German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA)

 - Class of 1949

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German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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WY' 4 W? 3' 'H' Jv- X5 if nu an 5 nw an-lr 3 ' 1 K K VV , ,, f .ezsszsxfivansa Q an - ., :Jul 'N-. 9 A ----....,,. L 1-.. ...X . ,- 'NN'-NN... ,sl -.-.....-A. .K QM .-.1.' "1 ll or 'SL . 4 .I ."fi' I' an Ji' f wif 1 1 f' f E 1 Y 11' vn--8 Kwai 'v I '- ' xxx. I.. V 1 E I V 4 There is a jingle which reads: "This is the highest learning, The hardest and the best: From self to keep still turning, And honour all the rest." This the staff has tried to do in this the thirtieth edition of the Laureola. CO-EDITORS ,,,.t,.,....,t BUSINESS MANAGER SENIOR EDITORS ....,..,, ...t,..,,,, ll u- ,ll THE "LAUREOLA" STAFF Lucy Cowell Betty Lee Stoy . .....,.PauIine Kosinec Betty Daruda Lillian Syrek Edward Hamborsky PICTURE EDITORS ,,,,,,,,,,....,. ,. Agnes Raubaugh Shirley Franks CIRCULATION MANAGERS , t. .,,.,,, ,, , . Dorothy Yonish JUNIOR EDITORS ,,,,, , Mary Ann McKetta Winona Davis Grace Ann Hostetler Dorthea Sichko Rose Marie Fedor Sarah Venanzi ,. Peggy Rehanek Joann August Benton Newcomer Dorothy Smith SOPHOMORE EDITORS FRESHMAN EDITORS .. .t,, , SPORTS .....,.t,,,., ,.,,,,,,,,,t,.,,,,,,,.,.,.,, Patrick Stromick E-Iizabet-h Bereczky Alex Katrinchak Chas. Elleard ,.,t-,,, Alice Shuss Mary Blanc George Glogola Eugene Gurtis TYPIST ..,..,,,,.,,,. .... t,.,,,,, , . ..,,.,,.,,,.,t T , -- Marlene Taylor ASSISTANT BUSINESS ADVERTISING STAFF FACULTY ADVISER PUBLISHER i,., MANAGERS . ,, ,,,,, 'Doris Rozzi Dolores Fedor Margaret Marshall Garnet Dillow Georgiana Bukovitz ,,., A Pauline Kosinec Doris Rozzi Antoinette Cavalcante Irene Totin Peggy Rehanek Sue Lonsinger Lloyd A. Wright H. G. Roebuck 81 Son Baltimore, Md. frm, G? mp TT il-f 0m ,atm Maja-- The school we love the best, is German Town- ship Iligh, And far above the rest, her flag will always fly- lVe'll guard IIZ1' emblem well, that none may float ahead Of Alma lWater's banner fair, the Black and Red. lllarmony lsoudl Oh! Black and Red we lofve thy fair, fa1'r'fold,' 14 treasure that each son and daughter sacred holds. Then proudly waive as years go fleeting by The emblem of our a'ear old German Township fligh. fUn1Ason--- Dlaestosoj T77 Hail to the Alma Mater' that we lofre, S Ana' love her well, as each fan fell, Hail to the flag that floats aho'z'e them all. The Black and Red must float ahead, Hail, to the motto that we lofve the best, "Seientia Potestas Est." lVa'z:e Red and Black forevver, Falter may you nefver Dear Old German Township High! Thy praises we willsing,0h.lf1lma Dlater dear, Our songs and cheers shall ring, for you from year to year, The lessons we have learned in life shall be our guide, flnd may 'we all, at duty's ew, turn back with pride. J. B. SHEETZ 4 Nineleen Jfanchecf fofzlq-nine Mc0 , Paf vmwmwmwmwmww i!l66084'tAl0fGd6!i-OOJQGGIL H I. 3 M NPN il his wgg 'ur ' 5 xx. Xw qn.,' s 'aff Asif fx Q-.Q l x X xx 1 -9- its S. 6'- ff! 6 3 gf 16 ?a 35 'iw J 4 Q .X ' ' J 3 ,4.: L L ' 5 ' Q2 ,, SQ' , q .W ug K 11 5-W U vt, f m i , K -I , " ' :ry .V ' 5- 5-' ' jf "L, Q, wi ' if - .3 Q f' EQ ' if ' Q , f-L. qu., M , X Riga Sv QA QS Wx Lv ,X 'TIF' gl J' fi ' g oof' 'ns 4- I 5 K T 1 .F Q 'D XX X 2 X X 0 s Q K ff 39 2, aw f 191 ff if i A 1 if ' 4 KN Q KMN 3. X? x f' A 'UNK N 1 N,: A , I X ' ai - , t L 1 D gf Q ww X SA ' 219.11 F 525 7 'K HH R W- M if ffm E W W 3 ill! l' ZWM 1 f--J J! af fd! aa- 5. W' PN it six xx, Qvx xv' , K Wx W1 f sk yu. L . f uv, -f I , 1' lm XA ' x A 'v.O.Q',:.Q.9x 3.5, 1,2 - -.,, 1 asa' Vfsx 'H Z 'Liv . u.62ggn, 41:p ,3f"77 ' I N Wizffw? fm W f- f ef, X 1 JJ QI Q5 X ff' " 'f' , ' I , " 'ff 2 ,Q ,. , V, a I W W 7' V "zu j bf ' K fn v HQ M jf "fs fn, MN ,Qi 'RP Nik Eaafufofg i. LAWRENCE E. MCGEE STANLEY KRET President Vice-President Mm -ff! .. MICHAEL J. MIHALLIK MICHAEL S. PAPA DR. J. H. SANGSTON Secrefary Treasurer frm A 'Fx 1 DR. A. E. COUGHANOUR M. A. STERBUTZEL D. J. MORRIS Clerk to the Board of Education Q. j. CA1m,xN NIiXX'CONIb21i SIlf7t"I'I.7If6I1ll't'IIf of Srhools JAMES A. G.-XULT Ilfglz Srlzool Princrfpzzl 'Nm S A , it E' . gi I er. -T M-'ff . 5. W W I tr X A -if i gt. it . It its --, i g it I ,ES ' A CHARLES H. BRYAN ELIZABETH VAIL SAMUEL W. SHUSS VIRGINIA YAUGER LOUIS F. ROZZI B.S. A.B. B.S. A.B. A.B. California State Teacher's Waynesburg College Juniata College Waynesburg College Waynesburg College College University of Pittsburgh Millersville State Normal American Literature Latin I and ll Penn State English IV Alfred University French I and ll General Science West Va. University Library Club Carnegie Tech National Honor Society Football and Baseball Mathematics University of Pittsburgh Sponsor Coach Hi-Y Club Sponsor Junior Class Sponsor Athletic Director Assistant Principal LLOYD A. WRIGHT MARY MURPHY WILLIAM J. CULLETON PHIANA H. RIFFLE ADAM J. DONNELLY A.B. A.B. B.S. Beckley College B.S. Waynesburg College California State Teachers Waynesburg College Harrisburg, Pa. Waynesburg College PGUYWO- SIGN? COIIEQS College Algebra l and Il Typewriting I and Il Biology AmCfiCOf1 LITGFOTUFE University of Pittsburgh General Science Commercial Geography Freshman Class Sponsor English ll and Speech "Laureolo" Sponsor Dramatic Club Sponsor Cheer Leader Sponsor Debate Coach Senior and Junior Class Plays Forensic Activities American History Sophomore Class SponSOr Problems of Democracy Tri-Hi-Y Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor 2 iii: . rp- K 'wmv gf 'eq 5 .A 3 ty ,F it la. QORMAN C. EVANS B.S. .itztown State Teachers College iiversity of Pittsburgh General Math. Senior Math. Algebra I Hall Patrol L. L. NICKEY Wharton School Susquehanna University Bookkeeping K. 1 . "'f""N Ss. THOMAS W. GAULT ROSE B. GALLA JOSEPH SAVANICK ELIZABETH L. GALLAGHER B.S. California State Teachers College Hiram College Waynesburg College West Virginia University American History and American Literature Junior and Senior Artcrafts Clubs Majorettes SAMERA N. BRIZTS FRANK ROBERT WILLIAM P, KAAS THELMA GOULD B.S. HRIVNAK B.S. B.S. California State B.A. California State University of Pittsburgh Teachers College Waynesburg College Teachers California State Waynesburg College California State Teachers University of Pittsburgh Teachers College General Science Senior Science Commercial Geography fe 'F i Ei g X L ' . S if t fi 1 J fi JOHN J. HART B,A. Waynesbu rg Col lege lncliana State Teacher' College Miami University English l Civics Athletics THOBU RN E. CASSADY B.S. Potomac State College West Va. University Northwestern University Vocal Music I, , i . Q, ,M 1 ' k.. ,,.wIPf,5g"'-5-Qin -A 'I' DORIS J. BROOKS B,S. Findlay College Typing Physical Ed, Health JOSEPH A, SAKINO BS M.L. California State Teachers College University of Pittsburgh World History American History GEORGE R. JOHNSON B.S, University of Pittsburgh Piiysami Ed. Biological Science History BETTY N. DAVIS BS. Juniata College University of Pittsburgh Carnegie lnstitute of Technology Home Economics Cafeteria W - -XI. M WRQTEE GEORGE N. RIFFLE, MD. I N. neil Baron, I 4.. :J if 1 'S T t R J if 1 MISS BAE ATKINS, RN Bwi 25460014 iLeft to rightiz Charles Huhn, Paul Johnson, James Huhn, Ber- Kf J " . i X Enl iLeft to rightl: Newton E. Johnson, Charles E. ow, Jeffries Stacey, Jesse McCann-General Mainte- nance. DOLORES C ALLEN "Dee" Edenborn Academic MICHAEL ARENDASH 'A'Mac" Edenborn Academic Hobby-Model Airplanes. Photography 3, 4. VELMA MARIE BAHAJAK "Babe" Gates Commercial Hobby--Dancing. Arts Crafts Club 3, 45 Decorating Com- mittee 4. FRANK S. BARTOK ."Ta-Te" Lambert General Hobby-Hunting. Homeroom Officer I5 Student Senate I5 Baseball 35 Chorus 45 Assembly 45 Chorus Concert 4. HENRY BOLAS "Chicken" ,Lambert General Hobby-Talking. Band I, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4. GEORGIANA S. BUKOVITZ "Blondie" Footedale Commercial Hobby--Dancing. Arts Craft Club 3, 45 "LaureoIa" 45 Secretarial Club 4. MELVA GLUMSIC "Slim" Masontown General Hobby-Dancing. Arts Crafts Club 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Class Party Committee I, 25 At- tended Masontown High School 6 weeks 4. JOSEPH