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THE 1941 JUNE EDITION OF THE 6,faM PRESENTED BY THE SENIOR HI I CLASS OF GERMANTOWN HIGH SCHOOL, PHILADELPHIA, PENNA. Www. . . fziwiff. . . 9 TYPIFIED BY THE GREAT MEN AND DEEDS WHI .,1 N L CP-TKO Ynvwv' W s BNN A Y ERE' E5 M BAGL A NVE J wail,-., - t f .gg-., Q . .,--X 's'.6'. 'tg4g..i- , .. . 1 af 1. mai ' Y, 1' H", SPRUNG FROM THE SOIL OF PENNSYLVANIA E, the Class of June, 1941, dedicate our CLASS RECORD to our native state, Pennsylvania, and to the principles for which William Penn, its founder, stood. As we leave this school, we only hope that we can live up to the standards which have been set for us. William Penn founded this, his state, with the hope that honor, peace, freedom, and good will would abide here forever, and it is up to us to see that they do. So it is to Pennsylvania and everything it represents that We proudly dedicate our last memory of Germantown High School. B SC 2 an SX 059 0 Vx? +X6 ""Q 5 2 5 gy '9 ENNSYLVANIA is a theme indeed suitable for the CLASS RECORD of the Senior Class. It is a state of historical importance, romantic interest, and timely influence. The vast variety of its interests-political, commercial, and agricultural, justifies a feeling of pride from the Germantown stu- dents, inhabitants of its largest and most important city, and warrant a place of honor for its colors, blue and gold. lf we do not now realize it, we may in the future, recognize the importance of our state in governmental affairs. In this age, each part of any democracy, no matter how small or great the part, has of necessity great weight and much responsibility on its shoulders. Therefore, we, as the future citizens and backbone of our state and country, must strive to give our successors a heredity of which to be proud, one as great as that inherited by us. Ganienii ADMINISTRATIUN PERSUNALS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS PRINCIPAUS MESSAGE O THE CLASS OF JUNE, 1941: Most of our feelings of patriotism center about the nation, thc United States of America. This is as it should be. But love of country need in no wise suffer because of a love of our great commonwealth, Certainly most of us should know our state-its history, its geography, its resources and its industries, and its people better than we do. I suggest to you, who are leaving school and entering broader fields of usefulness and knowledge, that you come to know and enjoy its beauties of mountain and lake and river, that you come to know its fertile valley and comfortable homes, that you become acquainted with more of its people, its resources and industries than you have been able to do thus far. It is certain that you will love it better, and will appreciate it more fully as the Keystone State of these United States. E H DR. LESLIE . EELY The Class of June, 1941, will long re- memher Dr. Seely for his constant interest in our welfare and well-being. To Dr. Seely the class now bids farewell and extends good wishes for the future. ASSISTANT TO THE PRINCIPAL OMEONE ought to tell "Information Pleasei' about Mrs. Raackc. Her ability to answer questions efficiently and accurately is acclaimed by every student who has had hopes, however small, of going to college, or who at some time nccded advice about his curriculum. In spite of being busy interviewing such people, Mrs. Raacke gives each individual problem its due consideration, and offers her advice willingly, capably, and cheerfully. We wish to thank Mrs. Raacke for her guidance in the past, and for thc excellent counsel which has simplified our plans for the future. MRS VIRGINIA deM RAACKL l'li S O MISS MULLIKIN, our Class Adviser, we, of the Class of June, 1941, extend our heartiest and most grateful thanks. We appreciate the precious hours she has so willingly given to help solve the man Y problems confronting us at this time. Also in the classroom, Miss Mullikin has been an invaluable help in the everyday perplexities of mathematics. Her patience and kindli- ness have been a great inspiration to all of us. Though We know we can never repay her for all her contributions, we again give Miss Mullikin our humble thanks. CLASS ADVISER MISS ANNA M. MULLIKIN MR. HARRY W. JACOBS CLASS ADVISER RATITUDE to Mr. Jacobs, our Class Adviser, is deeply felt by the entire 1941 H' ' tance in the lanning of our many events graduating Class of June, . IS HSSIS p b f tt . We know that everything could not have and programs will not soon e orgo en M .l bis enialit and atience have been appre- been so perfect without him. r. aco g y p ciated by all his classes, and he is a teacher who will always remain in the hearts of his pupils. So thanks again, Mr. Jacobs, for all you have clone. emu., DR. LESLIE B. SEELY, PRINCIPAL Virginia deM. Raacke, Assistant to Principal .ART and MECHANIC ARTS DEPARTMENT William L. Bencker Howard F. Durner, George D. Gideon, Harry W. Jacobs, Eugene C. Moore, Roland L. Rudrauff, llenry D. Soderherg, lf. Elizabeth Wherry. 5 lit COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT lwarguerite Evans Charles S. Donnelly, Jacob N. Gelman, Spencer R. Graves, Louise li. Kahler, Amelia C. Kern, Isadore Klein, Martin ll. Laderman, Elsie M. Lamine, Catharine A. Logan, Nlary E. Logan, Kathryn S. Morison, Georgia Nutt, Vina L. Monroe, Edward A. Raaeke, Elizabeth Shelling, Annalrell Smyth. he ENGLISH DEPARTMENT William Woods llenry Baker, llenry F. Coleman, Emily R. Ebling, Rhea E. Ege, Cecil E. Fanning, .lulia N. Goodman, Florence L. lleuhaeh, Matthew N. Hynson, Emma N. Jackson, Anna L. Maginnis, John E. Mason, Marion Prince, Edith R. Steele, Nlay C. Sutch, Caroline W. Thorne, Madge Young. IS HISTORY DEPARTMENT Garton S. Greene Herbert F. Arnold, Homer Bortner, Leon S. Drumheller, Grace E. Getehell, Kathryn E. Grotevent, Elisabeth lloopes, Elsie Monroe, Wlary .A. Palmer, George lVl. Schuster. Percival S. Strauss. :E lit LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Edith Rice Florence Buckley, Alice ll. Chubb, Nl. Emily Dilg, Anna NI. lleller, Percival H. Nicholas, Bertha Rosenheimer, Sarah A. Schaefer, Genevieve Wilson, ll. Rey Wolf. efmzz., Edna E. Cassel, K. Eleanor Cooper, Louis Gordon, E. Grace Hardy, Helen Lamber- ton, Helen M. Mahoney, Anna M. Mullikin, Albert Raah, Harry P. Rothermel, Helen A. Tyson. MATHEM ATICS DE P ARTM ENT R MUSIC DE PARTM ENT Grace E. Evans, Eleanor E. Golden, Mabel J. Yerkes. I3 PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Leopold F. Zwarg Willwert R. Augustin, Charles W. Barthold, Lorretta G. Duffy, Grace L. Freehafer, Paul Kelis, Marjorie Morgan, Frederick Reith. Virginia L. Snyder, Mary .I. Steger, Florence A. Wvert. is SCIENCE DEPARTMENT George W. Plummer C. Edna Bramble, Freda L. Brummer, Elizabeth Cole, Elizabeth Evans, Martha C. Jenkins, Frederick Leighton, Margaret G. Moore. John Y. Pennypacker, Frank P. Primiano, Jessie A. Rodman. IH-3. HOME ECONOMICS SCHOOL COUNSELOR Elsic Allen, Pauline Chapman, Frances May C. Sutvh C. Garretson. SCHOOL PHYSICIANS HOME AND SCHOOL VISITOR Marion Kolhye, M.D. Anna C. Siegele P. Howland Shaw, M.D. LIBRARIAN SECRETARIES Theodora C. Rlodget Otto I.. Ealtermayer Marguerite T. Bennett NURSE Fay H. Gordon Helen M1'Cook Mildred J. Oderman, R.N. Dorothy E. Stewart F RI ENQD Co U NS E LO R Miss CORINNE B. HARDCASTLE Through love to light! 0 wonderful the way That leads from darkness to the perfect day: From darkness and from sorrow ofthe night To morning that comes singing o'er the sen! Through love to light! Through light, 0 Cod, to Thee, Who art the Love :J lone, the eternal Light of light! Rmumn Wrrsow Gunmen N THE death of Corinne B. Hardcastle, the Germantown High School has suffered the loss of one of its charter faculty members. She began her teaching career in the Girls' Annex on Ger- mantown Avenue with Miss Mary S. Holmes, and was transferred to this school, upon its comple- tion in 1915, as a member of the Art Department. During all of her years of service she has been a conscientious and tireless worker, and gave of herself unselfishly in the interests of the school, and in its service to the community. Although born in Chicago, Illinois, she early in life attended the Philadelphia grade schools, and then entered the School of Design for Women, now the Moore Institute of Art, Science and lndustry, under Miss Emily Sartain. Her work as an art student was outstanding, and in her senior year she was awarded a fellowship for an additional year of study at the school. Her ability was recognized by the award of the P. A. B. Widener fellowship for a year of study abroad which was spent in England. Upon her return, she worked in New York as a designer for about a year before entering the Philadelphia School System as a teacher. That Corinne Hardcastle was well fitted for her work is attested by the fact that she has made a profound and lasting impression on the many girls and boys with whom she came in contact. She brought to her work a seriousness of purpose and a thoroughness in detail and technique which was a great incentive to her students. She maintained her art interests by study in summer school classes, by professional member- ships, and by exhibiting her work at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, the Art Alliance, and the Chestnut Hill Art League. Corinne Hardcastle will be greatly missed by her colleagues, and all who came to know her and enjoy her friendship. EIGH WELLS PRENTICE, of the Department of Social Studies, was born on March 22, 1887, in Brooklyn, N. Y., the son of Levi Wells Prentice and Emma Sparks Prentice. He was graduated from the Philadelphia Central High School, in the Latin Scientific Course in June, 1907, with the degree of A.B. He then attended the Philadelphia School of Pedagogy, graduating from that institution, in February, 1910. Continuing his advanced work he was granted the degree of A.B. by Temple University in June, 1912. Writing the thesis, Colonial County Gov- ernment in Pennsylvania, he was accorded recognition by Central High School, for this achieve- ment. From the University of Pennsylvania, in June, 1918, he received the degree of A.M. for his work in the field of History. Mr. Prentice taught from 1910 to 1916 in the Philadelphia elementary schools, the last five years in Manayunk school. For two years he was an instructor in the Frankford Evening High School. From 1916 to the date of his death he was a successful and much beloved teacher of the Germantown High School. He was a member of the Society of the Founders and Patriots of America, the Sons of Ameri- can Revolution, the Germantown Historical Society, and the Philadelphia History Club. His colleagues feel that he occupied a place of unique value in the life of Germantown High School, first, in his love of and interest in the boys and girls in his classes and those in the Rail- road and Stamp Clubs of which he was sponsor, and second, in his minute and accurate knowledge in the field of Early American History. He possessed an abiding and genuine faith in high idealism of life and conduct. In the words of a member of the faculty, "he never made any weak compromises with truth as he understood it, developing in the gradual evolution of history." Respected and beloved by his colleagues in the Department of Social Studies and the faculty as a whole, the memory of his personality and work will live on in the hearts and minds of his many friends and of the students in this school. TRIBUTE T0 THE MEMORY OF MR. LEIGH WELLS PRENTICE Q 1 3:4 - T ,...wJ, 1: .1 fe 1 ii i -we fy 55- , lk . 19' ff ,E ' wif 21 ff' . 3235 sf V 2 mf ' F ? A 3 1 ,. 1 ,., ,HM , , ...Q Q 2 , v if A .4 A -v' v- v 2.4 5.55- Q- "W .Y ,JS W Aw.. ,. .,. 1 ,wir fad - 4.73" 'P' we wx or .. ' 4'- k"'Y""f"Wl W . we 55' -1 N .r .. A MISS E. GRACE HARDY HOW DO YOU DO? GOOD-BYE Y FIRST real touch with this good friend-my 'QHow do you do?,'fwas on the floor of the third story of the William Penn High School, when the practice of dismissing and receiving our classes brought us two, having adjacent rooms, together as neighbors for a little pow-wow at each changing hour. At one of these early meetings, I recall that she introduced to me the then new limerick: "For beauty I am not a star There are others lovelierfarg Myface, I don't mind it, Because I 'rn behind it, It's the people infront that I jarf With these early contacts, I sensed her special charm and always during that year at William Penn our touch and go was one of cheer and smiles. In September, 1911, she came to the Germantown Annex for Girls, teaching mathematics and forming one of that dear group of friends and teachers that make the memories of those years very precious to us all, teachers and pupils alike. Always that same contribution of cheer and smiles lived on, making her one of the most cher- ished members of our little group. In September, 1915, with the enlarged faculty and the procession of over eight hundred girls, she came to the Germantown High School, the consummation of the five years of life in the annexes, both boys, and girls'. Here in her classroom-number 130-in corridor and assembly, in dining room and faculty meeting, in season and out of season, teaching her girls-later, girls and boys, touching the lives of many more closely and sym- pathically than mere Algebra and Geometry lessons, she was one of us. Patient, wise, always helpful-many a pupil will have kindly memories of comfort and aid. With the faculty-principal and teachers-there has been always loyalty, cooperation, sympathy, a jest with its laugh, a generous gift when collected for sympathy in sorrow, or celebration of joyfalways a dear com- panion. She leaves a memory of cheer and smiles. When Miss Hardy no longer belongs to the life of school, which has been so large a part of her full life, with her fine preparation in Baltimore at the Public Elementary Schools, at the Girls' Leahin School, and at Goucher College, where she received her A.B.-with her years of teaching at Goucher College, at Westfield, New Jersey, and at Mary Baldwin Seminary in Stanton, Virginia, and here in Philadelphia and Germantown-when thus she changes from school to home, with its varying obligations and opportunities, may she retain warm mem- ories of us, her school-life friends, and heartfelt, loving wishes for her new life. We, her friends here, will bear her in dear remembrance, her cheer and smiles-and so-"Goodbye.,' MARY 5- HOLMES- RECORD 00K Editor Associate Editor OLGA DODIANSKI LEWIS LOGAN Business illanager Sales llanager ALBERT BLIZZARD LOFISE SHARI-rl Literary Stuff Janet Boyer Lorraine Clayton William Fischelis James Freed Betty Kupke Bernice Moan Blake lloyer Deirdre Rhodes Evan Selsor Frank Smith Ted Weiitz Art Staff C.4'rnERINE Cl'-NLTIERI, Chairman Doris Kenna Alice Reed Girls' Athletics Boys' Alhletirs Shirley Young William Suflus Photographers George Armstrong Edu ard Block .l ack Bren er Typists AUDREY WATKINS, Chairman Edna Bauer Lothaire Hetzell Bonnie Jean Hampton Eva Hunsherger Betty Schacterle Standing: Rhodes, Kenna, llamp ton, Armstrong, Nloyer, Selsor Vventz, Fischelis, Smith, Freed zard, Sharpe, Domanski, Kupke Suflas, Brewer. STAFF ADVISER MISS ELSIE M. LAMINE Q 5 Clayton, Boyer, Reed. Sitting: Hunsberger, Hetzell, Young. Blii- , Logan, Watkins, Gualtierri. Inset' EDITORIALS ACH year Germantown High School, to- gether with the several other high schools in Philadelphia, the hundreds in Pennsyl- vania, and the thousands in the United States, pour forth their graduates, young men and women about to enter college or business, ready to take an important part in civic affairs. The procedure is not new. Yet today, when the patriotic ties are more closely felt than ever before, and when the conditions of world govern- ment rise to challenge fresh combatants, this event of graduation attracts new attention, interest, and importance. It is, or soon will be, squarely up to us to attack the problems we are Sure to face-Self-adjusb ment, Self-support, and Self-confidence. We can- not achieve one of these three without the aid of the other two, nor possibly succeed in life without the acquisition of all three. Therefore, since no one can do the job for us, we must all struggle alike to the common end- Self-securityfattained through devotion to na- tional and civic affairs. OLGA DOMANSKI. T HAS given ine greater pleasure than can be expressed to have helped to bring to you this CLASS RECORD. It does not, however, belong to us, the editors, nor to the staff. It be- longs to all of us, our entire class. We have tried to present in this book the actual record of the activities of our Class of June, 1941. Here we have included the complete story of our high school years. The teachers under whom we have worked, the advisers of our class, our athletic teams and their records are all in these pages. Wie have recorded the high spots of our Senior year and the extra-curricular activities in which so many of us are interested. Here are pictures of our friends, whom we hope to keep as close in later years as they now are. We have produced a CLASS RECORD that we hope will be the bond of remembrance of our happy days in Germantown High School. LEVVIS B. LOGAN. N ClCRMANTOW'N, we are proud of our newspaper, the Clipper, which is pub- lished by the members of the Clipper Staff under the able supervision of Mrs. Coodman. Everybody in the school is invited to write articles for the paper, and has a possibility of becoming a member of the staff. The Clipper Staff is the backbone of the paper, and is headed by the capable editor-in-chief, "Billw Oldach. Daily after school, the members may be seen work- ing hard to send the Clipper to press on time. Some of the many interesting features of the Clipper arc: "The Three Bearsf, "Clipper Clapsf "Duds for Debs," "Tisc Disc," "Wadda Ya' Sayf, "Views and Revicwsf, and all sorts of sports' articles. As a member of the Philadelphia High School Press Association, and the Co- lumbia Scholastic Press Association, the Clipper has won many prizes, and we hope it may win many in the future. CLIVEDE HE Cliveden Magazine is the oldest publication of Germantown High School. lt was first published in 1915, one year after the school was opened. From the excellent art work of the cover to the last page, the Clivedcn is full of interesting reading matter. Each issue contains new and different material. The magazine offers short stories, plays, reviews of movies, humorous tales, and many other inter- esting features. The Cliverien staff and its faculty advisers encourage the literary talent of the school. They place posters on the bulletin boards urging pupils to write for the Clive- rleng they sponsor short story contests during the course of the year offering prizes for the best stories receivedg they publish any poem or other article that seems to meet their required standard. For these reasons the Cliveden has been the most im- portant force in furthering the literary attainment of Germantown High School. The Cliverlen staff and its contributors owe Mrs. Suteh a great deal for her help- ful work in publishing such an excellent magazine. Mr. Laderman has done a real job with the sales of the Cliveden, for the detailed work in handling the financial