German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA)

 - Class of 1954

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German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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' -- fl - F Li? f' - - f '-----A354 ' - '::fs1't:.-5 -'-A--' - 'f-"!"'-1-fm' ' - ,qsfm--ff , 4 , ,. H. ..- , ..-.. ,,. . ...,. . U Y H V it K.. ,,1.F,. ,-b f f7f.,,.1 I V 7. - .f-. ft - , ,, - wil- , - LL. --. ..- A " 1, ,Q L., 1 L , , L. -1.1 s . t - "v ' ' " 'A J' - - ,wprnz--1-5' 111' , ' J , .,. 1,15 , , ,:,..-.1 ., ,514 v I n Z.fJf75f ' W , ge" 1 1 . k gf '1 , , . ' Q Q 1 IQ. qvpillfq -ragga :',,.-- ess,- .f -QM. 'gr li-0 F Bm -355-.ali -sk -asf.-f 4,-ix. 1 1 ' , ' - f- A " ". , g, ' ' . 5,-' , y IF 4. '- Af 3' K , " "rl, 1 ' L 4 ' - "JN ,f D 74 ' I-im g-EL ! 'ffif . ' 22572-s?:'.' iff rar 5. - L 2?f' . 1a-'iffy Ig' 'sf gig ' . ,, . 15 .. 1, fh 1: ' , V- V ' L Q f' ' V' 5 1 " 43.3.-f,.":J QF: .5353 r5,.Y,f-:j-frqiaf-fig 54 - ,' 55? if '. ,Eg-1. fr Lf w-.I ,: N ff 151 15, -N , QE' - , ,.-3-ja .ff - j ' v ' ' '1s3g,? ,lf5 39 .3. 1 L 2:-,ry L. . ..,Es Tm . , -,f V , -as L-1 .334 -rf auf- F: ,, WM - of W , do I, II' My WWW ff' ,ff sv ' ?WMM2ysV' ' V VM ,WM WW ' ,ff ,gf .10 fl -5 ,ufkinaummummmhnmm The xy 1 r' 9 4 i Q .q'gaMs"'1q.. 3 A3 '?. 5 o il 'ef' n W 'Qs f , vo . wr 5 gi i . T Q 1 9 o n M '-uvsAsm. .,, ' 1 ' ' Vg ' ' """""" W' h " vs K N K- Nm. ing vf'?ik"xQ "" N14 ri? o k ,.., ,'95'i5?'F 3? F . M' .Q 5 . . ,M , A N X My o in . - Jo, ' ' . , W, gf ,gb ie h 5 'fg ' A I ,A I 1 s. . 1 Q .K - , + , v . x 1. . . F M ' Y Mx , 3 . , 1 ,v . 1 'I Y v ,f . ' ' . .A - K x, 5x ,an ' ,M ' . f x -ya ,X v . . X , I v. I 4 , , f 1 - 7 , x I 'f ' , . N. xi X 1 Q ,, f J v .W f ' , I - s a L . P ,t , A A . " . 4 4 . Q . ,, 1 r ,-U, ' x n Q ,' sn. 5 ,Q ' ' as Q Q ,. .. 1 f - 'gf 'W A ' ' 'ffh 3 on f- f an 'MW bg f Q1 l bgi, Q1 ni - , ' - j Presented hy the Students of Gegrnvznnn' Township High School DR. J. HOLMES SANGSTON This page depicts scenes from the testimonial banquet given by the teachers of German Township in honor of Dr. 1. llolmes Sangston who served as a school director in our district for more than thirty-two years. Dr. Robert Laing of Charleroi delivered the address Dad 'wltiomz of the evening. Group singing also featured the program. In recognition of his years of service and his contribu- tion to communty life, the teachers presented Dr. Sang- Stun with a plaque. Mr. Mario Tiberi, a representative of the Board of liducation, paid high tribute to Dr. Sangston on this occasion of his retirement and presented him with a beautiful watch. In addition to working for the advancement of edu- cation, Dr. Saugston has been a successful practicing physician, combining all the honored qualities of the old-time country doctor and modern practitioner. He is prominent in civic, church and fraternal organizations. VVe, the students, wish also to honor Dr. Sangston by dedicating this, the thirty-fifth edition of the Laureola to him, the man for whom our athletic tield has been named. Min. 2 asxwsw X, no tu ' frm'-5" Lrfl to riylft, Jcalcd: Dr. Sangstong Mrs. Sangstong Mrs. J. C. Newcomer, Lawrence McGee, President of Board of liducation. Standing: Mario Tiberi, Secretary, Michael Mihallik, Vice-President, Rev. Robert Laing, Speakerg Superin tendent C. Newcomer, Toastmaster. 1' C11 15 .H M ni. C.-XI'.'XI,C7.-X NTI' 'I'I Ii I.. IE. MCGEE M. j. MIHALLIK ICRI-Still gning strong! I I f , QT 9' I I A f Q.. A MARIO TIBERI ICARL IZRASIIIEAR Secretary Treasurer Edzwcfaziiomz President Vice-President 'Q 'Q' Q' 2' zwrx al , 'W L -X. A. j. CANTINI STANLEX KRET M. S. PAPA C'Ierk to the Board IB. j. MORRIS --.... -yy Mr. Moore demonstrates the latest shop technique with the new metal lathe. Robert Gibson looks puzzled-what makes it tick? Mr, Rozzi divulges its mechanical mysteries to his driving Class. "Silence" reads the sign. Students can't help but con- centrate on lessons in these gleaming surroundings. P. D. reports-the seniors' headache. Students turn politician and discuss current events. No Play Truly the pause that refreshes--After a hard day of tests and re-citations, students stop by the coke machine for a moment of relaxation. HMMMN! Boy! And away we go--VVhen chow time rolls around, students eagerly attack the food, as ready to till their stomachs as the teachers are to till their heads. Ccfzletefs Jack 0 C. 0 Mr. Rifenhurg gives Iihlan grapplers 11 few pointers as George Stuck tries out a hold on Charles liillak. All gather round-Mr. johnson gives his -l.V.'s final instructions before the warning lvuner sounds. S' , , 1 F wr M' M Y sf ?2 Q 'E' 1? E, Q i . fl ff? gli' " A I A Q35 ' . as ' 5 'L ay! 6 ' rzxli Qi , nw, gm , , Q X Q-QQ' 4, V 1, , X www: N ', QE , ' H ' ' , , N M... 4 M 4 M- 5 A W X wa A Af -: xmmvxmmrmni .A!LN ' yf.fll--gif? u- - V - Y . 5, 2, J M K h .1 Ywvv X F 'W,f,egA ts , B W' E14 N vw" 4 , X - -Y A 4' W M 1 S i 'Gal R 4 A ' ' W if' lv , , .?'..-'Qs a Nou! -xg 4 4 k R M C' f ' JM .... Ax ty 4 ' A, E 1 Eff W w an .QQ W KX is 5 ,051 ,f ef' iv f ' 4 A 21' A A Q fo . X N 1:4 . Q . xl . , If S L V. -ff'Q ' ,, ,gggw A "W t , , 1' 'fr Q Q' by ' W3 ' x I '?'z Q' k f,X: N Q ' ' T, f V , 4 'V Q+5Y'mgf 1,5 -' f. - 1 , ":.. :.e fn., 5 f ' Ah, i 'Al i MR. sl. CARNIAN NEVVCOMER, A.B Superintendent of Schools Juniata College Pennsylvania State University University of Pittsburgh MR. GEORGE PLAVA, B.S., M.A High School Principal California State Teachers College Duke University XVest Virginia University MR. VVRIGHT MRS. RICE LLOYD A. VVRIGIIT, A.B., Vice-Principal VVaynesbu rg College, Pennsylvania State Col- lege, English, Forensics, Attendance, 1,11 u rrola Sponsor. B, mf' i f xii , , ELIZAISIETII L. GALLAGIIIQR, I5.S. California State Teachers College, VVaynesburg Col- lege, VVest Virginia llui- versity, American llis- tory, Arts Crafts Club Sponsor, Forensic Sponf SDF. Vire-Prfrffipzzl MARY MURPHY, A.B. University of Pittsburgh, California State Teachers College, Problems of De- mocracy, Senior Class Sponsor, Forensics Spon- sor, Stuflen SUT. t Senate Spon- PHIANA ll. RIFFLIE Beckley College, General Business, Shorthnntl l, Typing I, ll. Ujffire Serretfzry its ' x -P gi e ELIZABETH VAIL, A.B. Waynesburg College, University of Pittsburgh, English, Library C l u h Sponsor, Forensic Spon- sor. A I A ,- is LQ? SAMERA N. BRIZTS, B.S., M.A. California State Teachers College, Vllaynesburg Col- THOMAS VV. GAULT, B.S. VVaynesburg College, California State Normal School, Penn State Col- lege, Civics, Debate Spon- SUT. XVILLIAM J. Cl'l,'I'UN, B.S. XV:1ynesburg College, Al- gebra l, ll, Freshmen lege, VVest Virginia Uni- Class Sponsor. versity, English, Future Teachers of America Sponsor, Guidance and Testing, Forensic Spon- SOP. Q f wilfu- , M S S N: :XILXINI j. IMINNICIIY, 'I'IIICI.IXI.-X GOI'I.IJ, I'I.S. ILS. Vniversity of PittsIuur'gh, XXIZIXIIFNIYIIVK Uvlli-gc, Iii- KIJIIIIIIVIIIII State IIit'1ll'IlGI'S ulugy, Ii:lNkelImII QIIIIICII, l'oIIc-ge, Gem-l':lI SCIt'IlI'6', qhsixtzlllt I-'unthzlll C'u:u'I1. l'Iu-nrixtry, Ii. Sheet! Svienve l'IuIw Spimsnr. Q' Li r' , K ..., f . wx I , S k .LX I is r ' .., A VIRGINIA XY. RUSIC Ii, U,'XI.I,,-X. BNN. Y.XI'liICR, ILX. I'niversity of Pittsburgh, XV:1y1uwIv11r'g.: Cullvgv, 'I'cmpIc I'niversity, Liv- IAIIIII I, II, Iflt-mln I, Il, iw, Iinglixh, Sluiivnt Sen- Nzltiullzll Ilnnivr 5Ht'It'IX iltv Spmixm-. Spunwr, I7ivi't'l1Nic' Spun' NUIA. A LOUIS F. RUZZI, A.I'I. MIUSICPII A. S XIxIINO hvI1j'II65I1III'g College, Iii., M I It Drivers IIIFIIIIIIFIQ, Safety I-1lIIfliI'lIIIl Stzltt It ll IfrI11cntiimn, Ifnnthnll College, Vnixtrx Cnavh. Pittxlwuigh, Wm 1 IUVY x ' , - F 4 X, if XVII,I.IANI P, KAAS, I-'RANK R. IIRIX XYK ILS., M.IZcI. X Ii. QiIlIIflPI'IlIIl State Teacher- xYI1YIIl'NI7llI'j,f KUI 6 e College, Univcrwity uf l':tIiforni:1 Smit- It it Pittxhurgll, Mevhzlniczil KRIIIQ-gc, Iinglin e I71':lwing, II n I I Patrol man IIi News Spurmur Spunwr. Ifnvultx Nl ln 15.111 of Xth Ictitw. .A ROBERT L. IVIOURE, B.S. California State Teachers College, Industrial Arts. RAY RIFENBURG, B.S. VVest Virginia Univers- ity, Visual Education, First Aid, Health, VVres- tling Coach. ii 3 .--.., ss ar ' I i JOSEPH ll. SAVANICK Beckley College, Cali- fornia State Teachers College, Pennsylvania State College, VVaynes- hurg College, Secretarial Cluh Sponsor, Shorthand I, II, Business Explora- tion, Basehall Coach. DANIEL B. BLANC, B.S., M.Ed. Shippenshurg State Teachers College, Penn- sylvania State College, Typing II, Bookkeeping ll, Business Exploration, Photography Club Spon- sor. FRANK T. GABRIN, B.M. University of Miami VVest Virginia Univers- ity, Instrumental Music, Dance Band, Forensic Sponsor. y ass... ADELINE L. GIROD Beckley College, Indiana State Teachers College, Bookkeeping I, Typing I, II, Typing III, Forensic Sponsor. . , . ,Q .,33N. I by si' - . i K A K . Y I2 P X ii I fr i? A . THOBURN E. GEORGE JOHNSON, CASSADY, B.S., M.Ed. B.S. VVest Virginia Univers- Vniversity of Pittsburgh, ity, Northwestern Uni- Duquesne University, versity, Vocal Music, Fo- rensic Sponsor. VVest Virginia Univers- ity, Physical Education Foothall, Baskethall.' u Ts, Q Ji.: 1 4 if 1, I.Ul'lSlC FCRFARI, Ii.S. CARI. NCNLICY, Ii.S. XVewt Virginia Cniverw- XYaynesh11rg College, ity, Girl! Phyxieal Iicln- Math, Algehra I, Con- vation, Girl? liaskethall. NQWYLIIIIYII Clnh Sponxor. MARIIC Nl. SI'I.lK, Ii.S. ANN KYBRIICN, lNI.A. XVaynesIvurg College, Seton Ilill College, Dn- Ueneral Science, Iiiology. quewne Ilniversity, Cali- fornia State 'I'eat'herv College, Catholir' I'ni- verxity, XVashington, ll. C., Carnegie Ieeh, Math, I2ngliQh. FRANCIS G. NlA'I"I'IIIiVVS, KS., M.A. XVayneshnrg College, XVest Virginia Ilnivers- ity, Social Stuclies, Ilia- tory Clnh, Forenxic Spon- SOI, MARGARIET FITZGIZRALIJ, Bb., M.I:d. California State 'I'eacheix College, Cniversity of Pittsburgh, 'I' y p i n g I, Shorthand I, linwinexs ICIIHIINI1. 19' pu. 1' IiI.lNUR N. SIIOAF, ILS. -IIIIIIIIIH College, Cali- fornia State Ieaeliers College, llonie lirononi- itw Cafelt-ri'i Q- KN v-4v"'KX CLARISSA IJAI,I.Y,, NIA. Ii o h ,lonex I'nivc-rsit' Wy California State It-zicllers College, Iiniversity of Pittsburgh, Iingliwh II, Speech, 'I'ri-Ili-Y Spon- Nor, Sr. Claw Play, Fo- rensic Coavh - R a ml i o Speaking, Iligh School I'lav. I3 1. fi' K Q K l 1 i CHARLES s. GUENTHER, B.s. Penn State University, Agri- culture, Future Farmers of America Sponsor. S X ' to f ,bla L. , 2 E " 3 2 55' .A KV Q 'QS l X ii 3 WM. D. KEELING, Ph.BD., D.D. Ashland College, Ashland Theological Seminary, Pio- neer Theological Seminary, Social Studies, English. X ,L .var n- fyls, SQA-at-gs 1 491-5 THEODORE KONETSKY, GEORGE N. RIFFLE, MRS. DUGAN D.D.S. M.D. R.N. School Dentist School Doctor School Nurse J S-...,,,,, - iw ' Captions and wzdlimztes tty' v 1 'Y ip!! ou work nights. was the ques- tion of one late yisitor to the office of our High School. The tired answer came back, "Days and nights." By four o'clock, the school was quiet and empty except for one small group assembled backstage. Here voices could be heard above the uncertain clicking of typewriters. -1-,Qs "Typing these senior activities is no cinch." "Hush, how can I count words with you chattering away. Now I've lost count-l, 2. 