J. AUGUSTINE "Sunny" Footedale General Hobby--Drawing Pictures. Homeroom Officer I, 45 Student Senate I, 4. ROBERT BAILEY Palmer llBobll General Hobby--Baseball, Swimming, Pool. Football 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 35 Student Senate 45 Lettermen's Club 3, 45 Home Room President 45 Class Officer 45 Track 4. WILLIAM BILKO Ralph Hobby-Sleeping. Class Party Committee ELROY BOWERS Messmore Hobby-Music. Track I5 Band I, 2, I, 2, 3, 4. EDNA BYERS Messmore Hobby-Dancing. Secretarial Club 4. ANNA M. DATSKO Hibbs Hobby-Dancing. llcokell General 3. Genera 3, 45 Orchestre Heqdgef' Commercia "Blondie" Commercial Ambridge High I Home Ec. CIub5 G.A.A. Club5 Redstone High 4, Councilman of the History Class, Home Room Secretary. HARLES J. CARRICK lalph General "Creakie" ARTHA J. CLARKE "Jean" ler1b0rn Commercial abby-Dancing. cretarial Club 4. LA COOPER "Ola" lenborn General abby-Reading. IZABETH DARUDA "Betty" greg ACOd9mlC obby-Dancing, Skating, Stamp Col- lector. erman High News l, 2, Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Science Club 3, 4, Tri- Hi-Y 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Jr. Class Play "The Baby Sitter' Home Room Officer l, 2, 3, "Laureola" 4, Assembly 3, 4, For- ensic Second Place Winner in De- clamations 3, Party Committee l, 2, 3. 1 BERT DEFRANK "Kinky" iotedale abby-Playing Pool. otball l, 2, Vice-President 2, As- General sembly 4. VILLIAM A. DESKO "Bill" Aessmore General lobby-Riding Horses. cience Club 4, Assembly 3, 4, Class Party Committee 2, 3. lOLORES ELAINE DOBISH "Sis" ootedale Commercial lobby-Dancing. ' llalorette 4, Secretarial Club 4, Li- brary Club 3, Class Party Commit- tee 3, Assembly 3, Teachers Sec- retary 3. MERVIN CASEY "Casey" High House Academic Hobby-Music Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4. FRED COCHRANE McClellandtown Academic Hi-Y 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Homeroom Officer l, Class Officer l. LUCY COWELL "Posy" Ronco Academic Hobby-Music. German High News l, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, Chorus 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, Science Club 3, 41 Dramatic Club 3, 4, "Laureola" l, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officer l, 3, 4, Dramatic Club Play-"Noth- ing But the Truth" 4, Party Com- mittee l, 2, 3, 4, Assembly 3, Stu- dent Senate 4. CHESTER DAVIS "Chess" New Salem Academic Hobby-Sports. Assembly 4, Attended Ben Franklin Jr. High, Uniontown Senior High l, Kiski Prep Summer of I947. AMELIA ANN DEMNIAK "Babe" Leckrone Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Secretarial Club 4, Assembly 4, Class Party Committee 4, Physical Ed. GARNET DILLOW "Garnie" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, No- tional Honor Society 3, 4, Class Party Committee l, 2, 3, 4. REGINA DOYLE "Jeanne" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Dancing, Movies. Tri-Hi-Y l, Chorus 4, Assembly 3, 4, Attended Masontown High l. ski 5 . ' l fir? . -as yi! 4 if D , Q. xx yy WGN Ei? X r ELLEN DUNHAM Leckrone Commercial Hobby-Sleeping. Library Club 3, 4. JOSEPH A. EZAR "Joe" Gates Commercial Hobby-Sports. Assembly 35 Class Party Committee 4. FAYE FERRELL "Tee" McClellandtown Commerciol Chorus 45 Arts Craft Club 3, 45 Library Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Assembly 4. SHIRLEY F. FRANKS "ShirI" Leckrone Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Craft Club 3, 45 Majorette 3, 45 Class Officer l, President Home Room Officer l, 2, 45 Class Party Committee 35 "Laureola" Staff 45 Secretarial Club 4. Arts ANN FRANCES FRONCZEK Footedale Commercial Hobby-Music. Library Club. 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Class Party Committee l, 2, 35 Secre- tarial Club 3, 4. LAWRENCE GIBSON "Scud" Gates General Hobby-Talking. Football l, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Track 3, 4. BETTY ANN GOLETZ "Betts" Gates Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Jr. Class Play "The Baby Sitter"5 As- sembly 35 Band 35 Chorus 45 Cheerleader 45 Secretarial Club 4. WANEDA E. DURST "D-D" Commercial Balsinger Hobby-Reading, Letter Writing. Secretarial Club 4. DELORES ANN FEDOR Ralph Hobby-Dancing. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Arts Crafts Club 3, 45 President 45 "Laureola" Staff 45 Assembly 35 Class Party Committee 3, 4. llDeell Commercial MARION MAXINE FRANKS "Jitterbug' Gates Commercic Cafeteria 45 Fall Festival Committee 4 EDWINA FREEMAN "Babe Palmer Commercic Hobby-Music. Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Chorus E Secretarial Club 45 Assembly 2, I Class Party Committee 2, 3. DOROTHY DOLORES FRONCZEK "Dade Footedale Commercic Hobby--Music. Craft Club 3, 45 National Hon: Society 3, 45 Student Senate 4 Chorus l, 45 Home Room Office 45 Arts Craft Officer 3, 45 Studer Senate Secretary 45 Teacher's Sec retary l, 25 Assembly l, 35 Cla: Party Committee l, 2, 35 Secre tarial Club 4. Arts GEORGE GLAGOLA "Big George' Masontown Academi Hobby-Sleeping. Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 35 Tracl 35 Hi-Y5 Student Senate5 Letter man's CIub5 Hall PatroI5 Pho tography Club 3, 45 Assembly 3 Class Officer 3, 45 Senior Clas President5 Homeroom President l 3, 45 Class Party Committee l, 3 A VIOLET J. GRENDA "Jean" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Designing Clothes for Women. Assembly 3, 45 Class Party Committee 35 Physical Ed. UGENE GURTIS "Cotton" lates Commercial lobby-Sports. ootball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Hall Patrol 3, 4, Home Room Offi- cer l, 2, 3, Student Senate, Sci- ence Club, Lettermen's Club, As- EDWARD F. HAMBORSKY "Ham" Lambert Academic Hobby-Movies. National Honor Society 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, German Hi News 2, 3, 4, "Laureola" Staff 4, Junior Class Play-"Baby Sitter", Dramatic Club Play--"Nothing But The semb-ly 4. Truth", Assembly 3, 4, Class Party Committee l, 2, 3, 4. DSEPH HANUSCHOCK "Gunshot" JAY HARFORD "Hedge" :lenborn Academic McClelIandtown General lobby-Baseball. Hobby-Wood Working. aseball, Photography Club 3, 4, As- sembly 2, 3, 4, Home Room Treasurer 3, Class Party Commit- tee 3. DENVER HARTWICK "Gumball" SAMUEL RAY HARVIN "Sam" lonco Academic Edenborn General lobby-Sports. Hobby-Reading, Basketball, Skating. 'ootball 2, 3, 4, Baseball l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Science Class Party Committee 2, 4. OHN HEFF ERN lalph -lobby--Skating. OBERT HILES "Bob" eckrone Academic obby-Skating. i-Y 3, 4, Science Club 4. NTHONY HORVAT "Fox" lenborn Commercial abby-Hunting, Trapping. ssembly l. DSEMARY HUDSON "Moe" :otedale Commercial obby-Bowling. -torus 3, 4, Assembly 3, 4, Class Party Committee 2, 4. Club 3, Tumbling 2, 3. "Shun" FRANK HETES "Head" General Palmer Academic Hobby-Swimming, Dancing, Pool. Science Club 3, 4, Student Senate 2, Home Room President 2, Assembly 2. ISAAC HILL "Ike" Gates General Hobby-Swimming. CECELIA M. HOVANEC "Cele" Footedale Commercial- Secretarlal Club 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Assembly l, 2, 3, 4, Class Party Committee l, 2, 3, 4, Band 3, 4, ELLEN JOHNSON "Ellie" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Collecting Pictures, Dancing. Art Crafts Club 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Assembly 3, Class Party Committee 3. BETTY JORDAN Grays Landing General Gates Hobby-Skating. Arts Craft Club 4. PAULINE KASINEC "PolIy" Masontown Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Homeroom Officer I, 2, 3, Class Party Committee I, 2, 3, Assembly 3, 4, "Laureola" Staff 3, 4, Sec- retarial Club 4, Junior Class Play --"Baby Sitter", Dramatic Clul: Play-"Nothing But The Truth", Dramatic Club 3, 4. ROBERT KING "Bob" Gates Genera' Hobby--Hunting. ELEANOR MAE KIPILA "Ele" Lambert Road Academic Hobby-Dancing. Science Club 3, 4, Arts Craft Club 3, 4, Library Club 4, Assembly 3, 4, Class Party Committee 2, 3, Treasurer of Arts Craft Club 4. WALTER KOIS "Babe" Messmore General Hobby-Boxing. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 3, Orchestra 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Tumbling 2, 3, 4, Science Club 4, Chorus 2, Class Party Committee l, Basketball 3. VICTOR KORDELLA "Vic" Ralph Academic Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, President 4, German High News 2, Dramatic Club Play-"Nothing But The Truth" 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, Assembly 3, 4, Class Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Home Room Officer I, 2, 3, 4, Student Senate 2, 3, 4, "Laureola" Staff l. EDITH KREIL "PENNY" Masontown Commercial Hobby--Movies. Library C-lub 3. TH ELMA KA KOS Commercio Hobby-Dancing. TOM KENNEY "Speedy" Ralph General DONALD E, KINO "Don" Balsinger Commercial Hi-Y 4, Debating 4, Secretarial Club 4, Dramatic Club 3, 4, German High News 2, 3, Chorus 4, Junior Class Play-"The Baby Sitter", Dramatic Club Play-"Nothing But The Truth" 4, Assembly 3, 4, Home- room President 2, Class Party Come mittee l, 2, 3. GEORGE KLOOCK Ronco General LOUISE KOPEC "Lou" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 3, 4. IRENE MAE KOZER "Bunny" G0feS Commercial Hobby-Swimming. German Hi News I, Library Club 2, 3, 4, Assembly 3, 4, Class Party Com- Tittee I, 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Club MARY HELEN KREMPA "Freda Roe" Ronco Commercial Hobby-Day-dreaming. Assembly 3, Secretarial Club 4. CLARA KRET Ralph Hobby-Dancing. Tri-Hi-Y 45 Arts Craft Club 3, 4. Commercial MYRTLE LANE "Turtle" McClelIandtown Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Art Crafts Club 3, 45 Secretarial Club 4. GEORGE N. LESKO "Georgie" Mt. Sterling General Hobby-Fishing, Shop-work. Assembly 4. JAMES R. LISKO "Shimco" Gates Academic Hobby-Skiing, Swimming. Football 3, 45 Junior Varsity 2, 35 Track 3, 45 Lettermen's Club5 Photogra- phy Club 35 Assembly 4. BETTY LUKACHINSKY "Betts" Palmer Commercial Hobby-Crocheting, Dancing. Arts Craft Club 3, 4. ANNE CLAIRE MARCINAK "Anne" McClellandtown Commercial Hobby-Music. Assembly l, 35 Secretarial Club 4. BERNADETTE McCAHlLL "Bunny" McClellandtown Academic Hobby--Writing Poetry. National Honor Society 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Teachers Secretary l, 45 Class Party Committee l5 Assembly 35 Photography Club 35 Library Club 4 JOSEPH B. KURTIK "Joe" Lamberton General Hobby-Movies. Football 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball l, 2, 3, 45 Homeroom Officer l, 2, 35 Letterman's Club 35 Class Party Committee l, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE LEE "Genius" Masontown General Hobby-Hallbillysng. DONALD LEWIS "Legs" Gates General l-lobby--Music. Band l, 2, 3, 4. SUE LONSINGER Palmer Academic Hobby-Swimming, Skating. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Secretary 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, 45 "Laureola" 45 Science Club 3, 45 Arts Craft Club 3, 45 As- sembly 35 Junior Class Play-"The Baby Sitter" HELEN M. MACIASZ Masontown Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Assemblv 4. MARGARET A. MARSHALL "Margie" Footedale Commercial Hobby-Music. National Honor Society 3, 45 Arts Craft Club 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Assembly l, 35 Homeroom Officer 3, 45 Class Party Committee 2, 3, 45 "Laureola" Staff 4. MELVIN McCOY Lambert General Hobby--Eating. Chorus 45 Student Senate 2. K. L. in D gi gov- 3 . Q' A Q GWENDOLYN McGlNNlS "Gwenny" Messmore Commercial Hobby-Dancing, Music Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4. PATRICK MONAGHAN "P. J." Ralph Commercial ELIZABETH JEAN NESNEC "Liz" Ralph Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, As- sembly 3, Class Party Committee l. 3, 4. BETTY J. NORMAN "Shorty" Ralph Commercial Hobby-Music. Volley-ball, Basketball l, Secretarial Club 4, Assembly 4. STEVE OBBISH "June" Lamberton General Hobby-Hunting. Chorus 4, Assembly 4. ROBERT ONESKO "Ribbits" Ralph General Hobby-Shooting Pool. Science Club 3, Assembly l. FRANK E. PAVLOVICH "Moxie" Ronco General Hobby-Hunting. Class Party Committee. 22 ROBERT LOUIS MLINARCIK "Minnie" Footedale Academic Hobby-Photography work. Photography Club 3, Science Club 4, Chorus 4, Assembly 3, 4. SALLY MUMAW "inquisitive" Palmer Commercial Hobby-Crocheting, Dancing, Building Puzzles. Literary Club 3, Chorus 4, Assembly 3, Class Party Committee l, 2, 3, Secretarial Club 4. PHYLLIS NICHOLSON "Phyl" Palmer Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Art Crafts Club 3, 4, Secretarial Club 4, Assembly 3, Fall Festival Com- mittee. MARGARET NUTZ "Peggy" Footedale Commercial Hobby-Singing. German Hi News 2, Secretarial Club 4, Chorus l, 2, 3, 4, Assembly l, 2, 3, Class Party Committee l, 2, 3, 4, Fall Festival Committee 4, Secretary to Music lnstructor. JOANNE OLENIK "Jo" Masontown Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4, Assembly 3, Class Party Committee 3, 4, Hameroom Officer 3. FRANK PATRICK "Hick" Ralph General Serving in the United States Navy. EVELYN PAYNE "Evie" Palmer Commercial Hobby-Skating, Swimming. Art Crafts Club 4, Driving Class 4. KOBERT PEGGUES "Peggues" lonco Academic -lobby-Swimming, Skating. iootball Manager l, 2, 3,'BasketbaII 2, 3, 4, Baseball Manager 2, 3. AARY ROBINA PINDER "Gabby" 'uritan Commercial lobby-Dancing. land I, 2, 3, Band Concert 2, 3, Secf retarial Club 4, Class Party Com- mittee 2. JOSEPH A. PIKULSKI "Pick" Footedale General Hobby-Taking Pictures. Hall Patrol 3, Photography Club 3, As- sembly 3, 4. STELLA M. POKORNY "SteII" Ronco Academic Hobby-Dancing, Singing. German Hi News l, 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor 4, Literary Club 3, Secretary 3, Science Club 3, 4, Chorus 3, Assembly 2, 3, C-lass Party Com- mittee I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club 4, Dramatic Club Play--"Nothing But The Truth" 4. AARGARET POLLOCK "Margie" JOHN RICHARD POSVICH "Posse" lonco Commercial Gates Academic lobby-Dancing. Assembly 3. OHN PUSKAR "Jay" JOHN JOSEPH RACIC "Johnny" ialph General Edenborn Academic Hobby-Movies. Hi-Y 3, 4, Hi-Y Officer 3, Science Club 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4. JELORES RAMAGE AGNES A. RAUBAUGH "Toots" .eckrone Commercial Leckrone Commercial -lobby-Music. Secretarial Club 4, Attended Mason- town High I Six Weeks. DOLORES' REESE "Dolly" Palmer Commercial -lobby-Playing Records, Dancing. Hall Patrol 3, 4, Art Crafts Club 4, Li- brary Club 4, Tri-Hi-Y 4, Assembly 3, Class Party Committee 2, 3. A E ROUSH GR C S. Gqfeg Commercial Hobby-Movies. Art Crafts Club 3, 4. Hobby-Dancing. Art Crafts Club 3, 4, Majorette 2, 3, 4, Junior Class Play--"The Baby Sitter", Class Officer, Secretary 2, Home Room Officer 2, 3, Class Party Committee 4, "Laureola" Staff 4, Secretarial Club 4. , DOROTHY RICHARDSON "Richie" McCleIIandtown Commercial Band 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4. DORIS ROZZI "Da" Masontown Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Home Room Officer l, 2, 3, 4, Class Party Committee 2, 3, 4, Assembly 3, 4, Student Senate 4, National Honor Society 3, 4, "LaureoIa" Staff 3, 4, German Hi News 4, Secretarial Club 4. Q., Q-, N G- Q- Q X. Fl' , fi fr 7 r ,sh Q- ' A gp. JAMES SANTELLA "Fuzzy" JULIA ANN SARADI Edenborn General Hoover Hobby-Motorcycle Riding. Office Secretary 4. J. D. SELLERS "Rev" JOSEPH SEPER Leckrone General Palmer Hobby-Playing Music. Hobby-Swimming, Pool Assembly 4, Class Party Committee 3, Assembly 2. 4, Bus Sergeant 4. CHARLES SHEA Ralph Hobby-Sports. Science Club 3, 4. -is I ' 4 CLAI R SH ICK Messmore Hobby--Sports. Hsudn Academic Academic Photography Club 3, Science Club 4. THEODORE SHULTZ "Ted" Masontown Hobby-Sleeping. BETTY SKILES General Messmore Academic ANTOINETTE P. SLOMINSKY "Sneeze" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Music. Band l, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, As- sembly 3, 4, Class Party Committee 3, 4, Band Concert 2, 3, 4. ,. ..,pi..-.f . A SAM SH ERAN KO Lambert Road Hobby-Skating. Commercial "Yosh" General Talking. HBCU General Home Room Officer l, 3, 4, Class Party Committee l, 3, 4, Assembly 3, 4, Student Senate 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4, Lettermen's Club 3, Science Club 4, Hall Patrol 3, 4. ROSALIE SHINSKY "Zaye" Footedale Commercial Hobby-Dancing. Class Party Com sembly 3, 4, mittee l, 2, 3, AS- Secretarial Club 4. THOMAS J. SIMON "Tom" Edenborn General Hobby-Swimming. Football 3, 4, J unnior Varsity l, 2, Track 3, Lettermen's Club, Basket- ball 4. JACK A. SKILES "Skilett" McClellandtown General Hobby-Working. BERNARD JOSEPH SMALLEY "Joe" Masontown General Hobby-Loafing. OHN SPENIK "Johnny" Bates Academic lobby-Sleeping. :ootball 3, 45 Track I5 Hi-Y 3, 45 Science Club 45 Photography Club 35 Student Senate 45 Junior Class Play-"The Baby Sitter"5 Student Senate President 45 Chaplain of Hi- Y I, 2, 3. lETTY LEE STOY "Betts" AcClellandtown Academic 'lobby-Reading. 