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f1QxxQif2Q My . 'Ti U M W xx: -li-A 1,7256 L if A 'LW 212 N, .. ,gg ,tfzbzfg ga-qgq H, 2 553: .7 k 5 ,KW my gl 79 V " " 2 'WQQ'-F' .f aw ,, W .. A ,a .AA. .,, 239351 lffs - Q ,ykzfgzyf 1' if gg, A 44 1..,xfs. - L, ,. ,i , , g . Lx V -Misa., fa '.N. ., .V in ,my yi m iw M 1 -k fl. wh- -' 'ff M: 1 , , 'iiig 'QM' -' Y- , viw 44: 'X if Q W' 'aa3'2f3i2 a'11wv'Q , , ,f 3 A - 'vi Ji ' "W ' lpn' jg- ' V , 1, , ., ..,, W . IVAYIJ ,W 3 ' aegil-33.2 5 5 Ji? ' , -.rm :Lp Q V "uk ,gals V ' . iQ2:.Qrfa?ai??M " 'f .. . 'G 'L 1 fa, f ,M ' We ,fukin . kr f K f p,,. fr ,vw W gp-- rf 'x +2 ef QW 575 E W as , Qgkfg 33 af- fem fww sg mfg- wif?" . afgfgafy. .Aft ,aw M. Ji'-, 5 14-we ' . h 45655, ,, '? is . ,K f , ,xg , Xxx 5 ' 1 fiwfify 1555- K W, , .K 7 gig, x 532553 3' M 57-,Sam 555' Ex' N 5 quxx ,hm pp' ,-,X uf ...- ' Quai.. e -sv. kg? - , 'Z - H .f as ' QLKQQAQ , J 1 W ,Q J Y 23" L 4 Q "f-eq .I T' 1. 1 . L 3 5 'l" ., f?,,AiWf33 V A -,ax gk 15 wi I pf- ZQQS X3 34,1 ,Q --' W , Q5 it , A is 4 Hmiw W 1 J Aim 1 Hi ff M, :Fi 'A' N R x. .Q lull? J J x !1,fw,:f' -5 'vuidf'-.' .7-I-Q., EM,-L 11, 5 ,Q ,iii i?g. 'L A . .71 5 -xg, '7TeiiiQ.:':Q,' , '-1, A ig, kr? tif- ' iw, K. N Q Url Hr 6 4 1 J Q 4 FQ 1 rs my L. fry' 235, .4 ,-. .155 ., ' 'vw .N , .K km, 4f .MA :W-lx. 5 -4.4-f 1 1.2 . , .,r V 1 kd' " Il. :hx um . is -K .-4. V H- r '- ,4,.- N: fl' A L x LI' 1535-" ' 'W in ?a' .ff T4 Q : ,I :..,5!-mg" ' 1 New A 'P,:" '., Here's to Gering High School We will be true Fighting to victory Fighting on for you Rah! Rah! Rah! We will cheer for our team Where'er they be Fight fellows, fight, fight, fight To victory! Dedication To OUR COUNSELOR and friend, Mrs. Beatrice Harvey, we affectionately ded- icate this volume. By her untiring labor and helpful advice she has Won our admiration and love. Board of Education T IS THE DUTY of the Board of Education to provide a kennel for the community's Bulldogs, to hire masters to train them, to supply food for their mental digestion, and to maintain an exercising ground to keep them in good physical condition. To these civic minded men of Gering, the class of '46 says, "Thank you for your kindness and your services. "Thank you for the splendid building you have provided. "Thank you for the outsanding educators you have given us. H Thank you for the books, laboratories, films and other material you have supplied for us. "Thank you for the Memorial Stadium we hope to soon see on the new football ground." . Qur R. B. CAREY Mr. Carey is well known in educational circles throughout Nebraskas as a man of vision inter- ested in bringing to his community the best in education. His ideals are reflected in the high standards maintained in the Gering schools. In his personal relationships with the students he has won their complete respect and confidence. He is an active leader in church and civic affairs to which he gives his unstinted service. Mr. Christian, or Christy as he IS more famil- iarly known, has a genuine interest in the Gering students who recognize him as their friend. He is never too busy to counsel and guide them. His leadership is apparent in the smooth func- tioning of the school as well as in his professional organizations. As a member of the city council he takes advan- tage of every opportunity to make the schools an integral part of the community. Trainers DON CHILDS . . . His aim is to promote a deeper appreciation of the better things of life through instrumental music. DON COOVER . . . Always ready for a good laugh. Teaches civics and junior high classes and is active in developing the Bull-pups. GEORGE COWELL . . . With a primary interest in athletics devotes many hours to it. Produced a football championship team in 1944. MARY BLECHA . . . has an earnest desire to show the way to good homemaking. Or- ganized G. H. S. "Future Homemakersf' MILDRED FORSLING . . . Her love for music is reflected in the many activities of the vocal department. CLEO FREEBURG . . . enthusiastically guides commercial students in their chosen work. Active in K-9 and the Junior Class activities. SELMA LARSON . . . Her leadership in the scientific field is felt throughout the entire junior high. Efficiency is her watch word. AMANDA MCHENRY . . . "Dean of Girls" is admired by all. Supervises the library and is an authority in the guidance of students. ANNA MEYER . . . Serenely and quietly goes about her duties. Ready always to give time and energy to help students master the languages. AILEEN NOONAN . . . Supervises the social sciences and English in Junior High in a progressive and up-to-date manner. ELMER PETERS . . . A quiet man seen little around school outside his laboratory but any student will testify he is an author- ity in his own field. WAYNE PRINGLE . . . A serious minded fellow who teaches a variety of subjects and is assistant coach. GLADYS RAY . . . Popular with junior high students, teaches arithmetic, English and penmanship. EDNA SPELTS . . . Inspired by a genuine interest in human nature and student prob- lems, is a wonderful leader. Produces fine class plays. LORRAINE TAYLOR . . . A vivacious per- son, supervises a well-rounded program of girls athletics and dancing. BILL TAYLOR . . .A service man, has re- turned to his place on the faculty. Is de- veloping use of visual education in G. H. S. MYRON COMSTOCK . . . Makes use of his army experiences supervising an athletic program in the grades. Half days are spent in Junior High. 'The Kennel" Editor ................................ ............ D onna Brunner Associate Editor ......... .......... P hyllis Predmore Activties ........,........... ....... M arthabelle Ehrman Classes ....... .......,..... S hirley Hampton Sports ........................... ......... D 'ick Strasbaugh Administration .......... ............. V irginia Gross Art Editor ............... ........ V irginia Packwood Photography ............... ......... lX liriam Young Business Manager ........................,..... ...... C harles Snocker Assistant Business Manager .......... .............. L eRoy Feil Junior Representatives Content ........................... ....... J acquin Hummer Business ................. ................. A rt Harvey Faculty Advisors Content ..... ..... ...... E d na Spelts Business ....... ........ D on Childs OR FOUR LONG WAR YEARS many sacrifices were made by many people in many ways. One of the minor ones was the discontinuance of the G. H. S. yearbook. With the coming of peace, came plans for resuming the publication of our annual. The staff presents it to you in the hope that it will help you to keep afresh the memories of your school days in G. H. S. To the student body, to the guiding hands of our faculty advisors, to all the teachers, and to the administration we say, "Thank you for your helpfulness and cooperation." A ,..,:-:ZX A ' H ' .',A, Wg V I. ,... I -:iA I 4 V A ss , ' ssss . V 1 : + l 1if l , , . i Classes Class of '46 FLOWER Red Carnation COLORS Scarlet and Cream MOTTO If We never try, We shall never succeed it LELA ADAMS . . .a member of K-9 and chorus, active in Library work and basketball. Lela was also in the Senior class play. Her major is commercial. i' JOYCE BOTT . . . rated Commercial as her main subject. Joyce was active in several sports which includ- ed basketball as well as baseball. i' DONNA BRUNNER . . . listed Commercial and En- glish as her top subjects. She was active in band, basketball, and on "Bulldog Barks" staff in junior year. She was editor of the An- nual and in the National Honor Society. at PAUL CHRISTIAN . . . took an active interest in football, basketball, track and student council. Paul was in the senior class play and his majors included shop, math and science. -A' ENID EHRMAN . . . listed English as her major. She was treasurer in her Soph- omore year, secretary in her Senior year, in the National Honor Society, K-9 in Jun- ior and Senior years, and chorus and Library work. t PHYLLIS ANDERSON . . . took part in madrigal, chorus, g 1 e e, blasketball, twirled for the band, and was on "Bulldog Barks" staff this year. She majored in math and English. i' VERNON BROWN . . . active in football, basketball, "G" Club, student council, chorus and madrigal. He was sophomore vice presi- dent. English, math, science :nd shop are his majors. if BARBARA COOPER . . . moved to Gering in her sen- ior year of high school from Harrison, Nebr. Her major was bookkeeping. Barbara was also in voice class. 'Ir VIOLA CURTIS . . . a member of K-9 and secre- tary of class in sopohomore year, was in basketball, junior class pllay, chorus, glee, Library work and Na- tional Honor Society. En- glish, social studies and the languages are her majors. irMARTHABELLE E H R - MAN . . . a member of band, National Honor Society, stu- d e n t council, sophomore president, K-9, was also in Library work, one act play and on annual staff. Commercial is her major in school. i' DONNA ENGLAND . . . who was in glee club and choral, stated that commer- cial was her major. Donna was also interested in sports, including basketball. 'A' PATTY FLOYD . . . a member of band, K-9, Na- tional Honor Society, editor of "Bulldog Barks" in junior year, junior president, and in junior class play. She was active in one act plays and sports, majorette in band and student director of the senior play. -ACATHERINE GREISEN . . . whose top subjects were bookkeeping and English, was interested in sports, basketball and volley ball. She was also in library work and on 'tBulldog Barks" staff in her senior year. 'A' LOUISE HALL . . . was active in sports, including basketball and volley ball. She was in K-9, secretary of junior class, and a mem- ber of the student council in senior year. She majored in home economics and in commercial. -Ir RUTH HORNER . . . rat- ed science, laguage and En- glish as her majors in school. Ruth also took part in chor- us as well as glee club. Ruth intends to take up nursing when she graduates. i' LEROY FEIL . . . placed shop, English and math as his majors in school. He was in basketball in his sophomore year. LeRoy was also on the annual staff. i FERNE FRY . . . listed English, home economics and mathematics as her majors in school Ferne took part in chorus and was also in glee club. i' VIRGINIA GROSS . . . has English, foreign langu- ages and social studies as her majors. She was in bas- ketball, K-9, one act play and library work. Virginia was also in band and was on the annual staff. -A' SHIRLEY HAMPTON . . . placed commercial and En- glish as her majors. She was active in band, student coun- cil, one act play, library work, on "Bulldog Barks" staff in junior year, National Honor Society, and on the annual staff. -A' CAROLYN HOWARD . . . chose bookkeeping as her major. Carolyn was active in several sports, basketball being the top one. Carolyn was married on Feb. 1 to James Thompson. if ALICE JOHNSON . . . took an active interest in sports, such as basketball and baseball. Alice majored in commercial and home economics. if MAE KLASE . . . selected home economics for a major while in school. Mae also took part in chorus and sports which included bas- ketball. t PAUL KLINGMAN . . . took part in football, bas- ketball, track and "G" club. He was vice president in junior year, treasurer in senior year in chorus, boys' glee and in senior class play. English, math and science were his majors. 