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N I J I a i I I 4 K . i X x J! 4: 1 '55 ll 'H '51 Rf, 1, M2 I . i x Thas'tartqfthafoad,omlthacuai9womgo hAntIaeaaumcsqflifefrmnwhichricIm,1lvm. mumofaamwwamhmama, q Riches ojffammap blessed to hom. Thaatartoftlwroad,andyouthlookqtmaardhioyoal, Fearless his stride, and undauntod his ami!! wmkfyig , 1 fl s 1- -, 17 I. . , 1 x -2 ,y. - , , 1 y B .. gk. ,,, 1 ' 1 if-1 111 1' ,Lu A 11,.J.. 1 V , 1 .1 - 1 111 .11-1, -, 1, 1 w 1 1 - 11 1 A 1 1' W R - 1.1 1 - . . vw . , 1. 1 I, ff 1, - -1 - 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 .U . '1 xi.: 2 F ,1 , W . 51- - N.: A 1 , ,1 , X 1 1. , 111, 1 1 ', I V , I-' 1,1 1 I' v l f 1 1 . r11,, . , ,. 1, , , ., . 11s 11 . - 11 - V 5' -1 -'N 1 , T- . 11 ' 1 1 3 1 ,-1 - 1 - wi . 1 , ..1 1g ,J1 , 1, ' 1 - 11 '. 1 , .-1 1 - . 1 .1 1 . F f , 1 1 gl 1: 1 1 , 1 , 1 . ' , 1- , X I, A - U .. . ,V A .. 1 1 ' V 1' 1 V . 1 . - 1 - x 1 1 1 . , 1 fx l I .V 1 I .C ' , 1:11, l, N rf V l J- -1 1 0 ' 1 5. . 11- 11 1 - , 1 -1 1 '71,- f ' 1. ' Qgf,1 Wir , tl: 'T .l" v 1 I 1 . 1 , .3 1' . 1 , .1 , 11. . 1 . ' ,q 3. 'I 1' . 1 vf " ' f 1. 1 ' ' 1 1 Q ,- , 1 1' . -4 1 1 -7 1 -. I , 11 . rg 1 1 W 1 1. x , 1 - .fa 1 .L . 'Z 1 11 ' 1 ' ' 'F' 1 .. ' 1 4 . 5 , . , A 1 w ' 1 ' ' 1 -' 1 I9 1 s' 1f: Ax t x 1 1' 1. , 1 I , Wg 1 .119 , 1 ,Q 5 ,X , J 5 1 1 1 4 Y ex Y . ..'1 , y 1 1 1 14. -1 1 11 , 1 '1 f' 1 '.-I 1:1 ':i' 'fg 51" n- 4, 1 1-1,1 4 f- 1' 5 1 'V-21' - m1 - - F, .Y , A .1 -V 1- 1 ,, 1 ' " '4 ', 11 , 1 ' - .1 ' 'I 1 1 1' ' , ' 1 1 ' , 'Y 's . 111 . -, 1 4 1 5 g,.. 1' - . 1 ., 5 1 1, 1 , - . .X .H.1i , . ' , 1 A 1 11, 1 x 1 1 A . ': 1 'V 1 1 ' I . 1 1' ,1'1- 13 we 1 v 1, .V , . 1 1- 1 ,1 , ' . 1 " 1 1,1 1 1 J .1,1.1 1 1 . X . , 5,11 ' I .V 1 1 A r 1 1 1 111 1, 11 1 4- , 1 1: - 1 1. 1 11' ' " A " 1 f -'.- p . 1,11 'Q - 1 1 1 f1,"1g1'-,X . 1 1 1' N,-14' 1 -7, N 1.l , - w,, 1 4-1 Y-' 1' 1,111 ' 1 '1 7, ' 'x K " f X 1x , 1 11 ' , liff .1 1 11 1 . 1 , ' .'- ' . o , U . , K W ' . ' , . N ' ,-am 1 .,! ' 1 c 1 1 , 11 1 1 I w ,. .-2 1 1 ,11- , 1, . if Z A w FV N1 PUBLISHED bythe ' SENIOR CLASS 1 Umm GERMANTQWN HIGH SCHOOL Sf SEED TIME God spread H is hands, The seed was sown. A Youth was born. A Youth to brighten Life's dimmed stars, To cherish love To strive anew And bravely serve. A Youth T 0 strengthen hearts, And ever give of Life's own works, Peace and kindness, Loyalty, truth. God spread H arvest hands And reaped great deeds, Hallowed and blessed by The zeal of Youth. K. WRIGHT. 'NW 'N C I' ,I U N E 1 9 4 2 Q14 Record ofthe Fjty Second Glass - FW Sf xg 'Y FOREWORD N ORDER to perpetuate our high school memories and to record our individual and class achievements, we have compiled and assembled here our various activities and accom- plishments. The RECORD BooK Staff, on this occasion, has the unique honor of dedicating the fruits of our labor to one who has given of him- self so sacriflcially to the Germantown High School. Because Mr. Strauss has "sown so plen- tifully" he has "reaped bountifullyv in the hearts of all who have been associated with him. For the school, he will leave an aching voidg for us, he stands silhouetted against some future horizon, a living symbol of the American way of persevering and succeeding. With the ideals of Mr. Strauss foremost in our minds, let us endeavor to disseminate our seed, not as the sower who sowed "by the wayside," "on stony groundf' or "among the thornsn but, as he who sowed-on good ground. NANCY ANNE JORDAN, Editor. t ,Q me tm W'-3.7 . ..-A h, -- .,., S, , ,JN Sgr Ng DEDICATION We dedicate this book to you, And hope it will convey Our thanks for all we have received: Your tireless work from day to day, Your guidance strong and virtues true, That gave us faith to strive anew. Our hearts go up in humble prayer, That we were blessed so well. No poet's words can e'er express, Nor artist's pen can tell The sadness now that swells each heart That time has come when we must part. In future years, in times to come, When high school days we shall recall Our fondest thoughts will he of one Who gladly gave to us of all That he possessed . . . l And so we say Farewell- God speed you on your way. K. WRXGHT. 4 ip l L +4 we DR. LESLIE B. SEELX W' F' M To the Glass of June, 1942: Everywhere about us, young men are going into training for military or naval service. Friends, relatives and acquaintances are volunteering or being inducted by the draft boards in ever- increasing numbers. They are going into danger, offering all they have-even their lives-for the things Americans hold dear. Here in school many are asking, "What can we do to help?" "How can we make easier the work they have to do?" Well, more than in anything else, we can pre- pare ourselves thoroughly to do the job which will come to us within a year or two, either in industry or in the service into which they are going. Ordinarily nearly fifty millions of people are industrially employed in peace-time jobs. Within a year or eighteen months that work will have to be done by something over twenty mil- lions. The others will be either in the armed forces or employed in work to support those who fight. Can you prepare yourself to carry the work of two? Do it as nearly as you can. If you can go on with your education, do so' If not, take the hardest job you can find and do it in the very best possible way. In the mean- time, Godspeed and good luck. x eg 7 PEHCIYAL S. STRATSS To a f'01n1.selor and 1"l'l.C'IIIl.' The sorrows of parting always are one of the tempering forces that restrain'the joy of graduation. The regretful parting of student from student and of teacher from student accents in deeper tones the bright prospects of the world into which the new graduate is about to enter. In June our class will have a new member, one who has been a great. friend to us and countless other Germantown boys and girls. As he graduates with us not only we but other students and faculty members will grieve at parting from Percival S. Strauss, charter member of the faculty, a spark plug of school adairs, friend to those in trouble. and a just judge of erring students. He possesses an abiding and genuine faith in the high ideals of life, conduct and service to others. Only we who have known him and have been associated with him will ever realize his value to both school and community. Good fun, good sportsmanship and good scholarship have been the three greatest ideals that he has taught by word and deed in the years past. Character, leadership, and service he held to a degree and of a sort that will never be surpassed. They are traits that have granted him enduring friendships with those he has met. The memory of his personality and work will linger in the hearts and minds of his many friends, colleagues and students. We reluctantly bid him farewell and hope that the days that lie ahead will be the most fruitful and the happiest of his long life. Ronmefi' l,ifoNr:o, Presfflent, Sf-lmol Senale. T IS, to me, an honor and a pleasure to be asked to Write these words showing, in a small way, the esteem with which Mr. Strauss is regarded by the Alumni of Germantown High School. I have had the privilege of associating with Mr. Strauss since 1926 in Alumni matters, and he has been the one person that has held the contact between the Alumni and the school through the periods of prosperity and depression which the Alumni has passed. The success which the Alumni Association is now enjoying is due entirely to his loyalty and hard work which he has exerted since its inception in 1918. In all these years he has never missed a meeting of the Board of Directors or of the Association. No member of the faculty is more revered or remembered longer than Percival S. Strauss, and it is gratifying to us graduates, on whose behalf I am writing, to see that he still is carrying on the work which he started many years ago and that the under-graduates still recognize his sterling qualities as a leader and a gentleman. Congratulations to Percival S. Strauss for receiving the honor of the dedication of this book and congratulations to the Class of June, '42 for dedicating this book to Mr. Strauss. GORDON W. VENABLE, O.D., February, 'QL ARLYLE once said, "Blessed is the man who has found his workg let him ask no more blessedness." The singular ability of Mr. Percival S. Strauss to identify himself so completely with his daily work and associations was a source of inspiration to all his colleagues in the teaching profession. Mr. Strauss has been a member of the Social Studies Department of the Ger- mantown High School since the founding of our school in 1915. With the versatility bestowed upon but a few, he capably added a host of additional responsibilities to his teaching roster in order to enrich the lives of the pupils of our school and to give our school a constructive role in community affairs. Coaching the swimming and tennis teams year after year, assisting in the conducting of student singing in assem- blies, initiating a student government system, organizing the Alumni Association, serving on the Athletic Council-to mention a few-to all these activities he de- voted himself so sacrilicially that his profession and recreation were merged into one completely satisfying life. The unanimous selection of Mr. Strauss as the dedicatee of the CLASS RECORD of June, 1942, was in itself a remarkable tribute from an appreciative student body. As one of his associates and as faculty sponsor of the CLASS RECORD, I, too, am grate- ful to have shared the enthusiasm of the pupils and to have guided them in their happy task. We proffer this book as a humble, though inadequate, gift to our re- spected and beloved colleague and friend-Percival S. Strauss. LOUISE H. KAHLER, Class Record Adviser. SSISTANTS TO THE MRS. VIRGINIA DE M. RAACKE URING our stay at Germantown we have all come to know and respect Mrs. Raacke. Her competence in an- swering questions concerning college courses and curricula is common knowledge to those of us who have at any time sought counsel. She has helped us solve our many problems and has proved herself to be a real educational leader. VVe, of the Class of June, 1942, take this opportunity to thank 1NIrs. Raacke for her kind and excellent guidance which has helped us through our struggles and has simplified our plans for the future. We are indeed fortunate in having had as our friend and adviser one so capable and understanding. We are neither the first nor the last Whom she has aided, but we stand in the front ranks of the appreciative. 10 P R I C I P IDR. W.Xl,'l'l'lli W. IIEIRKNICSS llr. llcrkncss has workcil conscicnlionsly lo aid lnclnhcrs ol' onr class choosc thc vocations which would hcsl scrvc ihcir inlcrcsls. Many linics hc pcrsonally visitcd classcs lo cnipha- sizc lllc many ncw opportnnilics which hail conic lo his altcnlion for high school graflnalcs. particularly lhosc l'0lIlI'llDllllllg.I to lhc clclcnsc projccls. llis assislancc in all phascs ol' our school lil'c will not hc l'org.:ollcn, lor hc has hccn a most cncrgciic and cnthnsiastic hclpcr. 'l'hc cordial, inlcrcslccl IIIILIIIIUI' in which hc con- clnclctl all his gniclancc inlcrvicws was char- aclcristic ol' his allitnrlc towarml lhc slnclcnls. 'l'hc Vlass ol' Jnnc. 1942 cxprcsscs its thanks to Dr. llcrkncss, a connscllor and a, lricnml. Unc ol' lln- onlslanrling clcvclopincnls in our school lhis sclncslcr was lhc formation ol' lhc Nlorris-Will Vhaplcr ol' lhc Xalional llonor Socicly nnclcr thc lcaflcrship ol' Dr. lYai4lclich. llis wcll-orgganizccl clforls in lln- Qlclcnsc projccls havc lllilfll' ilu- air-raixl clrills an onl- slanfling lcalnrc ol' our school's participation in lhc war program. 'l'o crcalc hcllcr coordi- nalion anrl nnrlcrslamling lmclwccn lhc lac- nlly an4l sln1lcnls,ancl to flK'li'l'lllllll' lhc major lcalnrcs anfl policics ol' social aclivilics, Ur. vviIl1ll'lll'll cslalrlishccl a lioarrl ol' Social Sponsors. WX- arc all llllllfllllllHlilll1'li1ll'llllill l7r.lVaimlc- lich has lnccn an cvcr-willing aclviscr in all onr nnclcrlakings. wc, lhc grarlnaling class, talic lhis opporlnnily to salntc him asa finc lcarlcr anfl loyal lricncl, ancl sinccrcly hopc that thc nmlcrgrznlualcs, and lhosc to follow, will profil as wc havc from his inany conlrihnlions. II DR. l,l"l'lll'Ili I". WAIIDICLILII 4,49 U' Qi' GRACE L. FREEHAFER LORRETTA G. DUFFY e E, OF the Senior Class, Wish to express our gratitude to Mrs. Duffy and Miss Freehafer who, as sponsors of the girls, so tirelessly endeavored to solve the many problems which faced us as an organized class. During our 11B and 12A terms we came to respect the wise counsel and to appreciate the practical help of Mrs. Duffy. Miss Freehafer supplemented this invaluable aid in our 12B term through her wealth of understanding and excellent guidance. May We extend to them both our heartfelt thanks as we leave the Germantown High School. Our contacts With them have greatly enriched our own lives as they doubtlessly will those of oncoming classes. 12 - 7----.--, I so V -----. -. 1- X 'wa I F - ' v I I I I CHARLES W. BART OLD ,fifre if " S WE recall the closing semester of our high school life, we find Mr. Barthold an ever-present pilot in times of storm and stress. At our proms, elections, and other class functions, he could be found giving generously of his time and advice. His lively humor and abundant enthusiasm have endeared him to us permanently. Mr. Barthold has come to mean more than an adviser to our classy by his active participation in our class enterprises, through his maintenance of a youthful spirit in all his contacts with us, Mr. Barthold has become a friend whom we shall long remember. Let us all realize that much of the success of our class has been due to his keen foresight, and to his prudent judgment. With these inadequate words, Mr. Barthold, we express our sincerest gratitude-"for services rendered." 13 THEFAC LTY DR. LESLIE B. SEELY, Principal WALTER W. HEEKNESS, VIRGINIA DEM. RAACKE, LUTHER F. WAIDELICII, Assistants to Principal ART AND MECHANIC ARTS DEPARTMENT WILLIAM L. BENCKER Howard F. Durner, George D. Gideon, Harry W. Jacobs, Roland L. Rudrauff, Henry D. Soderberg, Edith B. Thompson, F. Elizabeth Wherry. O COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT MARGUPIRITE EVANS Charles S. Donnelly, Jacob N. Gelman, Spencer R. Graves, Ethel E. Holme, Louise H. Kahler, Amelia C. Kern, Isadore Klein, Martin H. Laderman, Catherine A. Logan, Mary E. Logan, Marguerite G. Mendoza, Vina J. Monroe, Kathryn S. Morison, Georgia Nutt, Edward A. Raacke, Elizabeth Shelling, Annabell Smyth. O ENGLISH DEPARTMENT WILLIAM Woons H. Parke Baker, Henry F. Coleman, Emily R. Ebling, Rhea E. Ege, Cecil E. Fanning, Julia N. Goodman, Florence L. Heubach, Matthew M. Hynson, Emma N. Jackson, Anna L. Maginnis, John E. Mason, Marion Prince, Edith R. Steele, May C. Sutch, Caroline W. Thorne, Madge Young. I HISTORY DEPARTMENT GARTON S. GREENE Herbert F. Arnold, Grace Getchell, Kathryn E. Grotevent, Elizabeth Hoopes, Elsie Monroe, Mary A. Palmer, George M. Schuster, Percival S. Strauss, H. Rey VVolf. O LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT EDITH RICE Florence Buckley, Alice B. Chubb, M. Emily Dilg, Anna M. Heller, Percival H. Nicholas, Bertha Rosenheimer, Sarah A. Schaefer, Marie Volkmar, Genevieve Wilson. 14 THE FACULTY MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT MARGARET GROFF Edna E. Cassel, K. Eleanor Cooper, Louis Gordon, Helen Lamberton, Helen M. Mahoney, Anna M. Mullikin, Harry P. Rothermel, Helen A. Tyson. . ' 5 . ' A '7 4' MLSIC DEPARTMENT 1 Q 'L A L " ' MAL sf., if Q64 9 Grace E. Evans, Eleanor E. Golden, Francis Murphy. O PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTINIENT LEOPOLD F. ZWARG Wilbert R. Augustin, Charles W. Barthold, Lorretta G. Duffy, Grace L. Free- hafer, Paul Kehs, Margaret Logan, Marjorie Morgan, Frederick Reith, Mary J. Stegcr, Florence A. Wert. O SCIENCE DEPARTMENT GPIORGE W. PLUMMER C. Edna Bramble, Freda L. Briimrner, Elizabeth Cole, Elizabeth Evans, Martha C. Jenkins, Frederick Leighton, Margaret G. Moore, John Y. Pennypacker, Frank P. Primiano, Jessie A. Rodman. O HOME ECONOMICS SCHOOL COUNSELOR Elsie Allen, Pauline Chapman May C. Sutch Frances C. Garretson SCHOOL PHYSICIANS HOME AND SCHOOL VISITOR Marion Kolhye, M.D. , .. P. Howland Shaw, M.D. Anna L. Sicgele LIBRARIAN SECRETARIES Theodora C. Blodget Otto L. Faltermayer Selma Einheber NURSE Ida Y. Foote Mildred J. Oderman, R.N. Dorothy E. Stewart 15 '55, EDITH BURNAP THOMPSON Art Adviser ISS THOMPSON, with her singular ability to make the best of any difficult situation, has successfully guided the Art Staff of the RECORD BooK through the trying condi- tions which resulted from the emergency shortage of materials. The encouragement which she has offered to the staff will be long remembered and Will continue to instill confidence in those who have been fortunate enough to have worked with her. Her suggestions were so subtly offered that the staff completed their work feeling that they had had the individual opportunity to create something worthwhile under an inspiring leader. Best of all, she has shown them that a jolly disposition combined with infinite tact and conscientious devotion to the task at hand can make the hardest problem a genuine pleasure to solve. 16 LOUISE H. KAHLER Record Book Adviser HE Class of June, 1942 is grateful to Miss Kahler for the many tasks which she has performed in compiling our RECORD BooK. To incorporate all of the varied experiences which we have had during our high school days is a difficult undertaking, but that is what she has endeavored to do. The staff tried to aid her in every possible way, but it was she who carried the burden of responsibility. Regardless of the many problems confronting her, Miss Kahler was always ready with a smile. This trait made us even more appreciative of the work she was doing, as it proved that she was never too busy to be her good-natured self. Long after we have reached the parting of the ways, we will have pleasant remembrances of our associations with her both as a teacher and as a friend. 17 . Yi! The ole of Our Schools in Gontemporary W orld Events E, OF the Germantown area, have a magnificent heritage which many of us do not fully appreciate. Here, where we walk in our everyday pursuits of life, such famous families as the Morrises, Chews, and Wisters went about their daily occupations. Gallant men once fought and died on these very grounds to win the same rights and privileges which their descendants were to be called to defend so often during the ensuing years. Once more, in 1942, we find that the ideals which we hold sacred are imperiled. Gradually, but steadily the war came closer to our shores, until, on that fateful day of December 7, 1941, the attack on Pearl Harbor plunged America immediately into active participation in the war. The war has necessitated drastic changes at Germantown. Our CLASS Raeoan B0oK underwent severe curtailment due to the shortage of copper for the reproduc- tion of photographs. Red Cross classes have been organized in the school. A group of air-raid wardens meets weekly to decide upon the best procedure in event of an air raid. Menibers of both the student body and faculty have gone into the service. Others have taken jobs in the tremendous arsenal of democracy, producing the sinews of war. We have organized a campaign for the conservation of waste paper and metals. Our shops are constantly in use training workers to take their places in factories producing vital war materials. At present we have sold 818,874.56 worth of Defense Stamps and Bonds at our booth in the front hall. During World War I, Germantown High School led the schools of the country with 352,300,000 in Liberty Loan subscriptions. These facts bear testimony: Germantown is once more doing her share for the preservation of our American way of life. May we, the Class of June, 1942 realize the significance of this heritage and the obligation which it involves. May we per- petuate the honor and prestige which our predecessors have so firmly established. 18 AIETII IITIIIES , ,I ' v MM Wm- -i"+"' 'w"" ' i'-W Jw fx?-2? ,f - . '5' ,F-..:.-? 4 X 1. M y '?:.f-f-E"'::-'--"- Kg-.,, .gf-.. 1. -' , r.-gijxwd . - -1 - n . 4 1 ff - -I W +1 E -- .J .. .. 4.1 .. .15 N.,-f X X Hwnnz -- pr-S ' f H: -- THE RECORD BOOK STAFF Editor N.ANCY ANNE JORDAN Associate Editor Literary Editor Im-:NE SUFLAS ELIZABETH ALLARDICE General Assistant Editor Class Poet IJANIEL HICKI-:Y KATHERINE WRIGHT Carolyn Amherg Alice Beatty Helen Beatty Betty Bishop Michael Cafferty Eileen Dearborn Jeanne Bache Marion Boughner Literary Sta if Janice Dronsick Mildred Evans Barbara Gosford Alice Hoenig Helen Kalter Eugene Meyung Robert Michel Art Stctf Helen Blum Art Contributors Mervin Dameron Sports Editors Daniel Hickey Features Mildred Evans Photographers Mervin Dameron Typists Miriam Bayne Janice Dronsick Phyllis Eshbach Evelyn Fischer Doris Jones Ruth Marks Nancy Smith Anna Strasser 19 Muriel Provenzano Lucille Sehmickle Edith Sindell Anna Strasser Mae Sweeten Katherine Wright Cynthia Klein Alice Hoenig Richard Reid Irene Suflas Ellen Grocke Helen Tecklenburg Marian Werner Sylvia Wexler Katherine Wright CLASS OFFICERS PHYLLIS ESHBACH .... ....... P resident BARBARA GosFoRD. . . .... Vice-President LOURAINIA VROOMAN ..... ....4 S ecretary HELEN BEATTY. . . . . .Treasurer Dear Classmates' Our task at Germantown High School is over. With the foundation acquired here, we hope to build a prosperous future. Yet, as a seed, when neglected and for- gotten, fails to bring forth the grain, so We must expect to reap no more of our train- ing-either intellectually or morally-than we have sown. We shall always remember those who have taught not only our school curricu- lum, but have helped to instil in us the qualities of sportsmanship, citizenship, truth, and service. Our obligation to our school, our associates, and our country is to up- hold these traditions. With Hrm reliance upon this education, we are spurred on to accept a challenge greater than ever before offered to America's youth. But with high motives as our sword, We shall conquer without oppressing. ' To you, who have been commendably loyal and cooperative in supporting the class officers, we express a genuine "Thank You." May the experiences gained and the friendships implanted blossom forth to enrich your lives. "Farewell" is said with regret, but we symbolize our Alma Mater as the fertile soil from which an abundant harvest will flourish. "Trust in the Harvest-Giver, and He will make each seed to grow." May success attend you, PHYLLIS ESHBACH, Girls' President. 20 CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD REID. . . ....... President JOHN KULP ........ .... V ice-President MICHAEL CAFFERTY .... .,,.. S ecretary IIAROLD CLARKE. . . . . .Treasurer ' Dear Ulassrnates: We have finally reached the occasion when we bid good-bye to our alma mater for the last time. During our years here we have built up a reputation of which our class may always be proud. Only through the cooperation of every member of the class was this record attained. Before us now, however, is a task perhaps more complex than any that ever faced a graduating class. It is for us to either step into industry and produce the goods necessary for victory, or to educate ourselves further that we may learn ways and means of speeding up this production of vital war materials. The legacy of free- dom that we have received from our forefathers is being endangered. It remains for us to insure its safety. When this is done, and only then, will our future possess a bright horizon. Each one of us has his or her individual part to play in this great panorama of life, each part being important regardless of size. May we all taste success in abun- dance in whatever we undertake! As President I bid you farewell, hoping we may meet again in the future and continue the associations and friendships we have formed here in the Germantown High School. Sincerely, RICHARD MERSHON REID, Boys' President. 2 1 V-if 4.-,I ,fx mf -1: ' - - .- A - - rf .4 V -.f .f 1.4-. -.- f. , .- - -. N- -.-.f f, ,-.- f -.', 1 -, rm.. , . V '. -.r .,? ii. a 3391? iii. Tb fig? F- -22 Q13 5:1 52 1-3 if'- -2:".51ri'2'f1 H 3: zk'F'lr -2? 42 is? ffm '-'-16393. fgeirh. . ., .. ., .M .-, .M ., ., A. 1, H. ,, .., I--Ly H2 , J gf 4- .,-9 ,i -, GERMANTOWN' HIGH scuool. -PIN AWARD rrttifg that , Um- in w 3 3' of the Glass of has been awarded the 9 Qintn it consequence ofthe attamment ofthe following requirements tlmbasttnterests flh school 'l'hrendaringfdilincd dvnl bllervl mth nchoolinext-u-curricular tiviti of thleti ha ctcr As thnnFinallsh:d.ini thoknndunng hichth cl ddnngth previ Gunn Tue 1 The possession of un outstanding character and the promohon of Um ideals and :L o n . :fs 2 I e ' o s venn ua e es e ,I S-'f ac ea a non-n c c rn . gg: f' 5 rude not lower n ' w e award wal me a an u e ous nmaru nmsmnrr of Till man "iii Ei S31 1 PQ -va' 1: 'v- .wa L free -vm .L 'fail 1-"-in '.-' '15, '- -' '- -'vez' '- -' 'ii'nVE'W35'?ZS'1i7?IQ'-.3ExU.-" if ' -:-an 1' NrGERMANTOWN HIGH SCHOOL the "G Pin" denotes those qualities which are most to be desired by the students of the school. Recipients of this award must be outstanding in school activities of a non-athletic character and received grades of C or better in the report period previous to the presentation. The greatest number of awards allotted is ten for the 12B class, five for the 12A class, and three for the 11B class. Members of the Class of June, 1942, who have received the coveted "G pin', are: 12B Helen Mary Beatty Shirley Caroline Bell Phyllis Claire Eshbach Harold Brand Clarke Nancy Anne Jordan Robert Victor Luongo Marguerite Sarah Lytle Robert Louis Michel Richard Mershon Reid Robert Diehl Schmitt Sally Anne Spear 12A Michael John Caiferty Phyllis Claire Eshbach Robert Victor Luongo Richard Mershon Reid Irene Suflas 1 IB Barbara Olyve Gosford John W. Kulp Robert Victor Luongo HG.H. S., Most Intelligent ..... Best Athlete ..... Best Dressed .... M ost Studious .... Most Uongenial. . . Most Versatile ..... Wittiest ..,.. Best Looking .... Most Likely to Succeed .... Most A rnbitious ..... .- ,,y.A.I, GALLUP POLL SAYS: ....InformationPleasers BOB SCHMITT MARILYN LUSH .....HaleArnericans Bon LUONGO SHIRLEY BELL . . . . . . . . . .Right out of "Mademoiselle" and "Esquire" DAVE WEISENEOEN MARJORIE JOHNSON ....BurnersoftheM12lnight0il B013 SCHMITT MARILYN LUSH . . . . . . . . ."How to Friends and Influence People" DICK REID PHYLLIS ESIIEACH .....JackofallTrades DICK REID BABS G-osl-'OED . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Editors of "Priority on Laughter" JACK COPELAND BABS GOSFORD .....TheGreatProfiles DICK REID BABS Gosroan ,.......Who'sWhoSelectionof1952 DICK REID PI-IYLLIS ESHBACH ....Hallofl"a'meAspirants BOB LUONGO IRENE SUFLAS 23 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIBETY P'lov,P,n5 Mit Guzman, MCJR,R.IS-NVITT CHAPTER HE spring of 1942 marked the initial installation of Germantown High School's Morris-Witt Chapter of the National Honor Society which was founded in 1921. Originally sponsored by Miss G-roff and Dr. Waidelich, this chapter was estab- lished with the purpose of recognizing those members of our student body who have shown themselves to possess sterling character, outstanding leadership and scholar- ship, and who have performed some noteworthy service to the school. Eligibility for membership in the Morris-Witt Chapter, so named in honor of the two families who, during the Revolutionary Period, resided on the area now occupied by the school building, is based on two honor awards. These awards which are given on a point basis must total one hundred points-thirty points in scholar- ship and fifty points in service. The senior class of 194-2 is proud that many of their number have the qualities which make them candidates for membership in this organization: 11B CLASS Jean Albert 12A CLASS Anna Cerino Margaret Landes John Lawrence Robert Mosterz 12B CLASS Laura Lou Courtney Phyllis Eshbach Mildred Evans 24 Barbara Gosford Lois LaRoche Robert Luongo Marguerite Lytle Robert Schmitt Irene Suflas Alice Wurst Jean Albert Anne Beguin Carol Binswanger Anna Marie Cerino Mary E. Clayton Laura Lou Courtney Phyllis Eshbach Mildred Evans Mary Anne Fischer Robert F rick HONOR AWARDS Barbara Gosford Jean Haight Helen Jaffe Margaret Johnston L. Raymond Jones Adele Klein Margaret Landes Lois La Roche John Lawrence Robert Luongo Marguerite Lytle Robert Mostertz Lois Muschenheim Margaret Otto Jane Roberts Robert Schmitt Allan Schwartz Mary Kay Snyder Irene Suflas Jane Thiry Alice Wurst STUDENT ACTIVITY AWARDS The Student Activity Award may be obtained by any student of excellent char- acter, good scholarship and a good discipline record. He must be a member in good standing of some duly authorized and regularly constituted organization, engaged in some extra-curricular, non-athletic school activity. He must be recommended by the sponsor of the activity as having met this requirement and also as having ren- dered commendable service to the organization. Vincent Barba Helen Beatty Helen Blust June Borngesser Walter Buzzard Calvin Chamberlain Harold Clark Jack Copeland Elaine Hurwitz Ada. Kaplan Wynne Kaufman Robert Keyser Elaine Kornfeld Marie Monroe James Mullen Gordon Law Florence Osborne Emily Paul Priscilla Silvers Edith Sindell Margaret Sliuzer Sally Spear Daniel Staffiere William Thomas Jane Van Camp Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, 'what- soever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good reportg if there be any virtue, and there be any praise, think on these things. v -PHILIPPIANS IV, 8. WG is 25 1 2B COMMITTEES Chairman-SALLY SPEAR Daniel Hickey Bill Pronzato Margie Sietz Doris Dager Janice Day Lois Reeves Nancy Smith Elma Miller Mildred Patterson Helen Leary Doris Buchse Betty Drew Mary Zurn LUN CHEON Chairman.