3, 4 . . .H "There, perfect--256 words, no more, no less." It didn't take long to realize that putting together a yearbook is a crossword puzzle, that chasing down absent staff members, finding misplaced pictures plus a little item of matching them with names, keeping copy and pictures by the long ton flowing in and out of the little oflice made for an entertaining, if not harried year. Ask any of the staff how the Lrzureolrz got together and you get tht- satne answerhult was nothing, nothing at all." And then comes the crowning blow. Some innocent student, unacquainted with eccentric yearbook edi- tors, says: "It must be easy to put out a yearbook-you had a whole year." Oli, well . . .ll YJ' N--sr EDITOR IN CHIEF, Nan Gaultg BUSINESS INIANAGER, Joan VVhoolery, SENIOR EDITORS, Eleanor Kaiser, Sandra Hixong PICTURE EDITORS, Kathryn Louise Riflle, Earl Brashear, Charles Powell: Jl7NlOR EDITORS, Theresa Zentko- vich, Josephine Dzierwinski, Patil Roth, SOPHOMORE EDITORS, Earl Riflle, Patty Clearage, Ifrances Kish, Donald Shea: FRESHMAN EDITORS, Louise Betlerka, Julianne Sangston, Harold Grimm: SPORTS IiDI'I'URS, Steve tilagola, llarry Cole, TYPIST, Barbara Petckog ADVERTISING MANAGERS, Ilelen Pokorny, Rita Bittner, Joan Fitlpatriek, Patty Tip- pet, Betty Gadtl, Donna Jesso, STUDENT PIIOTOGRAPHER, Lawrence Strubleg STAFF ARTIST, Betty VValtersg NAME CARD COMMITTEE, Peggy Brinza, Janet Lukey, Leona Spirnak, Gayle Seightnan, ClRCl'I.ATIUN MANAGERS, Mary Jane Katrinchak, Patty Cain, Patty Umbel, Maxine Springer, Frances Doee, Ruth llarrling, Pauline De Kateh, Barbara Davis, Janet Poole, Toni Cavalcante, Joan Papernik, Barbara Sabol, Simone Stillwell, Charlotte Seighman, Frances Blashinskv, Shirley Johns, James Forri, Rita Erminio, Carolyn Kurtik, Margaret Zentkovich, Barbara Blanc. I I5 SHIRLEY E. BELSAR "Shirl" Commercial McClellandtown Hobby-Sewing, Cooking Actifuities-Assembly 1, 4, Fashion Show Ig Secretarial Club 43 Usher- ette 3, 4. SHIRLEY RUTH BERRY "Duck" Commercial R3lPh Hobby-Movies, Dancing .4Ctifviti0.r-Chorus 1, 23 Librlary Club 2, History Club 3, +1 Tri-HI-Y 3, 43 Secretarial Club 45 Assembly 3, 43 Girls' Basketball 4. MARGARET J. BANNER "Peg" Academic Footedale Hobby--Reading Aftifuitie:-Georges lg F u t u r e Teachers of America 2, 3, 43 Library Club 49 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Assembly 1, 3, 45 School Play 3, "Spooks and Spasms"g Senior Class Play "Mad Hattersf' VVAYNE C, BEAL "jug" General Ronco Hobby-Sports flrtifuitiey-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 23 Homeroom officer 1, 45 Assembly 1, 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Letterman's Club. 1 ELEANOR SYLVIA BEZILLA "Hot-Rod" Commercial Footerlale Hobby-Music, Drawing flftifzzitics-lVIarching Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Dance Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 45 All County Band 2, 4g District Band 43 Parties 2, 3, 43 Assemblies 1, 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK BITTINGER "Freddie" Academic Ralph Hobby-Swimming Alrtiwities-Assembly 1, 4, History Club 3, 43 Future Teachers of Amer- ica 4g Senior Play "Mari Hatters"g Track 3, 4. PATTY ANN BITTNER "Pat" Commercial Ronco flabby-Sleeping .4di'viIirJ-Conservation C l u b 3, Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Secretarial Club 4. LEO BOCZAR "Baby Diesel" General Edenbnrn Hobby-Eating Adiwuities-Stutlent Senate 1, 4, Home Room Officer 1, 43 Football 1, 2, Party Committee l, 2, 3, 4, German High News, Home Room Reporter 43 Manager 2. PEGGY BRINZA Academic Footedale Hobby-Playing the Piano, Skating Activities-Chorus Accompaniment 1, 2, 3, 43 Forensics 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y Officer 4, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, Student Senate 3, Ger- man Hi News 4, Laurfola Staff 4, Operetta l, 2, 3, 45 Cantata 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Play "Mad Platters", Assembly 1, 2, 3, 4, Class Party Com- mittee 1, 2, 3, 4. GERALDINE BURDEN "Gerry" General Rnnco Hobby-Skating, Dancing Adi-ville:-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Assem- bly 3, 4, Party Committee 4, Party Program 3, 4: Driving 4. DONALD E. BOBINCHECK "Dink" General Palmer Hobby-Dancing, Swimming Activities-Photography 3, 4, Future Farmers of America, Christmas As- sembly 3. LEONARD EARL BRASHEAR "Native Dancer" Academic Footedale Hobby-Swimming Adi-'vftier-I,aurrola Staff 2, 3, 43 Stu- dent Senate 2, 3, 4, History Club 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Officer, High School Play 3, "Spooks and Spasms"g Senior Play "Mad Platters", Senior Party Com- mittee and Program. BERNAl3E'I"I'lS A. BYNUM "lNIirlge" Commercial Edenhorn llnlflzy-Singing nlrfi-t'ilif5--Chorus 25 Home Room Of- ficer 2, 45 Assembly 2, 45 History Club 3, 45 Secretarial Club -I-5 Driverls Training 4. PATRICIA CAROLL CAIN "Pat" Commercial Ralph Iloblly-Dancing, Movies .-lrlifvflirr-Sturlent Senate 15 Home- room Ofhcer I5 Class Officer 15 Ger- man Hi News 2, 3, 45 Laureola Stal? 2, 3, 45 Hall Patrol 2, 3, +5 Secre- tarial Club 45 Conservation Club 2. PAULINE JANET BURKE 'lPaul" Commercial Lambert Hobby-Dancing, Music ,-Irtifvitifr-Honieroom O f f ic e r 15 Cheerleader 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Party Committee 1, 3, 45 Senior As- sembly 45 Art Craft Club 35 Home- room Assembly 35 First Aid 4. NORMA MAE BRYNER "Norma Doll" Commercial Uniontown Ilolzlzy-Eating, Listening to music .4l'ff'LifiF5-BHHKI 15 Chorus 1, 3, 45 Christmas Cantata 1, 35 Spring Choral Concert 15 Photography Club 3, 45 Future Teachers of America 3, 45 Party Committee 1, 3. SANDRA L. CARRICK "Sue" Commercial Leckrone Hobby-Dancing, Movies .4rli-vities-Home Room Officer 15 Fu- ture Teachers of America 3, 45 Con- servation Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Li- brary Club -I-5 Secretarial Club 45 Assembly 45 Usherette 45 Attendant to Queen 4. ROBERT F. CARTER "Shocker" Commercial Ronco Hobby-S ports flftifvities-Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Track 1, 25 Baseball 4. JOSEPH E. CASIEVICH "Pee Wee" General Footedale Hobby-Swimming, Body building JAMES CAUDILL "Stubl' General McClellandtown Hobby-Woodworking Artifvitier-Chorus 1, 45 Stage Man- ager l, 2, 3, 4. DAVID COUSER 'lBabe" Commercial Edenborn Hobby-Sports ,-Irtifciilirx--Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball +g Letterman's Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Male Music Club 1, 2. FREDERICK DEVON DANTZLER "Freddie" General Footedale Ildbby-Sports . .4c'ti-vitir.v-Football 2, 33 F u t u r e Farmers of America 4, First Aid 4. HARRY COLE A'Harris" General Ralph Hobby-Dancing Activities-Student Senate 2, 3, 43 Homeroom Ofbcer 2, 3, 43 Senior Class Officer, Student Senate Officer 45 History Club 3, 45 Band Announcer 4. ROBERT COFFMAN "Bob" General McClellandtown Hobby-Baseball i4fti4vitie.v-VVrestling 2, 33 Baseball 2, 3, 45 First Aid 4. -frgfge Y f xi G.. DONALD DIGIVON "Cukam0nga" General Edenborn lloblzy-Sleeping .41'Iifvitie.f-Band 2, 3, 4. JOHN DOWE 'lDekl' Commercial Leckrone Hobby--Sports Aftifvitifs-Male Music Club 4, Sec- retarial Club 43 Operetta 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4. CLARASTEEN DAVIS "Teen" General Edenborn Iloblzy-Dancing .-lrfifvilirx-Chorlls l, 2, 33 Secretarial Club -lg Assembly 4. GLADYS ANN DEAN Academic McClellandtown Hobby-Dancing, Music .-lrlifvitiav-Christmas Cantata 1, 29 Assembly 2, Arts Craft Club 31 Driv- ing 45 Sophomore Party Committee. Q 1 JAMES A. DOYLE "Jimmy" General McClellandtown Ilollby-Eating .-lrlifvities-Football and Wrestling Manager 1, 2, 3, 43 First Aid 49 As- sembly 4g Party Entertainment 3, 4. J. E. DURST "John Eddie" General Balsinger Hobby--Eating, Hunting Adibvities-Future Farmers of Amer- ica 3, 43 Chorus 1. BERNICE CLARISSA ELEY "Toms" Commercial Lamberton Holaby-Skating, Dancing ffcti-vities-Chorus 2, 35 Assembly 2, 3, 45 Art Craft Club 45 Secretarial Club -I-. BERNARD M. EZAR Commercial Gates llolzlzy-Sports .4rtifvitirs-VVrestling 1, 25 Secretarial Club 4. EUGENE FREY General Ronco llulflzy-Swimming :I4'tif1'ffir.r-Phutography Club 3, 45 Conservation Club 35 Chorus 1, 3. JUSILPIIINE bl. FITDELLA "Jo" Commercial Ralph llolzlzy-Dancing .'!l'fi-'l'lflI'5'-'Cl10l'LlS 1, 2, 35 Secretarial Club 45 Assembly 45 Party Commit- tee 1, 25 History Club 45 Photography Club 35 Conservation Club 2. 1 -IOAN FITZPATRICK "Fitz" Commercial Ronco llolzlzy-Dancing, Movies flrtifvitirs-Gertnan Ili News 2, 3, 45 llomeroom Secretary 2, 35 Laureola 3, 45 Photography Club 35 Secretarial Club 45 Tri-Ili-Y 3, 45 Assembly 1, 35 Attendant to Queen 4. CHARLES RAY FRANKS "Chuck" General High House Ilullby-Bantam Fancier ROBERT A. GIBSON "Red Hog" General Gates lloblzy-Car VVashing Aftifviliex-Basketball 1, Z. SHELVA JEAN GIBSON "Shell" Commercial Gates Hobby-Dancing Artifuitics-Assembly 1, 2, 45 Chorus 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Photography Club 45 Party Committee 4. JOHN L. GARRETT, JR. "Sonnyboy" General Gates Hobby-Music A ftifuities-Basketball 2, 3. NAN ARLENE GAULT Academic Balsinger llolzlzy-Music Aflifvities-I,aur'eo1r1 Staff 1, 2, 3, 45 German Hi News 1, 2, 3, 45 Assem- bly 45 Forensic Debate Alternate 35 History Club 3, 45 Student Senate 2, 45 Hall Patrol 1, Z, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 4, Operetta, Cantata 1, 2, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Class Oflicer 25 National Honor Society 45 Senior Play "Mad llatters"5 Class Party Committee. STEVE GLAGOLA "Steven Academic Masontown Hobby-Hunting, Sleeping Adi-vities-Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4: Lfwffala Staff 45 Hi-Y Z, 3, 45 Photography Club 3, 45 History Club 3, 45 Letter- man's Club 2, 3, 45 Student Senate 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Presidentg Assembly 3, 45 Drivers Training 4. FRANKLIN GRAY "Red" General ROHCO Hobby-Hunting, Swimming Activities-First Aid 4. VIRGINIA M. GRAY l'Gina" Commercial Ronco Ilolllly-Eating, Swimming Aldifvitifx-Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Spring Concert lg Library Club 2, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Cantata 25 Conservation Club 23 Future Teachers of America 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y Olhcer 3, 4, As- sembly 23 Party Program 2. JAMES GURTIS "Jim" General Gates Hobby-Swimming nfrtifvitifs-Football 1, 3, 4, Wres- tling 2, 3. OLIVER M. HOLMES A'Ollie" General Edenborn Hobby-Sports Artifvitie.r-Letterman's Club 2, 3, 43 Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 43 Driver's Training 4, Operetta 3. SHIRLEY Il. HUSTEAD "Babe" Commercial Masontown Hobby-Movies, Skating flrtiwilifr-Photography Club 35 Sec- retarial Club 4. l jOANNE HENNESSEY "jo" Commercial Lambert Hobby-Square Dancing .