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 - Class of 1955

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Georgia Institute of Technology - Blueprint Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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.-ly. , f JUN, -A, N ,A . U . A-,"9s::,:....qwe-P N N ' . -5. . 'Ll K ,pk .J QE '51, ,J . . Q Q., ' . S ' at , " ' 2,731 A . . I .w - its ., , ... ,V , uh li. AY.. I '-'V' , f - ,ul 4 , H ,---' -4 f " K' ,.. M -. ANN ..T bl - A V H 0 ,. ,A ' ff ' 1. is sl I 'H R 4 .1 1 I J' N 4 .5 ff, -1 Q 1 8' 1 N .. .fin - 1 . vat I ' V f ' W . -4 , o- x ' X., . ,, al' 1 "V .2453 J ,"' -V-1..a,..... vo- v ' -3- . -"' ' 4. : ' ' t r. ' -" V' fel' ' b D . ful .qu 'E ' Adv. 5.1.11-." I- ' , fa!! 4 ,, .f-,g,,"!' unl- Y W o A-Am . .r "" l 1-1' . , 'Q ' 30.124, . W K I. V fn' I k Q 1 x ., . Q .-' ,.f" - - TP . l 'A ' f xi. ',-:yi 'Jul s M' A J . 4 Q '55, U Y gh... W.. vgfld 1 I " 11- .' Q!! 5 ' 51: .. "vw V, .V U 6 t .r I . 'Q' v.'4f X F 4 N S- f' 1 .-:ici-ffl gp.-.' K- -1.-gg W Q5 s -. W .,g5"'5'4.4-' -1 'Y' " 1 A' 51' - u .w , -m M., w-W V 's N 1 ' ,', .J 5 N V I - fu -45 4 l N.. H flag ' , 2' A Q' wiv , M-I- ..,:L.! A , QV.-W in X , ' . V . h W yu. 'N rl A: A' V I 4' We L' . .., .A 1 V Q V J: 4 ,-155. - M- . - . '-f ' f' . - W- ly f .. ' iv 4 . ,,,,. I. V- X In I I , 5 I fry wa, , .-' 1 W 1' ' ' 'A ff ' Q , -4 ,. ,L I, JM .VV-21, 4 4 " 04" A717919 Y f V "21-.. . f - - . - 'J , -v p P . .. K I 'A ,j u J? -W 441 ' UN' ,, E , ' "' ' 1" 'X ' H V ,p - . b, .. L' X ,, n . :A .,. -' 1 .nf af' 10' -'L QI' 'MD 4 " y , L A d' O .ul ,Wx x ifis.-f . 364 1'-V 4, 4. R4 ff- Sa 5 'vu W wnf' 1 I 'xl' V 1 , . , lg .'7 , . ,I f sf .. S' ' x ' il ,,,,-,H 19 .. BLUE GORDON TRAVIS Edifor WOODY BARTLETT Managing Ediior JACK PRUITT Feaiures and Miliiary Edifor JOE Pl NNELL Frafernifies Edifcr GEORGE REYNOLDS Co-Sporis Edifcr PETE SMITH Co-Sporfs Editor WENDELL BARFI ELD Classes Edifor PR NT RALPH PADEN Business Manager GARNETT KEITH Organizaiions Ediior RICHARD MIXON Ar? Edifor CHANNING JONES Phoiography Editor CHARLES COBB Adverfising Manager FRED WARE Circulafions-Colleciions Manager PROFESSOR J. C. BROOKS Faculfy Advisor Published by fhe Sfudenf Body GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ATLANTA, GEORGIA VOLUME 48 ,..Y.,,. if 'W N 11 'l 1 W., 1 1 ' .-,A - .1 , 1111'- 1 1 1 4 . 11, 145, gm, ,E .W i X: 'N W 1 1 1 l 1' Wg" ,... 1 1 uf --1 ' ' ' -I xl 4 . f 1 ... W.-..., ,.... , .. , 1 I, N L... AQ... ...,, L tx 1' ,an .K 1 , b .. i.,,,,,. Ji E ' . . 4 - 5 J, A ' 1 ' ,L I I5 11, 1, I ,1.,'.'fff44 5 N ' ,,,,j,? '. E' 'FV'-. , , ' M ' . Y 5 . U H N Q .' .. U. 'A QU.1QkL1. 1 'At 1 V 4 4 -L1-' Tb.. .v X' I ,if A X A 1 4 -1 4,31 n . 0 'I -1 Q p - ' " r .-.1 , . 0 , . ,111--.. .1 . 1' - -, 1. I' ff 1 -f ' 1, ' 1 s .f 1 f ,- N M1 1, , , 1.,, I. ,1,!1'1 11 .1.--,.,q1-'y.-- .1 - , fx .1 ' ' 1 ,d f " xl 1. + W R . , .. . 1 Af " ' "' l ,:' . 5 . ,A.,'.-f'f.,W r.,,. - . v 1 5' 1 ' 1 1 , ' 21.5 11 1, .,,. , 1' ffl' ' ' ' .- .14 .J 7- n 1 '1 " 1 , --"Vw ,Mft -,fb--V ,"' "' ' " -1 1 'V I'1""" 1 11 ' 121- ' 1"', 1. J"' , . ' w--1 'L f,,-,:. 7, +1 1' - f-1 . -.11 - , " ' ' ln .W 4 ' v ..-- k. ga , . -...fa ' .L . " ' p, 1 , - 1 1 .f 1, ,' M 1 , .A 1 - - , -, . ,M . ' .Q V .Q 'G V Q W .- .nab ,W '31 , PM W2 W ' " ' .11-w"'. ' ' . ' ' ' ' ' . ' . "5 ' fff Us - I f 1, .1" -N' E' A H ,ww R1-. ' "Mi ' '. 1' ' - . ,, , 4, .- 1 , ,-.. 1 WW ,.. ,1 , f, V -M 1 ..,,,, if . Ng 1' - 1--, ' , Q - , 0- ,fw ,- 1, .4 -- z, - .. H: . ' ,- -J. A. 5 1. .. ,.,, - .. . , ., 11, 1 , N , . A , .. .4 , .1 s 1, 1.-4 '- 1 11 v 1 - 3 .- ' 7 .-11 nf .. 1 - 1 ." . V ,1.-k.1.,:,f1 Avi.. .V six,-T. 1 - t' . - '-. . 2 'Vx . , .1 , Z.. , -. 1. I ' .. , 11 '31 -:Tw ww' 12.111 15111 M ' 1:41- .rn 1- .' K. ' V lv """ , .Q x - 1 1,' .ff , . ' !,:i,q', MJ ' ' ,,1:5,,! .,J. 1 0 Y V -4 I I ' . .,1. .A . - My 1 4 .,--11.w1.1,l, , 1, .1, - .L-5-U I 11.-. - N.: ,fy "7 1, f'.,'L1W" 'f' ,w -.,1d. W" ' 1' 1, fb' 'lr . . WV. r bv... A F Q ' 5 f , 1,1 .gk -"' ' , 1,..p,..k . 1' 1. ' - ,.. -L.-"'.'Z , , 'ff ,,. - 1 . -1 - -, . W - . . A , , A- V . 1 - - , , , . 1 .I My N 1, it 1, , ' 'ESE 'L uf, r g 6 U .'. 5:10. V I - r. 4 V " -119 f .I 1' " .4 ' 15- . 'f'.,'!5,, A . " ' . .vjl , I Q' ., 1 ' ' Q ' f Nr-' e-rvf Z 1 " W'1'?F'?'.4fV 11 ' f '3' " - Na- v s' H 1 F , I 1- 14 1 -, 5.1, . 1,111 s.,.,,111.1 ' - 1 M-,ji 4 I . ,, ,H .mf ,.,.h., . .1 111. T1 ,7, 1.1 .1 , I-1' I " J , -QA... -,Y J. 1 ,fn-.11, , , Av., , ., , ,,, , M , g ..,,,1v-. . I . 4. 1 -1 , A- gl, .Q-b,g:,y - A5 , -. 41 . . .. . A .- , . - ' ' , . A , A ,Z-W, -V , ., - .mx M,-VN' . , 5.1 0. , 3 .1 . K 5. -fi .ff-fag . 1"f5?t ' 1-JW? 1 '14 J ' 1 -1 . f ff .,3E'q'1. V I - W. , A 1 ' ,' U' ,-1.2 f' . , , ' V .1 . - , 1,4 -f- Rs af?-1.-,,'.' ,. Y ' P37 v.. '- L 1' , ' 3 I 1, 1 Q .- kv, 1 4 4 ,jf W. 1 V J I Q 1 v.. r 1 , -up + , 1, 1 - ,-11. m. ,1 1 -. .lg-5. I N . 11411 1 ,, 1 , -' ' f .fx 111 'ggi-g., A ZW, N W., . - U-' it ' --1, .,1-- .40 , af., -F -- f,-. L ggf. ' . 1. Z- I: ,. '-N., , . A . W . , . Ai-I dw' r . 11 1 Q. 11 yy 1 X rd ' 1 1 1 1 5 .1-1 K . l 1 1 1 ' 1 1 i 1 ' 1 A 1 L! '1 A Another year at Georgia Tech has passed into history. To the majority who read these lines, those who were stu- dents at Tech during 1954-55, this was a momentous year, one that will long be remembered. It was the object of this year's Blue Print staff to compile for you a tangible record of this fleeting moment-and album of friends, an outline of activities, and a treasury of memories all in one cover. And yet it was not our purpose to provide a dry book, factually correct but lacking interest and capturing none of the feeling of the student body. Our purpose was to provide a book truthfully reflecting the college days that have inspired us to face the horizons of a new world with respect and tolerance toward our fellow man. You have contributed to this book, as your every act became part of the Tech tradition, the spirit of which we have tried to put between the cover. The 1955 Blue Print staff hope that in future years this volume will bring back memories of your time at Tech. T EUHT 1 C? ll 'Fl ff! Ii l l l IIERE l l l l IIHTH l I l l I-5 2 EHTS SEHUUL DEDICATION AAAAA AA AA 6 CAMPUS SCENES A AA a ADMINISTRATION 24 SCHOOLS AA A 32 IVITIES I-IONORARIES A A AA 57 STUDENT GOVERNMENT AA 89 PUBLICATIONS A A A 93 DEPARTMENTAL SOCIETIES A AIo3 COUNCILS AND CLUBSA AAAAAI23 MILITARY AA A A 'Ib' TURES BEAUTY OUEENA AA A AAAAAIB3 FRATERNITY FAVORITESA AA A--I90 SPONSORS A AA A A AI96 FEATURES A A AA A20I EHS INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL AA AA 7236 FRATERNITIES A A f238 SORORITY A A A AA -322 I.S.O.A A A A 7323 LETIES COACI-IINO STAFF A A326 ATI-ILETIC ASSOCIATION A 7328 VARSITY SPORTS A f329 INTRAMURAL 4365 SSES GRADUATES AAAA A A AAA A -318 FIFTH YEAR ARCHlTECTSf' AA AA AA38I SENIORS AAAA A A +383 JUNIORS A AA A A -433 SOPHOMORES A -A A AA-445 FRESI-IMEN A AA A 459 I . From the mass of faculty members, a certain few stand head and shoulders above the rest. They are recognized for their academic prowess, their patience and understanding, and their ability to lift a student member to the statue of a human being, complete with thoughts and problems. They help solve the problems and guide the ideas into proper channels. Such a faculty member is Hubert E. Dennison, Director of the School of Industrial Management. For over thirty-six years he has unselfishly and tirelessly worked for the advancement of his department, Georgia Tech and the State of Georgia. He has served as director of this department for twenty years, was one of the original founders and promoters of the Georgia Tech Evening School, foretunners of the Atlanta Division, Uni- versity of Georgia, and has been the varsity golf coach since 1931. "Daddy" Dennison, as he is affectionately called by the students, has guided thousands of Tech men who have taken their places in the business world. Through his efforts many problems have vanished, many thoughts and ideas have been nurtured to fulfillment. In recognition for outstanding work done for Tech and devoted service to students, the 1955 Blue Prim' staff dedicates this 48th edition to Hubert E. Dennison. ' . ,-My., ' mms mvwwrmzmawxm aan mam m 1 my SWE mga ms am E mama mama garmin as ms R15 sm wma mm mmm awww a sv wars X,-M ? z E EB gs mwggwam M-ma m as nm n HHH A mm-ga -3 Q2 M Q H 35.5 13 HHWSSX H ww N. ms ,. was EEK' mnggbs if E- ss Q gsgfwgi waw5s 5 'W-wa -mn ww NRE' awww- mmq 5, . .,, ,515 Elms. 1, was as n 4- a na-mg ax N " is wmv ss Us mms an ss a a ummm mm manga ms mama K K Hwsgaw Im H-WW am-Bmw Massa Mm km mmm? W mm mlm ,,.. ,., mam a wa m 14c1!6a6Z6ea , , . A611521 21,0 Puussmz usunuu Realizing that eclzccatioii :i0em't emi in the clzmroom, the Tech Jtzideizt timzx to the campus activitiex . . . 1 . . . like the .rhutter-bug touring the campur with hiy Speed Graphic... TREES n A . . . for lrif m'biez'e111c11!.v, flue Nobel Pl'fZ6.f of Tech uazzzfzfm' ffft'-j7l uc1i1'itie.r, ANAK,' in ,u'lJ0lf1r5l1ip, Tuff Bam Pi , , , . . . .fllpf7IUIlIL'71frlI'j' 6'lI,1ll'!Ifi01I lI7l'UlltLfl7 ffl!! f7lrHl1lL'll fN'UlQI'zlIlli nf flu' fll'-Qzllljlffalfillll ,H 5 -f-fwqacwzmeww . . . 412111 zbnzzglvt fminivzg through .rpeecb zferelopment. ,,,,Q.... From the rzzfcut mul mifery of 1'L'giJ'fl'tlfi07Z day to the :Zin mul jllbilflfiofi afler zffmzp- ifzg KU1ZfllL'kjf. Uniqzzefzefy in 97ll67'ldi'fl77ZC'71f if the byufowl of Dmmu Tech's theater-in-the-romzzl. The Arommf of the flown heal, like the Pied Piperff pipe, lZ7'!l'lL'.f Tech men from all lZ7'0Zl7Zd. CZPHWZJ1 RU.ffl7Zg rlm'i1zg lhe night, the cahzpzff peacefully azwzilf the coming 77207774 ing omlnffghz. 67266. A highly plenyecl nmlievzce ix the backdrop for the Swezlifh Olympic gywzfmrzic jD61'f07'77Z- emfefzlcz VW' 1 N 3 Wil u 1 A .,4 LJ illIIv':",.. ' lliilill I YT IIVHHIT' EF llf!1lI!i'. FF Ill!!! L I dlefzndldea Beginning in the fall with rnyhing, homecoming and the Rech parade 12 Georgia Tech fraternilief dirplay iz year-long spirit foxzered by lhaz intangible-brotherhood. ra- nadms,-A ..- ' ' '1L2' '-' :ai2?i?Si'1Fv'-u-nn'f'i'IF7i ' "pq 'A' 'ffff eg! -ge PW A lox of work goex into zz fraternity, but after the work there ix . . . I ,. ' ' A1 "N Q v u V lg.. 4, l , , ,M 1, , ' w -N .N lf U .,, ,Lx and finally 41 place of frierulxhip and mulerxmrulirzg-rz home. a party al the home, and cz formal :lance . . . 400146 I I I dw!! WLW71 Il'7i1zter hroztght covztinnecl ivztramztml Jpirit hut the highlight of the Jeafon some with Techfr twin victoriex over Kentucky. lr' xg 5 1 .Q - gn sw--, Spifitecl competition and often a fierce Jtmggle were evzcomzzered in ifztmmztml sports. 1 M,qufQf?1' :,: ::: g ,.j', I V-35,:.:.' 1" Whether it? zz Jtretch for the - throw or 4 Jprint to the tape, to 'win aiemtmdx the old col- lege try. Fall hrirzgf Jwczrmirzg crowd: to cheer the jightirzg JKZCQGIJ on to victory. 15 66 I I I and by lexting laix application of fzmdamenzals learned in class. Georgia Tech preparex a man for the future by practical experience gained in the lab . . . Zeeiwtee I Stzrrlentr learn the principlex of their choxen profexfion throngh lectztrey . . . hh T aze- tznd by ming thexe prin- ciplex in the lah. The newly-gfzinecl knowledge if then teftecl through periodic qnizzef. 17 46-4' EFIIHPUS 7-'aw many tamed . . . ,'l 'rl -l . ,- ,M . . m v':'?'L-5' "" 5 , have you walked across 'flue campus fo fine Adminisfrafion Building . . . or sipped coffee in ihe Bradley Building . . . . . . or sirolled down flue walk fo fhe Elecirical Engineering Building . . . . . pasi the lndusfrial Managemenf Building . . ' 'v Y' 3 ly' " . 1 gsgaaa . 'io 'ihe Aeronauficai Engineering Building Q. -0-1 -lan:-fn '5'l2s K- .f ..,. , U ,,,, , i f-1, 5-w.,..., Pm, H , .1 - ,A H "- .f 'f' if if .:. Jfffn'-f 'I .?"?I my .. k ' - , A - A I A . . . . N Q 53- QE- I3 ' ' and H15 Mechamcs and Drawmg Bmldmg- M . -fl -s-V-5:5 5: 14 -2" .. .- 1 ' :-: ' - , ' - -' -:- - ., Q.: ', .I --" : -:-: ..-. -:- :-: - ., ,,-,E U -"Q: ZF- " 3' fgfqfi "" ' -'Q """"-.:.:::.:f' EEZ'-EEE,-:::'l:::E5',f5"E'?Cz5 My N . ,.,'-" , I v f' '-'-1-'-I-I x-""'- "pa - .,., ..f:f:-wa: new w4 1EW mx Q am... ...- -adsg, -malnasu: --nr '31 ememfm... . . 'Hwe labs in H16 Chemisiry Building . . ,wMMssgs-- 'i H1-1, , H?f5R?2w1f?Es3f5w- WEE H 'SX maxi df mafg BE mmm is wg: M W N mm B M wifi HW H g EH ,Q QW. 1.23 .r . mmm .V V-' BME- 'M A BIKE E mm mx H33 mam Em MRZEV mm ssgiimggggz W E E mgw mms mn and 'rhe 'limes you dashed 'From BriHain Dining Hall . . . A i . x x axis 4. I -f""11 1 . . . or from fhe Callaway Aparimenis . . . up -the hill pasi fhe Ceramics Building fo ihaf 8:00 class. fig, Y i. i. u X. in X SMR u B53 mi E nf sux rims Emma 'Mg' . .1 , 3 - ,Rau . M . . E 114, ' avi nik as - me 'LEE K mn. is fe hum" H Q mmm 1 we seam fhe lndusfrial Engineering Building . . N E We wcwfzf forage! . , . Su- -nm is-is if P Im ,gm M- H if H fm em fe zz HH i fi 5 a . .uv- , 1 WHAT. is K :gs Mgr fee-M m Sims sm X-wg-,SESS garage Q E rim mira E W me me if my mane E mme . . or The sfucly cenfer of Tech. ine Price Gilberf Library . . . . . or Towers Dormiiory, here seen from The Quadrangle . . . fhe research cenfer of fhe Souflm flue Research Building . . . 1lS81'!1NfZZw'w MXL? fmjlfju HWMMM ws a as 1 3, ga A as wus: Hn... H45 waging E MM jaw, 'Web if a xi- . . . fhe Mechanical Engineering Building . . . W., ,...-.fn -:-Ei,,-,a-- Y - ?:M,..w4 4 , 8' fi? gl 651' " --:- 1 ,581 at 1 7, . . . fhe Higlnlower Texfile Building . . . . . . Gran? Field, 'rlwe nesl' of fhe Yellow Jaclceis . . . or flue Carnegie Building, fl1e new home of flue Execufive Offices. 23 , me :SSW fm .5 S .3 X , M an EEE 1 2,Q oA B J, K WHQL Q W. 355' W we N M mm mga M 9 :I 53- H Q5 H Hmm H gg 555252 f K ss w .1 W ww ,aw n :a:':--:- Hilfe . 'rv' Eg. .,., 5 HQ wh MT. ,W mwwgy 9 :wif M H 5 w, 1 Z 5 is H ,,, -A M M W 1 E M Y gf 2 N H H, Z R M Wfw M .gm M M L-U H. HMM an as SM M B ::: :: :S 23: W M V -K A M H gms-as M Q wg. in:::::,: Q' :,:.:.: E 1 M-my - - M as Qu ZF- wx . N M ss .:. 2:5 W mm., 4 'ff K E ma-Q fig -'-' fm assi H A Q- ss mug B fm ss a an ss NH ss E xx X C0 an an ma L. BLAKE - VAN LEER x - H va ss ss ss X K 1 ra x PRESIDENT The Georgia Institute of Technology has long been proud of its presidents. They have always been distinguished and respected men who have heaped renown prominence upon our school. In a like fashion Colonel Blake Ragsdale Van Leer has guided Tech during the past eleven years and has helped mold it into a school that stands unequaled in the south and respected throughout the nation. Colonel Van Leer has ever striven for greater expansion and commensurate equality. Geor- gia Tech stands as evidence of the outstand- ing success of our President. We are proud of his progress and his able administration of this institution and we are secure in faith that he will continue to lead Tech in its continuing prominence among schools. fi Q ae '46 HDHIIHISTRATIUII iultevneslnenr As Vice President, Cherry L. Emerson has been instrumental in the rapid growth of Georgia Tech in the past few years. This growth will stand asa concrete wit- ness to his outstanding ability and person- ality. He has held a difficult job and no one could carry on the responsibilities more effectively than Cherry Emerson. EHEEUTIUE DEHH 3 ysra The responsibility of enforcing the regu- lations of the school lays on the capable shoulders of Phil B. Narmore, the Execu- tive Dean. His characteristics of a leader were shown as he undertook the task with the quietness and firmness of a true lead- er. It is through the tireless work of such leaders as Phil Narrnore that Georgia Tech continually improves and expands. 26 ,PX ' 5446? WQQI Pr' DEHII DEHH UF FHEULTIES 1 K-A.tl1mwWW7? X , v U F T H E 1 EHGIIIEERIHG EULLEGE 'PQ' X Xx f H ' Y Q! l In his position of Dean of the General College, Dean Hefner has won the high regard of the student body for his fairness and friendliness. He has carried out his duties with sincerity and exceptional capability. i DEHII UF THE jx Dean Mason, Dean of the Engineering College, has proved his real ability as an administrator. His tireless Work is inspir- ing to all those who come in contact with him. EEIIERHL EULLEGE As the Dean of the Faculties, Dean Chapin has outstanding ability in handling the academic aifairs of our school. Both stu- dent and faculty have come to admire his friendliness and leadership. 27 ,iq . V , 7. 4 X I 'S f v r few Q a '-ffl xjflilyi ?1 l IJEHII UF STUDENTS if ,. I- V pi - -la-A 5 Rik til I namkx George C. Griffin, as Dean of Students, has become one of the most indispensable members of the administration in the eyes of the students. His friendly, helpful attitude has been a guiding light to the many who have gone to him for advice and assistance. I-ISSUEIHTE IJEHIIS l As director of veterans affairs and em- ployment, Associate Dean of Students Fred W. Ajax will always be remembered for the untiring manner with which he carried out his task. His wit will long be remembered by the many students he guided into industry. 411'i'F7li3W',1,f. :Ht rv" tx, Q i I L, Y 3? I Associate Dean of Students john J. Pershing has obtained the respect and admiration of the student body. It is through his efforts that such functions as fraternities, publications, draft defer- ments, and freshman orientation are car- ried on so smoothly at Tech. 28 HIJIIIIIIISTRATIUII I 4"N S Sn KEY! if .-11 :ig OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT BLAKE R. VAN LEER, D.ENG., SOD. ......, Ifmiflem ELIZABETH G. KOENIG . . . . . Exemlive Senemfy JOAN MORRIS .... . . . Receptionirl OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT CHERRY L. EMERSON, B.S. IN E.E. AND M.E. . . . Vice P-fwifleffz MRS. FRANCES S. KRELLENSTEIN .... Az1111if1i.fn'aIi11e Axxixtmzt OFFICE OF THE EXECUTIVE DEAN PHIL B. NARMORE, PI-LD. ....,.... Executive Dean HELEN P. NAHARI . . . . . . Secrelary OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF THE GENERAL COLLEGE RALPH A. HEFNER, PH.D. ............ Dean MRS. LOCKII? MOR'1'ON ............ S8C1'E'lzIfy OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF THE ENGINEERING COLLEGE JESSE W. IVIASON, PHD., D.ENGR. ......... Dean MRS. FRANCES M. NORTON . . . . Admirziflmtizfe Auimmz OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF- FACULTIES LLOYD WALTER CHAPIN, M.A. ...... Dean of Famlziex MARY ELEAZAR BROWN . . . . . Adnzinim-drive Auismnz OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF STUDENTS GEORGE C. GRIFFIN, B.S., M.S. ..,.... Dean of Smdem: FLOYD FIELD, A.B., A.M. ..... Dean of Smzle1Il.r-Emerit115 FRED W. AJAX, A.B., A.M. .... Auociate Dean of Slmlenls JOHN J. PERSHING, A.B1, M.ED., D.ED. . Axsociatcf Dean of Slmievltx WILLIAM L. CARMICHAEL Regisfrar SHELBY L. WALCH, A.B., M.A. . Director of Counseling and Guidance PATRICIA ANN WOODWARI'J, B.A. ....,. . lvyfvlaonzezrifr WILHELMINA DOUGHERTY . . . . Azlmirzixiraiiwe A.I.IiItanl MARLENE NABORS . . . ...,... 9 ecrelary SHIRLEY OXFORD . . . Secretary SARA LOUISE HAMES ......,... . . Clerk OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR WILLIAM L. CARMICHAEL, M.S. ......... Regimar HORACE W. STURGIS, M.S. , . . . . Axxnciate Regixlmr NORMA M. JOHNSON, A.B. . . AJJiJfd1lf Admissiom 06661 VIRGINIA PEED ..... ....... S ecretary I I I I " ' ' :rf .ETS .EASE EEK EERE Bm EEA M if HORACE w. srunels MRS. J. HENLEY CROSLAND JAMIE R, ANTHONY ASSOCWIS RQQISIVHF Direcfor of Libraries Conholler FIIJIII I! W. ROANE BEARD Execufive Secreiary, Alumni Associa+ion OFFICE OF THE CONTROLLER JAMIE R. ANTHONY . . . . . . . . .... Controller EWELL I. BARNES ...........,.. Aarlrtor FRANK B. WILSON . Prlrehaxirzg Agent and Coorclmato-r of Houmzg NIILTON T. WHITFIELD ....... . . Afsiszam Auditor MRS. MAR JORIE MARTIN . . . . .,... ! . . Seerezary CO-OPERATIVE DIVISION JAMES G. WOHLFORD, M.E. . ...... .A . Director J01-IN L, CAIN, B.CH.E. . . . . Associate Director WILLIAM H. HITCH, B.M.E. . . Assistant Directorr MRS. ANN BRACE, A.B. . . . . Sec1'eldf3' LOIS D. LOPER .,.. . Secretaffl' IIISTRATIUII - THE LIBRARY MRS. J. HENLEY CROSLAND ...... Director of Librariex DALE L. BARKER .... . Axxociate Director of Libraries MISS SOPHIA SULLIVAN . , Chief of Technical MISS MARY LOU BARKER . . ..... Head Catalogrrer MISS ELEANOR SMITH . . . . Catalogrrer MISS WILMA REYNOLDS . . .... Cafalogaer MISS PATRICIA BAUM . . . .... Catalogaer MRS. BEATRICE R. CAINE . . . . Acqztiyitioizs Librarian MISS DOROTHY JONES . . . . . Documents Librarian MRS. BARBARA HAAK . . Phyxical Procerxes Librarian MISS SAEFORD HARRIS . . . MISS FRANCES KAISER ...... Interlibrary Loan Librarian MISS TATTIE MAE WILLIAMS . . . Seienee4Terhnolegy Librarian ROBERT N. SMITH ..,. Assistant Science-Technology Librarian . Special Collectiom Librarian ARTHUR N. CORONTZES ...... General Stutliex Librarian MRS. CHARLES POTTINGER . . . . , Marie Librarian MISS NATELLE ISLEY . . . . Architecture Librarian MRS. BETTY JEAN FAXAS ....... Secretary to OFFICE OF THE ALUMNI Director W. ROANE BEARD ..,. Executive Secretary, Alumni Axxociation R. JACK THIESEN . . Execzttizfe Secretary, Georgia Tech Foruzrlation ROBERT B. WALLACE, JR. . . . Editor, Georgia Tech ALUMNUS MRS. THEODOSIA STEELE . ......... Secretary MRS. MARY PEEKS . . . . . Secretary MRS. THERESA WARD . ..,. Clerk MISS GAIL MACMILLAN . .... Clerk ROBERT MACDANIEL .......... Stutferzt Aniytarzt THE GEORGIA TECH YMCA ROBERT C. COMMANDER, B.S., B.D. ..... General Secretary CARLTON PARKER, A.B., M.R.T. . . , Axxirtarzt Secretary MRS. CLYDE LYON ....,...... Office Secretary DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC RELATIONS LESLIE F. ZSUFFA, B.S., M.B.A., M.E. ....... Director ALICE CHASTAIN ........ . Editorial Axxiftant ROBERT C. COMMANDER CARLTON PARKER ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT STATION PAUL K. CALAWAY, PH.D. . Q ..,...... Direcmf- HARRY L. BAKER, JR., B.S. ........ Assimwt Director JAMES E. BOYD, PI-LD. . Axxixlmzl Director and H earl, Pbyxicx Dizfhiovz H. H. SINEATH, M.S. ........ Axsixlzmt to the Director FREDERICK BELLINGER, PH.D. . . Head, CbemicalSciences Dieifion THOMAS W. JACKSON, PH.D. . Head, MeclarzI1icaZScieI1ce.v Dieiiion ODOM FANNING, B.A. ....... Head, Prtblicatiom Servicex R. A. HALL, B.S. ..... . . . Head, Mechanical Service: ROY A. MARTIN, M.S. . ..... I-leacl,SupplySer1fice.v J. W. WALLACE, B.B.A. ...,. Head, General Office Semficex ROBERT J. KYLE, M.S. . . . H eczcl, Technical Information Se1'11iceI JAMES E. GARRETT . Head, Photographic and Reproclucliorz Service BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS JAMES R. JENKINS, LL.B., LL.M. ....... Superizztevldewzt H. B. THOMAS ....... . Material Specialist JEWELL ARP ............... Secretary THE ENGINEERING EXTENSION DIVISION O'FFice of II'1e Direc'I'or ROGER S. HOWELL, B.S., M.E.g M.S., M.E. ...... Director MRS. BLANCHE B. TURNER ........... RegfJl1'47' BESSIE C. SHARP, B.S. ......... Financial Secretczry MARTHA G. BELL, A.B. ............ Secretary Engineering Evening School MILTON R. MCCLURE, B.S., I.M. ......... Director CLINTON L. CHINA, B.A., M.S. .... Ayfimmt to the Direezor MRS. EVA H. BURKE ............. Secfemry IndusI'riaI EcIuca'I'ion THOMAS H. QUIGLEY, A.B., B.S. ..... . Director MRS. ELIZABETH C. SEVERANCE, B.S. ....... Secretary Shor+ courses ancI Conferences ' CHARLES H. TAYLOR, LL.B. Con Ieavej ....... Director ROBERT E. ESKEW, B. OF LE. ........ Acting Director MRS. JERRY W. DUNMAN ........... Secretary Ins'I'iI'uI'e of PubIic Sa'Fe'I'y WILLIAM N. Cox, B.E.g M.M.E. ..... Aa'1ninim'atiIfe Henri Soufhern Technical Ins'Ii'I'uIe LAXVRENCE V. JOHNSON, B.S., M.S. ........ Director LOY Y. BRYANT, A.B., M.A. .......... Registrar GEORGE L. CARROLL, A.B. . . . . . Decm of Bam Stedief GEORGE L. CRAWFORD, B.S., M.S. . . Deen. of Technical Difzfifion CYRUS V. MADDOX, A.B. .... .... D een of Stmlevzts MRS. MINNIE N. MAVITY . . . . Aclmirzi.It1'ali11e Asrixtmzt PAUL K. CALAWAY DirecIor, Experimem' SI'aI'ion MRS. JOYCE K. SMITH . . .... Fimweiel Secremry MRS. BETTY CAXVLEY . . . . Secretcny Veteran Ayfnin MISS PATRICIA HOPE ...... Reeeptionift am! Steno-Typist MRS. MILDRED T. WILSON ....... Placement Secretary MRS. JUNE STENGER .... Secretary for Bzcilclingx and Gromzcls MISS MADELYN HEAD ........ Secretary to Regiumr MRS. GERTRUDE Russo ........... Steno-Typixt THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT AND INFIRMARY LESLIE MORRIS, B.S., M.D. ........ Directar of Health JOHN B. RIGGSBEE, A.B., M.D. ....... School Pbyiieien MAX BLUMBERG, B.S., M.D. . . Asrixtmzt School Playxician LAMONT HENRY, B.S., M.D. . . . . . Visiting Covzmltunt EDWARD WILLIAMS ...... ...... I meme GEORGE WALLACE ....... .... I nteme MRS. NIARGIE O. MITCHELL, R.N. . . Head Nm-Ie MRS. SARAH SPRUELL, R.N. . . . . . Name MRS. VIRGINIA GRAY, R.N. . . . .... Nurse MRS. MARY M. ARMSTRONG, R.N. ......... Nurxe CHARLES C. CRAWFORD . ....... Medical Technician ALBERT M. TINSLEY . . . X-Ray and Physiotherapy Technician MISS PEGGY ANN SMITH ........... Secretary LESLIE F. ZSUFFA ' Direcior, Public ReIaIions ROGER S. HOWELL Su-Ii,ZI:ii1IE3nc?eniIEIglI.EIc'Higs Direcfor, Exfension Division and Grolmds 31 lr uit--1 v-re-rv .. l . l 4 i l l -T on l R. L. SWBIGERT, PH.D. . ,,,, , Dem HAZEL BEACH . . Sec1'etm'y to the Dean HELEN HAIR . . Secretary Graduates' working on fhesis proiecf. The Graduate Division is that part of the Institute through which the nical and scientihc designg for students of management, science or faculty of the Georgia lnstitule of Technology grants advanced degrees engineering who are interested in industrial management at a high level, ill CUE-'iflf'l'l'l!lS, SCi0HCf', lllanagement, and architecture. or who wish to serve as consultants in industry or governmentg for The Sfowiflg C0mP1CfXifiC5 Of 5CiCUCC1 Of Pf0f'35Si0Ual engineering, Of students who wish to enter the fields of science, management, or engi- m0ClCff1 0fg2U12Hfl0f1 and FDHYIHSCUICUF, and Of Hffhlffflufe feslllf 111 3 neering educationg and for those who have personal objectives calling need for additional higher education on the part of those who contem- for graduate Study. l ' ' f t' ' th f ' 1 fi ld . M d . . . Pate entering vfjmous unc 'Ons H? ese Pm esslona C ,S me an The need for graduate study is producing tremendous growth in the advanced education must be obtained to enable the engineer to deal . , . . . . . . . number of graduate students in the whole nation. This growth has been successfully with professional engineering problems. This education can . . . . great at Tech where there are now ten times as many graduate students as be obtained by a man through his own study or by graduate education. b f th ,th I t 300 b , Cl , d d . . . . , ore ewrwi mos mn Y 1 t t t. Few find it possible to acquire the needed education by their own e 3 ' H e emi' engabe In OC mae Su V reading and study following a full day's work on the job. Therefore, Ma5fef5 degrees flfe Offefed IU all Cflglfleeflflgy SCIGHCC, and manage- those desiring professional status should give serious consideration to mem flepaffmeflfi The degree Of Mafifef of AICIWIIECFUIC and MQSICF graduate study at some institutignl of City Planning are offered in the school of Architecture, and the Graduate study is highly recommended for students of engineering Doctor's degree is offered in Chemistry, Chemilial EI1gif1CC1'iHg, and and science who wish to work in research, development, or highly tech- Electrical Engineering. await' ' 'X 3 f ' . ff. 'Q"ln7' f'-'i..,'i V i 4 - .mist -use -fix: atv V in R. L. SWEIGERT Many graduate siudenfs spend a great deal of their lime in the Research Building. 32 lull' J' " 'TJTBQ SSE Q85 55 li me mass a a I B is Kama g s X I ' R688 Si a a I sr B sg, , if-5 : E: W a ,X an Im Baa-2 H I If if lf ME -K 'B ,' BM H EB X H 5: E Wa Si mx X ui E S8 I 588 a is 5 , I l E .B E , : E ras H I is Q ' - 4 ...X I :Ia . I fo a mass --a K5 ": H" as , ' -- 'I Q is any It .. a I N: 1 : l Y -, L, - ML, - -V-V-f The School of Aeronautical EIIgineeI'ing was established in 1930 through a gift from the Daniel Guggenheim Fund for the Promotion of Aero- nautics. The purpose of this award was to establish opportunities at the Georgia Institute of Technology for study and research of the highest order in the field of aeronautics. The recent progress in the Eelds of jet propulsion, rocket power, and supersonic Hight makes the course in aeronautical engineering especially signihcant. In addition to the undergraduate curriculum, advanced work is offered for those desiring graduate study at the master's level, and plans are in the making for offering the doctorate. Opportunities are also afforded for research. The physical plant, housed in two buildings, is well equipped for offering laboratory work to augment and lend interest to the theoretical courses. In addition to classrooms and offices, these buildings include a 9-ft. wind tunnel, a 216-ft. wind tunnel, a supersonic tunnel, a structures laboratory, a model and machine shop, a library, a seminar room, a lecture hall, and a large drafting room. Most of this equipment is also suitable for research projects. Both study and research are facilitated by the accessibility of the special library reference collection maintained in the center of the plant. The present enrollment is 528 students. Aeronautical Engineers s+udy airplane design. DONNELL W. DUTTON, B.S., M.E.g M.S., A.E. . . Proferrof' WESLEY MERLE MANN, JR., B. OF A.E. . . Irzrtrzfctor Director of Sdmol SIDNEY ALAN POXVERS, B. OF A.E. . . lmzruczor GEORGE K. WILLIALIS, E.E.g M.E.E. . . . . Proferror WILLIAM C. SLOCUM ,... . . Model Maker WALTER CASTLES, JR., B.S., A.E. . . Artorinte Professor GEORGE W. D. COOK .... . Rerearcb Technician ARNOLD L. DUCOEFE, PI-I.D. .... . Arrociate Pr01'e,t.rc1r HENDRICK R. HUDSON, B.S., . . . lI7i11nl-Trnmel Eugivzeer JOHN J. HARPER, B.S., M.E., M.S., A.E. . . Arrocifue Pmjerrof MISS SARAH Q. SLAUGHTER, A.B., M.A. . . Secretary LEE TREADWELL ALLEN, B. OF A.E. , . . . Ifzrzrurrar Miss SARA N. ROBISON . . . . . . Secretary a f D. W. DUTTON LEFT TO RIGHT: Ducoffe, Mann, Hudson, Harper, Castles, DuHon. 33 L- ,L ..-L O. . , .,' I I . I 55h90l0l I f Q, L, 1, HBEHITEQlURE I I L .v--4...... ....,1,.. -,1..- i-.,, c,,,,,,, ,, , I I zz I I The School of Architecture was established as a separate degree granting department in 1908. The primary aim of the school is to provide a broad and thorough preparation in the design professions of architecture, city planning, and industrial design. At the graduate level the school oifers to qualified students a two-year program in city planning and a one-year Masters program in architecture. HAROLD BUSH-BROWN, A.B., M.Arch. , . . Direcior of School BORIS W. BOGUSLAVSKY, B.S., M.S., D.Sc. . J. HERBERT GAILEY, B.S., M.S. in Arch. . JAMES H. GRADY, B.Arch. .,.... . PAUL M. HEFFERNAN, B.S., B.Arch., M.Arch. . HOWARD K. MENHINICK, B.S., M.L.A.C.P. . HIN BREDENDIECK, Diploma from Bauhaus . DAVID J. EDWARDS, JR., B.A., B.Arch. . . H. GRIFFITH EDXVARDS, B.S. in Arch. . JULIAN I-I. HARRIS, B.S. in Arch. . . . SAM T. HURST, B.S., B.Arch., M.Arch. . Arran. Proferfor ami Admin. Arsl. DEMETRIOS A. POLYCHRONE, B.A., S.M., Sc.D. RICHARD H. PRETZ, B.Arch. .,... . ISAAC E. SAPORTA, Diploma-Ingenieur, Architect . RICHARD WILSON, AA. Diploma . . Professor . Profermr . Professor . Profersor . . . Professor Regentr' Profersor Armciate Proferro-r Associate Pmferror Arrociute Proferrorr Arrociate Proferror Arrociate Profeuor Arxocizzte Profesror Armciale Prroferror Arrociate Proferror I i 3 Q.. .lip R ' -H..-, If ,OO Q00 33 1 ' . " lil: The Archiiecfs spend many long hours over Ihe drawing board. THOMAS B. A. GODFREY, A.B., B.Arch MALCOLM G. LITTLE, JR., B.A., M.C.P. . ROBERT F. RABUN, B.S., B.Arch. . . GEORGE W. RAMEY, B.S. in Arch. . VERNON M. SHIPLEY, B.S., B.Arch. . RUFUS R. GREENE, B.S., B.Arch. . WESLEY U. MORAN, JR., B.S. . . . THEODORE A. THNIDEL, B.S., B.Arch. . NORMAN L. WORRELL, B.A. . . . LEO J. zumm, A.B., MA. . NATELLE ISLEY, B.A., M.A, . ANITA DELOACI-I, B.S. . . MARGARET C. MO,JESKY, B.S. . LUCIA F. PULGRAM, B.A. . JOAN J. WILKERSON, ALA. . IVIARTHA RAND, 'B.F.A. . Arrirtfmt Profersor . Arrirtafrt Proferror . A.T.fjJIdVIl Proferror . Ahrirlfmt P1'ofe.I.1'm' . A.IJirlm1lPr0fe.r.I0r . I mlrvzrlor . Imtfzzctor . lmtructor . . Imtructor . Virilifzg Lecturer , . . Librarian . Secretary . Secrretnry . Secretary . . . Secretary . ' C I erica! AJJIJIIIIII .........,, rw..- N-..n..g,.N p W w QV .a s. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: H ri, H ff nan, Bush-Brown, Galley, Boguslavskv .... H' BUSHBROWN SECOND ROW: Polychrone, Prefz, Illlabsun, Pairs' Isley, Grady, Wilson, Godfrey .... THIRD ROW: Hursf, Worrell, Bredendieck, LiHIe, Ramey, Shipley. The Ceramic Engineers perform many inIeres'Iing Iab exercises. LANE MITCHELI-, Ph.D. ........ . Proferror Director of Srhool CHARLES F. WYSONG, B.S. . . Arrirtrmr Proferror WILLIAM C. HANSARD, B.S. . . Arrimmr Proferror L. MITCHELL , gh, A . -- w is T - R-- gf f a E Ham a al' a ' a s s I ra. Zi H I' 1 SSB EH um I I I 1 I I : ,rr I - N B H AQ H .. A. .. . M .. Z 14 me s I ax a H .. ii , K N I I E X3 E I H sa a is I l :I E , Q s bat Q r If Y . , .. I-.. HM ,. I .. ws.. swim-f s . - :: as ,. a N 1 H r .... A H , -- ..,. , In l925 the School of Ceramic Engineering was organized at Georgia Tech, because ceramic and mineral industries have grown to such a degree in the South that a laboratory was needed to which the industries could turn for aid. Tech was selected because of its location and prominence in engineering education. Ceramic Engineering has to do with the processing and uses of non- metallic minerals in the manufacture of such products as brick, tile, glass, cement, etc, The course of instruction covers a period of four years and leads to the degree of Bachelor of Ceramic Engineering. It is so arranged that upon graduation a student has the foundation that should enable him to succeed in production, research, administration and sales of any of the ceramic industries. HARRISON W. STRALEY, III, Ph.D. . .... Pf0f9JJOf-G8010gjI ALFRED T. NAVARRE, M.A. . . Arroriate Pmferror-Geology MRS. GENE BROOKS . . . . . . Serrelary THOMAS MACKROVICH , . T ecbrrician LEFT TO RIGHT: Hansard, Wysong, Sfraley, Mitchell, Navarre. av- .,.L,...,..:-.1-.W 1., 1 Y , -. . . 7 - , 3 , B E, ,A .2.-,.-,.. a 1, a i M Gil' H 2 a 5 E H 1 is E H , , a 1 1 H Z 1 H -7 5 B E l Q .H 5 W, H sw H 8, a a is ' w Bm as N .. Q EH .. W' ff fx 55 B: ,, is .1 a ' 1 ,,, a a :, 1 ea z-if ll - is as 1: --sa dga gm faux .Q A S --I 'SS E V3 ,, is The hrst undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering was awarded in 1905. Approximately 550 students are enrolled in Chemical Engineering and some 50 undergraduate degrees will be issued in June, 1955. The hrst Ph.D. degree conferred by Georgia Tech was in Chemical Engineering in 1950. A total of 18 Ph.D.'s have been conferred to date. Of the 30 graduate students enrolled at the present time, 12 are pursuing doctoral programs. The undergraduate curriculum of the School of Chemical Engineering is accredited by the Engineers' Council for Professional Development and provides excellent training for the men in that field. Chemical engineers develop and operate chemical and manufacturing processes in which materials undergo chemical change to make them usable. The need of industry for trained men in this field will always be great and Georgia Tech graduates will continue in key positions in this highly technical phase of production. The success of these graduates in their profession attests the high standards of the School of Chemical Engineering. PAUL WEBER, Ph.D. . , . . . . . . Profenor Director of School J. M. DALLAVALLE, Ph.D. .... . H. C. LEWIS, Ph.D. . . WM. M. NEWTON, Ph.D. NATHAN SUGARMAN, Ph .D. . . . . P ro fermr . Professor . Profersor . Profersor Junior Ch.E.'s work in Unit Operations lab. W. T. ZIEGLER, Ph.D. H. V. GRUBB, Ph.D. . R. N. MILLER, Ph.D. H. C. WARD, Ph.D. . C. A. MAYES . . . MRS. E. K. BROWNING . . . Proferror Associate Professor Arrociale Armciate Proferxor . . . Mechanic . Secrelmjf 6-1 - I is - . ' W 7 is p WEBER LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: DaI1aVaIIe Ward, Weber, Suugarman, Lewis .... SECOND ' ROW: Grubb, ieigler, Newton, Miller. 36 r -Schoulot T EHEIHISTRV Chemistry has been in the basic curriculum of Georgia Tech since the establishment of the institution in 1888. It is required of almost all freshmen and more advanced courses are required in the curricula of several other departments. Besides the Bachelor of Science, the School of Chemistry offers the Master of Science and the Doctor of Philosophy degrees. The undergraduate curriculum in chemistry contains a number of elec- tives and is therefore attractive to those students who expect to change into other helds such as law or medicine. The Doctor of Philosophy, the most advanced earned degree, can be obtained in the fields of organic, physical, inorganic, or analytical Every Freshman learns fhe basic laws of Chemisfry ihrough praciical Chemistry' lab experience. PAUL K. CALAWAY, Ph.D. Con leave-5 .... . Professor A ERLING G-ROVENSTEIN, JR., Ph.D. . . Associate Professor Dffeffvf' of 1179 Sfbfwl JAMES A. KNIGHT, JR., Ph.D. . . Associale Professor BENJAMIN B. WROTH, PHD. 4 4 ...'-. U Pmfmor R. FRED SESSIONS, Ph.D. . . Associale 1'rofes.sos- Acting Dirmm, of me 5513001 JAMES A. STANFIELD, Ph.D. . . Associate Professor ALLAN C. TOPP, Ph.D. . . Associate Professor HENRY L- EDWARDS, Ph.D. ion lee-vel - - Professor WALTER H. BURRows, M,S. . . Assistant Professor JACK HINE, Ph-D -------. . Professor ERv1N CoL'roN, Ph.D. . . . Assiszarrt Professor WILLIAM M' SPICER, Ph-D- ' - P"0f9f50l' NORMAN H. HORTON, M.S. . . Assistant Professor WILLIAM S' TAYLOR, Ph-D- - - Pf0f6'II0l' 1, T. WATERS Ross, M.S. .... . Assistant Professor WYMT C- WHITI-EY! Ph-D - - --'- PI'0fess0f A. THEODORE TRIMBLE, JR., Ph.D. . . Assistant Professor WILLIAM H- EBERHARD13 Ph-D - - AJf0Fff1f4'P"0f6'U0" HARRY K. GRANT ..... . . . Motfbmiss I-OYD D' FRASHIER- Ph-D' - - flffvvidfv Professor MRS, W, C. THIBADEAU . . . Chemical Tech-rzicimz JAMES K- GI-ADDEN, Ph-D' - . Associate Professor NIARY NIELL FLEMING, A.B. . . Secretary LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: C If , W th B K ' hf. . SE ON B- B- WROTH ROW: Taylor, 'Spicer, Hprrcn, Gro?rer?3'ein, R?Vhi+leyLinlOiN?'TH'iiigD ROW: Sgsiong Frashler, Gladden, Stanfield, Ross, Tcpp. 37 7-.. . - W. B .Y -.. rr, . B 3 ..Y.q-.-- .-.-:---. ni '-' E a H W.. M se H Q nun: mn H A53 as M nn . E E a E ' an E E E H in B., a .. .ws an 1 E M E as--E an nt af- is ,Em v an as I ' I I E . a E H an an , V E 2 5... 5 S E M E. Civil Engineering is the oldest of the engineering professions. The civil engineer coordinates the resources of nature, men, and machines toward the goal of better living for mankind. He Works in the broad fields of surveying and mapping, sanitation, transportation, hydraulics, structures, mining, irrigation and reclamation, It is the civil engineer who designs and builds highways, railways, airports, structures of all types and sizes, dams, sewerage and water supply systems, harbors, bridges, docks. tunnels, aqueducts, reclamation systems fonswamps and wastelands, river system developments, and irrigation projects. The Civil Engineering Building, completed in 1938, contains modern classrooms, laboratories and drafting rooms. ROBERT E. STIEMKE, M.S., CE. .... . Profertor Director of School CARL E. KINDSVATER, M.S. . . Profersmf RICHARD KING, M.S.. . , , Praferror RADNOR J. PAQUETTE, M.S. . . Proferror GEORGE F. SOWERS, M.S. . . . . . Professor MARION R. CARSTENS, Ph.D ...... , Associate Proferror WERNER N. GRUNE, Dr.Eng.Sc. Con leavej Arrociate Proferror JAMES H. LUCAS, M.S. . . . ..,. . Artociate Proferror HARRY C. SAXE, Sc.D. .... Arroaiate Profersor FREDERICK W. SCHUTZ, JR., Ph.D. . flrxociate Proferro-r E A Fluid flow apparatus in C.E. lab. A nn RAY K. CHALFANT, M.S. . Arrirtunt Proferror DON B. JONES, M.S. . Asrimmt Proferfor RICHARD B. POOL, M.S. . Anistrzuzi Proferwr ARTHUR R. WHITE, M.S. . Arrirlavzt Professor GEORGE M. JACOBS, M.S, . . . . Imfmrzar ALLISON T. ADAMS, B.S. . Gnuluate Arrirtavzl ROBERT M. DINNAT, B.S. . Gmzluafe Arrimznl JAMES R. FINCHER, B.S. . Gmfluaze Arrirmnz Louis J. FISCHER, B.S. . . Gmduaze Arrimmz BENJAMIN L. KITTLE, B.S. . . Graduate Arrirlmzl HOMER J. BATES . . . . Laboratory Teclarzicirm MRS. ELEANOR R. KLUGE . . Secretary R E STIEMKE LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Fischer, Paquefie, Jacobs, Carsfens, King, Sewers. ' ' SECOND ROW: Sfiemke, Fincher, Jones, Kiiile, Kindsvafer, Chalfanf. . . . THIRD ROW: Bates, Adams, Dinnat, Lucas, White, Saxe, Pool. H - - . is -is E. ,, . .if I E :.E.E EEE W M 50sll00l. Ill ' I . . The curriculum of the School of Electrical Engineering is planned to give a comprehensive training in the fundamental sciences. It provides for adequate training in the scientific and applied aspects of important branches of engineering other than electrical. The electrical power engineering option has to do with the theoretical and practical phases of power generation, distribution and utilization. It deals with the principles of alternators, transformers, motors, convert- ers and the transmission and distribution of electric power. Students desiring tO specialize in radio, electronics and telephony may choose the communications and electronics Option. This option offers theory and laboratory courses in radio, electronics, telephony, wave Filters, transmission lines, antennae and radiation. Checking out a circuit in electronics lab. BENDIAMIN J, DASHER, SC-D. ,,,,,, , Pmfefmf DONALD W. FRASER, M.S. . . Assistant Professor Director 01342001 PAUL T. HUTCHISON, M.S. . , Assistant Professor MARTIAL A. HONNELL, M.S., E.E. . . Professor fort lerwej KENDALI, L, SU, Ph,D, , , . Assistant Professor FRANK O. NOTTINGHAM, ,JR., Ph.D. . . . . Professor THOMAS M. WHITE, M.S. . . Assistant Professor DOMENICO P. SAVANT, M.S., EE. . . Professor Emeritus JOHN M, BAILEY, JR., M,S. , . . . Instructor EDWARD R. WESTON, M.S. . . . . . . Professor JOHN C, COLE, JR., MS, . . , . Instructor DAVID L. FINN, Ph.D. . . . Associate Professor ARTHUR HAGEDORN, B.S. in E.E. . . Instructor F. KENNETH HURD, Ph.D. . . . . Associate Professor JOHN M. WALLACE, JR., B.E.E. . . Inst-motor HOWARD L. MCKINLEY, M.S., E.E. . . Associate Professor JACK C. WILSON, B.E.E. . .Instructor WILLIAM J. MCKUNE, Ph.D. . . Associate Professor MRS. ELMIRA M. MARTIN , . Secretary EDWARD E. PERKINS, M.S. . . . Associate Professor MRS. MARJORY M. STREET . . Secretary ASHFORD W. STALNAKER, E.E. . . Associate Professor RALEIGH M. FORD . . . Merbrmie DANIEL C. FIELDER, M.S.. . . Assistant Professor RAYMOND D. GOBER . . Technician .Nfissw A B. J. DASHER LEFT TO RIQHT, FIRST ROW: Fielder, Dasher, Finn, Wallace .... SECOND ROW: SUI Nofflhqham, McKune,. Barley, 'Hurd .... THIRD ROW: Sfalnaker, Weston, Hagedorn, 'PEI'kII'l5, Hutchison, Whlfe .... FOURTH ROW: Wilson, Cole, Mc- Kinley, Fraser. 39 .... ,Ui as s . .. . Etwgm UH ,ELEM A an we 4 ass Bs, Bw, . W R - W Q E-.i W ,HH 2 I EE mage , A ' A A it I E is l E I I E E II at i E xii ' ,f 'X l B nl I 35 is B , , I i 5 in E , s ,. . . N S V f rw, rs A R it ll 1 Scfhiinn I of A l ,' i I l L., IIIDUSTRIHL tnmnttmns .. wi fc 7 " T .. 1 The curriculum in Industrial Engineering has been designed to meet the rapidly expanding frontiers of industry and the need for men with a sound and broad basic background in engineering sciences plus a com- plete coverage of fundamental management philosophies. The enormous growth in this held, 57696 in the past decade and more than double that of any other major engineering group, indicates not only the need for, and possibilities in, Industrial Engineering but clearly proves the soundness of the program of studies offered. Since Industrial Engineering and leadership have become synonymous in most industries, emphasis is placed on sound judgment, proven philoso- phies and scientific knowledge rather than special techniques and hand- book formulae. Wfell-equipped laboratories, plant visits and visiting lecturers are used to aid the student in getting the "feel" and nomenclature of industry which is so important in his early days of employment. FRANK F. GROsEcLosE, M.S. ..... . Pmferror Director of School WILLIAM N. COX, JR., M.M.E. . , Professor ROBERT N. LEHRER, Ph.D. . . . . Pmfermr ROBERT M. EASTMAN, M.S. . Asroaiuze Professor PAUL T. EATON, Ph.D. . Asxociate Proferror W. DALE JONES, Dr.Eng.Sc. . Asmviale Professor JOSEPH J. MODER, Ph.D. . Arroriaze Profexror Two I.E,'s working ou? industries' problems. RAYMOND N. TROXVBRIILG E, HARWELL L. BOYD, JR., M.S. M.A. .... . Qmilitary leaveb . . WINFIELD A. BROOKS, M.S. . . . . JOHN B. DAY, B.S. . . EUGENE W. GREEN, B.I.E. HERBERT S. WILSON, B.1.E. . . . . FRANK A. SUMMERS, B.I.E. MRS. BERNICE G. FOWLER JAMES C. FRY .... . . Reserzrrlzr Atrociate Profesxor Ar.ri.rtm1l Pmfesror Arrirlant Proferror , . . Lecturer Graduate Axrixlavzt Grazfzmte Assistant Graduate Asrixlant . . . Secrelary . Technician LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: B oks, Groseclose, Eaton, Lehrer, Day ,... F' F' GROSECLOSE SECOND ROW: Trowbridge? Eastman, Moder, Sfanfon, Green. GEORGE E. MADDOX, M.S. Con Ieavep . . Some l.M.'s preview their future work. HUBERT E. DENNISON, A.B. . Dire clor school MAURICE R. BREWSTER, Nl.B.A. . . . . ALPHEUS R. NIARSHALL, Ph.D. . WILLIAM J. PROCTOR, M,A. . NOAH WARREN, M.A. . . .FRED B. WENN, M.A. . . . ERNEST W. ALDREDGE, Ph.C. J. CARLTON BROWN, B.C.S. . WALTER S. BUCKINGHAM, JR., GLENN W. GILMAN, Ph.D. . ROY A. JAMES, M.A. . . . SAMUEL THOMPSON, Ph.D. . E. R. BOLLINGER, M.S. . . JOHN T. ETI-IRIIJGE, M.B.A. . Ph.D. . Associate Associate Associate Assoriule Associate Associate Assistant Assistmzl Pro 1' essor Professor Pro fessor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Pro fessor Pro fessor Professor Professor Pro fessor P ro fesso r , Scghntil , IIIDUSTRIHL T MHHHGENEHT I The objective of the School of Industrial Management is to train students for leadership in industry. Direct emphasis is placed upon management of capital, hnances and accounting, employment, training and management of personnel, marketing the finished product and the most up-to-date and scientific methods of production. In carrying out this plan of training, special emphasis is placed upon the personalities and qualities that are exemplified in the life and work of Successful leaders. While a knowledge of the subject-matter of courses offered are not minimized, it is not stressed in such a way as to over- shadow the importance of the student and the broadening of his vision as to the part he is to play as an industrial leader. He receives basic train- ing in science, applied engineering and mathematics in order to become grounded in sound methods of approach to the Solution of industrial and manufacturing problems. To aid in the work of the school, considerable equipment such as add- ing machines, calculating machines, projectors and other teaching aids has been added. In addition, the lighting facilities of classrooms and labora- tories have been greatly improved. At the present time the enrollment is 596 students. WILLIAM A. FLINN, M.B.A. . . Assistant Professor JAMES W. GRIFFIN, M.S. ...,. . A.Y.ff.fl'd77l Professor- Assistant Pro fessor WILLIAM M. MCCULLOUGI-I, M.B.A. WARREN E. IVIOELLER, M.B.A. . . JAMES W. SWEENEY, Ph.D. . A. J. COOPER, M.S. . . . WILLIAM T. FRAMES, B.S. . LEROY W. BARNES, B.S. . . ROBERT C. CAUT1-IORN, M.P.A. . HOWELL GRAI-IAM, M.S. . . HARLAN CARROLL, B.S. . J. R. SECKMAN, B.I.E. . . . . , Assistant Professor . Assistant Professor . Assistant Professor . . . Instructor . . . . . . Instruclor Part-lime Assistant Professor . . Part-time Instructor . Part-time Instructor . Grzufrzrzie Assistant . Gmtlzmte Assistant MRS. ANNE CHASTAIN, B.C.S. . . . . Secretary MISS JOAN HARDY . . . . Secretary 14.-M-,...,.,,,,,7 LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Ald d , B k' h Efh 'd D ' H. E. DENNISON SECOND ROW: Graham, Moeller, Coipzs, Brl:ivdgi',aVnJenn.'T-iIRDenlT8wi Frames. MCC0llOU9l1, Brown, Thompson, Griffin .... FOURTH ROW: Caufhorn, Gilman, Warren, James, Proctor, Bollinger. Ti sr , . . . 3.75 . , W F . 1 I 1 - .. ' . - 4 rr 1 . H ,. . - . . I L A I- , s . A IR sr , 'Af "sm Y 1 5 V 'x?'f1fr. Q.: N: - R -.fx wr, . " . ' ., . . K:i'x'l,,v tflr' 'T' 4Y:v A ' ' ' . 4 fri 'LJ W- r . . , Y'fHY1's:',.I."7W'f-J l I ' V ' I A ' s Mffrsrio-I,".'f52cas .52 'Qi , s I M " ' - 35'ji'fgfAr.'5f,Q:.f"'?2f::-','.' I. jf' Q . ', , , atrium 'l4- -wi"- 'Hi' . ' . . I 55. ,, ,- ".-tum., ,., , mu, I A I 5 Je. 4-srsssssfslft Iiffiif 'f"'.Af. . .,,. .. The School of Mathematics offers both the B.S. and M.S. degrees in Applied Mathematics. It offers an entire series of courses at the 400 and 600 level which many students interested in mathematics take as electives. Although primarily a service department, the number of advanced courses actually ournumbers those in the undergraduate division. The total en! rollment for the fall quarter was 3351, the largest since 1947. H. K. FULMER, M.A. .......... . Professor Acting Director of School A. H. BAILEY, Ph.D. . ' ..... Professor C. W. HOOK, M.A. . . . Professor fEnzeritusJ I. E. PERLIN, Ph.D. . . . .... Professor WALTER REYNOLDS, M.S. . ..... Professor D. M. SMITH, Ph.D. . . . Professor fEmeritusj J. C. CURRIE, Ph.D. . . . Associate Professor W. B. EVANS, Ph.D. . . . Associate Professor J. R. GARRETT, Ph.D. . . Associate Professor C. H. HOLTON, M.A. . . Associate Professor M. B. SLEDD, Ph.D. . . . Associate Professor A. L. STARRETT, M.A. . . . Associate Professor J. H. WAHAB, Ph.D. . . . Associate Professor R. A. WILLOUGHBY, Ph.D. . . Assoriate Professor The Math lab gives +I1e student an opportunity 'ro "see" mathematics. J. C. BROOKS, M.A. . . B. M. DRUCKER, Ph.D. . M. H. M. ESSER, Ph.D. . A. E. FULTON, M.A. . . R. H. KASRIEL, Ph.D. , W. A. MARTIN, M.A. . . J. A. NOHEL, Ph.D. . . . . G. K. OVERHOLTZER, Ph.D. . W. M. PEREL, M.A. . . . C. T. PURVIS, M.S. . . . HENRY SHARP, JR., Ph.D. . C. R. SWENSON, M.A. . . J. R. VAIL, M.A. . . . G. A. YoRK, M.A. . . W. R. CARNES, M.S. . R. L. HERRING, M.S. . LORETTA ALEXANDER . Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Professor P ro fessor Professor Professor Professor Professor Pro fessor Professor Professor Pro fess or Pro fess o r Professor Professor Professor Instructor Instructor Secretary LEFT TO RIGHT, FIR'ST ROW: N h I, R Id, Fulmer, Smith, Drucker .... H' K' FULMER SECOND ROW: Esser, Sfarreff, Cucrlrii, Ev?i1:?HsoIton .... THIRD ROW: Perel, Martin Vail Kasriel Overholizer, Swenson .... FOURTH ROW: 'SIedd, York, ' ' ' Wahab, Brooks, Bailey, Carnes. The lab o'FFers Ihe siudeni an opporiuniiy Io pu? in praciice whai he has learned in class. Schuulnf, is IIIEEHIIIIIEIIL ji EIIIIIIIEEIIIIIE The School of Mechanical Engineering was the only degree-granting de- partment of Georgia Tech from the opening of the Institute in 1888 until 1896. The course of study has changed through the years to the present curriculum in which broad application of fundamental theory is emphasized. Mechanical Engineering embraces the science and art of the generation, transmission, and utilization of heat and mechanical energy, as well as the production of tools, machines and their products. There are no optional courses in Mechanical Engineering, but electives are provided whereby a student may have some choice of subiects most suited to his individual desires. The curriculum is designed to provide the basis for future advancement of Mechanical Engineering graduates as professional engineers and as citizens. Over eight hundred students were enrolled in the School of Mechanical Engineering during the fall quarter. HOMER S. WEBER, Ph.D. ...... . Professor FRANK A. THOMAS, JR., M.S. . .... Arrirtant P7'0lji6.I.I'01' -, A. O. WHITE, JR., M.S. . . . . Part-time Axrirlmzt Pro error Duecmr of School J. W. KECK, JR., B.M.E. . . . . . Part-lime Inrtructoi' R. P. RAMIREZ, B.M.E. . . .... Instructor ROBERT L. ALLEN, M.S. . , . Proferrof A. L. HOLLIMAN, B.M.E. . . Par!