'lr DELORES LEONHARDT . . . selected bookkeeping and English for majors. She was a member of K-9, cheer- leader, student council, and was interested in sports, li- brary work, and on "Bull- dog Barks" staff in senior year. if DOROTHY MANN . . . had as her major in school home economics and English and was interested in bas- ketball. Besides this Doro- thy was in girls' glee club. if NORMA JEAN KAUF- MAN . . . placed home econ- omics and English as her main subjects. Norma was also interested in basketball and one act plays. i' CAROL KLINGMAN . . . chose English for her major in school. Carol was in the chorus, senior class play and also on "Bulldog Barks" staff this year. i' DON LEONARD . . . had as his majors shop, math, English and science. Don was active in football, track a member of "G" club, ma- drigal, chorus, boys' glee club, student council, activ- ity board and president of the senior class. 'R' MARGARET LOW . . . placed English and social studies as her top subjects. Margaret took part in choral club, sextette, Latin club, Ch01'US, glee and some libra- ry work. i' DOROTHY MARING . . . came to Gering from Sidney in her senior year. Dorothy was in K-9, and one act plays. Her majors were English and Commercial. 1' DARLENE MUTH . . . stated that she favored En- glish and home economics as her majors. Darlene was interested in sports, chorus and glee club. i' BUD OLSON . . . who was in football and "GU club, was also in student council. Science was the subject that Bud placed as tops with him. i' MARY ANN ORR . . .ma- jored in commercial and home economics. She took part in sports, band, junior class play, National Honor Society and K-9 when she was a senior. Y NORMA PEPPER . . . chose English and science as her majors in school. Norma was also active in Latin club and in the high school band. at PHYLLIS PREDMORE . , . took part in K-9, twirled for band, and liked basket- ball and volleyball. She was on "Bulldog Barks" staff and annual staff in her senior year She majored in com- mercial and English. -A' CLARABELLE OADES . . . majored in commercial and English. She was active in band, sports and volley ball, one act plays, K-9, junior and senior class plays. 'A' CORAL ONSTOTT . . . put commercial as her top subject. Coral was active in student council, one act plays and she was in K-9 this year. i VIRGINIA PACKWOOD . . . whose majors were commercial land English, was active in sports, K-9, one act plays, on "Bulldog Barks" staff in her senior year and on the annual staff. if DORLAS PETERS . . . rated English and home eco- nomics as her main subjects. Dorlas was interested in basketball, volley ball, chor- us and glee' club. -k DALE QUINN . . . listed mathematics and English as his majors in school. Dale was active in track, vocal music accompanist and one act plays. He was in both the junior land senior class plays. i' RICHARD REITZ . . . chose agriculture and math as his majors in high school. Richard was active in the F. F. A. organization. 'A' VIRGINIA RICHARD- SON . . . had commercial for her major. She was active in basketball, trio, oc- tette choral club, madrigal, octette glee, chorus and and chorus, and National National Honor Society. i' BEVERLY ROBINSON. . . was interested in basketball, madrigal, chorus, octette and solo class. She was in both the junior and senior class plays. Beverly's major was commercial. 'I' LAVEDA SEEMAN . . . chose English and home eco- nomics as her majors, and she was a member of chorus and glee. LaVeda also liked sports, including basketball. uk CHARLES SNOCKER . . . whose majors Were math and science, was active in football, basketball, track, member of "G" club, student council, National Honor So- ciety, one act play, chorus, glee, on the annual staff and in the senior class Play- if VIOLET REYNOLDS . . . whose top subjects were sci- ence, history and English, took part in chorus, glee, girls trio, mixed octette, girls sextette, madrigal and voice class. She was also in sports and K-9 in her senior year, t GAYLE ROBERTSON . . . had as his majors in school English and math. Gayle was in band and also in both the junior and senior class plays. 'A' BETTY ANN SAMPONT . . . entered Gering in junior year from Scottsbluff high school. Betty majored in socifal studies. 'A' RUTH SHRADER . . . liked sports, basketball be- ing the main one, and she was also interested in one act plays. Ruth majored in both home economics and English. i' JANE STEELE . . . liked commercial, English and home economics as her ma- jors. Jane was active in chorus, glee, sports and on the "Bulldog Barks" staff during her senior year, it JEAN STEELE . . . also chose commercial, English and home economics for ma- jors. Chorus, glee and bas- ketball were her specialties. Jean was on "Bulldog Barks" staff in her senior year. i' ROBERT TANNER . . . majored in math, English and science. Bob was in football, basketbrsll, track, "G" club, band, student council, activity board, one act play, senior vicepresi- dent and in senior class play. He was also in octette, quartette, madrigal, chorus, glee and voice class. -A' EULA THOMPSON . . . was a member of chorus. English was the subject she chose for a major. Eula came to Gering from Banner county in her junior year. i' LARRY WALRATH . . . took part in football, basket- ball, track, was in "G" club, s t u d e nt council, activtiy board and boys glee club. He wfas also in National Honor Society. Larry ma- jored in science, English and math. at WILBUR WEITZEL . . . came to Gering high school from Iliff, Colo., in his sen- ior year. Science was the subject Wilbur selected for a major. -A' DICK STRASBAUGH . . . who was interested in bas- ketbrall, track and football, was a member of "G" club, National Honor Society and student council. Dick chose math, science, English and social studies for his majors. -A' SHIRLEY THOMAS . . . listed home economics, En- glish and history as her three majors in school. Shirley was also active in sports, basketball being the main one. i' JACIE TJARDES . . . rat- ed commercial and home economics as her majors. She was active in basket- ball and was in K-9 in her senior year. ak BETTY WEINMASTER . . . placed commercial as the subject she majored in. Betty took part in sports, baseball and basketball, and also was in choral. 