'hotography Club 35 Library Club 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Band I, 2, 3, 45 Band Concert 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Junior Class Play-"The Baby Sit- ter"5 Assembly 35 Class Party Com- mittee l, 35 Forensic 3, 45 Dra- matic Club 3, 45 "Laureola" Staff I, 2, 3, 45 Co-Editor 4. IONALD MATTHEW SUSICH "Don" iates Commercial lational Honor Society 3, 45 Vice-Pres- ident 45 Student Senate 35 German Hi News l5 Dramatic Club 3, 45 Dramatic Club Vice-President 45 Home Room Officer 3, 45 Junior Class Play-"The Baby Sitter"5 Dramatic Club Play-"Nothing But The Truth" 45 Assembly 3, 45 Class Party Committee 3, 45 De- bating Club 4. lONA MARLENE TAYLOR almer Commercial lobby-Music. horus 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Treasu- rer 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 President 45 German Hi News 45 Student Senate 3, 45 "Laureola" Staff 45 Assembly 3, 45 Class Officer I, 2, 3, 45 Home Room Officer I, 3, 45 Class Party Committee 3, 45 Fall Festi- val Committee 4. 2, 35 Wrestling I5 German Hi News 45 Assembly 3. DLIVER TOWNSEND "BilI" 'almer Commercial iobby-Wood-working. ELEANOR TYLKA "Gabby" Qonco Academic 'lobby-Bowling, Talking. -iterary Club 35 National Honor Society 3, 45 Science Club 3, 45 German Hi News 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 As- sembly 35 Dramatic Club 45 Treasu- rer5 Dramatic Club Play-"Nothing But The Truth" 45 Class Party Committee 45 Teacher's Secretary I, 2, 3. GEORGE VARSHOCK "Dutch" Footedale General Hobby-Reading. Science Club 45 Band l, 2, 3, 45 Ori chestra I, 2, 3, 45 Assembly I, 2, 3, 45 Class Party Committee I, 2, 3, 4. EMMANUEL STAVROS "Strag" Gates Academic Hobby--Sports. Home Room Officer 45 Student Senate 45 German Hi News 3, 45 Pho- tography Club 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Sci- ence Club 45 Debating 45 Dramatic Club 45 Assembly l, 3, 45 Class Party Committee 25 Magazine Campaign Winner 2. ROBERT KENNETH SUBJOC "Subby" Ronco Academic Hobby-Sleeping. LILLIAN SYREK "Leyan" Ralph Commercial Hobby-Dancing. National Honor Society 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Home Room Officer I, 25 Secretarial Club 45 Student Senate 25 Art Crafts Club 3, 45 "Laureola" Staff 45 Assembly 35 Junior Class Play-"The Baby Sitter". ELEANOR TOKISH "El" Puritan Academic Hobby-Dancing. Assembly 35 Teachers Secretary 25 Class Party Committee 25 Science Club 45 Photography Club 35 Library Club 4. HAZEL TURNER "Bunny" Palmer Commercial Hobby-Skating. Assembly 3, 45 Chorus 4. AGNES UPOLE "Aggie" McClellandtown Commercial Movies. Hobby-Dancing, Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Secretarial Club 45 Assembly 3, 45 Class Party Com- mittee 4. WALTER LEE VAVRECK "The Clipper" Ralph General Hobby-Ridge Running. ' BERNARD VILSACK "Steak" Ralph General Assembly 4. PAULINE D. WILLIAMS "Paul" Lambert Commercial Assembly 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Choral Concert 45 Art Crafts Club 3. VIVIAN FAYE WITT "Cricket" Ronco Commercial Cafeteria 45 Fall Festival Committee 45 Secretarial Club 4. ELEANOR YAWORSKY "El" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Styles, Traveling. Photography Club 35 Secretarial Club 45 Chorus 3, 45 Class Party Com- mittee 45 Assembly 35 Home Room Officer 3. CATHERINE D. YURIC "Katy" Little Cleveland Commercial Hobby-Dancing. National Honor Society 3, 45 Teachers Secretary 2, 35 German Hi News 25 Secretarial Club 4. EUGENE ZELENAK "Boge" Ralph General WILLIAM ZIMCOSKY "Ruffy" Footedale General Hobby-Baseball. Class Party Committee 3. 26 EDGAR WALTERS "Sonny" Gates General Hobby-Dancing, Singing. Baseball 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Assembly 3, 45 Class Party Committee 3, 45 Bus Sergeant 2, 3, 4. DOLORES WILSON "Dee" Ronco Commercial Hobby--Dancing, Movies. Assembly 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Class Party Committee 3. A DONALD WRIGHT "Duck" ECleI1b0I'r1 Gene'-QI Hobby-Hunting, Skating. Basketball 2, 35 Football 2, 3, 45 Track DOROTHY ANN YONISH "Streak" Puritan Commercial Hobby-Dancing. "Laureola" Staff 45 Assembly 35 Office Secretary 45 Secretarial Club 4. BETTY JANE ZELENAK McClellandtown Academic Hobby-Dancing. Majorette 3, 45 Band Concert 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 County Chorus 35 Junior Class Play-"The Baby Sit- ter"5 Assembly 3, 45 Home Room Officer 2, 3, 45 German Hi News 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Photography Club President 35 Science Club 45 Secretary 4. MlLDRED C. ZELENAK "Midge" Ronco Academic Hobby-Dancing, Singing. German Hi News l, 2, 3, 45 Associate Editor 45 Literary Club 35 Science Club 3, 45 National Honor Society 3, 45 Treasurer 45 Tri-Hi-Y 45 Chorus 35 Home Room Officer 45 Assembly 35 Class Party Committee 3, 45 Dramatic Club 45 Dramatic Club Play-"Nothing But The Truth" 4. ELSIE ZUBOVICH "Els" Edenborn Commercial Hobby-Fashions. Home Room Officer 25 Cheerleader 2, 3, 45 Assembly 35 Secretarial Club 45 Chorus 3, 45 Junior Usherette. e 54,5 ANDREW MANZUK "Andy" ROBERT CUNNlNGl'lAM 0 Edenborn General Leckrone General Umeafeimm... SOMETHING NEW HAS BEEN ADDED! While changing classes in The morning enticing aromas d r i l' t through the halls. Soon students surge into the cafeteria to claim a place in the seemingly endless line. But the wait has always proved worth-while-thanks to Mrs. Davis and her staff of willing girls. "ses ' --Zagmlq Gull- genial: qecw Glau Gffwm President ,, , . ,.. MICKEY KALFUT Secretary ..... ALBERT STONER Vice-President ,, , ,,77. -THOMAS SHAFFER Treasurer .,,,. TED PIKULSKI Luke Arendash loann August Joseph Augustine Lloyd Boer Sally Baker Thomas Balaz Rosalie Baron Clifford Barber Shir-ley Bittinger William Blanc Cecilia Blasinsky lrene Bokach William Bolas Frances Boskovich lrene Bozek Frank Bryan Doris Burkholder Mary A. Byers l Edward Bynum Eleanor Bynum Regina Cassidy s i 28 Antionette Cavalcante Martha Christopher Delmar Cover Mildred Cuppet Eleanor Dantzler Charles Davis Jack Davis Rose Davis Winona Davis Louis Defronk Joseph Demeter Michael Dobish William Dunham Frank Durst .E anal I --fbaeamfi and Chard Harrison Robert Hernansky Andrew Hoholick Anna Ezar Mary Fisher Evelyn Hrivnak Joseph Hrusovsky William Hrusovsky Ruby Fitzgerald Twilla Franks Geraldine Jackson James Jefferies William Jefferies Dolores Gadd Anthony Gamon Ray Johns Sam Johnson Mike Kalfut Ernestine Gary Thomas Gera Donald Keith John Kish Anna Mary Kloock Janet Gladd Floyd Gladman Shirley Knox Betty Kolonsky I George Krovich Mary Louise Goletz Nelson Gray Mike Krystofsky Lillian Kucinic Franchon Laurie Howard Green Janet Hall Esther Lawrence Mary Ann Leachman Carman Lecea Margaret Hanigosky Joann Hardy ' - 6 Wd . . Helen Malcovsky Catherine Marchin Jackie Matthews Elaine Miller Marian Mincer Gazilla Mlcuch Joe Molley Victoria Molnar Frank Munczenski Frank Muzidal Ida Mae McCoy Mary Ann McKefta Bernard McManis Benton Newcomer Donna Nicholson Fred Niemits Sophia Niemits Donald Osler William O'Donnel Julia Panella Frances Papa Mose Parnell Frances Patitucci Donald Perkins 30 fban wad al' Me "fanned pwmllf lf! Robert Ross Harriet Roush Steve Rusnock Louella Salopek Clara Scott Anna Scruggs Thomas Shaffer Dolores Shepper Dorothy Shick Joseph Shinsky Mike Shultz Florence Shutty Betty Smell Dorothy Smith Jane Smith John Smith Richard Smith Lorraine Soblotney Agnes Sofranko Marjorie Sokol Dolores Sperko Jean Stavros Margaret Stillwagon Albert Stoner Alverta Sullenburger William Svyantek Agnes Swentko Junior Taylor lrene Totin Tony Trincia John Turbovich Frank Urchasko Robert Urchasko Sarah Walters DeWayne Whetzel Selma Williams Richard Yauger Charles Yenco Sylvia Yursic Louise Zabrosky 31 S C' lafu Secretary Mary Ann Hoop A J lf? T357 - - is is l 4 Xl . President Robert Spenik Vice-President Elizabeth Bereczky ,sn- 'lst Row lleft to rightl: Wendel Tripplet, David Condor, George Whitley, Stanley Fronczek, Nick Leachman, Larry Owens. 