-time Leclurer MARIO J. GOGLIA, Ph.D. . . . Professor J. H. MURPHY, B.M.E. . . Part-time Leclurer A. DINSMORE HOLLAND, M.S. . . . . P-rofeuor GEORGE Z. BONNER . , . Shop Airman: JOSEPH P. VIDOSIC, Ph.D. . . . . . P-rofenor JOHN W. DAVIS . . . Shop Animmz HORACE O, FOSTER, M.S. . . . Anofioze Profenof Joe L. DoRRIs . . . Shop Asrirmni OTTIS M. HARRELSON, M.S. . . . Arrociate Proferror JOSEPH G. DOYAL . . , . Shop Arrirtarzl WILLIAM B. HARRISON, III, Ph.D. . Arrooioie Proferror MARVIN C. INGRAM . . . . . Shop Anirmnz WILLIAM A. HINTON, M.S. . . . Arrooioze Prolerror CLIFFORD R. BANNISTER . Moulfler in Fofmflry Jos L. MORRIS, M.S. . . . Arrooiore Proferror THOMAS D. SANGSTER . ..... Afieolmiia RICHARD A. TROTTER, M.S. . . . Arrociate Proferror H. H. PHILLIPS .... Tool Room Curtozliavz HAYDEN ZIMMERMAN, M.S. .... . Arrociate Proferror MRS. MARY ROBINSON . . . Inrtrmnevzl CIIIIOIUHIZ KENNETH G. PICHA, M.S. ion Ieaveb . . Arrimmt Proferror MRS. MARY ELLEN CHAPMAN . .... Secrelary I l I H- 5- WEBER LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Holland, Hinion, Weber, Goglia, Ramirez .... SECOND ROW: Zimmerman, Allen, Vidosic, Fosfer .... THIRD ROW: Thomas Murphy, Harrison, Troffer. ' 43 1" "f"'fm' f 1..-,,.:xrgf1r,g:.1-es.,susffwff is is 5 rl Sthdnl ill uf1 i FHVSIES .W E W-H..c..W.......E - .l In the last few decades, physicists have emerged from their laboratories to participate more directly in the work of the world. The pace of technical progress has become so fast that industry is ready for the next scientific discovery before it has been made, and physicists are wanted to work side by side with engineers in developing practical applications, This, and the increasing complexity of industrial and military equipment calls for the education of more physicists, and for the education of engineers with more fundamental training in physics. The School of Physics gives courses in basic physics for all sophomores as a background for engineering work. It also oliers advanced work at three different levels leading respectively to the B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees. Research projects in nuclear physics, microwave spectroscopy, and the physics of the solid state are being conducted by the faculty as a part of the recently established doctor's program. Physics 208 lab gives training in the use of electrical equipment. J. Q. WILLIAMS, Ph.D. . H. R. BREWER, M.S. . . . H. A. GERSCH, Ph.D. . M. L. MEEKS, Ph.D. . O. B. WIKE, M.S. . E. L. BEESON, M.S. . . E. T. PATRONIS, JR., B.S. . V. SHIEL, B.S. . . . R. E ANDERSON . . MRS. ALICE MCSLOY . Associate Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Professor Professor Professor Professor P-rofess or I nstructof Instr-actor I zzslruclor M eclaanic Secretary j. H. HOWEY, Ph.D. .......... . Professor Director of the School I.. D. WYLY, Ph.D. ......... .... P rofessor E. E. BORTELL, M.S. . . Associate Professor C. H. BRADEN, Ph.D. . . Associate Professor V. CRAWFORD, Ph.D. . . Associate Professor W. P. EWALT, M.A. . . . Associate Professor H. M. HERREMAN, M.A. . . Associate Professor E. T. PROSSER, M.A. . , Associate Professor T. L. WIEATHERLY, Ph.D. . . Associate Professor i A E. ? LEFT ro mei-sr, Fmsr ROW: H , ia fu, williams, Howey, amen, smei. wyuy. J' H' HOWEY ...sEcoNo Row: wike, wsisirffim will Petronis, crawford .... ti-uno Row: Prosser, Ewalf, Meeks, Braden, Beeson, Brewer. i School of 1 TEllTllE EllGlllEElllllG Opportunities for trained people in the textile industry are unusually diverse and numerous. There are positions available in practically all branches of the industry. Designers, salesmen, chemists, engineers, la- oratory technicians, overseers, inspectors and specialists in machine opera- tion and efliciency, personnel problems, testing, time studies, merchan- dising, and product development are but a few of the numerous trained men needed by the textile industry. In order to provide the textile and related industries with prospects for supervisory, administrative and executive positions, the School of Textile Engineering offers courses leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Textile Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Textiles. The work leading to the degree of B.S. in Textiles may be taken in one of two options, viz., Textile Chemistry and Dyeing, and Textile Manufacturing. Each of these may be taken as a regular four-year course, or in accordance with the five-year co-operative plan. Graduate courses are also provided leading to the degree of Master ol' Science in Textiles and M.S. in Textile Engineering. The purpose of the A. French Textile School of the Georgia Institute of Technology is to give to each and every student entering the school the advantage of the best training and advice possible in the textile held. Textile Engineering School boasl's of some of scl'lool's finesl labs. HERMAN A. DICKERT, A.B., M.A. . . . Director of School CHARLES A. JONES, B.S. . JAMES L. TAYLOR, Ph.D. . RALPH L. HILL, B.S., M.S. . GERALD B. FLl.2'1'CHER, B.S. . ll it xr, . Pfoferror Proferrrnr' fEm.c'1'i!1l.Tl . . . . Profe.r.r0r . . . . Prnferror Arrociaze Profu.Tror J. W. MCCARTY, B.S., M.S. . WILLIAM PosTMAN, Ph.D. . RALPH C. LATHEM, B.S., M.S. . SAM M. WILLIS, B.S. . . . THOMAS D. EFLANIJ, B.S. . Mas. W. V. SAGGUS, B.S. . Associate Professor Arrirlafll Professor A.r.TiT1m1z Proferror . . . Imtmclor . l1z.rN'ucl0r . Secreiary H- A- DICKERT LEFT TO RIGHT, FlR'ST ROW: Fletcher, McCarly, Dicken, Hill, Jones .... sEcoND ROW: Laihem, Willis, Taylor, Postman, Efland. ll9l13flll.l.9'll, tnslnttnlnp unnwlnt , nnur mtttunnltsr , Regardless of his lield, no engineer has received proper training without adequate knowledge of certain basic subjects-service courses, as they are called. This division Offers such courses in two fields-Engineering Drawing and Mechanics-with the purpose of providing students of the Georgia Institute of Technology with sufhcient knowledge of these sub- jects to perform the services required of an engineer. Engineering Drawing, fottiied by descriptive geometry, is designed to give students a basic skill in making and understanding drawings, and putting their ideas into graphical representation. Mechanics concerns forces and their effects in producing and changing motion and in altering shapes of bodies. This is the foundation for the design and construction of machinery, structures and bridges. WILLIAM B. JOHNS, JR., M.S. ...... . Profenor Director of Diuirion BRYAN L. BROWN, M.S., ln Charge of Drawing . . Profesmr' FRANCIS M. HILL, M.S. . . . Profersor ROY K. JACOBS, M.S. . . . . P1"Of9.l'.l'Of FRANCIS C. BRAGG, M.S. . Asrociate Profesxor JOSEPH C. DURDEN, M.S. . Artociate Profermr KNOWLES H. HENLEY, M.S. Armciaze Pfofenor JAKOB MANDELKER, Dr. of Engrg. Sc. . . Axmciule Profenor JAMES H. ARMSTRONG, M.S. .flnimmz Pmferwr LUTHER A. BEALE, M.S. . Asrirlmzt Proferyor ES. Fil f EE . A. . E . X-tg, ., , We . - Q, QE . 3 2 ' ik . Every Freshman musl learn The fundamenlals of drawing. ISHMAEL L. ELLIS, B.S. . . HARRY C. SAVAGE, JR., M.A. . . WILLIAM G. BULLOCK, B.S JAMES R. GRAY, B.S. . . IRA E. WILKS, B.S. . . . WILLIAM C. BLISS, Colonel, JOHN P. EDGERLY, Colonel, EVERARD M. HEIM, Lt. Cdr., FREMONT B. HOBSON, Brig. WILLIAM J. LARSON, Capt., LEROY P. STERLING, M.S. REBECCA JOYCE STEWART . A.U.S. CRet.D . . U. S. Army CRet.J . U. S. Navy 1Ret.J . . Gen., U. S. Army CRet.j U. S. Navy QRet.J , , WE! . i . , .,.,, Emu ssc W 5 5 it 2 ii, ilk X42- M E .. s .1 f in xx! " D 'X its Asrirtmft Proferxor Axsiytznzt Profermr . . . Imtrzncmr . Instruclor . Izutructor . Lecturer . Lecturer' . Lecturer . . Lecturer' . Lecmrer . Lecturer . Secrelary V . If A '- 7 L W B JOHNS LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Larson, Sterling, Savage, Mandelke-r, Whitfield, Johns, .Yoder, ' ' Wilks, Cason .... SECOND ROW: Ellis, Hill, Kinser, Bell, Hanlm, Brown, Gray, Williams. THIRD ROW: Durden, Bullock, Flefchall, Helm, Hodson, Bliss, Bragg. Russ McDonough ialks on aerodynamics in Public Speaking class. ANDREW J. WALKER, Ph.D. . Hem! of Defmrfmezzt EDWIN H. FOLK, A.B., M.A. . GLENN W. RAINEY, A.B., M.A. . HAL C. BROWN, A.B., M.A. . HENRY W. ADAMS, A.B., M.A. DAVID B. COMER, III, Ph.D. . EDWARD FOSTER, B.S., M.A. . JAMES B. HAMAN, A.B., M.A. W. RICHARD NIETCALFE, A.B., TOM F. ALMON, B.S., M.A. . RALPH BERGAMO, A.B., M.A. MILTON CHAIKEN, Ph.D. . B. BERNARD COHEN, Ph.D. . M.A. . . A. FRANK HAMRICK, A.B., M.A. . . Arraciale Arrociate Arrociate Asrocifzte Arfociale Axrirfant A.rri.mmt A.r.ti.rlaf1! Arrirlmzl Professor Proy' Proferxor P1'0f8.T.l'0l' Profermr Profexroi' Proferror Proferror Proferror Proferror Pro 1' error Profcinrov' P1'ofer.ror Proferror The English Department is one of the largest and oldest departments of the campus. Its twenty-six members have taught ar Georgia Tech a total of more than two hundred years. The department teaches required courses to all freshmen, all sophomores, and eighty per cent of the juniors, in addition to offering elective courses for a large number of upper classmen. It is especially interested in campus organizations and supplies faculty advisers to such organizations as the Debate Club, the T6El977flIIl9, the Y.M.C.A., and ODK. But its chief aim is to see that every Tech student speaks well, writes correctly, thinks clearly, and reads wisely. ALTON H. HOBGOOD, A.B., M.A SAMUEL C. KETCHIN, A.B., M.A WILLIAM B. MULLIN, Ph.D. . KARL M. MURPHY, Ph.D. . . RALPH R. SPILLMAN, A.B., M. RICHARD WIEGAND, A.B., M.A, A.. . Arririmzt Proferror Arrirlarzl Profetroi' Arrirlmzt Proferxor 1l.r.ri.ttarzt Proferror A.r.ti.rtm2t P1'0fE.l.Y0f' Atrirtant Profe.r.ror L.. ROY E. AYCOCK, A.B., M,A. , . . . . Imzrfifzor ROBERT L. BANKS, A.B., M.A. . . lmlrurtor JOEY L. DILLARD, AB., M.A. . . Izzrlrnclor DAVID A. NELSON, A.B., M.A. . . Imlrurzor JOHN P. O'NEILL, B.S., IVLA. . . Imlvwrloi' JOHN W. PLATT, JR., A.B., M.A. . . Inmufmr JAMES E. SISSON, B.S., B.S.Ed., M.S. . . . . II7.fll'!1Cf0I' MRS. MARX' NELL IVEY, A.B., M.Etl. . . Dmmfz Direi-for HELEN AUCLAIR ...... . . . Sec1'elm'y A, J, WALKER LEFT TO RIGHT, FlR'ST ROW: Spillman, Walker, Folk, Bergamo, Comer .... SECOND ROW: Almon, Banks, K lch'n, S'sso , H ' k .... THIRD ROW: R ' O'Neill, Brown, Plat? .... FOURETHIROW: nHobgr:?clili:, Cohen, Haman, Weizldlrigl Metcalfe .... FOURTH ROW: Murphy, Dillard, Aycock, Mullin. ' -f I r t -- -- ' -I UeIp.artmejltiy ufi P'HVSIEHI. I TRIIIIIIIIIE Strength of body and mind are closely correlated. The Physical Training presents a two-year course with two tives: fly Keeping the student physically ht while a institution, and C22 Giving, the student such instruction in "carry over" sports that he will continue to pursue activities after he leaves Georgia Tech. Department of primary objec- student in our and motivation some of these ARTHUR M. COLEMAN, M.A. ...... , Pmfesror I-lend of Depawmenz FREDERIC R. LANOUE, M.Ed. . . Profexsm' LYLE B. WELSER, M.Ed. . .... Professor NORRIS C. DEAN, B.S. . . Atrociate Pfofertor ir... r-g A A n ,gp .lei ..... A it Q A Physical Training is a JULIAN H. PITTARD, B.S. JOHN T. FOSTER, B.A. . JOHN C. HYDER, B.S. . JAMES H. MCAULEY, B.S. . . TOMMY PLAXICO, B.S. . MRS. FOREST HARRIS . . nz T. n iniegral part of the college sIudenI"s Iife. . . Arrociate Proferror . A.r.ri.rfunl Proferror . Arrirlarzl Profermr Arrirlanf Proferror . Assistant Profenor . Secretary LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Foster, Coleman, Mrs. Harris .... 'SECOND ROW: A' M' COLEMAN Welser, Pihard, Dean .... THIRD ROW: McAuIey, Hyder, Plaxico. 5 A X f Q2 Q ,, Fi , i Department uI im0DERH LHHGUHEES li Y gn, ,N ,,,,,, L The Department of Modern Languages seeks first to give the student sufhcient mastery of a foreign language to enable him to read and under- stand with reasonable facility the scientific and technical literature of that language. Further, it seeks to inform the student, through the medium of the foreign language, of the civilization and literature of the countries where that language is spoken. LEFT TO RIGHT: Campoamor, Walker, Wright, Lewald, Ervin. JAMES D. Warsl-rr, A.B., MA., Ph.D .... . Proferror GEORGE F. WALKEIR, B.S., A.B., M.A. . . Associate Pmfermr H earl of Department ROBERT M. ERVIN, A.B., MA., Drpl. du Prof. . . l'r'0fe.r.r01' HLRAID E IEWALDA AB mlmdw JOSEPH A. CAMPOAMOR. A,B., M.A., LL.B, . . Pmferror RICHARD W. FLACK . . Sevremry Department of, -fe at SOUHl SEHHHIS r The Department of Social Sciences serves the college as an integral part of its program of general education. To be a fully educated citizen the engineer must have a broad background of general training in fields not specifically teclmical. Among these are courses in government, history. sociology, current affairs, and applied economics. The election of these courses tends to broaden the view of the prospective engineer and to help him understand the far-reaching problems of our complex modern society. LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Gable, Scharf, Sisk Mantel, Wighf .... SECOND ROW: Medalia, Wagner, Hendricits, Tsouderos. GLENN N. SISK, Ph.D. ..... , . . . Proferror NAI-IUM Z. IVIEDALIA, Ph.D. . A.r.ri.rtm1l Proferror HMI 0fDePf1"f'1wf1f JOHN E. TSOUDEROS, Ph.D. . Arrirlarll Professor N , VENNETH C. WAGNER, PLD. , A 'f r P- '- ROBERT SCHARF, Ph.D. . . Arrocmle I'rofermr X I HU an mfeum I 1:DWARD A. GASTON, JR., M.S. . Arrirtwvl Proferror XYIILLIAM R. GAXISLE, Ph.D. , Arrlrtaul I'rofe.r.r01' RICHARD LEACH, . . , , , Legllgfef GEORCE HENIJRICKS, Ph.D. . A P- ' A"'1""'1' I 'ofmof GAINES W. WALTER, Ph.D. . . Lecturer SAMUEL 1- MANTEL, ,IRE Ph-D. - fiJJfJ'lcl11l Pfoferror MRS. JOYCE CONNALLY . . Secretary if ,L i gg liigiiiment all ivusut ,HEHl.TH. nn. yBI,QlUliV Students of engineering, chemistry, management, and indeed all who intend to assume positions of responsibility in industry, are vitally con- cerned with problems of health and sanitation, both industrial and en- vironmental. The Department of Public Health and Biology provides courses in industrial and environmental sanitation, water and food sani- tation and the modern methods and techniques used by industrial and governmental agencies in the solution of the problems of public health. HUGH A. WYCKOFF, M.S. ....... . Professor Heat! of Department ROBERT S. INGOLS, Ph.D. . . Professor LEFT TO RIGHT: Loveland, Moore, Payne. JOSEPH E. MOORE, Ph.D. ........ . . . Professor H earl of Department EDWARD H. LOVELAND, Ph.D. ..... . Assistant Professor ...s..., 'tr'--'1 i LEFT TO RIGHT: lngols, Wyckoff, Cannon. ALBERT E. CANNON, M.S. . . Assuciuze l'1-ole.:-sm' LESTER M. PETRIE, M.D. . . Special Lecturer JOHN W. LEMON, M.S. . . Special Lemuel- Department of PSVCHULUGV The Department of Psychology was established at Tech as a service unit in 1945. The philosophy of the department has been to stress the impor- tance of the human factor in all phases of engineering. An attempt has been made to make students sensitive to the whole man, his attitudes, his feelings, his fears and his desire for recognition and security. M. CARR PAYNE, JR, Ph.D. . . Assistant Pfvfef-WY' LILLIAN GULLEY . . Secretary 1, . W WM., We , ,, .. . 5 O- . . .gr Mi... . +- I i , , K, Wai- nr-re A U! s The Air Force Reserve Olhcers' Training Corps unit at the Georgia Institute of Technology has a history longer than most of the 188 other such units in the United States. It was one of seven Air Corps units established in 1921, but it went out of existence in 1927, to reappear in 1950. Its purpose is to select and prepare students to serve as officers in the Regular and Reserve components of the United States Air Force. Air Force R.O.T.C. is the principle source of procuring future Air The Air Force men learn abouf the countries they are going Force ofhcers. The generalized course of instruction commenced in 1955-54 is now in operation throughout the four Air Science courses. It has received minor modification to emphasize leadership knowledge and air power concepts. LIONEL V. PATENAUDE, Ist Lieutenant, USAF WOODROW SPRADLIN, Master Sergeant . BURREL C. YEAGER, Master Sergeant . Asst. PAS . Admirzirtrutizfe Arrl. . . Sergeant Major 'Io fly over. HUGH C. MOORE, Colonel, USAF . . Proferror of Air Science BENJAMIN C. WILLIS, Lieutenant Colonel, USAF . . Arn. PAS PHILIP G. DEMURO, Major, USAF . . . , . Arrl. PAS FOREST O. MCCLURE, JR., Major, USAF . . Am. PAS PAUL REYNOLDS, JR., Major, USAF . . Arn PAS ROY O. SLOAN, JR., Captain, USAF . . Asst. PAS RALPH STEP!-IENSON, Captain, USAF . . . . Am. PAS ALFRED M. FIRTH, Ist Lieutenant, USAF . . Am. PAS WALTER H. OTT, lst Lieutenant, USAF . . Arrt. PAS EDWIN F. CROCKER, Technical Sergeant . . Supply NCO MUIIREL C. DAVIS, Technical Sergeant . , . . Senior Clerk LAWRENCE E. MCMAHON, Technical Sergeant . . Senior Clerk LEONARD W. IVIILENDER, Technical Sergeant . . Senior Clerk DEWEY E. ROBINSON, Technical Sergeant . . Senior Clerk WILLIAM C. TOWNSEND, Technical Sergeant . . Supply NCO RICHARD D. IVIILES, Staif Sergeant .... . Senior Clerk COL. H. C. MOORE LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: McClure. Willis, Moore, DeMuro, Reynolds. .. SECOND ROW: Sloan, OH, Stephenson, Firfh .... THIRD ROW: Robinson. Sprad lin, Yaeqer, Pafenaude .... FOURTHMEOVLI: Davis, McMahon, Townsend, Crocker ren er. ll ' " C "if"-fif'TjfF1i?:ffYfg"'T"w:j""f:"?fTfT'.I i . .in ",'5,- 'nevjfji -. ii--1-':v:'!, 1: --rar -, .ju ww -Z ,I V- ,, . .i .5 Iilrhg L I I A 1'-irfhiiwiaa , U 4 I Q ,H-AH ,qs X ,s ,T i Zi- ,,.! -. 11111 , V, H e Il. .,! fm- V- A I nlnmv IFIRCE --W : . .' . .. . l L , . H H E wg g 1 .. , E 'I .l PL- ....L.--.-,,-.-. - . ,, L. ,,, ,4h...a-.fa-.5 The Federal Government maintains, at the Georgia Institute of Tech- nology, a Senior Division of the Army Reserve Oliicers' Training Corps, consisting of six units: Antiaircraft Artillery, Infantry, Chemical Corps, Corps of Engineers, Ordnance Corps, and Signal Corps, General objectives of the course of instruction are to produce junior otiicers possessing qual- ities and attributes essential to their progressive and continued develop- ment in the Officers' Reserve Corps of the Army of the United States and in the Regular Army. Training in military leadership is emphasized, with instruction being given in subjects common to all branches of the Army and in tactics and technique of the several branches. The complete course of instruction of the Senior Division R.O.T.C. program comprises four years, with approximately 130 hours of instruc- tion in each of the two years of the basic course, and 160 hours of Nf- instruction in each year of the advanced course with the addition of a summer camp. E College prepares men for many 'Fulure occupations. WILLIAM F. CURREN, JR., Colonel, Arty., B.S. . Profe.r.rof of Military WILLIAM E. LOOMIS, CWO, U.S.A. . . Admin. Ofhcer' gcmm, ,md T,,C,,,, HORACE R. ABSI-IER, M!Sgt., Ord. C. . . Am. Inmwcror JAMES L. BAccUs, MfSgt., Arty. . . . . Arrl. Inrlmcmr DAN BILLINGS, M!Sgr., Sig. C. ..... . Am. lmmfrlor ERNEST W- POSSE, Colonel, Grd. C-i B-5-, M-S. - A-VIL P1l'IST JACOB S. CASTLE, M!Sgt., R.A. Unasgd. . . . Asn. Instructor CHARLES A. HALL, Lt. Colonel, Ord. C., B.B.A. Am. PMST JOSEPH M. CLARAHAN, MfSgr., R.A. Unasgd . Am. Irzrzmrzor VITALY KOVALEVSKY, Lt. Colonel, Inf., B.S. . . fini. PMST WILLIAM G. DUNN, M,fSgt., Ord. C. . . , . Alprt. I77.l'lP'IlCl0f BEVERLY M. LEIGH, Lt. Colonel, Arty., BAS' . Aw- PMST HAROLD P. EMBREY, Mfsgr., Cml. C. . . Am. Inrlrurlor CECIL C. BALDWIN, Major, C. E., B.S. . . Am. PMST MILFORD R. FRANKS, MfSgr,, Sig. C. . . . . Am. lmzrucloi' ELMER G. BANDY, Major, Sig. C., B.S. . . Am. PMST RUSSELL A. PELL, M,fSgt., C. E ..... . Am. Imzmrzor MILLARD F. MCKINSEY, Major, Arty., B.S. . Arrt. PMST ELMON V. MANGOLD, JR., Sfc., R. A. Unasgcl. . . Arrl. Imtrzzczor EUGENE E. MONK, Major, Cml. C., B.S. . . Arrt. PMST WILLIAM C. Ross, Sfc., R. A. Unasgd. . . . Arrz. Instructor WARREN S. ANDERSON, Captain, C.E., B.S. . Ant. PMST CECIL M. COLE, Sgt., R. O. Unasgd. . . . . Arif. lfzrtructor CORWIN BOAKE, JR., Captain, Inf., B.S. . . Aw. PMST LAWRENCE J. HAMILTON, Sgr., Ord. C. . . Am. lrzrtrizrtor PAUL E. CHAMBERLAIN, Captain, Arty., B.S. . Arst. PMST JAMES R. NIEEK, JR., Sgt., R. A. Unasgd. . . Arrz. Inrzruclor JAMES T. HAYNES, Captain, C. E., B.S. . . Am. PMST HERBERT L. ELLIS, M!Sgt., U. S. A., Ret. . . . A.rrz.AfIilimry ROBERT M. HERRON, Captain, Sig. C., B.S. . A152 PMST Property Cll.ff0did7Z HOMER H. JONES, Captain, Inf., A.B .... Asst PMST THELMA H. KITCHENS ...... . . . Secrelary NORMAN E. SUDNICK, Captain, Cml. C., B.S. . Arn. PMST MILDRED W. NORTON . . . . Secrelary CO'L. W. F. CURREN LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Hall, Kovalevsky, Posse, Curren, Leigh, Bandly, Monk .... SECOND ROW: Herron, Anderson, McKinsey, Haynes, Chamberlain, Jones, Boake .... THIRD ROW: Ross, Pell, Mangold, Billings, Clarahan, Baccus, Baldwin, Sudnick, Loomis. FOURTH ROW: Embrey, Castle, Absher, Meek, Dunn, Franks, Hamilion, Cole. 52 The Navy teaches the midshiprnen many phases of military life. AIIIIUII FUREE IIIIIE The Naval Reserve Olhcers Training Corps Unit at the Georgia Institute of Technology is one of the fifty-two units at colleges and universities throughout the United States. Its purpose is to provide both regular and reserve oliicers for the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps. Courses are oifered leading to a commission as Ensign, Line or Supply Corps in the Navy and Naval Reserve. A portion of the students attend Georgia Institute of Technology under the Navy scholarship program in which most of their expenses are paid by the Navy. The number who may enroll is lim- ited by a quota established by the Bureau of Naval Personnel each year. PHILLIP G. STOKES, Captain, U. S. Navy . Proferror of Nam! Srience C 0 111 mmnfanl FRANK J. HILL, Commander, U. S. Navy . . fittoeiale Profemror Executive Ojfirer WILLIAM T. MILLER, Major, U.S.M.C. . . Ant, Profesxor ROY M. SUDDUTH, LCDR, U.S.N. . . . A111 P7'0f8I.l'0!' RICHARD A. HARRIS, Lt., U.S.N. . , . Am. Profertoa- .IAMES D. HEREFORD, JR., Lt. CS.C.D, U.S.N. . . Am Profermr DONALD H. CAMPBELL, Lt., U.S.N. . . . Am. P-rafefxor CHARLES R, IVIERRITT, LTJG, U.S.N. . . Auf. Proferrm- GEORGE A, BORK, FTC, U.S.N. . . , . . llzrlrfzctor PAUL R. GARDNER, QMC, U.S.N. . . . Imtvwclnr RAYMOND S. GENT, SKC, U.S.N. . . I11.ftmct0r' VERNON HAND, GMC, U.S.N. . . . Inrfrffrlor ,IOI-IN J. PICA, YN1, U.S.N. . , . . Inrlrlfrto-r WILLIAM L. VICK, MfSgt., U.S.M.C. . Imlrflcloir MRS. MARGARET L. CRONE . . . . Secretary Miss CORA W. WHITLEY .... . Secretary -CK I W Q 'Ci' ' 'I ' ' . fl- .,Q. 2 CAPT. P. G. STOKES LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Sudduth, Hill, Stokes, Miller, Harris .... SECOND ROW: Gardner, Mrs. Crone, Campbell, Merritt, Hereford, Miss Whitley, Pica .... THIRD ROW: Hand, Gent, Vick, Bork. :T ACTIVITIES Wwlex a 0'ZQd0Z6?dZf6'd0t4 ACTIVITIES COUNCIL . . . AIR R.O.T.C .... ALPHA PHI OMEGA .......... ALPHA PHI MU ........... AMERICAN ASSN. OF TEXTILE CHEMISTS AND COLORISTS . AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY ....... AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY ...... AMERICAN INSTITUTE OP CHEMICAL ENGINEERS . AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS . AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS . AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS . . . AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS . ANAK SOCIETY .......... ARCHITECTURE SOCIETY . . . ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY . ARMY R.O.T.C. , . . AUTO CLUB ..,. BAND ...... BAPTIST STUDENT UNION . BLUE PRINT .... BRIAEREAN SOCIETY . BULLDOG CLUB . . CAMERA CLUB . . . CANTERBURY CLUB . CHI EPSILON . . CIRCLE K CLUB . CO-OP CLUB . . DELTA KAPPA PHI . DRAMA TECH . . ENGINEER . . . ETA KAPPA NU . FLYING CLUB . GEOLOGY CLUB . . . . . GLEE CLUB ........ INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT SOCIETY . INSTITUTE OE AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES . INSTITUTE OF RADIO ENGINEERS , . KAPPA KAPPA PSI ..... KERMOS .....,. KOSEME SOCIETY .... MANAGEMENT CLUB ..., NAVAL ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE . NAVY R.O.T.C. .... . NEWMAN CLUB .... OMICRON DELTA KAPPA . PAN-AMERICAN CLUB . PERSHING RIFLES . . PHALANX CLUBS . PHI ETA SIGMA . . PHI KAPPA PHI . . PHI LAMBDA UPSILON . PHI PSI .... PI-IYSICA CLUB . . PI DELTA EPSILON . P1 TAU CHI . . . PI TAU SIGMA . . . PUBLICATIONS BOARD . RADIO CLUB . . . RAMBLIN' RECK CLUB . SCABBARD AND BLADE , SIGMA GAMMA TAU ......,,. SIGMA PI SIGMA ........... SOCIETY FOR TI-IE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT . SOCIETY OF AMERICAN MILITARY ENGINEERS . . . SPIKED SHOE CLU3 ....... ' ST. PATRICK'S COUNCIL . . . STUDENT COUNCIL . TAU BETA PI . . TECHNIQUE . . TOASTMASTERS CLUB . . WESLEY FOUNDATION . YELLOW JACKET . . Y.M.C.A. . . 515 124 1.70 126 72 104 105 114 106 108 110 117 116 58 11.5 175 162 127 154 146 9,14 70 130 128 145 73 129 152 7-fi 156 96 76 135 154 158 75 120 IIS 78 79 62 136 178 166 148 60 133 176 160 68 64 S0 S1 140 S4 S5 S2 102 141 142 174 86 S7 121 122 145 125 90 66 98 144 150 100 152 ss .. 11.-1-.-r-fra - ,fdxv ,Q-5-U Q -57+-jf 77, VY- q..-Lx, : : an a E w ss a ass Bl Ex H ss a B HB nl E was W? H H , H E 3 I. mi H , , ms: Bm - km EH ' H gm W E H H H E E H Bm sm ms adm nl EH ' . The bonom-riey .rtrizfe to give mme 7'8E0g7ZfZ6lff071 to the 0111- ,rtfmciivzg tZChfEZ'E77Z67Zf.f of the Jimfefzlx. Kmeme Society Jbouvz af fbe rigbf if n lypical grazzp. gm Bs sf w mn gm :sn s me as aw a igii 5 ERN l , las yy My a ss am mn E ,N L1 PM Ham rn W S a ss E9 ww mn wa Su ss w ss w w w Km ps 1 N 1 ss kan E Rim fi: mn a mn x as n Xu 5 ma B mn a m I fs w was ma me ss az ms mn a ss a CECIL PHILLIPS OFFICERS' CECIL PHILLIPS Preridenl LEON SCOTT Vice President BILL CHEEK S ecrclafy GORDON TRAVIS Treazfmfer IIA' . IW? Env L- . ff., , ,- , ,-,..g-.Lg NX , The Georgia Tech ANAK Society was Organized On January 1, 1908, to honor select men from the Senior Class who were Outstanding among their fellow students by their achievements and services to Georgia Tech. ANAK has contributed from its membership, many Tech men who have become leaders of national prominence. ANAK ranks with Omicron Delta Kappa as the highest honor a Tech student may receive. eoRDoN ALBURY HILL CHEEK LARRY MORRIS LEON SCOTT I V-I, I-1 ,A I I I if ff' fjfxxx . I ,X E ' Y f' X ' ff! l,f ff! AH , I - H I ' II XI I I " ,f X I MIX II I, ,px - X, I F N, 'X x ' I ' X X 1 , xx X , lf- l,f"'X N! . ,f , .X -, , , X I I , -X .. , .X X ' f x Q . I xx x I ,' I, X ,' I XX ff I I wx I Q. 'X I K J ' 5 ,V 2 xl, f . I '- XI ' 1 'I I, IX F f E-I I I I f I E -f-N., I I. I I . I X X . - X ' L, , 1. R., ,. ,, , LAI if iw O, I II ff I- I I I ,, GENE DUNWODY JOHN HUNSINGER BILL MITCHELL VIRGIL TEDDER GORDON TRAVIS RAY WILLOCH 59 4--I-1'mIv-51-vvl ""l-Q-. -1 ! wx.-,-,, i..2',.,,.,....-,J ff .-ff' ,f ,I g Z 7,1 Z ,ff 7,- ,- ,,-f fl'H-'13,::5'?j,FS"IvT?iif-jxv' , QffefgjfT-1-157.-f.gig.R4 " V! .,, wx . . - . tgp A. X. ,' , :g .j:1 Q Tl'L:. rt.. -:iii-771 4.-T il ,f i N 77 - , I Y l "':Ec..!-.Wi f'Q - 1' ':4fJlVu- Y I ' ---'. , ' - " K X., ., .X Y ,,?i, A XXV? Lv., fl A N If ,J X in ' I 1 Q - I. ' 1 I I I I' " '1 , ff I I I I 4' Q , 5 Ig V, I 'C I I , Ii' I I' I I ff Ik! XX. I 1 V I I Q V I 1, ff. I IX II -"II -.' , . I' I f I: I. XQ, , .. , "I ,I .ZA KAI A II- KX- L- " ' 'xx KN I - ,bf if in 1 ig..".T',4 ' QI 'I , xx iffy' " xx ,.f I f I 'N R ff"' - ..f- :,-,.T,L4..,., I Y . ',f Z is I ,L-' I 1-'flrlxr ,f"'r7Y, fd' A f""YN,X"Y. GORDON ALBURY BILL CHEEK GENE DUNWODY CECIL PHILLIPS BILL ROSS LOUIS WELLS G0 ,- . .-.Y --- -1.-,J - - ---,-- qw- .- , ------T -,--1 -....-mf-. . igal... I . , ..:e-uf, '---, , .ev '-"- -r, ,,--?. V, ,.-s ,. M, .. ,- ,I 4. . . . ii'1':kT 3 I- V , Ml' 5 f-"Juv 'i- 'TX v ---v-., ff' -. -Fl '-- fS"" ' ' ' it is 1-: -,Q . 'rr-f'TL ,w if-'eU'ef-c"1f 1, td. wi.. .--'-:I '1' : V 'V 4 "f.z"'u ww iffy --, , :.I' '-'-' ' "'7' ' 'H' ' ff , V N. 5 v.., gl 1 J , 1 2 '-Y ,TMJ-3.1.-.-I::' J..-J: "lui I A L I . .,. ,-11,-X , .iwvkwz , .,...., -V 1, '-VJ. r ,- ',.-.,,,'-I-bij Q Lwfw, I "-.,f-" pid".-fif,:,.i ef til ,, .. ,HJ K.. 1, ,- -.ri -. I UIHIERUH IJELTH HHPPH OFFICERS LEON SCOTT .... P1'6J'flZ67Zl BILL CHEEK . . Vice Preyirlefzl CECIL PHILLIPS . . . Sem-emry GENE DUNWODY . . Twefzrm-er JOHN HUNSINGER LEON SCOTT Omicrovz Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society for men, was founded in 1914 at Waslmington and Lee University, and the local circle was estab- lished in 1932. Members are selected on a point basis, a definite number of points being given for each honor or position attained by the student. When a student has amassed enough points and a definite scholastic average he is eligible for election. ODK ranks with ANAK as the highest honorary organiza- tion on the Tech campus. HUGH wr-Ima RAY wu.LocH Q V ,f ,es 4. , 1 1 s . A I 1 is it i'i A,,f,k, H gm , I if '. 11' A . I, L-., I' ut-.-,gif - nga -1.--me-f r Y.: lt GEORGE HARRIS'- zfn : mm E ERE Ewa mm uw.. Q z E ,sv ,. J '52 iw If .gi RTRIRL ' E I. -- I R I MEMBERS CRACKER BARRON WOODY BARTLETT JOHN BIGGER MIKE CADY CHARLES COBB MARVIN GECHMAN GEORGE HARRIS SLATER MARSHALL RALPH PADEN JACK PRUITT GORDON OLIVER HENRY ROWLAND NEAL SMITH LARRY WILSON SAMMY VAN LEER I B I l I OFFICERS GEORGE HARRIS . . . PI-eridem GORDON OLIVER . . Vice Prericlent JACK PRUITT , . . . . Secretary WOODY BARTLETT . . Tmarmer The Kofeme Society, established by ANAK in 1938, recognizes juniors and third-quarter sophomores who have been Outstanding in extra-curricular activities. Not merely an honorary, Koseme each year under- takes several service projects, among them the prep- aration of the instructor-course list at the beginning of each quarter. sian I-AEEEE Q E Emwgfgsfmm- WE sin W as S59 was Hmm H5525 WINES EE gm. Us H M sm EEE Eswrsgw EE gg!! NESS E I Q EEE CRACKER BARRON WOODY BARTLETT 2 H E EE EM H nm wg? R Y A Sm E I 23 E 2 my Emu mai 5 is Y I A .-.E E E H B JACKA FRUlT'lf.mfm E U: GORDON OLIVER E Y R swims E521 ,fn QTLM ,sig M M H BSS ESS R SESS mx B was H R We Y E E I Lg,-L, .- It Reece. c-,,. ci, AQ- .L H- E - 1 -- EH- e 9 xwm nm- awww ,ss Q ,B WWSESEH W , , f 4 N, ,ff ,f 1 'f XX ,ff FX X X , , 1' , f f 'I f I 1 xxx ff K K N xffxf x ,nj ,fra-XX -f""7x VI, :If VX xxx- ' L L xx Xxxxxx ,K N If XL xx ,, I AX , w 1 YN X if i L N, 'L , , ,-' 7 n x x LX ff f - . X f '--' LK45. xii., " mu sms mass Tm ms ,X-ss E ff ss E H M HQ. B 1 mv-,gs MIKE CADY 1 --?J xxx ff .YW I W W1 U V SUEIETV CHARLES COBB N H E Wg? Hg,afH?E'3 mam! 1 MH ,W T my wg Q ,im WP' an -WL mm: K H ,I - 53 5 is-A, E NEAL SMITH ss xl ss a LARRY WILSON ss sf H a sam 1-1: ni n L - n an a sm 4 .. 3, na H M , wg RALPH PAD EN a Us ss Em 1 H F 1 - , IKUIEHB X soc nv I Lmosdsmr I N4,.l Haj? L an ss a an fx mms rw WWE sms nf E '-' - ' if - 111- - 74-y-L. J T..-. .-- -.'i-2.:f.fL1.ig,, - -7- ,--if - Y YYY' v H E, ah: ROBERT JOHNSON MEMBERS AUSTIN, E. M. CASON, D. V. DANCY, R. C. FARR, E. W. FLETCHALL, D. E. HOWE, D. B. JOHNSON, L. A. JOHNSON, R. S. KENAN, R. P. LANCASTER, J. E. LANE, F. P. LAUBER, E. L. LEIGH, G. M. MCCORIJ, J. R. NIORELAND, T. D. NIELSEN, G. I. ROLLER, J. E. RUSSELL, R. C. SPRINGER, D. F. STONECYPHER, T. SYN, W. M. TEASLEY, G. VALLIANT, R. A. WEAR, K. B. WELLS, L. C. WHITE, I-I. E. WILLIAMS, C. E. WILLIAMS, W. WILLOCH, R. 'W I' ' I 'RX W N9 WM, -.E 'Ra OFFICERS ROBERT JOHNSON Prefirlefzt WWA. 1 3. -' A .EEP .I I K YAIQIIIIIIIW .L 'AVI Y ' ,! LM?'- .Yi 'il ummm HHPPH PHI Plai Kappa Phi ir the older! national scholastic honor society on the Georgia Tech campus. Founded in 1897, it now has chapters in more than 50 colleges and universities. Membership in Phi Kappa Phi is awarded to those members of the senior class who are outstanding in scholarship during their first three years at Georgia Tech. The local chapter conducts the annual Honors Day exercises and awards a cup each year to the senior with the highest scho- lastic average. Phi Kappa Phi-represenied in all deparfmenfs. McCord J R Mo eland T D N I G I Springer, D4 F. Sfoimecy her T. Syiissc. M '?eagtlLyJGF Sgmzllf RR.CA wllg 6,6 -2-JIJJJKWH1 ll KYTXVYKWYM 'i A5 1 ll iw of wear KI. af Wells, E 'cl' i whne, IH. vsijiiiiaifisz E. WiIIiari1s,'W..l.. Q -- fs if lv fett , y 65 ...... i ...wi W. LEROY WI LLl'AMS MEMBERS ABBOTT, J. E. ANDERSEN, C. J. ARRINGTON, C. T. ARSUAGA, E. M. AUBREY, D. C. AUSTIN, E. M. BAREIELD, J. R. BARRE, S. P. BARTLETT, H. BEACH, R. R. BELVIN, F. BERG, W. H. BOROM, M. P. BOSTIC, G. T. BRADFORD, J. T. BROWN, M. BROWN, R. M. BURCI-IETT, C. BURGESS, J. L. CALDWELL, E. C. CARDEN, R. C. CARLSON, W. H. CASON, D. V. COLEMAN, F. L. COOPER, A. B. CRAWFORD, W. M. CORN, R. J. CROSS, R. C. COWAN, F. C. DAVIS, G. DEVANE, R. W. DUNWODY, E. EDWARDS, J. E. ELLIS, M. E. FARMER, R. C. FLEMING, J. D. FLETCHALL, D. E. FREDERIC, E. H. GIBSON, R. G. GOSS, J. M. - GOSSAGE, T. L. GRAY, G. M. GREEN, C. E. HARDIE, N. HEARD, J. H. HENDERSON, W. HETFICH, J. J. HOWE, D. B. IVEY, W. S. JAMES, B. E. JAMES, R. L. JOHNSON, L. A. JOHNSON, R. S. LEIGH, G. M. LEJK, R. A. MANNI-IEIMER. R. MCCALLA, E. D. MCCORD, J. R. MIRANDA, L. G. MOORE, J. G. NIORTON, E. NEWTON, J. H. NEILSON, G. ORTH, W. W. OVEREND, W. J. PALMER, M. PARRAGA, W. A. PATTERSON, J. T. PATTERSON, W. L. PRATT, M. D. PROSSER, F. P. REA, W. P. ROBERTS, V. T. ROEDER, R. S. ROGERS, W. B. ROGERS, W. M. ROLLER, J. E. ROSSELOT, R. G. RUSSELL, R. C. SALZMAN, J. A. SCHRIMSHER, B. R. SEAQUIST, E. O. SHARP, R. M. SIMITSIS, G. J. SIRES, M. J. SLOAN, M. A. SOVEY, W. P. SPRINGER, D. F. STEINBERG, S. P. STEVENS, C. H. STONECYPHER, T. SULLIVAN, P. J. TARKAS, G. J. TRAMMELL, R. D. VALLIANT, R. A. WALLACE, J. M. WALKER, J. S. WALTERS, J. V. WARREN, R. C. WEAR, K. B. WELLONS, C. B. WHITE, H. WHITFIELD, C. WILCOX, J. T. WILLIAMS, C. E. WILLIAMS, J. K. .l- E THU OFFICERS W. LEROY WILLIAMS ...... Premlenz TOM STONECYPHER . . Vice Preyidem JAMES WALTERS . . . . . Secrem-ry GERALD LEIGH . . T1-eamrer JONES, E, D. WILLIAMS, W. L. . . .L L, L KENAN, R- P- WILLIAMS' W' M' Abbofl' J. E. Andersen, C. J. Arringfon, C. T. Arsuaga, E. M. Aubrev, D. C. KEVORKIAN, J. B-A gaffieldvl. gl. gargg, SG P? angina Hj T Begin, lb R. gElZI':14'f.c .. ,.. raor,..r,. .- LANDCASTER' E' YOQLIZREL, F' Ciafivfgll, E. C. Czsrglin, R. C. Carlson, W. H. Cason, D. V. Coleman, F. L. LANE, F- F- R' ' Crawford, W. Cowan, F. C. Davis, G. C. Devane R. W. Dunwody, E. LAWSON, H. Ellis, M. E. Farmer, R. C. Fleming, J. D. Flefchall, D. E. Frederic, E. H. K mv: if'fjlllllllwil.,-A4 66 Austin, E. M. Berg, W. H. Burgers, J. L. Cooper, A. B Edwards, J. B' Gibson, R. 6 BETH PHI Tuff Bam Pi if the Zenriing erzgiwzeering honor .moiety in the nation today. In 1925 the Georgia Alpha Chapter was installed on this campus and is today one of the largest of the ninety undergraduate chapters now in existence. Engineering' students who rank in the upper tenth of the junior class or in the upper eighth of the senior class are eligible for membership. The election of members is also based on excellence in leadership, character, personality, and service. Tau Beta Pi actively supports and sponsors various school projects. The local chapter annually awards a scholarship cup to an outstanding senior selected on the basis of all l1is scholastic work. Goss, J. M. Gray, G. M. Green, C. E. Hardie, N. Henderson, W. Heflich, J. J. James, R. L. Johnson, L. A. Johnson, R. S. Jones, E. D. Kenan, R. P. Kevorkian, J. Lane, F. F. Lawson, H. Leigh, G. M. Leik, R. A. Mannhelmer, R. McCalla, E. D. McCord, J. R. Miranda, L. G. Moore, J. G. Morton, E. Newton, J. H. Nielsen, G. Orih, W. W. Overend, W. J. Palmer, M. Palferson, J. T. Palferson, W. L. Prafi, M. D-. Prosser, F. P. Rea, W. P. Roberts, V. T. Roeder R. S. Rogers, W. M. Roller, J. E. Rosselof, R. G. Russell, R. C. Salzman, J. A. Schrlmsher, B. Seaquisf, E. O. Similsis, G. J. Sires, M. J. Sloan, M, A. Sovey, P. Springer, D. F. 'Sfevens, C. H. Sfonecvpher, T. Sullivan, P. J. Tarkas, G. J. Trammell, R. D. Wallace, J. M. Walker, J. 'S. Walters J. V. Warren R. C. Wear, K. B. Wellons, C. B. While, H. Whitfield, C. Williams, C. E. Williams, J. K. Williams, W. L. Williams,W.M. Winn, B. Worrel,'A. J. Yoder F G7 'N'llrii4 '- .nlllll ri ,ii if, lil.. ,i .I ir . ii . ,J nll ll' ll .1 J l- 1 i-lT'l 51 il ly' r ,l .,.p ii 1.5 Lf' .,, . , llllilill ii fimlllilil if i ,ll f ,,,,llllllJ "" . lil' WARREN JAUNSEN MEMBERS ABERCROMBIE, S. E. ALFORD, C. O. ARMISTEAD, W. S. ARRINGTON, C. T. BARRE, S. P. BROWN, D. C. BRUNSON, J. W. BULLARD, K. P. CANTRELL, J. M. CLARKE, C. R. COLE, F. B. COOK, V. J. CORN, R. J. CRAVER, L. W. DAVIS, E. W. DAVIS, R. E. DOWNEY, R. A. DYER, F. B. ECKER, H. A. FALCON, G. D. FARMER, B. F. FINNELL, H. M. FREENY, S. L. FRICK, P. W. GALAVIS, L. E. GRUBER, M. M. HALL, W. K. HASSLER, C. F. HATCHER, W. J. HICKS, E. G. HILL, K. W. HUGHES, D. R. JAUNSEN, W. H. JEFFREY, D. W. JENKINS, H. H. JOHNSON, G. E. JONES, C. M. JORDAN, J. A. KEATING, J. H. KILLIAN, W. P. KISNER, J. L. KOHLHASE, C. E. LITTLE, R. M. MARBUT, R. G. MCFARLAND, G. K. MCINTYRE, R. L. MCMASTER, D. G. MEADOWS, R. A. MEYER, D. A. MITCHELL, W. T. MORRIS, G. V. O'BRYANT, R. O. OLIVER, C. C. OSMER, J. G. O'STEEN, G. N. PROPST, F. M. PYATT, A. F. ROBERTS, J. G. ROBERTSON, T. C. ROGERS, W. B. SCHALOW, P. S. SCHOENFELD, F. R. SLOAN, M. A. SMITH, C. V. SUTTON, J. S. TALBOT, C. D. TILGHMAN, C. R. WHEELER, J. A. WHITEHEAD, R. K. WILKINS, B. WINN, W. H. WOODYEAR, W. E. WRAY, J. D. ZANTOPULOS, H. PHI OFFICERS WARREN JAUNSEN .... . . P1-exidem WILLIAM WINN . . . Vice Prefiflenz RICHARD DOWNEY . . . Secretary COOPER TILGHMAN . . . . T remmef- Abercrombie, S. E. Armisfead, W. S. Arringfon, C. T. Barre, S. P Brown, D. C. Bullard. K. P. Cantrell, J. M. Cole, F. B. Craver, L. W. Davis, E. W. Downey, R. A. Dyer, F. B. Ecker, H. A. Farmer, B. F. Finnell, H. M. Freeny, S. L GS ETH SIGIHH Phi Era Sigma, a national freshman honorary scholastic fraternity, was established at Georgia Tech in 1950. Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is the highest scholastic honor a freshman can attain at Georgia Tech. Only those men who have a point average of 3.5 for the Hrst quarter, or an overall average of 5.5 for the entire freshman year are eligible for membership. Each spring the fraternity presents a cup to the freshman having the highest scholastic average for the Hrst quarter. Fflflk. P. W. Gruber, M. M. Hafcher, W. J. Hicks, E. G. Hu hes D. R. J W H J d J A K'II' W P fiohlhasz Cv E. Liffle, R. M. Marbuf, R. G. Mclnfyre, R. L. Mciasscer, D. G. rxftiiriis, R. A. ni:y:fT'o.'A.' M'if'i'i1'i.'ul, W. T. T ?L"l5. - - Bryant. R. O. Propsf, F. M. Rokqerfs, J. G. Robertson, T. C. Schalow, P. 'S. Schoenfeld, F. R. Sloan, M. A. B Of. C. D. Tilghman, C. R. Wheeler, J. A. Whitehead, R. K. Winn, W. H. Woodyear, W. E. Wray, J. D. Zanropulos, H. G9 Il Qgfyi ID, .l 1 km ,gf mln aalllll , .A.- .." A 'ES' .dana RICHARD DAVIDSON OFFICERS RICHARD DAVIDSON Pre.ride1zl FRANK LANE Vice Prerident EDWARD SMITH S ecretmfy ROBERT CARDEN tT'l"6?ll,I'lM'97' BRI SECTION I ABBOTT, J. BURGESS, J. CARDEN, R, DAVIDSON, R. EDWARDS, I. FLETCHER, D. HER MEMBERS LANE, F. SMITH, E. WARREN, R. WATKINS, B. WHITE, H. WHITFIEI.D, Abboff, J. Ausfin, E. M. Berg, W. Burcheffs, C. Burgess, J. Edwards, J. Flefcher, D. Fre eric, E. H. Harvard, T. Hinds, E. F. Huifon, A. J. Keenan, J. P. Kocher, E. C. Lane, F. Leigh, G. an N N . JI , -Q. -'I I 'X ZA. 'X :gi ' . K rr: ' 'Il 'III wi..-q k'i5."':w'E.ii ' N, ' I I .I -1. iw iw., Carden R Hughey', D.. R. Lindsey, C. M The Brifzeremz Society was founded in 1912 for students of the Co-operative department to promote high ideals and scholar- ship. Upperdassmen are selected for membership on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and character. Since the society was founded, over five hundred Briaereans have graduated from H IIII WY I 70 IRIIIIILQI-... MII-III, EIIII SUCIETV SECTION ll MEMBERS AUSTIN, E. M. MCCALLA, E. D. BERG, W. MCCORD, J. R. OFFICERS BROWN, R. M. MILLER, S. S. BURCHETTS, C. W. MIRANDA, I., G. - JOHN ROLLER FREDERIC, E. H. MOORE, J. G. Pfefllienf HARVARD, T. P. NORDAL, D. A. GERALD LEIGH HINDS, E. F. PATTERSON, W. Vice pyefidem HINTON, E. H. ROLLER, J. E. HUGHEY, D. R. SCI-IRIMSHER, B. R. ARMAND WORRELL HUTTON, A. J. SHARP, R. M. Secretary KEENAN, J- P- VINSON, J- F. CHARLES LINDSEY KOCHER, E. C. WALDEN, J. F. LEIGI-I, G. M. WELLONS, C. B. Trmiww LINDSEY, C. M. WILLIAMS, W. M. WORRELL, A. J. JOHN ROLLER MCC-alla, E. D. l McCord, J. R. Miller, 'S. E. Miranda, L. G. Moore, J. G. Nordal, D. A. Patlerson, W. L. Schrimsher, B. R. Smilh E. Vlf1S0I1. J- F- Walden. J- F- Warren. R- Wafkins, B. Wellons, C. B. While, H. Whiiiield, C. Williams, W. M. Worrell, A. J. Tech and attained positions of .leadership in all phases of engi- neering. The Section I group attends school during the winter and summer quartets, while Section II attends during the spring and fall quarters. Men from each group work in indus- try while not in school. 71 J, ... -- I-I I. Q . C9 If- fn gi .-'44 lil l ,, I -49 .lillllllllh I W ii ,112-' 'Alf' 1 jf' X I--I W I I A rg' W I ' A LARRY DALLAM HLP OFFICERS LARRY DALLAM Prerident EUGENE GREENE Vice Preriflent CECIL PHILLIPS Secretary MOT MORRISON Trearmer HH PI lllU Alpha Pi Mu, a national honorary industrial engineering society, was founded at Georgia Tech in the fall of 1948 as a society for the recognition of industrial engineers with superior abilities. The local chapter was granted its charter by the Student Council on January 25, 1949, and was recog- nized by the state of Georgia on March 17, 1949. Membership is limited to juniors, seniors and gradu- ate students of high scholastic standards, who possess traits of high leadership, character, and ethicality. Only those juniors who are in the upper one-fifth, and those seniors in the upper one-third of their classes are eligible. Baber, R. K. Gandy, A. F. Mote, F. Singer, F. S. N' ' xx e 5 ... W... 1 Q , RW-I n":r H .' ,AI -E1- w..IGj i 'W'sg,5 . 1. ,. , ,,,.. wr. my .A.1.: r.. .,,,, , -.. ... , .ll.llii,......, IR. If . ri....'i...f.u'... 'SI Quill'-QI " Vi l -Ll, Mx 1 , Kia. X, 3 ll' ' , ..32Qf.'Q ' .lu .- Nllliaehq ' ying., ., ,,,,.t., .. . . ..,..,. .Ee i. - 92.53. Y.. U Barfield, J. R. Calhoun, W. W. Curry, T. A. Cutter, H. D. Dallam, J. L. Davenport, T. F. Fry, J. C. Greene, E. W. Greene, T. W. Henry, C. L. Hunt, J. N. Jackson, H. S. Moore, J. G. Morrison, M J Parker, D. Patterson, J. T. Phillips, C. Pratt, M. D. Provost, R. C. Randle, D. L. Sargent, B. H Sovey, W. P. Spencer, C. P. Stephenson, J. G. Stubbs, J. T. Terrell, C. S. Thorne, M. Turner, C. S MEMBERS BABER, R. POULIN, V. M. BARFIELD, J. R. HENRY, C. I.. PRATT, M. D. CALHOUN, W. W. HUNSINGER, J. S. PROVOST, R. G. CAMP, W. HUNT, J. N. RANIJLE, D. L. CURRY, T. A. JACKSON, H. S. SARGENT, B. B. CUTTER, H. D. KAPLAN, H. SINGER, F. S. DALLAM, J. L. MCCLURI3, S. R. SOVEY, W. P. DAVENPORT, T. F. MOORE, J. G. SPENCER, C. FOWLER, D. MORRISON, M. J. STEPHENSON, J. G. FRY, J. C. MORTON, R. STUBBS, J. T. GANDY, A. F. MOTE, F. T. TARRANT, R. GREENE, E. W. NALL, C. TERRELL, C. S. GREENE, T. W. PARKER, D. B. THORNE, M. E. HALLADAY, W. J. PATTERSON, J. T. TURNER, C. S. HEARD, J. H. PHILLIPS, C. R. ZIMMER, H. R. 72 EHI EPSILIIII Chi Eprilon if the only national honorary fraternity limited to those men in the field of Civil Engineering. Founded in 1922 at the University of Illinois, the fraternity now consists of 43 chapters in leading colleges throughout the country. Chi Epsilon recog- nizes the qualities of scholarship, character, practi- cality and sociability in civil engineering undergradu- ate and graduate students. The Georgia Tech Chapter of Chi Epsilon, chartered in 1943, was formed from Civil Crew, the oldest honorary society on the Tech campus. OFFICERS WILLIS ROBERTS Preridevzz CHARLES MULLIS Vice Pfreririent MAX PALMER Secretary JAMES WALTERS Trearmfer WILLIS ROBERTS Abbott, J. E. Alfobelli, D. J. Cheek, W. C. McCarIhy, J. A. Miller, E. T. ,, Moreland, T. D. Roberts, W. R. Roller, J. E. Tarkas, G. J. ABBoTr, J. E. ALTOBELLI, D. J. CHEEK, W. C. FORTNER, A. M. FRENZ, C. M. GRAEUB, W. C. LEIGH, G. M. Forfner, A. M. Franz, C. M. Graeub, W. C. Leigh, G. M. Mullls, C. H. Orfh, R. L. Orfh, W. W. Palmer, M. T. Walker. R- V. Walters, J. V. Winsleff, U. T, Worrell, A. J. MEMBERS MCCARTHY, J. A. MILLER, E. T. MOIIELAND, T. D. MULLIS, C. H. ORTH, R. T.. ORTH, W. W. PALMER, M. T. ROBERTS, W. R. 73 ROLLER, J. E. ROSENFELD, R. A. TARKAS, G. J. WALKER, R. V. WALTERS, J. V. W1NsLETr, U. T. WORRELL, A. J. FFQLI B If il 's' I A: .nil .T-. X ,,,, ,IIIII II I ...TIIIIIIII I Q Q, I A QI 11 L DELTH HHPPH PHI OFFICERS ROBERT WINN Prexidenl JOHN LANCASTER Vice Prerident DAN HELMS Secretary JOHN ANDERSON Tremwer BOB WINN Anderson, J. J. Arsuaga, E. M. Challain, L. J. Gibson R. G. Moore, R. C. Peis, ANDERSON, J. J. ARSUAGA, E. M. BAIRD, L. R. CANCELLIERE, F. P. CARLSON, W. H. CHALLAIN, L. DAVIS, D. J. Delta Kappa Phi is an honorary textile fraternity that rec- ognizes outstanding textile students for scholarship, char- acter, and ability. It functions for service to the Textile students, and to promote the popularity of textiles among the student body and general public. Baird, L. R. Cancelliere, F. P. Carlson, W. H. Helms, D. H. Lancaster, J. E. Lefkoff, P, L. Smifh, B. E. Wilson, J. J. Winn, R. MEMBERS GIBSON, R. G. LEFKOFF, P. L. HAWKINS, J. V. MOORE, R. C. HAYNES, H. NIEDNER, C. E. HELMS, D. H. PELS, W. HURT, F. J. SMITH, B. E. JOHNSON, E. H. WILSON, LANCASTER, E. WINN, R. Ilil SUEIETV Since 1937, the Industrial Management Society has se- lected those seniors and third-quarter juniors whose scholastic achievement, general campus leadership, and OFFICERS interest in the field of .industrial management qualify OHS BLAKE them for membership in the departmental honorary Pfemyem organization. . Plant tours, talks by business leaders, occasional social events, and the unique annual Bullrymple Golf Tourna- WILLIAM MITCHELL Vice Pfeiiclem CHARLES KELLEY ment comprise part of the Society's activities. Sepfefam, In addition, the Society functions to stimulate interest DAVID REDFORD among the student body in the field of industrial man- Treamrer agement, and to promote the friendly student-faculty relationships which mark the IM department. ' ons BLAKE Blk on Cl,J.A. c+.'s.T. c fh ,l.l.. cmd e.F. ' i Cvilpeepper w A Daieiigy, J. R. Dgriigm, J, L. Jfiilnsfii, R. A. Keilefgi M. EJi.'l'i1fc'Ilie3.W' ?1Z:g:rsAFif' Melson R D Mitchell, W. N. Perry, E. P. Phenix, H. R. Rainey, R. D. Redford D. E. Scot? IL. J. Skelley W R Smith, R. J. Smith, R. L. Thompson, J. W. Watts, H. L. Wesley,'J. W. Willdch, R. MEMBERS BLAKE, O. D. DILLEHAY, J. R. PERRY, E. P. SMITH, R. L, CARLEN, J. A. DURHAM, J. L. PHENIX, H. R. TRAPNELL, A. T. , CATES, S. T. JOHNSON, R. A. RAINEY, R. D. THOMPSON, J. W. ,,-fl.. CAUTHEN, I. L. KELLEY, C. M. REDFORD, D. E. WATTS, H. L. Q CHILDRESS, G. F. LYNCH,'B. D. SCOTT, L. J. WEBSTER, W. M. - 7 CLINKSCALES, W. T. MASON, A. M. SIEGEL, H. M. WESLEY, J. W. V CONNERS, C. E. MELSON, R. D. SKELLEY, W. R. WILLOCH, R. ,- l i . will CULPEPPER, W. A. MITCHELL, W. N. SMITH, R. J. I 11, Il il Wir " A Jf,llf,w A ,.i1 - "Im ' I Iwllllflll -iilllilllllll' A. ri 'An In FRANK COWAN MEMBERS ALFORD, G. H. MORGAN, T. W. ARRINGTON, C. T. MURCHISON, J. D ARTHUR, W. H. NEWTON, J. H. BELVIN, F. OWEN, H. N. BRADFORD, J. POPPE, J. R. BRUCE, E. C. POUPARD, R. E. CAIN R REBANE, H. , . J. CALDWELL, E. C. CARDEN, R. C. CHRISTENSEN, P. J. CORN, R. J. COWAN, F. C. DARDEN. L. D. DAVIS, G. DEELY, J. J. Goss, J. M. HARTZOG, L. V. HETTICH, J. J. HOLEY, J. G. HOWE, D. B. JENKINS, H. H. JOHNSON, B. F. JOHNSON, R. S. LOWERY, H. J. MARTIN, C. S. MCCALLA, E. D. ROESEL, J. F. ROESEL, J. E. ROGERS, W. M. SCHRIMSHER, B. R. SHARPTON, R. E. SLOAN, M. A. STANLEY, M. P. STEVENS, C. I-I. THORNTON, R. M. TILLMAN, C. A. TRAMMELL, R. D. TUENI, J. A. WALKER, F. T. WATKINS, R. H. WHITE, H. E. WHITE, R. B. WILLIAMS, C. E. WILSON, J. C. WRIGHT, T. K. MCCANLESS, C. P. YOUNG, L- R- MOAD, M. F. -..Jim lllgl llllw... -q, 1 El rf- L, I, .LL ri, . ll., 1 f 1 wifi- OFFICERS FRANK COWAN Preridenl ROBERT JOHNSON Vice Prericlent ELWYN CALDWELL Secretary JAMES NEWTON Trezzrwer ETH Em Kappa Nu is a national electrical engineering honor society founded at the University of Illinois in 1904. The Beta Mu Chapter received its charter at Georgia Tech in 1941. Membership in the society is elective and is composed of Outstanding students in the last two years of the baccalaureate courses in electrical engi- neering. Alford, G. H. Arringron, c. I. Arthur, w. H. srlvirr, F. Bradford, J. T. Cain, R. J. Caldwell, E. C. Carden, R. C Christensen, P. J. Cowan, F. C. Davis, G. Deely, J. J. Goss, J. M. Hefiich, J. J. Holey, J. G. JOHNSON B- F 76 l .nllll HHPPH llU Ela Kappa Nu socializes al inilialion dinner. Johnson, R. S. Lowery, H. J. Marlin, C. S. McCalIa, E. D-. Moad, M. F. Morgan, T. W. Newton, J. H. Owen, H. N. Pcppe, J. R. Poupard, R. E. Roeder, R. S. Roesel, J. F. Rogers, W. M. 'Schrimsher, B. R Sharpfon, R. E. Sloan, M. A. Sfanley, M. P. Stevens, C. H. Thornlon, R. M. Trammell, R. D. Tueni J. A Walker, F. T. Waikins, R. H. While, H. E. While, R. B. Williams, C. E. Wriqhf, T. K. Youn ll N .mf A E' 5, L. li. K C9 + , ,... wQL1Jl'. ENwlQ, V , "'l 'l .lllwx W 'w illlll W ..llllllllll W vlflll F ,al f 2.-x HHPPH OFFICERS ROBERT RAMSEY Prerizient ROBERT GOULD Vice Preridefzt MARTYN MERCER Secretary EARNEST EATON Ttfezarmfer ROBERT RAMSEY HHPPH PSI Kappa Kappa Pri is the national honorary fraternity for band members. It was founded on the campus of Okla- homa A8zM College, and now has chapters all over the country. Iota Chapter at Georgia Tech was founded in the early twenties, and has been active ever since. Member- ship is based primarily on musical ability, although leadership and band activity play a large part in the selection of members. The chapter sponsors an annual banquet for members, their Wives and dates, as well as an occasional Wiener roast or barn dance. The A. J. Garing Award is presented annually by Iota Chapter to the outstanding graduating senior in the Tech band. Q a l., ' W- - . . B f . M. Ch Ik ,J. ri. cheek. W- C- gaiqh' ii' gii-igiu' s 2:1221-.M csigrliiirk. S. Hoiibzig, F. A. Jones' T- A' Milfs 'M.'c. Nvqaald, iz. 