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do v, The world is waitingjor you, young man, If your purpose is strong and true,' U' out of your treasures of mind and heart, You can bring things old and new, lf you know the truth that makes men free, :And with skill can bring it to view, The world is waiting for you, young man, The world is waiting for you. S. S. CALKINB THE RECORD Ei,LJu of 1716 :viflfiga Class 0fJune, 1935 4 1? ' 'L I L 1 g i THE CLASS RECORD Germantown High School 38512 Philaclelphia, Pa Class Published by the Senior Class JUNE, 1935 s FOREWORD To preserve the cherished mem- ories, happy incidents, and fine traditions of our high school type- memories that will become glorihed in the golden light of advancing years: -2' Q' J' ee J' To provide ideals which will tower like mountain peaks above the vicissitudes of li fe: W' W' And to give an interpretation ofour opportunities and responsi-A hilities that will inspire us to deeds of greatness in the adventure of modern. life. The Staf. A TURN IN THE RfOAD A TURN in the roaol- What lies beyond? Will we fnal a plain country, Peaceful and calm? Will high stare burn there, Constant and bright, To show us the true path, To guide us aright? Will the waters be quiet Where our barks will sail, Or be turbulent, stormy, And torn by Fate 'S gale? Before our sun sets Will we reach the far hill? God, give us the power A na' strength,-so we will! BY DORIS R. T DEDICATION THEREshould be a hill country in every life, some great uptower- ing peaks which dominate the com- mon plain. There should be an upland district, where springs are born, and where rivers of inspira- tion have their birth. Q' J' -2' I will lit up mine eyes unto the hills. Q' J' J' J' J' True lyve is measured by its alti- tude rather than by its length: by its deeds rather than by its years. ROY SHUBERT, Editor. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 Sn fll ... DEAR G-RADUATE: It is my pleasure to extend a word of greeting to you, this, your graduating year. You have earned your di- ploma, and you have a right to be very proud of it. In the completion of your high school course, you have made a definite forward step, and the things which you have QA Greeting from MR. NICOLA D'ASCENZO jlilember of the Glioard of Education THE Board of Public Education spends 5100 per year per pupil in providing educational opportunities for tlle youtll of our city. Mr. D'Ascenzo brings a greeting to tlve class from a riclv experi- ence as a master craftsman, for lie is re- nowned as a designer of stained glass windows. He has just completed a beautiful creation for the Cathedral of St. John tlve Divine in New Yorlc City, and forthe National Cathedral in Wash- ington, D. C. H a v e y o u a hobby? If you do not have one, I would advise the ac- quiring of oneg the old saying that "an idle mind breeds mischief," is indeed true, and the fruits thereof may be wit- nessed in any com- munity. The city of Phila- delphia is equipped with magnificent facilities for helping learned will prove of immeasurable value. If you are not fortunate enough to be able to attend College do not be disheartened: the success which you will undoubtedly achieve can be and has been gained without its help. 'Ihat it is a distinct aid, however, is not to be gainsaid, as practically all who have never gone to College, later in life find themselves wishing that they had, no matter how great their individual success. Success is never reached however, by doing only the task that is given you, but by doing more. In other words, the really valuable man to society, is not the man who knows only his job in a mediocre manner, but the man who can attack and con- quer his job from every conceivable angle. The importance of the above cannot be too strongly stressed. 8 youg witness the Free Library, the Commercial Nluseum, the Academy of Natural Sciences, the Franklin In- stitute, the Art lNIuseum, etc., almost ad intinituni. In these places you will certainly find some branch of the arts, sciences or letters to occupy you not only in your spare moments, but in moments in which you find your- self distressed by either physical or mental fatigue. Painting, etching, drawing and wood carving are my hobbies, and there is nothing equal to the relaxation in being able to turn to one of these. Further, many men have turned to their hobbies as a mean.s of livelihood, even during the present business depression. All things, businesses and profes- sions, are undergoing radical changesg whether for better or for Worse is a matter of personal opinion. Art is not exempt, naturally, because of its re THE CLASS REC ORD, JUNE, 1935 ....g Egg definite connection with society in general. 1Iodern art is justified only inas- much as it reflects past traditions, but unfortunately in most of it this tra- dition is unrecognizable. In using the word "modern,' I do so in the ac- cepted sense, properly speaking, all art of today is modern. Nothing of a radical nature can ever succeed unless its action is founded on fundamental truth. One might just as well defy the laws of nature: it just cannot be done. An unthinking person might say that the laws of nature are disregarded when we are building a sky-scraper, but not so. Every law of nature was con- sidered by the architect and by the engineer to the best of their knowl- edge: they work with nature, and are , 1 MQ-7 fp... surrounded by CRIIIOIIHHQEQ there is a reason for it. lYe hear that a certain person took up a prcfferred vocation hbecause there was money in it.', Bly advice is to choose a job that you are happy in and do it well, and try to do it better than the man next to youg the monetary gain is sure to take care of itself. Society offers you unbounded opportunities, and owes you a living only in just proportion to your service and efforts in its behalf. "Ile profits most who serves best." Have you stopped to realize the many benefits you have received through our fine school system? Your teachers have worked diligently and patiently to help you arrive at your of them . you owe a great debt of gratitude. present goal, and to every one careful to respect lier every whim. That "disaster follows indiffer- encei' is a prin- ciple to be not lightly regarded. Good art was never masked by high sounding and uninterpretable phrases: it needs no high-pressure salesmanship to put it across, but stands on its own merits. Be wary of that which is . -iii' I, fi f f f" if 5 ' nfl XR J' .xltx i ' I 454 ig. v 'ng ' 'g ifs ' ff - .Q '1'-.A N V fix' ij i 'vi WMM ' I 1' tl. QW' f 2. Y fwgif 5' 1 .' Q11 ' 1 ' 'T yt' -' J, 1 lfllllfli' li Xx x " Pl ' 'ill I lx ,I A XA IM :mv KS' V I ll J llvl 1 N l WM l K 1 if I 4 fi fl xsn xx, I , f I I ',g, , ---gif, . -- Y -., l il f mlitllm i . Q in . --:il 9 lc' In closing, let me say that it would be to your own distinct bene- fit to be connected definitely with your chosen Church, and to be faithful unto it: go regularly, and help to enrich your life with its spiritual benefits. lNIy cordial and sincere good wishes are yours for a successful life of service. THE CLASS REfORD, JUNE, 1935 ...ob QU, IE qs... The Outlook H221 DR. EDWIN C. BROOME Superintendent of Schools To the Graduating Class of the German- town High School, Philadelphia,Penna. MY DEAR FRIENDS! You and your classmates are ap- proaching a most important event in your lives, that of graduating from high school. You have enjoyed the privilege of an edu- cation in all grades through the senior high school, and, undoubtedly, you DR. BROOME needs no introduction to us. As Superintendent of Schools he is in a strategic position to interpret the worlr of the School System and its rela- tion to the problems of our day. His message is replete with sound advice for tlwose facing decisions requiring the bene- fits of experience for a happy landing. His advice is intensely practical, and will give satisfaction and encourage- ment in tlvese trying days. start, and many tunities for service. I have a great deal of sympathy for the boys and girls who are stepping into life today. Bly advice to you is to get hold of something honest and useful to do, Whether or not it is the thing that you had expected to do, and regardless of the compensation. You cannot run a race unless you make a a person has made a have acquired a great deal of informa- tion, many skills, and a well-trained mind. These, together with good health, high purpose, and strong char- acter, are the very best Weapons with which to iight the battle of life, for life is a battle, but a challenging one, and one that is not altogether disa- greeable. You get as much fun out of life as you put into itg and, if you put all of yourself into life, honestly and fearlessly, you will get a great deal out of it, and also make life pleasant for others. At the moment, the outlook is not very promising in the way of oppor- poor start, picked up later, and passed the tape first. If you cannot find anything to do that pays you wages, it is Wise to find something to do in the way of gratui- tous serviceg or best of all, if you can afford it, to go on with your education in some higher or different type of institution. You can never acquire too much educationg but the habit of loafing, which is easily acquired, will prove to be a handicap throughout life. I wish all of you, therefore, success and happiness in your future careers. . ' ' rl- 4 . . . . - a..'- :H-1 -- -sf' yd i' W- - ef - --:xl 10 If:- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ----:Egan .ng-.,.... HEOD0 R E ROOSEVELT onceremarked that to educate a man's mind without educating his char- acter was to make that man not an asset to the country but a social menace. Mr. Roosevelt might have been thinking of the lawyers who bend their talents to the service of crimeg of the racketeers Gonceptions of 'Truth ily DR. EARL L. DOUGLASS Minister, Summit Qhurch DR. EARL l.. DOUGLASS is minister in charge of the Summit Presbyterian Cllurcll, Greene Street and Westview Avenue, Germantown. As a representa- tive of the moral and spiritual forces of the Community, be looks expectantly to the youll: of today for tlle strong up- standing leaders of tomorrow. His greet- ing is a wortlly guide in this clay of be- wildering trends. character as well. lt must aim not only to put some- thing into his head, but into his heart. The object ot educa- tion is not only to train a student to think, but to train him to live. And to that end we must lay hold on the conviction that truth never changes. Our conception of truth changes all the who prey on a patient publicg of the diplomats who play the age-old war game without counting its bitter cost to humanity. It matters little what a man has in his headg if he does not have in his heart the spirit of square dealing and upright living, a head full of facts will get him nowhere. More and more in this modern world we are coming to realize that the only thing of value is character. Neither money nor social standing, neither popularity nor at- tractive personal qualities, can ever make up for lack of character. The business world would be wrecked in a day were any consider- able number of business men to be dishonest. We must have character in every aspect of life or we have chaos. True education concerns itself not just with a mants mind, but with his -QI 11 time, but truth itself is an eternal thing in no way affected by the pass- ing of time. If a principle is true today it was true a million years ago, and if it was not true a million years ago it is not true today. The thing that changes with the passing years and centuries is not truth, but man's grasp of truth. So let us not be misled by those who scoff at everything old and praise everything new. The point is that we must lay hold on truth, which is eternal, and learn how to apply it to situations that are ever new. VVhen we learn how to do this, we are educated, not only in head but in heart. VVe have gone to school to the enrichment of our characters as well as to the enrichment of our minds. Above all we have learned how to handle the biggest job in the worldw- that of living every day with purpose, joy, and self-control. le THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 -I: Sgr HC::E,L'l" E EE E E THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...srtil .- ,j 3.... The Gommunity Speaks Ty MR. WILLIAM H. EMHARDT ermantown gllusinessman and Gitizen REETINGS to the Class of 1935 of the Germantown High School. Now you are about to step out into the world, and the life that follows will largely depend upon what road you take. If you take the path of least re- sistance you will amble along and ar- rive nowhere. The FOR years, Mr. Emhardt has been president of the Germantown and Chestnut Hill Improvement Association. He has been actively interested in the progress and development of all phases of our community life, and brings a worth while message to the class on behalf of the parents, friends and neighbors who are interested in preserv- ing the worthwhile traditions through the coming generation. was land, and by diligence and thrift, they made it pro- ductive and have builded from this start a great city and a great state. Among the first things attempted of a community nature was the building of schools. The writings of Abraham Lincoln said, "Property is the fruit of laborg path most worthwhile will be selected with a high resolve to make the most of yourself as a good citizen, and to do just a little more than is required of you. The extension of the Public School System into the higher grades can only be justified at public expense with the thought in view of a better citizenship, and is n.ot warranted unless the stu- dents accept this responsibility in exchange for the educational advan- tages provided. Knowledge is power, and power is only worthwhile when properly applied. It leads to cor- ruption and spoils, when misused. School funds are largely drawn from taxes on real estate, which have become quite burdensome. Real es- tate is simply one form of accumula- tion which is the result of labor and application and is a thing to be de- sired. All that the early settlers had property is desirableg is a positiye good in the world. That some should be rich shows that others may become rich and, hence,is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Let not him who is houseless pull down the house of another, but let him labor diligently and build one for himself. thus, by example, assuring that his own shall be safe from violence when built." The general condition of mind in lhese disturbing times is toward the tearing down of the old order of security which undermines the sta- bility of the Government. Study your history and think deeply of the causes which underlie the founding and the building of our Country. l will again referto the saying of Lin- coln, 'Wvith malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the light, let us finish the work we are inf, -:QI 13 Is-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 -I+-,KQQU , .-, .leg 4-- PRINCIPAL THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....4.-ggi. 4 ,A meg To THE NIEMBERS OF THE CLASS OF JUNE 1935:- If there is one thing which more than anything else characterizes this universe of ours, it is change, ever- present, everywhere present. All about us-in human life as well as in the lower forms, in the ma- terial world, and in human institutions Let Not Your Heart Te Troubled 612.11 DR. LESLIE B. SEELY Trincipal and Friend AS PRINCIPAL of this school, Dr. Seely has had a wide experience with the problems of youth. He is lceen in his understanding of life's complexities and sympathetic in his handling of its proh- lems. His parting message sounds a clarion note for those who will hear and will accept a friendly word of encourage- ment from one who is greatly interested in their success consistent with our objective makes our final goal more eas- ily attainable. Every student who finds education a slow laborious pro- cess should commit to memory the fol- owing from the writings of VVilliam James: "Let no youth have any anxiety about the upshot of his education what- nothing seems to be constant either in form or quality. Sometimes the movement is rapid, explosive and gen- erally destructiveithis is revolution. At other times it is slow, quiet and constructive-this is evolution. Generally human characters which are worth while are built up in the latter way. Psychologists tell us that only occasionally are habits broken or found suddenly, as by conversion. Almost always they are the result of slow day-by-day growth. What we will be tomorrow can be pretty actually foretold by what we are doing today. A knowledge of the above fact should be full of encouragement for all of us who strive daily to attain any worthwhile quality or ability and find its accomplishment difficult and slow. 'I'oday'.S' ejort makes tomorrowfs' ac- complishment possible. Every task ever the line may be. If he keep faithfully busy each hour of the work- ing day he may safely leave the final result to itself. He can with perfect certainty count on waking up some fine morning to find himself one of the competent ones of his generation in whatever pursuit he may have singled out. Silently, between all the details of his business, the power of judging in all that class of matter will have built itself up within him as a posses- sion which will never pass away." I hope that each one of you may have a most happy and successful career. Sincerely yours, ' nt .ay 15 Ia THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 .9 im Y M5211 fy.. vlssisfafzf fo the 7'rz'rzc-ipal MRS. VIRGINIA DEM. HAACKE HY don't you go see IXIrs. Raackt-?" . . . That is the remark heard so often in the Halls of Germantown when a student needs help. It is to you we go, Blrs. Raacke. for the solution of our problems, and aid for the future. Your kind interest and assistance are a pleasant memory of our days here at school. llany a one of us has been set on his track for the future at your suggestion. To you we owe much . . . we cannot express it all here, but may you accept these few words as a token of our esteem and devotion for all you have done for us. --if 17 Ia- THE CLASS nfcoko, JUNE, 1935 -Haan swee- ffldviser for the Girls MISS GRACE I. FREEHAFER RUMS Fortissimo for Miss F reehafer, who, though already burdened with the leadership of the Gymkhana, the Dance Club, and various extra gym activities,still found time to be an excellent adviser, who was always ready to assist when assistance was needed, whose cheery personality aided us im- measurably in the work of finances and government. It was she who constantly worked for our gain, who did her utmost to make our work light, and whom we will always remember as one of the finest friends that we have had. A-al 18 Ile-A THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 """-550 IIE-40' 1 . ,l . ls, x KV M' ,-, r P,,' QAdviser for the Toys ' KA ' ' MR. HARRY P. ROTHERMEL TAND up and cheer for that genial adviser, lVIr. Rothermel, who took such excellent care of our finances, who Was our mainstay in time of need, who aided us in all our class activi- ties, and Who strove to give us the best. To him, who proved such an asset to our class, whose excellent guidance in all matters resulted in their success, and whose aid, advice, and friendship We shall never forget, we offer our meager but sincere appreciation. --:JI 19 It'- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 --1-in DEH- RECORD BOOK STAFF vlssocxiate Editor LUCILE SAUDER QA-rt Editor DOROTHY PASSANT CHARLESANNA LEE DIARGARET SMITH FRANCES N EMEROV ETIIEL MCDERMOTT DORIS TOXVNSEND JANICE SMITH BETTY JEFFRIES DOROTHY GERHART Editor ROY SHUBERT Tersonals ulthletzfcs Historians Tusi n ess Typ-ists H1 20 It.- Literary Editor HARRIET VVURMAN Thotography BETTY WHY DANIEL PRESSMAN RALPII B.4RI.EY ARTHUR SILRER LOUIS COHEN VVILLIAM YVIMER THOMAS SIMONS EVELYN SNYDER BETTY ZINSER THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 "iv- l lj -Q.. E ,WA Glasswldviser for the cIQ,e0or1l 58001: Sirij' DIR. ROLAND I.. RITDRAYFF O ONE, Who, in the midst of the daily grind, has assumed the added task of supervising the edition of this, our class record, who has aided us to the utmost, who has worked strenuously for the success of this book, who has mustered all of his power to make this work the best of all time, who has been a cheery and punsiye friend to all of the distracted members of the RECORD BOOK Staff. To you, Mr. Rudraulf, we Otter our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. ,QI 21 THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 Y 'Wg' 024- THE FACULTY .99 DR. LESLIE B. SEELY, Principal CMRSJ VIRGINIA DEM. RAACKE, Assistant to the Principal HOWARD H. DENN GEORGE D. GIDEON, JR. CHARLES S. DONNELLY LEON H. ENSVVORTH KATHRYN A. GILL SPENCER R. GRAVES H. PARKE BAKER HENRY F. COLEMAN EMILY R. EBLING RHEA EGE CECIL E. FANNING HERBERT ARNOLD HARRY FOX ISABEL FRANKLIN Art and Mechanic Arts Department WILLIAM L. BENCKER CORINNE B. HARDCASTLE EUGENE C. NIOORE Commercial Department MARGUERITE EVANS AMELIA C. KERN ELSIE LAMINE CATHERINE A. LOGAN DIARY E. LOGAN XEINA C. MONROE English Department VVILLIAM WOODS FLORENCE L. HEUBACH LULU M. HOLDEN J. FRANK JONES JOHN E. lvl-ASON ADALINE M.. PENNYCOOK History Department GARTON S. GREENE GRACE N. GETCHELI. KATHRYN E. GROTEVENT DIARY A. PALMER LEIGH W. PRENTICE v-:JI 22 IA-- ROLAND L. RUDRAUFF F. ELIZABETH VVHERRY KATHR1'N MORISON EDXVARD A. RAACKE ANNABELL SMYTH ELIZABETH SHELLING MARY F. PRITCHARD MARION PRINCE EDITH R. STEELE CAROLINE W. THORNE MADGE M. YOUNG VIRGINIA A. REICH ELIZABETH SAMPSON PERCIVAL S. STRAUSS THE ...Q SQ CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 GEORGE W. BACON FLORENCE A. BUCKLEY ALICE B. CHUBB ANNA L. COLE EDNA E. CASSEL K. ELEANOR COOPER LOUIS GORDON CHARLES W. BARTHOLD GRACE I. FREEHAFER EDNA C. BRAMBLE ANNA M. CLYDE ELIZABETH EVANS Language Department SAMUEL E. BERGER CARL F. HAUSSDIANN ANNA M. HELLER ALICE M. HUTCHINOS Mathematics Department J. HENRY GRAHAM E. GRACE HARDY ELMER A. JACOBY HELEN H. LAMBERTON Physical Education LEOPOLD F. ZWARG FREDERICK REITH MARY J. STEGER AIRS. IJELEN V. STOKER Science Department GEORGE VV. PLUMMER HELEN F. HIGGINS MARTHA C. JENKINS WM. B. LEIGHNINGER FREDERICK LEIGHTON IIE?-9" NIARY W. BIAY PERCIVAL H. NICHOLAS BERTHA ROSENHIELIER SARAH A. SCHAEI-'ER ANNA M. NIULLIKIN HARRY P. ROTHERLIEL HELEN A. TYSON FRANCIS P. TIERNEY FLORENCE A. VVERT JOHN Y. PENNYPACKER JESSIE A. RQJDRIAN WALTER AvAN HA AGES Home Economics School Counselor ELSIE ALLEN ADALINE NIAY PENNYCOOK Librarian THEODORA IJLODGETT lllusic Department GRACE EVANS ELEANOR E. QUINN Clerical Assistants OTTO FALTERMAYER ,NIARGUERITE BENNETT HIANNAH BIALKIN HELEN MCCOOK DOROTHY STEWART ANNA C. SIEGELE .UI 23 Ig.. . J w N K J THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 gn nga' .,.... ....OUR RETIRING ENGINEER HARLES K. KONZEL- mann came to German- town High School as chief engineer and custodian in February 1915 when our Alma hlater first opened. Since 1890 he had been em- ployed by the Philadelphia Board of Public Education as chief engineer for the Old Central hlanual Training School, located at Seven- teenth and Wood Streets. lNIr. Konzelmann was born August 9, 1864. in Philadel- phia. From 1885 to 1888 he worked as assistant engi- neer of the United States . Post Office at Ninth and llarket Streets, Philadelphia. He worked in the same capacity for the Tjhiladelphicl, Inquirer from 1888 to 1890. hlr. Konzelmann took over his latest assignment under Dr. Harry F. Keller, then principal of our school, and he hasnft missed more than six school days in the forty-five years of his employment in public high schools. His interest in the school is shown by the following information which he gladly furnished. A staff of twenty-five persons is responsible for the condition of the build- ing: one chief engineer, two electrical engineers. one electrician, two firemen, one night watchman, one matron, one elevator operator, four men janitors, eleven women janitors, and one supervisor, llr. Konzelmann has the reputation of being thoroughly reliable and will go out of his way to help or co-operate with someone. This is probably one of the reasons why he is such a busy man. He does not intend to leave school permanently, but plans to return often to visit his long time friends and associates. The school will not easily be able to fill the shoes of such a reliable and cooperative man as hlr. Konzelmann. .51 2 5 Ip.. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 .sp- g I -in THE GREEN AND WHITE WMS by Mum by 050-'U' GERSON CARL A. HAUSSMANN March tempo I 0 Ger-msn-town we sing thy praise and hail thy col- ors bright, Wher- - -- .' . . 2- : : 4 ,- ::EEE. E? " :Far :.'r::r-5 - ' - E sg--is . ' : g I-" 4 4 - J I J ebr they wave a-hove our heads, 0,beautenusGreena.ndWhiteNVithinthyhallspxponthefield,whe1'e- ' Q I ' 4 ' : ' : ::::: ::: - 8 4 -i 1: :r::g:r::::: J J 4 J 5 J F 1 on our athletes fight: For - ev- er we will hon-or thee,and cheer thyllreenandwhite. :' 5 is: - i -"T . I :af I u : E ::.::r J' 1 5 5- 4 , l I I -at -J LJ- REFRAIN E'er shall ourgrandoldban-ner stand For all that's true and right. In I s , Z2 'N fx gf 22 . 5 . 22 2222 . a222 -QF222-2--22 - 222 22222 22225222 , I. . -. -- -.., .-.-- J J ---..- ' 222 22 2.22 - 22222 2- I -2 -22 , ,. ---22 work or play, by night or day, Hur-nah for Greenand White! ..2.2:..f - - 71122222222 . ' .-.-2--2-r-- --2 1 V . ' . . . - 7 ' I l J J 'P I - 4 I E F E 1 i I 1 I Q 1 1 1 dh 2 3 The Green, a. color deep and strong, Recalls the,sac1-ifice The valor of our manly boys When Freedom was the prize: And-White, the badge of Purity, With courage shall unite, So that we all, whnte'er befall, May love the Green and White So even when we're older grown And school days fade from view, The seeds of loyalty here sown, Will make us still be true To our beloved Germantowng We'1l shout with all our might Wl1ene'er we view those colors true The glorious Green and White! Uupyright 1.920 by Carl Iillaussmann --:al 26 Ie-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 --Q50 ne! 1 GERMANTOW N OSCAR GERSON our AMERICAN TUNE fuf. f , 4, 5 P1514 : x, . lb 1 . I 4. V 1 .1 I i 1. Years a - go great pi- o-neers came Strongand no-ble line 2. Our grand ed- i - fice reminds us Bod- y must have soul 3. Oufschoolhnamewdlllev-er cher-ish, Proud of its re - nown, . ."'. ' P F F : ,If 1: -gr!--pE1':!g-y5"9i15 'rl lr.. 1 1 . I ' I ' , E E 'X 5 fi ...- . J,,1.,., :H l Gave to us those proudtra-di-tions Which curhearts en - shrine. 4 Let ourspir - it matchitsgrandeur, Loy - al -ty our goal. I May ihespir - il. of Pas-tor-ius Guide dear Ger- man- town! . . 4 , . K - m- :Hg-'es l 11 H 1 I I CHORUS -, bf"T :Z-f K ,'F"" . 1 , 1 X E S1535-gg if l ' ' gy-U73 4' Ger-man-town,thy wor-thyfounders, Still our pat-terns begT I uma- ' - all . l , Nr - - ' ' 4 . I f-fax,-Tx 1' I PJ: : : X, . E 4 : N H , , 0' 1 1 g ' 5 4, Through the school of life,great mas-ters, Guide usfaith-ful - ly. ! '. f f' . f f f 2 F E H THE ROSE OF GERMANTOWVN Adapfed by M. S. Halma: 1. Hail! to our love,the rose, Whose grace our school edorns, May no molesting hand Break thro' her guard of thorns. Chorus. ,Hai1, hail, hail, Hail,lovely rose! Hail, hail, hail, Beautiful,fragrant rose! 2. Hail! to our love,tha rose, 3. Hail! to our love, the ruse, Our emblem of youthful hours, Which we all love so well, We give our love to thee Haillto our Germantown High School, Fsirest, fairest of all the flowers. Now let the chorus swell! -:al 27 Ie-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 HAHLALMA WATER? me 3 5 ' ' 1. Bail, A1-ma Ma-ter! We thy chil-dren sing theeg Ho-nor and 2. Here where our fa-there fought that they might give us Freedom for 5. Ger-man-town High School, we will serve thee e-verg Loy-al and ITKYII ' ' . ' : ' , L 1 um: ' I S 2 I' '-:--lin! It l 2 A . V12 - A 1 LS l llh ell - ll. l : IIN! . 'lllFllfll'llel 5 510----ry may we e-ver bring thee: By our de 9 vo---tion e ---- ver from a ty-rant griev-ous, Teach us to che--rish lov---ing, we will fail thee ne-verg We will ex-alt thee Ifuzulflil i h ILOBZ ' ' I ' .l' .l - ' v , l 5 l 1 A N I 1 . ' 3 J 529 I 9 up-ward we will wing thee, Proud of thy pro ------- grass. what they died to leave ue, Stirred by their spi ---- rit. by our joint en-dea-.--vor, Glad of thy great ------ nesei X 'P' J 'J Q fu!!! ' llulllll A KVRZ A 11' : F 9 7 1 S " e , I C1173 W fa f""""N cis ,f I THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 -4'-EQU 116:441-- BOYS' PRESIDENT EAR CLASSMATES: Graduation from High School signifies completion of the course of public education. For each of us, it means the severing of friendships, and the launching out into the maelstrom of life. The past has taught us many lessons. The development of talents, of self expression, and the assumption of the responsibili- ties of leadership, are some of the characteristics which should be the outcome of our past efforts. It is my Wish for each one of you th at you will play the game of life clean, and refiect the worthy traditions of our Alma lVIater to the end that We will become worthy citizens of our community and of our country. Sincerely, EDYVARD BICKEL. -.ral 30 Ib- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 -cf-2:60 niac- GIRLS'PRESIDENT EAR CLASSMATESZ We have benefited in many ways from our high school life. From the association with many difterent types of teachers and students we have learned the principles of cooperation which are necessary to us since we must always work and live with people. Our lessons gave us invaluable practice in disciplining ourselves. VVe were taught the history of our country, and the organization of our government. This knowledge, with actual training afforded by student government, should niaketus more responsible and capable citizensg the study of literature has made us better fitted to choose the most worth-while books. VVe must always try to keep in mind, no matter what kind of position we hold later in life, that "it is the man who degrades the position, not the position which degrades the man." And now let me wish for you the greatest thing in life- happiness. Sincerely, ELLESIV ANDERSEN. --:gl 31 Ile-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 '-fi it SSH-- 1 MISS FREEHAFER'S CLASS MR. ROTHERMEUS CLASS 32 lic-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 --Ot: QU, N Y Wrrljff-27 9.. CLASS OFFICERS KATHRYN FRAZER .... , ..... Vice-President. , . . , . ,RIfYII,ARD STEVENS MfARY YYOLLRATH. . . ..,. Secretary ..... ,... A RTHUR LEXVIS JANE COHALAN. . . .... Treasurer .... , . . .EDMUND KLING .dl 33 Ik.. