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Q . y A, .' vw- Q4 If y m , K, ' l , ' -Y. . il ' W: . . ' A 1 fi. ri I , Q :I "' ' ru ' 5 I .N K - tk 13 .3 mc I t - bw ,M I Q , - i n LJ:-gg in -Q N-. i- t I -W gg, R 1 ,L-sk Q il hi .,' r gd . ,. xLvx , , ',.. V .L 8 S 1fLi:l, ?M: J Q W: is . G+ Q X . Y W . I '- 4... -- " h.,f+',gsf, - kAA .1 - Wi' X' .fwf ,A. , 1 ,. ' , -. '. - , . ' ' . Q . , f Q Q - I, -, . J.f-,'LHt , . V i x f I 4'I:"' 0 r . Q X h .8 N . . . 1,1 , H. ' Q V ff - , , ' Q ',A. fr ,Yu + 5 ' W ' N fA2gg'HfElTf.a. " 1 ' X X ,. , ,M , :H X I Y: X -A VK :R l B 5 K Z, .,. ' -qs - , if 1 H , S WY ' -. ik Q r F , E I ' .5'2.s: L . ,-- ,, M " ' iv. A, " H' -, ,L. , x . f . ' ' am . -Q A .ff I ' "A "' 5' L , A X J -15 ! TM ' " '- ' ' Q V 5 'K 1 f uf' ', fi . 41 P- .. 'Wuf ir". -' fa 3 3 L it what , . , . ,- lk 3, ,.,- W.: 14 .VA 'A ix.. X - X PI., M A, W K 1 nv L . 4 .- '- -, - V S ,. , 4.v. , . ,- , ,. fi -Q , w- Q , , I J X ' 1 -W' QE" ' .f -x fgfwfwk .fe . A Ljgi, - ' , G. Y.. '+A ,Cf ', of X Q.: x , - , l V . .af 1' -Hr r"'f,.:g gf ,K f ' - . 1 hwy: ,L.L , , - ' H' 1 ' N -" ' X' 'g - . fb . , Q! . -' ' ' " 4 ,P - , A , -f gg ,M . , N. 3- UA. , f 1 -mf" -,. ' V l 1 X -- ' .P R J f f , ' ' ' 'H if k,.,Q ml Q , Q 1 gf K- ' , .421 var' if S 5 ' Q6 u N. fi' ' S " fx' 'X K , " Q i 14 W ls! UT' m ' E I 0 5- f an I ,. li' 1 3 -,QQ .. I N AMN. , Cm ' Q I I X-.-N-Q. .x-X x , an 4' 5 2 . x ,MP F S - .Ng 55' r r ' ws X l.. 592 M.,-Xa X Avg,-5 V NSEAMY 1 I 'if .frm I .A wal' wisffb - -' keyg- .ff Q' Q . ff, K, Q , ""'-A ,Ki g'.?"5fE?.. mv' . L ' Kaus H: -s-615. 3 gf 1 qqiv .Q SQ Q Q 1- TQKYQQFY. 1 K h ,Q-' . 4 1 ' -, - n . 3 . ig'- i '91 ' P xr A a I .14 'Qs' vq N Y Y 1 ' 1 jp ,Vi f P' , ia HW f gg ff ? ,4 1 if . Af A s ,G 1 'f ' I fy 1 .--.- Jw '-'U w 'J' ry I 'ex ,-. 1 : ,N A. A A X Q r, , v1.G11 Ai. iw., V , 2 41, 'M ' 1 H 1 x 4 A 1 X1 M, IX, . K A X 1 SYMPHONY- No. 40 in G-Mag Opus 79 Germantown High School in 1915 lf' Y l M 1,2 i V Al l' l if GERMANTOWN HIGH SCHOQL Germantown Avenue and High Street Philadelphia 44, Pennsylvania N In The 1956 Revidere Presented by the January Graduates Germantown High School in 1956 ,M xml 'Y-' 224 arm'-'mwmfqww w l S 4 S 5 ,ff Q if ,- 4- li' Prolog? s ww if 4 si, - s i l ? 5, Q 2 2 l 1 5 L. A4 ,.,.., .. . I 9, Qs Q ' jugs 3 ? 1 Q 3 Ak,- 9 Q 3 -.fa E 5 12, 251 ig ' hi -225 ff in .aafmwy Q ' ,,, .,,,, awww ,,.., Q Since Germantown High School is celebrating its fortieth anniversary, it is only natural that we, the 79th graduating class, should want to look back on the school's glorious history. It reads like a great novel. 1914: On September twenty-sixth, the CO1'I1Cl'- stone was laid for Germantown High School. It is doubtful that many people realized the full impact of this event. 1915: Germantown opened its gates to the eager students, who were waiting to make their mark in the world. 1917: The first class graduated. 1922: Scholarship fund was started with revenue from the first fall "Frolic." 1922: The Mothers, Association, which is the backbone of our school, was organized. 1924: Gcrmantown's enrollment reached its high- est peak, 4,400 pupils. 1924: Germantown suffered a great loss by the death of its first principal, Dr. Keller. 1924: Dr. Seely, our second principal, took his seat at the helm. 1925: A boys, gymnasium was built and put into service. 1925: The play-off for the city championship in football was held at Franklin Field. 1926. The fans filled the stands to see German- town win the football championship for the fourth successive year. 1927: School spirit was in evidence when the stu- dents joined together to raise money for the purchase of an athletic field. 1929: Co-education became a reality as the gates within the school were opened. 1930: In December, the athletic field was pur- chased due to the constant endeavor of the students. 1943: Dr. Seely retired. 1943: In September, Mr. Nichols became our third principal. 1948: ln the fall, career conference began. Thcgg have made many students realize thcif U-UC voclltlollls. 1948: Germantown had its first June Day. 1955: Germantown celebrates its fortieth anni- versary. Germantown, like any other institution of learn- ing, has left its mark on all those w within her gates. NVe, the 79th graduating clagg, nyc proud to have been a part of this never ending qyclc ho have passed lllll y Dedication Nineteen hfty-five completes forty years of service for Germantown High School in this community. We are justly proud of our Alma Mater and the great strides of progress made during this time. In the past three years, we have profited greatly by this progress. These three years are filled with pleasant memories of our beloved principal, Mr. Charles R. Nichols. We realize that many of the great achievements made here in Germantown during the past twelve years were largely the result of Mr. Nichol's foresight and devotion to the ideals of our school. As we prepare .to leave Germantown High School, we feel we can show our appreciation in no better way than dedicating our january yearbook to Mr. Charles R. Nichols. Thank you, Mr. Nichols. for con- tributing so abundantly to our welfare. We know you will be pleased that with us, it will always be "Germantown First." ,i PROGRAM First Movement- Facuity ........ Sonata Allegro J Second Movement- I A 0 T. I i School Activities . . Andante Third Movement- Sports ........ Scherzo A Fourth Move ment- Class Activities . . Allegro Z X 1 .an I - fk I -' 1' ': ' QUE" ' 4' -1121:-ffifwil , M, . m , Q A . rfb- f" 'Www QW V f JV' y ' Www -v ? Q ., M- . M Q v ' "N" 'x 1-:-4 5 , f, f ' ,, umm, . 4 f G " l mf. .- Z A! 9 ,cbwf .,,.' Z 3 , A - - ,sf 47 3 .N K r J FACULTY f 5, f, f fe ,. ' Aww ,, f -1 '71 -X' -'71 'Lv' .rf , .fa , ff.. r, Wgzxif, , ' 3.3, ff,-f . ,, .C Our Maestro ,b , . z V4 I W Zu g f Q? fi iff, TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF JANUARY 1956 The eve of your graduation is an appropriate occasion to pause and, in retrospect, view your life at Germantown High School. Recall details and reconstruct significant events of these years. Re-live these events with the persons who were actors on the set with you. Then store your conclusions in memory for future reference. If these conclusions satisfy and encourage repetition, then you have lived unselfishly and well. You, too, have contributed for the benefit of all. You have provided the harmony of sound that makes a symphony and the precision that makes a team. Only with unity of purpose, highly developed skills and the sacrifice of some individual gain could this be accomplished. XVith this as your legacy, invest wisely in broader and more fertile fields. Put your talents to work in an effort to solve some of the local and national problems of tomorrow. Here you will realize the greatest return on your investment-the satisfaction that comes only from service beyond the call of duty. Sincerely, CHARLES R. NICHOLS . . . . . and his Staff MRS. MARION WALLACE All of us in the January 1956 class will remember Mrs. Wallace for her friendly smile, courtesy, and tact. As Vice-Principal, she helps keep Germantown High running smoothly. In charge of Assembly Planning, she has helped make our school days more interesting with varied programs. We value highly the friendship of Mrs. Wallace, and will remember her always. af. www . afmsv 'W MR. GEORGE I. OESTE In order to complete our high school education, numerous problems had to be solved. Our Vice- Principal, Mr. George I. Oeste, has helped us with our difliculties since we entered Germantown as fresh- men. By giving wise counsel, he has aided many students through difficult situations. Although we would like to be original in expressing our gratitude, the only words that come to our minds are thank you, Mr. Oeste. MRS. VIRGINIA DE M. RAACKE Everyone who comes in Contact with Mrs. Raacke knows her as a friendly helpful person. As Assistant to the Principal, she has many important jobs. She still finds time, however, to fulfill the position of girls' counselor and college adviser. Her sound ad- vice and understanding are sought by many. We shall always remember her for her patience, kindness to us, and the splendid job she does. Department Heads V fa Q 'Uv f' K' . Q 'Q Y s si Q . . r ' 'A-px! Q' it f'f'X I ' if 1 fc Q -1152 55 Q" 5' :Qi E We V :,.f' f4f,.- -9 is ish. , x fig! fi Q5 Af' Qj 5 9 9 A .4S'.:fi.f. Z .1 I S x Arts Department-Mr. Edward Berger. Commerce Department-Mr. Samuel Goldschneider. Counciling Department-Mrs. Marion Wallace. English Department-Mrs. Ethel Glenn. Lan- guage and Social Studies Department-Mr. Henry Wagner. Mathematics Department-Dr. Anne M. Mullikin. Science Department4Mr. Frank P. Primiano. Physical Education-Mr. Wilbert R. Augustin. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Dr. Anne M. Mullikin fDepartme11t Heudj, Mr. Saul Hanges, Mr. Herman B. Hauser, Mr. Mervin Krimins, Mrs. Margaret G. Moore, Dr. Albert W. Raab, Mr. John Rigolizzo, Mr. Rudolph Sukonick, Mrs. Helen A. Tyson, Mr. Harry Waterbon. ARTS DEPARTMENT Mr, Edward Berger fDepartment Headj, Mr. HarrV E. Beehner, Mr. Frank Dixon, Miss Grace Evans, Mr. Leroy N. Evans, Miss Frances C. Garretson, Mrs. Eleanor E. Golden, Mr. James A. Hill, Mrs. Mildred Karam, Mr. Earl Lindemuth, Mr. William H. Moat, Mrs. Wilma Nichol, Mrs. Edith B. T. Sklar, Mr. Henry D. Soderberg, Miss T. Elizabeth Wherry. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Mr. Samuel S. Goldschneider QDepartment Hcnrll, Miss Ernestinc Brichta, Mrs. Lois M. Brotsker, Mrs. Gloria M. Brown, Mr. jacob N. Gelman, Mr. Isadore Klein, Mr. Martin Laderman, Miss Elsa R. Miltenberger, Mrs. Mary L. Noderer, Mr. Fred Podolsky, Mr. Edward A. Raacke, Mr. Edward Resnick, Mr. Morton Shafter, Miss Sandra Sherman, Miss Annabell Smyth, Mr. Herman Snellberg, Mrs. Bernadette F. Strouse, Miss Bernice Waldman, Mr. Sydney Weiss, Mrs. Marion Williams. COUNSELING DEPARTMENT Mrs. Marion W. Wallace fDepartmc11t Hcadj, Mrs. Helen A. Hartung. Miss Minnie Matuck, Mr. Gordon Williams, Mr. Edgar W. Wilson. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT Mr. Frank Primiano fDepur1me1zt Hcadj, Miss Freda L. Brummer, Mr. Paul M. Duncan, Mr. Nathaniel Finnel, Mrs. Joy C. Gold, Mr. Herman E. Malen, Mrs. Sarah K. Miller, Mr. Samuel Nicholson, Mr. Frederick J. Schlick. SOCIAL STUDIES Mr. Henry Wagner fDcpartment Hcafll, Mrs. Mae G. Abrams, Mr. Herbert F. Arnold, Mrs. Loretto G. Duffy, Mrs. Grace G. Gideon, Mr. Michael E. Goldberg, Mrs. Adele S. Kubert, Mr. L. V. Mishalove, Miss Joan I. Sam- uels, Mrs. Suzanne H. Sankowsky, Mr. George M. Schus- ter, Mr. Edwin Steeble, Mr. Ralph J. Wickel. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mr. Henry Wagner fDcpartment Headl, Miss Estelle Adinolli, Miss Rose Brucker, Miss M. Emily Dilg, Mrs. Elena Lilker, Mr. Joseph G. Santer, Miss Marie Volkmar. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Ethel F. Glenn lDepartment Hearlj, Miss Marguerite B. Evans, Mr. Cecil E. Fanning, Miss Rose Glassberg, Mrs. Julia N. Goodman, Mrs. Emma May Grossman, Misg Florence L. Heubach, Miss Claire Hirshlield, Mr. Matthew Hynson, Miss Frieda Kahler, Mr. Norman Kline, Mrs. Mildred Kramer, Mr. Louis E. Murphy, Dr, Cl-my-les Nash, Mr. Frank Raffel, Miss Edith R. Steele, Mr. Peter Weisbein. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Mr. XVilbert R. Augustin QDcpartme11t Headj, Mr, A, M, Baran, Mr. W. Bernardo, Miss Hildegarde Duffy, Miss Grace I. Freehafer, Mr. G. A. I-Iasse, Mrs. Marjorie Hoh, Mrs. Jane Kerry, Miss Ruth F. Moody, Mr. William Nel- son, Mrs. Anne Ramsey, Miss Mary J. Stcger, Mr, Alf,-cd R. Webb, Mrs. Frances rf if J JJ My lg 12B Advisers .K NW R N ,9 ,Z7 4-ff! Book one-Mrs. Mary I.. Noderer Book two-Miss Ruth F. Moody B00k three-Miss Hildegarcle Duffy 77 X ,z ,,., ,Ole V A 37 M Book four-Mr, Rudolph Sukonick Book Eve-Mrs. Frances Williams Book six-Mrs. Marjorie Hoh e-I' , ffigglii f ,G Q s 5 'iw V ,V ' , l l fdgccliy 1 ' nna-gn Into our spotlight now come Seven wonderful people, our 1213 'QW V "eww . . . advisers. These teachers have never failed to give us encouragement 1. ' ' when the task of being a senior seemed overwhelming. Through their A , understandin and interest, the have hel ed to uide us throu h the f g Y P g 3 ,A most important of all our terms in high school. We want to thank ,ff gyii W x? MQ , , . . . . . them for ever thin , includin their sound advice which has been Q 15,5372 A X Y g g " 7 one of the factors in making our 12B term so memorable. Book seven-Mr. Sidney Weiss First Row: Mrs. Moore, Mr. Berger, Miss Steger, Mr. Wagner, Miss Evans, Mr. Oeste, Vice Principal, Mrs. Wallace, Vice Principal, Mr. Nichols, Principal, Mrs. Raacke, Assistant to the Principal, Mr. Augustin, Mrs. Glenn, Mr. Primiano, Mrs. Strouse, Mr. Klein. Second Row: Mr. Raifel, Mrs. San- kowsky, Miss Kurman, Miss Wilson, Mrs. M. Williams, Mrs. Frankel, Mrs. F. Wil- liams, Miss Fleming, Mrs. X F .2 V X 1 ' V . . p Q MX 'Ni -Xfyv f-v.,f-fp., x'T..'s K ' ve, ' X Faculfy in 1915 Opposite page-Upper First: Mr. Rudauff, Miss M. Price. First Row: Mr. Berger, Dr. Gerson, Dr. Keller, Miss Holmes, Miss Cole. Scronrl Row! DI'- Bacon, Dr. Seely, Mr. Calhoun, Mr. A. Green, Dr. Waldie, Mrs. Beaston, Dr. Haussman, Mr. Reith, Mr. Leighton. Third Row: Mr. Herr, Dr. Rodman, Unidentified, Miss M. Logan, Miss Allen, Miss Lathrop, Miss Hutchings, Mr. N. Baker, Mr. Lewis. Fourth Row: Miss Sharpless, Miss Moore, Miss Holdin, Miss Adamson, Miss Hardy, Miss Hardcastle, Mr. Graham, Miss Davis, Miss Franklin. Top Row: Mr. Ohl, Mr. Davidson, Mr. Prentice, Mr. Crispin. Faculty in 1956 Hartung, Miss Glassberg, Miss Freehafer, Miss Heu- bach. Third Row: Mr. Gel- man, Mrs. Burcaw, Mr. Hirsch, Miss Matuck, Mrs. Longmire, Miss Wherry, Miss Smyth, Miss Moody, Miss Hirshfield, Mrs. Gideon, Miss V. Monroe, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Lilker, Miss Sherman. Fourth Row: Mr. Moat, Mr. Colan- tuono, Mrs. Goodman, Mr. Soderberg, Miss Volkmar, Mrs. Noderer, Miss Waldman, Mrs. Gold, Miss Kahler, Miss Wagenbaur, Mrs. Karam, Mrs. Brotsker. Fifth Row: Mr. Nicholson, Miss Cleland Mr. Weisbein, Mrs. Buono, Miss Dilg, Mr. Dixon, Mrs Hammes, Miss Steele, Mrs Hoh, Miss Evans, Mrs. Brown Sixth Row: Mr. Santner, Mrs. Havens, Mrs. Duffy, Mr. Su- konick, Mr. Rigolizzo, Mr. Malen, Mr. Steeble, Mrs Cooper, Mrs. Kramer, Mrs. Grossman. Seventh Row: Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Tyson, Mr. Linemuth, Mr. Mishalove, Mr ,.-W 'N A iw., ,za K if is Finnel, Mr. Duncan, Mr. Webb, Miss Gardiner, Miss G. Evans, Mr. Hauser, Miss Brichta. Eighth Row: Mr. Arnold, Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Abrams, Mr. Schuster, Mr. Wilson, Mr. Beehner, Mr. Hill, Dr. Raab, Mrs. Sklar, Mr. Fanning. Last Row: Mr. LaPaglia, Mr. Laderman, Mr. Raacke, Mr. Bernardo, Mr. Nelson, Mr. Hynson, Mr. Mann, Mr. Waterbor, Mr. Weiss, Mr. Krimins, Mr. Wil- liams, Mr. Shafter, Mr. Kline. 5 st E fi 4 iz 1 E 1 ,sv 'v DF g ,ga ,ix I 7 CG 5 , gi , , 0-V Z, H, " L 1 .. I! ' my-, , - f f 51,1 f f,f,.,. f , , ,nw .f ig f ' 4 if W KL " t if 5' fy, ' 4 . , ' X , Q f ., ff 57 ff? c ,y V ,rw fe? 3 J 5 If X ? . .-1 k fx ' , 9 , , -. 'EW .af X 1- - f f A , ' ,V ,ae 7, 4 , Av gf- ff, K iffy, V -.X fi' 'Af' K r 1 gf ' , 1, , ,l ! 4 2, , 3 2413 If ' 45 ' f -'Zx A XX .5 4, , Mwqwi W WZ, Q fer! V -ag " I 'vm : ?"! A ,Sym jg' , 1 ' , - ' . W, ff ' , , , 'A 5 7 ' 'W 459 if ,I -N1 50 3 W W -A W i , 7 , . L45 f 'mtv f 3 4 a. I ., .4 , Q Q., 1 k 9 W W -, , 4. M ff Z W 0' wi 74 5 W my 2 iw ff Qu X fvv-YQH Q? XSWWQ T1 rf r f Y, xc! ,I K I3 5. 'I X V. 6 X is , K ,K Q - , 95 . ,L ' X i y. fy. X as 0 ft Our Sponsor MRS. MARGARET G. MOORE Since our senior year is drawnig to its finale, one person must be thanked above all, Mrs. Moore, our class sponsor. Mrs. Moore supervises every senior activity. Supervision implies responsibility and responsibility implies a capable person, who does not mind hard work. It is impossible to relate in a few words the numerous things to which she has placed her golden touch. It is doubtful whether many people realize the difficult tasks that are placed before our class sponsor. The Senior Prom and senior trip were great successes, but few persons realize that Mrs. Moore,s job began when we were in our junior year. The gown and flower committee for graduation, our Junior Prom, and junior class meetings are only a few of her other activities. Above all, our yearbook would be an impossibility without her guiding hand. The amazing part of Mrs. Moore's job is that it is never ending. When our "symphony" is finished, We 311 know that she will start composing new masterpieces with future senior classes. SEN Miss Marguerite Evans Miss Elsie Monroe MISS MARGUERITE EVANS Miss Marguerite Evans served for many years as a most eflicient head of our Commerce Department. Her business-like manner was admired by her co- workers and respected highly by the teachers in her department. Her effective and capable teaching, touched with a quiet sense of humor, inspired her classes to strive for high standards. The guidance which she gave so freely helped many boys and girls in the proper selection of commercial subjects. As an administrator and teacher, and most of all as a sincere friend, Miss Evans will be greatly missed, but her influence has been left to us as a heritage to help and guide us in our work. MISS ELSIE MONROE Miss Elsie Monroe, a member of the Social Studies Department, has retired after a long and fruitful career of teaching in the high schools of Philadelphia. A graduate of the Girls High School, the Philadel- phia Normal School, Miss Monroe held a B.S. and an M.A. from the University of Pennsylvania. Between 1926 and 1937 Miss Monroe taught for varying periods at the Girls High School, Simon Gratz, Germantown, and Olney High Schools. She has been with us without interruption since 1937. Miss Monroe is a meticulous craftsman with very high standards of both scholarship and courtesy. MISS VINA MONROE To Miss Vina Monroe, who retired during the summer, we extend our very best wishes. Miss Mon- roe was a member of the Commerce Department for many years. She was also a Senior Sponsor, and had charge of the Move-up assemblies. We shall all miss her, but we know that she will enjoy her leisure time. Farewell Miss Vina Monroe Miss Dorothy Wagenbaur MISS DOROTHY WAGENBAUR After thirty-five years of conscientious and de- voted service to the Philadelphia Public School Sys- tem, Miss Dorothy Wagenbaur retired from the Germantown High School in June, 1955. Because of her genuine interest in the boys and girls of Philadelphia and in their scholastic progress, and because of her personal and professional integrity, a teacher like Miss Wagenbaur is not easily replaced. Germantown misses her greatly. MISS GENEVIEVE WILSON Miss Genevieve Wilson, a member of the Foreign Languages Department, has retired from teaching in the Philadelphia Public Schools. Though she taught other languages, her first love was Latin to whose teaching she applied herself with missionary fervor, believing as she Hrmly did that classical studies were of value to all and a powerful bulwark against barbarism. Still vigorous and enthusiastic as ever, Miss Wil- sonis teaching career is only beginning. She is now teaching Spanish at Germantown Friends' School. Our Assisting Stall Seated: Mrs. Verna Burcaw, Mrs. Anita Longmire fMain Oflicej. Standing: Mrs. Eleanor McIntyre fNurse's Officel, Miss Frances Gardner fMr. Nichol's Secretaryj, Mr. Rudolph Mann QI.ocker Roomsj, Mrs. Florence Cooper fI.i- braryj, Mrs. Dora Rankel Oflicel. Mrs. Ann Phillips School Store LUNCHROOM STAFF First Row: T. Brown, J. Veppustek, S. Daniels, A. Pearson, R. 1 Smith, D. Vcrnelson, S. Boyton. Second Row: M. Brackman, S. h Duffy E Reed Miss Helen Cleland , . . Librarian Mothers Association . .,.., A 5- rc fs sb Q ' Y wi. N S1 9' . SN 5 3 X, s X K. 1 X Q c ax N . T? Mrs. Norris W. Coleman, President 4 . 4 1 Q . .,,., . X Z , f 5 f 'f 2. o oo V V yf, Qi' I X i i MOTHERS' ASSOCIATION First Row fScafetU: Mrs. G. H. Isphording Klst Vice-Presidentj, Mrs. Norris W. Coleman flfresidentj, Mrs. Walter W'oodward 12nd Vice-Pesidentl. Second Row fSfa11dingJ: Mrs. W. Searforce QRecording Secretaryj, Mrs. E. Preston Sharp QCorresponding Secretaryi, Mrs. Edwin E. Barr f3rd Vice- Presidentj, Mrs. Robert Colvin ffreasurcrj. It is a natural tendency for a mother to be interested in her children. The Mothers' Association of Germantown High School has watched the children of Germantown with equal and with loving care. It has acquired books, records, phonographs, instruments, radios, televisions and many other needs for the use of the student body. N .t A it ix BIOTHERS' ASSOCIATION M A First Row fSenterU: Mrs. Walter E. Woodward, Mrs. E. Allan Durrant, Mrs. Harry Addison, Mrs. Robert Col- vin, Mrs. W. Searforce, Mrs. Norris W. Coleman, Mrs. G. H. Isphording, Mrs. Erwin E. Barr, Mrs. J. W. Fow- ler, Mrs. Henry Horn, Mrs. John G. Cunningham. Second Row fsftlllflillgji Mrs. Joseph Chester, Mrs. William Zanelli, Mrs. E. Preston Sharp, Mrs. Wm Harry Moock, Mrs. Thomas J. Fogel. ff 'X X, "j x V, ww X, wi w. 4 Q Musical OH-Beat nu. N 4 Q-4.-la! X 1-'Wwr ,f E:-5. 