-lrtifvilir:-Arts Craft Club 33 Secre- tarial Club 45 Driver! Training 4, Homeroom Uflicer 11 Chorus l, 23 Of- fice Secretary 4. SANDRA Y. HIXON Commercial Footedale Hobby-Dancing, Music . .flrtifvilier-Majorette 3, 4, Hall Pa- trol 2, 3, 4, Laureola Staff 3, 45 As- sembly 2, 45 Homeroom Oflicer 2: Party Committee 2, 33 Party Program 2, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Photography Club 3g Secretarial Club 4, German Hi News, Homeroom Reporter 4. A in T ELEANOR JEAN KAISER "Lolly" Commercial Leckrone Hobby-Movies, Reading Books Activities-Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 4, Laureola 3, 4, Library Club 4, Assembly 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4, Usherette 4. PATRICIA A. KALINAY "Patsy" Commercial Ralph Hobby-Dancing r4rtifvitie.v-Chorus 1, 2, 3, Christmas Cantata 1, 2, 3, Spring Concert 1, Assembly 1, 3, 4, Conservation Club 2, Hall Patrol 2, 3, 4, President, Sec- retarial Club 4, Photography Club 2, History Club 4, Ollice Practice 4. MELVIN L. JENKINS "Big Mel" General High House Hobby-Playing Baseball, Eating Aldifvitics-First Aid 4, F u t u r e Farmers of America, Baseball 3, 4. DONNA L. JESSO Academic Masontown Hobby-Sports, Reading Books Activities-Conservation Club 2, Fu- ture Teachers of America 3, 4, Christ- mas Assembly 4, Student Senate 3, 4, Class Otlicer 3, 4, Basketball Team 2, Officer of Future Teachers of America. MARY JANE KATRINCHAK Commercial Messmore Hobby-Listening to Records flrtimilier--Secretarial Club 4, Hall Patrol, Vice-President 2, 3, 4, Laura- ola 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Forensics 3, 4, Assembly 3, 4, Class Play 3, "Spooks and Spasmsv, Senior Play "Mad Hatters"g Chorus 1, Christmas Cantata 1, Homeroom Olhcer 1, 2, Photography Club 3. VVILLIAM R. KEENER "Bill" General High House Hobby-Eating .4fti1vitirs-Future Farmers of Amer- ica 4, Party Committee 1. DAVID LEE KERMES 'lBum" General EdCnlJ0l'l'l Ilolfby-Sports ,-Irtiafirin-Science Club 33 Football l, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball l, 2, 3, 43 Conservation Club President 23 Drivers Training 43 Letter-man's Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Senate President 43 Class Oflicer 1, 43 llomeroom Otlicer 1, 43 King Of VVinter Festival 43 Senior Assembly 4. ROSE MARIE KNOX "Rosa" Commercial Ronco llolzlzy-Skating, Dancing rl1'fifz',Iie'.r-Chortis l, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Basketball Team 1, 43 Assembly 43 Operettzt 1, 23 Party Committee 2, 4. ROBERT LEGHART "Tub" Academic Lamberton Ilobhy-Eating Artiafitiey-Basketball 13 Football 2, 3, 43 Baseball 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Letterman's Club 2, 3, 43 Student Senate 43 President of Hi-Y 43 Student Senate Treasurer. BEA LESHINSKY "Pixie" Commercial Masontown Hobby-Singing, Dancing Artirvitics-Cafeteria 13 Party Enter- tainment Committee 33 History Club 3, 43 Assembly 43 Party Committee 43 Secretarial Club 4. ANNA M. KOHA Commercial Footedale Hobby-Dancing :lrti-vitirs-Chorus 1, Z, 33 Operetra 1, 2, 33 Secretarial Club 1, 43 Driver's Training 43 Christmas Cantata 1, 2, 33 Arts Craft Club 3, 43 Class Party Committee 1. MIKE KURNOT "Ears" General Palmer Ilolzby-Swimming, Eating S xlrlifvifier-Photography Club 3, 4. If ANNA MAR MALCOVSKY "Aunch" Academic Masontown Iloblzy-Swimming .flftifvitiex-Conservation C l u b 25 Class Ollicer 1, Girls' Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Oflicer 1, 2, Party Committee 1, 2, 3, Attendant 4, As- sembly 1, 2, 3. MARY JANE MARCINAK 'ljanien Commercial McClellandtown Hobby-Dancing, Listening to Music Artilvitirs-Homeroom Ofhcer lg Teacher's Secretary 1, Party Commit- tee 1, Band 1, 2, 3, 4g Band Concert 1, 2, 3, 43 Driver's Training 4. FRANK B. LOUCKS "Sonny" General McClellandtown Hobby-Tractor Driving Activities-Future Farmers of Amer- ica 3, 4, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, 4. JANET LUKEY Academic Footedale Hobby-Dancing, Skating Artifuities-Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Student Senate 23 Homeroom Oflicer 2, Ger- man Hi News 4, Laurrola Staff 4, Future Teachers of America 3, 41 Senior Class Play "Mad Hatters", As- sembly 2, 3, 4, Party Committee 1, 4, Cantata 1, 2. ANTHONY JOHN MARKOVICH "Tony" General Balsinger Hobby-Movies :htfwilier-Party Committee 1, 2g Fu- ture Farmers of America 4. MARIE MAROVIC "Marcy" Commercial Leckrone Hobby-Dancing Activities-Conservation Club 23 Arts Craft Club 3, Future Teachers of America 3, 45 History Club 43 Secre- tarial Club 4g Chorus 23 Party Com- mittee 3g Assembly 4. RAYMOND MESLOVICH "Pee Wee' Academic Palmer llolllzy--Sports PHYLLIS MICK Commercial M ssmore Hobby-Eating .-lrliwilifs-Assembly 1, 2, 3, 4g Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4, Future Teachers of Amer- ica 3, 45 Forensics 3, 45 Senior Class Play "Mad Hattersng Class Party Committee 1, 2, 3g Secretarial Club 4. SALLIMAE MUNCZENSKI "Sally" Commercial Lamberton Hobby-Listening to Popular Songs flrti-vilirx-Assembly 1, Chorus 1, 2, Arts Craft Club 33 Assembly 4. RITA LOUISE MUZIDAL Commercial McClellandtown Hobby-Skating, Music Adi-vities-Arts Craft Club, Vice- President 3, 4, Secretarial Club, Vice- President 43 Party Committee 2, 49 Girls' Basketball 45 Cafeteria 1. WILLIAM F. NICHOLSON "Nick" General Palmer 'fl' Hobby-Swimming .flrtifvitier-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Future Farmers of America 4. ROBERT D. NORMAN "Shorty" General Hibbs Hobby-Trapping rflrtivitiex-Future Farmers of Amer- ica 4. RAYMOND C. ORAVETS "Ray" General Ronco lloblzy-Eating, Sleeping flrtifvitift-Chorus 13 First Aid 43 Future Farmers of America 4. BARBARA ANN PETCKO Commercial Messmore Hobby-Listening to Music flrlifvitirs-I,aureola Stall 3, 43 His- tory Club 43 Hall Patrol 2, 3, 43 Li- brary Club 43 Student Senate 23 Homeroom Oflicer 2: Secretarial Club 43 School Play 3, "Spooks and Spasms"3 Senior Class Play "Mad Hatters"3 Assembly 1, 2. BETTY A. OKTELA Commercial Ralph Hobby-Dancing Artiivitifs-Homeroom Officer 23 As- sembly 1, 43 Conservation Club 23 Arts Craft Club 33 Photography Club 33 Secretarial Club 43 Driver's Train- ing 43 Program Committee 2. MARY ANN ONIFER '3Dolly" General Leckrone Hobby-Sleeping, Eating flftifvities-Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Assembly 4. CECELIA MAE PETTY "PO0Ch" Commercial Palmer Ilolzlly--Skating Aftivities-Secretarial Club 4. EDWARD N. PHILLIPS "Nick" Commercial Masontown Hobby-Sports r4ffi'UlliK5-FO0fb2ill 1, 2, 3, 43 Bas- ketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 23 Baseball 3 4' Homeroom Officer 2, 3, 43 Stu- . . dent Senate 43 Letterman's Club 1, 2, 3, 4. HELEN M. POKORNY "Huntchie" Commercial R0nC0 Hobby-Dancing, Singing .flrtifvitiex-German Hi News 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Editor 4, Laureola 2, 3, 43 Stu- dent Senate 4g Homeroom Officer 4, Conservation Club 25 Tri-Hi-Y 4-3 Basketball Team 3. CURTIS POLLARD "Lip" General Edenborn Hobby-Shooting Pool ,4rti-uities--Future Farmers of America 3, Track 3, Assembly 3. f CHARLES POVVELL t'Pow" Academic Gates Hobby-Sports, Dancing Adi-vitie:-Track lg Science Club 3, 45 Future Teachers of America 43 Laurcola Staff 4, Assembly 2, 43 Treasurer, Science Club 43 Party Committee 3, 4. EUGENE CLARK POWELL "Legs" General Gates Hobby-Swimming, Sports Activities-Baseball 3, 43 First Aid 4, Assembly 4. tfqylit VALERIE LEE POLLARD "Vadge" General Edenborn Hobby-Skating, Dancing, Softball Activities-Basketball 4g Assembly 3, 4. ALBERT LORENZO POWELL ucreepn Commercial Lamberton Hobby-Skating Activities-Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Assembly 1, 2, 3, 4, Male Music Club 2, 3, 43 Secretarial Club 45 Cantata 1, 2, 3, 43 Choral Concert 2, 3, 4. VIVIAN D. ROCKVVELL HViv" Commercial Footedale Hobby-Dancing, Playing Drums .4rtifvitic.r-Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Oflice Secretary 4, Assembly 4. BETTY JO ROSS "Jose" Commercial Palmer Hobby-Listening to Records Aftifvities-History Club 3, 4, Secre- tarial Club 4g Party Committee 4. GEORGE M. RHODES "Big Boyl' General Ronco Hobby-Shooting Pool ,flftifzzities-Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Male Music Club 4g Basketball 1, 23 Oper- etta 1, Z, 3, 4. KATHRYN LOUISE RIFFLE 'lVVeezie" Academic McClellandtown Hobby-Reading, Painting Aftifvities--German Hi News 1, 2, 3, 4g Future Teachers of America 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Laurrola Staff 3, 4, Assembly 3, junior Red Cross 3, 45 National Honor Society 4g Class Party Committee l. MALCOLM RYAN "Homer" General Leckrone Hobby-Eating Aftifuitie:-Future Farmers of Amer- ica 3. DOLORES LOUISE SEAY "Freeda" Commercial Gates Hobby-Listening to Records Activities-Chorus 1, 2, 33 Party Com- mittee 4g Assembly 2. . GAYLE L. SEIGHMAN Academic Ronco Hobby-Dancing, Swimming .-Ivlifvitier-German Hi News 1, 2, 3, 43 Future Teachers of America 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Assembly 3, 43 Home- room Officer 2, 3, 43 Student Senate 43 Class Party Committee 2, 3, 43 VVinter Festival Queen 4. SHIRLEY JOANNE SELIGA "Shirl" Commercial Messmore llolzlzy-Movies, Traveling .-Irlifziilifr-Assembly 1, 33 Party Com- mittee 2: Photography Club 3, 43 Sec' retarial Club 4. BARBARA ANN SIMON "Babs' Commercial Edenhorn llolllfy-Dancing, Music .-IfIifvfli1'5-Majorette 3, 43 Class Of- ficer 33 llomeroom Othcer 3, 43 Tri- Hi-Y 3, 43 Student Senate 3, 43 Assembly 3, 43 Hall Patrol 1, 2, 3, 43 Driving 43 Girls' Basketball 43 Party Committee 3, 4. NANCY Llil-I SMELL General Balsinger lloblfy-Dancing ,-lt'lifUf1ir.r-'I'i'i-lli-Y 3, 4: Assembly 4. ROBERT Sli'l'l.0CK "Bob" General Footedale llolzlry-Hunting :Ir!ifL'lir.v-Brix Sergeant lRENli L. SHINAI, "Is" Commercial Masontown Ilolzby-Dancing :Irlifuilifx-Asfemlwly 1 3 Photography Club 33 Secretarial Club 4. ROBERT LEE STERBUTZEL "Hot Rod" General McClellandtown Hobby-Racing, Mechanics fltlivitirs--Futtlre Farmers of Amer- ica 3, Male Music Club 33 Stage Manager 4. ALBERT M. STILL "The Coolest" General Edenborn Hobby--jazz Music Activities-Party Committee 2, 3g Vol- leyball 2. '- THOMAS E. SOLTIS "Gene" Academic Balsinger Hobby-Sports :Irtifuitifs-Stuclent Senate 2, 3, Home- room Officer 1, 2, 3, History Club 3, 4, Future Teachers of America 4, Football 3, 43 Assembly 2, 3, 45 Fo- rensics Play 3, "Cinderella Marries": Handbook Committee 25 Volleyball 33 Party Committee 2, 3. LEONA SPIRNAK "Ill" Commercial Gates Hobby-Movies, Sleeping .flrtifvitirs-Hall Patrol 1, 2, 3, Laure- ola 2, 3, 4g Secretarial Club 4, Home- room OH'icer 4. GEORGE C. STUCK General Living Good Hobby-Fishing, Hunting .flctifvities-Wrestling 1, 2, 3, 4g Con- servation Club 2g Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Male Music Club 39 Track 1, 25 Fu- ture Farmers of America. MAXINE ODELLA SPRINGER "Max" General Churchill Hobby-Watching T. V. Alctifvitics-Conservation C l u b 2: Laureola Staff 3, 43 Future Teachers of America 3, 45 Assembly 43 Usher- ette 43 Homeroom Officer 3. LORRAINE M. SZCMAL "Lolly" Commercial Ralph Hobby-Dancing .4flifvilifs-Photography Club 3, Stu- rlent Senate 43 Secretarial Club 43 Homeroom Officer 4, Assembly 3. SHIRLEY ANN TALBERT "Cub" Commercial Leckrone Hobby-Sports .