German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA)

 - Class of 1950

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German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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K' KA rl I . X IJ ' I. I 5 'L - 1 NL- u 1' ' -M-'L . . I 2 , ' naw.. .- ,, in , , ' if A' Y . 'vlV::4',.',' I ' 'fig 31.1 V -Q1 3 , 5, rg 'ell' s y I 3 V we if 5 I S. : 7 . 2 , 1 f f , , Xf,Ld!yJf 1, U,'1 ,Mi:f3V+, ff5QLA ,w V,,1,g5-A ' uQ541Q-, L,,5 WQT, ,f ,Q af:'a -:5 .1 5 1 1 ' W. ,,. f v, , 1 ue . ,.1-.1 1-,rl X ' 44 , , A , , 4. X M- . H 1 f - .W , -, - 1' , fm - QW. qv, fu , , 1 , , fps . C 1 H ' v 1 ' ' 21 'ii' W r W 3 r, A1 . , I Q bl Y I' K I .J , . :- ' 1 - 1 t f , w . X . r , 1 4 I, 4 , I 6 I 1 J :w i ' . 1- I X . ,ll . W- if PH f4,n' 'W r ua ' f,1'.f gv 'w1 -HNMN . . I 1 t 131. s H I 'f A j. U NIT w . x. wg.. Y ? ju'-,l4 , t J hm3!1lw,f,'J, :n ik . Lnunflr , fnjqka. gud 5 is I Aw A L H -W A ,A I i n . ww mzgy, I, W .1 ' U: '.',,.r' fl ' 1 L' " 3' " A f ,' ,V - W- -11,1 Fi ., q- ' " '1 .- - N A ,P ,I , L gi . , ,, M. HI. . .. .gn X - I Mary Ann McKetta and Peggy Rehanek, co-editors, discuss plans for the year- book with the faculty spon- sor, Mr. Wright. CO-EDITORS -.-- SENIOR EDITORS PICTURE EDITORS .... CIRCULATION MGRS. ---4 JUNIOR EDITORS ---, ..Mary Ann McKetta Peggy Rehanek ......Ben Newcomer Carmen Lecea Antoinette Cavalcante Charles Elleard .-.. .Dorothy Smith Winona Davis Sarah Sheranko Anna Mae Brenzy Sarah Venanzi Dolores Fedor .Io Ann Getsie Shirley Richardson ...Elizabeth Bereczky Pat Stromick Grace Ann Hostetler Sylvester Kish afzecacvwl We present the thirty-first edition of the Laureola. In our theme, the nine months of the school year, we have not tried to depict all events in the specific month they occur, but simply use them as division pages. The Staff has endeavored to mark pictorally the work and play that has been yours at German High. It is hoped that this publi- cation, offering realistic testimony of the classes, clubs, plays, dances, games and students, will serve in future years as a medium for recollections of those hours spent at German Township High School. SOPHOMORE EDITORS FRESHMAN EDITORS ADVERTISING MGRS. SPORTS EDITORS . .. TYPIST ........... FACULTY ADVISOR . . . . ...,.... Alice Shuss Mary Blanc Katherine Kermanik Robert Posevich . . ........ Aaron Gera Cecila Pollock ... .... Jo Ann August Dorothea Sichko Catherine Skiles Lois Coffman Patty Doyle Marion Mincer Richard Yauger Jack Yauger Frank Bryan .......Jack Davis Alex Katrinchak Veronica Blasinsky .................FlorenceShurry . . .Lloyd A. Wright PUBLISHER ....... Hfef iabe-Seek' EL' son, Bqmmofe, Md. fRX MX! Um -Jemima J. CARMAN NEWCOMER Superintendent of Schools JAMES A. CAULT High School Principal Q gamd af Z ation Lawrence E. McGee President wi 1. f -f ,B zvmgg . , wiwiff 4 x - ' - ,QM 1, 5 V , egw 'wx fw 3 ? 5 ff -vw -flew . -W.. r A -fQ.W.Ff gi, , ,, , in V fl", 'A 114' 2- - ' - ,, k i l 5 ,r Q Th F gi? 1 e Y 4 4 iv , :fr QHEEFW , 5 X . 4 X 524 A I a nf? w '43 Q 4 1 4 ,A Q y Y algal, P. ., i vy , 'Wi 1 gbl gg :ii-Q Ki V 3 wggiigg M 1, we if we' B1 'W '1 S. ' Q , kwa X ,X QL jaw L Sl H f f PW ? my Q f Q w 5 Lwmzi M. A. Sterbufzel Vice-President . lil? 'f 5 1 fl - e J . 1 ., '- N -fm w e ,I in ' S X 5 , - A ,Q 1 Stanley Krel' Michael S. Papa Michael J Mlhalllk Secretary Treasurer Dr. J. H. Sangston Earl Brashear D J Morris Clerk to the Board of .efgzgff , ,Qs 1.125.395 J., .. .. M . ,V tearf- QE: :V ng ,. r . , fl' ' .1 . - mit: .rs ' J. Carman Newcomer, A.B. Superintendent of Schools, Juniata College, Pennsylvania State College, University of Pittsburgh. George J. Plava, B.S , M.A. California State Teachers Col- lege, Duke University, West Virginia University. Physics, Chemistry, J. B. Sheetz Sci- ence Club Sponsor, Assistant Principal y Elizabeth Vail, A.B. Waynesburg College, Univer- sity of Pittsburgh. English, Li- brary Club Sponsor. Thomas W. Gault, B.A. Waynesburg College. Civics. . - - 4 I 1 1 1 ng, I y ' . X 1 7 I-' -G f'.4,-- 1 I J ,-.1 -7.4 -.1 L , A I l 7 Thelma Gould, B.S. University of Pittsburgh, Cali- fornia State Teachers College. James A. Gault, B.S. High School Principal. Wash- ington and Jefferson College, University of Pittsburgh. i d A. wright, AB. Waynesburg College, Pennsyl- vania State College, Laureola Sponsor, American Literature, Speech, Senior and Junior Class Plays. Forensic Activi- ties, Cheerleader Sponsor. , .f V Samuel W. Shuss, B.S. Juniata College, Millersville State Normal, Alfred Univer- sity, Carnegie Tech., Univer- sity of Pittsburgh. Mechanical Drawing, Junior Class Sponsor. Mary Murphy, A.B. University of Pittsburgh, Cal- ifornia State Teachers College, Problems of Democracy. Adam J. Donnelly, B.S. Waynesburg College. Biology, Basketball Coach. General Science, Senior Sci- ence. . i . f--- ' 1 - . 1 I JU I I Louis F. Rozzi, A.B. phiana H. Riffle WOYWSPUVQ College- l-Cllr" Beckley College. Typewriting ll, Drivers Training, Safety Ed- 1 and ll. ucation, Football Coach, Base- ball Coach. - r 4' sw' tn . ,, M aw 'fw- V ' i lfl?sf?l?Z?Efrg,2 5fEf'jl,i"f5 7?.Li:ifii'!5'U ig flu? lllilzrlii :fl ' w am 'ff',z.:1N A, A r ftfflligk. fs if -mf.:-. .. .Nw Q 11 Q. 5 V.., Q 'lrf. l '21 Z. ' 'l ., . K . f I . y.. 4 5. ity' . , If 5 A is f . W t ""'X, . xx 'Q' 1 3 up xvw 5, in . 1.f, ... 'r tim li te- , :. fiffiffilf -' ,. . , . . , , N g, ,, . r . as S42 fi Q' Vriy Ek-it V3 .MKS r Q is ... Q. r 3 im E+ 2 W. nk J wvffll li- .... i t A iiii .., . if J ,E li, ff ' 1: K -5315 L, k-. ,rise , 1 1,,,..., we it f- P3 xr S ff .25 6 Fw six 'f . Q' Q, s 9 5 ,X gg,-HH, 5 is--.W ,,,,q,.i,-.,fg,..,. --ff ,.,- l .,..... sr.: :gig - 5 My ri:ifr'waf,z.f1,:r 55,gg1sr, is 1 Var ?V1?ire- ,..w,-. . . wir:if.:?f,Qz+e.sHs5f1rP' " J' r f ' t Leaf...-rffr . . Y I1 :Hr Swgyfgfs ' Ms ..... .. .. V , ' 4,.l,g,ws7i.Ega5 .5 ' X 1 A 7 girl .wi V . . Q Qglxgl' lffllf N wifi gli? Q ,V V il. tr 1, . 355- r , rg 3 3 lx it Qu tar .f of 52 on .14 mi N W . i V Mgmt.: MW! ..i-rsgwit.. , - A.swwr'rrf:z,i,.s.i...i.,.,iw -f , f 41 clzqwf Eliz eth L. Gallagher, .S. California State Teachers Col- lege, Waynesburg College, West Virginia University, American History, Art Crafts Club, Majorettes, Senior Class Sponsor. Virginia W. Yauger, B.A. Waynesburg College. Ameri- can Literature, French l and ll. Joseph A. Sakino, B.S., M.LLT. California State Teachers, Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. World History, Americ n :story W fi-we Norman C. Evans, B.S. Kutztown State Teachers Col- lege, Pennsylvania State, Uni- versity of Pittsburgh. Mathe- matics. William P. Kaas, B.S. California State Teachers Col lege, University of Pittsburgh. English i, cavacs. Joseph H. Savanick i ' Berkley College, California Wharton School, Susquehanna State Teachers College, Penn- University. Bookkeeping. sylvania State Collegel Secre- tarial Clubf- Shorthand l anax ll ' ' ' "' ' Samera N. Brizts, B.S., MA. California State Teachers Col- lege, Waynesburg College, West Virginia University. Eng- lish. i Rose B. Galla, B.A. University of Pittsburgh, Temple University. Student Senate Sponsor, World His- tory, Biology. William J. Culleton, B.S. Waynesburg College. Algebra l and ll. Betty N. Davis, B.S. Juniata College, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Institute of Technology. Home Eco- nomics, Cafeteria. Frank R. Hrivnak, A.B. Waynesburg College, Cali- fornia State Teachers College. English, Journalism, German Hi News. L. L. Nickey S Edwin George Johnson, B.S. Waynesburg College. Mathe- matics. ical Education. Doris B. Miller, B.S. Daniel B. Blanc, B.S. Findlay College. Health, Phys- Shippensburg State Teachers ical Education. College, Pennsylvania State College. Typing I, Bookkeep- ing l, Commercial Geography. Thobufn E- Ca55CdY, B.S. Peter Uhler, B.S., M.A. West Virginia University, Northwestern University. Vo- cal Music, Social Studies. Duquesne University. Band and Orchestra. Robert L- Moore, B.S. Ann L. Morkol-on, B.A. CGllfOl'i'1lG Sfdfe TeClCl'lel'S COl- Wqynegburg College, English lege. Industrial Arts. ll, Latin I, Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor. o m , - f- sf so .Www samsrz .f University of Pittsburgh. Phys- x a w ll kiwi Quay., Q 2 do Q iw xgfliv .425 Mg Qs 'ES 3 P Q or Y . X .5251 ' f 22.1. ' i" f ,1,,i5, iisi' 63 Q, ,,... S1635 E'Qfi'fl1: iff Q 5-5. i . f ' -.LM L "" X .. K f. ,, f To . . A 7. ity V ?7il??531,gi::?2 1.zz5t5iQf.9m:?'1- its--g,' 1ig1, . K 'lE1:i5Y?g7, ' ,,..fif',,-. ygfiw 41fl"i'l9i1iw E 1: wel . ' lii5i3lifilYfflyl3'::'k,,s xii ' '?i?5S5f2-Yif'QJif?5fiEi4g2i 1 4, ' .,, ' ' 5,51-.2,3'g,5,.iff..f1.fis,,wfi 1 xr, . .-QfgietlwfiFil-.iafwfeytso ,magic . ..., . , ..,-. .. ,.. . - " J W' ,5519-?h24"P15?Z?-'YE-' . . J , o., -,gaj.f'i:152af?gQgyggfx -1 'f I .1 1 F ,' I ' P e ll it ta. 3 1 3 see.: X f efifaa.-.' s-f.: 5152 iz 53 Q I' 6 Q deg am dealzfi. , . GEORGE N. RIFFLE, M.D. D.D.S. 5 Q 5 1 n 4 MRS. HART, R.N. MRS. DUGAN, R-N- xff f'V 1' X9 L7 , , ff f,,,q.,f ,012 I I ji Mm, .rib :fan L Aff L yd af! J K 5 1 I L . vs af.. vu,-K-V mmf an HH ffssfgg Aw Q Fi vi. P. WX . K ,,,: Q . '04 T 2 f "2 Y N559 shqfrz--. Q, mag. 4, ,I f MU, Jw W fx 'QQ ff-M ' V A - ,, i ' 2 r f V Q- . . . - bf 7 'M' M l"'Aif a' wwg s -:,y1 Wq-W !,- 1 I ,S , , ' MM- - ff-2, fs, . L 1+ L-4:2 A ' f 3s ifT-:.f ?"'f gif , .. .3'1'a?. 'Q v ,,, Jvwwf fn ,aw , , M . lx . A Q , ' i ' -ff k'hk 1' w ,,. -2 ' 3 -7 , ' "' . in 5, W 'jlffm ,J my Q, 4 ,- 5 f ' W nw ww r S' M l' r n.,,.gM 1,5 EEN . H .M-siigi, W ' f J Q , Q 'ik A N , fi . A - 5 ML ? - M-Sf, .ff "' in ,f 5 " . 'Q ' , - 'iflfvfm 1:1-q'iL W , H . WA .. 1 K , , ., kiisfwx y my , Y 9 5 ' 1 , 48 Q , ,Z ,VL:. A i1.,,5i I A, A As' K 12,5 a J. . Ql' .