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BLUEPRINT 1970 iii 9.Ar 1K-2K-: " ■ . 1 970 BCQlFRfRT GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY VOLUME 63 PART I PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENTS OF GEORGIA TECH M mm. . _ vi- " ' i i ? » S«; m mf. Before you is BLUEPRINT 1970, year- book of Georgia Tech. It is an effort to cap- ture the events from Spring 1969 to Winter 1970, in keeping with the purpose of a yearbook — creating a graphically effec- tive publication while at the same time, presenting a pictorial as well as literal de- scription of the events of Georgia Tech life. I know that many of you are wonder- ing, after glancing through the book, about the separation of this year ' s BLUEPRINT into two ports. Originally, it was hoped to have two volumes, in which one depicted the ex- citing part of Tech life, while the other de- picted the blah or every day reoccurring port of Tech life. Due to a tight budget and to the rising cost of yearbook production, the idea had to be abandoned, and the pro- duction of the one volume book, subdivided into two parts was adopted. In order to create an effective subdivision, the idea of black and white pages evolved. With the advent of a new decade, times have changed and are still changing. With this in mind,. two themes were adopted for this year ' s book — the first, the changing image of Tech life, portrayed by a seasonal, pictorial representation, and the second, the often unchangeable attitudes that Tech students adopt during their four year or longer stay at Tech. It was once said that change is challenging. It certainly was in the production of this book, and should continue to be in future years. ■■- f. U: fr ' fj. ?0 ' , ■:. ' ■••♦; ' ' ' ■•: Ki £::H t m- ' : ' ■■ - ! ' yW , ;i : . ' i ' : i,i t m! - ' ' ;f(. ?•(■ ' ' vi ' -.W, TABLE OF CONTENTS ' - ' PART I 9 ' m FRATERNITIES GREEK LIFE WH ' .-y . ■•• .•»i! ;N»..i« - • ■ . :% -■i i J5r ' 1 «fc ». ' " ' yf , :-Y -( x-fj j «t " «M|MIMV«H ' ■ Ms- - feT m ' i i . ' iMim l: TECH - THE CHANGING IMAG « fipr vl-tSS- m __ !• P. ? m [ ' ' ' ■ ' . :. y. ' —- - ■ rr?i?CH ?i T 1 1 ' - L . i i ' m- ' ' r Xt-.. ' - .J ' ' V . -■ iiJ i ' (w w FALL - ITS A LONG TIME UNTIL CHRISTMAS ■ v. ; ' . " -; c ■ B ' v. wwnr fffl racM « ' ... •»•, • j9f 5s8r-» HOMECOMING 1970 ISUKt JIO H H HIP ' DUKt ■t,l iO-9 iKrr- ' - Vlf l . . : A ■ ' i %i 1 :: ■ ' 4 " r I Mi 1 iHi wf ' J vii H K lO ' - ' v li N ■% u.. ■ «?• ■ ' i j ! u .X ' •.■, h ■v: -, ' k J ' N HOMECOMING 1969 % teci ' « IV •: ■ •-■.. 1 . -. H B T H 4 ; m = I» THE DAY DOOLEY ' S DdGS GOT SKUNKED Jj - r 4 H- ' Jfi , £i!Bllkh. ji ' iiii i« .. B «BuJ ;- " ' ;}i ' vi ' V W rfi ' ' .- :: ; ' ,-js;v i« ' SPORTS - ij f -XN A. ' ' M ryf ! Ui -(»l ' ■% W i ( WINTER - THE DEAD QUARTER i M M- ■■i . . M ' wm - ' .■ . ■y::-::t ' . ' ■ ivl ' j SPRING- A TIME FOR ESCAPE FROM STUDIES - - r $ -: r - ■s y •ii - Z . % ' ■ 111 ifMl ? MMM flv ' m fe 1 k J ' -aL . vv — 1 w n T i(iPP ' ' ■ ' ' P Jjl f ■ • 3 L Sf-Stli VJsJ J.e sTj, Kt IfS.? ' •irJ i i •- . f BEAUTIES ■ ' ■ ' ' :; .:? m M.:.Mi r ' A-- ' i X-, ■■ir-.i ' I ! .% ABOVE: Miss Cherie Stevens, Greek Goddess 1 969 . ' ■■ ' " . ■ » BEAUTIES ; r " r m ' aS! ' I LEFT: Miss Leslie Buchanon, Miss Homecoming 1969. ABOVE: Miss Delores Yoong, Miss Perfect Lips 1969. M i. ' " » ' ii- 1 1 1 ' 111 -it 111 ■ ■ ' •? i_ « « J ' ; - r v •■ • ' ••• ■■■ ' .• ' . : Sl-es ' ' T BEAUTIES il ' . V i ABOVE: Mrs. Robert Lindley, Mrs. Homecoming 1969 y- WT " . Ps - ' -va ' Ar rimmM . ' - iyM a:-.. M: ' . . li . » p, »ft-,a» «.»i y y 1 ih;; LEFT: Miss Carol Huggins. BELOW; Miss Pom Downey. • : t k. . W mi MISS BLUEPRINT Miss Kibbey Simmons, 1970 Miss BLUE- PRINT, attends Emory University and is a member of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority. Chosen Miss Blueprint for her charm and beauty, Kibbey was also 1st runner up in Miss Cot- ton Bowl 1970, and Miss Peach Bowl 1970 contests as well as Greek Goddess at Emory. T i i flT ' ' ; w V THE CHANGING IMAGE OF THE GA. TECH COED iA rr?:. s I ABOVE LEFT; Kothy Coldren. ABOVE: Patti Duront. »y4 mm ' Wm. mm: I In former years the Georgia Tech coed has often been called everything except that which pertains to beauty. It was hard enough for the female student to compete with the mole Tech student but to hove ev- eryone think of you as on oddity was quite on obstacle in obtaining attention. Times have changed though and Tech is begin- ning to realize that the old image is no long- er applicable to Tech women today. With a influx of women students this year which doubled Tech ' s previous women en- rollment, it was quite impossible to repre- sent all of the coeds on these four pages. By selecting only nine girls to portray the photo essay, we have tried to obtain a good repre- sentation of the woman student at Tech today. It is the sincere hope of the student body that the number of female students will keep increasing. Who knows — maybe one day the female engineer will outnum- ber the male engineer. ABOVE LEFT: Diane Jones. LEFT: Patricia Bridges. RIGHT: Betty Smith. BELOW: Becky Davis. BELOW RIGHT: Susie Owens. ..• C ' BELOW LEFT: Ann Patterson. BELOW: Donna Spencer. 31 ' " s« w ifc « r r l.f»i £iP | Srlil ! «» i0f , ' . ■Sv -:l „« m:m I Spring is that wonderful season when love runs rampant and life overflows with thoughts of sunbathing on Cloudman Beach under a warm, lazy sun and the sheer mad- ness of pre-summer mischief. Our senses are enlightened by the smell of freshly-cut grass, the feeling of a brisk spring wind carrying our white and yellow kites high into the sky, and especially by the sight of Tech co-eds who have shed their fall and winter refinements and donned the ever- popular bermuda shorts and baggy sweatshirts. The Institute would like for Spring Quarter to be just like any other, i.e., " All study and no play will probably moke Jack a fine boy, " but, after being hit hard by a highly contagious cose of spring fever, even the strongest willed lizards can ' t resist the desire to get away from it all, if only to take in a Braves game, drink a few beers, go to the best X-rated flick in town, or just " shoot the bull " with friends. S I i If 6t f r t i - J r-- ABOVE TOP: Dorm Parties try to spark some life into dorm life. RIGHT: Fiji Island party. PRING - THE LAZY QUARTER . . X W i! I " ' ■ •. v-. ' VSA. . ' Ti .f ' ' : .- -w . ««« «i ; Jto?i i BELOW: Dorm party attracts GDIs. RIGHT: Imagina- tion playground " helps underprivileged children. ■4.M . ' ' . ■ ' , V. ' 7 BELOW: Sigma Chi Derby Day Contestants. BOTTOM: The AXA " Tug of War " takes its toll. ■ m?. ' l? : " m ii] iHasi .% ' 3 , irt ' — - r ; -T ' -. 5 - i Vi ' •! : GREEK WEEK - HIGHLIGHT OF JOINT FRATERNITY ACTIVITIES 1969 Greek Week, the highlight of joint ' " ; , fraternity activities for the year, tried to have something to involve every Greek on campus. Saturday started the week off with o Peters Park lawn concert with Ray Whitley of the Kingston Trio fame and a faculty all- star fraternity softball game. Sunday after- noon brought the ever popular Chariot Race which drew hundreds of spectators and local area television coverage. The IPC Variety Show on Monday night, the IPC Banquet with Atlanta ' s Vice-Mayor Man- nard Jackson on Tuesday night, and the Pledge Trainer ' s report on Wednesday night involved various factions of each fra- ternity. The biggest event of the week hod to be the Thursday night concert at the Coli- seum with Jerry Butler and the ever popular Toms. These groups with their sweet soul sounds gave Tech its final taste of soul for the year. Friday night brought the T-Night Gome and the chance to preview the 1 969 football team. Saturday night, with fraterni- ty parties at all houses, proved to be a blast for almost everyone. In fact, it was so much of a blast that to most Greeks, the IPC Sports Car Slalom slipped by during the recovery hours in the rack. a fmi . % wW " WONDERFUL ED ' S DAY, " A TRIBUTE TO DR. HARRISON ' In recognition of the outstanding job that Dr. Edwin Harrison did as President of- Georgia Tech from 1 957 to 1 969, a special day in his honor was set aside as " Wonder- ful Ed ' s Day " on the occasion of his retire- ment. The highlight of the day was a pro- gram in Bertha Square for him which at- tracted a large crowd of students, faculty, administrators, and civic leaders. One of the key speakers, Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen, cited Dr. Harrison as the key person respon- sible for the tremendous expansion that Georgia Tech is undergoing. The program for " Wonderful Ed ' s Day " cleared up sev- eral mysteries, specifically the whereabouts of the missing " T " from the Tech tower and the whistle used for changing classes from the roof to the power plant. As a token of the student ' s appreciation for what he did for Tech, Dr. Harrison was presented with the missing " T " from the tower. Not to be outdone. Dr. Harrison presented the stu- dents with their missing whistle. f ■ . ' ? -- »: ABOVE: Dr. Harrison receives applause from students for a job well done. TOP RIGHT: Students ond faculty mob Bertha Square for Wonderful Ed ' s Day program. CENTER RIGHT: In parting. Dr. Harrison granted amnes- ty to the students who stole the " T " from the Tech tower. RIGHT: Helium filled balloon denotes occasion. FAR RIGHT: Dr. Harrison tokes a last ride in the Ramblin ' Reck. TOP FAR RIGHT: The missing " T " is presented to •Wonderful Ed " by the Student Body. BOHOM FAR RIGHT: Carey Brown holds the whistle returned by Dr. Harrison. ::jatm - f --. r-; ' ' C l.- J?5r| l • • r tet Baa i.»j - :t ' ' t M " ' ? ts- I " " " iimTii Wdt Cook, MNIOR {IAS PRC in[Nl A The 1 969 Blueprint, one of the most con- troversial Tech annuals in past years, triggered mixed emotions within the student body in the spring of ' 69. The most notice- able controversy was the book burning which was held at Peter ' s Park on the day after distribution. All sorts of estimates have been made as to how many annuals were burned and how many people watched the incident, but anyway one looks at it, there were literally hundreds of people there at the burning. The reaction seemed to devel- op because of the 8 oeprmt ' s negative atti- tude, emphasis on social problems and mi- nority groups at Tech, absence of color photography, and several extensive errors by the publisher. In the heat of the excite- ment, the Blueprint staff photo editor was mistaken for Editor-in-Chief Rich Cook and almost thrown on the fire. In addition to the large crowd of students, the book burning attracted coverage by three local television stations. News of the book burning reached college yearbook offices across the country, and the publisher was swamped with re- quests for the controversial book, so many that the 1 969 Blueprint was one of only five yearbooks in the country that went into a second printing. : i. " ♦ .- A- . ' TOP LEFT: Rich Cook, editor of the 1969 Bluaprint. BURNT OFFERING OFFERED TO BLUEPRINT STAFF . 1 AN CO _«Rc -p -i!A ,Afi»,i GRADUATION, AT LAST!! . i. -w- ' - i n 4 i i t % i After years of battling the formidable foe — Mother Tech, approximately 1 000 happy seniors came to their reward as they re- ceived their long awaited diplomas at grad- uation. The Marquee in front of the Fox Theater where the graduation ceremony was held was indeed most appropriate by saying that The Longest Day had finally ar- rived. " Never so timely. Never so great " were fitting descriptions of the occasion as the graduates, veterans of numerous all- nighters, an overage of fourteen weeks of finals, and many wonderful and meaning- ful experiences, stepped forth with an awe- some education to meet the challenging world. ABOVE: Marquee at the Fox Theater where graduation it held annually was indeed appropriate in saying that the " Longest Day " had finally arrived. FAR RIGHT: Graduation from Tech is indeed a family occasion. -i -Ml t S ABOVE LER: Guest spmiker o» graduation. n? ' ;■,«-;;- ■■ ' : ' ■ - ' ' ■;■ t ' jiri Si ; ' m ' - ]m iMy-!-. ' mm ' i;- BELOW Self explanotory RIGHT Some students get carried away at the pie eating contest CENTER C oops eat like never before at the Field Day Picmc BOTTOM The Classics Four in concert at Grant Field TOP RIGHT This IS one sure way to get your dote drunk ( ENTER RIGHT: Summer and the library never mix FAR RIGHT The extreme limit of birddogging? WW. .: :: 1 M ' fe KAY CorLCERn: GEORGIA SUMMER QUARTER, THE QUIET ONE ;: ' 3? ' T ' t ' , 4. - yr Summer quarter, long the domain of one section of co-ops, has become reality for a growing number of the student body, thanks to Uncle Sam and his friendly draft boards. Maybe this connection gives the quarter most of its lessthan-enthusiastic support of 3000. So you got pushed into it for some reason and you show up for registration — and its hot. The first week of summer quarter is al- ways the hottest of the year in Atlanta, maybe in the U.S.A., you wonder. Soon the caravans begin, and Techs impressive fleet goes tubing down the cold Chattahochee with ample ammunition to vanquish the ter rible heat. Bock on campus things are slow as com pored with other quarter s. The Section I Co-op Club strains to fill the gap left by the many vacationing organizations After a freshman orientation, the club draws a lot of students, Atlanta girls, and the faculty Softball jocks to their Field Day Picnic where the Rats always star in the pie-eating contest while the veterans eat watermelon in the shade and snake girls. The Student Center adds a concert in Grant Field to finish the day With the Classics Four. Suddenly it ' s mid-term time and you are in just as bod a shape as ever before — something you said you thought couldn ' t happen, especially in summer quarter. But with less going on, you pull it out this time and forget your books again and play more Softball and catch a couple of Braves ' night gomes. When you ' re low on cash, summer quarter provides some pretty decent bird- dogging The Co-op Club gets the faculty and stu- dents together for a friendly tennis tourna- ment. However, the faculty doesn ' t know what a friendly game is and always gives the Fowler Street bystanders a few chuckles. The Miss Perfect Lips Contest and Dance wrap up the Co-op Club activities for the summer Except for a few more dates to Un- derground Atlanta and Stone Mountain, you have nothing much to do but study for finals. Suddenly it ' s all over . . . Not the worst way to spend a summer after all. (KING ON j LO W LINES IS MiHUTE [hletic ?wking oh ISINESS ffl-LOW LINES (only athletic ' ■ ' ■ ' business ONLY 1 B; BELOWr Ah, Fall! The unmistakable presence of Fall . . . RIGHT: Students move up the Hill to class. CEN- TER; When Fall comes, can Easter be so for away? BOTTOM: Rats really don ' t like the rain - just foot- ball. FAR RIGHT; Fraternity football provides for some stiff, grinding competition. RIGHT CENTER: " Football Fever " prevails as fans move up North Avenue to Grant Field. BOTTOM RIGHT; What s nev . Pussycat? ■ i:-: ' .. iv -S -X ' V m - p ' -mi Lit!: ■ ' ,■.- : ' FALL QUARTER, WHERE THE ACTION IS ra ia f lEQ ' s ' I ' m 4i A ■■••n c In many respects Fall at Georgia Tech must be like Christmas at Macy ' s — a surg- ing flow of activity characterizes every as- pect of student life. From the first week of Fall Quarter to the last the students find themselves absorbed in resolutions of scho- lastic betterment, the establishment of a definite self-identity, and the constant de- sire to get away from this place and raise as much hell as possible. This is what one quar- ter of the Hill will do to you. That the year was 1969 is of little consequence, for at Tech, it ' s always the same. Returning Sophomores, Juniors, and Sen- iors prepore for the worst and pray for the best; the previously untouched Freshmen suddenly lose their pre-conceived visions of collegiate grandeur as the reality of Mother Tech is abruptly plopped in their laps. Hav- ing all been outstanding successes in high school, they find that now the competition is too much to bear — they remain as one among too many. S Aside form the ego-lowering scholastic side of Tech which takes up far too much of the student ' s time and so often gives him in return no better than a 2.0 GPA, there is the extracurricular aspect of the Institute which tries its best to make things better, and in many instances does just that. A big thing during Fall Quarter 1 969 was the Student Involvement Week in which all students were given equal opportunity to become a member of any organization on campus. Of course, one must find interests apart from the school if one is to grow up normal- ly. Take for instance the traditional custom of birdogging, which begins with Fall Quar ter and continues right through Spring and Summer. The beauty of Techwood Drive is suddenly cast into heavy competition with the lovely memksers of the opposite sex who constantly ride up and down the street in their wonderfully delapidoted 1956 Che vy ' s. What red-blooded Techmon could re sist the opportunity. Fall Quarter 1969 brought with it too much to mention in any great length, but briefly, the following prevailed: new friends, old enemies, Brittam Dining Hall and London Broiled Steak, the Varsity, free flu shots, the Lettermen, shafts, tubjes, racks, lizards, Tech beat Georgia, Moratorium, re volting roommates. Rush, all night parties, oil night homework. TOP THREE: Tunnel obscenihes are covered up with CENTER: How good con a party possibly be without o little Old from the Varsity? RIGHT The doughnut man " Guess the luclcy number ond win o free box of dough nuts. How bout it? ' BOTTOM RIGHT Time out to study and to think, and to dream lifiMH GOOD mm JOB 0 •» . - " i FALL CONT ' D r H. • - ' . ? " W| t SH ABOVE Sophomore P T con quite often be strenu- ous and demanding ABOVE LEFT Girls arent near ly so uncommon o$ before, with Fall Quarter ' s oddi fion of 87 to the Tech campus TOP Cheerleoders find Fieshmon Rats a chief source of spirit, support, and wild enthusiasm ' ■ -■■ ' -0$% f Having been called one of the most suc- cessful freshman camp programs anywhere in the United States, the Georgia Tech Freshman Orientation Conference was again executed with commendable effi- ciency and effort on the part of the 75 fac- ulty and student counselors, each directing his attention to the more than 1600 first quarter freshmen attending the camp. Traditionally, the rats get the word on all phases of Tech life during the two days of the conference, held each year at Rock Eagle 4H Center in Eotonton, Georgia. However, this year was just a little different and accordingly, just a little better. Because rush week was to come later, the emphasis was token away from fraternities and placed on Tech as a school. The student was given a chance to take part in both formal and informal discussions and was urged from the beginning to find out as much as he possibly could about Georgia Tech. Counselors were plentiful and there was al- ways someone to give advice. When not at- tending information stations and pep rallies, freshmen found activity enough to satisfy their restlessness. Football gomes were perhaps the chief source of daytime activities, but volleyball, swimming, pine cone battles, and in general " shooting the bull " also gave rats their first insight into Tech Life. It has been said that the main objective of the 1 969 conference was to present a re- alistic view into the changing Georgia Tech. How successful the conference was con only be measured by how successful the freshmen are here at Tech. MOTHER TECH SCRUTINIZED AT FRESHMEN CAMP TOP LER: Counselor gets the traditional laking. FAR LEFT: Freshmen learn that butterfly print bathing suits are not what ' s ' in ' at Tech. LEF: Meetings were brightened during one session by the presence of coeds. TOP: Smoke flares guided parachutists during on exhibition by the Go. Tech Sport Porachute Club. ABOVE: Informa- tion stations gave out the word on all topics. .M PRE-SCHOOL WEEK AND REGISTRATION START OFF THE YEAR ' B " ' A ' j;i -;i,4 Wa, »k issnS ,,«p wf-lf Mr E v SI HiHB t E ■ " - -■ 1 .juaMl i agk ' ! ST t Tfi BB l AfeJ P ' r » . ■ ' ' % - ' ■M gg M f- nM vj ' » •- .ill TOP: The lines up C.E. hill don ' t get much shorter than this on registration day. ABOVE: The Freshnnan Dance brings in over 1 500 girls from schools all over Atlonta LEFT: The life or deoth board in the Old Gym. .RIGHT TOP: Freshmen ore measured for the traditional Tech Rat Caps. CENTER: Seniors get tickets for their special seat ing section. RIGHT: The smart student plans his schedule before entering the bull ring. RIGHT BOTTOM: Damnit, closed out already! ■ J Vsr; .,; With the beginning of each quarter, stu- " J dents swarm the Tech Campus lugging " ' " ■ .■ ' ■ ' clothes, boxes, books and magazines (both - ' ■ Playboy and the other kind), lamps, and X " .• other paraphernalia precious only to them. ; .. ' " The solitary confines of the dormitory are changed by necessity into bustling centers of activity as students attack the bleakness of their new residences to create a more liv- able and individualistic atmosphere. As " playmates " begin to fill up the walls, the dorm rooms gradually become a little more A bearable. Before the newness of the quarter has f hardly had time to be digested, registration - «: day hits our unfortunate Tech-man in the face. By the end of the first week he feels nothing but total depression — broke, con- fused, worried, and perhaps alarmed — but at least he ' s in, and that takes off a lot of the pressure. After things begin to take on a new di- mension, he remembers with more of a smile than a frown the first week of the quarter and the long list of disappointments I which inevitably come with it: standing in registration lines, closed-out courses, stand- ing, lack of prerequisites, standing, not enough hours, standing, too many hours, standing, and still standing. To many, manual registration is no more than the challenge of beating the guy in front of you through the lines, and pulling »- the I.M. 201 course card before he does. ■ " Damn computer " drifts high above the as- semblage gathered in the Old Gym as an- other traditional Tech registration passes into history. MAKING OF A PRESIDENT - DR. HANSEN »4ir The Board of Regents, in selecting Dr. Ar- thur G. Hansen as the seventh President of Georgia Tech, chose a man for whom stu- dents, faculty, and administrators have the highest respect. Pre ' the fact that Dr. friend of the students. In a time when so many schools are suffering from a break in communications between students and ad- ministrators, Tech enjoys excellent relations between these two groups. The good com- munications at Tech can largely be attrib- uted to Dr. Hansen ' s sincere interest in the students them selves. After startling a few people at first by informally talking to stu- dents around the campus, it is now not at all surprising to see our president mingling with students on the hill as well as at social func- The festivities surrounding the Inaugura- tion involved everyone, as school was dis- missed from 6 p.m. on Wednesday to 1 p.m. Biltmore Hotel for a select group of students and other guests. Following the dinner, a free dance for all Tech students and dotes was held at the Coliseum with Percy Sledge, followed by the magnificent Toms. Inaugu- ration festivities were completed with the actual Inauguration Ceremony held the next morning at Coliseum. Although the stu- dent attendance was rather slim, there were over 350 distinguished scholars, civic lead- ers, and other close friends of Dr. Hansen present. ! TOP: Three Faces of Dr. Hansen (1 ) Addressing freshmen at freshman camp, (2) Sitting in office, (3) Mingling at the Inauguration Dance, TOP FAR RIGHT; Dr. Hansen gives his Inauguration Address. ABOVE RIGHT: Scene of Inauguration Dance with Percy Sledge and the Toms. RIGHT: Inauguration Ceremony at the Coliseum. TOP RIGHT: Presidential Medallion presented to Dr. Hansen. :.J ■f.- ' !!! : ■ ' ' ' • ' ' At I srv h % V . f ; . o FT ' ' «M. il , - ;i There is a certain pageantry, and definite sense of tradition associated with Georgia Tech Homecomings. It is a unique time of the school year, giving the students a much -welcomed pre-holidoy break from the rigors of the Hill, and giving thousands of alumni from all parts of the country a chance to come home again, to Atlanta, and to Mother Tech. Memories of post Homecomings hang nostalgically in their minds as they, along with some 8000-plus Tech students gather for another festive, tradition-ladened week of activities: con- certs, luncheons, parades, bollgames, beauties, displays. This and only this was Homecoming 1969 — Georgia Tech. The Lettermen presented the annual Homecoming Concert, a night not soon to be forgotten by those in attendance — for through their warm blending of voices on such songs as " Where is Love " and " A Time For Us, " a perfect beginning to the Home- coming season hod been set. The concert brought out as well a side of Tech ' s adminis- trators quite unfamiliar to most students. Much praise goes to President Hansen and Dean Dull for aiding the Lettermen in a couple of choicely-phrased vocal selections •and a two-minute tap dance number. Isn ' t this sort of thing really what a Tech Home- coming is all about? Forgetting the prob- lems of school for just one weekend out of the year to hove a good time . . . J " mw a , ' ' •••■ ' :• ' TOP: Teke ' s take 1st ploce in Rambtin ' Reck Parade. ABOVE: One of the Lettermen solos on " Where Is Love. " CENTER: A tightening of screws is necessor before the " Mini 500 ' marathon. RIGHT: Greek Tykes on their trikes. .__. w f i, ■ ' l 1969 HOMECOMING: LAST MINUTE START TAKES TEKES RAMBLIN ' ' RECK TO 1st PLACE IN PARA fi .: WW. : i ' ' . ■ I-; U y-- v.. t m ' «JK . r - ABOVE LEFT; The Arrangement sings folk rock in Peter ' s Park after Homecoming Concert. ABOVE RIGHT: The ■Reck Parade lined with spectators, despite the rain. CENTER: The Lettermen captivated the audience at the Homecoming Concert. RIGHT: Chi Psis bragged about the big screw. GRUELING " MINI 500 " STARTS A NEW TECH TRADITION RIGHT: " What do you mean we ' ve got o flat tire? " TOP: Ttieta Chis homecoming display featuring " Rock " per- doni. RIGHT: Leslie Buchanan, Miss Homecoming, reigns over Holftime activities. CENTER TOP: Sure-footed pedoler struggles up the hill during the " Mini 500. " CENTER RIGHT: Alumni at President ' s Luncheon. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Mrs. Homecoming Court: (L to R) Mrs. Rob- ert Lindley - Mrs. Homecoming, Mrs. Lorry Studdard, Mrs. Kerry Helinger. Following the Lettermen concert, several hundred of the student body moved from the Coliseum to Peter ' s Pork to seek the " Happening in the Pork " where a local cof- feehouse group, The Arrangement, sang folk songs amidst the clapping and laughter of starry-eyed Tech students and their re- spective dotes. Friday was the day when old college friendships were to be renewed, with the alumni beginning their day at the Presi- dent ' s Luncheon, and ending it with class reunions in downtown Atlanta hotels. As a new feature of the Homecoming weekend, the school presented an open forum panel discussion, led by a group of Georgia Tech students, faculty, and alumni. The topic for discussion was, " Georgia Tech: If I Were President ... " " Take your marks, get set, GO! . . . They ' re off, ladies and gentlemen, in a bril- liant burst of speed, stamina, and a screech- ing of three metal wheels. " What else could this be but the annual " Mini 500 " tricycle marathon? A heavy crowd of onlookers _l 1 I ...ll.j i.L_- £ :i._ -_x _I wheels to victory, thinking little of the poor pedalers, and that certain amount of physi- cal endurance required to make the fifteen laps around Peter ' s Pork ... A new tradi- tion not to be overlooked. While many of the alumni were attend- ing their class reunions, the student body of Georgia Tech attended the Coronation Dance, held in the Coliseum in honor of Miss Homecoming 1969. The finalists for this year ' s title were Leslie Buchanan, repre- senting ATO, Libby Mathews, representing the Lambda Chi ' s, and Kathy Coldren, a Tech Freshman, sponsored by WSA. The de- cision of the judges was understandably a Homecoming 1 969 went to the lovely Leslie Buchanan. Despite on overwhelming abundance of rain, Saturday ' s Ramblin Reck Parade proved to be as successful as ever, with the Tekes taking top honors for having the best built pile of junk on campus. Slight mishaps knocked many entries out of the Parade, thus heavily narrowing the number of in- genious creations left to be judged. A basic criteria for the Parade is that one ' s respec- tive reck must cross the finish line. To many forlorn fraternities, here ' s hoping that next year ' s loose axle will hove the stubbornness to stay in place. Later Saturday, being blessed with still more rain, thousands of Tech fans gathered at Grant Field for the traditional Homecom- ing football game, this year being played against the not-so-vicious Duke Blue Devils. The 4th quarter ended with a victorious Georgia Tech, a happy crowd of specta- tors, and a scoreboard reading 20-7. iliil f f u rsr .--=• £. ' P Py, . 4it 1 -i M h:. ' e. ' » y c ■.5 ?l ? " - ' !js.t ,i9 ' |;; mi u 0 § , •■ W! } m f » »l K " in i J 1 " :ii! ; ig« . • v l- SIGMA CHI ' S AND GLENN DORM TAKE 1st PLACE WITH HOMECOMING DISPLAYS warnii JACKETS Having been |udged earlier during the week, the Homecoming displays proved to be about as unusual and mechanically com- plex OS ever. Sad faces stood before disint- ergrating displays as the rain and wind washed much of their mental and physical labor down the street. " All that damn crepe paper . . . Blown right out of the chicken wire . . . Gone forever! " First place honors went to Sigma Chi in the fraternity division and to Glenn Dorm in the dormitory divi- sion. Though parties are all too infrequent on the Tech campus, it must be recognized that no one sits at home on Homecoming night. The Interdormitory Council sponsored a dance in the Old Gym with music being provided by the Sweet Young ' uns. Refresh- ments were served. Likewise, the fraternities of Georgia Tech sponsored their own dan- ces, adding a little merriment wherever needed. Refreshments were also served. These were among the best parties of the school year, and all were thoroughly en- joyed — right down to the last drop! Sunday one found alums packing up, heading for their home away from home. It had been a good weekend, and thoughts of next year briefly passed through their minds. Sunday one found many students heading for the medicine cabinet, aware of the world once again, realizing that Homecom- ing 1969 was all over. Its magic had mo- mentarily touched the campus of Mother Tech, and all were glad. FAR LEFT; Homecoming Court with (L to R) Kothy Col- dren, Libby Mathews, Queen Leslie Buchanan CENTER: 1969 2-door ATO coupe. FAR LEFT: Sigma Chi s Dude Ranch was a conglomeration of moving parts and flash- ing lights. LEFT; Duke Blue Devils stopped in the tracks of Beta Theto Pi ' s display. V " - ril ' , THE DAY THAT SHOOK ATHENS t} ! .: -.■j5 i:jj ..„T. ■• -» ■ r:l ' c : ' r ' m l; y L ' . ■ -r ---s ¥, jgpl Georgia Tech, having lost to Georgia for four straight years, beat the old rival at Grant Field before a record breaking crowd of 60,1 06, the largest crowd to ever witness a football game in Georgia Bubba Hoots ' three interceptions against the Bulldogs were major factors in the gome, as he and Rock Perdoni led the Tef h defense in a shut- out against n team h(1t had uvernged 23 6 points per game Tlip le ' h victory was Coach Bud Carson s fust defeot of Georgia and Georgia Coac h Vince Dooley ' s first de- feat by Tech. Midwny through the second quarter, the Yellow Jackets scored the only touchdown of the game os Quarterback Jack Williams engineered an eighty yard touchdown drive (jf onjia s worst threat was stopped with Hoots interreption of a pass in the Tech en J (iri» whi ' ,h stopped Georgia ' s final drivo M. £M % " 9 -t i-iT SiV ' jaSMSfi vacation, students return to the Hill pre- pared to study as never before, and after a disheartening fall quarter, confidently tell themselves that it is possible to break a 2.0 GPA. Few live to realize such a sincere goal. What with all the snow, and all the sleep-inducing cold waves which annually invade the Tech campus, and all those cold, dark, wet, dreary, miserable Monday morn- ings, small wonder this is so. ' mm " ' ' mmmim ntihi fit ng ftixnf Whmmtm U Wmmta uni ill ly;. ■SI RiUi:;r.:i::::n -T ww rt ' ww ij g g M i - - :8 . ' i 4 % DAIRY CASE WINTER QUARTER: OH FOR A WARM RAY OF SUNSHINE!! P -JrJtar J y ' " - ' " " " Biri 1 00 " i ' ?i . . s t 1 J M r 1 ' -« 4 It U I vm Mai: «mmI «(r to tt« ' t«uti« OartoO 1U« ttai MM af tiM vMilM or attw alMMMft a lsMk »• to I M OM vMjr tenr ter tUa Imm ae .iu aMu6too r. it.. riUaaAMTVlUHV fkaa If yMkw t rrUjntan Uaite. iMtaSiear taAOuno . KlANT OeA -r pvi ' V -. WINTER Cont ' d ) V (W " ' • . K mMMMmNsu ii «f f CONCERT SEASON - THE BEST EVER m if f i - i This past year the Student Center and the Interfraternity Council put on a concert sea- son, the likes of which Georgia Tech has never seen before. Spring quarter brought the Lettermen for Homecoming, Percy Sledge and the Toms for President Hansen ' s Inauguration, and Janis Joplin to top them all off. Winter Quarter featured Brooklyn Bridge and a few weeks later the Association in what was probably the best concert that Georgia Tech has ever had. . rvj fr - . »A m: ' ■:,-l::m l Vurr r; --«7,; VJjfiy m £ifU mihmi J Left to Right, Front Row — Jeff Ford, Bobby Borr, Eddie Hughes, Jack Moore, Johnny Duncan, Kenny Bounds, Doug Calhoun, Tommy Chapman, Percy Helmer, Charlie Dudish, Mike Wysong, Steve Horkey, Joe Bill Faith, Greg Wilkes, Brent Cunningham. Second Row - Larry Studdard, Larry Williams, Jimmy Luck, Steve Lindsley, Rick Lewis, Dennis James, Gene Spiotto, Tosh Van Dora, Bubbo Hoots, Jack Williams, Rock Perdoni, Steve De- Bardelaben, Steve Timmons, Lindsay Walker, Sid Gunter, David Polk, Stan Beavers, Steve Foster, Tim Broome. Third Row - Rick Davis, Jock O ' Neill, Jim Person, Randy Duckworth, Allen Vezey, Steve Norris, Richord Gardner, Andy Moyton, John Riggle, Smylie Gebhart, Ron Zawoysky, Woyne New. Fourth Row — Lloyd Snow, Buck Shiver, Steve Kramer, Jack Brandt, Bill Flowers, Joe Hordwick, Glenn Costello, Brad Bourne, Pete Cordrey, Gary Garden, Smifty Graham, Bruce Ruther- ford, Meade Sutterfield, Greg Blake. Top Row — Paul Achey, Joe Vitunic, Chip Pallman, John Colian, Galin Mumford, Bob Hombuckle, George Novak, Al Hutko, Frank McCloskey, Dove Beavin, Rick Evott. JACKETS SURPRISE THE MUSTANGS . . . Coach Bud Carson ' s third year at Geor- gia Tech was almost a replay of his first two years, with one major exception. The team looked great one week and terrible the next. Against Auburn and Southern Califor- nia for instance, both rated in the Top 20 teams in the nation, the Jackets were in the ball game up until the last minute of the fourth quarter. But against Tulane and Clemson, the Jackets were completely smothered when they should have had easy wins. Carson seemed to have a little trouble getting the team fired up for supposedly easy games. He didn ' t have any trouble on November 29, however, as Tech ended a five year drought against the Bulldogs with a 6-0 score. From the outset of the season, it looked favorable for the Engineers. Always tough on Grant Field, Tech scheduled seven home gomes, opening against Southern Methodist and aerial artist Chuck Hixson. The Jacket defense previewed what turned out to be one of the premiere defenses in the South as they bottled up Hixson and his Mustangs, and even scored a touchdown to help the offense eke out a 24-21 victory. Charles Du- (continued) RIGHT: Jeff Ford makes a key interception against South- ern Methodist. BELOW: The Rock drops o Baylor quarter- « ' bock for a long loss. BELOW RIGHT: Dudish gives off to Gene Spiotto os the line opens o hole in the Baylor de- fense. =i ' S ' r ' Wf AND BRUISE BAYLOR BELOW; Eddie Hughes leaps high to snore a pass against a hapless Baylor defense. LER: Mike Wysong spears Chuck Hixson as he attempts to unleash a bomb. I» t TV r. I ?s s k ' X 3 Ka« l?: • k«»«« K : . - IP ' ' . ' .1 gCj-v _ ► -« ' ■■. -a a i -? •j;: ? ft i ' . y- ' .. i dish recovered his own fumble and dove into the endzone with the winning score lote in the fourth quarter. Against Baylor, with the RAT section in full force, Dudish waited until there was only 1:37 on the clock to unveil his heroics. He moved the offense fifty-four yards in six plays, the touchdown coming on a twenty- one yard pass to Steve Harkey. The Yellow Jackets were 2-0 on the strength of their 17-10 victory. After looking impressive for two weeks, Tech dropped a gome to Clemson, 21-10. Leading 10-0 at halftime, the Jackets looked like they were on their way to their third victory of the season, until Dudish in- jured his wrist in the third quarter. Clem- son ' s fullback caught fire and started ram- paging all over Grant Field. Without a quarterback, Tech was offensively punch- less. Traveling to Knoxville for their first away game, the Jackets clashed head-on with highly regarded Tennessee. The Vols scored quickly and led at half-time 1 3-0. The Jack- et defense fought heroically and refused to (continued) . . W -_ 7 ' I- ' ABOVE LEFT: Ford is close but the punt escapes over his outstretched hands. LEFT: Herman Lam hauls in a pass for long yardage. ABOVE: Jim Persons colls signals as the Jackets prepare to butt heads with Clemson s Tigers. ABOVE RIGHT: Kenny Bounds breaks into the secondary ond grinds out big yardage. ' c: g iauf« jKtfMte»jin -j.i t:- ■m i-r. ' i- " my hV. i lay down in front of Doug Dickey ' s football - . machine. The offense showed a little spark ; jj in the second half, enough to put eight points on the board, but Tennessee scored another thirteen and won the contest 26-8. Returning to the friendly confines of Grant Field, the Yellow Jackets prepared to face a tough Auburn bail club. After upsetting Au- burn last year 21-20, the Jackets knew that the Tigers were going to be ready. Tech ' s defense was magnificent holding the no- ' tion ' s highest scoring offense to 26 points below its overage. The ballgame was close as one school matched the other blow for - blow. At halftime the score was tied 7-7 and ■-? ' -.1 xL- I -L 1.1.. i.L:_ J 1... 1.1.. 1 «v • ui iiic ciiu ui IMC iiiiiu Ljuuriei, irie (.uuni was deadlocked at 14-14. Dudish led the offense to its first score after a 60-yard march. The second score followed quickly i after a fumble was recovered by Buck Shiv- er on the Auburn 20-yard line. Auburn drove to the Tech one yard line late in the fourth quarter but Carson ' s Raiders shut the door. On fourth down the Tigers decided to try field goal, even though Jeff Ford hod ' blocked an earlier attempt. Auburn con- verted, however, and escaped Grant Field with a 17-14 victory. A week later the Jackets travelled to Los Angeles to meet Southern California ' s Tro- jans. Outweighed by 20 pounds a man, the tough Jackets led 1 0-0 in the second quarter before Southern Col put fifteen points on the board. Tech fought back and held an (continued) i «»:i.« LEFT: Chip Pallman strains for a Dudish pass while trying to ovoid Southern California defender. BELOW LEFT: Kenny Bounds bulls his way through the Auburn defense using second effort to goin extra yardage. BELOW: Jeff Ford bursts through to block a crucial Auburn field goal ottempt. BOTTOM: Steve Horkey tries to turn the end for big yardage, but is in the grasps of a Southern Cal de- fensive end. . i: k yi •♦ - J f dL : ,r. HOMECOMING: •r Ci »S5 . ' : f --ifm -M . ft?? " I. ; 18-15 lead late in the gome. The Trojan quarterback unleashed a bomb that put Tech away 22-1 8. Trying desperately to get back in the game, the Jackets fumbled the ensuing kickoff and Southern Cal quickly converted to pad their victory margin. Bud Carson ' s warriors showed enough spunk to cause one California radio announcer to re- mark, " This bunch didn ' t leave their hearts after the game out on that field, the y left their souls. " Meeting Duke in the annual Homecom- ing game, Georgia Tech finally got back on the winning track. Jack Williams led the Jackets to victory. Brent Cunningham ran through, over, and around the Blue Devils, covering 190 yards in 33 carries. A soggy field did not slow down either team as 793 yards of combined offense was amassed. Herman Lam ' s touchdown reception late in the contest iced the game for Tech. Final score: 20-7. In New Orleans against Tulane, the Yel- low Jackets had an off day. The Green Wave scored first, but Tech quickly struck back. Tech moved within field goal range two times in the second half, but Jack Moore failed to convert. Tulane drove 60 yards for the clincher and Tech absorbed defeat number five, 14-7. On a cold night in November, 40,000 shivering fans at Grant Field witnessed (continued) 0 ' Sn ? " ' ' -i .. r ' W A A WIN IN THE RAIN FAR LEFT: Quarterback Jack Williams receives the snap and prepares to drop back for a pass. LEFT: Perdoni and Beavers capture a Blue Devil. BELOW LEFT: Eluding sev- eral Duke tocklers, Cunningham heads for paydirt. BELOW: The traditionally fired up Homecoming crowd watches the game in awe. 4 . ----m ' " J S, what millions of television viewers did, as the Jackets met always powerful Notre Dame. The game was nationally televised. Bobby Dodd dressed up his players and his football field, but not the quality of football Tech played. Four pass interceptions and two fumbles helped the Irish to a 31-0 lead midway through the second quarter. Jeff Ford intercepted a pass and returned it 102 yards for Tech ' s first score. The Jackets out- played and outscored Notre Dame in the second half, 1 4-7, but the first half was the margin of difference as the Irish returned to South Bend with a 38-20 victory. The sec- ond half was the making of this football team and mode the final game upset possi- ble. It is likely also that it forged a real win- ning football team for Carson and his staff for the coming year. A week ' s breather let Tech rest for the big game of the year. Saturday rolled around and the Bulldogs were on The Flats, waiting to eat up the Yellow Jackets. On the first of- fensive series. Jack Williams took Tech to Georgia ' s ten-yard line. The Jackets missed another scoring opportunity in the first (continued) fi B quarter when an over-anxious halfback dropped a pass. The defense completely stalled every Bulldog offensive attempt, and Georgia punter Spike Jones hod quite a v orkout during the afternoon. The most perfect eighty-yard drive of the " season was launched by Williams early in the second period. Mixing his plays and using a new formation, he moved the Jack- ets to paydirt in six minutes, scoring the touchdown himself on a one-yard plunge. The defense protected a shaky six point lead for 5 more minutes and the Yellow Jackets went to the dressing room contem- plating the second half. The second half hod fans up and down as Tech thwarted one Bulldog offensive threat after another. Three interceptions by Bubba Hoots, playing safety for the first time, and one by Jeff Ford helped seal the victory. All Wil- liams hod to do was eat the ball three times in a row for no gain and the clock ran out. The victory marked the first time Vince Doo- ley has ever lost to Tech, the first Bud Car- son victory over Georgia, and the first time Dooley has been shut out in his five years at (continued) JACKETS MAKE IRISH, ARA SWEAT ' LEFT: Chip Pallman is wide open as he receives a Jack Williams pass. BELOW LEFT: Cunningham turns the cor- ner and heads upfield. BELOW: Jeff Ford intercepts and returns the ball 100 yards for a touchdown against Notre Dame. ' ' f ' p ' r -J, r K - ( «U_ - . ,_J. ..Ji - ' • stt grSff ' M, ' C y ' .i . vr fi Nn • " ' j 5fc " ' ij;.H|ft Athens. A spontaneous celebration erupted on the Yellow Jacket bench that will proba- bly last for a year. Next season looks promising for the Jack- ets. Coach Carson will return for his fourth year. A Freshman squod with many bright spots, including a brilliant quarterback, will move up to the varsity. The offense will be stung by the loss of Mike Bradley and Joe Vitunic but Carson feels that he can fill those jobs adequately. The defense will be strong again with the return of Rock Perdo- ni, Bubba Hoots, Jeff Ford, Dave Beavin, and Mike Wysong. Georgia Tech fans anx- iously await next season, and the Yellow Jacket ' s return to top notch football. a:1 ' d " V " p ' ' ' Mtm 1 A FINAL V CTORY . . . FAR LEFT: Pallman catches another pass in the Georgia gome. LEFT: The Jacket defense stiffens against a Bull- dog plunge. BELOW, FAR LEFT: Brent Cunningham grinds out yardage. BELOW LEFT: Bubbo Hoots returns one of his three interceptions against Georgia. BELOW: Coach Carson rides high atop his footballers after a thrilling 6-0 victory. S. Mi t; • ? £ Ctm Ji9 3 ' ' . .-■. . ATSI-K.. , J! s„ »-.--- ; ■ - , . .; -%; ' i i -.— -.■• " ' ' ' : V ' - ' - I QP- Y ( ' « W ' l THE ONE THAT COUNTS! ; : LEFT: Perdoni tackles a Georgia boll carrier while Tim Broome stands ready to help. ABOVE: Wysong and Shiv- er take a breather. BELOW: Dove Beavin smothers a Georgia quarterback. I Left to Right, Front Row - Alan Hennessey, Bobby Thigpen, Joe Pelf, Gary Faulkner, Charlie Copelond, Ron Pullin, Steve Morgan, Dove AAcCarty, Ed Forror, Proctor Allen, Jim Roundtree, Tony Bolin, Steve Fender, Steve Boulden, Harvey Hardy. Second Row - Jimmy Pruitt, Co-Copt. Tim Mocy, Tom Rittle, David Yowell, Jim Norton, Dick Bowley, Jim McCombs, Co-Copt. Eddie McAshan, Vance Bell, William Gibson, Steve Wilson, Scott Engel, Steve Putnal, Jamie Shields, Rich Tipton, Phillip Gammoge. Third Row - Coach Joe Pittord, Clyde Byers, Doug McCloin, John Westendorf, Ross Brown, Joe Wilkins, Co-Copt. Rod Chadwick, Chip Everhart, Ken Toland, Steve Mehaffey, Mike Barnes, Bobby Helmer, Fred Brockett, Tom Shorrer, Roger Brooke, Mike Milo, Rowland Bradford, Coach Earl Bromlett. Fourth Row - Joe Gaston, John Copelond, Tommy Jones, Bruce Southall, Mike Rosinski, Kevin McNamora, Co-Copt. Mike Oven, Rick Lontz, Steve Honnoy, Tommy TurrenHne, Ty Sig- mund, Co-Copt. Tommy Beck, Jim Arnette, Robert Stribling, Franklin Arnold, Rob Heoly, Wes Sherrill. Kneeling in Front — Head Freshman Coach Dick Bestwick. Not Pictured - Danny Shepherd. ' mm ► - • • ■ »■■■:)] BASKETBALL: TECH GOES TO N.LT.! m mM OPPOSITE PAGE: The men who did it all. LEFT: That, ever-present Seemer jump shot. BELOW: The coaches — Gilbreth, Hyder, and Morrison. » i r The greatest year in the history of Tech basketbalL One would find little dissent if he made this statement to anyone even re- motely aware of the fortunes of this year ' s team. The Tech cagers, under the coaching of the able Whack, made basketball news on more than one occasion. Their success brought with it large crowds; on event al- most forgotten in the recent history of the Tech coliseum and with these crowds come the spirit which has always been the key- note of Tech athletics. Tech finished with a 1 6-9 record and a bid to the N.I.T. tournament at Madison Square Garden in New York. However, the rood to this outstanding achievement was not an easy one. The Jackets started out like a ball of fire and it appeared as though de- feat would never mar the record. Georgia was one of the early victims and it wasn ' t even close. Christmas Vacation approached and the victories disappeared as Tech lost three of its next four. Two of these losses come at the hands of U.C.L.A. and Indiana in the Bruin Classic. The team did not lose heart, however, and proceeded to win five ' ' ' ma 0B ' ' Afe in a row and compile a 10-3 record. This was shortlived as the roundballers went to the worst slump of the season and lost four of the next five. Many believed this was the end of the road for a good beginning. Then came the shocker of nationwide basketball. Tech won the North-South Classic in Char- lotte. In accomplishing this feat they over- whelmed two of the top ten teams in the country in N. Carolina and N. C. State. These victories assured the team of a well deserved post-season tournament bid. The statistics reflect the talent and ability %revalent in the Tech cogers. They hit a biit tering 52% from the field. They ranked fifth in the country in percentage shooting. Rich Yunkus, Bill Mayer, Bob Seemer, John Ver- yzer, and Jim Thorne were responsible for this noteworthy achievement. Reserves John Hoggle, Tommy Tayler, Howard Thompson, and Richie Wright also gave fine perform- ances when called into action. Bob Seemer and Bill Mayer averaged over twelve pts. o game and provided valuable board strength. Jim Thorne was the floor leader and sparked the pressing defense which won many a game. When one looks at the statistics, the record speaks for itself. Rich Yunkus has to rote as one of the big factors in this year ' s success. His overage of 30.4 ranked in the nation ' s top ten, and his 84.6 free-throw percentage was equqjied by few. He drew nothing but praise from his opponents and many called him the best big man in college basketball. He was named to several all-America teams including an aca- demic first team. W -■s •a »-■ V»e? ' 1 HA A4Jt 1 V ' ._: fliliiillill THE SECRET: GOOD SHOOTIN ' , HARD PLAYIN ' tiilt i m " rh • •is,..-.- ' ' t-rAjC., ' M. V OPPOSITE PAGE, ABOVE: A Jacksonville jock goes up for two. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOnOM: One more free point for the Jackets. LEFT: A simple layup made hard by a seven-foot defender. BELOW: The patented fast break. m r :y. f-rv m kV ivi ■nT t m- V iiui«iU V» W» mi ».:• !• BIG MEN, BIG CROWDS, ' U V%1 i«u«iit tm 102 V ■y .-%v BIG EXCITEMENT •rf fv -. K - ft K The N.I.T. brought both joy and sorrow. We showed thot we were a power to be reckoned with in our defeat of the Dukes in the first round. The team fell to St. Johns in a controversial quarter-final game. Whack Hyder deserves nothing but praise for the way he molded an exciting, winning team. OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT: Wilson cant argue with 7 ' 2 " . OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Aw, cmon, I just want to shoot. OPPOSITE PAGE, BOTTOM: Rich, up and in for two. LEFT: They ' ll learn soon enough not to let Rich have many of these. ii GEORGIA TECH S VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM 1969-1970 SEASON left to Right, Sining - Rich Wright, Rich Yunkus, Bob Seemer, Tommy Wilson, Ken Dovis. Standing — Allan Tison, John fHoggle, Jim Thorne, Bill Mayer, Howard Thompson, John Veryzer, Tommy Toylor, Frank Samoylo, Clyde Fore and Manager Jim Vander Plaats. BASEBALL: GOOD TEAM, FAIR SEASON The 1969 Baseball team led by Coach " Diamond Jim " Luck had another success- ful season. The hustling Jackets got off to an impressive start, compiling on 8-2 record against an invasion of Northern College teams. A combination of good hitting and pitching helped the team to a 16-12 season record. Sluggers Phil Cordv ell, Lloyd and Floyd Harris, Bobby Gibson, and Bronnon Boni- fay delivered the Jacket hitting punch. Bobby Gibson broke a school record for runs scored. Tech ' s battery had a good year. Catcher Dove Glover and Pitchers Phil Hudson, Gory Steele, Mike Sorrow, and relief pitch- er Jerry Owen compiled a team ERA of under 3.00. The big victories of the yeor were against highly ranked rival Florida State and arch rival Georgia. The Yellow Jacket nine upset FSU behind the pitching of Phil Hudson and David Vittur. The Bulldogs were tamed by Gary Steele in a close 1-0 duel. Tech won two out of three games against Georgia. Coach Luck is very optimistic about next yearsteam which will be relying heavily on its returning pitching staff. However, adjust- ments must be made in t he infield to stregth- en the defense. ABOVE: Southpaw Ace Gary Steele hurls a fastball against Georgia. RIGHT: Fred Williams slaughters the King s English os (OPPOSITE PAGE, LEFT) a Tech batter gets a hit, drives in a run. f .y. ' fh y . ' m ' if I ■?:; - in! r x r iJ m _ 4 -:: " ' • ■ -■ ■ ' -■ -., 1 ■1 HV " B k i 4Sj Id; ' «f1a y :rSrf " - ■-— ♦--j;- II Front Row Left to Right - Lloyd Horris, Bobby Gibson, Captain Floyd Horns. Larry Elliott, Head Coach Jim Luck, David Glover, Chip Kays, David Vittur and Mike Sorrow- Second Row - Student Manager Phil Waters, Jim Hargrove, Jerry Owen, Bubbo Lee, Phil Hudson, Phil Cordwell, Gory Steele, Bronnon Bonifoy, Dennis Davis, Rob Bradley and Student Manager Don Faulk. sVt f i 1 Well into his fifth year as Head Track Coach at Georgia Tech, Buddy Fowlkes has transformed mediocre cinder squads into well respected, record-setting teams. In 1969, eight individual records fell. Ben Vaughn, recognized as one of the worlds great sprinters, owed many specta- tors with the dazzling running style that has earned him records in the 1 00 and 220 yard dashes. Other record setters include Jim An- derson in the 880 yard run, John Walton in the 2 mile run, and Sam Etheridge in the pole vault. The few supporters that happened to see Tech ' s thinclads perform lost year were sel- dom disappointed, as each meet was action packed. The win over Georgia was a pleas- ant victory as Tech humiliated the Bulldogs. Another highlight came at the Southeastern U.S.T.F.F. Meet in Jonesboro, where Tech proved to be the top team in Georgia and second in the Southeast. la J C ABOVE RIGHT: Rich Yunkus goes up and over. ABOVE RIGHT CENTER; Vaughn poises in the starting blocks. RIGHT: John Walton pulls away in the high hurdles. 1 J§ CINDERMEN SMASH RECORDS ■■ ■ :mc. LaMBa! FAR LEFT: Ben Vaughn, the world ' s third fastest human, streaks to a first place finish in the 1 00 yard dash. LEFT: Sam Etheridge strains to clear the bar at 1 4 ' 6 " , but has to settle for 14 ' 0 " TECH " 4ti ' 1 GEORGIA TECHS 1969 TRACK TEAM First Row, Left to Right — Arthur Hoffman, Jim Anderson, Joe Majors, Brent Cunningham, Honk Brockin, Richard McCrea, Sam Etheridge, Herman Lom. Second Row - Barney Dunlop (Manager), Andy Hudson, Jimmy Knight, John Walton, Frank Madonio, Ben Vaughon, Ken Nosh, Jock Ronsbotham, Chris Purvis, Som Clarke (Manager) Top Row - Rich Yunkus, Jimmy Mullicon, Carry Sartoin, Byron Covey, Carl Bedingfield, Bill Bondy, Paul Levy, Greg Adams, Chuck Tyler and Terry Muirheid. HARRIERS REMAIN ON TOP Under the expert eye of Dean George C. Griffin, the 1969 edition of the Georgia Tech Cross Country Team, known for its prowess on the course, finished with the now-expected winning season. It was a good season. The Jacket leg men won the Georgia State Intercollegiate Championship and the Atlanta Track Club Championship while finishing third in both the Aldridge and the Callaway meets. Dur- ing the season Tech overpowered South Carolina, Georgia State, Clemson, and Western Carolina. However, Auburn, Flori- da State, and Florida proved to be narrowly, better than the men from Tech. Due to the loss of Hudson, the Tech team failed to reach its full potential. it The 1 969 Cross Country Team: Bottom Row — Dunlap (Mgr.), Mojors, Goodman, Walton, Knight (Captain), Hudson, Blisset, Whitmer, John (Asst. Mgr.). Top Row — Eckhardt, D ' Alleiso, Pruitt, Little, Brown, Bairneou, Shear- son, Hicky, Margraves. r- ff The Georgia Tech Soccer Club carries on a never-ending battle against ignorance and indifference by perpetuating on cam- pus the fore-runner of present-day football. Soccer, fast becoming a major spectator sport in the United States, is not yet a varsity sport in many Southern colleges. However, the Georgia Tech Soccer Club is one of the few " winners " on campus. Playing many teams in this area including college teams, area soccer clubs, and military teams, the Yellow Jackets show their stuff and more often than not come out on top. Led by Bruce Madden, the Soccer team is destined to be a leader in bringing colle- giate soccer to the South. ABOVE LEFT: A beautiful sove by a Tech goalie. ABOVE: The ball is up for grabs — or is it? LEFT: Speaking of punting . . . Kl T PUNTS " • ' , ' ' , ' X ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ,■■ ■■■_ ' ■■■■■ ' ■ ' ' ' f ' • ' ' ■ , ' , ' ■■ ' f , ' ' i ' ■ ' ' ' . ' ' ' , , ' . ' , ' , ' 1 -. ' .MJ.-. ' .-. . ' , ' ■,■. , , , , . i , , , , i i I -• ) - •. ' ■. ' . ' ' . ' , ' ' ' ' , , , , I , . .1 J ■ ■- , ■.,.,, I ,,,,,,.:• y i . ■ 1 I , , , . i . • ■ , , I , , , 1 I , I I ■ I I I . , I I • I ■ , .: . • I t , t J ■ I • .1 I y I f ' With their rackets held at the ready the 1 969 Yellow Jacket netters set out with high hopes. But when the last set was over, the team faced a dismal 4-8 record. The tennis team either won convincingly, or lost by the narrowest of margins. Only once was a loss lopsided, and, unfortunate- ly, that was against Georgia. Such names as Baxter, Menke, Sloane, Speicher, Turville, and Yellin will be remembered for giving their best for Mother Tech. Coach Jack Rodgers should hove a more productive season in 1 970 with mony veter- ans returning. ABOVE: The 1 969 Tennis Team (standing, L to R): Chuck Sloane, Larry Turville, Bob Speicher, Coach Jack Rodg- ers, Steve Menke; (kneeling) Chris Baxter and Steve Yel- lin. RIGHT: Larry Turville saves a near nniss with a back- hand. OPPOSITE PAGE: A blazing serve by stolwart Bob Speicher. - ■■ i -JS iBa ! » ■ " x) . ' I J .. ii i. ' »% • « A NEAR MISS rf t .