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i Q VE - gfxicgi' -psig ' ,I A , - A ' P ' Q kg' 0 ' 1 4 FY, g W ' ' QQ, fix? 1 QV? A5 W V LAX M k4?Q1fF,QQg fi lk w Wm QL ff, K 5' - 4 ,A x A '- Kifp 741 if if - f fq 52, Hg 'UNT W4 AQJJ A ,.M .Q Rf of ff VH . A ., K ,b A I. fx-my yy Q? Ofgv QA f A Q WX w ffi3'ff J I ' ' V L 3-2 'A - 5 ' ' 5 ,V ' . YH 4 XQ5gQWM? V? we A fW9 QW WD wk I . , if 9 0 , QA LG, m aww, 42- ,W JQQ5 ff 1 , aff 0 . wygygg 4 , PV wh -J Oh . N514 . s,.f' Wal 1 J L- 5 c SH' BCD E050 5 ,W , , , Y M-, --V v U , fwmwwiwfwildfl WL' W W , MMV NW ff WZ' My J 'W f fffJffifffw W JW Wagga is WWQ QQ, cw iw WMM9fX5WvJW 752 b ., HQ Gwyvxfkgb 5 Q? 15?em?W? 'fwlbyf ,W gg ig yfpjwfgigggwyi ,.1 lliygl 5 Y 5 S,R2.Eg-rg fjJ516'l4,Q'Qf5g, gk Qc, U 5 iwofg-ETSQ 559 A Wm P g fiiigbfi 1 'ig 'Y QP ME S Wrgiebfgyg EQ? M Ei Jnzcsiigig BD! fb? fo AWK 5952 WWXQ AX fffffgfb W gwfd A M E, if ,Y JNlmTQcQ,gf1?fX J, ig . 'bf V fQff6Yf951Y Qffi,fffW 92522195 Wm Y f A The 1986 Laureola CONTENTS Special Events ........ Q . Activities ...... . . . Athletics ..... . . . Faculty ...... . . . Undergrads .... .... Seniors ...... . . . PEP THANKS- GIRLS' RALLIES GIVING BASKET VACATION BALL 5' . Y 'l , I 'll Qs V Q' X4 f lx w" I .I n " -1 K i515 , "' 1- 0 S' 1" 'f ' v. f 52 9' 3 W7 ,1-gm , ,Q K 'Q Q 'SX . - A x' - A f I ,K v Ls 1, - . x A 9. .suxv "-N ,-A V' ..- . v. . ' VL -N ' K ff - H 927, f- 21 Q," Q,l.,,., 14- 'Q 11- rx :Q nxq H1 .dis YQ f -L wvx, f -- K i , M 8 f 1 gy HV vgaq 62 x ? , J' Wi? .Ha 1 'iq Aw'A , A, W9 , ,.,4 . A ' wsu: M N 'X I Y ., - mx . 'V -M J 1' .,., 2' V 1 5 sr w "f 'f'--- :- is A . ,,......, xi? Q fil -nunqqi f ee-KMA I, 5 ,fs vi ! ZH 3 ' W VW ' 4: - d igg In Exam I I f , Q ym K iilffggfjf' g g ,f M C q X15 rg 'J W . at , 4 vm, I 4 ,W S '51 A Lg gp? 'U Z , ,, A M' , W? . + 'Q 1 5 1 1 .Q W , L mibflars' W' ' A V ,Aj , W W ,. - :L Q- an N f f -it 4 if 1- I N xr 2 i A '- """f'im Q , f iksf 'Vi f I' , N , gf a'5g m K m b ,nf -W. in f tgi - 'INJOVJN m Mlm llq, J S2 'M Qffffggg tb: 'wmv 1 " Wlll0I"9 5 -9' if 1 ,- "fi A-i if -4- Q- 1 ,1 , ,L f gig, Q , A A - f 4 -4-Q is ,wffgww 5 4, 5 Wi: - 1 N ,1- 5 E 1 5 ij nf Q . ,R V v"u 2 A HJLHfK,fJI?.f,!KmfA3 Yf 3515 :Q-1 1 K m,3W ' A ,Qlgf WE? ' w,,,,, -Mrs "Nw-. -...,,,m'-. Fu 1? if g, l, I vm Q- , ,I i giffi i , ,,..,,,,, ,. A , l.. mn! ...asf " n-. , 1 'C M tie- sq' ' 1 If Q lui 3-. Q I A hs - 1 S N '9 ru I J X K I fi 0 'ul I I A I' 7 ,v Q .4 0 'Q' QP 241: v ,O 7 v 4 ww-4, Q 4 4. C -.W 11 .. x l v , N W ' x I f - ft! if i , W e Q . 'V 2' "fx " gig' 'E E ' X if 159 I1 ef 55? . 0 1: t , G! Q ' YI if 41093 'x E 53 , 1 . 1 s -in ,MY ' lv . , Ls w-2, , I Q . f 2 if 1 A' is 1 L - 1 -5 ff 'Q A - 51'-5,- x sa 2 I Q , 5 A , , 1 ' 15 :':ff:-' I 1 Q 1 mf . 'i X 4 R A , HM X . p , L- v 2 3' . my X 51 Wife. A glam A X Q W at 13, L9 Y' E. he ,J iff, ' f Y' K 1, if 1 EQ R' 'ww vw, 5....,.. 4 v - an A ' 1' g, A ,A .A 3 4 V . 41. . Z a k , ' si? 7 -131 'ij H 49 9 4 " QQYH ww :J fd .W rg , ' :fu ,. J V W ,fel rf -A The 6'Uhlan Spirit" had been reborn! B9 fir I belleve that man wlll not mer ly endure, he wlll prevall Wm Faulkner 1 1,11 1111 1 5 N...-..- N...-... Speciaf guenfa 1111-11- . 1 111 1 1 1 1 11 I X is cl Homecoming The '85-,86 school year started poorly for the seniors, but Homecoming week arrived, and the girls of the Class of '86 finally received some good news. A court order that halted the strike made it possible for the students to continue classes. On that Friday, the annual 50's Homecoming pep rally was held in honor of the Court. The girls arrived that evening feeling a bundle of nerves. Erica was so nervous, she turned as red as her gown. Jodi's flowers arrived late and Bert constantly chewed his gum to sooth his nerves. But as the cars entered onto the field, all of the difficulties and disappointments were forgotten. Memories of' the hectic weeks faded from their minds as each couple walked up the field and into the archway. Everyone excitedly awaited the mo- ment when Mr. Bowers announced the 1985 Homecoming Queen . . . Erica Gaffey! A very hap- py and excited Erica was congratulated and re- ceived a dozen red roses and a sparkling tiara from Mr. Colebank. Melissa and Robbie Lisa and Louis Kimberly and Jerome Q I ea J... f f e ,mf -'lsfsl' f ,,A,z 2,, , .W ,.1, V ,5 2 m,,W,., Q v Queen Erica and Escort Bert M-1 U ,EE N I Senior ight Although weather once again proved to be dismal, the spirits of the seniors who were honored on Senior Night, November 1, 1985, couldn't have been higher. Thirty-one seniors were honored for their accomplishments in band, football, and cheerleading. As each ap- proached the front line of Sangston field, the glow of pride in the eyes of parents and friends reflected the feelings of the seniors themselves. Memories of this very special night were made complete as soon as the foot- ball team finished the season by annihilating Carmichaels 36 to 7. I wff. H2 K W Em Coronation Ball It was a night of intrigue, fascination, and enjoy- ment for all . . . November 27, the night of the Cor- onation Ball. With only two weeks of planning, the senior class officers and Mr. Bowers did an excellent job putting together this traditional social event. Even though the girls on the court didnit have much time, they still managed to get ready and look lovely. As in the past few years the Uniontown Country Club was the setting for the Coronation. The couples danced to the sounds of Amber while awaiting the final moment when Mr. Bowers announced that, "The 1985 Coronation Queen is . . . Dianna Boggs!" Dianna was crowned by Mr. Colebank who presented her with a dozen red roses. To those who attended, it was truly a night to remember. As Queen Di sums it up . . . "It was the best night of my lifeg I wish that it had never ended!" Shirley and Dale Crystal and Aaron Teresa and Regis Mary Beth and Joe Kelly and Sam Rhonda and Dave d Mik xxx J umpathon This yearls Jump-A-Thon was the most suc- cessful ever at German. On December 10, 1985, 139 students from the Senior High and 81 from the Junior High participated collectively to raise S2100 to benefit the American Heart Association. Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Rifenburg organized this event which many students at German look for- ward to every year. Not only do the participants enjoy getting out of class all morning, eating junkfood, and drinking pop, but they also gain a feeling of satisfaction knowing that they have con- tributed to a very worthy cause. The students, along with Mrs. Anderson and Mr. Rifenburg, are commended for doing a fine job. ,ix Viv? had ff 1 133155 M Q1 3 -niiilhiv P' g K , .,,,V ,-,. x g f? 'T' 'Q Bloodmobile Last year's bloodmobile, sponsored by the stu- dent council and Mr. Bowers, was held on March 12. Once again, the student council members were able to reach and surpass their seventy-five pint goal. In addition to the many student and faculty volunteers who gave blood, many others played a part in the continuing charitable success of the bloodmobile. Mrs. Bertovich recruited volunteer nurses, and Miss Humber: set up and ran the can- teen. Their efforts not only helped provide ill and injured people with much-needed blood, but also .helped teach students the value of selflessness and helped remind the public that the students and faculty of German Township High School are always willing to help a worthy cause. Thanks to everyone involved, the bloodmobile went off without any major problems. To the student council, the volunteers, Mr. Bowers, and especially the student body: 'fWell done!" xlssxx Coal Queen Candidate Traditionally, German Senior High is represented in the King Coal pageant by an en- thusiastic and talented member of its senior class. Chrissi Romito, this year's coal queen can- didate was certainly no exception! Beginning with last spring,s tryouts before her classmates, her showmanship and sincere effort assured everyone that GTHS would be well represented in this year's competition. In the talent portion of the pageant, Chrissi performed a song and dance routine to a medley of rock and roll hits. As a contestant, she attend- ed swimming parties, luncheons, and parades. She and the other girls attended the musical Man of LaMancha at Heinz Hall. Chrissi was quoted as saying "I enjoyed representing my school and classmates very much." Chrissi said that participating in the excite- ment of the pageant taught her not to feel in- ferior and to have confidence in herself and her school. She wishes to send love and luck to next year's contestant. Gfrzlvfzkza jfomzfo German High School A l l I V 'A 32, ' I ,. ff -I 7: la Kx5 'Y is UE 'W Q, Honor Society After the strike was settled and the flood waters receded, Mrs. Martin, the sponsor of the Adam Donnelly Chapter ofthe National Honor Society, called the first meeting in order to elect officers and to make plans for the coming year. Although this yearls N.H.S. consisted of one of the smallest memberships in the school's history - only eleven members, they entered the abbreviated school year with high hopes. The members began by selling candy canes at Christmas. The unbelievable number of thirteen hundred candy canes were sold. Through the support of both the student body and faculty, the N.H.S. members and sponsor were able to accumulate S403 from this first fundraiser. These funds, which, in the past, had benefitted Children's Hospital, were mn"W"""'-Y diverted to a more local cause, that of flood relief. Other fundraisers such as a student- faculty volleyball game were held to benefit Cystic-Fibrosis. Congratulations N.H.S.! Your efforts helped many needy people and revealed to everyone that honor students have a little heart to go along with all those brains! Officers: Robert Butorac, Dan Coffman, Jerome Marella, Chrissy Morris rwfeqp f X If If . .lf -' ,,,,, W 1-' 1 .4 Mrs. Martin Robert Butorac, Dan Coffman, Chrissy Morris, Melissa Maldovan, Jerome Marella, Anne Guappone, Chris Marva, Erica Gaffcy James Tobacsko, Linda Zvolenski, John Trosiek. Student Council The student council is a group of individuals who were selected by their student counterparts. These students represent the governing body of German Senior High School. The council consists .of representatives from all four grades. They hold positions in sub- councils such as the Student Forum, Youth Traffic Safety, and the Minority Input Committee. Under the knowledgeable guidance of Mr. Bowers, the council sponsored many activities such as a carnation sale on Valentine's Day and the Bloodmobile. Furthermore, they helped to purchase a trophy case. Finally, and most im- portantly, they dedicated a plaque to the memory ofthe crew of the fatal shuttle mission. Once again, the student council had a very prosperous year at G.T.H.S. Officers: John Schoener, Vice President: Kimberly Hickle, Treasurer: Mr. Bowers, Sponsor, Melissa Maldovan, Presi- dent, Beth Hutson, Secretary. Student Forum: Chris Marva, Kimberly Hickle, John Schoener. Row 1: Kimberly Hickle. Row 2: Robert Sterbutzel, Kari Semzock, Marla Maldovan, Bonnie Shea. Row 3: Erica Gaffey, Dale Hardin, Kristie Lazuka. Row 4: Mary Beth Norman, Erica Skochelak. Row 5: Beth Hutson, Nancy Trees. Row 6: Christie Hut- son, Lisa Ritz. Row 7: Jeff Young, Alan Trees, Richard Vaccaro, Melissa Benko, Chris Marva, John Schoener. Row 8: John Kormanik, Melissa Maldovan, Michael Simon, Craig Gates, Philip Gaffey, Roy Ravenscraft, Crystal Treadwell, Paula Capozza, Christina Lewis, Annissa Robinson. T' ,K 6 1. 6 at S - 4: if 5 :X :ham ite, ' r Youth Traffic Safety Council:-Beth Hutson, Melissa Sophomore Class Officers: Christina Lewis, Vice President: Marla Maldovan, Presidentg Joe Faris, Treasurer: Neil Stokes, Secretary. Junior Class Officers: Annissa Robinson, Vice President: Michacl Simon, President: Lori Dobish, Secretaryg Marcy Shuman, Treasurer. Minority Input Committee: Bonnie Shea, Annissa Robinson. Freshman Class Of- ficers: Kathy S 0 f r a n k 0 , Treasurer: Melissa Benko, Presidentg Penny Hornberger, Secretary: Richard Vaccaro, Vice President. Senior Class Of- ficers: Lisa Heffem, Treasurer: Jodi Vavreck, Secretary: Crystal Treadwell, Vice Presidentg Erica Gaffey, President. 