-BOB SCHMITT Nelson Goudy Jack Copeland Alice Wurst Jean Oldach Chairmen Dave Weisenborn Bill Thomas Bob Michel Gene Meyung Marian Boughner Ruth Worrell Louise Lorenzine Virginia Lou Austin Mildred Evans Kitty Wright PROM JIM BOWER, BETTY BARBER Marguerite Lytle Florence Fischer Alice Beatty Miriam Bayne Irene Suflas 26 GRADUATION PLAN l xg if ' 5 l c ., W ff I l i Our Last Pr-omenadelm HTHE LAST ROUND-UPN LANS completed, equipment packed, and the trail marked out, our class started out for its last "round-up." About the twenty-fifth of June, we dropped our reins at McAllister's hitching post for lunch. The ride had made us all hungry, and we were delighted to find such a wonderful feast in store for us. As we left. we all thanked Bob Schmitt and his cohorts for planning such amcrry frolic. Speaking of good times reminds us of the dance given a fortnight before the "round-up" which Betty Barber and Jim Bower handled so well. It was held at Cedarbrook Country Club's homestead June 5, and Bill Hammersly and his orchestra furnished the music. The girls received beautiful souvenirs. Hats off to Betty and .lim and their assistants for a great dance! With a final farewell to Bob Schmitt once again, we started on o11r way, and after a few days of riding the range, we finally dismounted and prepared for the most thrilling part of our ''round-up"-commencement. We laid away our boots and saddles and donned more formal clothes for this great day. Preparations for this event had been completed beforehand by Sally Spear and her committee. Thus ended our "ride"-the "round-up" each and every senior will long remember. 27 COMMITTEE OF TEN ALICE BEATTY ROBERT LUONGO HAROLD CLARKE ROBERT MOSTERTZ NANCY EBERLE RICHARD REID PHYLLIS ESHBACH JEAN SAFRIN JACK KULP ESTIIER YEIIKES HE Committee of Ten is considered a cornerstone in the structure of our student government. Because of the limited membership and the responsi- bility with which its members are charged, it is a great honor to serve on the Committee of Ten. In order that it may act more efficiently, the Committee is sub-divided into five small groups, each with a specific duty to perform. This term, through the efforts of Phyllis Eshbach and Alice Beatty on the poster committee, the bulletin boards have been remarkably improved. Jack Kulp and Richard Reid have en- forced the smoking laws, while Robert Mostertz and Jean Safrin have taken care of the lunchrooms. The halls and stairways were handled by Nancy Eberle and Esther Yerkes, and Harold Clarke and Robert Luongo attended to the assembly duties. Under the guidance of Mr. Strauss, the Committee headed by Robert Luongo as president and Alice Beatty as vice-president met regularly every week. This term the Committee has Worked endlessly to enforce the rules of the school and to improve it in every way possible. We hope that the future Commit- tees will continue to make further improvements in the operation of student gov- ernment. ,All A hu N ww v X ,,, W Q 4675214 fi? CQV V5 'T' NF., 53 7 Aj Qxfjaxfj I we -- c A 1 - Qgfivgc Hgh 7-ik I 0:00 + C ommlitcaca ot ten f 28 1 9:3 LW MWF x v"'ixN W B O 0 S T E R S N the , X ooste rs - 'la .HJANNIQ BACIIH CONRAD Kmzxuc NIARIAN Bol'ouNi-zu PEGGY l.ANn1-:s lVlIfTIlAl'lL CAFFERTY STUART IJNPLES BARBARA Gosx-'ouu LOURAINIA h71t00MAN Fmzn Km-:1.r:u JAM1-is XYUNFANNON HE group in Germantown High School organized for the purpose of promot- ing school activities is the Boosters. Each term, to the boy and girl of the IQA class having the highest scholastic average, they award a prize. "Booster Week" is one of the outstanding events of the fall term. During this week buttons are sold, and "wean-rs of the Green and White" of Germantown High School are to be seen everywhere. A dance serves as a fitting climax for this festive week. In the spring the Boosters sponsor the sale of poppies for the American Legion. Advertising for the various athletic contests of the school is also capahly handled by these energetic students. They contribute freely of their services and treasury to all worthy causes. The officers for the current term were: Chairman, Michael Cafferty: secretary, Jeanne Bache: treasurer, Conrad Kncrr. Under tl1e ahle sponsorship of Mr. Cole- man, the Boosters have just completed a most successful term. Congratulations, and may their work in the future he up to the high standards set in the past! 29 SENATE "llUX ,. , v in A . 1 I in ui Mn' 1' vv vp? - ffl xg-""-gf l gg, IT HK S E N A T E 'vi l If i - 'PE-I.- ' 'if-il ip Q .fi C , . . xfgfwtxq - F fl HE benate IS a representative body con- ' fi 'dy fp sisting of a senator and alternate, a girl rj and a boy, or vice versa, chosen b a Cl ' . . y U 4 5 n V majority Vote of each record book at the be- , U G E :. ginning of every term. The purposes of this g 'I' I I gt organization are to enact legislation concern- i l ing pupils' activities, to promote personal rc- sponsibility and self-government, to encourage a proper school spirit, and to develop a sense of fair play and cooperation. The student body elected Robert Luongo as President and Alice Beatty as Vice-President of the Senate. Robert Michel was chosen by the senators as secretary. The senior senators for this semester were: Book Senator Alternate 1-Helen Beatty .... ,... M ichael Cafferty 2-Jack Copeland. . . ....... Betty Drew 3-Nelson Goudy ..,...,... Florence Fischer 4-Nancy Anne Jordan ........ Ulric Laquer 5-Robert Michel ......... Marguerite Lytle 6-William Pronzato ......... Carolyn Pitts 7-Michael Smalet ....... Mary Kay Snyder 8-Bruce Welch . . . ....... Alice Wurst 30 PUBLICATIONS HE three publications at Germantown play most important roles in our school life. The Rrzeoun BooK, the f'lz'verlen, and the Flipper actually play dual roles. The staffs gain valuable experience and much enjoyment from their work, and the student body gets worthwhile literature, and up-to-the-minute news. Although there are many problems and much hard work, the sponsors and the staff take pride in the finished product. This year the publications have been seriously affected by the war, and definite curtailment in publication had to be made. Two Rrzeoan Books are published yearly. Miss Kahler has most capably handled this year's books, with Anne Beguin as editor of the January book, and Nancy Jordan at the helm for the June class. The Flipper, the school newspaper, was published five times a term. The staff this year worked unusually hard to improve the paper under the editorship of Mil- dred Evans. Their efforts were rewarded when the Flipper won a second place red ribbon at the Columbia Scholastic Press Conference. News, sports, and a variety of features make the paper a most popular one with the students. One of the very popular features is "The Three Bears" which is a column operated on a miniature Walter Winchell basis. Mrs. Goodman trains the literary staff, and Mr. Laderman handles the business department. Although it has been necessary to reduce the size of the paper, and publish it less frequently, the f'lippe'r is still serving the student body, The Uliveden was the oldest publication in our school, and all students with literary talent were encouraged to contribute. Mrs. Sutch was the sponsor, and Marie Monroe was the last editor. The Uliveden was published twice a term and contained many short stories, interviews, and other interesting features. We are very proud that this magazine won first place in the Pennsylvania Press Conference last year. The Uliverlen stopped publication this term, and was greatly missed. Mrs. Sutch continues to train students in literary work, and we are certain the talent will not be neglected. We may well be proud of our publications for they have made noteworthy progress, 1 and developed many out- standing student reporters, i C D n 5 writers, and editors. I 1 -f is E7 'i ' ' ff Ning 3 ' ,A .3 2 , E nu 3l SCHOOL SHOW Craig, Cameron, Yaekel, McEwen, Putnam, Stansberry, Dungan, Vrooman, Hyde, Zeigler, VVeisen born, Needles, Erb, Derk, Nicholson, Rau, Dubree, Tilton, Mazzeo. SCHOOL SHOW NEVER SINCE EVE" APABLY directed by Miss Prince and Dr. Nlason, the Dramatic Club lost no time in swinging into full production early this term. The first organi- zation meeting found "Doug', Hyde in the executive chair, with Vice- President Alice Wurst standing by. Sally Spear recorded the minutes, and "Don" Cameron was guardian of the treasury. After discussion of the school play, thc Dramatic Clubls biggest project of the term, Miss Prince and Dr. Mason went into a huddle, and came out calling signals for the comedy hit. "Ever Since Eve." Com- petition waxed hot over the play tryouts that followed, and March was ushered in with the announcement of the cast. It was discovered that the stellar role- that of Susan Blake, pretty and vivacicus editor of the high school newspaper- had been won by Alma Rau and Lourainia Vrooman. "Doug" Hyde and "Don" Cameron play Johnny Clover, the former editor who catches the measles and loses his job-and his heart-to Susan. When staff members S'Spud" Erwin CBanks Craig, George Putnamj and his sister Betsy CPeg Nicholson, Vangy Tiltonj meet Lucybelle Lee, southern charmer C0live Zeigler, Geraldine Stansberyj and handsome school athlete Preston Hughes C"Dave" Weisenbornj the results are hilarious. Young high school principal, Henry Quinn fDick Erbj and lovely journalism teacher, Mar- tha Willard C"Pat" Dirk, Lois Needlesj further complicate matters. Other sup- porting roles-Mr. and Mrs. Clover CBob Dubree, Eileen McEwen, "Pat" Yeakelj and Police Officer Cappy fBob Dungan, Ed Mazzeol were also well cast. "Ever Since Eve" was proffered to enthusiastic audiences on the evenings of May 1 and Q, and the play, acclaimed a smashing success in school dramatic circles, will be remembered with a smile by the Class of June, 1942 as one of the highlights of its senior term. 32 . ' 3 Z5 l l i w""' xl 5 wi C ffl", THE SHAKESPEARE CONTEST HE Shakespeare Contest, which is held twice a year under the auspices of the Women's Shakespeare Club of German- town, is an event anticipated with the greatest interest by the school. All students from the HB, 12A and 12B grades are invited to participate in the contest. They may portray any scene they choose from William Shakespeare's plays. Miss Prince and Doctor Masrmn direct and advise the contestants in the selec- tion and interpretation of their lines. The first prize of five dollars, given by the Women's Club, is awarded at the graduation exer- cises. The second and third prizes are given by the Dramatic Club. Last term's prize was awarded to Anne Laskin for her excellent interpretation of Cleopatra. Second and third prizes were taken by Mary Kay Snyder and Lois La Roche, respectively, of our class. Others of the senior class who participated in the contest were: Alice Hoenig, Helen Blum, Robert Luongo, Douglas Hyde, Lois Clair, Olive Zeigler, Harold Lynch, Sally Van Dolsen, Alma Rau, and Marilyn Lush. 33 I I MAY QITEEN, 1941gMARGARE'l' OTTO MAY QUEEN. 19-42!BARBARA GOSFORD 34 MAY FESTIVAL l'fr.-:I lfullx' H1-nm-ll, xviI1ll'il'lx, l,l'1ll'V1', H4-mln-r, Vullrllnmjv,ffiIl'1-rlvlnll, llup- kins, X Ulllljl. IUFISIIIJIII. Hill'll1'l', IIIIYQY, Hull, .N1'r'nllrfffnll',' Wml, 1-IH. XXIIFHI- mn. llanllmu-H, Sa-ilz, S'l'i4'kllI2lIl. 'flu-Illllmwlu, 'l'lI4'k1'l'. Haul:-r, Kvrelx-Ins, YY:-xl, DJIIIY. 7'l11'rfl lfufrq Sing.:1'l'. Hil- lwrl. linvulaun, Slllifll. Pzuxwrini. XIIIIIVIII, l,GIllll4'I'. I'lIlIlI1'l'. Ha':nI4'. Spi- vzwk. llllhl'Illll'l'f.fl'l'. I'.lllII'lll lfnnx' I,ilj.f4', xyihllll, llym-, Svluwk, Marks, SIC ORGA IZATIO UIHIII ICSTRA Muon lf1'l"l'lc --.Q-.--........ 'Ti --' Slllilll, lllzu-kuzny. :T Al, l'Il,lCANUR II' SlCl.SiYR A I'l'lCLLA CII Ulli '33 I 17 dvifi re. 26 we Z' E9 311 vf x MAJ ..+ .W A V2 N 55' .www if ' .Q--ii. 5 J 5' ff EL I-IW GERMANTOWN HI-Y OLLOVVING a program carefully outlined by Mr. Greene, the club adviser, and "Bob" Michel, president, the Hi-Y concluded one of the most active terms in its history. This group of approximately thirty-Hve boys gathered at the local Y. M. C. A. on Tuesday nights to conduct meetings. The meetings were fol- lowed by short talks given by several distinguished members of the community. Plans were formulated for a spring dance which was given at Curtis Hall. This was one of the most outstanding events on Germantown High School's spring social calendar. The members of the athletic committee: Vice-President "Dick" Reid, "Bob" Luongo, Treasurer "Bohn Mostertz, organized a promising softball team. The club also did its share for "Uncle Sam" by purchasing a Defense Bond with club funds. The Hi-Y loses several members through graduation. Among these are "Bob" Michel, "Mike" Cafferty, and "Dick" Reid, officers of the club. GIRLS' HI-Y HE purpose of the Girls' Hi-Y is "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character." Playing an active part in social service work, the club manages the Cornucopia Shop every Saturday at the Germantown Hospital, the proceeds of which go to a special hospital fund. Edith Daly acted as social service chairman, making the necessary arrange- ments for the girls. During the semester a group of mothers prepared excellent dinners to which alumnae and candidates were invited. These cordial meetings of mothers with daugh- ters, alumnae with members, and members with candidates, added much pleasure to the social life of the 12B term. This term the officers of the Hi-Y, with Miss Briimmer as faculty sponsor, were: President, Helen Beatty, Vice-President, Alice Beatty, Secretary, Irene Suflasg and Treasurer, Marguerite Lytle. Jean Kirk was the Interclub Council Representative. We extend sincere greetings to the succeeding officers and members of the coming school year. 36 Is'm'L' linux Dickinsrm, l':1g1-, Irving, 'l'lmnms, I,:lmlvlI, K4-uning, Davis, Mr. Prilllinllu. lfrrml Ron Lzlllggc-, Kvysvr, Km-rr. IAIIII, Svllvrs, NIIN'l.l'ilIl. filing: .lum-s, YYrny, l"r'ir-k. Hmm-ll, MIN-rl. xYt'iSl'IIlDUI'll, Cbpoluml. Slunrliny: Dr, Rurlmam. Kcmp Tlwxllzus, R4-xlfivlfl, NI:-yl1ng,:, Sf-lnnill, l.:uql1m-r. NI:nslvl's, K1-ysvr. l.:mg1-, Nlivln-I. Ifmwrs, Ymlllg. 'LIDE LE CLUB 37 'RETREAUSW mom 'ms PAST ' in..r 14iava arch To Play for Jrs. Tirkmp Svllime Fun Jun!-fr, Hard nl Work 2 Tu Sings' Gala Dam-1' Fur the nominal ive ui tum dui' Luc. pax cnupie. the Junior Prom Iwm .-my uf, uw awning student :ef Gernmnwwn High S1-haul on many, Many 21. 1 v..fwy mu he fn. n-mu, of xhu your-'s junmr dance, for uevffr rg.-furv has a Gmwmmwn Junior PM., 11.-my new m Lum Temple Lhunvry Ciub And never before has if gwup .,r G1-mxrmuwm jivers ywuped m -rw nwymm of the Dux NW.. omhm,-,A know.. M me uf Phhads-Iphiuk moat 1-uazandmg duno: bands. rum:-.mug vm U.. onmsm ov.-. .. num. vvr-cixvaixaa Wm in. 1.-meme by nur swinging and swasini .1-mam. .ma um bam ' mmm E. unanimous ww ' :nam polar..-4, mm mm Qomful Temple is one noun. try clubs nd was chueen sr.-arch because lncilxlles and its . amuse U L..-ge f mmpxeue hvniet. ymfre 1 4 once, :Q Aim 4. beamed umxmversey n 1 new and disilnmivaf favor was sz-S leveled, which will of course remlix . secret unul Lhoy are dmribueed at Nw dame, 1 P16011 lfIlAlR:Wff6 " - 2 ' Q 'QL 1 ...jf . f A 5' Mnrwnlioughncx. Ken Bardsley. 1EA4sYz.fg11Qg. Q Pay Higher Dues M YG! USG IIA ch-I lwllntld Ill phi!! fb! umm, but commuting xo lme of the 050611, I it ho be hoid In the near Treuurnrl Helm Beatty md ma cm-nn rave been mam-ag lunch! report: in all of Emilia. of price Luanne! ue my :squared nu me mg f.2i'll'l'l lt- , 1-fy,-5 . W , Faculty And Students Start i 2Deibnse Work 2 Air Raid Wardens Take' First Aid Coursesg Starnps Sulnl Daily G1-rmnnmvm High scum: na.: been nm.-.q ns share fm' N-mann! Derma um-nga Lhe vm-nm .-.-1.-.rum mm! nn naw wen hs both the studenti :body .mu me funny. E Defrnle- Stamps tn H16 imoxln! nil S496 have been sold in tho Sant fi-ve days by Mis: Mandmsa and tha Dis-x Lvihutlve mauurum elm. 5 Ten and twenty-Ave cent stamps bln bt bwghl and orders will be ilken fm' KH r:Ll1er denvminlllonl. Thi! wx be rmgm at my um aur- Bng record puimi md before school. Up to this point the faculty and nudenx body have bought vary nu- ly and Mins Nandan bnliwes tha!! uplendid wlrtl vm conzu-mn for the Hurxtlan of Ur! wif. Q!! hut!! IDA Indy-fnhie Itu-' dank: tvs from sinh book. are act- bag u Junior mr and wwuu many-an nf mu group mn wm- kcttd Ln UBB I INS lid cvllfil I0 they may in Die tumre. give damn- iltrttlonb Sn tha heme rwmn and In Ute hnll vinyl. zdmunmm mm mu he omn- tvuted tn all of Germanmwnh wlr- am. nf, wuwmn um. nn. sw- 'wknu no cooperate muy when :nm ,pooplm t 'gnu crm wa.-ng mm q, smmy gm. have mm up fur "luaKUnq' Ln the Junior Red mum bihwx e la such Q dnmnnd lor woo! thnx at pnunt the Rad Croce lc un- jxhle to suppay our scmnl with um Eneoeuury mnwruuz, no knitting of Qnnxm md ups nn have ta hc 'lpootporxml but ns noun as pnuilsle lwmrk vm be dur-Led on Mlnkets with yowl u-augur 11-am mme. The Munn-rs' Association and A few bt tha girls hav: bean knitting. bow- ex-.mrnmnstlnsemndhavetw'Md our n wry lne Pima or wcwk. Mrs. Butch puma Cu nrllnhu me md Gm!! throughout the whois :school In ms-Ja n way that each ds- psrtman! Mil ,be wh ta sonirlbnvtl mgrenxug. rut? ' 1 Q Five gina me five ed vy me same an cember IQ. as mbmlnms of mxltefe of Ten. Several mambsrt vow cut before td, In I ellcl. Bob .Dick Reid. Milburn 0!d Clarke Eberle, Ehthll' nn wma the other lions. The committee chose Bob D-wmv and Alice Batty. two at its mm- bera. an ummm for the pnaixivmry utdnsmais. 'hnsuanabussvtvr w-med rorbythestudaftbodyon Thursday. luxuary A is uni: hams moms, Bob Luonlu as prlliden! meendn Al Chance. Alles Beatty wi!! be the vice predde-AL Luongolleads Honor Society Committee .x mmmm-D nppmmed by me sw. .ne na, he-gun wnrk un the forma- lvf n Chapter uf the Nufionkl Hun- an at Gennantown Dr Wuida Hun nr Navi j ' Huh and Kia Gmd. Wim Are boi!! wmuun, rv Oanmnniownl ru:- Lhies !i:x'm. Sm working will thu w-hue and na chairman. Hub 'new ulxy Prim Luong.. The mvmbevs of the 'mm- millu- are Ruth sm, Jann Lawrnm-4, mum ummrz. ummm sem, um xv-fm. am Ralph Thcvmsa. The Yapidily with whirl: this .qs- mn xy wcnmxahna nvpmas mfgmy .upon un- aludent andy, Dr, vvame- fm-rv mn n wma uf. we-umgwm in me enum szudmf. b-:dy if tha sw nm were installzd UM term, These auulemu graduating in Fubeunnf. should spank to :noir Semux ix may fuel the-3' would xike a chanex to wm auch an heuwr Iqefwa gtaduaiusa. . sg,0nm Begin Organization - With Mrs, Duffy and My Bar!-' hold at the hdm. the UB this expats mppy and mmm mixing mm ul-rm, 'mm the :lass and span. - mrs are heartily de-hghfcd WMV ,mn mmf. is Bmw an nwmg the jumars' comments of exxthusw msn: :pprmax and their f1pmwriT .-.mance mae vm us mass mm' Gm- mm, QM ' Fourtxum books, wmprising about' six hundred stud:-um make an exmptionuliy large c!a.-ni. But the new iuniur clams feels thai, wixh in: eager mapemxive spinv., "ww mm dgvbig vang, mmm-." 5 1 and Read ZA Idle :mn 1 the mu wmmsr. Cmleclian m' rlans dum la wcpemmi Lo continue Lhbi term lu Mil. It will YR BDBDXIIIUUG lil!! WEBB: Whbft, MHA haw tht Grd tlxllelilmw will MAH. There is also axpevwd nn be n clan .meeting before many more weekx, 5 1 With a , their n puma loin was hold. Lawrence and Irene Kkretary Binh .nm 'mryung rw., songs .ma more was reading: hy Mary Kay Buy. hr. Peggy Nlehowm. and Ada Kap- wa. The program ended wan an Sxumumentsi sziecticm by Ruth EVIL Mary Jane Simon. James Palmer, :md mx:-S1 Hippensuel. ,. ,. I T09 already been lturied lor 12A pncmm for the nec- The money for mule in clan dues, be- am- mgum- H0111 lib ' Ole thbali af RMI mare and Casts on by Domdd Clmemi woman can do anything man U' nhl' 'llinil KD." SMH of Elllfmbeih Kllhbll e Dual Waterloo for husband. Herbert, moan: "Big tc, ha presented 6 by um mnmx. um m emu-mg up falihfui broad. wlth wan as mwmy D008 was -army u me juan' Wanted: One Good Fight Rbward: Fame and 25 Bucks By Irene Sutlas Are you harassed by money tran- ' Tiles? Ariz NY! BGMQYGTS picketing your hams? Da yan own ynur lriends money! , Don't get 76195931 deeper in debt by going tm 1 loam company and T Dorf! Ignite I MNH' 013831- no ini' Mattias by breaking :spun Junior? giuixy bank. The answer to yum' problem Lfdznple. .'rnxe4pegfinhmsav.ndvmwum We Alma. mba" an appmpgme iight NBS. YN! 50'u'l have M 'bl I - nmnf. .sz smmsnwn :gym was mmm. mow meant HB4 Hill N ililiblzf Now, we, b"!bll,X,."VVb1!t easier way fs Kiltie mmm Sigh- wgrhqwn working :MM .nm MH' ma wig the Athletic' Ummrll, Mr. H, Mmxni Smiih. presidlnt of the A!umn'!'A3- swlatmn, Babu Gollum at the Boost- gzhk. and 'Mlldmd Evlnl, zdimr-inf "C1lpper", uid mrther detsill an gchar uf Um i The 1019! Quai watch: are pnxed in the bu?- iletm board lmfllde of Rmwm 111. iwhidh was dewrazed gum um garmin hy Mn Jambi md company, to nib o nm wa ackmwlshgn gainful zthwhx. ,miptnwwx Sxmphxmy Mitt jflnce Idfmrxe of mu' 11118311 immi, fvIr.jP. H. Hlmdug, had 431 Dori viglgv mbmlmng-yqur amtzyl, yw dam mow "eb"'mxm "wh in dsswmmgueer. mx M www' lima us my vnvnmxy usda mdwy. -any ws, Yitlmifwbifd mwmmy-nw? R' l 'fs k mana mmf nw sblwks and thu. k1zi6QhM'Q -sfbft 118112 . Tru: commit. xgmwxfngi by Hague Qmvumnq giwefmga' :mf len, md by the "G2!Sppm"L fm mmm: ss. frm pmmquunpizw .W . , I 9 ' megs 391,-EWG our: . 4 Q ffm: m4,ynut,bQahlQisi'k4d were is at 'fdnvgx-10154 FIM" W? aw Km any mmm 'in ewmrygawxgmekuluin, geomvtbxudd by thi ' , gram, :mn gn um uw and my fS?4'!UUYWUlM99L'Yg9v"9'5Y'!!L'v 'L fs The infix-equi uwwnmz are Dia. .Mm !1f'QmFvQiP'W1'Hl1l. fiodtvl 38 ll.. Babu Gosford. Mildred Mecsizk. Ilelen Bully. was 5 f Meeting .5 1 nlut mnilng 18. the IZA clul that the colhctkm of se! for the Monday and before nmugavsu. .wynm n gm win col-I md bring to the clam Trauux-ern' Bocreurxu, an nu money was far Krmumnn. x has :lm mme known? uct Uul, for every llckel to me play mold by n 12.4. mum. percentage at the cost gm .tu un treasury and un-remve nwen- 'IL some plum for R my anne: have been abandoned. the nbc:-rs Ire new enduvox-mg to mugs n program m bu! will have mme llvrm uf MWMI rn- Mtertainmergt belora February. and urnngemmu hiv: been ' thmugh for electing a 1 and Becreunry ln everyf mmm mn.: m evsry . 7 Drdir UAB! lhxl grade will nu! be Mk illinior Officers . And Committees Begin Action Enthusiasm Delights N Sponsors As Eager Class Member: Respond For Une HB tina, Tuasday, Much M was u notable day. On thu! day. the enthusiasm with which num. mu, eager dw members wma fn ww nn Prom me Ring cw-- mitlws :hnwed :hu the iuniun wwf! have tu bv ccnxed lu shuulder me mpmlbua-y 04 an.. .nw- prism. Th! ov:-rwhelmml lurrmutj was nn unexpz-c!-vd ennourugemcnt 'to the iuwelmga nffrwn ol the "C" Mus. By the why, than ure: President -A Subs Gosford. Dk! Reid: Vice President - Fhyllib Eshbach, .mlm imp: 'mmm-f - Helen Benny. sub Lum-gm sm.- taxy -V Mildred Messick, Jim Fee- ny. v ru mm Afugm, fm urging D.-T pleading were raquind lu gm vnlunmera zur mmmmm. On uw, rnvxzrnry. ulaetlon nl committee-' n mm nf.-mnved - mm. mm 1.1545 vezimln-mm. Now nh. lim hang, Qbeen mn-alma. and mam lhni 's-mm cmm-me .re umm, Ka0...,hm-r .na mn Bnrdply wbof ?are my assisted by .rf-nn, Buchmf :sawn-a sf, John, sau sum, mug um.-nanm. may sum, .r.m.f .aww Muff' many. :nur-ana.. jvmmmm, .Mme Johnson, mwxyn nunef. Qadfw xJ.waaf..m, nm Kmhaw, .na 3 mamm sm-mr. 'Q Cmirman uf dw Ring Cmmnmee ix. may... sway, who., mn., prmun- xataman tnciuda Duloref sp.-M., Shzrley Bellf M.-.ry zum.. san, Spam, Mumba Ruvtum, Mu-. fmfav sum. xmw sum.. mm- wum, wmple L.-mm, Mary my , shy-iw. nm, Mm-nm. Mmm-4 1 Nhttlv-sw, and Bnlbnm Hsimhuch. .. , J. , J Students Heal' President Ask .Declaration of War on Japan ' f Historic Even! Brought to Students through most hem' was of Ulflniile r Lxnmlxn cm unfil Lhv bi!! Will taking my .-r ma languages sucrh ul Frerwh. are wulcume. elected XMI! krrn. pwsmznli mnwna Aim- I-xefmy. Fiorenve Walther. lreasu rer. gl!!-Y mum Nannies 1 On November 12. the Svnmr Hi-Y , 'win ma an mummy dum:-r mvvhnl' at tho Y, W C. A, Then' wi!! be :J gn-in spake:-, nur. as ya none has been numbd. ftompxermg the msn nf un-ming J mv mamma. me mm has M-mmm 'gm fosmwms sim. mm Mlardh'v, iitnrms Bmxghbgr. Pat Mcuaxm, Emm 2 Daly. 161553 RWM Wwvenu Pasch- lbv, Mm rmdmugn, Mmyunztn .mm Oldmfh. Dln:-juris Siem. Sul!!! Bpemr, naw Bunn. Nuuzy Aif Dorn Axvmum, New Amxew qw. LmLml'Mu Knify zum, Kirk- mropgw Kwme. Xiflwv imma, ma nag, 'ram f s9:w.mqquheni 'W' W5 U w Efforts of Mullen, Thomas, and Dickenson in the history uf the lwsanhiud in the a declaratinn of taking seats message. It 'tm fm' the fs and wm i smarts! in IB!! DVM' nal n mum! mlrmly lun-mng gruup. uecfuinnuny. bum.: nl nppwm in- thl Pruldsnfn worth. lplech wnn rmncluded. the uuanu annum was plnyur. and xc Untitled fl!!! IYEVOI' Ulfwri had ll be!!! lb mrrmg UM igpllllivl. Th silence And ltillnql that prevaihd tor n low IOM nnarwu-d made it all Lhl mu!! dfactlve. When wi Z 1 x 4 1 bwtn1uliun0y hzpnusl Z 'nn sawn at thu Pmmmzu worm i were rnirrxrrnd an mm .yu ul Hwang wioJ1lA! hurl me mmm umy , hwbtrmeharreuuvuvnmanlcn-' mediate!! IIOMM by 0-he Sun of war. 'nw nnmhhd gram 'Wu prliud W Dr. Wllddlcll lor the line vny in whim: Lhny gnthlred And rwdved the Plfesinlenlfn lynch. The spools! auditorium program wu PYDPGMJ nad Mrrled thnmgh by Jlxrmd llullin, William 'l'h0ml.l. and Harold nmuonnn. 'Hun Utne boyz mms It pouibia for KM: Nl- hzrictl evlnl be ht hnmkut to than who wunxd not ordinarily hear I! Llsnun of nmol well. 6 Naw GIBEKIWUQXIMO lbtdh ll' mivsd-In wlr.dvl!Ilndl!mumln- un: an bang ptnpitolluutnnt. gnitugqdq L ,ymmmmf 4. uvmwmvnrwu' uma mlywuhludimuinn. 'hs' prlndatl quita. W. Jllil A. , ,wvirlm QvBimDthllY'.ll4nlhvlIl! mmmunurw-rmwgalpn 1 1 FRANTIC ANTICS A21 Q5 rx .aff K li gk X , MQ fig! , ,XX 1 A 'X , Lg U5 765 fi ! ia G-ettmq Up Wav'lT1nci X Q. 555 A N 1 D 1 Xf f X X ll Q 1 .-- ,... - My 7- x E LQASY sage ou ' do berfev ff 8 r. mi :Wig , ' x " f F wk X f if QW ' A Ya I 74' ' 3 CA QOYQS f I 1 Cleaned Qui, AqQ,,.,f mm- STEM-- HE Senate, a legislative body consisting of representative senators and alter- nates, presides over all school enterprises. These delegates, who are elected each term from the various books, determine school policies and discuss prob- lems that arise as the result of student government. Every term the Senate selects five boys and Hve girls from the A, B, and C classes to serve on the Committee of Ten which enforces and upholds the laws of the Senate. Both the Committee of Ten and the Senate are ably sponsored by Mr. Strauss. The Boosters, as their name implies, are perhaps the most energetic group at Germantown. During their semi-annual Booster Week, these ten industrious stu- dents, supervised by Mr. Coleman, do a fine job of increasing the various funds for student assistant, bus transportation and social service Work. This week of activity is always brought to a climax by the popular Booster Dance. The Dramatic Club is one of Germantown's most popular and active organiza- tions. The sponsors, Miss Prince and Dr. Mason, have charge of the school play and, in addition, coach the participants of the Shakespeare Contest. The members of the A Cappella Choir are symbols of the musical achievement of Germantown High School. They represent the best vocal material in the school, their excellent performances, so ably directed by Miss Evans, are recognized through- out the city. The Orchestra, under Mrs. Golden's skillful leadership,has won the appreciation of the students and faculty for its artistic renditions. The spring festival combines the talents of these two groups and is enthusiastically supported by the students and community as a whole. Mr. Murphy assumed the leadership of the band last fall and deserves much credit for his speedy reorganization of the band which added so much color to our football games. SCHOOL ACTIVITIES XTRA-CURRICULAR activities are an important part of school lifeg although club membership is not compulsory, it encourages the growth of school spirit in addition to the individual profit and enjoyment acquired by the student CLUB ACTIVITIES is satisfied. The clubs at Germantown are so varied and numerous that almost everyoneis taste The largest and most popular of all are the Debating and Dramatic clubs. Here future lawyers or thespians learn the rudiments of argumentation or of acting, as the case may be. However, many other clubs, although smaller, provide an outlet for the individual interests of the student. The Slide Rule Club offers many instructive hours for the mathematically minded. Sponsored by Dr. Rodman, the membership is limited to twenty mem bers so that they may receive her personal attention. Experience in using the slide rule is serviceable in almost any field dealing with rapid calculation. In the Linguists' and Latin Clubs, we find our future glossologists. Any student of a language is bound to find these clubs enlightening. The members present plays in various languages and participate in foreign games and songs. At the close of every term, each club presents its individual award at graduation exercises. The Boys' and Girls' Hi-Y's rank among the most prominent organizations in our high school life. The members of both clubs are determined through their indn vidual qualities of school citizenship, fine character, and high scholastic standing The Commercial Club welcomes all commercial students as members. This group frequently visits business establishments to become acquainted with the modern methods of our business life. Each term the club awards a prize to the graduating commercial student with the highest average. 