side of a publication is no small or easy task. This term's staff members are: lwonroe, Muschenheim, Bodle, Beguin, Kirr- stetter, Logan, Borngesser, Sweeten, Sindell, Blust, Allardice, Nmberg, Gordon, Freeman, Hummel, Landis, Lorenzine, Beidler, Kerst, Thornton, Deal. Ncagle, 'Nic- Ginnis, Newall, Stallsmith, Landell, Costigan, Erning, Clayton, Thomas, Blust, Derr, Davidson, Bloche, Sponsor Mrs. Sutch, Business Sponsor Mr. Lzulerman, Jaffe, Finerguty, Boyed, Hume, Rosner, Blasius, Ensinger, Castelli, Haber, Jaffe. Reenes, Capinegro, Watson, Frank, Papiano, Fisher, Steeley. First Row: Ziegler, Luongo, Hume, Domanski, Oldach, Evans, Suflas, 05- 'rche-r. Secnnd Row: Masters, ' , U. Jaffe, B. Jaffe, rty, Bodle ' k rnc, Fl-, Rosner Moste Hu: ey, lm Copeland, Capinegro, Frank, Third Row: Thomas, Beatty, Goudy, Vfright, Amherg. CLIPPE R CLIVE DE Brvwll' , Aon, ov' an. , won' xwfw' . Sollw' 5 P-SWT' ,Straw ' A s Bobef15'mh KW, C ' Wacker, MG C0 ITTE E 0 F TE HE Committee of Ten consists of ten students from the highest grades who are elected by the Senate in the last meeting of each term. The purpose of this group is to obtain the cooperation of the students in carrying out the rules and regulations of the Senate. This year, as for many years, Mr. Strauss has ably directed the committee. The following members have charge of these duties: Quinton Vrooman, Presi- dentg Ann Ashley, Vice-President, and Halls and Stairwaysg Deirdre Rhodes, Lunch- roomsg Peggy McVicker, Lunchroomsg Raymond Jones, Halls and Stairwaysg Leroy Keeler, Smokingg Albert Chanco, Lunchroomsg Jane Roberts, Assemblyg Robert Cordon, Halls and Stairwaysg Peggy Brown, Bulletin Boards. E IOR SENATOR ou.. . Wed' 11, H6 'Fold Corfhmldgon, SUI , ond oss, S i I'0'nfir0"'f1f , We ow.. L ' ntz, Rujlillliijickson -ermires Cimllel . , 81.00 ke A ' fc. d f the Germantown High School is known as the Senate, with Mr. Percival HE student governing bo y o ' ' t ctinfr in the capacity of adviser. The Senate is com- Strauss, a member of the Social Studies Departmen , a D d lass in the school. An Alternate is also elected, and lt is his or posed of Senators elected by each recor c her duty to act as alternate, or substitute, for the Senator. The Senator, or Alternate, must attend the meetings of the Senate on the first Monday of each month. Us- ually at the last meeting of each term the Senate elects the members of the Committee of Ten for the coming term. The Committee of Ten in turn nominates candidates for the positions of President and Vice-President of the Senate. Then the student body of the school votes on these oflicers. ' ' ' t Vrooman Presidentg Ann Ashley, Vice-Presidentg and The officer Carson Stiles, Secretary. After the election of the Senate oiiicers, the Senate takes off its coat and goes about the work of improving f h Senate and are voted on. They are either passed the manners of the school. New Laws are brought be ore t e , ' ' d to that effect in the morning notice sheet. Any new laws are or rejected, and, lf passed, announcement IS ma e also posted on the bulletin boards of the classrooms and in the hallways. Senators and Alternates are assigned to special duties, some are sent to the stairways on the first floor to keep the students from coming upstairs from lunch and wandering through the hallways. They also keep the students going in the right directions on the "up" and "down" stairs. They also help in the lunchrooms which are one of the biggest problems confronting the Senate. The Senate not only governs the students but it aids the finances of the school by collecting Senate dues of five cents from each student in the school. These dues are collected several times each term and the money in the treasury is then used for the Students' Assistance Fund, to defray the cost of the "G" pin awards, and for d during the term. s of the Senate for this term are. Quin on , any other expenses incurre A SENATE MEETI G PEGGY McVICKER BOB GORDON PRESIDENT PRESIDENT Dear Classmates, The time has come for us to say farewell to German- town and to each other, and to go forth to further our endeavors, in college, business, or home. As we regretfully bring the best days of our life to an end, I should like to thank you all for the cooperation rendered during our few years at Germantown. llowever, the future is before us, and 1 feel sure that some of the outstanding abilities you have acquired dur- ing your school life will help bring many of you "out on top." Wlc have all shared alike our responsibilities, and we shall now share alike the self-satisfaction that comes from knowing that our last years here have been successful. To all l extend my sincere wishes that the future will hold for each and every one of you, the best ofluek, happi- ness, and success in all your undertakings. Sincerely, PEGGY MCVVICKER. Samoa 01444 Ufficm Dear Classmates, The goal for which we have striven so many years is now at hand. We have reached the end of our school life together and soon we shall go separate ways. Some of us will continue our educationg others will enter the business world, but. let us all remember the friendships which were so dear to us in our high school days. I wish to thank you for the honor you have bestowed upon me by electing me your Class President. With the help of our class advisers, Miss Mullikin and Mr. Jacobs, you have made this class most successful. Our tasks were made lighter by your most hearty support. I am glad to have this opportunity to wish you success and happiness in the future, whatever your life work may be. Sincerely, Romslrr GoRuoN. Mildred Hudson Norma Wedul Blartha Gimbel Carson Stiles James Wilschkc William SuHas Vce-Presiideut Secretary Treasurer " " PI AWARD HE highest award that Germantown can offer, the "G" Pin, is presented to a select group of students each term. A student must do outstanding work in extra-curricular activities of a non-athletic nature in order to be a recipient of this honor. It is also necessary that he he of a good character, and that he receive satisfactory marks in all his subjects. No more than ten students from the "AH class, five from the "BM class and three from the "CH class may receive this award, but that quota is not always filled. Those from the Senior Class who have received the "Cn Pin during their stay at Germantown are: A Term-Ann Ashley, Constance Ayres, Edward Block, Olga Domanski, Jo- seph F ulton, Lewis Logan, Harold Moorehead, Louise Sharpe, Norma Wedul, John Wilschke. B Term-lVIartha Gimbel, Catherine Cualtieri, Mildred Hudson, William Suflas, Laura Craig. C Term-Robert Gordon, Peggy McVicker, Deirdre Rhodes. GERMANTOWN HIGH SCHOOL hw in In rrmfy that of the Glass of has been awarded the g Qin m consequence of the attainment of the following requzrements Thposse f Lstan h ctslndlh P atm ofth deals d the b O. terasts f th sch dlns The d Lug fd Linde d alunblase iofhesch l tracurncular u wxhes of Q non sthleuc character 4 3 A grade not lower than F in all studies in the harm during which the award wus made and the Pima., oem. x v mum mmm on-Hmmm 5 fit L 1 qm, 42: QQ- 5, '-CJ' . ,f . ess.-, -.,.-L , .M ,- ,..- t..-, ,sm ,..,. ..,.. -'29gL?'g5fi'?'.- ia5ifL543'97El 'zJ.'e'.fE- 'ii-E2-."W'.'EE-ff.-EXIF.lF,J."?'.Rvf?1i 7 , .ing , - ,.-any-A , 323 92.1-:ff w-fi ig? fi H52 iiififgi ifai ElE,f'51?Hi3'3 HEI ffifgiiii '.1.:,'.- ' - Q-ii If , if if G'P IN AWARD iii :li G if iii . ' ' 71-3 if' , . . 'QP ,5 1 Q mm U an qu C m r e mm 1. ei .n ta es in 0 e oo. 71:5 QL 2 rm ei- 0 is n v an v r-vice no max . ' 72 Ct. , . l . I 3555 Standing: Mullen, Vrooman, Gosford. Otto, Ruch, Staples, Stiles, Mr. Coleman. Sitting: Bache, Reese. BOOSTERS HE "Boosters" is one of the most active organizations of Germantown High School. It has accomplished much under the able sponsorship of Mr. Coleman. Each term during "Booster Week," buttons are sold, and a dance is given. The proceeds from these go to various school needs. In the fall the organization sells football tickets, and on Memorial Day, poppies. Awards are given each term to the boys and girls having the highest averages in the sophomore, junior, and 12A classes. This year's officers are: "Dan" Reese. Chairmang "Ginny", Ruch, Seeretaryg and James Mullen, Treasurer. Hmm! Zine Sahaal Sn-llzvr, Sorhvr Siani.5Yolulg lfrivk, Gnrulon Uldach Mlamson, Sclmrch Rauch. Frvvli E. U Ks 3 A Aww, . X y 4? fm. . , ,M A 1 as-maui ,w W' at 3 'f"' v' W . 1? k .u , Q ,. 2 w, S- V50 v,f,...w '. t , ' J 'Sh ' Q J . .,.-7.5:-gl 'kelfg N. ' id QW? 1 M: z l. -Q . -' f i ' .gf 13551, fwfw' a"1:,,:,1zg:1gf.' -, ,,g.i K 12 Q, i, M, iv gy , . K r .?f fs ' 2 sg l l Q lull S T 1 f !!f"'l' Sh ae Gmini NE of the most interesting activities of the school is the Shakespeare Contest, which is held near the end of each fall and spring term. This contest is spon- sored and judged in part by the Womenis Shakespeare Club of Germantown, which presents the first prize of five dollars. The contest is arranged by the Dramatic Club, with the cooperation of the Mothers' Association. It is held in the library and consists of selections from Shake- speare plays. Students from the top three classes are permitted to compete, although others may enter without being eligible for a prize. The participants are coached by the sponsors of the Dramatic Club, Miss Marion Prince and Dr. John E. Mason. These faculty members also guide them in their choice of selections. Elizabethan costumes, belonging to the Dramatic Club, are worn. This year a set of new costumes was bought and used in the contest. Contestants are urged to give some of the more rarely played recitations and dialogues from Shakespeare. A judging committee consisting of several members of the faculty and a repre- sentative of the Germantown Shakespeare Club, awards first, second, and third prizes. While the judges make their decisions, tea is served to mothers, faculty, and contestants. The first prize, awarded at the February commencement, was won by Marie Mfinroe as Rosalind in As You Like ll. The second and third prizes were won by James West for his portrayal of Henry V in a speech for the defense of England, and Betty Bradford as Lady MacDuff in lVlacBeth. Catharine Cualtieri received honorable mention for her presentation of Lady Percy from Henry IV. STATE F L O W E R at Q IF Q ' A - 2 if its LEONARD ACKERMAN 1959 Spencer Street COMMERCIAL Activities: Football C, D: Gym Leader B, C, D, E, F: Male Chorus A. Aim: Salesman. Hobby: Reading. ANNE M EIGS AD AMSON 12 East Sedgwick Street ACADEMIC Activities: Hockey Club F, D: Gym Meet C: Baseball Club C, E: Hi-Y A, B, C3 Luncheon A: Business Commit- tce, School Play A. Aim: Position. Hobby: Swimming. ROSEMARY ALCARO 341 East Cliveden Street COMMERCIAL Activities: Commercial Club E, F: French Club F: Secretary Commercial Club Eg President Commercial Club F. Aim: Position. Hobby: Collecting Pictures, Bowling- RITA ALLEN 5041 Wade Street COMMERCIAL A im: Typist. Hobby: Swi mming. MARTIN REHFUSS AMSLER 434 East Durham Street ACADEMIC Activities: Slide Rule Club A, B: Track Team A. ,Auf - 1 1941 Aim: Ienu. I-lobby: Swimming. ' LEONARD ACTOR 51,11-3 Germantown Avenue ACADEMIC Aim: Chiropodist,Temple. Hobby: Athletics. .I EAN AI ,BERTSON 5707 La mbcrt Street COYIMERCIAL Activities: Dancing Club C, D, E, Clivedvn Representative D, Commer cial Club A, Aim: Position. Hobby: Sewing. LEO BARTON ALLEN, JR. 6811 McCallum Street ACADEMIC Activities: Football B, D, F: Base- ball A, C, E. Aim: Notre Dame. Hobby: Swimming. GLORIA EDITII AMBROSIA 6361 Chew Street AC ADEVI IC Activities: Hockey Club F, Baseball Club E: Swimming Club D: Latin Club Eg Bible Club A. Aim: Nurse. Hobby: Collecting writing paper from different hotels. RALPII WALDO ANDERSEN 1351 East Price Street INDUSTRIAL Aim: lidachinisl. Hobby: Girls. PENNSY -1 , 4, LVANIA'S FUT B HTTY J ANR ANDERSON 6152 Ross Slrnvl COMXIERIII AI. ,-ilvtirilivx: llvlualing Clulr A ll 'F' I 4' .S ig , , A -hm: Hllsiiwss Svlurol. Holzllivsr lhuiving lialenin t H , ,. g o 1-- irordlngs. GEORGIC NY. ARMSTRUNG. JR. 2007 liastlillrn Avfnus' COMAIERCIAI. -iclirilivs: RECORD Home Staff Pho- lograplier A. flim: Office Yvorlx. Hulrliy: Pliotograplly. GERTRUDFI IIELFIN AUIII' 5658 Arllleigli Street Cowl NIERCI AI. Aim: Office Vlork. Halrlgv: Dancing. MARGARET C. BACON I I4 West Allens Lane Ac:-ini-:Mic Artirilies: Current Events F, E: Hospital Auxiliary Dg Linguist A. Aim: Interior Decorator. Hubby: Knitting. EDNA BAUER 4952 Vl'akeG4-ld Street Swimming Clnll F3Commv.r1'ialClillr Fi URE CITIZENS Il AROLI NE ENINIA ARMSTRONG 6700 Chew Slreet UIXDEMIIZ ,11'Iiz'iIiv.v: Dulwillg Clulr E. flinz: Husiiivss S4-lim-I. Ilnlrlgv: Saving Malvll Book Covers from llotz-ls. ANN ASHLEY 3ll Wvvllesley Road ACADEMIC .41'tiL'itivs: Committee of Ten A, Bg Senator H, C, Alternate Fg Debating Club A, B, C: ' ' ' Hockey Club F5 Vice- Prf-sident of Sc-nate A. .-lim: Colby College. Hubby: Music. CONSTANCE TERESTL AYRES 138 Roumfort Road COMMERMAI, Jim: Position. Hobby: Art. ICLIZABETH ll. BALDRIDGE lll East Cliveden Street ACADEMIC Az-tirities: Swimming Club E, Fg Dn- hating Clulr B. Girls' Crfnr us A. A-1 im: Position. Ilnbliy: Da nving. IDA MAY BAXTER 9ll Churcll Lane COMMERCIAL qoygmggqgmll Activities: Senate D: Clipper F, Al- Acgivyjgipsf Swimming Club B, A: lm-rnatr' B. C, EE RECURU BUUK 51210. A. Leaders C, Eg Horseback Riiling fliln: Position. Cllllb B- llolalry: Dumwing. 4 Ann: Su-nograplmr. lfulllly: Swimming, Dancing. PENNSYLVANINS 5. 1' aj vw iz 4 G 5 8 ' FUTURE CITIZENS NANCY E. BAYLOR 5906 McCallum Street ,xf:Ani:Mm .4im: Hampton Institute. Holiliv: Art, Nlusic. MARVIN IRVIN BEKER-LEVY I l36 East Rittenlmuse Stn-et ut-xlmwllci ,4r'li1'iliPs: Slide Rule CIuI1 A, Hg Current EW-nts C: Clipper Rupresvn- tative D, F: Clivmlmr Representative F. Aim: New York University. Hobby: Tennis, Model Airplanu Building, DOLORES REGINA BERN K 7I77 Nortll 19th Str:-1-l r:0'vlvlERCI.u. flrrtiiiitivs: Basketball B, E, F: Clip- pr-r Representative C: Gvm Iiemlvr B, F. ' Aim: Stenograplicr. Hnbbv: Dancing, Collecting Pictures. HE'l"I'E ANN BIRD I1-2 West Cheltvn Avenue ILOWPVIERCIAI. -1 im: Stenographer. Hnbliv: Bowling. I. EDWAR D BLOCK 8I0 W4-st Sedgwick SITPPI ACADEMIC Avtivities: Clipper C, D: Gym Leadvr Cg Slide Rule Cluln B, Orvhestra B, C, D. E, F, G, I-I. flim: Collegl-. Hobby: Pholograpliy. MARKUS GREBLE BEAHM, .IR. I969 Georgian Road noMMEm'l AI. Aim: Accountant, Hobby: Printing. DORIS ELIZABETII BELFI ELI? 352 East Walnut Iiane -uzalmmtlf: Aim: College-. Hobby: Dancing, Skt-tvhiug. BARBARA NI. BIGGERSTAFF fl-fl-41 East Tulpvhuckr-n Strm-t XOIZATIONAI. uw Az'til'ilif's: Swimming Clulb F: Dolmat- ing CluIi D. Aim: Prop School. Hobbv: Danving. Singing. ALBERT JOHN BLIZZARD 600 East Stafford Stn-vt COIVIWIERCIAI. !I1'li1'ili11s: Svreen Club D3 Current Events Club C: Journalism Class C, D: A. A. Representative D: Typist on Clipper B, C, D: Businoss Manage-r of Racoim Book A. Aim: Stenographer. Hobbv: Stamp Collecting. ROBERT ALLEN BODLE 242 Wviuona Street ACADEMIC Artivitivs: Tennis 'Fr-am A, C, Eg Clipper Staff A, B, C, D, E, Associate Editor Ag Clippvr and Cliverlfln Busi- ness Staff C, D: Clivedvn Staff A, B, C, D: Soccer Team Eg Dramatic Club A, B, C: Senior Prom Committee A: Hi-Y A, B, C, D, Ii: Presirlr-nt of Chi-RI10 Hi-Y C. Aim: College. Hobby: Jourualistic Work. 'Q' MFE " 5":a.,, i Q Q q i X' 'Qi 51. .fi 1" .er L . ' Li 'Ef nh .. r , i , ' i"f'-,. 1 , 5' K S N 'Wi ' ,i O.. I Q' 1-Y- I kr e k, f Mt .M iw. "' 21. , TVA ' ' ., 1 1 W D, 4' Q Q.. A 4 xi, , AY A X' X.3.,', -, , J .' 1941 ELIZA BETII BOLTON 59119 Vt ister Street COMMERCIAL Activities: c:Oll1l'Ill'IllZL'l'l'll'lll. Commit- l4'4', elim: Stenograpller. Hobby: Collecting Glass Dogs. HELEN K UTll BOWERS l935 Penlield Street ACADEMIC .-11-livities: Dramatic Club A, B, C, D: Debating Club A, B, C: Clipper Staff C, D, E, Representative A, B: filil'f'dl'll Staff C, D, E. Aim: Designer. Hulrlrv: Dancing. SHIRLEY GRACE BOYD 7712 Pickering Street COMMERCIAL flrtivities: Gym Leader A, B, F, Clivwlcn Representative A. Aim: Secretary. Hobby: Ice Skating, Riding, Tennis- ERIC BRAITHWA lTE 5051 Portico Street MECHANIC ARTS ,-lim: Work. Hubby: Making Models. SHIRLEY MAE BROOKE 736 East Rittenhouse Street ACADEMIC guists A, B, Debating Club A, Alter nate A. Aim: College. Hubby: Dancing, Riding, Sewing, Swimming. Activities: Riding Club A, BQ Swim- ming Club Cg Ring Committee C, Lin- NORTON JO UN BOND 6626 North 20th Street CUIUIERCIAI. fl4'liL'ilil's: Screen Club l'lg Senator A, B, D. A im: Ofliee Work or Court Reporter. Holzliy: Woodcraft, Photography. BETTY JANE BOWSEK 1Zl35 Stenton Avenue ACADEMIC 411'li1'ili1's: Debating Club B, C, D E, Fg Leaders Club B, C, D, E., F: Basketball E, F: Cliuerlmi Staff D: Swimming Club B, C, D, E, FQ Play Committee D. lim: Penn State, T4-acllillg. Ilablzy: Dancing, Swimming, Sailing, llorses, lee Skating. JANET RUTH BOY ER 6944 Cresheim Road ACADEMIC -lr-tivities: Riding Club A, B, Lin- guists Club A, B, Recoim Book A. -tim: College. Hubby: Reading, Riding, Swimming, Knitting. JOHN BREWER 6528 Germantown Avenue ACADEMIC Activities: Debating' Club BZ, Fene- ing Ag Track A, C, E: Orchestra C, D, E, F, Cross Country F, Rmcoun Book Staff A. Aim: Temple. Hobby: Photography. WILLIAM THOMAS BROOM 7031 Boyer Street ACADEMIC Activities: Debating Club A, B, Slide Rule Club A, Bg Fencing. Aim: Penn. Hobiqv: Music, Slide Rule. X "' 5: I th 'TS Ji it 1941 Ri 1 5519 Crowso nStreet ACADEMIC 'l1'li1'ilies: Swimming C: Ling: Clulr B. Jim: Nursing. Hubby: Swimming. DORUTIIY E. BUEII l.lCR 7001- Cellar Park Avenue A11.xhEMIr: Aim: 'IH-aelxer. Hobby: liflusic. BR LCE R ICIIARD BUNTI NG 5908 Pulaski Avenue ACADEMIC Activities: Stamp Club C, Hg Bas- lxethall A. B, C, ll, G. ll: Traek A, C1 Cross Country B: Hi-Y A, B, C, D: Luncheon Committee A. Aim: Position. lfobbv: S rort I S, Jazz Records. ICIEANOR NANCY BURNS 430 Locust Avenue COWINIERIII-Xl. -lim: Business College. Hobby: Dancing. JOHN CALIIUUN 5906 Chew Street. 4:oi1ilERf:lu. .4f-tirities: Senator F. Alternate li. D: 'llraclx 4.11. H: Dramalir' Clulr A, B fr' D l"' lli Y X B ICLIQANOR EMILY BROWN M ARGAR ICT MCF. BROWN 6653 Lincoln Drive ACADEMIC lint ,-l1'tiL'ities: Debating Clull A. B, Al ternate B: Business Staff of School Play A: Senior Prom Committee A: .lunior Prom Committee C: A Cap- pella Choir A, B: Committee of Ten A. flim: Clothes Designing. Hobby: Dancing. THEODORE BUNN 575-L Kemlnlo Avenue C0lllMEllClAL Aim: Salesman. Hobby: Coin Collection JOHN JOSEPH BURKE ll34 East Wfoorllawn A venue INDIJSTRIAI. .lim: Machinist. Hobby: Vllomlworls. MOLLY CELIA BUSILLO 'l-2431 Sansom Street C051 MIERCIAL .lin1: Steuograpller. Hobby: Swimming. l'II.E -XNOR M. C.KNll'Bl'll.l. 'I-32 Carpenter Lane CON! YIERIZI AL .fl1'li1'ities: Current Event. f' G .lull lf, 3 M - -I , 7 C: Skpuih Clulicz :'xiHl:r2li1Eittlifngxf.llilr A: i.0mmPncPmPnt ll. E. F: Gym lmatler VX: Base-lmll A. A A ' .-lim: Art School. flabby: A ll Sport S. 