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-2-THE-if' LAUREULA PUBLISHED av THE CLASSQIEI29 GERMNTuwNSHlPFhcH5cHoaL MQCLELLANDTUVN, PENNA ANNO DDMINI Mcrnxxvm A "'O" I, " 'N , , 'Q-fr: 'Y HW' --Y Sf," TJ I P2 FOREWORD DEDICATION HIGH SCHOOL SONG OUR HIGH SCHOOL G. T. H. S. DIRECTORY DIARY OF '27 AND 328 FACULTY SENIOR CLASS DIRECTORY JUNIOR CLASS DIRECTORY SOPHOMORE CLASS DIRECTORY FRESHMAN CLASS DIRECTORY COMMERCIAL REVIEW COURSE OF STUDY MICROSCOPE STAFF LAUREOLA STAFF EDITORIAL PLANE SURVEYING ACTIVITIES PLAYS LITERARY CONTESTANTS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL ALUMNI SNAPSHOTS JOKES 2 .,, T' ,J-teaw M-M K v ffl' , y. rf I f PM 4 Q ilinrrmnrh When the days have joined to for months, and the months have rolled into years, old scenes will have slowly faded, and some of the fondest treasures in the storehouse of memory will have been reluctantly lost to view. If, in those days and years to come, this book may help to bridge the gap between them and to- day and brighten the memory of school days at old German Township High, made mellow by the hand of time, we shall know that our labor has not been in vain, and we shall be content. THE STAFF. 3 :E4 ' -14p1'j,,+.nmS In " "C ', A. -am f-A Lltwnluu Tw' Jw Jimfamwl .V A1 .mu fg- rwg 'BRIS 'ff " -1 f ,Z ,: .L"j"'f 'Qi-'if ,-., . "'-y Fug , ,X ' I ' , Q .. LV L 4 . L, ,Fifi 15,1 . hu X. - 7. ' ' '2:'A"'A,, ' 1 -HM ' afifm- ' ' ' ,: 9. ETL: I'-'F' M4 -L ' 1' ' ' f , N "'i1H'5, .. ' 5 9'1" ,, - '- .- 3 - ugeviigqgjyi ki " 1 Q' ' I J H 4,, 'Q' 4,35 2---2 :1 3 . 1- , A 623, N- .tum I JAMES D. SHANER I 5 2' HIGH SGHDOL SONG-g lrlze gi f ii i 31539 M ff, 5 2? 5 i f5f7Q?H v-iii-1?-:q'ri5-vii:-rip'-QWFE ffafai 5? f if Wifi Q NV mg ,1 F 15. T, EF H Fmffmf 3535 32332 W ix vii if 1i1SaJHa:J: 524535115 I Da wdeafiiifsgffl farH1ajf5:iQ,s:a1a1I . .?' ' J' 1:- .:11:1Ill . . ..- - - - --..... F ,V - , ,- Ccpyright, 1910, by lm. J, POSL. Biprinted by permission of fllilbeth K. Post. 4 msn scuooz. some GWf'NUfHf 'fEr4r511T,gQg2 H C is 5111533 Ei-B 1 gf-D 1 H1 Q "5fEiEBif fl1Q'f'w 1 'iiiii QU i 3411 P it 1 . Hull to the matt-o T-hnt Ile love Chl rfiwliii Qjfjl 32151 1 S... V- - f . . ' ' H ' :' . J "!"' ' I I i l1111EEE'.":r'EJ'i?'-v' 'J ' ll H belt. 'Boi en L1 A po ms tu est". 'Fava Bad am Bhd: for . 5 Z , 1 ' Z FF !1ESE.l ?EE" Y --nf'-Q nil"ll1Ii- l:51-..---.........-.. igrgifwafafdiii Q Sv er Fur. ar may you nev er Deir old Gor man Town ship High H1+LiFQMQ 4 F it F15 ESQ OUR HIGH SCHOOL ii Aygufrgglmllnlllyr Engel, Ji: 'W F, 'ifiy . SB , f . . - A! I SCHOOL DIRECTORS President ......... .,...,,.....,.,.,... W . J. Culleton, Ronco, Pa. Vice-President .... .,O, . Iohn Schiffbauer. Edenborn, Pa. Secretary ....... ---Frank M. Lardin, Uniontown, Pa. Treasurer .......,., ,-,,, , 4..nA , E. R, Bliss, Adah, Pa. John M. Crow ....... H.,, lv Icfllellandtown, Pa. B. S. Newcomer, Jr. ..o... .... M cClellandtown, Pa. J. A. Hissongf ..n-.......,, ..e.,.... L ambert. Pa. District Superintendent ..n, -- .... ---I. N. Riffle Clerk to Board .......,... v,,..,.... D . J. Morris Medical Inspector .....o,- f,l,, D r. D. H. Sangston Penmanship Supervisor ,,.,.v,-,-,,,.,,o,,,,,v.,.,.,,rr P. O. Peterson T E A C H E R S HIGH SCHOOL RODGIT R. McCombs. Principal .......r..,.. ,... M cClellandtown Pa. James D. Shaner. Vice-Principal ..... -- .... McClel1andt0wn, Pa. Lloyd Matson .........,...,.,... ..,, N IcClellandtown, Pa. Harold D. Wheeler ,..,.N - ,--McClellandtown, Pa. Clarence Enterline .... ,r,, lv IcClellandtown, Pa. Samuel W. Shuss ..... ..,, N IcC1ellandtown, Pa. Elizabeth Vail ...... .... IN IcClellandtown, Pa. Calvin Fleming-u ---- West Newton, Pa. T. L. Titus ------ ---- C armichaels, Pa. Goldie Stewart ---- ---- C armichaels, Pa. Anna E. Hicks ----- ------- F airchance Pa. J. Warren Large ----- ----------- R eading, Pa. Alma Evans -------- --------- G rafton, W. Va. Edward Fessler ----- ----- S chuylkill Haven, Pa. Beryl B. Baker ----- --------------------------------- T arentum, Pa. MCCLELLANDTOWN CZJ , 1. Nelle Jamison -------------------------------- McClellandtow-n, Pa. 2. Eugenia Loucks ---- ----------------- L amberton, Pa. 3. Ruth Newcomer ---- ------ IV IcClellandto-wn, Pa. 4. Gladys Nicholson ----- ---- S mithfield, Pa., R. F. D. 5. Mae Sharpnack -------- ------ IX IcClellandtown, Pa. 6. Pearl Ache ----------,--- ------ M cClellandtown, Pa. 7. 0. H. Hostetler ------------ -------- M cillellandtown, Pa. 8. Harry Wilson, Principal ---- --- ---- Uniontown, Pa. R. F. D. 9 D Y Gi 'T 'EJ'eni5,vJ'An5f nfl' 575115, w I' i -1- -. . .. -4, : .4.:'.L-uf Y ,S-.f ,. ,-'an --4 "" 'M,,,.,,, L A ff 1:1 f'nifg,, :..,- , ' . Ja' -f iw.. I " ,ze.,,523'pE :gi '-mga ' v',1',g:.., j' 'MU ' F H. A, " im. IEIEUI ff ' bifxl ' -. 3, f a .1 - ll LOWER LAMBERT 13D Jessie Gallatin -..-......,.,,..,.....,,..H... Etta Brooks ....-......,.d, ,,..,.,,. Carolyn Fiat ........ Gwenthleen Loucks ..,. Elizabeth Swaney--- -McClellandtown, Pa McClellandtown, Pa. ---McClellandtown, Pa. ------Lamberton, Pa -- --Fairchance, Pa William Powell ,,,--,,,,,-,,,--, ,- ....... Hibbs, Pa C. R. Wyant, Prin. .,..-..,,............... -- ..... Uni0nt0Wn, Pa. UPPER LAMBERT Q41 Margaret Gilmore ................................. Uniontown, Pa Hazel Franks ................................ Mae. Hostetler .......... BenJ . Humphreys, Prin. ............... -- ,Theresa King ..... Rose Steinman ...... Mildred Antram ....... RALPR Q51 Mary K. Dobberstein .... Mar aretta McMullen -McClellandtown, Pa ----McClellandtown, Pa ----Masontown, Pa. -------Everson, Pa ----Masontown, Pa -------Hibbs, Pa - - - - - - -Lambert, - .... U niontown, Pa ---------Hibbs, Pa g .... Marie H. Siston ....... Thomas Gault, Prin. .................... .... FOOTE DALE C65 Florence Royeroft .,.................r... - - - Gwendolyn Barnes ,,.-.-...,.,......... - - - Cora Van Kirk ...... Jean McKa y ........ Mary Christopher ..... Elizabeth Lilley ....e Sylvia Sullivan ....,. Hallie Hastings ....... Elizabeth Jeffries ..... . Sue Morgan ........ 10 11. Elizabeth H. Vail .... 12 -McClellandtown, - - - -McClellandtown, Pa. - - - - - -Uniontown Pa McClellandtown,, Pa McClellandtown, Pa - --Connellsville, Pa. - - - -McClellandtown Pa ----New Salem: Pa -----------Pittsburgh, Pa ------------------------New Salem, Pa . V. C. Hess, Prin. .... .,..,.,,..,,-..,... B rownsville, Pa., R. F. D MESSMORE C75 Opal Smell ................,.................. McClellandtown, Pa Elizabeth Harford .... .......-........... M essmore, Pa Henrietta Keener--- Virginia Gray ----- -----McClellandtown, Pa., R. F. D Uniontown, Pa Fred Bryan, Prin.--- ------------------- ------------ U ledi, Pa CORE C81 Mary Franks ---- ----- , - ------- McClellandtown, Pa., R. F. D Milton Carson--- -------------------------- Perryopolis, Pa ROSS C95 Nora Grove ---- - ------------ ---- M cClellandtown, Pa 10 Pa. Merrittstown, Pa. ----New Salem, Pa. Pa. 1 -+' -' 2--.f .- " 5"-ii '-' .i..,...., Q ...L. ,, 11212-2' . I! LECKRONE C105 Estella Carroll .... ................. .... C h arleroi, Pa. Pearl Payton -... ,....... M artin, Pa. Sara Lee ........ .... M asontown, Pa. Grace Carroll .... ,,..,,. C alifornia, Pa. Ruth Rider ....,.. ---McClellandtown, Pa. Margurite Swift ...... ,........ L eckrone, Pa. Catherine McGinty ..............,..... ---McClellandtown, Pa Harry B. Riffle, Prin. ......-.......,..... ..-.... S mithfield, Pa. BESSMER 4115 Marguerite Ewing .......-....-..-.-..... ..... S mithfield, Pa. Eleanor MacMaster ..............,..... M... M asontown, Pa. Frances DePriest .... .... M asontown, Pa. Josephine Sterling .... .....,...... M asontown, Pa. Leonora Woodfill .... .............. U niontown, Pa. Wilella Dalzell ...... ...........,... M asontown, Pa. Arthur Guseman ................r.,... McClellandtown, Pa., R. F. D. George Morris, Prin. .......... -. ................... Masontown, Pa. EDENBORN 1125 Mary Murphy .... .................... - --McClellandtown, Pa. Nola Moore .... ---McClellandtown, Pa. Edna Smell ..... ---McClellandtoWn, Pa. Dora Enlow ...... .... M cClellandtoWn, Pa. Iola Mullen ........ ...,..... M asontown, Pa. Thelma Kendall 1... ..... M cClellandtown, Pa. Mary Gillen ...... .... M cClellandtown, Pa. Edna Hall ...... .... M cClellandtown, Pa. Ethel McCann .... - .... McClellandtown, Pa. Martha Yaugher .... ,........ M cClellandtown, Pa. Catherine Boyd .... ....,,......... J ohnstown, Pa. Anna Cassidy ........ ..... C onnellsville, Pa., R. F. D. Elizabeth Cassidy ..1, ,............ N ew Salem, Pa. Margaret Crago .... ....... M cCle1landtown, Pa. Caroline Brown ..... ,..... M asontown, Pa. Pearl Barber 1,.....- ,,..,1. - --McClellandtown, Pa. C. P. Kendall, Prin. ......,..,,.,,,,..... .,.. M cClellandtown, Pa. PALMER 1135 Mary Martin ..... ..,,...,....,1. ..,..... D o nora, Pa. Gladys Mount ....,. .... .... U n iontown, Pa. Leone Swogger ..... .... P ittsburgh, Pa. Ruth Gildroy ,.... ,.,... D unbar, Pa. Bertha Antram .... ,...... H ibbs, Pa. Grace Pender, .,.. ....... P almer, Pa. Irene Braddock ..... ..,.... W est Finley, Pa. Mary Hardgrove .... -- ,.......... Fairchance, Pa. Mary Delaney ........... ..... S outh Brownsville, Pa. Guy Eberhart .,..1.1..-,.. ........ N ew Geneva, Pa. Leslie Sharpnack, Prin. ,,1. 11, ..1... gCarmichaels, Pa. 11 ,. E. 4, ,. ,... W... ' '-' , ' ' "'2"1i"' 5 I J5. - V, .1 . GATES C145 1. Loretta Harvey ..... ............, - .- ---McC1ellandtown, 2. Sara Hutchinson ..,. .... N ew Salem, 3. Corrine Ewart ,,.... .... M cClellandtown 4. Virginia Gordon .,,.. ...... - .----Adah, 5. Arthelia Murray .... .... M asontown 6. Samera Brits .i... .... L eckrone, 7. Cecelia Barthels .,,,., .... S mithton, S. Anna M. Boyle ..................,... .... U niontown, 9. D. L. McClelland, Prin. ..,.,............. H... M asorltown, RONCO C151 1. Mary Nosker ..i,,............... - ..... ..., C anonsburg, 2. Eleanor Ralston ..... ......, - - .... Masontown, 3. Margaret Eberhart ..,. ---New Geneva, 4. Margaret Johnston ---- ---- M asontown, Victoria Sekosky ---- ----- - .-Ronco, 6. Mary Hague ----------- --------- R onco, 7. Cora Reitz ------------------------------ ---- M asontown, 8. Lloyd Deffenbaugh, Prin.---.. -------------- ---- M asontown, MT. STERLING C165 1. Laura Harford ----------- . --------------- ----- M t. Sterling, 2. Elizabeth Price ----------- ..--- ----------- ---Mt. Sterling, 3. Edna Wilson ---------------------------- ---- M aso-ntown, 4. Bryan Christopher, Prin. ------------------ ---- M asontown, BALSINGER 1171 1. Lillian Thorne ----- ----------------------------------- U ledi, 2. Mahlon Franks ---- --------------------- U niontown, Pa., R. F D Poundstone C199 1. Frank H. Smith ---------------------------- ---- M asontown, MENNONITE C193 1. Mary Houston ----- --------------------- ---- P e nnsville UNASSIGNED Elizabeth Rider ------------------------- ----- M essmore, JANITORS High School-J. J. McCann ----------------- ---- M cC1ellandtown, Edenborn-A. E. Moser ---- ----------- ---- M c Clellandtown, Leckrone-D. W. Riffle ------ ---- M cClellandtown, F00tedale-Gilbert Coffman -------- ---- M cClellandtoWn, Ralph-J. W. Christopher ----------- ---- M cClellandtown, Bessemer-Mrs. D. B. Christonher ----- ---- M cClellandtown, McClellandtown-J. A. McWilliams ----- ---- M cClellandtown, Palmer-J. VV. Deerns -------- - ----- - Gates-George Haton ------------- Mt. St61'llI1g'-GQOTQB Smith ---- Messmore-A, C. Tracy ---------------------- RONCO-Robert W1ll1a1'd ------------------ - ---- Office Telephone, 49 McClellandtown. Pa. . Residence of Sunt. 186, Masontown, Pa. County No. 26 District No. 15 12 -----------Adah ----------Adah ! - - --Masontowln, - - - - -Messmore, ----Masontown . , , ' .-'fha - .. ' ...Aff-Q53.jy,..:Y1 1 . t EQEL ., X? ? AQ -1 J August 29. The grand rush. Freshies very numerous. 30. Trying to get settled. 31. Same. Also Senior Class Meeting. . i September 1. Getting down to work. Junior Class Meeting. 2. This is the last day to decide your course. No more changing. 5. Blue Monday-. Boys have started football practice. 6. Labor day-no school. 7. Boys hold their athletic associaton meeting. Sidie Bononi has been elected President. 8. Microscope Staff elected. Hilda Allamon is Editor-in-Chief. 9. Friday-two weeks gone! 12. Work getting harder. Freshies still as green. 13. Song practice in chapel. 14. Very much excited over next Fridays game with Georges. 15. Hurrah, tomorrow's the game! 16. Big bunch turned out for the game. We Won 19-0. Saw Prof. Sheetz. 19. Monday-still excited. Owens and McCudden told how they made the touchdowns. Wonderful speeches. 20. On a selling campaign of magazines. Benefit of the athletics. 21. Selling magazines. Seniors sell the most so far. Reds ahead. 22. Asssembly. Practiced yells. 23. Game with Connellsville. Big crowd as usual. We won 9-10. Look us over! Whee! 26. The entire squad had to speak today in assembly. That is all those who played in the game last Friday, tough luck for them. They'd rather play football. 27. Girls Athletic Association meeting. 28. Assembly-sang songs and cheered. The reds won. Initiated the Freshies. Lots of fun for US. Also Laureola Staff meeting. 29. Received Microscope today-first of this term. Fine paper. 30. Assembly-talking about game tomorrow. End of one month of school. October 3. Monday--Lost game with Scottdale but not our good spirit. Will win the next. Score 13-6 Started season ticket sale. 4. Sale of tickets going fine. 5. Cheered for the game with California-Friday. 6. Heard World Series over the radio in Assembly. 7. The game with California. Ray! We won as predicted, score 6-0. Semsey scored the touchdown. x 13 s-H , M A f. - 10. Monday-Assembly-more speeches. Peanuts is a speaker as well as a football player. 11. No Assembly. 12. Columbus Day. Two Senior orations. 13. Mighty cold day. Everyone inside-very unusual. 14. Have three new cheer-leaders. Held a pep meeting and how we yelled! The Waynesburg game is tomorrow. Lots of excitement. 17. We Won! Team gave speeches. Good yelling. Fine speech from Mr. Riffle. 18. concert. Mr. Garland, the musician, was here and gave us a 30-minute 19. Cheer leaders took charge of the assembly program today. Prof. Fessler, the humorous speaker, amused some pep. Fleming and Shaner spoke also along with the Football Squad. O yes! we had our pic- tures taken individually. Wonder who broke the camera? 20. Had assembly and pep meeting. Getting ready for the Red- stone game! " . - . 21. Te big day! We played Redstone and lost 13-0. Better luck next time. .' 24. No assembly or any thing else. Have the Monday blues. 25. Assembly-discussed last Friday's game. Sad -discussion. 26. Juniors ordered class banner, caps, emblems, etc..' t. 27. Junior rings arrived. Seniors ordered commencement invita- ions. 28. Game with Dunba.r. Big crowd at the game. We won 27-0. Ray German! Point Marion plays us next Friday. Will we win? I hope to tell you. We have the spirit. 31. Speeches from the squad. All did not speak today but they'll have their chance later in the week. November r 1. Individual pictures come. No assembly. , 2. Miscrospoe Staff went in to have their pictures taken. Some show! Assembly. F 3. Assembly and more speeches. Pep meeting for the game to- morrow. V 4. Game with Point Marion. We won! 20-0. rf 7. Gee! speeches, speeches, speeches. ,Q 8. More speeches. . 1, 9. Laureola Staff had their pictures taken today, Song books given out. We'll have a musical assembly now. 1- 10. There's music in the air. Those Senior boys sure canusing- so can the Junior girls. 11. Judge Dawson addressed us today in honor of Armistice Day. We enoyed it immensely. We played Brownsville in the afternoon and Won 20-6. Say didn't we enjoy that too??? 1- 14 15. 16 speeches. 17. 18. More speeches. The usual regime. No assembly-Seniors have started play practice. V Assembly and more singing. ,Whee-we can better than give Thursday assembly and we sang. Wheeler spoke. Game with North Union today. Some game-we won-'-43-OL i '14 if-IA - Nu., , , Eur 1 , - f 71r'.5',v.,-W-:A 'i V 1 1 if ' ,Q - -'ezas H- , , -4 li J'l5i.f'a'?'ff'54'Amvinmuwve.--... Q ':'asiwWwFWHFea fa? - kwa.. 4. - ng 'iw K A . 4 if .zagvffeirwruff - , 1 21. Extre! Extre! Extre! Big Robbery! The teachers desks were ramsacked. Someone spent a dishonest week-end. 22. We play South Union today and we won. 51-0. Most all the subs played. 23. Last day of school this week. Thankskiving program today. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day and we are going to play -Uniontown-the last game of the season. Goodbye, until Monday. Now for the first vaca- tion of the year. 28. Good news, mates, we cleaned up on Uniontown, 19-0. But there was one downfall-the bleachers fell with G. T. H. S. fans. Were you on it? 29. Nothing at all. 30. Boys have begun practice for basketball. Seniors are practic- ing play. December 1. Christmas is coming. 2. Have started to sell Christmas seals. Mr. Fessler has charge. 5. Redstone has the cup-we come very close to winning it. Lau- reola Staff meeting. 6. Nothing much except selling Christmas Seals. 7. Drew names today. What excitement. Now isn't this strange? Dorothy got Peanuts, name. 8. Assembly. The cast for "His Uncle's Neice" was on the stage today. Miss Vail, the Coach, gave a short synopsis of the play. Boost the play. Bise was elected Captain for 1928. The annual Football Banquet was held last nite. 9. End of the Week and very cold. 12. Assembly. The boys are sporting the Junior girls tams. How cute they look! 13. Report cards. Oh! oh! oh! too many flunked. y 14. Assembly. But not much occured. 15. "His Uncle's Neice" tonight. Everybody have their tickets? 16. Ditto. The play was wonderful! 