Germantown Friends School - Blue and White Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA)

 - Class of 1950

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Germantown Friends School - Blue and White Yearbook (Philadelphia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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x I 3 flalikx 5. 4 L A.W dx I -'I X' S132 4. rm 1 3 V' , M. is -. L ww, wk X54 5? ' X -:,:-ia:-23:52 Q ' m A 'X fig ,Qi 4 rg. .. WWA., 1 : E . .Ms-.- 2 Q4 H vs AF Q Q fl' 'TSW' 'QQ OO E1 'B Slwd NV X l'AlEL9H 1950 Published by the Senior Class Germanlown Friends' School If Qi N:iB!sfnQ,, ,JQ R 5,?iXQ f' lS6C59O 3179! 'V X9 fof' P P' '- "va r Wi P fl :l' 3'3l1 Q, I jf X5 fgzfff chi, . efjiggf K Philadelphia 0 Pennsylvania To The Class of 1950 Yours rs lnlerally an epoch making class You have begun a new half cenlury lor Germanlown Frnends School and whal an ausplcuous begunnung I+ has been Loyal friendly undersfandung and depend able you have been a 'oy lo all of us Way back In lhe lenlh grade nc you can remember fhaf far baclc we predlcled The leadershnp you have shown as sensors You have fulfilled our greal expeclahons by sellnng hugh slandards for yourselves and lor lhe school N sooner had a lrno'r+y problem appeared fhan you were ready lo allaclc Hr wnlh a unnled fron? You have pu? lhe welfare of fhe school ahead ol your own convenuence and pleasure You are leaving GFS slronger because of your own slrenglh l hope graduahon wull mean no lessening of your aflechon for us who slay on and 'rhaf as alumna you wall reflecf fhe same drshnc hon on your school lhaf you always have as sfudenls Burlon P Fowler 4 7 l L ' ' l I . .l o 4 ,Q N5 'Q F u c u Iiy Back row: Barhgafe Elkrn Won, C db r P' N B , g a uy, ra , econ, Hersh, Scafrergood. Gordon. 2nd row: Dornbach, Foesf, ShipNey, Look, MaUery, Chase. 3rd row: Spang, Grafer, Curmrnqham, Whifaker, Miiler, INF, Dale, Plerf, Hermes, Malloy. 4-flu row: Haines, lsqrlg, Suflverfand, Epfey, Gawlwrop. Meflcan, Carmen, Currier. 51h row: Craig, Barker, Derling, Brewer, Cadbmy, Fefiows, Berkman, Ad . . . . . , dy, Long. Fronf row. Eggiesron, Brerrmrwqer, H-arf, Pdey, Mered-fb, Dewsnep, Smrfh, Dorr1eH, Price. DEDICATION Since we feel Hwaf if is no+ Hwrough Hue ef'For+s of only one person, bu+ flnrouqn The combined work and in+eres+ of fhe enfrreupper school face ulfy Hwaf we have had so riclw an educafional ex- perience, Hne class of I95O dedicafes Hs year- book +o Hwese feachersz RANCIS F BACON ELIZABETH R BARKER ur s rr h fo fne en A golden rnrnd lcon MERCHANT OF VENICE JAMES E BAT:-:GATE HERMAN P. BREININGER MARY E BREWER e D5 e n fa pa e e 'Uwe re'off cC,r+eo..s, fne The V G 9 KNNG L FQ q,'p rnodezr, 'ne reprzof he Vwdmr MNDSUMMER Mews AS YOU UKE IT DRCAM 1 my ., 5 ...dVe: ' A D LAWRENCE BURGESS ELIZABETH W. CADBURY L b'e Despea rw Spar? royaW' TWELFTH NIGHT in ma- yy SJ ,r ALICE H DARNELL VERNON DORNBACH BARBARA M GAWTHROP P a ' 'f a"f ""'f3 Q a OTHEELO fx 1 VERA R. MILLER HOWARD G. PLATT IRVIN C. POLEY 'Ne'er saw ber mafcn since "ExceedIngIv wise, fair-spoken, "He is as MII of vaIour as of are Ihe worId began" and persuasive" kindness, pdncely In bofIw" ROMEO AND JULIET HENRY VIII HENRY V :V-an ' Q' Iv f 1 -I Q, , ,vase JOSEPH H. PRICE HENRY SCATTERGOOD ALFRED A. SMITH 'A merrier man I never span? "He was a qenIIennan on "l never saw a man so young on Inoefs YaIIr wifI'mI" whom I buII+ an absolufe In body and so oId in head" LOVES LABOUR'S LOST frnsf' MERCHANT OE VENICE MACBETH 7 -K ..,. .Z f O O .., THE S G ODMAN EIVXOR c1+ure has gmmecl L Strange YQHOWS in her' fiml. HAMLET li- lf' A man of sovereign paris he IS esfeemed we fi'H'ed In ads gloruous In arms LOVE S LABOUR S LOST RICHARD W ARMSTRONG Unqueshonably a born leader Army ls on almosl' every concenvable commnflee IH lhe school besides benng lhe Class Presldenl He mixes seriousness of purpose wnfh unprefenhousness and underslandmg The Sfudenl lnler Ac and Advisory Councils have profiled from hrs sound ludgemenf and useful rdeas As capfaln of lhe soccer feam for fwo years and as a member of 'rhe fraclc Team he has shown 'rhal has qualxhes of leadership are noi lumnled lo academic helcls alone The respeci' fha? we all feel for hum ns due 'ro hus concern for everyone and To has calm openmmded philosophy 5 4 ,' JXP, , . ' -v',:'v , ks , , . , ,.,X,.., . Aff:-ss 1 . i I fs 1 9 f , vw, ' 1 X , ' sf 7 ll 0 Q I I . . . . ,, . . . . Q . , . I ' I I I , . As sweef and musucal as brlglrl' Apollo s lu+e LOVE S LABOUR S LOST SUE AXFORD If you knew Susne as we do you would af once see a very chermlng gurl Affer enferung our class nn nnnfh grade she quickly became a hobbues However for a career she funds bnology an unrereshng pos sxbnlafy Sue s profncnency as shown no? only by her school work buf by her energehc achvnly In church affanrs We are sure Tha? her way of doing any 'rask will assure a successful fufure s'rrong member of 'rhe choir, since music has long been one of her 22231, 3 Merrlly merrllv shall l llve now' THE TEMPEST WILLIAM P ANDERSON lf you see a lauqhmg blond head ID +he crowd 1+ s sure 'ro be Andy s and you wall probably nohce 'rhal The people around hum are laughlnq 'foo Known besl for hrs parlor lrnclcs corny lolces and really rare sonos Andy s sen e of humor will never be lorgollen As a member of lhe soccer and baseball leams and of 'rhe Alhlehc Councnl he can always be depended on We hear +ha'r swnmmung and Marne are lwo of hrs malor nnleresfs oufslde of school and no mailer whal he does his charm and wil wall always add up fo popularlly rl K Help me Cassius e re l slnlr JULIUS CAESAR BARBARA M BAILY Bao oewng The mos? aguahc member ol ou cle 5 plunged nlo our m dsl wlfh a bug splash Bul he cerfannly lsnl al' Sea when 1+ comes lo cheerleading and many 5 hme she has res ueo our spnnls when hockey 'reams and a memoersh4p fhe chor a e fwo of Bala 6 omplwshmenls l-ler o as Fronl Hall receplmon sl was mg l In C erecier or lhe wel me we recenve al her home 5 one o + e warmesf we lcnow l-ler wveclfy and cordnally malce us glad she gave up lhe Wyomlssung Tor 'he Wwssahwclcon 1 ll 5 I 9 -Il . . . 'e, ' ' A r 5 , , E , 5 , . , I S . , , . . . rv , . . we were going down for fhe +hZrd hme. A cep+aEr':y of one of our ' ' ln . l f . sl cc f . So' J ' ' Y ' h ' h ' e , l co ' . E l h . ' n ' I I can +ell a hawk from a luandsaw HAMLET WALTER H CORSON ll Waller aHec+uona+ely known as Spuder luas been wuHu us from Hue begunnung and has always been one To whom Hue class luas delegalecl a lol of responsrbululy Wall luas gone from belng our vuce presnclenf un Hue lunuor class 'ro a co eduforslunp un Hue Blue and Wluufe ln Hue fall he can be seen on Hue soccer ufueld and In Hue sprung lue uses l'uus long legs 'ro good advanfage as our sfar half muler Slcnng and pluolograpluy make up 'rwo of Waller s oufsucle achvuhes buf we can f begun 'ro lusu' all Hue oHuer unferesfs of Huis versahle and enlerfaunung person ll ll 0 I . ul . vu . u 1 u . I . . n u I . Q. . . . me Ill speak In a monsirous lu++Ie voice MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING ADELE E BARTHOLD yei' To raise her voice aqainsf anyone Her worderful smile and giggle have brlghfened many a day She is a second aifo a renowned modern dancer and she capfained one of 'rhe hockey 'reams 'rhrouqh a very successful season ias? fail This Q aciou miss enferrains us wirh iascinahng sfories of old Lavailefre and her superb hospnfalufy s fypical of her friendhness fo everyone Adeie is fhe official peacernaker among fhe senior girls, and she has . . . . I I 4 . , F 415 The VI'9 squeaklng of fhe wry neclred Fife MERCHANT OF VENICE SAMUEL A COUSINS Cnce an advocare of +au+ rubber bands and handy hsrs he was deadly IH suxrh grade Sam has long slnce drscarded fhem and as become even more profucnenr wrrh a flufe or a fennus racquef Presndenr of our Sophomore Class he showed fo everyones vanfage his undependenf posmon and unxfyang qualnhes ss precision shoohng on 'rhe