40 DIEIFZSUNALS Sf xx!! ,I IX' C51 ,Z Na x.a,. xw. M W x.J,..0m,fi-Q vm., NMW Qu, ' 7,4-W f 3.4, za . Y ,, as :sg XZ ,l ELIZABETH A. ALLARDICE 5816 Chew Street Acavmvuc Debating Club A, B, CQ Dramatic Club A, B, C: Linguists' Club A. B, C, D3 Hi-Y A, B3 RECORD Book Staff Ag Clipper Staff A, B, C, D. If height has anything to do with success, "our favorite blonde" is in line for 5' 9"'s worth. After reading some of her excellent articles, we are convinced that our talented literary editor will make the prettiest and liveliest "ghost writer" ever to haunt a radio program. r JAYNE E. ALTI-IOUSE " 2128 E. Cheltcn Avenue COMMERCIAL I May Day C. Jayne is so very tiny that people are continually amazed to hear that she really is a member of the senior class. Her very ingenious hobby is that of collecting signs from various places! We only hope that someone doesn't mis- take her for a soap advertisement and collect her. Jayne's conscien- tious nature and pleasant disposi- tion will enable her to become a very valuable secretary. CAROLYN E. AMBERG 1165 IC. Stafford Street vocAT1oN.xL ART Senior Hi-Y A, B, C5 Junior Hi-Y D3 Clipper C, D: Ulivedeu C5 Linguists' Club A, B, CQ Hockey F3 May Day Decoration Com- mittee A, C. Carolyn's calm, well-poised manner delights all who come in contact with her. She is one of Germantown's "bookworms," and perhaps in the future she will be able to capitalize on her excellent ideas as a. fashion de- signer. BARBARA D. ARMON ' 1501 Clearview Street Aoummxc Linguists' Club B, D. If the supply of postmen be- comes dcpleted, "Bobbie" will be only too glad to jump in and do her bit delivering mail, for she delights in receiving letters from all the nearby universities. With sports as her hobby, she makes a very able cyclist. "Bob- bie's" amiable disposition will gain her many friends in college. 41 VIRGIN IA-LOU AUSTIN l 6908 Henley Street ACADEMIC Luncheon Committee Ag Dra' matic Club A, B, C, D: Swim- ming Club A, B, C, D, E. An even disposition and a cheery manner have made for "Ginny" a real place in our school life. Af- fectionately termed "Nipper" by her friends, her abilities to ad- minister artificial respiration and to tell a good joke are some of her accomplishments. Our pre- diction? A happy future. BARBARA FAY AYRES 15, 1815 VV. Ashdale Street COMMERCIAL Sergeant of Color Guard A, B. I guess we've always wondered what makes our color guard look so striking. Well, here is thc answer: "Bobby" is one of the attractions. When not practicing for the color guard she goes horse- back riding. Her vocation after graduation is to be a business woman. Wlhoever employs "Bob- by" will be very lucky. , . ,v -N w. ' I 5-fbi o .IEANNE M. BXCHE 1, Norfolk Manor K Broad and Clearview Streets COMMERCIAL Swimming Club Ag Art Club A3 RECORD Book Art Staff A: Boosters A, B, C, D: Riding Club E, Fg Junior Prom Com- mittee C. Jeanne has all the distinctive qualit.ies of a redhead, "summer" freckles and an artistic tempera- ment. The excellence of her RECORD Book cartoons displays not only her talent but her "pep, vim, and vigor." Quite handy with brush and palette, "Reds," success as a commercial artist will be due to her talent and perseverance. JOHN B. BACKHUS " 8229 Bayard Street ACADEMIC "Jack" is a hard working and cooperative fellow. His main interest lies in sports. Anyone attending the football games of last year would have found "Jack', cheering lustily with the rest of us. His ambition is to obtain a position in business, and with his cheerful and energetic nature he should soon find a welcome niche for himself. WILLIAM C. BAISCH, JR. ' 190 E. Willow Grove Avenue COMMERCIAL As he unobtrusively roamed through these halls, "Bill" es- tablished contacts which will furnish him with numerous, life- long acquaintances. "Bill" aims to join the ranks of the C. P. A.'s, but he will also spend a great deal of time in model building. Good luck and best wishes, "Bill," VINCENT D. BARBA " 126 E. Rittenhouse Street INDUSTRIAL Throughout his high school career, "Vince" has utilized his spare time iI1 one of the most interesting of avoeations: raising pigeons. A member of the ln- dustrial Course, "Vince" has aspirations of becoming a master machinist upon graduation from Germantown High School. JESSICA M. BARBASH ' 100 W. Duval Street COMMERCIAL Commercial Club D, E, F, Clip- per Representative D3 Cliveden Representative 12 g Cliveden Busi- ness Staff E, Fg Monitor C. "Jess" with her "lively lingo" has made herself one of the most spirited personages of our class. Her endless abundance of "pep,' should help her to reach the secre- tarial goal for which she is aiming. BETTY BARBER V 39 E. VVashington LaIIe ACADEMIC Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, Eg Debating Club A, B, C, D, Latin Club F3 A Cappella Choir A, B3 Junior Hi-I D, Eg Vice-President of Junior I-Ii-Y D3 Senior Hi-Y A, B, C, Treasurer of Senior Hi-Y B, School Play Business Com- mittee A, C, D, Eg Linguists' Club A, Bg Junior Prom Com- mittee Cg Senior Prom Com- mittee Ag Co-Chairman of Senior Prom Committee A. Happy-go-lucky "Betty" will always be remembered for the wonderful job she did as co-chair- man of the Senior Prom Com- mittee. Her tireless efforts in all her activities reaped many re- wards. 42 MARIE C. BARRETT I 2931 N. Judson Street COMMERCIAL After a tedious day at the office, there is no doubt that Marie will indulge for relaxation in her favorite hobby-dancing to the syncopating rhythm of the eur- rent dance band. Her conscien- tious endeavor will result in the achievement of her ambition to be the perfect secretary. Her charming personality will make her as well liked in an office as she was in school. PRISCILLA L. BARRETT 506 E. Tulpehocken Street ACADEMIC Linguists' A, B, C, D5 Current Events C, D, Swimming D, Dramatic A, B g Library Moni- tor A, B. Her cheerful attitude, her ever- willingness to help, and her mod- esty, will forever be embedded in the corners of our mi11ds which we call memories. One could never forget that sunny atmosphere which prevailed wherever "1'ussy,' happened to be, LENNA M. BATTLE U 8222 Cedarbrook Street ACADEMIC During the ninth grade, this charming southern belle fascinated "us Yankees" with her accent while verbally refighting the Civil War. For the next two years, however, our loss was Detroit's gain. Germantown must have had an irresistible force, though, for "Meg" is back with us again to finish high school where she started. This much-travelled miss's next stop will be somewhere in the field of nursing where we wish her all the luck in the world. MIRIAM H. BAYNE ' 1810 Elston Street COMMERCIAL Commercial Club Ag Hospital Auxiliary A, C: Prom Com- mittee A, ILECORD Boorc Staff Ag German Club E. Always smiling, always teasing, "Mimi, is certain to be on hand with a cure for the "blues" We are confident that her warm, and friendly personality will continue to gain friends for her when she enters the business world. ,X I ,I w ALICE M. BEATTY i 68 W. Washington Lane .uuuimmrc Yiee-President of Senate Ag Com- mittee of Ten A, B, Hi-Y B, C, Vice-President A: Junior Hi-Y D, E, F, Prom Committee A, C3 Senator C: Linguists' Club A, CQ Secretary B5 Latin Club C, D, H: School Play Business Committee A5 Prop- erty B1 Debating Club A, B, C, Baseball, Basketball. Popular and vivacious, our law-enforcing Alice C15 minutes older than the other half of Beatty lnc.J, always assumed a motherly attitude toward her inseparable younger twin, Helen, much to the amusement of their host of friends. Active from A to E, our gold- hoarding treasurer, Helen, and just as versatile Alice, have con- tributed more to the alma mater and to our elass than if they had been quadruplets. Ill'Il.BN M. BHATTY L 63 VV. Vtashington Lane ACADEMIC Class Treasurer A, U, C 3 Hi-Y B, C, President A, Senator A, D, Alternate li, President of Linguists' Club li, Secretary C5 Junior Hi-Y D, E, F5 Secre- tary D, Yice-President Debat- ing Club A, Secretary B, IQECURD Book Statt' Ag Clipper Statl' A, lt, C3 Iii-Y Freshman Award G. K- :ll ' , 'rf 'Q - I sun ' 1. B lk: ,. Mt. ry Avenue A. . resident B5 Riding Club A, B, C, DQ Hospital Auxiliary A, B, C9 President of Bowling Club Ag Swimming Club Ag Senator H. The ease and grace Shirley dis- played in gymnastics has made her an outstanding athlete. Shir- ley's winning personality will of itself be a curative power t.o her fortunate patients as she studies nursing. JOHN Ill'lNDl'I'lt i 5132 Wayne Avenue Mr-zcnawlc .mrs Baseball. Spring fever and the yen .to "play ball" are two maladies which hit letter-winner John every year tovtards the end of March. ln his senior term, however, John's after-school hours were occupied with helping in l'ncle Sam's de- fense efforts. In the fall he will attend Drexel Tech, taking with him his talents in Americ-a's favorite game. Keep them swing- ing, John, and may you smash home to success! HAROLD BENEDICT ' 5372 Wingohoeking Terrace Amor-:Mic Boys' Hi-Y A, B5 Debating Clubg Manager of Track Team A. Harold's amicable manner, which has won him many intimate friends here at Germantown, should make him an outstanding individual in the halls of the Wharton School, l'niversit.y of Pennsylvania. Besides pursuing his academic career, he has also been a prominent member of the Boys' Hi-Y. JAMES E. BENKERT 7309 N. 20th Street t'0MMERCI.'tL After June, with diploma in hand and spirits high, this ener- getic young man will begin the ritual of pounding well-pounded pavements in search of work. "Jim" dabbles in photography and may turn this hobby into a. profitable business venture. Mean- while, "Jim" will always be re- membered for the "super" auto that delivered him to the "Little Green and White Sehoolhousen each morning. MARIE A. BENTIVOGLIO 1953 Spencer Street ACADEMIC German Club E. F: Gym Leader B, C, D: Bowling Club A3 Dancing C, DQ A, A. Repre- sentative B, C, E, F5 Clipper D3 Tumbling D, E. The adage "Good things come in small packages" just tits Marie. She has been an outstanding figure in gym activities, and is especially interested in perfecting her swimming and bowling. VVe know that smiling Nurse Marie will be a comfort to her patients and to those with whom she works, BEA'l'RICl'I P. BERMAN 7165 N. 19th Street ACADEMIC I.atin Club C, D3 Clipper Repre- sentative lfl, F: l llIi1'CIll?ll. Repre- sentative D, E: Linguists' Club C3 Howling Club A3 Swim- ming C, D. "Pat" is that curly-headed little bit of vitality and pep that has enlivened our days at Ger- mantown. VVe hear that, as the latest outlet for her exuberant spirits, she has taken up bowling in a big way. Temple llniversity is her goal. We hope that she will always "keep 'em rolling." 43 ELIZABETH K. BISHOP 6366 Sherman Street ACADEMIC RECORD Book Staff Ag Senior Hi-Y A, F, Cg Debating Club A, B3 Linguists' Club B, Senior Play Bg May Day C3 Vice- President Chemistry Club C, D3 Basketball B, D, Latin Club B, E, F: Secretary Latin Club Ag Senator E, F. In spite of her many activities- "Bish" has always managed not to neglect her studies. Much of her spare time is spent peering into a camera lens, and we are confident she will one day develop a striking picture of her many attainments. HENRY A. BISSIG '- 3437 Sunnyside Avenue ACADEMIC Baseball Team A, C. "Home-run Hank," one of the mainstays of our baseball squad, has been trying to put the "ol, apple" over the left-field wall ever since he entered first grade. Perhaps Henry will follow in the footsteps of many Germantown lettermen and carry its name high into the sports world's hall of fame. Tw 9' f xk L ELFREDA C. M. BLOB 1732 W. Cheltenham Avenue COMMERCIAL A demure, reserved appearance quite belies "Freddie's" true personality. She really is effer- vescent with energy, proof of this is her interest in skating. Like many of her fellow gradu- ates, "Freddie" intends to have a business career. IRENE BLOCK 6452 N. 15th Street COMMERCIAL Cliveden Representative C9 Clip- per Representative D. Irene's assortment of hand- knitted sweaters has aroused much admiration. The men in the service have also benefited from her busy, clicking needles. Her patience and perseverance will surely be rewarded in her chosen vocation as a business girl. 44 MARGARET L. BLOUGH 7518 N. Qlst Street ACADEMIC Art Club A, B3 Debating Club A, B. If anyone wants a steadfast and sympathetic friend just call on "Peggy," she is bound to halt your drooping spirits, and re- store the cheerful ones again. After graduation she plans to enter Penn State, where she will prepare for a position as labora- tory technician. HELEN MAY BLUM 6739 N. Smedley Street VOCATIONAL ART Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, Eg Swimming Club A, D, Eg Clipper Staff D, C: Clipper Art Editor B, C: Cliveden Art Staff B, RECORD Boox Art Staff A. A glance at Helen's artistic talent will assure anyone that she mill not have many rungs to climb before reaching the top to success. Ably endowed with dramatic ability, Helen may also prove to be another Helen Hayes. We wish her luck. ALMA VICTORIA BOGAN 7537 Limekiln Pike COMMERCIAL Swimming Club D3 Dancing Club Cg May Day Dance CQ Cliveden Representative B. "May I help you, Madame?" These are familiar words to Alma. as she has already begun her career as a salesgirl. Most of her leisure moments are spent in bowling and swimming. Being so energetic will help Alma to achieve her goal as an excellent salesgirl. GERTRUDE A. BOGAN Q 78 E. Garfield Street COMMERCIAL Follow the loud blare of the phonograph recordings, the "hot jazzf, or "sweet swing" to the end of the aisle, and there you will find "Trudy." After graduation, besides hearing records, she will listen to an executive dictating. Her "quiet and busy hands" pre- vent her shorthand notes from causing her head to "spin" round and round like the records. REGINA J. BONNER 962 Locust Avenue commaacru. Commercial Club A, B3 Gym Leader A, B3 Linguists' Club A: Horseback Riding Club A. "Jeanne" has ambitions to be a stenographer. lt' she continues in the same efficient and pleasant manner which she has displayed in her school activities and studies, she is certain of winning a coveted position in the business world. MARIAN L. BOUGHNER 816 N. Phil-Ellena Street VOCATIONAL ART Boosters A, B: Girls' Hi-Y A, B: Senior Prom Committee Ag Junior Prom Chairman C, Dramatic Club B. Friendly and sincere, Marian has earned the reput.ation of being a "good sport." Deeply inter- ested in fashion illustrating. those who have admired her drawings know that she will paint a rosy future for herself. JAMES V. BOWER 1987 Sterling Street Amin-:Mic Junior Prom Committee C3 Senior Prom Committee Chairman Ag Clipper D3 Alternate D: Slide Rule Club A, B: Fencing Team A, C, Eg Track E, A. "Jim's" constant eagerness to help in the class's activities has been exemplified in his work on both of the Prom Committees. Also, as a member of the track team, "Jim" has displayed fine athletic ability. Keep up this spirit, Jim, and we know you will be "tops" at Drexel. DOROTHY A. BOWES 5616 McMahon Avenue COMMERCIAL Commercial Club E, F9 Swim- ming Club F. "Dottie" hopes to join the throng of working girls and we know that she'll be a most efficient secretary. With her lovely auburn hair, she will be a bright spot in any office. No matter how hard "Dottie" works, she will still find time to practice the newest dance steps. BETTY C. BOWMAN 607 E. Mt. Airy Avenue ACADEMIC Not having been with us very long, Betty has not entered any after-school activities. Her spare time is taken up largely with reading and tennis. Teaching is her ambition. Although Betty has not yet chosen her college, we know that her future alma mater will find her a hard-working, conscientious student. PAUL R. BOWMAN 7303 Briar Road INDUSTRIAL Swimming D. l'aul's interest in radio and model building have developed in him a keen sense of accuracy. This should serve him well in industry, for Paul intends to be- come a machinist. JANE T. BRADLEY ' 5818 Crittenden Street ACADEMIC Bowling Club Ag Linguists' Club B3 Swimming Club C3 Alter- nate C3 Annual Music Festival B, C, D. Jane has "energy plus" to undertake the task of being a "schoolma'am." Besides this, she must uphold her reputation as a star UD bowler, upon entering the University of Pennsylvania. What- ever the fence to hurdle, may Jane, who has always a smile to spare, ever hit the "tenpin." ROY C. 4638 ACADEMIC Although many trical are many like one make. thin air the lates cracks." His the best of any setback and the char- acteristic of doing his best for any task he undertakes will as- sist him in becoming successful in the future. 1 - . ,F Wm FLORENCE G. BROOK 3327 Krail Street COMMERCIAL Florence is an honest worker and always ready to assist some- one who is having difficulties. Whatever she attempts, she fin- ishes with ease. A smile here- a smile there-makes her welcome wherever she goes, and will make her an asset to any business house. LOIS LILA BROWN A 484 W. King Street ACADEMIC Dancing A, B, C5 Leaders A, B, C, D, E, F, Basketball E, F. I.ois's integrity and sincerity have given her the high regard of her acquaintances. A pro- spective "danseuse," Lois has participated in many of the school's ballets. Very fond of reading, we are sure she is booked for the realization of her ideals. DORIS E. BUCHSE ' 1949 Church Lane ACADEMIC Basketball Fg Hospital Auxiliary C: Leaders B, C, D, E, Fg Bowling Ag Red Cross Ag May Day. "There's never a dull moment" -Doris's enthusiasm is infectious, and communicates itself to those associated with her. However, Doris is as sincere a friend as she is a delightful companion. We feel sure that she will make a valuable addition to the field of nursing, which is her goal for the future. MARGARET A. BURLISON 5518 Devon Street ACADEMIC "Peggy's" friendly manner is known to everyone. Although this bashful little miss has been so busy with her studies that her outside activities have been very few, she managed to develop a fine hobby-reading books. We sincerely hope that you go places in the Held of nursing in later life, and when you reach the top, re- member that we told you so. 46 MICHAEL J. CAFFERTY, JR. 4263 E. Park Drive ACADEMIC Senator B, C, D, E, F, G5 Alter- nate A, Hg G-Pin Ag Hi-Y A, B, C, D, Eg Treasurer of Hi-Y Ag Boosters A, B, Chair- man of Boosters Ag Class Secretary A, Bg Latin Club D, E, F9 Soccer Team F, Hg RECORD Book Staff A. "Mike's" many activities vouch for the versatility and dependable competence of the "wearers of the green." ALFRED E. CAFFREY ' 35 E. Abington Avenue COMMERCIAL "Alf's', amiability has won him many warm friendships. Upon graduation he intends to make journalism his career. He expects to fulfill this ambition through working with a local newspaper. JAMES B. CAMP 2043 Church Lane INDUSTRIAL Cross Country C. Conscientious and sincere, "Jim" will be a valuable machinist for our vast defense program. Ex- celling particularly in cross coun- try running, he takes time out from work, occasionally, for sports. After a strenuous run, he is satis- fied to settle down with a good book and relax. "Jim" realizes the importance of his work, and he will do his job well. JANE E. CARMINE Q70 Slocum Street COMMERCIAL "A diligent scholar and the master's paid." Endowed with the admirable qualities of in- telligence, honesty, and strength of character, Jane is certain to be a successful secretary. She employs her spare time well in reading. JAMES FRANCIS CARROLL 6636 Cornelius Street COMMERCIAL Latin Club A3 Linguists' Club Ag Camera Club Ag Debating Club Ag Dues Collector A, B, Cg Clipper and Cliveden Repre- sentative E, F. Keep an eye on your sweet- hearts, fellows, when the "Little Wolf" comes strolling by. "Jimmy" is quite a lady's man. Perhaps he makes their acquaint- ances to obtain their "John Han- cock's." lt would be a good excuse, since liolimyfjs' auto- graph cqvgtiig. ff Q' K My . idx, K. ALLAN HOLMES CARSON 143 W. School Lane ACADEMIC Swimming Club FQ A Cappella Choir C, Alternate Eg Hi-Y A, B, C, D, Eg Treasurer of Hi-Y. Swimming is "Andy's" hobby, and its rumored that he is a better- than-average swimmer. Besides being an accomplished pianist, his participation in the Hi-Y was outstanding. He is undecided as to the future, but whatever it may be, we are sure that his fine character and amiability will yy him far. LOUIS JOSEPH CARUSO ' 3724 Calumet Street INDUSTRIAL lf in a few years you should see a huge army bomber speed across the horizon, and finally glide to a perfect "three-point" landing, its pilot will probably be "Lou." Keep the wing level, "Lou," and no tailspins allowed. CAROL E. CHILDS 1533 66th Avenue ACADEMIC Basketball Club B3 Swimming ' Club A, B: Latin Club Ag Linguists' Club A. An apple to one who wants to be a kindergarten teacher. Carol's cheery disposition will help her succeed and will also keep her in our memories. Her happy-go- lucky manner has helped her win many friends. May your path be strewn with apple blossoms! I i Football B, Table Tennis D. Athletically inclined, "Frog's" varied activities equipped him with a physique worthy of the description "Hale American." When not indulging in sports, Claude can wield a fancy pencil to create some fine sketches. The Royal Canadian Air Force will greet Chouteau with open arms, for it's fellows like him who con- tribute to the R. C. A. F.'s famed reputation. LOIS CLAIR 1810 W. 67th Avenue ACADEMIC Senator E3 Alternate DQ Gym Leader F, Gym Meet B. Lois's vibrant and vivacious personality is well known around Germantown High and at the Berkley Playhouse, where she has proven herself quite an actress. Good things do come in small bundles. MIN HAROLD B. CLARKE 426 W. Durham Street ACADEMIC Senator B5 Clipper Staff B, C, Dg Class 'Treasurer A, Bg Committee of Ten A. Because of his ability, sincerity, and general popularity, Harold has twice been intrusted by his classmates with the highly re- sponsible oflice of Treasurer. He gained many friends through his ability to perform so efhciently the numerous class duties in line wi h his many offices. fi M474 i X ROBERT P. CLEMENS, JR. 447 E. Wister Street MECHANIC ARTS Tennis Team A, B3 Basketball Team Ag A Cappella Choir B. What gathering was ever com- plete without "Bobby's" "Bar- bershop Quartette" to strike a note of fun? With his fine tenor voice and impromptu vocalizing, "Bob" is sure to make a "sharp" hit with his camp buddies after Uncle Sam opens the door and lets him jump into one of those fast super-flyers. As prospective air-material, "Bob" is a "natural." 47 HENRY C. CHOUTEAU I 3 8614 Germantown Avenue , MECHANIC ARTS Q 1 Tennis Ag Gym Team A, B3 JANET ALICE COFFIN 5022 Copley Road COMMERCIAL Swimming Club C, D. "Jannie" makes one think of a brook that babbles on forever. She has that enjoyable "chatter" that never seems to have an end. Janet is one of the most con- sistently happy girls in the whole school. Since her interest is in the business world, her college edu- cation will enable her to become an efficient and expert business woman. NANCY BEATRICE COLE 619 Glen Echo Road CCMMI-:RCIAL Nature Club E. As we associate the colors of red, white, and blue, we may also link together the names of "Nan," tennis, and business as a fitting combination. "Nan's" path of life enters the field of business, and winds past the court of ten- nis. May she never get twisted up! DAVID s. COLLINSON 488 Walnut Lane ACADEMIC Orchestrag Band. David's chief interests lie in music and he has been an active member of both our orchestra and band. After graduation he plans to go to Temple University. We wish him the best of luck there and hope that he continues his interest in music. EARLENE D. COLVIN 6522 N. Woodstock Street ACADEMIC Dancing A, B, C, D, E, Fg Tum- bling A, B, C, D, E, F. Blond hair, nimble, and petite, typify Earlene. Already talented in dancing, her one ambition is to further her training in that field. May she lightly dance along the road to success. 48 RUTH E. CONNELL I ' 5626 Crowson Street COMMERCIAL May Day C. "Ruthie" has what advertise- ments term, "pep appealf, She is always bubbling over with energy. Give her yarn, and presto, she will return a sweater. Steno- graphic knowledge indicates her ambition to be a secretary. Al- ways with a smile or a joke to transform the gloomiest face, Germantown's halls will miss the echo of her laughter. DONALD L. CONRAD 7309 Palmetto Street ACADEMIC Gym Leader A, B, C, D: Senator E, Fg, Alternate C3 Track A, C5 Gym Team B, C: Football B. When it comes to sports, "Don" has few superiors. His fine work on the football, track and gym teams has been ample preparation for his career as a physical in- structor. His sportsmanship on and off the field assures us that "Donn will be successful in his pursuits at Temple University and beyond. U f , 1 ACZJM CATHERINE J. COOKE 1924 Colonial Street COMMERCIAL Since she has been at German- town, "Kay" has taken the Com- mercial Course and now hopes to become a secretary. Her hobby, collecting souvenirs, is one that affords her many long hours of pleasure. JOHN E. COPELAND 49 W. Gowen AVEIIUC ACADEMIC Linguists' A, B, C3 Slide Rule Club A, B3 Senator Ag Hi-Y A, B, C3 Clipper Staff A, B, C, D. There is never a dull moment while "Jack" is in our midst. When not protecting his title of "Wittiest Boy in the Class," he shows his more serious side through outstanding work for the Clipper and Hi-Y. Upon gradua- tion "Jack" will study engineer- ing at Drexel. Best of luck, "Jack," and may Bob Hope beware! y Y LAVRA I.. COI'ItTNEY 154 W. Manheim Street Ar'ADI-:MIC A Cappella Choir A, B, C, D, E2 Senator F, D: Alternate C, E: May Day A, C: Dancing Club A, C: Bowling Club Ag Gym Leader A: Girls' A. A. Council A, B: Honor Award B3 Junior Hi-Y D, E: Senior Hi-Y A, B, C5 Inter-Club Council 'Repre- sentative of Senior Hi-Y B: President of Inter-C lub Council A. May these numerous activities be the foreshadowing of "I.olly's" outstanding college career. IROBERT J. CRITCHLOW i 1154- Stafford Street ACADEMIC Sketch Club F: Camera Club DQ Bible Club A, B, C3 Slide Rule Club A, B. Have you ever heard the boy with a deep voice? Maybe you have heard him imitate the char- acters on "Fibber McGee's Pro- gram?" There is a serious side of "Bob," too. He has put much of his time into developing and fostering our Bible Club. HARRIET A. CRUSIAR 8314 W. Allegheny Avenue COMMERCIAL Hospital Auxiliary B. CQ Swim' ming Club D, E: Current Events C. To be an efficient stenographer is "Sandy's" goal. Here at school she participated in a diversified extra-curricular program. She enjoys reading all of the latest books, and dancing is quite a hobby with her. DORIS CItliSI'lMIRE 3472 W. Penn Street COMMERCIAL Alternate B. Doris is one of Mr. Falter' mayer's "wrecking crew." Her willingness to assist teachers in clerical work is' known to most of us. In her sp time "Doss" relaxes, if you n call it that, by swimming andy ancing. U . . L sl ci xt ' ' . ' I 49 X DONALD E. CUSHING 222 W. Johnson Street ACADEMIC Although our petite and popular "Don" must go through life look- ing up to other people and having them look down on him, he isn't worried. Being 4' 6" has plenty of advantages: as you climb that ladder to fame, "Don," just re- member that "the bigger they are the harder they fall." MARIE C. IYADDARIO 6232 Belfield Avenue ACADEMIC Linguists' Club A, B. Conseientious and sincere are words that describe Marie better than any other words that we might use. Drawing some of those clever cartoons is one of her favorite pastimes. Singing is her hobby, and soon she hopes to make it her profession. May we someday hear Marie's name listed among those of famous singers. DORIS MAE DAGER 5511 Boyer Street COMMERCIAL May Day C: Hospital Auxiliary C3 Commercial Club C, B5 Commencement Committee A. Although Dot's talented fingers glide smoothly over a piano, they are also capable of a swift, deft touch on the typewriter. Anyone who has enjoyed her friendly spirit will agree she is intelligent, and congenial. Stenography her arrow, business her target, hard work-all point to bull's eye. EDITH MAE DALY 318 E. Hortter Street ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir A, B, C, D, E: Senior Hi-Y A, B3 Junior Hi-Y D, E, F3 Dramatic Club A, B, CQ' Debating Club A, B, C. Genial Edith's friendly ways have contributed much to the enrichment of our school life. Engaged in varied activities, this songstress's ability to "fill the air around with beauty" is out- standing. May you have the suc- cess you so amply deserve, Edith! MERVIN S. DAMERON ' 3351 Palethorp Street ACADEMIC AND VOCATIONAL ART Photography B. "By the work one knows the workma.n.,' Mervin's sculpturing and drawing are well known throughout the school. He ex- pects to study further at the Stella Elkins Tyler School of Art and then to become an art in- structor eventually. Although he is a serious-minded fellow he can be full of fun-a Hne young man in all aspects. JUNE IDA DANIELS 2' 7181 Georgian Road ACADEMIC Bowling Club Ag Horseback Riding A, B, C, D, E, F: Lin- guists' Club A: Latin Club F, Swimming Club D5 May Day C. To transcribe the beauty of nature into beauty on canvas is a rare gift. Penn State will acquire an assetinJ1u1e's painting ability, and who knows-maybe bowling. May you "hitch your wagon to a star" but-being an equestrienne -"hold your horses." JANET R. DAVIS ' 326 W. Seymour Street COMMERCIAL Commercial Club B, CQ Property Committee of School Play Bg Business Committee of School Play A, B. Janet, with her innumerable good qualities, is an enthusiastic tennis player. As' a member of the commercial course, 'Janet's aim is to become a stenographer. With her quick and able mind, we are sure she will enjoy her work. JANICE M. DAY 6680 N. 20th Street COMMERCIAL Swimming Club B3 Business Committee of School Play A, B3 Gym Leader A B, C, D, E, Fg Commercial Club Ag Commencement Committee A. Janice, with her bright and cheery disposition, is called "friend" by many at Germantown. Her willingness to cooperate in every way is one of her numerous fine traits. She enjoys all athletics, but swimming is her favorite sport. 