'I' LOIS WESTLAKE . . . whose favorite subjects were bookkeeping and shorthand, majored in commercial. Lois also liked basketball and other sports. t JACK WILLIAMSON . . . selected science, English and social studies as his majors. Track was another of his specialties. i' DOROTHY WOODEN . . . who was active in chorus, glee, voice class 'and girls sextette, listed commercial as her main subject. Doro- thy was also twirler in the band, and on the "Bulldog Barks" staff in her senior year. 'A' MARILYN WORTHMAN . . . named commercial as her major for high school. Sports of all kinds were also one of Marilyn's favorite plistimes. ir MILLICENT BOWRING . . . moved to Gering from Pe Ell, Wash., in her senior year. Majoring in commer- cial, she included shorthand and bookkeeping in her studies. History was another subject she majored in. DON CHILDS i FRED VANOSDALL . . . was active in band, choral, one act play and was in the junior class play. Fred's major was in mathematics. -A' NORMA WINEMAN . . . chose commercial :nd home economics as majors. In her senior year, Norma was in the class play, K-9 and on the "Bulldog Barks" staff. if MARABELLE WOOD- RING . . . placed commercial as her major. Marabelle took part in K-9, sports, one act plays, library work, the junior class play, treasurer in junior year, and in the senior class play. i' MIRIAM YOUNG . . . was active in basketball, chorus, glee club, one act play, some library work and was stu- dent director of the junior class play. In her senior year she was in K-9 and on annual staff. She majored in English. 'lf JOANN MORRISON . . . selected English as her high school major. JoAnn was also active in chorus and 51:3 club. EDNA SPELTS SPONSOR SPONSOR Class of '47 Kay Anderson Phyllis Abbott Leo Bolin Betty Betty Ball Bryan Bennett Clary Martha Clifton Max Coppom Gwen Lee Cowell Don Davis Charlene Dietrich Marvin Dunham Lois England Betty Feil John Flaten Irene Fulk Deborah Funk Richard Garretson Jean Gross June Jean Geis Betty Green Gross Alice Hall Jake Hamburg Lillian Hamburg Leland Hamburger Art Harvey Keith Ivan Harrington Tom Harrison Hauck Kenneth Hauck Mary Lou Hawkins Paul Heilbrun Evelyn Hernandez Roger Hoff Jane Willa Jean Hinze Deannie Hodgson Hokamp Betty Lou Hubbard Jacquin Hummer Betty Jeffryes Betty Jessup Russell Joder Clyde Johns Class of '47 Mary Johnson Betty Kaufman Marjorie Kaufman Gerald Keller Gladys Keller Donald Kelley Laura Rae Larson Charles Lawson Patricia Lovell Shirley Lowe Mike McDonald Charles McFarland Mary Lou Morgan Dorothy Munroe Robert Ott Raneta Neeley Francel Oliver James Ponder Genevieve Roderick Irene Schmunk Caroline Schneider Violet Schneider Vivan Schneider Betty Schrock Irene Schwartz Jack Shike Bob Sibrel Phyllis Smock Don Stearley Leo Temple Betty Tillotson Clarence Ulmer Corrine Valdez Maxine Weinmaster Lita Wilcox Jean Williamson Hubert Woodring Darlene Ziegler Not Shown: Alice Tanaka June West Above-First row: Earl Allison, Donna Anderson, Martha Asmus, Donna Barton, Douglas Bott, Gwenna Brunner, Chester Calderwood. Second row: Jerry Callazhan, Doris Cameron, Donabel Collins, Bob Cook, Dick Corcoran, Richard Curry, Earl Denton. Third row: Elmer Dietrich, Naidynne Dobbin, Ruby Driscoll, Duane Eckle. Class of '48 Below-First row: Fred Ehrman, Mirian Elliott, Marybeth Entrekin. Second row: Richard Entrekin, Raymond Eisenach, Cl01'fGHHi FiHChGI', Margie Flood, Richard Fulton, Ronald Garretson. Third row: Robert Gentry, Joyce Gravbltt, D0F0fhy Gllettlef, May Hamburger, Alvina Harimon, Jacie Harrison, Alice Joy Heiss: Not shown: John Fincher, Alice Foster. S ,,'qA Iib. E NW 3 ? 1 Above-First row: Kenneth Howard, Keith Hulbert, Glen Johns, Richard Johnson, Betty Kaufman, Dora Kelley, Beverly Klase. Second row: Herman Knaub, Dick Lam m, Douglas Layton, Charlotte McVay, Frances Martin, Pat Martindale, Teddy Miller. Third row: Stanley Morris, Jim Nichols, Bet-ty Ozenbaugh, Jean Parker. Class of '48 Below-First row: Jerdia Paulsen, Patty Pepper, Bonnie Randall, Robert Reitz. Second row: Leola Rittenhouse, James Ross, Billy Ruff, Robert Schoonover, Donelda Seeman, Frances Snooker, Bruce Stallings. Third row: Beth Stoddard, Lee Underbrink, Barbara Warner, Robert Warner, Eldonna White, Max Wood, Albert Young, Above-First row: Bill Barkell, Nina Bachelor, Curtis Bennet-t, Phyllis Blackburn, Betty Blanton, Torn Bolin, Mar- vin Bott. Second row: Shirley Bott, Virgil Brown, Galen Burkey, Jean Christian, Doris Cook, Phyllis Coones, Third row: Sharon Cross, Martha DeOllos, Norma Diggins, Albert Dorn, Ronald Dutton, Delores Edgar, Melvin Eisenacih. Class of '49 Below-First row: Dorothy Fertig, Vern Fitzgerald, Harold Foos, Vaughn French, Ray Fulton, Richard Gentry, Gay- lin Gibb. Second row: Dolores Grasmick, Bernadine Greisen, Betty Guth, Carolina Harimon, Marvin Harimon, Maxine Harrison, Delores Haverick. Tlhird row: Jack Hawkins, Elbert Heilbrun, Ruth Heilbrun, Viola Heimbuck, Lyle Helzer, Betty Hott, Kenneth Hubbard. Above-First row: Dale John, Marilyn Johnson, Robert Johnson, Marjorie Kempkes, Floyd Leonhardt, Joyce Mc- Cosh, LaVonne McKinley. Second row: Clarence Margheim, Loris Means, Marilyn Meier, Joan Mitchell, Darlene Murray, Daniel Nauenburg, Keith Olson. Third row: Joan Ouderkirk, Kristine Peterson, Bernice Province, Doro- thy Rau, Don Raymond, Betty Reizenstein, Willis Robinson. Class of '49 Below-First row: Daniel Schaub, Philip Schilriff. Second row: Bob Schrock, Marjorie Schwartz, Roberta Sell, Wayne Smith, Leonard Smock, Glendora Sorensen, Norma Stubby. Third row: Betty Stucky, Patty Tryon, Ar- lene Warner, Elsie Weideman, Gary Wooden, Tommy Yaley, Homer Schenbeck. if . ttf , -ii: Xa, .M,,,,,.,,,., r,., ., , ,MW ,,...,.,,,,.., , M, ,,.t .c Q as., 3 5 1 M A-bove-First row: Harvey Richard, Duane Runidell, Betty Schneider, Vernon