1 - 1 .41 I l W - 92 , V? - ,-1 ,H wa, ' I ' .V fx 4 f f' I 2 f IV X K SCHOOL ACTIVITIES Installation Student Association Dear Classmates, First, I would like to say, thank you for your full-hearted coopera- tion this term in all our endeavors. This past term has been successful only because of your constant support. Now that we are about to travel new paths of life, we must all remember the lessons we have learned here as good, upstanding citizens of a thriving community. The roles we will take in the world will be diiferent for each of us. We will make new friends and enjoy many new experiences, but I think, we shall never forget the good times we've had and the faithful friends we've made here during our three years. I wish you all love, luck, and happiness through your lives. Thank you all again. Sincerely, NORMA WANG, President Student Association. Norma Wang, President 5 'dia 9 if YA COMMITTEE OF TEN 4,1 ,WL ' .f an ff' f xff ' .f I 1 f f Seafcd: Alan Rodgers, Christina Brinkley, Gerald Robbins, Carolyn Cunningham. Standing: Norma Wang, Opy Damerjian, Charles Berger, Richard Weiler, Milton McGriff, Linda Damerjian. Com mittee of Ten One of the highest positions attainable in the Germantown High School is to be part of the Com- mittee of Ten. The group is under the direction of Mrs. Bernadette Strouse, and is made up of five girls and five boys chosen by our student body. These ten people handle various departments. Among these departments are halls and corridors, assembly planning, sports promotion, bulletin boards, lunchroom, and several other school activities. It would be practically impossible for the school to be without the aid of this fine group. The president and vice-president of our student association are chosen from the Committee of Ten. 4 ,Q SENATORS AND ALTERNATES Seated: J. Spaulding, D. Bailey, R. Tucker, R. Raudenbush, D. Fox, B. Carson. Standing: G. Battaglia, L. Stern, Smith, A. Maull, V. Lafferty, Y. Chapman. Senators are the elected representatives of their respective books. They are chosen by their classmates for their outstanding merit in the Helds of scholar- ship, leadership, and character. The senators support the student body and are its mainstays. They en- courage student participation in school affairs and lead the school to greater achievements. Senate BAND ORCHESTRA First Row: D. Townsend, Lowe, V. Hensen, G. Battaglia. Second Row: S. Stanley, G. Schuler, A. Brook, P. Ziegler, A. Ackerman, K. Webb. Third Row: Whitley, H. Wills, Madley, M. Llewellyn, R. Workman. Fourth Row: J. Toland, C. Willis, A. Gouker, Bell, L. Noble. Fifth Row: H. Brown, J. Renshaw, W. Woodward. Orchestra The orchestra plays a prominent part in the more serious assemblies and special programs. It works hard and practices daily, under the direction of Mr. Evans. The orchestra highlights the Installation ceremony of the Senate and the Committee of Ten, and Move-Up Day Assembly. Above all, we shall always remember its beautiful contribution to our graduation exercises. First Row: S. Rohe, T. Pinckett, R. Barshinger, D. Stecker, D. Werner, E. Cary, M. Hume, B. Partridge, D. Fox, M. Dunn. Scr- omi Row: J. Gressel, G. Fether- man, W. Painter, C. Thompson, R. Keenan, E. Johnson, E. Battle, T. Johnson, D. Bruloek. Third Rout A. Gouker, J. Renshaw, M. Llewellyn, A. Ackerman, R. Berger, S. Silverman, R. Bordihn, J, Halliman, J. Bloom, M. Carson. fourth Row: L. Noble, W. Wood- ward, J. Toland, J. Jamison, E. Harris, B. Burlock, R. Indictor. J. Calvitti., T. Holliday. Fifth Ron: Krill, Whitley, Burlick, M. Block, L. Opalesky, J, Hopkins, J. Bell, H. Brown. Sixth Ron: S. Hellings, J. Harris, E. Debrandis, R. Costa, C. Cini- cova, C. DeAnnis, R. Workman, E. Watson. ,M , 452 ii. lim, Our school band is made up of very ambitious and fine musicians. Contributing to the success of the group was Mr. Leroy Evans, its very capable leader. The band, which played at all our football games, added much school spirit. We were very fortunate to have such a fine musical group as a part of our school. Band 'S Y v.., . M A Cappella Beginning the day with ri song is the ideal method. The four-part harmony of Miss Ev:1n's choir, heard daily in the halls, is appreciated by the entire school. Evidence of the worth of the early morning sacrifice, is the excellent rating our choir has among others in the city. A CAPPELLA CHOIR First Row: R. Hornsby, R. Beckwith, B. Ludlam, A. Kimmerle, E. Salus, A. Richman, A. Phillips, E. Moss, S. Zimring, V. Rinker, Second Row: C. Sevilla, K. Fogel, G. Maurer, G. Hacker, Z. Gilgore, B. McClean, E. Rowe, B. Colman, M. E. Sims, Spain. Third Row: E. Rankin, J. Westgate, E. L. Knaust, D. Gemender, G. Halter, J. Dobbs, Bowers, Searforcc, M. Shustar, S. LeGros. Fourth Row: J. Gibson, R. Rohrbach, A. Rodgers, J. Fannin, E. Ekval, S. VanPe1t, R. King, P. McNutt, J. Wirth, A. Redding, J. Leininger. Fifth Row: Wilsoi1, C. Walsh, E. Boehm, O. Weislow, R. Locker, J. Shaw, A. Feinstein, W. Griegel, R. Steinhauer, N. Zecca, R. Brown. Sixth Row: C. McDowell, D. Brandreth, Haney, H. Noffman, W. McBec, R. Andreoli, C. Fisher, P. Purtle, D. Starck, M. McGriff, H. Scott. We seniors know there is nothing comparable to the delicate harmony produced by the Girl's Glee Club. Mrs. Golden, the director, encourages the best in each girl and the results are wonderful. With such accomplishments, the 8:10 deadline becomes sheer pleasure instead of drudgery. GIRLS' GLEE First Row: R. Nerenburg, G. Graves, A. Segal, K. Evans, D. Bell. Second Row: P. Mason, F. CLUB Feld, P. Tilton, J. Keller, M. Langetti, B. Allen. Third Row: V. Moore, P.,Carman, A. Kerbeck, G. Jones, C. Nelson, C. Crawford, L. Johnson. Fourth Row: R. Longer, R. Stern, D. Logen, S. Hersh, V. Colvard, C. VanVranken, I. Sprinzing, D. Beck, N. DeCosta, M. Anderson, G. Schuler, E. Courtney, B. Jones, J. Freedman, E. DeWitt. Girls' Glee Club zfv,,:.- '.::.p91mw. 4. 4 My ,Ig--4, I5 f'f?"1f" , ' if 2 1915 - YEARS OF SERVICE - 1955 Q wt IEN UPPER Volume L. No. 5 GERMANTOWN HIGH SCHOOL. PHILADELPHIA. PA.. Ten Canis SENIORS TO GRADUATE THURSDAY: RECEIVE REPORTS TOMORROW CLIPPER STAFF Seated: Mr. Kline QSponsorD, R. Rohrbach, J. Bishop fEdi- torj, N. White. Standing: M. E. Sims, V. Tarabbio, M. Simpson, P. Cantor, S. Van Pelt. of Germantown look forward to the time Each month, the students when they can read our "Cliveden Clipper." The "Clipper" is pub- lished five times a term, under the sponsorship of Mr. Norman Kline. Needless to say, our school paper could never be a success without the wonderful cooperation of the editorial and business staffs. Our editor- in-chief, Judy Bishop, and our executive editor, Nancy White, along with our many editors, have done a Hne job and have achieved the goal of a wonderful paper. The finances are handled by Mr. Martin Laderman. He manages the money that makes possible the publication of the paper. The paper brings the students up to date on all of the happenings in Q57 Judy Bishop, Editor-in-Chief and around our beloved Germantown High School. ffa CLIPPER BUSINESS STAFF Seated: S. Smith, M. Simpson. Stand- ing: S. White. Latin Club Seniors: C. Sweet, M. Sykes, P. Turner, E. Salus, E. Sherman, S. Zimring. One Friday each month, conversations in many languages are heard. No, it is not a delegation from the United Nations, just our Linguist Club which is headed by Miss Volkmar. This club is open to all who desire to join, but mostly language students attend. LINGUISTS S. Zatlyn, B. Fineman, D. Garfinklc, C. Cunningham, The Latin Club, under the able supervision of Miss Rose Bruckner, is designed to bring the language of Latin to life. Each term is highlighted with a trip to the Planetarium. This club not only increases one's culture, but provides many pleasant memories for its members after their graduation from Ger- mantown High School. LATIN CLUB First Role: D. Bailey, Presidentg N. Wang, Secretaryg B. Bonfield, D. Bradley, C. Sevilla. Second Row: F. Primiano, Treasure:-5 O. Weislow, R. Yodzio, G. Gardner. Third Row: Miss Rose Buckner, Sponsorg D. Bank, J. Thorn. i . l i i l Lmgulsts Club Slide Rule Club SLIDE RULE CLUB I A. Maull, Mrs. Miller CSponsorJ, C. Cinicove, J. Caldwell, E. Wachter, W. Brandt, G. Giifen, F. Martino, J. Shaw, Mrs. Sara Miller is the sponsor of the Slide Rule Club. The club members are taught multiplication, division, and other mathematical processes on the slide rule. The teaching is completely understood and can easily be used. For those who plan to further their education, the slide rule is a great help. All students who have received a grade of "Bn or higher are welcome in the Historical Honorary Society, which is sponsored by Mr. Wagner. There are two meetings Ll month to which guest speakers are often invited. The society also takes many trips during the term. HISTORICAL HONOR SOCIETY First Row: D. Garlinl-cle, S. Smith, M. Simpson, P. Cantor, V. Trabbia, D. Bell. Second Row: Y. Chapman, M. Finklc, C. Brinkley, L. Stern. Third Row: B. Fineman, M. Sykes, E. Moss, A. Phillips, A. Richman. Fourth Row: S. Kovnat, E. Salus, C. Sweet, E. Sherman, B. Lehrfeld, Mr. Wagner lSponsorJ. ,vm ,, 'WD T5 1 V 5 1, -1 A if i 2 2 ily' Historical Honorary S Society Honor Society M , ,-434016 fp J, A7 f 4. ,gs I 1271, , '7 T W Wifwyffwi 'f ' i f 'V Q ' if if ooov fir -fe--.....,.Q3':fZ7lf ' i. T G-PIN AWARDS First Row: D. Bell, C. Brinkley, V. Laiferty, B. Carson, S. Schoemann f2nd Avvardl. Second Row: N. Banks, E. Moss, C. Cunningham Und Awardj. Third Row: P. Turner, P. Zingle. One of the highest honors of Germantown High School. awarded to upperclassmen, is the G-Pin. This pin is awarded on the basis of outstanding character and valuable services rendered to the school. The recipients of the award must have services in non-athletic activities, besides continually striving to uphold the high ideals of the school. The pupil who receives this award has a right to be proud. You have probably noticed many students wearing the gold keystone and guard pin which signify membership in the Morris Witt Chapter of the National Honor Society. Those who wear this pin are justly proud to be members. For admittance, one must excel in scholarship, leadership, character, and service and must also receive two consecutive awards from the Society before they can become members. Dr. Anne Mulliken, the sponsor, directs the ac- tivities of the Honor Society. HONOR SOCIETY First Row: C. Brinkley, Leininger, C. Cunningham, P. Turner, S. Van Pelt, N. Wang, P. Kastrin, B. Virnelson. Second Row: N. Kirk, S. Ross, S. Schoemann, S. Smith, L. Stern, S. Zim- ring, P. Weiss, Dr. Mullikan QSponsorJ. Third Row: Searforce, E. Grandinetti, M. Llewellyn, J. Moore, J. Coffey, R. Kimel, V. Minissale. Fourth Row: R. Rohrbach, M. Moock, V. Tarabbio, V. Knoedler, E. Rankin, A. Redding, M. Block. Fifth Row: W. Saddington, L. Friedman, L. Damerjian, W. Thieler. G-Pin Projection TUMBLE INN First Row: D. D'Agostino, E. Lapinski, D. Bel A. Rogers, B. Bonfield, M. Hayes. On Friday nights there is a delegation at the Germantown Y, which consists of many of our stu- dents. A coke bar, game room, and dancing are available for the entertainment of all who attend. Here, our students have found :L means for amuse- ment and recreation. l. Sefond 'YM was 1 193 X Row: G. Ohlin, C. Sweet, M. Reisen, The Projection Club is a Very worthwhile club at Germantown. lt not only teaches its members about the various parts of different projectors, but it also assists many teachers in teaching their subject by showing related films. This club is under the spon- sorship of Mr. Edward Raacke. PROJECTION CLUB First Row: T. Mackes, R. Post. Second Row: E. Harris, Mr. Raacke QSponsorj. Third Row: P. Zingle, W. Lepow, F. Stones. W Club ,fa ff? 4 w , v 4 'f -4. f-gf Tumble Inn Stage Crew A-..,,,,, N-.,.-1' STAGE CREW Front: R. Chilton, F. Primiano, R. Dafrico. Back: C. Cinicove, R. Waker, A. Schmidt. An unnoticed group in Germantown High School is the stage crew. They do much to perfect the many Varied programs in the assembly. Many programs require extra time before and after school. Their sponsor, Mr. Henry D. Soderberg, deserves much credit, as his technical knowledge aids the group in its electrical work. Mr. Soderberg selects four boys from his 11A Mechanical Arts class in electric shop to join the following term. The stage crew includes boys in HB, IZA, and IZB. Germantown's thespians, under the competent di- rection of Miss Cvlassberg, have proved their ability by producing successful plays. Since constant re- hearsals are essential for a worthwhile organization, the club meets Mondays and Fridays. Two dates are necessary to accommodate the large membership of the recently formed club. DRAMATICS First Row: N. Pascal, E. jones, C. Friarson, R. Brown, E. Salus, E. Sherman. Second Row: W. Perkins, C. Weiner, D. Sandler, R. Schwartz, R. Steinhauer, J. Tamkins, E. Moss, A. Rogers, S. Bainer, B. Greenstein. Third Row: V. Battaglia, S. Merklinger, M. Gladden, E. Lob, E. Cohen, E. Meyer. Fourth Row: S. Brown, C. Friz. .. mama.: Club i Q Dramahc E 29 l gf lf Nil i XG Q Qfvtlnri ?'137fW-,-'fi-'1i, Qxvikl Q Foo-cr repesenfs e The it-els sold ifioebook -af , K-v 2 v , -'54,.."N 'X W K 7 1 ,ers '41 "lA.v.,igQ'1stx?- ESX. V ix, Q ,. 1 gf- .fWl3fY3' nl oi' EQ'-S yt' 'sf G Q 'fb Wy. 6 Z garb , x A' Ty. . 2 Q - "' Q--'f-ses? ' ' L .e if ' 53' W4 MA r-if Q' Q A. ini' Q 'lfxhil si 1"4Z3e'ffF"- , ff 3 'ina' ns :P I .T .T M' V fir Kgs! A 5 . " pf fl er pt. -2- 5 4,-gf gg, O . ' Ticket Sales Spring Festival f N? . f tl 'ZS 4 F ' , . 5 ! ,ei , V: f ,. , VS f 153 .13 e 3 1, E s S as V w..wF"" ,A 7 ai in 'Y' Once :1 year Germantown presents a musicale to which the public is invited. Individual school talents as well as contri- butions from the musical and athletic organizations are united to form, what we consider, a perfect example of the useful- ness of our extra-curricular activities. There is usually :i maximum attendance to see our dance groups, and others, perform. The sparkling costumes and vivid colors add greatly to the enjoyment of the program. The Gym Team The Dance Group ' ' " ' W . 3 . H, Q , V V V V -V f :-Vgg , ,V ,V-f4414+4" .wif Vx 1 VMQ-VVV, .,.. fin i? F -,i1,L VV V A" pxga , ,, 1 2 x . , Mp V f -qV:,VVV ,ff Q ,,,, 4. ., I , ,V Q A, ,I .,,. ,, ,151 .1 3 ., 1.1, , , A . ' V, - ?'4Vw.V-:V YM' V . ,4 , -,i",T'ffJ ' 1 V 'Y - X21 1,if'1'?,1'TYif tjgig T, QQQVZ' ',:i:gi:5'QjgQ:: V 5 ,, 'A W.. 5 , :JVM-1 -A --MW' .VM 5.,,-,,,T,. ,,.:w.iL-.g.3:,1t:g2E M4M.,.,,.1,',' V f..1w1..,w....y,M...V :V MV Q,K,5,x,-.JMNQVV V ,sfawr-V-X--Vw-VVV-,V VV H - K .W x,,V,.,,.,1w , Q 1 .N .QV QW X I !m5.,,,51,,-VW-,X V ,M ww, P: V, ..., 1-V, V. , Vmmwkx, ,,1,XX 4 42.23. E' ' f N. Vxavgwv .-fm-. 'Qs Ntfwitigz V: X 15353-.1 :V ,- ' . fV.-1- Wmgvxff 'X 1 41552 k ' i S, ef I Q .NX .,.X.V V X .1- 41 ' "' ,.,,,. , , Q16 V11 'J "V::611:,. , ' V ,V,L,.5f821xV'fV V V. ,V 1,.1,,1,1V1 V V .,,V,,-11 1, V ,,,,. ,.,.,V , 1,VV1111.V 1 , 1 ' -1' V f:1V11,1,1111 , 1 V ,, , 1V, , , ,..,,,f ,V V, 11W '.w11aV,1-V, V , ,, V V' VV- ,V1Q1VV V V11 , ,.V1 , ,1z,411VV V x , ,, VVVM'fff - Ngxxr. A . 'Mmm V1 :-Xvxlwri N V' N I y. K-'xl tXI5,,V-5.11 I ,V m,l,,m Q.,-, mel' V , V1 .,, ,111V, VA-V VV 1eV,1V V, :V-afV11Vw ff!! X ,,.,AV,1V,, ww ,, V, V V f , , , , , ,1V1w.VA1z,- 11,g,1.3l.,, , ,,,,, , I I I N Wh. , , ,, X ,L V I If V.,,VVV,1V.,1V, 1Q1,1,V , V VV VVV- ff' , uw, AV, ,, V- f"Mffff-'V-' '- VW W"'1Y"V?f"L'.' 70" 11 11fff9Vfm,4,..,,WW1f1fw1.f111,4QQ,1Q'f ,V ,,,, ,rfj ,VZMWWV , ,,,.,.,,,1-1 V www, ,' ,I I WV'-gf41V1W,,WWlW X H :V .,, 1 WMWWW I , ,V , ,f ' Wwfww , , ,'1g?'fff V VV,.V'11111,,V,,V X ,M if ', X , ,,1!1441Vw1V1 , V , V-V51eq1..,1,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ' f' "U V- N1.,V,,,,1 ff 11VV,aZ:lV! X X f ' ',1,fW.,,!, H Viv-0: Q :f.f11f,,VV'e f V 'ff ,, ' , V1 in-' - .,., Q U- L V14 'V 2 , Z 1 4 I ' ., ' 4 f 1 K T N" 'Q 'I ,,1,, W , '- '- 1 .Vi,3j,'fV?JV?lffQ.fQ ,. VV,111V ,',,. 1 1 ,V , ,V 111111, .V J, 1 1 1V,1W.,,,, , .11Q4VVf1V,,, V f 1V V1-1 V -.1 353531, '- if ' '15 N X YEAESS., ..1.X. ww- ,VAN X , , wp- ' fx, ,, 'f f ,VV ,lf Vw ,-' V V, 'V f:Q,VV ,wx ' :V Vff V 1- 711 xzif, 2 , JW' 74142154111 ,,V,1,,7,nf , 1, ,Vfnx -UW' 1 - f ,1,'fVV ' '15, f -1 lily! ,Wy ,,,, X,VVZ5,VVN 7WW,6,C.,, ,VJVUA,ZW,V3VWyWL,,,W,,,4,,VV,,, A, , ,,,, ' I ' ,V 17 fffiw' -, f1.s,,L,, VVVMVV V Veg 7 'fl " 1 VVVV V f n V , V1,.V ,,Vh,1 9, JVV 4. 1 V,,V, , f,5V,,g',4:,,315:m,Wg415 , I Q: ' V' V ,- -- VVVI, Cjyjy . i f , f ' -.,. L 9 My-VZ,MVVf.V ., ""'7'1z5v- ff V 'f ' ,,V,,L,:,:g4ff."t V'tVw4fV, , ,, LV M 1' ' 2 K V 1,1 1 1 YecrS V I X a X 2 M ,W A K Zi . .V,1V VV, 5 i V f 1 f 1 V, , Hi :'V 04,4-6" ' .1 ' ,V-g5,e" Spirited Performance 1 f,'Zff-51 E E if ,r X, Wai W , , , , P' Q , 1 wus, 11" 2 SPCRTS 'win- X The A. A. Council meets twice each term to dis- cuss athletic policies and problems. It is under the chairmanship of the coaches of the various athletic teams. They are responsible for the issuing of awards. Many thanks to these men who have added much to the success of our days at Germantown through their expert leadership. Girls' A. A. Board 1' ,' 1 i . W ' lf, ,M fl AW D Mil Q fl! -1 x MEN'S A. A. COUNCIL Mr. Raifel. The girls' A.A. is another government department of Germantown High. It is made up of girls who are really interested in furthering their extra cur- ricular roster in the Physical Education Department. Its membership includes officers, grade representa- tives, board members and council members. This organization is responsible for enabling girls who are active in sports, and do well, to get awards. It also arranges sports activities with the Alumnae. Witll the help of Mrs. Hoh, the sponsor, the sports sched- ules are kept running smoothly. Men's A. A. Council First Row: Mr. Hasse, Mr. Augustin, Mr. Oeste, Mr. Murphy, Mr. Gelman. Second Row: Mr. Baran, Mr. Webb, Mr. Williams, Mr. Hynson. Third Row Mr. Raacke, Mr. Bernardo, Mr. Berger GIRLS A. A. BOARD 1 'mf I 2 I First Row: N. Banks fSecretaryQ, X f, 4 ,M 4 N. White Qlst Vice Presidentj, ' ' li 'Q 1 f I.. Hall QPresidentJ, S. Schoc- ,nlf V W I mann 12nd Vice Presidentl. Set- H Q ,M , ond Rout M. Berry, N. Wang, 'V ' C. Cunningham, C. Brinkley, B. . Carson. Third Row: P. McNuI.t, K P. Anderson, T. Cupo, E. Rankin. Fourth Row: L. Addison, M. ,L Hesch. . Y A l 1 f i 34 5, -4-.-g:,,f5:.f,.w.4f" ' -14 me . 2516: 1-:fa-9' ' 1' , :r-mm' ' Y.. 45.6 f A 'l .. .ffji 2 fi 'i Haw. :f ,.., ,Z ,y , W!-f f Q We H y, X , , M-wg 7 , .W fi 5 7. First Row: C. Taft, W. Travaglini, Q I.. Cunningham, R. Bedrosian. Stand- "" ing: R. Tucker, R. Warmerdam, H. Diggs, J. Berman. 71,707 G-Men J' I G-MEN The 75-Point Winners is a newly organized group in the girls' A. A. It consists of those girls who have attained 75 points by participating in the vari- ous sports around the school and on the athletic field. These are the girls who have helped to make the name of Germantown in girls' sports a good name. Wir .... .E The G-Men are the boys who showed their school spirit by their enthusiasm in all Helds of sports. Because of their spirit and sportsmanship, they have gained much satisfaction by taking part in the ath- letic events. These boys excel in the classroom as well as on their teams. They are a great credit to Ger- mantown High School. 75 Point Girl Winners 75 POINT WINNERS First Row: I.. Massey, N. Wang, C. Brinkley. Second Row: N. Banks, S. Speight, E. Ollivierre, C. Cunningham. Cheerleaders CHEERLEADERS Firs! Row: Dobbs, E. Lipinski lCaptninl, A. Kerb:-ck, B. Red- ding. Second Row: D. Gcmcne- den, B. lsphording, L. Dnmerjinn, A. Hawes. One of the most colorful attractions at our foot- b.1ll games are the Color Guard. The girls in the Color Guard make up .ind practice their own drills. Mr. Evans, who sponsors the group, gives them a great deal of help. i'Let's have a short ,Ray Team'." During our football season, that is an often-heard phrase, yelled by our Cheerleaders. The enthusiasm which they put forth on the field, in assembly, and in the lunchrooms spreads rapidly through the student body. New Cheerleaders are chosen each term by members of thc faculty, after months of learning and practicing the Cheers. :mm Q 'N-Nb . .5 ...W like-ilhmaw M C Color Guard COLOR GUARD G. Hitchens, A. Brandt, R. Rauden- bush, N. Wang, V. Lafferty, T. Cupo, I. Gladstone. ,mf ,f4,4.,, z:zfv1efW+e f 1 myv-ffffw Wm , ff ,. ka V W ,, FOOTBALL TEAM First Row: A. Thoman, C. Focht, C. Chappelle, E. Wilcox, W. Brown, D. Fox, G. Boisbrun, Alcorn, A. Tucker. Second Row: W. Lepow fManagerJ, R. Donovan, R. LaGreca, W. Chantry, B. Mayfield, P. Holloway, G. Curcio, C. Janerette, R. Conley, Mr. Bernardo. fl-lead Coachj, W. Fleischman fManagerD. Third Row: Mr. Our last football season at Germantown was one to be remembered. We lost our first game to Epis- copal Academy 7-O. The next week we played Olney at our field, and won the game 12-6 for the first win in our league games. The next week, we trav- eled to Frankford to see the Bears defeat last year's co-champions 18-0. This put us in a tie for first place and filled the school with that good old foot- ball spirit. The next week we played the other co- champion, Bok, and also beat them 26-14 in a real thriller. Our old rival, Central, came to German- town the next week and put a pin in our winning balloon, by a score of 13-O. This was the day that the air picture of the field was taken and the stands were packed Qso was the fieldj. After an off week, SENIOR PLAYERS R. Warmerdam, B. Mayfield, P. Holloway, G. Curcio, C. Jannerette. f .pl,, 1 .i .,...,.,...m,,.,,, D pipn ,.,.. , ,W ,, s "f'?'1'37,7wiWm1-je ,I .,., ,,,, N, . ,gf . , .,q.,,fq.f fyjff ' "'f- ' Q a 712 --M-Y -' f ----1'----1 ,L ,W 'JQZ .fn 'f ff .mf f 'f,, ' 2 ,rn 4 , , A e W' V' .V f W, , , , VL, Augustin fAssistant Coachj, R. Barr, W. Katz, L. Wil- liams, J. D'Natale, W. Winston, T. Dixon, R. Hopkin- son, A. Schwartz, C. Budges. Fourth Row: N. Wattis fAssistant Managerj, A. Sherrod, U. Baxter, E. Johnson, G. Larson, P. Borian, P. Mungan, J. Thorn, G. Palmer, J. McGrath, R. Warmerdam. the Bears met Dobbins at their field in the rain for a real heart-breaker. We lost the game 7-6. West Philadelphia came to G. H. S. the following week for a wet, but good game. 16-7 was the score, and for those who stuck out the whole game, it was .1 moral victory. ln the freezing cold for our last league game we lost 12-0 to Roxborough. Our an- nual Thanksgiving game with LaSalle was a good one but we lost again 33-O. The Bears had a fairly good season this year. With Mr. Bernardo as the new coach, they ended up in the league with a 4 win 3 loss record. Injuries were the chief cause of loss for the Clivedens. With a young team coming up, we will be able to look for- ward to another good game on Thanskiving, 1956! Football The Football 31 First Row: T. Johnson, T. Smith, R. Waker, E. Battle, C. Hughes, G. Con- away B. Mayfield, P. Jones, G. Curcio, N Byrd, M. Lee, Wilson, L. Cun- ningham, R. Huen. Raines J. Winkler, D. Stickney, E. Smith M. McGriff, A. Taylor, U. Sil- covc S James, R. Boyd, P. Tommey, W Chantry, W. Dodge, T. Meckus Managerj. Third Row: Mr. Baron Soccer SOCCER TEAM Lotka, R. Glaubrecht. , X A. is 1 se 'W-wwf,-.X-ft-t-5.'ef . f ew- f' fs .X - s. . as Mg? Ns-,M,Agx.v, v, X . MM Hx 5 4 Gy j H.,-. 