'c. Ramsiv. R- W- Waddelh D- W- Walfeff- J- V- W'1""e'- J' A' MEMBERS BATCH, J. M. DEYo, D. H. MERCER, M. C. BELVIN, F, DUGAN, W. S. NYGAARD, R. C. BOROM, M. P. EATON- E- L- POWELL- F- P- BREWSTER, M. GOUI-D, R- 5- RAMSEY, R- W- CHALKER, J. R. HOLLBERG, F. A. WADDELL, D- W- CHEEK, W. C. HURT, F- J- DAVIS, J. H. JONES, T- A- WALTERS, J. V. WHITNER, J. A. HERHIIIUS The Georgia Tech chapter of Keramos Fraternity was founded in February of 1949. The history of the fraternity dates back to 1902 when the Organization had its beginning at Ohio State, thus making it the oldest national professional fraternity in existence. The purposes of the fraternity are to promote and emphasize scholarship and character in the thoughts of ceramic students and to furnish an additional tie of College friendship. Many of the United States' outstanding leaders in the field of ceramic education and ceramic engineering are members of Keratnos. BOVOITI M- P- Collier, R. E. . MUHYOS. G- D.. Jr. Waldauer, W. O. 79 MARCUS BOROM' OFFICERS MARCUS BOROM Prericleazz XVILLIAM WALDAUER Vice Prerident ROGER COLLIER Herald DEVON MONROE Tremzzrer MEMBERS BOROM, M. P. COLLIER, R. E. HARRIS, J. N. MONROE, G. D, REED, G. C. SWANSON, C. WALDAUER, W. O. PAUL ROBBINS PHI LHIIIBDH UPSILUII OFFICERS P. E. ROBBINS Prerident J. D. FLEMING Vice Prerirlent M. J. SIRES Secfretzzry G. L. STEINER Treamrer PM Lfmzbda Upfilovz watt fozmded as an honorary chem- ical society in March, 1899, at the University of Illinois. A charter was granted at Georgia Tech in 1951. The aims and purposes of the society were from its inception "the promotion of high scholarship and original investi- gation in all branches of pure and applied chemistry." Ar the present time there are 46 chapters of the society at major universities throughout the nation, with a total membership of twenty thousand. All students of chemistry, chemical engineering, and allied fields who are in the upper ZOWI of their class and who have an overall average of not less than 3.0 are eligible for membership. Election of members is on a scholastic basis and elections are held semiannually. lawy D d J 5 M Farmer R C J D grlidvgniiizd EWHM Lm:irrilgnZ Mannheimer R J voffr-ONS E L Reyngldg G P Russell R C Sires M J Strickland S A BURNS H CRAWFORD DAUGHERTY hLL1s M I3 FARMFR R fLrM1NG,J FRLDERIC, E MEMBERS BRADBURY, W D GOODFRIEND P L SHARP R M LEVINE Z SIRES M J W M MANNHEIMER R J STEINER G L P M MORGAN L W STRICKLAND H DtAMOND,J H MORTON E L TOOKE W REDKEVITCH Z VASSIAN, E C REYNOLDS G P WOLFE R K D ROBBINS P E YU T S H RUSSELL, R C ZALKOW H ' I , , Elli , . E. . - - 1 - . ' ' ' - ' , . . l-" "' " u... I 1 1 Q ' ' ' I ' I . . 1 - - Y ' ' , . in s - ' ' ' , . . v - ' 9 ' ' A , . . v ' ' , ' ' R. . . y A ' ' ' 4 , . . ' 1 ' - Y ' ' 4 " . A 7 ' ' 7 ' . . 4 . . L. . l A l A , 1 X gli! '12 NW -ff' 'L-4, ulvL'i1j??2-1 Kate! l ' 'ln . il' W' "fair iw, lower., -..'illlWlll5,i.g1NT 1 ,,Wyia1glm,, ' lglfqitillili - "ll -lllglwlllu, Qeiill A. 'mx 'H A 'Y " 55' Y, ,J in A. 'allay AL li. PHI PSI Pbi Pri is iz rmtiomzl honorary textile fraternity which has as its aim the promotion of better feeling and closer .4 relations between the textile students, and the strength- ening of the position of the textile industry. Election to membership is limited to a percentage of junior and senior textile students having qualifications in scholar- ship, leadership, and character. Arrington, N. B. Barnhardf, T. M. Bridges, W. Z. Ciark, N. S. rf RICHARD NORWOOD OFFICERS RICHARD NORWOOD President NED EDGE Vice Prericierzt LEWIS PRICE Secretary DICK NEWELL Trearurer Cobb- C- K- Hafdle. N. G. Kee Chi, J. Kirkpafrick, C. E. Newell, J. R. Norwood, G. R. Price, L. Sullins, D. G. MEMBERS ARRINGTON, N. B. DAVIS, H. E. KIRKPATRICK, C. E. BARN!-IARDT, T. M. EDGE, N. W. NEWELI., J. R. B01-IANNON, R. W. HARDIE, N. G. NORWOOD, G. R. BRIDGES, W. Z. HARRELI., B. L. PRICE, L. CLARK, N. S. KEE CI-II, J. SULLINS, D. G. come., c. K. WADE, J. L. III I 6, 'S ,7 I I si 81 my W' .Ii aw'lIII . I I - I - Hiir fh jr f in!!- ' K4 A .I :II I ' I f- HIM 3-11" It W,-'fir' MIIIIIII' at fttiriiii I rg?" If ,Aw .55 4 ' Rifi'i iI. 'III ,rf III JAMES EASTHAM OFFICERS JAMES EASTHAM Plrerident WENDELL WILLIAMS Vice Preridevzt W. LEROY WILLIAMS Secretary JOHN SCHMAENG Treruzlfrer M-. lv. . ii 5 . .ix t V -. ul Wtwiiml .W iv l i , -1 V! it 1. PI THU Pi Tau Sigma is the national honorary mechanical engineer- ing fraternity, selecting its members from junior and senior mechanical engineering students. To be eligible for mem- bership, a student must be outstanding in leadership and character, as well as in scholastic ability. Pi Tau Sigma annually awards an engineering handbook to the highest ranking sophomore student in mechanical engineering. A d , C. J. Anderson, J. E. Austin. E. M. BHfFe.,5- Buch' J- M- Berg- W' H' Blilirchgav C. W. Chapman, T. G. Crawford, J. K. D'Amlco, J, Dinner. P- A- Devane- R Dodrill W, Q, Dougan, W. J. Dugan, B. Easfham, J. D. Feduff, E. Flefchalli D- E Green,'C. E. Grimsley, L. R. Hamil, J. Hancock, C. l. Hanlin. R- L' Hafbef. H- G- ,iu Q H 1 ,Q 1, R- 'x - SlElllll MEMBERS ANDERSEN, C. J. GREEN, C. E. PRUITT, J. E. ANDERSON, J. E. GRIMSLEY, L. R. READ, K. F. AUSTIN, E. M. HAMIL, J. RECTOR, P. BAEINGTON, R. S. HANCOCK, C. I. RIVES, R. A. BARRE, S. HANLIN, R. L. SAFAR, L. BATCH, J. M. HAREER, H. G. SATERBAK, W. BERG, W. H. HILL, H. H. SCIIMAENG, J. F. BROWN, R. M. HINDS, E. F. SCo'I'r, W. D. BURCHETT, C. M. HOMER, H. SEAQUIST, E. O. CHAPMAN, T. JONES, S. SMITH, S. C. CRAWFORD, J. K. KEITH, H. G. SPRINGER, D. F. D'AMIco, J. KINSER, R. E. STORLEY, R. DANNER, P. A. KOCHER, E. TATOM, J. DEVANE, R. KYLE, R. VINSON, J. F. DODRILL, W. G. LEATHERS, J. C. WALDEN, J. DOUGAN, W. J. LEW, R. WANNAMAKER, M. DUGAN, B. NORDAL, D. A. WELLONS, C. B. EASTHAM, J. D. OWENS, M. P. WHITFIELD, C. J. FEDUFF, E. PANTELLEO, P. WILLIAMS, W. L. FLETCHALL, D. E. PARRAGA, W. A. WILLIAMS, W. M. PICKREN, L. B. lilnll, H. H. Hinds, E. F. Homer, H. Jones, S. K.eil'h, H. G. Kinser, R. E. Kocher, E. Leathers, J. C. EVY. R- NON'-lil. D- A- OWENS, M. P. Panfelleo, P. Plckren, L. B. Pruiff, J. E. Read, K. F. Reclor, P. 6. Rives, R. A. Sgfar, L. Saferbak, W. Schmaeng, J. F. Scofl, W. D. Seaqulsi, E. O. bmifh, S. C. Springer, D. F. Tafom, J. Vinson, J. F. Walden, J. Wannamaker, M. Wellons, C. B. Whitfield, C. Williams, W. L. Williams, W. M sa . I A - f Eff 14-JQUf.j , ALFORD E. ALLEN D. BALDWIN B. BARTLEIT, CHEEK W. CRADDOCK, G. CUTTER H. DAVIS J R. W. GIORDANO, B. GOLDSTEIN, H. JIMMER ON, D. JORDAN R. GORDON OLIVER OFFICERS GORDON OLIVER . . . . Prericlem BRUCE BALDWIN . . Vice Preriafem MELVIN SIRES . . . . Secretary SLATER MARSHALL . . Twearwef MEMBERS MATZNER, R. MARSI-IALL, S. l NJ ll H :llIlll'll.. MASON, M. MICHEL, D. MITCHELL, W. N. MOINGER, F. W. OLIVER, G. PADEN, R. PATAKY, J. PEAVY, J. PHILLIPS, C. PHILLIPS, H. PRUITT, J. REYNOLDS, G. Row, T. Ross, B. SHOEMAKER, R. SIRES, M. SMITH, W. W. SMITH, W. B. SPANO, B. TOLAND, J. TRAVIS, G. WILSON, L. Pl IIELIII EPSILIIII Pi Delta Eprilofz is the national honorary journalism fraternity at Tech. Its members are men who have served in an outstanding manner for at least two years on the stall: of one of the four publications. It seeks to establish a code of ethics among the stalls of the individual college publications. Several projects are undertaken each year. Professor rating sheets were established by PiDE. PiDE also publishes a pamphlet explaining publications to incom- ing freshmen and plans to start putting out the student directory. Each year trophies and certificates are awarded to those men who have contributed the most to the individual publications and to all publications as a group Alford, E. All, W. Baldwin, B. Barllelf, H. Beach, B. Blair, B. Cates, 'S. Cheek, B. Craddock, G. Cook, R. Cutler, H. DHVIS. J- R- Epsfeln, W. Jlmmerson, D. Jordan, R. Jones, C. Mafzner, R. Marshall. S, Mason, M. Michel, DA. MiIchelI,W.N. Monger, F. Paden, R. Pafaky, J. Peavy, J. Phillips, C. Reynolds, G. Row, T. Shoemaker, R. Sires, M. Smifh, W. W. Smith, W. B. Spano, B. Toland, -J. Travis, G. Wilson, L. 84 Q 1 l U 1 Pl THU CHI Pi Tau Chi if a national honor .rociety for the recognition of leadership, loyalty, service and scholarship in the work of the Christian Church among students on college campuses. In May of 1952 at the Georgia Institute of Technology the Beta Gamma chapter of Pi Tau Chi was organized and received its charter. To every Christian student at Georgia Tech the doors of this chapter are open. Let the existence of Beta Gamma serve as a challenge to excel in Christian and unselfish service here on the campus. . Boyd, F. N. Farmer, R. C. Graham,'J. F. Qrofheer, S. P. Hunsincazr, J. S. Jones, R. S. Kmser, R. E. Smifh, . B. Teasley, A. G. JAMES MEEK'S OFFICERS JAMES MEEKS .... Premienz ALFRED TEASLEY . Vice Preridenr RICHARD FARMER . . . Secremry ROLAND KINSER . . . Tveamrer MEMBERS BOWEN, R. L. BOYD, F. N. FARMER, R. C. GRAHAM, J. F. GROTHEER, S. P. HUNSINGER, J. S. JONES, R. S. KINSER, R. E, MEEKS, J. M. SMITH, W. B. SYN, W. M. TEASLEY, G. di? ll Kp! J ll lil Q ir V, 7 . 'N l 1 f il l' VI T i' 1? llllii , E i 85 iwww,i?.f,.- 2,1 ,Ua- i -i " i ..muuL.lliw" mmw.llx4x...'l PHILLIP SULLIVAN OFFICERS PHILLIP SULLIVAN .... Prericlenz GEORGE NIELSEN . . . Vice President SIG The Sigma Gamma Taxa Society was formed on February 28, 1953 at Purdue University by a merger of the two national honorary aeronau- tical engineering societies, Tau Omega and Gamma Alpha Rho. The purpose of Sigma Gamma Tau is summarized in the Preamble of the society's national constitution, which states: "The Sigma Gamma Tau Society is established to recognize and honor those individuals in the Held of aeronautics who have through scholarship, integrity, and outstanding achievement been a credit to their profession. The society seeks to foster a high standard of ethics and professional practices and to create a spirit of loyalty and fellowship, particularly among students of aeronautical engineering. ROBERT JAMES . . . Secretary MONTGOMERY BELL . Tremmef MEMBERS BELL, M. L. BOTNER, W. T. BROWN, R. DAVIDSON, R. B. GRAY, G. M. JAMES, R. L. KEVORKIAN, J. L. LANE, F. F. NAHARI, G. NIELSON, G. I. OVEREND, W. J. PATTON, W. W. RUSS, R. M. SCHALOW, P. S. SIMITSIS, G. J. SULLIVAN, P. J. TAYLOR, J. P. TRITFON, C. B. YODER, J. F. YOUNG, E. B. v'dson, R. B. Gra , G. M igll4el'1'R'f'L. E2lf'i3T:::,' L. iifni, F. F. Nielion. G I Overeisd, W. J. Paffon, W. W. Russ, R. M. 5Cl1dl0W. P 5 Simifsis, G. J. 'SulIivan, P. J. Triffon, C. B. YOUEF. J F t 0 T l wi .M 1' 5 1150.24 T4 . v Jn nik- . 1 xt V Gllllllllll THU SIGIHH PI Sllilllll Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics Department honor society, endeavors to promote interest in physics through lectures and demonstrations which are open to the public. It sponsors the Physics Club and assists physics majors in their choice of electives outside the department. WlIile mem- bership is not strictly limited to physics majors, it is necessary that il candidate for admission take fl sufhcient number of junior and senior physics courses and maintain a superior academic average. Alf0l'd. E- C-. JV- Bradford, J. T. DeWoIf, J. L. E'-'bBf1kS. W- 5-. JY- Kenan, R. P. Lee, H. R. TUC EV. J- E- Wear, K. B. Williams, T. T. 87 r CLIFFORD BAILEY OFFICERS CLIFFORD BAILEY . . Preridenz KENNETH WEAR . Vice Prericiem THEODORE WILLIAMS . Secretary EUGENE ALFORD . . . Treawrer MEMBERS ALEORD, E. C., JR. BAILEY, C. D. BRADFORD, J. T. DEWOLF, J. L. DULANEY, H. G. EUEANKS, W. B., JR. KENAN, R. P. LEE, H. R. ROGERS, W. B. TUCKER, J. E. WEAR, K. B. WILLIAMS, T. T. GT-T5 mf, its l'4 fvj, QW, A p will I. Ir. I Ill- Jun am".Il',iiiLI' 1'.li.Lil.lIll"i ULITIES IT HE HIHPUS nlsxrr mlm-E cu cr y Y nouns HUGH' . 4,,,,,,, Every person knows how im- wlmfl porfanf ii' is 'ro adverfise ' so fhe campus poliiician - ' I-V' s+ar+s his campaign by posiers. .-uw: ' , rhizum -ru mu L, ia X MIN ' w A 'Firm hand shake and a warm smile plays a big pari- on eleciion day. eg- is em is Km . A line forms as sfudenfs +ake par+ in sfudeni- governmenf Smiles show +ha+ he ihinks he has vofed by vofing, for a winner. SS Tech .flmlevzlf are able 120 'voice their opiuiom on the .rmflevzf go-vervzmem through the S27ll1f6'77l Con-neil. Shown at the right are .rome prowectiqze memhery cam- paigning fi7N'i72g fpring elecriom, UERIIHIEIIT S9 GENE DUNWODY OFFICERS GENE DUNWODY Prefiflem LEON ScoTr Vive Prefiafenl NEAL SMITH Secretary VIRGIL TEDDER Treasurer STUDEIIT The Student Council, which was hrst estab- lished in 1922, is the student government organization. It serves as the principal liaison agent between the student body and the school authorities and is the authoritative voice of the students. The Student Council controls the use of student activity fees and handles all financial matters involving the general student body. The council is also in charge of all elections of class officers and Student Council representatives. The mem- bers are elected by popular vote in the spring quarter of each year, with the exception of the freshmen who are elected at the first of the fall quarter. . B I I P, C ldwell, B, Alford, E. Baker, R. Billdvllli. 5- Benson' W' Pager W, Gzrlgngfon, C lfg J, Dunwody, E. . Y. Cobb, C. Davis, C. DI . R Jordan R Kelfh G. Mauhalll 5. Harris, G. HOHIS- C- James' ' ' ' ' go il QW!! .ii i , if 90 EUUIIEIL ALFORD, E. BAKER, R. BALDWIN, S. BENSON, B. BOLGER, P. MEMBERS CALDWELL, B. COEE, C. DAVIS, C. DILTS, J. DUNWODY, E. FINLEY, B. GARLINGTON HARRIS, G. HOLLIS, C. JAMES, R. JORDAN, R. KEITH, G. NIARSHALL, S. ,C. NORWOOD, R. OLIVER, G. OSEORN, F. PADEN, R. PARKER, R. PINNELL, J. REU, M. ROLLER, J. SCOTT, L. SIBLEY, W. A. L. SMITH, N. SUMMERS, C. TAYLOR, C. TEDDER, V. THORNWELL, E. VAN LEER, S. WHITFIELD, C. WlLI.IAMS, F. Charlie Cobb speaks lo +l1e Council. Norwood, R. Oliver, G. Osborn, F. Paden, R. Parker, A. Pinnell, J. Reu, M. Roller, J. Scoff, L. Sibley, W. A. L. 'Smifh, N. Summers, C. Taylor, C. Tedder, V. Thornwell, E. Van Leer, S. Whiffield, C. Williams, F. GEORGIA TEC!-l 4312552 Q I W ' I 4, Y: 3 .riff 1 , fill , II..-' ,ll 'uf' ' YA!,,,,iIl'lIl,!.ILI . 'wll1lll1.I LLLY ljld l A L' A X! 91 ,f- I ,. 7, W l ll ff llll' l ll l' -ILM 1 STUDENT TRIHL BUHRD FIRST ROW: George Harris, Mike Cady, Sammy VanLeer, Bob Lillie! Pierre Sovey .... 'SECOND ROW: Virgil Tedder, Howard Culfer, Bill Dunlap, Leon Scoll, Gordon Oliver, Gene Dunwody, Bill Milchell. IFC TRIHL BUHRD Slanley Gumble, Francis Rusl, Charles Davis, Bill Cheek, Frank Marlin, Channing Jones, Ed Slern, Kell Williams 92 Tech hai long been known for in oatflanding pablicaiiom. Thif year they have been zmcier the capable direction of the Publicar tion! Board Jhown at the right. E E E E E GORD-ON TRAVIS RALPH PADEN O - I-UEDRIN1 II . WOODY BARTLETT ,I is 5 im A I - ':" ':" ' ,..,. H :I , 'B .,A,., , Si, . ' .,.,. , .... ' " Q,..55- ---- ,:,, :E -:-: ' -Y' LISA... L A 1 .,.,. . -' - ' " 'qQ,..,.:. . - I 31: .,., BARFIELD Cosa .IoNss Kem-I MIXQN :g g AI E 2: E mm egg. 5 E Sig lf! ---- Sim I 3. ..,.,. , .,.:. wg Z I 3? . , L f R I J I? SI. :T 1 ' .. If I A 325 . - f E -':': .TEN -X A In ' I ' ' . sig: E I -:2:-: -L-I I ' I! ' A R. , PINNELI. PRUITT REYNOLDS smm-I WARE GORDON TRAVIS . RALPH PADEN . . WOODY BARTLETI' . . WENDELL BAREIELIJ . JACK PRUITT . . . JOE PINNELL . . GARNETT KEITH . GEORGE REYNOLDS . PETE SMITH . . . CHANNING JONES . RICHARD MIXON . CHARLES COBB . . . I' RED WARE .... . F eatu re: . . . , . Editor . Bwivzexf Manager . Mamzgittg Editor . . Clnssex Editor and IIIIIZEMJ Editor . Fnzternitiex Editor Organization: Editor . Co-Sports Editor . Co-Sport: Editor Plaotograploy Editor . . . Art Editor Adtfertiying Mmmger . Circultztionf-Collectiom' iI'Iarzage1' PROFESSOR J. C. BROOKS . ...... Faculty Advixor EDITORIAL STAFF JAKE BARNHART CHARLIE BECKER SID BENNETT NELSON BENZING WALTER BOYD BOE COOPER TUCKER DAY RAY D JU JICH JACKIE EASTON RONNIE HANNA PAUL LANSING LINDEN LONGINO AL NICHOLS WHITNEY O'KEEFFE PAT PARKER RICK RODRIQUEZ FRED SMITH NEAL SUMRALL TOMMY UMSTEAD R. WAINWRIGHT BUSINESS STAFF D. ALTENBERN JERRY COMER ED COWAN RICHARD HINCH AL LEPPERT DAVE NEIDERMEYER BEIRNE PRAGER GEO. RITTLEMEYER BLAIR STEPHENS ROBERT WADE PHOTOGRAPHERS DICK COOK BLAKE HAWK'NS CHANNING JONES CHARLES SCOTT Alfenbern, D. Barnhardi, J. Becker- C- Benneff, S. Benzing, N. BOYd. W- Comer, J. Cook, D. COOPER 5- '5 I II II" WY ? .Il I 'IINII'III .'I5L "'- ,M I 94 Y' '"W'I'I"IFjI EYQIIIIIII..A BLUE PRIIIT The Blue Print, which is the olhcial yearbook of Georgia Tech, is published by the students during the latter part of the Spring terrn each year. Sections of each yearly issue are devoted to administration and faculty, campus activities, fea- tures, fraternities, athletics, and classes in an attempt to present as complete coverage as possible of the various activi' ties which take place on the Tech campus during the school year. Work on each issue of the Blue Print is always begun during the Spring quarter in which the preceding issue is printed. For many years the Blue Print has ranked high in the Held of collegiate yearbooks, having received in the last live years, two First Class and two All-American ratings. We, of the 1955 staff, sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading this issue of the Blue Print as much as we have enjoyed putting it together. There were many seemingly hopeless days and even quite a few nights of hard work spent in the production of this yearbook, but there was quite a lot of fun and pleasure derived. We hope it has been worthwhile to you, the students, who will read this book in years to come. It has been to us. Cowan E Day, T. Diuiich, R. Easton, J. Hanna R Hawkins B Hmch R Lansing P Lepperf A Lcngino, L. Neidermeyer, D. Nichols, A. O Keeffe W Parker P Prager B Rlflelmeyer G Rodriguez O Scott, C. 'Smifh, F. Sumrall, N. Umslead T Wade R Ware F Wainwright R CECIL PHILLIPS BILL CHEEK BOB BEACH DAVIS ELLERBEE JIMMERSON ' RICHARDSON CECIL PHILLIPS . . BILL CHEEK . . BOB BEACH . . JOHN DAVIS , . DAVID JIMMERSON . FRANK WARREN, JR AL ELLERBEE . . JIM RICHARDSON . JOHN DAVIS . . BILL SCOTT . . . DR. J. P. VIDOSIC . EDITORIAL STAFF RAYMOND BAKER GILLIAM CLARK LAWRENCE COWART BOBO DAVIS MONROE EDWARDS TEDDY GILMER RONNIE HANNA RONNIE JORDAN PHIL KAPLAN DON KELLEY JOHN PATAKY PHILIP PARDUE HUGH ROBERTS HARRY STEVENS LARRY WILSON BUSINESS STAFF FRANK HOLLBERG PAT MCGARITY ED PAYNE PETER VAN NOTE . . , . . Editor . Bnsinexx Manager . Managing Ezlimr . Axxociate Editor . . Fealare Editor . . . ArzE:lno1' Adi'e'rti5ing Manager . Axsistanl Advertising Manager Circulation Manager . Axsixtant Circulation Manager . . Faculty Advixor Baker, R. Clark. G- Cowarf, L. R. Davis, E. W EIIGIIIEER The latest developments in engineering and technology are published eight times a year by the staff of the Georgia Tech Engineer. Student writers prepare the articles, edit the material and organize each issue for publication. Art work and business management also play a big part in producing the Engineer, which is respected nationally as among the best in engineering college magazines. ,, 2-wr ' Q22 222 :re '-'-'-' 'Marg E - .5- -.wax -:: .... E' .2- 2-2-2-2 2. , .2-"'.7f:f ii , , 52 .Djs '2f2""'fii'g5 2-H2-323 29 2 2 225 .A 2: 2:2 12 224- " f fm 22, 2 2 2222222.22 22 if ' ijf ie i iw us? : : ,552 2.2 .2.2 E,-2 .2.2 32:2 2 2 22 2 ,X H wg? l ' ' :I: :-:-:-: 45-: .:.-:.:.:.E.E P E " ' A ' ' .... . 'I' -".. ' H S2 'E Im gg , 3 , 2 2-2 QQ 2' 222, 2 W' 2223? -22? - E222 2 2 22222 -2 gm . . ' ' EQSQESEE? ,bn 2 3 22 532,222 ' "V w .J 2 222,-2. 22.222 2.22 E , 2 2 2 2 22 2 2 .Q 2 222- 2 ' 222222 img ", 2,2222 22, 22 22225, A-NE .:.:.:.::1g2 airs 2 2 5 E Emma E 5 ,Bmw WEHQM2 22 me-sawn, -22. is 2 , j qee5.2e2.2 .22 ,,,,g 2.22 mi 2: C M2 '33 4 W9 2 -2 2 Q222. 2 2,2225 '-22.2 22 2. -:--zg, 'ff' ' 22 is 2-22:22 22 2m 2 2 2 2 .-"1 22921. 222.2 ,, 2 2 -2 2 2 2 22 Edwards M S Gilmer, T. W. Hanna, R. Hcllberg, C. F. Jordan, R. G. K I , P. A. K Il D. T. McGari?y P F Pataky, J. T. Pardue, P. Payne, E. A. Roberfs, H. R. Sxiljnns, C. H. Vlfilszi, L. K. 'x GORDON OLIVER A I nl Bm m?E A X .W mam I In BLAIR BOLGER cI.AYroN FERRELL A A E , . .. I greftarfj I GRAEUB MCDONOUGH MONGER The Technique is the semi-weekly newspaper of the Georgia Institute of Tech- nology. Its primary purpose is the publication of student news, including news of organizations, campus activities, sports, and other events of interest. Student opinion on current affairs is also expressed through the medium of an editorial page containing letters to the editor, opinion polls, and discussion articles. HUGH WHITE EDITORIAL STAFF PETE SHADG ETT HARRY PHIPPS N Y 'III R A A, THE Henman: I I I . A I :Ex Yiiiiil-IIIIII , 3 , I an .I ' IQIIIIIQIIIQ -i" IlII.If.1IIIII,I.,,i STAN ABERCROMBIE BRUCE BALDWIN RoYCE BROOKINS JERRY COMER CAROL FREEDENTHAL WILLIAM GRIER BRIAN HOGG HIIBERT JONES BILL KILLIAN DARRYL LEITER BOB LOFBLAD Boa MARBUT DAYTON Moss JIM PEACOCK FRED PREDDY HUGH ROBERTS RAY SAVAGE FRED SCHOENFELD WILFRED SMITH MIKE TENNENBAUM BILL WHITE DOUG WILLIAMS BUSINESS STAFF BOB BOULWARE DAVID HERBERT Bo MARTIN DIANE MICHEL A. B. PERVIS JOHN RITTLEMEYER JIM ROBERTS TOM UMSTEAD L. D. WALTERS a Abercrombie, S. Baldwin, B. Boulware, B. Brookins, R. Comer, J. Freedenfhal, C Grier, W. Herbert, D. Hogg, B. , QS x'llEIIIII"IIII5Qx' . -EHIEIIIIIIIIQQM HARVEY WILLIAMS , KELL WILLIAMS Q a TEE GORDON OLIVER . HUGH WHITE . . HARRY PHIPPS . PAT BOLGER . . DICK CLAYTON . Russ MCDONOUGH FRANK MONGER . CAMPBELL GRAEUB A. B. PERVIS . . JIM ROBERTS . . BOB BLAIR . . . L. D. WALTERS, JR EDWARD FERRELL . . . DIANE MICHEL . . . . , Editor . Basinen Manager . Managing Editor . . New! Editor . . . . Feature Editor . . . . . .Sports Editor . Adffertixing Manager fFall1 Aduertifing Manager fWinterj A.r.ri:tar1t Advertising Manager Axxixtant Advertixing Manager . . . Circulation Manager Anistant Circulation Manager . . . Collection! Manager . . . . . SMH Secretary ifQ'.r2l,''IQE94T.,,'Lf:,k?hlrdlal Ensigiigiink Fvf Mmm ?f2S1i'?f 23:1-Are 15 FA ig x.e?i.L:: D ummm: x. I U U E H -::.-.4:.r : .4:1::,,,.. , ,,, :r::.':.:af . f- "" gigtggisff-5 E- ez 1-JN.m:.g-ezffmbrs :M L.. .vw . - SCL. !5i??k-e1'Lr.m- M, - '- ?'3'23'1-ESM-.sxrn-.'ll'e"?Tifif if- 221'-if MGT -sm. w.-,......,,1: Xia, ww--1 wi-W--W KW.. gg' gms: gjr 'xv are 'ri S WEE MWA I , W ' F.ii?1S.s1F3f':-13 cu-vrwlw nm Mu ofsgmam 535252 ...,. ' em.- . -: ::.::.::1ae?.e.'.i1E..QfL-L sfssfize: ilffxwzf 1-gf.: 'W fe 2 fig?-D f: ' 9?23g,,Q:--."fE'gE 552.215 . .35-!v::::?Emi.?.:-1.,,M F-J' HJ . Q. - . ny L if ' .Q ui' semi' , ' 7-,e:"5'1' :-'11 ---:e-LE I Jones, H. Killian, E. L 'f , D. L fbl d, B. M b l, B. M' h I D, Pervns, A. s. Freddy, F. nillliifleyef, J. Rgbess, H. Roalzieills, J. savage, R. sifiissnield F. grigc'i22lilJI3. Smith, W. Tennenbaum, M. Umslead, T. While, B. Wheeler, S. Williams, D. Williams, lil. Williams: K. GORDON ALBURY BILL MITCHELL I Xmy, 'N , wal-gg w.4I'I, x. E, ill I I SLATER MAR'SHALL I-Ei A4 .wifi ,. LINE" M , w A E ,ILE I? I E A ALL ANDERSON MASON NAVIA EDITORIAL STAFF DICK CLAYTON HOWARD CUTTER DICK DOWNEY JACK DUGGER CESAR FERNANDEZ JIM GIDDINGS BOB HARMON ELMO HARMON WARREN JAUNSON CHARLES JOHNSON RICK MEsTRE JIM Russ GORDON M. ALBURY, JR. SLATER E. MARSHALL, JR. . . WILLIAM N. MITCHELL MARVIN MASON . . . WILLIAM ALL . . . CHARLES NAVIA . . WILLIAM ANDERSON . BUSINESS STAFF JOHN ADAMSON DEXTER ALLEN ROBERT BOWMAN JERE CRADDOCK HOWARD CUTTER LEIGH DAVIS JERE GOLDSMITH EMORY JENKS WILLIAM MARTIN DICK MATTISON DAVID MIEHER WADE MITCHELL JEAN MORI . . . . . Editor . Managing Editor . Bztrineff Manager Aaf'uerti.ring Manager Circulation Manager . . Feature Editor . joke Editor Allen, D, Bowman, R. Clayton, D Craddock, J. CuHer, H. Davis, L. 1 l - I 4 vt If IJ., 1Tg,ez'." ...IWIIWIIIIIELQQX I 1 , :BA -IEA. WI u' - ' 1 , 'FELT wJ,,,Iv,,TE' II MHZ? 100 VELLUUI JHEHET The Yellnu' jfzrbel is the Georgia Tech humor maga- zine. The main objective of the Yellow Jacket is to serve as an outlet for creative writers, Cartoonists, artists, and photographers on the campus. Articles of technical or even semi-technical nature are of no con- cern to this publication. The expected results of the Yellnu' jacket embrace all forms of enjoyment. The students who read the magazine do so for the pleasure that they receive. rather than for practical knowledge. 'levi l gg' sl v sa? ii sRN 12 yrtwirx-flee Qt at 7 wt rg. few fd MQW 5 S 4 f iziffiiyiiyyrf M -fi it if W . . We tif? WX ,f tw are We ff' A, 'QL ..11'f"' le ,eg 3 'vi wr X - nb REM V --g -1 A '4 4, : 'iifra - -1 1'2" - We 3 'T f a?-Wfl1Qw 'i1-"1"M- f , ,.i1f"". U., T. . V 9. 17-.ilggffy u11,Hg,Z1,,',,f , .. QA? ,S-5 av' . M. 1, mm' 14 1 mf.. ,V 4-y ...M fait,-.-Q "Maw-' .wpwrffzw y2,.1:fw Witty ri 'wi-:umm MQ .f'f:'iM- were -' r- H-17 ,' I' 1 1 T15 " ' ui gy . 2 i J. . i. tam . f 1"i 1f M9ai5'p'1' 7n . " ' , QW ' .iiifaftm i J ,it A MW v . ,M Um.. X I fu f ',1W1.1.y ...M , s, 421 4 ,it .AW we D D D I J. F .d , C. P. G'ddings, J. Goldsmith, J. Hartnon, J. E. Jaunsen, W. Jslilizeg Jclililnzigh, C. Nglifeiiqonizk. C. Mlieher, D. C. Miichell, W. T, Mori, J. A. RUSS. J- PUBllCllTlllllS Bllllllll OFFICERS Yellow Jaclrel Represenialives DEAN JOHN J. PERSHING . . . . Chairman GORDON ALBURY .......,... Editor RONNIE JORDAN ...... . Secretary BILL MITCHELL ........ Burinerr Manager Bl P MEQABERS Sludenl Council Represenlalive ue rim' epresenlalives GORDON TRAVIS ............ Eflimr RONNIE JORDAN RALPH PADEN ......... Bnrinerr Manager pi Delia Epsilon Represenfaiive Engineer Represenlalives SI-ATER MARSHALL CECIL PHILLIPS ............ Editor , BILL CHIEEK ......... Buxinerr Manager Fic'-'HY AdV'50"5 . . PROF. H. C. ADAMS ...... . Technique Teclmlque RGPYSSBHWIVGS PROF. J. C. BROOKS ...... . . Blue Prin! GORDON OLIVER ............ Editor LT. W. H. 0Tr . . . . Yellow juckel HUGH WIIITE . . Business Manager PROF. J. P. VIDOSIC . . . Engineer Albury, G. M. Cheek, W. C. Jordan, R. G. Marshall, S. E. Mitchell, W. N. Oliver, A. G. Paden, R. S. Phillips, C. R. Travis, G. K. While, H. E. The Publications Board, made up of representatives from the student publications, is the governing body on policy and scope of coverage as pertains to each. The editors, business managers, and faculty advisers from the Blue Print, Engineer, Technique, and Yellow jacket are automatically members of the Board together with a representative from the Student Council and Pi Delta Epsilon. I 102 . "sk l '- Deparzmenml .rociezief at Tech help promote i7Zf67'6J'l wizhin the department. They alfa help to Jtinmlfzte ozztrizle imerefz by work on E7Zgi7ZE67'l,f Week .ruch ar Jhozwz on the right. UIIIETIES CHiNlLLE 103 WALTER CARLSON HTIIERIEHN HSSUEIHTIUN UF TEXTILE CHEIITISTS HNIJ CULURISTS OFFICERS WALTER CARLSON President JOHN LANCASTER Vice Prerident JOE WILSON Secretary WILLIAM RANDALL Treazrzwer The student chapter of the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists was originally formed on the Tech campus in 1935. The Association affords an opportunity for the student to become better acquainted with the chemistry and dyeing of textiles through the medium of motion pictures, field trips and speakers prominent in the textile field. Its purpose is to promote an increase in knowledge of the application of dyes and chemicals in the industry, to encourage research on chem- ical processes and materials of importance to the indus- try, and to establish channels through which the inter- change Of professional knowledge among members may be increased. , . A , E. M. c I , w. H. cenkiz, e. Clark. R- V- Cobb- C- K- agfiadnlikyvofix. Hfffiif, D. M. Hilti? D. H. Kee.Cbi. J. Lane-Mer. J- wi""S-RJ-E Norwood, G, R. Phillips, B. M. Randall, W. T. Ramen, R. A. Wilson. J- J- mn- ' ' MEMBERS ABRAMS, XXI, G. NORWOOD, G. R. ARSUAGA, E. M. HANK1Ns, D. M. PHILLIPS, B. M- CARLSON, W. H. HELMS, D, H- RANDALL, W- T- CELIKIZ, G, HINTON, E. H. RANIERI, R. A. CLARK, R. V. KEE CHI, J. WEST, W- N- COBB, C, K, LANCASTER, J. WILSON, JA J- HAnDocK, D. A. NELMS, J- WINN! R- E- 'i. Eumx . ,3- gx T . fa 'IWC A lllli gf r . Z5 . -5 , -tn - -- T M? 'Haig I lligrl i I it 1 + ' ,V , fi iiilfpgf ill:-H. gli i rl gl?ilni.BA 104 Tuffy, Y ' L l gllllllwg Exim AL HMERIEHN EERHHHE SUEIETV The American Ceramic Society was instituted on the Tech campus in 1926 as a student branch of the Na- tional Organization. The activities of the American Ceramic Society are numerous, some of which include frequent talks by prominent engineers and business men in the ceramic industry and participation in social func- tions. Thus the members are unified and led in the spirit of cooperation and fellowship toward tt common goal of personal development and professional achievement. OFFlCERS FRANK RHODES Preyicient WILLIAM WALDHAUER Vice Prerideazt JOE HARRIS Secretary FRANK RHODES BYFIS Head C M Hodges L R ee D H Merry K H Mon G D R d G C Rae J S Rhodes F R obledo E I H Swanson C H Teshir?eT J Visrshaw S I Qmfljellj. G- BGYUHSWI. R- 0- Beaver. T- D. Eeggerow, C. W. Borom, M. P. Collier. R. E. Davis, J. S, ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 5 - - I - A . . . , . . d... R ,. Sf'lI,.P. ,.O. . i',I5.R. . , . D. , U , . , , y l I , l I ' ' ' vu I. 51150 ill Y AMRHEIN A G BAYNHAM R BEAVER T BEGGEROW C W BICCUM R T BOROM M BRADLEY R E CALLAHAN J T CARTWRIGHT R A MEMBERS COLLIER R E DAVIS I S HARRIS I N HEAD C M HODGES L R JONES J M LEEDS D H MERRY K H MONROE G D REED G. C. REED J S RI-IODEs ROELEDO E SCHULZ D A STILL H P SWANSON C TESTON T J WALDHAUFR WARSI-IAW S W CBN. C-E lin, x i n Nb? 5' 155221 lit:-M ,filili!l?iii-37: Q as W ii l 4 :M lc I-IJ "' 4 R I mix' Q 'Tig lim gi H' Nl' K.,-N..I45.. iii. I ,lkmp 4 , 105 +I' ,Q?'1'f "", 'AJ it mf ,Ullll i iii lml ll Iiiiili I I . .iiiiiliilli TOM STONECYPHER IIITIEIIIEIIN INSTITUTE I MEMBERS AUBREY, D. C. BASTIN, J. K. BARNARD, G. W. BRANAN, C. R. CADDEN, T. COOK, R. W. CORBETT, W. CRAWFORD, W. M. DAVIS, W. R. FARMER, R. C. FLEMING, J. D. FISTER, F. M. GLASS, R. M. GREASEL, J. E. HANDLY, J. C. HARGROVE, H. G. HELLWEG, J. H. HOLLAND, W. D. KEENAN, J. P. MCALISTER, J. A. MCCORD, J. MEIIEDITH, J. C. MIRANDA, L. G. MORTON, E. L. NETTLES, W. H. PERCIVAL, D. S. PHIPPS, I-I. E. REID, J. H. REYNOLDS, G. P. ROE, W. T. RUSSELL, R. C. RUTLEIJGE, J. F. SHARP, R. M. SIRES, M. J. SMITH, G. W. SMITH, R. C. STONECYPHER, T. E. STRICKLAND, H. A. TWISS, A. H. VALLIANT, R. OFFICERS TOM STONECYPHER .... . . . Prefidenr J. D. FLEMING . . . . Vice President ROBERT SHARP . . . . Secretary MELVIN SIRES . , , Trgpzjmfgyf Aubrey, D. C. Baskin, J. K. Branan, C. R. Cook, R. W. Corbeff, W. Crawford, W. M. Davis, W. R. Farmer, R. C Fleming, J. D. Fisfer, F. M. Glass, R. M. Greasel, J. E 106 UF EHEIIIIEHL ENGINEERS The purpose of the student chapter of the American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers is to promote the professional development of students of chemical engineer- ing. Further A.I.Ch.E. endeavors to foster a professional spirit among its members and instill a professional pride in chemical engineering. The Georgia Tech chapter recognizes scholastic achievement by presenting annual awards to those who have distinguished themselves in chemical engineering, and, in addition, sponsors numerous social functions throughout the entire school year. Other chapter activi- ties include lectures, movies and presentation of technical papers to the annual national convention. Hgndly, J. C. Hellweg, J. H. Holland, W. D. K , J. P. M Al' f , J. A. M C d J. M d' h J. C. Miranda, L. G. Morton, E. L. Neffles, W. H. Psscrijgl, D. S. Phipp? TI. E. Reinglds, G. P. Rozevll Russell, R. C. Rutledge, J. F. Sires, M. J. Smith. R. C. Strickland, H. Twiss, A. H. Vallianf. R. .iff - Fggilxnlwi 51005071 5 h fwnn V up i ,"'llll'lW AC.. T llllllglllul .ll li , 'f i M" wlllilxlm' 4' i .F "' 107 A If fi " f N. ,X n. WARD... ww :rm II T f- 'NLE QWII. LARRY WILSON ANDENS, E. B. ARMSTRONG, J. H. ARRANTS, W. W. ARRINGTON, C. T. ARTHUR, W. H. BAILEY, R. N. BALLARD, I. B. BARFIELD, G. W. BARLEY, T. A. BARKER, D. E. BENNETT, F. M. BIE, E. W. BLANCHARD, J. H. BOWEN, H. W. BRADY, C. F. CAIN, R. J. CASI-IIN, W. A. COHEN, K. J. COLLINS, J. O. DARDEN, L. D. DAY, J. T. DILLARD, T. J. DOZIER, W. A. DURLING, R. S. ECHERD, R. S. FECHTER, G. B. FINCHER, R. E. FINISON, G. W. FORT, J. T. FOURNIER, J. R. FRANCE, B. H. FREEMAN, T. S. GIACOMAN, A. S. GOLD, R. C. GORE, O. R. GRIFFIN, F. S. GUEST, J. E. HAIRE, D. E. E 15, .N mp 'Wa' IIIIIWQR wzgblmhw i 'I :LfMg1bQq,,- f2q':aPi ' ""iiMMiII5+ . 'H W W II 3 uw- 5 IRI MEMBERS HAND, C. A. HARUARD, T. D. HASTY, E. D. HINTON, W. B. HOWARD, J. R. HUGHES, R. A. IVEY, W. S. JOHNSON, B. F. JOHNSON, P. JOHNSON, R. F. JOHNSON, R. S. HIIIERIEHN IIISTITUTE POPPE, J. R. POUPARD, R. E. POWER, H. D. RAITT, J. L. REBANE, H. REED, W. A. RHODES, F. ROESEL, J. F. ROGERS, W. M. ROSENEERGER, G. B. RUDESEAL, L. I. JONES, D. J. RUPLE, M. T. JONES, E. P. SCALEY, J. E. KAHS, E. R. SCHRIMSHER, B. R. KEATING, T. SCOTT, C. W. LANIER, R. L. SHARPTON, R. LAVENDER, W. E. SOUTHERLAND, L. M. LIFSEY, J. C. STANLEY, M. P. LIN, C. STEPHENSON, J. W. LORD, C. R. STEVENS, C. H. LUTTER, F. STILL . E MARTIN, A. L. IVIARTIN, C. E. MARTIN, C. S. MARTIN, W. D. MCCANLESS C. P McKINNEY,,H. Cf MCMILLIAN, L. MOORE, H. E. MYERSTON, H. O. NEWTON, J. H. NORTHERN, H. O O'BRYANT, R. O. O'GRAM, W. A. , J - STREET, E. E. TAYLOR, C. A. THOMAS, J. D. THOMAS, W. N. THORNTON, R. M. TILLMAN, C. A. TRAMMELL, R. D. TURNER, R. R. WADDELL, D. W. WALDEN, H. E. WALLACE, G. S. WARREN, J. R. WEEMS, C. M. PARTRIDGE, W. K. WILLIAMS, C. PEANNKUCHE, T. E. WILLS, W- L. PEDERSON, R. J. WILSON, L K- PINTO, J. E. YOUNG, J. E. PLAISANCE, J. J. ,V ,W 9,51 W., I DIMM Q, I -.JMR-Q-QE, QLQMNNWILQ ' yIiQ5IIII.,hx 108 Yx'Y qIIIN..I . 'IIII IE LARRY WILSON OFFICERS ROBERT JOHNSON . . Vice CLYDE TAYLOR WAYNE WADDELL . Prexidem President Secretary Treamrer UF ELE ETRICHL EHGIHEERS The American Institute of Electrical Engineers was founded in 1884, when the possibilities of an organization which would foster and encourage electrical develop- ment were beginning to be realized. The objects of the institute are the advancement of the theory and practice of electrical engineering, maintenance of a high profes- sional standing among its members, and the development of the individual engineer. The institute has contributed largely toward the remarkable progress that has taken place in the electrical held since the latter part of the nineteenth century. All branches of electrical engineering are represented in the membership. The Georgia Tech Chapter of A.I.E.E. was established in 1915, and is one of 127 student branches in leading technical institutions of the country. Activities to stimulate student interest here include lectures, demonstrations, movies, tours, and an annual delegation to the national convention to present technical papers writen by Georgia Tech students. and C. A. Hinton, W. B. Howard, J. R. Hughes, R. A. Johnson, B. F. Johnson, R. F. Johnson, R. S. Jones, D. J. eating T. Lanier,-R. L. Lavender, W. E. Lin, C. Lord, C. R. Lutter, F. Martin, A. L. Martin, C. E. artm W. D. McM1lIlan, S. Moore, H. E. Newton, J. H. Northern, H. O. O'Bryant, R. O. O'Gram, W. A. Partridge, W. K. ODDS J. R- PDUP-ifd. R. E. Power, H. D. Reed, W. A. Rhodes, F. Roesel, J. F. Rogers, W. M. Ruple, M. T. colt C W. Sharpton, R. Stanley, M. P. Stephenson, J. W. Stevens, C. H. Still, J. E. Street, E. E. Taylor, C. A. hornton R. M. Trammell, R. D. Waddell, D. W. Walden, H. E. Wallace, G. S. Weems, C. M. Williams, C. Wills, W. L. Jones, E. P. Martin, C. S. Plalsance, J. J. Schrlmsher, B. R. ,mmlll Thomas, W. N. WgWlgllll.' Wilson, L. K. .-1.Q"'r,Z,Q,. 1 .mir . ' ,f. - ' .Wg it ant, . . , I I . ' - Zllm 'H' ir- li' ' 'ill' 'wlllil .-f' :li 'fy' . ug ,,,. . ' . Vai' -.5952 lu..- 09 1 ,,flfAEpfl.f-1 .vig- nu Le .M .4 .. LARRY D-ALLAM IIIIIEIIIIQIIN IIISTITUTE OFFICERS LARRY DALLAM Prerirlenl CHARLES SWITZER Vice President RALPH PADEN Secretary PETE JACOBSON Trenmrer The American Institute of Industrial Engi- neers is a national organization for industrial engineers or professional men who are per- forming duties of the industrial engineering field. The student chapter of Georgia Tech was organized after the opening of the In- dustrial Engineering School on the campus in 1946. The aim of the Georgia Tech stu- dent chapter is to create, develop, and main- tain a keen interest in the field of industrial engineering. To do this, an opportunity to further study the principles taught in the classroom is given to the members by having qualified speakers, illustrative movies, and plant tours to the many diversified types of industry in the Atlanta area. The chapter represents the School of Industrial Engineer- ing in the various campus activities and functions and acts as an agent to its mem- bers for the dissemination of the latest in- dustrial engineering developments. ' ' kwood W. Borfell E. Brown. D- A Ab u w. e. Ak' , P. s. All , P. D. Anderson. J- Anderson. S- C. Hatfield. J. R- Biffle. R. G- HIM - . - J. Broirlrie D. T. Callrlrizun, W. W Cas? J. R. Cherry, R. B. Clark, L. A. Colllnge, K. S. Coor, RJ FH EYBW-lfolg. J- F- 22713. JA Ri: g1l:E:'d,on' Davis J. S. Deloach W. C. Donald D. B. Ferrell, E. S. Fincher, R. E. Fourgurean, W. Pow er, . . ry. I . . H hY. HHH M H. Ga,-y'W T Gay D 'M Gillespie J. A. Green, E. W. Greene, T. W. Grlfflfhs, W. D. Grotheer, S. P. Herchenhahn, A ug ev. - - . - Hu,-lf' J, N, Hutfo, E, Jackson, H. S. Jacobson, P. James, P. L. Johnson, G. K. Johnston, C. T. Kent, R. D. Law, H. V. I-eik. R- A- X limp SEWIIW, I .. K L+. -.. 1711, IIIIIIIIET 1. ff?T?fjIIIIIII'I-., 'iw , . IJ Ne? ., ' .W Eg f s,. , .ef 1 a 'IIIII gqelllrry' I MIIIII 'III II. N 5- 2 r In -nu-,n . iliyr, an-' 'IIIIII IIII,,t Wee . fiat. 110 Q IIIIJUSTRIHL EllElllEERS ABELL, W. G. AKINS, P. S. ALLEN, P. D. ANDERSON, J. ANDERSON, R. C. ANDERSON, S. C. BAREIELD, J. R. BITTLE, R. G. BLACKWOOD, W. H. BLANKENSHIP, M. BORTELL, E. BROWN, D. A. BROWNE, D. T. CALHOUN, W. W. CARY, J. R. CASTAGNA, F. CHERRY, R. B. CLARK, L. A. COLLINGE, K. S. COOK, R. F. CRAWFORD, J. F. CURTIS, J. R. DALLAM, J. L. DONALD, D. B. DAVIS, J. S. DELOACH, W. C. FERRELL, E. S. FINCHER, R. E. FOURQUREAN, W. E. FOWLER, J. H. FRY, J. C. GANDY, A. F. GARLINGTON, C. D. GARY, W. T. GAY, D. M. GILLESPIE, J. A. GREEN, E. W. GREENE, T. W. GRIFFITHS, W. D. GROTHEER, S. P. HARRIS, S. R. HAULEROOK, T. W. HEARD, J. H. HEI'.l'I', T. H. HENRY, F. E. HERCHENHAHN, A. F. HOLDRIDGE, G. L. HUGHEY, D. R. MEMBERS HULL, M. H. HUNT, J. N. HUTTO, E. JACKSON, H. S. JACOBSON, P. JAMES, P. L. JOHNSON, G. K. JOHNSTON, C. T. KENT, R. D. KUTTNER, D. LAMSON, F. E. LAW, H. V. LE JK, R. A. LIVINGSTON, R. C. MATZNER, R. N. MAY, R. N. MCGEE, J. P. MCGUIGAN, J. MERKL, A. H. MEYERS, F. W. MICHEL, B. D. MILLER, A. W. MILLER, F. J. MONAHAN, R. E. MOORE, J. I. MORRISON, M. J. MORSE, A. R. NEAL, J. A. OLIVARES, C. PADEN, R. S. PALMER, E. H. PARKER, D. B. PECK, R. P. PELOT, B. A. PERRIN, V.'D. PHILLIPS, C. R. POWERS, J. E. PRATT, M. D. PRINKLE, K. PROCTOR, J. C. RICHARDSON, J. E. ROGERS, G. H. ROGERS, N. K. SARGENT, B. B. SHEPPARD, D. M. SIEGEL, L. SIMERLY, R. L. SMITH, D. N. SMITH, T. E. SPENCER, C. P. STEPHENSON, J. G. STUBBS, J. T. SWITZER, C. D. TALLEY, W. F. TATA, R. J. TERRELL, C. S. TILGHMAN, C. R. TOLAND, W. J. TORRAS, R. M. TRANSOU, H. F. VAUGHN, W. R. WAID, J. K. WATSON, W. R. WIGHT, W. L. WILLIAMS, R. L. WILSON, D. H. WILSON, H. S. WOODRUFF, J. H. WOODS, H. W. YRIBARREN, C. R. ZARZACA, V. T. Ivungsfon R C Mafzner R N Ma R N McGee J McGuIgan J Merkl A H Me ers F W Mic el B D Muller A W M er F J ona an R E Moore J I Morrison M J Morse A R Neal J A Ollvares C P en R S Palmer E H Par er D B Pec R P hllrps C R Powers J E Prafl M D Prlnkl Pocror J C R h d J E S + B B Sh d D N S aughn W R Wald J K Wafson W R Wlghl W L Wllllams R L Wilson D H Wilson H 5 Woodruff J H Woods H W Zarzaca V T , 1" AK .-P. 'II,.. - .-- .-- '.K.. G' ,. aJ,.. ,.. kl,L.. 'k,.'. .-- ... e.. r ,.. lcarson,. ,.. ,. ',. 'I,,L, mrl' D N Spelncer, C. P. Stephenson, J. Sfgbbs, J. T. Swlifger, C. D. Talley,W. F. Tzlrlgeill C. S. Tilglllllnaarn, C. R. Tlallgrid, W. J. ?l:Tr?arsyRlzM. J, A m ""'0 Ill If ml lnl kill 2 REFER- " Jv'IlIl,mL -l ll 1" rg .11 - ,f :L .-in .J 'H' .F 5' Elullwlg WH "HI 'lr 145' .... ..l. I C BILL ORTH AEEOTT, J. E. ALTOBELLI, D. J. BARNETT, J. I. BASI-IUK, G. D. CARRAWAY, D. W. CHEEK, W. C. CHUNG, R. W. COCI-IRAN, G. A. COHEN, A. E. CRAWFORD, F. W. DALY, R. F. DANIEL, T. G. DAUGHERTY, H. C. DAVIS, J. R. DEBEAUGRINE, W. DOWD, A. L. DRAGAN, P. DRISKELL, R. H. DUGGER, D. R. DUPRE, A. H. EIDSON, J. E. ERIKSON, R. FALK, J. W. FERNANDEZ, A. FERNANDEZ, E. FORTNER, A. M. FRENZ, C. M. FULLER, J. FULLER, S. L. GARNER, J. L. GOULD, R. S. GRAEUB, W. C. GRIER, W. F. HENSLEY, S. P. HERNDON, A. E. HICKERSON, J. M. HIGGINS, W. S. HILL, W. M. HILL, W. P. I MEMBERS HILSBOS, W. A. HOLLAND, J. R. HOWARD, P. HUFFMAN, E. L. IMMERSON D C. J , . JOHNSON, D. L. JOHNSON, R. E. JOHNSTON, R. C. JONES, J. A. JONES, L. I. KIETH, J. KITCHENS, F. J. KUE, H. L. LEE, P. E. LEIGH, G. M. LESSIG, C. A. LINDEGARD, R. J. LITTLEFIELD, J. R. LUNSEORD, J. E. LYNCH, C. J. MARTIN, C. B. MCCARTHY, J. A. MCKENZIE, T. S. MCRAY, N. MERCER, M. MILLER, E. T. MILNES, P. A. MIXON, J. W. MOODY, R. L. MORELAND, T. D. MORGAN, T. T. MULLIS, C. H. MYRICK, R. S. ORTH, R. L. ORTH, W. W. PALMER, M. T. PATTERSON, W. L. PERRYMAN, J. P. PETERMANN, T. POOLE, G. W. HIIIERICHII SUEIETV PRANN, R. S. PROBST, W. R. RAINEY, F. D. REYNOLDS, L. T. RILEY, R. S. ROBERTS, R. R. ROBERTS, W. R. RODRIGUEZ, J. J. ROLLER, J. E. ROSENEELD, R. A. RYTHER, F. SAMPLES, J. B. SANDERS, C. R. SCHNABEL, J. A. SHELDON, J. D. SIESS, A. A. SMITH, T. R. SPANO, S. B. STEPHENS, J. W. SUTTON, R. L. TARKAS, G. J. TAYLOR, H. C. TERRELL, J. L. TEITLEBACH, D. C. TI-IRASH, K. M. TIDWELL, T. E. TOSTA, H. F. TROWERIDGE, R. H. VAN LEER, S. W. WALDRIP, L. V. WALKER, J. S. WALKER, R. V. WALTERS, J. V. WATKINS, J. A. WHITE, E. W. WILSON, T. M. WINSLETT, U. T. WITT, M. A. WORRELL, A. J. WRIGHT, J. D. OFFICERS BILL ORTH . . . . . . . . Preyidevzt JIM WALTERS . . . Vice Pfexicienz TED RYTHER, JR. . . . Secremry JOHN ROLLER . . . T7'6dIZ!76T Abboff, J. E. Alfobelli, D. J. Bashuk, G. D. Cheek, W. C. Cochran, G. A. Cohen, A. E. Crawford, F. W. Daniel, T. G. Davis, J. R. Debeaugrine, W. Dowd, A. L. Dragan, P. Duqger, D. R. Dupre, A. H. Fernandez, A. Fernandez, E. Frenz, C. M. Fuller, 'S. L. Gould, R. S. Graeub, W. C. Herndon, A. E. Hickerson. J. M. Hill, W. M. Hill, W. P. ,iiimvmm ... 12 , L"9'H 5? . fT'iiii'm Tw, 'ffiiqiii WEEE: l int ' ' gf .,' Jimi 'Rim q..iwJugJ,,.., if I. 112 2-' il' N Jillian ,Y vy WM- ii R, ,JM Chung, R. W. Daug erfy, H. Driskell, R. H. Forfner, A. M. Grier, W. F. Hilsbos, W. A EIUIL ENGINEERS The Georgia Tech Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers received its charter in 1924. It is active in obtaining films, speakers, etc. It also takes the lead in the planning of entries for Engineers' Week from the CE Department and provides a medium for the get-together of students and an exchange of ideas. Field trips sponsored by the Chapter give members a chance to see the theory of Civil Engineering translated into practical use. Membership is open to junior and Senior CE students only. However, the meetings which are held in the CE building are open to all students in the Department. Holland J R Howard P Jimmerson, D. Johnson, R. E. Johnston, R. C. Jones, L. I. Leigh, 6. M. Lessig C A Littlefield J kynch Martin C McCarthy, J. A. Mercer, M. Miller, E. T. Milnes, P. A. Mixon, J. W. Moody Moreland T D u s C H Myrlck R S Orth, R. L. Orth, W. W. Palmer, M. T. Patterson, W. L. Perryman, J. P. Petermann T Probst W R Reynolds L T R ey R S Roberts, W. R. Rodriguez, J. J. Roller, J. E. Ryther, F. Schnabel, J. A. Sheldon J D Spano S B Stephens J W Sutton R L Tarkas, G. J. Taylor, H. C. Terrell, J. L. Tettlebach, D. C. Thrash, K. M. Tidwell T E Van Leer S W Walker J S Walker R V. Walters, J. V. Watkins, J. A. Wilson, T. M. Winslett, U. T. Witt, M. A. Worrell A J Wright J D RICHARD RUSSELL I HHIERIEHII CHEllllElll SUEIEW OFFICERS RICHARD RUSSELL President GEORGE REYNOLDS Vice Pre.ride12l WILLIAM JACOBSEN Secretary JOHN HELLWEG Treasurer The Georgia Tech Student Chapter of the American Chemical Society is affiliated with the national American Chemical Society. The national society was founded in 1876 while the idea of student afhliate chapters was adopted in 1957. The purpose of the society is to afford an opportunity for the students of Chemistry and Chem- ical Engineering in the Georgia Institute of Technology to become better acquainted, to secure the intellectual stimulation that arises from professional association, to secure experience in preparing and presenting technical material before chemical audiences, to foster a profes- sional spirit among the members, and to install a pro- fessional pride in chemistry and chemical engineering. . I ' A 5 I D., C, B k , R. F. B V , J. K. Bernard, G. W. Cooper R M Qllfvlfiofd M. Sgeirsifslf XY' K' 'Sl.khTff'iiff:J.DIi. iwiiffnif E. Efmlgl, R. G Liegklng, It 5. D ifgggxh JwF.R gm-infQhefPJ E " ' .. HdI,.I.c. H II,n.w. a Ove. .. ewes... can. -- -.- I l:4laTf'J' All C Mialxdizilh Y Cc Mizlltlizfer J. A. Migfendon, J. P. Mcgazilrd, J. R. Miranda, .L. G. Morfon, E. L. Mullen. J- J- Mufpllfee l- C P,-gsslsfni-1 IP l Reardon,.D.' E.. ReynoIds,'G. P. Rozelle, G. D. Russell, R. C. Sherrow, H. R. Turner, C. R. TWISS. A- H- Wheeler J A MEMBERS NOT PICTURED CROW, J. L. GRIFFIN, M. M. REID, J. H. I 1 II EISENBACH, R, L. JEFFREY, D. W. SCI-ILING, W. l XR FINCHER, L, C, KUSHNER, B. A. WILLIAMS, W. F. E gf. LUI, F. F. M I ...wma n jf!- I EI 7f1yI...'il5Ia E. l' ,RI lkgif., wi'llIIFI l ...Q.fl5g-Iflllm. Twink, ' -ET I TTT- 114 WI Tl-1Pf'vf HREHITEETURE lQIETll OFFICERS RICHARD PETERS Prerident HOWARD MELTON Vice Preriderzt CHARLES BLONDHEIM Secretary JERRY DILTS 'I'rerrmre1' The Society is an affiliate of the Georgia Chapter of the Ameri- can Institute of Architects. Its membership is open to any student in the Architecture Department, who is taking at least Junior design, and ranks in the upper two thirds of the Insti- tute according to the point grades published by the Registrar. The prime function of the Society is to promote fellowship, cooperation, and a spirit of unity between students. It also attempts to represent the students of the school collectively in all extra curricular matters relative to the faculty of the school, the profession, and other campus organizations. At present, there are several events which the Society pro- motes each year. Some of these are as follows: the Beaux Arts Ball, the Engineers' Week Exhibit, the co-sponsorship and en- tertaining of visiting lecturers, and small parties for members. RICHARD PETERS Abercrombie S A bln T. E. Albury, G. Afha T. V. Barinas, B. G. Barreff, S. Bennef, B. Bifwoff, R. J. Boy F Brown J. H. Busby, J. A. Candela, H. F. Carson, W. D. Cleqhorn, R. L. Coleman, H. C Cooper, A. B. Cromwell J S s .l. E. Dye, W. N. Fuiiwara, G. T. Gilbert, R. L. Gruber, M. M. Gruss, J. A. Heisel, R. A. Homan C E Howard, R. H. Howey, J. R. Kroll, B. Lamas, A. C. Lawson, J. P. Lowrance, L. H. Marbuf, R. G. Maxon R Moore, J. T. Parrolf, R. C. Peters, R. Reese, J. M. Rials, H. S. Roberts, V. T. Rodriguez, O. Smith W C Steele C. E. Swaney, R. Sweigerl, M. Thompson, R. E Tolbert, R. H. Venfuleff, T. W. Volk, F. W. MEMBERS BULLARD, D. DAIDONE, MCGRANIE, C. R. PROKOPIK, S. BULLOCK, W. G. DEMARS, C. T. MEALING, E. T. SFERRA, G. G. CHAPMAN, J. EDMUNDS, J. C. MERCER, H. SILLAY, L. J. CLARK, J. W, ELLIS, G. MOJESKY, R. SMALL, J. H. COIRINI, E. V. GILLIAM, B. NEAL, C. B. THURMOND, R. T. COLE, R. I. GUTWEIN, R. OLBRICH, H. WARREN, F. M. CRITZ, E. S. HOLLMAN, W. PATTON, WILLIS, L. G. 115 Blondheim Cooper, J. M. Henderson Melton, H Shives, L. Woodcock Blueslein M Crenshaw E Holtzclaw L. 8 Meyer, D. A Shivers R Zeller, E V wi. ,f . ..,,,,.f I .N ll --tlJC'+Qllw:l,.u'1ll'H B S I llL:lII"'3.i A Q9 lllllll JOE ELDER MEMBERS ALL, W. ANDERSEN, C. J. ANDERSON, J. E. AUSTIN, E. M. AYCOCK, J. C. BARTHOLOMEW, B. S. BELL, T. E. BINFORD, W. G. BOTELER, W. C. BRYAN, S. A. BURCHETT, C. CAUENY, L. H. CHALKER, J. R. CHRISTENSEN, W. C. COBB, G. G.. COMPTON, R. M. COOK, R. W. COOK, W. B. CRAWFORD, J. DAVIS, R. H. DODRILL, W. G. EASTHAM, J. D. ELDER, J. W. ETEM, E. A. FEDUFF, E. S. FLETCHALL, D. E. FINLEY, W. A. FOLEY, O. R. FRANKLIN, M. G. FYFE, J. GREEN, C. E. GRIMSLEY, L. R. GUTHRIE, J. W. HANCOCK, C. I. HANLIN, R. L. HILL, H. H. HINDS, E. F. HOMER, H. F. INMAN, R. H. IRABIEN, P. R. JACOBY, IAN H. JONES, D. J. JONES, R. S. JONES, S. P. KEENE, C. D. 4 ll 1, RR ' lllllnm llllugn ,QWJJM 5 ' Q-,t l ,lll 'UTP .lQH..lllll,,, Jw 327 'gn' E ' mx l lllll..f Ellll.,X " -'i l "y L :L WI... lg J w"g.l.lllllll A l ll lll ml KINSER, R. E. KOCHER, E. C. KRATSCH, R. C. KYLE, R. K. LEATHERS, J. C. LEPPERT, A. M. LINDSEY, T. J. MARTINEZ, J. A. MOORE, W. J. MURRAY, W. D. NELSON, F. B. NORDAL, D. A. PANTELEO, P. E. PARRAGA, W. A. PHILLIPS, C. W. PRIETO, F. R. RANKIN, R. E. RATCLIFF, C. H. READ, K. F. RECTOR, P. G. RIVES, R. A. ROBERTS, B. W. ROBERTSON, C. ROGERS, W. B. ROSENDE, A. SAFAR, L. A. SATERBAK, W. W. SCHMAENG, J. F. SCOTT, W. D. SEAQUIST, E. C. SHACKLEFORD, B. H. SPRINGER, D. F. STEERMAN, J. C. TANNEHILL, J. K. TATOM, J. N. THORNTON, C. M. TRAVIS, G. K. VAZQUEZ, R. A. VINSON, J. F. WALDROP, J. W. WALKER, J. R. WARREN, G. W. WELLONS, C. B. WELLS, B. H. WHITFIELD, C. WILLIAMS, W. L HMERIEHH JOE ELDER . . . OFFICERS CARROLL WHITFIELD . . Vine WALTER MURRAY ROBERT RANKIN . SUCIETV Preficient Prexident S e cretaffy Treamrer All, W. Andersen, C. J. Anderson, J. E. Austin, E. M. Aycock J C Barlrolomew, B. S. Bell, T. E. Binford, W. G. Bryan, S. A. Burcheif C Caveny, L. H. Chalker, J. R. Cobb, G. G. Campion, R. M. Cook R W Cook, W. B. Crawford, J. Davis, R. H. Dodrill, W. G. Easfharn J D Elder, J. W. Elem, E. A. Feduff, E. S. Flefchall, D. E. Finley W A Franklin, M. G. Fyfe, J. Green, C. E. Grimsley, L. R. Gufhrle J W 116 IIF IIIEEHIINIEIII ENGINEERS The Georgia Tech branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers gives the mechanical engineering student an opportunity to become better acquainted with the professional part of engineering by conducting weekly meetings. To these meetings are invited prominent engineers who discuss the current advances in engineering. All mechanical engineering students are eligible for membership in A.S.M.E. Mem- bership in this society is a real step toward acquiring professional standing in the engineering community. Hancock, C. Hanlln, R. Hull, H. Hinds, E. Homer, H. Inman R. Irabien, P. Jacoby, I. Jones, D. ones, R. Jones, S. Keene, C. Klnser, R. Kocher, E. KraI'scI1, R. Leafhers, J. Lepperf, A. Lindsey, T. Moore, W. Murray, W. Ntelson, F. Nordal, D. Panfeleo, P. Phillips, C. Prieio, F. Prieio, J. Rankin, R. Reid. K- RECIOF. P. RIVES,'R. Roberts B. Robertson, C. Rogers, W. Rosende, A. Safar, L. Saferbak, W. chrnaeng, J. Scott, W. Sgaqursf, E. Shackeliord, B. Springer, D. Sfeerman, J. Tannehill, J. Taiom, J. Thornton, C. ravls, G. Vazquez, R. Vinson, J. Walker, J. Warren, G. Wellons, C. Wells, B. Whitfield, C. Williams, W. pl I xJ"uL vi" GJ irlllllll l I Q N.ll'l lr G Q ,h Fw Ii 1!Hg'xI'., II gg , I Trias? Ml ,,,.lil3jllIII.l1rl if gil, I 117 r --'lu-' ' .T 'rf jj .asf IIIII I IIIIIIIII 5. will ul Fl u ni I OFFICERS LARRY WILSON Preficlent GEORGE BOSTIC Vice President ARLISS Nix Secretary LARRY WMON BERNARD PIVNIK Trefzmrer IIISTITUTE IIF The Institute of Radio Engineers CIREQ was organizzed in 1912, to advance the art and science of radio communication and re- lated fields, and to promote the professional welfare of engineers engaged therein. The Georgia Tech student branch, formed in 1945, is chiefly interested in broadening the professional interest of its members. This is achieved through regular meetings to which prominent engineers in the communications and electronics Fields are invited to speak. . I B. E. W. B d I C' F. Buckl yl A, H, Byifon, H. F. Carden, R. C. Collins, J. O. EZWZWQS' R C alfa. R. D. rlihief. G. B. Fife.TN- A. Fmchef- R- E- Gow- R, C- Hans- C- A- Johnson 'B. F. Johnson, R. F. Johnson, R. S. Johnsion, 'W. H. Jones, E. D. JUIWIII1. J- A- Iflfaflflav Tk Kenan, F. Kennedy, J. R. Lavender, W. E. McLaughlin, I. McPherson, F. W. Mooney, W. E. oss, . . EI Q ri I -I. V+? IIIII gtg .X . "I-lfI"f"iII.,L Tillfloloolfit., I it Us .iIIIIIIQanIIQg. Hlfggilippg iiiiiiiloxm, IIIEMII, , BALCERAK, R. C. BIE, E. W. BRADY, C. F. BUCKLEY, A. H. BUTTON, H. F. CARDEN, R. C. CARPENTER, J. W. COLLINS, J. O. DAVIS, G., JR. DOLIANA, G. N. ESTES, R. D. FECHTER, G. B. FIEE, W. A. FINCHER, R. E. Fox, R. M. GOLD, R. C. GORE, O. R. HAND, C. A. EllGlllEEllS HARTZOG, L. V. HEINRICH, K. J. HOWARIJ, R. J. JOHNSON, B. F. JOHNSON, P. JOHNSON, R. F. JOHNSON, R. S. JOHNSTON, W. H. JONES, E. D. JUHLIN, J. A., JR. KEATING, T., JR. KENAN, R. P. KENNEDY, J. R. LAVENDER, W. E. LIPPITT, M. W., JR. MCLAUGHLIN, I. C. MEMBERS MCPHERSON, E. W., JR. MOONEY, W. JR. Moss, W. R. MYERSTON, H. O. NEWTON, J. H. NIX, A. H. O'BRYANT, R. O. PIVNIK, B. POPPE, J. R. POUPARD, R. E. REED, W. A. RHODES, F. ROGERS, W. M., JR. RUPLE, M. T., JR. RUTH, J. K. SCHRIMSHER, B. R. SCOTT, C. W. SKELTON, P. SLOAN, M. A., JR. SMITH, D. L. STOMBERG, G. W. STREET, E. E. SYN, W. M. THOMPSON, R., JR. TONEY, P. A. TUENI, J. A. WADDELL, D. W. WALLACE, J. M., JR. WEEMS, C. M., JR. WELCH, C. G. WHITE, H. E. WILLIAMS, C. E. WILLS, W. L. WILSON, J. C. WILSON, L. K. WOODWARD, D. L. YOUNG, J. E. ewlon J H Nix, A. H. O'Bryanf, R. O. Pivnlk, B. Poppe, J. R. Poupard, R. E. Reed, W. A. hodes F Rogers, W. M. Ruple, M. T. Ruth, J. K. Schrimsher, B. Scolf, C. W. Sloan, M. A. rn D L Slomberq, G. W. Street, E. E. Thompson, R. Toney, P. A. Tueni, J. A. Wadell, W. D. allacs J M Weemi. C. M. Welch, C. G. While, H. E. Williams, C. E. Wills, W. .L. Woodward, D. L ,px PLA Efllwm J I IJ Al'l ' Wmflll , I 11. .mvlf - 'W 'ullgh . ll. R I ll I 119 igilllll 1 ' Allllulllllllwld' f ' fiillw, 'V lmlgmll llqll U' W, , .lm 'W ...lllllfalv INSTITUTE IIF THE I-IEIIIINIIUTIEIII SCIENCES OFFICERS GLENN GRAY Pveridevzt GEORGE NIELSEN Vice Prerident BERNIE DVORSCAK S e crezrrry GEORGE SIMITs1s GLENN GRAY T1'8lZJ1!T67' ALHOUSE, R. D. ANDERSON, T. L. ANDREWS, W. K. BECKER, E. E. BELL, M. L. BENNETT, J. A. BLAHNIK, J. E. BOTNER, W. T. BRADFORD, O. M. BROWNING, D. C. CALDWELL, J. P. CASSETTI, M. D. CHUPRUN, J. CONNER, M. A. DAVIDSON, R. B. DODGEN, J. D. DROWNS, R. E. DvoRscAK, B. J. EASTON, M. J. EDEN, R. M. FUENTES, R. W. GALLAI-IER, L. P. GRAY, G. M. GREEVER, R. S. HANNA, R. F. HARRELL, J. E. HARRIS, R. V. HAYS, P. N. HEIKUS, K. Honowrrz, A. HOTINGER, P. N. HUMPHRIES, W. R. MEMBERS JENKINS, L. M. KEVORKIAN, J. L. I KA'r'ros, N. C. LANE, F. F. LILLY, J. J. MACEVITT, J. M. MAY, J. E. MCCRARY, E. K. MCKINNEY, D. D. MORELLI, A. NAI-IARI, G. NIELSON, G. T. OVEREND, W. J. PASYANOS, E. N. RAY, C. G. ROLLINS, R. G. RUSS, R. M. SCHALOW, P. S. SCHIAVONE, E. SCRUGGS, R. M. SIMITSIS, G. J. SINGELLTON. R. SULLIVAN, P. J. SWARTZEL, C. W. TAYLOR, J. TRITTON, C. B. VAN DER HORN, R. G. VASILAKOS, B. WADE, R. L. WAITES, W. L. WHITE, J. F. WIGTON, R. S. Designed to encourage original thought, the National Institute of Aeronautical Science coordinates the dif- ferent phases of aeronautics, including education, en- gineering. and production. By opening its rolls to aeronautical students, it affords the prospective engi- neer an opportunity to become acquainted with many aspects of the field outside the classroom. JAMES, R. L. YODER, J- F. JENKINS, C. R. . . A d , W. K. B k , E. E. B II, M. L. Benneil, J. A. Blaltnik, J. E. Bolner, W. T Qdgggdfd ROI-JM. Bpovsrimig, D. C. Cid?