German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA)

 - Class of 1927

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German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1927 Edition, Cover

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'sfpvffw 4 I "af, 1 ! J H 4 ' v . g 1 l ...H Eff- ' ,FSH ,J-r I ' 4 -I ' i is ja 5 5 5 5 E E ,. 17 5 3. an Z 3 E 5 5 3 5 5 2 , ,, ,, . . Y W.. ,,,,... . , , ,, , , ,Q -I- fl . ,, ,4 LI 4- , Xun X I 3 e f N, , ,' 'g:6a?:1if7.-1 V f--""'1 1917 Published by The Cla ss o 1918 geffzyafzfibvliksbjv 9555216001 MQ CLELLANDTQWN 1359. ' 'Q J l,. 'rr-ne mun H E01-H fv 1? i .4 45 'ws-0 fbslga Wfaaaw 1, Ns Y' ETSI: tx' if I 2 Jf .1 319154, X 4 L2 f x N AMX Contents FOREWORD DEDICATION HIGH SCHOOL SONG ADMINISTRATION FACULTY SCHOOL DIRECTORY CLASSES SENIOR JUNIOR SOPHOMORE FRESHMEN COMMERCIAL REVIEW ACTIVITIES STAFFS CLUBS ORCHESTRA PLAYS DIARY ATHLETICS FOOTBALL BASKETBALL TRACK GRADUATES ADS I I 1 2 05. . 'x T 1 iv? f 1' 1" X - , xx 1 .ff , , f , ,,. -. -ef aff. f t fe -L, we- a,4e!!frs 1 ' THE moe eoun , R -Q AMX F OREW ORD To you Gentle Readers. We offer this epitome of the life of G. T. H. S- Should these pages help to link the past to the Dresent with memories golden chain, or serve to brighten the future with our resplendent ray, We shall feel content since to this end have our efforts been directed. THE STAFF OF 1927. 3 THE mu I : E61-A 'qfriz-xmilk 5 as-la . vlvsaff' 'y ', !' 'E --f1' f"f3!!1.f-fx" .. N ig?-as .4 ' WNY 14 ' LA THE LAUR my , 0:- 11-. 54. V A? if f f 4:12 ' -45" ,f , -' K N UINX V5 f-' HIGH SGHDOL SONG: gn.-Tacagdiiaflgfetz I I 3 I jusic bg Wm. J' Post 1 5 E i I f - f x ' - 1. The school we love the best, is G-er man Tovm ship H1ghf"' 2. pm.1s-- es we vu.L1 sing, Oh! L1 ma Ma ter dear mza 1522 I Q flsfsqfgsa And. far a bove me rest, hen flag shall Bl ways fly . Our songs and cheers shall ring, for you rrom year bo year. : g ' - LL, W 'F 'f 'r N1 ' -r -1 1 . E U F i f 1 5 3 'F 5 E We 'll guard her em blem well , that none may float l head. The les sons we have learned in life shall D8 our guide , - I l l' w-Q J -1 f -1 F 1-f-j '1 QE -r-f 4: -1 ? E 1 M wmfansf sfif Q95 And may we All, an du ty's call turn back Iihh pride 1 Ewrj -f f1H1?:fi.EE C, :5:H,PJfs:.u5g44g55g,Br iiissfisffififsgffv Q,,if4rSfQ1si3fE:is,srs:41I sm sfHfi?sf1F fsseFesfl2+ Copyright, 1910, by WJ. J. POSL Bhprintad by permisslfah ot Ellubehh K. POBL 4 6 msn scuooz. some G""T'NU5U A f L55i HJ'E9JT:SQ2H f1'5S'WWFe54"Ff5fQE IL T M 3 A . wif 1151 QD i S11 E ggi Er wif Id, g 1 m gl QQ E in gb mi i Ee EQEEQFFJP Q j agp W W M 2 M I ZW? 111 1 m1QfEH1QJ' idbefffw Ewmiwie E aj M Foug ir Q E T0 5hiP gg JE Music used by permission of Elizabeth K. POST.. 'rr-as mon EO'-H N w s '.f qgpf 1' 1 I sg. . N - - ,, - ' '. 2 . ,, f ,, ,,,, 1 '4 Aff' - f.,Q-fu-3 -L , QI. v1.1.1 V1 mln Q. 5 w.- I ... 1- gl b , - fa- f f , -:-j,- A MX HD CQINI-STRHTION 9 1 l M give ' '-Ev , ,Yu ' '9m7'ii5z.., Vi an Nftlwln-,1'3l11' W My gqggaz, , z 44: 4 1 .J I '- "X-Wan, -v My ,, was-:gf aafszzssxwas' z NF' W1'Vfu"iif g-2i1if?'la'5'11l"7f f IQ '49, sfifrqr W 'I iff X1 df gjvjifyt ' MMM! 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B. 1901-03 1902-03 1903-05 1909 1916 1909-27 Chemistry Taught Silver Hill School Millersville Normal School Principal Muddy C r e e k Schools Franklin and M a r s h all CGrad.J John Hopkins University CPost Grad. Workj Principal G. T. H. S. ELIZABETH VAIL, A. B. 3 1913-17 1917-21 1921-22 1922-24 1924-27 H. 1911-15 1915-19 1919-23 1923-27 9 English Graduate of G- T. H. S. Waynesburg College CGrad- uatej Taught South Brownsville High School Taught German Township Graded School G. T. H. S. D. WHEELER, B. Sc. Cambridge, Ohio H i g h School Ohio State University Taught Sircleville, O., H. S. G. T. H. S. JAMES D. SHANER, B. Sc. Physics and Biology 1916-20 Westminister College 1921-22 Taught Westernport, Md., High School 1922-24-Bangor, Pa., High School 1924-27 G. T. H. S. 1909 1915 1909-12 1915-17 1918 1921-27 LLOYD MATSON, B .Sc. English North Union Twp. H. S. Ohio Northern University Taught N. Union Twp. Schools Taught S. Union Twp. Schools Taught Menallen Twp. Schools G. T. H. S. GOLDIE STEWART Department of Household 'Arts and Domestic Arts 1918 1920 1921-27 1910-13 1919-21 1921-22 1906-10 1921-27 1921-23 1926 . 1926-27 1909-10 1910-13 1913-16 1916-18 1918-19 1919-18 1923-25 1925-27 Graduate of Chicago Technical School CSummerJ University of Pittsburgh G. T. H. S. SAMUEL W. SHUSS Manual Training Millersville State Normal University of Pittsburgh Carnegie Tech Taught Public Schools in Penna. Taught for three years in North Dakota Instructor at Gievres, France G. T. H. S. Schools ALMA EVANS, A. B. French Taught Harrisville High School West Virginia University G. T. H. S. THURMAN L. TITUS, B. Sc. History and Science California School, Greene County School German Township School Menallen Township Normal School, Taught Public Taught Public Taught Public Clerk in store Taught Public Waynesburg College G. T. H. S. School German Township 10 1918-19 1919-20 1920-24 1920 1924-27 1926 1926-27 1926 1926-27 1926 1926-27 1926 1927 1925 CLARENCE G. ENTERLINE Commercial Principal Taught Ungraded School fDauphin Countyj South Brownsville High School North Union Township High School CSummer7 Palmer Business School, Philadelphia G. T. H. S. RUTH HARFORD, A. B. Vocational Civics Greenville College, Greenville, Ill. G. T. H. S. EDWARD FESSLER, B. C. S. Commercial Subjects Rider College, Trenton, N. J. St. Bernard School-Substitute Teacher G. T. H. S. BERYL B. BAKER, A. B. Mathematics University of Pittsburgh G. T. H. S. CALVIN FLEMING, B. A. Mathematics Wooster College G. T. H. S. ANNA HICKS Domestic Science Hood College 1926-27 G. T. H. S. 11 J. J- MCCANN ELIZABETH J. RIDER Janitor Office Clerk ., D1RECToRY President ....... .... F rank M. Lardin. 11 Court St.. Uniontown, Pa. Vice President .... ....................... E . R. Bliss, Adah, Pa. Secretary .-.... .... D r. J. Holmes Sangston, McClellandtown, Pa.. Treasurer ....... ........ B . S. Newcomer, McClellandtown, Pa. W. J. Culleton ..... .........-..-...,...... , .... R onco, Pa.- John Schiffbauer .... .... E denborn, Pa. fMcClellandtownJ John M. Crow ........... ...,........ M cClellandtown, Pa. District Superintendent .... .... .,.,,., - ......... I . N. Biffle Clerk to Board .......,., ,.,.-,,--,,,--...,,....-...., D . J. Morris Medical Inspector ....... ..... D r. D. I-I. Sangston, McClellandtown Penmanship Supervisor .... ......... P . O. Peterson, Grennsburg, H12 , Pa. Pa.. T HE Lfxucz e cf cl A A a , , . ' , Q 421, Q, , ,. -,'f J' ,.g9 f -5 A- , fx 4 , S W AX TEACHERS HIGH SCHOOL J. B- Sheetz, Principal ..,.n...,.-....u...M-. .M.. lv IcClellandtoW11 Pa James D, Shaner, Vice Principal-U .H.,-. - .... McC1ellandt0WI1 Pa Lloyd Matson .w,.,,...H-- - ,--.,---,,w--,- ---McClellandtoWn, Pa Literature Howard D. Wheeler .... --- .....,e .... lv IcClellandtown, Pa Latin Clarence Enterline .... .r........... , , .... McClellandtown, Pa Bookkeeping Samuel W. Shuss ..., .Y,...,,,.---F-,,,,,,, .--. B f IcClellandtown, Pa Manual Training Elizabeth Vail--- -.,,. --U Hi,,,,, McClellandtown, Pa English Beryl Baker--- .--. - --.r,,,,,,i, ---Tarentum, Pa Geometry T. L. Titus .... .r-..-,,,h,R - ,- ni-.. Carmichaels, Pa History Goldie Stewart ..... ,-,..,,,,,,,- ,.,-. C a .r1nichaels, Pa Sewing Anna E. Hicks ..... ....--...--...ii- .... F a irchance, Pa Cooking Ruth Harford ,.., -,,-,--x-----,-,i ,i., U n iontown, Pa Vocat. Civics Alma Evans--- --------------- ---- U niontown, Pa ' French ' Edward Fessler ---- -------------- M cClellandtown, Pa Shorthand Calvin Flemming ---- ------------- ----- W e st Newton, Pa Algebra McCLELLANDTOWN-No. 2 1 Nelle Jamison ------------------------ ------- M cClellandtown, Pa 2 Eugenia Loucks ---- ----- ' ------Larnloerton, Pa 3 Ruth Newcomer ---- --------- M cClellandtown, Pa 4 Gladys Nicholson ----- - ----- Smithfield, Pa., R. F. D 5 Mae Sharpnack ---- ------------ M cClellandtown, Pa 6 Florence Woodfill --------- ----10 Rist Street, Uniontown, Pa 7 Pearl Ache ------------------- ---- ----- - , ---- lV IcCllellandtown, Pa Principal, Frank Hamilton ---------- -, ------- Lamberton, ,Pa G13 T HE LAUR E o L A X - --'f' " . , r - f ' ffeaf f -4 ' X. 4 I XX LOWER LAMBERT--N0 3 .,. 1 Jean McKay .................. 31 S. Mt. Vernon Ave., Uniontown 2 Mildred Franks ...... ..-............... M cClellandtown, 3 Mary Louise Weller .... .... M cClella.ndtown, 5 Grace Pender .......... ......... C alifornia, Nola Moore ............. .... M cCl'ellandtown, 6 A. E. Hoist-Principal ............... ................. A dah, UPPER LAMBI-IRT-No. 4 1 Estella Carroll ....................... - r......... Charleroi, it Opal Smell -...... .........-... .... M c Clellandtown, 2 Mae Hostetler ................... .... M cCl'ellandtowln, 3 Hazel Franks ............--..,..... .... M cClellandtown, 4 Benjamin Humphries-Principal .......-............ Masontown, DEARTHTOWN OR RALPH-No 5 Theresa King .......-......-...-...............-..... Everson 1 Mayolla Dean ..... ..... N ew Salem, 2 Ruth Harbaugh .... ...-................ N ew Salem, 3 Mildred Antram ......... ........................... H ibbs, 4 Iola Owens ............................................ Hibbs, 5 Margaret McMullen ......,,,...- 96 E. Church Street, Uniontown 6 Thomas Gault-Principal .................... Scottdale, Pa., R. F D FOOTEDALE-No. 6 1 Florence Roycroft--- 2A Gwendolyn Barnes .... BA Sara Hutichson--- 3B Cora VanKirk .... 4 Elizabeth Lilley .... Sylvia Sulliva.n--- Hallie Hastings ---- Elizabeth Jeffries-H Sue Morgan ----------- 5 6 7 8 214 2B Loretta Harvey ----- McClellandtown - -------Filbert McClellandtown, -McClellandtown ----367 E. Crawford Ave., Connellsvill-el, McClellandtown. New Salem' ----5203 Kelyswne st., Pittsburgh, Fred Bryan ------------- ------------------------ U ledi, V. C. Hess-Principal ---------------------- Brownsville, Pa., R. F D MESSMORE--No. 76 1 Elizabeth Harford ---------------- ----- -------- M e ssmore, Pa 2 Nora Grove -------- --- ---- McClella+ndtown, Pa 14 - - - -New Salem, McClellandtown, ! 5 THE mu o L A -P we A -1-.rff'Z' .44 - '-ef'1q'm 5' x U nxX 3 Alice Coffman ...................,.... McC1e11andtown, Pa., R. F D 'i O. H. Hostetler-Principal ..... .....-..... M cClellandtoWn Pa 4 Fred Bryan ...............,.....-,...,................ -Uledi, Pa CORE-No. 8 1 Mary Franks----. ....... .............. M cClellandtoWn, P 2 Milton Carson ..... .....,. ..... M c Clellandtown, Pa., R. F D ROSS-No. 9 1 Anna G. McWilliarns ............-,,...... .... M cClellandtoWn LECKRONE-No. 10 1 Pearle Payton ..... ..................-.. ........ M a rtin, 2 Mary Nosker .... .... M asontown, 3 Sarah Lee ........ .... M asontown 4 Mildred Coldren ....- ...... M asontown 5 Ruth Rider ....... .... M cCle1landtoWn, 6 Marguerite Swift ,...- ....... L eckrone, 7 Catherine McGinty ....... ..., M cClellandtoWn, Harry B. Riffle-Principal .........,,....,.,. ....... S mihtfield, BESSEMER-No. 11 Lenora Woodfill ........................ 11 Rist St., Uniontown, Eleanor MacMaster ..... ............ M asontown, Frances DePriest ..... ........... ll lasontown, Liberty Britz ....... Wilella Dalzell ............... Cecilia Bathels ................ - - - -Masontown, - - --Masontown, - - --Masontown, - - --Masontown, 1 2 3 4 Elizabeth Mechein .... 5 6 7 8 George E. Morris-Principal ...,........... 1B Mary Murphy--- 1A Mary Moser ---- 1C Bessie Childs ---- 2B Edna Hall ----- ZA 3B Ethel McCann ----- EDENBORN-N 0. 12 Mary Gilland -------- 3A Margaret Yauger ---- 4B Dora Enlow ------- 4A Edna Smell ------ 15 - - - -Masontown, McClellandtoWn, -- ----New Salem - - - -Uniontown, --- ----Edenborn, McClellandtoWn, - - --McC1ellandtoWn, - -- -McClellandtoWn, - - - - -McClellandtoWn, McClellandtoWn, THE LAUR eoue . 4 5' ,ffl-s K: V 'rss . ..:s..11X1'5i lf, 2. -T. - X, V ,Q --1 by-M'z'3 waging ,gs Z' .6 ' ,-,A w s gil 1 S A :NX Carrie Cree ........... --- -- - ..... McClel1andtown, Pa. Marie McGee Raffle ..MM ..... M oClellandtown, Pa. Leona Christopher .... ....... M cClellandtown, Pa. Elizabeth Cassidy ,.R,- -..,.,,M...... N ew Salem, Pa- Anna Cassidy ...... ..... C onnellsville, Pa., R. F. D. Margaret Crago .... ......... R ices Landing, Pa. Caroline Brown ........ ......... M asontown, Pa. Pearl Barber .-.......... ..... M cClellandtown, PaQ C. P. Kendall-Principal .s.. Mary Martin ...... Gladys Mount ..a.. Leone Swoggeru- Ruth Gildroy .... PALMER-No. 13 - - -McClellandtown, Pa. ----134 Bertha Street, Donora, Pa. ----12 West Place, Uniontown, Pa. ----1318 Fayette St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Dunbar, Pa. Bertha Ruble ................. L..........-......... G ans, Pa- Margaret Esken Butterrnore ..... .... F ayette City, Pa. Irene Braddock ............,,. ..... W est Finley, Pa. Mary Hardgrolvel -,--------,- ,,.. F airchance, Pa. Helen Benke ....,...a,..,.- ...... L eisenring, Pa. Guy Eberhart ................ .... N ew Geneva, Pa. Leslie Sharpnack-Principal ..... GATES-No. 14 Marguerite Ewing .... ......... - -.-- Marguerite Baer- Virginia Jordan ........ Martha Oberleitner ..... Arthelia Murray- Sarnera Frizts--- Walter Fretts .....-......,. D. D. McClelland-Principal .... Eleanor Ralston .... Elizabeth Johnston- - - R0NC0-N0- 15 Margaret Eberhart ...... Victoria Secosky .....-- Elizabeth Huhn Williams .... --- 16 - - - -Carrnichaels, Pa. ----S1nithfield, Pa. - - - -Masontown aP. -------Adah, ,Pa. - -- -Masontown, Pa. -Masontown, Pa. - -1- - -Leckrone, Pa. - - -Masontown, Pa. ----1----Ronco, Pa New Geneva, Pa. L Ronco, Pa. ---Ronco, Pa. 'ru-we mum if ohn afw ,qv . , wv' -5 ki' .. Lhkt "sb .?:E11t"i' . . 4 f , -" W-..f--'- - .f -3,efff '4g1f-: cfs -A . A N -4 D-be ! 4' -Sf' ' A QNX Lloyd Deffenloaugh ..... ---.- ................ Masontown, Pa. Helen Beiloler .............. -... 5 19 Curtin Street, Harrisburg, Pa. D. A. Huhn-Principal ................................. Ronco, Pa. MT. STERLING-No. 16 Laura Harford ....................,........ ..... S omerfield, Pa. Elizabeth Price ............... ..... M asontown, Pa. Edna Wilson ................... ..... M asontown, Pa. Bryan Christopher-Principal ...... ...,... .... M a sontown, Pa BALSINGER-No. 17 Lillian Thorne .................-. ............ - ....... U ledi, Pa. J. A. Holland-Principal .........,......... Uniontown, Pa., R. F. D. POUNDSTONE-No. 18 Frank H. Smith .......................... ..... M asontown, Pa.. MENNONITE-No. 19 Mary Houston .... .................-...... .... P e nnsville, Pa. SUBSTITUTES Elizabeth Rider ...... ............... ...... M e ssrnore, Pa. J osepine Sterling ..... ............ ..... M a sontown, Pa. JANITORS High School-J. J- McCann .............. .... M cC1ellandtoWn, Pa. Edenborn-A. E. Moser ....... .... M cClel1andtoWn, Pa. Leckrone-D. W. Riffle ......... .... M cCle1landtoWn, Pa. Footedale-Gilbert Coffman ....... .... M cClellandtoWn, Pa. Dearthtown-J. W. Christopher .... .... M cClellandtoWn, Pa. Bessemer-D. B. Christopher ....-1, .... M cClellandtown, Pa. McClellandtoWn-J. A. McWilliams .... .... M cClellandtoWn, Pa. Palmer-Ernest McClelland ..,,...., .,,........ A dah, Pa- Gates-George Riter ............. .......... A dah, Pa. Mt. Sterling-George Smith ..... - ...... Masontown, Pa. Messmore-A. C. Tracy ..........-... ......... M essmore, Pa. Lower Lambert-Frank Coffman ..,,,....,- ,...,. M cClellandt0Wn, Pa. Upper Lambert-Thomas Hostetler ...,,-.,,,.,-....... Larnloerton, Pa. Ronco-Robert Williard ............,1....,,,,.,..1.... Masontown, Pa. Office Telephone 49 McC1e1landtoWn, Pa.-Residence, 186 Masontown, Pa. P14 Indicates those who attended school the last half of year. 17 THE ffl if O f-A ,r 6674 -A xx , .J -.-' ,wap Ogg! 1. ,..,,-,, . - X 9 Z .-' 05 V ' V , J X , ,. ghbx V-,PE .fzrmxs 1' iw, Q, J J' N WAX GLA KSGES 0 Polk ...o ku., . . "g.1'.f hgh". l'T7:4'?ff .'.,'.i.,v,g Uiaffnfifil 'T Y 4-4 ?::':f21ee' .45 ,,..-1,1 1 - 1 . P2 ?15',-f'vj. ' I .M :I VZ! 'lug 'l If 'f-1'v:', "RES, In 4,5511-, , llgwm. n ' :-1:51.-.., IIAXWQQ '13 ,Y ,mg , 12:1 5EPfr'.E5"11i . ,' ,KA ,I 'lb IKE. A I' 'r' '-'5'-'- .1' zmzvmxiimf I H . ,Q lrxnumasvdf .. f ff ff' 11, . zfmamzegieg 151 'fji .51 mmnnnaffi 94 - 5' ' 1-view' Ki ', .'f'-:ti S' . 