baskerball courf won us many a game an who could rmagune a COUFWCI, meehng or a class parry wnfhouf IS lively redhead7 Which as 1+ going To be, Cous. presudenf of fhe P R R or husforaan profundo7 Well be wanhng' r L :ffm f i .Qi X A :Ii ,N - A, .Zim-.Q N r , ' ' ll 0 . . ll . . h ' ' ' ' . As ' , ' ad- . . . I d . . . . . HI. Grea+ welcome makes a merry fees? A COMEDY OF ERRORS MARION W BUSSER ll lS a myslery how Mumu fnds 'nme for all her achvuhes all her school work all her hobbies and shll has a ready smnle and a frlendly fhe work camp commfllee and a veleran work camper Mums was caplann of fhe second hockey learn and manages 'lo brlnq home a reporl lo be proud of The Bussers house IS famous for hospulallly and Lels go fo Bussers has become almosl a cliche wllh us l'ler sparklnng eyes and perl smule add up To charm we gusl canf resnsf Q remark for everyone. Long inferesled in social work, she is head of He was ever precnse an promuse keepmg MEASURE FOR MEASURE EVERETT U CROSBY II Evs early years af GFS brung smnles lo lhose of us who came up fhrough 'rhe school wulh hum Enferung un four year lclndergarfen he sanled 'lhrough 'rhe lower school leavnng lauqhunq classrooms and cluslracfed leachers un has wake However Ev us now one of fhe sla bslnznng Influences an The class of 50 l-las sense of responsubululy has made hum nnvaluable In 'rhe offnces he has held The slage crew has prohled from hrs mechanical ablluly as fhe Sludenl Councsl has from has fhoughfful remarks Evs cheery smule, hxs sancere manner, and hns qunclc sense of humor wnll confrubule fo whaf looks luke mevnlable success Laugh yourself mio shfches TWELFTH NIGHT ANNE P CORNELL wonderful carucalures Slwe 5 one of The Class besl ar? l palnlunq everyflmnq from wrnler scenes To remarkable llkenesses ol 'reaclwers Her Ford has been a favor le bcource ol 'rransporlahon l r mos? ol 'r sen or class o a Corn ll quup Goes along vmh every moe Anne s greaf sense ol num r lnas made lner many Cla S parhes even more enloyable and makes llwe lorq frelc lo Penllyn well worllw wlw le A 'l ,V ' 154 A .. - 1 .. . . .. . Anne is rlne girl who draws llnose sensalional dance posfers and ' . I ' is 5, ' ' E ' ' . o lie I , an ' e ' , ' ' ' ' . , C S . ' , i . To sleep io sleep perchance +o dream HAMLET ROBERT O DRUM Bob wnlh lns quuel easy manner enlered our class IU nxnllw grade Always ready fo laugh a+ anyones lolces be us usually seen wnllw a group of boys felling a fall one lmrnself l-lus classrnafes envy Bob s lcnaclc of beung able lo sleep llmrouglw borung classes buf he usually has a good reason Anyone gels fared afler donng all +l1e luslwung lwunhng and Trappnng 'rbal' Bob does Hrs favorule sporl ns wresllnng and Bob ln lns unassumung way has gained a place on 'll1e f1rs+ wresllnng leam for lwo years .U Ee 411 ' w B X RQ- Q l Q 1 .Y 5 I I B ll ll I I ' . . . . . . There s language ln her eye TROILUS AND CRESSIDA SARAH M DAVIS Our elechon of Sally as Vnce Presudenl of lhe Sensor Class ws only her popularnfy Sally s pep and charm are as useful To fhe Sfudenl Councal as lo The cheerleaders and many a specfalor has been shmulaled lo louder cheermg by her wanmng smile An eccounf of her would nol be complele wufhouf reference 'ro lhe musmcal abul ly she dusplays un chonr parhcularly lasf year when she was an accom pannsl an O Sung Your Songs' Sally s caphvahng ways and her unleresl' IH everyone and everyfhunq malme us sure Tha? our class wouldn 'r seem complefe wnfhouf her .4' .M 4 if I one indicafion of The characlerislic which has always been linked wllh . . .E ee wha+ a grace was sea+ed on fhai' brow HAMLET DA VID S FOULKE If Dave lcnew all The nsce fhnngs sand abou? hum hrs face would become as red as fhaf famous scarle+ shxrl he sporls Compllmenfs whefher fhey be abouf has successful capfasncy of lhe wresllang 'ream has ablllfy as guard for fwo years sfraughf on fhe foofball 'ream has sporfsmanshlp IH everylhang he does or lusf his pleasanl dusposl hon are all we ever hear abou? Dave Hrs pioneer spurnf manxfesled nfself las+ summer when he and Jaclc opened up lhe Wes? Whefher all lhus fallc aboul movunq our unduslrues wesfward has anyfhunq fo do w1+h +he good wall They creafed fhere we donf know buf If doesnf seem unlnlcely qs., . fl i Q ' nfffxv 4 V, V, , rd' , 1, , ,M ,Ar yan!-' we in A- ' V ', '..+',v,s W ff r s rs . A , nw I ,rf Ls, gf .WH rf S lu Q 1 - u I I V - . . , . . . , . I u . . Her vonce was ever so and genfle KING LEAR MARY JANE DICK M J ns a real adduhon 'ro any gafherlng whefher nf be In fhe class muslc and wrfh her wonderful plano rendnhons and sfrong allo vouce she us unvaluable 'ro Mass Brewer and fhe Cholr Council She s a whuz on fhe hockey helcl and swengs a mean elbow an baslcefball Her spark lung sense of humor effervescence and affrachveness have made her a lop member of lhe class of fxffy " ' fi . . ." room, af a dance, or al an all-female lunch lable. Her firs'r love is The baby figure of 'lhe glanf mass TROILUS AND CRESSIDA LANGDON W HARRIS IH Dlngy ns one of +he lop alhlefes a+ GFS and has shown lhal he uses has braans as well as hrs brawn by dolng an able 'ob as quarferbaclc on 'rhe foofball leam cenfer on lhe baslcefball feam and pulcher In baseball season He can also play lenms presnde over The Afhlehc Council and +he Fare Marshalls and shll manage 'the academlc slde These are l'he langlble aspecls of Dlngs school life Has good nafure and love of lun rs shown no+ only by has willingness lo lead lhe Gleesome Threesome fn an orngnnal version of lhe Pep buf by has abllnly lo malce every galherung more enloyable ll o ll . . . 0 I I 1 - r r . . . . 1 - - If I. . . . . vw fl . .. . 1 For you and I are pasf our dancing days ROMEO AND JULIET LOIS L EBELING The fad lhaf Lows can manage a caprrcuous Yearbook commn'r+ee wufh such lac? rs 'rrrbure enough 'ro her execuhve abslnfy Even more use of her quallhes of leadershmp and lrnendluness as made In 'rhe Sludenl and lnrer Ac Counculs where she as always on hand 'ro offer 'rhe Sensor German class and conlunually nmpresses us wllh an exfensuve vocabulary wh ch Include as far as we lcnow gesundheaf and occasronally auf wneolersehen Loss and ganefy are almosr synonymous and many are lhe serious momenls whlch have been shalfered by an unconfrollable bursf ol lauqhler af one of her qunps of ' I helpful 'opinions and advice. Lois represenls lwenly-five percenr of . I F I . 5' I I4 . Il All The world s a sTage AS YOU LIKE IT HUGH E KINLEY As well as beung The head man of The sTagecrew l-lugh as always ready To help ouT wnTh anyThnng Hrs smule and ever presenf wuT malce any 'ob easy In The summer Hugh worlcs aT The Buclc Hull Playhouse Hrs lcnowledge of sTage dnrecTuon and lnghhng as well as eTfecTlve scenery have been a greaT help IH such endeavors as O :ng Your Songs' AlThough Thus may sound luke a Tull Tume 'ob Hugh sTull geTs has share of The I s Hugh carrued hns efhcuency over To The aTh leTnc held where he drd a good 'ob managung The varsnfy soccer and baseball Teams and hrs frnendly easy gonng manner have made hum more Than snmply one of The mosT eTTucnenT members of The class X Friendship IS consianf MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING BARBARA FREEMAN As capfaan of 'rhe hrs+ hockey feam and a hugh scormng forwaro of Hue Bug Six Bobbne has mace a drshnqurshed record a+ GFS She has been a member of fhe Afhiehc Counol for 'rhe pasf four years The quahhes essenha! for memoershmp wn fhe Adwsory Coun nl are ep Tom zed oy Bobbne She s qa+hereo laurels no? on y Q+hNehcaHy buf wufh an affable pahenf and undersfandnnq personahfy she has won fhe resped and fruendsh p of everyone she knows I. . . . u . . . . I rr . . .r . , . . . r f- X, . . , . . , , . ! I I ' , f . , r Dosi +hou 'ihmlr fhere shall be no more cakes and ale TWELFTH NIGHT R CHASE McDANIEL ll Chase has been a sfar foofball player sunce +en'rh grade l'llSlIf'18 play and Team spnruf culmnnafed nn hrs elechon lo 'rhe co capfauncy of 1'he feam during The