1 3 3 f 3-K . ww N . 2535 swiss? 'Mf's.'3'4 . .. .. . rw .wli5.Rf5F3 "ffm,-sv..,.,.....s-f 'ff The Soccer Team ended up this year with a record of 8 wins, 3 losses, and 3 ties with a total of 19 points out of a possible 28 points. This puts the team in fifth place. Last year the J. V. soccer team won the city title. A special letter was given for this. The graduating players are: Ronald La Marche, Allan Schrader, George Matchica, Ronald Crawford, George DeHart, Marcel Jacome, and Ronald Rumer. Although these boys are leaving, the team will have strong reinforcements from this year's J.V. team. The team is also losing its coach, Mr. Matthew Hynson, who will give the job to his assistant, Mr. Aloysius Baran. Mr. Morton Shafter will take over the J.V. team. The boys will always remember Mr. Hynson and his Hue leadership. Track Team or ex TRACK TEAM Second Row: E. ....,..-J5-- The track team is coached by Mr. Aloysius Baran, assisted by Mr. Gordon Hasse and Mr. Edward Berger. The boys who go out for track have eleven differ- ent events from which to choose. They include Sprints, hurdles, long distance running, held, and weight events. f v""""" be vi 52313 fCoachj, R. Freeze CManagerj, W. N Bethel E. Johnson, B. Saddington, A. Schrader, J. Robbins, G. King, C. A xnerette, K. King, R. Weiler, B. Robertson, B. Cosbey, T. Johnson, Mr. , .,X.0y,,,,. ,, rf Haase QCoachQ . First Row: G. Matchica, R La Marche, M. Jacome, G. De Hart, R. Crawford. Second Row R Rume, W. Campbell, G Layre, W. Woodward, J. Brownholtz W. Zimmerman. Third Row A Schrader, I. Atherholt, V Gotow chikov, Mr. Hynson QCoach J xii illssig. 5lssgiiii3il1il Boys' Basketball BASKETBALL First Row: R. Neuman, R. Bedrosian, J. Baines, S. Novack, G. Williams. Second Row: K. King, C. Gore, B. Robertson, C. Waines. Third Row: D. Rones QManage1-D, R. Weiler, G. Michelfelder, Mr. Webb fCoachJ, R. Chepy, C. Janerette, H. Curson. Basketball is a favorite This term basketball will Miss Ruth M3ody. The against each other for the pions receive a green felt YNJQ X274 fjzglfi 9 27 as 11 XY! ii 4 fy ? fa. I , , X .59 47" fy., Wm fall sport among the girls. be under the leadership of different classes compete championship. The cham- UG as The basketball team was coached by Mr. Alfred Webb. Since this team was unexperieneed, they did not do well in competition, but they were always full of spirit. Next year, the team should show a great deal of improvement. Basketball is not an easy game to play, so we are proud of those boys who went out for our team. Girls' Basketball GIRLS' BASKETBALL C. Brinkley, N. Banks, E. Olliverrc L. Cunningham, B. Carson, L. Massey Boys' Swimming BOYS' SWIMMING First Row: W. Thieler, G. Ohlin, Co- Captainsg Mr. Murphy fCoachJ. Sec- ond Row: C. Snyder, J. Brownholrz, J. Richardson, N. Wattis, P. Duke. Third Row: R. Briggs, R. Allgood, L. Salkin, R. Smedley, B. Heise. Fourth Row: E. Pegh fManngerJ, A. Appel, G. Wheeler, C. Schuck. Swimming has always been one of the most popu- lar activities at G. H. S. If it hadn't been for Mrs. Ramsey, many of us would never have learned to do the back stroke or crawl. We didn't realize how long the pool was until we had to swim the length of it. We'll never forget how long it took to reach the surface after our first dive off the board. Our hair always looked "stringy" the next day in school, but the fun we had made up for it. Under the capable coaching of Mr. Louis Murphy, the swimming team always has had a successful season. This past season was no exception. Due to the handicap of no depth, the squad suf- fered reverses. The swimmers were faced with the problem of winning the race, but lost second and third places to their opposition. GIRLS' SWIMMING Redding, N. Kirk. Girls' Swimming First Row: V. Knoedler, V. Tarabbio J. Westgate, K. Fogel, J. Wirth Loewcnstern. Second Row: V Tay V lor, S. Schoemann, J. Kogel J P1 roonagian, D. Klus. Third Row M Llewellyn, F. Bussell, B. Myers, A Girls' Bowling Fzrst Row: C. Cunningham, E. Lapin- ski S Schoemann, B. Virnelson, E. Sherman P. Kastrin, S. Boss, P. Turner. Scrond Row: V. Lafferty, B. Carson, N Wang R. Raudenbush, M. Smucker, C Sweet, J. Naulty. The boys that go out for bowling are out for a sport that has an exceptionally long season. The Upinmeni' are under the excellent coaching of Mr. Jacob Gelman. They meet at the Stenton Alleys every Vyednesday during the season to practice. Bowling is a sport that these boys will be able to continue to enjoy many years from now. BOYS' BOWLING "I got a strike." That's one of the most cherished phrases a bowler can utter. If you ever went to the Chelten Bowling Alleys where girls of G.H.S. were bowling, you surely heard it many times. Our bowl- ers always ended the season with a good record. Part of this can be attributed to the coaching and help of Miss Elise Miltenberger. GIRLS' BOWLING Boys' Bowling First Row: Mr. J. N. Gelman Coachj H. Phy, R. Adams, A. Echart, P Au sandro, W. Hillborn. Second Row G Pierce, R. Grissom, M. Hagmann Dashefsky, R. Roth, F. Primiano ""z+':'3"'4"':sQ Seniors E. Ollivierre, C. Bayer, Smithey, D. Jones, B. Reed, Y. Walker, C Fritz, C. Brinkley, L. Massey. 1 ITM., 7 5 2 , 5 5' J Boys' Gym Team GYM TEAM First Row: E. Bridges, C. Tucker, E Anderson, J. Franz. Second Row: Mr kill, R. Rothman, E. Owens, J. Guba W. Brandt. Third Row: W. Painter M. Sonstein, R. Heun, G. Conway, C Neal. The gymnastic team, under the expert leadership of Mr. Wilberr Augustin, is an example of the hard- working and spirited teams of Germantown. The gym team this term has had a fairly good record. The members of the team and their coach have worked hard and have done their best. The team deserves much credit for the work they have done. ' I l l E l What would our gym classes do without the help of our able leaders? Every Monday and Wednesday' one would find them in the girls' gym working hard to perfect their aims. Miss Duffy is there to give them hints on improving their form. When it comes time for the gym meet, the girls really work hard, in o1'der to win the cup for their team. The high- light of the year is always the leaders' picnic. It is usually a problem deciding where to go and what to do. tif E illlllilli' Leaders LEADERS Augustin, L. Cunningham, R. McCas- Fzrst Row: J. Baines, R. Tackman, A. Filman, W. Fleichman, R. Chepy. Sec- X N ond Row: D. Rones QManagerj, C. - Schick D. Bedrosian, R. Tucker, P. Borian J. Smith, Mr. Raacke fCoachl. Thzrd Row: T. Dixon, B. Katz, W. Sasse, W. Travagglini. Baseball BASEBALL In the spring a young girl turns her thoughts to softball. With Mrs. Kerry to coach us, we finally learned to throw the ball all the way from first base to third base, and to hit it out to center field. Our team was very successful and we showed a lot of spirit. XVe'll never forget, however, those scraped knees we got when sliding into home plate. izrfwf stllfea Germantown's baseball team has been constantly improving under the capable coaching of Mr. Ed- ward Raacke. In the past few seasons, the record of the team has picked up considerably. Last term, practice started in early March and the boys really worked hard. They were taught fundamentals of the game and a marked improve- ment was seen. It was a rather sad season, as coach, Mr. Edward Raacke, retired after a coaching record of many years. Softball SOFTBALL Carson, D. D'Agostino. Second Row E. Ollivierre, R. Raudenbush. 1 First Row: L. Massey, V. Lafferty, J Smithey, Y. Chapman, D. Jones, B Boys' Tennis First Row: H. Craft, T. Appel, P. Horn. Second Row: Mr. Sukonick i Q fCoachj , W. Thieler, E. Curson, G. Whieler. iw l I jg Fungi 522: puns s ,z QV,., EQQHE MMH mgqag- ' 4 4-,2Af3,i.,Q,:.flr"'fjff" flfj M' me X . . l l . 1 S TENNIS EY. Q X X N -S K Y X N x s For the past several years Mrs. Hoh has been the able coach of the Tennis Club which meets in thc spring. The club teaches the girls the fundamental strokes and game rules. During the season the girls play against each other in order to vie for first place. The top five girls play the top five boys of the boys' tennis team. The girls play at the Allen's Lane Ten- nis Courts where four new courts have just been completed. The ability of Mrs. Hoh's coaching adds to the sport. Z 5" W . Expertly coached by Mr. Sukonick, the tennis team has a great chance of moving up the ladder in the league. The team is small in size, but very powerful in action. It is one of the teams that gets very little fanfare, but we are proud of the workmanship ex- hibited by these boys. TENNIS Girls' Tennis First Row: B. Carson, P. Kastrm Second Row: J. Naulty, M. Smucker First Row--Seniors: M. Finkle, I. Mittman, L. Stern, S. BOSS. . 5 -t Y x. t , :Z .SAW ,CN X.. . Q., ., pf t . f -- s 4' 1 , . ' 1 - 1 i li -1: f , Q Xi a t., ..,,q, J A favorite fall sport sponsored by Mrs. Hoh is Girls' Volleyball. This sport, which is open to all grades, gives everyone a chance to make the varsity team. The grade teams participate in competi- tion against each other and the winning team re- ceives .1 green felt UG." The girls come out to prac- tice once a week except for those on the varsity team who practice twice a week. The varsity team com- petes with other school teams. The advantage of belonging to Mrs. Hoh's volleyball club is that team work, which is a vital part of our lives, is empha- sized. A 4 l W Qs ,Y 4 ss Volleyball VOLLEYBALL Carson, Y. Chapman. Back bends, hand stands, cartwheels and splits were only a few of the stunts our double and loose- jointed friends performed in this club. They met under the able supervision of Miss Grace Freehafer who hoped to limber up some of the stiffer girls. Every year the group is allowed to display their feats in a special assembly program. Although it caused many aches and pains, it was a very popular club. Li m bering LIMBERING First Row: D. Garfinkle, C. Brinkley L. Massey, J. Smithey. Second Row S. Schoemann, D. Jones, N. Banks B The girls in ballet practice faithfully every morn- ing at 8:10. This semester, the girls have worked diligently to produce an original interpretation of "Cinderella.', The group is sponsored and coached by Miss Grace Freehafer. Because of their exceptional work, they were in- vited to perform at the Principal's Convention in Atlantic City, at the Schools on Parade, and for the Home and School Council at Convention Hall. Ballet We may be very proud of our cross-country team this year. The league seemed to be a much harder one this year. All teams were closely bunched to- gether, as far as skill was concerned. The team was blessed with many outstanding long distance run- ners. Mr. Edward Berger, the coach, was very proud of the tcam's showing, and hopes that they will im- prove their standing next year. Cross-Country CROSS-COUNTRY First Row: K. Phy, R. Williams, W. Owens, H. Connors, G. Goldsmith, N. Laveson, S. Toombs, M. Nelson. Ser- 4 and Razr: J. Cordon, E. Battle, D. Simpson, L. Bingaman, R. Mariani, M. Lee. B. Why'. Third Row: E. Pugh 1Managerj, G. Fox, R. Baxter, W. Mcmachaci, R. Dave, w. Bethel, W. T Turner, Mr. Berger fSponsorJ. First Row-Seniors: C. Clime, L Stern S. Speight, M. Finkle, P. Kastrm S Boss, A. Wurtzel, D. Bailey, S Reed B. Virnelson, J. Mittman, R Morris l The Band opened the program. June Day One of the outstanding events in our school life at Germantown was our participation in June Day. Each year, one day in June, the students gave an exhibition of one of the many drills which they had learned in the gym. Also on June Day partici- pants in sports were awarded. This day was climaxed by the speaking of a famous Sportsman, Bosh Pritch- ard. ,., -. .. , V , -I-.L Y V ,.,, V V V afm'z::.1: a-' , ' aw" hifi? I' J " , fgfgj , V if M , , gfF1L5vL1i,fg,, f.+ fg,1Zw . is I J f" 'qv J f?? fW 4f:""' 4 M1722 f. g?. 'W ' '-JV 5'f'f - .rf-". . -, , 'f -V - ' ' 3-file! -416. 11" . ' F- PM agljav' V '1-flag 'f'Q'f.g1, '- ' .X -fgfgfyff' .9 55 'W' 1? "Q '-5, .,-cf 1 i s f. ., ' . 'ff 9' , Z --..' rl,Z ,,.4- 'lil -I "W , Jr 1:67 ,3fz',zf,?l., L+ ll-53-:.' ?f5j. 1, . 1 ,f f fa-2 ff' ,ff 'H ' w , :..-" ,1,, 2 -A-.2 112. '. 1'- - fzf " ' k J, zu ' ', "ff a , lr' .ff THQ: - . r f 1Ql,2"f'1" !',' 1' .pp V' f ive? f' 5, 1 ' I 4 LW " , , eg i ' 7 f M5, ,,,f-Q ,V ff Hr , ,. f .ff I - -f-, my .1 ffm 1 1 ff . ' , ff m., A rziifw 71 ' -' -4,11 4, ,a ...f-, V i f ..,,,1..w 4, .... , ., . -me ,a..r,. r was f a"r " Zur' - F , fiiwa., .- ", flW7fW, rf' "2 a ny 2,- ' il' i . V 'lag' ".. ' . 5 1 , ,.i , ,M a Z J fy,-LQ , I mv, , 3 1-Aw' ,i '17, .Wo V 3 f l A 1 ' 1 ny --H , H ,V "5 j V 4" , V . , ' :' 'I 'P . . ' 4" 1 I -..f i M 1 ' 7,0 'H , I ' ZW' , ."7 . ,V " I M A v , Wiz ' ' r - ,""-f-pi, fff , f " . 'ij fijZfz'jgI,'- ' ' '- "Half ' JMC ' y' f w, , 'f- 1 -. r filiff f ff' "M f, -.f fe f at 7 ' . ' if' ' 'f , X QYWW 4 '1 , 'Vwafffa ' AmWf V'V f A 'V W ' 1' Wa ff.: '3r,f':ffe y .. -- ww' ,f M ww.. ., 7 - , 5 f' Wm, W g,fQmw,. " ,fy ' ' V H . rv .V fv r:..r ifvr-V-army. 405, A -, i ' .ff?ff,,1.. i ii ' is aerial' .L-WMV' ,,- 71 9' I ' Z. i Z ? Z 3 Z 4 5 Q 5 f ff 4 Z Z 2 2 V 1 2 1 X 4,1 ,Y 7 , vi- 4 .ff ,i Q., Presentation of Awards-Sue Brazeau, Virginia McCauley, George Gotwalt, Carl Schuck. The Mass Drill Mina' 4 5 . Y' Y flfh 3 N S ff. 'T . H-Q 'I In the M0065 Amr., N ,W , 3 . IW ' v 1 ,J -. 1-in Z, , ff gi ,WU it , ,. , A ff f 9' kk J ' Q 'tv CLASS ACTIVITIES M003 'en tx K'-st Class Officers Dear Classmates: We are about to complete a movement of the symphony of our lives. For some of us it has not been the Hrst, but for most of us it has been the movement introducing the theme , our characters. Those who have played a part in our lives, our parents and teachers, have tried to develop that theme into something good, something durable, something that has all the qualities that make up a good citizen. They have inter-- preted the theme for us, and have added and taken away in the right places. They have shown us ourselves and our potentials. As we move forward, we become the players, we take over the full spotlight. It is up to us, now, to use the knowledge we have gained to realize our ambitions, hopes, and dreams. Whatever you Clo, wherever you go, take those things you have learned and experienced during your school days, for they will help you through the difficult passages of your life symphony. Good luck in all your strivings. Sincerely, GARY OHLIN Gary Ohlen, President . MWA . f", 5 , Nix N- Q . f . 912 +4 'ff 1' Dorothy D'Agostino, Vice-President Natalie Banks, Treasurer Sheldon Novack, Secretary X, Class History f J' 10th grade: Tenth grade for most of us was a world of excitement. We felt so grown up because wc were no longer junior high school students. This feeling, however, soon left us, as we were made to realize that we were only freshmen. The newness began to wear off, and a feeling of belonging took its place. We also excitedly went to our Hrst foot- ball games. 11th grade: In eleventh grade Germantown began to be a part of usg things really started happening. XVe went to our Junior Prom filled with pride. Hearing the music and being with all our friends, made this occasion L1 lasting memory. Then came our Junior Trip. None of us will ever forget this experience, during which we saw many historical sights, slushed through the rain, and also suffered the after effects which come from eating too much and walking too much. Football games again were a highlight. 12th grade: At last we were seniors. We were hold- ing the position for which we so long dreamed. XY'e were on the top of the ladder and the world certainly looked great! We had our senior trip to Bear Mountain and although we had a little trouble with the boat and had to come home by bus, we wouldn't trade it for the world. Of course we went to all the football games. Then came the Senior Prom. This was our main social event of our three years at Germantown. The boys looked handsome in their tuxedos and the girls were charming in their gowns. Anxiety to leave the school left us, as we walked up the aisle on "Move-Up Day." Then came the senior luncheon and at last graduation, and we walked out of the doors. Graduation gave us more of this feeling of being lost. We were never again to come back to Germantown as studentsg we could only look on from afar and remember our "good old school daysf' i N YEAR BOOK EDITORS Dorothy Bell, Mrs. Moore, Sallie Schoemann. Dear Classmates: The day of graduation draws near and the year books have Hnally been distributed. There has been a lot of hard Work put in on this book. Your staff worked until 4:00 in the afternoon on some days and did work at home. Both Dottie and I feel we had a top-notch staff working with us. I hope as you look back on this book you will think of German- town, what it has given to you, and all of the worthwhile experiences you have had here. The purpose of our year book is to help you remember your days here at G.I'I.S. We all have gotten a great deal out of working together on this book. I am sorry that all of you could not have had the experiences we had and the fun. To all of you, good luck in whatever you plan to do and thanks for the cooperation you gave your Revidere Staff. Sincerely, SALLIE SCHOEMANN R. Raudenbush, V. Lafferty, B. Car- son, P. Turner, S. Boss, S. Smith, E. Moss. Seated: S. Schoemann. al N, . Y K Q- x L-ll X- ,:Lff'!: S ri ii' X Literary-Sondra Shralow and Bar- bara Fineman Typing-Rochelle Morris and Sondra Boss Personals-Joan Mazuk and Patricia Turner Photographic-Virginia. Lafferty and Ruth Raudenbush Boys' Sports-David Bradley and Lee Cunningham Girls' Sports-Barbara Carson and Estelle Lapinski School Activities-Edith Moss and An- thony Maull Class Activities-Carole Sweet and Loretta Stern Art-David Saboe and Felmar Morse Features-Sylvia Smith and Ethel Ol- livierre 7 si- ,tf ,M N Q, 5 f we , S A fe W if l f ' r S 9 s fl fr S , if f , S' S -wg f 21 Q ' Q' ,, , "W" S ' :.4 , 1'f' , , v 11" 'w Z, 5 'Y am W -ml Hxswvw, ' x i 1 1 Qlrhwlr I UYl.A5g'l0Y 1 ' f fp4Qgj3Qi?iV?rQar X The Ticket and Folder -e Vu.. 54 ...R Junior Trip lt was hard for us to tell which wc liked the very bestg We had such fun cvcn though it did rain. There was the Supreme Court, the Senate, the Guard of the Tomb, But the most fun was had on the train. The Capitol if 2 fdffwfvy Wir, fW,,,fVx14fvev1fwfw,.,,, I, ,4'frffv"'vf"'f M i I The Lincoln Memorial We "2"T,"Mwf,.,, V, f,, V X, V 'if ' 'W y , , l V , V , Y . Q ' f f . ' 2 . f ' I, ,.., H . ... i A Z, , W MW V . f'ii4:m : 'f f , . -- 'V 1 ' A A ' A o r ai 5' , ,E V I I 15 I 'f2'M" 4W 'fA z,. ,W V' - if 4' ' V 7 'X 'W'-VW. ., ., . i an L V Mount Vernon - . , A w. 5 ' I' .iff ,,.,.l ,sf , fl' f' ' ' ' ze - ' ?zf!'i"" li 1 A.. 3 - W Q W ff , xii! N , 7 ' f ,ff V7 , u ' e '-eQe f V U 5, .T , ,V . f K .' 32.-ffsziliiv 2 .'W' 51 ,lb "F?w,,,,, SQL. Mff'fw-w,,W,a,., M A I f' ' ,Q A Aix I A A V, , V! 7 M1 . , ,, ,X The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier IQ' if yffif 'Q ' , x sb ,Q, 4, , 41 W, Junior Prom This was our first big dance at school, And it was a special treat for us all. Everyone had such a wonderful time That this dance was really a ball. F' tRou' C King, I.. Cunning- Tbc Committee. :rs . . ningham, M. Smucker, M. Sykes. Serond Row: S. Di Donato, B. Micldelton. Third Row: J. R ': N. White, Ballarine, D. Bradley. Fourth on J. W'inkler. .. 