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M 1- '2 1" 1 If ' :W i,':11 '76 - 5 QW :f1:4,g,f1'1ii ,. wry.. ,, a jk. f 1 1'-"G-1 'dfvizfzvt' A.?.2::f14'1L-55.1125252- ' fa' I u' I .1 '1r,,l '--"F'?'1g57,1': QQ:-asv',gr--.smsrigz-Fill' , 1- gg - fghnvg ' --I"l"1 1' 1' ' - X' . 41- M .1 -nf" -, . .., 5. --: 4.2: :,,,5.3,L.- "" ' "N-1-iff "-32" ' 1 'Q-4:1 2 4 ' f Qi!" 18 THE LAUR EOLA bs I .4 ity r1-f7 . if I ,U r A x , ss-wb --I ,,,,,4z:xu't' ,, , . 4 A Af. fefnfe- s,.:Hr'rf- r 'TI'-"'71, E5:gfly1-555 ef --K .2 H -es '6 i 4 :XX Glnmmvnrvnwnt Idrngram Eighteenth Annual Commencement of German Township Higrh School Thursday Evening, June 2, 1927. March Salutatory-"American Democracy" ................ Argetti A. Frasconi Piano Duet--"Moonlight on the Hudsoinn-.--Martha Lilley, Maria Coffman Lanierian Oration-"Duty to Yourself and Others" ......... Sara Johnson Franklin Oration-"Youth, our Nations Destiny" ........ Harriet Darrall Vocal Duet .........,.................. Thelma Kendall, Corinne Ewart Commercial Oration-"Businesslike Citizenship" ........... Jennie Bryan Valedictory-"Self Education" ..,...,.,............... Helen Yablonsky Violin Solo-t'Spanish Dance No. S-Sarasatei' ........... Williiam POWell Commencement Address ...........,........ Superintendent J. C. Stiers Alma Mater Song ..................-........................... Class Presentation of Diplomas "Farewell Alma Mater"--- .... Class Return March Gilman Night rngammr President's Address .... -. .... ...- .... H 6 1'SCl1G1l Eddy Violin S010 -,-,,,,,-, ..,. W illiam Powell Class Orator ....... .... M abel Wilson Vocal S010 ,-,,, .--... C orinne Ewart Class History .... .... W illiam Sterling Class Will .....,... ..... J oseph McGinty Original Oration ..... ..... A lfred Cavalcante Piano S010 ,,,,--,--, ---Evelyn Stevenson Robert Ambrose Presentation of Gifts ----------------------------- , Iggggitialfgggldigan Bertha Antram Chorus-John Smell, Harlan DeBolt, LeRoy Howard, Nathaniel Pinsker, David Millward, William Keffer, Francis Laick, Martha Lilly, Corinne Ewart, Thelma Kendall, Mabel Sterling, Sylvia. Ellinger, Lillian Cox. ' Key Oration ......... ---- I srael J anoff Junior Response ----- ----- --,- E d ith Hirsch 19 - SENIO - President ..... Vice President Secretary .... Treasurer .... Historian .... CLASS OFFICERS 20 -- --Herschell Eddy William Sterling - - - -Sylvia Ellinger -- --Wilson Avery - - - -Harriet Darrall THE mue eoen ...L 4--if 52 N ff A V Q5- f2-- - -X 'X sf- 5 E-ix Riu' ii' 4- - Y J -T zxpv' 'TA' ,- wif' 'LT .9 Mus? EU' ri. ' ' ' fr' ' A ' ' g 'ii - AIX? MOTTO: By work we shall reach the goal for which we are striving COLOR: Maroon and White. FLOWER: American Beauty Rose. Biff! Bang! CLASS YELL Boo l Biff! Bang! Boo! Whahool Whaboo! German Township High School! 'SJDCLX' SENIOR CLASS ROLL Avery, Wilson Antram, M. Bertha Ambrose, Robert V- Bush, Mollie Bradigan, Frances Ellen Bryan, Jennie Cerri, Libero Coffman, Marea -L. Cayelli, Charles Cox, Lillian Ardelia Darral, Harriet M. DeBolt, Harlan S. DeMarchi, Josephine M. Donatelli, Mary J. Epstein, Sara S. Eddy, Herschell Ellinger, Sylvia L. Ewart, Corinne L. Fast, James J. Forenera, Stella V. Fabbri, Louis J. Frasconi, Argetti A. Gross, Paul S. Hanuschock, John W. Hagan, Marguerite L. Holnsaker, Myra C. Howard. LeRoy K. Hanna. John E. Janoff, Esrael Harry Jurist, Joseph A. Jamison, William G. Jenkins, Edna Elaine Johnson, Sara V. Keffer, William R. Ketchel, E. Steve 21 Kendall, Thelma L- Francis, Laick Kikta, Elizabeth Leekey, R. Arthur Lilley, Martha Elizabeth Millward, David B. McGinty, Joseph Natale, Marie Paniccuci, Nora C. Pinsker, Natty L. Powell, William M. Provance, George M. Raveia, Daniel Rowand, E. Glenn Rankin, Nettie E. . Sterling, Wm. H. Sosin, Mollie Sterling, Mabel Shubert, Anthony Savanick, Joseph Shoaf, Bertha Hazel Stevenson, Priscilla Solomon, James A. Slagle, Mildred E. Secosky, Gertrude B. Smell, John J. Springer, Warren W. Stevenson, Evelyn M. Valko, John P. Valerio, Silvio Wilson, Mabel Grace Yablonsky, Helen Rita Cavalcante, Alfred Otis, Thompson Ainsley, James Fredrick THE LAUR EOLA ' Jima , .-.:-- ' fx 6-5: -R25 f .pi ,,- ,-I . g .f -2, 2.3 2251715 ' A-P' "fl, 'ii"'f'3 'QQ 1-zflff'-.. 2 - -25 iq' 'Fl' Z 'Q ' S Robert Ambrose--- Jennie Bryan ------ Maria Coffman ------ -- Harlan DeBolt ---------- Josephine Demarchi Mary Donatelli ------- Corinne Ewart ----- Sylvia Ellinger ----- Paul Gross ------ Joseph J urist ------ William Jamison--- Martha Lilley ----- :- - -- A :XX SENIOR ROASTS C"Cl11ss Skipper"D -"Always has her Bookkeeping" ----------"Where is Martha 'Z" - -- - -- -Loves the Mabels --------- --"Nora's friend" -- -- - - --"Giggling Gigolette ----"Harold is coming tonight "Oh, If Howard was ho-me - -"Oh! John how's my tie look "Typing Shark 'Tm Crazy about Bookkeeping "Future Mrs. Guseman 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 77 George Provance---.- --::P'TChl-I forgot my Shorthand Nora Paniccuci ---- Nettie Rankin ----- 77 "Likes to talk to Mr. Fessler ----"OhI Oh! I have a date tonight 77 77 77 77 77 77 Ingram Riffle ------- ------------ ' 'Likes English 'Z 'Z 'Z 'Z 'Z Anthony Shubert --- ----------------- ' ---- "Lawyer Mildred Slagle ----- ------------------- ' 'Our Mid Mabel Sterling ----- ---"Bills' coming for the Holiday Gertrude Secosky ---- --------- ' 'Wonder who she is? Silvio Valerio ------ Mabel Wilson- -------- Priscilla Stevenson ---- John Smell -------- Joseph Savanick ----- John Valko ------- Ainsley, James ---- Antram, Bertha ---- Avery, Wilson -------- -- Bradigan, Frances-- Bush, Mollie ------- Cavalcante, Alfred ----- ---------------- Cayelli, Charles ------ ------------ Cerri, Libero ------ Cox, Lillian ----- - Darrall, Harriet ---- Eddy, Herschell ---- Epstein, Sarah ----- Fabri, Louis ----- Fast, James ----- Farnea, Stella ----- 77 ---"Likes to typewrite 'Z 'Z Z ?? -- -- - - - --"Future Lawyer - --"Did you see Herschell? - -- - - -- - - --"Jennie's Future" ---"Crazy about the girls 'Z 'Z 'Z ?" --------------"Just Awoke" -----------Alice B's Sweeties Fair and fat but not forty --'Barney Dreyfuss' in Football -- - - - - - -A sure enough Pirate! ---------One of the "Triplets" -A Dude from Frog town Best Student in High School 'Z 'Z 'Z vertising agent for "'Colgate's Powder" ---------------------------"P'apa's Girl" -- - -- - --Always reads the review in Virgil - -"The Underfed Infant from Greensboro" ----The Blonde one of the "Triples" 'Z ? 'Z 'Z -------------------Microscope Editor -- - - -- - - -- - - - -A 'pretty child' from New Geneva -Always in a good humor 77 77 'Z ----Ad Frasconi, Argetti ---- LLHelen-diss-Sweetheart.-abut she doesn't know it" Hagan, Marguerite ------------------------- Always busy doing nothing Himnai, John -------- -------------------------- ' 'Matson's Clown" Hanashock, John ---- Honsaker, Myra ---- Howard, Leroy ---- ------------A quiet lad from Palmer -----------------Some Athletic, yut bet ----Will be a great cheerleader some day 22 THE LAUR .- GOLA ag. Vffmli 74 - - 1--fs --5 GS., QV' , - -- -in es- .fe ' f asf- -fer-Q were mga K A J anoff, Israel .... Jenkins, Edna- - - is c Z i ? - ---- - -- -- - -- -Mickey CHimselfJ McGuire Harriet's Pal Johnson, Sara ...... ..... T he J olliest Girl in our Bunch Keffer, William .... Kendall, Thelma- ---------------Mayor of Palmer Likes to play with balloons Ketchel, Steve ..... .... R ides his Vergil pony too hard Kikta, Elizabeth- Leckey, Arthur-- lVlcGinty, Joseph- -- -------- Quiet but very studious The Class "Farmerette" ? 'Z ?? Old Ireland's son fof-a-gunl Millward, David ---------- Fond of the girls but believes in being cautious N atale, Marie -------- "Queen Marie" hails from the Greek Church Colony Pinsker, Natty --------------------- Powell, William ---- --------------- Raveia, Daniel--- Rowland, Glen ----- Sheaf, Bertha ---- Springer, Warren Solomon, James ---------- ------------------ --------Will be a modern i'Caruso" Some great Violinists rides in Fords ------------------A circus in himself ---A very handsome, polite young man ---------------Like's Heinze's Pickles Jimmy, not King fhimselfl The Giant from New Geneva S0iSih, Mollie-' --------------- The last one of the "Triplets', but not least Sterling, W 1ll1am--He was six two in his stocking feet, and from way out West where the hoptoads wink. Stevenson, Evelyn -------------------Leading Lady from Muttontown ThOH1DSOI1, Otis ------------- ---,-- ------------- ' ' Alabama Songbird" Yoblonsky, Helen ---- -----Her mother's right hand man 23 W AUTOGR PHS ' A I. LL, fh,,f": fl ,ff , , r' V- 5 !! K' if X " fh6ffg4,.,f.fL, 1 ' 27.1 A- f..,M- j ' 1 A ..., ,.., W- , - 7 Jr 'Y . Q 5 'Y 4 V ' 4 3, X W. K ' f f. M, ,f , , J ff Jawa 'iff f:f4 'M' -T V4-'u'L4J., 1 V fl K K- 7? O ,ff W -ff AMN , 5' 'W 'ijffLff'f'nQ4 , vb iid if zfvb-J-JJSH7 ' , " V M, I n ,I g , -y ' 7 A .A 5, 7 0 W,Jv, 7692 Y I I J JL, My fx J 2-'7 n W an fl-ffl? X .- 4 A A f .4 . V IL, -CXJ v W L I M32 f W fff4 fi , 'J , ff " ' -ff --Q'-"I--l'5i""jI I f, 7 fi J-4Q +5. 54y 4, .. V' , 'f'Wy' 4.4f I JLK., ' f if VN , X , I.,L':k k n 1,1-M , . 7. iv , K fx 1 f I' rw 4lN..x-7 K fx V , K, f , 4-:1"fWf,, W-Ld ,Q ,- , . ff h'--fZ.b,f,pQ P. JI if ,ff A , V f 'Y-f L .it wflifl-'-,-V' r Q X I U W f I Lftflgav, VA ll . R . - V4.1-f..,, fi, 0 I ' Vale B J M! X ' ' Q, fy if - jj I f 2 7 Q ,ffl QLF' W sg, I N-,f1,,VjZ ,. I I , V! I A Qwdk 24 ,dj . ,J QL L79 f'fWVf4f"' ffffff A 'V W4 - '-f f 6 " 7 ff '7 'M 'MJ X , 27 J may , a 1 n 6 SQ 5 2 3 1 Q 26 X T HE LAUR E 0 L A ,za-.hear fee iiggrfr 2 .6 - x A I xX SENIOR CLASS HISTORY The history of the Class of '27 has been made. As we reach the last stepping stone in our high school career and stop to look about and survey, for a moment the events of the past four years. it may truly be said that history has woven itself about us and entangled itself with us in a way that we have become a part of it. From the autumn of our freshman year, when we entered the halls of G. T. H. S. one hundred and fifty-five strong, until the present have seemed to live in a period of action, progress and discipline. Many and difficult were the tasks set before us but under the careful supervision of our untiring friend Prof. Jacob B. Sheetz we made rapid progress. After the usual round of class elections, meetings and initiiation ceremonies we came to the end of our first year with many a Good Luck and Hope to see you next year. When we entered G. T. H. S. in our Sophomore year with somewhat diminished numbers. The thought of the great struggle for success was ever before us and we worked until we reached the longed-for and dis- tinguished position of upper classmen. In the columns of Society the class of '27 was not found missing but gave to the freshmen one of the finest planned receptions ever held. Now, the young man goes boldly up to the young lady and asks to take her home from the party or game something he would not have attempted the previous year. After a pleasant vacation we again met in the fall of '25 under some- what similar surroundings with perhaps harder tasks to master but with the motto ever in sight, "By work we shall reach the goal for which we are striving." , This is the year when the Juniors are given the chance to show their ability on the stage. The Full House was the play chosen which not only brought honor and praise to the players but was a great success financially. The Junior Prom was another social event in the life of class '27 and will long be remembered by them and their friends. The happy group who entered as freshmen are now Seniors. Our number has decreased from one hundred fifty-five to seventy. In athletics our class surpasses many others. A number of the boys played football an dreceived honorable mention. We also have con- tributed three members to the High School Basketball team, one of whom was put on the all F. C. I' A. L. team. Our class play, "Black and Blue" which was the first to be staged this Year was a great success and one in which all the cast took their parts exceedingly well. Although we have never neglected our studies to a. great extent, We have done some pranks of which the Professors did not forget to re- mind us that we were Seniors and that we should make ourselves an ex- ample for the lower classmen, but the well known saying is, "A little non- sense now and then is relished by the best of men." Our work is now completedg we have tried hard to do our best. We are now ready to go out into life and fight the battle which all of us must fight if we succeed in life. We also feel that we have benefitted by the four years We have spent in G. T. H. S.-the Alma Mater that is loved by all her sons and daughters. As she has served us in the immediate past, scivwill wi Ystrive to uphold the teachings and traditions in the future. arewe . e 27 JU Ions - CECELIA MCARDLE GEORGIA MILES , "Smiles" Nlasontown, Pa. 'Cec1l" Masontown, Pa. Lanierian Frankun Athletic Association 1-2-33 S o uth Athletic Association 3. Junior Class Play 3. Class Secretary 3. Brownsville H. S. 15 German Township 3g Laureola Staff 35 Vice President of Athletic Associationg Junior Class Playg French Club 1, Morgantown H. S. 25 Class Historiang Basketball 2-3. ROBERT SEMSEY "Bob" New Salem, Pa. Franklin Uniontown High Schoolg Class Track 1- 2-33 Athletic Association 1-2-3 5 Varsity Football 2-3g Class Vice President 25 Base- ball 2g Assistant Basketball Manager 23 German Township H. S. 2-3 5 French Club 1- 23 Laureola Staff 39 Varsity Basketball 2-33 Class President 3: Basketball Manager 3. YELL MOTTO: Our Knowledge Increase. Riff-Raff-Rate, We're the Class of '28 AHl6FlC3.H Beauty Rose. Biff-Baff-Bah COLORS: A . 1 d G ld. German Township High School me an O RAI-I-RAH-RAH. CLASS OFFICERS u U ' President ...................1............... William Culleton Vice President ...............-................ Robert Sernsfey Secretary -...........,....,,........,.....,. Cecilia McArdle Treasurer ..............,...,,..,..,.....,.. Edward Yanchus Historian ...................,.,,......,..,,... Georgia Miles Poet .................,...,... ......,...... R osemary Feeney Marshall ....................1, --- ------------Eugene Franks 28 "W THE mus e o 1. A , ss-Q .,?:fI.?:,'f"' l? -,L Y ' ""i7"' i5f?':' to Allamon Hilda G Allamon Thomas Barrett, James Bertovich, Anna - Bertovich, Mary E. Berry, Elmer Betchy, Christine Blasotti, Amelia Bonoi, Sadie Boyd, James S. Brown, Earl L. Bryan, Charles Harvey Buday, Frank Capelini, Anna Caruso, Helen Genevieve Crynock, Mary Casurole, Joseph R. Culleton, William J. Dean, Catherine S. Deffenbaugh, Ethel E. Doorley, Mary Frances Dugan, Lindley B. Duritza, Katherine E. Eberhart, Louis A. Elizeus, John Feeney, Rosemary Ferranti, Anela M. Ferranti, Josephine C. Fiat, Melinda J. Franks, Eugene Frasconi, Andy Gallik, Mary E. Glover, Clarence Gould, Thelma Gray, Robert Haught, Albert M. Haines, Clarence Hirsch, Edith Howard, Sue E. Hvizdos, Julia Catherine Javorsky, Thomas P. J avorsky, Frances P' Jaynes, Marie Betty Kennison, Gwendolyn R. Kissel, Anna Kobylarz, Charles Kramer, Vera C. Alberico, Frank E 4 1 xi CLASS ROLL Lewis, Bertha J. McArdle, Cecelia McCudden, Francis Patrick McGill, Edward E. Magerko, George Magalotti, Harry Megalizzi, Joseph Maher, Regis Martin Medlock, Frank Martin, Elizabeth Hoover Matyus, Frances Merrick, Valentina Michales, Theresa Moore, Fay Mundell, Margaret E. Miles, Georgia Wheler Natale, Carmen J. Newman, Clarence E. Paccheroni, Frank Perego, John J . Petruska, Anna Poellnitz, Ruby Piszczor, John L. Powell, Andrew W. Provance, Emerson C. Riffle, Ingraham Reckner, Irma Riffle, Delbert N. Roll, Joseph Sandusky, Andrew P. Semsey, Robert J. Smith, Wm. Steve Stavish, Marion R. Sterling, Stanford W- Terbovich, Nick Twyford, Viola C. Umbel, Evelyn O. Wheler, Elsie Mildred Whetzel, Averal A. Williams, Cecelia M. W right, Daniel Dewey Yanchus, Edward Yuhas, John Zeros, Nicklos William Elias, Fred Volpe, Samuel Megalizzi, Baldi Blackshere, Marie 29 , eor.A K 1 .1 ali if ,K fgf- -ff- S IIXX FRANK PACCHE-RONI ns H am Masontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 Latin Clubg Class Track 2-3. AMELIA, BLASOTTI "Meal" Masontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3g Class Poet 25 French Club 2-35 Junior Class Play. JOSEPH MEG-ALIZZI "Joe" Nlasontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 French Club 2-3. JULIA HVIZDOS "Joy" Nlasontown, Pa. Lanierian CHARLES RYAN 'tCharIie" Uledi, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Laureola Staff 3g French Club 2-33 Junior Class Play. ANNA BERTOVICH "IVIickie" Masontown, Pa. Lanierian Athlettic Association 1. 