31 Student wards The students on this page represent the best German Township High School has to offer. Mechelle Glista trightl was a contestant in the River Regatta at Pt. Marion. Anne Guappone and Chrissy Morris won first place Sweepstake Award for the best editors at the Seven Spring Yearbook Seminar. David Benco was awarded a certificate of merit for scoring in the 98 percentile on the NEDT achievement test. Jessica DiCarlo was awarded a certificate of merit for scor- ing in the 96 percentile on the NEDT achievement test. Anne and Chrissy 'Q.xfL1,W1f :fmt 1 vu Ky Kev V X xx R Education week. David in gs Jessica Robert Butorac and Anne Guappone were Bronze Medal winners in the egg drop competition in the PA Science Olympiad. Paula Fronczek and Christie Hutson were prize winners in the contest for News in 3 . X r S, John Schoener received a silver medal in the PA Science Olympiad for Topographical map reading. fO QE? xi Xxbi li Librarians During the past year, the "much-overlooked" librarians worked very hard to maintain an efficient and smooth running library. Without the aid of her librarians Mrs. Martin may not have had the time to successfully complete this year's many activities. These activities included a Christmas Luncheon, Senior Recognition Day, and Faculty Only Day, a day in which all new books were displayed for the teachers' viewing only. Among this year's group librarians were four seniors. When Mrs. Martin was asked about her seniors, she replied: "Anne Guappone and Chrissy Morris were very hard workers and have helped me since junior high. This year, they were as- signed to the third period, and all I heard was how they couldn't wait until lunch.', "Crystal Treadwell's excuse for frequently being late was that she was helping Mr. Tokishf' "I also remember trying to communicate to Lanelle Powell through her headphones." Seriously though, the senior librarians as well as the underclass librarians are to be commended for their part in helping Mrs. Mar- tin make our library one of the best libraries anywhere. l Senior Librarians: CL-RJ: Anne Guappone, Crystal Treadwell, Chrissy Morris, LaNelle Powell. Underclassmen: Row l CL-RJ: Jodi Daruda, Marcy Shuman, Holly Adams, Shawn Fazen- baker, Andrea McKoy. Row 2 QL-RJ: Janice Crozier, Susie Mc- Cain, Michelle Jones, Greg WilsonfW'QRCl,.'W COC!-795 1 524' if a .yi f:' .yy : amy my trll Although the Art Club got off to a late start this year its activities went better than Ms. Madelyn Cindric, the Art Club sponsor, had anticipated. Everyone in the club will remember the pizza party at Pizza Hut, where "Graz" and "Simon" ate all the pizza, as well as most of Ms. Cindrz'c's "Art Club Cuts." However, the year was not all fun and games for this busy and dizzy crew. They per- formed numerous service projects such as donating money for a new duplicating machine in the library, contributing ideas for a veterans memorial, and making the cards used in the wrestling tinals. The A11 Club also silk screened "school spirit" t-shirts and per- sonalized Art Club sweat shirts. All in all the year was once again memorable for the German Senior High's "craziest club? ine Preps - Old Members: lst Table KL-R71 Heidi Galloway, Georgia Ferguson, Owen David, Roy Ravenscraft, Jerome Marclla, Tracy Gorman, Znd 'lable QL-Rl: Robert Butorac, Beth Yadamec. Dawn Watts. Mcchelle Glista, Chrissi Romito, Linda Zvolenski. ME Omcers Row l 4L-RJ: Beth Hutson, Seeretaryg Roy Ravenscraft, President: Jerome Marella, Senior Representative. Row 2 fL-RJ: Ms. Findric. Sponsorg Kristen Brown Sophomore Representative, Chris Todak, Trcasurcrg Mike Graziani, Junior Representativeg Vice Presidentg Mike Simon, Junior Representative. 'ef VDVE x The Punkers-- New Members: Row l QL-RJ: Pat Wilson, Mike Graziani, Mike Simon. Row 2 KL-RJ: Jennifer Crozier, Christina Lewis, Janice Crozier. Row 3 QL-RJ: Michelle Milliron, Bettina Lawson, Michelle Skala, Dan Coffman, Chris Todak, Leinder Calloway. Row 4 QL-RJ: Beth Hutson. Kristen Brown. Susan Yadamec. 95 , Lg? 2 4 .IW Chris, Dan, and Roy try to cure Ms. Cindric's headache. ,,.-H' M, 1 5: , , Ci e s. 3, 1. Vff- 5 tl 4 .. Q' I, .CZ Lf! fix? -wx 4... ,014 'fix Band With the end of an era comes the beginning of another. Several years ago, when some of the best percussionists and band members in German Senior High's history graduated, many said the band would never be the same again. Nevertheless, the 1985-86 band members, under the direction of Mr. Frank Gabrin, worked hard to prove this theory wrong. The percussion section, under the leader- ship of seniors Roy Ravenscraft and Leinder Calloway, could often be found working extra hours upgrading the famous "Street Beatf' Meanwhile, the band members endured hours of practicing forma- tions and dances for halftime performances in the weeks before classes started. One of the most successful halftime performances was the com- bination ofthe "Street Beatv and U.S.A. for Africa's "We Are the World." The band's dedication paid off as the audience applauded the "GN and the "USA,' formations. The band took time to sit down, but by no means relax, as they put on their 40th Annual Spring Concert. The months of perfecting various pieces of music were rewarded by the applause of the audience. This year's majorette squad was led by Melissa Maldovan, Erica Gaffey, and Mary Beth Norman. Even though the girls didn't attend camp, they practiced long and hard to provide entertaining halftime shows. Their fine baton routine added dazzle to the band's various renditions of modem and traditional favorites. Newcomers Lori Dobish, Marla Maldovan, and Michelle Brooks caught on quickly and showed much promise for next year's squad. Displaying the pride of German Senior High, the color guards car- ried the American and German Township flags through parades and football games. Jodi Vavreck led the color guards, Janice Crozier, Kristie Lazuka, and Edna Newman under the hot sun and taught them the elusive strategies of the in- famous pinwheel. The col- or guards' dedication was a very important, but often overlooked part of the band. Leading the way for the way for the band were banner carriers, Jamie Byers and Georgia Ferguson. Even through whipping winds and hostile crowds, they car- ried the banner with tremendous pride. Frank Gabrin, Director .A A Banner Carriers: Jamie Byers, Georgia Ferguson Majorettes: fFar Lefty lst Row: Melissa Maldovan, Michelle Brooks. 2nd Row: Lori Dobish, Mary Beth Norman. 3rd Row: Marla Maldovan, Erica Gaffey. Color Guards: lst Row: Kristie Lazuka, Jodi Vavreck. 2nd Row: Ed- na Newman, Janice Crozier. Erica Gaffey Jodi Vavreck Mary Beth Norman i37 Louis Amandola Sherri Antram au- 25 gi, Percussion: lst Row CL-RJ: R. Ferland, M. Friend, A. Smith. 2nd Row QL-RJ: E. Pace, V. Dirda, P. Ravenscraft L. Calloway G. Wilson A Quintana Trumpets Trom bones, and Barltones Front M Smitley 2nd Row QL RJ T Adams C Togger J Mitchell 3rd Row QL RJ C Clark S Clark S Jarzynka C Sofranko L Amandola 4th Row Stunja J Marella M Hlatky A Dirda QL-RJ: Bf Kilo, v. Dianna Boggs Lora Burden Lemder Calloway 40 -i Chorus Every year, the chorus at German consists of a small group of young ladies who work hard and per- form music that is very interesting and delightful to listen to as well. They performed their Christmas Cantata for the public on December 15, 1985. Then, for the first time in years, the chorus performed for the student body on December 20, 1985. The Cantata extended its twenty-fifth year, with this performance which was very well received by the students who showed their appreciation with enthusiastic applause and polite attention. The soloists were Chrissi Romito performing "Christmas Wishj, Theresa Cooper singing 'SO Holy Night," Carmelita Dotson singing "Bethlehem Boy," Cheryl Togger singing "Have Yourself a Merry Lit- tle Christmasf' and Michelle Milliron singing "Christmas Storyf, The trio consisting of Carmelita, Michelle, and Chrissi performed the lovely song "What You Gon- na Call Your Pretty Little Baby?" The positive response from the students helped motivate the girls and Mr. Tokish to continue their efforts. The appreciation of their classmates and friends had given the chorus a year to remember. Mr. Timothy Tokish, Director lst Row: Heidi Opel, Chana Newland, Becky Dillinger, Rhonda Burkholder, Jennifer Crozier, Shirley Smalley, Kim Kotyuka, Shirley Karpel. 2nd Row: Missy Miller, Nancy Trees, Theresa Kelly, Sherry Willis, Kelly Flanigan, Darlene Friend, Debbie Clark, Laura Hackney, Lora Burden. 3rd Row: Paula Capozza, Michelle Milliron, Bettina Lawson, Linda Zvolenski, Lisa Heffern, Cheryl Togger, Darlene Savage, Cathy Engle. 4th Row: Christina Lewis, Crystal Treadwell, Roberta Smith, Carmelita Dotson, Chrissi Romito, Doralee Moon, Karen Robinson, LaNelle Powell. T I'XQjQfSi'l Q60 pi te- l . 'ke ,I Senior Girls' Ensemble Girls' Ensemble ! Senior Chorus Members sggywmmm. L..-f"l Yearbook Staff The problems encountered by the 1985-86 Laureola staff could A X not dampen our spirits. Somehow, l 1 deadlines were met despite the two month delay caused by the S teachers' strike, a flood, and harsh winter weather. Amid the numerous problems, f there were a few bright moments. This included the Sweepstakes Award we won at yearbook camp, P the successful sale of pizzas and in- ' famous M8LM's. The support of the student body was evident in the overwhelming yearbook sales. The one thing that made this yearbook complete was the devo- tion of this year,s staff. We would like to thank you for your coopera- tion and dedication. We hope everyone enjoys our ef- forts in the composition of the 1985-86 Laureola. Qww. U Q, X Q . NN' Chrissy Morris and Anne Guappone, Editors. " "1 ft? .QT my ,, ,iw Row 1 QL-RJ: Michelle Brooks, Susan Yadamec, Marla Maldovan, Heidi Opel, Lori Dobish, Chana Newland. Royyly 2 CL-RJ: Steve Bearden, Roy Ravenscraft, John Schoener, Marcy Shuman, Sharon Antram, Christie Hutsonfi' hut-gG'::l0l QGQPQ 42 aww ' ,fr hs. . ,,,.....-- t W ,,,, ,,1 i ,,., K -Q , , A .,, x., fTop Picturej Row 1 QL to RD: Kari Sem- zock, Maria Mallick, Beth Hutson, Shelley Corcoran. Row 2 QL-RJ: Richard Vaccaro, Crystal Treadwell, Chrissy Morris, Anne Guappone, LaNellc Powell, Rhonda Ritz, Lisa Ritz, Lora Burden. fCenter Picturej CL-RJ: Michelle Skala, John Kormanik, Bonnie Shea, Paula Fronczek, Owen David. fBottom Picturej Row l: Jodi Vavreck, Robert Butorac. Row 2 QL-RJ: Mary Beth Norman, Melissa Maldovan, Beth Yadamec, Erica Gaffey. 43 . 2 5 ', ' 'F , 1 2 , I f f I '7 Teachers' Aides Fresh new faces stomped into the typing room this year. The teachers, aides were ready and will- ing to obey the sometimes strange orders of the teachers. "Run this off," "Five copies of thisj, uDo this and hurry," are not always nice words. Nevertheless, the teachers' aides did their best to "hi try to make the teachers, jobs a little easier and to 5 rrlif N p earn valuable secretarial skills, as well. , r" Crystal, Rhonda, Sherri, and all the rest, your ef- 7 forts are appreciated by the teachers - almost as much as you appreciate getting out of classes! fqwonuu-on...,,,, -,.gr.r. .,i.. , i,,.. ,s,,rW, up IIT Qvwi xlikkki Chrissy Weaver and Jennifer Crozier -misss, Teachers' Aides: lst Row QL-RJ: Sherri Antram, Shirley Grimm, Rhonda Burkholder. 2nd Row KL-RJ: Lora Burden, Crystal Treadwell, Robert Sterbutzel. 3rd Row QL-RJ: Heidi Galloway, Tracy Gorman, Kimberly Hickle. 4th Row QL-RJ: Sharon Antram, Michelle Arey, Paul Kaiser. VW 7 If ' x l'15 0 ' n, j V I -7 Q' V' lx H59 O I' -"' I -I Jdflzaficd QI I II I II I II Cheerleaders Despite the fact that the strike cost the cheerleaders many of their most cherished ac- tivities, they still managed to have a memorable, rewarding year. The cheerleading season started off with the squad attending the Collegiate Cheerleading Camp at Seven Springs. While there, they learned many new interesting cheers, chants, and dances. The six new members really had a good time at practice over the summer, even when they received the traditional Ninitiationj, which consisted of get- ting covered with eggs, shaving cream, and peanut butter. Despite initiations and missed pep rallies the cheerleaders will always remember the fun of the crazy mixed up season of '86. The members of the cheerleading squad of 1986 were: Chrissi Romito - Captain, Marcy Shuman - Co-Captain, Kari Sem- zock - Co-Captain, Paula Fronczek, Theresa Cooper, Christina Lewis, Beth Hutson, Kristen Brown, and Susan Blanc. Front CL-RJ: Beth, Kristen, Marcy, Patricia McNeill fmascotj, Paula BackfL RJ Theresa Christina Kari Susan P Chrissi Romito - captain 1 i"Ti"'!Fff55Q JM y,,,g V V 1 j, K rx Q xg' ,f gl i H' 1 W "' '- 'Xgif D ' ' f , ','k' 3 "" ' G V, 1 YM . 7 ,. i V :h E iw X .K d A Xi f , Veronica Pikulski sponsor Coach Moncheck and Coach Simon l-.11-1 f Section Champs Dale Hardin 1 12 lbs. Todd Lowery 126 lbs. Chris Dugan 132 lbs. Rich Lewis 145 lbs. .iii-1 if Y 1 X , 1 f ' X Q f Q ig Ed Bergman 1 R0yEngle il WPIAL CHAMP! if r , if ' 1 i . 