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 K'45l fl -or... ANDREW G. AHERN Academic 7481 TULPEHOCKEN STREET Our hearty salutations to Andrew Ahern, who is the type who simply cannot get himself to something that does not arouse his interest: who is "whiz-bang" in subjects that do arouse his interest: who detests, above all other things, hearing Ralph Barley and Al Goldfarb mention such a thing as "that old physicsn during gym period. WARREN STOVER ALLEM, JR. Academic 5118 KEYSER STREET ACTIVITIES! Bank, F, Radio Club, D, Slide Rule Club, B. HoBBY: Radio. Hail to a jolly lad whose good humor is even more evident than his merry red hairg who follows the sports with great zeal, specializing in footballg who blows a true trumpet for his Alma Mater in the School Band, whose interest in radio engineering outshines all his other inclinations. RAYMOND YOVNG ALLEN Commercial 616 E. Jouysois STREET HOBBY! Sports. A toast to the alert young man whose red hair is in a c ass y deserves a portion of our most sincere praise, because he has had a position after school for two years, whose friendly, but business-like mien, is char- acteristic of a man who will probably hold a responsible place in his field some dayg who is avidly concerned whenever sports are mentioned. l b ' itself, who THOMAS S, AMBLER Academic 4908 CYERMANTONYN AVENUE ACTIVITIES! fll'f1'6l18ll Representative, F, Eg Bank Officer, D, President of Railroad Club, Ag Member of Flipper Sales Staff. IIUBBYZ Railroads, Clear the tracks for an engineer, conductor, or a signa m for Tom Ambler, who takes a lot of pride in his accomplishments along the line of miniature railroadingg who has been a very successful treasurer for his graduating bookg who is not the sort of a fellow to thrust himself upon one, but who is mighty nice to know when you do meet him. l an-at any rate, CLIFFORD H. LARKIN Commercial QQQO AVASHINGTON LANE HOBBY: Dancin Loads of good fortune to Ci ,ar ing w V' yn that king of ballroom dancers, Fred Astaire, who is rapidly approaching the stage where he is almost as good as this suave star, who in his own quiet way gets around in his smooth going car. g. lil I k' ho secretly yearns to emulate -al 34 12:0 THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ,gt A mzvo ELLESIV MARTHA ANDERSEN' ACad6HliC 5110 NORTH TXYELFTH STREET ACTIVITIES: Senator, F, C, B1 Class President, D, C, B, Ag Alternate, D: Footlight Club, D, C5 Gym Leader, Eg Hi-Y, C, B, A1 Sketch Club, C5 Debating Club, B, Ag Committee of Ten, Ag "GH Pin Award. ITOBBYZ People. Good cheer to one of the class's best liked girls, who has performed the oflice of president of the class in a most able way, whose favorite sports include tennis and dancingg who in her own words loves people, and to whom we extend the class's best wish for a happy future. WALTER ELMER ANDERSON Academic 5538 BLAKEMORE STREET ACTIVITIES! Instrumental Ensemble. HOBBY: Collecting Letters. Play pleasing chords for Walter, whose ear is so sensitive that we couldn't have started his personal any other way, who has delighted our assemblies many times with his nimble fingersg who has attained many honors in his field of music and harmony, who finds a great deal of fun and incidental learning in the unique hobby of collecting letters. ROSE NANCEY ARAKELIAN Commercial 32 E. HOIITTER STREET ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club. HUBBY: Swimming. Raise the cup on high, for whom should we see above but Rose, some- times called Nancey, Arakelian who has dark hair and big brown eyes: who finds the Commercial Club one of the best ways of spending her time, but who just adores sliding out of encumbering clothes into a bathing suit for a "splash'l at her favorite hobby, ROBERT T. ARNISTRONG Acadelnic 5514! N. TwENI'Y-FIRST STREET HoBBY: Chemistry. To one of the pluckiest boys in the 12-B class who is exceedingly adept in math and geometryg who attends church t'aitht'ullyg si ho in spite of the game leg he protracted still has a smile for everyone, and who some :lay is sure to become an excellent engineer, for he has that necessary persever- ance and enthusiasm to accomplish it. HELEN ATIIORE Acaclemic 202 E. HIGHLAND AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Alternate, H, G, F, E, D, Cg Hockey, Cg Hospital Auxiliary, H. G. C: Bank Teller, C. Homxrz Swimming. Salute to a friendly little person who is proficient in swimming and hockeyg Whose life work is to be nursing, a career which we will willingly say is a very worthy one: who, ii' you donit have a pack of Wrigley's, will conclescend to take another brand, and who is really a very nice girl to know. --al 35 It:-' ..q,+ip THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 EDGAR BEAFMONT, JR 1382 NARRAGANSETT STREET ACTIVITIES: Debating Club, C, B, A, Vocal Ensemble, E, D, C, B. IIOBBYZ Dramatics. All power to the persuasive young man in the trim attire, who, although his hobbies lean toward acting, debating, and singing, aims to follow a business career, whose opinions, when desired, are nearly always indicative of xcellent 'udgmentg who looks like a fellow who would make a sound, 9 1 efficient executive, since he has already held an Important position among his fellow students. q -q.... MARION SCHEETZ BAKER Academic 2117 BIEDARY AVENUE APTIVITIES: Girl Reserves, F, E, D, C, B, A: French Club, B, A, Inter- scholastic French Club, Debating Club, B, A, Leaders, C, B, A. IIOBBY1 Swimming and Hiking. Hello there, miss with the merry smile, who is such a busy and industrious sort of person, that we don't know where to turn first, who we hope will develop her soft soprano voice, and continue to have that generosity of character for which everyone knows her. May we add that some man is going to be a lucky dog the day she enters the throes of matrimony. RALPH CITRAN BARLEY, JR. Academic 59 HIGII STREI-:T ACTIVITIES! Clirerlen Staff, Editor-in-Chief, Ili-Y Neu-x,' RECORD Book Staff, Slide Rule Club, Footlight Club, Debating Club. HCJBBYI Etymology, Meteorology, Tropical Fish, Dancing, Singing. Yi'e raise the glass to the fellow with the friendly look, who is the bone in every editor's throat because of his awful scrawl, but whose work, once deciphered, is so acceptable, who always carries a slide rule, and who, every once in a while, shocks humanity with that bright orange sweater he loves to wear. JEANETTE BAYER Commercial 114 E. WASHINGTON LANE ACTIVITIES: Flipper Salesman, B, C, D, Dance Club, C, Bank Officer, F, F, Commercial Club, A. HflHBYZ Swimming. A merry how-defdo for Jeanette whose merry laugh drives all oneis blues away, who always seems to be frightfully busy doing something, probably it's her office of book treasurer that helps to keep her stepping, who has sold more Clippers than you could shake a stick at, who is heard of at most every place where girls, activities are featured. LVCIE REBEKAH BAUL Academic 5914 GEmIANTowN AVENVE ACTIVITIES: Hospital Auxiliary, F, E, D, C, B5 World Fellowship, D3 Vocal Ensemble, C, D, English Club, C- HOBBX'Z Reciting. A friendly "hello" for Lucie Baul whose longstanding record in the Hos- ' l A 'l' rv bespeaks good and good alone, who IS engaged in propogating prta . uxi ia U . brotherly love among all peoples, who has-a fine alto voice-you ought to hear her sing, who loves to get up and recite some amusing or delightfully instructive little piece. C ommercial sq 36 Ia- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....pig5U5 . I v- DOLORES BUTLER BECKER Academic Y 6916 OGONTZ AVENUE l ACTIVITIES: Alternate, Eg Girls' A. A. Representative, F, D: Leader, A, B, C, D, E, F. HOBBX'Z Horseback Riding. Happy landings to Dolores Becker who may need theIn, for her favorite sport is horseback riding, who, however, is really quite all equestrian: who has been a gym leader so long that all her teachers praise her ability and re- liability: who is a most charming person to knowfdimples being one of her outstanding attributes, who is popular among both boys and girls. FRANK BEESLEY Alechauical Arts 3584 CALUMET STREET ACTIVITIES! Radio Club, C, B, A. HOBBY: Sports. ltlore powder to Frank who is a rising young man: who was the object of these two remarks because he lives on Calumet Street: who is really a fine fellow to know, who can talk to you about many an interesting sport: who probably knows all about that fine transmitter in room QISA, since he has been a member of the Radio Club. JOSEPH BENAINIY Academic 1453 OLNEY AvENt'E ACTIVITIES! Soccer Team, E, D, B3 Baseball Team, C, A, HOBBY: Sports. More power to the boy with the educated toe: who was the high scorer of the soccer team: who learned his soccer fundamentals in Palestine: who also has played on the school's baseball team, who would rather watch the A's win than eat fwhich is saying somethingi. The best ot luck to you, Joe, and we hope you can score the "higher goals" in life. RLYTH BENNER Academic 22 E. AVALNIIT LANE ACTIYITIES: Hi-Y, A, B, C, D: Hospital Auxiliary, A, B, D, E, Fg Yocal Ensemble, C, D, E, F. Honey: Singing. Three cheers for Ruth, who deserves a medal for being the most unassum- ing person in the class yet one of the most deserving: who is a member of the children of the American Revolution, being able to trace hcr family to a famous leader in the Revolutionary warg who is also a devoted church goer, excellent singer, and enthusiastic Hi-Y-er. EDXYARD EVENDEN BIFKEI. Academic lfll I-I. lJL'RII.uI S'I'ttEET AC7T1X'ITIESZ Committee of Ten, C, B, A: Class President, A: Yice-l'resi- dent, C, B: Secretary, Fl, D: Dramatic Club, French Club Secretary, C: Football, B3 Leaders Club, D: Alternate, D. IIOBBYZ Mechanics, Electricity. Health, wealth, and happiness to Ed Bickel, that dark, handsome, L'Germantown-conscious" fellow who likes to play football: who cant understand just why French was ever invented: who is seen around the school all the time doing one-tenth of the work of the Committee of Ten, and who is one of the IIl0St popular boys we know. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 .9-gg 35 3 .... MARY MARGARET BISSINGER Commercial 518 E.isT VVALNCT LANE ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club. HOBBY: Swimming. A toast for that friend indeed who is found in the person of amiable Mary Bissinger whose pet ambition is to visit her favorite bathing- beach and bask in the warm rays of the sun to her heart's content: who has set her career on the pursuit of "Stenography" and is sure to find her an apt pupil. LOFIS EDWARD BLACK Academic CITIZENS BANK BUILDING, PARKERSBURG, WEST AYIRGINIA ACTIVITIES: Football, B: Gym Team, D, C: Orchestra, F, E: Senior Play, A. HOBBY: Sports. The 'tcutestu and the "noisiest"iso the class voted-also, one of the swellest-who still has some of that West Virginia accent, plus an ability which combines playing end on the football team, and a lead in the Senior play:-who's going to Wooster and who can't tie a bow-tie:-who makes the girls' hearts go pity-pat, and still remains popular with the boys: who, in the final analysis, is one gran' fellow. ELIZABETH ANN BLISS Academic 5123 AXQAYNE AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Senior Play Cast: HiAY, B, A: Flipper Staff, B, A: Bridge Club, E, D, C, B: Gym Leader, C, B, A: Latin Club, F, E, D, C: Party Committee, B: Ring Committee, C: Basketball, D: Baseball, E, C: Clirederi Representative, D, C: Senator, A: Campus Club, A: "G" Pin Award. To a pair of beautiful eyes, to a lovely girl, Betty Ann Bliss, who is active, calls tennis her hobby and plays bridge: who likes a boy of the Roxborougll Alumni: who hails from Chicago, but has meanwhile acclimated herself to Bhiladelphia really liking it-and hB1'ElS one part of Philadelphia that sure likes her. EDWIN NORMAN BOBROW Academic 630 W. CLIYEIJEN AVENUE AI'TIvIT1ES: Slide Rule Club, B, A: Spanish Club, A. HKDBBYI Track. A toast to this fair-haired, blue-eyed lad who wants to attend nan institu- tion ot higher learning," namely, the l'niversity of Penn: who has been a fine trackfman at Germantown: who has learned the intricate art of using the slide rule: and who knows his Spanish almost well enough to speak it. MARY HELEN N. BOLGER Academic 27 W. PI-IIL-ELLENA STREET ACTIVITIES: Latin Club, E, F: French Club, A. B. C: Sketch Club, C: A. A. Representative, A, A: Secretary of A, A., B: Bank Officer, D. Salute to Mary Helen, who looks forward to a normal school course, followed by college and school teachingfmore power to you, llary, and we know you will make a fine teacher: who has been quite an aspiring linguist in Germantown: who has been interested enough in her languages to join the clubs each time: who is tall, lithe, and has a characteristically cheery chuckle. -'QI 38 Ks'- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 .mg QU . img ey... MARGARET ELIZABETH BOLLES Academic 1039 EAST PRICE STREET ACTIVITIES! Debating Club, D, C, B, Ag Girl Reserves, C, ll, A: German Club, C, B, A: Hospital Auxiliary, E, D, C: Bank Officer, D. Our highest respects to the friendly co-ed with the pretty blue eyes who likes best of all to dance: who, if we are not mistaken, has an eagle eye on a certain young man who plays football: who has an active interest in useful handiwork of various kinds, such as making rag dolls for thc sick children, M. ALYCE BORTHYYICK Commercial 6511 AYOODSTOCK STREET ACTIVITIES: Hockey, D, Track, C. A: Basketball, D, Phuph Club, F, Ag Commercial Club, B, A. HOBBi'Z Sports, Dancing. "Mowigan Xdatlokagnu Alice, who, in case she should be perplexed, should ask the sponsor of the Phuph Club for a translation: who is quite athletically inclined: whose favorite diversion is ballroom dancing- who likes sports of all kinds and likes track as much as any boy: and who desires to pursue a commercial career. JEAN LOVISE BOYLE Commercial 508 E. '1'I'I.PEHoc'kEx STREET ACTIx'I'rIEs: Dancing Club, E, C: Commercial Club, B, A: Ring Com- mittee, C: Leaders, B, Ag Debating Club, A. HOBBY: Athletics. Get out the dancing slippers for Jean who takes "tapping" so seriously that the shoes slide on almost automatically: who helped encircle the digits of those of the present graduating class: who has made a name for herself among her associate debaters: who feels a strong attraction for everything athletic-pardon the ambiguity. MARTHA ANNE BRASVRE HOBBY: Music. freckles. Debating Club, D. HOBBY: Marionettes. undertakes. -'ral 39 Ie'- 5526 l't LXSKI AxExI'E ACTIVITIES! Vocal Ensemble: Hospital Auxiliary. JOSEPH VIXCEXT BREEN Acarleruit' 4-914 l'I'I.,IsIci AVI-:NIE Academic Strike off a few chords of yollr favorite piece for one who is thoroughly in sympathy with you: who, as she says with a smile, has always had "an ear for music," even when she was hardly old enough to reach the keys of a piano: who is lovable for her chubbiness, her docile disposition, and her cute ACTIVITIES: Footlight Club, ll, A: Flipper Staff, C, B, Ag Senior Play, A: Loads of luck to Joe Breen, that handsome fellow you've seen in so many plays about school, especially the senior play: who is an excellent baseball player and a faithful follower of Tony Sarg: who aspires to be a salesman or advertising man: and whom we think will do well in no matter what hc , A THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...qeggpt qQ?q.... Itl'TH L. BREIDENBACH Academic 4816 TENTII STREET Af'TIvITIEs: Latin Club, F, E, D, C: Dancing, F, I-Ii-Y, D, C, B, A: Senior Play Committee, B, Sketch Club, C, B, A: Party Committee, C, B5 !'I1'1rc1lz'rz Staff, B, A: Debating Club, B, A: French Club, B, Ag Baseball, E, C, Ag Basketball, D, B, Bridge, C, B, A. Hoi-mv: Teaching Sunday School. To that dynamic ticket seller of the senior play, Ruth Breidenbach, who has a secret heart in France with whom she corresponds regularly: whose ambition, believe it or not, is to teach Sunday School: who is one of the class' most enthusiastic supporters, as proven by her long and valued list of activities. ELYA ELIZABETH BREITENBACK Academic 6822 N. SEYENTEENTI-I STREET ACTIVITIES: Hospital Auxiliary, B, A: Debating Club. Ag Knitting Club, A. Our hats are ohm to Elva, who piqucd our curiosity until just recently, when we found that she knit-' all her own smart skirts and sweaters: who hopes to go to Temple Lniversity after graduating this June: who has a vigorous zest for oratory, for she has been in Debating Clubs throughout her school career. HELEN MEDLAR BRIDGMAN Academic 6625 BLAKEIXIORE STREET ACTIVITIES! Debating Club, Bridge ClI1b, Gym Meet. HOBBY: Contract Bridge, Stamps, Basketball. Success to Betty Bridgman whose ambition is to be a famous scientist and to discover something, even if it's such a trivial thing as trisecting an angle: who really enjoys basketball, math, stamp collecting, and contract bridge: who clespises liver and sissiesg who, when she gets started on science, will even make Einstein sit up and listen. ELIZABETH C. BRILL Academic 5126 N. CARLISLE STREET ACTIVITIES: Senior Play. HOBBY: Horseback Riding, Tennis. Raise the steins to Betty, who has such pretty blue eyes--and what flossy ufrauleinu wouldn't have 'emg who boasts an old German ancestry: who is one of the most pleasing girls in the A class: who, furthermore, loves horses and goes horseback riding regularly: whose sport achievements also lean to a fine game of tennis. FRED C. BRINK Mechanical Arts I 457 H.iEvEv STREET ACTIVITIES: Bank Oflicer, D, C3 Camera Club, E, D, C3 Alternate, B3 Clipper Sales Staff, A: Senior Prom Committee, A. HOBBY: Listening to Casa Loma. Bottoms up to Fred, that tall, handsome lad seen striding through the halls trying to look serious: whose particular pastime is that of cinemato- graphical artistry: who intends to go to Drexel Institute and study engi- neering. Soon we hope to see him building another Delaware River Bridge or P. F. S. Building. -sl 40 IE- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ----9-ggi w..f .151 1 MARION MARY BRINKWORTH Commercial 4802 N. THIRTEENTH STREET ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader, F, E, D, Ag Basketball, D, D: Hockey Club, D3 Secretary of Commercial Club, B, Ag A. A. Representative, F, E, D5 Flipper Sales, C, B, Ag Clipper Staff, A: Commercial Club, A. Honuxf: Sports and Dancing. More power to Marion Brinkworth, but hardly more clubs, oI1r dimculty is to describe her ability justly, but we can not praise it highly enough iII the space permitted us: who finds most enjoyment in following up the sports, and in tripping the light fantastic on the ballroom floorg who looks like zest incarnate when in hockey togsg who can break down one's sales resistance in nothing Hat. LLOYD WAYNE BRITTINGHAM Academic 5225 N. SYIJENI-IMI STREET AI'TIvITIEs: Track, C, Ag Debating Club, C, B, A: French Club, C, B, Ag A. A. Reprcsentativeg Bank Officer, B. Uh, the top of the marning, and a bit of cheerio, old chawp, what? We bow to an linglisliman, a Brittingham, who has as lusty a bass voice as could be found in all of merry Liverpoolg who is full of life and likes to make the acquaintance of pretty girlsg who is a regular trackmang who has a persuasive way when he debates-we've heard him. 6125 Ross STREET 1 Class Party Committee, D. . HOBBY: Dancing. step in Miss Freehaferts dancing classes. ACTIVITIES: Sketch Club, F. HOBBY: Sketching. who's really a great girl. HOBEY: Dancing. with whom we have come in contact. --at 41 Ir-- BERNADINE BROCK C oinnieici Il ACTIVITIES: Dancing Club, D, C3 Leader, B ltI-:coun Book Stiff A A most cheery how-do-ye-do to Bernadine who has the most euphonious name in the Senior Class: who is a good sport and likes to help III the picp II I tion of programs through which a group will li ne 'I good time who llltl what sporty girl doesn't-likes to dance, who his leirned mtm I clever GERTRFDE BUCHANAN Noc lll0U1l Art 6252 GARIJI-:NIA AYENIE To you, Gertrude, we doff oIIr hats! The girl who likes art with 'I capital "A," as witnessed by her hobby, sketching: who has been a member ot the sketch clubg who aims for the Jefferson Hospital and the life ot' 'I nurse w ho can he classed as one of the attractions of Germantown High School and GRACE B. BFCKLEY Avildemlc 1206 E. PRICE STREET ACTIVITIES: Baseball, Commercial Club, Track leader Hail to Grace Buckley whose poise has always been out standing during her career at Germantown, as a fine example of good bearing toi others who stands out as a poignant, charming young lady on the polished floor ot I large decorated ballroom. Grace Buckley is, in a word one ol the nicest persons THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 K 14ml gl g.... EDWARD G. BVNTING Commercial 5313 BELT-'IELD AVENUE HoBBY: Reading and Basketball. A "tip-oH',' to Edward Bunting who is neither tall nor stout, but surely is a fine old scout, who would not know to do if he could not turn around, and find someone with whom to speak during record period: who likes to play basketballg who has developed a fine hobby, namely, that of reading good hooks. Al BMQTA I. Bl R105 Commercial 631 VV. Jouvsox STREET Af'TIvITIEs: Leaderg Dance Clubg Baseball, Banking 0Hicerg Com- mercial Club, A1 Track, Here we have the honor to congratulate a real sports enthusiast, Alberta Burton, who has such a vivid interest in baseball that Babe Ruth is getting worriedg who likes a good afternoon of hard work in the gymg who is hoping to become somebody's "private Stenogf' whose cute appearance is a draw ing card for many a palpitating heart of many a love-lorn male. MARY HELEN CALDWELL Academic 5214 LAIIRENS STREET Af'T1vITIEs: Latin Club, Hockey. ITUBHYZ Stamps, Tennis. To Diary Caldwell who was born in Egypt and has traveled all over South- ern Europe, and strangely enough, likes to talk about it, in fact, talking is her chief recreation: who hopes to be a third grade teacher, or maybe a private secretary: and who detests having her picture taken, but we think she did pretty well this time. ELIZABETH CAMPBELL Commercial 118 PLEASANT STREET ACTIVITIES: Hospital Auxiliary, D, Ag Commercial Club, B, Ag Clipper Sales Staff, A1 Bank Oflicer, A. HOBBY: Dancing. Many happy returns of the day to pretty Betty Campbell who has fol- lowed a varied and well-balanced program at Gerlnantowng who thus shows that she has a generous portion of that precious gem called "common sense: H who likes to have a little recreation once in a while-prefers dancingg who is a truly fine girl to know-a girl who will probably make a big success of life. ELIZABETH R. CAMPBELL Commercial Q1 W. DUVAL STREET ITOBBYI Playing piano, swimming, typing. "The Rhapsody in Blue" as a salutation to Elizabeth, who enjoys tickling the " ivories" of her piano, who, as a matter of fact, would not know what to do without a period of string tapping in the afternoon-you ought to hear her playing the latest numbersg who-attention, commercial students-has made typewriting her hobbyg who likes swimming, the all-round sport, --:il 42 Ia'- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ... l, Ek IQ-7: , ROBERTA CARIPBELL Commercial 66 E. ITORTER STREET DACTIYITSITZSZ Alternate, Senator, D, Baseball, C. Ag Track, C, A: Hos- pital Auxiliary, D, Ag Knitting Club, B, Ag Commercial Club, B, A1 Gym Leader, B. IIUBBY1 Dancing. The .top of the morning to Roberta, that sprightly little girl who has l ad quite a little executive practice at Germantown: who knits all her own sweaters and skirtsfand does a really "natty" job of it: who follows the trackfbut is lar from being a hobo, who is one of the finest girls in the class. DIARY PENN CANIPION Acadunic 0 51045 Xr:wii.ti,i. STREET :hC'l'IVI'l'IESI Gym Leader, li, I", E, D, C, B: A. A. Representative, D, C, B. A: Track Team, U1 Latin Club, F, E, IJ, C, B, Ag Hockey, IJ, B: Gym liieet, C, Basketball, Eg Volleyball, F1 Drum and Bugle, E, D: Alternate, ll. HUBBY: Riding and reading. To a swell girl, Polly Campion, who is going to Gaucher to study Oste- opatliy: whose one desire is to travel all over Europe, especially ltaly, and who reads only travel stories: who is our idea of health and brilliance, and we wish her the best the world can give. E. JOSHPHINE CAREY Academic 101 E. lJi' S1111-:ET 4AcT1viT1Es: Footliglit Club, E, ll, C, B, A: Hi-Y Club, C, B, A: Hos- pital Auviliary, B, A1 Senior l'lay Cast: Bank Teller, l", li, C: Vocal Ensem- ble, F E, D, C, B, A1 Festival Chorus, C. HOBBY'2 Riding, Knitting, Dancing. Lots of luck to Jo, who is that auburn-haired beauty who plays the piano so well for the senior chorus classes: who intends to go to NYest Chester State Teachers' College: who we know will make an ace teacherg who is a very popular girl, proficient in dancing and horseback riding: who is our idea of a swell girl. DOROTHY RITA CABFAGXO Commercial 5666 Annri-:ion Srrii-:Er HOBBY: Collecting rings and old books. Ring up for Dorothy Cartagno, that lively little dark-haired signorina usually seen with a dance floatcr in her hand: who is one of Germantownis best dancers, who is talented in almost every field: who, like Sir Joseph Porter, K. C. B., reckons her sisters and her cousins and her aunts by the dozens: who because of ber personality is certain to become a success. BIARJORIE ELIZABI-ZTH CARTER Commercial 471 Porriznrox llzionrs ACTIVITIES! President, Spanish Clubg Commercial Club. Honor: Dancing. ln good old American, we salute and hail, Marjorie Carter, who has had the distinction of being the President of the Spanish Club: who has made an unusual record in the Commercial Club: who likes dancing above all other sports, who is one of the cutest little ladies we have ever known. -'al 43 Itse- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 -qpigl 4lCq:+q.... MARIE CONSTANCE CARUSO Commercial 3226 N. SPANGLER STREET ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club, A, Clipper Staff typist. HOBBY: Reading. WVe salute Marie Caruso who has always held our attention while at Ger- mantown, a girl who has pounded out many a word for our Cliveden-Clipper newspaper: who has a very instructive hobby, that of reading all the books with which she comes in contact-a profitable use of her time: who is really one of the finest girls we know. - FREDERIC AI'Gt'STE CLAPP Academic Q10 E. VVILLOW GROVE AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Debating Club, A. Bottoms up to Fred Clapp, a fine fellow who reminds us for all the world of a dashing young Princetonian with his sack suits and German haircut' who presents debates in that unique accent of his, who is quite a wit and even more of an artist: who expects to attend art school in the Fall. ELLEAXORE VIRGINIA CLARK .Academic 4606 N. EI,EvENTI-I STREET ACTIVITIES! Dramatic Club, C, B, A: Party Committee, C, B: Hi-Y, C, B, Ag Clipper, Ag Debating Club, C, B, A, Senior Play Cast, Latin Club, C, B, Ag Spanish Club, F, E, Ag Bridge Club, D. HoBBY: Talking. NVe're wishing just loads of luck to Elleanore Clark, the darling little girl who has a sunny smile and cheerful word for everyone: who just loves school Cafter two-thirtylz Whose vivid personality makes us all her friend, who aspires to be a kindergarten teacher, and who, we hope, will finally reach her goal. ALONZO CLIFFORD Academic 5748 TVOODSTOCK STREET ACTIVITIES! Gym Teamg Slide Rule Club. Good cheer to the strong man of the gym team, Lonny Clifford, who can press anyone under 150 pounds with little trouble at all, who has a fundamental knowledge of about five or six languages: who is a real worker In all respects: and who, in his own inimitable, quiet way, strives to achieve his goal. JANE COHALAX Academic 7013 GREENE STREET ACTIVITIES! Treasurer of Class, D, C, B, A1 Hi-Y, C, B, A: Footlight Club, C, Secretary, Footlight Club, B, A: Vice-President, Footlight Club, Ag Debating Club, C, B, Ag Leader, G, F, E, D: Basketball, D: Hockey, Captain, D3 Sketch Club, B, "G" Pin Award, C: Alternate, C, HOBBY! Swimming, Tennis, Our best to Jane who is, in our opinion, an ideal high school girl: who since her "C " term has been the treasurer of the girls of our class, efficient, able and co-operative: who in her spare moments reads poetry, preferring Sara Teasdale: and who finds time, in her few otherwise unoccupied moments, to knit. --QI 44 Ia-A THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...qe QI' 57 l LOUIS M. COHEN Academic 5302 N. BROAD STREET ACTIVITIES: Chess and Checkers Club, D, Rille Club. D, CQ Football, D, Flipper Staff, B, Ag RECORD BOOK Stall, Slide Rule Club, B, A: Radio Club, Eg Alternate, G, Bridge Club, B, A1 Chairman, Ticket Committee, Senior Play. To the ace of students, Louis Cohen, who is a first rate amateur photo- grapher, whose knowledge of Algebra and Geometry ranks him as a second Einstein, who knows all there is to know about human personality-just ask him, whose only bane in life is shaving, and who is never happier than when on a dance floor with that certain somebody. VINCENT PAI'L COLALUCA Academic 1216 E. PRICE STREET ACTIVITIES: Cross-Country, C, Ag Leader Squad, B, A. HQBBY: Fire Arms. Cheerio to that very versatile fellow, Vincent, whose proficiency rests mainly in beadwork, wood carving, stilettos and ancient firearms: whose ambition is to speak about ten languages fluently, who is one third nearer his goal for he can converse in three languages now, to whom we extend the best of luck in accomplishing this ambition. J. ROBERT CONNOR Academic 604 E. JOHNSON STREET ACTIVITIES! Leaders' Club, F3 Gym Team, E, C, B, A: Captain, A: Spanish Club, F, E, Debating Club, C, B, Dramatic Club, C, B, A: Slide Rule Club, B, Class Vice-President, D, Class President, C, B3 President of Senate, Ag Committee of Ten, B, A, Hi-Y Service Committee, B, I-Ii-Y, Vice-President, A. HOBBY: Gymnastics. Here's to Bob, a fine example of young American manhood, who is one of the most versatile boys we know, for besides his becoming modesty, good looks, and smooth dancing, is a scholar and a gymnast, being captain of the gym team and pulling down top-notch marks, who, some day, after graduating from IVest Point, will surely be a success. BETTY ALLEN CONREY Academic 21 EAST IVIEADE STREET ACTIX'ITIESZ Hi-Y, D, C, B, A: Dramatic Club, C, B, A: Leader, E, D, C, B, Ag A. A. Class Representative, F, Eg Bridge Club. E, D, Dance Club, E, D, C, B, Ag Clireden Representative, F, A, Latin Club, E, F, D, C. HOBBY: Dancing. To that studious member of the Conrey twins, Betty, who claims she and her sister can get along just like two peas in a pod if they want to: who wants to dance like Ginger Rogers and swim like Eleanor Holm -Iarret: whom we wish the best of luck in fulfilling her ambitions. MARION A. CONREY Academic Q14 E. BQIEADE STREET ACTIVITIES: Hi-Y, D, C, B, Ag Dramatic Club, C, B, Ag Leader, F, E, D, C, B, A, Bridge Club, E, D: A. A. Representative, A, Bank Officer, F: Latin Club, E, D. HOBBY: Designer. Cheerio to the vivacious member of the Conrey twins whose personality is radiant of cheer and charming, who aspires to be a fashion dictator just like the famed Madame Roberta, and make lots and lots of money, whom we nominate as one of the liveliest girls in the senior class. -QI 4 5 Ig.. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 'HSQI fyQE?.,.... VIVI AN MAE COPESTICK Commercial 7153 N. TYVENTIETII STREET ACTIVITIES! Dancing Club, F, E, D, C, B3 Gym Leader, F, E, D, Hos- pital, F, Gym Meet, C, A. HOBBY: Dancing. Success to Vivian who spends much of her time dancing, especially ballet? who has performed in operas at the Academy of Music and at the Mast' baum Theatre with the San Carlo Company, who drives a Hudson nick- named "Battleaxe"g whose love for animals is shown in that she has three dogs, who worked hard for the success of the Girls' Gym Meet. DONALD LAWRENCE CRAIG Commercial E. DUVAL STREET Axe BIAGNOLIA AYENUE ACTIVITIES: Alternate, D, E, F. HOBBY: Baseball. The tops to auburn-haired Don, whose wry faces and clever remarks can provoke a laugh from the sourest person in the world, whose one enigma in life is calculatinl. If it weren't for adding and subtracting numbers, Don might have a fondness for bookkeeping. He is the spirit of optimism itself, for he always has a good word for everyone. MARY E. CRAIG i Commercial 5200 NIORRIS STREET AcTIx'ITIEs: Bank Officer, A. HOBBY: Sailing, Swimming. Happy days to Miss Mary Craig, whom we easily recognize by her quaint expression, "Hyah Toots"g who is seen so much in the "Old Colony Shoppe" that there have been rumors of taking up a collection to provide a permanent lodging place for her there, who, taken all in all, is a swell gal. S. ELIZABETH CRAWFORD Academic 1920 DALLAS ROAD ACTIVITIES: Hockey Team, D, A1 Basketball Team, C, B: Hospital Auxiliary, E, D, C, B, Ag Flipper Salesman, D, C, A. HQBBY: Reading. Elizabeth Crawford, a very nice young lady who has a character of her own wherever she is: who had a very appropriate address in l9Q0g have you ever been in Dallas, Texas, Elizabeth? Elizabeth is a student of the academic course whose objective is one for which every girl should be interested, namely, nursing-see you at Temple, Elizabeth. CHARLOTTE MARTINEZ DALGLIESH Commercial 7818 ARDLEIGI-I STREET Holmrz Dancing. To Charlotte Dalgliesh who has an uncommonly gentle voice, whose maidenly hlushes come and go: who likes very wide belts: who looks very becoming in blue: who is easily embarrassed and just as easily pleased, who often looks puzzled at some unknown thing, whose pet enjoyment is dancing, who is sugar and spice and everything nice. V -:II 46 Ia'- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....4,.T1:gg qcvfgji MARY DAVIS Commercial 326 W. SEYMOFR STREET ACTIVITIES! Hiking Club: Commercial Club, President: Bank Ofhcer. To Mary Davis, who would make a fine office girl: who gets good Amarks: who likes to step out and see what the world's like: who has the slnnmest pair of feet: who always has a. good time at dances, who is a born ma nager, and a confidant: who likes to take long walks. RACHAEL LOITISE DAVIS Academic 6334 AMBROSE STREET ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader, F, E: Glee Club, B. HOBBY: Dancing, Singing. Give a rouse to good-natured, friendly Rachael: who is going to the Lincoln School for Nurses: who has been 3. gym leader for several terms: who likes singing as is shown by her membership in the glee club: who also likes dancing: who is one of those quiet persons, who, by her very quietness, has made herself popular. The best of luck to you, Rachael. THELMA ELLEN DAVIS Academic 131 E. Tt'LrEI-IocKEs STREET ACTIVITIES: Clipper StaH, D, C, B: Hospital Auxiliary, F, E, D, C, B A: Commercial Club, B, A, Glee Club, Senator, F, E, D, French Club, D. HOBBV: Knitting, Dancing. Here's to Teddy, that cool, calm and collected young Miss, who used to write Mystery Reporter for the Flipper, who has a grand soprano voice and has sung in two music Festivals, who spends her spare time curling the back of her hair with two fingers. whose sweet personality has made her a favorite. ALBERTA BIAY DEAN Academic 6906 f,GONTZ AVENUE ACTIVITIES! Dancing Club, E, D, C, A: Basketball, E, C: Leaders' Club, G, F, D, C, B, A: A. A. Representative, F, Track: Volleyball. HUBBY: Sports and Music. Lots of luck to Alberta, who has all the qualities of an athlete, but at the same time is very feminine: who loves to go to football games: whose favorite summer resort is Ocean City: who could dance forever when she hears Ray Noble's Orchestra: who plays the piano exceedingly well. CARNIELA IIARY DE LESS Academic 246 W, l'I1s.xL STIIEET Af'TIVITIEs: Basketball, F, B: Vliplmr Sales Staff, C: Hospital Auxiliary. HIJBBY2 Riding. Cheerio and all that's good to Carmela, the tall young lady with the dark, dark hair, who has a friendly and quiet Inanner all the time: who has a very good-natured disposition and can always laugh, even on blue Alone day: who is one girl Weill remember for a long, long time. :QI 47 IF., THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....g iiql, JOHN TRIMBY DERR F, E, D, C, B, A, Vocal Ensemble, F, E, D, HOBBi'Z Singing, Stamp Collecting. jg qw. Mechanical Arts 6514 VVISTER STREET ACTIVITIES: Clipper Staff, C, B, A, Football Manager, B3 Stamp Club, C, B, Footlight Club, A, Rail- road Club, A, Gymkana, D, B, Festival Chorus, E, C, A. Here's to Johnny ot' the green sweater and funny laugh, who wants to be a forest ranger and who still won't read his English books, who received his letter for heing manager of the football team, who's always talking about the scouts, and yet is always ready to please if you get him in the right mood. MARCUS HARRISON DOTTS, JR. Mechanical Arts 7039 CRESHEIM ROAD Ac'rIYI'r1Es: Stage Crew, G. F. E. D. C. B. A, Manager ot' Crew, C, B, A: Senator, G, A. A. Representative, C D, HG" Pin Award, Senior Prom Committee, A. HOBBY: Stage Work. Loads of scenery changes to Harrison, without whom the various dramatic organizations throughout the school could not get along, who proved an invaluable asset to the success of the Senior Play, who is one of the promi- nent members of the Prom Committee, without whom the main hall would look bare, who worked honestly and earned the "G" pin award. HCBERT SPENCER DREW Academic 6024 YY,-KYNE AVENUE ACTIVITIES! Gym Leaders, Track, E, D, C, B, Football, D, C, B, Latin Club, F, E, French Club, H, GQ Rifle Club, D, A. A. Representative, E, D, Basketball, C, B. HOBBY: Sports. Over the top to G-ermantown's crack pole lo clear the bar at fourteen feet or maybe plished gymnast, who has been adept in the had a strong right arm to lift the bar bell. vaulter, who some day hopes more, who is also an accom- athletic line ever since he has CHARLOTTE RUTH Dl'COTT Commercial 2430 SEVENTY-I-'1i"rH AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Hospital Auxiliary, E, Commercial Club, B, Volleyball, F. ITOBBYZ Music, Swimming, 'KBilly." Orchids to Charlotte, who loves to go on long hikes, who has taken some of the major roles in church dramaties, who corresponds with a Norwegian girl, who hopes to visit there some day, who takes vocal lessons and still is friendly with the neighbors, who intends to be somebody's stenog. RODMAN VILLIER DIINBAR Academic 151 E. POMONA TERRACE HOBBY: Radio. Easy going to likeable Rod Dunbar, whose one and only bane in life is the sixth period on Friday, at which time he learns, under protest, the science of mind and body, or, as it is more commonly termed, Physiology and Hygiene, but who, outside of this class, is as blithe as the elves and sprites. -31 48 Ig.. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 gint EDMAR KATHALEEN DUNLOP Commercial 5600 N. SYDENHAM STREET ACTIVITIES: Phonetics Clubg Commercial Club. IIOBBYZ Writing Stories. Hello, Hello, Kate Dunlop-wait, hold the line just a moment, please- oh, yes, we just wanted to make sure that you are that ambitious young lady who has been in Dr. lNlas0n's Phonetic Club or fPhuph Clubj: who has really made ha fine art of the AH's, AW's, and-possibly-U0's' . , who deserves credit for the excellent stories she turns out-as it it were mere nothing. ISABELLA WALK ER EBIERY tfonnnercial 1244 E. PRICE STREET ACTIVITIES: Girl Reserves: Debating Club: Commercial Club: Hospital Auxiliary The best of the best to demure Isabella: who is very quiet but very indus- trious: who is always willing to lend a helping hand to whoever may need it: who doesn t like people who chew gum incessantlyg who will some day make a very able and competent stenographer for some lucky boss. DOROTHY LINDLEY ENGELL Academic 1308 N. FII-'TEENTH STREET IIOBBYI Horseback, Going to Proms. To the school beauty-Dorothy Engell, whose curly blonde hair is not her only asset: whose profile is perfect: who would rather draw pictures of girls exhibiting the latest fashions, than copy English notesg who takes our I'. S. soldiers and sailors by storing whom we expect to see in Hollywood one of these days. ll45?'Y' l c FANNIE WIRT ENGLE .XC21d0H1if' 3546 NEw fQI'EENiSTREET ACTIVITIES: Bank Officer, D, C, ll. HOBBY: Swimming. Best of luck to Fannie Engle, who has a way of building up curls on her head: who talks fast, clipped English: who can always eVplain her actions: Vx ho has a thin, fine nose: whose hobby is swimming: who is good at under- standing Virgil and his native language: herc's looking at you! FLORENCE ETKIN Commercial 7207 GEmI.xNTowN AVENUE HOBB!'2 Swimming. Happy days to Florence: whose hobby is swimming and who sure is in the swim, whose pep and vim seem to keep her going incessantly: whose school spirit is superb and who is one of the gayest people in the class. We wish you all the luck in the world, Florence! .QI 49 Ip.. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 QQ gf... :gint SYLVIA EVRY Vocational Art 5703 N. SIXTEENTH STREET ACTIVITIESI Leader, E: Baseball, C, A: Hospital Auxiliary, C, B: De- bating, B, A: Clirerlen Staff, B, A: Clipper Staff, B, A: Clipper, Cli7'6dCVL Business Staff, C, B, A: Vocal Ensemble, F, E, D, C, B: French Club, D, C: Publicity Manager, Clipper, A. HOBBY'Z Stenciling Posters. Stand up and cheer for Sylvia, the quiet little miss who does so very much work around school, but never lets anyone know it: who is one lady the Clipper is going to mourn after she graduates because of the great asset she is to the Publicity Departmentg whose friendly manner is known to every- One. CHARLOTTE ANN FAITH Academic 157 BIAYLAND STREET ACTIVITIES: Clipper Sales Staff, E: A. A. Representative, F5 Clipper Sales Manager, D, C: Clirezlen Advertising Manager, C: Bridge Club, E, D, C, Ag Debating Club, D, C, B, A. To Charlotte Faith who walks with her head high, but is Far from snob bishg who is known as being "a screamn: who is usually busy doing some' thing and mixing pleasure with business: who knows half the school by name and goes around recognizing everybody. We hope you'll sit on top X of the world! JESSIE MONTROSE FARR Academic 6118 GEBM.xNT0wN AVENUE ACTIVITIES! Debating Club, B, A: Latin Club, F. HoBBY: A Nameless Hobby. To Jessie Farr, a number one student, who comes by knowledge naturally: who wants to be a lawyer: who boasts a deep dimple: who has fine posture? who loves to tell funny stories about herself and her family: who likes New York: who is a whiz at Chemistry and Math-but why draw the line there? ELLEN FEGLEY Academic 1409 SIXTY-EIGI-ITB STREET AFTIVITIES: Clipper Staff, D: Cllrederz Stall, A, B: Hospital Auxiliary, A, B: Debating Club, A. HOBBY: Swimming. To Ellen Fegley, a fixture kindergarten teacher, who can knit suits, tend a flower garden, teach a Sunday School class, and sketch, who likes Fredric March, Kathryn Hepburn, Fred WYaring's orchestra, ice cream, peanuts, and the-color, green: who is quite adept at saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, but whose grace and dark beauty easily get her out of it, EDGAR ROY FETTINGER Mechanical Arts 6323 X. Woonsrccic STREET IIOBBYL Fating. Success to tall, but not gawky, Eddy Fettinger, wtose catching smile is something we all will miss: who is greased lightning itself when it comes to calculating the log sine of one-half two million or its equivalentg whom we hope can fulfil his every ambition and wish. .QI 50 Ig.. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....9 l, - .Kei fy... SYLVIA EVA FIDLER Academic 5335 BELFIELD AYENYE IACTIVITIES: Hospital Auxiliary, Ag French Club, Ag Forum, Ag Dancing C ub. IIOBBYi Reading, Swimming. To Sylvia Fidler, who has such a soft voiceg who hopes to be a concert pianist, and spends her time tickling the ivory keys: who likes Bach, theatres, and .candyg who is afraid of nothing except the dentist: who doesn't like gossipy peopleg who reads books as a hobby, who ought to become famous some day. MARY ELIZABETH FIGNER Academic 6607 GREENE STREET HOBBY! Music. To Betty Figner who has thick black hair and looks very lrishg who goes in for the brightest of colors and deep nail polishg who laughs when embar- rassed: who can play all the latest songs on the piano: who never says just what she means, who is lots ol' fun, and extremely likeable. ALBERT C. FIXLEY Academic 6206 I'l0All-IR STREET ACTIVITIES: Slide Rule Club. HOBBY! Stamp Collecting. The best of everything to retiring Al Finley, who is the type of person whose actions speak louder than his words for Al has always been a strong booster of every activity in Germantown: who in every respect is a swell fellow to know because of his forceful but quiet personality. C. LOUISE FISCHER Cvlnmersial 2024 Sl'EXt'Elt STREET APTIYITIES: Track, Cg Commercial Club, B3 Phuph C'1.h, Bg A. A. Rep- resentative, Bg. HOIEBYZ Tennis. Hats off to Louise Fisher that very cute little miss who has had her finger. in practically every dec nt ctivity the school had to offer and made a good job of them all: who is also very fond of tennis and her ability as a tennis player is not over estimated: who is willing to cooperate when- ever asked. JEAN FISCHER Academic 7300 BUYER STREET ACTIVITIES! French Club, Ag Gym Leaders' Club, Ag Bridge Club, D3 Dancing Club, D. HoaBY: Swimming and Tennis, Hats oft to Jean Fisher that very active young lady who has scattered her many talents throughout the school during her career: whose cute smile is very well known throughout the halls of Germantown: and whose hard work done for the French Club will long be remembered. -'al 51 Ia- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ,ei M21 cy... FREDERICK EDWARD FOERTSCH, JR. Academic 2461 SEVENTI'-EIGI-ITE AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Slide Rule Club, B, Ag Leaders Club, E, Football, F, D, B, Campus Committee, A: Gym Leader, C, D, E, F. Easv going, to a quiet but swell guy, Freddy Foertsch, who is interested in anything mechanical, who can calculate on the slide rule like greased tightening: who is at his best when on ye old field of battle-the gridiron, to whom we wish the top of success. LI Il XBI4 TH MII I ARD FORSTNER Amdemlf 7131 SPRAGUE STREET 1 ACTIVITIES: Debating Club, D, C, B, Ag Footlight Club, D, C, BZ Cliverlen Staff, D, C, B, Ag Clizverlen Representative, B, Alternate, D. HOBBY: Day Dreaming and Swimming. To Elizabeth Forstner, who can argue a point to shreds, who is a good writer, who spends her leisure time day dreaming: wholis always thinking very hard: who has her own ideas on lots of things, and IS at her best when taking part in a debate. EDWARD J. FOSSLER, JR. Academic 6363 CHI-Jw STREET ACTIVITIES! Orchestra, F, E, D, C: Band, F, E, D, C, B, A: Baseballf 2nd Team. H0BBY: Playing Baseball. Best of the best to good ole Brother Fossler, who at one time was the promulgator of a library which he intended to later spread over the whole world, but in which venture, he unfortunately was rather unsuccessful: who is on the whole a swell baseball player and a likeable fellow. MARIE AGNES FOSTER Commercial 557 E. VVALNUT LANE ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club, A. HOBBY: Reading. A bouquet to Marie, who loves nothing better than to find a quiet place and read, who belongs to the Commercial Club and hopes some day to be a stenographerg who works in a florist shop and loves flowers: whose favorite food is ice cream, Whose favorite sport is swimming: who constantly talks about Shirley Temple. LA BERTA LILLIAN FRANKENFIELD Commercial 5544 ARDLEIGII STREET HOBBY: Dancing. To La Berta Frankenfield who loves to take automobiles apart, who wants to Hy an aeroplane: who has a way of raising her eyebrows and smiling knowingly: who collects little toy animalsg who hates jello, and adores Scotty dogs, who likes rhythm and dancing: who wears some very dis- tracting bangs that are a proof of her coquettishness. -'al 52 Ia-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...qfggt lcgggm... KATHRYN ANN FRAZER Commercial 438 VERNON ROAD ACTIVITIES: Senator, F, D, B, Ag Alternate, C3 A, A. Representative, E: Debating'Club, B, A, Commercial Club, B, Ag Hospital Auxiliary, B, Ag X Ice-President, Class, C, B, A, RECORD Stalf, Ag Senior Play Ticket Cgm- mittee, A. Hom-sY: All Kinds of Sports. To our responsibility girl Kathryn Frazer, who is very quiet, but has gotten an amazing lot of things done in her lifetime: who walks very straight and smiles at everyoneg who likes sports: who is one of the Pest-liked girls in the class, here's to y. ur fame in the future, Kathryn. MELVILLE FRANK FREAS, JR. HllBB1'Z Old Coins, Stamps. iustly term a great guy. SADONA JOANNA FRIEDMAN Gym lieader, A. cess, Sadona. DOROTHY MARY FRI EXD HOBBY: Swimming and Dreaming. terruped smile. ll0IlBY2 Swimming, Stamp Collection. --al 53 Ia-- 1 94-1 LA VEEIQ STREET 6808 N, llnoan STREET 48-I-2 Gnmmxrowx AVENUE MARGARET ELIZABETH FRYER Academic 7413 N. TWENTIETII STREET Academic ACTIVITIES: Basketball, D, C, B, Ag Chi-Rho Hi-Y, D, C, B, A. To the ace of the basketball tioor, who is one of the finest passers we've Seen-anywhere, who has a good word for everybody, who weighs about 200 and is not fat, whose aspiration is to get an E in Algebrag and whom we can Academic ACTIVITIES: Dancing Club, A. Hospital Auxiliary, Ag French Club, A, To a girl with an unusual name. Sadona Friedman, who wears the most intriguing lace collars and knit clothes: who likes to sl'de down in chairs and sit on her spine: who is very athleticg who likes the chance to laugh at a good joke, who frowns when s e is puzzled. We wish you suc- Academic To a jolly girl, Dorothy Friend, who could put, fun into the most sombre affairs, who thinks it. funny when everything goes wrong: who likes stylish clothes and swimmingg who wears the briefest of shoes: who is one of those people they call "dreamers." We hope you go through life with an unin- ACTIVITIES: Hospital Auxiliary, Eg French Club, D: Leaders, D, E. To a bright girl, Margaret Fryer, whose hearty laugh is not always appreciated by the teachers: who is a full-fledged stamp collector: who has lots of information and intelligence: who thinks it terrible if she gets below ninety in her subjects, who could write a book on "the way to swim." THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 I sri! JE, qu.. WILLIAM JOSEPH GABEL Commercial 3446 Cmwi-'onn STREET IIOBBYI Golf, Baseball. Our hats off to William Gabel, that very quiet young fellow who spends so much of his very valuable time on the golf course and the baseball dia- mond, whose pleasant nature and fine personality have made him a friend to everyone, who will he missed by all his friends for some time to come. MARGARET PAINTER GAWTHROP Academic 113 W. MT. AIRY AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader, B, C, D, Eg Dramatic Club, B, Ag Hi-Y, D, C, B, Ag Alternate, C3 Cliverlerz Representative, D, C, B3 A. A. Representa- tive, A. HOBBY: Tennis. To Peggy Gawthrop who is a fine ballet and toe dancer, who wrinkles up her nose when she laughs: who has a boyish figure: who is good in gymg who is an active sorority sister, who feels at home on a tennis court, who possesses a lot of vitality and loveliness. RICHARD EDWIN GAWTHROP Academic 326 E. HORTTER STREET AFTIVITIES1 A. A. Representative, F, E, D, B1 Bridge Club, F, E, D, C: President of the Bridge Club, D: Class Party Committee, C, B-Class Party Committee and Co-Chairman: Basketball Team, D, C3 Flipper Sales Staff, E, D. HOBBY! Sports. Public oHice to Richard Gawthrop, our silent Socialist, who firmly asserts he is only distantly related to Peggy Gawthropg who thinks the only place to put his hands is in his pockets: who reads the sport page before he reads the comics, who thinks athletics is one of the most important things in life. EDWIX JAMES GEBHARDT Commercial 515 W. MT. PLEASANT AYENUE ACTIVITIES! Senator, G, C, Ag Party Committee, C, B3 Cliveden Repre- sentative, F: Alternate, E, B. HOBIZYZ Ping-pong. Good fortune to assistant dues collector, Eddy Gebhardt, whom we will always think of as another of the class's many proponents of the Dutch or short haircutg whose competency and ability rests in his faithfulness tc whatever he undertakes. Ed has proven this fact by his fine work about the school. EUGENE JAMES GEORGE Academic 6072 BEECHWOOD STREET HOBBY: Sports, Reading. Long life to the possession of a truly witty personality, who will long be remembered for a formal he gave in 11-B that literally had the class rolling in the aislesg who likes the summer season best, for then it is that he can pursue his favorite sport, which is baseball. 4-sl S4 Ia'- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ... D DOROTHY MAE GERHART Commercial 7151 BUYER STREET ACTIVITIES: Girls' Hi-Y, D, C, B, A: Bank Officer, F, C, B: Hospital Auxiliary, B, A: Chairman, Ring Committee, C: REl'ORIJ Boori Staff: Clipper Staff, B, A. HOBBY: Reading, Swimming. A world of good fortune to Dot Gerhart whose ability in business admin- istration is unsurpassed: who is quiet, but popular: whose advice to all ye graduates is to eat "Wilmot Peanut Butter" which is manufactured by her father. The IIECORD Boon StaH can vouch to its tastiness, all joking aside, We know Dorothy will be competent and efficient in all that she undertakes. CLIFFORD GILPIN Academic 5845 ANDERSON STREET ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader, B Class Party Committee. Hobby: Tap Dancing. We bow to that ace of cheerleaders, whose password is "Chi Rho above all"g who wasn't afraid to ask questions in Algebra: who gets a big kick out of discussing his teachers, in English Class: whose reputation is "good- looking and brightf' who is one swell companion. ALBERT MERWIN GOLDFARB Academic 1Q13 E. CI-IELTEN AVENUE Ac"rII'ITIEs: Orchestra, F, E, D, C: Leaders Club, E, D, C: Slide Rule Club, B, A: Spanish Club, A. HOBBY: Model Airplane Building. Bottoms up to our number one student, Albert Goldfarb, who is in a class all by himself because of his extraordinary balance, who received an unattainable 100 in Physics: who in spite ol all his studying has time for extra curricular activities, whom we vote to be one of the most apt to succeed, to whom we wish the best of luck. BERNARD SCHFESTER GOLDSTEIN Commercial 6401 CIIEW STREET ACTIVITIES! Football, F, D, B: Track, F: Class Captain of Baseball and Basketball, F, E. HoBBY: Sports. Success to speedy "Goldie," who was that stellar guard on our football team and was one of the mainstays of the line for two seasons: who is also a swell swimmer and a whiz on the baseball diamond: whom we some day hope to see as an All-American guard from the Franklin and Marshall football team. L. MAX GORDON Academic 8441 KSERMANTONYN AvENIIE ACTIVITIES: Senator, D3 Track Team, G. Cheerio to Maxy Gordon, who is no relation to that famous New York theatrical producer, but who claims to be just as talented as his namesake, whose lifelong aim is to get 100 in Trig, whose popularity with the weaker sex lies in that petit mustache of his in which he takes just pride. .aj 55 ja. Ki' fy. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 I 'GL JE 3-... THERESA M. D. GORMAN Academic 149 MANHEIM STREET To Theresa Gorman who is so fine in her studiesg who hands in some marvelous Social Science papersg who has a large number of friends: who loves to go to the movies, who knows a lot of talented people, who is out- standing for her perseverance, whom it has been a wonderful experience to know. ELIZABETH MARY GOTTSABEND Commercial 69 CHURCH LANE ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club, A. HOBBY! Collecti 'g Pictures of Gary Cooper and Bing Crosby, Swimming. To Betty Gottsabend who is a movie enthusiast and has her mirror plas- tered with pictures of Gary Cooper and Bing Crosby, whose sprightly hair is mos becoming, who is as cute as Christmas, who has a soft voice, and is very studiousg who is always getting her name badly mis-pronounced. LAURA WIELAND GRAEF Academic 1619 Ci-i.aMPLosT AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Vocal Ensemble, F, E, D, C, B, A1 Rifle Club, C, B3 Inter- High School German Glee Club, D, B, Festival Chorus, C, Ag German Club, A. HOBB1'Z Swimming, Shooting, and collecting China Dogs. To Laura Graef who sings like a bird, and we donlt mean a crow, who knows German so well she could tell the Kaiser how to pronounce his own languageg who should bring home the bacon when she gets married because she is adept at shooting, who will have plenty of protection in life, for she loves dogs. E. VICTORIA GRAVER Academic 3325 KRAIL STREET ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader, Ag Hospital Auxiliary, Ag Sketch Club, A. HOBBY: Swimming, Piano. An Orchid to Yickey, the attractive little brunette with the large dark eyes and the peaches and cream complexion, who has a quiet, demure manner and a charming smile, which attracts everyone, who is noted for her neat and very precise art work: who teaches a Sunday School class, and who some day hopes to be a trained nurse. ANN P, GRAY Academic Q18 E. Dunuui STREET Af'Tiy1'r1Es: Debating Club, B, Ag Latin Club, A. Honey: Piano. To Ann Gray who hopes to be somebody's stenog after she gets through collegeg who plays the piano, sings, and is a good ping-pong player, who, among other things, hates Algebra, and is afraid ot: snakesg who wants to own a car, and, as a hobby, collects old coins, who is very quiet and hates to talk about herself. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 saggy, R911 LOUISE MARIE GRIEPENKERL Academic Q5 E, MCPHERSON STREET ACTiv1T1Es: Latin Club, F, Eg Debating Club, D. C, Il, A1 Footlight Club, E, D, C, B, Ag French Club, D, C, Vocal Ensemble, C, B, f'lire1len Stall, D, C, B, Ag Gym Leader, H, G3 Hospital Auxiliary, B, Ag English Club, D. HOBBY: Dramatics. A toast to Louise, who is deeply interested in dramatics, played a part in the senior play, and goes to a dramatic school, who coaches plays for a Girl Scout troop of which she is a memberg who is quick at figures and likes mathematicsg and who is noted for her blonde hair, big blue eyes, and most innocent expression. - IXEZ ELIZABETH GROBEN Academic 732 E. CIIELTEN AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader, F, E, D, C, B, Ag Dancing Club, C, Hockey Team, Dg Gvm Meet, C. IIQEBY: Swimming. To Elizabeth Groben who falls in love every summerg who thinks every- thing is funny: who has so many boys on her list she actually steps on them: who can swim so well that it doesn't seem like a dying effort. who is proud of her ability to make clothes, who spends her spare time giggling. NATHAN GROSS Academic 2135 CIIELTEN AVENUE AcT1v1T1Es: French Club. IIom3i': Reading. Hats off to Nathan Gross, that tall, dark and handsome young man, who reminds one of a page out of Esquireg whose humor and pleasant person- ality has been a large factor in making our years at Germantown so plcasantg whose career as a business man is bound to be successful: who has our good wishes with him in every adventure. YULAXDA ll. GRIYBMEYER Vocational Art 539 W. ELLET STREET ACTIVITIES: Alternate, E, Hg Footlight Club, F, E, D, C, ll, Ag Latin Club, H, G, I", ICQ Boosters, D, C, B, Ag Chairman, Ag Party Committee, C, B, Chairman, C, Senior Play Cast, Debating Club, C, B, Ag l'li1'z-rlerz Staff, D. C. Horst-xv: Horseback Riding, Dancing. We're wishing loads ot' luck to Yolanda Grubmeyer, the charming "Miss Pinneyn of the Senior Play, who possesses such a sparkling pair of blue eyes and a lovely smileg who is "chairlady" of the Boosters, quite an artist, and at real addition to our classg who we know, will make a success of anything she undertakes. FAY GCIITANOFF Commercial 6738 N. Gxvrz STREET B AfT1v1T1Es: Dance Club, D, C3 Debating Club, F1 Commercial Club, Hobby: Dancing, Golf, Water Polo. IIere's to that swell girl who was so dependable about typing f'lippf'r material feven when it was latejg who would rather type for sports than any other department in the office: who was always ready to hand out. good adviceg who is going to make somebody one swell secretary. V-al 57 Ia-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 I' QU ,lg sy... DORIS HAMILL Academic 1109 VVAGNER AVENUE Ac'rIvrTn:s: English Club, E, D3 Dramatic Club, E, D, C, B, Ag De- bating Club, B, A. Honey: Ping-pong. To Doris Hamill who is noticeable because of the way she stands,-straight as a poker with head held highg who is vivacious and attractive: who would make a swell actress on the stage because she likes to emoteg who has what is vaguely called poise and poise-onalityg who goes in for Alpine hats. SOL A. HANDELMAN Academic 6152 LoCI7sT STREET AFTIVITIES2 Senator, E3 Senate Alternate, Eg Second Team Football, D3 First Team Football, B. Hoi-mv: Gazing. To Sol Handleman who gets away with his suits of odd colors: who wipes his glasses with dollar billsg who says what he wants when he wants and by no means in whispers: who spends his leisure time gazing around or sleepingg who likes leather heeled shoes because they make the most noise. EDWIN PENXELL HAXNFM, JR. Academic 5024 Srl-IUYLER STREET ACTIVITIES! Slide Rule Club, B, A. HOBBY: Swimming. Good cheer to Ed. Hannum, a scholar of the first rank, who speaks French better than the French themselves: who loves nothing better than spending his leisure time in an overflowing body of aqua: who possesses one of the finest attributes a person can possessgthat of good-naturednessg who some day is sure to make an excellent engineer. RVTH F.L1'1ANOR HARRISON Academic 5645 MI'son.u'E STREET ACTH ITIESI English Club: French Club, B. A. Homxv: Tennis, Swimming. Hcre's to Ruth, whose favorite university is Temple, whose favorite sports are tennis and swimming, whom P. and H. drives to distraction: who has been an active member of the French Club for two terms, who always wears a dress with an anchor on it. DOROTHY EYELYN HARIXG Commercial 215 E. GRAYERS LANE ACTIVITIES! Commercial Club, B, Ag Gym Leader, H, G, F, E, D, C, B, Ag Baseball, ld, D: A. A. Rey re entatii e, G, F, Bank Ufticer, B, Ag Basket- ball, D, C5 Debating Club, C3 f'lz'z'ezlerz Representative, H. HOBBY: Tennis, Driving a car. To Dot Haring who loves to drive a car and who so far has never gotten mixed up in the telegraph wires, who talks like Zasu Pitts, but is not at all helpless when it comes to swatting a baseball, or ruining a tennis racquetg who goes around slapping people on the back and telling jokes. 