Sinner, Gordon Snell, Elmer Stobel, Carolee Warner, Robert Young. Second row: Rodney Garretson, Luella Haiston, Daisy Hale, Arlene Hulbert, Glen Martindale, Keith Meisner, Leona Neiman. Third row: Miss Noonan, Delores Barrett, Monte Best, David Braud- away, Sara Elliott, Louise Engelhaupt, Bonny Ewing, Betty Ewing. Eighth Grade Below-First row: Margaret Pepper, James Randall, Wynona Ross, Dorothy Sohlosser, Arthur Serrano, Barbara Tjardes, Donna Williamson, Jimmie Wallace, Russell Worthman. Second row: Ethel Johnson, Delores Knotts, Wayne Lackey, Dean Mankhey, Kathleen Mann, Neoma Moravec, Rodney Moravec, Dicky Orr. Third row: Lee Allison, Lillis Conn, George French, Thomas Fulton, Danny Funk, Jack Haun, Edna Hampton, Lois Hiatt, Mrs. Taylor. lEtwShown inzPicture: Dorothy Brown, Sally Sallas, Maurice McKinley, 'Carmon Hernandez. Above-First row: J. R. Roger, Edward Rittenhouse, Ma ry Jane Richards, Walter Shotwell, Donna Thomas, Larry Tryon, Esther Webber, Joyce Wells, Marvin Weitzel, Har old Weitzel, Gary White. Second row: Dorothy Kaufman, Jackie Kelsey, Ruth Kissler, Damoras Knotts, Arthur Lamberty, Donald Lang, Franklin McKinley, Kay Miller, Elwin Olson, Andy Payne. Third row: Bobby Baltes, Jerry Barton, Wilma Bartow, Duane Bouchard, Ronald Brown, Richard Dowell, Arlene Fertig, Zelma Fulton, Arthur Garretson, Maxine Glanz, Miss Ray, Seventh Grade Below-First row: Phyllis Rowland, Earl Rollins, Jackie Ross, Tony Serrano, Ardth Shaw, Doris Stephenson, Boyd Smith, Gary Sinner, Donald Sutherland, Bernice Ufford, Shirley Uihrich, Jack West. Second row: Richard Hall Harlan Hessler, Albert Hamburg, Ilene Law, Donald McCosh, Clara McFarland, Jerry Misner, Lois Moran, Ger-, aldine Moravec, Lonnie Osborn, Jacqueline Rector. Third row: Meril Anderson, Mildred Cfhilds, Don Conn, Beth Cooper, Rex Coppom, Aldon Eckland, Diwain Edgar, Beverly Emery, Richard England, Gerald Grassmick, Mr, Coover. Not Shown: Charles Howard, Robert Hiatt, Melvin Carmody, Louis Bartow, Dick Benzel, Duane Leach, Betty Johnson, Alice Knaus, Bonnie Lovell, Betty Merritt, Henrietta Schmidt, Marion Shracler, Coleen Vogel, Shirley Zimmerman, Alan Payne, Harold Wilkins. HENEVER THERE IS A NEW ARRIVAL in the family there is I a great deal of excitement in choosing a name for the little stranger. So it has been with this yearbook. There were older brothers named "Pioneer" and "Wagon Wheels" but they were both deceased and somehow it didn't seem proper to name the newcomer for a former member of the family. So there arose the finding of a name. A contest was held, and names submitted by each student. The staff selected four and a vote was taken by the student body with the result that the progeny THREE HSENINI' To Leo Bolin and Betty Schrock go the honor of submitting the chosen name in the contest. was named :,. '-5: Q:-:2. 4:1 . :NH .-:- '- -:::-..: 2 ' . :15131Sf:.-' .':5:- :Z:2:I'. sg: . egg C X, Q 6 w QE K 'R A, Q eff N s :- X 1- Q., 5 .rs fi? wp C" 5 , 1 Q5 0 x M Q 3'4" -32. -A: 'uf S EQZEAEPS IRD' THE ibn .LQ .4 1363 31' 'ge 5: E Eff 'WN wy i 4 A FUD PRINGLE'S SQUAD Coach Cowe11's Squ: Leo Bolin, Don Lec Dorn, Paul Klingma Bott, Don Raymond, Middle Row: Raymo Max Coppom, Larry Flaten. Front Row: Bud Olsc Sonny Ponder, Chal Vernon Brown. -'Z LE. to rightb, Back Row: :rry Callahan, Albert ld Garretson, Douglas artindale. Lach, Dlck Strasbaugh, 1, Roger Hoff, Johnny 't Gentry, Bob Tanner, vson, Paul Christian, SEASON'S RECORD Lyman-0 Gering-21 Scottsbluff-33 Gering- 0 Minatare -7 Gering-13 Bayard-18 Gering 0 Torrington-12 Gering 0 Kimball-20 Gering 0 Bridgeport-13 Gering 6 Mitchell-27 Gering- 0 'RQ 7 CO0VER'S SQUAD I SESET EAEE ..,: t - lzv- U , 5- ' - 'A'1 V J ,. I :- , Aillvv Christian ev SEASON'S SCHEDULE December 19 .................,........................ Morrill January 4 ............. ....... . . Minatare January 8 ,......... . ..,...... Scottsbluff January 11 ........... ............ M itchell January 18 ............ .................. B ayard January 25 ........... .................. M inatare January 26 ....... North Platte February 1 ....... .......,........... M orrill February 5 ....... ......... S cottsbluff February 8 ........... ....,........... M itchell February 12 February 15 February 16 February 22 March 1 ....................... Bridgeport Bayard Lexington Bridgeport Torrington Keller Eisenach C0Ok O HG" Club PRINGTIME MAY TURN some young men's fancies to thoughts of love, but to "G" club members it means a painful and hilarious initiation. The week's activities culminate in an evening of entertainment and a formal pledge to the organization. Any athlete who has made a major letter in football, basketball or track is eligible for membership. Student managers who have given a full year of service may also become members. "Buck" Cowell, head coach, and Ivan Christian, high school principal, are co-sponsors. All men faculty members who are connected with the physical education departments are honorary members. l l 1 w - I G1FlS Gym UITING UP FOR GYM WORK is not confined to boys alone. The program of girls' athletics Y while not as extensive, is every bit as popular. Intramural volley ball and basketball, gymnas- tics and various types of dancing combine to form the course which is directed by Mrs. Lor- raine Taylor. All junior high and tenth grade girls participate in the physical education program. There is a growing demand for it to be extended to all the girls in G. H. S. 'ik K . i if 1 xi Q. ffjl 'Q M S., it .- 55? V -W 1 :51 F 1 --"' bi. it .,..,,. . ,,,. 5.5: -- ffsfs: :Z-.. 5 1 5155 A I E :55 15: 3. -:sz f: '1:-:"f-ff' si- Ki 'frszzggllj' ,ral 1 1 I 5. 