%c - » 1 • ' r V- y GRAPPLER DBt " H W. dii Z Z i« Sm ■w,. ' .» mUM Georgia Tech had long been known as a standout in athletics, but until this year the ability of the Yellow Jackets on the mats has been less than outstanding. However, the 1970 Wrestling Team set new records and completely floored many of their oppo- nents. Gaining more respect in every match, the Tech Motmen caught many of their South- ABOVE: A Tech wrestler dumps his opponent. RIGHT: r 111- 1.1- The scoreboard tells the tale. BELOW: An expert maneu- ern foes unaware and quickly pmned their inescoreooaraieis e ' r- ygP py,5 points on the board for Tech. way into wrestling perfection. As the season progressed, such rivals as Tennessee and Florida fell by the wayside. Tech ' s superb conditioning and style were surpassed only by a few Northern challengers who have - long known wrestling as a major sport in their individual regions. In coming seasons Coach Lowell Longe ' s men could prove to be not only Tech ' s best ever but also a sturdy group to shatter the hopes of all opponents. North and South alike. Such names as Billy Saville, Jerry Goldstein, Jim Morrison, Dean Goodman, Dan Wehby, and others will long be re- membered as the athletes who helped bring Tech Wrestling to the forefront. s g TECH- 2 I ' 4, ik .?i GYMNASTICS: END OF AN ERA Bo M • — — . f i jimaaiji 7 I I ' ll TOP ABOVE: Rob Mitchell shows his strength and ability on the rings. LEFT: A Tech star does o flip coming off the bar. BELOW: Charlie Peeples muscles his way lo scoring points. This year the gymnastics team was ably guided to an even season of four wins and four losses by senior captain Garth Freeman and all-round sophomore Flo Lovelace. The highpoint of the season was a triple meet where Tech hosted both Florida and Florida State. Here our gymnasts were rewarded for their many hours of practice when they dominoted both teams and captured the three-way meet by winning four first places. Rob Mitchell and Charlie Peeples were out- standing on the rings, and Ted Cyr, Ken Groover, Ron Wise, and Jock Gimpson did a fine job on the high bar and side horse. Coach Lyie Welser retires this year with twenty-five years of coaching behind him. Good luck to a wonderfully dedicated man. ' . . ..v. ' ' ' ,mfa?i-. ' i ' .(.:iY. SWIMMERS SHOW POISE Under the leadership of ccxich Herb McAuley, the swimming team faced much the same schedule as last year. The future is bright — this season ' s crew of freshmen should prove a big factor in bettering last year ' s 7-8 season. This year saw many school records fall. The first two meets pro- duced five school records crushed by fresh- man Chuck Marmor, transfer Steve Heck, returning junior Don Karonovich, and sen- ior John Savage. Other returning standouts included freestylers Bill Hardin, Merrill Moter, Harry McCanless, Perky Von Gontard, butterfliers Tom Washburn, and George Ways, and breoststroker Jon Gripp. Diving was one of Tech ' s strongest events with junior Allan Spreen and freshman Jim Hellman taking the honors. A host of freshmen will provide the bulk for the future seasons, including such standouts as Joe Daves, Bill McLellan, Mike Justus, Scott Boddy, Tom Gissendon- ner, and John Fouerboch. Co-captains of this year ' s team were John Savage and Bill Hardin. TOP: A Tech diver shows perfect form. ABOVE: The race is on! RIGHT: The 1 970 edition of the Yellow Jacket Swimming Team with Coach McAuley. I i ' W , ' V « ' ' ' fV " ' . ' - ' GOLFERS GAIN EXPERIENCE ■; iV ' y-r The golf team in 1 969 improved substan- tially over the team of a year before — at least in record. Led by stalwarts such as Captain Skinny McWilliams, Marsha Hughes, Cuthbert Walker, and Arnold F. Brown, the team compiled an amazing 8-7 record for the year. Perhaps the highlight and greatest disappointment of the year came when Tech lost to NCAA Champs Florida by one stroke. Coach Piaxico ex- pected a real upset, but the Jackets blew their lead on the last hole. The team played well all year. Len McWilliams played well enough in Florida during the spring break to receive several newspaper stories on his gome. It will be hard to replace a man of his quality, but with Mel Hughes and Frank Brown, his loss probably will not be felt. With such excellent freshman prospects as the Wand and Dash Riprock, Coach Piaxico is quite confident of a strong showing in 1970, also. • T. ; SCORES WRESTLING (WON 10, LOST 7) k fle H Kr TECH OPPONENT 1 il m 1 SWIMMING j ' f M 9 m 26 17 DUKE N. C. STATE 15 19 i % (WON 6, LOST 8) Ks 1 ■ It 20 34 AUBURN TROY STATE 14 5 ' LJ ■■ TECH 51 OPPONENT GEORGIA 60 ' ' mwrM 1 9 APPALACHIAN 23 56 BIRMINGHAM 41 m j 28 L.S.U. 10 ■ 55 EMORY 48 J MANKATO STATE 36 47 KENTUCKY 61 T 1 6 9 INDIANA VPI 27 23 - 63 50 UNION COLLEGE WEST GEORGIA 49 45 FOOTBALL 21 HARVARD 17 ■ 11 CITADEL (WON 4, LOST 6) 21. 28 GEORGIA CITADEL 16 14 ' 49 55 VANDERBILT EMORY 64 52 OPPONENT 37 CHICAGO 3 GOLF 57 SEWANEE 49 SMU 21 8 ILLINOIS STATE 29 (WON 8, LOST 7) 49 MIAMI 64 BAYLOR 10 41 F.S.U. 43 DUKE 61 CLEMSON 21 30 TENNESSEE 10 TECH OPPONENT 31 CLEMSON 73 TENNESSEE 26 2 E. MICHIGAN 31 390 FLA. 370 47 MOREHOUSE 66 AUBURN 17 377 AUBURN 373 50 TULANE 63 SO. CAL 29 3 GEORGIA 24 DUKE 7 370 VANDERBILT 390 TULANE 14 370 FLA. 369 .- - NOTRE DAME 38 370 WOFFORD 372 M ' GEORGIA 373 373 373 12 ' 2 10 ' j 9 ' j 398 398 20 AUBURN GEORGIA TENNESSEE WOFFORD EAST TENN. S.C. COLUMBUS GA. STATE GA. STATE 379 364 363 5 ' 2 7 ' 2 18 ' 2 399 395 7 • w; ' b; ' :vv; a ■ " " T K SSK • L««« «« V J TENNIS ! (WON 4, LOST 8) TECH OPPONENT 9 DAVIS ISLAND CLUB 4 ROLLINS 5 H S 4 MIAMI 5 8 COLUMBIA 1 7 INDIANA 2 r • ■JvH - 1ft 4 SO. ILL. 5 •1 GEORGIA 8 4 CLEMSON 5 3 S. CAROLINA 6 BASKETBALL (WON 16, LOST 7) 4 GEORGIA 5 9 OGELTHORPE 4 F.S.U. 5 FECF 1 OPPONENT 72 92 VIRGINIA GEORGIA 4 8 9 PS ' ' V H 68 OKLA. CITY 5 4 kMvvv ' ' ' V ' S H 87 RICE 5 7 Hh ' - ' ' ' I 66 SMU 77 HP ' v.-; 1 97 90 SAMFORD UCLA 76 121 pii- ■ 65 100 INDIANA SO. ILL. 87 71 } Mi ' : ' : , 1 96 CLEMSON 84 Hk; u .jgH 78 TULANE 72 88 86 FURMAN AUBURN 61 74 L r - li, ' ' ' ; ' ' - . 78 CLEMSON 88 K( ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 83 FLA. STATE 89 E r ■ 1 71 51 69 OHIO ST. AIR FORCE GEORGIA 74 48 74 ■ ' ■_ ' ,, ' ■SBHKt S H 92 oo P ' BURGH N. C. ST. 62 77 B V 89 B 104 N. C. 95 ' H 101 GA. STATE 62 : H 80 FLA. ST. 97 B r 86 TULANE 76 H ■ 81 JVILLE 86 ' 1 ;i BASEBALL (WON 16, LOST 12) jf»rv TECH OPPONENT 12 FURMAN 7 1» Hiit ;nAip 9 w ■KjCB 1 j 11 HILLSDALE fi w_— ' H 6 MILLIGAN 1 Jp JT 10 MILLIGAN 9 5 BOLLING GREEN 6 15 19 DePAUW 1 WILLIAM MARY 5 ' mSf 17 OLIVET 1 a ■ 7 4 WEST LIBERTY 5 TULANE 6 fc 8 WM. JEWELL 1 i JB. ' ' . 1 6 2 N.C. 10 WM. JEWELL 1 TRACK 4 CHATTANOOGA 8 (WON 2, LOST 2) 4 9 CLEMSON 3 CHATTANOOGA OPPONENT 8 FURMAN 3 S.C. 68 2 JACKSONVILLE 3 EAST TENN. 87 JACKSONVILLE 3 S.E. COLLEGIATE 111 1 GEORGIA 3 GEORGIA 54 1 F S. U. 2 8 4 2 9 F S. U. 5 STETSON 5 STETSON 6 GEORGIA 2 1 BERRY BERRY 1 I i r« ' Sg? " l As " T -■ , f ' S ■ »M.S1 - jn - ' i In, . ». W 1 W , - -V- - -V. r -, m VA INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council is now seek- ing areas through which they may serve the Tech fraternity system. Among many of the ways that they are helping to aid the system are such things as the organization of Sym- posium 70, a dynamic panel on drug abuse; the IFC blood drive; an IFC forum on the rush systems and its merits; to mention only a few. Many of the other projects in- clude the Empty Stocking fund, a reorgani- zation of the rush system and programs on pledge education, housing, alumni relations and finances. With such a successful year as this, one can easily see why the Georgia Tech Interfraternity Council was recently ranked second in the nation by the National Interfraternity Council. ■ 7 V i ' - " e Bon ,g ?. ,_ " TlTi- :. - fi -£ ALPHA XI DELTA 1. Tricia Bridges 2. Beth McDaniel 3. KokoMcCall 4. Barb Bryan 5. Dione Jones 6. Stephanie Hamilton 7. Morjorie Thomizer 8. Kothy Coldren 9. Susie Hiscox 10. Fran Nolen 1 1 . Carol Lyon 1 2. Becky Wotkins 13. Karen Smith 14. Judy Hood 1 5. Liz Burson 16. Gwen Khadishov 17. Lynn Milam 18. Carol Finney 19. Kathy Rikker 20. Jenny Crowder 21. Ellen Evatt 22. Cissy Worthington 23. Lory Dranchek 24. Jan Wolman 25. Kay Adams 26. Mary Catherine Martin 27. Lee Gostin 28. Teresa Peters 29. Barb Burn 30. Susie Reilman 31. Camile Capo 32. Mikki Bodor 33. Geri Durkin 34. Katie Desatta 35. Joy Halyburton 36. Camille Wells 37. Marcia Dawson 38. Nina Johnston 39. Cynthia Samra 40. Shelley Wilkinson ' ' ' v1 : ; ff; !f € ' . fi V ALPHA EPSILON PI 1 . Bart Agrow 2. Alan Silver 3. Lee Beitchman 4. Harvey Berman 5. Joe Forer 6. John Ives 7. Louis Polonsky 8. Kent Harris 9. Harold Cohen 10. Barry Gould 1 1 . Mike Specter 12. Mark Zwecker 13. Richard Flansbaum 14. Sonny Jockman 15. Paul Levy 16. Barry Kronman 17. Bruce Beerman 18. Barry Wolfson 19. Jerry Moskovitz 20. John Chaifetz 21 . Jerry Goldstein 22. Ira Richter 23. Paul Polk 24. Art Superior 25. Gory Cutson 26. Richard Gardner 27. Gordon Berman 28. Neil Lefkove 29. Barry Flink 30. Rib Hossett 31. Albert Good 32. Mike Cenker 33. Ed Greenberg 34. Dick Freeberg 35. Mark Bohn 36. Danny Rom 37. Mark Kres 38. Mike Karin 39. Rob Hazen 40. Ed Scheer 41 . Richard Ferrozzuolo 42. Rick Cohen 43. Harold Tyber 44. Ron Verner 45. Steve Goldstein 46. Tom Hoffenson 47. Ricky Brooks 48. Herb Miller 49. Nilton Melomed 50. David Wagmen 51 . Bob Lipsky 52. Ronnie Beerman 53. Horry Patz J J, V • ' :: i I ' : - -i z. J : ••- 3 r : -J • ■ ' - _ . j «» - ■ a - ' . - _-( J J -J A ■.%. - ' , r •It p f, tPSILON Pi 2£TA CHAPTER ALPHA TAU OMEGA 1 . Carl Norman 2. Adair Waters 3. Melton Hood 4. Mork Howell 5. Jack Helinger 6. Ed Hill 7. Dave Brown 8. Art Murray 9. Lorry Livingston 10. Don Howard 11. Bobby Rodgers 12. Neil " Nurd " Anderson 13. Kenny Groy 14. Jim Mozely 15. " Cool Hand " Luke 16. Gordon Price 1 7. Mike Wetherbee 18. John " Hot Dog " Hov on 19. Terry " Groid " Tindel 20. Ann Loney 21. Terry Simmons 22. Rick Hutchins 23. Cheryl Chooncey 24. Charlie Mouze 25. Emily Gillespie 26. Jerry Davis 27. Morcio Welch 28. KoKoMcColl 29. " T. Tommy " Hassett 30. Carolyn Hassett 31. B.C.W.M. " Crane " Elllston 32. Sue Snead ■ 33. Chris Pyles 34. Gail Whitlow 35. Donovan West 36. Fred Adams 37. Tommy Lowhorne 38. " Mom " Davis 39. Jim Daniel 40. Chuck Hixon 41. " Deebo " Peterson 42. Miss Leslie Buchanan — sweetheart 43. Jim Thompson 44. Ray Magoro 45. Jan Thibodeou 46. Dudley Powell | 47. Joanne Lee 48. Laura Reeves 49. " Robbie " Peterson 50. Michael Hunter 51. Spider Webb 52. John Graham m A I ' J ' vA ' ' Xi " ■ ' ■ - ; ; -.1? ■ mmik - ' ' «i iilii||i ■«::» - ' -fl| Tr HI i 1. p. G. Para 25. Gene Rush 2. Joe Fraser 26. Greg Cox 3. Andy Vaughn 27. Eric Brown 4. Blake Bunnell 28. Bob Anderegg 5. Beege 29. Ray Douglas 6. Howard Thompson 30. Joe Muggins 7. Dole Moehle 31. Russell Little 8. Danny Rodgers 32. Bruce Wallach 9. John Lee 33. Byrne Stewart 10. Greg Morgan 34. Al Hartley 11. Hugh Davis 35. Pam Bornett 12. Randy Walker 36. Jim Cheek 13. Ed Taylor 37. Jim Swonson 14. Neil Derosa 38. Beth Teeple 1 5. Morrie Herzberg 39. Bill Patterson 16. Mother Brown 40. Mike Frank 17. Henry Roberts 41. Charlie Hartge 18. Steve Lindsley 42. Ray Greene 19. Rick Heyward 43. John Veryzer 20. Greg Braniff 44. Bernie Craig 21 . Jack Wynn 45. Andy Pratt 22. Cherie Stevens 46. Bob Smith 23. Greg Wilkes 47. Brue Chandler 24. Tom Clark 48. Gray Morrison BETA THETA i ■Ar f 1 . Robbie Ogilvie 2. Tom Snyder 3. Charles Revell 1 Rob Willins J. Steve Riddle 6. Howard McQueen 7. Jim Colson 8. Rick Merkel 9. Ali Buller 10. John Dickerson 11. Eric Roberts 12. Bill Burnette 1 3. John Puder 14. Rusty Sewell 1 5. Bob Goble 16. Nick Schlageter 17. Harvey Hardy 18. Toby Miller 19. Lenny Niemi 20. Bruce Jennings 21. Rick Johnson 2. JoeWode 23. Tom Schner 24. John Maguire 25. Henry Cobb 26. Bill Holman 27. Al Jennings 28. Lomor Lombee 29. Sam Strickland 30. Jim Schnurr 31. George MacGregor 32 Jim Prater 33. Lorry Kelley 34. Chris Henderson 35. Howard Reid 36. Mike OSheosy 37. Bob Topper 38 Ed Hopkins 39. Greg LoHatte 40. Don Wingate 41. Scott Kuoell 42 Rob McClure 43. Steve Fender 44. Joe Johnson 45. Tom Robertson f V • • ' • . — ' » s : m - i . 1 . S WT ' Mi5 J i irMi ' v - CHI PSI Gary Ardis Mike Henry Ward Randall Kim Ives Sam Johnston Eric Carlson Randy Childs Bob Nllschke Randy Cockrill Tom Latimer Donny Roy Scott Holton Paul Stone Dwight AAaloney John Moore Ken Borrick Ray Gorman Andy tHudson Tom Hudson Bruce Johnston Richard Cheong Horry Leovengood Ed Moolendar Tom Sosser Dave Peebles Jim Kosulka Allen Bond Ken Padgett Lorry Teosley Allan Stockhouse Jim Barnhill Geary Tanner Doug Miller Kirk Keene Roy Vonderford Grady Barnhill Steve Hendrix Rodger Elkins Bill Bolson v.-:.SiP . - ' S. i c S r. ' j « r Chattahooth Queen ee . -4f- ■ fe h iA DELTA SIGMA PHI 1 Ron Edwards 2 Cole Murphy 3 Chip Pollmon 4 Lairy Bolen 5 Bob Rieger 6 Steve Johnson 7 Rugged Jim Coleman 8 Lorry Red Eye Patrick 9. Don Ru2ic 1 Sietske Van Werkum 1 1 Lorry Mohoney 12. Jock Mocgregor 13 Sam Piper 14. Bert Cuola Wolts 15 Terry Whitley 16 Joe Puskor 17 Marilyn Robinson 18 Jim McGettrick 19. Bruce Stephenson 20 Noncy Smith 21 Steve Aid ridge 22 Sam Spaceman ' Keith 23. Mike Chirico 24 Joe Pollack P esser 25. Phil Churchman 26. Brad Pseudo Childs 27. Dean Goodman 28 Lynn Hamilton 29. Ed Macbride 30. Bob Hoote ' Gibson 31 . Mike Berry 32 Will McColl 33 Steve Mon Mountain Joiner 34 Rich Gregory 35 Mike Espisito 36 Fred Boyd yffvY j, ?.i= :m ' ' ' I I v-» 1 y i h ' U ' ,. ' ,•5 ., ?■ ■ ■ ; ' ' ' ; ' ■ ■. ■ ■■- ' C ' Si3 t0. r ;V,V,: V-i» .«(,,-»; ■rV; r ? ' . V .f ' , 5 ' i .: ■■« ' •(. ' i »j v ■ ' ;; ' ' ) ' ' ■■■ ._ T % .v ' : . " , r w - i DELTA TAU $ DELTA . 1. Dave Fiveash ,■ 2. John Cocowifch 3. Bob Crowder 4. Rhett David 5. Cavett Taff 6. Steve Keiier 7. Greg Gordon 8. Les Johnson , 9. Susan Park 10. Dale Kays 1 1 . Moxie Huddleston 1 2. Dick Dutro 3. Doug Borr 14. Andy Winson 1 5. Barry Murphy 1 6. Steve Collins 17. John Kelly ' 18. Bruce Novell 19. Mike Jones 20. Steve McGorvey 21. Mark Benson 22. Tim Putnam 23. Chuck Lynch 24. Mike Justus 25. John Lohr 26. Lance Brady 27. Bob Clayton ; 28. Chuck Smith 29. Florida 30. Tom Henry 31. John Whaley 32. Mike Oakes - ' 33. Joel Orr 34. Rick Conneley 35. Dorrell Long , 36. Bob Green 37. Jack Gimson 38. Mike Urrutio 39. Steve Johns 40. Larkin Hipp 41. Rob Beike 42. John Hammel 43. Rick Urrutio 44. Tom Jones 45. Ron Sumrow 46. Bob Spencer 47. Lonny Sta r 48. Tom Coleman 49. Walt Keiser 50. Craig Lentzsch 51. Wayne Motchett 52. John Woolerly 53. Bob Blumberg 54. Scolty Dodson 55. Tom Ed Smith 56. Paul Hodge 57. Dick Stabler 58. Jack Knight 59. Steve Stevens 60. Dave Purvis 61. Scotter Singletory 62. Jim Dutro 63. Rick Ludlam 64. Wayne Webb DELTA UPSILON 1 . Larry Jones 2. Sieve Duncan 3. Ward Blazier 1. Mike Doyle J. Dave McDonald 6. Brian Rodgers 7. Chuck Herbst 8. Frank LaCorte ' . Lonse Holmes 10. Mike Young 1 1 . Danny Reed 1 2. Steve Spotonuto 13. Steve Lemay 14. Keith Liu 15. John Barr 16. Dove Henderson 17. Dove Pierson 18. Dove Denison 19. Randy Todd 20. Tom Washburn 21. Bruce Doiley 22. Don Cloyton 23. Tommy McTeer 24. Dick Mason 25. Dick Curry 26. Greg Accetto 27. Bill Hoy 28. Walter Barnes 29. Joe Kucic 30. Bobby Topp 31. Mike Spring 32. Maurice Turcotte 33. Bill Anderson 34. Richard Schieber 35. Henry Curtz 36. Don Prouty 37. Steve Kling 38. Ed Marrone 39. Bruce Friedman 40. Ed Buckle 4 1 . Bob Korac 42. Hank Brokin 43. Pete Kurzen 44. Joe Brucella 45. Virgil Collins 46. Billy Dondero 47. Frank Breeden 48. Ned Markle 49. Denver Hough 50. Mike Worley 51. Paul Rietz m ■ ' ■ ' 4 i " - KAPPA ALPHA 1 . David Stancil 2. S. L. Allen III 3. D. Leo Stephens i. Jim Crocker i. Billy Weaver ■S. John Miller . Tom Hogan 8. Jim Harris . Jim Patrick 10. Proctor Berry 1 1 . Carol Crosby 1 2. Jimmy Reese 1 3. Walt Avery 14. Glenn Keife 1 5. Sam Severance 1 6. Remmy Cribb 17. Marshall Mayer 1. Christopher E. Wright I. Chris Walker 20. Gory Harrison 21. Gary Gerhold 22. Roger Harris I. Joe Hall ii. Robbie Lee 25. Skip Anderson 26. Bill Wall 27. Pete McCrory 28. Greg Barnes 29. Jan W. Gripp 30. Steve Cole 31. Ken Groover 32. David Henry 33. George Pugh 34. Bob Harrison 35. Guy Simpson 36. Ben Grimes 37. Ken Love 38. Ben Montgomery 39. Tom Sullivan 40. Gnat Hardin 4 1 . Steve Henderson 42. R. O. Rushton 43. Butch Crouch 44. Bill Hardin - - " Z a ■ ' " " " — .- Jg - y KAPPA SIGMA ) Danny Adams 2. Waltei Puryeor 3. Larry Howkins 4 Tim Eubanks S.KinWhitaker 6. Tommy Thompson 7 . Mike Maschmeyer 8. JohnGilpm 9. Jerry Warren 10. Robert Holloman 1 1 Dave Doily 12. David Brooks 13. Randy Saunders H.JohnLillis IS.DonTolbert 16. Steve Millspough 17. Mike Glover 18. Terry Barrows 19 BillWesscott 20. Steve Norns 21. Rip Rhodes 22.DaveBarrales 23. Lee Morrison 24.Uvalda 25.MikeBeglin 26. Rick Impson 27. John Stafford 28. Paul Puryear 29. Bill Bowers 30. Allon Piggott 31. Tom Dolbo 32. John Hewitt 33. Ken Heyword 34. Steve Hollmgsworth 35. Todd Ettlinger 36.JeffMetcalf 37. Jimmy Anderson 38.DaveSchenk 39. Dan Green 40. Jimmy Brown 4 1 . Scolty Mayf ield 42. Ed Putnam 43. Greg Dovis 44. Steve White 45. Charlie Robinson 46. Ron Wensel 47. Ralph Patterson 48. Donny Pendorvis 49. Marc Roach ■ tv.;! ■ 50. Tommy Penn 51 . John Holiday 52. Robert Seaton Moloney, III 53. Brent Scott 54. Barney Roybold 55. Doug Madam 56. Buddy Brown 57. Ron Ovelsky 58. Blue 59. Frank Madden 60. Jim Heyword 61 . Buzzy Rhodes 62. Neal Perkins 63. Keith Geetman WM m f n h ■ B K-t j 1 HwlS j flj i -! i i _ - J . ' l - " ' » ' ' - fc 5; J ' Jv iVi " 49 ' ' ' i l ' - i LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1 . Richard Thonton 2. Drew Certain 3. Jerry Hightower 4. John Harris 5. Harry Jenkins 6. Dave Robertson 7. Robert Worley 8. Tom Reeder 9. Charles Andrews 10. Allen Vezey 1 1 . Rick Prince 1 2. Hubert Deoton 13. Chip Bogby 14. Craig Hill 15. C. H. S. Mollis 16. Phil Bollheimer 17. Chris Bagby 18. Mike Beorden 19. Craig Duvoll 20. Rick Rosenboum 21. Don Williams 22. Harris Blouser 23. Bill Coffey 24. Billy Stewort 25. Rob Houghton 26. Ed Donnols 27. Mike Waters 28. Ed Witter 29. Steve Metcalfe 30. Greg Fortner 31. Tom Edwards 32. Paul Morris 33. D. C. Robinson 34. George Fleming 35. Mike Reaves 36. Chip Cunninghom 37. Greg Leins 38. Dennis Ledford 39. Ben Dyer 40. Cory Baker 41. Kenny Voorhies 42. Nick Born 43. Rig Duncan 44. Wolt Abel 45. Bob Holbrook 46. Fred Martin 47. Allan Petwoy 48. Chuck Thompson 49. Jim Ris 50. Randy Reynolds 51. Frank Fouike 52. Jim Broy 53. Truck Holbrook 54. Al Adorns 55. John Ivey 56. Lorry Hildreth ■ ■fX • MM SHHI I Ml jMBBMBMBBMlSBBB ESf ssSp ■SSSaSSSS ■ HBHHB I B HBH MBlftlil BH PpHHHB BBB S hm iHIH BjH||BHHH H I mSS Br 1 t ' vv r ' r-f 57. Douggie Hughes 58. Jim Brown 59. Rusty Roesch 60. Rusty Herrington 61. Rich Kent 62. Lee Rich 63. Joe But 64. Chris Moddingly ' 65. Steve Chick 66. Jim Conn 67. Brod Farror 68. Pot Molloy 69. Ed Benton 70. Jimmy Bidwell 71. John Popilarcyzk 72. Chip Wilson 73. Ron Blum 74. Lorry Simmons 75. Bob Reneou 76. Earl Franklin 77. Jim Morrison 78. Mike Zimmerman 79. Chuck Adorns 80. Jock Gates 81. Alan Mownt 82. Choi fM I ■ i ' -., ; . ; vj« • -, ii ;?- f- - • ■■■ ■v. • . rr:. ♦. ■ , ,.. ,. - iT - . . ' tf i ' Ji ' ■ •■ ' !rr •♦ f - 1 r« " v Tw J-»- i-!;! ' ' - PHI DELTA THETA 1. Ashley Whitehurst 2. Tommy Bishop 3. Billy Grist 4. Mike Shea 5. Jimmy Taylor 6. Earle Spurlock 7. Jimbo Liipfert 8. Bill Everitt 9. Frank Butler 10. Bill Lovejoy 1 1 . Mike Mossey ) 2. Robert Melton 13. Gene Bell U. Ed Burdett 15. Richard Knight 16. Bill Hill 17. Brad Brady 18. Jim Spickleneger 19. Dyson Scott 20. Jock Bough 21. Bob Cockerhom 22. Bobby Knight 23. Henry Rigdon 24. Pat Kilimet 25. John Cole 26. Jimmy Mayes 27. Skip Liddell 28. Charlie Choney 29. Joe Brown 30. Emmett Chupp 31. Pot O ' Donnell 32. Charlie Bush 33. Jerry Snow 34. Hugh Horrisson 35. Stan Boungortner 36. Mike Klonk 37. Bill Robinson 38. Rob Black 39. Lowery Tribble 40. Steve Taylor 41. Dennis Davis 42. Charlie Bush 43. Bronnon Bonnifry 44. Ricky Bell 45. Frank Dennis 46. Scott Bryan 47. Ezra Raehel . f fS ' ' .■ ' iS f s .- V. w - : " v ZETA BETA TAU 1 . Morris Nussbaum !. Manny Cadenos I. Larry Zirin Lorry Fishmon . Eliot Bornett Louis Wollen Sam Schwartz 8. Virgil Hornstein 9. Steve Yellin 10. Richard Miller 1 1 . Steve Woldmon 12. Irving Silver 1 3. Monte Kane 14. Andy Aymes 1 5. Louis Weintroub 16. Bill Roberts 17. Sam Lutz 18. Steve Fober 1 9. Honk Rothberg 20. Chorlie Lipsey 21. Steve Seiavitch 22. Sandy Block 23. Arthur Register 24. Bob Smith 25. Marty Burke 26. , Roger Norden 27. Henry Wurzburg 28. Ken Sandler 29. Bob Goldman 30. Don Fox 31. Al Rosen 32. Mark Thalheimer 33. Gory Wochter 34. Alan Dechovitz 35. Mike Weinzimer 36. Dick Reisman 37. Jeff Goodman 38. Bob Lippmon 39. Joel Ackermon 40. Angel Soto 41. Steve Borochoff 42. Fred Perkins 43. Doug Molin 44. Charles Cohn 45. Marty Fried 46. Lorry Ruddermon 47. Wayne Kirsner 48. Bill Fraser 49. Stan Grossman 50. Ralph Bard 51. Wayne Walters 52. Shebo 53. Croig Voron 54. Steve Susoneck 55. Howard Shwiff 56. Fred Levin 57. John Hoyden 58. Mike Goldmeier 59. Rand Helfont 60. Howard Horwitz 61. Rusty Stoeckel 62. Stu Hettleman 63. Bruce Fleischer 64. Leigh Bodner 65. Terry Holtz 66. Dennis Fredette 67. Al Rosenboum 68. Les Zinger i46 The National Chapter of Phi Epsilon Pi has recently merged w ith Zeta Beta Tau and has adopted the name of Zeta Beta Tau. PHI GAMMA DELTA 1. John Parkinson 35. Steve Collins H 2. Lorry Bortner 36. 1 3. Gorrick Bover 37. 1 4, Jim Rhodes 38. George Coleman | 5. Leslie Spencer 39. Jorgeson | 6. Ed Carroll 40. Dempsey | 7. Tonn Fowler 41. Dave Dullum | 8. Steve Andrews 42. John 1 9. Doryl Moore 43. Don H 10. Ron Benson 44. Hellmon | 11. Jeff Pope 45. Wayne Hooper | 12. Sherman O ' Brien 46. Walker H 13. Joe Hunnicutt 47. Ross H 14 Doug BIythe 48. Schmaltz | 15. George Smith 49. John H 16. Doug Long 50. 1 17. Mike Harris 51. Dove Delong | 18. Jim Rountree 52. Sears | 19. 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Irwin Hosea 13. Sherry Lindley 14. George Gunsoules 1 5. Robert Lindley 16. Bob Turner 1 7. Tom Gould 18. Gene Hoire 19. Lew Jomes and Donald 20. Kee Eng 21. Mike Kays 22. Hamilton Sch wartz 23. Cloy Stokes 24. Bill Brown 25. Todd Davis 26. Mike Wright 27. Bob Purser 28. Luke Whiting 29. Bob Rowe 30. Rolph Peterson 31 . Richard Owen ' ■ryj -( ' % ' K l - W -:■ ir;»Kg:ll ' WfT ■ ' »:i ■ :; ' ' A " ■.I; :■:,v ' -y ' • f - i A ft M A A fe ._: . ' ii PHI KAPPA TAU MW ' a ; A. W 1 . Bart Allison 2. John Porter 3. Jeff Wolochik I. Cliff Rinehort 5. Jeff Barnes ' ). Bob Jones ' , John Hammond . Jim Show y. Steve Choddick 10. Alon Miller 1 . Loring Bugbee 12. Randall Jones 1 3. Brad Lambert ,. , . . 14. Louis Pengue 1 5. Don Hendricks . 16. Selene Evans — sweetheart 1 7. Ed Foreman 18. Jim Hammond 19. Doug Moore 20. Jim Feltner 21. Doug Maddox 22. John Peterson 23. Dick Brunig 24. Bob Palmer 25. Richard Combes 26. Gene Brogdon 27. Warren Righter 28. John Rinehort 29. Allan Glover 30. 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Kulokowski 1 2. Dickie Carpenter 13. Fronk Rose 14. Tom Fowler 15. Steve Boldwin 16. Tom Sonville 1 7. Steve Simpson 18. Tony Henderson 19. Mike Braid 20. Jerry Goldbough 21. Ed Simmons 22. Gene Roy 23. Phil McGinty 24. Bill Cochron 25. Danny Collier 26. Dove Gibson 27. Cindy Smith - sweetheart 28. Frank Hohme 29. Russell Cooley 30. Bob Moore Jl. Ed Pollard 32. CliH Robichord 33. Lent Bridges 34. Bill Cochran 35. Dave Driggen 36. Frank Lamb 37. Frank Spears 38. Doug Edwards 39. Lou Musa 40. Gory Jones 41. Sam Hendrickson 42. Roger Henderson 43. Ben Saunders 44. Wode Little 45. Lee Bikus 46. Randy Wilkinson 47. Phil Connell 48. Steve Ragsdale 49. Jock Norman 50. Franklin Arnold 51 . Sam Hudson 52. Dave Winkle 53. Bob Fomby 54. Lytton Coorsey 55. Tom RqwIs 56. John Reeves 57. Jack Ronsbotham 58. Dave Whitehead 59. Cleve Doster 60. Skipper Burns 61. Lester Dollar 62. Longdom Flowers 63. Andy Bussey 64. Tony Lilly 65. Johnny Gerber 66. Jimmy Underwood 67. Jim Rountree 68. Rick Leow 69. Keith Pinkston 70. Bob Thorpe 71. Bob Robichord 72. Bob Dixon 73. Randy Delooch 170 SIGMA PHI EPSILON Wolly Woodard Lamar Fletcher Bill Turner Bill Castlne Ron Harris Tom Hodden Skip Fowler Ed Dovis Randy Zibell Steve Wesner To m Goldrick Glenn Lawson Tony Bolin Dove Ford David Rhodes Brett Salter Bob O ' Donnell Faye Little, Sweetheart Jock Fountain Julian Fletcher Eric Van Court Bob Schack Bill Emerick Todd Merrimon Steve Arrington Steve Allen Dan Kemper Rick Borth Danny Corbett Charlie Gentry Hugh Burnes Bruce Borringer Matt Mastin Louis Rau Chris Verlonder Gory Caruso Bill Tucker Dick Ivey Tom Kloas Joe Pichotta Jim McGough Gary Elom Rusty Overton Alan Adams Rick Mooney R. K. Reynolds Sam Jones Rick Shaurette Sam Mowrey Bob Armstrong v P4 .h 1 % t ■■ ' iv:? III , ii - ■M II, ' n ' - ' ijr . - - ; .: pf sa?? j jir - jA ■H ' : ' i TAU KAPPA EPSILON 1. Chris Alexander 39. Rick Demetriou 2. Mike Skillman 40. George Bergmark 3. Tom Hart 41. Greg Turner 4. Walter W. Simpson III 42. Avery White ' 5. Chuck Dunham 43. Al LaCour 6. Bruce Johnson 44. Eddie Smith 7. Lamar Davis 45. Dan Webster 8. Bob Alvarez 46. W. Carroll Smith 9. Noel Wolber 47. Steve Cornwell ; 10. Mac Jordan 48. Steve Ste. Marie 11. Tom Hankey 49. George Kerr ; 12. Jerry Bell 50. Pat Hickok 13. Bill Osborne 51. Joe Weotherly 14. Larry Stevens 52. John Reagan 15. Greg Field 53. Gene Spitzmiller 16. Bert Swick 54. King Sidwell i 17. Jimmy Olson 55. Ronald Reagan ; 18. Carl Smith 56. Jim Holman 19. Gene Biber 57. Tim Chandler 20. George Radler 58. James Martin Hertenstein J 21. Jimmy Nesmith 59. Bill Bornhort 22. Bill Bondy 60. John Kress ; 23. Terry Keorns 61. Lee Ettenger 24. Dave Hill 62. Steve Horley 25. Steve Sorrel Is 63. Gerald Thompson 26. Tom Kehoe 64. Chris Kelley , 27. Brad Childress 65. Craig Wyville 28. Dove Mills 66. Dorrell Sumner 29. Jimmy Head 67. Mike Stokes " 30. Paul Martin 68. Jimmy Freeman 31. Dennis Munczenski 69. John Horter 32. Ron Billowitch 70. Walt Hultgren 33. Skeeter Logon 71. Ros Bowers 34. Ben McLeod 72. Johnny Wall 35. Bob Brunninga 73. Larry Brodner 36. Dove Rannefeld 74. Pom DeSantos 37. Gene Black 75. Johnny Johns 38. Thorny Parker 76. Mrs. Glenna Garrison THETA CHI 1 . Jim Murphy ?. Ed Culbertson J. Lorry Olson 4. Paul Bowen i. Tom Gissendonner ). Bill Ungerer . Bob Acker 8. Kim Meoder 9. Barry DelCompo 10. Rookie Vollo 1 1 . Glen Blankenstein 12. Steve Lynn 13. Carl DePosquole 14. Theo Mann 1 5. Rick Boyle 16. Jan Hitchcock 17. Mike Diff ley I. Ron Holmes 19. Flip Fisher 20. Bob Allender 21. Skip Zink 22. Borry Bonnichser 23. Goil Lindstrom 24. Charlie Kettle 25. Mrs. Charlie Kettle 26. Gory Wetherbee 27. Richard McRoe 28. Bruno Dunn 29. Betty Brown 30. Doug Hodges 31. Greg Altmonn 32. George Smith 33. Mouse Cooler 34. Mike Oliphant 35. Wayne Klehm 36. George Morgan 37. Stan Cook 38. George Keister 39. Mike Coleman 40. Brad Corbin 41. Jim Warlick 42. Solly Baker 43. Bill Wise 44. Erick Hennings 45. Bruce Meyers 46. Bill Youngblood SBBKt ' ' Ml r »« isAs n K .:i n H M ' l ■i m «? -; %, 5 - f •■ , THETA XI ,, i ' ' «J ' Af ?yi% ||,.fciife; ' -% ' ■0:-j i l Vf V,. Xji- , ' •? , f ' 41;, ' - I. - yt-_ ■=- ;, ■ ■ ' ., - l f r . ' .f - -» • _i I " ¥- f %, , ' 55 fe RUSH: THE LIFEBLOOD OF FRATERNITIES One of the biggest pains but most re- warding aspects of fraternity life is rush. To the fraternity man rush means several days mopping, waxing, washing, painting and just plain work. Following this are endless hours of hand shaking and glib conversa- tion (and sore feet). Then come late- evening-early-morning meetings drawn out by bickering and compromise. But from this suffering comes the ultimate gain — the ex- pansion of brotherhood. " RIGHT AND BELOW: V earing of name tags is synony- mous with rush. ♦ r. V ' . -4 5t .■ ' " B , lk «L -i .--« ABOVE: Greeting new pledges on Pledge Sunday can be hazardous to your health. ■■■ -Psi: HELP WEEK: THE END OF PLEDGE ' S LIFE The final hurdle of a pledge ' s climb to brotherhood is Help Week. Help Week has two main goals: hours of hard work spent to improve the place of brotherhood and " fun and gomes " meant to develop the abstract idea of brotherhood itself. Carrying his ditty bag and pledge paddle, a Sigma Phi Epsilon pledge faces to the east whenever he is in the fra- ternity house during Help Week. k . •i ' -m [| ! ' . t.. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA SPONSORS TUG OF WAR ■M! : ■■ :J - u . t xi r : ' W- 3P -. jS.- " • - 11 ' jcaj tiJf - ,- •Vij.v_- i-aSS I ' syW i 5 v p KE N-- ' ? - ' :J INTRAMURALS: AN OUTLET FROM FRUSTRATION W V 4 ' ----. m Blk ' i HHBI s« r ' mtim7i l.;. .„r,; 9 .dKiiy. •,- l m - .m B WWi n i pi9 IBBUb ffl ' - ' " ■ ■ Wat i 1 Imil ,H - •fe 2iisH?r ■f fui AVI .VkA i!-. -.- ? t ' ' - A-r BQn - ' ' 4 . ' .«e:- r ..™«b; ■ -:tXv . ■ .-- -J ' e jRi ? ' - ' Ms mLmMi ' i E ' iS-iyJT:Ty .- m TAU KAPPA EPSILON BUILDS WINNING RECK The success of homecoming weekend can be attributed to the enthusiasm of fraternities. Total participation in making displays and building recks is a tradition. This year two new activities were added to the usual activities. The first was the run- ning of the Mini- 500 tricycle race around Peter ' s Park. The second was good (enough) football on Saturday afternoon. KV IX Ji- PHOOEYl ON DRUNK S: DRIVERS s " ' rff k w ■ w : TP jjM i S Y]; || . ■ A ' -s % ■ ' 7 ' ■ H -aj_ t ■ jlA tf 1 ' sra " Zi, m [4 ' ' . •« .Jif MINI-500 RACE RUN FOR THE FIRST TIME .■ ' ' V ' ' ' 1A ] X , f, I %% ■ %;,.( %:y-- k ■Jekf i C SSC30 s» v- r75 y .lA Ift =.?Ii V - ' i ' X s: --A . - k A L ' ' pgaKg jM— hs SfOfA ■zm . At " ■ i RA N DAMPENS RECK PARADE AV f ,f ffi ¥■ m - ' t, V N ' - : h - fi :, ' ,. ' .-ti. r. ' ■ ■ ■ 1 . " N « US ' WjQCftf ■ ■ ' i ' 3l3i PARTIES ARE THE STAFF OF LIFE One of the most enjoyable ports of fra- ternity life is the fraternity party. Fraternity parties come in assorted dress but the basic theme is the same — good fun and a lot of dancing. ! ' ms8«i ' It F - m i : i- ' . ' J-. ■ ■M ' f r: m m- ' gpr-: ' pw w— PIW III II t i i Hi ■s ,-.,. II , - ' y . ; ' f M ' i Rv • Mr ' ' v- Ktt r J -- 4WJ ' m ' M ' k: r j.K i ' hm ■ : ' j ' j. 5» - -: v _. . . »«-? . - i-.. KM: MSi, ;: ; ' A.,: ' 1 i ,»IJ il ' ' i J ff- ' 4 J L ?r; Vi; .;? ■ l ' • t y ' fel Y f y :) ■ N- » ' III ' k im l a wM J i • - ' % r-ii? 11? SIGMA PHI EPSILON BURNS ETERNAL GREEK WEEK FLAME The year of fraternities ' partying is cli- maxed by a week-long festive orgy known as Greek Week. Added to the usual week- end parties are socials, concerts and the ' jj great chariot races. iy yay r t - - • •_ I ' - ' i r ' ■: «k ' ir «-: » ' .• ' ■ ' i -H- «ji:»,j r „i i ■ ai- i ' i t lSSi « --«4arr -- W9 . - ' ... r i i , -i " ' 1 . IK? " ' s ' Wf ' ' ' ' •■ ' ' " ■ ' V- -- ' ' ' .9 ' ■ J ;: ' " .f 1 r-M ' . ■ ' : fSmi ' ' JN _ J, ' ?i .ij£- -V, ».,;;.,. ' ,. , - " -J t.-. - ' ■ ■i " ■««rv». ' O - .r A ' .-»!« 210 rr — ?« " 970 BLUEPRINT GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY VOLUME 63 PART II PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENTS OF GEORGIA TECH 211 ir UHP 212 -n — -T-— i TABLE OF CONTENTS — " Tjfj ' ' jiM PART II CAMPUS LIFE ,-- ACADEMICS ORGANIZATIONS CLASSES ADS INDEX 214 228 290 362 470 472 213 s i -IhAi ' :P: ij. ■ - i!- . ' - ' ■v s " ' «■ • ' A m ' - ' -d B •»fe •i ' . ' i ' ' ,4-S ' . m x. . - St 215 LIFE IN THE DORMS - A PHOTOESSAY Life in the dorms is a happening that al- most every member of the Georgia Tech student body experiences. For most people it is their first escape from parent ' s clutches, the first feeling of freedom as an individual as well as the first experience of college life. There are times of laughter, sorrow, depres- sion and every other emotion that the human being experiences. It can probably be said to be the most irreplaceable experi- ence of college life. This photoessay is an effort to present the facets of dorm life — the humorous happen- ing, the long morning hours cramming for the last exam, the drink machines that swal- low money like it was gomg out of style, and any other of the many experiences of Tech dorm life. Although an entire annual could have been devoted to depicting the life in the dorms, a valiant effort was made to represent some of the events of the year in the following pages. 216 217 ■ CALENDAR OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES 218 220 DUE TO THe LflCl Of .U-. ' ; ACT VIT ES OlO THIS FLOoC W,0 . THE COC; 0S£i_Oie lO CO OJUWCn iOl ;- ; cu rTH Hfs 5Tt;peiirr5 wili- ' ' " ' V -p ESEWT A SS-RIES OF UCTU MM 6 lHeVULS W: ' ' S, Mo o.-77 £ f-Rz vom or A)i;piry Tl es.- A DISCUSS 6 0 OF THE ATLfili J - v U: Sh ' P1 0VER POsiriOAi W OF ?H? € compuTec piNuf s . •:=:-•■■ THwes-3 3 ?o5)T o )s uo ew ' RilOSflU S m - THi hvvmrAa s of bei ' iog o po£mjTo ey ujnewiA)a . •»f T«viio ■?«» r i » H. fix . 221 222 . . . . ,L.. . ffi ' . r ' in Mjsi. ...... r " _ii • o u 1 ■ - ■ ! J[ie.-Aiii-v -■ " ' ' : ' . ;i i VfS ■ 1 y Vr. Ht. ' 1 ■■ ' i iir ( ,vTj res ],. ] No to B.C. ? V£-., ' • ' » ■ ' I 1- E rt ' ?- M - - . W £ Vol ' hdj +0 V " ' ' COut fW V ' ' hi STOf W.. Go to »« I IE B.i Kt4- AJc Na •D ' i It )oo iav are fu 223 -1 — T B 224 225 226 227 3EO RG I A INSTITUTE OF TE :OMPREHENSl VE 1985 CAMPUS DEVELOPMENT PLAN !P1 -U 1 r. ■ , ' St ' M ha . ' »Vi- 1 ; ' f ' Z • 1 i ■■ " ■;i ' ' -IT— idR ' ' ' mi w , - , - [XT ■ JY Q ' ' " ¥h- . ' - ' :.:A m.■ --«.4l ■-v ■ ' . tt ■- ix .:; sil 228 . :hnolog r. A M f u fs f ' t ». fi H i arf-tt ,, ' ,»v_ j .- -it . -, .: 229 n n " f 230 PRESIDENT ARTHUR G. HANSEN GEORGIA TECH ' S SEVENTH PRESIDENT After many months of searching for its seventh president, Georgia Tech finally found a warm personable man who was well liked by both the faculty and students — Dr. Arthur G. Hansen, seventh president of the Georgia Institute of Technology. The selection was greeted by the campus com- munity with both enthusiam and delight. Before coming to Georgia Tech as Dean of the Engineering College, Dr. Hansen was the chairman of the Mechanical Engineer- ing Department at the University of Michi- gan. Dr. Hansen, a nationally known edu- cator and researcher, is a native of Wis- 231 - $- consm. He recieved his BS and MS degrees from Purdue University and his doctorate from Case Institute of Technology. Dr. Hansen ' s appointment was well re- ceived by everyone. Being Dean of the En- gineering college, he certainly was well aware of the Tech situation and its commu- nity. With his enthusiastic personality he has improved student-faculty-institution rela- tionships to a point that students feel more open about expressing their ideas without demonstration or violence. His successful " Issues and Answers " program has been only one step in this direction. As one of the greatest assets to the Tech community, we welcome Dr. Arthur G. Hansen as seventh president of the Georgia Institute of Tech- nology hoping that he will continue in be- coming one of the most successful presi- dents that Georgia Tech has seen. 232 233 RIGHT: Dr. Vernon Crawford, Vice President for Academic Affairs. BELOW LEFT: Dr. William H. Eb- erhardt, Acting Dean of General Col- lege. BELOW: Dr. Walter Bloom, As- sociate Vice President for Academic Affairs. BOTTOM: Mr. Jamie R. An- thony, Vice President for Institutional Services. 234 Kl ADMINISTRATION K| ' ■« ' f W ' i» ' ■i aMa J E .1 % J ■BH m- ! , r - - r - V WB ■7 1 ■ ABOVE LEFT; Dr. Ben|amin J. Dasher, Associate Dean of Engineering Col- lege. ABOVE: Dr. Vi alter O. Carlson, Acting Dean of Engineering. LEFT: Mr. Joe VV. Guthridge, Vice President for Development. 235 RIGHT TOP; Dr. Rocker T. Staton Jr., Dean of Undergraduate Division. ABOVE: Dr. Sam C. Webb, Dean of the Division of Graduate Studies and Research. ABOVE RIGHT: Dr. Dale C. Ray, Associate Dean of Graduate Di- vision. RIGHT: Dr. Sherman F. Dallas, Dean of the College of Industrial Management. 236 ADMINISTRATION ABOVE LEFT: Dr. Maurice W. Long, Director of the Engineering Extension Division. ABOVE: Mr, L, V. Johnson, Engineering Extension Division. LEFT: Dr. Somuel C. Barnett, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Division. 237 « - ■ K ' ADMINISTRATION 238 OSKI TOP: Gary M. Bledsoe, Assistant Dean of Students. ABOVE: W. Eu- gene Nichols, Associate Dean of Stu- dents. RIGHT: Judith E. Priddy, Assist- ant Dean of Students. 239 240 TOP RIGHT: Mr. Ewell I. Bornes, Controller. ABOVE: Mr. Tim F. Mitchell, Director of the Student Center. RIGHT; Mr. Robert B. Wallace, Jr., Director of Information Ser vices and Publications, TOP: Mrs. J. H. Crosland, Director of Li- braries. TOP RIGHT: Mr. W. Roane Beard, Di- rector of Alumni Affairs. ABOVE: Dr. James A. Strickland, Director of Guidance and Test- ing. RIGHT: Mr. Frank E. Roper, Jr., Registrar. 241 RESEARCH: UNLOCKING NATURE ' S SECRETS AND SOLVING MAN ' S PROBLEMS 242 With the advent of the 70 ' s, scientific re- search takes on new meanings for our socie- ty. For years many basic human problems have been politely kept out of viev ' by a progressing society. Now pollution of the air and water are approaching critical lev- els, over population is becoming a mon- strous threat, and disease and hunger are forcing their reality on today ' s society. Re- search, whether it is theoretical or applied. has as its goal the solution of a problem. The solution to these down to earth prob- lems as well OS the continued work in the developmental areas such as global com- munications, thin film and LSI experimenta- tion, biomedical electronics, and space ex- ploration are the goals of research in the 1970s. Here at Georgia Tech we share in this re- search. Tech ' s research is carried out in two areas. Each department carries out research in its area of academic interest. Usually this is in conjunction with the departments mas- ter ' s and doctorate degrees. The Engineer- ing Experiment Station is responsible for ini- tiating and conducting research and service projects which are not primarily academic in nature, but which contribute to the fulfill- ment of the Institute ' s commitments to the state, region, and nation. To accomplish its purpose, the Engineer- ing Experiment Station operates seven divi- FAR LEFT: Crystal mount is used for x-roy diffraction studies. TOP LEFT: Vonan electromognet is used in nucle- ar magnetic resononce studies. ABOVE LEFT; Digital rea- dout enables the researcher to tabulate data, LEFT: Pres- sure chamber is used for low vacuum studies. 243 sions. Many of the programs of the Chemi- cal Sciences and Materials Division have a direct bearing on the social and economic welfare of the state of Georgia. The Divi- sion is engaged in mineral resource identifi- cation, preservation of water purity, high- way safety, waste disposal problems, and air pollution. Within the Electronics Division efforts are focused on advancements in the broad areas of communicating, radar, and advanced measurement and analysis tech- niques. The High Temperature Materials Di- vision has made contributions to such fields as heat transfer, fluid flow, electronics, nu- clear energy, statistics, computer analysis, ABOVE TOP: Optics trock ollows the study of laser beams through different mediums, ABOVE: The counter IS a common sight in most lobs todoy. 244 RESEARCH ABOVE: Constant Temperoture and pressure opparatus enables research project to study bacterial effects under these conditions. ABOVE RIGHT: Loser Technology has become a ma|or interest in most areas of research today. FAR RIGHT: Just think how little it takes to undo all of man ' s marvelous technology. ee« 246 design with brittle materials, high tempera- ture chemistry, and ablation and impact mechanics. The Industrial Development Di- vision conducts the most comprehensive program of industrial and economic devel- opment of any university affiliated group of its kind in the United States. The Division op- erates under o broad program involving four interrelated fields of industrial and economic development activity: research, service, information, and training. The Nu- clear and Biological Sciences Division ' s cur- rent research covers an aerobiology pro- gram relating to pollution, medical engi- neering and microbiological work associ- ated with the marine environment, and the Georgia Tech Research Reoctor. The Physi- cal Sciences Division is involved with the structural, physical, and electronic proper- ties of solid state materials. Special research units include a metallurgy group, industrial technology group, and a theoretical physics group. The seventh division is the Rich Elec- tronic Computer Center. The center ' s pur- pose is that of providing computing ma- chine service and programming and re- search support to all elements of the Geor- gia Institute of Technology. ' WM i 1. 1 ' n, ; ' m m u ' . 1 V 1 - • ? i P — v ' ,T- 1 r • L RESEARCH 247 A.E. INCREASES STUDENT PARTICIPATION During the past year the quality of the in- structional and research programs of the School of Aerospace Engineering hove been enhanced appreciably by the addition of the following laboratories: low-speed aerodynamics (VTOL aircraft), rarefied gas dynamics flow facility, magnetohydrody- namic plasma tunnel, static and dynamic structural test facilities, a low-turbulence wind tunnel, and aeroelasticity facilities. These labs ore supplemented by a modern machine shop and an excellent instrumen- tation laboratory. The course offerings at the under- graduate and graduate levels are in the process of being redesigned to include ac- tive student participation in the use and un- derstanding of experimental facilities. Classroom teaching of theory which is complemented by carefully designed exper- iments using modern equipment and facili- ties assures the graduates of having re- ceived outstanding preparation for a career in the technology of flight vehicles. TOP: The output from a pre-programed experiment is displayed on a dual trace oscilloscope. ABOVE: Students are being shown how to operate a metal lathe in the school ' s machine shop. L Bongcn S Boiley R Carlsoo R Cauonova M Cookwy J CfQig D Dutton H Edwords 248 J Handley J. Horper L Reht ld 249 ARCHITECTURE ' S GOAL: CREATIVE ARTISANS The School of Architecture, in response to the broad scope encompassed by the field of Architecture, offers three courses of study in the undergraduate degree pro- gram. The first is a five-year program with options in Architectural Design and Structu- ral Design. The second is o four-year curri- culum in Building Construction and the third is a four-year program in Industrial Design. In addition to the undergraduate de- grees, the School offers Master degrees in Architecture and the new and fast growing field of City Planning. In moulding the student into a skilled arti- san, the School endeavors to instill not only the fundamentals of the profession; but also the creative ability to be tuned into the beauty of the world and the human need around him. T T,, TOP; Architecture Department Director Dr. Paul Heffer- non ABOVE: A student ' s project begins to take shape os a scale model. 250 BOTTOM; The pencil becomes the means of expression. BELOW: An industrial design pro|ect takes shape. RIGHT: The architects prO|ects first take shape on the proverbial drawing board. Ii« A. Bedtum A. Cotonese H G Edwardj C Goiley 251 BIOLOGY PLACES NEW EMPHASIS ON BIO-ENGINEERING The interest in Biological Sciences is constantly increasing. To meet the arising demands, this group of Go. Tech faculty is involved in programs of current impor- tance. Research is basically oriented toward bio-medical and bio-engineering aspects. Topics of concern also include the subjects of varied genetic organisms and heredity. With the use of Tech ' s recently acquired scanning electron microscope, projects in the study of radiation such as " effects of radiation on food products " and " radiation effects on genetic material " are being ex- ploited. Results and observations from this research prove that radiation cannot only sterilize but also affect protein synthesis and metabolism. Research in the fields of air pol- lution and spread of infection further show that the biology department is participating actively in the research phase of Go. Tech. TOP RIGHT: Dissection is one of the re- quirements of biology labs, ABOVE: Dr. Noncy Walls, Director. ABOVE RIGHT: Students use pressure apparatus to test respiration of plants. RIGHT: Student stores bacteria in incubator. 252 .••10 98765432 10 ti jD M I I Georgia Tech Ceramic Engineers are in the forefront of material development all over the country and indeed throughout the world. Graduates of this school are leaders in the development of components for space craft, nuclear reactors, exotic elec- tronic circuits, computers and in the field of materials and structural units and various consumer items. The modification of com- monplace material into products through high temperature processing is the chal- lenge being met by these engineers. Thus Ceramic Engineers, already, in short supply are in great demand. Georgia Tech ' s School of Ceramic Engi- neering offers a Bachelor of Ceramic Engi- neering and Master of Science in Ceramic Engineering degree. A Ph.D. program is being prepared. Research work includes in- vestigation of clay products, mineral usage and preparation, crystal growth, bioceram- ics, and fundamental atom, ion and molec- ular behavior. The experience gained in re- search as well as academic exposure makes the Ceramic Engineer a much sought after employee. LER: Chart shows vorying degrees of enamel strength. BELOW: Dr. Lane Mitchell, director. BOnOM: Profes- sor tokes liquid ceramic sample out of CERAMICS SPLITS INTO GEOPHYSICAL SCIENCES AND CERAMIC ENGINEERING I T Ions J Womplw 253 CHE OFFERS COMPLETE FACILITIES The School of Chemical Engineering was founded in 1901 as the Department of Engi- neering Chemistry, In 1935 it became the Chemical Engineering Divivion of a com- bined department of Chemistry and Chemi- cal Engineering, In 1941, the Department of Chemical Engineering was established. The continuing growth of the Department soon outstripped the available facilities and in January, 1965, the Department trans- ferred to its present locati on, the Bung- er-Henry Building. This location has many new facilities, in- cluding labs for cryogenics and cryochemis- try, fine particle study, x-ray characteriza- tion, metallurgical research, unit operations and bench-scale testing. There is also a pilot plant for fertilizer research and service facilities such as two electron microscopes, computer terminals, and machine shop. TOP: Model of aystal lattice, ABOVE: A laser experi ment in operation. 254 CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT PREPARES TO MOVE TO NEW FACILITIES TOP LEFT: An experiment is carried on in a dry box. TOP RIGHT: Student performs a hydrolysis in synthesis pro|- ect. ABOVE: Chemistry Director, Dr. William Spicer. FAR RIGHT: One of the deportment s organic lobs with a GLC. The most exciting news in the School of Chemistry is that phase one of its new five million dollar building is approaching com- pletion and should be occupied before next September. Unfortunately phase one will house only the work above the freshmen level; for present the freshman labs will re- main in the old building. A revised curriculum went into effect this year. This curriculum reduces the number of hours required for graduation from 206 to 200 but its more important feature is a greater number of elective courses at the senior level. In general, the Chemistry B.S. graduates divide into three groups in terms of the future: many who plan to attend graduate school, others plan to go to medi- cal school and still others plan to go directly into industry. This new curriculum allows for each student to satisfy his or her particular needs. 256 1 257 258 CIVIL ENGINEERING INVESTIGATES RAPID TRANSIT The Civil Engineering Department moved into their attractive nev building this fall and nov located itself among other modern additions of Tech on Atlantic Drive. An in- crease in size of faculty, revamping the cur- riculum for a fewer number of hours, and more selection on graduate level are topics of discussion this year. In the areas of re- search, work continues to expand in the area of severe vehicular accidents in the I Atlanta area. In fact, one of the nation ' s major automobile manufacturers called back 1 80,000 school buses due to the find- mgs of this group of Tech engineers. In the civil engmeering lob, technicians have invented a new kind of pump which allows the passage of capsules through the mechanism. Originally thought to be a method of waste removal, the invention of the pump has lead the way to the possibility of human transportation and other methods of rapid transit. OPPOSITE PAGE, TOP: Surveying courses provide for the well rounded CE. ABOVE LEFT: Students ond profes- sor observe lift and drag apporotus. FAR LEFT: The new CE building facilities include drawing labs such as this one. LEFT: Dr. W. M. Songster, Director. 259 ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BOASTS LARGEST UNDERGRADUATE DEPARTMENT ■ - ,. Is P|mJJmm 1 HfSfSr N The School of Electrical Engineering is the largest of the schools in the Engineering College, having an enrollment in excess of 1 ,000 undergraduates. Dr. Demetrius Pari s has taken over the administration of the School and has instituted many changes. There are five main themes running throughout the Electrical Engineering curri- culum: circuits, electromagnetics, electron- ics, controls and communications. These basic sequences are followed by a series of elective courses that allow the undergra- duate to continue work in these areas or to specialize in such diverse areas as digital and analog computation or design, lasers, antennas, physical electronics and many other areas. TOP RIGHT: An ionization source. ABOVE: A bioelectro- nics researcher plants an electrode in o rat ' s ear. RIGHT: The laser beom shown here has been split by o refraction apparatus to help facilitate a research project. 260 ABOVE: A high vacuum physical dectronics experiment begins to take shape. LEFT: Dr. Demetrius Pons, director. 261 ENGINEERING GRAPHICS: THE ENGINEER ' S LANGUAGE ■ T v» .f fV - w =n f Wm. B Broggi J Dutda i Ellii J. Unowitz y Murphy E. Wksby The Tech freshman first begins his prepa- ration for a career in engineering, science, or management with his classes in engineer- ing graphics. Basic to these and other pro- fessions, engineering graphics at Tech con- tinues to show leadership among institutions attempting to combine graphics and crea- tive design. A four-year program in the design area is now approaching readiness in proposal form. A design stem has been built upon and around the Institute ' s " engineering core " integrating engineering-otiented lib- eral subjects with direct industrial involve- ment. I BU wi B H H n ■ ABOVE LEFT: Director, Dr. Kenneth Jacobs. ABOVE: Prof. Hutchenson in- structs a class in bosic logorithms. RIGHT: An EGR student works on his plate during lob. 262 ENGINEERING MECHANICS CHANGES TO ENGINEERING SCIENCE AND MECHANICS The primary objective of the newly- revised curriculum of the School of Engi- neering Science and Mechanics, is to pre- pare students for careers in research and development in the engineering field. With this in mind, the program emphasizes fun- damental principles and techniques in mathematics and the engineering sciences — solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, materi- als science, electrical sciences, heat trans- fer, and thermodynamics. Graduates from the School of Engineer- ing Science and Mechanics undergraduate program find employment in a wide variety of areas — aircraft, automotive, electrical and electronic industries, industrial and governmental research laboratories. How- ever, it is anticipated that the majority of the graduates will pursue graduate degrees, and to this end, they receive a broad educa- tion in the fundamentals of several engi- neering fields. TOP: Heat transfer is tt e basis of this experi- ment. CENTER: A graduate research ossistant worVs with vibrating fluids ABOVE: Dr Mil- ton E. Roviiie. G ((•nrtepn J Si«kmoni J Wong 263 The English Department is as old as Georgia Tech, and throughout its existence it has aimed at giving the student skill in writing and growth in understanding and perception through the required study of lit- erature in each quarter of the first two years. It is also one of the largest depart- ments with 38 full-time faculty teaching an average of 3,400 students or more each quarter. The English Department courses, re- quired in the first two years, resemble those in better colleges throughout the country. The first year aims at perceptive and sympa- thetic understanding of men and women as revealed in the short story, drama and poet- ry. Tech students respond especially well to poetry, perhaps because it is closest to mathematics. The sophomore years bring the student in contact with the great literature and ideas of the western world, beginning with the Greeks, continuing through Dante and the Renaissance, and ending with literature since Shakespeare. The scope is brood, but the outline is there and any student can fill in the gaps for himself if and when he wish- es. TOP: Dr. David B. Comer, Director. ABOVE: A class learns the history behind Shakespeare ' s writing. TOP RIGHT: A closed circuit TV system is used in the speech dosses. RIGHT: As in all other courses, one can ride along doing nothing only until the next quiz. 264 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT GETS NEW DIRECTOR 265 E BECOMES INDUSTRIAL AND SYSTEMS ENGINEERING 266 Industrial Engineering programs have been offered at Georgia Tech since 1924, first as an option in Mechanical Engineering and as a designated program since the School was established in 1 945. Systems En- gineering offerings date from 1963, initially coordinated by a cross-campus committee and then administratively placed within the School. The School name was changed to Industrial and Systems Engineering in 1969. Present degree offerings are BIE, MSIE, and Ph.D. Undergraduate programs pro- vide for emphasis in Information and Con- trol Systems Design, Operations and Facili- ties Design, and Systems Engineering, The Systems Engineering program also serves as an elective option for majors in other pro- grams on campus. Graduate and Research programs tend to emphasize Operational Science and Sys- tems Theory (including Operations Re- search, Management Sciences, and Systems Engineering) and Complex Systems Analy- sis. Research and project emphasis in health and medical care systems are available as a complement to the academic programs through cooperation with the Health Sys- tems Research Center. A substantial curriculum revision is pres- ently under consideration, with on antici- pated implementation date of September 1970. The new curriculum, will provide for a reduction in credit hour requirements and considerable flexibility in elective courses to the extent that students can tailor their own programs relative to their educational and career objectives. TOP LEFT; Dr. Robert N. Lehrer, Director. FAR LEFT: The IE iearns to use the key punch and remote terminal as tools of his trade. LEFT: A group is working on plant layout design pro|ect. BELOVl : An Industrial Design dis- ploy IS [udged. BOTTOM: The electronic desk calculator IS useful come report time. 267 INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT BECOMES A COLLEGE LEFT: An IM student uses a desk calculator to help ana- lyse some data. ABOVE: Director, Dr. Sherman Dallas. W||J gJjg " " " ' ' ' " " ■ 268 o As of July 1, 1969, the Industrial Man- agement program was elevated to College status. With this organizational change and its steady growth and enrollment, much fac- ulty attention was directed to the develop- ment of new programs at the undergro- duate and graduate levels. To support its in- creasing responsibilities to students and to public service and research, six faculty members were added in key areas. Outstanding publications from faculty members of the College included books and publications of proceedings of conferences on the employment of the hard-core unem- ployed with significant public policy impli- cations. Research activity was highlighted by a grant for a research and design work on a system for the " checkless society. " p£RAAlssioM " To CHANGE Majors To IM. Will Be Delayed For Ah iNDEFiNni PtR oD Of Time . ■Hr ABOVE: IM temporarly closes Its doors to transfer be- tween schools. LEFT: A computer terminal is used in con- junction with several courses to familiorize the manage- ment student with computer operations. 