30 THE LAUR EOLA K, wx " ?" ,4 , Q53 1 1-Q sy, ,v .4-skx 'S--, , N.:-Afi , . , .,, K -Sze. 3 - , V' -3, w fu-5 y-,N K 45.-2, .6 ' ZIV? EDITH HIRSCH "Edith" Masontown, Pa. Lanierian Basketball 1-2-33 Laureola Staff 33 French Club 2-33 Athletic Association 1-2-33 Orches- tra 33 Class Historian 23 Junior Class Play 3. ALBERT HAUGHT "Albert" lvlasontown, Pa. Lanierian MARIE JAYNES "Doc" Nemacolin, Pa. Franklin Carrnichaels H. S. 1-23 Laureola Staff 33 German Township H. S. 33 Athletic Associa- tion. CARMEN NATALE "Natale" New Salem, Pa. Lanierian Athletic Association, 1-2-33 Latin Club lg Laureola Staff 3. MARGARET MUNDELL "IVlargarie" Masontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 French Club 2-3. LOUIS EBERHART "Louis7' Greensboro, Pa. Franklin Monongahela Twp. High 1-23 German Township 33 Athletic Association 1-2-3. 1 l 31 THE LHUR M-'N P' 2-3, 3 wx, E: 'Ir Ugg lx 11+ F ' 'Hitt' X L, ,aka -YA- . :-...hx '22 Q. 4' J A' rx , L., ., ly-. if ,.w. ,,V, ,K " X N 'o EG Z x 4 :XX l THOMAS JAVORSKY 1 "Tom" Garwood, Pa. ' Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3. CATHERINE DEAN "Dean" NlcClelIandtown, Pa. Athletic Association 1-2-33 Latin Club lg Microscope Staff 35 Basketball 2-3. WILLIAM CULLETON "Bill" Ronco, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Latin Club 33 French Club 25 Football 1-2-35 Baske.tball 2- 33 Laureola Staff 33 Class Treasurer 25 Vice President 13 Business Mgr.g Athletic Asso-- ciation 33 Class President 3. FRANCES MATYUS "Fan" McCIellandtown, Pa. Lanierian Athletic Association 1-2-3g Latin Club 1. DELBERT RIFFLE HDeb" Old Frame, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 French Club 1- ETHEL DEFFENBAUGI-I f-Deffyv Smithfield, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3. 32 l l THE mus e o r. A K. s X- be. 1: 'f' 1' , . , Hrkffif 7 'fi eiv igiglffy.. ff? 4 xi BALDI MEGALIZZI 'tWap" Ivlasontown, Pa Franklin Latin Club 3g Track 2-35 Football 2-3g Base ball 2-3. FRANK ALBERICO Athletic Association 1. JOHN YUHAS Athletic Association 1-2-35 Football 2-33 ball 1-2-35 Baseball 1-2-3. FRANK MEDLOCK "Frank" Adah, Pa. Franklin A 33 Athletic Association 1-2-35 French Club 23 f'Frank" New Calem, Pa Lanierian MARY CRYNOCK "Tiny" New Salem, Pa Lanierian MARY BERTOVICH "Mary Ann" Masontown, Pa. Lanierian "Hess" New Salem, Pa. Latin Club 1-2-35 Class Track 1-2-35 Baske.t- THE LAUR EOLH ab xi' yr-ss -A , 5 vw x','2::s-T ldf- - ,' a,. - -f -P ,. xi ,,,- Z 4132, 1 1 ,4' '- -W X AAN 2 STEVE SMITH "Nuts" New Salem, Pa. Lanierian Athletic Association 1-2-35 Varsity Basket- ball 2-35 Class Track 1-2-35 Latin Club5 Varsity Football 1-2-35 Baseball 1-2-35 La- nierian Secretary. IRMA RECKNER "lrmie" Masontown, Pa. Lanierian Varsity Baskeball 1-2-35 Athletic Associa- tion 1-2-3. JAMES S. BOYD "Hank" New Salem, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3. MELINDA FIAT Franklin "Sparky" lVlcClellandtown, Pa. Athletic Association 1-2-35 Microscope Staff 35 French Club5 Laureola Staff 35 Lat- in Club 1-3. CLARENCE HAINES "Conky" Masontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Track 1-2-35 Football 2-35 Athletic Association Play 25 Microscope Staff 25Class President 15 Bas- ketball 1-2-35 L-aureola Staff 35 Junior Class Play 35 Senior Class Play 2. MARY GALLIK "Gallik" New Salem, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Latin Club. 34 THE LAUR EOLB -E ES. X' ga. rg' . , 5- v -'fe Q. ...,g..s:,': 'W 1-XL. , ,, ,J .,,z: A fi - - J - 3 f 43' . - --Elk?-as 1.69.6 N A- I X 0 , -HX NELSON COFFMAN "Gay" New Salem, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 Latin Club 1-33 Football 33 Basketball 1-2-33 Track 2-33 Or- chestra 13 Laureola Staff 33 Junior Class Play. EVELYN UMBEL "Ev" lVIcCleIlandtown, Pa. Lanierian GEORGE MAGERKO "Lefty" New Salem, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 Track 2-33 Football 33 Latin Club 1. MILDRED ELSIE WHEELER "Pat" Ronco, Pa. Franklin ship High School 33 French Club 3. NICK TERBOVICH Franklin French Club 2. VAL1-JANTINAMPJRRICK "Teeny" New Geneva, Pa 1 Franklin 1 1 Athletic Association 1-2-3. i 1 1 i 1 35 Latrobe High School 1-23 German Town- "Nick" Lamberton, Pa. Athletic Association 1-2-33 Football 33 THE LAUR EOLA 2:5 '-X s- 6 E V ., f I 5 4 :XX JOSEPHINE FERRANTI "Joe" Masontown, Pa Lanierian Athletic Association 1-2-33 -Latin Club 1, Laureola. ANDREW POWELL "Carnegie" Hibbs, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 Football 2-31 Class Track 2-33 French Club 2-31 Basket- ball3 Junior Class Play. ' EDWARD YANCHUS "Ed" Masontown, Pa. Athletic Association 1-2-33 rack 1-2-33 Lat- in Club 1'2'3Q Football 33 Assistant Football Manager 33 Class Treasurer 33 Consul for Latin Club 3. KATHERINE D-URITZA "Kitty" New Salem, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 Latin Club 13 French Club 23 Laureola Staff 33 Basket- ball 2-3. JOHN L. PISZCZOR "Johnny" McCIelIan:dtown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 2-33 Laureola Staff 33 French Club 23 Class Basketbal13 Union- town High School 13 G. T. H. S. 1-2-3. FRANCES JAVORSKY "Fran" Garwood, Pa. Lanierian Athletic Association 1-2-33 Latin Club. 36 THE LAUQ EOLA I 4 I XX MARION STAVISH "Dicki' Hibbs, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 French Club 2-3. JOHN ELIZEUS t'Johnnie" Masontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 Latin Club 15 Football 33 Track 2-3. SUE HOWARD "Sue" Nlasontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 French Club 2- 35 Junior Class Play. AVERAL VVHETZEL "Ave" Adah, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Junior Class Play. MARIE BLACKSHIRE "Bee" Nlasontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-25 French Club 1-23 Microscope Staff lg Junior Class Play. THOMAS ALLAMON "Tom" New Salem, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 Basketball lg Latin Club 1. 37 THE moe eor.A if Mll 2 . 0:- VL-x 34. 1 S, X Eg-,, f'1 X V , , Q .- 1 ' , ,. j Lg, ,bf X 1,5 ' Zn? THELMA GOULD "TneIma'l IVIcCleIlandtown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3g Latin Club 35 Laurcola Staff. ROBERT GRAY "Bohn Uniontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Class Historian 15 Latin Club 1-33 Laureola Staff 3g Junior Class Playg Orchestra. GWENDOLYN KENNISON "Gwen" Edenborn, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3g Latin Club 1-33 Basketball lg Orchestra 3. REGIS MAI-IE-R "Raggie Lug" Palmer, Pa. Franklin St. Vincent's Preparatory School 1-2g Ath- letic Association 3g Latin Club 3. ELIZABETH H. MARTIN "Both" Nlasontown, Pa. Athletic Association 1-2-33 Latin Club 1-2 33 Laurcola Staff 35 Junior Class Play. STANFORD W. STERLING Franklin 33 Laureola Staff 3. iss "Stan" Masontown, Pa. Athletic Association 1-2-33 Latin Club 1- T HE mu o L A . ff: A ,X A I NX ' SIDIE BONONI i "Sidie" Footclale, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-233 Latin Club 1-39 Perryopolis 23 G. T. H. S. 1-3. BERTHA LEWIS "Lefty" Grays Landing, Pa. Lanierian Athletic Association 1-2-33 French Club 2- 3. JOHN PEREGO "Bun Roller" Nlasontown, Pa. Athletic .Association 1-2-3g Latin Club 3. ANNA PETRUSKA Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3. EDWARD MCGILL "Ed" Nlasontown, Pa. Franklin VIOLA TWYFORD "Vi" Masontown, Pa Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3. V A 39 "Ann" Lamberton, Pa. Athletic Association 1-2-35 French Club 2- 33 Track 2-33 Baseball 2-35 Laureola Staff. THE LAUR EO!-A X , , v, f t' f A- ,, MXN THEREJSA MICHALEC Lanierian Athletic Association 1-2-35 Latin Club 1. FRANK BUDAY Athletic Association 2g Microscope Staff 35 Liaureola Staff 3. ANDY FRASCONI "FuIlhack" Nlasontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Latin Club 1-25 Football 2-35 Baseball 1-2. ANNA KISSEL "Ann" H ibbs, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Latin Club 1. CHARLES KOBYLARZ "Charlie" Footdale, Pa, Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3g Latin Club 3. 40 "Tr'ixie" Nlasontown, Pa. "Frank" Nlasontown, Pa. Franklin Moved. HILDA ALLAMON "Hilda" New Salem, Pa. Franklin THE moe ache 5 ,WH Z iff if' -' -,l 924, -. -. X 1 vl . H V - psf --' CECELIA VVILLIAMS t'Cecil" Gates, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Basketball 3g Laureola Staff 35 Latin Club 3. LINDLEY DUGAN "Lin" Nlasontown, Pa. Franklin Carn1iehael's High School 25 German Township H. S. 1-3. CHRISTINE BETCI-IY "Chris" Martin Pa. 1 . , Lanierian Athletic Association 1-2-33 French Club 2. EUGENE FRANKS "Gene" Nlasontown Pa. . 1 Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Latin Club 1-33 Varsity Football 2-35 Captain Electg Class Marshall 33 Varsity Baseball 1-2. CLARENCE NEWMAN t'Skip" McCIellandtown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 Latin Club 1-3. NICHOLAS ZEROS i 41 "Nick" Smithfield, Pa. Athletic Association 1-2-33 Latin Club 33 Football 3. 'ri-ie LAUR eocn Q5- E s 1 anim .f X J, 5 6,7 253 'B 31"!,,f-fqfc -fa? - ,fs 'fri -1 - X XINX MARY FRANCES DOORLEY "Frankie" Edenborn, Pa Franklin St. John's High School 15 German Town ship H .S. 2-35 Athletic Association 2-35 Laureola Staff 35 -Latin Club 3. JOSEPH CASUROLE "Joe" Hibbs, Pa. Franklin Latin Club 3. ANGELA FERRANTI "Agne" Masontown, Pa. Lanierian Athletic Association 1-2-35 Latin Club 1. HARRY MAGOLOTTI "Shrimp" Masontown, Pa. Lanierian Athletic Association 1-2-35 French Club 2-3. FAY MOORE "Mike" McCleIiandtown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Latin Club 1-35 Class Secretary 25 Laureola Staff 35 Bas- ketball Team Manager 35 Basketball 1-2-35 Secretary of Athletic Association 3. 5 JOSEPH ROLL "Joe" Lamberton, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Baseball 1-2-35 Varsity Football 2-35 Basketball 15 French Club 25 Track 2-3. 42 Athletic Association 1-2-35 French Club 25 Tr-as LAUR EOLH ya. Q 5' ' HIV!-f Q5- Vv2-s , y V ,, - X N: if--A , -I .-,zz -A ' gl I, , ,g-,,- -. 3 ,. ,-- A - b fxiggf fyA -qs .6 ' ZIV? ROSEMARY FEENEY "Feeney" Gates, Pa. St. John's High 15 G. T. H. S. 2-35 Athletic Association 2-35 Laureola Staff 35 Class Poet 3. EARL BROWN "Brownie" Adah, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Vice President of Class 25 Moved to Ohio. HELEN CARUSO "Caruso" Masontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 French Club 2. ANDREW SANDUSKY "Sandy" New Geneva, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3. FRANCIS MCCUDDEN "Mack" Edenborn, Pa. Lanierian Athletic Association 1-2-35 Football 35 St. John's H. S. Scottdale 15 Track 2-3. VERA KRAMER "Vera" Greensboro, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-35 Latin Club 35 Junior Class Play 3. 43 6 THE LAUQ eocn N X , 4' -T?-L 4 WAX Q5- - 1.1-x -I . 5 - .. 2: Q ' i ' V 1 ' "",' '11' "'1'f's p ' , 7 M.-,r .TTA 1 - - MICHAEL DEMKO "Fat" New Salem, Pa Franklin Athletic Association Football 1-2-3. Baseball 2-3. Track 1-2-3. Basketball 1-2-3. CLARENCE GLOVER 'Glover" Nlasontown, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3g French Club 2. ENMERSON PROVANCE 'Toots" New Geneva, Pa. .Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-33 Football 3. DEWEY WRIGHT 'Dewe-y" Edenborn, Pa. Franklin ELMER BERRY 'Elmer" Adah, Pa. Franklin Athletic Association 1-2-3. 44 THE Leon e o LH X. 1. E- xx", Z A A f ,VA -.141-ez r,:':'31ff'N' ef '72 if ' .4o " ff Charles Bryan ..... Amelia Blasotti .... Joseph Casurole ..... William Culleton .... Clarence Glover ..... Edith Hirsch ...... Sue Howard ....... Bertha Lewis ....... Margaret Mundell .... Edward McGill ..-,.. Francis McCudden .... Joseph Megalizzi .... Baldi Megalizzi ..-. Ruby Poellnitz .... Delbert Riffle ....... Andrew Sandusky .... Dewey Wright ...... Mildred Wheeler ...... Sidie Bononi ......-.. Mary Frances Doorley John Elizas .......... Andy Frasconi ....... Eugene Franks .... Melinda Fiat .... Robert Gray ..... Thelma Gould ....-. Vera Kramer ...... -- Gwendolyn Kennison - Charles Kobylarz ..... Fay Moore .......... Valentino Merrick---- Regis Maher ........ Elizabeth Martin .... Clarence Newman--- Carmen Natale ------ Stanford Sterling ---- Edward Yanchus --- John Yuhas ------- Frank Alberico-L-- Thomas Allamon ---- Christine Betchy ---- Anna Bertovich ----- Mary Bertovich--- James Boyd ----- Earl Brown ---- Helen Caruso---- Hof JUNIOR CLASS ROASTS ------------------------Often heard before seen ------------------On a candy diet --------Me and the Prince of Wales ----Show me the way to Water Street Frech Shark? ? ?'? ----------Class Leader --Refer to Joe, Bob, etc Hawiian dancer -Rubarb Vaselino Harry Magalotti ------ ------------ Oh, I wish I were a man! Knows his onions - - -Where's Margaret 'Z - - - - - -- - -Barber Chief ----Shave and hair cut, two bits! --------------------Hey Otis! --------Salesman Sam - ----- Tells sandman stories - - - - -Commodore Dewey ------Coache's double ----Geometry Shark ----------Frankie ---Too loud ? ? '?'? ---Football Star -----Professor ----Our Editor -----.-------Shiek ---------Hey Kids! ----Oh, My Gracious! -----------Musician -------Bright Boy -----------Irish ----Cicero Shark -------Oh Girls! ------------Our Beth -------Me and my Ford ----Hails from New Salem -----So's your ole man ------------------Oh! -----Ain't we got fun! Always reading fiction "Lovers Heaven" ----Where'd you get those eyes? Dieting to reduec U"----fff-f ---- A farm lassie -M---M---Thee Shorthand Shark ----Show me the way to win Nettie 45 Can't sing a note 'rr-ie mon eof.n afx V, D-5, R- 'Se va wb bxzz -Q? .Z . Y f ,I 1, 4 :f?., -f x,Z-,- 'fa' 'L f' 'Li 99" il!-'y'1. -' 'H' if ' , -ZH 'A' Mary Crylnock ...... Ethel Deffenbaugh .... - Catherine Dean--- Katheryn Duritza- Lindley Dugan ------ Mike Demko ------ Louis Eberhart ------ Angella Ferranti-- Josephine Ferranti Mar Gallick Rosemary Feeney- Clarence Haines ----- y -------- Julia Hvizdos --------- was , Agn gk A JIXX ---------------------Short and Shy -------------------She's not so worse - - - - - - - -Always reciting her elocution lesson - -- - - - - --Who lives in Monessen, Kate? -----Never has time to study, Why? - - - - - - - -The fat man of our class - - -- --Backward and Intelligent -. ---------- One of the twins -----The other twin g the artist ----- ------"That's funny" - - - - - -A golden haired lass --- ------- --Another Irishman --------------The NUT of our school Frances J avorsky ---- ------------ N ot very big, but important George Magerko ---- ----------- A gentleman from New Salem Cecelia lVlcArdle ----- ----- J ust se her play in "The Empty House Frank Medlock ---- ------------------------- T he long boy John Pisczor ---- Marion Stavish--- Nick Terbovich- - -L -----------------A Star in what??'