11 Todd Lowry W W - K 47, K, Lk . ggi DaleHardin FQ. ,E Chriglvlawa ,gg I f A. Fw 3 QA mix .5 'jk f' M 5,4 EQ J 1 W I W -'- V t Basketball The key word for this yearas basketball squad was 'Spersistencef' Plagued by a lack of experi- enced players, the team suffered many agonizing defeats, often playing excellent basketball against much more skillful teams only to experience another frustrating defeat. Despite freezing cold, long bus rides, and shots that just would not go in, the players and Coach Lopez continued to give their best. In the end their efforts were rewarded by the knowledge that they gave their best effort and represented German Township High School with pride and sportsmanship. Seniors Aaron Galie and Leinder Calloway led the Uhlans with their hustle and leadership ability, the senior captains helped keep team spirit up through the long hard season. Underclassmen Leon Calloway, Greg Morris, Dave and George Davis, and Joe Stevenson gained valuable playing ex- perience and showd flashes of ability that has GTHS fans anxious to see what improvement next year will bring. riglh gf-YM44 697444 37.25140 2.6.9 4 4 Row 1 CL-RJ: Leon Calloway, Gilbert Floyd, Aaron Galie. Row 2 QL-RJ: Coach Wydo, David Davis, George Davis, Joe Stevenson, Leinder Calloway, Coach Lopez. 52 , 1 , BWM4 QQ Aaron Galie Senior Uhlans f 'r M :Shim lx- Af 4 ""lvlsu-...qv--w Leinder Calloway M J , L 54 4 8'1" Q E . BASKETBALL if My ,J ACTIO Football This year,s Uhlan football team began the season with Tony Tokish continuing his position as head coach. Coach Tokish, along with the team, knew they had the power and determina- tion to make a legitimate effort to win the con- ference title. Unfortunately, injuries and some bad luck short-circuited some of their power but their determination ran high and sustained them well enough to finish the season with a 5-5 record. ln the home opener German shut down the powerful Westinghouse offense to score an im- pressive 19-6 victory. Even though they lost to Frazier on Homecoming, the team remained determined to fulfill their potential. After losses to Bentworth and Jefferson Morgan, German rose to the occasion to destroy their arch rivals, Fairchance Georges, 36-16 on the Runners' home field. But senior Uhlan standouts, Joe Burke, Mike Hruska, Roy Engle, Regis Kopec, J on Williams, Clyde Morris, John Mackovjak, Chris Marva, and Dale Hardin, saved their best performance for Senior Night. On that night, the Uhlans crushed Carmichaels 36-7 for a memorable victory for all 1986 seniors. Many post season honors capped the suc- cessful season for the Uhlans as various members of the squad were awarded all-county and all-conference all star status. Mike Hmska J capped his career by accepting a full four year J scholarship to WVU. Row 1 CL-RJ: J. Wil1iams,J.Mackovjak, P. Kaiser, R. Kopec, J. Burke, M. Hruska, R. Engle, M. Keffer, C. Morris, C. Mawa. Row 2 CL-RJ: D. Kotarsky, C. Dues, D. Dupont, C. Brooks, R. Harris, D. Hardin, E. Bergman, A. Galie, W. McKoy, S. Mannery, R. Lewis. Row 3 QL-RJ: D. Romito, G. Davis, B. Gaster, J. Uphole, S. Goodwin, T. Vinch, J. McManus, L. Calloway, G. Floyd, J. Faris. QL-RJ: Coach Zapotosky, Coach Franks, and Coach Tokish Coach J esso AW' vp, DEFENSE Ik: '7 La s 5 15: K Mb G. do ' " OFFENSE 58 l , Ed Bergman Carl Brooks Joe Burke X. -35 fl A Ronald Dues 1 Roy Engle Aaron Galie Dale Hardin 73 Richard Harris M. Hruska, All Conference: Row 1 QL-RJ: J. Burke, M. Hru R. Kopec, J. Williams, C. Morris, J. Mackovjak All County: CL-RJ: C. Marva, J. Burke, J. Williams D Hardin ska, R. Engle, S. Mannery. Row 2 QL-RJ u u I .17 fit 'Ah nv' 5 ' fp K! V I 4? F I Mr. Edward Colebank . T Principal ' i ' " -N t f - K 3 fx. , .. Mr. Harry Brownfield, my P.E. 4, uf' t, g .M teacher from Pt. Marion." ig EEG 69 X ... ' L ".' Mr. Frank Gabrin e g 1 "I was awarded a scholarship in music rrrr B R Q' :ff L - T. , SO. . 1 It r . . K A. .. k.LL A . . Ms. Barbara Michael Math "My ninth grade Algebra I teacher in- spired me. . ." Ms. Janice George Home Economics "Jesus" Mr. Wayne D. Miller Biology "... a teacher by the name of Dr. Charles Brynerf' Mrs. Karen Schoener Foreign Languages ". . . teaching has been a buming desire since childhoodf' Who inspired you to be a teacher? Mr. Daniel Blanc Since 1949, Mr. Daniel Blanc has provided inspira- tion for German Twp. students and his fellow teachers, alike. His gentle mannerg his willingness to work with slower studentsg and his patience have established him as a model for anyone wishing to know the proper way for a "gentle-man" to behave. Mr. Blanc is also an ex- cellent teacher who is especially effective at transmitting the mysteries of accounting and typing. Many English textbooks list "nice" as an overused, trite word. Obviously, the authors have never met Mr. Blanc, a nice person. The Class of '86 respectfully dedicates this yearbook to our friend and teacher, Mr. Daniel Blanc. Ms. Marion V. Bertovich Nursing ". . . my high school nurse? Mr. Lynn Cunningham S.E.M. .. my senior high shop teacher, Joe Batterbyf' Mrs. Donna Bryant Art "My mother Mr. Harry Shine and Mr. Henry Dantzlerfi Mrs. Betty Jo K. McDonough Science "The students motivate and inspire me." Ms. Sue A. Shaffer Reading .. Mr. Loreti knew his subject and was helpful, and patient. ,' Mrs. Tammy Cowsert Spanish ". . . my father, when I was growing up, his enjoyment of the students and the job really affected mef' Mrs. Dorcas Brashear Ojfice Secretary "IfI can't say anything nice, I won't say anything at all." Mr. Russell Lopez Health . . S20 more per pay!" Mr. Mario Tiberi Assistant Principal . . Leaving those students whom I lov- ed so much!" Mr. John Gruskowski Physics, Chemistry "... the birth of Therese Marie Gruskowski." Mr. Edward Tekavec Shop "... the termination of the school strike? Mrs. Pat Anderson Phys. Ed., Health . . Being able to play golf during Sept. and Oct." J, .mx -.. ,ii ,,,ss.N.sf- Y .... - Is , A Xlf s , s 1' hat will you remember about '85-'86? RWMBX Mr. Joseph Loreti Certainly one of GTHS,s most memorable teachers is Mr. Joseph Loreti. Mr. Loreti has been teaching ad- vanced mathematics at German since the late fifties. Mr. Loreti possesses all the qualities needed to be an excellent teacher. His patience in class, as well as out of class, is ever present. He is able to instill in students the will to learn, by teaching in an informal, one-on-one way. Potentially difficult, complex, and ,often boring classes are made fun and simple. Perhaps, however, the most important quality Mr. Loreti possesses is his abili- ty to respect students and students way of thinking. In turn he gains the respect, trust, and even friendship of his students. Therefore, the yearbook staff would like to warmly and respectfully dedicate the 1985-86 Laureola to Mr. Joseph Loreti. Xfd ag :Hi Mr. Timothy Tokish Music "Students acting like ladies and gentlemen at the Christmas program." Mrs. Marcia Constantine English ". . . the school board's approval of the senior Florida trip." Mr. Henry Dantzler American Government ". . .traveling to Point Marion looking at the Monongahela River using to road level." Ms. Betty Leonard Special Education James Bissett went to the Tech Schoolf' Mr. Tony Tokish Math, Athletic Director ". . . when the football team beat Fair- chance, 36-l6." Mr. Jeffrey Martin English "Michelle Brooks' showing me the worm in her Reese's Cup!" Elk.: .suv Mr. Charles Yackmack Guidance Counselor "Mr. Rossi and Mr. Bowers, in -that order, should strongly consider retiring from basketball participation." QQ" Mrs. Madelynn Cindric v s Ar! - ". . . special recognition should go to the lover 30 gang' . . ." Mr. Wayne Bowers L Drivers Education ". . . Wayne Bowers had witty playmak- ing and ability to motivate the team on and offthe court." N Mr. George Hamilla Remedial Reading "The teachers showed great poise, skill, and basketball ability for a group of chubby, elderly gentlemen." Mr. Dewey Cockiield Economics, P. 0.D. hat do ou think of the faculty's efforts? FACULTY STUDE rl ASKET- BALL fa on' U 1, we M'!,s' 5 " fl film Pi W -2 Mrs. Joan Martin Librarian "Some of these million dollar players should be put on waivers." Ms. Helen V. Sweder Commercial Studies "Mr, Hamilla's contrasting shades of red twhen he was out of breathj to green ffrom the night beforejf' Ms. Mary Jane Cossel Math ". . . it's time to hang up the high tops and stick with volleyball unless there is a CPR course offered here." Mr. Barrie Jon Rossi History ". .. this should probably be the last year for these games." Mr. Ron Rifenburg Physical Education "I was intelligent enough not to play." Dr. Denise Martin Assistant Principal "They had better hire some young teachers!" ffl? if -' i ' ' gi i ,gifs - " nv' lt 'f X Y .. Q I teachers strike had been settled." this Mrs. Stith. Q " t A . rg 1 N gi s- Q Q ss Q . Cafeteria Staff: Mildred Dobish, Gloria Adams, Mildred Stith, Gertrude Ream, Priscilla Robertson ij My most memorable moment V was when I learned that the ' I , X Q Sf 'R xx xy 3 f ga Maintenance Crew: George Myers, Frank Karlowitz, Dan Romito tiauii Board of Education: Asst. Superintendent Franks, Mr. Langley, Mr. Boni, Ms. Macar, Superintendent Tippet, Business Manager Langley, Asst. Superintendent Matyas, Mr. Morris, Mr. Shaffer, Mr. Yanowsky, Mr, Enlow, Mr. Plava, Solicitor Solomon. U 4' x-AX ov Ml I '23 Sf' Ml'l6!eI"9l"Cl6!5 llllllllll David Abbott Robert Adams Lara Allison Billy Baer Tracy Baer Cathy Belsar Clarence Belsar Dave Benco Missy Benko Harry Bryner Lisa Butorac Randy Casper Chris Clark Charles Collins Trisha Connors Marshall Cramer Chuck DeBo1t Sam DeVince ' 70 The Class of This year's freshman class displayed a lot of spirit and surprised everyone at the first pep-rally by being louder than the sophomore and junior classes, and by hav- ing lots of signs and spirit tags. Even with all this spirit, however, they still couldn't win the bell. At one pep rally, the Class of '89 was in- itiated. Marshall Cramer and Diane Ford had pies thrown in their faces. They han- dled it well, though, and the rest of the freshman class laughed right along with everyone else. This yearis freshman class came into the Senior High dazed and bewildered. They were literally trampled to death between classes by seniors. The freshmen, like all other classes, kept trying to get out of class. Unlike some of the upperclassmen, though, they didn't have much luck. When they were in class, however, some of the students proved to be very hard- workers, scoring higher on the NEDT test than their sophomore counterparts and proving that, despite the abuse and lack of recognition from the other classes, the Class of 1989 is the class with class. omg au- wk in -.5 i MAA Jessica DiCarlo Andrew Dirda Vic Dirda Jim Engle Brenda Ford Diane Ford Belmont Forsythe Jeff Gaster Celeste Gorman Joey Hackney Toni Hale Lora Hardin Ken Herring Penny Homberger Jeff Huey Mindy Hutcheson Christy Hutson Joey Jacobson Kenny Johnson Lori Jones Patty Kelly Benny Kilo Valerie King Andrea Kotyuha Richard Layhew Melinda Mackovjak Gary Matthews Nancy McGalla Tracy McKahan Juanita McKoy Kevin Miller Tom Miller Nadra Mosley Anthony Myers Diane Newcomer Janice Newman Tom Opel Connie Posten Arjay Quintana Bobby Rifle Missy Riggen Mary J o Riggen Lisa Ritz Doug Rhome Charles Savage Marie Shaffer Lori Shea Danny Shimek 71 Michael Skala Stephanie Skala Erica Skochelak Kathy Sofranko Trevor Stephens Michelle Swentko Tom Tate Alan Trees Chris Trosiek Debbie Uphold Richard Vaccaro Leslie Vinch Joe Walters Gypsy Welch Bobby West Gina Williams BillWingrove James Wingrove Julie Winslow Jeff Young 1 fl X qw.. x 00"- QW r ' K The Class of 1988 The 85 86 school year was a rough Even though Bill Guappone and Maria Mallick helped add excitement to the freshmen initiation, the sophomores were always the subject of jokes about being "on- strike at this year s pep rallies As the year progressed however, the sophomores began to display a little more enthusiasm and started to raise The sophomores found some of their classes especially rough Mr Blancas typing class went very well for the sophomores once they overcame the fear of getting their fingers tangled in the keys and never being able to remove them In Mr Martin s class "Cloud By Finally just as this year seemed to be turning into a bed of roses for the sophomores, a dead rat in Mr Loreti s room turned the sweet smell of success into something quite different David Ansel Sharon Antram Shelly Arey Rodney Basinger James Bissett Wendy Breakiron Michelle Brooks Kristen Brown William Burkey Leon Calloway Paula Capozza Deanna Clark Jennifer Clark Jonathan Coffman Robert Coles Shelly Corcoran Mary Cottrell David Craggette Janice Crozier Tom Cunningham Floyd David David Davis Susan DeVince Becky Dillinger 73 Carmelita Dotson Nick Dubovich Joseph Faris Stacey Fedor Gilbert Floyd Nevin Fordyce Darlene Friend Philip Gaffey Scott Goodwin Bill Guappone Laura Hackney Kim Herring Dave Hickle Tammy Hugney J oe Hurst Beth Hutson Shirley Karpel Danny Kelly Theresa Kelly Jeremy Kilo Tom Kolencik Kim Kotyuha Christina Lewis Ian Littlejohn Rhonda Lowry Marla Maldovan Carol Malinosky Maria Mallick Susie McCain Rodney McGee Scott McGinnis Andrea McKoy James McManus Greg Morris Edna Newman Heidi Opel Erik Pohovich Herbert Poole Rhonda Ritz Fred Robbins David Romito Steve Rura Kari Semzock Brian Shuba Linda Smith Mark Smith Roberta Smith Jesse Sterbutzel 74 QM if gig' ,v+MfiP-l?