-ell, J. P. Ciasseffi, M. D. Chuprun, J. Davidson, R. B. Dodgers, J. D Drowns E. Dvorscak, B. J. Eden, R. M. Gray, G. M. Greever, R. S. Hanna, R. F. HDYOWIII. A Holinger P. N. James, R. L. Jenkins, L. M. Kevorkian, J. L. Lane, F. F. May., J. E. McCrary, E K McKinney D. D. Morelli, A. Nielson, G. T. Overend, W. J. Ray, C. G. Rollins, R. G. Russ, R. M. Schalgwl 5, 'SchIavone, E. Simllsis, G. .J. Sullivan, P. J. Tritton, C. B. Wallas, W. L. Yoder, J. F Ig TWIII' 'gi '-. Izii: - I ,. 120 :2gi'1.,j?I1 3 .. ,1,.i:.Hf r 1 AWA, lllilmr III I , 'fllllllllllell SUEIEW OFFICERS CHARLES SWITZER President MAURICE PRATT Vice Prerrkienzf HOWARD CUTTER S ecremry JAMES COOLEY Treasurer FUR THE HDUHNEEIIIENT UF IIIHIIHGEIIIEIIT The Society for the Advancement of Management is the recog- nized national professional society of management people in industry, commerce, government and education. Representing no special interest, it is motivated by a selfless zeal to spread the benerits of scientific management wherever management is re- quired. It has constantly adhered to the purpose of helping execu- tives approach all phases of the management problem-Produc tion, Distribution, Administration, Industrial Relations-in the engineering manner. The student chapter of Georgia Tech was the first depart- mental society in the Industrial Engineering department, but has since opened its membership to all departments. Representation of all the engineering fields provides a more complete under- standing of management problems. Blackwood, W. H. Brown, D. A. Cooley, J. C. Cuifer, H. D. Davis, J. S. DeLoach, W. C. Green, E. W. Jackson, H. S. Leik, R. A. Livingston, R. C. McGee, J. P. Merkl, A. H. Muller, F. J. Monahan, R. E. Olivares, C. Praff, M. D. Rizzo, ,J. Sargenf, B. B. Spencer, C. P. 'Swiher, C. D. Toland, W. J. Torras, R. M. Watson, W. R. Zarzaca, V. T. CHARLES SWITZER MEMBERS ACQUAVIVA, A. BLACKWOOD, W. BROWN, D. A. COOLEY, J. C. CUTTER, H. D. DAVIS, J. S. DELOACH, W. C. EVANS, C. B. GREEN, E. W. HEARD, J. H. HURTON, J. R. HURT, J. N. JACKSON, H. S. LE JK, R. A. LIVINGTON, R. C. IVICGEE, J. P. MERKL, A. H. MILLER, F. J. MONAHAN, R. E. MEYERS, F. W. OL1vAREs, C. PRATT, M. D. Rizzo, J. SARGENT, B. B. SPENCER, C. P. SWITZER, C. D. TOLAND, W. J. TORRAS, R. M. WATSON, W. R. ZARZACA, V. T. W w ll ES r -V wr as y a Wiwff Lbf dl ,145 kfXf iq lwll nys lp . , Mi., -f . :V J llllllllll 2 121 .J J . Jllllllll J alllllllllf SUEIETII UF IIIIIEIIIEIIII IIIILITIIIIII EIIGIIIEERS OFFICERS HORACE TAYLOR Prericient EDWARD GALLAHER Vice Pfrexiclem LOUIS JONES Secretary ARMANDO ROSENDE Trenrzzrer HORACE TAYLOR The Society of American Military Engineers was organized in 1920 for the purpose of preserving and studying the experiences of the engineering profession in World War I. The purposes of the society are: to advance knowledge of the science of military engineeringg promote efficiency in the military engineerg encourage, foster, and develop among military engineers and other arms of the military service a spirit of co-operation and mutual understanding of their respective duties, powers, and limitationsg to hold meetings for the presentation and discussion of appropriate topics that should be helpful and of interest to the organ- izati0n's members. There are eighty-five posts throughout the country in larger cities and colleges. The Georgia Tech Student Post was chartered in 1942, and is composed of Army, Navy, and Air Force R.O.T.C. cadets. .. s+l,J.H. D'nh,J.R. Ft ,A.M. ESI,-.?1E2h,v5V,H Jldngsi L. I. KeeT1a?yC. D. Nlldgslllum, R. G. Rankin, R. E. Riley, R. S. Rosende, A. Sieunhllpef. E- MEMBERS BROACH, W. H. BUTLER, J. H. JOHNSON, W. CARNEY, R. L. JONES, L I- DAVIS, R. H. KEENE, C. D. DILLEHAY, J. R. MCCALLUM, R. G ERICKSON, H. MCGARRITY, A. L. FORTNER, A. M. MYRICK1 R- 5- FUJIWARA, G. T. GALLAHER, E. W. PRANN, R. S. let 'E la QW FM Yr '. Wl as . ,Mm I Tl lslinfllll E ' 'n gl 122 'mllllllllll Wil" lm NE li f" . PETERMANN, T. E. Fuiiwara, G. T. Gallaher, E. W. Jimmerson, D. McGarrity, A. L. Myrick, R. S. Pefermann, T. E. Telflebach, D. C. Woods, H. Zeller, E. JIMMERSON, D. RANKIN, R. E. RILEY, R. S. ROSENDE, A. STEINHILPER, E. M. TAYLOR, H. C. TEITLEBACH, D, C. Woons, H. ZELLER, E. ' 'Ff"'-kk? -W .y w MT 'T :T UUIIEILST HIIIJ l TTTTHI TT T N N JI M N 11 W W T A iw A i T -1 1 N 1., hz The clzzhx at Tech fhow the wide 1 ' Jcope of ifzlerext of the ftzfrlevztf. N Typical of which if thi! group who are part of zhe Glen' Cfnh, , ' J N 123 llw ll JOHN KLINKE OFFICERS JOHN KLINKE ...... Preridem BRYAN SARGENT . . . Vice Prericient WILLIAM Moss . . . CHARLES T oUcH'roN . MEMBERS BOROM, M. P. CLARK, L. A. ERICKSON, H. ELLIS, M. GROTHEER, S. P. Hoaowrrz, A. KEE CHI, J. KLINKE, J. KUTINER, D. LEE, H. R. LEPPERT, A. M. LIN C C LYoNs W W MARSHALL S E MCCALLA E D MCINTYRE R L Moss, W L OLIVARI-3s C ROBERTS W R SARGENT B B SMITH, W B TAYLOR, J P TOLAND W I 'IOUCHTON C F VAZQUEZ WALTERS J V WEEMS C WILSON J J Q Q lIIu1'T'f?4" A, I 'lull shrill l R Secretary Trearzwer HCTIVITIES EUUIIEIL The Activities Council strives to acquaint all Tech students with the various organizations on the campus. Each fall the Council presents the annual Activities Fair, where students have an excellent chance to learn of the projects and work of many different activities. Each organization has a member who serves as Councilman and prepares the project for his activity to be presented at the fair. During the past year the Activities Council accepted and performed many new duties and responsibilities which were for the betterment of all campus organ- izations and Georgia Tech as a whole. The past success of the Activities Council clearly shows that it will be a mainstay here on the Tech campus for many years to come. Borom M P Clark L A Ellis M Erickson H Grofheer S P Horowitz A Kee Chi J Lee H R I-el-'Perf A M '-"1 C C Lyons W Marshall S E McCaIIa E D Mclnfyre R L Moss W L Qllval-es C Roberfs W R Sargeni' B B Smlih W B Toland W J Touchfon C F Vazquez R Walters J V Weems C M Wllsbn J J lying I lllli l . - LL L ST.PIlTRIEIl'S EUUIICIL The St. Patrick's Council was organized in the early part of 1950 on the Georgia Tech campus. The purpose of its organization was to .promote the interest of the Georgia Institute of Technology and the several honorary and professional societies Within its academic schools, departments, and divisions. Its primary undertaking at the present time is to promote, plan, develop, and coordinate all of the several activities leading up to and including Engineers Week celebrations, to the end that such societies shall be encouraged to corn- pete in their contributions to the professional developments of management, engineering and science students. Members are elected by the active honorary and professional societies in their prospective lields. JAMES POP'PE OFFICERS JAMES POPPE .... Pferidenz WAYNE WADDELL . Vice Preridelzz LARRY WILSON . . . Secretary JOHN DILLEHAY . . Treczrwer MEMBERS ALFORD, E. ANDERSEN, C. J. BELVIN, F. COLLIER, R. E. DILLEHAY, J. ELLIS, M. E. LEFKOPP, P. MARSHALL, S. E. NIELSON, J. W. PARKER, D. POPPE, J. RAINEY, D. D. RANIERI, R. RECTOR, P. G. RHODES, F. R. SULLIVAN, P. J. TAYLOR, H. T HORNE, M. E. THORNTON, R. M. WILSON, L. K. Alford, E. Andersen, C. J. Belvin, F. Collier, R. E. nlnghqy, J. Ellis, M. E. Lefkoff, IP. Parker, D. Ramen, R. Rector, P. G. Rhodes, F. R. Sullivan, lP. J. Taylor. H. Thorne, M. E. Thornton, R. M. Wilson, L. K. C J All L . I , 57' Ml ll , ' M Wim, vlfwn l l will lilsgtrlllt Mllllllll I -4' Hi 2 Q .T 'HM Wi .a. i"1f ll .lil -I llllll r HLPHH OFFICERS WILLIAM DODRILL Prerirlevzl TOMMY UMSTEAD Vice Presicievzt WAYNE WADDELL Secretary JAMES SEALEY Tremmer ILLIAM DODRILL PHI UMEGH The purpose of Alpha Phi Omega is to assemble the men of Georgia Tech in the fellowship of the Scout Oath and Law, develop friendship, leadership, and association among Scout trained men, promote serv- ice to the student body and faculty, to youth and Community, to members of the fraternity, and to the nation as participating citizens. Barron c. T. Bifowfl, R. J. Bolqer. P. E. Bosher. J- I-- Fox I. Farmer, R. C. Ealcflr C- F- Gilliam. W- R' Lanier, J. D. Ludwig, W. D. Lueders, R. J. Marshall. 5. E- Rainey, R. D. Sherman, C. L. Sufherland, C. C. Sealey, J. E. MEMBERS BARRON, C. T. BITOWFT, R. J. FALCON, G- D- BOLGER, P. E. FARMER, R- C- EOSHEW is 2'?E2F.1H5' R OROM, . . , - - BLAIR, A. F. GROTHEER, S. P. BRANCH, H. E. EORTONELJ- J- DODRILL, W. G. INSER, - R Fox, W. 1. LANIER, J- D- F 4. .l :-x, ll 1 -8 'l i will llll i ., fy vb! jg-1 L W- ' lf lWll1.f'l., lllrlgggikxsitlllllllilf.. 126 ei 1' 1- '- 'WB 'll:lllfEf.... 1 ll N475 5.5 XE- L ri, A, pg. fr Borom, M. P. Blair, A. F. Bfil'lCl'l. H- E- Grolheer, S.cP. Eorfon.dJ.RJ.c glllgif- T M ,M.. yaar,.. 6Y.-- uS.2?Z2.a, r. H. vrclefv. w. K. wa-well. D. w. PATAKY, J. T. RAINEY, R. D. SHERMAN, C. L. SPRAGINS, G. L. SUTHERLAND, C. C. SEALEY, J. E. UMSTEAD, T . H. VICKERY, W. K. WADDELL, D. W. LUDWIG, W. D. LUEDERS, R. J. LUTTRELL, C. L. MARSHALL, S. E. MERCER, M. C. MCTIER, R. F. MITCHELL, R. D. NYGAARD, R. C. HUTO CLUB The Georgia Tech Auto Club, founded at the begin- ning of this year, has enjoyed phenomenal growth. The importance of the club has been recognized by donations from prominent Atlanta businesses. Wag- staff Motors has given the club a V-8 engine with which to build an experimental dragster. The speed equipment has been donated by Atlanta Piston Ring and Parts Co. The club is contemplating joining the American Society of Automotive Engineers. If they do they will be one of the Hrst student groups to make this move in the United States. The club are the co- sponsots of the drag strip at Fairburn, Georgia. The activities of the club include speakers and moving pictures on all phases of the auto industry. OFFICERS TED WRIGHT President HERB ERICKSON Vice Prerirlent BILL CAMPBELL Secretary FRED LIEB Treamrer TED WRIGHT Alhouse, B. Bowyer, F. Burton, H. F. Campbell, W. B. Donaldson, J. Erickson, H. Falkenholm, J. Greenacre, G. HafdYr J- Ja,C0bY. D- H- JOHNSON. G- Keyes, W. Korsrud, H. Lewis, J. Lieb, F. T. Mahone, T. McLenrnore, N. Miller, M. Morris, J. Nlelms, J. Parks, J. W. Rifflemeyer, G. Riirlemeyer, J. Rogers, W. Sfeves. L. Sund R. Upshaw, 'P. Villeponteaux, G. Watson, T. J. Wills, J. Wilson, E. Wrighf, R. T. MEMBERS ALHOUSE, B. FALKENI-IOLM, J. KEYES, W. MORRIS, J. STEVES, L. BATES, L. GILBERT, C. KORSRUD, H. NARMORE, B. SUND, R. K. BOWYER, F. GREENACRE, G. LANE, NELMS, UPSHAW, P. BUTTON, H. F. HAASE, D. LEWIS, J. PARKS, J. W. VILLEPONTEAUX, G. CAMPBELL, W. B. HARDY, J. LIEB, F. T. RIITLEMEYER, G. WATSON, T. J. COLEMAN, A. L. HARMON, J. MAI-IONE, T. RITTLEMEYER, J. WILLIAMS, D. DONALDSON, J. JACOBY, D. H. MCLENMORE, N. ROGERS, W. WILLS, J. ERICKSON, H. JOHNSON, G. MILLER, M. SMTTH, B. WILSON, E. WRIGHT, R. T. My M 127 M. Im, , mul 'UL 1' 4 ia - , yay Viii'il,lliJl:a1 twill! X , . M, , r?f1ik? ' ,f t J :.g,yi?Jl2I A f , .aiiiil lit Q. IM H795 1 I 4,4813 'ffm 9' a ws f:- new F la I""" a 3 KENNETH COLL! NSE OFFICERS -rgyggp gm Q Q3 KENNETH COLLINGE . . . Preridenr ROBERT CARDEN . . . Vice Preridem JED SHEPARDSON . . . Sec1'eim'y DENTON SMITH . . Trearmfelr MEMBERS ALLEY, E. G. BLAIR, A. F. CARDEN, R. C. CELIKIZ, G. COLLINGE, K. S. COMER, J. L. ECHARD, R. S. GREBVBR, R. S. HANLON, R. V. HAWKINS, W. B. HOWARD, N. W. Joris, C. E. MANN, J. H. MILLER, W.. R. MINOR, J. E. MIZE, B. W. NAVIA, G. A. PA'1'I'ILLO, R. S. REID, J. H. ROBERTS, J. H. RocHE, E. J. SALLEE, J. P. SCI-IALOW, P. S. Scorr, C. W. SHEPARDSON, J. P. SMITH, D. L. SU, K. TOLNAS, E. L. WARNOCK, B. E. WILLIAMS, C. A. WRIGHT, R. T, 1 l"ll' l"Y'?llQ'7 ki '12-'Sf-.,jA', . . 't+21ffa. I gfillllla. , f il l' lil. II, 4 el EHIIIERH CLUB The Georgia Tech Camera Club was organized for the benefit and instruction of the many amateur photographers in the student body. The club maintains an adequately equipped darkroom which is available to all members. The activities of the club include instructive lectures by well known pho- tographers, Visual-Aid movies, planned model nights, field trips, and two salons each quartet. One of the interesting highlights of last year was a visit to the Academy of Charm during which many glamorous professional models posed for the cameras of the members. Members receive the best possible instruction in the quarterly salons. At this time well known Atlanta photographers judge and criticize the prints and color transparencies submitted. Blair A. F. Carden, R. C. Celikli. G- comnqe- K' S' Comer' J' L ' R s H I R v. , , Hawkins, W. B. Howard, N. W. JOHQS. C- E ?1I:gener:e.'J', ' M?lllle??W. R. Minor. J- E- Mlm- B- W- gahwf' c'PAs Paffino, R. s. Roberts, J. H. Roqhe, E. J- Sallee. J- P- ,Aj P ,ff-R T Scott, C. W. Shepardson, J. P. Smith, D. L. Warnock. B- E- N9 . 128 l . CIRCLE H The Circle K Club was organized on the Tech campus in 1950 by the Northside Kiwanis Club of Atlanta, their sponsors. Membership is open to anyone wishing to be of service to Tech and Atlanta. The club was fortunate to have two International officers among its members this year. Eugene C. Alford served as International President and Carter Terrell as Secretary. Among its projects for the year, the club worked with the Student Council On Spring and Fall electionsg col- lected contributions for the March of Dimes, Heart Fund, and Red Cross drivesg and participated in many other worthwhile projects. Circle K is constantly striving to be the most progressive and useful group on the campus. CLUB OFFICERS GENE ALEORD Preriaferzt JIMMY JOHNSON Vice Prericiemr GEORGE REYNOLDS Secretary JERE GOLDSMITH Treasurer GENE ALFORD Alford, E. C. Brim, J. H. Brim, T. M. Brown, D. C. Daugherly, R. L. Goldsmith, J. W. Hersel, R. A. Killian, W. P. Livingsfon, W. C. Lyons, W. W. Pruifl, J. E. Reynolds, G, P Roberts, H. R. Seaton, W. W. Smifh, R. P. Sutherland, C. C. Swanson, C. Terrell, C, S, MEMBERS , ALFORD, E. ROBERTS, R. BRIM, 1. H. JORDAN, F. SEATON, W. W. BRIM, T. M. KILLIAN, W. P. SMITH, R. P. BROWN, D. C. LIVINGSTON, W. C. SUTHERLAND, C. C. DAUGHERTY, R. L. LYONS, W W. SWANSON, GOLDSMITH, W. PRUITT, E. TERRELL, S. HEISEL, R. A. REYNOLDS, P. WORM, E. Vlilv K .W , Ili l,,1"""'- 5-gl J I' , . 5 ,-" l lgfilvis.- l 4,,.rlr,! gfliffilllil ' i I 129 ..l2l.lQll"i'lw Wl' JMrf,l,,... ,.,,m,,W,ll!.r 'iw' I -I- E3' xii. .1 .t .. tn i V, . in I.. ,., if '4 fe J. wg, -ip,-1 - ,,.:n TOM ELLERBEE Bearden D Cohen A Ellerbee T Harrod R H mt, - ,t 1 .ig 'J : 2, 1 r .. - ' -V-we L Mme: -. ee i -E fifa.-L 'lib I "' vim -,-I ., 1, , ,es nllwlhtq y "1" , Bec J Collier Fowler Hnnson .4 full? 1 OFFICERS TOM ELLERBEE Prerident CLAUDE HOLLIS Vice President BILL GRIFFITHS Secretary BILL DUNLAP Treasurer BULLDUG The Bulldog Club, one of the campus' lead- ing organizations, is responsible for a large part of student extra-curricular activities. With the help of the Athletic Association, the club sponsors, directs and provides olii- cials for all intramural contests. It is respon- sible for the annual Homecoming weekend, which includes the Homecoming decorations contest, the Homecoming dance, the Fresh- man Cake Race and the Ramblin' Reck Parade. Members are selected twice a year from the most outstanding juniors and seniors. Any group participating in intramural sports is eligible to submit names of initiates. The Bullpups colorful initiation in the fall and spring of each year is a campus tradition. Blocker, il. Burson, J. Cashin, W. Champion, D. Chung, R. Cleghorn, R. Coats, B. Corley, W. Craddock, G. Curlis, P. Davis, R. Dimon, J. Drennon, R. DUl'llQP. W- Fowlkes, A. Frenz, C. Gandy, A. Friffifhs, W. D. Gumble, S. Hamill, J. Hafdle. N- Hollis, S. Jackson, D. Johnson, E. H. Jones, D. Kocher, E. Krnegar, H. LeCraw. R- 130 BEARDEN, D. BECK, J. BLOCKER, J. BURSON, J. BUTLER, H. CASHIN, W. CHAMPION, D. CHUNG, R. CLEGHORN, R. COATS, B. COHEN, A. COLLIER, R. E. CORLEY, W. CRADDOCK, G. CURTIS, P. DAVIS, R. DIMON, J. DRENNON, R. DUNLAP, W. EDRINGTON, F. ELLERBEE, T. FOWLER, L. FOWLKES, A. CLUB MEMBERS FRENZ, C. MCGEE, J. FRIFFITHS, W. D. MITCHELL, W. GANDY, A. MOTT, M. GREENE, R. MORELLI, A. GRIFFITHS, W. D. MORRISON, B. C. GUMBLE, S. MURRAY, J. HAMILL, J. MYERS, J. HARDIE, N. NEWMAN, J. HARROD, R. NORDAL, D. HINSON, R. OXFORD, E. HOLLIS, S. I PASSMORE, H. HUEEMAN, G. PHILIPS, W. JACKSON, D. PHII-Ps, H. JOHNSON, E. H. PINSON, C. JOHNSON, R. PLAMBECK, K. JONES, D. PORTER, R. L. KOCHER, E. REESE, L. KRIEGAR, H. RICE, P. LECRAW, R. RIzzO, J. LEVY, M. B. ROBERTS, R. LIVINGSTON, R. ROLLER, J. MCCALLISTER, M. ROSENDE, A. ROUSE, B. RUBESCH, R. RUST, F. SEABORN, N. SHERMAN, L. SHULOCK, H. SIEGEL, L. SISMIER, B. SMITH, P. SNEAD, H. SORANNO, V. STONECYPHER, T. TEDDER, V. THORNBOR TRENT, E. Twxss, A. OUGH UMSTEAD, T. VIOHL, R. WALKER, R. WAUGH, R. WINBORN, WINN, W. S. vy M. B. Livingston, R. McGee, J. Mijchell, W. Muff, M. Morelli, A. Morrison, W. C. Murray, J. Newman, J JID OfdE P H Phl'p W Ph'p H P' C 'Pl b IIK Pl' RL R L or a, . x or , . assmore, . ll s, . IP s, . Inson, . - am ec , . ' or er, . . eese ce, P. Rizzo, J. Roller, J. Rosencle, A. Rubesch, R. Rusf, F. Sherman, L. Siegel, L. Snead H ranno, V. Sfonecypher, T. Tedder, V. Twiss, A. Umsfead, T. Walker, R. Waugh, R. Winborn, S. Winn, W if ffff.: 'A Wy11.'j'.L.'.1I- -fa. HN ,I I I --' l l A l ll I O ,mi . " ,I-15:1 -2-W 'A laflffr f f I 131 I' 'I fx 'lfl'l"ll.Ll mnwpln ,II lift M I I I I l!"lL.,l-U 'il' J Inv, ll, 'L' ,II J,- . In 'u JIM WEATHERMAN OFFICERS JIM WEATHERMAN President CARROL WHITFIELD Vice President RICHARD DAVIDSON Secretary GRAHAM WALLACE Treasurer E0-UP SECTION I The Co-op Club was organized in 1915 by a group of outstanding co-op students for the purpose of promoting interest in Co-op activities and fostering a spirit of fel- lowship among students in the Co-operative Depart- ment. This club is one of the oldest social organizations on the campus. Members of the Co-op Club are selected from upperclassmen of the Co-operative Department who are outstanding in leadership and character, and who have manifested an interest in co-op activities. The Co-op Club is divided into two sections, each representing the separate sections of the Co-operative Department. A dl H' , B, BI h d, J. B , J. Cotfle, D. Davidson, R. Dayis, D. Farr, E. Gorman, D. Grey, L. Hyenriclie, R. Hgb?ar?,rJ. Kzlggf B. Lancasier, J. Lane, F. F. Lelk, R. MOQGQ. R- MQW. MJ grab. BJ Schaff, S. Smith, E. Wallace, G. Weafherman, J. Weaver, L. Wells, N. Whitfield. C' WIISOH. - 0 BF. - MEMBERS AYDLETTE, HENNICK, SCHAFF, BLANCHARD, HOBART, J. SMITH, BURGESS, J, KEYSER, B. TATE, B. COTTLE, D. LANCASTER, J. WALLACE, G. DAVIDSON, R.. LANE, WEATHERMAN, DAVIS, B. LEJK, R- WEAVER, L- DAVIS, D. J. MORAN, R- WELLS, N- FARR, E, M0-rr, M, WHITFIELD, C. GORMAN, D. ORTH, B- WILSON, J'- GREY, L. ROLLINS, J- YODERI J- ls. til -In .L R. iillie., . A.: 5 X! I l W .W js . ,Img IE! 'wleflt '21 ' 'F X 5.11, -J'llll'ylll..lgQ1:I:, . 'I' . AQallIl"wI..,.f-tp ' "9 II Nil'l,,lIoU,KXI:fm Eu In ll it fi' I ,IM ELUB SECTION ll Section I is active during the winter and summer quar- ters, and Section II is active during the fall and spring quarters. ,Although the two groups are entirely separate, co-Operative spirit is their primary purpose and close harmony is maintained to achieve this. Members of both sections of the CO-op Club are heavy competitors in scholastic and extra-curricular activities. This competition has led co-op students to attain higher levels of scholastic nature. Both of these units rank high on the campus as social and scholastic groups. OFFICERS DAVID JONES Preriderzt HARRY ESPY Vice Preridevzt ALBERT FOWLKES S e cremry BEN NEWBERRY Trearurer DAVID JONES Barley, T. A. Berg, W. Booion, 0. J. Corley, W. Crawford, J. F. D'Amico, J. Ellerbee, T. B. Espv, J. H. Fowlkes, A. R. Garllngion, C. Handly, J. C. Hankins, D. M. Hanlln, R. Harvard, T. Hollis, J. Hull, M. Hutton, A. Jones, D. J. Lamer, J. D. McCrary, E. K. Moore, E. A. Moore, J. G. Newberry, B. Nordal, D. Norwood, R. Parker, D. B. Rankin, R. E. Roberts, W. R. Roller, J. Worrell, J. Wellons, C. Walls, W. T. Walden, J. Van-Cleave, Q. Vinson, J. Thorne, M. E. BARLEY, T. A. BERG, W. BOOTON, O. J. CORLEY, W. CRAWFORD, J. F. D'AM1co, J. ELLERBEE, T. B. Espy, J. H. FOWLKES, A. R. GAKLINGTON, C. HANDLY, J. C. HANKINS, D. M. MEMBERS HANLIN, R. PARKER, D. B. HARVARD, T. RANKIN, R. E. HOLLIS, J. REBANE, H. HULL, M. ROBERTS, W. R. HUTFON, A. ROLLER, J. JONES, D. J. THORNE, M. E. LANIER, J. D. VINSON, J. MCCRARY, E. K. VAN-CLEAVE, Q. MOORE, E. A. WALDEN, J. MOORE, J. G. WATTS, W. T. , NEWDERRY, B. WELLONS, C. 9,1 l NORDAL, D. WORRELL, J. Q ,ff NORWOOD, R. I ...rim - ,mlillll Mi l !.Wl.llrJ -flu .' ill -'l 'f llllllllllll V L,gg'j,ii f ini ' ' 133 m::1.ll,:,ky,y,Y1-'li ,rr ll W .J:11i,lllW1lf' I 24 mx i lllllllmlbq. H Q- -.f.J fx, Aly' CLIFFORD CHANCEY OFFICERS CLIFFORD CHANCEY Prerident JUSTIN BRADFORD Vice Prericiemf JOHN DOOLEY Secretary w GEULUGV CLUB The Georgia Tech Geology Club was organized October 4, 1954, by students with 11 mutual enthusiasm for the study of geology, mineralogy, and their relationships to engineering. Anyone whose interests are in harmony with those of the club may become a member. Field trips and guest speakers are part of the planned programs on the club's regular docket. Baber C. Bradford, J. BradleY. E- Bullon H F ' , D I , J. Goss, J. I-92 H E::QfeIS,C Pgveeig, L. SCQH. W- Tucker 1 MEMBERS BABER, C. CHANCEY, C. LEEDS D BRADFORD, J. DOOLEY, J- POWERS L BRADLEY, E. Goss, J. SCOTT W BUTTON, F. LEE, H- TUCHIR J - 4?-. ,, ,' , - Ys,3lQ51i, , QE T R I 1-. 'ff ,Q-. I 7 l EQ ' if Es x , fl.. L1 J 'ib- L 134 FLVIIIG ElUB By providing low cost flying and instruction, the Georgia Tech Flying Club gives every air-minded Yellow Jacket the opportunity to further his aviation interests. Actual flying, coordinated with interesting basic ground school sub- jects, provides all the requirements for becoming a licensed pilot. Through the cooperation of the Aeronautical Engineering Department and the College Inn operating costs are kept at a minimum. In the near future plans call for installation of a more powerful engine and night-flying equipment in the club's Aeronca Champion aircraft. Benneif, B. Benneff, W. C. Brenne , O. B h H C B fl A Chuprun. J. Cording, R. H. Dauphirn, V. Dii-grid? O, Hips?" R: H?Ve5' F- H0flf19Gr, P. Jacoby, I. James, R. Meyers, F. Mme" F' MOVIIS. P. E. Murphy, E. Murphy, J. L. Pasyanos, E. N PUWEFS. S. A. Rollins, R. G. Saravo, J. V. Schalow, P. Taylor, H. l35 Agipisr xmas I HUGH SAINT ...... Preridem JOHN CHUPRUN . . Vice President PHILIP MORRIS . . . Secretary HUGH SAINT OFFICERS MEMBERS BENNETT, B. BENNETT, W. C. BRENNER, O. BURCHETT, C. BUTLER, A. CORDING, R. CHUPRUN, J. DAUPHIN, V. Doon, W. GROOVER, R. L. HARRIS, R. HAYES, F. HOTINGER, P. JACOBY, I. JAMES, R. LASSETCH, F. MEYERS, F. MILLER, F. MORRIS, P. MURPHY, E. MURPHY, J. PASYANOS, E. POWERS, S. RoLLINs, R. SARAVO, J. SCHALOW, P. SMITH, D. TAYLOR, H. r ,I 1 WW I In If. 'I llllilliiw' Ili ll' I wllll l f , 'Jill ...alllllll ' , iiIll'll '.' . ,M in r Illlmlwllw get 'E ' 'i 1I.gggI.wM ag vera-In Will W... ll' X'5,. I IHHHHEEIHEIIT OFFICERS BILL MITCHELL Prerident BOB BALENTINE V ice Pfrexident ED HAMILTON Secretary mu. Mnrcusu. HARRY DUKES Treamrer The Tech Management Club is the student organization of the Industrial Management Department embracing all fields of Industrial Management work. Its membership is open to all Industrial Management juniors and seniors. The members and advisors are greatly interested in all Industrial Management stu- dents participating in this club so that they might learn Hrst hand about the management side of industry. The club now boasts a mem- bership of over one hundred, which is one of the largest in its history. During the school year the club sponsors many activities of interest to the student of Industrial Management. Some of its more outstanding activities are talks by outstand- ing industrial leaders, field trips, and social events. C T Beck G. R. Black. J- M- . E. All ' t, J. W. Avaretf, C. C. Aycoclt, R. E. Bansley, J. D. Barron, D. Bafwfl. - - v l . C H I B ggi? BIag::sO. D. gakt, E. goe::rIgg1f.RJ. 34512229 Lj Ek 53:22. gl-I:l:IZ.pR-J C guakrefgf W Erlfszgy H. . J. I , a 71, . . I - - I ' ' ' ' ' ' i53L'i5ffeii'df' K i5f'iQ'.ffi',' E. v. eilishef. E. w. Goldsmffh. J. Gregory. L. H- Gamble. S- Hefdv- J' E- HGH' J' H""""""- E 8 f it v. M, . ,,,NTX..,, 1.44 My ""ii5liflil:liIiTurr Wlllllfilltlili.. X 136 211, - ,- X, ,E " is .1,,JJlll'liuI,,, 'IM - ll ll I . CLUB ACQUAVIVA, A. CARLEN, J. ALLEN, C. E. COOK, R. ALLQUIST, J. W. DALTON, P. R AVERETT, C. C. DECRISTINA, H. W. AYCOCK, R. E. DILLEHAY, J. R. BALENTINE, R. DOUG:-ITY, J. C. BANSLEY, J. C. DUKES, H. BARRON, D. DUNLAP, J. C. BARRON, C. T. DYER, G. BECK, G. R. ERONS, C. B. BLACK, J. M. ERICKSON, H. BLAKE, D. FOLKENHOLM, J. BLAKE, O. D. FOWLER, L. C. BLAKE, A. E. FRIEND, E. V. BOATWRIGHT, J. GALLAHER, E. W. BORDEN, L. GOLDSMITH, J. BOWEN, H. GREGORY, L. H. BUICE, R. GUMBLE, S. BURKE, H. W. HARDY, J. E. CALLAWAY, B. HALL, J. CAMPBELL, W. K. HAMILTON, E. B. MEMBERS HARRIS, G. W. HARTRAMPF, W. J. HEISEL, J. HINTON, D. HOLCOMEE, J. HOLLIS, C. H. HOLLEERG, F. HOWARD, J. C L. JACKSON, D. G. JACKSON, T. A. JENKS, E. JENNINGS, T. JOHNSON, W. KELLY, C. M. KING, R. KLINKE, J. LIDE, B. MARCUS, H. NIEUGHNS, H. MARTIN, J. E. IVICCAULEY, J. G. E. MITCHELL, B. NIONGER, F. M. MOSELY, R. H. NABIA, C. NELSON, R. P. NEWTON, H. PI-IENIX, H. R. PORTWOOD, H. R. RAINEY, R. REESE, J. L. RICHARDSON, D. L. l RIDDLE, R. SCHAFFER, W. . SKELLY, W. R. SMITH, W. SUMMER, J. TEDDER, C. L. UMSTEAD, T. WATTS, H. WEITZ, T. WEBB, P. WILLIAMS, F. A l arrls, G. W. Harffampf, B. Heisel, J. Holcombe, J. L. Hollis, C. H. Howard, J. C. Hollberg, F. Jackson, D. G. Jackson, T. A. enks, E. Je-nmngs, T. Johnson, W. Kelly, C. M. King, R. Klinke, J. Lids, B. Marcus, H. Marlin, J. E. CCB'-'leY. J- E- Mlffrhell. B- Mcpqer, F. M. Mosely, R. H. Phenix, H. R. Porfwood, H. R. Rainey, R. Reese, J. L. Riddle, R. chaffer, W. A. Skelly, W. R. Srnlfh, W. 'Summer, J. Tedder, C. L. Umsfead, T. Walis, H. Webb, P. Williams, F. R. KN ...I IT JR ... .ll Afllf S ,,..,,nllU,llllll 1, - Jw! l lllwlll' .-,il .,lv1I'i. ' 137 l l 'ff :A lf w. l N. llllllll. ' . wg 'lm fm. ,il ,, , . I an ' .N Es., KWH!! X-M .x 1' l . N-H Q- --l '- v' 1-...'. ?..,'1x.r Nfllwlw ft H JOSE M. REBOSO MEMBERS ABUDOJ, N. ABUDOJ, S. ANDREWS, W. ARRIETA, V. BENDECK, A. CALLOL, G. CANDELA, H. CASTANO, E. COLLAZO, J. DECARDENAS, G. DE LA LUZ, G. DIAZ, M. FACUSSE, R. GALLARDO, A. GARCIA, F. GARCIA, R. GOMEZ, B. GONZALEZ, R. GRAU, J. GUTIERREZ, M. HAAR, D. HARARI, C. HUGUET, R. JOHNSTON, J. D. LAVIN, J. A. LOPEZ, H. MANRIQUE, H. A. MANRIQUE, F. MARTHNIEZ, J. MARTINO, J. MOREIRAS, J. PULIDO, J. PRIETO, F. PRIETO, J. QUANT, G. RAMIREZ, J. REBOSO, M. RODRIGUEZ, O. ROSABAL, F. SAMPERA, E. SANTANDREU, SILVEIRA, S. VALLS, G. VAZQUEZ, R. VIDAL, W. VILLOLDO, A. WERNECK, 1. XIRAU, J. G. YGLEs1As, G. 'lwlmllm 'llllxlllh J- Pllll OFFICERS JOSE M. REBOSO . . . Prefidenr SILVIO SILVEIRA . Vice Prefidem OCTAVIO RODRIGUEZ, JR. . Secvremfy GUILLERMO VALLS . . T reamrezr Andmwsi W- Call.-,ll 5, Candela, H. DeCardenas, G Collazo, J. Diaz, M. Facusse, R. Gallardo, A. Garcia, F. Garcia, R. Gomez, B. Gonzalez. R' 138 HHIERICHH ELUB The Pan American Club of Georgia Tech was founded in 1953 with the purpose of getting students acquainted with Latin American affairs and establishing better relations among students from different countries. The scope of the club also includes social activities and intramural sports. Gutierrez, M. Hear, D. Moreiras, J. Pulido, J. Priefo, F. Pflefo. J- Reboso, M. Rodriguez, O. Sampera, E. Vails, G. Vazquez, R. Vilioldo, A. Werneck, I. Xirau, J. G. Yglesias, G. 139 ,ali ,AEH vim 'xr ep iqlilivt ' AMW ,s jglilmlv rf" 1,756 'il'iliiil? mtv- , K mam, ,ii ml my l EUGENE ALFORD GENE ALFORD TALMADGE WILLIAMS Vice Preridevzt JAMES TUCKER CLIFFORD CHANCEY PHVSIES ELUB The Physics Club was founded in 1950 by the Georgia Tech chapter of Sigma Pi Sigma, honorary physics society, for the purpose of creating an interest in physics among the students. The only requirement for member- ship in the Physics Club is an interest in physics. The programs during the year have included a trip to the Agnes Scott Observatory and several talks by scientists from Oak Ridge. For those interested in the physical sciences, the Physics Club offers a chance to further their Interest. Alf d, E. C. B b , C. B iley, C. D. Bradford, J. T. Bradley. E- L- cl"5"CeY- C- N- Close. T- M- D'A?llanzo, R. v. Diva B. H. Dlisher, E. o. Doqlev. J- A- Durkeff. K- E- Dvef. F- BL E1dwf,fdSi:Ri, C- Eubanks W. B. Horn, L. J. Kenan, R. P. Lanier. W- T- l-ee.,H- R- ,Marslonf ' Sf' 'nh ' Meeks J. H. Miner M. Raifch, P. A, Ramsey. R. W- SChf'ff1S'1ef- B- R- 5CPf?- W- 5- Mei- - - Tanned, J, M, Touchfon, C. F. Tucker, J E. Turner, J. A. Wear, K. B. Williams, T. T. Williams, T. R. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Pa BEATON, H, A, KEIKAUS, K. ROGERS, W. B. BRADY, W. L. LANE, J- E- TOLNAS- E- L' DOWN5, J, P, MAYO, N. H. WILLIAMS, J. B. --GEKISMMK 1. Im! lm T ii -s ,Q llliilllmm 140 xmlll ul F K ' I , ! 0 1 1--Av:-5 Q R L15 ...MII U., Wynn RIVERS, W. K. RllDlll El The Georgia Tech Radio Club is primarily an organization of enthusiasts of amateur radio. Its primary aim is to promote the general welfare of its members and to maintain an active in- terest in communication by amateur radio. To fulfill that aim, the club owns high-powered transmitters which cover all the active "ham" bands. This equipment is in the club "shack," which is located in the penthouse atop the Physics Building. A second purpose of the club is to provide instruction in the principles of amateur radio for aspirant "hams," to enable them to qualify for the required government license. Code practice machines, lectures, and training films accomplish this purpose. The linal goal of the club is to provide a common meeting place for those interested in radio, so that they may become acquainted with each other, exchange technical information, and become members of a radio brotherhood at Georgia Tech. OFFICERS STALEY CATES Pr'e.riaie1zt EDWIN BUCK Vice Prerident FRED KEITH S ecremry STANFORD ADAMS Treasurer STALEY CATES Ambrosia, E. V. Arrington, C. Blas, F. W. Boyens, G. J. Brenham, C. E. Brown, N. H. Buck, E. H. Bush, A. M. Cannon, R. S. Cafes, S. T. Chambers, R. P. Coen, R. J. Collins, J. O. Comer, J. L. Cummins, W. F. Estes, R. D. Freshwafer, P. Gay, K. E. Goldwasser, J. Greene, R. W. Griffin, F. S. Haskins, T. H. Hill, H. Keith, F. R. Kelis, B. Levin, J. Lewis, J. E. Lowndes, T. Mahone, T. D. Mann, J. H. Marston, L. E. McCook, J. W. McPherson, F. W. Meeks, J. M. Miller, R. B. Moss, B. R. 0 Neal. E- A- OWEN. H- N- Payne, J. V. Pyle, J. T. Ross, D. H. Scherr, M. '5. Sharp, W. R. Smifh, K. Thompson, R. Toney, 'P. A. Waddell, D. W. Weems, C. M. Welch, C. G. Willoughby, L. Wills, J. M. Wood, F. M. Woodward, D. L. Worrall, F. G. MEMBERS NOT PICTURED ADAMS, S. JAMES, C. E. ROBBINS, D. K. BENSON, A. B. LATI-IEM, R. C. ROWLAND, H. S. DEVONE, M. S. MEYERS, M. M. SOLOMAN, S. M. DOLIANA, G. N. MooRE, D. A. WYNNE. G. A. GODFREY, R. F. RIVERS, W. K. ZBAR, J. J. 141 Carney, W. E. Glass, R. M. Longino, C. L. Norihrup, E. Tolnas, T. J. Wursf, J. E. nl' Nr . M Q : :58 "" Irie al Wpvfr ,fy he ' N ll' 157 r l .na f "I 1.- et -si' . igiliia ' iisiliif- T ,M 14 R .ll VIRGIL TEDDER OFFICERS VIRGIL T EDDER . . , Preriderzr RONALD JORDAN . Vice President GEORGE HARRIS . . . Secretary gh' Li. l ,I 'P R M l X s N MEMBERS ALL, W. H. BARNHARDT, R. BARRON, C. T. CADY, M. CLARK, N. S. COHEN, W.. C. DAVIS, E. W. DUNWODY, E. C. ECKER, H. A. GARRARD H V HARRIS G W HINSON R W HUGUBT R R JOHNSON L A JORDAN R G KFLLY L D LOMASON H MANLEY G MARSHALL S E METCALI' W H. MITCHELL W N NEWMAN I S PADEN R S POLLOCK R H RIDDLE D R SCOTT L J SINGER 1' S SMITH L N SMITH, S SNFAD H T STRIBLING G TORRAS R M VAN LEER WHITE E W TEDDLR V R l I RHlllBlIlI' RECH CLUB This year the Ramblin' Reck Club has been very successful in carrying out its purpose of developing enthusiastic school spirit. The pep rallies held by the club during football season were highlighted by the spec- tacular "Beat Georgia" bonfire rally which was attended by more than two thousand students. The club also sponsored Ramblin' Reck contests during the fall and the "Stunt Night" program during the spring. In addition to these activities the Ramblin' Recks set forth and enforced the requirements of the freshman "rats," A W H Earnhardt R H Barron C T Cady M Clark N S Davis E W Jordan R G Kelly Marshall 'S E Metcalf W H Mlfchell W N Newman J S Paden R S Pollock R H Rnd ls D R Scol' L J Singer F S Smufh L N Smxfh S Snead H T Torras R M Van Leer S Whlfe E W Tedder V R , . . , . . , . . , . . : , . . , . . , I , . . ', . H. , . . s . ' ' , . . , . . , . . 4 , in I , . . . , . . , . B. , . . , S. , . . ' , . . Dunwcdy, E. C. Ecker, Il-LDA. Garrard, H. V. Harris, G. W. Hlnson, R. W. Johnson L A 'd,'.'.' Lf." ' ' lv IW.. Q n .. I. .V V W ,X Wlyhlw- "uf: I lx if Z ' W" 51- I. i 142 I - 'I, I ,f 1..,I4-I em. l lllll dllhlu bw SPIHED SHUE CLUB The Spiked Shoe Club is an honorary track and field society, the membership being composed of outstanding lettermen from the varsity track and cross country teams. The Specihc purpose of the Spiked Shoe Club is to bring together ina closer bond the- track men in the Southeastern Conference and to further the interest of track. 7' 1,-Barringfon, J. W. Barron, C. Brim, J. Brim, T. Cady, M. ' COOK T- DeJarnefl'e, F. DeVane, R. W. Dowd, A. L. Howell, J. 5. Orfh, W. W. Orlh, R. L. Powers, J. R. Rust, F. Savage, P. R. Smlfh, R. L. Tefflebach, D. Torrance, M. Vereen, C. H. Wilson, C. B. 143 MIKE CADY OFFICERS MIKE CADY . . . . . . Preridem RAY SAVAGE .... Vice Prerident DON TETTLEBACH . . MEMBERS BARRINGTON, W. BARRON, C. T. BRIM, J. H. BRIM, T. M. CADY, M. COOK, T. H. DEJARNETTE. F. DEVANE, R. W. DOWD, A. L. DWORSCHAK, J. B. GOODE, J. J. GREEN, W. E. HOWELL, J. S. JONES, R. E. KEEN, J. N. ORTH, W. W. ORTH, R. L. POWERS, J. R. RUST, F. SAVAGE, P. R. SKINNER, W. SMITH, R. TEDDER, D. L. TETTLEBACH. D. C. TORRANCE, M. A. VEREEN, C. H. WILSON, C. B. .nllllllllml l Secretary P Mg, ll ll Q , ,.lllllll fTf lllllllllr l lllllllrll lllll BOB WINN TUHSTIHHSTERS CLUB OFFICERS ROBERT WINN Pffexiczlent HARVC'OOD BARTLETT Vice Preyialevzt CHARLES COBB Secretary GEORGE SUDDATH T1'earm'er The Georgia Tech Chapter of Toastmasters, International, founded in 1950, was the hrst college chapter among the hundreds of Toastmasters' Clubs. Toastmasters' is more than a club-it is an education. It is specially useful on a technological campus, since it seeks to improve, through practical experience, the ability to speak in public. Weekly, through planned programs, members deliver prepared and extemporane- ous speeches, thus constantly improving their power of speech. Hall J. Barron C. T. Bariletf, H. Cobb, C. Dukes. H- Gagsser, F. Greenacs, G. P adock J H 'ui E. H k,J. H n ,R. Hardie N. Kelfh. G- Palmef- - Q. ' ' ph'llll',,flC, Piizgiif J. Rfrhf'aJ. Suddafla, cs. Tafom, J. wadden, w, Wlnsleif, u. MEMBERS BALENTINE, R. RUTH, J- BALKCOM, M. HAMILTON, E. SHEPPARD, D. BARRON, C. T. HANCOCK, J- P- SMITH C' BARTLETT, H. HANNA, R. SPENGLER, T. BRANCH, N. EARDIEGN- E111-fg'gHj G- Q COBB, C. K. EITH - 1 ' ' DUKES, H, PALMER, M. WADDELL, W- GASSER, F. PEACOCK, J- WETZEL, A' GREENACRE, G. PHILLIPS, C- WINSI-ET13 U' HALL, J, PINNELL, J. WINN, R- E- ' ! . 4 'es O ' , xm a- 'P "'f' it an 4 l illy wlmln5"'L,,l m! M ull 9-H tif-nlllltlwllilgllqllym 'lil-l'F,ll'. E -fflyl' fl' illlllllllma .. lllll.llllll3lll..,,, 144 Q . lIllllTEllBURll CLUB The aim of the Georgia Tech Canterbury-Club is to serve the Mission of Christianity in higher education by fostering among the students of Georgia Tech a better understanding of the faith and practice of the Episcopal Church and loyalty to its corporate life. Meet- ings are heldieach Sunday evening in the parish of All Saints Church with other college students of the Diocese. A corporate service of Holy Communion for Canterbury Club members is celebrated on the third Sunday of each month. OFFICERS GIL EVANS Preriafem FENTRESS RHODES Secretary Gll. EVANS arfleff H. Beall, L. Bedall, J. Belser, T. Boyd, W. Brown, J. T. Burbank, W. Carter, W. Carter, J. hrrsfensen, P. Cook, B. Dallam, L. Donaldson, J. Driggers, T. Easfon, M. Evans, R. G. Flelcher, C. Ford, J. S. . Hays, lP. N. Holi, R. Holi, R. Howard, J. Mahone, T. D. Marston, L. E. Moss, W. Mulholland, K. S. Nichols A. Owens, F. R. Parrish, N. Paul, L. C. , Pelarson, R. A. Powell, H. B. Porfwood, H. R. Richardson, N. Rhodes, F. Ross D H. Rust, F. G. Seckman, R. Slaughfer, S. G. Smirh, M. Summers, J. C. Sumrall, N. B. Thomas, T. N. Thurmond, R. H. MEMBERS BARTLETT, H. PORTWOOD, H. R. BEALL, L. DAVES, W. HOWARD, J. C. RICHARDSON, N. . BEDELL, 1. DONALDSON, J. O-. MAI-IONE, T. D. RI-Iooes, F. BELSER, T. DRIGGERS, T. M. MARSTON, L. E. Ross, D. H. BOYD, W, L. EASTON, M. J. MOSS, W. RUST, F. G. , . BROWN, J. EVANS, G. MULHOLLAND, K. S. SECKMAN, R. lf' BURBANK, W. F. FLETCHER, C. A. NICHOLS, A. C. SLAUGHTER, S. G. ..., ,,.Q CARTER, W. J. FORD, J. S. OWENS, F. R. SMITH, M. ll CARTER, J. A. HALL, T. H. PARRISH, N. A. SUMMERS, J. C. :.f,55j,l1.:: I I CI-IRISTENSEN, P. J. HAYS, P. N. PAUL, L. C. SUMRALL, N. B. ffm COOK, B. H. HOLT, J. PETERSON, R. A. THOMAS, T. ' 5gg5g5g!?f DALLAM, J. L, HOLT, R. C. POWELL, H. B. THURMOND, R. gg 'W f"" 145 i.,,lllllllggarlllllllllllfll 'Il . I l .,'..:1 is RUDOLPH MATZN ER OFFICERS RUDOLPH MATZNER President ODELL DISHER Vice Predciem TOM JONES Secretary CHESTER HENRY Trenmref' JL ALFORD, C. O. ALLISON, F. E. ANDERSEN, C. J. ANDERSON, R. H. ARRANTS, W. W. BARFIELD, G. W. BATES, J. D. BLAKE, O. D. BRADEN, R. P. BRADY, C. F. BRANCHFIELD, E. B. BURROUGHS, F. D. CADLE, W. R. CARROLL, J. I.. Cl-IAMBLESS B. D C1-IAMBLIsS,,J. A. I CLARK, J. E. COLE, V. G. COX, K. D. CRAVER, L. W. CUMMINGS, H. B DANIELS, W. D. DISHER, E. O. DOYLE, J. T. MEMBERS DUGAN, W. S. DYE, C. W. ESPY, G. B. FOWLER, C. R. GODWIN, R. O. GRIFFIN, F. S. HANCOCK, C. I. HANKINS, D. M. HENRY, C. L. HICKS, E. G. JACKSON H JONES L JONES T A KEENE C. D. LACY, W. L. HOWARD, G. R. HUGHES, C. C. ' , . S. , . B. LAIRD, D. F. A LASSETTER, L. . LILLY, J. J. LIN, C. C. LIU, F. K. LOVELACE, M. R. IVIARCUM, E. S. MARTIN, C. S. BHPTIST MATZNER, R. MCDANIEL, C. E. MOSER, H. E. MOTT, R. W. NETTLES, C. W. PERVIS, A. B. POTTS, J. P. ROBERTS, R. A. SANDERS, C. R. SPENCER, R. F. SPIKES, M. L. SPLAWN, J. L. STOKES, J. J. TANNER, J. M. TATE, J. W. THORNTON, C. L. TILGHMAN, C. R. TODD, H. E. WALDEN, J. F. WALTERS, J. V. W1-IISNANT, WHITFIELD, WILSON, C. B. WOOD, F. M. R.A C.G Allison, F. E. Andersen, C. J. Anderson, R. H. Arranfs, W. W. Barfield G. W. Bates, J D Blake, O. D. Braden, R. P. Brady, C. F. Branchfleld, E. B. Burrouglls, F. D. Cadle W Carroll, J. L. Chambless, B. D. Chambliss, J. A. Cole, V. G. Craver, L. W. Cummings Daniels, W. D. Disher, E. O. Dugan, W. S. Dye, C. W. Espy, G. B. Fowler C , 'WL lll ll. +', 'lllllw ' g :I'fl...lllJJgEwb ew' ' lli?l.lllWlw :. 3 . N 'll'lll'lITE1g..,K I Jul. l Q' " m : lllI. ullllh STUDENT Ulllllll The Baptist Student Union serves as the link between Tech's fourteen hundred Baptists and the local churches, promoting not only Sunday School and Training Union but active participation in the local churches' organizations. On the campus, the B.S.U. sponsors vespers, Bible study and discussion groups, intramural athletic teams, a monthly newspaper, and various social activities. The Baptist Student Center, located at 734 Techwood Drive, N. W., is the campus headquarters for the B.S.U. Every Baptist student who is a member of a local Baptist church or who is a member of a Sunday School class or Training Union in a local Baptist church is a member of the Baptist Student Union. Total membership is more than four hundred. Pictured on these pages are the B.S.U. Executive Council members, Freshman Council members, and members of the committees which make up the Greater B.S.U. Council. Godwin R O Griffin F. 5. Hancock, C. I. Hankins, D. M. Henry, C. L. Hicks, E. G. Howard, G. R. Hughes, C. C. Jackson, H. S. Jones T A Keene C. D. Lacy, W. L, Laird, D. F. Lasseffer, L. A. Lilly, J. J. Lin, C. C. Liu, F. K. Marcum, E. S. Marhn C S McDaniel, C. E. Moser, H. E. Moif, R. W. Nefiles, C. W. Pervis, A. B. Potts, J. 'P. Roberts, R. A. Splawn, J. L. Stokes J J Tanner J. M. Tilghman, C. R. Todd, H. E. Walden, J. F. Walters, J. V. Whisnanf, R. A. Wilson, C. B. Wood, F. M. ,4 .ill T WV ,Wlllll .f? - .4 N '- -iv' -:fl ,.igl'l i1 tTllllMLll Luv. T ,' .ek , ial'T1'n"', ' , llllwill .. U I 'ii " iw, 'X .Q .gf .Mg-55' 5 147 ,lT"7.i.Y"f"f'-. 'LM T W' ,tilllWgazllllllihillt JOHN HETTICH gpr OFFICERS JOHN HEITICH Preridevzt HUB LEE Vice Prerident LUIS MIRANDA Secretary JOHN SCHMAENG Trezzrurer IlElUIllHll As a club of Catholic culture and Catholic fellowship, Newman Club is organized in order to deepen the spiritual enrich the temporal lives of its members through a balai program of religious, intellectual, and social activities, to 1 the Catholic students into a common uniong and to assist college and its students whenever possible. The Georgia Tech chapter of the National Newman K Federation was established in 1928. Since that time, under spiritual guidance and assistance of its chaplains, the Club been cited as the campus organization which most nearly achii the purposes for which it was founded. Center of Club activities on campus is the Newman Ht adequately equipped with intellectual and recreational facili In addition to weekly meetings, activities include corporate c munions, spiritual retreats, lectures, discussion groups, haf dances, picnics, and outstanding participation in the sports program. . ' , B ll I F, M, B s, D. A. Bialko, A. E. Blaifner. R- ?f?2'G21s4"'i-T' ?u'2if?f' M' 51'ffW' 512315-A. 'Sf-Ei Ct M siifritz- sz'.u:f:...1- it sexier:- Deneve, IR. H. Erickson, H. Felkenhelm, J. ranco, . - H5 Ee- - - H .H -J 'J Har ood 'J 'E Hearn 'L ' G ' , F. G ' , R. Gamer, J. H. Goode. B- N- Gflmef- G- H- am' - - - "' - ' ' 5 ' ' Hzidiich, K. Hgiiibah, J. J. Hurry. R. A. Jackson. R- JHCQUSHE. W- J- Keller, M. J. Lang, N. Langs on, J. L H ,illmg E"'?.1j,,..fQilll'li..,, 148 -wx vggigt-gFg':: ALVAREZ, E. AMBROSIO, F. J. ARSUAGA, E. M. BALCERAK, R. BARK-ER, J. BATTAGLIA, A. BAUGHNON, W. BEATON, H. A. BELLO, F. M. BERENS, D. A. BIALKO, A. E. BLATTNER, R. BORSH, R. J. BRISBANE, J. J. BROWN, D. H. BROWN, F. K. BUCK, E. H. CANEPA, J. CARBIA, R. CHAvEs, A. CLARK, C. CLAVIJO, M. COCK, A. CoLLAzo, J. L. CONNORS, C. E.- CUEILLAN, J. DENEVE, R. H. ERICKSON, H. FELKENHELM, FRANCO, M. S. FRISBEE, E. M. FUENTES, R. GALLAGHER, L. GANDIA, A. A. GARCIA, F. GARCIA, R. GAssLER, J. H. GILBERT, G. J. GARITY, J. T. GooDE, B. N. MEMBERS GOODE, J. J. GRIMES, G. H., JR. GROGAN, J. W. HAMILL, J. J. HARTRAMPF, W. J. HARWOOD, J. E. HEARN, L. A. HEINRICH, K. HETFICH, J. J. HOLLAND, H. L. HURRY, R. A. JACKSON, R. JACQUETTE, W. JJ KELLER, M. J. LANG, N. LANGSTON, J. L. LATOUR, C. L., JR. LEE, J. LEE, A. J., JR. LEE, H. LE JK, R. A. LEPORE, D. A. LOFBLAD, R. P. MARKWALTER, G. E. MARTELLOTTO, N. MCCORMICK, K. MENDONCA, L. MIRANDA, L. G., JR. MURPHY, C. C. MURPHY, J. L. MICHON, J. M. MOORE, D. A. MYERS, R. A. NATHANSON, L. NAv1A, C. A. OEERLIES, R. H. O'DONNELL, C. F. OLIVARES, C. QRTIZ, M. A. PEHK, H. H. PIERCE, J. G. PIERRO, J. A. PINNELL, J. K. RITTELMEYER, G. RITTELMEYER, J. ROBLEDO, V. M. RODGERS, J. C. A. M. ROURK, J. W., JR. RUGGERI, M. Russ, R. M. RUTH, J. K. SACCONE, P. P. SCHMAENG, J. F. SETLIN, H. A. SHEEHAN, T. J. TERRY, V. J. VALLEJO, R. WETZEI., A. H. WRIGHT, J. D. PELLICCIOTTI, G. YUEN, L. B. C. Tour, C. L. Lee, J. . Lee, A. J. Lqe, H. Leik, R. A. Lepore, D. A. Lofblad, R. P. Markwalfer, 6. arfelloffo, N. McCormick, K. Mendonca, L. Miranda, L. G. Murphy, C. C. Murphy, J. L. Myers, R. A. Nathanson, L. avla, C. A. Qberlles, R. H. Q'DonnelI, C. F. Ollvares, C. Orfiz, M. A. Peek H. H. Pelliccioiii, G. Pierce, J. G. erro, J. A. Pmnell, J. K. Rrffelmeyer, G. A. Riffelmeyer, J. Rodgers, J. C. Rourh, J. W. Russ, R. M. Ruih, J. K. ccone, P. P. Schmaeng, J. F. Seilin, H. A. Sheehan, T. J. Terry, V. J. Vallelo, R. Wrighf, J. D. Yuen, L. B. C. ,H yy IW. ,, ...-nnmf. Aff , - E ' E. Eur 'V Ziff- ., 149 .MUYW .WHNIIU N VH,..I.MJmmm' :J HVq"mmH,m.J W - .5 V gl' lp.. - lllijllvl... SPENCE GROTH EER OFFICERS SPENCE GROTHEER . . . . WILFRED SMITH . BOB MARBUT . ALFRED TEASLEY . . . REUBEN JONES Vice . . Publicity UIESLEV Prefizlenl Prexiclent S ecremry Treafufer Direstor Abercrombie, S. Black, J. L. Bufler, J. H. Clark, J. A. Daniel, T. G. Danfzler, B. Grofheer, S. Hall, J. F. Ho, D. C. Hopkins, B. ABERCROMBIE, S. AKRIDGE, E. BARNETT, B. BASS, P. M. Elly. J... 1 MTE.. RW, . :lim '- 5 A Il- 7 EEE. IN 3, ,wiv x INV' -.L1-MI. .,..,lxpl,,l.,n,, 5 zw,.,.,1.f-I-IR .W . 57. ,i.,,....,. BLACK, J. L., III BLACKSTOCK, H. BOATWRIGHT, J. BOLGER, P. BOSHER, J. BOWEN, R. L. BOYD, F. N. BRANCH, H. E. .gi xwizii. 'bit 1, .,: '7I'!'7!""t-'ll I ls-I "I-.0 vi I,I'5'Lfn9 ,. 2 . Wm. - Eg-w. 'Ein "WW J, Mn, 1. E .eil . ...,,.,,,,,,. l... I .lb ll,..,.,.lQ,, llllln., Boalwrighl, J. Bolger, P. Bosher, J. Boyd, F. N. Branch, H. E. Brown, D. E. Butler, A. Cobb, C. K., Jr. Collinqs, J. L. Comer, B. H. Cox, B. E. Crawford, W. M. Cufrighl, E. Curfis, P. Davis, A. Day, T. Dick, G. Farmer, R. Floyd, C. M. Gilmer, T. W. Graham, J. F., Hall, M. S., Jr. Harrell, D. Haddock, D. A. Harris, G. W. Harris, H. Herrman, C. Hinkley, F. L. Hughes, D. R. Jackson, D. G. Jones, R., Jr. Judd, D. Keyser, R. N. Kinser, R. E. Lewis, E. MEMBERS BREWSTER, R. FLOYD, C. M., JR. HINKLEY, F. L. BROWN, A. C. CURTIS, P. GILMER, T. W. HO, D. C. BROWN, D. E. DANIEL, T. G., JR. GOLDEN, E., JR. HOPKINS, B. BUTLER, A. DEAN, O. C., JR. GRAHAM, J. F., JR. HUGHES, D. R. BUTLER, J. H. DANTZLER, B. GROTI-IEER, S., JR. HUNSINGER, J. CLARK, J. A. DAVIS, A. HALL, J. F. JACKSON, D. G. COBB, C. K., JR. DAY, T. HALL, M. S., JR. JONES, R., JR. COLLINGS, L. DEVORE, M. S. HARRELL, D. JUDD, D. COMER, B. H. DICK, G. HADDOCK, D. A. KELLY, H. D. COX, B. E. CRAWFORD, W. M., JR. CUTRIGI-IT, E. EDWARDS, R. F. ENGLE, W. L., JR. FARMER, R. 150 HARRIS, G. W. HARRIS, H. HERRMAN, C. KEYSER, R. N. KINSER, R. E. LEWIS, E. FllUlllJllTIllll The Georgia Tech Wesley Foundation is the ofiicial agency of the Methodist Church at work on the Tech campus. The organization is housed in the Methodist Snident Center located at the corner of Fourth and Fowler Streets. The purpose of the Foundation is to provide a program that creates a greater personal relationship with God, and continues to strengthen those ties with the church, made in youth, which assure full Christian maturity. Activities of the Wesley Foundation include participation in Intramural sports, Student Con- ferences, Deputations to other Colleges, Wesley Singers, Worship programs, Community Service projects, and Wforld Friendship aid to foreign colleges. These activities are administered by a Student Council under the direction of the Director of the Wesley Foundation. ueders, B. McLendon, J. R. McCleskey, J. Meeks, J. Marbul, B. Maiiola, M. E. Mercer, C., Jr. Middleton, J. B. Miller, R. B. onroe, D. Morris, J. I. Mofr, M. Nordal, D. A. Norris, T. P. Peterson, R. Pressley, D. Price, T. E. Propsf, F. afierson, H. Paulk, L. A. Oerfel, F. H. Recchio, D. A. Roberts, J. G. Robinson, R. Rozelle, G. DI. Rozelle, J. A. Sanford, B. hackleford, B. Simmons, W. Smith, R. L., Jr. Smith, R. C. Smith, W. 'Slevenson, P. Steves, L. Sfinneff, W. M. Sfuarf, F. eague, W. T. Teasley, G. A. Thompson, J. R. Wainwright, R. G. Waddell, W. Williams, W. M. Wooten, G. Wright, C. J. Walker, G. J. MEMBERS LUEDERS, B. NICCARD, K. MORRIS, R. OERTEL, F. H., JR. SMITH, R. C. THORNBOROUGH, D. L. MCLENDON, J. R. Morr, M. RECCHIO, D. A. SMITH, W. WAINWRIGHT, R. G. MCCLESKEY, J. NORDAL, D. A. ROBERTS, J. G. STEVENSON, P. WADDELL, W. MEEKS, J. M. NORRIS, T. P. ROANE, B. STEVES, L. WARD, A. MARBUT, B. PERRY, T. ROBINSON, R. STINNETT, W. M. WATERS, J. F. , ' MAI JOLA, M. E. PETERSON, R. ROZELLE, G. D. STROZIER, R. E. WHITE, H. S. ji MERCER, C., JR. PRESSLEY, D. ROZELLE, J. A. STUART, F. WILLIAMS, W. ., . , I MIDDLETON, J. B. PRICE, T. E. SANFORD, B. SYN, W. M. WOODBERY, J. ' MILLER, R. B. PRoPsT, F. SHACKLEFORD, B. T EAGUE, W. T. WOOTEN, B. wean ' , MONROE, D. PATrERsoN, H SIMMONS, W. TEASLEY, G. A. WRIGHT, C. J. PL ' ' MORRIS, J. I. PAULK, L. A. SMITH, R. L., JR. THOMPSON, J. R. WALKER, G. J. l E A N Afii ina!! llWa57i"l l . 'Hs 64 it JR lillll F ' , tr ' im.. , ,S "wil ' ,iw llllll ., iI'llmllil"' .sf ."'ii.ll liliiii I-nil . f lllliillllillw l 94 ' gllbii' "See you at the Y" is a popular expression on the Tech campus. Many campus organizations use the several rooms available for meetings and the "Y" camp near Roswell, Ga., which is available for hay- rides and parties. The purpose of the "Y" is not only to help young men help themselves, but also to help them help others. The different organizations sponsored by the YMCA are Alpha Phalanx, Sigma Phalanx, Camp Committee Recreation Council, T-Book Staff and the World Student Fund. The Cabinet, composed of the presidents of the various groups, is the nucleus of the Association. Col Van Leer explains different phases of life All, W. H. Burns H af Tech to campers Cobb. C- K- Dallam L J 152 OFFICERS JAMES KENNEDY President RALPH JOHNSON Vice Prefident JOHN KLINKE Secretary Greenacre G Johnson, R. A. Kelly, J. D. Kennedy, J. Klunke J Laird, D. F. Phillzps, C. R. Winn, R. E. . fa . 