50 v EILEEN R. DEARBORN ' 7324 E. Walnut Lane ACADEMIC Debating Club A, B3 Linguistsg Club A, B5 RECORD Boolc A. Some business school, in the near future, will be fortunate to have Eileen's name enrolled there. Her high literary standing origi- nates from the fact she enjoys reading as a hobby. Just as she knits and purls a sweater, so is she also knitting into her life, stitch by stitch, a perfect founda- tion. MARY DE CENZO 5839 Baynton Street COMMERCIAL Both affable and intelligent, Mary can well be called the model girl graduate of June 1942. Her hobby is collecting the popular recordings of the 'day. Mary's vivacious personality will win her many friends in the furthering of her ambition of a secretary. The next stepping-stone may be business school.. i ' MARTHA J. DERK 1622 Lindley Avenue ACADEMIC Senator E, F3 Gym Meet C5 Shakespeare Contest Cg Dra- matic Club A, B, Cg Senior . Play A, C. ' As the center, of a ferris wheel, Pat's friends who revolve about her, are numerous enough to -ac- count for every spoke. She plans making advertising her career and hopes to attend the University of Pennsylvania. We hope the "bumps" will not be as prevalent as in her hobby, horseback riding. JOSEPH R. DEROCCO, JR? 1612 E. Washington Lane INDUSTRIAL The industrial course has been the foundation of Joe's bridge of life. Collecting stamps is but one cable. His spur is his ambition to become a machinist, and the many hours of study have been the toll. A stop signal may detain him, but he will eventually over- come each obstacle. LOUISE ESTELLE DERR 106 E. Moreland Avenue ACADEMIC Dancing E, F3 Track F: Hockey Club Eg Swimming Club D, Eg Debating Club Fg Cliveden Staff C5 Gym Meet B. I.ouise's cordial manner is one we could all copy to our advantage. Being athletically inclined, Louise has actively participated in sports. Her desire to become a technician is sure to be fulfilled. As a key fits into a lock, she is qualified for the scientific world, and will become "the lady in white." HELEN F. DESSIN 5306 Magnolia Avenue ACADEMIC Knitting Club A: Cliverfen Art Staff B, C, D3 May Day Deco- ration Committee A, C: May Day Participant Cg Sketch Club D. For her exceptional artistic ability and versatile nature, "Daisy" has won much admira- tion about the school. Her sunny disposition has dispelled many clouds of gloom. This will doubt- less be an asset to Helen as she continues her art work in the role as a dress designer. JANE IRENE DEWEES if 325 E. Horttcr Street ACADEMIC Senator C, E, F3 Alternate Bg Debating Club A, B3 Orches- tra E, F3 Latin Club CQ Senior Hi-Y A, B, C. Jane's sociabilit.y, good humor, and desire to be something "big," have made her one of our favorites. She has a generous portion of that precious gem called "common sense," and we are confident she will reach the top. JEANNE LOUISE DODD 158 W. Durham Street COMMERCIAL Alternate F. A ray of sunshine entered Ger- mantown with the presence of "Jeannie" Her personality, simi- lar to her hair, is golden. In school or in a bowling alley, Jeannie is "tops." Besides bowling, she has the educating hobby of accumulating classical records. Her ambition, to be a stenographer or an artist, is sure to be realized. 51 af RUSSELL LAIRD DOTTS - 5388 Magnolia Avenue ACADEMIC Senator F: Alternate D, Eg Second Team Football D3 Track A: Golf A. Although he is a boy who seems gentle and docile. "Russ', fits into any group that shows an interest in photography or sports. We can praise anyone who has answered such a high calling as becoming a doctor, and who is willing to live his life for the bene- fit of mankind. MARY E. DOUGHERTY ,, 56 W. Gowen Avenue I ACADEMIC Debating Club A, B3 Latin Club A. "The priceless ingredient in a, human being is a sense of humor." This saying makes Betty a gem. Her dry humor keeps us "rolling in the aisles." However, the path ahead in the Franklin School of Science and Arts is of a Inore serious nature. Betty knows she'll have to make good use of the "gray matter" that lies under her beautiful locks. DORIS M. DOUGLASS I 7171 Uber Street ACADEMIC Bowling Club Ag Debating Club Ag Hospital Auxiliary A, B5 Gym Leader B. Doris has been a thorough and conscientious student in all her subjects, but particularly in chem- istry and physics. Her aim is to be a technician, and to exert her skill among test tubes and micro- scopes. For relaxation she turns to bowling and the movies. Her chosen profession is not an easy one, but "D0t's" patience and stamina will insure an M.T. after her name. PANAGIOTA M. DOUKAS- 4Q14 Hicks Street AcAoEM1c Are your spirits in danger of sinking? Then see "Minnie," without fail: her jovial disposi- tion always may be counted upon to buoy you up. Her originality and keen sense of humor enliven each moment spent in her pres- ence. We are sure that iII her chosen profession, nursing, her life of service and self-sacrifice will earn for her a distinguished place among Germantown's alum- nae. ELIZABETH J. DREW 155 E. Washington Lane ACADEMIC Latin Club A, B, C, D, E, Fg Linguists' Club A, B, C, D5 May Day C5 Commencement Committee Ag Alternate A. "Betty Jane's" personality is as vibrant as her vivid hair. Her hobby is collecting souvenirs from every place she has visited. In our class machine she has always been one of the spark plugs that have kept it rolling smoothly down the road of our high school career. JANICE DRONSICK 6630 N. 20th Street COMMERCIAL Bowling Club Ag RECORD Boorc Staff A. Over the housetops and through the clouds we soar with "Jan." Her main ambition lies in avia- tion. Intelligence, a keen mind, and accuracy are quite essential in this profession, but we are sure "Jan" has all of these quali- ties. In her leisure moments she enjoys collecting souvenirs, and already she has a sizable collection. ROBERT E. DITBREE '. K 7439 Tulpehocken Street ACADEMIC Dramatic Club A, B, C3 Chemis- try Club A, B3 School Plays A, B, C3 Lead in Senior Play B. If ou turn on the radio in the ..B0b,s,, y near future and hear soothing voice urging you to buy "pink pills for pale people," don't all the be surprised. Possessing talents necessary to gain success as a radio announcer, should turn out to be a second Milton Cross. His versatility and sincere manner have secured for him the friendship of many mem- bers of his class. ..B0b,, CATHERINE A. DURS 505 E. Tulpehocken Street VOCATIONAL ART Orchestra E, FQ Swimming C5 Art Ag Bowling Club A. "Kitty" has pursued the course of art in school, but her ambition has recently changed to business. After graduation, "Kitty" will attend a business school. Collect- ing menus and programs for souvenirs is her principal hobby. Germantown will suffer quite a loss with her graduation. 52 ESTHER E. DYSART 44 Reger Street COMMERCIAL Judging from Essie's flaming red hair, we would never suspect her sweet disposition. Her af- fability and good nature will surely win her an enviable posi- tion in the business world. She is an accomplished mermaid, and also acted in the tennis "racquet" MARIAN E. EAGAN 554-2 Devon Street COMMERCIAL Dancing Club C. Who should be able to "trip the light fantastic" more grace- fully than a sprightly girl like Marian? She shouldn't have a difficult time in the typing voca- tion if her nimbleness extends to her finger-tips. By the way, Marian, couldn't you switch from embroidering to knitting? Our soldiers need capable girls like you to make sweaters that fit! AUDREY C. ELLIS 1530 68th Avenue COMMERCIAL Gym Leader D, E, F3 Clipper Representative D, Eg Cliveden Representative C. Wielding a tennis racquet to keep in ship-shape, "Bonny" is at ease as she aptly romps about the court. She has the knack of salesmanship, too, as proved by her good record in selling the Uliveden and Clipper. She hopes to become a buyer, and we wish her every good fortune in the future. RICHARD HENRY ERB 115 W. Mount Airy Avenue ACADEMIC School Show A3 Basketball Ag Tennis A, B3 Dramatic Club Ag Book Treasurer C3 Athletic Representative A. Take a look, girls, and then join the line forming to the right! Whether it's dribbling a basket- ball down the floor, spouting dialogue from "Ever Since Eve," or setting a girl's heart a-twitter "Dick's" leading scorer. When "Dick,' graduates from Muhlen- berg, Father Flanagan's ideals will have a new teacher. ELIZABETH V. EBICK 6724 N. Sth Street VOCATIONAI. ART Book Treasurer B, C3 A. A- ltepresentative B, C, F: Gym Leader B, C, D, E, FQ I.inguists' C3 Senator D, E. A twinkle in her eye, a joke on the tip of her tongue, and a smile from ear to ear, fully characterizes "Betty." She is very talented, too, and hopes to enter the field of textile designing after gradua- tion. PHYLLIS C. ESHBACH 6634- Cornelius Street cowMERcl.u. Class President A, B3 Committee of Ten A, B: IIECORIJ Book Staff A: May Queen's Court A1 "G" Pin Award B: Honor Award B3 Class Vice-President Cg Senator C, D, E. "Friendship is a golden knot tied by an angel's hand." "I'hyl" has made a host of friends as she so efficiently and eapably per- formed her duties as class presi- dent. A scholastic record as enviable as her personality have stamped "special delivery" on her ticket to success. We all feel the best is none too good for her. MILDRED E. EVANS 1724 67th Avenue ,nmol-:Mic It:-:coao Book Staff A: Bowling Club A: Editor-in-Chief Clip- per A, B: Clipper Pin Award A1 Luncheon Committee A: Hi-Y A, B3 Debating Club A, B, C, DQ Honor Award B: Treasurer Hospital Auxiliary C, Clipper Staff C, D. As the years roll by, and the papers stream off the press, it will be 'tlVlil" behind those glaring headlines, dictating the policies of the world's greatest newspaper syndicate, The Daily Dipper. Need a good reporter, "B0ss?" MARIAN A. 'FINICIIGHTY 73 E. Clapier Street commsacui. Clipper Staff A, B, C: Commercial Club A, B, C3 Clirerlerz. B, C5 Hockey F. VVhen we sec "Fin" glide across the floor, we sing-"Casey would waltz with the strawberry blonde." VVe all know that a woman's beauty is her hair, and "Fin" is "tops" along that line. Marian spent many hours on the Clizierlen and Clipper Staff which will help her to advance in bookkeeping. JOAN FINGLES ' 64-7 N. 22nd Street ACADEMIC Linguists' Club B, C. Always looking like a page from Vogue, we'll bet that Joan, a Germantown "eye catcher," never needs to call "Fowl" while pur- suing her favorite pastime, golf. Her excellent taste in clothes, and her "Super" ability to take jokes -witness the ribbing about her essay topic-will help Joan be long and pleasantly remembered by her classmates. EVANGELINE M. FINNEY 531 E. Mt. Airy Avenue AC.x1iEMIc Debating Club A, B3 Linguists' Club A, B. "Take a letter, Miss Finney." These are the words that "Vangie" will soon hear when she begins her career as someone's first-class secretary. She enjoys knitting or bowling, and usually finds the time to do both. VVith her fine personality and excellent char- acter, we are sure "Vangie" will soon be doing her own dictation. EVELYN M. FISCHER 7825 Provident Road COMMERCIAL Swimming Club D, E, B: Dra- matic Club A, B, C, D, E: Air Raid VVarden A, B: A. A. Book Representative C, D, E, F, Junior Prom Committee C3 .RECORD BOOK A1 Clipper C, D, The "Baehelor's Ideal" is Evelyn who early learned to sew and cook a wholesome meal. But not a chance, men! "Shorty" has chosen to enter the modeling profession. In either vocation, with her competent, hardworking way of accomplishing, she'll be "I'Iverybody's Ideal." FLORENCE H. FISCIIER 6336 Morton Street ACADEMIC Senior Hi-Y A, B: Dramatic Club A, B, C, DL Debating Club A, B, C: Linguists' Club A, B: Treasurer of Linguists' Club B: Latin Club E, F: Junior Hi-Y D3 Senator B3 Alternate Ag Prom Committee A. Flitting hither and thither "I"isch" has contributed much of the lighter vein to German- town for her original jokes never failed to receive a laugh. After graduation she expects to attend college, where make as large as she did here. we know she'll niche for herself GENEVIEVE H. FISCHER 7541 Woolston Avenue ACHIEVEMENT Gym Leader Eg Basketball E, Hockey Eg Baseball E, Bowl' ing Ag First Aid A. Jean is one of our fine, depend- able girls at Germantown. After graduation, she intends to do her part for Uncle Sam by entering into defense work. She has al- ready begun to do her share by becoming a member of our First Aid group. We wish Jean the best of luck in all that she does in the future. ELIZABETH D. FITZGERALD 6047 N. 20th Street COMMERCIAL Elizabeth is a reserved, self- contained member of our class, but her sincerity and willingness to work have made her an admir- able commercial student. Dancing helps Elizabeth pass the time away. Retail Selling will be her aim after graduation. MARIAN W. FLAVEL 7439 Limekiln Pike ACADEMIC Bowling Ag Debating A, B, C3 Linguistsl Ag Junior Hi-Y Dg Hockey D. Marion is the type of girl to take advantage of every oppor- tunity and use it to the utmost. Her assets are sincerity and friendliness, and her personality is worth its weight in gold. Marion hopes to attend business college next. Here's wishing her lots of luck! MARSHALL FRANK 1006 E. Rittenhouse Street ACADEMIC Basketball A, B, C, D. An ardent basketball enthusiast, "Pretzt" is happiest when drib- bling down the Hoor, or shooting for a basket. Bubbling over with spirit for the game, he was a hustling, energetic member of the team. He is well known for his favorite expression, "How 'bout that?" To "Pretzt" we say, "Shoot for the stars." "How 'bout that?" 54 EUNICE EDNA FREED 6032 N. 21st Street MUSIC Eunice is one of a few girls who say little but think much. Her main ambition is to make music a lifetime job. Usually she would rather "tickle the ivories" than read or study. Unquestionably, Eunice will strive diligently for realization of this ambition. We can only say to her, "If music be the food of life, play onf' RUTH L. FREEMAN 6738 Woolston Road ACADEMIC Bowling Club Ag Clipper Repre- sentative B, C, Fg Clipper Stalf B, C. Ruth has displayed her en- thusiasm and Hair for writing by being an active member of the Cliveden Staff. She will further prepare for her journalistic career at Maryville College in Tennessee. We are sure that Ruth's name will soon appear on a best seller. JOHN JOSEPH FRIEL 6933 Cedar Park Avenue COMMERCIAL Gym Leader A, E5 Swimming F. Since t'Jack" first entered Ger- mantown, he has been interested in sports. It seems the great open spaces hold a special fascination for himg in addition to sports- he is also absorbed in boat-build, ing. To be a good machinist is "Jack's" aim in life. SARA A. FUSSELBAFGH 2109 Walnut Lane ACADEMIC Senior Hi-Y A, B3 Debating Club A, B: Swimming Club Ag Horseback Riding F5 Leaders Club B, C, D, E. Attractive and vivacious "Ann" was a welcome member in many school activities. Her well-rounded gym program testifies that her main interest is sports. College, the iirst step in reaching her goal of becoming a dietitian, is "Ann's" immediate objective. iw .ni .I Or, 9 Q JAMES A. GALLAGHER 6354- Germantown Avenue nxsramurxva EDUCATION BARBARA O. GOSFORD 7254 N. 20th Street Ae.-xmzmxe "Jim" will look marvelous in a Senator C, D, E, F: Class Presi- uniform, sinee he is "tall, dark, and handsome." He will soon be wearing one upon entering the l'nited States Merchant Marine School after graduation. Al- though he elaims sleeping is his hobby, "Jim" has the initiative and eourage neeessary for a Mer- ehant Marine. Good luek, "Jim.'i VlltGlNlA JOAN GAROVPO 4-935 Portieo Street DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Dark eyes and a thoroughly eaptivating smile have made "Ginn" the delight. of all who know her. To be a salesgirl is her aim: her goal eannot remain far distant with these attributes. DOROTHY MAE GILL ll!! E. Duval Street. Mrsie A Cappella Choir A, B, C, D, E, Pit Color Guard B, D. Vtfe believe the "M" of Dot's middle name would be more ap- propriate if it stood for "Music" Her fidelity, as a member of the A Cappella Choir has been un- rivaled: with this kind of initi- ative, it should not be hard for her to reaeh, "the high C" of sueeesy' 'i R OTHA GULDNIAN JR. 272 Montana Street .-u'AnEMie 'l'raek Team C. 0t.ha's interest in the traek team is probably due to the faet. that he wants to "run the mail" after graduation. He is also in- terested in another Held of sports -that of basketball, and is really an invaluable player to whatever team he may belong. dent C: Class Viee-President A, B: Boosters A, B, C, DQ "G" Pin Award CQ Honor Award B3 ltEt'ORD Book Staff Ag Senior Hi-Y A, B, C3 Lin- guists' A, B, C3 Vice-President of Linguists A: May Queen Ag Swimming Club A, B, C3 Gym Leader A, B, C, D, E, F, Presi- dent of Junior Hi-Y D. "Lovely to look at, delightful to know," best describes "Babs." Reigning as May Queen was the crowning aehievement of her brilliantly blazed trail of glory and aeeomplishment. NELSON J. GUVDY, Ja. 208 E. Meade Street Acwxiianile Hi-Y A, B, C: Clipper B, C, D3 Chemistry Club C3 Soeeer A, C: Track B, D3 Senator Ag Alternate B, D5 Gym Leader A, D, E. One glanee at "Hanks" aetivity list clearly indieates his versatily in class and sehool affairs. The Wharton Sehool will be his ad- dress next fall, and there is no doubt in our minds that his prog- ress there will be as prevalent as it was in Germantown. MARGARET K. GREEN 530 King Street ACADEMIC Current Events D. "Peggy's" fondness of reading keeps her up to date with the latest novel oft' the press as well as giving her an informative baek- ground of the daily world hap- penings. Her interest in photog- raphy may develop into a. profit- able voeation for her. When not puttering in her dark room, "Peggy" always lights up with a cheery "hello" for her many friends. ELLEN M. GRUCKE f 259 E. Cliveden Avenue vocA'r1oN,-xl. ART Camera Club A, B, Linguists' Club A. Ellen has a great many good qualities, too numerous to list here. Her talent for art will be a great. aid to her in her profession as a eommereial artist. First., she will attend Moore Institute, and then on to sueeessl Perhaps some- day we will open a magazine and say, "Uh, that pieture was done by Ellen Groekef' FLORENCE E. GUGLIELMI 309 E. Haines Street COMMERCIAL "Floss," with her dimpled smile and sparkling personality will be sure to "go places" in the business world. After a hard day at the office, you will be able to find her curled up next to her radio, con- tented and happy that her chores are over. We are all looking for- ward to seeing her again at future class reunions! ADELE HABER 6659 Wayne Avenue COMMERCIAL Clipper Representative F, G3 Gym Leader Fg Clipper Busi- ness Staff A, B, C, D. Full of pep and vitality, Adele is the hub of a wide circle of friends. Her efficiency and busi- ness-like attitude have been well demonstrated by her fine work as Financial Manager for the Clipper. We know that she'll be a valuable asset to any office. BARBARA A. HAIMBACH 282 W. Rittenhouse Street ACADEMIC Senator B5 Latin Club C, D3 Linguists' C. "Bobbie's" likable ways have acquired for her the friendship of all of us. Her proficiency rests mainly in knitting, but she also enjoys playing the piano. Every once in a while, Barbara shocks humanity with that big spider pin she loves to wear on her back, but, in the final analysis, she is "sugar and spice and everything nice." MARTHA E. HALDEMAN 126 E. Washington Lane ACADEMIC Gym Leader A, C, E, Fg Latin Club F. Martha's next stop will be business school, where she is going to train for a stenographic position. Always full of vim and vigor, Martha gets rid of excess efferves- cence by dancing at every op- portunity. 56 JEANN E A. HAMMARLUND 7717 Cedarbrook Street ACADEMIC Swimming Club Ag Cliveden D, Eg Leaders B, C, D, E, Fg Junior Prom Committee C. Jean can boast of being one of the few girls with a nickname that is entirely different. It is "Hammy Honey." While at Germantown "HamIny-Honey" participated in many affairs and was an out- standing member of the Junior Prom Committee. Upon gradua- tion she expects to go to the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, where we know, if you'll pardon the pun, he will prove to be a "honey." HOWARD W. HAMPTO R. 5824 Stockton Ro ds. ACADEMIC Swimming Team F3 I rawfeam A. Howard keep hysically fit exercising on this is due to the fi he wishes to take a course efense after graduating. We preciate his interest in national defense and commend him on his patriotism. Good luck, Howard! by swi ming d the tra . 2 JAMES J. HANEY 159 Meehan Avenue INDUSTRIAL Senator Cg Alternate D. James possesses one of the finest attributes a person can possess-that of good-naturedness. He is a full-fledged stamp and coin collector and some day is sure to make an excellent machinist. May he embark upon his career with favorable winds and cast his anchor on undreamed of shores! MURIEL E. HANEY A 19 E. Upsal Street ACADEMIC Apparently having a yen to try to impart, instead of absorb, knowledge for a change, Muriel has planned to take up teaching at West Chester. Another Ger- mantown mermaid, "Hane," with her unrufiied, calm manner, will be remembered with sincere pleas- ure by her class. ELIZABETH J. HANUS 6200 Wayne Avenue ACADEMIC Betty is a sure candidate for "personality plus," and we cer- tainly envy National Park Junior College, her future haven of edu- cation. Those sweet tones of music that gave you inspiration as you rushed through the halls were Betty's idea of her latest records. FRANKLIN M. HARRIS S25 Vernon Road COMMERCIAL 'Irack A, C, E: Football Eg Gym Leader A. Sineerity and sensibility are characteristics which predomi- nantly mark "'I'erry." We can truthfully say that he is a "regular fellow." No doubt his chosen field, that of certified public ac- counting, will yield him many fruitful years in the future. ANN WEAVER HARTING 20 E. Johnson Street ACADEMIC Ann's main ambition is to be a "woman in white." When she enters Ilrsinus College, she will study hard in order to live up to the high ideals of nursing, We are sure that the hospital in which she serves will be happy to have Ann working on its staff. VIRGINIA R. HARVEY 146 IV. Sylvania Street COMMERCIAL Swimming Club A, C. "Jean" is one of our very fine deep water mermaids. Swimming occupies most of her leisure time and energy. She is even studying strokes lshorthandl in school in order to be a stenographer. When Virginia "dives" into the intrica- cies of the business world, we are all certain she will always be able to "keep her head above water." CHARLES J. HAURY 6311 Ogontz Avenue MECHANIC ARTS Second Team Football. When not watching the Phils attempting to capture the Na- tional League pennant, or rooting for the Eagles, you will probably find "Charlie" working as a drafts- man in one of our prominent factories. Here's hoping you "draw up" a good career. VIRGINIA HAWS 2417 78th Avenue ACADEMIC Hospital Auxiliary C, D, E, F3 Linguists' Club C, D3 Greek Club BQ German Club E, F3 Slide Rule Club A. One of the most studious girls in our class, "Ginnie's" friendly manner and willingness to co- operate have made her well liked by both students and teachers. She is very fond of music, so per- haps her future career lies in that direction. At any rate, the best of luck to you, "Ginnie." ROSALIE F. HEADINGS 7310 Ogontz Avenue ACADEMIC Rosalie, always with a smile, is a hard and willing worker. She has a large collection of phono- graph records with which she occupies her leisure time. With her quiet, reserved manner, she is sure to win the friendship of her classmates in college as she has here in high school. MARJORIE E. HEDDERSON 7429 N. 21st Street ACADEMIC Bowling Club A: Girls' Chorus B. A pleasing personality and an unassuming attitude have made "Margie" a bashful, but sweet girl graduate. We know after her graduation from Peirce, she will made someone an efficient secre- tary. Good luck, "Marge!" 57 JEAN ANN HEFFNER 551 Mayland Street ACADEMIC Hockey Club F3 Gym Leader D, E. Although Jean intends to re- volve on the "merry-go-round" of everyday business, that cycle is not her only interest. Her ini- tiative extends far into athletic and-scholastic fields. Because of Jean's wholehearted willingness, she is deserving of only the best that life has to offer. NORMA J. HEINECKE 6240 Ogontz Avenue COMMERCIAL Bowling Ag Gym Leader C3 A. A. Representative E, F. Poor Norma, she just can't keep her feet still-not even in class. When it comes to dancing, she is certainly "tops" N orma's ability clothes to advantage us to prophesy that in the near future she to wear promoted some day will be a famous "Powers" model. ANN ROSE HENRY 1518 W. Erie Avenue ACADEMIC Debating Club A, B, C3 Swim- ming Club A, B, Cg Bowling A. As yet undecided about college, red-headed Ann is, however, def- inite in her dreams toward a teaching career. Interested in several school organizations, she was particularly enthusiastic about bowling. Keep an eye out for Anng with her boundless energy and good will, a perfect sobre in more than one field willlsiome day be hers. " DANIEL HICKEY I Jarrettown, Pa. ACADEMIC Senator F, G, Hg Clipper Staff C, Dg RECORD BooK Staff Ag Foot- ball II D5 Commencement Committee Ag Winner Cliveden Contest B, C. "Dan's,' patient labors in behalf of our school publications cannot go uncommended. While not working along journalistic lines he found time to read extensively and to set the hearts of "sweet young things" a-flutter. Upon graduating, Dan hopes to do his part with Uncle Sam's flying men, where we know he will acquit himself nobly. KATHERINE J. HIGHTOWER 401 W. Penn Street COMMERCIAL Baseball E. That little carrot-topped bundle of activity we see Hitting in and out of the oflice so many times is none other than "Tubby" High- tower getting in practice for her future-that of office work. And may we add, quoting Shakespeare, that "from the crown of her head to the sole of her foot, she is all mirth." SHIRLEY C. HILTZ 1407 Weaver Street ACADEMIC A. A. Representative F5 Linguists' Club C5 Swimming Club C3 Hospital Auxiliary C, DQ De- bating Club A, B, C. Nursing is the occupation to- ward which Shirley is working, and a glance at her activities indicates she has already begun her career. Good luck and more "patients" to you. CLARK A. HIPPENSTEEL, JR. 35 Manheim Street MUSIC Orchestra A, B, C, D, E, Fg Band C, D, E, F. There's "magic in music," and "Hip," as master magician, can really perform amazing feats on his horn. He is so interested in musical instruments, that when not busy improving his musical reper- toire, he studies their histories. Clark has a promising career ahead, and we feel sure he will climb the scales to success. EDYTHE M. HIRST e 136 E. Upsal Street COMMERCIAL A. A. Representative F5 French Club E, F, Gym Leader D, E, F3 Swimming Club C, D. The trim figure and pleasant personality possessed by "Edee" are definite assets. Perhaps her hobbies, dancing and swimming, are the secrets of that charm destined to win her many friends in her contact with the business world. sa ' LP J' '41 Q0 .1 . A If v I. vfuiv A is ,CJ 'J I l ALICE M. HOENIG 370 E. Upsal Street voCA'r1oNAL ART Gym Leader A, B, C, D, E, F5 Linguists' A, B, C, D2 May Day A, C3 Debating Club A: Bowling Club Ag RECORD BOOK Stafl' A: Greek Club B3 Latin Club B, C3 Sketch Club D, E. Any giggling you may have heard about the school can gener- ally be attributed to Alice, or as she is appropriately called, "Sun- nie." Her rare friendliness and hearty smile make you feel good just to be living. The greater part of her endeavor lies along artistic lines, and her work this year on the RECORD BOOK will not be forgot- ten. JANE M. HUTCHINSON 149 E. Duval Street ACADEMXC Bowling Club Ag Swimming Club A5 Debating Club A, B: Bas- ketball Bg Alternate C9 Junior Prom Committee Cg Latin Club D, E, F. Jane is known as "Hutch" by her friends. Her contagious chuckle has been heard often during our days at Germantown. May she never lose it or the sunny personality it typifies. D0l'Gl.AS F. HYDE 117 W. Ashmead Street ACADEMIC Dramatic Club, President A: A Cappella A, B3 School Show A, B, C, DQ Alternate B, D, Senator C, E. "Doug's" talent lies in his ability to speak fluently. When we hear of some famous teacher taking first prize in a dramatic contest at Temple, we will natu- rally think of "Doug," His en- gaging manner has won him many friends, and probably will in the future. ALICE LINDA IBERG 8525 Germantown Avenue ACADEMIC Dramatic Club A, B, C3 Chemis- try Club C, D5 Linguists' C, D, E, F: Latin Club D, E, F5 Basketball D, F. Alice has lent her enthusiastic support to all our class projects. Deeply interested in music and dramatic-s, she should be a valu- able addition to her chosen col- lege. We are sure, Alice, that your sincerity and congeniality will always serve you to great advantage. CARMELLA M. INCARVITE 4955 Sheldon Street ACADEMIC Baseball C, D, E, F3 Latin Club A, B, C, D5 Bowling Ag First Aid A. Carmella's calm, composed man- ner will aid her in becoming an amicable nurse. She enjoys our first aid classes, in which she is instructed how to help others. It takes a "strike" at bowling club to really get "Mini" excited. JAMES J. JACKSON, Jn. 9276 E. Slocum Street ACADEMIC Spring Musicale E. Evidently believing in the old adage about being seen and not heard, "Jimmie," with his quiet grin and reserved but friendly manner, was nevertheless one of the most likeable members of our class. We'll wager that, guided by the motto "Think before you leap," James will soon find the short cut to the road of accom- plishmeut. ALBERT A. JOHNSON, JR. 1508 E. Duval Street ACADEMIC "Al's" jollity, ability to have a good time, and to make those about him lighthearted, have gained numerous friends for him at Germantown. His outside in- terest is deeidedly sports for he either bowls or plays softball when he has the opportunity. "Al" plans to enter the field of' aviation upon graduation and with best wishes we say "Keep 'em flying, Al," and w kl whe 'ill' Lfwfff- 7 4't'7" L, MARJORIE P. JOHNSON ' 507 Wellesley Road ACADEMIC Senator D, F3 Swimming A, B, C, D, Eg Debating Club A, B3 Latin Club B, C: Linguists' Club BQ Clipper-Cliverlen Busi- ness Stalt B5 Junior Prom Committee C. Germantown High School will miss "Midge's" sparkling good humor at social activities. The old adage, "Good things come in small packages," can truthfully be applied wherever "Midge" is concerned. 