-Bef U ' wx W W 3 ff Q lr.. we S V i 1 yy-gg K ., -'H v X A 1 1' ,,.,, , 2 lr' 'f 5 ff r t 5 ' N l I M' mvvl ,K W Z Ml' lfwflg W S 7a-'W lv 5.4 al elyssg S 1 li' S ' .51 'S' S. 9' f , ' ..g,, ' ..gg1 T, .gl t:xN K , , an A v-' -l ff 3 .u- -N " - if V ' " t z yi N-Hx? f-Q - 1 Fzfln T 'r f . L 1 , M S S leee . N 'N we 5 x ' fr ' . . fa!-525 'Z is I A' H , Joe Stevenson Neil Stokes Mark Strosnider Steve Stuck Mark Switch Cheryl Togger Nancy Trees Tony Vinch Donna Whyel Greg Wilson Ronald Windgrove Susan Yadamec 75 Holly Adams Diane Amandola Steve Bearden Susan Blanc Theresa Brenzy Amy Brown Robert Bumsworth Jeff Butorac Jamie Byers Melissa Casper Donald Clark Gary Coffman Leona Coffman Theresa Cooper Jodi Daruda Owen David George Davis Christy Demaske John DiCarlo Lori Dobish The Class of 19 The Class of l87 had this strange custom. They did not believe in attending lunch periods, instead, they roamed the halls. Knowing the juniors, they probably just wanted to give Mr. Tiberi a sore throat, although some especially creative schedul- ing resulted in some juniors' being scheduled into classes during both 4A and 4B! In general, though, it seemed as though the juniors were often content to just "get by." When asked "What do you like about being a Junior'?", many replied "Passing" Passing Mrs. Constantiness class itself was enough of a challenge. The Class of '87 will always remember the homework which few did and the quizzes which few passed. Mr. Bowers' Drivers Training class, too, developed a few new twists thanks to the juniors, nearly including a twisted bumper and fender on the Driver,s Training car! Through the trials and tribulations of geometry, English, and driver's education classes, the juniors managed to stick together and still be a tightly knit group. So look out world, here comes the Class of '87! fAssuming, of course, that we pass!!!J ... 1 Charles Dues Chris Dugan Duane Dupont Kathy Engle Shawn Fazenbaker Georgia Ferguson Robby F ike Debbie Fox James Friend Paula F ronczek Heidi Galloway Billy Gaster Craig Gates Lisa Glad Tracy Gorman Michael Graziani Carla Hackney Terri Handlin Robert Heeter Donald Hice Ronald Hice Kevin Hlatky Wanda Humbert J eff' J ohns Charles Kalbaugh Daniel Kalbaugh Paul Karpeal Michelle Kelly Charles Kilo Mike Knabenshue John Kormanik David Kotarsky Richard Lewis Susan Lipscomb Kim Lovis Sam Mannery Robert McConnell Tammy McKahan William McKoy Tim Mick Rodney Mitchell Doralee Moon Chana Newland Cindy Potts Annissa Robinson Michael Sanders vi Kenneth Sapic Darlene Savage Louis Schall John Schoener Bonnie Shea Marcy Shuman Mike Simon Michelle Skala Sherri Smith Debbie Townsend Christy Troycheck J oey Uphold Christy Weaver Marianne Whipkey Randy Wilson np. .rx .11 ' Hr ,ff N. W4 M -? J -H , if-, Xu! 'vi it X 'Tx ff' 44601482 I ., , , , . 77 f 32.23 .ex , , - f ,,.f fu Z 2 SSNESQY: x fir- N 10 .0 1 o '41 I" ' I IIHIIIIII Seniors The uhigh flyingi' Class of '86 certainly had a year to remember! The close friendships, tested by a series of pro- blems, will be treasured long after the Ulate-June" graduation ceremony. The Class of 1986 consists of many special peo- ple and unique personalities. Best wishes are ex- tended to all! David with Janice Newman Ed Mark with Frank Hlatky af Dan, Roy, Chris, Jerome, Chris with Mr. Loreti ' ,, X., if . if X wif-:E fer r Wfsfv if ' me 'T ,I '55 f""'ff LaNelle, Lora, and Crystal 1 Debbie, with Brenda and Diane Ford, Lisa Rucker, Maria Shaffer Vince, Dawn i- -C .. e W, ,A my Nw '--fees.-xf,:?,1w:2 . .... MW, ,,,, E be , ""' i.. Q A W b M Charlotte with Robin Smith Debbie, Theresa, and Karlene xi John Robert, Chrissy, and Anne Louie, Pat, with Bobby Riffie and Richard Vaccaro Bettina and Michelle me .. i,-' Dale and Regis . , LV.-,..,:s. ...., is .,.. M, . , 'W A' Aw 'N,"""I 15 m.:1kw-m1 1:-uri! w.f,.5:-mmwvmi , Jodi, Diane, Linda, Erica, Mary Beth, Lisa, Beth, and Melissa Jimmy with Lisa 1 I W ,,L,,, ,V Mechelle mga: John X Ni i X X gil, Q E x ii, mx mxm ,ww 'AVP' Www. Cl de Jon and Lemder 'S 5 .ms . Y if Ku N4 x A me Rodney, Tommy, Bob, and Gary " A ,. X 'R X ww' ,. -1- :ug Mike with Heidi o A... N Q 5 M :R X o s f X f fx P X 5 -.... 1 V Q A X . ' Nth x 1 L oo., Q ff 2 W,.. ..,,. tg .ep .5515 -U, I '- LL 1 -e.11.k:l f H P . , 7 P A. o I A6 J YQ at o L of , , h o o - , l W' ,.oo o,.o1. . b . bp , Lee with Michelle Mongalier was n-fwgw - . Sb : i:w.,s1f-srlfiwirif , S ., -X ..,. . ,f mmmuummagr I is f lmvimfi ig Sam, Aaron, Shirley, Shirley, Sherry, Teresa, and Kelly M 'AAm"""N5iWfwxX A .W XQM rw Ronald r ,. i 'fa E ..E, Paul, Bert with Mrs. Constantine A ' , fi' N .,,,. en . ., yt- N, vu ix VKX -1,-i - .. . K, ' 'sf a- ,, iff, -f,,g.,:, rw x-my as E Clyde ' Dan was Jerry, Mike, and Carl . r , ff? e, Z. Q l x , V .,?L I :,1 v.Lf,-x Q r I I Y '-.., '. , 1 , f-sg 1 i i at Iii? -- L in y , Kim, Rhonda, Chrissi, Sherri, Jennifer, with Mr, Colebank X 7 A 2 William with Lori Dice Don , ,f S, ' M 1 Ronald, Joe, John, Rich, Carl, Gary, Roy, and David Louis Daniel Amandola Lou is a vocational technical student who majored in auto bodylle is from Balsinger and his ambition is to further his career as an autohody repairman, to get a good job, and to get married. His activities included wrestling, V.l.C.A., Jump-A-Thon, band. and basketball. His fondest memory was when he became a senior. Louis' nickname was "Loupuss." His favorite expression was "Hal" His favorite hangout was the halls at German. C l de Angelo Clyde is a voeationa technical student who studies auto body, He is from McCIellandtown and says his ambition is to graduate and "to become an alcoholic." Clyde's favorite expression was "you are, but what am I?" He liked to hang out in the breezeway. Dan Angelo Dan is a vocational technical student who studies building maintenance, He is from Masontown. Sherri Lynn Antram Sherri is a secretarial-commercial student from New Salem. Her ambition is to be a success in whatever she does. She served as an usherette for the national honor society. Her activities included marching band, concert band, Jump-A-Thon, teachers aide, floor runner, Junior Culture Club, usherette for the honor society induction, and honor roll. Her fondest memories were picking on Mr. Rossi and floating around sixth period, Sherri's nickname wa "Jennifer, don't worry about it." s A'Sher." Her favorite expression was Edward M. Bergman Edward is a general student from Gates. His ambition is to get a good job and a good woman. His activities included wrestling and football. His fondest memory is the strike. Edward's nicknames were "Oger" and "Bergi." His favorite expression was "Get a haircut!" Dianna Lynn Boggs Dianna is an academic student from Edenbom. Her ambi- tion is to further her education in nursing. She was named to the student council as a member at large and served as freshman class secretary. She was named to Wh ' ' ' o s Who Among American High School Students, and was chosen as a student ofthe month. Her activities were Language Club, Junior Culture Club, marching and concert band, Bloodmobile, and Jump-A-Thon. Her fondest memory was being crowned Coronation Queen. Dianna's nicknames were "Boogie" and "Dino" Her favorite expression was "I don't think l like him any more." Her favorite hangout was in the hallways in school. S8 fa- Z. NN "' Carl Brooks Carl is a vocational technical student who studies auto body He is from Footedale and his ambition is to own his own body shop. He played football. His fondest memory is senior night. Carl's nicknames were "Mel" and "Mel Lee." His favorite expression was "Oh!" His favorite hangout was the breczeway hall. Lora Lynn Burden Lora is a commercial student from Footedale. Her ambition is to further her education and to marry a very rich, well-built man. Her activities included concert and marching band, chorus, teacher's aide, 400 floor runner, yearbook, and Jump-A-Thon. Joseph Eugene Burke Joseph is a general student from Footedale. His ambition is to get a good job and make money. He was named to the all-county, and Tri-county All Star football teams. His fondest memory was the strike. His nickname was "Fin-out." His favorite expression was "Right here!" Rhonda Michelle Burkholder Rhonda is a commercial student from McClellandtown. Her ambition is to go to school and become a dental assistant and to do all the things she's ever wanted to do. Her activities included chorus, teacher's aide, Junior Culture Club, Coronation attendant, teachers' tea, junior homeroom vicerpresident, sophomore homeroom treasurer, and Jump-A-Thon. Her fondest memory was being on the Coronation Court. Robert Andrew Butorac Robbie is an academic student from Adah. His ambition is to go to college in order to study architectural engineering. He was chosen student of the month, recipient of the NEDT Award, Exchange Club Student of the Semester, Who's Who Among American High School Students, president of the Na- tional Honor Society, junior homeroom president. He was also awarded third place in the Science Olympiad competition, Tribune-Review Student of the month, and served as vice- president ofthe Language Club. His activities included Junior Culture Club, Art Club, and laureola staff photographer. His fondest memory was taking Chrissy Morris to the Cor- onation Ball. Leinder D. Calloway Leinder is an academic student from Masontown. His ambi- tion is to become a doctor. He lettered in basketball. His activities included band thead dmmmerj, Art Club, Science Olympiad, Language Club, Jump-A-Thon, Laureola staff, and Junior Culture Club. His fondest memory is playing "Street-Beat" at pep rallies. His nickname was "Cat." His favorite expression was "Roy, what class are we going to skip?" 89 Debbie Clark Debbie is a general student from McClellandtown, Her am- bition is to get a good payingjob and to raise a family. Her activities included chorus and Jump-A-Thon attendant. Hcr fondest memories were being a senior, graduation, and being with all her friends. Her nickname was "Debbie Jo." Her favorite expression was 'tAll right!" Her favorite hangout was underneath the breezeway. Daniel R. Coffman Daniel is an academic student from Uniontown. His ambi- tion is tojoin the army. go to college, and become an engineer. He was named to student of the month, national honor society vice-president, and Junior Culture Club treasurer. His activities included Art Club. Language Club, and the Science Olympiad. His fondest memory was graduation. His nickname was 'lOpie," His favorite hangout was the art room. Jennifer Lynn Crozier Jennifer is a commercial-clerical student from McClelland- town. Her ambition is to be successful in the future and to marry a rich and handsome man. She received the "One-Mile For A Smile" Award, Her activities included chorus. An Club, Junior Culture Club. and Jump-A-Thon attendant. Her fondest memory was coming to German and meeting the greatest friends anyone can ask for. Debbie Cummings Debbie is a vocational technical student who studies graphic arts. She is from Lambert. Thomas F. DeGus1pe Thomas is a vocational technical student who studies machine production technology. He is from Messmorc. His ambition is to go out with Heather Thomas, marry her, and have thiny kids. He was named junior homeroom vice-president. He participated in senior high baseball, His fondest memory was when Mr. Colebank said the pledge twice in one homeroom. David Darnell Dillinger David is a vocational-technical student who studies auto body. He is from Edenbom. His ambition is to make all he can out of life. His activities included Jump-A-Thon and V.l.C.A. His fondest memory was getting to know someone he really likes. His nickname was "Dillipop." His favorite expression was "Come on you guys!" 90 Nw' -news IWW 4 of "t K Viva-w-'A Ronald Dues Ronald is a vocational-technical student who studies building maintenance. His hometown is Palmer. Roy E. Engle Roy is a vocational-technical student who studies auto body. His hometown is McClellandtown. His ambition is to go to the marines and become a sergeant. He was named to V,l.C.A. class representative. and