5.-.E -...Ei -If--E 193 is . as l Time ou'r for relaxing ai' fhe Freshman Camp MEMBERS ALL, W. H. BURNS, H. COBB, C. K. DALLAM, L. J. GREENACRE, G. JOHNSON, R. A. KELLY, J. D. KENNEDY, J. R. KLINKE, J. P. LAIRD, D. F. PHILLIPS, C. R. ROBERTSON, B. W WINN, R. E. . S OFFICERS: BILL CHEEK, JULIAN FLEMING, ROBERT GOULD. ARROWOOD, B. D. AUSTIN, E. M. BAILEY, F. B. BARRON, R. A. BEGGEROW, C. W. BENNETT, R. L. BOLGER, P. E. BOOR, S. B. BRANCHFIELD, E. BRAY, L. E. B. BREWSTER, M. R. BROWNING, M. M. BURNS, J. E. CAIN, W. D. CANNON, R. L. CHAFITZ, F. CHALKER, J. R. CHAPMAN, J. E. CHEEK, W. C. COBB, C. K. COX, C. H. CRADDOCK, C. J. CROW, J. L. CULPEPPER, R. M. DAVIS, J. H. DUGAN, W. S. EATON, E. L. EDWARDS, J. L. ELMORE, D. W. ENGEL, R. E. FLEMING, J. D. FLETCHER, C. A. GARRETT, J. B. GILBREATH, E. GLENN, R. W. GOAD, F. A. GODFREY, R. F. GOULD, R. S. GRUEER, M. M. HARMON, J. E. HARRIS, J. D. HASKELL, C. C. HAZLETT, H. L. HOFFMAN, R. M. HOWARD, J. L. HOWARD, N. W. HUBBARD, W. M. HUDSON, C. I. IJEIJIBIIZS IOIINSON, T. I. IOI--INSON, W. H. JONES, T. A. IUE, J- KITCHENS, W. H. LIVINGSTON, W. C. LONG, G. A. LUEDERS, R. J. MAIITIN, A. L. MARTIN, H. E. MATTHIESSEN, R. C. MCBRIDE, M. G. MCLEAN, R. MERCER, M. C. MILLER, A. W. MILLEI1, R. G. MITCHELL, R. D. Moss, W. R. MURPHY, L. T. NEWBERRY, T. W. NYGAARD, R. C. O'NEAL, E. A. PARKEL, F. T. PIERCE, J. A. PLAISANCE, J. J. POWELL, F. P. POWELL, H. B. RAMSEY, R. W. RAYMOND, R. E. ROBERTS, H. E. ROSS, J. C. RUMBLE, J. W. SARAVO, J. V. SCI-IMIDT, T. SCOTT, W. H. SHERROW, H. R. SMITH, G. C. SNAPP, R. L. SPIEKS, P. E. STEVENSON, P. C. STILL, J. E. TAYLOR, W. L. THOMAS, T. N. THOMPSON, R. TRAVIS, K. H. WAIDDELL, D. W. WEINsT'OCK, J. I. WELCH, C. C. HUFSTETLER, C. F. WELCH, H. L. ,Q HURT, F. J. WHITNER, J. A. 2, JACKSON, R. R. WILLIAMS, H. J. WIIIIIIM, JAMES, D. R. WILSON, C. B. 5 5,,yI"f JOHNSON, L. R. WRAY, D. J. Wm Q YARN, E. R. -ax .,.q,.zxgYj? :H FIIIIQQ FII I. L9 lv ' F' QI. XIIIIIIIEEII' .. . GEIIREII-I OFFICERS BILL CHIEEK C nptain JULIAN FLEMING Executive Officer ROBERT GOULD Lieutemmz EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE BILL CHEEK JULIAN FLEMING ROBERT RAMSEY MAURICE BREWSTER RICHARD BARRON ROBERT BENNETT JAMES BURNS Arrowood, B. D. Auslin, E. M. Barron, R. A. k Beggerow, C. W. Benneff, R. L. Bulger, P. E. Branchfield, E. Brewsfer, M. R. Browning, M. Burns, J. E. Cain W. D. Cannon, R. L. Chafifz, F. Chalker, J. R. Cobb, C. K. Cradldock, C. J. Culpepper, R. M. Davis, J. H. Dugan, W. '5. Eafon, E. L. Edwards, J. L. Elmore, D. W. Engel, R. E. Fleming, J. D. Flelcher, C. A Gilbreaih, E. Glenn, R. W. Goad, F. A. Gould, R. S. Gruber, M. M TECH Bllllll The Georgia Tech Band followed its usual full schedule of events again this year. This year, for the first time the band was led by major- ettes. The band participated in all the half-time shows at the Tech home football games and followed the team to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl game on january 1. The band also fur- nished music at the Tech Night festivities held at the Fox theater. DIRECTOR BEN L. SISK armon J E Harris J. D. Haskell, C. C. Hazlelf, H. L. Hoffman, R. M. Howard, J. L. Howard, N. W. Hubbard, W. M. Hudson, C. l. ufsleller C F Jackson, R. R. James, D. R. Johnson, L. R. Johnson, T. l. Johnson, W. H. Jones, T. A. Jue, J. Livingston, W. C. ,Ml n J A Lueders, R. J. Marlin, A. L. Marlin, H. E. McBride, M. 6. McLean, R. Mercer, M. C. Miller, A. W. Miller, R. G. -fl oss W R Murphy, L. T. Newberry, T. W. Nygaerd, R. C. O'Neal, E. A. Parkel, F. T. Pierce, J. A. Plaisance, J. J. Powell, H. B. ,f amsey R W Raymond, R. E. Roberts, H. E. Ross, J. C. 'Saravo, J. V. Sherrow, H. R. Smith, G. C. Stevenson, IP. A. Sfill, J. E. f,illQi.1y omas T N Thompson, R. Travis, K. H. Waddell, D. W. Weinslock, J. I. Whifner, J. A. Williams, H. J. Wilson, C. B. Wray, D. J. w,.flflj,l',',,'l'-' Y, lr l jjl Ll llllllli , gi K, Mg' . fliyf 'fi fly, 'V 155 , :W '- llwllllillli' . . li ,g wbllllii l 1' ij. .3 nil if ni.. F' I Y. . w,,. T- 1 Liilll ,.-' lllll.l1li'lr...llll IKE MCLAUGHLIN DRHIHH Drama Tech was founded in the year 1946 to stimulate student interest in dramatics and to give potential engineers a chance to develop their acting and producing abilities. This year the club opened its membership to the faculty and employees of Georgia Tech, acquiring many interested and talented mem- bers. Each year the club presents three plays, one per quarter, giving its audiences a very diversified bill of entertainment. From the rollicking humor of "The Milky May" in the fall of 1952, the club turned to the dramatic success, "The Hasty Heart." Then it triumphed in the powerful "Sta1ag 17" last spring to conclude its yearly program. This fall the club undertook a variation of its now-accomplished arena presenta- tion to explore another, more-exacting technique with its heart-warming production of "Mr. Roberts," staged "on three sides." At the same time it welcomed back its director of the four previous years, Mrs. Mary Nell Ivey, who has always encouraged the club to increase its proficiency and has con- tributed much to its advancement. IKE MCLAUGHLIN THOMAS HARRELL BoB MCINTYRE . NANCY WASTLER DIANE MICHEL . ig. 7. X uw ill w 'UlLllWy'- OFFICERS Production Vice Prerizlem . Bzarinerr Vice Preridem . . Pwericlent . . Secretary . Treasurer 1 it ts ,H is se i m S- E XXL Albury, G. Amrheum A Baber, C. Berman D Scanning Hue scripls. Campbell. W- Clemenls 5 , ,,,., , 156 ki Y' wliwimw wir.. ' lilpligg . .E X ft., 1 'L Qt. 5 TECH MEMBERS ALBURY, G. MCINTYRE, R. ALLENDER, M. MCLAUGHLIN, I. AMRHEIM, A. MICHEL, D. BABER, C. OVENDON, L. BERMAN, D. PRECHT, D. ' CAMPBELL, W. PROVOST, R. CLEMENTS, S. ROWLAND, H. FRIEDMAN, L. RUSH, J. GRAVENMIER, J. SILLS, A. GOODMAN, F. STEGAL, B. HARRELL, T. STERN, E. LANTHROP, S. SWAIN, N. LAWRENCE, R. TENNEBAUM, M. LIEB, F. THRUSTON, A. LIN, C. WASTLER, N. MCCARTT, M. WASTLER, A. Fixing fhe sfage seis. Friedman, L. Gravenmier, J. Goodman, F. Harrell, T. Lanfhrop, S. Lawrence, R. Lieb, F. Ljn, C. Mclnfyre, R. McLaughlin, I. Michel D. Prechf, D. Provosf, R. Sllls, A. Sfern, E. 'SwaFn, N. Tennenlaaum, M. Thrusfon, A. .II .IJ M. ,L f ,II Yun .I .J I 5: .I ...II lv? v'L31U-E, .ff I IMT? A ,Q , qgII,,,' A IM. 4 ' A . . IW ' 157 If W5 wx, VV H If ,NI2 ,TI ' W'tf.a.u1llll'lolllup, The Georgia Tech Glee Club, some fifty E voices strong, has in the past few years -ww? gained the reputation of being one of the E most traveled and best known organizations on the campus. Under the able direction of .ig E Mr. Walter C. Herbert, the Glee Club con- tinued its traveling and singing this year. Twice recently the glee club has gone to New Orleans to entertain in the Blue Room MILTON SWEIGERT of the famous Roosevelt Hotel there. These trips were preceded by trips to Miami, Greenland, Bermuda, Newfoundland and Europe. Last year the glee club appeared OEHCER5 on a nationally broadcast television show DIRECTOR WALTER HERBERT with Ed Sullivan. In addition to Continuing its usual travel this year the Glee Club sang for several organizations around campus. MILTON SWEIGERT . . . Preridefzz MILLARD STANLEY . . VicePreJide1z1f DAVE WAY . . . . . Secretary PETE JACOBSON . . TfEtlJZJ1'6f Y 5 k I H, W, B tl , A. R. Chapman, A. B. Baqielh, il G. gem. R- g':':je'QVP5,'R' D'ff,f J, E, Dlwiing, R, Evans, c. J. glazes' .PE Jamaica' Klepper' A' Kaplan. 'P, A, Lepperf, A. Lord, R. E. K t I L-fax - Eau 'lldllllllllww-.,,L .H g., , 1, ki it illiltzlfrl'-4b iasllllilwl-E. - -t 158 ' 2 ' 1. "ll - 732+ . 'if' CLUB BAGWELL, J. G. BEALL, L. L. BEARDEN, D. R. BURKE, H. W. BUTLER, A. R. CHAPMAN, A. B. CLARK, J. A. CooK, R. F. DAvEs, W. F. DILTS, J. E. DOWNING, R. EVENS, C. J. FULLER, 5. H. GRAVES, P. D. HASSLER, C. JACOBSON, P. KLEPPER, A. KAPLAN, P. A. LEPPERT, A. LORD, R. E. MEMBERS l.ONG,J. Q,ij . ,, TM... Mlyw I . ,,.,,g?g-:'fnw.,,,.niT', M . MERRITT, D. R. -M J S5 ,gf ' ' z HQ. ff B, T MCPHERSON, W. C. ' - 1 'W H - 1 I MARTIN, A. L. PRATT, M. D. RAITCH, F. A. REMSON, J. G. SHERROW, H. R. SMITI-I, R. C. STANLEY, M. SWEIGERT, M. TALLEY, W. F. TAYLOR, N, E. TINNEY, J. F. VANDERI-IORN, R. G. WAUGH, R. L. WAY, D. L. WILSON, H. L. WIRTZ, T. R. WOODYEAR, W. E. A view of The Georgia Tech Glee Club before a performance. Long J. A. Marlin, A. L. Merriff, D. R. Prafl, M. D. Railch, F. A. Remson, J. G. Sherrow, H. R. Smifh, R. C. Sfanley, M. Swelgerl, M. Talley, W. F. Taylor, N. E. Tlnney, J. F. Vanderhorn, R. G. Waugh, R. L. Way, D-. L. Wirfz, T. R. Woodyear, W. E. GJ I' " limi. X F lil 'I ' ,WM"i ' 'I , DMT IW: I . I Yi :INN Y X ,Lil il. 159 ,II:,f?'i' -Yillii .Iv Hlli' . ...II-W.lIll .lIIllllMe:2.fIIlIllllllll VIHCH PHHLHIIH CLUBS Phalanx is a Y.M.C.A. club program for young men eighteen to twenty-five years of age. Its activities promote fine friendships, develop useful skills, stimulate sound thinking, and encourage support of democratic principles and Christian values. The name Phalanx, a Greek word for a closely knit military formation, suggests group unity-moving forward together-and embodies the purpose and objectives of the Organization. Dunwocly speaks a+ Phalanx sponsored Freshman camp. ALPHA PHALANX OFFICERS MEMBERS ALL, W. H. KLINKE, J. BOBBS, B. A. LAIRD, D. BOWMAN, J. SMITH, F. CHAPMAN, A. SMYTI-I, E. A. COLOMBO, G. STARRETT, R. CRADDOCK, G. STONE, J. CRAWFORD, L. SWINDLER, P. DEVORE, M. S. TROBAUGH, J. HANNA, R. F. VAsI1.AKOs, B HENRY, J. W. WAINWRIGHT, . . HOOVER, A. WURST, J. E. D'3R'..r.fZL'iD GERGE? .SZ:?.?.'i?C" ELL'5!ZEi+2?GYTH R0N?iLE.t12FNA JOHANNES, R. YOUMANS, R. SIGMA PHALANX OFFICERS MEMBERS BAYLY, J. G. HENDERSON, A. BENZEL, J. F. HOOVER, A. E. R' BOWLING, H. T. HUDSON, C. BRANCH, P. JOHNSTON, J. BRANI-IAM, C. E. RANEW, R. C. BROWN, W. RAY, M. E. CHAPMAN, A. ROBERTSON, W. B. COLLINS, D. C. RUTLAND, C. H. T COX, B. E. SANFORD, W. B. , DAVIS, M. SWINDLER, P. E. J 7. EICK, G' M BERT ROBERTSON .JIMMY wunsr BOBBY cox CHARLES DUNLAP UNLAP' ' ' ' ' President Vice President Secrefary Trevasurer FALVEY, H. T.. GREENACRE, G. R. HAYS, N. WRAY, J. D. WURST, J. E. 160 Military play: a vital part in the live: of Tech men, ax it lvax become an im- portant part of education. The color guard exemplifie: the .rpirit and the Jerionmefx of the cadets. ,. .TR E Le E V CADET COLONEL ROBERT SHAR'P CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET CADET Reqimenfal Commander ORTH, HOWARD, WHITE, SHARP, LANCASTER, CLEARY Regimental Sfaff REGIMENTAL STAFF COLONEL R. M. SHARP . . Regimental Commamlef' LT. COLONEL B. T. CLEARY . . . Executive Officer MAJOR W. W. ORTI-I . MAJOR J. C. HOWARD . . LT. COLONEL H. E. WHITE MAJOR J. E. LANCASTER . HRIIIV LT. COLONEL H..WATTS LT. COLONEL J. PEAVY Ariillery Baffallon Chemical Corps Baifalion Commander Commander . . Aeljzmznt Regimental S2 Regimental S3 Regimental S4 162 JA 'ff .VM Hb My 1-12 Arg A -ii' 1 FEI ' IW L g ' I I I I ,I .1 ... C 'QA7 1- F4 'Mu ff" Riff-fff' LT. COLONEL H. WOODS LT. COLONEL H. JORDAN LT. COLONEL U. WI-NSLETT LT. COLONEL R. BASTIN Engineer Baifalion Commander lnfanfry Battalion Commander Ordnance Eaifalion Commander Signal Corps Baffallon Commander kmm .,., 1, ,., Q, 3-5,5332 iq H lm A E gn Hggm in ., H1 EM W4 X . 2. , . W " 1 L' . . iz 'bk Q .. 'VZ - niiakeiiiw i ,, . . 9 M... 163 Gossage receives hono n 1' -w as xr H , b -. T , . ' ' V ww,- ,Q ,, .,., ' .- 'V' i , av Q . ',f??h",, f. of A - -.M - . ,, I , 4,-,,, ., A A.. My . s Q r , ,-.Q ,A 1' . . ,, M 4, ,.,.r,,.. f . .4 1 me .v Dean Chapin and his squad. rs. Cadets Experi' insiruciion in cu-Hing wood. .,, . The ha rcl life of maneuvers. The inspeciing officer has bad breaih. 164 J r l Tech s'I'udeni's af Fork Benning. Inspected ,X we Ik W Preparing for fha fenderfooi' fesf. The Dean does honor. Drilling for iermiles. H, , ll, ,ra ,Agni E l ff f Y::5..,.,.,.,.,. N. WU H--M1 A f r lk ww ifik Tl'1ore's nofhing like a milk shake perky. H55 . , ,. 1.. . M A, J ,., 1 .f . 1 . J .r K1 3,-f .y ' E . E g? 'f E E E M M W, . .gf H SEQ ww... . M N E?g.-Wngvigjjg Banana!-ffgmmn sang 515-52 ET E mn sw ss mm-5 amfg ss Q I H E- .mg M 5 M 5 E Wmfmm- 'E mb' E E Q .gag gawk WQEMENQE 5 -wg E sm? E agus E H H mwgx ww E E was ss-Wzmmmg B E s,mgfw..x"Efgx""xE KWH -H E W MIDN. LIEUTENANT J. N. Company A Comdr. SWIFT IIHUHL ,. ,fs Hmffg ww Hi 4 . EH Qgfgiuwmnxgxzmxs ig-mmmgxv-5. gifs ff w M :QB E m wang- xg . E W m HE: mm gm EWS nga E m , .T mmm M - Q K-X xmglkw 5: E mmm Q H ss mm E 51.25831 - E nw Q E smxmQ Q MIDN. LIEUTENANT A. D. WILIJS MIDN. LIEUT. W. R. JACOBSEN Company 5 Comdrv Company C Comdr. Q 1 166 MIDN. CAPTAIN CHARLES FRAZIER Baffalion Commander -mms WILLIAMS JACKSON BOSTIC FRAZIER DURHAM SIRES MIDN. MIDN MIDN. MIDN MIDN. CHIEF BATTALION STAFF CAPTAIN C. H. FRAZIER . . . Bn. Commanrler LT. COMDR. W. L. WILLIAMS . Bn. Sub Commmzder LIEUTENANT G. T. BosTxc . Bn. Opemziom Ojicer LIEUTENANT D. G. JACKSON .... Bn. Adjutant LIEUTENANT J. L. DURHAM . . Bn. Szzpply Oyfcer PETrY OFFICER M. J, SIRES . Bn. Chief Pezzy Oliver Capiain Kidd and his maies. N A I ,,,, es Junior Class regulars ai' Amphibious Base, Liiiie Creek, Va. Two goof-offs and a swabbe. You can bei i1"s noi' sea sickness. 168 middies X Well yuu can iusf +ell fha Cepfein 'fo . . LJ .yo-" ig..-3 -5 QI Fu+ure flyersl7l pose proudly before Navy let Drop 'rhose hands quick, misier. Reviewed Pulling wafch, affer 'Phe beer parfy. L i I 2 31 The man on the righf is fha gung-ho +ype. Middies cheH'ing wifh old Tech grads. 1.69 4. CADET COLONEL RAYMOND WILLOCH Wing Commander hs. F MEIJSON, HOMER, WILLOCH, RICHARDSON, CONNERS, FINLEY WING STAFF CADET COLONEL R. WILLOCH . . . . Wing Commander CADET LT. CADET LT. CADET LT. CADET LT. CADET LT. COLONEL COLONEL COLONEL COLONEL COLONEL R. D. MELSON . . Executive Ojjzicer H. F. HOMER . Deputy for Operation: D. L. RICHARDSON . Deputy for Materiel W. A. BINLEY ..... Adjutant C. E. CONNERS . . Inspector General Wing Sfafl n' fu- 'vzaji lmmwiil, K f:,1+x-- ,ln rr ' " ' 351351 my 5 ' ' ' I 'sp yo' '?FO,qf AA 'VFSQ' Cz, Q,- CADET COLONEL THOMAS GREENE CADET COLONEL JAMES WALKER CADET COLONEL DAVID REDFORD Commander Group l Commander Group 2 Commander Group 3 312 ffm As ss ,lm xx an 4.5 gg- an ms an pi. Ramblm ,X ag-Ci sumwmkm iss 2 Q U15 ,X Cadefs inspec++l'1e Wing's besf. Bring on fhem Commies. E, Q, 1 iff' wx .r M -vm my Flyers Making 'Hue quarferly survey of fhe bulle+in board. my ...fn Pd Miha, sq-ary, Pilois learn how fo exiinguish Hweir crashed planes 172 I A 'lypical Tech uni! af summer camp. 'N' Dcn"r worry, we'll lei ihem oui in lime for fl1e war. Featured Co-eds receive cusfomary special aifeniion. New arrivals af Bergs+rom. Officers making our wiih imporfs from "Sooie Land." 173 3 ,a Zyl lllllll ' v .L- si .g N.. N L 'Q CAPTAIN EDWARD- S. FERRELL SCHBBHRD llIlD BLADE The supreme goal, the highest achievement of all the brass shining, mirror-gazing officers of the Army, Air Force and Navy is the National Society of Scabbatd and Blade. It is composed of men who have proved, in theeyes of the military, outstanding leadership and intelligence. Theirs is a national military honorary society. The principal aim of the organization is to promote a feeling of unity among the military leaders and to maintain a high standard in the military activities of the corps. This year Scabbard and Blade brought Louis Armstrong and his orchestra to Atlanta for the annual Military Ball. Abbott, J. E. Anderson, J. E. Bernard, G. W. Blake, O. B. Cafes, S. T. Connors, C. E. Crawford, W. M. Dallam, J. L Edwards, J. B. Eubanks, W. B. Farmer, R. C. Ferrell, E. S. Forfner, A. M. Frazier, C. H. Hellwig, J. H. James, R. L Lancasfer, J. E. Miller, E. T. Mitchell, W. N. Morrison, M. J. Newion, J. H. Peavy, J. L. Perry, E. P. Sajerbak, W W Smith, D. L. Springer, D. F. Sronecypher, T. E. Taylor, C. A. Warls, H. L. Williams, R. L. Williams, W. L. Walloch, R. OFFICERS MEMBERS NOT PICTURED EDWARD S. FERRELL BARLEY, T. A. ELLIS, M. E. PHENIX, H. R Captain BRHTON, W. R. FLETCHALL, D. E. REDFORD, D. E WILLIAM MITCHELL BRUCE, A. HILL, H. H. ROGERS, W. M Firft Lieutenant BURSON, J. H. HENSLEY, S. P. Sl-IADDEN, W. THOMAS E. STONECYPHER CORLEY, W. L. LOVE, M. H. SMITH, W. C. Second Lieutenant CRAWFORD, J. F. MATTISON, J. T. STEPHENSON, R I RICHARD FARMER ELDER, P. MORGAN, T. W. WATKINS, R. H 4, Pint Sergeant .. , ln., llllll...,..- 1 .wi im l lllm ,, i-.1 . , W egg kk aa li-g 'Ee-...ii Ki ' K5 PARRAGA, W. A. 174 lllllllllll lllll SUEIET The Arnold Air Society is one of the youngest Of college honor societies. The members of this society are selected from Air Force R.O.T.C. advanced students with at least a "B" average in military and who show outstanding interests and abilities as Air R.O.T.C. cadets. The organization is designed in purpose to promote closer and more efficient relations among students of the Air Force R.O.T.C. program. V COMMANDER WILLIAM FINLEY OFFICERS WILLIAM A. FINLEY Squadron Commander ROBERT E. BAss Executive Officer GEORGE POOLE Operatimzr Omcer ROBERT M. LITTLE Adjzmmt-'Recorder RALPH EDEN Finance Omcer MEMBERS NOT PICTURED CRAWFORD, F. W. EDEN, R. M. HILL, H. H. MONROE, G. D. MOORE, J. I. PHENIX, H. R. ROBERTS, L. STICKLEY, R. H. SUTTON, R. D. WALKER, J. S. WEBSTER, G. F. Aycock, R. E. Bass, R. E. Boatwright, H. J. Cates, S. T. Chuprun, J. Connors, C. E. Epps, E. P. Finley, W. A.. Gossage, T. L. Grant, W. B. Hotinger, P. N. Jordan, R. G. Little, R. M. Markwalfer, G. E. Melson, R. D. Mitchell, W. N. Morris, J. L. Morrison, M. J. Ozmer, P. R. Perry, E. P. Poole, G. W. Pringle, J. J. Saterbak, W. W. Stanley, M. P. Stewart, J. W. Waddell, D. W. Wannamaker, T. M. Williams, J. K. Willoch, R. Worm, J. E. rlllrlllll" lr, lr .- , ln, wx. 7 , 175 Milli vii 1 ,,f :if JEZAV -Qi' PERSHIH6 The officers gefhng H1e word from Capfam Jones ADAMS R D BAILIE, A. C. BARKER, J. M. BERRY, A. W. BARRON, D. L. BROACH, W. H. BRONSON, W. H. BROWN, J. E. BUTLER, J. H. CLARK, G. M. COATS, B. COLLINGS J L CURTIS, D. B. ELMORE, D. W. FALCON, G. D. FIELD, H. H, FRILLEAUFF, F. R. GARRETT, G. E. GIBSON, C. A. GODFREY, C. S. HARLING, B. L. HARRIS, R. H. HARTFORD, R. B. MEMBERS HAYS J C HERRINGTON, T. . HOLLAND, H. L. HOLT, J. M. HOWARD, K. L. KEITH, F. L. LOEF, F. J. MARTIN, J. R. MINTER, J. T. MORRIS, J. W, NICI-IOLS, A. C. NICHOLS, J. A. NIEDERMFYER O D SUMRALL N B OTTLEY, J. D. SWANCY G W PERRYMAN, J. P SWARTZ E H RANSOM, H. L T1-IURMOND R H RICHARDSON, A VAN LEER S W ROGERS, W. H WADE C R SANDERS, W. H WALKER B R SCI-IMIDT, J. A. WALRER W SIMPSON, C. L. WATTS J F SIRMANS, J. W WITT M A STUBBS, C. K. WOLFE T E STUDLEY, R. A iii 176 RIFLES Pershing Rifles is a fancy drill team which is a national society of the college Army R.O.T.C. units throughout the nation. All members of the organization have joined of their own free will and have met the standards and qualifications of good citizenship and discipline as set forth by the founder, John J. Pershing. Pershing Rifles, wearing their white leggings, white gloves, and white helmets, represent Georgia Tech and the Army R.O.T.C. in drills and competitions. CAPTAIN VAN LEER OFFICERS S. W. VAN LEER Captain R. D. ADAMS, JR. lit Liezztemmt J. P. PBRRYMAN 1115 Liemerzmzt B. W. CoATs 2nd Liezztemmt 1. L. COLLINGS lr! Sergeant Second Pla+oon. 177 W uf 1' :HSV f c. H. PRAZIER MEMBERS ASKEW, L. C. LASSETER, L. A. CRADDOCK, G. G. LEDBETTER, R. A. DAY, J. T. MASON, A. M. FRAZIER, C. H. MORRISON, J. M. I-IANNA, R. F. PINNELL, J. K. KEITH, G. L. POSTELL, W. N. KELLEY, C. M. ROSSELOT, R. G. HHUV STUDENT OFFICERS C. H. FRAZIER Chairman A. M. MASON Vice-Chairman R. G. ROSSELOT Secretary J. M. MORRISON Treasurer EUUHCIL Although the name might be new, this organization has been quite active around the naval unit for the past few years. The purpose Of the council is to foster spirit and unity in all Of the midshipmen's extra- curricular activities. Members of the council organize and help administer the unit's participation in intra- murals. The annual Navy Ball in the fall and the Spring Picnic are direct results of this organizations labors. Membership is determined by election from all four classes. The oliicers of the Council are elected by the members. c dd k, O. ca. D , J. T. F mer. C- H' Hanna. R- F- Keifhv G- L- Ke"eY- C- M- Lfsefx L. A. Macon, A. M. wiofriwn, J. M. Plnnell, J. K. Posrell. W' N' Rossqof. R. G. , .M ws lvtllr 'lillilfw L . ZE1fiigq,1.,.. mmm M 44 1 1 'I 5 , Lv. f H.. . - . iu"ll'lls'iilii5',ll 1 N N , ' llilliilfl . in 1 l . ii ggimx 5 'Wi 1 ' l 2339111 , Y ii ill. lt. Military Glimpses ' f Caught w Gif Guard Summer camp isn'+ all work. S... '-1?5iTff'- Linwood Roberis, righf, counis his bulls' eyes. Some work: some play. 3-mul 'ik Lf may Tesfing 'llme l1ams of England. MQ, Joe, and Smge, 179 YW FEATURES MR. JOHN RO BERT POWERS E H HH' -H H HHHH ,H H H H H W HH HH HH H B H H . H E E - H H H H HHHH HHH H H -H- HH N E H H H EB Hm- HHH H. H H H LH HHH Hmm HHH HH H H HHH H- 587555 EET H HHQHH nl 2425588 H H H HHH H. E H HH HHH H H HH H ., HH HHHHH .H HH H E H I H H H HHH HHH. H HH .H H HH H H HHHH HH. H , - W.. .W HEH HH-H E B E H H H HHH H1 . V H E B HH E H sagging HMH E HHH HH SE HH H HEQH Hf B HH 63 H HH HH HH H H H H HH H H ..., H - H H HH H HH H E H Hgh! HHH HHQL Hn 'E , HFHQR :H H H HOHIHH H QHQH HHH, Egisg comH'H H HH HOB H HHH' ms RH 1 201.1- HQAHQ ,u?H, 5 v""Q..iH .' 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PRESIDENT I Ji - , 'I S , illmfid H2 ie ,ggricgfancf for CHARLES DAVIS SENIOR CLASS PRESIDENT 199 L . 1- mm. garogfznn olfmor A for LARRY MORRIS FOOTBALL TEAM CAPTAIN 1.' ,Sv . . ' 'Y w H. . H M . 1 WM .SilI"6?,A jane Gi LEON SCOTT ODK PRESIDENT 200 .SLAVE Q . in J 1' 1 K L --+4 TA 4 5 nw 1 -' "l'.wfE:1 " ' IM .'E 4 lm , N1 II. . L 'HQ fl- .A W ,- . J .,. r A YEAR AT TECH-a look at the Tech marz's life as he goe: through hi.r routine of acquiring an education, and a nfuily of hi: .rpare momerm, his in- terest: and hi: habits. As the photo- graph textifiex, the erzgineerlr life ir not alwayx a dull oue. Weca me Always a problem fha? musl' be taken care of af The begin- ning of e school lerm, students patronize 'lhe local bool: store io secure the necessary texts. Don-:fed by the Class of l928, the gate poses a gym The start of a new school year is always an interesting and busy occasion. To the freshman, it means the beginning of a new careerg to the upperclassman, it means the addition of another valuable part in the machine of educationg to the faculty, it means the continuation of the process of turning out good engineersg and to all, it means another chapter in the history of the fabulous Ramblin' Recks. New ideas, new plans, and new problems must be faced during the coming months. But, just as the boy and girl on the opposite page seem to imply, the student must welcome these factors with gaiety and enthusiasm. I Emblemefical of the s'rar+ of a new iourney, 'Phe freshmen set out on the Cake Race. new looking entrance to the campus. 'yt-sxk . 5 ,- , v V -'f . 39 is - - -" ' A . ' X s' 1 . - K' 5 , , f f Q . I , V .9 ,MQ A, N - 4,1 Q.. frafernify man and his date seem fo be siarfing 'ihe year off righf wifh an appropriafe welcome. l'l's hard 'lo unclersiand why siuclenfs complain abouf classes when fhey iry so hard io gel' in fhem. fa-7, 2, slr 1,7 b ,, 5. sf xv. ., ,Ax " V we 'Pl I A N. ,, xx x NS . ,.'Y4i .. .x,,,,.,-- - Geiiing down fo work is offen difficulf, especially in view of fha pleasani' scenery. New buildings signify lhe progress and advancemenf of 'Phe school. Nl' x f ff X 1' " X 'Xl 'ag Xx,.-, .,,.x 1 A 451369-3- '!" . ,., " - . X Y' 4 ri-.. f F is P The rushing program gefs under way as The 'freshman is welcomed 'ro lhe Fraferniiy house. uw 4,12 , Yr -Tri .S s , -'L ff fi l A 5 - . . 'J Among ihe many selling poinis of ihe Frafernify is fhe chapfer's achievemenfs, represenfed by ihe awards and frophies. The big -thrill comes when 'rhe man receives his pledge pin, and is fhus welcomed info fhe chap+er as a pledge. ' lg, -we 1 N345 2. L Rush girls like 'rhis are a big help 'lo fhe cause. Informal inilialions may include a hell weelt, or a help week, buf lhey always gel around lo somefhing like ihis. f . 'u 71626 ' pwceeafe Za The life blood of the fraternity system is the periodic or contin- uous admission of new members into the various chapters. Without a program for building and keeping membership up, any fraternity would decline and eventually die. To the fraternity man, probably the longest remembered and most cherished thoughts are those stemming from his experiences during the rushing, pledging and initiation periods. This is not a coincidenceg it is a direct result of the most important phase of member-fraternity relations. From the rush season, when all is smiles and courtesy, the hope- ful aspirant proceeds into the pledge training program, which is designed to indoctrinate the pledge with the principles and tradi- tions of the group, while at the same time require him to prove his worthiness of the brotherhood. Upon successful completion of all requirements, including unanimous approval by the active mem- bers, the goal which he strove to attain becomes a reality, and he takes his place among the brothers. 4? is Y Classroom insfrucfion is a valuable parf of Hue learning process. odaai 64 tie Wlczia me It is not unusual, in picturing a school year, to leave out entirely, or to consider lightly the rnaior phase of college activity. Due to the wide interests in sports, organizations, politics, social life and the like, the primary function of college work, school itself, is often disregarded. However, there can be no true representation of a year at Tech unless proper emphasis is given the books. These pages should help to bring back thoughts of many hours spent in classes and labs, and in preparation and research. 206 Archiiacfure sfudenfs can generally be found working here a+ Home -uni imma., Soma iusi' lake longer fo graduafe fhan oihersl y,..1. r -, i 'M f - N XL -'T V I ' nL"i :M A R.. Taking a quiz is no iolce, as 'lhese 'Faces fesfify. ,. L5 3. Y ,fly was zz- xv 1.51 "fe , 1 'vo-Q fr t 1 1 .Any fn N ' ,- - , v . 3iQg-,fix 1.- L ' ' ,T lv, 3' 1 ,-' T Pr I ll T 71 1 .qv t, , ' ' w 1 'I . h r 1' ' 1 :JL L flftlf.-.ff ,AA , g- ,zr 1 ,I ii "f"4'-' - ' su, - .' , FQ ' ,Kg M .. . , i T f HM - QQ-T I .1 1- ew- ' 'RHI ., 4 . fl .u f ,' . wh ' 5 - ' l ' Q 5, .VV Q5 ,I lil "II, . .r ,T A T -N 1 f 4 '1 a, s-'..:,, sei ,A M5 4 -1 , N . 4' .h ,ue in ll! fl :rea w E.: ig f uw, .. ' f f i: f f blk- ! 1 'V i V . , Q T mfs' . i f,, . W4 The many hours speni in lab are invaluable lo ihe proper 'framing of an engineer. Those who have enioyecl 'the benefiis of Nighl' School will never forgei' fhe regular excursions in 'rhe clarlr. 31. ., Nx ,hp ff, A Tennessee meioreife passes in fron? of The siudenf seciiong always a welcomed scene. -xl .yvy Pri: ff' A - '52 .'.,..'Hg.SiL,,'xi:, ' ., A.. . -., b if m iff if s 5 J Viciorious Jackels carry coaches Dodd and Broylos off fhe 'Field ww ,- fic A lil l A group of Laiin American Tech siudenfs enferiain during half lime. 1 Although -lheir ieam was losing, fhese visiiing cheer- leaders display 'their acrobaiic abiliiies in an effori' lo arouse +l1e spirir of ihe roolers. 208 F ie 74454466 pfagae 74 7 ith the turn of the leaves in the fall comes a fever which runs through the minds and hearts of all loyal Tech rooters, driving hem to unparalleled heights of enthusiastic support. It is a disease so penetrating that neither distance nor weather can suppress its ild furyg its only conqueror is the passing of time. Truly the 1954 edition of the Georgia Tech gridiron history ill long be remembered as the football team with a heart, and ith a desire to win so strong that it often rose up in the face f terrific odds and emerged victorious. The many afflicted by the plague remained loyal, even in the ace of Florida, Kentucky and'-Duke, and their faith was not ithout reward, as Arkansas will testify. 40" - X X 'ff 1 , Q W J K sf X 1 r ,r ""'7"'r Sfandouf of the Tennessee game, halfbaclc Paul Roienbery is escorted from lhe field upon the shoulders of fellow students. A 'ly ical Tech end run, which seems P destined for good yardage. v 1 S wg- H. ri Lines? ws: . f,pifLAlN it An example of the ideas Tech men come up with in building a Reclr. HUHIEEUIHIHG 7ed1!4owz46cZ'l Siam offline female Pfzaaidee efeteztadnmezz' fenecae old ' ' One of the most interesting and enjoyable week-ends of the school year is Homecoming. It is during those three days that school spirit reaches its peak. It is then that Fraternity competition is the keenest, and the dsire to win becomes paramount. The activities of the week-end begin on Friday night with the presentation and judging of the house decorations. All Fraternities and I.S.O. units are eligible for entry and, consequently, the com- petition is keen. Saturday morning the action is resumed with the running of the Freshman Cake Race and the famed Ramblin' Reck Parade. The Cake Race is a two-mile jaunt in which all Freshmen are re- quired to participate. The Reck Parade, which is second only to the football game itself in public interest, presents some of the weirdest and cleverest examples of engineering ingenuity ever dis- played. Judging is primarily based on mechanical, rather than KCont'd page 2131 N The main 'Feature of Kappa Sigma's house decorations, which was good enough for first place. -Qs it X , ,Mg-, The winner of 'Phe Calte Race receives his rewards from the Homecoming Queen as the runner-up broods hopefully. A 'freshman lies exhausted after the grueling, +wo- mile Cake Race. The Sigma Chi's Recli, which capfured firsf place in 'fha iuclging. ' I V1 ,, Wm.. J J r 1-. -Y - 1 - yi ' M15-Eilrsw The SAE's exhibii. which fool: second place in fha ' -'s ' I ' . "-' 5 -4 h 7 NH house decoralions. ' 5-1 5,27 I - Y i""' ' : Wi Y ---.......," , : Y ., . I ' flflfml'UfI'IIQljI-Aiiblagllz"I''kI"'I"llI'Ii35f'f"'III"' , -,4-.f,I5.'3.""'fil"i-eL'I,4 'X I. I.: I +5 "Sz .. IRM q rgzvr., X, .r. J-IQ., JOIN IN THE. FAD AND DRIVE KENTUCKY PLA MIEEQ n-11" - fb. SYN-1 Thefa Xi displays ifs liferary and arlisfic abilifies. The "walking Reel!" of Delia Tau Della receives encouragemenl' from fhe Delf pledges and onlookers. 211 Nw-if Ago- ,.1w,a,u. - 2 ,' YET: fy-121 M5155-Y.. ' fs, ,A . .-:' pfqfzfe. in I 'z H M, E We L 315, V 555' 37 mit- , , M, ev., M, .M ,i V. ,-'F' ' 1 ' -9 51 Miss Nina Narmore, cenfer, Georgia Tech's firsi Homecoming Queen and Hue fwo runners-up, Miss Pai Hammond, leff, and Miss Lynn Taylor. uigt if .Q J,,gg,,gg' Af- iff:-lf, n The "commi'H'ee" fries io ge! iis Rack running by giving a li'Hle assisfance. The "Baia S1-ill," awai+ing ihe sian' of a new run. 1 'N gf. ,, , . U Vs, y "RSC: Y x59 f'R.'.'5 ,.i., 1: '- ' ' Homecoming-Ennt'd artistic, features, so it remains for the winner to come up with an original mechanical monstrosity. Following the pre-game activities, the crowds move into the stadium to witness the feature event, the clash of two football powers. However, even the spirit and enthusiasm of the day, coupled with the mighty strength of the football team do not make victory inevitable for the home forces, as Kentucky so rudely proved. CNevertheless, the story of Georgia Tech and Kentucky was not ended on the football field that day, as a further look through this section will indicate.J For the first time a Homecoming Queen was chosen to reign over the ceremonies. Selected as winner among the many contestants was lovely Miss Nina Narmore, who was presented to the student body at the Bulldog Club-sponsored Homecoming Dance. Runners-up to Miss Narmore were Miss Lynn Taylor and Miss Pat Hammond. The Sigma Chi entry serves io refine the Cats from Kenfuclty. A group of Fraiernify men proceed 'lo get 'lheir Reclt ln shape for the parade. is. . A "-- ,, . . Kentucky players and roofers swarm the Held afier ihe Wlldcafs vicfory over fhe Yellow Jacltefs Two mechanical-minded pledges iron out fhe difficuliies in 'lhe Theia Xi display. 213 Always a favorile wiih fhe Fraierniiies, here a Negro Combo gives oui' with a ho+ number, which seems more conducive fo lisfening fhan 'l'o dancing. ,E -'x'1,i'.,W" ir: W nf yds E I l si E e "af -Maha' Tech men End various ways fo enferfain fheir dafes when fhe parfy slows down. Some may nof call ihis "pariying," buf more fhan likely, ihese 'Four couples would go along wifh almosf any iifle! - 1 'i The KA's reach the height of the "party season" with their Old South Ball. ' -,-L Don't be alarmed by this posed shot things like this never happen here 14 70.256 fcwmclecl ec! 77Zcm Kwanzaa Wow a mtg Costume parties provide an outlet tor original ideas among party enthusiasts. X '- J7 1 ,h , - 1 X '--.V "W-Rfgf, , .I l sf 1 K . 15' v' , X F f. , ' --- - 7 ifkyix , i f ,- 4 lv: .,3+i1' D , Lf 3 4, A 1, 4- . y 1: I' 215 It is just as important that the potential engineer develop socially as well as mentally. Social activity is a very necessary phase of good college training, for human relations is one of the biggest problems facing industry today. .At Tech there are many outlets for social enjoyment. Among these are the Fraternities, the Y.M.C.A., the I.S.O., and the re- ligious organizations. All afford good opportunity for the studentg opportunity which is taken advantage of, as these pictures will testify. Q A trio of Frenchman entertain their smiling dames. I I I The Kappa Sigs are really living if up ai' lheir annual Black and While formal. lnifiafes of Scabbard and Blade and iheir da'l'es in ihe lead out K x . ' .f LL-LJ' 4, 1' I The Homecoming Queen and runners-up are presenfed fheir awards ai fha Homecoming Dance. One of Anfhony's feafures, Miss Marcie Miller enierfaining af +he IFC formal. 'ls Q 2 L lg.. r cg , li!! Dancers lake being given lime our io lisfen 'lo a liiile ian, oul' by 'fine Ray Anihony Troupe. l . l 1 One "Miss Perfecf Lips" fo anofher ai lhe annual Co-op summer dance. ...cmd-166644 Campus dances are always looked forward to in a big way. Not only do students get a chance to enjoy good music and impress their dates, but they also get a rare opportunity for social relationships with men outside of their fraternities or organizations. Since big name bands are the principal drawing cards, some of the top performers in the country have been called in to supply the music and entertainment. Groups who have appeared here in recent months include such celebrities as Ray Anthony, Louis Armstrong, Sauter-Finnegan and Woody Herman. Indeed, the year was one of many successful balls, with student par- ticipation and, evidently, student enjoyment reaching great heights. Captain Ed Ferrell 'raps a new member of Scabbard and Blade. A that , J Typical of+l1e many clubs available to students is the Bulldog Club. 1-fazczfazaea ze Wanted "School is important, but it isn't everything." That quota- tion has been used over and over again in defense of campus activities, and it carries with it a meaning much deeper than first realized. Participation in the various aspects of student activity is extremely important in the development of a successful graduate. At Tech the opportunities for such participation are almost innumerable. In addition to fraternities, there are the independent students organizations, the Y.M,C.A. and the religious clubs which afford opportunities for social and spiritual activity. Open to the aspirant are positions on the publications, on the councils, and in the various clubs and societies. According to his interests and abilities, a man may engage in politics, drama, debating, singing or any of the varsity or intramural sports. All are important, and all serve to better prepare the student for the experiences and problems he will face after graduation. '. 5 f' f - l mill 'Q fliw ' 15' 'I'-I iflflifliiagafsssliivie I 7 4 3 Af I R 3 , K Q,wig7:F7:1'9 X ' ll '-More l V9 T , , 5533 ' .WM ,ffm w'o'ew f , 7 aiititvwi i?8'3Qf'rifrf4QR i'3f6g,gT'iv W4 liilllil V '-0 A Q, li'o'oW494y'q' h fe'o'o'-WGQQ Mooe-:,o,e,-W f!ol'?o'o'iW f+'o'o'-1"o'oiM fd ?9o'oWo'6"'6-N bq5QoTo.a.oAA-:Q .595 'Rr Q- 3- j':f,?'.Q Campus polificians work enfhusiasfically fo obfain 'the necessary ii- margin for viciory. Recognifion for acluievemeni may be gained in several differeni' ways. an M 'ES- ,- guy .L , Some edifors receive line sfaff cooperaiiong ofhers, like flue Yellow Jackef edifor picfured below, have 'fo use persuasion. . R - . -xt .....,,,,.j ' The 'Friendly afmosplnere and The available opporfunilies for social 5, 4, ,. S acfivify lead many siudenfs fo 'rhe Religious organizafions. . 1' ' 2 V .A , r' 1 I A Q I .V ,I ' XA I 'Fil 1 ,L V I , l.,. '. F lll,r .v-" ll l' lv + .1 5 . V ,ilfl 3' r . --,,wl,:,' ix T l 5514.15 ,.,1hi44- ,I .-,P f L 1 I -J-1-0-' 0,1 . 1 , .. I. . r ., ,. , 1'..- fi-51 .iI' i, L, I M' if e' ul.. fl in l da Zaye da f4clZ6ae . , , A scene from Drama Tech's inferprefaiion of "Harv A large parl' of Drama Tech's work consists of building the seis. Even at this, an engineering school, there is no deficiency of talent and interest in the stage. Regardless of whether the occasion is Stunt Night or a Drama Tech performance, there is always active student participa- tion and support. Drama Tech is a student organization which is designed to promote interest and activity in the theatre. The group, under the direction of Mary Nell Ivey, presents one play each quarter of the school year. Stunt Night is an annual I.F.C.-sponsored event in which the Tech fraternities compete against each other on the stage. The acts are judged by prominent men in the field, and I.F.C. points are awarded the first four places, in addition to the trophy which is presented to the first place winner. Bi' A roar ' 2 l ! - 'H+ I +0'oo'e9'4f235lt?:lilif gaps "xv:-1--lla,of-Q-'Pa-fi-1 ,-59go4+'ea'fmt-MN . 96,66 :W-W Cai W 'Ca T9 rQ6, eV4"6-?l'5'5'if2" ' W " ' fawvd Nooowz WM: ai ,. . vw? 44 " ,ow ooooowsou xy - sw f - 400 r ooooomo - i AA: Poivd 660000444 yt- IA ft ff pa 64 5906600 -.v , 914, 465 ego 4060 Q fn. , . i uf 884 50060892020 1 N - 1, V a. cf? QAQQAQAQAQAAAQS ' 'ki-7 'ily' -V A' --- ?3'5'5'3'3'5'8'6'52 i53'!'3g2g2'3Qm ' H UM E1 ytt I,0s.OOi9zfgQz9g, 'Q?fsT.+ ' Wo'o'o'o'w,.494Q,9A e ." l .1.' -,H r F Xi' - 37" I 31-Kyla ' Kg2gZ,:'4'Q3,'1sg3 tt Q I 990.4 9 ,Q if E, The promoilon manageriuses -33-gg? E X. .ram 1 The Be'l'a's operaiing +heir radio slafion, WUGU. Phi Deli hillbillies display iheir musical Talent l Alpha Tau Omega represen+a+ives accepf fhe firsf place frophy from Virgil Tedder. Kappa Sigma blasfed ifs way info second place wifh fhis safire on "Fan, Fan, flue Tulip." 5' X J f A if The Swedish Gym Team, which was a rousing success. One of 'Phe more di'FfcuH feds performed by fhe Swedish gymnasfs. Sponsored by fhe S+uden+ Ledure and Enierfalnmeni Commrffee Henry ScoH' proved fo sfudenis ihaf music can be 'Fun The Georgia Tech Band appearing in concerf before +he sfudenfs faculfy and fhe public i ,-M., 1 . -1 .1 1, 223: 'r 'gy' f , 3 M . ,gg ,,....., I .Q If Hi" J-r,e.f5N gym ,, ie' :' . Y 'M gp , , , cmd nlefzlcdameal da Zemfcfai At various times throughout the year the students and faculty are entertained by touring professionals and by Tech's own representatives to the field, the Georgia Tech Band and the Georgia Tech Glee Club. The Student Lecture and Entertainment Committee sponsors periodic appear- ances of noted performers during the school term. Out- standing among these have been Henry Scott, piano virtuoso and concert humorist, the Vagabond Touring Theater, the Salzburg Mationettes, and Percy Grainger, internationally famous for his mastery of the piano. Back for the second straight year, and always a big hit with the students, was the Swedish Gym Team which performed during the winter quarter. Both the Band and the Glee Club presented several successful concerts during the year. Sauter-Finnegan, presenting a fresh and interesting style of music. For the first time at Tech, the Swedish Gym team included girls. ln one of their lighter moments, the Glee Club quartet sings out. The Vagabond Touring Theatre, caught during one of the acts , -ers.. The I.E.'s prepare for operalion of lheir model planl' exhibii, which won firsf place in The iudging. Those boys from 'lhe physics deparfmeni' really make your hair sfand on end! J f i.,,1 xl 'Ll r V Q, A- fg-N -Pflf fits V . iii T QMLI -A-rl' 5' lv L, TM' lsgvwx -' . 1- --. N V W. E : A. E ,fa ij, ' Q5:,:'Tl - -T 'la ' ' T , , , , A 'fzw '.,j T inf ,- x mf gf A , E, .-' l' V , i 'A T Q f I al .-Q Y v f sznz., ' , ,tw --.LQ E. A Q., ,, , H j jx - -Y .ffwl -- ia, ' Y 5: , A 1331, - . iv lu F ei- . 1, 1: , 7 - ' ' Q' may ..-4 The M.E.'s proudly display a Prah' and aircrafl' engine. The feafure of romorrow, say i-he E.E.'s, will be lelevision wifh your felephone. tO0M DENUCK Y. we nu I .nf-ullltl. MSU .fu r..-rv. X ., ix ......,...-.. ..-... ... ...,. ' ze' Week Wzfaame Me 9-77 fic -Each year near the latter part of the winter quarter the various departments of the school, in conjunction with the St. Patricks Council, sponsor and present the well-known Engineers' Week. It is primarily designed to present an interesting and educational display of the different phases of engineering, in such a Way as to clarify the functions and principles of the departments, to those not yet familiar with them. The departments compete against each other in present- ing their displays. These exhibits are judged by prominent men in the engineering fields, with first, second and third place winners being chosen. The Hrst place winner is awarded the Bonner Spearman Trophy, which it is allowed to keep until the following year. The voice mirror allowed a person lo hear his own voice over the felephone. A parf of fhe winning Industrial Engineering exhibit. The Chemical Engineers turn out models in plastic ur- 5 ,' w Say- - T 1 l' . Q . 7 in x D0 of tum I0 ymf- ,V , I, The Briffain Dining Hall is a popular place for siudenfs living in the dcrmifories. n The familiar sound of 'Phe dinner bell is always welcome in the fraierniiy house. Fraiernify men enioy the pleasure of dining wi+h fheir brothers. I r is We 'Zfcwe Za Samewieze Being away from the "home cooking" presents quite a problem to many Tech men. The eating places on and around the campus certainly have good food, but they nevertheless fail to measure up to that back home. On these pages appear some of the more popular eating habits of Tech men. They range from the brotherhood of the fraternity table to the mass confusion at the Varsity, and from the early hours of 'morning to the midnight snacks which precede that last surge with the books before going to bed. Small, buf efficient iha'l"s Junior's. it - 1- .rx- 20 l ga- L- QW . W-it x CL -, if The early morning cup of coffee 'From 'flue "Robbery" is a musl' before Probably 'lhe besf known of flue Tech eafing places is flue Varsiiy. going io class. Parr of fhe BriH'ain Dining Hall as if looks from flue balcony. l ' W. I . - K .--4' 'F yi ' " , " H I' 1 r - .X ' l - . - I LV' H ,I . . , ,- ' n ' ' q rl I' J . ...l Jol1n's is one of flue more recenf obiecfives of hungry engineers. 227 ihe dey ihe gymnasr performed un the Alr Force office. we 46466 fzememfm There are incidents, both gay and sad, which do not come under any one category of organization, but which will long be remembered by Tech men as an integral part of a suc- cessful school year. Some of these stories will become im- mortal, such as the Kentucky basketball seriesg others will never go any farther than the thoughts and conversations of the students, but they all will be remembered as Georgia Tech, 1954-1955. H 'those days nn the drawing lab when things lust couldn + go right The ho'-ITS SPSM enl0Yi"9 5 ffle"dlY 'Jame- lllmuinnni g 4 Q, ff we Q.: . , fha relief of having another report c V' your hands." X , ,J tl Lf! I, ., 1, , v 1 frying 'Io ge? service in fha sfudenf bank. fhe good loolung nurses in 'the infirmary. fag 1 ff- 5-' A . if-, F ' U ' f " 'gk-1 ns:-az: I A Z 5 R' A Jrlmx A n M5 ff, ? ' , -L.. " 1' f-4 ' rn Y V --- "N- - ' 1 Q, 'fr , ' J ' ' 5-' C 4 '-- . -' . Ll :Mil X, - mx Q fx ,. ' wz,.,.,f- I '-. R L X' An -' n K v -6 n X. if. N rglwl ,Z If , O- fhe hours span? frying fo gef a ride home. QQ, N O R T H . 11 K -.- Egsyk W xi , v w 'IM' .1 " , .rf . Q 1 , g 4 1 . . 4 A . U4 ,S E 'f 4 ...- . , . Mn. 1 X I n x ' 4 . 4 . Y K Y IN 1 I 'A 1 L fl 4 2' 1 I f 1 , 1 ,-,s:.,,- r 15" f' f J " H.. . . H.. Q-1+ A, K " l fu , J 1 Q., 'L ,J Q ff 'X h x. '-,. . 'f 'QL ia. Rf sd . I' ' ? I I 1 .. ,gr W I Q2 .yn .- af I va' xg.-7 ' 4: Fi wzsgi J ' :Q-,. A . A' 1 - -E ng -. , J. . .Q ,Q .H Y .. ,LV Q." --.17 ffm, I-IL N f. " 5 ., if " 'l ' f W-1 an P5 U. - -K- i ..,.NgL n , V1 -Y-:'Z.u.. ,fi Lf',ii. ' - Q-.Z ,5,4yf' 4 V. .-:Air 3 Y .. . ' gi---ii 'S' 4 3,4 'X - M Tie A ' -: 5, . ruff ,1 .,- -gh ' T' 'xp' -V 345 ' rf: - Vg?-. .g .ft -A f . , eihflg. . 4' KJ., . -:.'4,-F?-A ' ' , x '- fggry' ml ilv 114 Eng! K 5- Mk iii K , X A , V 3 in rv' 125 I ii Some go affer 1+ some don 1' "' A K 229 ,,.,.-dnl dsx-4 N. gg Tw. .. .1 1 1 ig fhose Ad bulldung sieps always hard fo climb You guessed If robbery in fhe Robbery fhe long hours speni' ai' Hue desk sfuclylng for ihose qulzes X sz I ,g,. l - l xx5..Q.,4,jL x l .Q Q , SE 5. 2 35 EQ? E :nog zoo: A YAYA xi, si.. ' A-.N - . , .-,- 71- - ME TEAM vIJi'U"5 "itil H0 . -,,,-Q:3-' ! ' g .AJ Someone suggesfed affer fhe game fha? 'lhe score be lefi on fhe score board and fha? ihe school buy a new one for 'fufure games. QF ,P 3K fx, A ferror 'lo fhe Wildcafs all rlghf, Joe Helms drives 'foward lhe baslrel for anoiher shoi. The iubilanf Jaclxe-ls live if up affer, ihe vicfory, 'their second over mighiy Kenluclzy in ihe same season. 231 Rupp and his boys seem +o be a liH'le worried as ihe game proceeds. tie zdazmdmz Ke , '. EE f ' " ,x0+'51 'S -il Af . .-- :,.f1""' For some reason the civilians always gel' fhe mosl allenlion at iob interviews. The presenfafion of honors is always a big evenf. The symbol of having paid fhe price. Graduation may be termed a day of sorrow or a day of gladness, or it may actually be both. For most seniors it is the end of formal schooling and the beginning of a new life. It is the entrance into the world for which the graduate had been preparing himselfg it is the commencement of new experiences. The future is, as always, mysterious and uncertain, but it is also promising and challenging. There is much to be achieved and there is great opportunity to those who seek it. For those who are ambitious, the ladder of success is unending. The successful man is never satisfied with his accomplishmentsg he always seeks and finds new heights to ascend. A 4 W4 Eli: l.lrv:'-ihvul auth Iurnltg , ul Uhr lhvnrgia llusiitutv nf Elrrhxigrlpgg Un Ill la llllidlll llgrsr prranlln IIIIIQ rnnrr.0irr-rlingilll ren Grunge ia. iiiurhell fill he has rlumlrlrh lll Ihr rrquirrmrula far Uirlbuutiun.nnimlhrrrfdre.-lllr.uuBrr tllr uullrurilg :mlm ln ummm hmluq rnufrr uynn him llgr hrgrn uf larlprlm' nf Elntrirnl Eugturrrlxgg mills ull lllr riglglmprilvilrgrs unh lgnmvrs.ilgrrruninL wprrluining. In ulilumu wIurmsf.lhr alguulurrs ul llu Clqqnullqr dfthxfilhilvrriiig Quilrnilf lil! Urrnlbr-ul :nh Ihr Rrgiulrur ul ilu- liflwrgin lnsiiluimgl' Cltlgllnlqgg are Ilrmn nulnwrrilrrhmlh llu- in-ul nl llnr llwlilulr in uffixrh. A Biiurn ut :kllllllll nn Ihr hurlrrnllg bug al:lunr,in'1hrAI'lrii' bl hr Inn, ninrlreu lunlrrh :nh Gflg-Nu ' ,w w li dx' , - , fa Quai?-e wd.,...g.4-2 The mqierigl obieciive gf all college men. The fulure is a mysiery, buf ii is promising and challenging. 14 1406 Za lie mime Presiclenl Van Leer sends anoiher man on his way, well prepared. 233 GREEKS MIKE CADY OFFICERS MIKE CADY Prerilalefzt BILL CHEEK Vice Pmrialefat FLOYD FOWLER Secretary WILFRED SMITH Treaxarei' IIITERFRHTERIIITV BILL ANDERSON . . DICK BARNHART . PAT BOLCER . . . MARCUS BORUM . MIKE CADY . . BILL CASI-IIN . . BILL CHEEK . MING CHEW . . RICHARD COOK . BILL DAVIDSON . CHARLES DAVIS . DAVE DONALD . FLOYD FOWLER . JOHN GREASEL . . RUSSELL GRIMSLEY . STAN GUMBLE . . ED HAMILTON . . LYNWOOD JOHNSON CHANNING JONES . RUDY KLAAS . . . ALLEN KLEPPER . BERNARD KROLL . AL LEPPERT . . BOB LITTLE . BILL LONG . LEWIS LUCKY . MEMBERS . Sigma Phi Epyilmz . . . . Sigma Chi . Della Tau Della . . Kappa Alpha . Sigma Chi . . . Theta Chi . . . Kappa Sigma . Phi Kappa Sigma . Tau EpJil01z Phi . Delta Taa Della . . . . . Chi Phi . Phi Gamma Delta . Alpha Taa Omega . Lamhcla Chi Alpha . Lamhrla Chi Alpha . . Phi Epazfm Pi Sigma Alpha Epfilon . . . Kappa Alpha . . . . Theta Xi . Delta Sigma Phi . . Phi Epxilon Pi . . Tau Epfilon Phi . . . . Theta Chi . Alpha Tau Omega . Phi Gamma Della . Delia Sigma Phi ai aa Anderson Barnhardf Bolger Cook Davidson Davis Hamilton Johnson Jones Long Lucky Ludwig Ti Borum Cady Cashin Chgek Donald Fowler Greasel Grlmsley Klaas Klepper Kroll Leppert MacDonald Mangham Martin Meeker 236 Chew Gumble Liffle Mifcheli WILLIS LUDWIG . . BOB MACDONALD . ARNOLD MANGI-TAM FRANK MARTIN . . BILL MEEKER . . WADE 'MITCHELL . CARLOS OLIVARES . HUGO PETERS . . HARRY PHIPPS . . ROY PICKREN . LEWIS PRICE . . . FENTRESS RHODES . CLINTON RICHMOND VERNON ROBERTS . FRANCIS RUST . . ALAN SALZMAN . . JAMES SANDERS . . FRANK SI-IARBROUGI-I SAM SIBLEY . . . BERNARD SIGMIER . WILFRED SMITH . . PIERRE SOVEY . . GEORGE SPRAGINS . ED STERN .... MIKE TIERNEY . . ALLEN WILLS . . CUUIIEIL MEMBERS Peters Phipps Pickren Price Richmond Roberts Rus? 'Saliman Sharbrough Sibley Sigmier Smith Spragins Stern Tlarnay Wllls 237 . . . . Chi Pri . Pi Kappa Alpha Tait Kappa Epsilon . Pi Kappa Alpha . . . Sigma Na . Phi Delta Theta . Phi Kappa Tau . . Pi Kappa Phi Phi Sigma Kappa . . Kappa Sigma . Phi Delta Theta . . Pi Kappa Phi . . . . Chi Pri . . Beta Theta Pi Tait Kappa Epriloiz . Alpha Epsilon Pi 9 C9 all 2 lil . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Phi Eprilon .. . . .ChiPhi . Phi Kappa Sigma . . Phi Kappa Tait . . Beta Theta Pi . . . .Sigma Na . Alpha Epriloa Pi . Phi Sigma Kappa . . . Theta Xi To the Interfraternity Council of Georgia Tech falls the task of regulating, expanding and integrating the activities of the twenty-six national fraternities lo- cated here on the campus. Operating under the gen- eral supervision of Dean John J. Pershing, its fifty- two members increase the scope and value of fraternal life at Tech. A realization of the large accomplishments which a council of this type is capable of contributing to the school has made the I.F.C. a leading factor in the promotion of athletic, scholastic welfare and social events. Competition is the keynote of all council undertakings, and thereby not only are results ob- tained, but pride is built up in each member of his particular chapter. Softball, football, basketball, and many other sports constitute the principal athletic program of the I.F.C. A tremendous interest in these sports and also in scholarship is obtained by the presentation of a trophy each year to the fraternity which has acquired the most points in the athletic and scholastic competition. Best illustrating the welfare work of the council is its part in the Empty Stocking Fund drive conducted each Christmas by the Atlanta Junior Chamber of Commerce. Also, this year, the council organized a "help week" in which the pledges from all the fra- ternities took part. Rounding out the phases of campus life, the council is socially famous for the annual dance that it sponsors in the spring. The Interfraternity Council as a whole, and its members individually, are constantly seeking new opportunities to promote a better student life at Georgia Tech. IEGEL ZETII N .Y. U .