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Il Z NmeteenE1ghtyF1ve 9 O O - L. i 4 Gerord Cotholic High School Imoge 1985 VolumeXX Dr. Robert G. Brondt Moderotor - Mr. Jim Miller Co-Editors - Potty DeJuIio ond Louro Bolenboch ' Q ff. N, x S X Q N , 1,2 W,- . x " L,-K E . 'fx L, ' 4' s V I 'W' ' V l I My Dear Students, HDestiniesH is a very fine theme for your 1985 Yearbook. In your young lives, as teenagers, there is so much to live for. Each of you, we might say, is destined to be someone special, to accomplish certain things during your life. However, whatever you become, whatever you achieve, cannot interfere with God's plan for you - your destiny to live in happiness and peace with Him for all eternity. Be open and receptive to the Lord's generous gifts of grace, so that your ultimate destiny will be realized. Be not afraid. May God's peace be with you! Faithfully yours in Christ, +1 'W Most Reveren omas J. O'Brien Bishop of Phoenix Contents Student Lite ....... ............................ ..... 6 Faculty ..... ........ 3 2 Academics ...... ....... 4 2 Classes ...... ........ 4 8 Sports ....... ...... I 02 Activities ...... ..... I 38 Index .... ...... I 54 Ads ....... ...... I 60 1 V X ,Q 1 .Ae 3 i '.'V 1 2, A 72'Qfl'4 , . "LA . , ,, 5"'?5 'f HW1? M. V fmt 2? sr' wav' -4 M . 'Kc Wx NYY. A. ,, Q55 .SJ 9 ,- C Q. I 7 , ' - Q fc., , f., 'iz-7-42. ,Q- . , 4 ' hx ,K +5 fx. N. if xx N g ki 55 "-' 'V Y 4-31, 734, We -, , W " -.S '. 'D Qs 1, -.,..,, I .1 4 "' 7' 4 V naw 2 I Em VGRITES GF 1985 Best cor voted Q 43 S ..-1 .W sf !'k'. X X Xt . I' ' I 1 1 In ,K . f 4 f I 1 Y .f ,f a fi f 2 , , 7 x - 32 'Z 5 1 Af , . I f 5 f X X 1 lf' 4... -2-:ra-.Lt 933,33 YZ YW . :MJ V dj ' M , my Q2 2 iw f .4262 'ga , A mane no 85's Cream of the Crop i Best Looking: Dave Vaughn Si Kari Boyle Best Personality: Dominic iafrafe 8. Kara Latin Friendliest: Dave Carroll 81 Potty DeJulia 'r '435A Y Best Eyes: B.J. Krystek 8- Susie Smith Most Spirited: Dominic Moietta 8- Luro Haugen I I Most Athletic: Ron Scfcik 8- Natali Kmg Class Comedians: Jef Horvath 8. Stephanie Sur chez Best Body: Tim Carlson 81 Lori Curtis .q, . ll 5 fflgx George, where are you?" Most Outgoing: Dove Binsfeld 8. Suzy Gilb Most Likely to Succeed: George Fleming 81 Annie Glenn INITIATION FOR FROSI-l A table top serenade I never liked the taste of grass Karen gets a ride Initiation is the time of the year when the Seniors give a little of the attention that they received as Freshmen back to the new lower classmen . . . it's all in good fun and the day marks the official initiation of the Freshmen into the Ge- rard family pf 51 1 W T 4 J Pr Laura loves HER Freshmen! I wish this day would never end?! WELCGME TO GERARD X You wont me to do WHAT?!?! A Lifetime of EXPERIENCES Anytown delegates cannot explai what Anytown was - it was somethin everyone has to experience to under stand. During the summer, seven lucky- delegates got to go to Anytown, USA The first group of delegates: Ginnyl McGuire, Lura Haugen, and Tammy- Krystek, got to go to this camp durin the week of June 3-9. The second grou of delegates: Scott Green, Mary Jea Robinson, Carla Cotton, and Patty De- Julia got to go the week of June 9-l 5. Al delegates were very pleased with the camp. The camp was based mainly on hu man relations. It made you appreciate' people for who they are inside, not jus their physical qualities. Many friend were made during the week and thes friends will always be close friends of th delegates. Each day had many activities to kee everyone busy. There was a cultur night where they divided into their eth nic groups and performed skits whiclr delt with the prejudices that each ethni group feels. It was a very emotion night for everyone. There was also ata ent show night that was full of fun, Th last night was the night which none o the delegates looked forward to. Ther was a candle light vigil, where any del gate who wished to share his or her e periences during the week held a candl and shared it with everyone. There wer many tears shed during the long hou but it brought everyone just that muc Delegates: Carla Cotton, Mary Jean Robinson, Ginny McGuire, Patty DeJulia, Lura Hugen. X Boy's State Delegate: Ron Ruelas, Gilb. l6 GirI's State Delegate: Suzy closer. This year's representatives for Boys an Girls State were Ron Ruelas and Suzy Gil The conventions were not held at the sam location. Boy's State, which had about 37 boys, held it's convention at NAU. The site the Girl's State was at the University of Ar zona. During the convention, each delegate wa expected to run for at least one office. Th llState" is made up of twelve cities and i these twelve cities there are many office pos tions to run for. The convention was not all work and nj- play. The delegates had a good time in th week they spent. They made many goo friends, and learned to work with people an to compromise. Any Junior boy or girl who is interested i Boys or Girls State should not hesitate - it' worth it. V hi L, K WA If 7-lf.: We f gn! QQ I' We X K 2 ii Sri y 'P- Slfkff A ,if Q ,as 2 1'---M TIME TO MDVE ON T As everything must come to an end so does Dr l Brandt's time at Gerard. After ten years of pure dedicaf tion we will be saying good bye to a truly wonderful mai' and principal. This departure isn't easy for Dr, Brandt ol the students who have grown to be a family in the pas ten years. Dr. Brandt has put a lot of time into making Gerara Catholic High School the best place to be and it is evi dent that he has been successful in performing this task There will be many things which the school will remem ber Dr. Brandt for, especially his famous mottos. Ever though students laugh when they hear these motto they know what is meant by "we're not all chocolat chip cookies" and that "we need to get over the fence.' Dr, Brandt has always talked about having a goo relationship with the Lord, Dr. Brandt is a very Christiaj person and he lets people know that having a goo relationship with the Lord will always make things lood brighter. The students at Gerard are going to really miss Dr Brandt but the memories that he leaves will always b there to help them make it through all the good and bag times. To show our thanks, the yearbook staff has tak' en this opportunity to dedicate the l985 yearbook t Dr. Robert G. Brandt. We hope you will be able to looa back on this yearbook with great memories of Gerard We wish you the best of luck and hope you get all you, want out of life because you deserve it. God Bless You Dr. Brandt we love you! ' 2 l ,i b wwe. -,,.h.,,y i Li' 1 5 an i..............,.. Dr. Brandt being his usual friendly self. GAR Dr. Sheridan has been a very dedicated person as Vice Principal at Gerard. With the departure of Dr. Brandt, Dr. Sheridan will have to get used to working with another partner but that should be no problem for him because of his great personality. Dr. Sheridan, although he is the disciplinarian, is a very easy person to get along with. Many students enjoy talking to and being with Dr. Sheri- dan because of his witty hu- mor. Not only is Dr. Sheridan busy being Vice Principal and the disciplinarian but he also teaches sophomore AZ His- tory and Geography. Now if that isn't dedication! Thank you Dr. Sheridan for helping to make this year an- other successtul year. Such a busy man! l9 Homecoming Week 'x 'F fyr as ' s 4 s,,k 1' 5. Now thot's rocky. How Cute! g 20 'X N A Homecoming Nominees Thot's right - l'm cool -...ns Former King and Queen with the new King and Queen. I gotta catch up to him." "She'll never catch me." The theme of this year's Homecoming was 'lSafari." A lot of work was put into preparing for homecoming week. Many committees were formed and each of these committees worked hard on planning their event. The week began on Octo- ber 3 l st with Halloween. Stu- dents were to come as their favorite fictional character. This day was followed by Tacky Tourist day, and boy were people tacky! Novem- ber Znd wound up the theme day. There was a pep assem- bly where class competition was held. The most spirited class was the Sophomore Class. The Seniors and Soph- omores won the Homecom- ing float competition. The week was topped off with a dance after the football game. "I don't believe you iust took that." 2l Rich Murphy cmd Kari Boyle Jeff Horvoth cmd Potty DeJulic1 lKc1ri in for Lori Curtisl Y'-'v 'X Dove VGUQl1n Gnd KOFO Lofin Tim Carlson cmd Luro Haugen -lit 4 1 Dove Binsfield ond Kari Boyle The Whole Crew! THE SWEETHEARTS Coronation Nominees were Kdren Woods, Noelle Shaffer, Moria Buenciver, Chris Winters, Lenore Reznick, Mike Seliger, Lorie Cho- vez, Blaine Donevon, Alex Arozo, Croig Longust, ond Christine Wilhelm. Cnot pictured is Ed Fyllingl On the left is Queen Ko- ren Woods ond King Chris Winters. Mike Seliger cmd Moria Buenover Above is Noelle Shaffer and not pictured is Ed Fyllihg Blaine Donevon and Lehore Reznick wk- Christine Wilhelm ond Croig Longusf Alex Arozo ond Lorie Chavez 25 A Mural ls Born Gerard was involved in a major art pro- ject last December. The Arizona Founda- tion ofthe Arts provided us with a grant to hire Zarco Guerrero, an artist in residence. He helped us paint a mural with many reli- gious symbols in an abstract form in the upstairs chapel. Miss Nask, the coordinator of this pro- ject, invited some of her Advanced Art, along with a few Basic Art students, to par- ticipate in the creation of this mural with Zarco. The first few days were spent in- venting a theme. Through the process of elimination, the main ideas were collected to create a painting which represented them. The primary reason for doing this mural in our chapel is to spiritually motivate and inspire students while they attend Mass. The scene symbolizes the future. The cen- tral figure is Christ being resurrected from explosion. Christ is amidst a galaxy of planets and stars. The colors of the hori- zon are seen in the background represent- ing the hope for our future. The process of painting the mural was video taped so that the students can re- member the creation of such a cultural project. The students of Gerard should achieve a sense of uniqueness from this project, since we are the only school in Phoenix so far to participate in a cultural project of this type. 26 The beginning stages. Miss Pamela Nask, Coordinator "El Zarco R ws X VS -sa' a.