sensor year Has alhlehc prowess can be seen agaln an Sprnng on fhe Wuslar Brown field as he chases a baseball or swlngs hrs fennus racquef Has lolces ancl slrange laugh are as lnfereshnq and spncy as his fales of Pocono Lalce Preserve nn fhe summer unfe a slcarer Chase us an Icebreaker on fhe rmk as well as af any parfy i' I was noi' born under a rhymung plane? MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING SUSAN E GOODMAN Swush' There goes 'rhe only gurl who can help edu? flue Pasforuan flue Blue and Whufe and Ihe Sfudenl' Councul News be secre-Iary of Ihe School s Communury Councul and chaurrnan of flue Falause commurlee wrufe magazune arfucles do ullusrrafuons and sung un Ihe chour wh le managung Io maunlaun a sfraughl' I average IIs hard 'ro loelueve Ihal' shes noi ue? propelled Susan s brughf quups and boundless energy nol' only Iughfen many a dreary commullee meelung bu? malce her fun fo be wufh wherever she goes We would wush her luck bul wufh her wonderful persona' fy she woruf need ur' ll ' 0 . u u u u .. . . . . u I u u u . u . . u - u 'uu , . The force of hus own mera? makes his way HENRY VIII DAVID S MERANZE Known for has assembly 'rroubles hus business lulce managemenr of The :snr qounq +o be lorqoffen by hns classmales We wlll always remember fhe way he walked off wafh one scholashc honor affer anofher and even more umporlanl his rare sense of humor Davud has a gnfl of Iovnaluly and good nafure whuch combined wnlh a real sense of lushce malces has oplnnons respecfed by all of us The Thang whxch s Qo ng lo be Ioremosl ID our mnnds Ihough us The abnlufy he has of malunq fruends and of always sfarhng cheerful conversaflon wherever he goes 5' I Paslorian, and his 'rhealre-worship, David is incleed someone who . i I I . . . I 1 Q -. Excelleni dumb discourse THE TEMPEST MARGARET LOUISE JOHNSON When Peggy Lou breezed Info our C ass we were wmrnedra+eNy a++racTed by ber fruendly way She has always bac e yrnpafbehc ear for everyones 'rroubles are ber cheerful dm posrron and endle s C ange IU fhe lunclwroom Hms yea and beheve u 1 re has + probably a resufi of ber enrbu e f crusedung P Leu e erqy r unlumufed as We nurnoer of fr enos she bas A .. . .. . 5 I . . ' s. ' s ' ' , . ' 's 'I s supply of pep have never been known ro feI!. If Hwere bas been a In ' ' r, ' s, 'be ' , I 3s , ss s rc ' . s rw Q fix Ill have a sud of sables HAMLET W CARLYLE MORRIS The Jacques Fafh of The class Carl has shown his arhshc abulnry no+ only on canvas buf In sull: and sahn Has slmlnng creahons whefher In or on a frame add an orlgunal beaufy 'ro Their surroundnngs We don f lcnow how fhe Car does Hr buf Carl malces a 35 mule +rup 'fo school every clay He IS well Informed on a wealrh of diverse sublec+s especially Dusraelu whom he admnres greafly Hns remarks have lenf an even more culfural a+mosphere To our classes As uprlghi' as a cedar LOVES LABOUR S LOST JUDITH A KAHLENBURG Two Rvvers Wrsconsrn I know you ye never hear of Hr' IS now a famous fown having produced none ofher fhan fhe class newesf accenf Judy soon maoe f ends wmh ah of us Her summers are spenf baslcung on 'rhe shore of Lake Muchmqan or frarnpunq abou+ The mounfaans of Wyoming They ve qof fhe cures? rangers rn Wyo mxng' This wmfer was spenf wnfh fhe Nexanders an Norfh Hrlls and we always brea+he a snqh of rehef when Judy reaches schoof safely affer her arduou yourney a Hfle wfnd ofown bu? none The worse for wear Her abn fy fo become a vural par? of 'rhe class nn so shorf a fume us 'rr bufe 'ro her warm dwsposmhon girf. Wi+h an ali-encompassing smile, and Ius+ a fain? mKd-wesfern , ' ri ' . ' .Ti ' V . Q ' . IT IS meaT and drank To me To see a clown AS YOU LIKE IT ROBERT G RIDGEWAY The bugger They come The harder They Taclcle by whnch Token Bob has been a welcome adoluhon To The TooTball Team Tor Two years An unusual laugh and a glowing recl Tace make has presence unmls Talcable All oT us have Tound lumps nn our ThroaTs aT The end oT Bobs rendnTuon oT Those Weddnng Bells wnTh The quarTeT Has sense of humor has been responsuble Tor several cases oT Teacher TrusTraTnon and Tor surpressed lauqhTer In even The mosT sernous class . 1 ll 0 1 ' I . . . ly . I. . . -lr A good hear+ s wor+l1 gold HENRY IV L YOLANDE KELLY We re nof sure whelher Norlh Carolina us prouder of Yolancle or Yolande of Norlh Carolnna' Soufhern charm personnhed Yolandes pleasanl easy manner has always drawn our aclmnrahon as have her impressed us and we ve spenr four years aflemphng a correcl pronuncuahon Jusl lor lhe records and for The beneful of cerlam of 'rhe lacully who could never qulle malce I+ Yo land ns correcl Shes a regular produchon lxne of fhe mosl cornplncaled sorfs ol lcnnfreci arhcles buf conlends fhal her real love as mafhemahcs her real love fn school lhaf IS 5 ll A I ll svelle clolhes and her exclling social life. Her exollc name has always . . , . I X. As merrv as 'lhe day IS long MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING THOMAS A SAUL Tom ns cerfalnly a long fume member In good slandlng and one of lhe besl' soccer players an 'rhe school as evidenced by has benng lhe lnrsl reclpnenl of lhe Soccer Cup ln has lunuor year he was class secrefary and placed on The All Inferacademnc Soccer Team an honor he refauned for fwo years Tom has lalcen parl' In olher achvu hes Including choir baseball and lhe Paslorlan Also he has oflen ungrudgnngly relleved acule 'rransporfahomhs Affer school when 'rheres snow on fhe ground Tom us a slu enfhuslasl All nn all he has a pleasanlness fhal one can 'r help lelung ll u ll . 0 - I ' u 1 I - - a n . . . . u - 1 u . . Knows noi' which us which A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM EDITH S LEVY Ed fh IS fhe mosf llkeable scafferbrann we ve ever known Beside benng Secrefary of fhe Assembly Cornrnaffee she has been class freasurer for fhe pasf fwo years durung whuch fume she fells us fhaf her wardrobe has nncreased proporfuonafely Her lovnalnfy and happy go lucky manner have endeared her fo us even af fhe fryuno momenfs when she was collecfunq dues Ednfh s frank opnmons and fhe sfranqhf forward way she has of saynng whaf she feels as rnghf won her a place on fhe Sfudenf Councnl lasf year as well as a lashng place nn our hearfs ll . . n ll I Q . . . . 1 . . I n n r Swlfi' as a shadow A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM PHILIP W SILVER Phil loaned us nn fhe mnrh grade and ever since has been unfrsgunng us wnih hrs wnlfy remarks Thus versarnle member of 'rhe class of 50 ns one of Mr Smufh s besf men havmng excelled In borh soccer and 'rraclc durlng has slay af GFS When nor off To Maryland he can be con sullecl abou? anyfhung from Ihe nnrrlcacnes of phofography Io 'rhaf perennual quesfaon Whal shall we do Fruday neghr7 Oflen heard prachcung up on has beauhful French Phrl as 'rhe boy who fool: rhe evenfful Irup abroad In fhe summer of 49 These Iacfs plus Ihe capfanncy of The Iraclr 'ream and a vngorous membership on Ihe dance commnrfee make Phnl a well known person around school I t F .im lv 'I . we 4, Q .- . -- 1 ll I ll .