19. Gave a matinee play today. The cast was well selected. 20. We're all ready for our Xmas program and presenations of gifts. 21. Last day of school before Christmas. January 3. Back once more. Thinking or Mid-years now. 4. Assembly and a very cold and dry day. 5. Exams are nearing. 6. Basketball with North Unoin. We lost. Monday with assembly to remind us of the Mid-years. . Everyboody studying. Game with Carmichaels. Boys won Girls lost. 11 . More study. . 12. EXAMINATIONS. 122. Same. Game at South Union. We won. 1 . Monday-some are overjoyed and others sad at the outcome of the exams. 17. Game with Mapletown. We won. 15 if 18. Boys received their football letters today. Some fine speeches -seems like old times of speechmaking. 19. Working on the Laureola. 20. Friday and no assembly. Gee! the days are dreary. 23. N 0 assembly-that's unusual for Monday. 24. Basketball tonite-Ray! 25. We beat Waynesburg College Freshmen. So did the girls. 26. Another day to celebrate. 27. Sounds like all celebration and no school-don't fool yourself ?? 29. Les Miserable today-a matinee for the High School. Game at Point Marion. 30. My Gosh! We won again. Speeches from Culleton, Smith and Semsey. Back to the old fashioned speechmaking. 31. No assembly on Tuesday. February 1. Assembly-with orations and some singing. 2. Latin Club Meeting tonite. 3. Assembly-orations. Game with Georges. 6. We defeated them. More orations. Laureola Staff meet. . 7. Game tonight with Carmichaels here. 8. We won. Seems like a weekly occurrence. More speeches. Titus had the floor. Ample cheering. Orations. 9. An assembly-orations. 10. Friday and no orations. lnterclass Basketball game in the afternoon. 13. Blue Monday-orations. 14. Valentine day. Teacher's party tonite. 15. Assembly-orations-same old grind. 17. lnterclass game this afternoon. Game with South Union to- night. Tomorrow is the big game with Redstone. 20. Girl's Athletic Association Party. Big crowd. Good time. 21. Lots of snow today. 22. Washington's Birthday. 23. Nothing today except hard work. 24. Game with Mapletown. We won. 27. Assembly. 28. If this wasn't leap year it would be the last day of February. 29. Hurrah! it came at last. Latin Club Meeting at 8 bells. March 1. Daily grind on the first day of March. 2. Last day of the week and no one is sorry. Inter class games this afternoon. Game with Pt. Marion tonite. 5. We won over Pt. Marion-17-16. It was easy for the girls. Got Miscroscopes today. 6. No assembly. 7. My Gosh! More orations-poor Seniors. 8. Nothing but a dry day. 9. Alumni plays us tonite. We expect to win. 16 "3 1 ,ragga-'."" ie., 'E' 7 5131 "' ,. .,.. . . , .- , TWWT .A . 12. And We did. Edith Hirsch represents us at Pt. Marion in the Reading contest tonight. 13. Big assembly today. Miss Hirsch brought back the cup as fii st honors. Hope We may keep it after next year. 14. Bunch of orations again. Game with Uniontown. 15. We won, 28-18. The girls team beat Garmichaels Alumni. Mary made 27 baskets. 16. This is a dry World but We're glad its Friday. Seems funny not to have a game tonite. Tournament. 19. Seniors practice marching today. 20. No assembly either. 21. My Gosh! Nothing to do but study. 22. One little Assembly-but oh! so short. 23. Friday and quite glad it is Friday. The boys left last night for the Waynesburg Tournament. 26. Assembly today-the orations are finished as it seems so. 27. Seniors practice marching in the gym. 28. Lanierians play the Franklins this afternoon. We suppose the Franklins will Win--almost the entire varsity is on the Franklin team. 29. Can you beat it? The Lanierians won 16-15. Peanuts sure did his stuff. Long live the Lanierians! 30. Seniors practicing for Commencement. April 2. Glad this is Monday and not the lst. Too much foolishness on April Fool day. Microscopes today. Assembly. 3. Juniors began practice on their annual play. The title is "Deal 'em Over." 4. Laureola Staff Meeting. Microscope Staff Meeting. Senior Class Meeting. Lot of meetings. 5. Last day of school this Week. Tomorrow's Good Friday. Happy Easter. 9. No assembly. 10. Juniors, that is some of them have to give orations. 11. They begin today. 12. Seniors talking of a Senior Ball. ,13. Microscope Staff beginning practice on their play, "An Irish SteW.' 16. Monday. Assembly-Juniors-Orations. 17. French Club Meeting in the Gym. 18. Assembly and more Junior orations. 19. Latin Club Meeting. Good program. Exams are coming close at hand. 20. Senior Ball-the gym is decorated beautifully. 23. This is a reminder of the Final Exams-study. 24. No assembly-Boys are practicing Track. 25. Cast of "Deal 'em Over" on the stage today. Good singing in assembly. 26. Junior Play-big crowd. 27. Ditto-assembly and Track Meet. 30. Oh! the last day of the month so- soon- 17 5 ,.,. 'f1JiIii'g"' "FV, hu., "" ml b ,X W , , , -A Vi, 12-'-'A' . gi . . ...W W eq . - ffl mv... . f 1 f 'W ww'+:... J' ,j f - A-,S-7-eeffu' Inrnnum , " , tri-v iii? 9 1,512 A May 1. 2. 3. 4. 7. 8. of noise. 9. 10. 11. 12. -singing? 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. that made 21. Fleming still surveying. Track practice. Seniors prepared for Vacation. Track Meet this afternoon. Assembly and singing. Farewell Seniors. The days to come Will be those of hard study-for the Finals. Its heaven without the pesky Seniors. We miss them in the Way Study- Ditto. Assembly and the Junior orations are finished. Ten more days of school. Don't the thought of flunking give you the chills? Assembly We suppose the Athletic year is over. More intense study. Class Night. FINALS for the rest of us. Oh! those dreadful exams. Thank goodness they're over. Dismissal of the Seniors. Thsse are days of sorrow for some and days of joy for the ones goo . Last day of school. God be with us 'till We meet again. YC? 1 -4, .yi fix R X3 W w - x v 1' ,fra-l 18 -M , :M 'A H My ,frgmilfuw-an 44 gg' 4 Th I .ns 5 11' ' A " 5 " 'v . -' 1,53 5 i,'5,x,--V' qv . :V... - 4 , n - .., 'Irv Vrgwwkgfl r . -1-:- 4 . , f - V1' f, f J ""' ' V' .,-' ,- 1,., 1' f, ,, fu' 'K ' 'I 19 """' 1 -11' -1 " r , -if , " ff' -f . ,N ,W i,::ff"r .. . Lf"-F' U ---aa',:a. ROBERT MCCOMBS, A. B. IRA N. RIFFLE Superintendent 1910 Grad. G. T. H. S. 1913 Duff's College 1914 CSUMMER5 University of Chicago' 1926-28 Superintendent 1905 1914 1914-21 1921-22 1927-28 Principal Normal School, California Bucknell University G. T. H. S. Miami, Fla. High School Principal ELIZABETH RIDER Office Clerk 1923 Grad. G. T. H. S. 20 1... 'P at W ' .1. M' ' -V -- "' - nl ,. . """" Fa 'H " '-J'Pw-F V H U 1 V' 1zfw i"'i" f 1'v1i V . -L H .wg , " 221:22 ."Q'1. hw- .11 1 ' I . -, g-'--ww-'A-,,'-1-n.. ' .V J A .5 8,2-rfjrwi me , ll w -41 L 4 -in .gn-ge I . ,,,,, 13, 49:92 I .' ANNA HICKS Domestic Science 1925 Hood College 1926-28 G. T. H. S. CALVIN FLEMING, A. B. Trigonometry and Plane Surveying 1926 Wooster College 1927-28 G. T. H. S. SAMUEL VV. SHUSS Manual Training 1910-13 Millersville State Normal 1919-21 University of Pittsburgh 1921-22 Carnegie Tech 192-28 G. T. H. S. 21 'H' -1 .., , --' .- V r .wf g : "1 Sm. 1, 3 , . 1.7-A 11, K . W . .1---- wk' .. L .. m..f? TW-Q. 4? 1 -- --131 ..:.1- viii? . T'-fi:-31:9 1.-wg, gf. ff - .I H . - - T ' JAMES D, SHANER B. SC. Vice Principal Physics--Chemistry M16-215 Westminster College 1321-22 Taught West9rn'ioi't, H. S. 922-24 l-Bangor, Pa. H. S. 924-28 G. T. H. S. Md. 'E-l. D. WHEELER, B. Sc. Latin 1911-15 Cambridge High Sch ool Ohio 1915-19 Ohio State Unversity 1923-28 G. T, H. S, GOLDIE STEWART Household Arts 1918 Grad. Chicago Tech School 1920 fSu1'nmerJ University o f Pittsburgh E21-28 G. T. H. S. 22 "'i"'x , mm : -i illif' 'F-ff., HW "" . ,,, -..M .. 1 4 4fia'P"m. A 'T . fe ta- C'-A '1Sgf:fr12f1"5" fc . , J. WARREN LARGE Civics and Gen. Science 1928 G. T. H. S. ALMA EVANS, A. B. 1 French 1926 W. Va. University 1926-28 G. T. H. S. BERYL B. BAKER, A. B. Mathematics 1926 University of Pittsburgh 1927-28 G. T. H .S. 23, 1-p 1923 Ontelaunee V 0 c a t i 0 n al School 1927 Penn State College -W M "lm, 1- gh "'fv'7f-vi .. f . - 15 'B . ---ww' ' "-2 -P in f: TQ' L1-'7""'i"r U C : .mf . f ' ff , ,., ' - ' 1 'v eff., . . CLARENCE G. ENTERLINE Commercial Principal 1920 fSumrnerJ Palmer Business School, Philadelphia 1924-28 G. T. H. S. ELIZABETH VAIL, A.B. English 1913-17 Grad. G. T. H. S. 1917-21 Waynesburg Collesre 1924-28 G. T. H. S. EDWARD FESSLER, B. .C. S Commercial Subects 1928 Rider College, N. J. St. Bernard School 1926-28 G T. H. S. 24 "7" . ,.,, 5 -..- . . . ,. 1 "ii-1 , -. , Y N . .. 'Tuff .. .. . '-I'?- -lwfi 'Eglin . ,,,-gf "' ' gl, Q .,. - 5 X., - ., .531 .11 L: 1-1 .. .!3,H-V.-:mf ,Z-Pa , Lff'.n'igL f if AV F113-. 1 1 , .Q LLOYD MATSON, B. Sc. Literature and Rhetiric 1909 North Uniin H. S. 1915 Ohio Northern Univ. 1921-28 G. T. H. S THURMAN L. .TITUS History and Biology 1909-10 Normal School, California 1923-25 Waynesburg College 1925-28 G. T. H. S. JESSE McCANN Janitor 25 ii' V i ' A-r' - rvlvlvil H 551 mimi ' mr 'NT3?ff7df"ns,' 1 V g.JLh1-llfabnfkrwz 1- '-5 fi ,,.,, .. . ,- F li, 1-:?E?f .1 , ir' Lg . , 26 K w 27 9 V , 28 K i 1 L -I. -mwhdlllljf - "' "'l ,. V, i.,s.w ' VEWWZ5' M ls Yfotcqw if Q 'll N J -1 gl'-V l E , , M J - 'Ju' ' Y- h A-1 .1.,'- s - 5.-Z-fra, . . , ' iii - r if , . V W.. W 'A fi EEF: ' .......... .. , vs-1 'fr-G' .- .J " Q.. ,Q H U Lf' fr vfdff Svrninr 0112155 MOTTO: May Our Knowledge Increase FLOWER: American Beauty Rose COLORS: Azure and Gold YELL Riff, Raff, Rate, We're the Class of '28 German Township High School Rah-Rah-Rah - CLASS OFFICERS President ....,,....LL................,,.,L, Edward Yanchus Vice President ..,,...,.,.,,,....e ,,i.. ...... H a rry Megalotti Secretary ..,,......,..e.,,.,e.............. Cecilia McArdle Treasurer w....................e............ Carmine Natale Historian ....,....,.....................s, Stanford Sterling Poet .......................,,,..,,....,s...... Sidie Boncni Marshall s,,,s,,,...,,.,,L. ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A B aldi Megalizzi Frank Alberico Hilda Allamon Thomas Allamon Anna E. Bertovich Mary E. Bertovich .X Elmer Berry Elmer Berry Marie Blackshere 7 Amelia Blasotti Sidie Bononi James Boyd Charles Bryan Helen Caruso Joseph Cassurole Nelson Coffman Mary Crynock James W. Culleton Catherine Dean Ethel Deffenbaugh Mary Frances Doorley Kathryn Duritza John Elizeus Rosemary Feeney Angela M. Ferranti Josephine C. Ferranti Melinda Fiat SENIOR CLASS ROLL Eugene Franks Andy Frasconi Mary Gallik Thelma Gould Robert Grey Edith Hirsch Clarence Haines Sue Howard Julia Hvizdos Frances Javorsky Thomas Javorsky , Gwendolyn Kennison Anna Kissel aiarion Stavish Andrew Sandusky Robert Semsey Stanford Sterling Nick Terbovich Viola Twyford Evelyn Umbel Cecelia Williams Edward Yanchus John Yuhas fAlbert Haught Steve Smith Michael Demko 1 30 Margaret Mundel Charles Kobylarz Vera Cramer Bertha Lewis George Magerko Harry Magalotti Regis Maher Elizabeth Martin Frances Matyus Cecelia McArdle Theresa Michalec Georgia Miles Fay Moore Francis McCudden Edward McGill Frank Medlook Joseph Megalizzi Garioaldi Megalizzi Carmen J. Natale Frank Paccheroni John J. Perego John Piszczor Andrew NV. Powell Irma Reckner Joseph Roll -'-if x... -,W .. -- E 3 .8 f ., , 11- "' ,A . V , A-,.2, :, .. L,Qg. '47179f5?. .. Y 1'f'l 1 'Plf use e A 1 il r " '35-+A' ' ' ,U ' '-'!? ff'-init . L-Wild ' -A rrmisuw . If use si msn ,A . ,f 'QQZQ QSM, 4' v , : I I gd -'il SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In the course of school life, every class has the special privilege of presenting its history, history that has been in the making throughout the years the class has been trudging along through the intricacies of the aver- age course of study planned by those who have the welfare of the nation and the future good of the commonwealth at heart. The graduating class of German High, occupying the place of honor during the year 1928 A.D., is just as pleased to take advantage of this op- portunity as any other class finishing the perscribed outline of work in the public schools. The class is just as proud as any other class of young peo- ple' would be under similar circumstances. While we may not have achieved world renown in the four years or so, that we have spent under the shelter of this beloved school, we have at least laid the foundation for future activities and we look forward with keen anticipation to the time when We shall make our place in the world. This graduating class of 1928 is made up of 36 girls and 40 boys and to say that the female of the species have had their own way, would be putting it mildly. They have, in fact, dominated nearly all the activities of the class because they have outnumbered the boys. In literary and declamatory contents the girls have had a prominent part and we must give them credit for doing their work well, as they have carried off their full share of the honors. They have played the game of basketball as well as any opponents that have ventured to come out against them but they, for some reason or other have shunned the game of foot- ball and left the boys to uphold the honor of the school in this delightful outdoor sport. We are proud of the members of this class for their loyalty during the past year and previous years as well. They have had the right spirit in work and play, and when they get into the games of life they will be better prepared for the activities there, because they have been so well trained in our dear old German Township High. In Writing a history I suppose one should go back to the beginning of things and not at the close but this is not a history to be handed down through the ages and the historian has taken advantage of the situation and begun with the present instead of the past. However, the past his- tory of this class might be of interest to some. Going back four years, to its beginning in German Township High, there were one hundred and eighty four bright and willing boys and girls who entered its doors on Sep- tember 1, 1924. It was in this year that we chose our motto, "Scientia nostra crescatj' meaning, "May our Knokledge Increase," which we have followed throughout our high school course. We also chose blue and gold for our class colors in the Freshman year. Our Sophomore year began with an enrollment of one hundred and fifteen members. There were few activities during this year. 31 """' 1- P..- "' ,:1"2-'- . ..., Y'f,':fW I J- I Q nr If ,,,,wf um v 1 Vu ,V H ' ' . Hn'----1-, t -- . 7175 .M ' ..., t X .!' H1 4- rj, 'YHVW , 1"L'v'i.. li' ' . u f, 'fmt .: ' ' , ,,,,I,,j ,, Ffh' 1, usa : l H I ff Emi' fi. 25155 I 1 f? .4 W-s3.,?,lz,...' f -,,:- an Q .mfg , , fL!Tif1-JffUf3!.Uf"' . "'-eff- fr- rijff 'J ' 'rc- -'-1 1 f'll-in f i f 1? 1 Our actual activities began in our Junior year when we presented our Class Play. This was to help finance the "Laureola,', the High School annual, published by the Junoir Class. With an enrollment of seventy-eight our Senior Class began its last year in German Township High. One of our first important events for this year was the election of officers. Those chosen were as follows: Predisent, Edward Yanchusg Vice President, Harry Megalottig Secretary, Cecilia McArdleg Treasurer, Carmen Nataleg Historian, Stanford Sterlingg Poet, Sidie Bononig Marshall, Baldi Megalizzi. Next we presented the Senior Class play entitled, "His Uncle's Niece," which was a success. The Senior Ball was held on April 20. This affair proved a great success. The final examination was held on May third and fourth, after which came the Senior vacation. Then followed the annual Commencement, which was held Thursday, May 17th. So passed the years in joy and sorrow, in sunshine and rain. We are proud of our class and see great things for the members in the years to come. We have laid only the foundaion for future years but we feel that we have a substantial beginning and that as time goes on we will be able to build something worth while. ,fm I 111 gil? L I JZ 7, 'A' - si -if- .... . M4534 .fmsigwl vffmfgf ,T W, 5 fda' Sift" 82 ii' ' -- . , Q 'sf-if .- "' -f .. ua Qli wkwmwwr-e-.- QPUHE . 1 . ll Q , 3' 4 UT l U Lv 'I draw, Y 1 - 3' V ' Charles Bryan Y... Sidie Bononi ,.s,.., Amelia Blasotti .... Elmer Berry .,,., SENIOR ROASTS -------Hot air from Cameltown -----Our Latin Club President ----------Stick of Dynamite ----------Likes Chemistry William Culleton ,..a,a.......,. ,.-i,,.,,, , , ...,,,,.. Class Skipper Joseph Casurole ,,,,,,,,,,,-,,-M,,,---,,-,,-,,,,-,,,,-,,.,.. Shrimp Nelson Coffman, Mary F. Doorley ,v,. I now pronounce you Man and Wife John Elizeus ,,......,,..g.,,.,,,...,..,,,,..r...,.,... Woman Hater Eugene Franks ,-........ r,,,, ,,,.,,,,,,,,e,,..,.. L ikes Football Andy Frasconi--- Melinda Fiat .,.. Robert Gray ...,. Thelma. Gould ..,. Sue Howard ,.,, Edith Hirsch r...,.. Albert Haught ...r...... Gwendolyn Kennison ...., Charles Kobylarz .... Vera Kramer ...,.... Bertha Lewis .... Harry Magalotti--- Francis McCudden--- Margaret Mundell ...L Elizabeth Martin ...... Garibaldi Meggalizzi-U Joseph Meggalizzi .... Edward McGill .... Regis Maher .L... Fay Moore ..,.... Carmine Natale .... John Perego ......... Stanford Sterling ...