269 rUHM 1 ■ One of Tech ' s newest, but largest gradu- ate departments, the School of Information Science, has for several years offered one of the nation ' s most comprehensive gradu- ate programs in the information and com- puter systems sciences. Last year, the School began to develop an integrated, non- degree option for Tech undergraduates — thus openmg this important discipline of study to all students at Tech. Staffed predominantly by senior faculty, the School places on ever-increasing em- phasis on interdisciplinary research and re- search training in such areas as information and computer systems engineering, cyber- netics, semiotics, man-machine communica- tions, and computing applications. To assist its research program, the School maintains its own versatile and well-equipped com- puter laboratory, dedicated to experimen- tation and innovation in the processing of any form of symbolic information in both analog and digital form. I.S. STRESSES MAN-MACHINE COMMUNICATIONS y r R Siegmonn M Valoch P Zurnd TOP LEFT: A grad student works with some equipment in the School s computing lab. ABOVE: Director, Dr. Vlodi- mir Slomecka. 270 MODERN LANGUAGES - LINGUISTIC TOOLS FOR RESEARCH BELOW LEFT: Director, Dr. James D. Wright. BOTTOM LEFT: A student sets up language lob tape equipment. BOTTOM RIGHT: A student reviews text material while listening to taped presentotion. The maintenance of a program of in- struction under which a student can ac- quire, for use as a tool of research, the lan- guage(s) studied, has traditionally been the principal interest of the Department of Modern Languages. In recent years, howev- er, the admission of the progressively better prepared student to Georgia Tech and the emergence of a more promotive official en- vironment at the institutition, hove enabled the department to provide courses which are greater in depth and broader in scope than ore those comprised by the traditional program — specifically, a full compliment of upper divisional courses in the belletristic literatures of the three most commonly taught languages, French, German, Span- ish, and in the science of linguistics. The de- partment takes the position that these devel- opments constitute much of its opportunity for further progress on the behalf of the stu- dents and is taking full advantage of this opportunity with the support of current in- stitutional trends. TOP: The department ' s course offerings cover the gam- bit of mathematics as these texts indicate. BOTTOM; Desk calculators cut down on the time involved in the so- lution of problems. 272 MATH DEPARTMENT UPDATES CURRICULUM ABOVE: A professor works a probability problem for a class. RIGHT: Director, Dr. Ber- tram M. Drucker. Work in the Math department this year, has led toward constructive changes throughout a large part of its curriculum. For the I.M. students, an emphasis on appli- cations of Math at the social managerial level went into effect summer before last. A ma|or revision in the Moth degree program IS in the idea stage and a change in the first thirty hours of math courses required for en- gineering students is in o core-curriculum discussion. The new Calculus book for fresh- men this year was the first step in this direc- tion. The Math Department remains actively involved in the Joint Enrollment Program for High Schools and continues to show its active part in the Tech academic role. 273 BELOW: A graduate ossistant sets the input parameters for a pre- programed experiment. The School of Mechanical Engineering has established a rather versatile curriculum for the undergraduate program of study. The curriculum offers studies in such areas as design, dynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, kinematics, materials for engineer- ing, philosophy of design, thermodynamics and energy conversion. Extensive use is now being made of the large lecture rooms in the SSTC Building No. 3. These lecture halls are equipped with visual-aid devices such as movie projectors, slide projectors, and closed circuit television and their use is aimed to implement and in- crease the effectiveness of teaching. A rapidly expanding graduate program has also been established which encom- passes advanced studies in the areas of au- tomatic controls, bioengineering, combus- tion, complex system design, dynamics and vibration, fluidics and fluid power, high temperature design, magnetogasdynamics, power and propulsion, transport processes and two-phase flows. ME INCREASES RESEARCH FACILITIES 274 275 .• M: iM§ Many of the challenges awaiting today ' s college students such as providing ade- quate electric power, fresh water and trans- portation, reducing pollution and raising health standards, may be solved, or at least ameliorated by applications of nuclear technology. The School of Nuclear Engi- neering prepares its graduate students for technically exciting and personally satisfy- ing careers directed toward the solution of these problems. Pro|ects which continued through the year included development of a gaseous core nuclear rocket, medical neu- tron radiography and analysis of large, central station nuclear power plants. The nuclear engineers share with the staff and students of many other depart- ments Techs unexcelled nuclear research facilities, including the 5,000 kilowatt re- search reactor. In addition, the School recently acquired its own small training re- actor which is used extensively by under- graduates. ® V BELOW: Nuclear Engineering Department Director, Dr C. J. Roberts. RIGHT: Professor checks core placement, MIDDLE: Mam reactor core area, BOTTOM: Workers handle the radioactive materials by using mechanico arms. N.E. APPLIES ITS TECHNOLOGY TO TODAY ' S PROBLEMS 276 The P.T. Department, following the old adage " All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy ' strives to even out the overage Techman ' s busy academic schedule with o well-rounded physical program. Freshman courses include swimming, track, and gym while the Sophomore enjoys the more rec- reational sports of tennis, football, and bas- ketball. Also, the department offers a sup- plementary course for Juniors and Seniors who have completed the requirements of the basic courses. This course involves exer- cising once c week for students who ore in- terested in keeping fit. P.T. PROGRAM: WORK ON THE WHOLE TECH MAN ABOVE: Physical Troming Deportment Director, Mr John McKenno. LEFT: Soccer is a fovorite winter sport for sophomores, ABOVE RIGHT: Volleyball is offered year round 277 PHYSICS DOES R.N.A. RESEARCH The Physics Department has rapidly ex- panded its undergraduate and graduate programs. Current areas of faculty research specialization include theoretical studies in elementary particle physics, nuclear struc- ture, many body problems, magnetics, transport properties of ions in gases, colli- sion ionization and excitation, ultrasonics, health physics, molecular spectroscopy, x-ray and neutron defraction. An important piece of research being carried out this year in the Physics Depart- ment is Dr. Stanford ' s study of RNA in white rats as a method of memory transfer. In the experiment. Dr. Stanford trains a rot to per- form a task or respond to a stimulus. The R.N.A. is then removed from this rat ' s brain and is injected into another rat. The result sought is to have this second rat perform the same task or respond to the same stimulus without training thus indicating transfer of memory. ABOVE: Physics Department director. Dr. James R. Ste- venson. RIGHT: An air track used in lab for mechanics experiments. 278 LEFT: A student analyzes a bubble chamber particle trace. BELOW. A Ptiysics 208 class uses an oscilloscope in lab. BOTTOM: One of the rots used in the R.N. A. ex- perimentation. R M Ahrens " Brewer L Woodofd 279 PSYCHOLOGY DOES HUMAN FACTOR RESEARCH Trying to exceed its reputation as the smallest school on campus, the Psychology Department offers a degree in Applied Psy- chology. After a rigorous curricula of math- ematics, chemistry, physics and biology, the department tries to emphasize statistics ap- plied to psychological investigations, exper- imental method and learning theory to mention only a few of its aspects. After taking over the basement floor of the old physics building, the department has been able to expand its research facilities into q larger area as well as a larger scope. TOP RIGHT; Rats provide the sub|ects for many psycho- logical experiments. ABOVE: Professor studies the results of a human factor research prO|ect- ABOVE RIGHT: Dr. Edward Lovelond, Director. RIGHT: Results of a proba- bility experiment ore printed out on counter 280 SOCIAL SCIENCES REVAMP CURRICULA The Department of Social Sciences offers extensive course work in four disciplines: History, Philosophy and History of Science, Political Science, and Sociology. Each of the four disciplines has a dual function in the academic community of Georgia Tech. On the one hand, they perform their vital traditional roles of helping the student to cultivate a critical awareness and perspec- tive on the perennial evaluative issues that confront man, as an individual and as a member of a complex social order. On the other hand, they reflect upon and contrib- ute to, the resolution of the scientific and technological issues that are Tech ' s special province. TOP LEFT: Student does research for term paper. ABOVE LEFT: The SS department has recently taken over most of the old physics building. ABOVE; The stole of Georgia requires that every graduating senior pass a written his- tory ond constitution exam unless exempt by courses which the student shown here is preoring for. LEFT: Dr. Pat Kelley, Director. J D McBfoyer 28! RIGHT: Dr. James C. Taylor, Director. BELOW A fibro- groph operator measures the length and uniformity of various test fibers. 282 TEXTILE DEPARTMENT KEEPS UP WITH GROWTH IN FIBERS INDUSTRY The image with which the textile and fiber industries confront the young person seeking a challenging career presents a pro- file of expanding and ever diversifying op- portunity. The textile engineer, textile chemist, and textile manager today encoun- ter such new problems and opportunities. Basic research and development is en- countered in the fields of new equipment, new fiber production and marketing. These opportunities and problems demand that current textile education must be alert to the ever present needs and ready to study prob- lems unheard of several years ago. TOP: A textile student prepares loom for motenal run. LEFT: Georgia Tech emblem is woven into material thot will be used for toweling. 283 ARMY REDESIGNS ENTIRE PROGRAM The primary emphasis of Army ROTC during this year was the radical reorganiza- tion of " drill. " Long recognized to be a weak spot in the program, the decision was made last July to aim the entire cadet Bri- gade and its training to the legitimate ob- jective of drill — to enable cadets to acquire leadership expertise by carefully evaluated practice. To achieve this, cadets were formed into freshman, sophomore and jun- ior companies, each led by selected seniors: leadership was begun during the first quar- ter of the freshman year and continued on increasingly sophisticated bases throughout the entire ROTC program. This allowed re- placing repertitive close order drill, the " mickey mouse of previous years, by a wide range of new sub|ects eoch designed to optimize actual leadership performance. A week-end field training exercise at a mili- tary base during April climaxed this new process and served to eliminate even more of the on-campus drill. This functional em- phasis on leadership performance was fur- ther reflected in curriculum changes which increased the student seminor-type partici- pation in all four years of the program. ABOVE: Inspection still forms part of drill. RIGHT: Com- mandant of Military Science, Colonel Wayne W. Bridg- es. FAR RIGHT TOP: Brig. General Sidney Berry, Jr. speaks at DMS ceremony. FAR RIGHT MIDDLE: Student- faculty seminars are being used now in the program. FAR RIGHT BOnOM: Close order marching builds mili tary discipline. 284 285 286 The N.R.O.T.C. Unit Georgia Tech, one of the original Units commissioned in 1 926, is the fourth largest of fifty-four Units estab- lished throughout the country. The mission of the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps is to provide a source from which qualified officers may be obtained for the Navy, the Marine Corps, the Naval Re- serve, and the Marine Corps Reserve. Partic- ularly desired in this nuclear age are candi- dates for Nuclear Power School, with subse- quent assignment to nuclear surface ships and submarines. ABOVE LEFT: Commanding Officer - N.RO J.C., Cap- tain Forrester C. Auman. ABOVE: Drill is a part of Naval Science program. LEFT: Navy offers a varied curriculum. FAR LEFT TOP: Classroom instruction is offered at all lev- els of the program, FAR LEFT BOTTOM: The Navy Drill Team executes maneuver. 287 A.F.R.O.T.C. PRODUCES QUALIFIED OFFICERS LeMaster C Leofvard A LiHleton T Tillmon D T©. 288 LEFT: Inspection is a regular part of drill BELOW; Professor of Air Science, It. Colonel Frakes. FAR LEFT TOP: Commissioning is the end of four years of fiard work FAR LEFT MIDDLE: Close order marcfimg is part of drill program, FAR LEFT BOTTOM: Raising and lowering the school flog IS the |ob of the Air Force R.O.TC. unit one quarter a year. The department of Air Force Aerospace Studies is in the General College of Georgia Tech. Over four hundred qualified and ' se- lected students are in the cadet program with an opportunity while they are pursuing their chosen academic degrees to include AFROTC in their schedules and earn a com- mission in the United States Air Force upon graduation. An Air Force ROTC cadet spends his first two college years in the Gen- eral Military Training Course, which gives the cadet a broad outlook and overview of the military instrument in international rela- tion. The second two years of the program are the Professional Officer Course, which prepares the cadet for his future responsibil- ities as o commissioned officer. The Air Force offers advanced cadets in the flying category a chance to earn a civil- ian pilot ' s license through its Flight Instruc- tion Program. 289 ' ■ ' fessa ! s- r ' W! ' !: -«■ , 3W?%1, ' = »!S«.Sast 5 i mm JOHN HAYES LEADS STUDENT COUNCIL TO A SUCCESSFUL YEAR The Student Council is the governing unit for the entire student body. It is made up of representatives from each degree granting department, and representatives from each class. The student body elects not only the president and vice president but also the class representatives as well. This year ' s GTSGA president, John Hayes and his vice president both served with suc- cessful terms after facing the problems of the changing present day situations of uni- versities in general. The council is open to anyone who would like to participate in committee activities as well as other posi- tions. One must remember that an effective council IS only one if it is represented by potential leaders. ABOVE: From Left to Right - Rich Speer, Vice President; John Hoyes, President; Doug Hughes, Secretory; Thorny Parker, Treosurer. 292 293 294 1 B0HlLDm..fO!fo BERT CHRIS I LYSN_ I in WANTED! FABIIEB MILAM WAYNE KING _JWICR _ — " " .■■,.. ™ L. fBY •rbcenp ' " ' BARFIELD ' " M?Il ' 5!i? -— ' DON VOTE CANDY JOHN... a CAN! 295 5i!S?abi.-a3fe ' 296 STUDENT CENTER BECOMES A REALITY A dream first conceived thirty years ago came true in 1970 with the completion of the Georgia Tech Student Center. The multi-million dollar structure now serves as the hub of practically all of the non- academic activities on campus. Everything from a theater to a barber shop is enhoused in the three-story complex. Without a doubt it has been the Institute ' s most ambitious un- dertaking of the decade. Although the building has just been com- pleted, the Student Center has been func- tioning for some time. Under the manage- ment of the Student Center Board, GTSC has provided its patrons with the gamut of extra-curricular activities. This year it pre- sen ted over a dozen movies, lectures from such speakers as David Hoy, Mike Nobel, and Arthur Clarke, tournaments in pool, ping pong, bowling, and bridge, art exhib- its, the Appalachain Mountain Festival, and six concerts featuring performers such as Janis Joplin, The Association, Brooklyn Bridge, and The Lettermen. Next year the post office along with all campus publications and many organiza- tions will move into the new building. Its presence provides Tech students with ready access to practically all campus activities. Thus the Student Center is no longer just a student-faculty committee but is now a com- plete and self-operating campus service with central air conditioning and wall to wall carpeting. ABOVE LEFT: Mr. Tim Mitchell, director 297 BOTTOM: The Brooklyn Bridge concert was only one of many sponsored by the student center. 298 ABOVE LEFT: Center staircase provides access to all areas LEFT: Techville Follies sponsored by the center searched (or hidden talent. 299 GRADUATE SENATE PROMOTES GRAD INTERESTS Representation of Georgia Tech gradu- ate students in student government activities is manifested in the graduate student sen- ate. The graduate senate is composed of a group of serious minded students who work to represent the will of the graduates in stu- dent welfare, faculty — administration — student relations, and m the promotion of graduate studies. Recently the senate gained recognition in its involvement in the Urban Core program. The biggest future undertaking of the sen- ate will be the planning and preparation for graduate research and development at Tech. V. ' A 300 W.S.A. UNITES COEDS The problem of adjusting to campus life is experienced to varying degrees by all who are connected with Georgia Tech. However, it may have added implications for the slowly expanding minority group, Tech coeds. Although the potential is there, it is still sometimes difficult for 200 women to fit in with 8,000 men. Therefore, to help coordinate the activities of the women stu- dents and to provide for their welfare, the Women ' s Student Association was founded. The organization ' s activities include gen- eral meetings, panel discussions on issues pertinent to the coeds, and receptions for women students and faculty. Recently W.S.A. aided in the selection of the new Dean of Women, and currently it is promot- ing the first senior ring for coeds. ABOVE: Scenes from W.S.A. meeting. 301 BLUEPRINT 1970: LEST WE FORGET . BELOW: Fred Hedrick, Associate Editor. RIGHT; Bill Ev- eritt. Business Manager, TOP RIGHT; Tom Fletcher, Editor-in-Chief. CENTER RIGHT; Butch Price, Managing Editor. FAR RIGHT; Bruce Sundstrom, Copy Editor. BOT- TOM RIGHT; Brent Jorgeson, Student Life Editor. 1 ' 1 ) 1 . — -z i 302 lOwmnwlwi nwa After taking out fire insurance for the Blueprint office, the 970 Blueprint Staff set out to make this year ' s annual one that is aimed at pleasing the great majority of ev- eryday Tech students. The burning of the 1969 Blueprint has played heavily on our minds, as remnants of burned annuals ap- pear in the office under signs, " Lest v e for- get . . . " Editor-in-Chief Tom Fletcher, operating with ulcers, pityriasis, and first degree burns, and Associate Editor Fred Hedrick, operating with a guru beard, have guided this year ' s staff to capturing and recording a realistic year on the Hill at Georgia Tech. To achieve this objective, members of the 1970 Blueprint Staff have made numerous self-sacrifices which have included missing two days of Homecoming to attend many dull but essential meetings at the American Collegiate Press Convention in Miami, and spending the first five days of the Christmas holidays working to meet a deadline. Prob- ably the most typical performance put in by a staff member was by Photo Editor George Lewers who, after pulling two all-nighters to study for finals, was in the midst or a third all-nighter to get pictures ready for the deadline. Starting his work off standing at the enlarger, George woke up the next morning sitting on the floor, but didn ' t re- member falling! All these efforts will be worthwhile, how- ever, if we produce a 1970 Blueprint that pleases and satisfies the Georgia Tech stu- dent body — for this has been our constant goal. 303 BLUEPRINT (con ' t.) 304 305 ABOVE: Kerry Baker, Editor-in-Chief , TOP: Dave Neilan, Managing Editor. ABOVE RIGHT: Grohm Martin, News Editor. RIGHT: Steve Gassett, Asst. Editor. FAR RIGHT Mark Hollon, Photo Editor. 306 ■ ♦ 1 1 1 to ■Hf " L M B W { - TECHNIQUE: TYRANNICAL EDITOR DEPOSED IN MID-YEAR, LIBERALISM DIES The Technique, " the Souths Liveliest College Newspaper, " provides the means by v hich a student can stay apace with the myriad of happenings in the Tech community. Not only does it keep the student informed about what is going on, but it also goes a step further and tells him why it is occurring and how to become involved in campus affairs if he so de- sires. Coverage is also provided on local and nation- al affairs which will affect the Tech student body. Under the able guidance of Dean Nichols, Dr. Nichols, Dr. Young, and the Editors, the Technique has steadily progressed and improved from the small bulletin which it once was to an award-winning paper. In recent years it has consistently earned first and second class ratings from the Associated Colle- giate Press and the Columbia Scholastic Press Associ- ation. Less than two years ago, the Technique was the recipient of the Georgia Collegiate Press Associ- ation ' s General Excellence Award. This year the Technique has experimented with several new innovations which it hopes to continue in the future. Among these is the Technique Maga- zine, which provides in depth coverage of such spe- cial events as Homecoming and Inaugurations. An- other is the full front page background illustration, over which copy is placed. The Technique News Net- work helps to provide coordination among college newspapers in Georgia and the South. In addition a Book Review Magazine is scheduled for publication this year. The Technique, which averages twelve to sixteen pages per issue, is published weekly on Fridays dur- ing the school year and is distributed to fee-paying students at no charge. Subscriptions ore olso avail- able for a nominal charge to cover postage and handling. 307 TECHNIQUE (con ' t.) LEFT 308 ERATO PUBLISHES FIRST LITERARY MAGAZINE The Georgia Tech Literary Magazine, ERATO, after an initial issue in May, 1969 and a slow start this Fall, came to life during the winter quarter with a revised and en- larged format. Short stories and poetry, as well as art work and photography, are the principal areas of emphasis in the student magazine. As one result of the growing campus con- cern for educational relevance, ERATO provides a literary forum for the communi- cation and expression of prevailing thoughts and emotions outside the immedi- ate realm of scientific inquiry. The hope in publishing a magazine like ERATO is that through such expression both the writers and the readers can extend and enrich their awareness of the world outside the Tech community, and thereby gain perspectives on life that enhance the quality of their for- mal education. ABOVE LER: Lonce Ozier, Editor 309 ENGINEER EDUCATES TECH The purpose of the Georgia Tech Engi- neer is to provide articles of technical inter- est to both students and alumni. In the past the Engineer has concentrated on the tech- nical aspect rather than reader interest. However, this year the readability of the publication was broadened through the use of general as well as purely technical mate- rial and the student response has been grati- fying. Feature articles written by Tech students, graduates and faculty cover a wide range of topics including the latest in new innova- tions, research, and development on cam- pus and around the nation. In addition the Engineer staff produces regular features that are of special interest to the Tech Stu- dent. Although it is rumored that the Engineer is actually run by I.M. ' s it still manages to publish six high quality issues per year mak- ing it one of the finest among Engineering College Magazines. ABOVE RIGHT; Editor, Dave Barrdes. ABOVE FAR RIGHT: Staff discusses layout forms. 310 . r 1 r " J 1 H Hifl ABOVE; Business Manager, Dan Curtis 311 The spirit and enthusiasm which Tech athletes put into their games is similarily put into the students by the Georgia Tech Band and the Cheerleaders. Getting 10,000 peo- ple to stand up and cheer is an awesome task, but nevertheless these two groups manage to achieve this goal, time and time again throughout the gomes. Georgia Tech has probably the most colorful football cheering section of any college around. What with all the gross obscenities being hollered over referees ' bad calls, the effec- tiveness of the cheerleaders is repeatedly tested. Somehow though they usually mon- CONTD 312 THE BAND AND CHEERLEADERS HELP BOOST SCHOOL SPIRIT age to convert the obscene yells into some- thing like, " Rip ' em up, Rip em up. Give em hell, Tech! " As the football players exit for halftime, the Tech band comes onto the field to show its stuff. This year the new formations and improved majorettes were a welcomed sight to all. Probably the time for the highest point of school spirit initiated by the band is the time while the Ramblin ' Reck is being played, because this unifies the whole stu- dent body into a singing display of pride and spirit in their school. TOP: Thomas Black, Director, directs the bond in concert. ABOVE. The bond performs their spring concert. 313 RAMBLIN ' RECK CLUB: RIP ' EM UP, TEAR ' EM UP, GIVE ' EM HELL RECKS! Along with the opportunity for higher learning, Freshmen also receive the heri- tage of Georgia Tech. Tradition is a free yet voluable gift which attaches special mean- ing to the Institute. The spirit with which Tech customs are carried out is what makes the school so important to its students and alumni. The Ramblin ' Reck Club was found- ed for the purpose of maintaining this spirit and Tech Traditions. White Rats introduce incoming Freshmen to History of Georgia Tech and from time to time inspire them to take part in some of the various customs. This worthwhile effort of the RR ' s has resulted in the strong common spirit shared by students and alumni. TOP: RR 5 lead Reck onto field at football gomes. RIGHT: ' White Rat advises Rats about freshman camp. 314 DAMES CLUB SPONSORS FASHION SHOWS The Georgia Tech chapter of the Nation- al Association of University Dames provides the ways and means for the wives of Tech students to take an active part in the com- munity life of Georgia Tech. The Dames Club provides association with women in the same situation through various service projects and social activities. Last year the candidate from the Dames Club won the Mrs. Homecoming contest. The club also sponsors many fashion shows and lectures and works closely with under- privileged girls in the neighborhood. TOP LEFT: Two members discuss a book at a silent auc- tion. ABOVE: Members await a fashion show. LEFT: A club member models the latest fashions ot one of the clubs shows. 315 Drama and the Theater stand apart from applied science. However, at Tech an op- portunity to explore the arts is afforded to any student who has the imagination or the desire to supplement a technical education with a more sensitive one. Drama Tech was established by the Eng- lish Department as a non-academic student production which annually sponsors, casts, and directs three plays. Contemporary and classical works are brought to life in the newly completed theater in the Student Center. There, Arthur Miller, Tennessee Wil- liams, Thornton Wilder, and Shakespeare present their works through the minds of Tech students. This unconventional associa- tion of the liberal and the technical add to a broadened and more meaningful educa- tion. DRAMA TECH PLAY SEASON FEATURES CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF 316 ?l Shown here and on the preceding page are dramatic scenes from Drama Tech ' s production of Tennessee Wil- liams , Cof On A Hot Tin Roof. 317 GLEE CLUB PERFORMS UNDER NEW INSTRUCTION Blending forty random voices into one harmonious chorus takes a little bit of talent and a great director. This past year Walter Herbert, Tech ' s glee club director for the post fifteen years, resigned his position, Jerry Black and Allan Lansky teamed up to- gether to coach the club. The singers who hove performed on the Ed Sullivan show, the Cotton, Sugar and Rose Bowls have brought great honor to such a non- musically oriented school as Tech. RIGHT AND TOP RIGHT: Glee Club smgs out at first an nual Techville Follies. 318 International interest is broadened at Georgia Tech through its unique foreign ex- change program. Each year the World Stu- dent Fund selects and sponsors students from several foreign countries to visit and study at Tech. Likewise, several Tech stu- dents are selected to study at universities in Germany and Switzerland. The scholarships ore financed through the annual W.S.F. Fall Fund Drive that receives donations dur- ing one of the football gomes. The World Student Fund at Georgia Tech is the only or- ganization of its kind in the United States that is managed solely by students. In the past twenty years 126 students from thirty-five foreign countries have stud- ied at Tech as a result of W.S.F. This year the organization is sponsoring seven stu- dents from Ethiopia, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland. WORLD STUDENT FUND PROMOTES INTERNATIONAL UNDERSTANDING Volunteers for W.S.F. collect money at Notre Dome gome. 319 The Interdormitory Council meets to pro- vide student representation for those affairs that affect dormitory life. The I.D.C. plans most of the social, cultural, and educational activities in the dorms. This year, vv ' ith the completion of two new dorm complexes, the I.D.C. was awarded $1 7,800 in funds to operate on. In addition to the appropriation of this budget among the dorms, areas, and the council it- self, I.D.C. adopted a new constitution and reorganized its Judicial System. Projects also included dorm display contests, dan- ces, lectures, and extended open house to all dorms. .D.C.: INSTRUMENTAL IN ALL PHASES OF DORM LIFE TOP: One of the regular meetings of the IDC. RIGHT: Bryan Kinsey functions as President of the Tech IDC. 320 I.S.O. PROMOTES UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN U.S.-EUROPEAN STUDENTS I.S.O. lives up to its motto: " Peace Through Understanding. " As a result, the International Students Organization offers a major contribution to campus life. In working toward more extensive communi- cation between American and foreign stu- dents, I.S.O. IS devoted to introducing Tech students to and acquainting them with inter- national views and foreign cultures. Like- wise, the organization strives to make for- eign students more familiar with American outlooks and encourage their involvement in campus affairs. This year I.S.O. has been busy achieving its ambitious goals with many " Foreign Na- tional Nights. " Each night is represented by different countries. In addition, the organi- zation sponsors various lectures, exhibi- tions, and social gatherings. LEFT AND BELOW LEFT: Talent is dis- ployed during eoch Foreign Nation- al Night. BELOW RIGHT; Members of I.S.O. attend regularly scheduled meeting. 321 BULLDOG CLUB INITIATES REFEREES «S ' •igSp - l,..Af | Living up to their motto: decisions, de- cisions, decisions, the Bulldogs hove mode it to all the intromurals to extend their ob- jective, and unbiased service. Bulldogs ref- eree intramural football, basketball, soccer, and intramural track. They also pick all star teams and sponsor the annual homecoming activities. Members are chosen twice a year from those clubs and organizations participating in the intromurals. Prospective members must be from the Junior Class. Bullpups con be easily recognized by their distinctive dress. With colorful red and white socks and matching hotdog and wearing a block derby, they visibly reflect the high ideals on which the Bulldog Club is founded. RIGHT AND ABOVE: Bulldogs call intramurol games. 322 T-CLUB PROMOTES SPORTSMANSHIP Thirty years ago a group of Tech athletes got together and founded a club in which membership was limited to only those jocks who had earned a varsity " T " in a fxarticu- lar sport. Several years passed before mem- bers could decide on a name for the club. T-Club was finally adopted. Today the club tries to inspire good sportsmanship and to obtain a high quality of athletic achieve- ment at Tech. The club ' s two biggest annual functions are the Jock of the Year Banquet and the Duke Fruckus Scholarship Fund. This year ' s scholarship recipient was Ed Hammrick. The Jock of the year wishes to remain anony- mous for personal reasons. 323 CIRCLE K AIDS AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY Circle Ks motto, " We Build, " specifical- ly concerns leadership and character. It is the organizations goal to instill these quali- ties in its members by serving the campus and the community. As a result of its efforts, Circle K has become one of the most re- spected clubs on campus. This year the organization undertook several projects. The members extended their service to the Whitehead Boy ' s Club in helping as instructors, advisors, and tutors, to the American Cancer Society in aiding the distribution of cancer prevention litera- ture, and to campus activities such as home- coming in planning the Alumni Luncheon, » rT W ' -m CRCUKOUB GEORGIA IHSTIM OF TECHNOLOGY SPOHSORtllf KlUhMSCLUBOr -ATUUTi ■ - ■v PERSHING RIFLES GO TRI-SERVICE The National Society of Pershing Rifles is on ROTC fraternity whose goal is to pro- mote a spirit of friendship and cooperation between members of the military depart- ments and to maintain a highly efficient drill company. Tech ' s company F-4 has made huge ad- vances in the past year. Most notable is that the Pershing Rifles is now tri-service (Army, Navy and Air Force). Others include an al- most perfect spring inspection (rarer than a 4.0 overall in E.E.), computerized inventory files (B5500 strikes again), and acquiring the best looking sponsor in the Fourth Regi- ment (see picture). 325 The Section I Co-op Club is a forty mem- ber service club composed of summer- winter co-ops. Its main objective has always been to moke summer quarter at Tech more enjoyable for the student body. During the summer the club has many ac- tivities. They included: a freshman orienta- tion, Softball league, Field Day, Rat Hat Re- view, Rat sings, student-faculty tennis tour- nament, the annual Miss Perfect Lips Dance and Contest. This winter, in cooperation with the Stu- dent Center, the Co-op Club ran a Casino Night, enjoyed by several hundred Tech students. However, the job of keeping sum- mer from being unbearably dull is the major aim of the club, and again this summer, with their straw hats on, the members will be working at just that. ABOVE: Legal gambling con be fun. TOP RIGHT: Co-op officers: Bill Leslie, Russ Sirmon, Scott McCrary, Eddie Hawkins — President, Doug Long, Charlie Motson, Frank Roper. RIGHT: Time out from Field Day. SECTION 1 CO-OP CLUB HOLDS " CASINO NIGHT " 326 PHOTO CLUB INSTRUMENTAL TO CAMPUS PUBLICATIONS ABOVE: Photo Club President Bill Wise presides over night meeting. RIGHT: Fisheye lens coptures Model Night. Next year the Photography Club will move into new facilities in the old aban- doned Hemphill Church of God. The club which IS sponsored by the Georgia Tech YMCA, supplies award winning photos to the major publications on cam- pus such as Blueprint, Technique, and the £ng neer. The club s exclusive membership pro- vides for a high degree of achievement. This year the club received national rec- ognition when its photos were seen in Time, Look, and Newsweek. Its other ac- complishments were two school-wide dis- plays, Model Night, photo solons, and competition between members. BARBELL CLUB GETS NEW FACILITIES The Georgia Tech Barbell Club is com- posed of a group of serious-m inded individ- uals who strive for physical and mental dis- cipline. These weight lifters subject them- selves to hours of sweat, groans, and grima- ces in exchange for physical conditioning and strength of character. The members enjoy complete weight lifting facilities in the basement of Matheson Dormitory. Every spring the club sponsors a power- lifting. Trophies are given to those members who excel in the competition. In addition, the club sponsors a team for intercollegiate and AAU competition. J : ».«asisaK 328 A.P.O. SPONSORS ANOTHER PLAYBOY BUNNY-FACULTY BASKETBALL GAME Tech ' s Gamma Zeta Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega works earnestly toward devel- oping friendship and promoting service to humanity. Gamma Zeta is part of a nation- al service fraternity. Membership is open to all students who have been affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America. This year ' s chapter activities were again solely projects of good will and service to the community. The Ugliest Man on campus and the annual basketball game with Play- boy Bunnies were among some of the ambi- tious undertakings. A.P.O. donates all the proceeds from their events to the United Fund. ABOVE RIGHT; T WD. (Teenie Weenie Deame) has the time of his life. NEXT ABOVE: Student poys $40 for a piece of bunny toil. ABOVE: APO smoker. 329 SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT AND AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION HOLD JOINT BANQUET The Society for the Advancement of Management is an organization of I.M. stu- dents which provides its members with a practical experience in the business commu- nity to supplement the formal aspects of their education. Through lectures, confer- ences, and plant trips, S.A.M. introduces I.M. ' s to the world of corporate manage- ment. This year ' s club activities were highlight- ed by visits to the General Motors Assembly Plant, Gordy Tire Co., The Kraft Food Pack- aging Plant, Krispy Kream, Inc., and hosting several well known lecturers. 330 The American Marketing Association provides the opportunity for interested IM ' s to correlate classroom and corporate mar- keting. This service gives the club ' s student- members a valuable insight into modern management techniques. The club ' s activities include plant trips and discussions with leading business exec- utives. This year ' s members visited Coca Cola, Lockheed, and Carling Breweries. The club also entertained speakers from Courts Co., Delta Airlines, Southern Bell, and Tucker Wayne Advertising. In addition AMA sponsored a winter banquet at the Atlanta Cabana Motel. Scenes from Banquet at Atlanta Cabana. W - lU 331 RELIGIOUS CENTERS GET NEW FACILITIES Tech s religious centers not only provide an escape from the daily college routine but also offer very real and meaningful answers to the many problems that face students. Besides providing fellowship and goodwill they help individuals to relate to an ever- changing environment. Last year Tech underwent a religious ex- pansion. Three new buildings were erected. This year the new Catholic Student Center, Presbyterian Student Center, and Baptist student Union along with the Wesley Foun- dation and the Cantebury Association offer the gamut of Christian representation. This year the Presbyterian Student Center sponsored retreats to Gattlenburg and Maggie Valley. Wesley Foundation spon- sored a Symposium on Sexual Maturity and a retreat to Lake Jenoluska. The Baptist Stu- dent Union set up and helped three Inter- faith Discussions where people of all faiths were invited to listen to and talk with priests, rabbis, and ministers. The religious centers are open fifteen hours a day, seven days a week. You don ' t have to be affiliated with any particular faith to visit. Their facilities are open to all students. FAR LEFT AND LEFT CENTER: Sunday Mass at the Cath- olic Center. LEFT AND ABOVE: A number of special pro- grams are given each year by campus religious organi- zations. TOP: Referee mokes decision m BSD football gome. 333 334 335 336 337 YMCA - A MEANINGFUL PART OF THE TECH COMMUNITY mmm m— r— , , - i . - ' - i3.- •« ' .. A , 1 " oAV P - " M £t - 1 A irr4VP- ApO ' « - 1 .v € - CnfO El lMeM»f«i ' - I ' ll- -«(«• 1 ■■ 1 i. H6Wt-r _£_ii,««P ' S i .aM ' r f hW r 1 ft ' vCARUVv Kl .;-,-?-; T w ♦ . -fill P 3 5 1 = j g. k.. . ' - •■ ' T- " W ( - " " ■j - _. The Georgia Tech Young Men ' s Christian Association plans, sponsors, or directs cam- pus activities ranging from the World Stu- dent Fund to Freshman Camp. The " Y " en- lists student as well as professional help to provide programs that offer meaningful benefits to the Tech community. Emphasis is also placed on character development and spiritual enrichment. Y-orgonizations such as Freshman Forum, Executive Roundtable, and Toastmasters club inspire leadership, humility and confi- dence in their members. By relating its high ideals to campus life the YMCA is able to provide a meaningful experience to all who are associated with it. 9 339 VETS CLUB SPONSORS BLOOD DRIVE The Georgia Tech Veteran ' s Club was or- ganized in 1 955 by a group of Korean Con- flict Veterans. Since then the organization has fostered friendship and goodwill among veteran students of comparable age and experience. The club ' s memt)ership in- cludes about thirty veterans who have all seen at least six months of active duty in some branch of the armed services. The club holds its meetings twice a month in the Wilby room. Activities throughout the year include intramurals, an annual Fall Blood Drive, picnics, parties, and other so- cial and educational events. u t ITTTii ,Jr. 1 U V - Uk--., 340 lAESTE - A COMPLIMENT TO THE TECH EDUCATION Georgia Tech is represented throughout Europe during the summer by lAESTE — In- ternational Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience. The pro- gram which is open to any Tech student not only gives that student a chance to enjoy seeing Europe but also offers the opportuni- ty to give invaluable Technical experience. Among the choices of countries include all of the European countries, Japan, South America and several other areas. Tech tries to encourage students to participate not only to extend good will to many countries but to also give him a chance to better him- self through practical experience. itfffitltfttf 341 FLYING CLUB LEARNS SEARCH AND RESCUE The Georgia Tech Flying Club provides its members with a first-hand examination of the third dimension. Membership is open to all who are interested — from veteran pi- lots to inexperienced students. The club has exciting and educational programs in store for all its members. Last year it sponsored tours to Lockheed, Eastern Airlines, the Atlanta Tower and Radar Room, the Atlanta Flight Service Station, and the Atlanta ARTCC. The club also enjoyed lectures from the FAA accident investigator, tower opera- tors, the CAP search and rescue director, aerobatic pilots, and flight service special- ists. In addition to education, members take part in various recreational events each year. Each spring GTEC has a Fly-in picnic. The club also owns and maintains its own Cessna 150. RIGHT: Club member solos. BELOW: Planes must be tied down. |g?S ?s f)i ? psP;: :-| s. 342 The Sailing Club has much to offer to those students who enjoy the excitement of gliding over water. The club sails year round. This year the club ' s racing team again won several regattas; undoubtedly its biggest award was first place in the Kenne- dy Challenge Cup at Annapolis, Maryland. This spring there was a 100% participa- tion in a Bahamas Cruise. The members, al- though reluctant to leave Tech, chartered boats and spent a week in the Mediterrane- an sun. Needless to say they were all glad to return to school. SAILING CLUB WINS KENNEDY CHALLENGE CUP AT ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND 343 WREK GOES STEREO FM Broadcasting at 91.1 megacycles from high atop the electrical Engineering Build- ing, WREK, Georgia Tech ' s FM radio sta- tion, serenades the Southeast and other sec- tions of Atlanta with the top hits of yester- day and today. In addition to music WREK provides its listeners with on up-to-date look at the news, weather, and sports. Probably the most surprising fact about the station is that its Disc-jockeys are not professionals but are really Tech students. This well-kept secret is probably what has kept the WREK staff out of the limelight for so many years. It is the combined effort of all those students and faculty connected with the radio station that has made WREK the influence it is today. LEFT: WREK goes stereo with new funds. Pre-recorded shows, ABOVE: " Concert Nites " ore listened to by most all students. 344 TRIANGLE CLUB OFFERS INTERESTING SPEAKERS Meeting once a week for lunch and a lec- ture, the Triangle Club is afforded the rare opportunity to digest both their food and a timely message at the same time. This year Triangles were busy listening to guest speakers such as Rene White, Richard Rus- sel. Tommy Nobis, Mrs. Martin Luther King, and folksinger Judy Collins. The club not only furnishes interesting commentaries with superb luncheons but also provides its members with the opportu- nity for nominal dues paying. Despite the Triangle Club ' s fantastic success, it still opens its membership to all students hungry enough to listen. 345 WA ' l v ' ' R ' lrV V ! . ' • ' ••.-.iR ' V. b ■ ' C ■;■ James Hertenstein sv, ' ' . ■ ' ■■ «t wM ;J;i;. . ■ i Pete Palmisano f :. .■ :.:-f Jcjel Porter ' .■-■■v. ' «S5J:- Dan Curtis 7 Steve Denning Jim Hertenstein " John Hayes .1 Pete Palmisano Tom Saylor Danny Rodgers KOSEME Ronald Edward Blum ■-■,■ ' ■ ' • : i: !i4g»vj ::jm ' mm hajSirt, " . - ' Pi ' HIGHEST JUNIOR HONORARY - r Stephen Justin Farrell i -- Camilla Capo Roswell Stewart Bowers 1 Daniel Elson Pittard Thornwell Hay Parker •■v-m T WHO IN AMERICAN COLLEGES William Hodges Adams Marianne Teresa Bodor Russell Bradley Chandler William Edward Cherry Robert Byrd Crowder Steven Aaron Denning Danny Kaye Corbett Dan Edward Curtis Benny John Dyer Earl Hampton Franklin Patricia Jo Durant Bruce Clark Elliston Charles Henry Gaylord rl John Clifford McLean n James Martin Hertenstein A f Douglas Paul Hotord WM Joel Stanley Porter Clark Weldon Smith Douglas Arthur Long ■ " ' I Craig Richard Lentzsch Dovid Charles Ross David Hansen Robertson I ?; ' ., Phillip Johnson Scott Gory Thomas Steele ( r) mL ll p?. ' r ,JVV " .:. ' a 7 ' %;,: m- Harlan Davis Whitehead D W Adkini H. W Andrews PHI KAPPA PHI R C Armstrong D L Auld N I! Bennelt R A Booth w T Booth Jr L E Bowen W P Bowers E J Brown R E Bri W S Bulpfl f. f. Carter J C Church Jr. A. T Clary T G Cleveland Jr, E W Cheek - W Cohn . " U J K Donrel J. I Dov.s Jr W D Douglas Jr. B J Cffer I D tVkes G B. Freemon D E. Frrt2 T A_ Gloze R H Hondell E G. Howkins C I. Hoynie T D Hedrid 352 P hotord ft P Hord kiB HI D I lotxion Jf C H K hi J. T LoodKolt III U L Mumfofd D A. Kkno 9PS e 1 Odiilm C M. Olfy« E L (obMNon D F aal r P Ul l Mr I C IMdBvniod J, D Wey Jr. J. G- Wilcm P- D. Y«h« ul 353 TAU BETA PI K P Akim H W And(ffwi j y Apnlett ' P R C Armsrrong D L Auld MM J. ■ Boiey G H Bolkcom s M Boll C, P, Banlston W. I. Bell " Benrttl m « Bloditone D j |k,„„, W I Booth n " P ! I E Bowen G B Blown p w Bro.-! 8 i Bruningo W S Bulpilt J « Bynum W S Cod M Cotgill » f Concr E W Che«k J C Chmch ' • Churdimoti S- f. Clorke A. I Clofy M M Cohen J L Dov« M J Domorttki W D Oougbs P J Con J K Daniel 6 J Dyer J D Dylei M ,M J Forbet G B Ft««mon W B Fteemon I . Gloie B, H. Hondell W B Hardin D E Frrlj G Gell MM W, F Hoigrove J P Horr. 354 e G HowVins C T Hoynie MM T D Hedf.cfc B W Nggim R P Hotchkisi D R Johnion C H Joinet C H Keim F ' Jth m£[ i S SIP " ■■ Let J I loodholl I I Moct.r,e2 T F Mosser I- Moltiews (3 j McCl.nlock D C McDonald J. E Md(o, ij fm D B Mills M W Montgomery M L Mumford D A Noni A. H Noronio E J 0 illTe« ' " Olive J. K. Oir B Segors S W Severonce T G Shourelte t m Shulmon D Steller P Smirti ' M Snyde. A. E SWfne Snjbef A L Suddulh ' ■ " ' " ' ' » J C Underwood ' Wolle. J. R Wore C. S. Worrrnglon » Webb S J WSle ' ' rehjokul 355 W. M. Air C. R. Caldarale W. K. Capron G. M. Cosby R. A. Deodwyler W D Denson (.. L. Feucht B. E. Hainline C. M. Hall J. R. Heath J. B. Holstun J. A. Less! T. D. Mann 356 PHI ETA SIGMA T F Mossey H. R. McConless R. W. Miller F. S. Moore J. E. Moylon Jr. R. L. Patrick T. E. Smith R. F. Tedman W. J, Priester III J. L. Underwood L. F. Ruddermon K. M. Rudeen W. F. Schueler G. L. Wedel J H. Wells K. L. Williams 357 BRIAREAN SOCIETY C B Barry J S Brobaon P L Bryan R J Conro P J Coh D E Curts W Dougkn r " W DufKxw, V T. R. Qwrt D, E. Fn»2 O. M Gay S J Gla«. Jr CM Goo nn ft H Handell 358 P3 J H Jodion ' H Jordon C H Kebn J M Krngmon J A LoCoui G M l.«e J T loodhol! B H Mortow J. K Mortir. J e Mormon E. J OchltTM S B Rcnes O G (thudy j S Simon P S S»oni «fy i J SruKi«y J L Tronthom 359 SCABBARD AND BLADE R. W, Acker S, A. Beese R. E, Biber David A Dixon Dan F. Duke W L Fleming J. R. Hand P O Hern " 9 H P Harris M. D. Hogon P, E. Hurley R. B. Lambert D A L. ong J, T. Martin S. M. Medori E Mihaiek 360 M. G. Mische W. F. Morrison K. H. Morton B. A. Notke R, A. Palmer T. H. Parker R. M. Paxton B. P. Perozzi S. H. Stopleton G. T. Steele R. J. Washington M. A. Wood 361 ■•4 t c ' i y J ' - % f---i| « ' I. w fsr " ■ -% k s i i ' ' 4 1 I M " ■ ' u I 363 SENIOR CLASS 364 John Savage, Senior Class President Larry Edward Abelkop B.S. ME Harold S. Abernathy B.S. I.M. Albert D. Aberson Jr. B.S. I.M. Robert Allen Adams B.S. A.E. David Wilson Adkins B.S. M.E. John Kenneth Al eson B.S. E.E. Kenneth P. Akms Jr. B.S. C.E, Charles W. Alexander B.S. C.E. David Harold Allan B.S. C.E. Vrctor Luis Alvarez B.S. E.E. Daniel E Anderson B.S. I.M. Robert C. Armstrong B.S. C.E. Philip Shuford Avery B.S. I.M A- Harry Wm. Andrews B.S. E.E. James L. Andrews B.S. I.M. Frederick W. Ansley B.S. I.M. William P. Arnold B.S. I.M. Edward S. Atkinson B.S. E.E. David Lawrence Auld B.S. M.E. Henry Clay Bagby B.S. C.E. John Perrin Bailey B.S E.E. Neal Earl Baldwin B.S. Text. Anthony Lynn Arford B.S. I.M. Albert Wayne Austin B.S. I.E. George Henry Bolkcom BS. A.E. 365 Julio A. Barea B.S. I.E. Wollace Brock Botes B.S. I.E. , ' t 4i Lawrence H. Beosley B.S. I.M. Douglos Richard Borr B.S. C.E. Christopher B. Barry B.S. I.M. Lee James Bartlett B.S. B.C. David Lee Batchelor B.S. I.M. James E. Boumonn B.S. I.M. Michoel Boumgortner B.S. I.E. Wm. E Boumgortner B.S. I.M. Victor Harris Belbo B.S. M.E. Joseph Allen Bell Jr B.S. I.M. William Lake Bell B.S. Chem. Ronnell Scott Beal B.S. I.M. Nelson R Bennett B S. A.E Reginald E. Biber B.S. I.E. Bruce I. Bitterman B.S. I.E. William R. Block B.S. ME. Alexander Blockstone B.S. Ch.E. Albert G Blondmg 366 ' Mli Glen A, Blankenstein B.S. A.E Steven Andre Bloom B.S. I M. Walter Ronald Bloor B.S. C.E. Marianne T. Bodor B.S. I.M. James George Boileau B.S. I.M. Richard Alan Booth B.S. E.E. Raymond N. Born B.S. E.E Lorry Leroy Bortner B.S. C.E. Michael K. Bosworth B.S. Ch.E. John William Bouler B.S. E.E. Wilson Thomas Booth B.S. Math Lorry Eugene Bowen B.S. A.E. William P. Bowers Stephen Power Boyer Gregory B. Boyle John Samuel Brobson William W. Brobson B.S. I.M. B.S. I.M. B.S, I.M, B.S. Chem. B.S. B.C. 367 Edward John Brown B.S. I.M. Edward Thomas Brown B.S. I.M. Frank Alvin Brown Jr. B.S. I.E. Phihp W. Brown B.S. A.E. Wallace Edward Brown B.S. Moth Robert E Bruninga B.S. E.E. Edward L. Buckle B.S. I.M. William S. Bulpitt B.S. M.E. Ronald Dale Burel B.S. E.E. Jewell C. Burnett Jr. B.S. I.E. Ralph Barrett Burns B.S, ME. Wm. Edward Burns B.S. M.E. Eugene H. Busbia Jr. B.S. Phys. 368 mkM Hugh D. Butler Jr B.S. E.E Ronnie F. Cogle B.S. I.M. Wayne Stephen Coil B.S. App. Math Edwafd Allen Cam B S E E Jki £ Camila Maria Capo B.S. Arch. Jose F. Corballeira B.S. I.E. Robert Mason Cargil B.S. Phys, Dennis Percy Corlson B.S. M.E. William D. Carswell B.S. I.E. Aubrey Edward Carter iJ.S. A.E John Holland Carter B.S. I.M. Ronald F. Carter B.S. I.E. Larry James Coudell B.S. C.E. Michoel K. Caulkins B.S. I.M. Richard B. Cavallo B.S. I.M, Robert Wm. Chamlee B.S. C.E. Wilhs E. Chandler B.S. I.E. Thomas A. Chopmon B.S. I.M. Jerry T. Chastain C.H. C.E. Roy Lee Checkelts B.S. E.E Elwood H. Camp B.S. I.E. Robert Lee Carroll B.S. Arch. Chorles M. Coskey B.S. I.M Russell B. Chandler B.S. Ch.E. Edwin Wilhom Cheek B.S. Phys. 369 Robert Leonard Cheek B.S. I.E. w r . A ' d %k Philip A. Churchmon B.S. I.E. Williom Virgil Cheek BS. Biol Vincent Thomas Citmi B.S. AE David V . Childers B.S. I.E. Vi|ay V. Chowgule B.S. Text. Chem. Patrick F. Clancy Jr. B.S. I.M. H. Vincent Clanton B.S. AE. John Clayton Church B.S. Chem. and B.S. Ch.E. James Thomas Clark BS IE Samuel F. Clarke B.S. Ch.E. Albert T. Clary B.S. AE. Gary Edward Clayton B.S E.E. Steven N. Clayton B.S AE David Fred Cleghorn B S E E 370 Alan V olter Cohn Henry Eugene Collier Mary Frances Collier Robert John Conrads Leslie V( arfen Cook B.S Ch.E. B.S. Text. B.S. A.E. BS, Phy. B.S. I.M, James Walter Coursey B.S. ME. Robert Dobbs Cowan B.S. A.E, Michael Joel Crisler B.S, Phys. Fred Livingston Cox B.S. BE James Millard Cox BS. E E. Percy Jerry Cox Jr. B.S. A.E. David Allen Crockord B.S. I.M. Robert C. Crosley B.S. E.E. Robert B. Crowder B.S. I.E. h£i Andrew M. Crowley B.S. ME. Andrew M. Culbertson B.S. I.M. Arthur Nelson Curl B.S. A.E. Robert M. Curlee B.S. Phys. James A. Crace B.S. IE William Thomas Crowe B.S. A.E. Dan Edward Curtis B.S ME 371 Grant Bradley Curtis B.S. I.E. John Kent Daniel B.S. M.E John Henry David B.S. I.E. Joel Lamar Davis Jr. B.S. Phys. Lamar Bryan Davis B.S. C.E. Marvin Edward Dovis B.S. Math Rebecca Jean Davis B.S. Text. Ronny Nelson Davis B.S. ME. Thomas Clyde Davis B.S A.E. Wm. Marshall Davis B.S. E.E. James Richard Dawsey B.S. Phys. Robert Glynn Dawson BS E.E. Robert Emerson Day B.S. I.E. Shaffer Thurman Day B.S. A.E. Juan C. Deagostini B.S. E.E. 372 Rick Woyne Deaver B.S. C.E. Michael Debusschere B.S. Ch.E. Edward Reddy Decker B.S. I.M. Robert A. Defurio B.S. I.M. Michael G. Dempsey B.S. I.M. Steven Aaron Denning BS. I M James Davey Devenny B.S. I.M. Ronald E. Dickerson B.S. I.M. John Floyd Dickey B.S. Ch.E. Lawrence Clyde Dill B.S. Ch.E. John Lloyd Dillon B.S. ME. Stephen B. Dilworth B.S. C.E. Warren B. Dinges B.S. Math David Allen Dixon B.S. M.E. Alan Leslie Dorris B.S. I.E. Cleve Byrd Doster B.S. I.E. Hardy Daniel Douglas B.S. E.E. Wilson D. Douglas Jr. B.S. E.E. Gerald Reid Downey B.S. I.M. Phihp John Dorsey B.S. M.E. Daniel B Dropp B.S. A.E. Daniel F. Duke B.S. I.M. Jeffrey Roe Dunbar B.S. Rhys. Rignol Wiley Duncan B.S. M.E. Townsend Helme Dunn B.S. Biol. Wm. Vincent Durkin B.S. Arch. 373 Benny John Dyer B.S. I.E. Wolcort B. Etienne B.S. Arch. Jose L. Fernandez B S. Arch. James Denby Dykes B.S. E.E Byron Thomas Eady B.S. I.M. James Brownell Eager B.S. ME. Thomas Rolph Ebert B.S. E E Whitson T. Edwards Larry W. Ellington Von Eugene Epps Thomas Eschenbrenner Michoele J. Esposito B.S. A.E B.S. I.M. B.S. Arch. B.S. I.M. B.S. I.E. Todd W. Ettlinger B.S. C.E. Walter Douglas Evans B.S. E.E. John Alan Focello B S. E.E. Michael Mitro Fedor B.S. I.M. Donald Gene Fillers B.S. C.E. Lawrence P. Fisher B.S. A.E. Michael L Fitzgerold B.S. Ch.E. James C Flanders B.S. IE 374 James C. Fletcher Jomes W. Fletcher Julian H. Fletcher Lamar Wyche Fletcher Thomos P. Fletcher B.S C.E. B.S A.E. B.S. I.E. B.S. I.E. B.S, Chem. Barry James Folsom B.S. E.E. Charles M. Foltyn Jr. B.S. M.E. Richard Lee Forlin B.S. A.E. Thomos H. Fortner B.S. I.E. Francis B. Fortson B.S. E.E. Wm, Larry Franklin B.S. A.E. Kenneth G. Frozier Garth Bowen Freeman Jackson M. Freemon Douglas Edward Fritz Michoel Robert Frost B.S. E S.M. B.S. Phys. B.S. I.E. B.S. E E, B.S. Math 375 Thomas F. Frost B.S. Text. Charles Terry Fuquea BS C E Joseph Mark Gang Jr. B.S. E.E. Patrick James Gannon BS. EM. William F. Gannon Jr B.S, I.E. 376 Martin Scott George B.S. ME. Paul Eugene George B.S. M.E. Huey David Giddens B.S. I.M. Garland E. Giles B.S. A.E. Michael M. Gil B.S. I.E. Adrian H. Gillespie B.S. I.E. Broughton K. Gillett B.S. Psy. Hilton Leslie Gillis B.S. Phys. Joseph Lee Gillis B.S. ME, Thomas Andrew Glaze B.S. IE. David Eugene Glover B.S. I.E. Lorry Edward Glover B.S. I.E. Thomos E. Goetter B.S. Text. Jody Louis Goldblatt B.S. I.M. William D. Goodner B.S. E.E. Charles M. Goodwin Jr B.S. E.E. Gregory K. Gordon B.S. I.M. Wm. Brooks Gilmore Jr. B.S C.E. Coreon John Gohn B.S. ME. Jomes W. Gordon B.S. E.E. Robert Bruce Goss B.S. A.E. Stephen B. Gossett B.S. I.M. Richard L. Goulde B.S, A.E. Earl Ford Gowder Jr. B.S. I.M. David Bruce Graham B.S. C.E. Roger Thomas Grohom B.S, I.D. William Earl Gray B.S. ME. John Leon Gregg B.S. E.E. Edward A. Gregory Jr. B.S. Text. Harry Howard Gregory B.S. ME. 377 William R. Gnffin B.S. C.E. Paul Horace Griggs B.S C.E. Gary Wm, Gnndrod B.S. Ch.E. Thomas Oren Gurley B.S. E.E. Alfred J. Hackney II B.S. I M James Rendall Haden B.S. I.E. Steven Jeffry Holmos B.S. I.E. Melvin L. Hardin B.S. I.M. James Preston Harris B.S, Cti.E. Don Charles Hagan B.S. A.E. David Gary Hale B.S. I.M. William Milton Hale B.S. A.E. Vernon E, Hallyburton B.S. I.M. David Glenn Hammond B.S. I.E. Wm, Stinson Hammond B.S. I.M. Robert H. Handell B.S, E.E. Terry Michael Hanson B.S, I.M. k « William C Hardin Jr B.S. M.E. Robert D. Harrington B.S. ME. Ben|amin J. Harris B.S. ME. Henry Paul Harris B.S, Chem Jimmy Hugh Harris B,S, l,M, Olen Benjamin Harris B,S, I.M. Ronald Edv in Harris B.S, A,E, Gory Edward Harrison B,S, A,E, 378 Thomas E, Hassett B.S. I.M. Richard C Hays B.S. I.M. Edward G. Hawkins B.S. Ch.E. John Beniamin Hayes B.S. I.E. Kerry Lance Hayes B.S. I.E. Olen Starr Heath B.S. C.E. Thomas Day Hedrick B.S. E.E, Kenneth Roy Heflin B.S. I.E. Calvin