2nd Row: Bernardine Novotney, Jean Bailey, Jean Vince, Volaria Yuhas, Nola Santella, Veronica Blasinsky, Cathy Skiles, Madalyn Vogini, Arvonda Mick, Lois Coffman. 3rd Row: Frank Kish, Patty Doyle, Mildred Con- way, Helen Fike, Elizabeth Bereczky, Irene Yembar, Sophia Yesko, Jane Whitley, Mar- lene Mumaw, Carol Messenger, Barbara Lilley, Nancy Ermenio, Frank Bubash. 4th Row: Joe Manchas, Daniel Kellv, William Zallack, Paul Verska, Jake Grace, Joe Pecosh, Stanley Sidorsky, Ed Nevled, Hank Kornak. lst Row lleft to rightl: Raymond Hower, i--li Treasurer Sylvester Kish XX 1st Row lleft to rightl: Robert Scott, Andrew Pahula, John Pokorney, James Smell, Thomas Hurshosky, Dale Smith, Vincent Basich, James Patitucci, Frank Reed. 2nd Row: Sophia Puscian, Catherine Sulik, Arlene Witt, Sara Jackson, Shirley Jordan, Jane Workman, Sue Townsend, Rose Mehal, Clyda Peggues, Helen Rura, Alice Kois, Gloria Fisher, 3rd Row: Robert Zuzik, Amy Jenkins, Alfredo Easter, Lois Hribal, Ruth Ludrosky, Doris Hribol, Doris Caudell, Alice Walters, Donnabelle Mumaw, Mike Kozar. 4th Row: Sidney McGill, John Barron, James Philmack, James Turner, John Kovack, Robert Spenik, Alex Katrincheck. ,-,-a-u-s- 'T I.LfQ..lII,f,." Qfl'lXs.l, .W-.,,,,. , V..-,fvtfw-yn'--A nl ' vw.-. , ' 'S f-M.. lst Row lleft to rightl: Raymond l-lower, John Munchinsky, Eddie Dlugopolski, Louis Gipson, William Kozier, Ken Wheeler, James Bartok, Mae Perkins. 2nd Row: Marie Mc- Manus, Frances Boskovich, Clema Shuck- hart, Charmaine Hennessey, Pearl Gaddis, Leona Michalski, Dolores Verbos, Eva Wil- son, Gloria Javorsky, Janet Tarcella, Anna Brenzy, Pauline Myers. 3rd Row: Paul Tomi, Paul Renaldi, Delver McGinnus, l-lelcn Bailey, Harriet Turner, Janet Whaley, Jack Lydle, Sylvester Kish, Richard Misiak. 4th Row: George Jordan, Ed Miskovak, Andrew Bolas, Stephen Roll, Melvin Galish, Jerry Schussler. .Auf .AFM 'lst Row lleff to rightl: Patrick Stromick, Sharles Ellard, John Voytush, Tom Fray- wovich, Franklin Meslovich, Alfred Calva- Iante. 2nd Row: Evelyn Braddee, Norma lean Dillow, Betty Harshman, Mae Perkins, -ula Mae Mitchell, Janet Groves, Ruth Berkshire, Clara Markovich, Charlotte Trimble. 3rd Row: John Kormanik, Mike Zummerling, Catherine Allen, Phyllis Lon- singer, Veronica Androsky, Sophie Yuric, Elizabeth Saradi, Sandra Moody, Dolores lean Wallace, Joe Muzidal, Daniel House. 4th Row: Donald Mlinarcik, John Stinson, loe Kikta, Mike Schochelok, D. J. Harvin, Marion Smearcheck, Jack Groves, John Vlacar, Joe Spernak, John Hudock. mi 'rims All 'Ist Row lleft to rightl: Martin Krempa, Robert Leichliter, Melvin Kesslar, William Hanushock, Henry Davis, Arnold Siko, Ed- ward Nabozny, John Kurnot, John Skala. 2nd Row: Genevieve Davis, Julia Stoffa, Mary Ann Hoop, Sara Johnson, Dorothea Sichko, Grace Hostetler, Marie Ford, Dorothy Jones, Florence Ozanich, Marceline Gates. 3rd Row: John Krovich, Jane Race, Sarah Sheranko, Rosetta Still, Dorothy Mlinarcik, Elsie Walters, Joyce Smell, Dorothy Ozanich, Esther Momyer, Loretta Uphole, Wanda Coughanour, Bernadette Adams, Andrew Skola. 4th Row: Albert Soavi, Joseph Wol- lace, Regis Galie, Thomas Snyder, Robert Clark, Richard Ferrell, Glenn Harshman, William Powell, Samuel Brown, Amos Doziar, Joseph Balcik, Albert Smalley. li- ,,w, ' . ,.v President ROBERT POSVICH 'lst Row lleft to rightl: Michel Romam, Nick Yaworsky, Pat Cossady, Bernard Brundege, Louis Polish, Anthony Cerrella, Thos. Lee, Robert Marshall, Louis Byers, Joe Pepock, Steve Tokish, Eugene Coucer. 2nd Row: Bearcline Kolosa, Emma Jean Herring, Sophia Kukallo, Mary Ann Stin- son, Irene Spirnak, Irene Lecca, Beardette Zimchosky, Jama Santella, Delores Mellon, Margerette Huberia, Sue Moore, Hazel Smith, Margaret Brenzv. 3rd Row: Charles Crise, Grace McFadden, Evelyn Parker, Priscilla Harrison, Leona Padar, Bessie Nedd, Dorothy Augustine, Helen Obbish, Mary K. Blanc, Helen Ren- nocks, Rita Shuba, Jean Poole, Narina Fox, Jane Dunham, Orville Franks. 4th Row: Kaye Clark, Bernadette Sumey, Alice Stod- dard, Anthony Gladd, Fraymar Davis, Steve Lukas, Charles Seamen, John Conder, Pete Glagola, Daniel Slominsky, Joe Shaffer, Elaine Vilsick, Helen Lawson, Phillis Pack' staller. 4 , Secretary KATHERINE KORMAN ICK Treasurer LORETTA SMITH ,vf ,.- T ,tet l We if 'Ist Row lleft to rightl: Arthur Clark, Carl Bittinger, William Norman, Kenneth Bailey, Richard Budner, Charles Dobish. 2nd Row: Maggie Holmes, Betty Schultz, Sam David, Joan Yursich, Emma Jean Fedorka, Mary Ann Sokol, Nancy Stalnaker, Dorothy Fudella, Ann Lonsinger, Alberta Allen, 3rd Row: Jean Shick, Veloria Carter, Sara Venanzi, Marcia Hoop, Gloria Cerello, Shirley Bryan, Carol Fordyce, Jessie Dozier, Delores DeKatch, Shirley Shipley, Theresa 4th Row: Joseph Hrantz, John Benko. Hixon, Frank Smith, Steve Kukan, Robert Gurtis, Robert Kakos, Wilbur Barber, Alex Kuznar, Esantella Deno. 'lst Row ileft to righfl: Kenneth Whaley, Ronald Kesslar, James Roush, Raymond Cumberland, Andrew Fronczek, Paul Hancheck, John Lesko. 2nd Row: Arlene Wheeler, Betty Bugan, Dorothy Smith, Gertrude Hrivnak, Dorothy Bur- rie, Evelyn Baker, Regina Raubaugh, Alice Shuss, Louise Hudock, lrene Martinkovick, Beverly Ferrell, Betty Fer- rell. 3rd Row: Rita Zinchosky, Delores Sholtis, Florence Urban, Sandra Lilley, Audrey Townsend, Mary Byers, Sandrey Rockwell, Phobe Rose, Josephine Yenko. 4th Row: James Taylor, Donald Vuckaso- vich, Loretta Smith, Thelma Greene, Charles Lastnic, Virginia Besse, Helen Swetz, Robert Posevich, Wesley Bliss. 'lst Row lleft to rightlx Waverly Woods, Donald Eberly, William Vodney, Robert Doyle, Daniel Karpency, Raymond Dulik, Thos. Haugh, Geo. Riffle, Paul Simon, Louis Ross, Richard Tylka. 2nd Row: Rose Marie Fedor, Sylvia Onesko, Rose Marie Giordano, Marcella K-looch, Mary Louise Stanchin, Beatrice Burns- woith, Ellen Eriminio, Joan Olesh, Ver- onica Stoffa, Mary Racic, Mary Louise Lopez, Catherine Schultz. 3rd Row: Florence Reagon, Barbara Jean Davis, Doris Hart, Barbara Lee Davis, Delberta Petty, Kaye Seighman, Katherine Benko, Rose Shaw, Ruth Stuck, Eleanor Bell, Goldey Berry, Ramona Bell, Mary Ann Frances, Dolores Claski, Ruth Jordan. 4th Row: John Campbell, Harry Gabe- lotti, Theodore Parnell, Francis Balint, Donald Hosaflook, Glen Parker, Ralph Clark, Regis Marcinik, Brent Bryner, Steve Butchock, Theodore Vilk. 'fitv lst Row ileft to rightl: Edward Zu- chawsky, Charles Ozanich, Howard Dantzler, Fred Scharler, Robert Bynum, Joseph Oravetz, Michael Martinko, Felix Townsend, Ronald Lapenta, Karl Solmin- aky, Keith Hague, Delano Maddox. 2nd Row: Lucienne Antram, Rose Bu- bash, Elizabeth Doyle, Katherine Kor- manick, Ada Faye Durst, Doris Gray, Christine Gusic, Betty Lou Hutzel, Dolores Carrick, Betty Tatarko, Pauline Skala. 3rd Row: Margaret Swaney, Geraldine Parnell, Gloria Burden, Amelia Capitoni, Eleanor Shultz, Mildred Bednaza, Mary Trupkovich, Dolores Granchi, Charlotte Kino, Mary Margaret Victor, Patricia Jeffries, Dolores Paugh, Georgia Lee Potts, Evelyn Smith, Frances Pustay. 4th Row: Charles Hartwick, Eugene Swatty, Edward Cupka, James Bell, Sylvester Hrusovsky, Pete Deli, Randolph Mickens, Charles Lilley, Eu- gene Powell, Thomas Powell, John Pol- lard, John Lukachansky. 'Q' " 1llZ0uaf25cuf1 .... . THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES fb ' '7 ' ' C? fi if 'ri i rail J if ' is if 2 , xi r, ii, Q ' ,uf gr i This year a new course was inaugurated at German, Driver Training. Under the direction of Mr. Gault it had a very successful beginning. 'vi A .' 32 gk KQV Sv WT . l...L f' E Q-...,. HIE CHU' RUN wwf ZUZIZ " ana! aaecafuflo aecaZlawL4c!zaaZJa4y1! THE EDITORS HE TOOK MANY OF THE THEY HELPED WITH THE PICTURES PICTURES THEY MADE THE COLLECTIONS +- Exrit , efnent . A is ln dy-es!-in Iillrry sr 071 f0n1ghf- 9 roomy, v , J QllB5fi0n5urr.yvvg0 fllf actor frM1'. WriC31me from lefty? . 