'Iim: Business Colle'-ge. Hobbv: Dzineiug. Aim: Wrork. PENNSYLVANIA ,S FUTURE CIT IZENS MARGARET L. CANFIELD FRANK GRAVINA CANIZZARO 536 East Washington Lane 346 East Rittenhouse Street ACADEMIC ACADEMIC Activities: Gym Leader A, B. . X .t harmacy, Temple Umvtrsl y. Activities: Latin Club A, B, C, D, E, F: Senator D, Alternate C. ,1im5 P Aim: Edgewood Park College. Hobllyt Sports. Hobby: Reading. ALVIN JACK CARPENTER, JR4 FRANK THOMAS CARROLL, Jn. 121 East Tulpehockcn Street 344 East Montana Street ACADEMIC ACADEMIC Activities: Alternate F: Ping-Pong ACti,i,i,,S, Football B, lj? Gym Clllll D- Leader A: Latin Club E, F: lli-Y D, Eg 4im: Accountant, Penn State. Prom Committee A. Aim: Notre Dame College. Tlobby: Sports and Stamps. MADELINE CARUSO MARY 7711 Germantown Avenue COMNIERCIAI. Activities: Gym Leader A, H: Coma mercialettes D. Aim: Stenograplwr. Hobby: Dancing, Foreign Corre- sponding. IS CLARK ISABELL LOU 24-0 Vest Penn Street Cowniiakcur. Hobby: Swimming. SYLVIA CHERRY 100 East Meehan Avenue COMMERCIAL A im: Stenographer. Hobby: Dancing. LORRAINE CLAYTON T017 Mower Street .xc.mEsIIc Cl b X R C,1J Hublty: Swimming. SHIRLEY AMY CLENUZNS 6425 North Beechwood Street ACADEMIC Arlirilies: Latin Clulr A, B, Dg Gym Learler A, B, C, D, E, F: Liinguists S imming Club ,, E: Club A, B: w Hi-Y A, B: Basketball C, llockey ll: Luncheon Committee A. P4 nn Collcve. Aim: r ,. U S orts, Reading, Hnlrbxy: Outdoor p Piano. Ar:ti1'iLi1'.s: Latin u 4 , , , Linguisis Clulr A, B, President A: ITECORD BOOK Staff A: Debating Club A: Gym Leader A. Aim: Penn College. Hobltv: Outdoor Sports, Piano, and Reading. FRANCES G. CLlNTON 203 East Gowen Avenue AC-XDENHC .'11'lit'iti1's: Latin Clulr IC, F. Treas- urer F: Debating Clulx A, B, CQ Dra- matic Clulr A, B, C, D: French Club f' D F F- Linguists Cluly A, B, l.imelif'oni Coinmiltee A. Aim: lilusirt, Wi-st Chester College Ifnblry: Nlusie. PENNSYLVANINS if 5 I X ti ii . A QQ: 1 ... I A g f.: if FUTURE CITIZENS ll A R RY PU IIN ELI, COCII RAN Id 623i Morton Street Acumnlfz ,-l1'ti1'iLi1's: A Cappella Choir A: Boysi Chorus :Kg Senior lligh School Music Festival A. .-lim: Engineering ill Navy. Hobby: Stamps. NI A RY ELIGANOII COOPICII llli' West Aliens Iiane ACADEMIC flc'li1'ili0s: Debating Club A, B, C, D: Swimming Club IJ, IC, F: Leaders Club D3 Linguists Club A, B: Girls7 Hi-Y A, B: Clipper Staff A, B, Shake- speare Contest A, C: Hockey F. Aim: College. Hubbv: Outdoor Sports, Reading. IALIIA NX INTERS CRAIG 631-3 Homer Street Acanlznllcz .41'ti1fities: Dancing Club C, IJ. F: Debating Club A, BQ Clipper Staffll, D, Latin Club E, F: French Club I'i, F. A im: Principia College. Hobby: Ska ling. CHARLES E. DAVIS, Ju. I3l East Tulpehorken Street A11-Anmiuz .41'Li1'ili4's: Senator F. ,-lim: Accountant. Hobby: Stamps, Sports. HERTI-IA Nl AKTIIA DAY 6750 Limckiln Pike CUVIMEKCI-tl, vlrlirilivs: Iieaclws Club A. lim: Slellograpller. Ilnbby: Dancing, Tennis, Drawing. MAlI,l0Rll1I IC. COCIIRANE 623i Morton Street .xcixlmmllc lim: College. Ilnbby: Reading. IGI.EANOK LOUISE COYLIG I 101 Stafford Street COMMERCIAL Irlii-ities: Basketball D, Commer- cial Club D: Commereialettes Eg Base- ball IC. flim: Strayers College. Hobby: Tennis. FRICIJICRICK T. CROWLEY 8129 R nanoke Street ACADEMIC Aim: Drexel College. Hubby: Fishing. WILLIAM DAVIS 6130 North 2 Ist Street coynmmiui, elim: Penn College. Hobby: Swimming. ROBERT SPIJIDDING DEAN, JR. I42 Meehan Avenue ACADEMI41 flr'Ii1'ilies: llrzlmatie Club A. B, CQ Senalor C, IJ, li: Business Club fn School Play A. flint: Drexel College. Hobby: Basketball. r 1941 'F lCI.I.I'IIX ,IANIC Ili: I"I'II.Ii1lG ,109 I'Iasl Iluinm-s Slrvx-L 110NI3II'IlH.lXI. lim: Ullivnv XX nrlx. llolzlqv: Ilulwillgg. 'I'IIl'lIII'ISN J. Ilr: l'IC'l'IIlS 8021 Gm-rmainlnwn Aw-lnlr rzouuicmil xl. fIf'tiL'ili1's: A. A, Rc-prvsvnlalivc C, lflirvrlvll Iicprx-svlxlzllivc IJ. lim: Iiusinvss. Hvhlry: Dancing. YOIAIYIJIK IJULUIIICS Ill CAIIIAJ 940 East W uodlawn Avclulv KLOVDIERCIAI. .-lim: Uffinc Vlorl.. Hobby: Hvafling. .IAN ICT II ICLICNIC DI LLUN 6551 Limukiln Pike c:0wu1ERclAI. ,lf'til'iLi0s: Swimmingg Ilorsclparlx Riding, -lim: Commvrvial Arlisl. Hobby: Drawing. OLGA BICRTIIA IJOMAIYSKI -1545 North Carlisle Slrm-L uixlmmlllz -Iflirilirls: fIlil'l'IIl'l1 Stuff C, IJ, F: Clipper Staff A. B, C, UQ Latin Club N, B, C, D, E, F, Presidm-nt B: Feature I'I1Iilnr Clippvr A. B: Debating Cluln A, B, C, D, President Ag Linguists Club N. B, Vice-Prwiclent B: lIi-Y A. B, CQ Iirlitor-in-Chief RECORD Book A. .-lim: Penn Collcgv. Hubby: Nvriting, Wlusir, Art. IVICKNCICS IJOI.OIiI'IS IH: I"I'ILIi,. . HW Iiusl. Ilainvs Str:-4-l GIONINIERCI xl, lrlirilivx: A. A. II1-pr4's1'lltnliv0 I". lim: 0lIi1-1: Work. llulrlrbv: Rn'a4Iing. ICIIMA BICULAII Ill-1 VUIIIC 6557 NX yncnu- Au-:uw rzurslwllsluzlu, lim: Stvlmgraplu-r. llulzlrxv: Ilallving. A U DR IGY NILIOL DI CKSUIY 29 YY1-sl Phil-Elleua Strcvl ACADEMIC lcli1'ili1's: Latin Clulr A, B, C, Il, Ihilnuling Club A, B, C, Altcrnali- A, il IJ H: Prom Committee Ag Business'sC1.00l my A. .-lim: Grove City Collrgv. Hnlllfv: Knitting. ICIJWINA ANNA DOBBRICK I3 NK est Pomona Stn-cl. 1:0N111ElmlA1. .fl im: Selling. Hnlzlry: IJ a ncing. GLORIA K. IJOUGIIICIYIIY I20 Wvsl Logan Slrvcl CIOYINIERCIIAI. lim: Secretary. Hvblzy: Swimming. 'Fi at 4 1 A' . 60 Q , .,. .ff- .., , me 'XJ ' 55? 1941 TIIOMAS C. DOUGHERTY 5728 McMahon Avenue INDUSTRIAL .Iini: Pennsylvania State Nautical Sehool. Hobby: Poetry. MARILYN DROSTE 5339 North Carlisle Street ACADEWIIC .-Ir'til'ities: Latin Cluh IC, F: Clilfwlr-li IJ, F, Representative D. IC, FQ Clipper Representative D, E, FQ Linguists Club BQ Secretary Latin Club E, F. ftim: Bucknell. Hobby: Vilriting, Drawing. WALTER DUDLI-LY fill East Wister Street yilscll-mln ARTS .-Iim: Niechanieal Engineer. Hubby: Sports. ELIZA BICTII IC. DUNKIQRLICY I333 Silver Street fzfmw Entzl xl. .Ir'!i1'ilir's: Clipper Representative Ii. tim: Wlorlt, Ilulvliy: Ilalleing, Swimming. G I .UR I A S'I'If1WAIi'I' DYK I NS 73I l'last Haines Street ACADENIIC Irlivilies: Debating Club AL Clipper Representative Ag Commence- ment Committee A. Aim: Penn College. Hubby: Dancing, Tennis. ELAINE ANNE DRESSLEK 69 Wvest Manheim Street COMMERCIAL Activities: Commereialettcs Dg A Calgyclla Choir A, B, C3 Gym Leader B. , E. Aim: Singer. Holllry: Radio. ICDRIE WINIFRED DUDLEY Il I East Vvlister Street ACADEMIC .-I4'LiL'iLics: Gym Leader. Aim: Nurse. flabby: IIorseha1:k Riding. ELLINOR GERTRUDIC DIE K AS IIS Rex Avenue ACADEIIIIC Activities: Senior Hi-Y A, B. Aim: IInnter College. Hfzlzfiy: Tennis. Reading, Photo- graphing. IIAZEL I.0RIC'I"I'A DURDIN 313 NN est Iflarlham Terrace 11owslEm:lAI. Jim: .lournaIist. Hublgy: Writing, Music, JIMICS CLAYTON ECKIIAIIIJT I500 Iflast lN'I0hican Street NIECIIANIKL uvrs .-Ictivilivs: Alternate IJQ Cross Conn- try Team D: Senator A, Alternate IC. Aim: College. Hobby: Drawing. PENNSYLVANINS FUTURE CITIZENS JOIIN QUAYLIC EKICY MARJORIE EMMA ELDRIQD 6939 North Rodney Street 236 Vliest Vtialnut Lane Ar:AoI+:m11 COWINIERCIAI. 'lr'li1'ili0s: Dramatic Club A, H, C, ,Ir'lit4ilic's: Gym Leader A, IJ. -k'1l'2"' Av B, Lf .-lim: Position. S 'mining,'I'f-uni Ili Senator IJ, FQ Basm DI lfcailer A' L' Hublw: Dancing, wi Arm: Doctor. ' Ifoblly: Sports. .I ACK 'I' I IOM AS l'ILl.l0'I"1' ff' V ROBERT JAMES ICLGIIN A X . 8323 Afillidgli Sm--vt 126 West Sylvania Street M7-NDEMUI ACAIIENIIC Jim: College. fir-liritiex: Football D. FQ Gym Y Hvbbyg Sports, Team BQ Fencing Team C, flim: NN ork. lfulrltv: Sports. GRACE IC. IGIIB ANITA IIUTII EVANS 1711 wagner Avenue ZZIII3 Wyest Godfrey Avenue COMMEIUIIAI. CUMMERIIIAL I lx .-Ir'liL'iLies: A. A. Representative A, ,-if'li1'itif's: Gym Leader A, B, D, Fl, Cg Clipper B, CL Clirerlell A, D: Gym F: Comnu-'rcialettes H. p , W 111'w"'f E' . . ,-lim: Secretary. ,, A! -'limi P05'l""" Holrlgv: Collecting Dann: Float:-rs. h " Hubby: Dancing, Sewing. 6 WI 6 lg' 'xxx NVILLIAM ,IANIIQS FARINA NANCY RIGID IWXRQLIIAR I 319 East VI alnut Lane 6756 Germantown Avenue COWIWIERIII.-XI. ,xftxnEul1: I .fl1'tit'iLies: Gvm Team A, B, C:, Gym -i1'li1'iti1's: Ili-Y A, R: Ilockey D, F, I ' Leader A, B. C, D, I'l: Orchestra A, B, II, Alternate D. Ii, F: Senator B: Prom C, D, E, FQ Band B, IJ. F3 Track Committee A: Play Committee A. N Illcafn A' W rlim: College. 1- . A""V Office work' Hobltv: Bowling. Collecting "Nic - ' Hobby: Gym Viiorlx. Karts." K f ALICE MARY FASY ICIJZABIQTII .INNIC I"IlCI,.IPING 612 Naomi Avenue 5725 Knox Street ACSDENIIC Acxnawlrz Jcrlirities: Bible Club A, B. C, lf: Ir'1i1'iIi1's: Current lrisenls B: Ilospital Auxiliary IC, IF: Basketball U, guists Club B: Girls' A. A. Class Rep F: Baseball A, C, IC: Slide Rule Club A. resentative B: Debating Club A Dancing Club A. ' ' 'X - C llc-In 11111: Inmplt o rn Aim: Nurse. Hubby: Dancing, Swimming. Hobby: Sports. PENNSYLVANINS FUTURE CITIZENS WILLIAM ERNST l"lSCIlEl,lS l'II.LlO'l' FISIIEII 3814 Milne Street 0013 Germantown Avenue KCAUEMIC AIIAIDEXIHI ielirilies: Senator E, Alternate A, Cg Prom Committee A: RECORD Bot Staff Ag Gym Lealler A, B. Dlx ,,. Aim: College. Aim: College. Holzliv: Sports. Hubby: Sports. MARY IIELEN l"lU M E CNTIIARINE M. Fl,.fXlYlNEli 825 Locust Avenue 40 Ruger Street COVIMEKIIIAI. lzowiulsluzlfxl. lim: wwork. 'lc'lit'ilies: Gym Leader C, D, Hublwt Rcading. Commercialettes Eg Dancing F. P Aim: Secretary. Ilublgy: Swimming. THOMAS EUGENE FLANNERY ALICE M. FLEISCIIMANN 5686 Morton Street COMMERCIAL 29 East Tulpehocken Street u0MMERc:i.u, f'if'li1'ill:l'5I Gym Leader Eg Current Events Club Dg Railroad Club C. Aim: Oflice Wvork. .limr Oflice Work. Hullby: Sports. Hobby: watching Sports Events. 130315 RICllARljSfJN FIJEU EVELYN ELTER FOLCHEIIJ 6307 Sprague Struct 2083 East Chelten Avenue ACADEMIC Acanmiuz ,1,-ti,-itips: Bible Class A, B, Q, lj, Activities: Lingnists Club A. E, F. A im: Yvork. Hobby: Drawing, Dancing. -ilim: College. Hobby: Swimming. MARGARET TERESA FOSTER JAMES EDWARD FREEIJ 557 East Walnut Lane 663i North 20th Street CUM MERCIAI. CUM SIEKCI -K I. Aim: Typist. .-Ietivilies: Cross Country Ug Track C: Current Events E3 Debating Club A: RECURD Book Staff Ag Commence- ment Committee A. Hubby: Tennis, Dancing. Aim: Stenogralrller. Hobby: Stamps. .leti:.'iIi1'x: 'llraelr CQ Gym Leads D F ' Y I 45' a in "1 . X I . 1941 8 ILIIARLICS PATRICK FRIEL 6933 Cellar Park Avenue INDI STRIAI, lim: Nlaehinist. llnlrlgv: Golf. ,IOSICPII R. FUl.'l'0N, Jn. 666I Cornelius Street NIECII-VYIC .ARTS .f11'ti1'ities: Stage Crew A, B, C. Il: Senator E. Aim: Position. Hnlrlgv: Radio. CUNSTANCE JANE GALICR 30 Rex Avenue M:-tlxEw1lc: flrrlirities: Linguisls Club B. -lim: Wvork. Hnblgv: Knitting. NXII,l.lAM VAUCIIN GARNFIR 'I I7 East Vlvatlswortli Street AC-Xlllitllti 4in1: Yale College. Hubby: Salt Water Fishing, Ice lloekey. RICHARD K. GARRISON 835 East Rittenhouse Street AC-XIDESIIC 44'lil'ilir's: Table Tennis Team A, B, C. IJ ll, F. 4.4im: College. Hoblly: Table Tennis. DOROTII Y RILEI-IN FRY I I l Herman Street u:,inEMl1z xlim: Business School. Hnllltv: Playing Aeeoraliun. DAVID FURMAN 37l 4 Calumet Street .u:AnEuIc Aim: Merchant Marine. Hobby: Collecting Pictures of Ships- ISABELIA CAM MONS 521 East wvallswortli Street .u:AnEw1lr: 41rli1'ities: Clipper Representative Ag Cliverlm Representative B: linguists Club B. flim: Technician. llnlflry: R1-ailing. MARY KATIIICRINE GARRll'I"I' I7 I6 Church Lane CUW YIERCIA l. Activities: Basketball B. 4im: Stcnographer. Holzlzy: Basketball. MARY ELIZABETH CASS I-I6 East Chelten Avenue -u:,xnElul1: .-Ielirilies: Bible Club A, H. C, IJ. lf: Iiatin Club C, DQ Commencement Committee. flilnt College. Hubby: R1-ailing, Swimming. -we , 'Y we .3 'F -P Q N Y . vs! 5 K ag Z M 5 g V ,, 1941 .I ESSIE GEDDES 77 East Seymour Street COMWIERCIAL f1cli1'iti1's: Clipper Rcprcscntative C, Alternate F. Aim: Stcnographcr. Ifnlxlry: Collecting Souvenirs, Signs. VINCENT PAUL GILLICSPIIC I 76 llansberry Slrecl All-KDEWIIKI f1im: College. Holzlry: T4-nnis, Busvlrall. M ARTIIA IQSTH ICR GIMBEL I2l6 Wrsl Rockland Strevt COVIVIERIIIAL .'14'IilIilIl'SJ Secretary of Junior Hi-Y E, Vicc-Prcsitlellt D: Debating Club A, B, C, D, Altvrnate C, D, E: Class 'I'rf'asurr'r A, B, C: Senior Ili-Y A, B: Senator A. A-lim: Secretary. Hnlrlzy: Dancing. FLUR ENCH MAE GOLDM AN I 822 Sixty -eighth Avenue COMMERCIAL flrtivitivs: Clipper Reprcsl-ntative D: Luncliroom Iilonitor A. .-lim: Business College. Holrliv: Playing the Piano. .IANE GOMERINGER 5822 Wakefield Street covlmisiuziu, lim: Stcnographvr. lfolrliy: Nlusic, Dancing. ICVFZLYN F. GILLESPI Ii 605 Locust Avenue ,xuansunz fir-tiritivs: Current Events Club Eg Debating Club A, B3 Slide Rule Club BQ Luncheon Committee: Business Committee of School Show A. Aim: Laboratory 'I'f'chnir:ian. Hnllliv: Reading. R AE DORIS G I LLM AN 6950 Germantown Avenue umnmiu: .4z'ti1'iti0s: Hospital Auxiliary Club B. Aim: Nurse. Hobby: Collecting Photographs. CII ARLES BARTON GOLDBI-IRG 700 Cast Church Lane ACADEVIIC ,4rLi1'itivs: Band F: Football D, B: Basketball C, A. Aim: lwechanic. lfnlllfv: Athletics. M ARJORIIC J. GOLDS M I'l'Il l530 Nlohican Street CoMMElu:I,xL Jim: Secretary. Hobby: Collecting Toy Dogs. ROBERT ALLEN GORDON 400 Vilfst Allens Lane ACADEMIC Activities: President of Class A, B, Cg Hi-Y A, B, C, D, FI, President Al Debating Club A, B, C: Dramatic Club A, B, C: Slide Rule Club Bq Sena- tor B, C, D, E, F: Gym Leader B, C, PI: Stamp and Coin Club C5 Committm- of Ten A. Aim: Princeton University. HOI1I1.v: Sports, Stamp and Coin Col- If-sting. PENNSYLVANIA'S FUTURE CITIZENS .. 6 . 2 if , sg- 5 fs ,W 2. 3 1 Ss , sz . 4, 32 4. S JOHN THOMAS GRAVER 3623 Haywood Street ACADEMIC Activities: Soccer F: Basketball E. Aim: College. Hobby: Sports. NOLA SHIRLEY GREENBERG 221 East Durham Street COMMERCIAI. Activities: Dancing A, F: Hockey F: Clipper Stall' C, D. Aim: Secretary. Hobby: Horseback Riding. DONALD SPENCER GRIFFITII 648 West Phil-Elle-na Street ACADEMIC Activities: Fencing Team A, C, D E, F, Alternate D. 7 Aim: University of Pennsylvania. Accounting. I-fnbby: Floor Plans for llouses. RALPH BRUCE GROSS 86 East Springer Street COMMERCIAI. A im: Bookkeeper. Hobby: Athletics. CATHARINE L. GUALTIERT 6462 Chew Street AC ADEMIC Activities: Latin Club B, C, D, E, F Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, E: Debat ing Club B: Senior Play Committee B, C: Slide Rule Club B: Poster Clul D, E. Aim: University of POIll'lSylV2Ull'l Art. Hobby: Art, Music. D JAMES PAUL GRECO 905 West M t. Pleasant Avenue INDUSTRIAI. .'1r'liritivs: Gvm Team D. A im: Work. Y H abby: Sports. GLORIA GREENFIELD 5233 Wissaliiekon Avenue CONIMERCIAI. Artivities: Clipper Representative D, E: Debating Club D: Swimming Club E: Luncheon Committee A. Aim: Stenographer. Hobby: Music. VIVIAN HOPE CRIMSLEY 1314 Seventyefirst Avenue ACADEMIC Activities: Leaders Club A, C: Lin- guists Club A: Luncheon Committee A. A im: College. Hobby: M usic. FR ANK BARCLAY GROVES 51 West Penn Street MI-JCIIANIC ARTS Aim: Aviation. Hobby: Sports, Popular Orchestra Recordings. KATHR YN ANN HALL 6561 Lambert Street C0Yl'VlERClAl1 Aim: Nurse. Hobby: Being Happy. PENNSYLVANIA'S FUTURE CITIZENS IIELEN S. llAM MERSLEY H9 Vi I-st Stafford Slrvvl ACADEMIC .-11'tiI'ilil's: Dramatic Club A, B, C: Senior lli-Y A, R, A. A. Representa- livs- B, D, E: Senior Play B: Hockey Clulz lf: .lunior Ili-Y D1 Clippvr Rvp- rosunlative' A, C, Eg Ring Commiltfw' C: A Cappella Choir A, B: Girls' Chorus A: Prom Committc-0 A. 'iimz Rusinvss School. llohliv: Nl usiv, Svwing, CAROLINE ll KNNA 633i l,amlIcrt Strvvl ,xfzuml-ZWIII: ,4rli1'itivs: Laude-rs Club A, R, C, D, E, F, Dancing F3 Dvlxating Clulm A, B3 Slide Rule Club A, Bg Basketball F: ffliwlloll Rcprvscntalivr. .f-lim: S1-crvtary, llnlzliv: Rvzuliug. IIOLORES B. HARTM ANN I8 l 6 Sf-venty-sncoml Avvnuu MZAIIENIIK: A1'tiI'ilil's: Basketball B, ll, F. Aim: Newspaper Reporter. Hnblgv: Music, Literalurc-. NANCY JANE llEI,l,YER 7732 'llemplc Roaml ACADEMIC Artiritivs: Latin Cluln A, R, C. Aim: Tcchnician. Hnbliy: Piano Playing. JOHN FREDERICK H ERLING l9l6 Vlicsl Sixty-eighth Avi-nun IYDIISTRIAI. Aim: Drafting. Hnllliy: Drawing. BUNN I E JE AN IIAM PTON B-236 XVI-st Wlulnul. liauo COMMERCIAI. ,4f'tivitif'x: Rcnl Cross Roprvscnta- livr- B, School Play A: Rmzoim Book Staff A. Aim: Cc-rtiiivrl Pulllic Acrounlarlt. Hnlnliv: Moving l'iclurf- ami Stagi- Shows. El.lZARE'l'li H NRBINSON 2 I 8 Bonczvt Str:-I-I, IILHIMERCIAI. Aim: Peirce Business School. Hobby: Music, Drcssmaking, Colli-I-L ing Rr-Cipvs, M ARJORI E IIEALIJ 6310 lVl ortou Stn-vt ACAIIEMII: .-lim: Nursv. I llnbliy: Music, Swimming. BE'I"l'Y IIEMPIIILL 3440 Cranford Stroc-l 1IoMIuEIu:IAI. Aim: Office Vliork. Hoblrv: lc-0 Skating, llanciu,-1. RR UCE ALEXANDER IIEROLD l87l Nolen Street ACADEMII: !l1'tiI'iti1's: Gym 'l"Pam A, C. Eg Track 'IX-am A, C3 Commencement Commit- tee Ag Senator Ag Gym Loaller A, B, C, IJ. Aim: Gym Tenchi-r. Hobby: Gymnastics. ld 'Q I lu N! 1 " r U .QL ' EES' 0' ,,::f' l.. ef 1941 LOTIIAIRE F. HETZELL 6634 North 2lst Street COMMERCIAI. Activities: Commercial Club D, F3 Member of Consumers' Advisory Committee A, B, C, D: Raconn Book Staff A: Debating Club A. Aim: Business. Holzliy: Swimming. NANCY IIIRST 5138 Marion Street ACADEMIC .4cLii'ities: lli-Y A, B: Latin Club A B, C: Debating Club A, B: Lunch- , eon Committee Ag Business Manage- ment A. Aim: Nursing. Holzlzhy: Having Fun. CELIA MAE IIOFFMEISTICR 5850 Brush Road ACADEMIC C. . Aim: Secretary. Piobllyr Nlusie. ANNA MAE HOLLY 2126 Chew Street CQMMERCIAI. A im: Oilicc VC'ork. Hobby: Collecting Photographs. ROBERT LEX HOWAR D 4535 Greene Street ACADEMIC Aim: Forestry, Penn State. Hobliy: Bowling. Activities: A Cappella Choir A, B, D lfl. ROBERT ALAN H I LL 6237 Gardenia Street ACADEMIC fietirilies: Senator E, Alternate D, F. .-lim: Corporation Lawyer, Vfesttrn blaryland College. Hobby: Horseback Riding. ROBERT GEORGE HOBSON 2144 Eastburn Avenue ACADEMIC Aim: Lawyer. Hobby: Drumming, Collecting Stamps. EVELYN LUCILLE IIOLCOMB 6561 Lambert Street COMMERCIAL Activities: Clipper Relpresentative B, D, Vozal Ensemble B, ug Gym Leader FQ Journalism Class C, D. Aim: Business School. Hoblgy: Singing. JOHN WILLIAM HOUSER,.lR. 6143 Osceola Street ACADEMIC Aim: Machinist. Holzliv: Sports, Horseback Riding. M ARK JOSEPH IIOWLIN 434- Cosgrove Street HECIIANIC ,mrs Aim: Machinist. Hobby: Swimming. Pool ' lf? 'f ,, , ,. i 194 l'iVlCl,YN ARCHER HUBER 7005 Greene Street ACADEMIC 11-tirrilivs: Currcnt. Events Club C. D: llospital Auxiliary D: Debating Club A. B: Commencement Commit- tee A. -lim: College. Hnlrlrv: lee Skating. MILDREIJ MARY HUDSON 65l8 North l7th Street Atzanmmtz lf'tiz'ities: Dramatic Club A, B. C, Se-eretary B: Vive-President of Class B. C: lli-Y A, B, C. Secretary B. Presi- dent A: Senator D, Alternate A, B. C: Riding Club D: Swimming Club E: Secretary of Class A. -lim: Business. Hnlllfy: Nl usic. GRACE ELIZABETH IIUSSIE 7l08 Devon Street ,xCAnEwtIl: -lr'Ii1'ilivs: Track and Field F: Bas- lietball B, D: Baseball C, li: Leaders Club D: liatin Club A. 4im: College. Hubby: Sports. ELEANOR B. JACKSON 5338 Lena Street COMMERCIAL lf'ti1'ities: Gym Leader B: Basket- ball Club C: Track and Field C. -lim: Ser-rctary. Hnlzlny: Art, Slat-tubing. BE'l"I'Y N,-KO M I JNFFE 6723 North l8tl1 Street unxnuwlfz -l1'li1'ilivst Clipper Representative F, A. A. Representative E. -I im: Business. Hrfliliy: bl usic. VIRGINIA MAY HUDER IB55 Tulpehocken Street COM MERCl Al. -lrlivilivs: Gvm Leader D. lil F: Bas Lf-will Club D, F. ' A flim: Secretary. Hnblgv: Horseback Riding, Dancing EVA MAY HUNSBERGFIR 5543 Morris Street COMMERCIAL 4vlirilies: Leaders Club C: Art. Club E: Rsrzonn Boon Staff Ag German Club F: Commercial Club D. Aim: Bufiness. Hoblgv: Reading. Sewing. Colleeting Photographs. EVELYN IANNUZZI 538 East High Struct. COWIWIERCIAI. fl1'tit'ities: Commercial Club Swimming Club E: Senator lf French Club E, F. Aim: Uffice Wvork. D: F' Hnlzlgv: Music, Writing Plays. BEATRICE B. JAFFE 21-1-6 East Chu-llen Avenue An-uucmut -1l'Livili1's: Clipper S'al'f A, B. Repre- sentative C, D, E, F: Clint-rlen Busi- ness St.affB, Representative C, D, E, F. flim: Lalioratory Technician. Hubby: Reading. Dancing, Music. ELBRIDGE GABNER ,IAM ES, JR. -'l-36 Winona Avenue CUWIWIERIZIAL elim: Clothing Salesman. Holzlgv: Building Airplane Models. ,s,i:I'PX' X' ,Y . .Q 5 b Riff 9 ' ff-zggf ii' .ff f 5. 