0 IES E WEE' 1330 NED TEE Left to Right, Back Row: Ronald Brown, Bernadine Greisen, Joyce McCosh, Donabel Collins, Entrekin, Bob Cook, Bob Gentry, Albert Dorn, Curtis Bennett, Merle Anderson. Middle Row: Edna Hampton, Jean Gross, Art Harvey, Vernon Brown, Roger Hoff, Dick Strasbaugh, Paul Christian, Leo Bolin, Rodney Garretson. Front Row: Max Coppom, Delores Leonhardt, Louise Hall, Larry Walrath, Charles Snooker, Bob Tanner, Jean Geis, Don Leonard. ' Student Council "We, the students of Gering High School, believing that self government develops to a higher degree, character, leadership, scholarship, and a desire for unselfish service, do ordain and establish this constitution." HUS BEGINS THE CONSTITUTION of the Student Council which explains its purpose. The council was organized in 1936 with the entire representation elected by the vote of the classes and with the assistance of the faculty, the constitution was formed and put into effect. The second year was one of improvement and a proof to the school that it was an efficient body. The Activity Board is in charge of scheduling dates for school functions. Any organization in the Gering High School Wishing to sponsor any activity other than those definitely related to the classroom or those of interscholastic nature must have the consent of the board. Both Junior and Senior High are represented by members meeting the requirements of the Nebraska Activities Association. The number of representatives is apportioned to the grades, ranging from two seventh graders to six seniors. Mrs. Amanda McHenry is chairman of the faculty committee which works with the council. National Honor Society OFFICERS PRESIDENT .................. ............................................... C HARLES SNOCKER VICE PRESIDENT ........ ...................,...... L ARRY VVALRATH SECRETARY ................. .......... ll IARTHABELLE EHRMAN SPONSOR ....................... ......... M RS. AMANDA MCHENRY HE NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY is an organization that is recognized throughout the nation as a group of young citizens having a highly intelligent and public spirit. To be eligible, a member must be in the upper third of the class in scholastic standing and bc chosen by the faculty according to the standards of Scholarship! Leadership! Character! and Service. Fifteen per cent of a class may be chosen, five per cent each semester after the first semester of the Junior year. The emblem of the Society is a flaming torch, symbolic of the light of learning, combined with the keystone representing the firmness of the structure of education from which the four standards are taken. The Gering Chapter, Number 525, was granted a charter by the National Organization in 1926 and records a membership of 104 girls and 69 boys. - V--q p-w' -v Band "--Early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." ACH MORNING AN HOUR BEOFRE SCHOOL begins the band finds time to practice. Composed of about forty members it takes an active part in most school and community affairs including pep rallies, basketball and football games. From the band select groups are picked for special Work. At least one concert is given besides that of the annual clinic mass-band concert which is composed of several high school bands of Western Nebraska. Mr. Donald Childs is the bandmaster. CLARINET QUARTAET SAXOPHONE QUARTE Vocal Music "The music in my heart, I bore long after it was heard no moref' OCAL GROUPS ARE POPULAR with students of Gering. In junior high school appreciation and choral singing are studied. Glee clubs, madrigal, and chorus give opportunities for senior high pupils to sing. This year a voice class was organized to provide training for members with promising voices. Violet Reynolds, Jackie Harrison and Jacquin Hummer compose a trio that have appeared on many school and community programs. Miss Mildred Forsling directs these activities. Senior Class Play A three act comedy depicting the life of a teen age girl one part of whom wanted to ll M d" ' A A 6, grow up and be beautiful While the other part Penny Wood Chuck Harris ........... Mrs. Wood ........ Elmer Tuttle Dr. Wood ........... Effie ................. Milly Lou ....................................... G. Mervyn Roberts Roger Van Vleck Mr. Harris ........................... ....... Shirley Wentworth Ralph Wentworth ......... .......... Julie Harris .............. CAST Marabelle Woodring Gayle Robertson Clarabelle Oades Paul Klingman Paul Christian Beverly Robinson Norma Winernan Dale Quinn Robert Tanner Charles Snocker Carol Klingman Vernon Brown Lela Adams wanted to stay a tomboy. TECHNICIANS Student Director ................................. Patty Floyd Book Holder ......... ,.......... V iola Curtis Stage ................. .......... L arry Walrath Property ............. ....... E nid Ehrman Advertising ...... ...... ................... M a ry Ann Orr Tickets .................. ......... V irginia Richardhon Ushers ......... ........................ J oyce Bott Director .......... ....... E dna Spelts Junior Class Play "BEST FOOT FORWARD" HEN BUD HOOPER, a student at Winsocki Prep School, wrote to Gale Joy, a glamorous movie star, and asked her to be his senior prom girl, he didn't dream she would. Thus the complications that arose when she did come were many and varied. The story of these entaglements was told in "Best Foot Forward," the uproarious comedy presented by the Junior class this year. Laughs were provided by the "Blind Date" and Chester Billings, the newspapermen. The supporting action of the remainder of the cast was outstanding and the stage setting was realistically set up as a schoolboy's room. CAST OF CHARACTERS Dutch Miller ............................................. Leo Temple Hunk Hoyt ............... John Flaten Satchel Moyer ............ ........... H ubert Woodring Chuck Green ........... Dr. Reeber ......... Old Grad ......... Clarence Ulmer Richard Garretson Robert Sibrel Minerva ....... .............. .................. B e tty Schrock Ethel .....................................,................... Shirley Lowe Miss Delaware Wat er Gap ......... Betty Jessup The Blind Date .............................. Raneta Neeley Bud Hooper ......,..... .... Professor Lloyd ....... Gale Joy .................... Jack Haggerty .......... Max Coppom Art Harvey Lita Wilcox Charles Lawson Chester Billings ............ ..................... L eo Bolin Helen Schlessinger ..................... Irene Schmunk Miss Smith ....................... ........ G wen Lee Cowell TECHNICIANS Director ......................................... Student Director . Mrs. Edna Spelts Jane Hokamp Book Holders ......... ........ D orothy Munroe Stage ..,......,.... Property ........... Advertising ......... Tickets .............. Ushers ........... June Gross Jean Gross Alice Hall Roger Hoff Martha Clifton Caroline Schneider Left to Right, Back row: Mrs. Freeburg, Caroline Schneider, Miriam Young, Pat Floyd, Betty Clary, Irene Schmunk, Jean Geis, Maxine Weinmaster, Betty Jeffreys, Shirley Lowe, Coral Onstott, Donelda Seeman, Donabel Collins, Mrs. Taylor. Middle Row: Fiances Snocker, Jerry Paulsen, Virginia Packwood, Clarabelle Oades, Dorothy Munroe, Martha Clifton, Mary Lou Morgan, Marthabelle Ehrman, Enid Ehrman, Violet Reynolds, Alice Heiss, Donna Barton, Jacquin Hummer, Dorothy Guettier, Jackie Harrison. Front Row: Gwenna Brunner, Jane Hokamp, Lela Adams, Marabelle Wooclring, Dorothy Maring, Jacie Tjardes, Louise Hall, Norma Wineman, Virginia Gross, Miriam Elliott, Betty Jessup, Mary Ann Orr, Joyce Gravatt, Eldonna White. Cheerleaders: Betty Schroclc, Delores Leonhardt, Jean Gross, Alice Hall, Not Pictured: Francel Oliver. G-CLUB GAL and K-9 PAL ORTY-SIX K-QERS LEAD the school ,in demonstrations of the spirit that carries our Bulldogs to Victory. To be eligible one must bo one of the three uppcr grades and passing' in at least three subjects. The members are elected by vote of the class and one third of thc girls in each class may be elected . The purpose of the organization is to cheer- fully and loyally support G. H. S. activities and to encourage good sportsmanship in the student body. Lorraine Taylor and Cleo Frecburg are co- sponsors. Health is basic to all the essentials of happiness and for this reason training in Home Nursing is required of all senior girls. The course is the standard one set up by the Red Cross and its completion under our school nurse, Mrs. Bea Harvey. entitles the girls to Red Cross certificates. The instruction makes it possible for the girls to better care for members of the family should illness invade the home. Home Nursing and First Aid One man's hobby may mean the difference between life and death, between rapid recovery and a long hospitalization, between temporary disability and permanent injury. Mr. George Goldfain, an authorized Red Cross First-Aid instructor, gives many hours to teaching all senior boys how to give immediate and temporary Can- to tha victim of an accident until the services of a physician can be obtained. s. Q. wk Z V, 3 xy Tlwzfa f Q-. as . ..a,.. : T 32231812-rQ.14zg.s ,F 2435? -'zgmcfcgsrm -4 :QQ ,sc , Q , W Q 5 A Q m " 123334 Q- ? er f .1:5,,:,:v,1.,., 1 --g:::4.:.:. xi Q, Xz f 1 4 Wm X Q .5562 www X, ' 55' 3? . ,gsm ...Q-""" Q U1 x 2. QM: 'Q ,, ,z W. ,HW I ,M .W In shop work boys are given a chance to create something of their own. As soon as they have mastered the fundamentals of woodwork, they design their own projects and make them, Each one works according to his own ability and at his own rate. Gering shop projects win many prizes at the Scotts Bluff County Fair. This department is directed by George Cowell. Shop and Home Economics The advanced class in home economics is shown busily reupholstering a davcnport and chair for their hostess room, under the instruction of their teacher, Mary Blecha. This is only one of the many projects offeredg the girls also have experiences in cooking, sewing, homemaking, and personal grooming. I 2 l l Science The science class, like many of the others, has been divided into two sections bn-cause ot' the large enrollment. The students use both textbooks and workbooks in their study of scientific laws and theories. With 21 well stocked supply room at their convenience, the students, under the direction of Mr. Elmer Peters, spend much of their time conducting experiments which further illustrate these laws and theories. I l i I l -.,..,--- ,.., ,W F. H. A. Betty Jeffryes ...... ............... P resident Phyllis Blackburn ....... ...... V ice President Shirley Lowe .......... .......... S ecretary Donelda Seeman ...... ......... T reasurer "Toward New Horizons," the motto of Future Homemakers of America expresses the purposes of the organization, learning to live better today in order that their lives and those of their families may be better tomorrow. The Gering high school chapter of the F. H. A. was organized on September 27, 1945, and was the sixteenth chapter in Nebraska. The F. H. A. members take part in many civic and school activities, including the collecting of toys for the Torrington children's home and aiding in the clothing drive. The members have charge of the sale of hot dogs at basketball games, and proceeds from one game, amounting to over a hundred dollars, were given to the Memorial Stadium fund. There are 65 members in the Gering chapter, and Miss Mary Blecha is sponsor of the group. x xx 1, I ,. -'Q d fff. ' W' 93 I W v J 4 I W. MMV J f fM.'