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meg yfmff K-..' ' 92 Q. T""l W i . 1 N W N s i 1 1 1 1 X , Nw J vw 4? H' wl- rm gf' Q 'K 'N' ML M, an rata 0 L 1552, I an H, l W dw 9? ew 3 fm 14- ,, Wh ur... .6 ,,uMW ki M ma ' , - ,X f fa Z ' 'I' in Qi mi 'HB E55 6 l .. W gf fa' .W H W., ' gf w 45 B1 M I Aa A, v-vVv, 45" an iw M ug I W W if W as an 'f 'Q if xg, Q Q52 .wwf HIS TORI C HIGHLIGHTS 1908 Georgian Court founded by Sisters of Mercy in North PlainHeld, New jersey, under title of Mount Saint Mary, accredited by the State of New jersey, begins continuous intellectual life now lasting for 76 years. 1911 The beautiful new hilltop college destroyed by Hre and immediate- ly rebuilt. 1912 First graduating class: 4 young women Hom a total student body of 12. 1922 Accredited by Middle States, an association then 1 year old. 1924 Gould estate bordering Lake Carasaljo in Lakewood, New jersey, purchased for new college campus to house a growing student body. Gould 's one stipulation: "Keep name of estate." Included the Mansion residence, Raymond Hall Know dining room and graduate offices j, the Casino K presently the student union Q, and the Gate House Know the chaplains residencej, along with the gardens, fountains and woodlands of the present 152 acre campus. 1925 Mercedes Hall, a Lakewood residence, along with the parish church of the town Know the college chapel Q moved across the fields of Lakewood to campus. 1929 Hamilton House purchased, our Hrst building "outside the gates, " now the learning center. 1931 Kingscote acquired destined to become the administration building. 1940 The Carney House, now the music center, added, bringing another lake view to the campus. 1951 Farley Memorial Library constructed to house the Courts growing scholarly collection. 1961 St. joseph Hall built as response to burgeoning college population. 1964 Arts and Science Center completed, adding faculty offices, classrooms, laboratories, learning resource center and lounges. 1967 Maria Hall opened housing 212 and supplying another answer to' growth. 1974 Farley Memorial Library doubled in capacity by new wing. 1976 Arrival of first graduate students on campus K men and women, 114 strong Q to begin work toward MA. in education, two years later, first masters' degrees of Graduate School conferred at graduation. 1978 Entire campus declared National Historic Site and so registered in nation s capitol. Beauty, value and preservation of art, architecture, and landscape cited. 1979 Coeducational undergraduate Evening Division initiated. 3 GEORGIAN COURT A ms new nnsnomvrzn A 1 . NATIONAL AI-IISTQRIC LANDMARK THIS SITE POSSESSES NATIONAL SIONIFICANCE IN COMMEMCRATING THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES OP AMERICA 1985 NATIONAL PARK SERVICE UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INT!-:Rick ,,.- V . I -. 2 - '-nfl I 9' Q ,J-1: fa . 7 SEV:- 'ii Q. ,Mf.Q5is:T?MLNrX x, -' s A l i Lv X , . . 'K X' 3 ki X :Q Q A xr- ,Q NX Q T ':'4.4-55' . "'4'e?9'T. ff uri: ,,fAV:VK.l.1, 'Zinn' . , Z - -, ,rj au2vf.x,.,-Psi?-L:12fL. ' ' ff--D '- 1 55.- .'--,V-.. A, '- ,. ,.,,, . a. , f. , ,, U ,xg ,,, '. , wwf fn' " ff'- V-. 4. .,' A- www awww my 3 ,. , ..., Ve .A up ' ff"fS'4,, A, ,Q C - - if W . yy. -W assay. - MPM., 2 'qqfii "J I bt' 0 , K , mf .gi , 5, Wg. ,xi is wi, 'rr X- xqwv 5,3 Y -mg ' v xiii: 'Q' 3'-433 if ' sz' ' f , ' " fig ' 'g'Q15,- l -'Fri Y .W i ,..,...-W Q ' mr' l " J COURT KALEIDOSCOPI2 SCL-nic' vrbws ofcampus landmarl-cs rc- Call moments of personal glory Har all who ha vc lma' the occasion and, rrzdecd, the privilege to 5:1 vor tlze pastoral beauty which so abounds here at the Court. w-,. . 1 R A ' , 9, ,- H-A 'Q 4 K 3 .y 'g 1 .. 7? 2, 1 , , A , 4- 1-f- li, .5'i"'-5 is 5, if 'K True Friends Special People . . . people who support us, Through tragedy and triumph, Today and tomorrow They offer, through word and deed Wisdom and comfort, pride ana' love But more importantly, They offer themselves. Companions in Eur weather and foul: Caring enough to share our joys and sorrows Trusting enough to share their own with us. True hiends are open and sincere And allow us to be so as well. T in-.M Wrdar L'jf4E Q E True friends accept us without condition Embracing us while we sob and shout, As well as when we smile and laugh They witness our faults but never judge them, Defending us whilelothers point and criticize Friends look for our best But do not shun our worst Friends give generously Ofgihs Hom the heart And accept with gratitude What we offer with love, In short, Hiends are the people who love us . . . Friends . . . are the people we love. Maria C. McGrorry W L ? dia 'U' R . fi K2 3 2 : tix nfl f3f""""""t "K , A Happmess lzlce sunshine ' Is not to hold - Our scattered deeds of love Bnng bliss untold. Loreta Inman .aw . S-. , ,wa A1 5:4 'ffl' we. ""f"'? all 5 Somebody smiled and the load I bore, lighter became than ever before. The toad ahead wasn't nearly as long, and soon I was singing a joyful song. Hearing a song, another drew near, whose heart was anxious and full of fear. We Communed awhile of heavenly things, till doubt and misgivings had taken wings. Then each to his task with a prayer and a song, and a smile on our lips to help others along. How many were helped? Well know aker while. But it all began with somebodyls smile! Alice Hansche Mortenson K i 11 mm Ummm ff n ll wmnuff QQ! .Al k ,-, 1, gf I S Oh, I wzah I had a rainbowg I am Waftlng for a Slgn, To hnghten rhzngs around me, Leave the shadows all behind. Then I put aside the wishing, And the Wdlflflg tnne is gone, Not it's tnne to make thzngs brighter Wfith some rainbows of my own. Affildred H. Bell .- ,. s. -2? w F f THE GIFT If I can make it through the day, The sun will shine much bnlghter. And all the burdens I must bear, Will be a little llghter. Therell be joy withzn my heart, And Hiendshrp with each givlng. Ill bow my head rn srlent prayer, And thank God that I'm livrng. Frank Stoko Wski v-f Q 1 A I ,, Ag ,- JW' if bf ' ff ,,,,,,N if , fy L I W' x, My M3355 fy V E 'E As we remember and pay tribute to the Hiends who have we would indeed be remiss if we did not recall those special Hiends who ha ve so greatly influenced our Court experience in such a very signihcant manner. Many of these special Hiends still re- main with us here at the Court, touching our lives directly and indirectl y. They ha ve giied us with a rich tradition and a proud heritage, and Rzr that we thank them most sincerely. shared our glory days, With deep appreciation and great re- spect, the Class of 1987 dedicates the 1987 Courtier to all Georgian Court College Alumni, in salute to their illustrious achievements and their loyal service. -MCM "To a brave man, good and bad luck are like his right and leh' hand. He uses - - both. " - St. Catherine of Siena "He who pleases children will be remembered with pleasure by men." -james Boswell "Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom." - Samuel Tyler Coleridge "The greatest harm you can do unto the envious is to do well. " -john Lyly "Democracy is based on the conviction that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people." - Harry Emerson Fosdick "The reasonable man adapts himself to the worldg The unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself Therefore, all progress in the world depends on the unreasonable man. " - George Bernard Shaw '24 man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it. - George Moore "So nigh is grandeur to our dust, so near is God to man. " , - Rahzh Waldo Emerson "Man ls mind stretched by a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions. " -- Oliver Wendell Holmes "One thorn of experience is worth a whole wilderness of warning. " Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul," -james Russell Lowell Emily Dickinson 17 V f.. ',x,. " ' ftycfgf-1' x 0 Gxkifwu fu- I' 'sinus 01" va K 1 Q - ,, ' 5 ,Q r"gI ZEN, ,, t, , K-'.'. f 2 ' ' , 'J ' ' '5 Q 8' Y. A , 1 ' - R '--5 '. M f'x:,f rc 'Wits yi: 's' 0:5 4:1 f,-4 ,- , ..gD',A Ant. iq - - 9 I .. ..-:ia -fxQf9- ' 'fa .- 'xiifp-':-p'L?iL:-3 '- " "' 1' tg'-0 ,4-J 5 4 .35 .Nl , - 1.-,x . L y 5.12 -s I 0 -.I 'lf' NV L My KI: . ,for .:,.. 5 U Y ' 2 Table of Contents 53. ,::,:., l' Q, n . ' kg 5' -,, fp Title Page ................................ 1 I 4 . . R " - f O enm Sect1on ....................... 2 - 15 rs Q, . t . . x jf ' 'z Ded1cat1on Page .......................... 17 3.3 .. : w Q A." Table of Contents ..................... 18 - 19 ,,,J fro'-, Faculty ............................. 20 - 55 J n "-, Clubs .............................. 56 - 79 .K .' 0 5 'V' . '-Q14 1,2 Athleucs . . . . . . .................. . 80 - 95 17 " 1 LQ: f ' ', at 1. S aff.. 2 u .5 .32 ,x ff' ' ' J , sb : ' - J' '., U . 5 . G: rf. S: t n "1 ,s 5 Fss, 5 ' -1 Av., .Jqut fl' ...via 'L' .3 MT! 0 . fill' ' ' fp?f'v 1 . "ff .Q , I, x 4 Q 7. t we , X Q Q' . . .5,fs. 5 18 . 5 4 x5 P . X 9 N I L W ' s, 0' ,' . :'fwf1':-ff'i.w,z:. .t ' . 'r ' r . f: fb. 'nf':rT 'inc fxeff .L tiara' Alfa,--.., !:?. 'gs' s'k' ' fr' JQQA Y 4 'fm ver? 4 M 77 5' PQ 'Q 5? iv fb iv Act1'v1't1Efs ........................... 94 - 127 P' - Senlor Roster ...................... 128 - 217 Sembr Dl1'6CfOfy .................... 218 - 225 Ep1Yogue .......................... 226 - 235 Ad Vertlklhg ........................ 236 - 263 C2HdldS ........................... 264 - 265 Credzks ................................ 266 RQ' ,N J 'K -I GX. 1 ,fa Y 'jifcf I xg J:- tffftg' .few :I f Levi' ajp' - x, K g 4 5 'Any' -'Ia K 45 QYJP' y x sv 4' 'L jfs! lx' pxziha 'JS' f :,.' ff If xu -Aiegx j 8 La t 1 1' sux", 'P , . N-fix " I ' , ' ". , ,' s ' 19 S .rt b',. ks . '.Lp.,' ga, .Ki ft-: 'Ig-wosrs '0s.' s -, I 'W JFS inf, . Q' ff X htm 4,01- awk- syn ka- . -.' :- ,1 " OJ- Q ? X ,ff . J' " , g. :ia-' ' --2'-ff.' . 0'c"l C' u -5 ,?'i"5" gxbws. '- I 'N 1' , ' .F n. -- 'TQ' 1? si' ' P' 1: ' Kiki. 'ii ww, T fb, W 'la ,- , , ADMINIS TRATIO FAC UL TY --Q-nv-""""" ZS KS! 2 - SISTER BARBARA WILLIAMS, R.S.M. President DMINISTRATORS ohn A. Cole Sister Marie Cook, R.S.M. Sister Mary Arthur Beal, R.S.M 'ice-President for College Dean of Academic Affairs Dean of Graduate School 'cement , M X a? . I In si f lx fefrfl' ' M.. ,,r,x , ,. - ,,.. mmm ? '-,wwe Sister Mary Edwina Rudolph, Sister Mary joseph, R.S.M. john P. Burke R.S.M. Director of Business Affairsf Dll'6CfOf ofAdm13sions Dean of Student Services Treasurer Aim Sister Claire Green, R.S.M. Sister Marie-Bernadette, R.S.M. Sister Mary Catharine Sullivan Registrar Business OfHce R.S.M. Director of E venihg Division A4 J .sw 'li I .-.-. v l Sister Edwiha Address the student body at the Fall Honors Convocation ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Sister Edwarda Barry, R.S.M. Special Assistant to the President Sister Mary Phyllis Breimayer, R.S.M. Director of Auxiliary Services Virginia Berkman Circulation Technician - Library Carol Butterworth Assistant Director of Evening Division Sister Mary joan Brady, R.S.M. Secretary ofthe College ' fa '- ff ,iw a ,fn , 1 if Marian Casey A dm in isrra tive A ssistan t, Even ing Division - ,Z " , vii, . if u Mary Cranwell Library Associate "-n.....-v" .: ""'E:.'5gf :SWT or ff? 3555 ,MII-t Sister Margaret Dalton, R.S.M. Transfer Admissions Counselor Norma DeNoia Kathleen M. DiMarco Director of Counseling and Placement Associate Director of Admissions Services Not pictured: Mary D. Fleming, Director of Court Players Sister Margaret Mary Foley, R.S.M. Director of Graduate Records Sister Dianne DeMarco, R.S.M. Campus Minister Alma Fisher Director of Student Health Services Judith C. Forys Personal Counselor Sister Cecelia Fox, R.S.M. Assistant Registrar Elaine McCormick Director of Public Relations Ann McNiece Dean Of Academic Affairs ' 435, if - f ' ' Q3Q5g,.,Z,,y5.f - , iv 12 1- fymf ZfJ 4?f?Jf?lfSf,i,!1 l' if , I ' Y' ' ' ' ' 'af f' "V Z Y f i at 4 ff Q? 2 Sister Francesca Holly, R.S.M. Director of Financial Aid if E 5 i f i 2 4' .. I 65 'I ' Grace McGivern Biology Lab Coordinator Dr. Vincent Meola Coordinator of Continuing Education Programs Alice M. jones Admissions Counselor Sister Mary deSecours McIntosh, R.S.M. Director of Food Services Not pictured: Mary Ann Kuras, Nurse Mary Kate Merrigan Director of Alumni Afhzrs Maryann Sandusky Coordinator of Special Events Q Q, C s Kathleen Perri Director of Athletics and Recreation Catherine Szap Chemistry Coordinator lf Irene Roach Assistant Director of Student Healtl Services Donna S. Wanat Placement Coordinator Barbara Hutchinson Director of Library Services Edith Muller Library Clerk STAFF Mary Meola Reference Librarian Marie Monro Library Clerk - A Cquisitions ll' N Marie Respass Periodicals Librarian Sister Mary Evelyn Pitonyak R.S.M. Library Clerk l Ann Walsh Wazeter Secretary to Director of Library Services Suzanne M. Demarest Secretary to Department of Education Sister Marilyn Grimley, R.S.M. Secretary of Learning Center Mary E. Dolan Cataloging Librarian Mary Estelle Payroll Services I Dorothy Horner Secretary to Dean of Student Services Ana L. Cordoba Secretary to Director of Counselm and Placement ii? Patricia Gillis Secretary, Department of Busme Administration Chanie L. Krater Secretary to Director of Evenir Division Mary Ellen McClinch Secretary to President Judy Morgan Secretary, Special Services ay ,L , ,YM3 , 5., Dorothy L. Rager Secretary, Rea ding Center Helen Reilly Secretary to Director of Counseling and Placement Services mst? Carmela Spizzuco Dorothy Walker Faculty SECICTHW Secretary to Graduate School Theresa O'Donnell Secretary to Dean of Academic Affairs jo-Ann Salmons Secretary to Treasurer Barbara Herbert Director, Instructional Materials Center li? : Diane DiPerro Telephone Opera tor Nancy johnson Dining Room Hostess Celia D. Younger Director, E. OF Program , f f n'V-, .fa UQ, Patrick Gavan Director of Special Services for Col- lege Personnel is 5 ff? 5-aan, Sister Mary Clarice Madden, R.S.M. Coordinator of Residence in Maria Hall Norma Clayton Associate E.O,F. Director for Counseling "" fy N., 2 Elizabeth Inderrieden Book Store Director Edward C. Parsons Mail Supervisor I X, .wwf jacquelyn E. Lightsey Associate E.O.R Directorf L.R Coordinator R Sister Madeline McCarthy, S. Nicole Shawl R.S.M. Specral Services Counselor Director, Special Services Program Vor Pictured: Reya Maxymuk, Carol Braeuer, Margaret Cascio, Debra Iopelandhlr., Ann Fawkes, Agnes Elagg, Margaret Harper, Dorothy Her- ihy, Jeanne M. Hough, Ursula jones, Marjorie Mascari, Karen Mierta, Vivian Post, jean Van Pelt, Mary Winn, Edith Burry, Sister Miriam Gold- en, R.S.M., Sister Mary Gemma janucci, R.S.M., Sister Mary Aloysius .egere, R.S.M., Grace McArdle, Sister Ellen McBride, Stanley'Nebus, ihirley A. Watts,joan Gleason, A. Patriciajohnson, Nancy Halbedl, Adele Ceyes Henderson, Clarence jones, Elizabeth Nicholson, Teresa Peters. Catherine Turano College Shop Clerk l 33 ART 'N lrfbk me W- H Sister M. Christina Geis . Sister Joyce Jacobs, R.S.M. Suzanne Pilgram VinC6nI Hart Not Pictured: Sister Phyllis Breimayer i S Ronnie Pitt Geraldine Velasquez pl Y n BIOLGGY -HJ' Sister Mary jean McGivern ALAN' Dr. in I girl! -r 5 f iff' if in vs. VW "wwf--Q vig, ,M 5'-my F 4- NX? N af: y r it ,, 1 xl fm if f f,4.n H ff 2 13-.hggu f ' ' 'rf 4-'ig 3 'vet 1' W . f y ' .161 NUM ' J -, ff, 5 Nai-Hsuan Chang Shen Mary Stockton Not Pictured: Sister Mary Patricia Bums ' - Y! USINESS ADMI I TRATIO y ,, - WMV 5,1 " ' ' " ' fvf ' ' ' " ' ' ' f I - -V , f M. ,W,..Mw ,,hyMh,..,,w.M,,,, mi ,Jig IW ,,, ,V,myAwfMW A A V, , X, ,,,.,,, , N, , , . A All , K Z l o l Not Pictured' Grace Bruno and Michael Campione joseph Boland MT! 'C'- KY.. a '4- 36 Robert Companik Dr. Vincent Costigan Binetta Dolan john Gelson Dr. Henry King , fl wa . Dr. Stanley Mullin Valter Must Peter Su-ohm 'Y I Dr. Carolyn Stumpf we john McGovern Robert Panten Owen Sweeney Not Pictured: Robert Flynn, Thomas Kiselica, Dlhne Kublnskrl Marc Lemmermamjohn Long, Dr. Harold Nolan Dr. Pierre Pecan v nga ,xxx ,WSITM Vvrrrq ' :XNNM L"'S-.,,qsN V xxx ,.,k KNANBN4 -SX KA '- ,N M" Xxx" "N"-QM Q ,iq MK---, ,M ,-ff' Av Ll W.: 'fwin J!! ,, W, M, , 27 if V Y 422 - f ,,,, Q ,:.,f:,f,f ,Jw W A ww ,ww -.ff -pw 1 WyM,.J.J,'V W W, ff ', , ,,,.,,,V ., WMM ,6,,,,,-nw ww-,, HLWWQ -,, ,J I W Af fa ff f , f f , , 1 , if , - 3 v, W i ,L V , I 7 V4 Q Y fv V , ,V A K If W , P v b V V 3 2' 5 rin X VV I ' I ,A iZ"'fM WZ' ik mf-fi Zz , - f' ' f - , ,f ,A wg A W ,V N V Y , , I f W ,f ,V A, ,, fN,Ag,,yf,.4r, , by Lzfiif' Am ,, f , f 'W ' -- ' ' X 1 My Z " 5' ' "QW 4, in ww M, MQ? 5, V Sister Mary Peter Coakley, R.S.M. Dr. Paul Nix Dr. Kwan Ting Shen K CHEMISTRY Patricia Torlucci Nor Pictured: Dr. Stuart Levison 40 J EDUCATIO Dr. Mary Lee Batesko Catherine Feltz Dr. Gloria Fried Dr. Robert Gray r X X xx oyce London Dr. Vincent Meola i Mary Ann Vanderveer 3 uf james Williams r V I fr, wif , , ,ww Not Pictured In The Education Department: Audrey Brainard, joseph Clouser, Patricia Dalm, Anthony Dentino William Morris, Barbara Pietrucha, Barbara Reusch, Nancy Richmond, William Smith ENGLISH Dr. Constance Chismar Sisfef Maria Cordis Richey, David Faas Not Pictured: Carol Ann McNiece R.S.M. Gail Holian Dr. Donald McGinn Sister Katherine Mroz, R.S.M Dr. Patrick O'Donne1l HISTORY Mui W 4 'mi 1 M Z William Bishop Sister Mary Shaun, R.S.M. Claribel Young WW' WMWM, 2? Rx 3. if E 4. -w- --.. -aa , ifwg, a 'ww ff, A h,f ,f q,,,, W Y M. iiyaa 'Y' 0410 Air Hortencia I. Garcia Francis Nace Sister Stephanie Sloyan, R.S.M. MATHEMATICS W V"ff'mi ., ar H WMWWMM' Mmwwn Www.-Q Lynn Menweg Naomi Shapiro Not Pictured: Margaret Canzonier Sister Olga Felsman, R.S.M. LA- 1 AGE Nw, 'fwfr , . , 1 W f 1 , .W W , f XMC W! fff lffjf M1 H w W' W 4 f 1 W A., f it w wf, W X 411, Z Q v af A M5 1 7 f 1 wa f 1 W - iz mm 117' if tx is ,a Dr. Regine Hirsch iw, 1 Patricia MCMHYIOU Victoria M. Meghdir U--an-..... ? 2 Wil! if -.. 5 7-eq -- ff, S t. www' ' sw-,X as xxx X Xxx .N .. xt s.,+,.t:..x. Sister Mary Theresa McCarthy R.S.M. Barbara 5 E Paradis I t, t..t.. . , X .is ,. 