1 -est vw .,,,,, . 4 - X ... PENNSYLVANIA'S FUTURE CITIZENS 5' .7 if K' - 1: 2 .2 N 1..- vi Q Y .3 ' I 'Sf et, . 1 CHARLES 'tI,Bl'lR'l' JANN, Ill -1-21- Vs est Bringhursl Street .-U1-ililfltiltl .4f'li1'ilif1s: Gym Lc'a1l4'r A. B, C, D, IC, F3 Gvm Te-am A: Prom Commit- Ive A. ' Aim: University of Pennsylvania Hulzlfy: Hunting. ELIZABETH MAE JONES 6903 Grccnr Street ACADEMIII .4r'tiI'iti0s: Clirvrlcrl F: Ilospital Aux iliary B. Aim: Dramatics. Hulzlzy: Collecting Souvenirs ER M A BETTY JUSTICE 2113 ltlctlary Avvnur' COWIIERCIAI. Aim: Marriage. Hablgy: Playing lhe Piano. WAIIFER F. KANI-I 5723 North Vivooilstock Street C0ut1IsR1:IAI. Prom Cnmmiltvc A. ,-lim: University of Pelinsylvania Mvcounting. Hnlxlzpv: Collvvting Signatures of Ur- vht-stra Leaders and their Vocalists, 'lim-nnis, Swimming. MLRIEL GERTRLIJE KEISER 6655 Mc-Callum Str:-et COMNIERCIAL Aim: Peirce Businvss Svhool, Secre- lary. Hobby: Skating, Tennis. Swimming. flrlilfilirfst Clippvr Representative C' , ROBERTA ELEANOR JEWELI. 62 l3 Magnolia Avenue ACADEMIC ,-lrlivitilfs: Dramatic Club A, B, C-g Debating Club A, B: Slide Rule Club A, B: Latin Club A, B, C, D. Aim: Nursing. Hobby: Music, Reading. JOSEPH JUNGKURTH JORDAN 5121 Keyser Street ACADEMIC Activities: Senator Eg Lunchroom Committee BQ Slide Rule Club A. A im: Drexel Institute of Technology. Hoblgv: Art, Woodworking. JOSEPH FLOYD JUSTICE 2113 Medary Avenue ACADEMIC Activitics: Senator B, C, D. Aim: Dolan College of Emhalming, Undertaker. Holrllhy: Photography. BARBARA D. KARIIOLSEN 7848 Bayard Road ACADEMIC lrtivitivs: Dr-hating Club A., B5 Glym Leader C, D: Junior Hi-Y D, E: C ip- pvr Rc resentative Eg Hosrmital Aux- iliarv IIS, E: Swimming C uh E, F: Scniixr Play' Advertising Staff Ag Hockey D: Horseback Riding Club Ag Linguists Club A: Luncheon Commit- tee A. Aim: Social Service W'ork. Habliy: Collecting Records. Reading. WILLIAM R. KELLER II3 Vivest Sedgwick Strt-ct. ACADEMIC Activities: Debating Club A, B, C. Aim: University of Pennsylvania, Law. Hubby: Photography. PENNSYLVANIA'S FUTURE CITIZENS SARA LOUISE JOAN KELLY 129 Vfest Sedgwick Street ACADEMIC DORIS EVELYN KENNA 942 West Lycoming Street VOCATIONAL ART ActiI'itif's: Debating Club C, D, E: Activities: Debating Club A, B: Business Staff of School Show A. Aim: Position. Hobby: To Collect Odd Jewelry. CARI. HUBERT KENNEDY, Jn. 2442 Seventy-sixth Avenue ACADEDIIC Aim: Doctor of Medicim Hubby: Bowling. MARY ELIZABETH KEPIIART 6316 Homer Street ACADEMIC Activities: Sketch Club F. Aim: Penn. Hobby: Tennis, Dancing. LINCOLN KING 6243 lVIort0n Street ACADEMIC Activities: Soccer Team B, D, F: Gym Team A, B: Track Team A, C, E: Gym Leader A, B, C, D, E, F. Aim: United States Coast Guard Academy. Hnbby: Gasoline Powered Model Boats. JE ANNE ANNE KIRRSTETTER 5337 North 16th Street ACADEMIC Activities: Senator F, Alternate E, D: Latin Club President E, Secretary F: Debating Club A, C: Dramatic ClIIb A, B: Junior Hi-Y E, D: Senior Hi-Y A, B, C: School Play A, B: Interclub Council President D, Secretary Eg Lin- guists Club A. Aim: Penn. Hobby: Knitting. Sketch Club A, B, C, D, E, F: Lin- guists Club A: RECORD Book Staff CArtj A. Aim: Academy of Fine Arts. Hobby: Music. .JANET GAUER KENNEDY l I44 East Price Street ACADEMIC Activities: Latin Club F: Linguists Club A, B: Leaders Club A, B, C, D, E: Tumbling Club A, C, D: Slide Rule Club A, B: Dramatic Club A, B, C: Swimming Club C: Commencement Committee A. Aim: Business School. Hulxby: Sports. LOIS KEYSER 123 VVest Mt. Airy Avenue VOCATIONAL ART Activities: Debating Club A, B: Business Staff of Senior Play A. Aim: Nursing. Hobby: Making Rugs and Doing Handiwork. ELE ANOR MAE KIRK 106 Nippon Street ACADEMIC Activities: Senator G: Hocke ' D, F, II: Latin Club A, B. C, D, E, Pb G, Hg Baseball C, E, G: Luncheon Commit- tee A: Business Committee of School Play A. Aim: Nursing College. Hobby: Sports. HELEN KORSEN 6957 Cedar Park Avenue COMMERCIAL Aim: Business Career Hobby: Ping Pong. 1 ' 1 5 3 ' 9' in ,., 194 VIRGINIA BATES KRAEMER 1138 East Stafford Street ACADEMIC Actizvities: Latin Club F: Lin uists Club A, B: Learlers Club A, B, C, D: Tumbling Club DQ Slide Rule Club A, B: Swimming Club C. E. Aim: Penn. Hobby: Sports. PAULINE FRANCES KRUG 1408 Sixty-cighth Avenue COMMERCIAL Aim: Secretary. Hubby: Dancing. M ARTHA ELISSIA KUNZ 5900 Chew Street COMXIERCIAL Activities: Gym Leader D, E: Com- mercial Club D, Eg Tennis Club C, F. Aim: Secretary. Hobby: Music. EDNA MAY KURTZ 1604 East Barringer Street COMMERCIAL Activities: A Cappella Choir A, B. C., D, E, F: Swimming Club E: Gym Leader E: Commencement Commit- tee A. Aim: Secretary. Hobby: Music. NANCY LENOR E LACIIAT 2041 Medary Avenue COMMERCIAL Activities: Dramatic Club A, B, C, D: Commercialettes Club D, E, F. A im: Secretary. Hobby: M usic. SYLVIA KREISMAN 1673 West Wyoming Avenue COVIMERCIAL Activitirvs: Lunchroom Committcc B. Aim: Secretary. Hobby: Roller Skating. ELEA NOR ELIZABETH KULL 2172 Ilomer Street COMMERCIAL fir-tivities: Dancing Club A, B, C, D, E: Consumers' Advisory Committee A, B: Horseback Riding Club A, C: Commercial Club A: Clivnrlm Repre- sentative: Camera Club A: Gym Mcet B, C. Aim: Modeling School. Hobby: Figure Skating. BETTY KU PKE 4-3 East Montana Street cotvnIERcIAL Activities: Dramatic Club A, B: De- batinv Club A, B, C, Dg French Club C, D,DE, F: Linguists Club A, B: REC- olm BOOK Staff A: Clipper Represen- tative B, C, D, E. Aim: College of Chestnut Hill, Hobby: Music, Art. M ARJOR I E D. LAACKMAN l640 Wicst Cheltenham Avenue CONIVIERCIAL Aim: Business School. Hubby: Roller Skating. GEORGE ROBERT LAEDLEIN 214-3 Vest Nedro Avenue ACADEMIC ,4f'Ii1'ities: Chi Rho Hi-Y C, D, E, F: Germantown Hi-Y A, B: Orchestra A B, C, D, E, F. Aim: University of Pennsylvania. flabby: Music. Q '7!w0 0 EMORIES come back not only to me, but to all of us who have spent tl1ree or four years in Germantown High School. Those happy, carefree days, those blue Mondays, days when the report cards were issued, football games, school plays, the proms, initiations into local fraternities and sororities, assemblies, and many other memories of our school, return. Yes, each one will remember something particularly exciting that happened while he was in high school. A few of us will remember the bright sunny day in September, 1937, when we entered our future Alma Mater. We were not very large and we came from small grammar schools and were engulfed in the hustle and bustle, the buzzing corridors, and myriad classrooms of the new school. We were the skeleton crew of the present graduating class. ln February, 1938, we took our first step up the ladder tow ard graduation. We were 9B,s and did not feel so small because we knew our way around the school, and there was a class lower than ours, nowl The following September a flood of students descended upon Germantown from the junior high schools of the vicinity to enlarge the sophomore class. These sopho- mores were really freshmen in regard to being new in Germantown. lt was their turn to go around the school with wide eyes looking for their classrooms, while those who had been in the school since 9A sat back and watched them. This new group brought with them many students who were to become well-known around Germantown lligh School. A few of them were: 'Teggyv McVicker, "Win1py"' Vrooman. "Mitzi" Gimbel, and Carson Stiles. In February, 1939, the whole class took another step toward our goal, the step was into 1013. By this time everyone was fairly well settled into the routine of Ger- mantown lligh School, and we set to work studying for the terms to come. At the end of this term Edward Block was awarded the prize for the highest average of the sophomore class. Junior year brought many changes. Everyone seemed to have acquired an inch or two of stature, more poise, an "I-belong-here-now'i expression, and heavier books. New teachers, new subjects, and harder work created the impression that there would never be enough time for class organization. But in 1113, under the capable supervision of the class sponsors, Miss Mullikin and Mr. Jacobs, officers were elected. "Bob'7 Gordon, President of the Boys, Car- son Stiles, Vice-President, "Bill" Suflas, Secretary, and "Wimpy'7 Vrooman, Treas- urer. "Peggy', McVicker was Girls, President, Mildred Hudson, Vice-Presidentg "Ginnie" Ruch, Secretary, and "Mitzi" Gimbel, Treasurer. With these ambitious executives at the helm, the class grew into a well-organized group fairly buzzing with plans for the Junior Prom and the purchase of class rings. All details of the prom were taken care of by a hard-working committee headed by "Jim" Wilschke. After much preparation and anticipation, June 14th finally arrived and the lucky ticket-holders turned up at Cedarbrook Country Club to dance to the music of Roger Kent's orchestra. An efhcient ring committee, with Deirdre Rhodes as chairman, made it possible for every proud junior to wear a Germantown school ring. ewan Those chosen from our class to serve on tl1e Committee of Ten for the follow- ing term were Ann Nshley, Deirdre Rhodes, "Bart" Allen, and "wimpy" Vrooman. That year we had looked forward to for so long came at last, the year full of excitement and good times. We were seniors! The "B" term started with a bang as the class showed its desire for variety in the election of officers. ln the boys' selection, "Bob" Gordon remained as president, ".lack', Martin was the new vice-president, "Wimpy" Vrooman changed to secre- tary, and "Bill,' Suflas became treasurer. As for the girls, Norma Wedttl took over the secretarial duties. Nctivities came thick and fast. Germantown's newer, better, and stronger foot- ball team battled through a brilliant season, everyone took part in the schoolis twenty- fifth anniversary celebration, and stage-minded students, some in our class, gave their talents to the school play. Class business was limited to the collection of dues under a new and more accurate system. introduced for the first time in tl1e fall. While we were still in the midst of 121K work, plans for the RECORD BOOK were begun under the guidance of Miss Lamine, -Xdviser. and Miss Hardcastle, Art Ad- viser. The industrious spirit of the class was manifested by the large number of students who applied for positions on the staff, but unfortunately, only a fraction could be appointed. Those chosen started work immediately under the leadership of Olga Domanski, editor, and Lewis Logan, associate editor. Before the term ended, the next term's Committee of Ten was formed. "Wimpy" Vrooman and Ann Ashley were President and Vice-President, respectively. Other members from our class were Carson Stiles, "Peggy" Mevicker, "Bob" Gordon, Deirdre Rhodes, and "Perf ie" Brown. The class was ready for its final term in ng . Germantown. The February semester began with almost the same group of executives: "Below Cordon and "Peggy", lNlcVicker, Presidentsg Carson Stiles and Norma Wedul, Vice- Presidents, "Jimmy" Vililschke and 'Vlildred lludson, Secretaries: and "Bill7' Suflas and "Mitzi" Cimbel, Treasurers. With an already good start on 12B business, the class cooperated splendidly in making plans for the luncheon, prom, and commencement. The committees formed were headed by "Cinnie', Buch, Frank Carrol, Bruce Herold, Janet Kennedy, Peter Osborne, and Shirley Young. Nlany other members of the class were among those who helped to make a success of the school show, "June Mad." Everyone seemed to be busy. To be sure, the rush of events was so great that ,I une crept up unnoticed, bringing at the same time the sad realization that old friends must part, and the exciting promise of a new and different life after graduation. The old order changelh, Yielding place to the newf And Cod fumls himseU' in many ways Lest one good custom Should corrupt the world. -TENNYSON. FRANCES MARIE LANDNI-IR H48 Devereaux Street COMMERCIIAII 4im: College of Business. Ifubby: Art. KARL GEORGE LAQUER 6605 McCallum Street ACADEMIC 1ff'liL'ilil'S: Current Events Club A B: Debating Cluln A, B. Aim: College. Ilobby: Interior Decoration. A FRANCIS NEWTON LAVIIN 6615 North 20th Street COMMERCIAL Aim: Preparatory School. Hobby: Tennis, Ping Pong. RAYM ON D CAMERON LEPLEY 436 East Durham Street ACADEMIC Activities: Gym Team Ag Slirle Rule Club A, B, Alternate Ag Track Team A. Aim: College. Hubby: Chemistry. CATHERINE MARY LERRO 61 I 0 Wister Street COMMERCIAL Activities: Leaders Club Commercial Club B, C, D. Aim: Designing School. Hubby: Designing. C, D, E: VIOLA LOUISE LANG 64-69 Musgrave Street ACADEMIC Activities: Horseback Riding Club B: Basketball B: Current Events Club B. Aim: Business School. Hoillzy: Horseback Killing. HELEN LATICK 7423 Sprague Street COMMERCIAL Aim: Slenotype Institute. Hobby: Dancing. .IEANNE AGNES LENTON 5929 Wayne Avenue ACADEMIC Aarlivities: Dancing Club A, B, C, D, E, F, Prom Committee A. Aim: School of the American Ballet. Hobby: Dancing. EUGENE LOUIS LEPORE 29 East Rittenhouse Street INDUSTRIAL Aim: Work in Industry. Hubby: Projecting. JANE ELIZABETH LESER 4806 Morris Street ACADEMIC Activities: Swimming Club C: De- bating Club A, B, C, D: Ring Come mittee C: Latin Chlh C: Shakespeare Contest B: Business Staff of the School Play A. Aim: College. Hobby: Swimming, Dancing. PENNSYLVANIA'S FUTURE CITIZENS SHIRLEY ELEANOR LEWIS -L1 ' RUTII EVA LEVINE 24-6 West Upsal Street 6012 Lambert Street COVIWIERCIAL 5, ACADEMIC Activities: Dancing Club B, C, D, E: -lim: Accountant. Senator A, B, D, Alternate C, Eg Latin Hobby.. Reading- Club A, C, D, President A: Clipper C, ' D: Linguists Club A. A im: College. Hobby: Dancing. RICHARD J. LICHTEN LOUISE ESTELLE LIEBERMAN 1524 Lindley Avenue l3I Vivest Ilortler Street ACADEMIC ACADEMIC Aetivities: Slide Rule Club B: De- Aiflli C0ll0gl'- Hubby: Horseback Riding. batmg club A, B, cz. Aim: College. Hobby: Drums. R UTII JANE LITTERER ' I 7 LEONARD Louis LISSANSKY ' M? i' 5451 Bel Mar Terrace ISI West Washington Lane I covmEIxcIAL ACADEMIC '- Aim: Strayer's. Aim: Vocalist with Orchestra. Hubby: Hypnotism. Hubby: Singing. LEWIS BENJAMIN LOGAN FLORENCE LOUISE LOMBARDI Qi 234 Harvey Street 4946 Pulaski Avenue I :F ACADEMIC COMMERCIAL V1 Activities: Senator C, E, Alternate Avtiuilies: Gym Leader A, B, C, D B, D: Associate Editor RECORD Book Current Events Club C, D, Ag School Play B: Dramatic Club A, B, Aim: Stenographer' C, DQ Debating Club A, B, C, D: Cer- H H H DanC.n mantown Hi-Y A, B, C, D, Eg Gym any I g' 'd, C, E, F: Slirle Rule Club A, Bg Lea er Shakespeare Contest B. ' Aim: College. Hubby: Music. NA CATHERINE LORENZ PHILOMENA ERMA LONGO AN 5829 North Lambert Street 6218 Chew Street L tk I V A cmIMERcIAI. CONIMERCIAI. i iff I 3 Activities: Dancing Club A, B, C, D: Aim: Work in my Uncle's Store. Commercial Club A, F. Hobby: Reading. ' ' ' B X' ess. I Aim: A Good Position In usm Hobby: Dancing. PENNSYLVANINS it ' if' Q A G it 1 211.5 1 'H f 9 is ., as I .rf Pb' FUTURE CITIZENS ESTHICR EMILY LORENZON 7827 Arrlleigh Street CUM VIERIIIAI. fl im: Sm-orc ta ry . llobbv: Dancing. .11'iANN1C AGNES LOWE 1510 Mayland Street ACADEMIC Activities: Dramatic Club A, B, C D, E. .-tim: Peirce Business College. Hobby: Sports. R U DOLPH GERALD MALIZIA 1-35 East Cosgrove Street c0snIERcIAL -lctivitilw' G m Leaderlii F Or h ,. . y ' , L c cs- lra A, B, C, D, E, F: Band E. -tim: Professional Musician. Hobby: 1WIusic. FORTU NATO L. M ARCHIANO 3139 Devon Street ACADEMIC iim: Business School. Ilubbv: Athletics. KNTHONY N. MARC-ARITE 447 High Street INDUSTRIAL lim: Machine Vlfork. Hobby: Swimming. ROBERT ARMSTRONG LOV E 139 West Sharpnaftk Street ACADENIIC Jim: Architect. Hobby: Sports. JANET DOROTHY MAQNEAL 607 Church Lane ACADEMII: Activities: Debating Club A, B, C D, E: Alternate C. Aim: College. Hobby: Designing. LOIS ELIZABETH MANNING 6646 North 17111 Street ACADEMIC Activities: Debating Club A, C, D9 Swimming Club E: Dramatic Club A, B:.Iunior IIi-Y D:Senior Hi-Y A,B, C, Vice-President Hi-Y A: School Pla Prompter B: Horseback Riding Clnh C: Linguists Club Ag Business Staff of School Play A. 4im: College. Hubby: Dancing, Knitting. MARY E. MARCOLINA 133 East Mermaid Lanc ACADEMIC Aim: Penn Stale. Hobby: Dancing. ROSEANNE M. MARINU CCI 213 East Haines Street COMMERCIAL Activities: Commercialettes Club li- Clipper Representative D. ,fl im: Office W'ork. Hobby: Corresponding, Dancing, Sports. 1 I R wg R 1 I A . 'fl- 'r 6 MF, ,Q ,V .. Z' I 1 ,KI I 'V ' ,!'S5 . T1-Q, ,.. 1?-I-.Q 2 4 . 'H "H, if' , 3- ' wk 5 l94l lCLlZABl'l'l'Il FISIIICR MARKS 900 East Stafford Street VOC.-KTIONAI. ART Aim: Work in llorn 81 llurslart. Hcilby: Art. ELIZABETII MATLSOXY 55 Wvcst Sharpnack Strw-t ACADEMIC .fll'tiL'itif1s: llospital Auxiliary li, Fg Clippvr Reprt-sf'rI taliv 0 A . Jim: Pcnn. Hubby: Dancing. RICHARD W. MCADAMS, Jn. 2'-7 West Durham Street IIECHANIC ARTS Aim: Draftsman. Hoblgy: Sports. M ARY LOUIS!-I MCCORMICK 6508 North Park Avenue ACADEMIC 'Ir-tiritivs: Dvbaling Club A, B. C, ll: lli-Y A, R, C, Eg Senator A: A Cap- pella A: Businvss Staff School Play Ag Prom Committee A, C. .