- -x.,, st, af X , ig s -cp- Qisw Q 91 . ff 1 .1 ?,,f-.: , 4 'l -:-,,. 1, .5 A K ig 3 Q 1? . N W bfi! .A t' J' 32? s, K .Sir - 1 . L N. . I ,f .3 I 7 College Dclys --1 - ' I 1,1 , l . . f. . w M SERVICE ' gf. -... . Dm... ' ' --n'3..f::s:,vN . Blood Drive ' Well, would you look ot that mouse. -x 'W Tl-lAT'S ENTERTAINMENT! S. E l Models from Vogue?l 5 'ls Q Pssstl Mike, I forgot the chords! We're going to dance the night owoy. 9. 'I-'A' Ni 'El 1' l, 4, Fine Arts -X in 'X s,,.,4u fEv 94, U l . l- 5 ill i ii-E vm This year's science fair offered many new attractions ranging from basic projects to complex experi- ments, dance routines to entertain the young and old. All of the science classes contributed a project of some sort. Some of the projects had to do with mice, computers, volcanoes, electronics, and various other topics. The Art department also contribut- ed their share of work. Paintings sketches, and collages were dis- played on the walls and hung from display boards. Poems were also shared with the parents and stu- dents. To keep the entertainment going, dances were performed by some of the students who had dancing ability. And music was provided by other stu- dents as well. All and all, the Science Fair was a night to remember. I x Z M ,,, m,,.Q 5 N- i VND .A 7-4, 11 9 5 0' 47' xvxg 1 gliillliii 1'- 3 1-.....,. .4-e"' E D X 1 Ov F 'S -Vx x ,.11 .unxx lb v 1. v" Av'x .qw "1'x"4lv ' 4 N X4 0 Au . x 1 wxX, ,",i,41 li,gVx ,E n4'x'V,4'Yt4yfl4,v," 1 ug AJ 4 vv R , Mr .P,5w ,, 1 2 an-4' 'f-EQ. L Religion Mrs. Virginia Dertina - Religion I and Drivers Edu- Mr. Gary Andorfer - Religion ll cation Mrs, Catherine Berg - Religion Ill and Advanced Fr. John Ebbesmier - Religion I, Reli gion Ill, and Campus Ministry Biology Fr. Anthony Fracasso - Religion IV J", ' Spanish and English Mrs. Marguirite Berges - Spanish ll, Spanish Ill, and English IIA xii . ' "' Mr. Franklin smrks - Spanish I and Spanish IV Fr. Ken Lukan - English I Mr. Roy Barcham - English ll, English I, and Physical Education Mr, Jim Relph - English Ill Miss Kathy Kochevar English IV Math Mrs. Jan Dreffs - Pre-Algebra, Intro to Algebra, and Algebra l qw. A v Sr. Laurent - Algebra I, Algebra ll, Trigonometry and Analytic Geometry, and Calculus. Mr. Jim Miller - Algebra II, Geometry, and Algebra w!Trigonometr Science and Computers Mr. Louie Mallett - Biology and Algebra I -Ar. Steve Threlkeld -- Biology, Chemistry, and Physics .Ani Mrs. Mary Ann Kinnaman - Physical Science 1 , ,A Z- , C 5 .. 1 Mr. Roger LeBlanc - Computers and Physical Education History in Vi'V if Dr. Vincent Sheridan - World Geography!Arizona His- tory 38 Mr. John Carroll - American Government and Free Enterprise c,,,,,,,,,,-.1 Mr. Jay Hollar - American History 13- 1' li Mr. Jerry Stone -- Arizona HistoryfWorId Geography 1 Physical Education Mrs. Jane McKaIIor - Typing I, Typing II, and Ac- counting Miss Pamela Nask - Art I, Advanced Art, and Home Economics Business and Art Mr. Ken Scarborough - Typing I, General Business, and Consumer Math Administration -an X W if Q W Weil ix SY X gk iv? 1, sr 4 'lx K N A"k:N :GS 1 X-ifibb x 5 GY, K 'W . ' 'y x"5'7::' .4 Mr. George Kinnaman - Librarian Miss Rita Simons, Counselor i X nv, s . . ., . W" ' aww' rr. as CDfHc pub. Mrs. Larkin - Secretory e Staff Mrs. Angsteod - Secretory 1 .uno V Mrs. Hughes - Bookkeeper i if f 1 5 2 if ' S? MTN fr ,WMS . A-vw' I x-MA . M A X 'if if MJ 'Y' Q3 iii 1 ff .-.. is-11 ,, gf- H 5.. 1. ,af "isis srl' 1 . x 1, 'rR5?KY"V wiv 5 F X -Qi - ,ww ww . ff, 1 . 1 K I ,W '4 X T if E Science ond Moth 3-ki. Nm., a 'vim I can't believe you're all working! You're smarter than the overoge bear! fm: , ge ru-in Mrs. Dreffs joins the class. Kermie, is that you?! What 0 woy to spend the dcy. I think we've found 0 cure for Junioritis Debbie , the future secretory of Gerard Mrs. McKoIlor putting in c long day s work "H-. , V M 3115:--4 PLAY'N THE TUNES Left to ri ht: Mike McLeod Ramon Tucson Brid ette Ander- Q , , Q son, Adam Chwolik, Greg Tribby, Vince Chioddi. ,fx Am I doing this right? I A ,L Pldy n in perfect be harmony ' 46 LANGUAGE A very attentive listener. Soy Cheese! E Ali... we gig' 1 -g m , H X V k Q .. -f ?i1'1.ft".s. i Ml xi-'Q 4 O x .N ff ..x. . n 'f' pry . lk JKJLA 1 ilq n A Juifuufv. ,nm iw , mia bf- ' 'P V. I .J wgwf' il X .s'w 'iii 1 ua . .. ,, fx "ig .QR A A Q! QU' CLASS OF - "88" 'fix , is ., 2 W 1 if My-, Q ,. 1 if is ri ix lp Rainee Aioski Craig Althoff Chris Atherton JoAnn Bolderas Wyse? ,. , f t 'Citi Y Qsxv f " S- 1612 X , Spyro PHOTO W' ""L' S - 1 -10, 5 ' 'V??." .4-w p- ,Q F ' .C q " T S Q?-K .g f 'QQQA1 Don Bolog Robin Bonkert Stephanie Bastion Michele Bendo AliCiG Benitez Chris Benson - ' , rfffg, TQ L- S5227 mir? Q f , :gi r '11 "V,-f' Vyti- "u 25 V 4. 'Q LU I I I Don't look so down girls! Jeff Berto David Biddle Kelly Bischoff Brian Bluvas my ,A 4. I .X V X I Q ' . s Q James Brooks .l Eric Burr 'ii' O Michael Carroll Rqndi Carter R h ys . if 1 N L 'xi Q . .- . -sit. wwf re Wa rs .W Q Q N .5 1, N , , 4 Q L "': J Y . f ,f Stan Chavez Paul Civitano BEM' I l 1 Mike Bradshaw 325' C John Butts wi - , - -, f fi 4 'W E H gh, Qi! , px . l ii Q S Q I ml l E l ll E .frffz Dina Castillo .r We e L V fl 1, XX- rl , X. 123.gif Q if J' Darwin Clifford Diane Briehl 4 Christi Candelaria Anne Cessor GOOD LUCK FROSH .v I David Biddle t A h ir- 5 . ,..' 1, G pf , ' I Bernie Datton .Q Ms, ,., K D dl d 3 Emily Doell 4: ' 3 ,X 4 .5 ,. Dara Drljevich 52 FW., . x . Jlz :-- ' gays-:E ,,,- .VW q i 593 . A ,,1., ,X -Q' 1 ' A 1 f " . iff! f Bobby Carter Chrissy Cryan Paul Czyz gif 1 l i Pat Dearing Ron Dellachiesa Laura DeWoIf Myra Domenzain Billy Dowling Jennifer Dreckman Kelly Duff Jim Duginski Tara Durkin Q., 'K kt. 5 wx if 5? X . Wx X Y X f . , i 4 W my .wh , ax . H ' 1 X fl L is .Q 5 'ir N Q N 9 Lx H Mike Ehmann X 'f ff' Liz Ells Julie Flores Estelle Flynn Ng 2 ki . Jw.: , M mm kwa Shawn Ehmann Barry Eisenhower a.'?m Ln! t 5 X f N:-f"Qit N f-',,,,,, S 'P' Joe Estrada David Ference 1 2 f.. 1 .wif , 6 Mike Elliott ' 1 Alicia Fimbres Lupita Flores Darla Fylling Joey Gorczyca Joseph Grace Stephan Granzow Katie Grimes Tiffany Gulinson Kris Hall Colleen Haugen s.,M Lucie Hubbert Kevin Hays Kurt Hofleit Lara Hopkins -' X if X X i J Julie Hughes Christine Jacobsen Diane Jazwin ! si Tino Jenkins Bob Kennedy viirqmln M um' 2 L'M1li'l1 51,-N',, ,, bv exam A1 -V3 Q 1 ly -.4 us gill ,aHf as Bob King X I- Julie Jennings Joson Keck ' 3 iff' :Wi 5. 3 ra sf-fi S. gi F Kim Kopilovic Kasey Kerrigon .5 , 'ff Y 15? QW . , . N I 51. Missa! r i 3 2 : . . 7 ".. ,Y Amy Klein fin i W' , . " :fi ' Larry Knudsen Mcrcie Kizer Q Kevin Ladrigan Eric Lange Bill Larrabee Ken Laub Q S Dona LeBlanc Ben Lesnick David Lespron George Lindsey W J 'f Qe e JJ J J ew, an Qiee X + e eex qlh- JK. .Jef-5 y L ,J , J' .W -I tl L , ""?" , W ..: 24, 1 f J' 'ik i 5 ' P J J' g k E2 -Q eeeee W , xt I ' ,,,. f , X A Jenny Link Katrina Long Jenny Money Julia Mason Et-l?11g ' ,r " 3 Q Rob Mqywglf John McConnell Carrie McCoy Nicole McDaniel l Sean McLain Matt Olinger ...k W Q fl 'Q 5-:S ei fl I, 6 e . ii Si , .. f X 'lesion i Tim Parker wax, , A A. Tim Mullen Jill Olson Debbie Munson ati? x. 1: 1 ,, -'x "" Gabriel Ortiz wwf 'Q ,Ji H .-'fm T,- l l l , A ,mi , ., iii This locker has got to be cleaned. 'arf ', f A ff. IW , ' 1 rl' K N A A i ' N A 1 5 X Q Julie Olinger yy Todd Palmer -A 0 ,Mg 4 s ,.al,, Mark Postika .wif 1. 5 Ki . ir A ,, 'N 1 ere ' f f , kkiw, , Q '4 ' t .. 4. 1' vid: . f. T' T T ' ' ' J if W' f e T QQ, 'a rg David Patterson Morytsa Peraza Chris Piccoli Debbi Ponzeline V. eg, 0 . W' Q f X Q wh r -,v- i v 1 f 4, i rf! i ' . n , A A I j I .W 511 i Di,-10 Ponzeline Tiffany Porter Mori Jo Prochelo Andy Puckett F , ,2,, . ,F ,,LL , ,Ul, i S! li x " '? f-2 , wi Nl Freshmen girls hurrying to class. ffl N 5 ' , ,. Lx At ,-15? W W, 7, -A BXZQM Julian Quintonores , f A z l Kelly Reubci il, y ill Kimberly Relph Tiffony Reyno Elise Reznick Chris Rice Patrick Robbins Beth Rock Q' Denise Romero 5 Carey Sanders - .. X . i . . ci - X S eg Km. Jon Schmitt se-ff Marc Sepulveda 6, .- jiimb Annabel Rubio 9' if Susie Sarchione E A Ann Schneider Joe Rutila ,S ,K 0 1 Dan Scanlon Fi Michelle Schnieders A JN 'F 4-232 R. X V Ross Sewell 1 4 ' Glen Sharko 1, ix . ,QF Steve Sack Cindy Schmitt l Angela Seman 'Sis Simone Simpier f sw, -fm ,fxt'SeNs David Solar L Shannon Sullivan ws.-rf' Q. K kk I L71 , mm R Luke Thalheimer Amy Thompson its ' ,ziggy Colleen Stanton Robert Stevens Enthusiastic Redcoat Supportersl x r N S si' Ari Tipton Matt Tripani X, . . --v- , rw, W,,,,-.m-H., Y- Q av.. ' af' 4, , .. 4 , Q3 si A i s 4 i +4 X I f . 2 7 L Daren Strunk new it Wifi? Syl: X .V f+?gf'f5QpQ John Terry it S Duncan Thayer Christie Truesdell 3 Felipe Valles Gloriana Verdugo Eddie Villarreal mexel l .-1 W Paul Visa l E71 David Volpe Gena Webb Jason Wesley Renee White if 1 W . ' ' x Q' fi 4 X. Qr Wil 'A' 1 1. - - sf f f . . I .. N - i A ' 1 1 Tod Whitney Christian Williams David Williams Deanna Williams X W f f 2 V so ' s 1 ' if' Q A ' Q D , , 4 , af. K X " . " X T1 if J , i i I A i 'fvy .4 - GP . - ,Q 'S' - 3 ,x , J N 1 4 fs'--' X " X X 'R fgD"J 1 'KK-TQ 1-5 ' ' -R-'f ' '+---f-xx -,A 'Q-'fx -K X4 ,.., A .. ,J Dawn Wills David Wilson Melissa Yoder SGP!