . gf ., " 5' 'ft .ff-Q. . A 4 nf ' m if if ,' ,L'- Q 4 A 32 gi P . 'fishy' .Q . I' Q Q W - .1 1. N, . Lp Y X ,. Mg W .f . . I 1 -'W .X 1: if if 1 LY if Q if ui I A W Y ff X W ' ' ,- , 1, f' kj Auf . qu ' Hx 'A ' fn " 'qu . :W K K' 4 K I 9 i ' E 'K' s' Th, ,iw 462 , f f ' 5 , W'g,, Q 1- f"'n ,T , ,KQL .. Q.. P Q I gg 4 - A. X 'xr-I s..3fL,,:2 M if ,V 'A W," 4", .Q 'b W 'He " , 'M - V' K " ,1'g,, R . J 4 M Q .jr sk if Q Q isfm I K X, .f ' Laawyx L .9 Q, Q ,Q X F- ,, 395 .' ' ' Ju- ,"w f' 5 'DQ ,aw Q ga J if T M K Es K t ' 1 X ag Q ,..' , K VA K lv ff x inf K ,A it yi 3159 V-5. 1 ' E 1 f V, V , V f U 1.1: gfqgwgj it 8:01 1. L' 45" ,LA x ,,1'R"V it Y' df 4 ' if ,wil , rf ' 'Q 'mf' 1. .. ' x fi i '. 'H 'W I ,-. may . K sg, 'W f-2"' ii11 Ag :Eva-v',, ' . 1 f- H 5 3 ,, ,,gg,,. , . Q' . , Ny.. . ' , f Q In i 4. .A V -5 W M H ,MW VL 2' yuh if gin.. . Q f 1 1 43 37, what 5 ,gy ,f , Q ,A V , K My ,M ,QQ w T A at an -, ge ww Egg A: N, ni, N M, Qs.-M ,W 4 4 4. 5 WP .1 by rf 7 ikagiw 'lyk , gray: 9 is Q f 1 I Q f if A A - , , K' Way, :S G 1 l .3 17 5 L. ' gt KX ' ,W H 4 A ,L Q: ' 7,,,ipf" Q ' tif Q K Z' t Xi ,sv ' -sg' ' .ri . "'?Zf-.,,2, ,. 'L "Mfg if f , M A ' ' 9 ,V , ' , if Q L' ' .15 I K ,3 J 'fm km N - ,, , A , 'W ,423 lm T u Q., ww- ' If Jak 1 V' mr! Vit 'Q' y QQ! W 6 K V ,, X. A 1 lk lr fi avi iz 1 . ,Q ' . af 1, ' . K 4 V ' ' k . 'Y-'W 5 'N em .' 3, " if nv-A 1 fm, Q' QW" Q if Q my ,v ' i , K af, My 7. 'wi ,Z f ,K ,w w., qi , fx 4 73. Q, X k K., A 65 'f 'i 1 ,gf if 'gg ,A ,Q f' 2. S.-4 ' ' " Q 4 'hisai. ,1" x I qk 'tag " 5,8 WV Q A X 6 , , 1 'i g,,Q ., :Ag , K-if an 1 M Jing, SQ, ,X Q A P r iw, L Q ' 3' i I iq! T m 1 f Lf ' it - Q' V Q ,Q ' fa' Njs.,,.n1 3 5 Y . , ' X A 1 ' it 4 . K, if? -MIM .fa 'Hgh 'F' WWI-K

Suggestions in the Germantown High School - Red Devils Yearbook (Germantown, TN) collection:

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Germantown High School - Red Devils Yearbook (Germantown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 95

1959, pg 95

Germantown High School - Red Devils Yearbook (Germantown, TN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 76

1959, pg 76

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