-1 913 .... Founded .... Tech-1 946 Headed by Leon Siegal. Alpha Epsilon Pi enjoyed a very successful year .... Leon's partners in crime included Bob Davis, vice president, and secretary, Mark Myers, while Dick Dalton counted the green stuff .... Seen carrying the AEPi banner about the hill Were Mike Tennenbaum, cheerleader and Drama Tech mainstayg Eddie Stern and Alan Salzman, IFC representatives and Siegel, Bob Davis and Al Cohen in the Bulldog Club .... Ira Charak won the UMOC contest .... In honoraries were Alan Salzman in Tau Beta Pi and Phi Eta Sigrnag Morton Gruber in Phi Eta Sigma and Warren Epstein in Pi Delta Epsilon .... The year's big events were headed by the winter meeting of the Southeastern Conclave of Alpha Epsilon Pi .... Social highlights include numerous house dances and several Groovers Lake outings .... Also in the spotlight are plans for a new house within the next year .... All this, and more made the year an outstanding one at 728 Spring Street. E X- fi. . ' . The Rek. OFFICERS LEON SIEGEL Pferidenz BOB DAVIS Vice Preridient MARK MYERS Secretary DICK DALTON Trenmretr 238 Aronson Charak Cherry Cohen A Dalton Davis R Duber EPSTEIU Feigelson Fuller Freedenfhal Frnedman HLPHH EPSILUII PI MEMBERS ADIR ARONSON BURT BERNSTEIN IRA CHARAK BOD CHERRY ALLEN COHEN KEN COI-IEN DICK DALTON BOB DAVIS SID DAVIS WARREN EPSTEIN MARTIN FARFEL BOE FEIGELSON LENNY FILLER CAROL FREEDENTHAL BOB FRIEDMAN FRED GOODMAN MORTON GRUBER BILL ISRAEL EDWARD KRASNOW TED LEIBOWITZ JACK LEVIN FRED LOEF ALLEN LUDEL DAVE MILTON DICK MORROW MARK MYERS STAN PECK EDWARD RHODES SAM ROSE ALAN SALZMAN HAL SIEGEL LEON SIEGEL SUMNER SOCHRIN EDWIN STERN EDWARD SWARTZ MIKE TENNENBAUM ROY UFFER J. D. VINESS JOEL WEINSTOCK JERRY YAEGER DON YOUNG .f"' i ,.,f ,i :E F7 3 .. -ft: Uhr.-'f' jj ' . I ' ..,:-IV, 5 L' ' ' gml'-Iggy? R .HI!E!'Fl.lEU31Ii?a5' f f-- f A N 2-f .lg f 'X N 1- 3 K -'42 1 K 5: 'E " 5 F a lx . A!'i'iilsu5aa n mf EBI Fig, 9 I- -: J F I . , - lu n I E F -. Illl If-Y I - :N 5 , g - 4- I A - 11,-if --fi iffiii The hay-seed crew! uber Krasnow Leibowifz Levin Loef Lubel Hon Myers Peck Rhodes Rose Salzman gel, L. Siern Tennenbaum Uffer Vines: Weinsfock 239 I f -.f H ,- - H O-:-:V mapa., 4 ,. 3. -. ,I -,..., 1 1 r I fo' j.'A.Ie 'I' 5? HA , :rv , hr- ' F " if iv f LR 3 1 1 01' , A X I A ' s 4, 4 1 , X5 SI A I I K I I K 1 I I C311 ' -QI I I MEMBERS ,- O CECIL PHILLIPS OFFICERS CECIL PHILLIPS Pfrerident BOB DANCY Vice Pretriclent MONTY THORNE Secretary ALBERT FOWLKES Trerzrwer WALLY ABELL PAUL AKINS MALCON ALLEN LARRY ARTHURS SONNY BALDWIN HAL BARNES JIMMY BEVAN BILL BROACH LEE BROOKS JIM BROOM JOE BROWN GENE BROWN CRIS BURNS NAT BURTON DICK CARROLL BOB CARY JOHN CERVETTI BOB CLEMENT BILL CLINKSCALES BILL CLOAR JOEL COWAN LAWRENCE COWART TOMMY CROSS SKIP CUMMINGS JOHN CURTIS BOB DANCY ATO-mobile. BOBO DAVIS JOHN DAVIS BILL DEBEAUGRINE WILL DECKER PHIL DENTON CHARLIE DODDS DICK DRISKLE GENE DUNN AL EITEL JOHN ENNIS BILL PALTA JIMMY FENDIG BUD FOWLER AL FOWLKES SAM FRANKLIN TOMMY FREEMAN CARL GARLINGTON HOLT GARRARD JIM GIDDINGS BOB GIORDANO TOMMY GUTHRIE BILL GUTHRIE JIM HANDLY RONNIE HANNA BILL HARWELL BILL HATCHER CHARLES HAYS 2 BETH IIITH UI VMI-1 865 .... Founded .... Tech-1888 With last year's I.F.C. Trophy tucked beneath their belts, the 4th and Fowler St. boys were OE to the races again this year after a successful rush season .... Commanding the Tau fortress this year was Cecil Phillips, editor of the Engineer and ANAK president. Also in the notoriety column were Leon Scott, ODK president, Gordon Travis, Blue Prim' editor, Ronnie Jordan, Publications Board secre- tary, and Student Council Secretary, Neal Smith ..,. In ath- letics, the Taus were represented on several varsity squads, and copped a number of intramural laurels .... Bobo Davis headed the Cheeerleaders at all the 'Reck' fracases .... Social highlights included frequent dances, headed by the annual ATO Spring Formal and house parties .... Scholar- ship, far from neglected, is greatly encouraged by the an- nual award of the Thomas Clark Award .... The oldest active chapter on the Tech campus, the ATOS again upheld a proud reputation with another banner year. RALPH HINSON REGGIE HIXSON CHARLIE HOLLINGSWORTH CHARLIE HOMAN JACK HOWARD B. W. HUGHES MIKE HULL CHARLES HUTCHESON BOB JOHNSON JACK JORDAN RONNIE JORDAN HENRY IVEY RALPH JOHNSON JERRY KELLEY PETE KNOX HUGH LANE JIM LEWARE BOB LITTLE HARLEY MATHEWS EDDIE MCDOWELL JERRY MCKNEELY Scorr MILLER PHILIP MORRIS CLAUDE MOSES JOHN MYERS BEN NEWBERRY HLPHH THU 0lllEGll IT' ff-HS E .X nf X, f ffi il ' fee '-' 5' "' Y .1 ze Zi - 4 ,2 ?i !'i55fifY iii 1: If --1 li 1' , :-. JJ W1 'f - ll 5, ,'.j.-, - .. 1- :-lgwfifl ,', ir - - :':" .."':' ' ' '-.' -':"L:-Q: 1.53 X if fl ii! 1-:iii EE- + L! E-2 rg 5"'sQ.'?x 3-Q xiii . .f-Q41 Wonder wl1a+'s on his mind? n Cary Clinkscales Cloer Cowan Cross Cummings Curlis , E. Davis, J. Debeaugrine Denton Dodds Driskle Dunn Eifel Falla Fendig Fowler Fowlkes Freeman Garlingfon Garrard ings Gulhrie, G. Guthrie, J. Handly Hanna Harwell Hafcher Hays 2-41 Y W ,f-T:-,,,..sfx-iw.-qw: .agqy--Z. ,TQ -f- -iw. i-Y-ff' ,l ls Q V 'Q ' rw V- , f' ' QQ . i X 10 fy V ' i , .. 5 if ' , 9 fix ll . f 1. 4' 1 . l., 4 X. A QV Y 1 1 ggi? ,, 3 ,vggsxm gf H , fin . W Y l l A A , N ,. . V :QU li .3 J . E Q . ,wsu il: ' Ir' 4 QQ 1 , gli -f inw . ri fi ' :Z l " - Ll W A 3? , l ' as 4 ii . A Y ? in " Nm' 1 Ffa' -- A .. -s g W " Q , . H , . E . 1 ' l 'g ".. . R s l M H W D Q H T S Y, I ,H 'gg 1' l P. 1 W ' .Qu l l YZ P, 'Y L ..,, l ' ' ,A - l i I' 1 Q 4 il' W ii I . l " ' 1 I ' W ' :nl 'Y Z S8 ill- 'I W ll 'l :gl X J li is Q .XL ' l .. l ' l Y. 1 l-gr ., II .. .. . , 'ff- Q-'.f 3::,n,-lff14,..,,- :Bit-F' f BETH IUTH nf Sanla is good fo Mofher Aldrich. s if 265' 2'-1 A ei V Homecoming. Hinson Homan Johnson, R. A. Knox Moses Newberry Randle Reed Howard Leware Newlon Rau 242 Hughes Hull Hulcheson Liffle Mafhews McDowell Pardue Parrish Phillips Salerbak Sayers Scarbrough Johnson, R. E Miller Pond Schneider Wax I X Wifi? lm Dean Pershing +eams up wifh Jackson for a ho+ duet MEMBERS GENE NEWTON PHIL PARDUE NEAL PARRISH CECIL PHILLIPS KEN PICKREN CHARLIE POND TOM PROSSER BOB RABUN DON RANDLE CLIFF REED MIKE REU WAYNE SATERBAK STU SAYERS CHARLES SCARBROUGH GUY SCHNEIDER LEON SCOTT NATHAN SEARS BOB SHARP BOE SHERMAN CONRAD SMITH NEAL SMITH TED SMITH HARRY STEVENS BOB STICKLEY JOE STUBBS BOB SUTTON BOE SYTZ CLYDE TAYLOR JOE TAYLOR JIM THOMAS BILL THOMAS MONTY THORNE GORDON TRAVIS BOB TROWBRIDGE GEORGE TURNER PAUL TWITTY JIM VICK VIC VICKERS JIMMY WELKER LARRY WESTMORELAND DICK WI-IITEHEAD DICK WIGTON TONY WILKIE FRANK WILLIAMS GENE WALLACE TOM YEARTY if . N ' i "' y fh, C. Sfevens Sf bb S 1 cr, J. Thgmas, J. Thimss, W. Tlxoine Tfgwsr' C' Wh TWJHY Vigk. Vickers Welker fe ead Wlqfon Wllhams Wallace Yearfy 243 Af 5 E :R -A E E E. gg IE :I PA fx iw? 1115: QQ? LEE Y Lg, gs MERIR vw RQA1 .EEK 5-21 I . 'EE -RE ms 52: A ii., E gy ' LII , If fx F .M YEA hw ff 'ms sg fm ' TE., , Emi EEA E. TER, R R AEE 55-gmf. RS, Es EI REE is QQ... sm , mf mr .1 Q I E M ,E SEM . J?,,.,, A nv l'.4 E if I. I RE EE I, i, EE Srvsaw :IEE ann WVR I 1 f-:R 'EEE fs. EE, .1 ' 'ff' we E329 Rza . QT. 1 wrjv N' " W E Q X Six' .EL ,. .wr ei K QI E Ati. an A EES, I . A . 315 'W AA 13 hvwr' If 'I ...I HRA, I X. W , A E 1 A . LRE. H 'E -.4 .2 ll I I 1 I . Y , 'I Q i 5' luv E gn . R E E.. .. EUR UI E R SM, A l l l i l 1 l PIERRE 'SOVEY V YY Gllllllllll ETH OFFICERS PIERRE SOVEY Preriflevzt JOHN GILLESPIE Vice Prerident FRANK MONGER Secretary JACK BOATWRIGHT Trearmer Our swea+er parfy winner. Miami U.-1835 . Founded . Tech-1917 If every year were as successful as 54-55, the Betas could be well-satisfied .... Up near the top in everything, they opened the year with an excellent pledge class .... With last year's scholarship trophy in their pockets they began an all-out effort to obtain it for the fourth straight year .... Runners-up in their volley ball and football leagues, they walked off with top honors in the cross- country meet .... During the course of the year many Betas survived the toss down the bank .... Headed by Pierre Sovey, chapter president and Trial Board member, roll call included such notables as Ed Ferrell, Scabbard and Blade captaing Tom Stonecypher, vice president of Tau Beta Pig Larry Wilson, Koseme and president of A.I.E.E.g and Charlie Cobb, Koseme and vice president of the Y cabinet .... Social activities such as the Formal, two house parties and many parties throughout the year fill the calendar. l i il . H A k B i B nnefi' Boaiwrighf Bobo 22,125 N, Qcsizron Citi: 012: , Ciara DeVane an N Egpy Faduff Farrell Franklin Fyfe GlIlesPl9 Gfaham ,I . 244 A A R A J E I I3 fs 22 il S SEQ . - S E S I S . : E R B mm nl E nl Q l Rana E IELTS ,i?Si?Q:I . ESQ Z: Is nl E K: nl :ZW M i 12 H +I gf I 22. FV iii: 53 ii I LAW A BOT!! ES H FICUPLQ- I ' 'X' B1 IS ' 1 I II 5 525 S -K1 X I - ff + . . ' . 5 gf I. I, Y " -fij:::: IEE.? 5 Niggaz! I T 5 , 'ifi iE?1R M IRISH: aussi!!--d im - A H z - A A , ,g1Ll,.: ilii EI ER ii L E225 .g 'izr -l- .. J A , ' ,-7 If- ' 725351 I E ' EI 519:53 2 I- E EIHIEIEEII E SE. S. I .3522 - K '- - J HSNW I I THQ: ,fffZ1'T-- J I 2252? gr-XX ll!! 52 I I MEMBERS 4 5 , BOE ADAMS j . 5 B JOHN ANDERSON JOE AYCOCK A JIM BATES HUGH BENNETT ' JACK BOATWRIGHT ,sim E im EDWARD BOEO X- AAA BOB BOULWARE F I ' ' HOWARD BRONSON FS Q HOLLAND BROWN '- ROYCE BROWN A E I JOHN BURSON IS' ' I - 3 ' CHARLES COBB . SESS 5 ' Brigmen handing off +o Humphries. RODNEY COOK I J H f BILL CORBETT i DAN DAVIDSON 'v I . RICHARD DEVANE - Q C C O C O JOHN DURSTINE ISLE - 5 7 ' I MARVIN ELLIS ISS? F PAT EPPS JW I G. B. ESPY , I EMIL FEDUFF - I ED FERRELL E, , I JIM FRANKLIN MEF., I JOHN FYFB L JOHN GILLESPIE F HAL GRAHAM if WAYNE GREEN I - A BILL HAMRICK Q .I NEWT HARDIE NAII A J CHIP HARRIS RZ. A I DAVE HARVEY In BILL HARWELL gg LYNN HAZLETT M RUDY HAUENSTEIN if K H RICHARD HAUENSTEIN E- EI A JIM HICKERSON E JULIAN HOLLIS 1" JOE HOLT Ji'-' PAUL HOTINGER I, H TOM HUNT Q K RUSSELL IvIE ,SEMI MQQSY E I ED IVIE RONNIE JEFFRIES CHARLES JOHNSON GERRY JOHNSON fg PIERCE JOHNSON Egg I STUART KELLY my B RONNIE KYLE I JOE LAMBE 5 J W FRANCIS LO'I'r BARRY LYNCH rick Hardie Harvey Hazleii' Hauensf ' , R. 'I .. ensfein, W. Hickerson Hollis Holi Hofingesm -TACK MARTIN gg., M 1 Ivie, J. R. Ivie, R. E. Jeffries Johnson, C. BILL IVHIPHERSON R ADAIR MELLICHAMP FRANK MONGER J I i 1-JxID1s+i-E14 S Q-55,4-5 l I l l I I Ar I ' I HT' . I . . I ,II . I . . 4 .I IJ I I I I. 1' I If . 1: . l If I Il -' MEMBERS DEVON MONROE GEORGE NASON ALAN NEAL JOE NELMS SONNY NESMITH DICK NEWELL CHARLES O'REAR RALPH OWENS AUBURN PAULK JOHN PERRY DAVE PHILLIPS RONNIE PINDER BILL REEVES BILL REULAND RONNIE RICH GEORGE RITTELMEYER JOHN RITTELMEYER JIM ROBERTS TURK ROBERTS JIM ROBINSON BILL ROSS DICK ROSSELOT BILL SCHAFFER BODIE SCOTT WADE SI-IANKLIN JED SI-IEPARDSON LINDSAY SHIVES RUBLE SMITH PIERRE SOVEY EDDIE STATZER RIC STEELE BILL STEELE BLAIR STEPHENS BO STOKES TOM STONECYPHER LYNN STRICKLAND HAL TERRY DON TETTELBACH DEWEY THORTON BILL TRAMMELL ROBERT TRAYLOR JACK VANVOLKENBURG E I WAYNE WADDELL MALCOLM WALKER BILLY WARFIELD LAURENCE WEEKS LARRY WILSON JOHN WIMBERLY DICK WIMER TOM WINN TOM WRIGHT GRM MH ETH Our second-place display. Pledges living il up! BVS Lambe Loft Lynch Marlin Mellichamp Monger Monroe Nason Neal Nelms Nesmilh Newell O'Rear Owens Paulk Phillips Reeves Rilfelrneyer, G. Riffelmeyer, J. Roberts J Roberls V 246 ms -.E .--ws-rf.-Y -Y.,..- , -.... .M 3,4-..,,.-ffd.-Q1.,. .1.-. 5,15 T1 :ma-vi , V , ...J - , 1 , 5i1.f"" ' . IQ E if Q fix H H Q H H U32 EMZZ - W H H: 42: H .H I - E M . XMQEZ Q35 w. .sg .vmwgaw BEER waxy Q E ,E E 'H 22: Fan .na W' E535 H23 32 H. '.... ' , ' f--JN. , , I Ia 'J of za a ' ., 5 1 ,M ,. Visa, 1 ,gg M., ng sg as sm- I, " ' I. -. nn' Zi B ' ' ' I H mn I N cm? M' , I .W .V . f' H 5 A. awp.-g, . in J gg , 533' I 1 3 , If B H 'li H233 32552 ?qgj.I H - .E 5:22 I ' . . - In '-agua R ' EE B88 ' , Efisjmxm mm .. , .- M I, H I I II' mm ,Q na 5 sf gf an an gf ', .- 'E , mama . I may a ' I . . , . 1., BH . . I, ' ang HW? , Q .'. w gui ' ' -x-- ' M H E -A ---4 - - , Mg B www mvgsmn: . www gif M Eagjwml I . -yawn mggmmnwn WSH .5 I x - ,. I ' ., mwgM..www.,..?fQT EE.gg5.xe I 1. .W E M QQTSQWgigzggiwggifgiiwigii.I AW, I .Pm W H if V, ZZ!-. W J-me , W ww m gg ff ,U . V- 12 , I - ww wwwagmmwggw msmgiilw 1 1g . ,ugh W HH: Hs? W EEWTZ H55 xii, fl, - , -' ' I - -, . . 7 - 5 " n l 2 Be'Ia's Bag 'o' BoI+sI W- ' I. ...I IIA.. ' -m , " ., . .H I ,.. WB 5 1 . . A I' I I' I V .. ,V . uf. .N namigww - .- H I X I .. .M H - ' I SEEKS W M , VN . K, .Im F E I I.:...... Mig: H K If if .... In B V . it.. .. 1 4- I, I I 71" I- - 'ur ' ' I IW. .I' ww II I ,N Q. -': 'r 'I . E I I ' , Q , ' 1. fx . '. Ig - , ' I ., Hg The Crew Cu+s? ' .E ...Q ' E , . 'Y SEEK-JI' V. 1 I' . I ' I I1 ' . 3 . I .1 ., MN QM B ... E A . mmm IJ' IW M msEIs gr H .L M K ,. ,I EW... I ...aifwl . Q. Ili Ii-H ...F .. H .-, ' I 'T ' IPL I I ' f I 'gm I :"I,f IMII: KSEI ss 5151, E E 2. . .. IL- ' lx X , . -, . . . .. - : I ' ISSBXS I I I ' ,N ...Ia wg.. W .. . " I ' I ' Q: '.II III ' B H..f1..s m....4. .V ,' SSB K . M . , H - ,-Q EW fini.. Q . .5 :I I-II Az Y Us . I M . - ' I E ' B gm Iii -Mm www ,HN- -,. -mam naw M I . M If, , , Li- H ' 5 H , E IWW., H sang ...HM 2- wwf In . W N. EE Z H .., I, . 1 gs -I 'ml lm N 1' , 1:1 4"' II' .. ima ss n I, 'I' L... IF. H WH ' . - Q. xx L X I Rosselof Schaffer Scoff Shanklin Shepardson Shives Sovey N my 5 M ' .UI Sfeele, W. Sfokes Sfonecypher 'Sfrxckland Tefflebach Thornfon Trammell W' " 'I Tm E I Waddell Warfneld Wilson Wlmberly Wlmer Wmn Wrighf ' E 'X , . -4 ., Q ,W ,. iw? H gg HZ 'QQ I ::...- ' I H, - 247 ' J 3 'gr ,Y it 4. 'f I - g5i..,,-LL-,:,1if.j lui :3 Iujjf, ' BOB SHIVERS 4 ir gm prim'-Y Pledge power personified! IHIIEGH OFFICERS ROBERT S1-uvERs . .... . . Preriflem LAMAR REESE . . Vice Premlem CHARLES DAVIS . . . Secremry WILLIAM WALLER . . Treamrer Princeton U.-1824 Founded . Tech-1904 With Bob Shivers at the helm, the Fowler Street crew really got the ball rolling during rush season .... As the leaves turned brown, the Alumni Banquet at the Piedmont Driving Club and the fall formal shared the spotlight .... Tea dances after all the football games continued to be a Chi Phi tradition .... Senior Class President Charles Davis made Scabbard and Blade and Who's Who .... john Hellwig made Scabbard and Blade and was American Chemical Society prexy .... Buddy Martin and Lamar Reese were in the Management Club while Fleming Law was on the varsity gym team .... Intramural golf champs last year, the Chi Phis got off to a fine start in defense of their crown .... The spring house party rounded out the year's activities at 720 Fowler Street. Aycock Bryan Drennen 2 Boston Bracket? Braselfon Brock Browne Buhler Carden Conway Davis Dowd Edwards Evans Furbssh Gabriel Gann 48 EHI PHI Typical chap+er meehng G HSV Jenks Harper Hine King Xmas for underprnvxleged chlldren fw ,, 5 alas , HPHWIQ Hightower Hlfe Jacobson Lamb Law TJ' f ,iilj-.iff X , A ' 4 zflifi - g,i'i'iQE- - 5 T ' 2Q'5 , Y-'221f"'+?,Li 5 5, QL 2' I J , 1 fl 'h -2 - 5 L i 4 - 'L j ul: 155 llclluu-,5,,,,,, mm mu. - fi r l'll 11 -- 2 ? vs.,-ff 'f 1 1 L 5 f iff-: . 5, ' ' i M fill Qi 1 : egg, - L izsze- ,I Riagg' 1:- - - 5 ' f'--"f5:5:" V , 1' --'ix -j':.'SS-r, , 249 1 Q, F51 ' E IA REEL i s I -I UIIIE MEMBERS HASKEL ADLER CHARLES AYCOCK FRANK BOSTON JOHN BRACKETT ALBERT BRASELTON SPENCER BROCK ROBERT BROWN DONALD BROWNE STEPHEN BRYAN PAUL BUHLER NORMAN BUSKILL ROBERT CARDEN GLENN CONWAY CHARLES DAVIS ALTON DOWD RALEIGH DRENNON RICHARD EDWARDS DAVID ELLISON ROBERT ENGLEHART ROY EVANS JAMES FURBISH GEORGE GABRIEL ARCHIBALD GANN LINTON GAY WALTER GILBERT EDWARD GRAY LARRABEE HAND RICHARD HARPER .FRANK HEIDT JOHN HELLWEG WILLIAM HIGI'iTOWER WILLIAM HILL JOHN HINE BEv HITE EDWARD JACKSON WILLIAM JACOBSEN EMORY JENKS ROBERT JOHNSON RALPH KING JOHN LAMB FLEMING LAW RUPERT LECRAW DREW LIDDELL JOSEPH MANSFIELD JAMES MARTIN THEODORE MCCLELLAN ROY MCCROREY BEN MCLAUGHLIN HUGH MERCER FORD MILLER GERALD O'CONNER DUDLEY O'1'rLEY WALTER PROPST DAN PRUITT RUSSELL RAINEY LAMAR REESE JOHN REID PATRICK RICE DANIEL RIDDICK JAMES ROBINSON BEN ROBERTS THOMAS SHEEHAN ROBERT SI-IIVERS SAMUEL SIBLEY WILLIAM SIBLEY BUDDY SMITH ALLAN SPEARMAN WALTER STOVALL JACK STRICKLAND JOHN STRICKLER SAMUEL SWINT JOE TANNEHILL LEE THOMPSON HARLAND T RAMMELL ROY WADDLE WILLIAM WALLER FRED WAMSLEY FRED WARE FRANK WETHERBEE JEROME WOODHAM JOSEPH WRIGHT Iill 250 I l LeCraw McClelIa Pruilf Chl Phis in Paris. wh E. .:. :E. ,- SR iz. . Liddell Mansfield Marlin n McCrorey O'Conner Oflley Rainey Reese Rice H' CHI PHI fix V ' Im' ". . . Thai good oIe Chi Phi spirii' . . " Dogpaich a+ Homecoming. Strickland Sfrickler Swinf Tannehill Thompson Waller Wamsley Ware Woodham Wrighf Roberts 'Sheehan Shivers Sibley, S. Spearman 251 x 1 gay 1 I W nz 2 N , 1 1 '.HH I, I M A , H W I wx . . 1 I ff' 1, iifi an 325 A5 M H ga 1 H Q AQQQ H -'mam H . QM Q 2, mx 5 1 v 1 xm B K N W. , - v S 55- fbxf 1 1 I ' ox 1 nn 1 I I,L I 1 H wk I Q2 ' xl Ba H an 1 K N X45 smug nm 2 sw Quia an JM mam I - 1 . Z an on Nw M mi! w1 yah gawk 1 ,,W an mb 1 QQ so N H 1, mumx aux 14 1 5, xx 5 is H-qw Lynn E 1 , 'W .1 I I 2 I I Q N www H I mam : I n '11 4 Ni M,U , Q I asf Q 1 on I 2 , 'VAS-w,,.1 . x M f ahh f nm I A W 1 . Www .- HE 5 , ,Q - ' N 1 . 1 1 g I A,,,r 1 mfg 4-wmaukg we -1 WHEN: WW N , wings :Q - 14111g A. , , I- xgm !.,, izzx mums ,1, a ,'mw M.: 1A I,- V I an 11 7 fx 1 , K Is 1 If: .V. K 1 - z 4 H 1, ::,11 H- f 1 Adu smug in as ' vwx I1 Q Qi an , N N 1 1 I vis 1 wa N H I an 1 f fa 1 Qzfk 1 L ' f 1 'QM If Q 1 , p..o ..---:A4,.g+ CLINT RICHMOND U1zio1zC.-1841 . Founded . Tech-1923 The Chi Psis really stepped out last fall IDTH DELTH uf OFFICERS MEMBERS CLINT RICHMOND . . . . Prefidenf FRANK WHITLEY , I Vice Prejidem DANIEL BERMAN DAVID KIRKPATRICK WILLIS LUDWIG . . . . Secretary JOSEPH BRENNAN WESLEY LERDON WILLIAM BROCK . . . Treamrer LARRY BROCK Hil y'all! BYRON BROWN TOM BROWNLEE COLE BRYAN LEE CAMPBELL BOB CANNON DAVID COOLEY WALTER DAVIS LARRY DELOACH WARD FRENCH JOHN GILL JULIAN GOODRICH CABELL GREGORY DONALD JACKSON BLAND JOHNSON JAMES LUDWIG WILLIS LUDWIG ROBERT MITCHELL MELVIN OLSEN JEFFERSON PORTER CLINTON RICHMOND WILLIAM ROBINSON ROGER SOLTIS WILLIAM TAYLOR WILLIAM T ETTLEBACH RONALD VAUGHN FRANK WHITLEY ROBERT WOODCOCK ROBERT WRIGHT and took in a fine pledge class to give fur- ther impetus to a long range expansion pro- gram .... With Clint Richmond in the driver's seat the 10th Street boys showed they were headed for the top .... Bob Viohl and Don jackson were in the Bulldog Club while Willis Ludwig and Clint Richmond were in I.F.C. and Bob Mitchell and Willis Ludwig were in Alpha Phi Omega .... Plans for remodeling and a new addition are keep- ing the Lodge boys buzzing .... The annual football game between the Tech Chi Psis and their Athens cousins ended in a scoreless tie thus leaving the trophy suspended for another year .... Finishing second in their football league, the 10th Street boys took the cup for the highest average in the Empty Stocking Fund drive .... Bob Wright was the unoflicial chapter chess champ. CHI PSI Um, Yummeel Olsen Robinson VVoodccck Porfer Vaughn Wrighf Off Io The races. IX I5 fff-.E f n ff Wllim Wm 7? ' , ig "' 3, I l fi, - f ESE? I I IT I I i 253 I - Ia , . ' ,I. :If I I '-I I P 1 , I , .. - II I I ' I I t . 7 ' I II If I V I v"'7'fI"' m ' ' I T "T W A I II I 1 I , I I Igf gm I: :Z I I II I I 'I I II ..- I' X f 0 Q II, I Ll 0 a-rx' I I W nj H W J r- 0 I I L ..1 I 'I IIII II I . Q, QI. L' I W I I II ' I I I 2 II 'II I I-II",N II IIIII ':I' 5 ' 11? I V L I I, - :' ' M ' VIII- -VIII' W -, 'I I- ,III ,I re A ,X II I, II 7 I II ' I. V Wi, I II 'Z' IW ' -IIIWI. -fl! ,,-, 1 , I- I A- ' II IIII .I , -1. 'It I " nf. IIIQYII 'II ' ,I I . IA: ,. 'I' , I V If 'III4' I' If' ,I I IBIII II W I I ' I, I , I I3 In .. I I I II--I Z QI I . I I I III A I I II II I -I CI' I ' I I 'III If I ,III I I f1,II"I'IIII I I I IIA D I II, f 5 I I I VQIILII I II' n -nz, II I I, II I ' I ' 3 ' III' .V . .I I I I .I 'I 'I . III' I. IHIIIIWIII Q ll III! , 'X' I- IIIWIQIL' -f..'I'EIL it HLPHH EHIIIIIIH of R l :: ,ill ,. HQ q In X ' i-.1 , I -'ll A it ,N ,tl me lit, vii ill Y 1 .JI , iivllllllllllllllll E seg fia rs x' lg 2 - 112: -, IEHEII'-Le ' it one ' t t " -- :z ff-,ggi .. L Ten drunks acting sober. I Une Barre Francais. C C N Y-I 899 .... Founded .... Tech-1920 The Delta Sigs, approaching their 25th year on the campus, began a fine year with an unusually large pledge class .... In the fall the spotlight fell on the Carnation Ball .... This was greatly overshadowed in the winter by the long-awaited open- ing of the new estate on Fourth Streetl . . . A hearty pat on the back for the newly-organized Alumni Chapter .... Steered by President Rudy Klaas, they moved into the spring quarter and made a real 'ball' of the Shipwrick Ball, where they pinned their new sweetheart .... Carrying the Green and White Banner about the campus this year were seen Al Twiss. Rudy Rubish and Regis Walker in the Bulldog Clubg jack Lucky and 'chief helrnsman' Klaas in I.F.C.g and Mike Charles was a mainstay tankman on the varsity swimming team .... Various things other than the new house such as the pledge-active foot- ball game and the resulting stag party made it a "real gonenl year for Alpha Gamma Chapter. RUDY KLAAS . HENSLEY Nix GEORGE LEACH AL TWISS . . RUDY KLAAS OFFICERS , . . Pferiafent . Vice Pffetidenz Secretary . . Treumrer DELTH Onward Chrislian soldiers . . . I" SHERMER ALFORD FRED BUTTON FRED CARLSEN FRANK COLEMAN DAVID CROW DONALD DUGGER SAM ELKINS RICHARD ENGEL GEORGE FORSYTHE KERMIT GAY LARRY HALLER HERBERT HAMBY NICK HERRINGTON GORDON HILES JACK HINTON ROBERT HOFFMAN RICHARD JOHNS KEITH JOHNSON CHARLES JONES JERRY JONES SEABORN JONES PETE KALCOS JAMES KELLY RUDY KLAAS HARVEY KORSRUD SlGIllll PHI GEORGE LEACH WILLIAM LEE ROBERT LLNDEGARD JACK LUCKY MIKE IVIACEVITT RONALD IVIAZEAU PAUL MITCHELL PAUL MOORE CRAWFORD MURPHY HENSLEY NIX WALTER NIX BEN O'NEAL ARNOLD PHILLIPS RUDY RUBESCI-I JAMES Russ TOM SAYERS BILL SCOTT BILL SLOAN DONALD SMITH ARNOLD SMITH DOUG STAPP WALTER STINNETT AL Twlss ROBERT VANCE REGIS WALKER fx I .lggxba Kelly Klaas Korsrud Lee Lucky MacEvlff Mazeau Milchell -- urphy Nix H. Nix, W. O'NeaI Phillips Rubesch Russ Sayers coll Sloan Smilh, D. Smilh, A. Slinnelf Twiss Vance Walker 255 .QUE E 0 Db A K, ..R.. 53155 WEE B xi E C is E as H , , . E E A W: 2 E BILL BRITTON Bellamy-7859 . Founded . Tech-1921 Returning last fall to find construction in Iillllllllll OFFICERS BILL BRITTON ....... Prefiflem JIM R. KENNEDY , . Vice Preridenz PHIL HART . . . . . . Secretary GORDON OLIVER . . T realm-er PSI full swing on their new addition, the Delts immediately got into the swing of things headed by chief engineer Bill Britton .... Showing that scholarship has its place among the better things in life, they boasted of copping second spot in last year's I.F.C. scholarship derby .... The social whirl was highlighted by numerous house dances, two house parties and the winter Rainbow Ball, the crowning event of the calendar. This year's affairs were marked by a winter quar- ter house-warming .... Milt Sweigert head- ed the Glee Club, Jim Kennedy presided over the Y Cabinet, Gordon Oliver, chapter coin counter, edited the Teclmiqzze, Warren jaunsen guided Phi Eta Sigma, Pat Bolger was news editor for the Technique and had a seat in Student Council and joe Pinnell was Sophomore Class President .... On the varsity swimming team were found Jack Leverette and Bob Ballard, who, incidentally, was one of the top divers in the Southeastern Conference .... Mother Wilson again was rated tops in the hearts of all. -il 1 , l l 4 r l 1 l it ll il Firsl piano sexfel. Abercrombie Allen Ballard Barnes Barre Bafes Bearden Bennett, B. Bennett, S. Benzing Bolger Bowen Braselfon Braun Cagle Carr Clarke, R. Clark, W 256 mm swim 'E DEL THU IJ TH Shadgeii' s masierplece. 44' N fl Z2 "' f"' ,d?EgiEEEg?2 5? f E5 gn- 1 ll ll ! ' ll En "--'g.:25E1'Ef,, 'ia ?' 3' -0-' Xl 5 Z Z5 2 ' 5 fl W F-5522,- sE!s: Q UNE i?"g::-gui 1 " . f jg, -7.,.L. LA 3 7 , , ii L- - ig. X, .fl-. .5 14 - -gi" 1 ,Xl K N AIIZST ,Vi q,f Sxxmi , . W 5 na A' f"': j fi 3 H Q' sms B B 2 nw A 'a 'l ! raw HGTV Q A A w nw , V f'Qif Q 1 I: Ewa a Q a n - H Helms ' W Y W I Bi 8 ' B L E A mm R -Q N Ja - W wi .5 ,4 I 'V - .,v ' 'H ,Xl Y Nw ,il W, E in E E I' 1, my , 5 wi ws ms N B w K E W W H K 4 , H w M P io E W B my H E an Hx Hmmm H sms E E E E H SEQ H swam Em Em E E W E msgs is an XX B Bm run X I X my wx Q , . '1 s . f Q9 V' E E H 1 E E i an an zum mn mm is X 4 J I I fn li? 35 G H III . I4 . I' 3 L 5 .3 il: L.: STAN ABERCROMBIE RAYMOND ALLEN BOB BALLARD BILL BARNES SHELBY BARRE BOB BATES DON BEARDEN BRAD BENNETT SID BENNETT NELSON BENZING PAT BOLGER DAVE BOWEN BILL BRASELTON JOHN BRAUN BILL BRITTON EARL CADWELL ROY CAGLE DAN CARR BOBBY CLARKE BILL CLARK JACK DALTON BILL DAVIDSON FRED DOUGHERTY RICK DOWNEY FRANCIS DUBOSE BILL DYE LEE EDWARDS DON ENDOM JIMMY EVANS EDMOND FORD FREDDY FRUEAUFF BOBBY GROOVER CHARLIE HANNA SAM HARRELL PHIL HART CHARLIE HASSLER JIM HAYS JOE HEARD R. A. HOLLIDAY HAL HOMER JOHN HOWEY WARREN JAUNSEN BOB JOHNSTON MEMBERS JAMES A. KENNEDY JAMES R. KENNEDY JOHN KENT BILL KILLIAN RALPH KNOX JACK LEVERETTE BOB MARBUT JACK MURCHISON BILL NEWTON BOB OGLETREE GORDON OLIVER JAMES OLIVER JOE PINNELL ROY PORTWOOD FRANK PROSSER JACK QUIGLEY TRUMAN RASPBERRY HAL REEVES BOB RILEY PHIL ROBERTS GLOVER ROBINSON AL SCHULER DICK SCHWAEMLE PETE SI-IADGETT ROGER SHOEMAKER IRA SMITH BOB SMITH PETE SMITH ED SPICER DAN SPRINGER CLINT STRANGE MILTON SWEIGERT NEIL TAYLOR MARTIN TORRANCE DON TRONCALLI RANDY TURNER FRANK VEALE BILL WAGNER BAYLEY WALKER SONNY WATSON TAL WILLIAMS JESSE YOW IIIH PSI llf I ls everybody happy? Are you kidding? French pariy ai 227 Rue de l'Amour Harrell Har? Hassler Hays Holllday Homer Howey Jaunsen Johnston Kennedy, J. A. Kennedy J R Kent Killian Levereffe Marbuf Newfon Olwer G Olnvsr J 258 DELTH THU IJELTH Philadelphia Philharmonic and high class audience. l 4 i l ! Siopcafle, Kenluclcy Special. i i W 3 l I l l l l 1 1 1 l l leg Qs my 4 , ' ATA lx i A i i . i i li? ' I! l A ll l- I l r I. l l 1 l I l L l 2 1 l Finnell Porfwood Prosser Raspberry Reeves Riley Roberfs Robinson Schuler Shadgerf Shoemaker Smith, l. Smifh, R. Smifh, P. Springer Sweigerl Taylor Torrance Troncalli Wagner Walker Wafson Williams Yow 259 x r 1 i R l OFFICERS HLPH LYNwooD JOHNSON ..... Prexiderzt ' J . . S t 2 RUDY MATZNEIQ . . . Vzce Prermfent 55 5 JERRY HILTON . . . . . Secretary i '-YNWOOD JOHNSON CHUCK AVERETT . . Treamrer W:z.rb1ngt0vz 6 Lee U.-.7865 . Founded . Tech-1899 Alpha Sigma Chapter of the great Southern order, headed by Lynwood Johnson, wrote a fine chapter into its annals .... Notables such as football captain and All-America center, Larry Morris and Student Council President Gene Dunwody headed a list of KA campus wheels .... johnson, Morris and Dunwody all were named to Who's Who .... Bill Cohen held down a regular spot on the Jacket hardcourt five and Bill Brigman, Bucky Shamburger and Jimmy Carlen all saw action on the gridiron ..., Starting off the year with a fine thirty-one man pledge class, the KA's moved into the winter and the annual Rose Formal where the new Kappa Alpha Rose was named .... In the spring, the KA Old South Ball was one of the feature attractions on the campus ..,. With work on an addition to the present house due to start some time this summer, the Southern tradition boys are looking forward to even bigger and better things for the future. Pinning 'the Sweetheart Al xa d Allenbern Arnall Arnau Arringlon Ayeren Bagvlell Basrefrl er Barron Bass Beck Bell Bae B0r0m Borzynski Bowyer Brigman Brown Bryani BUVYS Caflen Carley Carter, A. Carter, R. Cafes Cohen Crandall Crawford 260 Wonder whaf he said? Curry Frazier Glazier Hiene IW 'E W Wf 1 WWW "limi We -WW ,. g',igY A EXX - - in ' , ' . W s WWW: ,W"' W , , W. W my W. . ,MW- QTW' 'W ?'.i.1' ' XX X W I .X .W,.W , ,W W XX, X W 1:4 X WWW .XX 2 W W E X , XX1 wg JW WWXX: q W ' W W W WW A W W WWW ,W W V V IW ,if W feli HQ W ,WW,' WW WW uf ' W 'W Y' W W WW X Wi W W X A 9 W W 5 SW We W WW ,e:W WW-W X W WW Q . X45 IXXWW is H N' '51 wa? '1 W 4? we 'Y ' W 4' 'WS e J W Q7 iii i W X ff I W W W W W W ' W I W E X1,4l W Ill! I! 4 H X 7 W X WWXW W Y Wav W 'L' Wi, WWIWWW .FIX- -Wu W .X WW2 K W? WW WWW1 Wm, W , TW-T I . W, IW. Wg-- W W W XIW 5 XS., WWQ I 1 We Q :WX 3 WWWQWW- W JD, 1 WW- " W W 'WW WWE -we Wmffq 'Y W. WWW Wf' 'Q , XSEWWXW W l ,W lf. ff Qi 5 WW mg W., , W WWWW3- , W , www W WY. m WW 'ZX ..W W. V WW WWiWW,XAl 'W mx Wx 51 mu W mmm WWWW a M-WWW'W' W l ., .: r W , WW f 'W W. W, W :..XX 1 'Ll WW..W.WW WF 1' , WX, W W . -X .X X fr' W W , XWW 'JW ' W af' WW! 4 i' W' WW: W . Y W WX: A WWWW M W Wa- W W W WW 1' 'W ' 'z " W A WWXXX - XX X. , I' ' ' , il L' Wi ,L , . " :W-', QL ' 1 ' WI ' - WW W W WWQEQXX W WW 'li l X, , XW W IW W 'W " ' W, ,wc ' W W W- WW 2 WWW 1:1 L -,-WWX!W1,!W .W W :fr ag Er. WW ,WL -Ang W , XrW,W ul" "W .W W -W W , X' , 1. WW WX: 'W W W 'W . WW WW W ' -WWW ff .W Xi! pw:--'Wi' sa 'QXWFPI VW 'WWWWW"- 7 W-.WLW,,1'Yl." X W WW K ' :H"' W, Jiri . Www X X ,XXWI'WWf X WW . -WW W ali W , : W WW 7: : 3 .X X W W EW X XX WW W. ff WW! W Hugh X ' X WX W ,WW W - I 1 WW M EL . ' TW X S 1 V' W 'W ,ll I W W W 5 1,11 . ' - z X -W ' EEWW- . - . 1 ' XX XXX . LON ALEXANDER DOUG ALTENBERN HAM ARNALL JIM ARNAU NELSON ARRINGTON FRATUS AULTMAN CHUCK AVERETT JIM BAGWELL ALLISON BAILEY SID BARRETT BOBBY BARTON BOB BASS SAM BAXTER JERRY BECK FRANCIS BELL BILLY BIE MARCUS BORUM GEORGE BORZYNSKI FRED BOWYER BILL BRIGMAN TAYLOR BROWN CHARLES BRYANT RANNY BURTS JOE BURNS JIM CARLEN PHIL CARLEY ALLEN CARTER RIVES CARTER STALEY CATES BILL COHEN ROBERT COLE CHARLES COOK FENIMORE COOPER BUDDY CRANDALL JIM CRAWFORD ED CRUDUP WILLIAM CULPEPPER CHARLES CURRY DENNIS DANIEL LARRY DANTZLER GENE DUNWODY RICHARD FARMER LES FRAZIER RAYMOND GARNER HARRY GARWOOD WEYMAN GLAZIER DENNY HAASE BILL HAGEN CAROLL HART DICK HEARIN REG HIENE HERB HILL JERRY HILTON FRANK HINDS FRANK HOLLBERG PHIL HOWE WALTER HUBBARD CLINT HUNTER RONALD HYDE BOE JOHNSON LYNWOOD JOHNSON JIM KEYTON GENE KIRKPATRICK BOBBY KING HLPHH SIEIIIH uf MEMBERS JOHN KLINKE JIM LILLY RUDY MATZNER BERT MCCOWEN DAVE MCGARR MIKE MCGINNIS STEWART MCKENZIE ALTON MCKINLEY BOB MELSON HOWARD MELTON EDDY MILES DON MILLER HIRAM MILLER JOHN MORRIS LARRY MORRIS LEE NEEL BILL NIPPER RICHARD NORWOOD JACK OWEN BILL PAINE BILL PATTERSON BILL PATTON GEORGE POOLE JIM POWERS RONNIE PREACHER AL QUIGLEY DEAN RAINEY BILL RAMSEY PHIL REECE LOUIE ROBINSON LARRY RUFFIN MAC SCHUESSLER CHARLES SCHWANER BUCKY SHAMBURGER TOMMY SHAPARD HERB SHERROW JERRY SLADE HENRY SNEAD DAVID STIRES CARL STOKES JOHN STONE DEE SULLINS DON TALBOT ROBERT THOMAS PETE THOMAS SIDNEY TIDWELL JAMES T INNEY SKIP TURNER GERALD TURNER SONNY T UTT JULIAN WADE WILLIAM WALLACE MARSHALL WALKER EUGENE WALLS HOUSTON WELCH TERRELL WESLEY THOMAS WHITEHEAD BERT WILKINS SAM WINBORN DICK WOODWARD ROBERT WOOLE JACK WORRELL HARVEY WRIGHT 0 .I Beau and his Belle HHPPH FILPHA True Soulhern Genllemen. ". . . Way down upon lhe Swanee . . ." Mellon Miller Norwood Palferson Fallon Powers Quigley Reece Robinson Ruffin Schussler Shamburger Sherrow Slade Snead Slokes Slone Sulllns Talbot Thomas, l . Tidwell Tinney Turner, C. Turner, G. Tuff Wallace Walker Walls Wesley Winborn Worrell Wright 263 qnf 'Q ,gl vifl fp Gy 4, ,j'l if 5 lf' :Q i 'ik ,Q fl: e 4:9 E fx nm Q J BILL CHEEK l OFFICERS BILL CHEEK Cf President BOB DENMARK Vice Prerident RONALD TUCKER Secretary BOB BEACH Trearnrrer Virginia U.-1869 . . . Founded .... Tech-1895 Getting OH to a fine lead in the campus activities parade, the Kappa Sigs walked off with quite a few I.F.C. points last fall. . . . Taking their football and volleyball leagues and first place in Homecoming decorations with a "smelly" contraption as well as second place in the Reck Parade, the 6th and Fowler boys did OK in "wheeldom" also .... Chapter prexy Bill Cheek was ODK vice president and Business Manager of the Engineerg' Ray Baker and English Thornwell were active in Student Councilg Bob Beach was Managing Editor of the Engineer and Tom Ellerbee presided over the Bulldog Club. . . . Larry Dallam, Ellerbee and Cheek all made Who's Who. . . . Rounding out the aggregation was Russ McDonough who was sports editor of the Technique .... The social calendar was a story in itselfg with parties such as the hay affair filling in the space between the fall Founders' Day Banquet and the winter Black and White formal, the Kappa Sigs had a never- a-dull-moment year. HLPH THU uf IX' "After the ball was over. . .l JQ-BQ. llllPPIl Sllilllll X Slinky-buf ll1e winner! l iffley Ellerbee Fowler, L. Fowler, R. ranfz Graves Gregory Harrell arris Hearn Huherl' Hurf w mn sk 1 1 f x ff f X . 4 if 1 A Our fulure chapler-'llle pledges. f 7 X fxw I '- v i . again 4. - 211,--1 E -- -l : shall QZi:j1?,2'1 : YV S QQ :- 265 . ,ng-1. .q ,mm ali? fp. 1 "vita owzslg X, , V . wir wf-frm V X i l l I Xl .l f f Q' ' M X. SSA l l l l 1 1 X I - , . as 5 03 l.. . 1. '5 1 Q I l . A 1 X . X' 9 ..- I A x A .l Yo-'.'I.'.'Eo! X M F, f 1 XX ffl . XX X . . . X K, , Xl X X l V l - l X. wx :X ,X 2 full X . l B mamma fig' l ,fl :Xl . XX , . X uw , 'X ll-. , X w "M Jl pw M X J ,V sis ll l 21,1251 ll XM -HX , ,Hu Xu N, ,X -X X, ZX W X: . L1 5 mms 'X L 1 Luz.. mam: , -wwli EVQQ r xY,ass,lX. A, 'Q :Hr l ml ,l : fm xg , -fl , RX lv Q - Q. X ll-l 5 I ff it -X, , r ' " f-lv 'I HA W Ms X l f egg MQQJ M as zsngxasss Mm 'll mmisss XZ - Q , W X R ' X -l l ' A--M l l l 'ff f' il X H V E EEN 1 lll sis W H is , 'll E , . ' l 1 l l X B E , E , M ll . H ' WH l ffm.,-l ll Vs 1 gl n V W X unix K ' ll sigma: was ul N l l f B 1 1 X f X, J X ,W l l M 'll 2: PSHXW' B 'l '41 ,X X N1 ll X, il l E .1 E l Mm X ,X ln X, l mf 3. ., X firm " ZAEJBEILI ALLAN ANDREWS LAMAR BAILES RAYMOND BAKER BOB BAKER BILLY BANKSTON BOBBY BARRENTINE BOB BEACH RICHARD BEARD TOM BEAUDROT ARTHUR BERRY JAMES BOSWELL BUZZIE BUCKELEW GERALD CARSON JIM CHALKER JOHN CHANDLER BILL CHEEK DON COBB BOB COLLINS PETE COTTRAUX RAY CULP LARRY DALLAM DAVID DANIEL T. G. DANIEL WALT DAVES JIM DAVIS BOB DENMARK JIM DIFFLEY FRANK EDRINGTON TOM ELLERBEE DOYLE FIEE WALT FLEMING LYNN FOWLER RICHARD FOWLER JOHN FRANTZ DOUG GRAVES JAMES GREGORY SAM HARRELL LARRY HARRIS DREW HEARN DICK HOLCOMB ART HUBERT BILL HURT JACK JACKINS MARTIN KELLER CARLTON KENNEY BUS LACKEY DICK LORD LARRY LYMBURNER WILFORD LYON FRITZ MANUEL MEMBERS LOWRY MARKS JACK MCCLENDON Russ MCDONOUGH PAT MCGARITY GREG MCINTOSH JACK MILLER MARK MILLER GARNER MOORE BILL MORRISON GEORGE MUENNING CYRIL MUSSER LEWIS NATHANSON ALFRED NICKELS EDWARD OXFORD JOHN PARKER CHARLES PECKINPAUGH ROY PICKREN JOHN PIERCE JOHN RATHBUN JAMES RICHARDSON ROBERT ROBINSON JOHN RODGERS CHARLES ROGERS DAVID SANDERS JAMES SATTERFIELD JOHN SCHNABEL ROBERT SCHROEDER WILLIAM SCOTT GLEN SMITH BOBBY SNIDER DONALD STALLINGS JAMES STEWART DOUGLAS STOWERS FRANCIS TANNER JOHN TEMPLES ENGLISH THORNWELL THOMAS TRANSOU RONALD T UCKER LLOYD TUGGLE EUGENE TURNER PETER VAN NOTE DREW VICKERS LEWIS WATTS WILLIAM WILLIAMS CLAUDE WILSON STEWART WINN JAMES WISE I'IARRY WOOSLEY CHARLES WRIGHT THU of .I 'wil -, ,Q 'SJW Y, IH, I 3,1 gf ms!! They were doing fhe Mambo? RSE Jackins Keller Kenney Lackey Lord 1 Lymburner Lyon McClendon McDonough McGanfy Miller, J. Miller, M. Moore Morrison Nafhanson 266 HHPPH Slliliiil . fs. ' ' ew E i--ggi gg' Ml Ng ' ' 1 Well. we fried, anyway! 1 5 r ii Sweefhearf of Sigma Chi and 'Friend visif us. Oxford Peckinpaugh Pickren Pierce Raihbun Richardson Rodgers, J. Schroeder Smith Snider Sfewarf Tanner Temples Thornwell Tucker Vickers Wilson Winn Wise Woosiey Wrigihf 267 -ss 1 i i 1 V ig' i ge 53 . Z, iii -' L. If 'i -N i . 1 i 1 i i v i i r i Min Q S ., . . .. Lew lr Wi li il . 'i i if .3 1. w i iii , i A in .. . I 3 9-rv VX, fx s'.Qqlx 4 ' L ' Q mX,,o, , in . 5' gif' 0 Q-4-.,.-Q. x I Nfl ,. U ,f ,Q f 41 is .wr Garage.. v uzfsssiss Q 4 1 we E51 sa .ss e mage : SK an Q X ibiza-'U f.-- we OFFICERS BOB LIVINGSTON President JACK TOLAND Vice President JOHN GREASEL Secretary sos uvlNesroN BOB BICKLE Trearzner Boylan U.-1909 . . . Founded .... Tech-1942 The Crescent boys, beaming over their remodeling job and new outdoor patio, barbeque pit and bar, really stepped out and took in one of the largest pledge classes yet .... Led by Bob Livingston, the Techwood Ave. crew boasted of quite a few campus notables .... Ed Smith, Phi Eta Sigma, took the minutes for the Briaerean Society ..., Dick Clayton was features editor for the Technique .... Bob James was tapped by Tau Beta Pi and Scabbard and Blade .... Bulldog Clubbers included Charlie Pinson, Bob Livingston and Jim McGee .... In the winter the annual Crescent Formal and crowning of the Crescent Girl was the feature attraction. The boys of purple green and gold also copped their basketball league crown. In addition, twenty-six new Lambda Chis were initiated during the winter quarter .... The spring spotlight fell on the Founders Day party .... The executive board included Living- ston, with Jack Toland as veep, John Greasel taking the min- utes ancl Bob Bickel keeping the vault keys. BETA HHPP Hof Cresceni' Girl and Courl' Armsirong Aydleif Balcerak Beavers Bickel Boing J T Boling J A B b C Cl f CI'ff Cobb Compton Cordlng 'K' l I us y arney ay on 1 on I ix Crawford Crutchfield Cufrighi DeJarneH'e Drnggers Dudney Duffey I 268 LHIHBDH EHI HLPHI-I ' if gif: Cheesecake-fraferniiy sfylel Oh, whai' a nigh? H was! fchall Forsythe Fowler Gartner easel Greer Grier Grimsley nnah HIQQIHS Hobart Hubard BOB ARMSTRONG CHARLES AYDLETT CHEZ BALCERAK KEN BEAVERS BOB BICKEL JACK BOLING JOE BOLING PETE BONDS RON BOWEN JACK BOYKIN JOHN BUSBY BILL CARNEY DICK CLAYTON RAY CLIFTON GLENN COBB BOB COMPTON BOB CORDING BILL CRAWFORD JIM CRUTCHFIELD GENE CUTRIGHT FRED DEJARNETTE TOM DRICIGERS STAN DUDNEY MACK DUEEEY JACK DUSKIN 269 MEMBERS GENE ELLIS RAY ELLIS JERRY FLETCHALL DICK FORSYTHE CHARLES FOWLER BILL GARTNER BILL GEAR GEORGE GILBERT FRED GLANTZBERG JOHN GREASEL TOM GREER BILL GRIER RUSSELL GRIMSLEY TOM HACKETT BILL HANNAH RAY HARDING KURT HEINRICH FRED HIGGINS JACK HOBART JOI-IN HUBARD CHARLES HUETHER CLINT HUNDLEY ART HUTTON JAMES IVEY BOB JAMES IEILI I I II L1 All L IA..-,IQ ODQI- . , . I'B,v :,I I ' I I -I' L II' I II' In " , , I I fl I II' I ,IP III .I I - . 9 I XI' II - I, I II XII XII XXXXIIIXIXRIBI I X II II-I 5 h GY nu- 4' Il X II I l RX II -I S I KNIIII i I 4 X we II if 4 XI Z , ,I L A III ,I XXII I I I , 3 i 9 AI I I N' . 4 Il , A , II S232 B 3 I I I A In H " I' X If IX X I XI III III J Inn J 'YI I Q I I SI II' I I N XS aegis IIIXIII I I I I X I 'X I , XII I I I -I I I I I AIVII I A IX I I I 1 '1 fpzsnzs um I ' I N was II XfmIIf I L I I I I I I I I II I II II IfT'f'I" IIII I IX 1 If V ng I X X S X X I I .XXI 'I I' II I I xx I I ' fi! 'II-I II ' "II 4' I it ,III . ,III EXX I I 1 II .II I II II X IXII Ii: If 4 'III X ' IL' W' ' III II .a'lsIIIII' " I' 'sg I- - X .II ' II" 'I I .7 I I FI II W I I " ITN . II fl 'I II I si: XII I f, I' tr- X I 'g I i . I .I , 'X PX II : i X I, -F TI .J I V 'I V. I XJ I -XIIff'III Y A I AI -E 41 11 'J K X2 if II':'I'III.I' B . XXL: I I , X , Y I I I II L If fir' 'II If I IV ww 5 I :II If REB: If I-I W Qian 'JIR- - II , II -II I.: I II -' I I I II I 'I 'I AIA-'I, I , III IIIIII' 1- f.'II I',.a?I' II 5' A 'aaII.L4,g..c4:IIiim'ISmlII.:.Iit:I ' - X I J. u '- - , I Y 1 I, .. J I Q!! II I I. 3 il I WOFFORD JOHNSON HUBERT JONES NORBERT JONES BOB KEITH DAN KENNEDY BOB KEYSER WAYNE KEYS JOHN LANE JACK LASATER JOHN LEWIS BOB LIVINGSTON DAN LUCCI GENE MCCALLA JIM MCCLESKY JIM MCGEE JOHN MCGUIGAN DICK MCSHEEHY BOB MILLER DON MILLER WENDELL MILLER RAY MORRISON DICK PARKER STUART PEACE RICK PETERSON CHARLIE PINSON FREDDY PREDDY DON PUTMAN DON ROBERTS BETA HHP "ln fhe good old summeriime. . . !" MEMBERS JIM ROBERTS JIM ROLLINS HANK ROSE BOYKIN ROSEBOROUGH CARY RUTLAND JIM RUTLEDGE RAY SAVAGE MARLIN SHIVER BOB SIMERLY BERNARD SMITH DON SMITH ED SMITH MIKE SMITH WILLIAM SMITH TONY SOUZA JIM STEPHENS CAROL TILLMAN JACK TOLAND BILL TUCKER JIM URQUHART BILL WARNER BOB WASHBURN BOB WATKINS BUDDY WEBB BILL WILLIAMS MONTE WILLIS HUGH WILSON BOB YOUNG PH of The figure divine. Hundley Huffon Kennedy KEYSBF McCaIIa McCIeske 270 Ivey Keyes y McGee James Johnson Keifh Lasafer Lewis Lucci McSheehy Miller, R. Miller, D LHIHBDH CHI HLPHH Y-Y , 1 ft:- 3-- f " ' 'Na 4nnxgmmylifg:E.:.l..gI ' , 'H 1 iy 5555s....55 5.15221 5g5.55::::.:5::-, 41. . Il 5::s:z.z.1Q1zfss?EEEf2"""'lv Eg--mai? " -f v - -T fs? ,f A v4 Q' .L H Q - 4- 5 sig?-55:-:gs 5M '- ,-,.p, T14- t The shy, shy iype. Dig fhose cool Kefsl r, W. Morrison Parker Peace Peierson Pinson Preddy Pufman rfs Roseborough Rufland Rufledge Savage Shiver Simeriy Smifh hens Toland Tucker Warner Wafkins Webb Williams Young N .m.5.:W-,,,f:s-5,,,..,:w.-f 'g3ij3'4:':ifQfh?-, -5 f1'wm-Swiss 1 -:jf fl 1 1 L . I , . M 1 1 1 1 i I, 11- if, I 1 1 2 5 My 1. '1 1 11 11 1 1.l1w,! 3 1 1 I . 1 4. 1 Hma- QA1 megga X 11 v avian mm e 1 1 . gr' 5. N. 1 . - '7 .1 1 :QQ 1- es 1 -1 . gs . 1, 1 "r 1 x g x 3 . M. 2 m is .. . ., V AT: . 1 .1 1. ,.,11...s. fflB2:.1.:23... ..Lj.ig...,.1 ' FRED SINGER OFFICERS FRED SINGER President GEORGE HUMPHRIES Vice Preridem NAT CLARK Secrezrzry MARVIN MASON Trearmer EEIJIIGIII DELTII of Mia12ziU.-1848 . . . Founded .... Tech-1902 The Miami crew, headed by Fred Singer, returned to find the house completely redecorated .... In activities, honoraries and athletics the Phi Delts shone brightly .... Ray Willoch, Virgil Tedder and Bill Mitchell were tapped by ANAK .... Willocli was wing commander of the Air Force R.O.T.C., Tedder presided over the Ramblin' Reck Club and Bill Mitchell was business manager of the Yellow jacket .... They sewed up their league in football and were barely edged in the intra- mural finals .... At Homecoming they copped third place in the Reck Parade and in Displays .... In varsity athletics the Phi Delts boasted of YWilloch, Humphries, Rotenbury, Thomp- son and Wade Mitchell in footballg Kelly in basketball and Baumgardner, Brown and Williams in swimming .... The social calendar was studded by such affairs as the Bowery Ball, the Spring Formal and three house parties .... All this and more made it a never-to-be-forgotten year for Georgia Delta Chapter. Our Third-place Homecoming display Anderson Banksron Barber Baumgardner Baynam Beckham B H E rm Clark Cooper, A. Cooper, J. Copeland Cronk Cuffer DGIBDY 'S I I I I , All 'I 5 MI Blair Bowman Boyce Brooks Brown Bryan? Campbell CI"5mbIeS5 .i I I I I 272 5 1 n n Hg- Y--.. H QTJQEUE--I SS I .." - A I I , S 222 TSS , ZZ S ,A ' . I I4 ,f l ggiwaw f E H V 5 f-hx '3 W I' I 1 A I L' I I ff ff A I .EEE :::-- , ETH .emprls l 535: in wig: L-: . 1:-ll 'illqii Ill? IRL Q42 -.ll- U up if 5, L -- XX :I I IPS I S M S S MEMBERS yi 3 B JOHN ADAMSON JOHN MARBUT BILL ALL WILLIAM MARTIN JOHN ANDERSON MARVIN MASON 3 2 1 l RAY ANDERSON RONALD MASON Sw, i1 MIKE BALLIET RICHARD MATTISON E I, WALKER BANKSTON MICHAEL MCADAMS A DYKES BARBER JAMES MCCOOK I CLARENCE BAUKNIGHT CI-IARLES MCDANIEL E SONNY BAUMGARDNER BRYANT MCDANIEL S RONALD BAYNAM WILLIAM MCDANIEL ED BEARD GEORGE MCGEE WILLIAM BECKHAM WILLIAM METCALFE KNOX BELL DAVID MIEHER I S235 H Aw. comm fake more nm, a ,gpg WILLIAM BENSON WADE MITCHELL Ei? BOB BLAIR WILLIAM MITCHELL ROBERT BOGLE RICHARD MIXON A ROBERT BOWMAN DAVID MOORE SS HARRY BOYCE JAMES MOORE WEEKS , PETE BRANDT WILLIAM MORGAN ' BURT BROOKS JEAN MORI I JOHN BROWN JOHN MORRISON E CHARLES BRYANT RICHARD MYIKICK W WALKER CAMPBELL JERRY NAEORS RICHARD CARNEY JOHN NEWNIAN HENRY CHAMBLESS PAUL OZMER S NATHANIEL CLARK JACK PATERSON E ALAN COOPER DAVID PATTERSON JESSE A JOSEPH COOPER PAT PATTERSON H MORRIS COPELAND CHARLES POWELL JOSEPH CRONK REES PHENIX H ,. R DANIEL CURTIS LEWIS PRICE I "' If 1 HOWARD CUTTER OTIS RACKLEY A g .V B l RICHARD DAVIS STEPHEN RADCLIEE " JOE DELANY JOSEPH RAINE E I, - TONY DREXEL SMITTY RANDALL W ' J LESTER EATON PAUL ROTENBERRY 'MM I ' EDWARD EDGE AL SEWELL HERBERT ELLIS GEORGE SHERLOCK ' A A HENRY EVERITT JAKE SHOEMAKER M WILLIAM FREEMAN KING SIMS 5 STEPHEN FULLER FRED SINGER A DANIEL GILMAN DONALD SMITH RICHARD GIRDLER JOHN SMITH CHARLES GOODWIN PETE SOLOMON S THOMAS HALL CHARLES STAMM nigga COLVILLE HARRELL GORDON STEPHENSON THOMAS HARRIS JAMES STEPHENSON JOSEPH HART GUERRY STRIBLING E DAVID HERBERT WILLIAM SWILLEY HM WILLIAM HOLLAND VIRGIL TEDDER Us ROBERT HUEPAKER JIM THOMPSON GEORGE HUMPHREYS ROBERT TORRAS E JAMES JOINER DEAN TROXELL gggg JAMES JOHNSON PAUL VICKERS mga 2 GARY KEEBLE LAMAR WALDRIP LAKE KELLY ROBERT WAUGH ALAN KEY BUE WHITE .S DANIEL KRAUSS BRITT WILLIAMS MQ?- JOHN LAW LEROY WILLIAMS WEEE HARRY LOMASON RAY WILLOCH A CHARLES LOVEIN HARRY WOLF erilf Freeman Girdler Goodwin X all Harrell Har? Herberl 2 E A clland Joiner Keeble Kelly 273 E E GEURGIH DELTH of Don? be half-safe! Jusf what I've been waniing for a long Hmel Key Krauss Law Lovein Mason Maifison McCook McDaniel Mefcalfe Mieher Mifchell, W. T. Mitchell, W Mixon Moore, D. Moore, J. Morgan Mori Mormon 274 PHI IJELTH THETH an nm nm lm nm Comon, lel me lislen lo +l1e spiriis! Musl have been a good one! Myrick Newman Paterson, J. Pallerson, D. Pafferson, P. Phenix Powell Price Rackley Raine Randall Sherlock 'Sims Smifh, D. Smifh, J. Slephenson Tedder Torras Troxell Vickers Waugh Williams, B. Williams, L. Willoch 275 .-MM Mg: m E l H 3--Em w Highs may S , ,:.: E l ma Q- l EK" .. , lull!! ' an gif u n :mv Higy 1 H v E' E S! ' - igigfns -f-i f N :- 1 1-vfnkhnjv ,yr 5 ,, .1 W., , 0 M l , , Y, Emma ' Qggg wm 4555? 1 :AN 'HEQEH Mau - 'L 'lvl M - mm Qq-xg, s N, I I M ,, . 4 M H gpg am sssm is E E 1 .ag J E E E w H xx: I H Hn H B E Hg: Y , -W: swan ' an ll anna Us in I l I E E l H H HM W. ,Wm H 3 53:35 B H 5 V H ae, , 1 . v www if K E " H mu E HH H E M wx l an ll M5--H ms.. E 'w l H ,E ma ., X--,EEDQM lain .W l H New ,W mlm aammmn :Q H Q E an SSS B H E M E H H, . ww mm , M iw l l E HHH BEE B l wg l ,4 'lmnllixs 1, E E E www.. lm 1 'BEHEBE WISH HHH l , M 5 H E M wa la: E H Ea HBH HEI!! an HHH E M M M, .xisxf sway V -a --H 5--M HW x H . afal . M E H HE I fin 32 V ma PAU L LEFKOFF OFFICERS PAUL LEFKOFF Prerident LEON SHERMAN Vice P4'eJ'ident HAL MARCUS S ecretmfy STANLEY GUMBLE Treasurer lll Ill CCNY-1904 . Founded . Tech-1916 The 1954-55 edition of Phi Epsilon Pi hit the stands with a Hurry of activities, hon- oraries, and social events .... Edited this year by Paul Lefkoff, the purple and gold volume is filled with pictures of such wheels as Stan Gumble, chapter coin-counter and chairman of I.F.C. Weekendg Leon Sherman, President of Alpha Phi Omega and Bulldog Clubber and Phil Kaplan, mainstay on the Engineer staff .... Lefl-:off also was vice president of Delta Kappa Phi .... The big attraction of the year was the fall quarter Dream Girl Formal. Miss Barbara Sugarman was crowned as Phi Ep Dream Girl and Shirley Cavalier and Carol Shapiro served in her court .... Saint Nick visited the 6th Street mansion for a Christmas party for thirty of At1anta's most deserving orphans. . . . The winter Valentine party was also a feature attraction of the social calendar .... Hats are off to Phi Epsilon Pi on their golden anniversary as a national fraternity. A.S.C. Lonely Hearts' Club? l'd like lhree for lomorrow. . . !" - Fl' k G ldwasser GudelskY goheilu 53223 Eilglgrin KSPPQV K'?'C"l'1 Leeds Lellnr 5 . Levy Marcug Morrell Nicholson Pfaqef 276 ,,w,.W-T W Y,Wnwm PHI EPSILUII f-. PI "Calling all cars! Calling all cars! . . ." Propp Sherman Warshaw Robinson Schusfer Smith Snyder Wellins Wexler 4 --,-:::: :g ii.: : L J! Z F' X5 55333 5 Milifary Science and Taciics. AARON COHEN JERRY COSNER GERALD EPSTEIN MARVIN FEINMAN LARRY FLINK JERRY GOLDWASSER ERWIN GUDELSKY STANLEY GUMBLE NELSON HYMAN ROBERT JESSUP PHILIP KAPLAN ALLAN KLEPPER LEONARD KOLCI-IIN DONALD LEEDS PAUL LEFKOFF DARRYL LEITER MYRON LEVY 277 MEMBERS HAL MARCUS MORTON METERSKY HENRY MORRELL HOWARD NICHOLSON BEIRNE PRAGER ROBERT PROPP JACOB ROBINSON MARVIN ROTH IRWIN SCHUSTER LEON SHERMAN KAYTON SMITH STEPHEN SNYDER LAWRENCE STERN STANLEY WARSHAW ROBERT WELLINS PAUL WEXLER LEONARD WOLFE R KR I.w M HR , W H E , L , I-"RRI ,' :un X lj .X f N A U 1 6 E ,UE 2 9 W 9 'P , . .' A I :Q - Q QRREEE QA L EEEER A ESL-RI. MMM 'fins :E .. E. Im' HA ' i 'W .Q A I ,. ww N ! :Eg f . 1 Y' ..,'f11,fE IIZZBR ,,RBe1E, I 4241 Iws:5AM YI I N V I RRRE Evgwf ,Zinn IEEE l , I I ,I I I I I N I I W, 7 f ' Z I ' II I II l l I i W V,M A I I H E H 437 E +4 ' R-2, ZHQLQEI1, 4.125 - .1-li-:wal l 71 1 1 1 1 1 1 L I 1 1 1 I I 1 p l L A1 lx I, l. l . 1 l ! 1 . Gllllllllll F oundcd U7a.rbi'ngt0n E1 j8,661'.f01Z'-1848 . Tech-1926 With Bill Long in the driver's seat, the Fiji crew started off the year in fine fashion with a great pledge class .... Santa Claus paid a visit to the Phi Gam house late in the fall quarter to unload his bag of good things for a group of deserving Atlanta orphans .... In the spring the spotlight fell on the spring formal where the new Fiji Queen was crowned .... Also in the realm of the social whirl was the annual Fiji Island party and pig dinner-a real "ball." . . . Entering their 50th year on the campus the Fiji boys are really buzzing about plans for a new house near the corner of 5th and Fowler Streets .... Seen doing quite a bit of "wheel- ing" about the hill were Bill Winn and Dick Cleghorn in the Bulldog Club and Dave Donald and Bill Long in I.F.C .... Hugh White was business manager for the Technique and made Tau Beta Pig Bob Ramsey presided over Kappa Kappa Psi and Bill Winn was secretary-treasurer of the Sophomore Class and was on the varsity swimming team .... With a great year behind them and the new house plans, the North Ave- nue boys are looking forward to bigger and better things in the future. BILL LONG Homecoming. OFFICERS BILL LONG Preridevzt BOB RAMSEY Secretary BILL EUBANKS Treawrer 278 TAII ueen Fran the Isl of Fiiiland PHI GHIIIIIIH IJELTH v', 5.:xx2Xi E , .IE C E -K J. " Q ,E E E I-" 112525 en ' fi 175, -I x "2" I f11i?zazaa- Y Ae, f , Y ,A J Q- CX M .- E ,, 5 , fs E 2 E5 :lx - EE-l -I-ai wa... E ' 1 llinl EE2iiif,, glli':E:. 1lllll" .,,,,. I..5 : . :ni I 1? ,EIII Q1 E 3 Ei?"E.g.g,5n-5 ,-:N E " ' K' ,- '5 'El' - --' -f -Q - L. ' L f :, L92" ' - :V , ' -is:-lrxigi-f" ' Eff-P" onald Eubanks laflfken Ggnffy ofhard Head, C. Fleming Glass Head, P. Trophy Room. BUDDY ANDERSON BOE ASHWORTH TOM BELL SAM BOOR DON CHAMPION FRED CHAMPION HARRY CHANEY DICK CLEGHORN DICK CONNELLY JIM COOPER JOE CORNELIUS JOE CROMWELL DON DELANEY PETE DENBY DAVE DONALD BILL EUBANKS BRYAN FLEMING JOE FLENIKEN JIM GENTRY BOB GLASS GRADY GOTHARD CLANCY HEAD PETE HEAD CHARLES HEDGES PAUL HEZLETI' JERRY HOLEY DON JEFFARES 279 MEMBERS Russ JESSEE BOB KLNSLEY STAN LANE TED LANGSTON AL LEE BILL LONG BO MARTIN ED MILLER JERRY MITCHELL WALT MOONEY Russ MORSE MARTIN NICANIJER BILL PROBST BOE RAMSEY JOHN RODRIGUEZ DON SCHOONOVER CHARLES SUDDUTH DON T OWNS JIM WALKER DEE WALTERS JIM WEATHERMAN BILL WHITE HUGH WHITE JIM WILSON JOE WILSON BILL WINN .E E E I E Q I EEEEII. EEE BBS. E' EEE EE EEE EEE EEE EIE IQEEIE MEAE EFESEEH ESESH E5--EEE Blix! IEIE EE EEE EEEE I EEEEA HEEE ggg--:E :En-'gm I.,,E..E1 EE. .. EEEE E E EEEE IEE IKE- ,I-X E . , F A I .I ' Y. EEE ,f -, ,, EEE IE. . IX EEE, HIE. X QEEEE EEEEE EEE x-Zin? ' B EE I O " I I I EE E'lJ - EEE . E.E E . EEE EE.EE EEEE EEE E ZEEEH 'EfEE,'EH EEEEEE -EEEM-EE E-EEE -EEEE EEEE EEIE EEE IE E E I- EEE 'E EEE EEE 5 -EE ES IE EE EE EE E E I E E EE ,E EEEEEE j EE I E EEE SEEN EEEEE LB.-HBE IEEE IEEE H H E , I E , EEE I IEE 'E EEEEE EE' EEEE E IE IEEEE I EEE EE E E Bi G EE EE gE.E E msn E EE E EE B IEE EEE Em !EEH IE IE EE. E IEE E EEEE EEEE JEEE EEE I E EEE E-EEE EIEE EEEIEE--E -E-EEgEEE EI EEEEEE 5 BBE EE . E IEEE ' . EESE I .E EE EE H ' EE I E IEEE E EEE I In . E: E, EEEEEE EE, EEEEE .I QE EEE E I EEE 'WEE EHXEH E Simi! E1 EEE- EE E EEE EE EE I E FE WEEE 335-- EEE E 2 EEEE EEIEE EEE EE B E BEE B EEE , HBE fmg .. HSE! EEEEE EEE EEE-fE EEE lah HEEEH EIB As I. I EE IQEQ IEEEEE IES E ?sHEH IEEE EI EE EEE I E E EEE EEEEEI WSEEE B IIIEE IEE. E -EE E E L.