-lflifuifirs-Chortls 1, 23 Cantata I, 25 Usherette Z: Cheerleader 3, 43 Spring Choral Concert 13 Conserva- tion Club 23 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Secre- tarial Club 43 Party Program 2. GRACE NAOlNiI TURNER "Refi" General Palmer llolfby-Singing .-l1'tifL'itiP.t-Cho1'1ls l, 2, 3, Driver'S Training 45 Volleyball 4, Assembly 4 PATTY U lN'lBEL Commercial Messmore Hobby-Movies xlflfqzitier-Hall Patrol 2, 3, 4: As- sembly 1, 2, 3, 4, Laurrola 4, Home- room- Ofhcer lg Future Teachers of America 3, 4, History Club 3, 4, Library Club 4, Senior Play "Mari Hatters"3 School Play 3, "Spooks and Spasmsug Tri-Hi-Y 3. PA'I'RlClA ANN TIPPIET 'tPat" Acarlemic McClellandtown Hobby-Dancing, Music .-lfffwffifx-lianrl I, 2, Chorus 1, 2, 42 German Hi Nerve I, 2, 3, 4, Hall Patrol l, 2, 3, 43 Conservation Club 2, Future Teachers of America 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, School Play 3, "Spooks and Spasmswg Senior Play "Mad Hat- ters"g Assembly 3, 41 llomeroom Of- ficer 33 Laurrola 3, 43 Forensics 3, 43 Party Committee 2, 3, 4. HERNlAN I,, 'I'OVVN5liNl7 General Pillmel' Hobby-Selling flftifuilifs-History Club 3, 4, Secre- tarial Club 4g Assembly 3, 4. MERLE L. VOITHOFFER "Mertle" Academic McClellandtovvn Hobby-Collecting Stamps Aclifuitir:-Senior Play "Mad Hat- ters"g Aeronautics Club 3g First Aid 4g Assembly 1, 4. WILLIAM VVALLACE "DOC" General Edenborn Hobby-Shooting Pool rlrlifvilies-Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Assembly 3, 43 First Aid 43 Football 1. f DONALD R. VAVRECK "Hogy" General Ralph Hobby-Swimming .4cti-vitie:-Science Club 33 Aero- nautics Club 3g Wrestling 1. ANDREW P. VOJTUSH "Andy" General Edenborn Hobby-Hunting, Swimming, Dancing Aftilvitizs-First Aid. BETTY VVALTERS "Betts" Academic Masontown Hobby-A rt flrtiwitiex-Art Crafts Club 1, 2g Sci- ence Club -1-g Library Club 4. RITA VVASSIL "Sm0e" Commercial Footedale Hobby-Skating Artiwitirs-Future Teachers of Amer- ica 2g Party Committee Z5 Photog- raphy Club 3g Arts Craft Club 3, 43 Secretarial Club 4g Assembly 4. JOANNE LEE VVHOOLERY "jo" Commercial Messmore lloblfy-Going to Basketball Games .-lf'!ifz'itir's--All County Chorus lg Fu- ture Teachers of America 3, 4, Laurr- oln Staff 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Library Club 35 Party Committee 3, 4, As- sembly 4. SHIRLEY lNlAE XVOODS "Miss Mae" Commercial Palmer Hobby-Skating .-Irtifvi!ir'.t-Gii'ls' Volleyball 43 Chorus 1, 2, 35 Secretarial Club lg Driver's Training +3 Assembly 4. VV. CATHERINE ZEBLEY "Cookie" General Gates llolzlzy-Dancing, Swimming .1ftifUiti1'.v-Conservation Club lg Pho- tography Club 2, 3, 4, Usherette 43 Homeroom Officer 2. THOMAS DAVID ZEMBAR "Zeml' Commercial Bessemer Hobby-Dancing, Sports Jctitvitier-Student Senate 2, 3, 4, Class Orlicer 25 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Wrestling 29 Homeronm Officer 3, 45 Letterman's Club 3, 45 Baseball. lNllCHAEL VVYCINSKY, JR. "Mike" General Hoover llolzlzy-Sports .elrfifuitirx-Conservation Club 2g Fu- ture Farmers of America 33 Baseball 3, 4, Party Committee 13 Attendant 4. JOE YANKU "Yank" General Little Cleveland lloblzy-Hunting .-Irtifz'itir.v-Secretarial Club 4, Future Farmers of America 4. ,Wg PM DIUSIQPHINIC K. ZlCN'I'KOVlC'll C'urnrnc'r'Ciz1l "Juslt"' llrgh lluuse - linlsingcr Rumi lIn1fl1yA-lJ:1r1cing .lf'fi1'ilf1',v-Fut1ll'e ,l10IIl'llPl'N nf Amer- ica 2, 31 Plwlogrnphy Cluh 3, 4. Nl.XRI.liNl2 C'mmnerc'inl ANN ZVULICNSKI "Shir" Palmer llnlflfy-l7:1m'ing, Music .lfllfvlfzrr-Ilmnermnn Olhvvr 3, 43 Sruzlent Scrum- 41 Se'cret:1ri:1l Clulv 43 ,'XNNL'Illl3lY 3 41 Girl-' linskcllmzlll 'I'enm , v 43 L'huru- I, J, 31 lllllllillll l, 2, 31 Phutugrnphy Cluls 31 Party Crnmnit- tee 2, 3, 4. .Ynf l'f1'fIll'l'lf LiRqXN'I' fNll'I'C'lll5I,l, 'l'Xnt" all-rm-:rl Palmer I1Ii-z'ilir.f-lfuutlmll 1, 3, 41 Vl4I'fll'li J, 3, 43 Lem- rmzmk Clulr 3, 41 Nlnle xlllxlk' lluh 4. K-...Q . W is . N Juniors , . .---, 3 A B Amfick, 1. David L. ,Q C X Q Angry, J. Dgvis: B. I . Y A Austin, VV. Davis, , ,. B -4. -r -1 I.. ,. Q: Xa -s .. fkkf if K ' " Baffy, M. DeFino, R. . .5 Baily, 0. DeKatch, P. in Banner, P. Dienes, A. ' Q V... ..,... .. A f i if Basich, C. niilow, B. wg, 'F Bederka, J. mls, T. , 4 W .. Belch, C. Doce, F. , N - . J. t 'Xxx 1 8 ro. I ' - - -give Y ,lm an e X . .N Bennett, N. Doyle, R. fr f , - .B 1.9 .,. Billak, C. nuff, R. f if ,V A- f Bittner, R. Dzierwinski, J. ,Q . " S hi E.. 3 A Blasinsky, P. Edwards, R. X tx , Bonamo, M. Eley, M. Brashear, M. Fedor, W. fiilfiwif' B3 K X' ..,.......K.. x il? .3 .Jr Q.-,...l125M ... Q M ii ,Vt , Brewer, L. Fette, 1 "--- Brownfield, B. Fike, L. , 5' ' in xv Budia, M. Fisher, M. S .b 1, P - .f 5 . 9 Y X t i Ml ii -. .. Burchock, M. mai, M. A. .P b i Q I Calvert, W. Fronzek, J. I i' I X , ' Capironi, R. Gadd, B. Carrick, J. Garrett, J. -. , G if is - ,, . Carter, R. Gary, W. in ii , Craig, D. Gates, C. Q . 1 ' L ,Q ,Z L ' tf e g r . ,, Q' . . ti ' f . ,. Crise, M. Gera, F. Cumley, D. Glad, J. Cunningham, J. Glad, M. A. A 37 Nex Yfezcfzrgs High md Mighty A uk F ' Q? Grimm, F. ' 5. . Grimm, M. . - Haigh, B. " ' ' h LA '3' I y 'i J A Hancheck, C. Q ." , C ,L Hanigosky, A .Q : .,'. . 5 Harding, R. Q . if .. i . ' -um :QQ . I . , FXS? J E 5, is ,Q . Hart, T. A ' -:.., Hennessey, R. ' ' " Hill, S. nv . F I f" 7 A A C Hostetler, G. . A, 5 Hughes, T. .J .1 Husted, F. A A F' 5 A Q 4513 2? X' A ' - J Huston, F. . . . J 'L Hmm, R. M. J 5 F' Johns, J. it ' , F, Y 5. X . in F ' l r Q :sy L- -an 1 we Kilo, J. ' 'I I -ilv , Kingora, J. whw, Koffler, R. sf. h ifi " , J L , 5 ' 'S , Q., Kosher, A. .- I Y Krofcheck, F. ii I Kuba, J. A L2 f ie f lj it gf? Kucinic, R. ,J Kalinay, B. FFF" f' Lawson, H. " , ...,, K Lawson, N. E ' Lilley, R. ?F W- Linton, J. W 38 Lofstead, C. ' v Lytle, E. fi Macar, R. J Maust, J. McGill, L. Mesich, D. 'X Mickey, A. tags Mihallik, R. 5 Mincer, R. . 'Q ix K Mintus, J. ii ' Mash, J. Morris, B. ' H X. -lb Muzidal, J. Myers, I. Newman, L. Overton, J. 7 Parker F. ' Pezar,,J. wg- if N l W Poole, J. Popovich, C. Preston, N. " E Ax I Y. 'fn Provance, K. J Puscian, J. 5. Radvansky, F. -- X. 1 tim K Rhodes, J. Richter, G. Rockwell, A. I ,'R...L. i 'sis s X gk..-5 I A ta Gr lift? . ix. .. l Q i '4 I., l 1 5 l l 2 E t'.. V. . Ny 1... . sv . ? 'z Ara H W , 'V l xiii .Ak . x iii X 7 5 . ei X -- . . 2. ' T R QQ' e we N r A mm A E... ,.. h Se A . - X N S x N xx A A we Ex. . -. Q . 2 vs . 5 fe X E lsr A . X X ill' we wg 5 3 NX . 'Xi X r . .. - ., Q ' -Q S ' f - x .V 81, ' I f1 , , , Roth, P. Saunders, Scerbovsk W. y, M- Shiffbauer, R. Scha rler, Scott, I. Seper, E. J. Seper, D. Shea, I. W. Skala, M. Slominsky, M. Smith, G. Smith, W. Soavi, A. M. Sofranko, G. Stillwago n, S. Stoyko, G. Stromick, N. Struble, L. Sv antek, J. Y Syrek, R. Tarcala, A. Terry, E. Class of 1955 Townsend, A.. A ' Turner L. A Y Vissari, R. N .. M... A , , X 1 , 1 T Vltl, P. ' Vodney, R. Ward, L. 0- 4 M ' Q 0 W '. ' 'vs-gf ,Nu 'LM' A 'ngih Weaver, S. S Wheeler, R. ., 1 I Whyel, B. A I Woods, R. ' Wycinsky, Wycinsky, S. f mf' ' - xx... Yackamack, C. Yauger, E. , Yonish, R. "1, by Zabrosky, L. , Zaccagnini, R. , . Zavage, M. A. . H E zemkovich, T. 4 zielinsky, s. , ay Zimcosky, T. 15. 1 V,. f 1 .,,,. Zummerling, F. , ' Zvolenski, I. V., ' 15. ,,,., Q . , .-.., 1 f x " " f a 39 Sophomorfes -Q X in tags' rg, Alicastro, S. Cantini, V. . iff, ' nb Qi Ansel, S. Carrick, L. Rl " . VL " 5" Badovinac, B. Christopher, O. .Qi VU? . f X 'A .2 ' .ix .... ,Q C Q... Ak wi .N . C. Baer, C. Clark, C. 31 I 9. A K - . tv Barnhart, L. Clark, D. - 5 Xl C - Barren, M. Clark, I. ang . ,V ' ...' ' 6' Bartok, R. Clearage, P. 6 F' I R and f ' A Bentley, M. , C0le, C. Eg l Q5 A Berry, C. Collins, J. 5 'W i n .' rl , X Q . Blaslnsky, F. COUZWHY, J' 1 M ll gr' . Bobbish, J, Conaway, O. . . Boger, J. Condor, T. W F: .-.. - ll ll H C M A Y Bohajeck, D. Connelly, E. if ff Bolas, J. Criss, M. K. ,K .,-. - 2 A W Bowen, G. Cuppett, E. 0 l wg , . Ax- 'C' M Bozak, P. Cuppftrv J. H -- A Bradley, I. Danciovich, -I. 1-" 53.5 Q1 ' Brashear, H. Uanley, C. ' M G- ' . 2 , V K. Breakwell, M. M. Dflmzlelk T- ,..,, ' 1 n . . Bregany l3lllll'lgEI', fl. X Y A A BrownHeld, Dubovich, N. - H. V ' 'gil . ,- Brytey M. Dugan, P, .. Burden, D. oula, R. f f: ga I 1 . fn X . Burke, D. Edwards, R. .A LQ' S xi X il . 1 ' in Burke, T. English, E. l": H f 'I' Cavalcante, G. FCfl01'ChCCk, M- - r ll W Q , 4' Cavalcante, T. Fedorka, E. 5 . :IQ ,x g as k IX is A 40 66 me Dowmzeffwo To Gow , Q :w Q Q K 5, 5,1 P .. .gf X .Fx R - X .lil-L 'rv-Q? f A .. 5 5 iz . r , W K H .- N L .ge K g , 'f' i s. . . is s ii . me R' A 3 K 'S Q e es. - 5 ke ,S .e X . . if . ss. 'Z . Y S Q 'il -QS. - 1 Q X A X L . Q s . X 7 Ferrell, D. Kobilack, B. W, Fike, H. Kotlarsic, J. Fitzpatrick, P. Kish, F. , ' ' . A , f 1 ' 5' Flannagan, C. Lee, M. -- ,h ' 4 Foldi, G. Lilley, D. , .. Fordyce, P. Longstreth, L. V ,... lf . . M N .,, , , x A , - Fox, P. Malspino, D. f ' Freeman, C. Markovich, D. R, Q Frey, K. Markovich, R. V ef -V 'Mg g K 5- -4 Frey, R. McManus, M. J. Frimel, I. Means, M. Gates, E. Mahota, R. Gibbs, O. Mick, L. Grimm, D. Mickens, G. i Grimm, P. Miller, J. 5. X f. Grove, C. Murphy, W. Gurtis, P. Myers, R. G Hardy, R. Myers, R. W' ? A Kiwi Heeter, G. Newcomer, K. Holmes, B. J. Norman, R. Hubert, W. Norman, R. Hudson, S. Oakes, G. johnson, C. O'Neil, V. jordan, C. Overton, L. jordan, D. Owens, C. Kaiser, P. Ozanich, F. V, K2lyd0, K. Ozanich, M. 41 Gettin ,. K AA Papernick, J. mm Parker, J. 'K .. f "" Q Petty, E. J W L f Phillips, J. ' . Plisko, P. "' is., Pollock, R. .. Q ,RI ,A fest. . o . N ' l lk' , Poole, S. P ,. . Rlflle, E. kr L ' Rlllle J 1. . x -. Q, , . . , 3 'IQ Ross, S. Rozzi, L. '- li? Rockwell, L. . , , H A , Rupnick, R. . Sahlotne, D. .- :V Sabol, B. Sargeant, D. 5" Seighman, C Sembower, I. Shea, D. Shimko, P. Shimko, S. shlmslwek, E. Shuba, F. is ,,. Shultz, 'xx lr fy -.. l - Shultz, L. Sichko, M. Sigwalt, R. ... a ' x ' ' nik .l 42 To Know The Ropes 0 0 0 ,,,,.,, W-, W... wil... Simms, J. ll - Fkala, J. ll' Skala, L. , K " T? Smell, C. Smith, D. Smith, K. .H 5 f P K Smollock, F. Snyder, S. Spirnak, B. Stanton, A. Stanton, M. Sterhutzel, K. Still, M. Stillwell, s. Stoddard, C. Swy. D. Stuck, P. ,,V Stunja, S. W , . M il' . L- l- "li.. i A . iii az f 539. Sulljoc, S. -5 A Sumey, H. fl .1 Swetz, M. , fl , , sl " Taylor, bl. Thomas, J. Tirak, L. , xl.. V i Franyovich, F. ' Turner L. " . llmbeld D. . iv A 1. W' A S, KK ,Si xiii? . Y we lc H il X C ass 0 95 q Q X Viclnvich, D. XVise, s. L-Q. , , ag 3 4 4 ,sg 5, "' N Walters, lc. xvyfiu, ct , -.. ' Q -'N A L XVantu, S. Yanik, 'L E X Q . . X O V XA ,Sf 5 f ok X X XVhec'ler, M. Zehley, sl- 5 XVilliams, S. Zoretic, P. " 5 F, 'Q ,gs 5 ii. '-5 5 f V W I ?,... vi? HEVRO 1? I-' all 411 43 Fresh mem ww 'Q' Q W! xl' 1... Ns 'S 4 ill -si' .X 2 44 .M 'a Adams Albani J. gm F ,Qt 1 g Adams, B- mf 3 ' 'vs 9 N., X X .J Q 5 ' S 1, l V A I s ms , . , S A 3 x .4 .s . .2 F F mr ' A' Q t S F y , Q' ' fs t fiq, F 1 1 . ., Q, , , ' 'q. . L . if ix Ansel, J. Augustine, J. Baden, B. Baffy, R. Banner, M. Basich, F. Bederka, L. Bednaza, V. Billak, M. Bittinger, J. Blanc, B. Bolas, R. Bowen, J. Brashear, M. Brashear, P. Brenzy, G. Brinza, J. Budia, A. Burnsworth, B. Byers, M. Bynum, C. Calvert, M. Campbell, J. Carter, R. Carter, Y. A , Cassidy, R. .l N Cavalier, J. " Selva X . Christopher, C. if Coffman, D. Crago, B. "'l cms, G. Dankovich, R. "" Daugherty, L. ,, 'F David, P. g . se Davis, B. A Q Davis, W. 0 Deffenbaugh, N. Demeter, M. DeVince, F. Donley, N. Dugan, L. Dulik, L. Flannigan, D. Fordyce, B. Erminio, N. ' ff 6- Foerri, J. . F Franks, B. ii f Franks, E. T... Freiburg, A. A Freiburg, B. Frey, B. , 1 if L A 1 '.. . .A 1 ,ki .,, , ' FN A Ll' 1 i f 8 i Q 1 4 YV., g 2 WF l s G 'T . ' -s rs?