Tony Haynie B.S. I.E. Horvey Allan Helmon B.S. I.E. Eric Courtland Helms B.S. I.E. David Glenn Helton B.S. Text. David Earl Henderson B.S, I.E. Gary Vance Henderson B.S. I.E. James M. Henderson B.S. Text. Daniel E. Hendricks B.S. I.M. 379 John J. Hendnckson B.S Ch E. Wm. Davtd Henry B.S. Phys Robert Lewis HII B.S. I.E. Calhoun W. Hendrix Jr. B.S. Phys. Ralph Dann Hendrix B.S. E.E. Roger Brown Hendrix B.S. E.E. Charles F. Henesy B.S. I.M. Larry Gene Henson B.S. E.E. Joseph H. Herbert B.S. E.S.M. William Richard Hil B.S. Arch. Perry Owen Hernn Jr. B.S. I.M. Morris M. Herzberg B.S E E Wm. Byron Himes Jr. B.S. A.E. 380 Stephen Dennis Hires B.S. Psy. Michael Dennis Hogan B.S B C Harold Eugene Hite B.S, E.E. Charles W. Hodges B.S. Ch.E. Eugene Wolton Hodges B.S. E.E Thomas Beck Hogon B.S. Text. Man. John Wm. Holliday Jr. B.S. I.M. Joseph L. Hollingshed B.S. C.E. Elton Roscoe Hogon B.S. I.M Thomas Hollingsworth B.S. I.M. Gary Lee Mollis B.S. E.E. Richard Gary Huff B.S. E.E. Paul A. Homier Jr. B.S. A.E, James Edward Hopkins B.S. Text. Thomos E. Hopkins B.S. C.E. Marvin Lynn Hughes B.S. A.E . Robert Hughes B.S. I.M. Terry Lee Hughey B.S. I.E. Edgar D. Horton B.S. Chem. Horry Won Too Hui B.S. Ch.E. 381 Ernest W. Hultgren B.S. Math. John Howard Jackson B.S. Phys Daniel Hailer Hummer B.S. B.C. Michael J. Humphries B.S. E.E. David Lee Hyatt B.S. E.E, George Emory Ingram B.S. C.E. Richard M. Jacobs B S Ch.E. David Randotph James B.S. Phys. Robert Wm, James Jr B.S. C.E George Paul Jameson B.S. I,M. Donald Young Joe William V. Johns Clifford H. Johnson David C, Johnson Dean Roger Johnson B.S. E.E B.S. Arch. B.S. I.E. B.S. Arch. BS. E.E Jesse E. Johnson Jr. Joseph H. Johnson Michael T, Johnson Morris H. C. Johnson Quincy Roy Johnson B.S. I.M. B.S. I.E. B.S. Cere B.S. I.E. B.S. Arch. 382 Robert J. Johnson Jr. Robert Lee Johnson Thomas A, Johnson Christopher Johnston Billy Brooks Jones B.S. E.E. B.S. I.E. BS. Cere. B.S. E.E. B.S E.E. Lee Ivan Newman Katz B.S I.M. Marion Reed Kays B.S. I.M. Thomas Curtis Kelman B.S. E.E. Dale Blandford Kays B.S. C.E. Glenn Charles Keife B.S. ME. Larry C. Kelley B.S. Text. Mark C. Kelly B.S. I.M. Charles S. Kersey B.S. Text. Francis C Ketter B.S. A.E. Bruce Leigh Ketts B.S. A.E. Charles Herbert Kelm B.S. E.E. Gary Lee Key B.S. Phys. 383 John Leon Klappes B.S. Ch.E. John Harold King B.S. E.E George D. Kimbrell B.S. I.E. Kenton Leon Kinard B.S. I.M. Michael G. Kmcaid B.S I.M. Hardy James King Jr. B.S E E Richord Gilbert King B.S. E E John Harris Kinzie B.S. ME Thomas E. Kipp Jr B.S. A.E. Mary J Kirkpotrick B.S. M.E. Carl Vivian Kling Jr B.S. Arch. John William Knight B.S. I.M. James Parker Knight B.S. I.M. mhd Wayne D. Knighton B.S. E.E Randy Alan Knott B.S. C.E. 384 Jomes M. Koelemay Jr. B.S. Phys. Chester C. Koslak B.S, A.E. Luis Kramarz B.S. Moth William David Ladd B.S. I.E. Chester L. Lambert B.S. B.C. Russell Evan Land B.S. E.F. Kerry Wayne Londis B.S. I.M. Earnest T. Londrum Jr. B.S. Phys. Manuel A. Larrieu B.S. Ch.E. Robert James Leeds B.S. A.E. Eric Frederick Lane B.S. Phys. Gregory O. Longston B.S. I.E. Laurie S. Longston B.S. I.E. Donald A. Lotourette B.S. I.E. Henry E. Lawrence B.S. I.E. George Henry Lee B.S. A.E. Gory Conrad Leegate B.S. A.E. Craig R Lentzsch B.S. Appl. Math Richard L. Leonordi B.S. I.E. Kim Joseph Loporte B.S. A.E. Kwon Young Lee B.S. E.E. Albert Brond Leson B.S. E E Richard M. Lester Phillip H. Leverett George E Lewers Walter. Hillman Lewis Ellen Helene Lewit B S ME. B.S I.M. B.S. I.M. B.S. B.C B.S. A.E. 385 Edgar F. Lindgren B.S. I.M. Edgor T. Lindsey B.S. I.M. Lawrence D. Lippert B.S. C.E. David Allan Lips B.S. E.E Jay Thomas Loadholt B.S. E.E. Charles F. Logan B.S. M.E. Michael Anthony Lota B.S. Arch. Charlie T, Long Jr. B.S. I.E. James Albert Long Jr. B.S. A.E. Robert Donald Loti B.S. Text. Chem. Froncis Ronald Lott B.S. E.E. Danny Lee Love B.S. C.E. Max Alan Lowe B.S. I.M. Wm. Carl Ludwig B.S. ME. John W Machtolff B.S. I.E. Stephen C. Mocy B.S. I.M. 386 Clifton Nolan Maddox B.S. I.M. Abroham H. Madenfrost B.S. M.E. Robert Lynn Moholey B.S. C E. Henry Wade Little Jr. B.S. I.M. Douglas Arthur Long B.S. I.E. William I. Lovepy B.S. LM. Elmer James Mocke B.S. I.E. Donald Merlin Marks B.S. C.E. Douglas T. Martin James Thomas Martin Jonathan Kent Martin Ignacio J. Martinez Wm. Robert Mortinson B.S. I.M. B.S. M.E, B.S. Text B.S. Ch.E. B.S. M.E. Bernard L. Mathews B.S. Phys. Lorry K. Mothews B.S. Phys. Chories C. Motson B.S. M.E. Robert Wesley Molson B.S. I.M. Richard P. Mougons B.S. Ch£. Ronald Howard May B.S. I.E. Michael E. McCallum B.S. E.E. John Scott McCrory B.S. M.E. Stephen K. McDonald B.S. Ch.E. David S McDougoll B.S. C.E. 387 Clork H McElroy Jr B.S. I.M. Miller Todd McElroy B.S. I.M. Gory Lynn McForlond B.S. C.E. Bruce F Mclntire B.S. E.E. Jomes Edward McKay B.S. E.E. William A McKenna B.S. IE Wm. Horrison McKenzie B.S. C.E Jerry C. McKibben B.S. I.M. Thomas C McKibben B.S. A.E. John Clifford McLean B.S. I.E. Andrew T. Merovich B.S. C.E. 388 Elizabeth J Meredith B.S. Arch. Woodrow W. Mewborn B.S. I.M. Percy B. Middlebrooks B.S. C.E. George Shelton Miles B.S. I.M. John Humphrey Miller B.S. Biol. David Elstori Mills B.S. I.E. Said Mohammodioun B.S. E.E. Stephen W. Moncia B.S. M.E. Michael W. Montgomery B.S. C.E. Terry Wayne Moon B.S. I.E. kJisM Gary Lone Moore B.S. Ch E James R. Moore Jr. B.S, Math James Senger Moore B.S. I.M. Robert G. Moore Jr. B.S. I.E. .hm Terry Lee Moore B.S. Text, James H, Mondic Jr. B.S. I.M. John David Morgon B.S. I.M. W c% dtM Edword Gordon Morris B.S. Phys. Tom Arthur Morns B.S. I.M. Lewis Moseley Jr. B.S. I.M. Charles Horold Moss B.S C E Michoel Dovid Moss B.S. C.E Somuel Boxley Mills B.S. I.E. Richord M. Mooney B.S. ME. Robert Lowery Moore B.S. I.E. Paul Edison Moms B.S. I.E. John Woolfolk Moye B.S. I.E. 389 Raymond T. Muggridge B.S. A.E. Joseph Palme Myen B.S. Math Galin Eugene Mumford B.S. I.M. Michael L. Mumford B.S. Moth James Doniel Murphy B.S I.M. Shyom K. Nograni B.S. E.E. Donald Alon Nance B.S. A.E. Robert Allen Nance B.S. C E. Doniel K. Musgrove B.S. Ch.E. Alexis H. Naranjo B.S. I.E. IHarold Ronold Nosh B.S. I.E. Larry Alan Neal B.S. C.E. Francisco J. Negreira B.S. Ch.E. Alan Lee Nelder B.S. I.M. Horold L. Newberry B.S. C.E. Fronklin P. Newman Jr. B.S. E.E. Bruce Wester Nolte B.S. E.E. Shermon Davis O ' Brien B.S. C.E. Kurt Stewart Nelson B.S. C.E. Enc Jock Ochiltree B.S. E.E. Robert M. Oenbrink B.S. C.E. 390 Chorles R. Ogletree B.S. C.E. Charles M. Olive B.S. A.E. Lorry Stephen Olson B.S. I.E. Wm. Ennis O Neol B.S. Text. Roger Chorles Oxford B.S. Cere. Robert Emil Poofz B.S. I.M. Beniomin H. Pabst III BS. I.M. Hoyt Palmer B.S. I.M. Henry Grady Pans B.S. Phys. Theo Albert Park Jr. B.S. C.E. Daniel M. Porker B.S. A.E. 391 David Manhall Parks B.S. C.E. John Stonley Parks B S C.E. William Lewis Parks B.S. ME. Douglos Lee Parrott B.S. A.E. James D. Patrick Jr. B.S. I.M. Wm. Ceroid Patton B.S. Ch.E. Jerry Lee Paul B.S. B.C. Dovid Daulton Payne B.S. I.M. Lorry W. Pearson B.S. I.M. Robert Hester Peters B.S. I.M. Daniel Pendarvis III B.S. I.E. Poul W. Pettyiohn B S. E E William R. Pickens Jr. B.S. I.M. Steven James Pierce B.S E.E. Henry Dale Pigott B.S. Chem. John F. D. Peterson B.S. C.E. Archie Lynn Pittmon B.S. I M. 392 John Isham Pittman B.S. I.M. James Milton Ponder B.S. E.E. Johnny Smith Poore B.S. I.M. Joel Stanley Porter B.S. A.E. Jim Wilkie Pounds Jr. B.S. C.E. Martin Alan Price B.S. I.M. Franklin Douglas Pye B.S. I.M. Walter Thomas Power B.S. I.E. Justin Henry Prott B.S. I.E. Andrew Wm. Prescott B.S. Arch. Samuel Russel Price B.S. I.M. Richard Eorl Prince B.S. C.E. Ronald Raymond Pulis B.S. Text. Bernard Louis Robold B.S. ME. Ernest Alberl Rachal B.S. Ch.E. Edward Dwoyne Roder B.S. Text. Stephen Paul Poulsen B.S. Phys. Charles David Price B.S. I.M. David Blair Purcell B.S. ME. Steven Roy Raines B.S. CE. James S. Romwoter Edward Albert Rosh James F. Rotteree Steve Daniel Royburn Loren Paul Rees B.S. E.E. B.S. I.M. B.S. Arch. B.S. E.E. B.S. E E. 393 John Joseph Rehder B.S. A.E. Dennis Ray Rhodes B.S. Text. Robert E. Reid Jr. B.S. E.E. Charles M. Reinehr B.S. Moth David Alan Reynolds B.S. A.E, James W. Reynolds B.S. ME Cecil Paul Roper Jr. B.S. Ch.E. Marc Eric Roach B.S. E.E. Charles T. Robbs B.S. I.E. David R. Roberts B.S. A.E. hd Frank Watson Rose B.S. I.E. David Charles Ross B.S. Biol. William L Ross B.S Ch.E. Stephen N. Roberts B.S. I.M. David H. Robertson Earl L. Robertson Joseph S. Robertson Robert S. Robichoud Charles B. Robinson B.S. C.E. B.S. Text. B.S. Text. B.S. I.E. B.S. M. Howard W. Robinson Arthur T. Roderick Joseph M. Rogers Vincent J. Rogers Barry Lee Roland B.S. AE. B.S. I.E. B.S. Text. B.S. Chem. B.S. I.M. Bruce Andrew Roth B.S, I.M. 394 George A. Roughton B.S. E.E. Louis F. Sontospogo B.S. I.M. Gary Clarence Rowe B.S. Arch. Gilbert Sidney Royal B.S. E.E. Jimmy Lee Rumsey B.S. Text. Kenneth S. Sandler B.S. Math Kerry A. Sortain B.S. E.E. John Clifton Savage B.S. Ch.E. Thomas Reese Soylor B.S. Biol. German D. Schaefer B.S. Text. ufisa Lorry G. Schoeffer B.S. C.E. J. M. Schollenberger B S Appl. Math Lee Leroy Schultz B.S. I.M. Harold W. Schwartz B.S. A.E. Jerry Marvin Scott B.S. E.E. 395 Phillip J. Scott B.S. I.E. Wilham A. Scott B.S. CE. Robert Milton Sears B.S. Arch. Stephen M. Sessler B.$. ME. Roberl Henry Seemer B .S l.M Eric Lynn Seevers 8 S. Math i i Y T] K i L.x Mklm m Somuel W. Severance B S. Ch.E. Edwards Boone Shaver as. l.M. Donald C. Shearouse B.S. Ch.E. John Emile Serafis B.S. E.E. Robert S. Shelley B.S. I.E. Robert M. Shulman 396 B.S. l.M. John Wolter Shypula Sergio Jesus Siller Patricio Ann Sills Michael Gene Simmons B S. l.M. B.S. E.E. B.S. Text. B.S. A.E Chadwick P. Smith B.S Text. Chem. Frank Eugene Sneod B.S. C.E. Clark Weldon Smith B.S. I.E. Oren Charles Smith B.S Arch. Richard Harold Smith B.S. I.E. Thomas Monroe Snyder B.S. Phys. Carl Axel Soderberg B.S. A.E Donald Thomas Sokol B.S. ME. Wm. Nesbitt Smith B.S. I.M. All Soltani B.S. C.E. 397 Richard N. Speer B.S. I.M. Paul S. Stansbury B.S. Phys. Michael James Spring B.S I.M Benjomin E. Stakes B.S. CE. John T. Stonfield Jr. B.S. A.E. Stephen H. Staplefon B.S. I.M. Gary Thomas Steele B.S. I.M. Frederick P. Stein Jr. B.S. I.M. Wm. Johnson Stanley B.S. Arch. George K. Steinbach B.S. Cere Normon Steinman B.S. A.E. Jomes Edward Strack B.S. Arch. Alan Evans Sterne B.S. A.E. Byrne W. Stewart III B.S. I.M. William David Stone B.S. ME. Ernest G. Strauss B.S. E.E. Danny L. Stricklond B.S. Chem. Michael L. Strickland B.S. E.E. James R. Storey B.S. Cere. Somuel L. Strickland B.S. Biol. 398 Andrew Stnngfellow B.S. I.M. Robert Bernard Strom B.S. CE. Robert B. Stroup B.S. E.E. Joseph J. Sturkey B.S. CE. Alvin L. Sudduth ill B.S. E.E. James Cleo Swaim B.S. I.M Eugene Warren Taylor B.S. I.M. Lawrence A. Terrell B.S. A.E. Daniel S. Sweltzer B.S. Psy. Robert Eugene Tamm B.S I.M. Thomos Doyle Tate B.S. I.M Bernard W. Taylor B.S. I.E. Glenn Erwin Taylor B.S. I.M. James Samuel Taylor B.S. C.E. Terry Emmett Taylor B.S. CE. Frank R. Tetterton B.S. I.M. Melvm Hugo Thomas B.S. ME. Michael Barry Thomas B.S. B.C. Thomas S. Thomason B.S. M.E. Woymon L. Thompson B.S. M.E. Charles Harold Teel B.S. Text. H 4 " 1 ik m- .d H fe -A- Fronklm B. Thomas B.S. Ch.E. Steven Edward Thomas B.S. M.E. James Stuart Thomson B.S. I.E. 399 Richard T. Thornton B.S. IE, i James R. Thrift B.S. M.E. Harry Poden Thurmon B.S. I.M. Wallace C. Till Jr. B.S. E.E. Don Ralph Tillery B.S. E.E. tm Herbert Martin Todd B.S. E.E. James Russell Todd B.S. I.E. Donnie Milton Tucker B.S. Phys. Peter Mirko Tuhy B.S. Chem. Martin Tunon B.S, IE, James Roy Turner B,S. I.E. Michael R. Turner B.S. C.E. 400 Wesley F. Turner B.S. E.E. James Larry Tyler B.S. I.M. Jefferson Underwood B.S, Phys. Thomas F. Valentino B.S. M.E. L- !■ Lewis N. Vanbrackle B.S. Phys. Douglas Vandergnff B.S. M.E. Bruce C. Vanderhoof B.S. A.E. Arthur L. Vandertioogt B.S. M.E. James Vanderploots B.S. A.E. Robert L. Varnadoe B.S. C.E. Mark George Veckman B.S. Ch.E. C. Alan Verlonder B.S. I.M. Cory D. Verlonder B.S. I.M. Robert Nestor Vernoy B.S. Text. Charles David Vittur B.S. I.M. Joesph A Vitunic B.S. C.E. 401 Stephen Davis Wallcei B.S. Text. William G. Walker B.S. E.E. Wm. Edgv Wall Jr. Lee Walloot Stephen John Wallace Timothy Elmo Waller Neal Mcleod Wansley iS. Phyt. B.S. I.E. B.S. E.E. B.S. Math B.S. I.M. 402 John Rigdon Wore B.S. A.E. Gordon Word Waring B.S. I.E. Herbert L. Waters Jr. B.S. ChE. John Durant Watkins B.S. Ch.E. Kenneth S. Watkins Jr. B.S. M E. Dean Peter Watts B.S. M. Leroy Edgar Weaver B.S. E.E Ronald Jay Whitley B.S. Chem. Gordon R. Wovle B.S. I.M. Jamn M. W»alh«n B.S. M. David Pocquin Waovw B.S.n«yi. G«0(ga Lamar Waover B.S. M. Joseph Robert Webb B.S. A.E. Woyrw Sulton Webb B.S. M. MidKMt N. WairatMK B.S. Appl. Malti Howard G. We B.S. I.E. John David Wey Chorlm Alan Wheeler Joseph H. Whelchel Rorddl Bogv White Rok»d Hoke White B.S. A.E. B.S. Ch.E. B.S. I.M. B.S. E.E. iS. E.E. Ronald Taylor White B.S. I.E. William W. Wilbonks B.S. B.C »S. Teort. Kondy fr odby Wiley B . IC. Boliver H. Wilhite James Greer Willcox Bnjce H. Williams David H. Williams Lorry E. Williams B.S. I.M. B.S. Psy. B.S. E.E. B.S. I.M. B.S. IJM. 403 Richord B. Willioms B.S. E.E Lowell A. Williamson B.S. I.M. James R. Wills B.S. I.E. William D. Windsor Jr. B.S. I.M. Brian Michael Wirz B.S. ME. Wm. Romage Wise Jr. B.S. Math 404 Albert J. Woodruff B.S. I.M. Marvin Mervin Wyott B.S. C.E. John Stewart Wyckoff B.S. I.M. Jock Lane Wynn B.S. I.M. Michael A. Wyzga Jr. B.S. M.E. Phongsok D. Yehsakul B.S. E.E. Roy Vernon Young B.S. Phys. William Sidney Young B.S. CE. Stephen W. Zogorolo B.S. ME. Stephen M. Zemon B.S. I.E. 405 JUNIOR CLASS Thorny Parker, Junior Class President 406 Robert W. Acker Alon L Adams Gary A_ Adomi Donald R AJdworth larrm 6 Alexander Robert P All xd Choriei Alfred George W Allen Jon » E ' !• " « f JIW AlBon J - J » i» I »i«or lotart M. AI. JM Snvw L Aihworth Howord L Alkiraofi Wrllrom H Alfr.dge Mrchoel Bochrk III Bonold E Bochmon Sleven T B0ir.lx.d9e Kvry A. tdur lobvl M- Boll Wm Eugxe Bolro ■ = " » t Son .. Clyde P Bonimon Gilbgd Borfleld Stephen P Borlow ' Dovrd G Botnes Jam« E Bornhill Fronk J Boule Cloovy L Boles G«xge M Bozamara Jo(»i C BmJI Hugh B«rd Ir B uce S. Beosley Stephw) A. Beese Leon.1 Z BendecV JortMS G Berqmon Arthur G Benrion Donold E BKkhom Poul S Bmer±petKi« MKhod M 6to i«oc» UdKi L Bockwood D».moA 1 BkruM Ronold E Blum Dyches V. Boddiford Dousloj L BorKk Robert B Bonlfoy Jr. Hoi G Boonef Albert T Boonick it Lo«reiK» S. Bootm T1ton«B G Bof». KannMh E ktinik •o S Thomas H B own Jr Poul L. Bryon Kenneth J Bryion Michoel J Budrler nK o«ji M BuOord Oo»«J C BiitBhtrdt — . Boiboro B. Bgtn U) iri i ivMn i ll Jerry L Butler Jomes C Bynum Jr George C Cogle Chorlei R Coldorole Richord D Colhoun Rolph J Conup G« fBe A Cordial Wm- W w Cort V 407 CLASS OF 1971 Lorry D Corroll Oujty J Cosh Roben Wm CoMidy Thomos M Chambers George L Chapman Jomes T Cheek Michoel J. Chesser Robert A. Chumley Leslie B Clark Wirijton C. Clork Mtchoel L- Cloylon Johnr y £. Cochran Harold I Cohen Sruart M Cohen George W Coleman Jr. Jonathon M. Colemon Thomos M Coleman Jeiui M CoHodo John A. Collier William W Collier James M Colson Richord S Combes Robert W Complon Paul E Conlon Donold F Coody Fred L Cook James F Cook Lee R. Cook Todd D Corbel Robert M, Corr Byron J Covey Charles E Cox William W Com Theodore N Crah Jr Thomas H Gowford Louis C Crouch Jr Jomes M Croy William C Cynnmghom Dovid R Donforth Jon V Dovidson Jr Hatch T Dovill Chorles A. Dovis Dennis W Oovis Donny J. Davis Gordon T Davis James A. Davis Jerry D Dovis Lorry V Davis Lawrence R Dovis Paul E Davis Richord E Davis Ronnie E, Davis Russell M Doy GuiHermo A Deongulo Grover C Deor John E Deoton Roger A Dozier Domel J Drogolm Corl R Drake Stephen S Orennon Wm Dean Drmkord Joseph J Dnjmmond Jr Mike J Dubberly Kenneth T Duff Dennn R Duke Gory N Dutka Michael E Eckerl gitly L Edge U Ben H Edv-rords Ronald A Edwordt 408 Dovid R Fiveosh Gmes J Floque Charles C, Fleming Williom L Fleming Warren S Flenniken Froncu R. Flood Michoel W Foliom John T. ForbwJ Clinton H Ford S P Michael R Ford Pout B Ford III Arthur J Fountain Jf PatTick M Fowler Jr Bernord J. Fon Jomes C FronciJ John A. Francis Robert S, FronWe Jomes F Frozier Jr Willie B Freemon xa-o.-i • TTJi lonnie W Funderburg Claude 1. Goddis Robert Q Goddy Richord S. Gaines Henry C Gaulden Jr Douglas A GauK Michoet D Goiaway Lorry L Gibbs Gregory T Gibson Grey S Gibson Dovid L Garland Robert I Gorrord Gregory M. Gaston Miguel I Gosion Thomas S Gaston Bernard K Ginn Sherman J Gloss Jr Soger L Godwin Harold P Gray James W Green Arthur C Greenberg Richard T Gregory Wm Clarence Gregory Michael J Grundy Gregory W Grynkewich George S Gunter Robert J Gusick Froncis J Hahne III Charles S Homes Herichel E Holl Richard R. GriHeth Hefman T GriHm Wolter B Grimes 111 Thomoi E Homer David M Hamilton David S Hancock John N. Hancock Joseph R Hand Wm Pat Hondlee Quentin M Hardoge James O Hordegree William B Hardm James 1 Margrave 409 Wm. Foitof Hargrove William C Hormoo DameJ J Hoffington Jamm M Hatni Thomoi E Horni Robert S, Horrnoo Jom« E Homii Oorwld W Horry Judith R Hart Alton G Hortey B S T " L w Potndt B. Hoyword Jomn C Heod Robert A- Heam Jam«i T Heoton Steven J Hedge Stever J. H lf Briar F Hendeoon Lanny E Hertdenon Wm Edword Hemden ChaurKcy Hernngton John E. Htdte George H. Hightower Jerome D Mightower Robert F Hightower Edwin E. H||| Jerry W Hilton Stdrwy A Hodges Ron M Hoffman Robert F HoJbrook Borry w hlolden Richord G Holden Roland M Hollowoy Ronold C Holmes Ray O Holton Thomas H Hood Roy C Hoover Hal T Hopkins Dovid F Hoppes Arthur A Norton William A Moss l BHP GtOf f Hcsilo III Woyna D Hcuu John H Howidc Koddy R. Hudson Wm. Todd Hudun G«fta I Huff III Howard H Huggim Steph« B Hugs ' ra Jodr E. Huncycult JoMph E HunniaM S !1 R RS Normon M Hunt 0 F ' d F Hur««r Potrick E Hurtey Thomas A. Hyatt Douglas L Hyche John M. Inks Jr. Wm. Richord tvey Beniomm H. Jockion Ceol H Joduon Choriei M Jockion 9M Kennefh E Jockion Robert T Jockjon Thomas V Jodoon Wright T Jodaon Eugene E Jocob Albert J Jorrott Robert H Johns Brennon G Johnson Woyne E Johmon Williom G Johnson SR Wm. Oiog Johnson Daniel M Johnston Mory E Joh™ton Samuel M Johnston Chorie S Join Clinton H Joiner Lewis D JoHett Douglot C Jolley Kenneth R Jor «» Phillip B Jones 410 CLASS OF 1971 1 Bob«l L Jooo Sleptwi L JooB if lama H. Jordan Donald Koranovich Elliolt KoHip William L Keeoe G«oige B. Kelloy III Modi C Kellr Kobvt W. IWly (jchord T Km J] J Charfal I lt«llt« Potnck T KillimW Jom«j H. Kinanon Ridce G. KiHi Michael E- K.diley Wayne B Kirkley Jerome M_ ICirfi Jome P Knighl Rooold W Kjiote Stephen D Hno»l Ronald B Koch Stephen A- Ktamm Dovid R. Krantz CKuen C Kwan ioMph A. Locour III Robert B. Uimbert John R. Londts Sonford E. Longley Gory R- Lonhom Bfton A. !13 RuadI f Lourem Ooyglm R Lawrence Teiry S Lowrence Lewo T. Lee Gregofy R Leire Gene M. Leverett Chartton S. Lewis Alva R- Liner John M Little K K- S. L»u Martin Lopez Jr Joines K. Luck III George S. MocGregof Eohtn AAochido John F Modden Williom F. Madden Daniel E MohoHey Jr Jomo B Malone Cory Mandr nlle 11 " 1 Grohom H Martin Jodcie L. Martin Johnny R. Martin Ronold E Martin Richord D Mason Jr T om(B F MosMy J ]l Chartei W Mouie Jr, Francii M. Moyer Jomes J Mayes J rry M. Moynard Edword E McBnde Lowis S McConn Dowglos J- McQinlodt Michoel B. McCkakey Robert L. McCoy Neol W McEwen Stephen K McGill Dovid C McDonald Stephen M McDonough HI Edword M, McOovem Marvin A. McGrow 411 CLASS OF 1971 Gory D McKay Ihomoj R. McLoughl.n Michoel G McMohon lllii fll Richord M McMufry Thomm O McNoM Vonce R Mm Thomaj C Mernman Jeffrey W Metcolf Srephen f Metcalf Michoel D Metier M E WtBTi Michoel G Miiche Todd E MoHiH Arturo R Molmo Jon G Monjon Somi«l H Moody Michoel G Moon Dovid W Moore W Moofe Jr William Morerw Geofge W Mofgon Richard F Monorty James W Morrii Wm Stephert Morni Walter F Morrison Kirk H Morton Ediion S Moxley Donold C Moiley Hugh W Mulkey Croig J Mundie Christopher C Murphy Herrrton R. Murphy Chorles W Muiiclmon Kenneth A Nosh Wm Howofd Nosh Jf Rondall H Nelson Ruben B Nelson Tiffany T Nelson Bernord J Nepper Leonard B Newman III Richord E Newsome E ¥ord G Nisbet Michoel K Noe Harold B Norns Bruce A Nottke Paul W Ogle John N Oglesby Michael J Okeefe Jomei F Olouien James K Orr Michoel T Ojheosy Motthew W Oxiey Lonce W Oner Ronnie C Podgett Tony C Palodino Chorlej M Pollmon Dennis E Polmer 11 Boyd Porsont Jr ttobefl M Parsons Richard A Polmer Thomas Wm Pope Richard F Parhom Thornwell H Porker Jomes W Pois Neal S Potnck Corleis A_ Pottenon Dennis M Panenon Fr«d E Poftervao Harlon S Patterson Jomes C Pottillo Robert M Poxlon 412 David C Peocock Alan M Peorce David E Peebles IS Jomes M PeVof Marcy L Pengue David H Penn John H. Pennell Robert Wm Perdue JoKn H Perry Jr Louis W Perry Wm Gory Perry Jomes M Petro Verrw E Pettit Charles R Piper Jr Daniel E Piftord Jome C. Pim Luther C Plunkeft Jr Jock C Poole Louis Popowsiy Jom« R Porter Jomes T Porter David L Poston Joe T Pofti Nicky J Poulos Jomes F Pov ell Palmer E Powell Jr Robert T Powell A. Propes George B Pugh Williom L Pugh Dovid H Pollen James G Purdy Joseph A Puskor Timothy H Putman Thomos C Pyles Ellery E Queen Julius H Ramwoter Mortimer C Rond John M Rapp Jogodish G Rour Loun L Rowlins Jr mi Sm 1 " Terry L Thomos J Redmond Jr Jorge M Redondo Gory I Reece JeHtey A_ Rees Frederick O Ree« Jr Michoel A. Reevej Roben M Re ei Roben S RegiWer John F Reilly Suion J Re.lmon Robert Wm Re.neke Jomes P Rentro Oscor G Rhudy Chorles S Rico Jr Donold t Rice Jomes T Richordson Ronold M Richordjon Robert W Ridgewoi. Henr, C Rigdon III rr ' w ' N Jfk 1 John R Rist J Wm Robertson Jr Jomes D Rodgers R.chord T Rodger Gerard R Rodnguei Robert Wm Roesch Jr Joseph C Roesser Jr John W Rooks Thomas A Rosser towrence F Ruddermon Kimboll M Rudeen Lorry W Rutseli Patnck H Ryon 413 1119 Chario P Ryef George M lty«r Cynthw S Samra CKold W Somi Tlionra A. Somj Michael W Sandni Donald E Sondj Harold Wm Sandulirr Nation F Say o d l old Scaidir " Oovri M. ScKoufete Richord E Schief Jemord T Schimmel Nicholo Schlog« « Dennti C Schr «pfe F. William E. ScoH , Thomos T. S«ekins Donold H Seibert Dovid M Senn Rune4l N $«w«| Charia F Shoehn Jr Thomai G Shoufette Lorry W Shelnun tobwt «. SMnim Michool W Sh«nk Robert B Shepord John E Sh.pp IV Samuel T Shorei John M. S erch.a Grnxge G. Siinma " rk JFki m Aaron J Smith Clarence E Smith III Don C Smith Fred B Smith Larry S. Smith Quentin M. Smith III Stephen f Snell Darnel R. Snyder ierry M. Sokolow Angel M Soto Raymond L Spalding Gory E Spaegle George E. Spier Allan N. Spreen George R. StoWer Johnston H Stanford Norberl Slamuewiki Michoel L. Steon Jom« W Sten tera Rob»t L SNphani Motthew A Stwem Gory S, Stvwort Arthur I Stone James M. Storey Jam« F Stovoll Charles M. Sh nge Cori M. Stnplin Federico M- Stubbe Donald R Stuber Moms H Susonadi Jomes U. loflw Oonnit W. Taylor Stephen L. Taylor KonoW M leal Terrell L. Tedford Philip A. Teel Front F. Thoch Efton J Thomas Joel E Thomas Twry E Thomoson Kenneth A Thompson Randod J Thompson Tommy L Thomp»on 1(1 William H Thompson 414 El Wm Roy Thompson it L«e H Thonut Jomos A. ThoTM CLASS OF 1971 EfK Albert Voncoort John H Vonderlon Robert Vanloodinghom Woync T Vonloer John T Vowghon Rofoel Villegos Robert J, Vincent Gory I, Wochter Richofd B Woldkifch John E Woi) PSilIrp B Wotloc. Wm Ashby Wolli John G Wollon Charies S- Womnatoo Robwt J WcBhington Philip A. Woten Raymond D Wolkini Jr Howard L Wotvjn Robert « Webm Lowrwicc W Wmlal PS " Wm, Bryonl Wildw Jimmy F Willioms Jo«l 1.. Williomi Kenneth L, Williomi Michoel S. Williomi Noncy J. Williams Ronald D, Williams Franklin M. Wibon Lawrence J Wilson Thomos f W.bon . Chorles M. W1090 Dennis R. WonKxi Christopher M, Wood Aitori A_ Wood John D. Woodard Williom R_ Woods Wm, Wwrw Woolt Arthur Wm Wright II Chnitopher E Wnght Fronos H, Wnflhl Chorte H Wywwiki C, Yancey Wm Modiion Yot« Jr Howard M Young Lowrence K Young Robert F Yowng Steven F Young John T Youngblood John R Younker Sichord A Yunkus Clorence E Zohler lowrence A Zirin 415 SOPHOMORE CLASS Sam Tyson, Sophomore Class President 416 K ' tm Thomoj T Abosie Dono H Abernothy Chorlei N Adomi III Stephen F Adomi Boflon G Agrow Stewart W Aiken Wm Murroy Aif Steven L AJdndge George H Alexander Daniel B Allofd Lee Allen Corlos L Amiguef Erie D Anderson Carlos E Anasmoro Norman JC Arnold Jr Roy Arnold Rofoel Artajanchez Stephen W Ashworth William H, Atkinson JP H Steven J Bobb Chriilopher G Bagby Jock N Boiley Wm Rodney Bailey Bonner L Baker George F Ball Rolph M Bord Andrew C Borfoot John M. Bonneau Richard P Borke Harrison W. Bornes Jr George Wm. Borron Jr Richard W Borth Garnck Wm R, Bauer Dorrel G Boumgordner JeHrey T Beord P Ricky R Seosley Elizobeth Beckemeyer Jomes C Bedinglreld James R Beggs lee B Beilchman Wm Robert Beike III Jerry W Bell Michoel C Bellack John C Bellev.lle Eduordo V. Betidedi Frederick J Bervjeck Paul R- Bendeck Gor7 K Bennett Sharon T BenneH George S Benson dim Bruce C Berqer Melvin M Bewley Thomas Billin Somuel C Bitetti Nothon C Block Robert H Block Lolon J Bloir Charles C Bledsoe Leo R Bohamck A Bohrer CliHord W Boles Joel D Bonewitz Steven P SorochoH Victor D Bowden Michoel F Bovyen Stephen W Bowman Jomes P Boyd Wm Newsome Boya Wm Albert Beyer Danny R. Brodbory Danny G, Beodtey 1 Ausburn R Bragg Lucius G Branch Joseph f Brond Raul J Bros Charles H Braudo T R Breedlove III David G Breti Robert Wm Br.nly Joseph E Brown 417 CLASS OF 1 972 Mounce H Brown Roy R Brown Edwofd A Bfune John F Bryont Jock L Boce Jr Arthur J Bullord Albert R Bunn EvereH C BurdeMe Michoel W BurgeiJ Olm E Bufgeii it Aof1m J Byrke Jomei M Bornette Jr L1 Hi! ' £tJi Jonothon H Corpenter Joyce E Coipenler John H Corr Jr Hubert E Carroll Wm Corville Corson Hugo A Corter Michoel L Cortwnght Christopher E Case Frederick A Cossidy Charles R Coto MM Wm Andrew Certom Lewis J Choiletz Jomes Wm Chomberlin. Charles D Chambless Timothy A Chandler Lynn H. Chaney Ralph H Choney George T Chapman Phillip D Chopmon Beniomm L Chostoin IfiikTkTl David L Cheek Harvey D Cheek Richard K Cheong leonord W Childs Jr Rand H Childs James B Chiles Geo rge H C Chok Dennis Chow Soo C Chung Joseph T Cipolla 4li3 iruce J Clork ChoHei N Cloik Alvo C Cobb Jr Willram H Cobb Joseph B Cofec Chorles Cohn II Hal B Cole Richord P Collins Virgil L Collins Wallace H C Colly -m rfe John F Cooper Samuel W Cooper George R Corder Jr Gory A. Cornell Leonord E Costetio Jack H Coych Jr. George M. Counts John R Covert Gregory A Co» David A Croig Simeon N Cnsler Ralph E Cromer Edward T Culbertson Augustus Cunningham Richord P Curry Marcus S Curtis Ted A Cyr Thomas J Dolbo Roger A Dalkm Michoe ' R Dam Stephen A Daniels Jr Allen F Dovis 418 Hormon J, Davis John E Dovis Worren S Oavii MarciQ K Dowson Barry D Denord Horry E Denman Ronald M Dennis Wm Jockson Denton Kenneth L Dovii Poul D Dovn Jf Roymood A_ Dovu Robert E Dovij Richofd A. Deodwvlw rv»ftnM Ct Oeoo Phillip Deberry it Alon 6 Dechoviti HP George C Dickens Jr John L Dickenon John A. DifOieph Steven L Diihion Bornwell S Dunlop Bryno R Dunn Harold R, Eashwood Douglas I Edwards Thomas M Eidson James I. Eldermon Craig B. Eleozer Kirk D, Elliott Terry W Ellis Kenneth R. Enlrekin Jf Pll l Calvin L Espy Edward N Essermon Samuel A Ethendge Wm Russell tvans Jack A Everett Jeffrey H. Farmer Williom R, Farr Richard B Faubion John M. Foucett M David Foolkenberry M .:, t Raymond J Faulslich James W Feighner Jr Donald J Feltner Gregory H. Ferguson Christopher L Feucht uce M. Reisher Clyde W Fore Robert C Fortenberry John M Foster Jomes C Gait John C Gandy Richard L Garfield Chorlcs G Garner Williom M. Gorner Aibert M Good Jeffrey M, Goodm 419 Terry W Gordon Scofi P Gosline Lee D Goit.n Thomas E Goyld John A Gtoni III Charfes E, Greenberg Donme G Greene Roymof)d I. Greene Jf Ha fy E Greer Jomes D. GriHin Charles R GriHirh Thomos H Grimm Hubert F Groseclose Kenneth E Gross Jr Joke H Grubbs Groni Gueu Jerry L Hogerman Bryan E Hamlme Carlos M HqII Leslie Hall Wm Joseph Moll Jodion C Ham Jr Terry H Homnck Michoel C Harmon Gregory D Harrington Will. am A Horns Wm Wolton Horns Jr James H Hornson Thomos B Hon Chorles E Hofv. Olin D Harwell Kothryn J. Holcher Robert G. Hoych Otto W Hoyg Robert J Hay John W Hoyden Dennis C Hayes Leonard J. Haynes Jomes F Heod Jock R Heath mj f n Robert A Heath Kerry S Helmger Birchell R Helton Stephen G Hendnx Chorles M Herbsl Peter R Herron Larry C Hemng Michael E Higgms Richord T High II Frederick Wm Hilt S l 0 1 Gene W H.ll John Wm. HmchcliHe Lorkm Hipp Robert H Hite Robert L Hobart Hugh C Hobbs Arthur L Hoff Arthur H HoHmonn Jack Hokombe Chorles M Hollond J M Ji Eddie C Hollini John S HoHis Albert Z Hollowoy Jr John 8 Holstun Rolondo S Holton Terry Holti Daniel E HoneycuM Hollis F Hope Arthur S Hovis Mort.n L Howord Phillip F Rowland Chorles A Hudson John R HyH W.lliom D Hunton Sounders L Hupp Wm Ffonk Hutchinson Donald J Hyde Mark S Indek Lewis G James Thomas L Jameson 420 J! James Wm Jenkins Richord S. Jenkins Colvin B Jenn.ngi Daniel K Jens William C, Jiles James T Jinks Michael D John Wiley T Johnson CLASS OF 1972 ]P ii ' ;w rk iik M Wm Allen Johnson Benjomin W Jones Dovtd O Jones William H, Jones Theodore W Jordon Richord H Jowers Russell D Kan Roy H Keck ' ' ' ' •P •■ " teener Lorry S Keith Wm HoU Keller III Joseph M Kedey Michoel R Kennedy Stepfen F Kennedy Larry D Key John W Kilgo John C King Kenneth A King Alexonder M Kmnaird Wayne F K.rsner Ricki D Knobloch Kenneth T Kovol John W Krerter John H Kress Hugh S Kroell Jr Edgor A Kroner Robert P Kurzen John P Kyle Malcolm P Lomor Nicholos Lonce Jr Edwin B Lone John O Longbem Mono V Loo Slephen L Loroche Joseph B Latimer Wm Andrew Lawrence Roger I Lowson David B Lecroy Ronnie J Ledford Charles £ Lee Paul T Lee Yuesun Wm Lee Stephen A Lemoy Henry L Lemon John A Lessl Ered A Levin 211 . 3 Gary R. Lubin Roberi G Lucas John P Lucey Richard R Ludlom Jr Mitchell D Lukin Philip H Lynch Kenneth T Mocrt Jr Jomes H Mocemon Therol E Mockey Bo ' »e f Atocon Jr. d ' ' js ' k r j a Bruce H Modden Douglas O Maddon Joel L Mo|ori Charles H S Mollis Ross T Mol ' oy F Malluck Ctiarles M Moniey Ttieo D Mam an A_ Manous Stephen P Manuel Clark L Morch James H Morkley Kenneth A Morsh Edmund S Mortm Mory C Moftm Richord T Mortmei 421 CLASS OF 1972 JT ' " Mashburn III Donold I Mown Fenn T Maion Jr Chorles L Motheson Robert P Motion John H Maningty M Vk Joy R Moveety Andrew H Moitwell John E Mayes Jomes R. McAoliHe John F McAuliHe Henry R McConlesj Bfion A_ McClannahon Robison C McClure Ji Robert L McGarvey Robert M McGee Dovid M Milikin Roy W Miller 111 1 1 Thomas T Miller Jr Edword R MilU Roy CliHon Minor Jr Charles G Mitchell Corolyn M M.ze Dole A Moehle John Wm Moffett Jr Georgia A Monnerol Doniel B Mooney Dovid A Moore Frederick S Moore George M Moore John R Moore Ricky L Moore Dorrell G Mordente Jerry Morgon Lorry G Morgan David B Morns Fred R Morns Arthur G Morrison Jr. James N Mylticon Edword L Myers Jr l orl William Myeri John P Neol Bruce J Neubouer Samuel S Neuner James G Newton Jr Jomes M Nicholson Samuel M Norwood P Nunbhokdi Stonley L Nurnberger John A. Nyitrom William L O Conned John T Odell Michoel V Oldog Chorles M Oswold John P D Oxer Kenneth H Padgett Dov.d C Polmer Horry P Porodice Ronold J Ponse Edwotd N Paikes III P Wm Jomes Parsons Robert L Potnck 422 (tchard D PoUerwin Wm Logan Patlefson James R, Poulk Jr Robert M Peach Thomav E Peeplei I.morhy Pendergroft B 119 1 Vefnon Wm Peppers David A Perdue Thomos H Perry Sperice E Peters Jr Tereio L Peteri Doniel Wm Pelefion Richard C Pererv n Lorry M Petree Jock L Peugh Tommie M PhJbeck T f - ' M s Aaron L Phillips Joseph E Phillips Corlos A, Piedrahita Donald G Pitman Jomes R. Plymole Gory C- Pool Rondolph M Pope Everert E Porter Neil M Porter Edword A Pom Charles G Price III Rodney M Ptice Wymon J Pr.ester III M.lton E Purvis Jr Michoel N Quarles Allan B Quior Peter S Quintero Gregory L Quinfon Mitton S Romey Dougloi G. Romiey Jr. Wm Haskell RKeH III r ' W M d Jocob M Rhodes Ira 2 R.chter Gory B. R.cks Don B Riley Jr Cl.fford A Rinehort Noel E Rivos Eric W Roberts George C Roberts J° i " Roberts Lorry A. Roberts Jon B Rogers Chorles L Roggenkomp Manuel E Romoo Steven L Romme Albert B Rosenbaum George H Rothe John T Rowlert Thomas A feucker Wm Dovid Russell Dovid M ftyon John T Ryan Royford M Ryle Richord J Sond Janney E Sonders Walter D Sanders Jr Jock R Sopp Abrohom M Sosso Kirk D_ Solrom Mortm Soumweber Ji Otin W Sounders 423 M.choel A Schloctef Richard A Schieiber William F Schuelet Ronald R Schuster Michoel L Shea James M Sheffield Steven C Sherwood Donold V Shillingtoi Roger R Schworlz Robetl N Seebeck Charles D Seuss James Gordon Show Jr Clyde M Shorl Worren W Short James 8 Shumor) King E Sidwell John J Sigofoos Jr Wm Pelef Silcox Irving Silver Jomes S Simon Tono L Sims John Q Sindell Michael V Skillman Don R Smalley Jock E Smith Jr Rondall W Smilh r Robert W Smifh Ronold L Smith Stephen L Smith Thomas E Smith Walter C Smith Wm Stevenson Smith Ale« K Soulis Jock R Spongier Robert L Spono Charles R Speer Jr Williom D Spoede Randall L Sprouse James H Spurlin John E, Stohl Michoel Stanley Richard D Stark ,.ti. " i-iii George K Stornes Steven M Steinberg Ronel Stephens Thomas W Stephens Choftei R Stigoll Jr gryorit M Stone Dovid E Stncklond Jomes Wm Stncklond Golen C Sfnemer Jay B Sundstrom Charles Sutterfield Robert W Tonner James B Taylor Ronold K Taylor yj Roger W Teale lorry N Teosley Steven W Teate Roderick F Tedman Steve T ThibodauK Michael E Thomas Chatfield H Thompson Hughes Wm Thompson Joe N Thompson Paul Wm Thompson Aim ' . Wm Lesley Thompson Wm. Perry Thompson Jr, Robert M. Thorpe Sylvan T Thuente James E Todd Kirby T Trocy Joey L Tronthom Thomos S. Treadwell Gory D. Trott Normon L Trotter Stephen D Trowell 424 Robert R lurner Wm Dov.d Tui Dan M lyson FranMin L TyuS CLASS OF 1972 Craig S Vofon Goiy D Voughn Jack W Voughn James L Vefenes Kurt C Vogel Frank H Vogler Jr Rodney C Vondullen Kenneth O Voorhies 1? H-11 i? Wyo-t F Voyles J- ' " " B Wode Boyd F Wages J. LeiI.e H Wogne, G.Kocd T Walker Rondall M Wolke. Ill Lynn R Wall.nglord James A Walle.s Do..d W Wol.on Ph,ll,p H Wa.d !lil w fi iik j h jt Walter S Wordlow Peter W Ware Thomoi E Washburn James Wm Waters Joseph £ Weatherly James Wm Weaver Steven P Weber Gregory L Wedel John Wegel Jr James A Weldon Daniel B Wti.te Jr Thomos F White G Wh.llow Wm Normon Willcox Jt Cho ' les A- Will.ams Chorles M W.ll.oms Horold E W.ll.oms Jr H.ram P W.ll.ams James R Will.ams Pool T Will.oms Xhhon L Willis Johnny D Willis James R W.lson Philip C Windsor David P Winkle Ronold R Wise Dovid L Wolpert Wollace Wm Woodord John C Woolery Ronald E Wnght k " 1111 Donold Wm WyaH Lawrence F WyI.e Wayne C Yoncey Dovid F Yordom.on Jc hn M Yorger M.choel E Young Gary S Zander A Zeigler Matc-o 6 ZctxtI Stanley W John P Zimmerlee Jon.e L. Z.tomet Algyte R, Zuode 425 FRESHMAN CLASS Tom McCoun, Freshman Class President 426 % Amos A Ardvorck Paul J Abernathy Gregory AcceHa William J Actiermon Edgof C Adorns Robin L Adams Thomas M Akins Chorl.e H Albright I0E !3 James L Alexander Wm Lee Alexander Charles R Allen Charles T Allen Robert G Altmcn Roberto J Amoyo Carl E Andervan Craig Anderson Doryl E Anderson Jock M Anderson Jomes M Anderson III Ruisell F Anderson Tony D Anderson Philip C Andrews Silos L Allen John H Allgood Roderick M AJImond Mitchell E Alter Michael F Boiley Dole W Boird Cory C Boker Paul E Ballard Jr Wm. Garnet Bollord Thomas Balue III Michoel L Bonkester Wm Tolond Borfield Am Sontord Borfoot n ' -f Gregory P Barner John H Barnes IM MIH HiH Hi »-I«l m«l Kenneth F Bornes Walter S Barnes Jr ENot B Bornefl Wm Bangle Bornhordt Grody C Borrihill Nelson M Bornhouie Kenneth P Bomck . 427 p Bruce O Borringer Wilham L Barrow CLASS OF 1973 Gene H. Barry Michael E Borry aotson Jf John Bough John M Boughai rf k Jkm k i M meamm hw; w r- a r , No.mon P Boxier James Wm Beoll Chorles Bealeobough M.choel C Beck Joh " Beckett Sam ,el E Becktel Joseph I Beer Ronold ) Beermot. Wm Fronkl.n Bell Robert J Bell.ti. Harold G Benedeld Danny L Bennett Steven I BenneH B BenneH Wm Francs Bennett James C Bennewiti Lawrence C Bentley Edward G Benton Jame A. Berg George H Bergmork towrence W Berkley Ihomos W Bevier Arthur Wm Bevil Dovid I Bikus Wm ' . ' :. i b - ghom Ion A Bi.dsoH Monte J Block Michael B Blockbum W.lson Slockburn Jomes M eio.r 1 ■I Robert C Bla.f Steve H Bla.r Wm Pettui Blalock Jomes S Blond Robert M Bloylock Edwotd C BJe.chner M Blems James A Bliisit Ji Leigh R Bodner Ted A Boemonm John M Bohonnon Robert H Bohler Richard A Bolm Robert A Bond Gregory S Booth Albert M Boozer Jr Jomes K Bosse Steven P Botilden Jomes H Bovie Theodore I Bowden Paul I Bowen Thomas C Bowen Jay R Boyd 428 Jetry W Boyd Kenneth G Boyer Richord L Boyle Ralph A Bfodley Jr Jamej L Btodner Comel.ui W Bramlett MM Alan H. Branon Gregory J Bran.ff Wm Jomei Bronnen Jamej D Bfonnon Jomes F Breeden Matthew P Jomes J Bresnahan Jr Chories H Brewlon Richord O Bnckell Don F Bndges Johnny R Br.dges Lother L Bridges Polr.cio Bf.dges Samuel R Bridges Cloude R Bndwell Sfephen J. Brincosh a " li Earl M Br.nson John A Brooch T B.ockman Roger G Brooke Dole A Brooks B.cky L Brooks Wm Joseph Bcooksbonk Broussord Bobby H 6.o»n Bruce J Brow 1 111 Dovrd D. Brown Dov,d P Brown Jomes G Brown J,r„r„y E. Brown John T Brown Lorry R Brown M.choel L Brown Mrchoel L Brown Uleoe, L Brown W,ll„n A Brown Wm Corler Brown Wm Lloyd Brown Horry Wm Bruce III Barbora L Bryon Scon M Bryan Johnny K Bryant Jr John D Bukovsky Daniel D BoHord Michoel F Bymgorrw James D Bunn Dovid P Burford Marsholl A Burke Michael T Burke Thomos W Burke David F Burns Robert L Burns Jr Robert F Burpee Mary E Burson Ronald L Buich Michoel L Buske Andrew Bussey Alley C Butler Dan P Butts . Jorge L Cobrera Monuel A. Cadenos Domei C Coldwolder Steven L, Cam Edward W Gildwell Owen M Caldwell Ernest H Collohon Jr M iomes T Calkihan AntKorry L. Collowoy MW. Poul L CAmes Duvol P CompWI 429 Manon W Compbetl Fronk M Campts Richard H Girpentef Robert W Carpenter Robert D Corter Gary J Caruso Mark A Cosp William S Cathcort 3i ?5 Undo E. CaHsori Michael L Cornahan Stephen N Corothers Marc L Corpenter 2 Woltef A Cofpenfer Oewain Carroll James M Carroll Graham L Carter Michoel S Cenker James V. Cerulli Steve W. Choddick Jamie B. Chafm ir Normon T Chamlx ns Woyne D Champion Stephen G, Choncey James F Choncy Jf Donald I! Chondle. John S Chapman Lorry e Choslo.n Peler I Check Henry S Chicl Edward B Ch.ldreM M Charles Christion Walter L Christian Arthur Christiansen Joseph L Christie Steven A_ Chumley Emmett W Chupp Thomas C Clark Wollace M Clark Gerold F Clorke Donold W Cloyton mm John P Cleavelond John T Cleckley John F Clerici Jon Wm Cliflon Roymond G Clinton Dovid R Clow Aloo B Coots David W Cochran Joseph W Cochran James R. Cocknll Douglos M Cody Ralph J Coe Jr John R Cofer Richord L Cohen Robert M Cohen Kotherme J Coldren Stephen R Cote Robert M Colemon III Bruce D Colicchjo Horry W Colli Doniel B Colliru Jr Stephen A. Collins Thomas A Colston Lawrerxe Combs Robert E Cone Jomes H Conklin James K Conn Stephen A Conneorney Philip C Conf ell Robert L Connelly Jr John L- Conyers Jr. Charles H Cook James F Cook James S Cook Norman L Cook Jr Ronme A Cook Thomas N Cordeil George R Corder Peter Cordrey Woyne L Co ' ley Jomes M Cofmom 430 Kenneth R Cofntaijel Sfephan M Cornwell Dovid E Corliight Andrew M Coskinas Dwighr R Cospei Ronold L Courtnej ' CLASS OF 1973 Michael F. Cowan Ronald W. Cowort David H Cowden Fred L Cox Hunter B, Craig Frederick R. Crondotl Kothy L Crawford iHP Bl Roy R Crawford Russell M Crawford James G Cnder Thomas W. Croft Jr. JeH R Cromwell Charles P Crowder S ' X Fronces V Crowder Joseph A Crowder Fronk H Culien Jr Kenneth B Culpeppe Eugene D Culver Wm Daniel Culver Arnold £ Curtis Jr Tim E Cuthbertson Andrew Wm Doiley Bruce W Doiley Gregory J Dotessio Terry G Dallas James W Domel Wm Edword DonrKils M Anthony J Dantes Douglas A. Darch Gregory S. Darnell Robert M, Dosher Constance Dougherty Duncan J Dougherty Joseph H Doves Wendell A Dajvidson Allen S Davis Hoskell B Dovis Jr Homer W Davis John M Oovis lfei «M lorry A. Davii Lowell G Dovis Michoel L Dovis Todd C Oovis H Victor M Oov.s III Victof W Dovii Willo K Dav.s Philip M Dowson ? T S Wm D Deadwyler Wm Richord Deokms Lewis M Debernord Jr Bruce A. Dehnbostel Sorry J DelCampo Romon C DeLeon James E Delk III John Randy Dtflooch Dovid A_ Delor g Michoel H Drfdey RondoH S Dinning Frederick O Dischmon 431 John T, Dismukes David G Dixon R l n AS OF 1 Qy f sJ J I I J Robert L Dixon .homos t Di«on Choiles N. Dobbins Jr Gory H. Oobbs Ph.lip G Dodd Rolond S, Dodson John C Doherty Norberlo Domingo Murphree Y Donnon Ji Peler M Donovon Stephen N Dooley Jerome B Doster Moureen M Dougherty Albert R Douglos Mary C Dowling Henry C Doner Lois A. Dronchok Richard L Dry Phil.p J Duffy T.mothy D Duke i33 " S ? EF 33 Eric J. Eberhart Gerald A, Echerd William L Echols George Wm EckhordI Brodley T Edelmon Omar G Edmunds Croig A Edwards Steven L Ehlers Gory Joseph Elom Thomas H Eleaier John B El.cker Dovid W. Englett Wendell B English C Engwer l!il " l " f5 Bill Efwm Jr Gorey W Estes Donald Evar s Gory F Evons George Wm Evons John M Evans John S Evons Ellen D Evatt John C Evelyn Michoel H Faber Steven E, Faber Thomas A. Fahey George C Fakos Robert L Fallis Jr, Bennie L, Former Bradford P Farror Kenneth R Forrell Terry D Farrell 432 l !fJ P5PHl Steven J Figueroo James R Fmch Michael E Finch Ronold L Finger Carolyn M Fmney Jomei M F.nney Jr Jomcs N F.iher vVm Henry Fiiher Kenneth A Fronklm Jojeph B- Froser Samuel C Froser William A. Froser Wm, Ermine Frasef Jr. Efch H Fraiier Richord M Freedberg Jomes A Freemon Martin M, Fned iohn T frrti Larry T Garner Dame " E GorreM Richard P Gorreft Thomoi C GorreH Ceroid E Gornion George M Gory Guy S Gosk.n Ffe ienck G. GoHin , 433 Stephen G Gation John S GoUii Armando R GoMoni it Joseph J Goyocw Jr Chnsrophef Ge.del Michoel J Geigef Jomes O George John A GerVe Derek K Gettmonn Robert R Gibion Theodore A Gibson Jr Ph.Irp M G.glio Laurence R G.lberl David E Gilbreath Elliot Gilbreoth Pool T Giles Wallace A Gilmer Dawson W Gilmore John R Gilpin Robert M Gilton Jr Jomes Gusendanner John F Glisson Michoel C Glover Dixie E Goms Andrew D Gold Robert A Gold Michoel J Goldmeier Thomos J Goldnck Henry M Goldstor John R Goldthwoile Wm Edmund Gollodoy Carlos E Gonzole; Julio F Gonzalez Berl H, Goode Donald L Gordon Douglas D Goss Wm George Gowen Chorles E Grafton Donold K Grc Jomes E Gront ' effrey A Groves Steven R Groves Clyde E, Groydon Thomas D Graydon Edward M Greenberg Wm Thomas Greenleaf Corl R Greenwoy Wm Kendol Greenwoy Charles E Greenwdl IP Gory M Greenwood Kevin A Gregory ScoH N Gregory Ernest P Gremilhon Kenneth E Greshom Dov.d L Gr.Hith Stephen E Griggs Walter B Grimes Morvm A Grimm Jr John F Gnule Jomes H Groome Jr Stewart R Gross Stonley L Groumorf Gene T Grove Dennis R Gudgen Louis C Goerra Wm Arthur Guest Alexonder Guliortello Eric W Gunderson Robert J Gunn George A Gunsoules lindo C Gunter Jomes T Gorley Alon G Guyton Stephen D Haclimon Dooold E Hoire Choflei I! Holl Dovid C Hall Jomsi H Hall Keilh S Hall 434 David M Hallmon Ronold W Hallman Joy A Halyburton Stephonie L Hamilton Jonathan G Hommond Michoel G Hamptor David R. Hancock Jomei H Hancock Jr Wm Bemofd Hankinson CLASS OF 1 973 George D Hanlin Jens P. Honien Dovid f Honsmg Robert I Horolson B Horbin Nothoniel A, Hordm Noel F Hotd.n Cloy F Hotd Malcolm D Hordy Uondoll R. Mordy Tommy E Horgii Wm Roy Horgraves Poul R Horkiion Robert S Horlev Chorles S Ho.per Jr Henry E Horrell Stephen L Horrell Jimmy C Hornnglon Dovid O Horns El.iobe A. Hornl Jomes R Horns John R Horns Michoel K Horns Michoel W Horr.s Steven L Horr.s Lewis G Harrison Thomas M Harrison Robert H Hart Jr Michael H. Horting Dovid L Hortley Rond E HeKont John J Helinger Theodore W Hellmulh Kermit W Helmke Wm Howord Helmken Jr Jimmy L Helton Dennis F Hembree Leon C Hendee Robert K- Henderson Roget E- Henderson 435 Horty H Hicki Jomei H Hiets V L 0O V I I 7 3 James I H.ghlowe- Lawrence E H.ldreth Dor.el M Hill Dav.d J H.ll Donold P H.ll Michoel P H.ll Raymond C Hill Russell O Hclleke V.rg.l H HinO|Oso Suson E Hcsciu Bruce I H,le Ernesl D Hodge Geotg Wm Hodges Rolph J Hok Charles J. Holland Robert M HoUiman M.choel R Hollmger Michod T Hollowoy Bruce E Holmes Stephen Wm Holmes Dennis M Holt Ronold E Holt Jomes D Huber Robin D Huckoby Jom« D Hudg.ns Charles L Hudson John Wm Hudson Thomos M Hudson Danny W Huff Brodtord K Hull Steven M Hymber Chorles Humphries Wm Roymond Hunsoker David G Hunt James L Huntef Robert V Hunter Morcio S Hurd John S Hussar Ronald W Hutch.ns Richord L Ice Richord M Ingram Richord B Inmon Wofren M. Jockman Daniel B. Jocks Freemon R Jockson Garr C Jockson Johnny M, Jocksoo III Mjchoel A Jockson Roy Jockson John Ja 436 Laurencio Joen L.rtwood L James Sfonley Larry W JeHorei GroKom C Jetley ! P j Cho.le. T Jenkins Ha.ry H Jent.ns Theodo.e H (i.chard M Jenks Alf,«i 8 J.nn, Da».d L Jennings Michoel B Jewell Andrew C John Sle.en S John Nothon D Johns D Johnson Charles e Johnson J. Eric L Johnson Harold I Johnson Jon.ce K Jotirnon Joseph E Johnson Sober, E Johnson Rober, L Johnson Robert M Johnson II Br.ce S Johns.on Scot. R Johnston Arnold W Jones Jones Gar, B Jones Glendo D Jone. mimf!99 James D Jumper Michael K Justus Gwen S Kodishov Monte E Kone M.chael J Konn Mork H Karroker Michoel J Kasai iras James A. Kasuiko Steven I Katienslem Mofk W Kowalett Mrchoel C Koys Stephen R Keen B.rel C Kegley Jr A Keith Ronold D Kelly Tommy W Kent Wayne E Ker, John M Kesle. Voden B Kessler John A Key Jr Virg.lDKilby Ellen M K.lleleo John M Killey Donold R Kinrble John F Kimble Andrew H James A King Joy F King Jr John P King W K K., Pl l H Wm Clyde King Scot) Kingrey C T Kingswellsmilh John S Kinney B ' lon C Kmsey eobert H Kinvey J.mmy F Kirtlond 437 John B Kirkpatr,cl Woyne L Klehm John M Klein Ronald K KluMi Robert J Kolvick Rondy G Koon Richord G Ki ' ltet E Andrew Kroli Colvin M Krom Jr Sfephen C Kunomonn Robert M Kovoc John C Krokovsky George J ICromer Work I Ktei John R Kurty Andrew R Locher Robert A locher Dome! T LocVey Gregory P Lahore Robert A Lomor Franklin C Lambert Cholfon J Lone Hubert W Long Victor V Longlois Jomei D Laniec Williom Laroche III Miguel A Lomeu Glenn A Lar n H HH 3S Robert B, Lorien Ttiomos J Loshley Samuel C Lolimer Thomas E lalimer Gory P lali Mart A Laobler Thomos R lawhorne Rrchord L Lawrence Robert A Lawrence S!ephen K Lowrence H Horold E Lee John Lee John N Lee Robert C Lee Thomoi W Lemenogef A Leonord Lee N Levick Sieve F Lewallen Dorrell W Lewis Gary C Lewis Gory L lewis Glenn C. Lewis io M Lewis John H. Lewis Mork B Lewrs fhyd J L ' r»kous Terry W linv.lle Robert L ' ppmoo Steven L Lipsky Glenn E Litle Michoel L LiMlo ' on Lawrence Livingston Don L. Lockord Gene R Loefer Stephen A loeiche Timothy J Lohm Fredertck J Logan John Wm Lohr III 438 Douglas O Loman Cho ' les E Long Dorrell D Long Wilhom M Long Jomes R Longley Harvey B Longshore JosepK-P Lopei Tom W Lopp Dovid S Lort Dov.d W Loti CLASS OF 1973 Michod B Loft Johnny L Love Chorles M Lovert James D Lovette James D Lov.ns Leonard C Lowe Stonlej W Lowe Jr S ' onley N Lowry Wm Poul Luect Wm Oovid Luedike iHJj l Kenneth Wm Luellen Charles M. Luke Chorles Wm Luker Alan W, Lunsford Clifford D Lunsford Borry J Lussen SomueJ A Luti Srephen R Lyie ' rank G Lynn Steven A Lynn Wayne S Lynn Carolyn 6 Lyon Kenneth M Lyons Spencer M Mabry Dov.d R MocCormock John B MocGregor Edmund H Mochen David W Moddo« Joseph S ModdoK Jr Chorles M Mogbee Jr. Robert W Mog.ll Lkv Hi mmmm ai ■v. i h t wi ftl Borry J Magrtll James A Mohaffey Lory S Mohoney Douglas H, Molm Joime J MoHa Alon N Monnmg Richard K Manning Fre ld.e Mar»ry John W Monry il S E f S f Richard A Mark Edw.n G Morkte Rolph A Morks Charles A_ Mormor Wm Robert Morsden Stephen A Mor h Edword L Mor holl Kenneth R Marsholl Corl F Marlm Enc D Mortm Jomes T Mortm Rick W Monm Sco " B Mortin Hermon £ Mason John M Mosf n C C Mottingly Howord T Mour.ce Rolph G MoyfieW Dote R Mayo Charies Moys 439 Elgin e McBrayer Jr Coido D McColl R McCall " " ' p ' ' « McCarty i CLASS OF 1 973 l5 " 3 hoel T McClo.n Thomos M McOearn Dov.d j McClellaod f ' onk J McCloskey Williom B. McCollough Williom R McCollum David M McComb Robert I McCommon Thomos B McCoun III Chorles F McCfory Larry D McCreary Mary E McDonid m Morgan W McDonold Williom B McDonold George F McDougaJ Stewort McElhannon Sharon V McEneorney Thomas W McEwen Richord M McFalli Stephen O McGarvey Richord J McGinn Gary G. McGinnts Emory L McGinfy Philip J McGinty Donald W Mcintosh Robert N Mclntyre Robert L McKinley John T McKinnon Donold M McLom Sam H Mcleon Jr m Wm. Rhodei McLellan PhiH.p A McLeod Jr Thomos G McMichen George K McMurron Michael L McNabb Raleigh H McQueen Garry L McWhirter Gary H McWhorter Glyndon W McWhorter Grady C McWhorter l ilJL Hoi B Mebane Woodson R, Medlin Thomas E Meek Kimberly M Megohee Rolph V Melbourne John M Mengelkomp Wm Marshall Mentz Michael P Merovich Barron L Merrell Wolter S Metier LWLK:k n Gregory P Meyers Kenneth J Meyen Jr Thomos MirJdlebrooki Will.s Miridlebrooks Thomos O Mighl Rolond M Milom Wiley K Milom Stephen C Milby Doniel F Miles Gregory C Miles Christopher F Mtleto Mortin H M.ley Corlton W Miller Oeon R Miller Jr Edmund M Miller Jomes D Miller Jerry D Miller Thomos N Miller 440 Ursulo M Miller W.lliom H M.ller Jr Wm Roicoe M.ller B u« H Mill.gon Henry C Milll Jr George H Miicolly Oayid Mrilokoyrch RonoW J Misuro Chorle! P Mitchell Johrr M Mitchell Richard D Gory L M.;eM Zuhe.r F Mood Wm TSomos Modt Jomei H MorKJt Joseph O Moody Larr J. Moody Mitchell L. Moody Sidney L Moody Edward D Moolefvoar Stephen R Morgon Wm Anthony Morgan Dennis A Monan John Gory Moriau Jon R Moms Michael P Morns Roger D Morns Alexonder Morrison Jomes L Morrisor Steven A Morrison Chortes M Momssey Stephen R Morion Walter G Mosdey Scoff A. Moser John F Mom S l Thomoi L Moses Jerome A Moslovitz Charles A Moss Jr Chorles D Moss Henry F Moss Lelond H Muss Jr Granville A. Mount Michael S Moye George J Mueoch Jama G Mule Joseph C Muller Jr Dennis E Muncienski Chorles F Munn Jebb W Munroe Ann M Mwrphy Jo " ) Murphy Robert D Murphy Roberf O Murphy Louo F Muia Lonce J Muihung Chofl« F My«n Jr. l M Jomes A M «ri M.choH R Myers Donold L Myron Jo " " M Noding 44! Shu Nakomoro Steven A Nosh lorry M Nohom John Wm Ntovolo HPJH Don R Neikiri Michad R Nelrns Donald E. Nelson Michael B Nelson Chorlei T Nichols Jorriei Nichols III Jerry D Nichols Michoel R, Nidiobon R-chard C Nidiels Jr Regis M Nicoll ■ B Dovid E Normon Joe R Normon Donald G Norton Morns Nussboum Leslie A Oakes John WOO Brien Ar)drew C Oliver III Eric G Olsen Robert W Olson Lorry W O Neal Soson M O ' avec Joel L Qrr MMWi Wm Edword Osborrw Ronald M Ovefslty James W Ov n Robert C Poce Arthur J PodgeH Larry J Padgett poul C Podgett Jr Ted R. Podgett Robert P Pome Horry A PolefsJiy Reginold A Polleien Henry C Polmer Peter L Polmer Robert A Polmer Robert B Palmer Woyne Pondor Charles C Ponler Jt Anthony M Ponzarello Monon G Porodice Allon M Porker Kenneth H Porier John R Porkinson Jr Scott E Porks Ronald M Pote Robert A. Pottillo Gregory A PoHon John H Patton Hony Z Poti Jock G Ponton Jr John D Poyne David R Pearce Mork D Peovy M Chorlei f Peebles Robbie C Peele Frederick M Perkins 442 Jock E Perrm Lawrence M Perry Roymond C Perry Ruuell E Peteo i RS Allen P fVtwa Jr Paul L Pfeuffer Jomes L Pharr James D Philbnck Jr CLASS OF 1973 i i3 !io isms John S Phillips Joe C Pickenng Roberl H Pierro Samuel O Piper loseph E Pollard Paul G Pomeroy Jimmy N Pool John E Popielorcryk James E Porter Jr Joy E Porter Michoel A Poston Wm Daniel PoMer IV Charles M Powell Madison L Powell Jr Poul T Powell Carl R Powers Gory R Preston Chorles C Price Joseph P Pride III Michael D Prince Earl Proctor " " " erry L Proctor Keith R Props! Daniel M Prouty Tom F Pruitt Perry Pullm John A. Purcell Thomos Ouartorone Michoel 8. Queen Lowrence F Quillion Alejondro Quinones Jared P Rodm George A Radler Enc P Rodomii Mortm A Roffouf Samuel J Roffield liP H George R Rogsdale Robert A Romes Charles P Romwofer Douglas L Romers Arnoldo A Romirez Clyde P Ramsey Richard A Ramsey Robert L Ramsey Wm Toyiof Romsey Froncn T Ronwei ' fS i P Charles Raville Waller T Rawlmgs Thompson T Rawls George A. Roy Robert J Raymond Jr Peter A Reo Ronald P Reagan Randy K Reom John T Reordon Richord L Reojom Arthur J Rebfovicli Stephen A Reed Wm Douglas Regater Dovid A tehbe.n Wm Potr.di Re-lly Poul D Re ' ti Froncis J Rentz Charles F Revell Julion S Reville Denn M Reynoids John M Reyr okJs G Reyrvoldi 443 CLASS OF 1973 Sl " Dov.d M Rhodes Rondy D Rhodes Wm Reed Rhodes Colhenne M Ribbrng Robert S Rice Lewis t Rich Jerry C Richordson Frederick H Richler Robert C ' er Rorirrie H Ridgewoy N Worrer, R.ghle, Kolhleer, R R.ler Jorrres I R.s Front R Rrjzo A Roberts Michoel L Roberts Chffo d J Robicho Clorertce W Robie Theroo D Rogers Ihomos G Rogers Williom A Rogers Domel S Rom Stephen E Romig Michoel J Roone, Alan B Rosen Jock Rosenberg Donald P Roth Albert D Rounlree Ihomos A M Ro„nlree Shermon E Routh Charles R Rowe Lorr, H Rowland Ronald W Rowland Glenn O Rubel Forrest E Ruck Michael M Rudeen Theodore E Sok Murrjr L Solby Jon A Somborsk. Kenneth D Sams Bobby J Senders Thomas R Sanders Gordon R Sondridge Vincent A Sonlongelo Gerordo J Sonleiro 1-orry A Sorgent Thomos L Sosser Albert O Salisbury Beniomm E Saunders Rondoll P Sounders Wm Irvin Saul«r Jf Roben F Soulct M.thoel R SoultioH Bi.on C Savory Edwofd A Schecf Woyne D Schendel Dovid A. SchenV Woyne A. Scheufler Michoel S Schisle ' Wm Joseph Schmolj Charles E Schfoll Jt Linda J Scogin Billy R Scon Oavid M Seogo Roben B Seogroves Chories Wm Sebd. Gory S Sed« Donold R Segari Jr Donald F Segers Steven B Seiavitch H B Se.denstickef James W Self Jf Roberl W Sewell Cornell T Seymour Troy C Shovef Robert M. Show Leslie A Sheoron Condoce M Shedden Jomes D Shetonder Victor H Shellhorse Lewis L Shelnu " Chorles B Shepherd Dovid B Shepherd Dovid C Sherman Wesley H Shernll Steven T Sherwood Jomes C Shields Donold J Shiver Douglos R Shoemoke Jomes S Shook Joseph Showers Clifford N ShumaVer Larry A Shumci John W Siympert Jr Gory H Simmons Wayne A. Simmons Raymond P Smger Jr Ellis M Singlerory Stephen A Skinner Gregory C Satet Fronklyn L Sledd Jr George C, Smoll III Ruisell H Smorl 19 Arthur K Smith Eleniamin D Smith Betty S Smith Clyde M Smith Douglas E Smith Jomes T. Smith QH S Jerome W Smith John Smith Owen C Smith Poul C Smith Poul R. Sm»h OSfll Roberl B Smith Robert B Smith Robert S Smith Sondro E Smith Thomos E Smith Wm Peyton Smith Jr 445 John G Sowell Don K Sowen Steven V Spodonulo Crorg M Sponiers Oovid J Soonnogel Crowford I SpoHcs f,„„„ jpecri L.ndo J Speight Floyd E Spellmon III ChoHes Wm Spence, Donno L Spencer Thomoi Wm Sp.lsbury John W SproH.n l.eslie P Sp ' .ngle Jomei E Sproull Jr Wm Regon Stool. Jr Somgel D SlQ.nton George R. Stolnoker JeHrey J Slonton Ceroid W Sloton I, Joseph F Steed Richord E Steed Stephen C Steele Robert K Steely Wm M Sleffenhogen Michoel L Stephenson Michoel P Sterne Somuel W Stevenson Shelby I Stevenson John G Sle «ort Mo.son L Slewon M.choel H Steworl Rondy H Slewort Roy L Stewort « Wm Worren Stewort II Joseph M Sl.onche Dov,d A. Stivere Gregory A Stobbs ,.. .» . Ji Russell W Street Thomos G Street Sondro L SIr.cklond Ronold H Stroup Arthur C Stuck. Mort.n Sturrenbecker Wm Edv«)rd Sugg Jr Bodney H Summer onj MM P George I Summersg.ll Steven J Susoneck Bobert C Sutton ChoH« SwoHofd Woller T Sweol Jon»s I Sweenev 446 i! l!!H Dole R Swenion Heory H. Swk1 Ronold M Swicord Robert W Swifl David J Sylves Jam« H Sylvester Rodney T Tonner Thomas 6 r CLASS OF 1973 dflSSIl James H Tare Chnsfopher N Toylof George A Toytof Jack C ' Taylor Kent S Taylor M.choel E Toylor Neill u (oylor Stephen H Tay4oi Robert L Terry Marcus E. Tholheimer Steven D Thomer James G Thoyer Enc R. Thiede Norman L Th.em Oiv.d A Thomos Howord L Thomas Jr William M ThomtB Chortes M TSomoson Robert L Thombley Charles B Thompson Edword R Thompson Front A Thompson Michoel L Thompson F:M ?5 ImI i P Henry Ttiomlon N Dovid Z- Teller George P Trller Howard M Till.son Robie Tillmon Kennelh J Timlo Drono L Trmmers Wm Froollin Timpone Richord A T.plon Dovid A- Todd RBPH James N, Tribble Oliver W Trua« Stephanie Tsivoglou Morlin I Tubbs Woyne F TwII Thomas I, Turner Williom R. Turner Thomas Turrentine Nick G Tzovoroi Robert E U ' mef Bruce T Underwood Robert M. Unck Michael B Urruiio Ronold Ushe. WOhom C Vaden Jr R D Vonlor dtr»ghom Allan E Vom k Jomej M Vanwinkle Joel E Voti Phillip D Vaughn Richord F Vaughn Douglas B VermJIion Jerel W Vemei 447 5S Ronald D Velelo Jock K Vick Jr CLASS OF 1973 Carol V Vines Wm Kendall Vinton Y m Michoel VivereHe Robert D Voli Linda S Vo les Edward M Wodsworlh l rl W n! f Richord A Woits Stephen H Waldrnpn Christopher G Walker Curtis E Wolker Wm Lawrence Wolker James M Wall Johr C Wall Charles S Wallace Dole E Wallace Jeffrey S- Wolochik l Pl Joseph R Wolsh Wm Conrad Wabh John H Walter Ronald E Wohenck Kenneth C Walters Richard A Wdton Merrill L Wwd Robert C Word Tom R. Wardrup Jr Alan R. War« 1! S H P James I Warren III Jerry A Worren Kermit G Warren Mark O Warren Jerry I Washington Judith A Woterfill Marcus N Waters Rebecca Watkms Thomas R Watson Timm H Watson Wayne W WoBon Alfred A Watters Isaoc A Watts John D Watts Jr Steve R Watts Geneva J. Weover John W Weaver Wm Thomas Webb Jr Robert C Weber DaniH I Wehby Beniomin