- I I o . . . . . I - . I . . - I . . II . . II I . . I H IS 'l'he green eyed monsier OTHELLO MARY ANNE LUTZ If anyone us ever In doubf abou? whom fhal exrrao dlnary squealnng no'r only an aulhoruly on France alrer her wonderful lrnp +o Europe Jrhus summer buf she can also fell you anyfhlnq you wanf 'fo know abouf French poodles The relreshmen+ end of lhe Dance Commllfee couldnl gel along wufhouf Mary Annes valuable concochons and nn sporls she has had a hand In everylhunq from hoclcey To modern dancnng Her everlashng energy sense of humor and good spnruf have lcepf us sfeppung and will cerlalnly leave happy memorles wnfh u a 'M .fr-J, I I belongs ro, jusf guess Mary Anne and youll be right Mary Anne is s II. Banlsh plump Jack and bamsh all 'lhe world HENRY IV JOHN F SIMONS JR Snnqer aflnlele acfor any descrlpfuon luis Jaclc Ever since he sfar red In Muss Durlnngs Induan play back an second grade Jacks varued falenfs have been uhluzed A represenlahve on +he Dance Commnffee a person wnflm a fine record on flue foofball and 'rraclc squads one who has 5Cl'1I6V8d an unbealen bowling score and an oufsfandnng member of flue 'renor sechon of The choir Jack gnves evidence of hrs versahle accomplnslnmenfs everywlnere All he need wash IS fha? has aclwnevemenfs be as numerous and enduring as has frnendshups m a 0 ll I O I I ' - . . . . . . . . . . . . A horse a horse mv kingdom for a horse RICHARD Ill JEAN M MARTINDALE Fourfeen years ago Jean became a member of our class and smce has been oufsfandnng un many ways She plays vnolun and plano and snngs rn fhe chonr and has been on 'rhe dxshngunshed las? each year She has consnslenlly made fnrsf leams and 'rhns year made lhe all scholashc hockey feam She s one of lhose grand people who are always very hospnfable and +he besf of company No one was surprlsed fo hear fhaf she made as bug a hll nn France on her ru las'r summer as she has here Oh my prophehc soul' HAMLET LEWIS L G SMITH Alflwouglw be would nof glve any predncflon as fo lbe oulcome of 'rbe foofball season Lew our class rnyshc dncl hrs buf for Hwe leam as nfs able and effrcuenf manager Lew reads a greal deal and spends a lol of hrs fume arguing dnfflcull' ponnls abou? wluch he ns always well unformed Hrs 'recbnncal explanahons of profound sclenhfnc problems malce has rnferesl' for science useful nof only +o burn buf fo has fellow physics sfudenfs Lew s perpelual smrle and nnformal manner are welcomed In The classroom and al any social galherung Farewell 'lhe franqull mmd farewell con+en'I' OTHELLO NANCY C MILLER Nancy who as lcnown fo The class as Nui has won all of us wllh her friendliness and sympafhy She has proved an excellenf aufhorrly on Vermonl and numerous colleges and has shown a remarkable lalenl' 'lor memoruzung Geflysburg Addresses' Her alhlehc abllnly can be observed bofh on 'rhe hockey held and 'rhe baslcelball floor and she as a member of fhe Alhlehc Councul A monfhly wsu? 'ro John Paul Jones Tomb for huslory of Course' rs becomunq a habuf lor Nul I have a good eye uncle MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING GEORGE L SPAETH George our school freasurer enfered GFS in lczndergarlen and surely has become fhe Richard l-lallaburlon of lhe class of 50 having gone from Mexico lo fhe Gaspe Peninsula An accomplished plamsf and ninfh grade and if wasnf long before he was spending his mornings funing up 'rhe quarfef His fine abulufy in fenms and soccer was early recognuzed He received a leller for +he former in ninfh and one for fhe laHer in fenfh and 'lwellh grades Lesf if be fhoughf Thai alhlehcs is his only forfe a glance a George s academic record is enough fo convince one of his versalilufy organist George is very musically iniclined. He ioined 1'he choir in Il fau+ que lapprenne a parler HENRY V CLAUDE J MORTAIGNE Clwerclnez la femme' You will usually lnd her IU flue muddle of a group of musguuded French sludenls babblnng a language wlnnclw sl'1e clanms IS lwarder Yo undersland llwan Engluslw Claude l'1as won our respecf and adrnlrallon by lwer qulclc adlusfmenl' To cornplefely new Amerlcan surrouncnnos She has given all llwe Frencln classes added unspurafuon wulln her clwarmlng and lnumorous expllcaluons de fexfe and we canf concenve of a befler good wall ambassador llwan Claude ,X 3 , '- I , . . n -I N u u . I . ,. . J . I . I have done fhe sfaie some service OTHELLO JOHN L TAYLOR Tupa canoe and Taylor 'foo' Jaclc excels as bofh slafesman and woodsman As presudenf of fhe Sfudenf Assocaahon he has headed fhe school governnnenf very efhcvenfly fhns year Jack s nnferesl' In +he Advlsory and Sfudenl Councils IS equalled by has enrhusuasm for hunhng slcung and baseball bemg capfann lhls year The possessor of an amaznng laugh which has been lcnown 'ro lure a moose from mules away Jaclcs sense of humor ns as clelnghhful as has company Thou hasf no speculahon ln fhose eyes which ihou closl glare wllh MACBETH ELIZABETH JEAN MURRAY Combunang charm wnl' ammahon and enlelllgence wufh her good us nol lumnfed fo classroom and parlor buf exlends fo lhe gym and hockey field where she accomplishes fears lhaf Babe Dldrlclcson mughf envy Perhaps nf ns lhe accumulafed excnlemenl of B J s weekends Thai' cause her fo seelc recluse al Cape May each summer buf whalever If ss Philadelphia does seem a llllle less brlghf when fhe 'rrann leaves carryrng 'rhls SCIf1l'Illd'llf'1g personallfy aboard l hw loolcs, B. J. is delilghlful company anywhere. Her success, however, Some cupld kulls wlfh arrows some wnfh 'lraps MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING RICHARD K TAYLOR A spray of snow and Duck glndes gracefully by on hns skns engoy ng has favorlle sporl A lalenfed end on fhe foofball 'team he reaches even grea'I'er henghfs an lhe Sprung as an arhsf af fhe hugh lump If fhe sfudenr slore has been making money hand over hsl If as per haps because of Ducks good looks and has charmlng manner on lhe ofher side of 'rhe counfer Hrs cleverness and ganefy make ham good company everywhere . . . . gg , . Q l . I . I I . . . . 1 I am 'Phe very punk of couriesy ROMEO AND JULIET FREDERICKA JANE NOLDE Freddie as The glrl who lmves In 'rhaf punk house on Gerrnanfown Ave nue She as an excelleni' rnuslcuan playrng 'rhe piano and srngnng un fhe choir Her voice whefher an song or ID public speaking us a pfeasure fo hear The Roberha Jarden hbrary has 'ralcen a much more prom men? place IH fhe school under Freddues guudance Her pleasanf persrsfency and efhcuency have made any commlrfee or any church group funchon more smooihly 46 x Oh I+ as excelleni +o have a glanf s sirengih MEASURE FOR MEASURE OTMAR M ULBING Orr wnlh has quuclc sense of humor and ready laugh asfounded us soon affer his arruval wnlh lhe quuef sfafemenf Thaf he could spealc a+ leasf lnve languages lluenfly and he can' Alfhough he lcnew vurlually nolhnng abou? foolball af The beginning of The year he proved lhal he could learn a new game as well as many new cusfoms and expressions Ofmar proposes fo sfudy engnneerung an college and all 'rhe physncs sludenls can +es+ufy fha? has cholce ns a wlse one He us nn+eres+ed an arf excepf fhe very modern sporls animals especually horses and loves +l'1e ou? of doors He has furfhered our undersfandrng of Ausfrna wulh has wlllnngness 'ro answer all our endless queshons ' ' - I ll I . o . r , . u - 1 . . . 1- nl . l u I 1 1. . rw I ' - Siands Sco+land where If dud7 MACBETH JANE R PORTER Dld someone gusl whnslc up and snap your plclure and all you saw was a blond head dnsappearlng around The corner7 l+ musl have been Jane because she lulces lo lalce unposecl plclures Pholo graphy us one of her many hobbles Her sclenfl c ndlyrduallsllc and quesluonrng mind has led us lnlo many lnleresllng class discuss sons Jane hopes +o gel a Sc D In geology and we are sure 'rhal she wlll for her perserverance has always been oulslandlng fra A llon among ladies IS a mosf dreadful flung A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM HOOD VAN DEN AREND JR. lf was a luclcy day for everyone, especially lhe alhlellc deparfmenf, when Hood came 'ro us from Oberlm, Ohuo He has been one of lhe sparlrplugs of lhe foolball 'ream as rughl' half back for 'rhree years Thus year, has erlorls were rewarded wnfh fhe co cap+auncy of The 'ream In baseball, Hood has been calcher and one of 'rhe leadmg hnffers for 'the pasl fwo years Hns o'rher achvuhes are shop and sfage crew worlc Hood can be counled on as a friend as well as a sfar on 'fhe playmng held Q X ,Wx J f l 3 The hand +hal ha'rh made you good halh made you fair MEASURE FOR MEASURE HELEN A ROSENGREN Lo' Here s a genfle lark' Ever slnce Helen s arrival nn rhe m ddle of nunlh grade we have been aware of an unusually lalenfed musucran among us Thus greaf abnlufy coupled wfh a cheerful dusposmon soon made her one of our besl loved classmares When she served as Junuor Class Presndenr and a member of The Sfudenf and