4-al 58 Ib-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 get g le: 1 PHILIP ROBERT HARKINS Commercial 5214 M.kRION STREET AFTIVITIES: Basketball. HOBBY'Z Sports, Dancing. To the ace of basketball stars who can shoot the ball in the basket with amazing forcefulnessg who, besides being one of the best players on German- townls team, is also on many outside teams, who is an excellent golf player: and who has been a member of the Germantown Boys Club ever since he had legs to carry him there. ERNEST J. HAVILAND Academic 41-L E, LIPSAL STREET ACTIVITIES: Harmonica Club, B, Ag Gym Leader, A. HoBBY: Sports. Hail home of Havilandsfamons old English line, you knowfand hail its descendant Ernest Haviland, the light-haired young man who delights in wearing a blue sweater and hates having to answer questions in physics class: who is a capricious juggler of the harmonicag who hopes to have a l,eader's " I." this termg whose hobby is to read up the sports and to see all the games, ALICE MAE HAWKINS Commercial 6514 BEEPHWOOD STREET ACTIVITIES: Commercial Clubg Knitting Club. HOBBY: Knitting. A toast to Alice, the lovable girl with the wavy hair and decp eyesg who is one of the best, typists Germantown has producedg who intends to go to Dnke I niversityg who has a true appreciation oi' music and who we know will surely attain those things that she sets out for. BETTY CLARK HAI'wooD Avwtemic 6752 CHEN' STREET ACTIVITIES: Debating Clubg Connnercial Clubg Hospital Auxiliary. IIOBBYI Music. To Betty Haywood, who will make a fine secretary, and whose neatness is a joyg whose ambitioII is to have a good singing voice, but who 0ttPI1 forgets about it while reading biographies or composing poetry: who H595 'Ally word" more than any other expression in our language: and who likes to be with other people. PAUL IIEFFNER fftnlmefclill 6361 CHEROKEE STREET HOBB1'Z Football, Swimming. Good luck and good fortune to Paul Iletfner, who, quiet 'as he lS,' goes in for sports in a big wayg who is a real flash on the baseball diamond lor he has played this game and played it well ever since he could get his fingers around that long stick one waves at the pitcher's face. -'al 59 Ia-A THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 'tv-'QU q q.... GEORGE ALBERT HEHNEN Academic 6223 Moivrmz STREET HOBBY: Swimming. Now here's a fine lad. A toast to Mr. George Hehnen who ought to make an excellent athlete someday if he keeps practicing-has the build for a wrestler, shot-putter, football player, or really any line of athletics where a well built, healthy, husky fellow could fit ing who likes most of all to swim, whose dark, curly hair and hearty smile we'll always remember. DOROTHEA ELSIE HENTZ ' Academic 607 CHURCH LANE Our very best and heartfelt wishes to Dorothea, the young lady with the blonde tresses and the lovely braid-what an achievement, who, strange as it may seem, cannot boast a hobby, who has a pleasant and smiling personality all the time, whose eyes always seem to be dreaming of far-otl' places. HI STOB HBROLD, Ja. Academic GQ33 OGONTZ AVENUE Homw: Football, Swimming. A full cargo and a world of success to husky Huston Heroldg who some day aims to pierce the lapping water like sleek Johnny Weissrnullerg who is interested in and is adept at sports of any kind: whose favorite occupation other than swimming is that of calling signals on the neighborhood eleven. DOROTHY ETHEI. HERRON Academic 288 W. BIOYNT PLE.xs.xN'r AYENUE AFTIVXTIESZ Dancing Club, E, D, Cg Leader, E, D, Cg Hospital Auxiliary, C, B, Ag A. A. Representative, D. HOBBY: Gardening, swimming. l To Dorothy Herron who may some day win a prize for her lovely school- girl complexion, who likes to get out in the dirt and plant Howers, and pull up weeds: who is a good swimmer and athlete: who makes many of her own nifty clothes, who has a hundred and one ways of wearing her hair. HARRIET TWINING HIBBS Academic 2-L E. MT. PLEASANT AVENUE C Ar"r1v1T1Es: Footlight Club, E, D, C, B, Ag Debating Club, C, B, Ag Gym Leaders, B5 A. A. Representative, B, Bridge Club, C, Basketball, C. HOBBY! Basketball. Here's to Harriet who hails from the South and still retains a fascinating drawl and a cute giggle, who is the object of much teasing from her class- mates, but takes it all with a grin: who has a sunny disposition even on blue Monday and can, if you're hunting for her, be found in the close vicinity of Helen Bridgman. -'al 60 Ia-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....g l, IE! JANE ELEANOR HOBSOX Commercial 451 E. WASHINGTON LANE ACTIVITIES: Alternate, Ag Senator, F, E, D, B: Gym Leader, F, E, C, B: Dramatic Club, E, D, C: Cliveden Representative, F, E, C: Flipper Sales Staff, F. HOBBY: Dancing. VVe bow to that swell "popularity personified" girl, as can be seen by her list of activities: who has those lovely eyes and looks like a "pep, vim and vigor" girl: who made a swell job out of being a gym leader and is, all in all, one of the people the class will remember. LESLIE HOSEFROS Academic 6021 BICCALLUM STREET ACTIVITIES! Harmonica Club, B, A: French Club, C. HOBB!'2 Model ship making. Square your rig for Mr. Leslie Hosefros who, when he is not making a model schooner, a yawl, a catboat, or a sloop, is probably constructing a scale model of one of those ancient square-rigged pirate ships: who knows his Jibs, spars, top-sails, mis'n masts, and ropes like nobody's business: who spends his spare time coming to school. MARIANNE ELIZABETH Hl'l.'l'BERG Amdeinic 8407 ANDERSON STREET Af'T1VIT1ESZCvyI1'l Leader. G, B: Latin Club, G, F, E, C, A, Yice-President, B3 Dancing Club, F, A. A. Representative, H, G, F, E, A. A. Executive Board, G. IIOBBIESI Gardening, Music, To llarianne Hultberg, the Miss ix ith the tiaxen braids and a peculiar little laugh of her own, to whom everything is just "ducky," from a new tennis court to a narcissus bulb: who grows an interesting collection of Howersg who plays the piano or stitches samplers in her spare time. whose companionship has been a joy to us all. EDWARD C. HYDE Academic 117 W. AsmIE,xu STREET ACTIVITIES! Senator, C: Alternate, D: A. A. Representative, F, E, B, A: Slide Rule Club, B, A: Gym Team, E, C, A. HOBBY: Microscopy, Photography. Happy days to Ed Hyde, who is intensely interested in science who can calculate on the slide rule with the greatest of ease and, incidentally, flies on the flying rings with the greatest of ease for he was a member of our gym team for two years. Ed hopes to go to M. I. T. after he graduates and we wish him the best ot luck. EDWIN HYDE Commercial TQ-L PHII,-ELLENA STREET ACTIVITIES: Football, D: Flipper Staff typist, C. HOBBY: Swimming. Success to Edwin Hyde who chooses hobbies with high sounding names! microscopy and photography: who is adept at gym work and can wear a gym mat to shreds: who has a great future ahead of him either as a man on a Hymg trapeze or as an authority on insect life, -'al 61 Ia- n1v II THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 flggp... MARTIN C. HYNES Commercial 25 W. Poruozm STREET HOBBY: Playing Bridge. Smooth sailing to smooth going Marty, whose handsome features are often seen in the newspapers for winning golf tournaments or at least enter- ing them, who is always seen with at least one member of the opposite sex hanging on his arm, whom we hope will some day surpass Bobby Jones. SEENA II. IANNONE Commercial 172 W. SEYMOUR STREET Ar"rIvITIEs: Commercial Club, B, A. HOBBY: Knitting. Drums Fortissimo to Seena with the pretty name and the dark tresses, who is scheduled to be somebody's stenog some day in the near future, who is one of those efficient and cooperative people we just couldn't do without, whose quiet and demure manner makes her everybody's friend, who will find her place in the world without trouble. HARKER CHADWICK IDELL Academic 638 W. SEDGEwIf'K STREET Af"rIVITIEs: Dramatic Club, D, C, B, Ag Track, A, A. A. Representative, Gym Leader. HTJBBIESC Boating, Coin Collecting. Here's to Harker Idell, who, with his suave line, good looks, and smooth dancing, has given many a heart throb to the feminine members of our class, who will very shortly take his witty remarks, and snappy clothes out to Penn State, who aspires to be a big business man, to whom we wish good luck, and whom we know will make good. HOWARD EARL IMHOF Academic 4-L W. POMONA STREET ACTIVITIES: Tropical Fish Club, F, Baseball, D, Bridge Club, C. Homavz Model Airplane Building. Salute to Howard Imhof, the young man with the blond hair and fair skin who has been through a term with the bridge club: who has an ven for that sport of sports, baseball-heis a pretty good catcher, is lmhoff who raises tropical fish on the side, who has the patience to build model airplanes. ELIZABETH JULIA JEFFRIES Vocational Art 4924 KEYSER STREET ACTIVITIES! Sketch Club, F, E, D, C, B, Commercial Club, B, A, Ulirerlen Staff, B, A, RECORD BOOK Staff. HoBBIEs: Art. To Betty JeHries distinguished by her lovely Titian hair, who has a decided talent in art, and therefore would like to be an illustrator, whose ambition is to Hy an airplane, who collects stamps, who is a radio enthusiast, learning codes and tinkering around with short waves, and who can always Gnd something to do in dull moments. Hal 62 Ia-A THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ----012911 -- A- llligqi HERBERT JESSER Academic .5854 CHEW STREET ACTIVITIES: Stamp Club, F, E, D, C, A, Chess Club, F, E, D, C, B: Coin Club, C, B, Ag Checker Club, F, E, D, C, B3 Bridge Club, F, E, D, C3 Bank Officer, C, B, A. Ho BBY: Collecting Stamps and Coins. To Herbert -lesser, who used to stutter but has conquered it quite admir- ably and now gives fine formal talks in English: whose main idea of a happy lite is to bury himself in stamp and coin collections: who has half the money iII the Vnited States in his personal coin collection, who likes to play chess and checkers. HOBBY: Sketching, Swimming, class. Auxiliary. HoBBY: Reading. times, she can't count them. Auxiliary. Horsnvz Knitting, Swimming, Piano. is swirnining. HOBBY: Coin Collecting. team, whose hobby is coin collecting. .QI 63 IF.. ELIZABETH JOHNSON Keademic 6615 GREENE STREET ACTIVITIES: Dancing Club, D: Sketch Club, L D I Hi-ya curly head! A toast to Betty, who is shy 'tlnlll blushes e'IsIls xx hose weak point is chemistry, who is temperamental about ber hair stile II ho has one of those low, throaty, voices: who's one of the nicest girls In the JULIA BELLA JOHNSON -X1 Idemic 5316 BIARION STRELT ACTIVITIES! Gym Leader, French Club: Ixnittmg, Club Hospital Hats off to Julia, who wants to be a teacher, II ho ls 'I xsondtr III algebra class, and not so bad In social science: who tlels Keri proud because le has Louise Beavers' autograpli: who has seen ullIllt"ltlOIl of l Ite so lH'1YlY RCTH LOIS JOHNSON XOC'1tl0Illl Xrt 217 H. BIEXIJE STREET ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader: French Club: knitting Club Hospit Il Success and fame to quiet, reticent Ruth Johnson who IS adept 'It playing the piano: who is an artist in more N215 s than one and after gradu ating from Gerrnantown, she hopes to go to a designing school who rlllIlIl'lEl' best for then it is that she can indulge In her tavorite sport which JOHN ROBINSON JONES 'hC'1LlEITl1C 6324 N. TwEN'I'I'-I'IRsT STREET ACTIVITIES: Second Team Football, F: Senator 1' D Alterntte l' A. A. Representative, D, BQ Bridge Club, D, C B X Raise the cup to John Jones who has the redrlest hair 'It 1 EI'll'tdl1tOXt II and is proud of it, who is a very calm sort of a person but II ho has .I XX'1I'II'l spot in his heart for the weaker of the species: II ho has been on the footb Ill -cf-214431, THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 lla-q.... WILLIAM F. JONES Academic 429 WINoN,s AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Swimming, D, Track, E, C, A: Basketball, E, C, Cross Country, F3 Football, B: Art Club, E, F: Gym Leader, F, D, C, Spanish Club, A: Debating Club, D, C, B, A. HoBnY: Flying. Hats off to William Jones, that versatile young man who has been outa standing in sports since his entrance to Germantown: who has been a mem- ber of the swimming, track, basketball and football teams, starring in each oneg whom we have been very proud to know: whom we hope will be as successful in the outside world as he was in Germantown. SHIRLEY BETH KAFFFMAN Commercial 5072 IMIORRIS STREET ACTIVITIES: Dancing Club, E, Ag Debating Club, C, B, Commercial Club, B3 Hiking Club, F3 Tumbling, A. IIOBBY1 Dancing. To Shirley Kauffman who laughingly complains about everything, from getting dressed for gym to doing commercial homeworkg who springs up on her toes when she walks: who walks evervwhere even if she can get there bv trolley: who speaks to everybody even if she doesn't know him, who breezes along with the breeze. VIRGINIA H. KEENAN Commercial 607 CHURCH LANE ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader, C, A: Commercial Club, C, B3 Baseball, C, Track Meet, C, Ag Gym Meet, Ag Tumbling, A. HOBBY: Dancing, Swimming. Loads of luck Virginia, who strums a banjo with the greatest of ease? who loves to go to the movies, whose favorite sport is swimming, who could dance for hours when she hears Casa Lomag who intends to be a secretary or stenographerg who is a leader and a member of the Dancing Club: who is a prominent member of the Commercial Club. MARION CECILIA KELBALGH Commercial 66-18 BIYSGRAVE STREET ACTIVITIES! Commercial Club, A. HOBBY: Dancing, Knitting, Reading. To Marion Kelbaugh who always looks perfectly neat in collars and cuffs? who likes the subject of Physiology and Hygieneg who hates to change for gym, who likes to chew gum: who has a pink complexion and who desires to be a stenographer in the near futureg to whom we all say the best of luck. FRED EBELIXG KELLER Academic 510 W. HARVEY STREET ACTIVITIES! Bank Officer, F: A. A. Representative, E, D3 Tennis Team, D, C5 Baseball Team C2ndj: Senator, B: Gym Leader, B. HOBBY: Sports. Cheerio to Fred Keller that very likeable young fellow who has been the mainstay of the tennis team for the past three years: who has also played on the second baseball team, and did a very good job of that also: whom the entire student body will miss for his fine tennis playing, whom we all hope will be the victor in a Tilden-Keller match. ' -'al 64 Ia THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....q.T4fi,5p HEI ANNE LOFISE KEMMERLING Academic 135 E. DUAL STREET ACTIVITIES! Gym Meet, F3 A. A. Representative, F, E, D, B, A: Gym Leader, F, E, D, C, B, A. Hobbies: Reading, Swimming. A happy life to Anne Kemmerling, a German girl who speaks German at home and who can also write itg who is very athletic and has a row of buttons and letters for her gym work: who is always chattering or laughing about the most trivial thing: whose foremost ambition is to put on some weight. MARJORIE HFTCHINSON KENNEDY Academic 24-L2 SEVENTY-sIxTII AVENUE Ar"IIvITIEs: Alternate, F, E, D, C: Footlight Club, D, C: Phuph Club, E, D. Houma Knitting. Showers of blessing to Marjorie Kennedy who is rarely seen without Betty Kershaw: whose bright blue eyes and honey-colored hair are enviable: who has a calm and peaceful countenance: who is neat and just-so down to the smallest detail: who likes to knit, and would rather count rows of stitches than rows of Arithmetic. ANNE ISABEL KERR Coiiiriieirial SQ3 Cunnan LANE AcTIv1TiEs: Commercial Club, A, B, HOUBX'2 Swimming, To Anne Kerr, a very conscientious worker, whotoils long and hard over commercial suhjects: who is a good scholar, but who takes time out in the Slimmer to do a little swimming: who is often seen but seldom heard, and is never anything but a perfect lady: who would sooner die than make a loud noise, PAI'L HAZLETT KERR, JR. ltechauical Arts 6639 N. BOIWIER STREET ACTIVITIES! Track. C, Cross-Country, D: Orchestra, F, ll: Band, F, li: Hi-Y, B, A: A. A. Representative, F: Gym Leader. Homm-:sz Camping, Music, Sports, Woodwork. To Paul Kerr who would make a swell heap big Injun because he is sri interested in camping and woodwork: who, on the other hand, would make a first class hell-boy since he is good in track work and who likes other sports as well: whose other hobby is music, and who formerly played in the hand. ELIZABETH SMITH KERSHAXV Academic 512 MIovixI.E AVENUE AFTIYITIES: Footlight Club, E, D, C, B, A: I'lz'11per Staff, C, B, A: !'lir-rfflf-N, Staff, B, A: Hi-Y, C, B, A: Party Committee: C: Dancing Club, D: Senior Play. Homarr Talking. Hail to Deity who proves wrong the age-old adage that good things come in small packages because she's so nice and tall, who kept the hooks of the Clipper straight, and was its competent sales manager for three terms: and who was so realistic as Mrs. Wheeler in that famous stage production " Clarence. " .ai 65 ia- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 r in GLEXIS HUBBARD KILBOURX Academic 616 VERNON Roim ACTIVITIES! Latin Club, D, Leaders, D, C, B: Hi-Y, D, C, B, Ag Bank Officer, C. .PIOBBYI Dancing. To Glenis Kilbourn, one of many Kilbourn daughters, but the one wc like best, who is always getting hungry: who could sell chances to a deaf mute, who wouldnlt mind going to France if she didn't have to speak French, who wears distinctive clothes and loves to dance, who is altogether delightful to know, EDMLND PHILIP KLING, JR. Academic Q00 W, CLAPPIER STREET ACTIVITIES! Gym Leader, F, E, C: Chairman of Entertainment Commit- tee, C: A. A. Representative, B: Secretary of Slide Rule Club, B, A Class Treasurerg Senior Play Committee. HCDBBYZ Tinkering. To Edmund Kling who never stole a penny in his life, but managed to squeeze a lot of money out of us poor tax-payers for class dues, who has been on a list of committees because of his dependabilityg who, in his lighter moments, is a good dancer, and who spends his spare time tinkering. FRANK KLOTZ Commercial 77 P,asToRIoI7s STREET ACTIVITIES: Soccer, D, C: Bank Officer, G. HOBBY: Basketball, Stamps. Cherrio and Happy Days to Frankie Klotzg who is no relation whatso- ever to the Billie Debeck's famous 0. K. M. X. X. Klotz: who is very much interested in sports, especially basketball, Frankie also is a good swimmer, and baseball player: who won a first team letter in soccer. To you we say, "The best of luck and success in all your undertakings." BURKET KNIVETON, JR, Academic 112 BIAYLANIJ STREET Hobby: People. Boom days to Burket Kniveton, who is one of the few persons who stands up in an orchestra, not because there aren't enough chairs, but because he moves around pounding drums hand and foot, who eats with chopsticks from force of habit, since he always has drum sticks between his fingersg who has an extensive vocabulary of very large words. FRANCES LENORE KOPALOFF Academic 6028 N. XINETEENTII STREET ACTIvIT1Es: Cfi1'8lI8lL Representative, B: Special Library Duty, B5 Flipper Sales Staff, B, A, Campus Club, Ag Sketch Club, A: Clipper Business Staff. A. Honey: Dancing. To Frances Kopaloff who is heading toward journalism: whose ambition is to win on a sweepstakes ticketg whose pet aversions are geometry and girls that affect baby talk: who has a most interesting hobby-that of collecting curios and small carved rabbits, who loves to dance, and who, ircidentally, can dance well. -'al 66 Ia-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...Q 39 CHARLES C. KRAPSE Academic 24-9 Annorrsroan ROAD ACTIVITIES! Slide Rule Club, B, A. HOBBY: Chemistry. Happy days to Chas. Krause, whose activities are spread over a wide area, including the highest office a Philadelphia Boy Scout can hold, Chair- man of the Patrol Leaders' Conference, who can approximate on a slide rule with the greatest of ease, and who can't fail, with his exceptional ability to succeed in life. MARIE LOUISE LACHAT Commercial Q0-1-1 BIEDARY AVENUE .ACTIVITIESI Commercial Club, B, A. Honnrz Dancing. To Marie Lachat who is very neat, chews a lot of gum, and who talks be- tween chews in a low, well modulated voice, whose P and H note book is unlike most, in that it is neatly written and actually has pictures in itg who does meticulous work in everythingg and who has lovely blue eyes. CHRISTINE L. LANCASTER Academic 4911 PULASKI AVENUE ACTIVITIES' Tennis D C A Senator F f'lizerIenRe res I1 1 . , , -, . g , .3 ' p 'e tative, F, D5 Dancing Club, F, E, D. HOBBY: Dancing. To a likeable twin, Christine Lancaster, who has been tap-dancing since she was knee high, and who has been known to do a head-stand on her bed, and tap dance on the wall, who is athletic and sport-minded, but can wield knitting needles and sewing machines, who has a good set ot' brains, and shines in Klath. KATHRYN LEX LANCASTE 4911 PIILASKI AVENUE R Academic Af'TIvI'rIEs: Leader, F, Eg Dancing Club, Eg Alternate, F, B, Honnvz Collecting New Money, To Kathryn Lancaster, one of the reasons we like twinsg who is decidedly athletic, and participates in all sports: who above all, wishes to become a famous surgeon, whose grades have always beell high, whose hobby is a collection of new moneyg who has a great liking for horses and dogs, and whose chuckle and smile are very fascinating. Treasurerg Gym Leaderg Spanish Club, A. HUIIBY: Tennis. baseball games or making ice cream. .CII 67 Ig., HELENE LAVELL Acidemic 302 E. I'IIGHI.XND Axrxi I ACTIVITIES! Vocal Ensemble, II, G, I", E, D L B Hospitil Auxili To Helene Lavell, who would like to become a nurse I11 the l Iesbyteiifin Hospital, who likes to play tennis, see musical comedies and eat Jello who enJoys laughing as much as we like to hear her do It xi ho is verx quiet and often takes long walks: and who spends the Ilmmer vacation si itching THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 Q my Hai ch... CHARLESANXA LEE Academic 84 E. Locks STREET .AFTIVITIESI Flipper Staff, E, D, C: Clirerlcn Staff, A: RECORD BOOK Staff, A: Latin Club. F, E, HOBBY: Books. To Charlesanna Lee, who has dark braids and her own ideas about every- thing: who wants to be a famous writer and loves to study people, but can't stand an insincere person: who enjoys all kinds of humor: who would like to subscribe to every magazine on the market, see a movie twice a day, and own a million books. DOROTHY ELIZABETH LEED Commercial 6768 BIYCSGRAVE STREET Ar'T1v1TrEs: Orchestra: Art Staff of Fliverleng Debating Club: Hospital Auxiliary: Commercial Club. HOBBY: Drawing. To Dorothy Leed, the girl who wraps herself around a cello and plays deep music: who is not only music-minded, but can also draw and sketch in her weaker moments: who has always taken a stiff course of subjects in school and come out on top: who is willing to laugh at anything, even old jokes. WALTER ELLIOT LEES Mechanical Arts 3-L39 CE.twFouu STREET Ar'T1v1TrEs: Stamp Club. Honey: Stamps. To Walter Lees who is going to plan his life in view of advancing himself in all mechanical and scientihc lines: who hopes to be an engineer and go to Drexel where he will take Shop and Mechanical Drawing: who would relish traveling to New Zealand and all corners of the earth: who, in his lighter moments, enjoys music and collects stamps. NICHOLAS LERRO Academic 5625 SPRAGIJE STREET AcT1vrTrEs: Track. HOBEY: Pictures of Athletes. To Nicholas Lerro who laughs more than he talks-but then he has an excellent set of tccthg who achieves the impossible, namely, he looks well in a gym suit: who is good in gym, and likes sports: whose hobby is collecting pictures of athletes: who might turn athlete himself, and then even we will start collecting pictures. ARTHUR LEWIS Academic 5856 KJSCEOLA STREET AcTiv1T1Es: French Club, F, E, D, C, B, A: President, C, B, A: f'Ii1'eden Representative, E, D, C: flireden Staff, B, A: Associate Editor, A: Class Secretary, A: "G" Pin Award. HOBBIES! Art, Reading, Music. To one of our smartest boys, Arthur Lewis, who has done much work on the Clzverlen and written many distinctive poems: who knows a. lot about musical instruments and art: who can sketch well, is a good speaker, and has held many omces during his school career: who most certainly should win success. 0:41 68 Ir:-A THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...qs Eiw KZ.: 1 ARTHUR D. LICHTERMAN Academic 317 CARPENTER LANE ACTIVITIES: French Club, C, Soccer, D, B: Basketball Manager, E, D, C: Alternate, H. To Arthur Lichterman, whose smile and whose laugh are catching: whose natty clothes are enviable: who never worries about anything, for after all life is fleeting: whose immediate future will be spent at Penn, unless he and his Ford land ill a hospital: and to whom we extend best wishes for smooth sailing. ALEXANDER LIEBERMAN, JR. Academic 2101 CLABKSON AVENVE ACTIVITIES: Chess, F, E: Latin Club, H, G: Slide Rule Club, H, G. IIOBBIESI Stamps, Coins, Anatomical Specimens. To Alex Lieberman, the man behind the heavy eyebrows, who possesses a deep voice and is always using it: who grew a moustache once just to show us he could do it: who expects to become a doctor. and has for a hobby fgot a dictionary. anyhody?j-anatomical specimens: who wears red and yellow polo shirts just to be different. DOROTHY ESTHER l.lEl5ERT Acazleinic 4544 N. TwEI.rTI-I STREET ACTIVITIES! Spanish Club, D, Ag Bridge Club, E, D. V: Leaderis Club, C, A: Gym Meet, C: Debating Club, A: Ring Committee, 15: Bank Teller, B, A: Hospital Auxiliary, A. HOBBIES: Ice-Skating, Dancing, Designing. A bouquet to Dorothy Liebert, a lovely blonde with curly hair, who has a Hair for designing and making clothes: whose hobbies arc ice skating and dancing: who loves parties and .social affairs: who is quite athletic, slightly studions, and extremely likeable: who is the kind oi' a girl people look at twice, SAII RAPHAEL LIEYE ll Commercial 5975 KHAIBLE Ax EXVE HoBBr: Sports. Success to Sam who is quite nice when you know him: who is very bright and his marks prove it: who is interested in any kind of sports: who intends to be a stenographer or bookkeeper: who is the oIIe person who thoroughly enjoys the C'liz'erlerL assemblies. DAVID JOSEPH LOFTVS Mechanical Arts M75 I-'VRLEY STREET HOBBY: Yodeling. ltlore lung power to Germantown's only adherent of the ancient Swiss art of yodeling. However, filling the air with sustained overtones is only a sideline, for Daveis secret ambition is to become a machinist. Dave also likes sports and in the winter spends much of his spare time playing basket- ball. --:JI 69 fs-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 r 44311 ' ggi-,gg ,,.... DOROTHEA NELLIE LFDWIG Academic 7339 E. XVALNUT LANE ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader, F, E, D. HOBBY: Dancing, Swimming. To Dorothea Ludwig, who possesses a refreshing prettiness, whose profile is lovely and clear cut like that of a cameo, who hasa way of wearing clothes, and a way of smiling quietly that just gets us, who is small, slim, and a fine dancer, who is also a good swimmer. May the world treat you well, Dorothea! DOROTHY JOSEPHINE LI'TZ Academic 5227 VVISSAIIICKON AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Bridge Club, C, B, A. IIOBBYZ Sletching. Cheerio to Dotty, who still can't forget Atlantic City, her old home town, whose pet aversion is Physics, who knits sweaters in her spare moments: whose weakness is talking, who loves to attend football games because, besides liking football, she understands the game, and she can cheer as much as she pleases without interference. LLSIL CATHLRIBI-I MANY Commercial 398 W. MT, PLEASANT AVENVE IIOBBYZ Swimming. Success to Elsie, who always gets good marks especially in chemistry? whose pet hate is cooking, who is always smiling, never melancholy, whom Claudette Colbert never ceases to thrill, who spends much of her time swim- ming and playing tennis, who, when she is not studying, just loafs about the house doing nothing. ETHEL MAE MARTINDALE Academic 6601 LINCOLN DBIYYE ACTIVITIES: Track, Gym Leader, Basketball, Swimming, A. A. Repre- sentative. HOBB1'Z Sports, Music, Knitting. To Ethel Martindale who, because of her remote Scotch-English descent, would like to travel in England and Scotland, who would like to drive through the Lnited States: whose ambition is to be in business, whose hob- bies are knitting, music, boating, and riflery, whose pet hate is high hat people, and who likes Math, We wish her the best of luck. MARJORIE ANNE MAYTROTT Academic 310 W. CHELTEN AVENUE AFTIVITIESZ German Club, F, E, D, C, B, A: Secretary of German Club, B, Sketch Club, F, E, B, Vocal Ensemble, E. HOBBIES: Drawing, Stamps, Music. To Marjorie Maytrott who enjoys all kinds of art, and who hopes in the future to become an interior decorator, who spends her spare time drawing people, reading nature poetry, and thinking of the time when she will travel all around the world, who hates women that giggle, and who is, at the same time, a vegetarian and a socialist. 021 70 Ia- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....q, iii - Eilfgqn.. MARGARET JANE McCONNELL Academic Q-l-3 VVEST H.XINES STREET .ACTIYITIESZ Vocal Ensemble, F, E, D: Bank Oflicer, F. B. HOBHX'1 Collecting Ivory Elephants. The best in the. world to Jane McConnell who certainly looks Irish with her thick black hair and white teeth: who is one of these people with a mania for collecting ivory elephants: who owns a good singing voice: and who takes keen pleasure In being a friend to everybody. FLORENCE ETHEL MCDERMOTT Ar-gn-lemig 112 E. MOHELANIJ AVENVE ACTIVITIES! Gym Leader, H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A: Basketball, F: Gym Meet, E, C, A: Hockey, D, B: Dancing, H, G, F, E, D, C, B, A: Tumbling, E, D, C, B1 Gymkhana, D, B: RECORD Book Staff. HOBBIES: Athletics, Handcraft. To Ethel j5IcDermott, the girl who does things, who has been in so Inalny gym activities and gotten. so many honors, that her record is long: who is forever talking and giggling and getting into trouble: who makes herself some swanky clothes: who gets all excited about a certain Deitrich fellow: who, besides everything else, is a whiz in Math. ESTHER ANNA INIFKENXAN Academic 6219 A1.XGNOLl.kiAVEXt'E ACTIVITIES! Debating Club. IIOBBYZ Reading. Success to Esther McKennan who is undecided whether to teach first grade or be a lawyer: who spends her rc-creation sleeping, knitting, and read- ing: who d08SIllt like gym, or eating eggs, but is crazy about red hair and Ice cream: whose supreme wish is to go to California, and we hope her wish comes true. MARY ELIZABETH MCXALLY Coinmercizil 4424 I-I. MT. AIRI' AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Phuph Club, Leader, E, D, C: A. A. Representative, D, C: 12A Representative, B: Commercial Club, A. HOBBY: Sports. Orchids to Mary, whose curly hair and flashing .white teeth make her welcome anywhere: who never went to assembly without her books: who is rarely seen without Rose Mary Collins: who is hardly ever on time: who wears such lovely clothes and uses such distinctive perfume. 1-ILEAXOR ANNA Mc'STAY Acaderniv C2094 SIXTY-r'II'TIi AVENYE ACTIVITIES: German Club, F, E, D, C: Treasurer, German Club, D: Dancing Club, E, D: Leader, C, B: Debating, C, B, A: Clipper, B, A: Clipper Sales Staff, C, B, A: l'Iircr1en, B, A. HOBBY: Stamp Collecting. Here's to Eleanor, who is always rushing some place in :I great hurry or doing something: who has a reputation for springing funny remarks accom panied by the proper motions when they're least expected: who, some day, expects to be an interior decorator: and who was quite thrilled when she found that there was a decorator by the name of G. McStay Jackson. -,sl 71 In-' THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 I 9:30 gg g.... PHILIP JOSEPH MEI-THAN Mechanical Arts 6154 N. SEVEXTEENTII STREET ACTIVITIES: Baseball. HOBBY: Sports of any kindg ping-pong to baseball. We tip our hats to Philip Meehan, that tall, thin, redfheaded youth who has w on the friendship of everyone with his pleasing but quiet nature' who has also been the proud donner ofa baseball uniform, and although he did not get in every game, made a very fine showing. ELIZABETH THEDA MERSCHER Academic 6118 GREENE STREET ACTIVITIES: Bridge Club, C, Flivezlen Staff, B. HOBBY: Stamps, Swimming, Drums Fortissimo to Betty, the very quiet little girl with the demure manner who believes in being seen but not heard: who is going to follow the tradition of her family, by being a nurse, and she is already registered at a hospital, who is a whizz when it comes to bridge: who is one sweet and lovable girl. MARJORY DE BIXDER MILLER Academic 6828 RODNEY STREET At'TIvITIEs: Dramatic Club, C, B, A: Hi-Y, C, B, Ag Clipper Sales Staff, D, C, B, A: A. A. Representati e, F: Alternate, D, A1 Senator. C: Gym Leader, F, E, D, C, B, Ag Debating Club, C, B, Ag Hockey, D: Dancing Club, DQ Spanish Club, A. HOBBY! Sports, Collecting Match Boxes, A bouquet to our Marjory Miller, a lovely blonde who has "that school! girl complexion", who possesses a raft of accomplishments and flies around from one activity to anotherg who collects match boxes: who can always add something to a conversation, who can be seen at all times followed by her boy friend. ANNA MARIE MORRISEY Academic 5352 Momus STREET At'TIv1'rIEs: Spanish Club, E, D, A: Debating Club, C, B, Ag Hospital Auxiliary, D, C, A: Commercial Club, A: Dancing, A: Phuph, A: Gym Leaders, A. HUBBY: Dancing, Sketching. Best of everything to Anna Morrisey, the girl who is always singing, and can even jazz up the Funeral March, who is never happier than when she is dancingg who sketches, and is at home in a gym suit, who loves to talk, and now and then, someone else gets a word in edgewise. ALLEN PAI'L MOYER Commercial 21-I E. HIGHLAND AVENUE ACTIVITIES: A, A. Representative, H, G, F3 Senator, D, Ag Stamp Club, E, D, C, B, A: Assistant Secretary, C: Vice-President, B. To the future President of these I'nit,erl States, Paul Moyer, the little kid who does big things, who is always being elected to some office because he knows how to handle affairs: who is interested in stamps in his leisure time, who looks like a serious young man, but knows how to tell good jokes. 