F. Weigand Louis E Wemtraub Wm Borton Weir Charles W Weisel Jr Thomos W Wells Wm EIry Wells Douglas G Welsh Wesley J Welsh Stephen E Wesner David W West Gory N Wheeler Jack D Wheeler Jr Bnon E WWchel James E A K:hord Jerry W Whigham Stephen H Whitaker Andrew J W ite Guy A_ White Jr John C While B.lly 6 White Edword J White ' ih £ Newton R While Paul L White 448 Worren O Whrtkx Terry C Whrttingtoo John P Williams Gn wy C Whon Jerry WJkwi a]| Richord B Wilson Sfephen R Wilson Walter T Wils »i Ronald A Wingate Larry C. Winn Stephen L Wnn Roy K. Winter James W Wae Mort S WoodliH Logon S. Wright Kiyoihi Yamokawa S»ev« Yang Edword W Yotei Willwm A. Yoor gWood Oooglos C Zawderef Jose « Zayasbaion Rondoll E Zibell JorT « R Zilmskoi Willom Yo M I An9e4 ZobQlo K XTe i r I A- Zwecker . Robwl C Z«wdMr1 449 ' J Anfhony J A duengo Ellol S Au«rhahn MICE J. Chorte) Borrow Howord S Bcahinilci VictOf A_ BeiKlKx John D Berry CliHotd P Blockmon Bobert H Bond Doy«i K Broodwdl Wdbam T. Brooia Wm M choel Brown Lawrence W Cotchpole Mortho P- Chopmon Dooglo W Clonton Cratg C Cochron Deboroh L Coe Dianne H Cortez Sidney W CowW John N Croig Rabun H Cwlbreoth Don«J N DovKiow Curtij K Deuljch Johnny I Dribeck Dontet P Dodion Jomei J Donofno Cyndy A Edwvds Potriao J, Feme) Cynlhio A Fryer H Gotowoy Deri V Goudwr George C Geoel Jr Gregory J GronI WiHiom L Griffith John B Hommond Gory F H«nry Karen A. Hohenrtem James D Hosking George Huliey Celeste M Hymphrey John O Jodoon Lourt K Jocobi Syjon E Locfcie Bruce A. Lofitte Chorie R Lomor Dorothy A, Lomon Borry L Lovtnger Elizobeth H AAcDovid Robbw L, McDowell Poul E Miles M c»wie4 D Mtlb Choria A Moms Poul M. Ckiriiso B Owen Joseph F Payne Jr. Willioni W. Poery Chru L Pergantn Morli R Petree P r:m 1 Imty I PIuIcKiIl tcbmn D Progn Jotin P PrevoS Wendell T Putmon Slephen W teimef Detxa F Soxden Horry I Se«ol ' • «- Slion Gaorge Wm. Tdlen Potricio W Thomas Sue i Toileson Ted L Vonlondinghom Trovis D. Voughn Do2 «r P W.llvd iacque L Williams Ricky L Wood ■r Jo M Young Terrie Yoyohomo Terry G Yudelson 450 GRADUATES Steve Carlson, Graduate Student Senate President 451 GRADUATES Nelion J Acoilo Robert T Adomj koget W Alfofd Adnon J Alghiia John S Allen Jockjon L Allgood OhorrTKinphu L Antoni Meog S V) Alfredo Ar.oi William W Austin John H C Auyong Jorge Bo.alnofri|oi John R Borf ld Hoffu C B«k«f V.nod L Bhat.o R-chord F Boggi Phyll-i R K Boros Cletus M Boit Ed H Bowmon Jr Heywafd E Boyce III 0 car J Brrtt.nghom Wattw f Bfoom li Gregory B Brown Somkwan Brummhent Fefnondo A Burgoj Joseph R. Bynum Robert M. Colhoun Wallace W Qjrr Jomej W Corttedge Jr Soghono Ch ifoboflty Untfh Y K CSon Noi C Chang Shihkaung D Chong Chookuong Chen Charng N Chen Yoo M Cheng Thomoi F Chrntton iKhord K C Chu Murroy M Cohen Douglcn M Collins 452 Baul P Croptr Avbutn B ColUng Qm C. C. Crow xd J( Wm Innct Cr.cMoo Jt PSISS ThonKl! J Culp«p( « Chcilophet C Curr,e lrO| Oonejh Mofcus I Dash N„mt,l K DaHo JeHrty t Jjrr, W Dovii Vonc.l. C Dnn t; U19 Richord A Demillo Wm Ale. Dempsey Prtm K Dhomi|0 M.guel L Diaz Hilton B Dickefion Evoodro Dossanlos Pofrick J Dulond Owu I CViong Yar M Ebod. Konold J Elliott Jomo O Ell.s )r Bruce B Emory Bogei N Emgootd Bnon E Eiterby Thom » f Evom d: Toyed J Fofig Horold J Farter Somuel Ferdinondus David E Ferguson William B Finger Hent I fisher Clorence Fisk Wm. Molcolm Hegoi Ton T For 9 Mono M Fontana Morlin H For trom Ronald B FosI Romulo M N Froioo Chorles L Fr.cks Serich. f i|ito Chortel H Goylo ' d N(»h O Gerotd IV • " Strwort G-btom 453 Robert J. Gobrick Robert S Grody Satyo N Gupio Luu T Gutiefrei Honigeorg HofV«fneyer Jock C Hammett Jerry W Horn Viroj Hanvan ch Billy B. Horns Jerry C Hornion Muhommed M Hason Stephen R. HefioW Richord W Hess Herman H, Heurrton Neole C Hightovwr Stonley R Holm Jyergen Holzhouer Joon S Horwrtz Arthur P Howe Mostofa Howeedy Ching L. Hsu Mor g L Hsu Jomes S Hughes Richord Hutchinson Jomes M Jackson ChoHes E Jamison James E Johnston Fonchu Kung Te S Kuo Momoru Kusunoki Douglas B longille 454 IS PaiiOfn Lopcharoen Richord D Laser Wm. Marihall Leoch Jf Aimand i Leblonc y GRADUATES Milton M Uggett Ruuell W Lenz Chang C R. Lin Chien C Ln Williom H. Mo Williom A. MocOonold Edwofd K Modeifo Kmgkyen Mali Ale.andre M Manhoes Arturo Marroqum Chorl«j R Morhn I E. Mortin Josetyn MosccnnhcB RotMrt M. Mason Michoel W Massey Oonold C McMenomm E Thorpe Meolmg Abet B. Medina Bthreni E Mendo Esther P Mendozo John H Meismer Poylo C S Metn •ogee T M.iell Oscor I Utonlemoyw Ed«ord i UoMgoirtry Somy M «« xc » 455 GRADUATES Juan A Morell Oovid H Moreton Nodim Moucharadeh Cauius J Mullen Chories H. Peleraon Arthur V Petty Jr. Daniel F. Pmholslef John W, Pope Celso A, Portelo Mono Posnonsky Choompole Punyahotfa Sudhir N Purondare Hjpii , y-. , - Phom V Ouon S R Rodhdcnshnon V T Romaknthnan Provin K Raut James W Replogle III Celetino Rey George J i Rezoc Robe to R Roy M Joseph T Roimon Sonnlok Sach|opin Shahrnoi Sofavi Rotimo Somah Bfuce M Soulnier Boihir A Soyar Wm Lumpkin ScoM Jr Morvin Scruggs r pi Syed K Shaukal Keith W Shipmon Joieph J Shonko 456 Mahender K Singhol Joe f. Skdion Romonu|am Snnivasan T K Snnivosan Emanuel Stamatakis Edword B Stephens Diano O Slewort John M Stfuhor Inclan M Suorez N V I Sotxamonion W " J Joseph C Sui Yong H Sung Terry L Tolberl Steven D Thompson Khonh T Tran Dovid E Troyer Jr. Fronk N Tuller Variodhi Ungbhokorn Al M Vorney Jules B Videou Ramon V Viggioni Ray L Walchle James L Wolih Jr Victor J Wolsh James C Wong George F Wofrert Beniomin L Webb Non We. Everett W Wellborr Don B Weser Russell P Whonon Aichoel G Williams Richard Y W.senboker Donald E, Wood Fin Wm Woodrow Jr H WooJley John D Wrighf M.chael C Yaksh Boonmee Yongtlxiro Christopher Yoo 457 FIFTH-YEAR ARCHITECTS Jom«i L Andenon Richofd L Bochman Paul G Bcswick iomm P Brown Howard Chin Stephen 8 Oellmgw Clo ud I Emnch F Eipinoso Williom J Floyd Jr Warren N. Goodwii. Dovid C Hommond Clevelond J Harp John T H«t«f M Tl il£S Lester D Hewell GoHond R Humphries Kenneth M Kite Luis R Marques Jomei R Memmon Joseph F Moseley Thomos L Peon Frednc Phillips ii J Stephen M. Sakamoto Phtlip W. Show Jr. Hugh H. WestberiY Dennis M Williomj Charles T Young Raymond W Young Joie A. Barreira MarV C Boner Richard M Bronson Leno H. Chtortg SPECIAL STUDENTS Vong I Chu Ashley H Clements Horold M Curhsi George W Greerrwood Heyward T Liddell Menberu Lulu John H Motthews ChaHes M AAoms 11191 Sondro A. Pryor Wolte Seike Foriono M Topio RudoU Templer Frederick E White Stephen D Worth Yoihioki Yoo Lonnie H Young 458 SENIOR CREDITS ABELKOP, LARRY E., Spartanburg, S. C; Mechanical En- gineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Acting Rush Chairman, Rush Girls Chairman, Member ot Large, Social Choirman; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Barbell Club, ABERSON, ALBERT D., JR., Colorado Springs, Colo.; In- dustrial Management; Inter-Dormitory Council; Air Force Drill Team; Go. Tech Flying Club; Go. Tech Ski Club; American Marketing Association; Dormitor-y Intermural Football. ADAMS, ROBERT A., Gainesville, Ga.; Aerospace Engi- neering; Lambda Chi Alpha; AIAA; Sigma Gamma Tau; Student Government, AE Rep.; SAC-70 Facilities Design, Committee Chairman. ADKINS, DAVID W., Baltimore, Md.; Mechanical Engi- neering; Pi Tou Sigma. AKESON, JOHN K., Augusta, Ga.; Electrical Engineer- ing; Veterans ' Club. AKINS, KENNETH P., JR., East Point, Ga.; Civil Engineer- ing; Co-Op Club, Section II, Vice-President; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Briarean Society. ALLAN, DAVID H., Atlanto, Go., Civil Engineering; Vet- erans ' Club, Athletic Director; American Society of Civil Engineers. ALVAREZ, VICTOR L., JR., Son Juan, Puerto Rico; Electri- cal Engineering; IEEE. ANDERSON, DANIEL E., Macon, Ga.; Industrial Man- agement; Sigma Nu; Student Council; Freshman Forum; IFC, Honor Board; Vice-Chairman of Student-Faculty Evaluation Committee. ANDREWS, HARRY W., Decatur, Ga.; B.S. Electrical En- gineering; Tau Beta Pi, Association Notionol Engineering Honor Society; The Honor Society of Phi Koppo Phi; Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering Honor Society; Pan American Union Club, Secretary 4; Deans List. ANDREWS, JAMES L., Washington, Ga.; Industrial Man- agement; Go. Tech Young Republican Club, Secretary, President; Society for the Advancement of Management; American Marketing Association. ARFORD, ANTHONY L., New Costle, Ind.; Industrial Management; Kappa Alpha Order; Freshman Basketball Team; Varsity Basketball Team. ARMSTRONG, ROBERT C, Boton Rouge, La.; Chemical Engineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer; Phi Ba Sigma, President, Jr.-Sr. Advisor; Tau Beta Pi, Vice-Pres.; Ga. Tech Band; AlChE; Phi Kappa Phi. ARNOLD, WILLIAM P., Ill, Hogansville, Go.; Industrial Management; Delta Sigma Pi Professional Fraternity, Funds Chairman; American Marketing Association. ATKINSON, EDWARD S., Arionta, Ga.; Electrical Engi- neering; Freshman Trock, Co ' Copt.; Varsity Track. AULD, DAVID L., Port Arthur, Tex.; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain; Phi Eto Sigma; Co-Op Club, Freshman Activities Chairman; Pi Tau Sigma; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, In- formotion Committee; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi. AUTRY, JAMES J., Conway, S. C; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. AVERY, PHILIP S., Alexandria, Va.; Industrial Manage- ment; Theto Chi, Formal Committee Chairman, Social Chairman. BAILEY, JOHN P., Alexandria, Vo.; Electrical Engineer- ing; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Student Counselor; EE Freshman Advisory Committee. BALKCOM, GEORGE H., Macon, Ga.; Aerospace Engi- neering; Phi Eto Sigmo; Tou Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Tau, Vice Pres.; AIAA, Vice Pres. BAREA, JULIO A., San Juan, Puerto, Rico; Industrial Engi- neering; Chi Psi; ISO; Pan American Club; Go. Tech Soc- cer Club; Club 24. BARR, DOUGLAS R., Philadelphia, Penn.; Chemicol Engi- neering; Delta Tou Delta, Steward, National Kameo Del- egate; Ga. Tech Football Usher; Bulldog Club; AlChE. BARRY, CHRISTOPHER B., Albany, Go.; Industrial Man- agement; Kappa Sigma; IM Honor Society; Briarean So- ciety. BARTLETT, LEE J., Woodland, Ga.; Building Construc- tion; Theto Chi, Guard; Student Construction Associa- tion, Secretary. BATCHELOR, DAVID L., Gray, Ga.; Industrial Manage- ment; Baptist Student Union, President, Vice-President, Program Chairman, Coordinator of Rust Lecture Series. BATES, WALLACE B., Macon, Go.; Industrial Engineer- ing. BAUMGARTNER, WILLIAM E., Savannah, Ga.; Industrial Management; Delta Sigma Phi, Social Choirman, House Monoger; IM Honorary Society; AIAA; NROTC, Compa- ny Commander; American Marketing Association. BEAL, RONNELL S., Hayesville, N. C; Industrial Man- agement; Society for Advancement of Management; American Marketing Association. BELL, JOSEPH A., JR., Vero Beach, Flo. ; Industrial Man- agement; Society for Advancement of Management; Dorm Council. BELL, WILLIAM L., Clinton, Conn.; Chemistry; Delta Sigma Phi; World Student Fund Committee; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi. BENNEH, NELSON R., Millwood, Go.; Aerospace Engi- neering; Tau Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Tau; American Insti- tute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. BERRY, MARIAN E., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment; Band; HSTP. BETTERTON, GERALD M., Atlanta, Go.; Civil Engineer- ing; American Society of Civil Engineers. BEUTEL, WILUAM M., Memphis, Tenn.; Civil Engineer- ing; Delta Sigma Phi; American Society of Civil Engi- neers, President, Vice-President; Civil Engineering Repre- sentative, Student Government; Chairman, CE Student- Faculty Liaison Committee; Chairman, Financial Aids Committee. BIBER, REGINALD E., Spartanburg, S. C; Industrial Engi- neering; Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian, Public Relations Officer; Triangle Club; Scabbard and Blade; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. ing; Alpha Epsilon Pi, President, Vice President, Member- ot-Large; Interfroternity Council; American Institute of In- dustrial Engineering; Student Center. BLACK, EUGENE C, JR , Albany, Ga.; Industrial Man- agement; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Freshman Forum; Tech- nique Staff; Student Council Committees; Executive Round-Table, Vice President; Student Faculty Industry Conference; Ga. Tech Leadership Conference. BLACK, WILLIAM R., Wadsworth, OhiO; Mechonical En- gineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Student Council, ME Student-Lioison Co-Choirman; ASME, Vice Cholrmon, Secretary, Program Choirman, Publicity Choirmon. BLANDING, ALBERT G., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; Alpha-Y-Pholonx; Triangle Club; Young Repub- licans Club. BLANKENSTEIN, GLEN A., New Orleans, La.; Aero- space Engineering; Theto Chi; The National Society of Scobbord and Blade, Captain; Foreign Exchange Midshipman, Sweden; Senior and Student Dormitory Counselor; USN Flight Indoctrinotion Program; NROTC Bottolion Staff, Battalion Ad|utant; NROTC Drill Team, Executive Officer; NROTC Pistol and Rifle Team, Cap- tain. BLOOR, WALTER R., Macon, Go.; Civil Engineering Co-Op Club, Section I, Chairman, Athletic Committee, ASCE Student Chapter; Dorm Council Representotive, Swamp Rots. BODOR, MARIANNE T., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Man- agement; Alpha Xi Delta, President, Pledge Trainer, Treasurer, Corresponding Sec, Publicity Chairman, Phi- lanthropy Chairman, Assistant Pledge Trainer, House Committee; Woman Student Association, Vice- Choirmon, Sophomore Representative, Member at Large; Gamma Psi; Freshmon Camp Counselor; Student Government Association, Women Students Associotion Representative, Athletic Seoting and School Spirit Comm., Communications Committee, Publicity Commit- tee; Advisory Cabinet to the President, Secretory; " T " Book Staff; World Student Fund, Publicity Committee, Team Captain; Ramblin ' Reck Club; Student-Faculty In- dustry Conference; Calloway Leadership Conference; Student Selection Committee for Dean of Women; Who s Who in American Colleges; Pikettes of Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, President; Cheerleader Alternate. BOILEAU, JAMES G., Maplewood, N. J.; Industrial Man- agement; Go. Tech Band; Soccer Club; WREK Radio Sta- tion; Episcopal Church on Campus; Sports Car Club; SAM. BOLEN, LARRY F., Decotur, Ga.; Industrial Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi, Honor Board Representotive; Interfrot- ernity Council Honor Board; Go. Tech Soccer Club; American Institute of Industnol Engineers; Bulldog Club; World Student Fund, Team Captain. BOOTH, RICHARD A., Albany, Go.; Electrical Engineer- ing; Pi Kappa Alpha, Greek Week Chairman, Scholar- ship Chairman; Bulldog Club; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eto Sigma; Interdormitory Council; Student Counselor; Dean s List; Athletic Seohng Committee; Eto Koppo Nu. BOOTH, WILSON T., JR., Atlanta, Go.; MothemoticS; Tou Beta Pi; Arnold Air Society, Personnel Officer; Atlan- to Chapter Reserve Officers Association of American Scholarship; Air Force ROTC Finoncial Assistant Grant; Distinguished Militory Cadet; Dean ' s List; Intramural Ath- letics; Air Force Associotion. BIHERMAN. BRUCE I., Albany, Ga.; Industrial Engineer- BORN, RAYMOND N., JR., Aberdeen, Md.; Electrical En- 459 gineering; Lambda Chi Alpha, Scholarship Chairman, Pledge Trainer, Executive Committee; Student Govt Pub- lic Relations Comm.; Student Center Faculty-Student Relations Comm. BORTNER, LARRY L., York, Pa.; Civil Engineering; Ph Gamma Delta, Historian, Athletic Chairman, Kitchen Chairman; Bulldog; ASCE. BOSWORTH, MICHAEL K., Dickenson, Tex.; Chemical Engineering, Co-Op; Pi Kappa Phi, Rush Chairman, His- torian, Wreck Chairman; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. BOWEN, LARRY E., Decatur, Go.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Sigma Gamma Tou; Phi Kappa Phi; Triongle Club; Tau Beto Pi; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astro- nautics. BOWERS, WILLIAM P , AHonta, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment; Kappa Sigma, President, Treasurer, Pledge Train- er; Romblin ' Reck Club; Triangle Club; IPC; Greek Forum Chairman; ROTC Scholarship. BOYER, STEPHEN P , Greenwich, Conn.; Industrial Man- agement; Rifle Team. BOYLE, GREGORY B., Baltimore, Md.; Industrial Man- ogemenl; Phi Gomma Delta, Secretary, Steward, Com- munity Affairs Chairman; Interfroternity Council; Bull- dog Club; Drama Tech. BRABSON, JOHN S., Cedartown, Ga.; Chemistry; Bri- aerean Society; American Chemical Society; Student Af- filiate, Vice-President. BRABSON, WILLIAM W., Charlotte, N. C; Building Construction; American Institute of Architects; Student Construction Association. BRACKEH, THOMAS V., Copperhill, Tenn.; Industrial Engineering; AIIE; Pershing Rifles. BRADLEY, HUGH M., Cortersville, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering. BRINKMAN, RICHARD O,, Marietta, Ga.; Industrial Management; Alpha Tau Omega, Recording Secretory; Ga. Tech Sky Diving Club; Member Go. Tech Chapter of lAGSTG AIESEL. BROOKE, RUSSELL J., JR., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Man- agement. BROWN, EDWARD J., Savannah, Go.; Industrial Man- agement; Delta Sigma Phi, Steward, Vice President, IFC Honor Board Rep.; Alpha Kappa Psi Business Frat.; Phi Eto Sigma Fr. National Honorary; Pi Kappa Pi Senior Honorary; Student Counselor; Senior Counselor; Dorm Council; Industrial Management Honor Society, Pres.; Student-Faculty Relotion Committee, IM College; Student Center Movie Committee. BROWN, EDWARD T., Atlanta, Ga.; Industrial Manage- ment; American Marketing Association, Publicity Chair- man; Society for the Advancement of Management. BROWN, PHILIP W , Atlanta, Go.; Aerospace Engineer- ing;. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Sigma Gamma Tau; Tou Beta Pi BRUNINGA, ROBERT E , Florence, Ala.; Electrical Engi- neering; Tou Koppa Epsilon, Chaplain, Display Chair- man; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice President; Eto Kappo Nu, Treas.; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappo Phi; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, President, Vice President, Wreck Chairman; Student Government Rep.; Student- Faculty Committee; Freshman Camp Counselor; Triangle Club; Alpha Y; Chairman EE 101 Committee; Chairman International Student Organization; NROTC, Rifle Team, Bottolion Stoff; Varsity Diving; Flight Indoctrination Pro- gram. BULPin, WILLIAM S., Fort Lauderdale, Flo.; Mechanical Engineering; Tou Koppa Epsilon; Co-Op Club; Phi Koppa Phi; Pi Tou Sigma; Tau Beto Pi; Co-Op Club; Dean s List; USA-USSR Cultural Exchange; Air Force Fi- nancial Assistance Grant. BURNEn, JEWELL C, JR., Decatur, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering, BURNS, RALPH B., Savannah, Go.; Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME. BURNS, WILLIAM E., Groveland, Fla.; Mechonicol Engi- neering; ASME; Pi Tou Sigma. BUSBIA, EUGENE H., JR., Jacksonville, Fla.; Physics; Flying Club; Society of Physics Students. CAIL, WAYNE S., Miami, Flo.; Applied Mathematics, Phi Eto Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Pi Mu Epsilon; Baptist Student Union, Executive Council. CAMP, ELWOOD H., Ill, Decatur, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; Sigma Chi, Assistant Pledge Trainer, House Manager; Alpha-Y-Phaianx; CalYipus Crusade for Christ; Barbell Club; Wesley Foundation; Free University. CARBALLEIRA, JOSE F., Guoynoro, Puerto Rico; Indus- trial Engineering; Pan American Club; ISO; Club de Mamitos. CARTER, AUBREY E., Marietta, Ga,; Aerospace Engi- neering; Co-Op Division; AIAA; Soccer Club. CARTER, JOHN H., Macon, Ga.; Industrial Manage- ment, Cheerleader; NROTC Drill Team; Dormitory Coun- seling Staff, Senior Counselor; Manager, " T " Room Snack Bor; Campus Crusade for Christ. CARTER, RONALD F., Atlanta, Ga.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Alpha Pi Mu Industrial Engi- neering Honor Society; Phi Kappo Phi Senior Honor So- ciety; Tou Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society. CASKEY, CHARLES M., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment; Triangle Club. CAUDELL, LARRY J., Homer, Go.; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. CHAMBLESS, GEORGE S., JR., Dawson, Go.; Electrical Engineering; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engi- neer. CHAMLEE, ROBERT W., Morrow, Go.; Civil Engineering, Co-Op; American Society of Civil Engineers; Circle K Club. CHANDLER, RUSSELL B., Decatur, Go.; Chemical Engi- neering; Beta Theto Pi, Secretary, IFC Rep.; Student Government; Senior Class Vice President; Alpho- Y-Phobnx; Wesley Foundation, Vice-President; Ramblin Reck Club; Freshman Camp Counselor; Free University, Treasurer; AlChE; lAESTE Student to Holland; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities; Executive Roundtoble CHANDLER, WILUS E., Greensboro, N. C; Industrial En- gineering; Delta Sigma Phi, Social Chairman, Rush Chairman; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; IFC Cultural Committee Chairman; Triangle Club; Student Center Community Cultural Committee, CHAPMAN, THOMAS A., Atlanta, Go.; Industriol Man- agement; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pledge Class Vice- President, Chaplain; Student Government; Vice President Senior Class; Varsity Football; T ' Club; Scabbard and Blade; Who s Who in American Colleges and Universi- ties; Outstanding College Athletes of America; Honor Board; Judiciary Cabinet. CHEEK, EDWIN W., Pittsburgh,- Pa,, Physics; Delta Tou Dello, Athletic Chairman; Letterman on Varsity Golf Team; Phi Eto Sigma Honorary; Tau Beta Pi Honorary; Phi Koppo Phi Honorary. CHEEK, ROBERT L,, Columbus, Go.; Industrial Engineer, ing; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. CHECKETTS, ROY L , Jekyll Island, Go.; Electrical Engi- neering; Theta Chi, President, Vice President; SEIFC Rep- resentative; Program Director of IFC Drug Symposium; alEEE; Freshman Camp Coonselor; Executive Roundtoble; Barbell Club, CHEEK, WILLIAM V,, Buford, Go,; Biology; Aquo- Jackets, Vice-President, CHILDERS, DAVID W,, Griffm, Ga,; Industriol Engineer- ing; Coffee House Committee Choirmon, Publicity and Promotion Manager; NROTC Band, Squad Leader; Weight Lifting Club; Wesley Foundation, Cadre; AIIE. CHOWGULE, VIJAY V,, Bombay, India; Textiles, Chem- istry. CHURCH, JOHN C, Chattanooga, Tenn.; Chemistry and Chemical Engineering; Tou Beta Pi, Membership Committee; Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi. CHURCHMAN, PHILIP A., Decatur, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; Delta Sigma Phi, Corresponding Secretary, Rec- ording Secretory; American Institute of Industriol Engi- neers; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Eto Sigmo; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Koppa Phi. a M , VINCENT T., Elmont, N. Y.; Aerospoce Engineer- ing; Arnold Air Society; Sigma Gamma Tau. CLANCY, PATRICK F., JR., Kenner, La.; Industrial Man- agement; Phi Kappo Theta, Scholastic Chairman, Reli- gious Chairman, Treasurer; Catholic Student Center, Newmon Club. CLARK, JAMES T., Atlanta, Ga.; Industrial Engineering; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. CLARKE, SAMUEL P., Hendersonville, N. C; Chemical Engineering; Track and Cross-Country; Tou Beta Pi; AlChE; Phi Koppa Phi; Finonciol Aid Committee. CLARY, ALBERT T,, Decatur, Ga.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Freshman Baseball Manager; Phi Eto Sigmo; Sigma Gamma Tou; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Koppo Phi; AFROTC Ar- nold Air Society, Informotion Officer. CLAYTON, GARY E., Atlanto, Ga.; Electrical Engineer- ing. CLAYTON, STEVEN N., Hopeville, Go.; Aerospace En- gineering; Kappo Sigma; Bowling Team; Triangle Club; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronoutics. CLEVELAND, JAMES C, Austell, Co.; Civil Engineering; Phi Koppa Tau, Treasurer, Alumni Secretary, Assistant Treasurer; Americon Society of Civil Engineers. COCOWITCH, JOHN H,, Durhom, N. C; Industrial Manogement; Delta Tou Delta, Assistant Treasurer, Alumni Relations, IFC Representative, Rainbow Choir- man, President; Techwood Tutonol Pro|ect; Society for the Advancement of Management; Go. Tech Footboll Usher; Go. Tech Presidents Club; IPC ' s President ' s Coun- cil. COHN, ALAN W., Miami, Fla.; Chemical Engineering; Brioereon Co-Op Honor Society; ChE-Faculty-Student Liaison Committee; Tau Beta Pi Honorary; Phi Koppo Phi Honorary; Chi Epsilon Sigma Chemical Engineering Honorary, Membership Chairman; Dean ' s List, Dormito- ry Counselor. COLLIER, HENRY E , Hogansville, Go.; Textiles; Delta Koppa Phi; American Association for Textile Technolo- gy, Americon Association of Textile Colorists and Chem- ists. 460 CONRADS, ROBERT J., St. Louis, Mo.; Physics; Co-Op Club; Bnarean Society; IEEE; Society of Physics Students. COOK, LESLIE W , Roanoke Rapids, N. C; Industrial Management. COPPOLA, RICHARD G., Norwalk, Conn.; Electrical En- gineering; Theta Xi; Interfroternity Council; IPC Commit- tee Chairman, Campus Planning and Housing. COWAN, ROBERT D., Decatur, Co.; Aerospace Engi- neering COX, PERCY J., Sheffield, Ala.; Aerospace Engineering; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Bn- oerean Society; Sigma Gamma Tau; Tou Beta Pi; Society for Advoncement of Management; Phi Kappa Phi. CRACE, JAMES A., Winchester, Ky ; I ndustrial Engineer- ing; Chi Psi, Rush Chairmen, Pledge Master; Army ROTC, DMS; ASME, AIIE; Co-Op Club, Section I; Sailing Club; Dormitory Counselor. CROCKARD, DAVID A., Houston, Tex.; Industrial Man- agement; Sigma Chi, Vice President; Sports Editor, Blue- print. CROSLEY, ROBERT C, Tully, N. Y.; Electrical Engineer- ing. CROWDER, ROBERT B., New Orleans, La ; Industrial En- gineering; Delta Tau Delta, Rush Chairman, Ramblin Reck Chm., IPC Rep., Honor Board Rep., IPC, Judicial Vice-President; Campus Planning Chm.; IPC Honor Board, Sec, Chm.; Trio! Board, Chm.; Ramblin ' Reck Club; Student Lecture and Entertainment Com.; Student Center Program Board; Concert Committee. CROWE, WILLIAM T., Chevy Chase, Md.; Aerospace En- gineering; Bridge Club; Chess Club; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Newmon Club; Drama Tech, Vice President; New Dormitory Council, Vice Presi- dent, President; Interdormitory Council, President. CULBERTSON, ANDREW M., North Augusta, S. C; In- dustrial Management; Beta Theta Pi, Ramblin ' Reck Com- mittee Chairman. CURL, A. NELSON, Boulder, Colo.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Pi Kappa Phi; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. CURLEE, ROBERT M., Orangeburg, S. C; Physics. CURTIS, DAN E., Midland, Micti.; Mechanical Engmeer- ing; Beta Theto Pi, Treasurer; Go. Tech Student Center, Concert Comm. Chairman, Internal Vice-President; Go. Tech Engineer, Business Manager; Board of Student Pub- licotions; Student Judiciary Cabinet; Freshman Forum; Executive Roundtable; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma, Soph. Mechanical Engineering Award; World Student Fund Committee; Freshman Camp Counselor; International Association for the Ex- chonge of Students for Technical Experience; Ramblin ' Reck Club; Wesley Foundation Cadre; Phi Eta Sigmo; Pi Tau Sigmo; Briaereon Society; Advisory Cabinet to the Director of Mechanical Engineering; Student Advisory Cabinet to the President; Koseme Society; Omicron Delta Kappa; ANAK Society; Who s Who in American Col- leges and Universities. CURTIS G. BRADLEY, Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Sigma Chi, Rush Chairman; Student Counselor. DANIEL, JOHN K., Winston-Solem, N. C; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Pi Tou Sigma, President; Tou Beta Pi; Judiciary Cabinet; Mechanical Engineering Student-Faculty Liaison Com- mittee; Dean ' s List. DAVIS, LAMAR B., Winterville, Go.; Civil Engineering; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Go. Tech Marching Bond; Triangle Club; HSTP; American Society of Civil Engineers, Vice President; Campus Crusade for Christ; Inter-Vorsity Chris- tian Fellowship. DAVIS, MARVIN E., Albany, Go.; Mathematics. DAVIS, REBECCA J., Memphis, Tenn.; Textile Manage- ment; Cheerleader; Ramblin ' Reck Club; Textile Depart- mental Liaison Committee; American Associotion for Textile Technologists, Secretary; Delta Kappa Phi Sweet- heart; Student Center Board Publicity Committee; Wom- en ' s Student Association Council; Freshman Comp Coun- selor, DAVIS, RONNY N., Shreveport, Lo.; Mechanical Engi- neering; Sigmo Chi, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer. DAVIS, TOM C, Okalhoma City, Okia ; Aerospace Engi- neering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, Vice-President, Delegate to Notional Convention; Ramblin ' Reck Club, Parade Chairman; IFC Representative, IPC Honor Board; Student-Foculty Honor Comm.; Advisory Cabinet to the President; US-USSR Student Exchange Program; Execu- tive Roundtable; Student Government Member at large; Dean ' s List, Freshman Camp Counselor. DAVIS, WILLIAM M., Atlanta, Go.; Electrical Engineer- ing; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. " DAWSEY, J. RICHARD, Decatur, Go.; Physics; Pi Kappa Alpha, Treasurer. DAWSON, ROBERT G , Birmingham, Ala.; Electrical En- gineering; Co-Op Club, Vice-President; Interdormitory Council. DAY, ROBERT E., Canton, Ohio; Industriol Engineering; Alpha Phi Omego National Service Fraternity, Pledge Class Pres., 1st Vice Pres.; Alpha Pi Mu, IE Honorory; Baseball. DAY, SHAFFER T., Atlanta, Go.; Aerospace Engineering; Alpha Epsilon Pi; AIAA. DeAGOSTINI, JUAN S., Rome, Italy; Electrical Engineer- ing; International Student Organization, Committee Chairman; Judo Club; IEEE; Free University. DEAN, JOHN C, Atlanta, Go.; Civil Engineering; Amer- ican Society of Civil Engineers. DeBUSSCHERE, MICHAEL T., Ft. Louderdale, Fla.; Chem- ical Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega, Pledge Secretory; Dormitory Student Counselor; American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Treasurer; New Dorm Council; Young Republicans; Student Center Evaluation, Concert and Hospitality Committees; Dean ' s List; Phi Eta Sigmo Honorary Fraternity; Techwood Tutorial Project. DECKER, EDWARD R., Laurel, Miss.; Industrial Manage- ment; Sigma Chi, Historian, House Manager; Blueprint, Sports Editor; Societ for Advancement of Management; American Morketing Association. DeFURIO, ROBERT A., Cononsburg, Pa.; Industrial Man- agement; Pi Koppo Phi. DENNING, STEVE A., Crystal Lake, III.; Industrial Man- agement; Sigma Chi, Assistant Treasurer, Derby Day Coach; Go. Tech Student Center, President, Choirmon of the Governing Board, Internal Vice President, Chairman of the Gomes and Recreation Committee, Member of the Lectures Committee; Go. Tech Student Council, Junior Closs Representative; Vice President of the Junior Class; Go. Tech Free University, Founder and First President, Member-at-Large to the Boord of Trustees; Student Council Advisory Cabinet; Go. Tech YMCA, Boord of Di- rectors; Alpho-Y-Pholonx; Executive Roundtable; ANAK Society, President; Koseme Society, Secretory; Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice President; Dormitory Housing Staff, Student Counselor, Senior Counselor, Resident Advisor; Ramblin ' Reck Club, Co-Choirmon of the Ramblin Reck Parade; Student Advisory Cabinet to the President; In- dustrial Management Honor Society; Wesley Foundo- tion; Naval ROTC, Squad Leader, Mustering Petty Offi- cer, Bottalion Commander; Go. Tech Debate Team. Freshman and Vorslty; Freshman Orientation Committee; Freshmon Camp Planning Committee; Freshmon Comp Counselor; Scabbard and Blade Military Honor Society; Student Handbook Steering Committee; Homecoming Committee; Student-Faculty-lndustry Conference; Advis- ory Cobinet to the Plocement Director; Faculty- Student-Alumni Committee for the inougurotion of Presi- dent Arthur G. Hansen; Academic Senote. DICKERSON, RONALD E., Englishtown, N. J.; Industrial Management; Phi Koppo Sigma, Athletic Chairman, Rush Chairman, Treasurer, Vice-President; Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Fraternity, Treasurer; Christion Science Organization, Secretary-Treasurer; Bulldog Club. DICKEY, JOHN F., Houston, Tex.; Chemical Engineering; Americon Institute of Chemical Engineers; ChE Dept, Li- aison Committee, Chairman. DILL, LAWRENCE C, Houston, Tex.; Chemicol Engineer- ing; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Phi Eta Sigmo; World Student Fund; Technique, Associote News Editor. DIXON, DAVID A., Orlando, Flo.; Mechanicol Engineer- ing; Freshman Forum; Alpha Phi Omega, President, Treasurer; Student Govt. Organizations Committee. DORRIS, ALAN L., Atlonto, Go.; Industrial Engineering. DORSEY, PHILIP J., New Orleans, La.; Mechanicol Engi- neering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Sec- retory; Coffee House Committee, Chairman; Go. Tech Sports Cor Club; Society of Automotive Engineers. DOSTER, CLEVE B., Monroe, Go.; Industrial Engineering; Sigma Nu, Table Manager; Freshman Forum; Sigma- Y-Pholanx; Executive Roundtable; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Go. Tech Sports Parachute Club. DOUGLAS, WILSON D , JR., Newport News, Va.; Elec- trical Engineering; Phi Eto Sigmo; Bnoereon Society, Vice Pres.; Eto Koppo Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Arnold Air Society; Phi Kappa Phi; IEEE; Scabbard and Blade. DRAPP, DANIEL B., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Delta Sigma Phi; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronoutics; Soccer Club; Barbell Club. DUNBAR, JEFFREY R., Los Altos, Colif.; Physics; Go. Tech Varsity Swimming Teom; Society of Physics Students; Presbyterian Student Center. DYER, BENNY J., Goinesvllle, Go.; Industrial and Sys- tems Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary, House Manager; Student Government, ISE Representotive, Chairman of Campus Government Committee, Coordi- nator of Wonderful Ed s Day, Director of Commission for SAC-70; Student Center Governing Board, Member- at-Lorge; American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Presi- dent, Treasurer; Freshmon Camp Counselor; Advisory Committee to the President; Ramblin Reck Club; Phi Eto Sigmo; Tou Beta Pi; Phi Koppo Phi; Alpha Pi Mu; Com- mittee on Campus Leadership; Who ' s Who. DYKES, JAMES D., Sovonnoh, Go.; Electrical Engineer- ing; Tou Beta Pi, Recording Secretary; Eto Kappa Nu, Corresponding Secretory; Phi Koppo Phi; IEEE. EAGER, JAMES B., Voldosto, Go.; Mechomcal Engineer- ing; Koppo Alpha; American Society of Mechanical En- gineering; Pi Tou Sigma ME Honorary. EBERT, THOMAS R., Taylors, S. C; Electrical Engineer- ing; Bnoereon Society; Physics Lob Instructor; Eto Koppo Nu. EDWARDS, WHITSON T , Owensboro, Ky.; Aerospoce Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Sigma Gamma Tau; Student Center Coffee House Committee, Secretary; In- terfroternity Council Scholorshrp Committee; SAC -70 Facilities Committee; Americon Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. ELLINGTON, LARRY W., Crowfordville, Go.; Industrial 461 Management; Society for Advoncement of Manage- ment; American Morketing Association. ESCHENBRENNER, THOMAS A., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Management; Phi Delta Theta, Assistant Treasurer, IFC Representative, Treasurer, Christmas Party Chairman; Ramblin ' Reck Club; Interfraternity Council; Student As- sistant, Health Systems Research Center; American Mar- keting Association. ESPOSITO, MICHAELE J., Dover, N. J.; Industrial Engi- neering; Delta Sigma Phi, Alumni Scholorship Chairman; IFC Rush Book; WREK Radio; American Institute of Indus- trial Engineers; High School Tutorial Pro|ect. ETIENNE, WOLCOTT B., College Park, Md.; Archi- tecture; Delta Sigma Phi, Steward, Alumni Chairman; Student Center, Publicity Comm.; YMCA Board of Direc- tors; lAESTE, President, Notional Committee; Basketball Usher; American Institute of Architects. ETTLINGER, TODD W., Stoten Island, N. Y.; Civil Engi- neering; Kappa Sigma, House Mgr.; Triangle Club; ASCE, FACELLA, JOHN A., Oceanside, N. Y.; Electrical Engi- neering; Ga. Tech Aqua-Jackets, President; Go. Tech Rodio Club; Canterbury Association; Ga. Tech Karate Club; Army ROTC Counterinsurgency Unit; Barbell Club ' IEEE FEDOR, MICHAEL M., Grand Prairie, Tex.; Industrial Management; Cross-Country Team; Track Team; New- man Club. FERNANDEZ, JOSE L., Miami Beach, Fla.; Architecture; International Students Organization, Committee Chair- man; American Institute of Architects Student Chapter; Student Government Representative ISO; Student Government Finonciol Aids Committee. FILLERS, DONALD G., Rossville, Go.; Ceramic Engineer- ing; Student Branch of the American Ceramic Society. FISHER, LAWRENCE P., Atlanta, Go.; Aerospace Engi- neering; Go. Tech Judo Club; Student Center, Concert Committee. FLANDERS, JAMES C, Thomaston, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. FLETCHER, JAMES C, Roanoke, Vo.; Chemicol Engineer- ing; Theta Xi, Honors and Awards Chairman, Rush Chairman, Social Chairman, Homecoming Chairman, Vice-President, President; Young Republicons Club AlChE. FLETCHER, JAMES W., Tifton, Go.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; American Institute of Aeronautics ond Astronautics. FLETCHER, JULIAN H., Mount Berry, Ga.; Industrial En- gineering; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Public Relations Chairman; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. FLETCHER, LAMAR W., Rome, Go.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Sigma Phi Epsilon. FLETCHER, TOM P., Decatur, Go.; Chemistry; Blueprint, Academics Editor, Student Life Editor, Associate Editor, Editor; Volunteer Fire Deportment; American Chemical Society; Triangle Club; Photo Club; lAESTE; Publications Board. FOLSOM, B ARRY J.; Electrical Engineering; IEEE; Pho- tography Club; Radio Club; WREK; Welfare Committee; Swimming Team. FOLTYN, CHARLES M., Silver Spring, Md.; Mechanical Engineering; ASME. FORTIN, RICHARD L., Macon, Go.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Sigma Gamma Tou. FORTNER, THOMAS H., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. FRANKLIN, WILLIAM L., Smyrna, Go.; Aerospace Engi- neering; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronou- tics. President, Secretary; Sigma Gamma Tou; Society of American Military Engineers. FREEMAN, GARTH B., Chamblee, Go.; Physics; Tou Beta Pi; Sigma Pi Sigma, President; Varsity Gymnastics Team, Captain. FREEMAN, JACKSON M., Macon, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; Alpha Pi Mu, IE Honorary; Student Center Film Committee. FRITZ, DOUGLAS E., Baltimore, Md.; Electrical Engineer- ing; IEEE, Vice-Choirmon; Briaerean Society, Treosurer; Phi Eto Sigmo; Eta Kappo Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Toastmasters; EE Student-Faculty Committee; Phi Kappa Phi. FROST, MICHAEL R., Greenville, S. C; Mathematics; Phi Eto Sigma. FROST, THOMAS F., Fairmount, Ga.; Textiles; Go. Tech Bond, Properties Lieutenant, Executive Officer; Arnold Air Society; Delta Kappa Phi; Kappa Kappo Psi. FUQUEA, CHARLES T., Acworth, Go.; Civil Engineermg, American Society of Civil Engineers; Chi Epsilon Frater- nity. GANG, JOSEPH M., JR., Decatur, go.; Electrical Engi- neering; Phi Kappo Sigma; Go. Tech Sports Cor Club. GANNON, PATRICK J., Huntsville, Ala.; Engineering Mechanics; Dormitory Councils, President, Vice- President; Go. Tech Band. GANNON, WILLIAM F., JR., Barrington, III.; Bachelor of Industrial Engineering; Pi Kappo Alpho, Pledgemoster, Scholarship Chm., Athletic Chm., Rush Chairman, Table Manager; Alpha Pi Mu Honorary, President, Initiotion Chm.; American Institute of Industriol Engineers Execu- tive Committee; School Spirit Committee; Dean ' s List; In- dustrial and Systems Engineering Student Advisory Cabi- net; Industrial Engineering Student-Faculty Curriculum Committee; Student Football and Basketball Usher; Inter- dormitory Council, Dormitory Treosurer. GARREn, TOM W., JR., Decotur, Go.; Industrial Man- agement; Delto Sigma Phi, Corresponding Secretary, Rush Chairman; Interfraternity Council, Competition Choirmon, Advisory Board; American Marketing Associ- ation, President; Industrial Management Student-Faculty Relations Committee; Society for the Advancement of Management; Bulldog Club; Alpho-Y -Phalanx. GARRISON, ALLAN D., Dolton, Go.; Bachelor of Science Industrial Management; Society for the Ad- vancement of Management; American Marketing Asso- ciation; Go, Tech Counterinsurgency Unit. GATES, JOE S., Columbus, Go.; Bachelor of Civil Engi- neering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; American Society for Civil Engineers. GAY, OSCAR M,, Cleorwoter, Flo.; Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; Briaereon Society, Section II, Secretory; ASCE; SAME. CELL, DAVID J., Central Islip, N. Y.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Kappo Alpha, Vice President, Rush Choirman, Pledge Director; Gymnastics Team; Tou Beta Pi, Engi- neering Honorary; Alpha Pi Mu, IE Honorary; Dormitory Counselor; AIIE; SAM; AMA. GEORGE, MARTIN S., Laurens, S. C; Mechanical Engi- neering; Americon Society of Mechoni col Engineers. GEORGE, PAUL E., Chottonoogo, Tenn.; Mechonicol En- gineering; Co-Op Club, Publicity Chairman; Pi Tou Sigmo, ME Honorary Fraternity; ASME. GILES, GARLAND (GARY.l E., Chorleston, S. C; Aero- space Engineering; AIAA; Sigmo Gamma Tou; Boptist Student Union; Co-Op. GILL, MICHAEL M., Augusta, Go.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Chairman, Alumni Secre- tory, Executive Committee; American Institute of Indus- trial Engineers; Interfraternity Council Representative; Go. Tech Aqua Jackets. GILLEH, BROUGHTON K., Memphis, Tenn,; Psycholo- gy; Psi Society, President; Dormitory Counseling Staff, Student Counselor, Senior Counselor; Dormitory Hous- ing Committees. GILLIS, HILTON L., Sylvester, Go.; Physics. GILMORE, WILLIAM B., Stockbridge, Go.; Civil Engi- neering; Americon Society of Civil Engineers, Treasurer; Civil Engineering Student-Faculty Liaison Committee. GLAZE, THOMAS A., Murfreesboro, Tenn ; Industriol En- gineering; Kappo Sigmo; Executive Roundtable; Flying Club; Student Center Progrom Board, Publicity Chair- man; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Phi Eta Sigmo; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Kappo Phi; Tou Beta Pi. GLOVER, DAVID E., East Point, Go.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Freshman Bosketball; Freshmon Baseball; Varsity Baseball; T ' Club, GLOVER, LARRY E., Union City, Tenn.; Industriol Engi- neering. GOETTER, THOMAS E., Mocon, Go.; Textiles; Pi Kappa Phi, Pres., Warden; Varsity Track Team. GOHN, CAREON J., York, Pa.; Mechonicol Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers GOLDBLATT, JODY L., Tampo, Flo.; Industrial Manage- ment; Delta Sigma Pi, Treosurer; American Marketing Association, Vice-President; Society of American Military Engineers, President; Student Council, Freshman Repre- sentative; Triangle Club; Freshman Forum. GOODNER, WILLIAM D., Lebonon, Tenn.; Electrical En- gineering; Co-Op Club; Brioreon Society, Treasurer; Eto Kappo Nu. GOSS, ROBERT B., Fort Myers, Flo.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Gamma Delto Iota. GOSSETT, STEPHEN B., Vero Beach, Flo.; Industriol Management; Glee Club; Photography Club; Sailing Club; YMCA; Society of Physics Students; Blueprint, Pho- togropher; Technique, Managing Editor, News Editor, Associote News Editor, Features Editor, Photo Editor, Staff Photogropher, News Reporter, Cartoonist; Tech- nique Magazine, Editor, Managing Editor; Erato, Pho- tographer, Featured Poet; Ga. College Press Associa- tion; Pi Delto Epsilon Honorary Collegiate Journalism Fraternity. GOULDE, RICHARD L., Atlanta, Go.; Aerospace Engi- neering; Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary; Gamma Beta Phi, Vice-President; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. GOWDER, EARL F., JR., Gainesville, Go,, Industrial Monogement. GRAHAM, DAVID B., Rockwell, N. C; Civil Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; American Society of Civil Engineer ; Freshman Cross-Country Team. GRAHAM, ROGER T., Lonyers, Go.; Industrial Design; n- dustriol Design Society of America Student Chapter, Vice President. GREENE, HUGH A., Alphoretto, Go.; Chemical Engi- neering. GREGORY, EDWARD A., JR., Eotonton, Go.; Textile En- gineering; Phi Psi Textile Honorary Fraternity, President; 462 Go. Tech Judrciory Cabinet; Dormitory Student Counse- lor, Senior Counselor, Resident Advisor, American Asso- ciation for Textile Technology, Barbell Club, Vice- President; NROTC, Athletic Officer; Campus Crusade for Christ; Textile Educational Foundation, Scholarship Re- cipient. GRIFFIN, WILLIAM R , Silver Spring, Md,; Civil Engineer- ing; Delta Sigma Phi, Vice President, Committee Chair- man, Rush Publications Chm,; Intromurals, Dorm ond Fraternity Champion Teams; Beta Sigma, Vice Pres, and Charter Member; American Society of Civil Engineers; Dorm Counselor; Free University; Student Center Com- mittees; Student Gov ' t. Community Services Committee; WSF Drives. GRIGGS, PAUL H., Marietta, Go.; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. HACKNEY, ALFRED J., II, Naples, Flo,; Industrial Man- agement; Sigma Nu, Chaplain; Varsity Football. HADEN, JAMES R., Shreveport, La., Industrial Engineer- ing; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Ga. Tech Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; Newman Club. HAGAN, DON C, Birminghom, Ala.; Aerospace Engi- neering; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronau- tics; Vice President of Westminister Fellowship of 1st Presbyterian Church of Atlanta. HALE, DAVID G., Marietta, Ga.; Industrial Monogement. HALE, WILLIAM M., Warner Robins Ga.; Aerospace En- gineering; AIAA; Co-Op Club. HAMMOND, WILLIAM S., East Point, Go.; Industrial Management HANDELL, ROBERT H., Spartanburg, S, C; Electrical En- gineering; Tou Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu, Bridge Corre- spondent; Briaerean Society, Section II, Vice President; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Phi Kappa Phi. HARDIN, MELVIN L., Pisgah, Ala.; Industrial Manage- ment. HARRINGTON, ROBERT D., Powell, Wyo.; Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechani- cal Engineers; Chairman Reck Committee; Society of Monufocturing Engineers; Freshman Baseball Team. HARRIS, BENJAMIN J., Gostonia, N. C; Mechonical En- gineermg. HARRIS, HENRY P., Atlanta, Ga.; Chemistry; Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard ond Blade; Triangle Club; Go. Tech Sports Car Club, U. Pres. and Pres HARRIS, JAMES P., Vinton, Vo.; Chemical Engineering; Kappa Alpha Order, President; Freshmon Football; Dor- mitory Counselor, Senior Counselor; Freshman Camp Counselor; Interfraternity Council; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. HARRIS, RONALD E., Atlanta, Ga.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Social Chairman, Pledge Board Members at Large, Wreck Committee; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Triangle Club; Go. Tech USA-USSR Cultural Exchange Program. HARRISON, GARY E., Tifton, Ga.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics HASSETT, THOMAS E., Cherow, S. C; Industrial Man- agement; Alpho Tou Omega, Secretary, assistant Trea- surer, Ceremonial Officer, Social Chairman; IFC Social Chairman; Student Center Concert Comm.; Alpha- Y-Pholanx; Freshman Camp Counselor; Triangle Club; SEIFC Convention. HAWKINS, EDWARD G , Houston, Tex.; Chemical Engi- neering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Co-Op Club Section I, Presi- dent, Secretary; Tau Beta Pi; AlChE. HAYNIE, CALVIN T., Hortwell, Ga.; industnol Engineer- ing; Lambda Chi Alpha, Secretary, IFC Representative; Co-Op Club; Alpha Pi Mu; Tau Beta Pi. HAYS, RICHARD C, Butler, Pa.; Industrial Management; Phi Kappa Theta, House Manager, Alumni Director, Edi- tor and Historian; Swimming Team; Inter-Dormitory Council; Greek Week Committee; IFC Honor Boord. HEATH, OLEN S., Gray, Go.; Civil Engineering. HEDRICK, THOMAS D., Houston, Tex.; Electrical Engi- neering; Delta Tau Delta, Asst. Treasurer; Alpho- Y-Phalanx; Tau Beta Pi, Cataloguer; Eta Kappa Nu, HELMAN, HARVEY A , Columbia, S. C; Industrial Engi- neering; Phi Epsilon Pi, Superior, President, Pledgemast- er. Rush Chairman, Member-at-Large, Asst. Treasurer, Pledge of Year; Treasurer of Interdormitory Council- President of Brown Dormitory; Go. Tech Soccer Club, President, Treasurer, Manager; Pledge Educotion Survey Committee. HEU S, E. STEVEN, Atlanta, Ga.; Mechanical Engineer- ing; Sigma Pi Epsilon, Pledge Trainer; Pi Tau Sigma; Bri- aerean Society; ASME. HELTON, DAVID G., Newnan, Go.; Textiles; Freshman Football. HENDERSON, DAVID E., Warner Robins, Go.; Industrial and Systems Engineering; Delta Upsilon, Vice President, House Manager; Bulldog Club; Freshman Cross-Country; Freshman Forum. HENDERSON, GARY V., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; Gamma Beta Phi Society; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. HENDRICKS, DANIEL E., Ill, Darien, Conn.; Industrial Management; Phi Kappa Tau, Recording Secretary, Housemanager, President; Freshman Swimming Team. HENDRICKSON, JOHN J., North Little Rock, Ark.; Chemical Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi, House Manag- er; AlChE. HENDRIX, CALHOUN W., Jr., Voldosta, Go.; Physics; Co-Op Club. HENDRIX, RALPH D., Knoxville, Tenn.; Electrical Engi- neering; Brioenan Society; Aqua-Jackets Diving Club; Eta Kappa Nu. HENDRIX, ROGER B., Knoxville, Tenn.; Electrical Engi- neering; Briaerean Society; Phi Kappa Phi; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi. HENESY, CHARLES F., Columbus, Ga.; Industrial Man- agement; Go. Tech Bond. HERRIN, PERRY O., JR., Woycross, Go.; Industrial Man- agement; Sigma Chi, Secretary, Rush Book Editor, Alum- ni Relations Chairman; Interfraternity Council, Public Relations Committee Chairman; Freshman Forum; Bluep- rint Staff, Assistant Sports Editor, Sports Editor; Wesley Foundation; Scabbard and Blade Military Honorary; Ar- nold Air Society. HEYWARD, NED W., Avondole Est., Go.; Industrial Management; Kappa Sigmo; Society for the Advance- ment of Management; Triangle Club. HICKS, DONALD E., Perry, Go.; Civil Engineering; ASCE; ASME. HIGGINS, BRUCE W., Doraville, Ga.; Applied Mathe- matics; Tou Beta Pi; Deans List; Air Force ROTC; Arnold Air Society. HILL, JAMES W , Hawkinsville, Go.; Physics. HILL, JIMMY, Summerville, Ga.; Industrial Management. HITE, HAROLD E., Birmingham, Alo.; Electrical Engineer- ing; BSU; Winter Carnival Committee of Georgia Tech Student Center. HODGES, EUGENE W., Ill, Reynolds, Ga.; Electrical En- gineering; Eta Kappa Nu; Institute of Electricol ond Elec- tronic Engineers; Amoteur Radio Club. HOGAN, MICHAEL D., East Point, Go.; Building Construction; Sigma Chi, Secretory; Student Construction Associotion, President; Society of American Militory En- gineers, Secretary; Army ROTC. HOGAN, THOMAS B., Ill, Lincolnton, Go.; Textile Man- agement; Kappa Alpho Order, Social Committee; Socie- ty for the Advancement of Management; American Mar- keting Association. HOLLIDAY, JOHN W., JR., Greenville, Go.; Industrial Management; Koppo Sigma, Guard, Toble Manager. HOLLINGSHED, JOSEPH L., Dollos, Go.; Civil Engineer- ing; Lambda Chi Alpha, Alumni Secretory; American So- ciety of Civil Engineers; Movie Committee for Go. Tech Student Center. HOLLINGSWORTH, THOMAS A., Savannoh, Ga.; In- dustrial Management; Technique, Copy Editor; Georgia Tech Sailing Club. HOLLIS, GARY L., Sarasota, Fla.; Electrical Engineering; Eto Kappa Nu; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engi- HOLLOWAY, CLAUDE L., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; Delta Sigma Phi; WREK Radio News Staff; AIIE. HOMIER, PAUL A., JR., West Point, Go.; Aerospace Engi- neering; Theto Xi, Kitchen Monoger, House Manager; Bulldog Club, HOPKINS, JAMES E., Polmetto, Go.; Textiles; Chi Phi, Treasurer; Delta Koppo Phi Textile Honorary Frat.; Vars- ity wrestling. HOTARD, DOUGLAS P., Atlanta, Go.; Industriol Engi- neering; Whos Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Univ.; Tou Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Eta Sigmo; American Institute of Industnol Engineers; New Dormitory Council, Vice-President; Interdormitory Council; Student Troffic Court; Dean ' s List; AFROTC Dis- tinguished Military Cadet. HOTCHKISS, ROBERT P., Chester, S. C; Physics; Tau Beto Pi; Technique Assistant Editor; Sigmo Pi Sigmo, Vice- President; Phi Eto Sigma; Physics Student-Faculty Liaison Committee; Sailing Club; Ski Club. HOUSE, ERIC B., II, Atlanta, Go.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Gamma Beta Phi Society, Secretary, Treasurer. HOUSER, JOHN D., Mocon, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Rush Book Editor; Industrial Management Representative to Student Council; Execu- tive Roundtoble; Romblin ' Reck Club; Secretary, IM Honor Society; Student-Faculty Liaison Committee; IFC Judiciol Appeols Board Student Center, Concert Commit- tee, Society for Advoncement of Monogement; 1969 Homecoming Committee. HUBBS, FRANK L , Dalton, Go.; Industrial Management; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. HUFF, R. GARY, Washington, Go.; Electrical Engineer- ing; Co-Op Club Publicity Committee, Social Committee; Go. Tech Young Republicans. HUl, HARRY W. T., Hong Kong; Chemical Engineering; Go. Tech Chinese Club, Treasurer. HULTGREN, ERNEST W., Birmingham, Ala.; Moth; Tou Koppo Epsilon, Vice-President, Editor of Rush Publica- tion; USA-USSR Cultural Exchange Tour; Executive Roundtoble; Treasurer, Phi Eto Sigmo; T-Book. JACKSON, WRIGHT T., Birmingham, Ala.; Electrical En- 463 gineering; Lombdo Chi Alpha, Steward, Steward s Com- mittee, Finance Committee; Student Government Public Relations Committee, Secretary; Student Center Special Events Committee, Secretary. JAMES, DAVID R., Atlanta, Go.; Physics; Phi Eta Sigma; Freshman Baseball. JAMES, ROBERT W., JR., Columbus, Go.; Chemical Engi- neering. JAMESON, GEORGE P., Greenwich, Conn.; Industrial Management; Tau Kappa Epsilon, President, Vice- President, Steword; Captain, Tech Debate Team; Execu- tive Roundtable; Fr. Orient., Conference Counselor; Ramblin ' Reck Club; Wesley Foundation Cadre; Fresh- man Forum; Public Relations Chairman, Tech Young Re- publicans ' Club; Inter Dormitory Council. JOE, DONALD Y., Augusta, Ga.; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. JOHNS, Vi lLLIAM v., Decatur, Go.; Architecture; Phi Delta Theta, Secretory, House Manager, Rush Chairman, National Convention Delegate; lAESTE-U.S. JOHNSON, DAVID C, Bedford, Mass.; Architecture; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary, Rush Chr., IFC Rep.; Ga. Tech Sports Cor Club; American Institute of Architects; Bulldog Club; Interfraternity Council. JOHNSON, DEAN R., JR., Atlanta, Go.; Electrical Engi- neering; Tau Beta Pi, Social Activities Committee. JOHNSON, JOSEPH H., Tallapoosa, Go.; Industrial En- gineering; Ga. Tech Band; Kappa Kappo Psi. JOHNSON, MICHAEL T., Atlanta, Go.; Ceramic Engi- neering; Student Branch of the American Ceramic Socie- ty, Treasurer; Keramos, President. JOHNSON, MORRIS H. C, Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; Sigma Chi; Veteran ' s Club, President. JOHNSON, ROBERT L., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering. JOHNSON, THOMAS A., Atlanta, Go.; Ceramics ; Ker- amos National Professional Ceramic Engineering Hon- orory Froternity, Secretory; American Ceramic Society. JONES, BILLY B., Bueno Vista, Go.; Electrical Engineer- ing. JONES, JULIUS P., Covington, Go.; Industriol and Sys- tems Engineering; Technique, Outstanding News V riter; International Students Organization, Secretary, Publici- ty Chairman; Armstrong Dormitory Council, Secretory; Area III Dormitory Council; Alpha Pi Mu, I.E. Honorory Fraternity; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Judo Club. ' JORY, FREDERICK A., Brunswick, Me.; Industrial Engi- neering; Go. Tech Aqua Jackets, Secretary, President- Go. Tech Flying Club, Treasurer; Dormitory Counselor; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. JUBAN, JOSEPH E., Baton Rouge, La.; Industrial Man- agement; Sigma Chi, Derby Day Chairman; Romblin ' Reck Club, President, Secretory; U.S.A.-U.S.S.R. Ex- change Program; Homecoming Committee; Executive Roundtable; Cheerleader; Koseme Society; Student Government Representative; V esley Foundation Cadre; Freshman Camp Counselor. KATZ, LEE I. N., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Management; Scubo Club; Sports Car Club; Georgia Tech Bowling Team. KAYS, DALE B., Atlanta, Go.; Civil Engineering; Delta Tau Delta, Guide; Society of American Military Engi- neers; American Society of Civil Engineers; Go. Tech Baseball Team; Dormitory Council Representative. KAYS, MARION R., Ill, Atlanta, Go ; Industrial Manage ment; Delta Sigma Pi, Social Chairman; T-Club; Ameri- can Marketing Association; Varsity Baseball; Society for the Advancement of Management, KEIFE, GLENN C, New Orleans, La.; Mechanical Engi- neering; Kappa Alpha Order, Housemonoger, Censor and Parliamentarian; American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Treasurer, Chairman; Pi Tau Sigma, Vice Pres- ident; Student Advisor to Director of Mechanical Engi- neering Dept.; Bulldog Club; Amencon Society of Too- land Manufacturing Engineers. KELLEY, LARRY C, Dolton, Go.; Textiles; Chi Phi; Delta Kappa Phi, Honorary Textile Fraternity. KELM, CHARLES H., Miami, Flo.; Electrical Engineering; Brioereon Society II, Treasurer, President; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Koppo Nu. KELMAN, THOMAS C, Manchester, N. H.; Electrical En- gineering; Ga, Tech Bond, Properties Lieutenant; Kappa Koppo Psi Bond Honorary; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Intervorsity Christian Fellowship. KERSEY, CHARLES S., Thomoston, Go.; Textile Engineer- ing; Delta Kappa Phi Textile Honorary; Phi Koppo Phi Honorary. KETTER, FRANCIS C, JR., Vv ' mter Haven, Fla.; Aero- space Engineering; Phi Kappa Thelo, Pledge Trainer, Athletic Chairman, Sgt.