-lim: Enivcrsity of North Carolina. Hnlzlzy: Horseback Riding. HELEN MARKLXND MCGAXY 52 East XX asllinglon Lane .uIADIf:wIIu 41'tiI'ilivs: DI-baling Club A, B, C, ll: Dramatic Club A. B: .lunior Prom Committee C, Svnior A, B: lli-Y ffiirlsil A, B, C: Senior Commence- ment Committee B. flim: University of Nlarylanll. Hubliv: Knitting., Swimming. .IOSI-IPIIINIC il. M ATOL R 4933 Viva ync Avenue COWIIIIIQIICI AL Aim: Business. Hoblxyf Reading. BAILEY MCMJAM 64-'15 Gros-no Strol-t MLADEIIIC flim: Collcgv. H abby: Sports. M A RCA R ET A. M CCAU GI IICY 5626 Nelson Street COM NI Ekfzl u. I1'tiI'ilil's: Baseball B, fl, F, Basket ball CQ Tennis D3 L1-arlcr C, Hooluly C lim: Nursu, Hobby: Sports. YYll.l,lANl EARLIC MCCUICN 6333 Chl-w Struct 12051 sl EIUIIA I. flim: Positiorl. Holzlqv: Tropirfal Fish. ROB ERT E DWARD McGlNN 5833 Critic-Iulen Struct INDI STRIAI. lim: Toolmakvr. Hobliy: Baseball, it 2 if ,ft 4 -sl 1941 MARGARET M. MCGUINNESS 105 Meehan Avenue COMMERCIAL Aim: Secretary. Hobby: Reading Exciting Books. ANNA MARIE MCNULTY 39 Wvest Highland Avenue COMMERCIAII 'lr'tiI'ities: Debating Club A, B. C, Dancing Club A. Aim: Nurse. Hobby: Ice Skating. J0llN BOYD MCVICKER 958 East Price Street Co:vIMERcI,xL A im: Position. Holzily: Sports. ELIZABETH JANE M EEHAN 115 East DurlIam Road ACADEMIC RALPH MCKELVEY, Ju. 5117 Pulaski Avenue ACADEMIC Activities: A Cappella Choir B, D, Eg Bible Club B, C: School Play B. Aim: College. Hobby: Music. ANNA MAE MCVICK ER 958 East Price Street CoMMERCIaI. Aim: Secretary. Hubbyf: Making Dresses. MARGARET ANN MCVICKER 6317 Magnolia Avenue ACADEMIC Activities: Linguists Club A: Debat- ing Club A, B, C, D: Vice-President Junior Hi-Y E, President D: Ilockey Club F: Senator B, C, D, E, F: Com- mittee of Ten A: President of Class A, B, C: Senior Hi-Y A, B. Aim: College. Holzby: Ice Skating. RICIIARD A. MILES 552 W'est Ellct Street ACADEMIC Activities: Linguists Club A: Latin , Affiviiiesi Gefmafltown lfll'Y A, B- Club A, B, C, D, E, FQ Girls' Hi-Y A B, C, Debating Club A, B, C, Dg Dra matic Club A, B: ,Junior Hi-Y D, E Horseback Riding Club B, C: Busii ness Staff of School Play Ag Ring Com mittee C. Aim: College. Hobby: Driving. IIUGH GILCHRIST MILLER, JR. 437 East Cosgrove Street COMMERCIAL Artirities: Gym Leader A, B. -iim: Vlork. Ilulrlzy: Sports. C, D, E, F: Class Vice-President A, B: Senator H, Alternate D, Fg Basketball Ag Prom Committee A. Aim: University of Pennsylvania. Hobby: Sports. JEAN LOUISE MILLER 7113 Boyer Street ACADEMIC Activities: Hockey D, 17: Baseball E, C: Iiinguists Club A, B: A Cappella Choir A. BQ Luncheon Committee A: A. A. Representative F: Track Meet E. Aim: College-. Hubby: Sports. I3-i!' s' PENNSYLVANIA'S FUTURE CITIZENS E T.. si .3 X 45 Q - ,,A if ef. if BERNICE M. MUAN 22 East Mt. Pleasant Avenue ACADEVIIC Arlivities: Rsnomx Book Staff A. Aim: College. Hobby: Dancing. ll AROLIJ MOOREIIEA D, Jn. 3332 Ainslee Street ACADEMIC Arlivities: Debating Cluh A, B: Slide Rule Club BQ Senior Dues Treasurer A, B, C: School Play A. Aim: College. Hobby: Sports. MARJORIE E. MORGAN 350 East Upsal Street COMMERCIAL Activities: Hospital Auxiliary E, F. Aim: Public Accountant. Hobby: Collecting Mexican Souve- nirs. WILLIAM R. MORRISON, JR. 327 Vkest lVIt. Airy Avenue ACADEMIC Aim: Business School. Hobby: Baseball. BLAKE NAUMAN MOYER 214 East Highland Avenue cosIyIEnnIAL Activities: Railroad Club A, B, C, D, E, F: Senator E, Alternate D: REC- ORD Book Staff A. Aim: Secretarial or Office Vfork. Hobby: Railroads. JOSEPH PETER MOORE l68 East Pleasant Street COMMERCIAI. Activities: Baseball Team C, E, Cap- tain A, Alternate D. Aim: Wrork, Hobby: Baseball. BRYAN R. MOORHOUSE 2031- Wrest Conlyn Street ACADEMIC Activities: Dramatic Club C, D: Soc- cer Team B, D. Aim: Coast Guard. Hobby: Sports. M ARCARET C. MORRISON 219 Vest Mt. Pleasant Avenue COWIMERCIAL Activities: Hi-Y A, B, C: Hockey D, F: Baseball C, Eg Luncheon Commit- tee A: Track Meet E: Business Staff of School Play A: A. A. Representa- tive C, D. Aim: Business World. Hobby: Having Fun. KATHRYN ELIZABETH MOTT 6919 Cedar Park Avenue COMIVIERCIAI. Activities: Girls' Sports Editor of Clipper C, D: Class Treasurer C. Aim: Stenographer. Hobby: Reading. IIATTIE ELIZABETH MOYER 5353 Priscilla Street ACADEMIC Artivities: Chemistry Club B. Aim: Howard College, Liberal Arts. Hobby: Playing Piano, Making Med- ical Scrapbook. PENNSYLVANINS G pi 1 4 mg f 5? ii. M 1 ' FUTURE CITIZENS NAN ARLENE MOYER 68l5 Clearview Street KCADEMIKI Activities: Bible Club D, E, F: Hns- pital Auxiliary Ci Aim: Dental Nurse. Holzlrv: Tennis, Stamp Collecting. FLORENCE ANNA MURPHY 5952 Loretta Avenue COMMERCIAL flrtirilies: Commencement Commit- tee Ag Debating Club B, A: Ili-Y A, Bg Commercial Club A, Alternate E: Clip- per Representative E: Commereial- ettes F. Aim: Stenographer. Hnlzlny: Music, Reading. LAUR A LORRAINE NACLE 6439 North Sydenham Street M:AnEwlC flrlirities: Junior lli-Y D, Alternate C, D. F: Ballet A, Bg Swimming Club C: Latin Club Eg Prom Committee Ag Debating Club Ag Clivellell Represen- tative Cg RECORD Booli Representa- live C. ,-lim: Ballet Dancing nr Business Holzlrv: Ballet, RITA LORRAINE NESPOLA 363 East Wister Street COWIVIERCIAL 41'ti1'ilies: Gym Leader E. .-lim: Bookkeeper. Holzliv: Daneing, Tennis. ANIJRENN VQILLIA M NIX, JR. 8058 Erdrick Street ACADEM if: -lrlirilivsr Orchestra C, D. lim: liek:-ls College, lVlorlii'ian. llolzlzyi Sports. Nlllsiv. ELIZABETH ANNA MUR PHX 957 llovust Avenue COMMERCIAL Aetirilies: Commercial Club D. Aim: Secretarial or Office Yfork. Hnlflrv: Dancing. FRANCES G. MURPHY 3138 Indian Queen Lane -UZAIIENIHZ Activities: Clipper Staff C. D. Aim: Nurse. Halzlgv: Viiriting. JOHN THOMAS NALLY 5546 Matthews Street NIECHANIC ARTS Aim: Oeeupa tion. Holilry: Sports. JEAN NIEDER MAN l4l 9 Grange Street COMMERCIAI. Activities: Clipper Staff E, Eg Swim ming Club F. Aim: Business School. Hnblrv: Reading. JOHN TI IOMAS NOCTON 5600 Sprague Street INDUSTRIAI. -l1.'ti1'itir's: Gym lit-ader DQ Go 'lleam B. flim: Machinist. lfnhlly: Sports. .N Y 'VLC ,- as is' Q X -0 194 'lf I va, 4 'rw 18 . 25 I is if NINA MARY NOLFI 3l1- liast 'liulpehocken Street r:owuEnc:IA1. -telirilies: Clipper Representative 1, ll. lim: Ofliec NY ork. Hollltv: Baslgellrall. JENNIIC M AE ORR I20l East Stafford Street uommktzl xl, flrtivizivs: Gym Leader D: Track 'Nleet C, D: RECORD Book Salesman C, fiim: Secretary. Hobliv: Dancing. Swimming. RAYMOND OTTEY 6309 Ogontz A venue- xr:,xnEm1: -I im: Chemist. Hobby: Chemistry. DOROTHY PATTERSON l9Hl Seventy -second Avenue C031 wi Emil Al. slim: Stenographer. Hnllltv: Ilorselmank Riding. Nl ARY H. l'lCAliCl'l 6007 Wrister Street IZONIWIERCIAI. -trtivities: Gym Leader C. ll. Jim: Stenographer. Hobby: Daneing. WILLIAM HURST OLIDMIII, Jn. 6720 North Carlisle Street .u:AnENlN: Jelirities: Hi-Y A, B, C: Editor of Clipper A, B, C: Dramatic Cluli A, B: 'llraek Team A, C: Lingua-ts Club A: Debating Clulr A: Cro-5 Country D: Slide Rule Clulm A: Senator E: Prom Committee A: Latin Club B. Jim: Engineering. Hubby: Music. PETER JAMES OSBORNE 5128 Pulaski Avenue AC-mmuc 11-Iii-ities: Senator A, B, C, D: De- luating Club A, B: Ring Committee C: School Play A: Luncheon Committee Chairman A: Dramatic Club A. -4 im: College. Holzby: Sports. BETHELLFIN OTTO 7328 Provident Road VOC.-XTl0NAL ART lrtiritivs: Swimming C. D, E. .-lim: School for D1-sign. Holzliv: Sports. LOUISE M ARIE PAUL 3123 Germantown Avenue Atlxnswllu fl1'!i1'iti1's: A. A. Representative C ll, E: Clipper Representative A, C Clirerlvlx Representative B: Girls Chorus A. flint: Nursing at Chestnut llill ll0S pita l. Hobb-V: llearing M ur-ie. THRESA DOLORAS PEPICR ISSA ful lil Beliielll Avenue HOWIMERCIAI. letiritifs: A. A. Representative A B D lf F: Swimming Clulr A, B lliwspiital iftuxiliary E. lim: Bookkeeper. Hubby: Daneing. ,f 'WQY kg 1' Mil 1491 WILHEMINA K. PERIAK I4-04 Green Lane c0wnIERr:I.-IL A1-liuilies: A. A. Representative C: Hockey C, D: Basketball B, C, IJ: Tennis C. Aim: OfIice Position. Hobby: Dancing. ANNA KATHRYN PIANTIERI 403 East Rittenhouse Street COMMERCIAL Aim: Stenographer, Hnlzby: Dancing. JOHN RIESER PIERCE 729 Dorset Street ACADEMIC Activities: Boys, Hi-Y A, B, C: Dc- bating Club A, B, C, D: Luncheon Committee A. Aim: Franklin and Itlarshall College. H abby: Sport s. ANNA POLIN 304 East Upsal Street COMM ERCIAI. Aim: Stenographer. Hobby: Reading. ISABEL .IEAN PRESTON 6629 Chew Street COMMERCIAL Aetivities: Gym Leader D: Clipper E. Aim: Stcnographer. Hobby: Dancing. M ARY FLORENCE PERU 215 East Collom Street QOMMEIWIAI. Aim: Secretary. Hubby: Dancing. GRACE PATRICIA PICKER 203 Wfest Mt. Pleasant Avenue ACADEMIC Aim: Training to be a Nurse Hubby: Roller Skating. ALICE VIRGINIA PLATT E 2917 North 7th Street COMMERCIAL Aim: Stenographcr. Hobby: Reading. IDA CHARLES PRARIA 6459 North Smcdlcy Street ACADEMIC Activities: Horseback Riding A. B Aim: Business School. Hobby: Music. ROGER PREUX 353 East Sharpnack Street ACADEMIC Activities: Table Tennis Club A Aim: Rising Sun College. flabby: Aeronautics. PENNSYLVANINS FUTURE RENATO PR I M US I35 East Upsal Street ACADENIIKI flim: Villanova. Hobby: M usie. . Q Q uA1zo1,n Pupil PM .fff I39 VI'est Pricc Street 1 ' ': coylrsinkclu, S I i .1lz'liz'i!i1's: Track and Ifielfl C, E. .-I im: Printer. Hubby: Sports. JOHN II. RAI.S'I'0N,JR. 6l3 West Johnson Street C, Eg Senior Play Aim: Position. Holzlgv: Sports. FR ANK PAUL RAUCII, JR. 5853 Stneliton Road Ac.xnEw1I1: flriirities: Boys' A. A. Representa- tive R, Debating Club A. BQ Current Events Club A, E, C, D. Jim: Drexel. Holllny: Model Airplanes. REESE DANIEL COM LY I36 West Sylvania Street ACAIIEMIKZ " Clippers mrlsl flitor A Tennis ill, D: Illu-erlvailers A, H fflirellerl Staff A, C. Aim: Lithographing. llulrlry: Sport Q. PAULINE LOUISE Aim: Women's Medical H ' ' . CHAR Activities: Dramatic Club A, B, Cg I7 F Chairman Ag Boosters A, B, C, , ., ,. ' ' 'I ' , , B, C, DL Table CITIZENS PRYIBIL 323 East Phil-Ellena Street .MZADEMIC College. vbliv. Reading LES JOSEPH PULI ERE 4625 Germantown Avenue .-UIADI'IWIIC Jim: La Salle. Ifnlzlly: Swing. JE ANNETTE A. R ANIERI 6920 Ogon IZ Avenue COMMERCIAI. .uzfxnarvllc 'ff'lIl'ilIPSf Ffwtlvall D. Fa Baskmllall eletiuitfes: Latin Club A3 Debating 'B1lll'Yf'A, R, C- Club A, B3 Current Events Club B. Jim: Secretary. Halrlrv: Music. ALICE MAY REED 63I2 Sherman Street YOU-XTIOIYAL ART .1c'tiz'ities: Debating Club A, Sketch Club A, C, IIECORIY B00 Stuff A. Aim: Art School. Holrlrvz Cha rcoal Porlrai t. A ROSELLEN REI LLY TERES. 101 Mvest Gravers Lune ACADEVHC Actirilies: Debating Club A, B, Dancing Club A. .-lim: Nursing. ' Ilrrlrlgvz Knitting. Ba K D PENNSYLVANIA'S FUTURE CITIZENS ' . . 5? vu E' . of K1 4 s' ,D 3 '31 JOSEPH CALDWELL REX 8223 Bayard Street INDUSTRIAL Aim: Drexel Institute of Teeb- nology. Holzlgv: Automobiles. MARIE ANNE RICCI 7326 Ogontz Avenue COMMERCIAL Ar'liL'ities: Debating Club A. B: Cur rent Events Club B, D, E. Aim: Secretary. Hobby: Swing. PHYLLIS I. RILEY 7531 Forrest Avenue ACADEIVIIC Activities: Swimming D, Eg Ilorse- back Riding B, C. Aim: X-Ray Technician. Hobby: Swimming. ELIZABETH J. ROBERTS l53 Vfest Penn Street ACADEMIC Aetiifilies: Debating Club A, B, C: Dramatic Club A, B: Latin Club Ag Hockey D, F3 Basketball A, C, Gym Meet E: Cliverlen Stall' F. Aim: College. Hubby: Wyriting, Sports. DAVID JOHN ROBINSON, JR. 1-671 Germantown Avenue IVIECIIANIC ARTS Aim: Go into Business. Hvbliv: Nleehanical and Agriculture NY orl.. DEIRDR E RHODES Gth Street and Medary Avenue ACADEMIC Activities: Committee of Ten A, B Senator C: RECORD BOOK StaffA: Dra matic Club A, B. C, D, E., Vice-Presi dent A: Latin Club A. B, C: Girls lIi-Y A, B, C: Ring Committee C. Aim: University of Delaware. Holrliv: Knitting. LAURA ELIZABETH RIEG 6500 North Ilth Street ACADEMIC Activities: Debating Club A. B: Cur- rent Events Club B: Latin Club A. Aim: Temple University. Hobby: lwusic. EDITH ROBERTS 328 West Duval Street ACADEMIC Activities: Debating Club A, BQ Chemistry Club B: Swimming Club F: lioekeg D, Fr, Basketball B, D: Gym Meet V., F: Baseball C, E: Commenee- ment Committee A. Aim: College. Ifubliy: Sports. ANN MARIE ROBINSON II16 East Stafford Street .u1.AnEMlC Activities: Lunchroom Committee B: Debating Club A, B, C. Aim: Stenographer. Ifnblfy: IJanCing. M ILDR ED LONSDALE ROSE 63l3 Ilomer Street ACADEMIC Artivities: Debating Club A, B: Commencement Committee A. Aim: Peirce College. Ilolzliv: Dancing. ea sz , 1941 SOLOMON ROSENTIIA I, 6333 Germantown Avenue ACADEMIC Alrtiuities: Orchestra A, B: Latin Club A, C, Clireden Editorial Staff li, F, Business Staff C, D. ,-lim: Temple University. Hobby: Nlusic. ELIZABETH M ARGIQKY RYIJHR 107 East Coulter Street CONINIEIIIII II. llelivitirfs: llorselxaelt Hiding A, H, C, Commercial Club A, B. ,--lim: Wlork. lfulllrv: Ilnrsebaclx Killing. HE'1"l'l'I M . SCIIACllTI'1Rl.IC 7035 Mower Street Izoitntrziuttu, Aetieilies: Rteriutm Book Staff A. Aim: Seerctary. Holzlgy: llorsebaek Riding, Tennis, Swimming. DORIS MAY SCIINEIIJIGR 900 East Rittenhouse Street ACADEMIC fl im: Secretary. Hobby: Designing. MARY ELIZABETII SCIIURCII 6633 Blakemore Street ACADEMIC lim: Peirce Business Selmnl. Hubby: Swimming. MARY VIRGINIA KUCII 34-29 Indian Queen Lane ACADEMIC Activities: Boosters A, B, C, Secre- tary A, B: Debating Club A, B, C, Treasurer Ag Class Secrctarv C, Sena- tor IC, F, D, Alternate A, B, A Cap- Eella Choir A, B: Business Staff of School Play A: Swimming Club D, E. qlim: Business School. Hobby: Dancing. FIGL IC I A ROSE SALLU STI O 6505 North 20th Street 13051 NIERCI u. Ir'lit'ili4'x: Leaflers Club A, Ii, C, D, Dancing Club A. .1 im: Stenograpller. Hulzlzy: Collecting Glass-I Animals. J NN ICT M A111 SCIIA IGFI-L R 226 East bpsal Street c:ovmEncIAL ,Ic'llf1'ilies: Commercial Club D, E. Jim: Stenographer. Hobby: Swimming. ELAINIC M. SCIIRADER 211-3 Eastburn Avenue MUSIC .-14-lirities: Band A, B, C, D, Eg A Cappella Choir A, B, C, D, E: Gym Leader A, B, C, D, E, F, Dancin Club A, B, C, D, R, F, Senator F, School Show F, Girls' Chorus A, C. Aim: Musical Career. Hobby: Singing, Dancing, Drum Ma- joring, and Alusie in General. MARGA RET BICRNICIC SCOTT 2 l-06 North Colorado Strf-et cowtuaifuztu. A lim: Interior Deeorator. llulrlgy: Dancing, Reading. F 1 AG 1 22 'I I 7 1941 DULORI-JS VIOLA SELLIIAUSISN 4816 McKean Avenue COIIIIERCIAI. Aim: Beauty Culture. Hobby: Theatre. GICUIIGIC S. SI'1I.'I'ZI4IR,Jn. 5912 Pulaski Avenue ACADEMIC flrlirilies: Germantown Ili-Y A, B, CQ Linguists Club A, B. ,-lim: College. Ilublzy: Sports. JOY A ILEICN SHAPIRO 530 Westview Avenue ,xcanlzmlc Afrzirizies: Business Management of School Play A, Alternate FI Luncheon Committeeg Ilockey Club D, E, FQ Baseball Club E, F. Aim: Penn State. Hobby: Photography, Sports. LUCILLE IC. SHIRLEY 53l0 Newhall Street COMMERCIAL fictiirities: Dramatic Club A, B: Clipper Representative IC, F9 Special Gym Leader A. flint: llampton Institute. Hobby: Sewing. FRANK .IOSIQPII SMITH, Jn. 4910 Pulaski Avenue ACADEMIC .-irti EVAN L. SELSOR 6216 Magnolia Awenui: ACADEMIC ,-irliritirfs: Gym Leader D, FQ Foot hall D, IC. F3 'RECORD BOOK Stal? A Debating Club B, Cg Swimming Club B I-lim: Prep School. Hobby: Athletics. FLOR ICNCIC SIIAPIKO 5723 North 17th Street VOCATIUNAI. ART Ar-tirilies: Swimming Club C. D. Aim: Syraeuse College. Huliliy: Icc Skating. LOUISE BYRON SIIARPIQ 5l29 North 16th Street VOCATIONAI. ART .-Irlitilies: Poster Club Eg Junior Hi-Y E, DQ .Iunior Prom Committee C, Spring Festival C3 Dramatic Club A, B, Riscoim Book Staff A: Debating Club Ag Girls, Chorus Ag Commence- ment Committee A. Aim.: Penn Hall. Hoblly: Art. DONALD LIQIGII SMITII 129 West Queen Lane ACADEMIC ,41'LiI'iti1's: French Club IC, FQ Slide Rule Club A3 Gym Leader B, D, Fg Treasurer Germantown Ili-Y Ag De- bating Club A, B. Aim: Coast Guard. Hobby: Reading. II IGLEN FRANCES SMITII 401 Ronmfort Hoa d ACADEMIC vities: Gym Team A. B: REc:oIm f4f'liI'itie.s' Ili Y A B- Dramat' . - , . ' Ie Book Staff' Nr, Luncheon Committee A. Club A. B. .4 im: College. Holzlgv: Aquaplaning. miinz: Cornell University. Hobby: Theatre, Reading. PENNSYLVANINS FUTURE CITIZENS . R if li- 0 KATHRYN ,I EAN SM l'l'll Z D I9 Weslvivw Slri-ct . iii H .uzummiirz f1r'li1'iti1's: Linguists Club A, B. W Q U 9 f if 4 Jim: Drexel. Hubby: Swimming, Reading. ERNEST DAVID SNOYER 515 M aylanil Struct MIADEIWIQL Aim: Bolanist. Hubby: Stamps, Botany. FLORENCE M. SN YDER 6738 North 17th Stn-ot ACADEMIC A im: Philadrlphia Stn-notypc School. Hubby: Sports, R4-aiding. RICHARD ALLEN SPI N IJLER 545 Vizest Sedgwick Street ACADEMIC Aim: College. Hubliy: Football. GEORGE BRLCE STAPLES, Ju. 69 I2 Creshuim Road Arzxnlswlicz -icliritivs: Slinle Ruli- Club A, B Boosufrs A: Debating Club A, R, C, D 1 Cf-r Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, E: fr- Inantown Hi-Y Club A, B, C, D, Clipper Staff C, D. Aim: Lehigh University. Hubby: Photography. MARIAN FRANCES SMITH l23l Wit-st Li-high Avenue ACADEMIC ,lz'li1'ili1's: Altvrnatv G. Aim: Designvr. Hobby: blusic. ELEANOR E M A E SNYDER 712 I-0 Bryan Street ACADEMIC l1'tii'iti1's: Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, E, Debating Club A, B, C, Hi-Y A, B, C3 French Club A, B, C3 Latin Club E. .-lim: Lawyvr. Ifullby: Dancing. MARGARET ANN SORBER 63I 1 Ross Street ACADEMIC 4r'ziritivs: Hockey Club D, F, Latin Club E, Fg Dcbatinf' Club A, B2 Junior Prom Committee C, VA. A. Rqxresen- tativc E: Swimming Club F, Nianagc- mf-nt of School Play A. Aim: Business School. Hoblly: Dancing. CAROL E. SPRINGER 3432 West Pi-nn Street COMMERCIAL Artiritilfs: Swimming Club Eg Dane ing Club A, B, C. Aim: Position. Hubby: Ballet Dancing. DOROTHY EMILY STEIN 74-26 North 2lst Street cowimlsufzmi. fl im: Secrulary. H ulxlzy: Dancing. PENNSYLVANINS FUTURE CITIZENS fy . -at il -f x A A ,. f fl fi 3 rt' 19 - we ' B it if Q ,if it '44 fs, - , .X A V. ,X 'X X S 45' 1' ,Q DORI l'l'I I Y E. STIGVENSUN 5317 B4-Ili:-1:1 Avenue CUMQIERCIAI. ,flc'lirilies: Commercial Club Presi- dent Ag Clipper Representative D, Clilwlelz Representative B. Aim: Peirce Business School. Ilnbliy: Swimming. CARSON AYLINC STILES 106 West Washington Lane MADEVIIC l1'ti1'ilies: Basketball A, C, Pig Golf A, C, Eg Boosters A, B, C, D: Senator A, ll, Eg Debating Club A, B: Dra- matic Club A, B: Viee-President of Class A, C3 Gym Leader A, C, D. vliln: Newspaper Work. Hoblgv: Basketball. Painting, Sports. FRANK EBER LY STR EIILE 6737 North Sydenham Street ACADEMIC ,1r'li1'itir's: Slide Rule Club B. flint: University of Pennsylvania. Hulzliy: Playing Records. B. M ERRITT STRINGER 6315 Norwood Street DIECHANIC ARTS flirnr Drexel. Ilnlzlly: Radio. MICHAEL L. STROLLO 307 East Haines Street .uzimmiic .ffrlirilivsr Cross Country Team ll. ,-lim: College. lloblly: All Sports. HARRY R. S'1'EVl'lNS0N,,lIi. 500 East Queen Lane tzosinumziu. ,lr'lirilies: Current Events Club FQ Track Team A . .-lim: U. S. Navy. Hubby: Boating and Other Aquatic Sports. HARRY STORER STOLT, Ja. 7028 Cresheim Road Acuxmiuz fir'lil'ili1's: Basketball A, B, C, llg lli-Y A, B, C. Jim: College. llvlrby: Baseball, Basketball. RICHARD LEE STRICKLER 2157 Seventy-eighth Avenue ACADEMIC .f1eliL'ilies: Current Events Club E, I", German Club B, C, D. Aim: Business. Hobby: Swimming. GEORGE F. STRINGER 4703 York Road ACADEMIC .-Irtizritivs: Cliveden Staff F3 Shake- speare Contest B, A. A. Representa- tive D3 Cliveden Representative F. Aim: Temple. Hobby: Drumming, Collecting Swing Records. ROBERT R. STUDENMUND I I5 Wvest M t. Pleasant .Avenue AIIADENIIC flrlirilies: Football Mana fer B, D3 lli-Y A, B, C, U, Railroad Club A, B, C, D, Ring Committee C: Business Staff of School Play Ag Debating Club Ag Commencement Committee A. Aim: College. Hobby: Models. 1941 NN ILLIAM SIQFLAS 5917 Baynton Street ACADEMIC .f1r'Ii1'ities: Football B, D: Basketball A, C, F: Baseball A, C, li: lli-Y Club A, B, C, Dg Class Secretary C: Class Treasurer A, B: Ri-:noun Book Staff A: Gavin Award B. Aim: College. Hobby: Sports. NANCY AGNES TATLONX l203 blast Stafford Street cow M Emil xl. Aim: Typist. Hubby: Dancing. RUTH M ARY THOMAS l3l9 blast Rittenhouse Street cionnlsmzbu. .-lvtivilies: Commercial Club A. F. Eg liearler E, F, Senator D: Business Staff of School Play BQ Tennis Club B. ,4im: Oflice Vborlu-r. Hobby: Music. ROBICRTA M AY THOMPSON 54-2 East Johnson Street COMMERKII-KI, .4 im: Stenograplwr. Hnbbv: Skating. FRANK TERRY TOWIGY 61-09 North Fairhill Street VIECIIANIC ARTS 11'ti1'iti4's: Table Tennis Club A, B, C. D, E, F, Manager: Tennis Team A, B, C: Basketball F, Gym licawler A. Aim: Position. llnlllgv: Sports, lialing, Sleeping. ICLIZ XBETH Nl ARY SWEENEY 1503 Maylancl Street ACADEMIC .4l'til'iIies: Hoc-key C, F: Tumbling A, C, D: Leader A, B, C, D, F, F3 Baseball C, Fg Basketball B, D. Alter- nate Fg A. A. Representative C: Gym Meet C: Track Meet F: Latin Club C, ll, Eg blay Festival Ag Dancing A. 4iln: Nurse. Hubby: Sports, Reading. M ARGARIC1' EDITH TEALE l31-l Fast Airdrie Street CowwER1Zl,xI. ,l1'liritivs: Leaders Club Eg Clipper Representative lf, F: Commercial Club F, IJ, C. lim: Secretary. Hnbbv: Skating. WI Nl FRED E. THOMAS 6609 K oss Street flown ERCIAL .4f'li1'itieS: Gym Leader F, D. ,-lim: Social Service Wiorker and Bookkeeper. Hobby: A rt, Sew ing. M IRIAM ETHEL THORNTON 5311 North Sydenham Street ACADEMIC Activities: Senior Hi-Y A, Bg Com- mencement Committee A: Latin Club C, U: Debating Club B3 Linguists Club A: Clirerlen Staff A. .