3 asf Sister Maura Parker, R.S.M. Linda Pcsce Sister Mary c dfhffmf Sulhvdl Nor Pl4CfUl'CJd.'JOhD Giavatto R.S.M MW,,,..,-ww-'M -A i MUSIC , ii Myra Malamut Patrick Clynes Sister Sheila Storm, R.S.M. Frank Unger WW M . W , .lf W .L f if? 5 W 4 ' I L f H' , I , ,g,,?mW , me Z V , 'Magik , , W, W ,, ,, -9 vw ' :gk W. g m 4 X, ,fl 4: ,ffl Whiz W ff ' 'VFW 'ww Z 'f V " WZQNTV, ' f ,wgww ' PHYSICAL EDUCATIO V M, , . i V, if ' , I L ig Judith Casey Nan Williams Not Pictured: Rliblfl Rielly PHYSICS 'Wir A 1 NX Y Sister Mary Nichloas Farley, Dr. Kuei-ling Li Goedertier Dr. Gerald Iafrare R.S.M. Not Pictured: Robert Bellm r rr PSYCHOLOGY 2 Dr. Linda james Lorraine Licata Sandra Sessa Not Pictured: PZLTIICILQ Cohen, Dr. Stephen Levrne, Mary MCCIHIH, Annette Rfordan, Christopher Trrlgani ' , x , Q I . - ff 'D S 9 V Judith Beck Reverend Norman Demeck 52 RELIGIO SKILLS DEVELOPMENT 2 K A oan Gleason Sister Madeline McCarthy, R.S.M. SOCIOLOGY A D A THROPOLOGY ? . , ,iii V , , 2 ffgf ' d i 915, iQ.wr4Pi4223-itil ' ' V' A 'sf . ,1 ,. --f- .E ' ,gg lj M K La Dr. Warren Duetsch Evelyn Quinn Dennis Richardson Not Pictured: Patricia Hlf16S,JOhH Pzhgitore, Dr. Alma Quigley Richard Zingher Ea, My lk "l.'?f1ff'V" To A,,,.,.--f mwfiv I 4 . .L-. . n' by xl f L Lk . - .L .153 X :Il 2.' ' X N , ,Q 1 : .451-.' " - 4, '. - ,fn . f X 5 .ef E 'if Q GN V O L LVX W -if 1... x Cy WV, 5'-5' ' N f- J -f - , ,X 3' ff' .N nl I 9 XV ,k . 'F ,. . , . .L x -I , gil!-A Jr' ...E . , WJ 'K 1 . - f ng. 4' X5 . .-v 1 e -v ,k,v, . 5',13x"sF"W". L a 33' Wwe. - ,iss-304' J' 2:53 I . f' . ? :' fy bp, Q- Q 'Y 34 x 646' is IK 4 . Z CL UBS STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION V " af ' A W4 A Front Row Left to Right: Sister Dianne DeMarco, M yriam Perez I President j, MaryPat Burke I Vice President j, Lisa Vallone fSecretaryj, Theresa Turick I Treasurer Q, Sister Mary joseph Back Row: Barbara Alvarri Lina Bove, Tinajacondin, Ann Marie Garrett, Paula Caputo, Gina Zaleskrl Cathy Matthews, Marv Miazga Missing from the picture: Kathy Lynch SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Seated in the picture Hom the lek to right are Senior Class Ofhcers: Stephanie Pulos, President, Ann Harrrgfeld, Vice President, Bonnie Kwiatkowski Treasurer, and Anna Marie Quinn, Secretary. The ofhcers were elected, by their classmates to plan and orga- nize various activities and fundraisers throughout the year. Jpliomorc Class Officers From I,cf't to Right: Sister Slmziri fMr1dc1r:1- ifl,jfI1lIl Ilumcs flircsillcritl, Dchm tSfy'm1'cr fTrez1surcrJ, Chrrstiml rorlznn IVive-Prc.s'121'r11t!, Lisa Wflllrkirns fScCrc'tarVQ :slimcn Co-Presidents pro tcm From Left to Right: Susan Schafer, an' Sorirmzzq junior Class Officers not pictured: Claire Branshb-ld fPresidentQ, Irene Heaney K Vice-Presidc-ntj, Catherine Ried fSeCretary, Drkine Wrrznriik K Trcasurerl Ns.-P' Freshmen Class Officers, Front Row Left to Right: Sherri Hendricks K tural Rep. 1, Peggy Geraghty K Press Secj, Dora Crfelli K Campus Ministry j Back Row: Nancy Hourihan fPres1'dent1, Crystal Matthews fTrea5urc'rj, Beth Anne Lockwood fSeCret2ryQ, Krrn Kirk fViCe-Presidentj Missing: Erica Bach fC0m- muter Rep.Q RESIDENT ASSISTANTS ST. jOSEPH'S HALL With the help of Nma, Chris, Kate and Mary the Freshmen residents survived their Hrst year of dorm life at GCC From left to right: Nina Perkihs, Chris Hamilton, Kate Reid, and Mary Keelan. RESIDENT ASSISTANTS MARIA HALL Claire, Gma, Mary Pat, Dori Trish and Paula were part of a pilot RA program m Maria Hall this year. Be- cause of their efforts the program has a very bright future. 60 i 1 Y z 1 I From left to right: Gina Zaleskrl Claire Brarisfield, Mary Pat Burke, and Dori Sonntag Missing from the picture: Trish Ignaccolo and Paula Caputo. MERCEDES HALL SE IORS Back Row From Left to Right: jennifer Kleme, Mary Travostrno, Rita DeAngel1s, Donna R1lggio,joseph1ne Iadevara, Lori Stapleton, Krrnbery Koncsol, Maureen Semple, Mynam Perez. Front Row: Stephanie Pulos, Michele Konfederalc, Nrlsa Vega, Kathleen Daly, Sharon Naughton Missing From the Picture: Hama Najdzrnowicz MARIA HALL SENIORS i I i Back Row From Left to Right: Lisa Vallone, Suzanne Van Vooren, Rona Donahue, Christine Rudavslcy, Ann Harngfelal Michele Rodums, Paula Ca- puto, Patricia Ignaccolo Second Row: Ann Marie Quinn, janice Urban, MZIIZZ Marczi, Allison Licht, Gina Kulch, Marisa Rivas Front Row: Bonnie Kwiatkowski, Barbara Alvare, Barbara Douglas, Lisa Hackney, Debbie Ozga Missing From the Picture: Regina Barnes, Denise Chevalier, Concetta Grasso, Maria McGrorry, Karen McMorrow, Martha Masterson, Susanne Merngqan, Mary Miazga, Cathleen Moran, Guilene Napoleon, Christine Sabella ALBERTUS MAG US Albertus Magnus is a club which tries to unite the math majors. It helps hnd ways to let its members disco ver the job opportunities avail- able to them. The club also raises money for the Dalton Scholarship Fund by having various fundraisers throughout the year. Front row Left to Right, Stephanie Pulos fTreasurer Suzanne Malmendier I Vice President Lina Bove I President j, Suzanne Van Vooren I Secretary Q Second Row: Miss Garcia, Christine Kondek, Ann Drescher, Bonnie K wiatkowski, Linda Brophy, Sister Stephanie Sloyan Third Row: joyce Russo, Meta Harsen, Lisa Burgo, Barbara Kowalski, Vicki McKeon Missing from the picture: Laura Shellmer, jackie Schuitmaker, Mana Starr, Carrie jordan A ERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Object of the Club: To afford an opportunity for the students of chemistry in Georgian Court to be- come better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises Hom professional association, to se- cure experience in preparing and pre- sentrng technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a pro- fessional sprrit among the members, and to instill a professional pride in chemistry. 62 Front row left to right: Maria Martone, Ann Marie Garrett, Donna Riggio, Sharon Naughton Second row: Diane Durynskr, Ellyn Curcio, Hania Na jdzinowicz, Lisa Williamshfoann Puleo, Thanh Nguyen Back row: Bonnie Kwiatlcowski f Vice pres. Q, Barbara Alvarcf f Pres. Q, Diane Woznialt fSecretaryfTreasurerj. FOUNTAIN PRAY From Left to Right: lmchellejaclcson, Maryanne Mead lWchele Rodurnshfanice Urban, Pia Wdettrl Dori Sonntag, and Sister Marla Cordis Richey BUSINESS CLUB Front Row Left to Right: Denrse Chevalrer, Cathi Costa, Laura Herr Middle Row: MaryEllen Ronkovitzg Mana Star, Renee Smith, Natalie Hennques, Manssa Chevaliezg Lrndajuralewicz, Mary Turash, Maureen Ryan Back Row: Lora johnson, Dr. Grace Bruno fModeratorj Missing From the Picture: Mary Travostrno, 1VHchele Konfederalr, Anna Mane Connely, and Ronn1'Alb1h The Business Club is one of the kst- est growing clubs on campus. The club is open to all Business Majors and Mi- nors. It enables students to learn of job opportunines and how to succeed in Busrness. They plan numerous activities throughout the year including trips to Philidelphra and fundraisers to heh: sup- port the club. 63 ME DEL SOCIETY The Mendel Society is the student chapter ofthe American Institute of Biological Science, It is known as the largest and most active club on cam- pus. This year they have sponsored numerous fundraisers. COURT PLAYERS The Court Players, the drama club of Georgian Court, sponsors two plays a year, one each semester. Al- though the group is small, their tal- ents are great and we look Rnward to this semesters play "Vanities" 64 O RT SINGERS COURT OTES From left to right: Mary Vaccaro, Karen Mierta, Nancy DeBartol1s fleaderj, Mary Werth, and Maryellen Klements. Missing from the picture: Veronica Albin First row left to right: Mr. Patrick Clynes, Lora Privetera, Renee Smith, Ann Marie Garrett, Erin Charles, El- vira Deli, Gwen Curtis, Tracy Guliclc, joan Castellanos, Second row: Ellen Shelby, Laureen jordan, Sue Rodri- guez, Mary Vaccaro, Nancy Debar- tolis, Gerri Sallemi, Lisa Curry, Adlin Osasio, Back row: Karen Mierta, Amy Boyd, Maryellen Klements, Deanna Hardy, Connie Cramer, Dori Sonntag, and Mary Werth. Missing from the picture: Veronica Albin: The Court Singers, led by Mr. Pat- rick R. Clynes, participate in numer- ous Choral Festivals both in and out of New jersey. The Court Notes, a smaller group within the Singers, specialiae in more popular music and perform in costume with choreogra- phy at all concerts. Every year the Court Singers perform "The Song of Christmas" and also participate in the Annual Festival-Competition of the Catholic Intercollegiate Women 's Glee Club Association, and is the only club to ha ve won the First Place trophy three consecutive years. The Court Singers ha ve performed with many other choral organiaations. This year celebrates the 25th An- nual Competition and a piece of mu- sic has been commissioned of com- poser Karen Tarlow escpecially for the association. 65 LATI AMERICAN WOMENS LEAG E S 2 S The ob jectives ofthe Latin American Womens League are to foster an L 5 awareness ofthe rich traditions and her- itage of the Latin American people, to A encourage people of Spanish-speaking backgrounds to avail themselves of educational opportunities, to assist the community in the recognition of appro- priate female role models, and to ex- plore funding sources to assist Latin , American women in educational en dea vors. at 2 Q i 5 5 5 5 ii Left to Right: Denise Chevalier, Nilsa Vega, Barbara Alvare, Maria Lychock, Lupe julius, Myriam Perez, judi Colon, Donna Wanat. DE LA SALLE Front Row from Left to Right: Nora Meehan, 2 Theresa Reynolds, Maureen Semple, Suzanne Van Vooren Back Row: joan Castellano, Derise VanBortle, Rita DeAngelis, Cathy Matthews, Lori Stapleton, Christine Rudavsky, Josephine Iadevaia, Donna Oliveri, Lisa Gorra, Michele Gorra, Kim Auger. Missing from the picture: Kathleen Daly, AnnaMarie Quinn 66 MICHAELA GELIST CLUB PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Back Row Left to Right: Michele Donovan, Sister Mary Chriktina Geik, Helaine Rainier, johanna Deignan, Kimberly Auger, Mary Schambach, Geraldine Valesquez, Eileen Ewing, Patricia Applegate, Pamela Iaria, Sandra Carte. Center Row: Slater joyce jacobs, fanette Smialowicz, Leslie DAgost1no, Michele Knofe- derak, Nilsa Vega, Michele Rodums. Front Row: Lika Roberson, Michele jewell, Maria Szymanslci, Nancy Deuber, Elika beth Mcllmail. Seated from Left to Right: Sandy Sessa fMfldCf3f!Jfj, Anna Colmon, Christine Hamilton K Vice President Q, fuliannajohnson, Gina Loichele, Su- san Davis, Linda Stensguard fPresia'entl The History Club is open to all History Majors and Minors. The club plans functions dealing with their Historical background. This year they held fundraisers to Hnance their club. They also held a party at the end ofthe semester in which each person dressed as their Mvorite His- torical person. HISTORY CLUB Front row left to right: Mr. Whlliam Bishop fModeratorj, Pat Hoppe, Marianne Whnant, Cinday Ann Magdor, Concetta Grasso, Marysa Vahey Back row left to right: Betty Conover, Claudia Gonzalez, Eileen Heffernan, Michele Wagner, Bonnie Marr, Tracey Lawder, Tracie Butch, Lori Stapleton. Not pictured: jacqueline Aulisi I TER ATIO AL CL B Missing from the picture: jackie Keogh I Vice Pres. Q, Marisa Rivas fTreasurerj, Elizabeth Benatar K Sec- retaryj, Dawn Adams, Maggie An- derson, Ana Aragon, Christina Field, Helga Frey, Lorraine Rivera, Hanna Tezera, and Wubet Tezera.' 68 From left to right: Sue Rodriguez, Marissa Chevalier, Erin Charles, and Debbie Ozga fPresidentj. RE-E TRY WOME First Row Left to Right: Colleen Russoniello, Roma Mauro, Bea johnson, Merita fGuestj, Harrier Block, Gerrie Mickendrow, janet Schwiebert, Karen Clinch, jeanne Beam Second Row: Theresa 1 Reynolds, Vernie Tupa, judy Forys, Linda juralewicz, Cheryl Marcinkiewcz, Kathie Olejak 9: The OfHcers of the Re-Entry Women are President Linda jur- alewicz, Vice-President Cheryl Mar- cznkiewcz, Secretary Pat Hoppe, and Co-Treasurers Dorothy Krza and Becky Kremer. Members not present for the picture include: Bonnie Marr, Eileen Ewing, Betty Linzmayer, Dorothy Kriz, jacqueline Parisi, Mary Benner, Trish Morella, Irene Atanacio, Pat Walshe, judy Bodnar, Darcy jackson, Lori Bufh, Sarah Per, Pam Angell, Sue Gallagher, Betty Wfhite, Cheryl Byk, Stacy Mazur, and Carol Prozzo. KL! 186:2- 69 '86-'87 COURTIER STAFF Back Row from Left to Rightzjennifer Klene, Mary Travostiho, Michele KlIHR'GlfHli, Front Row: Bonnie Kwiatlcowski and Steph- anie Pulos. R Back Row from Left to Right: Rita DeAngeliS, Lorin Stapleton, Marueen Semple. Front Row: Kathleen Daly andjosephrne Iadevaia. From Left to Right: Diane Wcizniak, Denise Chevalier and Alice Fahy. COVER Creative Concept: Mana MCGrrJrry Design Artwork: Maria Marczi ROOFS .li Rf A .J Yearbook Advrkor: Mary Kate Merrrgan. From Left to Right: Sharon Naughton, Lrka Hackney, Donna Rrggfo. Back Row from Left to Right: Ann Harrrg- feld, Rosanne Donahue. Front Row: Chrrktrne Rudavsl-fy, AHHHMHIIDC Qurnn. From Left to Right:Mar1a MCGrorry, Maureen Ryan. Those unavailable Hnr photographs: Errka Bach, Barbara Douglas, and Mana Marczi. COURT PAGE Back Row from Left to Right: Den- 1156 Coulter, BJ Elkmton, Nancy Dueber, Amy Malsbury. Front Row: Debbie Snyder and Chris Tnano KCO-editorsj. Not Pictured: Kath- leen W1'Isc2n and Dr. Constance Chis- mar fModerat0rQ. F Fw SQ 5 is fy f I fi 3""f i nf Q 'sl' -'WW if L Kids .S . f ax X f:Q N . Q 6 ' 1 Q ki ' W 1 X H . Ng ,if Q h Q, Mai 4 A' if qw Q' 41 in R N fm, Wo ,J A N Sf'- Sf-fr 5 f K 5 if :Q 3? T95 Q. N' R .fi Qi si. as 'NK Zi. X ,-.. .l aw? 'Ng' W . .. ' 55- iff ir Q N swf Q65 ,gk 1., is X mx 5,55 Q W 5 Kai Q - . X. .5 my . N, . adsl if N. M , K if gg Q wi? f 5 S9 ,wg gig Q. Q Q Q xi Y 5' Q PI DELT PHI K X tg? we fig: if 'Sr -M. i if Back row left to right: Deborah Ozga, Sharon Skillman, Kiln Koncsol, Derise VanBortle Front row left to right: Patricia Ignaccolo, Nilsa Vega ALPHA MU GAMMA Standing: Tina Kqprasch, Deborah Ozga, Sitting Sis- ter Mary Olga Felsmann, Karen Schaal SIGMA PHI SIGMA A A ' B Q nf 4 A fm Front Row Left to Right: Carherrhe Marlicws KPres1'dent2, Suzanne Van Vouren fVfC6-Pf65l'd6Hf2 Second Rcrw: Srcphanrb Pulos Hreasurerl, Mary Par Burke. Up Staircase: Clarre Hransfield, 1I-I11I'jHCUlIdlil7, Bonnie KN'lIlfAfJH'Skli, Nfrrrarn Perez, Barbara Alvare, Denise Chevalier, Theresa Turifk, Lisa WlilllQII1S,jl'HHlIfBf K lame, Debnralz Ozga, Wubet Tezera, An- naMan2' Quinn, Missing: Kilnberb' Auger, Eileen Haynes, Lina Bova- KS:-Creraryl, Paula Capum, Laura Herr, Mary Miaztga, Susan Schuler. SIGMA DELT PI Front Row Left to Right: Myrlazn Perez, Bonnie K wzatkowski fSeCretaryQ Back Row: Barbara Alvare, Annette Nfaldonado, Deborah Ozga I President Q, Barbara Paradis I Moderator Q, Marla Rivas fTrea5ur- erj, Tina jacondzn fV1.C6-Pf6SI'G'CHfj, jennifer Kleme Missing: Mana Gzavatto, Linda Karpinskf. PI MU EPSILO Front row: Suzanne Van Vooren, Suzanne Malmendier and Lina Bove Second row Sister Stephanie Sloyan oyce Russo Laura Shellmer Vicki McKeon, Mrs. Naomi Shapiro. Missing: Bonnie Kwiatlcovvski. Members of Pi Mu Epsilon, the Math Honor Society, must meet one of two requirements. They must be undergraduate students who have had at least two years of college mathematics including calculus, who have completed their mathematical work with honor, and who are in the top one-third of their class in their general college work. The second requirement, encompasses sophomores who are ma- joring or intend to major in mathematics, who ha ve completed at least three semesters of college mathe- matics including one semester of calculus, who ha ve achieved a straight A record in all mathematics courses taken, and who are in the top quarter of their class in their general college work. MYRIAM GARDENIA PEREZ PRESIDENT, STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION A FAREWELL MESSAGE TO THE STUDENT BODY You and I have been a part of a changing time at Georgian Court College and as the years go by, the College will undergo additional changes when necessary to meet the challenges ahead for future students. Georgian Court provided the Ezcrlities and opportunities to help us all prepare to meet the future successfully Therebre, it is to their best interest in what lies ahead for you and I to offer us encouragement long after our academic requirements are fulhlled, As we continue our life in our chosen held remember your Alma Mater, remember Georgian Court College, remember to give assistance to others just as We ha ve received assistance, and also remember that wherever we go, what- ever we do, we represent the Court. Encourage others throughout your life and give them a helping hand up the ladder in life 's journey. I wish you all well! Myriam Gardenia Perez President, Student Government Association I 986 - 1987 nl 'P-ww b. K 'V ff f' 5 Q ? W. Qing, 2 fl W W pf M X4- B ,fb an 4 if f 1 Li iii :aiu 4, uf. , J 5 NM ,Y 5? ga? Lf wb X .1 .L'.fL":' . 1 lik ,If . , '-15:-:':'1. 7 w g, : .JY Oxb-V NT Q .' lux own' X , Cu X'fL,'x'3-t. 5-5. ": CL 'i ' ' ., S s 4' ff' .A+ i Q' - ,v -1 . 4 ' I l ,4 .- J.. ss.fR3'D5fx' , 5.21 I 'x . ,jf . F33 ., i 'O' ':. af f 1 I U9 ..4 1. -. Vt, . ., -. Q.- N e-,Q 5 0-gb A THLETICS As a private women 's college Georgian Court has continued to achieve excel- lence in its athletic programs. All athletes are encouraged to meet their challenge together. United they made the difkr- C'nC6 in 1986-87. 82 Kathy Pe was my ffaiasiiiu : A.-MQ ! VOLLEYBALL Bottom Row Heh' to right if Della Chamberlain, Captain Sharon Skillman, Captam Michelle Fagan, Debbie Kazala. Top row Heh to right Coach Ann McTigue, Yvonne Crosby, Kim Auger, Beth McGrath, This year's volleyball team consisted exclusively of Heshmen and sophomores. Returning Hom last year to lead the team were Sophomore Captains Sharon Skill- man and Michelle Fagan. Although the team was in a rebuilding stage this year, Coach Anne Marie McTigue is looking forward to a successful future with the team. "Giving if wow" -Coach Anne Marie McTigue ,,ggxnlU"'fyx?1 ii J. Q ,.,, 2,,.,,, , f'u-vu?Zv'QTIffa".' 1" f M-APM , V. 5, Wg, u, A 'Af saw? ,K G 9.24 P M 'inf 9 J. f ' -4 BA SK E TBA LL .,,,W-mann fly as , f Left to rightj: Co-Captain Eileen Baynes, Bernadine Coleman, Mary Dunham, Linda Brophy, Captam Kathy Lynch, Sue Marcotte, Marcia Holla: Michelle Salick, Tabitha Romans, Cyndi Eisle, Kirsten Andersen, Lisa Burgo Back Row: Assistant Coach Tom Trembulak, Head Coach Tom West The 1987 G.C.C. Basketball team consists of mainly underclassmen. This is completely insig- nihcant, however, when one looks at their abzli- ties to work together as a team. With the strength of the underclassmen and the knowledge and experience of Senior Kathy Lynch, the team is sure to lead the CACC Conference. The talents of junior Eileen Baynes and Sophomore Linda Brophy help to unite the underclassmen, bringing them not only a successful 1982 but a hopeful future. The members of this close-knit team work hard and work well together. It is this team work, representative of G.C.C. spirit, which allows the basketball team to excel, 86 Above: Head Coach Tom Westen, Assistant Coach Tom Trembulak M A 10.