-IOMORES QA is 5 - h ,.Y, ff .44 , . , ' l 'Q a fir i , lmwii ng ' W 5 u I l WW Q .1 ,. af KA f"ffs if QA. 1 V326 4-' ' I I' 1' A A-Q ' fkf ,p ' K 'I . , , F' ', , g, ',,, W 4 N , N., K U. ,, ff4.,,: F1 Q5 X99"' Poul Andrade Borbord Ansel Llso Awtrey Seon Bdezo I Kristi Blanchard Jr? in 5341K -6 4 Angelo Bobs? 55:1 a.-3 ' tr ' I l Mike Bolenboch i, ' Y fix A Wayne Bruner f Suzy Bucher Fong Chiu Theresa Bowen M 1 lull 5 g . x David Bubick . y . '45, ' 'U , , ia, x K L Q , at . AQ 'W fi A f ,f Chris Burdick Kori Chorney Craig Chigum v- "x L 1 .4 x 4 N 1 1 Chris Cottinghom .we N N .,,? Katie Coyle Terri Cryon Allyson Cypher Carlo Deugenio Mott Dirks Mike Dirks I Erin Doell Chris Drogos Eric Duggan if ll Michelle DesLouriers . QS v 4 . . S- C 1 -l Holly Doddridge if 53, Rob Ehmonn bn- X Q NX f is Q , f X S ,J A 5' Q ' i i. 'x I A Genie Fleming J-D qf-'W N. " 1 Jennifer Gorcio ,Ii S X James Foley Mario Gosco r V? Loretta Gore Pete Goss Mignon Gould 'ff 1-Am: H. ,if X Q ww w? . 1 -Q Lf 7 1 ' Ei Y . lv A it A y Q 4 Q P -1, X 4. A ,, 4 xxx: :fp f if . a'ifeX-..- . John Grace Petra Grill XJ? Luis Gutierrez G . yi . Q ,A i X K Nl i i A Q I , i 'fill' Sheila Healy Kevin Holtzman Laura Holub Matt James Rick Johnson if x""'5is -1- l Chris Kapilovic . Q! 'x S rs. 1 we 'W 1 Q 'fy wP,'L:4i'fZ 4, 'Ffh Q -f ' -ff wx ' X ' ' " W i .Q A in ' L " .:. , nli i lv g' r. 1, 1 ki . I : YL My Mike Koster Andrea Loubmeier Debbie Lawrence ,K sf Sa fx Q . Tommy Leyvo Cathy Link Down Longstoff 'Safer Sli Fred Ledon , 1, Ricardo Morrs , -gi Sora McGoIdrick gp ' - -f I' ' ' Aa, A l . rf' 1 L if ' ' . 'X I - " w pg :fl i mba: 5 A fllfv' 72,3 Chris Miller 1 1 I Kim Mormtuoro . .,,. ix, A Nita Norton ..,,-5 ,X Q- A .. VL i 45,2 , Xfz,-:."L,-1 --'75 fi -X721-e 'Lt Tn ' , :flgfl L .: Steve Phelan Patty Reichenberger "N X . x X, A L Ann Morris Joe Navarro Bill Norris fee M i i Y f Kevin O'Conr1or Tim O'Hayer Tracy Owen-Jones .el ' k fi ff 3 - D -.-W. ,J . A Julie Rivas 4 Q .ii Jr' x S ii im, Q Debbie Ryan Greg Schweikert Angelee Scuderi Danielle Sharp 'In 1 1--. Albert Villarreal Victor Slivinski Chris Smith 4 55 .fi Nancye Rogers J , . 3 ,F S 'r Jeff Sanford -r. L Q Q' ff? 4 if ,am Vince Sheridan , it S ,. .Q ,Vt,, ga Q . Dan Smith X 5 'qs , -xx 4 , Chris Stayton wi- ' e Lovee Stebloy . -3. x , " Y . ., ,C ,, .3 1 X X, N . K.. , A. , -Q U , it M1 .4 I : Qs. - . ,C . Y Y Q, M 5 fi W . 55 ,,,..+s is " wife C fi wx. ,.: ii. R 5 f C .....c,,N h :Ac ii Matt Toney Stacey Velasquez Tricia Vehr U '5- ' f 36353113 , 5 A I A Q5 3 ' 1" A ! Martha Word Michelle Whisler Adelle Wieck ' +. Ben Winters 'Nor CROWN Chris Hansen "4 i. M Marty Irwin ,V Pete Simms com J. XX Dave Wolcott Christy Yourk r " ' fi A235 Chris Votroubek W' '5- '5-. Kirsten Wilhelm M M Mary Zapponi v 0259 W X AQ- Lisa Abney 1 , . Q .Q 'rf A ssssr 1 X'K'-L X ,N . , , . Q + i in X sf:-gg A 'E' xl r x A K M., if Paul Anderson Angela Aslanian Juniors Await Senior Rule! x ' I Cory Adams Laura Allison Bridget Anderson ' 9 W fn , f- , L - P 3 .Q..i"1Y't 1 Qsrr T 1 W , i , 'X if A M, - gm " A S' 'lf 4 eff I S ' in -if Ji-,f , y 1, Alex Araza Oh . . . Marijuana! ' 5 4' eww? x M . 'ri M ., Q . ' . .- 1.2 zfsrg i i , , ,gf i Q. :egos '1 ' vw 1 1 ' gif' 1 i f iw 'EL fi-if 'Q K' X S , r , Q. Ray Barry Tammi Bastian Glenn Bak N ,, iaxsx 8 'K .1 ' 5 it 5 X W 1 xi PWR K fr xf' .I 'X Tracey Beilman Mike Bennett Chris Bischoff C, fs - Chris Block V'AA ' T.J. Brecheisen Q, .J K- it Sara Castro-Marin QQ Q1 1-11 1 so .eee fa, . ,,.. ,AW "" Rico Chavez K. Q A Maria Buenaver Kim Cghill . MQ. h f Alan Castillo .TTC ' Oops , . . Guess Who Forgot to Use Pam! ,I Lorie Chavez 1 Carla Cotton wi' .ww I I 0, pa?" - is V ,fi A Q g E mu - W' D. V T .-1. 4,5 Donny Cryan U - I x Rich Czerwinski Kristen Curtis ag, f' if a . ' A ,A K 'ga 'fL,,1nlUA Danielle Dees Hey, Who Says We Don't Have Spirit! We ' Q 5 Q 'W -f' We - f FQ pls -. Sue Dembinski Maribeth Derrick Angel DeVore Matt Dippre Q gm 'U is 78 qi 41 Pg 1 .ib. ff ,7 N A ffm 1 -. A -- if , s -- r ' -I ei: - W 41" na! E i if K , Kevin Donahue Blaine Donovan Terry Ehrnann Elena Fimbres Angela Florez f A an ix X. 'F We Q. wg Q ,V QQ, 'X fr Rich Golonka xxx .kxvox 5. G Nw , :,.. Q Sam Gutierrez Grady Harrison Q Q 'A Sean Foudy Ed Fylling xg, 'x r :. W? Scott Green Lelia Gresham ., ll if 1f -f Ai iii Ni' ix . Liz Gwozdz Bill Hallman fs' .TW 1 W 9 l X Edgar Hauser 1-im. v -Q . i -- PW. . , .-i,,, pw? is-" , ,Q Marfie Gleba , ,M- ff-me 1 J . , Q V, , 'T' G ile , B A, W Dore Griffin P' Friendship: A Single Soul Dwelling in Two Bodies M , W M wy 3 Q A Q Q WIlIli H!l Y, XZ, Y Michele Howes Jim l'l6I'IdfiX V i' A if I ' . "' ' s S 3 ,i r ,O Q we t ffl A s I Scott Hill Sue Hinsberg was i" t g ist' ff- H - 5 X Nothon Holtz Kay Howord Becouse you ore my friend, l hove . . . No lock on tongue or heort . . .For you Are me. . .Outside of me . . , A seporoted port . . . Thot Ioughs with me ond weeps A teor . . . If l should need o teor. . .Or offers on orrn to offset horm . . .Whenever horm is HECK 80 - M. Buxboum X .5 qi M y nik Q , t. .E I f L ' XX 1 J Dorin Henley Pot Hickey y k e,s A A lye at NfWigxi. sdktig 32,2 -Q ' X Coppy Hollond . .6 I , ' John Holland Moureen Hughes Marie Irwin X X X x 'XX' R x X R X sw W Q t i New, x X Xe ws X R xh KX XVSX X Q xi v mix we S , Tom Joy X e X be f-f' , 342' , sg gix -gif NQ, ' 5 86 Unity Shines Through if wz,ig,.fi A se ii . W r-.Q ff 4 ,H f . V K ,f Q V. N ff' I i g I PY Y 4,4 'Q , Paul Jozwin ff: K eee o , :.35.,, i QJ, Qxdfx XQNYQZS W f o 'Q' Borry Jenkins Bob Kelly Zino Kizer Greg Lgrrivg J f X I Ed Hurd Robert Isroel If 5 3 Lori Koios nh- Q- ,f , --N-J, -f' Steve Loubmeier 81 3 me '-E 4 j,,., 1i5x:31.,A -ff-- --fi Vg jpg-Q . Q :wr -yu in --if-gn' I " f f 1- .4 MV 7 rm -. fQfx Felicia Ledon Debbie Lespron Craig Longust Lyneffe LUIIO Donald Maher Chris McKay li, 4 - ,Q- .fe K ereii 5 is Stephanie Maietta Ana Marrs Andy McComber Elaine McLean .ir f W' if is 'F '12 x ,A .is 14 I Kelli Mikalaiczyk So Terry, Where's the Party? Oh, Mr. Relph . . , Jill Miller Pat Miller Steve Monfhofer Mike Murphy T ff 5 ix U Q Q .,.-.:,, W , eeell e ffjq eel. e S 4- , .., 4, 2- -IQI f fm-gag S Paul Murphy Jessica Navarrette Matt Nebgen Wilma, Where's Barney? ie 55,3 S i',, 1, 'x is +1 I X Steve O'Conner Joely Nelson Susan Olney Marie O'NeiI S L f Merle Palumbo My .. .. .mi xref il P 'Q .i ,gay .- Mr. l-lollar, Can we postpone our test? 5 X AA,L iff -5 h.., ,. S.. 4' F : Z 5 ,,. .ix K -r Jim Phoenix 5 L A Lenore Reznick Kris Sanders J mmf df Valerie Pauli Mike Phelan Carrie Plante Joe Reid Kris, Reubq Rita Ringsrud Jane Rispoli Mary Jean Robinson , K fi.. 1 W. fr i f " R 'P + ' J David Sonfilippo Mike Seliger Noelle Shaffer N S. ,semi 1 ,A 9' Henry Silva Lisa Smith Ann Solar Mary Speziale S , ,fn ,:k'9l'2 U sc.u.T,,l , A ,A l-lang in there, Just one more year! Debbie Staub 15"-U H5x,,g. Now, Whofs The Theme? P P? Thaf's Merle, Always studying! Chris Smyer ,2i?k,.. Cui. lady A X ,AX..,, ..,.,,, Q., ,AV , qs, ,. TZ., hv.wN44g4V Z, U,v?, K 'ev My 5 New ""' alle ... . if ' ' ,Sl . K M. A Sa, If " x . Muke Stevens Bryon Strunk Cathy Sullivan Danr1Y Slllllvon ll ffm is Q.. ' A Kris Surges Lech Thculheimer Jim Thornburn Joe Tillman nfl 1 M r fi i .i ., gel A :Fly ffi L.L:1 gswlfgyie , yi 1 .iih I x . Q s Q ' if ' i i 'E f ,. il Mott Topping Greg Tribby 86 1 It s only HCI! 'Ub- Q I Stephanie VOISS Sergio Valles ii .1 3 '-' Nw uri 22, Q. e if r w i i ' l Nancy Verschoor RGf1dY Villfl .M ' 'sli- f' Ken Walsh Mrs. Berg, Are you finished lecturing yet? Senioritis, Maybe . . . Junioritis, Definitely! a X Tim Ward s ...- ggi? A ,. Michele Werton Chris Winters ll' C iff? Kim Wojciehowski Christine Wilhelm Jill Wilhelm ff? 513 Karen Woods Lori Wooten f 'R- ' lk -lll Not Pictured .Q li I l , , Erin Lambert haf! Shannon Mathewson I, t l-gl X Vicky Shire Dan Zinni i My parents lock me in the closetl Oh, Chris, can we take your picture? ALIVE IN '85! Jim Adams Scott Allen Jackie Allison Chris Arricale Jason Baker Maureen Balfre Susan Bayer Ana Benitez Kathy Bilinski Laura Bolenbach Rob Bowen Pmgure not avaxlable Jil. Q1 Kari Boyle Marvin Brooks S 1 Russ Brydon Tim Carlson Dave Carroll Vince Chiodi r I. N . Q -h l , 1' 'lv .df I lg . 4 souv, No movo Pong Chiu Stephanie Conger Jane Cox Mgrk Curran Sean Colby 5 JuSt X vi ca merafx sh , y Lori Curtis 'Quik ,gym M . NN Hi? A...- qv' a .,1 A.. Aw- ww. ' f 4 , .-f. ,, - sn: is .. , x 4' f F . .f. N n E' 51 .M- f 1, au, 2353 ... .i ,f. ' waz Q ' x 55155 f l - A i5l':3ffIF i ,if 378' an " Q-55 5-4 'U . ... vt' M, .'.n 1 -sr .v tx ..4" A- A' J' wk 'ix " . . if , ' V , ,. . sg? if K .. ix f ,N , E gg E I . f . -gk N 'kr G. Photo nol I .xavaflnlfl Iigg Lisa Fuhrman Ray Garcia Adrian Garson Caesar Gasca A Crossroads of '85 Sarah Geenen Suzy Gilb Hilary Glasser Annie Glenn L25 , I '6- 'D we Wi? - at UM , -f- 'E 1 . I 1 ll .fgx-,Ez ff ,as 1 -1.11- . , ws? 'U , 3 3 an N-'xx ww. ' 3 I 7 DPW X fi 4 Ya .. , m y-n 4 Q available vw-ug Y l ..- f' I .1 ".- in defy . Wil. QT.. W".- i,2 - Seniors Rule Dominic Moietto Bridget Martinez Judy McConnell Mike McLeod Susan Morse Rich Murphy f M 4 'J' Photo not Availaue Ginny McGuire Joe Ortiz N,-0. N, ., .N X . J, . fi' ,A ' Sf -.I vig? , ik W 2 Af 1- t 13.1 . -, ,Q w ' K A ,,s 4,157 ,wE4,,,L K Y 6 1 f fy, W 1-' 5 1 f 'lk X . im, Q T.. I A..- igj' 7' 3.341-LLX, X nw-'-MSW' " If.. ,gg 5m:.,,: A A H x wi '5 kv 4 .-gg. ,fl I T . "'-:: A3 g 4..- 5 5 . K ii 'Q FMA Ron Safcik Stephanie Sanchez SORRY, NO PHOYO Rob Sanders Scott Schmitt Chris Seliger Kay Shepp Theresa Shutsa Dan Smith Susie Smith Daphne Starkweather it 6 Q5 my iw, 'Q x 1, Yi. L 'ks ,f ,mmm in 3351, .l , 'Q' Arlene Vanni Dave Vaughn Mark Wagner Scott Watson .4 . 