-L ' 9 4, f , fu 3' 'Q' 253 ,U f K 1... , gb A giii 5 J yi A "-1Q2 1, if' ' gf ' , ' Af , M2 , , ' W'iw 5 :wif 3 54, ieae me Me ' Edna Allen "Ed" Ronco Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Chorus 3, 4, Assembly 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4. Favorite Expression-"And l mean." "A poem she could never recite, Although she tried with all her might." Jo Ann August "Jo" McClellandtown Academic Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hall Patrol 3, 4, Laureola Staff 3, 4, Na- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Science Club 3, Student Senate 2, Class President 2, Assembly 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"That's my busi- ness." "Jo worked hard and made good marks, And in activities was one of our sharks." Thomas Francis Balaz "Sick" Edenborn Academic Hobby-Sports. Activities-Football Manager l, 2, 3, 4, Track 3, Tumbling l, 2. Favorite Expression-"That's quite alright." "Tom was a handy man, that's what I mean, As the manager of the football team." Shirley Elaine Bittinger Hibbs Academic Hobby-Needlework. Activities-Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Library Club 3, 4, Science Club 3, Chorus 4, Class Party Committee 4, Assembly 4. Favorite Expression--"Wanna bet?" "Her good nature is a thing For which her praise is sure to ring." Cecelia Blasinsky "Cyl" Ronco Commercial Hobby-Dancing and Collecting Snap- shots. Activities-Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4. Favorite Expression-"That's for sure." "Never sad, always gay. She says that's the best way." Irene Sophia Bokach "Rena" Ronco Commercial Hobby-Reading. Activities-German Hi News l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Cho- rus l, 2, 4, Homeroom Assembly 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer l, 2, 4, Stu- dent Senate 2, 4, Laureola Staff 4, All-County Chorus 2. "She hasn't much to say these days, Because she's found that quiet- ness pays." H. ah' ,X ' K '1i. 3 3 we N Ii'-flb.:.,ff' 'Qi ' x"-'f'Q',g3 Hi ' Wg., 15 ?55-f. , f ,NS 'pi r1,' ' ons, .3 4 'Q W .W '91 J UN .1031 . lflw .ygg img :gig ..VV EW Luke Paul Arendash "Duke" Edenborn General Hobby-Chasing girls, especially blondes. Activities--Homeroom Assembly 4, Science Club 3. Favorite Expression-"You don't know." "He is very shy and bashful, 'tis said For when a girl looks at him, he just drops his head." Sarah F. Baker "Sally" Leckrone Commercial Hobby-Dancing, Movies. Activities-Class Officer i, Home- room Officer l, 3, Student Senate l, Assembly 3, Arts Craft 3, 4, Chorus 4, Secretarial Club 4, Class Party Committee 4. Favorite Expression-"That's for sure!" "She's ever jolly, this peppy gal. Not short, not tall, but just a pal." Rosalia M. Baran "Blondie" Leckrone Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Arts Craft Club 3, 4, iecretarial Club 4, Drivers Training Favorite Expression-"l don't know." "A noiseless girl is she, Yet busy as can be." William N. Blanc "Bill" Lambert Academic Hobby-Movies. Activities-Science Club 3, Basket- ball 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"Not this time." "For a girl he wouldn't move a trunk, He says they're all a lot of bunk." William Bolas "Speedy" Lambert General Hobby-Hunting. Activities-Homeroom Treasurer 4, Assembly 4. Favorite Expression-"Not now, Moose." "A bashful boys without a fear, For a girl he wouldn't even shed a tear." Frances Ann Boskovich "Fran" Ronco Academic Hobby-Reading. Activities--Arts Craft Club 4, Home- room Officer l, 2, 4. Favorite Expression--"Not Here." "Though she wants a career, she is fated for life, To get a good husband, and be a good wife." we me fm We af F 5 Irene Frances Bozek "Rene" Leckrone Commercigl Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Sec- retarial Club 4, Class Party Commit- tee 2. Favorite Expression-"Boy, that's for sure." "This girl is mild and quite meek, Tho' swift to hear and slow to speak." Doris Leona Burkholder "DoDo" R0lPl" Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Arts Craft Club 3. Favorite Expression-"Is that so?" "Dark hair and eyes of blue, To her friends she'll ever be true." Edward Emett Bynum "Bobby" Eder1lDOl'n Academic Hobby-Playing the piano. Activities-Chorus 3, Assembly 3. "He won't be a doctor, a lawyer, or dentist, Ed's ambition is to be a chem- ist." Regina Cassidy "Jeanie" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, German Hi News 2, 3, 4, Assembly 2, 4, Drivers Training Course 4. Favorite Expression--"Are you kid- ding!" "ln her gentle quiet way, Winning friends from day to day." Martha Louise Christopher. "Chris" Palmer Commercial Hobby-Dancing and Skating. Activities-Assembly 2, 3, 4. Favoriie Expression-"Gee Whiz!" "Martha had a chosen path, Puzzling out her daily math." Virginia Genevieve Crayton "Jinny" Footedale Rd. Commercial Hobby-Movies. Activities-Chorus 4, Secretarial Club 4, Drivers Training 4. Favorite Expression-"Are you kid- ding?" "She tried and tried these last few days, lo glet less D's and a few more s. AT so fi s '1V'e..' P 3 ,E 2 as " ,Q 1 P 1 K Q 1 Y 4 K ' ' ' l spit , I ' A if 1 .. K ' .Q is. , A - E. ., V V, Emfies - ' Hs ,gi .S g H . 4 ' ii.. . ., y., - f, 11 L' -- , A I " I ff fem. . 1, 5. 5,1 ii, 6 -wen: " X fl -ivy as no .- ' 'iii 5' 7"-ii is b f ' 1' 1' s u Frank S. Bryan "Frankie" Masontown Academic Hobby-Swimming and Playing the Piano. Activities-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, County Chorus 2, 3, 4, County Band 3, 4, Assembly l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Fayette County Jr. Red Cross President, Laureola 4. Favorite Expression-"Well, I don't know but l've been told." "A well liked boy with a deep bass voice, The concert stage may be his choice." Mary Annetta Byers "Netta" Hibbs Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Literary Club l, Tri-Hi- Y 2, 3, Homeroom Assembly 2, 3, Chorus 4. Favorite Expression-"Golly." "Silence is golden, they say, So perhaps that's why she's that way." Eleanor Bynum "Eli" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Typing. Activities-Chorus l, 2, Assembly l, 2. Favorite Expression-"ls that right!" "Never worry, never fear, She's a friend to all, both far and near." nte "Ta" Academic and Dancing. Officer l, 2, 4, Officer 'l, 2, 4, Majorette 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Student Senate Officer 4, Assembly 2, 3, 4, Laureola Staff l, 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"l don't know 't all." "Ta is jolly and always gay, She'lI do something great some- day." Delmar Cover "Del" Ralph General Hobby-Music. Activities-Band 3, 4, Science C-lub 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"Boy, l wish l were out of school." "Delmar's a fine student and never in trouble, lt's too bad for German he hasn't a double." Mildred Marie Cuppett "Millie" McCIellandtown Academic Hobby-Talking. Activities-Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Library Club 4, German Hi News 4, Assembly 3, 4, Art Crafts Club 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"Who said so?" "A small girl with a big heart, Always ready to do her part." mia and 46:36 cz Za!! ,WWQ Eleanor Mabel Dantzler "Punch" Footedale Commercial Hobby-Cooking, Going Places, and Dancing. Activities-German Hi News 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Chorus l, 2, 35 Assembly 2, 45 Drivers Training 4. Favorite Expression-"Ahl mess-A hard timing knot and Mammy's fun- Real crazy!" "Modest, polite, and very neat, A friend to all and very sweet." Rosie Davis "Roe" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Reading. Activities-Secretarial C-lub 45 Drivers Training 4. Favorite Expression-"Aw, Girl! You must be crazy." "A little wee voice oft in a far corner, Some day she'll be rewarded like Little .lack Horner." Louis Defrank "Lou" Footedale General Hobby-Movies and Playing Pool. Activities-Assembly 3, 4. Favorite Expression--"How true!" "A ladies man is Louie dear, But he'll be caught some day we fear." Richard Digivon "Angie" Edenborn Genera-l Hobby-Eating. Activities-Band l, 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"You don't know." "He can't play a saxophone, But just give him a slide-trom- bone." Frank E. Durst "Farmer" Balsinger Commercial Hobby-Sports and Eating. Activities--Basketball Manager l5 Assembly 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"No kidding!" "He's shy with the girls and can't wink his eyes, When he's alone you'd be sur- prised." Ruby Fitzgerald "Lottie" Ronco Commercial Hobby-Reading. Activities-Assembly 2, 3, 45 Secre- tarial Club 45 Literary Club 2, Chorus 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"Cheese and rice." "Rather quiet, rather bright, But in for fun, she's alright." 'Rh , . fw-f 1 A' . E We , 6 E Ei yqgf... 1 ,gif f . . , ,? .- i ii it 1' . . i . . 'w fvps V., .J 9-f .Y ff Jack Davis High Hous' Academic Hobby-Sr Activitiese ,tball 2, 35 Track 25 Hi-Y 2, 3, 'lj German Hi News 45 Laureola Staff 45 Forensic Play 45 Assembly 2, 45 Science Club 45 Let- terman's CIub5 Pres. of Hi-Y 4. Favorite Expression--"l know what you mean." "There's a demand for sugar, a demand for candy, A demand for Jack 'cause the girls think he's dandy." Winona Davis Ronco General Hobby-Reading. Activities-Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 German Hi News 3, 45 Laureala 3, 45 All County Cho- rus 35 Forensic Music Contest 3. "When she finishes tickling the keys, She begins to say, "Your num- ber, please." Joseph Demeter "Joe" Footedale Academic Hobby-Relaxing and Dreaming. Activities--Student Senate 35 Science Club 35 Assembly 2, 3, 45 Class Party Committee 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"lf you know, tell. me." "Believes that wisdom and wo- V men go hand-in-hand." Mike Dobish "Smokey" Footedale General Hobby-Pool. Activities-Assembly 35 Tumbling l, 2. Favorite Expression-"Get out, man!" "He likes to draw and read good books, But best of all he likes good cooks." Mary Ethel Fisher "Pee Wee" Ronco Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Hall Patrol l, 25 Assembly 2. f , Favorite Expressidn--"Think so!" ,f'Bfcause she's short, she never 117 'does'pine, ,Jfls good to be just short and 'J shine." Twila Jean Franks High House Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Favorite Expression-"Are you kid- ding!" "A very thin little lass, She's the smallestlin the class." kaaewkawazbcwcl dead... Delores'1Gadd "Dewey" Ralph Commercial Hobby--Dancing and Singing. Activities-Chorus 2, 3, 4, Home- room Officer l, Assembly 3, Litera- ture Club 2. Favorite Expression-"Yes, of course." "Dewey is quiet and full of fun, She is liked by everyone." Ernestine E. Gary "Boo" Edenborn Commercial Hobby--Skating, Basketball, Dancing. Activities-Chorus l, 2, 4, Girls' Basketball 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4, Assembly 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression--"I don't know how you sound-fool." D "Boo" 'likes athletics in all shapes and forms, But her other studies, she'd like to scorn." Janet Glad "Dimples" Little Cleveland Commercial Hobby-Dancing and Playing the Ac- cordion. Activities-Assembly 3, 4, Laureala Staff 4, Drivers Training 4. Favorite Expression--"Are you kid- ding?" "Janet is terribly bashful and shy, But that doesn't say they'll pass her by." Mary Lou Goletz "Lou" Gates Commercial Hobby-Dancing and Dating. Activities-Arts Craft C-lub 3, Chorus 3, Literary Club 2, Assembly 2. Favorite Expression-"Beniamin." "She has each night a new beau, A new dress, and a place to go." Howard Green "Jay" Gates Academic Hobby-Women. Activities-Football i, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4. Favorite Expression-"Hi Babes!" "Jay doesn't care for conduct rules, lf he gets rich, he'll banish schools." Margaret Hanigosky "Margie" Footedale Commercial Hobby-Stamp Collecting and Dancing. Activities-Chorus 4, Drivers Training 4, Secretarial Club 4, Arts Craft Club 4, Assembly 4. Favorite Expression-"Are you kid- ding?" "A stay-at-home girl is this one, 'tis said, Believes in early to rise and early to bed." Ronald John Galie "Dago" Ralph General Hobby-Boxing and Sports. Favorite Expression-"Step on who?" "He goes along in his own quiet WOYI Nothing to do and less to say." Thomas Gera "Tom" Edenborn General Hobby-Sports. Activities-Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Stu- dent Senate 4. Favorite Expression-"What's the matter?" "Tall, dark, and handsome are Tom's traits, With every girl he highly rates." Floyd Gladman Edenborn General Activities-Football 3, Basketball 3, Baseball 4. "Pet peeve-girls, special in- terest-money, Floyd's future will be ci honey." 