?? -----That boy with at warbling voice -------A great favorite with the girls Joseph Roll ------- ------------------------ P lays football Steve Smith -------- -------- A sk him about the trip to "Perry" Cecelia Williams ----- ---- A wonderful screamer. Ever hear her? Marie Blackshere--- ---------------------- Sweet William's Georgia Miles ----- Evelyn Umbel ----- Averal Whetzel--- Viola Twyford ---- Robert Semsey ---- Hilda Allamon ---- Irma Reckner ------- Theresa Michalec ---- Anna Petruska ---- Anna Kissel ----- - -- - - - - - -- - -Just a Senior Commercial -----Show me the way to Grindstone - - - - - - -All is not gold that glitters --------------------Curly Head -- --Likes a certain New Salem girl -- - - - -Always enjoys assembly, ask her - -- - -One of our best basketball players J --------------- Just a little flapper ------ ------- --Bookkeeping shark - - - --A lassie from Ralph . fl, -1 lg, 46 THE Leon e o LH M g N , , .. -ri - ' -'E -- 4 NI Junior Class History Georgia Miles The Junior Class of 1926-27 numbered ninety-nine at the beginning of the term. but this number has been decreased, leaving. at present, ninety-six members. Let us hope that all these members will return next year as seniors and remain until each has been graduated. During the year many business meetings of various natures were called by the Junior president. The first of any importance was the meet- ing for the purpose of electing class officers, At this meeting the follow- ing class officers were elected: President, William Culletong Vice Presi- dent, Robert Semseyg Treasurer, Edward Yanchusg Secretary, Cecelia Mc- Ardleg Historian, Georgia Miles, and Marshall, Eugene Franks. The sec- ond and last noteworthy meeting occurred during the month of October. The purpose of this meeting was to select the personnel for the managing and the publishing of the Laureola. The following are the names of those who were chosen to comprise the staff: Editor-in-Chief, Melinda Fiat, Assistant Editor, Stanford Sterling, Business Manager, William Cul- letong Assistant Manager, Robert Semseyg Literary Editor, Hilda Allamong Assistant Literary Editor, Mary Frances Doorley g Statistical Editor, Edith Hirsch, Assistant Statistical Editor, Thelma Gouldg Art Editors: Fay Moore, Nelson Coffman, and Marie Jaynesg Staff Artists, John Pisczor, Josephine Ferranti, and Katherine Duritzag Official Photographers, Ce- celia Williams, Robert Gray, and Elizabeth Martin, Joke Editors, Clarence Haines, Edward McGill, and Georgia Miles, Athletic Editors, Charles BFY-HH, R0lSGma1fy Feeneiy, and Carmen Natale. On two different occasions, this year, the Junior class were fortun- ate in obtaining some first-hand information in respect to the modern methods of coal mining. Accompanied by Mr. Shaner, the two classes in physics visited the mines at Nemacolin, which are the best equipped mines in Western Pennsylvania. Also after this experience, the Juniors were agaain favored byhaving the opportunity to visit the mines at Edenborn. On April 20-21. the Junior play entitled "The Empty House" was staged under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Vail. Paradoxical as it may seem, there was a full house at "The Empty House". The proceeds de- riived from this play were used to defray the expenses of publishing the aureo a. Final examinations, June 2-3, brought our Junior year to a close. Those that were successful in making the required average received their report cards and were dismissed for their summer vacation. 47 f W is-277 U- If ' . 'r HE mu o 1. A I 41 N . -v KW 1 '- X' V -,, - Y Q- 1 .L-sf-' 'S'-5 . 5 'xi I'5 '15 - 'fa' ' ,4 TX , ,, ,. , , I li.. , X 4 IXX Q ' 5" "4"""' F if CC ll ' , 1 ' . W.. X, mf, J ff ff f gi. ,K L16 M --xv , 1,465 5 x " 1 ,l ' J' 'jd' u , ' ' ' if 7 X 1 lu , U 1 LL x x ' KA i , j , 4 1 A ff- . . ,fv f ' , L ff 1 ,Q ' ' I' ' N " 94 g E,-..V1. r..'vf---Q., ' "' uv K ' . lg !XJ I f - . L - 'R ?f xg. .,1 , K if ! ' 1 5 K 4 . we , I' " V A I ' f f".iJ Q,.,l..4,,.-v,,,.if' 1.-' ' ' V 5 , U Q I ll It vliiafwv w,N,1,,,lx- ru., L, if is 54" "Ku -J -K-JK J kr md: 15, N' f x , H, , ' ' 1: 'I Z-2 J ' jf 15 1 'l H 2 IJ .q ' ,4 F Qui, J z,f,:Lf,f1,fl .U Jaw-1 uf 1 4 , . , "' ' af I - , I 1, , f f V K. -f 3 1 44, V V XV. f LAM' A' 'J . "' , 4 I J If ' . If X Y, V f' ,. 3 ik ' A I X In ,, ,K If ,, X J 1 v , wv 4, , k . L1 lf , AQLJ kk .QL WM.-Q J- ,AV-Ervin JZKTFLLLQ: 1 , 1 ..f NJ . ' J' . , FA " fe " ,'jc!uf14.Z A A 7 f ,f . Q b '1 A , .f 14,,,IfL -f H+ K4 'ffl 1 f "--- f,:"'iA 'M , ' 11 A . K -Z J f' -f -f' 'ff2"'v VVQ-"9"'L'J fa . K f,i,v,fy ax-J . 5 . A ,V W , W f , " x ff ' ff'ff A fy H T' - I - X aff If A Y U '51 15 f , 5 3 f . - 7 .1 'P ' ' ... ul, "' - 'N' N. XM ' 'QJ Q Y ' 5 A, l ' ,1 .V I dx, 1 , I fl . , . n ,, 1 I z 1 AL ,Z. 176 f A V 0- C -1. Q If 5 ,, M f , A3 if I ji ff f'f?f 'lfv VLA, i.x ,?,3j,L, yg g 1, 3' 4 1 J! 3 . L, :V 647- 'Q ,V pr g-,- , 1 ' I ' 1 ff' ' f ' I vYL!'5yJb'?3? 4 . " " O U p Y "L - -L Ll 4. r' L " ' L' X ,L K X I 'Y' ix YA f' ' r JN! g A '3f'L! J ig! N. UV- K 4, Jil J-vyy .2 1 1. U j nk nf, 'R .7 ftf.-f ' K 1 if lg!-fKJl,L,,fZl Q1 5Q,l,fvJ7'Li'U,6 df ' ' A ' If Il N ' LJ V, g L: J Q 7 11:2--L, 'LL ..LA.LL- 1-'kk l 5' 4V A' C " g 5, V I 7fWU. jg' wg 'X 1 R Q MRLL' .fl M an , FX 'xx x 5 Q J ' A f I ,I 4 xy-fv Vx .Q ' X X " ' X, , v , . . Yi! , .H , ,V , V ,I X, , fixi J I iq! N7 1 ' .1 ,I ls-yf.f.f",L fL,,Zu44' L2 U' "'N'-1, - THE LHUR eoca ,css 5 bs All,f . r wx we sf- ,V 3,'N'e Sr 5 , 3 Q11 il . 'T-A ' ' ' K --' '1 '31"b'5E43gf','.A A N Sophoniores COLOR: Black and Gold. FLOWER: American Beauty Rose. MOTTO: Let Knowdege crown our work YELL Rickal racka ricka. racka: Ricka, racka, rine-- Rah, rah, sis boom bah We're the class of '29 CLASS OFFICERS President .-...... .......................... G eorge H. Reitz Vice President ..... ................... .... M a rgaret Titus Secretary ....... ..... M argaret Morris Treasurer .... ..... R uth Stevenson Historian .... ....... A nthony Hanna Poet ......... ....................... D orothy Sterbutzel Marshall .... Delmas Bise SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL Adams, Cecil Baran, Margaruite A. Beal, Alice Beal, Gladys M. Belch, Emma Bierbower, Bessie Blackburn, Margaret F. Blaney, Mabel Roena Blaney, Grace A. Bogovich, Mary Bohunicky, John Boyd, Thomas S. Bowie, Lourena E. Brady,4Rose M. Brady, Mary W. Brashear, Olive Brokovich, Rose Marie Bryte, Elizabeth Butch, Dominic Cottage, Nick J. Cunningham, Alice E. DeBolt, Lester C. 49 Lewis, Dorothy L. Lilley, George E. Maher, F. J. Mallory, Mildred Ruth Martin, Mae McCulla, George M. McDermott, Charles Fra McCann, Marian L. Megalizzi, Agnes Merryman, E. Virginia Millward, Mary M. Morris, Margaret Evelyn ncis Oberleitner, Josephine G. Owens, Vincent E- Pasinosky, John Paulsen, Evelyn Perego, Marie M. Petuska, Mike Pieratine, Marino Raho, Margaret Rankin, Melvin Reitz, George H. THE LAUR eocn 'H' 3 Xiu' Q1- if 2--19, , 1--TF' V ,Fig -gzffgt ,J fl-, af,-" ' X "zf2"b" ,rzfjf-.. AA- Demarchi, Pete Demko, Michael Devan, Rebecca A. Doorley, Lawrence Dugan, Wallace Eberhart, Ruth Eddy, Raymond A. Fatula, Anna Fetcho, Helen E. Fornwalt, James E. Franks, Nettie Franks, Blanche A. Frankhouser, Eugene G. Freeman, Jesse B. Galla, Ralph Ganoczy, Edward Gabel, George Guley, Johanna Gush, John Guthrie, Paul J. Hanna, John J. Hanna, Anthony R. Hanuschock, Agnes Marie Harford, Anna B. Haught, Anna B- Hewitt, Jessie Clare Hlohinec, Michael Hovan, Elizabeth Hoover, Catherine A. Hvizdos, Steve Janoff, Dorothy Johnston, Walter J. Kenner, Mary M. Kelly, Mabel Grace Kobosky, Frank Koren, Mary B. Koches, Irene L. Kopack, Mary E. Dravitz, James Lardin, Miles Lardin, Maud L. Romondelli, Virginia M Rosenhein, Paul Rupert, Ruth Shoaf, Lois Sechler, James W. Shultz, J. Darrell Smell, Ethel Smell, Jacob Snyder, Alyce Irene Snyder, Edith Marie Stevenson, Dorothy R. Stankus, Mary Staley, Ruth V. Sterbutzel, Dorothy A. Titus, Margaret Pearl Tolbert, Beatrice R. Urbany, Helen A. Vayda, Steve A. Venturini, William Urabel, Paul E. Ward, Helen Valetta Walters, William H. Woolsey, Helen Y. Yanos, Joe Yaugher, Charles Wesley Zimmerman, J. Harvey Nelson, Coffman Louis Rozzie Delmas, F. Bise Krevinko, Michael Balabon, Nick Faulkner, Leo Hagan, Thelma Kelly, Ethel Grace Defino, Dominic, Ralston, Edward C. Johnson, Margatette Duffy, Eleanor A- Solo-mon, John Sangston, Betty 51 THE' LAUR EOLA . E1 .-, - Y- x 1 . , - -- , , ,., -f -,zazhf-S T ea,Wtoe '4g!!f'4m if ff? .fs - A W '6 S WAX SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY By Anthony R. Hanna When the Sophomores assembled in the Auditorium September 7, 1926, their number amounted to 123. Our purpose for coming back this year was for knowledge and education. On September 15, a Sophomore meeting was called and we elected our classiofficers as follows: President .............-....,............-..... George Reitz Vice President ......... ..... M argaret Titus Secretary ....., .... M argaret Morris Treasurer .... ..... R uth Stevenson Marshall --- ........ Delmas Bise Poet ..................-.......-1..-..... Dorothy Sterbutzel Historian .....................- - ........-.. Anthony Hanna V On October 23, the class was called out in front of the High School building for the purpose of having our picture taken, in a body. We Could not give a Reception in honor of the Freshmen because Mr. Sheetz thought there were too many in both classes, which is all too true. This was looked upon with regret by all the students of both classes, because they had all looked forward to that day. At the beginning of the second Semester, the four sections ex - changed schedulesg Section A taking B's scheduleg B taking C'sg C taking D's, and D taking C's schedule. This change was made in order to give all Sophomores the opportunity of taking History. On February 3, a French Club was organized by Miss Evans and of- ficers were elected. Only pupils having an average of 80171 or more were elgible to be members. A number of our class were considered members. Delmas Bise ...... Dorothy Janoff ..,. Frank Kabosky ...- Irene Koches .... Mary Kopacko ..... James Kravitz ....- Leo Faulkner ....... Miles Lardin ...-...... SOPHMORE ROASTS ---------------------------Some football star Josephine Oberleitner- - - Evelyn Paulson -....-. Lester Berry ........ Marguerite Baron--- Bessie Bierbower ---- Grace Blaney ------ Mabel Blaney ---- Lourena Bowie ---- Rose Brady ------- Rebecca Devan ------ Thelma Hagan ------ Agnes Hanuschock- - - - Anna Haught -------- 52 -- --Likes to disect animals ? ? ?? ---Likes Biology? ? ?? ----Seldom seen Without Mary -------English Shark ----------Our Artist --Prefers typewriting to biology Thinks he knows it all -------------- David, dear- - -- -- - - - -Always chewing gum - - - -Miss Evans' quiet little boy - - - -Did someone say Perry? --------------Some Sheba ----Wesley Yaugher ? ? ?? -------------Shorty- -------Oh! those eyes ------------Bashful???? -----Tom Boyd's favorite David ? ? ?? ------------Bise???? ----Spr1nger???? THE F 1-AUQ' FOLK Qu rn.-C' . 'Y Q ' - , 1: .V N fn. ELA5. K A -0 5-my Jesse Clare Hewitt--- Catherine Hoover ---- Mary Keener ----- Margaret Raho--- Melvin Rankin ---- George Reitz--- Helen Urbany ---- Darrel Shultz ---- Beatrice Tolbert ---- Ethel Smell ------ Lois Shoaf ------- Dorothy Sterbutzel- Helen Woolsey ----- William Walters ---- Joseph Yanes ----- Francis Maher ----- Grace Blaney ------ Margaruite Barron- Laurena Bowie ------ Anna Haugh ------- Mabel Blaney ----- Rose Brady--, ------ Catherine Hoover ---- Bessie Bierbower ------ . Jesse Claire Hewitt----. Mary Keener- - - - - - Rebecca Devan ------- Agnes Hanuschock ----- Cecil Adams ------- Dominec Dutch ----- John Bohunichy ---- Ralph Galla--. ---- George Gable----- Paul Guthrie ---- John Hanna ------- Anthony Hanna --- Steve Hvizdos --- Elizaveith Hovan --- Mabel Kelly- - - - - - Mildred Harford- --- fohanna Guley ----- Banche Franks --- Anna Fatula ---- Helen Fetcho ----- Ruth Eberhart ----- Alice Cunningham ------ Margaret Blackburn- --- ---------------- - ---- ---- Gladys Beal --,,,---- Rose Brokovich ----- Bary Brady ---- W - a V QE -Qi fir' gfeeegaigfi-,1f'fiQ1-1-ff S 4 AX ----------- --- --------------Oh! Gus ----------------------------Talkative --------------'Ili-e Reverand's future wife for the Biology notebook ----Likes to draw -----------------Knows his French??'?? ----------------------Some President ----Where's Josephine? -----------Quite-???? --------Skinny???? ------------All little, but oh my! ----------Comes from New Geneva -----L'kes demerits-gets them, too -------Always knows his English ----.----------Likes to draw ---'Tll smack your sassy face" ---------HA quiet little lad" ----------"Biology Shark ---------"You bet she is -------- "A nice little girl - The Sheba of Sophomore Al' -- ---- "Likes to work Algebra" "A studious Sheba" ---'6Hails from Greene County ----------"Chasing the boys ---------"Nobody loves me" ---------"Miss Ralph" -----------French Shak???? --------Dominec at Gettysburg -------------Woman Haterllll ---Likes to work Algebra???? Ignaramus is no name for him 77 Y! 77 7? 77 ---------------Undertaker???? ----Kiski Prep. Boy! I l l ------Immigrant Pest ------Peloponnessus -------------------Quiet'Z?'?? The Pop Girl -Hel'o Maggie!! How's Jiggs? ----, , ---Grays Landing Sheba -- -- ---------------- Specks ------,-------------Skinny'???'? --------------Man Hater'?'?'?'? She has a heart for evcrv heart with-Cctavfs at Alesia still able to fight -Not enough Powder - ---And So's Your Old Manlll!??? ---------My Daddys Hudson Six -----------Biology Shark???? H53 . THE LAUR EOLA Q 'f:..s:- - V1:3.2f::"f J ' V' erm.. -fe 'A ff- wwf H- 'eff' - X AMX Alice Beal ....... ....... - ..-- .... Some Looker, Kid I ! I! Olive Brashear ..................... -- .-............. Straight, Huh!!! Emma Belch .......... - .................... - ......... Miss Edenborn Mary Bogovich .... Champion Heavyweight of Soph. C. after Tunney's Title T. L. Titus ....... - ............... - ......... Part of Greene in Fayette Harvey Zimmerman ........... Stve Vayde .......-a.. Charles McDermott .... George Mikula ...... Marino Pierattini .... Paul Rosenshein .... Wesley Sechler .... Dorothy Lewis ..... Mary Koren ..... Edith Snyder .... Alice Snyder ..... Marie Pere o g ...... Agnes Megalizzi .... Mildred Malory ....... Mae Martin ........ Virginia Romondelli Margaret Titus ..... Virginia Merryman .... Ruth Sta.ley ........ Ruth Stevenson .... Helen Ward ..-..... Margaret Morris .... Marian McCann .... Ruth Rupert--.--- Maud Lardin ...... Mary Millward ..... Thomas Boyd .... Nelson Coffman--- Nick Cottage ------ Lester Debo-lt ------- Pete Demarchi -------- Lawrence Dooroley ---- -------------------------Some debater -----------Always happy ----That trip to the Mts. -----A future preacher - -..... Oh, my Clarinet ----Masontown Sheenie ---------Always blushing ----Wait a moment, Nick -------A friend in need ---There's my Kenneth ------Hails from Ralph ----A featherweight? ? ?? ------Heavyweight ? ? '?? ----Likes Wallace D. ------It's Mew Geneve ------------------Smiles ----Greene County Sheba --------A welcome guest - ---- Another Spring breaker ---------Oh! Raymond --------Oh! Averal -------Biology Shark -----A maid some day ----That you Lester? ---Likes Connellsville ----Oh! that pink letter ------Always smiling -------Oh! Frankie ----------The teaser ----Black eye-How? ------Joe's brother -----Caesar shark Wallace Dugan ------ ------- M ud cat Raymond Eddy ------- -------------------- S heik Eugene Frankhouser ---- ------------------ T he dude James Fornwalt ------- Perhaps a future president Jesse Freeman ------- ----------------- B aby Face Edward Ganoczy ---- -------------- S oda Jerker John Gush -------- ------------- D imples Mike Hlohenec----- Walter Johnson ---- Mike Previnko ---- George Lilley ---- Louis Rozzie ------ Edward Ralston ---- -- --What's in a ,name ----------Demerits ------------Silent ----Good auctioneer ------------Noisy -- - -Two gun-man F R MEN COLORS: Green and White. FLOWER: White Carnation. MOTTO: Corpe Diem. YELL Rickety! Rackety! Rah! Rah! Rah! Razzle! Dazzle! Sla! Boom! Bah! Hokey! Pokey! Ki! Yi! Yi! Class of 1930 German Township Hi. CLASS OFFICERS President ................. .- ............... Leonard Sangston Vice President .................N............. Wayne McCann Secretary ...............-................ Emily Christopher Treasurer ................-..i............ Virginia Sangston Historian .................................. Thelma Curstead Poet .................---...,..-.,.........