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1 5Publ'ished by T H E C L A S S of JUNE 1940 FORTYJEIGHTI-I CLASS, JUNE 1940 3 UNE NINETEEN FORT THE HUMBLER WAY Nora: This poem received the Aline Michaelis Award in com' petition with poems submitted by members of the Senior Class. "Be wiseg soar not too high to fall, but stoop to TiSCl1-lMASSINGER Not ours to lift a flaming torch Whose light will die out in an hourg Not ours to lift a victor's sword Whose flame will pass by in a dayg Not ours to pluck buds of renown Which droop and wither e'er they flowerg Not ours the mighty deeds of men Whose glory too soon fades away: To us the quiet tasks of life Which by unselnsh hands are done: To us the humble, earnest hearts That seek to serve their fellowmen: To us the eager, noble minds Cf greater worth than battles wong To us the simple, loving deeds Which live in others' thoughts again. An honest soul dare not aspire To rise above its given plane, And all cannot be conquerors To spread each name throughout the worldg But by the meek and lowly way A lasting peace can be our claim, And we, triumphant, then may raise The banner of true fame, unfurled. MARY C. ERDMAN. 4 UNE NINETEEN FORT DEDIC completes twentyffive 1 years of service for Germantown High School. It has served the community well in main. taining high standards of scholastic achievement for its graduates. Germantown High School may be symbolized as a tree of knowledge in this place of rare and famous trees. The roots of this tree have struck deep in this historic soil, and have nurtured a sturdy oak of tower' ing strength, a protection to many against adverse conditions due to a changing world. It has upheld the ATIUN 1 worthy traditions of our forefathers and it has endeavored to give to the generations past and present those ster ling qualities of character and achievement needed for a more abundant life In dedicating this CLASS RECORD and our lives to the ideals of our Alma Mater, may we wish that the acorns of this tree will germinate in our hearts, and produce trees of great strength and beauty of service for our country and posterity. 5 UNE NINETEEN FORT YOUTH'S PRAYER Humbly before Thee, great God of all nations, Begging Thy guidance, before Thee we standg Teach us, O Father, to make each day worthy Of the mercy and wisdom of Thy ruling hand. As now we stand on life's glorious threshold With youth's hope and courage still fresh in each heart, Give us an aim an ideal, we may strive for, From righteousness' path let us never depart. Teach us to work, from our task turning never, Tet teach us to bring some good cheer to each day. Help us to live, and in living to nurture Some downtrodden creature we find on the way. Help us to seek a reward not of silver, But rather to find one in nature's delightsg All that we ask are the beauties of springtime, Of flowers, of blue skies, of bright starry nights. So when through the years, as the past becomes dimmer, Looking behind, we can say as we die, "I made each day precious, by work and by striving, True glories of Heaven have not passed me by." MARIAN Rose ENGLEMAN. 6 l UNE NINETEE O T FOREWGRD James M. Barrie has said that "We have memories that We may have roses in December." Our CLASS RECORD is the book of mem' ories of happy moments, days, and years spent in more or less intimate association in and out of school with our classmates. If it is true that friendships formed in high school are more lasting than any formed in later life, then the preservation of the incidents here recorded will be increasingly cherished with the years truly the roses of graduation time will bloom in the December of our lives This is our hope' JUNE .'.NINETEEN .-.FORT DR. LESLIE B. SEELY Pfinci pal 8 UNE NINETEEN FORT To the Class of june, 1940: Your Committee has done well to invite Mr. Samuel N. Baxter to be its guest writer. You have chosen the tree as the symbol for your book, and no one could be better fitted than Mr. Baxter to write in keeping with this symbol or emblem.. For many years he has been interested in our parks and public squares, and all of the trees on the property of the city are in his care. No one could better know or more fully appreciate the significance of trees in the lives of men, nor the qualities which they portray. For many years also Mr. Baxter has been interested in this school and the boys and girls whom it serves. A loyal resident of Germantown, he has been vitally interested in its young people. Read his message carefully. ' la Principal. 9 UNE AS THE TWIG IS BENT SAMUEL N. BAXTER President-Germantown Horticultural Society Arboriculturist-Fairmount Park Commission REES! What a splendid symbol to characterize the Yearbook of the Germantown High School Graduating Class of 1940. Tress, typical of service to mankind, grace, poise, beauty, contentment and ruggedf ness. And what school in our great land is more entitled to symbolize trees than Germantown High? Was it not on the very site of the school, as com' rnemorated by the tablet facing Germantown Avenue, that Christopher Witt possessed one of the first gardens in the Colonies, antedating even that of the historic Bartram's Garden on the Schuylkill River? Four years ago you came to Germantown High, transplanted from the seed beds of your respective elementary schools. For four years you have been growing in this nursery, watched over and trained by your faculty that on this, your graduation day, you might be straight, well rooted and well branched, as you are today transplanted again to other soils to live your life in society. In these four years, some of you may have grown stronger than others, but all of you have been nurtured, pruned of superfluous branches, staked, as does the nurseryman, to correct any defects in the habit of branching. Today the faculty presents you to the world, proud of their product, as would be any nurseryman who takes pride in growing firstfclass trees. 10 NINETEEN FORT JUNE -.NINETEEN FORTY And, personified as such a tree, you possess the ability to bring happif ness to mankind and an abundant life for yourself. Shun the barren soil of temptations which, though attractive on the surface, makes for a stunted growth and decay. Let the roots of your efforts seek the fertile soil of rightf eousness, that you may experience the joy of a healthy growth, long life, fruitfulness, and a character, the shade of which mankind will seek for council, comfort and courage. Great as may be the faculty's interest in your success and future growth, even greater is that of your parents. Today they fondly watch your passing of a milestone along this great highway of life. Your mother and father are proud of you. To some of them it has been a sacrifice to have you comf plete these four years. Your graduation is their reward and how they cherish this event! You owe it to them to seek the fertile soil of high endeavor and become a healthy tree, for a healthy tree is better fitted to ward off the evil of insect pests and disease and to bear fruit more abundantly. " .... every good tree bringeth forth good fruitg but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit." Do not be discouraged if you do not attain the height of a redwood. A spreading oak gives more shade. If you cannot be a rugged pine, rememf ber there's grace in a hemlock. There's a place in this world for every kind of a tree. Select the kind of tree that you admire the most and resolve that it shall be your inspiration and ambition to be a tree that men will look up to. And remember, by your fruits shall you be known! 11 M' JUNE NINETEEN -.FORT TO THE CLASS OF JUNE, 1940, I extend sincere wishes for the future. Your contribuf tions to the school in scholarship, in student government and in extrafcurricular activities will long be remembered. I May all of you continue your development along the above lines in a way beneficial to yourselves and the community. Use the facilities that our great city offers you in the way of night schools, vocational schools, museums, libraries and institutes to increase your knowledge and your skills. I hope that each one of you will feel that your education and training are never finished, but a conf tinuous progress throughout life. Germantown graduates have already made r their mark in the community, some even in f the country at large. One of the outstanding early graduates of our school was the late Merritt Hurlburd who directed "Stella Dallas" and other motion picture successes and was afterwards an editor of the Saturday Evening Post. Buck Walters, outstanding pitcher of the National League last year, was one of our boys. Former city councilman Thomas Minehart was another. The well known novelist Mildred Walker is a Germantown Alumna. Among our more recent graduates Louis Villalon is making a name for himself as a magazine editor and as moderator of the "Philadelphia Town Meeting of the Air. " Joseph de Pasquale whom mostof you know personally, has just been chosen in nationwide competition to be a member of the Youth Orchestra which Stokowski will take to South America this summer. We can all think of numerous others: professional men, busif nessmen, artists, craftsmen, leaders in civic affairs in education in labor. On this our 25th anniversary we look with pride on such a versatile and serviceable body of graduates and we know that you, the Class of June, 1940, will carry on in the tradition they have established. VIRGINIA DEM. RAAcKE, Assistant to the Principal. 12 UNE NINETEEN FORT Q MISS MADGE M. YOUNG Class Adviser for the Girls MR. RGLAND L. RUDRAUFF Class Adviser foo' the Boys 13 JUNE NINETEEN FORTY TEACHERS EMERITUS ITH the graduating class of June 1940, there are three members of the faculty who will terminate their years of service by retirement. To them, we say farewell, and extend our most sincere wishes that they may have the opporf tunity to do the things which seemed possible only in dreams. May good health and happiness attend them. In interviews, we learned what we always suspected-that they had a past, that they all were "regular fellows" in the best sense of that term, and that they, too, en' joyed the pranks of their high school days, the same as we do today. These are their stories: In the fortyfeight years in which he has taught, Mr. Fox has regarded teaching, not only as a prof fession and means of livelihood, but as the thing he held closest to him. As a boy, he attended John Arms' Academy which he entered directly from grade school. He had to walk three miles along the tow path of a canal, and in order to utilize this time, he recited his lessons aloud. The advice of a teacher, whom he met while workf ing on a farm, impressed him so much that he attrif butes this to the choosing of his life's work. After leaving John Arms' Academy, he taught for a short time, and then entered Millersville State Teachers' College. Again he resumed his teaching. During this time, he finished an A.B. course at Ursinus College, and took advanced work at Temple and the University of Pennsylvania. He first taught at East Coventry, and from there he went to Abington and then to Morrlyn County where he was supervisor' principal. His next assignments were principal of Norristown Grammar School, and then teacher of history at Norristown High School. In 1920, Mr. Fox came to Germantown as a teacher of history. All through his life he has had little time to devote to hobbies. He enjoyed hiking and bicycling and became very much interested in the debating which he did in literary societies. Here at Germantown, he conducted the Archery Club which was very popular. Mr. Fox looks back over his teaching days with great pleasure and satisfaction. FF PIC Ulf Pk Pk Miss Cole received her high school education in a Friends' School. She received very good marks and got a fine background for her further education. In this school which was run on rather strict principles, pranks were not too fref quently played. However, Miss Cole does admit taking part in several which went unf discovered and unpunished. 14 JUNE .-.NINETEFLN .-.FORTY Miss Cole, in her school days, was a great laugher. l She was easily amused by little things, and really suffered from her unconquerable giggle. Clothes were Miss Colels biggest worry. She doesn't remember much about the styles, but does recall that owning a large variety of skirts and blouses was the making of a wellfdressed girl. Miss Cole believes that her school days were not her happiest ones, but she admits that they were bright days, for she attended schools where she knew many other pupils, and enjoyed participating in school activities. She took her underfgraduate work at Goucher College. She attended Sarbonne, Paris, Bryn Mawr, and University of Chicago for her graduate work. Theiplans for Miss Cole's future life are not yet definite. At present, she expects to go to France or to Southern California. Pk ik Pl: Pk 3F Dr. Haussmann says, as he anticipates graduation, that he would like to say goodbye to his friends at Germantown, and then quietly disappear. He has graduated several times before: first from a small Lutheran parochial school in Michigan, next from his father's tutoring, and then from the University of Pennsylvania. Since 1909 Dr. Haussmann has taught German and Latin in the Philadelphia high schools. He started in Central, where, in addition to his teaching, he ccnducted the orchestra after school for several years. In 1916, he was persuaded to come to Germantown and take over the supervision of the orchestra, which before that time, was conducted by Mr. Fox. At that time the members of the orchestra were handicapped by having to purchase all their own music, and other equipment, but the orchestra became increasingly better, until finally, music was made a regular curricular subject. After his last "graduation" June 1940, Dr. Haussmann hopes to have more time to spend on his hobbies, which are stamp collecting, chess, local historical records, gen' eology, and music. Although Dr. Haussmann does not take much interest in thrills, he admits that when in school, he, too, took part in schoolboy pranks. From his boyhood days, Dr. Haussmann's ambition was to be a teacher. If fulf filling one's ambition marks a successful life, Dr. Haussmann has abundantly succeeded. 15 - JUNE NINETEEN .-.FORTY LIST OF FACULTY ART AND MECHANIC ARTS DEPARTMENT WILLIAM L. BENCKER, Head Harold F. Durner, George D. Gideon, Jr., Corinne B. Hardcastle, Harry W. Jacobs, Eugene C. Moore, Charles Parker, Roland L. Rudrauff, Henry D. Soderf berg, F. Elizabeth Wherry. COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT MARGUERITE EVANS, Head Dorothy Baldwin, Morris Diamondstein, Charles S. Donnelly, Jacob N. Gelman, Spencer R. Graves, Louise H. Kohler, Amelia C. Kern, Isador Klein, Martin Laderman, Elsie M. Lamine, Mary E. Logan, Catherine A. Logan, Katherine S. Morison, Georgia Nutt, Edward A. Raacke, Elizabeth Shelling, Annabell Smyth. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT WILLIAM Wooos, Head Henry P. Baker, Emily R. Ebling, Rhea Ege, Cecil E. Fanning, Julia N. Goodman, Florence L. Heubach, Matthew M. Hynson, Emma N. Jackson, Anna L. Maf ginnis, John E. Mason, Mary F. Pritchard, Marion Prince, Edith R. Steele, May Sutch, Caroline W. Thorne, Madge M. Young. FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT EDITH F. RICE, Head George W. Bacon, Florence Buckley, Alice B. Chubb, Anna L. Cole, M. Emily Dilg, Carl F. Haussmann, Anna M. Heller, Percival H. Nicholas, Bertha Rosen- heimer, Sarah A. Schaefer. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT Elsie Allen, Frances C. Garretson, Pauline Chapman. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Edna E. Cassel, K. Eleanor Cooper, Louis Gordon, E. Grace Hardy, Helen Lamf berton, Helen M. Mahoney, Anna M. Mullikin, Harry Rothermel, Helen A. Tyson. 16 JUNE NINETEEN .-.FORTY MUSIC DEPARTMENT Grace Evans, Eleanor E. Golden, Karl Zapf. PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT LEOPOLE F. ZWARG, Head Wilbert Augustin, Charles W. Barthold, Lorretta G. Duffy, Grace I. Freehafer, Paul Kehs, Frederick Reith, Virginia L. Snyder, Mary J. Steger, Florence A. Wert. SCIENCE DEPARTMENT GEORGE W. PLUMMER, Head C. Edna Bramble, Freda Briimer, Elizabeth Evans, Helen T. Higgins, Martha C. Jenkins, Frederick Leighton, Margaret Moore, John Y. Pennypacker, Frank P. Prirniano, Jessie A. Rodman. SOCIAL STUDIES GARTON S. GREENE, Head Herbert F. Arnold, Leon S. Drumheller, Harry H. Fox, Grace Getchell, Kathryn E. Grotevent, Mary A. Palmer, Leigh W. Prentice, George M. Schuster, Percival S. Strauss. MATRON MARY BALLANTYNE SCHOOL COUNSELOR MAY C. Surcri SCHOOL VISITOR ANNA SIEGELE LIBRARIAN Tr-IEODORA C. BLODGBT NURSE MILDRED J. ODERMAN, R.N. SCHOOL PHYSICIANS P. HOWLAND SHAW, M.D., YETTA E. DEITCH, M.D. SECRETARIES Marguerite T. Bennett, Otto L. Faltermayer, Fay B. Gordon, Helen McCook, Dorothy E. Stewart. 17 JUNE .NINETEEN .-.FORTY 1 JOHN G. BEGHTEL The unexpected death of John C. Bechtel came as a distinct shock to the members of the Germantown High School Faculty. Unaware of his illness and seeing him in his accustomed place on Tuesday, March twelfth, we found it diiiicult to believe that his life had terminated on the following morning, After a number of years at the Gen' tral High School, Mr. Bechtel became a member of our faculty in the year 1916 as a teacher of Mathematics. In this position he remained until 1927, when he became Head of the Depart' ment of Mathematics in the South Philadelphia High School for Boys. Upon the retirement of 4Mr. Harry Graham in 1935, Mr. Bechtel returned to the Germantown High School as Head of the Department of Mathematics, in which position he continued until his death. ,. Mr. Bechtel occupied a place of distinction in the Germantown High School. He was a teacher in the best sense of the word, devoted to his profession and the various problems involved in it, and genuinely interested in the students that attended his classes and whom he came to know through other means. He was tireless in the per' formance of his duties and in the service that he rendered outside the classroom to inf dividual students and to the life of the school. He gave much of his time to promoting school athletics, acting as treasurer of the athletic association and as coach of the golf team. He believed in maintaining high ethical standards in all athletic contests, and did much to develop a fine spirit of sportsmanship among the members of our athletic teams. - In his work as department head, as teacher, as colleague, as encourager of the right kind of student activities, and in all phases of his life at the Germantown High School, he endeared himself to faculty and students alike. We shall greatly miss Mr. Bechtel because of the large place he occupied in the life of our school, because of his vigorous personality, and because he possessed those qualf ities that made him more respected and admired the better he was known. 18 JUNE .-.NINETEEN .FORTY WALTER K. VAN HAAGEN, PH.D. N MAY 9, 1940, Dr. Walter K. Van Haagen of our faculty died after an illness of several weeks, and with his passing the Germantown High School has suffered the loss of one of its most profound scholars. Dr. Van Haagen's modest and retiring disposition was so pronounced that probably only those who knew him inf timately are in a position to appreciate the many facets of his personality. He not only was eminently well prepared in his major subject, Chemistry, but he had read widely in the humanities and in other branches of science. Coupled with his erudition were a keen sense of humor, a charitable spirit for the difficulties of both his pupils and his col' leagues, a generosity of heart, and an innate kindliness of purpose. In the earlier years of his teaching career he was an instructor at the University of Pennsylvania, Lehigh University, and the Georgia School of Technology. He came to this school in 1919 as a substitute teacher at a time when there were no eligible appointees in Chemistry, and later he qualified by examination for the position which he was des' tined to hold until his death. In some respects it is regrettable that circumstances did not permit Dr. Van Haagen to continue research work in his chosen field of inorganic Chemistry. However, if we are to believe with Emerson that there are always compensations, had he done so his teaching during the past two decades might have been less effective. His research work . before coming to Germantown was of a very high order. ' J Of his thesis for the doctorate, concerning a study of the il 1 A -p compounds of tantalum, the late Edgar Fahs Smith stated A I ' f ' A in one of his graduate lectures that it was an achievement I " . comparable to the work of Faraday. Another notable . P- I . I piece of work to which Dr. Van Haagen gave full time for I more than two years was a refdetermination of the atomic .l weights of boron and fluorine. This paper was executed . U4 ylw under the auspices of the Carnegie Institution of Wash' 911 ington and was published in 1918. lu , I Dr. Van Haagen's relations with his pupils were always 1 lg I M i1l cordial, and many of them can attest to his broad knowledge U I ll fl p I in many Helds. He possessed unusual skill and inventiveness If p', p 4' p. in laboratory technique, as well as mechanical ingenuity, ,Il . ffl iliiyl and as a consequence was instrumental in many cases in fili il ' ill fllll furnishing students with the impetus to follow chemical ii I 1 f 5 ,ll 4 careers upon leaving the school. He will be greatly missed I p 4 1 .lil by his fellow teachers and by all the pupils who have I lj ll I gl A 'gil known him. He has left his imprint on the chemistry work if 'qi of this school in myriad ways and much of whatever good ..,,lW. I' 1',Qwgl2rfl is in it is attributable to his clarity of thought and sane gil ""' 'Q . Yflifif ' 32:24 -ili . -X l .ii. 111'l1..1.m-ini'I p , ggp1:'l.lW3"'l4f llIl'lllIl9!LlYIi!. p I .,,,?5l ' .. To Y M 19 '.' l.....' Judgment .73-ASR L'Willst du ins Unendliche schreiten n1v',1,V7 X Geh nur im Endlichen nach allen Seiten." J I H a.f,auu1m - JUNE .