- s Q E Y X l Qi X 5- - s.. The Big Step D Friend, A. Kringeta, N. " A is 6 W A Friend, D. Kurtik, C. Z 4 Garrett, J. Lancaster, W. , Q ' " . 1 1 ,,, s r L s- nn wi M- . 6 f ' 'lk ' iam. - Y X L L ibm M axtssrs Q. Q Gibbs, s. LeDonne, v. . A ' Glover, J. Lee, H. -s jf" Gregg, B. Lewis, G. xx? if is A Grimm, H. Lilley, E. X - gb .. - ' .fy I ' cj Grimm, S. Lindsay, H. . ks, g .. A, Habek, R. Longstreth, Y. -i'. - ' A ik is was ,G in a . Hamborsky, J. Lowe, Y. - . , , g s Harshman, D. Ludrosky, P. , wif lf if sr, Hart, S. Lukachinsky, F. in ,555 M 1 71 is: ,.'-,. S. -v .. Haxarrbauglr, W. McGill, L. , A a ,fy JF Hirarr, L. McGinnis, M. "' , , , Hutzel, J. McGinnis, W. 3' 3- - , lag" . . Q , A I, . . ,,,,.j , Q ,, . Q . Ingram, c. McLeod, M. fi ' ' Jacobson, R. McShane, P. " an J 4' if 1 ' Johns, S. Macar, H. , is 'N A ' f,r1?':11a H Karpency, M. Marcinek, J. f 3 . ' Kingora, M. Mari, S. G, , ' N , Kirby, J. Magerko, B. gf , 5: AM 'l n Y - Km, P. Marshall, J. , A Klook, A. Marshall, R. ' , 5 ..,,, . A - Kofller, E. Mehal, M. ' A 4: qs L a . l ' 'X V W H 1 Korner, A. Miller, D. , W 5' Kordella, L. Mish, R. 3 A gr W-its, 5- .- Kotlarsic, A. Morris, R. j 3" . . xl . H - 7 'a x l . A .ss s 1 - 45 SHN 2 X is iY .. ig' l A A Egg. . so 65 N 1 T4 R 3 Q V, 46 L X-'J'-K ...AX Liwlfe' Green al Marovic, P. Munczenski, E. Myers, M. lik . Sli eil 6. ,f W 7 Q 3 ii . i F Z.. A xXx' . K ,Q Q' Y 1 Q.. . ls? Newman, B. Newman, L. Newcomer, R. Oakes, S. O'Brokta, A. Oktela, A. Ozanich, L. Parnell, C. Petty, F. Phillips, E. Popovich, J. Powell, L. Pustay, S. Radvansky, P. Rattay, J. Ray, R. Rhodes, A. Richardson, M Ross, C. Rosinsky, J. Rudinsky, J. Rose, T. Rossi, A. Rudinsky, D. Sangston, J. SaVanick, J. - ' Q Scerbovsky, H. I - .5 Sellers, R. Seper, D. Schaffer, R. Simms, G. sirina, M. if Sofranko, D. A 5 .A s Solarcheck, R. ll Sokol, D. Q? Stout, C. l' Q W ,, lk A . k - MX 1 . es Stoyko, L. ll . l f Stuck, E. " A Q Stunya, B. . ..., . eel Svyantek, A. . Szumal, G. Tarcala, F. I l Q -3 Tokish, T. Nl A 3 Townsend, O- ..., K gg . , Trupkovich, C. - 'xr ....R P A Upole, F. . 5 - Vacarro, A. ,Q Verska, T. ' . Verbos, Y. I I vidovich, D. A Vilseck, R. wi '04 H im. v5 .1 Siu. V. 'Ulf Sv . 12' - , k '5' 'ls -e sf Xii il.-1 . , .,,.. , .Q , 0. 'M ig W ixsx. Q lla X.. . A 5' 8 2' S E .gx Q' .x X1 1. 0 ii-Rv Q. Q N. Voithoifer, M. Voytush, B. Voytek, R. Voytovich, I. Wallace, B. Walters, P. Walters, W. Ware, K. Ware, R. Class 0 95 .., " Wheeler, G. 4 Whetzel, D. 9 A Williams, E. . fi f ll' S Wilson, J. 3, gh 1. Witt, M. 45 Wooldridge, R. QQ ' , lvl -' Q . af? me I A ' 'Q Zapotosky, M. Zapotosky, B. 5 V 6 Zentkovich, M. 1 l I Wi '-...F V060 Music THOBURN E. CASSADY Director CH C ' 1 ' Rofw I, Left to Right: Maxine McGinnis, Shirley Grimm, n - oretta Ozanich, Yvonne Davis, Valerie Pollard, Bobby Wooldridge, William Lancaster, Howard Lee, James zel, Cecl Christopher, Dorcas Grimm, Josie Pezar, Ethel Yauger, Rita Bittner, Carol Ann Freeman, Betty Gadd, Rose Doyle. Rorw 2: Dolores Flannigan, Frances Doce, Joan Zvolen- ski, Joanne Bittinger, Anna Marie Svyantek, Barbara Newman, Nancy Donley, Mary Zapatosky,, Rita Ermino, Julianne Sangston, Helen Carlson, Peggy Wheeler, Patty Fitzpatrick, Joycelyn Boger, Ora Lee Christopher, Rosalie Schiffbauer, Carolyn Adams, Marva Adams, Opal Conway, Evelyn Cuppett, Toni Cavalcante. Row 3: Peggy Wallace, Margaret Voithoffer, Helen Scerbovsky, Geraldine Szumal, Lucille Kordella, Barbara Sabol, Sadie Alicastro, Ruth Harding, Joan Mintus, Joan Papernick, Eileen Wise, Elaine Lytle, Edith Gates, Alverda Rockwell, Grace Hostetler, Frances Krofcheck, Lois Fike, Norma Bryner, Shirley Wanto, Dorothy Galich, Mr. Cassady. Rorw 4: Thelma Dantzler, Dixie Whetzel, Garnet Dillinger, Phyllis David, Audrey Stanton, Marie Sichko, Shirley Rose, Geraldine Burden, Dolores Burden, Shirley Burden, Carolyn Berry, Ruth Frey, Mary Mehal, Pauline DeKatch, Nancy Stromick, Beryl Dillow, Patricia Bittner, Rita Opel, Mary A. Foldi, Harriet Fike, Roar 5: Joan Allen, Frances Franyovich, Connie Smell, Joan Kotlarsic, Nancy Dubovich, Judy Taylor, Rose Knox, Eileen Petty, Mary Richardson, Lucille McGill, Shirley Ansel, Linda Dugan, Leda Benko, Carolyn Kurtik, Mary Karpency, Patricia Radvansky, Nan Gault, Peggy Brinza. Ro-w 6: Patty Marovic, Libby Hixon, Simone Stillwell, Margaret Skala, Irene Amrick, Nancy Delfenbaugh, Janet Ansel, Eva Terry, Hope Nichols, Mamye Clavert, Blanch Davis, Marlyn McLeod, Mary Evans, Claudette Stout, Rosella Morris, Jane Thomas, Ida Scott, Arthur Vacarro, William Davis, Joseph Albani. Rofw 7: Helen Macar, Rose Mish, Dolores Sokol, Lois Stoyko, Mary Ann Sirilla, Patricia Kitt, Elizabeth Munczenski, Larry Struble, Ben Haigh, Albert Powell, John Dowe, Eddie Shimshock, Nat Lawson, Grant Mitchell, Andy Mickey, Harold Grimm, Tom Burke, Ray Lilley. In keeping with the season, the combined choral groups presented a colorful Christmas Cantata. Ma Ire Music lub Row I: Eddie Lilley, joe Alhani, Arthur Vacarro, Cecil Christopher, VVilliam Davis, Ray Lilley. Rofw 2: Grant Mitchell, Allvert Powell, Claude Parnell, Fred Basich, Nat Lawson, Clarence Nichols, Mr. Cassacly. Rofw 3: John Dowe, Tom Burke, VVilliam Austin, Carr Stalnaker, Leonard Bolas, jim Caudill. ns- hh ,49 Trombone: Lilley, E. Digivon, D. Hutzel, R. McGinnis, M. Baritone: Subjoc, S. Smith, K. Blashinsky, F. Schiffbauer, R. Bane: Kusinec, R. Myers, E. Means, M. Newman, L. Fronczek, R. Horn: Marcinak, J. Powell, A. Doyle, R. Opest, R. Blanc, B. Dugan, L. Richardson, J. Color Guard Grimm, H. Grimm, M. Bell: Daugherty, L. Macar, R. Freeman, C. Flute: McGiIl, L. Swetz, M. Trumpet: Wallace, W. Dzierwinski, Connolly, E. Miller, J. Vilseck, R. Glover, L. Grove, C. Markovich, R. Carrick, L. Ricter, G. Bell, D. Oktella, A. Clarinet: Crise, M. Dugan, P. Slominsky, M. Struble, D. Stoy, D. Byers, M. Tokish, T. Wallace, B. Newman, L. Molek, L. Petty, F. Saxex Bezilla, E. Mihallik, R. Nicholson, W. Ross, S. Townsend, A Condor, T. Sigwald, R. Glover, L. Perruuion Vrabel, E. Rockwell, V. Haigh, B. Maust, J. Syrek, R. Dean, B. Dulla, B. Lindsay, H. Klock, A. Majorette: Brashear, M. Gadd, B. DeFino, R. Cavalcante, T Hart, T. Brownfield, B Simon, B. Hixon, S. Barron, M. Gates, E. Sterbutzel, A. w, 1 'V '- Uh Min X .i 'gf-3 3:4 G Wi L? 7 XG' 5 MOST POPULAR Barbara Simon-Steve Glagola W oils' Who FRIENDLIEST mcoznzg BEST PERSONALITY Nan Gaul!--Robert Leghart . BEST LOOKING Gayle Seighman-Dave Kermes Patty Tippet-Harry Cole 'Wx we W 5 CUTEST BEST DRESSED Marie Marovic--Tom Zembar Anna Mae Gurtis 'ii ,I Y 'lv- The Seniors .. COMEDIANS Polly Burke-William Wallace w' Si ff MOST IN LOVE Vivian Rockwell--james Caudill l xg SHORTEST - TALLEST Robert Norman-Rita Muzidal, Eddie Phillips--Joan Fitzpatrick CLASS FLIRTS jane Marcinak-Donald Digivon MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEE D Kathryn Louise Rillle-Earl Brashenr BEST DANCERS Marlene Zvolenski- Donald Bobincheck Student Setoz e "To establish a better understanding between the students and the faculty, to develop a better attitude toward the work of the school, and to encourage a more general participation in extra-curricular activities." me-Q 3, ...N R 1 E t M af We .,t.. e HN -I ww mx ' ' I- tgp. 4 f -if ' N- 'At fx' . aka kfxxfn, 9' V' 4 Q 3 Q f'favqwSt W , K Vu' 'xkjg muah-, jtwtIv"5 rt emi 2 ff' 51 My -r' w- as " 5 5 U N4 'i t , W, 15 T ur Rau' I.' Susanna Hart, Charlotte Seighman, Andy Mickey, Bobby VVooldridge, Tommy Dils, Roger Carter, james Cun- ningham, Bernard Magerko, janet Voytovich. Rofw 2: Carolyn Kurtik, Frances Croftcheck, Donna jesso, Nan Gault, Gayle Seighman, Marlene Zvolenski, Leona Spirnak, Helen Pokorny, Lorraine Szumal. Rau' 3: Paul Roth, Leo Boczar, Earl lirashear, Harry Cole, Steve Glagola, Ronald Sladky, Earl Riffle, Donald Shea, Patty Kitt, Miss Murphy. Rofw 4: Roland Carter, john Rii'He, Donald Sofranko, Robert Leghart, David Kermes, Edward Phillips, Charles Billak, Thomas Zembar, Paul Blasinsky, Charles Popovich. The Cafeteria Wililikai- Hfsefqfl-f 'nfl Haan Z to Published by the Students of German Township High School volume 4, t..:g5gsGmQ FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 1954 Number 3 AST ANN OUNCED FORENSISI PL Y C WILL BE PRESENTED ON FEBRUARY 22nd 'THE OLD LADY SHOWS HER MEDALS"-J. M, Barrie Play Con- Febru- r. High follo - The tests W ng two one act Narr Priv Mrs Phe Mrs Mrs Mrs toon t e Winter Festival Is cr Success The Winter Festival, held on February 5, 1954, was sponsored by the Secretarial Club with music by Sammy Bill and his orchestra. The decorating com- mittee created a winter wonder- land and a fit setting for the ball F reshmctn Honor Roll Announced The following students out of the six Freshman homerooms have made the Semester Honor Roll. They are: Mary Ann Sirilla , ,. 94.1 Joan Augustine . 94 Beatrice Franks , , 94 BANQUET TRAILS The German Township High School Teachers' dinner, held at Deffenbaugh's, was the first gala event of the current social year. The theme, "Fall illustrated by the of capions and an Arrangements for together were nav' an given and 1 by lalem 'oom. sf E tes- co 'tain- lglng, 1g of l and com- Edgar forge was Iacox Srniui 'rs of . Miqkey com- gZiiPPf:,f3gtOgfKI53?h Row 1: Patty Clearage, Carol Owens, Thelma Hart, joan Rhodes, Helen Pokorny, 3rd Priest0fK1eSh Philomena Banner, Pauline De Katch, Joan Fitzpatrick. Row 2: Patty Tippet, Gayle Seigh- Of the Student Director , man Mar Swetz, Lois Gregg, Earl Riflle, Nan Gault, Patty Cain, Kathryn L. Riflle. presented . Y is Clarence Lofstaad. Croon With the Tune Y "You You Youv O "Oh Mine Papa" U 'tUnder the Bridge of Paris" R "Richochet" H "Hey Cumpari' I "In the Mission of Saint Au- gustinen I' "To Be Alone" P "Please Don't Leave Me" A "Anytime" R "Rags to Riches" A "Always" D "Don't Forget to Write" E "Ebb Tide" O "One and Only Heart" F "Forgive Me John" G "Good Lovin' " E "Even Now" R "Rosemary" M "My Heart Needs Someone" A t'Autumn Leaves" N "Nadine" Other ceremonies end- and dancing for once again as the on its way. The crowning ed about 11:00 everyone began frolic continued H Ulixllpld Me, Kiss Me, Thrill en I "I Had a Notion" G "Gambler Guitar" H "Heavenly Fatheru S "Shake a Hand" C "Changing Partners" H "How Much Is That Doggie in the Window?" O "On Scotch" O "Oh Why Oh Why" L "Lover Come Back to Me" ANSWERS 1, Tom Zembarg 2, Josie Pezarg 3, Richard Pollock, 4, Julie Ann Sangstong 5, Jo Anne Whooleryg 6, James Carterg 7, Jane Thomasg 8, Danny Sofrankog 9, Harry Cole, 10, Frances Doce: 11, Leo Barn- hartg 12, Louise Bedurkag 13, Sue Carrick: 14, Robert Yonishg 15, Joycelyn Boger , .. , ., P . Patricia Clearage ,. .. . 