!f f A X W l ll z. 1 if uwfffffff Q ww ,Q W Uff, H" 19. S l ,54jffgg , 1r A .X f M Q? XXX A 'THHDQ HTS fi Lu 'vi Y r- 4. v my I 1 7 J, Readin'. Writin, and Arithmetic made up most of the curriculum in the first few years of the Gering school system. The present set-up includes vocal music. instrumental music, dramatics, home nursing, first aid. Smith-Hughes and gymnasium with credit given for football and basketball. Up to the present time 50 classes have graduated from Gering high school. The Class of 1928 included among its graduates Rena Randall and Bob Gross, who are parents of Virginia Gross of the class of ,46. Strange to say, none of the other parents of the 70 graduates completed their high school work in G. H. S. Our History UQ . . . AND REGISTRATION DAY FOR all new freshmen. The total enrollment that fall was 97-97 green and gawky freshmen. The class had the usual social activities-parties, skating, and in their sophomore to senior years-dances. But along the way many of the students dropped out, moved away, or quit school. New students "joined up" to take their places. This was war time and Edward McBride was called to the service before he completed his graduation requirements. Bob Tanner finished school in the middle of the year, and then joined the navy. Fred Vanosdall was another one who completed graduation requirements and then joined the navy. Harrison Webb and Leland Robinson, returned veterans, also graduated with the class. In their Junior year the class gave the Seniors their annual breakfast and Prom. The theme of the prom was the May Pole-bubbling fountains, blue sky, May pole and gaily colored flowers. Hours of hard work- hours of fun-and hours to remember-went into this activity. Of course, the class had a Junior play-"Act Your Age." Comedy and fun ran riot! And their Senior class play was the same big success as the one the year before. It was "June Mad," which was a comedy with humorous yet "heart-tugging" emotions, trials and triumphs. The box- office receipts for this play totalled nearly 25500-the most any play ever made in Gering High School. Peace was declared-and the class was the first in four years to look forward to a peace-time graduation. So the high school years rolled by. The class had become smaller in number but larger in horizons of wisdom and experience. And now as the Senior class of 1946 the enrollment was 67. Several of these had come from the kindergarten through to graduation in Gering. Among these were Don Leonard, Leroy Feil, Vernon Brown, Joyce Bott, Paul Klingman, Viola Curtis, Dale Quinn, Jean Steele, Jane Steele, Louise Hall, Lela Adams, Donna Brunner, Virginia Packwood, Norma Pepper, Beverly Robinson, Paul Christian and Robert Tanner. Eager yet hesitant-ready to join the world of work and turmoil--citizens of the United States-the class of 1946! Calendar oi Events AUGUST Aug. 27 School began. Sept. 10 OCTOBER Oct. 3-17 Harvest Recess. Nov. 16 26 Teachers' Convention. 30 DECEMBER Dec. 7 Vocal Clinic. Jan, 2 20 Christmas Program. 19 21 Christmas vacation began. 26 Junior Dance at Country 29 Club. FEBRUARY Feb. 8 Junior Dance. March 15 13-14 T. B. X-ray. 22 15 Freshman Party. APRIL April 4 Junior Class Play May 3 12 Vocal Concert. 12 Sophomore Party. May 7 15 Senior Sneak Day. 10 18 Band Party. 15 19-23 Easter Vacation. 17 24 National Honor Society 19 Convocation and Tea. 20 26 Band Concert. 22 27 Girls' Play Day. 22 23 SEPTEMBER Misner Players. NOVEMBER National Education Program. Senior Class Play. JANUARY School Began. Senior Class Dance at Country Club. National Honor Society Convocation. MARCH K-9 Amateur Show. Band Clinic. MAY Junior-Senior Banquet and Prom. Senior Kid Day. "Cinderel1a's Slipper." Honor Convocation. Last Day of Senior School Baccalaureate Service. Senior Class Night. Senior Dinner. Commencement Exercises Last Day of School. I I I I I E v- 1 fu ,-fu' . J. vr.. C . ,fm - X .,1.. f 44. N, .. - .Hwy . .-7?f,.,1? -" - -- ,A -1-4-: ,- We. ... ,. , 'fri .QV 'I' , L.. , up , . ,"?'f'r' ' ' " 1 -31.73.-' nl , 4' , ,-sr, 51 . 4: .S ru. , , ' ., - ... lj, - 'Siu ' ,ji ,- . ' , , N 'g, 1 ' .r ,. X , ..N, .Z 15-79 , 4 J - v gl A . ,3 Y: Q . M 6- K 1 i ,t f- f. I . 1. -, , , - . t.-I - I r ,. a 'M . .I v,r .A 'I 71. -L'5?gQ iIg.,i f 1157? . a g X ' -' uf . 'ff f I . :Nb Q -ggi? 'gh 'rZ1"f-5412. ffifkl ,f V3.21f." .4-- ,., N-.. X '+-,519-f, 'sh , Q1-1 'EGFR " - 13 if f -r-r 4 J M IN ,I I it Q-gy ,. xl SEM S ., H ,,,,.+m, N F .. T? ww-:f'Vffs 4-:I X- . ,, .N 5 ' . f.i?l1g'f?f' f -155024107 5 rg E g'5.:- . . pg' f AJ-rf-lf? nl ' x Wax.: 'V , an . -5+ J Pf 1.-T5 N ' 1 2. .-" 217' 5,1 'A " 'yu A . far 5 1 Hr- X V .+P-'f, wig:-V gi I' 'giw r aw. ."'b5A- -V.. .11-1-::",.,,4, : -WSQPE. . 'Q 1 ' fs, ffwt' ,153 ' '25 Z1 N vifim ,. Y. tsf 4 -T' I E . '- ,fig 1 ., . ,LU Q-, - A .x. -,-,-..- 15- I . .1 -, 25 ,1-vl, , , ful. :ig ' ', , z 151:--,L -' 1. ,1,'.'gf-1, asf -ix -vs ff- lf.. +1-V V. . N X -1 'Mfr' 1' ix gg, 41 3+ 1, ' .fm ' ' ' k 'xy 'uv-H '1,:.,yn-rw, fi' vga-11' I .:, ,fr F-. ,smadnldiuk .Flutoqrcnphs Hutoqrclphs 14 Fl F . FF'- .Nr FLY P, ' ., '.- I " L' L A-, f 1, - -14 1 1 ,Q , ' 'Y-Lf ' if R. Kg. , .ig - 'iLi'2'5-5 , ' L - ,QL Ax' y '1 A ,fag VH. af -5- .4 H.. . V-' ."-1.'i!l .JM1 5.55 -' 1 -f 5. .F .s X '-fra -' A 44 .v .. ,. .mi - 45. ang-555 -' 1,45-A 'g H4,.:,gxi2.' c' ., . -, -Y 17553 sa Vi' . 'Y 27 w :'f,5?E?5f'fu. +25-: '-ysfgx .V ' -1:14-:,, 5 YE ., .-.5',,y. ,1.,,a 4-Q I ,mi X ,LM A 4, Q, -, M . , fm- .F 5-. ' fu. +1 iw ., ff 5, I3 r v ' fe, 1 flllf 1 : ff" , pq.. -or 4,: ,l 'T 4 , 'f P ,fl 1 ' I f ww, 1-1 .mzgpf 'WWTQHI r f"'MS'i 'h" ,.-Y f,i. A'w'9,-'Aw 2.5 ' V Q mfs by , - r 'S ,..:- -A 11,52 5 , ,f-t fx -. 3: '-. f A. 4? , A, -4.5 -A dvi " J xjwv 'V M, ,Fm SJ, as ai' PM QQ. kr a-, 1.- -.F 1 If . ,,.v,. -',1,.4. F A ':f1'7wQiQ f' ,9 "MTW .5911 . 1'V7'3i5'54i"' 44 J ffm gu- .- Q ,, i v. .gf f' "L-x : "1 sf." Yi,- "' -'Ev 1 1' fi' -4 JxT ' " ' 'f' 'if' J i? ,-eg -f' ' . ' -:, n ,.4 A, M y 'i ,' ,' .." . , x "7 11222 :Y mi' ' JE ,rfb-,L:, ,-Y 1 f. 'ati .Ifff f" . V ' -' ,. 4 .r 4 HF ' lygit hg Q'-6' 1? nz' ic: ' 1, 7 1 :Ada ,I x1'f'x 7' .M -A211 f"'f sf . W.-,Q,f'1", ,hr-G. , .' F f-4'-V.'1,E212f'4i:fi." Q. ,fff'1?,"5 :gif " ' ff.,-,. 1 . r44,1?- I - , -f 5: . -' nf-if i ' 5 N '- 'V li " .Q gf- 51, V. ff ? A - 1 1252 .. -A, . 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