-. Andrew Sandusky .... Edward Yanchus ..... John Yuhas ....... Hilda Allamon .... Anna Bertovich .... Mary Bertovich ...... Marie Blackshere .... Helen Caruso ...... Mary Crynock ...... Kathryn Duritza----. Ethel Deffenbaugh--LLL Kathryn Dean .....s. Angela Ferranti ....... Josephine Ferranti- - ----Virgil Shark???? ------------Our Score Keeper ------------Country Gentleman ---Rides her Virgil Pony too hard - ,,,.....,...... ---Oh! Harry ---------Our pianist uv ---------Old iashioned -------------Our Scotch Lassie -un-----------------Fine! Chap ----Greene County Representative -----------------Ask Elmer U ---------------Our Surveyor ----Speaking as an Individual ------Did you hear thi sone? ---------Where's Carmin? ----Butchering Barber --------Sleepy Morse ---------Molecules ----Stinky Davis ---Old Maid'???? ----See lizabeth M. -----The Undertaker -----Ladies Man? ? ? ?? ---------Me and my pipe Our modern "Moses" ------Likes Tiny Kelly ----Rides in an Oakland Likes to go to church ...... Drives a Ford ----Blackshere now, but not forever Commercial Fest ------Udu,-,,------Studious ---See Steve Smith --------Very Quiet -,----------Oh! Ray ----Fessler's Assistant ----Bookkeeping Shark u- . ..-. H 1 1 ' ..l . 2 ' .- - is l , , V .. ,. K ,' , , f""" ' li llfaBHLf"mF"!:'l"l?-1:15 W 5,2-hi, -- u 44 - 1 4- '-I-F . I' ff 11 I ,, . t"l 'l' 'i , Lnvl J "Tn, ' ' ' f '. I , ' SZ. -Mine" w,w.., ."'Q.. - t qi-f' ,,, 1' En: -"f,.f!5gu,,:, i:l 5ee -4- Av Af - I Ili 5 rf - Rosemary Feeney .... Mary Gallik .A... Julia Hvizdos ...... Frances J avorsky ,,,, Anna Kissel ..,,,.. Frances Matyus--- Cecilia McArdle .... Theresa Michalec .... Georgia Miles ..... Irma Reckner .... Viola Twyford--- Evelyn Umbel ..... Cecilia Williams .... Frank Alberico .... Thomas Allamon ...., James Boyd ..... Clarence Haines .... Michael Demko ..... George Magerko .... Thomas J avorsky .... Frank Medlock .... Andrew Powell ...... Frank Paccheroni John Piszczor ...... Joseph Roll ..,,.. Robert Semsey ..... Steve Smith ..,.. Marion Stavish-- Nick Terbovich .... lf " -S QL A All ' -1 - I' -----Likes to go to Brier Hill ----------Shorthand Shark --------verybody's friend -------A Dignified Senior ----Admires a certain boxer -Feeney's Pal -----------------9:30 Student ----Likes a, certain Taxi Driver -------------Henry's future -----------Basketball Star ----J-----------Evelyn s friend ----------------------See Clyde U. ----Operator 56-W Uniontown, Please -----------------Future Scientist -----Likes a girl from Footedale ----Always heard before seen ---------------Our Actor -------A Quiet Senior? ? ? ?? ---------Lives in New Salem ---The man with a long story ----Just a Senior Commercial ------------Steve's Partner --------------Likes the girls -------Never played hook? ? 'Z ? ?? -Great Orator Virginia's friend Which one: Kate or Dorothy??? Some Typist Never missed a day of school??? I fK YC ,,-:nh Sy, WV X rig-l wg? Q S 4. 51 V 34 "' -, " iiiffeig -' H - WE, J"" I h E, H -. ' ,,..,h ' Z"f9'Zx?"4 ' ' - -vw-'-F-V, .."--:',' v e -: " A gf n, '-N'-' , E7?Qlf'F17E?3r' -1 ef - im eef wma ,Q Qllmm Nighi ltlrngram President's Address g,,, Senior Class Song .,.. ...... ..,. Class History ,.......,.,,............. Original Oration-"Physical Education"-U Piano Solo-"Scarf Dance" CChaminadeJ ,,.. Edward Yanchus -----------Class Stanford Sterling --Eugene Franks Margaret Mundell 5 Steye Smith Presentation of Gifts ,,-.ww.............. ...S Q Regls Maher Class Will ,...,..,,.,........r....,......,,..... ...,, J oseph Roll Class Oration-"Climb, Tho' The Rocks Be Rugged" ---Charles Bryan Piano Solo --------------------------------------------- Edith Hirsch Reading-"Here Comes The Bride" -------------- ---- E lizabeth Martin Key Oration ------------------- ------- B ldward Yanchus Junior Response ---- -------------------------- H arvey Zimmerman NINETEENTH ANNUAL COMMENCEMENT GERMAN TWP. HIGH SCHOOL MAY 17, 1928 March- Salutatory-"Moral Education" ----------- ---Carmine Natale Franklin Oration-"Tinge Caelum Tuum" ----- ---- ll Ielinda Fiat Piano Solo ----------------------------------------------- Fay Moore Lanerian Oration-"Life Is What We Make It" -------------- John Yuhas Commercial Oration-"How Industrial Development Changed Education" -------------------------------------- Hilda Allamon . Gwendol n Kennison Plano Duet ----'------- -' Catherini Dean Valedictory ------------ ----------- E dith Hirsch Commencement Address ---- ------- D r. C .C. Ellis Alma. Mater Song --------- --------- - -- ---- Class Presentation of Diplomas ---- ---- P rin. R. R. McCombs Farewell Alma Mater ------ -------------- C lass Return March 36 W ,,, .A.A . . A '1-'ff -,Q , ' " , ,, w w A f,. , ns: ,, M - - -- , ,. M V... f fu ,, 87 JUNIOR CLASS ROLL Cecil Adams ..-... ..... . L 1' aff fe ' " , . ..,, Kimi." 545 .: +4t5i?.rf11 r v12.,mw.i'irw.,...-.,S anglis . . az ...Mamet COLORS: FLOWER : MOTTO: President .A..,..,. Vice President ..... .Uuninr Irma Black and Gold American Beauty Rose Let Knowledge crown our YELL Ricka. racka ricka racka: Ricka, racka, rine- Rah, rah, sis boom bah We're the class of '29 CLASS OFFICERS work ---M------,,---------Harvey Zimmerman ,U-------------------------George Lilley Secretary ......................,.......,i... Betty Sangston Treasurer ,,L,.-.,,..,......................... George Reitz Historian ......................,.s........... John Solomon Poet ....,L......,v,,,..................s Dorothy Sterbutzel Marshall ,..........,........................ Raymond Eddy Delmas Bise Margurite Baran Gladys Beal Thomas S. Boyd Grace Blaney Nlabel Blaney Bessie Leola Bierbower Alice Beal John Collins Rebecca Alice Devan Lawrence Doorley VVallace Dugan Eleanor Alcesta Duffy Dominic Defino Ruth Eberhart Blanche Franks James C. Fornwalt Helen Fetcho Paul Guthrie Ralph Galla Johanna R. Guley George Gable Agnes Hanusehock Jessie Clare Hewitt John Hannah Michael Hlohinec, Jr. Catharine A. Hoover Mildred C. Harford Anthony Hanna. Dorothy Janoff Walter Johnston Mary Eleanore Kopacho Mary B. Koren Mary M. Keener Michael Krevinko Maude Lardin George E. Lilley Miles M. Lardin Charles Francis McDermott Francis J. Maher George McCulla., Jr. Mildred Mallory Agnes Megalizzi Mary Minerd Millward Margaret Evelyn Morris Mae Martin Marian McCann Vincent Owens Marino Pierattini Evelyn Dorothy Paulson Margaret Raho Marie Perego Ruth Rupert George H. Reitz Paul Rosenshein 38 Lois Shoaf Dorothy A. Sterbutzel Edith Marie Snyder Ruth Stevenson Betty Sangston Alyce Irene Snyder Ethel Smell Margaret Pearl Titus Helen Urbany Steve Vayda, William Venturini Joseph Yanos John Harvey Zimmerman Rose Marie Brokovich John Kuzma Louis Rozzi Raymond Eddy Mabel Grace Kelley John Solomon Steve Hvizdoz Berdie Coras Dorothy Lloyd Lewis Petrr Mike Lester DeBolt Esther Carolyn Stout Mary Bogovich Clement Kreitzer Daniel Yanklilich 4 "' 211' 4-4 nu J' l. m3FEUg,:im1.N1Ru 1, ,,,,fy,1fgE.:M7ais... TrJ:l:uEr 'H ' QF' it 'gg' lm' - .,. -gg -- .- ,Q V ' gi " ' ..... FY' 5:41 r ,: i-6.432 fy mt.-. -' Q! gli , A----I 4 '- , , ' Ani A affairs? 1 swf ,5 '-1' ' wg? . X A 21.4145 50. .ef iff- , 1 f5ge:gf..,..s 5 r rain..--...... .- 'wfe:w f iZ..' 'fe - 1 ff E' P 1 mire , vii lp--U3 gif, V ' .. 11116 A . Qi?b2,.liR, ,455 ,, '42 JAMES E. FORNWALT Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 2. 3. Baseball 1, 2. "A shining example of a busy man Very ironical indeed." DOROTHY STERBUTZEL Lanierian French Club 2. Latin Club 2. Microscope Staff 3. Laureola Staff 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Class Poet 2. Class Poet 3. "As inviting as moonshlne pure." THOMAS S. BOYD Franklin Football 3. Latin Club 2, 3. Football Mgr. 4. Officer Latin Club 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. President History Club 3. "Perfumed like a millinerf' MARY M. KEENER Franklin Latin Club 2. French Club 3. Athletic Association 1, 2 3. "Adores no man." ' "' Elf: Q -1 'Q .-:I ilniiqigbiivmn ... i" 'A"" 5 If f 444 EQ- 'M' """' Hefjviif " A V V M- ' V,EP"'I' A3 Q img: . ' -'-- 4..ff:si1g Ax f ' 4: ,--.,- N 4345252-35,4 -' :- " H mi ll if igni- D., -2-.....c,.,a 1- V , H- - Y ,L H n JOHN COLLINS Franklin Football 1, 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Literary Critic 2. Mapletowu 2. Track 2, 3. Baseball 1, 2, 3. "The frog-horn of Junior A." JESSIE CLARE HEWITT Franklin Basketball 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "Rise and behold Carmichaels, fair maiden." RALPH GALLA Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Football 1, 2, 3. "Frog, he haff no toot." RUTH EBERHART Franklin French Club 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. History Club 3. "Andy's forever sweetheart." -'il . ,.,. . is 4. .f , ,, . , . 1 ,.zim1l"',' 'wif' ,., Fr- If , . ...... pug A El I 1 ' ' I -WM 11 - .m..r... "' fi lwsw... l '17 ', .fm '. l GEORGE LILLEY Franklin Football 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 1, 2. Vice President Junior Class. MARGARET MORRIS Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 2, 3. Cla ss Secretary. Editor-in-Chief Laureola 3. Plays 2. Miscroscope Staff 2, 3. Track 3. History Club 3. "Dead, but hasn't been officially noti- "Always on the job." fied." PAUL J. GUTHRIE CECIL ADAMS Franklin Lanierian Business Manager 3. Athletic Associatoin 1, 2, 3. "Carries a heavy car-load of egotismf' Athletic Society 1, 2, 3. Track 1, 2. Football 1, 2, 3. "A cancelled stamp in a post office of life." Lllgldm . A , ,, -. ,,, - ., V H If-if .Q-sr , 1 -L A 'wnriffg -f . f?ir:4E"':'iF" , -.H-,flag V: . -5: LEE,-rigged! .1 Ti I 4 ' - w,-ui" ,- .4 .H ' - s ' ,-f,,' :J me ' - 1- :gf . lil shi NETTIE FRAN KS Lanierian Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "A rouge camouflage." HELEN URBANY Franklin French Club 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2. "Roses are red, Violets are blue, When it comes to boys, Shoo-Shoo-Shoo ! " MAE MARTIN Franklin Latin Club 2, 3. Laureola Staff 3. Point Marion H. S.-1. "Her thoughts are too deep for tears." HELEN FETCHO Lanierian French Club Secretary. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Laureola Staff 3. History Club. "Always conscious that she has a, head of her own." tru un , .. , .ff ,, N,-,.,, Q .- , , wifi' " , ,, ...Wa ..- West M gg A 37, ' wiki .,'5'd':lm1u W .. W - --A-A-W 'M 1 3- ,. , A , .1 '.-. ti?1i:F47EiEr1" gfgi fff t he - -liiil 'J -:Q f GEORGE GABLE MARGARET TITUS Franklin Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Latin Club. "Conspicuous in taxi circles." Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Laureola Staff 3. "What would a man give for a 'guard' like Margaret?" ETHEL SMELL ALYCE SNYDER Lanierian Franklin French Club 2, 3. Latin Club 2, 3. Athletic Associatoin 1, 2, 3. History Club 3. Laureola Staff 3. "It all revolves around Mapletown's Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. center." "Did you hear of sweet Alyce, Ben Bolt, chaws gum with a jump and a jolt." 43 i ...., . 1 .P 1.512 , f C5312 ,, -, nyyggssi IQWELHW' ', ' f um m - ' . . , , 'fy l ,N H ' W2 . Q ,- ra as L ' wwf- ' NL .4 ' V ,. .1-E .I 'g. -:--..fb 'A 'V Y.-5-1,5 mul--1 ' mu: X ,-nw. , , ,,, .- is I n ,flag ,emaegiz UI. "'L!.Uf' i1L.:E f ' ANTHONY R. HANNA ELEANOR DUFFY Franklin Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Monongahela Twp. H. S.-1. Class Historian 2. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 3. Latin Club 2, 3. French Club 2, 3. Treasurer of History Club 3. Laureola Staff 3. Football 3- "My boat is one the shore Track 2, 3, And my bark is on the seag "Poor boy, he can't help itg The Lord made him, Therefore let him pass." VIRGINIA MERRYMAN But before I go, sweet Eleanor, I take a double fling at thee." AGNES MEGALIZZI Lanierian Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 2, 3. Latin Club 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. , History Club 3. "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low,-an excellent thing in woman." "She keeps a noiseless tenor on hex way." 44 " 'VF-s .fm cfs' " 1- ..., yt -1Y'fZ5?f1f . . 4: A' '?'4?'? . 'A' if lff- ' A 1 FRANK KOBOSKY Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. French Club 2, 3. "Gone but not forgotten." BESSIE BIERBOWER Franklin Latin Club 2, 3. History Club 3. Laureola Staff 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Junior Class Play 3. JOHN SOLOMON Lanierian Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 3. French Club 2. Class Historian 3. Class Play 3. Laureola Staff 3. Football 2. "Believes that Wisdom and women go hand-in-hand." MARIE PEREGO Lanierian Basketball 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. History Club 3. "Her waist is ampler than her life, "Modesty seldom resides in a breast F01' life is but 21 SDH!!-" that is not enriched with nobler virtues." 'G' as arm " ?g1'1Qf1'i"" 1 ...W-A RWM eS2,.Qkl1.'lWi " f 1 97- 7 .. Egwrwmfgilu- I 4.444 : 1..:'iEijgff"g3.' "3-f . ri' I 1 1 l' 4 ' M ,, -H' K lhfiggg 1 -ga 1' , 41 I 1 4? tii1 i:sFE?d,ff 1 , W1 ul . ual "!f'QHai', Yi? ,5 "' h -' , ' ROSE BROKOVICH WILLIAM VENTURINI Lanierian Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 2, 3. "Queen Rose of the rose-bud garden of Lauregia Staff 3, girls." "In departing left behind him Footprints on the sames of time." DOROTHY LEWIS MARIAN L. MCCANN Franklin Franklin Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Laureola Staff 3. 'fIt's too badg she likes Peanuts." Latin Club 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Vice President History Club 3. Piano Contest 3. "If it be true that 'music hath charms tc soothe the savage breast' Marian has played her part in behalf of tranquility and peace." i??i'ili'2"+f'Hsw.. ws ? 1"i3ii. 4, JHWM W M "iff In H D afagjggg, gl as at 4 . uv, ,. 7 ,'f 1 Eff?" : ' ., fix Tffif -,IQ '-U, :I 9 Hn w 1. ' ,LTU-f can-4 - A-1--M :J 3 2- ,.,f . .f ', .- a mf' -:sq . Q, ,f ' ? f'w':-:::':5fHff-' - sy -- - -' . S 'J ,,-.,..:.Q -,. -- H , . CHARLES MCDERMOTT Lanierian Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "An Irishman plucked green Emerald Isle." BIRDIE L. CORAS Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. South Uniontown H. S.-1925-1926. 'Some canary in the chorus." from DOMINEC DEFINO Franklin Football 1. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. t'Da' if I know." EVELYN PAULSON Franklin French Club 2. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "Out-charles the Charleston." :vt is 1 - - ... N :fi h.:,,.,,z'f if 1'e.'-.2uw,L.tmv- 5.2.75 Waffle gm 441 y . . 5 ,,.. wins. -' -LE., L, ,lf J 'qi' W 1 'J M " ' . Ll, -eine? ft r ' ff Lrrug Us lu "Y" fe- -, f 5- MARGARET RAHO Franklin French Club 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Laureola Staff 3. i'Still water runs deepest." MARY M. MILLWARD Lanierian Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Laureola Staff 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. History Club. "Mary has a. little beau, His hair is blond not black, Every place that Mary goes, He always brings her back." DOROTHY JANOFF Lanierian Secretary of French Club 2. French Club Microscope Staff 3. Laureola Staff 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "A form more fair, a face more sweet, Ne'er hath it been my lot to meet." ALICE BEAL La-nierian French Club 3. Reporter Microscope Staff 3. Class Secretary 1. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "A siren of Salem whose warbling voice is a. lyre of widest range." bit' h , : d. 1' L-'ln it 'll 1 X - ,U 1 ,, ""' -.21 ' ,. H .,.. W zffjuljfzfjff ,,A'fL!llf9 1f,-l5n1g,nqw M 511' '15 fry I.. , I 'L H , kv f , 14 4 'X V "'1' --,,.,-new A5 441 -Q -mf:q5f?il7g"?u"!i- Q-:,q,,,.,2E, K l"i'-ffm Ji MJ. ' ' .:'.:g" 2-flaw " K. EIIED tif ,I 3 55155-.5.l,, , E, ,. ' -r .. A -was ,f : P ' v ,U'I,l"'L1.Lg, -1 , 1 GEORGE H. REITZ Franklin Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Track 1, 2, 3. Laureola Staff 3. "His swane, mellow voice made ristible in getting ads." MILDRED MALLORY Lanierian Latin Club 2, 3. Laureola Staff 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, "Her face is fair and all aglow, Her locks are chestnut brown She has a clever little beau Who lives in Ronco Town." him lr! CATHERINE HOOVER Franklin Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "Has marked leanings toward stage." MARGUERITE BARAN Franklin Latin Club 2, 3. Miscroscope Staff 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "Take me just as I am." the "' .W '- 52-' f- - ..... WW' : "'M""' M ." ewwiarf- 71144 5 nn- gl -' -' .- V " : ..1i1:.- "wg if , - ."'v1lI '3'fI' J- ' "" l. ,. V : :Il 'lI.lg!?-'ivvmaslF'Ef'j'.1:.' L. w 'El 1-':' ,. 1 'fl M ,,.. , R Neff? 'Y 7 .- A' ,.-. 1' l"j.1-'1- Agn? - . 1 '. gain- xi' 'iq ' If ' -.- "fr , -1 :eat 'C - , . 35.22" . Fifi? 7' if "D" if f - Hlelierfg I l VINCENT OWENS Franklin Football 1, 2, 3. Basketball 3. Track 2, 3. "Took football training for mental re- cuperationf' MABEL ROENA BLANEY Franklin Latin Club 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, "She's possessed with a never-ending giggle." BETTY SANGSTON Lanierian Athletic Association 1, 3. Class Secretary 3. Laureola Staff 3. Latin Club 3. "Laugh and the world will laugh with you." WALLACE DUGAN Franklin Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Football 3. "Like Davy Crocket of old,-not afraid of the biggest in his class, but skeered when he recites." urn' u- ' - -' aw nm' F'--ifmf -wa... ' f " mfwgsggtljij- -',...7- if sggggy.. F -ww , A ,.llL - ,.1i"1lij.Li -' A., , .-15 "-2-1 ,,,4- . ..,,, 5, " : "1 J .. .' -- . ...,, F., 5 , ""'!?"", ' ,,,,,, --'f' lu". '44 1. IE .1 Ld- 1 L -,:2.. y""'-N.2lC..i" 'f ...iff-.. I '.i"" .:v ii" , ". "'i""' '. ,N - -. fat, . 5. P .-,,.9:. I : A 1? , - ff Zig' I 5 ,Lf -119 54, ' ' fi' pfs 1: lHl5"!'11. 1. ---,..,,r-1.