-ELEEEEE LE Im ' ,. GHIIHHII TAU of 'N if W' 1, ' s 3 Sure, 'H'Iaf'S a mole slickl Fiii Island parfy. are WS Hedges Hexleff Holey Jef-fares P .lessee Kinsley Lane Lee Long Miller Mifchell Mooney Morse Nicander Probsf PHI GHIHIIIH DELTA The 'lop ai' las+! IP' , 1, ' ' 'J E W .ii ,J I fy Ramsey Rodriguez Schoonover Suddufh Walker Weafherman Whife, H. Wilson, J. J. Winn . -L J- Creafing a monsier. F553-5 'Q 4if?55Ef?f FU ' Lining up a hm' one from S.P.C.A. 281 n A , , f R ,af Wig X 'j Q J ' 'Ol I . iq: i I A EQ FILPH Homecoming. "' -. I . - 1 - 2 ' ' .. 5 ,. E- :Y f' I mis- 133' E 5 , f .1 A-2- X S 1, f A J ESM "3 -41 - -A-E 75 'W ' . . '. ,, 5 ,-12:1 3,llll!E?i5i 5'i?: F1513Zf52fE5Ei375E5g3?53 2322121 1: Y., - ,,.,-,J M , ,,,,- ,Q S ,,.., .: . ..4..f.,.,..... -- ,. nsaesaa - 'ziefsggmshi --:---Env'-f-v-f':.:Ifx::: Q4-2 R- hy: k--.I-'.! ,if gAqf.55: 15'-2-5g,Q,Q,, ' T -ffQO-4-2353 i'3'1fP', f"'f'L' ff", , . - 'E -4 l . 42 0 . Tr. I L---Lxjii.ii.:-'TQ-Zsffff 4 -. 67' f BERNARD SIGMIER OFFICERS BERNARD SIGMIER President RICHARD KARR Vice Pfrerident JAMES MULLEN Secretary JAMES WILBURN Tremurer I 282 Ilf GERALD ANDERSON PAUL BECKWITH ROBERT BITOWFT KARL BOIN GEORGE BRANNON GEORGE CAMUS MING CHEW JOE CHEW CHARLES EATON ROBERT EDWARDS THEODORE EDWARDS JOHN EISENGER PHILLIP FRESHWATE ALBERTO GANDIA JAMES GODLEY FRANK HARRISTON EARL HIMES REA HINCH EUGENE HUFFMAN JERRY JOHNSON LEE JONES RICHARD KARR DENNIS KELLY JOE KILGORE JOHN KISNER MEMBERS R JOSEPH KORDYS HARVEY KRIEGER FREDERICK L'HOMMEDIEU JIM MANN BUD MARTIN JAMES MAXWELL MARVIN MCKEE ROBERT MILLIKAN JAMES MULLEN JAMES NOTHNAGEL EDWARD NUSSBAUM LESLIE OVENDON EUGENE PAPE ROBERT RINGWALT NEAL SEABORN BERNARD SIGMIER WILLIAM SKINNER GEORGE SMITH THOMAS SMITH WESLEY STUCKLEY CRAIG SXVAVERLY GEORGE T ARKAS RONALD ULLENRERG LAWRENCE WHITE JAMES WILBURN DOUGLAS WILLIAMS B k 'th B'fowff Boin Bfsnrvgn damus CJWBW. J- M' Chew, J. J. Eafon EISBUQBF PHI Pa. U.-1850 . Founded . Tech-1904 The Phi Kaps started off the year with a new feather in their caps-they returned last fall to End the estate at 172 4th Street com- pletely redecoratecl .... As usual, moderation was the watch-word in everything but still the black and gold boys were found in every- thing on the hill .... Witli President Ber- nard Sigmier showing the way, the Phi Kaps got off to a running start with one of their largest pledge classes .... Seen scampering about the hill were Gene Huffman and Joe Chew in Scabbard and Bladeg the I.F.C. boys were Bernie Sigmier and Ming Chew while Huffman, Sigmier, Neal Seaborn and Harvey Krieger barked it up in the Bulldog Club. . . . Lee jones made the varsity tennis team and Ming Chew pocketed the gym team var- sity letter while in intramurals the Phi Kaps shone brilliantly, winning their volleyball league and finishing well up in the standings in their football league .... The social spot- light fell on the winter Black and Gold formal where the new Phi Kap Girl re- ceived her laurels. HAPPA SIGMA Scolch over the rocks for me. I Godley Himes H' h J K' I Millikan Mullen PQ22 lziifefvalf 5f,Ii3f?,'e Tarkas Ullenberg While Wiliurn Williams 2283 is FI? I 4 ll I l l e. l I I all I .. -1 A z, K t XIII if? f db lr-1'-1 W g I ,, , iv it alll .lx lil all I 'I II G A . l l ml 'l 1. if a 2 II I V. , .,g:. , lll lgi l' Qi l 1 f Z? - I 'I I , Y I II , Y A l I i 2 'l xv! Il , P , I - sill l., 5 llemll an , E I I l I time sl Q63 l it .I . .J .l"I ,wail - l .ll l 1 : I .I I l I QI :I . tl , I if L,,f'AQ0..,,, IL, ss, l - ll :. if-1 ow' sp sky, lt, ..l,,,,I 1,1-A QL!-gee,-L-4eI-A-IEILZSJ .:-1 DON NORDAL MEMBERS GILBERT BENNETT SONNY BROWN JERRY CLARK PETER CURTIS RUDDY D'ALONZO PAUL DANNER BOB DURLING WILLIAM FARMER HERB FOWLER RALPH GALPIN JIM GUEST LEROY HAIR CARLTON HALL REGGIE HASELDEN KLAUS HEIKAUS BILLY HOPKINS VALLEE IVEY JIM JONES DONALD JUDD PETER KEENAN DONALD KENADY CHIP KLEIMAN JAMES MCCONNELL JOHN MCMILLEN FRED MCPHERSON BILL MOTT DONALD NORDAL TROY NORRIS FRITZ OERTEL CARLOS OLIVARES DANIEL PERCIVAL RICHARD RABE GEORGE ROZELLE JAMES ROZELLE ARNOLD SCHMID CHARLES SEVER RALPH SMITH WILFRED SMITH DELBERT SPRINGER JACK STOVER WILLIAM TEAGUE DALE THORNEOROUGH BUDDY WADE DAVID WAY CHARLES WEEMS ROBERT WESTEFELD HENRY WILLIAMS WENDELL WILLIAMS JAMES YOUNG MAYNARD YOUNG HLPHH OFFICERS DON NORDAL President WENDELL WILLIAMS Vice Preririefzt JAMES GUEST Secretary JOHN MCMILLEN Treamrer Miami U.-1908 . Founded . Tech-1929 The Phi Kappa Tau Express, engineered by Don Nordal, picked up steam, moved into rush Season and pledged more men than were aboard .... Gaining momentum as they rocketed down the tracks, they swept to second place in their football league, allow- ing only Six heartbreaking points to be scored against them .... As the days grew shorter, ticket-seller John McMillan called for a short whistle-stop to take a number of Atlanta orphans aboard for a wonderful Christmas party .... Then the red and gold express rolled into the winter quarter with many water stops for house dances and parties .... After taking on coal for the last leg of the journey they steamed into the spring and their annual House Party .... I.F.C. treasurer and Wesley Foundation veep, Wilfred Smith, Bud Williams, Briaerian prexy and vice president of Pi Tau Sigma and Don Nordal, secretary of the Briaereans were all seen stepping off the streamliner at the end of its stirring nine month journey. if-' 1 V, RHO of Brown Clark Curtis D"Alonzo Danner DUFUIJQ Farmer Fowler Galpln Guest Hair Hill , , n !V i ' Q f b gllllllll K ig-Saga 91 I ft RM 5 In 284 W M i. , . Ar 7 -KX.. 3 V L , 2 "ef v- ,uf X 'ef' ' V Y 1 y . ,s Qfgl 1 - 1 515, JNAA' ' fs. . K MM- - 2.545 N s. 7- Ergifs Qin .. :M ', Z .A WA Qs.. ., yi. , .X 45 Y 2.25: 1 . 'S f ' . f ' "V f 'ix Fx J E " SS . if , .- . ff " V' .i ,. is L., .7 ZR' R' H ,X gift? 0 0 Q x FQ., 4 ' -.. V Q . .-. 55 ., ,if 2: -X 7 ' ' A l Qfgtfwl LL' sg if-R V I ' " ' if 'L any ? ' ,gl V1gfi'1.UN..:- f V, ! J... , x 1 X M ? K S. -Q- u . H . . . Wfff' ' 'img : Www ' 1 el gwggig fx, W 1 jg.: gf w - 4 9 , ' 0 'M .Qu A. U H V E 5 ' 'H .W : . . x 1 V , W -. R g K w I-QB, ,wma , K p f . 'N a f f N Uv f-.4 1 up 555' fi, V 5 ' X x 'iisfiy V, Y 9 fx! f Q . H .. - f' y I K X :I -1 A Q M ' P 'wizulf . ,X ' 1. 1 . U2 , ' ..,:,Hfx:Q 1 .'iJ5,.t., A ,, :W M , , ,.w.ww3Q,. . rf .1 H fi' S :fb ' ivwiiij Sl my . ig A 1? ig F.. ' -1 Q :1 f 1352355 H1 H . fi 4 W. Q K 2 L QQ , ff V Hx 9 E fy 351 f L 5 'ug ' , Xf 3 - 52 1 Af 11 L ' Q. , -' ., 'f ' " M .Q gn". E' , . M it .. ' .,. ' , . I, .. ' Y ' 5 img? . ,, ' ' Ya. J jg W QQ .f S533 Taxi? gm .2 , ,yy . ' ' ' 5" T V if ' ' F mf E 11261 if ' 1 AJ E . -- V M Y- . ' X . 1. ' X 2 4 . 'Q ..J-'Z Q f ' I , ' 4 3? f , . ' QI" 371.35 -. wi . .H +1 3 - . :H .V F . ,J-if' 1 H 'Vx . 1 5 4 - .: .. ' X Ha 5 ff' -.Q ' , 585-QQHZ5? A Q , F' Yjfg eff" fmimw - , .. W , -xv,-,1,: k ' fr- . ff '-1, . wf ' LQ. 2 H -- t 1 ' f "3 4 5 'A 4 N M M., , . 1' H , ' f I . 4.55. , lf, pf ,x , . zz ' i -. M- f ,g. -, . , Q A , .w A ., 4- , , A. W . 4... - J, i w, . .vw Qi H .SN , - . - wk, 4. . V Q S g . . .gig - -- - . f' - :-::,...YE: A ,. r ss E ' .. W 'X ,Y 'Af' 3: of ' ,X Bn LQ? , A .A ,. V 2 4 H 4, -. I Sf my , L... . . -W ' L rf , VM 0 Q, . '. 1' 1 ' s A '1 A' E2 . -' 'fi Q 4 r" ui: If ' W 1 2 . ' , gf -Q .,.-A-1: 2 K K ' 1 4 L 5 yn . -4, Qc., ,Mx sin 3: 'ici Qu ' f A sf . ggi' S P WIA! 5 - w fx ss . X 1 a N. E M ww wa W ...WU Nha Agn aim WYE Z 2 ffm. Mm Us awww Z2 H fm gm,,.... 1 awww -H, I ,LN-Ar: J, . A -mfr vi' ,.. .1 ntuf' M nl xl 1-E 1: ss w xx -was gum Gsm! mfs s 1 H Zu .11 ,. . W S. 1 .H .W H an v x r f X f S fwmfx :ffm Z ,mx 'ex X. ww V W Vx L, ss .W m M x x an an 1 an use 4. angx an mn ms rx: R fs x u ss ff a x nm N H . sz 1 ss in H H , m :mu -..QS 1'-fwwm Env ss ss it HHPPH l h DEUTERUH of Well, +l1e speciafcrs liked ill Affair. U.-1873 . Founded . Tech-1923 Sewing up their football league and cop- ping second place in their volleyball league, the Phi Sigs, under the capable leadership of Dick Lejk, began the year in fine fashion. . . . With a large pledge class they pocketed two national Presidential Awards for mem- bership and scholarship .... Clark Mercer kept the minutes for Alpha Phi Omega and Harry Phipps was managing editor for the Technique .... Mike Tierney won last year's individual intramural tennis championship. . . . President Lejk won the "Most Outstand- ing" award among I.E.'s in the Junior Class. . . . The social feature of the year was the Founders' Day Formal at which the new Moonlight Girl was named .... Chapter wheels included veep Dan Gorman while Ronald Stallings took the minutes and Clark Mercer stacked the change. Livin' il up on Safurday night. OFFICERS DICK LEJK Prexiderzt DAN GORMAN Vice Preriafem RONALD STALLINGS Secretary nick LEJK CLARK MERCER H Treamrer 286 Burcheff Caldwell CdfI'0ll Coifle Cox ' DQHBS Edelman Fontana Gllbfealh PHI This is fhe Mambo? SIGIHH HHPPH Q if 1 xx U 3 ir 1 A f .Fa up ' 3 5' X R I , I - J.-f,..75., f -. - - H -ff ,- 4 :. .f I ,H ,:'- Qs L if- -1 : Q, SB' 1 um 5 Illll -f - nm ,- I 3 ny - gpg ' ll!! ,Q- X M ii liiif I nw X. EH.: iii? lPT"""'- , , f W e-1112 f-fs q, 1 ,, m u -' Pig! V 5L'liTfQ, SWE. Ef"""'?, ,, en e ' ' qi Hwhv Jones. S. JJf?fs',nw. 'am Who invifed you, Dean? 287 .. , ,ip Ein bfi 5 gg W W X0 4, 6 , I 1 o HHPPH DEUTERUII of W? .. This is music? Please, jus+'H'1is oncel Kelly Kccher Leik Lugders ' Mercer Moore Morris Phlpps Posfon Pofts Provost Rinell 1- gr. .hi eil ar ' hp! 288 ' 1 5 V ss PHI SIGMH ll HPPH ". . . Buf oh how we could harmonize! . . ." Rv-in Sfarrekf Stallings 5WGffSel Thurman Tierney Turner Wahlstrom Wilmot Smiles wifh a background fhaf can be felfl MEMBERS REAMES BABB CHALBERT BURCHETT JAY CALDWELL LESLIE CARROLL DONALD COTTLE Ross COX EUGENE DALLAS JOHN DASCANIO ROBERT EDELMAN GORDON FISHER CHARLES FONTANA RAY Fuss EDWARD GILBREATH WILLIAM GILLIAM FRANCIS GOAD JAMES GORMAN RONALD HATCHER ROBERT HENKEL J. D. HIGGINBOTHAM THOMAS HUGHES SHERMAN JONES WII.LIAM JONES BROUGHTON KELLY WILLIAM KELLY DUNCAN KINCHEN EDWARD KOCHER 289 RICHARD LE JK ROBERT LUEDERS NED MAYO CLARKE MERCER JAMES MOORE BILLY MORIQIS JOHN PARROTT HARRY PHIPPS CHARLES POSTON JOHN POTTS ROBERT PROVOLT JOHN RINELL DANIEL RYAN ROBERT STARRETT HENRY SPENCE RONALD STALLINGS CHARLES SWARTSEL ALBERT TENPENNY HARRY THURMAN MICHAEL TIERNEY MARVIN TURNER FRANK WAI-ILSTROM JAMES WALKER JAMES WEEKS GEORGE WILMOT E wx mn -E R NEEIEE ww m as an E Em EE SSE WZ XL K s 2 E -1 I 2 E ERI A T-T -uu I 260,41 ,f S sb A Si L Il i.- ' .. .Y S A I , 1 fm .1-g EE E Edna mnvf Summa R maxi E EE E E E: R E E Y E W N dw SS EERE X255 REYQY R J ERIE E EE REEEEE JRR 2-E E IRR SRU EE E E E E E E E W EEEQE ERERE E E EREBH EE E B E E E R E E H, mms Rss? ER gn, ,H M: .LB EHW:En YEQER RE-W RE E EE x: 9 Z5 RER XE E I E B AR E SRE D my .X E :EE H, E RE A Y E in E R E E E E EEE E 5 mm , 'WEEE Y l 1 ll ,l 3. W l w .ll lj HLPHH Welcome . . . Ref Cour+ fhis Wednesday. lffi Pg fr 1 ii L P E f r ?::E' A E , I ,I-1, mls "' + 13 "lm E E --- W-if 1 1' 1' ." E Z2!E. E - 1 3. -,-'.-l s e i' S M itil ii f 1, E' ELA: .nw -f, .W 5 - , - . a 5 .n:1: P gt, li 5-1-4 - '-F rg. 151 1 v Ma l E 3 ' , fe- 1 i .I F .J , .f ff f l S llhia KR aixkiggq 777, bf 4 - 1 kg fy 1'1- BILL NETTLES OFFICERS BILL NET1'LES President FRED C0014 Vice P-rericlent MANSFIELD ENNINGS S ecremry WILLIAM MooRE Treasurer 290 DELTH of Va. U.-1868 . Founded . Tech-1904 Enjoying their best in recent years, the Pikes boasted of one of their hnest pledge classes to get things off to a running start. . . . After jack McFar1and's yeornan job as rush chairman, the Pikes turned to the task of formulating plans for a new house .... With Bill Nettles at the helm, some of the notables in the clan included freshman class president, Fred Osborne and A.P.O. vice president, Ken Vickery .... jesse Howell earned a cross-country letter, Maurice Pratt was selected by Tau Beta Pig Fred Cook was in the Glee Club and Pete Ralston, Spencer Godfrey and Claud Hemphill carried the Pike banner in the Pershing Rifles .... Ed Trent placed second in the UMOC con- test and Ed King was champion of the "midnight track team." . . . The installation of the Pikeniqzze was of great value for publicity and alumni relations .... The winter quarter spotlight fell on the annual Black and White formal where the new Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha was named. At this affair the new Dream Girl song was dedicated by Dick Nowell .... The Pikes could be well satisfied if every year could be as successful as 1954-1955. -1' ggi' Xm Q , Mig 'I' GQ dk, Gwyn xfggg - px, Lf.-1115-.fl 12 fr ' 55, W, ,Q , :Ng Q. n -ui3aa1 nl ifigglggg :iv Li Q52 :iw Wg' Kms- V ISK W ,WW , ,. mg x' Wxsfw' 'W gkbx f W W ' Wm fx Qgim. XEEFW Q ma mggi , 135' A fiyiw .XS , A wg, 'i by , W W, 'Yf QL Q?,1 F aka, W J M- 9 'fi' '. 127 .Wf L www Qfimvi W6 -B 22-2 f X. We W , W gg A - xx. ' h V A it Q y5Q:3i? iv 63 X - n Q 5 , .5 Q '12 Q' ' fl F my X fi? S I 'L is-WW W WY ' W W. ,, WV 5 . V .: 36 2 , 4 R WJ 5 ig . W 4 W WY M' zlwyi iv 1 , 1' lifqifse gg .K ,wggy 5 , ci' ,W 1 1' "1 5 W? ft ' E, WZ' 5:1 Wff AQ. Q. W. W" LKGAE4 -g . 1 J 5 wiv' mng ' k 1 W Q 1 'z 7 g ' Finn W W W WW ' x I K :IE In W' 33,3 ,gl-, -: 1: up-gkex :'.:,.W "': : . V K Wie 7 QW ' iz? REL? 4, S V. RW W ui. 1 ., ,S 5 W I . 'V' 6. 'msn X if M 55: 5? g 555 . ,W QW WWW-Q Wuxzu w1mW-mx: E N WW H N WW H WWW WW Wg Q H E Z is Z ,W WWW 5 S1 Y Q ,Wx ,,. g i'-g..5g-fm, W Q af f, WZWQVW , Wx' fri" W-1 E WWW.. W W- gig mmf '- may , . - ,.,.. ,., A 11 qv! sg- b W I. ,, 5, W, W J., - yd X Bffi-"bil WW, .V ,rw WW- yr,.. W ss H 'QW mam gms ss-umm ws me 41 41 Wu Www as ,sa W as an an asm WMA WA W 3 W A W W W R was Sims zggm ,-WYQWMW wx l W W W I W W Q H Hmmm! A - W W I Q W 1, , ,W ri, W MQ swgwm Mxfasmw mm Z W N H mam , mama ning Qxzh S355 mgwg swag H H 5 A ,ffm -Q iii. 1 JAMES ADAMS LESLIE AVANT CHARLES BEGGEROW JOEL BLACKEORD JOHN BRADBURNE FRANK CARR JOHN CHILDS FREDERICK COOK ROBERT COPELAND RICHARD CROWNOVER JULIAN D'AMICO ROBERT DAUGHERTY NORMAN DAVIS WILLIAM DAVIS EUGENE DE LAFOSSEE ALBERT GANDY PINKNEY GARRISON SPENCER GODEREY ROBERT GREENE NORMAN GRIZZELL ROBERT HANLIN WILLIAM HARRELL DONALD HARRIS CLAUDE HAMPHIL .AARON HENDRY HAROLD HENDRY KENDALL HILL ROBERT HOOVER JOHN HOWARD NEAL HOWARD JESSEE HOWELL HLPH MEMBERS THOMAS HUNTER KENNETH JACKSON CHARLES JAMES MANSEIELD JENNINGS EDWIN JOHNSON RAYMOND JOHNSON ALAN JONES RICHARD KAVANAUGH EDWARD KING JOSEPH KING CHARLES KROHN JACK LANE EVAN LEWIS JOHN LINSAY GEORGE LYONS ROBERT MACDONALD NASSIRE MALOEF FRANK IMARTIN MICHAEL MARTIN WILLIAM MATSON JOHN MCFARLAND ROBERT MCWATERS ALVIN MERKL HARRY MERTINS JAMES MICHAEL MARION MILLER WILLIAM MOORE WILLIAM NETTLES ERNEST NORTHUP EDWARD O'NEAL FREDERICK OSBORNE Merkl Martins Norihup 0 Neal King' E. Lewis H H DELTH of HARRY PASSMORE ROBERT PIKE RICHARD POWELL IVIAURICE PRATT FLEMING PRUITT ALEC REDFEARN ROBERT ROBINSON FRANKLIN ROLSTON JOSEPH SAPP MEREDITH SCHAFF DAVID SCHULZ ROBERT D. SMITH ROBERT W. SMITH CHARLES SPACE DONALD SPIVEY DAVID SUTTON ROSS SWANY CARL SWEET RICHARD SWEET WILLIAM TAGGART EDWARD T RENT HARRY TUCKER KENNETH VICKERY JOHN WARD TOMMY WIGG3NS ARTHUR WI'I'r JOE WOODBERY DOUGLAS WOODWARD EDWARD WUNDRAM OSCAR ZELLER THOMAS ZELLNER MacDonald Michael Osborne 292 Tech fradifion-viciory and beer. Maloof Millar Passmore Marfin, F. Moore Pike McFarland Netfles Powell Pl llllPPll llLPHll Where the Hi is the mustard? Guess which one is Scl1ultz's date? Pruitt Redfearn Rolston Sapp Schaff Smith, R. W. Space Spivey Swany Sweet, C. Taggart Vickery Wiggins Zeller Zellner 293 get u v u -l I r I. Q. A L ? X., . .V V . V fc 1 wm v N .Q ev. l 51 YQ 1 U ,lg ol, l nw TT A Q . -Q5 Q ' Q" .S 4.6 G' W 496 if 11 ,, V.. . i l' 2 l l ' H 3 . gl? n X in J E ' 33 R Il. K 1' 'l' I 4 lf . fl lu ' Y l , ,l M, V. l G .Ill M .l l 2 l' l l l 4 I, l l llixl llll ,N Y . Q. ,. me -X e fs! H" ,., eeyws l Y - me QV 1 ' ,.. . l l P F rf l Q . ,, ll' . ii . I M EEN 5 N, l li l l ll v l h , 4- I. rr nv ,U kwa L 4 l e nmalil-29 i , P loin nr r i "x. John and the "Rein" E N e 'x sa , ,X f s-ei. u 4 in lla S a R ' -. a+- ' M " ' 5 5 lg '-: fi - i ef K E m i. ri: 55521: Vvfl irv if K -. Av-Z . fl ee- 4 -42 -X- " 5ggff'--JTiS1: S'-N' GERALD' aLocKER OFFICERS GERALD BLOCKER Prericievzt PETER HARRISON Secretary RUDY BITTLE T1'e:zm1'e4' 22 Founded C'bm'le.rt0n College-1904 . . Tech-1913 The 1954-'55 edition of Pi Kappa Phi was edited by Gerry Blocker with Pete Harrison keeping the minutes and Rudy Bittle ringing the cash register .... The opening pages are filled with news of the Wild West party and the annual Founders' Day Banquet in the fall quarter .... Thtunbing through the white, blue and gold bound volume the Pi Kappa Phi Rose Ball makes its appearance as does their sweetheart, the Rose of Pi Kappa Phi. . . . The winter formal is annually attended by Pi Kaps from all three Atlanta chapters. . . . The spring house Party fills the next few pages .... In the index are found Hugo Peters and Fentress Rhodes in I.F.C .... Gerry Blocker, Al Butler and jim Murray in the Bulldog Club .... Goetz Eaton was flight leader on the Air Force Drill Team. . . . The closing pages foresee chapter growth in size and prestige aided greatly by a new house to be built within the next three years. PI V I "E5'EI"'P5'Q'E'h 1 And now, Mr. and Mrs. America HHPPA ANDRE BARON RICHARD BIGELOW RUDOLPH BITTLE HUGH BLOCKER PERRY BORN EDWARD BRUCE BILL BURBANK AL BUTLER ART CAFFASSO BOB CARRI TONY CARRILLO LOW CASSETTI JOE COBB MIKE COMES BILL COMER EARL DIAMOND GOETZ EATON MEMBERS BILL FOURQUREAN AL GUGGOLZ PETE HARRISON GEORGE HOWELL JOHN IRVIN FRED KEITH LLOYD MARSTON DON IWCNAIR DAVE MEYIEIL JAMES MURRAY BOB PATTON HUGO PETERS JOHN RALEIGH FENTRESS RHODES LARRY SMITH JOHN TERAMO BOD VAN DER HORN Diqmond Eafon Fourqurean G I H ' Kelflj Marsfon McNair M3330 I M?III:Ern Ralelgh Rhodes Srnifh Teramo Van Der Horn 295 Fm , ,. -.I Z r I I I? I I I C3 ,E - Q Ay ,Q . A 0 VSVFVIQIX 59' 59, Kgs 'Mig' mfg'-I I 95356-Ig, VI N I ,df Q. E 'OAG' IQ- I , I If ! . I QI I I 52' ,L I I L , E I 'I I 4 I ' I I I I I ,IR 'I 'fx S ' , F ' I LI I E II I Q. I I' II I 'e if! III' A .'II 'I I 'E K II I, I : I Z E Rs 1 V M2532 I, ff?- W, Q M D J ' -.- In If . E' I - M I is I, , F II IW I ALE iggs I MEL, RL In , I III, Q25 If! I' , px ig. K. I I ies' IDE- I" II I-. I , II- U .MII . II II II . Q, I 3 M, " :,A....I-,-4, W! '.,. ..: I - .murder FRANK SMITH OFFICERS FRANK SMITH Prexirlent BILL FINLEY Vice Prerident HARRY SPRING Secretary JIM SWIFT T1 eamrer Alabama U 1856 Founded Tech 1890 Wrtlm Frank Smrth In the dr1vers seat the Srg Alphs got off to '1 great start wrth the largest pledge class on the campus Forty two fresh men came up the Walk that fftll Sunday afternoon Durrng the fall the boys at 271 Fourth Street boasted of such gr1d1ron notables as B111 Fulcher Mot MOIIISOH B111 Sennett and Johnny Huns1nger In the w1nter came the Founders Day Formal and 1n1t1at1on as SAE cele brated Its 99th annxversary Other socral hrgh spots were the quar terly house p1rt1es the Chrrstmfts party for the orphans and the open house party for all the parents 1' or her second year Mrs McCla1n C Mother Macj re1gned as queen of the household Seen Larrylng the purple and gold about the hrll were Johnny Hunsrnger ODK George Harrrs Iumor Class pres1dent and Koseme prexy Skeeter Hollrs gavel hanger for the Bulldog Club and B111 Fmley pres1ded over the Arnold A1r Soc1ety Buddy Parker jerry Drlts Ho1l1s Fmley and HHIIIS were 'Ill on Student Councxl Roundmg out the 11st were Harry Dukes and Kell W1ll1HmS who presrded over the IM Club 'Ind De batrng SOCICFV respecuvely 1 GEURGIIIPHI of And 'Plus one here b B fll B n Bozeman Brewster Brown Sflfilsiy ell.:-iv gliargglnns Ccorngers Cixi, J. Cook, T. Creson Harden Davenport DiCrisfina Dilfs Dukes Dunlap. J' Dunlap. W- DQPVE Edu th English Eubank Finley Flemmg, S. Fuglff Garrett Gullem 0 Sm' 296 rm .A , -v -7,3 ---'-.:-.: fx l E i SIGIIIHHLPHH EPSll.Ull u 1 - x vs l r l.. A r l i i 1 . l Q 1. yi. L 1 ". . . Ancl like all Tech men we don'l'smol1e. l drink or look ai women . . ." : 'li lx 'ss Y 1 ll li i 'zf if i if .1 X x l Rockin' wiih Red. lw 257 Ki js' k- i Z 7.5 QX1 . fin Sk Q-. . -- lil. 1 A L --agssii: X- 'gill .IV 'Aj I I ni - F I N +R g 1 ham, Dan Graham, D-on Griffin Hall nilion, C. Hamilion, E. Harris Harframpf - vgs Hendon, C. Hendon, F. Hill l hs Hull Jenkins Jennings ' 297 f M. I.. ,WU fe? 'M l's w an NH . EAE . ..fz .l I 6 'N L A A+, .f 3 fl 3 5 ks Mfffyfl H MN Xi x W in A m 1 5 in .li nl 9 wail Qi Q ea if 1 4 an Sl a l l 1 i xl El l l 3 fl l l ' l l l l i limi- ii. a . X, :AI I fi . jg? W l J II ffm. In I I NM' J f 1 ' I GEURGIH PHI of Q J, JI Iv. RY L. If I fl 5 JERRY ADAMS BONA ALLEN JUDSON ALLEN EMORY ANSLEY BOE BALENTINE ED BARBER BUSTER BARRY BILL BELLINGRATH EARL BORTEL HAROLD BOWEN TOM BOZEMAN MAURICE BREWSTER JIMMY BRIDGES BILL BROWN DICK BURNETTE BEN CALLAWAY KEN CHAUNCEY JOE CLARK BILL COGGINS CHARLES CONNERS JOHN COOK TED COOK JIM COX WALTER COXE DEWITT CRAWFORD ROY CRESON ED DARDEN TOM DAVENPORT JOE DAVIDSON HARRY DEWS BILL DI CRISTINA JERRY DILTS PAUL DORN BOB DOWLING HARRY DUKES JIMMY DUNLAP BILL DUNLAP BILL DUPRE RALPH EDEN RAY ELLIS BRUCE ENGLISH EMERSON EUBANK WILLIAM FINLEY ROGER FLEMING SAM FLEMING BEN FUGITI' BILL FULCHER MACK GARRETT "Venfule++'s Folly." MEMBERS DICK GILLEM JERRY GOLDSMITH DAN GRAHAM DON GRAHAM ED GREEN LEE GREEK SAM GRIFFIN JOE HALL CHARLES HAMILTON ED HAMILTON GEORGE HARRIS BILL HARTRAMPI' FRED HAYES FRED HENDON CHAM HENDON CURTIS HERBERT BOB HILL ARNOLD HOGE LARRY HOLDRIDGE SKEETER HOLLIS PHIL HOWERTON BILL HULL JOHNNY HUNSINGER AVE ILGERS BERT JENKINS THERON JENNINGS BILLUPS JOHNSON DOUG JOHNSON GEORGE JOHNSON LYMAN JOHNSON ED JONES SAM JONES JOHN KEITH JIMBO LA BOON CODY LAIRD BOB LEDBETTER BROOKS LIDE SAM LOTT JOHN MADDOX JACK MARKLEY EDDIE MARKWALTER PHIL MATOS BOB MCCRARY T. M. MEHAFFEY KEN MERRY DUDLEY MOORE JACK MOORE JOE MOORE BILL MOORE JACK MORGAN MOT MORRISON HOWELL MULLIS HOWARD NEWTON BUDDY PARKER LUKE PARKS BROTHER PARRAMORE CLAYTON PENHALLEGON DON PHILLIPS JOHN PRINGLE DAN RATHER RODDY RICH TOMMY RIPLEY PETE ROANE JOHN ROURK BENNY ROUSE JIMMY SANDERS CHARLES SCOTT BILL SENNETT LUKIE SIMONS SAM SLAUGI-ITER FRANK SMITH SPENCER SMITH HARRY SPRING MILLARD STANLEY JOI-IN STEWART ELEM SWEZEY JIM SWIFT CHUCK TAYLOR JOE TAYLOR CARTER TERRELL JOHNNY THOMASON BOE THOMPSON ELWYN TOMLINSON TOM VENTULETT JIMMY WALKER DINK WANNAMAKER BILLY WEBSTER ALEX WEST CODY WHITE SHERRILI. WHITE KELL WILLIAMS USHER WINSLETT TOWNEY WOLFE JACK WORM TOM WRIGHT 298 If W I N' A f I Sig' ,Q HS ,J S Go, man, go! Johnson, B. Johnson, L. Jones, E. Jones, S Laird Ledbeffer Lide Loi? Maddox Markwalfer McCrarey Merry Moore, D. Moore, Joe Moore, W. Morgan ai", , X: XX S ' QFSLXSXQX-'. 1153" 1-XX ,X mx is X Xi? QC rj ,Xian fl if ' X, 9233.55 i F5 ' ui? ,, X fx XX " 5252? MX5 X X , Y- 1: V XX 'W 1 X, X X W 1' Q A , X X-X X if 3' 1 A gi -Kg X ,iii ,Xie ' ,X XX X ,XX X qw X 511 X, . X5 . XX ,W ' A L' f X ...X ' ' XY 1' . X. A ' v, X AX, Wg ,Xi W ly X . X gg X A X HX-X .. XXX Lg-Mi K 1 JE HX N 'XXX . M' ws - X ,,, X L X ' . . A N XX: X , X X .Xl-::':":5 .. 'Q " '- 1 ' gf 2 A ,,X:1121ii::X1ff1fff1g X . S ' 'f'ffQ'X, ia 'bfi f n: '- X X ."2 fXX X XX' .Q f -' , -N 1 L' X if XV! X , . -5, , A A ig Q., vt X 9 A- if, 'E' -XX X, X X 4 4 A X X 1' Z 2, X X yi VVHX, 3 E5 gf 2 X. fy 1 . f ' .f A 7 XX ' ff: AX X HX 'L Q X ,X 4? +293 f XX- Vg N XX X gm ' X QXPXJ X fri, X, X, N X im xv Pkv x - . ,X , X P Ayr" H' : A122 X 2355: "" Eg ' ' ' mga ,rm , X X 71: 322114 X ,V was XXXXXXX, ' ,. XXX-- NIV' :XX W X X XXX ,, X-XXXMX X X . gig Fi :X Kwx I E ij'-. XX 'QQXX 1 ' 7.x , XX- X XX. X ,f,X umzmz XX 'e.,. XXX X-X gun -' r 'X"jX 'X X: an ms . XX X XX XX X XXXX X A- I XX X-'x X-ff'X,'f' J X XX X XX XXXXXX XX XZXXXXXX X XXXX XX XXX XXXX XX XXXXXX JXXXXXEX X XXXXXX X X XJXXX f X XXXXX W uwz: was ' wi. TZYR X XXX X ,X X X XX XX X X,,.,-, X X X 4 X 1 X X X XX X A XX K' XXXX .XM XXX X Xm X XXX XX XX XX X , X X MXH X XXXXXX X XXXX - XI - X X , , X X55 XXXX X Hs XX X XXX XX XXXXX XXX 1 F ,X ,XXX iikrwk X X XX Xu X WXXXXX X , T7"""' A QQXXXQXX V X X X XXX X X X f X X XXX XX XXX XX XXXX X-XXXXXXX an 3 XX XX l l JACK PEAVY OFFICERS JACK PEAVY Preridefzt MIKE CADY Vice Praridem WALTER FURBISH Secretary ROGER COLLIER Tffeamrer Miami U.-1855 . . . Founded .... Tech-1922 With one of the largest pledge classes on the campus, the Wluite Cross boys jumped off to a flying start by winning the Reck Parade .... As usual, the fall Sweetheart Ball was one of the campus social highlights and the spring House Party wonlt be forgotten in the near future. Numerous house dances also filled the social calendar .... Frank Christy, Allen Ecker, Carl Vereen and Ken Thrash were mainstays on the varsity football tearn and Dick Lenholt held down a berth on the varsity bas- ketball team. In addition to taking part in other varsity sports, Sigma Chis also did themselves proud in all intramural sports. . . . Among the notables found about the "Glass House" are Ralph Paden, business manager of the Blue Print, Mike Cady, I.F.C. prexy, Woody Bartlett, Managing Editor of the Blue Print, Gene Alford, president of Circle K International and Gil Evans, president of the Canterbury Club .... Copping third spot in last year's scholastic standings, Sigma Chi con- tinued its fine record of being one of the most outstanding fraternities at Tech. BETH PSI of ,GCN 1 ix V2 . .4 ' '1 , .-til, . . ,N-, , , Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. A .5 A f' B5'ley Barnhardf, J. Bairnhardl, R. Qiiil' Qllllif Bill? 'W 9351? Belker Brewer Hr-m.. 11. Brinkle Brookes Burroughs Cady Chandler Coleman, F. Collier . Come,-Y Cook Cooley Cordle, C. Cordle, P. Cowan Cremeans 300 Barnhardf, T Brim, T. Collings Davis, R. Tech's Ego Refinery. A Ecker Edwards Evans lowers ox Frenz Friend urbush Gulmer Grey Hall le el J Helsel R. Hesfer Hightower SIGIHH CHI MEMBERS JERRY ABBOT EUGENE ALFORD RICHARD AUSTIN DAVID ARMSTRONG WILLIAM BAILEY JACOB BARNHARDT RICHARD BARNHARDT THOMAS BARNHARDT CARTER BARRON WOODY BARTLETT HUGH BATES LAWRENCE BEALL CHARLES BECKER BLAIR BOGGS ROBERT BREWER JOHN BRIM THOMAS BRIM ROBERT BRINKLEY DONALD BROOKES DAN BURROUGHS MIKE CADY DAVID CHANDLER FRANK CHRISTY CHARLES COLEMAN FRANK COLEMAN ROGER COLLIER JOHN COLLINGS DONALD COMER BENJAMIN COOK JAMES COOLEY CLYDE CORDLE PAUL CORDLE EDWARD COWAN CLIFF CREMEANS RAY DAVIS THOMAS DAVIS JOHN DAY ALLEN ECKER JACK EDWARDS RAYMOND EVANS STANLEY FLOWERS DENNIS FOSTER WILLIAM FOX CHARLES FRENZ EDWIN FRIEND WALTER FURBISH RICHARD GAMBILL TED GILMER EDWARD GREY RONALD GRIFFIN DONALD HALL HAROLD HARMON FRANK HASXVELL JACK HEISEL RALPH HEISEL JAMES HESTER WILLIAM HIGHTOWELK GABRIEL HILL BRIAN HOGG DUANE HOOVER NIACKEY HOWARD 5 3 Iv'-I-Xl ---- , gi5QEES 'D Egilll I Saga-ig Egg-ff x'iA3i I llil! 'fa-fl sri HL C 301 iff- 'T " --3 ew EAI 1 - 52 Q, ' A a fx-A Ez ,BEA Aww Vg.. M4-R I K' 'X iii' EJJQZQFH -fa in I- J I I1 I ' '11 1: an ,ru 53 sf? A FF In I JR S J ,J ,I Le1"s dance. MEMBERS RICHARD INMAN DAVID JIMMERSON TUCKER JOHNSON WARREN JONES GARNETT KEITH DONALD KELLEY THOMAS KIMBALL BEN KING PAUL LANSING RODERIC LEE ROBERT LEEPER RICHARD LENHOLT WILLIAM LESLIE WILLIAM LIVINGSTON CLIFFORD LONGINO EDWARD LUPO WILLIAM LYONS SLATER MARSHALL FRANK MARTIN WILLIAM MARTIN JAMES MEREDITH JERRY MCKENZIE HENRY MCKINNEY ROBERT MCTIER DAVID NEIDERMYER CHARLES NETTLES ALFRED NICHOLS RALPH PADEN PAT PARKER JACK PEAVEY DONALD PERRIN JACK PERRYMAN A. B. PERVIS LOVETT PICKREN RICHARD POLLOCK WILLIAM POSTELL ROBERT RIVES HUGH ROBERTS JOHN Row RAYFORD RUARK KEN RUSHIN OLIVER SALE WILLIAM SAVELL WILLIAM SCOTT WILLIAM SHADDEN ROBERT SHERWOOD JAMES SHUTT WILLIAM SIBLEY FREDERICK SMITH BERNARD SPANO GORDON STAFFORD JOHN SUMMERS RICHARD SUTTON CARL SWANSON WILLIAM TALLEY RALPH TOLBERT CHARLES TOUCHTON KENNETH THRASH THOMAS UMSTEAD SAMUEL VAN LEER THEODORE WIRTZ ROBERT WOLFF JOHN WRIGHT Our firsf place Rek SIGIHH CHI Touchdown bound. Broihers aH. Parker Peavz Perrxman Pervis Pickren Posfell Rives Roberfs Row Ruqr Rushln Sale Savell Scoff Sherwood Shuff Sibley 'Smlfh Sgano Stafford Summers 'Sutton Swanson Talley Tolberf Touchfon T rash Urnsfead Van Leer Wirrz Wolff Wriqhf 303 rr r im: , 4 . .aw Q, - 1 ,E n l 5 1 Z i , V , lgr WR f 1 , 1 : 'l 4 r .2 ' U1 '. gf 3 ,' f 21 .,jQ'N 1' ' +9---X we N 1 Y r Enix.-E I x,-,f 6 W , . Q . 1 ii? E we 3 fn , 5 ,gg ' xy r i R. A f" f L H w N 1 , 1 s 1 I - .2222 R , H , vl 7 r , , 'I SEZ' I amz, rp X Ann 4 KWH , , v ,M Q, 1. . X4 L M V H 1 r 'N if " e X ndb Er 1 Q f f Mi a 'I 34 5 N ' QV! my Q, v ,ggi 'n', W f 'z ' an gr My Him, W xqq Wrxsw '4 Y rl . 1 1 , may , axxo. I g2Q.' 1 1 s ru , V A A . J W L 53555532 rf ERE? , ,Q '1?5g H 45555 ,,V I .1 15 H EEE , .Kgs A 7252 , A Qfgxk, 2 . H 1 4 , , rf' X ' H 1 'Q ,J :gl L, ,, pl HARVEY WILLIAMS GRM MH HLPHH ui OFFICERS HARVEY WILLIAMS ..... Prefidem ROBERT WILLIAMS . . Vice Preyidenf JAMES SEALEY . . . . . . Secretary ROBERT GREGORIE . . Treasurer Time oui from +i1e Safari. Governor Talmadge pays us a visit ...' "I I., ' -ii ,, ,M 1 -3.-::-E-, "' ,522 gl ' ' 'T'i5:: -.1 -fl, f ,, - ---,- - 'ssszarliaazgaii HI f -14: 1: -W - -'- - . L? 35 E - , - if ii 'Li 'Ii I ,i Aikman Altman Anderson fiii Bachman Baldwin Blake ' 1, Bosfic Browning Burkhalier I ' ui W H9 I1 I . " fi? 1 ills-Ii A54 J 304 ' , , T ,- W,,.r, MFQQQQETMFHT SIGIIIH HU V.M.l.-1869 .... Founded .... Tech-1896 Getting things started with a line rush season highlighted by their well+known Jungle Party, the Serpent crew had a great year .... Among the notoriety found at 750 Fowler Street were President Harvey Williams. Bob Williams was his chief cohort and James Sealey took the minutes while Bob Gregorie counted the loot .... George Bostic, vice president of A.I.E.E., was lieutenant commander of the N.R.O.T.C. Battalion .... Jimmy Durham played a fine end On the varsity eleven and was N.R.O.T.C. Battalion supply officer .... Bruce Baldwin was features editor of the Technique .... Saint Nick arrived early for a number of Atlanta orphans during a party held for them by the Brothers .... In the winter the spotlight fell on the White Rose Formal and the spring was highlighted by the Lake Rabutn house party .... The organization of the Parents' Club and the plans for a second story addition to the house rounded out the year's activities. Happy natives. MEMBERS COLLIN AIKMAN JAMES ALTMAN RAYMOND ANDERSON RAY ASHLEY GENE AVERETT JOHN BACHMAN JAMES BAKER BRUCE BALDWIN DON BLAKE GEORGE BOSTIC CHARLES BRADY GUY BROWNING SWINTON BURKHALTER THOMAS CADDEN ROBERT CAv1NEsS JOHN CHAPIN ALBERT CHEATHAM MAXCY COCHRAN JAMES DURHAM JAMES EDENFIELD ALFRED ELLERBEE PAUL FLOOD JAMES FORD SCOTT FORD CLYDE FORTSON JAMES FRY EEE . Chapin Cheatham Cochran Du h m Ed f' Id EII b Eord, sa Fry I Gplden erfmi efigliie efifiinee 5:22, arwoo Henmck Hull Hughes Hufchens Hutchinson Harris 962 - .1 Ei B B fi is EE EEEEE Q5 EE E N EE , A jr 'W j 'A ax +V ' ' E Kgs. QU? EEE I E xx W ' QE Q1 - - KBSB ' ' I EEEEE' 'J ' EEN-EEE EE SEEKERS! Q B EEm E E is E v i E E EEEEW E E EEEW . EE EEE E EEE E E E E E EEE E E J E ' N E EEE E , EEE EEE . ww i E E E EEE E EEE? EE EEE EEEEEE E E E Q E EEE EggEm Ei EEEEE Ei EEEEE 'HE EE L B , EEEE EEEE EEE EEE EE E E EEE A E EEEE E EEE EEE E EE YE .. BE l nl " K EEE E E Q2 EE H EEE E E EEEE EEE EEZW E E E EE ms E555 EE EE EEE QE EEE E E EE EE EBU t.Ef-EEN YMig 'L E EEE E 3355 WIRE E X EE .WM n EE HQEWEEE H E EEEE EEE E -E-5 l'llI ' - GHIIHIIH HLPHH of Well, if's on 'Hwe wayl The Senior Banquet Johnsfon LaForge Lane Lime Long Lowrance Masses McCammon McCormick McLemore Meadow Meeker Moff Oversireef Payne Peacock Richardson, D. Rizzo Rogers Schemmel Sealey Seaion Sellers Sires 306 Barney-our mascot SIGIHI-I HU JOHN GOLDEN ROBERT GORE MICHAEL GRANT, ROBERT GREGORIE THOMAS GRIFFIN JOHN HALL WILLIS HAIIDEN ROY HARRIS LAMAR HARRISON NEEL HARRISON JAMES HARWOOD RAY HENNICK WILLIAM HILL DON HINTON WILLIAM HOWIE CONROY HUDLOW FRANK HUGHES VERNON HUTCHENS PHILIP HUTCHISON PERRY JAMES JULIAN IERVIS CHARLES JOHNSON CHARLES JOHNSTON FRED JORDAN CHARLES LA FORGE FRANK LANE JAMES LONG HENRY LOWRANCE I Shih Sufh Ia d T f Th I Tucker WHITE Wgfgr n Vshzrger WEE-is wslngson Wllllams H Wllllams, J. Wnlson Woodruff Wurz YQ,-lg MEMBERS JAMES LOWRY GLENN LITTLE PRESTON MAXSON ROBERT MARTIN STEWART MASSEE ROBERT MCALISTER ROBERT MCCAMMON GEORGE MCCORMICK NEAL MCLEMORE TED MEADOW WILLIAM MEEKER MILTON MOTT JAMES OVERSTREET STAN PAYNE JAMES PEACOCK EVERETT PETERSON GEORGE RENALDI DON RICHARDSON PAUL RICHARDSON JOSEPH Rlzzo WALTER ROGERS LEO SCHEMMEL JAMES SEALEY WILLIAM SEATON DUNCAN SELLARS DAN SHEPPARD EUCHEE SKINNER MELVIN SIRES THOMAS SPENGLER GEORGE SPRAGINS JAMES STILL HAMMOND STITH CECIL SUTHERLAND JOHN TATOM ROBERT THERREL ROBERT THOMPSON GARY TUCKER CHARLES WAITE JAMES WATTS WILTON WEST SID WHEELER RICHARD WHITE TOM WHITSON GENE WILKES HARVEY WILLIAMS JAMES WILLIAMS RAY WILLIAMS ROBERT WILLIAMS DON WILSON SHERRIL WOODS JOHN WOODRUFF JOHN WURZ GUY YORK I I 5 I r 307 R an ER RQ Enni- E R MQW 5 . JACK PRUITT OFFICERS JACK PRUITT ....... Preridem BILL GRIFFITHS .... Vice Prefidem PHIL RECTOR . . . . . . Secretary FRANK BURRELL . . . . T reamrer GEURGIH HLPHH of Richmond U.-1901 . . Founded .... Tech-1907 It was a big year at Fifth and Fowler Streets .... The purple and red boys, led by Jack Pruitt, really jumped on the band- wagon and came up in everything .... In intramurals, the Sig Eps won their football league, took fourth place in the school aquatic meet and copped runner-up spot in their volley- ball league .... Showing that scholarship was no longer neg- lected, the Sig Eps boasted a jump from last place in 1952 to third in the fall standings this year .... Socially, the "Brothers of the Heart" stepped out in every way. Gaining national rec- ognition for their annual Christmas party, they beamed proudly when telling of the many house and patio dances and the good ole "balls" in the newly-decorated party room. The feature attraction of the social calendar was the Golden Heart Formal, supplemented by the spring house parties .... Head- ing a list of campus notoriety was Gordon Albury, ANAK, ODK, and editor of the Yellow jacket. Gavel-banger Pruitt was secretary of Koseme, features editor of the Blue Print and Pi Tau Sigma. Bill Griffiths, chapter veep, was also vice presi- dent of the Bulldog Club. Quite a few brothers were found in Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Pi Delta Epsilon and Chi Epsilon. . . . The years may go by but '54-'55 will long be remembered as one of pride and joy for the Sig Eps. l 1 i .l-l All A A s der Beecham Blaffner ltff Cossriff Cgwirrsdm C?-Bskeys Davidson Davis ly W Dennis Dagger Erickson Farr Frederic Garvin N l, i 308 l .-.nga TK flu. ,, SIGIH Pruiff gefs +he jump. H PHI EP SILUII M v...,u...v.. wuunr L-:cum Greene Gregory Griffifhs Hail Harmon Harrod 1 No, +ha+'s no+Ar'H1ur Godfrey and all Hue li+He Godfreysl ff!! XX -'Q ggwigmgfiaffm ' ' ??f?QQii?iJ1 309 , ,..- .-., 2 , ,.,,, , il 5. ,Wg ?T 'f ,I Z - ga 1 T W AUC' 'fl' + fwfa f dw 'M iEQEOf Q -r ,1 f p A A I A A ' V96 Y 691 fy M I A V 1 - 21? 3 f 4 ,I as 5 1 M "X Ji Ali A, .mi W: w v 1 w U 4 w 1 5 1 '1 1 wg 1 1 1 7 W I 1 W U 5 F G Y4 i A ,I --i . .-if -- 117 , MH L: lil 4 ,l I I IJ l I' '11 EEUR GIH HLPHH uf l I Gel fha? phone, pledges! MEMBERS GORDON ALBURY WILLIAM ALLEN BILL ANDERSON RON BAADER THEODORE BEACHAM RALPH BLAITNER FRANK BURRELL DAVE CARMICHAEL CHARLES COLE DICK COSSIT1' RON COWARD GUERIN CROSKEYS RICHARD DAVIDSON ROY DAVIS DAVE DENNIS JACK DUGGER GERALD ERICKSON EMORY FARR EDGAR FREDERIC BILL GARVIN RON GETMAN ROGER GILBERTSON JOE GIROIR BOE GOULD BILL GREENE LELAND GREGORY BILL GRIFEITHS JIM HALL JERRY HARMON Ross HARROD WESLEY HAYWOOD DAVE HENDRIX WAYNE HUETHER BOB KING CHARLES KISTLER GREG KLEIN CHARLES KLINEDINST RON LITTLE BERNIE MARTIN JOHN MCCAUGHEY JOHN MIER JIM MITCHELL GEORGE MOORE CHUCK NAVIA BILL PHILLIPS JIM PIERCE BOE PORTER JOHN POWERS JACK PRUIIT KEN PURDY DON RAY PHIL RECTOR JOHN REEVES MICKEY REINSCHMIDT ED ROCI-IE TOM SCHILL STANLEY SEIGLER FRANK SHARRROUGH TERRY SIMONDS GEORGE SMITH TED STASTNY PETER TATRO HARRY TAYLOR ED TAYLOR DON THOMAS BOB UHLER EMORY YOUNG Beach pariy. really? Haywood Huefher King Klinedinsf Martin McCaughey Mier Mifchell Moore Navia Phillips Porter 310 SIGIHH PHI EPSILUII f ,,. Anyone for baby-siiiing 7 Charge! Pruiff Ray Recfor Reeves Reinschmidf Schill Sharbrough Smifh Sfasny Tan-0 Taylor, E. Tehenburn Thomas Uhler Young 311 1 v v 10 I' 'll -,f-4 ' PQ 9 Q4 CECIDE 9 K v ' 'Q 9. ,Q Y 955659 QW 5 ffm em ss Q. in as A 1 21 Li'C-W, V. .. " I V A GERALD BASHUK OFFICERS GERALD BASHUK Pirerizient ALAN RUBINSON Vice Prefident HUGH SHULOCK Duh, whaclid you ge? for 'Iwo 'limes fwo? Secretary BERNARD KROLL Tfemzwer I D Oucl1lYou're sflcklng me! N N IN X . vi, - 3 A R I I -- 5.1.2 5 f 1, I ' Y- rs -l"T ' , ,- ix j Qu- -Z VIII! l' 5 -2 - II -ll E u ll 9 -- ,-- -,,'---, - -'A-:fa 5541: f '.- '.-1 251- i 5? 'F' ' :- -1-L- " fj - ' -- E ' ' s s. 15' ' ' E 555- E511 5321935 L A f f A a f 1 AA if S .-ff?-f-Af Af ye 1 N. 11: Q , , , , 'w It II ig va' If' QQ- 1"V il fm, lx V A A I u U "' x I M I . Our boy larrowl makes H' around end! Pincus Rubinson Scherl Schiavone Schiff Schoolsky Schwartz Tannenbaum Zeligman EPSILIJII PHI H-'s noi' the giff, i+'s the fhoughi' 'rhai counls. Founded C olumblzz U.-191 0 .... Tech-1922 Witlu Gerald Bashuk in charge Of proceed- ings, the Fourth Street boys jumped on the band wagon and pledged their largest class in three years .... Gerald's cohorts included right-hand man Alan Rubinson, record- keeper Bernard Kroll and cabbage-dispatcher Hugh Shulock .... One of the big items in the year's diary was the fall quarter Found- ers' Day Conclave week-end .... The feature of the spring social whirl was the annual Sweetheart formal, where the new TEP sweetheart was pinned .... Other social highlights were the Acworth Beach party and the annual pledge patty .... The annual North-South chapter football game ended in a 6-6 tie .... In intramurals, the purple and white boys took second place in their foot- ball league and jumped off to early leads in basketball and bowling .... Seen wandering around in the newly decorated house were I.F.C. Trial Board member Bernard Kroll and 'Dick Cook who handled the photog- raphy chores for the Yellow jacket .... Phil Baum made the freshman football team. GERALD BASHUK PHILLIP BAUM IRVIN BERNS JERRY BRAVERMAN RICHARD BROE FRED CHAFITZ JOEL COHEN NEIL COHEN RICHARD COOK HERBERT DAVIS STEPHEN DROURR JERRY DUBROF ROBERT GELLER JEROME GREEN DONALD HALPERN HENRY HIRSCI-I BERNARD KLEIN BERNARD KROLL 313 MEMBERS LEONARD LAMPERT SI-IELDON LITTLE HERBERT PAUL ROBERT PINCUS ALAN RUBINSON KENNETH RITCHIN MARVIN SCI-IERL GENE SCHIAVONE BERNARD SCHIFF SAMUEL SCHOOLSKY MORTON SCHWARTZ JAY SELZ HUGH SIIIULOCK IRA SILBERMAN EUGENE STOLZ RICHARD STUDLEY ROBERT TANNENBAU MARK ZELIGMAN M IJ I ,gl ' :,:L2..IrI,5,gv ' .QA ."..Tv. . A- II .I Ri ll, I .Tl III I IIII I , RER I X E " EMIS t I I II I H L I . -I I I. E II. .Iwgg III II WRIIIII !I 'EEE anim!! I M, XIII I I I II H ' I v v v I --H ' In , 'III I Inga H EW ' I E5 ' 4 A 9 IIIIA I II- ' I II I T U O I Is I 'IE' III I Ingigw R r ua I I III IIIIII 5' H 'J II I " l W ' II - A A I I ' in : I III .- I III II IIII A , .:.:.:.:.::::: I .III , . EIII II III new RIII I I I I I I I I I W I-lI 'EERE HEI Eggaaaa was II In Isgmmzx I- R II ,. IEIIIII I I' EE I I I1 I ,III I. I I , . III I , IIIIIII II , I Isgggxan In III 'M-I' IIIIgIIIIIIII WIII IIIIII II I EERE sms H H ' I I ,+I I I 'II I IIIIIII II ' 'I IIIIIEII IIIII I II I EBUEQ imma x nk II! III III I I III I .I I .I .. III . -. - I I ,II I. -I II Ik III msn I I I II I WI E I I II , I I l I -II I .' I II II I -I :I ES I II Il IIIIIIIII II I, -IIIIIIIII IMI L Q. 2 II WIN I I -I .I I I If , I I - IIII ,II I II II , I I IIII III IIIII I I I I IIIIIII I I I ' was I, I If , . I . -I I. I , II H, I ' IIIZEI, 'TI - i In III IIIIHI IIIII ,II -II z II E III, .III T" " ' II I i I EE .I I' E f II .IEIIIII III I.I I III IIQIQIIII -I, . II III I I ., . In II III II I I, . HIII I IIIIEIII , III ,I I I .. S l I New we 'IIIII I . II, II I I I I - .I I .II I I " B : ' III I , II ' - lI. I ,.. .I.,I.I 'E ', I-IW . I IMI IIIII I , I I E ' I ' -'I . ' I I' I I I I -.II III ' -- III. 1 -II I II A II I II III'-' I. ' I I W I, II E I ' In gli 2 1, - I I IV ' l I I U I I I . I III III . I .I IIEE I B H IIII I -- II I I I I I ., , II I I I W .B K II It IIIIEI I .III 'I HBH!! V: ,, IIII , ,, II-I ,, I -III III , I, I' I I ' ', was ,, I I , I .. I "If 5 S H-P'I."II III ' ',I - Il I If I I , I III II I mx: I I I., I IQ! HIII -'II ima? qIas'gII"' I I I -I III' 'II ,I 'IIII 'l V . .I I ge - -I - .I I I , MII! Is I . -LIAAQ-2.5-I,:.i-:'i4 L QLM nov vArLtA.NT Y " E 'C Founded Illiazoir Werleymz U.-1899 . Tech-1948 Entering their sixth year on the campus, the Tekes returned to find their house com- pletely refurnished and set to work to finish a beautiful patio in the back yard .... With such surroundings to back them up, they pledged twenty-two fine men, their largest pledge class yet .... Social activities are cen- tered around the Carnation Ball where the Teke sweeetheart was named. This annual affair is supplemented by numerous house dances and parties .... The Held of scholar- ship is bolstered by the annual award of a scholarship trophy .... Roy Vaillant was the gavel-banger and Carl Bliem was his man Friday. Larry Wills took notes on the pro- ceedings and Bill Reed jingled the change. . . . Seen carrying the cherry and gray banner about the campus were Arnold Mangham and Francis Rust in I.F.C.g Ray Scarpetta was on the varsity swimming team and Rust was a mainstay on the varsity track team .... Activities about the house included the for- mation of a Parents' Club which will aid Teke greatly. Devils Ii'Hle angels. M OFFICERS ROY VAILLANT Preridenz Secretary BILL REED Trearmfer CARL BLIEM Vice Pferiderzzi LARRY WILLS THU HHPPH EPSILUII Wonder wha? he said? Morelll O Bryan? lPlambeck Provo Reed ce Rogers Rus? Scarpeifa Snavely Sumrall Wade W 5 J W S. L. Wriqhf, J. Wrighf, T. X X iii x X' 5-if : 7 -L - L -T' 12 ' f" 13" f V STANLEY BERMAN CARL BLEIM BILL CADLE ALVARO CARDOSO REGINALD CHUNG JOHN DIMON ED FAIR CARL FLOYD ROBERT GOTSCH GEORGE HALL WILLIAM HOGARTH ALAN HOOVER JIM HUTCHISON RICHARD KENDRICK DAN LAIRD LEWIS LASSETTER EDWIN LEWIS JESS LONG ARNOLD MANGHAM 315 MEMBERS AL MARTINEZ JOSEPH MAYER BILL MERRELL ROGER MITCHELL TONY MORELLI GENE MULLIN TOM MURPHY RICHARD O'BRYANT KEN PLAMBECK LYN PROVO WILLIAM REED VICTOR ROBLEDO WILLIAM ROE HOWARD ROGERS FRANCIS RUST REINALDO SCARPEITA MIKE SNAVELY NEAL SUMRALL . L ' 54 ' 'L I . QQ If 3 , II 1 I1 I AY U., I. II. L I I Ii' I :I I I III, f ' If UI 1 SH' MEI I-' L :I" III - I 3 ,II i'jij , W ' 'I II 'fa It. -XJWEREZ -I II '4 Y -I 'VII V ,YAIIY gr .I I. , V III II :Y I ' 'I .f II :AR '1 'ZEX II II' If, LII II I ,. , I i7 -- I . II 'I I'?"I'1wLI I' 'W A I I JI." ,-II r 'F I . 17. J' . , ' ELI " A I ,'..If5RII'IMm P. 'Iv I .' I ' i ' , 7 II' J: IF' . ,W ' 91-HEI jx II f I fv -S1251 I, W sz II! I If in : VL . "I"','7 rI III. --,-L. I I A I W I-XV .IEE II W5 FRED CRAWFORD OFFICERS FRED CRAWFORD Preridenz BILL CASHIN Vice Prericiefzt FRANK RHODES Secretary RON MOSELEY Treamrer 'ta I Um Every successful man's dream. HLPHH IIU of Norfzuiclo U.-1856 . . Founded .... Tech-1923 Piloted by Fred Crawford, the Theta Chi liner began its journey with a fine rush season which netted a great pledge class .... With Bill Cashin in the co-pilot's seat and Frank Rhodes recording the proceedings and Ron Moseley counting the change, the flight got a big boost from the Theta Chi national convention here in September .... Attractions of the flight during the fall were the post-football game parties augmented by the annual Christmas party .... By winter, the Theta Chis were well above the clouds and had clear sailing through the Carnation Ball and the crowning of the new Theta Chi Dream Girl .... In the warmer spring air, the plane set down in the north Georgia mountains for the annual spring house party .... Moving on, the journey saw the reception of the Rebel Reunion of southeastern Theta Chi chapters in Atlanta .... Seen stepping off the plane upon its arrival were Frank Rhodes, American Ceramics Society prexyg Ben James, Tau Beta Pi member and Bulldog Clubbers, Bill Cashin, Jerre Craddock, Bill Corley and Barry Coates .... Leaving the plane the boys carrying the red and white banner looked back with pride on a great year. by dt! All A ff Ashe Bradner Brenham Briifirlq Brown Buchan ' Cas!-lln J. Cfarlfxin, W. Cheeseborough Coats Cole Corcoran QOYISY gfaidock V- Crawfdrd Cromer DBSHGI' Efhfldqe Fa" Fearnmde Held mc er T ijfg 316 ls if 'true 'fhaf ii's only fwo days old? mn mn me mn lm a ws 6-reenacre W Hamer Holt ms mm wa mn Vi "I ' .fjffu ff, I mga .. I -I--1 I' EEE I. ' H" I F M I mms 1:25255 mmmm In ' :BME I sux H mm B H I , K I I mm H 'P I :SQL .gas -A 25,15 E B--Ewa :Siam .. M ..1I mm -II ' E ,II .-Q., H- 4 . 1 M? .3'-'iw I3 ,f.:.:.' 1 xl .IQII-Q. ,I mm sm .II-If IIN' I,.-, ,I I. 1n.zzxs5n.7n WSI' :J-, .mms 1 I F ' -nlmsmnlm 'T-T ' ' "IV "WN N '. . xl .I I -. U-.. .. Q, 4.""g 1 . Q1 . ,Iain-. ,,,. :R IQ. I H V'fI'If92-L we + mm iq .-I BENQ I L' M . ,. .. www , . .If ' I mmm gsm III II mmm--E Hg' Q- I I mam '-.,I,I ,g.X umm -15, jj'f.'y-gan' n BSS , '-'f-'li--A mm I ,mm I I m . I ,mmm -.-I I Ibwfigq mmmx .III-I H :QUE ..lI B m- I Eli K "N mm H 'N mfm 'HH ix mkmmm mmmx ,I mwmmm BQBZEQZQBQBEH 'II ESSBBXKESSX ,exam I' .m -. H ,X 'III S5255 f' m-m H H 4 VII is II swam E: I B K XE!! rams "T mfmm I II m Q K II B H 'I I uma www K mm.. I H2225-fs ms mm msggmnm Bm'II I BHLEAEH ms I mm -I ,I SEB S' I I I ,In Iygm I IHHIQQQHII mgm mu, Mg- 41-.HI . m . m I B II H I .. 1 Wm I H: I mxgpexsxm E - I. E 1 mmmm mm II Y I -YYY Y I I mngsmnz :1:- - I 38:42-xx - " . I mms - m I I S8 ' mn I I H ' mx m H s..3m..2mmm B mmm mmm mmm mI I mm H H I f -X ' I-I B W f EIII. I mmm Im . II. - WEAEEH' EEE Inmmgmffmzn 5 gIIn:I SSBRETILLESSB ' I My 2 m :,I.I . mx - I I f . m 5 sm ,I I m wmmm mm-,III 'K Q W .Q " I mx?Szx " ,Im I Q mx ' E E EEE E Q Hmm mmum mmm --niggas na--ummm ' mn IJ rnmgssyn B I' H 5332 am I mm m Im H II -mx I mmpzw mans ma ,I I . . . H--25552 www ww. The Wuld One and frlend. H--sgewf Q ww H ,I I B I mi H I , .' B888 ' mmm B n-:sw-4 ss fax Wg maxim B 5,555 H. If BK SSBIBNEB' H535 SSB ' mm ' -A H K . E H - mm I mx .I ' EKBSS BIB A-X Il ash mg--Q HEI III I Tvyxya m II I m m.. I mx Q' IW f"X I L N swf H f N , was I, I J -441' X. "WSH H mm. ' 1 I5 I T .U-Y-: , Aff-f' I ,-N pw--mmmxn-fnmn:5g IIII , 3 -' ' --f 'Q --5' " -- -.1 I 53,5 mamma I rm -,., f x m. E--.,-T . 5 I Ig II I - - -3 - - - E - 'X I I - , 7,4 .. - -. - . - , - - msg -Xia., - f g 11- 1-' J 22,5222-mi' ' W f ,- Im s '5 5 E: - 4- -1 -, Eifggligiimx 3 E - l...l I-u fif S 5 1- ,-- -- V-esggi'-.151 S5225 I H ' - - : 2 F - --- 'V f . ::'. - -'- 5 E 3 :I - I'- -- ' " il ' 'Il ' 1,'Eq ,'F ", , , , , ,I '- ,, ,, , :fx vmsiim Igggm 5 III ' A -f ' " 7- 'f.- - II mnmggxf B' '-- mi mms .,.:.I . HHH .I -'-35:51 I H iw I I.. ig I mb' .mein Kama Iss I -,.:s mmw M I Nm IES E I .I m I . i 1 HQ, E "I Gunfer, C. W. M fi: ,E 1 Henderson VXIHEHKHZ Hmmm .. Sw. Howard pm NSW HEMI m I I B m -I mx Wig, 31', mms M, ms- Bmn--ESSB ' .ISSN , mmm nfmmfsi m I mm I ,fin 515,-452 X V.. Q-'41 ,uf :QW ,n ,ww I ' :If Aj 1 .Q H l PH ii 'f'f in '-45 L Y VP' ww Wlzly I!! yy ,nff fin 'I Boofs May pleads ihe case for ihe defense. MEMBERS BILL ALLEN JAKE MAY TONY ARNETT RALPH MCCALLUM BILL ASHE GEORGE MCDOWELL BENNY BENZEL HAROLD BOWLING HOD BRADNER ECK BRANHAM KEN BRITTING WILLIAM BROWN CHARLES BUCHAN JOE CASI-IIN BILL CASHIN BILL CHEESEBOROUGH BARRY COATS VIC COLE ART CORCORAN BILL CORLEY JERE CRADDOCK FRED CRAWFORD LARRY CRAWFORD JIM CROMER GARY CUNNINGHAM FRANCIS DASHER FRED ETHRIDGE ROY FAIR JAY FEARNSIDE HYMAN FIELD RONALD FINCHER ROLAND FUENTES GEORGE GREENACRE WAYNE GUNTER WYMAN GUNTER BOE HAMER VIC HENDERSON JEFF HOLBERT BOE HOLT Ross HOWARD FRANK JOYNER RAY JOHNSON CHARLES KOHLHASE RALPH LEBKUECHER AL LEPPERT BILL LOARD ED MAU GEORGE MELTON BOE MILLS WARREN MIXON RONALD MOSELEY TOM MURPHY AL NOFI BOB PARROT MANNY PASYANOS LEE PERRY BILL PETERS HAL POWELL DICK PRESSLEY JACK PRICE CARLTON RANEW MIKE RAY PAUL REEVES JACK REMSON FRANK RHODES BERT ROBERTSON TOM RUPLE WENDELL RYLEE BRIAN SANDFORD JAY SARAVO JIM SCHMIDT BOB SCHNEPFE AL SIESS JOHN SIPPEL CALDWELL SMITH ALLEN STRICKLAND JOHN STRICKLAND JIM TALENTINO R. F. TANNER JEROME TUSSEY COLEMAN VICKERS DEMPSEY WALLACE TOM WHATLEY MORRIS WILLIAMS JOHN WRAY BOB YOUMANS GEORGE YOUNGBLOO EMELIO ZELLER D 318 Siudy iime. Joyner Kohlhase Lebkuecher Lepperf Mau May McCaIIarn McDowell Mixon Moseley Murphy Nofi Loa rd Mills Pa rroff X ' 'W X T32 JOE MULLINS , CeEW:e1isEEE E5 -asa. fame is ji '3"! 1ff nceefgmalfeaaie x XV, X. OFFICERS JOSEPH MULLINS Pfreridefzt ALLEN WILLS Vice Pretidenzf CHARLES MCCRANIE Secretary JOSEPH CREMIN Trearmer BETH HLPHH of Founded Renrrelezzr I1z.ftit1zz'e-1 864 . Tech-1947 Bound in azure and white, the latest edi- tion of Theta Xi went to press with joe Mullins in charge and Al WiHs his Chief cohort. Charlie McCranie was chief liling clerk and joe Cremin 'stacked the nickels and dimes .... The youngest chapter on the campus, the Xi's boasted of an outstanding pledge class ..,. Alield, they copped their league volleyball crown and shone brilliantly in basketball .... Socially, the calendar was spotted with affairs such as the annual orphans' Christmas party, the Blue and Gray Formal in the winter and the Founders' Day Banquet in the spring. The social year came to a close with the house party at Unicoi State Park in May .... Channing jones was photography editor for the Blue Prim and he also teamed up with Al Wills as I.F.C. representatives .... All in all it was a banner year for the growing boys at 179 Fourth St. ' B ' B nn it Belden Canfy ' Christensen QLTTSZI: Ci-gr!-E31 Dgupiin Dourihfy Dressleln Farlll Fisher Freak Harris Haw ins Henderson Ippohfo Jones Kennel-ly Kinsey- Lee McCranie McCrarY : Lww- :wa EI-L S.- Halloween brings ouI ihe sfrangesi creaiures. THETII III .- Xmas 'For EIQITI' wonderful boys. MEMBERS ALAN AMRHEIN BERNARD BARINAS WILLIAM BAUGNON BENJAMIN BENNETT RONALD BOLDEN CHARLES CANTY WALTER CHRISTENSON JOSEPH COURSEY JOSEPH CREMIN VERNON DAUPHIN RICHARD DOUGI-ITY WILLIAM DRESSLEIN TRENT FARILL WILLIAM FISHER CHARLES FRECK REGINALD GREENE DWIGHT HARRIS BLAKE HAWKINS HENRY HENDERSON ANTHONY IPPOLITO CHANNING JONES JOHN KENNERLY DAVID KENNISON ROLAND KINSER 321 WILLIAM KOLLER WILLIAM LEE CHARLES MCCRANIE EMMIT MCCRARY WENDELL MCGILL CECIL MERRIT DONALD MONROE JOSEPH MULLINS LARRY MURRAY WILLIAM NEWMAN ARMANDO ROSENDE LEWIS SAFAR DAVID SAVAGE PERCY SMITH VITO SORANNO DANIEL TATMAN DONALD TAVENNER JAMES TAYLOR GRAHAM WALLACE THOMAS WALLACE ROGER WARREN OLEN WEEKLY HARRY WHEELER ALLEN WILLS ISERZI -A-Im bln? Iwi, WK WA ai m? Q wzssw J QIIINEA, 'uf5'55'?IfII I' ' A TQI Ai' Jinx.: I II 1 r,.'.I I V 1 I . '1I IIIII ,I"'I A MI I III vi IA . , I I ' " Ing ' I A I I I' fi- ,F 'I' I " Q. 15' I I ?- ...IIIQ IAEW I ' III J I H. A , 1 I ' -I 'IL A Q 'I 5 ' ' I I "4 " I. I - I A A I I ffl- " III Z-.g nggwa , iw ..,'-I I 'I I , I I 1 f.. I' I ' I I - IIIII ' I I I I N . I I I IH , I I 'mi I III ' 5 1 II , Q' I .FA-K I IIIIIVIX, I -I IIQIS 1 ISIIFEI kI!l1iE3??S .MII I IA II II ,I Q Q ,II 1 II I I I-AAA-A -" I I TI I I A I I - 'I I AI I I "II .1 '. YI I IIII f Q: ' 'i 'III ,g I N N, - II .'.II Ig II., ,.,,,"I'IIIIII!II-IIIII I A " - --'- i Z .4 ll "T I, I M A ' "IAM A I I - YQ I III if-H I N In I ' 'II' , I -5 1 , ,--gvjfw .:I W' 1 If M TIA- '. I ' . " Div IA - . I- I IIIIII-IISIIII I III I I , I!! 1, J , A ' 'II1I ,H , - A 1. 1, A WI. I , I' I ' I A-A ' '-I II I , f E IIC WMV --II I If " -It I I-II II I. 