Chour Counculs we soon found Thar music wasn 1' her only gulf Memornes of Helen wnll always rang as frue as rhe nores she slngs and plays ff Brevrly IS fhe soul of wll' HAMLET GORDON A WEST Go Wes? young man' Buf noi so lar 'thai' we canl' hear fhal' wonderful voice' Gordon sparks nor only The soccer feam buf any choir council he was vofed presldenf of nl' fhls year and was fher fore In charge of rhe whole sprung show Has puns pop up al 'the mosf unexpecfed fumes and provoke umversal guffaws and groans Gordon s energy and has abllufy To see 'rhe humor In any snfuahon combuned w1+h a rare personaluly have made hum as likeable as anyone we know F assembly in which fhe celebrafed quar+e'r sings. A member of fhe Such beauiy as a woman s eye LOVES LABOURS LOST MARIANNE D SHIPLEY Nancy ns one of lhe guuclung llghfs of our class The Dance Com mulfee has profiled from her Ideas and when +he Advnsory Councnl us ln a hghf spof she IS always on hand wulh helpful conwlrnbuhons One of our lnvelnesf classrnafes Nancys vnvud nrnaglnahon produces fhe wnldesl sforues And The funny fhnng as one loolc af lhose wncle blue eyes has us belxevung any+hung ,f ,fr ll I ll A very genTle beasT and of good conscience A MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM HOWARD L WOLF Howard combines The rare qualrhes OT ouTsTar1drnq aThleTnc ablluTy and genuine modesTy Among hls Impressive aThleTuc accomplnsh menTs are hrs membership on The All lnTeracadermc soccer Team Tor Three consecuTlve years has deadly accuracy on The baskeTball courT and hrs beauTuTul game OT Tennns whnch has more Than once been rewarded by The wrnnmg oT The Tennns cup a TeaT accomplush ed as early as n1nTh grade BUT perhaps even more nmporTanT Than Thus as The qual1Ty ThaT has won hum The aTTecTlon oT mnnumerable Truends ThaT of berng The really nmce person he rs Y-Q24 TT" TTTT T T TA zlkfril -,Jigs Li T T "if" My good wall IS greaf PERICLES MELYINA F SHIRK Melvuna s amazsng lalenf nn musnc whefher I+ be playnnq fhe piano or sunganq have made her leadership and capabllnfy In choir oufsfand mg Wnfh her confrnbuhon of many snspnred Ideas rhe Chour Councnl has had 'ro sfep lnvely One of our mos? conscnenhous classmafes Melvma spends a greal deal of fume and energy on her school work buf manages 'ro have 'fume for many ofher achvnhes ne of our aufhoruhes on religion she wanls 'fo go mfo some musical work Connecfed wnlh fhe Church Q tl rj 'L ,, . . I I l I - - 4 ,ww This was fhe noblesi' Roman of fhem all' JULIUS CAESAR MARGHERITA VALGUARNERA Dr NISCEMI Marghernfa IS undoubleclly fhe mosf cosmopolnfan member of our class A Trap across The Aflanhc and back IS a cusromary summer experience and she as always dropping hmls abou? her superior breed of men whnch seems 'ro occur IH Palermo Ssculy where she was born Her hferary prowess as unqueshonable No? only dld she recenve fhe Roberfa Jarden Award un +en'fh and elevenrh grades buf she IS now parf of The fruumvarafe which ns heading up fhe Pasforaan Board She maunfanns fha? her dearesf loves are Wlnnle rhe Pooh Haly and our class uf' ' ll . ,, C . . I will be ihe paHern of all pahence KING LEAR MARGARET H WHITALL Peg us one of 'rhe old guard She has weafhered GFS for fourreen years comang ou? calm cool buf no'r very colleded Peq ns as pleasanr as she as falenred Her afhlehc abnldy beung oufsfandung she us on every flrsf feam and has acqunred a fennms cup a GFS and +he presuclency of fhe gxrls Afhlehc Councnl Whurall ns a combuna 'hon of exculemenf serenufy nauvenfy and vagueness Her Oh l don? know as famous along wulrh Holy Crow' unle an arhsf Peg paunfs a preffy pucfure ID every sense of fhe expression 1 K .H . I ' , 'I . .r I.. ' -l I I To hold oplmon wrlh Pyfhagoras MERCHANT OF VENICE ELIZABETH A WHYTE When everyone else guves up an uffer despaur Beffy works on and funally succeeds where ofhers have failed Arnblf1on7 Whaf beffer fhan mafhemaf1cuan7 Come sunny days we have looked nn valn for Beffy on fhe fronf porch she admsfs she freckles She s been a mem ber of chorr since elevenfh grade and ns one of fhe rnosf dependable members of fhe biography and fhe Falause commlffees which have broughf ouf her qualufnes of cheerful helpfulness and smcerafy Beffy us an apprecuafnve auduence for all our lokes in The soff phrase of peace OTHELLO MARGARET A ZIMMERMANN There as a charmmg lass whos a member of our class and whose wmnnng fashion ns famous We re spealclng of Peggy Whlle she IS a compelenl ancl eflecluve supporler ol lhe Advusory Council and chaarman of lhe Communlly ol Germanlown branch ol: lhe Service Commlllee Peg also lends her vocal enlhusuasm 'ro A squad hoclrey and lo lhe chonr as well as recelv ng good marks One of Peggys oufslandmg lealures as her genlallly, and we envy lhe capacufy she has for knowmg so many people so well ,AN 'x Y . K 1 X .. , E! ' if -, ll ll . .' . I I , 4--fy 5 is ff" r Y 1 1 fuk 'S ef vf LFH55 M Q wr' 'X in fx ..-1.-.2 3 J Ei! mq 35, ik' xg HAUQTO RV , f XM, wx? Zjffy 3 ff 'fr X, al? ' 9 fx g f ffm lf! , f W X f is ,f Q Z ' C. ,. 1 '. , EP , XX XS-A f Q - f Q X jf X 'iucgf' 5 . v , 'l-A-'i- P aff ' ff dv ,, 4, ,Mx X I 5 'E ' ' A , X! XX 5 4 - X A X 1 5 f Q E J- f , x X 0 ia - W ' I 1, - A -9 I O 0 Firma QOREELQ ' YL 1 .-,, g?M- w- i - in B. A. D. T. A. C. C. M, .,.,Af ,if ' .,..-x . . - CLASS HISTORY A Comedy of Errors JusT why iT was, we're sTill noT sure, BuT Tom and EdiTh were immaTure: And Though Their eTTorTs were more Than SparTan, The Two of Them Tlunked kindergarTen. They missed May Day 5 la Fredricka, When everyone shoufed a loud "Eurekal" David, dressed as a duck, Turned To quail Every Time some one pulled aT his Tail. The Teachers Tound us lovable ToTs We ruined The blankeTs on The resT Time coTs. The boys kissed Jean and made her cry, Even Then, They were Tar Trom shy. BeTTy Jean caused loTs OT Talk With mumps and measles and TipToe walk. Mrs. Maxwell became engaged. iT seems. Zena was envisioned in WalTer's dreams. "Thee Hannah" was our Thespian Thriller An Oscar wenT To Nancy Miller. The performance hasn'f been equalled since 'Tho Today The memory makes us wince. Barbara Freeman became The besT scribe by Tar: MaTh wizards washed Miss Kerlin's car. Again our acTors proved Their meTTle. As George SpaeTh shone in "Hansel and G-reTel." A wave of aTTecTion ThaT was simply Tidal Engulfed Jack Simons and Peggy Whifall. "LiTTle Willy" ArrnsTrong gave a brillianT reciTal, Thereby becoming a maTinee idol. B. W. J. T. P W x-fd: "1 U TW! C' 31' is hi A ,', t ,'2vf9 'Q i ' y i Q, W, e. s. Y. K. H. ic. D. M. Our spiriTs were cerTainly hard To quell For insTance, The Time when Anne Cornell WiTh bow and arrow Took careful aim And shoT a picTure righT ouT of The Trame. SixTh grade made us a bunch of hellions: Sam led The class in many rebellions We hold The record ThaT no class beaTs For puTTing Thumb Taclrs on Teachers' seaTs. Hugh Kinley was baT boy in sevenTh grade: He wenT wiTh The Team To The games They played. ThaT was The year They made all The fuss When The class goT snow-bound in The slraTing bus. Chase McDaniel found iT hard To resisT SeTTling argumenTs wiTh his ready HST. Miss IliT'l ThoughT Teaching To be a chore When we rolled marbles all over The floor. NinTh grade gave us many addiTions None OT Them had inhibiTions. MaiTa made an impassioned speech As an oraTor, she cerTainly was a peach. Due To The eTTorTs Peg and Howie made. BoTh Tennis cups wenT To our ninTh grade. PlaTT's PanThers were Then The rage Bills arT paper was iusT a blank page. A radio parTy was sTaged by Jane The order 'lgirls onlyl' was given in vain. UninviTed buT noT aT all abashed The boys arrived and in They crashed. J. S. M, L. S. A. .4 -16- ,., M. B. e' A Noi if s una r-is . .A -49, lui Z. W. C. Remember lunch fime in fhe fenfh grade Lois led a conga parade Busser won everlasfing fame Simply by living up fo her name Magician Phil did incredible sfunfs Nancy Shipley led lion hunls lmpersonafions by M. J. gave us fifs of glee The boys' "Happy