1 ae , -Y '85 WILL SURVlVEl Robert Wilhelm Jacquie Wolff 8 ix! 5 4 ,ww A ' A ,- .L .. . v' 1v',, . T' -4' nm ,. . 103 Varsity Football l-langs Tough First Row lleft to rightl: Matt Nebgen, Eric Duggan, Bill Norris, Andy McComber, Alex Araza, Second Row: Curt LeBlanc, Dave Vaughr Dave Wolcott, Matt Dirks, Mike Dirks, Dominic Iafrate, Third Row: Dave Carroll, Bill Kuamoo, Robert Wilhelm, Tim Carlson, Rich Murphy Adrian Garson, Ron Safcik, Fourth Row: Scott Schmitt, Blaine Donovan, Ed Fylling, Chris Seliger, Rob Bowen, Steve Phelan, Frank Fimbref Dan Smith, Fifth Row: Jim Phoenix, Coach Relph, Chris Stayton, Jeff Gourley, Don Safcik, Pete Thompson, Chris Kapilovic, Asst. Coac Refner, Asst. Coach J. Soisson. SEASON RECORD Gerard - 25 Bourgade - I4 Number of Plays - 357 Gerard Apache Junction - l4 Runs - 209 Gerard Window Rock - l9 Passes - l24 Gerard Lake Havasu - 7 Punts - 24 Gerard Independence - l8 Fumbles - l0 Gerard Glendale - 6 lnterceptions - 7 Gerard Peoria - 7 Gerard Gilbert - 33 lO4 Gerard's Defense Shows its Strength Special Recognition to those members of the AA Central All- Tight Ends: Tackles: Guards: Centers: Wide Receivers: Running Backs: Kickers: Tackle: Quarterback: Division Football Team OFFENSE FIRST TEAM Jeff Gourley Rich Murphy SECOND TEAM Don Safcik Chris Kapilovic Dave Vaughn Adrian Garson Ed Fylling HONORABLE MENTION Pete Thompson Rob Bowen This years Varsity football team consisted of a group of spirited and dedicated individuals. As there was no unior-Varsity team this year, the team members ranged in age from Sophomores to Seniors. The Redcoats nad a very tough season, but they never lost that Redcoat Pride. A large number of the players are graduating eniors, which means the team next year will be young. But with the experience that the younger members ac- uired this year, along with their strong Redcoat spirit, we can look forward to next year's team with hope and ride. Mr. J. Relph, who coached Varsity Football from l97O-l 974 with a record 32 wins and 7 losses, became the ew head coach this year. When asked how he felt about the team this year he replied: ul would like to say three things. One, we really had very good personnel. Two, four of the five teams that we ost to went into the state playoffs, and three, in the clutch situations we lacked confidence and panicked." Mr. Relph hopes to take the team up North for a week this summer to practice and gain more team unity. est of luck next year Mr. Relph and fellow Redcoats. 4192 liebackers: k C SI e. ebacker: cks: ALL CONFERENCE DEFENSE FIRST TEAM Don Safcik Scott Schmitt Bill Kuamoo Dave Vaughn One in family, one in prayer. SECOND TEAM HONORABLE MENTION Alex Araza Adrian Garson Dominic lafrate Ed Fylling lO5 Freshmen Look To The Future M 39 Top Row left to right: Kevin Hays, Joe Estrada, Jason Wesley, Sean McClain, Sean Abinet, Brian Stoner, Rob Maywolt, John Butts, Rob Stevens. 2nd Row left to right: Tim Mullen, Barry Eisenhower, Joe Rutila, Darwin Clifford, Jeff Berta, Eddie Villoreal, Steve Sack, Andy Puckett. lst Row left to right: Matt Olinger, Dave Solar, Chris Benson, Bob Kennedy, Jim Duginski, Marcus Sepulveda, Bernie Dalton. Coaches left to right: Louis Mallett, Kevin Haugen, Roger LeBlanc, Joe Brennan. You're in for it now, dude!! T.D,! RABBITS ON THE MOVE Bock Row: Romon Tuoson,CI'1orles Boyer, Adam Chwolik, Coach Glenn Mikoloiczk. Front Row: Pete Goss, Dove Bortoletti. L I STATE l l i i i .,- .YYY W l Top Row, right to left: Natalie King, Michele Werton, Laura Allison, Coach Burcham, Rita Jankovsky, Carla Cotton, Kara Latin. Bottom Row: Cappy Holland, Kay Howard, Mary- Beth Detrick, Paula Vaananen, Suzy Gilb. This year was one of triumph to the girls varsity volleyball team. Be sides being state champs, the: were first in their division. The mair reason for their success was thei ability to work as a team. They a knew that if they won they won at a team not lust because of one o a few people. Coach Burcham wa also a factor to their winning sea son. The team worked hard fron the beginning ot the season, whicl began in August, and did not qui until the very last game which a we all know was the STATl CHAMPIONSHIP. Congratulation girls on a job well done. .-Q lv' ,Z - -W sa--. ti mt Sock it to em, Paula! Teamwork. lO8 fx,-Q S. What style. What a set! CHAMPS Ready for action, Smashing! That winning look. Powerhouse! Here Come Our Winners F1 ! fetal, 9D ve. lf g T 'f ' E 2 if 5 S . al 4 c Q lg i pi . 1 5 Q . i 3 ,lt .il i , 1 I s h S t .g 1 , NS . . L... , ' L 3 '7 . l Bottom, left to right: Sheila Healy, Tricia Vehr, Tina Gamboa, Julie Hughes. Top, left to right: Alicia Benitez, Stacy Velasquez, Coach Mrs. Dreffs, Leah Thalheimer, Dore Griffin. Bottom, left to right: Carrie McCoy, Diane Briehl, Tina Jenkins, Colleen Stanton. Top, left to right: Amy Klein, Christine Jacobson, Coach Lisa Jankovsky, Colleen Haugen, Ann Schneider. . F ,-is fa W 5 .Qs sf ..- . , This year's girls J.V. volleyball team w so successful that they attained 2n place in their division. Much of their su cess was due to the experience of Mr Dreffs, as their coach. They finished o the season with ll wins and 3 Iosse Gilbert and Wickenburg were the on competitors capable of defeating th team. The J.V. captains were Dore Gri fin and Leah Thalheimer. If their sk continues to build at this rate, there w be a pretty victorious varsity team wit in the next year or two. This year the was also a freshmen volleyball tea They were not quite as successful as t J.V. team, but their team unity was fa tastic. On the ball! Ku '7 M We're Moving Up e l i Z -. ji' .- - M..-N, .-.b Reach for the sky. ,, . Q .. 1 l A X 'WY FN 'N , . . , x 4 We-" Will she make it? Now the gome will begin, l l I RED 84 GRAY ALL THE WAY A 1. ,T . .5 Fx., K - The girls warm up before the big game. This years Varsity girls bas ketball team did a great iob ii showing the true spirit of Gerari Catholic. The team had a lot o talent which helped them go a far as they did. The team wa not that big, only two senior and the rest were iuniors. Thi teams overall record was 8 win and 8 losses. Members on thi team were: Natalie King, Juli' Falconer, Maribeth Detrick Cappy Holland, Michele Wei ton, Laura Allison, Kay Howard Carla Cotton, Adelle Wieck ani Erin Doell. Some players re ceived special awards such as lst team Maribeth Detrick, Zn- team Natalie King and Capp Holland and honorable mention Michele Werton and Julie Fa coner. Vfsnllf I U . .. 'T 1 . .-f Ti W' ' 'C' lifug- "",,fsfl:c -gnav' A noni lt wouldn't be a real game without the jumpball. Will this game ever end? Y I Michele puts it up for two! Ukunngg, gy-ew ' M' M ifxesq . 235 mi Two more for Michele. .-L. ' S i Go get her, Julie! 1 ,gb 7.r 'lm' au- f Aren'1 they awesome? I' QQ .W x e' v Is thot o new dance, girls? Varsity Shooters Strut Their Stutt iv 'VI' Front Row ileft to rightiz Tony Frakes, Steve Gore, Joe Ortiz, Ron Safcik, Jeff Horvath, Curt LeBlanc, Jim Heaney tBack Rowl: Coach Ston Brian Durkin, Mike Seliger, Dominic Maietta, Rob Bowen, Mike Phelan, Ed Fylling, Tim Carlson, Coach Burcham The i984-i985 Redcoat Basketball team gave their fans some exciting basketball to watch this ye Highlights of the season included a 2nd place finish at the Page Christmas Tournament and an exciti overtime victory against eventual state champion Gilbert. Receiving special recognition were Domin Maietta, All Division list teami, lst Team All Tourney lPageD, and All State l2rid Teamig Jim Heaney, F Central Division and All Tourney tPagel, and Mike Phelan, All Central Division. ll4 1 Mfg. yi . 1. '33-ww 'QT' . f mg'- : I-ew ,f' Mike Phelan shoots for two. ,..,...- -4Y'T. X gi, " .. -5 A ' ' . gf-23... , ,, ' J . 'yy fit., , . ' ' Lg SYN lit ,Is , . l Hey, save the high fives until after the game! 1--'Y Su gg , 6 -- ""' A -.4'lu. 42-Q. I 5 X S ,, -mm, - .?f ,,.1-' ii 1. -J-gig' ' 1' r . X, , 1 I ' 4 I5 H l Way to go Joe! Getting physical is the name of the game. H 4 N. U u ll 15 f "' " K , A 1' W E ye S1 I BOYS FROSI-I BASKETBALL TEAM WORKS HARD Left to right: Mike Yohler, Mott Triponi, Steve Sock, Jeff Berto, Sean Abinet, Brion Stoner, David Ference, George Lindsey, Kurt Hofleit. Coach Neil Geisler. "ti i WRESTLERS BUILD FOR THE FUTURE 'fl Top Row: Coach - Mike Sepulveda, Rob Ehmonn, Rob Carter, Kasey Kerrigan, Bottom Row Mike Ehrmann, Ross Sewell, Jeff Sanford, Marcus Sepulveda. PR .""a4 Another Day In The Porl Coach Alvarez, Stephanie Sanchez, Erin Doell, Sheila Healy, Julie Hughes, Cappy Holland, Coach Soisson, Front row - Colleen Haugen, Carla Cotton, Julie Falconer, Julie Olinger, Maureen Balfre, Theresa Bowen, Moon over Pierce Park. , Grand Slam? No problem! Having a new coaching staff was hard to begin with but as we got to know each other better it became revelant to our team las well as to the other teams in the divisionsl that never before was a coaching staff and a team more meant for each other - Mau- reen Balfre. We had a strong team this year. We started off slow but, by the end of the season, alot of teams and coaches knew the meaning of W.S.K.A. - Stephanie Sanchez. fi I-fv ,Ri if .-yfv,',, fyrixif Y .4S?"'P4id 4 inf!