-lim: Junior College. Hubby: Music, Fishing. BESSI E TROCINE 81-9 East Vlvomllawn Avenue Corvlul-Imzlu. ,lin1: Secretary. llubliv: lleauliug. x ,.' 3 A -as cl N 4 1941 BIANCHE EVELYN TRUAX 5938 Norwood Street CONIMERCIAI. Aim: Stenographer. Hoblivz Skating. MARIAN EMMA TWINTNG . 5811- Crittenden Street COVIMERCIAL .4r'tii'ilies: Leaders Club A, B, C, IJ, Fi. FQ Swimming Club FQ Hockey Club U: Basketball B, DQ Tumbling Club Cg Track C, Eg Senator D3 Girls' A. A. Hoard A, R, C, D, Eg A. A. President Ag Tennis Club B. Aim: Temple. Hnlzlgv: Sports, Wood Carving. JOSEPH S. VILA 5713 North Park Avenue AIIADEWIII fl1'li1'ities: Tennis Team A, C, E: Table Tennis Team A, C, li, Secre- tary C, Clin-dell Representative F. .-Iim: College. Holrlny: Tennis. Stamps. JEFFREY T. WALKDEN 3529 Sunnyside Avenue ACADEMIC 4r'til'ities: Debating Club, Current llvents Clubg Hi-Y Club: Slide Rule Club: St-natorg Linguists Club. 4im: Work and Penn University Night School. Hulrlgvi Collecting Tricky Slloeiaees. INEZ CLADYS WALTZ 5813 Knox Street COWIMERCIAL flim: Hampton Institute. Hollliv: Dancing. .TANI-I EDITH TURNER 4528 North Broad Street rzownmmzlu. flinz: Seeretary. llulrliv: Daneing, Musie ROBERT A. VAN 0' LINDA 1969 Church Lane IVIECIIANIC .mrs ,-lrtirities: Tennis TL-am A, C, Eg Table Tennis Team A, C, IC, Treas- urer lf: Clipper Representative ll. Aim: W ork. Holzliv: Tennis. QLINTON C. VRUUMAN, .IR. 7022 Nl s:Callum Street ACADENIIC Arrlivities: Basketball A, C: Clipper Staff C, D, Sports Editor C: Commit- tee of Ten A, BQ President of Senate A, Treasurer of Tli-Y B, Vice-President A: Treasurer of Class C. Secretarv B, De- bating Club A, B3 Senator C, D, F, Alternate E. Aim: Post-Graduate Course at Ger- mantown Academy. llolxlzy: Cartooning. EUNICE ISABELL XVAI.T.ACIC 6029 Norwood Street .xoanmi ll: Aim: College. Hulrlgv: Reading. GEORGE li. WASI I I NGTON 280 East Montana Street r:o'm1Elu:l xl. Aim: Work. Holrliy: Boxing. PENNSYLVANIA'S FUTURE CITIZENS if '5"9 , 41' Aer? Q K ff I . X , .-I f T 5 , 1 1 t t Q 'z +22 .. . 4, - , 'K if 1 .' 5 1 AUDREY J. W1-XTKINS 6726 North I7tll Street COMMERCIAL Activities: RECORD Book Staff A, Representative F: A. A. Regvrresenta- tive Cg IIorseback Riding Clu A. Aim: Secretary. Hubby: Horseback Riding, Dancing, Sports. NORMA LILLIAN W'EDUL 607 Church Lane COMMERCIAL Activities: Debating Club A, B, C, Dg Clipper C, D: Hi-Y A, B: Senator A, B, C, E, F, Alternate Dg Vice-Presi- dent of Senior Class Ag Secretary 12A Class Bg Dramatic Club Ag enior Play A: Committee of Ten A. Aim: Peirce Business School. Hobby: W'riting Poetry. GEORGE L. WELLS 6212 Magnolia Avenue ACADEMIC Activities: A Ca pella Choir A, B, C, D: Debating Club A, BQ Senior Play B. Aim: Advertising M anager. Hobby: Sports. NANCY ELISE WESNER 633 Wiest Sedgwick Street ACADEMIC ietivities: Swimming Club D, E, F: Dancing Club A, C, D: Debating Club A. B: Business Staff of School Play A. Aim: Peirce Business School, Hobby: Draw ing. DQR! DTIIY E. WIIALEY 2005 Ridley Street voCA'rIoNAI, ART 'ir-tiuities: Commercial Club A, F: Camera Club B, C, D. Aim: Artist. Hobby: Dancing, Ice Skating. .IACQUELINE L. WATSON 319 Hansberry Street COMMERCIAL Activities: Swimming Club B: Clip- per D, C: Prom Committee A. Aim: Business School. Hobby: Dancing, Swimming, Wfinter Sports. ELIZABETH ANNE WEIKEL 636 West Sedgwick Street ACADEMIC Activities: Hockey Club D, F, Latin Club E, D3 Gym Leader C, E, F3 Lunchroom Committee B: Cliveden Representative C, E, F: Prom Com- mittee Ag Business Staff of School Play A. Aim: Pennsylvania State College. Hobby: Dancing. THEODORE H. WENTZ 39 East Gowen Avenue WIECIIANIC ARTS Activities: Railroad Club C, D, Eg Debating Club A, B, Slide Rule Club Az, Ring Committee C: IIECORD BOOK Staff Ag Senior Play Business Staff A, Alternate A: Luncheon Committee A. Aim: Mechanical Engineer. Hobbs-: Model Railroading. MAR IE E. WEYCIIERT 304 Shedaker Street f:oNIyIERCI.u. Aim: Steuographer. Habbv: Reading. GEORGE C. WIHITEHEAD 6340 Morton Street MECHANIC Awrs Activities: Track. Aim: W'ork. Hobbv: Photography. PENNSYLVANINS d . fiaifl 1 A 452, ' I p ' 'X A' FUTURE CITIZENS CHARLOTTE H. WILLIAMS 6237 Vilister Street COMMERCIAL Aetit-ities: Commercial Club A, D. Aim: Secretarial Position. Hobby: Roller Skating, Reading. FIDELIA U. WILSON 455 West Coulter Street ,MIADEMIC Aim: School Teacher. Hobby: Singing. ROBERT ERNEST WINKLER 3105 West Penn Street MECHANIC ARTS Artivities: Railroad Club A, B, C, D, E, F, President A, B, C, Book Treas- urer C. Aim: Drexel Institute of Technology, Xleehanical Engineer. Hobby: Railroad Historian. MATILDA RUTII WLOSAR 724 Dorset Street COMMERCIAL A im: Stenographer. Hobby: Rea ding. EDITII MIQRIEL WRIGHT 96 VI est Sharpnack Street ACADEMIC Activities: Vice-President of Current Events Club Ag Hospital Auxiliary Club Secretary A, B, C. .-lim: Nurse. Hubby: Dancing. .IOIIN CHARLES XI ILSCIIKE 929 East Dorset Street wmclmmc: ,mrs Ieti1'itif's: Gvm Leader B. C, D, E F: Cheer Leader E, F: Golf Team A: C: School PIQIBB: Dramatic Cluh A, B, Alternate B, , E, Fg Senator C5 Slide Rule Cluh President A, B1 Secretarv of IZB Class. ' Aim: Virginia Military Institute, Electrical Engineering. liulllzy: Playing the Piano, Golfing. G WENIJOLYN IR ENE WI LSON 2123 Seventy-lifth Ax enue unmaunr Ielirilirfs: Latin Clulr A, B, C, D: lfym Leader Eg Dancing Clnh E. Aim: Business School. Hubby: Collecting Pictures of Friends and Dancing. KATHERINE MAE NX INSTON 2502 Nliest Cumberland Street ACADEMIC Aim: Iloward College, Nrt. I-foblzy: Art, Dancing. NI ARIAN CHRISTY WOOD 6128 North 20th Street COMMERCIAI. Aim: Office Wiork. Hobby: Writing Poetry, Hiking. JOHN D. Y EAGER 8I6 East Stafford Street ,umnemri Activities: Basketball A, B, C, D. .-lim: Position. Hobby: Sports. X 6216 'Vlagnolia Avenue vocA'rloN.AI, uvrs 'lClil'illil'5Z Poster XX ork. Aim: Art School. Hobby: Painting, llanving. V x :ii 6 Florence Murphy. . . Barbara Karholsen, . , .lanet Boyer ..,.... George Wells. . . "Barty7' Allen. . . Laura Craig .... "Jack" Brewer. . . "Ted" Wentz. . . . Louise Sharpe. . . "Connie" Ayres. . , Edward Block ,,.. "Issy" Gammons. . . "Bohm Cordon .... ".loe,, Vila .... Mildred Rose .... Daniel Reese ....... "Win1py" Vrooman. . . Joy Shapiro ...,.... Margaret Morrison. . . "Bud" Stiles ...... . "Walt" Kane ..... "Betty" Sweeney. . . "Bili,' Garner ...., Robert Dean. . . Ann Ashley. . . NYINFRIED LEUNA YEARICK JANE LOUISE YIIOST i329 Sixty-iifllx Avenue COWINIERCIAIA lim: Model. llolrbv: Playing llu' Piano SHIRLEY ALM EDA YOLBG 6887 North Zlllh Street Mtuluuliz -lrrliriliesf lloelu-3 F: Dancing Club JS, B, CQ Clipper Representative A: Swimming Club A, B, C, DQ Leaders Club E, F: Dramatic Club A, B, C, D1 Debating Club A, B1 Baseball E: Gym Nleet C. EgRa1:omm Boon Staff Ag Lin- guists Club A: Horseback Riding Club A, B, th Senior Play B, Advertising: Staff Ag Luncheon Committee A: Spring Festival A. Aim: Temple Lfuiwrsily, Physical Education Teacher. Hobby: Swimming, Horseback Rini- ing, Tennis, Dancing, XII Sports. DID YOU EVER SEE .,.. .,"0ut ry' love?" ...,.....,..,.Rl1umba? . . . Take o horsefor u rifle? . . .wfickle the ivories?7, . . . . , . .Hol11tl1atline? . . ,0utdo Sonja Henie? "Shootin' blomles? so 'ol zrorlring on the Record Book? .....,........,...,..Frown? .,.,,...,,,Withoutabook? . . . . . With ber blouse tucked in? .........,..Getinthegroove? Throu' a coughingjit in Social? . . ,ln French? CW'e're in ber I'll'0l1CII Class and we never see benj In "Ted" Wentz's "red wagon? . . llwitlmut ll Booster button? . , . . , . . 4 . .Without ajoke? , . ,fitterbug with "Cookie?,' , ..... ,litterbug with J oy? . . . . ,In record room? ....,.....PIayfootball? Trip the light fantastic? A. . 1, ..,...,........ Smile? M . ...,.. Not dressed up? ? ? WW ma, F? xx EVE fig? STATE TREE GIRLS' HI- GER TOW HI-Y First Row: Thorton, Mon- roe, Hammersley, Hudson, Manning, Haight, Adamson, Wedul. Second Row: Cooper, Amherg, Clemens, Snyder, Roberts, Bremier, Hager- dorn, Rau, 0,Neil. Third Row: Beatty, Gimhel, La- Rochv, Beatty, llemsath, Hollock, Gibson, Smith, Mc- Cutcheon, Muschenheim. Fourth Row: McGau, Kerst, Klink, Hirst, Kirrstetter, Murphy. Fifth Row: Mc- Cormick, Barber, Farquhar, Morrison, Meehan, Kirrstet- ter, Bishop. Sixth Row: Otto, Gosford, Courtney, Dewees, .lor4lon, McVicker, Mahalek, Rhodes. Bottom Rnw: Vfalkden, Old- ach, Smith, Mullen, Gor- don, Vrooman, Stiles. Svmmi Row: Lawrence, Frick, Bunt- ing, Seltzer, Borlle, Springer, Logan, Laerllein, Mr. Greene. Third Row: Mostertz. Luon- go, Unclcs, Carson, Buckley, Suflas, Stlnlenmuncl. Fourth Raw: Pierce, Miles, Ralston, Stout, Michell, Bechlle, Cal'- ferty, Staples. GIRL ' HIY NDER the able sponsorship of Miss Brummer the Senior lli-Y this term has continued to "create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and com- munity high standards of Christian characterfl The members are outstanding girls of the 12 B, 12A, and HB classes who are chosen by tryouts. Meetings are held twice a month. Social service plays an important part in the elub's program. To earn a guard for her pin, a Hi-Y girl may either work for three Saturdays in the Cornucopia Shop of the Germantown Hospital, or help serve at the dinner meetings which are held at the Y. W. C. 4. This term the plans include a dinner with the Boys' lli-Y and a week-end at Camp Tinieum. The oflieers are: President, Mildred lludsong Vice-President, Lois Manning, Secretary, .lean llaightg and Treasurer, Anne Mlamson. GER ANTOW HI Y 55 LICAN living, elean speech, clean scholarship, and clean sportsmanship," is the platform of the Germantown lli-Y. These planks are the foundation of tI1e eluh and the members try to live up to them. Membership in Germantown lli-Y Club, is one of the most highly prized honors of the school. The club itself is an organization of boys with high Christian ideals who have the purpose of extending these ideals throughout the school and community. The program of the Hi-Y consists of dinner meetings each Tuesday evening at six o't-lock with a business meeting afterwards including a speaker or a discussion. At each of this term's meetings there has been a guest faculty member present. The highlights of the year's program were the "mother and sonw dinner, the dance, and the joint meeting with the girls' lli-Y. Athletics are also included in the program of club activities and are very popular with the members. The officers this term were excellent, bringing the elub to a new high in standing and usefulness. They are headed by "Bohn Gordon, President, and included "Wimpy" Vrooman, Vice-President, Jim Mullen, Secretary: and Don Smith, Treasurer. The backbone of the elub is its sponsor, Mr. Garton S. Greene, who. without ruling, guides it in those channels that best, further its welfare and its work. Standing: Fabeck, Moorehead, Lachat, La Roche, Tahoga, Vifurst, McElhinney, Leser, Landell, Dubree, Hampton, 0'Neill, Cameron, Dirk, Rauch. Seated: Scholl, Vrooman, Schneider, Monroe, Cass, Steeley, Rau, Herold, Osborne, W'edul. Inset: Wvedul, Osborne, Dr. Mason. UN AD ERHAPS you saw yourself in the School Play this year-or, rather, someone like you. Are you a girl of sixteen, like heroine Penny Wood CAlma Rau, Norma Wedulj in the throes of her first love affair? Or are you a boy like Chuck Harris C'Dick', Mcllhinney, "Dodge" Ta- bogal, who took a long time to realize that he was the object of Penny's affections, and that she was the axis of his young love-life? Mrs. Wood., Penny's mother QMarie Monroej, was young in spirit, well-dressed, and full of a certain charm which made her house a center of neighborhood activity. The life of Penny's nineteen-year-old uncle, Mervyn Roberts CHarold Moorehead, Frank Rauchj, was blighted by the infatuation of Milly Lou Uean Cass, Eleanor Snyderj, the twelve- year-old neighborhood nuisance. Complications set in when Mervyn asked a "smoothie,' college friend, Roger Van Vleck fBruce Herold, "Pete,7 Osbornel, down for a visit. Roger captured Pennyfs heart for a while and also interested, but fleetingly, Mervyn's "glamour girl," Julie Harris CLois La Roche, "Pat" Dirkj. Mr. Wood, Pennyis father C"Bob" DuBree, "Doug" Hydej, throughout the play, stood agreat deal from his wife, but took it good-naturedly. Chuckfs father, Mr. Harris fAustin Landellj, gained a better understanding of his son, and even became an enthusiast for gliders like Chuck. Shirley and Ralph Wentworth CAlice Wurst, Lourainia Vrooman, and George Wellsj, friends of the Woods family, were typical brother and sister. Effie and Elmer, the hired help who were apart of the family,were portrayed by "Peggy" OiNeill, Bonnie .lean Hampton, and "Don" Cameron. Associated with the play were: Production Manager, Mary Claytong Assistant Prompter, Jeannette Armstrong. In the key positions on the business staff were: Chairmen-Accounting, M. Morrison and J. Kirrstetterg Ticket Sales, L. Manning, C. Binswangerg Advertising, P. McCann, K. Gualtieri. S THE American public slowly wakes to the realization that a movie cannot quite compare with "the real thing,'7 Germantown's Dramatic Club develops the growing interest in stage productions within the school. Miss Prince and Dr. Mason, the never-tiring co-sponsors ofthe vlub, are responsible for not only the plays and skits given at the meetings, but for the school play as well. This term's l1it was "June Mad.77 Club business was taken rare of by the capable officers: Robert Dean, President, Deirdre Rhodes, Vice-President, Mildred Hudson, Secretary, and Diogenes Taboga, Treasurer. This term's members are: Ameisen, Austin, Barber, Bassinger, Blum, Bodle, Bowers, Bremier, Buhler, Calhoun, Cameron, Cass, Clinton, Constable, Costigan, Daly, Deal, Dean, DuBree, Dungan, Eggleton, Ekey, Fisher, Gimbel, Goodwin, Cordon, Gualtieri, Guldin, llaetman, Hammersley, Hoffman, Hudson, Hughes, llun- sicher, Hyde, Irving, Jewell, Kaplan, Kennedy, Kershaw, Kirrstetter, Kupke, Lachat, Landell, LaRoche, Laskin, E. Logan, L. Logan, Lowe, Lytle, Manning, Martin, Mc- Callison, lNleCann, Mclillllinney, McCaw, MeMenamin, lVleNiel, Meehan, Miller, Monroe, Morningred, Mullen, Nicholson, O'Connell, Oldach, 0'Neit, Otto, Perlak, Rau, Reese, Rhodes, Rhon, Roberts, J. Robinson, L. Robinson, Roman, Ruiker, Scellan, Sharpe, Smith, E. Snyder, NI. K. Snyder, Spear, Staples, Stiles, Taboga, Vrooman, Wagner, Watkins, Weyerman, W'urst, Yeakel, Young, Zeigler. DRAMATIC CL B DEBATER HE purpose of the Debating Club is to encourage public speaking and to ac- quaint the members with the art of debating. The activities include prepared and impromptu debates, discussions, and occasionally challenges from other schools are accepted. The club meets on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. Once a term, the members and sponsors relax and enjoy a real social afternoon at a party. Most of the talent for this afternoon's entertainment is drawn from the club and includes instrumental music, dancing, singing, and impromptu debates. lNIueh ofthe success of this club is due to the sponsors, Miss Ege and Mr. Arnold, and to the officers: Olga Domanski, President, Bob Cordon, Vice-President, ,lohn Pierce, Secretary, Virginia Ruch, Treasurer. Under excellent leadership, the club has grown yearly in membership. This termis 12B members are: Ashley, Bowers, Bowser, Brown, Baldridgc, Brown, Brooke, Broom, Clinton, Cooper, Dickson, Domanski, Campbell, Clayton, Dykins, Craig, Gordon, Gillespie, Freed, Gimbel, Fieldman, Gualtieri, Huber, Jewell, Hirst, Hanna, Hunsburger, Hetzel, Keller, Kenna, Keyser, Kelley, Karholsen, Kupke, Logan, Lichten, Laquer, Leser, Kirrstetter, Wlanning, McCormick, MacNeal, Mc- Nulty, MeVieker, Meehan, Moorehead, Murphy, McCaw, Pierce, Reilly, Roberts, Rose, Rauch, Osborne, Ranieri, Ricci, Rieg, Roberts, Reed, Oldaeh, Nagle, Spindler, Selsor, Ruch, Staples, Stiles, Sharp, Studenmund, Smith, Robinson, Wedul, Walkdon. Wentz, Wesne1', Wells, Young, Thornton, Vrooman. Other members are: Avery, Binswanger, Actor, Benedict, Costigan, Groots, Haight, Holoch, Gibson, Holmes, Koplon, Lawfer, Hurwitz, McGinnis, Mahalek, Martin, Otto, Mullen, Roberts, Schwarz, Smith, Schellhomer, Stranges, Stallsmith, Wilder, Weintey, Widmaier, Beatty, Beatty, Allardice, Barber, Doly, Evans, Fischer, Flovell, llawes, Henny, La Roche, Keubler, Mott, McConn, Osborne, Remington, Ross, Mcliezing, Snyder, Spear, Suflas, Sommer, Sweeten, Von Dolsen, Turner, Wurst, Dillman, lleckman, Jenkins, Lowrey, Nicholson, Shontz, Steeley, Sudlow, Smith, Wilson. 