'Nelson Harry Gray "Harry" Ranco General Hobby-Hunting and Pool. Activities-Hi-Y 3, Science Club 4. Favorite Expression-"Don't get ex- cited, Frank, there's three feet on this side." "Nelson's the apple of every girl's eye, His friends all agree that he's quite a guy." Janet Selma Hall "Jan" Edenborn Hobby--Dancing and Drawing. Activities-Assembly 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y Officer 4, German Hi News 4, Party Committee 4. Favorite Expression--"I don't know." "A pleasant girl and quite de- mure, Our noted artist to be sure." Genevieve Hanuschock "Jeanie" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Assembly 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Usherette 3, Decorating Com- mittee 3. Favorite Eaipression-"What's up, Kid?" "Earnest in her studies worked, One thing sure, she never shirk- ed., 1, A ilu Y' Us g X 20 2, ,rf ' if I 1 i ?ccz'czZZcw5t5 --- Joann Hardy "Ja" Palmer Commercial Hobby-Dancing and Swimming. Activities-Chorus 45 Secretarial Club 45 Assembly 45 Band 35 Junior Usher- ette 3. Favorite Expression-"Go back-go way back." "She has her friends like all the rest, But Fanchon and Agnes are the best." Robert Hernansky "Bob" Footedale General Hobby-Hunting. Activities-Assembly 2. Favorite Expression--"Stand up and say that, boy." "Robert has a girl, they claim, But then, he won't tell her name." James Lloyd Hiles "Jim" Edenborn General Hobby-Hunting. "Fun and laughter are yours to enjoy, If vou're a friend of this jovial boy." Andrew Hoholick "HollyhOCk" Ronco Academic Hobby-Fishing, Swimming. Activities-Basketball l, 25 Chorus 4. Favorite Expression-"l wanna go home, Doc." "ln school Andy's known to be very quiet5 But when he gets out, he's really a riot." Joe Hrusovsky "Hog" Ronco General Hobby-Hunting. Activities-J. V. Basketball l, 25 Track 2. "My tongue within my lips I reign, But who talks much, must ta-lk in vain." Geraldine Doris Jackson "Deanie" Masontown Commercial Hobby-Dancing, Going places. Activities-Chorus 25 Basketball 2, 35 Assembly 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 3. Favorite Expression-"Ah! Stew-l have news for you." "ln her there was a yearning To come to our institution of learning." Za , . , Chard C. Harrison :"Chat" Lamberton General Hobby-Hunting and Fishing. Activities-Track l, 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"Go away." "Chard is the reason why teach- ers get gray. He says studying just doesn't PGY- Earl Francis Hiles "Red" Edenborn General Hobby-fishinng and Hunting. "He is a youth with flaming hair, So take the warning girl-s, bewa re!" Doris Hill "Dodey" Gates Academic Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Chorus 2, 3, 45 Literary Club 25 Assembly 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Volleyball 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression--"No joke." A winsome lass without a care, Who keeps her friends by play- ing fair." Evelyn Hrivnak "Eve" Footedale Commercial Hobby--Dancing. Activities-German Hi News l, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 45 Homeroom Officer 35 Student Senate 35 Secretarial Club 45 Literary Club 25 Party Committee l, 2, 35 Drivers Training 4. Favorite Expression-"O.K.l quit it." "Like everybody else, she likes her fun, But none af her studies does she shun." William Steve Hrusavsky "Pep" Leckrone General Hobby-Hunting. Activities-Assembly 2, 35 Home- room Officer. Favorite Expression-"More power to you." "Of all the boys in G.T.H.S., William is one of the best." William Jeffries "Jeff" Hibbs General Hobby-Hunting. Activities-Assembly 4. Favorite Expression-"Huh! You think I ain't slick?" "His hobby is girls, and well he knows, They keep him rushing on his toes." akecadaakczzfomzecafwle... Ray Linn Johns "Dimples" Messmore Commercial Hobby-Driving. Activities-Assembly 2, 3, 45 Class Party Committee 2. Favorite Expression-"Give me time." "A lad who works hard every dev, ls a boy that goes by the name of Ray." John Jyaehoslcy "Big" Footedale General "Apparently very quiet is John, But out in a crowd, quite a clown." John Joseph Kish "Lash" Masontown General Hobby-Day Dreaming. Activities-Band l, 2, 3, 45 Band Concert l, 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"I wish I knew." "A manly youth and fair, He plays the game on the square." Betty Jean Kalnosky "Betts" Footedale Road Commercial Hobby--Music and Fashions. Activities-National Honor Society 3, 45 Literary Club 25 Arts Craft Club 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Party Com- mittee l, 35 Homeroom Assembly 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Usherette 4. Favorite Expression-"Aw right." "Fond of fun5 full of pep, And on the dance floor sure can step." George Krovich Ronco General Hobby-Baseball, Football, Basket- bal-l. "He has for his future a great "chance", But then really, he "caun't daunce." Esther Jeanne Lawrence "Es" Gates Commercial Hobby-Talking and going to Mason- town. Activities-Secretarial Club 4. Favorite Expression-"You know." "Good things come in small packages, we've heard, And we agree with that old proverb." .Qt was .fro Samuel George Johnson "Sam" Balsinger General Hobby-Sports and Eating. Activities-Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Student Senate Pres. 45 Homeroom Officer 45 Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 45 Science Club 45 Assembly 45 Chorus 3, 45 Class Party Committee 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"You don't say. ' "When Sam plays football he doesn't stop, To get a signal from a traffic cop." Mike Andrew Kalfut "Mickey" Footedale General Hobby-Sports, Movies. Activities-Student Senate I5 Foot- ball 3, 45 Track 35 Baseball 25 Class Officer 2, 35 Homeroom Officer 3. Favorite Expression-"Boy! That was o rough class," "MichaeI Kalfut, Mickey for short, Plays good football and is a good sport." Annamary Kloock "Klutch" Ronco Commercial Hobby-Listening to Hawkshaw. Favorite Expression--"Skip it!" "Nearly all of our dreams go riding by, And so do all Klutch's5 she's destined to fly." Michael Kristofsky Lillian Kathleen Kucinie "Lolo" Ronco General Hobby-Music. Activities-Homeroom Officer i, 25 Student Senate l, 25 Literary Club 25 Assembly 2, 45 Arts Craft 45 Laure- ola Staff 4. Favorite Expression-"Don't be ab- surd." "A form more fair, a face more sweet, Never hath it been my lot to meet." Mary Ann Leachma "Mimi" Ronco Commercial Hobby-Movies Activities--Dra tic Club , 35 Dro- matic Club Pla 3' As mb-ly 2, 45 Secretarial Cl f 4 Favori . ssi -' Hey! Babe." ' E-ei e ouldn't lead a . ro 's f ite, f She' be nobody else, but Q president's wife." Carmen Anita Lecea "Carmie" Masontown Academic Hobby-Dancing. Activities--Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Laureola Staff 45 Hall Patrol 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Assembly 3, 45 Homeroom Officer 2, 35 Class Party Committee l, 2, 35 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"Why?" "She does her daily tasks each dey, And walks the straight and nar- row wav." Helen Jean Malcovsky "Jeanne" Masontown Commercial Hobby-Dancing, Skating. Activities-Arts Craft Club 3, 45 Chorus 45 Assembly 4. Favorite Expression-"Bite me." "A gentle smile and sparkling eyes, Have won for Helen many a prize." Jacquelyn Matthews "Jackie" Footedale Acqdemig Hobbly-Talking. Activities-Student Senate 45 Ger- man Hi News 2, 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Assembly 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"Notch." "She worked her hardest, did her best, And seldom had much time to rest." Mary Ann McKetta "Skeeter" Gates Academic Hobby-Dancing, Fashions. Activities-National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Senate l, 45 Arts Craft Club 3, 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra l, 2, 3, 45 Laureola Staff l, 2, 3, 45 Class Officer l5 Assembly l, 2, 3, 45 Forensic Play 4. Favorite Expression-"Say there!" "A charming lass with eyes of brown, Always a smile, never a frown." Ethel Elaine Miller "Elaine" MT. Sterling Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Favorite Expression-"Oh, Brotherl" "A very busy girl is she, 'Twixt her school work and home duty." Gazella Mlcuch "Dell" McClellandtown Academic Hobby-Skating. Activities-Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Science Club 35 Library Club 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Senate 45 Homeroom Officer 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"He's mad at me, again." "AIways happy, never blue, To her friend Joan, she'll ever be true." ' 79911 vw-4 Fanchon Lowery "Shorty" Footedale Commercial Hobby-Acrobatic Dancing. Activities-Tri-Hi-Y 45 Secretarial Club 45 Assembly 3, 45 Attended South Union l, 2. Favorite Expression-"Hi, Gesmo!" "A dancer of unusual skill, Who never failed and never will." Catherine Marchin "Cat" Ronco Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Chorus 35 Assembly 25 Student Senate 35 Secretarial Club 4. Favorite Expression-"Don't kid your- self." "A pretty face, a winsome smile, Makes our Catherine so worth whi-ln " Idamae McCoy "Ida" Lamberton Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Class Program Committee 35 As- sembly 4. Favorite Expression-"My Goodnessl" "Friendly and happy are 'lda's' traits5 She's as unpredictable as the Fates." Bernard McManus "Bo" Footedale General Hobby-Sports. Favorite Expression-"How you doin', man?" "Here's to Bernard, liked by all, It seems l1::'ll never, never grow tall." Marian Mincer "MiMi" Ronco Academic Hobby--Sports. Activities-German Hi News 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Science Club 45 Hall Patrol l, 25 Literary Club l5 As- sembly 45 Chorus 35 Laureola Staff 45 Drivers Training 4. Favorite Expression--"No fooling." "Bringing gladness on a weary day, Makes 'MiMi' glad too, 'cause she's that way." Joseph A. Molley "Punk" Lambert General Hobby--Dancing. Activities-Student Senate 2, 3. Favorite Expression-"That's for sure." "Hearts of lassies skip a beat, When Joe is coming down the street." PZ Victoria R. Molnar "Voova" Eder1bOfr1 Commercial Hobby-Golfing, Bowling, Sleeping. Activities-Literary Club 2, Assembly 3. Favorite Expression-"Ah, Shucks!" "As cheerful as the morning sun, 'Voova' is always full of fun." Frank Andrew Muzidal "Butch" BGlSir1ger General Hobby-Baseball. Favorite Expression--"lt's all in your head." " 'Butch' would very seldom speak, But even so was quite a sheek." Donna Rae Nicholson "Donnie" Palmer Commercial Hobby-Collecting Soil and Dancing. Activities-Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Usherette 35 Assembly 3, 4, Secre- tarial Club 4. Favorite Expression-"l doubt it." "She's so small and so very quiet, She has a heart, but you can't buy it." Sophie Barbara Niemits Footedale Commercial Hobby-Singing and Needlework. Activities-Secretarial C-lub 4. Favorite Expression-"Have Mercy!" "With us all Sophie's bound to click, She's a friend you're sure to pick." Donald Lee Osler "Os" Ralph General Hobby-Skating and Eating. Activities--Hall Patrol l. Favorite Expression-"Could be." "He's very shy when its comes to girls, Because they tease him about his curls." Frances Rose Papa "TweetIe" Footedale Commercial Hobby-Sleeping. Activities-Party Committee l, 4, Drivers Training 45 Chorus 3. Favorite Expression-"Boy! You're crackin' up, kid." "lf you want to have some fun, Just watch Frances chewing her gum." ge. I if I I W f 8 fruit R. Munczenski 1,-I-ut., l if am erton ' V A , Hobby-Hunting. 