59 1584 4 fb 7 , HWY' DORIS EVELYN JONES 60 E. Clapier Street ' COMMERCIAL Bible Club A, B, C, D, Eg Base- ball Eg Hockey Eg Commercial Club A, B5 Bowling Club Ag RECORD BooK Staff A. Doris has been more than help- ful to both teachers and students. When a job is to be done, she is always on hand to do it. We know "Jonsey" will have no trouble in finding her place in the world of business. NANCY ANNE JORDAN 837 E. Rittenhouse Street ACADEMIC Editor-in-Chief, RECORD Book: Orchestra E, F3 Senior Hi-Y A, B, C3 Senator Ag Alternate C, D, F, "G" Pin Ag Debating Club A, B. As a candle throwing its beams, so shines this scintillating person- ality in our class. We especially owe "Nance" a vote of thanks for her untiring work in making our RECORD Book a success. Whether she chooses a career of music or medicine, may she soar high and land on the pedestal of triumph. RAYMOND E. JOSEPHSON 7325 Pittville Avenue ACADEMIC Wherever the subject of avia- tion arises, there you'll find "Ray," for he is an ardent flying enthusiast. After graduation he plans to go into training, and we are con- fident he will achieve his goal. Happy landings, "Ray," on the long road ahead. HELEN GRACE KALTER 856 E. Stafford Street ACADEMIC Clipper Representative G3 Latin Club A, F, G, Hg Linguists' Club A, B, C, Dg Secretary of Linguists' Club Ag RECORD BooK Staff Ag Clipper Staff C, D. Although Helen would rather solve a horde of quadratic equa- tions than eat, she derives her chief enjoyment from knitting and can "whip up" a sweater in no time fiat. Helen plans to at- tend Temple University and we all wish her the best of luck for the future. 60 MARY JANE KEEVER t. 352 Berkley Street ' ACADEMIC Senator Eg Alternate D, F, Iliatin Club C, D5 French Club Her slow southern drawl and friendly manner, coupled with a witty tongue, have given "Tex" a charm of her own. Since her hobby is golf, we are sure that she will "follow through" to a bright future. ESTHER BETTY KEIM ' 2219 N. 18th Street COMMERCIAL The phrase, "a pretty girl is like a melodyf, is an accurate description of "Betz." The pat- tern of her life is cut so the design spells "business" She has a mania for collecting souvenirs to act as memory keepers. As easily as she steps into dancing, her other hobby, so she will smoothly step out of school and into business. MARY DOROTHY KELLY 3449 Indian Queen Lane COMMERCIAL Reticent, resourceful and reli- able-these are the three words which most aptly describe this diminutive member of the com- mercial course. Upon graduation, she wishes to become a typist. JOSEPH R. KENDERDINE, JR. 6311 Sherman Street ACADEMIC Joe's "pride and joyl' is his automobile. However, he is not one to shirk his duty, and when school is over he will willingly desert his four-wheeled hobby for the "bounding main." Keep the decks clear, "Joe,' and steer straight. MAIIY C. KENNELLY 3435 N. Marshall Street COMMERCIAL Leaders C3 Hockey C. D e p e n d a b i l i t y , capability, friendliness-Nell. After gradua- tion, she will be able to apply at a sign reading, "Secretary for Hire." Her hobby, collecting souvenirs, is one shared by many others of Gcrmantown's elite. MARJORIE KEPHART 6316 Homer Street Aosnamlc Debating Club A, B, Cg Linguists, A. "Marcie's" unvariable disposi- tion and blithe manner have helped to contribute to the pleas- ant memories of our school life. With her charming ways, she will be a pleasing addition to any college campus. BETTY L. KETWITZ 5521 Bloyd Street Acanr-:Mic f.l1'l.1I1I6T Representative B, C, D, IC: Basketball C3 Hospital Auxiliary A, B. We as a class give Betty a vote of thanks for her untiring efforts and faithful service given to our school paper, the Clipper. Her love of music and basketball, also her hospital auxiliary work, make her a grand person to know. ROBERT G. KEYSER 116 W. Mt. Airy Avenue Amor-:Mic Slide Rule Club A, B3 Chemistry Club A, B3 Uliveden Staff A, B. Sincerity typifies "Bob" who plans to complete his scientific training at the Ilnivcrsity of Pennsylvania and then "to shake a wicked pestal" at the mortar in his laboratory. His pastime has been to contribute his literary efforts to the Cliverlerz, and he has proved without a doubt his mas- tery of the pen. WILLIAM S. KIDD, Ja. 5849 Anderson Street AVAIJEMIC "Big oaks from little acorns grow." This is one adage "Bill" intends to make come true, for his ever-expanding stamp col- lection will undoubtedly be one day ranked among the best. lipon graduation from Germantown, "Bill" hopes to study engineering at Drexel. CYNTHIA KLEIN 2033 Church Lane voc.vr1oNAL ,mr Poster Club E, F3 Cliverlen Art Stall' C, D5 Art Club A, B3 School Art League A, Bg Bowl- ing Club Ag Rscoan Book Art Staff A. Her desires realized, Cindy is attending the Berte Fashion School to attain her aim as a fashion illustrator. Her excep- tional styling talent is only equalled by her dancing. "Gowns by Cynthia Klein" may be a familiar phrase for theatre-goers! THELMA-JANE KLEIN 6340 Limekiln Pike Acsox-:Mic "A penny is copper, but edu- cation is gold" could well be "Tim's" sentiment. After gradu- ation she will attend thc Franklin School of Science, which will prepare her to be a laboratory technician. Thelma's less serious nature is "tripping the light fan- tastic," which keeps ller active during her leisure moments. All are assured "Tim" will make a success of her vocation. CONRAD H. KNERR 7143 Boyer Street ACADEMIC Slide Rule Club A, B3 Chemistry Club B: Boosters A, B. We'll all remember "Con" especially for his work as a mem- ber of our Booster's Club. His interest in chemistry is due to the fact that he wishes to become a metallurgical engineer after completing his studies at "M. I. T." If he keeps the same constancy of purpose which he now has, the adjectives depicting him would surely be "successful." 61 RUTH R. KNIGHT ' 20 Ely Street ACADEMIC Gym, Dancingg Rhythmics. In time you may find "Becky's" name in bright lights as one of America's outstanding dancers. Her genial and lively personality is an invaluable asset to her de- sired profession. "Becky" will go far in her career because of her outstanding ability. We all wish you the best of luck in your dance to stardom. ARNOLD M. KOEHLER, .Inf 6719 Musgrave Street COMMERCIAL Track A, C. "Fritz," although not exactly built on the lines of a track star, is one of the mainstays of our team. He spends his spare time on his hobby, running, and his desire to enter the Air Corps comes perhaps from flying over the cinders so often. We will be watching you, "Fritz," for we know you will never take a nose dive and will always cross the line with the best. RUTH KOLB ' 1928 73d Avenue COMMERCIAL Alternate F. Although Ruth has not been conspicuous in school activities she has many outside interests including music a'nd various sports. Her amiability and cheerful dis- position have won her many friends and should contribute considerably to her future career in the business world. DORETTA MAY KRAG 1 7536 Fayette Street COMMERCIAL Dancing Club D, Bowling A. Pleasant and congenial, "Der" is well-liked by all who know her. Among her' active 'hobbies are bowling, swimming, and'd.ancing.- Which of these is her" favorite is hard to say, but we. suppose' she likes them equally well. 'Now,' "Der," too, is about to enter the business world and we wish her the best of everything. 62 ANNE S. KUEBLER A 6340 Ross Street ACADEMIC Orchestra Eg Debating Club A, B, C, D3 Swimming Club A, Bg Linguists' A, B3 Bowling Club Ag Leaders Ag Latin Club A, B, C, D, E, F. When the newest jokes stream off the press "Annie," chief news girl, is first in line t.o learn them, then spread the glad tidings. Her musical ability follows in both vocal and instrumental tenden- cies, while the great outdoors sets the scene for her hobbies, as she revels in gunning and fishing. JOHN A. KULP, JR. 144-5 Alcott Street ACADEMIC The rays of Austin's sparkling smile are usually scattered among the fairer sex. His Latin com- plexion and knowledge of Spanish mark him as a future "Don Juan." In more serious moments, gun- smithing and shooting are what keep this young man occupied. Be careful, Austin, "a little guy" by the name of "Cupid" is said to be quite a shot, too! JOHN WESLEY KULP 543 E. Mayland Street COMMERCIAL Committee of Ten A, B, Senator C, D, Eg Vice-President of Class A, B, C3 Baseball I A, C, E, Gym Team Eg Foot- ball II D. As Vice-President of our class, Jack toiled endlessly to insure the success of our various class functions. Upon graduation Jack, the keystone of our baseball team for the last three years, hopes to find his niche in the vast world of office work. ALBERT W. LANGE 918 E. Rittenhouse Street ACADEMIC Slide Rule Club A, B3 Camera - Club A, B, Chemistry Club B, C. Keenly interested in photog- raphy and current affairs, "Al" never has any "idle moments." His congeniality and even dispo- sition have secured our favorable first impression into a permanent one. As an "up-and-coming" weather man, Al should be able to forecast a fair future for himself. l 1 YV ,' 4 'P ri ', BARBARA E. LAQUER -, 6605 McCallum Street ACADEMIC Latin Club B, D5 President Ag Linguists' Club A, B, C, D, E3 Gym Leader D. Barbara, the youngest and only feminine member of the famous Laquer quintet, is last but defi- nitely not least. Her marks and class rank are evidences of her su- perior scholarship, while her many friends, attracted by her delightful and fascinating accent, are evi- dences of her charm. EDWARD L. LAQUER , 6605 McCallum Street ACADEMIC Debating Club A, B, Gym Team C, D3 Linguists' Club B, C, D3 Air Raid Warden A, B, Slide Rule Club A, B. "Ed's" congenial smile and jovial disposition, as well as his sense of humor, have made him universally popular with all his classmates. His love of construc- tion, showII by his hobby of cabinet-making, has led him to joiII his brother in choosing en- gineering as a career. ITLRIC J. LAQYER , 6605 McCallum Street ACADEMIC Current Events Club B, C, D3 Slide Rule Club A, B, Latin Club A, B, C: Vice-President A, B3 Soccer Team B, D.: Alternate A9 Gym Leader A, B. While leading his class scholas- tically, l'lric has become quite a past master of the culinary art. Although the Waldorf-Astoria would undoubtedly welcome him with open arms, an engineering course is his immediate objective, in which we know he will be as outstanding as he has been here. LOIS AN NABELLE LA ROCHE 261 Harvey Street , X ACADEMIC S Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, Eg Debating Club A, B, C, D, E, Dancing Club B: Latin Club A, B: Linguists' Club Ag Senator E, F: Senior Hi-Y A, B, C5 Clipper Staff C, D3 ' Honor Award. The calm dignity that is so typical of Lois has reaped her a two-fold harvest: first, in the hearts of her many friends: and, secondly, in her outstanding work in the dramatic field. Lois made notable contributions to the Shakespeare contest. ANNE M. LASKIN 6310 WissahickoII Avenue ACADEMIC Current Events C, D, Dramatic Club A, B, C, D: Dancing Club B5 Clipper Staff C, D, Debating Club A, B, Linguists' A: Shakespeare Contest B, C. Energetic, vivacious, aIId gay- all typify Anne. Her unquestion- able dramatic ability has been demonstrated by the fact that she took first prize in the Shake- speare Contest. "Hitch your wagon to a star," Anne. A few years from now, we hope to see your name in the bright lights of Broadway. DIANE LAZAR 1347 W. Tabor Road ACADEMIC Gym Leader E, F1 Art Club C. Although "Dolly's" main char- acteristic, appreciated by her many classmates, was her vivacity punctuated by a host of "corny" jokes aIId debonair manner, her maiII ambition goes to the other extreme. Noted for a personality that keeps any party wide awake, 'Diane will enter HahIIemanII Hospital to study for a career as an anesthetist. "Ether" Diane will be a success, or we'll eat our hats! HELEN MARIA LEARY 2111 W. 66th Avenue COMMERCIAL 'Gym Leader A, B, C, D, E, F3 Tumbling Ag Swimming Club A, B: Dancing Club C, D, E, F3 Bowling Club A: Com- mercial Club A: Commence- ment Committee A. Her athletic ability is sure to bring its own reward. If her personality and winning smile do not bring good fortune, she will either swim or dance her way into everybody's heart. "Leafs" good sportsmanship is sure to make her out a winner whether she wins or loses the game. WILLIAM C. LEINGANG, Jn. 7112 McCallum Street ACADEMIC Slide Rule Club B. To shout orders from the bridge of a sleek navy cruiser is "Bill's" one big ambition in life. He in- tends to enter Annapolis Naval Academy after graduation, and our Sil1C0l'6 wishes for luck go with him. Anchors aweigh, "Bill," and full steam ahead for a sea rollicking future. DOROTHEA ETHEL LESER 323 W. Logan Street COMMERCIAL Tumbling A, B, C, D, E, Fg Leader A, B, C, D, E, FQ Swim- ming Ag Horseback A: Basket- ball B, D, Eg Baseball A, C, Eg Clipper E, F3 A. A. Repre- sentative B, C, E, F3 Com- mercial Club A. "Les" is liked by everyone who knows her. Her love for fun might explain the knack she has for getting into difficult situations. This is equalled only by her devotion to sports. This little "ball of firei' adds the "spark," and is the "light" of the classroom. KATHRYN H. LITTLEY l' 1611 Ruscomb Street COMMERCIAL Commercial Clubg Art Club. You can certainly see that "Kaye" is quite interested in her course at school for she is an active member of the Commercial Club. She, like many others, in- tends to follow in the footsteps of the modern business girl. We feel sure that the typewriter will prove to be the medium of "Kaye's,' success. EDWARD J. LOFFELHARDT 3529 Indian Queen Lane INDUSTRLAL "Dutch's" interest in airplane models is probably due to the fact that he intends to enter the field of aeronautical engineering upon graduation. When you Hy in that new stratoship a few years from now, remember that it may be "Ed's" speedy sky soarer. ALICE M. LOGAN V 6813 N. Sydenham Street ACADEMIC Debating Club A, B3 Linguists' Club A, B3 Swimming Club Ag Hospital Auxiliary A, B5 Clip- per Staff BQ Latin Club C, D, Eg Basketball Club E, F, Hockey E, F. Pulchritude is a word easily defined when you look at Alice. Her golden hair makes all the peroxides or peroxide perspectives envious. VVith talents diversified she contributes largely to Ger- mantown's athletic and scholastic competition. We're sure she'll find success in any field where her endeavor might lie. 64 X1 LOUISE LORENZINI 4954 Baynton Street COMMERCIAL UPCEOQ Q Q sisms- 53332 fm 'U 2.2 Sidi' QM?-2. . gy: N FD .1252 "' y 2, 2 :Psi '4 N-IQ: : '-2542 '09 5. PW? 2 nwpuors Commercial Club A, B, C, D, 5 Clipper Business Staff A, B, : Start with Lou, add a happy disposition, mix in a business college, beat well and stir in some laughter. Garnish with a few hours of dancing. The result is sure to be "days unclouded to their close." l SARAH VIRGINIA LOWE ' 47 E. Garfield Street COMMERCIAL Senator D. When feeling blue, don't join a "Lonely Hearts' Club," just visit Sarah. We guarantee that her friendly smile and sunny disposition will communicate hap- piness to you. Sarah's practical stenographic ability insures her success in the business world, while her frank, friendly ways will determine a place for her in the hearts of her associates. JACQUELINE MAE LOWREYV 7343 N. 20th Street ACADEMIC Music Festival Ag Debating Club Ag Spring Festival C3 Linguists' Club D: Swimming Club D. While in school "Jackie" has participated in various activities, but music seems to get her highest rating. With "Jackie's" beautiful voice and merry manner you'll always find "a song in the air" about her. TEMPLE C. LUBITZ D 1154 Woodlawn Avenue ACADEMIC Ring Committee B3 Spring Festi- val C. Though reticent, Temple radi- ates cheerfulness and like many of her fellow students, her favorite pastime is "tripping the light fantastic." Her fine personality and good-naturedness will carry her high on the summit of success. ROBERT V. LUONGO - 6815 Greene Street ACADEMIC President of Senate A: Chairman of Committee of Ten A: Treas- urer of Class C1 Committee of Ten D, E: Senator C, D3 Alternate PM Flipper A, B, C, D3 Hi-Y A, B. C, D, E, F: Linguists' A, B, C2 Gym Leader A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H: "G" Pin B, C: Honor Award Committee A, B5 Honor So- ciety Committee A, B. "Bob's" versatility in every type of activity readily made him one of the most outstanding members of the class, and one of our leading candidates for the school's "ideal citizen." NIARILLYN D. Ll'SH ' 260 Meehan Avenue AUADEMIC Dance Club B: Shakespeare Con- test B: Lingnists' D, Eg Presi- dent of Linguists' C. "Dolly's" warm, friendly per- sonality is exceeded ollly by her outstanding scholastic ability. Be- ing noted the most studious of the class will not top "Dolly's" achievements for as soon as she conquers one goal she looks for a new one. When not browsing through dictionaries or ency- clopedias "Dolly" likes to dance or act. nanotn v. LYNCH. Ja. ' 74203 Creshcim Road ACADEMIC Dramatic Club A, BQ Latin Club C, D, E, F. Displaying a knack for rhythm and rhyming, Harold "bang- banged" his way into honorable mention with his novel and mod- crn version of a fight song, which he submitted in the school's eon- test. When he diverts his talents toward dramatic channels, his critics label him a rize-winner at that also, so Havertiirrd is open- ing its doors to a very versatile and well-liked student. NIARGVERITE S. LYTLE 55229 Morris Street ACADEMIC Senator B, F: Alternate A, C, D: Latin Club C, D, E, F5 Secretary Eg Hi-Y A, B3 Treas- urer A3 Dancing Club A, B3 Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, Eg Prom Committee A: School Play Property Committee Cg Business Committee Ag Honor Award B. Rated one of the highest scho- lastically in our class, Marguerite ranks as Al to her host of friends and admirers. As she pursued the noiseless tenor of her ways, this popular and enterprising class- mate has accumulated an honor- meriting record, worthy o any college she selects. 15,51-5 DORIS MACKAY 5 6520 Beechwood Street COMMERCIAL Bowling Club A. "Mar-'s" vivacious and sparkling personality brighten the dreariest day, and we hope it may brighten some office in the near future. Much of her spare time is spent bowling and she is often seen re- volving about the dance floor. LOIS F. MANN ING 304 W. Earlham Terrace ACADEMIC Gym Leader, Linguists' Club, Latin Club. There's never a d11ll moment for active "Sookie." Those gorgeous sweaters she wears are the envy of all the non-knitters in Germantown. Lois is a con- noisseur on all the delicacies of the kitchen, too. Maybe she believes in the old saying, "The way to a man's heart is through his stom- ach." In spite of domestic quali- ties, Lois is eagerly looking for- ward to a college career. EDWIN P. MARGERVM, Ja. 6540 Ogontz Avenue ACADEMIC Swimming Team F, Football Team B, D, Eg Gym Leader C, D, E, F, G. "Ed" will always be remem- bered as one of the best athletes in our class. Much to the sorrow of the girls, he is going to take his handsome profile and depart. for Center County to attend Penn State College. "Ed" will un- doubtedly continue his outstand- ing athletic career. ELAINE RUTH MAltGOI.lS 2326 N. Broad Street ACADEMIC "Ellie" possesses the rare com- bination of ambition and power to accomplish what she sets out to do. We, her classmates, wish her every advantage in her pro- spective profession. RUTH MILLER MARKS 900 E. Stafford Street COMMERCIAL Commercial Club Ag RECORD Boon Staff A. We will always remember "Ruthie's" quick smile and friendly manner. Although her objective is stenography, don't be astonished to hear that she has entered some musical field, as Ruth's pastime is music. But, be it stenography or music, we wish you the best success, "Ruthie" BEATRYCE M. MARSHALL lvl 426 W. Winona Avenue ACADEMIC Lunchroom Monitor A. "Bea," who is academically- minded, plans to attend Howard University. We wish her lots of luck in this new undertaking. MARILYN J. MARTIN WU 6524 N. 9th Street ACADEMIC Here is one of the "Cover Girls" of the future. With "Jane's" outstanding good looks and per- sonality, she is destined to climb to the top in modeling, her chosen career. If she has any unoccupied time, her many hobbies, such as knitting, sewing, and collecting articles, should keep her busy. PAULINE MARVIN 246 W. Coulter Street ACADEMIC Gym Leader A, B, C3 Latin Club. "Chick's" happy-go-lucky man- ner has gained her many friends. She is enthusiastic about swim- ming and horseback riding. Her interests also tend to a. more serious nature which is indicated by her membership in the Latin Club and her intention to attend West Virginia State College. 66 JAMES W. MASKELL, Jn. 947 E. Rittenhouse Street ACADEMIC Slide Rule Club A, Bg Orchestra and Band C, D, E. "Jim's" ready wit and sunny disposition will be sorely missed by all who know him. With en- gineering as his goal, he expects to complete his studies at the University of Alabama. MILDRED L. MASON 416 High Street ACADEMIC During her stay at German- town, Mildred's favorite pastimes have been drawing and swimming. After graduation she intends to swell the Inuch-honored and much- needed ranks of the American nurses. Take good care of our boys, "Mill." WRIGHT A. MASTERS f 374 E. Upsal Street ACADEMIC Clipper Stall' C, D3 Slide Rule A, B, Track Team A, C, E3 Hi-Y A, B. Master of all he surveys, Wright is headed for D. I. T. to study engineering. When approached by dispairing students, our "Quiz Kid Senior" never failed to give an answer. Drexel beware, for "Wright" is never wrong! HILLAIRE J. MATTHEWS 113 Maplewood Avenue DIs'rRIBU'r1vE EDUCATION Swimming Club. We're sure that the journalism field will open its doors for Hillaire because, after attending Penn State, her already outstanding efficiency and fine talent will have been increased to its maximum. In her spare time "Shorty" likes to dance and has proved her in- terest in "Father Neptune" by participating in the school's Swim- ming Club. Ce-YQ EDWARD MAZZEO 5021 Germantown Avenue .u'.uxEMIc School Show A. VVhen Disracli said that "al- most everything that is great has been done by youth," he must have had in mind people just like "Ed," We feel that he is just the person to do great things. Don't forget to view a. few of his sketches of what the world is going to look like a thousand years from now. SARAH J. MCCONNELL' 51 E. Hortter Street C0!tlMERl"lAL Such a genial, obliging nature is bound to bring Sarah success in a secretarial career. When not occupied with typewriters, her leisure hours are filled with "spares" and "strikes," resulting from her favorite sport, bowling. Ell,l'lENl V. MeEWEN 7464- Briar Road ACADEMIC Dramatic Club A, B: School Show A, B: Swimming Club, Riding Club. Eileen's adaptable talents have lent themselves to the casts of two school shows, the Riding Club and the Swimming Club. We all know she will canter through her chosen college at a rapid pace. ELIZAIIETH M. MCGITINNESS 105 Meehan Street commmacl.-ui Gym Leader A, B, C5 Latin Club D, E: Dance Club C, D3 Bal- let Club C, D. There lurks behind "Bt-tty's" reserved manner a love of danc- ing, sports, and good, clean fun. Her membership in the Latin Club, however, gives evidence of a well-rounded personality. These qualities should be a great help to "Betty" in securing a position as a typist. l .1 MARJORIE M. MCILHENNY 861 E. Price Street COMMERCIAL Horseback Riding D, E. When Marjorie isn't making her Alma Mater shake with laugh- ter, she pursues any sport nearby. Her ambition is commercial work, and we are sure her good humor will assist her up the ladder of success. KATH1-:RINI-1 M. Maxi-:Nzmt 1531 E. Barringer Street .mcAoEMIc Swimming Club C: lllipper E. "Kathie" is the little girl who plans to do big things in "Milady's Fashion World." Her flair for designing the new and different styles should carry her to the top in this field. Lots of luck, "Kathie," and we'll be seeing your latest "brainchild" in Vogue very soon. FRANK lt. Mc-KINSTRY, Jaf 34-53 Tilden Street Micoimmc Ayers Orchestra A, lt, C, D, E, F: Band A, ll, C, D, E, F. Who hasn't seen our star drum- mer, Frank, beating away in morning assembly or at a football game? Rhythmically pounding a pigskin, he states, is also his hobby. His goal is to become an engineer: we hope he gains as fine a reputation in that field as he has in the percussion section of the band. s. norm MCl.A1'oHL1N l' 5128 W'ayne Avenue ACADEMIC "Robb's" good qualities are too numerous to mention. Look at him, and you see the personiliea- tion of determination and stamina. We wish him the best of luck in his college years at Monmouth. We say, without need for exaggera- tion, that Robb has proven him- self, during his stay here with ns, "a workman that needeth not to be ashamed." JOSEPH MCNAMEE, III 40 W. Highland Avenue MECHANIC ARTS After graduation from Drexel Tech, Joe plans to enter the field of selling, and we think this con- stitutes a warning to all salesmen in the neighborhood. With his amusing conversation and easy- to-get-along-with manner, Joe, a swimming enthusiast, ought to sink all his competitors and break some records. BERTON JEROME MELNICK 2467 76th Avenue ACADEMIC Gym Leader A, C. A good talker and a good lis- tener, too, genial "Bert" had a great many friends in the class. Looking into the future, we see him graduating from Penn with honors received for a thesis en- titled, "What the Well-Dressed Man is Wearing." More power to you, Bert, when you enter the business world, and may you never lose that flair for choosing original ties! VINCENT J. MERCURIO 42 E. Sharpnack Street COMMERCIAL Stamp collecting fills any of the hours that "Vince,' borrows from his studies. He has taken the Commercial Course in hopes that he some day will become an ac- countant. "Vince's" success is easily insured by his ability to keep his mind on the "figures" W. W. MESSERSCHMIDT, JR. 1330 E. Haines Street COMMERCIAL Having a keen appreciation for certain telephone numbers, "Bill,' naturally tends toward account- ancy. He likes sports, both as a spectator, and as a participant. The best we could wish him in his chosen occupation is that his debits equal his credits, and his adjusting entries are few. 68 MILDRED E. MESSICK 511 E. Tulpehocken Street COMMERCIAL Senator C, E, F5 Alternate D3 Secretary of Class C3 Clipper Representative C, Eg Swim- ming Club A. "Take a letter," will soon be music to "Milly's" ears. She'll be 1-A in the office and A-1 in their hearts. Her good-natured- ness and willingness to work are a perfect combination. ESTELLE M. MEYERS 1807 Widener Place COMMERCIAL Swimming Club Cg Riding Club F. Deeply interested in music and singing, Estelle can usually be heard harmonizing on the latest hit tunes. Her cheerful and high spirited attitude will surely prove to be her greatest asset when she enters the business world. Her fondest hope is to exercise her vocal chords to the accompani- ment of a typewriter. EUGENE J. MEYUN G 5934 Pulaski Avenue ACADEMIC Hi-Y A, B, C3 Slide Rule Club B3 Prom Committee Ag REC- ORD BOOK Staff Ag 12B Dance Committee A. Some day in the not-too-distant future we may read of the "Mey- ung Lode," a rich deposit of silver discovered by the eminent mining engineer, Professor Eu- gene J. Meyuug, still known to his associates as "Jeep." We wish him the best of luck at Lehigh where he intends to lay the founda- tion for his life of "prospectin'." ROBERT L. MICHEL 5 3038 Diamond Street ACADEMIC Senator A, Dg Alternate F3 Hi-Y B, C, D3 President A, Secre- tary of Senate Ag Prom Com- mittee Ag Slide Rule Club A: Football II D3 Track Ag 12B Dance Committee A. "Bob," through his fine scholas- tic work and his numerous extra- curricular activities, has laid a foundation which will serve him well in his chosen profession, veterinary medicine. Don't let "doggy days" dampen diligence and dependability, "Bob." . N1 f l r -4 lu. -. f-157 .6-,. ali? 'S Q ..r 'L . 1" 4. 93 I ELMA MILLER ' 321 Armat Street ACADEMIC Linguists' Club A, B, C5 Camera Club A, B: Tumbling Club C3 Dancing Club C3 Leaders' Club E, F. Elma's chief interests are cen- tered around the Leaders and Linguists' Club. In her spare time she collects postcards and pro- grams. As yet Elma hasn't an- nounced her plans for the futureg from her work around school, however, we know she will prove efficient and capable. THOMAS H. MILLER '- 3325 N. 35th Street Mmcirwic ,mrs Soccer Ii, D3 Baseball C, Ag Ilasketball A, Ii. "Bucky" was one of those physical phenomenons who proudly stroll through the halls of our Alma Mater with a varsity "G" on their sweaters for a cull- ing card. Spurred on by a fighting spirit and with mouth open wide, "What-n-man-Miller" nobly dc- fended the "Green and White" on the soccer field, baseball dia- mond, and basketball court and will probably do the same for Temple. Now, if he could only cook- WILLIAM H. MILLER l 7216 Lincoln Drive ACADEMIQ' Parlez-vous francais? No? Well, "Will" doesn't either, but he tried! Interested in gas models and skiing, he also likes to just relax. Fact is. the three little words he wants to hear some day soon are "Do not disturb." "Will" has chosen advertising for a career, and we're expecting good results from his ever-pleasing personality and keen sense of humor. 