-F .V Q V ,L Wr,,,-,, .. A Above left: Head Coafh Weston gives one ofhls players a pep talk, Aho Casino. Below: Mary Dunham and tealn-:nate warm up. ,ff ' vc right: Cyndi Elsie and Bcamadlne Coleman prepare Har prafrlfe, B7 Left: CYIEJIIYPIVOIISIZIP Banners are proudly dlkplayed m fha CROSS-COU TR Y fTop row, left to rightj: Asst, Coach Cathy Murphy, Stacey Aromando, Mary Mrazga, Mary Ann Osisjean Mutone, Stephanie Pulos, Carrie ordan Bennett, Renee Demarest, Coach Deutsch CBottomj: jenny Cascamo, Sheri Hendricks, Eileen Heffernan This year's Cross-Country team, led by Coach War- ren Deutsch and Captain Stephanie Pulos, was an ex- tremely successful one. The sportsmanship of the members com brned with the experience of the seniors, the fresh spirit ofthe underclassmen, and the talents of all. Stacey Aromando won the Central Atlantic Colle- giate Conference Championship and the N.A.I.A. Drs- trict 31 Championship. Stacey also led the team to their 4th place victory at the state championship with her own school place win at the meet. Underclassmen, such as Sheri Hendricks, the Heshman who was named to the all-district team, can assure G.C.C. that the Cross-Country team has many more successful seasons to come. This season, hnishrng 6 wins and 2 losses in dual meets, proves that "running Rnr the fun of it" all pays off in the end. C! ,S Run for the fun of it -Coach Warren Deuts.. W vw . LTR 1 gli' if ,v,,, ,LM v.,,L HM' ff, 2, W? W, 21 13 5 ,Q ,E , M W 22 Q' ,,3y,,,g 1 5- , .7 fy X32 W am w 13 5 A K t A Q5 in ,f ,Y H 4 gf? V 'V ' wif L, ,,L', i fav ' 'V W' ' 1, E' 7 W, 1 xr f Q , S 4 ' I SV V I I ,,f' 1' H V J X f ' X W ,gfy 9, I ee, if A fa Q 4 W , ' 1 QB 1 ., kg? 41? V Q by K ,jf E , , . ,'.' QLLQVS H11 ' wr? ,Jw , w - ,wer 5 2 'J ,-V.,, Wx' , " 4 M ff 3 ,- Wm Vw M W' J! Q , X Y . M N aw , 5 A mixes s 'F W I , 8 , P f E.. 3, af A if 'ew 4,1 W Q VJ 2, ,ff 47 V' Q ww www: X N -1 5 ,ar Q.. A sm ww. hx x , , . 'F wi ww ,Q . 'K ga, A.., X Q H - f KARATE I Left to right: Pia Videtti, Amy Tompkins, Miriam Perez fCapt,Q Robin Reilly K Coach Q, Randi Clemenko, jennifer OHeam The year began when the Karate team, led by Coach Robin Reilly, made it to the Nationals in their opening tournament. The team, although small in number, ex- cels in spirit, unity and pride. Senior M yriam Perez proved this point when she placed third in the Nation- als during the opening tournament. Not hr behind was Sophomore Randi Clemenko, who also placed third in the Nationals. Another star athlete was junior jennifer O'Hearn who, ar?er overcoming an injured knee, came back to help lead the team to victory. Georgian Court College has much to be proud of in this small but strong team. The 1987 Karate Team has no problem in keeping up with its collegiate championship history. Coach Robin Reilly 'Q' '-1 Top and Middle: Coach Robm Reilly lrzstrucrs the Karate Team zrz the Kara. Left: Members of the Karate Team practice sparring. SOFTBALL Bottom row fler? to rrghtj: Dawn Dzredzic, Linda Brophy, jennifer Padula, Mary Dunham, Chris Novak, Kim Beers, Beth McGrath. Top row flelt to right Coach Kathy Perri, Luann Sulmonetti, Tabitha Romans, Kim Decker, Terri Ann Warn, Erica Moncrief . Last year, Georgian Court College captured the N.A.LA. District 31 Championship and were runners up Hur the area championship, Hnishmg the season with an overall record of13-Q the best in the school 's history. This year appears very promising for the Lady Lions, with sur returning players and with Hve new recruits, Georgian Court is looking rbrward to another banner year. "Commitment to excellence" - Coach Kathy Perri in J, mg A Q R WX Anka YR 1 C CMJ Afkpk- cya 7 X x I,N A P i' :?LB 'x . at 'fx " ,ffm ' ,1- D .f'::fl1i-5 2 " 'iliiaf' Pg' 1. W, n ra Q I 'ii xx rip. ACT! VITIES ,- ff. 'QCVI R52 581' if 5- -.':m u I 1986 1987 September 2 Frnal Fall Regrstratron 3 Classes Begm L9 SGA Hawauan Party 20 Family Day 23 Bud Nzght 29 8: 30 Semor Portrazts October Gentleman s Nrght SGA Retreat Hump Day Party Fall Convocatron 31 Senrors Haunted House Halloween Party November 4 Freshmen Talent Show 7 Fall Festrval 13 81 14 Anythrng Goes 20 Toga Party 26 81 30 Thanksgrvrng Recess December 5 SGA Chnstmas Semr Formal 23 Deadlrne for Cap and Gown Frttzng 24 Chrrstmas Recess 7 7 .I A -ji Ill! e T -- 1. 3 P - , 2 - , . 3 - 5 - Spiritkst . 8 I 9 - . , - ' f F 7 7 I? CALE DAR anuary Regrstratlon for Senlors Flnal Semester Classes Resume Countdown Begzns Welcome Back Party Import Nrght February 5 Senror 100 Days Party 7 Wnter Formal 12 Wzlentrne s Day Dance 19 Rock Nlte wrth Mlrror 26 Mardl Gra March Irzsh Afternoon 7 15 Sprrng Break Aprll Punk Rocker Party 15 21 Easter Break May 11 Senror Week Begzns 13 Gracluatzon Practlce Class Awards Wdne and Cheese Party 15 Class Nrte 16 Baccalaureate Champagne Brunch Commencement Mrrror -4- 5" 1 21 -- J! ..-. J 18- . . . ,. . 19- - 22- 29- ' 1- . 4 . 1 5- JU 1011 RI BA QUET March 24, 1986 was the traditional junior Ring Banquet at Geor- gran Court Collqge. The evening began with a mass Celebrated by Father Norman and the blessing of our rings. We enjoyed receiving our rings along with a lovely dinner. Ahervvards We Celebrated with a Wonderful party. All of thik will be a most memorable event, thanks to our little sisters. 9 3 . Z v 3 s Sr. Edwina, Sr. Shaun, Guest Speaker: Sr. Lisa, Sr. Barbara, and Sr. Maria Cook Right: Karen Eliaabeth MCMorroW receiving her ring. 98 IM, A A Y , ,,-...- --- -- . AA sitwwmxwixx QNX Big Sister and Little Sister: Mary Travostino andjoan Humes, Class President of 1982 Coordinator of the Ring Banquet. Below: juniors anticipating the receiving of their rings. Q 1 s NM WYE? 'Q' ji f HA AIIA PARTY The Student Government Assocmtfon sponsored an Ha Wahlan Nzlght in the Pub on- September 18, 1896 to welcome all back to Georgzkzn Court College. Free leis were given to the Hrst one hundred people. Students danced and soczhhfed WTYITG Djs Gzna and Bobbie spun the records, The hrghhght of the evenlng was zz hrnbo contest. The wrnner received a real coconut, Everyone had zz great tune! 5-Wgfil' -Q J-6? , fi Q, aw qw- SQ ag gk is wa ,, ...,,.1i 'I R 'Q S SAW , - ,ui Q 15 - ff , 1 , A, 49 F 't V ' 11' it 'gg 'inf'-in W FRESHMA ORIENTATIO r 5 'Making' your dreams come true." The junior Class, along with the Co-Pro Tem Presidents Dori Sonntag and Sue Schuler, made their dreams of Orientation Weekend come alive on August 31st thru September 2nd, The hard work and long hours of planning paid off as 120 smiling new Rzces came through the gates ofG.C.C Many new traditions were begun and many old ones were carried out. All of this added to the success of the weekend. From Chubby Chicken to whipped cream pies to surhng in the pub and even the hrst Freshman Banquet and more, the Little Sister Class of 1990 was welcomed with open arms, From that weekend on, the Georgian Court Community, along with the big tree, would never be the same. The good memories and friendships made have only just begun. Congratulations to all on a job well done! WWW I ,,r,t Wm First moments at Georgian Court College. 102 farious 2Cf1.V1.fl-ES help the Heshmen g6f acquainted with the help ofrhc-1? bg' :Star dass. 3 22 ,K - 1 L nn- g 1 up. 5' ' Mwff Q55 " 57" , M ff ,, M ,ff .M- 'l,'W,,. cv A Q T2 4, , 1 Q ' wwf' H+ V 4' , W 5 I4 ,, M' ww, ,, an ,, WWW' 4 5,2 Q f .K Y' W ' J W1-f F MILY DAY On Saturday, September 2Q 1986 Georgran Court College held its thrrd annual Family Day. The day was sponsored by the Student Government Assocratlon with the help ofthe four Class levels, as Well as a variety ofclubs. Over 60 Ezmrlles Came to enjoy a day offun and Holic while Pl'CHl'Cli'lhg to the sounds of Dj john. The day came to a close with a Eucharrktic Mass. Fr. Norman celebrated the Mass and remarked on the feelrng of love, closeness, and belongmg Wlthrn our College Communrty. I l... .,,., ... G6 as f'iQff'f4'? The Wee President of The Student Government Assoczation, Mary Pat Burke, goes for a swun. vii iff, Rig 5 LE ' ffl Left: The Student Government Assocration Cabinet szngs the Star Spangled Banner. Above: No one, not even the little ones mrssed out on the fun and food served eagerly by Student Government Leaders. 105 PIRITFEST 1986 Spiritkst 1986 was the GCC Campus Ministry's Hrst Christian Musi'c Festival. It featured 3 popular Christian Rock and Contemporary Christian Music Bands: Christian Stephens, Matt and Karen Cimmorelli, and Bass and Co. The audience heard an awareness talk by a representative of Oxhm on world hunger, Spiritfest 's special guest speaker was Steve Moore, musician and come- dian, who ga ve a powerful and effective "Christian bVitness" through means of song and levity, Last, but certainly not least, our "MC " rbr the day, Paul An- drews, played a vital part in making the day run smothly. All proceeds Horn Spiritfest 1986 were sent to Oxfam for world hunger. The great success of Spiritfest 1986 has destined ir to become an annual Court tradition, 106 A K f Q, ge: if-Q3 .- -' ef w AQ ,Q X :sl 8 SQA? . .. km. ,. a M 1. 5 I , . Q X Q if 3 X A ,hu N, ,.,, w. , -:MX . Q HSS! 3' S255 , f Yi sg 5 i ,Aw-9' f gif' f E ' 9' iw .j ig ,W ,fm e H'-J FALL CONVOCATIO To .' S.G.A. President M riam Perez addresses the assembly P Y f Middle Left: Nancy DiBartolis and Sister Sheila provide the music. Right: S. GA. Vice-Presiderzt Mary Pat Burke and the Cabi- net recite the pledge. . g dddn l'0"""""' ! A W, ,,,,.....----f, ,- - ' T Z2 h h Marlene Lynch Ford '76 delivered the convocation address. Fall Convocation was held on Thursday Oc- tober 9, 1986. This year's theme was Go Be- yond. This theme was visualiaed hy a lion push- ing over a column. Relating this theme to our purpose gives us the conhdence to "Go Be- yondf' to reach our academic peak and leader- ship capabilities. Aside Eoin academic excel - lence, students were also acknovvledrged mr their leadership qualities and .service to others. Student Government, as vvell as Class Officers, were introduced and presented with certihca tes. The Class of 1987 will be the class to "Go Beyond " and reach their goals and capabilities. o-LX. ,Vg 'ill' L49 FALL FESTIVAL On November 7 the Class of 1989 held the Hrsr Fall Festival ar Georgran Court College. American style food, rradzrfonal fall dee- orations and a square dance Caller all provided a rare Harm of enterramlment for everyone, s A -'14 Akvjkl il 159- . ,f,,-331 Ihgwi I 'qu -. f7!.ehfa' aw- U if V J 9 aff if fx? Q: -af fiww! MM' IQ.. 'B 'i--...i' Halloween brought many strange thinge to GCC: Headbangers, RUSSIQHS, Arabs, ana' Green people, 'W Wfatchoutl Eileen or your Race wfll Heeze that way ..,,,4"' 1 ' Q ij ' if L aw 'gif 51, . 1M H if M. 'W I K? G 2 f 42, . 'wi 3 if , Wwiiwgfil A W 1 N-vwwwwmwm 331915 S , X 5 XT - .i s The best was dehhitely to come as Big Sisters along with the rest ofthe Georgian Court Communi- ty awaited the Annual Freshman Talent Show that was held on November 4 1986. There were singers, dancers, Huits, actors and lipsyncers galore! Their talent soared along with their spirits as they enter- tained their audience. We 'Heard it through the Grapevine" that they worked diligently together on their hrst function as a class. There were no wall flowers here, just blooming stars. They Hnished the spectacular performance with a "class" rendition of the Brian Adams song, "The Best Was Yet To Come." The night was a hntastic sneak preview of what Georgian Court College has to look forward to in the four years to come! 114 A ' -L --......,1g,....N.,.+,X,.V ,ff V. ,Www WM.MfM,,,-.W 2 i Z S I I 1 u i 1 Top: Jlljam -on -it! Bottom: Madonna?f at the Court, Right: SADE? , s , Iv fwmwvxwkgwsi. ,Wow dwym V ,,,,M,NQ,wrA,,x.,,N,A..,w..4, 115 HAU TED HOUSE Halloween proved to be a very Hightening holiday at Georgian Court this year. The Seniors sponsored a Haunted House on October 30, 1986. Members ofthe class decorated the wind- ing hallways and rooms below the pub and pool in the Casino. Victims were escorted through cob webs, slime, a mummy's prison, draculas home, the gypsys senance, and the mad doc- tor's operating room while being haunted by spirits, bats, and ghouls galore. Ghouls not pictured include: Michele Ro- dums, Anna Marie Quinn, jennifer Kleme, Mary Keelan and Sarah Murphey. 116 lf From left to right: Michele Konfederak, Stephanie Pulos, Paula Capuro and Ann Harrigfeld. Debbie Ozga fleHj and Bonnie K wiarkowski take a break!! TOGA PARTY v Ni Pictured above en joyintg themselves at the Totga Party are f1?om let? to rightj MaryAnn Osis, Mary Miazga, and Suzanne Van Vooren. The evening was sponsored by the Class of 1987 and was held in the pub on November 13, 1986. The night was Hlled with dancing and partying. The Toga Party was enjoyed by all, as the faces of fHom leH to rightj Barbara Al vare, Denise Chevalier, and Diane Wozmefk will attest. .AQ OXFAM ,M-:'f'2 7 ...M W 4 , ui W W , ,, , Georgran Court College joms the National Oxfam Fast for World Harvest and gives new meanmtg to the Thanksgivmg holida y. The prayer service, hunger meal, swrm-a-thon, sun-up-to-sundown fast, walk-a- thon, penny Collection and the one evenmg meal mst in ada'1't1'on to the feast aker the Ezst and dance-a-thon Jn the Pub mvolved many rn the effort to false money for the Consciousness of the world 's poor. Q , 5, ..,,., .:.... ,. 5 W as as EV' COMMUTER BRUNCH On Thursday, October 30, 1986 the Student Government Commuter Representative, along with other members, prepared an exqurkite bruneh Har our Commuter Hlends. The decora- tions in the pub ofdraeulas, goblzns, and bats brought forth an air of the Halloween Sprrlt. -sfx 53 AI. 'QM 35 E is ' .E 119 SGA CHRISTMAS SEMI-FORMAL On December 5, 1986, the Student Government Associ- ation held the annual Christmas Semi-Rnmal in the Pub. It was an evening enjoyed by both Qzeulty and students. With a united efhnrt, some of the members of the student go vernment decorated the Pub with a great Christmas spirit, whiie other members prepared delieious Hnods and hors d 'oevres. I 'MISL A f Q u ff 'lf -- B' o o o o -'Q iw A. Q tr Q V 6: QIQ v GCC WI D ENSEMBLE The GCC Wind Ensemble is comprised of Graduate stu- dents working towards music degrees, GCC undergraduates, and others who simply enjoy playing music. Under the direc- tion of Mr. Frank Unger, the Wind Ensemble perbrmed at Leisure Wllage East and at Georgian Court in December. They also performed a Spring Concert and provided the "Pomp and Crrcumstancen for graduation in May. is , Mi 'Y - 'ri M if A' Ja: ff- 3 1? 'fin if t gg 3 ,Q 3 N:-wi 1 X i t F' X aw V? WELCOME BACK PARTY On jznuzzry 22, 1987 Pub Presidents Milfy M121ZlL,'21 and Kathie Lynch along with the rest ofthe student body Celebrated the new semester with zz dzmfe parq' in the pub. 1,1311 Willone took up her poSition behind the har and Alice I'21l1lV played our R1 vorite Sontgs. Everyone had em excellent nine. What zz GREA T way to start zz new semester. HERE WE GO AGAINVJA UARY 22, 1987 SENIORS DRUMROLL, PLEASE! fs?" Q D M Z , 100 DAYS TILL GRADUATIO ! February 5, 1987 marked 100 days leH until graduation Hur the Class of1987, The sophomore Class planned a big BACH lor their big sisters, They provided plenty ofhfee snacks, beer and a full sheet Cake. Together the two Classes daneed and partied the night away. jr. did an excellent job behind the har and DJ. Gina kept everyone on their ket as she spun all our favorite tunes. "The Best of Times" brought everyone to their feet and almost to tears. The night will be a most memorable event for all those in attendance. A . 100 DAYS P RTY JW gsm ff C-Nbr 'VA 5 -1 ' ' I -'Q I Z I v . ' 4 I 'A K '. :J.L,g:'x -- ' frrf'-225'-."' M5461 V' fi. ff in 1 :Ji .fu . 91 'U :Q J IQ. v J'-f . ' 'fl-W . 1 ,L .r 1 v v , s n Q.. Y Pg.. K -. .L 'in 21,6 Y 'is 5ENIOR5 QW' K , QMUQN'Czf.m, 'Q Qmwf QWQN Q9 KV Q J sf , 16?-ax KQXNQ 5x vii' af, 4 T M ' F9 J 3 Wbwffjwf Q Qwwwf wma Mikifziwffma--1 Wffffakg fha Q57 '--i WELN zimsii af M 1211 J0!jZi ZWZJQ WZ 5Q5f9fcZW,QT's4 Zim my W but of Um 'ff' ,,, 2 fx-QV wwf ...www Q xmsmw 1f:m,wQ-1L4x,f-fm, if 1-..f:1-gg:-Mem-www:Qw-wwvfsf:fawX+m+wfp:5 :gym-Qmwwrfmaf,:1z1ba:xsv.mQw:kw,mwQ f -- - Mwwim:W-vfwmwfwmxffffmy-fi,--X-Wmmww n 4 ,fm ff ' f fm' . f , iff A M fl V ffifff,ff ff5ffff1f , ' ' I V. . if? ,V,: iV !fJ, ij' X ffffffg,-wff, . M YV L"',' Q' ?ff?ff3V 1 jf, ji zyy IVV, Q, V R, ,ff 'wifi ,, 1 5 gh 4 fck'GfNU V L' ' Ffjf, ,mi Ifwf gyircmy ,vim f,3,f,y nf , l My ' f X gif' ,v2g5z?g'5jZ753QjQjW if , Wf ' 72?iZZ3?5?W2?fjf??2fI3" f rf 4 if4igFgQgf??f f, p Li? ,,M,., , vJ:5g,," ,, f ,fffffgff 5 ,H Q43 5 ,K My gwih-:gig f 1 L f , 5 Dear Dr. Deutsch, Thank you for the guidance, patience, understanding and above all the endless encouragement you ha ve given us over the last new years. We appreciate it and because of all that you ha ve done for us, we will always think of you as our loving class advisor. To Fellow Georgian Court Students, May your remaining years at the Court be hlled with as much happiness and success that ours were hlled with. We wish you well. Good Luck to you all! Love, The Class of 1987 Veronica Lynn Albin Business Administration Mom 8: Dad - Thank you for a lifetime of love and understanding. Thank you for all the years of doing without so that my dreams Could become reality. I love and admire you both. George - You ke the best brother a girl Could ever ha ve. Learn Hom my mistakes as if they were your own. Follow your dreams as hr as they will take you for without them life is meaningless. My Hiends - Thank you for years of laughter, tears, fun, and support. You made the bad tunes bearable. Without you I would have never been able to do it. The Class of 1987 - Love and congratulations on a job well done. Barbara P. Alvare Chemistry Mamr' y Papi Mejor criancia de la que ustedes me han dado - no exrste. Mejores padres - no los hay. Simplemente, sm ustedes no soy nadre . . . Sandy, Thank you for being there in the good and the bad times. It has not been an easy road thus hr, but your constant love and understand- mg has gotten me to my destination with a smile on my mee. - - - - Always remember, the best is yet to come. I Love You - - - To all the very special people in my life - - - you know who you are - - - Thank you for making my years at Georgian Court the most memorable years of my lifel' jiu L. Amzler Business Mom and Dad I love you both very much. You believed in me, had hith in me, encouraged me, and supported me --we made it together! Yesterday is already a dream, And tomorrow is only a vision, But today well lived, Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness, And every tomorrow a vision of hope. Unknown To all the special people in rn y life that made my four years at GCC more memorable-I love you and thank you! Debra Lee Beers Englishf Elementary Ed. 