'Ruud 1464-at LINGUIST URING its first term of existenrc, this club gained popularity by leaps and bounds with its unique combination of the French, Spanish, and German lan- guages. As a result, the number of members this term has doubled, asituation which creates more problems to be solved by the sponsor, Miss Chubb. lVIonthly meetings are planned to broaden the study of languages by showing the ways and customs of the people who speak them. There are some fortunate members who can speak from personal experiences and observations abroad. This term's Linguists are led by: Lorraine Clayton, President, Edward Laquer, Vice-President, Doris Ilollock, Secretary, and llelen Beatty, Treasurer. Other members this term are: Nllen, Ambcrg, Aronovitz, Bacon, Ball, Barrett, Beatty, A., Blasius, Blochc, Bassinger, Horrgesser, Boughner, Boyd, Boyer, Brem, Bremier, Brooke, Brower, Clemens, Clinton, Cohen, Cooper, Copeland, Costello, Daly, Domanski, Drew, Dukas, Eichler, Erick, Fabeck, Ferguson, Fielding, Fingles, Gardy, Gass, Givirtz, Golove, Gordon, A., Gordon, Fi., Gosford, Grimsly, Groots, Gross, Ilaight, B., llaight, J., llaimbaeh, llartman, Ileckman, Ililtz, lloenig, llop- kins, lloppin, Hunter, Iberg, Johnson, Jones, Kalter, Kellner, Kenna, Kennedy, Kerst, Kirrstetter, J., Kirrstetter, R., Klein, Kornfeld, Kraemer, Kupke, Laquer, B., Laurence, Levine, Libson, Loper, Lowrey, Lunitz, Luongo, Manning, L., Manning, L., lwartin, B., Martin, YI., Maytrott, McCann, Meehan, Miller, E., Miller, J., Miller, J., INIiller, J., Mogill, Mosertz, Mott, O'Connell, Ogden, Otto, Patterson, Pinder, Provenzano, Redfield, Reid, Robins, Rosner, Scitz, Smalet, Smith, Snyder, E., Sny- der, M. K., Spear, SuHas, I., Van Dolsen, Weiss, West, Wurst, Wilson, Zimmerman. CAPPELLA CHOIR HE A Cappella Chorus, under the excellent leadership of Miss Grace Evans, has become one of the outstanding groups in Germantown High. This group's popularity has steadily grown by their singing at churches, on the radio, and at other social functions. The chorus makes a striking appearance in its new green and white gowns, which were purchased for them by the classes of January and June, 1940, and the NIothers' Association. We give three cheers for Miss Evans and her chorus for the many pleasant pro- grams they have given us. First Row: McCormick, Wey- erman, Wilkinson, Baxter, Gommel, Dressler, Hammers- ley, Thiry, Kurtz. Svcund Row: Seitz, Stefansen, Young, Ruch, Brown, Johns, Zifferblatt, Courtney, Reichcr, Hoffmeister. Third Row: Davidson, Rosenber- ger, Passerini, Pearce, Speck, Gill, Miller, Lush, Cochrane, Wells. Fourth Row: Con- stable, C. Smith, Wleddell, D. Smith, Ralston, Page, Portnoff, Margerum, Wilson, Marks. Saloists: Mildred Johns, Ma Kurtz. Accom- panist: lllancy Reicher. LI UISTS CAPPELLA CHOIR lhont Row: Fleck, Hemsath, Suflas, Lytle, Newall, Levine, Kaplan, Blockc, Bremier, Begium McNeil. Second Row: Osbourne, Barrett, O'Neil, Als ach, D'Ambrosia, Benner, Bickhart, Ros- ner, Jaffe, Hunsicker, Goode, Drcw, lberg. Third gnu-: Fischer, Hanna, Tompkins, Wilson, Johnson, Beidler, Wilson, Wblhnger, Wlinder, Smith, Rieg, Kuebler, Spear. Fourth Row: Davies, Crawford, Lieherman, Cohen, Keefe, Hepford, Goldman, Srenuo, Berman, Dewees, Eberle. Manning, Raniere. Fifth Row: Licfcrman, Steytlcr, Clayton, Rs-inee, Hirst, Kirdiner, Logan Sindell, Siani, Seiber, Durriek, Trimble, Magill, Morrison. Tap Row: Plaglcson, Fluhrer, Rod: ner, Lichten, Ogden, Wilder, Hickey, Laquer, Boyle, Simon. Boyd, Erisman, Hoenig. First Row: Mcflleary, Keim fTrcasurerJ, Logan, Nicholson QVice-Presidentj, McAllen, Patten, Fisher. Secmul Raw: Clecland, Jacob, Yvilson, llcckman, Scoot, Hugh, Gardy. Third Row: Moore, Trolla, Fisher, Bechler, Stcytler, Dodd, Hellyer. Fourth Rmr: Biekhart, Albertson, Aurel. Goico, Fulton. UNIOR HI-Y LATI CL HE Latin Club is one ofthe oldest organizations in the school, and has long been respected at Germantown for its interesting programs, which seem to bring Latin back to life. This term has been no exception. Under the excellent leader- ship of Nliss W'ilson, the club has kept, its reputation by holding many fascinating meetings. At one gathering a guest speaker spoke about Ancient Greece, another time there was an "Information Please" program with the members asking the ques- tions and the teachers answering them. ln May the club presented a Latin play in the school auditorium. At commencement the Latin Club presents a prize to the boy and girl senior having the highest marks in a Latin examination taken at the end of the semester. This term the officers were: Ruth Levine, Presidentg Robert Newall, Vice-Presi- dentg Ada Kaplan, Secretary, and llelcn Beatty, Treasurer. Hli Junior lli-Y endeavors "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian characterf, All of the thirty- six members have pledged to adhere to this motto, not only during club ses- sions, but throughout evcry day. A meeting is held every other Monday at which both business and social events are planned. During the ensuing semester tl1e Hi-Y has a full schedule arranged. They intend to take part in social service work, to visit institutions about Philadelphia, have a dinner, a dance, and other good times at tl1e Y. W. C. A. The officers this term are: President, Esther Yerkesg Vice-President, Peggy Nicholson, Secretary, Jane Tomlin, and Treasurer, Betty Keim. With Miss Buckley as adviser and friend we are sure the lli-Y will attain new heights. The graduating class wishes the club success in all its undertakings. UNIOR HI-Y Seniaa E Must Studious Lorraine Clayton Edward Block B1-st Looking Eva Hunsherger "Bart" Allen M ost Popular "Bob', Gordon "Peg" McVicker Mos: Azhlpzic "Bill" Suflas Marion Twining M ost H umarous Helen McGow "Wimpy', Vrooman Best Dancers Jeanne Lenton ".limN Wilschke Best Dressed Bruce Staples "Pegg Brown Most Glamaurous Gloria Greenfield "Bart" Allen Most Likely to Succeed "Bohn Gordon Olga Domanski First to be Married John Calhoun "Dot" Stevenson If A, - ff' , ,. W T1 X my . ,.. fi k 'ff 'V I ,, . Y 1. - 'EQ -1 , Q32 5. I v 91 ,f " 1 7"-f 4ff?E.1aeQ5s,Q'Sii Fff"' ami' -W g 'u 'Xt . . 2--1-21-w.12: -- E , f -- V, -1 , , - A ' fev1'lifs5f?i Q Q 3 1 -a xi Wx' '5 L Ei? f If 3325? M, 353345 xxx' ' vs 55 SV W ' L ,, ,s fy . N., , 5 V Wx ., , 4' f E M .-14+ V ,VV,, .Wa 1. a ,Jil 44. , E 1 ik . - ,Mi LK Q as mf ef 7 u a L97 I , 1, 16g f M ,Z 5 H ...,,.. 1, 23 Q f if g 'fl RAILROAD CL Standing: Wbiland, Sludcnmund, Moyer. Smlvd: Singer, Mclllhinncy, Mr. Bortner, Winkler, Maitland. f' 'wwf -f-- 4.35 L . " Front Row: Irving, Bishop, Borhonus, Nas-gaele, Rogan, Back Rauf: Mr. Primiano, Page, K4-rsv., Thomas, Stahlsmilh QTN-asurvrj, Lands-ll CSm:r4'taryj, lbory, Lange, Downing, Sabul. CHEMISTRY CL RAILROAD CL B OR many years the Railroad Club was under the helpful guidance of its adviser, a member of the Social Studies Department. Mr. Leigh Wells Prentice. From the time the club was organized, he accompanied them on many trips made to the Philadelphia Model Club, the Annual Philadelphia Model Show, and to many exhibits of streamlined trains that have had their showings in Philadelphia. Frequently, at the club meetings that were held every Monday in Room 327, Mr. Prentice would show exciting motion pictures about the Evolution of American Transportation, Railroad History, and many other interesting subjects concerning railroads. The Railroad Club suffered a great loss when Mr. Prentice recently passed away. The faculty adviser taking his place, Mr. Charles Bortner, will also look after the Railroad Club. Under Mr. Bortner's supervision the club plans to make extensive trips to the Erie Avenue Engine House of the Reading Railway, the Forty-sixth Street and South Philadelphia Engine llouses of the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the Eastside Engine House of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad for the purpose of learn- ing how the railroads are operated and to photograph their locomotives. It is hoped that these trips, the railroad literature distributed by Mr. Bortner, and the many discussions held at the club meetings, about the modern trains, Diesel engines, and railroad safety, will be helpful to the members. It is also hoped that these boys, with their practical knowledge of the American railroads, will be able to contribute something toward the great National Defense program. The ofhcers of the Railroad Club are: Robert Winkler, Presidentg Dick Mell- hcnny, 'Vice-President: and Blake Moyer, Secretary. CHEMISTRY CLUB HE students of Germantown lligh School now have the opportunity of joining a newly formed club. Only under the able management of Mr. Primiano, the sponsor, and Lois llerst, the president. has the Chemistry Club been able to organize and accomplish fascinating work. The members of this club, which meets on Wednesday afternoons, carry out ex- pcriments in chemistry which arc optional in their classroom work. Being in a chemistry class is not necessary for eligibility in the club. The club ofliccrs this term are: Lois Kcrst, President, Betty Bishop, Vice-President, Austin llillltlklll, Secretary, and Alim- Slillllfillllill, 'llrcasurer RRE EVENTS VER since its organization, the Current Events Club of Germantown High School has been under the able direction of Miss Grotevent. With her help the club has had enjoyable weekly meetings. The members of the Current Events Club are usually those students who wish to know more about the world situation at the present time than their regular class periods furnish them. The students obtain this information by having discussions and debates on certain sub- jects, which are based on newspaper and magazine articles. The members of the club this year are: Frank Rauch, Jane Lawrence, Loretta Rauch, Zena I-Ieckman, Michael Smalet, George Laquer, Shirley Jacobs, Frances Taulane, Laura Lou Courtney, Irene Suflas, Sally Spear, Ursula Keeler, Norma Bur- eau, Florence Osborne, Priscilla Barrett, Janet Bryan. First Row: Ranch, Lawrence, Rauch, Hcckman, Smalet, Laquer. Second Row: Jacobs, Taulane, Courtney, SuHas, Spear. Third Row: Keeler, Bureau, Osborne, Barrett, Bryan. LIDE LE CL First Rauf: Fasy, Joly, Jones, Frick, Vlilschke, Hanna, 0'N4-il, Jewel. Second Row: Wentz, Ams- ler, Jordan, Lepley, Oldach. Third Kaur: McKinstry, Kosher, Staples, Miller, Kraemer, Dr. Rodman, Kennedy, Smith. Fourth Row: Logan, Broom, Thomas, Paige, Bcker. HE Slide Rule Club is an organization for mathematicians and those interested in higher mathematics and physics. The club, under the auspices of Dr. Jessie A. Rodman, enables the students to learn the use of the slide rule. Dr. Rodman has been the sponsor of the club since its organization. The first term is devoted to simple calculations, multiplication, division, roots, and powers. The following term, trigonometry is taught on the slide rule. The learn- ing of these functions on the slide rule aids the student in his algebra, advanced geom- etry and trigonometry. After the student has been in the club a year, he is eligible to compete for a slide rule in the annual contest. On such an occasion, Dr. Rodman gives the club problems, and the member getting the greatest number correct wins the prize. Every member of the club feels that learning to use the slide rule in high school is an asset for a future in engineering school or business. The officers for this term were: President, "Jim" Wilschkeg Secretar -Treasurer, y Roberta Jewell. COMMERCIAL CLUB HE Commercial Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Catharine Logan, meets the second Monday of each month. All commercial students from IIA to 12B inclusive are eligible for membership. Activities include lectures by representative business persons, and visits to places which are sources of practical information to those who will shortly enter the business world. One of the attractions this term was a trip to the testing la- boratories of a large retail concern. Members also enjoyed a party held at the term's close. A worthy project of this club is the awarding of the commercial prizes to the boy and girl of the commercial course having the highest senior averages. The officers this term were: President, Dorothy Stevenson, Secretary, Eleanor Kullg and Treasurer, Florence Smith. Front Row: Stephenson, Gohrs, Luongo, Kull, Steven- son, Smith, Schaeffer, Mur- phy. Second Row: Taylor, 'inerghty, Trucksess, Vahle, Ermac, Lobasso. Kellmer, Morrison, Russel. Third Row: Burns, Brun, Loren- zine, Truxes, Davis, Dager, Ari 0, Finn, Albertson, gfhompson, Strasser. First Row: Cottoni, Bell, Zwin, Yeager, Wright, Buchse, Zurn, Mott. Second Row: Hiltz, Crosiar, Dixon, Dager, Martiniz, Frech, Ce- rino, Cooling. To Row: Hoop, Crawford, Eoyne, Stanton, Dixon, Brown, Gardy. HIS clubiunder the inspirationalldirection of Miss Pauline Chapman, has as its aim the giving of pleasure to others less fortunate than they. Many of these girls are interested in nursing, and every Tuesday a group visits the Women's College Hospital where it entertains children in the wards, or assists the nurses in making surgical dressings. Each term the girls dress dolls and fill stockings for these children. The present officers of the club are: President, Virginia Lawsg Vice-President, Amy Yeagerg Secretary, Edith Wrightg and T reasurer, Mildred Evans. HOSPITAL AUXILIARY NE of the most interesting and educational organizations in Germantown High is the Camera Club. Started by Dr. Bacon in the early days of the school, it was a large active club of boys. Under Dr. Bacon's leadership, a dark room on the fourth floor was made available for the club,s use. The group held an exhibition each year, hut when Dr. Bacon retired last year the Camera Cluh was discontinued. This term the club was organized once more under the supervision of Miss Young and Mr. Gelman. Mr. Celman is interested in the processes of photographing, and Miss Young in results of color work. The club gave an exhibition this year, showing to good advantage the fine work done by the members. This term's officers are: President, Anna Eunaekg Vice-President, Peter Adamson, Secretary and Treasurer, Eleanor Cohrs. CA ERA CL Seated: Smith, Ermack, Gohrs. Standing: Sanford, Adamson, Geiger, Gerhardt, Kull. WHO'S WHO I 19 1 'QBARTYU ALLEN. . , ANN ASHLEY ...... HCONNIE7, AYRES, . . . "BOB" BODLE .,.. . . HPEGGYN BROIIN. . . . "LES" CALKINS ,... . . LORRAINE CLAYTON. . SHIRLEY CLENIENS, . , OLGA DOMANSKI.. . . "FISH', FISCIIELIS. . , NANCY FAROEIIAR. . . "BORN GORDON, . . . HBIINI77 HUDSON. . , , JANET KENNEDY ..,, JEANNE KIRRSTETTER. . , . , . , . "BETTY7' KUPKE. . . . JEANEN LENTON , . . LOIS NIANNING ..., . "B. J." NIEEIIAN. . . , HELEN MCGAW. . . , I "PEGGY,' MCWTICKER. UBILLN OLDACH. . , . . JOHN PIERCE .... Q'DAN" REESE. . . "DEEP IIHODES. . . . "M1L77 ROSE. . . ., elGINNY77 RUEII. . . . LOUISE "SHARPIE". . "DoN'7 SMITH I FRANK SMITH I HPEGV, SORBER. . . BRUCE STAPLES ..... "DOT" STEVENSON. . "BORN VLAN OVLINDA "BUD" "BoB,' STUDENMUND. NBILLN re NORRIA WEDUL ..... NJIMV, WILSCHKE. . . STILES ...,..... .... SUELAS ....., .... W IMPYP VROOAIAN ,... .,.. Author of "How to Set Feminine Hearts Afluttern President of Women's Club Secretary to President of United States Foreign Correspondent Wlorldls Best Dressed Woman llollywood's No. 1 Heart-throb Loving wife of lVIr. Gable President of Ladies' Bible Class Editor of "P, S." fPhiladelphia,s answer to New York's "P lVl J Author of "Tall Tales for Tiny Tots" Still trying to convince ,em she's a natural blonde Still "Winning Friends and Influencing People" Military Wedding? ? ? Driving Hollywood wild Dean of Women at Hood Olga's right-hand man at MP. Sf, office Soloist with "Ballet Russen World-famous Nylon stocking advertisement Taxi Service, Inc. Voted Broadwayis most photogenic musical comedy President of Young Ladies, Date Association Manager of Chewing Gum Factory Harvard's most promising young lawyer Leading cheers at--? llousekeeper for disabled football players Entertainer for disabled football players Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Who knows? ? ? l l l Still making up detentions for Miss Grotevent No. 1 New York lNIodel Esquire Model We wonder Now you know Philadelphia Playboy College football manager Professional football player Top billing-Broadway7s most famous comedian "Sugar and spice and everything nice" girl . , , . .Fred Astaire's stiffest competitor Stal' STAT E H I RD ACKERMAN, LEUNARD Football II, '39: I, '40 ALLEN, BARTON Football II, '39, I, '40 Baseball II, '39, '40 AMSLER, MARTIN R. Track II, '4l BADHMAN, DEAN Basketball Numerala '40: II, '4l BEKER, MARVIN Soccer Manager II, '3B: I, '39 BERNARDO, ANTHUNY Football II, '40 Gym Leader BODLE, ROBERT ALLAN Tennis I, '38, '40, '4l Gym Leader BREWER, JACK Fencing Il, '4l BUNTING, BRUCE R. Basketball Numerals '38: II, '40, '41 Truck Numcrala '40 Cross Country 11, '40 cALulNs, LESTER Basketball Numcralc '40 Baseball 1, '40 CONRAD, WARREN Basketball II, '41 Gym Team 1, '41 Track 11, '41 ECKHARDT, JAMES CLAYTON Cross Country 11, '39 Enev, JOHN Basketball Numcrula '40, '4I FAnlNA, WILLIAM Gymuaauca 1, '41 FISHER, :l.1.lo1' Numerals '40 rnszn, JAMES E. cmac Country II, '39 Track Numerals '40 CC 99 1sA11111soN, 11101111110 Table Tennis Il, '39, '40, '41 culnasnc, c1u1111.:s 11. Basketball Numerals '39, II, '40 1, '4l cannon, 11005111 ALLEN Tennis 1, '41 1le1lo1.n, sauce A. Gymnastics 11, 'zac 1, '39, '40, '4 Football II. '37 Track ll, '40, Numcrala '41 umm, CHARLES Gymnastics 1, '40 KING, LINCOLN Soccer Numcrala '30, '39, '40 Track Numerals '39, II. '40s 1, '4 Gymnastics 11, '41 l:r1.:v, RAYMOND c. Tabla Tennis Numerals '40 Gymnastics 1, '41 Truck 11, '4l Love, 110195111 Track Numcrala '39 MILES, RICHARD Basketball II. '41 Moons, lossrll Baseball II, '39: 1, '40, '41 uloonllouss, 1111111111 11. Soccer II, '40 0LDACH, WILLIAM ll. Track 11, '40, 1, '41 Cross Country II, '39 Fbbrball Numerals '30 vneux, ROGER Table Tennis Numcrula '41 1111Ls1'oN, 101111 Football Numcralc '39 Basketball Assistant lvlauugcr, Numcralc '30, '39 REESE, DANIEL claccrlcarlcr '41 Table Tennis Numerals '40 ATHLETIC CDU CIL sslson, :vm Football II, '30, '39: 1, '40 swlmmlug 11, '40 smml, FRANK Gymnastics Il, '40, 1, '41 Track II, '41 SPINDLER, RICHARD 11. Football 11, '39: 1, '40 Baakcrbrll Numcrulu '40 smes, clnsou A. cblf 1, '41 Backcrball Numcrulu '39, '40c 11, '41 Gym Leader STRDLLU, MICHAEL Cross Country II, '39 s1uosuu1unn, noasnr Football lvluuagcr 11, '39, 1, '40 suruls, WILLIAM Ba.-rkcrball Il, '39, '4or 1, '41 Baseball ll, '39, '40, 1, '41 Football Il. '39, 1, '40 Gym Leader Tower, FRANK Table Tennis Manager Il, '39, '40, '41 Tennis Numcrala '39, '40, 1, '41 vm 01111011 Tennis Il, '39c 1, '40, '41 Table Tennis Numerals '39: 11. '40, '41 VILA, JOSEPH Tennis II, '-so: 1, '41 Table Tennis II, '39, '40 VROOMAN, Qumran Basketball Numerals '39, ll. '40, '41 WILSCHKA, -IDNN C. Golf I, '40, '4I Cheerleader '39 YEAGEIL NNN Basketball II, '40 Barthold Soderherg Zwarg Augustin Raacke Nicholas Kehs Strauss Raith Top Row: Christman, Brady, Mc- Kinney, Ackerman, Swartley, Mar- gerum, Wolfinger, R. Luongo, Fania, Conway, Lake, Ashbey, VV:-iters. Middle Raw: Studenmund, Allen, Martin, S indler, Carroll, Lutz, Green, Feefey, Green, Miley, Suflas, Luongo, Chanco, Augustin. Bottom Row: Goldberg, Pattie, Stewart, Hebden, Shearer, McClelland, Sel- sor, McCullough, Doyle. PIGSKINNERS ITH the arrival of autumn came one of the biggest thrills for a Germantown High School student, the football season. Among the many veterans who returned from the previous season were Luongo, Lutz, Miley, Spindler, Allen, Feeley, and the Green twins. Up from the second team came Martin, Suflas, Carroll, and Ackerman. Studenmund was promoted to manager. In the first game, a favored La Salle team was downed by the untested Bears by the score of 7-6. The next victim of the High Street gridmen was Olney. The backfield of Luongo, lNIartin, Allen, and Sufias led the team to a 26-0 victory. After this game the football spirit of the school was highly aroused, as was the fighting spirit of the team. In their first acid test against a strong eleven, the Bears were held to a scoreless tie by North- east. During the game, the green and white gridders marched to the one-yard line, but were stopped by the strong Northeast forward wall. When Gratz was crushed, 33-0, Germantown was in the running for first place in the Public High League. Next came the thrill-packed Roxborough game. The Indians outweighed the Bears and used this weight to advantage by gaining a 19-7 lead. With Martin and Allen running reverses, Luongo smashing through center, and Spindler snatching passes, the aroused Bears overcame the lead and won by the score of 27-19. As a result of the "win,'7 Germantown captured first place in the Public High League. A supposedly weak West "Philly" team was next encountered, and the Speedboys surprised everyone by holding the overconfident Clivedens to a scoreless deadlock. Finally, the long awaited game with our traditional rival, Frankford, approached. The Blue and Gold scored twice in the first quarter and held a 14-0 lead at the half. A fighting Germantown team came out for the second half. Martin and Allen teamed up on a passing combination that advanced the ball to Frankford's two-yard line. "Big Bill" Luongo smashed over for a touchdown on his second line buck. Luongo, Lutz, and Miley combined on around end plays, but the powerful Frankford line held the