---.. . . A. -,.. ..,.r.. , ,,.,-1 . , ...H ' mu :V : - ff ' " ' - AGNES HANUSCHOCK Franklin Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "The beautiful must ever rest i arms of the sublimef' MARY BOGOVICH Franklin Basketball 1, 2, 3. Girls' Basketball Manager 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3: Latin Club 2. "Never dismayed nor defeated." he BLANCHE ALFREDA FRANKS Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "O 'Lord, it doesnt matter Who, just so its' a. man." FRANCIS J. MAHER Franklin French Club- 3. Laureola Staff Artist 3. Laureola Staff Artist 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "Oh, good painter, has your hand the cunning to draw a sound like a buzz of a. saw?" L N , , If Fil ww. F55 1 .. ..m,iigwam. JW! '17 1' if ' Qu gi Wbl f. Mase- 1- - . ' "'l455'n "' ......m.....-- if l in .l1:iA-b:,,4- vhgql F ML I I 'xl --' . Y ,ww 5311. ' -i ff 75- 1- ' ' f" , C at,:..?:c l'5',.ff1. ,gs 'jg' . , 3-3155? ' If ,. ' vf -rj, .4ELv44L 14- 441:55-2 -f 5 if 4 ' Vffgaaael ,- V 1 L I I STEVE BURCIN Franklin Charleroi H, S. 1, 2. Athletic Associatoin 3. "He has done busted." LESTER DEBOLT Lanierian Basketball 1, 2. Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Track 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Base Ball 1, 2. "Famous for his mouth-organ torture." MICHAEL KREVINKO Lanierian Football 2 ,3. Basketball 2, 3. Latin Club 3. Track 2, 3. Laureola Staff 3. "Old reliable, even his dates pendablef' MILES LARDIN Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. French Club 2, 3: "Guards the 'Bridge of sighs? ' are de 'Fil i -. .1 . ., , . -'WI 'H' "pi, ,, v an If ' .. .,., N 'Qg,,j:f5f- .. . QPUSE ...vw 2. ' ljiisyi. """'M"a?E ' 'gf 'MJ . ,,,w?E.,.f"'J' ' A E mg, .u ' Fa A - - 'I' J -'H'1"m- y -zgmlgi 5f'i'.' -M 1 .. l..- ' ' ' ' 1--'I-:s-5?-S-'L ' ' f - 4 V I 'gg - - MICHAEL HLOHINEC JOSEPH YANOS Franklin Lanierian Basketball 3. Football 2, 3. Latin Club 1, 2, 3. ' French Club. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "Still all my song shall be 'Nero my "A youth to Fortune and Fame un- dog has fleas."' known." GRACE BLANEY RUTH RUPERT Franklin Franklin Latin Club 2, 3. Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. History 3. History Club 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Laureola Staff 3. "Seen but seldom heard 5' Cheerleader 3. "Wiser than she would have you be- lieve." '53 -1' i J-'imma F1171 run df' 1 f'Ef'f??il'-if ear" ,ll Y " ,., ""' .na J Pg tu' g 'Eli-1 .f l- .f-fi 3' :ig N 4- J I V i H .ggi '15 1 m:g'iJ'Q!f:'Evm? ' I Vilhx 1-I ,,,, l , 'fy-.11-.-Lk, J -4: - - H f-A' -rw.-w V l .fl ..g.f.'35:-auf: .:. r ll f A ... ' -. , f 1" "' MQ , A ""'t' H'-1-' . -. r HARVEY ZIMMERMAN RAYMOND EDDY Lanierian L . . Baslietball 2. anlerlan II3fg:dgg?b3.1' 2' Football 1, 2. Latin Club 1, 2. T 1 2 . rack ' ' 3 Secretary Latin Club 2. Laureola Staff 3. A - b French Club 3. tArgggSEit1!g'1ni'ggr 3- Program Committee French Club 3. History Club 34 ' ' Marshall Junior Class. "Has too many irons in the fire at HHH no time for Side issues." once." MABEL GRACE KELLY MARY ELEANORE KOPACKO Franklin Lanierian Athletic Associatoiu 1, 2, 3. French Club 2, 3. French Club 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, "Mary's asleep at twilight's gleam Dis "Me and Floyd and our Ford." turb not her romantic dream." 54 ' was 1 Q Q 4, il as E'-lin-4,1 0 mf. qw Q l2Q7,M,u'E""' ffl!!! Tfbf' ,J an rm- ., V .M .. igfigj " , fwf- -.Wi--1-. L-Q-wi, '.:5Em.i -fi , ,ff " "--' .rug ef H: ' ff pl - 1 A! f it an LW STEVE HVIDOZ Franklin Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. 'iLone, wandering but not lost." EDITH MARIE SNYDER Franklin Latin Club 2. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "Red headed, but not red tempered." PETRO MIKE Franklin Redstone Twp. H. S. 1, 2. Latin Club 1, 2. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Class Basketball 1, 2, 3. "A philosopher whose thoughts deviate into sense." MILD-RED HARFORD Franklin Basketball 1, 2, 3. French Club 2. 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "Has no time for fooleriesf' seldom -W f " -nrt., A at g l- ii I' .. . .,., 'ifqn'Jf"!gejF is .,. 50:26, ...W iY'L'?f2 i- - -1 - -- A'-m .4 '.-tv -,, - 2 .: . Q - in i l '1' A 'far' V Q' ' l I F JOHN JOSEPH HANNAH MAUDE L. LARDIN Franklin Franklin Track 2, 3. Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Football 3. Cheerleader 3. Sagamore I-I. S. 1. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. French -Club 2, 3. 'Laureola '51 "Thou hast been weighed ances and found Wanting." LOIS SHOAF Lanierian Latin Club 1. 'Z ' Latin Club 1. French Club 2. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "Eminent for her dancing." in the bal- History Club 3. "Like Katrina Van Tassel of old, plump as a partridge, and admired by many an Ichabodf' RUTH STEVENSON Franklin Latin 'Club 3. Athletic Associaton 1, 2, 3. History Club 3. Class Treasurer 2. "Beauty's matchless flower." 56 lil' ,A ,,,, i 4' ., A ' pa ,..,-... Q A :admiral ' 'wif-af .,, F 1 - ' Q'-1' ' ,, . ..-, .mm 1 ,H-'gms ff fffaf -:ggi-fr PAUL ROSENSHEIN Lanierian Football 2, 3. Latin Club 2, 3, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. History Club 3. MARINO PIERATTINI Franklin Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. History Club 3. "King of the Clarinet? MARY B. KOREN Lanierian Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Latin Club History Club 3. "Always quiet when she sees a GEORGE MCCULLA Lanierian Football 2, 3. Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Track 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "Hunting Hobo's Heaven!" IIIOUSG 1 H32 ,Amina P 1- C-.1-' anvil -..Ee l , 'iiJz,'lf13'js.!.3-'- .HV 1 ., v 4-Q, 1:75a-3' 'f,,.'.,fff' V5 ,,. Elini' 21-i' . , , 1 , Q U 134,31 2 ,J "Q'TjUfg,w. Q, 5 Fai, , "fin .gin-Y. , IFR l"r'-ffm A- YC' J gin- and 1211223 . f a. 1 time .4 ,.,., V, .1 , U, ,, . 1.155 wut H. 1 ' --' Kli"'f:------- 4 ..... f 'Q ' ru' .J Agtihir 17' ' JOHN KUZMA REBECCA ALICE DEVAN Franklin Lanierian Football 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Basketball 3. Latin Club 2, 3. Class Play 3. "Now I lay thee down to sleep." Laureola Staff 3. "A blooming heroine from Sunnybrook Farm." JOHANNA GULEY WESLEY SECHLER Lanierian Lanierian Athletic Associaton 1, 2, 3, Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Latin Club 2, 3. t'Of all the sad words of tongue or pen, South Union H. S. 3. the saddest are these: It might have been." "Somewhere meet we must or else we bust." 58 hun sq .. , 4. ..-,. ,, was-A ,-, , " -A . ...":ve.1f4w I-----'si--H Q13 . ri ,Vg 4, ,L,U,riwl,,,, 5. i.,1,::4:2..z.f - J - 'ff-f it-Q s.- JM ' 'r 1 STEVE VAYDA DELMAS BISE Lanierian Lanierian Football 2, 3. Football 1, 2, 3. Basketball 2, 3. Basketball 2, 3. Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Laureola Staff 3. Track 2, 3. Athletic Association' "A star that shines not in the sky." Baseball 2, 3. - "So hard boiled that he sheds iron tears." ESTHER CAROLYN STOUT LOUIS ROZZI Franklin ' Franklin Latin Club 1, 2. ' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Baseball 1, 2. Latin Club 1, 2. "Always about and never out." Varsity Football 3. "A well rounded out lad." 59 .amy 1 ' i Q! 1 mm. mnmf' ri mmvg, 2 Wig U Q Z.. M ,, Q , , -. : A-: 11. ,un .' r . W ' "lj V ,,,, If 1 , Ji - V gg-1. grfd 1:4 'fQlJ!b:'7gii-v.J:7fn54-,'7l 1..u - " 'T 'ff-' "Lf f 1,113.1-pf -sl' w,-uf... Q1 . - 5 7 wg 'ry n can r 'sea-:2j.L. 1 Y" -Y - "- "ev -V---'Q Qi- - ' Azz' WALTER JOHNSTON Lanierian Latin Club 1, 2. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. "If you stroke his fur the wrong way l1e'l1 poutf' JESSE FREEMAN Lanierian Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. High School Orchestra 1, 2. Music Conservatory Warren, Ohio. "Was everything by starts, and noth ing long." LAWRENCE DOORLEY Franklin Latin Club 1, 2, 3. Athletic Association 1, 2, 3. Officer of Latin Club 3. Laureola'Staff 3. Football 3. Baseball 1, 2. "His feet slowly creeping Went storming out to playing." to school, 60 .1i ll- El l'!lEl qllmln.-gfp,,vf "S-liqh I' . ,, ,L ff 5:7915 immg-a!Qg.nfE"rw img Wil ki!! EH 'Fw 5 mes EH "'1"" , tv 4- - : 1 F-if ' NI ,. .. " .5 'f -5 Lhu... . H, , G J " ffl-QMEEZU . CLEMENT KREITZER Lanierian Latin Club 3. History Club 3. Athletic Association 3. 't0ne of the few who knows how to attend to his own businessf' DANIEL YANKULICH Franklin Redstone H. S. 1, 2. German Township H. S. 3. "A new volunteer." . 61 ""' lens' ra-.f ., "' fi'fQt "' , " ---' .5-.jaws "':. f'-A 5 gnjg 'I' -5- Z' - I ,UL g-,,u,,- 5.-1-Z..--we- -' f - N- -J If r JUNIOR R0AsTs ' Alice Beal ,,--,,-,, , ,,,,,....... ,.... - --Oh! Herbert! Bessie Bierbower ,,sA Grace Blaney ...... Mabel Blaney ..... Thomas Boyd .... John Collins ....... Lawrence Doorley -- Lester DeBolt ...... Wallace Dugan--- Eleanor Duffy ---- Dominec Defino ---- Raymond Eddy ----- Ruth Eberhart --- Helen Fetcho ------- James Fornwalt ---- George Gable ----- John Hannah--. ---- Michael Hlohinec ----- Catherine Hoover ---- Anthony Hanna ---- Mike Krevinko--- Mary Koren ---- John Kuzma --- Mary Keener- - - Petro Mike ----- Ethel Smell ------ Maud Lardin ----- Margaret Morris - - - Mary Millvvard ---- Francis Maher ------ Charles McDermott ---- Marian McCann --- Mae Martin -------- George McCulla ---- Mildred Mallory ---- Agnes Megalizzi --- Marie Perego -------- Marino Pierattina -- Paul Rosenshein ---- George Reitz ------- Ruth Runert ----- John Solomon ---- - Ruth Stevenson ---- Betty Sangston ---- Alice Snyder ---- Margaret Titus ---- Steve Vavda --------- Harvey Zimmerman ---- Clement Kreitzer ---- -------Sailor Boy ------Mabels Sister -----Short but oh my ----Margarct's Friend ---Likes Physics 'Z 'Z 'Z 'Z ----------Chatter--box ------Wheie s Della LZ 'Z SZ -------------Oh Mildred? ---Hails from Masontown ----------Stiff-collar sheik ----Part of Greene in Fayette ---------------Farmerette ---------Physics shark ----------Footedale sheik ---Quiet on the bus?'Z?'Z'Z -------------Oh Stella! ------------Basket Ball Star --- ------ My coal and iron police ----Crazy over Geometry 'Z ? 'Z 'Z 'Z Z - --------------- Another artist ---------------Martin Sheba -------Undertaker ----------Pretty keen -------Nice and quiet??'Z ----Were you scared??'Z? ----------Cheer Leader ---------Me and Tom ---Photographer ------------Artist -------Strong Man'Z??? -----------------Pianist -- --Likes to ask questions --------Whoossit 'Z 'Z 'Z 'Z 'Z ----------See Wallace -----Barberess ------Twin Six! ---------Tall ? 'Z ?? ----Graceful ? 'Z ? 'Z'Z ------Betty's Friend - - -Where's "Preach" ? --- --King of Wisdom! ----Likes Charles B. ----Stuck on G. R. , ------------- Flanper --------Prof's daughter -----Geometry Shark ? ? 'Z 'Z - ------- --Our President ---- ---Back from Cleveland 62 N ' . -smizluiirlmff ., "' P1252 ik-:ia nr f Pkg.-":?'gQj' F "H-haf f' , F12 '-. H- c""'l51 '? +"a'. L , iwifnaffllmimim ,5,a.TlL. .nv eff? ii. :si '-7,u...1E ' ni- 'asf-A. ii 11-5 ,ll',i,,,- . 5, ' fi! -if 'rwffff , to-so y ga l a Si , I' N Q ' 5 Cecil Adams --- Delrnas Bise ....... Margaret Baran .... Gadys Beal ...g.. Rebecca Devan--- Blanche Franks ..,. Paul Guthrie ......... Johanna Guley ......,. Agnes Hanuschock ..... Jessie C. Hewitt ...... Mildred Harford ..,. Dorothy Janoff--- Walter Johnson--- Mary Kopacho ---- George Lilley ------ ---------- S eldorn in school Vincent Owens ----- --- Evelyn Paulson--- ----------------Soapy --The Darling Fullback u ------ Likes Greensboro --------She's a goner ----This is Leap Year -----The Dramatist ---Balsinger's Deacon ---Silence personified ---------Oh! Wa-Wall ----Rides in a Chrysiep ----------Hello Willie ---L-Shorthand Shark -------Not the pitcher --She did it and howl! Touchdown, Touchdown ----------- ----Always in schcol'?'??'? Margaret Raho ---------------- Lois Shoaf, Doroth Edith Snyder--- Helen Urbany ---------------- y Sterbutzel ---- ----------Oh! Johnnie! ----------The Dancers --------------- ----------Yoo Hoo Red! Joe Yanos ---------- - - Rose Brokovich ---- Louis Rozzi ------- Mable Kelly ----- Birdie Coras .---- Dorothy LeWis--- ----Butcher boy's sweetie --Silent and Mysterious ----------The sick girl ----------Star center --------------------She always studies ---------------------Not like her name ----Quarterback-G .T. H. S. or W. P. H. Esther Stout ....-.. ---------------------- W ithout a doubt Mary Bogovich ----- Daniel Yankulick .---- li: I lb Ng . ve -----------------------------Champ ----He's alright 4 351 V' fv' 63 -wiv V .,,, wr 1... ,M .I .,f ,W 4, : fninwgtrmgfggg-ea 'L' C Q if-0: I P' L. LQ:,::2:::e-,ac f u ""lQ - -.mmm mn ' f 1 Ei VN in U inf" iraq , ' ' , fr A" " I' 1 W' ' 'TE Ai 4, """"LT2 nfl,-,4:.., . ,,g..,a,.,g""' ff S I Hiliiill--,.. ' 5 Eu' ' - ",'?:i?:JL' V1 '-' ' Al, r ...aa the , ,, ,,.. ,, F , F ,YY . --.., gg- ., JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY The members of our present Junior Class began their high school career on August 31, 1925. There were 181 Freshmen in this group. Soon after cur "verdant inception" a meeting was held for the purpose of elect- ing class officers and deciding what our colors and motto should be. For our colors we selected green and white: for our motto we adopted "Striv- ing for knowledge." Our Sophomore year beginning September 6, 1927, was similar in respect to historical events as that of the previous year. A few, however, for various reasons did not return to take the second year's work . Our Junior year started off with a hustle and a bustle. Almost im- mediateiy our class organized by choosing the following as officers: Harry Zimmerman, president: George Lilley, vice president: Betty Sangston, sec- retary: George Reitz, treasurer: John Solomon, historian: Doro-thy Ster- butzel, poet: Raymond Eddy, marshall. Soon after this election another meeting was called for the purpose of selecting a staff to publish the Laureola, our school annual. 'lhose who were elected are as follows: Margaret Morris, Editor-inChief: Dorothy Janoff, Assistant Editorg George Reitz, Business Managerg Margaret Raho, Assistant Managerg Bessie Bierbower, Literary Editorg Helen Fetcho, As- sistant Literary Editor: Dorothy Sterbutzel, Statistical Editor: Lawrence Doorley, Assistant Statistical Editor: Art Editors: Mildred Mallory, An- thony Hanna and William Venturinig Staff Artists: May Martin, Francis Maher, William Walters, John Hannah, and Mike Krevinki: Photographers: Betty Sangston, Rebecca Devan, and Mary Millwardg Joke Editors: Ruth Rupert, Dorothy Lewis, and John Solomon: Athletic Editors: Delmas Bise, Margaret Titus, and Harvey Zimmerman. Turning to distinction, many members of our class have displayed remarkable traits in different social activities. On the gridiron, Delmas Bise, Vincent Owens, Louis Rozzi, George McCulla, and Joseph Yanos are tuostanding figures: on the basketball floor, Delmas Bise and Vincent Owens stood foremost in the fray 5 in musical accomplishments, Marian Mc- Cann, Marie Perego, and Betty Sangston loomed in the limelight. In concluding this history the writer, in behalf of the Junior Class, extends his sincerest thanks to all those who have helped the Juniors cope with their difficulties. -John Solomon. 64 CLASS ORE SOPHOM "Pi" vf,, .. E , ., ff-"5"!' 'J-'qu 1 l 'L' g W! X "1 - -A .u1'uu1 l- U 1 -nrnmmzig... " . tmp rue, Aa - e A ' P? ' Pl, ' 'QMQQ' -M21-1-I E , Svnphnmnrr Clans COLORS Green and White FLOWER: White Carnation MOTTO: Corpe Diem YELL Rickety! Rackety! Rah! Rah! Rah! Razzle! Dazzle! Sla! Boom! Bah! Hokey! Pokey! Ki! Yi! Yi! Class of 1930 German Township Hi. CLASS OFFICERS I President ..,,..........L...............,.... Henry Lucosky ,Vice President .........,.................,... Wayne McCann Secretary L,.........................,...,.. Thelma Curstead Treasurer ....-..L,z....,z,L,,,,...,....n....... Helen Lilley Class Poet ..................,.............. Edward Mattioli Class Historian Y.,.............,R............. Steve Vidonish Class Marshall ....,.....,.................... Stanley Papuga Adams, Leona Becks, Clarence Bell ,Eugene Boyle, Marie Barber, Corinne Bowser, Gertrude Bowen, Deborah Brownfield, Bessie Brown, Mary Margaret Bryan, George Christopher, Emily Cox, Frances Crackavitch. Joseph Crowe, Elizabeth Curstead, Thelma Carrick, Joseph Childs, Florence Cornpardo, Stanley Crowe, Clarence Defino, Viola Dretsia. Anna Davis, Ralph Dobberstein, Annastacia Donnelly, Adam Donnelly, Mike Dowe, Bently Fetcho,, Katherine Franks, Ray SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL Frazee, Vernon Fedlock, John Frankhouser, Della Fanzone, Samuel Fintosh, Mike Gales, William Geisel, Thelma Gillen, Marie Grove, Ellen Guvdosh. Helen Getsie, Margaret Grove, Martha Gush, John Grashian. Marion Gross, John Hall. Alma Heffern. Frank Hoon, Leroy Huston, Mildred lntorre. Sunday Johnson, Cecil Johnston. Esther Keck, Verna Kellv, Genevieve Kinnear, Bernice Keener, .Tohn Leslie Kelly, Ethel Grace Lane, Edward 67 Lilley, Helen Livingston. Charles Loucks, Charles Lukosky, Henry Lancaster, William Lang, Robert Monaghan, Irene Moser, Barbara Matthews, George Mattioli, Edward Magvar, Mike Martin, Harry McCann. Wayne McGill, John McKenzie. Marie Mulder, Cherilla Marinch, Steve Nvnaver. Mary Nabors, Milton Nader. Azizzv Papuga. Stanley Park. John Patrick. Victoria Pezg. Thom Potter. William Powell, Josenh Provance. Charles Reda, Albert L . ,N-l ' . " " 'filfa I' . . .K., iiiwlff Ge" 1 .Es H 223: M e 1 -'ff' ff flifgff "'fA-"" I fi- '. vssraa-elf 1, .1 JILUI 4-V. ffffzrz f " - ffgfizgrgee Q ? Rose, Madeline Ross, Evelyn Rossi, Joseph Richanfsky, Andrew Rider, Margaret Rockwell, Earl Rosenecker, John Sampola, Peter Sangston, Leonard Sangston, Virginia Schiffbauer, Helen Shotts, John V Shubert, Cecelia Skiles, Olive Siko, Louis Springer, Jonathan Sakino, Joseph Secosky, George Slagle, Louise Show, Ethel Sutch, Margaret Thomas, Rufus Tracy, Harold Umbel, Dorsey Umbel, Merill Vargo, Steve Vavra, Julia Vindonish, Steve Vinch, Louis Wright, William Vvilliarns, Emma Williams, Virginia Whetzel, Kenneth Vvalters, William Wanchick, Nick Yanos, Christinia. Yanosik, John Zammerali, Nick SOPHOMORE ROASTS Clarence Becks ....,L... Eugene Bell ...... Marie Boyle ...... Emily Christopher --------------,-------------------Still a pest ----n---u--e,-,------------------------Oh! Anna --------,--------,----,--,----Likes a certain Senior ------------------------------------Quiet??'