Birihdaysu were all oh! lrey Assemblies became lhe besf we'd had yel' Bob, George, Gordon, and Army formed 'rheir quar+e+ Foullce, Harris and Ridgway, fhe mighfy lhree Were as affracfive as cheerleaders could possibly be The fenfh grade girls were suspecfed for weeks Who pu? rouge on Lincoln's cheelrs? Peggy Z's parfy was one of ihe best fhere's been ln forfy eight we saw lhe New Year in Aboul This lime Carl caused a sensafion Presenling his firsl designing creafion. Susan's masferpieces began +o be seen ln publicafions such as "Seven'feen." ln elevenfh grade French, M.A. furlively hid To ea+ her apples behind The deslc lid. Ai fhe Afhlefic Dinner, one of fhe funniesf sighls Was Adele Barfhold in black face and fighfs. The girls saf home wifh Time lo kill While handsome Diclc shussed down Bucl: Hill. And many's 'rhe nighf by fhe Iighl of The moon Taylor and Drum hunfed ringlailed coon. Around ihe library fable we'd si? To admire the Things Yolande would lmif. Sally Davis, one of our class officials, Made The lirsf socks fha? feafured iniiials. F. N. N. M. L. H. M A B qi i QU H. A. vip.. 1 B. B. P. S. The alcove set the scene for Sue Fridays at 2:20 came her rendezvous. Never arousing the tacuIty's wrath Betty Whyte was outstanding in Spanish and Math. Our worl: was worth it, we must confess. "Down in the Valley" was quite a success. Melvina and Helen sang as never before, As sweet Jenny Parsons they received "Braves" galore. We were sort ot surprised at the way Miss Johnson Pronounced that French: it sure was no chanson. Her vociferous talents were more on the beam In giving support to the football team. When P.M.C. Prep came too close to our end Ort sat on the toe: said, "Go no further, friend." Many's the time we cheered for Hood For running the ball as no one else could. Lew Smith's speech impressed us so "What a dry country is Mexico!" Claude pointed out where Mr. Gordon erred "Madame Bovary was not cruel," she averred. Gentleman Ev with a sadistic leer Slapped Babs Baily on the elbow. Judy wowed us from the stage As Mrs. Knowles in the "Romantic Age." Somehow we survived the College Boards, Evaded the path of careening Fords, Without mishap were evaluated We sort of hate to be graduated. We weren't the brightest class we knew And not the dumbest that ever passed through. We may be ruetul of some things we've done But we have to admit-it's sure been fun! L J P L. E. P.J. PZ Y, Q 1 S 'FT xwpn Aim :f BN f ,W 1 f I ss , X ff KW AMW! T , ,, . W' ffm 4. cr"-'Ef f f 79' 'W X Wg ffrffffnfy wf film! fi1"ll'lllj ig vii' V I THE TENFEST X . f U C x ,W G X Q5 I X '4 4 'Q O 11 f ' ' -, s mf x 4 X , X 1, jf! 1 M I Lv Z F JW 1 "W 1 05 .f -f 1 f ', Q' egg, G .',f ff ll' if I, 1 , ' . - 5 N il "x' W ilw' ' xx ' f" 5' VZ' ' f N ,, - s " X - ' ' ' fri' ,f I f T X 1 57 X yy, -.3 If ff Q' 1: Q We T M X' 1, ff 2,2 SH fy ' 'WM lf., 1 - . L " xl X my wt C nz X ? ' ll? X ' UW W .. A 4 lb V X X .1 3, , M171 ' M Q If ' W ,ff I f f , V' 1 4 X . mv 4?-n YUM Q I 4 K X gy --- I N I- ,--' . I 0 V.. riugsa TE' -91' f 157 . YXW' xx f I - W!! 1 II f 'SL' I 5.9 i 5 Q , r I i jf 1 Slucleni Council Back row: Beardwood, Morgan, Malcolm, Taws, Wozniclri, Lingelbach, Cousins, Crosby. Middle row: Mrs. Meredilh. Armsfrong, J. Taylor, Ebeling, Rosengren. Davis. Fronf row: Ornslon, Miller, Hergesheimer, Lambert Rhoacls, Masella. The Sluclenl' Council is composed of six represenlalives from each of The 'lhree upper classes. This year, wilh Jaclc Taylor as Presidenl, fhe Council has iunclioned well, performing i'rs dulies of Service Commillee appoinlmenls, conference nominalions, and commiffee reporls. The year saw a new measure adopled regarding commiflee appoinfmenls and eleclions which we hope will grea+ly facililale lhis big problem. The queslion of class rings was broughl' up, and a slandard ring was selecfecl for lhe whole school. This year fhe Sludenl Council has become an even more vilal parl of our clemocralic sfudenl government X-sf E'--f. Tx Advisory Council .44 Back row: Taws, Cousins, Armslrong, Morgan, Malcolm, Taylor, Middle row: Freeman, Shipley, Goodell, Zimmermann. Fronf row: Mulch, Plummer. Several years ago lhe Advisory Council was crealed To help wilh any individual problems lhal mighl' arise in lhe school. ll was fell fha? a group elecled by 'rhe srudenl body working wilhoul faculfy supervision, could help sfudenls in lrouble solve lheir own dilliculfies. Aside from aiding sludenls wi+h sludy dilzlicullies, improv- ing class adiuslmenl, and handling occasional problems of cheafing and sfealing, lhe Council al rhe beginning of lhis year arrempfed a program 'ro malre lhe new sfudenrs in GFS feel as much al home as possible in a srrange place! Of course, ihe success of The Advisory Council can only be iudged by fhe s+uden'rs who have been ahfecied by ir. bur we hope fha? lhey have been able lo benefir direcrly from lhe Councils eflorl foward associalion wilh Them and underslanding of lheir problems. ' in Inv..-1 A Service Committee Q7 74 .if A Back row: R. Taylor, Goodman, Johnson, Zimmermann, Bally, PorTer, Morris. Middle row: Miss HITT, Kinley, Shaffer, Harris, Busser, Foulke. FronT r0wI OrnsTOn Herr, Shipley, LuTz. JusT who are Those people dashing Through The halls wi+h ThaT "Would you like To help me" look on Their Taces7 Many oT Them are beTTer known To Their classmaTes as members oT The Service Com- miTTee looking Tor assisTanTs. This year, Tor The TirsT Time, The Service CommiTTee is noT under The direcTion oT one person. However, as in Tormer years, iT is divided inTo groups, one Tor service wiThin The school, The oTher Tor service ouTside The school. As usual, we did our besT To make The Red FeaTher Campaign a success. A blue polka doT Tie, sisTer's baby shoes, and Mom's sweaTer were only a few oT The arTicles senT overseas in response To The cloThing drive. Also under service ouTside The school were The Two hundred boxes and many leTTers ThaT we have senT To our aTTiliaTed school in Falaise. Sfanding: Smfrh, Sreeie, Saul, Morgan, Beardwood, Woznicki, Seafedz Noide. Whiraii, Mrs. Meredith, Meranze, Goodman, Vaiquarnera, Lamberf, Foqq, Trauqoff. Wirh David Meranze as edi+or-in-chief and Susan Goodman and Marqherifa Valquarnera as associaie edifors. This has been a red ie++er year for fhe Pasrorian. A change of pubiishers has made a poiicy of bigger and be'r+er possibie. The in+roducfion of crea+ive arf work as a deparimenr was oniy 'rhe beginning of unprecenied changes, for exampie, 'rhe red and green cover of 'rhe Chrisfmas Issue. Wifh more space in which fo work, pracficaiiy every depar+- men? has been expanded. And, wonder of wonders, fhe budge? balances! Boys' Athletic Council had Sfanding: Malcolm, Anderson, Dugger, Harris, Sfaples, Hano, Roma, Denisof. Soafod: Mr. Mallery, Mr. Smiih, Mr. PIa++. Abseni: Sfevens. This year lhe Boys' Afhlelic Council, wilh lhe guidance of Mr. Smilh, and under fhe capable leadership of Langdon Harris, Presi- denl, and John Slevens, secre+ary,has accomplished a greal' deal of which 'rhey may be proud. ln addifion fo mainlaining lhe locker rooms, insiigaling a syslem in which all lockers are fo be equipped wilh locks and planning fhe annual Alhlefic Dinner, lhe Council has, as usual, handled 'rhe irnporfanf iob of awarding leHers. They 'feel +hal' 'rhese awards are more significanl when fhey are presenled in assemblies al fhe end of fhe season which 'rhey represent lnsfead of being given oul al one assembly in June, 'rhey will be awarded a+ +he Alhlelic Dinner and lwo olher assemblies. This group has achiev- ed a greal deal in helping lo coordinale lhe boys' afhlelic aclivilies. Girls' Athletic Council FT Back row: Spencer, Anderson, Fricke, Miss Cadbury. Fronf row: Freeman, Miss Miller, Landers, Whifall, Miller. The Girls' Arhlefic Council has been led very ably rhis year by Peg Whifall, wi+h Lucy Landers as vice-presidenl and Margy Miller, secrelary. This council is made up oi 'three girls elecied from each of ihe