- Deborah Bowen CLASS ROLL Piszczor, Joe P. Patrick, Victoria I. Provance, Charles Plikta, Katie Parnell, Genevieve J. Nabors, Milton B. Nypaver, Mary E. Nader, Azizzy Nattiole, Edward McWhirter, Lloyd M. Martin, Harry O. Hagyar, Mike McCann, J. Wayne Monaghan, Irene L. A. Mayher, Susan E. Merrick, Julia Moser, Barbara C. McGill, John Matthews, George Thomas Marinch, Steve Miner, Rudolph Lilley, Helen C. Lane, Fred D. Loucks, Charles Lane, Edward L. Lancaster, William Keener, John L. Keffer, Harry E. Kinnear, Bunice B. Kitt, Anna D. Keck, Verna Kelly, Genevieve E. Kovach, Mike Krovcheck, Steve C. 55 Shotts, John Smell, Mike Skiles, Mary E. Sangston, Virginia Secosky, George W. Sutch, Margaret Slagle, Louise M. Sampaolo, Peter Springer, Jonathan D. Schiffbauer, Helen F. Shubert, Cecelia V. Sloboda, Mary Skiles, Olive C. Stout, Ester C. Sakino, Joe A. Ehow, Ethel Mae Siko, Louis N. Rider, Margaret B. Rida, Albert Getsie, Margaret Grove, Martha W. Gross, John Fedelock, John Flintosh, Mike Frank, William R. Fanzone, Samuel Enlow, Harold Emerson, Wilda Mae Dobish, Melia Donelly Adam Dowe, Bentley J. Deffenbaugh, Juanita Druitsia, Anna M. Duda, Anna K T HE mus e o L A N g.. !:x"" V . . , ff f MAG if A 4' X 'a ' x Kowatch, Joseph P. Jesso-, William Jordan, l-I-arry Jaynes, Lillian V. Johnson, Cecil D. lntorre, Sunday R. Handlick, John J. Hall, John Hoon, Leroy R. Hackney, John G. Huston, Mildred Hall, Alma Mae Heffern, Frank J. Hancheck, Helen A. Glanish, Mary G. Geisel, Thelma E. Guydash, Helen F. Grashion, Marion Grove, Ellen Gillin, Marie Frankhouser, Della Cocks, Tom Sherank, Rosie DeBolt, Chester R. Tonsel, Joseph Zavona, Joseph Gales, William Kanpick, Susan Cascis, Andy Johnson, Ester Conroy, James Sangston, F. L. Zammarrelli, F. Nick Yaugher, Earl E. Yanossk, John E. Yanos, Christina William, Virginia P. Wanchick, Nick P. Woods, Lillian Whetzel, Kenneth E. Varga, Steve Vernon, Clara B. Vidonish, Steve L. Vacha, Rudolph J. Vinch, Louis Valcheck, Frederick J. Vodney, Earl Umbel, Dorsey Umbel, Merrill K. Tote, Julia Thomas, Rufus G. Tracy, Harold E. Tomechko, Joseph 4 INXS Defino, Viola Dearth, Allen R. Donnelly, Michael L. Drowe, Clarence Catney, Thomas Childs, Florence Crawford, James F. Curstead, Thelma E. Cain, Corinne M. Connell, Frank J. Crackawith, Joe Compardo, Stanley W Crow, Elizabeth M. Coffman, Lenora H. Christopher, Emily M Carrick, Joseph A. Baker, Charles L. Bowen, Deborah Barnhart, Agnes R. Becks, Clarence L. Boyle, Marie C. Bryan, George F. Brashear, Earl L. Bell, Eugene H. Berry, Lester Brown, Leona M. Barrett, Edward V. Barber, Corine E. Bowser, Elizabeth G. Brownfield, Bessie M. Adams ,Leona E. Brown, Mary M. Lang, Robert Pegg, Thoro Davis, Ralph Potter, William Frazer, Clayton V. Roderick, William D. Rowand G. Marie Rose, Madeline F. Ross, Evelyn A. Rain, Frances Rossi, Joseph Richnafsky, Andy D. Romp, Walter Rosenecker, John A. Rockwell, Earl Provarchy, Gasper Powell, Joseph B. Papuga, Stanley Plisko, Mary C. Park, John ..i FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY On September 7, 1926, there were enrolled in the Freshman Class at German Township High School 175 pupils. We realized that a great responsibility was upon us, but we were determined to do our best The Sophomores did not give us a reception, as. was the usual way Our colors are emerald and white and the Afmerican Beauty Rose 56 4 L 'V W ff .2 wk VV-1 ' 1 - ' , x R " 3? 5575" -: ' , V ' 'V :WSE V1 , V Vans, V LV VVVV V wr u if. mf. VVVV,-gy V. -. ff: V 1, V fr 1 M iw- M ,QL gg-VW' wk E ,gm V w V ,, . V mf Viz .od ffm V., ew 'H A -z.V'1VV ,V Q1 V? Vw VVV V . V W ,VVVV V - . ,MM 'ff 3' 4 x is-1 QVC? M 0- gig ar F :A V ..,,,. - K VV? 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VVVV. aw VA , ,V. ,Vw fjV V V VVgV.VVf?V ,V 5-E225 H 5 VfVf3gj3V.V V Q 5 ,533 V Vw 11,-Lg ,. ,V 1:gVfjfV :gfVVsVzV1,,V'V L, 'za , 7jV gV 31,21 -VV V, z.. 5 V 1 Q - -VV .. .. V V, .. A V . V ws- ,V ,Q V . ff 5-V... VQWV DV, .VV555VV,,x.,,VV,Q. ..V-5,5-,V - , 1 -,V VV..5V, V45 ,,1VV ,V,,.V,:,. VV, V 429. V-1- V, 4Vg:M..VV Ig V f '? VV fi ' . 2 HK :S :: .11 21 - . ff: ."! WWI V' V , K 'fi 'fwiizgfl 'if 'Q x ' ' 'ew . 'iff .i"', '?':"V EL L .ff V-,Lf HV... 1. 1,11 -,,,V -'I .1 Aw V, f' g V ' .WV-V.-wh V- .V f1.5iV. f.: . viii- V':.:, VL '?. ..- I'-.lj : VVJ :LIE V .,. I'2IE. I .. ,.V ' 1 ' 2 ,,+,.L,2fg.QV'.fV -1 K, ffl-U UV 5 . V,. Vf2 V f fi ,V - V5- ,, " 9- ' L- ,,,, V V' VV 3 V. S gif- H3532 :V-.V..VVV .V-VV.VV-ggi ' Vw -W1 VZVVVVMV gk ww.: V V1Vu VVVVVVEWVV 4. x 'S-iar w' 'wg 121 1--M7-1 Lfflf' 'pi ,iilflff-53 75315:-' -2 v, WZfVmz VMC :if?,,Vz -4 'fr i 'V5iVf.Vi5Qx V. " 1V'g'fj.: V3V-.:fVLi'Vf-iff., ' Vzfk, 5f.Va5W.Li51' V-'V'f5V '7V2'f,1v. 7-AVI TJ ML V :- X232 ' 2 1 V V V . MQ ' V M . . V . , . - Vz xiff M Vw , .... V ,L..,L V .. . V V. , . ,,., , . .V,. V. V 2 ifflffa. V -V H V- 1-fir ,Sf itm2?V1'VVW,? V ,V lf? -f" '.g' ' K . V. Vs-V ,VV ,,,. V .V V, V ,..V .V V, . .V V . 'nm V 'Ziff-V 9-,V if . . ,Jr-.:, W 21 ' 2-fiQV VV+11V' L - Vw -V.2:V'-sz-P ' V- ---V: - . " V s , . 'f:.3 - " l12sQw Vfffl1-" nf H , sg.. L! 552 1: 335 . iii. . A - . V V. V V. . V im 3 3 V ' in Vai.-:' . , 25, . V , ie fV1s1i'VL1-5 V1 " 'Tri VW f- ' . ' 'VV V V . V . ,. - V .1,. . Y V V, -'-' ' V " :VM - VVVV ' ' 1 J w, :V5,:,.f5:, A g,.:--V4V,:-g,5gg.5 . ,,V,,V A. ,VVSVVM Vg., , - ,. .97-fkgg- -w x:-VVg: V ,V ..Is.-:gf Wa, W . . -' 'HV z :"f'1 V1-i7 "1 'S ' '- 'ff :f ' 'f:1:':?"'-1 :' 7.1, Y ' 71V E' f', Jf' V -V-5 1 ff xr .V -VV 3- E ma i' ff- me ff- -- ' ,f 421 VV:-V V V. QV .V W V f ' - 'A 5- 2- f 144, ' W V. , Vw,-.. - V5 ,f'ffV1Lgi?L,V, V .V af.-fV V.. ' V ,f -V .. .AQ , ,,. V-V.V-i.. .1 VY-z-V-VVV,-2-,r,.Vm. V V VV VVfz,:V V -P V- ffl .. 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'QS' V '21 ' YQ '57 V ' - 'IQ P' ' 1 1 W H F ,. -' 1 V, 2 ' V-.V.f g2f..Q.,VVV -5 V-:V !V. . .,.Vx. . ,. 4 K, ' '-WH. , .gg W -' ., if Vi.--f2i,iV.?W25'V'V 2-1-Exif-'2"'VV'V' V K' 7 ' "M P 'V ' -323-5552 SY is '- -- 'V ' ' 'V VVV- - QSM' :V V- " g W ' .V 'N 9' 32 5 'V -' H ZX. 8 " V V WW 'ffl' HS -V xg X VVVK SV V .EV J , .V ., V., g . V-VVV -V V ,E MV za Ver V ,V ., . VV , 4 VV 5 V im .. . , - V. KV ,, QM ,gi VV LV ,. FV! l im? V3 ,,.,, JV V A3 V , VV 3 1 VV Lg K Vg , W" 55 iEEzX".f ff. Z -1. 5 'R v X 'f Q viii V, X I H " -V 1-, - 4 ,Y ' .-'f. -JC ' H18 5, if -M , at 4? 1 '4 2 . V 'rf if '- fl! - Lk V EQ ci,-1-iz, , L X 5 f ' , eb Q 5 T 1 , " . f " - M In a.. , -AV If Q, V 5 Q S ' 'ff gg " ,QV 'Vi L Q S W fs 1 1 5 S ' .r f X ' V ' ,E V ., ,. - 'V 'H V ga V - -Z1 f ' , K --" - W.. FT 5 Fc? V K Y Q 5 J ak l 1 :zf,,igi2 ,M K f A.. . rv ' ffk- ', iVf.1V V A WM HN F, V: - V V V 1-i.gzwV-V:--- K' V Vi A. -. V i .: -,IV Vx' Q-Hi :ref 3 V, fx ? ' .1.'V:S 4'-F -V 'Z'- ,f V. V, . 1 .4-1, ..,. , K V V. w A V ff.: X -Vi ' , . VV 5' ,gang Sm ' -V VV , V. v- 5, jg ,f VVVV WV Z? . -iff x ii'-f '1if '.Q ':::'3?." I 75 V N Wiz- SV V, - " , Vg ' ye-4' . ? g5gggV': ,:,VV f 'f,Ef:ui1,V.Vi..m ea Vg QVV . V,5V VVVVV:-V,-QV 1eV.'f,s K V .' . V'-V THE LHU EOLA - 1,593 f - V1 ,Ali 74' . . V N- Q -5 N L' ' .' , Q- 1 f ' ' -'E ef., 'P 22 24299 ff! .. - Al f is our class flower. "Corpe diem," meaning, "Make the most of the day," is our motto." Now as one of our four years of toil and study is coming to an end, and our history is very short, we bid the Seniors "Farewell," and we hops that the next three years of our course will be as pleasant and profitable THELMA CURSTEAD '30. as the first year. Thomas Cocks --- Julia Tate ........ 1- FRESHMAN ROASTS ---------------------.-- -----Pretty Popular Cecelia Shubert ...... Virginia Sangston- Virginia Williams .... Evelyn Ross ...... Madeline Ross .... Christina Yanos--- Mary Slaboda .... -- --- - -Just at Freshie -- -- -Peppy Freshman -------Likes a Junior - -- -Like a Sophomore Cute Freshie ' -'.m-.'.-651523 from Ralph Mary Skiles ........ Olive Skiles ..... Helen Schiffbauer- Albert Reda ...... John Shotts ........ Joseph Rossie ..... Jonothan Springer ..... --- Kenneth Whetzel ..... Steve Var o g ....... John Keener ..... Harry Martin .-.. Mike Magjar .... Milton Nabors .... Joe Powell ........ Joe Piszczar ...... Gusper Provarchy John Rosenecker-- Walter Romp ...... Earl Rockwell ..... Bessie Brownfied ..... Susan Knapick --- Azizzy Nader ..... Cathryn Plikta ....... Genevieve Parnell Margaret Rider--- Louise Slagle ----- Margaret Sutch ---- Ethel Show ----- Thora Pegg ------ Mar M Brown y . ---- Andy Richnafsk - Joe Sakino ---- Louis Silko ---- 58 ---------Very Bright ------Alice S.'s Pal ----Skiles No. 2 --------------Flirt - - - -Edenborn Sheba --------------Meek Lambert Shiek Musician ---------------Farmer Tom Furgison's brother From???? --------Girls rave over ----Comes from Ronco --------------Blondy ----Why so meek ----The drummer ----Quit School ----Oh! Mary -------Our Shark ---------Silent???? -----------Noisy??'?'? ----Never plays hook --------Went Away -----Prize Winner - ------ Our Katy ,,,,----------Lost -- -Science her best - - - - --Modern girl - - - -Subtle child - - - - -"Little Girl" - - - -Glad she came - - -- -Rufus 'pal -------Shorty ---------Pest -----Not so bad THE LAUR EOLF5 All Q53 ,faq -Q. 5 x 'f 'f ,A -is-'Jr -'H -xx -1 ,rx y1 4 - Y . . 'i f iff., P -'-P Qirvz, '-A T- ' 'J Ill , 15:1 C or Z R George Secosky --- ....... ---- Mike Sinell ...... Rufus Thomas .... Harold Tracy ..... Joseph Tomechko - Frederick Valcheck Rudolph Vacha -- Steve Vidonish --- Louis Vinch .i.. Earl Yaugher ..... John Yanosik ...... Nick Zammairella Rudolph Miller ..... Ralph Davis ...... Clarence Becks --- Eugene Bell ..... Marie Boyle ....... Earl Brashear .... Emily Christopher Leona Brown ....... Frank Connel .... James Crawford .... Joe Crackowitch -- Elizabeth Crow .... Thelma Curtead -- Chester Debolt --- Viola Defino .... Melia Dobish - Anna Dreustia Anna Duda --- Ra Franks y ..... Mary Galmish .... William Gales ..... Thelma Geisel .... Marie Gillen .... 5 -----------Nutty -----John's brother ------Happy now -------Nice kid -----Pole vaulter --------Quit school -------Thara's Sheik -----Our class leader -----Freshman captain ----Went to South Union -------------Red hair ---------------Nuisance ----Short term freshlman ------Came from Ohio ----------Handsome ----See Marie Boyle -------See Eugene -------Silly as ever -----------quiet???? ----Sits in a front seat -----------Still a pest ---His eyesight is bad ------Short but cute ---------Gee, I'm cold ----A shark in lessons ----Everybody's friend --------Oh, Dear!!!! --------Very quiet -------Our shouter ----Likes Frickie!l!! -------------Very nervous ---------A shark in serving N I never heard of spinach" --H --,---------Whereis Juanita? ,U--------------Little, but Oh my! Ellen Grove ------ .-... Helen Guydosh Esther Johnson Rosie Sheranko Vernon Frazee Wayne McCann -- Frank Hsffern Gee! How I miss Alfred B.!!!! ---,---,-H,--------Oh! my hair John Hackney ---- Leroy Hoon ------ Cecil Johnson ----- Fred Lane ------- Charles Loucks Edward Lane --- John McGill ------ George Mathews - - - -- - - Lloyd McWhirter - 59 ----------A cute kid ---Oh! Miss Stewart l l I! ---,- ------ A newcomer -----Very shy???? ---------Not so bad -------------- A pest ---------Afraid to move ----Sohne Civics student -U,---------"Girl hater" -----Crazy about the girls ------Always in mischief ---------Likes Vail!!!! ----Football Starl!!! ----Tall and Slim THE LBUFZ E OLF1-' -. M 5. ,lv X' V A Y I ' --I 4 Vx,, N :ark-as 4 eff r 551' EQ!!"2"'ff5:- if 4 Aff if i Steve Marinch .... Edward Mattioli - John Park .......... Charles Provance Alma Hall ........ .Mildred Huston -- Anna Kitt ....... Verna Kick ....... Genevieve Kelley .... Bernice Kinnera --- Helen Lilley ...... Irene Monaghan-- Susan Mayer .--.. Julia Merrick .... Barbara Moser .... Mary Nypover --- Victoria Patrick --- Correne Barber -- Deborah Bowen --- Lenora Coffman - Martha Grove --- Margaret Getsie --- Sundat Intorre ------ Della Frankhouser Florence Childs --- Robert Lang ---- John Handlick --- Andy Cascis .....-- - Stanley Compardo Thomas Catney ---- Clarence Crowe --- Joseph Carrick -- Mike Donelly ---- .Allen Dearth --- Bently Dowe ---- Adam Donelly --- Samuel Fanzone --- Mike Flintosh ---- John Fedelock- - - - John Gross ---- - George Bryan - - - Harry Jordon ---- Joseph Kovatch -- Steve Jrofcheck --- Mike Kovach ------ William Lancaster Joseph Fousel --- Marion Grashion - William Potter --- Leona Adams -------- Gertrude Bowser ----- S 4 IAN ----Arrives by street car -----------Loud Speakerllll ----Likes to go to school???? - - - - - - - -- - - --Frog. catcher --------------Big Wind -----------Always smiling ----Loves Delmise Bise I I ! I - - - ----------- A midget -----Little, but oh my! --------- A flirtllll ---------Not so worse -----A faithful student -----------Sime girl ------A good student -L --------------- Quiet ----Don't use rouge???? ------------A noisy girl -. ------------ "Baby Face" ' 'f 97 - - - - "Yearnin g for Clarence -------------"Like Jim I7 77 "Where's Charles -:i:5Little, but oh my!" -------------"Quiet" ------"Who is he" ---"Almays smiling" ----------"Bobby" ------"Noisy"???? ----"Got a haircut" ---"Bright eyes" -------"Bright', ----"Bashful" ------"Fast"???? -------"Who is she" -----"Like Mildred Sf, ----------------------"Sleepy" ----------"No relation to Mike "Who's all those letters from"? ------------"Oh, what 'a smile" "Likes Algebra" ---"Missed a lot of school" -------"Jenny's brother ----------------f4Rl!ed7! ----"Teasing the girls "Little" 79 --IKLIQHZMWQQSJEHEJ inichiefv , 60 Our s ------------------"Sh1ek"??? --,--- --------- Likes the girls upposed to be sophomore" ' fe - -"Hails from Redstone ---------"A good chum" ---"Has a case on Keener" Y 61 THE o LH sg M e. ' ' 'V X Y P . , H. 4 xi, ew ,, T ff if eff .ef ee A 'XX Qlummvrrial iKvniv1n The Commerciail department of our dear Alma Mater has given us a wonderful peep into the business world for which we are preparing. The commercial course required takes two years to be completed. The course consists of Bookeejoing, Shorthand, English. Law. Typing, Orthography, Calculation, and Penmanship. Thus you see that we are ably prepared to take up our duty in the world as we leave dear old German Township High School. A We have had wonderful office practice this year due to our pub- lishing the "Microscope," our monthly publication. The commeerciail work is very interesting, if one has enough inter- est in it. Of course, the work may discourage one. but we have been taught to go after a thing diligently and courageously, until we co-uldn't heelp but love the work. Our instructors have been two of the kindest and most patient of instructors, therefore to them we owe a lot. I am taking space here, for the Seniors of the Commerciail Depart- ment to express their thanks and appreciation. We also want to bid our classmates and our instructors Farewell, that sad word of the English lan- guage, Farewell. The word which cometh from a saddened heart. The word which is uttered most sincerely. Farewell! Four years at G. T. H' S. we have spent, But a lot to us they have meant. The time quickly has flown And it is all too soon known That we must leave thee. Farewell Alma Mater-Farewell to thee! 4 -Jennie Bryan. 62 Q . THE LAUR -9 it -'Q 4 4' fv.,,.A-ff ' s' '-a,-yf wqi, 5 N AMX 5. a V 1- 'dv -1 iw-xii mf N kwa- 'XS " 'X P Q1 52' Q ,kriszxwmwggz Bidi aw Tyz :xi ix Feffniwri K ' -, A if ' , 63 1 -1 , viii" A wgb . 'v:5z: X'-' izll 7 J ff: A :- -.- f - -asf?"-'ffigf!e','g f , X Z 'a' ' X. THE muse eoca AMX Eaurrnlzt Staff Editor-in-Chief - - - ,-------- n - - Assistant Editor .... Business Manager .... Assistant Manager .... Literary Editor ..... Literary Assistant ..-. Statistical Editor ..... Statistical Assistant .... Art Editors ..... Staff Artists .... Official Photographers .... Joke Editors .... Athletic Editors .... Faculty Advisor .... Assistants .... 64 -------Melinda Fiat - - --Stanfoird Sterling -- - --William Culleton -----Robert Semsey - - - - - - --Hilda Allamon Mary Frances Doorley --------Edith Hirsch - - - - - --Thehna Gould QL Fay Moore Nelson Coffman 'Marie Jaynes John Pisczor 4' Josephine Ferraniti ' Katherine Duritza 4' Cecelia Williams C 4 4 fl I 'Robert Gray 'Elizabeth Martin ' Clarence Haines Edward McGill Georgia Miles 1' Charles Bryan 'Rose Mary Feieney 'Carmen Natale 4 - - - -- --Lloyd Matson 1' Clarence Enterline 4' Elizabeth Vail 'Harold Wheeler QQ U 'fel GRA PH S A9 MWWWQ dvvxf' 405127 if THE 1.Aue eoLA iiiflf A N 6-5.32 L' -g, 1 f ,ig ' ' 6' -.-guxf' I .5 g A :XX LE CERCLE FRANCAIS FLOWER: Fleur-de-lis COLORS: Rose and Silver The French Club was organized February 3rd, 1927, in room sixteen, with Miss Evans in charge. The names of the students who were eligible for office were written on the black-board. From them. the following were nominated: President-Bertha Shoaf and Myra Honsaker. Vice President-Sue Howard and Edith Hirsch. Secretary-Melinda Fiat, Helen Urhany and Dorothy J anoff. Treasurer-Charles Bryan, Amelia Blasotti and Harry Magolatti. The officers elected are as follows: President .................. .... M yra Honsaker Vice President ..........