1 I 51' LOl'IS A. MILLINGHAITSEN 8122 Germantown Avenue COMMERCIAL The national defense program has cnt deeply into "Gus's" main interest--automobiles. Louis will have a hard timc finding some- thing to do when he won't have any car to fix, or some kind of motor trouble. He might have to be satisfied u ith fixing some baby's kiddy-ear! ETHEL J. MOLL . 30 E. Seymour Street cowimaacrsr. Table Tennis Club E. The rooms of Ethel's "castle in the air" are filled to overflowing with friends. The path leading to it is paved with shorthand outlines. Music, as her hobby, has brightened her life. We are sure her "castle" is not too high. ELIZABETH lVION'l'fi0lVIERYs 5527 Jane Street Ac.xn1-:Mic May Day Decoration Committee Ag Bowling Club A. Petite "Betty's" frank and genuine ways have earned her the high regard of her friends. Hav- ing deeided artistic ability, she takes advantage of her spare time by sketching and painting. May she draw the grand prize of suc- cess! NORMAN MOORE 1037 E. Chelten Avenue INDUSTRIAL Norman will soon help Iincle Sam by being one of those men "behind the man behind the gun." The Industrial Course will aid him in becoming a trained machin- ist of which the government needs so many. When production figures start to soar, we will all know that Norman is assisting in boosting them. l I BETTY JANE MOOREHEAD 3336 Ainslie Street COMMERCIAL Horseback Riding D. For her cheerful, gracious man- ner, "Betsy" has won deep re- gard. Many of her brightest mo- ments are spent in singing and playing the piano. With her gentle, sincere nature, we know Betty will ride easily along Iife's highway. ' 69 LOUISE E. MORNINGRED 7517 Rugby Street ACADEMIC Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, Eg Orchestra A, B, CQ Band A, B3 Hospital Auxiliary E, F5 Leaders' Club E, F. "How to Handle a Problem Child in Ten Easy Lessonsi' will presumably be written by Louise as the result of her child psychol- ogy or "what makes the kids tick" course at the University of Pennsylvania. Her affable and patient disposition will undoubt- edly be quite a contributing asset to her career. SAMUEL MORRIS, JR. 6617 Quincy Street ACADEMIC Some day we'll all be surprised and glad to see Sam come sailing by, "skipper" of his own ship. Of course, first, he is going to a school of navigation before he "sails the ocean blue" but Sam's good sense and the predominance of his influence should make him a fine merchant mariner. Ahoy! and may he never see "Fifteen men on a dead man's chest." ALBERT J. MORROW ' 3711 Calumet Street MECHANIC ARTS "Al" likes to tinker around cars and machines, and the greas- ier he gets the better he likes it. I-Ie intends to be a machinist in the coming yearsg therefore, a little oil and grease mean nothing to him. Good luck, "Al" and remember, "keep 'em rolling." RUTH J. MOSKOWITZ 6733 N. 15th Street COMMERCIAL Ruth, who wants to be a secre- tary, enjoys a very unusual hobby -collecting foreign pictures. 'Twouldn't surprise us at all if we saw her combining work and pleasure by working in a travel agency. 70 -.1 DOROTHY L. MOTT L 7553 Rugby Street ACADEMIC Debating Club A, B, Cg Swim- ming Club Cg Linguists' Club D, C, Hospital Auxiliary D. When she isn't "tripping the light fantastic" on some waxy floor, "Dotty" will probably be found rushing about in some outstanding hospital, since her ambition is to become a nurse. She is also one of the many mer- maids in Germantown who love to "flap their wings in H20." AGNES E. MULLER ' 5813 Stockton Road COMMERCIAL Leaders' Club D3 Clipper Repre- sentative Eg Alternate F. Whenever there was a dull moment, Agnes seemed to drive it away. Her friendly, animated manner was always present, al- ways welcomed. "Aggie's" in- terest in athletics and dancing did not affect her high scholastic standing. She is an example of the proverb, "Good nature and good sense must ever join." ROBERT J. MURPHY 'fi 6507 Musgrave Street ACADEMIC 5 ? 9 Orchestra A, B, C, D, E, F4 Band B, C, D, E, F: Track E. VVhen "Murph" leaves Ger- mantown, the school will lose a very fine musician. However, "One man's loss is another man's gain." Since Robert intends to enter the Held of music, it will be a fortunate person who has him in his band or orchestra. We have all enjoyed his playing and hope he will "accelerando" to success. I CATHERINE H. MURRAY' 6230 Belfield Avenue COMMERCIAL "Cathy," with her genial nature, has won many friends during her years at Germantown. During her leis1u'e moments she can be found with "Neptune's mermaidsf' Catherine expects to continue her commercial work as a typist. lf . l-W 'QQ fl MARGARET H. NICHUALS LJ MARILYN ORLINGER I 236 Ellet Street ACADEMIC Art Club A, B3 Swimming Club A, F3 Linguists' Club B, Alter- nate F. After graduation "Peggy" wants to continue her studies and be- come a laboratory technician. With her fine personality and radiant smile she will be a wel- come addition to the staff of any laboratory. RITA N11-:DERMAN 2 H01 E. Chelten Avenue ACADEMIC Linguists' Club A, B5 Bible Class A, B, C, D, E, Fg Current Events Club E, F3 Clipper Representative E, F. " 'Tis from high life high char- acters are drawn." Rita's con- gcniality and willingness to help others have merited the esteem and good will of her associates. These traits and her fondness for reading should make her "feel at home" in the role of a librarian. MARGIIERITE A. O'CONN ELL 1502 E. Walnut Lane ACADEMIC Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, E3 Linguists' Club C. "Love me, love my dog" is "Marge's" motto. However, she expects to forsake her "pooch" and a promising dramatic career to become a technician. Patience and thoroughness are predomi- nant traits in Marguerite's char- acter, and they will reward her in any profession she undertakes. JEAN S. OLDACH ' 3623 Wellesley Road ACADEMIC Luncheon Committee Ag Senior Hi-Y A, B3 Debating Club A, B: Dramatic Club A, B9 Hockey Club F, Leaders' Club F. Sailing on the "briny deep" is one of Jean's favorite recreations. Since her hobbies lean toward outdoor sports, she is always sorry when summer is over. Jean's engaging grin and her in- terest in many activities will be long remembered. We all wish her "smooth sailing!" 6655 McCallum Street ACADEMIC French Club F. September will find "Lynne," a Florida enthusiast, matriculat- ing at Temple University-far from the land of orange groves and palm-shaded beaches. A hard-working and always-pleasant person, Marilyn should forge ahead in the future. , . I , kkhkfli 54 ffiwf' -as--gp , . -, FLORENCE S. OSBORNE 5128 Pulaski Avenue ACADEMIC Clipper Staff A, B, C, D3 RECORD Book Staff A: Debating Club A, B3 Dancing Club A, B1 Latin Club D, E, F3 Current Events D: Baseball C: Clipper Representative B, C, E, F. If her ambition materializes, effervescent and vivacious "Oz- zie" will make Dorothy Thomp- son "look to her laurels" as she goes through life annihilating all journalistic competition. See you in the "by-lines," Florence! VIRGINIA M. PAPIANOL 335 Armat Street COMMERCIAL Alternate D. Beneath "Ginny's" seeming seriousness lies a unique sense of humor that has been much ap- preciated. Her conscientious na- ture and efficiency will certainly make her an A-1 secretary. "Ginny" is most interested in traveling asa hobby. We hope her course will run smoothly as she travels on life's highway. PATRICIA B. PARKER4' 236 W. Johnson Street ACADEMIC "Glamour" is a word that will never become outmoded so long as we have "Patty" around as the personification of its meaning. On saying goodbye to a candid and charming secretary-to-be, we vow to keep up a search for a joke that she hasn't heard before. Good luck, "Patty," but don't forget to leave just a little piece of the world for your classmates to conquer! 71 'K l I MILDRED PATTERSON 5517 Morton Street ACADEMIC Linguists' A, B, C3 Commence- ment Committee A. Mildred spends most of her leisure time reading good books. She becomes so engrossed some- times that all other interests are shut out and forgotten-even homework. Although her plans for the future are still vague, we are sure "Mil" will succeed in whatever she undertakes. FRANKLIN N. PATTIE 362 E. Sharpnack Street MECHANIC ARTS Football B, Dg Gym Team A: Gym Leader A, Alternate B. Norris' second Germantown was of the best-liked class, "Pattie's" never-ending sup- ply of jokes and quips will make him a popular member of the Army Air Corps. B, C, D, E, F, home while at the gym. One athletes in our LORRAINE M. PAUL ' 7503 Germantown Avenue COMMERCIAL On both running and frozen water, Lorraine certainly cuts a neat figure. These two hobbies probably consume most of her time. No doubt, Lorraine will glide smoothly into a position as a secretary and twirl quickly to success. NANCY E. PEARCE V 6940 Cresheim Road ACADEMIC Linguists' Club A, B3 Bowling Club A. "Nan's" unmistakable sense of proportion and her great love of beauty perfectly compliment her ambition to be an interior deco- rator. She will be remembered by her classmates for her sincerity and good fellowship. Good luck, "Nan." 72 SYBIL H. PEPPELMAN 1731 67th Avenue ACADEMIC Gym Leader B, C, D, E, F: Swim- ming Club E, Fg Dancing Club A, B, C3 Tumbling Club A, B, C: Gym Meet Eg May Day A, C. "Billie," who has kept our gym occupied and physical education teachers very busy for the past three years, has high hopes of becoming a nurse. Judging from past records, this goal should be attained very easily. Carry on! MARGARET E. PERRY ' 5345 N. 16th Street COMMERCIAL Margaret's reserved, cultured and well-groomed appearance will help to carve herself a prominent place in the business world. Those moments when she can "detach" herself from her piano, she occu- pies with preparation for her career. FRANCIS L. PETEL ' 5032 Knox Street MECHANIC ARTS Band A, B, C, D, E, Fg Orchestra A, B, C, D, E, F. Known about Germantown for his musical accomplishment both on the violin and trumpet, "Bud" is also one of the keen humorists of our class. We hope that he keeps on achieving great things, especially in his chosen field, that of master machinist. Best of luck! MAE PETERS If 7006 Andrews Avenue 'A COMMERCIAL Basketball D5 Hockey D5 Clive- den Representative Cg Com- mercial Club A. "Pete's" joyous spirit and ami- able laugh have kept all her com- panions in the same light and carefree mood. Her ample sup- ply of jokes keeps everyone "in stitches." Mae intends to ob- tain a secretarial position after graduation. . sv LARRY PE'I'RII.I,1, Ja. 'J 101 E. Haines Street Acun-:Mic "Bob" is extremely fortunate in that he possesses those char- acteristics of geniality and friend- liness that are so lacking today. His spare time is spent playing basketball, in which sport. he has become exceedingly proficient. "Bob" has no plans for the future, but we are certain that if he plays the game of life as he does the game of basketball, his success is assured. CONS'I'ANCI'I I'ICCONI'I ' 7117 Louise Road t'0MMI'IRCIAL Gym Leader A, Il, C, D, E, F: Dues Collector A, II, C. "Connic's" happy-go-lucky dis- position and snappy witticisms contribute that necessary bit of spice which makes life a joyous adventure. Aside from this, in her more serious moments, she seeks some fascinating book, an inviting corner, and is soon lost. betwixt the pages. JOSEPHINE E. PINDER . 168 E. Sharpnack Street ACADEMIC Linguists' Club A, IF, Cg Gym Leader A. We tip our hats to "Skipper," a combination of good-will, good- naturedness, and sociability, all wrapped into one. She is at her best. when she has a smoothly polished dance floor under her pedal extremities and someday will make a very able and com- petent stenographer. MARY C. PITTS 5248 Baynton Street Senator C: Alternate A: Swim- ming B, C: President of Art Cl1.b A: Dil Painting Clubg Chairman of May Day Decora- tion Committee A, C: l'l'1'1'e1len Art Staff B, C3 First Aid A. "I'ittsy" radiates good will and kindness. She has a heart that is warm and true. and a genial, fond nature. The three things that come nearest to her heart are painting, swimming, and Dixie! vSQ23 D' -.1 ' " YK- rt 'r""" K .AZ , LVN ELEANOR A. PLON , 1816 68th Avenue Aaummm Leaders' Club A, H, E1 Clipper Representative B: Linguists' Club A, B1 Bowling Club A. Eleanor, with her ready smile and energetic manner, will have little difficulty in realizing her ambition to be somebody's "sten'mg." Though an enthusiastic sports fan, she also enjoys seeing the latest shows and reading the "best sellers." May you have every success! .IEANNE I'ItI'IVIC'I'TI'1 i 31 E. VVillow Grove Avenue Ac.-tnEMic Jeanne's optimistic view of life has lifted many of us from the doldrums of despair. Always smiling and good-natured, she will be a welcome addition to the student. body of the l'niversity of I'ennsylvania. NINA MASON PRICE V 1994 73rd Avenue if coMM1-metal. A skillful seamstress, Nina could easily take "a stitch in time." Sewing and dancing ab- sorb most of her leisure moments, and we firmly believe that she stitches to the tulle of the latest recordings. As a stenographer, Nina will be able t.o keep that same light as she "pounds the keys" of the office typewriter. WILLIAM J. PRONZATOVI 6770 Musgrave Street ACADEMIC' Senator A, F: Alternate C: Foot- ball Ill D, I B: Track III E, II C. A: Hi-Y A, B: Com- mencement Committee A. "Ilill" enjoys xopular music and athletics as diversions from the everyday grind of school life. But he has a more serious side, too. 1'pon graduation, he expects to attend M. I. T. where he will study the phenomena of t.he atmosphere. 1 L. L1 MURIEL L. PROVENZANO 1426 Nedro Avenue ACADEMIC RECORD Boolc Staff Ag Debating Club Ag Linguists' Club A, B, Cg Latin Club Cg Hockey glub F, Clipper Representative Our future technician, who plans to attend Temple, spends her leisure time reading and traveling. Her work on the REC- ORD BooK has made her a valued member of the class. Conscien- tious and thorough in her studies, we know Muriel will profit by "the Owl's" superior wisdom. LEE MORRIS RADEN ' 601 Cliveden Street ACADEMIC Team D F Railroad Club D E F AlternateF Model rallroadmg occuples many of Lees spare hours H also enloys swimming and his large collection of recorded music After leaving Germantown Lee expects to study chemistry at the University of Michigan. To him we extend our sincerest hope for eminence in d of science. ,.-1 , ' ,' 1 Track Team A, C,.Eg Swimming u , . . . .e fl '7 fa 'YW M . MARY L0 SE RADER 150 E. W nut Lane ACADEMIC Debating Club A, B5 Swimming Club D3 Leaders' Club C, D, E, F. A few years ago, everyone sang a little ditty called "Mary Lou." Although this song isn't as popular now as it once was, all "Mary Lou's" admirers at Germantown find themselves singing it again when they think of her. She has been very active in gym work and her favorite hobby is sports. The college which is lucky enough to have this pretty co-ed gracing its campus next fall will appreci- ate "Mary Lou" as much as we have. DOROTHY E. RAICKLE 1 414 Haines Street COMMERCIAL An ardent follower of the culi- nary arts, Dorothy spends most of her spare time concocting delicious tidbits. Take "Dot's" many talents, mix them with her alacrity, bake in a modern busi- ness firm, and the result will be a first-class secretary. 74- ALMA MARJORIE RAU ' 6605 Limekiln Pike ACADEMIC Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, Eg School Play A, B, C, D3 Hi-Y A, B, C5 Debating Club A, B3 Linguists' Club A: Current Events Club Cg Alternate E, F. Alma leaves a fine record be- hind her in the Dramatic Club and school plays. We feel certain that while she is getting her col- lege education, Alma will still be active behind the footlights. LOIS E. REEVES 18 W. Sharpnack Street COMMERCIAL Clipper Business Staff B, C, Dg Swimming Club B, Eg Basket- ball F, Commencement Com- Eittee Ag A. A. Representative To another of our Clipper workers goes our vote of thanks. This paper occupies an important place in our school activities, and we are very grateful to Lois for her part in its productions. She loves to swim and play basket- ball, and we know that she will reach a high goal in the world of business. NANCY J. REICHER ' Greene Manor Apts. ACADEMIC Nancy's musical career started rolling with a gradual "acceler- ando, pco a poco" until now she is hot in pursuit of success at a "prestissimo" tempo. Unselfish with her talent, she intends to share it and to encourage future young musicians in her chosen role of a college music teacher. May she never be subject to a "ritardando" but achieve the well- deserved happiness and fame for her tireless efforts. RICHARD M. REID 7 207 Boyer Street ACADEMIC Class President A, B, C3 Com- mittee of Ten A, B3 Hi-Y B3 Vice-President Ag RECORD Book Staff Ag Varsity Foot- ball B3 "G" Pin Bg Senator B, C, D, E, F3 Gym Leader A. Take a jigger of Congeniality, add some versatility to a hand- some proEle, mix with success, stir, and you've got a "Reidy Special." Drexel and the Navy are next in line to partake of this unusual mixture destined to set the world on fire. L JUNE LOUISE RIDER 7408 Georgian Road ACADEMIC Bowling Club A: Cliverlen Repre- sentative C 5 Horseback Riding D, E, F. "Bunny's" kindness and con- sideration for others fit her for a career as a social worker. Her sunny smile and vitality will bring cheer and comfort to the down-trodden and poverty- stricken. She will prepare for her vocation at Beaver College. ELIZABETH E. RILEY 7531 Forrest Avenue ACADEMIC Gym Leader C, D3 Horseback Riding Club C, D. "Beth" is about t.o begin her nursing career. She will enter a hospital for her training and soon her desired ambition will be achieved, for she will be a full- fledged nurse. Even though she must work hard, we trust that she will go on having a good time with her favorite sports, swim- ming and horseback riding. SUZANNE C. ROSS 326 E. Montana Street ACADEMIC Swimming A, Eg Debating Cg Alternate C, D, E, F. Georgia Carroll? No, "Suzy" Ross-the name to head the list of models in 19-. She might turn out to be a career woman fwho knowsfl, but we think t.hat a West Point uniform will get her first. Happy-go-lucky "Suzy" will make the best out of life, regard- less of which road she takes. ELIZABETH W. ROTH 6629 N. Bouvier Street comm-:nc1A1. Red Cross Ag Bowling A. "A blush is nat.ure's greatest gift." How well the phrase fits "Bett.y!" Her blushing face is seen in many classrooms when teachers call "Betty." In her spare moments she can be seen indulging in many active sports. Her vivaeious and jocund manner has won her many friends at Germantown, and will certainly be welcomed in the business world. JOSEPH M. ROMAN 17 E. Abington Avenue MECHANIC ARTS Fencing, Boys' Chorus. "Buster" has been an enthusias- tic member of our Fencing Club for several terms. His congeniality and friendliness make one almost forget his deadliness with a foil. In the fall, he will attend Drexel where the conquering of engineer- ing will be his objective. There is little doubt in our minds but that "Buster," like his foil, will go straight. to the point. RICHARD A. ROSENBLATT 5614 N. 13th Street ACADEMIC "Rich," even though on the quiet side, has many friends here in Germantown. His thought.ful- ness and consideration for others instills in us a regard for him which cannot. be excelled. He will enter business in the fall and with the straightforward qualities that he possesses, he will Ull- doubtedly fulfil his nickname and retire very "rich." FRANCES M. ROTHWELL ,V 1325 Narragansett Place ACADEMIC Riding Club A: Linguists' Club A: Debating Club Ag Basket- ball F. A future "lady in white," "Fran" has endeared herself to all by her soeiability and sweetness. Enthusiastic about sports, her pet hobby is being a member of the "Pen Pals." Good luck "Fran" and may you hold the lighted torch high. JEAN SHIELDS ROY A 6031 Beechwood Street coMM1-:ncIAL Colorguard B, C, D3 Leaders D, E, F. At last we have found an ad- herent of one of America's famous "lost arts"Hthat of letter writing. Her hobby should be a determin- ing factor toward her aim in her future career as a secretary. The Leaders' Club and Colorguard. also profited by her membership. 75 JANET RUTH RUGGLES M ELIZABETH M. SAFEE 902 Berkley Street V COMMERCIAL Big brown eyes, long, lovely locks, and magnetic personality can only be associated with Janet. Skating and music fill her idle hours with many delightful mo- ments. Janet's alert and charming manner is bound to be a great asset iI1 making her a proficient stenographer. JANET GRACE RVSSELL 143 VV. Durham Street COMMERCIAL Bowling Club Ag Odice Assistant B. No one could hope for a more pleasant classmate. Janet will listen sympathetieally to your tale of woe and laugh at your amusing experiences. Her reli- ability will bring her fame and fortune in the commercial world. Although a typical modern lass, she likes the classical music of the great masters. MARTHA B. RUSTAM i 6421 York Road ACADEMIC Bowling Club A3 Commercial Club A: Latin Club F5 Ring Committee C. "Martyn will soon take over Winnie Winkle's osition as P "Somebody's Stenogf' When she is not deciphering shorthand notes, "Martyn enjoys good music and swimming. ALBERT E. SABIN 1623 Longshore Avenue MECHANIC ARTS Football D. Although not very active in school affairs, "Al" has many outside interests. Besides being an excellent swimmer, he has hopes of entering the Air Corps. His popularity is no doubt due to the warm smile and cheerful word that he so unselfishly con- fers on all. We are sure that "Al" will realize his ambition for his traits of friendliness and persever- ance are sure to draw "the trump card" for him. 76 6317 Limekiln Pike COMMERCIAL "Betty" has only been with our class for about a year, yet all who know her give her a "four star" rating. Always good-natured and smiling, "Betty" will be a welcome worker when she enters the business world. Pleasant as her job might be, she'll never enjoy it as much as she does swimming. ALBERT J. SCARPELLO 245 E. Haines Street ACADEMIC Senator Dg Linguists' Club Eg Latin Club F. Alfred's next step after gradua- tio11 is to secure a good position in the business world. We are confident his willingness to work hard and his ability to win friends will boost him high in the ladder of success. ELEANOR E. SCHAFEBOOK 2473 78th Avenue .ACADEMIC Gym Leader A, B, C: Horse- back Riding Club A, B, C. "Schafe" cuts a neat figure astride one of VVissahickon Pad- dock's horses, and we understand she is quite capable of putting a horse through its paces. We know that she will be equally able to trot, canter, or gallop through life after business college. HORST E. SCHAVER J 835 E. Rittenhouse Street ACADEMIC Slide Rule Club B9 Chemistry Club A. "Horse" must be a devotee of Samson or Atlas to learn the mystery of building up the won- derful physique which he has grown or borrowed somehow. Aeronautical engineering is his ultimate objective, and if physical prowess is any sign of success, Horst's reward will be one of full measure. 't..,'tt't i-F. 1 el e s ps".i,,, T 'Nm ,np 1' , dfti. ,E - ,, GLADYS SCHERDORF 404 E. Montana Street coMMEnel.u. Alternate D3 Clipper Representa- tive B, C. Should Gladys fail to attain ber goal, a doetor's assistant, ber excellent taste in clothing and abilit.y to wear her elothes to their best advantage will insure a position in the modeling field. However, her unfailing good humor and soeiability are im- portant qualities capable of aiding Gladys to achieve her aim in life. ELLEN D. SCHLIESKE 1-t-I0 68th Avenue ACADEMIC Latin Club E, F: Clipper Staff C, D1 Clipper Representative D3 Linguists' Club C. "That tall blonde" describes Ellen to many of us, for she is just that.. Some day in the near future, you might, be wearing clothes designed by M Ile. Sehlieske. At least we hope so, for that is her goal in life. We're envious of all who will come in contact with her at Moore Institute. LVCILLE Y. SCIIMICKLE 6519 Germantown Avenue .Munn-:Mic Rneoim Book Ag Alternate E: Art Club A, B: Swimming Club C1 Clipper Representative C. Lucy will be remembered for her artistic aptitude and her excellent. contributions to our 'RECORD Book. Many hours of ber time were spent. patiently "pushing a pencil" in order to insure a fine publication. We all know that she will find success and happiness in later life. ROBERT D. SCHMITT 36 W. l'psal Street .u'AuEMle l,'l-ipper Staff A, B: Chairman Luncheon Committee A: Slide Rule Club A, B, Senator B: Linguists' Club Ag Second Team Football D. "Hey, Doe! Hey, Doc!" Did you ever try to 'outwiz' a Quiz Kid?" Well, you're the one who can do it, so raise those sails, head that bow toward M. I. T. and don't drop anehor until you reach the top of the mast, as a sueeessful chemical engineer. "Bon Voyage." 77 BERNICE D. SCHNEIDER 803 E. Vtlashington Lane ACADEMIC Swimming Club E. "Bernie" who earned her water- wings early by joining the Swim- ming Club in her E term, is serious in her ambition to become a nurse. Quietly capable in whatever she undertakes, we feel that Bernice won't find t.he road ahead too ditticult. ELEANUR M. SCHRECK 62-1-3 N. 21st Street eoMMEm'mL Leaders A, B, C, D, E, F1 Dane- ing A, B, C, D: Gym Meet C, E: A. A. Representative B, C, D, E. F: Tumbling A, B, C, D, E, F1 Commercial- ettes E, F: Baseball C, E5 Basketball B, D, F. Eleanor's love of gymnastics was the incentive for her par- ticipation in numerous sehool athletic- activities. However, upon graduating, she will seek a secretarial position. SAMUEL J. SCHWEIGElt'1', Jn. 226 E. Mt. Airy Avenue .uxmmile Although "Sam" has never been one of the talkative boys in our class, we feel that he will do his share of preaching when he gets his ehanee. Sam hopes to go to Maryville to continue his studies and prepare for the minis- try. The only disadvantage is that he will probably have to give up his newspaper work of which he is very fond. MARJURIE F. SEITZ 158 E. Tulpehocken Street Acsm-:Mic A Cappella Choir A, B, C, D1 Senior Hi-Y A, B: Linguists' A, B, C, D1 May Day C: Luncheon Committee A: Busi- ness Stati' of School Play Ag Honor Award Committee A, B: Alternate lm: Ring Com- mittee C. Come fall "Margie" will trans- fer her red hair, vivaeious and eoquettish personality and hetero- geneous talents from the "home of the green and white bear" to that of the Ursinus Bear. "Margie" spends her leisure time in musical outlets, when not corresponding with lonely college boys. When this titian-haired coed invades Crsinus, there's no doubt that the campus will look lovelier in its new shade of red. ELEANOR H. SELSOR ' 5523 Crowsen Street CONHUERCIAL Band A, B, C, Dg Class Dues Collector A, B, Cg Leaders' Club D. Eleanor has done an excellent job as drum major of our school band. After she obtains a position as a stenographer, her baton will not be used so muchg but, know- ing Eleanor, we are sure that she will continue to "keep 'em twirling" any chance she gets. ELIZABETH SHANNON 7517 Woolston Avenue COMMERCIAL Debating Club Bg Swimming Club C. - "Betty," always energetic, prides herself on her clear think- ing. Her time is taken up with collecting Glenn Miller's record- ings. She believes in the saying, "The greater the labor, the greater the success." With this in mind, she will master the situation of finding a worthwhile position. I E. ELEANORE SHAW 3312 Arnold Street COMMERCIAL Some lucky businessman will one day have Eleanore in his office since she lists this as her chosen occupation. We feel sure that through both her efficiency and earnestness she will achieve her ultimate goal. 'N ARTHUR R. SHORROCK -f 3517 Bowman Street INDUSTRIAL Bible Class A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Hg Soccer Team B, D. There is a great demand for good machinists in the defense indus- tries, so "Art" will soon be putting his shoulder to the well-known wheel. Don't work so hard, "Art," that you haven't time to build model airplanes. 78 MARIE L. SIANI l 5009 Wayne Avenue ACADEMIC A. A. Representative Eg Alter- nate D5 Cliveden Business Staff B3 Clipper Business Staff B3 Linguists' Ag Latin Club A, B, C, D, E, F. Merry, amiable, radiant, imp- ish, energetic. Put them all to- gether and you have "Marie" at her best. With labels such as these, it won't be hard for you to reach her goal. Marie is plan- ning a business career. EDITH J. SINDELL 'f 4934 N. 12th Street ACADEMIC Linguists' A, B5 Swimming E, F3 Student Activity Award Bg Office Monitor Ag Business Committee of Dramatic Club ,A, B. Hats off to HE. J." who has what is vaguely called poise and poise-onalityg who just adores sliding out of encumbering clothes into a bathing suit for a "splash" at her favorite hobbyg and whom no other adjective suits-but just "delightful." , ' ' 1 I f - 1 I. r ff, 'W' f if -af UW e ' I' v' f GEQRGE M. SINGEIV J 710q'G,ermaIQown AM N' i'!.gC'ADE 1 A Cappella.Chor A, B3 Secoril Team Football D. George is one out of three boys in our class who have successfully weathered four years of Latin, which should prove a good founda- tion in whatever profession he might pursue in Drexel. He does equally as well in the field of music, being a member of the A Cappella Chorus and an ardent drummer. MARGARET SLUIZER I' 822 69th Avenue ACADEMIC Dramatic Club Business Com- mittee A, Bg Debating Club A, Bg Linguists' A, B: Clipper Representative B, D, E. Equally able to give or take a joke, "Peggy's" amusing antics have brightened many a dull day. She has received a student activity award for her fine work on the business staff of the Dramatic Club. This experience should be a great help to "Peg" in the busi- ness World. MICHAEL SMALET 6804 Quincey Street ACADEMIC Senator A, B, C, E, F. "Mike's" one desire upon gradu- ating from Germantown is to become a "rambling wreck from Georgia Tech." The great out- doors is the life for "Mike.', In addition to wanting to be an engineer, his hobbies are hunting, fishing, and sailin . Here's to aoaaar s. SNOYER 54-5 E. Mayland Street ACADEMIC Gym Leader A, F. When this six-foot-one-incher picks np a ball and stands in a bowling alley,-the pins lie down for self-protection. Though right now "Bob" is dubious about his future, he should have no trouble bowling over the obstacles of life if his versatility on the alleys YKKQNIY K 8 "Mike" for bigger and better has anythi to do with it. . bridges. BETTY JANE SMITH 1811 Medary Avenue ACADEMIC Leaders A, B, Debating A, B5 Linguists' Eg Alternate E. "Smitty'l is always ready and willing to work. She never grum- blcs at hardships, but gets right down and overcomes them. Pa- tience is her greatest virtue and will make her a "winner" in the business world. GRACE B1-:TTY SMITH ' 233 E. Mt. Pleasant Avenue ACADEMIC Horseback Riding Club Cg De- bating Club B. The gates to success will, no doubt, soon be opened to Grace for she plans to go to a business school after graduation. At Ger- mantown, Grace was a member of the Horseback Riding Club and was one of the "I propose to prove" fans. Her sunny smile and pleasant disposition will surely be missed by all. NANCY K. SMITH i 5101 Green Street COMMERCIAL Riding Club A, B, C, D, E, F3 Commercial Club Chairman Ag RECORD Book Staff Ag Com- mencement Committee A. Not in stature, but in achieve- ment, Nancy rises to great heights. Her ability, efficiency, and her sincerity have created for us that very necessary sense of hav- ing someone to depend upon. Nancy is a riding enthusiastic, and we are sure she will ride like a whirlwind in the career she chooses. Mi. In spite of 1919 W. Vehang tilK ACADEMIC Shakespeare Contest A, B, Cy Latin Club Fg Linguists' Club Ag Honor Award B: Senator Eg Alternate A, B, C, D, F, Clip- per Staff B, C3 Debating Club A, B, C, D, E, Fg Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, E. Because of her dramatic ability, "Mary-Kay" will be remembered as "the Helen Hayes of German- town." As a prize winner of the Shakespeare contest, she is off to a good start. 