????? Frances Cox ......i..........................,........ Likes Algebra Joe Crackowitch ............................s....,..... Cute little kid Elizabeth Crow ...L..,.-...........s-................... Thelma's Pal Thelma Curstead ..s,........................ J esse, I'll tell Mr. Wheeler Viola Defino ..................................... Another Sophomore Anna Dretsia ...................................... Heard before seen Katherine Fetcho ..........,... ..,.....,,.............. O h! Vernon Ray Franks .......,...........-,,.L,,,....,.,,.....,,. Tall and Slim Vernon Frazee ..........,.........,......,......., Are you mad dear? William Gales ............................................... Pugilist Thelma Geisel ,...........,...,.,...,.,...,-............ Give me that Marie Gillen .................,............,.......... Are you going? Ellen Grove ,t.....,...................,.....,... Likes to read novels Helen Guydosh .............................................. Oh ! My Alma Hall ............................,................... Silly Grin Bernice Kennear ........,.....e........................ Dancing' Star Mildred Huston ........................................... Light top Esther Johnson ........................ ...... C omes from Masontown Cecil Johnson .........i..L....,...,............ No relation to Esther Genevieve Kelly ............,.........................,. Tommy Dear Helen Lilley ............................................... Songster Frank Heffern ................,....................... Likes the girls Leroy Hoon ..... Henry Lukosky- - - -,M---,,,,,--Hu--------------------------Drone -------ee,H----,M--- -----Likes to translate Caesar Verna Keck ................................,......... My home town Charles Loucks ..............,.......M,,............,..,n... Farmer Charles Livingston ....... ee........,................. P reacher's Son Dorsey llmble, L - - William Wright .... e--Just a Sophomore W-- ---- e--------- ------------Sandy Barbara Moser ....,L,,.........,,............,...... Look at my hair Rufus Thomas ............ ........,,.,.............. H istory Shark Margaret Such ......................................... Always Quiet Earl Rockwell ........................................... Ladies Man John Rosenecker ........................... ............. B right boy 68 "" "-- Q' ye., .R " 1 -1 . fegfzff,-If Eid -.1.- X - wL.4...l EET, l W Yi 'mtlg a l gl 43 ig- - -V-1 --- -: V-W 1, 3 f Y,.. -,J -,mv-. 3 , wx . . Joe Sakino ................ ,.,,....,.... .......,,, A n utty pest Ethel Show .... Thora Pegg ..F... William Potter ....... Charles Provance .... Andy Richonfsky- Joe Powell------- Harold Tracy ..... Margaret Rider ..e, Marion Gracian e.... ....e.... ,,,,,,....,,..,..H..-ee - - - - -Always eating candy - - - - - - - -Flapper Fanny - ---Kitten on the keys - - - - -A frequent visitor -- -- --Made 88 in French --------------Skeery Ann - - - -Comes from Messmore - - - - - -Our basketball star -A new additio-n SOPHOMORE ROASTS-SECTION B Vlrginia Williams --------------------------- ------- - -Little and How l Victoria Patrick ---- -------- C omes from Edenborn Evelyn Ross ----- Olives Skiles - - - Madeline Rose- - - Julia Vavra --------- Christine Yanos ------ Helen Schiffbauer ----- Emma Williams ----- Cecelia Shubert ---- Mary Nypauver- - Virginia Sangston ---- George Matthews ---- Steve Vargo -------- John Park ----------- Jonathon Springer ----- John Shotts ------ Edward Mattioli-- Merill Umbel ----- Louis Siko ------- Leonard Sangston ---- John McGill ------- Stanley Panuga ---- Wayne McCann ------ Kenneth Whetzel- Joseph Rossie ---- Peter Sampaoli ---- Leona Adams ----- Corrine Barber- - - Martha Grove ---- Georqe Bryan- - - - Stanley Compardo ---- --------------Pretty and Quiet Who's the Leckrone Sheik? -------------Sheba of Ralph ----Heavy Weight???? --------------Bright ----Stopped School -----------Curly ------------Short Skirts -------------------Funny ----Likes to play Basketball --------------Ladies Man ------Quiet?????'? -----------Carpenter --------J. D.S'??????? ----Ben Turpin the 2nd ---------Western Hero ----------Big Boy????? -----Heads from the River ----------Woman Hater ----Hoosier Sweetheart? ---------Football Star -------Small Change -------Biologzv Shark ----Likes A Freshie? -----Caesar Shark ----Our Class Leader ----Ohl My Bov friend ---, ---- - ------ Oh! Bill ---Our Stamn President -----Hails from Ralnh William Lancaster--- ------------------- -Just Bill Florence Childs -------- ---- ------- --- ,-Who is he??'?'? Ralnh Davis-- ---------- ----We wonder who the Freshie is Annastacia Dobberstein ---- , Adam Donnelly- - - Della Frankhouser ----, -Hails from North Union ---- Basketball Plaver Likes a certain Junior boy if' , is 4 1-A' 5 I' : rv,-f.. Q ,Q , aging " .1 ., A M ' " all l. .. f - f d' if T l f? John Fedlock ....g Margaret Getsie--, John Keener ,,.e, John Gush ....,. Sunday Intorre ,,.. Clarence Crowe .... Louis Vinch ,.,n,, John Yanosik ...... Steve Vidonish ..... John Gross ....... Harry Martin .... George Secosky .... Milton Naloors .... Louis Slagle ..u. ,------,--Pest -----r-Oh! Quit -------,Who is she? U---------,--Blondie -W , ,Everybody's friend -u-,,,,---,No'isy??'?'?'? --A studious little boy -----A good French student :Qs I 1.,v nm s if 70 Always leads his class ,------A faithful student ,--,-----Biology shark -H ----Another Pest W , s---- - ,,Meditating u,u-Center of Attraction fn 4 271, g Ae 4,4 FRESHMAN CLASS "" I C- -' . 'H T JE wan "UNI .V Q amz - M- ""' 4, W EA "-'. S350 xii, .WM 'LT'Jlf T ' ' ' t- 2' "",a7??. 11-'?'f,Q3,"!. 'nLf'1:.., gi ' -I A 'V " , f EIEIIE ' fi EW" " L :'13'f:2-:-35-faj,.f'i' E , f 1 13 P' Am A ' 'gf' 1 1HrPzhmz1n Claim COLORS: Red and Black FLOWER: Purple and Violet MOTTO: Climb though the rocks be rugged CLASS OFFICERS President .A-,......,...,... - .,,.A.....,.... Steve Krofcheck Vice President ..,,...,,......,f....,ee.......... David Miller Secretary ....,A-....e..e,...,-,,e ,, ,,Y,F,Y,.... Mary Udadek Treasurer ...,........,.e..R..,A...,,,,..... Charles Culleton Class Poet .S,,..............,-......-,.... Wendell McGinnis Class Historian ......,.....,,.C,,-,....,,...... Wilma Blaney Class Marshall Anderson, Ernest Andrews, Steve Bailey, Theodore Baran, Mary Barber, Evelyn Bartuch, Minnie Berg, Clyde Bierbower, Ruth Billick, Helen Blackburn, Franklin Blaney, Wilma Brady, Patricia Burns, Mary Baker, William Barnhart, Karl Berry, Wiley Bertovich, Kathryn Brooks, Howard Campbell, Glen Cocks, Thomas Coletti, Pearl Conaway, Holmes Conray, Rose Crawford, Ruth Crynoek, Susie Copeland, Robert Cruciani, Emma Cavalcante, Stella Christoif, Joseph Clark, Madeline Cole, Margaret ----.--C,----,----------------C,Harry Solomon FRESHMAN CLASS ROLL Cooper, Edward Correale, Thomas Carrigan, Robert Culleton, Charles Danca, Maggie Dean, Anna Demko, Emil Drabik, Walter Drill, John Darrall, Alma David, Eliza Duncan, John DeBo1t, Stanley Duritza, Ethel Easter, Clarence Elizeus, Joseph Ewart, Arvesta Franks, Bixio Frasconi, Joseph Frasconi, Lidi Feldmann, Betty Freeman, Kathryn Fanzone, Joseph Fisher, Florence Friend, Donald Friedberg, Albert Guappone, William Getsie, John Given, Woodrow W. Gray, Agnes Guseman, Evelyn 73 Gray, Opal Gadd, VVillia1n Georgi, Charles Hague, Edna Harford, James Hlohinec, Mary Hartley, Gladys Hartley, Thomas Hall, Laretta Huntly, Lillian Haught, Anna Hoist, Mary Hudock, Tony lntorre, Joseph Jordan, Ruth Jackson, Kenneth Kaduk, Louis Kanchiek, Reda Kzlpel, Fred Kelley, Elizabeth Kertoot, Thomas King, Nellie Kolek, Andy Kordella, Leo Kinkus, Edward Kino, George Krotcheek, Steve Lang, John Lewellen ,Gertrude Lewis, Eugene Lilligan, John 5 it-sf-if .., "' N, ,. ..... ?1UG.'f"?'4' if 4 Lste':":17s--:rf - A -1: Lapenta Anthony Piatnica, Anna Struble, Josephine Lukasky, Frank Maher, Margaret Markel, Francis Marinch, Steve Martin, Clarence Marty, Minnie Mikuia, Anna Miller, David lvllinarchik, Steve Monaghon, Elizabeth Morosetti, Alvie Moskavich, Nellie Mrazek, Hedvika Murray, Ruth Macka, Katherine Manges, John Martin, Mike Merryrnan, Galen Merryman, Warren Moore, Pearl Moody, Juanita McGinnis, Wendell McWhirter, Robert McCudden, John Natale, Minnie Newman, Lester Nichols, Jessie Nocenti, Augustine Ontko, Anna. Price, Francena Parker, Naomi Paris, Nellie Parish, George Bl-ovance, Anna Podyski, John Packstaller, Edna Mae Hlkulsky, Pete Provance, Martha Ramsey, Madelene Rebovitch, Edward Riffle, Harry Riftle, Lois Rider, Gladys Richter, Bertha Rivak, Andy Robinson, Florence Ruth, Clifford Ritcher, Edgar Rodwell, Oscar Rosie, Eva Szenczy, Louis Sargot, Anna Serock, Mary Siko, Anna Siko, John Slboda, Matilda Smith, Bridget Soloman, Harry FRESHMAN ROASTS Sholtis, Frances Sluckak, Martin Schiftbauer, Eugene Sechler, Bernice Shenal, Pete Suerosky, Jr., Frank Snubert, Anna Mae Spurgeon, Beatrice Stanton, Freeman Stark, Joseph Sprankle, Max Staukus, Charles Taborkey, Margaret Turlick ,May Tolbert, Kenneth Ududok, Mary Vrabel, Michael Valentine, Neil Wallack, Kathryn Weimer, Wilhelmina Welsh, Harry Weltner, Elizabeth Woods, Elizabeth Wright, Leona Yauger, Martha Yencha, John Zodniko, Lena Zeoney, Leroy Joseph Elizeus ,,.,........,..........,..........,. ,, .... What a Shiek Playford Crowe ...-....... ,- .... . ................... .. ........ Crybaby Edna Hague .,,,,,,N,-,,,,.,,,..................... Little but oh my James Harford ..................................... ..... L atin Shark Mary Hlohinec ........................................... .... T illie Anna Dean ............................................. ,.... F atty Milford Seighman .................................... ......,. P retty John Drill ................... .. ..................... ..e....... S issy Bixio Franks ...................................... ........... W Op Josephine Frasconi ...................................... Y-StL1diOl1S Betty Fieldman ................................ ............... H OSS Catherine Freeman .................................... ..-- M Y L0l1i0 Thomas Cocks ........................................ AlWayS AlOS911'C Susie Crynock ..................... ............... Maggie Danca ..... William Vuappone ......................... ....... Louis Szeuczy .... Patricia Brady .......................... ..-..----- Mary Burns ........................... Glen Camphell .................................... -------,-Blush1ng -Always talking -------UU--unM--------nu.-Chasing after girls -Wilma ------- Visitor? ?? ---,,,,----------------Irish - - - - -Mother's boy -Perculator Pearl Coletti ............................... ..........--- 74 'H -'W , - fffa- - el . 'ii'4I7ff"" F F l fl Rose Conroy ...... ...... ...... - - D6m6ritS Ruth Crawford .... ...........-.- C h6W1I2g Gum Clinton Dean --- Mary Baron ...... Evelyn Barber ..r.. Wilma Blaney ..,.. Clyde Berg ......... Franklin Blackburn -V Ruth Bierbower .... Holmes Conaway -U Walter Drabik .... Emil Demko ...,... Stanley DeBolt ,.,. William Gadd' --- Charles Georgi .... Albert Triedburg .... Edward Kinkus -H George Kino ...,,rr, Steve Krofcheck r,.. Frank Lukosky --- John Manges .,.. Mike Martin ....... Leroy Zivney ....B.. Warren Merryman .... Galen Merryman -f- Mike Urabel ....... Max Sprankle ,-- Pearl Moore .......,. Pete Pikulsky .......... Edna Mae Packstaller--- Martha Provance ...... Edgar Richter ,,..... Oscar Rodwell .....r,.. Eugene Schiffbauer --, Anna Mae Shubert ..,, Joseph Stark ..r..B. Catherine Macko .... Freeman Stanton --- Beatrice Spurgeon --- Kenneth Talbert .... Neil Valentine ..e. Ethel Duritza George Parish .... Nellie Paris .,.. John Podyski .,.. Anna Provance ...W Madelyn Ramsey ..... Edward Rebovich ,rnr Bertha Richter --- Gladys Rider ,.... Lois Riffle ...e. -----------------Juan1ta???? -----I'll smack your sassy face -,-,--------Look out people ,,-,---------Felix the cat ------Love sick ----Cow-girl ---B---Clarence -e,--------Quiet ------------Frisky -----A square Man ---s------Sambo ----------Sheik -------Tiny --e---Colonel --------Blondy ----He's alright ,,--President --..-------QLl19lZ?? ?? - --,.,,,.., - .- Professor -e---Famous for liniment ------s-Buster Brown -----,-------Ke----Jolly --Unnu-,------Bashful -,--Hails from New Salem --,,,-,--,,,-----Smiles -,,-------,---Dimnles -------fPetey Dink U ..... 4 ,........ Shorty ----,From New Geneva ------,--..-----Curly --------Our Champ --------Chump - - - -Brown Eves --,,-Studious ---,---Katv -----Buck ----Beaty un-- -------,Red -,-------------Bizzv -,r,--------Noisy???? -r---A future nreacher ---,------fOh! Sidie -,,,Likes EngIish??? --,,,hAlwavs Smiling ----Where's McCudden ---,Oh! what a smile --------,---"Red', -----Not so worse -U .... Class leader 75 gJr,Qrvmw- ,, ,,,,n.-w r-ws. 'L , 'L,,:.j,.' " 4 I nr ! , ,Fi 'UNF' Wi. u.:fg'rf'--H , 5 -'f A .'!Ai17'fg'5f. '- f'-se 3 'Q ,img Reef ' IEIIJEE "A 1, 'r lf: Harry Riffle ..... Howard Riffle--- Andy Rivac ...... Clifford Ruth .r.... Anna Sargot ....r,.. Florence Robinson- John SlkO .....,... Anna Siko .,o,.... Matilda Sloboda--- Bridget Smith ...,. Harry Solomo-n .... Josephine Struble ,.,. Mary Turlick ....,. Mary Ududak ...r.,.r. Wilhelmina Weimer Kathryn Wallack-- Harry Welsh ....,... Elizabeth Weltner ----Wise as a teacher --------Wears goggles ----Just a green freslue ---------The fat man ----------Radio Fan ----A shark in cooking ----------Wise little boy ------------Tall and Slim -----Crazy about the boys ----Dancing, her favorite ------------The teaser -----She ain't so hot -----Likes the boys??? -------Our secretary ---A friend in need ----Basketball Star --------Cute Freshie --------------Penelope Elimbeth Woods .---- --------- N ot enough powder Martha Yauger -.-- ---------------- J ust at friend -- ----- Stonewall's Great Grandson Andrew Kolek ---- Kenneth Jackson- - Leo Kordello ------ Anthony LaPenta ff- Eva Rossi --------- Martin Sluchak --- Charles Stankus ---- Kathryn Bertovich ----- Margaret Cole ------- --- Fred Kapel ------ Anna Haught ---- Mary Hoist -------- Thomas Kerfoot--- Eugene Lewis -- John Lilligan ---- John Land ----- Steve Marinch ----- Clarence Martin--- David Miller ------ Warren Berskshire Wendall McGinnis ----- Steve Malinarchick Lester Newman ----- Jesse Nichols -------- Augustine Nocenti ---- Loretta Hall --------- Gladys Hartley --- Ruth Jordan ------- Freda Kaucheck ---- Elizabeth Kelly --- ----------------Cauliflowel ----Knows his onions -----------Buzzard -----Brown Eyes ----------Studious ------------------Talkative --------Tall and Slim???'?? --fLikes to ride the rumble seat --------------Likes E.???'??'? --------She knows her stuff -----I'm from Water Street -----------A Quit school -------------Demerits ----Comes fro-m Lambert -------------------Pest ----I never miss school??? ----------All for mvself ------------Fat Head ------------------Quiet ----Hails from Messmore ---------------Shrimp -------------Rabbie - ----Likes a Senior -------Likes G.'????'? -----Little but smart -----------"Whisky" -----Did the bell ring? ------Spirit of Leckrone ---------------------P.J. Gertrude Lewellen ---- ---- ---- I h ate everybody but? ?? ',cH f!! aug: ,glory-ffm 'I-335 fg' f -"' ,,n :LV.1. . , " ' 'if' 2-4' ,,,,,,,, ','n'5'Qff'- ' f. if '- . ,W .-I Lf' 5,1 of Y , ' 1 ""' .nu YA P 1 ,, ' ,Q -iii ',,,e',1f.., ' j"iM:r f ' ,,.t " 33.111515 fav' K, f ,f ,' ,V ' r " ' .- "K,-zilifi f '- Margaret Maher ....r Juanita Moody--- Minnie Martz ---- - Anna Machalei- - - Ruth Murray ------ Elizabeth Monohai Stella Calvacante ----- Madalina Clark- - - Alma Darrall ------ Arvesta Ewart -- Eliza David -------- ----------- - Buffalo Bill ----Likes Lester Fish Got a letter 'F ------Class Skipper Never Smiles John Hannah ----Hails from Ronco ----See ---------- Tommy -----Always giggling -Oh! John Florence Fisher ---- ------- L ittle But Oh! My Opal Gray -------- - - - Agnes Gray ---- Steve Andrews--- William Baker ---- -------- Wiley Berry ------- Howard Brooks ---- Karl Barnh art- - - Robert Corrigan ----- Joseph Christoff ----- Thomas Correale ---- Charles Culleton - John Duncan ----- Francis Emory--- Joseph Fanzone-- Donald Friend ---- John Getsie ------ Woodrow Given ---- Tony Hudoc ----- Thomas Hartley - Joseph Intorre -- Louis Kadent ---- Emma Curricenk ----- Minnie Natale ---- Anna Ontko ----- -Pm expecting a letter Likes J. Piszczor? ? ?? Likes to work Algebra -Likes his violin ----- -Still Growing -. ------ Loud Speaker ----Never Quiet ? ? 7? -----------Fidgetv - - - -Likes Civics 7 '? ? ------- ------Curly ---------- ---Church A nice young chan -------Science Shark -------Likes Latin ------A Girl Hater -------Just a Visitor ----Loves the Ladies -------------Noisy -------- Farmer ----------Studious --------Palmer Sheik - - - - -Another Skipper --------------Curhe Cicero Anna Petaneti ---- ---- N ew Salemis Spirit Franchine Price --- Ethel Duritza --- ---------Lambert?'?? -----------Smarty 1-ir -. ., -.. - . ,. ., , 5 gif,-,f U.