9 if where 0 fight- ! yOu put the poqilfferg rrlyher I 65 V my mustache' Hfhere' 5 my A t I wif, . XC 1- . at if ,J kg, mf .,v n rl tit S s 1rLgt rn Milam, 5 see tlmf uri 771 d ll fl' gots gf wolf Ty nose 102 lxggfffarejf ll! it lllyn 1 Ofj' gf troubl . One I ost alwa V5 e Is lfizng fhey fo .3 payj-I. lhezr faking paztygzdgel remember llys. THE DRAMATK1 CLUB of GERMAN TOWNSHW HIGH SCHOOL presents 4 I ' Y Y Nothing But The Truth A Comedy in Three Acts by .lamcs Montgomery THE CAST Rnhcrt Bennett liclwartl llannliorsky E. M. Ralston Don Susicli Dick Donnelly Bon Nt-wvoiiwr Clarcncc Van Dusen Don Kino Bishop Doran Victor Kortlm-llo tiwcnclolyn Ralston Poulinv Knsinvr Mrs. E. M, Ralston Tylku Ethel Clark Luvy tlowt-tt Malik- Jackson Stvlln l"okor.w Sublc Jackson Milnlrnl Zvlonnls Martha Mary Ann Lonclnnnn Act l lntcrior of u hroker's ollirc in one of the principal uptown hotels Act ll on Long lslnntl Qumnwr home of E. M. llulston Parlor in the , Act lll Sumo ai Art ll. STAFF Stage Nicholas Leachman, Luke Ardcnrlush. Toni lixilnz, Alhvrt Smalley. Charles Latsnir Lights , Emmanuel Stovros, Estwurtl Pritt Bookliolrlcr , , , Bvtty LN' Stoy Tickets and Door Sue Lonsingcr, Betty Dnrudu tlshercttes . Lillian Syrck. Mnrgxn-ct Mnrshalt, Dorothy Fraurzek, Antoinette Cnvnlrantc, Jonnn August ,Zz- mv of rmanm wma om-ugh the mf J W cy.mmphu of the r.amm.- swf. ZZ, BETWEEN THE ACTS Music furnished by German Township High School! "Little German Band" under the direction of Mr. Peter Uhler. Wright Mr. Lloyd A. Director , , . ffl! ' ' Samuel French, New Yon Bq parvum-an 38 play I4 0 The Junior Film: ol' Gs-rnllln Township High Srhool lrlvwllis " l he Baby Sitter" .K Cmlll-dy ill 'l'lll'1'v .hrs FAST Hub who ilrvnks n lillh' E:i1Hll'li linnlilmllwky Mulhvr who lllxlkvx him llrrllk th? cillfv H4-fly Daruda l"n!hn'r Will! 1lKI'4'i's wllil llmthvr Hull Sl1Si1'il .llllliur ll holy lvl'l'ul' Ilan- l'llllll0l', Vlllsx nf '51 iiviull Ifnll's sv-1:-l' Villlllllv Knslllvl' .l.m.- 1hrll'x .-lll.-f im.-r lr.-:ly l,.-l- sn-y 1'1ll'l'lz' Rullk nm' und llllly .Xglvvs Rlxllirnllpil r:lm..-.- ulmIllvs11:mlm1'alll'ln"sllIm'e vm-l ll.-l.-,lx ll.-y rl-l.-ml ilvfly ll .l.-llwf ll.-ly 1.-V..-, Nl vllu mills Ulm' lvvllux lm..l lm., mills nn- .film .ul .ll..ll.,r',. mln-r nm. u.-nl.-H .l1mi.-wg m.-mlm Mnlgv x Mr. Hurd Plan-' Thu Iii ilu: ruunl of th Tin -- ' l,.lll..l, syn-A .mu s 1 pe-nik ck I4-nl I .V llnllm-.l ll., I.. 1l..A , Q mlm.. vlm .-f '51 lci-fly .llme zl-ll-flak nl-my Ann aol.-ez n.-ll Kilm sim l..msinm-.- nw. . .mmlay mglll. .lm fm.-: limi- .-vi-mmf, A.-l Twin: ,xlmm an ll.-ur lull-r. A.-1 'rlm-ll: A sh.-rl mm- Inlvr. STAFF zmrvmmx und l.lglllQ .l.-l- Klum, Mm- lcl-Ulm-qw, l-Immm.-l Slum-S ll..-4-.-nw Mr, ll.-y.l 4. wlwlll S.-.-no Ml- wlllmm lcllx.-ml, mul .lr alll- ,lwp mmllll..- lmm.-ll lln.-ugh flu- .-mmf.-Qy .lf .l, W l'llwlllpll.1l- .lr llw l1.l.-lllm.-H sl.-l-.L HE'I'YYI'IEN THE .UTS 1:1-.mlm 'l',l,- llml. S.-rw.-l Iln-Iwslrn uulh-rall--11111-lllvlluf Ml- um l'mm.-.- xx-.-Rl Tm- lm-lyn ll.-l-mul.-, .tum Ur 'll ll.1l.-H ll.-mm-.', .-lim uf'-15 v.-l.- llmllllvv,.-lllwlvf'41l lull.-lv.-la.-51 ,-lww lg-.-ll-, lclw- zlllml.-ll, xll..l.-up 'myl.n, 41...-mir lnlm, Hlolllmr'1'5ILn. lwnlml-. lim.-ll, lvrl.-llmf 'l'.mNl., llvlm-5 lu-1-Al-. .lllllm mmm sp.-flg.-W Mm llllw, .um is,-l.l.l, xl.-. Ylmgi-1, All-. lmmmlly lllgl. S.-lm.-l lfmwlpnl .lmm-S .x. rzllulx su,-.-1-ml.-l..l.-nl .lr S.-lm,-lx J. lu-lnllln Nl-xv--inner l-f-,wffll-fl l.,, W-.-l.,l .lf-,lmyl fn. ,ff ll fm rhf llfllmllm l-fllm.vnlH,, lmm,l..,l,,, l'hl.fl1,,,l, llllllm 'I' '5 'E' 'El 'D we' ....vzwezMf,af r' FJ ' W' ' ff-SSQ 'O ' 1 A X v Q 19' 'O 7 v infix f H It JL' , v qc xz -37. -sr' Q.. as-K CQ .Jh- .pv ,. 9 xv WMS ' 041021414 Row 'I lleft to rightl: Melvin Kessler, Betty Lee Stoy, Carmen Lecea, Raymond Hower, Alice Shuss, Lucy Cowell, Patty Doyle, Gazelle Mlcuch, John Kurnot, David Condor. Row 2: Dorothy Richardson, Harriet Roush, Sophie Kukalo, Lorraine Soblotney, Jean Shick, Louis Sefcheck, James Smell, Peggy Rehanek. Row 3: Gertrude Hrivnak, Donald Eberly, Aron Gara, Charlotte Trimble, Evelyn Smith, Pete Glagola, Carolyn Messenger, Gwendolyn Mc- Ginnis, Peter Uhler, Antoinette Calvalcante. Row 4: Regina Raubaugh, Francis Balint, Herdon, Elroy Bowers, Richard Digivon, Barba- ra Lilley, Shirley Franks. Row 5: Agnes Rau- baugh, Edwina Freeman, Jimmy Taylor, Sid- ney McGill, Ben Newcomer, Betty Kolnosky, Mary Ann McKetta, Dan Vukasovich, Sandra Lilley, Mary Ann Hoop. Row 6: Antoinette Slominsky, Marion Smearcheck, Joan Hardy, Florence Shutty, Louise Kopec, Clifford Bar- ber, Frank Bryan. Row 7: Betty Jane Zelenak, Henry Bolas, Mervin Casey, Edward Nevlud, Don Lewis, Walter Kois, Paul Tomi, George Varshock, Jimmy Jefferies, Dolores Dobish. Row 8: Sara Jean Johnson, Doris Hribal. Row Marlene Mumaw, Audrey Townsend, Fred 9: Lois Hribal, Delmar Cover. x , ,MER L i ' Q , 1 ., - ,LQ :ef ' X "4 rv.. 1' f, R , w .L, ", 521 6. , 'W' g . K , 1 ' 4. A I Q9 . ' 4 'O 6 , . . ' , ' Q . - ,A vw 'fvb' K? Q1 ,V any 3 M. v k "alum, Q Hi f .Y A J' 1 , x .1 I K Q.. W ai , ,- " Q - ' w. -. J ,, 1 . 3. . V , .W Av-3 t -'Vi bi-m.:,..1--1 , ' img! 4, I- 1 f 557 r-nj.. Hug xt , . pm . 5 new w .j sk . fn, MUD ' V' 'T' -was-v i 'J A ,.-. K? A . . , Nu, 1 . '. ,Gy fp, x. 'v , we J A . 1 wi" . .f Q ,,,p' x - -:. -'- . 4' .Q .Ji- ' 1 Winn. L x A In --m 4' . I tv . r, .. x , . f . 5 v ,Ft ,,,.f Q WWA. 1 -- .. x-gi 11 M.. I V. !W'f.54.L:f1,Qgv .. f rv, ,ax W ,M 5 gf.. Q V 1, 3 il A Sw' 'Y .Vg , , 4 -. A, Ted., . .J 4 -. ,111 A, ,qi . - X- , , w, W . K Sn" 4 ,J ,YFWX II T0 cr lhroughoueote' mclnfoi t th nn Gnd . ?:.J3?s'e32m5ii5?.:gfvUggg,4,fsfQS2Li'a2 ', -- ISGS ?ledQe, the cI3bHI,:aY- Following egg? sgleiurgpeon relief, SoiE:?e21dx.,CtFd drives 'nain'taiE1,ggs?F,2db5?Veral dangestoomg 'nom hall. u Ietm bOOrd in the RW 1 ilf Marlene Toyloff Itaw.-ig1tl:DBetty Dowdo S ' olores F d f ue Lons' R . Ingef, Lillian S Yrek Joanne Ole ' nik Elizabeth' Nesne M.e or: egino C . c M ossidyf Lucy Cowell: Aklgust B ' , etty Jane Zelenokr , .SS urphy P , eQQY Rehanek, Joanne Q- o c , . W lg L' n V I Kordeila John Racic, Row 'I tleh to rightl: Charles Elleard, Victor , George Glagola, Robert Hiles, Dale Smith. Row 2: Larry Owens, Ben S enik, Edward Pritt, Robert Cunningham, Charles Yenco, e Frank Bryan, Emanuel Stav- Newcomer, John p Mr. Bryan, Richard Yauger, Fred Cochran , ros, Jack Davis, Nelson Gray. TRI-HI-Y 43 The Hi-Y club is an organization ot high school boys affiliated with the Young Men's Christian Association. The purpose ot this club is, :'To create, maintain and extend through- out the school and community, high standards ot Christian character." All members try to adhere to their motto, "Clean speech, clean sports, clean scholarship, and clean living." Row 'I lleh to rightl: Don Osler, Ellen Dunham, Janet Grave, Miss Vail, Veronica Androsky, Eleanor Kipila, Edward Shotyk. Row 2: Ruth Berkshire, Eleanor Tokish, Irene Kozer, Bernadette McCahilI, Norma Jean Dillow, Betty Lee Stoy, Faye Ferrell, Edith Kreil, Catherine Allen. sheoveff Jann. shefcf' i , i ne ' pggho i golo, H fo nghn. lkggrt Smalley' zlltli George Go Row: RW 2: Pelizabefh Befec 0 ' EVOUSI peggv Re Se, Mr. 2.32222 ?jrtiS- . .i Qaafamancf ' iiaafufelud The Library Club consists of a group of students, who have charge of giving out and the returning of books. During the Christmas season, the Li- brary Club had their tea for the teachers. Many new books have been added to the original number. Jia!! Fahd Red-STOP Amber-CAUTION Green-GO Wofkmdni 9 ko. Totin Doloreskd Y0U9e" so Don Osleff .4 .W g , 4'Qg,. . Q 3. 'WH 5640 S wwf! 'lst Row lleft to rightl: Mrs. Gallo, John Spenik, Dorothy Fronczek. 2nd Row: William Svyantek, Mikey Kalfut, George Glagola, -............4Q.- Isl' Row lleft to rightl: Robert Liechliter, James Bartok, Dorothy Smith, Bob Spenik, Elizabeth Bereczky, Sylvia Yursich, Sylvester Kish, Doris Rozzi. 2nd Row: Sylvia Onesko, Tom Lee, Sarah Venanzi, Catherine Marchin. Emmanuel Stavros, Victor Kordella, Joe Demeter. 3rd Row: Loretta Smith, Nick Leachman, Catherine Kormanik, Robert Posevich, Ted Pikulski, Mary Ann Hoop. 4th Row lStandingl: Eve-lyn Hrivnak, Charles Elleard, Charlotte Kino, Joseph Augustine, JOSeph Molley, William Svyantek, Sam Sheranko, Mike Kalfut, Bob Bailey, George Glagola, Dorothy Fronczek,John Spenik, Mrs. Galla. 