-,gi 4' with 'vvvfdi-4 ...t 1 , If - -M'-9"fsy-14 ' T This year the Gerard Softball Team placed 3rd in their divi- sion. They went to divisionals but failed to qualify for the State Championships. The girls worked very hard under the guid- ance ofa new coaching staff. The coaches were very dedi- cated and worked hard. They are: Lead coach Jaime Alvarez, Asst. Carol Reep, and John Soisson. Six members made all-conference teams. They are: Stephanie Sanchez - lst team 2nd base. Sheila l-lealy - lst team lst base. Julie Falconer - 2nd team 3rd base. Carla Cotton - 2nd team pitcher. Cappy Holland - 2nd team shortstop. Theresa Bowen - 2nd team Utility. The captains were: Maureen Balfre, Julie Falconer and Stephanie Sanchez. Left to rnght Top -Joe Knapp, Tum Carlson Brlan Durkln Domlnlc Maletta Rob Bowen Adnan Garson Coach Stone Bottom Jim Phoenix, Dave Wolcott Dennls Kmetko Jason Baker Scott Watson Domlnlc lafrate Mommy!!! One More Time iig- 'L Nl fl X we Varsity baseball team was tposed of unique individuals succeeded in molding into one vork as a team. This was the ' reason that they went farther 1 expected. They were l985's divisional champions and e it to the State Playoffs. The s goals to place in divisionals conference and to make the e playoffs were all realized. The year was great - Scott Watson We all went out there as individuals but it took us working as a team to get as far as we did - Joe Knapp R 45? l 5 l. Despite the tremendous team effort there were some that ex- celled as individuals. Joe Knapp, Rob Bowen and Dennis Kmetko were All Conference and this year Joe Knapp made All State . . .Con- gratulations Guys!! Put me in Coach, l'm ready to play . . . today! gf 'lst ' 'U 1 fl v 21' 1" 't"'3?f ri ::':Z-. Promise for the Future Dave Wilson Paul Civitano Kurt Hofleit Dave Solar Darren Strunk Jim Duginski The main purpose of freshmen boys baseball is to build fundamental skills and to prepare the play ers to succeed in Junior Varsity and Varsity base ball. The key to a future in baseball in high school is to learn to play as a team and work well at leading as well as following orders. Mr. Louis Mallet was the coach and Mr. Ed Malone assisted him. l24 TQ, xH ff X-.uf f.-w 'T xl -l o 1: 'JU o . E o 2 - -l .:. .U Q 2. ' - Q? ' U o E. 5. ' 'P -U - o 4 - m T1 rn -1 co 3 n ' 5' ' un rn :s I- rn . . U1 ' ' 2. 0 2' K- - 9 1 " ' -3 , if it 2 .I 3 'I . X, gn A ,"A N . 5 n ff 3 -l :r A Q N4 . co 'lar :1 .J 9, .-"' -P -Q' Q .3 m S' 0 o N 2 055 5' ff 'Q -50' 'f 5' 9' w ,Au-' gn ,-1 O 1 . 'O .T 5' X is .5236 3 .M Z as- O I Movin' On Up! - Q Teamwork is the key to every successful team. 'A X z The Junior Varsity baseball team displayed lust Xt- Q . .fl at throughout the entire season. There was also It -'f lot of talent on the team. This year there were everal Freshmen on the team who displayed a lot 4' ' ex lf promise and added to the quality of the team. if V5 TPR his group shows a lot of promise for a future in ,.f","" 'fi IX farsity baseball and looks forward to next year's Jlyy uccess. - '- 17' A' if . J. - 'HH ' R Top Row: Mark Felding, Glen Sharko, Chris Kapilovic, Joe Reid, Don Maher, Pete Simms, Bob Stevens, Coach LeBlanc. Bottom row e Rutila, Mike Yohler, Jeff Berta, Wayne Bruner, Chris Votroubek, Mario Gasca, Matt Toney l25 A RUN FDR GLORY i VKV7 gzsu , .. ' V S - , . From top left: Coach Refner, Jim Thornburn, Bill Kuamoo, Stephan Granzow, Gabe Ortiz, Ray Garcia, Adam Chwalick, Scott Hill, Mike Bennett, Coach Trasser. 2nd Row: Danny Sullivan, Caesar Gasca, Dave Barletti, Matt Dirks, John Terry, Ari Tipton, Bernie Dalton, Eric Erspamer, Andy McComber, Scott Green. 3rd Row: Angelee Scuderi, Trisha Vehr, Lucy Hubbert, Kelly Reuba, Diane Briehl, Jennifer Dreckman, Tiffany Reyno, Natalie King, Elise Resnick. The i985 Redcoat track and field team made a fine showing this sea- son. In what could be considered a 'lrebuiIding" year, the runnin' Red- coats represented themselves and their school in an excellent manner. This years dedicated, hard work- ing, and cohesive team continually improved their personal times and distances and had a good time doing it. The teams spirit and unity showed through in every meet as team mem- bers cheered on all participants. State meet qualifiers were Natalie King in the l00 and 200 meter dashes, Bernie Dalton, Mike Dirks, Matt Dirks, Edgar Hauser in the 4xl00 meter l'elGy Gnd DCIVG BCIFTO- Thank you alumni helpers: Jamie SandovaI'84, Joe Gaudio '83, Ieffil Andy MCCOmber, Motf Di,-ks Helena Wise '83, Sheila Saunders '84 and Tina Gamboa. and Edgar Hauser in the 4x l 00 relay. Class records were set by Dave Barto- letti 800 meter and Matt Dirks 400 meter. GULF if-'QFRQG Team members left to right: Matt James, Victor Slivinsky, Chris Hain, Steve Sack, Tony Frakes, and Coach James Miller. This year's golf team has put in a lot of effort to make our school proud. They had a good season winning five matches in ten, and they Team captain Tony Frakes. placed second in State Divisionals. Tony Frakes received low score. 32 JV 'ORP' "Move over Arnold Palmer! The Invincible Jeff Horvath. Joe Navarro hits another one! Steve and his caddy Bill Q.. 53 . K , I .,kk ig' VV B W - f Q f I ' : k E v f f ' , K 1 , M K. 4.LL A Q K. ' x Q X - 35X. lf 1 g Q ,A f N -' .l ' k,, L k . Ab ir, ,fx if :fig Y 1 . .f N? - 4,4,.vX W h ...xg , VA' . 'SM 'i "Y fi. if .f.,4,s-.15 24" +18 N 5 v n S ki 4 X1 Y' ff. '12 ' YM A use I fx t 9 've' The Junior Vorsity Line showed how they had spirit ond pride. The line con- sisted of seven girls who knew how to get the tons involved. They were Lori Kolos, Jennifer Gorcio, Kris Surges, Julie McComber, Mortie Glebo, Dcinielle Shorp, ond Ccptoin Christy Yourk. l32 J.V. Are Alive Freshmen Come Together ! , The Freshmen line worked hard and were proud to be Redcoats. They had a good year and enjoyed cheering. These girls were Denise Romero, Kim Ka- polovic, Liz Ells, Chrissy Cryan, Carrie Sanders, and s Captain Dina Ponzeline. if is wi 1 in E F f -H! J.V. Pom lnspires School Spirit Top Row left To right: Sara McGoldrick, Kristi Blanchard, Shannon Matthewson, Jill Miller. Bottom Row: Tina Spade, Terri Cryan. i ' ---. gn Ready? OK. iHF"'N: u 55 1 f' i A 1 0 . ,J ' ar .t -X Qi' ,, x yi. 4 431, 1 , A f , x ,Q X b 'Si + 03" 3 Z :3 3g Q Y' , ,,:, 1 i 41 K H,-aA,0Kmvx A 4.4 ,V , 'Q I... FW -r v' -.5 k' 4 ,gf f f S., ' F-vi , 5 L L ' " 1 1. 13".rQ ?',x,f'x, Lt- A ' A .4z4l,.T,', I IM, , 41, q 'A A ' 4 tw' . .4 :':' I . fag ' ' V as-frg'-22 ,, b7: df + ' 2' Q ' Aki it ' A i gg Q 2 M.. R V' M A f, is M 56 G i SS KP K S I ' S2 wk? wi Q .gf glwy l . m 1 f,L m A , LAY, .. V Q: L A 2 5 Y, ' ., XF' 6 'M-A ' he ,K x' ' N Xi a g' M, Ye I xi x WY? Q, ,qw ' ,, .i N ,, Q .. '.,sdJS555'W-4. feel 0 Q 'S A f? ww . as Y X Y . fwzewg-,Q Mf M 'miig n 1 1 - - my . Q A + Q 1 2 in . l A ,Q W M vm sm was Sk HA ix A ,,,,.,,1 Vi K W u , 3 3,4 34 'lg ff:-,115-fl-' +- , f P! A. Q -. xi? 'vt Q- ive V' I u, 9 .-x 544 5:2 ' 'A ' 1 F ., .QQ . A - ' -X. lm! 3. 0, 1 J , Af. 9 1 Q Q YN, v. , 3. X., I v N3 .K JV, I 'sv . W1-: :'v M,,ir1.h V 'V ax, wx LZ. , M, STUDENT COUNCIL Student Body Officers: Top: V. Pres. Sara Castro-Marin, Recording Sec. Patty DeJulia, Corres. Sec. Angela Aslanian, Bottom: Pres. Suzy Gilb, Parliamentarian Michele Werton, Treas. Stephanie Maietta. Judicial Board: Left to Right: Laura l-lolub, Eric Lang, Maria Buenaver, Barbara Ansel, Kris Reuba, Tom Jay, Larry Knudsen, George Fleming, Mike Phelan, Paula Vannanen, Missy Yoder, Leah Thalheimer, Alice Reznick, Dore Griffin, Dawn Wills, Sharleen Day, Victor Slivinski, Cae- sar Gasca, Larry Tichausky. l4O Junior Officers: Pres. Kris Sanders, V. Pres. Mary Jean Robi son, Sec. Karen Woods, Treas. Noelle Schaeffer. This year's Student Council had a great grou of people. The year was well organized with at tivities going as planned. There was a new procedure brought into stu dent council this year. This procedure was Pa liamentarian Procedure. lf students or facul' members felt that officers were not meetif their obligations then these individuals wou stand in front of their own class members to se if they would be allowed a second chance. All all it worked out well. Senior l-l.R. Pres.: Left to Right: Susie Smith, Annie Glenn, Ana Benitez, Dave Carroll, Ra- rnon Tuason, Brian Durkin. Junior H.R. Pres.: Left to Right: Stephanie Vales, Lenore Reznick, Debbie Staub, Kevin Donahue, Chris Block, Scott Green. Freshmen Officers: V. Pres. Christi Candelerio, Sec. Jill Olson, Pres. Patrick Robbins, Treas. Debbie Munson. Sophomore Officers: Sec. Julie Rivas, V. Pres. Sara McGol- drick, Pres. Charles Bayer, Treas. Christy Yourk. Sophomore l-i.R. Pres.: Left to Right: Stacy Velosquez, Dan- ielle Sharp, Angie Bobst, Theresa Bowen, Matt Toney. Freshmen HR. Pres.: Mike Carroll, Kasey Kerrigan, Jason Kack, Alicia Fimbres, Nicole McDaniel, Tina Jenkins. l4l Another long, successful year for yearbook. SPECIAL EDITORS Co-Editors Photography Classes Faculty Student Life Advertising Laura Bolenbach Patty DeJulia Adam Chwalik Steve Laubmeier Randy Villa Lenore Reznick Elise Reznick Stephanie Bastian Lynn Ehmann Liz Gwozdz Judy McConnell Sharleen Day Laura Bolenbach Diane Briehl Stephanie Bastian Lenore Reznick Elise Reznick Rest of Staff Patrick Robbins, Kathy Bilinski, Jill Wilhelm, Russ Brydon, Lori Chavez, Genie Fleming, Mignon Gould, Mike Bolenbach, David Volpe. The enigma of the total concept of year- book has once again escaped the under- standing of the student body. Not many peo- ple realize just how much work and headache goes into a yearbook The few people that stuck with it through the year are some of the most devoted people there are or else they re crazy Despite the problems that have occurred while making the yearbook, the results are always great The memories of each passing year at Gerard are credited to this elite staff and if you disagree, ioin year- book and find out what it s all about! THE UNIONJACK NEWSPAPER Angus, 'P' 0 Newspaper staff checks latest edition Unionjack staff 1985. The hard working Unioniack staff was led by Ana Benitez - editor, Sara Castro-Marin - Assistant editor, Mary Jean Robinson - Produc- tion editor, Kevin Donahue - Feature editor, Kris Reuba - Ad editor, Ramon Tuason - Art editor, Adam Chwalik - Photography editor, and Mrs. Kinnaman - Faculty advisor. +-1 me -. Editorial decisions don't come