the all- siar team. His activities included football, and wrestling, His fondest memory was when Mr, Colebank said the pledge twice. Kelly S. Flanigan Kelly is a vocational-technical student who studies scientific data. She is from Smithfield. Her ambition is to lead a happy life, find a good payingjob, and pursue a computer career, She was named student of the month, Who's Who Among American High School Students, the Coronation Coun, and served as a sophomore homeroom officer. Her activities included chorus, V.l.C.A., Jump-A-Thon, Laureola Staff, teacher's aide, and honor roll, Her fondest memory was being named as one of the girls on the Coronation Court. Erica Gaffey Erica is an academic student from Ralph. Her ambition is to attain a bachelor of science degree in nursing. She was named as the Homecoming Quecn, Exchange Club student of the semester. student of thc month, honor roll, Who's Who Among American High School Student's, Spanish l and Il competition - 2nd place winner, and Tribune- Review Student ofthe Month. Her activities included marching band - majorette, concen band, national honor society, student council, Laureola staff, Youth Traffic Safety Council, Language Club, Junior Culture Club, freshman homeroom president, sophomore class presi- dent, junior class president, senior class president, Jump-A- Thon, and Bloodmobile. Her fondest memory was becoming the 1985 Homecoming Queen. Aaron Galle Aaron is a vocational-technical student who studies carpen- try. Hc is from Ralph. His ambition is to get ajob and make a lot ofmoney. He was named as a Coronation escort. His activities included football, baseball, .lump'A-Thon, and Mr. Tokish's helper. His fondest memory is the Coronation Ball. His favorite expression was "Use it or lose it!" His favorite hangouts were the halls and Mr. Tokish's room. Mechelle Yvette Gllsta Michelle is a general student from McClellandtown, Her ambition is to be good at whatever she chooses to do. She was named to the office of vice-president for the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes, was chosen German representative for the Alben Gallatin River Regatta, and Homecoming attendant. Her activities included Art Club, student council, and color-guard. 91 Shirley L. Grlmm Shirley is vocational-technical student who studies cosmetology. She is from Messmore. Her ambition is to live one day at a time. She was named as a Coronation Court attendant. Her activities included V.l.C.A., junior high teacher's aide, and .lump-A-Thon. Her fondest memory was being named one ofthe girls ofthe Coronation Court. Anne Carmen Guappone Anne is an academic student from McClellandtown. Her ambition is to attend West Virginia University to study medicine. She was named to first place Sweepstakes Award at Seven Springs Yearbook Seminar, high honor roll, student of the month, third place Science Olympiad competition at Har- risburg Area Community College, Who's Who Among American High School Students, Tribune-Review student of the month, and sound effects in "A Visitor From Forest Hills." Her activities included national honor society, Laureola editor, librarianls aide, Junior Culture Club, Future Homemakers of America, and Language Club. Her fondest memories were winning the Sweepstakes Award and going to the Coronation Ball. Dale Hardin Dale is vocational-technical student who studies machine shop. He is from Sunshine Hollow. His ambition is to become rich and have a good life. He was named to all-county for football, and senior homeroom president. His activity was wrestling. His fondest memory was Senior Night. His nickname was "Elad." His favorite hangout was the halls. Richard W. Harrls Rich was a vocational-technical student who studies welding. He is from Lambert. His ambition is to weld on the Alaskan pipeline. His activities included football, V.l.C.A., and Jump-A-Thon. His fondest memory was Senior Night. His favorite hangouts were underneath the breczeway and in the halls. William G. Heeter Bill is a vocational-technical student who studies elec- tronics. He is from Leckrone. His ambition is to continue his education in electronics. His fondest memory was graduation. His favorite expression was "How about that." Lisa Marte Heffern Lisa is an academic student from Ralph. Her ambition is to go to school to become a stewardess and to find someone she can trust. She was named to the honor roll, student of the month, junior homeroom president, Homecoming Court, and senior class treasurer. Her activities included volleyball, Language Club, Jump-A- Thon, chorus. girl's ensemble, and football announcer. Her fondest memory at German was when she was elected to the Homecoming Court. 92 a -' 1' , ' tg . z at . J me s t 1' -5.-:wi WW """"'-es Kimberly Lynn Hickle Kim is a commercial student from Balsinger, Her ambition is to marry someone special and to live life to its fullest. She was named to junior homeroom secretary. senior stu- dent council treasurer, student forum treasurcr. and Homecoming Court attendant. Her activities included teacher's aid, and Jump-A-Thon attendant. Her fondest memory was being named on the Homecoming Court. Karlene Hope Hixenbaugh Karlene is a vocational-technical student who studies graphic arts. She is from Ralph. Her ambition is to go to col- lege, get ajob, become successful, and get married. Her activities included basketball, chorus, volleyball, V.I,C.A., and Jump-A-Thon, Her fondest memories were the fun times she had with her fricnds. Mark Anthony Hlatky Mark is a vocational-technical student who studies masonry. He is from McClellandtown. His ambition is to stan his own band. His activities included band, and the Jump-A'Thon. Michael Edward Hruska Mike is an academic student from Edenborn. His ambition is to go to college. play football, get a degree, and to be suc- cessful in life. He was named to the all-conference, all-county football teams, and homeroom president. His activities included student council, Bloodmobile, and Jump-A-Thon. His fondest memory was when he was at the vocational- technical school. David M. Huffine David is a vocational technical student majoring in welding. He is from Ronco. His ambition is to become a welder and "make lots ofmoneyf' Huffs fondest memory ofGTHS was when the teachers went on strike. Lee Jones Lee is a vocational technical student majoring in cosmetology. Her hometown is Lamberton. She hopcs to be successful in life and to own a business. Shorty's happiest moments were the home economics par- ties, the "first day back from tech," and the night ofthe Coronation. 93 Ronald D. Jones ' vocational technical student from Ralph' he is ma- Ron is a . joring in electricity, He wants to join the army or work for Parks' United Van Lines. ln 1979, .lonesy attended school in Dunbar Boro. His happiest moment was when he found out he was going to be a senior. His favorite expression was "l love it! I love it!" Ron's favorite hangout was the weight room. Paul Kaiser, IV Paul is a general student from Leckrone. His activities included football, baseball, coronation court escort, and teaeher's aide. He served as freshman homeroom vice-president, sophomore homeroom president, and junior homeroom treasurer. His nickname was Kiz, and his favorite expressin was "Oh, God!" Paul also attended school in Uniontown. Michael T. Keffer Mike is a vocational technical student majoring in masonry. His hometown is Footedale. His ambition is "to get out of Footedale and own a Corvette." He played football and served as a coronation court escon. Spike's happiest moment was being a senior. Gary Kelly Gary is a vocational technical student who studies air condi- tioning and heating. He is from Leekrone and his ambition is "to own an air conditioning business and a Maserati." He was a V.I.C.A. member. His fondest memory at German is when Mr. Colebank said the pledge twice on December 3. Regis A. Kopec "Rege" is a vocational technical student who studies machine production and technology. He is from Edenborn, and his ambition is to "win the Lotto and own every known type ofguitar ever made." He was chosen for student ofthe month, all conference foot- ball all star team, and sophomore homeroom president. His activities were baseball, student council. Coronation Court escort and sewing as Mr. Tokish's aide. His fondest memory at German was on December 3, 1985, when Mr. Colebank said the Pledge ofAllegiance twice. Bettina Lawson Bettina is a commercial student from Louck's Hill. Her am- bition is to become a better person than shc is already, Her activities were chorus, girls' ensemble, Art Club, and Laureola staff Her fondest memory at German was surviving the Christmas program, 94 anv""'i qos-L-we A Gerald Allen Lindsey Gerald is a vocational technical student who studies Auto Body Il. He is from Footedalc, and his ambition is to have a good job. His favorite expression is "tee ha ha" and his favorite hangout is in the hall. John Michael Mackovjak Chug is a general student from Palmer. His ambition is to further his education, to get a good payingjob. and to have his very own country. He was chosen for the all conference football team. His fondest memory at German was the strike, and his favorite expression was "I see." Melissa Mae Maldovan Missy, an academic student from MeClellandtown, wants to further her education in medicine and to live a long, happy life with her special someone, She was chosen for the Who's Who Among American High School Students, DAR American History Award, NEDT Award, Exchange Club Student of the Year, student of the month, first place in the Spanish I and Il contests, Tribune- Review Student of the Month, high honor roll, student council president, vice president and member at large, head majorette, Junior Culture Club vice president, Language Club secretary and treasurer, Sophomore class secretary, and girls' and boys' basketball scorekeeper. Her activities were marching and con- cert band, national honor society, Youth Traffic Safety Coun- cil, student forum, Laureola staff, Homecoming Court, Blood- mobile, and jumpaa-thon. Jerome A. Marella J-Rome is an academic student from McClellandtown. His ambition is to be an electrical engineer. He was chosen as Art Club senior representative, Junior homeroom treasurer, and national honor society treasurer. His activities were Language Club, Junior Culture Club, Computer Club and the honor roll. His favorite expression was "lt's a mystery," and his favorite hangout was the art room, Christopher Mark Marva Marv is an academic student from Footdale. His ambition is to serve his military term, get a good job, play his bass guitar in a good band, and to be as successful as he can. He was chosen for the all county football team. His other ac- complishments included being Christmas wrestling touma- ment runner-up, being named to honor roll, student of the month, and Who's Who Among American High School Students, and serving as Junior homeroom president. His activities were wrestling, Language Club, national honor society, Junior Culture Club, jump-a-thon, bloodmobile, stu- dent eouncil, Busch Garden trip, Science Olympiad at Har- risburg Area Community College, wrestling tournament at Florida, and the Spanish Competition. His fondest memory at German was beating Carmichaels on Senior Night. Michelle Milliron Shelley is a commercial student from Ohiopyle. Her ambi- tion is to be a beautician and to get married. Her activities were girls' ensemble and Art Club, She also at- tended Calvary Academy where she was chosen M.V,P. in volleyball. Her fondest memory at German is the Coronation, 95 Christine Morris Chrissy is an academic student from McClellandtown. Her ambition is to attend law school and become a corporate lawyer. She was chosen for the NEDT award, first place Sweepstakes Award at yearbook camp. high honor roll. student of the month. Who's Who Among American High School Students. secretary of the national honor society, Laureola editor, secretary ofthe Junior Culture Club, Tribune-Review student ofthe month. and sophomore homeroom secretary. ller activities are librarian, teacher's aide, Science Olym- piad at Harrisburg Area Community College, lead in "A Visitor From Forest Hills," Future Homemakers of America, and Language Club. Chris' fondest memory at German was being escorted to the Coronation Ball by Robert Butorac. Clyde M. Morris Clyde is a commercial student from Adah. His ambition is to leave the area and work for the government, or to become successful in anything else he tries. He was chosen all conference for football, junior homeroom secretary, and senior homeroom secretary. His londest memory at German was his senior