1 That students may govern themselves is the ideal of every demo- cratic high school. German pupils realize this aim through their Student Senate. The Senate, with an adviser, handles many of the problems which arise during the year and it strives constantly to make improvements about the school. ' 45 762 5 President A, Secretary ,.,, Treasurer ..,,, The Secretarial Club as its name implies is the club of young and budding secretaries. We plan several trips this year. One will be to the County Seat where we will see our local court in action. Another will be to Pittsburgh where we shall visit the Buhl Planetarium and attend a major theatrical production. To finance these undertakings our club sponsored the Fall Festival which was well attended. "7Uee2wwnecf1fze King, ancf.Queen" Glad. ,.,,,-MARLENE TAYLOR o DORIS ROZZI .,.,s,ucSHlRLEY FRANKS :tx M ...M . 4 l K I -. ' 1 .W , sn pg. ..-' .ji "fini, - T v ,g Q. if g, :-i,lFl'i:l W, -Q4 , A r XJ J jr' 3 , ,,! fl I SfzeeQ, S ' Glad Row 1 lleft to rightl: Clair Shick, Emanuel Stavros, George Varshock, Frank Bryan, Edward Pritt, Ben Newcomer. Row 2: Gaze-lla Mlcuck, Agnes Sofranko, Peggy Rehanek, Stella Pokorny, Betty Jane Zelenok Mary Ann McKetta, Shirley Bittinger, Eleanor Yaworsk , Ire T ' K, . . y ne otin, Joan. August, Lucy Cowell, Eleanor ipila, Mildred Cuppet. Row 3: Mr. Plava, Joe Hanuschock, Eugene Gurtis, Charles Shea, Jane Smith, Sue Lonsinger, Betty Daruda, Mildred Zelenak, Eleanor Tylka, Frank Hetes, Bill Desko, Robert Onesko Robert Mlinarcik. Row 4: Mervin Cafey, John S enik R b , p , o ert Subjoc, Charles Yenco, John Racic, George'Glagola, Lawrence Gibson, Sam Sheranko, Robert Hiles, Victor Kordella, Bern rd S ll ' ' a ma ey, John Posvlch, Walter Kors. El: B , 1 XXXL I YE ,q x 5 'f A ,, ZA"-s rbf lffg' 'fl'-:f " . .: v I 'Au ' -H lf' Q tif' . fl ." lr, nv -in 'Diggs A ,gf . Y 'X ,Q a A 3 +."'.g Row 'l lleft to rightl: Nick Leachman, Donald Wright, Mildred Zelenak, Stella Porkony, Lucy Cowell, Mr. Hrivnak, Edward Hamborsky, Emanuel Stavros, Charles Elleard. Row 2: Agnes Sofranko, lrene Totin, Florance Ozanich, Sara Sheranko, Evelyn Hrivnak, Dorothea Sichko, Dolores Sperko, Catherine Skiles, Irene Bokach, Julia Panella, Winona Davis, Sophia Puscian, Eleanor Dantzler. Row 3: Catherine Sulik, Leona Michalski, Alverta Sullenburger, Sara Walters, Marion Mincer, Elizabeth Bereczky, Eleanor Tylka, Marlene Taylor, Sylvia Yursic, Jean Stavros, Alice Walters, Grace Hostetler, Regina Cassidy. 7fze ,am wwf ew "WMA .Bike Me I ' Bee" Row 'l lleft to rightl: Eleanor Kipila, Faye Ferrell, Phyllis Nicholson, Margaret Marshall, Shirley Franks, Agnes Raubaugh, Mrs. Gallagher, Dolores Fedor, Ellen Johnson, Grace Roush, Betty Lukachinsky, Dorothy Fronczek. Row 2: Velma Bahaiak, Myrtle Lane, Garnet Dillow, Betty Daruda, Elizabeth Nesnec, Sue Lonsinger, Georgiana Bukovitz, Lillian Syrek. S' , .4-Y. 760 ,lla fVew4 1f!w1Vew4 ' en fend." .,,,f .hx 9 1. E SQ? J FW' ,gn i W. . .. Q -ii 4, , x 1 ,Qg , 1, I in ,. UF' - V . , . . s'R'9'1?'P' . gg y ' ui' il' 6 5 45 P v , if at if Q pr 9 1 Y 0-fx ! . ,. ,, E Q . 'r '. ' Wifi- V1 1 'I V riff- P 9 1 W it vw I ' -. ?' ' + v " 4 1 ' iff: fy Q, 1 1' A is Q if 5 493, . , X 0. M. .- .X T.: -M'-A , f Q .lf -iw' - . W V ' X l F ' ,, .. lv l Af" 5' if Nw. , X W.. , I O I The whistle shrills for football practice-passes, tackling dummies, wingbacks . . . then team-plays and formations click for favorable scores . . . Our annual game with rival Masontown . . . snowy days draw interests indoors . . . the gvm resounds with "Shoot" and "Basket" . , . our German quintet . . . spring brings familiar shouts of "Strike", "Foul ball" , . . cheers for home runs. . . Fi FAYETTE-COUNTY CLASS A CHAMPlONSHlP TROPHY ""' ef- ' iii ,lg t 4 i W18 A FOOTBALL TEAM Row 'I lleft to righflz Floyd Gladman, George Glagola, John Spenik, James Liska, William Svyantek, Tom Simon, Lawrence Gibson, Robert Bailey. Row 2: Albert Stoner, Howard Greene, Denver Hartwick, Mike Kalfut, Sam Sheranko, Joe Kurtik, Cotton Gurtis, Tom Shaffer, Charles Yenco. Row 3: John Koval, Donald Wright, Tony Trincia, David Harvin, George Cooper, Sam Johnson, Ted Pikulski, Jack Davis, Bill O'Donnell, Jacob Grace. 04140 ' Siaff ' Q , . Q lu. A I ' X .Q W xx l JQ I X ff- s MR, ROZZI MR. HART MR. JOHNSON y. ef. swab Sept. German 6 North Union ,L l3 Oct. German 34 Connellsville .L O Oct. German 9 Scottdale ,L O Oct. German 6 Redstone 6 Oct. German 7 Georges . 0 Nov. German O Scottdale 6 Nov. German 8 Redstone . , . 7 German 70 Opponents 32 J. V FOOTBALL SQUAD Row 'I lleft to righti: C-iarles Dobish, Richard Budner, John Powell, Richard l'ylka, Charles Hartwick, Houston Scott, Curtis Price, Eugene Powell, William Dowell, Ed Dlugopolsky, "Chicken" Mlinarcik, Ed Zuchowsky, Andy Franczek, Joe -lrance. Row 2: John Lukachinsky, John Kormanick, Stanley Sidorsky, Sylvester -lrusovsky, Jack Groves, John Koval, Jacob Grace, James Woods, Bill Kurnot, 3ob Clarke, Bob Spenik, Steve Roll, Alex Katrinchek. Row 3: Paul Simon, Arnold Siko, Bob Gurtis, James Bell, Mike Zimmerling, Frank Bubash, John Hixon, Bob Cakos, Wendell McGinnis, John Hudock, Bob Lee. -. i ti. X Mr. Hart T50 .JB W4-Uv' Sept Scpf Srvpt Ocr. Oct. Oct Oct Nov Ncw XQR 10 I 'rf ,A 0 I5 ,D A 7fJ 'n TR Amr by V i ,- ,s-s,-Q Q ,. Vugg .A ,, ' M X . FOOTBALL Gorman vrmun Gm mum G Om mum Gl'f'Y1G I-1 Gorrncxn Cc'rmc1r1 Gvrmun Gorman Gorman R ,,, V- My Y. . XC? gr A, 0.5 'I X T iz 'L K, T, A 'xv Q ,as Q ,Nxt an . n Q., N X. gi 2 Q X NK Fu X mm' XX ga ZZ... Zffnfan eaqeu " BASKETBALL SCH EDU LE Dec. 3 Dec, 7 Dec. lO Dec. l4 Dec. l7 Dec. 20 , Dec. 30 Jon. 4 , 7 ll l4 I8 2l 25 28 Jan, , Jan. , Jan. Jon. Jon. Jan. , ,, Jan. LEAGUE GAMES Feb. l ,, . Feb. 4 , Feb. 8 Feb. l l , Feb. I5 Feb. l 8 , Feb. 22 Masontown East Bethlehem Redstone St. Johns East Bethlehem St. Johns Masontown South Union Dunbar Uniontown Pt. Marion North Union Georges Connellsville Redstone South Union Dunbar Uniontown Pt. Marion North Union Georges Connellsville ii.. 'Ist Row lLeft to rightl: William Svyantek, Joseph Pecosh, Eugene Gurtis, Joseph Kurtik, George Glagola, Lawrence Gibson. 2nd Row: Samuel Johnson, Robert C-lork, Melvin Galich, David Harvin, Floyd Gladmon. Zi all .E A 4 A! S rqaaauzcflffzefb' ..... 'D . Fayette County Championship Trophy Row 'I lleft to rightl: Cotton Gurtis, Joe Hanuschock, Joe Vilk, Joe Pecosh, Mike Bevilacqua, Denver Hartwick. Row 2: John Racic, Bill Svyantek, Howard Greene, William Sichko, Joe Kurtik, Robert Bailey. Row 3: Coach Lou Rozzi, Mike Zummerling, Jim Bryner, Ralph Jordan, Tom Geca, Floyd Gladman, Edgar Walters. ' . . fb if Affirmative Team Left-Edward Hamborsky Right-Victor Kordella This German Twp. High School Group during the year i948-49 en- tered nearly all the speech contests, under the competent leadership of Mr. Lloyd A. Wright. Our school took part in the following events: Shakespearean Reading, Betty Lee Stay, Original Oration on Conserva- tion, Nick Lecichman, Poetry Reading, Mildred Zelenak, Discussion, Sue Lon- singer, Declamation, Betty Darudag Debate, Affirmative, Edward Hambor- sky, Victor Kordella, Negative, Donald Susick and Emmanuel Stavros. Declamation Betty Da rudo Negative Team Left-Donald Susich Right-Emmanuel Stavros Betty Lee Stoy Nick Leachman Poetry Reading Discussion Shakespearean Reading Original Oration Mildred Zelenak Sue Longinger Congratulations Lczureola Staff of 1949 THE DAVID I. HONSAKER FUNERAL HOME MASONTOWN, PA. PHONE 3151 COMPLIMENTS OF FRANKS and URBANY Auto and Home Supplies B. F. GOODRICH DISTRIBUTORS JEWELRY - APPLIANCES DIAMONDS - SPORTING GOODS GAS ond ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS MAIN STREET MASONTOWN, PA. PHONE 3731 COMPLIMENTS OF IAMES I. FORNWALT Tax Collector FOR German Township Compliments Y O N E Y ' S of MASONTOWN BUS Mosontown, Pennsylvonio Mosontown, Pennsylvonio COMPLIMENTS OF SANITARY FOOD STORE GEORGE FRANKS, Proprietor MEATS AND GROCERI ES MASONTOWN PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF UNION SUPPLY COMPANY Operating Eight Central Stores In German Township LEC KRONE GATES RONCO LAMBERT PALMER RALPH EDEN BORN FOOTEDALE Compliments Complumenls o of PRINTCRAFT CARD THR F DRUG CO. I T COMPANY, Inc. 10 W. MAIN STREET 1425 E. ELM STREET U ' t P . . mon own' Q Scranton 5, Pennsylvania ALSON C. EGGERS, President and Treasurer F. WENDELL SEMANS, Secretary COMPLIMENTS OF NEW SALEM LUMBER CO. lOne of Eggers' lnterestsl Lumber and Builders' Supplies New Salem Phone 235l Pennsylvania Compliments of THOMAS H. WRIGHT Chrysler' - Plymouth Cars International Trucks 201 NORTH MAIN STREET Phone 237 Masontown, Pa. THE EDUCATORS Lancaster, Pennsylvania CHARLES HAN EY, District Manager Atlantic 9878 'I104-A GRANT BLDG. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Compliments of GIRARD'S CLEANERS and DYERS Masontown Pennsylvania "To Look Well- You Must Dress Well" Compliments of OUTLET DEPARTMENT STORE Masontown Pennsylvania Compliments of PIKE CHEVROLET COMPANY Phone 230 Masontown Pennsylvania TOM KOBALLA Buster Brown Official Scout Shoes for Boys and Girls Phone 201 Masontown Pennsylvania Compliments of SECOND NATIONAL BANK MASONTOWN MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION PENNSYLVANIA MASONTOWN Compliments of Ioe's Shoe Repairing and Ug1ik's Barber Shop Masontown Pennsylvania A Fine Place To Eat THE SAVOY Jewelry - Confections - Lunches Masontown Pennsylvania Compliments of ROSSINI MOTORS Your Oldsmobile Dealers Phone 8211 Masontown HANNA'S DEPARTMENT STORE "There Is No Substitute For Quality" Phone 5231 210 S. MAIN ST. Masontown Be Sure - Insure with PEARY'S INSURANCE AGENCY PHONE 283 MASONTOWN, PA Good Luck Seniors ROSENTHAL CREDIT IEWELERS MASONTOWN FREDERICKTOWN COMPLIMENTS 0F RALSTON'S Next To Liberty Theater MASONTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Compliments of I, HOPPY'S GARAGE ELECTRIC SHOP Housewiring, Fixtures ond Everything Electrical Hot Point Appliances Phone 2821 G. E. Television 209 SOUTH MAIN STREET Phone 3271 MCClellOndfOWn, PCI. Mqsgntgwnl PQ, Phone 287 ALPHA FLORIST Corner of Beeson Boulevard ond South Street Phone 9985 Compliments of ENLOW'S SERVICE STATION Uniontown Pennsylvania McCIellandtown, Pennsylvania Compliments Since i876 MilIer's Have Sold of To Fayette County Residents Their Better Watches ond Jewelry STORE FOR MEN WALLACE MILLER 59 WEST MAIN STREET and BRC- Uniontown Pennsylvania Uniontown Pennsylvania Phone 475 "Say It With Flowers Compliments of BARTONS FLOWER SHOP J. W. WHITE, Prop. 19 MORGANTOWN ST. Uniontown, Pa. WILLIAM H. GRAHAM Commissioner of Fayette County Compliments of IOHN L. RIDER Register of Wills Congratulations and Best Wishes IOHN R. HOYE Controller of Fayette County Compliments of THE MASONTOWN HARDWARE STORE OLIVER C. SMITH, Prop. I7-19 NORTH MAIN ST. Masontown, Pa. Phone 274 Compliments of IOSEPH AUTO CO. Dodge ond Plymouth Cars Dodge Trucks "Where your car and your truck are among friends" Masontown, Pa. Compliments of RICHARD P. WRIGHT Your Friendly Ford Dealer NORTH MAIN STREET Phone 3681 Masontown, Pa. Phone 288 Best Wishes to the Class of I949 MICHAEL HANNA Public Accountant Insurance Agent 216 S. MAIN STREET Masontown Pennsylvania Phone 6973 GIRARD'S Good Shoes for the Entire Family Men's and Boy's Clothing Furnishing X-Ray Shoe Fitting Masontown Pennsylvania CONNELL'S DRUG STORE Kodaks and Cameras Finishing Supplies and Equipment Masontown, Pennsylvania Phone 6589 SHAFFER'S CLOVER FARM Meat - Groceries McClellandtown, Penna. Compliments of KAUFMI-XN'S Compliments of W. C. GRANTS CO. "Uniontown's Best Store Uniontown Pennsylvania Phone 2161 "USE DAIRY PRODUCTS "Success Thru Service" -42' fp- N P HOUSEHOLD ICE CREAM Phone 254 Uniontown Pennsylvania FURNITURE CO. sz-54 w. MAIN STREET Uniontown, Pa. Compliments of LIGGETT DRUG CO "The Rexall Store" Uniontown Pennsylvania COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES Campbell-Hathaway Boston Shoe Store Book's Freemon's Shoe Store Getty's Shoe Store Kinney's Shoe Store McKenna's State Shoe Store TO CLASS OF '49 FROM UNIONTOWN'S FRIENDLY SHOE STORES COMPLIMENTS OF LAWRENCE E. MCGEE Recorder of Deeds FAYETTE COUNTY OFFICE EMPLOYEES HOMER A. RAFFLE, Deputy MARGARET PICKENS, Chief Index Clerk MARGARET RYAN, Index Clerk MARTY RUCH, Typist BARBARA ROBINSON, Typist DOROTHY GERNOT, Typist JOHN WARMUTH, Photo-stat Operator ROSE KROMER, Typist THERESA HAGAN, Clerk Congratulations to the CLASS OF '49 IACOB H. ECHARD Sheriff of Fayette County PAUL IOHNSON Exclusive Rights To Transport Party Groups Within Or Out Of German Township McCLELLANDTOWN ROAD Phone Uniontown 6097-R Walter R. Dearth Hayden B. Dearth Compliments of C. B. DEARTH SONS . . . Funeral Home . . . Established 1900 New Salem, Pennsylvania Phones 2101 and 3191 Compliments of COFFMAN MOTOR CO Ford Service and Soles We Repair All Makes of Cars New Salem, Pennsylvania We Wish To Extend Our Sincere Gratitude To The Following Patrons: SCHIEN BROTHERS rrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrr - E. SEARS ROEBUCK 81 CO. AXELRAD'S rrrr.rrrrrrrsrrrrrrr WILLIAM E. ROGERS E E MR. EMERSON WORK LEVY'S so rrrrr,.r,.rr,.,rr, E Uniontown, Pa. Uniontown, Pa. Uniontown, Pa. s New Salem, Pa. E, Uniontown, Pa. Uniontown, Pa. Compluments o Phone 3851 IEFFRIES CHEVROLET CO. HMe"'s and G'oce'iesH . . Sales ond Service . . . New Salem, Phone Pennsylvania New Salem, Pennsylvania E. W. Honsaker, Agent Compliments THE HONSAKER Of AGENCY BI'1"I'NER'S F'f:,rp:,::nx4zgs'iY ICE CREAM BAR Phone 2811 Phone 3701 New Salem, Pennsylvania New Salem, Pennsylvania Compliments METZLER'S UNIONTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Phone l327 B. I. MUNDEL CO. . . . Home Furnishing . . . Easy Credit Terms Blankets - Sheets and Cases Bedspreads - Suit Covers Curtains - Rugs - Mattresses Dishes "Buy and Pay The Mundel Way" 56 W. Main Street Uniontown, Pa. When in Uniontown Meet Me ot the FAYETTE DRUG CO. 21-23 East Main sneer Uniontown, Pa. Compliments of ELLIS MUSIC STORE 29 Morgantown Street Uniontown, Pa. Phone 9974 G. M. WOOD 6: SON A Home-Owned Store "We Aim to PIease" McClellandtown, Pa. 'We Give Gold Bond Stamps" Flowers For All Occasions WHITE SWAN FLOWER SHOP White Swan Hotel Building We Telegraph Phone 3616-J or 5842 Uniontown, Pennsylvania Graduation Gifts of Lasting Quality from HU NT'S IEWELRY STORE John S. Lutz, Mgr. 7 W. Main Street Uniontown, Pa. Compliments of THE SECRETARIAL CLUB of German Township High School President ..oooo,,ooo. Marlene Taylor Secretary .eeee.,,, Doris Rozzi Treasurer ssss..sss.,. Shirley Franks Phone 234 THE ESQUIRE Men's and Boy's Clothing Masontown, Pa. Phone 4753 BENSON'S Distributor For Richman Bros. Clothes 524.50 and 529.50 "nuf-ced" Also Fine Furnishings 5 W. Main St. Uniontown, Pa. Compliments of UNIONTOWN HARDWARE 5. SUPPLY CO. Wholesale - Retail 54 W. Peters Street Uniontown, Pa. Phone 4751 When You Fall ln Loxe VISIT AMBERS Compliments For That Diamond Ring! f O AMBERS . . . Jewelers . . . 24 W. MAIN ST. Masontown Pennsylvania Uniontown, PQ. Louis F. Rozzi Frank E. Kanopsky, Jr. I MASONTOWN SPORT CENTER "Everything for cr Sportsman" PHONE 208 'II2 S. MAIN STREET MASONTOWN, PA. UNIFORMS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION - FLAGS CLASS RINGS AND CLUB PINS - AWARDS I-n DON ENEIX 927-927A Union Trust Building Pittsburgh, Pa. I-w COMMENCEMENT INVITATIONS - DIPLOMAS CAPS AND GOWNS - A CAPELLA ROBES f v 1 . ,U 'J' Lv ,, . . A., . X ,. . x A 'rl gy 3 -3 I? 5 f-'.f,?,gs5Hi- V Us V 3 , ., ., , . ,, . . M ' 1 ,. "i f " F 6 VJ X I .s'.,zmz.,ma .... 1 f '51 L I U I M "ffm , .JV NgwMJ7J75g5iWg , QT Wawfwwyfff -jvf . Q 'I ' , 4' , '31 4 , , f ' ji!! " . .Q Q- V ww! ce, -' rw' 2 i " f'Q 'ZZ-gg! M 1 Qgxll V ,61,.6'! , 5 i I A U L ,Li 1, K-lf,-'C .,,.- """ K lj' Y 1 If V 1 1 . 'gag 1 . r, 14 ga 'a 0 o o o .29 1. 'Q' I O O O ' 3 he X I K i . J ,Wx ff' , -A 4, 1 Y ji M A I w,J,'ff'Q? , yy Q x ly 115 ..-S1 I 1 ,- 7' U05 f ,MW 'Q' ' My I 'lv 1 K ei' L 1 ,pm 4 Q -A Aa ., v rg, . ip i 1 . X, 1 K' fig L.. xp! 1 -5 3 it -1.q..f iv Y . , , 1 J' in X534 - y, 1 ,',' J" 4 2 f X 6 . V ,A I . if X 68528618018 W Q Kb it , if M ' I 9253525 Wing: fs 45 PM Q , ,,,W- --- gg 1 1 M4 F :F L' F kg k I a x xxx , V - ' y X5 ff Q sig? , 4255356 f, ,Hg shg n 1 ,: A Q au: 1 -1 s H, 'K .fy xg. ,J Q, Q W F 3 x 'K - 'e I o X Qi 14" Wlls.. S K., 5 gg + vs. Q-du, " ,- if Y uv We W- is if 1 ,. in is

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German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


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