90 Joan Kotlarsic . ., . , 90 Iunior Semester Honor Roll From the five Junior Home- rooms, which are Mr. Blanc, 3025 Miss FitzGerald, 2035 Mrs. Girod, 3015 Miss Gould, 3085 and Miss O'Brien, 3035 the following honor roll was taken for the semester: Bernard Kaliney . . 94.4 Lawrence Struble . . 94 Fred Gera . 93.6 Charles Basich 93.4 Eva Terry , , 92.8 Joanne Rhodes 92.5 Paul Roth , ,. 92.4 Pauline DeKatch ,. . 92.1 Frances Krofcheck , , 92 John Bederka ,, , 91.7 Paul Blasinsky 91.6 Roger Carter ., ,, 91.5 Thomas Dils . ., 91 Nancy Stromick . . 91 Nellie Preston . ,.,. 90.8 Patty Bozack. CContinued on Page 21 directors present were: McGee, Michael Papa, Kret, and Abe Cantini. Arrangements for this banquet were made by Supt. Newcomer, Mrs. Gallagher, Edgar Davis, Louise Furfari, Mary Christopher, William Kaas, Zetta Lilly and Thomas Yanosek. Dr. Sangston resigned in Octo- ber with four unexpired years. He was first elected in 1915 for a six-year term. Since then he has served five six-year terms continuously with the exception of 1927-1933. Dr. Sangston was both in Masontown on October 2, 1879, and moved to McClellandtown the same year. His schooling was received in German Twp. schools and later he attended the West Virginia University. He taught for a year at the Church H111 School, then entered the old West Penn Medical College in Pitts- burgh and graduated in 1903 with degrees in medicine and surgery. Dr. Sangston is recognized in this tContlnued on Page 21 mm V.-H--. 1 A I' ff: 'Li' ,,,g 1 K Elf J xt Nl , ix 5 IL wr AH, WAIL A VMS Row I Bernice Eley Patricia Vitz Irene Myers Margaret Bu dal Yvonne Davis Row 2 Rita Wassnl Rita Muzxdal Anna Koha Mrs Gallagher 1 Library Club Row I: Theresa Zentkovich, Joanne Rhodes, Eleanor Kaiser, Patty Umbel, Alverda Rockwell, Barbara Petcko, Martha Fisher. Row 2: Frances Zummerling, Lois Fike, Margaret Banner, Eva Terry, Florence Grimm, Betty Walters, Miss Vail. upo-vI""-f ""p-....d'I-M ""-...nam ""W.moa.l ' Row 1: Frank Lukachinsky, A, ,W,.,s,,g,,,t,.,, , ,htm Andrew Kotlar- 3"" sir, victor or.- vec, Delmar Umbel, Andy Mickey, Steve Pustay, Pete Simkovic, joe Kilo. Row 2: james Angry, Charles Baer, Earl Riffle, Andy Dienes, Clarence Lof- stead, john Rif- fle, William Dulik. Ski? .,.....,. , eve. Ne, gl """5 ann g 1 Aleronauiics Club X va-0. Tri:Hi:Y Our purpose-"To create maintain and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian characterf' Y Y -,-aww, M.. r f ...W M. .i...,W Q! Rolw I.' Peggy Plisko, Josephine Dzierwinski, Connie Groves, Nellie Preston, Phyllis Mick, Barbara Petcko, Mary Jane Katrinchak, Patty Umbel, Shirley Talbert, Joan Fitzpatrick, Thelma Hart. Row 2: Gayle Seighman, Janet Lukey, Peggy Brinza, Maxine Springer, Sandra Carrick, Eleanor Kaiser, Joanne Mintus, Barbara Sabol, Frances Krofcheck, Elaine Lytle, Josephine Pezar, Alverda Rockwell, Ethel Yauger, Frances Kish, Josephine Maust. Rau' 3: Shelva Gibson, Shirley Berry, Dolores Berry, Louise Gregg, Janet Poole, Patty Fitzpatrick, Nancy Lee Smell, Charlotte Seighman, Kathryn Riffle, Mary Bonamo, Martha Crise, Joan Zvolenski. Row 4: Joanne Mish, Rita Tate, Anna Mae Soavi, Shirley Knox, Peggy Banner, Frances Doce, Mary Ann Onifer, Sandra Hixon, Vivian Rockwell, Helen Pokorny, Barbara Simon, Donna Jesso, Patty Tip- pet, Pauline De Katch, Nancy Stromick. Secretarial Club 36 . gf ss- "' Row 1: Joanne Hennessey, Vivian Rockwell, Anna Koha, Rita VVassil, Patty Cain, Mary Jane Katrinchak, Sandra Hixon, Josephine Fudella, Barbara Petcko, Shirley Seliga, Shirley Belsar, Marlene Zvolenski, Joan Fitzpatrick. Row 2: Clarasteen Davis, Betty Jo Ross, Bernice Eley, Lulu Mae Duck, Shirley Woods, Marie Marovie, Eleanor Kaiser, Patty Umbel, Betty Oktela, Lorraine Szumal, Phyllis Mick, Shirley Talhert, Mr. Savanick. Rofw 3: Joanne Whoolery, Shirley Berry, Cecilia Petty, Herman Townsend, Joe Yanko, Bernard Ezar, Albert Powell, John Dowe, Emery Stanton, Leona Spirnak, Polly Burke, Sallimae Munczenski. We learn the fundamentals of good picture taking, b Slx3eCiiie,v1eEm3:e:g,. simple contact printing and QA I .DI Ill EEF' llg- ::- " eq X ass FW r . F' Xl' K X, D t E, , Q l 'sg-L-D gif W-.cage - ' MEF, re , lil 'Y CYS "i'i ' l 'l ' pi :.f' Rau I: Louise Gregg, joan Garrett, Mamie Calvert, Li why Hixon, Maxine Stanton, Mary Ann Glad, Ruth Harding, Nancy Bennett. Rofw 2: Marie Sichko, Catherine Zehley, Fran:es Doce, Margaret Batty, Mary Ann Zavage, Joanne Mintus, Simone Stillwell, Carol Owens, Betty Frey, Helen Scerbovsky, Frances Grimm. Rofw 3: Donald Bohincheck, john Vidovich, George- Sofranko, jerry Bobhish, Leonard Bolas, Michael Kurnot, Steve Glagola, Louis Rozzi, Mr. Blanc. Rofw 4: Shirley Seliga, ,lulianne Sangston, Yvonne Verbos, Frances Kish, Ethcl Yauger, Patricia Kitt, joanne Zvolenski, Delores Ser- geant, Marlene Zvolenski, .Iosephine Zentkovich. Future Flzrmters of America Row I: Joe Kubica, William Mehota, Melvin Bright, Clarence Easter, James Johns, Joe Shutz, Richard Norman, Eugene Stoyko, Martin Magerko, Samuel Snyder. Row 2: james Carrick, David Jordon, Charles Gates, Thomas Zimcosky, john Fronczek, George Sofranko, Frank Loucks, Ray Lilley, joe Caseivich, Louis Skala, Herbert Sumey, Mr. Guenther. Rofw 3: james Garrett, Joe Yanko, Ray Oravets, Timothy Shuschock, Melvin jenkins, George Stuck, Anthony Markovich, William Keener, john Durst, Ronald Pollarck, William Smith, George Lelekacs. VN!!- iff? f 'Til I :Swm as m L QP Nunn Q Nw 5 5 -1 win? N515 ff in Q' A. , '2?3Qd,,,i, ww 7 7. se 'r Xu 'QM M 52 ,xi L- ,ky -Q 3,53 M: Q si wg K XL f ,9 N 17 wth- K 5 ':, v fb, aw-A 1 -H", . Q . ' ., K, U x as I f ' mf 4 , .. A , , . Q ,ig JST, W ,mf-L 'vqwg . Wim? m7,,,..,E,,M. six f x N M129 if 1 M. Q, Sim X iliwiv ASX. -:iw N mv? . uv- swim? Xi? X- wg-N..,q Nwxi-SRF W5 S is X? 5 'iv S A S 3, iv: Q X X X3 me ,.,. x 21 2 xx K A ' NM' ,.,w,,xN-4g',.q: -: I 'T zsaw we ? lk, if 5:1536 .9 35 Hi' fs 4 MAJ ' Q, Q ,, " ii EY. gn, UNH! , ? V , , ,Y QM X 4-1. 'G X. win! 'W fl 4955 2, 214, A V is nfs " u A 3 15 my l - gg1"f' i " Z ff gr . .ffm !mkX xx X . i X Wmf ZfNW ' A Q1 Y? kisk . jw'f"S s fab- VM A ffrfix S X.-.A N xk.. N . 4 in lr-'Vs' "A!"Qf.- ",'f S fb N Q Q 5 . v fwff 'W wi" 'if 'f?'z fy 1' f3'fi'?"f ' "' ti ' fic" if ifiwv ' , Q , A M A M 2 L 5 Lit' M f :L gig J My 'L 51.11 'fw1,'Mf Aw, ,gufqyf f.,4,.p,wwQfy"d-2, TM., Q y slr? 1, , N ww -S K Agn ff Y , m,f-f,K'.,1 9' fx iw. gm+ 1" ff 1"V Q 'Q K , K hx E X p gi f. 'v if rg' qv' . ,K wr 4 . swag,-V ,ff ,Q L , W 5 fm www MwwwfV?vws,W , Af,1MwQwMfW:4 q . Q' , ,, g,uf4.. ,' mm. K iv ' 5 'S'1"S!'5,,ww-Zag swf Ki .Eff ,z .wW1'4 ..f.zf.:.N1 1 fl? 3 7'1f ff '?.f..-'i f.nM,.w.' 523 xx 1 3 Yf,ws13f N 1' 11 V ,li , g., I - . I M QV fn, if A si QAQ 2 A7 fiQ . i? rffp A f:X f ",k. ' .. ,M y - Kk'-- QQQQQ55. K.f-k :1 L . L QW..F A K ',:L Y-1: " K f 33-5,bfll-'iliQ.:1'Q .fy .- n 1 HARACTER SCHOLARSHIP LEADERSHIP SERVICE Nazzlzzomzfazl Honor Soczzeiy Left to Right: Fred Bittinger, Barbara Petcko, Nan Gault, Sandra Hixon, Patty Kalinay, Eleanor Kaiser, Bernard Ezar, Leo Boczar, Rita Muzidal, Eleanor Bezilla, Josephine Fudella, Kathryn Riflle, Peggy Brinza, Earl Brashear, Mrs. Yauger. History Club AFFILIATE OF PENNSYLVANIA FEDERATION JUNIOR HISTORIANS . l L. '4"'-,532 Rofw 1: Betty Ross, Shirley Berry, Rosalie Schiffbauer, Nmcy Bennett, Barbara Davis, Marie Marovie, Patty Umbel, Josephine Fuilella, Barbara Peteko, Nan Gault. Rofw 2: John Heder-ka, Rurly Kueinie, Roger Carter, Fred Bittinger, Robert Yonish, Jack Fette, Harry Cole, Steve Glagola, Clarence Infwtenrl, Mr. Matthews. Rnfw 3: Russell Duff, George Rhodes, Jerome Blanc, Eilwnrtl Scerbovsky, Benny llaigh, Robert Henle-sey, Thomas Soltis, Earl Brashear, Albert Tarcala. 'Q Fzwmne Teachers of America Installation of Officers Initiation To learn the opportunities in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential in a good teacher, to study the lives of t teachers, and to foster development of student ership. grea the cad Exercises lm 5 ,. 0-rugs ' 3-"lu . v-fp' lr Roi-w I: Shirley Wanto, Frances Kish, Eleanor Kaiser, Slndra Carrick, Oralee Chr Rhodes, Donna Jesso, Phyllis Mick, Patty Bozak. Row 2: Eva Terry, Harriet Fike, Marie Springer, Gayle Seighman, Janet Lukey, Kathryn Rifhe, Miss Brizts. Row 3: Grace Ann garet Banner, Charles Powell, Thomas Soltis, Fred Bittinger, Frances Doce, Carolyn Berr Comservfcwiorvz Club fke"' istopher, Barbara Sabol, Joanne Marovic, Patty Umbel, Maxine Hostetler, Norma Bryner, Mar- y, Philomena Banner. Myers,nHer'ylJllillovv,YMYarthaVCrise, Elaine Lytle, Joanne Mintus, Rose De Fino, Rosalie Schil'lbauer,uAlverda Rockwell, Mary Bonamo, Joan Augstine. Rofw 2: Frances Doce, Francs Blisinsky, Joanne Bitfnger, Susanna Hart, Mae Bentley, Lowell Newman, Paul Roth, Edward Scerbovsky, Harold Grimm, Rudy Kucinic, Mary Evans, Helen Macar, Mr. Nunley. Row 3: Charles Yackamac, Charles Belch, Jack Fette, Robert Yonish, John Scharler, John Bederka, Frank Hustead, Russell Duff, Charles Billak, Charles Popovich, Paul Blasinsky, Robert Woods, Orran Townsend. Our duty is regulating hall traffic, operating light ' switches, class bells, and in general keeping order throughout the building. Rofw l.' Louise Gregg, Mary jane Katrinchak, Sandra Hixon, Barbara Simon, Patty Tippet, Barbara Petcko, Rita Bittner. Rr1u'.?.' joseph Campbell, Kenneth Kaydo, jerry Bobbish, Pete Zoretic, james johns, joseph Albani, Paul Kaiser. Rn-u' 3: james Bowen, Patty Kalinay, Patty llmbel, Putty Cain, Nan Gault, Victor Oravic, David Vitlovich, Patricia Kitt. , Vf , , il , Ztj-fi -.....f1fj.-f- ,OXO O Q-5 A Science Club Rau I: Rocco Lopez, Carl Hancheck, Rose De Fino, Charles Powell. Rofw 2: Marge Grimm, Rose Doyle, josephine Pezar, Ethel Yauger, Frances Doce, Alverda Rockwell, Rosalie Schiflbauer, joan Zvolenski. Rofw 3: jesse Zebley, joseph Linton, David Kermes, Charles Billak, Charles Popovich, Paul Blasinsky, Betty VValters, Miss Sulik. Ro-u' 4: Eugene Stoyko, john Sharler, Thomas Dils, Robert Yonish, john Bederka, Anthony Hani- gosky, Robert blihzlllik. 2 i I I Ffcfzyewfe County Class Al Champs VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE X' Sept. 11 Uniontown Z0 German 7 6 N - - Sept. 18 North Union 0 German 58 2 Sept. 25 New Brighton 14 German 29 Oct. Oct. Oct. -:ff 4 Oe- 'ar Nov. 'U f i VP' t Midland 0 German 32 South Union 0 German 66 Georges 0 German 20 North Catholic 14 German 7 Connellsville 13 German 7 Masontown 6 German 13 ,xx ' 5 f , fn.. W' . -. tu. 5 i I i ii . ....- 5 E' iiikl' . 1 2 i O it iiiii q . .. .