1 f ig' f! f W 1 "Oh, how wc danced QW, Wm if '85 XXX v F is X Y , The crowning of the IZA queen S. Ash, M. Buehl, N. Wang QQuccnJ, R. Jones UZB Presidcntj. Choosing the Queen Sweetheart Ball Let Me Call You Sweetheart- Will you be mine? Was the popular line The Tickets On that evening of oh, so much fun. There were all sorts of dancing And also romaneing And soon all the girls' hearts were won. I si' Q And then the time came When we all had to name The one we thought to be the right one. After much due regard And 21 choice that was hard Towards the beautiful queen we did run. First Row: D. jones, D. Bell, S. Schoemann, C. Brinkley, V. Leiferty. Scfond Row: C. Rollins, G. Sanders, E. Mitchell, R. Rauclenbush, N. Banks, S. Bell, E. Moss. Senior Trip The trip to Bear Mountain was the last word in fun. For another we surely would vote. But what made it an experience we'll never forget Were the girls that We met on the boat. The Ticket , flt,l. f , . lieiue eeel V fl frehe ' " ' ' if M, 53' H I ' , ffgffz! , 44 uf , ,iff f f f -x2WZf Docking at Bear Mountain Steaming up the Hudson 12: :Z 5 - fn f ff ' fu. ,1ww.', 2 , OW , , wgfi " M P ' 95' , f ' f'i??7 Exif? ,, ', , ,Qfxiffff f , ' 524, A I 1'-2412, Tilt Q ' fzfz f,.,,' fyfff, V If ,vi V ,, A T' rrtr Our "The Gang" unforgettable boat ride V '.,. 'J 'ww Y , ' A , . 1' V ff' JM wi, D ' , i ,Z 5 Q Jim, 715335 f ,N . 45" Z i it 'is ii' aww ' 1 5 . 5 H f el ' f'X'hl 'i . fl . in M 5. T if 'Yiwu , 3' V its f :WW 2 r r it A ' rf yi' 3 ,Q W' 15 ii my , 4 , ZI' ,V, W 1 f A ' A f W rf' fi? , Waiif f P 'Y 4 154' if ,' ,. ji W e .,, 1 ' 'Af A 4 ' i D -f ' ,, W Mai a, A ,Za g W ay I 13 gig .3345 ff ' i W ,ff A t J! in , r r , M l gi, 51 ,5 , L ' 3 ,e no fi: '-1. gf". ,f if - N 'Q' A7 'Val fi t db' We Waiting to get 05 the boat 2. '25 -fi?3f?' ", f 4 ,f ' 5' -. 5 i ki. I -' ' fr ii'i ,M T ' .,,,. V 'gig 4 ft is ft f f ,mm Vff fy vzlvv, ,v,, 3 X J.. ,gg as A ..,' I Q X, fc -51 J l . " ' ' ,, W, f 54, j If Q A. Jiqfrhi Q first Row: L. Cunningham, C. Cunningham, Chairmen. Scronrl Ron B. Bonfield, M. Smuckcr, D Bradley, B. Carson. SPECIAL ACTIVITIES First Row: E. Lapinski, E. Chap- man Second Row: B. Bonfield, S Z-itlyn, C. Brinkley, Chairmen, N Bfinks. Third Row: S. Novack, Mazuk, P. Turner, C. Sweet, D Bradley. ,g-.. PROM COMMITTEE sx me The Senior Prom Committee began its work early, immediately after the committee was selected. Their responsibilities consisted of collecting prom dues, ordering pins and favors, and engaging the Cedar- brook Country Club and the orchestra of Simmers' Esquires. The committee also had to attend to the writing of invitations and final arrangements. We sincerely thank the Prom Committee and Mrs. Mar- garet G. Moore, our sponsor, for making the Prom a success and a lasting memory for the seventy-ninth class. Senior Committees One of the most important senior committees was the Special Activities Committee. This group han- dled the collection of class dues, activity cards, class pins, etc. Without this committee, none of the things mentioned would have come about. We would like to thank the members of this committee for the wonderful job they did and for sacrificing their time so that the affairs of our class could be accomplished. W QT? Q Qtr!! xiivz 'I- M at 'Suv as gg, ? Sie 'Q is Z X 59 fs 0 Ph, The Senior Luncheon, which was held at the Ross House, was arranged by the Luncheon Committee. The members chose the entertainment, which was enjoyed by everyone. They selected the meal and also approved the attractive cover on the menu. We would like to extend our gratitude to them for the wonderful job they did. 2 .fffey ' 1 -5 X 5 , f LUNCHEON COMMITTEE First Row: B. Bonfield, Chairman, V. Latferty, N. Wang, S. Smith. Second Row: E. Lapinski, Chair- mang C. Sweet, R. Raudenbush, C. Brinkley. 5 , l we For the past twelve years we have been waiting for one of the most important days in our life, gradu- ation. The members of the Commencement Com- mittee took care of the arrangements for the gowns, the beautiful flowers and the programs. They worked hard to see that our commencement would be one which would be remembered by us for the rest of our lives. We extend our thanks to the committee for making our commencement something always to be remembered. COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE Y. Chapman, Chairman, E. Salus, 7 , man, E. Mitchell, G. Battaglia. .if 5 1 A. Richman, D. D Agostino, Chair- Gary Ohlin accepts the German- town High School flag from Ruth jones. Move-up Day This day brought such feelings of sadnessg IIT Our CYCS there WVHS I113I'ly Cl tcklf. 'Twas truly the end of our high school days, And the night of Commencement drew near. Norma Wang accepts the gavel from Richard Lackman. L. ,, L is-me FLOWER COMMITTEE First Row: S. Schoemann, D. Bell E. Lapinski, R. Raudenbush, V Lafferty. Second Row: A. Rich . . M98 ix' xxx... IM man, M. Finkle, L. Cunningham P. Turner, J. Naulty, D. Brad- .1 ley, L. Cunningham. i The Ticket First Row: D. Bell, S. Schoemann, R. Evans, R. Steinhauer. Second Row: Mrs. Henry Horn, Mrs. W. Scarforce. Third Row: Mrs. Ed- win Barr, Mrs. Edward Knox. Move-up Dance Our Move-Up Dance was held after graduation on the night of Thursday, June 19, 1955, at the Germantown NVomen's Club. We spent an enjoyable evening dancing fo the music of the Simmers' Esquires Band. The Mothers' Association sold cokes when the evening got too warm for dancing. At 12:00 everyone piled into cars for parties and then school the next day. First Row: L. Cunningham, M. Hesch, M. Sykes, G. Ohlin, D. D'Agistino. Second Row: D. Bradley, B. Middelton, S. Schoe- mann, D. Bell. Third Row: B. Bontield, R. Evans. Fourth Row: C. Sweet, M. Reisin, R. Stein- hauer. Fifth Row: E. Lapinski, M. Smucker. Sixth Row: A. Mes- sel, L. Cunningham. Seventh Row: D. Greene, J. Naulty, C. King. 1 A , 'Ja s l 1 Senior Prom This wonderful night was just perfectly grand, s we dreamed it would be. And everyone had the most rollicking time, ' M h Staying out till at least half past t ree. just as nice L1 After the dance to Bcrinudas we elmnged For the parties that went on through the night. NVJS OVCI' IOO SOOI1, Though we stayed up till the first rays of light. XVe .ill had agreed it First Row: R. Stcinhaucr, D. Bell, M. Sims, N. Wang- Svrmm' Row: M. Sykes, C. Sweet, D. Cabalario, D. Fox G. Gang. Third Row: M. Hayes, L. Cunningham. Fourth Row: M. Smuckcr, A. Miniselli, C. King. hurt! We danced 'till our feet 2 wif- , . . 'H tri if w.,,,, My S , A a f-f ri' "' new ,... ,, ..... f 1' ? -ini: .MV fwfwi Y f The ticket worry ,X THE RECEIVING LINE Fzrst Rou D DAg1stmo, Mrs. Krimmons, M. Smucker, Mrs. H. Horn, B. Carson, Mrs. E. , Barr, S Boss, C Cunnmgham. Sefond Row: S. Morris, J. Levy, M. Hesch, L. Cunningham. ' f, 5 W! " Ff a ', ' ,f M A X .4 f., X yy ymf, U 2 5 an , rf 4, .' X W , . 2 ' . w 2 H ' f 41, 1 G ' f 'Z f . t i Xl First Row: E. Snlus, E. Sherman, H. Garber, Weiner, E. Sokolow, S. Zimring. Second Row: D. Jones, S. Boss, D. Bailey, S. Schoemann, M. Rciscn, S. Smith, C. Brinkley, M. Finkle. Senior Frolic The Senior Frolic was jolly good fung 'Twns our highlight of artistic endeavor. The performance was great, and we all had such fun, You must admit it was really so clever. ROMEO AND JULIET SCENE M. Reisen, S. Schoemann. SENIOR FROLIC PRODUCERS D. Bell, C. Sweet, C. Cunningham QMissing-V. LaEerty.J SENIOR FROLIC COMMITTEE Standing: L. Stern, A. Maull, S. Schoemann, M. Hayes, S. Boss, S. Novack, N. Banks, V. Lafferty. Seated: S. Smith, L. Cunningham, G. Ohlin, P. Turner, D, Bell, Kneeling: B. Bonlield, D. D'Ag05- tmo. ...7...-I Our class activities have centered around room 106. This room oflicially belongs to our class sponsor, Mrs. Moore. Our class meetings, committee meetings, and year book activities all took place there. The 12B class has its blackboard in there telling about all of its activities. Many happy and hard working hours have been spent in this room. It will be strange not to go into 106 the first thing in the morning after our graduation. Our Blackboard GOING INTO 106 D. D'Agistino, B. Boniield, S. Boss, L. Cunningham. K N X X 'T SENIOR ADVISORS Career Conference Three times .1 term the members of the graduating class attend Career Conferences. These conferences are sponsored by the Exchange Club of Philadelphia. The conferences consist of discussions with top ad- ministrators and experts in many Helds. Each stu- dent attends three of these forums, in order to be- come acquainted with different careers which he may choose. We hope this beneficial organization con- tinues. The student senior advisers are a group of upper classmen who try to close the gap between the fresh- men and the seniors. One of their main jobs is to make the frightened, bewildered freshman in G.H.S. feel more at home. Each Thursday morning the senior advisers go to a 10A advisory section to help the 10A's with their problems. first Row: R. Raudenbush, D. Ryzinski, V. Lafferty, N. Wang, C. Cunningham, D. Bell, E, Lapinski. Second Row: E. Moss, P. Turner, N. Banks, M. Sykes, S. Schoemann, L. Smeg-nj Thi,-fl Ron C. Brinkley, S. Zatlyn, M. Finklc, A. Richman, B. Carson, C. Sweet, P. Weiss. Fourth Rott D. Bradley, D. D'Agostino, L. Cunningham, B. Bonfield, V. Riner, Student Senior Advisers Everything here was arranged oh, so well, And the food was just perfectly yummy. After spending a very delightful afternoon, Everyone left his place patting his tummy. , .f,faf"Y ' Graduation The graduating exercises for the class of January 1956 were held on Thursday night, January 19. Although we had been anticipating this day for the past three years, we were sorry to see it arrive. As we walked down the aisle, we realized that this night would be the last time we would be considered stu- dents of this, our Alma Mater. After we were seated on the platform, the awards, prizes, and scholarships were given to the pupils who excelled in scholarship and service during their stay at Germantown. As the impressive ceremony ended, we sadly walked up the aisles. This was the last formal gathering of the 79th class of the Germantown High School. 'fi 4-5. ,saga o?Hn., , ,,,nf.zmf5,zffg Gm iq . 'Q f' A c 'Y' an A N fi, A at 0 if , W Nr Senior Luncheon 5 M ' +- Were Young ond Gay Our Hearts YV UI 31 ,. R fx r 1 a 3 S 24- kg? Mm gl lx .A 2 5 Q. fl H X ls, 1 m I 5 xx N N F' F R lx 3 u x r-,ai .5 4 Q A . V I 1 4. 1' as ' z 5 QQ.. in 1 ig ... 5 1, rw-fi l M if F . ' fy fwgwv f . f .. KQV, 1 , fy V .i ,, fi r, V512 'V , I fl 'E+ 'fx .1 W., xx .S ,Q E' gg A, ' '4'J.,- . i 'gait 2 , M1791 , I '- fi 1 1 I I i it id My 1' 145' 1' H ,, ' , 1. A " ' , Q ' '5 is '- if 41 J ' f 'W' 2- 2. QQ - . 'g 59 'fps 44 1 ' K A ' V, A1 v J ww e ' r H f. , ' Q"-:Chi ii i?" I J wp i ' 25? H ' u f ' r 1. , L ., V .A ,'Qw,,,5,, -will me Q.. , 1? - rf 2 f.- .V . af , f fa A W 5 f ' " 1 iw ,, H u , ' " M 'ii' A-1. 4. 'Z"f,' 'IV Q f '. " e- ': " ' ' , ,V 7 I I Y .W ' M Vffgziwxy, 4 -5, w , 1 , ' 'U ,2y:,Qgg-Q K Y " 'Y .W :' 'H'-,fx , ,,3f,,'fj12i, Q ,Q i nf?" -i giwi v ,.., ., VJ V. 3.5 - a f 5 QL 7: L -Z: ...V "fr . e ' ' K ' izfwfmifffii- if , ,A f m y , 3 or 4 ,. 'Q ., .i. , 9, , ,,n,. ,. , . , . .,,. , ,. ag i l e.sj4?4lg:6i4f :hz , V '-HW",-:'f,3' frzili' '40 921. 'iv 1 . .i q -is .'- " ' , Y . .ff 2 ..,.,,,,, , 4 4 ,,. , ,,, , ,. ,, N npr n-:V . , 'iii -,E ,H yr , L, ,ge f 53- V' I -- , Wy' :Q s M Q, -' . . 52, 'N ' yy 'y . , , i Q , X, .3 ,sf . ,. r . M 'K 7 ' a ' nr- 1 :ag-N ,J is , 1 4 f xg, - ,MN x I 1 f Z Z Ruth Raudenbush Dorothy Bell 3. Carole Sweet aulding joseph Sp g Sallie Schoemann 9, David Fox 13- NOUIH Wang George Matchica 10, Lyn and Lee Cunningham 14. Christina Brinkly Estelle Lapinski ll. Victor Rinker 15- Mike H3Ye5 Marilyn Smucker 12. Sylvia Smith I I I I I I I I I I ll YI F I I I I I 41, '?X4 CLASS CHARACTER Harold Zell BEST WIT MOST STUDIOUS Dave Fox Harry Kramer Barbara Carson Pearl W9iSS Barbara Carson MOST AMBITIOUS Tony Maull Christina Brinkley JL' -L Xi :V -- - - ri v 1. it ' 1 , I ., b. . , , ,t , f C ,h 6 ii.. H Y! +4 - " mira lr' ' 1 gf' MCIST VERSATILE Richard Tucker Christina Brinkley MOST INTELLIGENT MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Richard Waker Tony Maull Loretta Stern Nm-ma Wang MES Mosr POPULAR BEST LOOKING BEST NATURED Sheldon Novack Donald Jonas David Bradley Norma Wang Marlene Balm Virginia Laffcrty ff - First Place Popularity Poll f BEST DRESSER BEST ATHLETE BEST DANCER Joe Smith Lee Cunningham Jerry Robbins Sylvia Smith Lois Massey Rochelle M0l'fiS l if Jv- PERSONALITY PLUS MOST DEPENDABLE CUTEST Joe Spaulding Gary Ol-:lin JDE Spiillldirlg Lyn Cunningham Sallie Schoemann Estelle LaPiH5ki in S i 3 P f E , jh, DID THE MOST FOR G.H.S. CLASS PLAYBOY AND DEBUTANTE MOST POPULAR WITH OPPOSITE Lee Cunnningham Harold Zell SEX Lyn Cunningham Dorothy Bell David Fox Martha Sykes Second Place Popularity Poll l ' 77 Q-Q g ll Ill ll .. 'sl Qxyfff-: CLASS CHARACTER BEST WIT Joe Smith Dave Saboe Janet Miffmafl Martha Sykes MOST STUDIOUS Mike Hayes Barbara Fineman B i MOST AMBITIOUS MOST INTELLIGENT Bill Caldwell Vic Rinker Loretta Stern Pearl W9i5S BTOST VERSATILE MOST POPULAR BEST LOOKING Mike Hayes Rage: Warmerdam Roger Warmerdam Sandy B055 Dot D'Ag05gi1-10 Estelle Lapinski wg L 4 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Jerry Robbins Barbara Fineman BEST NATURED Milton Reisen Pat Turner ! I il 2 "1 :ravi BEST DRESSER BEST ATHLETE BEST DANCER Lenny Bronstein Richard Tucker Dick Bedrosian Sima Zatlyn Dot D'Ag0grin0 Bonnie Bonfleld 2 4 ., ,4,, . MQ 3, I i PERSONALITY PLU5 MOST DEPENDABLE CUTEST Lenny Bronstein DHVC Bf2dl9Y Harold Brown Bonnie Bontield Yvonne Chapman Felmar M0rSe DID THE MOST FOR G.H.S. Gary Ohlin Sallie Schoe CLASS PLAYBOY AND DEBUTANTE Andrew Patterson Sylvia Smith ' i,ffW?1!'Z MOST POPULAR WITH OPPOSITE SEX Donald Jonas Carole Werner SALLY FRANCES ASH 2828 Marston Street Commercial "The busy have no time for tears." Sally will be an up and coming model in the very near future. We wish her loads of success. ELAINE MARIE ATTERBURY 5934 McCallum Street Home Making "The beauty seen, is partly in him who sees it." Elaine's :ambition is to be n laboratory tech- nician. Her good humor will help make her future bright. JEANNETTE MARIE BAER 2716 N. Hollywood Street Commercial "The desire of knowledge increases ever with the acquisition of it." Jean has been a fine locker aide and also a won- derful student. She wishes to become a private secretary. Best of luck in the future. f 5 n V ip ,can I , It iff Lf f Q f 7 li ' a ,' f W-' VU, eil D1liNE BEVERLY BAILEY I 502 King Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Senator 10A-IIA, Latin Club 10A-12B, Honor Society 11A-l2B, Tumbling IIA-12A, Library Aide 10A-12A, Lunchroom Aide 10A-IIA, Lunchroom Captain IIA. "Your noblest natures are most credulousf, Diane's next stop is the U. of P. where she will study medical technology. With her ideals she'll certainly go far. MARLENE SONDRA BALIN 1318 E. Yerkes Street Commercial "Good taste is the flower of good sense? Mickey is a great mambo dancer and wc hope she will be a success in her career as a teacher of America. CAROLYN MARIE BANKS 246 W. Harvey Street Commercial "Virtue would not go far if vanity did not keep it company." Carolyn has studied very hard during her years at Germantown. We know that she'll be tops in the field of fashion designing. 74 X . J, .,,. ,, 2,"' ' V , ,wa .1 f 11 Jef my M f 5 ia ta! if if ffl mf. jf, A I Hs is I in - 1 , i ATALIE ELLEN BANKS Q, I 120 W. Sharpnnck Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Basketball IIA-IZA, Dancing 10 f-12B, Volleyball llB, IZB, Honor Society 12A IZB, Secretary Girls' A.A. l2B, Class Treas- urer IZB, Linguist Club IOA, llA, llB, Schools Community Council 1lA-l2A, Senior Advisor IZA. "To know how to suggest is the art of teaching." Picture a girl with a friendly attitude, good looks, and ability and that's Nat. West Chester will be gaining a fine student when Nat C1'lI'01l9 there. GILDA LEONORA BATTAGLIA 5607 McMahon Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Lunchroom Aide IOA, 11A, Or- chestra 10A-12B. "Silence is more expressive than wardsf' Gilda, with her violin, has been a great addition to our orchestra. She will be a guiding-light to all the patients that she will take care of as a nurse. EARL WINDELL BATTLE 32 E. Rittenhouse Street Industrial ACTIVITIES: Band IOA-12A, Orchestra 10A- 11B, Clipper Salesman, Track 12B, Cross-Coun- try I2B. "A good name is better than riches? Earl is very interested in music. We know hclll be a talented band leader some day. RICHARD WILLIAM BECKWITH 7867 Provident Road Academic ACTIVITIES: Bowling, A Cappella. "Ambition can creep as well as soar." Dick is a quiet, industrious person. He ll make a name for himself in the field of automotive engineering. 9 RICHARD BEDROSIAN Avonhoe Road, Awbury Park Academic ACTIVITIES: Varsity Basketball and Baseball l2B, Football 10A-IIB, Basketball 10A-IIB, Baseball 10A-IIB. "A good face is the best letter of recommenda- tion." Dick has been an active participant in school sports. He hopes for a profession in dentistry. DOROTHY ELLVERNA BELL 217 Rex Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: Historical Honorary Society 12A- 12B, Glee Club 10B-l2B, Senior Advisor IZA, Commencement Committee IZA, Clipper Repre- sentative 12A, Bowling IZA, Chairman of Theme Committee 12A, Editor of Yearbook, Senior Activities Committee IZA. If a :nan is worth knowing at all, he is worth knowing well." Dottie has been very active in class affairs and as editor of the Revidere has done a tremendous job. We know she will make a fine student at West Chester State Teachers' College where she plans to study music. fr SONIA BELL 817 E. Hortter Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Historical Honorary Society IZA, F.T.A. Club IOA-IOB, I2A, Linguist Club IIB, IZA, Lunchroom Table Aide IIB, Nurse's Aide IZA-IZB. "If you would create something you must be something." Sonnie has been active in the Future Teachers of America Club and we are sure that she will make :L good teacher. MADELINE MARY BENCIVENGO 7220 Devon Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Table Aide IOA. "The mission of art is to represent nature: not to imitate her." Maddy has won many friends due to her pleasing personality. After graduation she plans to study art. JERRY LAWRENCE BERMAN 1709 Colonial Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Varsity Gym Team IZB. "Culture uozzlfl not lie culture if it were an acquired fastef' Jerry is undecided about his future, but we expect big things of him someday. Good luck. SUSANNE IDELLA BLACK 13 W. Upsal Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Orchestra 10A-IZB, Latin Club 10A-IIB, Library Aide IOA-IOB, Monitor I2A, Alternate IOA-IIB, Clipper Representative 10A- IOB. "Nothing is Pleasant that is not spiced with tarietyf' Susie plans to be an occupational therapist. Along with her piano playing and dancing she is sure to be the life of all parties. . X F1 be - 1-BARBA A A1513-NBONFIELD lx ,433 Lwbbontlsforg Avenue :ui W- 5 Academic 1 ACTIVITIES: Bowlixnbg 10111-11 , Tennis IIA, Basketball- IIA, Latin Club IWA-IIB, Senator I0A,4 IIA-IZA., Serfior Advispf IZA, Linguist Club IOB-IIA, Senior Iiroli Committee IZB, Prom Committee IZB, Lunch on Committee IZB. "To teach another 'is the bex way to learn for yourself." .ly Bonnie has been very active while at German- town. She made a fine Senator and plans to study nursing at Jefferson Medical College. We know she will make a fine nurse. Loads of luck in the future. SONDRA T. BOSS 7316 Limekiln Pike Academic ACTIVITIES: Leaders' Club IOA, Archery IOA- IOB, Linguists IOA-IIA, I2A, Ballet IIA-IZB, Tumbling IIA-IZB, Bowling IIB-IZB, Captain of Girls' Lunchroom IIB-IZA, Locker Aide IIB- IZA, Prom Committee IZB, Typing Editor of Revirlere IZB, Honor Society 12B. "Logic is the nrt of convincing us of some truth." Sandy's good nature will be missed by all when she goes to Temple University to study Medical Technology. ,,, v . o. l 1 , l 1 like ,, 4? 2 .A , W ' 456. , -. . Y I 42 te I ' 1 0. , 1 :Q , 'Mn 5' , ,. I of .. 7 1 , My tif... WILLIAM NORMAN BOURNE 172 E. Sharpnack Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Band and Orchestra. "Diligence is the mother of good luck." Norman has been active in both the band and orchestra. Norman, we are sure, will be worthy of Penn State where he plans to study music. Good luck! Norm. CAROL JOYCE BOYER 2635 C. W. Berks Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Dancing IZB, Leaders IZB, Bas- ketball IZA, Orchestra 1213, Cafeteria Aide 1213. "The future is purchased by the present." Plastic surgery is of great interest to our Carol. If we ever want our face lifted, we'll be sure to come to you. Q2 DAVID ALLAN BRADLEY - 161 W. Queen Lane Academic ACTIVITIES: Senior Advisor IZA, Alternate 10A, IIA, Latin Club IIB-I2B, Photograph Committee IZA, Junior Prom Committee IIB, Prom Committee I2B, Sports Editor Revidere IZB. "Tears hinder sorrow from becoming flespairf, Dave has high hopes of becoming a minister. While at Germantown he made many friends. We can guarantee his success. DOLORES CATHERINE BRESSI 8561 Williams Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: P.T.C. Representative IZB. "Burdens become light when cheerfully borne." Dee is another one who has a hobby of collecting records. She hopes to become a model. Good luck! CHRISTINA FAY BRINKLEY 2033 W. Ontario Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Softball IOA, IIA, IZA, Leaders 10B-1213, Basketball IIA, IZA, Ballet IIB, I2A, Volleyball 1013, IIB, 1213, Honor Society IIB- I2B, Committee of Ten l2B, A.A. Board IIB, IZA, IZB, Germantown Schools Community Council IIA-IZB, Class Secretary l2A, Histori- cakHonorary Society, Corresponding Secretary I2 . "F0ff1Ul6 may find a pot but industry must make it boil." Chris is a very industrious lass, she has done much to further the ambitions of our class. Success to you. RUTH ANN BRODY 8124 Michener Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: Clipper Representative 10A. "Responsibility educatesf' Ruthis always willing to help and will be found wearing a smile. She plans to do secretarial work. Good luck, Ruthie. N Lf ff ff li ,f,, 'T LEBNARD BRONSI' N, ff , 81?6.k1??fa'?a1 sr? t if I cademic ,L I I., WF' orkxirrfbe great producer of,lwealtb." 