'Tn dreams begins responsibility" Dad Bonnie, Kim and Billie jo- Thanks for all your love, support, encouragement, and hehn, with- out you my dreams would not seem as important. You are my best friends. You have helped me study and given me confidence. You made me believe that the hard work would be worth it and it was, I finally made it. I love you all! Mom- I know you can see me and I hope you are proud. Beth-Ann, Dianne, Corinne, Pam, and Leigh - Thanks for making my years at GCC fun and memorable, I feel lucky to have met you - you ke the best! There is no limit to the goals we can attain, the success and happiness we can achieve - - - our possibilities are as endless as our dreams. Author Unknown E 5 1,5533 3 5 V E 2 E 5 il' 5 na: a if J' is 4 5 ,:.':5 YW 3 .gli fiff E iff? 5 at 2 ,jf 3.321 32:4- fffQfg1 E z ,K its si if at Us Kimberly Ann Beese Business Administration Mom and Dad - Thank you both so much for helping me make it. I can only repay you with my love, in which no price is attached. I love you both! God Bless - Kimberly XOXOX Karen and Kerry - my two artistic sisters - thank for all your help with assignments that involved an 'artistic touch." Love, your sister, Kimberly XO justin, 'kny little prince" - I Love You! Aunt Kim XO jamie - my one and only brother - Thanks for all those early mornings you woke me and made sure I didn 't oversleep. You only have one life, make the best of it and let God guide you if you should ever want the guidance. Love and God be with you.' Your Sister, Kimberly XO .IE T f Thanks for watching over me - you re always in my prayers, thoughts, and most of all, my heart. I love you and miss you dearly! Granddaughter, Kimberly XOXO Mon Amie, Sister Mary Theresa - Merci! for you sweetness, thoughtfulness, and everlasting Hiendshrp. Kimberly XO Dr. King - MY BUDDY' Thanks so much for everythingg espe- cially the continued confidence and faith you have in me. God Bless! Kimberly XO Cathy and Carolyn ' Much success and love! 'T can 't be a tailure at anything if I haven 't had the opportunity to try it Hrst. " KATB Mary Benigno Sociologyf English jane Bissey Business Administration Bernadette Ann Blomquist Accountingf Business Administration Always 8: Forever -- Each moment with you is just like a dream to me, that somehow came true. Wanderers - Rick Give yourself to a lrfe of extremes You re into the action - its a part of your dream Now theres some things you never can tell But when the door hes open throw your corhs rn the well. B1Yly Squier To Mom 8: Dad, Thanks for pumng me through school and your support over the years. I Love You.' Your Daughter X o x o x Lina Bove Mathematics Diplomacy is the an of letting someone else have your wa y -Anonymous To my family: Thanks for your constant, loving support and enthusiasm. These past four years have shown me what a special Emily I have. Mom- special thanks forputtrlng up with my crazy study hours, for always giving me your encouragemeng and for the many, many pots of cofk-e. Eraldo- Thank you for always being there. You have added so much to my lik. I LOVE YOU' To all my breads: Thanks for making the pasr four years so memorable. To my parr- rime roommates thanks for all the good times. Robyn Brown English f Education K ,VV,,V tw, -V hi, ,f:2f,:zfw",tt1v , if ' 1 V n 1,,.:f 2 2 T . - ,,,, W . , , , C nr' V , . ' f f 'N7 62157, - , VVVI, ,rr, A I . .. I x MQ f gf 5 5? il 2 I 93 4 ig! 5 Patricia Brustman Accounting f Spanish This special day, which took Hve years, I share with many special people: My husband jim, who encourages me to be who I am and who loves me because of K or in spite ofj it! Our children, Doug, fm, Bill and L12 - four beautiful, unique, loving individuals - and great report card checkers! My Mom, Mom and Pop, all my relatives and Hiends I love all of you and am thrilled to share my life with you, A special thanks to all the wonderful teachers at GCC who ha ve shared their knowledge, Hiendshzp and encouragement. Leigh Burgess EnglishfE1ementary Education To Mom and Dad: You were always there to share my tears as well as my accomplishments. Thank you for your constant support. I believe that children are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way, Show them all the beauty they possess inside. Give them a sense of pride to make it easier, Let the childrens laughter remind us how we used to be. - Whitney Houston Thanks Kevin for your love and support. Love always Leigh Paula Caputo Psychology! Special Education To laugh often and love much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the afhection of childreng to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal oflalse lriendsg to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to give of oneself to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child a garden patch or a redeemed social conditiong to ha ve played and laughed with enthu - srasm and sung with exultariong to know even one Irie has breathed easier: This is to have succeeded. Mom and Dad: Whrhout your love and support through these past four years I know I could have never made rt. The strength and wisdom you both have shown rne, has been my most valuable lesson. Thank you for making my dream of becoming a teachen a reality. I love you both. Paula Paul, for always thinking of me and just for being my hrorherg thanks! I love you Paula Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay for a while and lea ve footprints in our hearts and we are never ever the same. To Mchele, Trish, Anna Marie and all my friends, Your footprints and the memories of our good times, will remain rn my heart forever. Smile for me and always listen for the laughter: I love you all Paula Mary-Beth Carney BiologyfMedical Technology Mom 8: Dad: When it comes to love and support, I Zn the richest girl in the world - Thanks, we made it! ! Sr. Mary jean: Thank you for your constant keith in me, You 've given me the confidence needed to make it through! Mo: To the best roommate and friend a girl could ever have. Thanks for making me 'tra ck the hooks " and thanks just for being there! ! Kim 8: Bridget - You guys helped me to come up with a smile on my face - despite everythmg! Thanks for all ofthe good times! I johnny - 'Baby how much Closer can we be. I swear you've become a part of me. You are with me everywhere I go and if you feel it, I already know . . . " Stevie Nicks "We may lose and we may win, but we will never be here again, so open up Im climbin' in . . . Take it Easy! 2" , . . -The Eagles 41-li wi. Nancy Mae Carrasco Accounting Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. -Pamela raul Starr To Mom and Dad: Thanks for all your help and encouragement, I love you both, To Paul: You know our love was meant to be the kind of love to last foreverg And I want you here with me From now until the end of time. -Chicago Thank you for your understanding through these years, Patricia K. Castellano Social Work I wish all people strive for their goals, and to realzae that we are the ones who are gomg to make the difference. I would like to rhank my family, Tun especially, and all of my friends for making my four years at Georgian Court a lot easier and enjoyable, and also for lasting memories that I ll never forget. Tim - You 've been everything and more for me. Ill do my best to make you as happy as you 've made me. Most of all, I wish that all people come Closer to the Lord, having a personal relationship with Him, realiarng who He is and how much He really does care for us. joann Chiararalloti Karen Clinch X., Judy Ann Colon Thank You Lord! Thank you Mom, Gladys, Danny,-jenny, Lib, Tio and Angel RH all of your positive support. And last but not least to my dear Hiends Betty Ann and Toni for always being there when I needed an understanding Hiend. All a good college education takes on your part 13 patience, dedication and ambition but in return it offers you the world. Anna Conerly Deirdre Connolly English Catherine Costa Business Administration Kathleen Mary Daly Psychology! Special Education Mom and Dad So many nmes you have put me before yourselves. Your love, support and encouragement has been never ending. You made my dream become reality. Thank you for everything. I love you. Lynda, jmmy and Colleen Thanks for always berng there. You are really specrlal to me. Love you always, Kathy Susan Davis RifaDeAnge1is t l l PSyCh01ogyfEIementary Education l Mom and Dad' - Youboth were Zlways there when I needed you and still cozmhue to be. Your confldence and support means a great deaf. I could have nevefjdone it withaut you. Thanks for everything. Kathy and Grace 4 Thanks for everything. You gays are always there for meg You both are really SIKJECIQL Michael amljoey - T 0 'two of the most te:-riHc brothers a sister Cbuldteveryhave. V ' 'A ' , L ' L L 225 twq special granldmotlwts h t L f tYou both mean 3 gteafdeal to me and arc yery'spfiCial.' Thanks for evtfzjything. L ' l l l . t 7 ' l l l VV,VVV in V,-k fr ki K VV In I V. Vigil f l fat all ibut ldv:Qfidmmlppott,Lii't136Zhs3mO!'l? 'tb 'mf than will bite: know. Iaqkfotwafd to the many hippy yearfi are lgqingltpglmyg rtpgether. Yam afesomeonelvery specizzito me 'Egg K ki .L VVV-f ,V . p I , Mi Tomytltiends- 'L 'h -h li l f llll Thaggks fotlevetything Youlgayslm-e'lteallygfear. Yon are the fb?-adsl 3 persoii could have. I will have: forget tlzgese pastffouh yctsfii tqgetherg we ha ve treated WOHdCTfU1:kmEm0fi6S,' ' l l tD8WI1 lAii1i1 t-Desfosse l ' l , K V, If KVVK K - Y i,, I iMa5Q fofbeinga gttat tlifztiksl fdtthel :mtl Szitriflcdsbvff tht years., Il veg! mutrh want ybu' tb be proud Qfmy tsdzievbmenrs' ndw'and in the fllfilfff ' . t g , jqyfif, f 14113, Doziqld 5 'Thank you for yotlt 5D'PP01'ft2f1d Puffiffg UP Wfff1l1fUY H0H5fHSfsp t 1 f' l if 47LI,Ve'IER!'i1Ed a,l0t:l76rE at Georgian' Cbart, burlmwlznt value .mobrate 'tht three things tydlfve taught 'meg First, to balmy lownt persong Second to believe in that petsbng and Third to tell 3 bad joke and Still get a laugh! Thank' You i Richie - Ifthe past two years are any indication of what the future h35l in1St0iet RJr ug their I'm the luckiest girl in the World' I love you! Good Lad: Class of 121' t l . Rosanne Marie Donahue Business Administration Woman was taken out ofmang not out of his head to top him, nor out of his feet to be trampled underfootg but out of his side to be equal to hun, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be loved. -M Henry. This would have been impossible without the encouragement of my Uncle Paddy Gavan and family, and the acceptance ofthe Sisters of Georgian Court. Thank you forgiving me the chance to believe in m yself To all of my Hiends K and you know who you are j, you will never be rid of me so don 't even think it, To my mmilyg I asked for everything you had to give. In return, I had nothing to offer you but a laugh and a dream. Now I hope I can begin to repay you. Thanks for keeping the mith, you 've shown me how. I love all of you Barbara J. Douglas Religonf Psychology To my Rzmily - I can 't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity, ever-mithful support, and constant love to achieve my long-time goal. As we continue to grow, our world is opening to new phases and experiences of life, but remember, 'Tll always be your little girl " Bobbie - The sand in the hour glass has now emptied only to reflect our strengthened heart, mind, and tnendshrp - all something that time cannot extinguish - Thanks Roomy! Bonnie, Lisa, Suzanne and Debbie, We made it! I know that it is through your hiendshrp that I have been able to succeed, I also know that without you, we wouldn 't have had so much fun! f ! Thanks guys! Dennis - It is through you that I ha ve grown to understand the true meaning of love. Always remember - "The best is yet to come" - I love you. Cindy Engel Psychologyf Elementary Education Karen Farrell Business Administration Jacqueline M. Feldman Business Administration To my family: I made ir! Thank you for the love, support, and undersrandmg you gave me throughout the last four years. Lots of Love! Fnendship is a priceless gik . . . S0 . . . be thankful if He sends Not dzamonds, pearls or riches, But the love of real true Eriends. Author Unknown Dione Fernandez Sociology Q-v-PMV Teresa Anne Stevenson Gesumaria English X Elementary Education I believe the chrldren are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way. Show them all the beauty they possess znside. Give them a sense of pride ........ Whztney Housten Grandad - Thanks for malczng it all possible. Your memory will always stay dear to my heart. Tom - Thank you for standing by me and supportrng me through these four years. Your encouragement earned me all the Way. Maria Giavatto Lisa Ann Glickstein Business Adminstration 'Education is hanging around until you've caught on" Robert Frost I would like to thank my Mother for her love and continuous supportg Colleen and Bill for being great listeners, and Dan for making my last year at GCC the best! Geraldine Glide Englishf Elementary Education I would like to thank the Faculty of Georgian Court College, for providing so rich an experience on my Re-Entry into College Life. My short time here has flown by, but 171 treasure the memories always. Grace Gonzalez Special Education Because of one special 'ktar" in my life, I was given the inspiration and motivation to pursue a new goal, a new beginning. I thank the Lord for the support of my Husband, and especially I thank you M1'Ch6llE, Steve, and Michael for your love, patience and understanding in helping me reach this goal. Nancy Ann Gosztyla Sociology Concetta Grasso History To Mom and Dad Thank you for being my parents and standing by me when the Chrps were down. Thank you for your love and patience. just think, its over. To joe Thank you for being my pillar of strength. just remembeg 'Tm forever yours" 'T'aithfully" I love you. Lisa Marie Hackney Social Work 'Lihe is not a spectator sport" Mom 8: Daal You are the two most important people in my life. Thank you so much for all that you ha ve given me, but above all thank you for being my inspiration. I love you, Lisa HS. Fran, I an going to throttle you. To my brothers and sisters, each one ofyou has given a part of yourself to me. I guess that explains why I am the way I am! fscary! huh?Q I could not have asked for a better Emily. Love you, Bupps Arthur, Thanks for all your support and for putting up with me for so long.' LL.U Pumpkin To my Hfrends, I think you guys got me into more trouble than I was capable of getting into myself Thanks anyway! Love Always, Ditz RS. Remember Bond is a four letter word! Ann Harrigfeld Music Mom and Dad, Thank you for all the love, support and the opportunity to broaden my horizons. Nanny, Fred, and Katie, Thank you for your support and for always understanding 'Y have too much homework. " AUH3M2Il'6, What can I say? You have made my years here truly memorable ones-Ill never forget you. john, Thank you for always being there no matter what time of da y. I couldnt have made it without you! I LOVE YOU' I -Life is a song for the heart that is Hee!- Natalia Henriques Business Administrationfliducation I would like to thank my Mom, Dad, and Sister Rar the many years of support. Rosemary Hoeler Business Administration Patricia S. Hurley Accounting Thanks to my parents for allowing me to live with them while I went to school full -nine these past two years, and to the US. Air Force Veterans' Educational Asszstance Program for hehning to make my dreams of a college degree come true. WW Josephine Iadevaia Psychologyf Elementary Education To My Parents: For all the love and support you ha ve both given to me through the years, thank- you just doesn t seem enough. I love you both with all my heart, and I always will. To Mchael, Angela, 8: Gloria: To the best brother and sisters in the world. I wouldnt trade the three of you for all the gold in the world. For the three of you are my gold. I love you guys. To My Relatives: Thank- you for always being there. I love you all. To My Friends: 'Mine is a garden of memoryg old Hiends, my choicest flowers, past joys, my shaded bowets." Rowley We ha ve been through some good times and some rough times, however, the good times for out number the rough times. And remember: If it feels good, GO FOR I T' I ."' "Cherish yesterday, dream of tomorrow and live for today." Patricia Ignaccolo Business Administration! French Mom and Dad: VWthout all your emotional and hnancial support and sacrifices I would never have achieved my goals. This is as much your success as mme. Thank you. I love you. Anna: Thank you doesn 't seem sufficient. You 've done so much for me all my life. Thanks for being my inspiration and being there for me. Lisa: Thanks for everything Paula 8: Ish: These last two years have been great thanks to you both. Its all just beginning. I love you. Bev: Thanks for being there for me. Hurry up and graduate, Sister Mary Theresa: Merci Beaucoup pour Toute. To all my Friends: All the happiness in the world to you. Tomorrow I will choose Another path to tra vel Another challenge to test my strength I will reach out for straws Thar turn to stars, And let my wandering take me forward Where discovery of self and talent Yet unknown become the real. Sr. joycejacobs julia Patricia jensen Psychology Much thanks to my husband. Erick patience and encouragement along with my children, Eric, Tim and Mary Paris support in helping make my dream come through! Also, my sincere thanks to the wonderful teachers Georgian Court has given me. jones English s Religious Studies Q-' hi Nusa. Linda H. juralewiez Business AdministrationfAccounting I want to thank my children, Lisa and David for their love, understanding, and caring about what was important to me as I pursued my educational goals. I want to thank my husband Bob, for his love, patience, and strength which I needed to help carry me through some ofthe difficult spots. To the administration and staff at Georgian Court College, I would like to thank you for giving me the encouragement and the confidence I needed to achieve my potential. To my dear Hrends here at Georgian Court I would like to dedicate this poem, with love: I love you not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you. I love you because you are helping me to make ofthe lumber of my life not a tavern but a templeg out ofthe words of m y