-.NINETEEN .-.FORTY IN MEMORIAM RICHARD FINDEISEN-NOVEMBER 1938 In November 1938, there was a collision between an automobile and a truck in which several boys from Germantown High were injured while on their way to a practice football game on our school field. As a result of his injuries, Dick Findeisen died a few days later, just as the football team, of which he was a member, was scheduled to play the annual Frankford game. Dick was with the team in spirit, for he sent the boys his best wishes, and asked them to win for his sake. When Dick's passing was flashed over the wire, and announced between halves, the tribute paid to his memory made a profound impression long to be remembered. . That Dick Findeisen was loved by his friends was evidenced by the establishment of a memorial in his honor by the Germantown HifY of which he was a member. In humbly trying to preserve his memory, Mr. and Mrs. Findeisen presented a cup in the Senior Athletic Assembly to the boy possessing qualities which in Dick were admired by his class mates-characteristics of a ine Christian spirit, generosity, and helpfulness to others. WHERE THE RAINBOW NEVER FADES It cannot be that the earth is man's only abiding place. It cannot be that our life is a mere bubble cast up by eternity to float a moment on its waves and then sink into nothingness. Else why is it that the glorious aspirations which leap like angels from the temple of our heart are forever wandering unsatisfied? Why is it that all the stars that hold their festival around the midnight throne are set above the grasp of our limited faculties, forever mocking us with their unapproachable glory? And, finally, why is it that bright forms of human beauty presented to our View are taken from us, leaving the thousand streams of our affections to flow back in Alpine torrents upon our hearts? There is a realm where the rainbow never fades, where the stars will be spread out before us like islands that slumber in the ocean, and where the beautiful beings which now pass before us like shadows will stay in our presence forever. George D. Prentice, QMa'n's Higher Destinyj. 20 THE CLA "N I-IAIL., ALMA MATER. "N r nz. r.rn.smwG 677.5 JJ'5i5i!J555Jl fizik :i.'.,1"'.,'1, Ma 'iflll 'Y,mit:fii::!','5,'z',z1 U21 +552 Ger- man-town 5cl'x.::I,fawZ will ser-ye time Se-W ver F V W Farr? UPEI Li FII - OYYI Of' O-3 JH C -- - --VBR' F0211 8 ov---- m , wd wi ai FIBV he -8 Q didf-,Ps :wrap :ies-JT ii ?Io ----- rs Fa., WTI 5112.-+l:LJfi'ni,,+l1 u r rw Pa E F Pg pu G W! B8-I C -- 0 I' DIN en ' LA 5 VOY' .,jHFjmdH:f,,iiLJf,1JJ 1-521, 1315 iz' gig-1: "arf, 1,131 :ff Jrgzz f F FE FEJ :F F F? f 1 i-,Y 54 J IJ 0 51158 'Pr-oual of Um, Pro ------ -- - grass. 5'hr-red 51.1 their sp? ---------- ri l' . Gflcl of +5111 J g.E.i.ii' in ness. 0 9 F F 1 Q ,, 1 , H -O JUNE 1940 First Row: Sherman, Harding, Quinn, Powell, Cooperman, Erdman, Sweeten, Corbett, Rieling, Lawrence, Engle, Williams, Grass, Savage. Second Row: Anderson, Engelman, Moffat, Jacobson, Goodman, Fisher, Webb, Garrett, Schaetzle, Bums, Salotti, Miller, Beilield. RECORD BOOK STAFF ANNETTE RIELING MARIAN ENGLEMAN BEATRICE JACOBSON SHIRLEY COOPERMAN EDNA SAVAGE MARIE GOODMAN OzELLA MILLER, Chairman ALICE BURNS Editor HARRIET COREETT Associate Editors Literary Editor MARY ERDMAN Staff Athletics Business Manager DAVID LAWRENCE Stab' Photographer HAROLD SCHAETZLE Typists Art Editor MARILYNN ENGLE 22 FRANK SWEETEN JAMES GARRETT LEONARD BUTEN WILLIAM WEBB ROBERT CLIFTON ROBERT FISHER BETTY HARDING CHARLOTTE WILLIAMS T H E C L S l l l NCTATICNS BY THE EDITCR ITH the completion of this term, Germantown High School marks the end of twentyffive years of service to the community. It was with this in mind that we chose Trees for the symbol of our CLASS RECORD. We were most fortunate in being able to obtain the intaglio engravings by the well known artist, Rose Metzorg Kerr, which we have used as dividers. Our cover, too, bears the form of an oak, the standard of power and might. We tried to show outdoor life in the individual pictures, and in the informal groups photographed on the school lawn. The arrangement of our book this term is different from that of most class books. We have tried to maintain interest by ex' tending the personal pictures to the end of the book on the lefthand pages, keeping the rightfhand pages for pictures of class, school, club, and athletic activities. We, of the RECORD Booic Staff hope that the CLASS RECORD will serve as a book of memories of people, events, and activities in Germantown High School. HARRIBT F. CORBETT, Editor. FRANK SWEBTBN HARRIET Coiuaizrr ANNETTB RIELING 23 UN THE SCHOOL LIBRARY THE CLASS RCSE NETZCRG KERR ORN in Mecosta, Michigan, a little town settled as a lumbering center, Rose Netzorg Kerr recalls many memories begun in the last decade of the last century. She remembers herself as a plump little girl who liked to think things out for herself, and act accordingly. In her father's store, a dry goods and clothing enterprise which bartered calico for eggs, and knee pants for potatoes, her first interests in colors and costumes began to grow under the encouragement of her parents, through making doll clothes. Her school years began in Big Rapids, Michigan, where a kindly and understanding kindergarten teacher used clay and weaving mats, and sewing cards with colored yarns. The family moved to Battle Creek, Michigan, where the public schools provided able and sincere instruction in the essentials of the day with drawing added as a "special" subject. In high school, she was elected art editor of the Paean, the high school annual. The principal, T. Paul Hickey, now Director of the Detroit Institute of Technology, encouraged her use of pen drawing, and drew her attention to the work of Howard Pyle, the American artist. Harry Gage, a young painter, was then making murals in the high school, and through him, she gleaned the essentials of making clean black and white drawings. On graduating from the high school at Battle Creek she attended Western State Teachers College at Kalamazoo, Michigan, enrolling in the music and art course. After two years of teaching these subjects in the public schools of Grand Haven, Michigan, she was asked to return to Western State Teachers College as a faculty member, later becoming the chairman of the Fine Arts Department succeeding Emilia Goldsworthy Clark, her former teacher. During vacations and sabbatical periods, she studied intensely at the Art Institute at Chicago, Illinois, under the direction of Elmer Forsberg, now Finnish Consul in Chi' cago, from whom she received 'fine training in drawing, painting, and composition. Later, in New York City, she became a pupil of Howard Giles, A. N. A., who was teaching life drawing and Dynamic Symmetry at the New York School of Fine and Applied Art. It was while there that she met James Wilfrid Kerr, then an art student, and now a painter, etcher, and publisher. They were married in 1922, Mrs. Kerr resign' ing her position at the Teachers College, and beginning her professional work with her husband in New York City. The Kerrs now have a studio home in Waldwick, New jersey, where they work together in the arts, chiefly for graphic arts reproduction. Mrs..Kerr prefers costume drawing to all other, for it gives her an opportunity to express the drama in the human figure. Tree drawing has always been an intense interest, and she finds in trees the expressions of personal differences just as though they were people. Her hobbies are music, cookery, needle crafts, and people. Children of any age, create for her a world infinitely worth while and close to the creative work she loves so well. How people behave under any and all circumstances provide more dramatic interest to her than does the stage, the radio or the movies. 25 UN E 1940 GREETINGS UNE, 1940, marks the end of twelve years of assof ciations and friendships formed in the course of our public school education and culminating in our graduaf tion from Germantown School. These associations and friendships have influenced our lives, and their memories will be cherished in years to come. As we pursue our individual ways in college or in business, our paths will be divergent and it may be we will see one another only on stated occasions or at reunions. It is my wish that success may attend you, and give you the happiness that may be your portion. You have honored me by electing me your president during the past four terms, and you have loyally sup' ported me in the fulfillment of the duties of the oiiice. I am grateful, and thankful for your cooperation. As we separate, may I wish for each one of you that strength of character, and that sturdiness of purpose which will make you a worthy alumnus of our Alma Mater. Vale! Ever your friend, JANE BARBER. JANE BARBER, President ALBERTA TWINING, VicefP'rcsidem PHYLLIS MAIR, Secretary BARBARA WELSH, Treasurer 26 T GREETINGS OCKING back over the past three years spent in the Germantown High School, it seems impossible that we are about to be graduated. The time has passed rapidly, pleasantly, and profitably. Through the constant supervision and friendship of the teachers, we, the stu' dents, have progressed up life's ladder. We have gained much in character and knowledge for which we sincerely thank the faculty. We hope we have not been too diihf cult and have given our teachers some real joy in our stay in Germantown. It is with regret that we leave our good old school, but "Time Marches Cn." To my fellow classmates I say, "Thank You" for the excellent cooperation and splendid class spirit shown throughout our stay at school. The Glass of june, '40 has had outstanding supporting oilicers, and, as presif dent, I wish to acknowledge their help and assistance. For the class members my wish is that they may have life at its best-good health, good friends, and good luck. FRANCIS E. COURTNEY, JR., Boys' President, june, '4O. FRANCIS GOURTNBY, President ROBERT GGLE, VicefP1fesident WILLARD KREBS, Secretary JOHN GRAVBNSTINE, Treasurer 27 HE CLA JUKNE 1940 FRANK THOMAS ACQUAVIVA, Jn. 7020 Ardleigh Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Sketching. Algebmically speaking: 41 -I-6N+7W +6F -1 Frank CURTIS CHARLES ALBERTSON 5707 N. Lambert Street n-xnusriuar HOBBY: Swimming. Acrivrrrasz Swimming Team. Algelrraically speaking: 2Q+5T+7R-f-X :Curt DAVID STEWARD ALCORN 249 W. Haines Street ACADEMIC HoBBY: Music. Acrrvrrnas: Orchestra F, E, D, C, B, Ag Band F, Slide Rule Club B, A. Algebfmically speaking: ZS-I-2B+1T-2R+1B :Dave ELIZABETH ABBIE ALEXANDER 434 W. Mt. Airy Avenue VOCATIONAL Arvr HoBBY: Cooking and Designing Clothes. Acrivirnzsz Senior Lunchroom Committee. Algcbraicaily speaking: 7A +4D+7E+5s 2 Betty ARTHUR JOHN ALLEN 5527 Morris Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Studying Science. Algebraically speaking: SR- ID -1-2B-I-1H :Johann JEANNE MARIE ANDERSON 138 W. Upsal Street Acanemc HOBBY'Z Music, Gymnastics, Dressmaking, Photography, Fancy Goldfish. Acrrvn-ras: Gym Leader, Gym Team, Hi'Y, Committee of 10, A Cappella Chorus, Senator. Algebraically speaking: 2C+3D+3E-f-4N-l-SM :Jeanne MARIE ELIZABETH ANDERSON 5135 Germantown Avenue Acaonmc HoBBY: Collecting Dolls, Movie Star's Pictures. Acrrvmnsz Cliveden Representative D, Eg Latin Club E. Algebfraically speaking: 5E-I-1P+3S+6V 2 Marie Q RUTH HILMA ANDERSON 6316 N. Norwood Street VOCATIONAL ART HOBBY: Drawing. Acrivmizsz Sketch Club F, E, D: Debating Club B, Ag RECORD Boon Staff A, Clive' den Staff B, Ag Business Staff Senior Play. Algcbraically speaking: 1L+3D+8A-I-IW :Ruth HARRY HOWELL ANGST 4535 Greene Street Acanamc HOBBY: Photography. Acrrvmns: A Cappella. Algehraically speaking: 2Q-I-6C-4-SS-I-lL : Harry DOROTHY T. APPLEGATE 3304 Bowman Street commsncmr. HOBBY: Music. Algebvaically speaking: 4A -I-ZQ-I-6F+2T 2 Dot THE CLASS CUR CLASSAY HIS term the allfimportant matter of organizing the Commencement Exercises was, as usual, entrusted to the care of a committee. Ruth Ayres was the chairf man of this committee. The june '40 Class was unique in that a double graduaf tion was bestowed upon it. On june nineteenth the regular Commencement was held at school, and the next evening another took place at Temple Stadium. This latter was a most unusual and successful graduation of all the city high schools. Another unique feature of this enterprising class's school ceremony was that the girls and boys, although gowned, wore no caps. The customary manner of giving out the diplomas and awards was maintained, and the entire class sang a composition by one of its members. The whole affair was a wellforganized and beautiful graduation. The Senior Luncheon was held at the Cedarbrook Country Club on the nineteenth ofjune. All the class was in high spirits for the memorable occasion, and it was enjoyed to the uttermost, amid the usual uproar and excitement. The event was climaxed by dancing to recordings and with entertainment by some of the class members. The whole Luncheon was enjoyed heartily, and we all wish to thank Mary Jane Lytle and her conscientious committee for their excellent work. The character of Henry Aldrich, typical adolescent youth, has become almost immortalg our School Play, "What a Life," has helped to make it so. On the evenings of May fifth and sixth this play was presented by members of the Dramatic Club and the Senior Class. The leading role of Henry was played on Friday night by Art Pen' man, and on Saturday by Harry Merscher. Both were more than excellent in the part. The supporting casts were large and wellftrained, and each member contributed his part with much display of talent. When the final curtains closed, we all felt that our school had presented not only a hilarious play, but one that was sympathetic with the trials of being "high school age." This was the first term that the play was given under the auspices of the whole school, rather than just by the 12B Class. Each term the coveted "G" Pin Award is given to a worthy group of students. Three members from the "CH Class, live from the "B" Class, and ten from the "A" Class is the maximum number who may receive the pin. Ordinarily a person may be elected to the honor more than once, but in the past term it was found necessary to limit this. So many persons of the graduating class were clearly deserving, that it was decided not to give the award to anyone for a second time, in order that a totally new and valuable group might receive it. Nothing could be more representative of the high standards that the Class of June, 1940, has upheld throughout its school career, than is this fact. " Key to personal equations on page 110. 29 UN E 1940 PAULINE MARGARET ARIGO 7004 N. 20th Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Music. Algebraically speaking: 45 -l- IW -l-SS-I-9G 2 Pauline JUNE. LILLIANN ATMORE 6310 Norwood Street K ACADEMIC HOBBY: Dancing, Movies. ACTIVITIES: Leader E, Hockey D. Algebraically speaking: 2C+4D-I-IL-1-5N+2Q:june RUTH AYRES 1947 Plymouth Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Collecting small animals for my bed- I'O0II"l. ACTIVITIES! Latin Club B, Clipper Repref sentative B, Dues Collector C, B: Swim ming Club F. Algebraically speaking: 1A-I-6F-l-SG-I-4N 2 Ruth NORMA FRANCES BAHR 31 W. Carpenter Lane Acamzmc HOBBY! Music. Algebraically speaking: 6F+1L-I-ST-4-BS: Norma MARY MARGARET BAILEY 431 Wellesley Road OOMMBRCIAL HOBBY: Hockey. ACTIVITIESZ Hockey D, B: Track D. Algebraically speaking: 4A-l-6F-1-3S+X :Peggy LILLIAN EDITH BAINES 843 E. Price Street Acanamc HOEBI'Z Writing. Acrrvi-ries: Dramatic Club C, B, A: Clive- den Staff F, E, D, C: Clipper Stall' C, Girls' Hi'Y A, B: Prom Committee A, Poster Club. Algebfraically speaking: 2P-I-7M +1P+3T : Lilly JANE BARBER 39 E. Washington Lane ACADEMIC HOBBY! Collecting Small Animals. AcrIvmBs: Class President C, B, A: Dra' matic Club D, C, B, A: Vice-President of Dramatic Club C, B: Debating Club D, C, B, A: Treasurer of Debating Club A, Hi-Y D, C, B, A: Secretary of Hi-Y C, B, A: A Cappella Chorus A, Senator F, Altemate G, E. Algebfaically speaking: 4S+8P+1W -l-SR-l-3D : jane FLORENCE ISABELLE BARRETT 7514 Walnut Lane Aca name HOBBY: Swimming. Algebraically speaking: 4A -l-3B+8D +5C : Floss EARLE BATCHELDER 152 E. Pomona Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Sports. Acrrvmeaz Baseball D, A: Basketball B, Senator F, D: Alternate E. Algelrraically speaking: 9A- 3T+ 2H 2 jock JACK HENRY BEATTY 260 E. johnson Street Acannmc ACTIVITIES! Chi-Rho Hi-Y A, B, C, D, E: Senator C. Algebfraically speaking: 2Q-l-6F-I-8D+5U :jack THE CLASS ,.v- COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE First Row: McNeil, Ayres, O. Miller, Alcorn, Buckley, Berry. Second Row: Seegers, Gray, Thomon, Ogden, Davis, Clifton, Kerr, Lawrence. Third Row: Smith, Veit, Krauss, Zeigler. LUNCHEON COMMITTEE Left to Right CSearedJ: Morrison, Tyler, Garus, Carr, Craig, Macky, Lytle, Chairman. Left to Right fStand ingl: Ireland, Merscher, Leflar, Hemberger, Russell, Alexander. 31 'I JUNE 1940 EDWARD GEORGE BECK 2 W. Hartwell Lane MECHANICAL ART HOBBY: Scouting. Algebraically speaking: 8R -I-4C -l-2Q : Ed JESSE WIRT BEEGHLEY, JB. 501 Wellesley Road Acamzmc I-lossy: Books. ACTIVITIES! ChifRho HifY, Cross Country, PingfPong, Track, Baseball. Algebraically s peaking: 3F+8G+'5L+8S -1 Jack JANE ANN BELFIELD 352 E. Walnut Lane VOCATIONAL ART HOBBY: Drawing, Dogs, Skating. Algebraically speaking: SE-I-4L+8T+8A+2F:jane MARILYNN B. BEIFIELD 6425 N. 16th Street voca-nomar. Ax-r HOBBY! Sketching, Horseback Riding. ACTIVITINZ Sketch Club, Leaders' Club, School Play Business Committee. Algebraically speaking: SA-I-6S+8C+3R : Billy RICHARD JOSEPH BELL 135 E. Durham Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Baseball. ACTIVITIES: Debating Club D, C, B, A. Algebraically speaking: 2S+9A+3T:Dick RICHARD MURRAY BELL 320 Shedaker Street MECHANICAL Am' Hossv: Basketball. Algebmically speaking: 2Q- 1A+2S-I-8R : Dick ROBERT DUDLEY BELL 1940 Independence Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Basketball. Algebraically speaking: 1P+2H-I-3E : Bob CHARLOTTE AMELIA BENDER 5132 Wayne Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Tennis, Horseback Riding. ACTIVITIES! Latin Club, Dramatic Club B, A: Hockey Club B, A. A. Representative, Dancing Club D, Gym Meet B, Shakes' peare Contest B, C, Ag Senior Play A. Algehraically speaking: 9A- 1B-HN-1-3T : Charlotte DOROTHY HEATH BERRY 6389 Chew Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Dancing. ACTIVITIESI Alternate E, C, Ag Feature Editor of Clipper B, Ag Dance Club F, E, D, C, B3 Hi-Y C, B, A3 Activities Committee C, B3 Cap and Gown Com- mittee A, Latin Club A. Algebraically s peaki ng: lA 'I' IT 'l'9D -l-4C : Dottie JEAN LANCO BLIZZARD 6333 N. Lambert Street commmcrar. HOBBY: Collecting Dutch Shoes and Danc- mg. ACTIVITIES! Gym Leader, Gym Meet, Dancf ing Club, Basketball, A. A. Represents' tive. Algebraically speaking: 6F+1I.