4, '- enny "wishes to further lrfseducation at the University of Pennsylvania. Someday he' be a top-notch attorney. , T' 'WSJ L J, 4" lr" 1 DOEORES VIRGINIA BROWN 217 E. Montana Street Commercial "Imagination rules the world." Her big heart and pleasing personality will bring her much success in her future OHIICG work. HAROLD TERRANCE BROWN 1016-A Olive Place Academic ACTIVITIES: J.V. Football IOB, Track Man- ager IIA, Band and Orchestra IIB, 12A, 12B, Slide Rule Club I2A. "Genius begins great worksg labor alone fin- ishes them." Harold has shown his genius for art work ever since we can remember. Many thanks to you for your great contribution to the class. RUTH JOAN BRUNT 7627 Rugby Street Academic l ACTIVITIES: Linguist Club,f Ballroom Dancing, Volleyball. I Q "To bejproudiof learning is the greatest ignor- ance." ' W Rucl-I plans to become 5 nurse. Chestnut Hill Hospital will be getting a fine girl when Ruth is a student. Best,of luck in the future. MARGARET BARBARA BUEHL 1901 Plymouth Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Monitor, Bowling IOA, Hockey IIA, Orchestra I2A, Swimming IIB. "Moflesty is the citadel of beauty and virtue." Marge is the domestic type. She likes to cook and sew. Someday Marge would like to be a stenographer. Best of luck in whatever you do. SARAH ELIZABETH BUTLER 309 E. Haines Street Commercial "Ability is a poor man's wealth." Liz's fine personality and ambitious ways will aid her in making a success of her future. 76 - M ,X ,, f' - . , es . :M . gpg . X Q' 6 . Xie R X W X 'es- bis K :iff R i ii! L Q cfffk Q, f-we ANN BUCKLEY CADE 2162 Washington Lane Academic ACTIVITIES: Swimming 1015. "Character is a diamond that scratches every other stone." Ann's fingers whiz over the keys of a type- writer like a rocket. She'll be a very efficient typist for some lucky boss. ROSE CALABRESE 7265 Limekiln Pike Commercial ACTIVITIES: Table Aide IOA, I2B. "The art of winning in life is working hard." Rose is a fine dancer. She plans to do oflice work after graduation. We all wish her a lot of success. WILLIAM MCKINLEY CALDWELL 135 E. Rittenhouse Street Music ACTIVITIES: Projection Club I2A, "The secret of success is constancy to pnrposefi Bill's interest lies in books. If he continues to read the way he does, he will become a success, we're sure. He plans to study music at West Chester State Teachers College. ,f'W f-N! lx, FRANK ZANE CARDONICK 7942 Michener Avenue ' ' a f' . q, Academic . f I .n., 3, ACTIVITIES: Table Aide, Monitor, clipper Rep- I , W resentative. "In great attempts it is glorious even to fail." 7-E, 3' Rock has been active on television and is plan- I-1..,v"a., Va l ning to further his education at Temple Uni- verigy. f success in whatever you do. V K JK V '19 xy , ' ii .Exp - - ' 6 J ,,,.s. f fee Q 'ee Ge 7 T i"i i f ' L - fi-LC 4 Q2 . .--.',,-.,.: ,.k, 332' fgfafi jf , - A A N CARSON m I VJ ,,,. M ' 25 21st Street X l cademic ' AC IE -B, ling 10 -11A, Volleyball 10B, , -I U Baske ball I AZ Softba INA-I2 Senior Ad- - ,,,f- 1', ' I g i r 12A, ivityl mitt e A, Manager . . S ennQ?4Pb2A, Sxaora ditor R733 ere l2B. , ' H ,,Z,. I 9 ' " ve le activitgflmake 13 om for itself." a, htq, Hapg e class will be that cquires Kit for its fi! 'J'- teacheti Kit is one of the most ambitious girls All i,, is ever to pass through the portals of G.H.S. 4 , ,K if . nga ' ,ff ! 1 .1 7 .2 f . YVONNE ETHELDA CHAPMAN 2122 N. 18th Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Future Teachers of America 10A- IOB, 'llguist Clubf10A, IIA, I2A, Volleyball I0 , , E CASDIHQLDLIE IOB, Hospital Nurses' Ai e 10A-QQ, HistoricaI'HorQJjary Society 10B- 12B, ActivitIe'S1Con1lnii:j2gfc11B, Wlternate 1213, Commencement Comiiittee.. "The worst evils, are those thmzler arrive." Yvonne has -been 'znnoutstanding figure ever since she came to Germ-EHYQQGAS a physical therapist we know she'll rate rade A." THOMAS JOHN CIRONE 1436 Sparks Street Industrial ACTIVITIES: Locker Committee 10A-IZB, Football IOA. "The early bird catches the worm." Tom plans to be a hair stylist some day soon. We wish him the best of luck in this field. BRUNTEE CLARK 829 N. Capitol Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Leaders IZA-IZB, Basketball IZB, Softball IZA, A.A. Representative IZB, Swim- ming 12B. "Never judge a work of art by its defects." Bruntee has been a great aid to our gym teach- ers while at G.H.S. Her ability to do many things will get her far as a secretary. LESLIE CHARLOTTE CLIME 7223 Ogontz Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: Ballet IOB-IZB, Bowling IOB, IZA, Table Aide IIA, Mothers' Association Rep- resentative IOA, Tumbling IZA. "Every brave man is a man of his u.'orle." Char's hobby is dancing and in the future it will be her career. Lots of luck to a sweet girl. ELAINE'j!l Dcclcco Exvgfgdmfort Road A, T 'Commercial AC IVI S: Swimming IIA, Commencement Co t B, Senior Aigdviser IZA, Tennis IZB, i Represeiqtgiyfe IZB. "F men Me ,Mmired by their servants." The oHiceJtl'iajfElaine hits will be a lucky one, indeed, as she wishes to be a stenographer. Good luck goes with her. f . ', URRY O N X 42 7 h v , Co erci AcT1vfT,11as:. soc 11 B, Hall Monitor IZA, IZB, l' Re sentative IOA, IZB, P.T.C. R rsen i IOA-IZB, A.A. Repre- sentative I . "Nothing is so od as it seems beforehand." Ronnie has al ays done a good job here at G.H.S. We Wish him success in agricultural research. CHARLOTTE ANNE CONAWAY III Collom Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Leaders, Dancing Club, Mothers' Association Representative, P.T.C. Representa- tive. Strong reasons make strong actions." Connie is always ready to help wherever there is need. Her favorite pastime is painting. , - -1 4 A -M 'em ya.. K 32 tl ja 4 f' ',-' if ' ie' ' fi If ff jj If . ' 1 5 W 1' , if . I ,u EV ffm ,i f fri, ,. D' . fi 1 ' ., 'W fs . ff K WN f 1 ww 5' . g f 1 All I' 1, "' ' I' 4' may "iz, , .f , ., + ' . l l i' i Q 'S SX' O5 NK s WILLIAM ROBERT CORNWELL 107 W. Gorgas Lane Commercial ACTIVITIES: Clipper Representative IZA-IZB, Table Aide, Hall Monitor IZA-IZB. "The luxury of doing good surpasses every other personal enjoyment. Bill will be remembered by all of us for all of his crazy antics. He will be found in the future pouring over his accounting books. JJ MARGARET ANNE COSTELLO 2116 Chew Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: Senator IOA. "Never meet trouble halfway? Maggie 'has always been very ambitious. Her haird work will get her far in the future. .V f X CLARICE LORRAINE CROSS 3709 N. I7tl1 Street Academic A T ITIES: Hall Monitor IOA, IZB, Mothers' As cation Representative IIB, IZB, Switch- boar Operator IOB, IZB. "Or anecdote of a man is worth a volume ofx 'ographyf' 1 -arice plan be a Medical Technician and at- te d Temp sjginiversity. Success to you in the uture ying. YCAROLYN CHARLOTTE CUNNING X 513 E. Mount Afiry Ave eo - Academ 1 -I 1 ' fa Ep y l ACTIVITIES: cQ,"am?e' 6 Tei1'f12 12 Swi imin YIOA-IQA Bask ,alI ' , owling A 5-A 1010? 253' ' 'X National -Llono lS6cietyliIB-gINZ'B" QVice- reside, 1 B ioisikdv' e Lin- guise Clubg -1.5314 ice-Pr 'dei-9153, clffl Activities 5 ini tees I -31128, o-Chairman 0 Pifdinf'Commit eex!E3R:IqIiClubi K . A as IV Coura efzzydang 1 is h If f foie JLSQRJ ,sK,Q,lgrf5oigQwe most pulav' membens, ur cl ss. Sh' h' ,, been lou tan rgLl'd auclership, will be a splendid Q-25,0 rlsome day. , A ,Y UV 1, M LEE CALVERT CUNNINGHAM 513 E. Mount Airy Aven re Academic j ACTIVITI S: Se tor IIA, A.A. resentative IOA, Alt nate B, Prdsidx t pfF Class, Senior r v' er ZAfLflBaAl-lht j-I B, Varsity Gym T rhlifl -IZB, Va ' ity ac m IIA- IZB, nior Cl s c -Co-Chair- man Prom Co 2 . "He who for se' s ca 'm 'es, suffers them twice over." 'X As top man on the gym team, Lee made quitc a name for himself. As a Physical Education teacher, he will set a fine example for his stu- dents. EDITH M. CURTIS 7401 Rugby Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Softball, Swimming. "The one prudence of life is concentration." Edie with her quiet manner and pleasing way, will make the boss of her choice think that she is the perfect secretary. Good luck to you, gal. 77 scholarshi , -nd lpersronalfy. owzthatfslie - u P KXIC 1' ffl ll k l ' ll OCA DOROTHY ANN D'AGOSTINO 6019 Magnolia Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Bowling IOB, 11A, Softball IIA, 1ZA, Basketball IIA, IZA, Senator IOB, IIB, Alternate 11A, IZA, Class Vice-President 12A- IZB, Linguist Club 10B-IZA. "They are never alone who are occupied by noble thoughts." We'll always remember Dot for her cheerful attitude, her willingness to help, and her ability to make people, especially teachers, double up with laughter. Temple will be getting a fine student when Dot arrives. BARRY DASHEFSKY 1109 E. Dorset Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Chess Club, Bowling Team IZA. "The self-made man is always the greatest success." Barry will make Il name for himself as the town's leading banker we predict. To prepare himself for this post, he will attend business college. PEARL HELEN DAVIS 923 S. 18th Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Alternate IIA, P.T.C. Repre- sentative IOB-IIB, IZB, Monitor 11A, IOB, Table Aide IOB, IIA, IZB, Historical Honor- ary Society 1l'B, 12B,,F.T.A. IZB, Leader IZB. "He who wishes to secure the good of others has already secured his own." "Dimples" plans to attend Cheney State Teach- ers' College. Naturally, she will become a teacher. GEORGE ELWOOD DE HART 1971 N. 73rd Avenue Academic ACTIVITIES: Soccer Team 12B. "All is to be feared where all is to be lost." George intends to be a reporter, but during his spare time we know he'll be out at the stock car races. GERTRUDE ELIZABETH DEWS 234 W. Penn Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Bowling 10B-IZB. "Common sense is only a modification of talent." Trudy will always be remembered by her friends for her pleasant ways. We're sure that she will make a fine stenographer. ERNEST DWIGHT DIETERLE 1809 E. Pastorius Street Mechanical Arts ACTIVITIES: Engineers Club IZA. "A man is what the winds and tides hare made himf, Ernest is energetic and eager. He hopes for a career in electronical engineering with Drexel as his college. Good luck. 78 HAROLD MARCUS DIGGS 6103 Wister Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Football IOA, 123, Track IOB, IIB, IZB, Basketball IZB. "He who can conceal his joys, is greater than he who ran hide his griufsf' LaSalle will get a fine student in our Sonny. He hopes for a place in the field of medicine. FRANCES MATILDA DOAK 47 W. Ashmead Place So. Commercial "A good intention clothes itself with power." Fran's friendly and always ready with a smile- Good luck in the business world. You can't help being a big hit. f fly in xx 'X fi W " 1 - ' 4 Q, f 5 Ling! o LOUISE ECKMAN we I f 8 21 Mansfield Avenue K Commercial ig AC IVITIES: Archery IOA, Basket all IOB, Lunchroom Aide IOB. "The great hope of society is in individual rhar- after." Joan is sure to make any boss a good secretary. We'll always remember her as one of the fashion plates of G.H.S. KATHERINE EVANS 6950 Germantown Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: Leaders, Glee Club. "Prevention is the best bridle." Kay is undecided about the future. But she is such a wonderful worker that we are sure she'll succeed in whatever she does. SLM-f PATRICIA ANN EACKLER 1919 Independence Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Table Aide, IZA-IZB, Clipper Representative IZB. "They can conquer who believe they can." Pat is another girl who wishes to be a secretary. Good luck, Pat, we know you'll be one of the best. DAVID WAYNE FALKENSTEIN 7423 Beverly Road Mechanical Arts ACTIVITIES: Senator IIA and IZA, Senior Advisor IZA. "Witho14t consistency there is no normal strength." Dave seems to be a quiet person until you get to know him. You'll have a fine career as an electrical engineer, Dave, good luck. IRENE NAOMI FERGUSON 2732 N. 15th Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Library Aide IOB, Table Aide IIA, Swimming IIB. "Man is master of his fate." Ivie has not yet decided upon a career, but she will do well in anything she undertakes, we're sure. BARBARA L AN 1219 B ri treet ' ca ic ACTI TI : S a IOA, Alte n IOB, 11 , ni T p 1 ' 1 A, 1 ' 1 b IOA- , ate Roo Aide IA, Senior A Commit 12A, H' rical Honorary Socie IZA, Yea k Lit ary Editor I2B. "The best 'way to uturc is fo look into the past." Bobbi has genero donated her services to G.H.S. She plans to continue her studies at Penn State. Good luck as a medical technologist. .ll ttee 534362. C. ,Gm MARILYN NINA FINKLE 8273 Forrest Avenue Academic ACTIVITIES: Bowling IOB, Linguist Club 10B- IIB, Tennis IOB, Ballet 11A-I2B, Tumbling IIB-I2B, Historical Honorary Society 12A, Al- ternate IOA, Clipper Representative IOA-IIB. "No man is so great as ma1zki11zl." Marilyn plans to go to Temple to study Oral Hygiene. Best of luck to this pretty girl. GERTRUDE CHARLOTTE FRITZ 7217 Forrest Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: P.T.C. Representative IOB-12A. "The secret of success is constancy of purposef' Gert will have many friends in the business world just as she did here at G.H.S. Hcre's wishing her luck as a secretary. CHRISTEL HEIDI FRIZ 1957 Plymouth Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Leaders Club I2B, Dramatics Club 12B, Table Aide I2B. "Courage from hearts and not from numbers grow." When Chris graduates Weare sure that she'll keep up the good Work that she started at Germantown. Good luck to you as a recep- tionist. HARRIET JUNE GARBER 1234 Cliveden Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: P.T.C. Representative I2B, A Cappella, Library Aide 12B, Gym Leader 12B, Lunchroom Aide 12B, Special Activities Com- mittee 12B. "Speak but little and well if you would be esteemed a mau of merit." Speaking frankly, Harriet's favorite hobby is men. She hopes to become a commercial artist. Good luck. X .. f .S f -ns.. g all if 113 ,,':1 ef 4 C , 'iw' " A " J Q f- X 9 2 -s ,. ir-. Q P M. if Q W" '25 2- ' 6 B if ,I l 1 ,, , ,, , , E , 6, 4' X W' fa I X f 49' ,"f'f,, I :V ' , ",,J iz WWI f' DOROTHY ELAINE GARFINKLE 6532 N. 18th Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Linguist Club IZA, Historical Honor Society IZA, Senior Activities Committee 12A, Leaders Club 12A, Basketball I2A, Tennis 12A, Volleyball 12B. "Happy the kings whose thrones are founded on their peopIe's hearts." Dot's future pupils will realize that the best things come in small packages. She's sure to set Temple all alire. WILLIAM GILMORE 118 W. Sharpnack Street Industrial "The unspoken word never does harm." Bill will make his career in drafting. He plans to further his education at Temple University. Keep up the good work, Bill. ,1 1 ' f ' BETTY GINSBERG ' 8067 Williams Avenue AN Commercial ACTI ITIES: Dance Group IOA, Senator IOB, Table Aide IOB, Gym Locker Aide IIA, 12A. "Every branch of knowledge which a good man possesses, he may apply to some good purpose." It seems that we have a lot of secretaries in this class. Betty is one of them. During her off hours she'll probably be found painting, for art is her hobby. GLADYS ELEANOR GRAVES 5765 Wister Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Girls' Glee Club IOA-I2B, Clip- per Business Staff 11A-12B, Captain of Monitors 1215. . AMW 1 .1 "The'1nore you pra tice what you know, the more ,you shall knoll what to practice? Elly' plans to be' a Lady of the Lamp. We're sure she'll be a superb nurse. Best of luck. ROBERT EDWARD HAENTZE 1809 W. Albanus Street ACTIVITIES: Senator IOA, 11A, A.A. Repre- sentative IIB, Alternate IOB. Accurate knowledge is the basis of correct opiniouf' Hunting and fishing are Bob's hobbies . . . willing to bet that he'll spend most of his leisure outdoors. Do you like venison, Bob? rr RICHALEEN HALL 229 E. Phil-Ellena Street Academic "The seeds of knowledge may be planted in solitude, but must be cultivated in public." We predict that Richie will be another Florence Nightingale. Her help and co-operation will help her turn into n splendid nurse. 79 DOROTHY MAY HAYDEN 752 E. Woodlawn Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Ballet 10B-12A. "IVithout labow' nothing prospersf' Whatever Dot puts her linger on is bound to be successful. She hopes to take up some type of clerical work after her graduation from G.I"I.S. MICHAEL FRANCIS HAYES 8229 Provident Road A Mecha ical A ts X ACTIVVITIES: Alte ,tie ' vi r , Swimming 11Bvf , Special Activities ittee l2B, Se ' r ro ' IQBAJ A ,,f1,f ' H9 "PhI3?f'lla'b3i'I onz health, can entment springs." On to Penn S the oc nnical Engineering course is Thug-Jded. He's sure to be as successful there as he was at G.H.S. ALFRED COLEMAN HELMS 27 E. Mt. Pleasant Avenue Vocational Arts ACTIVITIES: Monitor 12A, Table Aide 12A. "I have no secret of success but hard work." Al has not decided upon a career as yet, but we know that he'll be a success in whatever he undertakes. For a hobby he's a philatelist. CHARLES STEVEN HERRMANN 5370 Magnolia Avenue Academic A good laugh is sunshine in a house." After graduation "Moose" intends to try his hand at selling. We know heill make good if he keeps up the good work he started here at G.H.S. rr ANN MARIE HEWLETT 3929 N. Smedley Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 10B-12B, Tennis 12A, Future Teachers of America 11A, Lunchroom Aide 10A-IOB, Linguist Club 11B, 12A, Moni- tor 12A. "Language is the dress of thought? Blinkie will always be remembered by her class- mates as a friendly charming miss. Columbia University expects big things of Blnkie, and as a psychologist . . . so do we! MERLE VIOLA HILL 249 E. Upsal Street ACTIVITIES: Monitor IOA, Nurses' Aide 10A, 10B, IZB, Table Aide 11B, Hockey IOB, Hos- pital Aide IZB. "You can do anything you want to flo, if you stick to it long enough." Merle is a cheerful, funny girl. Our three years at G.H.S. have been made brighter by Merle's wonderful sense of humor. We know' she'll make a line teacher. f, , " is a 'N I f iii, ELAINE HOUSE 2628 W. Master Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Table Aide 12A.I l ' "Kuou'lei1'gc is but f0llJ' 'WIC'-I5 ff 'S gmded 173 graft." ' Elaine's looking toward an office ujob. SOIDG CITI- ployer will be lucky when he hires her. EDWARD ROBERT HORNSBY 2459 76th Avenue Vocational Arts ACTIVITIES: A Cappella Choir, Assembly Usher. "Talent is wealth: tact is ready money." Bob hopes for a career in automobile designing. With all your talent you should go far in this field. Good luck. CHARLES OLIVER HUGHES 5549 Poplar Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Cross-Country 10A-11A, Track 10B-12A, Senior Advisor 12A, Locker Aide 12B, A.A. Representative 1215, Monitor 12B. "Reason is the life of law: nay, the common law itself is nothing else but reasonf, "Boots,' is handy with the mortar and pestlc. He intends to become a pharmacist, with Penn State as his college. i VN CHARLES GEORG HUNTER 272 Slocum Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Football. "The most utterly lost of all days is that in which you have not once laughed." Good luck at Temple and later in the Air Force. MARCELO HORACIO JACOME 1316 E. Weaver Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Soccer 10B-12B. "Learning makes a man fit company for him- self." "Chico" intends to make a name for himself in the business world. Hope he succeeds. , ,ea ff .fyd fi , , Y ff ' f y f ffl f-. 1 Q ! a A DONALDXQA LAN JONAS 1225 Windrim Avenue Commercial A truly elegant taste is generally accompanied with excellency of heart? Our Don hopes to become a telephone installation man. We're certain he'll do a swell job. Givc him a ring if you need telephone service. 1' ' 'C' lL DOLORES GRACE JONES 1525 W. Pike Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Leaders Club 10A-12A, Basket- ball 10B-1213, Volleyball IIB-1213, Softball IOB- 12B, Counselors' Aide 11B-IZA, Tennis I2A, Al- ternate 10A-IOB. "Learning passes for wisrlom among those who want both? Wonder what kind of concoction "Dee" will brew after she's graduated from Penn State and is a full-fledged chemist. Hope you don't make it out of sulfur dioxide! f -YAY v -as . .. 