-ot-Arms; Bulldog Club; Society of American Military Engineers, Vice-Pres.; American In stitute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. KETTS, BRUCE L., Jennings, Mo ; Aerospace Engineering; Phi Eta Sigmo; Sigma Gamma Tau, Secretory; Tau Beta Pi; Co-Op Club, Section II; American Institute of Aero- noutics and Astronautics. KIAPPES, JOHN L., Greenwood, S. C; Chemical Engi- neering; Phi Eta Sigma; AICHE; Student Center Evalua- tion Committee; Student Center Travel Committee; Young Republicans; Interdormitory Council; Barbell Club. KIMBRELL, GEORGE D., Houston, Tex.; Industrial Engi- neering; Phi Sigma Kappa, Inductor, Pledge Master; Ramblin ' Reck Chairman, Scholarship Chairman. KINARD, KENTON L., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment; Veterans Club; American Management Associa- tion; Delta Sigma Pi, Professionol Fraternity. KING, RICHARD G., Decatur, Go,; Electrical Engineer- ing; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer, Chaplain, Delegote to National Leadership School; Ramblin ' Reck Club, Pub- licity Chairman; Eta Kappa Nu, Secretory; Tau Beta Pi; Wesley Foundation Cadre; Freshman Camp Counselor; Freshman Forum; Phi Koppo Phi. KINZIE, JOHN H., Savannah, Go,; Mechonical Engi- neering; Pi Tau Sigma; Notional Honorory Mechanical Engineering Froternity. KIPP, THOMAS E., JR., Cochran, Ga.; Aerospace Engi- neering; Chess Club, Treasurer; AIAA; Borbell Club; Wesley Foundation. KIRKPATRICK, JACKIE, Dallas, Tex.; Mechanical Engi- neering; Tau Beta Pi; ASME. KISLING, DOUGLAS L., Baltimore, Md ; Aerospace En- gineering; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astro- nautics. KUNG, CARL v., JR., Mobile, Ala,; Architecture; AIA, Student Chapter; lAESTE. KNIGHT, JAMES P., Atlanta, Ga.; Industrial Monoge- ment; T-Club; Varsity Track; Freshman Cross-Country; Team Coptoin; Atlanta Track Club KNIGHTON, WAYNE D., Blokely, Go.; Electrical Engi- neering; IEEE. KNOn, RANDY A , East Point, Go.; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers, Secretary; Chi Epsi- lon, Civil Engineering Honorary. KOELEMAY, JAMES M. JR., Shreveport, La.; Physics; Theta Xi, President, Secretary, Alumni Relations Chm.; Debate Team, Coptain; Society of Physics Students; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Eta Sigmo; Interfraternity Council. KRAMARZ, LUIS; Mathematics; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi, Chess Club; Soccer Club. LAMBERT, CHESTER L., College Park, Go.; Building Construction; Bond; Basic Army ROTC; Student Construc- tion Association; Dean ' s List. LAND, RUSSELL E., Chorieston, W. Vo , Electrical Engi- neering. LANDIS, KERRY W., Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Monoge- ment, Alpho Epsilon Pi, President, Rush Chairman, Member-ot-Lorge, Assistant Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi Hon- orary; Phi Koppo Phi Senior Honorory, Industrial Man- agement Honor Society; Interfraternity Council Honor Board. LANDRUM, E. TAYLOR, JR., Greenville, S. C; Physics; Arnold Air Society, Operations Officer; Tau Beta Pi; Wesley Foundation; Brown Dormitory Council; St. Morks Methodist Older Youth, President. LANE, ERIC F., Scottsdole, Ariz.; Physics; Drama Tech, Business Vice President and Treasurer, Secretary; Alpha Koppo Psi Professionol Business Fraternity, Secretary, Program Chairman; Society of American Militory Engi- neers, Publicity Choirmon; Society of Physics Students; In- ternational Students Org. Executive Committee; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Eto Sigmo; Tau Beta Pi; Techwood Dorm Council Treasurer; Armstrong Dorm Council Vice Presi- dent; Army ROTC, Engineers; Man Who Came to Dinner; Becket. LAPORTE, KIM JOSEPH, AHonto, Go.; Aerospace Engi- neering. LARRIEU, MANUEL A., Miomi, Fla.; Chemicol Engineer- ing; Pan American Union Club; International Student Org.; AlChE; Inter Dormitory Council; Intromurols. LATOURETTE, DONALD A., Jonesboro, Ark ; Industriol Engineenng; Lettermon Cross-Country; Lettermon Tra ck; T " Club; Go. Tech Flying Club; Society of Automotive Engineers; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Judo Club. LEE, GEORGE H., Porrott, Go.; Aerospace Engineenng; Brioreon Society; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Koppo Phi; Sigma Gommo Tou; AIAA. LEE, KWON YOUNG (JERRY), Ooklond Pork, Flo ; Elec- trical Engineenng; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Koppo Nu; IEEE; Chi- nese Club, Secretary. LEEDS, ROBERT J., Pleosontville, N. J.; Aerospace Engi- neering; Phi Koppo Sigmo; Sigma Gamma Tou; Georgio Tech Flying Club. LEEGATE, GARY C, Atlonto, Go.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Sigma Alpho Epsilon, Eminent Warden; Freshman Cross-Country; Freshman Track; Sigma Tau AE Honorary. LENTZSCH, CRAIG R., Charlottesville, Vo.; Applied Math; Delta Tou Delto, Vice-President, Corresponding Sec, Alumni Chm., Asst. Rush Chm , Publicity Chm.; Dele- gate to Karneo and Undergraduate Council; Student Center, Treasurer, Publicity Chm , Concert and Publicity Committees, Member Governing Board and fVogrom Board; Bulldog Club, Publicity Chm.; AFROTC Scholar- ship and Group CO; Phi Bo Sigmo, Historion; Tau Beta Pi; Technique, Reporter; Rombler, Copy Editor; Home- coming Committee; Teaching Assistont in Moth, Fresh- man Camp Planning Committee. LESAN ALBERT B., Mocon, Go.; Electrical Engineering. 464 LESTER, RICHARD M., Griffin, Go.; Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME; Pi Tau Sigma; Barbell Club LEWERS, GEORGE E., Colonia, N. J.; Industrial Man- agement; Gamma Delta Iota; Blueprint Staff, Photo Edi- tor; Go. Tech Photo Club. LIPPERT, LAWRENCE D., Sorasoto, Flo.; Civil Engineer- ing; Georgia Tech Bond; Army ROTC Band, Band Cap- tain; Kappa Kappa Psi, Treasurer. LIPS, DAVID A., Atlanta, Go.; Electrical Engineering; In- stitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. LIVERMORE, RUSSELL B., New York, N. Y.; Aerospoce Engineering; Theta Chi; American Institute of Aeronau- tics and Astronautics. LOADHOLT, JAY T., Fairfax, S. C; Electrical Engineer- ing; Phi Kappa Phi; Eto Kappa Nu; Tou Beta Pi; Bri- aereon Society, Section I. LONG, CHARLIE T., Albany, Ga.; Industrial Engineer- ing. LONG, DOUGLAS A., Sarasota, Fla.; Industrial Engi- neering; Phi Gamma Delta, Pledge Trainer; Who s Who in Am. Universities and Colleges; Alpha Pi Mu IE Honor- ory; Scabbard and Blade Military Honor Society; Go. Tech Co-Op Club Sec. 1, V-P., Treas.; Freshman Camp Counselor; Air Force ROTC, Advanced Program, FAG Scholarship Recipient, Category l-P, Co-Op Student, NASA, Kennedy Space Center Flondo; Hawks Go. Tech Usher; Circle-K Club; Bulldog Club; AIIE; Worker - Of- fice of Registrar. LOTT, FRANCIS R., Alphoretta, Go.; Electrical Engineer- ing. LOVE, DANNY L., Aiken, S. C; Chemical Engineering; Co-Op Club, Field Day Chairman; Baptist Student Union Executive Council, Summer President. LOVEJOY, WILLIAM F., Sporto, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment; Phi Delto Theto; Industrial Management Honor So- ciety; Society for Advancement of Management; Ameri- can Marketing Association; Distinguished Military Stu- dent. LOWE, MAX ALAN, East Point, Ga.; Industrial Manage- ment; Alpha Koppo Psi Business fraternity. Master of Rit- ual, Chairman of Regional Conference; Industrial Man- agement Honor Society; Member of Ga. Tech Team in Regional Bowling Tournament LUDWIG, WILLIAM C, Atlonto, Go.; Mechanical Engi- neering; Theto Chi. LUE, RICHARD, Cambridge, St. James, Jamaica, W. I.; Electrical Engineering; ISO, Vice President;Chinese Club; Soccer Club; Judo Club; NDC Representative; IEEE. MACHTOLFF, JOHN W., Decatur, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; AIIE Member. MACKE, E. JAMES, Sycamore, S. C; Industrial Engineer ing; Phi Koppo Theto; Founder of Phi Kappa Theto Fra- ternity; Interfraternit Council; Bulldog Club; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. MARTIN, PATRICIA SILLS, Atlanta, Go.; Textiles; Gamma Psi; American Marketing Associotion; American Assn. for Textile Technology; Society for Advancement of Man- agement. MAHALEY, ROBERT LYNN, Richland, Go.; Civil Engi- neering; Americon Society of Civil Engineers. MARKS, DONALD M., Ft. Lauderdale, Flo.; Civil Engi- neermg; Lambda Chi Alpha; Chi Epsilon; ASCE; Student Center Community Service Committee. MARTIN, JONATHAN K., Columbus, Ga.; Textile Engi- neering; Delto Koppo Phi; Brioerean Society. MARTINEZ, IGNACIO, J., Hovono, Cubo; Chemical En- gineering; Tau Beta Pi; Pan Amencon Union Club, Files Choirman. MARTINSON, WILLIAM R., Cosselberry, Flo.; Mechani- cal Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega, President, Vice- President, North Go. District Chairman; High School Tu- toring Program, Summer Co-Ordinator, Publicity Chair- man; Freshman Camp Counselor; Student Government, Organizations Committee; Franklin Foundation Lecture Series Committee; IDC Dining Service Committee; SAM; ASME. AMTHEWS, LARRY K., Macon, Ga.; Physics; Phi Theto Sigma, Freshman Honorary; Tou Beta Pi, Engineering Honorary. MATSON, CHARLES C, Orlando, Flo.; Electrical Engi- neering; Phi Gommo Delta, Scholarship Chairman; Stu- dent Council, Elections Committee, Campus Organiza- tions Com.; Co-Op Club, Section I, Publicity Choirman, Fifth Man; Wesley Foundation, Cadre, Steering Com.; Co-Op Advisory Council; Institute of Electrical and Elec- tronics Engineers; Army ROTC. MAY, RONALD H., Durham, N. C; Industrial Engineer- ing; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge President, Public Relations Chairman; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Alpho-Y-Pholanx; Bulldog. McCALLUM, MICHAEL E., Atlanta, Go.; Electrical Engi- neering; Veterans Club, Treasurer; IEEE. McCRARY, JOHN S., Hendersonville, N. C; Mechonicol Engineering; Freshman Forum; Interdormitory Council; Sophomore ROTC Academic Award; Dcx mitory Student Counselor; Pi Tou Sigma, National Mechanical Engi- neering Honorary Fraternity; Co-Op Club, Section I Sec- retory; Deon ' s List. McDOUGALL, DAVID S., Suffern, N. Y.; Civil Engineer- ing; ASCE. McELROY, CLARK H., JR., Foyetteville, Go.; Industrial Management. McELROY, MILLER T., Chottonoogo, Tenn.; Industriol Management; Alpha Kappo Psi Professional Business Fraternity, Director of Publicity; Chess Club, Chess Team, ACU; Wesley Foundation; Interdormitory Council; Bos- ketboll Usher. MclNTIRE, BRUCE F., Louisville, Ky.; Electrical Engineer- ing; Arnold Air Society. McKAY, JAMES E., Atlanta, Go.; Electrical Engineering; IEEE. McKENNA, W. ANDREW, Macon, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; Sigma Nu, Alumni Officer; Army ROTC, Codet Captain; Alpho-Y-Pholonx; AIIE. McKIBBEN, THOMAS C, Columbus, Go.; Aerospace En- gineering; President of Interdormitory Council; Vice Pres- ident of AERA III Dormitory Council; Vice President of AERA II Dormitory Council; Ga. Tech Young Republi- McLEAN, JOHN C, Savannah, Go.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Delta Sigma Phi, Secretary, Corresponding Secre- tory, Help Week Chairman; Student Council, Chairman, Departmental Lioison Coordinating Committee; Student Center Movie Committee; Student Center Evaluation Committee; IE Deportment Student-Faculty Relations Committee; Arnold Air Society, Personnel Officer; AF- ROTC Wing Commander; AFROTC Distinguished Codet; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; American Insti- tute of Aeronautics and Astronouhcs; Who s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. McMANUS, JOEL R , Pittsburg, Po.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; American Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics; Community Services Committee. McNEAL, RICHARD E., Jacksonville, Flo.; Industr ial Mon- ogement. McWHORTER, NEIL E , Detroit, Mich.; BS Industrial Mon- ogement; Industrial Manogement Horxjr Society; Ameri- con Marketing Associotion; Society for the Advancement of Management; Association for Computing Machinery. MEDORI, STEVEN M., Atlanta, Ga.; Industrial Manoge- ment; American Morketing Association, Publicity Chair- man; Scabbord and Blode Military Honor Society, Trea- surer; Distinguished Military Student; Delta Sigma Pi Pro- fessional Business Fraternity; Army ROTC Curriculum Re- view Board, Ordinance Representative. MEEK, DEL K., Spartanburg, S. C ; Industriol Manage- ment; Inter Dormitory Council, Dormitory Counseling Staff; Barbell Club. MEISNER, LAURENCE J., Atlanto, Go.; Industrial Engi- neenng; Phi Koppo Sigma, Corresponding Secretory, Scholorship Chairmon; Christian Science Organization, President, Treosurer; Band; Alpha Pi Mu. MEREDITH, ELIZABETH J , College Pork, Go.; Archi- tecture; Alpha Xi Delta, Corresponding Secretary, Schol- arship Chairman, Marshall, Social Chairmen; AIA; WSA, Chairman, Junior Rep.; Gommo Psi; Student Gov. Aiso- ciotion, Secretary, Soph Representative, Junior Repre- sentative. MEROVICH, ANDREW T., Greenwich, Conn.; Civil Engi- neering. MIDDLEBROOKS, PERCY B., Farmington, Go.; Civil Engi- neenng; American Society of Civil Engineers; Go. Tech Bond; Kappo Kappa Psi Band Honorary. MILLS, DAVID E., Springfield, Tenn.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Tou Kappa Epsilon; Executive Roundtable; Sigmo- Y-Pholonx; Freshman Forum; AIIE, Vice President; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Eto Sigmo; Tou Beta Pi; Brioerean Society; Inter-Varsity Chnstion Fellowship; Phi Kappo Phi. MOHAMMADIOUN, SAID, Tehran, Iran; Electricol Engi- neering; International Students Organization, Treosurer, Vice President, President; IEEE. MONTGOMERY, MICHAEL W., AHanto, Ga.; Civil Engi- neenng; Phi Eto Sigmo; Tau Beta Pi; Americon Society of Civil Engineers, Student Chapter. MOON, TERRY W., Snellville, Go.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Student Counselor; Senior Counselor; Resident Advi- sor; Romblin ' Reck Club; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. MOONEY, RICHARD M., Chottonoogo, Tenn.; Mechani- cal Engineering; SPE, Special Projects Chairman; Ameri- con Society of Mechanical Engineers, Treosurer. MOORE, GARY L., Bessemer, Ala.; Chemical Engineer- ing; AICHE MOORE, JAMES R., JR., Jacksonville, Flo.; Mathematics; Phi Eto Sigma; Society of American Military Engineers; Deans List. MOORE, JAMES S., Dallas, Tex.; Industriol Monoge- ment; Phi Gamma Delta; Industrial Management Honor Society; Radio Club; Aqua Jackets. MOORE, ROBERT L., Atlanta, Go.; Industriol Engineer- ing; Phi Delto Theto, Historion, Seaetory; American Insti- tute of Industriol Engineers. MORRIS, PAUL E., Nashville, Tenn.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Lambda Chi Alpho, House Manager; Amencon Insti- tute of Industrial Engineers. MORRIS, TOM A., Atlonto, Go.; Industrial Management. MOSS, CHARLES H., Covington, Go.; Civil Engineering; ASCE; Co-Op. MOSS, MICHAEL D., Vidalio, Go.; Civil Engineering; 465 Americon Society of Civil Engineers. MOVE, JOHN W., Columbus, Go.; Industnol Engineer- ing; Tnongle Club; Go. Tech Sports Car Club; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Publicity Committee, Vice President. MURPHY, JAMES D., Ill, Atlonto, Go.; Industnol Mon- agement; Novol ROTC; Alpha Phi Omega Service Fra- ternity, Pledgemoster. MUSGROVE, DANIEL K., Laurel, Miss.; Chemical Engi- neering; AlChE. NAGRANI, SHYAM K , Bombay. India, Electncol Engi- neering. NANCE, DONALD A., Albany, Go.; Aerospoce Engi- neering; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Koppo Phi; Sigmo Gamma Tau NARANJO, ALEXIS HUMBERTO. Arogua, Venezuela; In- dustrial Engineering; Tau Beta Pi Honor Society, Mem- ber. NASH, HAROLD RONALD JR., East Point, Go.; Industrial Engineering; Alpha Phi Omega, Service Fraternity, Vice- President; Go Tech Young Republicans Club, Vice- Chotrman, Chairman; Go Federation of Young Republi- can Clubs, Vice-Chairman; Alpha Pi Mu, National Indus- trial Engineering Honorary Society, Publicity Chairman. NEGREIRA, FRANCISCO J., Onente, Cuba; Chemical Engineering; Pan American Ciub; International Students Organization, AlChE NELDER, ALAN L., Concord, N, H.; Industnol Monage- ment; Phi Kappa Sigma, Second Vice President and Scholarship Chairman; Alpha Kappo Pst Business Frater- nity, Vice President; Industrial Management Honor Socie- NELSON, KURT S., Freeport, Long Island, N. Y.; Civil Engineenng; Phi Gamma Delta, Recording Secretary of ■Phi Gammo Delta; IFC Representotives, Competition Chm., Co-Choirman of Greek V eek, Member of Honor Board; ASCE; Rush Chm., Phi Gamma Delta. NEWBERRY, HAROLD L., Gray, Go.; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers NEWMAN, FRANKLIN P , Albony, Go.; Electncol Engi- neering; Circle K Club, President, State Convention Host Choirman; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engi- neers; Go. Tech Sport Parachuting Club. O ' BRIEN, SHERMAN D , Shrev sbury, Mass.; Civil Engi- neering; Phi Gamma Delto; ASCE. OCHILTREE, ERIC J., Miami, Flo.; Electncol Engineering; Phi Etc Sigma; Brioerean Society; Circle K Club; Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Kappa Phi; Tou Beta Pi OENBRINK, ROBERT M., Lakeland, Flo.; Civil Engineer- ing; American Society Civil Engineer ; Society American Military Engineers; Varsity Footboll Teom. OLIVE, CHARLES M., Columbus, Go ; Aerospace Engi- neering; Sigma Gamma Tau; AIAA. OLSON, LARRY S., Alexandria, Va., Industnol and Sys- tems Engineering; Theto Chi, Social Chairman, Pledge Morshol; Romblin Reck Club, Spirit Trophy Chairman; Bulldog Club, Secretory; Freshman Onentotion Confer- ence; IFC, Social Chairman; Freshman Wrestling Team; Scabbard and Blade; NROTC Unit. O ' NEAL, WILLIAM E., Dolton, Go ; Textiles; Chi Phi, Asst Pledge Master; Delta Kappa Phi, Secretory. OPPENHEIM, PHILIP L., Saratoga Springs, N. Y.; Tex- tiles; Pershing Rifles, PIO, Aqua Jackets; Dromo Tech; American Associotion of Textile Colonsts and Chemists; Howell Dorm Council, Treasurer. O REAR, RONALD L., Warner Robins, Go.; Electrical En- gineenng; Phi Theto Kappo; IEEE; New Dorm Council, Sec.; Folk Dorm Council, Sec.; Area III Dorm Council, Chairman of Constitution Committee, Chairman of Judi- ciary Committee, Parliamentarian, Arnold Air Society, Squodron Commander, Delegote to Area and Notional Conclave; Editor of Vapor Tratli, Intromurol Football, Soccer, and Softball; IDC. ORWIG, KENNETH R., JR., Toledo, Ohio; Electrical En- gineering; Aqua Jackets; Go. Tech Young Republican Club; IEEE; Area III Dormitory Council. OTT, EDWARD S , III, Arlington, Va , Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME; SAME; Pi Tau Sigmo; DMS-ROTC; 1st Presbyterion Church Westminster Fellowship, President OUZTS, WILMOT B., Ill, Tenmlle, Go.; Mothemotics, Sigmo Alpho Epsilon, Secretory; Bulldog Club; Navy ROTC. OWEN, RICHARD S., Houston, Tex ; Electrical Engineer- ing; Phi Kappo Sigma, President, Droma Tech; Phi Eto Sigmo; Eta Kappo Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Bulldog Club. OWEN, VICTOR F,, Columbus, Go.; Aerospace Engi- neering; Sigma Gamma Tou, Secretary-Treasurer, Presi- dent; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Treasurer; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappo Pi; Aerospace Engi- neering Student Advisory Committee. OWENS, ROBERT H., Augusta, Go.; Electrical Engineer- ing. PAARZ, ROBERT E., Cherry Hill, N, J.; Industrial Manage- ment; Delta Sigma Pi, Professional Fraternity, Choncel- lor, Choirman; Amencon Morketing Association. PABST, BENJAMIN H., Miami, Flo.; Industrial Monoge- ment; Delta Sigma Pi. PARIS, HENRY GRADY, Rome, Go ; Physics. PARK, THEO A., Columbus, Go.; Civil Engineering; Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Pres. , V-Pres., Sec; Chi Epsilon, Sec.; Techwood Tutorial Project. PARKER, DANIEL M , Sovannoh, Ga,; Aerospace Engi- neering; Newman Federation, President; Freshman and Varsity Gymnastics Team. PARKS, DAVID M, Atlonta, Go.; Civil Engineenng; Mem- ber ASCE PARKS, JOHN S., Charleston, W. Va.; Civil Engineering, Phi Gamma Delto; ASCE; Chi Epsilon. PARROTT, DOUGLAS L , Decatur, Go ; Aerospace Engi- neering; G.T. Flying Club, President; G.T. Flying Club, Vice President. PATRICK, JAMES D,, JR., Jodson, Go ; Industrial Man- agement; Kappa Alpha Order; Housemonager, No. IX, IFC Representative, Pledge Troming Committee; Society for the Advancement of Management; American Mor- keting Association; IFC, Constitution Committee; Army ROTC; Curriculum Review Boord, Secretory; Codet Cap- tain; Distinguished Militory Student, PAUL, JERRY LEE, Flowery Branch, Go.; Bulling Construction; Georgia Tech Flying Club; Georgia Tech Judo Club; Georgia Tech Lettermon s Club, Track and Footboll. PAYNE, DAVID D , Newnan, Go ; Industrial Monoge- ment; Alpha Kappa Psi; Industrial Management Honor Society. PENDARVIS, DANIEL, III, St. George, S C; Industnol En- gineering; Koppo Sigmo; Alpha Pi Mu; Phi Kappo Phi; Alpha Y Pholanx. PEPPER, JENNIFER, Decatur, Go.; Ceramic Engineenng, Alpha Xi Delto; Membership Chm., Activities Chm., Rec- ording Sec.; American Ceramic Society, Vice President, Secretory; Gomma Psi; Women Students ' Association, Freshmon Representative, Senior Representative; Fresh- man Comp Counselor. PEROZZI, BRUCE P. Brooklawn, N. J.; Industrial Mon- agement; Arnold Air Society, Executive Officer, Comp- troller; Alpha Koppo Psi; American Marketing Associa- tion; Society for Advancement of Management; Indus- trial Monogement Honor Society; Scabbard and Blade; Society of American Military Engineers, Treasurer; Distin- guished AFROTC Cadet; AFROTC Drill Team, Com- mander PETERS, ROBERT H,, Monroe, Go.; Industnol Manage- ment. PETERSON, JOHN F, D , Fort Pierce, Flo,; Chemical En- gineering; Go. Tech Aqua Jockets, Safety Director; Go. Tech Flying Club, Publicity Chairman, Student Af- filiate of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. PETTYJOHN, PAUL W., Morietto, Go.; Electncol Engi- neering, Eto Kappa Nu; Institute of Electrical and Elec- tronics Engineers. PIGOTT, HENRY D., Lake City, Flo.; Chemistry; Ameri- can Chemical Society, Bond; Co-Op Club. PITTMAN, JOHN I., Decatur, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment; Alpha Koppo Psi, Professional Business Fraternity, President; IM Student-Faculty Relotions Committee; Go. Tech Young Republicons Club; Society for the Advance- ment of Management. PONDER, JAMES M., Armuchee, Go.; Electncol Engi- neering; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Baptist Student Union PORTER, JOEL S., Satellite Beach, Flo.; Aerospace Engi- neering; Alpha Epsilon Pi, Assistant Treasurer, Treasurer; Romblin Reck Club; AE Advisory Cabinet; Judi- ciary Cabinet; Student Center Movie Committee; Student Center Movie Chairman; External Vice-Pres,, Student Center; Koseme Society, ODK, Secretary; Sigmo Gamma Tou; Who ' s Who in Amer. Coll. and Univ.; Student- Faculty Honor Committee; Homecoming Queen Chair- man; Football Usher; Atlonto ARRA Program Council, Chairman. POULSEN, STEPHEN P., Rome, Go.; Physics; Cross- country; Vorsity Track; Photo Club; Technique, Photo Ed. POUNDS, JIM W., JR., Atlanta, Go.; Civil Engineenng; ASTM, ASCE. POWER, WALTER T., Atlonto, Go.; Industnol Engineer- ing; Delta Sigmo Phi; Student Center Movie Committee, Chairman; Interfroternity Council, Competition Commit- tee; Amencon Institute of Industrial Engineers, PRAH, JUSTIN H,, Atlonta, Go.; Bachelor Industrial En- gineering; Alpho-Y-Phalonx, Progrom Chairman and Member-ot-Lorge; Tnongle Club, Program Vice President and President; Executive Round Table; Attended Leader- ship and Student-Foculty-lndustry Conferences; YMCA Cabinet; Freshman Camp Counselor; Freshmon Comp Planning Committee; World Student Fund Team, Cap- tain. PRICE, CHARLES DAVID, Cool, Tex.; Industnol Manage- ment, Delta Sigmo Pi, Professional Frot,; American Mar- keting Associotion; Go Tech Duplicate Bridge Club; Dor- mitory Intramural Policy Committee. PRICE, MARTIN A., Atlanta, Go.; Industnol Monoge- ment. PRICE, SAMUEL R., Chottonoogo, Tenn.; Industrial Man- agement; Phi Gommo Delta, Financial Chairman, Trea- surer, Outstanding Pledge; Alpho-Y-Pholonx; YMCA Cabinet; Triangle Club, President; Soccer Club, Secre- 466 tary; IM Honor Society; Freshman Forum; Bulldog Club. PULIS, RONALD R„ West M.lford, N J.; BS Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi, Professional Fraternity; American Asso- ciation of Textile Chemists and Colorists; American Asso- ciation for Textile Technology; Young Republicans Club. PURCELL, DAVID B., Savannah, Ga.; Mechanical Engi- neering; American Society of Mechanical Engineer ; So- ciety of Automotive Engineers. RABOLD, BERNARD L., JR., IMewton N. C; Mechanical Engineering; Kappa Sigma, Rush Choirman; Romblin Reck Choirman, Vice-President; ASME. RADER, EDVk ' ARD D., Lenoir, N. C; Textiles; American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists; American Association for Textile Technology; Delta Kappa Phi, Notional Textile Honorary, President; Dormitory Coun- cil; Young Republican s Club. RAINES, STEVEN R., Dunbar, V . Vo.; Civil Engineering; Briaerean Society, Pres.; Co-Op Club. RAHEREE, JAMES F., Columbia, S. C; Architecture; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Freshman Forum; Dorm Counselor; Asso- ciation of Student Chapters, American Institute of Archi- tects, GT Chop. Sec, South Atlantic Regionol Director, Natl Public Relations Director, Natl Exec. Board, GT Representative to " ASC AIA Student Forum. " REHDER, JOHN J., Wmston-Solem, N. C ; Aerospace En- gineering; Phi Sigma Koppo, Secretary, House Manager, Homecoming Chairman; Sigma Gamma Tau; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. REINEHR, CHARLES M., Montgomery, Ala.; Mathemat- ics; Commonding Officer of Pershing Rifles; Command- ing Officer of Army ROTC Codet Command; Flying Club; ' judo Club; Pershing Rifles, CO. REYNOLDS, DAVID ALAN, East Point, Go., Aerospace Enginee ring; American Institute of Aeronautics ond As- tronautics. REYNOLDS, JAMES W., Bedford, Mass.; Mechanical En- gineering; Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tou Sigma, Sec.; Go. Tech Student Center, Concert Chairman; Homecoming Com- mittee; Winter Festival Committee; Student Center Boord Member; Arnold Air Society; Dormitory Council Mem- ber; ASME; Society of Automotive Engineers. ROACH, MARC E., Nashville, Tenn.; Electrical Engineer- ing; Kappa Sigmo, Assistant Treasurer, Outstanding Sen- ior Aword; Eta Kappa Nu; Triongle Club. ROBBS, CHARLES T., Seattle, Wash.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Phi Delta Theto, Vice President, Steword, Athletic Chairman; Student Council, IE Rep.; Ramblin ' Reck Club, Homecoming Chairman; Bulldog Club; YMCA Freshman Camp Counselor; American Institute of Industrial Engi- neers, AIIE; Society of American Military Engineers, SAME; Freshman Track, Letter; Varsity Track, Letter. ROBERTS, DAVID R., Atlanta, Ga.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Delta Upsilon, Pledge Trainer; Sigma Gommo Tau; Young Republicans Club. ROBERTSON, DAVID H., Savannah, Go.; Chemical En- gineering; Lombdo Chi Alpho, Scholarship Chairman; .Intra Fraternity Council, Scholarship Committee; Ameri- can Institute of Chemical Engineers, Vice President; Chi Epsilon Sigma; Student Council, Chemical Engineering Representative; Course and Faculty Evaluation Commit- tee, Chairman; Chemical Engineering Liaison Commit- tee, Chairman; Freshman Camp Counselor; Aqua Jack- ets; Scuba Club. ROBERTSON, EARL L , Newnon, Ga ; Textile Engineer- ing; Tau Beta Pi, Phi Etc Sigma; Delta Kappa Phi. ROBINSON, CHARLES B., College Pork, Go.; Industnol Monogement; Kappa Sigma, Guard, Ritualist; Society for Advancement of Management; Engineer Magazine, Editorial Assistant; American Marketing Association; Triangle Club, Secretory; Greek Forum. ROBINSON, HOWARD W., Sandersville, Go.; Aero- spoce Engineering. RODERICK, ARTHUR T., Atlanta, Ga.; Industrial Engi- neering. ROGERS, VINCENT J, Quin|ol, Nepol; Chemistry; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Sec- retary; Atlanto Rugby Club; American Chemical Society; International Surfing Associotion, Hawaiian Branch. ROLAND, BARRY L., Chomblee,Ga.; Industrial Manage- ment; Delta Sigma Pi, Business Fraternity. ROPER, CECIL PAUL, JR., Fountain Inn, S. C; Chemical Engineering; American Institute of Chemicol Engineers. ROSE, FRANK W., Corrollton, Ga.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Sigma Nu, Sentinal, Competition Chairman; Inter- national Assoc, for the Exchange of Students for Techno- logical Advancement; Am. Inst, of Ind. Engineers; Stu- dent Faculty Parking Committee; Aqua Jockets. ROSS, DAVID C, Huntingdon Valley, Penno.; Applied Biology; Pi Koppo Alpha, Corresponding Secretary; Stu- dent Council, Biology Group Representative; Chairman of Constitutional Revision Committee; Member Biology Student-Faculty Liaison Committee; Member Special Events Committee; Beta Beta Beta Biology Honorary So- ciety, Vice President; Free University, Vice President in Charge of Curriculum; NROTC; Who ' s Who; Alpha- Y-Phalonx; Freshman Wrestling. ROTH, BRUCE A., Dollas, Tex.; Industrial Management; Phi Epsilon Pi, Sgt. at Arms, Initiation Chairman; Alpha Phi Omega, Service Fral., Pledge Class President; Tech- wood Tutorial Project; Karate Club, Vice Pres.; NROTC. ROUGHTON, GEORGE A., JR., Morgan, Go., Electrical Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; Institute Electrical and Electronic Engineers, IEEE; Young Republican Club. ROYAL, GILBERT S., Screven, Go.; Electrical Engineer- ing; Institute of Electricol and Electronics Engineers, Inc., Secretary. SANTOSPAGO, LOUIS F., Wellesley, Moss.; Industrial Monogement; Varsity Football; T-Club; Letterman ' s Club. SARTAIN, KERRY A , Decatur, Go ; Electrical Engineer- ing; Track Team; Glee Club; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. SAYLOR, THOAAAS REESE, Atlanta, Go.; Biology; Koppo Sigmo, School Activities Chm.; YMCA, 1st Vice President, Board of Trustees; Alpho-Y-Pholonx, 1st Vice President; Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society; Romblin ' Reck Club, President, Publicity Chm.; Tech Day, Program Chm.; lAESTE; Freshman Camp, Vice Chm.; Advisory Cabinet to the President; Football Usher, Head Aislemo n; Student Council, Chm. School Spirit Committee; Go. Tech Engineer, Editorial Assistant; Tech Involvement Council, President; Atlanto Urbon Corps, Tech Coordi- nator; College Relations Board; Homecoming Chairman; Student Center Board; Institute of Understanding; Stu- dent Representative to the Administrative Council; Chowder Room Committee; John Hayes Roommote; Community Service Staff, Community Relotions Officer; ANAK Society. SAVAGE, JOHN C, Louisville, Ky.; Chemical Engineer- ing; Sigma Alpho Epsilon; Romblin ' Reck Club; President of the Senior Closs; Judiciary Cabinet Chairman; Chair- man, Departmental Liaison Co-Ordinoting Committee; Chemical Engineenng Departmental Liaison Committee; American Institute of Chemicol Engineers; Chi Epsilon Sigma, Ch.E. Honorary; Phi Eta Sigma, Honor Fraternity, Sec y; Sigmo Alpha Epsilon, Social Fraternity; Freshman Swimming Team; Varsity Swimming Team; Advisory Cabinet and Student Body Pres.; Advisory Committee to the President of Go Tech; Advisory Committee to the Di- rector of Plocement; Inauguration Committee; Ad Hoc Committee on Rules and Regulations; Ad Hoc Committee to the Student Traffic Court; Who s Who in Americon Colleges and Universities; Policy Formulation and Legis- lative Steering Committee; Notional Leactership Institute, Savonnoh, Go.; Wesley Foundation Steering Commit- tee; Junior Class Representative to Student Council; Freshman Forum; Freshman Camp Counselor; Dean ' s List. SCHAEFER, GERMAN DIEGO, V G. Belgrano, Cordo- ba, Argentina; Textile Engineenng; Delta Koppo Phi, Textile Honorory; Student Counselor, Smith Dormitory. SCHAEFFER, LARRY G., AHanto, Go ; Civil Engineering. SCHOLLENBERGER, JOHN M., Columbus, Go.; Applied Mathematics; Phi Kappa Phi; Tou Beto Pi; Go. Tech Judo Club. SCHULTZ, LEE L., Chottonoogo, Tenn.; Industrial Man- agement; American Marketing Assoc.; Society for Ad- vancement of Managers; Barbell Club. SCOTT, JERRY M., Smyrna, Go.; Electrical Engineering. SCOTT, PHILLIP J , Petersburg, Tenn.; Industrial Engi- neering; Phi Gommo Delta, Treasurer; Athletic Chair- man; Bulldog Club, President; Romblin Reck Club; bHomecoming Display Chairman; Freshman Camp Coun- selor; Student Athletic Complex Planning Comm.; Tou Beta Pi, Professional Frat.; Phi Koppo Phi, Professional Frot.; Alpha Pi Mu, Professional Frat.; Football Usher; Freshman Forum; Who s Who Among Students in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities. SCOTT, WILLIAM A., Belize City, British Honduras; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; Chi Epsilon Fraternity, Vice President; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Koppo Phi; Civil Engineering Student-Foculty Liaison Commit- tee. SEARS, ROBERT M, Dallas, Tex.; Architecture; Phi Gamma Delta, Pledge Class President; American Institute of Architects, Student Chapter; International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience; Triange Club; Sigmo-Y-Pholonx. SEEMER, ROBERT H., Cocoa, Flo.; Industrial Monoge- ment; Varsity Basketball; T-Club; 845 Plum Street Club. SEEVERS, ERIC L., Chottonoogo, Tenn.; Mathematics. SEGARS, ROY, JR., Athens, Go.; Chemical Engineering; Tou Beta Pi, Corresponding Secretory; Phi Koppo Phi; Phi Eta Sigmo; American Institute of Chemicol Engineers; Chi Epsilon Sigma, Program Chairman, Membership Com- mittee; Chemical Engineering Lioison Committee. SERAFIS, JOHN EMILE, Athens, Greece; Electncal Engi- neering; Intemotional Students Organization; Veterans Club. SESSLER, STEPHEN M., Atlanta, Ga.; Mechanical Engi- neering; Pi Koppo Alpha, Scholarship Chm.; Athletic Seoting Comm.; Society of Automotive Engineers; YMCA. SEVERANCE, SAMUEL W , Lo Gronge, Ky.; Chemical Engineenng; Kappo Alpho Order, Treasurer; Tou Beta Pi; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. SHAVER, EDWARDS B., Louisville, Ky.; Industrial Man- agement; Pi Koppo Alpha, Secretory-Treosurer of Pledge Class, Alumni Secretory, Publicity Chairman, Recording Secretory; Romblin Reck Club; Alternate Cheerleader; World Student Fund Teom, Captain; Sweetheart of Alpha Xi Delto Sorority; Advonced Army ROTC; Distin- guished Military Student. 467 SHELLEY, ROBERT S., MoneHo, Go.; Industrial Engineer- ing; T-Club; Football Letterman. SHULMAN, ROBERT M , Vandolia, III ; Industrial Man- agement; Phi Epsilon Pi, Athletic Chairman, Alumni Chairmen, Rush Choirman, President, Most Active Tro- phy; Phi Eto Sigma, Treasurer; Tau Beto Pi; Phi Koppo Phi; Bulldog Club, Committee Chairmon; Drama Tech, Treosurer, Vice President; Go Tech Band, Lead Alto Sox; Alpha Phi Omego; IPC; Advanced Army ROTC, Artillery; Dean ' s List. SHYPULA, JOHN W., Decatur, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment; WREK Staff SIMPSON, ALLAN BOYD, Lokelond, Flo.; Industriol En- gineering; Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice President, IFC Repre- sentative, Secretory, Parliamentarian; The Technique; Alpha Pi Mu, Vice President; Alpho-Y-Phalonx; Inter Dorm Council; Young Republicans Club; Student-Faculty Curriculum Committee for Industrial Engineenng; Stu- dent Cabinet to President Nixon; World Student Fund; AIIE. SIAAMONS, R. NEAL, JR , Columbus, Go.; Chemicol En- gineering SIMMONS, REID W , West Point, Go.; Industrial Mon ogement; Varsity Footboll Monager, Senior Manager; Lettermon s Club; Student Center Movie Committee. SIMMONS, MICHAEL G , Houston, Tex ; Aerospace En- gineering; Barbell Club; Intervarsity Christian Fellow- ship; Americon Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. SILLER, SERGIO J., Miami, Flo ; Electrical Engineenng IEEE SKELLEY, DANIEL F , DeKalb, III.; Mothematics Tau Beta Pi. SMITH, CHADWICK P , Charlotte, N C; Textile Chemis- try; Sigmo Chi; Phi Kappa Phi Honorary; Delta Kappo Phi, Textile Honorory; Tau Beto Pi; Resident Advisor of Field Dorm; Amencon Associotion of Textile Chemists and Colorists, Student Member. SMITH, CLARK W., Gainesville, Go.; Industriol ond Sys- tems Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha, President, Trea- surer; Pi Tau Sigmo; Alpho Pi Mu; Who s Who in Ameri- can Colleges ond Universities; Student Council, IE Rep., Public Relations Comm., IE Student Faculty Interaction Comm , Compus Activities Comm ; American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Treasurer, SMITH, RICHARD H , Athens, Ala ; Industriol Engineer- ing; Sigma Phi Epsilon, Alumni Committee Chairman, Programs Committee Chairman; Alpha-Y-Phalanx; Freshman Camp Evoluation Committee; Triongle Club; American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Awards Com- mittee. SMITH, WILLIAM N., LaFoyette, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment; Sigma Chi, Azistant House Monoger; Industrial Management Honorory Society; Amencan Marketing Association. SNEAD, FRANK E., Monmouth Beach N. J.; Civil Engi- neering. SNYDER, THOMAS M., Pensacolo, Flo.; Physics; Chi Phi, Secretory; Tou Beta Pi; Phi Eto Sigmo; Society of Physics Students. SODERBERG. CARL AXEL P., Son Juan, Puerto Rico; Aerospace Engineering; Internotionol Student Orgoniza- tion, Member of Executive Committee; Newmon Club; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronoutics. SPEER, RICHARD N., Selmo, Ala.; Industrial Monage- ment; Vice President of ttie Student Body; Student Direc- tor and Founder of Atlanto Urbon Corps; Assistant Direc- tor Southeastern United Stotes; Freshmon Swim Team; Varsity Swim Team; Freshman Forum; Executive Round- table; Freshman Camp Counselor; Choirman, Student Government Book Exchange; Finance Committee; Presi- dents Advisory Cabinet; Chairman, Advisory Cabinet to the Student Council; Industrial Management Honorary; Romblin Reck Club; Inauguration Committee; Founder, Corporate Internship Program SPRING, MICHAEL J , Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment; Delta Upsilon, Alumni Relations Secretory, Execu- tive Committee; Interfrotermty Council Honor Board. SWAIM, JAMES C, Macon, Go.; Industriol Monoge- ment; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vorsity Football. SWEITZER, DANIEL S., Rome, Go.; Psychology; Alpha Phi Omega, President, 1st Vice-Pres.; Psi Society, Vice President; Dorm Council, Treasurer. STAKES, BENJAMIN E., Birmingham, Ala.; Civil Engi- neenng; Beta Theta Pi, Assistant Pledgemaster, Athletic Chairman, President; Bulldog Intramural Club, Secre- tory, President; SAC to Steering Committee; Techwood Tutoriol Program; Pershing Rifles Drill Team; Freshman Baseball; Wesley Foundation. STANLEY, WILLIAM J., Ill, AHonta, Go.; Architecture; Georgio Tech Afro-Amencon Associotion, President; President ' s Advisory Cabinet; Judiciary Cabinet; ODK; American Institute of Architects; SPLIBS, Chairman; Inter- notionol Asst. for Exchange of Students in Technical Ex- perience. STANSBURY, PAUL S., St. Petersburg, Flo.; Physics; Phi Kappa Tou, Alumni Secretary, Publicity Chairman, Pledgemaster, Vice-President; Sigmo Pi Sigma, Treasurer; Confederate Underground Spelogical Society; Tech- wood Dorm Council, Vice President; New Dorm Council. STAPLETON, STEPHEN H., Decotur, Go.; Industrial Monogement; Borbell Club; Scabbard and Blade, First Sergeant; Judo Club; Amencon Management Associa- tion; Society for Itie Advoncement of Management. STEELE, GARY T., New Orleans, La.; Industrial Manage- ment; Sigma Chi, Scholorship Chairman; Varsity Bose- boll; Ind Management Honor Society, V.P.; Homecom- ing Vice Chairman; Student Center, Chairmon Gomes and Recreotion; YMCA Board of Directors; Delta Sigma Pi Professional Fraternity; Scobbord and Blade, Military Honorory; Executive Roundtoble; Scholarship Football; SE-I Conference, Student Recruitment Choirmon; Who ' s Who in American Universities and Colleges; NROTC, Compony Commander; Wesley Foundation; Codre; T- Club. STEIN, FREDERICK P., JR., Foirfox, Vo.; Industrial Man- agement; Delto Sigmo Pi, Vice President; Varsity Rifle Teom, Coptoin; Freshman Swimming Teom; Scabbard and Blade; Scuba Club; Rangers; Reseorch Assistant, IM. STEINBACH, GEORGE K., Atlanta, Go ; Ceramic Engi- neering; Student Branch of the American Ceromic Socie- ty, Secretory; Keromos. STEINMAN, NORMAN, Miami Beach, Fla.; Aerospace Engineering; American Institute of Aeronautics and As- tronoutics. STERNE, ALAN E., Johonnesburg, South Africa; Aero- space Engineering; Americon Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Sigma Gamma Tou; Tau Beto Pi. STEWART, MICHAEL F., Manchester, Go.; Applied Biol- ogy; Theto Chi, Guard. STRICKLAND, DANNY L., Macon, Go.; Chemistry; Tou Beta Pi; Dean of Students Counseling Stoff, Senior Coun- selor. STRICKLAND, SAM L., Richland, Go ; Biology; Chi Phi; President, Secretary, Interfratemity Council Rep.; Beto Beta Beta. STRINGFELLOW, ANDREW FRANK, Columbus, Go ; In- dustrial Management; Delta Sigma Pi, Professional Busi- ness Fraternity, Professional Committee Choirman; Go. Tech Veterons Club, Secretary, Vice-President; Go. Tech Photography Club. STURKEY, JOSEPH J., Lincolnton, Go.; Civil Engineenng; Bnoerean Society; Chi Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers; Young Republicon Club. SUDDUTH, ALVIN L., Gostonia, N. C; Electricol Engi- neering; Phi Kappa Sigma, Scholarship Chairman, Sec- retary, House Manager, Pledge Trainer, IFC Rep.; IFC, Member; IFC Honor Boord, Tou Beta Pi; Phi Koppo Phi- IEEE. TAYLOR, BERNARD W. Hendersonville, Tenn,; Industrial Engineering; Phi Koppo Tou, Athletic Director; American Institute of Industriol Engineers TAYLOR, GLENN E., Ill, Manhosset, N. Y.; Industrial Monogement; Sigmo Nu, Toble Manager; Athletic Seat- ing Comm. Chairmon, Executive Roundtoble; Romblin ' Reck Club; Freshman Forum; Advisory Comm. to Pres.; Triangle Club; Welfore Comm. Asst. Chm.; Alpha- Y-Pholonox; Freshman Camp Counselor; Freshman Camp Planning Comm., Asst. to Director, Chairman Fac- ulty Selection; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. TAYLOR, TERRY E., Hiowassee, Go.; Civil Engineering; Americon Society of Civil Engineers. TERRELL, LAWRENCE A,, Wore Shools, S. C; Aerospace Engineering; Sigma Gommo Tou; American Institute of Aeronoutics and Astronoutics; Interdormitory Council; Techwood Dormitory Council, Vice President. TETTERTON, FRANK R., Decotur, Go.; Industriol Man- agement; Fellowship of Chnstion Athletes, FCA; Campus Crusade for Christ; Football. THOMAS, FRANKLIN B., Ill, Augusta, Go.; Chemical En- gineering. THOMAS, MELVIN H., Miami, Flo.; Mechanical Engi- neering. THOMAS, STEVEN E., Brevord, N. C; Mechanical Engi- neering; ASME; NROTC, Battalion Executive Officer. THOMPSON, WAYMAN L., Jesup, Go.; Mechanical En- gineering; ASME. THOMSON, JAMES S., Tucson, Ariz.; Industrial Engi- neering; Tou Alpha Omega, Secretary, Vice-President; American Society of Industrial Engineers; Society for Ad- vancement of Monogement; Student Center Community Service; IFC; Urban Affairs. THORNTON, RICHARD T., Atlanto, Go.; Industrial Engi- neering; IEEE. TILLERY, DON R., Mentor, Ohio; Electricol Engineering; Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers. TODD, HERBERT M., Atlonto, Go.; Electrical Engineer- ing; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; Ad- vanced Army ROTC TODD, JAMES R., Fairfield, Conn.; Industrial Engineer- ing; Koppo Koppo Psi; National Bond Fraternity; Presi- dent, Georgio Tech Bond; Drum Ma|or, Pershing Rifles; Notional Military Fraternity; Commonder, Georgio Tech Counterinsurgency Unit; Troining Officer, Lutheron Stu- dent Association; American Institute of Industnol Engi- neers. TUCKER, DONNIE M., Augusto, Go.; Physics; Member of Borbell Club; Member of Ski Club; Manager of Cam- pus Snock Bar. 468 TUHY, PETER M., Overiand Park, Kan.; Chemistry; Phi Eta Sigmc; Tou Beto Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Americon Chemi- cal Society, Student Affiliate; American Chemical Socie- ty, Student Affiliate Chapter, Treasurer — Publicity, TUNON, MARTIN, Son Juan, Puerto Rico; Industrial En- gineering; Club De Momitos (El Mamito De Carolina). TURNER, JAMES R., Ill, McDonough, Go.; Industrial En- gineering; AIIE. TURNER, WESLEY F,, Howkinsville, Co , Electrical Engi- neering. TYLER, J. LARRY, Washington, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment; Delta Stgma Pi. UNDERWOOD, JEFFERSON G., Marion, Ala , Physics; Pi Kappa Phi, Historian; Tau Beta Pi; NROTC, NROTC Bond. VAN BRACKLE, LEWIS N., Ill, Savannah, Go ; Physics. VANDERGRIFF, DOUGLAS M., Chattanooga, Tenn.; Mechanical Engineering; Baptist Student U nion; Pi Tau Chi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Inter- dormitory Council; CoOp Society of Automotive Engi- neers; AWS. VANDERHOOF, BRUCE C , Orlando, Flo.; Aerospace Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi, Historian; Georgia Tech Band; Kappa Kappa Psi, Hon. Band Frat.; Bulldog Club. VANDER PLAATS, JAMES H., Atlanta, Go.; Aerospace Engineering; Newman Club; Basketball Manager; Amer- ican Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. VERLANDER, CARY D., Jacksonville, Fla.; Industrial Man- agement; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha-Y-Pholonx; Bulldog Club; Alpha Kappo Psi; Society for Advancement of Management; Triangle Club; Army ROTC; Shrapnel Staff. VERLANDER, CHRISTOPHER A., Jacksonville, Fla.; Indus- trial Management; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Alpha-Y-Phalanx; Triangle Club; Society for Advancement of Manage- ment; Alpha Kappa Psi; Army ROTC VERNAY, ROBERT N., Sarasota, Flo.; Textiles; Delta Kappa Phi, Professional. VERNER, RONALD P., Atlanta, Go.; Industriol Engineer- ing; Alpha Epsilon Pi; American Institute of Industrial En- gineers; Student-Faculty Relations Committee. VERYZER, JOHN H., Islip, N. Y ; Biology; Beta Theta Pi- Basketball. VIENER, MICHAEL, Atlanta, Go.; Industrial Manage- ment. VITUNIC, JOSEPH A., Pittsburgh, Pa.; Civil Engineering; Varsity Football; Chi Epsilon, President; American Socie- ty of Civil Engineer ; T-Club. WACHOB, ROGER B., Cullowhee, N C ; Industrial Engi- neering; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Young Republican Club. WALL, WILLIAM E., JR., Columbia, S. C; Physics; Society of Physics Students; American Institute of Physics, Student Section; Amateur Radio Club. WALLACE, STEPHEN J., Smyrna, Go.; Electrical Engi- neering. WALKER, STEPHEN D., Arlington, Vo.; Textiles, Ameri- can Association of Textile Technology. WALKER, WILLIAM G., Ill, Maitland, Fla.; Electrical En- gineering; Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, Pledge Troin- WARE, JOHN R , Hogansville, Go ; Aerospace Engi- neering; AIAA, Tou Beta Pi; Sigma Gamma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma. WARING, GORDON W., AHanto, Ga.; Industrial Engi- neering; AIIE; Go Tech Young Republicans; YAF. WATKINS, JOHN D., JR., Newell, N. C; Chemical Engi- neering; Tou Kappa Epsilon, Chaplain, Social Chair- man, Vice President. WATKINS, KENNETH S , Childer burg, Ala.; Mechani- cal Engineering; NROTC; Techwood Tutorial Pro|ect; ASME. WATTS, DEAN P, Avondole Estates, Go ; Industrial Management; Phi Gamma Delta; Freshman Forum; Aquo-Jockets. WAVLE, GORDON R., Pompano Beach, Flo.; Industrial Management; Beta Theta Pi, Treasurer; IM Honor Socie- ty; NROTC. WEATHERS, JAMES M., LaGrange, Go.; Industrial Man- agement; Amateur Radio Club; Photography Club; Soci- ety for the Advancement of Management. WEAVER, DAVID P , Winder, Ga.; Physics; Society of Physics Students. WEAVER, LEROY E., Houston, Tex ; Electrical Engineer- ing; Georgia Tech Bond, Drum Mapr. WEBB, JOSEPH R., Clayton, Go.; Aerospace Engineer- ing; Sigma Gamma Tau; Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Arnold Air Society. WEBB, WAYNE SPIDER ' S., JR., Tallahassee, Fla.; In- dustrial Management; Alpha Tau Omega; Society for Advancement of Management, Treasurer, Vice- President, President; SAM Outstanding Student Award; Freshman Forum; Triangle Club; Deans List; Student- Faculty Relations Committee, Student Chairman; Dormi- tory Counselor; Senior Counselor; IM Honorary Society; Executive Roundtable, Vice-Pres. Membership; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges; Wall Street Journal Award. WEINSTEIN, MICHAEL NORMAN, Forest Hills, N. Y.; B.S. Applied Math; Phi Epsilon Pi, Assistant Treasurer, Re- gional Rush Chairman; Vice President, Georgia Tech Amateur Radio Club; Dramo Tech. WEISS, HOWARD G., Atlanta, Go ; Industrial Engineer- ing; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Alpha Pi Mu; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. WEY, JOHN D., Chattanooga, Tenn ; Aerospace Engi- neering; Delta Sigma Phi; Tou Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Gamma Tau; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. WHELCHEL, JOSEPH H., Decatur, Go.; Industrial Man- agement; American Marketing Association, Vice-Pres. in Charge of Membership; Alpha Kappa Psi, Business Fra- ternity. WHITE, ROLAND H., Atlonta, Ga.; Electrical Engineer- ing; Sailing Club. WHITE, RONALD T , Gnffin, Ga.; Industrial and Systems Engineering; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. WHITE, RANDALL R., Wmston-Salem, N. C; Electrical Engineering; Dorm Section Representative; Dorm Presi- dent; Member of lEEE. WHITLEY. RONALD J., Summerville, Go.; Chemistry; Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society; Pres- ident, Georgia Tech Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Chemical Society; Free University. WILLCOX, JAMES G., Hav»kinsville, Go.; Psychology; Phi Eta Sigmo; Phi Kappo Phi; Inter-Vorsity Christion Fel- lowship; Psi Society. WILEY, JAMES W , Lowrenceville, Ga ; Textiles; Delta Kappo Phi, Textiles Honorary; Treasurer of Delta Kappo Phi; Army ROTC, Co. Commonder; American Associa- tion of Text. Chemist and Colonsts WILEY, RANDY B., Avondole, Go.; Building Construc- tion; Vice President, Student Construction Associotion WILHITE, BOLIVER H , Wolholla, S. C; Industrial Man- agement; American Marketing Association Society for AdvoncemenI of Management; Alpha Kappa Psi, Profes- sional Business Fraternity. WILLIAMS, BRUCE H , Bonne Terre, Mo.; Electrical Engi- neering; Lambda Chi Alpha, Social Choirman; IEEE; Young Republicans Club WILLIAMS, DAVID H., Gnffm, Ga.; Industrial Manage- ment; Pi Kappo Alpha; Alpha Y Phalanx; Society for the Advancement of Management. WILLIAMS, NORMAN W., Tampa, Flo.; Applied Mathe- matics; Freshmen Forum; Dormitory Council, Treasurer; Reck Chairman; WSF Collection Chairman; Dormitory Housing Office Stoff, Student Counselor, Senior Counse- lor; Campus Crusade for Christ. WILLIAMS, RICHARD B., Florence, Ala.; Electrical Engi- neering; Eta Kappo Nu; Georgia Tech Bond WILLIAMSON, LOWELL A., Savannah, Go.; Industrial Management. WILLS, JAMES R., Columbus, Ohio; Industrial Engineer- ing; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Alpha Pi Mu Honorory, Secretary. WINDSOR, WILLIAM D , JR., Valdosto, Go.; Industrial Management; Aquo-Jockets, Secretory; Barbell Club; Cheerleader, Young Republicans; Campus Crusade for Christ. WIR Z, BRIAN M., Washington, D. C; Mechanical Engi- neering; Bulldog Club. WISE, WILLIAM R., JR., Greenwood, S. C; Moth; Theta Chi; Photography Club, Treasurer, President; Freshman Forum; Executive Roundtable; lAESTE; Blueprint Photog- raphy Staff; Freshman Camp Counselor, Leadership Conf.; Student-Faculty-lndustry Conf. WOODRUFF, ALBERT J , Atlanta, Go., Industriol Man- agement, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WYCKOFF, J. STEWART, Atlanto, Co.; Industriol Man- agement; Society for the Advancement of Management; American Marketing Association. WYNN, JACK L , Avondole Estates, Go.; Industrial Mon- ogement; Beta Theta Pi, Table Manager, Asst Pledge Master, Rush Chairman, Vice President; IFC Honor Board; American Institute of Architects; IFC Advisory Council; Delto Sigma Pi Business Fraternity. WYZGA, MICHAEL A , JR., R Myers, Flo ; Mechanical Engineering; Koppa Alpha Order; Society of Americon Military Engineers; American Society of Mechanical En- gineer?. ZAWOYSKY, RONALD J , Pittsburgh, Pa ; Aerospace En- gineering; Member Varsity Football Team. 469 " m ■»t ' ' ' ' ' ' m % m . . t ' UNITED ' . ' A ti r - ' v, f : - ' " :3t-5 i .Mfi % " ■aV, -idltts, " ■- t- 471 STUDENT INDEX Abetkop, Larry Edward 365 Abernathy, Dono H. 4 I 7 Abecnalhy, Harold S. 363 Abernathy, Paul J. 427 Aberson, Albert D. Jr. 365 Academict 228 Accelta, Gregory 427 Acker, Robert Wayne 407 Ackerman, William J. 427 Acosto, Nelson John 452 Adorns, Alan Leonard 407 Adams, Charles N. Ill 417 Adorns, Edgor Charles 427 Adoms, Gory Arlen 407 AcJoms, Robert Allen 365 Adoms, Robert Thomas 452 Adams, Robin Lee 427 Adams, Stephen Fred 417 Adkins, David Wilson 365 Administration 234 Ads 470 Aeronautical Engineering 248 Agrow, Borton Glenn 417 Aiken, Stewart Wright 417 Air, Wm. Murray 417 Akeson, John Kenneth 365 Akins, Kenneth P., Jr. 365 Akins, Thomas M. 427 Albright, Charlie H. 427 Aldridge, Steven Lee 417 Aldworth, Donold Ross 407 Alexonder, Charles W. 365 Alexander, George H. 417 Alexander, James B. 407 Alexander, James L. 4 27 Alexander, Wm. Lee 427 Alford, Daniel B. 4 1 7 Alford, Robert Paul 407 Alford, Roger Wendell 452 Alfred, Charles D. 407 Alghito, Adnon Jofor 452 Allon, David Harold 365 Allen, Charles R. 427 Allen, Chorles T. 427 Allen, Dovid Jonathan 427 Allen, Douglas John 427 Allen, George W 407 Allen, James Elton 407 Allen, John S. 452 Allen, Lee 417 Allen, Silas Lee 427 Allgood, Jackson Lee 452 Allgood, John Hill 427 Allmond, Roderick M. 427 Alpha Epsilon Pi 1 24 Alpha Tou Omega 1 26 Alpho Xi Delta 122 Alston, R. Phillip, Jr. 407 Alter, Mitchell E. 427 Altman, James Randall 407 Allmon, Robert G. 427 Alvarez, Robert Max 407 Alvarez, Victor Luis 365 AM A 331 Amaya, Roberto J. 4 27 Amiguet, Carlos Luis 417 Amis, Horvey Miller 407 Amos, Barry Gornett, 407 ANAK 348 Anderson, Carl Eric 427 Anderson, Charles C. 365 Anderson, Craig 427 Anderson, Daniel E. 365 Anderson, Doryl E. 427 Anderson, Emery David 407 Anderson, Eric Dean 417 Anderson, Jock M. 427 Anderson, James Lorn 458 Anderson, James M. Ill 427 Anderson, Russell F. 427 Anderson, Tony D. 427 Andrews, Horry Wm. 365 Andrews, James L. 365 Andrews, Philip C. 427 Andrews, Timothy R. 427 Ansley, Frederick W 365 Antani, Dharmanphu L. 452 Antonie, Charles H. 427 Ao, Meng Sheng 452 APO 328 Aponte, Gonzolo A. 365 Applegoth, Ellen M. 427 Apriletti, James Wm. 407 Architecture 250 Arduengo, Anthony J. 450 Arford, Anttiony Lynn 365 Argobright, Victor Wm. 407 Arias, Alfredo 452 Ariosmoro, Carlos E. 417 Armstrong, Robert C. 365 Arnold, Chorles H., Jr. 407 Amold, Gordon Butler 407 Arnold, Norman K., Jr. 417 Arnold, Roy 417 Arnold, William P., Ill 365 Arrington, Steven L. 407 Artasanchez, Rafael 417 Arthur, Milton F. 407 Arvidson, Carl Bryce 427 Ashe, Douglas E. 427 Ashkouti, Gerald J. 427 Ashley, Larry Dean 407 Ashworth, Stephen W. 417 Ashworth, Steven Lynn 407 Assad, John Edword 4 27 Atkinson, Edward S. 365 Atkinson, Howard Lee 407 Atkinson, Williom H. 417 Attoway, Paul S. 427 Attridge, William H. 407 Auerhohn, Elliot S. 450 Auld, David Lawrence 365 Austell, James M, 427 Austin, Albert Wayne 365 Austin, James David 427 Austin, William W. 452 Austin, Wm. Eraser, Jr. 427 Austring, Damon V. 427 Autry, James Joseph 365 Auyang, John Hoy Chi 452 Auyang, Yan Chi Eric 427 Avery, Philip Shuford 365 Avery, William H, 427 Avrett, John N. 427 Awde, Robert Allon, Jr 427 Aymes, Andrew H. 427 Babb, Steven Jock 417 Bochik, Michael, III 407 Bachman, Richard Lee 458 Bochmon, Ronald E. 407 Bogby, Christopher G. 417 Bogby, Henry Clay, 111 365 Baggett, Dennis Craig 427 Boggett, Marion C. 4 27 Bailey, Gary Lynn 4 27 Bailey, Jack N. 417 Bailey, John Perrin 365 Boiley, Michael F. 427 Bailey, Wm. Rodney 417 Baillie, Michoel V. 427 Boinbridge, Steven T. 407 Baird, Dole W. 427 Baker, Bonner Lee 417 Baker, Cory C. 427 Baker, Kerry Allen 407 Baldwin, Neol Earl 366 Balkcom, George Henry 366 Ball, George Franklin 417 Ball, Robert Morris 407 Bollard, Paul E., Jr. 427 Ballord, Wm. Garnet 427 Bolue, Thomas, 111 427 Balyo, Wm. Eugene 407 Band 312 Bandlow, James Edward 407 Bonkester. Michael L. 427 Bankston, Clyde Perry 407 Borolttorrijos, Jorge 452 Barbell Club 329 Bard, Ralph Michael 41 7 Bareo, Julio A. 366 Borfield, Gilbert 407 Borfield, John Ronald 452 Barfield, Wm. Tolond 427 Barfoot, Andrew C. 41 7 Barfoot, Wm. Sonford 427 Barineau, John McColl 417 Borke, Richard P. 417 Barker, Harris C. 452 Barlow, Stephen P. 407 Barner, Gregory Paul 427 Barnes, David Glenn 407 Barnes, Harrison W., Jr, 417 Bornes, Jeffrey D 427 Barnes, John H. 427 Barnes, Kenneth F. 427 Barnes, Wolter S., Jr. 427 Barnell, Eliot Bruce 427 Barnett, James Thomas 452 Bornhordt, Wm Bongle 427 Bornhill, Grady C. 427 Bornhill, James