-7 . -:E, 9 E x 5 5 2 mifnswg , 5 Sept Sept. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. a C 14 Brownsville 21 North Union 28 Redstone l Uniontown 6 North Union O German German German German German '91 5 7 y 1 J.V. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE I, 13 7 if 0 20 "8 9 21 14 ' 0 19 1 V :in--ii Q9 27 Georges 13 German 1 Charleroi 13 German , QM W - if rf' 11 ii s P31 . f 4 vlv E b, 'pk ' I NN I' 1 1 3, 4 1 1 L..,..... ,,...-of A ' S ' iii' ix I 5 . is The Foo ball S zum Rofw I, Left to Right: Oliver Holmes, Walter Saunders, Charles Popovich, jim Carter, Robert Leghart, Thomas Zembar, Charles Billak, Dave Kermes, Martin Magerko, Steve Glagola, Pat Rhodes, Nat Lawson. Rolu' 2: jim Cunningham, Ray Trincia, jim Davis, Fred Parker, Donald Cumley, jesse Williams, Grant Mitchell, Ronald Sladky, Chuck VVydo, Ed Phillips, Jesse Stith, Jim Gurtis. Row 3: Roland Edwards, Mike Fedorcheck, Lou Rozzi, joseph Phillips, Sam Louis, Bob Hardy, john Vidovich, Leo Barn- hart, Dave Couser. , I ' W '.i ii R 'Fi fi m aj T ' at ,-, 112 , ,b f. , ,.,t 49 E52 eE Q35 UI, 4 M V15 . L 57 'I 7 65: M-66 f says ,377 l Y 'C X it 'X Q V X N X, W A are , ,X X x Nw b ' X N X Q '-v- . 1 7 XA X , e , gee 'V N 1, - 1 - rf- ' . K Sq y f Q A J , W 5 . .Q .Q ini K ., VA g 1 6 f M l PT-.Z N .. . , ., - . if Q l r e 'w wf M if ...f+"'L"" X N E x l lk Q D f ., I E X . ' 1 i 4 X l, Y x- 5 JI9. -ei Rom' I, Lrfl In Rigfllif joe Phillips, Robert Hardy, llhauncey Flannigan, Roland Edwards, Louis Rozzi, Sam Lewis, Leo Barnhart, john Vidovich, james Forrai, Charles VVydo, George Bowen. Rofw 2: james Bolen, Alonzo Rhondes, Claude Parnell, Robert Solarcheck, Victor Hednaza, Eugene VValters, Ronald VVheeler, Mike Fedor- check. Rain- K: George Criss, Eddie VVilliams, Leo Shultv, Bernard Magerko, jonathan Couser, joseph Alhani, Paul Bra-hear, Dave Vidovich. The Coaches-Rozzi, johnson, Donnelly, Rifenburg r ii NN N Er- . X X a N vs.. 1 , Q Q53 NIE, ,.asra'r- if-ll Nutmeg, ,Q Qi? I lf' 5 'W' 2 X -t ill 'x X l 1 l I , w 'ith 12:5 g LEAGUE GAMES Jan. South Union jan. Masontown jan. Redstone Jan. Point Marion jan. Georges jan. North Union Feb South Union Feb Masontown Feb Redstone Feb Point Marion Feb Georges Feb North Union Coaches Donnelly and Johnson BASKETBALL SCHEDULE German German German German German German German German German German German German EXHIBITION GAMES Dec. Dec. Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Jan. Jan. Feb. Charleroi Jefferson Uniontown All Saints Mapleton jefferson Mapleton Brownsville sr. john's St. John's German German German German German German German German German German Rorw I: Dave Couser, Sam Lewis, Steve Glagola, Jim Carter, Wayne Beal, Robert Carter, Dave Kermes, Albert Tar Cala. Rofw 2: George johnson, Assistant Coach, Roger Carter, Richard Mincer, Raymond Trincia, Ed Phillips, Paul Blasln sky, Adam J. Donnelly, Coach. X 69 M i 7 Q Yi K' is YL 6 8 L. LL W, Q mf v gg Y K s , - wp A ,I gk . A 5' wx x ,kdjA m. x, L! .' L fi ,v , A! I ai 49, ' 1 sig' .4 WFS: f i j.V. BASKETBALL ' Rofw I: Leox Shultz, Roland Carter, Jonathan Couser, Amos Saunders, jim Forri, Charles Danley, Ed VVil- liams, Do-nald Sofranko. Rofw 2: joe Phillips, Alonzo Rhodes, Raymond Marshall, john Marrinek, George Bowen, Victor Bednaza, james Marshall. LEAGUE GAMES Jan. South Union Jan. Masontown Jan. Redstone jan. Point Marion Jan. Georges Jan. North Union Feb South Union Feb Masontown Feb Redstone Feb Point Marion Feb Georges Feb North Union j.V. BASKETBALL German 35 German 37 German 23 German 48 German 23 German 54 German 44 German 22 German 29 German 29 German 20 German 42 SCHEDULE EXHIBITION GAMES Dec Dec. Dec Dec Dec. Dec Dec jan. Feb. 4 Charleroi Jefferson Uniontown All Saints Mapleton Jefferson Mapleton Brownsville St. -l0hn's German German German German German German German German German Mr. johns0n's Gym Class-Volleyball 4- I l E THE MANAGERS Nr? L. :NEP Ywa HMM 41 ga. ii 'X WASH ? Bfazsfehaz N 95- "x'L- , x 5 X .r""""vm'! Coach Savanick explains batting grips to Captain Robert Leghart Roster Robert Leghart, Robert Bartoclr, Buddy Ward, Walter Vilk, Joe Po- korney, Ed Frimmel, Dave Kermes, Tom Zembar, Edward Phillips, james Ward, Eugene Powell, Robert Can- tini, John Bederka, jim Yadamac, Joe Powell, Fred Gera, Andrew Dienes, Melvin Jenkins, Mike Sholtis, Jerry Bobbish, john Mlinarcek, Mike Wycinsky, Chas. Yakamac, George Sofranko, Fred Nichols, Jesse Stith. Schedw le German' Fairchance German' Redstone South Union' German North Union German Brownsville' German Fairchance German' Redstone' German South Union German' North Union German Brownsville German' 'Indicates winner of game P C 66 99 ,Za The Mad Haiiers CAST OF CHARACTERS Gigi Ilaltfr PHYLLIS MICK Bunny Ilattfr EARL BRASHEAR Margarfl Ilaller HPATTY UMBEL for llaiter MERLE VOITHOFFER Diana Halifr , ,,,..,, JANET LUKEY Grandma Hatter- MARY JANE KATRINCHAK Henry Harrison FRED BITTINGER Elizabrth Harrixon NAN GAULT Angrlira MARGARET BANNER BARBARA PETCKO Mugxy MUIIFH, CARR STALNAKER Clara Shfldon . PEGGY BRINZA Dirfrtor ,,,, , CLARISSA DALLY . ,H A x "X ' ,..,y,ym4-'A XX" A 5 FSUANB 3 sgfziihk if 1 6241 Nighi A121 Aim 111111199 " 22 1 Q1 C' W' C- X w l fl Nr' I C ,C A .K rf 'Q :VN CAST OF CHARACTERS A, Cx If A. E. sm: 1-'Thr Toff"j CA,C CCCC c HARLES POPOVICH "Q, J- William Jam fBillj C CCCC CC CCCCJOHN BEDERKA 1- ' 1 Mig Albert TfI0m!15, CCCC C CCCC CCCC CCCCC. B ERNARD KALINAY '- Jarob Smith fsfliggffll, .,...,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A NDY MICKEY 1,1 Priest of Klzsh CC CC C CCCCCCCC CCCCCCC G REGORY RICHTER WINNER FAYETTE 2nd Print of Klnh CCCC CCCC CCCCCC.CCC W A LTER SAUNDERS COUNTY FORENSIC Jfd Print of Klnh CCCCCCCCC CCCCCC CCCCCCCCCC J E ssra WILLIAMS Klnh CCCCC CCCCCCCCCCC, CCCC..C CCCCCC CC.CCCCC L A W R ENCE STRUBEL ONE ACT PLAY CONTEST nifmof CC CCCCCC C CCCCCC .C .CCCCC Miss ANN O'BRIEN W- MQ, r ma! Nw Si School Song 1. The school we love the best, is German Township High And far above the rest, her flag shall always fly We'll guard her emblem well, that none may float ahead Of Alma Mater's banner fair the Black and Red. CHORUS: Oh! Black and Red we love thy fair, fair folds, A treasure that each son and daughter sacred holds. Tlaen proudly wave as years go fleeting Y The Emblem of our dear old German Township High Hail to the Alma Mater that we love, And love her well, as each can tell, Haih to the flag that floats above them 3 9 The Black and Red must float ahead, Hail to the motto that we love the best. "Scientia potestas est." Wave Red and Black forever Falter may you never Dear old German Township High 2. Thy praises we will sing, Oh! Alma Mater Dear Our songs and cheers shall ring, for you from year to year. And may we all at duty's call turn back with pride. The lessons we have learned in life shall be our guide, .! - X, H",, l'-wi . we. as K' mf-- The infer Festival WITINWJ f .-. , . . 'W wir T fi! 'IU "' IW- 'I I Mimi'-is'!??."i' in Us lb Ili ssslsmnjx-.-1 . s'2k...e .M 5 'I' 17' ii ' V I Reigning over their loyal sub- The spectators join the royal couple dance the king and queen's special. jects are the king and queen. my ' V M8171 I FYI 0 ewghwwl tendants. N we 8 s Queen Gayle Seighman and at tendants. l 'S 1 1 'V' Mi if X f S. . gag, 4 ,Q - s Vi X x , RGB .211-i im pr?" ? S- -Q 'Ai - ,411 .... -x x X - 4 v4 - f Q -1 x Q. 1 1 , K 'K 4:- , + - N ll Ji' ' gu- .L -falnifk Y Sn' af X ' if A tif, I. 2 Alf? 11.5 lit- ll' -a1i'v" 1 ji? A if -" , 2, f i A --if ,Q bm 'Z Q Z- 1 if Ii Q w W' .Zi 2-': g Il! fx N H Q QQ z S 5 -5 S X! W X if -xi -N , - . K: x x .- Bk NSQX N' .X A W SK .19 5 A .Af S J, . ff? was eff s 534' XL f l X' mg . : H 3 ., f k xl X x lx .4 X ,..: F-ie egg-..f5-,:k.,'l"' X I X ,7 S- X , Y ,V ,, Q Z' 25 :le 4, ?L 5 I. N-4 Nh-K W 3 SXT? X 'A' Compliments Of mhz 511113511111 7 IIBIEII EQUIIIB LI T. L. SANGSTON Funeral Director MCCLELLANDTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 'A' Compliments Compliments of of DR. G. A. YANCHUS DR. MOSER Masontown, Pennsylvania Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments of DR. J. C. RALSTON McClellandI'oxvn, Pennsylvania Compliments Of DR. E. R. INGRAHAM Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments' of DR. W. DONALD PLAVA Uniontown, Pennsylvania CONlplilIlFl1f5 of a PROFESSIONAL FRIEND Compliments of DR. O. R. DASSANCE Masontown, Pennsylvania Conzplirmvzls 'If DR. J. H. SANGSTON McClelIandtown, Pennsylvania cnmpzfmenn Of DR. KONETSKY Uniontown, Pennsylvania Compliments Of DR. T. V. YANCHUS M ason town, Pennsylvania Compliments Of DR. E. B. FAST Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments Of DR. ERNEST P. DQHAAS New Salem, Pennsylvania Compliments Compliments of DR. E. S. PETERS of and DR. R. J. PETERS Masontawn, Pennsylvania DR. GEORGE N. RIFFLE McCleIlandtown, Pennsylvania SECOND NATIONAL BANK OF UNIONTOWN Uniantawn -:- New Salem -:- Perryopalis -:- Republic Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE ED UCA TORS Lancaster, Pa. CHARLES HAN EY District Manager ATLANTIC 1-9878 1104-A GRANT BUILDING Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Compliments of FIKE CHEVROLET COMPANY Masantawn, Pennsylvania PHONE 3-7730 Compliment: of PALCKO'S RADIO 81 TELEVISION SERVICE 'I West Church Street Masantown, Pennsylvania PHONE 3-7439 NADINE'S Gifts For All Occasions Greeting Cards - Gift Wrappings ANTIQUES 27 S. Main Street Masantawn, Pennsylvania Compliments Uf A F R I E N D Compliments of GAULT'S ESSO SERVICENTER West Main Street at Routes 21 and 40 UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments Compliment,- of ALExANoER's of BEER DISTRIBUTOR W. Church Sfreel' Masontown, Pennsylvania Phone 3-3371 AMBROSE SERVICE STORE Masontown, Pennsylvania PHONES 3-7652 on 3-7656 Another Year-Another Successful Yearbook CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS OF 1954 T H E DAVID J. HONSAKER FUNERAL HOME Masontown, Pennsylvania Phone 3151 When It'.v Jewelry - Furnitur Compliments Appli anfe I - Television SEE of FRANK'S APPLIANCE CENTER GIRARD'S CLEANERS 2 N. Main sneer and DYER5 Masontown, Pennsylvania PHONE 3-3731 Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments Of ROSENTHAL CREDIT JEWELERS 'YOUR FRIENDLY JEWELERN Masontown, Pennsylvania WEST MASONTOWN FLORIST FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Corrage - Cut Flowers Frank Magalotti, Proprietor PHON E 3-7756 Masontown, Pennsylvania Fredericktown Compliments Compliments f of o THE MASONTOWN HANNA'S DEPT. STORE HARDWARE STORE OLIVER C. SMITH, Proprietor PHONE 5231 Masontown, Pennsylvania I7-I9 N. Main Street Masontawn, Pennsylvania MASONTOWN PRINTING COMPANY ESTABLISHED 1927 Complete Printing Service Herbert E. Steinman, Mgr. TELEPHONE NO. 4193 Masontown, Pennsylvania HARMONY MUSIC SHOPPE Mary and Slats Ainsley, Proprietors EVERYTHING IN THE MUSIC LINE Piano Tuning - Piano Instruction I E. Church Street Masontown, Pennsylvania Year-In and Year-Out You'll Do Better With PEARY'S INSURANCE AGENCY Bank Building PHONE 3-7783 Masontown, Pennsylvania