1.. x I pa- vb kfffg-v kg? .' I I PHYISLIS KASTRIN fl 810 W. Lehigh Avenue Vocational Art ACTIVITIES: Bowling 10B-IZB, Tennis 11A- 12A, Ballet IIA-I2B, Lost and Found Aide, P.T.C. Representative I2A, Honor Society IZB, Girls' A.A. Council I2B. "The great art of learning is to unrlcrlake but little at a time? Phyl will be a bookkeeper after her departure from G.H.S. She is very ambitious and should be a success. JOANNE LOIS KELLER 7315 N. Bouvier Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Glee Club, Hall Monitor. All grand thoughts come from the heart." Duke hopes to go to West Chester where she will learn to be a teacher. Good luck in the future. rr JOANNE ELEANOR KENNEY 4832 Stenton Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: Senator IIB, Alternate I2A, Li- brary Aide IOA, Lunchroom Aide IIB, P.T.C. Representative IIA, Mothers' Association Rep- resentative IOB. "Leisure is a beautiful garment, but it will not do for constant uearf' Joanne hopes to bc a model. She has the stuff necessary for being one, too. Maybe someday she'll Work on the "Big Payoff? THOMAS FREDERICK KERSTETER 2340 Cheltenham Avenue Industrial ACTIVITIES: Soccer IOA. "Personal liberty is the paramount essential to human dignity and human happiness? Tom hasnlt yet decided whether he wants to be a lineman or an automobile mechanic, but We're certain that heill do good in whichever job he selects. ANNE LOUISE KIMMERLE 2127 N. Broad Street Academic ACTIVITIES: A Cappella Choir IIA-1215, Mothers' Association IIA, I2B, Alternate Sena- tor IOA, Nurses, Aide IOA, F.T.A. IOB. "Where liberty dwells, there is my country? Kim was a credit to our A Cappella Choir dur- ing her stay at Germantown. Her only desire is to attend Penn State's School of Education. Good luck! J , , -7 Z2 if 0 ff Q it. 1 ff-Wm, f '19 4 E 4 may f , Z t sl .iit az ji' LZ .. 3 . 0 . bww A 4 K .1 , ' '13 2 .Iv 'P Q ' as f f , .,.. L .,,1 A' f M f -'.. 'ii' i SQ . .4 . f. X . tg, V ' 1 1. X , at , Q We of f ' ff' , f K KENNETH ENOCH KING 127 W. Pomona Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football 10A-I2B, Bas- ketball 10A-IZB, Track IOA-1213. "The greatest glory of a free-born people, is to transmit that freedom to their rhilzlrenf' What would our football team have done with- out you, Kenny? You certainly helped to make it a success. Good luck at Michigan State. CHARLES MARTIN KLEISER 1724 E. Washington Lane Industrial "The true university of these :lays is a Collec- tion of books." Chuck is a naturalist at heart, for his hobby is raising animals. We know that youlll make good in Whatever you decide to do. LOIS EDYTHE KOHEN 1513 56th Avenue Academic ACTIVITIES: Linguist Club IOA-11A, Senate Alternate 10A-1013, Clipper Representative IOB- I2B, Senior Activities Committee 12A, Senior Class Trip Committee 12A, Career Conference Committee IZA. "Life is a long lesson in humility." Lois has been active on many committees. What would we have done Witbout her? Our fondest regards go with you, Lo, when you attend Temple to study Elementary Education. STUART KOLBER 8245 Forrest Avenue Mechanical Arts ACTIVITIES: Gymnastics 10A-12A, Track and Field IOA-IZA. "The earnestness of life is the only passport to the satisfaction of life? Stu has the makings of a champion gymnast. He's certain to make the varsity track team when he attends Pennsylvania State University. 7,7 ,1 ' "', v Z' Y- '2"4l:2fC?.ap .L .f fy ,i 'via JZ 'ily M159 HARRY WILLIAM KRAMER 6224 N. 20th Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Senior Adviser 12A. would so live as I knew that I receive my being only for the benefit of others." Harry plans to attend either Drexel or Temple. He is undecided about his future work, but we feel sure that he will succeed in any profession that he undertakes. ffl DOROTHY ANN KROCHMAL 2037 Newcomb Street Home Making "Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." Dot plans to be a dancing instructor. May you waltz down life's road, and continue to be the sweet girl that you are now. Y Am .12 A VIRGINIA JEANNE LAFFERTY 937 Church Lane Academic ACTIVITIES: Senator 10A, Alternate 10B-IIA, I2B, Linguist Club IIA, Dancing IIA-IZA, Basketball IIB-12A, Bowling IIB, IZB, Color Guard IIA-I2B, Senior Advisor 12A, Luncheon Committee IZB, Photographic Editor IZB. "A right judgment draws us o profit from all things we see." Ginny is headed for Chestnut Hill Hospital School of Nursing. Her patients will never recover from all the attention and service. Lots of luck, Ginny. RONALD RUSSELL LAMARCHE 7601 Rugby Street Industrial ACTIVITIES: Soccer IOB, IIB, I2B. "A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the best of men." Guppie can be found in the future singing "Anchors Aweigh," because he plans to join the Navy. He is so named because he raises tropical fish. ESTELLE ANTOINE TE LAPINSKI 35 Be Street e ACTI TI S: Sen o 4 , IIA, Cheerleader IIB-I2 apta 1 , ing 10A-l2B, Danc- ' g - IB, of visor 12A, Chairman 1, -' si - n o 1 ' tee Sports Editor of Ye r- b y IZB tn' me - e Co mqtee IIB, in- g x c Cl sl B, ' : f " ature' fy. ma e ccu ' a nec ss to usg society 1 1 e ,Q a du h it zake it a pleasure., f Th I , i ou I er ree cheers li Stell ' le leader- ship our footba team would ave had so many victories. As captain of t heerleading squad she was tops. At West C ester she will make a good student teacher. RAYMOND FRANCIS LATCHFORD 1835 Tulpehocken Street Mechanical Arts "No thoroughly occupied man was ever yet very miserable." Ray goes in for all sports and is known for his nice smile. As a mechanic he'll do well. MYRON COURTLAND LEE 209 E. Phil-Ellena Street Industrial ACTIVITIES: Track IZA. "If you u'oulcl create something you must be something." Lee hopes for a career in electrical engineering. When he'S in a project it just naturally runs smoothly. We wish him the best of everything at college. MAXINE ELAINE LEESE 380 Vernon Road Commercial "Our opportunities to rlo good are our talents." Mac is destined to become a beautician but will be found swimming in her spare time. Wlith her pleasing personality she will be a suc- cess in whatever she undertakes. 82 s f NX is ,sr ,.---:' I f '-:- 1 A.,..V .- xi . -1 ii 3 . t A lit, Q, fr" . .. , . p 1 VJ 1,, I il.. V We Q11 v ' . fs 'A ' I ' 5.5 2 f f " ,.,..v' I .- ' N I 5 as l ',., ei -H PM I pv if 3 Z e X' 'V I1- CONSTANCE MARGARET LESHER 231 E. Johnson Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Swimming IOA, Bowling 10B IIA, Leaders Club IOB, Library Aide 10A-IIA Table Aide 1013. "Take all the swift arlvantages of the honrsfl Connie plans to be a secretary . . . go to it, Connie, and get the very best. ELAINE LOUISA LEWIS 241 E. Cliveden Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Girls' Baseball, Gym Leader 12B. "Sorrows remembered sweeter: present joy." Elaine wishes to become a typist, and with her wit we are sure she will be a success in whatever she undertakes. JANET LOUISE LITTY 7644 Rugby Street Commercial AC IVITIES: Alternate Senator IIA, Mothers' Ass iati Representative 11B-IZA, Volleyball ' lac for el rything, everything in its place." I n f al ys be remembered by her class- i who was always ready to help a frie . on graduation Jan will attend Busi- ness Scho to become a bookkeeper. II ,Tab Ai IOB. a a 0 BARBARA RUTH LUDLAM 5822 Stockton Road Academic ACTIVITIES: A Cappella Choir 10A-l2B, Sen- ior Advisor 12A, Historical Honorary Society IIA-IZB, Corresponding Secretary IIB, F.T.A. Club IOA, IIA, Linguist Club 10A-IOB, Moni- tor 10A-10B, Nurses' Aide 11A-IZA. "One of the best uses of originality is to say common things in an uncommon way." Bobbie plans to study nursing at Hahnemann . . . if you are ever in agony just get in touch with her. Hope you complete all the plans of the future. BETTY ANN MARISCOTTI 4803 N. 18th Street Commercial "They who forgive most, shall he most forgiven." Betty's pleasing personality, plus her ambition to become a private secretary, are sure to lead her to the door of success. We're rooting for you, Betty. LOIS CHARLENE MASSEY 2249 N. Lambert Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Leaders Club 10A-l2B, Basket- ball 10A-I2B, Volleyball 10A-l2B, Bowling 12A, Softball 10A-1213, Lunchroom Aide 10A- IIB, A.A. Council. "To know how to wait is the great secret of success." Lo has been very active in the sports field while at G.H.S. She hopes to attend Business College. We know you will be a great success in what- ever you do. My X 1 GEORGE PETER MATCHICA 1841 Beverly Road Mechanical Arts ACTIVITIES: Soccer 1015, IIB, 1215. "Well arranged time is the surest mark of a well arranged mind." George wishes to be a plumber, but his hobby is his car. If you ever have a leaky faucet, George will be glad to fix it, for a small fee, of course. Watch out for those jokes, though! ANTHONY WALTER MAULL ' Ni 4 4542 Greene Street ' 'L Academic ACTIVITIES: A apella 1 13- , Slide Rule Club A a mming Team 1213, Pfrom ittee 1215, e ook Staff 12B. "We always hare time enough, if we will but use it alright." Tony has an exciting career ahead of him as a rocket engineer. When he graduates from Massachusetts Institute of Technology wc're sure to hear big things of him. JOAN MARIE MAZUK 7948 Bayard Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Senator IOB, Bowling IOA, Band 11A-IIB, Orchestra IOB-11B, Senior Frolic Committee 12B, Activities Committee 1215, Per- sonals Editor of Revialere 12B, Usher for Com- mencement 12A. "Philosophy is the science which considers truth." We'll all be pleased when Joan dons the white uniform of a registered nurse. We are certain that she'll be one of the best to have graduated from Jefferson Hospitalis School of Nursing. BARBARA JEAN MCCALL 148 Hansberry Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 10A-IIB, Swimming 12A. "Patience is the art of hoping." Bobbie plans on being a secretary and likes swimming for a hobby. With her smile she will bc a success in whatever career she undertakes. EDWARD JOSEPH MCCALL 6218 Chew Avenue Industrial "Doubt whom you will but never doubt your- self!" Eddie is undecided as to hi! future, but we'rc certainthat' ccess will be liis. X X I W Y BJ sy I ' VAN f vt 4 I ll :fix l .J J "- BARBARA LOIS McCREA 20 W. Willow Grove Avenue Commercial "The noblest motive is the public good? Barbarafs capability along with her knowledge of business subjects will bring success to her as a secretary. i fl' 'W O if 1,7 f If ' . s fl ,t Q .. ,pf Y 2 .W as .. , W 'tn ,si is W ,J ,af I X v fn., 1 fx pk rwv' ff ffl tl as A ,, ,..A,, , .V V Z, V AL if iii' T , ,,,.... if g 1 WILLIAM THOMAS MCCREADY 2165 Purley Street Industrial "Opportunity is rare and a wise man will net let it go by him." Bill is the boy who can tell you all about be ketball. We hope that he succeeds in his care in the Air Force. DOROTHY MCDONOUGH 5911 Norwood Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Tumbling, Ballet, Swimming 12 "Truth is the foundation of all knowledge az the cement of all societies." "Tripping the light fantastic" is Dot's favori pastime. She hopes for a career as a secretar Much success to you, Dottie. JOAN IRENE MCVAY 2707 W. Jefferson Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Dancing IOA-IIA, Hockey 11. Volleyball 12A. "Peace is rarely denied to the peaceful? Dancing seems to take up a great part of Joan life. We can see her waltzing into her offl work every morning. CHARLES MESSA 314 High Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football 11A-1213. "Who fears to ofend takes the frst step pleased' Chotsie is another one of those boys who claix his favorite hobby is members of the opposi sex. But at Fordham University we don't thin he will have much time for girls. ELIZABETH MESERLIAN 1219 E. Chelten Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: Glee Club 10A-1115, P.T.C. Re resentative IOA, A.A. Representative 1lA, 12 Monitor 10A, Table Aide IOA, 11B-12A. "The way to be safe is never to be secure." Bettie's hobby is singing, and she hopes for career as a secretary. Best of luck! MARY ANN MILES 300 W. Coulter Street Home Making "Patience is the key of content." To nurse the sick is Mary's ambition. Such industrious person certainly deserves lots luck in her future career. PATRICIA ANN MINTIENS 8642 Provident Road Commercial ACTIVITIES: Senator IIB, A Capella Choir IZB, Linguist Club IZB. "Opportunity, sooner or later, comes to all who work and wish." We're sure Pat will have no trouble becoming someone's secretary because of her ambition and sincerity. Good luck, Pat. ELVIRA ROMA MITCHELL 6528 Chew Avenue Academic ACTIVITIES: Dancing IOA-IZB, Ballroom dancing IIB-IZB, Locker Aide IZA, Activities Committee IZA, Career Conference Committee IZA, A.A. Council IZB. "Good order is the foundation of all good things." Elvira has been a real credit to our Alma Mater with her dancing. She hopes to be secretary to a lawyer and we are sure that she and her boss will always win their case. JANET MITTMAN 1638 Mohican Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Ballet IOB-IZB, Tumbling IOB- IZB, Library Aide IZA-IZB, Monitor IZA. "lt is not the victory that makes the joy of noble hearts, but the combatf' Dizzy plansl to become a medical technician. In her spare time shrlikes to draw. With her pleasing personality she will be a success in what- ever she does. f A 'l ,, iii, . ' W I A .gl DIANE MODELL I 5934 N. ZIst Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Bowling, Linguist Club, Ballet, Hockey, Volleyball, Nurses' Aide. "They also serve who only stand and wait." Success to Dee as a journalist. We know that she will always have fun with her hobbies of horseback riding and painting. JOHN DAVID MONAGHAN 2558 N. Corlies Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Senior Advisor IZA. "All power, even the most rlespotie, rests ulti- mately on opinion." Good things come in small packages and with Johnnie this is certainly true. He hopes to be a salesman some day, and we know he'll sell just what he tries to! ROCHELLE JANICE MORRIS 7387 Rugby Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Dramatic Club, Treasurer IZA, IZB, Ballet, IZA-IZB, Bowling IIB, Table Aide IIA-IIB, Linguist Club IIA, Typing Editor IZB. "It is better fo be nobly remembered, than to be nobly born." Shelly, one of our yearbook typists, plans to be a secretary. We know if the kind of work that she did on the yearbook is an indication of the way she works, she will be a very welcome employee. 84 FELMAR DIAN MORSE 1634 Bainbridge Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Clipper Representative IOA-IOB, P.T.C. Representative IIA-IIB, Alternate 11A, IOB, Senator IZA, Scenery Club IIB, Linguist Club IOA, IZB, Monitor IIB, Art Editor IZB. "Nature is rommanfling by obeying herf' Felly has been quite active while at G.H.S. She can be found wherever there is some one else of interest. Loads of success and happiness in your chosen career as an art teacher. . ,gr J - EDITH CECELIA Moss C .Lip 221 W. Hortter Street ACTIVITIES: A Cappella Choir IIB-IZB, Clip- per Representative IOA-IIA Dancing IOA-IZA, Historical Honorary Society IZA-IZB, Vice- President of Germantown Schools Community Council IOB-IZB, Linguist Club IIA-IZB, Senior Advisor IZA, School Activities Editor IZB, Week-long Work Camp IZA. "An effort made for the happiness of others lifts above ourselves." Edie will make a good social worker we are sure. She has made lots of friends while at G.H.S. Best of luck. " frlji 64' ,fo X? vs:i ,,'.i,s i,Q:!I.l:A. Lux, 'l'O Q f ceptfcm , 'I SX ' S X , EILEEN ANNE MOSTELLER 78 Church Lane Commercial ACTIVITIES: P.T.C. Representative IZA. Wfe cannot be just nnless we are kinrl-hearted." Eileen likes to paint and someday wishes to become a secretary. We know she will go far in whatever she does. rr I I 1 c.. A MARVQN' SIDNEY NA EL A 'V d Suee .Z I, ACTIVITI : . Baseball IOA. ' "I11stiee delayerl, is Iustice denied." l Marv plans to attend Temple Universi so he can become an accountant. We always will remember his quick wit. ROBERTA CONSTANCE NEHRENBERG 7256 Limekiln Pike Academic ACTIVITIES: Girls' Glee Club, Monitor, Lin- guist Club IZB. "A man cannot leave a better legacy to the uorld than a well ezlncatetl family." Bobbie is a girl who wishes to become a medical technician. She also has a talent for thc piano. DORIS ANNE NORTH 443 E. Walnut Lane Commercial ACTIVITIES: Leaders Club IZB. "The innocent seldom find an uneasy pillow." Doris wishes to become a typist and when not typing will be found playing the piano, Begg gf luck in the future, Doris. SHELDON NOVACK 1601 E. W,ynsan1 Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Basketball 12A-1215, Cross-Coun- try, Tennis, Senator, Senior Advisor, Class Sec- retary 12B. "A light heart lives long? Skip will be found reading when not drilling teeth. He plans to attend the University of Pennsylvania to be a dentist. Lots of success and happiness in the future. BARBARA GAIL OAKLEY 503 Evans Aca m'c ' ACTIVITIES: Ballroom,D ' -IIB. in- guis b , i g esti al 11A, Ph Z: gr. te IZA, Co r's Ai . "A r lling t an I 114 1? s." , Barb wants t b edical c c , but w think she,l up dancing. dancing was a credit t Germantown. GARY OHLIN 6411 Lambert Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Senator 10A-IIA, Senior Advisor, Swimming Team 10B-1213, TreasurerJJ2A Class, Presigxpz QW 'f . "Hun reds 1L'0Illd Al'8 Zzozrn ivnnt if they had 1zot 1' te." Gary will ahirvays e ougwhere there is ex- citement. He is undecided about his career but hopes to attend the Universiy of Pennsylvania. We know he'll be a great success in whatever he does. 6 - JUDITH MAE OLDER 1717 Mayland Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Table Aide 10B, Hall Monitor IZA. "A nzan's true wealth is the good he does in the 'LLOTId.n Judie will become a teacher and we are sure her students will like her sweet singing voice. Best of luck and success in the years to come. JEANE OLIVER 44 W. Mill Road Academic ACTIVITIES: Linguist Club IZB, Basketball IZB, Senator. "Like the hee 'use should nmlze our industry our anzzcsemerztf' Jean wishes to become a nurse and we know she will make a good one. ETHEL ANN OLLIVIERRE 802 N. May Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 10A, 11A, 12B, Lead- ers Club 1OB-12A, Basketball CVarsityj 11A, IZA, Softball 1113, 12A, Tennis 11B-12A, Gown and Flowers Committee 11B, Special Activities Committee 10B-IIA, 12B. "Imagination is the eye of the soul." Ethel wishes to be a criminologist and plans to attend the Institute of Criminology. Best of luck in the future. v Q. " -. A hi X 'K h Q if K 'K , 4 -Q2 1 1' ' . -a' 'r 1,2 fx ...,..,,,s5:.,-. ' . 2: 'WW' 2-171' -.,1.'f.w .qi Z.. ,,,. -:1..,.1 ,. . M1 A en. vs .. ff 43.11--123 .0 1 1, fi 44 .,,. 'L 1 ufrfr. JS! V ': ' is f f ,Q ,f f f f f f X r X X K 22 ' ' , j f ii Q2 f 2 f 42 A ,, .,,,, ZW - 1-21.1. 'WW Z i ,i .4 - ,,,. ., . ' ',V,, ., .-,M J V ,E , Q-K 2' , , f f 9 Z., .1...-,, , f .L.1..,,.. ...,......-,..... .. -. , .,.. .....-.. ,. HENRY OPFERMAN 4922 Keyser Street L Industrial I ff "We iini hte only what .elie fe nfl ndvrnisyffi Hank jisfgoing to jyin the ' .fldg'11lia'fIe many7LQ4fiiei1j7Hyb'liill? at ' I, K' X' L f I K y . .rj . , 'il f ' --.1 C ANDREW GUY PATTERSON 5535 Devon Street Mechanical Arts ACTIVITIES: Senator 10A, Alternate 11B, Track Team IOA-12B, Cross-Country 10A-12B. "Humor is the harmony of the henrtf' Andy collects books and wishes to make a career of the Army. Best of luck, "General" Patterson. THOMAS PELZER 8222 Bayard Street Academic "Men at some times are masters of their fates." Tom hopes to be an electrician. Spring Garden Institute's the school for him GW ww' M5 l vw- 1' ETHEL REBECCA PERKINS 403 E. Price Street ACTIVITIES: Library Aide 12A, Nurses' Aide 12A-12B, Dancing 103, 1215, Gym Leaders 12A, Monitors 10A, 12B. "Unselfsh and noble actions nre the most radiant pages in the biography of sonlsf' Ethel, with her many interests, has chosen nurs- ing as a profession. She will offer patients a lot of encouragement, we're sure. ANNE GERALDINE PHILLIPS 1166 E. Upsal Street Academic ACTIVITIES: A Cappella Choir 10B-IZB, Late Room Aide 10B-12B, Leaders Club IIB-12B, Linguist Club 11B-IZB, Historical Honor Society 12A-1215, Activities Committee 12A. "A good man does good merely hy livingf' Gerri will be a credit to G.H.S. when she goes into government work. Her singing with the A Capella Choir has won her many friends. Best of luck in the future. GLORIA ROSE PIGHINI 4553 N. Uber Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Swimming, Leaders Club 1215, Bowling 12B. "Good humor is one of the bust articles of rlress one can wear in society." Glor, with her interest in art and her beautiful alto voice, is planning to be a secretary. We wish her best of luck. 85 ROBERTA MAE PUGI-I 1531 N. 23rd Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Nurses' Aide, Library Aide, Lost and Found Aide, Dancing, Leaders Club IZB. "There is but one virtue, the eternal sacrifice of selff' Bobbie's hobby is dancing. As for real work she'll be a secretary. We foresee a raise in the very near future, Miss Pugh. ROSALIND RABINO 8333 Williams Avenue Academic ACTIVITIES: Clipper Representative IOA, IOB, Library Aide 10A-IIB, Lunchroom Aide IOB- IIB, Swimming Club IOA, Tennis Club IZA. "W'hvrc thcrc is no hope thi-rv can hc no enn'vni'or." Rozzie's on her way to becoming a success as a secretary! We know you'll be happy at Temple. RU RAUDENBUSH 55 6 Ardleigh Street W .Academic ACTIYITIES: Dancipg IIA, Bowling IIB, IZA, IIB, Hockey 10B,ILinguist Club IOB-IIB, Sen- .i01"'Ailvisor i17A,l'C0l0r Guard IIB, IZA, IZB, Table Aide IZA, Softball IZA, Senior Class Trip Representative IZA, Photographic Editor. "Hu1nii!y is to make a right estimate of 0ne'S milf." Ruth's pleasant disposition is known to all at G.H.S. Won1en's Medical College will be glad to have Ruth as one of its nurses. ELIZABETH ANN REED 188 Herman Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Swimming IOA, Softball 10A- IZA, Locker Aide IIA-IZB. "Hope uvzrps judgment in council, but quickens energy in actionf' Betty will help many people on their way back to health at Women's Medical College, where she plans to study nursing. Good luck to you! SHIRLEY BEATRICE REED 3502 N. Z4th Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Dancing IOA, IZB, Tumbling IIB, IZB, Ballet IOB-IZB, Dramatics IZB. "A great mind will neither give an affront or hvnr one." Shirley's been one of our mainstays in the ballet department. She will always be on her toes as a stenographer. PATRICIA ELLEN REEDER 1978 Penheld Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Locker Aide, Hall Monitor, Gym Monitor. "lt is thc will that nmlzcs thc action goofl or lnm'." Park hobby is painting. She wishes to try her hand at secretarial work. Good luck and may you always remember G.H.S. 86 K ' xf l A 1 -, pv p I lx, . ' 'R J' t - sg VV.. 5 A R tv V4 . 