easy! Now is the time for every good rnan . . . K Matt's reading the funnies to Dave! in , 1. Extra! Extra! Read all about it. .pf Decisions! Decisions! NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Edible congratulations to members! Proud parents! The Gerard chapter of the Nationa Honor Society had a productive yea under the direction of Mrs. Jan- McKaIlor. The membership adopter- families for Christmas and Thanks' giving, and baked cookies for th Blood Drive. NHS members must have a 3.6! grade point average and must mee the requirements of character, lea ership, service and scholarship. Th officers this year were: Paula Vaa anen, president, Suzy Gilb, vice presi dent, Annie Glenn, treasurer. Othe members were: Seniors Susan Bayer Mark Curran, Brian Durkin, Junior Sara Castro-Marin, Lenore Reznic Mary Jean Robinson, Kris Sander Michelle Werton, Jill Wilhelm, Soph mores Charles Bayer, Laura Holub- Vince Sheridan. Members attending the installation ceremony CAMPUS MINISTRY ,H F' 'W c so g ln the past year, Campus Ministry has put to- ? Ni ,Fa Cast W i 1 Q-..g gether a real positive program. lt has brought together the Spiritual and Communal aspects here at Gerard. Among the strengths has been the advantage of a priest on campus as well as peer ministers giving all an opportunity to discuss "problems," The ministry of students as peer ministers had enhanced the program. Another aspect ofthe program has been the improved liturgical celebrations. The campus ministry program has also been a help with the Confirmation program. Over all, the Ministry has been a really great contribution to the stu- dents here at Gerard. l47 .-if si" hlnunpfv- PRCDM Called "one of the most successful proms I've bei to" by Dr. Brandt, this year's Junior-Senior Prom w truly a l'Night in Heaven." Junior officers, Kari Woods, Noelle Shaffer, Lenore Reznick, Carla Cc ton, Scott Green, Kevin Donahue, Leah Thalheimi and Chris Block, under the direction of prom co-chc man Kris Sanders and Mary Jean Robinson, put long hours of work to make the night a special or Seniors and Juniors danced to the music of Class the Holiday Inn transformed into heaven with l' pounds of cotton batting, 120 balloons, 50 yards ribbon, 5 pounds of glitter, and 2 nervous brec downs. All kidding aside, Prom l985 was a beauti' event and enioyed by many. FN , Af . ,Alf Q , 1 Q l48 a 1, A Q i -fs -E315 f I N4 N ' vw. Y f". A X Ja 42. mm Q ' ff bf il 5' 5 ,Q--f-'Z '1,'....""-'T-'37 .4-ff 1--f if-f -P p GRADUATION i985 The Gerard Class of l985 had a spectacular graduation. As the procession began, firecrackers pierc everyone's ears. After, many speeches and awards were given at the ceremony. Annie Glenn, the Valedictorian, shared many of her feelings about graduation with an enormous audienc Following Annie, the Salutatorian, Suzy Gilb, gave a wonderful speech. The Top Ten Redcoats Awards were presented by Miss Kathy Kochevar. Among the students honored we Patty DeJulia, l.ura Haugen, Dominic Maietta, Natalie King, Suzy Gilb, Dave Binsfeld, Annie Glenn, Ron Ruelc Paula Vaananen, and Rich Murphy. A new award called the Gerardian Award was presented to Patty DeJulia for her shining example of what true Gerardian should be. The Most Reverend Bishop Thomas O'Brien was there to give a farewell speech to the graduates before t presentation of the diplomas by Dr. Vincent Sheridan. After the presentation, Dr. Brandt was ready to exci, everyone, but he was instead interrupted on stage. Since this is Dr. Brandt's last year at Gerard, the Senior clc showed their appreciation by presenting him with a watch which was given by Dave Binsfeld. Before Dr. Brar could thank everyone, the co-editors of the yearbook, Patty DeJulia and Laura Bolenbach, announced tl' this yearbook would be dedicated to the man who worked so hard to make Gerard what it is today. Since t yearbook was not finished at the time, a giant chocolate chip cookie was presented until the arrival oft yearbooks. The trumpets blasted as the spirited class of i985 exited from Gerard, along with the honored graduate, I Brandt. This school will miss them both. l5O l 29 I L n AW ,fu f J uv NX! v . 0 1 Leaves are falling all around Time I was on my way. Thanks to you l m much obllged for such a pleasant stay And now It s tnme for me to go the autumn moon llghts my way But now I smell the rann and wnth ut pam and It s headung my way Got no tlme to spend and weep the tame has come to be gone And tho our health we drank a thousand tnmes I have to ramble on Robert Plant an Jlmmy Page Bryan was a very dear fruend and ut hurts us all to know he s gone I loved hum but I guess you never say It tnll nt s too late Don t be sad Be happy for hum Lute IS gust a vnsnt Try to make your stay a pleasant one Bryan s was So Bryan rambled on lust as the musuc he loved so much sand he would I wnll too Maybe today but nf I do I know I have a frlend up there who ll take me In you too And so today my world It smules Your hand In mnne we walk the mules Thanks to you It wnll be done For you to me are the only one Happlness no more sad I-Iapplness I m glad Love Chrus Wlnters 1 . .1 . I k . .1 . I I . . 1 . ...1 1 . . .. .. 1 . . . . . . , . . . . 1 . I I I - I I I I I - I I w .. If , ,..: ' if' Q .1 nu! 6 , . ,lX , . s 1 X fx ' 1 f ,gf gg' A ,. .pvfjiyfft 1 Q 'yi 4 , V -Y , 4 MA AN' X - . x ' E N l I N :I S.. . ' 4 mn....,1-l 'L 'ws ., g :Jim . ,fs 1--, mpc., Al yg. 'ABI' 'J M: , v -wnzffs, lm V, wi? Scott Allen Drama lO,l lg Golf letter ll. Jackie Allison Sue Arcieri Jr. Achievement V. President 9, President l l , Mat Maids Varsity letter 95 Powder Puff l l. Chris Arricale Hospital Jr. Volunteer 9,lO,l2g Campus Ministry l2g Blood Drive l2. Jason Baker Baseball 9,lO, Varsity letter ll,l2g CYO 9,l0g Wrestling 9,lO. Kelly Barry l i Band lOg Football 95 Wrestling 9. Maureen Baltre Softball Varsity letter II,IAj vvno s vvno l lg Powder Puff l l,l2. Susan Bayer Honor Society lO,l l,l2g Hospital Jr. Volun- teer 9,l0,l l,l2g Society of Distinguished American H.S. Students lO,l l,l2g Who's Who lO,l l,l2. Ana Benitez Chorus 9,l0,ll,l2 Homeroom Pres. 125 Newspaper lO,l l, Editor l2g Society of Dis- tinguished American H.S. Students 9,l0,ll,l2g Who's Who lO,ll,l2g Youth for Life lO,l l. Kathy Bilinski Chorus 9,l0,l l, Drama 9,l0,l lg Honor So- ciety lO,l l,l2g Newspaper ll,l2g Society of Distinguished American H.S. Students 9,l0,l l,l2g Who's Who ll,l2g Yearbook 9,lO,l2, Editor l lg Youth for Life 9,l0,l lg Class Treasurer 9. Dave Binsteld Basketball 95 V. President and President l lg President l2g Homeroom President 9,lOg Who's Who l l,l25 Congressional Student Orientation Trip llg Homecoming King nominee l2. Laura Bolenbach Ululllu lv, lluiulliuiuio 1,iv, iu,n,,,,,.,.,, ll,l2g Society of Distinguished America H.S. Students ll,l2g Volleyball 95 Who Who ll,l2g Yearbook lO,ll, Editor l Youth for Life lOg Powder Puff llg Pro Decorating Committee l l. Rob Bowen Baseball 9,lO, Varsity letter l l,l2g Bask ball lO,l l, Varsity letter l2g Football 9,l Varsity letter l l,l2g Intramurals l l. Kari Boyle Newspaper l2g Sweetheart Queen l Homecoming Queen nominee l2. Marvin Brooks Basketball 9,l0,l l. Russ Brydon Drama llgJr. Achievement Pres. lO,l l,l Newspaper l2g Yearbook l2. Tim Carlson Basketball 9,lO, Varsity letter l l,l2g Ba ball 9,lOg Football l l, Varsity letter Homecoming King nominee l 2, lntramur 9,l0,l l,l2g Society erican H.S. ll, Sweetheart King l l. Dave Carroll 95 Basketball 9, Varsity letter ll5 Football 9,lO, Varsity letter ll,l25 Junior Volunteer ll,l25 Who's ll,l25 Sweetheart King nominee l l5 King l2. Vince Chiodi lO,l25 Baseball lO. Pang Chu rack lO. Adam Chwalik and 9,lO5 Varsity letter l l,l25 Basketball ,IO5 Chorus 9,lO,l l5 Cross Country l25 rama 95 Intramurals 95 Newspaper ,l l ,l25 Society of Distinguished American .S. Students 95 Track Varsity letter l l,l25 earbook ll,l2. Chris Cioffi r. Achievement 95 Society of Distinguished merican H.S. Students 125 Who's Who l2. Sean Colby than 9,io. Stephanie Conger Intramurals l l5 Yearbook lO. Jane Cox Mark Curran Cross Country Varsity letter IO5 Football 95 Honor Society ll,l25 Society of Distin- guished American H.S. Students l0,l l,l25 Track 9,lO5 Who's Who l l,l2. Lori Curtis Class Secretary l25 Homeroom President l l5 Sweetheart Queen nominee ll5Home- coming Queen nominee l2. Sharleen Day Honor Society l0,l l, Secretary l25 Year- book lO,l l,l25 Youth for Life 9,lO. Patty DeJulia Basketball 9, Varsity letter lO5 Chorus 9,lO,ll5 Class Secretary l0,ll5 Student Body Recording Secretary l25 Who's Who ll,l25 Yearbook 9,l0, Editor l l,l25 Youth for Life 9,lO5 Prom Hostess l05 Homecom- ing Dance Chairman ll, l25 MDA Chair- man l25 Blood Drive ll,l25 Anytown ll5 Homecoming Queen nominee l2. Eric Dewolf Chess 95 CYO 9,lO,l l, President l25 Foot- ball 9,lO. Jim Dougherty Donna Eagan Brien Dunleavy Drama l l . Brian Durkin Baseball 9,lO,l l, Varsity letter l25 Basket- ball 9,lO, Varsity letter l l,l25 Homeroom President ll,l25 Intramurals 9,lO,l l5 Newspaper 9,lO5 Society of Distinguished American H.S. Students l l,l2. Lynn Ehmann Chorus 9,lO,l I5 CYO 9,lO,l l,l25 Drama l0,l l5 Newspaper l l,l25 Society of Distin- guished American H.S. Students 9,lO,l l,l25 Who's Who 9,lO,l l,l25 Year- book 9,lO,l l,l25 Youth for Life 9,lO. Craig Enderson Golf 9,l2. Mary England Mat Maids Varsity letter 9,lO5 Youth for Life 9. Susan England Mascot l05 Mat Maid letter 9,l05 Who's Who l2. Yancy Evans Drama 9,l l, Secretary lO. Patti Engman Hospital Jr. Volunteer 9,lO,l l,l2. Julie Falconer Basketball 9, Varsity letter lO,l l,l25 Cho- rus lO,l l5lntramurals 95 Softball Varsity let- ter 9,lO,l l,l25 Volleyball 9,l0, Varsity let- ter l l5 Who's Who l l,l2. Frank Fimbres Basketball 95 Football 9, Varsity