everyday not a reproach but a song. I love you because you ha ve done more than any creed could ha ve done to make me good and more than any hate could ha ve done to make me happy. You ha ve done it without a touch, without a word without a sign. You have done it by being yourself Perhaps that is what being a friend means atier all. By Roy Crah Patricia Kaba Biology l i l VVV, ,Vf, fkr, If r,V' kfr,r i kr-, VVx.r 8fY? ffP: 4 v T l 1 l 1l i 7fi i? f ffl 7 ll5 l f l 7 Ql ? l i i ff If i .kk 1 K .E ki. .V.V ki 'V ' ff 7 ? l f Q f5 f l '?i Wg-IL we a:1 cakE wr f g l G 3517 f i l fl ffl lil Q l l , r . f if f f f f 77 V,Vk f,r fk . f ' 'f 1 k-,- "f, . il, , ,.k. i ,k,i.k V3V,kV i.h, A'1, -VV'V i '-,V if i" Vi ,,'V V '1A,V -V,,. AV.. jig' ',,zV, A"V Momma Dad, fwff f0f1f yfhrs4 Y014f 'vf? ward this Ha vel IQOVQ ,,mm,1' i ,,LL Q 1 , ' h h Qkay 1izr1e bf0rher, you may f ,I Q .,gh,. ,V , VV Iji, K ,VVV Vi VI, , Vi I Li, ,, VV .VL. V- I I .VLr, I VL V, Ui .,V. TQ m13,gff,, b f lf g A gy K ,VVri' V, Lr,. , k,rr, k,'kV Vlr, t : Jerm Yi Kimberly jean Koncsol Business Administration X French Dad' I hope you re watching, and ifyou are, I know you re smiling. To my hzvorite Hiends: thanks for the fun, the laughs and the Emtastic times we shared. I hope they last forever. So you re scared and you re thinking that maybe we ain't that young anymore, Show a little faith, theres magic in the night. Bruce Springsteen But if dreams came true, Oh, wouldnt that be nice Bruce Springsteen Cevillez des au jourd hui les roses de la vie. Michele Ann Konfederak Business Administration A very special thank you to my Mom, Dad and Brother for always being there when I needed you. If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with . . . success. H.D. Thoreau To all my Hiends . . . Thanks for all the wonderful memories, I ll cherish them forever. Good Luck in your future and continue to perservere. Don 't forget to: Take a walk on the wild side! Always, Shelli Barbara Kowalski Mathematics Nadia Kozan Business Administration Time! . Time! Time! What Is Tune? it is But Numbers on the Face ofa Clock Watched impatiently Ticking Slowly in youths guest Tick! . Tock! Tick! Tock! Suddenly the clock ticks Ester We are older There is no time for rest There rs so much to master Tick Tick! tock rock! Without duress I must continue up the ladder of success To claim at last what will be mine But how to stay the hands of time 77ck Tick! Tock tock! Use time wisely my hfiends In Lifes Sojoum The road of knowledge never ends' Tick - Tock - Tick - Tock Rebecca Kremer Englishf Education Dorothy Kriz e 163 Gina Kulch English Kristina Kuprasch Business f German 'Don 't stop thinking about tomorrow, Don 't stop itll soon be here, itYl be here better than before, yesterdays gone, yesterdays gone," -Fleetwood Mac To all my Hiends, a big thanks for your support and friendship. To Mike, thank -you for your support, love, for believing in me and helping me to believe in myself Mom and Dad, thanks for always being there when I needed you. To everyone, I love you! Bonnie L. Kwiatkowski PhysicsfChemistry "Never tel! a young person that anything cannot be done. God may have been waiting for centuries for somebody :ignorant enough of the hnpossible co do that very thing," john Andrews Holmes My enthe femily - We are 3 Qmily, we will always be 2 family. Let as never fozger our hzmflv' I love you all. y Bylmgja . Ian? life aber 4511535 me mg vacation? e h On the hzghyway of iihe, watch our for rhe dividers. v Those iiiehofs who have made the different? - We ha ve spenrfhefie four years gfowing togethozg as we contxhue to grow let as not forge? what we began hc-rear GLZC 7 h h e 1 Dy, ICT 'Shen - You have rzwighr me morerhan the answers to my queifions, yorfhave'-taught me to questioneytflelzmswerie , V You giveanew deifnirion ro :he word teacher, e H , v ey v f Q e You have been therethrough!!! the Euszrarions. h You have encouraged me and loved me under all crkcumsrances. You have given me the Supporc,hscamina, and backbone I needed ro succeed. You have helped meffnd my dream. You are very speak! so me: Mom, Dad, and Tracy. Thank you for all of your love and support. Today starts a new Chapter on my life and I owe it all to you. Nobody loves me !17ce you do. Thank you, I love you, ' Karen Maria Lewis Allison Licht Psychologyf Elementary Education Thanks to Mom, whose vote of conHdenCe meant the most - you always knew I Could do it! To my daddy, who in his own quiet way always let me know that he was there. S.A.W - love you bunches! Hey Mickey, you Ye so Hne you blow my mind! '71 teacher affects etemiryg she can never tell where her mfiuence stops, " Theresa P. Lindquist Business Administration You can be anything you want in life, attain any goal, if you believe in yourself and have the support of your fizmily and fiiends. Irene Luicci Business Administration Katherine Lynch Business Administration If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it, -Whlliam Arthur Ward Don 'r walk in Hont of me, I may not follow. Don? walk behind me, I may not lead. just walk beside me and be my friend. ,I -Camus Dear Mom and Dad, Thanks for all your love and support. I couldn 't have done it without you. Love Katherine Chris, I think that angels sometimes send that best ofgilts, a faithful friend. Faithfully upright, good and true, I know I found that Hiena' in you. --Author Unknown Thanks for a riiendship 171 treasure forever. Love Kathy To all my new Hiends, Love ya! ! Mary McCarthy Accounting "There is only one success - to be able to spend your life in your own way" Christopher Morley Dear Mom and Dad, thank you both for all the love and support you 've always given to me. You've given me the Courage and strength to make these past four years possible. Thanks for believ- ing in me and loving me! I Love You! Dear Maureen, thanks for being so special and for always being there when I needed you most. You re the best sister anyone could ask for. Dear Mary, Thanks for all the adventures we 've shared. With you each day has been a new experience. Thanks for all the wonderful memories and the laughs! or v 4, Y 11, if s ,amz I Maria C. McGrorry English 'Mans reach must exceed his grasps, or whats a heaven for?" --Robert Browning God never closes a door without opening a window. -Common Proverb "There are places I remember all my life, though some have changed some forever, not better some are gone, and some remain Oh these places had their meanings with lovers and Hiends I still recall some are dead and some are living, in my life, I've loved them all." Unwavcring support, unconditional love and true Hiendshna ha ve been your giks to meg eternal and loving gratitude in return is my gin to you. You shared in all my struggles, therefore, you share also in any and all of my successes. Thank you, Mom 8: Dad, I love you more than mere words can express - - - and I always will! Elizabeth Mcllmail Art Education Victoria McKeon Mathematicsf Secondary Education Karen E. McMorrow Englishf Elementary Education To my loving parents: Remember the Hrst day I started Georgian Court and how I cried because I was ahaid? But, you told me I 'd be nine and nom four years later I cry because of joy and I thank you both hrom the bottom of my heart for all the love, support and conhdence you ga ve me throughout the four years. WelL can you belreve it? I made it!! I Love You both . . . Your Daughter, Karen Elrbabeth To my brothers, Denis and Brendan: Thanks for always being there, loving me and sacrahcing for me to go to college. I love you . . . Your srs, Karen To the dear Hiends I 've made at the Court: What can I sa y? We 've made It and now well all go out there and I only hope that our paths will contmue to always cross. Remember, to keep smrlin, keep tryin knowing you can always count on me for sure, thats what Hiends are for, Thanks you guys fox" makmg the road a lot smoother and giving me four years ofthe best trrnes of my life. I ll always love ya . . . 'If by chance that special place that you 've been dreamrng of leads you to a lonely place, find your strength rn love . . . " G. Benson Colleen Mahan Business Administration Kelly Ann Macomber Accounting Thank you Mom and Dad for giving me the chance to pursue my dreams. You have given me encouragement and unending love. I love you both so dearly. Bob, you are my love and my best mend, Thank you for your support and patience. You are so specrkal to me - I love you. Ailileife Maldonado Spgn i slhfEducarion SuzanI1C NiI1a l To my Mom,V SI131yn, j3E1cie, Vickie, 'skid Catlgbfizzef f M m thanks for be11evfng in fpeieven when 1 didnk! Love,Sqzam1e Pete f m The last four ears havebeen rear The besrisyetcocQ1ne.7'ThanI:sfof . always beingrbere. , V ' V, ' 1 'A ' To Sister Stephamb, Tlmnl-:s. Love Suzanne lovd i To M'ont0,a1ffdht11e library staff - It? been great working for Maria H. Marczi Art Like as the waves make toward the pebbled shore, So do our minutes hasten to their erm? Each changing place with that which goes before, In sequent toil all forwards do contend But if the while I think on you, Hiends, All losses are restored and sorrows end. To my fbmily: you made this time possible for me. Thank you, Bonnie A. Marr lWth God 3 help I made ir! Many thanks to Him, and all of my Hiends and Emily who helped me through. Some help Cannot be repaid, but I will endeavour to pass it on, - Lex? "M .sz 5 .Pa .V 2 1 , y F QS E 2255 22552 5232? .5 if ii 1 3 E .II 2: ' I. EEG 22? hi, e . 9 ff? Lf We 55,555 HLYEKSZW fe F 2 ire' E. 'E KE.: El 3 5 if 5 E V? E ai E251 K2 sei Q Z 5 mi E52 M as QWTQQQT . gi ...W ' Martha Mary Masterson Englishf Elementary Education To my Parents who ha ve made my dream ofbecommg a teacher possible, Thank -you To my family: Thank-you for Carmg about me and showmg your concern. To my "favorite" teachers K especially S. Maria I - Thank- you for setting an example for me to follow with my own students. And Hhally - 'T Care- Therefore I Teach." -Anonymous Richard Mathieson Psychology Christine Matteson Business Administration Mom and Dad: Congratulations and we did it! Thank you for your love and support in everything I do, especially these past four years, May I always be a reflection of your greatness. I love you. Corinne - The joy of being Hnished is as much yours as mine. Frank - Thank you for being there when I needed you. Your patience and understanding has made it easier for me to get through school. May we continue through the future, as happily as we ha ve in the past. Kathy, Marisa and Sherri - I know I can depend on each of you when I need a Hiend. Thank you for that special friendship, Good luck to each of you as you start your new venture in life. Catherine E. Matthews Englishf Elementary Education To the Loud Eamily - We've shared and cared we've laughed and cried. We 've fought both for and with each other. We aren T the same as we used to be, nor will we ever be, again as we are nom You 've been a great part of my life and an hnportant part of GCC I Love you all and will miss you terribly! "The loudest of them all" Mouth. Gi - For giving so much and asking only 5 minutes. For being there when I needed you. For advice and lectures, laughter and tears. for supportg a hug, a smrleg a Wink. I thank God for our Hiendship. It was worth the hassle. Never forget who loved you - me. Bird. S. Edwina - The list could go on for miles! Thanks for EVER YTHING! You 71 always ha ve a special place in my memories and my life, I 71 miss you. Mom and Dad - Thank you for the support and the trust you 've given me. I love you both. Keith - "We've got that lovin' feelin" The Firm and now we can begin our life together. I love you. Nora Meehan Psychologyf Elementary Education I am reminded of the poem "Footprints" when I think of my journey throug GCC just as the Lord has carried me through, so have many people that I want to say a special thank you to. jolette - As always, you have given me nothing but true love and support. Wthour your consistant love and encouragement I would not have made it this far. I thank you for being a wonderful sister and special Hiend. Mom and Dad - It was those warm cups of tea that brought me through many long nights of typing and studying. Thank you for your total dedication and love. You ha ve both been too good to me. I thank God I have been blessed with the both of you. You both ha ve showed me what being Wonderful parents is all about! Kevin - You have been a true Hiend. Thank you for believing in me. Always remember "What I did for Love" because 'Y Can 't help Falling in Love with you." And thanks for keeping me "well-adjuatedf' To all of my Sibling I all 13 of them Q and my three nieces and Danny joe and My "?"jo - I love You all so much! You all have tolerated me as a wild woman and I really appreciate all of you very much! Mary, Alex and Denise: Thanks so much for a treasured memory. We will never forget "Vanities!" May our friendships last forever! Lonl Kathy,-Io, Rita, Sharon, Donna, and Mo - Thank you all so much for welcoming me so warmly at GCC We have had so much fun and more to come! Mrs. Ezsher: Thank you for always being there to comfort me when I needed it. Susanne Merrigan Biochemistryf Business "There is nothing beyond the reach of determination." john Gray Available No Photo Caroline Mindas Chemistry f Biology Everything has its season, everythzhg has its thne, Show me 2 reason and Ill soon show you a rhyme. Cats Ht on the windowsrll, chlldren play 1h the mom Why do I feel like I don 't belong anywhere I go? Rivets belong where they can ramble, Eagles belong where they can fly! I 've got to be where my spirit can run Hee, Gotta End my corner of the sky! Mary Miazga Megina Mittleberg Social Work Cathleen M. Moran Psychology To Mom and Dad Thanks for your patience and support. I love you both. Cathleen Marie To Martin,john and Donna It was a chance thing but Im glad you all are my sibrlings. Love you Cathleen Mane To Dawn Eight years ofhiendshzp. Need I sa y more. Hang tough. You re young, you 71 adjust. Love Cath To my mail buddies Thanks for keeping my mailbox dust Hee. That includes you pats. Whenever I needed you, you were there. Thanks your the best of hiends. Love, Cath 'Success . . . Hn on my way, Ikn making it I 've got to make it show, yeah so much larger than life I Tn going to watch it growing," Peter Gabriel Big Time Corinne Morelli English f Elementary Education 'Ability is nothing without opportunity" - Napoleon Mom and Dad, thankyou for the opportunity and all the extras that went with ir. Pam, Diane, Debbie and BethAnne, "Each moment has its own beauty a picture which has never been seen before and which shall never be seen again." Emerson A Thank you for making each moment at Georgian Court special, and may all your moments be beautiful Good Luck! H . X s Priscilla Moriarty Hania Najdzinowicz Chemistry f Biology To all my professors: Tlmnlc you for sharing your knowledge Mamas to jest dla Ciebie. Wlen ze mnle widzisz. Brlly - Thank you for being my best blend and for makrhg all of my dreams come true. "You can Show me the Way give me a sunny day But what does ic mean VWtl1out your love . . . Ando lf I could drive aku if I could roach the stars Where' would I be n Mthout your love . 4 . yl y or Whenever I get to feel ,down ,nd our, nlrrbinkrabearlwhar you sf.-idi i lele l y r and tlrenlsl give out l Ifl could Hy sway l I Could SKI? tdday ' ' Where would I go l r Wdrbout your love l. . . " . n K y Roger Daltry V Sharons Naughton Bi010gyfc:hemigffye 'iffone advances con5demfIylin :lie direction ofher ndrearng and endeav- ors'toylive,tl1e life which she has imzigrneci she willmeer with a success lunexpectecl common gliours.:'l'fHenry Dsvid Thoreeul 7 L V V Mom land Dad Thanks for makingm y education r possible. I appreciate all lYC'U'V3'!iVf'Dlmf l'hfC'4l8f10?3f fhflyfzfse YO11'Vffrm2denl2Q1Hf 2 fmcasrie PleecVf0tVme.V'I,love'y0i1both. V ji ,i Q L 'V. B3bj1'ESl5l'81', My liaiflzfsl and friend wliokfeptyther dustballsfrorrf neollecringllin my mailbox? which 17QQJEd,fO brightens even nrhefdreafiesr ldaysat tlzewanimel Qrmy V V L , l L, l ,. ' ,. V 4 l Ksrengflmnlcsfor being 'there when I neecledyoay you've given me the eonliidence so make further achievements, just by seeing alleloflyour accomplishments over rhelyearsg l l ' r l or V l j A.V.,j.I., K.D., L.