'at , 5 , . U Q ,tl , Q we 1 - ,TJ f F L f 9, 1. 0 f, i .Jim ,golf lx Jill ii MILTON CHARLES REISEN 8234 Bayard Road Commercial ACTIVITIES: A.A. Representative IZB, Special Activities Committee IZB. "Happiness is flu' XIIPITHII' object of existence." Skip likes to fish and plans to becon1e an insur- ance broker. Lots of happiness and success in the future. DORIS CATHERINE RICHARDSON 5910 McCallum Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Monitor IIB, Lunchroom Aide 1oA, 1212. "Light is the task where many share the toilf' Howard University will get a fine nursing stu- dent in Doris. If not on campus, look for her in the local swimming pool. Q AUDREY MARYLAN RIGHMAN 823Ij Temple' 'Road ,Academic ACTIVITIES? A Cappella Choir IOA-IZB, Li- brary Aide 10A, Late Room Aide IIB, coun- sellorls Aide I0 , Sbnio Adviser IZA, Historical Honorary Socie f fy ZB, Monitor IZB. "Our own hea , and ot other men's opinion, forms ozlr Sdlife honor. ' Audrey is so full of fun and laughter that we are going to miss her when she graduates. Ele- mentary Education is her goal. VICTOR GILBERT RINKER 7867 Michener Avenue ' Academic ACTIVITIES: A Cappella Choir 10A-IZB, Sen- ior Advisor IZA, Manager Znd Football Team IOB, Manager Ist Football Team IIB, Alternate IIA. "In all things it is better to hope than to clespairf' Vic has made a lot of friends at Germantown. He plans t attend Penn State University. KI M ljl. ' 1' l Ll J L' RY MARVIN ROBBINS , 719 Mohican Street 'X cademic A ACTIVITIES: Li t Club, a , wimming, Track, Dramatics nator, i ee of Ten. "Much wisdom of oe fi fc est words." Jerry is undecided a his ca e r but we know that whateve c undertak s to do he will make a hit. LOUISE ROBERTS I ff 'QQ 736 Mayfair Street Commercial "No lcgncy is so rich as honestyf' Louie likes to travel and we are sure she will go far. Best of luck in the future. RUTH MARIE ROBINSON 506 Midvale Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: Senator 10A-IIA, Leaders Club, Alternate IIB. "A true friend is forever a friend." When Ruthie graduates from Howard Univer- sity she will be a laboratory technician. Good luck to you in your chosen profession. We ex- pect big things of you. fivoctll-1. WALTER P. ROBINSON 310 Earlham Street Commercial "Wisdorrz is to the minrl what bcaltb is to tbc body." Buddie is the silent type. He is not sure what he will do upon his graduation but we're sure he'1l be successful. MARCIA R. ROSENTHAL 2023 Nedro Avenue A Academic ACTIVITIESVK ram " Club 11 , Leaders Club 11A-1.5 ,'C b 10 ..Alternate 1OA, 10Bf! P.T . Representative f 12B, Monitor 11B. "No person is eitb 's happy or so zmbappy as be imagines." ' Marcy is always ready to gi' a helping hand. She plans to further he ucation at Temple University. Best of luc ' the future. l ROBERT HAR D f-ROTH ' 4 1611 E. Yer es Street Academic ACTIVITIES:JBowling Team IIB-IZBT, Class Dues Representative 12B. ,P Y L " Y "A life spent ivortbily Should be measured by deeds, not gears." Bob, who is always a lot of fun, will surely succeed at any college he may attend. Good luck! sewing and we wish her successl t Pc is a e and as a secretary. lv' , J' if iv'- gg .,.,. -43. Sv 'W y f hi X ip., Eff' 1 "fi.f173i'14'j. X iffiifi l Ki? Qi-fltfl' 1 .i 'K' 2 W r , 7 .V v A C T if , A A V .,.,., Q., cf ,- f . ,aa N - wwe . , ... 1 I, .N 1 ' CORINE ELIZABETH ROWLINS M I , 209 W. Price Street Q 'T , 1- -',' 1. Commercial A j i, Iwi' Aww ' X ACTIVITIES: Leaders Club 11A, 11B, Dancing ' H. 1013, 11A, 12A, Table Aide IOB. Vfe jiff' ,Q -zy A m fafgigg "Nature and 'wisrlonz always say the same." "i' .- Success to Corine as a secretary. We know that I - she will always have fun with ther hobby of 1 , dancing. R ,l 1 l ,ff X ff' fl 4 I "'ff'-Fil-lie, WILMA ANN ROWS L' ,W fp ' V 39 W. Upsal Stret ,l 'ff X A. . Commerkial i , 'M ACTIVITIES: Leaders Clttb 1 , onitor Bl ff my ' P.T.C. Representative 12HfD', I s ,, "Give tba worlil the best 3"u IJ ve fllflie best Q ffl will come back to you." M. "X i 'X' a ll ,ff We hope Willy continues with,ife hobbylftfff ,gift J , T 1' A f ,f W , ive, fi' -f -5,27 ' aa 555215 1-'H Ts M7 REGINAIIU ARTHUR WILLIAM RUSSELL, JR. 258 E. Johnson Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Senator 1OA, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Baseball, Varsity Baseball. "A still tongue shows a wise bead." Reg's ability to make friends and his aid to thc baseball team will always be remembered by the kids at G.H.S. We wish him success in what- ever business he might undertake. DOROTHY LEA RYZINSKI x 3537 N. Lawrence Street Academic Aicfiwiiixgtgkian cn. 1015, Locker Aide 12A, Alternate , S 'or Advisor 1 A. ffwe fix! ways' om- rabies h fefi A+ m..1ff" us!-A-i .-77? V As a quiet in mQEl nurgggie jill always E5v3p 3tEEvL succeecfcand always DAVID SABOE 455 Cosgrove Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Swimming 11A-IZB, Art Editor of Reviflere. "Great a is an instai in er1iity." Dave s eaded for t c U ' ersity of Pennsyl- van' . Th to ve the art work h e i e saff. Don't forget G.H.S. May the future bring you success and happiness. EDINA SALUS 1314 Yerkes Street Academic ACTIVITIES: A Cappella 10B-12B, Dramatics IIB-12B, Table Aide 12A, Senior Activities, Linguist Club 10A, IOB, 1113, Library Aide 10A-1013, Infirmary Aide IOB, 11A. "No virtue is safe that is not enthusiastic." Edina's pretty soprano voice will take her far in her profession of music. Lots of success at Temple. J I l i a GERALDINE RACHEL SANDERS 132 XV. Price Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Leaders Club IZB, Dancing, Mothers, Representative 10A. "Restraint is the golden rule of e11joyme1zt." Gerry is destined to be a good secretary. We will miss seeing her smiling face in the halls. JANET MAE SCHMIDT 4833 N. 18th Street Commercial "The truest wisdom, in general, is a resolute rleternziriatioilf, Janet's quiet manner and pleasing smile, is sure to win her a top job as a secretary. C23 5,2 I1 i. , ,. i ' if ' I.. iv K 1 ' , ' A v I , QQALLIE GAMEROISISFQCHQYEMAISIISI I 4,10 W. Hqrvey Street J' ' ' K Academi ' ACTMIVITIES1 Baytown-ciih of Revirlere, Na- tionnl Hgbqr Society Meifxber, G-Pin Award, Vol- leyball 1213, B0?!In,CIUb 10A-1213, Swimming Club 10A-IZB, Vice-President A.A. Board IZB, Senator IIA: Senior Adviser, XVeek-long Work Camp IIA, Germantqgn Schools Community Council 11A-12B., gsllss oqginamion 11A-12B. "The rcuuard of a thing well rlone is to have done iff, Thanks to Sal we have a top-M29 yearbook. She has an ability for making friends that we all envy. All we can say ls, 'the patients that she takes care of as a nu-rse will be very lucky people. Thanks for :ill you've done! if wiv MARY- R . 1 N e 1 eet ,l , 1 mn ercm IAC IVITIES: olleyb.I A OB, Leaders Club IOA, mmink I , nis. "Make "4 guin s hu fork of fivcf, Jayne t ms she N-lnts 0 e a secretary, but we think that she will b 'omen's tennis cham- pion someday. EUGENE SCHRIVER 6249 N. 17th Street Mechanical Arts ACTIVITIES: J.V. Basketball 10A, Track and Field IOB. "A man in earnest finds 1116ll1lS, or if he cannot find, creates them." Skip is bound to be a top-notch mechanical engineer. Indiana Tech. will be proud of you as a student. . l I , MK 1,110 A .1 surly T .V-Lf T I i Klllvfllllfc at J 171' ELE SEGA ' w ' 1855 . Washington Lane Academic ACTIVITIES: Dramatics 11B,f12A, Linguist Club 1013, 11A, 12A, 1f2'B, Aire nate 1013, 11A, Bowling 10B-11B, P. .CJ ep e nzative 11B, 12A, Girls, Glee clu 12B L. "In moflerating, not in s zsfying desire, lies peace? On to Temple for Ele rltary Education. Envy the class that has Adele for a teacher! ELAINE TOBY SHERMAN 1719 E. Wynsam Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Dramatic Club 11B-IZB, F.T.A. IZA, Historical Honorary Society IZA, 12B, Bowling Club IZA, 12B, Clipper Representa- tive IOA, 11B, IZA, Linguist Club 12B. "The thirst of rlcsire is never fillerlylzor fulp satisfied." 1,-2 Toby is always willing to do something to help others. Germantown will missiJ'thi.s fulfure teacher. .iN fix, M , .. - .5 . I . 3, 4 . PATRICIA EDNA SHERMAN 2443 Wharold Street Home-making "Dulir.1i'y is to thc mind what fragrance is to rin- fruit." I".it will be a successful little waitress. On off-hours, she will continue collecting records. 88 ive on 3 1 -- .l .. f.-1 sXNgke.X. -1.. Nail-9.1. 5, x 1- A . s 5. 'j g I BARRY SI-IOMER 1318 Yerkes Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Bowling IZB, A.A. Representative. "Fate liwnls flu' willing." Barry wishes to become n ph:u'n1acist after his studies at Temple. Best of luck in the future. SONDRA JOY SHRALOW 1105 E. Johnson Stree ACTIVITIE A ' -. . , clipper Rep- resentati e , Cop ,ui of Clipper IZA, D s I b 11 ZA, Activity Committee Trip it e 12A Literary Editor of fidere, ws Ed or of C. per. O s determ l . 5 zurh as we deter- mi our deeds." 'i l l Journalism is a gan ocf tion for Sandy as she has done a good jo n our Clipper staff. Good fortune at Temple University. , I cade cf' ' IS I' jg? l 1 SAUL LEWIS SIEGEL 5836 Kemble Avenue Academic ACTIVITIES: P.T.C. Representative 12B. "Nothing can he truly great which is not right." ' Saul's going to be a lawyer. He intends to study at Dickinson to further his education. Good luck! jx I ILT yi N 1 1 'C 1 gf" c' r i if -I V J . 1 . L ' I 1 we A J AVALONISILVER yi xi L 1500 E. Duval Street ' X, Academic ACTIVITIES: Librray Aide 10A, 10B, Linguist Club 10A-11B, Bowling Club IOA, 1015, F.T.A. 12A. "Character needs roomg must not he rrowflerl. It neetls perspective, as a great building." Avie's quiet manner will help her to become a good medical technician. She has always been helpful and fun to know. JANICE ARGENA SIMPSON 418 E. Armstrong Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Nurses' Aide, Linguist Club 12B, Dance Group 12B. "Out of the ahunclante of the heart the mouth speakethf' Jan hopes to become a medical technician. Best of luck in the future to a swell girl. RICHARD JAY SMALL 801 E. Upsal Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Bowling 12A, 1213. ffE1ferything great is not always good, but all good things are great' Rich will work hard in the insurance business after his course at the University of Miami. His friends remember the good times they had with him at G.I'I.S. K f ffl K., 1.7, -in J-'ir V ,741 .L Aqri . L GLORIA MAE SMITH 3052 N. 9th Street Commercial "What we arzlently wish we soon helievef' Gloria hopes to be a typist but in our eyes we see her washing diapers and ironing shirts. Best of luck in whatever you do. Josrr . SMITH 42 . Ellet Street Acad ic ACTI T lter !af2B. "Gr r o h 'hat good sense is to the mini' xx ' , J I ill o -T e Un ' yfozl Pei-insylvania to dy onzutieal 16 lring. We will re- mem s :apa " ,ilearning and his de- ' 0 worlik-J, MARGARET SMITH 5841 Maple Street Home-making "Rank and riches are chains of gold, but still chains." Margaret enjoys dancing and in the future she hopes to be a homemaker. Hope all your dreams come true! 7 A O .11 1 ' If Q 1 iff 4 SQIE If X ITH ,fl 1 'W. ver Street ' W mercial AC I : om Dancing, Leaders Club. "Go tast is Hauer of good sensef' S i hope to ecome a typist. If we know Susie, she'l something spectacular later in life. We'd better keep our eye on her. lf Y A CAROL SMITH N 3 Johnson Street f 5, cademic i TIVEIES: ' ical Hon ary Society IIA, .1 H Presmt, lipperggsiness Staff 11A, I 12A Fiqgncial M a , Senior Advisor It Balle A, Se to B, Alternate IIB, Voll bal , Dram 'c ub IIB, 12A. "To e tl g good is m most glorious task." As a radio and televis n broadcaster, Sylvia will surely make good. er sense of humor will be missed by the many fri nds she has made here. JOANNE LOUISE SMITHEY 6718 Chew Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 12B aske !l2B, Modern Dance Group 12 , Le d 12B, Clipper Repr ntat' e B Zsers' Associa- tion Repres ati , P. . Representative IOA. A ff 'Tortun ,fi 'e i e aero wig 'ntlust1'y." Sports a al y , ' Joanne. We kno My dr who gets her as a sec ary w'l ' e be fortu at j amz V - -Q. ,K .. . .. ., ' ai , Q -V "sn" ig. x 1 X s S. t-fi.-, "SGI , - -.R NM is ' rg + Q, -e. s. , 5' " 1 t 'Q' n Q. . N ., .X N ,. 57,7 . 2. r .., Ji Z ,mi R A W 'if 1 1 4 5 i KY H 'gf' , ,, 1 . 1 I W-.7 3 Z E J Z! ev ' 1 T ,ni M' ef 1 , A , WWW? fy ffgff, ,,,,, W, ,f I g 0 S! Commerci I 41,6 nf' X IW I YN MARIEV UCKER 104 Newhall treet ACTIVI ES: Swimming IOA, IOB, Bowling 10B-12B, Tennis 11A, 12A, Class Organization 1115, IZA, 123, Band 1115, Girls' Glee Club 10A, 10B, Senior Advisor IZA. "Life that ever needs forgiveness has for its first duty to forgizfef' Good in sports and ready to work identifies Marilyn. She will be a great contribution to the college of her choice. Lots of luck! X 1 , EL OR SO LOW ocatio al J ACT IT S in uis Cl 10 0B, Ball- ioo anc ng 0A Tkgkblin 10APP.T.C. Rep- rese tative 1 z w h uhiqh be orefs ussxli' in daily life Q he pri tvisilon . ix E anor is alwfays wrling o help but as an artist sheill have Iittli timerfor boys, We arc afraid. 9 229104 sly 130 X . Rusc Street N, l ' N X ts 1 ' g ' -it X . ' X N xx, N t f U V ix" J JOSEPH CLIN G 131 . H rtter Street CJ Academic ACTIVITIES: Swiinming Team, Senator 12B. "Peace is the golden wisp that binds the sheaf of blessings." "Judge" is a great joker and plans to enter the Air Force after graduation. Whatever he un- dertakes, we know he will be a great success. SANDRA HELENA SPEIGHT 325 W. Carpenter Lane Academic ACTIVITIES: Leaders Club 10A-12A, Dancing 10A-12B, Manager, Linguist Club 12A, Ballet 12A, 12B, Ballroom Dancing 12A. "Genius finds its own road, and carries its own lamp." Nwant some custom made clothes? Why don't you see Sandy as she is going to have her own designing business. Success in everything! BARBARA ELEANOR STECK 7234 Sommers Road Commercial ACTIVITIES: Majorette 10B-IZB, Bowling 10B. "It is the will, and not the gift that makes the giverf' Barbara, as a little majorette, has really added to the fun of our football games. We wish her luck as a secretary. BARBARA STEIN 1501 E. Washington Lane Commercial ACTIVITIES: Lunchroom Aide 12A. "Sometimes the best gain is to losef' Whether it be typing, shorthand or dictation, Bobbi will do a superb job. Lots of good luck to you." 1 1-,, I -ri-J I 1 I C LAQ1 lj , - , , 1 1 I . , , V . I, 1 C11 'lol f ,f ,f tfcffi-lf' P, f 1 . JEROME CARL STUN 5 f J CHARLES A. TAFT 6742 Aunaekiln Pike I li 4521 N. Bouvier Street CH emlc Mecl an"al Arts ACTIVITIES: Football 103132565211 10A,SWim- in ACTIVITIES: J.v. Sofilcr IOB, viii-sity soccer IZB' . . " f A M' 1lB, Senior Advisor IZA. xrtue and genuine graces in themselves, speak -PI A ffwl, mn do more good by ljfing good than in what no words can utterf' 1-' I "-' X' ,mv other u.,,y,-i Temple will be f0l'lUl1ate in Setflng .Iel'l'Y- Lots A What would our soccer team have been like of luck In the field of electronics. without Chalcy? He should get along famously - fi -,X with his buddies in the Navy. . who ROBERT LEWIS STEPHENSON 435 E. Pleasant Street -I Mechanical Arts ' 3' "Fame is the perfume of heroic deeds? .A BEVERLY CAROL THORONTON ACTIVITIES: senator 12A. - K V 31 NZrrangeSrflSfreer Bob's good humor and ability to get along with I X Q X A il I ommercla people will take him far in whatever profession 1 " QEZIIVITLE2: Clipper, liallitlgijifiballi h fu l L fl k- h f l p 4 euse eyzsawags r . e may 0 ow cts O uc m t e uture , QF Bev is another girl who has chosen to be a K. ' ---- secretary. We are sure that the boss will like 4,152 2 -fn her pleasing manner and willingness to work. 1 LORETTA STERN Q if . , w'm'Q-- 8238 Williains Avenue 'Wi 'J- Ill ia Academic - -' ' -il in ACTIVITIES: Baller 1 -1213 S m ' I l I . I7 'I K IIB, IZA, Volleyball , Le A ft , T GB ' gtfflqg PE Club 1oA, IIA. Tu -II 12 l I oi-ical Ag Mm S3125 Lgfi sdfeerll Honor Society fPr s'd I B, Class f 3 Industrial Activities IZB, viser . i ACTIVIES: Track IOA' mulls not wb" be bas' 0' ew" wbaf be does . f "Good actions crown themselves with lasting ll'l"fb 4'-'l"fC5S'?5 H10 U'0"f f ll b f what A waysg who deserves well, needs not another,s lk' lS.', I . praise-u Full of-fun and- mischie, ivacious Loretta Bob will never be unnoticed. UP in the air, 'level' falls to f9C9lVe 3 l ll- with her SUHHY his red hair is sure to be seen even from the gl5P05lfEJl1 and ?'llll'58ne5S t0 do thlngs She ground, as he will join the Air Force. as ma e many rien s at G.H.S. AARON EARL STRADFORD " 147 E. Sharpnack Street Commercal . "Character is the real foundation of all worth- while success." ' if ' -. ',. jg Aaron is a clever, industrious young man who .Bmw ' hopes to make singing his career. Good luck to ' 3 a swell boy. P A r ' --"' ,.,.- .e" -I - It .19 SI , 'vef 'A CAROLE ANN SWEET ' 'f-- ' f'1 if 5522 Devon sweety 'l" 'esl'I1 Acadfmic ACTIVITIES: Historiciil Honorpry Society IIA- IZA, Bowling 12A-IFB, Sehjor Adviser IZA, Swimming IOA-10 IlLinguist Club 11A-12A, A.A. Representati' IOA-4I'0B, Class Activities 1213, Luncheoilrg Co' mittee I2B. "The only 'way to have a friend is to be one." Carole is bound to give Conrad Hilton a run for his money when she takes up her profession of hotel administration. Good luck at Penn State! x aww N Is MARTHA ANNE SYKES 8313 Afaleigh street! , S Academic I ACTIVITIES: Historical Honorary Society IIA- IZA, Linguist Club IOB-IZA, Senator IOA, Sen- ior Advisor I2A, A.A. Representative IOA-IOB, , Q Swimming IOA, Hockey IOB, Commencement f Chairman IZB. 4 we "The greatest of faults is to be conscious of 1 1 none." At Beaver College, Martha will succeed for she has always been willing to aid here at G.H.S. Good luck in the law profession. 7' 90 WILLIAM JOSEPH TRAVAGLINI 121 W. Queen Lane Industrial ACTIVITIES: J.V. Baseball IOA, Varsity IIA, IZA. "The gift of gaiety may itself be the greatest good fortune, and the most serious step toward maturityf' Bill is the boy who can tell you all about target shooting. His goal is the Air Force and knowing Bill as we do, we're sure he'll hit his target. l wel 'M I .Lx f ROSEMARIE TREMOLINI ' 541 High Street Commercial "An acre of performance is worth the whole world of promise." Roe has made many friends at G.H.S. and plans to do oflice work after graduation. Success and happiness to you, Roe. RICHARD ALLEN TUCKER 225 E. Sharpnack Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Varsity Baseball, Varsity Football, 3rd Team Basketball, Senator. "lt is far easier to know men than to know man." Tuck is one of our favorite football players and without him our team would have lacked that spark in the backfield. Temple will surely get a prize when Rich gets there, PATRICIA ANNE TURNER 137 E. Johnson Street Academic I ACTIVITIES: Bowling IOA-IZB, F.T.A. 10B- IIB, Linguist Club 10A-IZB, National Honor Society IIB-IZB, President IZB, Senior Advisor IZA, Library Aide 10A-IZA, Personals Editor of Revidere IZB, Senior Frolic Committee IZB, Special Activities Committee IZB, Junior and Senior Class Organization. "lt is a little stream which flows softly, but il freshens everything along its coursef, Without Pat these personals would not have been written. She worked hard on them and we think she did a wonderful job. She wants to be a teacher and attend Pennsylvania State University. Lots of luck to this versatile girl and friend of all. mf, 1 lbffi , ,. 'V tk I ,qi , l , V 'li ' L' , lfxcfakalflf qt., ' XVDORO IHY JQA. VARIMBI 1 1308 . Lyco ing Street ' A ,Lijaflfv Commer ia s .