year. Robert E. Myers Robert is a vocational technical student who studies auto body. He is from Adah and his ambition is to get a good paying job and live ltfe to the fullest. His fondest memory at German was when he became a SCl'llOI', Teresa Elizabeth Myers Tres is a vocational technical student who studies food service. She is from McClellandtown, and her ambition is to get a good payingjob and to live life to the fullest. Her activities were band, Coronation Court. V.l.C.A.. and thcjump-a-thon. Her fondest memory was graduation and all the good times she had with her friends. Teresa's favorite expression was "Quitit!" Mary Beth Norman Mary Beth is an academic student from Ralph. Her ambi- tion is to further her education in business or communica- tions, to get married, and to raise a family. Bethy was chosen for the honor roll, student of the month, Coronation Court, student council member at large, and sophomore homeroom president. Her activities were marching and coneen band, Laureola staff, jump-a-thon, Youth Trallic Safety Council, Junior Culture Club, Language Club, and Bloodmobile. Her fondest memory at German was getting picked to be on the Coronation Court. LaNelle L. Powell Lanelle is a general student from Gates. Her ambition is to further her education at California llniversity and to become wealthy by running a tcensoredll. Her activities were chorus, Language Club, librarian. Jump- a-thon, Junior Culture Club, and the Laureola staff. Lanelle's friends called her 'tNellie," "Nelle," or 'fthe one and only!" 96 M 1 N. 4 x My Roy E. Ravenscraft, Jr. Ray is an academic student from MeClellandtown. His am- bition is to attend West Virginia University and to major in music education. He was chosen as Art Club president. sophomore homeroom vice-president. Homecoming escort. and senior homeroom president. His activities were band, the Science Olympiad at Har- risburg Area Community College. Who's Who Among American High School Students, Language Club. Laureola staff Junior Culture Club. jumpra-thon. honor roll, and stu- dent council. Known as "Boom Boom," Ray. Capt, Ray, or Boy Roy, his fondest memory at German was playing the "street beat" at all the pep rallies throughout the years. Gary Romantic Gary is a vocational technical student who studied elec- tronics. He is from McClellandtown. Christina Marte Romito . Chrissi is a commercial-clerical student from Lambenon. Her ambition is to lead a funnier life than anyone else in the world. She was chosen as cheerleading captain, Coal Queen Can- didate, and Homecoming court attendant, She was also named in Who's Who Among High School Students. Her activities were band, teacher's aide, chorus, girls' ensemble, Junior Culture Club, Art Club. Teachers' Tea, and thejump-a-thon, John E. Rura, Jr. John is a vocational technical student who studies masonry. He is from Ralph and his ambition is to have his own eon- struction business and to strike it rich. His fondest memory of German was when he found out that he was going to be a senior. Theresa Maria Silbaugh Treasa Mae is a vocational technical student from Ralph who majors in Graphic Arts. Her ambition is to go to Germany for a year, and to come back and live her life. She was a V.I.C.A. member. Her fondest memory was when Bob started driving the bus. Shirley M. Smalley Mae is a vocational technical student who studies business data. Her ambition is to get a good payingjob and to live a suc' cessful and prosperous life. Her activities were V,I.C.A., chorus, and jump-a-thon. Her fondest memory at German was all the happy and fun times she shared with her friends. 97 Carl Edward Sterbutzel Jr 3 ' g Jed is a commercial student from McClellandtown. His am- bition is to become very wealthy. He was chosen as a Homecoming court attendant and as sophomore homeroom president. His activities were student council and Junior Culture Club. His fondest memory at German was when Mr. Tiheri excused him really early from school. Robert L. Sterbutzel III Bert is a general student from McClellandtown. His ambi- tion is to make money. He was chosen as a Homecoming escort and senior homeroom president. His fondest memory of German was when Erica was crowned Homecoming Queen. Bert's favorite expression was "Paul, come here!" Vincent J. M. Stunja Vincent is a general student from Edenborn. His ambition is to become a marketing representative or an accountant. He was chosen to play a part in "A Visitor from Forest Hillsfi Hts activities were band and Language Club. His fondest memory at German was when Tina Lawson almost killed them in driver's ed. Rodne Glen Sume Rodney is a voeationa technical student w o studies auto body. He is from Sunshine Hollow and his ambition is to graduate, find a better job. find a nice young lady, and have a lot ofchildren. Known to his friends as f'Little Herb" or t'Rotney," he served as a Homecoming escort. His fondest memory at German were Fridays at 2:40. James E. Tabacsko James is a general student from Leekrone. His ambition is to get ajob and make money. He was chosen as senior homeroom president. His activity was the national honor society. His fondest memory ofGerman was the strike. Chris Alan Todak Chris is an academic student from Footdale. His ambition is to be successful in whatever the future holds, He was chosen as the Art Club treasurer. His fondest memory at German was finding out that Mrs. Constantine was his senior homeroom teacher. 98 WL-M 'tm il .,., 'z V QQ?" QPR , X 'bmw Crystal Renee Treadwell Crystal is a general student from Leckronc. Her ambition is to further her education, enjoy life. and to fultill my one "special" dream. She was chosen as sophomore homeroom treasurer. freshman class treasurer. girls' basketball manager, and l985 Coronation Court attendant. Her activities were Laureola staff, chorus. teacher's aide. librarian, Language Club. Junior Culture Club. student coun- cil. and jump-a-thon. Her fondest memories were going on a trip to Virginia Beach and trying to survive four days with LaNelle and Craig. John Francis Trostek John is an academic student from McClellandtown. His am- bition is to join the U.S. Army, go to college for electrical engineering. and then buy a nude beach. He was chosen for the high honor roll. student ofthe month, Society of Distinguished American High School Students. and DAR History award. His activity was the national honor society. J odt Lynne Vavreek Jodi is an academic student from Ralph. Her ambition is to become a radiologist, to live a happy and prosperous life. and "to finally find an honest guy," She was chosen as freshman class secretary, junior class treasurer, senior class secretary, and Homecoming court. Her activities were chorus, Language Club, color guard, jump-a-thon, Junior Culture Club, Clarion University Poetry Contest. newspaper staff, and Laureola staff. Her fondest memory at German was being selected to be on the homecoming court and being with Joey at the Coronation. Charlotte Mae Vernon Char is a vocational technical student who studies food ser- vice. She is from Ralph. Her activity was V.I,C.A. Her fondest memory at German was when Erica Gaffey won for Homecoming Queen. Samuel L. Vmch, Jr. Sam is a vocational technical student who studies data pro- cessing, He is from Palmer and his ambition is to get ajob with good pay. He was chosen as a Coronation Court escort and sophomore class officer, His fondest memory at German was the Coronation Ball, Dawn Michelle Watts Dawn is an academic student from Ralph. Her ambition is to travel to New York, Paris, Australia, London, Milan, Tokyo, and Los Angeles to seek her destiny, fortune. and romance. She was chosen as student ofthe month, honor roll, and Who's Who Among American High School Students. Her activities were Art Club, Language Club, Junior Culture Club, andjumpva-thon. Her favorite memory at German was graduation and being a senior. 99 Donald Richard Wh1pkey Whip is a commercial student. His ambition is to live in Hawaii in a bungalow with an ocean view. His activity was baseball. His favorite memory at German was when the baseball team made it to the playoffs. Jon Michael Williams Jon Mike is a commercial student from Ralph. His ambition is to be successful in everything he does. He was chosen for MVP in football and basketball and the all conference and all county football teams. His fondest memory at German was graduation. Sherry June Willis Cher is a vocational technical student who studies medical assisting. She is from McClellandtown and her ambition is to go to college to be in the health field, to get married, and to lead a happy life. Her activities were V.I.C.A., chorus, jump-a-thon, volleyball, teacher's aide for Mr. Tokish, and Future Homemakers of America. Her fondest memories at German were graduation and all the fun times she had with her friends. Pat Wilson Pat is a commercial student from Balsinger. His ambition is to get a high payingjob in the business field. He was chosen as the senior homeroom vice president. K His activities were the Art Club, office practice, and ' jump-a-thon. Beth Ann Yadamec Beffis an academic student from McClellandtown. Her am- bition is to move to Colorado and to get a job teaching literature. She was chosen as senior homeroom treasurer and editor of M, . the newspaper staff My Her activities were Language Club, Laureola staff, and Com- puter Club Her fondest memory of German was the Coronation Ball. Linda Jean Zvolenski Lin is a commercial student from Adah. Her ambition is to find a college that will accept her and then become a physical therapist. She was chosen for Who's Who Among American High School Students, sophomore homeroom secretary, senior . , ,,f J ff E, homeroom secretary, and NEDT award, H I Her activities were national honor society, Art Club, chorus, . 2 girl's ensemble, freshman basketball, teacher's aide, and V' V2 . Junior Culture Club. All ofher memories at German were fond ones. 'f 100 ff. f ', . M www haf,-ameaagigge W ?'f', 1 a ML f zk, ,Q I A W ' 6 lifugigfufx, X fig Ar I g ,I 5 Eg 2 i' ' js! 4, e' 'LVV Whip P.W. 3 'fl 9' X lziik '- i as . i ii W ' .w.A,AI a ' NA . .. aw, fe 2 f g yo i 135 O ' e' if i ff' This baby will be remembered for say- ing "Don't blame me." ds. X:-f Ai. K Xi: x . I 151 Q: ,,. . . ! X - 1 f gif , ix 'Q . . 3 k,,,,M L' uess Who!!! ffm, Q 11 N .gs 1 .s Mime These babies grew up to be the members of the Class of 1986. Using the clues we provided, see if you can guess the babies' identities. Jon Mike J .L. Rege G.R. Chug Spike J onesy -- ' Huff Q , if A .. Heat -- i Eled A q Lurch Fin-out v is , 5 ,fi y if git, , , Mel L i n Q g Shorty' ,. N , .. Cat o , ,. . Howdy .5 we ,. is N. Small 'N Rich 'N 'si X Wg , o .Q ,yoo im s 3' o Wedge D.C. CA. if .L N .fs-.rg 6 ,!,, 1 f' -14. 4, '40 n,'1i':",!, H. N. 4. 1 R.D. D.A. S Q .A This little girl put a cow through the This little boyliked little girls. riner. "Ed Clark' . .F S9 ' 1 ' .- . t I .ary J Ai This girl left in third grade but retumed. x is We e This baby will be remembered for say- ing "alright." X . an . ig, . . We l . , ,,. ,,ff, K eff-.R 9 29 . , S., This baby will be remembered for say- ing "Yo bro." This baby girl walked her teddy bear in the middle ofthe night. 102 5' Yi WZ i' 1 1- 'f,, rj I 'fx f -s , This little girl will always be remembered as the girl who knew how to party. This little girl will be remembered for her etiquette at lunch. This tot will be remembered doing the opposite from what people wanted her to do. '- Q. This little girl will be remembered for loving to hug people. ,iff--"f f l 1 I e v' 1, H5 ' 'fiw .,-. W... . sg rrel m y ' -a to This baby will be remembered saying 'Lget a haircut." ...f . A Le'i. i A 1 l is N : l f J 2" 1 Q- This little girl will be remembered for saying "I don't knowg I can't remember!" .A .. ,X 6 ' ze J3:.j?3 ..Z.giE x G 1 .. ii., ,i f ree J Q A F Q t fn ,qs 3 ang' . 51. , , xs 5 9 X", 'C lt, x ml is Q 'N K' s Q' is 'uf .f Qt' 3 N 4' 'rm x 1 rs, M75 K 31-f 'A I Q ,P , X za i. - .N if , Q - if ' ' if ' , :rj -323 ' 1915 ' X Q f ' wi , Eff , ds?-f,N rf tx' "' - 1 bf- "w s .l.. Q K or rijiim This little girl will be remembered as a hip dressing artist. This tiny tot could be found "floating" in the halls. This little girl will be remembered for saying "He's so cute!" This little boy now operates a back hoe. 'bl-fi This baby will be remembered as being crazy at times. , H. L. A, . ,.. This little girl started revolutionary wars. l This boy will be remembered for his "nebulous" expressions. s i s . Nj .. army .11 ' .. i.- s. 1 X '..w. 7 3' . 'f ani, .1 ' 1-.321 . ' . X .wa Q-fi. M we ,141 ."Le- . s . q .