+1c+9A :Jean THE CLASS L PROM COMMITTEE Left to Right: Littell, Stewart, McCorkle, Buten, Curtis, Morrow, G. Buckley, H. Goodman, Sypherd, Bains, ' Carson, Roper, Harnecl. THE SENIOR, PRCM HE biggest social event of our high school career occurred on the twentyffourth of May. After much deliberation on the part of the committee, Cedarbrook Country Club, the scene of many proms, was chosen. The dance music for the evening was furnished by Tom Darlington and his Royal Sylvanians. Twelve musicians and a vocalist made up the band, and provided the syncopated rhythm in the approved modern style. Early in the evening the grounds were dotted with gay couples slowly making their way towards the dance floor which was gaily decorated to suit the occasion. The cus' tomary green and white predominated. Cne of the interesting features was the unique motherfoffpearl star with the school seal, which was chosen as the favor for the girls. The orchestra also presented many novelty numbers that added an additional thrill to the evening. All in all, the prom of the June Class of 1940 was a great success, and everyone had a most delightful time. Our thanks to the Prom Committee under the able leadership of john Carson for the splendid prom they gave us. lncidentally, the june 1940 Class was the first class to give a Junior Prom. This event, also, took place at Cedarbrook Country Club on june 4, 1939. The orchestra was the Kenmore Karavan which everyone enjoyed dancing to. This class opened the way for later Junior classes and now it is a regular event each year given by the eleventh grades. 33 UN E 1940 GEORGE E. BODENSTEIN 431 W. Bringhurst Street Mecnamcar. An-r HOBBY: Radio and Electric Service, Phof tography. Acrivmssz Stage Director. Algebraically speaking: 7S-I-lB+1A+7R : Bodie ANITA KATHERINE BORDEN 728 W. Sedgwick Street ACADEMIC HQBBY: Collecting Records, ACTIVITIES! Sketch Club, Cliveden and Clip- per Business Staff, Leader. Algebvaically speaking: 2E-I-4A +5H-I-35 2 Boxy ELIZABETH AGNES BOTEIQ 6223 Wister Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Playing the Violin. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+1A +5U+3Ef-Berry RICHARD JAMES BOYD 6678 Chew Street commencmi. HQBBY: Collecting Baseball Clippings. Algebraically speaking: 5P+8S+7W -1-21: Bud ESTHER BREITHAUPT 151 Weaver Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Bicycling, Swimming. Acrwrrlasz Hospital Auxiliary, Gym Leader D, C: Dancing C, Commercial Club C, B. Algebraically speaking: 3S+1U+8S-I-BD :Esther FRED BREMIER, jx. 6907 Wayne Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Sports, Nature Study. Acuvmns: Slide Rule Club B, Dramatic Club C, B, A3 Clipper C, B, Ag Hi-Y C, B, Ag Interfscholastic French Club B, Ag Committee of Ten B. Algebraically speaking: 1S+3K- 1N+6H 2 Fred LAURA BRENDLINGER 608 Cheltenham Avenue COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Swimming, Skating, Bicycling. Acrxvmzzs: Commercial Club C, B, Ag Gym Leader F, E, D, C. Algebraically speaking: SE-l-4S+3R+3E:Laura MARY JANE BROCKMEIER 2017 Chelten Avenue ACADEMIC HoBBY: Singing with the Quintette. Ac-rivr-rms: A Cappella E, D, C, B. Algebraically speaking: SM -I-3T+6F +85 : jane JANET RUTH BRODSKY 608 W. Upsal Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Swimming, Lyric Writing. Acrxvmes: Slide Rule Club, Algebraically speaking: sT+sC+aW+X:Jaaef HELEN G. BROOM 7C31 Boyer Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Horseback Riding, Dancing. Acrxvn-rea: Latin Club E, D, Cg Dramatic Club E, D, C, B, Ag HifY Girls C, B, A: Girls' A. A. Representative F, E, D, C, B, Ag Senior Luncheon Committee, Senior Play A. Algebraically speaking: 6A+3T+7D+4L-:Helen 34 1 THE CLASS PLAY COMMITTEE First Row: Brodsky, Barber, Townsend, Morrison, Beifield, Stulbaum, Snyder, Cooperman. Second Row: McSparron, Savage, Twining, Siani, Orkin, O. Miller, Rieling. SENIOR PLAY CAST Wannop, Shortall, G. Buckley, Ogle, Moyer, Morin, LaRoche, Berry, Henderson, Bender, Keller, Phillips, Grubmeyer, Ganley Merscher, Broom, Dubbs, B. Buckley, Fegley, Zwaig, Bremier, Van Burkalow, Murdock, Von Trott, Benedict, Butler, Smith. 35 JUNE 1940 ELVA HELEN BROWNLEE 367 E. Cliveden Avenue ACADEMIC Algebraically speaking: 2Q'l'4N -l- 3S -1- 1H : Elva BARBARA COATE BUCKLEY 29 Carpenter Lane ACADEMIC HOBBY: Reading, Tennis. ACTIVITIES: Alternate D, Latin Club E, B, Ag French Club B, A: HifY C, B, A: Dramatic Club B, Ag Girls' Secretary of Class C, Clipper D, C: Cap and Gown Committee A, Senior Play A. Algebraically s peaking: 5G-I-2E+8C+3W : Baba GEORGE LYMAN BUCKLEY 6907 Henley Street ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Boosters A, B5 Dramatic Club, HifY A, B, C: Prom Committee A, Clip- per Representative, Senator C, Clip- per Staff D, C3 Activity Committee C. Algebraically speaking: 6N-I-61 +41-l-BNI-I-5D 2 Buck MILDRBD GRACE BURHANNA 1747 Mayland Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Collecting Popular and Semifclassif cal Records. Algcbraically speaking: 3C-I-5G-I-4L+7R 2 Milly ALICE MARIE BURNS 914 E. Woodlawn Avenue COMMERCIAL HQBBY: Drawing, Dancing, Tennis. Acnvmes: RECORD Boolc Staff A. Algebmically speaking: 1B+6F+5S+5G:AIise LEONARD BUTEN 7154 Crittenden Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Slxortfwave Radio. ACTIVITIES! Alternate F, Senator E, A: La' tin Club E, Cliveden Representative C, Prom Committee A, Rscoao Booz Staff A, Track Team A, Secretary of Senate A. Algelrraically speaking: 6E+6N+1A:Butce ROBERT WILLIAM BUTLER 1202 E. Price Street ACADEMIC HDBBY: Football. Algebraically speaking: SU-1-SA -I-SR 2 Bob MARY JOSEPHINE CAHILL 1040 E. Chelten Avenue COMMERCIAL HQBBY: Dancing. ACTIVITIES: Debating Club. Algebraically speaking: 2C'l"3E-I-6F-I-SG : Mary JANE HARRIET CALDWELL 275 W. Haines Street COMMERCIAL HUBBY: Sports, Reading. Acrxvmesz Hockey Club. Algelrraically speaking: 3R+2L+2H+zQ:sa11ie JOHN CALVITTI, Jn. 6451 Chew Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Woodcraft. Algebraically speaking: 3H+6M+5E-I-1B :Johnny THE CLA U NE 1940 RALPH CAPORALE 225 Rittenhouse Street INDUSTRIAL V HOBBY: Baseball. Algelmxically speaking: 6F+sU+zQ+2B:csp MARY ANN CAPOZZI 5506 Devon Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Reading. , Algebmically speaking: 2Q+3S-I-5U -I-7T 2 Mary MARGARET CARLSON 5736 N. Woodstock Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Collecting China Dogs, Algebraically speaking: 2Q+5U+3R+sN:Peggy JACK LESLIE CARR 346 Wister Street EGR ,K COMMERCIAL HOBBY Boats j f! .V:' ' Algebniically speaking: "gu. U f 4Q+sD+1N+4R-4G:Jaek . .- ELIZABETH CARROLL 5838 Crittenden Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Gymnastics. I Algebraically speaking: 9A+6F+sE+sJ : Betty JOHN CARSON 143 W. Schoolhouse Lane ACADEMIC HOBBY: Swimming. ACTIVITIES! Senator D, E, F5 Class President C, B: Swimming Team D, B3 Hi-Y, Clipper Staff and Editor D, C: A Cappella Chorus C, Chairman Prom Committee A. Algebraically speaking: 9A -I-BR-1N+8P+50 2 Carson VIRGINIA CARTER 5531 Morton Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Dancing. Algebvaically speaking: 2Q- IB +6L + IL 2 Ginnie HAROLD DELOS CASE 6234 Magnolia Avenue MECHANICAL ART HOBBY: Sports. Algebraically speaking: 9A -I-IQ-I-IN-I-212 Casey WILLIAM ALLEN CASE 523 W. Clapier Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Tennis. Ac'rIvITIBs: Tennis Second Team,E, C. First , Team A. Algebfraically speaking: 2Q+5j-I-3S+5U 2SOn WILLIAM ERNEST CASPERSON 116 E. Phil-Ellena Street COMMBIQCIAI. HOBBY: Sports. Acrrvn-Iss: Basketball F, G: Track F, C, A Algelmlically speaking: 9A-I-6F+1M+3E:Bill 38 THE 'CLASS BETWEEN THE LINES September, 1937 Dear Ruth: It's been rather lonesome since you left dear old Philadelphia, but with entering high school and everything, I don't give myself much time to think. ' Germantown is so big, and being a freshman doesn't help. Most of the class is new to me, com' ing from another part of the city as I have, but there're very willing to be friends so don't trust your old pal too muchg she may betray you for one of her newer acquaintances. Love, JANE. February 8, 1939 Hello, Ruthie: So much has happened since I wrote you in thirty' seven. Now my class has organized in preparation for graduation. We have already elected Miss Young, my English teacher, and Mr. Rudrauff, one of the art teachers, the class advisers. Last week we had election of officers and Jane Barber and John Carson walked off with the presif dencies. Barbara Buckley and Bill Krebs were elected secretaries, and Jack Gravenstine and Bar' bara Welsh, treasurers. They are all swell peopleg too bad you can't live here and know them. I'm so thrilledg Daddy said I could buy my class ring now from the committee in school that has charge of orders. Mary Jane Lytle is chairman. Remember my introducing her to you last August when you were here? Better sign off before I wear down this lead so I won't be able to do my algebra tomorrow. 'Bye now, JANE. March 30, 1939 Hello Darling: I always said my class was best and it's always doing something to prove it. At the last class meeting, our mascot, an eagle, was unveiled and, Ruth, he's adorable. He was duly and dutifully christened Egbert, "Eggie" for short. The motif was taken from the frieze above the main entrance and designed by Moni Engle. But the best part of all is this. Dorothy Berry and George Buckley, assisted by a committee, are selling Eggie pins. They are to be about an inch high and cut out in the shape of Egbert. Clever, don't you think? Love from Eggie, too, JANE. April zo, 1939 Hello Ruthie: Everyone here is so excited. Our class is giving a Junior Prom, the tirst one ever given in German- town. June Stallings is business manager so it's sure to be a success. We don't know yet whether or not it will be formal but chances are that dress will be optional. Something else but not so important. Ruth, I think the Class of June '40 has really landed. In the Clipper, that came out Tuesday, Eugene Witt and Fred Bremier made the gallery of pic' tures. First time anyone from our class has done so. One more important thing, the "G" pin awards were made this weekg Jane Barber, John Carson, and Moni Engle were the ones from 11B honored. They all deserve congratulations. Before I get too congratulatory, I had better stop until next time. As ever, JANE. April 29, 1939 Dear Ruth: Thursday was the girls' annual gym meet. It was one grand time, full of spirit and good sports' manship. As usual our team ran off with the prize. Jean Anderson won the individual silver metal for second place and Eleanor Jones received the bronze medal for third place. I'll write soon again and say more, but for now, Love, JANE. June 20, 1939 Dear Ruthie: The last weeks have been so full of exams I haven't had much time to write. Only thing of importance was the election of four members of our class to the Committee of Teng Fred Bremier, George Haviland, Gloria Veit, and Bill Krebs, if you're interested. The term is nearly over and when we come back we will all be Seniors, so until July, Au Revoir, JANE. P. S.: I don't see how I could have forgotten but the Junior Prom was June second at Cedar Brook. I had the most wonderful time! It was just as huge a success as I predicted. JUN ROSE CATERFINO 88 E. Haines Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Dancing. Q Acrrvmizsz Commercialette Club D, Com' mercial Club B. Algebraically speaking: 1C-1-50+ 1X-I-6F : Rose ANTOINETTB B. CATRAMBONE 8139 Shawnee Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Drawing, Dancing, Swimming. Acrrvrrmsz Gym Leader G, Fg Cliueden Representative B, Dancing Class H, G, F. Algebraically speaking: 9A + 1L+8S+1W 2 Antoinette ROBERT LOUIS CAZIN 19 Upsal Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Sports. Ac-rrvmss: Football B, D. Algcbraically speaking: 9A-1-3L+6G+2P+1L : Car. DONALD STANLEY CLARK 5310 Germantown Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Camping. ACTWITIESZ Cross Country Manager B. Track C, Ag ChifRlio HifY B, Ag De- bating Club B, A. Algebraically speaking: 1L+7W+8S+50:Don ROBERT GRANT CLIFTON . 33 Westview Street Acanamc HOBBY: Sports. Acnvmrzs: Chi-Rho HifY D, C, B, A: Track Team E, C, A: Commencement Committee A, Rizconn Booz Staff A, Gym Leader E, A. Algebraically speaking: 2B+6F-I-8D+2S-7P:Bob E 1940 DUDLEY COAN 5018 Newhall Street . ACADEMIC HOBBY! Photography. Acnvmss: Hi-Y A, B, C, D, E, F: Dra- matic Club A, B, C, D3 Swimming Team D, B, Clipper Staff C, D: Editor Clipper C, Clipper Representative D. Algebraically speaking: SA-l-43-il-50-l-SE 2 Ducl ELIZABETH ELLEN COATES 5012 Erringer Place ACA DEMIC HOBBY: Dancing, Swimming, Reading. Acrivmss: Vocal Ensemble D, E, C: A Cappella B. Algebraically speaking: 4C+5H+1P 2 Betty JOHN HAROLD COLBBCK 131 W. Gorgas Lane ACADEMIC HOBBY: Railroading. Acrzvmas: Railroad Club F, E, D, C A: VicefPresident B, A. Algebraically speaking: 8M+5I+6P+5T-I-3V : Goldie .B. MARIAN FRANCES COLLINS 6618 Musgrave Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Tennis, Basketball, Dancing. Algebmically speaking: 6F-l-8M+1L -1-SW 2 Marian CHARLES VINCENT COMERFORD 6335 Ross Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Sports. Acrivmss: Baseball C, B, Ag Basketball C, B, A: Soccer A, Leader A. Algebraically speaking: 9A-l-SU-l-2Q+ 1X : Charlie October 20, 1939 Dear Ruthie: The term has started with a loud bang. Per usual, ofhcers were elected and per usual, Jane Barber and John Carson were elected presidents. Vicefpresidents are Bob Ogle and Mary Jane Lytle, and secretaries, Wiliard Krebs and Kay McSparron. It was decided that it would be more convenient if the same treasurers were kept until graduation. Love as usual, JANE. January 6, 1940 Hello there: . This is station GTN broadcasting to say Happy New Year, even though it is six days late. Promptly as ever Class B has already done something this year. On the fourth we entertained the Great William, a master magician, if there was one. Rather I should say he entertained us. He did everythingg changed Water to wine, rags to silk, produced girls from empty trunks, and made pigeons and rabbits disappear. In fact, he made everything disappear but the audience. Good as the show was, the turnout was not quite as good as expected, but then everything can't be done perfectly all the time. This was presented in place of the usual class party and may set another precedent in Germantown. As always, JANE. February 8, 1940 Deaf Ruthie: Now that we're seniors, things are popping. So much has to be done before graduation. The RECORD Booic Staff has been organized for quite some time and the people for various committees are being considered. Officers were elected and the presidential oflices went to Jane Barber and Francis Courtney, Pete for short. That's all until we really get started. Love, JANE. February 16, 1940 Dear Ruth: Small note to let you know we were notilied of our 12A averages recently. The highest boy and girl each were awarded a livefdollar prize by the Boosters. Jane Leflar and Randle Kauders were the ones chosen this term. More seriously than usual, JANE. THE CL.ASS March 18, 1940 Dear Ruthie: The biggest thing around school recently has been the school play, "What a Life." A double cast has been chosen with Harry Merscher and Art Penman as Henry Aldrich, and Ruth Dubbs and Muriel Grubmeyer as Barbara. Ch! yes, the committees have been appointed to conduct the prom, graduation, school play, and luncheon. Chairmen are John Carson, Ruth Ayres, Jane Barber, and Mary Jane Lytle. I've been thinking, did I forget to tell you that George Haviland has been elected president of the Senate and Gloria Veit, vicefpresident? If so, please notify me and I'll verify it. Love, JANE. April 26, 1940 Hello Ruthie: Today was a big day. In assembly this morning, ten of our class received the coveted "G" Pin Award. For the first time, everyone agreed that the choices were excellent. The other thing was the girls' gym meet. First and third prizes came to us, Alberta Twining, winning the silver cup, and Jeanne Anderson, the bronze medal. Our team earned the most points, and took the first prize for the third term. I never saw seniors get so excited before, but the feeling is grand. Full of school spirit, JANE. May 26, 1940 Deaf Ruthie: I can hardly keep my eyes open even though the Prom was two days ago. Everyone had a perfect time. The girls looked beautiful, the music was good, the place ample, in fact, the most I can say is, "lt was perfect." Dreamily happy, JANE. June 24, 1940 Deaf Ru: It's all over. Our luncheon and graduation were held last week. Both ran smoothly with no mishap to speak of. It's a little sad to be saying goodfbye after twelve years of school, but then the friends worth having will still be around, and our memories should be bright and full. Although this phase of events in high school is over, there are still college and business worlds to conquer, and then watch our progress! With love as ever, now graduated, JANE. U NE. 'a E 5'-2 , 1940 JAMES FENTON CONROY 5312 Wakeield Street COMMERCIAL HOEBY: Reading. ACTIVITIES! Assistant to Treasurer, Dues Collector. Algebraically speaking: sP+4Q+4P+4U+6I :Jim NATALIE LOUISE COOK 221 E. Garrett Street ACADEMIC HQEEY: Tennis, Dancing. Algel-rraically speaking: 2Q-4-1A+3R+2S:Cookie BETTY LOUISE COOPER 7156 Bryan Street COMMERCIAL Honey: Reading. ACTIVITIES! Commercial Club B. Algebraically speaking: 4A -I-7A +8R-4-35: Betty RICHARD FULTON COOPER, JR. 107 W. Allen's Lane ACADEMIC HOEEY: Sports, Music. AcTIvITIEs: Track G, E, C, A: Cross Counf try F, D, B: Football H, ChifRho Hi-Y E, D, C, B, Ag A Cappella Chorus D, C, B, A. Algebraically speaking: 9A+6F+3S+5L-I-ZF :Dick SHIRLEY COOPERMAN 33 E. Mt. Airy Avenue ACADEMIC HOEEY: Reading. ACTIVITIES! Latin Club E, B, Debating Club D, C, B: Alternate E, F: Clipper Repref sentative D, Swim Club D, Raconn Book Staff A. Algebraically speaking: 'JR-I-3M+1A+8S:Shirl 42 HARRIET FREELAND CORBETT 4945 N. 11th Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Reading. ACTIVITIES! Latin Club E, French Club C, B, A, Debating Club C, B, Ag Dramatic Club B, Ag Hi'Y C, B, Ag Alternate C, Clipper Staff D, C3 RECORD Book Editor A, A Cappella D, B, A. Algebraically speaking: 8D-I-SG -I-6F-f-IC-l-3D 2 Hattie FRANCIS ENGARD COURTNEY, jx. 154 Manheim Street ACADEMIC Homav: Sports. ACTIVITIES: Germantown Hi-Y D, C, B, Ag Track C, A: Swimming Team B, Senator B, Gym Leader B, D: Committee cf Ten Secretary B and VicefPresident A, HifY: Class President A. V Algebraicall s ea 'ng I P PII 2 1C+4S-I-1F+8P-I-ST-I-7W:Pete DEWITT CLINTON COX 134 W. Hortter Street ACADEMIC Honey: Gun Collecting. ACTIVITIES: Hi'Y. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+1H-I-21-I-SR :D.W. MARGERY ISABEL CRAIG 5350 Magnolia Street COMM ERCIAL Honey: Reading. ACTIVITIES! Hi-Y C, B, A: Treasurer B, VicefPresident A, Dramatic Club B, Ag Current Events A, Alternate C, Lunch' eon Committee A. Algebraically speaking: 4D-I-3S+6F+ZC-I-5N :Margie MARTHA VINCENT CROOKS 21 E. Abington Avenue COMMERCIAL HOEEY: Tennis. Algebraically speaking: 8R +4N + 1X +9C : Martha THE CLA - - . -.- M- '., - -.- -. '.f x.- V ' f -.- .1 - -.' ,f -.' -.-.1 M- - -.' w.- - -.' . . --.-,w -.f x.- A -,f -,: - n x Af. .41 .'- :.'. 5, . .4 Jr. v, sr. .4 ur. ,vi .':. 5, sg. 3, .'f. P, .LZ .2'. L41 1-'. ,H .'-'. 3. .zz ,, , , .A ,... .f JV, ,V U ... ,,,.. ..', ..f, .V ,V .v L-V, MY.. .,-f,. ,Nm ,E 5.-A-. , GERMANTOWN' HIGH SCHOOL 551 G-PIN AWARD ,JF 'yi Egg Um. is w ru-tifg um ia fthe ez f lwsbee mzeafheg-gm - fthe uf. f fthefolb mgrequi 'lsgbzssessi ffm sdwxiingclmra smith pm da d land Th rendu-ing fd dvaluabl th school thl chars Ag F am., manu- aa nga. . U o ass 0 MM- n awa nm n In consequence o a inmen o w' remenx: 3:5 g I e on o an nutshm cw- a motion uf ei en s fl: I t inhsreats o e . Qi, 2 I e ' e o lstinctive an one:-vice to e in min-curricular ,332 activities of u non-n ode dan :ff 3 rode not lower than in all studies In the term w e award was If made nn url e previous term 'K rmam-an nmmmr or nm mwn ..