lop lhree grades, and Miss Cadbury, Miss Miller, and Miss Gawrhrop. These +welve people selecl managers lor every sporl and see Thai all iirsl' and second learn players who qualify, receive +heir insignia. One of lhe mosl' imporfani iobs, which is ialcen over by The vice-presidenl and fhe juniors, is +he alhlehc dinner, al which 'rhe hoclcey learn is honored. Thanlcs 'rhis year are due 'ro Lucy Landers and fhe elevenlh grade girls for 'rhe wonderful way in which The dinner was handled. Assembly Committee Standing: Meranze, T. Stevens. Sealed: Eiseman. T. Morgan, Wilder, Hergeshei- mer, Levy, Mr. Mallery, Leidner. Our imaginalive assembly commillee, whose mosl inspired ideas llrained monlceys from The zoo, e'rc.l are seldom heard oulside of uproarious meelings, has never+heless come up wilh a series of original assemblies. A greal' many new lealures have made +he year a more inreresling one. There have been more assemblies from wilhin 'lhe school, leafuring as many deparlmenls as possible: for lhe firsl lime in lwenly years we had a Lower School assembly. Thanlcs -lo 'rhe vigilance of Chairman Joan l-lergesheimer The ever- presenl deadlines have been mel wilh seeming ease and excellenl resulfs. Stage Crew Sfandingz Evans, Smith. Seaied: Crosby, Kinley, Scarborough. Composed of sfudenfs who have +he necessary lime and abilily, fhe Sfage Crew has become a real par? of our school life. This band of arfisans does everylhing from sel building for fhe spring shows and The subfle lighfing of +he school dances 'ro arranging lhe necessary props for The assemblies. To fhis small buf vifal group should go much of The credil for many ol: our successful enlerprises. 'Q Back row: Foulke, Silver, Simons, Armsirong, Alliger, Morgan. Middle row: Hafhaway, Shipley, Stuart, Anderson, Goodell. Fronf row: Busser, Lufz. Under lhe fine leadership of Richard Sfuarl, and wifh 'rhe help of Mr. Kneedler, 'rhe Dance Commillee has had a wonderful year. The one-hundred percenl arfendance by sludenls of lhe upper school plus a good 'rurnoul' of alumni has assured lhe success of all our dances and has broughl abouf sornelhing unheard of in Dance Com- rnillee hisfory - a surplus in 'rhe freasury. We can only hope lhaf The achievemenis of lhis year's group will sei' a preceden+ for 'fulure commilfees. yr-"'-'-I The Blue and While Goodman, R. Taylor, Ebeling, Armsfrong, Corson, Mr. Gordon, Nolde, Crosby, Meranze. This year fhe class sleered away from fhe convenlional year- boolc. Hs size, dedicalion, and pholography are different and fo our way of fhinlcing, much more original. Wifh a very capable execuiive board headed by Lois Ebelinq and Wal+er Corson we made +he deadline wifh 'rime +o spare. While we accomplished everyfhing amid greaf iovialify and humor, we averled much of ihe franfic dashing around, 'ihe midnighf meelings, and l'ha+ general period of furbulence +ha+ is all foo familiar 'ro many a gradua+ing class, even af GFS. The radical changes made fhis year, we lhinlc, have really improved fhe boolc, and we hope lhaf perhaps rhe general siyle will sei a fradifion for fuiure yearboolms. Lf... N vu in: Q' - 9 12 ! K 1 I . 1 , , 4 4 . 1 I x I J, I NX Football Back row: March, Van den Arend. lco-caplainl, McDaniel lco-capfainl Harris, J. Slevens, Sleele. Froni row: Cousins. Hallowell, Connor, Ridgeway, Foulke, J. Simons, J. Taylor, Schoenberg, Ulbing, Heineclxen, R. Taylor. The loolball 'ream slarled worlcing oul lhe firsl' week in Sepfem- ber, and by Ihe 'rime school began, if was in good shape for 'rhe heavy schedule ahead. Firsl came a viclory over Friends Cenlral, and lhen, for 'lhe firsi lime in lourleen years, we defeafed our rivals. Germanlown Academy on a "sleeper" play from Harris 'ro Slevens who raced 70 yards for l'he only score. Afler winning 'rhe Wilminglon Friends game, lhe Ieam lravelled lo Chesler lo 'ralce on P.Iv1.C. Prep. who previously had been unbeafen, unfied, and unscored upon. We scored lwice in 'rhe Iasl' half, buf Iosl as The cloclc ran our, and lhe score slood I9-I4. I+ was a real moral viclory Ihough, and The ieam was considerably pleased lo have done as well as lhey did. The following week, Tower Hill caughi The 'team on l'he Ieldown and gained a I4-I4 lie. They lhen suffered a defeal' al George School, buf in 'rhe final game of fhe season wilh Sanford Prep. lhey were defermined lo win and came our wilh a I6-6 viclory. The season as a whole was successful wilh four wins, one lie, and Iwo defeals. G.F.S. Opposilion Friends Ceniral I3 I2 Germanlown Academy 7 O Wilmingion Friends 25 6 P.M.C. Prep. I4 I9 Tower Hill I4 I4 George School I5 25 Sanford Prep. I6 6 I' ' sg- f' cf! pq, 4 vie! fish J . G 5 Back row: Mr. Smifh, Wolf, Loeb, Anderson, SeTlin, Scarborough, Beardwood. S-TapTes, Kinley, mgr. Middle row: SpaeTh, Wesf, Crosby, ArrnsTrong, capTain, Souh Corson, SiTver. Fronf row: Woznicki, Beck. The soccer squad, Ted Tor The second sTraighT year by CapTain Richard fXrmsTrong, began pracTice a week be-Tore school buT goT OTT To a raTher dishearTening sTarT wiTh Two deTeaTs by sTrong GermanTown High and Penn CharTer Teams. However, our spiriTs revived, and we ripoed Through a Friends Cenirral Team 440. We Then meT a very abTe HaverTord Team, and The exciTemenT ran high unTiT They scored in The lasT seconds oT pTay To Take The game 2-T. Two non-Teague TussTes ToTTowed wiTh CenTraT High and Roxborouqh, boTh resuTTing in vicTories Tor GFS. Then came a reporTedTy sTrong FpiscopaT eieven, buT we smashed Through wiTh a 4-2 Triumph. The TasT Two games oT The season wiTh GermanTown Academy and Friends SeTecT were hard ToughT as usuaT, and we Took The 6.14. squad I-O by a score in The laTTer parT oT The TasT guarTer To give us our TiTTh sTraighT win. Though we OuTpTayed Them Through The game, Friends Se'ecT beaT us 2fI, aTThough we sTiTT hoTd ThaT iT The dock hadn T run ouT we wouTd have added anofher vicTo'y To our isT. The season ended wTTh 5 wins and 4 deTeaTs. Th's years efeven wishes The besT oT Tuck To CapTain Dona d Bearwcod and hs Team nexT year. Hockey Spencer, Wilder, Mufch, Dugger, Hafhaway, MarTindale, Hergesheimer, Harris, Landers, WhiTall, Freeman, capfain. This year's hoclcey Teams beTTered The Tine record of lasT year's, The TirsT Team winning seven ouT oT eighT games. One game which sTood ouT was ThaT wiTh George School, played on Their Tield, Trozen and in poor condiTion. ATTer a Tough TirsT halT, we Turned a O-l deTiciT inTo a 2-I win. Perhaps The mosT colorTul game was ThaT wiTh The soccer Team, again played in bad weaTher. George SpaeTh's golTer's drive and Phil Silvers scoring shoT will never be TorgoTTen. Nobodys Toes were sTepped on in The I-I Tie, or were They? Many Thanks To Barabara Freeman and Mimi Busser, TirsT and second Team capTains, Tor Their Tine examples oT Team spiriT. CongraTulaTions, also, To Jean MarTindale. Nikki Spencer, Peg WhiTall, Barbara Freeman and Joan Hergesheimer, who capTured Tive of The eleven All-ChesTnuT Hill Team places. Honorable menTion To Helen lvluTch, Tor acTing as a subsTiTuTe. Q.. 9 .93 .Q GI ac I". 5 , '3 s.,k ,KX -. S-an-. . , gN Qs- Mak'-1' A -- E-Ga QS' 'alll' J A aw 0 ,,.,-NMNQHZA15-., V. v' ,- . Sw all . gi sq "' nu' a ,,- 59:3 5 I-5-J s f -gf ? l AJ'-.. 