'V-:al 72 In-V THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....p i --W Wi, JE.-XNNETTE ALISIN MYRPHY ,-Xcaglemig 357 E. CHELTEN AVENUE HOBBIES: All Sports, Baking. To Jeanette llurphy who is always getting banged up, scratche.l, anfl knocked around due to her interest in sports: who also has another interest, but she wont allow us to mention his name: who can bake pastries like nobodyls husinessg who always finds something to laugh at, and that! one ot the reasons we like her. RVTH MIRIAM XATHAXSOX 1505541 X. Nl:-:miss S'rnI1Er HOBBIES.: Reading, Collecting Hooks. To Ruth Nathanson, who, above all, wants a college education so that she can become a Math teacher: who would like to visit such queer places as Africa and Australia: who enjoys reading, especially Shakespeares works: who can tell the funniest stories to entertain people, and still find lots of things to laugh at. Herels lor a successful career! BEATRICE NEYYHULIT Commercial 6155? Moirrox STREET Af"1'IvI'rIEs: Orchestra, B, A: Sketch Vlnh, C, A. HoBIsx': Music. To Beatrice Xewbold. who eats, sleeps, and lives music: whose supreme aim is to be the leader of :I symphony orchestra: who can also draw very well, and is a good swimmer: whose one unbreakable habit is her desire to straighten pictures on the wall ot a roorng and who sure can handle a big cello with the very greatest ot' ease. HORTENSE J. NVSBAVM Academic -H9 W. fiLEX Hcuo Roan ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader, E, C, A: Dance Club, B, A. Honey: Sports, Here's to you, "Horde," one of the swellest girls we know: whose hobby is sports and can she swing a mean racquet: who has a weakness for natives from New Jersey, and is worried about the curl of her eye lashes: who doesn't like German, who is a swimmer par excellence: who makes every- one like her with hex' quiet, charm, and personality. NURNIAX AIfGt'ST XYLVND Commercial 6506 X. EIGIITEENTH STREET ACTIVITIESI Chi-Rho Hi-Y: Bank Officer, FQ Leaders' Club, E. HOBBY: Sports. Hats off to Norman Xylund, that very efficient bank odicer who has worked so very hard to make us save our pennies: who has also been a very active member of the Chi-Rho Hi-Y, whose work on the Gym team was of the type that we will never forget. --al 73 Ia- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 '12 21911 u ys.. EDWYARD YV. OESCHER Academic 346 E. HoRTTER STREET ACTIVITIES: Basketball, Cross-Country: Baseball: Manager, Basketball. Good fortune to an ace basketball player, who is lightning itself on the basketball court: who also excels on the baseball diamond: whose natural tan is the envy of all his classmates: who some day aspires to be a bank president or a professional baseball player. HELEN STELI. UETTINGER Commercial 1430 SIXTY-EIGHTII AVENVE ACTIVITIES: Bank Officer, F, E: Commercial Club, B, A: Clipper Staff. B, A. HOBBY: Dancing. To Helen Oettinger who is called Peaches, and has a laugh which is much in use: who is forever chewing gum or something to keep that perfect chin-line: who is always talking about the last dance: who has a stream- lined figure and tiny feet: whose hobby is dancing, which should please the men. SARAH ANN O'NEILL Commercial 2053 SIXTY-I-'IFTII AYENIIE HOBBY! Dancing, , Good fortune and success to genial Sarah 0'Neill: who is crazy about good orchestras and what goes with them . . . good music: who likes best to dance to the strains of Casa Loma or Ray Noble: who hopes to some day be a member of some large clerical force, which ambition we know she will attain because of her industriousness. ANN VIOLA OSMAN Commercial 121 W. ABBOTTSFORD AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club: Dramatic Club: Senator: Alternate. HoBBY: Dancing. To Ann Osman the petite girl with a giggle who is always telling funny stories which she makes more interesting by her gestures: who is quite an actress: whose ambition is to get through school so it won't interfere with her social engagements: who would like to be a stenographer because she would have evenings off, LOIS OZIER Commercial 40 E. DCRH.AhI STREET ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club, B, A: Girls' Hi-Y, D, C, B, A: Clipper Staff, C, B, Ag Hospital Auxiliary, B, A: Ring Committee, C3 Gym Leader, A. HOBBY! Reading. We raise the glass to the gal with cute little bows in her hair, who is really clever but does a swell imitation of Gracie Allen: who was on the copy staff of the Clipper, and obligingly typed late articles: who thinks sl1e's hard- hearted but who is really easy to get around once you get the system. -val 74 Ik'- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....g. lg Y , 1651 D EDWARD MASSON PAINTER Commercial 147 NIAYLAND STREET ACTIVITIESI Orchestra, F, E, D, C, Band, F, D, C. HOBBY: Photography. To one of the orchestra's most prized possessions who has been playing his trumpet ever since he had the wind to blow a note: who goes in for amateur photography in a big way, and who is quite successful in this field, whom we all deem a good fellow because of his good-naturedness and his sincerity. DOROTHY WILSON PASSANT Vocational Art 2068 S1X'rr-F1F'rH AVENUE - Ac1'n'r'rrEs: Footlight Club, C, R, Ag RECORD BOOK Staff, A: I'Iv'rf'r1m Staff, E, D, C, B, A, Flipper Staff, D, C, B, Ag Sketch Club, lf, E, D: Debating Club, C, B, A: Leader, D: Party Committee, D, C, li, Poster Committee, F, D3 "GH Pin Award, A. IIOBBIESI Art and Dramatics. Buckets of joy to our painter, t'I'at" Passant, who is a skillful artist and is always working on posters, who puts us in hysterics by imitating il down- Easter and talking through her nose, who blushes up to her fluffy blonde hair, who has taken it upon herself to keep the whole world smiling. RUTH ELIZABETH PAVL Academic 1620 SIXTY-SEVENTH AVENUE ACTIVITIES! Orchestrag Band, Hospital Auxiliary. Honey: Ice Skating, Success to that very excellent violinist, Elizabeth Paul: who has been in all of the musical enterprises of Germantown since she entered the schoolg who is a member of the Hospital Auxiliary: and who is happiest with a pair of trusty ice skates fastened on her pedal extremeties, and on an equally trusty frozen pond to glide over. EDWARD C OLLINS I'AI'LI'S Academic 1:23 Wssnrxofrorf LANE HOBBY: Boats. To the faithful adherent of the famed Dutch haircut Ed Paulus, who claims to he a direct descendant of the hairy ape, Qjust take a peak at his forest laden chestjg whose main ambition in life is to buy a great big yacht and take the motor apart. We hope he will be able to fulfil this desire and many more. ROBERT JORDAX PEEL Academic 16 RIEEI-IAN AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Debating Club, B, A1 German Club, R, Ag Vice-President, Ag Cliredcn Representative, D, C, B. HOBBY: Railroads. To good old Bob Peel whom we jokingly call Sir Robert, because of the connection with his illustrious ancestor, Sir Robert Peel: who is an A number one student in German and Latin, who is avidly interested in railroad development and administrationg whom we believe will go far because of his ability and strong initiative. ,sl 75 Ia' 'WKUI THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ,ILE ap... DONALD J. PETERS, JR. Academic 503 VVEST ALLEN's LANE ACTIVITIES: Senator, F, E, D, C, B, Alternate, G3 Footlight Club, Eg C-Class Party Committees, Cliliezlefi Staff, D, Eg Clipper Staff, C, D. I'l0BBYZ Pool Shark. A bit of a tweet-tweet to the handsomest member of the graduating class who is as popular as he is good looking: who is a second human Hash, for he runs the hundred yard with the greatest of easeg whose hobby and ambition is to become a "real" pool shark. ADELAIDE P. PHILLIPS Academic 144- W. DI'mI,ixI STREET ACTIVITIES: Alternate, E, Fg Gym Leader, E, D, C, B, Ag Hi-Y, D, C, B, Ag Treasurer, Ag A. A. Representative, C, Dramatic Club, C, B, A, Class Party Committee, C, Bridge Club, C, B, Ag Dancing Club, E, Ag Latin Club, E, A. To the petite and demure personage, "Pete' Phillips, who is an active booster of every school activity: who is a faithful member of the Girls' Hi-Y holding the office of Treasurer of this organization, who, during the publicity for her sorority's Ducky Wucky, dance probably ate, talked ,and slept ducks. ERNESTINE POTTS Commercial 130 E. PIIIL-ELLENA STREET ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club, B, Ag Alternate, F, D, C, B, Hospital Auxiliary, Ag Senior Luncheon Committee. HOBBY: Music. Cheerio to the girl who can extract dues from us with comparative ease: to whom we award ye old orchid for the aforementioned abilityg who hopes to dance like Ginger Rogers someday: who, hand in hand with dancing, 'oves music: to whom we wish all the good fortune in the world. DAXIEL JOSEPH PRESSMAN Academic 150 W. HANSBEBBY STREET ACTIVITIES: Cheer Leader, D, C, B, Ag Head Cheer Leader, B, Ag Gym Team, F, E, D, C, B, A: Gymkhana, D, B: A. A. Representative, F, E, D, C, B: Record Book Sfaffg Ring Committee, C: Flipper Staff, A: French Club, C, B, Ag Treasurer. C, B1 Debating Club, D, C, B, A: Slide Rule Club, B, Ag Footlight Club, B, Ag Gym Leader, F, E, D, C, B, A. HOBBY! Gymnastics, Swimming, Meteorological Survey. To our small time Hercules, Dan Pressman, who can do a handstand on anything from an ink well to a swivel chair: who provides his own amusement by croaking like a frog or a bad case of indigestiong who, when in distress, MAX PLSTIN Academic 6101 BICBIAI-ION .AVENUE Ac"rivIT1Es: Baseball. HOBBIES: Printing, Baseball. Success to a crackerjack baseball player, llfax Pustin, who is one of the most valuable players of the Germantown High School Team: who is equally proficient in basketball and other sportsg whose hobby is the direct opposite of sports. printingg who ought to go far with his exceptional ability. T6 rumples his hair, and sneersg who is a fine scholar and darn nice kid. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....9irg4NJlt ltr- 'id CATHERINE RITA QVINN Commercial 544 E. W,-tsl-IINGTON LANE HOBBIES: Swimming, Cooking. To the very modest, and unassuming girl, Catherine Quinn, who will someday make an ideal wife for that certain somebody because she loves cooking, and her proficiency in this ancient art is unexcelled: who hopes to be a second Eleanor Holm -Iarret, for she likes swirnming even more than she loves cooking. ROSE RABINOWITZ Academic 1011 WV. IIPSAL STREET IIOBBIESZ Aviation, Tennis, Ice Skating, Baseball, Reading. To the girl who has been kidded about her talkative nature ever since she had a tongue to speak with, to whom we award the leather medal for her ability to take the kidding good-naturedlyg whose many hobbies include aviation, tennis, ice skating, baseball, reading or what have you. VIRGINIA CAROL RAMBO Academic 1512 C1-IAMPI.osT AVENUE IIOBBIESZ Reading, Tennis, Dancing. To the very quiet and reserved member of the fairer sex, Virginia Rambo, who is quite popular with the members of the stronger sew: n ho is an avid enthusiast of tennis, and dancing, yet who can just as easily cuddle up in a big armchair near a blazing fireplace and read a good hook. VIRGINIA RANDLE C'ommercial 13-I INIAYLANIJ STREET ACTIVITIES: Dancing Club, F, Eg Hockey, C3 Commercial Vinh. IS, A: A. A. Representative, A. IIoBni': Music. Smooth sailing to the possessor oi' a vivacious personality, "Ginny" Randle, who is a combination ol good-will, good-naluredness, and som-iability. all wrapped into one: who is happiest when the dial oi' her radio is tuned into fasa Iiorna, or Guy Loinliardog and who is also a swell dancer. Club, f'lz'pper Staff, 'DQ Hiking, Ii. Hoimii-is: Writing, Swinnning. that of swimming. --all 77 Ill'- ICIIIZABETH MARGARET RICA Xcidunic 7521 lil-lunxvronx .XII-Nl F Ac'rII'ITII:s: I"ootlight Club, I-1, D. C, 1 I -X Debi inf B IIi1 D I To the very quiet but capable young journilist Betts Rei xi ho I IIIEIIIIJCI' of the staffs of both our school publicitions who liter illx Ines eats, and sleeps writingg who loves the summer season ot the war beciuse it gives her an opportunity to pursue her favorite liobbx next to NKI'ltlI1g THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ' gm fy... JANE DOTHARD READ Academic 215 YV. XVALNUT LANE ACTIVITIES! Gym Leader, Gym Meet, C, A: Dramatic Club, C, B, A: Hi-Y, C, B: President, A: Clipper Staff, BQ Committee of Ten, B, Ag Vice- President of Senate, Ag Senior Play Cast. HOEBIES: Music, Running to School. A bouquet to our wise-cracker, punster, executive, actress fand a thousand more things we haven't discoveredj, Jane Read, the most versatile girl in the class, who besides liking to swim, can pull jokes one right after another all day long. We call her a friend to all, and all to her friends. JOHX GEORGE REICHL, JR. Commercial 1110 E. RITTENHOUSE STREET ACTIVITIES? Clirezlen Art Staff, B, A: Chi-Rho Hi-Y, B, A: German Club, D, C3 Senior Play, A. HOBBY: Drawing. The top of the world to that tall, auburn locked gentleman who played the part of the stately and austere butler Dinwiddie, in the senior play, whose hobby, drawing, is one in which he is exceedingly able, and whom we brand a swell guy because of his easy going disposition. FRAXK JOHN REICHWEIN .Academic 3024 N. BAMBREY STREET Honiavz Skating, Best of fortune to a strong advocate of quiescence, Franky Reichwein, who can fix anything from a broken car to a broken heart: whose twenty- eight uffhevyi' runs like a thirty-Five Packard, well almost like one, any- howg whose hobby, next to fixing an automobile or a broken heart, is ice skating, JOHN G. RICH Commercial 2-10 AVEST RITTENHoI?sE STREET Ac'TIVITIEs: Swimming Team, F, E: Basketball Team, D, C, B, A: Captain of Basketball Team, Ag Gym-Khana, D, B: Debating Club, D, C, B, A: Bank Officer, F, E, D, C, Baseball, A. HOBBIES: Swimming and Basketball. Here's to good ole palsy walsy, Jack Rich, who is really the tops on the basketball floorg who is captain of the Germantown basketball team as well as being a valuable player on a leading team ot' the church league, who, besides being a good basketball player, is also a swell swimmer. MILDRED JEAN RINKER - Academic 117 W. ALLEN,S LANE ACTIVITIES: Dancing, D, C1 Track, Dg Leader's Club, B. HOBBY: Dancing, Swimming. To Mildred Rinker, small, slight, with a hardly noticeable voice at school, but when she lets loose-l who likes exhibition dancing and has had lots of lessons: who always has a tuft of dark hair over her forehead: who could think of lots of other places she'd rather be instead of at school. -'al 78 Ir-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....f,-iL 7 M212 y JOSEPH WASHINGTON ROBINSON Academic 1118 LocUsT AVENUE ACTIVITIES: French Club, B, A. HOBBY: Tennis, Baseball. To Joseph Robinson, who is deep in the study of languages: who is a per- fect gentleman: who either has a pen in his hand, or a tennis racquet, or a baseball bat: who is never seen without a smile: who knows something about everything and is willing to help less gifted ones. HARRY W. ROGERS Academic 321 E. WALNUT ILANE ACTIVITIES! French Club. HOBBY! Stamp Collecting. To a student of the first order, Harry Rogers: who is another member of that silent but active group of people of the graduating class who goes in for stamp collecting in a big way, having a collection that is really one to be envied: whose friendship we all have valued. CATHARIXE A. ROLLER Academic 722 E. PHIL-ELLEYA STREET HOBBY: Knitting and Dancing. Here's hoping the best for Catharine Roller, who has bright blue eyes and a. charming smile: who often designs her own clothes: who is usually seen along with a bag of knitting: who pretends to be surprised when she gets good marks: who never lacks subjects for conversation, who likes to be around people. FLORENCE A. ROSENBERG Commercial 6016 WIs'rEIz STREET ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club. Ii0BBYZ Playing Piano. Cberrio to Florence A. Rosenberg, that petite young lady who has charmed the majority of us with her fine piano playing: who has been a member of the Commercial Club for the past two years and whose work was of the type we all like and admire. We will all be on hand when you make your first ap' pearance at Carnegie Hall, Florence. REBA ROSENTHAI. f'ommereial 2103 E. CII:-:LTEN AvENt'E ACTIVITIES: Flipper Staff: I'lz'pper Sales Staff. HOBBX'Z Dancing. Let's drink a toast to Reba Rosenthal, the quiet, demure little girl that has been seen around the Flippfr office working so diligently during her high school career. Reba has also been a crack salesman for the Flipper and we hope she is as successful in later life as she has been with her work on the Clipper. 4-:al 7 9 Is-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 I'-1258 nigga... EMILY W. ROITNTREE Commercial IQO W. ASHMEAD STREET ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club: Hospital Auxiliary. HOBBY: Reading: Hiking. Hats off to Emily Rountree, the young lady who has worked so hard to make the Hospital Auxiliary an organization that the entire student body of Germantown High School is proud of. Emily has also been a very active member of the Commercial Club and was always the first to volunteer when work was to be done. CHARLES TITIIS RYLON Academic 105 XIPPOX STREET :ACTIVITIESZ A. A. Representative, D, C. HOBBY: Sports. To the bearer of the very queer monicker, "Giggles," and who doesnlt know himself where he got the nickname: who possesses a really lively disposition, who is someday going to haunt us members of the graduating class with insurance policies: who loves any kind ol' sportg and who justly deserves to get somewhere in future life. LLCILE J. SAI DER Academic 6534 CHEROKEE STREET ACTIVITIES! German Club, F, E, C, B, A: Latin Club, F, Eg Debating Club, D, C, B, Ag Vice-President, Forum, B, Ag Hockey, D, B3 Captain, Tennis, D: Dance, F, E, D, Ag Gymkana, DQ Senator, F: Alternate, E, D, C, Ag A. A. Representative, F, B: Clipper Staff, D, C, B, A: f'Iiz'eden, E, D, C, B, A, Assistant Editor, C, Editor, B, A3 Assistant Editor, ILECORD BOOK: Senior Play Prompterg Board of Publications, B, Ag "G" Pin Award. Good fortune to Germantown's number one literary aspirant, who, as can readily be seen by her record, has covered just about everything there is to cover in the way of after-school activities: who is a. swell tennis player, and believe it or not has a secret yen to "rassel" with her father: whom we some day expect to carve a big niche among the famous authors of America. RICHARD EARL SCHILLING Commercial 225 E. BIEADE STREET AVTIVITII-:sz Senator, H, G, F, D: Bank Representative: Inter Class Track: Freshman Baseball: Inter Class Basketball, Track, E, C, Football, D, B3 Rifle Club. Homarz Sports. Hats off to Richard Schilling, the idol of all the Germantown co-eds during the Football Season. Dick has been a football star on the f'1f1'BflEll,-9 team for two years now, and we are all sorry to see him go. But we all are also hoping he will rise to greater heights in the great game of Life. WALTER A. SCHMIDT Mechanical Arts QQ32 E. AYASHINGTON LANE Hoi-Inv: Music and Nature. Three cheers to Yvalter Schmidt, the very popular young man who has found it extremely helpful to get along with the female sex by serenading them with his mandoling who is also a lover of nature. We are all pulling for him to continue his Iine work in these excellent fields. --al 80 Ia-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...qt Q0 lg, ItI'TH LILLIAN SCHOFIELD Vocational Art 3507 Cosmo STREET HOBBY! Drawing. I We dott' our hats to Ruth Schofield, the talented young artist whose draw- ings and posters have given each and everyone of the students a great deal of pleasure. Ruth expects to go in for the line of Art, and with us all pulling for her, plus her great ability, we clon't think she will Hnd it very hard. KATHRYN VVAGNER SCHWEFLER Academic 423 Waoswomn AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Girls' Hi-Y, D, C, B, Ag Treasurer, Girls' Hi-Y, C, B1 Dra- matic Club, D, C, B, Ag Boosters, C, B1 Chairman of Boosters, B: Commit- tee of Ten, Ag f'I1'1'edcn Staff, C1 C and B Class Party Committee: B Class Party Chairman, B, Debating Club, C, B, Ag Gym Leader, C, B: Senior Play Cast: "G" Pin Awardg A. A. Representative, F, E, D. To the charm and grace possessed by Dickie Schwetler, the girl who dances, jokes, and pulls capers all the timeg who wonders why P. and H. is a subject: and why all school teachers aren't like Mr. Straussg who has gotten practi- cally everything that Germantown gives, and deserves itg and who has been voted one of the best-dressed girls in the class. MILDRED ANNA SCHWEIGHRT C ommercial 139 H. P1.E.xs,xNT STREET HOBBY: Crochetingg Reading. Wie take our hats oft to Mildred Schweigert, thc bashful little miss who has been so busy with her studies that her outside activities have been very few, but her studies do not keep her from her ever worthwhile hobby, ero- cheting. You can be sure her friends will he well supplied with knitted wear. HARRY YVALTER SEIPLE, Jn. Academic 106 'KEN AVEYVE ACTTVITIES: Spanish Club. IIUBBYZ Tropical Fish, Music. Three cheers for Harry Seiple, one of the few students to really master the Spanish language. Harry has worked hard and the results are amazing, He can rip ot? a string of Spanish as good, if not better, than a native-born Spaniard. Lets hope he is successful in any other project he undertakes in later life. BILL SENIOR Academic 6364 ftERM.tNTOtYN AYENYE ACTIVITII-:sz Clipper Staff, B, A: Footlight Club, E, D, C, B, Ag Debating Club, C, B, A, Senior Play, Ag f'lirerlm1 Representative, E: Football, C. HOBBY: Dramatics, We salute Bill, the effective Mr. Wheeler ot t'Clarence," who was the assistant sports editor of the Flipper and co-writer ot "Sport Shorts" for two terms, who, though a big fellow, blushes easilyg who brings big he-men's sandwiches for lunch: and about whom some one remarked, "He looks just like a reporter when he's covering a football game!" --:I 81 Ia-Y THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ,f it g ESTELLA ANTOINETTE SHAFFER Academic 2131 COTTAGE LANE ACTIVITIES! Hiking Club, A. HOBBY: Drawing. Give three cheers to Estella Shaffer and her great hiking ability, for Estella has been an ardent member of the hiking club, Her ability as an artist is something we cannot afford to miss, because Estella has displayed some Fine work around school. She intends to spend her time on her art work and her success is quite evident. MI Rlhl, C. SHAVS .Academic 324 E. TULPEIIOCKEN STREET HCTBBYI Swimming. We dofl Our hats to Muriel Shaw, for her fine work during her three short years at Germantown. She has been ofa great assistance to the teachers and has been a great friend to all of us. Muriel has a yen for swimming and it seems to be a second nature to her. ROY G. SHLBERT Academic 6105 XYAYNE AvENUE ACTIVITIES: Senator, F, D, C, B, Ag A. A. Representative, E: Dramatic Club, C, B, A: Slide Rule Club, B: President, B: Soccer Team, D: Chi-Rho Hi-Y, C, B, Ag Clipper News Editor, B: Board Secretary, Ag Clipper Staff, B, A: IIECORU BOOK Editor: Senior Play, Property Manager: Clipper Sales Stall, D, C: Board of Publications, Ag UG" Pin Award. HOBBYZ Sports, Photography. To give an ordinary toast to Roy would be entirely inadequate. Having worked with him for a full term, the ILECORD BOOK Staff can vouch for his exceptional ability. So we say to him, "More power to you, Roy." As witty as he is competent, he has broken all records for getting across the greatest number of puns in the shortest time. JOSEPH GARDNER SHVTE Academic 616 W. IYPSAL STREET AVTIVITIES: Camera Club, D, C, B, Ag Clipper, C: Campus Committee, A. HOBBY: Photography. Clods of luck to Joe Shute, who is going to become a gentleman farmer for atleast a farmerj out in Bucks County: who can do almost anything with a Camera, and who likes trick photography, who likes to tease people: who is commonly known as a playboy, and why he wants to live on a farm, we donit know. LEWIS FREDRICK SIEFKEN, JR. Academic 15 VV, DURH.A!tI STREET ACTIVITIES: Harmonica Club, B, Ag French Club, C. HOBBY: Music. Hats off to Lewis Siefken, the tall quiet lad who has made himself known with his music. His harmonica has been heard by practically all of us, and the popular opinion was that Lewis is a genius. We sincerely hope that you go places in the field of music in later life, and when you reach the top re- member, we told you so. --al 82 Iac-e THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 .mpiiijg ARTHUR A. SILBER Academic 6436 X. SIXTEENTH STREET AcT1yITIEs: Senator, F: Alternate, E: Clipper Staff, E, D, C, B, A: Advertising llanager, E, D3 Business Manager, C, B, A: t'Ii1'cfIen Adver- tising Manager, E, D: Business Manager, C, B: Debating Club, D, C, B, A: Football, Second Team, F. D: Forum Club, B, Ag Tennis Team, D, C, B, AS Stamp Club, H, G, F, Eg English Club, F, Eg Track, Second Team, F, Ei Board of PllbliCail0I1 AWHTKL A: Senior Play Program Committee: IEECORD BOOK Staff, Orchestra, F, E, C. IIOBBYC Politics. Hereis to the boy, of the hour who is the business manager of the class: who Intends to go to Penn State College, who in spite of all of his many other activities still finds time to be one of the main supporters of the tennis team: who in later da h . h Business Lawyers. ys opes to e one of the countryls famous Senior Play Program Committee. HOBBY: YVrestling, Cracking Puns. or journalist. Gym Leader, F, E, D, A. HOBBY: Knitting, Scrapbooks. in her pockets. Staff, A. HOBBY: Sports. HoBBY: Dancing: Tennis. -'ral 83 It-:N ELGENE SILVER Commercial 5024 X. TENTH STREET CHARLOTTE ANNE SIMON Comrnercitl 4943 X. SIXTEENTH STREET THOMAS HALSTEAD SIMONS Academic 257 S. SIXTEENTI-I STREET CHARLOTTE SLIFER COIHIIIGPCI ll 6136 Monrox STITEET new ACTIVITIES: Representative, F3 Advertising Staff, Clipper-C'I1'z'erIen, D C5 Advertising Manager of Clipper, General Business Manager of Cliz-eden Congratulations! Gene, the fellow who has "Sport Shorts." that delect i ble bit of news pie, in the running for so many terms: who always managed to turn out that fine work which has earned him 21 well-deserved reputation for good writing at Germantown, who, although certain features of the English course get under his skin, will make an excellent sports reporter ACTIVITIES! Commercial Club, A: Hospital Auxiliary, F, E, D, C, B, A To Charlotte Simon, who becomes the center of things wherever there's fi pianog who learns her music by heart: who is always rnussing her hair who keeps a scrapbook: who has knit ted herself some time clothes, who likes bright nail polish, who thinks gym suits were made so she could put her hands ACTIVITIES: Tennis, E, D, C, Ag Debating Club, B, A: RECORD Boon The best ot' luck to Tom Simons, a prospective chemical engineer, who will attend Penn and proceed to acquire a fund of knowledge: who is very fond of athletics, and enjoys baseball and tennis: who always looks exceedingly thoughtful, but still possesses a charming smile and light step: who, above all, is sincere and willing in everything he undertakes. Hats off to Charlotte Slifer who has been so busy dancing hcr afternoons and evenings away, that she did not have time to participate in outside activities: who is both an ardent tennis fan and a player. Stick to your ideals, Charlotte, and we're sure you will come out with flying colors. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 -oifit IlE'io-... FREEMAN RAVEN SMITH Academic 6318 Ross STREET ACTIVITIES: Football, Orchestra, Band. HUBB1'I Sports. Success and luck to a man who can really take it as well as dish it out. Smitty was the victim of a practical joke which temporarily impaired his physical appearance but he took all reproach in the spirit of good fun. He's the tops when it comes to his oboe and also in the athletic line. JANICE STEIN SMITH Vocational Art 5616 FIETEENTII STREET ACTIVITIES: Clivedelz Stag, D, C, B, A, Cliz'e1'e1L Representative, F, E, C, B, Alternate, D, B, Dramatic Club, D, C, B, A, Party Committee, C, B, Debating Club, B, A, RECORD Book: Senior Play: Hospital Auxiliary. Herels to "Jan", the pep, vim, and vigor Miss, for her viva:-ious personality, for her never ending- supply of jokes, old and new, for her expressive face and a pair of eyebrows that just won't keep still: for her ability as an artist, and as an actress, and for being the swell friend that she is. MARGARET MORELAND SMITH Academic 5100 PI:LAsKI AVENUE Ac'TIVITIEs: Hi-Y, D, C, B, A, Latin Club, B, A, French Club, B, A1 Clipper, D, C, B, A, News Editor, A, Flirederz Staff, D, RECORD BOOK Staff. The best in the world to llargaret, who does her homework in the wee hours after the family has gone to bed, whose pet weakness is Bing Crosby, who gets squeamish inside when people tell her about operations: who is interested in the sciences and in newspaper work, whose sincere and pleasing personality makes her everybody's friend. PHOEBE ELISABETH SMITH Academic 5316 NORTH 'TNVELFDII STREET ACTIVITIES! Clipper Staff, C, B, Ag Cliveden Staff, A, Basketball, B. HOBBY: Swimming. Here's to Phoebe, the literary miss, who can write the trickiest articles which have often appeared in the pages of the Fliredeng who has kept alive the 'KWhat Do You Think" column in the Clipper for the past two terms, who is quiet-and has a very friendly manner, who is a true and sincere friend to everyone. MARTHA J ANE SM YTH Academic 9242 HARVEY STREET Hoi-IBY: Dramatics. Hel-e's to Jane whose main interest in life is Dramatics and whose associa- tion with the Germantown Theatre Guild is proof that she intends to make it her life work, who is rarely seen without Ethel Sonneborng who likes to swim and dance and still finds time to knit those attractive suits she wears, whom we will all remember for her quiet manner. :QI 84 Ik.. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ----nga .levi EVELYN JUNE SNYDER Commercial 6520 OGONTZ AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Vocal Ensemble, F. HOBBY: Sketching. Our very finest wishes and the best of luck to Evelyn, the quiet young Miss with the pleasing personality and the sunny dispositiong who has a friendly manner at all times: who is never to tired too smile or give you a friendly word, and who is cooperative and helpful at all times. ETHE L MAY SOXNEBORN Academic 4-28 E. PHIL-ELLEXA STREET ACTIVITIES! Gym Leader, A. HOISBIESZ Art, Basketball. Hi-ho to Ethel, the attractive young miss who came to Germantown at the beginning of the HAD term from Jenkintown High, where she was very active in extra-school activities: who intends to devote her life to art: who, though athletic, is entirely feminine: who is witty, when the occasion demands, and who is a girl we're all glad to know. DOROTHY JUNE SOPENOFF Vocational Art 64-LS Ross STREET HOBBY! Tennis. Cheerio to Dorothy, the girl with the gleaming black hair and the becoming braid, who came to Germantown at the beginning of the "A" term: who loves to play tennis and knits all of those striking suits she wears: who has a quiet and reserved manner, and plans, in later life, to be a dress designer. MATILDA ELLEN SPEARS Commercial 6642 N. SMEDLEY STREET ACTIVITIES: Gym Leader, F. HOBBY: Swimming. The tops in everything to quiet Miss Matilda Spearsg who aspires to be one member of the weaker sex who will break records in swimming: who we hope will equal and break the records of Georgia Coleman or Katherine Rawlsg who is a swell friend to all those with whom she is acquainted. BENJAMIN SPEZEL Commercial 700 CHURCH LANE HOBBY! Gymnastics. Happy days to Benny Spezel, whose smallness of stature in no way affects his excellent soccer playingg whose witty remarks in his high-pitched voice have been of a source of amusement to everyoneg who has been a really swell fellow to know, because of his amiable personality. A-:il 85 Ia-A THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 I 'EL 024--N DIETRICH GERHARD STECHERT Academic 6126 MUSGRAW'E STREET ACTIVITIES! French Club, H, G3 Leaders, Eg Gym Team, C. HOBBIES: Swimming, Athletics. Cheerio to Dietrich who hails from Germany, but is doing very well here in the States: who is a swell gymnast, as well as a keen mathematician, and who does very well in his other studies, too, who is quite content in any natural setting, whose weakness is the moon, and who, we've heard, likes to ride a bicycle in his spare moments. FRIEDRICH WILHELM STECHERT Academic 6126 NIUSGRAVE STREET ACTIVITIES: Leaders' Club, F, E, D, French Club, D, A: Slide Rule Club, B, A: Gym Team, C. IEOBBIESZ Xature Studies, Stamps. Good luck to Friedrich the older member of the Stechert boys, who is that brave and brawny fellow who worked his way to Cuba during the summer, eating beans and horse meat, and who would still like to repeat the adventure, who, whatever his aim in life, will be a success because of his unending preciseness and accuracy. GERTRUDE STEIX Academic 6511 GERMANTOWN AvENI7E AFTIVITIES: Bank Officer, Clipper Sales Staff, Spanish Club: Hospital Auxiliary: Debating Club. IIOBBIESZ Dancing, Swimming. Hi-ho to Gertrude, whose pet aversion is Harry Swartz's teasing, and who emphatically states she hates boys, with emphasis on the hate, who, strange as it may seem, can not claim Gertrude Stein, the poetess, as a relation: and who likes to hop and jump around, even though she isn't the nervous type. RICHARD SIMON L. STEIN Academic 246 W. IVPSAL STREET HOBBY: Riding and Training Horses. Good fortune to Dick Stein: who can ride a horse nearly as well as Ken Maynard, who is also interested in the training of horses, who, when he becomes a graduate, wants to go to Antioch College, who more or less dreads the fourth period on Monday, who some day will make a competent business man. ELINOR STERN Academic 5105 N. TI-IIRTEENTII STREET Af'TIvI'rIEs: Gym Leader, D, C, Uliziederz Representative, G, Knitting Club, B3 Dancing Club, D, Hospital Auxiliary, A. HoBBIEs: Dancing and Skating. Ours to Elinor, the little girl with the sound ideas, for her numerous pet names from the Egyptian "Ellie" to the fluffy "Puss:', for her ability to sew like a professional, for her even, unflustered temperg for her thoughtful- ness and willingness to help a friend: and above all for the possession of that fine quality of stick-toeit-iveness. ..,rI 86 Ig.. THE CLASS. RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ----c QQ!! -- KES! JEAN IIISA STERX Academic 6351 N. EIGHTH STREET ACTTYITIES: Dramatic Club, B, Ag Debating Club, B, A. HOBBX'Z Collecting Dogs. A toast to Jean for her sparkling brown eyes, for her pretended dislike of puns and tolerance of punstersg for her collection of toy dogs that ranges from a china family to a wee red glass bull pup, and for making come true the old axiom "All good things come in small packages." RICHARD CAMPBELL STEVENS Academic 2216 W. TIOGA STREET AcTiVIT1Es: Senator, F, E, D, C, B: A. A. Representative, Dg Dramatic Club, E, D, C, B, Ag President, Ag Chi-Rho Hi-Y, E, D, C, B, A: Presi- dent, A, Debating Club, C, B, A: Class Treasurer, C, B: Vice-President of Class, Ag Party Committee, C, B3 Senior Play Castg Boosters, A. HOBBY: Horseback Riding. Here's to Dick Stevens, that boy with the mop of becoming dark hairg who is in nearly all of the school's activities, who demonstrated his ability as an actor in our Senior Play but ruined his reputation as a musician: who plays polo and is one of those out-of-door men who likes his grub hot, who will go far in whatever field of endeavor that he chooses, ASHTON TATNALL STEWART Academic 1306 MEDARY AVENUE AcT1i'1T1Es: Cliveden Staff, Camera Club. HOBBY: Collecting minerals and insects, Photography. Drums Fortissimo to Ashtong who is a lover of the sciences and has a fine collection of minerals, mineralogy being his pet past time, who has the friendliest of friendly manners, who has a pleasing disposition: who oblig- ingly reads the Bible in record period whenever asked, and who is one "swell fellow" at all times. WILLIAM BLACKBITRN STONE, Jn. Academic 3005 RIDGE AVENUE ACTIVITIES! Soccerg Basketball. HoBBY: Athletics. Hats otl' to Bill, who has been one of the mainstays of both Gei-manlown's soccer and basketball teams, who takes the knocks and bangs of the game like a veteran, and always comes back for more with a big punch: and who is "tall, dark, and handsome" with a very pleasing and friendly personality. DOROTHEA VAN OSTEN STUY Academic 6132 Nlc'C,xL1.ITx1 STREET ACTIVITIES! Banker, B, Bridge Club, D. HOBBY! Horses and Aeronautics. . One of our prettiest orchids to Dorothea, who, as her hobbies imply, is a very modern lilissg who is fond of exploring the bridle paths on her favorite horse "Billy," who wants to invade the high ether as a second Amelia Erheartg who is a member of the Matinee Musical Club, whom we will all remember for her everlasting pep. 4-:al 87 12:4- ...Pali OTIS WILLIAM TERRY 5336 PBISCILLA STREET ACTIVITIES! Track. HOBBY: Track, Great heights to a star high jumper and trackman, Otis Terry: who is one of the most amiable fellows we know: who practices diligently to better himself physically: who hopes to enter Michigan in the fall where he can receive a real college training course in track and field work, DORIS RI'TH TOWNSEND Academic 545 ABBOTTSEORIJ ILOAD ACTIVITIES! Latin Club, F, E: Hospital Auxiliary, D: Debating Club, B, Ag Clwerlen Staff, D. C. B. Ag Clipper Staff, D, C, B, A3 RECORD BOOK Staff, A. HOBBIES: Poetry, Writing. To one of the cleverest girls in the class, who is Germantown's foremost exponent of the proverbial pun: who, besides being very witty, is an excel- lent writerg who, believe it or not, can easily get up at three o'clock in the morning and write poetry, to whom we award "ye old orchid" for her excep- tional ability in the literary field. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 HE gy... RAYMOND FRANCIS SCGAN Mechanical Arts 6743 XVYNCOTE ATENUE ACTIVITIES: Track Team: A. A. Representative, F, E, D, C, B Gym Leader, F, E, D, C: Gymkana, C. HOBBY: Drawing. More speed to Ray Sugan, a flashy quarter-miler: who is a conscientious and hard worker: who lists mechanical drawing as his favorite subject: who after a college education hopes to become an engineer. who is interested in sports and is himself an all around athlete, naming track as his preference. HARRY SWARTZ Academic 6340 GERMANTOWX AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Orchestra, F, E, D: Footlight Club, C: A. A. Representa- tive, C, Band, F, E, D1 Clipper, C, D, Campus Club, A. HOBBY! Saxophone. Chefrio to Harry, the lad with the snappy clothes, who delights in teasing everyone and anyone: who can talk hours on a subject he knows nothing about, who always folds his arms when he recites in classg and who loves to sing IH a real loud voice in assembly, much to the amusement of those around him. RHODA KATHERINE TAFBEL Academic 7159 ANDERSON STREET ACTIVITIES! German Club, B, A. HOBBY: Swimming, Tennis. Loads and loads of luck to that super-super salesman or rather sales- woman. Rhoda Taubel, having been one of the senior play's best ticket sellers: who is a swell swimmer and an excellent tennis plaverg who aspires to reach an institution of higher learning, which aspiration we hope she can and will attain. Academic N -el 88 It-4 THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...wifi ,. -Y flu, 1 EDGAR TRIPPLE Academic 6628 N. SEVENTEENTH STREET ACTIVITIES: Flipper StaH, D, C, Spanish Club, Ag Baseball, A. HOBBIES: All Sports, Corresponding with Spanish Students. Cheerio to Ed, who likes to play football, baseball, and tennis, who, if you don't know him well, you will probably believe is serious and quiet, but who isn't at all, who managed to double up in Spanish in his senior year, and like it Csome boyljg and who is one "swell'l all-around fellow. JAMES CAMPBELL TRFXTOX Academic 5137 N. FIFTEENTH STREET AFTIVITIES: Sketch Club, C. HOBBY: Drawing. Here's to James who, strange as it may seem, likes carrots and baseball games: who draws in his spare moments, and hates nothing: who is going to Bible School after he leaves Germantown's portals: who finishes his homework in the wee hoursg who claims his hobby is automobile riding: and whom everyone will remember for his quietness. HELEN TYSON Academic 6445 XYISSAHICKON AVENUE To Helen Tyson, the girl with bright blonde hair, whose profile strikingly reminds us of Ann Hardingg who has many likes including the sun, oranges designing clothes, drawing, tennis, and swimming, whose immediate aim is college, and who might take up dress designing later as her vocation: who is a quiet girl, but, who, when she does talk, says something worth- while. MILDRED CLAYTON VAN CLEAYI-I Academic 121 E. Goums LANE Homsvz Knitting. - High flying to Mildred Yan, whose likeable personality has endeared her to all her associatesg who is a swell dancer and a swell swimmer: who is another addict of that international craze for knitting: who is striving to reach Duke I'niversity after she graduates from Germantown in which aspiration we wish her the best of luck, NICKOLAS JOSEPH VENIJl'l"1'I Mechanical Arts 4115 RIDGE AVENUE HoBBY: Sports. Our very best wishes to Nick with the dark curly hair and the flashing blue eyes, whose pet aversion is schoolfand mostly Social Science: who has a quiet manner but in the most unexpected moments can let out the funniest remarks, who is one 'Kswell fellow" in every way. -'al 89 Ia-E THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 f 30 :IE-1'-H MARY D. VENTRESCA Commercial 4Q8 E. NIECHANIC STREET ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club, A: Bank Officer, F, D: Gym Leader, Girls' Leader, Girls' Gym Meet, A. HOBBY! Designing. To Mary Ventresca who is a very conscientious and willing worker: who is also a very fine dressmaker and can make a fine looking evening dress, who would like to be on the other side of the counter as the well-known sales girl, who should, with her initiative and ambition, attain this desire. GLADYS MAY VOGDES Academic 5123 GREENE STREET ACTIVITIES: Latin Club: Youth Chorus. HOBBIES: Singing, Music. To Gladys Vogdes, a well-dressed little miss who is intent upon giving herself a good time: who would some day like to sing over the radio, and to give Carmen for the Metropolitan Opera Company: who delights in all kinds of music and social dancing: and who would enjoy spending all her spare time in the study of interior decorating. MARY LOI ISE X OLLRATH Academic 434 E. WALNUT LANE ACTIVITIES! Secretary of Class, D, C, B, Ag Debating Club, C, B, Ag Secretary of Debating Club, C, B, Ag French Club, B, Ag Secretary, French Club, B, Ag Alternate, F, B: Senator, A: A. A. Representative, D, C, B: Cliwdcn Representative, Eg Gymkana, D, B: Gym Leader, D, C, B: Gym Dleet, E, C3 Hockey, D, Dancing Club, F, E,D, C,B, A1 Hospital Auxiliary, F, E, D: Vice-President, Hospital Auxiliary, Eg Secretary, Hospital Auxiliary, D. Our best to one of our sweetest girls, petite, blue-eyed, blonde Mary, who firmly states she is not going to be a secretary when she leaves school, despite the fact that she has had so much experience: who, besides doing well in her school work, is athletic: and who has won, with her pleasing personality, the friendship of the whole class, JOSEPH JOHN VOZZO Commercial 7723 GERMANTONVN AVENUE HOBBY! Books. A quiet cheer for that quiet member of the class, Joseph Vozzog who hopes to be a bookkeeper and who likes books, whose curly hair is the envy of the girls, whose modest unassuming personality has made him one of the contributing factors of the class. Happy Landings, Joe! XVILLIAM ARXALL WAGNER, JR. Academic 514 BRINTON STREET ACTIVITIES: Track. HOBBY: Meterology. The tops to Billy Wagner who can do anything from writing a blooda curdling mystery to running the two-twenty, who is vitally concerned in the weather for he follows up the weather maps with avid interest: who would like to crash that difficult field of journalism and who we know will succeed in this ambition. .QI 90 Ib.. THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ..,,f,+:30 , ,g q.... ELSIE MAY WALKER Commercial 2116 MEIIARY AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Debating Club, D, C, B, A. To Elsie Walker, who can tell bedtime stories so that even grown-ups crowd around and listen: who is an expert at pie-making and embroider- ing: who reads a lot, especially poetry: who would like to be a librarian so that she could work around books: and who can giggle and blush with the best of them. DAVID ALEXANDER WALLACE JR. Academic 25 WEST Asirnmu PLACE ACTIVITIES: Germantown Hi-Y, D, E, C, B: President, A: Footlight Club, Vice-President, I", E, D, C: President, B: English Club, D: Latin Club, C, B, A: Gym Leaders, D, C: Class Treasurer, D: Class Secretary, C, B: Senior Play Committee, B: Senior Play Cast: Gymkana, D: flII.I'Z'lfL'7l Art Staff, B: Boosters, B: Committee of Ten, A: Senior Luncheon Com- mittee: "G" Pin Award. HOBBY: Modeling. Herels to "Alex" who is our idea of a gentleman and il grand actor: who delights in saying funny things and making queer noises, when they're least expected: who is a whiz at mathematics and fills all of his spare scraps of paper with drawings: who is one "grand" fellow and merits the success he has attained. GLADYS SCOTT WABIPOLE ACTIVITIES: Commercial Club, B, A. WILLIAM H. G. WARNER HOBBY: Dancing. HOBBY: Reading. 1736 CHI'nCII LANE 350 GLEN Ecno ROAD IVORY PEARL WASHIXGTOX Commercial 228 E. KIARRETT STREET Conunercial Cheerio and all good wishes to Gladys, the tall young lady with the lovely titian curls, who hails from Reading, Pa., and hasn'l been in Philly very long: who is full of pep and vitality-oh, just lots: who has a friendly manner all the time, whom we've all been glad to call a friend Academic ACTIVITIES! Gym Team, F, E, D, C, B, A: Clipper Staff, C, B, A: Gym Leaders, I", E: Hi-Y, C, B, A, Gymkana, D, B, Senior Luncheon Committee, Success to Bill Warner, who is gymnastic and good-humored, who is rarely seen without his pipe. who thinks it's a miracle when he gets an "E" in Latin, or when he doesn't get a bawling out from Dr. Zwarg. We hope next to hear from Bill as a famous lawyer, as that is his chief ambition. A toast to Pearl, that quiet reserved girl, so petite and chic: who strolls nonchalantly afront the halls with a serious look on her face: who is taking 1 a commercial course with the greatest of vigor: who doesn't list Historv as this world. l ,QI Q1 fp., her favorite subject: who will, we are sure, really accomplish something in THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 r il IKE-3+.g.... WILLIAM JOHN WATSON, JR. Academic 201 E. AYASIIINGTON ILXNE ACTIVITIES: Swimming Team: Football Team: Track Team. HOBBY! Sports. Luck to towering Bill VVatson who is that man mountain you've seen plunging through a crumbling defensive line: whose practical jokes are an occurrence: who, believe it or not, is an excellent algebra student: whose perseverance and initative should put him up at the top, S. THOMPSON WATTS Academic 547 LOCUST AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Chi-Rho Hi-Y, A: Debating Club, C, B, A' Bridge Club, C, B, A' Soccer, B Basketball, C Baseball, C, A. HOBBY! Farming. More strikeouts to our star hurler, one of the city's best who is also a uperfine soccer player who has tried his hand at basketball: who some day hopes to go to Penn State. VVe have a suspicion that Tommy would like to make the big league and we sure hope he makes it for he has the stuff. ELIZABETH DIANNE WEISS Commercial 700 CIIURCII LANE HOBBY: Knitting, Swimming. Good cheer to good ol' Betty Weiss: whose secret hobby is the 'Tursuit of Happiness," who is no relation to Diana, the goddess of the hunt, even though she is in the "Pursuit of Happinessng who aims to be a private sec- retary some day or else a stenographer either one of which she ultimately decides on we know she will attain. BARBARA WEISS Academic 261 HIGI-I STREET ACTIWITIES Hi Y B A Footli ht Club B A Debatin Club B .' 2-...L g g...A: Senior Play Cast. HOBBY: Swimming. Here's to Bobbie, who came to Germantown at the beginning ofthe I2-A term: who played hockey in the fall term, and basketball at the "YU: who is Interested in the sciences: who always seems to be rushing some place or doing something important: and who manages to keep up with the best of them when it comes to talking, and to using her hands to make the description more vivid. LENORE MERIAM WEISS Academic 6540 IVISSAI-IICKON AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Latin Club, B5 Clipper Sales, Dg Hospital Auxiliary, A. HOBBY! Sports and Music. Hi-ho to Lenore, whose pet weakness is talking to anyone who is near and who will listen, who is heading for Penn after she leaves Germantown: who is quite an athletic girl and at the same time is a lover of music, who, with her pep and vitality, manages to keep going. --:JI 92 Irs-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ----msgs 19:5 1- ELIZABETH II. YYELSH Commercial 5132 KEYSER STREET Loads of success to tall and stately Betty Welsh, whose features are of such quality that she could easily substitute them for any Greek statue without any change being detected, who is as popular with the boys as with the girls, who intends to go to business college in the fall. BVRTON STANLEY WENDKOS Academic 1718 RosEI.x'N STREET ACTIVITIES! Chess and Checkers Club, F3 Flipper Sports Editor, B, A: Clipper Stall, D, C, B, A: Track Team, C: Clipper Dance Committee, A1 Debating, D, C, B3 Senior Play, A: Senior Play Ticket Committee, .Kg HOBBY: Sports and Newspaper Work. Three cheers for Burt, the happy-go-lucky Sports' Editor of the Flipper, who has a whip-bang personality, and is always on the go: who proved he is something of an actor, Herbert Stem in the Senior Play: whose always present grin and jovial manner make him everybody's friend. ROBERT JAMES WESLEY Academic 411 E, WoonI..xwN AVENUE .ACTIVITIESZ Dramatic Club, E, D, C, B: Harmonica Club, B, Ag Bank Otticer, F, E, D, C, B, Ag Rifle Club, F, E, D. HOBBY: Model Airplane Building. High flying to air-minded Bob Wesley: whose cutting up in Mr. Strauss' social class provided almost a page of material for a Flipper news-hawk during the "B" term: who likes airplanes in any form, shape, or fashion: who we know will be a success in no matter what he sets out to do for he has the ambition to accomplish il. RUTH ELINORE WHALEY Vocational Art 124- E. 'l'I'LPEuockEN STREET ACTIVITIES: Hospital Auxiliary, F, Ag Sketch Club, D, C. B, A: Debat- ing Club, D, C, B, Ag t'lirz'flm1 Staff, D, C, B, A: Art Editor, Ag French Club, B, Ag Party Committee, C: Campus Club, A. HOBBIES: Swimming, Drawing. Hi-ho and good wishes to Ruth, who is an artist and looks the part, from the top of her head to the tip of her toesg who sits up to the wee hours ot the morning making posters or illustrations for the Clirefleng who is friendly, willing to help, and who has a personality which is all smiles, both inside and out. MARTHA JANE WHITEHEAD Commercial 36 E. TI'I.PEnoCKEN STREET HOBBY: Swimming, Skating. Stand up and cheer for Jane, who came to Germantown in 12-A from Pitman, New Jersey, with a big and loud bang: who walked off with some swell marks on her report card, which goes to show what comes from study- ingg and who always seems to be hopping some place, or talking a blue streak to whoever would listen. '-:il 93 In-I THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 -9-gli 1,5 q.... OSCAR HARRIS WHITING, JR. Academic 22 E. RITTENHOUSE STREET ACTIVITIES: Latin Club, C, B, A: Gym Team, C, B, A. HOBBY: Gymnastics. Success to the famed man on the Hying trapeze, Oscar W'hiting, though it would more likely be mats in Oscar's case, with Mr. VVhiting doing all the flying: whose ability, which also carries him afar in his strides, is not limited to gymnastics, and who, quiet though he is, can convince anyone that he has ability. ELIZABETH WHY Academic 242 E. HIGHLAND AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Senator, H, G: Alternate, F, D, C: Cliveden StaH', C: Party Committee, C, B: RECORD BOOK Staff, President Girls, A. A., B, A: Vice- President, C, Dancing, G, E, D, B, Ag Gym Meet, E, C, A: Tumbling, Cg Track, C, Leaders, G, F, E, D, C, B, Ag Vocal Ensemble, H, G, F, E. Wishing the top to Betty Why, who is athletic, supple, and not hard to look at, who is destined to be a gym teacher, who knows everything about gymnastics and as much about boys, whose hobby, naturally, is sports, and whose pet-like is dancing. We hope she lines the mantel-piece with many silver trophies! JOHN JOSEPH WILHELM Academic 5112 GERMANTOXVN AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Rifle Club. HOBBY! Ballistics. Cherrio to Jack, the good-looking blonde Adonis, with plenty of personal- ity and pep, who spends most of his weekends at VVashington's Crossing on the Delaware, hunting: who is, we've been told, a good singer: whose main ambition is to own a car, and after that he'd like to learn some German, who is one "swell guy." GEORGE DAVID WILKINSON Commercial 158 PLEASANT STREET HOBBY: Swimming. To a very quiet and retiring member of the graduating class, George Wilkinson, who is so wrapped up in the deep cloak of silence that many a person has inquired as to what the secret is, that lays a shroud over his very mysterious persong who has confessed one thing,-that he likes to SVVIITI. JAMES SALMON WILKINSON, JR. Academic 2110 E. CHELTEN AVENUE ACTIVITIES: Debating Club, C, B, A. To fast stepping Jimmy Wilkinson, who is one of the guiding stars of his fraternity, whose favorite sport, indoor and outdoor, is galavanting around town about three or four A. M. in the wee hours of the morning, who aims to go to the University of Pennsylvania after graduating from good ole Germantown. '-al 94 Ie-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ----ff-EQII ncffaia- WILLIAM ENGELS WIMER Academic 4-460 N. TWEXTIETII STREET Ac'TIVITIEs: Vocal Ensemble, F, E, D: Chemistry Club, F: Dramatic Club, B, A: Assistant Track Manager, E: Gym Team Manager, C, B: Hi-Y, C, B, A: Secretary, A: Forum Club, C, B: President, B: Flipper Staff, C, B, A: Cliverlm Staff, C, B, A: Publicity Manager, B, A: Repre- sentative, F, D, B: Party Committee, B: Bridge Club. F, D: Gymkana, D, B: Senior Play Cast: "GU Pin Award, B. HOBBY! Dramatics. Good luck to Willy, whose witty remarks and sayings we all will miss: who will some day make a competent and sincere minister: who, no matter when approached, is glad to help anyone at any time: who is lost without his faithful handkerchief to keep that perpetual cold of his down: and who, all in all, is a willing worker, WILLIAM WOOD Mechanical Art 3420 AINSLIE STREET ACTIVITIES! Radio Club, F, E, D, C, B, A: Stage Crew, C, B, A: Assistant llanager, B, A. HOBBY: Chemistry. Cheerio to VVilliam VVood, that very fzine lad, who has made himself known with his radio work, who has been an asset to the stage crew, who writes ace-high short stories, who, with the Fine qualities shown at Ger- mantown, will become a big man some day. HORACE SIMEON WOODLIN Commercial 450 EARLI-IAM STREET ACTIVITIES! HOBBY: Dancing, Golf. To witty and comical Horace YVoodlin or as he prefers "Juicy,', who has a mania for wearing his hats on the back of his head like Napoleon: who is at his best when on the dance floor with a pair of tap shoes, or with a slim shaft and that little white pill, for Juicy shoots a mean game of golf. RLSIE E. WOSISKI Commercial 5657 XVISTER STREET ACTIVITIES: Leaders, Club, F, E, D, C: Dancing Club, E, D, C: Chess Club, C. HOBBY: Palmistry, Swimming. Hats off to Elsie Wosiski that petite, blonde young lady who has done such fine work in the leaders' club: who has shown her fine ability as a dancer in the dancing club: who is also a fine chess player being a very active member throughout her high school career. JOHN WRIGHT, JR. Academic 4960 B,u'IsToN STREET ACTIVITIES: Clipper Staff, F, E, D, C, B: Cliverlen Staff, F, E, D, CS Business Manager, D, C. HoBBIEs: Yachts and Yacht Racing. Ours to Jack, the tall, dark-haired boy with the friendly manner, who delights in teasing the girls, and whose pleasing and jovial personality makes him everybody's friend: who spends his summers at Island Heights, New Jersey, where he indulges in his hobby, sailing a spiffy boat: and who has been one of the mainstays of the Clippefs business staff. .21 95 Ia'- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 f ISN Jo? gm. HARRIET WFRMAN Academic 6514 N. XINTI-I STREET ACTIVITIES: German Club, E, B, A1 Secretary, Ag French Club, B, Ag Forum, Bg Cliveflen StaH', D, Debating Club, D, C, B, Ag President, C, B, Ag Representative, Interscholastic French Club, B, Bank Officer, C, Literary Editor, REt'0RD Book. HOBBY: Music. Hats off to Harriet who combines brains with personality, to the advan- tage of bothg who has been president of Debating Club for three terms, and is also an expert pianist: who loves Ogden Nash, and drives her friends frantic with her inane, nonsensical poetry, who actually likes mathematics: whose puns are such as we never hope to hear outside of Germantown. MARGARET ELIZABETH ZIXSER Commercial 505 E. XYALNUT LANE ACTIVITIES! Dancing Club, E, D, C, B1 Debating Club, C, B, Ag Hos- pital Auxiliary, F, E, D, C, B, A: Commercial Club, B, A, Leaders' Club, Bg Hockey, D3 Girls' A. A. Representative, B, A. To Betty Zinser, quiet, reticent, and very well liked, who is an avid reader of mystery stories, who takes time out to collect all articles on music, whose one aim is to become a secretary in the business world, and who certainly should, for she has been noted for her character of trust- worthiness and dependability. RICHARD ALLEN Academic 5527 Monnxs STREET Ar'TIvITII-:sz Rifle Clubg Chess Club. HoBnY: Tennis and Swimming. .Hail Dick Allen, who has the distinction of being one of the most "hob- bied' persons In the graduating class, who not only shoots away in the rifle club and Hcheckinatesv in the chess club, but also wields a swift racquet onthe tennis court, yet he has time to unclose a "pretty jack-knifel' into the depths of a swimming pool. CARL FREDERICK SEEGER Commercial 6261 GARIJENIA STREET ACTIVITIES! Baseball Squad. HOBBY: Sports. Hats od to Carl Seeger, the baseball squad's stand-by for the last three years, who has been actively engaged in the line of sports since his entrance to Germantowng whose outstanding work on the C'Ii1'ef1en's nine is something we are all proud of, who will be remembered in the halls of Germantown for many a decade. --ai 96 Ia-- -c in THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 Y .,- 1,1135 9 Zin 11-Blemuriam February 17,1918 ALBERI'SHMNBERG fJctober 21, 1933 .21 There is no IIPCITTIT The sffzrs go flown To rise upon some 4fa.1'rer .vhoreg , ' And bright in Heavezfs jezwellerl crown I ! 2 They shine forerernzore. W I T H There is no death! The d us! we tread Shall change beneatlz lhe summer sl1o11'er.S'. To golden grain or mellouerl fruit Ur raznhf Il Iznferl flouers- There 19 no death' lhe lezues' may fall find fiouers' may fade and paws' auay They only nazi through II mfry hours The commq of the Way IOHN L. WMC REER5 I LWVWITQ 'IL' , ff V f , w ' , .-' V I . M : J Vi: - rv 1 1 1 ', 1 - " Q- - HA ig pt A - 1 R QV 5 '. ' ' ' W L- ll . . A '. ' hug . 1 ' ' h IN w , AM gr 1 N K xfwlhljglwil . E1i'?7"" ' l'i3EEi32e 4,-X - 1 V1 ff llllllh, H , Q H mlmmrh1',1l1W M1 f fehw WWMMMLMIW Vi!! I ,. 'El u.. E 11", A 'Li 'rd.,,:. 1 uhh' ur " X-.ff ,Ln Illilm M 1 nf 55 O -Ag ww II W l Ha Em v THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 -'vllr - ,lla ju.. COMMITTEE OF TEN VERY school has its student government and at its head is usually found the finest, most outstanding students of the school. The Com- mittee of Ten is the governing body of our school. Blembership is secured only through nomination by the faculty and the vote of the Senate. It is the duty of these ten people to enforce, with the aid of sub-commit tees, all of the laws passed by the Senate. The committee receives reports of the infringment of these laws and takes action on them at their meetings, which are held every Tuesday and Thursday in Room 310. The President of the Senate during our 'SAM term was Bob Connor, who proved an able and eflicient leader. Jane Read was Vice-President and she also performed the duties of her oflice in a very creditable manner. One of Janels special duties was to oversee the lunchrooms. Kay Anderson and Bill English, both of the "Bn class, were her aides. The unpleasant job of watching for violaters of the smoking rules was awarded to Bob Richards and Alex VVallace. They both handled their work excellently. Kathryn C"Dickie,'D Schwefler and Ed Bickel were responsible for traffic in the halls and stairways. Ellesiv Andersen was responsible for the order in the assembly, and the artistic arrangement of posters on the bulletin boards was due to Muriel Manship. After glancing through this list of names and then seeing the order and management of the school, there is no doubt in anyonels mind that this Committee-of-Ten was indeed the 6'Cream of the Cropf, '-:xl 100 Ir-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 -we gggr A- A 7 ,777 Y Y ?-W Y N555-T 9...- BOOSTERS HEN ever there,s a project around school that needs to be boosted, the Boosters are always on the job. They form one of the liveliest and most necessary groups in Germantown. In 1924 Fred Earle organized a grouptof five girls and five boys which banded together for the sole purpose of putting pep and spirit into the activities. 