- '. fm' is urs. tw . -M . .1 . . .. .,. This baby could never make up her mind about boyfriends. g . .. Q fi oi 'x T . ' 1 ' ' ff 55 xr N. This baby boy will be remembered for saying "What's up?" This little fellow said, "How about tonight?" .,., This boy will be remembered for his im- pressions of The Exorcist. 5. This little boy is a computer whiz. This girl will be remembered for trying to get Bert. This young fellow mixed his lunch together to make bean dip. My-1e1'4'i'---' ww v....,..,,,.......,,..,? W-, ' '1' f L H , . i V - -- , J Q L f. Iii , .. 'fi 4. -45:25-rc 1,lIiiif9f " - I Q. w T ,. 3 fffflriii- I' : -infzzle .. ' 1. . This baby boy always made Heidi late for band. . s aiia . .ml Q 2 T f ss 3 t --,- f 5 W is I X This little girl has a funny nickname. This little boy will be remembered for his homecoming party. .Za 0 This girl will be remembered for her im- This baby will be remembered for say- ing, "Where's Chrystal?', This baby always said, "I don't think I like him anymore." This baby girl is known as "Spike," "Char," and "Charlie" V, .A , This little girl is from Ohiopyle. This little girl had to pull the bathroom doorknob off. K -x This baby wants to start his own band. , ' ' 1 'f tl -1 f ,ai ' . This little girl always said "Look at that." if Y 5 This baby girl was a crazy and exciting personation ofE.T. friend. 104 Siflkirl H' ' This little boy will be remembered for giving Mr. G. a rough time. A is lii rf This little boy will be remembered as the boy who lived in Mayberry. This little girl will be remembered for saying "Hey huss, what's up?" 5 ,f '," wr 2? .. ., 3' P 3 r, as . ,fi 5 P, The little girl never got the punch line to any joke. This little boy became a linebacker. This baby boy will be remembered for his noises in English. E This little girl will be remembered for her impression ofSuperman. This boy will always be remembered for saying, "Come on you guys." This boy will be remembered for his im- itations of Stevie Wonder. 3 so 'W ff , 4 .WW This baby girl will be remembered for This little lady loves to ride in her This little boy isabowler. saying "For why?" Daddy's "orange mobile." 'N N A wx. 's -pg Zi, 4 54 S k 'A 0 A ,'O Qi' gg ,, " A pix N gl I Q91 iv, ' . E' 5 Q 4 SP 'E 42 "' " R R. xx DVERTQSERS ' -F is Th Oh' . UPPQR1' out 5 5A , aa l .xgcluerfiriing Seniors to be... ALL this is for YOU! aw fefabff mlm? iwf Wffefjfyw 6 Creative Photographers. Casual outdoor settings. Formal academic settings. Variety of backgrounds. State-of-the-art camera and lightingequipment. Plus your yearbook print made to your school's specifications, and delivered Comphments of: Saint Thomas ' i Center Soeta Eootedaie, PA t Entertainment X5 m Bes Every Thursday Evening at 7: p. . Speoiai Entertainment the Eirst and Second of Ev ery Month Sunday Y A-:lr-jf' g-g-1- f ,,- Z"- - BOSTON Good Shoes For 1 Y 53 West Mai S n t. 8 Morgantown St. i Uniontown, PA 15401 438-6631 Diane But Adah, PA 15410 C4l2j 737-6937 YI i I V PONTIAC Very Best Wishes to the Cl orac Beauty Shop SHOE STORE the V Entire Fam 'l LQ Ofvsmah ass of ,86 Phil D ' etvveiler In c. Route 21 Masontown, PA Best wishes to the cl ass of I 986 D1C ' 1 ARLO S S UPERET TE Ralph, PA Redstone Distributing Co. Redstone Candy Co. 530-B NEW SALEM ROAD Wholesalcjobber Candies, Paper Products, Snacks, C igarettes, Cigars, Tobaccos, Etc. P.O. Box 765 Republic, PA 15461 at Shenanigan's Fabrizis Dining R0 Om Homemade Italian Specia1Ii6S L ounge Dancing Wed. through Sat. DJ's and Live E IIICITHIIIFHCHI Route 21 West 43 7.3060 CRO USH O Uniontown 438-9916 RE ,S A UTO Salvage Used Car P HITS Call Ed or Bob 73 7-5555 JENDRAUS PHARMA Co CY rner Fayette and Mt. Vernon Uniontown, PA 43 7-9998 ELLIS M USIC STO For Eve ' rything You Ne RE ed in Music 29 Morgantown St U , FCCI niontown, PA 15401 14122 437-4011 Serving Unionto GEROME ELE wn Since 1873 CTRIC SU PPLY CO. Wiring Supplies Culler Ham mar Motor Control Electric Heat Distributor Lighting Fixtures GE 366M X Sylvania Lamps Residential and Commercial 437-27 88 ECI: A Q 9 mtl , ,Ntiam . 51511 Q T li.l ntliony Crane Rental lne. V Iw i Uniontown,PA437-l53l ' l X 'Q Pmsbuf n,PA279-2700 . A ' onaghanfelrsotnal Care Horne E - T race onag an, rop. T Rd i Continental - Messmore , Off Route 21, 5 MilesW. ofUniontown "D.P.W. Certified 'Certified by PA Labor and lndustry 5 'Doctor and Registered Nurse on Call 'Home Cooking 'W arm Friendly Living 'State and County Certified ' 'Will Make Referral lf Accomodation Not Available Phone 439-l 526 or 437-3747 E Band Mothers German Township Congratulations S ior Band Members i CH L0uis Amandola Sherri Antram Diana Boggs Dora Burden Leinder Calloway Erica Gaffey Mark Hlatky I ! I l I Melissa Maldovan Jerome Marella Teresa Myers ary Beth Norman Roy Ravenscraft incent Stunja Jodi Vav reck President: Dolores Sofranko ' Vice President: Marge Demeter ' Secretary: Genny Myers Assistant Secretary: Grace Bailey ' F e King Assistant Treasurer. Director: Frank T. Gabrin ,,..- -.,...-...- -. -,,..-. .-,-..ff".- .-,--',-- -,,-4 Treasurer. ay ' Marge Togger I Congratulations to t he Class of '86 Fire Che vrolet Je fl if - ep Co. "Our 60th yearn Masontown, PA. fl I J wilful . Best Wishes Class of '86 fi 5, CoNoREssMAN ,A AUSTINJ Ae 4 MURPHY. V i r Jacobts Luth Jacob's Lutheran Church is the oldest Lutheran Congregation w yet we are seeking ever new ways of m' ' them, in turn t ' est ofthe Alleghenies, inistering to the people , o minister. There is a I ways God ca ' of all ages, and helping p ace for YOU at Jacob's. Come and find the many n show you His love! Ministers: All the people Pastor: William W. Brewer 4 Q' - j- l it ,, , if ? S it x , i s w X X X r Q Nw N r.LEoNARD N, sfmosron X R FUNERAL HGME rx Y X Andrew T. Haky J . Supervisor 4 "Serving AH Faiths With Dignity Since 1933" X it Congratulations, 2 Class of '86! ,.-fy lll fa Dis' E X Efaf GREENE FAYETTE savings and loan ass of GREENE colflvry ociation SERVING FAYETTE AND GREENE COUNTIES FOR 60 YEARS V XXHQEMBER FSHC cmnusm ig 'ma-A .. FW il' ,x Congratulations SL Best Wishes X Q' to the Graduates N ."y ' C 5 -E -- M23gn?g1K,P5Ti2i6i ir' S- ' X . ' J 5 . . " w We Serve Gnly the Best! l ,R g 5 B at 1, 1 You 81.Cvood Food Q 5 1 '- l it 'll X-A . ' Q ' K Compliments of: ii fl Crerrnan Township Supervisors 1 X 'X Charles Nlolnar li ' ' Robert Sterbutzel X 5 Bob Arnold 2 For Appointment 583-8303 V ' R Teleph epublic, PA 1547 one: 4l2l246-9628 Dr. Arnold O.Koon Dentist 546 Main St. Masontown Sweet P ea' s Rte. Zl 8L l66 McClellandtown, Pa. "Congratulations Seniors" You are now of age to beneiit Senior Citizensl Play your lottery here. We pay lierel Anthgny A 0 Congratulations and District Judge Best Wishes from Magisterial District No. l4-303 Fort M.a50n Ameflcan X tRedstone and Franklin Townshipsl Legion Post 423 BOX 'H LC2vu11i Bl? Masontown, Pa. -,,.--' -.,-if' i A l r l I Congratulations Senicotrshlgrom All the Members fy ALBERT GALLA TIN j EDUCATION ASS OCIA Tl GN 1 ,l h, ,l J I if l' Busrness Patrons Barton 's Flower Shop Elaine Edenfield's Beauty Shop George's Photographic Studio Kret s G 'll rr Q. Twin Arches Dr. Weimer McCah1ll Famrly 114 ' Z,-f' g 2-Z" 413 "i ,Q yg..41-V I iv -ll i' .1 It 3 1 ll 0 Q ' l X' It i l s' iviv' ? VlSH'S MARKET Meats and Groceries Edenborn, Pa. Phone: 7 3 7-5000 Kinney Shoes U niontown, PA phone: 439 -S960 Compliments - Work Farrns lnc. A Farm Fresh Meats Fresh Seafood 438-5 ' Rt.2l Malloys May Your Futures Be Bri htl Your complete camera store . , . Downtown Uniontown 75 Morgantown St t 437-0538 Carrnine's House It ' Furniture nt. zi 566 'ons Seniors Congratulati MARlO'S lT ALlAN X BAR 8L RESTAURANT ' i Mccieiianutown, PA i Rt. 2 , 7 37-9995 i Mario V. Tiberi SL Geno Tiberi, Owners X Flowerland f Distinction Flowers o for Every Occasion X Live and Silk Prom 1 Corsages and Nosegays ' l l9 S. Main X Masontown, PA l546l i 583-70l0 X Vito P. DeCarlo Funeral Horne New Salem, PA Springdale Golf Club Rt. Zl Uniontown 439-4400 Dan Corrigan Bill Kerr 7 37-5 5 56 Ansel's Garage 24-hour towing Front End Alignment State Inspection Rt. 21 McClellandtown McClellandtown Phone: 7 37-6344 1 1 Congratulations S enior Class of German Township 1985-1986 f Tewell Motor Sales Compliments of fl o.c. ciuss fi Lumber I Company I Pennsylvania Ave. Jl, Uniontown, PA 15401 yi 14121 438-5501 Arnold's Beer Caplliizf Super 1 D' I 'b t ar et il 23i1SRgergvgr Famous for Fine Meats Since I, Masontown, PA 1907 583-2171 Phone: 246-9693 , ' 14 Fast and Courteous Service Republic, Pennsylvania ix , L A M V ,ff , ,'5A J ew Geneva Stoneware Co. i 1 ,':'ifqg'f0 f Handmade Stoneware Pottery fg 'qu , lu Jssilrsfivsaizm y props. s 1 . . Box 649 Masonlown, PA 15461 14121583-2170 LeDONNlSn A qgro PAR rs We are small enough to be friendly, but large enough to give good service. Phone: 583-9400 We Help Keep America Moving 583 9401 Owner: Frank J Lc-D --1- ST-SLT?-Q -. Congratulations Class of 7 86 M , JOl'll'l Nlaylilllll, JT. Officers and Members of H-fx.. ' Funeral Home The American Legion l il., 'M Congratulations! AUFQWHYY y Unit 423 R 'lf in Masontown.PA t l ' l' ll -r X Sh 1 Compliments of: A ll A N RQUM 0583 Gary G. Sontheimer, "1 . . - - Magisterial District: mx -xomgewsakn SL x German Twp., Nicholson Twp., Maggntgwn, PA r54f,r and Masontown Borough TCWDHOHS 1405 533-3361 Ziebart The Masontown Sentinel Rust Protection Paint Protection Fabric Protection Umomownn . Reconditioning Berry Geisler, Manager 509-ROOTS David W agge1t, Running Boards Asst. Manager 5Pla5h Gumds Fleet Services 4 l 2-437 -027 l Sl Morgantown St. ' P A Compliments of: Spellmans Studio 245 McClellandtown Rd. Uniontown, PA 15401 437-684l Senior Pictures Weddings and ' Class Reunions Compliments of: .. Peters Pharmacy l l5 South Main Street Masontown, Pennsylvania l546l John F. Peters, R.Ph. Betty M. Peters, R.Ph. 2Ol N. Main Street Masontown, PA l546l Zlill or 583-774l Phone: 583- "Y our Hometown Newspaper thing Michael's Clo Rt. Zl McClellandtown Shop for Name Brand Jeans and Coordinating Tops Also carrying dry-goods Compliments of: Varsity Grill Rt. Zl Masontown, PA -n.-i.,-Sli-n I I Y f 5 ,fl M if ,I Compliments o Autograph Page fthe Second Natio I ofMaso na Bank V ntown, Pa. 412-583- 7701 'Q W 1.1 , as X House of Flowers I , 3 t of Masontown, PA ' .M A, Flowers for Qualitied ' A522121 s C All Occasions Designers i ' j r x ARNOLD'S BEER ,v im Drsrrzrnuroiz 9 K u ' 234 River Ave. W Masontown, Pa. gl 583-2l7 l X Fast and Courteous Service WILLIQQLZSQKERY Congratulations Seniors! Carl Petro . WA lJ0cal 2258 ll Wes! Church Ave, PA 1546i u President, UM Y Mosomown, turdoy' 7100 AM A 6:00 PM d D es O ly H Nl dyrs FHL tP Ck 8-WeddmgCokes Fre5hB d8.R ll B k ly r P xP wadgsuv I 5 l ,r r xy X v W' .-.-.- The Hair Lair Evening Appointmentsl Men, Wornen, and 583-9550 Children F Member fN.F.A. "Our Area's Only Co-Ed Gym" Member f l.P.F.A. old Rte. 2l, McClellandtown, Pa. Mon.-Fri 3-9 Chuck "Foot" Enlow Sat. 9-l I Ree Enlow, Owners Call for Mivolmmem Bus. 8L Home 737-5960 119 II II Ui Compliments ot? MAR T PHARMACY Masontown, PA Daily 8:30 a.m.-10:00 p.m. Sunday 9:00 a.m.-9:00 p.m. PRESCRIPTIONS I HEALTH ' I I FOQTEDAL I II II ,III I I Ii I I f! YI I I I Il I ,I Pho Compliments of E VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPT. y FGOTEDALE LADIES, I AUXILIARY Entertainment Every Monday Night N 7:30 p.m POPO VI CH PERSONAL CARE HOME 28 Main Street McCIe1Iandtown, Pa. 15458 ne: BusinessXf412J 737-5076 Sonnya Residence N C4122 737-5026 nd Jackie Popovich Owners 120 i an xxx l lx Congratulations Class of '86 5 SL 3WE,?:ExlxL2:?,lx9 JOSEPH, BARBARA, BUKGVYYZ German Township Tax Collector 7 Joseph Bulcovltz and Family x x x l V x lx .. , , x l l l 1 SUPPLY Rear of22-4 N. Main St. Masontown, PA l546l Congratulations, Class of '86 Pl-folvf I4 721 737-2233 D UL I intra .ICMNM Cf l3 P 3. D AUTO sffavfcf ii Compliments of fy sToFFA ts ll ll AR CO ll li J Congratulations Class of ,86 1 from the Officers and Mem bers ' of The McClellandtown VFD f Ladies, Auxiliary HOUCK'S DANCE S TUDIO Uniontown Classes offered in: Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Singing, Acrobatics!Gymnastics tequipment ineludedj B aton and Karate! Professional V ' ariety Entertainment available for all types offunction H . s ONE. f4l2j 439 2277 , 1 Jif- 122 CONN FEED AND Y-,Zff it-,i X' , in uma xtmwi X I OCCASIONS LOWERS 27 Q-W1 i as 1 is , . ' QUALITY F FOR ALI. t 24 5- . A St Water Stree 47 8 A tix ,gp SrnithtieTd, Pa. X5 MZIS69-5244 p X 5 vnone A p . - t . 'X it A N KULENCHCS "Good Luc i 13 Fietd St. Masontown 583-7727 Compli Bob SUNOCO Rt. 21 Uniontown, Pa. T540t k Seniorsw icosruivcs CLeANERs 7 7 Decorator-FoTd Drap ick Up and Dehvery Service 44 N. Gahatin Ave. ' town CS Union 433-53M ments of: Pento Insurance Agency 103 N. Main St. Masontown, PA asa an 'mc sivurnrnaro meow ARE t x 48 Main St. SmithiTeid, Pa. H PHONE1569-96M X X XT , S. I tt... 4,.,' await ilbsiign if f C245 4 , i X h'Qi Wy X t8Was in on a 1 Smi1hfieXd.Pa. ' ' Phone. 