7 1 . ,x V 'M' , ,U J soME .'1YLFAi af 138 Mort tre t I1 AC EMIC ' A i roccetfst MB, D easy-going succeeded envi- able con- ath- him a with his tes. "Jim," mray there be as much sunshine in your as you put into the lives of others! JEAN soMMEa 9 1926 Dallas Road ACADEMIC Gym Leader E, F, Linguists' Club A, B, C, D3 Debating Club A, B, C, D3 Hospital Auxiliary A, B, Book Treas- urer B, C, Bowling Club Ag Clipper Representative E. Jean is a so called "live wire." This petite dynamo of vitality generated "pep and vim" at a rapid pace. "Shorty's" always ready for a "jam session," or a chance to whiz the ball down the bowling alley. Even the tips of her fingers have some of this pep, as proven by her unusual typing ability. Upon completion of a business course, Jean hopes to become a secretary. 79 C-gh.lV" QUINDELLA E. SPADACCINI 6152 Morton Street COMMERCIAL A fiery spirit and a hearty laugh are the most appropriate descriptions of "Quinny," Brim- ming over with vitality, she divides her energy between skat- ing and eating. Her goal after graduation is to secure a position in some business firm. CAROLYN M. SPALDE 'f 1900 Dallas Road COMMERCIAL Gym Leader A, B, C, Eg Hospital Auxiliary A, B3 Bowling Club A: Debating Club A, B, Com- mercial Club A, Bg May Day A. Vivacious and vigorous "Carol" will attain victory in the business world. Her untiring, cheerful assistance in any project has won her many devoted friends. May you always go through life with flying colors, "Carol!', SALLY ANNE SPEAR 437 E. Walnut Lane ACADEMIC Senior Hi-Y A, Bg Junior Hi-Y D, E, F, Student Activity Award Bg Chairman Com- mencement Committee A 3 School Play B3 President of Linguists' Club A: Secretary of Dramatic Club A: Clipper Staff B, C, D3 Ring Committee C5 Shakespeare Contest C5 Latin Club A, B, C, D, E, F. One of the tallest and most active girls in the class, Sally will always be above the crowd. WILMA B. SPIEGELMAN 1336 66th Avenue ACADEMIC Orchestra C, D, E, F. The colorful personality of this "li'l jabber chile" has enlivened the talented ranks of our organi- zation of classical music-makers. Her wit has been appreciated in school and will surely continue to he in an office as "somebody's stenogf' 80 JEAN SRENCO 1700 Stenton Avenue ACADEMIC Dramatic Club Business Com- mittee Ag Latin Club A, C, D, E, F5 Linguists' Club A, C: C'lz'veden.-Clipper Business Staff B, Riding Club D, E. Jean's undoubted interest in the philological sciences is verified with one glance at her activities. Her keen repartee and "live wire" individuality have established for her a status unequalled by ally of our class. EDWARD VV. ST. JOHN v 632 Naomi Street DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Hi-Y A, B, C: Cross Country Team B3 Junior Prom Com- mittee Cg Senator C. "Ed" will probably attend the University of Pennsylvania where he will prepare to be an account- ant. He has been active in varied phases of school life, although sports appear to hold first place on his hit parade. PATSY G. STANSBERYN' 7234 Briar Road COMMERCIAL Commercial Club Ag Dramatic Club A, B3 Debating Club A, B, Dancing Club A, B. Who was that "southern belle" so outstanding in the school show? Why "Gerry" of course! Since she joined our class in September, we have regarded her as a most welcomed Inember. Always with a sunny smile and helpful word, "Gerry" will reap rich rewards in the business world. CHRISTIAN STEEB, JR. Y 5700 N. 20th Street INDUSTRIAL Gym Leader B, C. "Steve" hopes to be a "trouble shooter" for the Bell Telephone Company. Nevertheless, his love for baseball may influence his whole career. His enthusiasm and sportsmanship will keep him from ever being "struck out" in the game of life. We hope you may always be on the winning team, "Steve," and we know you will never play a "foul ball." 'E 1 Qu A ltl'T H M. ST EELMAN 4925 Baynton Street ACADEMIC Bowling Ag Bible Club C, D. liutlfs sunny personality and wholesome laughter have added daily cheer to our years here at Germantown. Her willingness to help others has proved her to be "a friend indeed" many times. Since she included stenography and typing in her academic course, Ruth probably will become a stcnographer. SALLY B. STEVENSON 744- Carpenter Lane Amor-:Mic Debating Club A: Linguists' A: Latin Club D, Eg Swimming Eg Hockey E, F. Sally, who managed to get in- volved in some of the most amaz- ing predicaments imaginable, is headed for William and Mary in the fall. Well-liked for her innate poise and congeniality, Sally has the best wishes of her classmates for a rosy future. GLADYS L. STEWARD I 44- W. Sharpnack Street DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION "Glady" is one of the few stu- dents studying in the Dist.ributive Education course. She has success- fully completed this conrse and intends to enter the business world as a buyer. Her interests are skating and athletics. We are very proud of her and wish her lots of luck. JEAN STEWART 6603 Quincy Street .utmpx-:silo Baseball E: Hockey F3 Horse- back Riding D: Basketball B5 Latin Club D: Linguists' B1 Debating Club A, B. Did you ever hear of a sports fan wanting to be a librarian? lf things like this continue, per- haps there might some day be a library for sport enthusiasts only. Next year's "gridiron Bears" are sure to miss the support of this attractive spectator. DORIS HELEN STIFF X' 316 Vernon Road eommsaeru. Doris hopes to start doing office work in the near future. With her cheery smile and willing attitude, she will go far in the business world. Unly "Dan Cupid" can determine how long Doris will be a businesswoman. KENNETH W. STITZ 7 N. VV. Cor. 15th and Haines St- .xouisimc Senator E, F: Alternate C. "Ken" plans to attend the Cniversity of Pennsylvania, hop- ing to become a chemical engineer. He is interested in Boy Scouts, and his extensive knowledge of photography has made him popu- lar among thc boys of his troop. "Ken" spends a great deal of time in his den enjoying his unusual collection of guns. ANNA STRASSER V 2051 Church Lane COMMERCIAL Commercial Club A, B, C: REC' om: Book Staff Ag Bowling Club A. "Ann's" one problem in life is to find time for her many in- terests. She loves to dance, swim, or bowl, and is fascinated by those black and white keys on her piano. Merry brown eyes and a teasing smile reflect her energetic, fun-loving nature. As a secretary, "Ann" will undoubtedly be "t.ops." RlCHAltD C. S'l'HAT'l'0N 511- E. WVadsworth Street MECHANIC' .urrs Stage Crew A. B, C: Camera Club D, E, F. By 1952, radio will have wel- comed "Dick" asa gifted engineer. In the meantime he intcndsito enter college and complete his chosen course. All leisure mo- ments which are not spent in his miniature broadcasting studio are taken up by another of his hobbies, amateur photography. We are all on you to be a future Marconi, "Dick," HELEN L. STRIEBY L 502 Midvale Avenue ACADEMIC Swimming A, B, C, Dg Tumbling B, C, D3 Softball A, C, Bas- ketball Bg Bowling Ag Leader Ag Air Raid Warden Ag Vice- President of Girls' A. A., A. Helen's inexhaustible energy and brisk, alert manner are to be envied. In the two years she has been here, she has distinguished herself admirably in most sports. As a Physical Education teacher, she is certain to be a success. RUTHANN STRONG 1909 Penfield Street ACADEMIC Bowling Club A. If Dr. Kildare should ever need an assistant, we would call on Ruthann, for she intends to be- come a nurse after graduation, we know her success will certainly be assured by her efficiency and pleasing personality. While at Germantown, Ruthann was a member of the Bowling Club and was of the select group who could boast of having chalked up one of those "scorey games." IRENE SUFLAS U 5917 Baynton Street ACADEMIC Cheerleader A, B, C, D3 News Editor of the Clipper A, B, C, Ring Committee C3 Girls' Junior Hi-Y D, E, F3 Secretary Senior Hi-Y Ag Senior Hi-Y B3 Secretary Girls' A. A. Board A, Bg Senior Prom Committee Ag Associate Editor of RECORD BOOK Ag "G" Pin Award B3 Honor Award Bg Bowling Club Ag Treasurer of Debating Club Ag Chairman Frankford Vic- tory Rally Committee B. The word versatile should be included in one's description of "Scoop" for her superior leader- ship in school activities has dis- tinguished her as "the most am- bitious" of our class. Cheers to a champion cheerleader! JEAN L. SWEET 3 5543 Devon Street COMMERCIAL Horseback Riding Club C, D, Eg Commercial Club B. Jean's warm smile and sunny disposition has gained her in- numerable friends. Her love Of dancing does not surpass her love of horseback riding. She has a keen desire to become one of the original "Kitty Foyle" girls who busily occupy them- selves pounding the keys of a typewriter in a large oflice. We certainly hope she easily attains her goal and wish her lots of luck and success. 82 MAE M. SWEETEN 7209 N. 15th Street ACADEMIC Dramatic Club A, B, C5 Debating Club A, B, C3 Linguists' Club A, B, C5 Slide Rule A, B9 Bowling A. The members of Mae's class have come to depend on her original ideas and superior liter- ary ability to help them out when- ever they have been confronted with a task which proved too much for them. We sincerely feel that Drexel Tech will bein- deed fortunate in having Mae as a student this coming September. JEAN E. TAYLOR 39 E. Hortter Street COMMERCIAL Jean, with her golden-red hair, laughing eyes, and friendly man- ner, seems destined to glide happily through life. Her mag- netic personality has won many friends who will continue to re- member her unfailing good humor. We believe she will make a suc- cessful typist, and that she will be popular with her fellow workers. JOHN T. TAYLOR ' 3678 New Queen Street INDUSTRIAL Soccer B, D. Proficient in all sports, John was an outstanding performer on the soccer team. Upon gradua- tion, John intends to enter the vast industrial field and become a cog in the great wheel of the defense industries. HELEN R. TECKLENBURG 1947 Church Lane COMMERCIAL Bowling A3 First Aid Class Ag Commercial Club A, B, C9 RECORD BOOK Staff A. "With malice toward none, with charity toward all," certainly fits Helen to a "T.', All know her to be a loyal and trusting friend, with an ever-ready smile. We are sure Helen's fine scholastic ability and genial personality will reap rich rewards in years to come ,I 'inf ii SIDNEY TELLIS 6458 Germantown Avenue ACADEMIC Fiash to Drexel! Another prom- ising engineering student is headed for your campus! There is little fear that Sidney will feel strange at his new Alma Mater, for D. I. T. seems to be the destination of many other Germantown engi- neers-to-be. "When better bridges are built, I'll build them," Tellis will tell us after graduation from Drexel. HELEN C. THOMAS 575 E. Herman Street COMMERCIAL The steady clicking of type- writer keys depicts Helen's ulti- mate goal. She does not "crawl" or "slide" through her work as she does in her hobbies-swim- ming and ice skating. May she always have a "strong stroke" and "smooth gliding" in her future. WILLIAM C. THOMAS 6248 Homer Street ACADEMIC Slide Rule Club A, B3 School Play A3 Alternate C3 Prom Committee A. To while away any dull hours, "Bill" takes apart and repairs a few of his hundreds of guns. His knowledge of ballist.ics have helped influence him to join the Navy. We hope that "Bill" will have smooth sailing in the future. MARGARET K. THORP 5210 Morris Street COMMERCIAL When her studies at German- town are completed, Peggy in- tends to enter the retailing field. Her hobby is dancing, and we sincerely hope her dance floor of life will be smooth and level. PAUL LAJUS TIERS, Ja. ' 54 E. Johnson Street ACADEMIC Paul joined us in September shortly after leaving his home in sunny Maryland. In the future, he will prepare himself for mechan- ical engineering at Penn. We are sure, Paul, that regardless of your problems you will always come out on top. NORMA J. TINNEY 6024- Wayne Avenue ACADEMIC "Norm" is one of the artisti- cally inclined members of our class. Her skill and dexterity with both brush and pencil have led her to select drawing as a hobby. A reticent nature, together with a natural love of flowers, should make "Penny" an excellent horti- culturist. HARMON TORAN Lf 6625 N. 18th Street ACADEMIC Gym Leader A, B, C. "I've been working on the rail- road," etc.-We wouldn't be surprised if this will be Harmon's theme song ten years from now since he's on the track, headed for U. of P. to take an engineering course. When not riding trains, Harmon, a camera fiend, can be found photographing the nearby scenery. ROSE RUTH TORAN "N 2107 E. Chelten Avenue N COMMERCIAL Basketball E5 Horseback Riding. Always ready to lend a sym- pathetic ear to her classmates' tales of woe, "Rosalyn" is a good example of the unusual companion -one who listens. An ardent horseback rider, Rose spends many hours in the saddle. It wouldn't have surprised us to hear "Rosa- lyn" suddenly "burst into song" with a mournful cowboy tune. 1 19' , ALLENE C. TRICE 6813 N. Carlisle Street ACADEMIC Alternate Eg Gym Leader C, Eg Hospital Auxiliary D: May Day C: Vocal Ensemble A, B3 Linguists' Club A: Bowling Club A. When seeking some agreeable pastime, Allene usually turns to sports, preferably bowling, in which she is fast becoming an expert. Her bright smile and golden hair add a touch of sun- shine regardless of where she travels. HELEN M. TRUCKSESS 55921 Boyer Street COMMERCIAL Swimming Club B, C3 Com- mercial Club C: Clipper Repre- sentative C, D, Eg Clifveden Representative D, Hospital Auxiliary C. The business world is about to gain another capable and efficient secretary. Helen's interest in commercial activities has been complimented by her love for sports. She keeps physically fit by spending many pleasant hours in swimming. REGINA TURNER 2438 77th Avenue ACADEMIC Debating Club A, BQ Bowling Cluh A. "Tripping the light fantasticn is "Jean's" favorite pastime. Her genial and soft.-spoken manner has endeared her to all. Con- scientious and eager to help, her many good qualities will be ap- preciated wherever she goes. ALICE M. ITNDERWOOD 3541 Indian Queen Lane coMMERcIAL Gym Leader A, B, C, D, Eg A. A. Representative: Clipper Representativeg Art Club A, B3 Lunch Monitor B: Cliveden Representative B. "Petty,s" list of activities in t.he service of the school is as varied and long as the list of friends she has made in it. Her interests center around skating, dancing, and a secretarial career. Long will we remember her charm, her sincerity, and her friendliness. RUTH GRACE VAHLE ' 39527 N. Marshall Street COMMERCIAL Clipper Representative E, F Camera Club D3 Commercial Club A, B, C. You could truthfully name "Bobbie" the talkative girl of the class. Her cheerful, optimistic chatter is an antidote for moody moments. Ruth not only wiggles her tongue, but also her feet, as her hobby is dancing. May you always keep the valuable asset of mirth! BETTY A. VALENTINE 200 W. Mount Pleasant Avenue ACADEMIC Dancing Club A, B, C, D, E, F3 Senator C3 Alternate D. "Bette's" dancing feet are des- tined to carry her far. Rhythm, grace, and an effervescent person- ality have contributed much to her dancing skill. Equally adapt at singing, she accompanies many of her routines with songs. Be it tap, ballet, or the latest jitter- bug step, "Bette" can really "give out." To her we say, "On your way, on your toes. Talent like yours is sure to carry you to the top." HENRY A. VANCE 162 E. Pleasant Street ACADEMIC Senator D. "Monk's" spare hours are for the most part consumed in basket- ball or baseball, but his aspirations for a career run along nauti- cal lines. After leaving German- town, "Monk" intends to enter the Ifnited States Coast Guard Academy to prepare himself for the saline existence of a rum- rummer chaser. May he always have his main sail swelled with the breezes of good fortune. JANE MARIE VAN CAMP 325 VV. Logan Street ACADEMIC Current Events B, C3 Red Cross A, B. Gifted with unusual musical ability and a radiant personality, Jane has constantly been a source of pleasure and entertainment to her classmates. "Vanie', can make a jitterbug's blood tingle, or soothe the classical soul with music of the masters. The ideal office code for her would be sing- ing dictation, and typing to music. SALLY ANN VAN DOLSEN 7317 Bryan Street M'.ml-:Mic Linguists' Club A, R, C, D3 De- bating Club B, C, D3 Riding Club A, ll, C, D1 Baseball E: Hockey F: A. A. Rook Repre- sentative F: Shakespeare Con- test R, C, Swimming Club A: l'l1'rerlcn Representative Eg Gym Leader A, B, C, D, E, F3 Tumbling Club R, C. Don't be surprised one day if you see Sally's name in headlines on thc sport's page, for she plans to be a dog-show exhibitor. Hut. before venturing into this most unusual occupation, Sally is going to the l'niversit.y of Maryland to complete tier education. ELISE MARIE VAN PARYS 5541 Jane Street comm!-zltci.-xl. Clipper Representative D3 Cliiie- rlm Representative C: Gym Leader E, F: Commercial Club A, B. "Vim, vigor, and vitality" are the words for Elise. Her "happy- go-lncky" nature accounts for tier popularity at Germantown. Elise's ambition, to become a competent secretary, is sure to be attained. GCNHILD YIKINGSTAD 805 E. Johnson Street .uzwmmnf Hospital Auxiliary C. Gunhild's ambition is to be "an angel of mercy." Her pa- tience, honesty, and ever-present optimism should help her acquire her goal. Adhering to the "keep- tit" program, she takes an active part in all sports. BERNICE J. YOLKMANN 400 W. Walnut. Lane Ac.un-:Mic Debating Club A: Linguists' Club A. "Bunny" is our nominee for all future toothpaste advertisements, for her dazzling smile has helped to brighten many a stormy day. Reaching the top will be no hard- ship to "Bunny" as she goes "smiling thru" the years to come. LOCRAINIA Y. VROOMAN 7022 McCallum Street .utummle Dramatic Club A, ll, C, D3 De- bating Club A, B: Linguists' Club A, R1 Roosters A, B, C, D1 Chairman B: School Play A: Secretary of Class A, B3 Leaders' Club D, E, l". VVhoever it was that "saddled" our energetic pen-wielding class secretary with the apt description of "Rainy" really has a talent for nicknames. If there ever was a girl "pouring over" with person- ality, enthusiasm, school spirit, and "Colgate smiles." "Rainy" is the one to get our vote. BETTY GRACE WAGNER 59 W. Tulpchocken Street Ac,xuEMIc Linguists' Club A, B, C: De- bating Club A. Petite, friendly "Betsy" has the unusual hobby of linger print- ing. After graduation she is not going t.o join J. Edgar Hoover's fifth-column hunters, but intends to go to college in Maryville, Tennessee. If you ever run into an eager sleuth carrying a magnify- ing glass, be sure to take a good look, For it will probably be "Betsy." JANIE WALKER 3518 VY. Allegheny Avenue f'0MMERt'I.-KL Leaders' Club E, F: Riding Club A1 Commercial Club A. Herz-'s one, "Jane," who is a real "live wire." She excels in singing, dancing and riding a horse. All of these activities keep ber physically and mentally alert. VVc all know that with such "pep" she will achieve her one desire, that is to be a secretary of the "Class A" type. KATHERINE E. WALTERS 118 E. Washington Lane ACADEMIC First Aid A, B: May Day C. "Bette" handles a horse as arrows in the hand of a mighty man, and we have it on good authority that sl1e's won quite a few prizes! We'll all be rooting for her, for she's a winner and deserves the best of everything. 85 A fs. MILDRED M. WALTERS I ROBERT A. WEINER 38 Slocum Street 601 W. Cliveden Avenue COMMERCIAL ACADEMIC Swimming Club Cg Commercial Track Ag Gym Leader A, B. Club A. "Millie" is one of the rapidly increasing number of bowling enthusiasts, but dancing, too, shares top honors for her chief hobbies. Don't work too hard as a stenographer, "Millie,,' so that you havenit time to pursue these pleasant diversions. DORIS E. WATKIN S ' 2159 Furley Street COMMERCIAL Senator Eg Clipper Representative F, Uliveden Representative D, Bowling Club A. Doris's sparkling eyes betray her reserved but jovial manner. She is always bubbling over with energy and vitality, and releases these soaring spirits through danc- ing and skating. We are sure her vivacious personality will win her a valued and honored position in the business world. CARL WEILAND, III 403 Westview Street MECHANIC ARTS Railroad Club B, C, D, E, F, G, I-I, Stage Crew B, C, D, Eg Chairman of Stage Crew, Sena- tor D. Building model railroads to scale is Carl's idea of enjoyment during idle hours. He has also displayed his mechanical aptitude by the invaluable services he has rendered as a member of our stage crew. As he leaves, we hope that he may always have a car- buretor to adjust in later life. REBECCA WEINER E 1918 Spencer Street COMMERCIAL Gym Leader F. Adding long columns of number, "on the double quick" holds no terrors for "Ree," since her am- bition is to be a bookkeeper. When not pouring over "T" accounts she enjoys an occasional game of tennis or golf. Good luck, "Rec," and may the balance sheets continue to prove! 86 "D0c's" ability as an artist is surpassed by few in our class. Recognized as a "wit" by those who know him, he has developed many firm friendships since his arrival in Germantown High School. This fall will see "Doc" entering the University of Penn- sylvania to complete his academic studies. 511, '- . DAVID F. WEISENBORN 5 3209 W. Coulter Street ACADEMIC Slide Rule Club A, B, School Play A: Senior Prom Com- mittee A. Planning to attend the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, the dap- per 'fDave', of Germantown has high hopes of becoming a physicist. In the not-too-distant future, we hope to see "Dave's" name held high in the realms of science. BRUCE M. WELCH 344 E. Ilpsal Street ACADEMIC Senator A: Air Raid Warden Ag First Aid Captain A. Bruce is a combination of Uncle Sam's "1-A" draft specimen, and an "A-1" heart-breaker. To keep his enviable physique, he turns to the gridiron. Although he plans to become an engineer, his fine work as senator would jus- tify a political career. Good luck, Bruce! We know you will always be "head and shoulders above the crowd." FRANCES E. WENDT ' 7546 Walnut Lane COMMERCIAL "The Skaters' Waltz" should be a favorite with "Frannie," as she is fond of both skating and dancing, and often likes to com- bine the two. Without a doubt, her fine character will be as evident in an office as it has been in the classroom. "Frannie's" good qualities will linger long in our memories, and we wish for her a bright future. 'DX RD MARIAN I. WERNER 5749 N. Lambert Street COMMERCIAL REcoIm Book Staff Ag First Aid Ag Bowling Ag Commer- cial Club A, B. An opportunity to spend the rest of her life swimming, bowling, and dancing-this would be a "seventh heaven" to Marian. Teasing brown eyes, pleasant smile, and a charming manner make Marian a delightful com- panion. Since her practical abili- ties equal her social graces, she will be a fine secretary. ELEANORE WESTON 618 E. Woodlawn Avenue MUSIC First Aid A: A Cappella Choir Ag Horseback Riding Club A, B3 Leaders' Club A, B, C, D, Eg A. A. Book Representative A, B, C, D, Eg Tumbling Club B, C, D3 Basketball C, D5 Hockey Club F. "Chicky" is not only a dynamo, but the current and light as well. Her musical ability will some day electrify the world. More power to you, Eleanorc. SYLVIA L. WEXLER 7332 Somnlcrs Road COMMERCIAL REConp Book Staff Ag Com- mercial Club A: Red Cross Ag Hospital Auxiliary C3 Cliveflen Representative D, Eg Basket- ball E5 Hockey F. Sylvia's wit and congeniality help to account for her many friends. Among her diversified interests are music and reading. "How to Win Friends and In- fluence People" is one book Sylvia never had cause to read. ROBERT WHITEHEAD 227 E. Garrett Street ACADEMIC Track Team A, C. Learning the questions and answers for his driver's test was the hardest task that confronted "Bob" during these past three years. His sober humor and light prattle were a constant source of pleasure and will long be remem- bered. Drive slowly, "Bob," when you get that Civil Service job. ROBERT ROTH WHY W 242 E. Highland Avenue ' MECHANIC ARTS Debating Club A, Bg Secretary A. "All the world loves a lover" must have been written especially for Bob, who still manages to sandwich into a busy social life his hobbies of drawing and horse- back riding. Adept at taking apart his opponents' arguments in Debating Club. Bob, an up-and- eoming machinist, will devote his time to helping Uncle Sam's defense effort. ETHEL L. WILLIAMS I 522 E. Haines Street COMMERCIAL Ethel's "pin" money goes into the pockets of the neighborhood theaters in an effort t.o enlarge her movie stub collection. fSave these, Ethelg the tax paid is deductible from an income tax return.J Her ambition realized would be a Civil Service appoint- ment. We know such an unassum- ing, modest way will be much valued in our government's em- ploy. MARY P. wII.I.s L 43Q E. Mt. Airy Avenue ACADEMIC Molly has many interests, among which are boys, horseback riding, boys, reading, boys, and, oh yes! boys. Don't weep, fel- lows, for although your favorite glamour girl is graduating, she is going to remain in this vicinity. Next fall her beautiful blond hair will be on display at Peirce Business School. 'N JUNE M. WILSON ' 1987 Elston Street COMMERCIAL June is one of our fine com- mercial students. Her calm, unselfish manner, and ready smile have won her many friends. In her spare moments June can be found with her nose buried in a book, which probably accounts for her seriousness. May Dame Fortune accompany you in your role of secretary! 87 i NELSON WILSON ' Kitchen's Lane MECHANIC ARTS A Cappella Chorus A, B, C, D, E, F, Band B, C, D, E, F: Orches- tra C, D, E, F, Alternate C. When we think of music here at Germantown, we almost in- variably think of "Nels" His tenor voice is one of rare quality, and his work in the bank and orchestra was "tops," too. After graduation he is going to join the millions contributing to the defense production of our nation -only one of many fellows repre- senting the spirit of America's youth. ANNABELL L. WINEPOL ' 117 W. Harvey Street ACADEMIC Annabell, alias "Butz," de- parts for Temple immediately after leaving Germantown. There she will venture into a secretarial course and once again do her "readin', writin', and 'rithmeticf' Before these aforementioned hobbies GJ, dancing and riding head "Butz's', list for fun. JAMES F. WINTER 1972 Elston Street DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION In spite of his reserve, "Jim" is popular among his companions. His strength lies in his ability to work, and work hard. His kind and cheerful manner will help him gain his ambition as a good businessman. His aim is for the top, and here's hoping he will keep right on going until he reaches the goal! RUTH E. WORRALL W' 7909 Sommers Road voCA'rIoNAI. ART Art Club A, Bg Bowling Club Ag Luncheon Committee A. Ruth's main interest in life is art. After finishing high school, she hopes to obtain a position as an advertising illustrator. When not drawing or painting, Ruth likes nothing better than to pass the time bowling. 