- FF ' 'QQCFAE "' U, 1 - ---- jftfiefyfao' L., 7: AAL 3155! ,pgmg-W ,,fet,,,,, , - 'i -gi'-may iff A ' 1 ,Qu ' 'qfgfjgggi 1 "W 1 . M Glnmmvrrial illvuirm We Just what is the Commercial Department and of what value is it to the boys and girls of this and other communities? The best answers that l can give to these questions is: It prepares the young man and woman to fulfill the higher positons in the business world. There is a large num- ber of boys and girls who are financially unable to take courses leading to college work, and are therefore obliged to enter into the business world. This cannot be done without first knowing something about business. The Commercial Department of German Township High School is a very good place to obtain this knowledge. The Commercial course is a very interesting course. One of the highest and best positions that can be secured in the Commercial course is an Accountant. To become an accountant requires specialized training aquivalcnt to any college education and one must pass an examination be fore the student is entitled to the destination of "Certified Public Account- ant," which is the highest ring of the ladder of bookkeeping, and also a very paying position. Turning to social functions, many of the Commercial students take part in the activities of our school such as: football, basketball, and track. Among other things that have been carried on by the Commercial Department is the publishing of the Microscope, the monthly paper which represents the school. It is entirely edited by the Commercia.l Department, and requires no small amount of work, and is also a great responsibility. One of the coveted desires of each Commercial student, is to enter one or more of the Commercial Contests. Of each subject taken, three students are selected by the teacher to represent the school. There they compete with other schools in Fayette County. Those students who are fortunate enough to win a place are given the privilege of going to Indiana. . . .In conclusion, may the Commercial students carry on their various activities with as much success as they have been doing in the past years. Dorothy J anoff. 78 Jazmiezagmrfiff y y "' 5415-iefaig 4 i - 1 -- 1 - , ' ' V 1.-iv IF' l!'-'tv A v ,, , .,f 43 ral ii' ' . nf" ' W "" 4, ' W-"Q I ii. , 11 fv. iwf Lrmptuu Glnurzv nf Svtuhg Course of Study German Township High School, McClellandtown, Pa. bu' if J .i ACADEMIC COURSES FRESHMAN-FIRST YEAR Classical Required English CGram, Comp. Four Classicsj Algebra, Beginning Vocational Civics Manual Training tBoysJ Sewing iGirlsJ Elective Beginning Latin SOPHOMORE- Classical Required Rhetoric and 4 Classics European History Algebra, Advanced Biology Mechanical Drawing QBoysJ Cooking tGirlsj Elective Caesar J UNIOR-T Classical, Required American Literature Plane Geometry Physics American History Elective , 4 Classics Cicero Scientific, Required English tGram. Comp, Four Classicsj Algebra, Beginning Vocational Civics Manual Training QBoysJ Sewing fGir1sJ Elective Elementary General Science SECOND YEAR General Required Rhetoric and 4 Classics European History Algebra, Advanced Biology Mechanical Drawing tBoysJ Cooking CGirlsJ Elective Beginning French HIRD YEAR General, Required American Literature, 4 Classics Plane Geometry Physics American History Elective French 12nd yearj s'EN1oR-FOURTH YEAR Classical, Required English Literature, 4 Classics Chemistry Social Science Elective Virgil Solid Geom. and Trigonometry General, Required English Literature, 4 Classics Chemistry Social Science Elective 3-French Solid Geoin. and Trigonometry 79 - ' na- f --ff "" :Vik-H um , . . 151 . 92155. .W 1 1i 'wl' H'1Tp 1 - ' af. ' .3 'rw-Az' ' wwf.. L" ? yr f ff, - gg 1-,wa ' v 1 . '- Ju.w".4-2 9 ' A V ' A I1 'W . .. n LJ., L ..N.,.. -. v 1 -.-,..-,,Qw.. ,f F' Y 80 MICROSCOPE STAFF 'J' 'N of ma: of! '- 'T f 'i'Q,4 , l :. "filming 'fl-., . .'! I: W ..-..-151-1:':4w'-"fl- 3, . ,r , . . .gzrvgi -1?':.l-1: QA. , I -' 4, ,aw .1 ig-' ,llqmw -' -.Q ' ' l'i! . 5 -4 ig, E. ::jlE'L'.-:.f5E-.. w .1 li IJ 1- 22,11-'-vii ,A ' -- -gf' - -af ltfrfuifsi, lf ' 55 iam, '-'Mg--5 .. . - 'B' fr mirrnnrnpr Svtalf Editor-in-chief .... Assistant Editor .,.. Secretary ......... - - Treasurer ....,.,., ,..r Business Managers- Uniontown ..... New Salem ...... McClellandtown --- Masontown .... Art Editor ....... Exchange Editors .... -- S0012-3.1 Reporter .......-- M,-, Junior Commercial Reporter .... Q Senior Commercial Reporter ..... Senior Class Reporter ......... Junior Class Reporter ........ Sophomore Class Reporter ..... Freshmen Class Reporter .... Alumni Reporters ........ Sport Editor ...... Faculty Advisors- - - 81 Hilda Allamon ---Dorothy J anoff Marion Stavish --Thomas Allamon ------Delmas Bise Robert Semsey -----Catherine Dean Clarence Haines John Piszczor Steve Smith Marie Blackshere --Margaret Morris Dorothy Sterbutzel Cecelia McArdle ---Carmine Natale --------Alice Beal ----Thelma Curstead --------John Drill Harlan DeBolt - i Louis Fabbri -----Thomas J avorsky C. G. Enterline - 3 Lloyd Matson LAUREOLA STAFF l l it .l ' 2 E --I 7 2 ' E ll .Q Qmurvnla Simi? 934515 Editor-in-Chief ..,,.....,. .,.... ,... lv I argaret Morris Assistant Editor-in-Chief g,.. ,.... D orothy Janoff Business Manager .,...vs,,,, ,.,.. G eorge Reitz Assistant Business Manager .... ...,. lv Iargaret Raho Literary Editor ,.e,s....,. ...,. B essie Bierbower Assistant Literary Editor .... .,.s,.... H elen Fetcho Statistical Editor ...,..,,s.s. ,.... D orothy Sterbutzel Assistant Statistical Editor .,... ..... L awrence Doorley Mildred Mallory Art Editors ..s.. -- Anthony Hanna William Venturini Mae Martin Francis Maher St ff A - nu 'William Walters 3' rtlsts U' Alice Snyder John Hanna Mike Krevinko Betty Sangston Official Photographers ..... U. Rebecca Devan Mary Millward 1 Dorothy Lewis Joke Edltors ---- -- John Solomon Ruth Rupert g Margaret Titus Athl8t1C Editors .... -,, Dehnas Bise Harvey Zimmerman 83 -.:.L1i. i 1-'3 -V - .fig V' :fi " HL- q Fbwu ruff' .' - G., 6'-'JS ' ., 'uv i"i'e.ulr1 lI:A'l'Fli'?i"5'5 '37-rbi A.. ga K "1"f,g"!-'I 11" tv Pi Q. 1 , , D .5 ,, . W., V 'ik -yvglfljg' "7" f , 'f,f , -I 'JJESV flvbwgv ,again f .4 :frm A f iJ...-1.4-i.,.f ,L Aer - 1' 1- ' 1' f' -1- ya-L21 "F,-f" :1 fi. -.. 22 .-, A JIIIE I- if f " .ffr'f:. ' l- 1 , 55, :Hr -.ET ' M H - FORT NECESSITY HISTORICAL FAYETTE I. N. Riffle When the illustrious Lafayette made his famous visit to the county named in his honor he set foot on soil that has from the beginning of American history had much to do with national success both from the poli- tical and economic aspect. While Fayette was but the hunting grounds for the surrounding tribes of Indians, the main Cherokee Trail from the South to Canada ran squarely across the territory and along this very trail itself occurred some of the stirring events of early history. The rising star of the youthful Washington began its ascendancy here and Fort Necessity will remain a national shrine as long as the country exists and the name of Washington is remembered. Here the trails of civilization were blazed by such men as Colonel Cresap and the friendly old Nemacolin who not only prepared the way for the armies of Washington and Braddock but opened the way for the never-ending stream of progress that ends with the Pacific. Today thousands of automobiles bearing the restless tourists stop at the grave of General Braddock, the spot of Fort Necessity, the camp of Dun- bar Where the Soldier's Orphans Home was located so many years, the place of Jumonville's death, or perhaps journey aside to the home of the great financier and statesman, Albert Gallatin, Where mid stately trees these Wanderers look with admiration at the great colonial home or stop to shed a tear at the grave of the wife that pined away in the forest primeval. Every school boy thrills at the name of such men as Christopher Gist and Fayette Couny points with pride to the fact that the Gist planta- tion was located here. At the Gist homestead the scattered remnants of Braddock's ill-fated army gathered together after the hasty retreat and not far from this place General Braddock breathed his last. Today his 84 - . " - V.--, 2 .,,'1 ., "Spf: l"P'Qig1nu. 'nm .. gin! Fifi -V--mlb' '."IA.'fL-5.31.9 ACF' -fr' """7 ' l.""5-A-"ff"'? I '5 1 'ff F. . ififffff' Ft" T54 'F ' resting place is marked by a fine stone set in the midst of five towering pines that stand like sentinels about the hallowed spot as if to ward off the ghosts of murderous redskins who caused his death. Today the spot of the old Hangard or storehouse at the mouth of Redstone is known as Brownsville. This busy town boasts of the first iron bridge in America. The little bridge crosses the mouth of Dunlap's Creek. Here too was built the first steamboat to make the complete trip to the mouth of the Mississippi and return. The Hangard, which was a store- house for the pioneer armies. was burned by the French on their return after the capture of Fort Necessity. Fort Burd at Redstone, Pearse's Fort on the Catawba Trail. Swearingen's Fort in Springhill, Lucas Fort, McCoy's Fort, and Ashcraft's Fort were all settlers' forts located in Fayette County. These were all built as places of refuge and protection when the wily red- skin made his expeditions through the region of Fayette. At Perryopolis, which was the center of 1600 acres of land bought by George Washington in Fayette County, is the remains of an old grist mill either erected by Washington or at his request. A few miles above Masontown on the banks of the Monongahela is the little village of New Geneva where Albert Gallatin had his home after the Revolutionary times. Originally called Wilson's Port, the name was changed by Gallatin to New Geneva, after Geneva, Switzerland, his birth- place. Lafayette was entertained here at the home of Gallatin, a beautiful estate called Friendship Hill. At New Geneva was founded the earliest glass Works in 1796 and records also reveal the fact that Gallatin shared in the operation of a gun factory at the same place. At Fairchance was built the Old Fairfield Furnace in 1791, which was among the earliest of the iron industry in this county. Remains of a number of these furnaces can still be seen in Fayette County. However, the discovery of ore of better grade and in larger quantities in other parts of the country put an early end to the iron industry in this section. Its greatest contribution was probably in the experimental use of coke in iron making. The first meeting house for Christian worship erected west of the mountains was erected in Fayette County and the descendents of those pioneer Dutch Calvinists still worship on the same spot. This is near the town of Masontown and frequently groups of travelers, returned to visit the old homesteads, may be seen wandering about among the old grave- stones searching for the names of their forbears. Fayette County is rich in legendary history and Dulaney's Cave and the White Rocks have their part in the making of this now busy sec- tion of Pennsylvania, while the Robbers Den on the banks of the Monon- gahela has its fascination for the school boy that can not be equalled by the wildest tale of the West. The mystery is that Fayette County with its history of national significance, its local tales, its list of famous men who figured in the history of state and nation, and its stories of Indian kid- nappings and murders, has not been written up in the romances that come from the pens of great authors. 85 4 -1- . , -.H -,if + Q, A '-' ..- - - ,.a.... '.-., .L ,z'.5.f'-1 ' " d Emliil.'lN112!5me.f, 3 ,..,.e1v 7'7"5'L' i 'Q-an ' I V vp... .1 M, MH . i as -1+ if ' ' W-'erggggs-ggfl lif e-Q . Yu - Plane Surveying in G. T. H. S. By Calvin Fleming "A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases." Our new transit is not only a thing of beauty, but of utility also, and of rare precision. It enables us to maintain the same degree of accuracy in prac- tical measurements as we have long insisted upon in the calculations. It is obvious that a result can be no more accurate than the first measurements, however perfect the computing may have been. This instrument, there- fore, may be said to stand as a monument of accuracy and precision in German Township High School and as such it demands the same virtues in those who would learn to operate it. The idea of getting such an instrument for the High School, al- though not a new one, received a sudden impulse at the first of the present semester. Plans and specifications for making a model transit out of wood came to the attention of the Trigonometry students. They were enthusias- tic from the start. They lost no time in making blue prints of the drawing after which they started the shop work. Under the direction of Mr. Shuss a fine working model was produced by the boys in the shop. But in the mean time the movement to secure for the school a real su1'veyor's transit had made rapid progress. Through the efforts of Mr. Matson and Super- intendent Riffle together with the good offices of the Board of Education a fine Gurley transit was purchased. It arrived before the wooden model was quite finished. Needless to say the model transit was completely eclipsed by an instrument Sixty times more accurate. But it had served its place nobly as the forerunner of the precise instrument. The wooden model is now to be seen among the archives of the school-affestionately called "the theodolitef' From the host of American instrument makers the W. Sz L. E. Gur- ley Company was selected for their well-established reputation for the ut- most in fine instrument making and for their progressiveness in using all the latest improvements. The Gurley Company is also to be commended for the liberal discount they allowed the school. The United States Geological Survey has been especially helpful to the new surveying class. From them the class received a chart showing the declination of the magnetic needle, local maps showing the topographi- cal features of this district, and descriptions of government triangulation points in this vicinity. Many of the latter points have been visited by the class. Perhaps the most exciting was the trip up the mountain to one at Dunbar's Camp. But the possibilities of a fine transit are not confined entirely to sur- veying. In an elementary way also, some astronomical data can be obtain- ed. For instance, by sighting on the north star, it is possible to lay down a true north and south line, much more accurate than the compass would give. Moreover, the famous craters of the moon are plainly visible through the telescope on the transit. The diameter of the moon was measured with 87 , "" f-I-flaikeg' -' --W -,' '- , .-.,f,:iv,.-- v .,. ggi- - 1 4-LT 'I -grmiffdi'-.ig,,1,-'nu'-.4., . r. 1 " 1 . nw.-, -'g-wi. ,f ' -. of " il. R ' lf?5"E L 155531. .,.. 1-' e png" 1 -P - :gi-H I .1., ,. fi x...:i'n., ' -.,,ie3.'31. ll if-ff J: ffl our transit and found to be one half degrees, or thirty minutes, which checks exactly with the figures astronomers give. But above all, it is the vocational aspect of the case which prompted the purchase of the transit at this time. Its results are now made avail- able to every student studying mathematics. For the boy Whose schooling stops with the high school, a rudimentary knowledge of surveying will stand him in good stead if he enters mining or construction Work. Or for the boy who goes on to college and takes up one of the myriad branches of engineering, a knowledge of the surveyorfs transit will place him head and shoulders above the other students from the very start. 88 1 ,f . .,,g.Fj f -Y - if 'ff - 'Q "U .fr QI If 'xwff .wifi f' P9 .f541f ,., gm.E5iY5::: Q- " ,,:ar5r,:Ly3g1:: ' WU' ' " Z", L is ., , YU 4- FQ c1iv1ti45 39 nun V ,,., su --1-... wwf, , , : .-,-,gg-15.4.3 ,, K, , gg. ilgg"ffl'1 my-W, Kinfiw m. . A ., '1'Za:re':i'5!w5U'-,gi .. -qgiv ' T fa? - ::fe"A:::i":? - ' --VF' J J ! 11 "1-Iis Uncle,s Niece His Uncle's Niece, a farce in three acts, written by Raymond Sar- gent, was given by the Senior Class December 15th and 16th, 1927. The plot of this hilarious farce centered around a letter received by Francis Felton from Uncle Simon of Happy Valley Junction, who has al- ways supposed Francis to be of the opposite sex. The letter announced that the Uncle had selected a husband for his niece and they are both on their way to New York to make final arrangements for the wedding. In desperation Francis assumes a female character's role in order to carry out a provision whereby he is to receive a million dollars bequest from his Uncle. The cast was as follows: F rancls Felton ...........-.......s........,.....,.... Clarence Haines Rlchard Tate .................... ........... C harles Bryan Dora Hale ............ .... lv Iary Frances Doorley Alice Malcolm .......... ........... E dith Hirsch Mrs. Sarah Ann Mullen .... ....... ' -Fay Moore Simon Felton ........... ...... R obert Gray Philander Fillmore .... ..., R obert Semsey Timothy ................,.........,.............r,.... Andy Powell Silas Sicklmoore .......................cs,r......,......, James Boyd The play was a huge success and much credit is due our excellent Coach, Miss Vail. On the 26th and 27th of April the Junior Class, under the direction of Miss Vail, staged a three-act farce comedy entitled "Deal 'Em Over." This play made a "great hit." Things happened with such rapidity that the audience was kept on the qui vive, with one laugh piled on another to a tornado of howls of delight. The cast were as follows: Charley Montrose .........................,......,...... George Reitz Ralph Keller ............,.......-...............,,,.... Thomas Boyd Samuel Fowler .... ---John Solomon Daddy Nichols--- ---William Walters Belham ------- ------ G eorge Lilley Travers ----- ------- R aymond Eddy Bill Clark --------- ---Charles McDermott Ivy Phillips --------- ----- B etty Sangston Virginia Lawrence ---- ---- B essie Bierbower Evelyn Clark --------- ---- R ebecca Devan Mrs. Middleton ----------- ------- R laude Lardin Petunia Peachblossom ----- ---- C atherine Hoover 90 L , ' fff"w"" , my Ha teucavaso I -Mahar- ' B at 455435 111.1 ltd 3-.V ,, mini:-F L' fre..