-S., R.D., P.: "FriendshQos multiply joys' and divide grieffs. " fifhomas Fullerj We share so many great memories, Ill miss you allg , " ' V , g V DNA:'My lab partnexglstudy buddy, nerghbogyparrylng pai but mos: of all true friend. As' Ben 'Franklin saiai '14 true Mend sstlze bestpossession. " lreouldnkllwve made if without you, Thanks! V y eV eV l n l john flove 'doesnt make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride ywmh ywhilqf' Franklin jonesj you havebeen my inspiration tlzlffwgll some of the tougliesgtimes during my College-yearsg r Thanks for believing ,ln ine Vangf for V me rife lirreugtlrr FOV believe V in yselff' V joseph Nicolazzi Janice Obermeyer Business Adrninstration Colleen O'Keefe Business Administration Melissa O'Neil English "Learning is even in the freshness of its youth, even for the old" Aeschylus Sunrise, Sunset Sunrise, Sunset Swikly Hy the years, One season following another, Laden with happiness and tears. Sheldon Hamick Thanks Mom and Dad Robyn Thanks for making time for me even though you didn? always have time for yourself And thanks for all the phone bills. Deborah Ann Ozga BusinessfGerrnan To Mom and Dad, There aren 't any words to express my graditude for every thing you have done for me and given me. If it werent for you I wouldnt be who I am today I love you! To Eileen: Thanks for being the best sister ever! To Sr. Mary Theresa, Sr. Olga, Sr. judith, Sr. M Catherine, Sr. Maura, Thanks you for your constant encouragement and prayers. To Tina: You make a great partner in crime Congratulations kiddo To Bonnie, Bobby, Barb, Lisa, and Sue: Thanks for making my years at GCC special Lisa Palumbo Business Administration To Mom and DacL Uncle Tony, Agnes, Grandma and Grandpa: Thank you all for your help and support, without it my education here at GCC would not have been possible. I love you all. To Mr. and Mrs. Thomasen: Thank you for all your support, you are a very special family. Thank you for always making me feel a part of ir, To all my Hiends: Can you believe it, we finally made rt. To Mark: My best Hiend. Thank you for all your lo ve and support and for standing behind me when things got tough, I wish you much success and happiness in your future and I hope that one da y we can spend it together . . . I love you. Heart 'Anything you want you can make it happen, Stand up and tum around never let them Shoot us down, Never" ll Linda Patch Arima C. ll Perei' l Accounting , l , l ,TQ my Grandparents, Parents, Uncle Pere and Aunts Ros: Ja Liz, "Thank You 13 not enough for all the support, understanding and Love. Through my endeavors, I hope to lcontinueupholding yourllove and pride., V . To Scott, You have always been there when I needed you. May all the sacfifkes we have made be the stepping srone ro the lik we ha ve planned for ourselves. l l L Myriam Gardenia Perez History If You Can Imagine It, You Can Achieve Ir. If You Can Dream It, You Can Become It. Mami: Para el tesoro mas Lindo de me vida, gracias por haberme dado los mejores ar7os de to vida. Y ahora yo te dare los mios. Roberto Franciso: Remember 6f25f85 Cheers! for the most wonderful day of our lives! My love, here is to you: The talks we 've had, the laughs, the tears, the fun, the special things that we ha ve done, that smrle of yours that warms my heart, the wa y I feel when we ke apart . . . the happiness you 've brought to me, and all out plans for days to be . . . these things I think of when I say, 'Y love you even more each day!" and here is to 1988! Roberto, thanks for berng my mend. To my friends: The memories of good times will last a life time. Mr. Bishop and Mn Rrelly thank you for encouraging me to put my best foot forward. Thank you both for being there when I went through good and bad times. jennifer, Amy, Randi and Pia We will be Hiends forever, I will miss you all and the karate team! The 4651 karate team will rule the east coastllf john Prdrkowski Business Administration is 25 2 I Q 2 i ri ri' li s Q5 s 2 5 5 s Qs 5 ?gErE S, sr, 1 5 , 5 E i 5-S t s gt fi 's 5 Q 1 Qty gi , 5 ! si jennifer Robin Pritchett Accounting f F rench Mom Thanks for standing by me, showing me all the possibilities and being there. I Love You janice and jeanette My life would not be Complete without you guys being by me, Pop Even through all the hard times, I still love you. Thanks for your support and encouraging words. To my friends: Thanks for the good times, they made the last four years a little less STRESSFUL, Do not go where the path leads. Rather go where there is no path and leave a trail . . . A challenge awaits us with each new day breaking. Run swrhly to meet it-its yours for the taking. . - Unknown Stephanie Pulos Mathematic Mom and Dad, Thank you for all your patience, encouragement love and support that enabled me to Come this Ear. I Love You! Vince, Once you wrote to me, 'I love you not only for what you are but for what I am when I am with you 'Q now I say to you, "The best thing to hold on to in this world is each other". Thank you for all your patience, love and support. I Love You! To my Friends, Thank you for being part of the memories I will cherish foreven Love, Stephanie Helaine Anne Rainer Art If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it. ANON AnnaMarie Quinn Psychology Mom and Dad, It is due to your very special and never ending love that I have come so hr. Thank you for allowing me to grow and to be me. I could not ask for a better example to follow. Billy and Timmy, You mean more to me than I could ever begin to tell you. Peace and Love AnnaMarie Dearest Child, Come take my hami and let me guide you to the happiness you deserve, for you are very special- more precious than each new day. fMEl jI.,U- 'May your hands be always busy, May your feet always be swift, May you ha ve a strong foundation when the winds of changes shik, May your heart be ever joyfuL May your song always be sung, May you stay forever young , . I Bob Dylan Q luv Ann - Be happy.' Love ya lots. You are one ofthe best, Paula - I would not ha ve made it without ya. Special kids r ffl. To the Gang- You have all given me so much. The loud family forever. Never stop smiling! Hugs and Kisses. AHHHMHIIE A teacher afhects eternity he can never know where his influence stops. I A dams Q fr' Mary E. Ritner English f Marketing . . . And if there were words I could tell to you to help you on your way down the road I couldn 't quote you no Dickens, Shelley, or Keats, 'cause its all been said before. Make the best out of the bad just laugh it up you didnt have to quote me anyway So Remember, Every picture tells a story, Dont it? Rod Stewart Do I contradict m yselfP Very well then, I contradict myself I am large . . . I contain multitudes. W Whitman Michele Rodums Art "We regard a form and figure out ofa nature with more pleasure than any otheg though the thing itself is not necessarily altogether better or worse. Nature holds the beautiful for he who has the insight to extract it. Thus, beauty hes even in - humble, perhaps ugly things, and the ideal, which bypasses or improves on nature, may not be the truly beautiful in the end." Albrecht Durer Thank you Mom and Dad for providing me with the opportunity to expand my knowledge and prepare myself to fulfill my dreams. Paula, my roommate, A single rose can be my garden, A single Hiend my world. Whld times ladies! Sarah, Trish, Bev, Gina, Ann, Nilsa, Tess. Toni Ann Roma Chemistryf Elementary Education To my tamily! Thanks for all your love and support. Your believing in me gave me the will to go on. Your love has given me the opportunity to grow and the strive to become better. Without you, none of this would ha ve been possible. All my love To Bill' Thanks for being there when I needed you. Your love and encouragement made it all worthwhile. Your my inspiration! my life! Heres to our future! I love you Tojudy, thanks for the laughter and all the good times. We 've made it, and we did it together. Your liiendship will always be cherished and appreciated. To Grandma K Grandpa j I 71 never forget what you 've done. Regina Roman Business Administration Available Valerie Romano Psychology To my Emily and Hiends, Thank you for your love and support through the years. Your belief in me has given me the strength to succeed. There are many happy events while attending GCC Attending class with the crew while ha ving the giggles, The teacher trying to teach seriously. Donna sleeping in class. Trying to keep awake. Patty kicking her chair. Learning through osmosis. Lunches at McDonalds and jughandlers, Raiding the candy machinesl. Borrowing cups for the 'men Tracie locking the keys in her car. Hnding a rake. Going shoppingl' Pushing Pattys car up a hill. Visiting carvel. Our talks along the beach. Cutting classes. Studying in our "Group". The 'sleepoversn with the midnight munchies. Onion dipll Getting up for classes the next day. All of these memories ha ve made going to college a pleasure. I will miss these times. Learning and laughing with you was a 'growingn experience. Its probably all the growing Ill ever do! These times have kept my sanity Rat graduate school!! Debra A. Rosetto E111ishfSecondary Education I will miss seeing many Hiendly Races and sharing our learning experi- ences. I Won 't miss writing term papers and reports, I want to thank the Education Department and all my Professors Rat making my classes at GCC both challenging and rewarding. Good Luck to janet, Becky, Ruth , Ursula, Gina, Gerri Elena, Robin, Toni, Bonnie, and so many others. My most interesting classes outside my major field of study were Economic and Cultural Geography with Mr. Bishopg 19th C American Art with Sr. Christinag Intergroup Relation with Mr. Zingherg and my psy- chology classes with Mr. Trigani and Ms. Licata. Thanks to Mr. Nace for making Mathematics learnable and almost fun My hvorite studies were Dr. McG1nn 's Shakespears Tragedies and Sr. Maria s Chaucer and Semi- nar classes. I ha ve greatly enjoyed these classes whose teachers are cheerful, interesting, and so unbelievably knowledgeable. I hope to read many a classic under a "Summer Tree" and to Hnd out why I am on this 'Pilgrrnragen ot' life. As "tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace Hom day to day." fLets hope our pursuits signihf something Q. A special thanks to Marty for seeing me through all this with much loving support! ti . 5 gs 'E 5 U: EN . 5 , it if it i ii sus it is '55 If 35 gg fl ii A 3 is Q sz! .I- E fi. . Ear 35.34 5... .3 al? 3 i 5 ag. at X S -. 2 2 Fei E . 7 E gs W iifkgii . .6 Ng E :. 5533 f: Q.: I5 -s:75f?PKl': s .. .r,. 5 .32 Eileen Reilly Ross Psychology! Elementary Education To my parents and my husband Doug, Thank you for all your love and support with my college education, your assistance with my career plans, and for always "being there." Love Always, Eileen To all my "Education" friends at G.CC, I wish you all good luck and happiness with your future teachrng careers . . . May we all get hired this yean' To my teachers at GCC Thank you for your knowledge, guidance, and support. Maureen H. Rotolo ReligionfPsycho1ogy C Ir is the privilege of wisdom to listen C OW Holmes Christine Ann Rudavsky Psychology No love, no friendship can ever cross our path without affecting us in some way forever, Eric Fromme To my family: You 've given me more than anyone could ask,' you 've always believed in me even when I had doubt. Becoming who I am today could never have been possible without your constant love and support. I love you all and I hope that I 've made you as proud of me as I am ha vuzg all of you by my side. To the loud Emily: We 've shared so much over the years, Hom "dilem- mas" to craziness, and we 've always stood by one another. I don 't think I could ha ve ever survived without all of you ! You Te all so special in your own ways and I 've learned so much Hom all of you-in turn I've learned about myself Im proud to have you for Hiends, POOP loves ya! Special thanks to 'Kay" for being my inspiration and my best Mend Joyce Russo MathematicsfElementary Education Mary joy Scafidi Business Administration The Best And Most Beautiful Things in The World Cannot Be Seen Or Even Touched. They Must Be Felt With The Heart. - Helen Keller To My Family: Much love and thanks for your encouragement and support throughout the years. I hope you are as proud of me as I am of you. To my Friends: Thanks for all the special memories. To Dan: Thank you for Believing in me even when I did not believe in m yself Your constant love and support has given me the strength to succeed in life. I Love You! P.S. Only one more month and our dream of being married to each other will finally come true! Beth-Ann Schack Englishfiilernentary Education To Mom.' Thank you so much for always being with me. Times that have passed will always be special to me. I Love you Lots, Mom. To Dad: Thank you forgiving me the chance for an education. I hope I've made you proud of me. I love you, too. To Cindy: You Ye the only sister I 've got! To Debbie, Pam, Corrine, Diane, and Le1Lgh:I only wish I had met you all sooner so that my early years could ha ve been as great as my last two. Thanks Buddies! And to Stephen: "Grow old along with me The best is yet to be" I Love You! Robert Browning Mary Schambach Art Thank you dear God for the wonderful blessing you have given me. My dear husband john, our six loving children ana' each ofrherr precious Ezmilies, my parents, brothers, all our relatives and dear Hiends, They ha ve encouraged and enspired me to contrnue my art at Georgian Court. I love you all. Thank you dear God for answering my prayers. Sandra Schigotski Joyce Schwarz Sociology Marlene Scillitani Business Administration A' Elena Scuzzesse Business Administration Maureen Semple Psychologyf Elementary Education Mom and Pop, I 've spent the last 17 years with my brain in books and have ohen wondered how much there is to know. There 've been tough times when I was more then tempted to quit. But its the good times that I ll never forget, I 've always been fortunate to see a bright future ahead and able to look back at my past with no regrets. I know now that dreams are for those who sleep While life is for those who keep and that with every good-bye said I learn and will keep on learning. Thank you for the gih of education, I Love you both. Mo I dont know when 17:1 gonna see ya again I 'm lea ving tomorrow to start all over again I hope that Ill be leaving you as a Hiend. jCM SK E 1 5 1 i is Lisa A. Sepe Psychology! Elementary Mom 8: Dad .... All my love and gratfkude for your pzmence, guidance, understanding and encouragement. Your love and fhirh in me has begaed me tum my dreams into a reality. I love you both very much! Perry .... There are three things in the world that are lasting: Faith, Hope and Loveg and the greatest of these is Love. - 1 Corxhdzians Beth Sherry Business Administration Cheryl Lee - Sloan Biology! Education Mom, you were my inspiration for four years and I thank you for that. You steered me through a lot of rough times in my life and hehned me make wise choices that eventually brought me to where I am today. I also want to thank you for pushmg me along when I procrastinated and sittmg through countless numbers of speech rehearsals, cram sessions and listen- ing to me babble on about theorems, postulates and philosophies that neither of us understood at the tune, I love you mom, remember that. ohn, ou came into m life when ever thin was crumblin around me, Y ,V Y 6' 3 When I needed you, you were there for me and hehned me reahke that no dream is too Kar and all goals are attainable in time. We have all the time we need to make our dreams Come true and I am so happy that we chose to dream together. I love you now and always. To everyone else whose life I may ha ve touched during my college experience: I wish I could name you all but I can T. Accept any apologies for this and take good care. It would be nice to think that things could stay the wa y they were but life goes on. People move on, people grow and change. Now its my turn and someday it will be yours. And when it is - take itll Life won't wait - the world is yours! Cynthia Smith Karen Smith Accounting Lori Stapleton History Mom and Dad, I could have never made it this Ear without your encouragement and support. You gave of yourselves so my dream could come true. Thank you for the gih' of education. I love you very much. Maryjane and Pappy, You are both very special to me. Thank you for all your love and support. I don 't think I 've said I love you near enough. john, Thank you for be-mg the best brother in the world. I 'm so proud of you. I love you, Renee, I hope all your dreams Come true. Thanks for being my szster, I love you. Kathy, Rita, Sharon, jo, Donna, Concetta, Nora, julie, and joy, I will always Cherish the memories we shared. I hope all your dreams come true. Thank you for being the best hfiends I could ever ask for. Friends forever. Remember the best is yet to Come. I lghgv I i Dianne Strohmenger English Anne Marie Sundberg ArtfSpecia1 Education Mom and Dad thank you for your love and support and for givlng me the opportunity to futher my ea'ucar1'on - I love you both! Wes, I love you, thank you for believing ln me. Far away in the sunshlne are my hlghesr aspuations, I may not reach them, but I can look up and see then beauty, believe in them- and try to follow where they lead. -LOUISE May Alcott june Sussman Accounting Irk Never Too late! Tracy-jo Todd English 'Happy is the soul that has something ro look backward ro wfkh pride, and something ro look forward to with hope," Oliver G. Wilson 'And I shall fhere-upon rake rest, ere I be gone once more on my adventure brave and new. " Robert Browmlrzg "I do not know which to pfefeg the beauty ofinfections or the beauty of zhnuendoes, the blackbird whistling or justafrerf' Wallace Stevens To S.MZCI: You are rmly 2 devine insplkarion. To john: Wirhour you life would never be the same to me. Marian Toth Business Administration You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may ha ve to work at it, however. Loretta, never forget junior Summerf G.A. and the number one rule, is it truef? Thanks for your guidance GCC would never have been the same wirhour you. I love you-you breezer!! Evelynne, keep your chin uplf Have a blast in school- love you too. Mom and Dad I could not have made it without you. Love you always and thanks a zillion. Mary Catherine Travostino Business Administration Mom and Dad Thank you for your Guidance, Patience, and Love, without them I could not have made it through. I know I don 'r say ik oI?en enough bur I love you very much. To my Brothers and Sisters Thank you for always being there for me. You are all very special and I love you very much. To My Friends I will cherish all of the memories we shared rhese past years forever. YESTERDA Y IS A DREAM AND TOMORROW IS ONLY A VI- SION BUT TODA Y WELL-LOVED MAKES EVR Y YESTERDA YA DREAM OF HAPPINESS AND EVER Y TOMORROW A VISION OF HOPE. Timothy B. Trigani Psychology I would like tothanlc my hfiends, my girlhfiend Patti and especially my Parents, Thanks for all the help you ha ve given me! Mary C. Turash Business Administration When I was twelve years old I had a dream: to have a degree in a meaningful career. Now rhar I have accomplished part of it. I thank my three children, and especially Kennerh for their support and encourage- ment. I thank God for giving the opportunity of Ending myself giving confidence, so that I can be of hehn to others. 