Bears on the one-foot line. Although Frankford won the game, 14-6, Germantown had the Blue and Gold on the defensive throughout the second half and held a 12-8 advantage in first downs. We were the only team to score on Frankford, but the only defeat suffered by our boys yielded the Public High League crown to them. The last game of the season was the annual Turkey Day classic against Norristown. Both teams were hampered by a muddy field, and the game ended in a scoreless tie. Much credit should be given to Coach Augustin for the success of the team. The seniors who graduate this June are Allen, Martin, Suflas, Carroll, Spindler, and Ackerman. Top Rolf: Turner, Stiles, Ekey, Abrams, Stout, Bunt- ing, Bartle, Frank, Miles. Middle Row: hir. Barthold, Goldberg, Conrad, McGar- vey, Haviland, Lake, Bach- man, Lutz, Brown, Bunn. Bollom Row: Suflas, Vroo- man, Yeager, Paster, Calkins, MaeFarland, Bradfield. BASKETEERS FTER dropping two pre-season games to La Salle and Penn Charter, the Green and White basketeers successfully opened their official season by defeating Olney in the first league tilt by the score of 19 to 16. However, the Bartholdmen settled back into the doldrums and lost four straight games to Northeast, Bartram, Southern, and Central. It was not until the Gratz game that Germantown was able to break that win column again when "Charlie" Goldberg, sailed a last-minute field goal to give the Green and White a 26 to 25 decision. Germantown then traveled to Doylestown to encounter the National Farm School during the vacation period. After giving the Clivedens a wholesome meal, the "farmers7, handed them a 39 to 16 defeat to digest. Beginning the new term by playing Ben Franklin, our basketeers handed the "Poor Richards" a 34 to 27 drub- bing with "Tom'7 1VIcGarvey, sinking six field goals for Germantown. Next the public high champions, the boys of West "Philly,'i came to Germantown, and the "Speed- boys" proceeded to show our team that they were the champions by defeating us to the tune of 31 to 18. The Roxborough Indians scalped our team, but not until after a hard fought battle, with the visitors winning, 36 to 24. Traveling to Frankford to play our traditional rivals, the Green and White avenged the defeat suffered in foot- ball with "Bill'7 Sufias, former footballer, ripping the cords for twelve points. The final score stood German- town, 33, Frankford, 23. Germantown closed their season by dropping a contest to Overbrook, 34 to 20. The seniors graduating from this year's squad are: "Bill" Sufias, "Charlie7' Goldberg, Lester Calkins, Bruce Bunting, Carson Stiles, and "Wimpy,' Vrooman. With "Tom" McGarvey, "Rip,' Brown,and Captain "Charlie,' MacFarland returning next year, the chances for the Green and White look rosy. SHI SKINNER ERMANTOWNS soccer tean1 did not burn up tl1e league this year, but the other teams certainly knew they were there. Although they won only one contest, the boys played hard fought games, losing by nar- row margins. This was the first year the Green and White was represented by a team in the league, a select circle consisting of only six teams. The young team that Coach Hynson put on the field gained valuable first year experience. None of the boys graduate this spring so a veteran team will report for duty next fall. Out- standing among the players was "Bucky", Miller, who was elected captain. With the school yard being torn up and rebuilt, the squad was forced to practice at the Germantown Boys' Club, which is quite a distance from the school. Credit is given to Ray Mullen for his valuable coaching assistance. Front Row: Baker ClVlana- gerj, Ewing, King, Laquer, Lathrop, Barns, Raby, Tucker. Middle Row: Bodle, Miller, Richter, Malizice, Smith, Gowdy, Summerville, Sharack, Jacobs. Back Row: Scottie, Roman, B. Miller, Redington, Mr. Hynson, Whittacker, Thompson, Pol- lichetti, Sudders, Helfer. Tnp Row: Bodne fManagerj, Menges, Steinman, Rickard, Patten, Zayon, Church, Christy. Luckens, Gavin, Vl'inter CAssistant Managerj. Front Row: Camp, Cater, Bunting, Brownsworth, Von Vlack, Bruno, McCurdy, Parker. LTHOUGH the Green and White harriers of Germantown did not have a successful season, they did man- age to keep out of the cellar by defeating Gratz. The outstanding members of this yearis squad were "Dick'7 Church and Charles Rickard. The latter won a beautiful cup by competing with an outside club in a Mara- thon race. Bruce Bunting and james Brownsworth are the only members graduating, but with the other members of the squad and Church and Rickard returning, Germantown should place high in the championships. Too much credit cannot be given to those boys who do their best for Germantown without much publicity and support. LUPERS TROTTER First Row: Dotts CManagerj, She pard, Fisher, Christy, Mclginney, Church, Menges, Harris, Finkenauer, Rickard. Second Row: McDonough, Goudy, Mackey, Lentz, Lut- kens, Brownworth, Luongo, King, Pronzato, Leple , Old- ach, Smith, Weir, Sruders. 'Third Row: Sheetz fManagerl, Goodman, Galante, Vl'ilson, Murphy, Masters, Redding- ton, Reichart, Kohler, Ams- ler, Whitehead, Raden, Brewer, Smith, Stevens, Carter. RYOUTS for the track team were held up because the school yard was being repaired. There are plenty of untried rookies who may nose out some of the veterans when given tryouts. From the cross country team came Captain "Dick7' Church and Charles Rickard to run the longer distances along with Charles Mcnges. Coach Reith expects "Bob" McKinney, star gymnast, to reach the height of eleven feet in the pole vault. Sheppard returns for the hop, step and jump, while "Bob,' Luongo, Kershaw, Bower, and King compete in the low hurdles. Other boys who are expected to round out the team are Wilson, Fisher, Oldach,and Murphy. It is certain that with all this material on hand Coach Reith will develop a sound team, and be a threat in the Public High League. NE of the newer sports at Germantown High School, table tennis, is becoming increasingly popular. Under the guidance of Mr. Shuster, the team was organized three years ago, when it became a member of the Public High League, but chielly because of player shortage, has not yet been able to win the champion- ship. During the 1940-41 season, the team, captained by "Dick" Garrison, won two matches while dropping six. "Joe" Vila was the team's outstanding player and leading scorer. Other members of the team were: "Bob', Van O'Linda, Frank Towey, "Lou" Roman, Ralph Malaby, "Jack" Seidman, Felix Stranges, Roger Preux, "Bill" Price, "Bill" Bailey, "Bill,' Van 0'Linda, Claude Chouteau, "Bill,' Haff, and Franklin Brickman. Mem- bers graduating are: Vila, Garrison, R. Van 0'Linda, Stranges, Towey, and Preux. PIGMY 'PENN S Standing: Vila, Garrison, VV. Van O'Linda, Mr. Shuster, Towey, Stranges, Brooks, Bailey, Price. Seated: Chou- teau, R. Van O'Linda. First Row: Kulp, Bender, Dise, Groves, Marks, Chanco. Second Row: Bissig, Cummings, Miller, Suhas, Moore, Charles, MacFarland, Miley, Stranges. Third Row: Eden, Dienstman, Jenkins, Mitchell, Serino, Law, Diggs, Vaughn, Mcilough, Quigley, Zincaro, 0'Donnell, Coach Raackc. BASEBALL ITH the baseball season getting under way, Germantown's chances this spring are not as bad as they seem. The only lettermen returning are Captain "Joe" Moore and "lack" Kulp who hold down the hot corner and the keystone sack, but Coach Raacke has much talent coming up from the second team. The rest of the infield should consist of Charles at first base and Bissig at shortstop, while Bender should see plenty of action behind the plate. "Bill,' Groves will be used as a utility infielder. In Charles MacFarland, "Bob" Miley, "Barty', Allen, and Vernon Dise, the Clivedens have a formidable pitching staff which should win quite a few games with the aid of some timely hitting from their teammates. Outfielders Albert Chanco, "Bill" Suilas, "Tom" Cummings, and Marks round out the team. Germantown defeated Germantown Academy 7 to 3 in the only game played to date. So with this as a start and if the newcomers develop., the Clivedens should make a good showing in the Public High League. Jla,p,W Afaufu 1 Q ww :ffl 8 fl Kgs' . ,.,, ., ,,,, vw 'i sf ffmgw ,ggmmff , . , bmfff 4-wr M ,,,W, ,,,,,,,,,.. 1: Izaffflwssffiala- '2aesf:z'E!zseesrf' exec 1 ngaynffgz-i::??z. 'W 9 .adfillih M .sgmf-MA G Y M T E A M ERMANTOWN High School's gym team placed fifth in the city champion- ship meet, held at the Philadelphia Turners Gymnasium at Broad and Colum- bia Avenue. Although four "Zwargmen" won places in the championship, this was still not enough to bring victory to the Germantown team, because of very keen league competition. "Bohn McKinney and "Steve" Green won the city tumbling and side horse championships, respeetivelyg Bruce Herold and Frank Smith tied for third place on the side horse. Next year the team will suffer from the loss of Bruce Herold, captain, and three- year veteran, and co-captain, Frank Smith, a member of the squad for two years. Warren Conrad, William Farina, 'Lincoln King, and Raymond Lepley, all first-year members, will also graduate. Dr. Zwarg hopes that many new members will report next year for the squad as the positions of graduates this term will have to be filled. HEROLD W. CONRAD, D. CONRAD GREEN RACQUETEERS HIS year Coach Strauss is dubious of the team's chances in the Public High League. When "Bob" Miller, number one singles man last year, moved to Washington, the burden fell on the shoulders of "Bohn Bodle and "Bob,' Van O'Linda. One of these is certain to land the number one position, with ",loe,' Vila playing number three. The Green and White netmen will play all their home games at our home field if the courts are ready. Otherwise, the Clivedens will continue to play host to the visitors at the Allen's Lane Courts. First Raw: Passerini, Hoover, Farina, Mowhat, Rosenber- er. Second Row: Mack ?Managerj, E. Laquer, WI Conrad, King, D. Conrad, Ehrig, Greeves, Lepley, D'Amhrosio. Third Row: McKinney, Herold fCap- tainj. Smith. First Row: Gordon, Clemins, Mullen, VVills. Second Row: Van O'Linda, Towey, Vila, Bodle, Mr. Strauss. 7 . N THE fall term of 1938, a fencing team was organized in Germantown High School. 1t was sponsored by lV1r. Laderman and coached by Dr. Swarg. A year later it was accepted into the Public High League. Al- though the team has not won a championship, it can boast of an outstanding performer in William Govette who graduated in June, 1940. Govette won the epep championshipin 1939 and the city foil championship in 1940. This year the team was ably sponsored by hir. Weiss. Its members were: Howard Gewertz, James Bower, and James Brewer in the foilg Leslie Kaufman and James Grifhth in the eppe. After representing the school in fencing for three consecutive years, Captain Gewertz, Brewer, and Griffith will lay down their swords in June, 1941. FE C113 Sitting: Gewertz fCaptainj, Brewer, Menne. Standing: Shade flylanagerj, Mr. Weiss, Singer, Griffith. GOLF First Row: Wvilschke. Second Row: lN1acDonald, GriHin, Wvall, Stiles. Third Row: Jolly, Keeler, Brewer, hir, Kehs. HE 1940 golf team made one of the best showings it has made for years. It finished in second place after Roxborough. This season the "straight hitting golfers" under the able coaching of Mr. Kehs, expect to give the other schools a tough battle. Through the courtesy of Marble Hall the boys are able to practice weekly and play their matches there. Only two veterans from former seasons reported this spring, so there are several positions open for new- comers. New members are "Lee'a Keeler, Malccxlm Remington, "Bud" Stiles, George Griffen, and "Bob,' Brewer, while the veterans are "Jim" Wilschke and "Charlie', Wall. The managers of the team are "Bud,' MacDonald and "Ken" Jolly. ,,e 3-3,52 -Y. w. W ww 1vw,,,. -ik, sr ,jfs 41,1-fr 315 Q, Q My ,f ga: Q , , 53,5 el gee gy 99233 Ziff' A 1 A 4-.X MW iw First Row: Colvin, Nagle. Second Row: Golden, Mohan, Lenten, Buick, Lerner. Third Rou Young, Schrader, R. Valentine, B. Valentine, Craig, Springer. Ballet uh' Nlblezia HIC voluntary participation of every girl in the various gym clubs has brought a widened interest in physical education. The cooperation and good sportsman- ship shown one another in joining the different groups gives each girl something to think about, for consideration of the other fellow is a good rule for everyone. Ex- plicit teamwork is required in all sports and especially for those desirous of coming through games victorious. On Tuesdays there are the dancing classes, modern, tap and toe, under the super- vision of Miss Freehafer. There are also leaders, swimming, and riding clubs. In the spring a girl's fancy turns to thoughts of the Spring Festival. A May Queen, selected by the girls of the senior class, presides and dancers perform the age- old, but ever new, M ay Dance. Other programs introduced during the year are: volleyball, soccer, hockey, has- ketball, tumbling, and track and field work. To help make these interests do their utmost a Girls' Athletic Nssoeiation has been established each semester. Belle! HE ardent followers of the classics participate every Tuesday in the funda- mental teehniques of the ballet. The ballet now being practiced is entitled "The Silver Swan.'7 The sleeping swans are awakened by the dawn breaking over the horizon and almost instantly they become playfulg then as dusk comes on they grad- ually become drowsy and fall asleep. The interpretation of swans as given by tl1e dancers is delightful in its freshness and interpretation. Miss Freehafer has studied the art of dancing and is therefore well titled to teach it. The ballet group becomes larger each semester as more and more girls become interested in the art of dancing. BLER EP, vim, and vigor fill the effervescing athletes of the Tumbling Club. The tumhlers number over thirty, and are going ustrongf' The girls presented the fruits of their labors at the Spring Festival. The pyramids which usually repre- sent the finale are obtained after much practice and show the individual talent of each member. Many of the girls have their own original stunts. With Miss Free- hafer's creative mind, the club members have been able to prevent duplication. Tumblers this term are: Strieby, Garappo, Mohan, Twining, Weaver, Kennedy, Olsen, Sweeny, Thurston, Quinn, Idill, Lester, Mathews, Schreck, Albertson, Mullen, Marsilio, Oldhem, Murphy, Wilson, Landis, Tressville, Peppelman, Bell, Jacobs, Paskins, Tycher, Yerkes, Angstandt, Stonnelake, Weston, and Miller. LEADERS YMNASTS of the various grades gather on Wednesdays under the joint guidance of Miss Wert and Mrs. Duffy. Each girl learns the respective aims of her grade so that in class she may aid the other girls. The rhythmical coordination of all the enthusiastic leaders is responsible for the harmony of the physical education classes. Glzeea .Readme Szruulin I: McDonough, Schultz Reese, guflas. Kneeling: Green Mohan, Twining, Richter MBLERS First Row: Twinin , Mohan. Second Raw: Caruso, Kennedy, Grimsley, Clemens, Kra emer, D a y B owser, S c h r age r. Third R o w: Schreck, Smith, Sallustio, Sweeney, Eldredge, Lombardyf LEADER AQ AID EQUESTRIENN First Row: Wilson, Mur hy Hellings, Jenkins, Nfan Johnston, Mott, Hale, Thurs ton. Second Row: Rinehold Moore Steel Yeigler Hirst Simpsion, gzirroll, lliltz, Lowr , Step acker, Abrams ThirdyRow: gtriehy, McClin tock, Skallerup, Pecella, Ost- house, Cracknell, Gosford Dudley, Young, Radomski Johnson, Kitson, Smith Doughertv. Fourth Row? Schmickle, MacVaugh, Aus- tin, Hanna, J. Haight, B. Haight. Fifth Row: Wlildrick Trucksess, McCullough, Wvalz ters, Buckl , Pepperissa Gajxkowski, iluef. Sixth Row? Coffin, Matthews, Ammons, Rohlin, Henry. First Row: Del Colle, Bo er, Hummel. Second Row: Mc- Grath, Dolsen. Bell, Schafe- book, Ryder, Murphy, Smith, Dillon. s 1 a AQUAMAIDS VERY Tuesday and Wednesday' a large splash echoes through the Y. W. C. A. when the Germantown girls explore the depths of the pool, enjoying one of the most healthful exercises. Under the sponsorship of Miss Morgan, the girls are becoming proficient in the various graceful strokes and dives. Beginners, inter- mediates, and advanced swimmers compose the club. Both the Junior and Senior Red Cross Life Saving tests are given and each girl reaps the benefit ofher swimming in health, enjoyment, and ability to aid in emergencies. EQUESTRIENNES ANTERINC along the bridle paths near the Drive, our Riding Club looks very picturesque. Miss Wertls enthusiasm and irrepressible vigor is reflected in the growing popularity of the club. Under her careful supervision, the beginners soon become "riders," The more experienced members are good horsewomen. The club rides Tuesday and Wednesday under the direction of the following ol'Hcers: President, Shirley Bell, Vice-President, Helen Reigelg Treasurer, Nancy Smith, Assistant Treasurer, Grace Smith, Secretary, Emily Hubbs, and Assistant Secretary, Eleanor Shafebook. We .Bike In History Class, they tell us William Penn Was stubborn, and persistent midst his countrymen- And thus arose the general opinion, That in Pennsylvania's part of the dominion, There lives a group of dull, persistent men, With characters like that of William Penn. They tell us nothing ever happens here. That we grow less important every year, With lack of movie stars and presidents, World's Fairs, Warm Springs, and glam'rous residents. But we who live here cannot understand Their cries of woe. We like it.' BETTY KUPKE. ' 'T' . -,Ll f 'P'-41 Ili CK OWLEDGME TS S AN expression of our gratitude to every- one who has cooperated with time and effort to make this book a Success, to every- one who has helped with the countless duties and varied tasks connected with any such publica- tion, we wish to thank: THE SARONY STUDIOS 1206 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia for the splendid photography. 'THE PONTIAC ENGRAVING COMPANY Chicago, Illinois for the fine engraving. THE WESTBROOK PUBLISHING COMPANY 5800 N. Mervine Street, Philadelphia for the excellent printing work. THE NATIONAL PUBLISHING COMPANY 239 S. American Street, Philadelphia for the attractive cover. MISS LAMINE for her unselfish help in editing this book. TIIE MEMBERS or THE STAFF for their willing assistance. OLGA DOMANSKI, Editor. KEY TO PAGE 109 "Bill" Montgomery . Louise Sharpe . 17 18 . Jeanne Lenton 19. . Blake Moyer 20. 21 22 23 Lorraine Nagle . "Bob" Gordon . "Betty Jane" Meehan . "Bill" Oldach "Bob" Bodle 24. "Betty" Ku ke . Mary Cooper Shirley Brooke "Betty" Bowser Janet Boyer "Ginny" Ruch Andre Dickson Geraldine Kriebel "Betty" Sweeney Shirle Clemens Lois Manning 25 Frank Carrollil 26, Bertha Day 27 lsabella Gammons . Evan Selsor Louise Lieberman . "Dick" Strickler . Martha Kunz . Frances De Felice Ellen De Felice Florence Shapiro Margaret Scott Laura Craig 28 29 "Jimmy" W'ilsehke 30. Vivian Grimsley 31 32 Jeanne Kirrstetter . Shirley Young James Eckhardt Joy Shalpiro . Anne A amson Evelyn Huber Kathryn Smith Marjorie Laackman I Olga Domanski Shirley Boyd Caroline Armstrong Lorraine Clayton "Dick" Miles Catherine Gualtieri "Bill" Fischelis Lothaire Hetzell Mary Gass Barbara Karholsen Polly Pryibil Bruce Bunting

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