3 F' A s l C iii. I V -r" llii Y , r Benton M. Newcomer "Ben" . .1 .r V V High House Academic V .,g.., Hobby-Coin Collecting and Music. , , N Activities-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 45 Student . .,, e f, senate 1, 2, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, or- . ,-, 'i'1 5 ...L VV chestra l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 45 'Q ,,i' yfj V sg, l,.' All County Chorus and Band 2, 3, 4, A Vy-. W ' e Western District Band Festival 4, 1 t ', V' 513, ,,. in ii Forensic Play 4, Assembly 2, 3, 4, 'rii U ii'1T Science Club 3. -.-. '..:-"r.I. . . , s.,i Favorite Expression-'Got your -r 7 ,r THQ?" 'ti' .,.,, V1 ,.,,.,,. V, "lf any mathematical problems arise 'F i G0 To Ben Und be Qdvlsed- V' V '- '- ,i ff - QV -,-V fm-4 I . Fred Stanley Niemits "Fritz" V -',. ' ' i A i ' - ' Footedale General ii L Hobby-Swimming and Pool. V. ' Favorite Expression-"Look at that!" -iyg "Oh, I often have heard de- , - tended, ii rigl ' ' 421 , X Little said is soonest mended." 3 if fleets ' F , ,, ,,.. S , late? 2 V l , - V-V ' ee.. William O'DonnelI "Bill" f A A V Gates Academic ,V - ' . Hobby-Sports and Dancing. V -f . gm Activities-Football 2, 3, 4, Base- ' 1. A 1 is ll 4 Wt' V ' . 'Q ' O ,' , .,, ' A . VV - '., F Favorite Expression-"Don't feel bad H 5 E:-1 .Ir . v , V A' , Z' donft 11 Aj He can make a touchdown fit ., ,,ijiQ'f ',..,,,, . '-"-:i- ... to kill, QV And everyone yells, 'Yeah for 'Bau'.' " V - Jun. Patten. "Julie" . . V .. V Ronco General ' V V, - .g ,ii V g 1 Hobby-Music. V VVVVV E.. Activities-German Hi News 3, Cho- m.5i'1-l.Qi1:fLj,,-2. 9 2 - rus 35 Homeroom Assembly 45 Party if i'V-' A Committee lg Homeroom Officer l. V,i" " Q QQ. 2, Favorite Expression-"True." i i r "Nicely built and rather small, Vi V i ' She's sure to be a queen at a 'V b ll." , gift, fx a ,.ii W . t VK f N . ff ',,' ,. , ,," Mose Lee Parnell "Mo" . - 'Q ' Lamberton General .QV V,2. Q , 'j ?f-Vf la Hobby-Late Hours. f - M V Activities-Assembly 4. 1: 6 ' , Favorite Expression-"That's the A 1 stuff you gotta watch." VV gf L "We never saw him in a hurry, -. But he got there, don't you i g V, 51 rg' W 'Wg VV-...., ,,. . , Tk. WOITY. A friii 155 "-i ifwygwii ' ' ,v ,ifiz-f ' . w i Al 11 . 5 24 , ff Wmdetaf af ,1zmaamZ6z'6ee.,. Frank R. Petts "Ben" Ronco General Hobby-Sports. Favorite Expression-"Listen, Stu- id." p "Upon this verse we have to stumble, We wonder if Frankie is proud or humble." Ted T. Pikulsky "Pickles" Footedale General Hobby-Sports. Activities-Football 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Letterman's Club 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"Aw, skip it." "Near the middle of his studies, ln the air he's rather high, But he'll bend down to earth When a little girl says, 'Hi.' " Eleanor Barbara Polander "El" Footedale Commercial Hobby-Hair Styling. Activities-Secretarial Club 4, Class Party Committee l. Favorite Expression-"Not again." "El will be an ideal wife, Her fortune reads, 'A Prosperous Life.' " Mary Frances Pontorero "Mare" Masontown Commercial. Hobby-Baby Sitting. Activities-Class Party Committee l. Favorite Expression-"Hey-Hi." "She does her work and goes her way, But never has very much to say." Iris Naomi Powell "Red" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Bicycle Riding and Going Places. Activities-Secretarial Club 4, As- sembly 4, Volleyball and Basketball l, 2. Favorite Expression-"ls that so?" "A girl with a smile that is quite rare, And lovely ripping curly hair." Margaret Rehanek "Peg" Masontown ACC!Cler'f1iC Hobby-Dancing. Activities4Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orches- tra l, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Hall Patrol 3, 4, Laureola l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, All-County Band 2, As- sembly 2, Class Officer 2. Favorite Expression-"Best you bet- ter." "Lovely Peggy, the envy of girls, To win her heart caused many quarrels." Rose Madonna Petty "Dumpy" Polmer Commercial Hobby-Skating and Going Places. Activities-German Hi News 4, Cho- rus 2, 3, 4, Assembly 3, 4, Girls' Basketball and Volleyball 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"Real gone." "Happy is she, from cares she's free, Madonna displays her smile for all to see." Bette Ann Plesh "Bette" Masontown Commercial Hobby-Roler Skating. Activities-National Honor Society 3, 4, Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Laureola 4, Secretarial Club 4, Homeroom As- sembly 2, 4, President of Arts Craft 4. Favorite Expression-"Boyl Oh day!" "A very likab-le girl, full of humor and wit, Bright and audacious, all this, every bit.f' Audrey Faye Pollard "Aud" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Movies and going places. Activities-Chorus 2, 3, 4, Assembly 4, Girls' Volleyball and Basketball 3. Favorite Expression-"You don't say." "To be a success is 'Aud's' am- bition, " "Nice as she is, she'll fill any position." Donald Powell "Fluke" Lamberton General Hobby-Fishing. Activities-Chorus 4, Track l. Favorite Expression-"Not now, Moose. l'll tell you when." "A little nonsense, now and then, ls released by the best of men." Edward W. Pritt "Ed" McClellandtown Academic Activities-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Science Club 3, Assembly 2, 4. Favorite Expression-"Not this boy." "Although 'Ed's' hobby is play- ing jokes, He really is a nice boy, folks!" Rudy Risko "Rish" Ralph Commercial Hobby-Sleeping. Activities-Assembly 4. Favorite Expression-"Hey, check that kid." "Rudy is a typical American bow Like all the others, he's for from coy." We Mary Lucille Rockwell "Irish" Leckrone Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Tri-Hi-Y 4, Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4, Cheer Leader 3, 4, Assembly 2, 3, 4, Class Party Committee l, 2, 3. Favorite Expression-"Hi, Gismo." "She worked hard as you may guess, For her Alma Mater, G.H.S." Helen Mary Rosinsky "Lah" Ronco Commercial l-lobby-Listening to Sammy Kaye. Favorite Expression-"Forget it." "Four years she's been at G.H.S, And knows they'll always be her best." Robert Ross "Bob" Leckrone General Hobby-Eating ice cream. Favorite Expression-"Na joke? You're kidding?" "Robert has a girl, they claim, But then, he won't tell her name." Harriet Roush Gates Commercial Hobby-Skating and Dancing. Activities-Band l, 2, 3. "On the very sunny side of the street, Friendly Harriet you're bound to meet." Joseph Sabol "Seb" Footedale General Hobby-Playing Pool and Movies, Activities-Assembly 4, Chorus 3. Favorite Expression-"You know." "His smile and cheerful grin For him many friends they win." Clara Scott "Bunny" Lamberton Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Chorus lj Assembly l. Favorite Expression-"Go on kid, you got the business." "Marriage is her only ambition, Her plans involve that old tra- ditionf' 4:7766 isl- A Vk.y.- g -"" ., , ,.'.2 -.V. 1 . ,l. 2- essr c C - C z ,,,. 'X . V , S iill .. 'Mtv Five 26 lda Marie Rose "Shorty" Ralph Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Chorus 3, 4. "She never left her work un- done, And yet always had her fun." Lennra J. Ross "Jean" Palmer Academic l-lobby-Sewing. Activities-Assembly 4. Favorite Expression--"Real gone." "She hasn't much to say these days, Because she's found that quiet- ness pays." Rose Ross "Rosie" Ronco Commercial Hobby--Dancing. Activities-Secretarial Club 4. Favorite Expression-"You know." "When describing Rose use the word petite, She has the poise we rarely meet." Steve Rusnock Footedale Louella Salopek "Lou" Masontown Commercial Hobby-Eating bun bars. Activities-Arts Craft Club 3, 45 Chorus 4. Favorite Expression-"Ah, get out." "Louella is of the quiet, bashtul sort, You'll find her to be a mighty good sport." Anna Mae Scruggs "Red" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Reading. Activities-Assembly 4. Favorite Expression-"Oh, my good- ness." "ln again, out again of dire complications, That was our 'Red'-quite a sensation." 79 me iowa' 4177! John Leo Sefcheek "Yush" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Drawing and Swimming. "We hope that when 'Yush' has grown very old, He'lI still be able to knock 'em cold." Edward Shotyk "Ed" Balsinger Commercial Hobby-Hunting. Activities-Tumbling l, 2, Assembly 4, Library Club 2. Favorite Expression-"ls that so?" "Edward is always so jolly, Laughing is his greatest folly." Dolores Shepper "Dolly" Gates Commercial Hobby-Dancing and Skating. Activities-Hall Patrol 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 2, 4, Assembly 2, 3, Chorus 3, 4, Teachers Secretary 4. Favorite Expression-"Oh! you make me so mad!" "Gentlemen prefer blondes so l've been told, But in this case the saying flnnen't- l-mlrl " Michael Shultz "Mike' Messmore Commercial Hobby-Sports and Jalopy racing. Activities-Science Club 4, Baseball 3, 4, Assembly 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3. 4. Favorite Expression-"Get her out of second, Decan." "When he shouts, this mighty clown, Can be heard all around the town." Betty Smell "Smell" Balsinger Commercial Hobby--Dancing. Activities-Literary Club 2, German Hi News l, 2, Hall Patrol 3, 4, Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Assembly 4, ghorus4 2, Class Party Committee , 3, - "Free as a feather in the breeze, 'Smell's' the one we like to tease." Clara Jane Smith "Janie" High House Academic Hobby-Eating and Reading. Activities-National Honor Society 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Library Club 4, Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Science Club 3, Assembly 3, 4, Girls' Volleyball and Basketball 2, 3. Favorite Expression-"lt's one way, may not be the right way but it is one way." "She and Mildred are as one, With them we sure have our un." ll M7 Q Louis Setcheek "Lou" Edenborn General Hobby-Playing Pool. Activities-Band l, 2, 3. Favorite Expression-"Broke whose leg?" "One says he's hers, the other, he's mine, We wonder if all fellows have the same line." Thomas William Shaffer "Muscles" Messmore Commercial Hobby-Hunting and Football. Activities-Student Senate 3, 4, Ger- man Hi News 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Assembly 3, 4, Tumbling l, 2, Homeroom Officer 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"Man, oh man!" "Although this fellow is rather small, He's quite a whiz in playing football." Dorothy Mae Shick "Dot" Messmore Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities--Homeroom Assembly 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4, Usherette 3. Favorite Expression-"Oh, darn it." "Dot's