'l his aim has been continued with ever increasing success. The Boosters sell A. A. Books, and arrange Blass Meetings. They also originated Frolic VVeek which takes place every Fall term. The Booster Dance and Color Day, both backed by the Boosters, are two actiy ities every- body enjoys. A year ago, Germantown was without a mascot. To the rescue came the Boosters, and produced a bear. This bear appears at all the football games in full regalia and array. All of this brings to the Booster's treasury, a substantial sum which they give to the improvement of the Athletic Field and to the Students' Assistance Fund. High-pressure salesmen is the name best applied to these girls and boys. This year, the Boosters, under the leadership of Blr. Beneher, sponsor, were composed of Yolanda Grubmeyer, chairmen, Stewart Cowan, secretary and treasurer, Marion Struse, Dorothy Dingee, Helen Louise Nliller, Helen Blahalek, Dick Stevens, John Sidebottom, Bob Smith, and Pete Stranges. Two of this group, Yolanda Grubmeyer and Dick Stevens, graduate in June 1935. The Boosters this term did real constructive work, and, with the help and spirit of the student body backing them, they should continue to be the "Boosting Boostersf' --al 101 le- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 -.4 :Egg qggqn.. GERMANTOWN' HIGH SCHOOL -PIN AWARD irq his I5 In rzmfg that ,Q if ' fl! I ofthe Glass of has been awankd the Q-Qin in jg A consequence of the attainment of the following requiremens: 35 1 The possession hfhh outstanding character .ha me Pmmouhh of the ideals .hd ,jg E the best mwrescs of the school, H 2 The when-lhg of dasuhcuve and valuable hmm. in the School in exhhmmmlhh 35 hccivmes of h non-afhleuc chhmcoen ggi? 3 A 8.-hae hah lower than F Th all studies in the um during which the .wma was made and during :he previous term 1 ' mm.. .mmhmopmsmm : E 4 waw 'Elin Jfb' '-BEE ' .wt Ju' "A" TERM ELLESIV .ANDERSEN JANE COHALAN ROBERT CONNOR HTXRRISON DOTTS XYOLANDA GRUBDIE1'ER ARTHUR LEXVIS DOROTH1' I ASSANT LUCILE SAUDER ROY SIIUBERT ALEX VVALLACE J "B" TERM ELLESIV :XNDERSEN EDXVTXRD BICKEL R-OBERT CONNOR KATHRYN SCIIYVEFLER VVILLIAM VVIMER CGC!! BETTY Buss EDNVARD BICKEL JANE COHALAN -Q41 102 Ia-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 Qu ,Y 3- , UQ qu.. THE SENATE TFDENT Govern- ment is one of the most important ac- tivities of a high school. Here at Germantown, it takes the form of the Sen- ate. Senators and Alter- nates for this body are elected by the various record classes. All rules governing the Student body are passed by these representatives. Meet- ings are held the first ltfonday of every month, at which time the members of the Committee of Ten make their reports. A tax of five cents is collected every term from the members of the school. This money is used for the purchase of HGV' Pins, for donations to the Stu- dents' Assistance Fund, for the Senate Dance, and all other expenses in- curred during a term. Bfany illustrious names from the Class of June, '35 appeared in this ternfs rolls. Betty Bliss was the effi- cient representative from Book Une. Kathryn Frazer represented Book Two, fulfilling her duties in her usual, quiet, dependable manner. The Sena- tor from Book Three was Ed Geb- hardt, and Alan ltfoyer headed Book Four. Book Five was led by Roy Shu- bert. Roy has been a Senator from his F term, and accordingly the Sen- ate was no new story to him. He ful- filled this job in his usual, inimitable, efficient way. llary Vollrath was the Senator from Book Six. Mary, also, has been active in executive affairs and proved an asset to the class. Alternates of the class were: Ralph Barley. Alonzo Clifford, Jane Hobson. Marjorie lfiller. Lucile Sauder. and Dick Stevens. Gym team captain. i "G" Pin winner, and gen- eral all-around man, Bob Connor, was president of the Senate this term. Vfith his executive abil- ity, excellent judgment. and line leadership he has been an inspiration to the entire school. Witty, pretty Jane Read of "Bliss Finney' fame was an equally fine vice-president. tYith these two at the head of the Student Government it is no wonder that this term of the senate has lJ9l'I1 so suc- cessful. No Senate article would be com- plete without mention of its clever gum-drop cultivating sponsor, Bfr. Strauss. Those who have had him in a class know him as the one who can make the story of the tariff interesting and who tells those grand farm stories. But in Senate lffeetings it is he who brings order out of chaos and helps straighten out the affairs of the Senate. The Senate is one of the outstand- ing activities of the school. Those who are its members are the best of the school. It is a body to be respected and obeyed. There is no doubt that if all the representatives of this legis- lative body are of the caliber of the present representatives from the senior class, Germantown High School will retain its fine name and reputation. --:il 103 Ii:- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...qi gay 3 g n 3... THE CLIPPER HE Glipper Offfce-where homework and notes are prepared and copied, where puns and wisecracks reign supreme, where controversial subjects of the day are expounded, and where, incidentally, the work for the Glipper, the school newspaper is done. This is a kaleidoscopic view of what greets the outside observer. But working on the Glipper Staff isn,t all fun. Proof of this is the four- page edition published by the staff every other Tuesday. To the clanging tune of typewriters, four flat tenors trying to sing "St. Louis Bluesf, and the general chatter and hub-bub, the writer must prepare his copy. lNIr. Coleman is faculty adviser of this group and Frances Nemerov, editor, the second girl ever to hold this position. Burton Wenkos, Sports Editor, Margaret Smith, News Editor, Lois Ozier, Copy Editor, and Arthur Silber, General Business Manager are the senior members of the staff, and a goodly number of "Av students are members of the contributing staff. A staff member is expected to be a human dictionary and encyclopedia, and must be able to spell anything from uagnosticismu to "zythm,,, and know the number of mothers in the Hfothers' Association. Stories are written on envelopes, or on the back of chance test papers, and, on rare occasions, on regular composition paper. There is always a noted scarcity of pencils, ink, and erasers. The Glipper is a means of conveying the latest in school news to the student body and providing for the expression of literary talent. It keeps those at Germantown High in close contact with the school, as well as adording an enjoyable and profitable activity to the journalistic-minded student. -'sal 104 rp.- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 --ug Q11 - rg 1 fi, Q ,A ll 9.... THE CLIVEDEN HE year 1935 has been the twentieth Anniversary of the Clireden lVIagazine. As old as the school, its career has been as wide and suc- cessful. The first fifteen years oftits existence, it was the only medium of news in the school. With the advent of the Glipper, the Glireden became what it is now,-an outlet for the literary talent of the school. The ltlagazine has won honors at the Columbia Scholastic Press Assof ciation for several years, and also at the Pennsylvania Association. VVithin the past two years, radical changes have been made in the physical make-up and contents of the Glireden. This renovation was started by Don Cooke in September 1933, and has been furthered by the succeeding editors. At the same time that Don Cooke became Editor, NIL Jones took over the advisership of the magazine. Prior to that, Mrs. Pennycook had been its mentor. lNIr. Jones has proved a wise and fair helper to the editors and to the staffs. For the past two terms Lucile Sauder has been editor. This term Arthur Lewis was Assistant Editor, and Doris Townsend was Poetry Editor. On the business end, Gene Silver, Betty Kershaw, and Arthur Silber have been diligent workers. The Mfagazine has had the benefit of the finest artists in the school. Last term Dot Passant was Art Editor, this term, Ruth Whaley, Betty Jeffries, and Jack Reichel have all been assets in this branch of the work, and the twenty-one Seniors of the StaH this term have been a talented group. It is no wonder, with such support, that the Glireflen is a top-ranking Magazine. --:gl 105 Ir:-4 ...q.- 0 W THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 plgg-q.... CLARENCE N and Saturday eve- Mrs. Martin.. , .... Barbara Weiss, Betty Brill ning-S, Llay 31-d and 4th, the Mr. Wheeler. .. ..4. Burt Kniveton, Bill Senior play, "Clarence,', written by Booth Tarkington, was presented by the Senior Class. It was a rollicking comedy of the adventures of an ex- doughboy whose sole achievement seemed to be that he could drive a mule team without the use of profane language. The story concerns his entrance into the scrappy family of a prominent, tired business man, and his success in relieving the situation by removing the bone of contention, in the person of the lovely young governess whom he marries. The audience rocked with laughter when the scion of the fam- ily, young Bobby VVheeler and his at- tractive sister, Cora, fought tooth and nail about everything and anything to the consternation of the timid Clar- ence. The 'gblissfulv home life of the VVheelers and the eternal triangles that grew up around the ex-soldier with liver trouble, were the back- grounds of this case of mistaken iden- tity and love-in-a-sun-room play in four acts. , The play terminated a feverish struggle stretched over about three months, in which practically the whole class participated. The main plank in the platform, of course, was the cast under the able direction of Bliss hlarion Prince of the English Depart- ment. They attended, we hope, the major part of the rehearsals and cer- tainly were well rewarded by the final productions. Both casts were as follows: Mrs. Wheeler ..,,.,.., Betty Bliss, Betty Kershaw Bobby Wheeler. .,...,. Louis Black, William Wimer Cora Wheeler. .... Janice Smith, "Dickie" Schwefler Violet Pinney ...., Yolanda Grubmeyer, Jane Read Clarence. ............. Dick Stevens, Alex Wallace Rosie .......... Josephine Carey, Elleanore Clarke Della. ,...., Dorothy Carfagno, Louise Griepenkerl Dinwiddie ,........,....., Ed Bickle, Jack Reichl Hubert Siem ......,..... Burt Wendkos, Joe Breen Everyone of them played their part to the utmost. Of course we must not forget the ladies behind the curtain who gave the lines to those who needed them, the prompters, Frances Nemerov and Lucile Sauder. Our tall stalwarts on the stage crew also deserve a round of applause. The boys who rushed about with hammers, nails, and odd bits of scenery were Harrison Dotts and his six little dis- ciples. Joseph John, John Parnell, VVilliam VVarner, William Wood, Dave Rupp, and Alfred Buchanan. The musical portion of the program was under the direction of hliss Eleanor E. Quinn and consisted of six numbers: Triumphal March ...... .... ..... C I rieg Rosamunde Overture ......,............ Schubert Medley of World YYar Songs. .... Arranged by Lake Minuet from E Flat Symphony ..... ....... 3 Iozart Prelude from L'Arlesienne Suite.. . ,,.... Bizet Exit hlarch Other faculty members to whom the class is obligated are: Bliss Elizabeth VVherry and Mr. Howard Denn for the sceneryg Mr. Raymond Buchanan -:I 106 Ie'- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...+ g for the lighting, Miss F reehafer and lNIr. Rothermel for their assistance in the "little thingsf, To culminate the list of notables assisting in the production are the names of the students who gave in- valuable assistance on their various committees. First there was the busi- ness managcr, Ruth Bridenbachg sec- ond, the boys and girls behind the sale of tickets, Louis Cohen, Louis Black, Lloyd Brittingham, Kathryn Frazer, Harriet Hibbs, Arthur Lichterman, Rhoda Taubel and Lois Ozierg then the program committee consisting of Arthur Silber, Eugene Silver, Burt q -qu.. Wlendkos, and Bill Senior g the harried property committee, Roy Shubert, Jean Levy, Joseph Shute, and Charles Rulong Ruth VVhaley and Pat Pas- sant, who made the posters, and last, but by no means least, the candy committee, Anna Osman, Jane Coha- lan, Marjorie Miller, Betty Conrey, ltlarion Conrey, Virginia Randle, Bet- ty Why, Mary Davis, Mary Vollrath, Jean Boyle, Dorothy Herron, and Peggy Gawthrop. All did a good job, worked hard, and succeeded. A Senior Play vic- torious! --Q1 107 ip., THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 .mg 3.31 na gn.. CLASS DOINGS ODAY, marked with four years of high school associa- tion within these portals, we take our leave of this, which has been our life, our work, and so much of every day to us. All that we have claimed and enjoyed must be left as heritage to those who follow. VVe can only take, in departure, the memo- ries set forth on these pages. Bewildered innocents we were when first We came to Germantown, and in the great perplexity of the average freshman and sophomore We, in- quiringly, poked our noses into every- thing. We explored the school from the humming engine room to the dim fourth floor corridor. VVe were initiated into thc mysteries of such high subjects as geometry, and we barely managed to control our stom- achs long enough to disect and exam- ine a dead frog in Biology class. At our entrance into the "D H term Dr. Seeley appointed, with geometric precision and artistic execution, hfr. Rothermel and Miss Freehafer to the advisership of our class, and, at the same time we selected our class officers. Ellisiv Andersen and Vin- cent VValsh were chosen as presidents, Kathryn Frazer and Bob Connor as vice-presidents, Mary Yollrath and Ed Bickel as secretaries, and Jane Cohalan and Alex Wallace as treasurers. VVe had several class assemblies to complete our organization and the treasurers managed to collect the grand sum of ten cents from of us-our first payment toward class dues. Vlle then advanced to S'C's,' with less evidence of our previous wide- eyed state and a certain sophistica- tion acquired only in high school. The class held a meeting early in lllarch and we selected our oflicers, choosing Ellisiv Anderson and Bob Connor as presidents, Kathryn Frazer and Ed Bickel as vice-presidents, lVIary Vollrath and Alex YVallace as secretaries, and Jane Cohalan and Dick Stevens as treasurers. An innovation at the election was the selection of Doris Townsend and Bill Wimer as historians. Our organization was quickly widened by the selection of com- mittees and groups to handle the great amount of work that was to be done. The ring committee with Dorothy Gerhardt and Joseph Gart- ner as Chairmen was choosen along with the Party Committee which had Yolanda Grubmeyer and Donald Peters as heads. Then came the Party! It was the highlight of the term, our first social event. It was the fifteenth of Nlay, and remember how it rained! The entertainment started in the audi- torium with a very amusing playtin which Dick Stevens, clad in shorts, starred in a humorous role. VVas he embarrassed-well that goes without saying. Refreshments were served in Room 301 and then we retired to the gym for dancing. A C. W. A. orches- tra supplied the music and a varied and colorful floor show was pre- sented. It was a grand party and we all left with happy hearts but with tired feet. --QI 108 Is-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...qt Qu That term many of the members of our class became active in club work and were elected to oHices in these organizations. Some of the boys and girls were admitted to Hi-Y groups and others did active work on the Clipper and Glireden Staffs. At the beginning of the "B" term we re-elected our former officers and committees were appointed to handle the vast amount of work on hand. Miss Prince agreed to coach our Senior Play and Jane Read, Roy Shubert, Alex VVallace, Betty Ker- shaw, Ed Kling and Ruth Breiden- back composed a committee to read plays and select one suitable for our class to present. Our party that year was on the eighteenth of December. A short humorous skit was given. in the audi- torium in which Bob Richards san.g several songs, Bobbie VVeiss recited, nearly wringing her hands off in the process, and several of the girls pre- formed group dances. Refreshments were served in Room 300 and dancing followed in the gym. That term the editor and staff of the CLASS RECORD BooK were choosen and they started to work early in January. Then our "A" term! We now were truly eligible to that high and dignified title, "Seniors" Our high school days were rapidly nearing their close. So much was done that term. VVe selected our officers early in October and choose Ellisiv Anderson and Ed. Bickel as presidents, Kathryn Frazer and Dick Stevens as vice-presidents, Diary Vollrath and Arthur Lewis as secretaries, and Jane Cohalan and Ed Kling as treasurers. 1j -ay... The Senior Prom committee was headed by Jane Read and Ed. Hyde and they selected Old York Road Country Club as the place to hold our dance. Friday night, June 7 was chosen as the date and Jack Delmar's orchestra supplied the music. Re- member the grand time we had? VVill you ever forget it? It was all we dreamed our Prom should be, and even more. Fred Clapp and Harriet Hibbs headed the Party Committee a.nd Elleanore Clark, Betty VVhy, Clifford Gilpin, Bob Logan., and llelville Freas acted as aides. The party was a fine example of their very hard work. The Senior Luncheon Committee had Bob Connor and Jeanette Bauer as Chairmen and Bill VVarner, Alex VVallace, Dick Schilling, Roberta Campbell, Ernestine Potts, and Jane Hobson served under them. All their plans met with well merited success. Yvhat a lovely time We had, the last time that all of us were together. And "Clarence" on Friday and Saturday nights, the third and fourth of May! Will we ever forget it? Senior plays will come and Senior plays will go, but We will hold ours up before any for close scrutiny. lt was a grand production, and how hard Ruth Breidenback, publicity manager, and Louis Cohen, ticket chairman, had to work. To them, the members of the cast "Clarence" such a fine along with who made production, a vote of thanks! And now it,s over and We're leaving has been so near to us, this which leaving it forever. Names--dates- events--the brief and inadequate re- minders of all our happy days spent in Germantown High School. -el 109 In-A THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....g g gE-4.... SENIOR PROM BEVY of resplen- dent girls and youths invaded the gaily decorated ball- room at the Old York Road Country Club on Friday night, June seventh. It was our Prom! The occasion we planned for, dreamed about, and imagined for ages, was row a reality. Jack Delmar's easy rhythms soon Hooded the ballroom and We were olf. The orchestra of ten pieces played modern melodies much in the manner of Casa Loma, and Jack Darby was the featured vocalist. Bright ginghams, gay taffetas, sleek crepes, and demure laces added a wealth of color and beauty to the scene, and were a striking contrast against the more subdued attire of all the male escorts. A novelty exhibition dance was performed by Muriel Manship and Alfred Vvebb and there was a lucky number dance participated in by all. Dr. Seely and hlrs. Seely, Blr. and llrs. Raacke, llr. and hlrs. Rother- mel, and Bliss Freehafer were the faculty guests who were present. The committee that planned the prom was headed by Edwin Hyde and Jane Read who, besides keeping the committee members in hysterics and stitches, proved that good can come from hilarity. Those serving under them were Dicky Schwelier, Adelaide Phillips, Peggy Gawthrop, John Gleason, Harrison Dotts, Fred Brink,Yolanda Grubmeyer, Carl Boyer, and Louis Black. To them, all of the credit is due for making the prom such a grand success. At the first meetings the committee decided upon the place and the price of the tickets, and the members then went to the senior classes to approximate the number of couples that would attend. It was found that there would be about one hundred and fifty, and arrangements were made with this number as a basis. After this, the orchestra was se- cured and the decorations and the entertainment decided upon. Then the night came. We all arrived at the country club in gay, festive spirits, bound to have a good time. hfelody, puns, and songs reigned supreme. Everybody was happy and we forgot all about school for a night. At one o'clock the or- chestra packed their instruments, the lights were lowered, we donned our wraps, and then set out on the long road for home, and now our prom is just a hazy memory that we will always cherish. The tunes, the faces, the good time, and the laughter have all been laid away in lavender to treasure as one of the high lights of our school days. --al 110 Im-- -G 3231: ----W E , THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 THE SPORTSMANSHIP TROPHY presented to Germantown High School in recognition ry' jing ieam work among the high schools of the city REQ- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 "f' I4 fgggqn- SENIOR CLASS OF JUNE, 1935 Athletic Honors and Records I-First Letter or Large G II-Second Letter or Block G III-Numerals BARLEY, RALPH Gym, III, '34, Gym Leader, '32. BENAMY, JOSEPH Baseball, I, '35 II, '34, Soc- Cer, I, '3-I-, '33, II, '32, BICKEL, EDWARD Football, II, '35, Gym Leader, '34, BLACK, LOI'IS Football, I, '34, Gym, III, '34: Gym Leader, '33, BOBROW, EDIYIN Tennis, II, '34, BRI'I"I'INGI-IABI Track, II, '34, CLIFFORD ALONZO Gym, I, '35, II, '34, III, '33, Gym Leader, '32, COHEN, LOITIS Football, III, '33, CONNOR, ROBERT Gym, I, '34, II, '35, Cap- tain, '35, DERR, JOHN Football Manager, I, '34. DREW, HUBERT Track, '35, FOERTSCH, FRED Football, II, '32, III, '33, Gym Leader, '33, FREAS, MELVILLE Basketball, I, '35, II, '34. GAREL, IYILLIAAI Golf, I, '35, GATHROP, RICHARD Basketball, III, '34, GOLDFARB, ALBERT Gym Leader, '33. HARKINS, PHILIP Golf, I, '35, Baseball, II, '33, IIYDE, EDWIN Football, II, '33. HYDE, EDIVARD Gym, I, '35, '34, Gym Leader, '39, HYNES, IXIARTIN Golf, II, '35, JONES, JOHN R. Football, II, '32, JONES, WILLIAM Track, I, '35, II, '34, Foot- ball, II, '34: Cross Country, II, KELLER E. FRED Tennis, I, '33, '34, '35, LICIITERBIAN, AlI'I'HI'R1 Soccer, I, '34, '33, II, '3Q, Basketball, II, '33, Manager, l '34 II '33 ,.,,... OESCHER, EDIYARD Baseball, II, '35, III, '33, Basketball, II, '35, PETERS, DONALD Track, I, '35, PRESSMAN, DAN Gym, I, '34, '33, II, '35, Gym Leader, '32, Cheerleader, '35. RICH, JOHN Basketball, II, '34 '35, Swimming, II, '33, SEEGER, CARL Baseball, I, '35, II, '33. SI-II'BERT, ROY TERRY, OTIS Soccer, L Track, I, '35, '33, STEFIIERT, DIETRICH Gym Leader, '33, , STECHERT, FRED TRIPPLE, EDIJAR Gvmy HL '34, Gym Baseball, II, 35. Leader, '32, - S'I'EIY.-ART, ASHTON Gym Leader, '34, STONE, WILLIAM Baseball, I, '35, Soccer, I, '34, '33, II, '32, Basketball, I, '35, III, '34, WAGNER, IVILLIAINI Cross Country, II, '34, WARNER, WILLIAM Gym, I, '35, '34, II, '33, Gym Leader, '32, WATSON, VVILLIAINI Football, I, '34, Swimming, II, '3 5. WATTS, THOMPSON Baseball, I, '35, '34, Basket- ball, III, '34, Soccer, I, '34. W'IIITING, OSCAR Gym, I, '35, '34, Gym Leader, '39, WIMER, WILLIAM Gym Manager, II, '34, THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, ...qs-f lg 1 9 3 5 leew- FOOTBALL TEAM BOVVDS! Shouting! Cheering! Groans! Touchdowns! Scores! Fumbles! Pen- alties! F OOTBALL! Such exclamations im- mediately recall to our memories the peppiest, heartiest season of the year. The time when school spirit and enthu- siasm runs high, when the last period on Friday seems the longest and the most boring of the week, when the Germantownites, decked in green and white caps an.d socks, wave pennants while running to catch the trolley car. All these signs point to only one thing. FOOTBALL! lVho can forget the thrill of that first game with Olney when the Bears stopped the enernyis attack on their own two-yard line and then retaliated by scoring a touchdown. Al Stewart, who was standing in the end zone, snared one of Charlie Dukes' passes. This was good for six points, and later proved to be the margin of victory. How the predictions for the rest of the season were strewn about. VVhat a disappointment was in store for us! VVith each succeeding defeat at the hands of our opponents, West Phila- delphia, Central, Gratz, an.d North- east, our enthusiasm was dampened, but never our spirits. All who were at the Frankford game were thrilled by the courageous exhibition of our stellar fullback, Dick VVoltemate. Thrice he was knocked out, but thrice he came back for more. But then even gridders must graduate, and those graduating in the June,,35 class are Louis Black, Bill Vliatson, Dick Schil- ling, and Bernie Gold- stein, the temporary cap- tain. They all have played their last game for Germantown High School. On the other hand, 6'Pop', Gideon has acted as coach for the Green and Vlihite for the last time. He has officially resigned his position and Blr. Tierney will take up the reins. "Pop" deserves a great deal of acclaim for the effort he has put in on the team. In 1914 he became a member of Germantown's faculty and also assisted lXIr. Davidson in coach- ing football. Some four years ago, at the latter's death, "Pop" was ap- pointed head pilot of the team. In retrospect DIL Gideon has seen many players come and go. The outstand- ing ones among the long list of men he has developed are Berry, who later became All-American, Louis Hayes, one of the finest schoolboy centers, Barrowitz, Stan Sokolis, Johnnie Gil- lespie, and Fred Benner. "Pop" stated that Benner was one of the best and most accurate drop kickers that he ever saw. He also claims that present-day teams are far more ad- vanced than those of yesteryear. To- day's teams know more about both fundamentals and fine points. "Why I could have taken our past season's fC07ZfiTl7lCd on page 1211 .al 114 11:-A . THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ..-.QQAQQ BASKETBALL TEAM F THE basketball rules had been changed so as to es- tablish a third 6'half" to the game, we German- townites might have boasted of a different score. In every game the Bears never began to play until the second half. But-when that second period did come- how they did play! Every time, we fell short of victory by a mere few points. One time, however, the team did emerge victorious in one of the most thrilling games possible. WVhat team member or spectator at the West Philadelphia game will forget how, with the score 20 to 18 against Germantown and one minute left to play, Art Thompson from past midcourt, shot a field goal to tie the score. Then, after being fouled, and after the game was officially over, he made good his free shot and brought victory to Germantown! The present graduating class had a good representation on the team. There were Jack Rich, the captain, Bill Stone, and Mel Freas. All of these boys played crackerjack games and the class may well be proud of them. The basketball team has left a moral worth remembering for future use, not only in sports but in life. VVhen you start lighting for something start right away. Don't wait until its half over. IIE-rw TRACK TEAM ERE was one team that gave G e r m a n t o w n great hopes. The cinder- men started the season with many leftovers, and they certainly showed their stuff. And did they make a fine showing in the Penn Relays! Although con- testing against many other schools, they man- -- aged, nevertheless, to walk off with a second and fourth place in two relay events. VVe call that work! The members of the track team that graduate with our class are: Don Peters, Bill Jones, Otis Terry, Al Bob- row, Raymond Sugan, Lloyd Britting- ham and William Watson. All of these fellows were willing and hard workers and deserve much credit for their con- scientious efforts. As the graduation day draws near, once again these athletes, like others in the past, put away their spikes and their track suits, end their rigid train- ing and daily practice. All these ma- terial remains of days gone by will be put aside, but the thoughts and the remembrances of those grilling days, of those close contests, of those inti- mate friendships-they will never be put away. In years to come, the memories of those incidents will re- turn and with them that sense of pride and loyalty of having really served Our School! '-:AI 115 THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...QTQQII 1 .p.... SOCCER TEAM LTHOUGH soccer is little heard of, and although its whole season was played unaccompanied by brass bands and cheering coeds, it was, nevertheless, played with that customary spirit and sparkle that is characteristic of all Germantoxx-'n's coached aggregations. Only three times out of their eight contests did the Clivedens meet defeat. Twice they emerged victorious. The remaining times, they were held in a deadlock. T he class was well represented on the team by Joe Benamy, Bill Stone, Thompson VVatts, and Arthur Lichterman. Joe Benamy was the high scorer of the season with four goals to his credit. It was through G6I'II13,I1t0YVI1,S surprise tie with Frankford that the championship fell to Northeast High School. None of the team members vsill ever forget either that grueling battle or the grit that Bill VValters, the co-captain displayed. Playing all over the field at once, he didnit stop until he was carried off the field unconscious, as a result of an accident. That spirit, exemplified by the captain, the spirit of fight and battle, was the only thing that upheld the morale of the team. No screaming crowds, no cheering students, no clashing newspaper headlines,-nothing to cheer them on. Only the personal desire to play, to play hard, enabled the team to gain such a fine record. Although soccer will probably never hold a place of great interest in Germantown, nevertheless, with such a spirit of fight and pep as shown by this team, it will certainly never completely die out. Soccer team ,-we salute you!! --:al 116 Ie' THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...Q fill! - . 1l qu.. GYM TEAM ERHAPS Germantown wasn't in swing when it cam: to football and basketball, but it certainly did giant swings when it came to the gym team. VVith every added victory the school's athletic interest in- creased. Finally at the end of the season, Germantown found itself second to only one other team, Olney. But, for individual honors, the Bears were right on top! Neither the members of the gym team n.or the fans will forget that in almost every meet, Dave Danserls name appeared at the head of the list, nor will they forget that, at the final championships, his name appeared once gain, this time for a new and greater honor--the individual Public High School championship. The graduating class may well be proud of the gym teamls record. For, after all, the majority of the team was composed of June '35 graduates. First of all there was the captain, Bob Connor, then Alonzo Clifford, Dan Pressman, Bill Viiarner, Ed Hyde, and Oscar VVhiting. A fine showing for our class! With the approaching graduation manytoftthe members will put away their gym suits and their sneaks. Few of them will ever find themselves performing on the bars, on the rings, or on the mats as extensively as they have done during their high school years. But none of them will stow away and forget the friendship and comradeship of their high school team days. Together they have climbed the ropes to great heights. Now, separately, may they climb the rings to the highest bar of success. Excelsior !