letter lO,l2, Baseball Varsity letter l25 Newspa- per ll5 Track Varsity letter 9,lO,l l. George Fleming l56 Backpacking 9,lO,l l5 Chess 95 Drama lO,l lg Football 9,lO,l l5 Golf l25 Society of Distinguished American H.S. Students 9, l O5 Wrestling 9, Varsity letter lO. Susan French Chorus 9. Lisa Fuhrman Cheerleader 9,l0, Varsity l25 Powder Puff l l,l2. Ray Garcia Baseball 95 Football 9,l l5 Track l05 Wres- tling l0,l2. Adrian Garson Baseball 9, l O, Varsity letter l l,l25 Football 9,l0, Varsity letter ll,l25 lntramurals 9,lO,l l,l25 Sweetheart King Nominee ll. Caesar Gasca Homeroom President 95 Wrestling l l,l2. Sara Geenen Pom Pom l l, Varsity letter l25 Powder Pu 9,lO,l l,l2. Suzy Gilb Basketball 9, Varsity letter lO,l l5 Chor l l 5 Class President 95 Homeroom Preside lO,l l5 Honor Society lO,l l, Vice Preside l25 Society of Distinguished American H. Students l25 Student Body President l Track Varsity letter 9,l05 Volleyball 9,l Varsity letter ll,l25 Sweetheart Que Nominee ll5 Homecoming Queen l2. Hilary Glasser Chorus 9,l05 Young life lO. Annie Glenn Basketball lO5 Chorus 9,lO,l I5 Class Vi President 95 Homeroom Preside lO,l l,l25 Honor Society lO,l l, Treasur l25 Society of Distinguished American l-l. Students lO,l l,l25 Who's Who lO,l l,l Prom Hostess l0. Steve Gore seball 9, Basketball 9,10, Varsity letter ,12, Hospital Jr. Volunteer 9,10, Intra- rals 9,10. Jeff Gourley sketball 9,10, Football 9, Varsity letter ,1 l,l2, Intramurals 9,1 O, Track 9, Varsity ter 10,1 1, Sweetheart King Nominee I 1. Chris Hain seball ll, Football 9, Golf 10. Lura Haugen neerleader 9,10, Varsity letter ll, Cap- n 12, Hospital Jr. Volunteer 9, Yearbook , Homecoming Queen Nominee 12. Karen Hays Chorus 9, Powder Puff 9,10. Lisa Hetzel Sue Hoogervorst Hospital Jr. Volunteer 10,1 1, Who's Who 12. Jett Horvath Basketball 9,10, Varsity letter 12, Football 9, Golf 1 l,l2, Intramurals 9,10, Sweetheart King Nominee ll, Homecoming Nominee 12. Dominic latrate Baseball 10,1 1, Football 9,10, Varsity letter 1l,l2, Track 9. Joe Jacob Rita Jankovsky Softball 9, Volleyball 9,10, Varsity letter I l,l2, Eve Jazwin Beth Kerber Homeroom President 9, I 0, Pom Pom Varsi- ty letter 10,1 1, Anytown 10, Powder Puff 9,l0,l l,l2, Sweetheart Queen Nominee I I. Natalie King Basketball 9, Varsity letter 10,1 l,l2, Class Treasurer 1 l,l2, Intramurals 9,10, Society of Distinguished American H.S. Students 12, Track Varsity letter 9,1O,l l,l2, Volley- ball 9, Varsity letter 10,1 1, Captain 12, Who's Who 1 I ,12, Powder Puff 9, 1 0,1 l,12. Dennis Kmetko Baseball 9,10, Varsity letter 1 l,l2, Football 9, Wrestling 9,10. Joe Knapp Baseball 9, Varsity letter 10,1 l,l2, Track Varsity letter 9,10. B.J. Krystek Class President IO, Football Varsity letter 10,1 I, Track Varsity letter 9,10. Billy Kuamoo Football 9, Varsity letter 1O,ll,12, Track Varsity letter 9,10,l l,l2, Who's Who 12, Wrestling Varsity letter 10. Kara Latin Basketball 9, Varsity letter 10,1 I, Home- room President 1 1,lntramurals 9, Volleyball 9,10, Varsity letter I l , 12, Powder Puff 9, I O, Sweetheart Queen Nominee 1 I, Home- coming Nominee l2, Prom Hostess 10. Bob Laubmeier Baseball 9, CYO 9,1O,l l,l2, Football 9,1 1, Mass Server 9, Wrestling Varsity letter 10,1 1. Curt Leblanc Basketball Varsity letter 12, Football Varsi- ty letter 12. Dominic Maietta Basketball 9, Varsity letter 10, 1 2, Golf Var- sity letter 9,10,1 I, Mass Server 9,10. Bridget Martinez 157 "sq .3 Judy McConnell Intramurals 9,105 Volleyball 95 Who's Who 125 Yearbook 10,11,125 Youth for Lite 9,105 Powder Puff 115 Prom Decorating Committee 11. Ginny McGuire Cheerleader 9,10,11, Varsity letter 125 Powder Puff 9,1O,11,125 Anytown 11. Mike McLeod Band 9,10,11,125 Golf 11,12. Susan Morse Newspaper 9. Rich Murphy Baseball 95 Class Vice President 105 Presi- dent 115 Football 9,10, Varsity letter 125 Sweetheart King Nominee 115 Homecom- ing King Nominee 12. Joe Grtiz Baseball 9,125 Basketball 9,10, Varsity let- ter 11512, 158 Nate Phillips Cross Country 9,105 Drama 9,105 Football 95 Intramurals 105 Jr. Achievement 95 News- paper 105 Youth for Life 9,1O. Keith Prator Drama 9,105 Golf 115 Newspaper 11,125 Yearbook 10. Steve Quiros Baseball 105 Chess 95 Drama 1 15 Intramur- als 10. Katy Relph Drama 9,10,1 15 Newspaper 11,125 Track 9,105 Powder Puff 9,10,1 1,12, Karen Richards Drama 95 Pom Pom 10,11. Beth Rogers Ron Ruelas Class Vice President 125 CYO 9,1O, Presi dent 11,125 Homeroom President 10,11 Mass Server 9,105 Boy's State 1 15Anytow 105 Diocesan Youth Council 125 Campu Ministry 12. Don Satick Class Treasurer 105 Football 9, Varsity le ter 10,11,125 Track Varsity lette 9,1O,1 1,125 Wrestling 10. Ron Satick Baseball 9,125 Basketball 10,11,125 Foo ball 9,l0, Varsity letter 1 1,12. Stephanie Sanchez Basketball 10, Varsity letter 1 15Softball le ter 1O,11,125 Who's Who 125 Powder Pu 1 1,12. Rob Sanders Baseball 9,105 Yearbook 95 Newspaper CYO 9,10. Scott Schmitt Football 9,1O, Varsity letter 11,125 Wre tling letter 10. Chris Seliger Football 9,1O,11, Varsity letter 125 Hom room President 1 15 Track 10. Kay Shepp Cheerleader Varsity 125 Drama 10. Theresa Shutsa Volleyball 10. Dan Smith Laura Tripani Paula Vaananen otball 9,I I, Varsity letter I2. Susie Smith wder Puff Il, Homeroom President ,I I, I 2, Intramurals I IgPom Pom Varsity ter I I, Volleyball 95 Who's Who I I,I2g eetheart Queen Nominee I I. Chorus 9. Joyce Trusiak Homeroom President IO, Who's Who I I Society of Distinguished American H.S. Stu- dents IO. Ramon Tuason Honor Society lO,I I, President IZ, Society of Distinguished American H.S. Students II,I2, Softball letter IO,II,I2g Judiciary Board I2g Campus Ministry I2, Volleyball 9,lO,I I, Varsity letter I2g Sweetheart Queen Nominee I I. Mark Wagner Daphne Starkweather .as 9. Nicole Taylor meroom President 9, Pom Pom I I, Var- If letter I2, Peter Thompson lotball 9,IO, Varsity letter Il,I2g Wres- g Varsity letter I I. Band 9, I O,I I, I 2, Cross Country Varsity let- ter 9,IO,II,I2g Homeroom President I2g Newspaper IO,I I,I2, Society of Distin- guished American H.S. Students I2, Track 9,IO,I I,I2, Who's Who I2. ew eww' David Twomey Mike Urbanski Football 9,IO, Varsity letter I I, Cross Country Ilg Track I I. Scott Watson Baseball 9,IO,I I,I2, Football 9. nn--. - Robert Wilhelm Football 9,IO, Varsity letter Il,I2. Michelle Wise Cheerleader 9, Pom Pom I I. I59 'E' 4 and 'nov A word from our sponsors I sholl poss through this world but once. Any good therefore thot I con do or ony krrmclness thot I con show to ony humon benrmg let me do It now Let me not deter or neglect It For I sholl not poss this woy ogom d t - God's very best to you It Dr. Robert G. Brondt, Prin p I Foculty on S oft I'Don't wolk in tront ot rne I rnoy not follow Don t WCJII4 benlnd me I mdy not Iedd Walk beside me And just be rny friend Cdrnus D Robe t G B ondt P nc pol ond the Ge Cl d Cotholc Student Body It o f 985 Fw F OLPH P WE CATER ww F O SANDWICH SABLONE S ITALIAN DELI 32 5E Sh BI d Ph CALL 996 62IO I 0 I 0 0 f ' r. r . r , ri i r r i f C ngrotulot' or AH I e oss o I . . Eqiaalkdccqt ' f I-Iot or Cold Entrees ' Pizzo or 6 Foot Heroes I mx I I 5 . eo v . oenix m ' h K To The Closs of l985 We re not yet where we re gonhg, but we re not where we were " Notosho Josefowich The Gerord Cotholic High School Mo'rher's Club I XX I I ' I H001 x SC H0 GERA SLVODGHH EH-H. om? I5 S2 rj' D-5.0: I5 CD sw COG LS-511 FEMS f"3g m'1 CD ff XIX? S EST out V Congrotulotions Seniors! The Gerord Booster Club X'1JV 'J' if Q0 Q, O Q rd 5' E C5 Q Od I gm H '21 'C' 'P x0 U X Green Genie NURSERY Nursery 0 Garden Supplies - Indoor 8- Outdoor Plants CONGRATULATES THE CLASS OF 85 XXX l 4 E. Indian School Rd. l7826 N. Tatum Blvd. Ph enix Arizon 50 8 Phoenix, Arizona ' ' 0 8 1 ' ' 85032 840-2591 867-1822 f N F RANCISCAN RENEWAL Best Wishes to the Class of l985 from CASA de PAZ y BIEN Most Holy Trinity Parish 5802 E- Lincoln Drive Scottsdale, AZ 85252 948-7460 CENTER FOR Retreats, Adult Education, Liturgical Celebrations, Prayer Groups, Workshops I M Firsts. lflll In the blcnk5l P .V . First School ,...-5255 First Prom First Teacher.-..-.1 First Date First Kiss 1...-.QA First Football Game 1. First SteaC1y. . F1fbID1SSCCICd Frog First Carl... T,, First Bank First Interstate Bank ofAnzona Congratulations and Best Wishes To The Class of l985 From Your education cost a lot of money Take advantage of It St Thomas the Q, Apostle Church 23l2 E. Campbell Avenue Phoenix Arizona Maria Goretti Parish Scottsdale , X 79 jr' . . - . N H2 I C Nc J Ii NYG? ' C 1, 0 lwumoul pcvsntsl I X 1 T25 B nk olAnzona NA Men1berFDIF ' Federallltesenre System lBank olAnzona EUualODDol1umly Employer N N your parents and the church 0 ll : ... ', gi I, '. Q Ill 1 45.-.55 . f lil 'fx ' 562: .:. 'T"1?T" ffl: Are I J X J Congratulations Scott' We love you' Mom Ray Rochelle Renee Lynne and Dennis Mary Jon and Kitty Jim Peggy Bear Missy T.C. Bandit Shadow Bambi Sushi and Beau! ADRIAN Your dreams to day are but a glimpse of what CAN BE Every thing is pos sub e Tl-lEM" CONGRATULATIONS to you and your friends THE GREAT CLASS OF 85' Love Mom Dad Lauren Susan 81 Matt Congratulations to Laura Bolenbach and to the Class of 85. Love Mom Dad Mike 81 Tom K x Congratulations Richard Barrett Murphy Love and Best Wishes Dad Mom and Carolyn f N f N I . I . 