special interest is brown eyes, Could 'He' be the fault of it? Set us wise." Florence Ann Shutty "Flo" Footedale Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Band l, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, National Honor So- ciety 3, 4, Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 2, Assembly 3, Secre- tarial Club 4, Class Party Commit- tee 2, 4, Laureola Staff 4, Usherette 4. l Favorite Expression-"Ohl you dar- ling!" "She likes a boy of football fame, He's tall and handsome, guess his name." Dorothy Jean Smith "Smitty" Lamberton Commercial Hobby-Movies. Activities-National Honor Society 3, 4, Laureola 3, 4, Assembly 2, 4, Stu- dent Senate 2, Secretarial C-lub 4, Library Club 2, Class Party Commit- tee 3, Homeroom Secretary 2, 3. Favorite Expression-"Oh! Gee." "A good stenog we know she'll be She always says, "Don't bother me. ' Richard Smith "Smitty" Gates Commercial Hobby-Loafing. gxctivities-Science Club 4, Assembly , 4. ' Favorite Expression-"ls that right?" "lt's my duty to write this ditty, So l'll iust say thev call you 'Smitty' " We 'ZZ 6462546 tie ' , , Agnes D. Sofranko "Aggie" Footedale Academic Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Class Officer l, 45 Home- room Officer l, 45 Photography Club 35 Student Senate l, 45 German Hi News l, 2, 3, 45 Editor 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Assembly l. "A story writer of note, For our paper she faithfully an-n+n " Dolores Ann Sperko "De" Leckrone Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities-German Hi News l, 2, 3, 45 Literary Club 25 Arts Craft Club 45 Secretarial Club 45 Assembly 45 Class Party Committee 2, 4. Favorite Expression-"Poor little o'I me. "Homework is 'De's' pet peeve, we find5 Dancing's the cure to relieve the mind." Albert Stoner "Babe" Edenborn General Hobby-Dancing. Activities-Homeroom Officer 2, 35 Footba-ll l, 2, 3, 45 Track 35 As- sembly 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"Keep a cool head, poppa." "He just puts you in a trance, When his feet began to dance." William S. Svyantek "Bull" Ralph Academic Hobby-Swimming. Activities-J.V. Football l, Varsity Football 2, 3, 45 Varsity Basketball l, 2, 3, 45 Track l, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball l, 25 Student Senate l, 3, 45 Senior Class President. Favorite Expression-"Cut it out! You're breaking my heart." "A football hero, all girls' ideal5 Will he succeed? We know he wiII." Junior Marion Taylor "Serg" Palmer Commercial Hobby--Swimming and Baseball. Favorite Expression-"No doubt." "Bashfulness he should lay aside, To him who fears to ask, ap- portunity may be denied." Irene Totin "Toby" Edenborn Academic Hobby-Bowling. Activities-Homeroom Officer l5 Hall Patrol l, 2, 3, 45 Literary Club 2' Class Party Committee l, 2, 35 fience Club 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Qfxssembly 2, 3, 45 German Hi News 3, 45 Arts Craft Club 35 Tri-Hi-Y 4. Favorite Expression-"You're crazy." "Her fingers are busy as bees, When she starts typing and tickling the keys." Marjorie Irene Sokol "Marge" Palmer Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities:-Assembly 2, 35 Arts Craft Club 4. Favorite Expression-"ls that right?" " 'Marge' is a gal who, during her life, Will change her name to a housewife." Jean Stavros "Jeanne" Gates Commercial Hobby-Movies and Dancing. Activities-German Hi News 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Student Senate 45 Assembly 2, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Class Party Committee 25 Homeroom Officer 4. Favorite Expression-"Ohl my good- ness." "Outside of school she's happy and gay, But in school she's too busy to play." Alverda Sullenberger "Amber" Leckrone Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities--German Hi News l, 2, 3, 45 Literary Club 25 Arts Craft Club 3, 45 Assembly 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Class Party Committee l, 2, 3, 4. Favorite Express-"Ohl you knOw." "AlI the latest songs she knows, Humming and singing them as she aoes." Agnes Swentko "Aggie" Ralph Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Favorite Expression-"Well, bless my pointed head." "A jolly, good natured gal is she, lt's a pleasure to be in her company." J n Terbovich "Terb" L bert General ' H by-Eating. ctivities-Chorus 3, 4. jl avorite Expression-"lf you say so." 'fl' "Apparently very quiet is John, But out in a crowd, quite the clown." Anthony A. Trincia "Toots" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Swimming. Activities-Football 2, 3, 45 Letter- man's Club 2, 3, 4. , Favorite Expression-"Aw, come on honey." "Tony is mischievous, we all know, Can you picture him with wings? Heavens no!" 70666 4 eezfkegmd' ., Frank Urchasko "Sisko" Ronco General Hobby-Swimming. Favorite Expression-"Never hap- pened." "No hard work for him any more, He'll be a manager of a de- partment store." Robert Wassil "Poodle" Footedale General Hobby-Shooting Pool, Eating, Mov- ies. Favorite Expression-"Oh, Bull, come now." "He's shy with the girls and can't wink his eyes, When he's alone you'd be sur- prised." Selma Louise Williams "Sei" Lambert Commercial Hobby-Singing. Activities-Literary Club 2, Assembly 2, 3, 4, Class Party Committee 2, Chorus 2, 3, 4. Favorite Expression-"You're a pickle." " An 'in-and-out-of-trouble' lass, She's the 'live-wire' of our class." Richard L. Yauger "Red" Masontown Commercia-l Hobby-Talking and Dancing. Activities-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Hall Patrol l, 2, 3, 4, Assembly 2, 4, Laureola Staff 4, Homeroom Officer 3, Chorus 4, Class Party Committee l, 2, 3, Band 2, 4, Magazine Cam- paign Winner l. Favorite Expression-"l'm not gonna say." " 'Red' is one of the silent kind, Who can guess what's on his mind?" Sylvia Louise Yursic "Sil" Gates Commercial Hobby-Reading. Activities-National Honor Society 3, 4, Student Senate 2, 3, Secretarial Club 4, Homeroom Officer 2, 3, As- sembly 2, 4, German Hi News 3, 4, Drivers Training 4. Favorite Expression-"Boyl Am l sIeepy." "A head of hair that would please a queen, And which we all so highly es- teem." Sarah Walters "Sally" Leckrone Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Activities--German Hi News l, 2, 3, 4, Homeroom Officer 2, Arts Craft Club 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Assembly 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4, Class Party Committee l, 3. Favorite Expression-"You're telling me." "She never flunked, she never lied, I reckon that she never tried." DeWayne Whetzel McClellandtown Academic Hobby-Hunting. Qctivities-Science Club 3, Assembly , 4. Favorite Expression-"Gee Whizl" "Shy at first, but now he's older, From day to day, Wayne gets boIder." Jack W. Yauger "Bones" Masontown General Hobby-Sports. Activities-German Hi News 4, Served in U.S. Air Force 3 years. Favorite Expression-"Go get it, kid." "Jack Yauger, an intelligent young mon." Served in the Air Force and helped Uncle Sam." Charles E. Yenco "Shaz" Palmer Academic Hobby-Swimming. Activities--Football 2, 3, 4, Track l, 2, 3, Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Assembly 3, 4, Letterman's Club l, 2, Science Club 3, Class Party Committee 4. Favorite Expression--"Yea, that's true, that's true." "ln 'Vital Statistics' 'Shaz' ranks high, He makes the girls draw a hope- ful sigh." Louise Zabrosky "Lou" Ronco Commercial Hobby-Listening to Hawkshaw. Favorite Expression-"Don't worry, kid." "Louise is one of the silent kind, Who can guess what's on her mind?" 0 77Zn6nz'ennnae nnd Znnnmantntdan Q f- Jesse Mccqnn Newton E, Johnson CHOYIBS E. Er1lOW JeffI'i6S Stacey Our New Building and Parking Lot 0 Bus Drawers Left to Right: James Huhn, Paul D. Johnso Wallace Dugan, and Charles Huhn. X aw fi W 5 7a Wlemafzdam fl My or W e 41 ' gf V Q W " - a ::, K A f, if V' gy, VL , f mn 'gg l-:. , s it M is is V-" ' l K 4 5 ."': , .1 5 is 0 Marlon Smeaurcheclk HERE comes a time for all of us, Although the curtain falls at last When we must say good-bye. ls that a cause to grieve? But faith and hope and love and trust, The future is fairer than the past, Can never, never die. lf only we believe. Trust in God's eternal care, So when the Master calls, Let's say that life is still more fair, Although the curtain falls. I Catherine Allen Veronica Androsky Jean Bailey i John Ba ron 1 Jim Bartok Vincent Basich Elizabeth Bereczky Ruth Berkshire ' I Veronica Blasinsky Nj l Anna Mae Brenzy Samuel Brown Ff Frank Bubash I Doris Caudill Alfred Cavalcante Alma Christian i Robert Clark l Mildred Conway i Lois Coffman l David Condor ' Norma Dillow Edward Dlugopolski Amos Dozier Charles Elleard Nancy Erminio l Sylvia Erminio K ' Helen Fike A , Gloria Fisher S9 Tom Frcnyovich Price Frazier Pearl Gaddis Melvin Galish Richard Garcher l an am fdnqew Marceline Gates Jacob Grace Betty Greenwald Jack Groves Janet Grove Betty Harshman Glenn Harshman William Hanuschock Charmaine 'Hennessey Mary Ann Hopp Grace Ann Hostetler Daniel House Ray Hower Doris Hribal Lois Hribal Tom Hrusovsky John l-ludock Sora Jackson James Jeffries Gloria Javorsky Amy Jenkins Sara Jean Johnson Dorothy Jones George Jordan Shirley Jordan Alex Katrinchak Melvin Kesslar Frank Kish Sylvester Kish Carmeletta Kittredge John Kormanik John Koval Ill 4 wma ,. ef' W5 fm Martin Krempa John Krovich John Kurnot William Kurnot Nick Leachman Robert Leichter Barbara Lilley Phyllis Lonsinger Nick Lozaic Joe Manchus Ruth Ludrosky Clara Markovich Sidney McGill Marie McManus Rose Mehal Frank Meslcvich Carolyn Messenger Leona Michalski Arvonda Mick Lulu Mitchell Dorothy Mlinarcik Donald Mlinarcik Esther Momeyer Sandra Moody Frank Morgan Donna Mumaw Marlene Mumaw John Munczenski Joe Muzidal Pauline Myers Edward Nabozny Edward Nevlud a Bernadine Navotny Larry Owens Dorothy Ozanich l Florence Ozanich James Patitucci Joe Pecosh Clyda Peggues .Mae 'Perkins John Pokorny William Powell J Clarence Price V, Sophie Puscian Jane Race Frank Reed Helen Rura Nola Santella Elizabeth Saradi Huston Scott Sarah Sheranko Clema Shuckhart Arnold Siko Stanley Sidorsky Dorothea Sichko Andrew Skala Catherine Skiles Mike Shockelok Albert Smalley James Smell Dale Smith Robert Spenik Joseph Spirnak Tom Snyder Um M45 ,Mag John Stinson Rosetta Still Julia Stoffa Patrick Stromick Katherine Sulik Charlotte Trimble Wendell Triplett James Turner Dolores Verbos Modalyn Vogini John Voytush Dolores Wallace Alice Walters Janet Whaley George Whitely Evo Wilson Arlene Witt Jane Workman Robert Yanick Sophia Yuric 'M-gi f William Zalof I6 Mike Zumerllng Robert Zuzik 6644464 7446 7704! af Om ima . . . i N A 1 fs P 1 6 ff 'E QQ. 5? 