'Advice is givihg to everybody, but only the wzke benefit hom it" fSyrusQ Janice L. Urban English Thanks Mamacitta, Dad and Ruff! You ha ve been an invaluable support to me throughout these years of expression and experimentation. I love you.' Welcome my son, welcome to the machine. Where have you been? Its alright we know where you 've been. You've been in the pipeline, filling in time, provided with toys and 'Scouting for Boys '. You brought a guitar to punish your ma, And you didnt like school, and you know you ke nobodys fool, So welcome to the machine. - Welcome my son, welcome to the machine. What did you dream? It's alright we told you what to dream. You dreamed of' a bigstar, he played a mean guitar, He always ate in the Steak Bar. So welcome to the machine. - Pink Floyd AMQ-Come on you K girl Q child you winner and loseg come on you miner for truth and delusion, and shine I on you crazy diamond! j - Pink Floyd To all my h'iends and classmates I say enjoy the journey and not just the destination, for we are "climbing the Stairway to Heaven". Led Zepplin PEACE! Adrienne Valencia Business Administration A Graduates Prayer Fatheg I ha ve knowledge, so will you show me now-How to use it wisely and find a way somehow-to make the world I live in a little better place, and make life with its problems a bit easier to Race. . . Grant me faith and courage and put purpose in my days and show me how to serve Thee in the most effect wa ys-So all my education, my knowledge and my skill- May find their true fulfillment as I learn to do Thy will . . . And may I ever be aware in everything I do- that knowledge came Hom learning and wisdom comes Hom you. -Helen Steiner Rice Dear Mom, Mere words cannot express the love and gratitude I feel for all that you have done to help me become what I am- Thank you for being my Mend. And to my Emily: Many thanks - I love you all! Ann Valenti English f Education Lisa M. Vallone Chemistry To my Family: I thank you for all the love, supporr and encouragement you havegiven me, You had Ezith in me even when I had little faith in myself Tony: "You are the ribs that b1k1d" -Bruce Springsteen jackk' OT You were my idok my inspxkition, and forever you will be m y fhkmd. Le: me win, but if I cannot wzh, Ier me be brave in the arrempm -Special Qlympics Geralyn VanHorn Psychology Suzanne Elizabeth VanVooren Mathematics X Education To reach the children To let them know the beauties of the earth And the excellence of their being To give them hope and To Warm their hearts with love, For they are our tomorrow, Dear Mom and Dani A mere thank you is not enough. You have given me so much of yourselves and of your lives. You have given me your love, patience and understanding. You had Eairh in me when I had none, But most of all, you helped me find confidence and strength within myselrf Without your support and guidance, I would never have accomplished it all. But it was your love for me that has made my dream come rrue. I Love You, Suzie To My Friends, What lies behind us and what lies before us are rin y memories ro what lies within us. Ralph Waldo Emerson For everything you ha ve been to me - Thank You! Love Ya - Suzette Nilsa M. Vega . Art Mami y Papi- Gracikas por la oportunidad de Crecer y aprender, yo, solita, pero con la ayuda de mi hermana y mis hermanos, Bendicion 'Y want to be the owner ofthe Hrsr house on the moon . . . you might think that all I do is dream my life away. I guess its true . . . " Stylistzbs . . so time is a river flowing into no where, I will live while I can, I will ha ve my ever aHer . . . The finer things keep shming through . . . " Steve Winwood Friends your smiles I will always remember. Angela Verdesco Business Administration , wr 11, -,. .f Q- .. in The last tc. begmnmgf fn direction I if 'imem O mi' diare seen.. , t ' i ' in ' have over Come. ' ' ' Verdi 'i' . ' 2 fr ' . . ha ve been posst. . . V A tmn v 4- g - Emily-M.C, if ft., M 'f Mom. Ilove j .fu all. Remcmzz P you shall always see the light." Charisse Walker Business Administration The last few years have been a very special beginning in the direction I intend to go. Many times the discouragement of im- mediate seemed overbearing. I am a much better person now that I have over come it. Now I can take the high road and it would not have been possible without the love and support of my friends and family-M. C., Keith H., David 8 Dulcie H., and most important Mom. I love you all. Remember "Keep your face to the sun and you shall always see the light. " 0 L : if Q 5: El is E Z. 52: E i 5,5 . I 2 E X I fl gi S , , 3 Q 5 X 1 2 51 E5 E E 3, :EE E 5 2 i 5 , E E is X K 1 S , Z i ,i E if U ii fi xi 5, 5 K xiii .E Patricia Anne Walshe Business Administration I want to thank my husband and Children for their love, iaith and patzbnce in helplhg me achieve my goal. Carolyn Webb H ww? ' If' fy janet Weber Psychology Judith Willbergh Sociology Claire Wojciehowski Business Administration To Mom and Dad: My endless gratitude for all your love, encour- agement and support and giving me the chance to pursue my dreams. I can never repay all you have given me. I love you dearly. - God Bless You. "Dreams are the seemg that makes us seek." Sharon Young Business Administration Cathy Zabinski BnglishfSpecial Education 'Yr seems to me a crime that we should age, these tiagile times should never slip us by. A time we never can or shall erase." Elton john Forgiving me the encouragement to success in anything I set out to accomplish, I thank my family - Love you all very much! "Wh'th a Hiend at hand you will see the light, if your Hrends are there than everythings alright. " Elton john Kimberly, thanks for being the wonderful person that you are. To everyone who kept me Hom quitting school and helped me through some tough tunes. Thank you, especially my momif I did it jim without your help!! "If nobody smiled, and nobody cheered, and nobody helped us along, " If each one looked alter himself and the good things all went to the strongg If nobody cared just a little for you, and nobody cared for meg And we all stood alone in the battle of life what a dreary world it would be! Life is sweet because ofhriends we have made and the things which in common we share. We want to live on, not because of ourselves, but because ofthe people who care. Its giving and doing for somebody else - it 's on that all lifes splendor depends. The joy of this world when we 've summed it all up is found in the making of Hiends. " Sherri Lynn Dennis Business Administration 4 Mary jean Martz Religious Studies My sincere Grarrfude to: The GCC Religion Departmenr Rx pro vidzng the motivation, rrzspira - tion and rncenrive to pursue my goals . . Dianeg "my sisrerf my Errbndg fr means so much to share a dream. My parents, Rx the years of love, support and dedication. My husband Mark, without whose encouragement, zrztelllgence patience and love tins dream would not be possible. Mfrs! nnportanlrly ro God. "with whom all things are possible." L Al L mb as BfZnes?2dm?fiEffaa0f N0 Photo Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. Good rhrhgs don 'r Come easy, s Hold on to your dreams bekzre rhcjx' slzp away. I I e Kevin john McGee Business Adminsitration Remember the past Enjoy the present But, always look forward to the future Suzanne Lee Rowden NO Business Administration l I a b l e "Green Grass and Hzgglz Tides Forever". essfiewzl QAESQEQ E152 iigaagq Ab efgiis ew ze A2715 - x-3 X .iw ia fi sr 5251 'c 3 Wm f 5 -1. 'rv X Q 'TE Sim 1 if my ei. seems E555 7 is W 1 W -my 5 .1 5 if 'F if F 5 225 - A E 121 - s S .. 3 .rs 2 Q Mei 3 ' si if visi L ggi fi 1 H I it E gm Q if Se xr .. K gi 22253 . T5 2 , 2 .. i E ai - E ,Q egg? 352 nf iii.. 5 , 2 5 5 X K X K z Q E 55 3 rss, if Elaine Rivard Maria Rivas Business Administration Alma Mater Hail to the Blue and Gold, Dear Georgian Court! Mid stately pines so tall Ideals you 've brought to us Of honor and loyalty, Faith staunch and true We pledge Hdelity and love to you And through the years to come Your name shall be Symbol of faith and love And constancy, dear GC! So through these hallowed halls Pledge we anew Our hearts devotion to the Gold and Blue! 7 L Albin, Veronica, pg 134 22 Newbury Rd. Howell, Nj 07731 Alvare, Barbara, pg. 134 71 State St. Perth Amboy, AU 08861 Amzler, jll, pg. 135 2407 Fairview Dr. Manasquan, AU 08736 Beers, Debra, pg. 135 693 Dunedin St. Toms River, Nj 08753 Beese, Kimberly, pg. 136 97 Bowline St. Beachwood, Nj 08722 Benrgno, Mary, pg, 136 148 Anita Dr. Manahawkin, Nj 08050 Bissey, jane, pg. 137 314 Forman Ave. Point Pleasant Beach, AU 08742 Blomqurst, Bernadette, pg. 137 PO. Box 302 Ocean Gate, Nj 08740 Bove, Lina, pg. 138 981 Ambassador Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 Brown, Robyn, pg.-138 55 Pawnee Rd. Lakewood, Nj 08701 Brustman, Patricia, pg. 139 39 Villanova Dr. jackson, Nj 08527 Burgess, Leigh, pg. 139 349 Twin Oaks Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 Caputo, Paula, pg. 140 343 Lake Ave. Lyndhurst, Nj 07071 Carney, Mary Beth, pg. 140 9 Hillview Dr. Neptune, Nj 07753 Carrasco, Nancy, pg. 141 180 G Rd 4 Castellano, Patricia, pg. 141 1426 Park Ave. Brick, Nj 08724 Ch1araralloti,joann, pg. 142 355 Case Rd. Lakewood, Nj 08701 Clinch, Karen, pg. 142 627 Union Lane Brielle, AU 08730 Colon judy, pg. 143 523 Lexington Ave. if 8 Lakewood Nj 08701 Conerly, Anna, pg. 143 2525 Honeysuckle Lane Point Pleasant, Nj 08742 Connolly, Deirdre, pg. 144 16 Apple Orchard Dr. jar-kggn, Nj 08527 Tinton Falls, AU 07724 Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as hr as I could To where it bent in the undergrowthg Costa, Catherine, pg.1-14 76 Rockwell Circle Marlboro, Nj 07746 Daly, Kathleen, pg. 145 105 Flack Sr. Toms River, Nj 08753 Davis, Susan, pg 145 33 Redwood Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 DeAngelis, Rita, pg. 146 821 North Grand St. West Sullield, Ct 06093 Dennis, Sherri, pg. 213 1260 Cox Cro Rd. Toms River, Nj 08753 Deslosse, Dawn, pg. 146 233 16th Ave. Brick, Nj 0872-1 Donahue, Rosanne,, pg. 147 70 Clove Ave. Sussex, Nj 07461 Dunn, Donna, pg. 148 307 Atlantic Ave. Point Pleasant Beach, Nj 08742 lflhilow, Kathryn, pg. 148 509 Park River Dr. Burk, Nj nam Engel, Cynthia, pg. 149 1025 Twin Oaks Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 Douglas, Barbara, pg. 147 Farrell, Karen, pg. 149 140 Morgan Ave. Morgan, Nj 08879 304 Chicago Blvd. Sea Girt, Nj 08750 Feldman, jacqueline, pg. 150 225 Winchester Dr. Brick, Nj 08724 Fernandez, Diane, pg. 150 86 Carasaljo Dr. Lakewood, Nj 08701 Gesumana, Teresa, pg. 151 3-8 Fountain Dr. Lakewood, Nj 08701 Giavatto, Maria, pg. 151 216 Hamilton Dr. Toms River, IW 08753 Glickstein, Lisa, pg. 152 5 Dublin COurt Toms River, Nj 08753 Glide, Geraldine, pg. 152 97 Princeton Ave. Brick, Nj 08724 Gonzalez, Grace, pg. 153 Box 111 AA, RD 4 jackson, N1 08527 Gosztyla, Nancy Ann, pg. 153 322 Hudson Dr. Brick, Nj 08723 Then took the other, as just as Eur, And having perhaps the better clann, Because it was grassy and wanted wearg Though as for that the passing there Had Worn them really about the same, Grasso, Concetta, pg. 154 22 Hunt St. Woodstown, Nj 08098 Hackney, Lisa, pg, 154 13 Doris Drive West Cherry Hill, Nj 08003 Harrrgfeld, Ann, pg. 155 7 Bayshore Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 Henriques, Natalia, pg. 155 366 Wheaton Ave, Bayville, Nj 08721 H0?lf'f, R056 Mary, pg. 156 juralewicz, Llnda, pg. 159 Woodmere -7352, Rte. 526 jackson, Nj 08527 Hurley, Patricia, pg. 156 1731 New Hampshire Ave. Toms River, Nj 08753 Iadevaia, josephme, pg. 157 912 Old Bridge Turnpike East Brunswick, Nj 08816 Ignaccolo, Patricia, pg. 157 13 Greenleaf Dr. Englishtown, Nj 07726 jensen, julia, pg. 158 26 Hastings Rd. Marlboro, Nj 07746 jones, Ursula, pg. 158 302 Ashford Rd. Toms River, Nj 08753 And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the Hrst for another day! 44 Pierson Rd. Toms River, Nj 08753 Kaba, Patricia, pg. 159 619 Brookside Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 Keelan, Mary, pg. 160 591 Shady Lane Toms River, Nj 08753 Kleme,jenniR1r, pg, 160 307 Baltimore Ave. Point Pleasant, Beach Nj 08742 Koncsol, Kimberly, pg. 161 212 Chatham Laneu Point Pleasant, Nj 08742 Konfederak, Michele, pg. 161 1610 Northeast Central Ave. Seaside Park, Nj 08752 Kowalski, Barbara, pg. 162 158 Stowe St. Toms River, Nj 08753 Kozan, Nadia, pg. 162 641 Vaughn Ave, Toms River, Nj 08753 Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back. Kremer, Rebecca, pg.163 45 Long Point Dr, Brick, Nj 08723 Kria, Dorothy, pg. 163 200 Cartagena Dr. Brick, Nj 08723 Kulch, Gina, pg. 164 16 Harbor Terrace Perth Amboy, Nj 00861 Kuprasch, Kristina, pg. 164 RD ifl Box 31 B jackson, Nj 08527 Kwiatkowski, Bonnie, pg. 165 30 Harborage Ave. Bayville, Nj 08721 La wder, Karen, pg. 165 104 Darien Rd. Howell, Nj 07731 Lewis, Maria, pg. 166 63 Redwood Place jackson, Nj 08527 Licht, Allison, pg. 166 9 Tennent Ave. Englishtown, Nj 07726 Lindquist, Theresa, pg. 167 26 Newbury Rd. Howell, Ay 07731 Luicci, Irene, pg. 167 3 jocama Blvd. Old Bridge, Nj 08857 Luscombe, Lee Ann, pg 214 12 Manhattan St. jackson, AU 08527 Lynch, Katherine, pg. 168 22 Western Dr. Howell, Nj 07731 McCarthy, Mary, pg. 168 412 Terrace Ave. Toms River, Nj 08753 I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. McGee, Kevin, pg. 215 116 Forrest Ave. Lanoka Harbor, Nj 08734 McGrorry, Maria, pg. 169 5622 National Union Blvd. Mystic Island, Nj 08087 Mcllmail, Elizabeth, pg. 169 44 Florence Lane Manahawkin, Nj 08050 McKeon, Victoria, pg. 170 2717 Asbury Ave. Wayside, Nj 07712 McMorrow, Karen, pg. 170 543 Main St. Middletown, Nj 07748 Macomber, Kelly Ann, pg. 171 815 Brookside Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 Mahan, Colleen, pg. 171 60 Stanton Ave. Pine Beach, AH 08741 Maldonado, Annette, pg. 172 111 Downing St. Lakewood, Nj 08701 Malmendier, Suzanne, pg. 172 46 Venice Dr. Brick, Nj 08723 Robert Frost Marczi, Maria, pg. 173 875 Somerset Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 Marr, Bonnie, pg. 173 160 Kettle Creek Rd. Toms River, Nj 08753 Martz, Mary, pg. 214 12B Primrose Lane jackson, Nj 08527 Masterson, Martha, pg. 174 56 Letchworth Ave. Yardley, PA 19067 Mathiesen, Richard, pg. 174 227B Kennedy Blvd. Lakewood, Nj 08701 Matteson, Christine, pg. 175 162 Newbury Rd. 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East Brunswick, Nj 08816 Nicolazzi, joseph, pg. 181 742 Arrow Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 Obermayer, janice, pg. 181 25 Buckingham Wa y Freehold, Nj 07728 O'Keele, Colleen, pg. 182 53 River Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 O'Neill, Maryann, pg. 182 20 Brookwood Dr, Freehold, Nj 07728 Ozga, Deborah, pg. 183 Box 87, RR? 1 Ringoes, Nj 08551 Palumbo, Lisa, pg. 183 44 Nautilus Dr. Brick, Nj 08723 Patch, Linda, pg. 184 110B Colts Neck Rd. Farmingdale, Nj 07727 Perez, Anna, pg. 184 RD 33, Box 405B Howell, Nj 07731 Perez, Myriam, pg. 185 P.O. Box 604 Plarnheld, Nj 07060 Piorkowski, john, pg. 185 RD 4 456F Bates Rd. jackson, Nj 08527 Pritchett, jennifer, pg. 186 P.O. Box 9 Neptune City, Nj 07753 Pulos, Stephanie, pg. 186 PO. Box 371 Ocean Gate, Nj 08740 Quinn, Anna Marie, pg.187 106 Ogden Ave. Collingswood, Nj 08108 Rainier, Helen, pg. 187 Reynolds, Theresa, pg. 188 302 Halyard Rd. Ortley Beach, Nj 08751 Riggio, Donna, pg. 188 345 Smith St. Howell, Nj 07731 in the world that we really like and then just stay together? I guess that wouldnt work. Ritner, Mary, pg. 189 52 Nautilus St. Beachwood, Nj 08722 Rivard, Elaine, pg. 216 16 Oak Lane Vincentown, Nj 08088 Rodums, Michele, pg. 189 RO. Box 247 Island Heights, Nj 08732 Roma, Toni, pg. 190 1034 Audubon Dr. Toms Riveg AU 08753 Roman, Regina, pg. 190 17 Muhlenbrink Rd. Colts Neck, Nj 07722 Romano, Valerie, pg. 191 14 Briar Hill Rd. Englishtown, Nj 07726 Rosetto, Debra, pg. 191 390 Bldg. 5 Birch Dr, Brick, Nj 08723 Ross, Eileen, pg. 192 115 Prirnrose Lane Brick, Nj 08723 Rotolo, Maureen, pg. 192 2000 Kilkare Pkwy. Point Pleasant, IW 08742 Rowden, Suzanne, pg. 215 1820 Perth Amboy Ave. Whiting, AU 08759 Rudavsky, Christine, pg. 193 605 Crestview Terrace Point Pleasant, Nj 08742 Russo, joyce, pg. 193 29 Serpentine Dr. Ba yville, NI 08721 Scafidi Mary pg. 194 122 Veeder Lane Bayville, Nj 08721 Schack, Beth Ann, pg. 194' 5 Robert Circle South Amboy, Nj 08879 Schambach, Mary, pg. 195 1 Hrst Ave. Sea Girt, AU 08750 Schrgotski, Sandra, pg. 195 215 Constitution Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 Schwarz, joyce, pg. 196 40 Stillwells Corner Rd. Freehold, Nj 07728 Scillitani, Marlene, pg. 196 2 Westwood Dr. Bayville, NI 08721 Scuzzesse, Elena, pg. 197 6 Albany Ave. jackson, Nj 08527 Semple, Maureen, pg. 197 27 Tuttle Ave. Spring Lake Nj 07762 Sepe, Lisa, pg. 198 903 Central Ave. Spring Lake Heights, Nj 07762 Sherry, Beth, pg. 198 526 Highway 9 Bayville, Nj 08721 Sloan, Cheryl, pg. 199 511 Lakehurst Rd. Toms Rlver, Nj 08753 Smith, Cynthia, pg, 199 50 Third Ave. Neptune, Nj 07753 Smith, Karen, pg. 200 50 Toronto Dr. Brick, Nj 08723 Stapleton, Lori, pg. 200 39 Daisy Rd. Toms River, NI 08753 Stromenger, Dianne, pg. 201 98 Meridian Dr. Brick, NI 08723 Sundberg, Anne, pg. 201 35 Highboy Court Red Bank, Nj 07701 Sussman, june, pg. 202 321 Miller Rd. Lakewood, Nj 08701 Someone would leave. Someone always leaves. And then we have to say goodbye. Todd, Tracy jo, pg. 202 427 Hessler Way Brick, Nj 08723 Toth, Marian, pg. 203 919 Bow Rd. Toms River, AU 08753 Travostino, Mary, pg.203 246 Grove St. Woodbridge, AU 07095 Trigani, Timothy, pg. 201 408 Wfindermere Ave. Interlaken, Nj 07712 Turash, Mary, pg. 204 217 Oak Sr. Bayville, Nj 08721 Url1an,janIce, pg. 205 353 Constitution Dr, Forked River. Nj 08751 Valencia, Adrienne, pg. 205 99 Salem Hill Rd. Howell, Nj 07731 Valenti, Ann, pg. 206 213 Pine Tree Dr. Brick, Nj 08723 Vallone, Lisa, pg. 206 33 lVoodshore liast Cliffwood Beach, Nj 077 S5 Van Horn, Geralyn, pg. 207 127 Hoover Dr. Brick, Nj 08724 Van Vooren, Suzanne, pg. 207 1585 Deer Hollow Dr. Toms River, Nj 08753 Vega, Nilsa, pg. 208 1024 Eighth Ave, Toms River, AU 08757 Verdesco, Angela, pg. 208 604 Marc Dr. Lakewood, Nj 08701 Verdi, Giselle, pg. 209 33 Forest Dr. jackson, Nj 08527 Walker, Chansse, pg. 209 PO. Box 1564 Lakewood, Nj 08701 Wfalshe, Patricia, pg. 210 7 3 Birch St. Beachwood, Nj 08722 Wfebb, Carolyn, pg. 210 Wfeber, janet, pg. 211 12,32 Third Ave, Toms River, Nj 08757 Wfillbergh, judith, pg. 211 19 Second St. Metedeconk, Brick, Nj 08724 Wfojciehowski, Claire, pg. 212 563 Signal Lane Toms River, Nj 0875.3 I hate goodbyes. I know what I need. I need more hellos. Charles Schultz Young, Sharon, pg. 212 45 East Stokes Rd. Wfillmgboro, Nj 08046 Zabmski, Cathy, pg. 213 RD 2 Box 1435, Mzllsto Englishtown, Nj 07726 ne Rd. "Right over here, folks, the party is now rrz progress. " "Hey dudes! Thihgs are starting to swihg. " 41-0'-"' 'A1r1ght!" just when does this show go "Did you figure out this Roman two- on?!" step, yet?" "Oh no! Not the Roving Reporter again!" "O.K., you can take my picture . . . but its gonna cost you!" "Funny, this didn 't look that complicated before!" 'Does this count for extra credit now, or what?" M5 1 ' ,. Q ffawi ff . Z X, f V , ,. V . , ,imfwfm ' 1' ,Q 4 ' i Q? Unammously voted: Favorite Menu of 1986-87 1987 Commencement Address: Its a M1racle."' 'i , if "Here come those Georgian Court girls again!" "Won 't you find this bear a home?" On "Oh sure, thar's easy for you to say!" " J if e- 'Oh no. We do receive payment for this special appearance." "The latest 1h GCC sportswear, . . its you!" ave' , 1: If , .,,,,, ...,, - .. .-ad "This beer is strictly a photo prop." fl! 7 KM' fo 915114413 y y ew, W4 V h YM Vmmw G f , w ,f gh V f 1 6353 ZUVXZZ ,wr 1 e : 57 W 4 'O.K .... so you caught us ogling lVh'chael Fox aga1n."' 4 ,M ,,MLL WW ,,,, W yynw W WMMWWWQ l .yn .JW The premiere student organ12at1'on on campus. 