-... ..... S ue Howard Secretary ...... .- ............... Dorothy Janoff Treasurer .................-.... Harry Magalotti The charter members are those students now enrolled in Miss Evans' classes, who have completed one semester's work with an average grade of 80721, or above, in this way, there will be an incentive for better class work, a greater interest in the French and their language. Our' meetings are held once a month, in Miss Evans' room, during the last two class periods. Thus we work and play and enjoy both. Our program committee consists of: Bertha Antram, Edith Hirsch and Charles Bryan. , The social committee consists of: Melinda Fiat, Sue Howard and Gladys' Beal. The last of May, we shall have our meeting in the evening., Each member will be permitted to bring a guest and more time will be given for "p1ay." The Charter members are: Bertha Antram Gladys Beal Amelia Blasotti Charles Bryan Alfred Cavalcante Ruth Eberhart Alice Cunningham Melinda Fait Helen Fetcho Anna Fatula Stella Fornera George Gabriel Mildred Harfard John Hannah Authony Hanna Edith Hirsch Sue Howard Myra Honsaker Dorothy Janoff Frank Kabosky 66, Frank Kabosky Mary Kopacko Elizabeth Kikta Miles Lardin Bertha Lewis Joseph, Megalizza Harry Magolatti George Reitz Margaret Raho Bertha Shoaf Dorothy Sterbutzel Ethel Smell John Solomon Louis Shoaf Priscella Stevenson Helen Urbany Mildred Wheeler Evelyn Paulson ' John Bohunicky Miss Alma Evans ALMA EVEANS, Sponsor. s . THE Leu o LH ,za-,ekfii facefe p g eff ' .i ce ' ff' f -5 ' x 4-:XX THE LATIN CLUB In the fall of 1926. under the leadership of Prof. Wheeler, the Latin teacher, the Latin vlub of G. T. H. S. was organized. The purpose of the meeting bei-ng to elect officers. and to arrange for meetings to be held once rx month in the auditorium. The following officers were elected: i Joseph McGinty Edward Yanchus Consuls ...............,,...,.........- -- Quaestor .... ..... R ayniond Eddy Aedili .... ...... H arriet Darrall Faye Moore Emely Christopher William Culleton Edna Jenkins At these meetings a program is given consisting of the reading of themes on Roman life, also musical numbers and readings of a. Latin nature. A Quiz class is conducted by Mr. Wheeler. Professor Sheetz often attends the meetings and has given some interesting talks which were enjoyed by all. After the program the mem- bers adjourn to the gymnasium where the rest of the evening is spent playing games and dancing until ten o'clock, when refreshments are served. The club secured pins which bear the emblem "S P. Q. R." Mr. Wheeler gives the Freshmen derivetive contests in their classes. Stanley Papuga won the first contest by having two hundred and thirty English words from the latin verb "mitto". All of the Seniors wereassigned topics pertaining to Latin on which they were to write a thesis. . The Latin Students are also staging a play "Julius Caesar" to be given the latter part of the school term. The play is being coached by Mr. Wheeler with the following cast. Praetors ..... ..,.....,g.-.., ,,,,,-,,,,-,- Julius Caesar ........-...,.... .... ...... J o hn Hanna Mark Antonius .... ---James Solomon Brutus .......... .,.... N atty Pinsker Cassius ....... .... A rgetti Frasconi Trebonius -N ...... Sidie Bononi Cosca ........ ...... L ibero Cerri Lucuis ......... .... E dward Ralston lst Stage Hand ..g....,- -,,- ------,,-,,--.-....,. . . Eugene Franks 2nd Stage Hasnd .,-,,.,--,,,,,-------,,--,-,----...,..... John Shottz Announcer ...,-,,..,,--.,,,--,-,,,-,,-,-,,....,.-.. Joseph McGinty At the Latin Club meeting held the 22nd of April slides depicting Roman life were shown. An effort is being made to obtain a motion pic- ture relating to the Roman life. The Senior members of the Club extend their best wishes that the club will continue its activities in the following years and wish every pos- sible means of prosperity and success bestowed upon their efforts. -67 Tr-is f.AuR eoLA K - ess: -'f " ,W -4 . Q - f ,', a1 - if-' -,ee-as e -E a f--' kffhif qff -ff .- AMX 1927 FAYETTE COUNTY INTER-HIGH SCHOOL LITERARY AND MUSICAL ACTIVITIES The literary and musical activities are conducted under the auspices of the Fayette School Directors' Association, fo rthe purpose of creating an interest along these lines equal to that shown in athletics. Also they give a large number of students the opportunity to develop mental power that will help them in their future life. The first contest of the season was held in the Georges Township High School on March 4, the Select Oration. Lillian Cox ably represented our school. The Reading Contest was held in the Point Marion High School on March 12, Edith Hirsch representing our school with "The Lion and the Mouse." Edith was awarded second honor. We are proud of Edith. Alfred Cavalcante was our representative in the Original Oration Contest held at Dunbar on March 21, giving as his subject "The Constitu- tion." Both the oration and the method of delivery merit praise. Marie Perego represented our school in the Piano Contest held jointly with the String Instrument Contest at Perryopolis High School on March 26. William Powell was our representative in the String In-- strument Contest, accompanied by Edith Hirsch. Helen Lilley, accompanied by Catherine Dean, representated our school in the Vocal Contest held jointly with the Wind Instrument Contest at Uniontownf High School on March 31. Libero Cerri was our presenta- tive in the Wind nstrument Contest, accompanied by Gwendolyn Kennison. In debate our team made a very good record. Out of eight debates our representatives were successful in winning four. The proposition was, Resolved: That the United States Should Cancel All War Debts With For- eign Nations Incurred During the Recent World War. Nettie Rankin and Francis Laick supported the affairmative side of the question 3 Mabel Wil- son and sreal Janoff the the negative. Although all our representatives did not win, they profited by their experiences in trying. Even thought some of them los, they won. 68 CGNFESTHIVTZS' The Microscope is a very interesting and educational little magazine, published monthly by our school. It is edited and managed by the Com- mercial Department. There are reporters in various Academic Classes. Our paper is unusually good this year under the Edito-rship of Louis Fabbri. Louis is an up and doing young mann, well fitted to the position. It is with sadness that we think of Commencement, as it will re- move him from our ranks. The Staff is as follows: Editor-in-chief .......-.........-.. ...... X Louis Fabbri Assistant Editor .... Secretary .......... Treasurer ............ Business Managers- Masontown ......... Uniontown ...,.. New Salem ...... McClellandtown --- Art Editor ............... -- Exchange Editor ............ Assistant Exchange Editor ,.... Sport Editor ..........,...-., Social Reporter .......... --- Senior Class Reporter ......... Senior Commercial Reporter .... Junior Class Reporter ........... Junior Commercial Reporter Junior Commercial Assistant Sopho oie Class Repoiter ----Nettie Rankin ----Glenn Rowand -------------Francis Laick ----Mollie Sosin-Sara Epstein ------------Assistant Editor -----------------Treasurer ----Harlan DeBolt ----James Kravitz -----Martha Lilley ----Maria Coffman ------John Smell ----Sara Johnson ---Myra Honsaker ----Jennie Bryan ------Melinda Fiat ----Hilda Allamon ---Catherine Dean --Margaret Morris m ' ' ----- --....-----.. F1'6Sh1'I1aI1 Class R6pO1't6P ---- ---------------- V if-ginig, Sanggtgn Faculty Advisors --.....---- C. G.. Enterline-Lloyd Matson THE moe eo:-A 5' . Vfiiilf' ' ' --- 'xv-35,2-sz: 'fn M - -Z-'I-Is: :iff ' ' "fp?"" q9gg!!'!'-f B ., - 4 uf J President .... Secretary ...... Marshall ....... A- - - - - - -Marino Piearttini First Clarinet - - - First Clarinet - Second Clarinet --- .... Joseph Rossi First Cornet ..... Second Cornet --- Saxophone .... Baritone - .... - First Violin .... First Violin ..... Second Violin - Second Violin - - - Drums ....... Piano - - - Director .... Assistant -- ORCHESTRA Officers --------- ---------'William Powell - - - - Gwendolyn Kennison -------James Ainsley - -- - - -Liloero Cerri - - -Jess Freeman - - - -William Keffer - - - - - -Thelma Gould - -- -William Sterling - - - -William Powell ---- --John Perego - - - -Natty Pinsker - - - -David Millward - -------James Ainsley Gwendoly Kennison "" Edith Hirsch --- ----- C. G. Enterline -- - - - - - - - - -William Powell 71 'rr-as Leun eocn -,Ne ls' ix ,Q-.nh si ' - , -f f ' A, iff.-f -ez ff? -1. '6 X .4 :XX f "BLACK AND BLUE" Black and Blue, a comedy drama in three acts, written by Clara Or- wig, Was given by members of the Senior Class, Feb. 9 and 10, 1927. The scene of the play was laid at a seashore cottage where a family by the name of Reynolds spent the summer. The plot tells of an intensive state of warfare between Hiram Yeager CArgetti Frasconib. owner of a farm which is adjacent to a summer colony, and the visitors from the city. As a prank, Nancy Reynolds fEdna Jenkinsj, an adventure-loving girl, dresses as a boy and while thus garbed, late in the evening, drives a girl chum home to another town in her brothers roadster. All goes well until the return trip when she is caught in a trap laid for her' brother by Hiram. Most of the action of the play is found in this second act. How Nancy meets Gordon Mitchel CJoseph McGintyJ, attracts him and then vanishes Without disclosing her identity, and then, the young man lays siege to the fair lady's heart. The third act is laid in the Conservatory of Mr. Mitchelis home, where he is holding a week-end party. It is at this party that he finds the fair lady, which he has long been searching for. The characters of this play were as follows: Nancy Reynolds, an adventure-loving girl ................. Edna Jenkins Gordon Mitchel, a globe-trotter ................ .... J oseph McGinty Mrs. Reynolds, Mother of Nancy ..... .... N ettie Rankin Hal Reynolds, brother of Nancy--- ---- Nattie Pinsker Binks Deming, chum of Hal ------- -----John Hannah Dorothy Blair, friend of Nancy ------ ---- M abel Sterling Mrs. Kiy Vandyne, sister of Gordon ---- ----- S arah Epstein Charles Kenton, a Week-end visitor ----- ----- F rancis Laick Hiram Yeager, a misplaced farmer ---- ---- A rgetti Frasconi Stevens, Mitchelfs servant ------------------- ----- L ouis Fabbri Jack Armstrong, a week-end visitor -------------------- Herschell Eddy THE CHORUSES Between the first and second acts a Dutchman Uohn Smellj and an Irishman CSteve Smithl enter arguing as to which one is the smartest. The argument becomes so heated that a quarrel results and the Dutchman is hit on the head. As the Dutchman is hit, a. drunkard CClarence Hainesj on his way home from a belated stag, attempts to champion the Dutchman. The Dutchman and the Drunkard form a plot whereby they can incriminate the Irishman. The plot is worked out-fails and all be- come friends- CSongsJ Between the second and third act Pete QJohn Smellj and Joe CSteve Smithj meet Bill fClarence Hainesl who has a dog. They quarrel as to who will get a pup but Pete fools them and shows Joe two dogs that he is Wearing on his garters. Bill then tells them of a girl he had who died. They all weep mournfully. until Pete and Joe describe, in poetry, a girl friend of theirs who also has died. The choruses consisted of: The Irishman -------------- Joe ------ Played by ---- ------- S teve Smith The Dutchman ------------ Pete ------ Played by ------------- John Smell The Drunkard ---- ----- B ell Played by -------- Clarence Haines The Girl -------- ----Mary ------ Played by --------- Nora Panicucci Vocalist- -- -- - -- Violin Solo ---- -----75--U Thelma Kendall . Corine Ewart Emily Christopher - - - -William Powell THE LHU gh EULA S ' 7 ,Y A I 'ZA y vague " X -5 Q - . T41 Ml.-. N K , J . -- - L.. -:,..21 TQ-1' v' , ' 4 ' . 4- X pf'p', ,,,f lf' f- -- , rf: ,. -7-,gg , WNY 73 p 'rr-as Leine eocef - - -E J H- - , E:s.:.-5' 5.'ll,- -1 ,ff ' esnpsk.-F 7 'H 'wf' R5:f! ' N WANJX ' "The Empty House" The Junior Class of German Township High School presented the play, "The Empty Housev, a comedy drama in three acts and an epilogue April 20 and 21, 1927, in the Auditorium of the High School. The sight of unaccustomed lights in an empty house and a mysterious disappearance leads a younger sister to weave a romance about every day characters and gives the wouldebe play wright of the family, the nucleus of a plot. It was a play of many mysteries and intrigues, full of humor, pathos. and tragedy. The cast was composed of journalists, playwrights, judges, strange women, witches, Irish and Swedish maids and chauffeurs. Although their first ap- pearance on the stage their parts were played well and some real talent was uncovered. The cast follows: Nora ...................... ....................... M arie Blackshere Larry Ferguson ................ , .... Nelson Coffman Fredericka Ferguson--- ---- Elizabeth Martin Tom Ferugson ------- ---Averal Whetzel Barbara Ferguson ---- ----- S ue Howard Retta Rieves ------- - ----Vera Kramer Ralph Overton ---- ---- C harles Bryan Peggy Palmer ------ ---- . ---- E dith Hirch Anthony Allison ---- ----- C larence Haines Florine ---------- ---- C ecelia McArdle Ned ----------- ---- A ndrew Powell Edith Allison ---- ----- G eorgia Miles Constance ------- ,,,,, ----. A m elia Blasotti Judge Lennox ------------- ----..----.- -------------- R o bert Gray Choruses - A comedy sketch, Two Jay Detectives, was presented between the first and second acts. The characters: Ezra-A Detective ---------------------------.---------. -John Smell Adam-Another Detective --------------------------------- Paul Gross Stranger-Who Almost got Arrested ------------------- George Magerko In addition to the above sketch a very able chorus presented some popular songs as well as suitable dance steps. The chorus consisted of : George Lilley and Thelma Kendall, George Reitz and-Emily Chris- topherg Francis Laick and Mabel Wilsong Joseph McGinty and Edna Jenk- ins. ' Fust Aid to Cupid, a Negro comedy sketch was given between the second and third acts. The characters: - Boliver-An aged Negro -------------- --- -------- Steve Smith Rosy-Boliveris little girl --------------- ---- L ouis Eberhardt Liza-A French maid --------- .. ------------------ ---- M arion Stavish Willie--A Wanderin' Wagabond --------------------------- James Boyd Julius J azbei J axson-A High Yaller Darkey --.----------- Andrew Powell A word of praise may be justly given, to those so ably gave their services and time so that this Junior play might be a success. The play we consider an all around success and we hope that those participating in plays in the years to come will work together as well as those comprising the present Junior Class. '74 The En pig Eii"3i,1Qi '75 THE mua eoca ' WAX DIARY D450 September 7-Doors opened and We all rushed in. Glad to start in again. September 13-Gee! A Whole Week over already. September 14-Started in on some real Work. September 15-Girls and boys had their Athletic Meetings. September 16-Still not settled. Some coming in-some going out. September 17-Assembly. Sheetz explained about transportation checks. Freshies were glad-some of them. September 20-Oh! Slush, We had our pictures taken. Wonder who broke the camera. Mr. Cooley entertained us with singing and dancing. September 21-Going to play Greene County Champs CNinevahJ on Friday. September 22-Practiced yells for big game. N o damage done. Only shook building. September 23-Distributed signs for game. Weather uncertain. Sheetz and Titus gave talks about the game. September 24-Day of big game. Hurrah! We Won. 10-0. Weather half and half. September 27-Assembly again. Minor and Wheeler gave talks about game. September 28-Juniors had first French tests. Easy? ? ? ?? tu September 29-Frogs are rather numerous. Sophs ready for disec- ion. September 30-Football, volleyball, orchestra and faculty meetings at 3 :30 P. M. October 1-Day of game with East Huntington. Oh! We lost- 16-13 was the score. October 4-Juniors Wild about Physics???? Wild is right. Or- chestra gave a concert i-n assembly. October 5-Got first issue of Microscope. Wonderful. Got our in- dividual pictures. More Wonderful ? ? ? ?? October 6-A representative of the Curtis Publishing Company came to give us the agency to sell subscriptions to the Ladies Home Journ- al, Country Gentlemen and Saturday Evening Post. He organized three campaigns of red, blue, and black and gave us badges. Wonder who Will sell the most. Prizes are given. f October 7-Assembly. Prof. Sheetz, gave talk about discipline. NOW, let them disobey. October 8-Day of game With East Bethlehem at Fredericktown. We Won 14-13. We made a. touchdown in the first 7 minutes. Mr. Minor is leaving us today. We're all sorry to see him go. October 11-Blues and reds tied so far in selling campaign . October 12-Mr. Matson telling Juniors a Poe story, filled with hor- rors, and the fire alarm Went off. We were certainly frightened. October 13-Assembly. Mr. Schmidt read for us. It was very enjoy- able. Got a new teacher, her name is Miss Baker. 