14 Vs M ,1 2 S F g i m6ddZ6'Wt60Z . . . L. Antram D. Augustine K. Bailey E. Baker W. Barber E. Bell J. Bell R. Bell M. Bednaza K. Benko G. Berry V. Bessie H. Bittinger M. Blanc W. Bliss A. Bolas B. Bregan M. Brenzy J. Brown B. Brundege S. Bryan B. Bryner R. Bubash R. Budner G. Burden B. Burnworth D. Burrie Butzchock Byers . Byers Capitoni Carrick Carter Cassidy Cerullo Clark Clark Clark Clark Couser Crise Cumberland Cupka Dantzler Davis Davis Davis DeKatch Deli Dobish Doyle Doyle Dozier Duck Wqdwza and 6692 4eeZ4,,. R. Dulik A. Durst D. Eberly E. Erminio R. Fedor E. Fedorka B. Ferrell B. Ferrell C. Fordyce N. Fox O. Franks A. Fronczek D. Fudella H. Gabelefto R. Galie M. Gary G. Gibel P. Glagola D, Granchi D. Gray T. Greene J. Griffith R. Gurtis C. Gusic K. Hague T. Haigh P. Hancheck P. D. C. E. M M J. J. G. S. L. B. P. R. D. R. C. M B. K. M S. S. R. M. C. H. Harrison Hart Hartwick Herring Holmes Hoop Hixson Hrontz Hrivnak Hrusovsky Hudock Hutzel Jeffries Jordan Korpency Kessler Kino Kloock Kolassa Kormanik Kubica Kukan Kukalo Lapenta Lopez La tsn ic Lawson 53 -M i n. ri I 1 Q si, n E 1 i H E 5 Q i .ifvfwffzrd We 'ae cz lat., I. Lecea P. Pockstoller T. Lee J. Poole J. Lesko R. Posevich S. Lilley G. Potts H. Linton E. Powell A. Lonsinger F- Pl-l5f0Y J. Lukochinsky M- Rocic D. Maddox R- ROUJJO'-19h R. Morsholl F. Reogfm I. Mortinkovic G. Rlffle G. McFadden S. Rockwell D. McGinnis S. Roll R. Micken M. Roman S. Moore P. Rose B. Nedd L. Ross J. Olesh J. Roush S. Onesko J. Sontellu J. Orovetz F. Schorler C. Ozonich K. Seighmon L. Podar E. Seper E. Parker J. Shaffer G. Parnell hick T. Pomeljfll D. shams D. Pough R. Show E J. Pepock R. Shubo C. Perkins B. Shultz D. Petty C. Shultz eacdew aa new . E. Shultz A. Shuss P. Simon C. Slominsky D. Slominsky F. Skala D. Smith E. Smith F. Smith H. Smith L. Smith M. Sokol I. Spirnak N. Stalnaker M. Stanchin M. Stinson A. Stoddard V. Stoffa H. Swetz B. Tatarko J. Taylor S. Tokish A. Townsend F. Townsend M. Trupkovich H. R. S. P. M. T. E. W. K. A. W. J. S. T. J. I. B. R. J. J. Turner Tylko Venanzi Verska Victor Vilk Vilseck Vodney Whaley Wheeler Woods Yenko Yesko Yesko Yursic Zembar Zimcosky Zimcosky Campbell Pollard Oh! My Acllming Back Q 6 Semors a game President-William Svyontek, Vice-President Uncle Newt pulls the switch. -Ben Newcomer, Secretory-Antoinette Cov- olconte, Treasurer-Agnes Sofronko. Sophomores Juniors President-Robert Posevech, Vice-President- Sarah Venonzi, Secretory-Gertrude Hrivanik, Treasurer-Sylvio Onesko. Freshmen President-J ohn Zotlokovicz, Vice-President- Aaron Gore, Secretory-JoAnn Getsie, Treosu President-Stanley Sidorsky, Vice-President- fer-Leona Clemsicl Bob Spenik, Secretary--Mary Ann Hopp Treasurer-Alex Katrinchok. Noon Gomes -an naw 1, iw fa awww Q :ww yi. k 6 if 5, 5 A J ,nwki Q Allen Ansel Ansel Antoinella Arendash August Baer Badovinac Balcik Barber Basich Be-alko Becker Berg Berry Bittner Bolas Brownfield Bryte Bukovitz Bynum Bynum Cantini Carrick Cavalcante Clemsic Collins at Mat... C. Condor J. Cover L. Crago J. Craig E. Crawford C, Cumberland J. Cupko J, Czikray C. Danely D. Davis J. Dean E. Dedo C. DeKatch R. DeVince L. Doyle A. Dzielski L. Eley A. Ellord 45 Une i l N. Erminio J. Ferre L. Fiani -J. Ford M. Ford L. Francis L. Franks N. Franks F. Eronczek E. Frimel S. Gadd R. Gaddis N. Galish A. Gora J. Gefsie H. Glad H. Gibson E. Green L. Guseman A. Habek D. Hall E. Hall I. Hall F. Hanigosky B. Hardy J. Hardy A. Harford zfdzeetagn T. J. W B. B. L. E. M. B. K. A. D. I. W. E. E. A. M. 46 III Havanas Heimic . Helmick Holva Hudock Huhn Jackson Jordan King King Kino Kipila Kobilack Kobylarcheck Koldys Kososky Kotlarsic Kovach 764 fiwf Mane. , . Koziel Lozuka Lee Levandosky Lewis Lewis Lezioc Lilley Lisko Lukachinslay Malcovsky Markovich McFadden McFadden McGinnis McManus McShane Medved Metroka Mickens . Mihalik Miller Mlinarcik Nesnec Nevlud Nichols Norman A. Onifer E. Overton H. Pavlovich S. Paige B. Plaski J. Pokorny C. Pollack G. Pollack C. Powell J. Powell P. Provance L. Rehanek A. Rifenburg H. Rhodes E. Richardson S. Richardson M. Risko D. Rockwell 7w62!6czz'6m-- Wm . . ,..- V l J. Rose W. Rose C. Ross T. Rudinsky J. Ruro B. Scott S. Sefcheck J. Sellers M. Shuba D. Shotyk D. Shotyk R. Simms J. Skalo D. Slodkey F. Smith S. Soblotne J. Solorcheck N. Stanton R. Sterbutzel Sfoyko Stromick Stuck Suhrie Sumey Syrek P. Tarcelo M. Tate I M. Tomcheck N. Townsend T. Ventura W. Vilk L. Walters R. Ward E. Weaver R. Whetzel D. Whitely J. Williams G. Wingrove M. Wise C. Woolridge J. Yadcimac J. Yenco J. Yonish J. Zatlokovicz C. Zelenok R. Zlmcosky C. Zuzak Student Senate fam aa Row 1: Antoinette Cavalcante, Gazella Mlcuch, Sylvia Onesko, Gertrude Hrivnak, Leona Clemsic, Mary Ann l-loop, Sarah Venanzi, lrene Kobilack. Row 2: Regis Schiffbaug h, Jackie Matthews, Agnes Sotranko, Joann Getsie, Katherine Korrnanik, Gloria Ann Lisko, Romana Bell. Row 3: Thomas Shaffer, Sarah Sheranko, Irene Bolcach, Jean Stravos, Mary Ann McKetta, Leona Michalski, Elizabeth Bereczky. Row 4: Sylvester Kish, Robert Posvich, Sarn Johnson, Wil- liam Svyantek, Alex Katrinchak, Pete Glagola, Stanley Sidorsky. Row 5: John Kormanik, Pete D ' Newcomer, Howard Green, Sylvester Hrusovsky, Robert Spenik, ell, Tom Gera, Ben The Hallll Patrol F9 Row 1 Stieff r o righll: Jo Ann August, Peggy Rehanek, Carmen Lecea, lrene Totin, Jean Bailey, Alice Walters. Row 2: Jane Workmen, Dolores Shepper, Patty Jeffries, Betty Smell, Mr. Gault. Row 3: Brent Bryner, Albert Smalley, Paul Versko, Bob Clark, Richard Yauger, Jack Groves. de .fcmfaeala Worries, hard-work, laills, deadlines Row 1 lleft to rightl: Peggy Rehanek, Carmen Lecea, Antoinette Cavalcante, Veronica Blashinsky, Anna Brenzy, Winona Davis, Lois Coffman, Patty Doyle. Row 2: Jo Ann August, Shirley Richardson, Mary Ann McKetta, Bette Plesh, Dorothy Smith, Katherine Kormanik, Cathy Skiles, Grace Ann l-lostetler. Row 3: Charles Elleard, Joan Getsie, Sue Moore, Sarah Sheranko, Lillian Kucinic, Cecelia Polleck, lrene Bokach, Dorothea Sichko. Row 4: - Sylvester Kish, Alice Shuss, Elizabeth Bereczky, Mary Katherine Blanc, Marion Mincer, Aaron Gera, Richard Yauger. Row 5: Frank Bryan, Jack Davis, Pat Stromick, Ben Newcomer, Robert Posvich, Mr. Wright. ,i 3 cf Y 1 ffl' 2 "Now this is the plan." I Y Faculty Committee. The pause that refreshes. l mam? l949 Bond Concert. Mojorettes cs Uslfmerettes E l Will ever Little And the lunch afterwards Wayan I 949 Chorus. W, ,gi u 0 .W 4 you forget Red? 1950 Chorus Usherettes. 6 M A R BANDW, X Row 'I lleft to rightl: Regis Schiffbauer, Gazella Mlcuch, Barbara Lilley, Rita Cavalcante, Charlotte Trimbel, Carolyn Messenger, Delores DeKatch, Patty Dolye, Mary Ann McKetta, Peggy Rehanek. Row 2: Wesley Bliss, Evelyn Smith, Ray Hower, James McGinnis, George Nevlud, Marlene Mumaw, Audrey Ellard, Shirley Soblotne, Joe Koziel, Melvin Kesslar. Row 3: Edward Nevlud, Laura Ansel, Sophie Kukalo, Helen Gibson, Eleanor Becker, Carmen Lecea, Lou Ann Rehanek, Clyde Berg, Jack Cover, Aaron Gara, Richard Digivon. Row 4: Maggie Holmes, Audrey Townsend, Leona Clernsic, Florence Shutty, Betty Kolnosky, George Badovinac, Sidney McGill, James Roush. Row 5: Marietta Gary, Audrey Harford, Anita Rifenburg, Joe Dean, James Jeffries, John Kish, Elezabeth Bereczky, Pete, Glagola, Jim Taylor, Frank Bryan, Sandra Lilley, Paul Tomi, Donald Eberly, Jim Smell. 54 EORWARD MARCH! Peter Uhler Our Director EEE MEETINGS... EOOTBAUL GAMES "From whence cometh that music?" These were the very words of the Freshmen when they entered German Township High. Of course we all knew it was the G.T.H.S. Band. Our band is not merely a school organization but rather it is a municipal institution. Every- one in German Township, music lover or non- music lover, runs to the nearest corner to see the band when they hear the snappy cadence. Very few people realize the work connected with forming that hidden element in a band that makes you want to tap your feet and march with it. Band work started long before anyone was thinking about coming back to school. Last June, July, and August there were summer band rehearsals two evenings a week in prepa- ration for the year to come. Then came the first day of school-and the organization of a marching band. Immediately after the close of football sea- son came the commencement of concert band practice. Although this was the most diffi- cult portion of the year, the work was well rewarded when it formulated a climax for the band year-the spring concert. At this time there was created a feeling of satis- faction mingled with sadness not only be- cause the senior band members hated to leave their friends and the pleasure of band life, but also they felt deeply leaving their friend and director, Peter Uhler. However, we all expect to return to the school and visit our teachers after we graduate. 7Zd7Ql'Z6Z'f64 Row 'I: Gertrude Hrivnak, Antoinette Cavalcante, Mary Ann Hoop. Row 2: Sarah Venanzi, Regina Raubaugh. Row 3: Nancy Stalnaker, Sarah Jean Johnson. Row 4: Lois Hribal, Doris Hribal. Row 5: Florence Reagan, Hazel Smith. Row 6: Delmar Cover-drum-major Whrrl Whrrrl As the shrill whistle sounded, all the majorettes scrambled to get into rank and also into step. The twirlers moved onto the field, lifting their feet high and leading the band they were proud of. Our head majorette, Antoinette Cavalcante, will graduate this year. Our head major, Delmar Cover, will be graduating also. Great Time i-lcd By All Which Twin Le-ods The Bond? Out The Road . . And Bock Again mv RAE!! RAE!! TEAM! TEAM! TEAM! The morale of th to lead us through a barrage of spirited cheers. At nearl away, you could see our pepp insoi t e school certainly perked up when this sextet came dashi Left to Right: Robert Clark, Sylvia Ermin Nick Leachman, Mary Rockwell, head cha leader, Torn Franyovich, and Betty Doyle. edeezdecmfefw ng out y every game, home or y , ra ors, in their flashing black and white with their red G's, cheerin our t g eam to victory. Our head Cheer Leader, Mary Rock- well, will be graduating this year. 15-715- Row 'I: Phyllis Lonsinger, Mildred Cuppett, Jo Ann August, Gazella Mlcuch, Antoinette Cavalcante, Mary Ann Happ, Winona Davis, Pearl Gaddis, Lois Coffman. Row 2: Janet Hall, Ida Mae McCoy, Carmen Lecea, Lois Hribal, Marion Mincer, Doris Hribal, Dorothea Sichko, Anna Mae Brenzy. Row 3: Patty Doyle, Peggy Rehanek, Jean Bailey, Miss Markatan, Janet Whaley, Elizabeth Bereczky, Mary Annette Byers, Regina Cassidy. Row 'l: Sara Jean Johnson, Alice Walters, Barbara Lilley, Carolyn Messenger, Jacquelyn Matthews, Mary Rockwell, Agnes Sofranko, Gertrude Hrivnak, Hazel Smith. Row 2: Sylvia Oneska, Sarah Venanzi, Dolores DeKatch, Sarah Sheranko, Marcia Hoop, Irene Totin, Jane Smith, Loretta Smith. Row 3: Jean Poole, Fanchon Lowery, Leona Michalski, Nola Santella, Mary Blanc, Grace Ann Hostetler, Ann Lonsinger. Row 4: Alice Shuss, Irene Lecea, Katherine Kormanik. , 1-- We Took Our Baskets To The Children's Home The German Hi News Left to Right: Mildred Cuppett, Janet Hall, Dorothy Ozanich, Gloria Javorsky, Florence Ozanich, Dolores Spirko, Elizabeth Seper, Madonna Petty, Jean Bailey, Marcellene Gates, Marian Mincer, Jean Stavores, Regina Cassidy, Agnes Sofranko, Jack Davis, Thomas Shaffer, Mr. Hrivnak, Evelyn Hrivnak, Sylvia Yursic, Mike Kalfut, Charles Ellard, Jack Yauger. One of the hardest-working groups in the school curricular, and extra-curricular, which kept the is the staff or the German Hi News. Our students informed about all special activities, journalists have worked hard all year, trying to gossip, and events at G.T.H.S. ln the future, improve every phase of our