-Mi-----'Ihr lggzg. -13, u i f if5.331f'-T'-71125112"1ff?fI+Z3:4'52f'-VfllitfIEf'lff?'fifflitilu-235251Tiff-51-'Tjft?lfEfL1Fri: II 11B JANE BARBER JOHN CARSON MONI ENGLE 12A GEORGE BODENSTEIN GEORGE HAVILAND JOHN GRAVENSTINE WILLARD KREBS BARBARA WELSH 12B RUTH AYRES OZELLA MILLER DOROTHY BERRY ROBERT OGLE HARRIET CORBETT WILLIAM PHILLIPS FRANCIS COURTNEY ANNETTE RIELING MARY JANE LYTLE FRANK SWEETEN 43 JUN. MARY ROSE CUPO 7811 Germantown Avenue COMMERCIAL Honey: Collecting Phone Numbers. ACTIVITIES: Dancing Club. Algebraically speaking: 9A -I-4N -I-2Q+ IP 2 Mary RITA GRACE CURTIS 5524 Ardleigh Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Dancing. ACTIX'ITIBSZ A. A. Representative, Prom Committee A. Algebraically s peaking: 3C -l-4A -l-3S -I-SG 2 Curt MILDRED CRISTINA DAGER 5511 Boyer Street COMMERCIAL Homer: Hiking, Dancing. ACTIVITIES: Cliveden Representative C, Commercial Club C, Bg A. A. Repre' sentative C, Alternate B. Algelvraically speaking: I 8P+5N-l-6F -8T-I-7R 2Milly MARIE D. D'ALFONSO 496 E. Penn Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Reading. Algebraically speaking: IH-l-IR -65-1-SD 2 Marie MAXINE OLIVIA DANN 6523 Lincoln Drive ACADEMIC Honey: Dancing. ACTIVITIES: Clivcden Staff D, Cliveden Representative D, Debating Club D, C, B. Algebraically speaking: 6F-1-SN-I-5U+8S-I-IP 2 Max E 1940 BETTY JUEL DAVIES 6104 Germantown Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Music. ACTlN'lTIES2 Band, Orchestra, Leaders Club. Algebfaically speaking: ss+so+sE+4L+sG :Betty BERNICE DAVIS 6537 N. Lambert Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Dancing. ACTIXIITIESZ Cliveden Representative, Clip- per Representative, Commencement Com' mittee. Algebraically speaking: 3T -I-4R -I-2C -I-4S 2 Bernice EDWIN DEACON 5145 Keyser Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Photography, Guns. Algebraically speaking: sT+2B+2Q+sN+7M :Eddie LILLIAN MAY DEEMER 6309 N, 18th Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Singing. Algebraically speaking: ' 2Q-I-IL-I-6F2Lil MARY DEMARCO 4557 Uber Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Sports, Dancing. ACTIX'ITIESZ Leaders Club D, C, B, Ag Ewgnming Club, A. A. Representative Algebraically speaking: 6F-l-5N+5P+3C2Mary THE CLAS THE SHAKESPEARE CONTEST HE Shakespeare contest is held twice a year under the auspices of the Shakespeare Club of Germantown. The arrangements are in charge of the Dramatic Club, and it is enthusiastically supported by the Mothers' Association. All students from the 11B, 12A, and 12B classes are eligible to participate by giving either a monologue or a dialogue from any of William Shakespeare's plays. An effort is made by the students to select unfamiliar passages from the various plays and to portray the characters in an intelligent and sincere manner. Miss Prince and Dr. Mason direct and advise the particf ipants in the selection and interpretation of their lines, The costumes are supplied from the school's costume room. The first prize of hve dollars, given by the Women's Club is awarded at the graduation exercises. The second and third prizes are given by the Dramatic Club. Tea and sandwiches are served to the spectators under the direction of club members. Last term's prize was awarded to Isabell Yarus for her interpretation of Lady Macbeth. The second and third prizes were taken by Helen Broome as Catherine the Shrew, and Walter Cramer as Dogberry. 45 UN E 1940 GERALDINE CLARK DEPPE 5330 E. Baynton Street HELEN DONOVAN 6215 N. 17th Street ACADEMIC ACADEMIC HOBBY: Ice Figure Skating. Algelrraically speaking: 5N +6F+ 35 +7W 2 Gerry HOBBY: Sewing. Algebraically speaking: 2Q-Q-1A +8D-I-IL : Helen LUCY ELIZABETH DESSINO 6034 Magnolia Avenue DUANE ERNEST DOUTHART 2014 Medary Avenue COMMERCIAL ACADEMIC HOBBY! Eating. Algebraically speaking: BM-I-2Q+1A+sD+X :Dewey HOBBY : Swimming. Algebraically speaking: 2B +4C-I-3E+3H-I-SS 2 Lu JOSEPHINE THERESA DONNELLY GLEN DOWNS, JR. 1324 E. Rittenhouse Street 449 E. Sharpnaclc Street COMMERCIAL ACADEMIC HOBBY: Tap Dancing. HOBBY: Collecting Sport Pictures. Algebfraically speaking: Algebraically speaking: 2Q+4A+5N:J0 4Q+9M+sE+61+6P: Junior RUTH MARIAN DONNELLY RUTH DOROTHBA DUBB5 2023 Chufflh I-309 6225 Gardenia Street COMMERCIAL VOCATIONAL ART HOBBYI Damlirlg- HOBBY: Dress Designing, Drawing. ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader D, AgCommercial ACTIVITIES: Hi'Y, S9f1i0f Play A, PYOHI Club F D Committee A. Alggbfggcglly gpgaknqgl AlgCbTd1Cdlly speaking. 2Q-I-4A+1L+1R:Donnie 3A+2D+7D+2C+3T:-Rutllie DOROTHY DONOVAN JANET DUNCAN 6215 N. 17th Street 6413 Woodstock Street ACADEMIC ACADEMIC HoBBY: Swimming. HosBY: Music. Algebraically speaking: Algelrraically speaking: 2Q-I-1A+3C+1L :Dotty 9A+4H-I-8S+5P-I-SI :Jan 46 HE CL JUNE 1940 E. CRYSTAL DURSCH 318 E. Chelten Avenue ACADEMIC Algebraically speaking: 4D-I-IA-I-IP-7lvl-I-SV 2Chrys AUDREY EARNSHAW 3423 Crawford Street Acamamic Hoasr: Collecting Pennants. Algebraically s peaking: 2Q+ IP -l-1E -i-5T 2 Audrey JOHN HENRY EDWARDS 521 Pelham Road ACADEMIC Acrrvrrmsz Track Team, Senator E, A: Alternate F, D, C, B: Cliveden Repref sentative C. Algebraically speaking: 9A+zH+1J+5'r:1ack OLGA EDWARDS 6678 Chew Street comztmxcr.-xr. Honmr: Swimming, Reading. ACTIVITIES! Hockey D. Algebraically speaking: SU-1-31 +6G 2 Olga WARREN JAY ELIAS 6521 N. 17th Street commencim. Homavz Stamps, Baseball, Football. Acrrvmes: Cli er Salesman F, E, D3 ' V PP Clipper Manager C. Algebraically speaking: 4-A+1U+3T 2 Warren EDWARD EVERETT ELLIOTT 4819 Knox Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Church Work. Algebraically speaking: 7A +6R +6H-1-SW 2 Ed FRANCES LOU ENGLEHARDT 1954 Georgian Road ACA DEMIC Hosnrz Sports. Acrxvmizs: Hi-Y B, A: Debating Club B, A: Leaders B, French Club A, Committee of Ten A, Senator F, D, C, Bg Alternate E. Algebraically s peaking: 3C -I-1L -I-2Q-I-7G 2 Frannie MARILYN MAEDEONA ENGLB 5057 Stenton Avenue VOCATIONAL ARTS HOBBY: Fashion Plates. Acrxvmes: Leaders P, E, D, C, Ag Dancing E, Gym Meet E, C, Ag Dramatic Club B, A: Debating Club C, B, A: Rlzcoxn QOOK Staff A, Sketch Club F, Senior Play Algelrraically speaking: 8A -l-2C -BE-+-1T 2 Moni MARIAN ROSE ENGLEMAN 5922 Pulaski Avenue ACADEMIC Acrivn-nas: Cliveden Staff F, E, D, Latin Club C, B, A, Recon: Boon Staff, French Club D. Algebraically speaking: 8D -I-SA +3T-I-3U 2 Mim MARY CORDELIA ERDMAN 418 W. Staiord Street ACADEMXC HOBBY: Music. ACTIVITIES! Clipper Staff D, Latin Club B, Ag Raconn Book Stall' A. Algebraically speaking: SF-l-8M +9D +3R-l- 1M 2 Cordie SE IOR Best Looking FRANK SWEETEN JANE BARBER Cutest RUTH DUBBS GEORGE HAVILAND Best Dressed HELEN LAIRD DAUPHIN FREE Most Temperamental FRED BREMIER JEANNE SMITH Most Athletic ELEANORE JONES CHARLES COMERFORD Most Popular JANE BARBER GEORGE HAVILAND 49 THE OL POLL Wittiest DOROTHY MORIN ARTHUR PENMAN Most Likely to Succeed HARRIET CORBETT EUGENE WITT Mos: Szudious DOROTHY BERRY RANDALL KAUDERS Most Versatile MARY JANE LYTLE GEORGE HAVILAND Best Dancers RUTH DUBBS GEORGE BUCKLEY Most Original MONI ENGLE EDWIN LORD UN E 1940 1 ELIZABETH ESGHBACH 6461 Ross Street commnncmr. Hosnv: Golfing. Algebraically speaking: 3A -I-2C -I-SE -I-31: Betty SAMUEL F. ETRIS 100 W. Nippon Street ACADEMIC Honey: Model R. R., Photography, Stamps' Acrivmes: R. R. Club.- Algebraically speaking: 2Q+6F+41+5U:sam MARIORIE MARY EVANS 4436 N. Chadwick Street COMMERCIAL Homsrz Dancing. Acrivmasz Gym Meet D, Dancing Club F, E, D, C: Track Meet D, Senior Play Dance, C. Algebraically speaking: 1A -I-8C-I-3P+2Q 2 Margie KENNETH W. EWING 6635 N. 6th Street ACADEMIC Hoaavz Sailing, Music. Ac'rivn-nas: Orchestra. Algebraically speaking: SH-l-2M+2I-l-2U :Ken ROBERT B. FAHS 250 E. Walnut Lane ACADEMIC Algebraically speaking: , 1N+2S-l-9D+7A :Bob 50 ALFRED B. FARBISH 5117 Greene Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Music. Acrivr-ries: Track Team. Algebraically speaking: 2E +31 +2N+7M :Spike RUTH FEGLEY 1409 68th Avenue ACADEMIC Honiara Outdoor Sports. Acrxvmas: French Club D, C, B, A: Debating Club D, C, B, Ag Dues Collector C, B4 Clipper Staff D, C: Senior Play A. Algebraically speaking: 1C+1L-I-35-1-5P+X:Feggie ROBERT A. FISHER 7153 Bryan Street ACADEMIC Honey: Sports. Acrivrrxasz ChifRho HifY C, B, Ag Chi' Rho Treasurer B, Table Tennis D, C: Track C, Ag Tennis C, Rxzcoxn Book Staff A, Gym Leader B, Clipper Staff D, C, Business Staff, Senior Play A. Algebraically speaking: 9A-I-4S-I-6F-41-l-SG : Ash DOROTHY ALLISON FISK 6218 Wayne Avenue Acamzmc Acrxvrrinsz A Cappella Chorus. Algebraically speaking: 5U -2M-I-1K-I-9M : Dottie MATTHEW WILLIAM FLEGK 254 Rochelle Avenue mnusrniar. HOBBY: Building Model Airplanes. Algebmically speaking: 2Q-I-SN-I-1A+2O : Matt THE SCHOOL OUR SCHOOL T THE head of all school government presides the Senate. At its meetings the senators, or alternates, of every grade in the school gather for the purpose of lawfmaking. They also discuss the problems that arise in every aspect of school life. Mr. Strauss, who is in charge of the group, guides the Committee of Ten in its efforts to enforce the laws of the Senate. Each student is asked to cooperate with the Committee to make our school a wellfordered place. The Committee members, elected each term, are Hve boys and five girls chosen by the Senate from arepresentntive list of A, B, and C Classmen. The school's Boosters are under the care of Mr. Rothermel. To these five boys and five girls is given the job of raising money for the students' assistance fund, the Christmas baskets, and the bus fund. Their most intensive activity is during Booster Week of each term. This week's work is climaxed by the everfpopular Booster dance. Boosters may always be relied on to do a splendid piece of work. Germantown's school magazine, the Cliveden, is one of which we are all justly proud. Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Sutch, the Cliveden was awarded second place at the Columbia Press Conference this year. All the student body is urged to contribute origf inal stories, poems, and articles to the magazine. Beside these, there are many more features of a high literary standard. It is little wonder that the Cliveden has nearly reached the peak of journalistic perfection. The Clipper, our wellfknown paper, has appeal for every student. Contributions for the Clipper are always welcome. Mrs. Goodman and Mr. Laderman, of the Literary and Business staffs, have successfully completed another term of publications. In the Columbia Press Conference the Clipper has won many prizes. It is, in addition, a mem' ber of the Pennsylvania and Philadelphia High School Press Associations. Once each term the Dramatic Club sponsors the Shakespeare Contest. Students from 11B, 12A, and 12B are eligible, and they may present either a monologue or a dia' logue from any of Shakespeare's plays. The Dramatic Club is in charge of all arrange' ments for the contest, and Miss Prince and Dr. Mason coach the participants. A live' dollar prize is given to the winner, and there are also second and third prizes. The A Cappella Choir of Germantown High School is famous throughout the city. Miss Evans has established a high standard for the choir, and its performances are none but the best. A drive to raise money for the choir has been started that they may purchase uniform gowns. This term the A Cappella singers played an im' portant part in the musical evening given by the school. In this evening it was aided by the school orchestra. Mrs. Golden, who is the competent leader of this group is also in charge of the band. Orchestra participation is not only valuable as an actual school subject, but is a constant source of joy for the musicallyfminded students. German' town High School would not be the same without its orchestra. 51 . E 1 0 I JUN 94 WILLIAM FLEMING, ja. 7444 Rugby Street MECHANICAL ARTS HOBBY! Fishing, Finding Something Easy to Do. ACTIVITIES: First Basketball Team A, B, C: Second Basketball Team D, E, F. Algeb-raically speaking: 9A -I-9R-I-1X-I-JT 2Bill ROBERT FLEU Barcalow Street, Somerton ACADEMIC HOBBY: Hunting, Table Tennis. ACTIVITIES! Table Tennis Team. Algebraically speaking: 2Q-I-2S+2I-HG :Bob MARY ROSE FOODY 5016 Greene Street , ACADEMIC HOBBY! Drawing. ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader D, C, B, Ag Dancing Club F, E, D: Gym Meet E, C, Ag Track E, C: Basketball C. Algebraically speaking: 9A -i-9D +3E-I-45 2 Foo IRENE TACY FOX 501 E. Brinton Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Walking, Dancing, Reading, Hiking. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+aB+1x+zE :Rene ISABELLE JANE FOX 427 W. Sedgwick Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Skating. ACTIVITIES: Swimming F, E, D: Gym Leader H, F, E, C, A: French Club A, Girls A. A. Representative E, Hockey G, Cliveden Representative H, F, D, C, B, A. Algebraically speaking: SP-I-9A+1C+8D 2Izzie ai . A . . , ni , Exa m . I I. - . -. 'ii' , 2 3, 5 '3 5 . .... ,, ,g ' ' fi f - ui:- 57 GEORGE ROBERT FRAIN 120 W. Durham Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: U. S. Naval Reserve. Algebraically speaking: 4H+4Q-I-4L-I-9R 2 George HOWARD S. FRANCK 1825 E. Pastorius Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Photography. Algebraically speaking: X-I-2C-I-1N+1S 2 Hank PHILIP JAMES FRECH' 87 Weaver Street MECHANICAL ARTS HOBBY! Coin and Stamp Collecting. Algebvaically speaking: SR-I-2I-I-2B+4P 2Phil EDGAR DAUPHIN FREE 6213 Morton Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Photography. ACTIVITIES! Debating Club A, B, C, D: Dramatic Club A, B, C, D: Hi-Y A, B, C, D, Latin Club A, B, E, F: French Club A, B, Eg Camera Club A, B, C, D, E: A Cappella Choir A, B, C, D, E, F: Slide Rule Club A, B. Algebraically speaking: 2B-I-6D-I-4U-I-41-I-9M 2 Ed ELIZABETH C. FRISCHHOLZ 7511 Tulpehocken Street Acanamc HOBBY! Singing, Gardening. ACTIVITIES: German Club H, G, F, E: Latin Club H, G: Clipper Representative C, B, A: French Club A, Debating Club E, D. Algebraically speaking: 5o+IJ+1C+3T:Bmy THE SOHOO SENIOR SENATORS AND ALTERNATES BOOK 1 Senator: LEONARD BUTEN , Alternate: RUTH AYERS BOOK 3 Senator: JACK EDWARDS Alternate: BERNADETTE GALLEN BOOK 5 Senator: JACK LOUGHRIDGE Alternate: ELEANOR JONES BOOK 7 Senator: HARVEY SCHLICHTBR Alternate: JUNE STALLINGS BOOK 2 Senator: MILDRED DAGER Alternate: JOHN CARSON BOOK 4 Senator: JACK GRAVENSTINE Alternate: JUNE IRIG BOOK 6 Senator: KAY MCSPARRON Alternate: WILLIAM PHILLIPS BOOK 8 Senator: JOHN WELSH Alternate: LUEVBLYN SYPHERD J UNE " mi- , ' sf , :sg new RQ' H. 1. X N5 5 59, 5 ,. ,gf Qs K nick: nfl ' ,yr ,Ov sy! -:-kg.. ' Q. QX 4:-xiwiy 1 : :sr mv . 11 5 X jak: , Jplkwi , . . -525.4 j ' 51 fff' X if s-. , lg' ,. 1 3- sf C -1 1940 EDWARD PAUL FRUNZI 534 E. High Street ACADEMIC Algebraically speaking: IM-I-6F+8S+8D :Ed AUDREY OLIVE FULLAM 7224 Emlen Street ACADEMIC Hosiw: Sports. ACTIVITIBSI Clipper Representative A Clivcdcn Representative H, G, F: Debat: ing Club E, A. A. Representative. Algcbraically speaking: 4E-I-4C+2Q:junior BERNADETTE THERESA GALLEN 6310 N. 21st Street COMMERCIAL Hosni: Dancing. Algslmxically speaking: 4A -I-6E-f-7F +45 2 Bernie NORMA SARA GAMBLE 6250 Wissahickon Avenue Acnnemc Hosxw: Soap Sculpture, Reading. STELLA IRBNE GARBACKA - 141 Carson Street commsncrm. Hossvx Music. Algebraically speaking: 7T+1X+7M -I-8D 2 Stell GERSON GARBEIL 700 E. Church Lane comwzxcmt HOBBY: Sports. Algclrraically speaking: 3E+1Q+1S+7W :Gert JAMES E. GARRETT 6819 Clearview Street Acnmzmc Honey: Sports. ' ACTIVITIES! Rizcono Book Stag A. Algebraically spca king: 2Q+1D +51 +7M :Jaime CONSTANCE ANNE GARUS 5320 N. Carlisle Street commsncuu. Honor: Drawing. ACTIVITIESC Gym Leader G, F, Swimming AC-nvmgs: Altemaw C. H, F3 Debating Club D, C, B, Ag French Al cbmicau 5 mkin . Club c, B, Ag Hockey H, F, Hospital 5 F P 8' Auxiliary Treasurer A. Algebraically speaking: 3E+2Q-I-4N :Norma EDWARD JAMES GANLEY 3339 N. 16th Street Acnmzmc HOBBY: Automobiles. Acrrvmesz Senior Play A, Debating Club, Dramatic Club. Algebraically speaking: 1N +9F-I-6F --SR : Ned BC -2G+5H+3j+6M : Connie WILLIAM R. GARVIN, JR. 56 Slocum Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Sports. Acrivrrms: Studies, Baseball, Cross Country Basketball Team. Algebmically speaking: 9A+7M+9R-i-1D : Bill S 4 'AX Hx PX x R 1 5 Y 1. 5 Q if? Q Q ig K my 1, yi L r ,- Q X to THE SCHOO COMMITTEE OF TEN Left to Right: Haviland, Mr. Strauss, Veit, Swartly, Anderson, Krebs, Kirstetter, Court' ney, Engelhardt, Hemberger. BOOSTERS Left to Right: Garvin, Nicholson, Reese, Althofer, Penman, N. Alexander, G. Buckley, Stallingsflluck. 55 - ,I JUNE 1940 GILBERT GAYLER 1507 Clearview Street ACADEMIC Hosni: Photography. Acrivmasz Slide Rule Club, Swimming Team. Algebraically speaking: 21 +7W-I-4L-I-9A 2 Gil THOMAS F. GIBBONS 6225 N. Lambert Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Coin Collections. Algebraically speaking: 7G+2Q+x:T0m FAITH ALICE GILBERT 28 E. Gorgas Lane conmnncuu. HOBBY: Swimming, Reading. Algebrdically speaking: sF+sP+2S+sQ:-Giuie ROBERT DARLINGTON GILFILLAN 79 High Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Stamps and Traveling. ACTIVITIES: Slide Rule Club. Algebraically speaking: ZH -I-SR +31-I-2C 2 Bob HELEN MARIE GILLICE 3622 Fisk Avenue COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Skating. Algebmically speaking: . 7A-I-4C+5U-:Helen EZIO GINNETTI ' 7261 Limekiln Pike INDUSTRIAL HOBBY! Band Music. Algebvaically speaking: 9M -I-4Q+9F -f-8M -I-3T : George MILDRED DOROTHY GISSINGER 430 W. Bringhurst Street COMMERCIAL Algebraically speaking: 2G-I-IX-I-6G -4H 2 Millie RICHARD STATZELL GOLDBERG 221 W. Manheim Street MECHANICAL ARTS HOBBY! Swimming. Acrrvmss: Ping'Pong Club C, D5 Basket- ball F. Algebraically speaking: 2E-I-21-I-3S -I-6I'I : Dick JEANNE GOLDSCHMIDT 640 Carpenter Lane ACADEMIC HOBBY: Horseback Riding, Sailing. ACTIVITIES! Girls A. A. Representative. Algebraically speaking: 5U-I-6M+4L -2G : Goldie HELEN VIRGINIA GOODMAN 3315 Krail Street COMM ERCIAL HQBBY: Dancing. Acrlvu-IBB: HifY A, B, Cg Commercial Club A, B, C, D, E, Fg Debating Club A, B, C3 Prom Committee A, Cliveden Representaf tive E, Alternate D. Algebraically speaking: 4D+3C+5J-l-SU:-Goody THE SCHCOL CLIPPER First Row: Young, Weiner, Hume, Grass, Oldach, Berry, Williams, Bowers, Boyd, Blasius, Mott, Ayres. Second Row: Borden. Steinberg, N. Alexander, Vrooman, Staples, Bremier, Domanski, Jewell, Cooper. CLIVEDEN First Row: Patton, McConnell, Levinson, M. Phillips, Lorenzo, Witte, Kirrstetter, Salus, Williams, Grass, Bowers, Bore den, Deveney, Crouthamel. Second Row: Propert, Townsend, Hume, Hubley, Sherman, Anderson, Kemmerer, Gunning, N. Alexander, Polis, Steinberg, B. Smith, Young. Third Row: Grass, Roth, Domanske, Fitzpatric, C. Brown, Matthews, Eggleston, First, Canning, Wasserman. 57 UN E 1940 MARIE FLORENCE GOODMAN 47 E. Bringhurst Street COMM BRCIAL HOBBY. Bible Study. ACTIN'ITIESI Bible School F, E, D, C, B, Ag Debating Club F, E, D, C, B, A: French Club F, RECORD Boon Staff A, Cliveden Representative F, E, D, C, B: Stamp Club F, Clipper Representative F, E, RBOOBD BOOK Representative C, B. Algebraically speaking: 6R-f-1C+2E-I-8T+5F 2 Goody MARY MARGARET GOODMAN 67 Manheim Street OOMMBIIOIAI. HOBBY: Horseback Riding. Algelrraically speaking: 11 +7T+6F-I-1X 2 Artie ROBERT GOTTLEIB 6624 Cornelius Street INDUSTRIAL Algebraically speaking: 9A+zQ+4A+3E:B0b MARGARET JANE GOURLEY 664 W. Johnson Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Dancing. Algebraically speaking: 1F-I-6G-I-ZH-1-X 2Peg WILLIAM REESE GOVETT 7842 Provident Road ACADEMIC HOBBY. Fencing, Model Boats, IAIrplanes. ACTIVITIES! Second Football Team E, Tennis B, Fencing B, A. Algebraically speaking: 41-I-6F-3B+9P2Bill DUNCAN JAMES GRANT, Jn. 538 Brinton Street MECHANICAL ARTS HOBBY. Sports. AOTIVITIBS: Basketball Team, ChifRho HyfY. Algebraically speaking: 3B-f-9A-I-IJ-I-SR-I-2B 2 Tim MARGARET ANNE GRASS 2120 Stenton Avenue VOCATIONAL ARTS HOBBY: Art. ACTIVITIES: Leader F, E, D, C, Ag A. A. Representative F, Clipper Staff B, Cliveden Staff B, RECORD Booz Staff A, Sketch Club C, B: Circulation Manager of Clipper and Cliveden A. Algebfaically speaking: 7M+2M+sA+sP+7N :Maggie JOHN HENRY GRAVENSTINE, Ja, 5255 Wakeield Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Sports. ACTIVITIES! Treasurer of Class A, B, C: Basketball B, D, F: Baseball A, C. Algebraically speaking: 9A+3C+6F+aR:Jack GROVER EDWARD GRAY 365 E. Cliveden Street comusncrar HOBBY! Sports. Algebraically speaking: 2B-1-4H -I-5E+9A 2Grov OLIVETTE CATHRINE GRAY 365 E. Cliveden Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY. Reading. Algebmically speaking: 4L+7R+5U+7M +8F 2 Olly 58 THE SCHOO A CAPPELLA First Row: C. McNeill, Hoffman, Gensemer, Schrader, Courtney, Greer, Lush, Anderson, Dressler, Johns, Thiry, Kerdelas, Gourley. Second Row: Passerini, Cracknell, Hartman, Miller, Van Burkalow, Gill, Hollmeister, Daly, Hepfner, Corbett, Aus- tin, Colbeck, Angst. Third Row: Howarth, Wells, West, Zwarg, Wilson, Marks, Littel, Constable, Edelman, T. McNeill, Free Wilkinson, Accompanist. BOYS' CHORUS N Miller, Craclmell, Clemmens, Pruit, Landell, Dauthart, Zwarg, Colbeck, Van Anglen. THE ORCHESTRA 59 JUNE 1940 SARA LOUISE GRAY 218 E. Durham Street ACADEMIC Honey: Playing the Piano. Ac-rxvmns: Hockey D, Leaders F, Slide Rule Club B, Debating Club A, Com- mencement Committee A. Algeb-raically speaking: 6G+1P -3L-I-X 2 Reds BETTY J. GREEN 204 E. Willow Grove Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Tennis. Algebraically speaking: 6E+4S+5N : Betty CAROLINE TAWS GREER - 6917 Sherman Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Swimming. Acrxvmrzsz Swimming B, Ag A. A. Repre- sentative, Cheerleaders D, C, B, Ag Hi-Y C, B, A: Clipper Representative D, C, Ag Alternate B, Debating Club A. Algebraically speaking: 8D-I-45-I-3E-i-9A : Carol ELIZABETH ANN GRETZINGER 6324 Lambert Street comanacxai. Honey: Reading. A01-rvmxza: Clipper Representative. Algcbraically speaking: 6F+1L+4D-I-SG :Betty EMILY GRIM 33 W. Sharpnack Street ACADEMIC ' HOBBY! Dancing, Reading, Music. Algcbraically