Edwin 407 Barnhouse, Nelson M. 427 Barr, Douglas Richard 366 Barreiro, Jose A. 456 Borrick, Kenneth P. 427 Borrientosmendozo H. 452 Borringer, Bruce O. 428 Barron, George Wm., Jr. 417 Barrow, Charles 450 Barrow, Williom Lee 4 28 Barry, Christopher B. 366 Barry, Gene H. 428 Barry, Michael E. 428 Borth, Richard Wayne 417 Bortlett, Allen Smith 428 Bortlett, Claude Dale 452 BortleH, Fellon Drew 452 Bortlett, Lee James 366 BartleM, Lewis C, Jr. 428 Baseball 104 Boshinski, Howard S. 450 Basil, Rodney Fronk 452 Bosile, Fronk Joseph 407 Basketball 98 Boss, Randall P. 428 Bastos, Petrus P. 428 Basye, Joyne S. 428 Batchelor, David Lee 366 Botes, Cleavy L. 407 Bates, Fronk Lee 428 Bates, Kenneth L. 428 Bates, Wallace Brock 366 Botson, Walter A., Jr. 428 Bauer, Gorrick Wm. R. 4 1 7 Bough, John Dovid 428 Boughon, John M. 428 Boumonn, James E. 366 Baumgordner, Dorrel G. 417 Boumgartner, Michael 366 Boumgortner, Wm. E. 366 Baxter, Normon P. 428 Bazemore, George M. 407 Beal, Ronnell Scott 366 Beoll, James Wm. 428 Beall, John Collier 407 Beord, Hugh, Jr. 407 Beard, Jeffrey T. 4 17 Beorden, Michael F. 366 Beorden, Thomas E. 452 Beosley, Bruce S. 407 Beasley, Lawrence H. 366 Beosley, Ricky Rolin 417 Beotenbough, Charles 428 Beouties 32 Beck, Michoel C. 428 Beckemeyer, Elizabeth 417 Beckett, John L 428 Becklel, Samuel E. 428 Bedingfield, James C. 417 Beer, Joseph L. 428 Beermon, Ronald Joy 428 Beese, Stephen Arthur 407 Beggs, James Rondy 417 Beitchmon, Lee Barry 417 Belbo, Victor Harris 366 Belke, Wm. Robert, 111 417 Bell, Jomes Oscar 366 Bell, Jerry Wayne 417 Bell, Joseph Allen, Jr. 366 Bell, Williom Alvin 452 Bell, Williom Lake 366 Bell, Wm. Franklin 428 Bellock, Michael C. 417 Belleville, John c. 417 Bellizzi, Robert J. 4 28 Benotor, Victor Alan 450 Bendeck, Eduordo V. 417 Bendeck, Frederick J. 417 Bendeck, Leonel Z 407 Bendeck, Paul Ronald 417 Benefield, Harold Guy 428 Bennett, Danny Lee 428 Bennett, Gory Keith 417 Bennett, Nelson R. 366 Bennett, Shoron T. 4 1 7 Bennett, Steven L. 4 28 Bennett, Williom B. 428 Bennett, Wm. Francis 428 Bennewitz, Jomes C. 428 Benson, George Steven 417 Bentley, Lawrence C. 428 Benton, Edword G 4 28 Berg, James Anderson 428 Berger, Bruce Charles 417 Bergman, Jomes Gordon 407 Bergmork, George H. 428 Berkley, Lowrence W 428 Berman, Arthur Gordon 407 Berry, John D. 450 Berry, Morion Evelyn 366 Best, Merrell Edward 366 Beswick, Paul Gront 4 58 Beta Theta Pi 1 28 Betsill, John Ferrell 452 Betterton, Gerald M. 366 Beulel, Wm. Morris 366 Bevier, Thomas W. 428 Bevil, Arthur Wm. 428 Bewley, Melvin M. 417 BhotKi, Vinod Lol 452 Bibb, William Frank 366 Biber, Reginold E. 366 Bickhom, Donald Emil 407 Bikus, Dovid Lee 428 Billings, Thomas 417 Bingham, Wm. Dovid 428 Biology 252 Birdsoll, Ion A. 428 Bitetti, Somuel C. 417 Bittenbender, Paul S. 407 Biftermon, Bruce I. 366 Block, Monte Joe 428 Block, Nothon Chorles 4 1 7 Black, Robert Hoyne 417 Block, William R. 367 Blockburn, Michael R. 4 28 Blackburn, Wilson 428 Blockmon, Clifford P. 450 Blockstone, Alexonder 367 Blockstone, Michael M. 407 Blackwood, Riddick L. 407 Blair, Jomes Michoel 428 Blair, Lolon Jerome 417 Bloir, Robert C. 428 Bloir, Steve Hunter 428 Blalock, Wm. Pettus 428 Blond, Jomes Stewart 428 Blanding, Albert G. 367 Blankenslein, Glen A. 367 Blaylock, Robert M 428 Bledsoe, Charles C 41 7 Bleichner, Edword C. 428 Blenis, Brian M. 428 Blissit, James A., Jr. 428 Block, Jon Sander 428 Blodgett, Warren H., Jr. 428 Bloom, Steven Andre 367 Bloor, Walter Ronald 369 Blount, David R. 428 Blount, Denmark R. 407 Blueprint 1970 302, 498 Blum, Kotherine L. 428 Blum, Ronold Edward 407 Blumberg, Robert G. 4 28 BIythe, Robert D., Jr. 428 Boddiford, Dyches V. 407 Boddy, Scott R. 428 Bodner, Leigh Richard 428 Bodor, Marianne T. 367 Boemonns, Ted A. 428 Boggs, Richord F 452 Bohonick, Leo Ronald 417 Bohannon, John M. 428 Bohler, Robert Henry 428 Bohrer, Bruce Allon 417 Boileou, James George 367 Bolen, Lorry Frank 367 Boles, Clifford Wayne 417 Bolick, Thomas Roy 367 Bolin, Richard A. 428 Bond, Robert Allen 428 Bond, Robert K. 450 Bonds, Douglas Loy 407 Boner, Mork Carroll 458 Bonewitz, Joel David 417 Bonifoy, Robert B., Jr. 407 Bonner, Hal Garrison 407 Bonnick, Albert T., Jr. 407 Booth, Gregory S. 428 Booth, Richard Alan 367 Booth, Wilson Thomos 367 Bootin, Lawrence S. 407 Boozer, Albert M., Jr. 428 Boren, Thomas Garner 407 Born, Raymond N. 367 Borochoff, Steven P. 417 Boros, Phyllis R.K. 452 Bortner, Lorry Leroy 367 Bosse, Jomes K. 428 BosI, Cletus Melvin 452 Boswell, Dennis Hoyt 428 Bosworth, Michael K. 367 Boulden, Steven P. 428 Bouler, John William 367 Bounds, Kenneth E. 407 Bovie, Jomes Henry 428 472 rectinzs to students and alumni everywhere. We share your interest in the advancement of our alma mater, Georgia Tech ROBERT AND COMPANY ASSOCIATES Architects and Engineers ATLANTA Serving America s Great Names in Many Fields for over 50 Years 473 STUDENT INDEX - Conlmued Bowden, Theodore I. 428 Bowden, Victor David 4 1 7 Bowen, John Earl 428 Bowen, Larry Eugene 367 Bowen, Michael F. 417 Bowen, Poul Larry 4 28 Bowen, Thomos C. 428 Bowers, Roswell S. 407 Bowers, William P. 367 Bowman, Ed Howord, Jr. 452 Bowman, Ronold Paul 407 Bowman, Stephen Woyne 417 Boyce, Keyword E., Ill 452 Boyd, Frederick Lee 407 Boyd, James Philip 417 Boyd, Joy R 428 Boyd, Jerry Wyott 429 Boyd, Samuel Malcolm 407 Boyd, Wm. Newsome 417 Boyer, Kenneth G. 429 Boyer, Stephen Power 367 Boyer, Wm, Albert 4 17 Boyle, Gregory B, 368 Boyle, Richard Lee 429 Brobson, John Samuel 368 Brobson, William W 368 Brocket!, Thomas Von 368 Brockin, Henry Bryan 407 Brodbary, Danny Ray 4 1 7 Bradley, Danny G 4 1 7 Bradley, Hugh Michael 368 Bradley, Ralph A,, Jr 429 Bradner, James L. 429 Brogg, Ausburn R 417 Bromlett, Cornelius W. 429 Bronon, Alan Harvey 429 Branch, Lucius Guyton 41 7 Brand, Joseph Felton 417 Broniff, Gregory J, 429 Bronnen, Wm James 429 Brannon, Jomes D 4 29 Bros, Roul Jose 417 Brass, Robert Daniel 407 Brouda, Charles Henry 4 17 Breeden, James F 429 Breedlove, T. R., Ill 417 Brennon, Matthew P 4 29 Bresnohon, James J , Jr. 429 Bretz, Dovid George 417 Brevrton, Charles H. 429 Brice, Charles Wm. 407 Brickell, Richard O. 429 Bridgers, Robert C 407 Bridges, Don Forrest 429 Bridges, Johnny R. 429 Bridges, Luther L. 429 Bridges, Patricio 4 29 Bridges, Samuel R. 429 Bridwell, Claude R. 429 Brincosh, Stephen J. 429 Brinkmon, Richard O. 368 Brinly, Robert Wm. 417 Brinson, Eorl M. 429 Brittingham, Oscar J 452 Broach, John Arthur 429 Broodwell, Dovid K. 4 50 Brockmon, William T. 429 Bronson, Richard M. 458 Brooke, Roger G. 429 Brooke, Russell J., Jr. 368 Brooks, Dale Alvin 429 Brooks, Ricky L. 429 Brooks, William T. 450 Brooksbonk, Wm. Joseph 429 Broom, Walter Furmon 452 Broome, William R 368 Broussard, Cotherine 429 Brown, Bobby Henry 429 Brown, Bruce John 4 29 Brown, Danny Roy 407 Brown, David Douglas 429 Brown, David Philip 429 Brown, DonokJ Bruce 368 Brow.,, Edward John 368 Brown, Edword Thomos 368 Brown, Frank Alvin, Jr. 368 Brown, Gregory B. 452 Brown, Jomes Gory 429 Brown, Jomes Porrish 458 Brown, Jimmy E. 429 Brown, John T. 429 Brown, Joseph Edward 4 1 7 Brown, Lorry Robert 429 Brown, Maurice H. 4 1 8 Brown, Michael I. 429 Brown, Michael Lee 429 Brown, Ohmo Hendnx 407 Brown, Philip W, 368 Brown, Roy Rollins 41 8 Brown, Richard Lee 407 Brown, Thomas H., Jr. 407 Brown, Uleces Lomor 429 Brown, Wallace Edward 368 Brown, Wilton Allen 429 Brown, Wm. Carter 429 Brown, Wm. Lloyd 429 Brown, Wm. Michael 450 Bruce, Horry Wm III 429 Bruminhent, Somkuon 452 Brune, Edword Alon 418 Bruningo, Robert E. 368 Bryon, Barbara L. 429 Bryon, Herbert D 4 29 Bryan, Paul Leslie 407 Bryon, ScoH M. 429 Bryant, John Frozier 418 Bryant, Johnny K., Jr. 429 Bryson, Kenneth James 407 Buce, Jock Leonord, Jr. 418 Buckle, Edward L. 368 Buckler, Michael J. 407 Bukovsky, John Daniel 429 Bullord, Arthur James 418 Bullord, Daniel D. 429 Bullord, Thomos M. 407 Bull Dog Club 377 Bulpitt, William S. 368 Bumgarner, Michoel F. 429 Bunn, Albert Richard 418 Bunn, James Dudley 429 Burdette, Everett C. 418 Burel, Ronald Dole 368 Burford, Dovid P. 429 Burgess, Michael W. 418 Burgess, Olin E., Jr. 418 Burghordt, David C. 407 Burgos, Fernando A. 452 Burke, Marshall Allen 429 Burke, Martin Joseph 418 Burke, Michael Thomas 4 29 Burke, Thomas Willord 429 Burn, Barbara Beverly 407 Burnett, Jewell C, Jr 368 Burnette, James H., Jr. 418 Burns, Dovid Forrell 429 Burns, Ralph Barrett 368 Burns, Robert L., Jr. 429 Burns, Wm. Edward 368 Burpee, Robert F. 429 Burson, Mary E. 429 Burton, Richard Earl 407 Busbia, Eugene H., Jr. 368 Busch, Ronald L. 429 Buske, Michael Lee 429 Bussey, Andrew Darwin 429 Butler, Alley C. 429 Butler, Hugh D., Jr. 369 Butler, Jerry Lynn 407 Buttram, Patrick B 41 8 Butts, Don Poul 429 Butzon, Christopher P. 4 1 8 Byers, Sonford Eorl 429 Bynum, Jomes C, Jr. 407 Bynum, Joseph Rufus 452 Byrd, Roger C. 418 Cobok, Gerald Frank 418 Cabrera, Jorge Luis 429 Codenos, Manuel A. 429 Codwolloder, Daniel C 418 Cogle, George Charles 407 Cogle, Ronnie F. 369 Coil, Wayne Stephen 369 Coin, Edward Allen 369 Con, Steven L. 429 Coldorole, Charles R. 407 Caldwell, Edward W. 429 Caldwell, Owen M 429 Calhoun, Richord D. 407 Calhoun, Robert M. 452 Callahan, Ernest H., Jr. 429 Callahan, James T. 429 Calloway, Anthony L. 429 Ccmes, Paul Louis 429 Camp, Elwood H., Ill 369 Camp, Harvey Elisho 418 Camp, Jock Thomas, Jr. 418 Campbell, Donald W. 418 Compbell, Duval P, 429 Campbell, Marion W. 430 Compis, Frank M, 430 Campus Life 216 Conup, Rolph Jackson 407 Copo, Comilo Mario 369 Copron, Wm. Knight 418 Corbolleiro, Jose F, 369 Corellos, George A, 407 Corgill, Robert Mason 369 Carlson, Dennis Percy 369 Carlson, Linda E, 430 Carlson, Stephen F, 451 Cornohon, Michoel L. 430 Corothers, Stephen N, 430 Carpenter, Donald W, 418 Carpenter, Jonothan H, 4 18 Corpenter, Joyce E. 418 Carpenter, More L, 4 30 Carpenter, Richard H. 430 Carpenter, Robert W. 430 Corpenter, Walter A. 430 Corr, John Hiram, Jr 4 18 Carr, Wallace Woodrow 452 Corr, Wm Walter, Jr, 407 Carroll, Dewoin 430 Corroll, Hubert E, 418 Carroll, James M, 430 Corroll, Lorry Danny 408 Carroll, Robert Lee 369 Carson, Wm, Corville 418 Corswell, William D, 369 Corter, Aubrey Edword 369 Carter, Graham L, 430 Carter, Hugo Alan 4 1 8 Carter, John Holland 369 Carter, Robert Daniel 430 Carter, Ronald F, 369 Cortledge, James W., Jr, 452 Cortwrighl, Michael L, 418 Cose, Christopher E 4 18 Cosh, Dusty Joe 408 Caskey, Charles M 369 Cosp, Mark Adam 430 Cossidy, Frederick A, 418 Cossidy, Robert Wm, 408 Catchpole, Lawrence W. 450 Cathcort, William S, 430 Colo, Charles Richard 4 18 Caudell, Larry James 369 Coulkins, Michael K, 369 Covollo, Richard B, 369 Cenker, Michael S, 430 Ceramic Engineering 253 Certain, Wm Andrew 418 Cerulli, James V, 430 Choddick, Steve W, 430 Chofin, Jamie Burdell 430 Chaifetz, Lewis John 418 Chakrobortty, Soghano 452 Chomberlm, James Wm, 418 Chambers, Norman T, 430 Chambers, Thomas M. 408 Chambless, Charles D, 418 Chomlee, Robert Wm, 369 Champion, Wayne D, 430 Chan, Keneth Yeon K, 452 Choncey, Stephen G 430 Chancy, James F , Jr 430 Chandler, Donold Roy 430 Chondler, Russell B, 369 Chandler, Timothy A, 4 1 8 Chandler, Willis E, 369 Chaney, Lynn Harold 418 Choney, Ralph Hill 418 Chang, Nai Chung 452 Chang, Shihkaung D 45 2 Chapman, George Lee 408 Chopmon, George Terry 4 18 Chopman, John S 430 Chapman, Martha P, 450 Chapman, Phillip D, 4 18 Chapman, Thomas A, 369 Chostain, Ben|amin L, 418 Chostoin, Jerry T, 369 Chostoin, Lorry E, 430 Check, Peter Loewner 430 Checketts, Roy Lee 369 Cheek, Dovid Lee 418 Cheek, Edwin William 369 Cheek, Harvey Dole 418 Cheek, James Tolmoge 408 Cheek, Robert Leonard 370 Cheek, Williom Virgil 370 Cheerleoders 312 Chemical Engineering 254 Chemistry 256 Chen, Chookuong 452 Chen, Chorng Ning 452 Chen, Jer Yon 452 Cheng, Yoo Ming 452 Cheong, Richard K, 418 Chesser, Michael J 408 Chiang, Lena H 458 Chick, Henry S 430 Childeis, Dovid W 370 Childress, Edward B 430 Childs, Leonard W., Jr. 418 Childs, Rond Hampton 418 Chiles, Jomes Bradley 418 Chin, Howard 458 Chi Phi 130 Chi Psi 132 Chok, George Hung C. 4 1 8 Chow, Dennis 418 Chowgule, Vi|Qy V 370 Christian, Thomas F. 452 Christian, Charles 430 Christian, Woller Lee 430 Christiansen, Arthur 430 Christie, Joseph Lee 430 Chu, Richard Ruonn C 452 Chu, Vang lek 458 Chumley, Robert Allen 408 Chumley, Steven A, 430 Chung, Soo Shin 4 1 8 Chupp, Emmett Warren 430 Church, John Clayton 370 Churchman, Philip A, 370 Cilmi, Vincent Thomas 370 Cipollo, Joseph T, 418 Circle K 324 Civil Engineering 258 Clancy, Patrick F,, Jr. 370 Clonton, Douglas W, 450 Clonton, H, Vincent 370 Clark, Bruce James 418 Clark, Charles Nowell 418 Clork, George Miles 452 Clark, James Thomas 370 Clark, Leslie Beoty 408 Clork, Thomos Chiles 430 Clark, Wallace M, 430 Clork, Winston C, 408 Clarke, Gerald F, 430 Clarke, Samuel F, 370 Clary, Albert T, 370 Classes 362 Cloylon, Donald W, 430 Clayton, Gory Edward 370 Clayton, Michael Lee 408 Clayton, Steven N, 370 Cleavelond, John P, 430 Cleckley, John T, 430 Cleghorn, David Fred 370 Clements, Ashley H, 458 Clerici, John Francis 430 Cleveland, James C 370 Cleveland, Thomas G 370 Clifton, Jon Wm. 4 30 Clifton, Robert E, 370 Cline, Robert Elbert 370 Clinton, Raymond G, 430 Cloudl, Robert Alfred 430 Clow, David Ross 430 Coots, Alan Bernard 430 Cobb, Alvo Claude, Jr. 418 Cobb, Dougbs Romain 452 Cobb, William Henry 4 1 8 Cochran, Craig C 450 Cochran, Dovid W, 4 30 Cochran, Johnny E, 408 Cochran, Joseph W, 430 Cockrill, Jomes R 430 Cocowitch, John H 370 Cody, Douglas McLoin 430 Coe, Deborah Lynne 450 Coe, Ralph John, Jr. 430 Gofer, Joseph B. 418 Cofer, John R, 430 Cohen, Horold Ivan 408 Cohen, Murray Max 452 Cohen, Richard L, 430 Cohen, Robert M, 430 Cohen, Stuart More 408 Cohn, Alan Walter 370 Cohn, Charles, II 418 Coldren, Kotherine J. 4 30 Cole, Hal Brodley 418 Cole, Stephen R, 430 Coleman, George W., Jr, 408 Coleman, Jonathan M, 408 Coleman, Robert M,, III 430 Coleman, Thomas M. 408 Colicchio, Bruce D 430 Collodo, Jesus Manuel 408 Colli, Horry William 430 Collier, Henry Eugene 370 Collier, John Anton 408 Collier, Mary Frances 370 474 BROOKS-ALLISON • • • ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS • • • Atlanta, Georgia R. S. ARMSTRONG AND BRO. CO. CONTRACTORS AND ROAD BUILDING EQUIPMENT 676 Marietta St., N.W. 524-6434 m CtOtGiA IlUt ' IINT CO eSTA»lllM(D 1910 SPROCKETS to ROCKETS ■ they all start from BLUEPRINTS tU WE CAN PROVIDE THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY IN EQUIPMENT ood PROCESSING TO FULFILL YOUR REPRODUCTION REQUIREMENTS GEORGIA BLUE PRINT CO. Phon JA 4-8111-2-1-4 119 lUCKIE STRCET, N W ■ ATLANTA, CEORCIA DEALER FOR Ewg.-cO.aiiganCo • Iwfk.n lul Ca • W 4l E Cu ' Ut Co ■ Hamilton ManHleciwnng Co ■ F ' Pot ' Co • CIto ' pfinl Tiot ' tg Pop ' ) • C ioi fok Top KODAK rrn C COlOB PHOTOGIUPKr Dispensing Opticians 105 Peachtree Street, N.E. W. W. ORR DOCTOR ' S BUILDING BAPTIST PROFESSIONAL BUILDING SHEFFIELD MEMORIAL BUILDING 475 STUDENT INDEX - Continued Collier, William W. 408 Collins, Daniel B., Jr. 430 Collins, Douglas M 452 Collins, Richard Pink 418 Collins, Stephen Alan 430 Collins, Virgil Lee 418 Colly, Wallace H. C. 4 18 Colson, James M. 408 Colston, Thomas A- 430 Combes, Richard S. 408 Combs, Lawrence 430 Compton, Robert W 408 Cone, Robert Eugene 430 Congdon, Gory Edwin 418 Conklin, James Henry 430 Conlon, Paul Eugene 408 Conn, James Kirk 430 Conneorney, Stephen A. 430 Connell, Philip Coson 430 Connelly, Robert L., Jr. 430 Conrods, Robert John 370 Conyers, John Leak, Jr. 430 Coody, Donold F 408 Cook, Chorles Howell 430 Cook, David Williams 4 I 8 Cook, Edward Spencer 418 Cook, Fred Leon 408 Cook, James Floyd 408 Cook, James Franklin 430 Cook, James Stanley 4 30 Cook, Lee Robert 408 Cook, Leslie Wo ren 370 Cook, Norman L., Jr. 430 Cook, Ronnie Alan 430 Cooke, Robert James Co-Op Club I 336 Cooper, Basil Pearson 453 Cooper, John Farrior 418 Cooper, Samuel Wayne 4 18 Coppola, Richard G. 371 Corbet, Todd Dennis 408 Cordell, Thomas N 430 Corder, George Ray, Jr. 418 Cordrey, Peter Drake 430 Corley, Wayne L. 430 Cormani, James McRay 4 30 Cornell, Gory Arthur 418 Corntassel, Kenneth R. 431 Cornwell, Stephen M, 431 Corr, Robert Mark 408 Cortez, Dianne Huie 450 Cortright, David E 431 Coskinas, Andrew More 431 Casper, Dwight Rolond 431 Costello, Leonard E. 418 Cottinghom, Auburn B. 453 Couch, Jock Hudson, Jr. 418 Counts, George Milton 4 1 8 Coursey, James Walter 371 Covert, John Rodney 418 Courtney, Ronald L 431 Covey, Byron James 408 Cowan, Michael F. 431 Cowan, Robert Dobbs 371 Cowort, Ronald W 431 Cowden, Dovid Henry 431 Cowles, Sidney W. 450 Co«, Charles Erskine 408 Cox, Fred Lafayette 431 Cox, Fred Livingston 371 Cox, Gregory Alan 4 1 8 Cox, James Millord 371 Cox, Percy Jerry, Jr 371 Cox, Williom W. 408 Croce, James A. 371 Craft, Theodore N,, Jr. 408 Croig, David A. 4 1 8 Croig, Hunter B. 431 Craig, John Newton 450 Crondoll, Frederick R, 431 Crawford, C. C, Jr, 453 Crawford, Kothy Lynn 431 Crowford, Roy R. 431 Crawford, Russell M. 431 Crowford, Thomas H. 408 Crichlon, Wm. Innes, Jr. 453 Crider, James G. 431 Crisler, Michael Joel 371 Crisler, Simeon N. 418 Crockord, David Allen 37 1 Croft, Thomas W., Jr. 431 Cromer, Ralph Earl 418 Cromwell, Jeff R. 431 Crosley, Robert C. 371 Crouch, Louis C., Jr. 408 Crowder, Charles P 431 Crowder, Frances V. 431 Crowder, Joseph Alon 431 Crowder, Robert B 371 Crowe, William Thomas 371 Crowley, Andrew M. 371 Croy, James Michael 408 Culbertson, Andrew M 371 Culbertson, Edward T. 418 Culbreoth, Rabun Hall 450 Cullen, Frank H , Jr 431 Culpepper, Kenneth B. 431 Culpepper, Thomos J. 453 Culver, Eugene D. 431 Culver, Wm. Doniel 431 Cunningham, Augustus 418 Cunningham, William C. 408 Curl, Arthur Nelson 371 Curlee, Robert M. 371 Currie, Christopher C. 453 Curry, Richard Parker 418 Curtis, Arnold E , Jr. 431 Curtis, Don Edward 371 Curtis, Gront Bradley 372 Curtis, Marcus S. 4 18 Curtiss, Harold Max 458 Cuthbertson, Tim E. 431 Cyr, Ted Allen 4 1 8 Dailey, Andrew Wm. 431 Doiley, Bruce Warren 431 Dolbo, Thomas Joseph 4 1 8 Dalessio, Gregory J, 431 Dolkin, Roger Alan 4 1 8 Dollos, Terry Grover 431 Dameron, Michael R 418 Dames Club 315 Danesh, Iroj 453 Donforth, David R. 408 Daniel, James Wright 431 Daniel, John Kent 372 Daniels, Stephen A., Jr. 418 Donnols, Wm. Edward 431 Dontes, Anthony J. 431 Dorch, Douglas A. 431 Darnell, Gregory S. 431 Dash, Morcus, James 453 Dasher, Robert M. 431 Dotla, Nirmol K 453 Dougherty, Constance 431 Dougherty, Duncan J. 431 Doves, Joseph Huber 431 Dovid, John Henry 372 Dovidow, Daniel N. 450 Davidson, Jon Vonn, Jr. 408 Davidson, Wendell A. 431 Davis, Allen Franklin 418 Davis, Allen Stephen 431 Davis, Charles Andrew 408 Davis, Dennis Wayne 408 Davis, Donny Joel 408 Dovts, Gordon Taylor 408 Davis, Harmon James 419 Davis, Haskell B., Jr. 431 Davis, Homer W. 431 Dovis, James Arthur 408 Davis, Jeffrey Edward 453 Davis, Jerry Donold 408 Davis, Jerry W. 453 Davis, Joel Lamar, Jr. 372 Davis, John E 419 Davis, John McArthur 431 Davis, Kenneth Lee 419 Dovis, Lomor Bryan 372 Davis, Lorry A. 431 Davis, Lorry Victor 408 Davis, Lawrence Roy 408 Dovis, Lowell Gerold 431 Davis, Marvin Edward 372 Dovis, Michael L. 431 Dovis, Paul Dupre, Jr. 419 Dovis, Paul Edward 408 Dovis, Raymond Alton 419 Dovis, Rebecca Jean 372 Dovis, Richard Eorle 408 Dovis, Robert Elliott 4 19 Dcrvis, Ronnie Edwin 408 Dovis, Ronny Nelson 372 Davis, Thomas Clyde 372 Davis, Todd Culver 431 Dovis, Victor M., Ill 431 Dovis, Victor W. 431 Davis, Warren Scott 4 19 Davis, Willo Koy 431 Davis, Wm. Marshall 372 Dowsey, Jomes Richord 372 Dawson, Morcio Kay 419 Dawson, Philip M. 431 Dawson, Robert Glynn 372 Doy, Robert Emerson 372 Day, Russell Mortel 408 Day, Shaffer Thurmon 372 Day. Thomas M. H., Jr, 431 Deodwyler, Richard A. 419 Deodwyler, Wm. D. 431 Deogostini, Juan C. 372 Deokins, Wm. Richard 431 Deon. Donald Gory 419 Dean, John Chorles 372 Deon, Voncile Compton 453 Deongulo, Guillermo A 408 Dear, Grover Clarence 408 Deoton, John Eutow 408 Deaver, Rick Woyne 372 Debernord, Lewis M., Jr. 431 Deberry, Phillip, Jr. 419 Debusschere, Michoel 373 Dechovitz, Alan B. 419 Decker, Edward Reddy 373 Defurio, Robert A. 373 Dehnbostel, Bruce A. 431 Delocey, James Gibson 408 Delcompo, Barry John 431 DeLeon, Ramon C. 431 Delk, James E., Ill 431 Dellinger, Stephen B. 458 Deloach, John Randy 431 Delong, David A 431 Delosky. Andrew John 408 Delta Sigma Phi 134 Delta Tau Delta 136 Delta Upsilon 138 Demillo, Richard A. 453 Dempsey, Michael G. 373 Dempsey, Wm. Alex 453 Denard, Barry Deleon 419 Denham, Mork E. 431 Denmon, Horry Edward 419 Denney, Timothy W. 431 Denning, Steven Aaron 373 Dennis, Francis S. 431 Dennis, Ronald Marvin 419 Denson, Wm. Dillard 431 Dent, Charles F. 431 Dent, Ronald Arthur 408 Denton, Wm. Jackson 419 Deposquole, Carl J. 431 Deriso, Franklin P. 408 Deutsch, Curtis K. 450 Devenny, James Dovey 373 Devine, Douglas M. 431 Devore, Walter D., Jr. 431 Dhami|a, Prem Kumar 453 Diaz, Miguel Luis 453 Dick Jomes David 431 Dickens, George C, Jr. 419 Dickerson, Hilton B. 453 Dickerson, John Lewis 419 Dickerson, Ronald E. 373 Dickey, John Floyd 373 Dickey, Rondell W, 431 Diffley, Michael H. 431 Dijoseph, John Allen 419 Dilbeck, Johnny Lee 450 Dill, Lawrence Clyde 373 Dillon, John Lloyd 373 Dilworth, Stephen B. 373 Dinges, Warren B., Jr. 373 Dinning, Randall S. 431 Dipetrillo, John 408 Dischmon, Frederick O. 431 Dishion, Steven Louis 419 Dismukes, John Terry 432 Dixon, Clyde Marshall 408 Dixon, Dovid Allen 373 Dixon, David G. 432 Dixon, George B., Jr. 408 Dixon, Jeffrey Alan 4 1 9 Dixon, John M 432 Dixon, Robert H. 432 Dixon, Robert L. 432 Dixon, Thomas Edwin 432 Dobbin, Robert A., Jr. 419 Dobbins, Charles N., Jr. 432 Dobbs, Gory Harwell 432 Dodd, Philip G, 432 Dodson, Daniel P, 450 Dodson, Roland S 432 Doherty, John C. 432 Dollor, Edward Lester 419 Dolyniuk, Horry James 419 Domonski, Michael J. 408 Domingo, Norberto 432 Dominy, Prentis J., Jr. 408 Dondero, Wm. Ernest 408 Donnon, Murphree Y., Jr. 432 Donofno, James J. 450 Donovan, Peter M. 432 Dooley, Stephen N 432 Dorris, Alan Leslie 373 Dorsey, Philip John 373 Dossontos, Evondro 453 Doster, Cleve Byrd 373 Doster, Jerome Brown 432 Dougherty, Maureen M. 432 Douglas, Albert Roy 432 Douglas, Hordy Daniel 373 Douglas, Wilson D., Jr. 373 Dowling, Mary C 432 Downey, Gerald Reid 373 Dozier, Henry Coleman 4 32 Dozier, Roger Allen 408 Drogolin, Daniel John 408 Drake, Corl Ray 408 Drama Tech 316 Dronchok, Lois Ann 432 Dropp, Daniel B 373 Drennon, Stephen S. 408 Drews, Dovid Williom 419 Dreyfus, Kenneth Evan 419 Drinkord, Wm. Deon 408 Drummond, Joseph J., Jr. 408 Dry, Richard Lee 432 Dubberly, Mike J. 408 Duello, Wm Leonard 419 Duff, Kenneth Thomas 408 Duffle, James Raymond 419 Duffy, Philip James 432 Dufond, Patrick J. 453 Duke, Doniel F , III 373 Duke, Dennis Roy 408 Duke, Michael Terry 419 Duke, Timothy D 432 Dunogon, Hubert Lee 432 Dunbor, Jeffrey Roe 373 Duncan, Jeffrey Lee 419 Duncan, Rignol Wiley 373 Duncan, Robert Paul 432 Duncan, Stephen W. 432 Dunham, Charles Cyrus 432 Dunlap, Barnwell Sams 419 Dunn, Bruno Raymond 419 Dunn, Townsend Helme 373 Duong, Dieu Ton 453 Duong, Duton 453 Dupont, Lee P., Jr. 432 Duquesne, Jorge S. 432 Durkin, Wm, Vincent 373 Dutko, Gory Nicholas 408 Dworkin, Robert Joel 432 Dyer, Benny John 374 Dykes, Jomes Denby 374 Eody, Byron Thomas 374 Eager, James Brownell 374 Eornst, Douglas E, 432 Eason, Jomes R. 432 Eastwood, Harold R. 419 Ebodi, Yar Mohammad 453 Eberhort, Eric Jon 432 Ebert, Thomas Ralph 374 Echerd, Gerald A. 432 Echols, William L, 432 Eckert, Michael Edwin 408 Eckhordt, George Wm. 432 Edelmon, Bradley T. 432 Edge, Billy Lee 408 Edmunds, Omar Grant 432 Edwards, Ben Houston 408 Edwards, Croig Alan 432 Edwards, Cyndy Ann 450 Edwords, Douglos L. 419 Edwards, Ronald A. 408 Edwords, Whitson T. 374 Eelmon, Bruce Wayne 409 Ehlers, Steven L. 432 Eidson, Thomas Mason 419 Elam, Gary Joseph 437 Eldermon, James Irwin 419 Eteozer, Craig Brent 419 Eleozer, Thomas Henry 43 2 Electrical Engineering 260 Flicker, John Bruce 432 Elkins, Rodger Hoyden 432 Ellett, Joseph C, Jr. 409 Ellett, Stephen R. 432 Ellington, Lorry W. 374 EllioM, Henry Noll 432 Elliott, Kirk Douglas 419 Elliott, Ronald Jomes 453 Ellis, James Oren, Jr. 453 Ellis, Terry Wayne 419 EIrod, Fred S., Jr. 432 476 All Portraits in This Book Mode by Caspar- 7. )are CP ioio rap iers 9nc. 876 West Peachtree Street, N.W. Atlanta 9, Georgia 30309 OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR BLUEPRIIVT ADDITIONAL PRINTS OF BLUEPRINT PORTRAITS May Be Obtained Upon Request ■ JAB Jk Jh k k ■ fl AcLcUtlac , . . » " Home of 10,000 Items " ' " We don ' t sell all the cars, but we sell the best " — DUX-MIXTURE — Hardware Inc. 815 Marietta Street, N.W. CAPITAL AUTOMOBILE TR 5-8956 We Deliver COMPANY Thanks to Our Patronizing Tech Men ELWYN TOMLINSON, President WM. R. BRIDGES, JR., Vice-President W. Peachtree Street Opposite Biltmore Hotel 477 STUDENT INDEX - Continued EIrod, Linda Joyce 432 Emench, Ronold E. 409 Emory, Bruce B. 453 Emrich, Claud Irvin 458 Emrich, William J., Jr. 432 Eng, Geroldine O. 432 Engin««ring Graphics 767 Engineering Science and Mechanics 263 Engineer 310 Engletf, Dov.d W. 432 English 264 English, Wendell Boyd 432 Engwer, Williom C, 432 Enfrekin, Kenneth R. 419 Epilogue 500 Epps, Van Eugene 374 Erato 309 Ertsgoord, Roger N. 453 Erwin, Bill, Jr, 432 Eschenbrenner, Thomas 374 Esptnosa, Fabion F. 4 58 Esposito, Michaele J. 374 Espy, Colvin Leon 41 9 Eiserman, Edward N 419 Esterby, Brian E 453 Estes, Garey Ward 432 Etheridge, Kenneth C. 409 Ethridge, Samuel A. 419 Etienne, Wokott B- 374 Ettlinger, Todd W, 374 Eubonks, Philip Errol 409 Evans, Donald 432 Evans, Gory F, 432 Evans, George Wm. 432 Evans, John Honey 409 Evans, John Merrett 432 Evans, John Stuarf 432 Evens, Thomas F. 453 Evans, Walter Douglas 374 Evans, Williom J. 409 Evans, Wm. Russell 4 19 Evott, Ellen D. 432 Evelyn, John C. 432 Everett, Jack Acree 419 Executive Round Table 345 Faber, Michael Howord 432 Fober, Steven Ellis 432 Facello, John Alan 374 Focemire, Jon Phillip 409 Faddens, David S. 409 Fohey, Thomas Anthony 432 Fakos, George C. 432 Fallin, Cory Durwood 409 Follis, Robert L., Jr. 432 Fong, Tayeh J. 453 Forber, Harold Joy 453 Forley, Jack Dennis 409 Farmer, Bennie Lewis 432 Former, Jeffrey Hines 419 Forr, William Rogers 419 Forror, Bradford P. 432 Forrell, Kenneth R. 432 Forrell, Stephen J. 409 Forrell, Terry D, 432 Foubion, Richard B, 419 Foucett, John Mike 419 Fouerboch, John 433 Faulk, Alfred D., Jr, 409 Faulkenberry, M. David 4 19 Foolkner, Wm. Barney 409 Foulstich, Raymond J, 419 Fearon, John Ernest 433 Fedor, Michael Mitro 374 Fehn, Curtis F. 409 Feighner, Jomes W., Jr, 419 Feltner, Donald James 419 Fenzel, Potncia Jean 450 Ferdinondus, Somuel 453 Ferguson, Oovid E. 453 Ferguson, Gregory H. 419 Ferguson, Robert B. 433 Fernandes, Paul A. 433 Fernandez, Jose L. 374 Ferrari, Jerome J. 4 33 Ferrazzuolo, Richard 409 Fessenden, Price A, 433 Feucht, Christopher L. 4)9 Ficken, James Robert 419 Field, Michael A, 433 Fields, Roger David 433 Fifth Year ArchitecH 459 Figueroo, Steven J. 433 Fillers, Donald Gene 374 Finch, Jomes Rondoll 433 Finch, Michael E. 433 Finger, Ronald Lowson 433 Finger, William B. 453 Finney, Carolyn Marie 433 Finney, Jomes M., Jr. 433 Fisher, Henry Lee 453 Fisher, James N. 433 Fisher, Lawrence P. 374 Fisher, Wm, Henry 433 Fisk, Clorence 453 Fite, Samuel Edwin 409 Fitzgerald, Mjchoel L. 374 Fitzsimons, C, IV 433 Fiveash, David R. 409 Flanders, Jomes C 374 Floque, Gmes Juon 409 Flegol, Wm. Malcolm 453 Fleisher, Bruce M, 4 1 9 Fleming, Chorles C. 409 Fleming, James Eben 433 Fleming, Thomas L. 433 Fleming, William L. 409 Flenniken, Worren S. 409 Fletcher, Donald J, 4 33 Fletcher, Jomes C. 374 Fletcher, Jomes W, 374 Fletcher, Julian H. 374 Fletcher, Lomor Wyche 374 Fletcher, Thomas P. 374 Flink, Barry Edword 433 Flood, Froncis Robert 409 Flowers, Donold Alan 409 Flowers, Frank Earl 433 Floyd, Brian Alan 433 Floyd, Edwin Thomas 433 Floyd, George Farlon 433 Floyd, William J., Jr. 458 Fly, Ricman Joseph 433 Flying Club 342 Fogg, Alan S., Jr. 433 Folden, John R. 433 Folsom, Barry James 375 Folsom, Dovid M, 4 33 Folsom, Michael W. 409 Foltyn, Charles M., Jr. 375 Fomby, Robert M., Jr. 433 Fong, Tan Tsun 453 Fonfano, Mario M. 453 Football 82 Forbus, John Tarpley 409 Ford, Clinton Harold 409 Ford, Michael Ross 409 Ford, Paul B., (II 409 Fordhom, Larry K, 433 Fore, Clyde Wayne 419 Forgay, Robert A. 433 Forkner, Winn Robert 433 Forster, Mary Ruth 433 Forsfrom, Morlm H 453 Forsythe, Robert D, 433 Fortenberry, Robert C- 419 Fortenberry, Iro Wm. 433 Fortin, Richard Lee 375 Fortner, Charles G. 433 Fortner, Thomos H. 375 Fortson, Francis B, 375 Fost, Ronald Burett 453 Foster, Carlton Louis 433 Foster, John Marshall 419 Foster, Lee Dudley 375 Foulk, Frank B., Jr. 433 Fountain, Arthur J., Jr. 409 Fournie, Robert G., Jr. 433 Fowler, Charles S. 433 Fowler, Potrick M., Jr. 409 Fowler, Ronald Edward 375 Fowler, Thomas Willis 433 Fox, Bernord Joseph 409 Fox, Daniel 4 33 Fraley, Claudius, III 433 Francis, Jomes C. 409 Francis, John Anthony 409 Frankle, Robert S. 409 Franklin, Kenneth A. 433 Franklin, Wm. Lorry 375 Eraser, Joseph B, 433 Eraser, Samuel C. 433 Froser, Williom A, 433 Eraser, Wm, Erskine, Jr, 433 Fraternities 1 18 Frozoo, Romulo M, N, 453 Frozer, Alon Jomes 419 Frazier, Erich H. 433 Frazier, Jomes F., Jr. 409 Frozier, Kenneth G 375 Freedberg, Richard M. 433 Freeman, Gorth Bowen 375 Freemon, Jockson M. 375 Freemon, James A. 433 Freemon, Willie B. 409 Freshmen 428 Fricks, Charles Lynn 453 Fried, Martin Michael 433 Friedman, Bruce E, 419 Fritz, Douglas Edward 375 Fritz, John ThonvDS 433 Frost, Michael Robert 375 Frost, Thomas F. 376 Fry, Stephen P. 433 Fryer, Cynthia Anne 450 Fryer, Williom Paul 419 Fujito, Seiichi 453 Futbright, Michael L. 419 Fuller, Barney Elbert 433 Funderburg, Lonnie W, 409 Fuqueo, Charles Terry 376 Fyffe, Donald Everett 419 Gaddis, Cloude Lee 409 Goddy, Robert Q. 409 Goertner, Robert T, 433 Gaines, Richard S, 409 Golbreoth, Robert L, 433 Gallatin, Joseph E. 433 Galletly, Collin C-, Jr, 409 Gollimore, Kevin F. 433 Gait, Jomes Clarke 419 Gommage, Harold H. 433 Gandy, John Charles 419 Gong, Joseph Mork, Jr, 376 Gannon, Potrick Jomes 376 Gonnon, William F,, Jr. 376 Ganster, Charles Alan 433 Gardner, Chorles J 433 Gordner, John M. 433 Garfield, Richord L. 4 1 9 Garland, David Lewis 409 Garner, Charles G. 419 Garner, Lorry T. 433 Garner, William M, 419 Gorrord, Robert Irwin 409 Garrett, Doniell E, 433 GarreH, Michael T, 376 GorreM, Richard Pope 433 Garrett, Thomas C, 433 Garrett, Tom Watson 376 Garrison, Allan David 376 Garrison, Gerald E. 433 Garvin, David Loyd 419 Gory, George Marshall 433 Gasowoy, William H. 450 Goskin, Guy Sylvester 433 Gaston, Gregory M. 409 Gaston, Miguel I. 409 Goston, Thomas Stuort 409 Gates, Gary Lynn 419 Gates, Joseph Scales 376 Gotlin, Frederick G. 433 Gatson, Stephen Gront 434 Gotfis, John Stanley 434 Gottmonn, William R. 419 Gottoni, Armondo R., Jr. 434 Gaudier, Dole Vincent 450 Gaulden, Henry C, Jr. 409 Goult, Douglas Andrew 409 Gay, Oscar Mortin 376 Goylord, Charles H., Jr, 453 Gaynor, Joseph J,, Jr. 434 Gazowoy, Michael D. 409 Geddes, Stephen V. 419 Geidel, Christopher 434 Geiger, Jonathan G. 419 Geiger, Michael J. 434 Geisel, George C, Jr. 450 Gell, David John 376 George, Jomes Oliver 434 George, Mortin Scott 376 George, Paul Eugene 376 Gerald, Nosh Ogden, IV 453 Gerke, John Allan 434 Gettmonn, Derek K, 434 Gibbons, Wm Stewart 453 Gibbs, Lorry Lee 409 Giberling, Robert W 419 Gibson, Gregory T, 409 Gibson, Grey Scott 409 Gibson, Robert R. 434 Gibson, Theodore A,, Jr, 434 Giddens, Huey David 376 Giglio, Philip Mark 434 Gilbert, Dorryl Lomor 419 Gilbert, Laurence R. 434 Gilbreoth, Dovid E. 434 Gilbreoth, Elliot 434 Giles, Gorlond E. 376 Giles, Paul T, 434 Gill, Michael M, 376 Gillespie, Adrian H. 377 Gillett, Brooghton K. 377 Gillis, Hilton Leslie 377 Gillis, Joseph Lee 377 Gilmer, John Daniel 419 Gilmer, Wallace Alton 434 Gilmore, Dowson W 434 Gilmore, Michael K, 409 Gilmore, Wm. Brooks, Jr 377 Gilpin, John R. 434 Gilson, Robert M., Jr. 434 Ginn, Bernord Kerry 409 Ginn, Roy Oliver 4 1 9 Gtssendonner, Jomes 434 Gloss, Sherman Jay, Jr, 409 Glaze, Thomas Andrew 377 Glee Club 318 Glisson, John F 434 Glover, David Eugene 377 Glover, Lorry Edward 377 Glover, Michael C- 434 Gobrick, Robert J 454 Goddard, Jomes S 419 Godwin, Roger Lewis 409 Goetter, Tliomos E, 377 Gohn, Careon John 377 Goins, Dixie Ely 434 Gold, Andrew D. 434 Gold, Robert Alon 434 Goldblott, Jody Louis 377 Goldmeier, Michael J, 434 Goldrick, Thomos J. 434 Goldston, Henry M 434 Goldthwoite, John R. 434 Golf 115 Golladay, Wm. Edmund 434 Gonzalez, Carlos E 434 Gonzalez, Julio F. 434 Good, Albert Mark 419 Goode, Bert H 4 34 Goodman, Jeffrey More 419 Goodner, William D. 377 Goodwin, Chorles M,, Jr. 377 Goodwin, Warren N. 458 Gordon, Donald L, 434 Gordon, Gregory K. 377 Gordon, Jomes W. 377 Gordon, Terry Wayne 420 Gosline, Scott Paul 420 Goss, Douglas David 434 Goss, Robert Bruce 377 Gossett, Stephen B. 377 Gostin, Lee Diane 402 Gould, Thomas Everett 420 Goulde, Richard L, 377 Gowder, Eorl Ford, Jr, 377 Gowen, Wm Georae 434 Graduate Senate 300 Graduate Students 452 Grafton, Charles E. 434 Grahom, Dovid Bruce 377 Graham, Roger Thomos 377 Gront, Donald K. 434 Grant, Gregory J, 450 Grant, Jomes E. 434 Grant, John A., Ill 420 Graves, Jeffrey A, 434 Graves, Steven Robert 434 Gray, Harold Porns 409 Gray, Williom Eorl 377 Groydon, Clyde Edward 434 Groydon, Thomas D. 434 Greek Life 178 Green, James William 409 Greenberg, Arthur C 409 Greenberg, Chorles E, 420 Greenberg, Edward M. 434 Greene, Donnie Glynn 420 Greene, Raymond I, Jr. 420 Greenleaf, Wm. Thomos 434 Greenwoy, Corl Reed 434 Greenway, Wm. Kendol 434 Greenwell, Charles E. 434 Greenwood, Gory M. 434 Greenwood, George W, 458 Greer, Horry Elkanoh 420 Gregg, John Leon 377 Gregory, Edward A., Jr. 377 Gregory, Horry Howard 377 Gregory, Kevin Aloin 434 Gregory, Richard T. 409 Gregory, Scott Norman 434 Gregory, Wm. Clarence 409 Gremillion, Ernest P, 434 Greshom, Kenneth E. 434 478 Here ' s what your first year or two at IBM could be like. Soon after his intensive training course, IBM marketing representative Preston Love, B.S. ' 66, started helping key Iowa commissioners solve problems. Like how to introduce school kids to computers, without installing one. His answer: share one in Chicago by phone cable. You ' ll become involved fast. You ' ll find we delegate responsi- bility—to the limit of your ability. At IBM, you ' ll work individu- ally or on a small team. And be encouraged to contribute your own ideas. You ' ll advance just as fast and far as your talents can take you. Here ' s what three recent grad- uates are doing. ■ | p? B PV i w£p ' . H ifj 8 ' ■ [ H L -..i i An Equal Opportunity Employer IBM Doug Taylor, B.S. Electronics Engineering ' 67, is already a senior associate engineer working in large-scale circuit technology. Aided by computer design, Doug is one of a five- man team designing integrated circuits that will go into IBM computers in the 1970 ' s. Soon after his IBM programmer training, John Klayman, B.S. Math ' 68, began writing programs used by a computer system to schedule every event in the Apollo tracking stations. And when the finished programs were turned over to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, he was responsible for making them work. For more information on what IBM is like, visit y our p lacement office. 479 STUDENT INDEX - Continued Gretzinger, Ralph E. 409 Gribok, Stephen Paul 409 GriHelh, Richord R. 409 Griffin, Herman T. 409 Griffin, James Dovid 420 Griffin, Willrom R. 378 Griffith, Charles Ray 420 Griffith, David Lee 434 Griffith, William L. 450 Griggs, Paul Horace 378 Griggs, Stephen Edgar 434 Grimes, Waller B., Ill 409 Grimes, Wolter Binion 434 Grimm, Marvin A., Jr. 434 Grimm, Thomas Hayes 470 Grindrod, Gary Wm. 378 Grizzle, John F. 434 Grody, Robert S. 454 Groome, James H., Jr. 434 Groseclose, Hubert F. 420 Gross, Kenneth E., Jr. 420 Gross, Stewart R. 434 Grossman, Stanley L. 434 Grove, Gene Tunney 434 Grubbs, Jake Harvey 4 20 Grundy, Michael John 409 Grynkewich, Gregory W. 409 Gudgen, Dennis Royal 434 Guerro, Louis C. 434 Guess, Grant 420 Guest, Wm. Arthur 434 Gulionello, Alexander 434 Gunderson, Eric Wayne 434 Gunn, Robert James 434 Gunsaules, George A. 434 Gunter, George Sidney 409 Gunfer, Linda Carol 434 Gupto, Sotyo N. 454 Gurley, James T. 434 Gurley, Thomas Oren 378 Gusick, Robert Joseph 409 Gutierrez, Luis T. 454 Guyton, Alan Grice 434 Gym 113 Hackman, Stephen D. 434 Hackney, Alfred J., II 378 Haden, James Rendall 378 Hafkemeyer, Honsgeorg 454 Hagan, Don Charles 378 Hagerman, Jerry Lee 420 Hahne, Francis J., Ill 409 Haines, Charles S. 409 Hoinline, Bryan E. 420 Haire, Donald Eugene 434 Hale, David Gory 378 Hole, William Milton 378 Hall, Carlos Mitchell 420 Hall, Charles R. 434 Hall, David C. 434 Hall, Herschel Edwin 409 Hall, James Howard 434 Hall, Keith S. 434 Hall, Leslie 420 Hall, Wm. Joseph 420 Hallmon, David M. 435 Halimon, Ronald W. 435 Hollyburton, Vernon E. 378 Holmos, Steven Jeffry 378 Holyburton, Joy Ann 4 35 Ham, Judson Claude, Jr. 420 Homer, Thomas Edwin 409 Hamilton, Dovid McKay 409 Hamilton, Stephanie L. 435 Hammett, Jock Curtis 454 Hammond, David C. 458 Hammond, David Glenn 378 Hwnmond, John B. 450 Hommond, Jonathan G. 435 Hammond, Wm. Stinson 378 Hampton, Michael G. 435 Homrick, Terry Hoynes 420 Hancock, Dovid R. 435 Hancock, David S. 409 Hancock, Jomes H., Jr. 435 Hancock, John Neal 409 Hand, Joseph Reed 409 Hondell, Robert H. 378 Hondlee, Wm. Pot 409 Honkinson, Wm. Bernard 435 Honlin, George D. 435 Hans, Jerry Wayne 454 Hansen, Jens Peter 435 Hansing, David Frank 435 Hanson, Terry Michoel 378 Hanvonich, Viroj 454 Haralson, Robert Lee 435 Harbin, Willrom Bryan 4 35 Hordage, Ouentin Motto 409 Hardegree, James O. 409 Hordrn, Melvin L, 378 Hordin, Nathaniel A. 435 Hardin, Noel F 435 Hordin, Williom B. 409 Hardin, William C, Jr. 378 Hardy, Cloy F. 435 Hardy, Malcolm D. 435 Hardy, Randall R. 435 Horgis, Tommy Edward 435 Hargrove, James I. 409 Horgroves, Wm. Roy 435 Hargrove, Wm. Foster 410 Horkison, Paul R. 435 Horley, Robert S. 435 Harmon, Michoel C. 420 Harmon, Williom Croig 410 Harp, Cleveland, Jay 458 Horper, Charles S., Jr. 435 Harrell, Henry E. 435 Horrell, Stephen L. 435 Harrington, Daniel J. 410 Harrington, Gregory D. 420 Horrington, Jimmy C. 435 Harrington, Robert D. 378 Harris, Benjamin J. 378 Harris, Billy Bonks 454 Harris, Dovid Owen 435 Horris, Elizabeth Ann 435 Harris, Henry Paul 378 Harris, James Michael 410 Harris, James Preston 378 Harris, James Roger 435 Harris, Jimmy Hugh 378 Horns, John R. 435 Harris, Michael King 435 Horns, Michoel W. 435 Harris, Olen Benjamin 378 Harris, Ronald Edwin 378 Harris, Steven Lamar 435 Harris, Thomas Edward 410 Harris, William Alan 420 Harris, Wm. Walton, Jr. 420 Harrison, Gary Edward 378 Harrison, James Hugh 420 Harrison, Jerry C. 454 Harrison, Lewis G. 435 Harrison, Robert S. 410 Horrison, Thomas M. 435 Horriss, James Edward 410 Harry, Donald Wayne 410 Hart, Judith Rebecca 410 Hart, Robert Henry, Jr. 435 Hort, Thomas Bryan 420 Harting, Michoel H. 435 Hartley, Alton G. 410 Hartley, David Levere 435 Hortsfield, James D. 435 Harvey, Charles E. 420 Harwell, Olin Daniel 420 Hasan, Muhommed M. 454 Hossetl, Thomas E., Ill 379 Hatcher, Jerry B. 435 Hatcher, Kathryn J. 420 Houch, Robert George 420 Haug, Otto William 420 Howes, Richard E. 435 Hawkins, Edward G. 379 Hawkins, Wm. Lowrence 435 Hoy, Robert Joseph 420 Hoyden, John William 420 Hayes, Dennis Carl 420 Hayes, John Benjamin 379 Hayes, Kerry Lance 379 Haynes, Leonord J. 4 20 Hoynie, Colvin Tony 379 Hays, Richard C. 379 Hoys, Steven Walter 435 Hoyword, Patrick B. 410 Hozen, Robert L 435 Head, James Calvin 410 Head, James Frank 4 20 Heorn, Robert Andre 410 Heath, Jock Robert 420 Heath, Olen Starr 379 Heath, Robert Andrews 420 Heoton, James Taylor 4 10 Heoton, Michael King 435 Hedden, Eric Bond 435 Hedge, Steven Jerome 410 Hedin, Peter Joy 435 Hedrick, Thomas Day 379 Heflin, Kenneth Roy 379 Heidi, Barry M. 435 Helf, Steven John 410 HelfonI, Rand Evan 435 Helinger, John Joy 435 Helinger, Kerry S. 420 Hellmulh, Theodore W. 435 Helmon, Harvey Allan 379 Helmke, Kermit W, 435 Helmken, Wm. Howard, Jr. 435 Helms, Elmer Steven 379 Helms, Eric Courtland 379 Helton, Birchell Ray 4 20 Helton, Dovid Glenn 379 Helton, Jimmy L. 435 Hembree, Dennis Fred 435 Hendee, Leon Clyde 435 Henderson, Brian F. 410 Henderson, David Earl 379 Henderson, Gory Vance 379 Henderson, James M. 379 Henderson, Lonny E. 410 Henderson, Robert K. 435 Henderson, Roger E. 435 Henderson, Terry W. 435 Hendncks, Daniel E 379 Hendrickson, John J. 380 Hendrickson, Samuel 4 35 Hendrix, Calhoun W., Jr. 380 Hendnx, lorry Alford 435 Hendrix, Rolph Dann 380 Hendrix, Roger Brown 380 Hendrix, Stephen G. 420 Hendrix, Wayne Thomas 435 Henesy, Charles F., Ill 380 Henry, Gory F. 450 Henry, Patrick F., Jr. 435 Henry, William Alan 435 Henry, Wm Dovid 380 Henry, Wm. Robert, Jr. 435 Henson, Lorry Gene 380 Hentschel, Robert C. 435 Heppe, Don Vernon 435 Herbert, Joseph H., Ill 380 Herbst, Chorles M. 420 Herndon, Christopher 435 Herndon, Wm. Edward 410 Herran, Peter Rofoel 420 Herrero, Jose Antonio 435 Herrin, Perry Owen, Jr. 380 Herrin, Rondald P. 435 Herring, Jeffry L, 435 Herring, Larry C. 420 Herringlon, Chouncey 410 Herrold, Stephen R. 454 Hershey, James C. 435 Hershmon, Robert S. 435 Herz, Robert A. 435 Herzberg, Morris M. 380 Hess, Richard Wayne 454 Hester, James Ronald 435 Hester, John Thomas 458 Heumon, Herman H. 454 Hewell, Lester Dovid 458 Heyword, Ned Wotkins 380 Hickey, Wm, James 435 Hickmon, David R. 435 Hicks, Donold Edwin 380 Hicks, Horry Hughes 436 Hidle, John E. 410 Hiers, James H. 436 Higgins, Bruce Wayne 380 Higgins, Michael E. 420 High, Richard T., II 420 Hightower, George H. 410 Hightower, Jerome D. 410 Hightower, James I. 436 Hightower, Neole C. 454 Hightower, Robert F. 4 10 Hildrelh, Lawrence E. 436 Hildreth, Ronald D. 380 Hill, Daniel M. 436 Hill, Dovid Jeffrey 436 Hill, Donold P. 436 Hill, Edwin Edgar 410 Hill, Frederick Wm. 420 Hill, Gene Wendell 420 Hill, James Wayne 380 Hill, Jimmy Monroe 380 Hill, Michael P. 436 Hill, Raymond C. 436 Hill, Robert Lewis 380 Hill, William Richard 380 Hilleke, Russell Otto 436 Hilton, Jerry Wayne 410 Himes, Wm. Byron, Jr. 380 Hinchcliffe, John Wm. 420 Hinoioso, Virgil H. 436 Hipp, Lorkin Dale 420 Hires, Stephen Dennis 381 Hiscox, Susan E. 436 Hite, Bruce Lone 436 Hite, Harold Eugene 381 Hite, Robert Henry 420 Hoborl, Robert Lewis 4 20 Hobbs, Hugh Clifford 420 Hodge, Ernest D. 436 Hodges, Charles W. 381 Hodges, Eugene Walton 381 Hodges, George Wm. 436 Hodges, Sidney Allen 410 Hoff, Arthur Lee 4 20 Hoffman, Ross Marion 410 Hoffmann, Arthur H. 420 Hogon, Elton Roscoe 381 Hogon, Michael Dennis 381 Hogon, Thomos Beck 381 Hohenslein, Karen Ann 450 Hok, Ralph John 436 Holbrook, Robert F. 410 Holcombe, Jock 420 Holden, Borry Wayne 410 Holden, Richard G. 410 Hollond, Chorles J. 436 Holland, Chorles M. 420 Holliday, John Wm., Jr. 381 Hollimon, Robert M. 436 Hollinger, Michoel R. 436 Hollingshed, Joseph L. 381 Hollingsworth, Thomas 38 1 Hollins, Eddie C. 4 20 Hollis, Gary lee 381 Hollis, John Searcy 420 Hollowoy, Albert Z., Jr. 420 Hollowoy, Michael T. 436 Hollowoy, Roland M. 410 Holm, Stanley R. 454 Holmes, Bruce E. 436 Holmes, Ronald C. 4 10 Holmes, Stephen Wm. 436 Holstun, John Brill 420 Holt, Dennis M. 436 Holt, Ronold Emory 436 Holton, Roy O. 410 Holton, Rolando S. 420 Holtz, Terry 420 Holzhouer, Juergen 454 Homier, Foul A., Jr. 381 Honeycutt, Daniel E. 420 Hood, Chester Boyd 436 Hood, Judith Wollese 436 Hood, Thomas Harvey 410 Hooper, Robert Wayne 436 Hooper, Thomas L. 436 Hooper, Tommy Glenn 436 Hoover, Roy Campbell 410 Hope, Hollis Frank 420 Hopkins, Hal Thomas 410 Hopkins, James Eciword 381 Hopkins, Thomas E. 381 Hoppes, Dovid Fulton 410 Home, Wm. Anderson 436 Hornemon, Russell W. 436 Hornsby, Jock, Jr. 436 Horton, Arthur Arnold 410 Horton, Claude S. 436 Horton, Edgor D., Ill 381 Horwilz, Joan Susan 454 Hosea, Irwin Harold 436 Hosking, Jomes D. 450 Hoss, William Allen 410 Hostilo, George F., Ill 410 Hotord, Douglas Paul 381 Holchkiss, Robert P. 381 Hough, Denver lewis 436 Houillion, Edward L. 436 House, Eric Bruce, II 381 House, Wayne Daniel 410 Houser, John Davis 381 Housworth, John W. 436 Hovis, Arthur Samuel 420 Howard, Martin Leslie 420 Howe, Arthur P. 454 Howeedy, Mostofo 454 Howell, Jomes Scott 436 Howell, Mark Warren 436 Howell, Terry Eugene 436 Howick, John Robert 410 Howlond, Phillip F. 420 HoyI, John Edgar 436 Hsu, Ching Lun 454 Hsu, Mong L. 454 Huang, Chuang An 436 Huong, Lawrence P. 436 Hubbell, Niels Peter 436 Hubbs, Frank Longiey 381 Huber, Jomes David 436 480 ATLAIVTA SHOW PLACES! The Fabulous FOX The South ' s Finest ROXY Wilby-Kinsey Theatres Potter Rayfield, Inc. ENGINEERING CRAFTSMANSHIP 570 Northside Drive Atlanta, Ga. KEN McKENZlE DIBECTOS Of SALES 481 STUDENT INDEX - Contnued Huckaby, Robin D. 436 Hudgins, James Dovid 4 36 Hudson, Charles A, 420 Hudson, Charles Lee 436 Hudson, John Wm. 436 Hudson, Roddy Roscoe 4 10 Hudson, Thomas M. 436 Hudson, Wm. Todd 410 HuM, Danny Woyne 436 Huff, Gertis Levt, III 4)0 Huff, John Richard 420 Huff, Richard Gory 381 Huggins, Howord Heath 4 10 Muggins, Stephen B. 4 10 Hughes, James S. 454 Hughes, Marvin Lynn 381 Hughes, Robert 381 Hughe,, Terry Lee 381 Hui, Harry Wan Too 381 Hull, Bradford K 436 Hulsey, George D 450 Hultgren, Ernest W 382 Humber, Steven M 436 Hummer, Darnel Hoiler 382 Humphrey, Celeste M, 450 Humphries, Gorlond R, 458 Humphries, Charles 436 Humphries, Michael J 382 Huneycutt, Jody E 410 Hunnicutt, Joseph E, 410 Hunsaker, Wm. Raymond 436 Hunt, Dovid Gordon 436 Hunt, Norman McColl 410 Hunter, Dovid Erasure 4 10 Hunter, James Lee 436 Hunter, Robert Van 436 Hunton, WiHiom D. 420 Hupp, Saunders Lee 420 Hurd, Morcio Susan 436 Hurley, Patrick E. 410 Hussar, John Stephen 436 Hufchins, Ronald W. 436 Hutchinson, Richard C. 454 Hutchinson, Wm. Frank 420 Hyott, David Lee 382 Hyott, Thomas Andrew 410 Hyche, Douglas Laird 410 Hyde, Donald Jackson 4 20 lAESTE 340 Ice, Richard Lee 436 IFC 120 Indek, Mark Shelly 420 Industrial Engineering 266 Industrial Management 268 Information Science 270 Ingram, George Emory 38 2 Ingram, Richard Marc 436 Inks, John Mctthev , Jr 410 In Memoriam 502 Inmon, Richard Burr 436 Isaf, Louis Thomas 436 ISO 321 Ivey, Hoi Patrick 436 Ivey, Wm. Rjchord 410 Jacenty, Jeffrey Wm. 436 Jochowski, Bryan R. 436 Jockman, Warren M, 436 Jocks, Daniel Bntt 436 Jockson, Beniamin H 410 Jackson, Cecil Hiram 4 10 Jackson, Charles Mayo 410 Jackson, FreerTKjn R. 436 Jackson, Garry Cecil 436 Jockson, James M. 454 Jackson, John Howard 382 Jackson, John O,, Jr. 450 Jackson, Johnny M., Ill 436 Jackson, Kenneth E. 410 Jockson, Michoel A. 436 Jockson, Robert T. 4 10 Jackson, Roy 436 Jackson, Thomas V, 410 Jackson, Wright T. 4 1 Jocob, Eugene Ervin 410 Jacobs, Louis Kurt 450 Jacobs, Richord M. 382 Jocomino, John 436 Joen, Lourencio 437 Jomes, David Rondolph 382 Jomes, Lewis Gregory 420 James, Linwood L. 437 James, Robert Wm., Jr. 382 Jomeson, George Poul 382 Jameson, Thomas Lee 420 Jomtson, Chorles E. 454 Jonosiewicz, Stontey 437 Jorratt, Albert J, 410 Jeffores, Lorry W. 437 Jelley, Graham C. 437 Jenkins, Chorles T, 437 Jenkins, Horry Htbbs 437 Jenkins, Jomes Wm. 421 Jenkins, Richard S. 421 Jenkins, Theodore H, 437 Jenks, Richard Mowry 437 Jennings, Alfred B. 437 Jennings, Colvin B, 421 Jennings, David Lee 437 Jens, Doniel Keith 421 Jewell, Michael B. 437 Jiles, William C. 421 Jinks, Jomes Thomas 421 Joe, Donald Young 382 John, Ar drew Cooper 437 John, Michael David 421 John, Steven Somuel 437 Johns, Nathan D, 437 Johns, Robert Henry 410 Johns, William V. 382 Johnson, Brennon G. 410 Johnson, Calvin D, 437 Johnson, Charles E., Jr. 437 Johnson, Clifford H. 382 Johnson, David C, 382 Johnson, Dean Roger 382 Johnson, Eric L. 437 Johnson, Harold Lamar 437 Johnson, Janice K, 437 Johnson, Jesse E., Jr 382 Johnson, Joseph Erie 437 Johnson, Joseph H 382 Johnson, Michael T. 382 Johnson, Morns H. C. 382 Johnson, Ouincy Ray 382 Johnson, Robert E. 437 Johnson, Robert J., Jr. 382 Johnson, Robert Lee 382 Johnson, Robert Louis 437 Johnson, Robert M., II 437 Johnson, Thomos A. 382 Johnson, Woyne E. 410 Johnson, Wiley Terry 421 Johnson, William Glen 410 Johnson, Wm, Allen 421 Johnson, Wm. Craig 410 Johnston, Bruce S. 437 Johnston, Christopher 382 Johnston, Daniel M. 410 Johnston, James E. 454 Johnston, Mary Edith 410 Johnston, Somuel M, 410 Johnston, Scott R. 437 Joiner, Charles S, 410 Joiner, Clinton H. 4 10 Jollett, Lewis Dole 410 Jolley, Douglas C. 410 Jones, Amold W. 437 Jones, Benjamin Wiley 421 Jones, Billy Brooks 382 Jones, David Otious 421 Jones, Done 437 Jones, Gary Bruce 4 3 Jones, Glendo D, 437 Jones, Henry Michael 437 Jones, Howord Evons 454 Jones, James D., Jr. 437 Jones, Julius Phillip 383 Jones, Kenneth R 410 Jones, Michael O 4 37 Jones, Phillip Borron 410 Jones, Randolph D, 454 Jones, Raymond D 437 Jones, Robert Lee 4 1 1 Jones, Robert Perdue 437 Jones, Robert S. 437 Jones, Ronnie 383 Jones, Stephen lee, Jr 4 11 Jones, William C. 437 Jones, William H. 421 Jordan, Donald Wm, 437 Jordan, Henry Grubbs 437 Jordan, James Howell 41 1 Jordon, Theodore W, 421 Jortner, Charles S, 437 Jory Frederick Allen 383 Jouonet, Philippe G 383 Jowers, Richord H 421 Jumper, James D. 437 Juniors 408 Justus, Michael K, 437 Kodishov, Gwen S, 437 Kalyonosundorom S, 454 Kam, Lit Yon 454 Kone, Monte Ernest 437 Kong, Shin Joh 454 Kappa Alpha 140 Kappa Sigma 142 Koranovich, Donald 411 Korin, Michael Joy 437 Korlip, Elliott 4 1 1 Karnozes, Nikolaos A, 454 Karr, Russell Dole 421 Korroker, Mor t H, 437 Kosoras, Michael J, 4 37 Kosulko, Jomes Alfred 437 Katz, Lee Ivan Newman 383 Kotzenstein, Steven I, 437 Kowolek, Mark W 437 Kays, Dale Blondford 383 Kays, Morion Reed III 383 Koys, Michael C. 437 Keck, Roy Howard 42] Keen, Stephen Robert 437 Keene, William Lomor 41 1 Keener, Philip Leslie 421 Kegley, Burel C, Jr, 437 Keife, Glenn Charles 383 Keith, Dovid A. 437 Keith, Lorry Samuel 421 Keller, Wm. Hall, III 421 Kelley, George B,, III 41 I Kelley, Joseph M. 421 Kelley, Larry C. 383 Kelly, Mark Comeron 383 Kelly, Robert W. 4 1 1 Kelly, Ronald Dovid 437 Kelm, Charles Herbert 383 Kelman, Thomos Curtis 383 Kemp, Michael R, 454 Kennedy, Michael R 421 Kennedy, Stephen F 421 Kent, Richard Thomos 41 1 Kent, Tommy Wayne 437 Kerr, Woyne Elliot 437 Kersey, Chorles S, 383 Kesler, John Mac 437 Kessler, Richard C. 454 Kessler, Voden Brown 437 Keswoni, Ajit K. 454 KeMer, Francis C, 383 Kettle, Charles E. 41 1 Ketts, Bruce Leith 383 Key, Gory Lee 383 Key, John Alfred, Jr. 437 Key, Lorry Don 421 Kioppes, John Leon 384 Kilby, Virgil D, 437 Kilgo, John William 421 Killeleo, Ellen M, 437 Killey, John M. 437 Killimett, Patrick T. 41 1 Kimble, Donald R, 437 Kimble, John F, 437 Kimbrell, George D. 384 Kimmel, Leigh Gwinn 454 Kinord, Kenton Leon 384 KincQtd, Michael G. 384 King, Andrew Howard 437 King, Hardy Jomes, Jr, 384 King, Jomes Allen 437 King, Joy Fred, Jr. 437 King, John Culler 421 King, John Harold 384 King, John P, 437 King, Kenneth ArnokJ 421 King, Richard Gilbert 384 King, Woyne K. 437 King, Wm, Clyde 437 Kingrey, Scott D. 437 Kingswellsmith, C, T, 437 Kinnoird, Alexonder M. 421 Kmney, John Scott 437 Kinsley, Brian Curtis 437 Kinsey, Robert Howell 437 Kinsman, James H. 4 1 1 Kinzie, John Harris 384 Kipp, Thomas E,, Jr 384 Kirby, Goylen Ann 454 Kirk, Ricke George 41 1 Kirk, Thomos Arthur 454 Kirkindoll, Arthur S. 454 Kirklond, Jimmy F. 437 Kirklond, Richard G. 454 Kirkley, Michael E. 41 1 Kirkley, Wayne Bntt 41 1 Kirkpotrick, John B 438 Kirkpotnck, Mary J. 384 Kirsner, Wayne F, 421 Kirtz, Jerome M, 384 Kisltng, Douglas L. 384 Kite, Kenneth Morion 458 Klehm, Wayne Lloyd 438 Klein, John M. 438 Klein, Richard A, 454 Kling, Carl Vivian, Jr, 384 Kluttz, Ronald Keith 438 Knight, Jomes Porker 384 Knight, John Williom 384 Knighton, Wayne D. 384 Knobloch, Ricki D. 421 Knoke, Ronald Werner 41 1 Knott, Rondy Alan 384 Knott, Stephen D 41 1 Koch, RonakJ Bruce 41 1 Koelemay, Jomes M , Jr 384 Kolvick, Robert J, 438 Kooker, Douglas E 454 Koon, Rondy G. 438 Koseme 349 Koslok, Chester C 384 Kovoc, Robert Milo 438 Kovol, Kenneth Trent 421 Krokovsky, John C, 438 Kromorz, Luis 385 Kramer, George J. 438 Kramer, Stephen A, 4 1 1 Krontz, Davtd Russell 41 1 Kreiter, John Whitney 421 Kres, MorHt Leonord 438 Kress, John Harold 421 Kritzer, Richord G, 438 Kroell, Hugh Scott, Jr. 421 Kroll, E. Andrew 438 Krom, Colvin M,, Jr, 438 Kroner, Edgor A. 421 Krosser, Howard S. 454 Kufeldt, Edward 454 Kumor, Rojinder 454 Kundrot, David F, 454 Kung, Fanchu 454 Kunnmonn, Stephen C, 438 Kuo, Te Son 454 Kurty, John Randolph 438 Kurzen, Robert Peter 421 Kusunoki, Momoru 454 Kwan, Chuen Chun 41 1 Kyle, John Philip 42! Locher, Andrew R. 438 Locher, Robert A, 43 8 Lockey, Domel Thomas 438 Lockie, Suson E 450 Locour, Joseph A., Ill 4 1 1 Lodd, William David 3 85 Lafifte, Bruce A, 450 Lohotte, Gregory P, 438 Lomor, Charles Robert 450 Lomor, Malcolm Perry 421 Lomor, Robert A. 438 Lambda Chi Alpha 144 Lombert, Chester L, 385 Lambert, Franklin C. 438 Lombert, Robert B 41 1 Lamon, Dorothy Ann 450 Lonce, Nicholas, Jr. 421 Lond, Russell Evan 385 Lor dis, John Ronald 41 1 Landis, Kerry Wayne 385 londrum. Earnest T., Jr, 385 Lone, Cholton Jerome 438 Lone, Edwin Burney 42 1 Lone, Eric Frederick 385 Long, Hubert Word 438 Langbein, John Oliver 421 Longille, Douglas B, 454 Longley, Sonford E. 411 Longlois, Victor V 438 Langston, Gregory Q. 385 Longston, Laurie S, 385 Lanhom, Gory Robert 41 1 Lamer, Jomes D, 438 Loo, Mono Vicente 421 Lopchoroen, Poisorn 4 55 Loporte, Kim Joseph 385 Loroche, Stephen L, 421 Laroche, Williom, III 438 Lorrieu, Manuel A. 385 Lorrieu, Miguel A 438 Lorsen, Glenn Allen 438 Lorsen, Robert B 438 Loser, Richord Dorn 455 Loshley, Thomos Jones 438 Losseter, Brian A, 4 1 1 Latimer, Joseph B. 421 Lotimer, Samuel C. 438 482 Sept. 12 Sept. 19 Sept. 26 Oct. 3 Oct. 10 Oct. 17 Oct. 24 Oct. 31 Nov. 7 Nov. 14 Nov. 28 CONGRATULATIONS TO EDITORS AND STAFF OF THE BLUEPRINT For The Outstanding Job They Did With The 1969 Edition. THE GEORGIA TECH ATHLETIC ASS ' N. TECH ' S 1970 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE So. Caro. Atlanta F.S.U. Atlanta Miami Atlanta Clemson Atlanta Tennessee Atlanta Auburn Auburn Tulane Atlanta Dul e Durham Navy Atlanta N. Dame S. Bend Georgia Athens 2:00 EDT 2:00 EDT 2:00 EDT 2:00 EDT 2:00 EDT 1:30 GDI 2:00 EDT 1:30 EDT 2:00 EST 1:30 EST 2:00 EST 483 STUDENT INDEX - Continued Lotimer, Thomas E. 438 Lotourette, Donold A 385 Lotz, Gory Poul 4 38 Loubler, Mark Alon 438 Lourens, Russell F. 411 Lowhorne, Thomos R. 438 Lawrence, Douglas R. 411 Lawrence, Henry E. 385 Lowrence, Richord Lee 438 Lawrence, Robert A 438 Lowrence, Stephen K, 438 Lawrence, Terry S. 4 I 1 Lawrence, Wm, Andrew 421 Lowrence, Wm. Frrendly 438 Lowson, Roger Irvin 421 Lowson, Roy E. 438 Loyne, Steven Hillis 438 Leach, Wm. Morsholl, Jr 455 Leomon, Gory E 438 Leatherwood, David A. 4 38 Leovengood, Wm. H., Jr 438 Leblonc, Armand J 455 Lecroy, David Blaine 421 Lecroy, Jerry E., Jr. 438 Ledford, Dennis Keith 438 Ledford, Joseph A 4 38 Ledford, Raymond Max 438 Ledford, Ronnie Joe 421 Lee, Charles Edgar 421 Lee, George Henry 385 Lee, Harold E. 4 38 Lee, John Daniel 438 Lee, John Nopier 4 38 Lee, Kwon Young 385 Lee, Lewis Thompson 4 1 1 Lee, Paul Thomas 421 Lee, Robert Corlton 4 38 Lee, Yuesun Wm 421 Leeds, Robert James 385 Leegote, Gory Conrod 385 Leggett, Mjlton M 455 Leins, Gregory R 411 Lemoy, Stephen Allen 421 Lemenoger, Thomas W. 438 Lemon, Henry Lewis 421 Lentzsch, Craig R 385 Lenz, Russell William 455 Leon, Jesus 455 Leonard, Ervmg A 438 Leonard!, Richard L 385 Leson, Albert Brand 385 LessI, John Allen 421 Lester, Richard M 385 Leverett, Gene M. 4 1 1 Leverett, Phillip H 385 Levick, Lee Norton 483 Levin, Fred Alon 421 Lewollen, Steve F 438 Lewers, George E. 385 Lewis, Charlton Scott 41 1 Lewis, Dorrell W 438 Lewis, Car C 438 Lewis, Gory Lynn 438 Lewis, Glenn Charles 438 Lewis, Joel M. 438 Lewis, John Henry 438 Lewis, Mark B. 438 Lewis, Waller Hillmon 385 Lewit, Ellen Helene 385 Li, Paul Shingchung 455 liddell, Heyword Todd 458 Lillis, John Russell 421 Lin, Chang Chei R. 455 Lin, Choo Ying 455 Lin, Chien Chang 455 Lin, Chin Huong 455 Lin, Fu Shiong 455 Lin, Yu Shyoung T. 455 Lindgren, Edgar F. 386 Lindsey, Edgar T 386 Lindsey, Gory Shelton 421 Lindsey, Margaret J. 421 Lines, Alvo Rand 4 1 1 Ling, Fuwen 455 Lingo, Herman Michael 421 Linkous, Floyd J 4 38 Linville, Terry W. 438 Lippert, Lawrence D, 386 Lippmon, Robert 4 38 Lips, David Allan 386 Lipsky, Steven L. 438 Little, Glenn Ellis 438 Little, Henry Wade, Jr. 386 Little, John Howard 4 1 1 Little, Judy 4 55 liHlelon, Michael I 4 38 Liu, Kai Hsiung 455 Liu, Keith Kuo Shih 41 1 Liu, Thou Hon 455 Livingston, Lowrence 438 Lo, Shih Chien 455 Loadholt, Jay Thomas 386 Lockord, Don Lawrence 438 Loefer, Gene Raymond 4 38 Loesche, Stephen A. 4 38 Loftin, Timothy J. 438 Logan, Charles F. 386 Logon, Frederick J. 438 Lohr, John Wm., Ill 438 Loio, Michael Anthony 386 Lomon, Douglas Ovie 439 Long, Charles Edward 439 Long, Charlie T., Jr 386 Long, Dorrell D. 439 Long, Douglas Arthur 386 Long, Jomes Albert, Jr. 386 Long, William M. 439 Longley, James Robert 4 39 Longshore, Harvey B. 439 Lopez, Joseph P. 439 Lopez, Martin, Jr. 411 Lopp, Tom Watson 439 Lorenzen, Wm. Martin 421 Loli, Robert Donald 386 Lott, David S. 439 Lott, Dovid Warren 439 LoM, Francis Ronold 386 Lott, Michael Blon 439 LoK, Randall Stephen 421 Love, Danny Lee 386 Love, Johnny Lee 439 Love, Richard B. 421 Love, Terrence L. 455 Loveioy, William 1. 