1 lf Boys' Basketball hy X22 Mr. Helman, Sieele, Cousins, Harris, capfaing Ridgeway, Van den Arend, Wolf. Absenf: Stevens. Caplained by Langdon Harris, rhe varsiiy leam ihis year corn- piled a credilable IO-6 record. Aiding 'rhe campaign were olher reiurning leilermen Sam Cousins, Howie Wolf and Don Sieele, plus Hood Van den Arend, Bob Ridgeway and John Sievens. Recovering from early season second-half weaknesses, lhe learn rolled up an impressive sfring of seven consecuiive viclories which began wirh 'rhe eslablishrneni of a new GFS record of 73 poinfs scored againsi Church Farm. The season ended wilh a subsianlial viclory over Friends' Select Much of lhe credil for fhe reams success is due 'ro 'rhe excellenl coaching of Mr. Kneedler and Mr. Helrnan, who Tool: over during ihe former's illness. The games were marlced wiih ihe con- sisieni high scoring ol: Capiaiin Langdon Harris, Howie Wolf and Sam Cousins. Friends Cenflral Lower Moreland Cierrnanfown Academy Masvbaurn Tower Hill Friends Selecl George School Solebury GFS OPP, 28 Mooresfown 33 Church Farm 30 Bryn Alhyn 53 Sanford Prep 37 Wilmingfon Friends 43 Girard Ccilege 57 Wesrfown Friends 2I Friends Selecf G-F PP Girls' Baskeiba Diclc, Adams, Whiralf caprain: Freeman, Mulch. Absenf: Murray, Zimmerman manager. This season was a wonderful one because oi 'rhe spirir which prevailed on lhe squads. January 4+h lound all ol A Squad diligenfly praclicing +he rwo-slep-sfop in preparalion for our Tirsr game wilh Tower Hill lWill we ever Torger lhal Train ride and lhe lremendous gym?l This year, we almosl had anolher undelealed season. We missed il only by 'rhree poinis in our lasl game wilh Friends Selecl wilh a score ol 38-35. The girls Thai made 'rhis Tne record wilh The help of Miss Millerls Tine coaching were: forwards, Linda Adams, l-lelen Mulch, and Barbara Freemant guards, Peg Whiiall, caplain, Belly Jean Murray, and Mary Jane Diclc. SCORES Tower Hill 25 GFS. 25 Sleyens 23 G.l:.5. 46 Springside 34 G.F.5. 46 Wilmingfon 29 G.F.5. 33 Friends Selecl 38 G-.F.5. 35 Boys' Wrestling T? ' S-I Back row: McDaniel, Foulke, caplain: Hallowell, Schoenberg. Fron'r row: Drum, Maine, Tyson. This year a comparilively inexperienced wreslling leam, led by Caplain David Foulke, and coaclned by Mr. James Mcl-luglw, proved To GFS llnar wreslling lwas become a popular maior sporl. As enllnusi- asm lwas grown in wreslling and as llne allendance lias increased,our 'ream has improved immensely. Because of llwe grealer experience of our opponenls, we los? a number of very close meels buf we are looking forward lo llwe beneli+s ol 'flue skill we've gained in llnese beginning years. E Ay 1 35, ,gs in! I I S: Q 5 XF 15" h t W "Dumas W A X 1' Y ,J .41 Baseball ps The sfar sludded baseball leam of l95O has fiffeen games lhis year, lhe longesl schedule in lhe hislory of baseball al' Gerrnanlown Friends. Since we have six of our nine sfarfers back in 'rheir respec- 'rive posifions, we feel confidenf Tha? a successful season is in sfore for us. Under +he skillful coaching of Mr. Fousf, 'rhe boys oughf lo play heads-up ball and develop a smoolh-working oulfif lhaf will baffle lhe opposifion. Track :.l.g'wA:gf ' 1 1 P 1 as asf n 5 V Q ow, -Z -5- ' I ". 1' ."' V This year's fraclc leam, capfained by Phil Silver and coached by Mr. Srnifh, is loolcing forward +0 a good season. Eighf refurning leffermen will give a boosf fo a group already filled wifh budding sfars. The Team has a full schedule ouflined for 'rhe I95O season. and from fhe enfhusiasm shown by The hardworking sprinlers who have been pounding +he boards in a pre-season fune-up, ihe pros- pecrs for success are bright Boys' Tennis lb JK " at This year's 'rennis 'team is oul' lo accomplish greaf fhings. Howie Wolf, cerlainly one of lhe besl qualified capfains in years, will lead The way fo an even higher slandard in lhe lnlerrfxcademic League. Sam Cousins, Langdon Harris, Carl Wolff, Charles Siehle, Bill Linglebach, and Whiiie Nolcle form +he nucleus of ihis years squad. Nofhing we could say would be adequafe praise for fhe raclrefeers. Girls' Tennis 1.40. 3,3 PQQQQ if J' A. 4., pr N, This year's fennis ream should cerralnly be unbearable. Alrhouqh rhrouqh gradua1'i'on we Vos? some very sfrong players, we have eighr members of las? year's yarsify rerurninq. They are: Peg Whlrall, Barbara Garforfh, Jean Marfindafe, Nancy Shipfey, Mimi Busser, Nlkkl Spencer, Hohy Srevens, and Cindy Wilder, Wlrh a hne-up such as rhls, and a hrrfe Vuck, GFS again expecrs To win 'rhe lions share of irs marches rhis season. K. Modern Dancing Back row: Hinsey, E. Srnifh, Ziegler, Ebeling, Morraigne, Chappell, Johnson, Plummer, Levy. Middle row: V. Smifh, Valguarnera, Lambert, Davis, Bready, Bar+hold, Shaffer, Nolde, Sfolces. Fron+ row: Wirhinglon, Rahrbach, Goodell, Traugorf, Lufz, Busser, Spencer, Espen, G-loeclcner, Shirk. Again, 'rheir Spring Program proved 'rhe monlhs of groans and painful exercises worfhwhile 'ro our Modern Dancers. A series of skefches builr around lhe Theme "From Jungle fo Jive" por+rayed lhe hislory of Negro folk dancing in a very lively fashion. The 'rhirfy girls of fhe group made up rheir own dances and cosrumes, showing greal' ingenuify in borh 'rhese enrerprises. According lo girls who lcnow. Modern Dancing develops poise, digniry, grace, and muscles. X r fl X I W I 99 C' 54" 51' x M' f X -4 fg f 'WQQN fl X 'il JA X V' ll:-IIIIJH: Q ,.,f lx, 1 A lllllllllnif V X sf lllllllllllll ,J fx, xlXUlllIIll0ll 3 5 N ,' rj f I f VIS f WI' n k ,Y WK 'V X RCLASSNE faces and heef Izezr' eefh clean, COR 1 0 LH NU 5 99 IN cl Sl 1 x o. ' X as .Aj fl I UQ Q f X V I N X X ' J 1 , If 1 ,117 X x 49 ,X 1 1 X 1 yy, A I ff l! x .IX 1 XV! 'I N :if M I X JV ffff ,lf 7 , 1 ' 5 "xp, - Y f N , ff l, Qfrf' 'x ' If fl' f X x ' wi ,, W ff W2 L' f Mn: - w , M nl L1 W 1 X HI xzkixaf? " " 'Jw M. ' - li 42904 UU fl X - 'fault-'1' fp I , -X' hwv . .ll , . . Xt I 1'?fl'!!"l '55, - ' Q J 5 1 K fe? Lfwii' 'H-- N " -S , . I tri!! 1:13 xl ..--1--,-.B K 4 , : f f., N 1 4 A I Anangu-...,..,' A 5 l I Q A ., 3 , ., xy 1 3 I ' ui NNN 75993213 i' - , ' , 12,24 Irv xvg yllvil' ,XX ' X xx 7 'ly ki .NN QE! '. V - U- I X x X' 'X V I :ax V. ' l I .- f J X Ml , M X W mfg 1 f " W ' awake f - Q . , H X 2' W1 fy -I IA K R14 N W N 4 Nw 1, f:231Sfe14 '-W If , f f an li, l l l 6 A ELEVENTH GRADE - Back row: Pepper, Harris, March, Foqq, Mooclr, Adams, S+eelman, Willauer. 4+h row: Loeb, Johnson, Boyer, Goodell, Wolll, Rohrbach, Connor, Spencer, Menqes, Willef, Scarborough, 3rd row: Graham, Wifhinglon, Sellin, Smilh, Leonard, Drum, Dagger, Sfolres, Felix, Plummer, Pompa. 2nd row: Hallowell, Herr, Simons, Lansbury, T, Slevens, Hershey, J. Slevens, Anderson, D. G. Ornsfon, Landers, Hinsey. Fronf row: Espen, Malcolm. M, G, Ornsfon, Beardwood, Herqesheimer, Sfeele, Larnberf, Morgan, Garforfh, Sluarf. Absent H. Sfevens, W. Howe, H. Wong. TENTH GRADE - Back row: Slehle, Wilkie, Haviland, Wallcer, Sfaples, Alliger, Chalmers, Wiedemann. Mh row: Evans, Nolde, Le1chwor?h, Beclc, Wolhr, Dallas, Buclrey, Young, Hano, Tyson, Rilfer. 3rd row: Swherland. Galbraith, Smith, Canfley, Sosanqelis, Bilslri, Chappell, Zeigler, Bready. 2nd row: Dobers1ein, Bohr, Foqq, Shaffer, Halhaway, Duqqer, Wilder, Sfeele, Friclre, Gloeclrner. Froni row: Mason, Mulch, Bafeson, Masella. Taws, Rhoads, Wozniclri, Miller, Lingelbach, Traugofl, Leidner. Absanf: Flosdorf. NINTH GRADE - Back row: Denisof, Mitchell, Vogdes, Powell, Le Sue-sr, Raymond, Scoll, Mlm row: lsrael, Geiger, Willauer, Paul, Walton, Flosdorf, Klopp, Versaci, Klander, 3rd row: Morgan, Lavin, Alexander, Welsh, Harqesheimer, Hemphill, Hargroves, Gassel, Roma, 2nd row: Schneider, Eisernan, Brcwn, Maich, Tarr, Joyce, Leonard, Lamberf, Bssser, Sfolres, Frazier. Froni row: Bubeclr, Bolling, Weiss, Mallican, Wood, Corson, Gcdschall, Robins, Smith, Earharl, Chandlee. .96 of- - ,Q , C' Edliors Loss L Ebelnnq Waller H Corson Execuhve Board Susan E Goodman Everefr U Crosby Frederrcka Jane Nolde David S Meranze Richard W Arrnsfrong Richard K Taylor The commullee wishes lo exfend :ls snnceresf rhanlcs To lhe whole class for rhe spurnled cooperahon whuch I+ gave 'ro every phase of The Blue and Whnle s produchon We especially apprecua+e The effor+s of Sue Axford Anne P Cornell Sarah M Davls Edufh S Levy Ellzabelh Jean Murray Jane R Porler Elnzabelh A Whyle David S Foulke advxsor Mr Edward J Gordon offered nnvaluable suqgeshons and advnce The Cass s grateful lo Ph ll ps S+L,d os for the excellenl pholoqraphy and +0 Luv nqsron Publ sh ng Company for help: q us n our exper men? rh a e oe of yearbook W. Carlyle hflorris, llhornas A. Saul, and John Simons., As our A I I l .I I l K In I l wi h w fy

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