-f . '-' Skis!! 1 .. im- . . :iWf:"4zf T. . 5, , a . -..M if ,, , - p-vj',1M. V , 1 A 1928 Fayette County lnterflrligh School Literary and Musical Activities ii e,:f4'ej,e'fQa2 11 These activities are conducted under the auspices of the Fayette County School Directors' Association, with the cooperation of the County and Districts, Superintendents, assisted by the County High School, Prin- cipal and Teacher's Association. The purpose is to create an interest in Literary and Musical Activi- ties that will parallel the interest now manifest in High School Athletics, to give that large group of students in every high school mental power that will enable them when in life's school to put across their message ef- fectively, and to award the contestants for their efforts in bringing these activities to a high and fully recogonized plane. On March 10, at South Union High School, our contestant, Helen Caruso, delivered a splendid oration on UThe Hope of the Futuref' Miss Caruso's forceful declamatory power was shown in her masterly qualities of distinctness. On March 12, at Point Marion High School, Edith Hirsch won first place in the reading contest. Her selection was Madam Prudence. This Winning carried with it the award of the Owen R. Brownfield Cup for the High School and a scholarship for the contestant. In her rendition Miss Hirsch displayed exceptional skill in the elocutionary technique. We must not forget that this is the second time the Owen R. Brown- field Cup has been won for German Township High School. Miss Florence Roycroft, in 1923 won it with her masterful reading "Zingare1la the Gypsy Flower Girl." At Uniontown on March 15, Alice Beal very effectively rendered the vocal selections, "Bob White," and as a second number "Greetings" Her accompanist was Edith Hirsch. On March 27, Marian McCann represented German Township High School in the piano contest held at Dunbar. The numbers so ably produced were Serenade by Victor Herbert, and Erl King by Schubert Liszt. The Fayette County Inter High School Contests occur every year. 'Those who are anticipating to take part next year should begin preparation now. Don't wait until two weeks before the Contest. You can't expect to get any more out of a thing than you put into it. Get Busy. "" H 1. Q- . , 'y..fIf'1f" I was mv 3111. ,. W . . A. ., , .. - . . Q. r. IWW,-. 'J' 315 , f71aiiTfZ'3'7' "r?"fj fefm1:::-aa, ' .--W 1i....E2.:'2?5i.f.fn-fa' 5-. if Zlnnihatll Hello folks, this is football Review speaking. Thought I was through for the year, didn't you? Not though. Well, folks, permit me to take you back a few weeks. Slant an eye over the schedule and the glorious results obtained by our football squad during the year 1927-1928. N. B. fNo Bologna.J September 16, Georges Township-Away Our first game. Man alive but wasn't it hot that day. Hot in every sense of the word. We won though, won fair and square so that fact cov- ered any misfortunes we may have suffered by the heat. We met an old friend of ours that day. Join me in a big Hurrah for Prof. Sheetz. Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! Sheetz! Sheetz! Sheetz! September 23, Connellsville-Away Ray for us. We did it. Did what? Ma goodness, Mandy Wake up. Beat Connellsville of course. Yes sa it sho were de big upset ob de year. We gonna win-but on ya way black boy. October 1, Scottdale-Away Oh, Stormy Weather. We froze up and the temperature 85 degrees. We would have Won if-but no, we're as good losers as we are winners so no alibies, if you please. 93 -'X 'I'm'W'AlHLn'W1 SF 5- 11' V um11Jf5"3l- 0 I' s- ---.- ., . ,f ' Q, .QQ-:EH-I' 'Hz--f . JGIQCFEIQ ' W ,qw-all vw--3 1. 3,5-1 aff 1 1:3 E1:L1!5g"gLQ'1'4iT?ff37?UH'al "I - rzffgl' 5 Wh!!! - T: 1. H :J5!if,Zm7L2-fa-9 m"-',!ffA- 3: 4"fw"f1zs:'vuiff. 1,1941 - . F:---ga. -. !.i,ui,fl: ig - 3,242 f,- ,V --'ff:fgEiZ - 9: fn ' --.T W Effie-I ii-iff-l'.H'-" W W- 33 October 15, Waynesburg-Away We sang going over and we sang coming home You know what I mean-as we journeyed to Waynesburg we exercised our vocal cords. We smiled going and. sh-do you know we were so vulgar as to laugh outright coming home. Does that explain the outcome. October 21, Redstone-Home Hey Mister, they went that way. What am I talking about, oh yes, football. You say your are surprised, no more than I am. Sorry folks but we did the best we could. We lost the game but not our fighting heart. We thank you. October 28, Dunbar-Away It closed 27-0 with us on the heavy end. Just goes to show a man may be down but not out. Apply that theory to a group and to every day life. You get the same answer. November 4, Point Marion-Home No Madam, do not think, please, that because it is rainy We will have another World War. You mean those boys down there on the field? They are playing football. My dear woman they-the ones always carry- ing the ball are G. T. H. S. boys. We hope to win 20-0 and the way things look we shall realize our hope. You're welcome I'm sure. November 11, Brownsville-Away h Oh, what a beautiful bird the frog are. Did I hear you say Browns- ville? Why we played football with them. You bet, 20 to 6. Nice boys too.. W1ShSd us good luck and congratulated us after the game. I like their spirit, don't you? November 18, North Union-Home - We 'are getting better as we grow older. I mean older in the ex- perience of football. 43-0 this stanza. My word, is that a speck of dust on my shoulder? November 23, South Union-Home 1 Well, come over to my house, but don't go near the water. Had chicken today, folks, 51-0. Better luck next year, South Union. November 24, Uniontown-Away The mud, oh the beautiful mud, as Joan of Arc was heard to whis- per to the trolley conductor. We didn't have chicken today dear people. Tasted more l1ke tough old bear. I think the services ended 19-0-you know who hadlthe 19. sh-for the benefit of the late comers, G. T. H. S. had the 19. Am't it a grand and glorious feeling? I won't pester you any longer folks, but I did want you to feel we had a wonderful season, victorious, financially, morally and most every way. We thank you all for every support you may have given us and as a closing remark may we remind you that we expect a red-hot, tip-top team next year. GLAD YOU ARE BACK OF US By-By. 94 -'I F ,,,,, ig , -., V, , ,. ' V .4g41,g:- rwbzf .,, '-f ' 435 " ,, .- 3. , rcs.-Ziff: A A . ryxfffff "'?"n"' .Q b . 1.1 fl: , L- 1- . -,:. ' 1 f f f51iv,"Z-'iQjfij,f- ggi," 1 gsm!! H N s, 1523 Siam 1 fm WU IW' 5: 3 w My "' - 'V " an -. . ., 4. ,- f -:, ..r,,m....-. 'fel " y ., :3i2'fii:5' 1' " 1334? fiwgi, Qi.: -' Frif "Lillian-i gf' 1 ff wi' Ff'f'3'f:f:cE'f14 ' -,, 73 ufvwu 'H maakvthall Among the Great American Winter Sports, basketball has taken the lead. Originated in 1892 by Dr. James Wainsmith of Springfield, Massa- chusetts. It has gradually developed until the game holds its place between iootball and baseball, and is being so well played that basketball is becom- ing as attractive as either of these sports. Basketball is a muscular exercise of a recreative type. which fills great need in modern life. It tends to develop the sound heart, a strong body, clearn mind, and high ideals of life. Through the wise leadership of teachers, coaches and directors these results are being accomplished in a large measure. Basketball makes its greatest appeal to the youth between twelve and twenty-five years. Scoring by one side and then the other brings out the keenest kind of competition. The game is played between two teams, both of which are deter- mined to win. Some teams and schools get the idea that to win is all there is to the game, and that defeat is a disgrace. Under such conditions teams are led to do anything to win. But these conditions are basketball at its Worst. Today we find players, teachers, students all working together to maintain clean play, self-respect and honor. 96 It i e if 1 ' ff f- W .- 2 g..l:Eif'Q' 'gwaf ,-. 'f f ' "Fil "' - -wue,,,"Tii5f WSJ' ., y.. x fevfee-:L-' " fs- J' iii- -.n:v:ss:ffzes1e' 111.-. - ..U',lll'IlI , 6151? . 'gf " P Hf', if - eiirliutff A le af ? alma! The game today is developing players who are to go out into the nation and iight the games of life clean and honorable. Players are taught an honorable Victory or none. Some one has said, that the basketball hall is the great laboratory where the early experiments are worked as to how to play the game and not lose. For when the greater scorer comes, To write against your name, He writes not that you won or lost, But how you played the game. German Township has had a fair season in basketball. Our boys won fifteen games and lost nine. We will lose Semsey, Haines, Smith Culleton and Magerko this year by graduation. Semsey was the high scorer, followed by Captain Smith, Haines, Rise. Owens. Fedlock and Lil- ley. Varsity Players Name Position Semsey fManagerj U ,,g---,------M, Forward Smith fCaptainJ ..... Forward Haines .-..,..-.. .... C enter Bise ..r... -1 ,,,-- --Guard Lilley --- ,w.,---, --Guard Subs Fedlock ...,. -,---- F orward Magerko .... Forward Donnely .... .... C enter Owens .... --Guard Culleton .... ,,,-,.,----,,------ - -Guard Wearers of the CGD Semsey, Smith, Haines, Bise, Lilley, Fedlock, Owens, Magerko, Don- nely, Culleton. Individual Scoring Name Goals Fouls Total Semsey 95 24 out 41 216 Smith 56 18 out 41 130 Halnes 28 11 out 23 74 B159 14 14 out 25 42 OWCHS 10 4 out 11 14 Fedlock 9 5 out 10 23 Lilley 4 10 out 19 18 Culleton 5 1 out 5 11 Mage1'k0 3 5 out 13 11 DOHIUGY 3 O out 3 6 German Townsh1p ...... ......11.. Opponents ............. 97 ----555 ----450 'lr NTU. qf,1 F: -Q.. .fl am: ur-5151551 0 .. . i .4"' ...f ."-my ' ' Q -4343. llilill 1' .l -"' ill' -"lg - ,,,,.wf--wi, 'sew 2 Ti? ,. .' i"'7?'7 'V .'ig'wa.,,,,g 12" 11.-:I ' -2- 5 an Y. A ---- ---, .rv -Y --e-QL' The season of 1928 was the most successful in the history of girl's basketball at German Township High School. Thirteen victories were reg- istered and only twice was the team on the short end of the scoreg once, in their first game where lack of practice and a too pronounced tendency to foul worked havoc with the aggregation, and again, as a result of very inclement weather they were not able to master their full strength at Re- public. A total of 433 points were amassed as opposed to 155 of their op- ponents. The center positions were ably filled by Captain Reckner and by Dobberstein, assisted by Miles, a senior, and Christopher. The team was especially well fortified with guards, having Perego, Titus, and Fetcho, all of whom will return next year. Hewitt, Rider,and Betty Sangston also filled in when necessary. The team work and goal shooting of the for- wards, Moore and Bogovich, were nothing short of remarkable. The lat- ter set a. mark for Fayette County girls to shoot at when she registered 150 field goals and 45 fouls from 80 freely thrown, a grand total of 345 points. Lilley and Virginia Sangston showed exceptional ability as forwards, and much will be expected of them next year. Although the team loses through graduation Captain Reckner, Moore, and Miles, their places will be ably filled by the players who remain, and everything points to another championship team next year. 98 , "" ., "" - "' .... . -1 ---' ' . get .. . 5 55671 .EJ-.1 f"f.f. ,.,,,,3fi, "':H1f'-- 5 l..'i. 'il'!l'.-::'3fE5f . -- - 1111511 , 'Qf1.'efL'5. 'f4f: ,- ' r Z ? if 1 , .iiL"F'33Efr' V -1 1909 Bemies, Carl Dearth, Marguerite CCampbellJ, Uniontown, Pa. Del Zingro, Nicholas, Dertoit,Michigan. Emery, Ella, Uniontown, Pa., 63 Kerr Street.g Emery, Katherine, Uniontown, Pa., 63 Kerr Street. McCombs, Jewell, McClellandtown, Pa. I Newcomer, Modest fWeisenberg.J 1 Newcomer, Odessa, Deceased. 1910 Christopher, Floy Uacksonb. Huhn, Josephus, Pittsburgh, Pa. McCracken, Benjamin, Fairmont, W. Va. McCracken, Thomas, Uniontown, Pa., R. F. Wynn. Molton, Harry, Uniontown, Pa., 212 Evans Street. Newcomer, Beryl, Uniontown, Pa. Riffle, Ira N., Masontown, Pa. Riffle, Nellie, fMcCrackenJ, 4th St., Fairmont, W. Seaton, Charles, Fredericktown, Pa. - Rush, Lillian, fMcCannJ, McClel1andtown, Pa. 1911 Coffman, Russell, fDeceasedl. Haines, Emilie QSowersJ, Masontwon, Pa. Hostetler, Pearl CMcGintyJ, Uniontown, Pa. Kirby, Vassie, Morgantown, W. Va. Newcomer, B. S., Jr., McClellandtown, Pa. Riffle, Helen fMcCrackenJ R. F. D., Wynn. Williams, Norbett, Carmichaels, Pa. Taylor, Charles, Coco, Florida. I 1912 3 Campbell, Gertrude, lLeydonJ, Texas. Campbell, Margaret, fGearingJ, Ronco, Pa. Franks, Minor, 411 S. McDonough St., Decatur, Pa. Grove, Carl, Ronco, Pa. Huston, Dell, Pittsburgh, Pa. Keener, Irving, Fayette City, Pa. Lloyd, Albert. Showman, Elgar, Pittsburgh, Pa. Wilson, Ifphmire, 216 Evans Street, Uniontown, Pa. 1913 Boyle, John, 301 lVIcKain Ave., Charleroi, Pa. Coffman, Mildred, fRankinJ, Uniontown, Pa. 99 ' JJ mfgvf vC'n ,11 Q f Maia?-it if-'E l 'arf-em A' """ A . .. f 7. S' ' N l - '5"4'?2"'11jV ,: " '-iwq, '11, , ., 1 4f:,..L, P1l"7ff,z ...l , .A ., 4ly.,.,:. 5. -.ggi-gr - ,H , I .--2 . . t- mio- V f f ""f'f"" fp ang. gx1Q'1g.::.'?E52:. -.N .-. ' ,. li ai eff ln 2 4' 311 r-Cui.. f'g.Q'2e- -:2 :" ' fi -" ' K A 'r f ' --fue -."---J- H, Aviv MA Aki! Dove, Etta QDoveJ, Virginia. Cree, Pavy, QDeceased.J Emery, Ida, 63 Kerr St., Unointown, Pa. Gray, Harry, Masontown, Pa. C ,' A ' Haines, Armour, Greensburg, Pa. McWilliams, Jesse, QGallatinJ, McClellandtown, Pa. Miller, Dawson, Smthton, Pa. Ross, Bernice QROckwellJ, Merrittstown, Pa. W eltner, Carolyn ,QFallonJ, McClellandtown, Pa. 1914 Barbariax, Charles QDeceasedJ. Christopher, Bryon, Masontown, Pa. Coffman, lrene, McClellandtown, Pa. Coldren, Nellie fStilwellJ, Masontown, Pa. j Emery, Glenn, 161 Dixon Boulevard, Unointown, Pa. Gadd, Joseph, Monessen, Pa. Gadd, Harold, Warren, Ohio. Gilmore, Gwendolyn, QBarnesJ, McClellandtoW11, Pa. Golemske, Mary, Uniontown, Pa. Golemske, Anna, Uniontown, Pa. , Kennison, Alice fGroveJ,, Ronco, Pa. Kendall, Carl, Waynesburg, Pa. McCracken, Gladys iProvanceJ, Marguerite, Pa. ' f Moser, Carrie QCreeJ, McClellandtown, Pa. Newcomer, Jacob, Uniontown, Pa. 5 Newcomer, Rebecca, Uniontown, Pa. Newcomer, Ward, California, Pa. Riffle, Blanch CKenda1lJ, Morgantown, W. Va.. Riffle, George, McClellandt0wn, Pa. B Shaw, Jennie QCoughenourJ, Grindstone, Pa.. Wilson, Chester, Uniontown, Pa. Zoldos, Andrew, Hibbs, Pa. 1915 Baer, Medroal fDietzJ, Washington, Pa. Blanc, Joseph, Lamberton, Pa. Brooks, Benjamin, Akron, Ohio. Christopher, Jennings, McClellandtown, Pa.. Dalzell, Clarence, Masontown, Pa. Hostetler, Wilda, Lamberton, Pa. Huhn, Harry, Masontown, Pa. Miller, Mary, Smithton, Pa. Ramsay, Paul, Uniontown, Pa. Rockwell, Mary QHuhnJ, Uledi, Pa. Simpson, Elizabeth, Greensburg, Pa. Thomas, Irl, West Virginia. Ward, Vera QDennisJ East Millsboro, Pa. Wilson, Zona, Uniontown, Pa. 100 T Tlli :asf ' Q -. .-... ,ummm 5:-3' -...mlm M 1 f' ,rgjgg .5 A V,.Tfj.,, I . In fp M, ,..5l,.1fgg,- :sea-.Mme . gag. 5 .57 me: --iglilffi-A'-' Eifgi ir ml' - Inav' swsff-2 L Ziff an -q A1 1 ,fy ' " ,,-, Lg Q' xml gfyfgf "1-. I ,. f , , A-v.. 1 at I , . ff -fe-1. A ,, .. , , ir, ,. l-Y - W L, f V I JG' rt l' Mirgr fb 1917 Baer, Corine CPattersonJ, Masontown, Pa. Bemies, Clifton, North Dakota. Dearth, SaraQ J, Pittsburgh, Pa. Gray, Sylvia, Uniontown, Pa. Hostetler, Emily fMorrisJ, McClellandtown, Pa. 4 Jankey, Eddie, Masontown, Pa. , Jeffries, Herman, New Salem, Pa. L i. ' Jankey, Marie, iWeimerJ, Grays Landing, Pa. Kelley, Harold, Uniontown, Pa, Kendall, Meryl, fWalkerJ, Martin, Pa. Kendall, Harry, Morgantown, Pa. , , Kennison, Loretta, McClellandtown, Pan ' McCracken, Mildred, Marguerite, Pa. McCombs, Hazel, fMorrisJ, McClellandtown, Pa. McWilliams, Pearl, fAcheJ, Carmichaels, Pa. j' Patterson, Charles, Masontown, Pa. Poundstone, Arnold, Uniontown, Pa., R. F. D. Shaw, Dora, fLoveJ, McClellandtown, Pa. Shaw, Ray, Conhuence, Pa. Ward, Frances, CRyanJ, Lamberton, Pa. Talbo,t, William, Masontown, Pa. Taylor, Mabel, Masontown, Pa. Vail, Elizabeth, McClellandtown, Pa. Yanchus, Albert, Masontown, Pa. 1918 Baer, Josephus, Masontown, Pa. Beal, Howard, New Salem, Pa. Brown, George, Masontown, Pa. Brown, Rachel, fAustinJ,, Edenborn, Pa. Carpenter, Meryl, QDiehlJ, Uniontown, Pa. Christopher, Charles, Pittsburgh, Pa. Duggan, Carolyn, fBrownJ, Masontown, Pa. Ellinger, Arvella, CChristopherJ, Pittsburgh, Pa. Ganoe, Ruth, CKuhnsJ. Footedale. Pa. Glenn, Marie, Masontown, Pa. Keener, Grace, Lamberton, Pa. Lackey, Clarence, New Geneva, Pa. McClelland, Robert, Greensboro, Pa. McCulla, Harold, Uniontown, Pa. McLead, Carrie, CGirardJ, Masontown, Pa. Matyus, Lucy, fCavalcanteJ, McClellandtown, Pa. Miller, Charles, Masontown, Pa. Murphy, Mary, McClellandtown, Pa. Raspi, Mary, CPetruchiJ, Puritan, Pa. Roycro-ft, Helen, fL,ewellenD, 16 Arbor St., Uniontown, Pa. Sabarski, Elizabeth, Pittsburgh, Pa. Salonic, Anna, Pittsburgh, Pa. Willard, Desse, CSmithJ, Brownsville, Pa. Taylor, Lois, Masontown, Pa. Weimer, Charles, CDeceasedJ. 