569-2910 f f V, 7, ly c gh ur swust Y: . X! HAKY FUNERAL HOME Masontown,'Pa. 583-7 7 7 7 Formeriyz Yanexfs Funerak Home OP ALL'S FURNITURE, TNC. 31 Morgantown Street T Uniontown, PA T540 Photo Supp JANKEY'S CENTRAL Te1ephone:L4125 583-2819 7 Ma2cgngoIig1tgkPA First Aid Supplies Cosmetics 200 Redwood Ave. ' ' hing Masontown PA 1546i-9707 Ties and Photo Finis C ongratulations to the Seniors ofthe Class of 386 Tom DeGusipe A nne Guappone David Huffine Jerome Marella Parishioners of A 3 St. Mary s Church ex R I -1 . T 1 '.1 THE EN G1NE SHOP Chain Saws and Mowers Sa1es and Service 583-7 5 53 6'Lots of Luck in the Future" Discover Convenience W' G 11a1'n Ngt1ona1 Bank Cashstrearn Participant Member FDIC Banking ACY SMITHHELD PHARM ET SM1'1'HF1ELD,PA Comp1iments of: W NKPJN STKE ' A 1547 S James E. LYNN oven Mon.-sm. Uniontown, PA 15401 Pharmacist-Owner CLOSED SUNDAY 14121569-5280 f X , FAYETTE BANK R X 7 S:a1utes the 1ass of '86 ir , I 8L S AMW AY STE Carpet and U.pho1stery C1eaning For Free Estimates Ca11 737-2238 or 737-5992 J.Syrek and Sons Box 142 Ada1i,Pa. 15410 5 1 Patrons Michelle Susan Brooks '88 Bonnie Loves Tim Tim loves Bonnie Colleen and Paul John and Shirley Glad Bonnie Shea loves Timmy Glad Dave Loves Rhonda Ma and the Kids Danny, Baby LaNellie, Susie Q, Bef and Ma Friday Nite Crew Sherri Antram '86 Susan loves Chug Paul loves Margie Mr. and Mrs. Richard Constantine Denise, Jeffrey, C.V., and Jesse Martin Tech'ers No. 1 Room 403 Kris Rifenburg 2002 Screams of Passion '86 Lisa loves Bernice Linda Zvolenski '86 Dino '86 Chris Todak Crystal and Shawn Beth "Dudette if l" Mr. and Mrs. Walter James Hickle Jim, MaryJane, Troy and Tara Chris "Wham" Trosiek Missy loves Tom Diana loves Mike Wayne, Joan, Melanie and David Bowers Mr. and Mrs. Greg Fedor, Greg, Emily and Nathan Melissa "Missy" '86 Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Young and Spunky Si, Moose, Noot, C.J. and Graz Tom Carafa 1540 Frank, Sharon and Tonia Catalano Tom loves Missy Mr. BL Mrs. Tom Carafa Teresa '86 April '86 Kim Osmond Missy, Jodi, Dianna, MaryBeth, Beth, Lisa, Erica and Linda Michele Warholak '83 Mark, Paula, Kurt and Amanda Maldovan Mipsy loves Pookie Bob if 79 Erica loves Ben Janine Ravenscraft "Boom Boom" Good Luck "Gang" Kiyoko Gaffey and Family Denise Vaccaro Dave Benco Art and Lois Vaccaro Rich '89 Lee and Lisa Bailey Hess '90 Janelle Barnhan Ann Barnhart Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McDougle Tim and Nancy Tokish and Timmy Tim and Annette Gacek Mike and Carolyn Benko Mike Benko Jr Missy Benko '89 Helen Carrick Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Ansel and Family Mr. and Mrs. Louis R. Vaccaro Mr. and Mrs. Nick Vaccaro and Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul Saluga and Family Mr. and Mrs. George Sofranko and Family Georgia and Donnie Georgia - Marianne and Jamie '87 , Mr. and Mrs. T.D. Michael, Jr. and sons Cheeks loves Mr. Bubbles Jamie '87 Cindy Class of'87 Chana loves George '87 Susie '87 Heidi '87 Angie, Mike and Piper Mr. and Mrs. Robert Butorac Valeria and B.J. Valeria Belch Michelle Jones Class of'89 Robby, Chrissy, Anne and Dan Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Butorac Chris and Rob 7 ,N 5 lf ii Marcy '87 Jodi loves Mark forever Old Man, Chicken Parts, Barney, Peanut and Lipps '87 "Nats" Jed '86 Carla tHackJ '87 Kim '87 Wedge '86 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bealko Mr. and Mrs. Phillip R. Onesko Suzanne Sagosky Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kolek Nat and Pat Kim loves Greg Greg loves Kim Jean Shuman Christie '89 Valerie '89 Valerie King HoJo Penny '89 Sharky Malarky Missy loves Teddy Bear Phyllis Hutson Mary Ferruti, alumna Nadine '84 Lisa and Rhonda Nancy '89 Laura '91 loves Randy '90 Cookie Monster '89 Class of '89 Lina - Class of'88 "Marla - Class of'88" Mr. and Mrs. Mike Maldovan and Family Snoopy Dawn Dolan Nancy, Maria and Marla Mary Hutzel Mr. and Mrs. John Hutzel Chris W, and Bernie K. Julie '89 Gina Williams loves Lou Jordan ' Tracy Baer loves Scott Glover Tom-Tom-Tate fFootedaleJ Tammy McKahn loves Leno Evangelista Amy Brown loves Mike Miller Shawn Frazenbaker loves Lenny Melts Amy Jo and Tammy Jo Best friends Mr. and Mrs. Brown and Family Fred Robbins Tracy McKahan Aaron Galie loves Michelle Cellurale Sherry '86 Kelly and Sam Sam '86 Bob '86 M r. a m d M rs. Amandola Dale Hardin if 63 Mike if 80 Football Mr. and Mrs. Flanigan Shirley loves Philip M r. a n d M rs. Waggett Kelly loves Jim Kelly '86 Charlotte '86 Kelly, Sam, Sherry, Gary, Shirley G., Aaron and Rodney '86 Kelly and Jim Silbaugh Gary Kelly '86 Rodney Sumey 4? 75 Roy - '86 Billy and Lori Andrea loves Greg Andrea '89 The Three Muskateers Andrea, Janice and Michelle '89 "Loves" Louis Robert David J.N. loves T.D. Precious Powell Marietta, Class of'82 Mrs. Elizabeth Brooks Bernie Brooks Bill Guappone Kathy '89 Joseph A. Faris '88 Lori Shea The Great Class of'88 Pat Wilson '86 Sam Glisan Martha R. Evans Gladys Mish Mrs. Earl Brooks Mrs. Michael Connolly Sue Shaffer Dawn loves Tom Tate Bernie '81 The Band Catherine Latkovitch Mary Ann Allen Joseph Loreti Mike '86 Mr. and Mrs. Paul Antram Sharon '88 Shelly '88 Tracy McKahan and Patty Kelly Leslie loves Rich Steph, Erica, Melinda and Juanita '89 , Regis, Brenda, Regina, Bon- nie, Lori, Regis and Chris Shea Missy loves Sam Brian loves Chrissi Wayne D. Miller Kris luvs Rick Jim it 56 Dave if 24 Roberta '88 "Gee Foul". R-R-R-R "Hoover". Mr. and Mrs. Susan Opel. Rev. and Mrs. Carl Opel Randy loves Stacy Mike loves Cheryl Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rankin Ronnie and Louise Townsend Mr. and Mrs. Donald Savage. Heidi O. '88 Paul, Lynn, Angie and Mat- thew Krofcheck Pat, Angela, Erin and Eric Kustron Mr. and Mrs. Tim Townsend Gregg Wilson '88 MaryBeth loves John John loves MaryBeth MaryBeth-Cuddles '86 Mr. and Mrs. Frank Medlock Mr. and Mrs. Howard Nor- man Sr. Jeff'89 Mr. and Mrs. Walter Baer Mr. and Mrs. Charles Berdar Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stewart Anna, Charlie and Tommy Gadd Ann Voorp Mrs. Louise Stanislaw, Lisa, John and Julie John loves MaryBeth Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Norman and MaryBeth Erica '89 Lisa loves Jimmy Osh loves Jazz Lisa loves Neal Mr, and Mrs. Donald Burke Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Stith and Family Mr. Cockfield Mr. Rossi Tim and Nancy Tokish Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Wilson Crystal loves S.O.S. Mr. Cassidy Ruth P. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. James E. Patitucci Henry Dantzler Ruth P. Thomas U.M. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mehota Mr. and Mrs. James Hutson Paula Jenny Clark Richard Corcoran Mr. and Mrs. Rodney A. Schoener Heidi Schoener The Soldier '87 Graz '87 Wedge '86 Owen loves Renee John Trosiek '86 Susan Guappone Carlo Guappone Mrs. Jean Flemming Amy Shaffer Scott Keener Beth Miller Mr, and Mrs. Ed Rochek Helen Mlinarcik Mr. and Mrs. Wallace McDougle Dr. and Mrs, Carmen A. Guappone Jam '86 Anne C. Guappone Jeffloves Paula Paula loves Jeffrey J ab loves Pab Paula Christine loves Jef- frey Allen Coal Baron it l "Ant" 1986 J .B. and J .D. Paula '87 The Good Lucky "Bear" October ll, 1985 Lester'89 Mr. Paul Fronczek "Marge" Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fronczek "Little One" Mrs. "M" and All the librarians The B autiful Ones '87 e Beautiful Ones '88 Chrissy Morris Debi Mascia Lori '90 Elizabeth Bridges Mrs, Linda Morris Robert S. Morris Jean Boger John, Dorothy, and Therese Marie Gruskowski Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Blanc Kazcreirzak Leinder Calloway Mrs. Bryant "Wedge" Mr. and Mrs. William F. Collins Mrs. Russo Dawn Michelle '86 Wamo Hot Tracks Beth Ann '86 Bob J. Pento '86 Rodney and Carol Willie and Debbie Mr. and Mrs. John Franczyk Mr. and Mrs. Mike Myers Jr. Jennifer "Domberdoo" Mr. and Mrs. Steve Corcoran ' Shelley Corcoran '88 Jennifer Corcoran '92 Stephen loves Amy Catherine Corcoran Pooky and Odie Mr. and Mrs. William Marovic Tony Tokish Philip Gaffey '88 Susan and Chug Diane '87 Susan Yadamec '88 Darlene loves Scott Jim and Barb Yadamec Fagiebeefie Kari loves Andy Joe '88 The Steve Daniel Family Jeff Phillips loves Jodi Burge William Martin Family Scott Semzock Richard Rush Family Bob Rush Family Kathy Martin Joe it 66 Trisha, Debbie, Missy and Erica '89 Lois Layhew Charlie Walters Chris "Whammie" Trosiek Richard Layhew '89 Andrea, Michelle and Janice Michelle and Butch Mr. and Mrs. Ron Skala Mike Skala '89 "Spike" Mallick "Buckwheat" and "Mr. C" Mr. and Mrs. "Hap" Mallick Mr. and Mrs. Michael Zumerling Corrinne Patterson Buckey Cewone Mr. and Mrs. Ron Rates and Children Mrs. Rosemarie Sangston "Uncle Wes" "Mrs. M" "Hack" April, Grace, Alan and Nancy Nancy Trees "Oompah and Amazon" Maria '88 Rachel "Babies" Pike Class of'87 S.B. Michelle Miscovich Mr. and Mrs. Jerome R. Simon Mr, and Mrs, J.O. Brown Becky Brown Class of'80 Jenny Class of'90 Barbie Cramer '80 Mrs. Ruth Franks Mr. and Mrs. Ed Camlin Harry Riflle Rose Miscovich Jerome Simon Class of'84 Mr. and Mrs. Dobish, Lori's Grandparents Nick and Bonnie Dubovich and Family Jody and Lisa Angel and Nikki '87 Gary, Joy and Tabitha Dobish Mr. and Mrs. Harold King and Family Janet and Lloyd Lisa and Lori, the odd couple "Christina" Wanda Dobish Mr. and Mrs. Charles Shim- Patrons shock and Family Junior High Cheerleaders Randy, Debbie and Danielle Smalley Chrissi and Brian Lora Burden '86 Kimberly L. Hickle '86 Rebecca loves Someone Special Rhonda loves Dave Sherri loves Kenny Sherry '86 Crystal Treadwell "Inchworms" Debbie Jo Clark '86 Lora's Mom and Dad Rev. Leonard Kirby Paul Reene Jennifer Lynn Crozier '86 Tracey Rutland '9l Lisa loves Bernie Lisa Heffern Mr. and Mrs. William Hef- fern J r. Melissa Heffern '90 Bemie Ziglear Beth-Center Class of'87 Mr. and Mrs. Albert Vavreck Mr. and Mrs. Joe Famularo Jodi-Snuggles '86 Jodi Loves Someone Very Special Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vavreck Mark Etham Vavreck Ida Young and Family Mr. and Mrs. Lewis R. . Francis and Family Mr. and Mrs. Charles Baer andFamily Mr. and Mrs. Charles Berdar Mr. and Mrs. John Gibel Mr. and Mrs. William Means and Family Terri and Lauren ' Player Lightfoot Mr. and Mrs. Walter Demaske Chris '87 Grizz loves Polar Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Blanc Leinder Calloway "Wedge" J.R. Townsend Jeff McCoy Mr. and Mrs. William F. Collins Sal Mercadante Sandy Bottom Bombers Susan Mercadante "Wee" '87 Kitty Cat Well, gee George Maria and Nancy '88 Bucwheat and Ginger "The Cure" The Dudettes '88 Erica loves Bert Emma Martin Family W asm , ft H., mann 5 -r ."iw.,X,. --.Y--L , , . ' 24es..2 at " F lip. K s-SQQSQQKQ Small Town John Cougar Mellencamp Well I was born in a small town And! live in a small town Prob 'ly die in a small town Oh, those small communities All my fiends are so small town My parents live in the same small town M y job is so small town walk' gn, n fs., f' 4' ffgietf at ' mass, U' F Provides little opportunity Educated in a small town Tau ht the year of Jesus in a small town Used to daydream in that small town Another boring romantic that is me But I've seen it all in a small town Had myself a ball in a small town Married an L.A. doll and brought her to this small town Now she's small town just like me No I cannotforget where it is that I comehom I cannot for et the peo le who love me Yeah, I canlie myseU'h1ere in this small town And people let me be just what I want to be Got nothing against a big town Still hayseed enough to say Look who's in the ig town But my bed is in a small town Oh, and that's good enough for me Well I was bom in a small town And I can breathe in a small town Gonna die in this small town And that's prob'ly where they'll bury me 4 4 --up--1, sau... .sz Q f.SLLQuQ,xScn5,xk wxwiaxctwwx .N Q NXQUQX -Qi yn qi.1QLb:Q,rxmGVy K,7TXQ1k3,N-Skill" ww mmol -xJ,UJQ1Qro X J-Q. 'QQJQ, P Liu: Qiuwmwxlmp Qu AQ yx9,nLiY LASQJQBVMAX. C5?7Q.CL.w, epmxmmk C,,,,fPf"j Autographs Do- MAEFJC 'o,,,6ff7 1, M 1,-b Y W ugiZ2 mm 5 Q'g'2 . 'Qi Sz aff LAT V' 0,23 ov ,gwi QQ Xbfglfe .air X MQ 0,5 U A Niievmpng as ? Awww QP fMf2M15J'b gg bf lb N ml w awww 'Jw ww ,X.xvQ3,5,A' -7f,.m,q7,b ,gy ai YLQ9 HJQSQ-fx 55 fi!-Rfb-444s.ef'!,IQA,'1-if a.u?,LJ 14.5, dw, M fb

Suggestions in the German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) collection:

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