1 1 1 1 ' ' - ' ' ' l . . . ' ' ' ' FOLLOW 1 1 1 1 U 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 K X N I l I 1 1 f N CCDNGRATULATICDNS ANNIE - '85 BUCK - '68 PETE - '69 MARY - '72 PEGGY - '73 JOHN - '74 TIM - '76 X MARTY - 'so J f N f N Congratulations to all the students of Gerard High, especially the graduates. May the Lord bless you with his peace. St. Joseph's Parish CONGRATULATIONS SUZYI Last of the Gilbs May you have Enough happiness to keep you sweet Enough trials to keep you strong Enough sorrow to keep you human Enough hope to keep you happy Enough failure to keep you humble Enough success to keep you eager Enough friends to give you comfort Enough wealth to meet your needs Enough enthusiasm to look forward to Enough faith to banish depression Better than yesterday' All Our Love and Best Wishes Mother and Dad David 80 Dan 8l and James 83 Enough determination to make each day L J L 1 GERALD W MURPHY President Phoenix Division 2502 East Universrry Drive Susie IOO Phoenix AZ 850311 C6025 267-88II I . 0 - 1 . 1 - . I - I TO THE GRADUATES OF l985 Congratulations Seniors y y 5045 E Th . D Ma our lives be filled from With peace and happiness lSeed and Landscapingl . omas Road Phoenix, Arizona "'-'N The Freshman Class I 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 Mrs, Dertina's Homeroom Fr. Lukan's Homeroom Mrs. Kir1niman's Homeroom Mrs. Dreffs' Horneroom Mr. Starks' Homeroom Mr, Moiiefg H0 Wish the Seniors A Happy Graduation! I7I f N The Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra is very proud to announce its l984- 1985 Tenth Subscription Concert Season Monday and Tuesday Eves. Curtain at 8:00 Scottsdale Center for the Arts November Monday and Tuesday Evening 19 Q 20 A gala premiere will "Light up your evening" with 1984 the renowned LlMELlTERS and the Scottsdale Symphony with music 4'Just for you". January Monday and Tuesday Evening 21 sz 22 We are proud to announce our guest artist will be the young prodigious violinist JOSIAH STEINER performing the Vieuxtemps Violin Concerto. Please take note of evening change. March Wednesday and Thursday Evening 20 Q 21 Mezzo-Soprano PEGGY CASTLE returns to 1985 Scottsdale to sing Verdi with the Symphony Chorale plus St.-Saens and Bernstein's "Jeremiah" Symphony. Monday and Tuesday Evening 29 Q 50 An evening of Dvorak with Cellist PAUL KOSOWER to entertain with the brilliant Cello Con- certo plus Symphony. "JUST FOR YOU", Monday and Tuesday Evening June Traditional "FAMILY NlGl'lT" Programming 10 Sl ll International violinist GERALDINE O'GRADY will perform your favorite string classics to top off our gala tenth season. HELP US CELEBRATE OUR TENTH BIRTHDAY BE PART OF THE "GOOD TIMES" RENEW YOUR SEASON TICKETS NOW Our very fine staff will be available this evening to take your advance reserva tions and renewals. We are offering our patrons a 596 discount on season renewals made and paid for before July l. l984. Ask our staff for details. ln the next few weeks our beautiful four-color brochure will be in the mail to you with all the exciting details of the season. lt will be the best we have ever offered, but only YOU can make it our greatest successful season. Congratulations, Best Wishes, and Love to Kara and the "special class of '84" We're proud of you! Mom, Dad, Kevin, Mike, Tim, Dan, Bill, 8t Sara. May God Always Bless Our Gerard Catholic High School Gino's Pizza and The Ajamie's ' Tom '78 Jean'8O Theresa '79 Jackie '82 John '83 Jeff I-Iorvath CGNGRATULATIONS May good fortune and happiness be yours always Mom Dad and Greg Lots ot love, I I You n ndependent Insurance MGENT ! SIRVCS YOU FIRST Eg: Joseph M. Binsfeld, C.l.C. Vice President 'lilll General Southwest 3544 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ 85018, 6021955-4666 Congratulations Dave and the Class ot '85! A full service insurance agency. 2036 EAST CAMELBACK ROADXPHOENIX, ARIZONA 85016 ANNETTE SCHNEIDER Realtor Assoclate Off 1602! 957 9830 Res 16021955 7942 RUSS LYON REALTY COMPANY C DENNIS H, LYON, BROKER SPONSCJRS: Congratulations Jason Baker From Your Family Congratulations Beth! Love, Mom and Dad We're so proud of you Julie! Love, Dad and Mom Congratulations Judy! Love, Mom, Dad, and John Congratulations Jackie! From Mom and Dad CRYSTAL CLEANERS 44th Street 81 Oak Phoenix, Arizona LO'!'T'lE BUTLER Jim Bogues G Assoc., lnc. of Arizona Insurance Agency 3420 Ent Shel Blvd., Suits 109 Phoonlx, Arizona 85028 Bus. f602j 953-1 150 Rn. 16021 996-7079 For your Insurance mods. Manage' 840-5538 w 99 Complete Drapery 5 Dry Cleaning Service "I Com Operated Laundry - Alterations 3 I ll . , ' -' l BUB'S HIGHLANDER CENTER 1621 N, 44th Street Lois 81 Larry Bub Phoenix, Arizona 85008 Owners 16023 275-1159 Congratulations to the Class of i985 The yearbook staff would like to thank all who patronized our yearbook this year. We ask that you please consider the following companies in your business concerns in re- turn for their support. X j tx w X 9"-m N1 THE COMMUNITY OF THE BLESSED SACRAMENT SCOTTSDALE OFFERS CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES THE CLASS OF I 985 Best Washes Gerard St Daniel s Parush Congratulations l 985 Graduates' The Kung s House 9 2 d St Scottsdale, AZ 85251 Phone 947 9205 ll h Tx - I, - .fl ' fl? xig n A , fo , ' 5 4 tl-.c4,':ll Nt " -"" T A -ff. g,t'.-Fives' v-'J Q'535"l -155 . "'5Q'7' J" ".' w" Fofh E. J. Fufzpofvack, pos to . - I ' ' ' 7lO n reet RESURRECTION . . Tempe founded Easter 1970 Congratulations to the Class at l 985 LORENZO Hair Artistry For Appt. 840-6640 2303 N. 44th ST. Suite 4 Phoenix, AZ 85008 Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 AM -- 7:00 PM Congratulations Graduates and Stephanie Sanchez! The yearbook staff would like to ex l985 for their outstanding tour years at Gerard N w tend their congratulations to the Class of J K j Q' J",-5 N, W. m , ---'-- ' - I .Ly , , V 17' ' 4 y W' 'U' '83 wel , . :sl-af ,., Q 1 A ra-""' JT ,, . A , gr. F. 'M b x Y- X 'N f ww , , Q " N f ,z U " . f , v A K, A Wm 1 ,, ffdrvnln "'P"a MT f U1 e Te, ,Xena Ni .,. ,Q , 34,17 ,, 'f N fx ,man N J XA f Yemnn ' anwan fx annum Ir'-'-'ID I vi "Ns 'K r-""" S 4 -A , ga 'I Y '33, ' x ,fic ,. 'ig . Q X73 -vw -0 weve vu' X e I A ' I LA 'L . Q 'ox ' A' 4 aww fi if U if 6 f'f' '2fQ'1 i1 H IHQIH X WX r ,,....---- -,,,...-.-'W .Q 4 M ,Q ,ru : W . I 5 W i Q N 15 5 ' U L W Y Y ,I ,rf nl l ' sm -V al W s U .1-fini. Wie I vin 5--hd' -Q Els' P' 3 6 A N ,N Q' ,fs sae TQ M W m 40... L ,yl,8VA ' f 1, if . si, ' :XA xL ,mg Huw u H uw Wa .Q K - ,. if-1 W A 'X m'o- ad , af .,,, V ff? ,yi few 1 H ulx .41 ,wr K .li AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS The Class of '85: l-low We See Ourselves In this world there is war, corruption, selfishness, and deceit. But in the class of l985, there can be found warmth, compassion, humor and integrity. As a class, we are one, yet we are all individuals. All of us are each other's keepers, as individuals in the class, we are never completely empty or lacking. There is always someone there to pick us up and remind us that we are all unique and special. The class that we have become is one of many variations of traits and personalities. When we find ourselves in a situation of despair, the humor that lies within our class always seems to lighten the load. The creativity that is expressed through our class can be surprising. We can accomplish a variety of things such as symboliz- ing our thoughts through paint on a wall and providing a liturgy that will be remembered as a strong positive contribution to our school. lt is very evident that our class has the power to strive and excel in anything we set out to accomplish in our lives. Our leadership and opinions provide a strong impression on our world which re- volves around our class. lt is definite that the class of i985 of Gerard Catholic High School has the great potential to achieve any goals which we set for ourselves throughout the rest of our lives. g I . . .li-aw' '....lL There are many people to whom we would like to give our thanks and deepest appreciation for thei guidance and support in helping us make this yearbook be the best yearbook produced by a Gerard staff We feel our deepest appreciation should go to none other than Mrs. Berges who took time out of he already busy schedule to help us complete this yearbook. Upon learning that we would be without a modera tor after Christmas, we realized that we desperately needed to find someone who would help us through th rest of the year. We approached Mrs. Berges with our dilemma and she, without hesitation, said she would b glad to help us. We wouldn't have been able to make it without you, Mrs. Berges, and we thank you with all ou heart. Mr. Miller can't go without thanks. l-le got us off to a good start this year and was always there to help u even though we knew that he wouldn't be with us throughout the year. He never complained about having t help us, he was always there with great support and guidance, Thank you, Mr. Miller. Dr Brandt has always been willing to help out yearbook in every way possible. There were times when ther almost wasn't a yearbook. Dr. Brandt knew how much it meant to the students to have a yearbook so h always worked it out so we could have one. So, with great pride we dedicate this yearbook to Dr. Brandt for hi positive outlook on yearbook. Gerard will miss you a great deal, Dr. Brandt, but we hope you will be able t look back on this yearbook and on Gerard with great satisfaction and memories. We would also like to thank all those members of the yearbook staff for their dedication and sense o responsibility to the yearbook. We received a lot of help this year and hope the support of yearbook wil continue. Of course the one person whom we all should acknowledge and thank is Our Father. Without the strengt and guidance of the Lord we know we wouldn't have made it through all the difficult times during yearbook We hope all of you have enjoyed this yearbook and can look back on it with good memories of the pas year. Sincerely yours, Quay Us Q DR Patty DeJulia Laura Bolenbach 188 Co-editors M .Q N1neteenE1ghtyF1ve f Q 0 I - - A - i

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