76 THE mue e o LA R -V. , X 'V ' , , ,. I ' M.. 14,,..f s,:g,-xfif T -7? +f5Qi, 4riQ!!'ve . ff? sf-f' ff . 'i Q Y HHN October 14--Junior class meeting, found out all about rings. October 15-First league game at Brownsville. WE won. 29-0. Only five more league games to win. Keep it up C. T. H. S. October 18-Juniors, taking Physics, went to Nemacolin to see a moving picture on mining. Mr. Shaner helped take the picture. Golly! He's even in the movies. October 19-Sophomores had a meeting. They're making up their yells. Rah, Rah, Rah! October 20-Raised the roof yelling. Tomorrow game with Mt. Pleasant. The blue campaign won having around 150 subscriptions. Rah! for the blues. October 21-Mr. Ben Friedman of Masontown gave us a talk about football. Also Mr. Willard, our old literary friend, gave us a talk. Both speeches were very good. We played Mt. Pleasant today and lost with the terrible score of 46-0. October 22-Football boys going to Waynesburg to see game. Boyd plays today. October 25-Br-r-r-r. First time we say snow since last winter. Nice gobsploshus weather. Tom Boyd, a freshman in Waynesburg College gave us a short football talk. He has a broken finger. October 26-Senior girls gave the football boys a banquet. Basket- ball girls had first practice. Miss Fanny Hirsch, a. 13 year old Freshman of Masontown High School, read for us a very good selection. October 27-Laureola Staff had a. meeting which lasted from 1:00 till 3:00. Some meeting. October 28-Laureola Staff went to Uniontown to have pictures taken. Wonder how they put twenty-two into it. October 29-Senior Dance tonight. Everybody having a splendid time. Yea! Seniors. We're playing Dunbar today. We lost 13-0. We may or may not get the cup this year. November 1-First day of third month of school. Doesn't time fly? Mr. Shaner divided the Physics, sections into those having an average of 88? in Physics. in one section, and those below, in another. Those above 38? will get double work. fGee. we pity 'em.l November 2--Election Day. Junior Class went to see Edenborn Mine, with Mr. Shaner. They were given lamps and a jacket coat. It was a very interesting experience ffor the girlsl. November 3-We learned a new song. Miss Evans, a graduate of West Virginia University, enjoyed hearing it, because the song was taken from a West Virginia song. November 4-Had assembly. First Junior oration given by Helen Caruso. We yelled and sung. Getting ready for the Redstone game. November 5-School dismissed for Redstone game. Had two special street cars. Mr. Friedman had the Masontown band there. But we lost 20-7. It's good-bye cup. November 8-Monday. Assembly. Those that got pens or pencils for selling subscriptions, received them today. November 9-Game with South Union. Just pouring outside. We won 13-12. November 10-Nothing doing. Studying hard. Snowing terribly. November 11-Armistice Day. Had assembly till 3:00. Then were 77 ' ii T HE reus e o 1. A 1 , -..HK 'A 4 . . 1, ,W : N, ze-he T ee rf-1 P-F-2' - . .2 'A ff ' W '6 ' S 1 AMX dismissed. Mr. Cavalcante, a. graduate of G. T. H. S. gave us a talk on the meaning of Armistice Day. Most of the faculty gave talks from ex- periences in the War. November 12-Game with North Union. Hurrah! We won. 7-6. At least We Won South Union and North Union games. November 15-Monday. Junior rings are here. They certainly are pretty. November 16-Rain. rain, rain. They're fixing some lights in the building. We certainly like to hear the noise and pour of the rain. EH? November 17-Laureola Staff meeting. Elizabeth Martin gave her Junior oration. so did Jennie Bryan give her Senior oration. ' November 18-Had assembly. Getting ready for Point Marion game. h November 19-We lost 20-0. Five of our men couldn't play. Were urt. November 22-Had assembly. The Citizens Title Sz Trust Co. gave oue booklets on the money We use. Very interesting. November 23-No assembly. No rain. No snow. No demerits. No nothing. Oh! Yes, there was orchestra practice at 12:30. November 24-Thanksgiving Day Program and game With Georges. Well, We Won the game, our last of the season. 21-0. November 29-Monday. Well. we had a pretty nice turkey, 'n cran- berry sauce, 'n potatoes, 'n cake, 'n everything. Nice vacation., Edith Hirsch gave her reading today. Third Junior oration. November 30-Medical examination. h New experiments in Physics. We-ie-e-e-e! Only 18 more days till Christmas vacation. December 1-First day of the last month of year of 1926. December 2-Distributer Christmas Seals. Wonder which room is going to raise the most money. December 3-Franklin-Lanierian game. Hurrah! Hurrah! Lanier- ians Won. 6-0. December 6-Monday. No assembly. Gee! assemblies are getting scarce and scarcer around here. December 7-Oh! Oh! Oh! Two Whole assemblies. One 11:45 for distribution of Microscopes. They're getting better each time. At 1:00 We had an assembly for report cards and three Junior orations. December 8-Assembly again. We're practicing Christmas songs. December 9-Assembly again. McClellandtown fourth grade gave a play. entitled Cinderella. Certainly was fine. December 10-Hurrah! No school today. Institute day. December 13-Monday. Tests. Woe unto us. Physics, Physics, Physics '? '? ? th December 14-More tests. Only three more days till Christmas va- CSL 1011. December 15-16-Can't talk. Too near vacation. December 17-No lessons today. Program in evening. Santa Claus distributed gifts. Boy, you should o' seem What I got. Melinda Fiat gave her Junior oration. u January 3-Sixteen whole days of vacation. Hafta' start to Work again. January 4-Assembly. Report cards given out. Getting a new -teacher to take Mr. Koenig's place. 78 THE LAUR G o L A .Y NX V 5 . EES!! i . -I -ri ' 92 1- N 'Q S AMX January 5-No assembly. Phewl The work. We're going to play a basketball game with North Union Friday. First basketball game, that is first league game of season. January 6-Several Senior orations in assembly today. Cheered a little, for the game tomorrow. January 7-Day of first league basketball game of season. We're doing fine even if we must say it ourselves. We won both games. Boy's score was 18-20. Girl's score was 10-11. January 10-Assembly. Junior oration. Basketball game tomor- row with South Union. Boy's and girl's second league of season. January 11-Game with Brownsville. Weire making good this year. The boy's score was 37-6. The girl's score was 10-7. Of course we won. January 12-Assembly. Orations. January 13-Assembly. Orations, etc. January 14-Game with South Union, our old time rival. But-we lost both games. Boy's score was 23-12. The girl's score was 11-8. January 17-My goo'ness, we'll have to start studying for the Mid- years. We had a little 10 minute assembly. January 18-No assembly. Just rain. Study-review, etc. January 19-Assembly. Orations. Basketball game tonite with East Huntington. Well it's not a league game. The girls won but the boys lost. But such is life. January 20-Assembly. Orations. January 21-Assembly. Orations. Basketball game with Perry- opolis. Girls lost, but the boys won. Oh! The bus ride. January 24-Monday. Assembly. Junior and Senior orations. Blue day,study etc. January 25-Only one more day for review. Wish this was Feb- ruary 1 already. January 26-Basketball game this afternoon between Varsity and Subs. No need to tell you who won. Of course you know. January 27-EXAMINATIONS. January 28-Also on Friday was a basketball game between Ger- man Township and Point Marion. Of course we were the victors. January 31-Monday. Whew, it's good to be through with exams. Well we're gonna have assembly about every day now. Today there was one, and we had some oration. Oh! I almost forgot, we got Microscopes to- day. Do you know that they're getting better ever ytime? February 1-Assembly. Orations. Miss Vail gave a little talk about the Senior Play, entitled "Black and Blue." It is to be played on February 9 and 10. The advertising for the play was given out. February 2-My goodness. If you had an excuse from home, you could go to Uniontown and see Ben Hur. Those that stayed must have seen it yesterday. Yes Sir, it was ai good picture. February 3-Assembly. What comes with assembly? Orations of course. The orchestra played for the Farmer's Bureau Meeting. February 4-Assembly. Lots of orations. Lots of letters distrib- uted. By the way, there was ai game tonite with Georges Townshipg their initials are G. T. H. S. same as ours. February 7-No assembly which means no orations. Gee, nothing happened today. 79 T HE Leon e o r. A -sw ' l -E -.Ears-2 5-lsgai-5 Z February 8-Assembly. Prof. Sheetz read us a letter from Superin- tendent Riffle, that we're not allowed to loaf in the Superintendent's of- fice. Practiced a few yells. February 9-First day of Senior Class Play. "Black and Blue." It sure is a success. T February 10-Second day of Senior Class Play. We had a full house. February 11-The play was performed in assembly this morning. It seems to be better every time. Tonite is a game with North Union. But the boys lost and the girls won. February 14-Oh! Itls Valentine Day. We saw lots of hearts to- day. Not broken-ones. February 15-Game with our dear friends-Redstone. Ane we won both games. That sure is wonderful. February 16-Assembly, naturally. Prof. Sheetz announced that there will be no school Thursday and Friday on account of institute. That's good but we'll have to make it up at the end of the term. February 21--Monday. Gee! It's been snowing for four days al- ready. Can't come to school on automobiles. Hafta' come on the street car. No other news. February 22-George Washingtonis birthday. We heard President Coolidge's speech about Washington, over the radio. We also had exer- cises in the gym. February 23-Assembly. Orations. No more snow-balling permit- ted. You feel safer when you can go out and not get snow-balled. February 24-Assembly. Orations. Teachers look sleepy. Church may-be ? 'Z ? 'Z . p February 25-Assembly. Orations. They are now drafting the Juniors and Seniors for their orations. Better hurry-up and learn them. February 28-Assembly. Orations. Oh! That stuff they're mak- ing in the laboratory. March 1-Now begins the longest month of the school year. Just think, 23 days of school. March 2-Elimination for oratorical contest. Four Seniors entered. Wonder who Won. March 3-Assembly. Orations, as per usual. March 4-Well, well. One Week of March over already. And by the way, Lillian Cox represented our school in the Oratorical Contest. March 7-Monday. Assembly, orations. What a dreary day. Everybody sleepy. Must have gone to be dearly Cin the morningj. March 8-Gee Whiz! No assembly, actually. Well, we'll make up for it tomorrow. March 9-Debate and reading elimination. There were a lot of con- testants. I'l ltell you tomorrow who Worn. March 10-Well! All the contestants said their reading over again and Edith Hirsch is to represent our school at the contest. March 11-Got our Microscopes. They're real good this month. The orchestra had their picture taken today. We hope they don't break the camera. March 14-We didn't do so bad in the reading contest. We got sec- ond place. Well, next year we'll get first place. 80 1' HE Leon e o 1. A , rev ff! ' f 1 'ig IL X AMX Football Season of l926 D495 German Township High School completed a successful football sea- son in 1926. The opening game was with Nineveh. the Greene County champs of 1925. Both teams were unable to gain much ground until late in the game when Semsey booted the ball over the bars for the three points. The final points were added, when Bise crossed the line for a touchdown. Thus, ending a victorious battle-10 to 0. The following Friday, German Township lads met their defeat with gvertoin at Scottdale. The final score ended 16 to 13, with Alverton in e lea . A journey to East Bethlehem proved to be a glorious victory for us with a score of 13 to 12, due to the ability of Semsey dropkicking. The first league game of the season opened with Brownsville at Brownsville. The features of this game resulting in touchdowns were as follows: A 25 yard pass to Haines, 20 yards by Captain Ambrose, 30 yard pass to Owens. These preceding features resulted with a score of 29 to 0. All subs displaced their ability. ' The German Township boys were unable to hold their rivals, the resulting score was 46 to 0. The sixth game of the season gave a victory to Dunbar, who was favored by two brakes in the greatest mud battle of the season. The score was 13 to 0. V The following Friday was recorded as the time for one of German Township defeats. Both teams displaying very brilliant techniques of foot- ball. Due to Smith's ability as a passer and Owens as receiver, the score ended 23 to 0 in Redstone's favor. On November 9, German Township went to South Union so as to add another victory to the list. It was played in a field, apart of which was a quagmire. A real series of forward passes put the ball across the line for the last touchdown, which resulted with the final score was 13 to 12. The nineth game was one of the most important games because then was the time when Smith threw one of the longest passes in the county to .'