-rAf,QiteU4h' 71 is nerer less alo L,tbaPg,u'her1 he is alon .' f Dot is an attractive girl W s nds her time with her friends. We're w'h1ng you success in whatever vocation you may undertake. CATHERINE BARBARA VASS 92 E. Ashmead Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Library Aide, Leaders Club, Danc- ing, Baseball. "Memory, the daughter of attention, is the teem- ing mother of knowledgef, Cass, too, wants to be a secretary. We don't think that she will be ever without a job be- cause a good secretary is usually in demand. g xy rv! ,.! RICHARD CARL WAKER 8110 Rodney Street fig I 'fxav Mechanical Arts - f ' ACTIVITIES: Track Team IIA-IZA, Stage Crew IIB-IZB, Engineers' Club IZA-IZB. "Talent is pouqer, tact is skill." Drexel Institute is for Dick, where he plans to study engineering. Best of luck. WILLIAM B. WALDMAN ZZ9 E. Upsal Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Varsity Basketball, Varsity Soc- cer, Varsity Baseball, Senator, Alternate. "The end of labor is to gain leisure." Bill's quite a boy. He will have a place in the business world some day. Best of luck. EDITH MARTHA WALKER 6427 Chew Avenue Commercial ACTIITIES: Leaders Club, Tennis. "Only actions give life strengthg only modera- tion gives it a charm." Patsy has a sweet personality and plans to be an office worker. She will be found ice skating in her spare time. fee nfl! 7 Q. rf- ? v X i 'Oil gh 'M 1' if ffztfgfff V ' ' 'A 5 . f .. ,,.. if , , , y .., .,.. , . X amy 4 W AZ ' I GRACE WALKER 209 W. Price Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Leaders Club, Dancing. "Time wasted is existence, used is life." Gracie wishes to become a nurse and we hope she does. The world can always use good nurses. YVONNE MARIE WALKER 209 W. Price Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Dancing, Leaders Club. "Aflmire those who attempt great things even though they fail." Yvonne plans to enter the nursing profession. You couldn't have picked a mo e wonderful care Best of uck to a sw girl. fi. A giving NORMA WANG 4101 Germantown Avenue Academic ACTIVITIES: Bowling 10A-IZB, Swimming 10A-IIA, Latin Club 10A-IZB, Senator 10A- IIB, National Honor Society IIB-IZB, Commit- tee of Ten IZA-IZB, Color Guard 11A-IZB, A.A. Board and Council 11A-IZB, Historical Honorary Society IZA-IZB, President of Stu- dents Association IZB. "The two offices of memory are collection and distribution." Norm is a girl who knows what she wants and we are sure she will get it. She plans to attend Bryn Mawr College and study to be a doctor. I X L66 OG ' STER WARMERDAM 35 W o s 0 Road .fe c ACTIVITI . arsity ootball 10B-IZB. "Method and dispatch govern the world." Without Roge our f otball team would have been minus one star tackle! He wants to be an engineer, but we think that he will end up play- ing Pro-Football. CAROLE MAY WARNER 7936 Fayette Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Softball IZA, Leader IZB. "Charm strikes the sight, hut merit wins the soulf, We know Carole will be a big success at Penn State University just as she has been at G.H.S. Best of luck in the future years. CHARLES W. WAYNS 6116 N. Zlst Street Industrial ACTIVITIES: Cross-Country IIA, IZA, j.V. Basketball IIA, Varsity IZA, Track IIA. "Nature creates merit, and fortune brings it into play." Charlie was very active in sports while at Germantown. We wish him success in whatever he may undertake. evgbtigweger' JOAN MARGIE WEINER X 1328 E. Cardeza Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Linguist, Alternate, Dancing, Li- brary Aide, Table Aide. "There is merit without elevation, but there is no elevation without some merit." Jo enjoys collecting records and as a teacher she will be a great success, we're sure. PEARL WEISS 1910 W. 74th Avenue Academic ACTIVITIES: Senior Adviser I2A, Lost and Found Aide IIB-1213, Table Aide 11B-12A, Ballroom Dancing IOB, F.T.A. 11B, Honor So- ciety IZB. "An ounce of mirth is worth a pounrl of sor- row." Pearl is destained to be a success in anything that she attempts. With her high grades and will to learn, Temple will be as glad for her, as she will be for Temple. , l li iz f' J ,f A il , , 4 . 'S , ' f . nk, fx .L ' 0 1 xl?" MAXRION ROBER A ELSH ' ' M 3428 Queen Lane X Commercial IACTIVITIES: Modern Dancing 10B-12A, Ball- room Dancing 12A. "It is the mind that maketh good or ill, that maketh sad or happy, rich or poor." Marion wants to do some kind of oHice work and we are sure that she will be successful. It's been lots of fun knowing you while at G.H.S. HELEN WILEY cWUf in is 2 f We 'X its 3' . 5, if,-1 , V' "2 f f Qi 4, ? . ,Z 3140 N. zsai street M Commercial X1 "Moderation is the silken string running t rough the pearl chain of all virtues." Helen is a very eflicient girl and as a secretary she will do well. The business world will be getting a fine girl in Helen. DUANE ETHEL XVILLIAMS 7535 Limekiln Pike Corhmercial ACTIVITIES: xplvpqkeix 1013, Table Aide 11A, 1213. V 1 1 "Meditation is the nzu-ssh of t'ho:ght,Aa1ali t-Hnught the food for meditation." .N ' ii 2 Duane, better known as Deg, is an attractive blonde. We know that she'll succeed as a junior clerk at F.R.B. IREDELLE I. WILLIAMS 2321 W. Turner Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Dancing fBallroomj, Table Aide, P.T.C. Representative. "To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first." With Erie's personality she's destined to be a whiz in the business world. Best of luck at Temple University. 92 EMM, .. ai .-, fi Q I , 'VL fmt V , f x, 'a 'Di JOAN A. WILLIAMS 3006 Provident Road Academic "Thu enil must justify the means." joanie is destined to be the girl who is getting mixed up with the teacher of the same name. Could be the teacher is her mother! She WLIFICS to go to Penn State, and we know she will make a good student. JOAN E. WILLIAMS 16 Good Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Softball 10A-12B, Volleyball IIA. "Good manners are made up of petty saerificesf' Joan is usually found talking. We love her just the same and can see her in her job as an office worker in our crystal ball. SYLVIA WILLIAMS 202 E. Haines Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Glee Club, Swimming. "Enjoy present pleasures in such a way as not to injure future ones." Sylvia's quiet manner will be a great advantage to her in the future. Loads of luck when you become a secretary. ALMA RITA WURTZEL 1313 E. Cliveden Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Ballet 10B-1213, Tumbling 10B- 12B, Bowling 12A, Linguist IOB-IIA, Leaders Club IOA, Lunchroom Aide 12B, Historical Honor Society 12A. "Love makes obedience lighter than liberty." Either Penn State or New York U. will teach Alma the finer things about teaching. From what we've seen, however, she could give them a few pointers. Her artistic touch will get her far in life. SIMA ZATLYN 224 S Mt Pleasant Ro d Cub 11 12A H cal Honorary Society 12A Se A isor 12A rip Committee 12A Clfairman of Spe Co Activiti lj? o manners r :er an e en' the most awk- ward m if t ions 0 go She seenbmd have a mild m quiet exterior is an aw is undecided at pres ut we'll bet she'll be a success in whatever field she enters. D da ic ACTIVITIES: Li ary i , Linguist I - f, . . . , . . , e 1 ' - C' ' ' ' 2 . wil to others." t under that of drive. Sima HAROLD x NSTON ZELL, JR. 502 Vernon Road cademic ACTIVIT : . Representative 12B, Coun- sellors' Ai I "On 11 ter than his reputation, but new r e than his principle." Butch be wearing the uniform of the United States A r Force after graduation. I-Ie hopes to go into medicine after coming out of the Air Force. Loads of luck. I SUSAN ELAINE ZIMRING 726 E. Upsal Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Senator I2A, A Cappella IIA- 12B, Lunch Room Aide, Honor Award I2A. "VVhen faith is lost, and honor dies, the man is lost." Sue is one of the "singingest" kids we know. She will sing any place and usually does. The Temple Choir, which we are sure she will make, will help her in her career as a teacher. PAUL RICHARD ZINGLE 145 Wyneva Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Projection Club 10B-12A, Senior Advisor 12A. "The highest manhood resides in disposition, not in mere intelleetf' Ship ahoy! Paul's off to the U. S. Naval Acad- emy. We're betting on a sure win. Someday he'll be an admiral. DESSADRA AUDRIENNE BAKER 1511 N. Camac Street Academic "lt is not he that searches for praise that finds iff' De plans to become a teacher. Penn State will get a fine girl when De arrives there. We wish you all the happiness and success in the world. MARYANN BERNADETTA COCCHIMIGLIO 8120 Shawnee Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Student Council Representative, two years, Class Banker, Party Committee, Bul- letin Board Committee. "Deliberate uith caution, but act with decision and promptnessf' Dimples is her name and they are very prom- inent. Dimples enjoys taking snapshots and plans to become a secretary after her graduation at G.H.S. MARION DOROTHY CROUL 6230 Norwood Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: P.T.C. Representative IOA, Presi- dent of Distributive Education. Books are but waste paper unless we spend in action the wisdom we get from them." Winky, along with her job in an othce, is sure to continue her hobby of sewing. Good luck to you. rr X ALEXINE ANN DAVEY ' +52 W. Nippon, Street 5 T Comngercial , ACTIVITIES: P.T.C. Aepresentative 12B.fs' "Reserve -is the t' est expression of' iirespcet toward those who are its objects." Al is undecided about her future but We know that whatever she undertakes she will not fail. , in 3 1 ws si ,ds t if I f f .-X gy f ei . X ,,,, ff if f, , 'Z 4 a , ,,, , ,, W. M A 'Ha ie my , i , N ' my E4 A.,p , , 5 f ' I 3 ,Q If -".. 1 4 an . u" , J Q 1 3 3 ' C . , ive : Z- 0' ' ' H V... 1 , . ,H ay , . Wm , 1 we C . ., -' ' ,4.- . ., an ' 1 sf .. f .1 .V 1, X2 . .M M Ve' '- We K f 7 f 4 I ld, J 1, V 5 .,, ,e 4 , . QW ff' '15 if I like FANNY HORENSTEIN 542 Monastery Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: Monitor-Captain. "Men of talent are men for oec'asions.', After graduation from G.H.S. Fanny plans to don the smart uniform of a WAVE. Good for you, Fanny. Youlll be doing what you enjoy and you'll be serving the U.S.A. at the same time. WILLIAM D. KERR 2025 Walnut Lane Commercial ACTIVITIES: Band. "Reason and virtue alone can bestow lihertyf' Bill, while at Germantown was a member of our band. He hopes to be a photographer. May you develop your skill and be a snapping success. fo' ,J Us Jil- Q. ldv-Lf' fl :J MARJORIE ANN MILLER 7449 Beverly Road Commercial "The very perfection of a man, is to jind out his own imperfectionf' As a secretary, Margie will charm her boss with her big brown eyes. She likes to swim in her spare time. Best of luck in whatever you under- take, Margie. DORIS MOSS 1631 E. Wynsam Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Messenger for Counselors 10A, Mothers' Association Representative 11B. "justice is the constant desire and efort to render to every man his due.', Doris wishes to become a secretary and when not working will probably be found sketching. Loads of success and happiness in the years to come. JEANNETTE BARBARA NAULTY 5070 McKean Avenue Commercial ACTIVITIES: Bowling 10B-I2A, Swimming 10A-I2A, Tennis l1A, Archery IOB. "Every man is a volume, if you know how to read him." jean is an outdoor girl with a sweet smile. As a model she'll do well. Lots of success and happiness in the future - E A ,gl L . sl X' i ly-5 yy' A - so 0jwJvJ fi -MCKJROBERTA ANN NEWLIN fvh 851 E. Church Lane Home Making "Great souls have wills, feeble ones have only riches." Bobbie is easy to get along with and she will do well in whatever career she undertakes. Lots of luck and happiness in the future. JEANNE ELIZABETH SHARPE 2427 N. Bouvier Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Leaders Club 10A-12A, Tumbling IIA-IZA, Basketball IIA. "Dista1zre lends enchantment to the 1'iew."" Jeannie when not pounding the typewriter will be playing the piano. She will attend Penn State's Business College. CECELIA E. TAYLOR 6023 N. 21st Street Academic ACTIVITIES: Senator IIB, A.A. Representa- tive IOB, Tennis IIB, Clipper 10A-IOB. "The true art of memory is the art of atten- tion." Ceily is an ambitious person with lots of vigor and vim. She plans to study art at Pennsyl- vania State University. BONITA BARBARA VIRNELSON 1719 68th Avenue Academic ACTIVITIES: Honor Society IIA-IZB, Orchesa tra 10A-IZB, Ballet 10A-IZB, Cashier 10A-12B, Bowling 10B-12B, Hockey IOB, Tumbling IZA, 0fHCe and Infirmary Aide IOA-IZB. "A stitch in time saves nine." Bonnie hopes to become a chemist. She will study at the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy and Science. Best of luck to a girl welve all enjoyed knowing. 94 f " G uf' A 'H J J D W YVONNE WALTON 3854 N. 19th Street Commercial ACTIVITIES: Volleyball 10A-IIB, Basketball IOB, IZA, Monitor IOB, Softball IOB, 1lB, Sen- ate IOB, Leaders Club IZA. "The pursuit of vwn tbc best things ought to In' calm and tranquil." On to Temple for this ambitious, cheerful girl, to the Business College to be exact. Wc'll soon have another secretary in our midst. X .60 2504 Walnut Lane Academic ,f Z 1 jffiiontkrd ARRY KREAMER S: Soccer. " 5 eliezfe easily what you hope for earn- es 2' b is very interested in sports and has con- tributed a great deal to our soccer team. Best of luck in the future. 'JW ,' '-:'.::...'-':1,......-'- I Fish! OH, Figit an for Germantown, Plunge ten- - ward. with time ball. '- g M., ..,.,. J, We -...J..T.' 1 12:53. ggi? ,fiffil ff" S-nl :gd - ' L' L-' 1l1a"'?', if :".-.. ""' ' - ' Le - 1 7 A fl cv 1 .:. EEE .Eg ii is ' - - .. --.... fl.- ' J J.- 7'-In 418 NRM in yawn gm to win Our 'Bears' mat nw - gr V """'i I i ii- "' i 'M' TE. A .. gsal- 5 g 1 5 : y uv-u -Tit U M -rf f.. -. -ii n 3 ,Q 53- H gi I t,,,.,..i 1.1 gt.. ., -ffm ,, I - Ge' - f . TE: -' h' .7 I 1 I I , A ,T I R 5:,-..E: - I F2 mu 5""""'f GN'-'11 W WW' of Gvrwtwn mn mv - cr bend the , " .L:g..' 'LIIIIQT --,. ..- -,., -,, lg ' A71-34 , 2 ' Aw - ,,,. Tiir fjl gi? 6' '--VYY Tl - L ff it- z ,?,?.i.i? 2 Q - - 4.,.,. .. ,, .--E gi -. ' ' HT-21 ld-4 '-" ' '-'s' jr- --'-- -r---v -u i . ,-. ..-.,., - 1 ' L ff 151.2155 : ,zzz i' . .B . 3'5" 50 40 not Yi'1d- Ive-14 am the fum. msn: on ea 3' ' 'A" ' IJ.: 1, 317' '-:. 'gi L..,.L"7-:,4,-,,,,-,., .izifzw-M 4 .lfifffti ,--g.:i:l, .:.Q.,'., 2 . " .gif 1,ff-,-:' ""' .5 '--' 3 """' f '- f --1--17" f, af - . -3--v -.------M. V ...,... ,Li ..... ..g...-figs-- -LZLZL1 e. M'--H l '.,4'T.:f'.,. 5 Milf' 7 f 1:-1' , ' 1 .7..T... ,.f..-.-.- ssss -at .M . vie - to - ry. R1'4H!RAH!1igh1: on V3.5- w milf, vie-no-ry -5 ..-. . . .14 ..,.- 5 J i 1 -1El.Ji-If-li i i 5 ite e.. .. fl .VI MT: -J J 3 , A+ , , J 'lx 1.31: A'1", ' 1-.. 7 fn - , DN t , Last Will and Testament 'X X We, the class of January 1956, being of sound mind and body, do hereby bequeath to German- town High School and its students the following: Patricia Turner wills here scholastic aptitude in Physics to Mr. Nicholson. Sylvia Smith bequeaths her knitting to all her teachers who never caught her knitting in class. Natalie Banks leaves her G-Pin to all active stu- dents. Frank Cardonick, alias the scribbler, wills his 564.000 to the G.H.S. Scholarship fund. Barbara Carson and David Fox leave their Hygiene S note books to Mrs. Hoh. Anthony Maull leaves his slide rule to all the future members of the club. Sallie Schoemann leaves all of her gray hair Qwhich she has plenty ofj to the future editors of the Revi- dere. Roger Warmerdam leaves his football uniform, which he didn't get much use out of this term, to Mr. Bernardo and all future members of the football team. Lyn Cunningham leaves her locker to all those who insisted upon using it while at Germantown. George Matchica, Ernie Dieterle and Dick Bed-- rosian will their membership in the "Club,' to three other lucky boys. Norma Wang wills her hard work to the future president of the school. Loretta Stern and Pearl Weiss will their I.Q.'s to all incoming prodigies. Harold Zell leaves his Air Force uniform to Mr. Hauser. Dotty Bell wills her "D" to all girls who envy her. Richard Waker bequeaths all of the work he did on the Stage Crew to Mr. Soderberg. Virginia Lafferty and Ruth Raudenbush leave their colorguard uniforms to some lucky 10A's. Lee Cunningham bequeathes his gym-suit to the Salvation Army. Martha Sykes leaves her debating powers to some new member of Mr. Steeble's History 4 class. Barry Shomer, Saul Seigal, and Joe Smith leave their homeroom conversations to Mrs. Williams. Estelle Lapinski wills to all her "little Cheer- leaders" her uniform and megaphone. Gary Ohlin wills 106 to others who will be using lt. Bonnie Bonfield leaves her attendance in advisory to Miss Moody. Sheldon Novack leaves his bright "Trig" answers to another senior student who might need them. Dorothy D'Agostino leaves her over-due history to the Mayor. Donald Jonas wills his neat appearance and good looks to another student looking for a date for the senior prom. Jerry Robbins leaves his ballet slippers to anybody who wants them. Christina Brinkly leaves her assembly programs to all of the teachers that she made them up for. David Bradley leaves his History mark to Mr. Arnold. Sandy Shralow and Barbara Eineman bequeath their piles of corrected papers to the new Literary Editors. Sandy Boss leaves her typewriter to the secretaries in the office. Jerry Stein leaves all he ever learned at G.H.S. to the incoming 10A's who will find they may need it. Dave Ealkenstein leaves double Physics periods to future alert Physic Students. Carole Sweet leaves her worn out but well used gym suit to the gym teachers. Joe Spaulding leaves his English compositions to Miss Evans. Joan Mazuk leaves her books to a student who will straighten them up. Sima Zatlyn and Paul Zingle leave their seats in the back of the room to someone else at the end of the alphabet. Milton Reisen leaves his love of Shakespeare to Mr. Kline. Bob Roth wills his ability to get good grades in Chorus to Mrs. Golden. Edith Moss bequeaths Schools Community Coun- cil jobs to Miss Steger. Audrey Richman, Dot Garfinkle, Shelly Morris, Lenny Bronstein, Eugene Schriver, Richard Tucker, Mike Hayes, Lois Massey, and George DeHart just want to leave! Signed, THE JANUARY 1956 GRADUATING CLASS 1 And the Band Played on 'WI 1 MSS: fi' 1, 7 va all f f ' A 1 Zf ' 5 - ,K .Y . L' awk? ws-1 .1 V , ' A 1.' iw School Song HA I.. LMA MATER. fw9"' ch KZ! l,f..,a,. ,Q 4 JH ad Jaauafa .J gnu IFF: Jun Us-0 I , A o-40 om. 6-rn-mal JUdd':1JJ!HJl "La, 'Jai W' ite. .Ag 11235: 231 'bs' ca.f-m.n-+...m sql. 5cl1ooI,wa ,an .em f .. .--.,.f, f!'l?FIf FPFIF F4 diilqi dlJ:J'dJIJ,A .lla-lon-jar and ala ----- rn., mm., we F vm-4, ri- Q rflgl .lm .ffl l.,111'f fl? , fam .fu fl: 'JL 5'f1f'L'1'l" fra wewffgpu 'U , -N .4 F ' . .4 'll ' 1-25 13: .:'.I.::.:t::1'. "'1z"t' fi' '11, r1'.':2 ..::- Wc wall un-alt than la-1 or Jomt en- ---Jn vor, r rg fa J f fi f 1 H. J 5 l J' ., '21 ' s H Prouql of Us . at ------ --- Z"'5 EP iii' EP' fig'-.i'31i:L ' o Moments To Remember Ly by I-T-lil MWC by AL STILLMAN A D PI I1 Rom-QNT ALLEN .2.'::::., FH W W HU W 5,9 W 59 W ! Em Frvfl FIIIIG AIH7 D1 susll ' Glfmjl ILS OHHIJ1 F6 I Q' A ::i'g5.:::.'5::::F,-:'..25:r--EQ '-L' m azg jan-u-ar-y -0 Defcem b.-1, wJ11n.mM0NlEN1'S T0 Refmsxuasn. aa .-5EE?js g::z ::E5egf.: : sa s S 9 If-1 nf , A DEN "' :' Q -se --J 2 A s - , N, -, .. L : , -JP . Chorus-Moderately slow ru-:M fnlngv V ,A ,QA tm ,vin 4, H E W E Q W W W , 0111111 uf. Um-U" GF u cu r ,un 1 Q1---:::: ,i .1 f f ' J 5 Thr New Yvus Ev-' we dnd the town. :hr day we mn- :he goa1,pobm dum . - , . 7 Y , : -:sas : ' - 1 f 11 ' ' - uv J- - - J v- - F 1 5 ..f 1 I' x V ,- K l I :::-,::g' ,J A a A ' F4 A Q V I. , R f W E ugh E 0m'u" us ,E J qi. ,E J l- bfi 5, E we wx1lh2Vtlht52 uouzms T0 RE-MEM A man PX nf qu, -rtwalks, lhe :L: EE A A :W Q iz :: g- -: :: E- :: . T 1 f :L 1 V , A ' - ' 2.-...- - -:.!!!. -- .: ::::::::::E i-- -,,--- wil. A ,l ' -I 5 In-I zz V W E E W N W W om,-1 oe 0 a, c Am Dv .Jgfffigg 5.2.5111 nw lugu, me mn mm pm! we im f mm won, we wxll nav., these f , 3 1 I ,V , - , - J J 3. - 4: f 4 Ji 1 ' Q1 V - - , - x 1 I 4 IT J d I fd F F ' ' I I V 1 I u-:Q I mg 11? vw-,1E..,Q" fn? ma! MQ J ' L :S ' ,. H 'viiif H ' l MO'MENTS T0 RE ' MEM BER Thu' sum-rue rns lrw win-ll r and th. :' . : -: X : dl : r l ' , ..,.. .4 2 V if , . ""' "'f NF , , ' I:' ff, ,A ,,,A ' A' W W W W W QE We D1 I u fn c u rm gn-, A 1 I . H i I - 7' Y,,,a T'-41 am. ---4 ' ,, Dff ' hfrll dh - BP ' wah, Th- laugh-1-yr wc ww gnu nu erm. M: 4 5 J if j I Q: ,J J 4 Q '- I f f , I 1 f 1 ? , :gl 5 I ' xr' , If k -- -fi -1+ W W W W W W H - - A? A A 7 D7 Umafl 06 Um-317 Us :za ,Wd 3 f ' ' E if ' - E Q - frm mm mu years When mn - ef mgms and n - er aayg my :T J , - A . , 1 'f A "' 5 Ji - - ' ', - : ', - 'Eli " i If V ' 1+ 7 V 5-1 j, g - Sars' 5 C E3 A A W W W H W ll D4 C l A:-D D7 4 FffA'EJJB.BEs"17g47Q5fiJ rma Us ,gfln-4 Um gfp2rm ways, wr wxll have fum MOMENTS TO RE , J ' ' 'E '- - I T 1 a J J 1 ' 3 M - Q - - f f A. F4 , i f J 2 V r - F v W N W N W ll C 0 ll zcm 0 A A I MEM BER I- MEVI BER fli al' 5 I 4 s - 'E 4 Se 4 J i.L.5 : -.Lge L A aff: J 55 S fl V 1 I V ' I ' 'i CJUR SYMPHCJNY IS OVER---- but the melody lingers Jam Z Mwfzgdzv 5a fl ,. Q' XT s. ! fx wwf. an-.. - '- Q X. 1 x 1- im,-M . 7"-'-...,,,V V 6 1 Q -1 ' - ge 'Q- 1 ' Nw ,t , K I ,V,. 44, V 4 --X at is, x ' 'WW -asm... Aff' N ,1 A, - xnxx -h ,....4.5-I 1 "-- - X., . .Q-i -'1' v 4-,Jn N Hug . fy .-, r M ' :V fi- +99 . 3 4 1- . 'Ci . P' -1' 'D v l J is-K-2-' qui... XA ,MJ lp.,.A.. Q...,,,sg f' I .A,., , Vs. 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