'The laws of supply and demand in evidence at the Court. I f e 1 In terior Decora ting 'And they say dlhmonds are a gulls best Mend." 'M K 'felwm' 'V' , "Oh, don 't worry . . . we never really believed those silly rumors!" "Siblrhg rivalry . . . what's that??" E "These photo sessions have really become a drag, darlingfn Heavy Metal hits G.C.C I 4 - 1 9 , - Please, no autographsf' "Quick! Make like we're studyihgf' "Gourmet cuisrhe GCC style Would ya get a load of these dollar Buds?!" .1 The cost of hlgher education is really taking its toll. "Eh! . . . Wild dlkplays are not new to us!" 4 4, 'Where are the tennis courts?" "You didnt actually believe that, did youll" "Oh my gosh! You really think that'll get you a beer?."' 3 You 're not goihg to tell people we dikcuss sex in here, . . . are you?" i The joy of home cookmg: basic survival m live easy steps. yirn MC Mahon rule5!" i f 1 "I'll bet their elevators don 't take this long! Bzkerk AS5!ICl2fl.flH.' GCC Chapter bet you thmk fhlli 13 a tough job." Weird Science at the Court 1,44 "The gangk all herd!" Monday Nzghr Soczhl Scene Dorm Life: The Cultural Corner Dorm Life: The Social Center i - f "Come on now, don 't be shy! This heres a real pany!" "I wonder if she'd dance with me if I asked nicely?" "No, we didn 't make these ourselves . . . but just how many hours in the day do yi think there are?!" S 5 ,fx Q Q d Q l was Campus Commemafyv P6'h3P5 "" Q 'I "Club Med: Here we Come.'!" V IVV, ' A ' Wi , VW' GM "lv ,mf 'Mi' waz A ,, Z: ,mm 1, I ,, 1 ., wif, , v W "You expect me to help you, when this paper is due tomorrow?" "Why is it always on the coldest day ofthe year that they make us pose?" Love is a many splendored thmg . . "We 're here for the American Bandstand auditions." ' N 415472 4 4 . af, ,ary l i c ff'-E. B --f aa- 'I N 4 2 1 ' Q,-.'jg,faTf,. fx" -.::'1' r ' U' L I p,:,.,,.f,'- in 1,1 -,. . . ' .-f r ' .1 ' 4'- K 9:1 f, . .-, ' ,:.-. . 1 . fv .fr , , X I I 'nab- I- -'ZA -1. J "'- .. 2 Lf ---w ,. 3 Far ,. -tl. 4.1 Ji 1 1 Q- 1: fi ,. 3, GL ,1' -1 ,FQ ' C'- r ff' 'lr Q.. , F 2.1 3-' 4 , 31:3 52 ' ' ,,-5 .54 4 -. 271' gf.. -im. 3 45 Je ,,-xv '11 ... -. . . ,. - - .- -r 4 14 h . .-try. ,J-ff . " I I I .4 ,?9f'v , -.1 , 4. - X 4 " ',f..4.."' .' L' f .. - - .- - +- 'UQ 4 ,f,'..1- . 3-., 24.1.-Y' '.,.- ' .,47:. .' 'Q ' ' ' L-. Iffkinx- ,-1 "3 , -- nv --S., -.4,,J,,J.,,: -, . sv U 3 x' J -fr 'ini "" 1 xn""' - "f' 'P' r n-7 - .,..-,.'--. -'N' JI' 'pq ' '- - -2 " ff '.:'-'iff-1 F". " 'F-ff ' Ju, . ' , . Rf f','-'A'7:,'.'f:Q.7- --:"Q' gc. 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'Igz9..: . , yi, In . .IQ '23 "- 'iv v-'fi " " ' . -'H' W" - 'Rf I ?Y.Exh'.AN:, K-. . , 55. A Q, I 'Il . -,Q -.. 1 h A- n 7 1 - ' ' ' ' ' 5 'I . ' "iz J' .if 'Q'-f 'Q-.A 'v' ' '- fy u 5 - Y .f"' .' .' ' ' .lj--' ' f- .- fir, .I . .- --,K ' V ' - .j- .X-tgni, 64, ' ,. ' r ' .- 4 ' f, . sf .' " . , -J- Qf' ..-1 3 . -,. f J -, A.. . . A , .. ,, . -411' '-af 'ic' , 4' ' . ' L- vu - ' ' ,- -. f Cb - 1,3541 f ' ' ff! fi '1' ' ' ff: Tp .Qi ,ir - .e- -, , h. jp . -.H YEARBUOK CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 BEST WISHES FROM THE STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT - MYRIAM G. PEREZ VICE PRESIDENT - MAR Y PAT BURKE SECRETARY - LISA VALLONE TREASURER - TERRI TURICK ACADEMIC AFFAIRS - ANNE MARIE CARRETT SOCIALXCULTURAL AFFAIRS - BARBARA ALVARE RELIGIOUS AFFAIRS - TINA 'IACONDIN COMMUTER COUNCIL - LINA BOVE RESIDENT COUNCIL - PAULA CAPUTO RECREATION COUNCIL - GINA ZALESKI CLUBXPUBXGRILL - KATHY LYNCH MAR Y MIAZGA PRESS SECRETARY - CATH Y MATTHEWS ,J Kathy, You did a great job. Love, Nancy Kim K. Kim who? Thanks for being my buddy- Han DNA, Radar, joanie Wheres the Party? Lush Ronnie, I wish you the best now and R1rever. Love Susie Mercedes Ladies - To the fun times at our house! K "Phone!!! It's only me, your partner . . . Always." Good Luck Senior Mendal Society members. Crystal Matthews foanie IT the nose!! Lush Kathy, I am very proud ofyou. Love Grandma Remember BR UCE!!!!.' "Cheese - Want a piece of Bread? Good Luck-Dawn" Carl 8: Ri Thanks for all you 've done! You two are special Hiends, Love you Kath Oz, Has your car rolled away lately? The guilty party. Rita Rail, Stay cool, bug guy! S CG. Congrats! We made it! K.D. Donna Riggio-Congrats kid, you did it. Your little sis. New York City, The Big Apple, Manhattan, I LOVE DON New Hiends, new smiles, Thanks!!!! Doobi DNA We got a phone call! S Congratulations to my godchild Kathy, Love Aunt Pat joy-Much happiness! You deserve the best! Love ya, Kath DNA - Want a Cheeseburger? Kath Anne Happiness Always! Love your Little Sis Chris Kathy, Congrats! We are proud of you Love Ezmlly B1g-Guy- Never a dull moment, right? Kathy Daly!!! Kathy, Much Happiness dk Success always, Love Bj The Gerald Roach family Bobbie, "Where am I suppose to be now?" Ozone Congratulations Seniors - Denise fS. Be good because Big Sis is watching. Radar, Who did What with Who When? Lush Cath- "Remember you 're young, you 'll adjust." Good Luck. Dawn joanie - Its time for a road trip! K.D. Kathy-To a Great Sister Love Lynda and Colleen Lynn - Keep up the Good Work! Love you, Kath Doob, "Clouds don 't ha ve shadows 'Gracias Companeran Radar, foanie, DNA, Are we having fun yet? Lush Antisocials, Keep making that noise B4 4 A Playmate Oz, Would you like some Ben Gay? Ozone Friends and every Hiday we like to party, party, party! Lush Congratulations and best wishes for contrnuted success to all. Grace Mr. 8: Mrs. S. - Thanks Rir everything! Love Kathy Mom - How about another all-nrghter? Kath Kathy, Good Luck Always. Love Aunt Ann 8: Unclejack Nora - We did it Bahama Mama! Love Kath Rambo - l'm still waiting Hur my letter. Kathy Mo 81 Nilsa - It's Soap Time! Radar Nanc 8: Bern, We hnally made it! Love Kath Moss Woman - Where's the party? Dali DNA, Don 't Staph me!! S 1d Bless the Class of '87, Fr. Norman V. - Good Luck! I ll miss ya! Love Kathy rb, Pinched any cute ones lately? Remember jessie 's. O zthy, Congratulations, now go to work. Love jimmy 'tz, This room is a mess, lets clean. O om, Get that blood preasure up! Moss Woman 'shes - Are we having fun yet? aron, Donna, jo - Thanks Har always listening. You guys are the greatest! Love you, Kathy :ri Jr Rita - Thanks lor always being there, You two are the best Hiends a person could ever have. Love you! Kathy rsh, Deb, Ter, Renee, joan, Busch, Randi, and jean, "You all be 1l1n', stay cool dudes. Love ya. Mary K. ercedes Ladies, Its been real! See you in ten years! jenn :anna W - Thanks Har caring and sharing and for helping me see the future. janice me E. - Keep up the good work at admissions! Bonnie ayo, Youre a nut and a great Hiend. Dawn ,gifs at wn Anne, Oh well! Fine! A.C.! vin john McGee y your future be Hlled with excellent health, greaat happiness, nuch wealth, and lots of luck. Love Always, Mother and Dad bbie, Bonnie 8: Lisa - Remember to protect your "two knees' Barb kie Keogh, Good Luck in the Future. Bonnie Vlana - Youll never know the effect you 've had on my life! Thank you. janice eamers, Keep tapping those kegs. Bobbie c. Deutsch - Thanks for always being there when I needed fou. Ill miss you. Keep in touch! "Your Daughter" Steph r r, Watch out Har the man-eating chair! l mmf Cath, Thanks Har being such a great Hiend. Dawn Three cheers HM Ursula jones! MPB, MK 8: TI - We 've got spirit yes we do. We 've got spirit how 'bout you? CB Han - "We did it" Your Ezvorite Roomie Billie, Nothing but happiness for you and Kurt Cheese 81 Tracie-Woman, The women, the myths, the legends. Good Luck women! Take care. Cath Wild flowers never die Bobbie, 4 years and were still sane, maybe! Barb Mish - Live long and prosper my sister, Love ya always M Kris - Remember I'm always near if you need me. Don 't forget my wedding mv1'fm0n. Love Mary K. jocelin, Youre in charge of the party next year. D. Sue, You want to help me write an English paper? Barb Kate E. Outwater Barb, jessie 's will never be the same-want to do it again! Bobbie Congratulations Stephanie! My only daughter has Hnally graduated! SMT - Thank you for all of the special things you 've said and done Rnr me-Youre one in a m1llion!janice Alice, You CAN survive Physics. Good Luck. Bonnie Lisa B., It's been real. Dawn --I 1? K 9 S ' for Q 4, Y.. ...- XZ 1,5 H r 4 - -. WE." - : T wks. Bonnie, Go Rat it! Uncle jimmy n To the Frosh Geeks - Thanks Rn' making this a super senior year. Your Hrst R.A. Mary K. Mary T. - Thanks for being the best h'iend l needed the past Rauf years. Nicole E. Outwater "Mercedes Ladies" - Thanks Hnr making my final year at GCC the most memorable. Keep in touch! Steph Bonnie, Happiness and Best VVishes in the future. Love Grandma 81 Grandpa 4 M. T., Sit, Ubu, sit! Good dog! Wfoof! Wfoof!jenn Mrs. Holian - Thanks for starting my love affair with Wordsworth!janice Darlink, Thanks Har being my friend! Love Bagels B.A. - "So many men", we ran out of time!! B.D. I Tracy jo - Thanks for being the sweet and caring friend that you are! Love janice Hyphen Young, Hey! We made it Bonehead! Love fB. Bobbie, Bonnie, Lisa, Suzanne .Sz Debbie - Ya know! Barb Good luck always to my little .sisters Nancy and Nhzrissa! Love janice Lina - We survived computers. Good Luck in all you do. Steph MEK, Some things you said hurt me deeply Bonnie - Congratulations to our best grandaughter ever! Shelli - You 're the best roommate ever. Always remember all the wonderful times we had and will have. Love ya Steph MCLISH, I'll never think of McDonald s the same way again. McBobbie Fellow Firefighter of' Lakewood, Wfheres your sense of' adventure.9? Ifff of' L. No Bonnie! That does not match-try again! Bobbie Bonnie, You ll never get out ofthe OZOlVf:' layer! BA. Congratulations and Good Luck to Lisa, Love Mom AQ Dad '3- ,pf iii 1 Congratulates Lori A Rita M Donna Mol-'a ce 1 1' These Mercedes Ladres Had One Morro "Keep You Body At Irs Peak, Study Hard And Drrnk Ewan" Ka thy jo Sharon Nilsa E wg.. 1 XL? , 7 it X Q? -'3 ' X . , , X.,.w.m-XX.,XM,,Xe2w.X-vvw,H ,X ,V W, M, . - -Q:: X,1X:fs?X2gf fav il5'iW" V 'V'Eli??Q5l5f5i Y V , mas, we X:wfei. X w.X,ff,X fm. X' MX, fs, wgwwhg ,gs iw. 4e,f:,X.gf5 V ,sg 24 f"wiQszLQ,,,1 'f 1 5 5,fm..m-, -X XX- mm., -f.v:s21:f'.X,,. 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MOM DAD, jULIO, .IOHNQ EMILIO, RALPH Con gra tula tions Class Of '87 PS YCHOLOG Y CL UB J cientific xcellence- ATradition At CIBA-GEIGY fmw' e sw:-w 1, 3 "' X ii- "9 V335 -ug:-nv-'N' I ws Scientific excellence. ln our chemical and biological research labs, in our manufacturing plants, in our computer centers, in our engineering departments. Scientific excellence is more than a slogan at CIBA-GEIGY. lt's a standard that has helped make the company an international leader in chemical research for over 200 years. CIBA-GEIGY is committed to research. We spend a higher percent- age of our sales dollar on research than most other chemical companies. This is money invested in the future of the company and in future break- throughs to benefit people and improve the quality of life around us. Our agricultural chemicals have increased world food production... our pharmaceuticals have allowed thousands to lead healthier lives... our resins help make airplanes lighter and safer...our dyes are used every- where in clothes and other textiles. With research labs, manufacturing plants and administrative offices throughout the U.S., CIBA-GEIGY is maintaining its commitment to researchmits commitment to being a leader in scientific excellence. CIBA-GEICBY Congfa tula tions And Best VWshes For A Successful Future ELAINE MCCORMICKHDIRECTOR PUBLIC RELATIONS MAR Y ANN SANDUSKYXCOORDINATOR OF SPECIAL EVENTS 0 x 1 Georgian Court College Lakewood Avenue ' Lakewood, NJ 08701 of mam "...., W some Q .fuafnkgf ag ALL INSURANCE , Q A COVERAGE ACCEPTED ,Viv 0'-' . 91. . l CHIROPRACTOR 33s MANTOLOKING RD. BRICK TowN NJ. 08723 201-920-8943 Mom We Are Proud Of You' ERIC TIM 85 MARY PAT And I Am Equally As Proud' ERIQ SR Con gm tula tions To The Class Of 1987 Wshzhg You Su ccess, Hezppmess And Health. Remember To Come "Home" Often! Be Ah Active Member Of The GEOR GIAN COUR T COLLEGE AL UMNI ASSOCIATION - " Hg! 59' mwwywew , :f'Hwzyevwwff'wfwwwfwwfxfnf f'Mw:n'1'zp'Mwwwzmmm ,,,,,, .,H..Wwvwb, ,wwwnr-M ,igfgxgjziwh ,gfviefif "ww, :aisle -- :- ww ff ig xt :M 'WW ,SUV W W, ,, ,, , X LOVE . My -:. 'Z X ' in , ,YVLL QR V 'L'L , . -, 51, . L"- f if ' j ,. 1 'g K- , 'A A Z, It ,, :Q-vgfii, , I f '-::,e:ff . w-,: - Q, 'J ,-hkh K fn 1, - K - A .,f- .,---, 3 jj 1 vrtlsfyi ' 'K S S A www? K Ly gp 'Aim . ffsfg. Congratulations To Each 1987 Graduate Georgran Court College L 1 Graduate School 1 Phone 1201! 363-0187 FRANK CIRIGLIANO President QI. Love s A 2147 ROUTE 9 HOWELL G NEW JERSEY 07731 Specral Salute To The Graduates Of The E venmg DI.VI.9I.OH From The Staff Of The Evenrhg Dmsion TRUCKS a. EQUIPMENT FOR RENT MOWERS, GENERATORS 3. CHAIN SAWS SALES 3. SERVICE AdT Congratulations And Best Wshes 1987 Cwyfd 1211 fa 272005 220 1 Zh - 6, gl? .55 O YI f 7? 7 Ezam!-f llfgffi' 6OC?fLyU!76i X27 621261615261 , fires 6, Zlwfsf Uffemlef, ffm Z0 WW 65 S C270 5 . J ' f- ' gpm Mir' 'Xfire U A6261 Za fkfmyaezfg Ares Wdvfwf -f fffygf, cjhf, fljffff V DK 652266 54,50 ffiafewf QM .Sec . We Are Proud You Came Thru May The You Con cess ys These 10 issappointments - The Love In Y r Heart Continue You ichly Deserve As May The Knowledge We Made Many Thank We Are God Con Pa ula We just Mm To Tell You How Specral You Are To Us. It I-lasn't Always Been Easy Vhtching You Grow - Vhntrng To Give Advice When You Needed To Frnd Your Own My Or Vhnrrng To Solve The Problems Only You Could Solve. But It's Been Rewardrng Seerng How Well You've Done. Were Very Proud Of You, The My You've Grown Up, Of The Terrrhc Person You 've Become. Love You Mom 85 Dad MZ,7A11 HYMAN MITFLEBERG, M.A., M.S. To The Nutritionist Class Of 1987, BYAPPO 914 LVNNWOOD AVENUE R. KREMER MARINE CONTRACTOR 42015920-2554 B I ,N WJERSEV 08123 BULKHEAD5 , DQCKS 477-8012 Congratulations 0 ' Love Y Q... R 5 Welsh Farms "Y Educat 201 - 922-2340 800 - 221-0663 Country Fresh Ice Cream - Milk - Mix x CE-idgewooo Dsvnsnom 703 Old Corlies Ave. Neptune, NJ. 07753 Success To x fry All Members .X he Cla O As They Commence VWth Thezk Brzlght F En jo W0'th Much Love And Best Wdshes 'Mom" And Tops" McGrorry A I ilii I lQ 26 IIIA , ff IIAI Q i llil I , ,,, , ,Q 1,5 I I I hkzg I f20I A 54 Hwv. as 787-2871 E. KEANSBURG. CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATE BEHIND PAT KEELAN'S GARDWELD WROUGHT IRON RAILINGS WELDING - FABRIQATING CARL BAGALA 495-3305 AFTER 5 P.M. Congratulations Rita A A Quality Workmanship and Service . . . Plus Reliability HAS BUILT OUR BUSINESS Since 1959 ,- ' ., y-9" 31 7 ff I ' if 'nf ' , QC PLUMBING - ELECTRIC - HEATING - COOLING - CONTROL SPECIALYSTS Residential ' Commerical 0 Industrial FREE ESTIMATE AND SURVEY NO SUBCONTRACTORS USED 2100 Hwy. 35, Wall Twp., RO. Sea Gift SEA GIRT RED BANK TOMS RIVER FREEHOLD 449-3555 8412-S292 341-3131 431-4490 Come to a bank that value our time as much a our money Today nt s a fast movmg world out there Tlme IS mdeed money That s why Umted jersey IS comm1tted to belng faster Faster 1n the way we handle your busxness Faster m the way we approve loans Faster m the way we respond to your needs for new f1nanc1a1 servrces So lf tlme means money to you come to a bank that values both o , X os t A mted jerse Umted jersey Bank!M1d State 12 off ces n Monmouth M ddlesex and Ocean Count es Ma n off ce 1300 State H gh ay 36 Hazlet NJ 07730 Fo the off ce nea est you call 264 2800 679 2800 364 2800 0 530 5000 The fast movmg bank Membe FDIC Member bank of Un ted Je sey Banks a 5 2 b Ihon flnancral servrces organ zat on wrth offrces throughout New Jersey Congratulauons Marla C MCGrorry And The Class Of 1987 MARION PAUL, GREAT POCAHON TAS GREAT COUNCIL OF NJ Day We Are Wdsh You joy As You Love, 8: Dad . , . . . . 3 ' . . , . . . . , . Q- ' ' " 5? 5222? 35525211 iii? 2555? 'fii 'li '. r ' 3555? O ,,, C9 I r , r I I I . I w , , . r 1 r 3 V , 3 , - r - . r . I r , , r' ' ' ' i I ' . . . , V , I Paula, Its Hard To Frnd The Words That Say How Much You Mean For Gran daughters Lrke You Are Few And Far Between You re Thought About a Were Very Proud Of You On Your Graduatlon Day We Love You Nana 8: Papa Falzarano More Loyingly, Then Any Words Can S y. LAX!! Records-Tapes-CD s Second Hand D scs Tremendous Oldies Selection Walkman s-Buttons-Posters T-Shlrts-Collectibles D.J. Service 1110 C Main Street Belmar N.J. 07719 12013 280-0800 P5 W WSU' 1 ff fffw 'U Q WW' M ff -f XS "'f'a7?fSsRXN A 94 n4'X'5 X 57 7R25 GE oqx -K 6415 .b a .9 9 0 e JI ,W Q9 If M -117.35611 iffy, lignggfqku L o f ix , ,igW,,, A - df 'x,1.-"li 1 k'Ei. w 'iff ' WI x-5' ff P77 A x EH ? rl!! X f . N? .X Qgw QU ,C 'A E311 Q D Jfv! ,kN X E A 1 , Ag V ZKHK ff, I 'Sh wi. Wgg ap S! 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I-IAVVTI-ICJFINE, N.J. 07506 12011 423-1 1 C11 l2'I El 594-'I 231 9 ZOU2382555 GRORGE KOUTIS Con gm tula tlons 1 Georges Chateau af SPECIALIZING IN FRESH SEAFOOD ' AMERICAN - ITALIAN CUISINE I CLOSED MONDAY 457 OLD BRIDGE TURNPIKE OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J. - '51, we W If 11I , 1 Ae 1 lee gm e ,, ,-1L I fwv wang jQBut It? To See Smi1ing Fgfgifc1 To ' 1,,1,e, gqi.,,ig,1A. . WfceC0vfd1SIefFIn Nw I?F??4?w'hf IIII I I y The new ed A 11A 11S1 1 ,111e AIAZI l 1 L 1 I I ifvmfh A ouf Q, - I .- ,.,'eis'zffmlfffleuefsffffgx, 'V -f f . ,zz -.iz-gms zen .2 ,, W-mg-iw. ,I,-:. I .,., , Mm,-:2,.M,,f,,N, ,,1:, .,,, A ., . I , . I ,. H M ,...,L -1.1 I. ,,,, ,,,. I .:,, X,.Im,.I e,,,eI,. ,, . MIM ., . , wr-wwfx,-ilwv -:Sql 11,-'mf ww--X,-: fg,g5:m1mfm,-I,,-we ,1,w, f7,.,f:,1m?2s ,L Q-12, W II .V . 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Suggestions in the Georgian Court University - Courtier Yearbook (Lakewood, NJ) collection:

Georgian Court University - Courtier Yearbook (Lakewood, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


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Georgian Court University - Courtier Yearbook (Lakewood, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 191

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Georgian Court University - Courtier Yearbook (Lakewood, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 34

1987, pg 34

Georgian Court University - Courtier Yearbook (Lakewood, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Page 120

1987, pg 120

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