386 Loveloce, Nothonie! F. 421 Lovell, John B., Jr. 411 Lovett, Charles McVey 439 Lovette, James D. 439 Lovinger, Barry L. 450 Lovins, Jomes David 439 Lowe, Leonard C. 439 Lowe, Mox Alan 386 Lowe, Stanley W., Jr 439 Lowry, Stanley N. 439 Lu, Chien Shiong 455 Lubin, Gory Robert 421 Lucas, Robert Gray 421 Lucey, John Patrick 421 Luck, James Karl, III 411 Ludlom, Richard R., Jr. 421 Ludwig, Wm. Carl 386 Lue, Richord 386 Lueck, Wm. Paul 439 Luedtke, Wm. Dovid 439 Luellen, Kenneth Wm. 439 Luigo, Peter Arne 455 Luke, Charles M. 439 Luker, Charles Wm. 439 Lukin, Mitchell Dov 421 Lulu, Menberu 458 Lunslord, Alan W. 439 Lunsford, Clifford D. 439 Lunsford, Gory H. 455 Lussen, Barry J. 439 Lutz, Otis Plato 455 Lutz, Somuel Alan 4 39 Lyie, Stephen R. 439 Lynch, Philip Hall 421 Lynn, Fronk Gregory 439 Lynn, Steven Aaron 439 Lynn, Wayne S. 439 Lyon, Carolyn E. 439 Lyons, Kenneth M. 439 Ma, William H. 455 Mobry, Spencer M. 439 MocCormock, Dovid R. 439 MocDonold, William A. 455 Mocek, Kenneth T., Jr, 421 Mocemon, Jomes H. 421 MocGregor, George S. 41 1 MocGregor, John B 439 Mochen, Edmund H 439 Mochido, Eishin 4 1 1 Mochtoltf, John W 386 Mocke, Elmer James 386 Mockey, Therol Eugene 421 Mocon, Boise Ford, Jr. 421 Mocy, Stephen C. 386 Madden, Bruce Harold 421 Modden, John Froncis 41 I Madden, Williom F. 41 1 Maddox, Clifton Nolan 386 Moddox, David W 439 Maddox, Douglos Olin 421 Maddox, Joseph S , Jr. 439 Madeira, Edword K. 455 Madenfrost, Abraham H. 386 Mogbee, Charles M., Jr. 439 Mogill, Robert White 439 Mogrill, Barry Jon 439 Mohoffey, Daniel E., Jr. 411 Mohoffey, James A. 439 Moholey, Robert Lynn 386 Mohoney, Lory S. 439 Majors, Joel Lee 421 Mok, Kingkuen 455 Molin, Douglas H. 439 Mollo, Joime Jose 439 Mollis, Charles H. S. 421 Molloy, Ross T. 421 Molluck, John Froncis 421 Molone, Jomes Bronnon 41 1 Mondeville, Cory 41 1 Monhoes, Alexondre H. 455 Manley, Charles Hans 421 Monn, Alan Bence 41 1 Monn, Theo Dovis 421 Manning, Alon Norris 439 Manning, Richard K. 439 Monous, Brian Abn 42 1 Monry, Freddie 439 Monry, John Willord 439 Manuel, Stephen Paul 421 March, Clark L. 421 Mark, Richard A. 439 Morkle, Edwin G. 439 Markley, Jomes Horvey 421 Marks, Donald Merlin 386 Morks, Ralph Alfred 439 Morlow, Randall H. 41 I Mormor, Chorles Alon 439 Marques, Luis Rogelio 458 Morr, James Douglas 41 1 Marroquin, Arturo 455 Morsden, Wm. Robert 439 Marsh, Kenneth Allan 421 Marsh, Stephen A. 439 Marshall, Edword Leo 439 Marshall, Kenneth R. 439 Martin, Corl F. 439 Martin, Charles R. 455 Martin, Douglas T. 387 Martin, Edmund S. 421 Martin, Eric D. 439 Martin, Frederick H. 41 1 Martin, Graham H. 41 I Martin, Jackie Lee 41 1 Martin, Jomes T 4 39 Mortm, Jomes Thomas 387 Martin, Jerold E. 155 Martin, Johnny Robert 411 Martin, Jonothan Kent 387 Mortin, Mary C. 421 Martin, Rick W. 439 Martin Ronald Eugene 411 Mortm, Scott B. 439 Mortinez, Ignocio J. 387 Martinez, Richord T 421 Martinson, Wm. Robert 387 Moscorenhas, Jnselyn 455 Moshburn, Lewis M., Ill 422 Mosin, Donold Ira 422 Mason, Fenn Thomos, Jr. 422 Mason, Herman E, 439 Mason, Richard D., Jr. 411 Mason, Robert M 455 Mossey, Michael W. 455 Mossey, Thomos Ford 4 1 1 Mostin, John M. 439 Mathemotics 272 Motheson, Charles L. 422 Mathews, Bernard L, 387 Mathews, Lorry k. 387 Motson, Chorles C. 387 Motson, Robert Pierce 422 Motson, Robert Wesley 387 Martern, Edwin K., Jr. 411 Motthews, John H. 458 Motthews, Larry WoWo 411 Matthews, Robert M. 41 1 Mottingly, C, C. 439 Mattingly, John H. 422 Mougons, Richord P. 387 Maurice, Howord T. 439 Mouze, Charles W., Jr. 41 1 Moveety, Joy Ronold 422 Maxwell, Andrew H. 422 May, Ronold Howard 387 Mayer, Froncis M. 4 1 1 Mayes, Jomes Julion 41 1 Mayes, John Ernest 422 Mayfield, Rolph G. 439 Moynord, Jerry Mock 41 1 Moyo, Dale Redmond 4 39 Mays, Charles Douglas 4 39 Mazrio, Judith Foe 439 McAllister, Charles 439 McAnear, Franklin K. 439 McAuliffe, Jomes R. 422 McAuliffe, John F, 422 McBroyei, Donny P. 439 dMcBroyer, Elgin E., Jr 440 McBride, Edward Earl 41 1 McColl, Cordo D, 440 McColl, William R. 440 McCollum, Michael E. 387 McConless, Henry R. 422 McConn, Louis Stubbs 4 1 1 McCarty, Ralph R. 440 McCloin, Michael T. 440 McClonnohan, Brion A. 422 McCleorn, Thomas M. 440 McClelland, Dovid J. 440 McClelland, David J. 440 McClintock, Dougtos J. 41 1 McCloskey, Fronk J. 440 McCloskey, Michoel B. 41 1 McClurc, Robison C, Jr. 422 McCollough, Williom B. 440 McCollum, William R. 440 McComb, Dovid Moore 440 McCommon, Robert Lee 440 McCoun, Thomos B., Ill 440, 426 McCoy, Robert Lester 41 1 McCrory, Chorles F 440 McCroiy, John ScoM 387 McCreory, Lorry D, 440 McDoniel, Mary E. 440 McDovid, Elizabeth H. 450 McDonald, Dovid C 4 1 1 McDonold, Morgan W. 440 McDonald, Stephen K 387 McDonold, Williom B. 440 McDonough, Stephen M 411 McDougal, George Fred 440 McDougall, David S. 387 McDowell, Robbie Lee 450 McElhonnon, Stewart 440 McElroy, Clark H., Jr 388 McElroy, Miller Todd 388 McEneomey, Sharon V 440 McEwen, Neol William 41 1 McEwen, Thomos Welch 440 McFolls, Richord M 440 McForlond, Gory Lynn 388 McGarvey, Robert Leo 422 McGorvey, Stephen O. 440 McGee, Robert M. 422 McGill, Stephen K. 41 1 McGinn, Richard John 440 McGinnis, Gory Gene 440 McGinty, Emory Lomar 440 McGinty, Philip James 440 McGovern, Edward M 41 1 McGrow, Morvin Allen 4 1 1 Mclntire, Bruce F, 388 Mcintosh, Donald W. 440 Mclntyre, Robert N. 440 McKay, Gory Dean 412 McKay, Jomes Edward 388 McKenno, Williom A 388 McKenzie, Wm. Horrison 388 McKibben, Jerry C 388 McKibben, Thomas C. 388 McKinley, Robert L. 440 McKinnon, John T. 440 McLoin, Donald M 440 Mcloin, Steve Bailey 422 McLaughlin, Thomas R, 412 McLean, John Clifford 388 Mclean, Sam Hoys, Jr 440 McLellon, Wm Rhodes 440 Mcleod, Phillip A., Jr. 440 McMohon, Michoel G 412 McMonus, Joel Richard 388 McMenomin, Donald C 455 McMichen, Robert M. 422 McMichen, Thomos G 440 McMillan, Wm. Colvin 422 McMurron, George K. 440 McMurroy, Richard H. 412 McNobb, Michael lee 440 McNott, Thomas Ovid 4 12 McNcol, Richard Erice 388 McNeil, Stephen H. 422 McNulty, Douglos E. 422 McQueen, Raleigh H 440 484 ATLANTA TEXTILE MACHINERY, INC. STEEL ROLL SPECIALISTS GENERAL REPAIRS AND PARTS 598 Means St., N.W. Tel. TR 6-4877 A. PIERCE ROBERT, Pres.-Treas. B. J. MATHIS, Vice-Pres. B. J. MATHIS - Pres. EBCAP SUPPLY COMPANY ATLANTA Wholesale Distributors — Kohler of Kohler Plumbing Fixtures GAINSVILLE CHAMBLEE FOREST PARK SMYRNA I GRANT FIELD THE VARSITY " World ' s Largest and Most Unusual Drive-In " ' The Fun Place To Eat ' Our Small Variety Assures Freshness ATLANTA . . . CURB SERVICE . . . VARSITY JR. — Cheshire Bridge and Lindbergh ATHENS 485 STUDENT INDEX - Continued McWhirter, Gdrry L. 440 McWhorter, Gory H. 440 McWhorter, Glyndon W. 440 McWhorter, Grody C 440 McWhorter, Neil Edwin 388 Meoling, E. Thorpe 455 Mebone, Hole Bortlett 440 Mechanical Engineering 274 Medtno, Abel Benjomm 455 Medlin, Woodson R 440 Medorr, Steven M, 388 Meek, Del Kent 388 Meek, Thomos Edward 440 Meek, Vance Raymond 4)2 Megohee, Kimberly M. 440 Meimer, Lourence Joy 388 Melbourne, Ralph V 440 Mellon, John Holland 422 Menda, Behrens Edward 455 Mendoza, Esther P 455 Mengelkomp, John M. 440 Mentz, Wm. Morsholl 440 Mercer, Hugh Word, Jr. 422 Meredith, Elizabeth J. 388 Merovich, Andrew T. 388 Merovich, Michael P. 440 Merrell, Barron L. 440 Merriman, Jomes R. 458 Mernmon, Thomas C. 412 Messmer, John H. 455 Melcalf, Cecil Gray 422 Melcalf, JeHrey W 412 MetcoH, Stephen F. 4 I 2 Metri, Paulo Cesar S. 455 Metzer, Michoel D. 412 Metzer, Wolter Steven 440 Mewborn, Woodrow W. 388 Meyers, Gregory P. 440 Meyers, Kenneth J., Jr 440 Mice 4S1 Middlebrooks, Percy B. 389 Middlebrooks, Thomas 440 Middlebrooks, Willis 440 Might, Thomos Owen 440 Mihotok, Edword 412 Milam, Roland M. 440 Milam, Wiley Kirk 440 Milby, Stephen Carl 440 Miles, Doniel Pierce 440 Miles, George Shelton 389 Miles, Gregory C. 440 Miles, Paul Edward 450 Mileto, Christopher F. 440 Miley, Martin Hunt 440 Milikin, David M, 422 Miller, Carl R, 455 Miller, Carlton W. 440 Miller, Dean R., Jr, 440 Miller, Dennis M. 4 1 2 Miller, Douglas Kent 412 Miller, Edmund M, 440 Miller, Jomes Dewilt 440 Miller, James Malcolm 412 Miller, Jerry D, 440 Miller, John Humphrey 389 Miller, Ray William 422 Miller, Robert E, 412 Miller, Stephen Brent 412 Miller, Terry Wright 412 Miller, Thomos N. 440 Miller, Thomos T., Jr. 422 Miller, Ursula M. 441 Miller, Willi om H,, Jr. 441 Miller, Wm. Roscoe 441 Milligon, Bruce H. 441 Mills, David Elston 389 Mills, Edward Rodney 422 Mills, Henry C, Jr. 441 Mills, John Joy 412 Mills, Michoel D. 450 Mills, Samuel Boxley 389 Mills, Worren Andrew 412 Minick, Mork Chorles 412 Minor, Roy Clifton, Jr, 422 Miscolly, George H. 441 Mische, Michoel Gene 41 2 Mistokovich, Dovid 44 1 Misura, Ronold J. 441 Mitchell, Charles G 422 Mitchell, Charles P. 441 Mitchell, James E. 441 Mitchell, John M, 441 Mize, Carolyn Marie 422 Mize, Richard D, 441 Mizell, Gory Lynn 441 Mizell, Roger T. 455 Mood, Zuheir Fores 441 Mock, Wm. Thomas 441 Modern Languagei 371 Moehle, Dale Allen 422 Moftetl, John Wm., Jr 422 Mo«itl, Todd Edsel 4 1 2 Mohommadioun, Sotd 389 Motino, Arturo Rofael 412 Moncio, Stephen W 389 Monds, Jomes Hinton 441 Monk, Wiley Philip 441 Monnerot, Georgia Ann 422 Monson, Jon Gudmund 4 1 2 Montemayor, Oscar J. 455 Montgomery, Edword E. 455 Montgomery, James 441 Montgomery, Michoel W 389 Montiel, Robert M, 441 Moody, Joseph O. 441 Moody, Lorry J. 441 Moody, Mitchell L. 441 Moody, Samuel Herron 412 Moody, Sidney Leon 44 1 Moolenaor, Edward D. 441 Moon, Michael George 412 Moon, Ronold Hoyword 441 Moon, Terry Wayne 389 Mooney, Daniel Baker 422 Mooney, Richord M 389 Moore, Clyde B. 441 Moore, David Allen 422 Moore, David W 412 Moore, Frederick S. 422 Moore, Gory Lone 389 Moore, George M. 422 Moore, Gregory Alan 441 Moore, James R., Jr. 389 Moore, James Senger 389 Moore, John Richord 422 Moore, Ricky Lamar 4 22 Moore, Robert G., Jr, 389 Moore, Robert Lowery 389 Moore, Terry Lee 389 Moore, William W., Jr. 412 Morales, Luis Moc 441 Morcos, Somy Morod 455 Mordente, Dorrell G 422 Mordic, Jomes H , Jr. 389 Morell, Juan Antonio 4 56 Moreno, William 412 Morelon, David H. 456 Morgon, George W. 4 1 2 Morgan, Jerry 422 Morgan, Joe, III 441 Morgan, John David 389 Morgan, Larry Glenn 422 Morgan, Stephen R. 441 Morgan, Wm. Anthony 441 Morion, Dennis A. 44 1 Moriou, John Gory 441 Moriorty, Richard F. 412 Morris, Charles A. 450 Morris, Charles M. 458 Morris, David Bishop 422 Morris, Edward Gordon 389 Morris, Fred Richard 422 Morris, James Wesley 412 Morris, Jon Robert 441 Morris, Michoel Poul 44 1 Morris, Poul Edison 389 Morris, Roger D. 441 Morris, Tom Arthur 389 Morris, Wm. Stephen 412 Morrison, Alexander 441 Morrison, Arthur G., Jr. 422 Morrison, James Brian 422 Morrison, James L. 44 1 Morrison, Steven A, 441 Morrison, Walter F 412 Morrissey, Charles M. 44) Morton, Kirk Horace 412 Morton, Stephen R, 441 Morton, Thomos Neol 422 Moseley, Jomes Clair 422 Moseley, Joseph F. 458 Moseley, Lewis, Jr. 389 Moseley, Wolter Grant 441 Moser, Scott A. 441 Moses, John F. 44 1 Moses, Thomas L. 441 Moskovitz, Jerome A. 441 Moss, Charles A,, Jr 441 Moss, Chorles Dovid 44 1 Moss. Chorles Horold 389 Moss, Henry F, 441 Moss, Lelond H., Jr. 44) Moss, Michael David 389 Moss, Stephen Craig 422 Motley, Philip Eugene 422 Mouchorofieh, Nodim 456 Mount, Granville Alan 441 Moxley, Edison S. 4 12 Moxley, Wm, Carl, III 422 Moye, John WooKolk 389 Moye, Michael S. 44) Moylon, Jomes E., Jr. 422 Mozley, Donald C. 4)2 Mroz, Kris Ian 422 Muench, George James 441 Muggndge, Raymond T. 390 Muirheod, Lawrence R, 422 Mule, Jomes Gaspare 44 1 Mulkey, Hugh Wallace 412 Mullen, Cassius J. 456 Mullenix, Thomas H., Jr. 422 Muller, Joseph C, Jr. 441 Mullicon, James Neol 422 Mullininx, Bruce M 44 1 Mullins, James C, III 441 Mullins, Paul V. 441 Mumford, Galin Eugene 390 Mumford, Michael L. 390 Munczenski, Dennis E. 441 Mundie, Craig Jomes 412 Munn, Charles F. 441 Munroe, Jebb W. 44) Murphy, Ann Michelle 44 ) Murphy, Christopher C. 4 I 2 Murphy, Herman R. 41 2 Murphy, James Daniel 390 Murphy, Jomes J. 441 Murphy, Robert D. 441 Murphy, Robert Ogle 441 Musa, Louis F, 441 Musgrove, Daniel K. 390 Mushung, Lance Joseph 441 Musselman, Charles W 412 Myers, Charles F., Jr. 441 Myers, ' Edward L., Jr. 422 Myers, Jomes Agnew 441 Myers, Joseph Palme 390 Myers, Karl William 422 Myers, Michael Rhodes 441 Myron, Donold Leslie 441 Nading, John Henry 441 Nogel, John Francis 456 Nogroni, Shyom K. 390 Nokomoto, Shu 442 Nance, Donald Alan 390 Nance, Robert Allen 390 Noronio, Alexis H. 390 Nosh, Harold Ronald 390 Nosh, Kenneth Allen 412 Nosh, Steven A. 441 Nosh, Wm, Howard, Jr. 412 Nations, Lorry Monroe 442 Novohs, John Wm. 442 Neol, John Pickens 422 Neal, lorry Alan 390 Negreiro, Francisco J. 390 Neikirk, Don Randall 442 Nelder, Alan Lee 390 Nelms, Michael Rex 442 Nelson, Donald E. 442 Nelson, Kurt Stewart 390 Nelson, Michael B. 442 Nelson, Paul M. 450 Nelson, Rondall H. 412 Nelson, Ruben Birt 412 Nelson, Tiffany T. 4 1 2 Nepper, Bernard John 412 Nesmith, Willie M. 442 Neu, Russell Charles 442 Neubouer, Bruce John 422 Neuner, Samuel Scott 422 Newberry, Billy M. 442 Newberry, Harold L. 390 Newcomer, Philip Carr 442 Newman, Fronklin P., Jr. 390 Newman, Leonard B., Ill 412 Newsome, Richard E. 412 Newton, James G , Jr. 422 Nghe, Le Binh 456 Nichols, Charles T. 442 Nichols, James, III 442 Nichols, Jerry Donald 442 Nicholson, Jomes M. 422 Nicholson, Michael R. 442 Nickels, Richard C, Jr. 442 Nicoll, Regis M. 442 Niemi, Leonard Wm. 442 Nisbet, Edward G. 412 Nitschke, Robert L. 442 Nix, Dale Wendel 456 Nix, Ralph C 442 Noe, Michoel Keith 412 Nolen, Fronces Louise 442 Nolte, Bruce Wester 390 Norconk, Jomes J., Jr 456 Normon, David Eugene 442 Norman, Joe Roy 44 2 Norris, Harold Bruce 412 Norton, Donald G. 442 Norwood, Samuel M. 422 Nottke, Bruce Alden 412 Nuclear Engineering 276 Nunbhakdi, P. 422 Nungesser, Philip W, 456 Numberger, Stanley L. 422 Nussboum, Morris 442 Nystrom, John Andrew 422 Ookes, Leslie A. 442 Obrien, John W, Davis 442 Obnen, Sherman Davis 390 Obrien, Terrence M. 442 Ochiltree, Eric Jock 390 Oconnell, William L 422 Odell, John Tyus 422 ODK 346 Odom, Wm, Steve 442 Oenbrink, Robert M, 390 Oertel, Robert Edmund 44 2 Ogilvie, Robert James 442 Ogle, Poul Wolloce 412 Oglesby, John Norman 412 Ogletree, Charles R, 390 Ogletree, Ronald K, 456 Okeefe, Michael Jomes 412 Olousen, James F, 412 Oldog, Michael Von 422 Olive, Charles M. 390 Oliver, Andrew C , III 442 Olsen, Eric George 44 2 Olson, Lorry Stephon 390 Olson, Robert W 442 Oneal, Lorry W, 442 Oneol, Wm. Ennis 390 Oppenheim, Philip Lee 391 Orovec, Susan Maria 442 Oreor, Ronald Lecil 391 Orgmizations 290 Orr, James Kyle 412 Orr, Joel Lomor 442 Orwig, Kenneth Roy, Jr. 391 Osborne, Wm. Edward 442 Osgood, Frederick J, 456 Osheosy, Michoel T. 412 Oswald, Charles Mark 422 Ott, Edward Stanley 391 Ouzts, Wilmot B, 391 Ovetsky, Ronold M, 442 Owen, Clorisso B 450 Owen, Glenn Morvm 391 Owen, James Walter 442 Owen, Richord Scott 391 Owen, Victor Franco 391 Owens, Robert Hall 391 Owusuonsoh, Kofi A. 456 Oxer, John Poul D, 422 Oxford, Roger Charles 391 Oxiey, Matthew W. 412 Ozier, Lance W. 4)2 Poorz, Robert Emil 39) Pabst, Benjamin H., Ill 391 Poce, Morsholl Osteen 456 Pace, Robert Coleman 442 Padgett, Arthur Joy 442 Padgett, Kenneth H. 422 Padgett, Lorry J 44 2 Padgett, Paul C, Jr 442 Padgett, Ronnie Clyde 41 2 Padgett, Ted Ross 442 Paine, Robert Porson 442 Polodino, Tony Chris 412 Polefsky, Horry Arow 44 2 Pollesen, Reginald A. 442 Pollmon, Chorles M. 4 1 2 Polmer, Oovid C. 422 Palmer, Dennis E. 4)2 Palmer, Henry C. 442 Palmer, Hoyt 391 Palmer, Peter L, 44 2 Palmer, Richord A 412 Polmer, Robert Alan 442 Palmer, Robert Bruce 442 Poncorvo, Victor M. 456 Pondorf, Wayne 44 2 Ponter, Chorles C, Jr 442 Ponzarello, Anthony M. 442 486 NATIONAL LEAD CO. Atlanta Branch Manufacturers of DUTCH BOY Quality Paints and Lead Products. 451 Bishop St., N.W. TR 6-7361 SPECIALTY DISTRIBUTING CO. INC. 763 Juniper St. N.E. 873-2521 Electronics Equipment and Supplies Industrial Hobby Sound PROFESSIONAL HI Fl AND STEREO MacDOUGALD CONST. CO. Heavy Construction EXPRESSWAYS, BRIDGES, GRADING AND PAVING P.O. Box 19855 Atlanta, Georgia BRAND -NAME SHOES SAVE UP TO 60% FRIEDMAPsPS 209 MitcheU Street, 8. W. Across from C S Bank Phone JA 4-9381 Atlanta. Ga. 30303 COMPLETE LINE OF GOLF SHOES. STUDENT INDEX - Continued Pope, Thomas Wm. 412 Pofodice, Horry P 422 Porodice, Morion G. 44 2 Porekh, Dhonsukh 456 Porhom, Richard F 412 Pons. Henry Grady 391 Porise, Ronold Joseph 422 Pork, Theo Albert, Jr 391 Porker, Allan M, 442 Porker, Doniel M, 391 Porker, Kenneth H 442 Porker, Thornwell Hoy 41 2, 406 Porkes, Edward N., Ill 422 Parkinson, John R., Jr 442 Parks, David Morsholl 392 Porks, John Stonley 392 Porks, Scott E 44 2 Porks, Willlom Lewis 392 Porrott, Douglas Lee 392 Persons, Boyd Dole, Jr. 412 Persons, Robert Moore 412 Parsons, Wm James 422 Poss, Edgar Morvin 456 Poss, James William 412 Pote, Ronald M. 442 Potel, Dody Jol 456 Potisoul, Chorles R. 456 Patrick, Jomes D., Jr. 392 Potrick, Neol S. 412 Potrick, Robert L, 422 Potterson, Curless A. 412 Potterson. Dennis M, 412 Patterson, Fred E. 412 Potterson, Horlon S. 412 Potterson, Richard D. 423 Potterson, Wm. Logon 423 Pottillo, James C, 41 2 Pottillo, Robert A. 44 2 Potton, Gregory A 44 2 Potton, John Henry 442 Potton, Wm Gerold 392 Potz, Horry Z 442 Paul, Jerry Lee 392 Poulk, Jomes Rolph, Jr, 423 Poxlon, Jock Glenn, Jr. 442 Poxton, Robert M. 4 1 2 Poync, Dovid Doolton 392 Poyne, John D. 442 Payne, Joseph F , Jr. 450 Peach, Robert Michael 423 Peacock, Dovid C 413 Peorce, Alon Morple 4 1 3 Peorce, Dovid R. 442 Peorson, Lorry W. 392 Peovy, Mcrk D 442 Redone, Luiz 442 Peebles, Charles F 442 Peebles, David Eorl 41 3 Peele, Robbie C. 442 Peeples, Thomas E. 423 Peery, William W, 450 Pekor, James Martin 413 Pendorvis, Doniel, III 392 Pendergroft, Timothy 423 Pengue, Morcy Louis 413 Penn, Dovid Harold 4 13 Penn, Thomos Leonard 458 Pennetl, John Harvey 413 Pepper, Jennifer 392 Peppers, Vernon Wm. 423 Perdue, Dovid Alfred 423 Perdue, Edward M. 456 Perdue, Robert Wm 413 Pereyro, Manuel 456 Pergontis, Chris Lone 450 Perkins, Frederick M. 44 2 Perozzi, Bruce P. 392 Perrin, Jock Edward 443 Perry, John Horns, Jr. 413 Perry, Lowrence M. 443 Perry, Louis William 413 Perry, Raymond C. 443 Perry, Thomos Henry 423 Perry, Wm Gory 413 Pershing Rifles 335 Peters, Robert Hester 392 Peters, Russell E. 443 Peters, Spence E., Jr 423 Peters, Tereso Lynn 423 Peterson, Chorles H 456 Peterson, Daniel Wm, 423 Peterson, John f D. 392 Peterson, Richord C, 423 Petree, Lorry Michoel 423 Petree, Mork Rondoll 450 Peiro, Jomes Michoel 413 Peltil, Verne Elwyn 413 Petty, Arthur V,, Jr 456 Pettyiohn, Paul W 392 Petwoy, Allen Poul, Jr 443 Peugh, Jock Lee 423 Pfeuffer, Poul L 443 Pharr. James Lewis 44 3 Phi Delta Theta 146 Phi Epsilon Pi 148 Phi Gammo Delta ISO Phi Kappa Sigma 152 Phi Eta Sigma 356 Phi K po Tau 1 54 Phi Kappa Theta 156 Phi Sigma Kappa 158 Phi Kappo Phi 352 Philbeck, Tommie M. 423 Philbrick, Jomes D., Jr. 443 Phillips, Aoron Linn 423 Phillips, Fredric 458 Phillips, John S, 443 Phillips, Joseph E 423 Physical Training 277 Physics 278 Photo Club 327 Photo Staff 496 Pickens, William R,, Jr. 392 Pickering, Joe Cleve 443 Piedrahito, Carlos A. 423 Pierce, Steven Jomes 392 Pierro, Robert Henson 443 Pigott, Henry Dale 392 Pi Kappa Alpha 1 60 Pi Kappa Phi 162 Pinholster, Doniel F 456 Piper, Chorles R,, Jr. 413 Piper, Somuel O, 44 3 Pitman, Donold G. 4 23 Pittord, Daniel Elson 413 Pittman, Archie Lynn 392 Piltmon, John Isham 393 Pitts, Jomes Cloude 4 13 Plunkett, Luther C, Jr 413 Plutchok, Emily M 450 Plymale, Jomes R. 423 Pollard, Joseph E, 443 Pomeroy, Poul Gory 44 3 Ponder, James Milton 393 Pool, Gory Corlton 423 Pool, Jimmy Nelson 443 Poole, Jock Chester 413 Poore, Johnny Smith 393 Pope, John Wotson 456 Pope, Rondolph M 423 Popielorczyk, John E. 443 Popowsky, Louis 4 1 3 Portela, Celso A 456 Porter, Everett Ellis 423 Porter, James E , Jr 443 Porter, Jomes Roy 413 Porter, Jomes Thomas 413 Porter, Joy Edword 443 Porter, Joel Stanley 393 Porter, Neil Michoel 423 Posnonsky, Mario 456 Poston, Dovid Lone 413 Poston, Michael A. 443 Potter, Wm, Daniel, IV 443 Potts, Edward Allen 423 Potts, Joe Thomas 413 Poulos, Nicky Jomes 413 Poulsen, Stephen Poul 393 Pounds, Jim Wilkie, Jr, 393 Powell, Charles M. 443 Powell, Jomes Fred 413 Powell, Madison L , Jr. 443 Powell, Palmer E, Jr, 413 Powell, Paul T. 443 Powell, Robert Thomos 413 Power, Walter Thomos 393 Powers, Corl Richard 443 Poweski, Mork T 443 Proger, Robert D, 450 Proler, Mark D 443 Pratt, John Wm, 443 Pratt, Justin Henry 393 Prescott, Andrew Wm, 393 Presley, Don Allen 443 Preston, Gory Robert 44 3 Prevost, John P 450 Price, Chorles C, 443 Price, Chorles Dovid 393 Price, Chorles G,, III 423 Price, Martin Alon 393 Price, Rodney M. 423 Price, Somuel Russel 393 Pride, Joseph P., Ill 443 Priesler, Wymon 1 , III 423 Prince, Michoel D, 443 Prince, Richard Earl 393 Proctor, Eorl D 443 Proctor, Terry Lynn 443 Propes, William A 4 13 Propst, Keith R 443 Prouly, Daniel M 443 Pruill, Tom Fussel 443 Pryor, Sondro Ann 458 Psychology 280 Pugh, George Butler 413 Pugh, William Lewis 413 Pulis, Ronald Roymond 393 Pullen, David H 413 Pullln, Perry 443 Punyohotro, Choompote 456 Purondare, Sudhir N 456 Purcell, Dovid Bloir 393 Purcell, John A. 443 Purdy, Jomes Gregory 413 Purvis, Milton E,, Jr 423 Puskor, Joseph Andrew 413 Putmon, Timothy H, 413 Putman, Wendell T 450 Pye, Franklin Douglos 393 Pyles, Thomos C, 413 Quon, Pham Von 456 Queries, Michoel Neil 423 Quortorone, Thomas 443 Queen, Ellery Edward 4 1 3 Queen, Michoel Bruce 443 Ouiot, Allon Borry 423 Quillion, Lowrence F 443 Quinones, Ale|ondro 44 3 Quintero, Peter S. 423 Quinton, Gregory Lee 423 Robold, Bernard Louis 393 Rochol, Ernest Albert 393 Roder, Edward Dwoyne 393 Rodhokrishnon, S R. 456 Radin, Jored Paul 443 Radler, George A, 443 Rodomski, Eric Porker 443 Raffouf, Martin A. 443 Roffield, Samuel J, 443 Rogsdole, George R. 443 Raines, Robert Allen 443 Raines, Steven Roy 393 Roiney, Milton Sodler 423 Rainwater, Charles P 443 Rainwater, Jomes S, 393 Rainwater, Julius H. 413 Romokrtshnan, V. T. 456 Rambling Reck Club 314 Romers, Douglas L 44 3 Romirez, Arnoldo A, 443 Romsey, Clyde Paul 443 Romsey, Douglas G-, Jr 423 Ramsey, Richord A. 443 Romsey, Robert L 443 Ramsey, Wm, Toylor 443 Rond, Mortimer Croig 413 Ronnefeld, David N, 423 Ranwez, Froncis T, 443 Rapp, John Michael 413 Rash, Edward Albert 393 Rotteree, Jomes F. 393 Rout, Jogodish G. 413 Rout, Provin K. 456 Roville, Charles D, 443 Rowlings, Walter T. 443 Rawlins, Louis L,, Jr. 413 Rowls, Thompson T 443 Roy, George Allon 44 3 Roy, Howord Donald 423 Roy, Williom Franklin 423 Royburn, Steve Daniel 393 Raymond, Robert J., Jr. 443 Reo, Peter Armand 443 Readdick, Terry Lee 413 Reogan, Ronald P 443 Reom, Randy Kenneth 443 Reordon, John T, 443 Reasons, Richord Lee 443 Rebrovick, Arthur J. 443 Redmond, Thomos J,, Jr, 413 Redondo, Jorge Manuel 413 Reece, Gory Lamar 413 Reed, Dovid Morsholl 423 Reed, Stephen Alon 443 Reeder, Thomas L , III 423 Rees, Jeffrey Allen 41 3 Rees, Loren Poul 393 Reese, Frederick O., Jr 413 Reeves, Michael Alon 413 Reeves, Robert M 413 Register, Robert S 413 Register, Wm Douglos 443 Rehbein, Dovid Arthur 443 Rehder, John Joseph 394 Reid, Robert E-, Jr 394 Reilly, John Franklin 413 Reilly, Wm Potrick 443 Reilmon, Suson Jo 413 Reimer, Stephen Word 450 Reinehr, Charles M, 394 Reineke, Robert Wm, 413 Reismon, Richord C, 423 Reitz, Poul D 443 Religion 332 Remer, Michael David 423 Renfro, James Perry 413 Rentz, Francis Jomes 443 Replogle, James W , III 456 Research 242 Revell, Charles F 443 Reville, Julion S, 443 Rey, Celestino 456 Reymiller, Mork C, 423 Reynolds, Dovid Alon 394 Reynolds, Dennis M, 443 Reynolds, James W. 394 Reynolds, John M. 443 Reynolds, Randal Mark 423 Reynolds, Williom G. 443 Rezoc, George John J 456 Rhett, Wm, Haskell, III 423 Rhodes, Dovid Molcolm 444 Rhodes, Dennis Roy 394 Rhodes, Jocob Morion 423 Rhodes, Rondy Deleon 444 Rhodes, Wm Reed 444 Rhudy, Oscor George 413 Ribbing, Catherine M. 444 Rice, Charles S,, Jr, 413 Rice, Donold Lester 413 Rice, Robert S 444 Rich, Lewis Lee 444 Richordson, James T. 4 1 3 Richordson, Jerry C, 444 Richordson, Ronald M. 4 13 Richter, Frederick H 444 Richter, Ira Zelmon 423 Richter, Robert C. 444 Ricks, Gory B, 423 Ridgewoy, Robert W 413 Ridgewoy, Ronnie Hugh 444 Rigdon, Henry C, III 413 Righter, N. Warren 444 Riker, Kothleen Ruth 444 Riley, Don Barney, Jr. 423 Rinehort, Clifford A. 423 Ris, James Lunsford 444 Rist, John Raymond 4 1 3 Rivos, Noel E, 423 Rizzo, Frank Russell 444 Roach, More Eric 394 Robbs, Charies T, 394 Roberts, Dovid R. 394 Roberts, Eric Winn 423 Roberts, George C. 423 Roberts, Jomes A, 444 Roberts, John Steven 423 Roberts, Lorry Arthur 423 Roberts, Michael Lynn 444 Roberts, Stephen N, 394 Robertson, Dovid H. 394 Robertson, Earl L, 394 Robertson, J. Wm,, Jr, 413 Robertson, Joseph S. 394 Robichoud, Clifford J, 444 Robichoud, Robert S 394 Robie, Clorence W, 444 Robinett, Jomes W, 444 Robinson, Chtrles B. 394 Robinson, Dollos C. 444 Robinson, Gregory A. 423 Robinson, Horace C, 444 Robinson, Howard W, 394 Robinson, Robert D 444 Robinson, Thomos B 444 Robinson, Wm. George 444 Robson, Richord T, 444 Rochefort, Thomos J, 444 Roderick, Arthur T. 394 Rodgers, Jomes David 413 Rodgers, Richard T 413 Rodriguez, Gerord R, 413 Rodriguez, Robert Joe 423 Roesch, Robert Wm,, Jr. 413 Roesser, Joseph C, Jr 413 Rogers, Jon Borry 423 488 Brittain Dining Hall Conveniently located in the center of the dormitory area, the Bnttain Dining Hall offers three meals a day cafeteria style under board plans, coupon books or for cash. T-room table service and on- campus catering. Bradley Dining Hall Located on the street floor on the Hemphill side of the Classroom Building, the Book Store stocks oil required texts plus reference books, fiction and non-fiction, and a large paperback selection. Georgia Tech ' s Auxiliary Services Serve Tech Students in Many Ways The Tech College Inn Also located under the Tower, the College Inn offers approved and recommended school supplies, drav ing equipment; and slide rules. See our complete line of gifts including school spirit items. The Tech Book Store Located in the heart of the campus under the Tech Tower, the Bradley Dining Hall is the convenient place for a quick snack or for complete breakfast and luncheon service. 489 STUDENT INDEX - Continued Rogers, Joseph M. 394 Rogers, Joseph Philip 444 Rogers, Theron Oovid 444 Rogers, niomas G. 444 Rogers, Vincent J. 394 Rogers, William A. 444 Roggenkomp, Charles L. 423 Roland, Barry Lee 394 Rom, Doniet S. 444 Roman, Munuel Emilio 423 Romig, Stephen E. 444 Romine, Steven Lee 423 Rooks. John Wayne 413 Rooney, Mkhael J. 444 Roper, Cecil Poul, Jr. 394 Rose, Frank Watson 394 Rosen, Alan B. 444 Rosenboum, Albert B, 423 Rosenberg, Jock 444 Ross, Oovid Charles 394 Ross, Williom L 394 Rosser, Thomas Adron 413 ROTC 284 Roth, Bruce Andrew 394 Roth, Donald Phillip 444 Rothe, George Henry 423 Roughton, George A, 395 Rountree, Albert 44 4 Rountree, Thomas A M. 444 Rooth, Sherman Edword 444 Rowe, Charles Roy 444 Rowe, Gary Clorence 395 Rowland, Lorry H 444 Rowland, Ronald W. 444 Rowlett, John T. 423 Roy, Roberto Ramon 456 Royal, Gilbert Sidney 395 Rozmon, Joseph Thomas 456 Robel, Glenn Orson 444 Ruck, Forrest Eugene 444 Rucker, Thomos A. 423 Ruddermon, Lawrence F, 413 Rudeen, Kimball M. 413 Rudeen, Michoel H 444 Rumsey, Jimmy Lee 395 Rush, Eugene E 444 Rusher, Wm. Graham 44 Rushing, Ricky Eugene 423 Ruskin, Michael P. 444 Ruskin, Theodore W. 444 Russell, Larry Wayne 41 3 Russell, Michoel R. 423 Russell, Wm David 423 Ryon, Dovid Michael 423 Ryon, John Terrence 423 Ryan, Patrick Henry 413 Ryer, Charles Patrick 414 Ryer, George Michael 4 1 4 Ryle, Rayford Marvin 4 23 Saborido, Robert D 444 Sobot, Earl Eoton, Jr 444 Sochjopinan, Somlok 456 Sock, Marcus Emil 444 Sofovi, Shahrnoz 456 Sohoro, Tom 456 Soiling Club 343 Sok, Theodore E 444 Sokoi, Toshihiko 456 Sokamoto, Stephen M. 458 Salby, Murry Lewis 444 SAM 330 Somoh, Rosima 456 Samborski, Jon A. 444 Somra, Cynthia Sofio 414 Sams, Gerald Woosley 414 Soms, Kenneth D. 444 Sams, Thomas A. 414 Sand, Richard Jomes 423 Sanders, Bobby J 444 Sanders, Debra F. 450 Sonders, Janney E. 423 Sanders, Michoel W 4l4 Sanders. Thomos Ricky 444 Sanders, Walter D., Jr. 423 Sondler, Kenneth S 395 Sondridge, Gordon R 444 Sands, Donald Edward 4l4 Sandusky, Harold Wm. 414 Sontongelo, Vincent A. 444 Santeiro, Gerardo J. 444 Sontospogo, Louis F. 395 Sapp, Jock Randall 423 Sorgent, Lorry Alan 444 Sortain, Kerry A. 395 Sasser, Thomos L. 444 Sasso, Abfohom Martin 423 Satrom, Kirk Dougbs 423 Soulnier, Bruce M 456 Soulsbury, Albert O. 444 Saumweber, Martin, Jr. 423 Sounders, Benjamin E, 444 Saunders, Ottis W., Jr. 423 Saunders, Rondoll P. 444 Souier, Wm. Irvin, Jr. 445 Sauler, Robert F, 445 Sauthcff, Michael R, 445 Savage, John Clifton 395 Sovory, Brian Clyde 445 Soyor, Boshir Ahmod 456 Soyford, Nelson F 414 Saylof, Thomas Reese 395 Scabbard Blade 360 Scondlyn, Ronald D. 4 1 4 Schoefer, German D. 395 Schaeffer, Lorry G, 395 Schoufele, David M 414 Scheer, Edword A. 445 Schendel, Wayne D, 445 Schenk, David A. 445 Scheufler, Wayne A. 445 Schier, Richard E. 414 Schimmel, Bernard T. 414 Schrsler, Michoel S. 445 Schlocter, Michael A. 424 Schlogeter, Nicholos 414 Schmalz, Wm. Joseph 445 Schnepfe, Dennis C. 414 Schollenberger, J. M. 395 Schreiber, Richard A. 424 Schroll, Charles E., Jr. 445 Schueler, Wijltam F. 424 Schultz, Lee Leroy 395 Schuster, Ronald R. 424 Schwartz, Harold W. 395 Schwartz, Roger Roy 424 Scogin, Linda J. 445 Scores 116 Scott, Billy Roy 445 Scott, F William E,, Jr, 414 Scott, Jerry Martin 395 Scott, Phillip J, 396 Scott, William A. 396 Scott, Wm. Lumpkin, Jr. 456 Seago, David Milton 445 Seagraves, Robert B. 445 Sears, Robert Milton 396 Sebok, Charles Wm. 445 Sedei, Gary S 445 Seebeck, Robert Neils 424 Seekins, Thomos Tracy 4l4 Seemer, Robert Henry 396 Seevers, Eric Lynn 396 Segol, Horry J. 450 Segors, Donald R., Jr. 445 Segars, Roy, Jr. 396 Segers, Donald F. 445 Seiavitch, Steven B. 445 Seibert, Donald H, 414 Seidensticker, H. B. 445 Self, James W., Jr. 445 Seike, Walter 458 Seniors 364 Senior Credits 460 Senn, David Mitchell 414 Serafis, John Emile 396 Sessler, Stephen M, 396 Seuss, Chorles Dcrvid 424 Severonce, Samuel W. 396 Sewell, Robert Woyne 445 Sewell, Russell Neol 414 Seymour, Cornell T 445 Shaefer, Charles F., Jr. 4 14 Sharp, Terry R. 450 Shoukot, Syed Kholid 456 Shourette, Thomas G 414 Shover, Edwords Boone 396 Shaver, Troy Calvin 445 Shaw, James Gordon, Jr. 424 Show, Philip W,, Jr. 458 Show, Robert M. 445 Shea, Michael Louis 424 Sheoron, Leslie A. 445 She " ' ouse, Donold C 396 Shedden, Condoce M. 445 Sheffield, Jomes M, 424 Shelonder, James Dehy 445 Shelley, Robert S, 396 Shellhorse, Victor H. 445 Shelnutt, Lorry W. 414 Shelnutt, Lewis Lamar 445 Shelnutt, Robert Reid 414 Shenk, Michoel Wesley 414 Shepard, Robert B, 414 Shepherd, Chcrles B. 445 Shepherd, David B. 445 Sherman, Dovid Carl 445 Sherrill, Wesley H 445 Sherwood, Steven C 424 Sherwood, Steven T. 445 Shiboto, Tomoo 456 Shields, James Curtis 445 Shih, Neng Fu 456 Shillington, Donold V 424 Shipmon, Keith Waldo 456 Shipp, John Edgar, IV 4 I 4 Shiver, Donald J 445 Shoemaker, Douglos R. 445 Shonko, Joseph J, 456 Shook, James Samuel 445 Shores, Samuel Troy 414 Short, Clyde Mdcolm 424 Short, Warren WenJell 424 Showers, Joseph 445 Shulman, Robert M, 396 Shumoker, Clifford N 445 Shumon, James B. 424 ShufTXJn, Lorry A. 445 Shumpert, John W,, Jr. 445 Shypulo, John Walter 396 Sidwell, King E. 424 Sierchio, John M 4 14 Sigafoos, John J , Jr 424 Sigma Alpha Epslton 164 Sigmo Chi 166 Sigma Nu 168 Sigma Phi Epsilon 170 Silcox, Wm, Peter 424 Siller, Sergio Jesus 396 Sills, Patricia Ann 396 Silver, Irving 424 Simmons, Gory H. 445 Simmons, George G 414 Simmons, Michael Gerw 396 Simmons, Reid Walton 397 Simmons, Robert Neol 397 Simmons, Wayne Alvin 445 Simmons, Wm. Jasper, Jr. 397 Simon, James Samuel 424 Simpson, Allan Boyd 397 Sims, Tana Lynette 4 24 Sindell, John Ouinten 424 Singer, Roymond P., Jr, 445 Singhol, Mohender K. 457 Singletory, Ellis M. 445 Skeltey, Daniel F. 397 Skelton, Joe F. 457 Skillmon, Michael yari 424 Skinner, Stephen Alan 445 Slater, Gregory C. 445 Sledd, Fronklyn (.., Jr. 445 Sletto, Inez 457 Small, George C , III 445 Smolley, Dan Ross 424 Smart, Russell H. 445 Smith, Aoron Julius 414 Smith, Arthur King 445 Smith, Benjamin Duron 445 Smith, Betty Sue 445 Smith, Chodwick P, 397 Smith, Clarence E., Ill 414 Smith, Clark Weldon 397 Smith, Clyde M 445 Smith, Dovid R. 457 Smith, Don Charles 414 Smith, Douglos Edgar 445 Smith, Fred Bussey 414 Smith, Jack Edward, Jr, 424 Smith, James Thomos 445 Smith, Jerome W 445 Smith, John Darryl 445 Smith, Karen P. 445 Smith, Larry Stephen 414 Smith, O ' en Charles 397 Smith, Owen Cooper 445 Smith, Paul C. 445 Smith, Paul Roland 445 Smith, Quentin M., Ill 414 Smith, Randall Wilson 424 Smith, Richard Harold 397 Smith, Robert B. 445 Smith, Robert Bruce 445 Smith, Robert S. 445 Smith, Robert Wolston 424 Smith, Ronald Lee 424 Smith, Sandra E 445 Smith, Sherrill E 457 Smith, Stephen Lowell 424 Smith, Thomas E, 445 Smith, Thomas Edward 4 24 Smith, Virgil K. 457 Smith, Walter C. 424 Smith, Wayne D 457 Smith, Wm, Nesbitt 397 Smith, Wm. Peyton, Jr. 445 Smith, Wm Stevenson 424 Snead, Frank Eugene 397 Snell, Stephen F 414 Snow, Asbury D 457 Snyder, Daniel Robins 414 Snyder, Thomas Monroe 397 Snyder, Todd Alon 446 Soccer 1 09 Social Sciences 381 Soderberg, Cort Axel 397 Sokol, Donald Thomos 397 Sokolow, Jerry M, 414 Soland, Fred H. 457 Soler, Rafael I. 446 Soltoni, All 397 Somerset, Donald E , Jr 446 Sophomores 418 Sorio, Jose Roberto R. 457 Sormon, LJnal All 457 Sorrell, John Foster 446 Soto, Angel Manuel 414 Soulis, Alex Keith 424 Sowell, John Gory 446 Sowers, Don K. 446 Spodanuto, Steven V. 446 Spalding, Raymond L. 414 Spongier, Jack Rhodes 424 Spanjers, Craig M, 446 Sponnogel, Dovid John 446 Spono, Robert Louis 424 Sporks, Crawford T. 446 Speors, Francis N, 446 Specs 495 Speegle, Gary E 41 4 Speer, Charles R , Jr. 424 Speer, Richard N 398 Speight, Linda J. 446 Spellman, Floyd E., Ill 446 Spencer, Charles Wm, 446 Spencer, Donna Lynn 446 Spier, George Eugene 414 Spilsbury, Thomas Wm. 446 Spoede, William Dew 424 Sports 80 Spratlin, John Webb 446 Spreen, Allan Norwood 414 Spring, Michoel James 398 Springle, Leslie P 446 Sproull, James E., Jr. 446 Sprouse, Randall Lee 424 Spurlin, James H. 424 Srinivoson, Ramonujom 457 Srinivasan, T K. 457 Stock, Wm, Regan, Jr. 446 Stabler, George R 414 Stahl, John Edward 424 Stainton, Samuel 0, 446 Stakes, Benprnin E, 398 Stolnoker, George R 446 Stomotokis, Emanuel 457 Stonfieb, John T , Jr, 398 Stanford, Johnston H, 414 Staniszewski, Norbert 414 Stanley, Michael 424 Stanley, Wm, Johnson 398 Stonsbury, Paul S, 398 Stanton, Jeffrey John 446 Stapleton, Stephen H, 398 Stark, Richard D, 424 Stornes, George Keith 424 Stoton, Gerald W,, Jr. 446 Steed, Joseph F, 446 Steed, Rtchord E. 446 Steele, Gory Thomas 398 Steele, Stephen C, 446 Steely, Robert Kirk 446 Steen, Michael Lee 414 Steffenhogen, Wm, M, 446 Stem, Frederick P,, Jr. 398 Steinboch, George K, 398 Steinberg, Steven M, 424 Steinmon, Norman 398 Stendero, James W. 414 Stephens, Edward B. 457 Stephens, Robert L. 414 Stephens, Ronel 424 Stephens, Thomos W. 424 Stephenson, Michael L. 446 Sterne, Alan Evans 398 Sterne, Michael P. 446 Stevens, Matthew A. 4 1 4 Stevenson, Samuel W, 446 Stevenson, Shelby L. 446 490 your one-stop store for all office supplies office equipment and decorating business printing office supplies drafting and engineering supplies tabulating supplies 221 Ivy St., N.E. • 60 Peachtree St., N.W. ATLANTA BRANCHES: GA.: Albany, Athens, Augusta, Columbus, Gaines- ville, Macon, Ronne, Savannah, ALA.: Huntsville, TENN.: Athens, Chattanooga, Knoxville, S. C: Greenville Techmen depend on ENGINEER ' S BOOK STORE for GEORGIA TECH CLASS RINGS TEXTBOOKS (NEW AND USED) OUTLINES AND STUDY GUIDES SWEATSHIRTS AND SOUVENIRS DRAWING INSTRUMENTS AND SUPPLIES PT UNIFORMS AND T-SHIRTS SOUTH ' S MOST COMPLETE TECHNICAL REFERENCE SECTION WE BUY ALL TEXTBOOKS OF ANY VALUE, ANYTIME ENGINEER ' S BOOK STORE 252 North Avenue, N. W. — right across from the campus " We appreciate your business " 491 STUDENT INDEX - Continued Stewort, Byrne W., Ill 396 Stewort, Diana O. 457 Stewart, Gory Stephen 414 Stewart, John George 446 Stewart, Maxson L. 446 Stewart, Michael H. 446 Stewart, Rondy Harold 446 Stewart, Roy Lee, III 446 Stewart, Wm. Warren, II 446 Stianche, Joseph M. 446 Stigall, Charles R., Jr. 424 Stivers, David A. 446 Stobbs, Gregory Aton 446 Stoecket, Ralph Henry 446 Stokes, John Paul 446 Stokes, Michael J. 446 Stone, Aibert Asa 446 Stone, Arthur Lee 41 4 Stone, Bryant Moson 424 Stone, Poul Sinclair 446 Stone, William Dovid 398 Stoner, Curtis Lee 446 Storey, James Maxwell 414 Storey, James R. 398 Stovall, James Frank 414 Strock, Alfred David 446 Strock, James Edward 398 Strader, Rodman A, 446 Strange, Charles M, 414 Strouss, Ernest G, 3 98 Street, Russell Wayne 446 Street, Thomas G, 446 Stricklond, Danny L. 398 Stricklond, David E. 424 Strickland, Jomes Wm. 424 Strickland, Michael L. 398 Stricklond, Sandra L. 446 Strickland, Samuel L. 398 Striemer, Galen C. 424 Stringfellow, Andrew 398 Striptin, Carl M. 414 Strom, Robert Bernard 398 Stroup, Robert B. 398 Stroup, Ronald Hal 446 Struhar, John M. 457 Stubbe, Federico M. 414 Stuber, Donald R. 414 Stucki, Arthur C. 446 Student Center 296 Student Council 292 Sturkey, Joseph J. 398 Sturzenbecker, Martin 446 Suarez, Inclan M. 457 Subramanian, N. V. I. 457 Sudduth, Alvin L., Ill 398 Sugg, Wm. Edward, Jr. 446 Summerford, Rodney H. 446 Sommersgill, George L. 446 Sun, Joseph Chokwing 457 Sundstrom, Jay Bruce 4 24 Sung, Yong H. 457 Susaneck, Morris H. 414 Susanecic, Steven Joel 446 Sutterfield, Charles 4 24 Sutton, Robert C. 446 Swafford, Charlie 446 Swaim, James Cleo 399 Swanson, Malcolm L. 414 Sweat, Wetter Thomas 446 Swebilius, Anthony G. 414 Sweeney, James L. 446 Sweitzer, Daniel S. 399 Swenson, Dole Russell 447 Swick, Henry Hulbert 447 Swicord, Ronald M. 447 Swicord, Timothy M. 4 1 4 Swift, Robert Wesley 447 Swimming 1 14 Sykes, Donald Boyd 4 14 Sylves, David James 44 7 Sylvester, James H. 447 T Club 323 Talbert, Terry L. 457 Tollen, George Wm. 450 Talty, Thomas Froncis 414 Tomm, Robert Eugene 399 Tang, Jerry 414 Tanner, Marvin R., Jr. 414 Tanner, Raymond Geary 414 Tonner, Robert Walter 424 Tonner, Rodney Ted 447 Tenner, Thomas Earl 44 7 Topic, Forzano Moiez 458 Torter, Jomes Otis 414 Tate, Jomes H. 447 Tote, Thomos Doyle 399 Tau Beta Pi 354 Tau Kappa Epsiion 172 Toylor, Bernard W. 399 Taylor, Christopher N. 447 Taylor, Donnie W, 414 Taylor, Eugene Worren 399 Taylor, George Albert 447 Taylor, Glenn Erwin 399 Taylor, Jock Coleman 447 Taylor, James B. 424 Taylor, James Samuel 399 Taylor, Kent Shelton 44 7 Taylor, Michoel E 447 Taylor, Neill Oliver 447 Taylor, Ronald Kent 4 24 Taylor, Stephen H, 447 Toylor, Stephen Lomar 4l4 Taylor, Terry Emmett 399 Taylor, Thomas H., Jr. 447 Teal, Harold Samuel 447 Teal, Howard Stephen 447 Teal, Ronald Moxley 414 Teole, Roger William 424 Teosley, Lorry Neil 424 Teote, Steven Wilson 424 Technique 306 Tedford, Terrell L. 414 Tedmon, Roderick F. 424 Teel, Charles Harold 399 Teel, Philip A. 414 Templer, Rudolf 458 Tennis 110 Terrell, Lawrence A. 399 Terry, Robert Lee 447 Tetterton, Frank R. 399 Textiles 282 Thoch, Fronk Filmore 414 Thalhermer, Marcus E. 447 Thomer, Steven Daniel 447 Thoyer, James G. 447 Theta Chi 174 Theta Xi 176 Thibodaux, Steve T. 424 Thiede, Eric Robert 447 Thiem, Norman Lee 447 Thomas, David Alan 447 Thomas, Efton Jewel 414 Thomas, Fronklin B, 399 Thomas, Howard L., Jr. 447 Thomas, Joel E. 41 4 Thomas, Melvin Hugo 399 Thomas, Michael Borry 399 Thomas, Michael E. 424 Thomos, Patricia W, 450 Thomas, Steven Edward 399 Thomas, William M. 447 Thomoson, Charles M. 447 Thomoson, Terry E. 414 Thomoson, Thomas S. 399 Thombley, Robert Lee 447 Thompson, Charles B. 447 Thompson, Chotfield, H. 424 Thompson, Edwcxd R. 447 Thompson, Fronk Amos 447 Thompson, Hughes Wm. 424 Thompson, Joe Norman 424 Thompson, Kenneth A. 414 Thompson, Michael L. 447 Thompson, Paul Wm. 424 Thompson, Randall C. .424 Thompson, Randall J. 414 Thompson, Steven D. 457 Thompson, Tommy L., Ill 414 Thompson, Woyman L, 399 Thompson, William H. 414 Thompson, Wm. Lesley 424 Thompson, Wm, Perry, Jr. 424 Thompson, Wm. Roy, Jr. Thomson, James Stuart 399 Thonus, Lee Henry 415 Thorne, James Arp 415 Thornton, P. Henry, IV 447 Thornton, Richard L. 415 Thornton, Richard T. 400 Thorpe, Colon Ray 415 Thorpe, Robert M. 424 Thrift, James R,, III 400 Thuente, Sylvan T. 424 Thurmon, Horry Poden 400 Till, Wallace C, Jr. 400 Tiller, David Z 447 Tiller, George P. 447 Tillery, Don Ralph 400 Tillison, Howard M. 447 Tillman, Robie 447 Timko, Kenneth J. 447 Timmers, Diono L. 447 Timpone, Wm, Franklin 447 Tipton, Richord A, 447 Tison, Allan Joseph 415 Todd, David A. 447 Todd, Herbert Martin 400 Todd, Jomes Ernest 424 Todd, Jomes Russell 400 Toemmes, Walter P., Jr. 447 Tolleson, Sue E, 450 Tollison, Kim Andrew 415 Tomlinson, Wm Victor 447 Torch, Evan M, 447 Torchio, Philip, III 415 Torrance, Robert T. 415 Tosch, Thomos Jomes 447 Townes, Wm, Douglas 415 Townsend, Lorry H. 415 Track 106 Tracy, Kirby Tindel 424 Tron, Khanh Tuong 457 Tronthom, Joey Lee 424 Treodwell, Thomas S. 424 Tnbble, Hirom L. 44 7 Tribble, Jomes N. 447 Tribble, Jerry Dennis 415 Trogdon, Richard S. 415 Trost, Robert Edward 415 Trott, Gory David 424 Trotter, Lorry Thomas 4 15 Trotter, Norman Leroy 424 Trowell, Stephen D, 424 Troyer, David E., Jr. 457 Truax, Oliver W. 447 Tsivoglou, Stephome 447 Tubbs, Martin Ira 447 Tucker, Donnie Milton 400 Tucker, Wm. Walter, Jr. 415 Tuhy, Peter Mirko 400 Tull, Wayne Franklin 44 7 Tuller, Frank Norman 457 Tullis, Henry A., Jr. 4 15 Tunon, Martin 400 Turk, David H, 447 Turner, Gregory York 447 Turner, Jomes Miller 447 Turner, James Roy, III 400 Turner, Michael R. 400 Turner, Robert Law 447 Turner, Robert R. 425 Turner, Thomas L. 447 Turner, Wesley F, 400 Turner, William R. 447 Turner, Wm. Dovid 425 Turrentine, Thomas 447 Tyler, Douglas R. 415 Tyler, James Lorry 400 Tyson, Don Mosuya 425 Tyson, Samuel E. 4 I 6 Tyus, Franklin Lane 425 Tzovaros, Nick G, 447 Ulmer, Robert Edwyn 447 Underwood, Bruce T, 447 Underwood, Edward L, 415 Underwood, James Lee 425 Underwood, Jefferson 400 Ungbhakorn, Variddhi 457 Ungerer, Wm. Martin 425 Unck, Robert M. 447 Urrutio, Henry Wm. 425 Urrutio, Michael B. 447 Usher, Ronald Dow 44 7 Voden, William C, Jr. 447 Volentino, Thomas F 400 Vonbrockle, Lewis N. 401 Voncourt, Eric Albert 415 Vonderford, Roy Lee 425 Vondergriff, Douglas 401 Vanderhoof, Bruce C. 401 Vonderhoogt, Arthur L. 401 Vonderlon, John H. 4 1 5 Vonderploots, James 401 Vonlandinghom, R, D. 447 Vonlondinghom, Robert 415 Vonlandinghom, Ted L. 450 Vonleer, Wayne T. 4 15 Vonness, Allan E. 447 Vonv inkle, James M, 447 Varnodoe, Robert L. 401 Vorney, Al Michael 457 Voron, Croig Steven 425 Votz, Joel E, 44 7 Voughon, John Thomos 415 Vaughn, Gory David 425 Voughn, Jack Woyne 425 Vaughn, Phillip D. 447 Vaughn, Richard F, 447 Vaughn, Travis D. 450 Veckmon, Mark George 401 Verenes, James Louis 425 Verlander, C. Alan 401 Verlander, Cory D, 401 Vennillion, Douglas B, 447 Vernoy, Robert Nestor 401 Verner, Jerel W. 447 Verner, Ronald Paul 401 Veryzer, John Harold 401 Veteto, Ronald Dcrvid 448 Vets Club 345 Vick, Jock K., Jr. 448 Videau, Jules Bohon 457 Viener, Michael 401 Viggiani, Ramon V. 457 Villor, Juan Ricordo 401 Villegos, Rafael 415 Vincent, Robert Jon 4 1 5 Vines, Carol Virginia 448 Vinton, Wm. Kendall 448 Vittur, Charles Dovid 401 Vitunic, Joseph A. 401 Viverette, Wm. Michoel 448 Vogel, Kurt Calvert 425 Vogler, Frank H., Jr. 425 Volz, Robert Dennis 448 Vondullen, Rodney C. 425 Voorhies, Kenneth O. 425 Voyles, Linda Sue 448 Voyles, Wyatt Frank 425 Wachob, Roger Bruce 402 Wachter, Gory Irving 415 Wade, Jomes Bloir 425 Wodsworth, Edward M, 448 Wages, Boyd F., Jr. 425 Wagner, Leslie Hopke 425 Wagner, Robert Done 402 Waits, Richard Alan 448 Wolchle, Roy L. 457 Woldkirch, Richord B. 415 Woldman, Stephen H, 448 Walker, Christopher G. 448 Walker, Curtis E. 448 Walker, Daniel W. 402 Walker, Gilford T. 425 Walker, Patrick B. 402 Walker, Randall M., Ill 425 Walker, Stephen Davis 402 Walker, William G., Ill 402 Walker, Wm. Lawrence 448 Woll, Jomes Morion 448 Wall, John Corson 448 Wall, John Eldridge 415 Wall, Wm, Edgar, Jr. 402 Wallace, Chcrles S. 448 Wallace, Dole Eugene 448 Wolloce, Lee 402 Wallace, Phillip R. 415 Wolloce, Stephen John 402 Waller, Timothy Elmo 402 Wollingford, Lynn R, 425 Walls, Wm. Ashley 415 Wolochik, JeHrey S. 448 Wolsh, James Leo, Jr. 457 Walsh, Joseph Richard 448 Walsh, Victor J. 457 Walsh, Wm. Conrod 448 Walter, John Howard 448 Walterick, Ronald E. 448 Walters, James A, 425 Walters, Kenneth C. 448 Walton, David W. 425 Walton, John Godfrey 415 Walton, Richard Allan 448 Wong, James Chingjen 457 Wonsley, Neol McLeod 402 Word, Merrill L. 448 Ward, Phillip Howard 425 Ward, Robert C, 448 Wardlow, Walter S. 425 Wordrup, Tom R., Jr. 448 Ware, Alan Robert 448 Wore, John Rigdon 402 Wore, Peter Woodhouse 425 Waring, Gordon Word 402 Worren, George F. 457 Warren, Jomes I, III 448 Warren, Jerry A, 448 Worren, Kermit G. 448 Warren, Mork Oliver 448 Warrington, Charles S. 415 Washburn, Thomas E. 425 Washington, Jerry L. 448 Washington, Robert J. 415 492 It ' s the 493 STUDENT INDEX - Continued Woterfill, Judith Ann 448 Waters, Hefbert I , Jr. 402 Waters, James Wm. 425 Waters, Marcos Neal 448 Wolers, Philip Alan 415 Wotkins, John Durant 402 Watkins, Kenneth S , Jr 402 Wotkins, Raymond D, Jr. 415 Wolkins, Rebecca 448 Wotson, Howard lee 415 Watson, Thomas R. 448 Watson, Timm Herbert 448 Wotson, Wayne W. 448 Wolters, Alfred A. 448 Wotts, Deon Peter 403 Watts, Isooc A. 448 Wotts, John D , Jr. 448 Wotts, Steve Robert 448 Wovle, Gordon R. 403 Weatherly, Joseph E. 425 Weathers, Jomes M 403 Weover, David Pocqoin 403 Weaver, Genevo Jane 448 Weover, George Lomor 403 Weaver, James Wm. 425 Weover, John Word 448 Weaver, Leroy Edgar 403 Webb, Beniomin L. 457 Webb, Joseph Robert 403 Webb, Woyne Sutton 403 Webb, Wm. Tliomas, Jr. 448 Weber, Robert C. 448 Weber, Robert Richord 415 Weber, Steven Phillip 4 25 Wedel, Gregory Lynn 425 Wegel, John George, Jr. 425 Wehby, Ooniel L. 448 Wei, Nan 457 Weidel, Lawrence W. 415 Weigond, Benjomin F. 448 Weinstein, Michael N. 403 Weintraub, Louis E. 448 Weir, Wm. Borton 448 Weisel, Charles W., Jr. 448 Weiss, Howard G. 403 Weldon, Jomes Adams 425 Wellborn, Everett W. 457 Wells, Comllle Morie 415 Wells, Julian Harold 425 Wells, Thomas William 448 Wells, William D. 425 Wells, Wm. EIry 448 Welsh, Douglas G 448 Welsh, Wesley J. 448 Weser, Don Benton 457 Wesner, Stephen E. 448 Wesson, Don R. 425 West, Dovid W. 448 West, Douglos Ty 425 West, Stephen Bloine 415 Westberry, Hugh H. 458 Westberry, Perry M 425 Westmorelond, Johnny 448 Weston, Charles P. 4 25 Wetenhall, Paul D. 448 Wetherbee, Gory C 448 Welherill, Morion D 448 Wetherington, Charles 425 Wey, John David 403 Wholey, John Chorles 425 Wholin, Michael James 425 Whorlon, Russell P. 457 Wholley, Ben Jett, Jr. 448 Wheeler, Chorles Alon 403 Wheeler, Gory N. 448 Wheeler, Jock D., Jr 448 Whelchel, Bnon E. 448 Whelchel, Joseph H. 403 Whichard, James E 448 Whighom, Jerry W. 448 Whighom, Joseph Keith 415 Whiloker, Joseph W., Jr. 415 Whitaker, Stephen H. 448 White, Alvin Douglos 425 White, Andrew J. 448 White, Billy B 448 White, Daniel B., Jr. 425 White, Edward J. 448 White, Eugene Joy, Jr. 415 While, Frederick E. 458 While, Guy A., Jr. 448 White, John Cameron 448 White, Newton Rial 448 White, Paul Leslie 448 White, Ralph M. 449 White, Randall Roger 403 White, Robert Jackson 415 White, Roland Hoke 403 White, Ronold Toylor 403 White, Thomas f. 425 White, William Hogon 415 Whlleoker, James L. 449 Whitley, Jomes Albert 415 Whitley, Ronald Joy 403 Whitley, Terrance Roy 415 Whitlock, Warren Owen 449 Whitlow, William G. 425 Whittington, Terry C. 449 Whittle, Thomos M. 449 Whitworth, Walker H. 415 Who ' s Who 3S0 Wicks, Dean Williom 449 Wigley, Hoyword A., Jr. 449 Wilbonks, Williom W. 403 Wilder, Wm. Bryant 415 Wiley, Jomes Wm. 403 Wiley, Randy Bradley 403 Wilhlte, Bohver H. 403 Willard, Doner P. 450 Willcox, Jomes Greer 403 Willcox, Wm. Norman, Jr. 425 Williams, Bruce H. 403 Williams, Charles A. 425 Willioms, Charles M. 425 Williams, Ctark T. 449 Williams, David H. 403 Williams, Dennis M. 458 Williams, DonoU E. 449 Williams, Harold E., Jr. 425 Williams, Hiram Pope 425 Willioms, Jocque L. 450 Williams, James Eorle 449 Williams, James R. 425 Williams, James R. 449 Williams, Jerre O., Jr. 449 Willioms, Jimmy F. 415 Willioms, Joel Colson 415 Williams, John Mark 449 Williams, John Miles 449 Williams, John Peter 449 Williams, John Peter 449 Williams, Kenneth A. 449 Willioms, Kenneth Lee 415 Williams, Lorry E. 403 Williams, Michael G. 457 Willioms, Michael S. 415 Williams, Murray D. 449 Williams, Nancy J. 415 Williams, Poul Thomas 425 Willioms, Richord B. 404 Williams, Ronok) D 415 Williamson, George M. 449 Williomson, Glen D 449 Williomson, Lowell A 404 Willis, Arthur J 449 Willis, Clifton Lee 425 Willis, James Ross 449 Willis, Johnny D. 425 Wills, James R 404 Wilson, Franklin M. 4 15 Wilson, Gregory C. 449 Wilson, James Robert 4 25 Wilson, Jerry 449 Wilson, Lawrence J 415 Wilson, Richord Bart 449 Wilson, Stephen Ray 449 Wilson, Thomos F,, Jr. 415 Wilson, Wolter T 449 Windsor, Philip C. 425 Windsor, William D., Jr 404 Wingote, Donald A 449 Wingo, Chorles Martin 415 Winkle, Dovid Paul 425 Winn, lorry Cole 449 Winn, Stephen Leigh 449 Winter, Roy K 449 Wirz, Brian Michael 404 Wise, Jomes W 449 Wise, Phillip J., Jr 449 Wise, Ronald Russell 425 Wise, Wm. Romoge, Jr. 404 Wisenboker, Richard Y. 457 WitHer, Dovid A. 449 Wolber, Noel Francis 449 Wolf, Richard I. 449 Wolfe, Steven Jerome 449 Wolpert, David Lee 425 Womock, Dennis Robert 415 Wood, Chnstopher M. 415 Wood, Donald Emory 457 Wood, Joel Thomas 449 Wood, Joseph Myrebeou 449 Wood, Mark Alan 415 Wood, Marvin Allen 449 Wood, Michael G. 449 Wood, Ricky I. 450 Wood, Roger Lynn 449 Woodord, John Dixon 415 Woodord, John M. 449 Woodord, Wallace Wm. 425 Woodlitf, Mark Steven 449 Woodring, lorry D. 449 Woodrow, Fitz Wm., Jr. 457 Woodruff, Albert J. 404 Woods, Williom Ramsey 4)5 Woodward, Robert L. 449 Woolery, John Christy 425 Woolf, Wm. Warren 415 Woolley, William H. 457 Worley, Robert W., Jr. 449 Worth, Stephen D. 458 Worthington, Dionne I. 449 Worthy, James A. 449 WREK 344 Wren, Donold Ross 449 Wrestling 1 1 1 Wright, Arthur Wm., Ill 415 Wright, Athos W , III 449 Wright, Christopher E. 415 Wright, Francis H. 415 Wright, George S 449 Wright, Gregory W. 449 Wright, John David 457 Wright, Julius A., Ill 449 Wright, logon S. 449 Wright, Michael S 449 Wright, RonoU Edward 4 25 Wright, Timothy J. 449 Wright, Williom John 449 WSA 301 WSF 319 WyotI, Donald Wm 425 Wyott, Morvin Mervin 404 Wyckoff, John Stewart 404 Wylder, John O. 449 Wylie, lowrence F 425 Wynn, Jock Lone 404 Wynn, John H., Ill 449 Wynn, Morvin Croig 449 Wysowski, Chorles H. 415 Wyvill, Joseph C 449 Wyzga, Michael A., Jr. 405 Yockle, Tom R. 449 Yoksh, Morilyn Beech 449 Yoksh, Michael C. 457 Yomakowo, Kiyoshi 449 Yancey, Patrick C 415 Yoncey, Wayne Corven 425 Yong, Steve 449 Yongthoro, Boonmee 457 Yoo, Christopher 457 Yoo, Yoshioki 458 Yordumion, David F. 4 25 Yarger, John Morgan 425 Yoles, Edword W. 449 Yotes, Wm. Modisan, Jr. 4 15 Yeh, Wenshu 457 Yehsokul, Phongsok D. 405 YMCA 338 Young, Chorles Tindol 458 Young, Howard Martin 41 5 Young, Jon M 4 50 Young, Lawrence Korl 415 Young, Lonnie Henry 458 Young, Michael Edword 425 Young, Raymond Wayne 458 Young, Robert Forrell 415 Young, Roy Vernon 405 Young, Steven Forrest 415 Young, Williom Sidney 405 Youngblood, John T. 415 Youngblood, William A. 449 Younker, John Robert 415 Yowell, William D. 449 Yudelson, Terry G. 450 Yunkus, Richord A. 415 Zobolasorjeant, Angel 449 Zogorolo, Stephen W. 405 Zohler, Clarence E. 41 5 Zolonlis, Paul N. 405 Zolmoi, Ghutam J. 405 Zonder, Gory Scott 425 Zouderer, Dougbs C. 449 Zowoysky, Ronald J. 405 Zoyosbozon, Jose R. 449 Zeigler, Glynn Arthur 425 Zemon, Stephen M. 405 Zemel, Morcio Bonnie 425 Zibell, Rondoll E. 449 Zieg, Stanley Wayne 425 Zilinskos, Jomes R. 449 Zimmerlee, John P. 425 Zirin, lowrence A. 415 Zitomer, Jonle Lynn 425 Zunde, Algyte Renota 425 Zwecker, Mark Alfreo 449 Zweichert, Robert C. 449 494 SPECS THE 1970 BLUEPRINT WAS PRINTED BY TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY IN DALLAS, TEXAS. THE PAPER STOCK SELECTED FOR THIS EDITION WAS 80 POUND PALOAAA WHILE THE TYPE STYLE WAS FUTURA BOOK. ALL COLOR WAS DONE FROM TRANS- PARENCIES. ALL PRINTING WAS DONE IN OFFSET LITHOGRAPHY. THE COVER, SLIP CASE AND ENDSHEETS WERE DESIGNED BY THE EDITOR. THE COVER AND SLIP CASE WERE ONE COLOR SILK SCREENS. 495 1 970 PHOTO STAFF 1 . JERRY LECROY 2. FRANK ARTHUR 3. LARRY GILBERT 4. JOHN GOETZMAN 5. TOM LATIMER 6. MARK HORTON 7. ROGER LAWSON 8. WEIRD GEORGE LEWERS 9. KEN DREYFUS 10. RANDY JONES 496 Tj- - -- ' 498 1970 BLUEPRINT STAFF 1. OWEN HERRIN, Sports Editor 2. MIKE MOON, Academics Editor 3. scon KINNEY, Assistant Student Life Editor 4. BRUCE SUNDSTROM, Copy Editor 5. TOM FLETCHER, Editor 6. FRED HEDRICK, Associate Editor 7. BILL EVERITT, Business Manager 8. BRENT JORGESON, Student Life Editor 9. GEORGE LEWERS, Photo Editor 499 EPILOGUE After a year of feeling like the campus villain, I look back to last spring when I ap- plied for the position as editor and wonder whether or not it has really been worth all of the disappointments, the long hours, and the insults. You would think that anyone who knew me might be able to carry on a normal conversation, but the topic always seemed to eventually reach the same com- ment or joke: " Is the BLUEPRINT going to be burned again this year, ha, ha, " or " Aren ' t they going to burn the editor this year, in- stead? " I took everything in stride, for I hoped that everyone would feel differently about my " questionable ability " as editor when this volume was published. It hasn ' t been an easy year for myself or my staff. In planning the format of the book there was always the question m my mind of whether or not someone would ob|ect to certain ideas or comments. We had to be extra careful in making certain that there were no errors as well as to try to appeal to the student body as a whole. I only know that I have made every effort that was hu- manly possible. It ' s really hard to sit back and say that it ' s all over — that the work is finally complete. Before I close I would like to thank my staff for their tremendous help, for without them I would still be laboring over the typewriter and the light table. I would like to thank Dean Nichols for his constant effort and en- thusiasm in times of much needed moral support. Without the help of Sandy, Mari- lyn, and Jean, much of my correspondence would have been handwritten, much less unanswered. Thanks to John Hayes for his suggestion of an asbestos cover and fire- proof paper and to Marc Dash for his rec- ommendation of my nomination to the fi- nance committee. Last but not least, thanks to the one person in my life — she has given me encouragement, stamina, advice and hope that this book would be a success. The year has been a long and hard one, but it ' s been worth every minute of it. - TOM FLETCHER 500 501 ■r : ' P iVfi . ' :V r; c ' ' ■ r ; 3 csy:- - . ' ji r " •KX? ■ lf« --iiS sgv. .. ' J : - ' " ; ..i-i..i-= -tr -=».■ .-W- . " Jtt« J;;. . . r-4 — ' ' ■XM i; ' IN MEM Today we met, Death and I, And I was merely shocked to see That he was nothing but a mirror image of myself — ] An image of days long forgotten, ) Of days long remembered, Of days to come. And yet as he said to me that my life was full and complete, I thought how incredibly great Is what I have been given. And how incredibly meaningless Is what I have to sacrifice. I remembered that once rn a dream, I was a small boy. Running through meadows of massive green waves. I walked with God through deep places of creation. Through silence. Fear, And darkness. As we walked through life. He told me that I must forget my past — That my duty, my reward, my destiny, Were here and now. Yes, I walked ' ■ . , And ran, only too soon to reach the chasm — The abruptness of reality. Today we met. Death and I, Only now do I realize what Day really was — I wish I hod listened. m ' W MR. NEAL DeROSA CHRIS FERRELL FRANK WILSON PETE MANOS QERTIS HUFF PETER COBLENTZ MICHAEL CHEEK CARY VERLANER • ' 1 vfti Zfy, .jli ' JUItysS " TWIB lUIP T ' A i Vt - .it ' .. f y 7A X- ' t ' i5.H ' l I ' t ' iN ' . ' Ti; lt ' slC ' " A TRIBUTE TO BOB WALLACE It was once said that men who have mode any great contribution to mankind will never be forgotten. Bob Wallace was one of these men. To most of the students at Tech, he was known as " Uncle Bobby, " for his untiring ability to make a witty remark about any situation, made him a favorite among students. He will be missed not only as a kind and personable man, but also as an outstanding journalist. ' Over fifty awards were won by his campus publications, which brought recognition to such a non journalistic campus. His book. Dress Her In White and Gold, will long remain as the only noble contribution to Georgia Tech. It will be a long time before Georgia Tech for- gets Bob Wallace, for his memory and his contributions will remain a part of Tech for- " will lay me down in peace, and take my rest: for it is thou. Lord, only, that makest me dwell in safety. " Psalm 4:9 : rJ.; T NL 7 vvAi 1 jce; ' ii

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