speaking: 7G+6F+aR+1P:Emi1y JANET LOIS GROBEN 732 E. Chelten Avenue coumzacrar HOBBY! Swimming. Algebraically speaking: SP-l-3T+5J -I-4L 2 Gabby MURIEL FLORENCE GRUBMEYER 2803 W. Queen Lane ACADEMIC HOBBY: Dancing, Sailing, Horseback Rid- ing, Dramatics. Debating Club E, D, C, B, Ag Hi-Y C B, Ag Gym Leader H, Hockey H, Alter: nate H, F5 Dancing H. Algclrraically speaking: 7D+1V-I-SA-1-8E:Grubby WARREN CLIFFORD HAERER 6774 Musgrave Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Baseball, Football. Algcbraically speaking: 4F+2Q+3E+6H 2 Bill GEORGE SPEER HALE 545 Carpenter Lane MECHANICAL ARTS Honrw: Track. Acrivr-rms: Senator H, G, F, E: Track and Cross Country '36, '37, '38: Gym Leader G, F, E. Algebraically speaking: 3F -SS -2Q-f-SE :George PHYLLIS MARION HAMILL 7327 Summers Road COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Swimming. Aca-ivn-nas: Debating Club, Commercialetts, Hospital Auxiliary, Commercial Club, Clipper Representative. Algebraically speaking: sD+1L+sR+1J:Phye Acrivmzs: Dramatic Club E, D, C, B, A: THE CLUBS OUR CLUBS LUB life plays an important part at Germantown High School. Although it is not compulsory, every student is urged to join some club, or at least one after' school activity for his own particular benefit. The types of clubs are enough diversified that everyone may find a group in which he is particularly interested. Largest and most popular of all are the Debating and Dramatic Clubs, but the others are just as interesting and helpful in their own way. In these days of turmoil what could be more instructive than attendance at the Current Events Club? Here matters of vital interest to us are fully discussed. For the mathematicallyfminded, there are many inf structive hours to be spent in the Slide Rule Club. Sponsored by Dr. Rodman, member' ship is limited to about twenty members so that all may receive her personal attention. Knowledge of the use of a slide rule is useful in engineering, architecture, physics, and astronomy. The language clubs are Le Cercle Francais, and Res Latinae. A student of either French or Latin will find these clubs highly enjoyable. Games are played, songs are sung in the respective languages-a pleasant way to learn new vocabulary. Once a term each club holds a party, and both give awards at graduation. The HifY's are important organizations in our school. The Germantown HifY, the Chi Rho HifY for boys, the Girls' HifY, and Junior HifY are all fine groups, and are equally popular. The Chi Rho and Germantown HifY's each meet once a term for a dinner with the Girls' HifY, while the junior HifY is a more'orfless separate unit. The boys enjoy many sports ,activities through the yearg the girls take part in helping the Germantown Hospital Store and the Settlement House. Membership in all these clubs is by "tryout" only, but, once in, no member would ever give it up. Commercial students will find a ready welcome in the Commercial Club. This Club's activities are very interesting, as they include visits to banks, a newspaper build' ing, and an ice cream factory. Business men often visit the club. The club awards a prize at graduation to the commercial student with the highest average. "A pleasant way to go to the hospital-join the Hospital Auxiliary" is a slogan familiar to us all. Active Auxiliary members get a real thrill from their work. The club's biggest project is visiting children in hospital wards, and entertaining them through the afternoon. . Newest among the organizations of the school is the Boys' Glee Club. Already their line work has been recognized through assembly programs, and by their beautiful singing at the first musical evening given by the school. Many members must leave at the term's end, but if the remainder continues, great things may be expected from the group in the future. 61 UN E 1940 MADEE HANSEN . 117 W. Sylvania Street ACADEMIC HoBBY: Photography, Swimming and All Sports. Acrivmnsz Gym Meet G, Eg Gym Leader H, G, F, F., D, C, B, A: Swimming G, E, B, A: Cliveden Representative F, Ag Girls A. A. Representative G, Photogf raphy Club A. Algelrraically speaking: 9A -I-2L-I-9F-I-1X 1' Dee HENRY JOSEPH HAPP 1312 E. Haines Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Model Airplanes. Algebrairally speaking: IJ -I-8G +85 : Happy EDITH BOICE HARDING 534 W. Ellet Street . COMMERCIAL HOBBY : Art. . Algebmically speaking: 4A +9A -I-SE-I-SP : Peg ELIZABETH MAY HARDING 4920 Knox Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Horseback Riding. Acrivrriss: Commercial Club C, A: Track and Field C, Leaders Club B, Ag Debating Club A, Horseback Riding C, B, Ag Rsconn Boom: Staff A. Algcbmically speaking: 51-I-2H+3S+1Q-I-SA :Betty ELVINA BOICE HARDING 534 W. Ellet Street COMMERCIAL Acrrvi-mas: Gym Meet D, I! Gym Leader H, G, F, E, D, C, B, .Ag Dancing D. Algelmiically speaking: 9A+2I-I-4A-I-4N :Pat 62 MARYANNE VIRGINIA HARNED 7232 Sprague Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Swimming. Ac'rrvx'rIEs: Hi-Yy B, A5 Basketball F, D, B: Hockey F, Swimming E, A: Track and Field C, Baseball E, D, A: French Club A, Prom Committee A. Algebraically speaking: 1F-I-3D -I-7F+8D 2 Mary DANIEL HARRIS 700 Church Lane MECHANICAL ARTS HOBBY: Stamps. Algcbraically speaking: 2Q+1N+6I+4J+6T :Dan GEORGE A. HAVILAND 5613 Greene Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Scrapbooks, Tennis. ACTIVITIES: Committee of Ten A, Clipper Staff, Basketball Manager A, Table Tennis, Senate President A. Algebraically speaking: SD +8P +1T+6W -I-5P : Daudy Alfie ISABELLE MARIE HAY 506 E. Johnson Street COMMBBCIAL HOBBY! Dancing, Sports, Swing Music. Acrlvmas: Basketball A, Hospital Aux' iliary B, Hockey F, D, B, Baseball E. Algebfaically speaking: 6F-i-3A+5O-9F:Izzy JOHN WESLEY HEINEMANN 1359 E. Rittenhouse Street MECHANICAL ARTS HOBBY! Baseball. Algebraically speaking: SU -I-2H + lj 2 johnny THE CLUBS CURRENT EVENTS CLUB First Row: Neiderman, Sherman, Quig, Craig, Spears, Rogers, Fahr, Peppiano, Baxter, Linn, Studenmund Lawrence. Second Row: Lynn, Key, Rauch, Laskin. SLIDE RULE CLUB Kauders, Parkinson, Shaetzlc, Rosenburge, Free, Kerr, Lawrence, Thomas. 63 JUN HARRY MELVIN HEISLER 12 W, Mt. Airy Avenue MECHANICAL ARTS HOBBY: Models, Sports. Algebmicaliy speaking: 2Q+6H +7T+5E 2 Harry BETTY CHRISTINE HEMBERGER 165 Wyneva Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Swimming. ACTIVITIES: Basketball F, D, B: Hockey F, Swimming E, Gym Leader F, E, D, C, B Hi-Y D, C, B, A: Senator D, C, B, A Track E, A. Committee of Ten, A. Algebmically speaking: 2F-I-3T-7A+2I+2C:Betty ARDLEY ALEXANDER HENKELS 49 E. Cliveden Street Acanizmrc HOBBY: Record Collecting, Fishing. Algebraically speaking: 2C -l-SU -1-6D -1-ZQ : Artie SYLVIA LEE HERZOG 6949 Ogontz Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Dancing, Reading. ACTIVITIES! Library Aid. Algebvaically speaking: SC-i-SN-I-31-i-X-:Sil MARILYN HESSER 140 W. PhilfEllena Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Piano, Dancing. Algebmically speaking: SD -I-9G +45 -I-BP 2 Dee E 1940 fgisw in it :si Ll . .., ,mi-1. BEVERLY RUTH HEYTENS 6206 Homer Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Art. Algebraically speaking: INI-I-IN-I-3A+2H f-Bev. JACK HOFKOSH 700 Church Lane ACADEMIC HoBBi': Chemistry, Stamps, Photography. ACTIVITIES! Slide Rule Club. Algebraically speaking: ' 4L -i-6F -I-4C +85 : jack SARA HOLLIS 6359 McCallum Street MUSIC HOBBY: Canoeing. ACTIVITIES! French Club B, Latin Club B, Hospital Auxiliary Treasurer D, C: Secretary B, President A, Debating Club A. Algebmically speaking: 1A-I-7L +50 :Sara DOROTHEA MAE HOOVEN 2009 Ridley Street ACADEMIC HUBBY: Stamp Collecting. Algebraically speaking: 5 H -I-SP + 1 X :- Dot EVELYN RUTH HOUSE 6249 Wissahickon Avenue COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Swimming, Music. Algebraically speaking: SO-i-4S -Q-2P --3L : Evie THE CLUBS DEBATING CLUB MEMBERS Anderson, Barber, Bell, Breithaupt, Corbett, Deppe, Dann, Cooperman, Engle, Englehardt, Fegley, Free, Gamble, Garus, H. Goodman, M. Goodman, Ganley, Gray, Greer, Harding, Hollis, Ireland, Johnson, Grubmeyer, jones, Kauders, Laird, Lawrence Lewin, Littell, Mackey, Krebs, Moffat, Morin, Morrow, Moyer, Nicholson, Nylund, Ogden, M. Phillips, W. Phillips, Ramsey, McDonnell, Rieling, Rosenthal, Rosenberg, Seitz, Shortall, Siani, J. Smith, V. Smith, Snyder, Sypherd, Taylor, Thomas, Twining, Veit, Wilkinson, Wise, Alexander, Althofer, Baxter, Bradford, Buck, Campuzani, Christy, Frary, Grass, Heinel, Herold, Karam Kemmerer, Kerrstetter, Jacobs, Martin, Mennig, Meyer, McConnell, Matthias, Murdock, Norris, Quig, Salus, Spence, Richter, Schuck, Sanson, Vodges, Williams, Witte, Yandell, Young, Ashley, Bowers, Brown, Bowser, Clinton, Cooper, Dickson, Domanski, Eggleton, Gimble, Gordon, J. Kirstetter, Kupke, Logan, MacNeal, Manning, McCann, McCormick, McGaw, McNulty, McVicker Meehan, Miller, Pierce, Ruch, Remington, Roberts, Rose, Schwarz, E. Snyder, Sorber, Staples, Stahl, Walters, Wedul, Anderson Davidson, Derr, Gewertz, Greenfield, Hunter, R. Kerstetter, Martin, D. Miller, J. Ogden, Otto, Reilly, Walkden, Wilder. a 1 THE DEBATING CLUB F ALL the numerous clubs in Germantown, the Debating Club is the one that is probably the most popular with the students. Not only is it the largest, but the most interesting and educational. Its purpose is to develop and en' courage public speaking, and to acquaint the members with the art of debating. For many years its enthusiastic participants have flocked to Room 233 where Miss Ege and Mr. Arnold have lead them to success. Through the Debating Club, many Germantown students have kept informed of the current topics, both foreign and domestic, which today afford much discussion. They have also had an opportunity to hear the opinions of others and to express their own. At several instances members of our Debating Club have been invited to enterf tain at different social affairs, and received many compliments for their fine work. This term we had the pleasure and privilege of hearing a debate given by the Freshman Def hating Team from Ursinus College. This was of interest to all, and was greatly appref ciated. The club meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month. At the end of each term, serious thoughts are laid aside, and the members enjoy a most delightful party, including refreshments and entertainment by the talented. This term's oflicers were: William Phillips, president, Jane Althofer, vicefpresidentg Dauphin Free, secretary, and jane Barber, treasurer. 65 UN E 1940 ELIZABETH HOWARD 45 W. Rittenhouse Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Sewing, Dancing. Algebraically speaking: IL -8G+5F-I-9P : Betty JUNE EVELYN IHRIG 6417 Woodstock Street ACADEMIC Acrrvi-rms: Senator. Algebraically speaking: 2M -I-4L +5C+1J : Jan JOHN ALEXANDER IRELAND 246 Zeralcla Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Sports. Acrivn-IBS: Debating Club, Alternate B Algebraically speaking: 2Q+6F-I-3E-I-IC :Johnny HARRY JAMES JACKSON, Jn. 5338 Lena Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Painting with Spray Gun. Algebraically speaking: BI-I-2Q+2B+2S:Harry HOWARD JACKSON, JR. 90 E. Garfield Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Reading, Making Money. Algcbraically speaking: 5N-I-2E-1-SO :Jack MILDRED CONSTANCE JACKSON 559 E. Haines Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Music Scrapbook. Algebvaically speaking: 4S+1G+5A 2 Mildred BEATRICE MARGARET JACOBSON 318 W. Zeralda Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Tennis. ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club A, RECORD BOOK Staff A, Sketch Club D, Eg Gym Meet Cheerleader C, Eg Gym Leader F, E, D, C, B, Ag Girls A. A. Repref sentative B. Algebraically speaking: 1C +3R-4G-i-2O+4K : Bea NORMAN JOHANSEN 626 Glen Echo Road ACADEMIC HOBBY: Bird Study. ACTIVITIES: Track Team, Cross Country Team, Biology Club. Algebvaically speaking: 2M-J-3T-1-9A -4D 2 Joe EARL WHAYMOM JOHNSON 6511 Ross Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Track, Baseball. ACTIVITIES! Track Team '37, '38, '39. Algebraically speaking: 9A-J-1W+6F-J-7A :Earl ELMER R. JOHNSON 6535 Berdan Street INDUSTRIAL HOBBY: Roller Skating. Algebraically speaking: 2U+3L+4Q-I-4J 2 Elmer THE CLUBS DRAMATIC CLUB MEMBERS Althofer, Arens, August, Austin, Baines, J. Barber, B. Barber, Bender, Benedict, Blum Bodle, Bowers, Bowman, Bremier, S. Bremier, Bright, Broom, Buck, B. Buckley, G. Buckley, Cassidy, Clinton, Coan, Constable, Corbett, Craig, Dean, Dubbs, Du Brae, Eggleton, Ekey, Engle, Fischer, Free, Fogarty, Fullam, Ganley, Gimble, Goodwin, Gordon, Grass, Greeson, Grubrneyer, Gaulteri, Guldin, Gun' ning, Hammersley, Hudson, Humphines, Hyde, Irvin, Jewell, Jordon, Kaplan, Keller, Kennedy, Kirrstetter, K. Kirrstetter, Krebs, Lachet, La Roche, Laskin, Lavell, Logan, Lowe, Lytle, Matthias, McCaffrey, McCallinson, McConnell, McCorkle, McElhinney, McMenamen, McNeil, McSparron, D. Miller, O. Miller, Monroe, Morin, Morrison, Morrow, Murdock, Nicholson, O'Connell, Ogle, O'Neil, Otto, Phillips, Rau, Pollock, Perlak, Rhodes, Rhon, J. Robinson, L. Robinson, Seymour, Sanson, Shortall, Smith, M. Snyder, E. Snyder, Stahl, Staples, Stiles, Sweeten, Taboga, Thomas, Van Anglen, Van Burkalow, Vogle, Wagner, Wannop, Weyerf nan, Wurst, Young, Evanson, Reese, Lawrence. THE DRAMATIC CLUB NE of the oldest and most popular clubs in the school is the Dramatic Club. At the two monthly meetings talks, quizzes, and short plays are presented which vary from an adaptation from the Greek dramatist, Aristophenus, to a modern farce by Stephen Leacock. Once every other year a threefact play is given after school. The club sponsors, Dr. Mason and Miss Prince, are two very fine coaches whose delight' ful personalities have inspired the club's activities for several years. Beside the regular meetings, the other activities of the club include: plays in the assembly, performances for local clubs, frequent radio broadcasts, and a semifannual party. The arrangements for the Shakespeare contest are also in the hands of the club, which provides the refreshments and the second and third prizes. The officers who with the chairmen and their committees have led the club in the past year are: president, William Philipsg secretary, Dorothy Morin, and treasurer, Jane Althofer. 67 JUNE 1940 MARILYN HARRIET JOHNSON 243 W. Tulpehocken Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Music, Art, Traveling. Acrrvmss: Gym Leader F, French Club F, E, D, C, Ag Hockey E, Hospital Auxiliary A, Debating Club A. Algebraically speaking: 1E-I-SD-I-1N+8I-3L :Lynn SPEAR PAINE JOHNSON 6615 Greene Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Machinery, Trumpet Playing. Acrrvmss: Second Basketball Team, Second Football Team, Railroad Club G, Alter' nate F, B, Clipper Representative B, Gym Leader, Baseball Manager. Algebraically speaking: 3L-SR-I-3F:Spear ROBERT JAMES JOHNSTON 8040 Roanoke Street commnacuu. HOBBY: Sports fSwimmingJ. Algebraically speaking: IJ-I-SA +6F+4N :Bob JUNE ADELAIDE JOLY 6211 Homer Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Gym, Tennis. ACTIVITIES! Gym Leader F: Globe Trotter Club B. Algebraically speaking: I 9A +3B+4N -1-3U 2 June ANGELENA JONES 5813 Morris Street ' ACADE MIC HoBBY: Photography. Ac-rrvi-rms: Gym Leader A, Debating Club A. Algebraically speaking: 6E-1-6F -I-9G +50 : Angey Q UF s.., I . -Y I ,,,g fg51t,k ELBANORE V. JONES 538 W. Ellet Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Swimming, Art. Ac'r1vmBs: Swimming Club H, G, F, E, D, C, B: Cheerleader F, E, D, C, B, Ag Gym Leader H, G, F, E, D, C: Gym Meet G, E, C: A. A. Assistant Treasurer F, E, D, C, B, Ag A. A. Representative, Chemistry Club C, Latin Club H, Slide Rule Club B, Basketball, Track C. Algebmically speaking: 9A -i-SU +1P -I-6F 2 Jonsey i ELIZABETH -JUSTICE 2113 Medary Avenue COMMERCIAL HoBaY: Lip Reading. Acrrvmssz Dancing Club. Algebraically speaking: SO-I-6L+1J-I-6F : Betty VIVENNE H. KAPLAN 6320 Wissahickon Avenue ACA DEMIC HOBBY: Music, Reading. Acrrvmus: Clipper Representative, Clive- den Representative, Latin Club. Algebraically speaking: 4H-1-SC-I-ST-I-IL 2 Viv AGNES MARIE KARDISH 6510 Chew Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Stamp Collecting. Algebraically speaking: 1F+4N+sU -1-so : Aggie WILLIS KATHRINS 602 Carpenters Lane MECHANICAL ART HOBBY: Sports. Ac-rrvr-ries: Cross Country D, C, B1 Track C, B: Gym Leaders D, Photography Club C. Algebfraically speaking: 3C -I-3,l +4W+7M 2 Willie THE CLU FRENCH CLUB Top Row: Payne, Studenmund, Fegley, Pollock, Free, Schaetzle, McCrea, Laird. Center Row: Stallings, Taws, Morrow, Quig, Frischholz, Johnson, Corbett, ltgen, Clinton, Kuppe. Bottom Row: Rosenthal, Wise, Fox, Hollis, Gamble, Smedley, Ricling, Harned, Sypherd, Powell. LATIN CLUB First Row: Rosenthal, Siani, Wilder, M. Lytle, Mair, M. Lytle, Levine, Roberts, Bishop, Powell, Bremier. Second Row: Gold, Taws, Haimbach, Erdman, Stallsmith, Kaplan, Ogden, Shellhammer, LaRoche, Rhodes. 'Third Row: Morrow, Grass, Drew, Hutchinson, Miller, Osbourne, Hunder, O'Neil, Clayton, Wannop, Gualtieri. Fourth Row: Klenk, Monroe, Schwarz, Spear, Free, Hyde, Ihrig, Pollock, Muschenheirn, Rosen' thal, Matthews, Jewell. 69 UN E 1940 RANDELL MORGAN KAUDERS 648 E. Chelten Avenue ACADEMIC HoBBY: Golf. Acrivmes: German Club, Slide Rule Club, Debating Club. Algebraically speaking: 3E+1B+2Q- IX :Prof CATHERINE JOAN KEELER 7227 Walnut Lane ACADEMIC HOBBY: Gym Work, Skating, Dancing. ACTIVITIES! Tumbling Club, Globe Trotter Club, Gym Leader. Algebraically speaking: 4A-I-8C-I-11-I-4V : Kay DORIS MARION KELLER 627 E. Wadsworth Street ACA DEMIC HOBBY! Art, Swimming. ACTIVITIES: Dramatic Club. Algebmically speaking: 8E+3N+4H -I-3M -I-5V 2 Doris ROSANNA MARGARET KELLY 5736 Beechwood Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Swimming, Tennis. ACTIVITIES! Dancing Club, Commercial - Club, Leader. Algebraically speaking: 1F-I-7T -X+2M 2 Roe VIRGINIA EVLYEN KENNEY 5525 jane Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Swimming, Dancing. Algebraically speaking: 1R -I-6G -I-6A +35 2 Ginnie JAMES KERR 8618 Germantown Avenue ACADEMIC HOEEY: Chemistry. ACTIVITIES! Slide Rule Club A, B: Fencing Team A, B. Algebraically speaking: 2B-I-3E+2Q+2S+2W :jim MARGARET KEY 6008 Stenton Avenue COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Art. Algelrraically speaking: X-I-4C -4S-I-8F-I-IP : Margie LOTTA KILE 1833 Beverly Road ACADEMIC HOBBY! Sewing. Algebraically speaking: 4T +4A + IW : Lotta RICHARD JAMES KINGHAM 5863 Stockton Road ACADEMIC HOBBY: Playing a Trumpet. Algelrraically speaking: 2Q+2C+1A+1L :Dick MILDRED DORIS KITSELMAN 6828 N. 10th Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Collecting Foreign Dolls by Pairs Algcbraically speaking: 2Q+ss+sH:Ki:cy THE CLUBS GIRLS' HLY First Row: Karam, Heinel, Stallings, Grubrneyer, Hemberger, McNeil, Barber, Lytle, Craig, Anderson, Smith, Goodman, Crouthf amel, Bains, Broome, Weston. Second Row: Neely, Rhodes, Williams, Greer, Morrison, Twinning, Adamson, Dubbs, Berry, Engle- hardt, Veit, Witte, Williams, Buckley, Kirrstetter. Third Row: Hudson, Manning, McQuade, Dougherty, Kemmerrer, Swamburgf Harned, McCaflfrey, Herold, Meehan, Murray, Althofer, Carnpusano, Mair. Fourth Row: Leilar, Krauss, Morrow, Corbett, Kirf stetter, McGaw, Klinlrc, Craig, Baxter. GERMANTOWN HI-Y Left to Right: Free, Phillips, G. Buckley, Shaner, Schaetzle, Lawrence, Krebs, Courtney, Gordon, Cox, Roper, Sweeten, Merscher, Second Row: Stout, Ogle, Moore, T. Thomas, Carson, McNeil, Staples, Murdock, Bremier, Wagner, Luongo, Studenmund. ,Third Row: Walkden, Brown, Bogdes, Vrooman, Irwin, Miller, Swartley, Miller, Logan, Smith, Garvin, Welsh. 71 JUNE 1940 DORIS JANE KLINKE 1239 E. Washington Lane ACA DBMIC HOBBY: Music. ACTIVITIES! HifY, German Club, A Cap- pella. Algebraically speaking: 4S+3C-40-I-5P:Dorie ROBERT D. KNAPP 6658 Crowson Street INDUSTRIAL HOBBY: Aviation. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+ 33 -f- X 2 Bob JOHN KRAUSS 1706 67th Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Baseball. ACTIVITIES: Latin Club D, Eg Lunchroom Monitor, Senator B, Gym Leader D, E, F, B. Algebraically speaking: IA +9D+zE+aR +30 2 John WILLIARD BAIRD KREBS, JR. 7036 Greene Street ACADEMIC Honey: Photography. ACTIVITIES! Class Secretary A, B, C, Ger- mantown HifY A, B, C, D, Eg President A, Vice-President B: Dramatic Club A, B, C: Treasurer B, Debating Club A, B, C, D: Committee of Ten A, B, Cross Country B, D: Tennis Manager A, C: Cheerleader A, B, C, D, E, F. Algebraically speaking: 1A+3C+6F-I-SF-I-SP-I-1V:Bill BETTY MORTON KULP 311 E. Gravers Lane ACADEMIC Honey: Swimming, Movies, Ska ting. Algebvaically speaking: 7D+3T+1V :Betty RUTH CATHERINE KUMMERLEN 7810 Bayard Road COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Swimming, Dancing. Algebraically speaking: 4T+2T -I-IBN-I-ZH : Suz ROBERT JEANDELL LACY 3526 New Queen Street COMMERCIA L HOBBY: Baseball, Sports. Algebraically speaking: 6E+3L+4S-I-4U : Bob HELEN VIRGINIA LAIRD 919 E. Rittenhouse Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Athletics. ACTIVITIES: Leaders F, E, D, C, B: Gym Meet E, C, Ag Track Meet E, C, Ag Swimming C, B3 Dancing E, Debating Club A, French Club A. Algebraically speaking: 6S-I-SG -2T -I-6F I Lairdy JAMES ,IOHNSTONE LAMOND 331 E. Philflillena Street ACADEMIC Honey: Sports, Collecting Guns, Playing Bass Fiddle. ACTIVITIES: Orchestra F, E, D, C, B, Ag Football C. Algebfailcally speaking: 9C-I-8M+1P+4S+5J:jim JANE ALEXANDRIA LANG 6523 McCallum Street ACADEMIC Honey: Horseback Riding, Collecting Coins. ACTIVITIES.: Gym Leader, Girls A. A. Repre- sentative, Gym Meet C. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+1F+5H-I-SE :Janey THE CLU JUNIOR HLY First Row: A. Beatty, Logan, Deal, Wilson, Kirstetter, D. Miller, Otto, Gosford, Martin, Costigan, Wm-st, Gaugh, Bremier, Goodhart. Second Row: Hackman, Scott, O'Neill, Monroe, Muschenheim, Height, Hager. darn, Hunter, Yeager, Snyder, Barber, Roberts, Suflas, Spear, H. Beatty. CHI RHO HLY First Row: Gaylor, Bridgman, Bunting, Fisher, Stewart, Van Dyke, Roberts, Springer. Second Row: Ralston, Mullern, Reid, Gessleman, Montgomery, Beatty, Seltzer, McCrea. '73 UN E 1940 ANNA MILDRED LAWINGER 5227 Knox Street COMMERCIA L HOBBY: Skating. ACTIVITIES! Basketball D. Algebraically speaking: 5T+7R -1-9P -7E 2 Ann DAVID HUGHES LAWRENCE 210 W. Mt. Pleasant Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY! Engineering. ACTIVITIES! Dramatic Club C, B, A: Debat- ing Club B, Ag Slide Rule Club D, Ag Senator F, D5 Alternate E, C: German' town HifY D, C, B, A: Secretary A, Business Manager RECOBD Book A. Algebraically speaking: SS-I-7R+6F+8D-I-4S : Dave JANE LOUISE LEFLAR 6488 Musgrave Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Interscholastic French Club. Acrrvmss: French Club D, C, B: HifY C, B, A3 Latin Club B, Ag Swimming Club F, B, D, C, B: Dancing Club C, Interscholastic French Club Secretary C, D3 President Executive Committee D, C, B, Ag Senior Luncheon Committee A. Algebraically speaking: 1B+6A+3Q+3T:Lef1ie MARVIN LEVIN 6536 Germantown Avenue ACADE MIC HOBBY! Music, Arranging Own Orchestra. Acrivrrras: School Orchestra. Algebraically speaking: 3C-I-8M+1V+1P :Marv RUTH DOROTHY LEWIN 6417 N. 21st Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Ice and Roller Skating. Acrivrrrasz German Club F, Eg Hospital Auxiliary F, E, C, B, A3 Debating Club B, A: A. A. Representative D. Algebvaicallyn speaking: 6F +1G -I-6H +2E 2 Ruthie ALBERT C. LITTELL, JB. 5821 Morris Street ACA DEM IC HOBBY: Model Boats. Acrxvmrssz Senator E, D, C: A Cappella Choir E, D, C, B, A: Track C, A: De- bating Club A, Prom Committee A. Algebraically speaking: 5N-I-1N+3V-I-7C :Bert MARY ALICE LITTERER 57 W. Johnson Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Reading, Collecting Souvenirs. Ac-rrvn-rss: Hockey B. Algebraically speaking: 4L-I-1,l'l'7G+2H : Lettie JANET LOUISE LONG 1310 E. Rittenhouse Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Reading. Acrxvmcs: Horseback Riding Club, Leaders Club. Algebraically speaking: 50 +1C-I-6L -I-35 -1 Reds EDWIN F. LORD 5009 Knox Street ACADEMIC ACTIVITIES! Senator B, C, D: Alternate E, First Football Team '37, '38: Class Vice' President B, C: Booster B, C, D3 Dramatic Club B, C, D. Algelrraically speaking: sN+sL+2M+4J:cy JACK HALSTED LOUGHRIDGE 6225 Greene Street Acanemxc HOBBY! Sports. Acrivn-nas: Football '37, '38, '39: Golf '37. Algebraically speaking: 3E-I-9A-I-1J+5F.+1X:Jack THE CLUBS COMMERCIAL CLUB First Row: Cahill, Tatlow, Cupo, Catrabone, Deger, Goodman, Moyer, Heinel, Blizzard, Watson, Frerry. Second Row: Curtis, Botek, Mele, Donnelly, Naples, Harding, Schwarz, MacDonna1l, O. Miller, Norris, M. Miller. Third Row: Anderson, Garus, Jacobson, D'Alfanso, De Marco, Gretzinger, Breighaupt, Harold, Moffat, Shay, Smith. HOSPITAL AUXILIARY First Row: Lawinger, Frary, Gamble, Treasurer, Hollis, President, johnson, Motz, Rosenthal, VicefPresidentg Robinson, Robin' son, Ramsey. Second Row: Hill, Parisi, Wannop, Wise, Taws, Smith, Borden, Fox, Crass, jones, Zimmerman. Third Row: Key, Fox, Hause, Linn, Lawrence, Studenmund, Quig, Ogden, McNeil, Magrath, Smedley. 75 JUNE 1940 NEVA GRAYSON LUBITZ 1154 Woodlawn Avenue COMMERCIAL Honey: Swimming, Dancing. Algebraically speaking: ZH-i-1j+6S-1-4A 2Nin MILLICENT ELIZABETH LUSH 5114 Wakefield Street ACADEMIC Hosnvz Gymnasium Work, Sports. Acrivmss: Leaders Club E, D, C, B, A: Hockey B, Swimming D, C, B: Basketball E, D, B: Baseball E, C: A. A, Repre' sentative D, A. A. VicefPresident B, Gym Meet E, C, A: A Cappella Choir E, C, B, A. Algebraically speaking: SU-7W+9A+3U2Millie DOROTHY ELIZABETH LYLES 6605 Ross Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Reading. Ac-rivn-iss: Chemistry Club B: Senior Luncheon Committee A. Algebraically speaking: 8M+1L+1K+8R 2 Dot MARY JANE LYTLE 5229 Morris Street ACADEMIC Hoamf: Swimming. Aoi-Ivmns: French Club B, Latin Club B, Chairman A: Hi-Y C, B, President Ag Swimming Club E, Hockey C, Alternate F, D, B: Senator C, Class VicefPresident B, Chairman Ring Committee C, Treas- urer Latin Club, Clipper C. Algebraically speaking: 1A+1E+sR :M J. MARGERY MACDONALD 5449 Wayne Avenue ACA DEMIC Honey: Movies. Acrivmnsz French Club D, C, B, Dancing Club C. Algcbraically speaking: 2S+2Q+6G -I-31 2 Maggie 5 .,,.. . X 'MEL R CHARLES ROBERT MACKEY - 619 W. Sedgwick Street Acanemic Honey: Stamp Collecting. Acrxvmss: Debating Club, Orchestra. Algebraically speaking: 1A-5-SM +41-i-1F -I-3E 2 Bob JAMES F. A. MACVAUGH 314 Vernon Road Aczioemxc HOBBY: Drum Own Band. Algelrraically speaking: 6F -I-SH -I- SA 2 Mac ROBERT SHIELDS MAGEE 5801 Chew Street Acaosmc HOBBY: Sports. Algebraically speaking: 4L-f-3F+2B-I-SC 2 Bob PHYLLIS WINIFRED MAIR 427 W. Hansberry Street Acaunmc Honey: Reading. Acrivmas: Girls Hi'Y A, B, C: Hockey, Latin Club B, President A, Secretary of Graduating Class A. Algebraically speaking: 7R+4S+4C+iK+sT:Phyl GEORGE W. MALLOY, jx. 1147 E. Price Street MECHANICAL ARTS Honey: Fishing. Algebraically speaking: sR+1c+6F+7G :George ATHLETICS CUR SPORTS LTHOUGH Germantown High has won no championships in recent years, a high level of athletic achievement has been maintained. Concrete proof that this is done is offered by the fact that the school won the sportsmanf ship trophy for the fifth time last fall. The crossfcountry team was beaten only by Northeast, and Senior Dick Cooper finished third in the championships. It seems very unfortunate that this squad which proved itself to be one of the best teams in the school was so poorly supported by the student body, and received so little of the credit that was due it. Washington, Garvin, Brear, and Johansen also will graduate this year. Our soccer squad was undefeated, finishing with a record of four wins and three ties. The team was not entered in the Public High League, but competed successfully against League members. Graduating in June are Comerford, Sweeten, Tucker, and Zinman. The basketball team did well considering some wholesale revisions necessitated by midyear graduations. It was a low scoring outfit that seemed to function best in close games. Missing next year will be Comerford, Fleming, Grant, Hill, and Gravenstine. With expert coaching by Dr. Zwarg, an inexperienced Cliveden gym team made an excellent showing. Leading scorers were Collin, Herold, Greene, and McKinney. Greene set a suburban record for the rope climb in the meet with Jenkintown. While our fencing team fared badly, the individual brilliance of Bill Govette is worthy of comment. He was undefeated during the regular season, and won the Public High League Championship. VVhile it has become somewhat the custom to ridicule members of the table tennis squad, it takes a high degree of skill and dexterity to play the game well. The team had a good season against stern competition. Bob Miller, Frank Towey, and Bob Van O'Linda were standouts. Our swimming squad was defeated only once during the season, and the free style relay team of Paul Calhoun, Bob Walker, Dick Butler, and Bill Champion was the best in Philadelphia. Though theirs was our only victory, seconds and thirds were plentiful enough to land the Clivedens in second place. Although cofcaptain John Carson and Gil Gaylor will graduate, the outlook is bright for next year. The spring sport schedule is not completed as this is written, but our track team is enjoying its best year since 1935. An improvement in field events is a contributing factor. The Ogden plan, featuring relays, has proved popular. This innovation works to the Cliveden's advantage because we have a wellfbalanced squad with few stars. As this is written, the team has topped all opponents but Cverbrook, the defending champions. The team will be heavily hit by graduation, losing Cooper, Washington, Lamb, Johansen, Gasperson, Sweeten, Brear, Courtney, Clifton, Winston, Tucker, Vogel, and Herold. Our golfers have done well, beating all opponents except Roxborough. Seniors are Art Penman, George Buckley, Randle Kauders, and Jack Loughridge. 77 UN E 1940 LOUIS FRANK MARSILIO 530 E. Rittenhouse Street IN DUSTRIAL HOBBY: Travel. Algelrraically speaking: SF-I-4Q+SS-I-8E+6R 2 Lou CHARLES F. MARTIN 1901-A Plymouth Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Camping. ACTIVITIES! Football B, C, Ag Gym Leader A. Algebraically speaking: 9A -I-20-I-2M +43-I-1S 2 Whitey MARY FRANCES MARTIRE 4316 Dobson Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Dancing. Algebfraically speaking: SO -i-9A -I-SC +35 2 Marty PAUL ARTHUR MATTIS 4661 Morris Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Music. Algebraically s peaking: 2Q+2N -I-ZH -I-8A 2 Paul ELIZABETH MARIE MOCAFFREY 25 W. Mt. Airy Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Reading. ACTIVITIES: HifY C, B, A. Algebraically speaking: 4S+5R-I-3Q+4N 2 Betts O WILLIAM W. MCCANDLESS, JR. 141 Abbotsford Avenue VOCATIONAL ARTS HOBBY: Aviation, Model Building. ACTIVITIES! Second Football Team '3S. Algebvaically speaking: SR-I-1U+1P-I-SO :Bill ELIZABETH MAY MCCLELLAN 255 Sydney Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Playing the Banjo. Algebraically speaking: 6F +7G+4S-I-BE 2 Betty JOHN DAVID MCCORKLE 126 W. Durham Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Sports. ACTIVITIES: Gym Team A, B, C, D, E, F3 Gym Leader A, B, C, D, E, F: Alternate B, Activities Committee B, Dramatic Club Q, BQ Senior Prom Committee A, Track Algebraically speaking: 5F+sP+1J-2S+sG:Mac JOHNSTON MCCREA 6223 Gardenia Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Versification Sports. ACTIVITIES: Leader C, Clipper C. Algebraically speaking: 2B +43-I-4H - 2I 2 Mac ADA GERTRUDE MCDONNELL 5731 N. Lambert Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Dancing. ACTIVITIES! Leader, Debating Club, Com' mercial Club. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+1X-I-7R-I-50 2 Ada ATHLETICS SPORTSMANSHIP' TRQPHY There are many Ene characteristics that a given group of people can pos' sess-courage, honesty, loyalty, sincerity, and others of equal imporf tance. Not the least 'p of these line qualif ties is good sports' manship. Its im' portance in the scheme of educaf tion is recognized by an annual trophy award to the Philadelphia High School exhibiting the highest type of sports' manship. This year the trophy comes to German' town. The xifth time that we have beensohonored. The athletic program in our public school sys' tem is not primarily regarded as recreational. Far more important is character building-teaching us to play the game, but play it fair, to excel if posf sible, to show consideration for our opponents. This is the essence of good sportsmanship, We see it not only on the playing field, but in the cheering section as well. In the supreme eifort of trying to surpass opponents, it is easy indeed to be swept away by enthusiasm and a desire to win, and therefore to slip un' consciously into habits that might be called unsportsf manlike. lt is com' ' mendable that, in the estimate of team captains of f other schools, Ger- mantown High has succeeded best in refraining from slip' ping into such practices. Only by the cooperation of the entire student body has this been possible. However, there are still considerable grounds for improvement as evidenced, for example, by poor spectator conduct at some basketball games during the past season. By everybody's whole' hearted support we can iron out those details and perhaps even make our school the perpetual home of the trophy. It's worth trying. After all, wouldn't the world become amore pleasant place to live in if everybody would pracf tice a little more sportsmanship? JUNE 19 ADELE MARIE MOFADDEN 455 East Walnut Lane COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Collecting Photographs. Algelrraically speaking: 1X +1P-I-SA +412 Del JOHN GRAHAM MCGILL 218 W. Iclell Street ACADEMIC HQBBY: Sports. ACTIVITIES! Cliveden Staff C, B3 Chemistry Club B, C. Algebraically speaking: 3F-l-4S+3T+7D 2 McGee CHARLOTTE EDNA MCNEIL 146 Mayland Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Reading. Ac-rivmes: Hi-Y, A Cappella Chorus, Hockey. Algebraically speaking: 3C +90-l-45-I-2Q+6T 2 Lotta THOMAS FREDERICK MCNEILL 4625 Pulaski Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Home Workshop. Acrivmasz Dramatic Club, Germantown HifY B, A. Algebraically speaking: 2B-I-1C-I-5O+3G:Tom KATHRYN LORETTA McSPARRON 244 E. Penn Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Dramatics. ACTIVITIES! Dramatic Club D, C, B, Ag Senator C, B,-A: Secretary B Class, Debate ing Club D, 'Cg Alternate D, E. Algebraically speaking: 1C+1D+1j+8T+9C :Kay LENA ELIZABETH MELE 429 High Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Collecting Photographs, Dancing. ACTIVITIES! Commercial Club. Algebraically speaking: 2Q-I-IK-l-IL-I-IP :Lee BLANCHE MARY MELETTI 6033 Wister Street V OCATIONAL ART HOBBY! Bugle Corps, Dancing. Acrxvmrzs: A. A. Representative F. Algebraically speaking: SA-i-5E+4j+9C:Lettie HARRY LEONARD MERSCHER 6504 N. 18th Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Stamp Collecting, Music. Ac-rrvrrms: Latin Club F, Germantown Hi-Y C, B, Ag Senior Play A, Senior Luncheon Committee A. Algebraically speaking: 1J+4H+7M-I-3E-I-7W :Mershy GLADYS MARILYN MEYERS 7000 Lincoln Drive CDMMERCIA I. HOBBY! Dancing. Acnvmnsz Cliveden. Algebraically speaking: zO+s1+sC+2P+9P rGladdy MARIE LOUISE MILLER 6421 N. Beechwood Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Dancing, Playing Piano. Aorxvmesz Dancing Club. Algebraically speaking: 5E-l-5I+1T-I-ZS :Lou ATHLETIC ALBERTSON, CURTIS C. Swimming II, '40 BATCHELDER, EARL Baseball II, '39, I, '40 BREAR, SCOTT IRVIN R, Track Numerals '38, '39, II, '40 Cross Country II, '38, I, '39 Gym Leader BUTEN, LEONARD Track II, '40 CASE, WILLIAM ALLEN Tennis I, '38, '39, I, '40 CASPERSON, WILLIAM E. Track Numerals '38, '39, I, '40 CAZIN, ROBERT Football II, '38, I, '39 Gym Leader CARSON, JOHN Football Numerals '37 Swimming I, '39, '40 CLARK, DONALD Track Numerals '39 Cross Country Manager II, '39 Track Manager I, '40 CLIFTON, ROBERT Track Numerals '38, '39, II, '40 Gym Leader COAN, DUDLEY Swimming Manager, Numerals '39, II, '40 COMERFORD, CHARLES V. Baseball II, '38, I, '39, '40 Basketball Numerals '38, II, '39, I, '40 Soccer I, '39 COOPER, RICHARD F. Track I, '37, II, '38, I, '39, '40 Cross Country I, '37, '38, '39 Football Numerals '36 A. A. COUNCIL Messrs. Bartbold, Soderberg, Zwarg, Augustine, Raake, Nicholas, Kelis, Strauss, Reith. COURTNEY, FRANCIS Track Numerals '39, II, '40 Swimming II, '40 CROWELL, CHARLES Basketball II, '39 FARBISH, ALFRED Track Numerals '39, '40 FISHER, ROBERT ASHMEAD Table Tennis II, '39 Tennis Numerals '39 Track Numerals '39, '40 FLEMING, WILLIAM Basketball I, '39, '40 GARVIN, WILLIAM ROBERT Baseball Numerals '38, I, '39, '40 Cross Country I, '38, '39 GAYLOR, GILBERT Swimming II, '39, I, '40 GESSLLLMAN, BENJAMIN Football Numerals '37, '38 COVETTE, WILLIAM REESE Football Numerals '37 Fencing I, '39, '40 Tennis Numerals '39 GRANT, DUNCAN Basketball Numerals '38, II, '39, I, ' GRAVERSTINE, JOHN H. Basketball II, '38, I, '39, '40 Baseball II, '39, I, '40 Gym Leader GRAY, GROVER Gymnastics Numerals '39, I, '40 HALE, GEORGE F. Track Numerals '37, '38 Cross Country II, '37 Numerals '38 Gym Leader 81 40 HAVILAND, GEORGE Table Tennis Numerals '39 Basketball Manager II, '39, I, '40 JOHANSEN, NORMAN Track Numerals '38, I, '40 Cross Country I, '39 JOHNSON, SPEAR P. Football Numerals '37 Baseball Manager '39 Gym Leader LOUGHRIDGE, JOHN Football Numerals '37, II, '38, I, Golf Numerals '38, I, '40 Gym Leader KATHRINS, WILLIS Cross Country II, '37, '38 Track Numerals '38, '39 Gymnastics Numerals '39 Gym Leader KAUDERS, RANDLE Golf I, '40 KERR, JAMES Fencing II, '39, '40 KOCH, HAROLD Basketball I, '38, '40 Gym Leader KREBS, WILLARD B. Cross Country II, '38, '39 Tennis Manager II, '39, I, '40 Cheerleader '39 Gym Leader LAMOND, JAMES Football II, '38 LORD, EDWIN Football I, '37, '38 MARTIN, CHARLES Football II, '38, I, '39 fflontfinued on page 1107 JUN iz 1 -EP' Q e U' 935 M N, all 'ae X s fin T E 1940 OZELLA ELIZABETH MILLER 321 Armat Street commncmr Homav: Skating, Music, Collecting Post Cards. Ac-rrvmesz Dramatic Club D, C, B, A: Clipper Representative E, D, C, B, Ag Junior Commercial Club E, Dy Commercial Club A, Dancing Club D, Senior Play A, Recoao Book Staff A, Commencement Committee A, Senior Play Committee A. Algebmically speaking: 4A -I-4C+1E+6L+ IA :Ozzie ELIZABETH EVA MITCHELL 1839 Tulpehocken Street coumencnu. HOBBY: Swimming. ACTIVITIES! Gym Leader. Algebraically speaking: ST-i-45 +4L -1- lL : Skeets MARIAN ALLAN MOFFAT 2120 Chew Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Music, Traveling. Acrivmnsz Commercial Club B, A: De- bating Club B, Ag Rucoxn Boox Staff A. Algebfaically speaking: 2B -I-6F -I-6G -I-2H : Muff. HAROLD DARE MOORE 5042 Erringer Place ACADEMIC HoBBY: Stamps. Acrivlrlas: Germantown HifY C, B, A. Algebfraically speaking: 2B -f-SE-I-IJ -SD 2 Hank DOROTHY JANE MORIN 7530 N. 21st Street ACADBM IC HOBBYi Art. ACTIVITIES: French Club, Dramatic Club Debating Club, Cliueden Representative Algebvaically spe aking: 9C+7O+8P+7W -2B 2 Dottie LILLIAN VIOLA MORRIS 102 E. Walrxut Lane COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Roller Skating. Algebmically speaking: 2C -I-SE-J-IL-I-35 :Lil ROBERTA M. MORRISON 219 W. Mt. Pleasant Ave. COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Music. ACTIVITIES! Gym Leader F, E, D, Ag Bas' ketball F, D, B: Hockey F, BQ Track F, B: Gym Meet E, Cg Baseball E, C, Ag A. A. Representative E, D, C. Ag Grade Repref sentative B, Dramatic Club B, Ag Hi-Y B, Ag Track Meet A, Luncheon Com' mittee A, Algebraically speaking: 9A +6F+7L-I-1Z : Bobby JEAN LOUISE MORROW 7015 Andrews Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY! Music. Acrxvmasz French Club, Latin Club, Hi-Y Debating Club, Dramatic Club, Prom Committee. Algebfraically speaking: 2H -1-6F + 1C + 4C :Jeannie DOROTHY FRANCES MOYER 2005 68th Avenue COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Drum and Bugle Corps. Acrivn-ms: Leaders Club, Commercialittes, Debating Club, Hospital Auxiliary, Com' mercial Club. Algebmically speaking: 5A-J-7G+6F-I-ZH 2 Dot MARGARET ISABEL MOYER 2154 Cheltenham Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Swimming, Dancing. Acrrvmzsz Leaders D, C, Bg Basketball D, Debating Club C, B. Algebraically speaking: 1M+1J-l-4L+4S-2B :Peggy ATHLETICS First Row: Bissieg, Charles, Chanco, Cummings, Miley, MacFarland, Lake. Second Row: Miley, Garvin, Gravenstein, Kulp, Comer ford, Batchelder, Snyder, Mertz, Oakrnan. Third Row: Mr. Raache, Caukins, Lutz, Kach, Quflas, Richter, Moore, Allen, Wood- ruff, Bender, Dutch. BASEBALL TEAM HE baseball squad has had a fairly successful season. Pitching has been plentiful, and usually of a high standard. Hoch, Richter, Miley, and Allen have had the majority of assignments, and usually were more efhcient than their support. Inability to hit with men on base has killed the Cliveden's chances in several hardffought games. Mainstay of the team has been firstfbaseman Charley Comerford, whose timely hits have won more than one game during the season, and whose Eelding has been of equal caliber. ' The season opened with Germantown Academy, and a sloppy game resulted. A different Cliveden pitcher was used each inning, with no regard for efhcient perform' ance, and we were lucky to gain an 1141 tie. The hrst two league games were with Northeast and Olney. Germantown had fine pitching from Hoch and Richter but the opposing hurlers were even better and we lost by scores of 2f0 and 5fO, respectively. The Olney team produced many fielding gems, including a timely double play that snuifed out a Cliveden rally. The team functioned better after these two defeats, winning from the league leadf ing Southern squad, Gratz, and Central in rapid succession. Ben Franklin broke our winf ning streak, but we came right back to snow under Roxborough by a score of l3f4, putting the game on ice in the first inning when ten runs crossed the plate. On the whole, the season could be regarded as fairly successful. S3 JUN JOSEPH P. MULQUEENEY 6320 Chew Street INDUSTRIAL HOBBY: Swimming. Algebraically speaking: 7A-1-6F -i-6G -I-4-P : joe MAURICE ALEXANDRIA NALLY 114 E. Rittenhouse Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Swimming. Algebvaically speaking: , 2Q-I-1L+6F+9A : Alex CAROLINE FRANCINA NAPLES 134 E. Price Street comwzacxm. HOBBY! Collecting Photographs and Auto' graphs, Badminton. Acrrvu-ins: Commercial Club. Algebraically speaking: IL-I-1P-I-2IjI+2P 2 Carrie WALTER NEITHERCOTT, JP.. 3410 Ainslie Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Sports, Forestry. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+4C+4S+sE :- Walt JOY LEE NICI-IOLSON 6219 Morton Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Puppetry. ACTIVITIES: Dramatic Club E, D, C, B, Ag Debating Club D, C, B, Ag Boosters C, B, Ag French Club E, D3 Cliveden E, D, Senior Play. Algebraically speaking: 1A-I-2U+2O-2B:Joy E 1940 DAVID LLOYD NOBLE 309 E. Gravers Lane ACADEMIC HoBBY: Saving Coins. Algel-rraically speaking: 2B+1C-I-1K+5T+3N :Dave JOHN NOLL 7518 Tulpehocken Street INDUSTRIAL HOBBY: Sports,Traveling. Algebraically speaking: ST-I-1L+1P :johnny LEE EVANGELINE NYLUND 6506 N. 18th Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Music, Sewing. Acrlvmes: Gym Leader, Swimming, Clive' den Representative. Algebraically speaking: 'ST-I-ST-I-5N+9C :Lee BARBARA TOWNSEND OGDEN 513 Carpenter Lane ACADEMIC HOBBY! Music, Reading. Acrrvmns: Hospital Auxiliary, Activities Committee, Latin Club. Algebraically speaking: 51 +2B+3O -3L : Babs MAX ROBERT OGLE 7033 Cresheim Road ACADEMIC HOBBY: Coin Collecting. Ac'rrvn-ins: Senator B, C, D, Eg Vice-Presi- dent Class B, Ag Dramatic Club A, B, C3 Treasurer A, Track C, Germantown Hi'Y A, Bg Shakespeare Contest A, B, C: Senior Play A. Algebraically speaking: 45-HA-i-1C+5O-5U:Bob ATHLETICS I ,,,,,. I First Row: Gawthrop, Lutz, Cazin, Wolnnger, Christman, Waters, Conway, Martin, Walker, Tagliatella, Miley. Second Row: Buckley, Stewart, Swartley, McClellan, N. Green, L. Green, Feeley, Luongo, Snyder, Fusaro, Duffy. Third Row: Miller, Augustine, Matlaclr, Allen, Margarite, McMenamin, Spindler, Margerum, Lake, Magee, Loughridge, Soderberg, Walters. FOOTBALL TEAM LTHOUGH the football team had only a moderately successful season, a rapid A improvement of the squad toward the end of the season dispelled some of the gloom of a disappointing year. The Hrst game with LaSalle was closer than the score indicated. The final was 12f0 favor LaSalle, but field play seemed about even. The next two games ended in ties with Olney and Overbrook. The Olney game was a heartbreaker since the team was leading 7fO in the last quarter. The timefhonored sleeper play proved successful once more, as a previously unseen Olney end took a flat pass from halfback and raced to within a foot of the goal line. A score was inevitable, and so the twentieth occasion for Gerrnantown's Brst victory was delayed until later. A tie was managed with a big and fast Overbrook squad when Bert Miley, later to be judged AllfPublic High end, took a pass to score in the third quarter. Then followed successive defeats to Gratz and Northeast, which brings us to the highlight of the season-the Frankford game. With the school, an underclay against our traditional rival an upset seemed opportune, but fate willed it otherwise. Heading 140 at halfftime, the Clivedens could not hold the lead against the powerful Frankford squad, the final score was 2749. Then the improved squad broke loose to completely outfclass a heavy Central team by a score of 13fO. The brilliance of Charley Waters and Barty Allen was largely ref sponsible for the victory. The final game was lost to the powerful Norristown squad, 6fO. The game was played in a literal swamp, and was largely a punting duel. 85 U NE 1940 MARGARET MARY O'HAGAN 1966 Church Lane COMMERCIA L HOBBY: Gymnastics, Dancing. ACTIY'ITIESZ Gym Leader F, Eg Commercial Club A, Dancing F, Track F. Algelrraically speaking: 2Q+1L -SL : Peggy ELEANOR MARY O'NEILL 7817 Germantown Avenue COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Dancing, Hiking. ACTIVITIES? Tap Dancing, Baseball, Com- mercial Club. Algebraically speaking: ZQ - 3L +1L : El OSEPH FRANCIS ONESTI 155 W. Sharpnack Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Baseball. ACTIVITIES: Baseball C, A. Algebraically speaking: SN-i-3E-I-1H+4C :joe JOHN O'REILLY 611 Locust Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Baseball. Algelrraically speaking: - IL-I-1P-I-5A -4T :Johnny RUTH LEE ORKIN 7214 Germantown Avenue Acnnamc HOBBY. Horseback Riding. ACTIVITIES: Dancing Club H, G3 Debating Club E, D, A, Clipper Representative E, D, B, Ag French Club A, Cliveden Repre- sentative A, Senior Play. Algebraically speaking: 2P-I-SL-I-"I - 2B 2 Ruthie 86 GLORIA DOLORES OSTERTAG 607 E. Church Lane COMMERClAL HOBBY: Dancing, Correspondence. ACTXVITIESZ Commercial Club. Algebraically speaking: 6F -2S+1H+1L 2 Glo MARY MARTHA OWENS 264 Harvey Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Music, Reading. ACTIVITIES! Debating Club, Hospital Aux iliary. Algelnaically speaking: 3T-I-45-I-5D-f-3E-:Mary PHILOMENA LEONA PARISI 233 E. Rittenhouse Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Dancing. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+5O -aL 2 Phil GRAHAM PARKINSON 211 E. Haines Street MECHANICAL .mrs HOBBY! Photographer. ACTIVITIES! Slide Rule Club. Algebraically speaking: 2H -I-lL -3L+5N:Ham DORIS VANZANDT PEACOCK 5830 Woodstock Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY. Swimming. ACTIVITIES: Swimming Club B, Hospital Auxiliary F. Algebfaically speaking: SN-i-SR-I-1V : Dot ATHLETICS BASKETBALL TEAM First Row: Walker, Haviland, Butler, Ralston, Goldburg, Commeford, Gravensrine, W. Flemming, Garlzeil, Grant, Reichart, Mr. Barthold. Second Row: Stiles, Batchelc'er, Lutz, Paster, Heinkels, Suflas, McGarvey, Hill. Third Row: Kilsen, Lessner, Bradfielcl, R. Flemming, Yeager, Webster, Brown, Turner, Seeburger. GYM TEAM First Row: F. Smith, Brown, Green. Second Row: Passerini, Richter, Weissberg, McGorkle, Zervo, McKinney, F. Smith, Kennedy Gray, jan, Staples, Rosa. Bars: Harold, Colin. ' 87 a JUNE 1940 ARTHUR WALKER PENMAN 6638 Cornelius Street VOCATIONAI. ART HOBBY: Golf. Acnvmss: Boosters C, B, Chairman A: Golf Team B, A, Senior Play, Prom Com- mittee. Algebraically speaking: SP - 2B - 2S+7D 2 Penny ROBERT CHARLES PFEILSTICKER 6450 Clearview Street ACA DE MIC HOBBY: Stamp Collecting. Acrrvlrn-Ls: Baseball Team A. Algebrafcally speaking: 2Q+1L+4L+1F:B0b MARGARET PHILLIPS 540 W. Carpenter Lane COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Swimming, Hiking, Dancing. ACTIVITIES! Gym Leader H, G, F: Track F, E: Dancing F, Commercial Club B, Ag Debating Club D, C, B, A, Cliveden Staff B, A. Algebraically speaking: 4A +21 -Q-SP 2 Peggy WILLIAM BERRYMAN PHILLIPS 7200 Cresheim Road ACADEMIC HOBBY: Sports. ACTIVITIES! President Debating Club B, A, Germantown Hi-Y E, D, C, B, Ag Dramatic Club E, D, C, B, A: Editor Clipper C, President Dramatic Club A, Shakespeare Contest C, B, Ag Senior Play. Algebraically speaking: 7D-I-5j'+2E+9C -9M 2 Bill EDITH JANE POLLOCK 6210 Homer Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Sports. ACTIVITIES! Hockey, Swimming, French Club, Latin Club. Algebmically speaking: 7E-I-1M-I-ZH-SL 2 Edie i x Wife r ve B e' ,.v t B' st? Q 5, ,Q 75 , ! K 3 , A V! Q 2 I 1 I X ,. .. EW ENRICO GECRGE PORTO 3674 Stanton Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Saving newspaper clippings. Algebraically speaking: 1L-I-ZQ-I-SU 2 Ricky ELIZABETH ANNE POWELL 1630 Mentor Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Reading. Acrlvmes: French Club, Leaders Club. Clipper Representative, A. A. Represen tative. Algebraically speaking: 90 -I-2B +2H - 3L 2 Betty MARGARET LOUISE POWELL 1630 W. Mentor Street VOCATIONAL ART HOBBY: Drawing. ACTIVITIES! Cliueden Staff B, A: Sketch Club B, RECORD Boox Staff A. Algebraically speaking: 2E-I-3D-I-1C+2B -SL 2 Wee: HELEN MARIE QUIG 330 W. Logan Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Hiking, Bowling. Ac1-ivmss: Gym Leader C, Track C, French Club A, Debating Club A, Cure rent Events A, Hospital Auxiliary A. Algebraically speaking: 3T-I-lL-I-3E+4A 2Helen EVELYN MARGARET QUINN 92 Bethlehem Pike VOCATIONAL ART HOBBY: Dancing, Sketching. ACTIVITIES! Sketch Club F, Eg RECORD BOOK Staff A, A. A. Representative E, F. Algebraically speaking: 8A-I-SF-I-45-I-5P 2 ZS 2 Sis A T H L E T I C caoss COUNTRY TEAM Standing: Cooper, Captain, Patten, Eckhardt, Sabia, Magill, Felix, Krebs, Washington, Clark, Manager- Kneelingr Strollo, Johansen, Zayon, Grieeson, Brear, Kathrins, Garvin. SOCCER TEAM First Row: O'Brien, Dessm, Peterman, McManus, Malizia, McCafferty, Polichetti. Second Row: Weisberg, Reichart, De Petris, Doyle, King, Barnes, Richter, Slavin. Third Row: Peterman, Captaing Helfer, Tucker, Ferguson, Sweeten, Coach Golden, Comerforcl, Redington, Cummings, Lawler, Becker, Manager. 89 UN E 1940 BERTHA GERTRUDE RAMSEY 935 E. Chelten Avenue ACADEMIC - HOBBY: Knitting. Acrxvmesz Hospital Auxiliary, Debating Club. Algelrraically speaking: SQ-I-6F + 2B - 3L 2 Berthie ELEANORE REBECCA RANDALL 5016 Erringer Place ACADEMIC Hosrw: Dancing. ACTIVITIESZ Gym Leaders, Club Poster and Sketch Club, German Club, Hockey Club. Algebraically speaking: 3T+6F+4N+4S-2B :El RICHARD N. RICH 240 W. Rittenhouse Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Swimming. ACTIVITIES! Basketball F, Eg Swimming I, D. Algebraically speaking: 9A +3F+5U-I-21: Shady ROSE RICHMAN 56 E. Sharpnack Street COMMERCIAL Honmfz Horseback Riding. Acrrvmrssz Gym Leader A, Commercial Club A. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+7T+3P-1-SR 2 Rose HOWARD JACOB RIDGWAY, JR. 6333 N. 13th Street Acamzmc Honav: Photography, Military Tactics. Algelrraically speaking: 7A +9P+5C-I-IA :Howard ANNETTE JEANNE RIELING 111 Apsley Street ACADEMIC Hosav: Messing Around. Acrrvrrms: Senate D, Eg Alternate C, F3 French Club F, E, D, C, B, Ag Treasurer B, Vice-President A, Latin Club D, Debating Club D, C, B, A, Swimming Club F, E, D, CQ Cliueden Staff F, E, D, C3 RECORD Book Assistant Editor, Play Committee A. Algebraically speaking: 3M+2T+4S-I-1L+SP : Ann JOHN ROPER 6816 N. 10th Street ACADEMIC Hosnvz Collecting Autographs. Acrrvmes: Football, Track, Gym Leader, Hi'Y. Algebraically speaking: SP-I-SE-1B-I-5E:Jack EDWARD BRUNER ROSENBERG 1521 W. Venango Street ACADEMIC Honor: Music. Acrxvxrnzs: Debating Club, Slide Rule Club. Algebraically speaking: 8M-I-9D+4I+8R :Ed RUTH ROSENTHAL 6601 McCallum Street ACADEMIC Hossrz Reading, Collecting Pictures. Acrxvx-rms: French Club E, D, C, B, Ag Latin Club C, B, Ag Hospital Auxiliary B, Ag Vice-President A, Debating Club A. Algebfaically speaking: 4T -I-7A +811 -I-SD 2 Ruthie ELIZABETH RUSSELL 46 E. Seymour Street comfnzacmr. HOBBY: Dancing. Acrivrrms: Senator D, F3 Alternate E, C Algelrraically speaking: 6F-I-SO-l-4N :Betty 90 ATHLETICS ' TRACK TEAM First Row: Clark, Smith, Hesser, Polk, Brear, Church, Woodlin, Aldach, Luongo, Chanco, Richert, Webster, Shepherd, Sheetz. Second Row: Casperson, Lamb, Curtis, Finkemaner, Webb, Zayon, Farbish, Zinrnan, Johansen, Clifton, Bunting, Brownworth, Tomoso. Third Row: Reichart, Lamberton, Bowers, Exley, Harris, Fisher, Freed, Courtney, Buten, Kershaw, Brewer. Fourth Row: Wilson, Vogel, Sweeten, King, Mangis, Servo, Washington, Cooper, Gewertz, Lamherton, Littell. SWIMMING TEAM On Board: Lewis, Zwacg, MacVaugh, Albertson, Covetney, Craig, Coan, Coach Strauss, Schilbred. Kneel- ing: Rambo, Butler, Calhoun. Seated: Carson, Tait, Gaylor, Boyd, Champion. 91 JUNE 1940 MICHAEL G. SABIA 223 E. Benezet Street MECHANICAL ARTS HOBBY: Gunning, Trapping. Acrivmesz Track, Cross-Country, Gym Leader. Algebraically speaking: 9A -I-7M HI-6F-I-5P '-1 Mike LILLIAN MARION SALOTTI 1222 E. Price Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Sports, Dancing, Collecting Toy Dogs. Algebraically speaking: 2K+7S-I-SH --SF :Lillian EDNA R. SAVAGE 5025 Knox Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Tennis, Swimming. ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader F, E, D, C, B: Basketball F, D, B: A. A. Executive Board F, D, C: Hockey F, Track and Field E, Gym Meet E, C: Baseball E, A. A. Class Representative D, C3 RECORD BOOK Staff A. Algebraically speaking: 9A+1B+7R+5j :Eddie WALTER ALBERT SCARBOROUGH 319 Green Lane ACA DEMIC HOBBY! Airplane Building, Stamp Collect- ing. Acrxvmes: Gym Leader. Algebraically speaking: 41-I-SM +7E : Walt DOROTHY RACHELLE SCHAEFFER 2345 79th Avenue COMMERCIAL HOBBY'Z Horseback Riding. Acrxvirzesz Clipper Representative, Danc- ing Club, Leader. Algebraically speaking: 6F +9P-i-51+ 1L 2 Dottie N . 4 W . .',., Q ii Mg as if ...gif ' P W me x 5 ' Ei us? HAROLD JAY SCHAETZLE, 2:-in 142 E. Walnut Lane Ac.-inemxc HOBBY: Scientific Literature. ACTIY'ITIESZ Camera Club, Chemistry Club, I-IifY, French Club, Rmconn Booic Staff. Algebfraically speaking: 5,1-1-5C -I-9F-f-SS 2 Jay GEORGE SCHIENDELMAN 6236 Clearview Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Music. Algebffaically speaking: 8M -I-6F+5H + 2V 2 Georgie MORTEN M. SCHILBRED 708 E. Philflillena Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Swimming. Acrxvn-ms: Slide Rule Club B, Swimming Team Manager B, C. Algelvraically speaking: 4C-I-1L+8T+4S: Whitey HARVEY G. SCHLICHTER, jx. 4940 Greene Street Acansmc HOBBY: Stamp Collecting, Sports. ACTIVITIES: journalism. Algebraically speaking: SR-l-3C-I-1P+1L :Harvey JOHN SCHMID 1412 E. Barringer Street mnusrnmz. HOBBY: Stamp Collecting. Algebraically speaking: IP-I-5U -4L+1G :Jack ATHLETICS GOLF TEAM First Row: Kehs. Second Row: McCorkle, Loughridge, Wagenseller, Ganley, Penman, Buckley, Stiles. Third Row: Kauders, Wilski. TENNIS TEAM Strauss, Lathrop, Ruder, Vogcles, Van O'Linda, Wills, Clemmens, Villa, Miller, Case, Krebs, Lowey, Boclle 93 UN E 1940 DORIS SYBELLE SCHOENBERG 964 E. Price Street commsncrm. HOBBY! Dancing, Reading. Algebmically speaking: 8S+1L+1R-I-6F-:Doris WILLIAM CHARLES SCHRADER, jx 2143 Eastburn Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Railroads, Stagecraft. Algebvaically speaking: 6N+2M+4F-1-SJ 2 Bill HARRY JOSEPH SCHULTE 5017: Newhall Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Airplanes, Ships, Sports. Acrxvmns: Band. Algebraically speaking: aM+zQ+1A+sc:I-larry JEAN SCHWARZ 46 E. Tulpehocken Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Horseback Riding. Acrrvrruzs: Current Events, Club D, Swim- ming Club C, Horseback Riding B, Ag Camera Club A, Latin Club A, Vocal Ensemble F, E., Algebraically speaking: 2A-I-1K+3Q: jean DOROTHY ANNE SEEGERS 123 E. Durham Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Golfing, Horseback Riding. Acrwmnsz Latin Club B, A: Camera Club A, Commencement Committee A. Algebraically speaking: 4A-I-SC-I-SO-I-ST 2 Dot 94 MARSHALL HAGAR SEITZ 437 E. Mt. Airy Avenue ACA DEMIC HOBBY! Heading for Maine. ACTIWTIESZ Senator, Alternate, Latin Club Algebraically speaking: 1A -I-9D +41 -I-3R : Marshe DONALD H. SHANER 115 W. Sedgwick Street ACADE MIC HOBBY! Stamp Collecting, Bird Study. Acrxvmssa Chemistry Club, Germantown Hi'Y, Slide Rule Club, Track Team. Algebvaically speaking: 21+1J+4V-sD:D0n MARION LOUISE SHAY 1604 Lindley Avenue COMM ERCIAL HOBBY: Horses. ACTIVITIES1 Clipper Staff, A. A. Representaf tive, Riding Club, German Club. Algebraically speaking: 2C -I-7M +85-I-4S 2 Blue Eyes JOHN HAROLD SHEETZ 323 Glen Echo Road ACADEMIC HOBBY! Photography. Acrxvmes: Camera Club. Algebraically speaking: 9P-4J+3A+1L :john EILEEN SHERMAN 360 W. Mount Airy Avenue VOCATIONAL ART HOBBY! Scrapbooks, Stamps, Poster-Making. Acrxvrrms: Sketch Club, Sketch and Poster Club B, A: Cliveden Representative, Cliueden Staff A, Current Events Club A, RECORD Boox Staff A. Algebfaically speaking: 4A -l-SA +3D+3E+5P : Sherry ATHLETICS GIRLS' ATHLETICS ACH and every term finds more and more girls of Germantown High School be' coming interested and indulging in interclass athletic activities. A great deal of the credit for the improved varied sports is due to the Girls' Athletic Associaf tion Executive Board, under the leadership of Miss Steger, and to the gym sponsors. The Board is governed by the president, and assisted by the vicefpresident. The treasurer handles all receipts and payments of money, and the secretary keeps accurate minutes of all business meetings. Each grade has a representative who relates new ideas received from her class for the improvement of the sports program. Mrs. Duffy and Miss Wert are responsible for aiding the leaders to perfect the many aims of the various pieces of apparatus. These trained girls are placed at the head of squads in the regular gym classes to instruct the others. The leaders not only learn their aims but have a great deal of pleasure in so doing. The success of the Dancing Club is due to Miss Freehafer's helpful and instructive guidance in Modern, Ballet, Character, and Tap. Those who have seen them perform at Christmas Pageants, Graphic Sketch Club, Senior Plays, and the Gym Meets, appref ciate their skill. This year, as usual, another highly successful Gym Meet was held. Again our team came through with flying colors. Alberta Twining, one of our most enthusiastic athf letes, won the cup for attaining the highest number of points for apparatus and rhythmic work. Jeanne Anderson was another high scorer in the meet, and was presented with a bronze medal for her achievement. Other Seniors who were members of the winning squad are Moni Engle, Claire McCoy, Jane Brockmier, Millicent Lush, JosephineVisco, Madee Hansen, Roberta Morrison, and Helen Laird. This is the third consecutive year our class has won top honors for their outstanding performance. We hold the record for capturing the team title three times in a row, as this has not been attained by any other team. Horseback riding has become very popular during the last few terms. Under the leadership of Miss Wert, some of the girls learn the principles of riding, while others improve upon these fundamentals. Every week several swimming classes are held at the Y. W. C. A. pool. Miss Snyf der is credited with instructing beginners, and perfecting intermediates and advanced swimmers. This club also has a group which devotes its time and energy to passing the American Red Cross Junior and Senior Life Saving requirements. In the Spring, the athletically inclined girls' fancy turns to baseball. Under the direction of Miss Steger, the girls enjoy interclass competition. This game calls for real teamwork which the girls must have in order to acquire winning results. Gur girls have been very active in hockey, basketball, baseball, track and field work, tumbling, and horseback riding. These sports are not only entered for competition, but to each participant comes the greatest factor-good sportsmanship. 95 JUN WILLIAM KETNER SHORTALL 1982 Dallas Street ACADEMIC Algebraically speaking: zQ+6P+1H+s1 2 Bill CONSTANCE ROSALIND SIANI 5009 Wayne Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Dancing. Ac'rxvmBs: Dancing Club E, D, A: A. A. Representative F, E: Debating Club A, Swimming Club F, Senior Play D, Busi' ness Staff. Algebraically speaking: 8G +2F+3T-i-4A : Connie JOHN SLAVIN 2170 Homer Street INDUSTRIAL Acrlvmes: Soccer. Algelrraically speaking: 2Q-f-1W +31-I-9M :J0l'II1Ily JOHN SMALET 6464 Germantown Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY! Football, Skiing, Tennis. Algelwaically speaking: 6A+sJ+sD+4c:Jack DOROTHY EVANS SMEDLEY 6660 Chew Street ACA DEMIC HOBBY: Tennis, Ice Skating. Acnvrrms: Dancing Club F, E: French Club B, A: Treasurer A, Hospital Auxiliary A. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+1L+6F-l-7A:Dot E 1940 W Kiasma JEANNE MARIE SMITH 18 Roumfort Road ACADEMIC HOBBY: Reading, Dancing, PostfCard Col- lection. Acrivmrss: Hi'Y B, A: Dramatic Club B, A: French Club A, Debating Club B, A: Leaders F, E, C, B, A: junior Prom Com' mittee C, Senior Play. Algebraically speaking: 4S+5G-I-ST-I-8I:Smitty VIRGINIA ANN SMITH 7359 Walnut Lane commxcmx. Honars Dancing, Reading, Swimming, Bowling. Acnvmes: Commercial Club A, Cliveden Representative F, Eg Debating Club C, A: Hospital Auxiliary A, Commencement Committee A, Commercialetts D. Algebraically speaking: 2T-I-7G +3K-l- 11: Ginny ZOE HANNAH SMITH A 6115 Musgrave Street Acansmc HOBBY! Singing in the Quintette. Acrivmssz Leaders' Club. Algebraically speaking: 6F-I-7G -I-6R+4N +50 2 Zoe ANNA CLARA SNYDER 3643 Eveline Street coimsncmi Honarx Aviation. Acrivmasz Gym Leader, German Club. Algebraically speaking: 9M -I-SR-l-2U-I-1X 2 Anna JANICE SNYDER 6749 Germantown Avenue commmciar. HOBBY! Swimming. Acrrvmas: Debating Club. Algelrraically speaking: 3M +ss+7L+1x:jan ATHLETICS CHEER LEADERS First Row: McCorkle, Greer, Krebs, jones, A. Twining, Coffin. Second Row: Sweeten, Rechter, Mohan Green, M. Twining, Jost, A. Rechter. GYM LEADERS First Row: Morrison, Twining, Blizzard, Harding, Visco, jones, DeMarco, Engle. Second Row: Fox, Mc- Clay, Jacobson, Hay, Andorson, Lush, Mahon. Standing: Hansen. 97 E 1940 LUCY ROSE SPALLONE 132 Hartwell Lane COMMERCIAL Hoaav: Dancing. ACTIVITIESZ Dancing Club, Gymkhana. Algebfraically speaking: 41+-1L+6F-I-4N 2Lucy JUNE LORRAINE STALLINGS 726 E. Dorset Street ACADEMIC Hoaav: Ballet and Tap Dancing, Piano. Acrivmasz Dancing Club G, F, E, D, C, B, Ag French Club A, Senior HifY C, B, Ag Booster B, A: Senator C, Alternate F, E, D, B, A: Senior Play Committee. Algebvaically speaking: 2C +7R + 1L +4S +9G 2 Junie GEORGE ARNOLD STARRELS 7031 McCallum Street ACADEMIC Hoasv: Motion Picture, Photography. Acrrvmns: Chess Club, Current Events Club, Debating Club. Algelmxically speaking: SM -I-5N -J-7R -I-2B 2 Jerry JOHN STEWART 1120 E. Haines Street ACADEMIC Hoaav: Swimming, Tennis. Acrivmss: Football Team, Track, Senior Prom Committee, Chi-Rho HifY. Algebraically speaking: 9A-I-BP-I-6F-I-SNI 2 Stew HELENE JANET STOKES 6343 Magnolia Avenue vocA'rroNAL ART Hoamr: Art Club Work. Acrrvmrzs: Sketch Club. Algebraically speaking: 4Q+sU+sF+4O+2G:D0ppie JAMES EDWARD STONE 240 W. Coulter Street ACADEMIC Algebraically speaking: 9D-4-51 +6F+4J :Jim EDITH F. STRAUSSER 6451 Clearview Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Collecting Greeting Cards. Algeb-raically speaking: 4A -l-6F-l-9A +50 2 Edie RUTH M. STUDENMUND 5340 Wakeheld Street ACADEMIC Honavz Skating, Hiking. - Acrxvmes: French Club A, Current Events Club A, Hospital Auxiliary A, Cliueden Representative A. Algebmically speaking: 6H+1L+4N-SO 2Ruth GERALDINE JEAN STULBAUM 1140 E. Stafford Street Acmaamc Honor: Reading, Hiking, Nature Study, Dramatics. Acrrvrruzs: Gym Meet C, Clipper Repref sentative D, Cg Senior Play Business Staff A. Algebraically speaking: SD-l-6L-I-1A-I-31-l'7G 2 Gerry GEORGE ALFRED SUPINO 158 W. Price Street COMMERCIAL Honey: Baseball. Algebraically speaking: . 21-i-1L+1W2Supey 98 ATHLETICS A. A. COUNCIL First Row: Green, Beatty, A. Twinning, Lush, jones. Second Row: Morrison, M. Twinnin. DANCING CLUB First Row: Bell, Workmaim, Watson, Visco, Colvin, Stallings, Shracler, Green. Second Row: Springer, Williams, Twinning. Third Row: Allison, Schreck, Levine, Kelly, Hoenig, Wathne, Doung, Schuck. 99 JUN GERALD SUPPLEE 211 W. Mt. Pleasant Ave. COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Engines. Algelrrraically speaking: SF-l-21 +1P-I-SG :jerry FRANK D. SWEETEN 5023 Schyler Street ACADEMIC HCBBY: Sports. ACTIVITIES! Soccer B, D, F: Track A, C, ES Germantown HifY A, B, C, D, E3 GEF' mantown Hi'Y Treasurer B, Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, E: Cheer Leader A, B: Debating Club C, D: Clipper Stall' C, D: Rnconn Book Statf Associate Editor A, Senator F, Gym Leader A, C. Algelzrraically speaking: 9A+zc+sP+5D :Frankie LUEVELYN RIGHTER SYPHERD 577 Abbottsford Road ACADEMIC HoBBY: Drawing. ACTIVITIES: A. A. Representative F, Swim Club A, F: Alternate E, Dance Club C, Book Treasurer B, C: Prom Committee A, Debating Club A, French Club A, Alternate A. Algebraically speaking: 5P+3F-7T+1j :Lu ALLAN V. TAIT 7232 N. 20th Street MEHANICAL ART HCBBY: Gymnastics. ACTIVITIES: Swimming Team. Algebraically speaking: 9A-I-6F-I-IP-I-SU :AI SARKIS TATIGIAN 2124 Medary Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY! Radio. Algebvaically speaking: 1C-1-1E-I-SE-I-SS-I-7S:Sarkie E 1940 9 if sais x an ,fr ' I, .. iss .. ., if ' ,, Q , I A Villa A Y 'Sa l ki , -2 if A r 'Lt . slim. , if A x 1 P' Q 5M 1" ' ALICE RITA TATLOW 1203 E. Stafford Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Swimming, Skating, Dancing. ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club. Algebraically speaking: 4A-I-3H-I-1C+2T : Alice ELIZABETH CAMPBELL TAWS 357 E. Gorgas Lane ACADEMIC HOBBY! Tennis. ACTIVITIES: Hospital Auxiliary C, A: Baseball E, Gym Meet C, Track Meet E, C: Latin Club A, B, C: French Club A, C. Algebraically speaking: 3S+5W-I-1B+1F.:Betty MARIE LOUISE TAYLOR 806 E. Phil-Ellena Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Dancing. ACTIVITIES! A. A. Representative E, Alter' nate D, E: Clipper Representative D, Eg Debating Club A. Algebraically speaking: 2C -I-2G + 1F : Marie JOHN PACA THOMAS 212 W. Highland Avenue ACADEMIC HOBBY: Model Building, Gun Collection. ACTIVITIES! Senior Play Business Staff, Commencement Committee, Magician Show Committee, Debating Club A, B, C, D: Dramatic Club A, B: Germantown Hi-Y A, B. Algebraically speaking: 2I+1N-I-4S-l-1L:john MILTON ADDISON THOMAS, jx. 212 W. Highland Avenue ACADEMIC HCIIBY: Photography, Phonograph Records CClassicalJ. ACTIVITIES: Camera Club C, A: Clipper Photographer C, Stamp Club D, Slide Rule Club A. Algebraically s peaki ng: 2A -1-6C +31-I-ST 2 Milt TH SENIOR GYM TEAM Twining, Hansen, Morrison, Laird, Lush, Anderson. TUMBLING TEAM 101 ? 4 UN E 1940 NATALIE MAY TOLSON 7065 N. 20th Street COMME RCIAL HOBBY! Dancing. Acrxvmasz Debating Club, Commercial' ettes, Hospital Auxiliary, Commencement Committee, Commercial Club. Algebfaically speaking: 1J-l-6F-I-BT -6M 2 Natty HARRY WHBATLAND TOWNSEND 45 W. Duval Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Military Tactics. ACTIVITIES! Gym Leader. Algebraically speaking: 41 -l-SR-I-SW-I-20 :Harry PHYLLIS KATHERINE TOWNSEND 545 Abbottsford Road ACADEMIC HOBBY: Tennis, Collecting Whatnots. Acrrvmesz Cliveden Staff A, C, D, Eg Hospital Auxiliary C, Business Staff Senior Play A. Algebraically speaking: 6F-I-1L+ IR-I-3S: Phyl JACQUELINE MONTAGUE TROWER 51 School House Lane COMMERCIAL HOBBY! Reading, Swimming, Acting, and Sketching, Acrlvmns: Dance Club, Sketch Club, Hospital Auxiliary, Shakespeare Contest. Algcbraically speaking: ZH -I-6F-I-SI -I-1K :Jackie JACOB WILBUR TUCKER 556 E. Penn Street COMMERCIAL HoBBY. Sports. ACTIVITIEBZ Cliveden. Algebraically speaking: 4S+2P-l-6F-I-9D :Jake 102 LARNIE TUCKER 5363 Newhall Street ACA DEMIC HOBBY: Sports. ACTIVITIESZ Gym Leader, Participation in Class Sports. Algebraically speaking: 6F+1L+9F-I-1P : Tuck JOHN TWELVES 320 Carpenter Lane ACADEMIC Acnvmesz Track Team E, C3 Track Manager C, Cross Country Manager E. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+4S-I-6F-I-3C : Eleven ALBERTA JANE TWINING 5844 Crittenden Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Swimming. ACTIVITIES! Leader B, C, D, E, F, A. A. President B, Basketball B, D, E, F5 Tumbling B, Hockey B, A. A. Vice- President C, D, Dancing C, F5 Swimming D, Eg Grade Representative, Gym Meet Winner A, VicefPresident Class A. Algebraically speaking: 9A+2C+1M+8S-I-4J 2 Berty JOHN WILLIAM TYLER ' 6774 Chew Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Sports. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+1L-I-21-I-SH : Toby ELSIE UNRUH 53 E. Hortter Street COMMBBCIAL HOBBY: Skating. Algebraically s peaking: ZQ-1-1P-I-3E-1-SD : Elsie f-I CE V7 F11 f-I SE S CA Y PH SHGWING TRO AUDITORIUM n I JUN - ERIK STELLE VAN ANGLEN 7037 Mower Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Music, Camping. Acrxvmesz Dramatic Club A, B, C, D: Vocal Ensemble A, B, C, D, E, F3 A Cappella Chorus A, B5 Alternate F, Hi-Y, Fencing Team, Male Chorus. Algebraically speaking: 3M+4L+1H+s1 :Moose AUDREY IRENE VAN BURKALOW 1957 Sparks Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Music. Acrivmssz Dramatic Club A, B, C, D, Eg A Cappella Chorus A, B, C. Algebraically speaking: 8M +41 +6F : Audrey FAITH SKINNER VANCE 8709 Navahoe Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Dancing. Aorrvrruasc Hospital Auxiliary E. Algcbraically speaking: 4A +5F+1P : Faith HAROLD RISDEN VAN DYKE 20 E. Garfield Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Aeronautics. Acrxvmns: German Club, Chi'Rho. Algebraically speaking: 1E+2Q-I-50-i-1W :Van GLORIA VEIT 1642 W. Mentor Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Dancing. Acrrvmesz Hi-Y A, B, C, D, Dancing Club E, Debating Club A, B3 Committee of Ten A, B3 Vice-President of Senate A, gommencement Committee A, Alternate Algcbraically speaking: 2l+7R+5V-I-7M 2 Squeak E 1940 JOSEPHINE ELEANOR VISCO 215 E. Haines Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Reading and Gymnastics. ACTIVITIES! Leader F, E, D, C, B, A5 Danc- ing E, D, C, A, A. A. Representative D, Track F, D, B3 Gym Meet E, C, A. Algebraically speaking: so +sG+4N-4-as :Ja FERDINAND VOGEL 6822 Crittenden Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Gas Model Airplanes. Acrxvrrms: Dramatic Club, Fencing Team, Alternate A. Algebraically speaking: 6F+1M - 4H-I-3C : Ferdie RAYMOND H. WAGENSELLER, jx. 6959 Wister Street MECHANICAL ART HOBBY: Football, Baseball, Golf. Algebraically speaking: 11-+7M +7G+1H 2 Wag KENNETH NEAL WALROD 7018 Greene Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Horseback Riding. Algebraically speaking: 45 -I-2Q+ 2E : Ken MARY ELIZABETH WANNOP 159 Mayland Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Dramatics, Horseback Riding. ACTIVITIES! Current Events D, Horseback Riding B, Ag Dramatics B, Ag Vocal Ensemble F, Eg 'Swimming Club C, Latin Club A, Camera Club A, Senior Play A. Algebraically speaking: 7D 'I-6F-I-9D +41 :Mary TH LETICS FIELD SPORTS S UN E 1940 EDITH WATHNE 2035 Stenton Avenue ACA DEMIC Hosar: Swimming, Horseback Riding. Acrrvmasz Hockey, Horseback Riding Club, Hospital Auxiliary. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+sF+1x 2 Edie KATHRYN WATSON 4966 Baynton Street COMMERCIAL HQBBY: Roller Skating. Algebraically speaking: 1M-l-1Q+3T 2 Kay WILLIAM CHARLES WEBB, 3111: 7209 Pittville Avenue ACADEMIC HoBBY: Baseball. Acrxvmusz ChifRho A, B: Gym Leader A, C5 RECORD Boox Staff A, Clipper Repre- sentative A, B, D3 Alternate C, Track A, Algebraically speaking: 2J+2M -I-4S+2C+1L 2 Bill CHARLES EDWARD WEISSBERG 5547 Wingohocking Terrace Acansmc HOBBY: Sports. Acrrvmss: Slide Rule Club, Gym Team, Soccer Team. Algebraically speaking: 9A -I-6F +21 -I-SM : Charlie BARBARA MARIE WELSH 5132 Keyser Street COMMERCIAL HOBBY: Swimming. Acrrvmss: Senator F, E, D, C, B, A5 Class Oilicer, Girls' Treasurer D, C, B, A: Clipper Staff C, B. Algebraically speaking: 1L+4A+4s+sc:Babs JOHN FRANCIS WELSH 1405 St. Vincent Street ACADEMIC HOBBY! Naval Affairs. Acrivrrresz Clipper Staff C, D: Senator A, Gym Leader F, D, C, Bg Track Team A, C: Alternate B, C, D5 Slide Rule Club A, B3 Railroad Club D, Debating Club D, Germantown Hi'Y A, B. Algebmically speaking: 41+sR+iB+9D :John EDWARD ABRAHAM WHITE 5107 Stenton Avenue ACA DEMIC HQBBY: Model Railroading. Acrivrruzs: Railroad Club, Algebraically speaking: 1B-I-81-I-BO-I-7T 2 Ed HARRY WILKINSON 517 W. Ellet Street ACA DEMIC HOBBY: Music. Acrlvrrnzsc Debating Club, A Cappella Chorus. Algebraically speaking: SM -I-ZQ-I-2S+ 1T : Harry ALBERT WILLIAMS 6805 Sprague Street INDUSTRIAL HOBBY: Sports. Algebraically speaking: 2Q-9F-I-1L+2S :Al CHARLOTTE KAY WILLIAMS 6641 Boyer Street - ACADEMIC HoBBY: Swimming. Acrrvrrms: Girls' HifY B, Ag Swimming C, Recon- Boom: Staff A. Algebfraically speaking: 31-I-2B+8D+ 1L : Blondie 106 EVEN SWAP "The wife who drives from the back seat of a car," declares a courageous exchange, "isn't a bit worse than the husband who cooks from the dining' room table."-Religious Telescope. Q OBJECT LESSON The butcher was surprised when a slim young woman asked for twentyffive pounds of beef. All the same, he cut off the joint and put it on the scales. "Will you take it with you, or shall I send it to your home?" he asked. "Oh," she murmured, blushing prettily, "I don't want to buy it. You see, the doctor said I had lost twentyfhve pounds, and I wanted to see What it looked like in a lump."-Lookout. SQ FORTUNATB MAN Whatever trouble Adam had, No man in days of yore Could say, when Adam cracked a joke, "I've heard that one before." -Exchange. N THB RIGHT CROWD Professor-"I am going to speak on liars today. How many of you have read the twentyffifth chap' ter of the text?" Nearly every student raised his hand. Professor-"Cood. You are the group to whom I wish to speak. There is no twenty-fifth chapf ter."-Successful Farming. Q TOUGH TIME .Ioan-"Oh, what a time We had! I just donlt know how I ever came-through! First, I got angina pectoris, and then double pneumonia, followed by arteriosclerosis and phthisis, after which they gave me hypodermics. Then I had barely recovered from these when I got tuberculosis, with appenf dicitis, followed by tonsillotomy. "Yes, indeed, it was the hardest spelling contest I've ever had."-Exchange. JUNE 1940 STRATEGY Bride-"Yes, I cookde my first meal last night- it was a grand success." Visitor-"How nice!" Bride-"Yes, he's going to get me a cook right away." SQ HSOMEBODYIS ALWAYS," BTC. A farmer visited his son's college. Watching students in a chemistry class, he was told they were looking for a universal solvent. "What's that?" asked the farmer. "A fluid that will dissolve anything." "Thats a great idea," agreed the farmer. "When you find it, what are you going to keep it in?" -Lookout. Q CONDENSED "Yes," said the newspaper reporter, "I always carry my notes in my hat." "I see," said Fogg. "News in a nutshell." -Kablegmms. Q OUTDISTANCED Two Negro boys were having an argument. One doubted the existence of ghosts, but the other claimed to have seen one the night before. "Ho," said the doubter, "and what was dis here ghos' doin' when you las' seen him 'iles' fallin' behin', mistahf' was the answer, "fallin' behin' rapid!"-Exchange. ?-Q SQ EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT The boss was interviewing a man who was applying for a position. "Do you know anything at all about electrical apparatus?" "Yes, sir," was the prompt reply. "What is an armature?" asked the boss. "Oh, that's a guy who sings for Major Bowes." -Lookout. JUN GLADYS JULIA WILLIAMS 6805 Sprague Street ACADEMIC HOBBY: Collecting Autographs and Photo' graphs. AcTIvITIIzs: Hospital Auxiliary A, Bible Conference T. W, C. A. Algebmically speaking: 5A -I-ID -I-85 2 Reds DORIS GERALDINE WILSON 115 W. Haines Street MUSIC Hoanrz Dancing. ACTIVITIES! Vocal Ensemble. Algebraically speaking: 8M+1T-I-SS-I-ST : Doris MARTHA GREENSPAN WISE 1520 68th Avenue ACAD EMIC Hosni: Tennis, Swimming. ACTIVITIES: Hospital Auxiliary B, A, French Club A, Debating Club A. Algebraically speaking: 2Q+sB+1P+sw :Marty EUGENE WILLIAM WITT A 5202 N. Carlisle Street ACADEMIC Honey: Railroading. ACTIVITIES! Clipper A, B, C, D: Clipper Editor A, B, C, Railroad Club A, B, C, D, E, F: German Club A, B, C, Slide Rule Club A, B. Algebraically speaking: 1E-I-1A+1B+9P+1I : Witty FRANK JOSEPH WOODLAND, JR. 7423 Devon Street COMMERCIAL Hosni: Sports and Dances. Ac'rIvI'm:s: Table Tennis A, B, C, D. Algcbraically speaking: IL-I-1F+1M+1N:Yankee E 1940 A .gain ROBERT HAROLD WOODRUFF 1146 E. Rittenhouse Street commsxcmr. HOBBY: Sports. AcTIvITIss: Baseball A, C, E. Algebraically speaking: 9A+1I.+zQ+zI :Bob MADALINE WORKMAN SOO E. Willow Grove Ave. COMMERCIAL Honey: Dancing. Algebraically speaking: 3D-I-6F+ lL - 8G 2 Mady MARION HUBER YANDELL 8008 Winston Road ACADEMIC HOBBY: Hiking, Post Card Collection. ACTIVITIES: Senator D, Debating Club C, A Algebraically speaking: zc+sA+sM+7M :Funky ELAINE ELIZABETH YUNGER 6323 Homar Street ACADEMIC - Hoasir: Ice Skating. Algebraically speaking: 2C-I-6F-I-SA -I-1L :Elaine GEORGE GRANT ZIEGLER 7410 Boyer Street Acansmrc Honey: Photography. AcTrvITIes: Track E, Debating Club C, D: Alternate D, Railroad Club A, B, C. Algebraically speaking: 9D+zQ+3R+ss:ziggy ROBERT EVANS ZIMMER 6206 N. Fairhill Street ACADEMIC Acrrvmss: Senator C, B. Algebraicaliy speaking: IO-I-SF-I-8R-1-1L-1B:Zini JACQUES S. ZINMAN 323 W. Durham Road ACADEMIC HoBBi': Stamps, Athletics. Acrlvn-ras: Clipper C, D, E, F, G, Hg Gym Leader, Track A, C, E, G: Soccer B, D, Eg Basketball C, D, E, F: Slide Rule Club B, Latin Club H, G, F, E, D, C. Algebraically speaking: 9F-I-9A-I-SN -7R :Jack WILLIAM JOSEPH ZINNO 445 E. Cosgrove Street commancmr. HOBBY! Swimming. Algebraically speaking: 2M -I-6F -I-45-I-3T-I-SL 2 Zinnie JUN E 1940 BERNARD ALBERT ZWARG 5919 N. Park Avenue i A ACADEMIC . HOBBY: Sailing Boats, Singing. Acrxvmas: Football D, C: Leaders' Club . A, B, C, D: Swimming Team A, A ' Q' A 4 Cappella Chorus A, Senior High Festival - 'A Chorus A, Germantown High Male ' 5, Chorus A, Senior Play A. Algebraically speaking: , ST-4-3O+3H -I-ZO : Bernie S 1 ROBERT HENRY HAYES L .,, f R 7145 Boyer Street i i .H ACADEMIC I HOBBY: Riding and All Sports. E, Algebraically speaking: gg 4A-I-7C+1M+1N:Bob ' if r K iw? SCENE FROM THE MAGICIAN SHOW JUNE .. NINETEEN .. FORTY KEY TO ALGEBRAIC EQUATIONS A 1. ambitious 2. accurate 3. alfable 4. amiable 5. amusing 6. animated 7. attentive 8. artistic 9. athletic B 1. brilliant 2. bashful 3. balanced 4. brave , C 1. cooperative 2. cute 3. capable 4. courteous 5. clever 6. cautious 7. confident 8. chic 9. changeable D 1. daring 2. dexoerous 3. delightful 4. demure 5. debonair 6. dapper 7. dramatic 8. dependable 9. diligent E 1. efficient 2. eager 3. eamest 4. exotic 5. energetic 6. enticing 7. excitab e 8. elfervescent F 1. frank 2. frisky 3. funny MCCANDLESS, WILLIAM Football II, '38 MCCORKLE, JOHN Gymnastics Il, '38g I, '39, '40 Golf Manager II, '40 Cheerleader Gym Leader PENMAN, ARTHUR Golf Numerals '39, I, '40 ONESTI, JOSEPH Baseball II, '39g I, '40 ROPER OHN 1 I Football Numerals '37g II, '38, I, '40 Track Numerals '39 Gym Leader SABIA, MICHAEL Cross Country Numerals '37g I, '40 SCHILBRED, MORTON M. Swimming Manager II, '39g I, '40 firm faithful friendly fascinating fickle flashy G good glamorous gallant gullible gracious gentle generous gushing graceful H hearty helpful hopeful hilarious happy honest I ideal independent indifferent intellectual innocent irresistible ironical inquisitive I jolly jealous joyful . jitterbug . jovial K kind knowing kingly keen L likeable lovely loud lively 9. 3. lucky loyal lovable M merry madcap magnetic magnanimous masterful mulish mischievous musical mee k N nonchalant novel noble natural neat natty naive O outstanding original obedient ostentatious obliging P pleasant persistent prudent proficient PCPPY phlegmatic pugnacious popular petite quicl? quiet quaint queer R reasonable ravishing reliable resolute G MEN-fConti1111ed from page S11 SELTZER, HERMAN Track II, '40 SHEETZ, JOHN HEROLD Track Manager Numerals '40 SLAVIN, JOHN Soccer II, '39 srswmvr, JOHN Football 11, 'sag 1, '39 SWEETEN, FRANK D. Soccer II, '38g I, '39 , Fencing II, '40 Track Numerals '40 WEBB, WILLIAM Track Numerals '40 Gym Leader 110 Track Numerals '38, '39g I, '40 VOGBI., FERDINAND 5. radiant 6. religious 7. refined 8. reserved S 1. sarcastic 2. serious 3. sincere 4. sociable 5. skillful 6. sophisticated 7. systematic 8. smiling 9. sagacious T 1. talented 2. tactful 3. talkative 4. taciturn 5. trustworthy 6. truthful 7. timid 8. temperamental U 1. useful 2. unusual 3. unique 4. ubiquitous 5. unassuming V 1. vivacious 2. versatile 3. vacillating 4. vigorous 5. varnpy 6. vibrant W 1. willing 2. willful 3. Winsome 4. worthy 5. wise 6. wistful 7. witty X 1. unknown quality Z 1. zealous WELSH, JOHN F. Track Numerals '33 Gym Leader WEISSBERG, CHARLES EDWARD Gymnastics, Numerals '38g I, '393 II, '40 Soccer Numerals '38, '39 WOODRUFF, ROBERT Baseball Numerals '38, I, '39, '40 ZINMAN, JAGGUES Soccer I, '38, '39 Track Nurnerals '37, '38, '39 Basketball II, '38g Numerals '39 ZWARG, BERNARD A. Football Numerals '37, '38 Swimming Numerals '40 Gym Leader UNE NINETEEN FC T ACKNOWLEDGMENTS E GRATEFULLY appreciate the splenf did cooperation of those who gave so generously of their time and effort in compiling the material for the Class Record To the makers of the book, we extend our sincere thanks for their help, which has made this record book possible. Sarony Studios, Photographers, 1206 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Lotz Photo Engraving Company, 12th and Cherry Streets, Philadelphia, Pa. Westbrook Publishing Company, Printers, 5800 North Mervine Street, Philadelphia, Pa. National Publishing Company, Covers, 239 South American Street, Philadelphia, Pa. .869 SCQOQ 5 'jg 0 E 2, 5 -if I " 6' .. 'X 39 0 Vwxb 111 fzwbfww if 1 . f I, f .. . ., , ' 11,1 .ff I "' " ,gl , , - 1 I .,,,Y -V I .

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