CENTRAL PHARMACY Baby Needs - Jewelry - Kodak Films Corner Main and Church Streets Masontawn, Pennsylvania Phone 3-7551 SEE US FIRST COMPLIMENTS OF SECCND NATIONAL BANK MASONTOWN Member Federal Deposil Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System MASONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA KAAS CLEANERS Compliments of SUITS MADE TO ORDER Pirk-up and Deli-very Service CLEMENT REVETTA 105 West Church Street Masontown. Pennsylvania Masontown' Pennsylvania Phone 3-7798 MASONTOWN SPORT CENTER John N. Syrek, Jr., Proprietor xlward Jarkm and Sweaters Expert Gun Repair Service Your JPIarGregor Distributor 'I76 South Main Street Masontown, Pennsylvania PHONE 3-7708 Compliments of RICHARD P. WRIGHT J. M. WOOD GROCERIES - MEATS . PAINTS HARDXVARE - DRY GOODS YOUR FRIENDLY FORD DEALER North Main Street Phone 3-3681 Masantown, Pennsylvania "IIT Aim To Please" Phone 997-l McClellandtown, Pennsylvania "SUCCESS THRU SERVICE" Compliments HOUSEHOLD of FURNITURE coMPANv JOHN J' BRADY 52-54 W. Main Street PROTHONOTARY , , Uniontown, Pennsylvania C0mPliments Comfrlinzenls of of SAUERS STORE FOR MEN 59 West Main Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania ELLIS MUSIC STORE 29 Morgantown Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania Judge W. Russell Carr Judge S. John Morrow COMPLIMEN TS OF Judge H. Vance Cottom Judge Ross S. Matthews I. N. Hagan Ice Cream Co. UNIONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA OUR SEVENTY-SIXTH ANNIVERSARY AXELRAD'S "Di.vtinrtifvf Apparel For Woman Pennsylvania Uniontown, REX CANDY and NUT SHOP 12 S. MAIN STREET Masantown, Pennsylvania 10c TO 51.00 STORE EMPIRE 5 - S. H. AND C. S. SLEZAK Republic, Pennsylvania CARRIE'S BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 6364 McClelIandtown, Pennsylvania Compliments of LECKRONE COAL 8- COKE COMPANY EMILIO ERMINIO, OWNER R. D. 1 McCIeIIandtown, Pennsylvania T I B E R I ' S I N N Edenborn, Pennsylvania PHONE 9986 Compliments of THOMAS H. WRIGHT CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH CARS 201 North Main Street Masontown, Pennsylvania Phone 7737 BURCHIANTVS MARKET 310 South Water Street Masontown, Pennsylvania Phone 3-7629 C Compliments of BLANC'S SERVICE STATION WASHING AND GREASING New Salem, Pennsylvania Compliments vf COFFMAN MOTOR CO YOUR FORD DEALER "We Repair All Makes of Cars" New Salem, Pennsylvania E. W. Honsaker, Agent THE HONSAKER AGENCY FIRE - AUTO - LIABILITY PROPERTY DAMAGE Phone 2811 New Salem, Pennsylvania Compliments of C. B. DEARTH SONS FUNERAL HOME New Salem, Pennsylvania Compliments LOUIS SHOP Barber - Beauty - Floral of PHONE 9-7801 Republic, Pennsylvania LAPENTA'S MARKET MEATS AND GROCERIES MlNNIE'S BEAUTY SALON Phone 4620 PHONE 6352 New Salem, Pennsylvania McCIeIIandtown, Pennsylvania ALsoN C. EGGERS, President and Treasurer F. WENDELL SEMANS, Secretary COMPLIMENTS OF NEW SALEM LUMBER COMPANY fONE OF EGGERs' INTERESTS, Lumber and Builders' Supplies New Salem, Pennsylvania Cvmplimfnff TONY'S AUTO BODY WORKS of Phone 2176, New Salem COMPLETE BODY WORKS EUSTACE H. BANE Hoi Rod and Custom Equipment STATE SENATOR New Salem, Pennsylvania Compliments Compliments of CLOVER FARM STORE Footedale, Pennsylvania UMBEL'S DAIRY BAR Phone: New Salem 36-I-l McCIellandtown, Pennsylvania MEATS, GROCERIES, PRODUCE Compzimem Compliments of of JOHN KARAFFA SERVICE STATION FRED BEBER New Salem, Pennsylvania Edenborn, Pennsylvania PHONE 3883 "SHOP YOUR NEAREST USCO STORE" Where Honest Values Meet The Familjfs Needs UNION SUPPLY COMPANY Y O N E Y ' S FUNERAL HOME Masontown, Pennsylvania CLARA ANN DANCE STUDIOS Classes In Tap, flvrobatir, Ballet, Baton, Social Danring, Adagio, Private Instruction 2 Main Street Masontown, Pennsylvania PHONE 7890 Fayette County's Largest Distributor THE FAYETTE CANDY CO. -- VVHOLESALERS - CANDIES - TOBACCO CIGARS - SUNDRIES Uniontown, Pennsylvania SC "Try a Schrafft Peppermint Pattie" Sc Compliments Compliments of of RADIO AND ELECTRIC SERVICE ouvsn BATTAGLINI JOHN ZMGUNS Om' d 127 South Main Street an HIS BUS DRIVERS Masontown, Pennsylvania Phone 3-8871 BEST WISHES Compliments KLONDIKE FINANCE of MASONTOWN CORPORATION I5 West Church Street Yoney Building Phone: 3-7874 H. LESLIE SHRIVER, Manager DONNA J. SLADKY, Secretary BEER DISTRIBUTOR FRANCIS AND ORLAND MERTI Paomueroks Phone 3-3801 Compliments of RALSTON'S HOME OF FINE FOODS Phone 3-76-ll Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments of KIKTA FURNITURE STORE 'l'l7 South Main Street Masontown, Pennsylvania Phone 3-5161 Compliments of RELIABLE FURNITURE HOME OF FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Masontown, Pennsylvania Phone 3-7758 RYE'S FLOOR 81 WALL COVERING LINOLEUM. WALL PAPER, PAINTS FREE ESTIMATES The fvery best in workmanship 5 North Main Street Masontown, Pennsylvania Phone 9-6421 VICTOR J. URBANY V Your RCA Dealer A R FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES S I Phone 9-4211 T Masontown, Pennsylvania Y Compliments of Real Estate - State Farm Insurance MARTIN J. BERISH AGENCY INSURERS AND REALTORS 15 spun. Main sneer Mmmwn, Pennsylvania Deeds - Notary Work 15 West Church Street Masontown, Pennsylvania PHONE 7775 Compliments of THRIFT DRUG COMPANY 'I0 West Main Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania DULANY'S Uniontown? Greeting Card Store I0 Morgantown Street PHONE 999 Compliments of M E T Z L E R ' S Uniontown, Pennsylvania "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS" BARTONS FLOWER SHOP 'I9 Morgantown Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania J. VV. White, Uwner PITTSBURGH PLATE AND GLASS COMPANY Uniontown, Pennsylvania Phone 8-4561 "Flowers For All Occasions WHITE SWAN FLOWER SHOP I'I7 West Main Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania Phone 3616-J or 5842 FAYETTE NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY OF UNIONTOWN "YOUR FRIENDLY BANK" M ember Federal Reserve System Jllember Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE CHOICE OF DISCRIMINATING SENIORS PRINTCRAFT Distinrtifve Graduation Personal Cards and LINCOLN AIERCURY DAVID S. COOPER 68 East Fayette Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania DAVID s. coomsn Telephone 411 and 412 C0l7llIlFIlC6IIl?Hf 141l7l0Il7lL'Ell1F7lf.l' PRINTCRAFT CARD COMPANY, INC. 1509 MAPLE STREET Scranton 5, Pennsylvania Complim enrs of TROTTER WATER COMPANY T H E 0 U T L E T FASHION SHOW PLACE OF FAYETTE 00. Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments and Best Pffvishcs To G. T. l"l. S. CLASS '54 from UNIONTOWN FRIENDLY SHOE STORES Boston Shoe Store - Getty's Shoe Store - Books Shoe Store - Kinney's Shoe Store Campbell - Hathaways - McKerma's Shoe Store - Dreeben's Shoe Store Mark's Shoe Store - Freeman's Shoe Store - State Shoe Store WHERE YOUR PATRONAGE IS ALWAYS APPRECIATED C""'P'i"'f"'f Psoruss cLo'ri-:ING COMPANY Graduation Clothes For Boys and Girls INSURANCE ON msv ciuznrr TERMS 310 Second National Bank Building 25 Morgantown Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania Uniontown, Pennsylvania C. BROWN D. w. SMILEY . Since 1876 Miller's Have Sold To Compliments Fayette County Residents of THEIR BETTER K A U F M A N ' S WA TCHES AND JEWELRY "UNIONTOWN'S WALLACE MILLER and BRO. BEST STORE" Uniontown, Pennsylvania Compliments of LAWRENCE E. MCGEE Recorder of Deeds, Fayette County - Office Employees - HOMER RAFFLE, Deputy Rerorder Margaret Pickens, Chief Index Clerk Louise Kromer, Typist Barbara Robinson, Typist John Warmuth, Photo-Slat Operator Rita A. Lott, Typist Toni Penczalc, Typist Anne O'D. Robertucci, Typist Compliments ALPHA FLORISTS of DICE SPALDING SPORT SHOP Uniontown, Pennsylvania FOR ALL SPORTING GOODS Phone 1198 87 West Main Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania SHIRLEY'S FLOWER SHOPPE 6 North Main Sheet PHONE 3-8841 Masontown, Pennsylvania Cut Flowers - Corsages - Funeral Work Potted Plants - Wedding Flowers FREE DELIVERY GUY B. WARMAN INSURANCE SERVICE 29 North Main Street Masontown, Pennsylvania Phone 3-3971 Compliments G l R A R D ' S Of MENS CLOTHING H. J. Mess: ELECTRIC SHOP AND SHOES PHONE 3271-3273 Masontown, Pennsylvania 209 South Main Street Masontown, Pennsylvania Phone 3-777+ Compliments Of JOSEPH AUTO COMPANY DODGE AND PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE TRUCKS VVhere your car and your truck are among friends" Masontown, Pennsylvania DOORVVAY '1'O FASHION 1' H E E s Q u I R E Mmm and Boys' Clothing Lou I esso , Manager 2 South Main Street Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments of MILLER'S RESTAURANT H. R. Miller, Proprietor 121 South Main Street Masontown, Pennsylvania "We Bake Our Own Pies" Phone 3-764-1- CONN ELL'S DRUG STORE Kodaks and Cameras Finishing Supplies and Equipment Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments of VIGNALI CLOVER FARM STORE Masontown, Pennsylvania C . C . S T 0 R E HOME FURNISHINGS Waslzizzg Zlflachines - Radios Wallpaper - Paints - Hardwarz' Phone 6131 Republic, Pennsylvania NEl'll BOTTLING CO. Compliments OF UNIONTOWN, PA., INC. of PHONE 726 JOHN VISH Edenborn, Pennsylvania 267 Coolspring Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania B U D ' S CLOTHING STORE FOR MEN Uniontown, Pennsylvania FREDERlCK'S MUSIC STORE LESTER - GULBRANSEN PIANOS R.C.A. - Victor - Zenith Televisions 6 South Beeson Boulevard Uniontown, Pennsylvania Phone 86 MAISON FREDERICK SYSTEM SCHOOL OF BEAUTY CULTURE 62 West South Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania Compliments of CHARLES KORMANIK, JR. Tax Collector for German Township JEWELERS FOR YOUR CLASS RINGS DIEGES 81 CLUST Manufacturing Jewelers 17 JOHN STREET NEW YORK 8. N. Y. RINGS PINS MEDALS CHARMS TROPHIES P d ed by H G ROEBUCK 8- SON BALTIMORE, MD. af ff " 5-I' , I .,,, :WX - .MW X, , ff: Kp f, X ,-.fgwg w, vm. ., nj-, Q pi, 1 , N 1 . f x A x ' , ' -. I Q r X Q 1 I 1 X I . . 0 I . n 1 4 1 x ,k K, 1 y 'WL Wu. n aLmm:xL.Z!fa::tf.Qswxs.!1ihzhiLw-.Q J, .UA if-. - 'Hu 1 -5-,,5lLmMm.Enki.Lf+..f5'.afLiA . ? E - ,' is 5 Q: 44 W . . , . . X . . - : . r - , z 4 ' Q ' I ,, xv. ' V I I ' Y 4 L. xx Q T Y! , - 1 Y . X: . wry 2 , WH V , , A 5 - K , - .Aw f f 1 . , f. " "ck K 4 . ..' ' jqj, - W-r. ' , ,,. ,. 1. .5 ., , Y M, rf it V, , . . di . W .YV , i' " ' . W --, Li V, . ,n , ,,. I if . , N. .Q . Ji Lu, 13 .xg -'i,, . A . . A ,Q W 'A' ' .-L5 f 3' ,- -1 . 'f 5 ,Z 'J' A Q fi AQ, 1 v A 5,1 rA ,f TY. ,. 4 X . ' ff I 55 T Q g ' Y A I , "3 "1 X ,F A ,, 14 , X .: it 'Q Ya, L, 1. ,1 V gm xg , E v K. . 1 X 5 , -,. r 45. A, , ,. Y , he T s ,. , ah . 1 -' - 2 ,uf 1: I- , W L J . . 4 1 lk -,,,tJ,! E - . Y "L.. , 1. 1 "P '5- , ,fu A f E X , .. , .V,, . ' M- 1',,"'f 1- , Y c ' Q4 . ,Sl Q YS' I lp.. mf -4 ,ess J him uH,2mmL:.AvkimlE.......iu "Mina in ' QQ mr ff.- -Q.. 1-.wr 1-:.a4.4f:n1an.-,r wu-1vr-i-'-'-G.EQl'sYla 'fL15"- 0

Suggestions in the German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) collection:

German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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