88 RUTH-ANN E WRAY 248 W. Gorgas Lane ACADEMIC First Aid Ag Air Raid VVarden A, B5 Slide Rule Club A,B: Swimming C5 Leaders B, C3 Latin E, F3 Dancing C, E, Fg May Day C. Ruth is one of Germantown's "Jack of all trades." In addition to her many activities, she is also deeply interested in music, modern and classical. Nursing will be Ruth's aim after graduation. KATHERINE I. WRIGHT 6914 Cedar Park Avenue COMMERCIAL Clipper Staff C3 Commercial Club Ag Luncheon Committee Ag RECORD BOOK Staff Ag Swim- ming Club A. "A friend in need is a friend indeed," is a saying well suited to "Kitty." Her magnetic person- ality has endeared her to all, and many students and teachers are numbered among her countless friends. VVe are sure that in the future her winning ways will in- sure her success. MARION V. WRIGHT 107 E. Garfield Street ACADEMIC Bowling Club A. Marion is as "merry as the day is longf' Her friends will agree that she is an all-around person, and her congenial and jovial manner makes her a like- able person. Marion's favorite pastime is collecting pictures. After graduation, she will join ranks with the white-collar girls as a secretary. We are sure her goal will be easily attained. ALICE G. WURST 1 1715 Erie Avenue ACADEMIC Senator B, Eg Alternate A, Fg Clipper Representative C3 A. A. Representative Dg Dra- matic Club A, B, C, D, Eg Debating Club A, B, C, D3 Linguists' Club A, B, Cg Ring Committee C3 Luncheon Com- mittee Ag Stage Director of School Show Ag Junior Hi-Y D, E, F3 Honor Award Com- mittee A, B. Attractive Alice, who, inciden- tally, is one of the youngest mem- bers of the class, has earned for herself the title of "Activity Alice" without a doubt. , ' AMY H. YEAGER 6227 Morton Street ACADEMIC Alternate C: Riding Club C, D, E: Hospital .Auxiliary A, B, C, Dg President of Hospital Auxiliary A, B: Vice-Presiclent of Hospital Auxiliary C: Cur- rent Events B, C: Junior Hi-Y D, E, F: Baseball F. After graduation Amy will transfer the attention which she lavishes on "'l'ippie," her dog. to the patients at the German- town Hospital where she will study nursing. Her amiable and versatile nature has made a dis- tinctive place for her in the class. MARIAN P. YEAKEL 6026 Lambert Street Acxnrzmic Dramatic Club A, B, C: School Play A, B: Linguists' A. Dramatics appear to play an important part in Patricia's life, for not only was she quite promi- nent in our school plays, but also an active member of the Dra- matic Club. When she's not introducing story-book char- acters through this channel, Patricia plans to bring her audi- ence to the books by becoming a librarian. GERTRVDE F. YOVNG 624 Locust Avenue ACADEMIC Slide Rule A, B: Gym Leader F. An active senior member of the Girl Scouts, Gertrude's in- terests are in first-aid work, hiking and group organization. Her classmates are well acquainted with her diligence, loyalty and sincerity. Planning to make tracing her vocation, she should be able to trace a shining pattern for herself. OLIVE B. ZEIGLER 6522 Ogontz Avenue ACADEMIC School Play Ag Clipper Staff C, Dg Bowling A: Dramatic Club A, B, C: Gym Leader D, E, F3 Alternate F3 Debating Club A. Do gentlemen prefer blondes? This question has never been answered, but after meeting "Ollie," one is inclined to reply, "Yes" Her dramatic talent, proved by her fine acting as the "vamp" in the school play, has been a credit to Germantown High. ERIC A. ZETTERBERG, Ju. . 2721 N. 16th Street xcxnnmic Stage Crew A, B, C, D, E1 Chem- istry Club E: Nature Club F, G: Latin Club Eg Orchestra E, F, G, H. When Eric leaves Germantown, he will be headed for Wheaton College. There he will take up medicine as his chosen profession. Here's hoping you become another Hippocrates, Eric! DOROTHY J. Zl14'l4'E1tBLAT'I' l 502 WVoodbrook Lane ACADEMIC A Cappella Choir A, B, C, D: Gym Leader A, D3 Clipper Representative B: Cliveden Representative B: Linguists' A. Charming and vivaeious are two words that best describe "Dotty." When the fall comes we'll find her cantering along the bridle paths at Pembroke College. MARY E. ZURN L 6611 N. Opal Street Acsnamle Hi-Y A, B, Linguists' A, B3 Debating A, B: Hospital Auxil- iary A, B, Cg Secretary Hospital Auxiliary Ag Baseball C, Eg Basketball D, F5 Clipper Repre- sentative C, D, E, F: Ring Committee C3 Bowling Ag Commencement Committee A. Always a sweet smile on her face, and dimples dancing in her cheeks, "Binksie" is a sure guar- antee to chase the blues away. Upon completion of a business course at Drexel she will emerge an efficient, sunny secretary. Zin Memoriam HENRY SAMUEL McCLEARY Msnca 20, 1924 JUNE 27, 1941 I Sam McCleary's outstanding character, his radiant personality, and his fondness for all sports endeared him to all his fellow classmates. He was a member of the school orchestra for two years, 'il and his excellent school record was recognized by the faculty. The Class of June, 1942 deeply regrets his untimely death at the outset of what prom- I ised to be a full and happy life. MR. CHARLES BARTHOLD Ac'r1v1'm:s: Teaching "droops" to dribble-A, B, C-Z3 trying to outrival the combined force of Cheer- leaders in volume capacity-A, L, W, A, Y, S. All Germantown's fellows have been amply ad- vised "How to Make Friends with the Bugler and Influence Top Sergeantsn by "Now when I was in the Army" Charlie. His happy faculty for keep- ing us laughing and for strongly advocating good fun has been the medium of attracting us to him. Music and the brawny life of a sailor appeal most to him as means of relaxation. MISS GRACE FREEHAFER Ac'r1v1'rxEs: Teaching rhythmics to "gals who ain't got rhythm"-A, B, C-Z3 lavish spender of a keen smile and Grade A wit-A, L, W, A, Y, S. Miss Freehafer with her sparkling jocoseness will not pass as a mere acquaintance but will halt our "passing parade" of friends as one of the more vivacious and charming members of Germantown's faculty. Her idler hours are spent tilling old Mother Earth, for she is a true patriot of the soil. "Bunny," her Beagle, is more a mania than a pet, for he demands and gets, undoubtedly, a major portion of her affections. ATHL Tunis X H -1 n""'M'u fc hr 'Q Q-di! x' 0 0 1 N ga f'15 Bw Wd? ,ALWM1 ,GZ '7 X 4, - F: Q Inn Q? 4 If fx Q ' I Xx .Vx", ff Q ' xp? Q0 9 . f X I ' ' NK-Q-1" 1' K , W4 J I l A T H L E T I C S at ermcmtown N THE history of athletic competition there can probably be found no country so sports-minded as the United States. From the president to pauper each is an ardent fan of one sport or another. Besides being one of the best ways to keep physically fit, ath- letics teach sportsmanship, endurance, coordination, courage, initiative and fair play, all of which cannot be obtained from textbooks. Germantown can be justly proud of its variety of sports and the fine repu- tation each has established. Mn. AI'm's'r1N With but a handful of last year's original team, Coach Augustin began the sea- son with practically a new squad. However, under his skillful management and hard work on the part of the team, they were able to win four games, tie one, and suffer only one defeat. We wish to grant special acknowledgment to Mr. Augustin for the splendid reputation he created among us during the past six years. In addition to his record as our gridiron coach, he has also won many good friends here and we believe his future in the Navy will be even brighter. Mr. Hyson and his soccer team have battled their way into the front of Ger- mantown 's sports parade by tying for second place in the public high league. The Hysonmen were fortunate in having the majority of last year's talented toes return- ing to strengthen their line-up. Who will ever forget that long, last-second, desperate shot from the talented hands of "Bucky" Miller placing the ball so picturesquely in the center of the basket, giving the Bears' hardwoodmen a last-minute victory over Ben Franklin? Equal credit, however, must be given to the rest of Mr. Barthold's distinguished team for their hard-fought season. Special mention can be made of the comical post-season basketball tussle with our football team-proving that our great football team plays great football! With Church and Rickard in the lead, our light-footed cross-country team has run away with fourth place honors. Mr. Reith's track team is expected to do even better before this book is issued, since such famous names as Bowers, Church, Dice Harris, Luongo, McKinney, and many others reappear on this year's roster. 3 Perhaps the one team which requires the most in individual nerve and skill is the gym team. The musclemen, with McKinney and Conrad heading an excellent list, have attained third place in competition against twenty-five other schools. With very few veteran racketmen left, things look pretty dark for Mr. Strauss' tennis team, and a tough, hard season is predicted. However, on the brighter side is Mr. Raacke's baseball team. Although they lost several of last year's players some hard-hitting basemen like Jack Kulp remain, in addition to some fine pitchers. 91 LJ' ' - ATHLETIC COVNCIL Barthold, Soderberg, Zwarg, Augustin, Raackc, Nicholas, Kehs, Strauss, Reith. BERNARDO, ANTHONY Football II '40 BISSIG, HENRY A. Baseball II '40, I '41, '42 BOVVER, JAMES V. Fencing Numerals '40, II '41 Track II '40, I '42 I'HOI'TEAl', HENRI CLAl'DE Table Tennis Numerals '40 Gymnastics I '42 Football I '42 Tennis I '42 CLEMENS, ROBERT Tennis II '4-lg I '42 CONRAD, DONALD Gymnastics I '41, '42 Football I '41 Track I '41, '42 DOTTS, RIISSEL Track Numerals '42 Football Numerals '40 ERB, DICK Basketball I '42 Tennis I '42 FRANK, MARSHALL Basketball II '41, I '42 GOLDMAN, OTHA Track Numerals '41 G-ME SENIOR CLASS OF JUNE 1942 Athletic Honors and Records HARRIS, FRANKLIN Track II '40: I'41, '42 Football II '39 Gym I '42 HAIIRY, CHARLES J. Football Numerals '40 GOI'DY, NELSON J. Soccer II '401 I '41 Track II '-tl: I '42 KOEHLER, ARNOLD Track II '41, I '42 KIILP, JOHN Baseball I '40, '41, '42 Football Numerals '40 LAQVER, EDWARD Gymnastics Numerals '41 LAQIIER, I'LRIC Soccer I '40, '41 LLONGO, ROBERT Y. Football Numerals, '39g II '40, I '41 Track Numerals '39, '40g I '41, '42 Basketball Numerals '40, '41, II '42 MASTERS, WRIGHT Track Numerals '40, II '41, I '42 MEYIING, EUGENE Golf Numcrals '42 MICHEL, ROBERT I.OI'IS Football Numerals '40 Track II '42 92 MILLER, THOMAS HARRY Soccer I '40, '41 Baseball I '41, '42 Baskctball I '42 REID. RICHARD M. Football II '40: I '41 PATTIE, NORRIS Football Il '40, l '41 Gymnastics II '42 PRONZATO, WI LLIA NI Track Numerals '40: Il '4l: Football II '4-01 I '41 SAB IN, ALBERT Football Numerals '40 SCHALER, HORST EVGENE Track II '42 SCHMITT, ROBERT DIEHI, Football II '40 SOMERVILLE, JAMES Soccer II '4-03 I '41 TAYLOR, JOHN Soccer I '41 WHITEHEAD, ROBERT S. Track I '41, '42 SIYFLAS, IRENE Cheerleader I I BASEBALL Fran! Rolf: Zinenro, Vaughan, Loughran fManagerD, Dienstman, Jenkins. Second Row: Miller, Miley, Law, Dice, Kulp ffnptainj, Bissig, Bernardo, Lake, MaeFarland. Third Row: Rogers, Crane, Pegg, Vuneannan, Davidson, Bouder, Mahler, Armstrong, Emsley, Baisch, Byrne. ASEB LL TEAM HE baseball team has had one of its most successful seasons this year by con- tinually being a contender for the league crown. The pitching of Dice and Mac- Farland has been outstanding, while the hitting of Kulp, Miller, Bernardo, and Law drove the opposing pitchers to desperation. Germantown Academy,our first victin1,was snowed under to the tune of 10-0, the team collecting thirteen hits. Our league Opener was against defending champion Bartram, who bowed to us 7H6g in the next game Southern was defeated 4--3, Dice hurling a three-hitter. Central broke our streak by squeezing in a run in the last of the seventh to sink us 3 f2. But the "Bears," refusing to be kept down, came back to start another streak by walloping Ben Franklin ll-4-, Kulp getting three of the team's twelve hits. The following Tuesday, MacFarland easily set down Overbrook 9-1, Bernardo leading the offensive with a "homer" and a triple. Olney fell before us 10-1, enabling us to take second place. Law and Bissig paced the attack with home-runs, Dice again pitching masterful ball. Much credit is due to Coach Raacke, Captain Kulp and all members of the team. Only through many hours of practice, much perseverance and team work was such a fine record compiled. 93 FOOTBALL F'ir.s't Row: Coach Augustin, Reid, Nfargerum, N. Green, Wolfinger, L. Green, McCullough, Mc- Kinney. Second Row: Studenmund, Dotts, Jacobs, Ashbey, Luongo, Bernardo, Fania, Chanco, Lake, Thomas, Wenzell, Hebden, Gibson. Third Row: Chouteau, Conrad, O'Gara, Richter, Doyle, Pronzato, Staflieri, Hayes, Waenke, Mostertz, Roulston, Miley. FOOTBALL TE M NDER the watchful eye of Coach Augustin, Germantown once again soared high in league competition. Handicapped by the loss of many of last year's "regulars" through graduation, he drew on his reserves, forming a strong, capable team. The pre-season trimming from La Salle, 6-0, brought out our weak spots. This defeat taught the lesson of unity, timing, and coordination, which enabled us to overwhelm Olney, 19-O. The Archives found it difficult to hold us to a 6-6 tie, since we threatened them several times during the last half. Gratz being literally baffled to the tune of 20-0, and the speedy elimination of pugilistic South Philadel- phia at 25-0 put Germantown in a prominent position as a trophy contender. How- ever, Ben Franklin smashed all hopes when they held Germantown's battering team to 2 points to their 6. Several times, the Bears, madly desperate for victory, smashed their way into scoring position, but each time Ben Franklin was able to obtain the old pigskin and kick out of danger. A defeat from our old rival, Frankford 141-0, fol- lowed two weeks later. On Turkey Day, Germantown wound up the season with a timely 15-0 victory at Norristown. The "Class of '42" had a good representation in Germantown's pigskin review' Bob Luongo, Dick Reid, and Charles Lake were awarded the coveted all-public high school listing, other prominent football stars were Margerum, Fania, Bernardo, Pattie, Conrad and Pronzato. 94 i 1 I iq SOM' c3v1 Bam e l n ' v. cu vm" O . o ,ix M A W C A wx Q, I X Lg 54 Q . ff :'??QSEw ' ,o,cO"6"Q'T ESX 4 K I we ff r,o3Yfjffm0 4' jk x, - f GU 1. ygxxh, Y O 1 L 1 . 'if' , ' , 51 HT g , - . r V W V ' ' MA LVM yy W I . jg 1- ff' . QQ ! 1 THi5Ex : "9 U s. PM --- . Tms X . ff, kg C . 0 ..g.J.xu:...... L QL, J BASKETBALL TEAM BASKETBALL Top Row: Felclbaum, Schofield, Miles, 'Rf-ddington, Tutino, Pollino, Miles. lllirlrlle Razr: Mr. Bart- holrl, Carter, Clemens, Holland, Bird, Comfort, Bunn CManapjerQ. Botiom Roux' Turnir, Erb, Mac'- Farland, Brown, VVall, Fitzpatrick, Frank. CBOSSCOUNTRY TEAM CROSS COVNTRY First Row: Mc'Douough, Knopf, Carter, Galante, De Felice. SCFOIIII Roux' St. John, Cook, Gavin, Christy, Rickard, Butler, Dice, Church. 96 Nlumliugp' Nlr. llynson, l':lllSIl'j', 'l':nylur, Nlillvr, Rc-dclingtun, Bildllll, Sunu-rvillv, Gmnly, I.zu OCCER TEAM SOCK 'luli lbnvimlsnn. Rim- Olanrmzuglc-rj. KlIl'l'lilI!l.' Dv Sillltbllik Kc-illxowlz, l'ulic-lu-Ili, :xIiHl'l'cc11lIll2lillD, Slmrrm Sulvuturv, l,0llliNl'll. GYM TEAM GYM '1'l'IANl Razr: Hnuvr-r, Nlmvulf, l'nlnisn'h, llllflllllll. Sl'f'0lHl1l,0ll'.' Urvull, xv1llS0ll,f:I'2lVt'S, lffllrig, Y an H'l,imlu. Harms. Tllirrl lfmr: Bryant, Twifurml, Mnllnlmy, Rosvnlwrgor, Finvln, M4-lvin, Lalqucr. 07 gnu TUMBLI TE Wilson, Mui-plly, Ward, Tuf-ker, Quinn Strielmy, Slrieliy, Williams. .llul ll'0rL'.' Peppellnaln, lveslnn Mohan L1-ser Selireek Weaver Cass, Calvin, Lush, liytle, Brown, Henle, Deuscli, Buiek, liongiovanni, Golden, Cummings, Buren- ininger, Stansberry, Stevens, Widelman, Rabinowitz, Gollmnn, Tilton, Eagen, Alexander, Strad- liug, Gregory, Fields, De Paul, Swartz, De Base, Williams, Smith, Pomerautz, Fox, Federman, Wathing, La Roche, Erh, Goldman, King, Vanderherchen, Actor, Delancey, Sc-hreck, Sweeney, Strawdenrans, Rudolph, Taylor, Hudson, Markley, Smith, Migas, Osborne, Snyder, MeGuig:m, Peppelman. CI CL - .. .... ...rl CHEER LEADERS linker, Ycrkes, Slirzel, Suflas, Mohan, Putnam, Keiln, Ziegler, Valentine. GIRLS' ATHLETICS COMPETENT athletic board. consisting of oflicers and grade representa- tives underthe sponsorship of Miss Steger, constitutes the girls' A. A. which acts as a head for all the athletic activities of the girls. This board, which gives awards to outstanding and deserving gymnasts at the close of each term, consists of President Shirley Bellg Vice-President Helen Louise Strieby: Secretary Irene Suflasg Treasurer Helen Irish. The grade representatives are: Laura Lou Courtney, Rosemary Lang, Shirley Jacobs, Jean Albert, Eileen Derr, and Rosa- mond Schwartz. A varied field of sports enables one to choose from u1a11y types of modified gym work. There is the Dancing Club under lVIiss Freehafer, the Horseback Riding Club under Miss Wert, the Swimming Club under Miss Morgan, and the Leaders' Club under Miss Wert. A newly formed Bowling Club sponsored by Mrs. lNIoore has taken the spotlight this term. Once a year the A. A. has a May Day during which exhibitions on the appa- ratus are shown and specialty dances are executed. A May Queen and her court reign over the affair. This May, Babs Gosford was the queen with Jean Safrin, Betty Stewart, Marcia Bauer, Peggy Landes, Phyllis Eshbaeh, and Laura Lou Courtney in the court. 99 i r r Y 100 101 RED, WHITE AND BLUE Norms: Know-it-alls are still laying bets as to whether F. D. R. will run for a seventh term, while the "man in the White House" smiles as usual and says about his plans, Quote: ...... Unquote . . . Robert Luongo supporters are confident that their nominee will be dictating in Philadelphia's City Hall after the elections. From what we hear about the size of the Luongo clan, it sounds like a landslide to us, too! The Whole election is a family affair . . . The famous victual authority, Barbara Gos- ford, has submitted to the government a secret formula for a three-meals-in-one-pill product that will sufficiently carry an army through. To moss-covered graves, we presume . . . The great scientist, Dr. Robert Diehl Schmitt, denies that he was the inventor of the deadly Messerschmidt . . . The Washington Patent Office reports that an undiscovered genius, Michael Cafferty, has invented a comb that prevents baldness and at the same time actu- ally slickens your unruly mop. Wouldn't be surprised to meet the genius and find him com- pletely scalped . . . Associated Press' cele- brated foreign correspondent, Florence Os- borne, reports from France that U. S. Ambassa- dor to Spain, James Bower, challenged an unidentified French official to a duel with swords, after the latter commented sarcasti- cally on Ambassador Bower's "zoot-suit" at an embassy gathering. Bower was named the "World's Most Originally Dressed Male" by a convention of Americais haberdashers last year. His tailor, by the way, is the incomparable Berton Melniek, who still insists that the men of the future will accept orange as the popular shade to brighten their working hours. If Mr. Melnick's right, secretaries like Anna Strasser, Miriam Bayne, and Helen Tecklenburg will have to include sun-glasses in their daily needs . , . COAST T0 GHOSTING! Breaking all attendance records at New York's Paramount Theatre this week is the "Idol of the Air Lanes," Eugene Meyung, and his all-girl band, the "Eugenies," featuring the Green and White Spots, Laura Lou Courtney, Edith Daly, and "Margie" Seitz . . . Itis not February 14, but quite a few "stage-door Johnniesn are after a Valentine which isnit surprising since it's musical-comedy star Bette Valentine against whom they are launching 102 STOP! LOOIW their campaign of orchids , . . Nancy Jordan, "Variety's" Platter Chatterer, reports that the latest ditty to "clean out" Taylor's is the col- laborated work of Tin Pan Alley's Helen and Alice Beatty titled "Double or Nothing." The bugs with the jitters are going all-out for this one . . . Actress Lois La Roche is inking a contract to perform for "Henry Vance Vita- min Pills" Corporation over N. B. C. She plans to doa series of "chiller-dillers" authored by "scarey-man" Robert Weiner . . . Holly- wood is beckoning in the direction of the "Two Bees and a Honey," Ulrich, Barbara, and Ed- ward Laquer, who have recorded their rendi- tion of a tune penned by themselves called "We Three" . . . M.-G.-M. is using all its magnetic force to draw "The Great Ad-Libber," Henry Bissig, to its happy family of script- writers . . . IN ONE EAR AND OUT MANY MOLTTHSZ Spreading like fire in the political circles of the "City of Brotherly Love" is the rumor that Mayor Jack Kulp and city council are preparing a big lawsuit against Publisher Mil- dred Evans for the startling remarks printed in Philadelphiafs "P. U.", written by their anonymous columnist, "Scoop." Something to do with the city's drinking water and "Schuylkill punch" . . . 'Tis rumored that real estate tycoonist Bette Barber, is altar- bound . . . Stork-Clubers stared Cbut defi- nitely!J at the rhumba exhibition improvised by Arthur Murray instructress, Lourainia Vrooman, and playboy Bill Thomas. It took spectators down South America way . . . You and Y our Mirror, a new beauty maga- zine hitting the presses for the initial printing, is being edited by Marguerite Lytle. The staff informs "yours truly" that the magazine will feature a new product which promises-to send all unglamourized "debbies" running to the nearest department store. Christened the "Marilyn Martini" after its creator, Marilyn Jane Martin, this facial cream carries a "no wrinkles, no blackheads, no enlarged pores" no nothing guarantee . . . Burma Shave's jingler, Kitty Wright, and boogie-woogie's No. and 0 H issing! l fan, Norma Heinecke, have authored a new hit-tune which has been officially adopted by the "Convention of U. S. White Collar Girls" now assembling at Chicago. The Convention's president, Janice Day, informed thc press that "Social .Security Protects the Woiking Gal" will be publically introduced for the first time by Francis Petel, ace "tickler of the ivories," who has been hired to serenade the 10,000 waltzing secretaries at their big formal . , . SPon1'1.xon'rs: "My Man Monday" flashes the glad tidings that wrestling promoter, Nelson Goudy, has arranged a bout between Horst "Man Moun- tain" Schauer and Norris "Mole Hill" Pattie. Just in case you're wondering about the out- come I'll let you in on a little secret: Pattie and the canvas have been going steady lately . . . That bond of long-standing existing be- tween Philadelphia's Athletics and the league cellar will be broken this season-thanks to John Bender's catching and "Bucky" Miller's slugging. Wonder if Philadelphia's diamond fans will ever get out of the habit of blushing at the mention of their beloved Mackmen? . . . Don Conrad, coach and manager of the "Amazons," a femme football club, is nego- tiating with "Pretzt" Frank, the whip behind the "Powder Dribblers," five dames and a basketball, for an exchange of games. Shirley Bell will captain the court-ettes and Eleanor Schreck will call signals for the pigskin-ettes. Because of their undisputed popularity with both teams, "Dick" Reid, the pride of the Navy, and "Phyl" Eshbach, the housewives' ideal, are slated to ref the two games. Talk about the World Series, wait till you see the frying pans begin to fly . . . GRUMBLINGS AND MUMm.xNos: Making a noticeable appearance along "The Great White Way" is the "Dave Weisenborn Suit for the Well-Dressed Man." It's a com- bination of Scotch kilties and Superman cape that really is out of this world . . . Pulitzer- Prize-Winner Bette Allardice is getting in a rut. Her latest novel is orchidspiring . . . Friends are still am-I-surprising over the ap- pointment of women-hating bachelor, Robert Louis Michel, as new head of Bryn Mawr. Deah! Deah! . . . It's about time Bob Hope got a new gag writer, why not hire Jack Cope- land? . . . Surrealist artist Florence Fischer vs. cartoonist Helen Blum in a contest to de- termine the Wackiest conception of "Blues in the Night" . . . After years of painful re- search and dauntless determination, inventor Helen G. Kalter has discovered a method of abolishing nail-biters from the scene of their crimes . . . Bond salesman Edward St. John didn't know it, but the girl pounding away at the typewriter in his outer office was "Amer- ica's Most Beautiful Secretary." Queen Mil- dred I of the House of Messick was crowned last night by last year's winner, Janet Rug- gles, who now takes all her dictation from Douglas Hyde, the theatrical agent. Acting as judges of this nation-wide contest were America's prettiest female athlete, Dorothy Leserg Ice Follies' tricky exhibitionist, Lor- raine Paulg the Blue Book's most extravagant party thrower, Marian Boughnerg "Mademoi- selle's" commercial artist, Jeanne Bache: Harlem's popular little mayoress, Elma Miller: and Secretaries of famous celebrities, Mary Zum, Jane Van Camp, Jean Sweet, and Alice Logan. This all-girl jury did a mighty fine job-says we . . . Headed by two Philadel- phia nurses, Ruthann Wray and Amy Yeager, national convention of Florence Nightingales, has taken up a lamp of fashion and are advo- cating more modern outhts for nurses. Shorts and bare legs will cause longer hospitalizations since the three-cents-a-day plan . . . Radio commentator Sally Spear may migrate to South America to do a series of "Good Neigh- bor" programs and will take along that south- ern dish of loveliness, Mary Jane Keever, and blondaceous cover-girl, Suzanne Ross, to do the cementing . . . Social Registrates are wondering about playboy Lee Rader's slow recovery after an auto accident while Miami beaching with Indianapolis' speed-king, dare- devil Dan Hickey. They must grow their nurses beautiful down in the "Land of Balmy People" . . . P. S.-EDITOE'S Nora: Any similarity between the above predic- tions and events that occur ten years hence is purely accidental . . . 103 'Qu 0,0 H-'H-'..,z.:,,..,.,.,.t..,"'fM I ,IEIEETHEIII EJ Ef- Fight on, Fight on for Germantovm, Plunge for - ward. with that 'ball I"" ' I i ' '- .Il-. ,S ' 4 I 1 I I I E -I ISI I : , I . . I EJ I IS I1fI?w5IQIEI Just dig right in, you've get to win Our "Bez-ns" mst nev - er I e :II - e I 1 J Q I 1 1 Im U ' H I F ,L I . I il EI . P T . . I EVE JEJ53 If I5 III M fall Beat- ----- ! Green and White of Germmtoxm Shall 'nevr - er bend the '77 I I N, ., '+ in 3 3 IJ - -in ' I I I ' .I I 3 I 2 J I I I : Q T 5,9 - .JI F + .I,, I . I I I I I I "' ' maui H Hr' ' N 4 ' I , J I 1, If If 5 In E Q f knit S0 do not yield, speed. down the field. Fight on to if JI, J -" je 7 f 'f ' ' , I D i3 .K I 5 ' I I I 1 I 2 zI1e+'JI lpaest -, v 4 I 2 gb' ! i- H K -wEJII',I'J-'5fII F5 vie-to-ry-RAHIRAH! Fight on to vie-no-'ry I 2 f . : I . ' W I WEP I EI I In I -I giiigg i z g 104 P'-' HAIL., ALMA MATER. 'A' f.rrLm-me 6115-may J 'V JHSQWJJJVSJ' ' gall, PS - ma Ma -tier! WQH 'Una cts'-Jren sung Hneeg cs. f 15 fb n 9 are w are our a ara ug 'thai fosj mf M' ive us gr - man- own 565001, we wi serve tgree e-- vcrg fP?FlVFFFEFFl JiiLpJf1sL4:am,gn Hon- or and silo ----- ni ma we e var lar-ilnq Hong if-'og-Jim fag F - ---- v eg fro: an Fad' rin! qrnev- ous, o - I an ov----in , wi wi ai cc nav-Org fr? 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McCurLhy Stadium nz angina om.-y .n-gums. from n flurry ol paun mul lgtwmelr touchdown an me vpn... mfg quarter, me Poor fm-mmm aww. ad A tu hu potent :tuck dum thnx ol au amor-una Cuvee..-4 'nm sun. mlm-.g up n mgp.-mg mm of nvenxwx nm aowm m P-nmknm 'fouxvkagouga :got mme u-mugn Im-n! mf CHE, ww. down, - Chvedmn In-gnu-r su-my gp-.nxng 6.0 Ln Ihr am-nu qu-mr s nam mnrrhnd 1.1 mm Prmr ru.-n. .nnfa :lx-muh lm where u annum- lawn mmm- wu rerovered hy nann- gnn. The latin lmmr-dzllely eu--ms to punt um, when mf rm-num mu. pr mppfa .mm of me and me 1. safely wu rung up mr cefmnncfnl- n. Jim-f.. mm sf-mmm. zu Dlnplnylng um power wma. mum- fliahed Ihem In J Public High threat, the Oreun and White nl Guumnmwn ,lrlmpled EM mllrladed Starlet and .Orly of Sculh Philadelphia ta Ihr ktunl uf 2541 nu Thuriday. Ovhrbv-r 30. at lllh and Bigler Slrcetn, Germantown also put an n rrmfx- mg dnpzay nr power an uw mmm during rn. game u wen ns nn rn.. street lflfr Rh? game I! dIrln'l. take lhe Cllvedenl lrvlxf 5 Am puncture me Ram aelenw, tor. ,fnllnwlnig Charley l.lkP'l Anhrrlplxvn gn! Im enemy pls! on this Southern A40 midway through lhe Hn! ywund, 'the Bunn drove su-aught lv n much- ihwwf. Bvrnnrdn wm..K GlB.LS'. SBQRTS5 :porn am always I-RWM suit ityiw was worn ll? at Badyltdbill Club On was seen guiding about Silk SYOCUAKI pulltd All the ami. no in be Im gym me er Milf. 'Ivins U0 Home only. Aecorcung xo me nrmbaxhx in uw 'mmJ.mru: Club. Hwy ure butler mmblnrs .lust for n . nut mn-P x'r'nmpv-llilve Y the two with 100868. Q. and mm uv- mzpme? ' lflnw nlwut lt. boys. an you ill- We gnu Ma. . . . . 1 x Pour umm n.-nu-u .ru mm , um ner gym sun lore aunng. Club. or --vu thu! just mf gmmg we af mm: W f . Emi lwondnlfl . 5 4 V n n 1 gl. ', 1 link! Bilbo Btrdlry WU her ln luul D! th! 'Gi99ll"'. oi me mn " Etlkd-Bull Club. BM ll! UI' . mamy. nom. In acyl: i . umm. Helm L-nu. w. -u lin! 35295711 who ff-,A--M. 14 wllagawpfzd ACKNOWLEDGMENTS S AN expression of our gratitude to everyone who has cooperated with time and effort to make this hook a success, to everyone who has helped with the countless duties and varied tasks connected With any such publication, wish to thank: THE SARONY STUDIOS 1206 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. LOTZ PHOTO ENG-RAVING COMPANY IQTH AND CHERRY STREETS PHILADELPHIA, PA. THE WESTBROOK PUBLISHING COMPANY 5800 N. IVIERVINE STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSCRAFT COVERS NEW YORK, N. Y. +2566 M 86,700 C 2 an '2- 5 2 P "' 12 Q S' lv I ff' 039 0 'UNA I 08 if 'L 3 F1 V 5? s 11 1 1 ,N ,- ,' , , V K' - JI .X 1 ,wx 1 1 . . 4 Thaondqftileraaukl andillllzarvectswsraap Aretlwvalormaiactsawdthamemonlsswak Memorias1d'hm4rathataregoldenwithlove, Memories of peace bestowed from above. Ere sowing new pastures--Young Raapars may rest. K. Wmenr. Yg.w'h,,, , ' i 1 V A A if 1.53 ,V 5 ' ,M ' if. ,Q 3 1 . J 4, A . fJ9.'1. W .3mWHagm I"j.'3'?'i. I1 ,W . 1 Q ' . -Y -L .1 -Inq:-Y V . f . -If ' 'P ' ku ' .42 L" by I 1 wa- ' . wp, Must N. , - M, xr . -se: , r 1 1 . 1 E 1 2? ., .J 1'e'Q.""' ' WSF. 'mi , I , . 2 K - X , ' . L - Exg,q . QML-i ':- ' .I ' " '-E1 1 ' ggi? : iii? 'L f r ' V Rita. 3 aI Fl' xv . . g. 7,11 , Qi -'Q . FYI? A 1 lf, 'Ie .A . I :ffl-F JQP, . i - ls?" , V. Y I 1,1 4. ' ' L. .- -. Iv ' V '14, A. , . . ' 'LZ -H . " r 'J' - -' 'Al-5H4- '2 A 'Q M 1.

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