-Onward and upward! ! --:gl 117 IF- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 'W'-31' JE-'lv BASEBALL TEAM TRACK TEAM ..,,I 118 THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, nnpgggg 1935 ggggquu BASEBALL TEAM ERE was one spring sport which we will re- call with pleasure after our departure from Ger- mantown High, for the baseball team blazed a path of glory throughout the season making a fine showing. This team has shown one of the most promising outlooks of any of Ger- mantown,s athletic ad- ventures this past year. In addition to this, the team could well have bragged of two of the best pitchers in the Public High League. These were Nfonroe and VVatts, regu- lar first-class hurlers. But we graduates also had our share of fellows on the team. In addition to the strike-out ace, Thompson Wlatts, there were Joe Benamy, Philip Blee- , han, Bill Stone, and Carl Seeger. All these lent a hand in rolling up a good record for the baseball team. The team had some tough breaks, as all teams do. One of the hardest to bear occurred in the Gratz game. After hold- ing a tie for the last seven innings, Gratz pushed over its winning run in the last half of the ninth! Tough luck, but it's all in the game. Soon we'll expect to find these stars from Germantown's diamond starring on bigger diamonds. VVho can tell which one will be a major league hero? And all these fellows certainly have the stuff. So here's to you-you base- ball men-to bigger and better scores, more hits, and more home runs on the diamond of success! nq119kH THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...qt :QI mega- I GYMKHANA SHOVV of Sh0ws-GYlNIK- HANA! A show which is as good as one done by pro- fessionals. There were dances, tumb- ling, a review of sports, an exhibition of games, and singing. There were all sorts of dances, toe, tap, soft shoe, and modern. The costumes were most attractive. The tap and soft shoe dances were done by large groups, while the toe, modern, and eccentric dances were done by groups of about twelve or fifteen. The toe dancers looked charming in their silver and black costumes, and the modern dancers resembled autum ri leaves in their vari-colored tunics. Those in the eccentric dance made a hit, half of them in blue overalls and straw hats, the other half in red blouses and short plaid skirts. The type of tumbling exhibited was something new. Never before in Germantown High School have the boys and girls worked together. This was tried and proved very successful. The boys and girls made eight pyra- mids and every move was made with the greatest precision. Between the pyramids, individuals performed, win- ning much applause for their demon- strations. It can never be said that this act did not make an extra-special hit with the audien.ce, or I should say the audience, all but one gentleman, who seemed to think the shorts too short, and the distance between the bottom of the shorts and the top of the socks too long. Clmagine such im modesty ! U There were two drills. One was done by the boys and the other by the --sf 120 Ie THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...Q-Qu - girls. The girls, drill was a contrast of the types of exercises done in motherss day and those done now. The drill by the boys was a club swinging drill. Swinging clubs is tricky enough to do, but when one is on a rather crowded stage it is so easy to meet someone else's head. For- tunately, no such thing occurred. One of the numbers was done with jumping ropes by a group of girls. The program was made more inter- esting by the demonstrations of two teams, one a men's and the other a BE sp... women's, from the Philadelphia Turn- gemeinde. Both teams were cham- pions. The women performed on the parallel bars while the men worked on the horizontal bar. Judging by the 6'0hs,' and "Ahs,, that were heard, it is certain that most of the audience had never before seen such exhibi- tions. Everyone who saw Gymkhana will agree that it was extraordinary and interesting entertainment and will hope to see many more as good. FOOTBALL Cf'0ntin1wdfrom page Il-D gridders and won a championship playing against the teams of years agof, says '6Pop.,' ".Pop', has been a friend and pal not only to the boys on the team but to the entire school. As the figure head of the football team, "Pop" will IX gil WKSW Q- be greatly missed on the bench next fall. To him and to our gridders, Fare- well and the best of luck. Here's to- more crowds, more cheers, and more thrills. Hereis to more FOOT- BALL! V-11 121 Ie- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 UG7aL4"" GIRLS, ATHLETICS HE Terpsechorean Art has achieved popularity! VVhen a new step is being shown to the Dancing Club, the space around the stand resembles a bargain counter in the basement of a department store. This term the girls were trained not only for the gym meet, but for the festival commemorating the " Three Hundredth Anniversary of the Establishment of Secondary Education in Americaw held at Convention Hall. The at- tractive costumes and the excellence of the dances were proven by the appreci- ation of the audience at the celebration, and, as for the gym meet, the first place in dancing was awarded to a member of our own class, Betty VVhy. Gym Leaders seemed most popular with the seniors. So many more came out than in past years, and they have all done good work in helping the teacher. It seems that our class enjoys watching the gym meet more than partici- pating. It was rather hard to get a team together. This is partly due to the fact that there are not many girls in the class who take pleasure in gymnastics. There were some "game sportsn who went through the whole meet with strained ankles, and a few more who were recruited two days before the meet. One could easily call this gym meet a 'Kshort storyf, because there was cer- tainly a struggle involved. There was a good turnout for track and baseball. It must have been the "call of the great out-of-doorsf, but with all this work, only two girls in the class have won the highest honor that can be received for athletic attainment. The two who received this, the varsity G, are Betty Why and Ethel lVIcDer- mott. To them, and to all our girl athletices, we wish good cheer, and the best of luck! -4:41 122 Ib-A 310m ga W 1 El 1 W 1 I! THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ---'tv 3lu, JE ep... DEBATING CLUB ROSPECTIVE lawyers, jurors, and judges find outlet for their talents! This startling announcement sounds like an unplausible newspaper headline, but it is actually fulfilled by the Debating Club. That age old adage, "it takes two to make an argumentf' has urged would-be aspirants to the forensic art to look around for likeeminded souls. Such souls may be found in this Club. mln short," as llr. lylicawber would say, it appeals to various types of students, the willing speakers, ardent listeners, and fair- minded arbiters. The purpose of the Debating Club is to train the students in the art of debating and of public speaking. This is well accomplished under the super- vision of the sponsers lV1iss Ege and llr. Arnold, who have had charge of the club since its beginning. The debates are given by four members who volun.teer in advance to debate on a topic. After they have presented both sides, the meeting is thrown open to a general discussion of the same question. This permits each member to express his own ideas. lNIomentous current questions are often settled in this discussion,-at least they are settled to the satisfaction of the club, if not to the world at large. Occasionally outside speakers, former students, lawyers, or faculty members are invited to address the group. lNIuch of the success of the club is due to the cooperation among the members, the sponsors and the ofhcers: President, Harriet Wurmang Vice- President, Henry Pommerg Secretary, Nlary Vollrath. VVith this support the club has attained the active position it now holds in our school life. --al 124 Ia-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ..-.fe QL f Jay... COMMERCIAL CLUB HE Commercial. Club was organized to give the commercial students a chance to participate in after school activities. The club Was reor- ganized, under the sponsorship of Bliss Catherine Logan, during the 1934 fall term. Any twelve A or B student is eligible for membership in this organ.ization, and from the members, the oifcers of the club are elected. The officers, elected in the fall term of 1934, were re-elected for the Spring 1935 term. These officers are: President, ltlary Davis, Vice-President, Marion Black, Secre- tary, Blarian Brinkworthg Treasurer, Louise fisher. Each term the Commercial Club, in conjunction with the entire Com- mercial Department, gives a demonstration in the assembly. This is to brnxg to the attention of the other members of the student body, the Work that is being done in that department. The dues which are collected from the members provides two prizes of five dollars each. One of these prizes is awarded to the best commercial boy student, and the other prize to the best commercial girl student. The rest of the money received from dues is put to such purposes as filling Christmas Stockings for children. and making up baskets for poor families. The members of the club arrange for their own social functions, which provide the entertainment. This club enables the commercial students to form many friendships among their fellow students, which will endure long after they have graduated. .af 125 Ie-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...opfgfj AST June the Germantown Hi-Y celebrated its tenth An- . niversary. For ten years this, one of the finest organizations of the school, has been holding fine meet- ings, for ten years doing service to the school, for ten years helping to develop boys into finer citizens for the community, for the state, and for the nation. If a boy is required to practice these high ideals of the Hi-Y platform and purpose in his youth, he will surely carry them into his later life. The Hi-Y in its supper metings THE purpose of l-li-V is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and Community high standards of chris- tian character yjgqgy... dent, Alex Wallace, Vice-President, Bob Connor, Secretary, Bill Wimerg Treasurer, Bob Heisserman. All of the ofiicers, except the treasurer grad- uate with the June Class. Other members of the club graduating are Ralph Barley, Ed Bickel, Louis Black and Bill VVarner, all of Whom feel that under the wonderful guidance of hir. Greene, the ad- viser, Hi-Y hs done them a world of good. CHI RHO HI-Y HI RHO is a . unique club, diierent in every Tuesday night, gives to the high school boy, beside fine fellowship, the best speak- ers available to young people. Some of these have been Mr. L. P. Hoyer, Principal of VVagner Junior High School, Mr. Roland, Principal of Northeast High Schoolg Reverend D. F. Singley, Nlr. Louis Gordon, Barney Berlinger, and "Rusty" Cal- low. Besides the speaker of the evening, a member of the facultyiis invited. In the course of theiyear several special meetings are held, such as the joint meeting with the Girls' Hi-Y, the meeting with Chi Rho, the Hi-Y conclave, which is a meeting of the five Hi-Yis in the vicinity, the Mother's and Sonis Dinner, the Father's and Sonis Dinner, and the picnic at Camp Tinicum with the Girls, Hi-Y. Each of these meetings has a special purpose in furthering the ideals of Hi-Y. The oflicers of the club are: Presi- that it was the first club organized by the Y. M. C. A. for Y. M. C. A. boys and not connected with any particular high school. An employed boys' club had been func- tioning for about tent years. In 1931, looking over the group, it was dis- covered that they were very few em- ployed boys, but that most of them were boys in high school, and that a Hi-Y program would probably be best suited to their needs. Mr. Pitt, Assistant Boys' Secretary, was au- thorized to present the Hi-Y program to them. The boys of that group en- thusiastically adopted the program and, choosing the name 'KChi Rho,', took their place among the Hi-Y Clubs of the Germantown Area. They have an interesting program each ltlonday night which includes a dinner prepared under the direction of the boys. In 1933, Mr. S. R. Bryson, popularly known as '6Doc,', became adviser of the club and Chi Rho continues to go places and --:rl 126 Ia-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 .mg-ml do things under his able leadership. This organization has been inter- ested in performing service projects around the Y. M. C. A., leading boys' clubs, and putting on special activities such as the annual Halloweien Party and helping with the Dormitory Kiddies' Party. It also had the dis- lj -44... us to find our place in the community and to realize and fulfil our duties as a citizen of it. Under the leadership of the officers, Jane Read, President, Mildred VVright, Vice-President, Adelaide Philips, Treasurer, and Kathleen An- derson, Secretary, Hi-Y has taken an active interest in the Youth Confer- tinction of sending the largest delega- tion in the state to the State Hi-Y Con- vention which was held last fall at Coatesville. Similar to other Hi-Y Clubs, Chi Rho holds an An- nual Blothers' and Sons, Dinner, an Annual Fathers' and THE platform of I-li-V is clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living. ences held in the churches of German- town sending dele- gates to attend the meetings, hearing their reports and holding discussions, continuing the work started there. One of the most pleasant features of Sons, Dinner, participates in various Hi-Y Conclaves, and has a prominent speaker at each regular meeting. Those in the "A" Class who are members of Chi Rho are: Dick Stevens, Cliff Gilpin, Roy Shubert, Mel Freas, Jack Reichl, and Bill Senior. Chi Rho is affiliated with the State Hi-Y Association and at the present writing it ranks seventh among the hundreds of Hi-Y Clubs in this state. GIRLS' HI-Y CLUB T IS the aim of a Hi-Y organiza- tion to uphold faithfully the ideals of their club. To accom- plish the Hi-Y purpose the girls, with the help of their sponsor and friend, Miss Mulliken, undertake some form of community Work each term, such as assisting in the annual Welfare drive, or helping to supervise children at a settlement house. Hi-Y helps Hi-Y is the dinner held once a month at the Y. W. C. A. Besides having a good time, talking and singing to- gether in a home-like atmosphere, the ,giivlsl receive inspiration and help in theinformal talks by speakers who are really interested in young people. Through its affiliation with Y. M. C. A. the club participates in the many additional activities, such as a swimming parties and the spring picnic held at Camp Tinicum together with the Boys, Hi-Y. Only those who have been Hi-Y members can really appreciate what a privilege it is to enjoy its benefits. The friends they have made and the guidance they have received through the meetings will be a constant reminder of Hi-Y. VVe hear that D. Stechert had a hard time making the right "date', for the Senior Play and we don't mean May 4th. -sl 127 is THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 "G ram mera-- BOYS' HI-Y GIRLS' HI-Y --11 128 12.- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 -l? I,A N-, EA, A , , ng:-Aan J DRAMATIC CLUB FOOTLIGHT CLUB THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...qs-QUT A 1j 9.... DRAMATIC CLUB HE Dramatic Club has had a long and distinguished career as one of the out- standing student activi- ties of Germantown High School. It was organized in 1916,underDr.JohnE. Mason, and boys only were included in its mem- bership. In the first play that the boys presented, the young gentleman por- traying the role of a girl didn't altogether click. ladies, heretofore left out in the cold, were invited into the organization. From that time until now, girls and boys of our school have worked hand in hand for the glory of the Dramatic Club. During this semester, Dick Stevens was president, Kay Anderson, vice- presidentg Alice Styver, secretary, and Stuart Cowan, treasurer. At the meetings the business comes be- fore pleasure. Blinutes are read, followed by the various committee reports. A list of current Philadelphia stage shows is read with a brief resume of each. After the business meeting, either a short one-act play is presented, or an alumnist, who has followed the theatre, returns to give to the club an enjoyable slant on the stage. Attendance at the meetings is encouraged by a prize awarded every three weeks. The club aims to give plays by well known playwrights such as Milne, Barrie, Morley, and Tarkington. Hence, the Under the able leadership of Bliss Marion Prince and Dr. John E. lV1ason, a high standard of acting will be maintained. The delightful comedy, ulilrfight Qjf, coached by Dr. hlason and given after the regular school hours, was a fine example of the dramatic ability of some of the club mem- bers. Later in the season the crowning dramatic event, the Senior Play, Clarence, which was coached by Miss Prince, and included in its cast Dick Stevens, Jane Read, Dickie Schwef- fler, Janice Smith, Willie VVimer, Ed. Bickel, Elleanore Clark, and Dorothy Carfagno, members of Dramatic Club. During the past ten years, the Dramatic Club has added broadcast- ing to its activities. This season qjlllfid Gopperjield was presented over the radio, and we were proud to hear our amateur actors interpret the im- mortal characters so ably. The club on numerous occasions has been happy to present gifts to the school. These have been used for the athletic fund, the student,s as- sistance fund, the library, and for stage scenery and equipment. This past term it has had a selective membership of from eighty to ninety students, each of whom will recall with fond memory their' high school days. Hence, we say, "Adieu!,, May the Dramatic Club forge ahead to glean fresh laurels and bring new triumphs to Germantown High School. --21 130 In-A THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, .mp-Q5 1935 FOOTLIGHT CLUB 4lo HE,F00tlightClub has been active since the beginning of our school in 1915. lt has always been under the leadership of hfiss Young, and recently 1NIr. Jones became the co- sponsor. It was origin- ally an all girls, club and the boys needed for the male parts were bor- rowed from the Dra- matic Club or selected from English classes. Quite a few boys were given a start in dramatic work with these parts. After the co-educational system was introduced in Germantown High School, membership was opened to boys and girls in thc upper classes. The Footlight Club was the first to conceive the idea of an after school performance. The first play with which they carried out this idea was Booth Tarkington,s "Seventeen" The profits from the play helped a great deal in the creation of our pres- ent stage: it helped to buy the velvet curtains, the inner drape, and a large part of the scenery and the fur- niture. They also contributed toward the purchase of the interchangeable set. The organization has also pre- sented several one-act plays for our morning assembly programs. You may recall S' Vlleenies on Wlednesdayf' 'SFarewell Cruel VVorld,', Little Vllom- men,', "'l he Yaliantf, 'STwo Crooks and a Ladyf' and "Submerged.,' Each term the club holds a party to -.S which the alumni are in- vited. In this way the sponsors are able to keep in touch with the former members. hfany of these gradua tes have continued their study of the drama and the stage. Aside from the new members' play, the pro- grams for the meetings included an interesting lecture by Morton Tec- kosky, a student from the Temple University, who discussed the fundamentals concerned when one produces a play and a very interesting lecture given by hir. Bryon Vllalton of the Alden Park Manor Players. The Club enjoyed a delightful evening at Alden Park Blanor at the presentation of Jerome K. Jerome,s "The Passing of Third Floor Backf, The officers of the club for this term are Alex VVallace, president, Betty Kershaw, vice-presidentg Jane Cohalan, Secretaryg Ralph Barley, Treasurer. The entertainment for the meeting is arranged by Betty Keys, the chairman of the program committee. The Footlight Club has always been well represented in the Senior Play. This term Alex VVallaee and Yolanda Grubmcyer have leading roles in the play, "Clarence.', Other important roles are taken by Betty Kershaw, VVilliam Senior, Barbara VVeiss, Joseph Breen, Josephine Carey, and Louise Griepenkerl. --11 131 Ia- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 --o-go w !- LATIN CLUB OFFICERS GERMAN CLUB M11 132 1p- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...qs-QM LATIN CLUB HE Latin Club, under the leadership of Miss Hutchings, is one of the most interesting and educational groups at German- town. It was the first club started in school and has grown until its mem- bership is one of the largest of all the clubs. Both upper an.d lower class- men are welcome to join, providing that they take Latin. This club endeavors to give the student a better understanding and appreciation of Roman life and cus- toms in an interesting manner. The monthly meetings, arranged by the officers with the help of Miss Hutch- ings, carry out this purpose by means of talks and sketches given by the club members and occasionally by outside speakers. The most popular features of the meetings is Miss Hutchings' general information games that reveal how observing or unob- serving students are, by such simple questions as, "What direction does the statue of William Penn on top of City Hall face?" This term the officers were: Ade- laide Lamb, President, Spencer Brad- ford, Vice-Presidentg Jean Boyd, Secretary, Jean lNIaguire, Treasurer. The continued interest in the meet- ings proved their success as leaders. This club not only has many educa- tional advantages, but it also en.ables the students to become better ac- quainted at the party held at the end of each term. Through these contacts made in the classrooms and in clubs are the memories of tomorrowkept alive. It is these good times associated with school work that make high school what it is. naw... GERMAN CLUB HAVEN of knowledge for German students" should really be the title of our Ger- man Club, for this is a group com- posed of information seekersg those German students who are ever anx- ious to know more about Germany and the German people. This Club has held a notable place in the extra-curricular activities of the Germantwon High School for many years. In 1926 a group of in- terested students who were anxious to form a German Club organized under the sponsorship of Dr. Hausemann who is still, willingly and helpfully, caring for this organization. The limiting of club membership seemed an undemocratic principle, and since democracy had been preached to the American high school student since time eternal, any stu- dent taking German is welcome to become a member. The club has done much in familiar- izingits members with German life, art and culture. VVhatis more appropriate in a High School in Germantown than to develop an interest in German habits, customs, and traditions, since the founders of our community were Ger- man immigrants. It is just a small way of paying a debt to our noble founders. ' The work of this club is carried on through its officers: President, Marian Schmid, Vice-President, Robert Peel, Secretary, Harriet Wurm,ang Treas- urer, Marjory Maytrott. The group this term, though small, is a coopera- tive, working body. Its Work is sure to continue, and to attain greater heights in the years to come. --:AI 133 Is-- THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ....g: 5353 ,- YERYONE knows that there J are definite rules to be obeyed in and around the school building, but some people just seem to like the social contacts they make in Room 310. Theyid rather have President Connor tell them personally to stop making little bonlires, or to refrain perhaps from turning hand- springs up and down the aisles during Study Periods because it annoys the janitors in the boiler room. But enough of this-now to present the characters in our little Hflashf' Here they are in approximate order of appearance : Tresident-Robert CSn1oothyD Connor Chairman of Smoking-Alex CLuntj VVallace Ghairman of Qunoh tlfooms--Bill C'l'ar- zanl English Faculty Vidviser-Mr. CGum Dropj Strauss Secretary-f--Kathleen QDimplesj An- derson Ghairman of Halls and Stairways! Dickie CHair-ribbonl Schweffler Ghafirman of V4s.s'e'mbly4EllesiV CSwedeD Andersen Iji+q.... "IO" Actions and Reactions JANE READ Chairman of Smolcing-Bob CVic Her- bertj Richards Ghairman of Tulletin Woarcls-hfuriel QVVork!j ltfanship Ghairman of Halls and Stairways- Ed C0hioD Bickel fUice-fPres'ialent-Jane CLateD Read. PRESIDENT CoNNoR: Come on, Kids! Put away the Glippers. Here comes the first case. CEnte'r a husky lad of two hundred and twenty pounolaj PRESIDENT CONNOR fcontinuingj: Name and book number, and take your hands out of your pockets. Two HUNDRED AND TVVENTY-POUND CULPR1T: Qtflmidlyj Appleby Flupp, Book ninety-six. PRESIDENT CONNOR: VVe,ve had a complaint about your conduct in a classroom. Just why did you throw your test paper on axioms at your teacher. APPLEBY: Well, they say "The truth hurtsi' and I wanted to see if I had the right answers. PRESIDENT CONNOR Csuppressing a groanbr Is there any further action to be taken on this case? C,Qittle Appleby looks at each Gom- --:zl 134 In-V THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 QQ 7-- mittee member with an unfriendly glare lo see who decides on "further aciionfl While his back is turned someone quickly Signals 6'Yes,, to Gonhovzl PRESIDENT CoNNoR: Step outside a minute please. CHe exitsj VVell, what shall we do with him? COMMITTEE MEMBER: Hels the one that weighs two hundred and twenty pounds, isnlt he? PRESIDENT CONNOR: Yes, why? COMMITTEE MENIBERZ I suggest we put the teacher on probation. 1'REsIDENT CoNNoR: Does everyone agree?f0. K. Bring in the next victims. CEnz'erfou'r dangerous loolc- 'i ng eharacie'rs.D MR. STRAUSS: Boys! You've been reported for passing notes in the back of your class room. ONE or TIIE BoYs: They werenlt notes, they were cards. Wye were playing bridge. MR. STRAUss: Oh, pardon me. You may go back to class. lj -43 .... MR. STRAUSS: Before we leave Ild like to say a few words to the Com- mittee. Ilve heard from various sources that the Committee has been neglecting its duty. You're not being strict enough. Youlve been chosen to see that the Senate Laws are obeyed. You have the authority to enforce those laws. lllake them use the right stairwaysg make the girls stay in at lunch time. Show them youlre on the job! That's all. PRESIDENT CoNNoR: All right, welll do it. DIR. STRAUSS: Just a minute, therels one more thing I wanted to say. Rumors have been going around that the Committee has been over- bearing in their efforts to get re- sults. Try not to be too harsh on the boys and girls. Be a little lenient. Don't make the school seem like a prison. Don't go around looking for trouble. Now, remem- ber these two suggestions in going about vour various duties. O. K. Bob. l --11 135 In-A THE CLASS RECORD, JUNE, 1935 ...Q-an Iggy... SHAKESPEARE CONTEST 1 HE Shakespeare Contest has become, since its conception, one of the foremost events of the school calendar. Originally, it was under the auspices of the English Club which was started by Miss Manship. After Miss Manshipis retirement in 1932, Miss Ebling became the clubis sponsor. She held this position for two terms, then turned it over to Miss Thorne. A year later, with the disso- lution of the English Club, the Shakespeare Contest was conducted by the Dramatic Club under llliss Prince and Dr. Mason. The contest is not limited to mem- bers of the Dramatic and Footlight Clubs only, but is open to all members of the A, B, and C classes. The con- testants choose their own selections with the advice and assistance of the faculty members in charge of the con- test. They may have two interviews with the sponsors who attempt to aid them in their preparation. The selec- tions must be given in costumes which are provided from the school's costume room, under the direction of Mfiss Allen. A first prize of five dollars is awarded, usually to a Senior, by the Shakespeare Club of the Womcxnis Club, second and third prizes are awarded by the Dramatic Club, a fourth prize is given by the Mothers' Association. The contest is usually held the last Week of the term. The 5th of June was the date this past term. The judges were chosen from the faculty and the Shakespeare Club. While they were deliberating, there was a musical program, and tea served by the committee of the Dramatic Club with Bob Connor as chairman. The outgoing president of the club always presides, therefore, Dick Stevens pre- sided this June. lNIembers of the faculty, the Shake- speare Club, and the Mothers' Asso- ciation are the guests who are invited to attend the contest. The programs are arranged with an attempt at harmony. It is the aim of Miss Prince and Dr. Mason to choose more or less unfamiliar selections. It is with great pride that these sponsors noted that the February contest of this year did not contain 6'To be or not to be,', "The Quality of Mercy' nor 6'The Seven Ages of Manf' There has always been great inter- est in the Shakespeare Contest. It is one of the most exclusive activities in the school, one of the more cultural, formal affairs of the term. It is a pri- vate affair and one may only be admitted by invitation. .it-n.zf:55,,,wLl,Jw -s' 5 -J Q-v X -aM-J 113. Zg5i5EwE455i3:..,.g X ' h - u i , EM 525' YA 4 , su., 1 .. gg , --:al 136 WE THHDH YOU . . The Record Boolz Statt aclznowledges a debt of gratitude to the Sarony Studios, the Lotz Photo Engraving Company and the Lllestbroolz Publishing Company For their splendid cooperation in assisting in the production of this most interesting project. On behalf of the class it ex- tends its sincere thanlzs as a small tohen of its great appreciation of their services. C'f'3eOGf5 ?O '-V'-" '-c ' OTOGRAPHS OF DISTINCTION SARONY STUIDIIOS Philadelphia A OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS F O R T H E CLASS OFJUNE,1935 ff-E: up nnnumfn In working with the Record Staff for the past year, it has been our aim to help produce an annual which is the leader in its class. We hope that we have been successful to the end that, year after year, the advice of each retiring Record Staff will be " Repeat with Lotz" ENGRAVERS AND DESIGNERS OF NEARLY 100 YEARBOOKS ANNUALLY SW A 1. N C PHOTO Enclznvlnc ,F COLL-ECE 'HHTIUHL DEPFIIUITI-EIIT I ' mm and CHERRY smears QW mf PMLADELPHIQ Most of the School publications in Philadelphia and vicinity are printed by WESTBROOK PUBLISHING CO. 5800 North Mervine Street PHILADELPHIA CTM: book is a sample of our warlnj PHHY

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