101 If lfllm' -. aff L'!.F"1llL' . , v , i 4---' f Alwiirf-mfilisfi-f ,f. Pfam -L n ' N, - W 205,251 rw '-a.,j,v-'g-,532-L-J -iv: i1:i.,,4kgf:i'5, A ,Ms ' I ' '-f ----' 1? iw- -- "-' - har 1919 Blasotti, Egadie, Masontown, Pa. Blaney, Jeanette, fChristopherJ, Masontown, Pa. Cavalcante, Anthony, Uniontown, Pa. Collins, Catherine, Masontown, Pa. Davis, Edna, Masontown, Pa. Elizeus, Andrew, Cleveland, Ohio. Franks, John, Uledi, Pa. Franks, Hazel, McClellandtown, Pa. Franks, Antoinette, CVignoliJ, Leckrone, Pa. Fast, Ethel, Masontown, Pa. Guesman, Catherine, CDarralJ, Uniontown, Pa. Huhn, Nancy, fHonsakerJ, Masontown, Pa. Hostetler, Mae, McClellandtown, Pa. Gordon, Ralph, Gates, Pa. Keener, Fanny, Uniontown, Pa. Kermes, Dessie, fDeceasedJ. McCann, Ethel, McClellandtown, Pa. Marucky, Mary, Masontown, Pa. Matyus, William, McClellandtown, Pa. Mickey, Mary, fHonsakerJ, Masontown, Pa. Newcomer, J. L., Uniontown, Pa. Rider, O. W., Morgantown, Pa. Riffle, Herman, Smithfield, Pa. Quinette, Yvonne, Morgantown. W. Va. Rockwell, Elizabeth, Masontown, Pa. Sangston, J. P., Uniontown, Pa. Sangston, Jefferson, McClellandtown, Pa. Sangston, David. fDeceasedl. Sapper, Helen, Balsinger, Pa. Sharpnack, Lee, McClellandtown, Pa. Smith, Miller, Masontown, Pa. Smith, Nannie, Charleroi, Pa. Stofcheck, Andrew, Hibbs Pa. Walters, Lawrence, Smithfield, Pa.. Watkins, Mary, New Salem, Pa. Woodiill, Florence, fMcClarnanJ, Uniontown, Pa. Woodfill, Paul, Uniontown, Pa. Wright, Frank, Masontown, Pa. 1920 Blanc, Lewis, New Salem, Pa. Gray, Frances, Uledi, Pa. Huston, Paul, Lamberton, Pa. Kelley, Samuel, McClellandtown, Pa. Kendall, Robert, McClellandtown, Pa. Nicholson, Marie KFOXJ, Morgantown, W. a. Payton, James, Martin, Pa. ' Raveia, Mary, Masontown, Pa. Sandusky, Louise, Nev Geneva, Pa. 102 S- WHL 'if I E A , , 2 1 - :.:1-1a QI Lf, . .. " u ' "-ng .'4 W' anti n l W" f ' ' Q, .Zi 'E dlvb' U4 7 lui-l ' , 1 4 . -.- i W. --v 2: - 7. nw..- 1 v ,,',"I!tI. vm .f-. J West, Edythe QHagueJ, Masontown, Pa. Teliaferro, Thelma, West Virginia. Olenick, Elizabeth. 1921 rslasstti, Mario, Masontown, Pa. Butler, Herman, Mcfllellandtown, Pa. De Priest. Harry. Masontown. Pa. Flintosh, John, New Salem. Pa. Franks, Anna, Leckrone, Pa. Gault, Jessie CRiderJ, Uniontown, Pa. Hague, Mary, Ronco, Pa. Harnas, Irene, Jew Jersey. Hoover, Thomas, Uniontown, l'a. Kelley, Clara, McClellandtown, Pa. Lee, Clara Belle, Masontown, Pa. Mechling, Josephine, fKennisonJ, Monarch, Moser, Frank, Uniontown, Pa. Ramsay, Wade, Uniontown, Pa. Rider, Ruth, McClellandtown, Pa.. Riffle. Harry, Smithfield, Pa. Walelz, Eva, Masontown, Pa. Thompson, Richard, Pittsburgh, Pa. Crumrine, Audley, Deemston, Pa. 1922 Anderson, Thelma fMcMan1.'sJ, Lwlessmore, Pa Blaney, Elizabeth fHuhnJ, Messmore, Pa. Boyd, Paul, Leckrone. Butler, James, Detroit, Michigan. Edwards, Katherine, McClellandtown, Pa. Gribble, Cecil, Kelley Field, Texas Glenn, Joe, Grays Landing, Pa. Gray, Harry, Ronco, Pa. Hastings, Hallie, McClellandtown, Pa. Haines, Herbert, Masontown, Pa. Hoover, Marie, Uniontown, Pa. Lardin, Blanche, CWrightJ, Masontown, Pa. McGinty, Catherine, McClellandtown, Pa.. McGee, George, McClellandtown, Pa. McKenzie. Mary, McClellan.dtown, Pa. Rupert, Jack, Masontown, Pa. Roycroft, Sara., Uniontown, Pa. Sangston, Russell, Tuscon, Arizona Sharpnack, Mae, McClellandtown, Pa. Smell, Edna, McClellandtown, Pa. Stillwell, Maude, Masontown, Pa. A V, Smith, Oscar, Masontown, Paw? ' Secosky. Victorina, Ronco, Pa. Smith, Coffman, Masontown, Pa. Sterling, Estella, CHooverJ, Masontown, Pa Smell, Opal, McClellandtown, Pa. 103 r I 13 'lu nl-,"'f' i.. I iv ' ',,, ' 'V , jf!-I -'fi c.,. 'ak 4-Q. ram JF 642 .ei ' 53.5,m,nm 57:1 ' JLIIJI 1i3Q'f'i'i13fi3. A -'L-12-2 .' 'L : .f " 5151" " , .. . ..., "?w'!f"4zi " . .A " ,,.f1'!V - Ward Wilson West Viroiinia. West, Edward, Masontown, Pa. West, Phoebe, Masontown, Pa. Thomas, Elizabeth, Greensboro, Pa. Yaugher, Ewing, Masontown, Pa. Zimmerman, James, Elkins, W. Va. 1923 Antram, Charles, Hibbs, Pa. Britz, Samaria, Masontown, Pa. Brown, Mildred, Leckrone, Pa. Betchey, Joe, Martin, Pa. Blaney, Mae fWaltersJ, Masontown, Pa. Coldren, Mildred fYounkinJ, Masontown, Pa. Caretti, Ella, Jeannette. Pa, De Bolt, Edgar, Masfzntown Pa. Deffenbaugh, Alice Uefferiesj, New Salem, Pa. Fiat, Carolyn, McClellandtown, Pa. Gillen, Thomas, Detroit, Michigan. Hoover, Daniel, Uniontown, Pa. Honsaker. Edgar. Masontown. Pa. Hague, Charles, Masontown, Pa. Kuhns, Charles. Uniontown, Pa. Kramer, Mae, Waynesburg, Pa. Minor, Alice fAdamsJ, Boston, Mass. Payton. Pearl, Martin. Pa. Rider, Elizabeth, McClellandtown, Pa. Roycroft. Florence, Uniontown, Pa. Sapper, Marie, Uniontown, Pa. Stetts, Emma fSaVagej, Uniontown, Pa. Smith, Arthur, Uniontown, Pa. Sterling, Beulah, Masontown, Pa. Tate. Robert. McClellandtown, Pa. Turney, Margaret flngramj, East Pittsburgh, Pa. 1924 Ambrose, William, Leckrone, Pa. Bowman, Wilbur, Republic, Pa. Beal, Mildred, New Salem, Pa. Bryan, Herbert, Uniontown, Pa. Buell, Clifford, McKeesport, Pa. Christopher, Frank, McClellandtown, Pa. Cottage, Anna, Point Marion, Pa. Cayelli, Ferdinand, Masontown, Pa. Culleton, Margaret fRaceJ, Ronco, Pa. Crow, Margaret, McClellandtown, Pa. DeBo1t, Marie, Masontown, Pa. Deffenbaugh, Lloyd, Masontown, Pa. DePriest, Winifred, Masontown, Pa. Dean, Ruth, Masontown, Pa. Dean, Mayolla, Masontown, Pa. 104 FIDE -1 ' , H H- 12, ...Hz----...-ia., ,- A 'w1'r'!'!'w. -Q-':1:.:,1.' 5., . "' F393 I' .. ,l.,. ' 'G -5"f'jaw' .f XM!-Q "Mfg-?a!'H-share' 'fungi' "fig5fmu.1 -, .,- 'e f v fm.: D1 Dalzell, Wilella, Masontown, Pa. Duggan, Harry, Masontown, Pa. Enlow, Dora, McClellandtown, Pa. J Enlow, Mary CChristopherJ, McClellandtown, Pa. Fretts, Walter, Masontown, Pa. K Franks, Mildred, McClellandtown, Pa. Frost, Gladys, McClellandtown, Pa. Gray, Virginia, McClellandtown, Pa. Gault, James, Leckrone, Pa. Guseman, Arthur, McClellandtown, Pa. Grove, Nora, McClellandtown, Pa. Hall, Edna, McClellandtown, Pa. Harford, Carl, Messmore, Pa. Hackney, Robert, McClellandtown, Pa. Kelley, Patsy, Pittsburgh, Pa. Kendall, Laverna fFastj, Masontown, Pa. Rupert, Jennie, Masontown, Pa. Humphreys, Benjamin, Masontown, Pa. Lewellen, Alice, Masontown, Pa. Loucks, Eugenia, McClellandtown, Pa. McGee, Catherine, McClel1andtown, Pa. Marucchi, Henry, Masontown, Pa. Nicholson, Margaret fFrettsJ, Masontown, Pa. Ober, Gwendolyn Johnson, Margaret, Masontown, Pa. Powell, John, Hibbs, Pa. Johnson, Catherine, Masontown, Pa. Pericho, Steve Qide, Beatrice, Greensboro, Pa. South, Mary, Leckrone, Pa. Swift, Margaret, McClellandtown, Scarian, Joseph, McClellandtown, Pa. Stuyvesant, Hilda, Masontown, Pa. Tate, Jennie, Masontown, Pa. 1925 Angell, Victor, Uniontown, Pa, Bromberg, Helen, Washington, D. C, Brooks, Etta., Lambert, Pa, Brashear, Eleanor CRalst0nJ, McClellandtown, Pa. Brashear, Evelyn fCartwrightJ, New Salem, Pa. Pa. Cartwright, Daphne fMackeyl, McClellandtown, Pa. Carr, Herbert Connell, Robert, Masontown, Pa. Connell, Mabel, Grays Landing, Pa. Dean, Charles Hvidoz, Sophia, Leckrone, Pa. Honsaker, David, Masontown, Pa. Impossimato, Antoinette, Masontown, Pa. Jordan, Virginia, Gates, Pa. Kuhns, Robert, Uniontown, Pa. Ralston, John, Masontown, Pa. 105 ' 1-iqifggy 5511 1' - " ' 1 .... 'V -.l::iIrr.SV IEW' 5? iv yllll " ' L "fu " J 55,44 iumznm i C- 1' fi A gum. .4 ma-, 33 'fi . '.' ,ii -if--s 'Y3'1ar'f"-Lillie' I'-"sk i ., 4f?7'.:g- , an :ag-hi, I' J-4-'M J' 5.31. -ruin:-',m1,i,.' 4 fl - IUIIEIIJ 5, Q- -1 Pa fi -1- lv-":?Sfg:.s-'-1-gs 'fun' r ' aq'5 ,.g,'l ,, ,5'ilf5x,'.','f" ,AY Ross, Bernice, Greensboro, Pa. Lease, June, New Salem, Pa. Lardin, Jane, Masontown, Pa. Miller, Sarah, Point Marion, Pa. Mickey, George, McClellandtown, Pa. Moore, Nola, McClellandtown, Pa. Merck, Elsie, Morgantown, W. Va. Owens, Iola fMul1enJ, Masontown, Pa. Weller, Mary, McClellandtown, Pa. Wright, Lloyd, Masontown, Pa. Watkins, Margaret CDavisJ, Masontown, Woods, Agnes, Masontown, Pa. Wilson, Edna, Masontown, Pa. Whissen, La France, Messmore, Pa. Smell, Glenn, McClellandtoWn, Pa. Shank, William, Mt. Sterling, Pa. Stillwell, Gerald, Masontown, Pa. Stout, Ralph. Smithfield, Pa. Stuyvesant, Edith, Masontown, Pa. Shank, Lyda, Masontown, Pa. 1926 Antram, Mildred, Hibbs, Pa. Angry, Idella, McClellandtown, Pa. Baer, Marguerite, Masontown, Pa. Blanc, William, Lambert, Pa. Beal, Orville Boyd, Thomas, Waynesburg, Pa. Bryan, Fred, Uniontown, Pa. Buell, Clayton, McKeesport, Pa. Caruso, Anthony, Waynesburg, Pa. Christopher, Leona, McClellandtown, Pa Connell, Mary, Masontown, Pa. DePriest, Frances, Masontown, Pa. Demaske, Frank, Smithlield, Pa. Durr, Arthur, Masontown, Pa. Eberhart, Guy, New Geneva, Pa. Franks, Andy, Masontown, Pa. Fretts, Ruth, Masontown, Pa. Gilmore, Margaret, McClellandtown, Pa. Glowatsky, Edward, Detroit, Michigan Harto, Julia Honsaker, Glenn, Masontown, Pa. Howard, Charles, Masontown, Pa. Huhn, Elizabeth CWilliamsJy, Masontown, Pa. Johnson, Alberta, Masontown, Pa. Johnson, Arthur, Masontown, Pa. Johnson, Elizabeth, Masontown, Pa. Johnson, Gladys, Masontown, Pa. Johnson, Loretta, Ronco, Pa. Keener, Henrietta, McClellandtown, Pa. Kondzer, Elizabeth 106 1' , ,,, , f ., , H' ug. In ' ,, ' -avg: 5, -J--ffawmnlw-R-' :Q . , rx! -Ji M. -' 'Ja' iLmm:Qws,'!lIiH'fE'?4 . " Tiff "K'W?5:!1 '--'5e.'ff-Lei,-941' , E-:me 4 -.J5x"'.""' ,V W IE ,uri " ,- , l ,l...,,,,e- . , , Russell, Helen, Ronco, Pa. Lee, Sarah, Masontown, Pa. Lilley, Elizabeth, McClellandtown, Pa. Loucks, Gwendolyn, McClellandtown, Pa. McGinnis, Clarence, McClellandtown, Pa. McKenna, Gertrude, Uniontown, Pa. McWilliams, Mildred, Ronco, Pa. McMaster, Eleanor, Masontown, Pa. Maust, Charles, McClellandtown, Pa. Mhley, Gabriel, New Salem, Pa. Moser, Raymond, McClellandtown, Pa. Mixey, Margaret Murray, Arthelia, Masontown, Pa. Magalotti, Edith, Masontown, Pa. Nicholson, Gladys, McClellandtown, Pa. Oberleitner, Martha, Masontown, Pa. Owens, Loretta, Hibbs, Pa. Provance, Neva Sapper, Ewing, Uniontown, Pa. Smith, Frank, Masontown, Pa. Sterling, Josephine, Masontown, Pa. Smith, Catherine, Masontown, Pa. Stevenson, Robert, New Geneva, Pa. Sullenberger, Clara, Masontown, Pa. Townsend, Evelyn fLogstonJ, Masontown, Pa. Tracey, Margaret CSwiftJ, McClellandtown, Pa. Voit, Hamilene. Williams, Raymond, New Geneva, Pa. Whitacre, Jesse, Elizabethtown, Pa. Wright, Russell, McClellandtown, Pa. Yanchus, Lawrence, Masontown, Pa. Yanchus, Mary, Masontown, Pa. 1927 Antram, Bertha, Hibbs, Pa. Avery, Wilson, Masontown, Pa. Ambrose, Robert, Leckrone, Pa. Bryan, Jennie, Masontown, Pa. Bradigan, Frances, Masontown, Pa. Bush, Mollie, Masontown, Pa. DeBolt, Harlan, Masontown, Pa. Darrall, Harriet, Masontown, Pa. Donatelli, Mary, Masontown, Pa. DeMarchi, Josephine, Masontown, Pa. Eostein, Sara, Masontown, Pa. Ellinqer, Sylvia, McClellandtown, Pa. Ewart, Corrine. McClellandtown, Pa. Eddy, Herschell, Greensboro, Pa. Fabbri, Louis, Masontown, Pa. Frasconi, Araetti, Leckrone, Pa. Fornera, Stella CCookJ, Masontown, Pa. Fast, James, J., New Geneva, Pa. 107 IIIIIIUL . Qin, 'fs-11 ....., .-:ff 4-iglk1nLf,ga,,,,-L-,,, L ' 3 ., H - , 1 J N f If l - m Q, ,g-I-12-fu! ff' iw 1 Mali, , .v 'n ' 1 745613553 I-we-1:,., - 5111, fy f m-K V .,,' ,P ,, Hanuschock, John, Palmer, Pa. Howard, Le-Roy, Masontown, Pa. Hanna, John, Masontown, Pa. Honsaker, Myra, Masontown, Pa. Cerri, Libero, Leckrone, Pa. Cox, Lillian, Smithfield, Pa. Cayelli, Charles, Masontown, Pa. Cavalcante, Alfred, McClellandtown, Pa. Jurist, Joseph, McClellandtown. Pa. Janoff. Israel. Masontown. Pa. Jenkins, Edna, Leckrone, Pa. Johnson, Sara, Masontown, Pa. Jamison, William, Greensboro, Pa. Rowand, Glenn, Palmer, Pa, Rankin, Nettie, Masontown, Pa. Raveia, Daniel, Masontown, Pa.. Laick. Francis. Palmer, Pa. Leckey, Arthur, Smithfield, Pa. Lilley, Martha, McClellandtown, Pa. McGinty, Joseph, McClellandtown, Pa. Kendall, Thelma, Mcfllellandtown, Pa. Keffer, William R., Palmer, Pa. Ketchel, Stephen, Masontown, Pa. Kikta, Elizabeth, Masontown, Pa. Natale, Marie, New Salem, Pa. Provance, George, McClellandtown, Pa. Panicucci, Nora, Leckrone, Pa.. Powell, William, Hibbs, Pa. Pinsker, Nathaniel, Masontown, Pa. Solomon, James, Masontown, Pa. Sterling, William, Masontown, Pa. Slagle, Mildred, Ronco, Pa. Secosky, Gertrude, Ronco, Pa. Shubert, Anthony, Edenborn, Pa. Smell, John J., Hibbs, Pa. Shoaf, Bertha, Smithfield, Pa. Sterling, Mabel, Masontown, Pa. Stevenson, Evelyn, New Geneva, Pa. Sosin, Ollie, Masontown, Pa, Savanick, Joseph, New Salem, Pa. Valerio, Silvio, New Salem, Pa. Valko, Joe, Edenborn, Pa. VVils0n, Mabel, Masontown, Pa. Yablonsky, Helen, McClellandtown, Pa. 108 'fff-rf uewwfkw X , 5 F Q., 7 fglvffxwy ' 'ir' 9: 9 5' A- ? 'Big IN MASONTOWN lt's the MASONTONVN NATIONAL BANK you Want wlieii you want servive that Counts. VVG welconle an lqiportuiiity to serve you. ' The Masoniown afional Ban Uoruer Main and Church Streets MASONTOWN, PA. '23 W. L. Graham, President E. Russell Ingraham, Vice-Pres. W. Orin Johnson, Cashier Joseph Rafael, Mgr, Foreign Dept. 02-3 Capital 5B100,000.00 Surplus S150,000.00 .V Y DIRECTORS W. L. Graham ' E. S. Graham E. Russell lngraham . Stephen E. Peters . W. Orin Johnson MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM First of All Depend- ability . Wi: have Quality Furniture Jefferles at Quality Prices Chevrolet C00 We Offer You Low Prices -Every Day- SALES and SERVICE A visit to our store will be appreciated and there is no obligation to buy. , . Ph 41 . Sample--Smith . one Furniture Co. 90 West Main st. NEW SALEM - - PA- UN ION TOWN, - PA. Sempsey: Smith, will you quit Hying your airplane through my air or will I have to install a vacuum over my front lawn. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF '28 or THE GERMAN TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL And may their years of devoted study and the excellent tuition they have received fit them for a successful career in whatever line of work they choose to follow. Rosenbaum Bros. UNIONTOWN'S BEST STORE A. E. NEWMAN Auto Supplies and Sporting Goods Service and Quality, Exide Batteries, General Cord Tires. Goes a long ways to make Friends. Bell 9029 MCCLELLANDTOWN, PA. W Hatfield 8: Hook Uniontown iioi-.. New Spring Coats, Dresses and Mllllnery. 'W I Want a job for my son. Where is he? He, forgot his references Rightol I'l1 take him. all Went home for them. Frank J. Connell DRUGGIST Parker Fountain Pens Waterman Fountain Pens Eversharp Pencils Eastman Kodaks MASONTOWN, - PA. Coffman Motor Co. Ford Products We repair all makes of Cars. Bell 16 NEW SALEM - - PA HOWARD and LEWELLEN Dodge Bros. Motor Cars Graham Bros. Trucks Phone 155 MASONTOWN, PA. GEORGE McLEOD Real Estate and Insurance 110 S. Main Street Bell Phone 1,66 MASONTOWN, - PA. Ike: Mary's beau is a pretty nice fellow, isn't he? Mike: He is as bad as he thinks she thinks he is. Fiore Brothers Tailors and Clothiers, Cleaning, Pressing and Remodeling Phone 71-R 101. S. Main Street MASON TOWN, - PA. M. A. YANCHUS The Leading Store for Drygoods and No- tions, Dress Furnish- ings and Shoes. Agents for Butterick Patterns Phone 29. 12 S. Main St. MASONTOWN, - PA. THE OUTLET DEPT. STORE 202-206 Main Street MASONTOWN, - PA. Giard 8: Blasotti "The One Price Men,s Shop" Society Brand Clothes Bostonian Shoes Shoble and Stylepark Hats Munsingwear, Emery Shirts MASONTOWN, - PA. C. W.-Is there any art in Kissingi? J. P.-The only art is art thou wilhng? The Masontown Pharmacy Inc. Everything in Drugs Main Street, MASONTOWN, - PA Union Hardware Store Theo. I. Pinsker, Prop. Opp. LeRoy Hotel MASON TOWN, - PA. A Square Deal to All HARDWARE HOUSE FURNISHINGS WOODENWARE STOVES, PAINTS, CUTLERY, ALUMINUM WARE, The Most Complete Hard- ware Store. THC LCGGCF SILQIAQ BENJAMIN H. FRIEDMAN, Prop. Masontown, Pa. Magician: A commuter rushed into a grocery store and exclaimed, "Quick"! Give me a bag of flour, half dozen eggs, a pound of butter and a bottle of milk. I Want to make a train." OUR MOTTO SERVICE On the Foundation of Service We Have Built the Largest Sporting Goods Business in FAYETTE COUNTY Equipment Seventy-five Per Cent of the Schools Our New and Larger Quarters A. W. DIC' E UNIONTOWN, ------ PENNA. JULIUS LEVY yy UNIONTOWN'S ONE PRICE Diam0l1dS, Watches, CLOTHING STORE Jewelry Gifts that last for the -- Grglgtes UNIONTOWN, - - PA BEN L. HUNT JEWELER Est. 1858. UNIONTOWN, PA. Titus CBio10gy Classb: Why do fireiiies have fire in their stomachs? Wayne McCann: Oh they eat their food raw and that's how they cook it. mbn cyuppfy Company Fayette County's Leading Florists f m 1 ff.. fi , 1' 1 Stenson, McGrail 8z White UN IONTOWN, - - PA. Union Trust Co. of Uniontown Capital S200,000 Surplus S175,000 Main and Gallatin Ave. UNIONTOWN, - - PA. Mr. Shaner: Do you take your troubles to bed with you? Mr. Matson: Why y-y-yes I sleep with my Wife of COUFSC. Home of Hart, Schafner 8z Marx L. L. 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MASONTOWN, ----- pmii ' mai 'ii 1 g I I llg EZ.-Fssss.. 5 Shim ffl " H 59 9 9951 F.:-H ---- Uutlntifelflrmw .,1-gunna-.-ai. :qi gm Y air.:-41 U Congratulations HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES As you go forth into the world to make good your dreams of success you have our heartiest good wishes. Assure your prosperity With a growing bank account here. fOJ lv Fayeiie Tiile C9 Trust' Co. The First fational Bank MASONTOWN, PA. .?.-01.1 Member Federal Reserve System .l..0...T. SUREST ROAD TO FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE Do not get side-tracked into the byway of extravagance. Remember that the surest road to iinancial independence is by the way of saving. Speculation may offer alluring promises-but the wise man knows by experience that it always pays to travel safely and invest securely. Your account is invited. 4? Interest Paid on Savings Accounts. Capital ------- S100,000.00 Surplus Xu Undivided Profits Over S235,000.00 .107- OFFICERS R. B. Hays, President Joseph G. Cover, V. President Chas. H. 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Suggestions in the German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) collection:

German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


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