newspaper. every member of the staff will belong to the Our paper this year consisted of school news, newly organized Journalism class. The HI-Y The Hi-Y Club is on organization of high school boys working under the supervision of the "Young Men's Christian Association." These bo s re ' d y a organize to create, maintain, and extend through- out our High School a higher standard of Christian Character. Hi-Y boys have as their motto four planks. Clean Speech, Clean Scholarship, Clean Sportsmanship, and Clean Living. Row 'l: Larry Owens, Alex Katrinchak, Ben Newcomer, Jack Davis, Dale Smith. Row 2: Charles Elleard, Edward Pritt, Frank Bryon, Richard Yauger. Row 3: Mr. Gault, Nelson Gray, Charles Yenco, Robert Spenik. cf 65445 Row 1 lleft to rightl: Phyllis Lonsinger, Catherine Allen, Ruth Berkshire, Sylvia Onesko, Irene Lecea. Row 2: Mildred Cuppet, Norma Jean Dillow, Shirley Bittingner, Gazella Mlcuch, Miss Vail. h l k' Jane Smith, Janet Grove, Shirley Murphy. Row 3: Veronica Androsky, Leona Mic as I, Library Club Our school library is a service agency. lt has no distinct subject matter, but provides materials for all subjects and all interests of pupils and teachers. lt becomes increasingly effective as teachers and pupils learn to use its resources . . . I and employ its services for their work and p ay purposes. The school library has a positive, active, teach- ing function. lt supplies materials for develop- ing and expanding interests. The library co- operates with other agencies of instruction in helping pupils learn how to use books and li- brarians, how to find information and how to study. Our school library is a book center. ln it the books and materials to satisfy the interests and to meet the needs of the pupils and teachers of school are organized, cataloged, shelved or We Enjoyed The Christmas Tea. filed, and displayed so as to be easily found and used. One of the best means of developing interest in the school library is the organization of pupil library assistants. Their duties are to take care of periodicals and newspapers, pasting in pock- ets and date-due slips, marking books, circula- tion, charging and returning books, sending overdue notices and collecting fines, and to care for the room itself. Our club meets at the regular school club peri- ods on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. The meetings are devoted to informa- tion about library organizations, such as finding and preparing material. The club plans for oc- casional social events during the year, one of which was a tea held previous to the Christmas vacation for faculty and club organizations. And She Shall Have Music When She Powders Her Nose. -f f I " A .- :Ww C ' 1. sri. -I -if I . D idea , A :fa A g if yy Lgijgjfjgf-fin M Students in practice session for the play "THE GHOST WALKS" r I .,, b , .I r 'I 1 ,- , J ,I I J it ,H 1 .' I 1' .X 1 A rf 1 , V 5 1 K, f ,' ' .A N w f -- I T ., 4 4 4' T . ' ! I -. jk! KK",VI Stage Manager Albert Smolley Property Manager Alex Katrinchak . fi :ffl 1 x A I f 1' f! jj!!! f fx. W , jxfw-K. V3 V, QV yfgCENES FROM "THE GHOST WALKS" ,U .1 J Cl'7l'i5f-rn os pro 910177 ::r::: :Y21:m:::::mU:frJfxfmfmsmfmfmrmmczmifrsXifsrrawxmsrn-::.m::::?:J:sf The Sc-nior Class of German Township High Sc-hnnl prcsenh: A "HobgobIin House" A Hilarious Farce in '!'ln'cc Avis by JAY Tomas 'HN' N.i"+wn V...-if 2 Jul?" 0' ..Ll,'T'-'Q' -' ' CAST Mn. Kwpp-Qld cuotak er ... .. , , . Ahrgam Nmz Mm Prixcirh Cnwrxxhe pmm: vwnfr , Berry Dmuin Mahan Cane:-hc: niece .. ., . -..Marlene Taylor Jizz Cafm.-yxim4n', ymmgw sim, Agn,-5 zmfmgg, Frank Ilarfxww 1-X1.niz::'s Mace . Jack Luring-Ji!E': Rance Sui-in Iizzfcirw-the 'Henglish 'm:'wAm'pr z.uigfN4hf stmrming wa.-ner ., Rnss-who :ook amhf-my u'unM.-.-,m 'wma mnnif B?1lWi?kins- ...V my sm.-1 .,. The H4'.14HG?5 Plunlffmf-Phfrfffa., TIMIZ: Farly swing, Pl AFV- . .. Near the Gzuk fomvhiils. .MJ I. 'Tho Irving mom oi th ACT II Tim wus .Ls 44:51. Abuu AFP IH. Thy Mme as pruvinux nc v his Hmmm Hnhguodk ui .1 stormy awning. r two minutes iam' ls. Une rninuw later. Don Suviclw Eduard Ilamiwwfxxp' .-.Scar Innsingn-1 Rc-ben Mlvnufik Rrmlie Sixinfkv Emrrranuff Smvzns .. .Edgar Vfafwre . . Dum Razzi hmm-. abou: nina okimk mm 1 M-S ,mf-5. 4 STAFF Sup . Frizz. Nfqic Leachsmn, Dm Kino Qguw , . ., Mx. Niliixm Karak and bow of the vhfvp 176.224 , , , , Pauline Karina. Nlsry Ann lxachnun. fflvzmm Tylka Prcgzranw V , . . . . -,. . . .LSVAH A' ' ' fFr11t'mI 5-l.1kc-u p Manager nm mn.-up W M' L 4 mm Smci.. fshidnd Zehnnk W... H ...M ' rs, Gmnghcr ,, , . , ., 'Gil' Kzmfnfih, Den Kim 15513 Min-up . . , , ,. . W .W Syellfx Pakmxxy Bmw lee Swv Uxhmrrcs f, Um" Kama' I 'T .. , 5' , 1, im sm-x. Magna: Smwmky. .x1.q1m czzmmff. mmsmm sumsfz, suing- wmv nmwsm mfs .mrs asm. furnished by emma 'rmmhfw um Q 1, 1' . , , . .,f O.. .amz mm .uf memo.-. Ur Mr. :Pm r.'n:.1 mmm: by W.-A11 wwf-min: wah mf xxnms Av. limzluvv co., swm.. N Y. nn.-mf .. . .. ' . . mf 1,501.1 A, xvngm m--.....,T,,L.w...m..,,.fn...,w.m...n,,,.N.m,..u ff wwf-M.,,..,,4-mmwql ,wx '4Ui'J.1'lf1T1 ,v"""'fIF""i'?Jll'FI"ffT'1YC IFIZYTC X ie 3 Shag cadence em Row 1: Dorothy Mlinarcik, Patty Doyle, Carolyn Messanger, Mildred Conway, Barbara Lilley, Cathy Skiles, Alvonda Mick, Pearl Gaddis, Jackie Matthews. Row 2: Mike Shultz, Ruth Berkshire, lrene Totin, Marion Mincer, Janet Grove, Leona Michalski, Dolores Wallace, Jack Davis. Row 3: Joe Muzidol, John Krovich, Nelson Gray, Sam Johnson, Howard Green, Stanley Sidorsky, Joe Manchus. Row 4: Jack Grove, Larry Owens, John Baran, Pat Stromick, Richard Smith, Mr. Plave, faculty adviser. The newly organized J. B. Sheetz Science and Photography Club is sponsored by Mr. George Plava. Previous to this year it was two separate clubs, the J. B. Sheetz Science Club and the Photography Club. The Science Club was formed in 1946 under the leadership of Mr. Lloyd Wright, in honor of J. B. Sheetz, a former principal. Mr. Calvin Fleming sponsored the Photography Club in l94O. The membership consists of students especially interested in the scientific field and in pho- tography. At our meeting reports are given by the mem- bers pertaining to science and photography. Movies shown at noon are sponsored by the club. Latter part of the year, projects will be exhibited by the members ofthe club. Officers elected by the club for the l949-50 term are: President ........... ....... S tanley Sidorsky Vice-President ,... .............. l rene Totin Secretary .,....,... .........,,.,,cs. J ack Davis Treasurer ...s.................... Patrick Stromick Zzdam mining 66444 Kneeling, left to right: Mary Rockwell, Jacquelyn Mat- thews, lrene Bozek, Alverta Sullenberger, Sarah Walters, Mary Ann Leachman, Regina Cassidy, Marian Mincer, Margaret Hanigosky, Esther Lawrence, Iris Powell Standing, left to right: Mr. Rozzi, Nelson Gray, Frances Papa, Donold Osler, Donald Powell, Sylvia Yursic, Charles Yenco, Betty Smell, Janet Glad, Evelyn Hrivnak, Ger- aldine Jackson, E-leanor Dantzler, Elaine Miller, Martha Christopher, Virginia Crayton, Clara Scott, Anne Mae Scruggs, Rosie Davis. ' sn... ,dm XSL 5 L' fjfvggfii- xi' 52 "1 V lDifviisillltlfllml me Cuivizomrv Our lnstructor "Push the Accellerator Down- That Goes 'Round and 'Round" 'J Www tional ...K aodelq Row I Dflvis D JO Ar, Bert 1 fda M V7 August Sh V Kofonskoe MCC0 'tnfofne 1 uttyf ff y' Jar, y' He CQV Wqj efle B e red C Ofconr fergl ok ith, D upp e, och' Mrs. Y Orofhy SST' Row 2FgQZeffQ Ml auger mlm' Je ' Cflr Cach, P 1 focult Ury Str 7779,-I L Sggy R Y Qdviser Qvosl Ben Scea, M ehqnek W ' Ben Y Pl UW A ' in Ne eSh. 'Vo M Ono The National Honor Society, under the able sponsorship of Mrs. Virginia Yauger, is com- posed of students who exceed in Scholarship, Leadership, Character, and Service. No more than lO'X9 of the senior class and SWQ of the juniors are eligible. A nationally recognized An ambitious group of girls who will drag out everything imaginable from paint brushes to crochet needles and turn out some near miracles is none but the Arts Craft Club. The group, headed by Mrs. Gallagher, consists of twenty- five girls. Each year new members are voted in. The club elected as its officers for the term i949-l95O: President-Bette Plesh, Vice-Presi- -v5Wh-K Nr' Wcofn Row , Clfef eh Sylvia Florento, Llric Ce ' SOI'Qh organization, it is an honor to be admitted. Officers for the year are: President-Ben New- comer, Vice-President-Jo Ann August, Secre- tary-Carmen Lecea, and Treasurer-Irene Bokatch. ,-4154 Zena!! l r l sky, Mary Rockwell, Sarah Baker ence Shutty, Mary Ann McKetta 3: Rosalie Baron, Jane Smith, Mrs Gallagher, Betty Smell, Bette Plesh Row 4: Irene Bozek, Alverta Sullen berger, Betty Kolonsky, Sarah Walt ers. 4fz! dent-Mary Ann McKetta, Secretary-Sarah Walters, Treasurer-Sarah Baker. This class so far in their two.year membership have knitted scarfs for the Red Cross and made many various articles for their use as well as home use. Row 'I lleft to rightl: Cecelia Basin- Frances Boskovick, Donna Rae Nichol: son, Mildred Cuppet. Row 2: Flor- Shirley Bittinger, Dolores Sperko, Lili lion Kucinic, Helen Malcovsky. Row Q: -34... A les Mr. Rozzi explains fotegy SOn in St First Row lleft to rightl: Ted Pikulski, George Cooper, Sam Johnson, William Svyantek, Sam Harvin, Al bert Stoner, Mr. Rozzi, Coach, Second Row lleft to rightl: Floyd Gladmon, Anthony Trincia, Charles Yenco, How- ard Green, Mike Kolfut, Thomas Shaffer, Bill O'Donnell. ma'S Left to Right: Mr. Rozzi, Mr. Rifen- I berg, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Donnelly. Fayette County Class A Champions With the beginning of school came also the opening of the football season for German Township, under the supervision of Coach Rozzi and Assistant Coaches Donnelly and Johnson. Another time for gaiety and joy among the throngs and cheers of the tremendous crowds as the German Township Eleven demonstrated their ability and courage in one of America's favorite sports. A sad beginning, however, made the team look rather slow against an experienced Munhall team, our first game due to the rush of schedules. After ironing out the defects, the boys made a comeback at Connesville, where they played a hard fought game ending with the score 30-l2. Outstanding plays in the l949 football sea- son were the 53 yard pass by Gladman to Kalfut for a touchdown in the Munhall game, the 57 yard run by Kalfut in the Swissvale game, and at Georges, the 97 yard kickoff returned by Kalfut. Svyantek also blocked and recovered a Georges punt for 6 points. Our boys constructed a formidable squad winning 5 games, losing 2, and tying 2. These outstanding scores entitled German Township to the Fayette County Class-A Championship Trophy. Congratulations to Mr. Rozzi and the team. . THE RESULTS German Sept. Munhall W. 20 Sept. Connesville Sept Swissvale . Oct. ....,,,... ..,, T rinity .... . Oct. Leechburg . Oct. Homestead Oct. Redstone . Nov. Georges Nov. Masontown . ,,,,,,w Hg. fn ,gm , Embel- Coach Donnelly Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. 2 6 7 Dec. I4 20 22 Dec. 28 ,,.,... ...... . Our Schedule EXHIBITION GAMES Mcsontown .......... A..... - - St. Johns ,,,...... ........ Jefferson ,,,, Mopietown ..,. Mosontown ,,.. Jefferson ..,,.. Mopletown Home Home ---,-,,.Awoy Home Home Home .--,---.Away 2 Q w N East A 19 Q i 2 J we 4 P Assistant Coach Johnson Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Jon Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb LEAGU E GAMES Uniontown ,...,,, Pt. Morion ,,.. Dunbar ,...,,,,,..., North Union ,,,., Georges .,,,...,.. Connesville ,,,. South Union ,,,,, St. Johns A,s.,, Uniontown ..,. ,,Pt. Morion , Dunbar ,,....,.,,.,A North Union H. Georges ,,..... . .... . Eouth Union ,,,,, -,,--..Awoy ,,,,,,,Home .,,...,Home -.-.---,Awoy ..,,.,,Home ,.-,,,-Home ,,..-.,,Awov ..,.,,,,Awoy ,,,,,-.Home ,,-,,.-.Awcly ....,,-.Awoy ,,.,--.Home ,,,,..,,AWOY Home WJ K First Row lleft to rightl: Melvin Gcilish, Brent Bryner, Bob Clark, Joe Pecosh, Som Johnson, William Svyantek Floyd Gladmon. Second Row: Ed Zuchowsky, Frank Bryon, Andrew Fronczek, Sylvester Hrusovsky, D. J. Har vin, Som Brown. Third Row: Joe Sichko, Joe Hrontz, Tom Balaz, Joe Dobish. 605 Congrotulotions LAUREOLA STAFF of 1950 THE DAVID j. I-IONSAKER FUNERAL I-IOME MASONTOWN, PA. PHONE 3151 Compliments ot SECOND NATIONAL BANK MASONTOWN Member Feclerol Reserve System Member Federol Deposit lnsuronce Corporotion Masontown, Pennsylvania Kaas Cleaners 81 Tailors Clomplimeinfs Suits Mode-to-Order of Phone 7798 Pick Up and Delivery Service River Avenue, Masontown, Pa. Edenborn, Pa. H. J. McGEE ELECTRIC SHOP Housewiring, Fixtures and Everything Electrical H0114 P int Appliances G. E. Television 209 S. Main St., Masontown, P Phone 3271 CONNELL'S DRUG STORE Kodoks and Cameras Finishing Supplies and Equipment Masontown, Pennsylvania ,Success -I-hm Servicer, For Quolity Furniture on HQUSEHOLD Eosy 'Credit Terms FURNITURE co. A C0HEN'5 Uniontown 5254 MAlN STREET Brownsville - Chorleroi Unl0nt0Wn, Pa. since Compliments Phone 4753 of BEN'SON'S TH RI FT DRUG CO. 'I0 W. MAIN STREET Uniontown, Po. Distributor For Richman Bros. Clothes 534.50 ond 51539.50 "nut-ced" Also Fi-ne Furnishings 5 W. Main Street, Uniontown-, Po When You Foll In Love VISIT AMBERS For Thot Diamond Ring! t AMBERS . . . Jewelers . . . 24 W. MAIN STREET Uniontown, Po. Compliments of ELLIS MUSIC STORE 29 Morgantown Street Uniontown, Po. Shop Your Neorby USCO Store WHERE HONEST VALUES . . . MEET THE FA'MlLY'S NEEDS UNION SUPPLY COMPANY Best Wishes to Ciomplimeinfs Class of '50 of MusiiAFor All OfCCGSiOr1S JI MINSOYLE HIS FUUR ACES Phone 7730 Phone 6925, McClellandtown, Pa Masontown, Pennsylvania M. A. STERBUTZEL NASH DEALER Phone 6355 Edenborn Crossroads LAPENTA'S MARKET Ph-one 3851 "Meats and Groceries" New Salem, Pennsylvania E. W. Honsaker, Agent THE HONSAKER AGENCY Fire - Auto - Liability Property Damage Phone 28'l'l New Salem, Pennsylvania Walter R. Dearth Hayden B. Dearth Compliments of C. B. DEART'H SONS FUNERAL HOME Established l9OO New Salem, Pennsylvania USE DAIRY PRODUCTS ayfe fs' 'VAN Jceffzeam K , K Qian! PHONE 254 Uniontown, Pennsylvania Compliments ot M ETZLER'S Uniontown, Pennsylvania Phone 4751 Compliments of CENTRAL PHARMACY Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments of PAUL JOHNSON Exclusive Rights To "Uniontown's Best Store" ALPHA FLORIST Corner of Beeson Boulevord ond South Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania Transport Party Groups Within Or Out Of German Township McCLELLANDTOWN ROAD Phone Uniontown 6097-R Phone 274 Compliments of JOSEPH AUTO CO. Dodge and Plymouth Cars Dodge Trucks "Where your cor ond your truck ore omong friends" Masontown, Pennsylvania A Fine Ploce To Eot TH E SAVOY Jewelry - Confections - Lunches Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments I of GUY B. WARMAN AMBROSE INSURANCE sfnvics SERVICE STORE Sove ZZ Ck - Ask For Green Stamps 29 N. Main St., Masontown, Pa. Phone 3971 Masontown Phone 4851 Residence Phone 7746 . Com-pl I ments EVERYTHING FOR THE BUILDER of Masontown Lumber 81 Construction Co. H. L. Berkshire Masontown, Pennsylvania RICHARD P. WRIGHT Your Friendly Ford Deoler NORTH MAIN STREET Phone 3681, Masontown, Pa. Cornpli-ments And Best Wishes C. T. H. S. Class '50 from UNlONTOWN'S FRIENDLY SHOE STORES Campbell-Hathaway Getty's Shoe Store Boston Shoe Store Kinney's Shoe Store Books McKennas Freemon's Shoe Store State Shoe Store Since i876 Miller's Have Sold To Fayette County Residents Their Better Watches and Jewelry WALLACE MILLER and BRO. Uniontown, Pennsylvania Congratulations and Best Wishes JOHN R. HOYE Controller of Fayette County Compliments of JOHN L. RIDER Register of Wills Congratulations and Best Wishes FRED L. BROTHERS District Attorney ' Phone 288 Compllgnems Best Wishes to the O Class ot i950 SAUERS STORE FOR MEN 59 West Main Street Uniontown, Pennsylvania MICHAEL HANNA Public Accountant lnsurance Agent 216 S. Main Street, Masontown, Pa Cvmplimenfs Be Sure - Insure To the ONMCT PLAY CAST iNsuRANcE AGENCY Pennsylvonicfs Chompions A Friend Phone 283, Masontown, Pa. I Compliments Y 0 N E Y S of Charles Kormanik, Jr. Masontown, TAX COLLECTOR V Pen-nsyhi i'ii a for GERMAN TOWNSHIP CENTRAL PHARMACY West Masontown Florist Your Corner Drug Store Flowers for oll Occosions Prescriptions Promptly Serviced Cut Flowers Phone 4751 'Q' ou' Pm" Emi M I ', . Phone 7756 MGSOMOWNI Pel1"'5YlV0ni0 Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments C-ood Luck Seniors f 0 ROSENTHAL l KOBALLA'S CREDIT .IEWELERS FOUWOUS For FOSIWIONS Diamonds - Wotches - Jewelry .Masontown, Pennsylvania Masontown, Pa. - Fredericktown Louis F. Rozzi John N. Syrek, Jr. MASONTOWN SPORT CENTER "EVERYTHING Fon A sPoR'rsMAN" PHONE 7708 Expert Gun Repoir Service H1 S. MAIN STREET MASONTOWN, PA. HANNA'5 RELIABLE FURNITURE DEPARTMENT STORE H f "There ls No Substitute For - ' Ome O Quomyf, Frigidore Appliances phone 5231 Phone 7758 I 210 S. Main Street, Musontown MUSOHYOWIM PGHHSYIVUHIG Compliments of Compliments KIKTA'S of FURNITURE STORE House of Quolity HOWARD'S MARKET M u Masontown, Pennsylvania asontown' Pennsylvama MASONTOWN PRINTING COMPANY "To Look Well- You Must Dress WeII" Compliments Herbert E. Steinmon of MUUGQSV OUTLET DEPARTMENT Phone 4193 PE-r058E1 West Chuch St., Masontown, Pa. Masontoflepennsylvania ' ,, mttt 'P 'Compliments Coimpllmenfs of of GIRARD'S CLEANERS MASONTOWN BU5 and DYERS STOP Masontown, Pennsylvania Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments Phone 6973 of GIRARD'S THE Ciood Shoes foil the Entire ami y HARDWARE STORE oLivER ic. SMITH, Prop 'I7-19 N. Main St., Masontown, Pa. Men's ond Boy's Clothing X-Roy Shoes Fitting Masontown, Pennsylvania Complimentary RALPH T. WALTERS General Contractor Uniontown, Pennsylvania Compliments ot LAWRENCE E. MCGEE Recorder of Deeds, Fayette County OFFICE EMPLOYEES HoMER A. RAFELE, Deputy MARGARET PICKENS, Chief lndex Clerk PATRICIA McGEE, Typist BARBARA ROBINSON, Typist DOROTHY GERNOT, Typist MARGARET RYAN, lndex Clerk JOHN WARMUTH, Photo-stat Operator ROSE KROMER, Typist THERESA HAGAN, Clerk THE EDUCATORS Lancaster, Pennsylvania CHARLES HANEY, District Manager O Atlantic 9878 1104-A GRANT BLDG. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania The Choice of Discriminating Seniors PRINTCRAFT Distinctive Graduation Personal Cards and Commencement Announcements ik ill if Printcraft Card Company, Inc. 1425 E. Elm Street, Scranton 5, Pa. Compliments of Compliments of R E LECK ON A U G I E S 81 CQ. Seoltest Ice Cream Luncheonette EMILIO ERMINIO, Owner Fountain Service R. D. 1, McCIeIIandtown, Pa.: South Main St. Phone 4951 Phone 9974 Be Sure to Stop ot G' M- Wow 8' SON PETE cAR'rER's coNF. Groceries - Meats Hardware - Dry Goods Phone 9994 "We Aim To Please" McClellandtown, Pa. Edenborn, Pennsylvania Compliments of FRANKS AND URBANY Auto and Home Supplies B. F. Goodrich Distributors Jewelry - Appliances Diamonds - Sporting Goods Gas and Electric Refrigerators Phone 3731 Masontown, Pa. Shirley's Flower Shoppe 6 N. Main St. Phone 8841 Cut Flowers Corsciges - Funerol Work Potted Plan-ts - Wedding Flowers Free Delivery Masontown 200 MILLER'S RESTAURANT H. R. MILLER, Prop. 121 S. Main St., Masontown, Pa. We Bake Ou-r Own Pies Compliments of Carmine Appliance Co. Your Crosley Dealer River Avenue Phone 5012 Masontown, Pennsylvania I I S Doorway To Fashion Dairy Bar - Dancing Phone 4401 Men's and Boy's Clothing 1 . MCCANN 5 Lou Jesso, Mfmger Pl b' - H ' - El ' um mg eating ecmc 2 S. Main Street, Masontown, Pa. Phone 3711 Masontown, Pa. Compliments of BRU LTZ MOTOR SALES Cars - STUDEBAKER - Trucks Masontown, Pennsylvania Compliments of SANITARY FOOD STORE GEORGE FRANKS, Prop. Meats and Groceries Masontown, Pennsylvania ALSON C. EGGERS, President and Treasurer F. WENDELL SEMANS, Secretary Compliments of NEW SALEM LUMBER CO. lOne of Eggers' Interestsl LUMBER AND BUILDERS' SUPPLIES ' New Salem Phone 2351 Pennsylvania Compliments of JEFFRIES CHEVROLET CO. SALES AND SERVICE Phone 2311 New Salem, Pennsylvania H. G. SANGSTON Since 1905 GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 2101 and 3191 Compliments of COFFMAN MOTOR CO. FORD Service -ond Soles We Repoir All Mokes of Cars Compliments oft THOMAS H. WRIGHT CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH CARS INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS 201 North Main Street . New Salem' PennsYIVa"'a Phone 237 Masontown, Pa. "'., 'i-' i 1- .- A I it .1.'.... , , if K, I '4'i -V -A L 27" 'l" l L A I iifsi .. , A M ' 'iii We F -f - ,... 5' -- . ,, . 't'l A f :ii ,"' ' " rv , R x 3 Sitting e o ri : ary nn 4 c ett I ft t ght M A M K a, Jack Davis, Ben Newcomer. Standing left to right. Florence Shutty, Frank Bryan, Joseph Molley, Edward Pritt, Bill O'Donnell, and Mr. Lloyd A. Wright, Director. PENNA. One-Act Play Champs Uniforms of Every Description - Flogs Closs Rings ond Club Pins - Awords Gig? D O N E N E IX 927-927A UNIGN TRUST BUILDING PITTSBURGH, PA. :9 Commencement Invitotions - Diplomos Cops ond Gowns - A Coppello Robes Sl' sf? aff CHARLES H. FRIDAY CONSTRUCTION CO. Surface Coal Stripping Contractors for all Kinds of Excavating and Grading Work. Horizontal Drilling and Blasting of all Kinds J 4 ' . , For Rent:-All Types of Construction Equipment For Excavating and Grading 277 Coolspring Street, Uniontown, Pa. P. 0. Box 1190 Telephone 5882 iff sir ik' I W-fa-pugn,,-,f,.g,,---H A 9 W f, Q f? WW? Aw 'QW J' U ' , KJMWQ Q fl 'QP-I 1 ,.. - 6 I - Ag 'f " 4 ,I ' . ygffffiffflff' 'fy T: 'K A "flop I .V if' ' ' I I . ?fW"71ZfQmwd9o H5111 ' Qin 27 1, 16079 W ' 'gn if ,Q Hg L ,H it ' -2-1 n 'I 55 Q saws vm JSM Kwai 5 ' F fi 501 , SQa,C,q A57 aw-fffbif "5 "'6"l " I f ! if 'V J ,V M-a,u..LJQJg,, ll, Q A Q 'f W 112, f Q af' jig!!! lrdfflf ff . X 55!0K"'f' "A 'J 7' 76 4'-97 N b 1' ' , ff f -- . 1 rxbvvm, 64,434 Z, 15" ' ,fl .,-"fr ' -Lf., f, 1 I , V I W, xi 1 . . , : off' 9 gl , ,J - J' hfmp. vw fwiwm 6-1 Ya ff I H b ,, .59 fbi v. ,S u V If 4.9! ' .,f'.'ig.LLi.t.BQ..,,:.., -.-4...4J umL.41-:...--,,2A.aa.1:.u.iat.uL.4.Lg...zn.u.a..4.L ' ,W ,J '37 " 'WWW f 000 'J.7J1 rf, " 'Of x ff JN fa K , X A AH.-kan ' ai!! 1 , 4 W. a . ef 'fa' 'fi 9 ff E Ah. Vs K i -7 il., E .. ,449 AAr'5E.1g-A- 'x if

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