-Aigibgose, who fell over the line for another victory. The final score was o . A journey to Point Marion proved to be a disaster. The German Township Boys gave them a. hard struggle, which is not at all seen by the final score 20 to 0. In the last game of the season, the German Township easily de- feated Georges Township. Due to the cleverness of Smith and the skillness of Semsey, we obtained the last victory of 21 to 0. The subs were intro- duced in the game so as to have little experience for the coming football season. A banquet was held a few weeks later in honor of the team and their coach. As this being the last year for Captain Ambrose, Eugene Franks was elected Captain for the next year's football season. The team was suc- cessfull coached by H. D. Wheeler. It is thought that the coming season will be a successful one. 91 THE mu o L A A A . iiii in A l ff 'Q 'X 4- 'NX' INDIVIDUAL SCORING IN FOOTBALL Season of 1926 Extra . Name Touchdowns FieldG0als Points Total Semsey 2 1 13 28 Ambrose , 4 0 O 24 Bise 3 0 0 18 Smith 3 O 0 18 Owens 3 0 0 18 Haines 1 0 O 6 CSafetyJ 0 y 0 2 2 German Township Scored 16 1 15 114 Opponents 22 2 11 149 BASKETBALL D453 Among the Great American Winter Sports, basketball has taken the lead. Originated in 1892 by Dr. James Nainsmith of Springfield, Massa- chusetts. It has gradually developed until the game holds its place between football and baseball, and is being so well played that basketball is becom- ing as attractive as either of these sports. Athought, the game has not been planned from the standpoint of spectators, as an exhibition of skill or entertainment, yet we find the game continually drawing more and more spectators to the great halls, to see the skill of players as form of entertainment put on night after night during the playing season. Basketball is a muscular exercise of a recreative type, which fills great need in modern life. It tends to develop the sound heart, a strong body, clear mind, and high ideals of life. Through the wise leadership of teachers, coaches, and directors these results are being accomplished in a large measure. Basketball makes its greatest appeal to the youth between twelve and twenty-five years. Scoring by one side and then by the other brings out the keenest kind of competition. Individual work may stand out for a while but soon the players learn that the whole team must cooperate both on offense and defense to accomplish any great results. The game is play-ed between two teams both of which are deter- mined to win, and this is as it should be. Some teams and schools get the idea that to win is all there is to the game, and defeat is not only loss but humiliation and disgrace. Under such conditions teams are led to do any- 4192 'r HE o r. A 'xx R' v N' :I I wil , V ' . , 4, " .1 -av? -ezezkfaf f 22 QQQEZQ-4 4 iiff - ff f . S A :XX thing to win-defeat a noted rival, to keep a clean record, to capture a coveted championship at any price. But these conditions are basketball at its worse. To-da.y we find, students, coaches, and players all working harmoniously together to main- tain clean play, self respect, and honor. When a player, team coach or student sacrifices honor for a victory the game is not worth winning, for this is the thing that smears manhood and debauches character. The game today is developing players who are to go out into the nation and fight the games of life clean and honorable. Players are taught an honorable victory or none. Someone has said, the basketball hall is the great laboratory where the early experiments are worked as to how to play the game and not lose. For when the one great scorer comes, To write against your name, He writes not that you won or lost, But how you played the game. German Township had a fair season in basketball. Our boys won twelve games and lost ten. Ambrose, McGinty and Avery will be lost this year by graduation. Sempsey was the high scorer, making 179 of the team's 440 points. Captain lVIcGinty came second followed by Smith, Avery, Lily, Haines, Ambrose, and Culleton. Our boys outscored the opponents 440 to 399. We hope to have a good team again next year. I ,. 93 'rr-we Lnun 'eocn Al W ,,,5. Ill, , QI, W..- 'AJ Q1, -,' ii' K X, vevpz. , Y-E21 tw' '.' , , -an 4 , A ff --5,w'v'-Ngifgf ,-A N . , , .6 - UINQ VARSITY PLAYERS Semsey U Forward Smith Forward McGinty CCapt.J Center Avery Guard Ambrose Guard A SUBS Zimmerman Forward Culleton Forward Yuhas Forward Haines Center Lilley Guard Bise Guard Berry Guard Wearers of the CGD Semsey, Smith, McGinty, Avery, Ambrose, Culleton Bise, Haines, Zimmerman, Lilley. 94 THE LAU GOLF! can 'fjgixill X V, YL 'Se 4. rfb, 5:52 gl" if -pf 1 .ff . . v N. fi- ' a, f" '+l3! ,1.4:- A . " 'Q S .. 1, 0 :XX 1927 BASKETBALL SUMMARY German Twp. H. S. ............. 9-Redstone ..... --- 16 German Twp. H. S. ............. 19-Morgantown -- --- 21 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 18-Connellsville -- --- 20 German Twp. H. S.--- -,,- 20-North Union .-.. --1 18 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 18-Brownsville --- --- 10 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 12-Alverton ..... -- --- 16 German Twp. H. S.--- --,. 12-South Union .... --- 23 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 20-Pt. Marion ---- --- 14 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 35-Perryopolis --- .--- 17 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 25-Mapletown --- --- 17 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 33-Georges ..... --- 17 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 13-Georges .... -- --- 22 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 21-North Union ---- -- 32 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 11-Redstone ..... -- --- 20 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 27-South Union ---- --- 29 German Twp. H. S.--- -A 34-Perryopolis L-- --- 25 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 15-Mapletown --- --- 11 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 19-Pt. Marion --- --- 14 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 47-Alverton ---- --.. 22 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 16-Brownsville --- --- 18 German Twp. H. S.--- --- 19-Georges ----- --- 20 German Twp. H. S. ..... --- 19-Alumni ......... --- 14 German Twp.-Total ..... ..... 4 43 --- Opponents-Total - - - - - 1 399 INDIVIDUAL SCORING Name Goals Fouls Total Semsey 72 35 out of 61 179 McGinty CCapt.D 30 25 out of 55 85 Smith 29 17 out of 38 75 Avery 22 13 out of 35 57 Lilley 5 7 out of 26 19 Haines 4 5 out of 24 13 Ambrose 4 1 out of 3 9 Culleton 3 0 out of 0 6 Zimmerman 0 0 out of 1 0 G. T. H. S. 170 100 out of 243 443 Opponents 145 109 out of 236 399 G. T. H. S. ALUMNI MEET On Friday afternoon, May 6, the former stars of G. T. H. S. met the stars of today in a track meet. Some of the Alumni making points for their team were L. Yanchus, Hague, Eberhart, Durr, Cavalcante and Fretts. The Alumni were all very much out of practice so the High School easily won. 95 T HE Lfsun e o r. A g ,, like - A, E-, P1 l" V . . f .5231 3, . ,-1 .fy gr.,-sglQ!!y,'g Agfa. 1 fs, Z -5 5 ' I . ALAN GIRLS' BASKETBALL D451 The Girls' Basketball Team of German Township High School brought to a close a most successful season by winning the Championship of their division in the basketball tournament held in Uniontown early in April. During the season the team won fourteen of the twenty games played and the games lost were dropped by a very narrow margin. The Seniors who will be lost to next year's squad are Captain Honsaker, Ken- dall, and Panicucci. The loss of these players will be keenly felt but sev- eral of this year's substitutes showed to good advantage and no doubt will ably fill the places of the lost stars. The all around playing of Bogovich and Reckner, the floor work of Moore, and the guarding of Titus give much promise of a winning team next year. Utility players who are expected to make a fight for a position as regular are Sangston, Williams, Harford, Lilley, Christopher, Perego, and Duritza. In appreciation of the excellent work done on the court this season, the girls who won their monograms were presented with gold rings bearing the design of a basketball. The wearers of the G are Honsaker, Titus, Perego, Panicucci, Ken- dall, Moore, Reckner, Bogovich, and Harford . GIRLS' VARSITY Name Position Kendall Right Forward Moore Left Forward Bogovich Center Reckner Side Center Panicucci Right Guard Honsaker fCapt.J Left Guard SUBS Lilley Forward Sangston Forward Christopher Side Center Titus Guard Williams Guard Perego Guard Q1 e Duritza Guard G -gg Hartford Guard ' Wearers of the G n .. Moore, Kendall, Panicucci, Perego, Honsaker, Boffo Vich, Reckner, Titus. Harford .- GIRLS' BASKET SUMMARY German Twp H. S. ............. -North Union German Twp H. S. .........,.,. -Brownsville --- German Twp H. S. .... -South Union German Twp. H. S. .... -Alverton ..... German Twp. H. S. .... -Perryopolis --- '96 I THE LAU EOL5 snv,:hfe-'1 ' fi ff 12' 'c 4' 'ri " A HX German Twp. H . .... .... 5 -Pt. Marion --- --- 13 German Twp. H . .... .... 3 0-Georges ..-.... -- 1 German Twp H .-- -- .... 9-North Union --- --- 6 German Twp. H . .... .... 1 6-Redstone .... --- 14 German Twp H. . .... .... 1 1-South Union --- --.- 13 German Twp H . .... .... 1 5-Perryopolis .... --- 17 German Twp H. . .... .... 1 2--Pt. Marion ...... --- 15 German Twp. H . .... .... 2 6-Alverton ........... --- 22 German Twp H. . .... .... 2 1-Morgantown B C. .... -- 2 German Twp. H . .... .... 4 4-Alumni .......... --- 6 German Twp H. . .... -.-----.- 9-Redstone ....... .... - 5 343 203 Individual Summary Name Goals Fouls Total Kendall 97 17 out of 211 Moore 27 41 out of 129 95 Bogovich 14 5 out of 10 33 Reckner 1 2 Lilley 1 8 Titus 0 out of 0 Christopher 1 out of 1 G. T. H. S. 140 64 out of 189 344 Opponents 67 64 out of 176 198 G. T. H. S. ahead by 146 points G. T. H. S. ALUMNI MEET Friday, May 6, 1927 100 Yard Dash-Cayelli, Reitz, Ed. Yanchus. 440 Yard Dash-Yanchus, Ed. Krevinko, L. Yanchus. Pole Vault-Debolt. Cayelli, Hague. Discus-Eberhart, Dowell, Smith. 880 UQ milej-Zimmerman, McCulla, Thompson. Broad Jump-Cayelli,. Debolt, Owens. 220 Yard Dash-Cayelli, Yanchus, Reitz. High Jump-Durr, Sterling, Cayelli. Low Hurdles-Cayelli, Cavalcante, Durr. Mile 617603-Zimmerman, Krevinko, Coffman. Shot Put-Fretts. Eberhardt. Smith. '1 Mile Relay-G. T. H. S.-ifReitz. Krevinko, DeBolt. Ed Yanchus. Alumni-fDavis, Eberhart, Thompson, Durrj. G. T. H. S.-96 Points Alumni-32. -.QT-. INTER-CLASS TRACK ME ET The afternoon of Monday. May 2, was spent by the student body and faculty in observing the combat among the four classes for the inter-class track championship. The Sophomores won first placeg the Seniors, secondg the J uniors, third: the Freshmen finally captured last place. The results of the meet were as follows: 98 ' Tr-as M254 o LH " 1 '. 4 - g A m 100 Yard Dash-Oayelli, Reitz, DeBo1t, Thompson. High J ump-Sterling, Cayelli, Adams, Fabbri. 220 Yard Dash-Caiyelli, Yanchus, Reitz, Thompson. Discus Throw-Amrose, Smith, Thomas, Bise. Shot Put-Ambrose, Bise, Cayelli, Papuga. 440 Yard Run-Debolt, Yanchus, Franks, Donnally. Broad J ump-Debolt, Owens, Oerri, Dowe. Standing Broad Jump-Cayelli, Berry, Thomas, Sterling. Half Mile Run-Zimmerman, Krevinko, McCulla, Yuhas. Mile Run-Zimmerman, Krevinko, MoCulla, Thompson. Pole Vault-DeBolt, Cayelli, Millward, Semsey. Hurdles Low-Bise, Cayelli, Owens, Semsey. Relay Race-Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, Freshmen. Class Scoring Sophomores- - - ......-...,,..... - - , - Juniors .....-. --- -- H-- 1--- 65 Seniors ...... ...-... 5 3 17 8 Freshmen .............. .,,....-. - - W Individual Scorinig Name Class Points Cayelli -- - Senior ....... - - - - 28 DeBolt .... ..... S ophomore - - .... 21 Ambrose .... ..... S enior ...., .... 1 0 Zimmerman .... ..... S ophomore -- - - - -- 10 Yanchus .... ..... J unior --. - - - -, 9 Bise ....., ..... S ophomore - - - - 9 Sterling - - - ..... Senior ....... - - 6 Reitz ..... . ..... Sophomore -- -- 5 Krevinko - - ..... Sophomore - - - - 6 Owens - - - ..... Sophomore - - - - 5 lVlcCulla - - - ---- -Sophomore - - - - 4 Thompson - - - ..... Senior ..... - .- 4 Thomas - - - ..... Freshmen - - - - - 4 Smith .... ..... J unior ...-... - - 3 Berry .... ..... S ophomore -- - .. 3 Oerri ...... - -. - - -Senior ...... - - 2 Millward -- ..... Senior ---- 2 Semsey -.-- ---Junior --- -- 2 Franks --- ---Junior ----- -- 2 Adams --- -. ---- Sophomore -- -- 2 Fabbri --- ---Senior U--- ,- 1 Yuhas .... ---.- J unior ...... -- 1 Tomechko - - - --.-. Freshman - - - - - 1 Donnally ...... .... ...-... F r eshman ..... ...--- - - 1 Dowe ........................... Freshman ........-.......... 1 Papuga .............-............ Freshman ...............---. 1 Seniors-53 J uniors-17 Sophomores-65 Freshmen-8 99 THE 5 . 1 7- 'N o A vga 1 'Li , V.: r...-3: . . , -, Ae as ' "w w - Most Handsome--- Most Graceful ---- Most Popular ---- Best Athlete ----- Best Actor ------ Most Studious------- Most Michievous ----- Biggest Grin ------ Most Talkative ----- Deepest in Love ---- Best Dancer ----- Ladies' Man ----- Most Bashful ------ Biggest Crank ----- Class Skipper ---- Nttiest ------- Best Singer ---- Woman Hater ---- Most Stylish ----- Best Orator ---- Prettiest Girl ---- Biggest Primp ----- Biggest Flirt ------ Biggest Tomboy ----- Most Attractive ---- Best Actress ---- Best Athlete ----- Most Talkative ---- Most Studious ----- Deepest iin Love--- Best Dancer ------- Cutest ---------- Most Bashful ---- Best Cook ----- Class Skipper ---- Sweetest ------ Best Singer ---- Man Hater ----- Jolliest ------ moe Bah, of. A A rl KX- BOYS, BALLOT GIRLS' BALLOT "10O - - --Wilson Avery ---Edward Ralston - -- - --Robert Semsey - -- - -Robert Ambrose - - - - Clarence Haines - ---Argetti Frasconi - - - - -Natty Pinsker - -- --Steve Smith -----John Hanna - - - - -Charles Bryan - - - --LeRoy Howard - - - - -William Culleton -- --Eugene Franks - - - --Carmen Natale -- --Baldi Megalizzi - - - - -Robert Gray - - - - - - George Lilley - -- - -Harry Magalotti - -- - -Joseph McGinty Alfred Cavalcante -----Ruth Rupert ----Edna Jenkins - -- - - --Mary Brady - - - - -Dorothy Lewis ---------Alice Beal - - - -Elizabeth Martin - - - -Mary Bogovich - - - -Marie Blackshire - - -- -- Edith Hirsch - - - -Harriet Darrall - - ---Sue Howard - --Cecelia McArdle - - - - Catherine Dean - - - --Amelia Blassotti ---------Mollie Bush -- --Christine Betchy - - - ---Corinne Ewart Valentine Merrick Georgia Miles 'rr-fe LAUR EOLA Q53 -- X-:Q 'X 'uri -4 f -. , -14' 14 5- 4 :XX Fulihiest ------- ............ ..... C ecelia Williams Most Stylish .... ..-. C atherine Duritza, Most Popular ..... -.--.- F ay Moore Most Loveable .... .... M abel Wilson Sweetest Smile .....-....,....,-....,..,h......- Melinda Fiat BOYS, BALLOT BACKWARDS Sophisticated ..............-......s............ Sue Howard Preadmonitinist --- ...... Fay Moore Philanthroiphist --- .-.. Edith Hirsch Inarticulate ...... .... M arie Perego Coy ..........-.. .-.... M abel Sterling Sentimentalist .... ...... A melia Blassotti Corpulent .-.. ........-.. H arriet Darrall Pessimist ..-... ..... M ary Frances Doorley Inexpediant ,,.,- ..-.s...-.. lV Ielinda Fiat Mont Adjuvant ..... Optimist ........ - Angelic ....... - - Misanthropist - - - - - -Margaret Mundell - - - - - -Elizabeth Martin - - -Junita. Deffenbaugh Marie Blaskshere GIRLS, BALLOTT BACKWARDS Arduous - - - ..... Clarence Haines Optimist ..... .... C armen Natale Inarticulate .... - - - -Joseph C-HSUFOIWG Woman Hater ...- Cynic .......... -- - -LeRoy Howard - - -Nelson Coffman Dguntlegg -------g ----- Vi 7illiaII1 CLlllGtOH Philanthrophist -- ..g.- JOSGDYI MCGUIW Sophisticated --- .... Robert Semsey Puny -n----- ---------- D elmas Bise Boistroug -- ---- Lawrence Doorley Coypulent --- -------- Israel J211'1Off Accidental ---- .g--- J Ohfl Halma Ecgtatjc ---- ---- J ohn Elizus M Q, TQCHSEQX 4 9 lllu ewes M X ff 101 1 Q The Jlfasonfown aiional Bank MASONTOWN, PA. Corner Main and Church Streets Strength and good service are not al- ways found in the largest banks. The strength of a bank depends on the con- servative manner in which the business of the bank is conducted. Good service is the prompt attention, courtesy, and a whole hearted endeavor to accommodate you in every wav possible. We solicit your business whether large or small and offer you both strength and good service. Open Every Saturday Until 8 0'clock W. L. 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I never sausage nerverl" -iL John Hannah-"Hey, don't spit on the floor!" Edward McGill-"What's matter, floor leak ?" - Mabel Wilson-"Why is it that you have broken off your engage- ment, Gertrude?" Gertrude Sicosky-"Oh, my dear! He told me he was connected with the movies, and the very next day I saw him driving a furniture van." ii Harlan DeBolt-"How much for a set of false teeth guaranteed not to fall out, Doctor ?,' Dentist-"Fifty dollars, usually. But what kind of a car do you drive?" I-Iarlan-"A Chevrolet." ' I Dentist-"Five hundred dollars." - i Dominic Defino-"I don't see how you can tell those Ferantti twins apart." . - l.Z Joe Roll-"That's easy. Josephine always blushes when she sees me. I 9 Nora P.-"Doctor, how can I ever repay you for your kindness to me ." Doctor-"By cheque. money-order, or cash." Mr. Shaner-"Can you give the definition of watt ?" Mary Frances Doorly-"A watt is an inquisitive pronoun." Gwen. Kennison-"I wish I had lived three hundred years ago." Thelma. 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Suggestions in the German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) collection:

German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1928 Edition, Page 1


German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


German Township High School - Laureola Yearbook (McClellandtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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