'II II II . .i F I x II .II 1 I I ' 'I I ' I I - I -M I 1 . E 5' In Ij'II' I I 'J :"' I ,II I I I -' " I I , I I I . ' II. I , ' II,"gL f I I 'I,. . JI A I k ' 1 ,.II ,II I'III'I I I A -,If I. - A 16. I5 III. I.Ig."UIIf ug Q En? III 1,3-'WI I A IZ I -' III 3 J X: I . X I . III A AI-'I IL I Ev I : N W, HI: A. 4 vm -II H Il, MILE ' If 2 - ' II V- A .. 5 II ,IA I A I AI' E Q ' W ' I I, I " L' 5 I. ' I A ' 'IT '1-kr GI-Illl IIIH ETH inf ALPHH HI DELTH MEMBERS ' CAROLINE BABER SHIRLEY CLEMENTS LoIs FRIEDMAN ELIZABETH HERNDON HELEN KIMBROUGH SYLVIA KLINGER KATHERINE MCCORMICK DIANE MICHEL HELEN PATTERSON PAULA STEVENSON MARY STUART TERESA THOMAS The first edition of Alpha Xi Delta went to press on April 17, 1893 at Lombard Col- lege in Galesburg, Illinois. It hit the best seller list at Georgia Tech on September 4, 1954, when Tau Kappa, a local sorority, re- ceived its charter as Gamma Eta chapter .... Edited by Diane Michel, the double-blue and gold bound volume is dedicated to Mrs. Blake R. Van Leer, who was instrumental in Gamma Eta's founding. Diane's able assist- ant was Elizabeth Herndon while Caroline Baber took the minutes and Shirley Clements counted the change .... Thumbing through the pages, one sees promise of future growth and prosperity .... Highlights include the installation banquet at the Biltmore .... Homecoming saw the advent of a new era, the entry of the first Alpha Xi Delta reck in the annual Reck Parade. . Rush parties resulted in a fine pledge class which, with the actives, forms a fine close-knit group which proclaims a banner initial year as Georgia Tech's first sorority. DIANE MICHEL OFFICERS DIANE MICHEL Pfrerident ELIZABETH HERNDON Vice Prerident CAROLINE BABER Secretary SHIRLEY CLEMENTS Tvwmzrer VII R 'Z E E is 'I E. a -, ' E -R R W P ,R a Sponsor. Firsi pledge class. Baber Clements Friedman Herndon Kimbrough Klinger McCormick Michel Patterson Stevenson Sfuarf Thomas 322 C9 rua 3 A N H1 .5 55 I Q, L' 'NK D . ED AUSTIN RUSSELL BAKER THOMAS BARLEY ROBERT BLAKELY JIM CAIN WILLIAM CASON HUGH CHAMBERS DAVID ELMORE CHARLES GRIFFIN JAMES HAMILL JACK HORTON DAVID JONES JOSE JUNCO JOSEPH KELLY WILLIAM KITCHENS CHARLES LINDSEY IIIDEPEIIIJEIIT STUDENTS URGHIIIZATIUII MEMBERS LESTER LONG CHARLES LUTTRELL LLOYD OGBURN BILL PHILLIPS JOE PENICK ROBERT RANKIN HENN REBANE RAY ROBERTS JOHN ROLLER ROBERT SHARPTON JESSE SIMMONS JOE SIMS E. J. THARPE JOHN VINSON WARREN WELLS The letters, I.S.O., Stand for Independent Student Organization. The I.S.O. is a mem- ber Organization of the N.I.S.A., National Independent Smdent Association. This group was formed on the Tech campus in the early part of 1948. It is an inexpensive organiza- tion that Sponsors social activities and intra- mural sports, open to everyone who is not a member of any social fraternity. This organ- ization is devoted to helping its members to become well rounded in their college life. JIM CAIN OFFICERS JIM CAIN Preriniemf BILL PHILLIPS Vice Prerinfem ED AUSTIN Secretary E. J. THARPE Treamrev' mm as fm W. Baker Barley Blakely Cason Chambers Elmore Hamill Horfon Jones Kelly Lindsey Long Rankin Roller Sharpfon Tharpe Vinson Wells 323 SPORTS I BOBBY DODD Athletic Director Bobby Dodd, the third head football coach in Georgia Tech football history, has had an outstanding record in his ten years as the Yellow jacket mentor. This record shows 82 wins, 26 defeats, and 2 tie games. The 1954 team won the sixth post season bowl game for Coach Dodd by defeating the Arkansas Porkers in the Cotton Bowl. It was Tech's sixth straight bowl game without a defeat. TEEH EUACHIIIG STAFF Tonto Coleman came to the jackets from the University of Florida in 1952 and has since become Assistant Athletic Director, Defensive End Coach, and director of Physical Education training. Ned West joined the Tech Athletic staff in 1952 as Director of Sports Information after serving in the same capacity at Florida State University. Howard Ector, a former star quarterback for Georgia Tech, was the Georgia Tech National Alumni Secretary until 1950 and in 1953 became Business Manager for the Tech Athletic Association. john Bell, a former Yellow Jacket, came to Tech from Americus High, Georgia, to become the Freshman Coach in 1954. Bob Bossons was captain of the 1950 Yellow jackets and joined the coaching staff in '51. He is now coaching the B team. - Frank Broyles, a former All-Southeastern Conference Quarterback for Georgia Tech, joined the jacket staff in 1950. Coach Broyles came to Tech from the University of Florida to take over the duties of backfield coach. Earl Bortell came to Tech in 1921 to become a professor of Physics. He took the job of tennis coach in 1952 and has been ever since. Norris Dean is a graduate of Georgia Tech who joined the coaching staff after graduation, and has since become the track team coach. H. E. Dennison is Director of School of Industrial Management along with the Faculty Manager and Director of the Golf team. He came to Tech in 1929. Ray Graves, a former star for the University of Tennessee, came to Tech from the Philadelphia Eagles. Coach Graves was named head line coach of Georgia Tech in 1947. NED west HOWARD ecron Assiiseaidfgkiileflisrgfi-Ecfor Fublifiify DFYSCYOI' Business Manager 326 George Griflin has been associated with Athletics since 1920. He has been the cross country coach since 1930 along with the job of dean of students. jack Griffin, a former star end at Georgia Tech, joined the Tech coaching staff in 1954. Jack is a native Atlantan who attended Boys High. He served as head coach at North Fulton High before coming back to Tech. i Whack Hyder is another Georgia Tech athlete who returned to the school after graduation. He is now head basketball coach. Fred Lanoue came to Tech from the Atlanta Ath- letic Association to lead the swimming team. Bob Miller came to Tech as an assistant B team coach in 1941 and was named varsity line coach for the next three years. He is also an assistant professor in the Chemical Engineering Department. joe Pittard joined the Georgia Tech Athletic staff in 1945 after 22 years as head coach at Gainesville High School. He is now head baseball coach and assistant football coach. Whitey Urban, a graduate of the University of Chattanooga, joined the Georgia Tech Staff in 1951 after coaching at Sewanee Military Academy. Lyle Weiser, a graduate of Springfield College, came to Tech in 1946 to form the first gym team. Lewis Woodruff played varsity football at the University of Georgia and later coached at Decatur High, Georgia. He came to Tech in 1947 as assistant freshman coach and since became varsity backfield assistant. JOHN BELL BOB BOS'SONS FRANK BROYLES EARL BORTELL NORRIS DEAN H. E. DENNISON RAY GRAVES GEORGE GRIFFIN JACK GRHFFIN wHAcK HYDER FRED LANOUE B05 Ml'-LER JOE FITTARD wi-ntsv URBAN LYLE wetsen Lewis wooonuFP 327 eww? Wig. i S h 358836 W- . ,views nga me LEFT TO RIGHT: John O. Chiles, Dr. Wyalf Whilley, Howard Ecior, R. B. Wilby, Bob Tharpe, L. W. Robert, Jr. Dr. Llo d Chapin, Bobby Dodd, A. M. Coleman, Col. Van Leer, Dr. Phil Narmore, C. L. Emerson, Dr. H. Ai Wyckoffi: Eugene Dunwody, Larry Morris, and Gordon Oliver. ATHLETIC ASSUCLIHTIUII The Georgia Tech Athletic Association, under the chairmanship of Col. Blake Van Leer, has done an exceptional job of making Tech known throughout the coun- try. Their scheduling of powerhouse teams from different conferences has resulted in putting the Yellow Jackets in the spotlight. It is the policy of the Association to work with Athletic Director Robert L. Dodd to produce winning teams. n EE W SE im-in sf Wie.. l COL. VAN LEER COACH DODD 328 , e ,cw sl R I Z m 11 'W , Compezilimz ix keen :md herce in the -zvmily xporlf at Georgia Tech. Thin' factor if cz reafon why Tech ix lJ072If7ZYtdHjl well repre- .renled hy in athleief throughout the Sonlhenftewz C ouferefzce and fhrozfghom the comzlry. Take for ifutmzce zhix Jecoml mpxet of Kentucky af Jhmwz here. PORTS 329 HUIIURS I-IIIUST UHLUHBLE .,,,:.,-.:.f,L, ',.,,-1 GEORGE HUMPHREYS Mosf Valuable Back LARRY MORRIS Mosf Valuable Lineman ,ar HENRY HAIR All S.E.C. End I Hll SEC FRANKLIN BROOKS All S.E.C. Guard 330 EHPTAIII 1954 Larry Morris, Hrst string center and linebacker for the past four years, stands 6'-O" and weighs 210. He has compiled one of the most brilliant records of any player who has ever been at the Flats, participating in a period featuring some of Tech's greatest teams. In hisifootball career here Larry played in the Orange, Cotton, two Sugar Bowls, and 42 season games of which only 4 were lost. Brahma, or the, Bull, as Larry was called, was picked on the All-American Freshman team, was an All-American linebacker as a sophomore under two-platoon play, and was an overwhelming choice for All-American in 1953. He was also selected to the All-Southeastern Conference Team two years and was chosen the S.E.C.'s most valuable lineman in '54 by the Atlanta Touchdown Club. Larry is cer- tainly one of the most outstanding players and captains who has worn the White and Gold. Bobby Dodd has stated that Morris is one of the greatest athletes he has ever coached. LIIRRV IHIIRRIS 331 f'Q!f""f-Mxs g, 41 ' "5 - Fix ll 15,32 , is ,Tfg U J N pi - for ' of If 0 " EN Wye- 1 iZ:.4n!- - K- 1 A 1 me ft 5 ai l - pr ,ti Asp rx ",f-'A wrist. Teil! f -fb'-1 sf" fb' ff:f'Q:zf1:- 3 Qs f ' 'X ,.1. ' 64' P - l ll "T JL: e, aa.. WM. ,Q g,g.:a:i-as-f i GH . . up hYisx.A'lE,L.-f-e JOHNNY HUNSINGER Fullback TOP Tech opens an hole in lhe Green Wave line for a shori gain. BOTTOM Thompson gains yardage behind good blodlting. 332 PAU L ROTEN BERRY Halfback GRANT FIELD, Sept. '18,-In the first game of the 1954 season Georgia Tech defeated inexperienced Tulane in a loosely played contest as 28,000 spectators sweltered under a scorching sun. Living up to preseason predictions the Jackets tallied twice in the first quarter. This was done with the aid of two splendid runs by a pair of sophomore backs. Paul Rotenberry scored hrst after cutting inside end and driving 47 yards for a touchdown. A few minutes later, running the same play, Jimmie Thompson sprinted to the 5 on a run of 56 yards. On the next snap Humphreys crashed into the line, bounded through, and scored standing up. Although Tulane moved the ball past the Jackets alarmingly well they failed to score due to fumbles. The half ended 14-0. In the last two quarters Tech scored twice again. Soon after the half opened the passing attack began to click. Big Bill Sennet snagged a Brigman pass for 45 yards and then another for 25 and a touchdown. Tulane continued to work over Tech's line and opened up big holes. But near the ond of the third quarter the Greenies hurt themselves again with another Fira! Downs . . YARDSTICK Tulane Tt-ieli 12 9 fumble. This time it occurred on their own 32-yard line, the ball going to Tech. The Engi- neers promptly drove down Rushing Yardage 195 . ' l th T V do- Pnssing Ynrdage 32 C Ose W1 oppy ann Passes Attempted I0 mg the quarterbacking. Then Passes Completed fl Johnny Hunsinger dashed Punts . . .... 6 4 Punting Average . . 26.3 35.7 around end from the five to Yards Penalizcil . . 35 Score the anal tally. - v A ,. , .f W.. 2 1' X A,-if ' 3 f lf' If K .. I M 1 ' 'I if-V 'QR - wwf- i-Ls, ffwgy.. . unix., ,Qv 2 -1 Udgilf- ,fy I K. BILL FUJLCHER Guard f . 1. - , .1 an i- iq X' -'T X lg,-if -. i ' 'i s. 3751 TTT .f1f'Jlf5f' ' Q A . " it Nf'2'fc??i1T?'T UIH5' B. ' J l ,--1 if-' .1 X52 .sf 1 , Y ,g 4 'R 5 21' . ilflziiifilQliifi 0 1 1' ':,.., ' fel-.4..,,,,,. ' 'TXXXTX T . T c 1 1 ' a b qi' :': , :if W iff- !, 'V-f Mgt,-T .ggi-'g,'fgt.fgsg..tR Nj, ' fr". . I., ' X-I9'iL.3f.... - "X -.J 5. 'fl Q 49 ' ,Z f.'- 1 wg. ' Ei-'JW-7321 .25 f'f"X:r. ' N. ' '11 : if gfw.2:,Qg.f -T V its-gg Q-.iggg-5 . , F7LECg:H . Q! . r ' v " f "XM, i .:., ., A . . I -...T 'X , , . ' .2 N , ., , . . :ii - ' I3 5 2-1-. , t '- 7, 'W If ' f ,.., -- A 9 . sg .lg fa - -or . "-r JIMMY THOMPSON eeokelgum-gMkPHREYs Hammk GRANT FIELD, Sept. 25.-In losing a hard-fought game to the University of Grant Field since November, 1950 when Alabama turned -the trick. Perhaps many of doubted that it could happen. However, it was apparent from the start of this ball game that Tech was in for a rough day. Florida controlled the ball in the first half almost completely. They penet- trated within Tech's twenty four times, but neither team was able to score. After the half their first touchdown as the Tech fans began to worry. Some stalwart supporters kept insisting we'd wear out the enemy about the fourth quarter. But with two teams and plenty of oxygen Florida never even slowed down. Late in the th Florida pass was Gator I7-yard line. After a pass and a run Brigman sneaked over from the two. The conversion was muffed and Florida led by one big point. After another Florida drive that failed, the Engineers got the ball again but fumbled and a Gator flopped on it at the Tech 21. Six plays and some hard knocking later Lance tallied for Florida. The score was 13-6. Tech received the kickoff and after punts were exchanged once again had control of the pigskin. Very little time remained when suddenly, using the old faithful belt buckle play, Bill Teas skirted Florida, Georgia Tech suffered its First defeat on the students who had never seen the Jackets lose the Gators received the kickoff and drove for ird quarter Tech got a break when a deliected snared by end Buddy jones, who ran it to the left end and sped 26 yards to the goal. yet but the extra point try was no good and the game YARDSTICK First Down. . . . liushing Yardage . Pusssing Yardage . Passes Alteinpleil . Passes Coniplelefl , Punts ..... Punting Average . Yards Pumalizml . Flurialu f f 2 i . . 93 . . l-l- . . 9 . 3 . . 37 ..S0 'tt' .,. 71 12 6 4 39.8 10 ended a few moments later 19-12. Though the score was close the Engineers actually had been outplayed by a rug- ged, well prepared team from Florida who tasted their First win over Tech since 1.9-41. It miraculously looked like the jackets could salvage something , , l'-1 lx 1 . 21 ii . t os 14 , L - ' - . 1 .IIMMIE M. MORRIS l ' 2- 42- ' Center .L N, . I I i 1 .U , 2551: .ii ' ' 'is J 'T 333 TOP: Hunsinger stopped by sfouf Florida line. BOTTOM: Humphreys makes a good gain on ihe drew play. aw A x 1 L. A tram , .Mi 2 'Q " :J . ' fi. gf' ' an .. lf. "' V! l ii . J." S I I 2 5- ,.....: 'fa ', Lilly? ai 11,11 , I ' ' ' :wifi-'g iffffgik ' ' 1 at Q. , A We DON ELLIS End . J A ks M. tn. . f fn, 1 .. - f Emi' , ur-zaejaref PAIUYL PERRY ' ' Christy and Websier corral Mustang as Jimmie M. makes tackle. DALLAS, Oct. 2.-Georgia Tech walked away from the Cotton Bowl with the long end of a 10-7 score, leaving a stunned crowd of 34,000 Texans. lt was a screen pass from Bill Brigman to George Volkert, who covered the remaining 47 yards for six points with four minutes and 36 seconds remaining in the game. But for a few brief moments in the second quarter it was SlVIU's first half. The Mustangs took possession of the ball on the iirst kickofi' and only stopped short of a score within Tech's 10-yard line. The ball changed hands four times in the first quarter and ended with a kick by Menger to give Southern Methodist the ball on their own 14-yard line. It took three minutes in the second quarter to furnish Tech with the three-point lead. Carlen kicked for 35 yards to Nutt who was met immediately by Franklin Brooks. Nutt fumbled and Brooks recovered on the SMU 29. A 15-yard penalty and three plays set up Burton Grant's field goal attempt and Tech led 5-0. The aroused Mustangs moved the ball from the kickoff and 13 plays later scored the first touchdown of the night. It came after strategic pass completions from Nutt to Bernet and Eidom, and a quarterback sneak from the one-yard line furnished the score. Tech's second bid for points came in the latter part of the quarter. Mattison's punt rolled dead on the SMU 12, and when the Methodists failed to move the ball, Roach dropped back to kick. The pass from center was bad and the kick was blocked by Brooks. Time became precious, and the quarter ended with the ball half a yard short of SMU's goal line, It had not been an impressive offensive first half for the Engineers. They had netted only one first down, only 28 yards rushing, and zero yardage passing. The second half game was dimmed because of the loss of All-America Larry Morris and halfback Bill Teas, both injured in the second quarter. Tech broke out its most forceful offense in the third period when the Jackets lilled the air with passes. Three times Brigman connected with Henry Hair for 30 yards, but had the scoring attempt blocked by a pass in- terception. A Mustang fumble recovered by Ormand Ander- son gave Tech the hall again at SMU's 30. But a fourth YARDSTICK SMU Tech - . . - FI IJ 1 - ..... 2 o down pass fell off Hairs hnger tips in the end zone. R1ff,:i,,g"'Q:,dug,, U . 1 19? 49 Brigman again went airborne in the final period. lt was Passing Yurdaxgi- . . . 138 1312 not until he dropped back on a third down and lioated a P15865 -'W'-"'1PU'd ' - - 20 26 . Passes Completed . . . 10 10 short pass to Volkert on the 47 that the picture changed. pmns .... I . 1 8 Volkert instantly ran into trouble on the sidelines. He cut Ijiiming Ai-clrsgrf . . . 0 so back to midfield on a brilliant run and was escorted across Vmls """ul""' - - ' '0 '0 the goal by three teammates. Mitchell kicked the PAT for 1 the tenth point while the spectators and players remained stunned by the suddenness of Tech's maneuver. Tackle . X P 'fl ..,.. L Q. I A . idx . f ix. ws I , -4 sf' A. v . ' ff f . . . .... , .. . " . 'ifii as fgS,v3j,,U -1 ,I page-pr ,h wives. grasp 41.1. i .. Mmm BUDDY JONES sucsor sl-4AMsEReER LINWOOD ROBERTS End Quarterback Guard 334 fza-Fx l K i ri i , rn. . .rf " ...ffm "r fu 1 ii' 5 . --sv., 5 1' ,aj me-Mg-r-f.-Y' !'Trvwf5:i2f,wf' ff' ixlwlff-7 'f1., ' ' 'ip,.' - fs '4X.:v,,i15. ' A fi1Tf',1gf2-.J NE., f 7. .,,.. lf 'L--"fre---f,'q ., , l .ff 1 1 -:wtf .1 . f. N - ...,.f:fr: V f ,-' ' 1- -'91xiaxe:5o'x,1f . 3. 'f-e e e fg "i""f21ff',f" .ie 1 H, K . V g ff 1s...:r.. f- ee- --- ' V ii: -guyz' 1 '---'--v---.F ,sg X --J.. it 5 . '-e - , . V V 1 W .- H-W ,f jg- . , " , J, .5--1 5-i -, ,,-'Lg " ,,,4. 1- ,'?7"" ,Yuri lv, V-'Iii il i-1' V riffs NQ " -f-':.,, . 1-A Q Digs e 1,1 .V . ' 1 cf, 1-u"1-it 'i -i ,xxx y I . t' 9 . . X' : ' it Y' X ' 'l- f -- f 2 . If 7' "X--1.i,f' Q ' l X 'N ,f , 2.1,-f v, csf Xxvxv V. P -a .., f. . .-- f---nf'-L., Q 1-' , 5-'f zfwr lk -vii . 1 i!ieCl'l - LSU 7. 'G- :Tide . Wu. Y TQ" 7 - l if, G i . 3f?:?3Qf.W2g,- if 7 H ' . gist:-'gkffiff A 'rigs r-tjfsp 'wi' , 4'T4'N'.'---1 -..a..a.- JIMMY L. MORRIS Halfback ' ' 'iff fi' ., bg ' A 1 M .L A . K X . ,H ' ' N 2 9 T -0 5 - "-54 W' t: I' QW ,, 1 "Lai, N 2' m it Q . .. . -f 1, .w E Q 2 .. . . U2 i . , , , W . - - 2:9 'Nh .i QE 1 Z 2 ark? A 1 1 1 2,2222 , I if ' ., ffs sf wx 'Esau . if. rave, ku", . yi, ,gg 31.2, V. 7 f il . ,G b FRANK WEBSTER End Roienberry looks for an opening. GRANT FIELD, Oct. 9.-Georgia Tech cleared the bench in scoring four touchdowns, four extra points, and a safety as some 28,000 spectators watched the Engineers outscore the Tigers of Louisiana State 30-20. It was a line effort of the Yellow Jackets as a hard-hitting line went in front of the runners and the crisp downfield blocking was in the traditional' style of the Flats. They moved the ball 458 yards by ground and air. LSU scored first from short yardage in the early 40 seconds of the second quarter. John Woods, an end, recovered a teammate's fumble in the end zone, but the PAT was blocked by Wade Mitchell and LSU led 6-O. Then, on the first play after receiving the kickoff Bill Teas took a pitch-out and sped 77 yards for a touchdown. Wade Mitchell converted and the Jackets were ahead 7-6. The Engineers were next to score on an 88-yard touchdown drive that Larry Ruffin scored on a six-yard plunge. Burton Grant added the point. The half time caught Tech just inches short of another score, but they led 14-6, Nothing changed the scoreboard in the third quarter, but as the fourth began, the lireworl-:s began. Al Doggett, the field general for the Tigers, worked out a fast touchdown that Vince Gonzales carried across. Doggett converted and it was a tight ball game again. Johnny Menger kicked from the Tigers' 30 out of bounds at the 7. When Doggett went back to pass he fumbled and recovered for a safety. That left it 16-13. Tech brought the kick back to LSU's 45. Brigman hit Henry Hair for 8 and then lioated a 38-yard pass to Hair for a touch- down. Grant again converted and the score was 23-15. Minutes were precious now and the game seemed wrapped up YA RDSTICK LSU Tech g1f:fli:?g"Q',frAagQ, ' ' 2,2 233 until the Tigers recovered a fumble at Tech's 17. Doggett fired Passing 'Ytmlagf 72 ins to Tummello for a hrst at the 7 and repeated it again for Passes Allenlptctl 16 23 a touchdown- ?"'f"'lf""f' ' ' ' 12 The Jackets rebounded with Thompson, Rotenberty, and Pnnling Average -11.3 33 Hunsinger and worked out touchdown number four as Thomp- Y1""lS 1'-fmllilv-l 10 5 son scored from the 17. Mitchell booted the point to complete the scoring. Brahma watches as seven Tigers try +o down Thompson. .,',. E it ix . ,X Y V-A in l WW! Aw -sf'-X it at if ms. T 5 XF-S: felgfv fn.-iv' v ::, H . if,-ant XX T? ,xi-fini 1.9 3 E .,g,.,. . ttteiixf, ,V iggyxx vl Asif- .iq ' X E E lW"'t .5 A X NM - N ....5 f5?i :i'i:i iw E it-L A 'fs .ah mea .aftxtaatv H . T 5i4'w5Erm"glT'3ifi' ,.,. ' 1-1-.riiif A W ' me U N ""' -- zfifff-'-I-2 2 N -J-axtagv-serif? .. ' . .,,3',- , M . X f A , . WT ' Pg ' ' nhtjffcf -was 'BW ':':' . x X"iY"' 4 - H K Q ..., gil v x , .2.Qal,1'j -,ally :A .K-5 -f.i1..?:a,Ji - -1712 ' . :EQ 3 -:-: :.,:'T5f'22i1J2.f.t3Lg'f:Tj 1 Bali? t. .iifi5 ll Qffiff, H- '-Q1jiIfL,fj.ifgzufflggtgi 'f 5.4 7-1 "'-F':'?f" Left l , ' . Mgt.. , ' 5 l J.:- tea . - 1 . - . fp. ..,..,, ,,, , , a , . . A. , J ---- . ':"" ' -4 e . ' 'I " ' .,,.f-be CARL VEREEN DICKIE MATTISON -Ld-'JT' Tackle Fullback K nw 'SE W 5 GRANT FIELD, Oct. 16.-It was football weather in Atlanta for a changeg and a colorful crowd of 40,000, the season's lirst sellout, packed into Grant Field to watch Georgia Tech play its best game to date. As usual in this match between two ancient rivals, the cry of "War Eagle" echoed back and forth across the stadium. But the Yellow jackets put their old hex on Auburn to win their thirteenth game in a row from the Plainsmen. Jimmie Thompson, our 150-pound halfback, again shone for the Yellow jackets. Early in the first quarter after Auburn had punted, Tech started a drive and moved the ball to the 45-yard line. At this point, Thompson, getting splendid blocking from his linemen, popped through the line like a cork from a bottle and outran four Auburn defenders 55 yards to the goal line. Mitchell converted and Tech led 7-0. Johnny Menger was another Sophomore back who showed his ability as a runner in this game. He carried the ball 10 times for a total of 64 yards. After Auburn kicked ol? in the second half, Tech drove to the Tigers' 19 with Humphreys and Teas running hard. Suddenly, on a well executed play, Menger shocked the Plainsmen by twisting and turning through their defense to score Tech's second touchdown. In the same quarter, after Hair had intercepted a pass, Teas broke loose on a splendid run for what would have been Tech's third touchdown. However, it was called back and Auburn's spirit was boosted. The Tigers had threatened a couple of times, but had been turned back. Now after recovering a fumble, they made a real attempt which ended when James, hit by Mitchell, fumbled on the goal line. But the ornery War Eagles wouldn't quit. After a First Downs . . 'EJM5 Passing Yardage punt they put on another drive and YARDSTICK Auburn Tech 16 I5 scored their only touchdown. By then it was too late. Only a minute remained in the game, and Mitchell, who played all but five minutes of Rushing Yuffhlsr 2:3 253 the contest, stalled off the des- Passes Atlenlpled 5 5 Perate Plafnsmen bY plunges Pnasus Cumpluletl 2 0 IDIO the lille. The HCVCPSZIY- guys? -A - - - UE 40: die Tigers were still clawing ll I lflg . VUFUELY I I .I - .1 4 Y ' ' Yards Penalmd . 30 35 the air as Tech s victory whis- tle began to blow. s a H I a E E -.--.- Y Kim H .H a K X a a a f as :' K gr 'asa -E' i -fa flea X H I, ag - J E22 A- a Q 7. .3 mga, Q, o Aw. L., ,,., , ml iraq:-' TOP Thompson ouiruns Tigers for 55 yards fo score Tech'sfirs'floucl1clown. 'S E ORJAKB ANDERSON BOTTOM: Mitchell forces James to fumble on goal line. Tackle 336 A. 5' . if t' Q Rf ' fi K - is N ,Q X. , , If , . , - . I T, eg, i . ' 1 J af f j it v 'tif' A - I-A v-.Viv Xzyqyx g yr I 1 ,mf , .1 4 " ., .Qs-1, ,.,l, 1 u -.f'Qe --' .1 - -. Aiea ' A M g , 'eff' 1 ff" -'U5"y,,f--' ,i::l',f1' F' w' rw . V i- 7-,,.:. f 4 . N H. f nf 4- w. Xc,1':?."'Qv.Vi," ' 'r f fn 'A ' . . 1 I Q I .1 "NV H i -- .dai ,4 fr.,-E-. M . A -- up ijlffafirn-QQ-K.,-P f ' 1, 1 O: ' ffRA3f'lJve4 :BE rylfk ,ia'RQ?3E5g T, "fat ' l a 'Q QT, . :FY gear " f ' 5,71 E x -jf". gf " , I ' S ff.. if 1r',22.' 'NQFX A, - -9-f, ,s . ., , -. .V 3. aw., V 5 f 'X-2 af " 1 -' ,yr liixx . N4 'nf' l'-ff ' r ' 1-e. t ' iw-wif ' , - ' i T' 'X taxi ,. ,, N' - .L px, jk V, may ig, 1 Li 4, ' Q-1 if P ' , ' Xgq---..lf ."""' VJ , o. , KE H , U e . 6 I 655: -' 1 ' 41' - -. FT ' ,en pr f 13 . T .fiest a . 5-lg 'ffm-V KEN OWEN Tackle Fullback GRANT FIELD, Oct. 23.--Georgia Tech's homecoming was considerably dampened by losing an important ball game to u spirited Kentucky team which had evidently been underrated. The Wildcats were definitely tired up for the contest, as they quickly demonstrated by driving to a touchdown on the opening kickoff. Hardy, on fourth and ten, threw to his right end, Mills from Tech's 25-yard line for the score. Throughout the first half the Engineers lacked the steam to de- velop a prolonged drive. The only time the Jackets threatened was in the second quarter when they marched as far as Kentucky's 27. But as the third period began, it looked as though Tech had come to life. Bill Brigman quarterbacked a determined march on passes to Sennett and runs by Humphreys, who was the day's leading ground gainer for the jackets. Then from the 14-yard line Brigman connected with a beauty to Hair for the touchdown. Howevgr, the conversion was missed and Kentucky still led, 7 to . Late in the quarter Tech's big break seemed to have come as Humphreys intercepted a gambling pass by the Wildcats and returned to Kentucky's 20. The Jackets quickly drove down close, but clidn't quite have the punch to push it over as twice Humphreys was hurled back from the two. For the rest of the game Tech desperately tried to muster a drive. But the Wildcats weren't through themselves. Late in the last period they marched for another score as Tech's for- ward wall was still unable to YARDSTICK - K , . K,,,,,,,,.k,. 1-Nh tie up entuc ys persistent l-'init .... 12 ia attack. Q::I3l:flf - - lg? The game ended 13-6. Tech Passes 1'Hlt'lnpfi-il 12 20 was pever ,able to make up --time,.i . . i 9 for its mistakes against a Vnnls ...... 5 T Vnnling Averauui- . . 38.-l 29.9 cohqrligious Kentucky teadn In-imm.-.1. . as W If ad P1HYCCl OHS Of IIS best games of the season. W . ..- ,EH , , 5 'T f " e 1 i -75.5 5 I. .,. .. . FRANK CHRISTY Tackle 337 U? E 'iriess PHENIX 'nf 1 l 7 s TOP: Wildcais surround Teas. BOTTOM: Fierce line action fypical of +he Kenfuclry game. Blockers lead way as Thompson fakes off for 5I yards. DURHAM, Oct. 30.-Tech and Duke ran freely to give the 35,000 fans a thriller and a heart- break not soon to be forgotten. It was defeat in its most brutal form, for Tech had worked under emotional and physical handicaps that robbed them of captain Larry Morris and three seniors. For the first 40 minutes it had been Tech's game. Two touchdown tries petered on the goal line. Duke stopped the first at the one-foot line late in the Hrst quarter, but the Jackets immediately came back only to have a fumble recovered for a touchback and Duke's possession. Again Tech started goalward. jimmy M. Morris covered a Blue Devil fumble on the Tech 44, and after four plays Brigman hit Rotenberry on the 10 and he went into the end zone standing up. Mitchell kicked the extra point. It was Tech 7-O with four minutes left in the first half. The Jackets allowed Duke four plays and took possession of the ball on their own 36. It was Thompson with a startling 51-yard run to the Duke 13 and four plays later Dickie Mattison went in from the one. Mitchell added his second conversion. Tech's third score came early in the third quarter. From Duke's 41 Mitchell completed three straight passes to Bill Sennett and on the third found him in the end zone. Mitchell's conversion was wide. YARDSTICK Up to this point it had been entirely Tech's game, but 2:- , ,x. fd-.-iw 0, ,f z .4 Qui., 7. 1 ff'-,ff ,-5 Q- , A .11 fl". 1 l- Jk'g,p,, if a 1 i EIL-'HEI7 Nl' X-15" 51", fl X as f :gg-3: -pw If-. . ,V-.Q ,, I. .:3,Y,131,. . t , . .3-92.3 i,,.,'.,y..:-if 'L' A,,.,'.', f, Q y .5 4--.-f.-5-1, Q., - ,-4 , - T3 t??'.gr ,x f f V 51.4-fffll Elf' uf ' ' ,,5-215 3 'Z 54.-l.n11f' ggi ,ifgfsgg 3 ' -7 ' 1 ,af fij of I in ftfwef-. 1 , f l ' -2 - . .1,'."9.1 il ' ' P i ,Q-ling: A .- f'1guff,5' -' I - ag , 2 it-Q' 1 ' 7 ff-!,oQl 3' A-.-,5, , , Lffvif N wr 4, 1 at M' V-.,r-:Mr My L17 . , f , l" Y-jtil L, ,. :ill , , r 7- l 1 Xn.'f.",'. V 11 -. . I: . V --sr 9 i, W 7 1 rect, or s f ' '44-L, DUKE f ki A i--5 -, v 20 2I' ' 'X X xx X xg! ' I' ,-Bw A4 u. "' W., ,, .IJ -.5 7,- -5,3 .L ' 'ff . A- ' ' 0 WADE MITCHELL Quarterback it suddenly became Duke's. Under the direction of quarter- Duke Tech back jerry Barger, the Blue Devils found Tech's end zone First Downs . . 15 22 I three times on sustained drives of 66, 65, and S7 yards. 3 Jim Nelson, an injured guard who never played a minute, g:::lfng'AQ,mZ3gg 31 4? kicked the all-important extra point. It was his eleventh Yimls pe"um"d iw 20 extra point in eleven tries that beat Tech 21-20. Maftison climbs Duke's wall for Tech's second touchdown. DON MILLER Guard 'Qt JF.. c GEORGE VOLKERT Halfback Goal line stand furns back Vols in 'third quarler. wif. 1 -' . 'JT X -1--yi Lv --Z '9 A- 1- ff , x, T GRANT FIELD, Nov. 6.-Georgia Tech displayed one of its finest team efforts of the season 5341. ,I 'ls .lg ,LJ in whipping the University of Tennessee before 39,000 fans. ' 'I Q- In the first half both teams scored a touchdown after long drives. The Volunteers turned loose ' W a powerful single wing ground attack featuring the slashing runs of fullback Tracy. As the third quarter got under way the Yellow jackets still were unable to stop Tennessee from grinding out large hunks of yardage. When the Volunteers had marched to a first down at Tech's two-yard line a score seemed unavoidable. But the jacket forward wall suddenly grew tighter. Four I' Q, L ax times the fighting linemen slammed down the Tennessee ball carriers, and then Tech took over. i.1 . . . .r' 1 ,- x r'- 5-,,,' - .. ' , From that point on the Engineers caught hte and showed the most explosive quarter of football :wel fs.F'7t-,cw -9' seen at Grant Field all year. Behind Mitchell, who played a great game along with Brooks, Hair, RAY WILLOCH and Volkerr, Tech then put on a hery, determined drive for 91 yards. Humphreys crashed over G"a'd for the score, his second in the game. A short time later Tech struck again. Mitchell intercepted a Tennessee pass and toted the ball from the Vols' 44 to 7 yards shy of the goal. A splendid jump pass to Hair in the end zone '33 scored the touchdown. , Q And still the Jackets weten't through for the day. The Vols X E YARDSUCK were forced to punt and Volkert caught the ball on Tech's 35. ' 4 If Fm' Downs v u . .1QT"' TQ? The speedy halfback raced down the sidelines behind magnifi- -. l I I cent blocking by paugherty, Ecker, Hair, and Ellis and charged wi- imma Atiempmti , , 5 8 across the goal line. The conversion was good and the final 55,2 Cf"j"'Q'lf-f 5 j 2 score read 28-7. Georgia Tech had hurled out to Tennessee V ' Hur-lint Avmirv . - - 47-7 38 some of the lightning-fast scoring tossed at the Jackets the H l if Yards Permlizutl . . . 30 l5 . 'ill week before in Durham. X , f J U H i 'Q " , , ALLEN ECKER N 5 Guard A ' X , .avi N ' 4-5 2 , , 0 l - " lifln yn QL I , 1 - 4 ':' If IRE I Q ,- .ai f fi' i fu ,Agxffi E - fi . ' I T Mai n xilfr 9 RC A Ari his - 1 l .l t ' , i , 2 1:1 . ,. 4 BEN DAUGHERTY .HM omits BURTO ANT Tackle Cenfe' Quarterback 339 .gl ' sf' f cr f ' V, X f fa iff' 'x "i,f1,"l i ,QV T: J 1 li :fy J l ' . x,f"g-i - m "' ' A E-agNxx',. ,ggi EAN: V I I Am X XT C . ,fix ,j N I! K . gl 1 if ,. -, ,. X j A7 gi: " xx ,W gl t 3 Z :-,- if Mk QQ.-f 5, ,.w9x,4 r ' v, ' lt 1-jiifgr' 0 ff.,---S515-sl' -' ll I VL I , T N" ' WQ- , 1 rgj ,5 gr 4,1 T. M ,. I1 If ifiiiigi L lsiilfliil ' if N I N j 'A--i.a:,:g,:'1. 'sew 'f' 40 ,' ' '- ' , ' -' e - V "Qs: -' , .ww - 3 , wr, , x A-,Tvg,15s1iffi31f-M54 he u figieffefa T 0 N ' '11 I '1',.l ' N rs li if " , H 0 . ix L, I 2, M i -I 4- . . ii, is 's 'A' 3 A ,,, TOMMY eossptee Joi-QNNY MENGER ' Q JH-K .- --" Tackle Ouarferback GRANT FIELD, Nov. 13.-Georgia Tech turned in its best performance of the year to smash the University of Alabama and avenge last year's loss to the Crimson Tide. Before 40,000 fans and a national television audience, Tech exhibited a slashing running game behind some of the most devastating blocking ever seen on Grant Field. The Jackets controlled the ball most of the game, and a tough defense kept Bama's potentially explosive backheld under control. The Engineers demonstrated their power on their second play from scrimmage after Brooks had pounced on an Alabama fumble. Brigman handed off to Paul Rotenberry who slipped through the line and galloped 45 yards down the sideline to score. Throughout the rest of the quarter Tech mustered serious scor- ing threats and kept the Crimson Tide in their own backyard with the aid of fine punt returns by Thompson and one for 55 yards by Johnny Menger. In the last minute of this period the jackets finally struck pay dirt again after starting from Bama's 32 and driving down to the 8. On the next play Thompson, who was stealing the show, fought his way over, under, and through tacklers for a touchdown. Grant converted, and Tech led 15-0. In the second period Alabama produced one determined drive that reached Tech's 17, but here the Jackets tightened and took over on downs. Tech was still good for another strong march. but the drive was stopped just before the half ended when Alabama intercepted a pass at their own 22. After receiving the opening kickoff in the third quarter the Engineers went 60 yards to score their final tally. Mitchell quarter- backed the drive, which was sparked by Humphreys' run for 29 yards on the draw play. Again it was Thompson who did the scoring as he dashed over the goal from 6 yards out. For the remainder of the contest neither team was able to gen! erate a prolonged drive. Several punts were exchanged, with YARDSTICK Alnburnu. Tech First Downs .... 11 18 Rushing Yardage . . 135 214 Passing Yardage . . -16 6-I Passes Allemptml . . 15 ll Passes Completed . . 7 5 Punts ...... 8 5 Punting Average . . 38.6 36.4 Yards Penalized . . . 70 10 Menger doing a fine job for Tech as he continued to keep the Tide at bay for the rest of the afternoon. This will long be rememf beted as a great day for the Yellow Jackets whose team speed and lightning attack won out over an aggressive Crim- son Tide. T ' ' R. - ' C ' ini 555- V I i:-?' , ', A ' My ' ,N Q r ' 3,-, X qx 'f in-fp: V X 2. . TO'P: Humphreys sparks drive for Tech's third 'touchdown on a run for 29 yards. JIM SUMMER BOTTOM: Thompson shines againsi' Crimson Tide. Center 340 4 l .a- 1 3 , 'H "'- ,L " ' -' 2 '1 vi f 4 421 , AX x E r , - sq, , ,. 55 ":r..g.a- l Qt i Q , -... I . 'fa , Y Y I i f' .f ,f 0 f , ' .2 Q t 1 , . v .A 1 K V A A . . V Ki , X , r .Qt A f if fi tgp, a 5, I J" QQCH. -r I - 1 , ' "7 v 5 L., be-e-NORGIA - . 7 A X" N- ,Rf 3 fl Butt SENNETT - ' Xexmg-3 End JIMMIE DURHAM End ATHENS, Nov. 27.-Georgia Tech wound up its 1954 season and received a bid from the Cotton Bowl by defeating the Georgia Bulldogs for the sixth consecutive year. The game was fought bitterly on a raw and rainy day entirely unsuited to Tech's fast, breakaway attack. Georgia, however, was able to move the ball well and dominated offensive play. In the flrst half two Tech fumbles enabled the Bulldogs to attempt a pair of Held goals. The second one was good from the ll-yard line, and Georgia had a 3-point lead. During this time Tech's offense had been stymied completelyg in fact the jackets had not made a first down as the half ended. But lightning struck as the third quarter opened. Georgia re- ceived the kickoff, fumbled on their first playg and Brooks pounced on the ball immediately. Mitchell, on the next snap, threw a beau- tiful pass 19 yards to Hair who snagged it in the end zone. Tech then set about playing a conservative game to defend its precious lead and ultimately did a perfect job of it. The Bullhogs spent the rest of the game rooting back and forth in the mud trying desperately to score. The most serious threat came late in the fourth quarter when Georgia, gambling and gain- ing on fourth downs, drove to Tech's 21. On last down at this point, Thompson flipped Georgia's Clemens into the air on a beautiful tackle and Tech took over. The battle ended a few minutes later. Although Georgia moved the ball as well and charged harder than most teams Tech had faced they still could not cross the Jacket goal line for a score. Menger's superb punting consistently made Georgia start their drives far Idownfield. Defensively, Tech was headed by Brooks and Larry Morris, who received the game's 1 YARDSTICK In-nrgur 'l :wh -1 il Sportsmanship Player Award and was selected the AP's Na- tional Lineman of the Week for his performance. Fil I Dxwns -... I.. . - Rushing' Yardage . . 2l3 54 Thls was .truly a great r-ming Yardage . . :tt 19 game and will be remembered Passes Allcmplc-il . . 7 5 for years to come For some Passes Colnplehral . . .Q l - I T plmls .,A.'. In 9 it was c ever ec strategy Pt-ming Av:-rage . . 3.1.0 33.3 and heads-up footballg but for f . . . -. - lJ""' ""'a"f'?'l - - - 35 15 Georgia fans the Jackets were lucky. v - fi W' I r ' 21 S: l t 2.2 '-" sf. xv ' A .M X f "' CHARLIE i TOP: Dogcafchers at work on opening kickoff. End BOTTOM: Muddy field slows Tech's pony backs. 341 EUTTUII BUUJL 19Ei5 GH. TECH 14 TOP: Ma'Hison pounds Arkansas' line 'ro the two, and on 'the next play . . . BOTTOM: Mitchell sneaks over to score Tech's second touchdown. 342 HRHHHSHS Georgia Tech won its sixth straight bowl game as the Yellow Jackets slapped down the University of Arkansas in Dallas, Texas. Tech gave evidence to 75,000 spectators and millions of TV watchers that she was certainly one of the nation's top teams in 1954 by grinding out the decisive victory over the Razorbacks. Arkansas, the Southwest Conference champion, was rated as a bowl opponent by Coach Dodd second only to Baylor whom Tech defeated in the '51 Orange Bowl. The Yellow jackets' first showing in the game ended in sad frustration as they received the opening kickoff and steadily ground out yardage down to Arkansas' 5-yard line. But here the enemy's defense stiffened and on fourth down Mitchell's field goal attempt was unsuccessful. The Razorbacks took over and immediately began to slash Tech's line with their single wing attack. With plays up the middle and off tackle the Pigs drove 80 yards in 12 plays to score. The touchdown was set up when Walker, at the Tech 24, passed to his wingback at the two-yard line. Then, on the first play of the second quarter Walker dove over the line for the tally. The Engineers threatened again in the last of this period. Starting from their 20 the jackets' offense began to click with Brigrnan quarterbacking and Thompson and Humphreys running well. Down to the 9-yard line the drive carried, but here the result was again disappointment as two passes went incomplete and Brigman was thrown for a loss of 10 yards on fourth down. In the second half Tech changed its offensive tactics and eventually gained complete control of the game. The Jackets, sticking to their ground attack, began to roll the second time they got their hands on the ball in the third quarter. Rotenberry, and Humphreys, who received the game's award for the most outstanding back, ran hard and sparked the march together with a 9-yard pass to Durham which brought the ball down to the Arkansas 8. Humphreys pounded a stubborn Pig line to the 3 on 5 attempts! Then on fourth down, Rotenberry made a brilliant and decisive run, though for only 5 yards, as he dashed around right end and crashed over would-be Sideline view of the Ramblin' Reclcs. . ,955 N Sw . YEARS DAY c0H'0n e0l'gv1g Arkgi-'sas 1 tacklers into the end zone. Mitchell kicked the extra point, making the score 7-6, and for the first time in the game Tech could breathe a little easier. The question was, could Tech now hold the bristling Razor- backs, as the Porkers came back on their first play to gain 18 yards on a pass. The next play settled the matter when Mitchell intercepted a pass and hauled it back to Arkansas' 57. The Engineers soon worked down close again but were stymied at the 19 due to a costly penalty. The Jackets had the ball again in a minute, however, after a poor Arkansas punt went out of bounds on the Porkers' 45. Hunsinger, Thompson, and Mattison led the march as Tech hammered to the half-yard line where Mitchell sneaked it over. Wade then added the PAT making the scoreboard Ll 1 li --. Menger jars a Razorback wi+h a beautiful tackle. read 14-6. Arkansas threatened once more as they reached the Jackets' 27 on passes after a short kickoff. But the Tech defense, which had been outstanding the second half, tightened and held. YARDSTICK Arkun Firsl Downs . . . 10 Rushing Yardage . . H1 Passing Yardage . . 86 Passes Allurnptell . 10 Passes Cnlnplctwl . T Punts .... . -L Punting Average . 30 Yards Pennlizenl . 30 sas .3 Tech 19 285 31 15 4 11 30 30 .0 A few moments later Georgia Tech had won its Fourth bowl in four yearsg this football season was wound upg and the spark- ling careers of lifteen Yel- low Jackets were ended in a glorious game. ,4 bf' .' 4 X 5 George l'l'JmPl'll'6YS. COHOH Bowl's most valuable back. Tech loses four yards in the early minutes of the game. 3-13 mlmemxrss-me a Tmsmxmi mfpgm E X H E mggsm maximum mms E-as gem, 1X,. M H A. W sfiw B222 me me Volker? geis momenfary block and . . +l'1en siiffarms Arkansas' Benson. II'I FUUR VEARS Rofenberry deflecis ball fo break up Razorback pass. Yellow Jackeis sfopped by Carpenfer and Brooks 345 i Saferbalt hir hard by the boys from FSU. Rugged line play by rhe Red Shir-ls, THE The "B" team plays a vital part in the football picture at Georgia Tech. They are the red shirt teams that furnish the dummy material for the varsity to practice against. It is up to the "B" team to learn the trick plays of the next week's Saturday opponent so the varsity won't be caught napping, and they also supply any missing link that the varsity might have. This was important this year when several of the "B" squad moved into the varsity ranks. TEAM Quarterbacked by Dave Redford, Coach Bosson's "B" team had a very successful season by winning all of the three games played. They opened the season by defeating the strong Florida State Seminoles by a score of l9 to 7. They then journeyed to Camp Leguine to defeat the Marines in a hard fought contest of 6 to 0. The final game had all seniors on the squad as captains, and the Jackets downed South Georgia junior College by the score of 54 to 0. Tm' Q--ka-if ' - its 1 w xr M' ala' mu 'aa' 3 me U' -fa' an Tips sian v ii K E rp S LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Sriner, Redford, D. Beard, Puller, Weeks, Dover, Teague, Holland, Brown, R. G. Anderson, Ellis .... SECOND ROW: Carlyle, Bell, Dial, Hinton, Spralle, Eubanks, Bagwell, E. Beard, B. Cochran. McGinnis .... THIRD ROW: Skelly, Saferbak, Sarraff, Sorrells, Vann, O. G. Anderson, Nabors, Metcalf, Bryant, Goodwin, Moore. 346 Tech won the opening game against Clemson Z0-O. Excellent runs by 1?- 'li' -f 5 'wx e l FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Baron, Brooks, Almond, Payne, Thomason, Jones, Noe, Shepherd, V. Vickers, Hixson, Horne, Maynard, T. Rose, Flowers .... SECOND ROW: Johnson, Hupke, Close. Thomas, Stevenson, Rigsby, Smith, Fisher, Odum, Delaney, McAllister, Dinning, Hoover .,.. THIRD ROW: Peabody, Askew, Greer, Logue, Hauck, J. Rose, Robinson, Key, Henry, Stovall, Crawford, P. Vickers, Baum, and Gibbs. THE FRESHIHAII TEAlll The new Freshman team has shown much the same type material that has entered Tech for the past few years. Although they were beaten once for the hrst time in four years, the Baby Jackets, with their powerful backheld and strong line, promise much as future Yellow Jackets. In their three games, they scored eight TDs while holding their opponents to only three. Flowers and Robison accounted for much of Tech's total yardage. Flowers scored on an 80-yard jaunt and later passed to DeLaney for another score. Robison added six more points on a 79-yard scamper in the closing minutes of the game. On November 8 the Freshmen lost to the Auburn Frosh by a 14-6 score for their first defeat since 1949. Stan Flowers was the big gun in the Tech offense as he carried 16 times for 129 yards. The jackets remained scoreless until the last minute and a half of the game. After Bobby Almand's 13-yard kickoff return, two running plays moved the ball to the Auburn 43-yard line. Charlie Maynard then passed to Paul Vickers for the remaining yards and the touchdown. In the annual Scottish Rite game, the Frosh came from behind with an excellent display of running and team blocking to wallop the Uni- versity of Georgia Bullpups 26-6. Flowers led the Tech scoring with three 'touchdowns and a PAT. DeLaney scored another six-pointer, and Denning added an extra point. Flowers oulraces Auburn Freshmen for large gain. Flowers hurdles into end zone lo score against Bullpups. kg X, J! 1 If XSS U 1 t lr x, EDJ. 9' 4 M J. 1 , ,M . 1,-A 'i 49 I-I-"',,,... Q jk' A vw S lk i s 1 A we ff Q. ZAQ' if , lf I .. .Q fl 'ln - Q. 5' f W , ,A - ..- f ,gy ,Jw 'll : -R Sixfu gf nw D VW, 1 .Uri ei-5 ' 'S , 5 . 9 Q X 1 ,ga 'G' U- . u N ai Gels! 5 f I ' E 5 K 6 3- if 35393 4.17" M' W WWL C296 w ,. 3, 4. .M f f ' I . ' -4 ,wr , H ' 2 ' 1 .I i E '-' ' J 2 ex Af 5-4 X , QS ' E.,.:? QL. II' 3' E., Y 1 ,ff ' Q, X ll A v 5 . ,f O H 1-' , ,mpmsm ' .f 'sm' -H QL Essay - 5 H E E .. ..,,.,. 5.41 E E m 5, q 1 H . I Q' N .: Evan ' X nw me aw mm MS ul :X , :lz .... ::: :-:- : -: M21 2 X- B S7 gg ,B R :F 5:5-:-"i::5::.,:E: M w N . gi A. Q + Q55 sayligixx 2' EF? rv X, r- 129142495 lg: .E -Y l 3 Huw . fi:-,-5, grins gm .'g- " f'5Q aaa .Haw 1-:W 'VE K Isa EX asa. sas M ' M' . f 1 1 , T . L, l j - Qfs I ..... : ' fa 1' 45-G ,e . ' 555, Sp wg fa fl .L , ,fm B .I '2XL'e51J"fftY 'if' 'VF , Af., 3 u ,yi Al E? . ' f . , 5 I :.. - it ff WL .Napili E 'vb ,. ffs5+ifkjv5Q If as M mais .Q E E X h.. W. . 5 -H'M1s1g :i w ::,:: f:.,.:. Z E B M. M? X Q :.:. . Q E A 2 aw Kwai lx X . v .m ' -,K H E W SSgp,,,MA, 4 Ss 1 ,, 1 Q H Y .A ig ig Q- in H ...... X W ,Tk r 5 If sg H W f Q V Q B F5 K Wig W' , W Q1 - wg, EX, 1.5 5 Q ' .Waals M Qf:f:-:si -ml .vm mn 7, E M K .Pl -hw 3 gf! ax WJ mmm ,Q H B E wwf QW .ff gww mm: W' M' wx Hww f-f 'N H as ,Y ' 15' . 5.63: Q 2: W 3, -W.. "" Nj Q . 5 5 rf, M Qi - in E 1' N F W: V .4 5 mr H uf K M 5 M AJS' sex glam k ss v 535- .mi N .5 ' if 4 N 'X v Q ggifwh my V LH" E MW 'Z' KW, M E , --A QW Y 45 H Li is QE E1 :??E?:' if if ... gif 1222? N QQ P2 gg N 3? mug Q , 2 vi K :EE U -4? F: E :fix M QW Y mf' ' f' jg? ggi? fig? '21 Q 13 ' " ss' sg ' , yn fa - ga :spy sa ...z f' .:. ws 23 H 1 r uw inf W, E ii mg ,,, i M mn - .4 ..-,p bi., u S L -1 5: aw nu. N ff was an ummm sas mms ms Us aw ,A ,E zz -sw 1 1 Q .6 Q . SW? H 5 w af 5 W E sf m s sa Q .Q K, ss A , v ,Q mga m .za my , sa ara? . Q T if -A, 12 QQ E55 f G' -E? B Qvzfgsg WLEQE Q K. -,J 25 N Z CAPTAIN CHARLIE BRANNON PATTON DOVER BHSEBALL Georgia Tech opened its season with an early trip through Florida. The Jackets played their first game against Stetson and stomped the Halters 14-6. Dave Redford went the route for the Engineers while allow- ing Stetson ten hits. Menger made his debut: by hitting the first home run of the season for Tech. The young Engineers next met Rollins and Ohio State which were among the best teams in the nation. Tech played good ball against both opponents, losing each game by only one run. McCauly and Brannon were the big hitters, each getting 3 for 5. The following encounter was with a very strong Florida nine, and the jackets were defeated 16-5. It seemed that everything the Tech pitchers threw the Gators returned for hits. The next day the Jackets were determined to win, and in that game they turned the tables on the Floridians and routed them by a score of 13-4. Patton, a freshman, was credited with the win while the whole team showed well at the plate and in the field. Upon returning home, the Engineers played and de- feated Mercer in a two-game series. Tech took the first 14-4 as Jordan, another freshman pitcher, received credit for the win. Patton pitched the second game as the Jackets won 9-5. He was supported well afield as Tech executed perfectly four double plays. After the Mercer game the Engineers were host to the Auburn Plainsmen. Tech played well in the first game, but Suce of Auburn pitched fine ball as he held the jackets to five hits, and the Plainsmen won 5-2. zeuesxovucs MENGER 09 1954 O 1112011612: 'Tech Stetson . . . 14 Stetson . . 4 Rollins . . . 5 Ohio State . . 10 Rollins . . . 5 Florida . . 5 Florida . . 15 Mercer . . 14 Mercer . . 9 Auburn . . 2 Auburn . . 6 Kentucky . . 9 Kentucky . . 3 Florida . , 5 Florida . . . 6 Vanderbilt . . 1 Vanderbilt . . S Georgia . . , 1 Georgia . . 3 Auburn . , 9 Auburn . , 9 Georgia . , 0 Georgia . , 0 In the second game of the Auburn series Tech evened the count by winning 6-4. Patton went the distance for the Engineers and allowed only 8 hits. The next weekend Kentucky came to Atlanta to meet the jackets and were shut out in the first game by the excellent pitching of Dave Redford. He allowed the Wfildcats only 3 hits while Cohen batted in runs and was the big man at the plate. 1 HL "I7E'li lm D l 7 - ' Q 1 L 1 . A. ' ' ' ' L' ' V' , ,mit filif-1" Fl LL M' M CGARR OPP 6 4 6 11 6 16 4 4 5 5 4 0 4 15 3 2 4 3 7 6 21 5 5 Safe ai' firsl. In the second game, however, Kentucky scored in the first and second innings to defeat the jackets 4 to 5. Later in the season Tech again met Florida and split a two-game home stand. In the hrst game, which Florida took by a score of 15-5, Bob McCauley was the big man with the stick as he collected 3 hits for 5 times at bar, the third being a home run in the ninth inning. Bran- non also collected a home run in the ninth while Morris hit one in the lifth. JORDAN REDFORD 353 --E . ' J in .' Q - X X. lfif -z.: " - -:f--V - 2.215 , j . -7 KP - J sf a gi . Qi N i 3 .: C :".gihgig 'E' E Q M Xa -.,. ,EQ :,. 'f . LAL 92 Z 5 l . s 1 it- ! .H . Erika I 5 . . . T . I U-W Top: Team congralulaies Morris on four-bagger. BoHom: Georgia's Parish gets a hir. Q 1954 Patton pitched line ball in the second game, lim- iting Florida to 4 hits and 3 runs while Tech was pounding out 13 hits and 6 runs. Tech hit the road again, and in Nashville a hard- fought game with Vanderbilt was taken by the Com- modores in the bottom half of the seventh. Both Redford for Tech and Hawkins for Vandy allowed only 5 hits, but the Commodores bunched two of theirs together to push two runs across and win 2-1. Patton again took the final contest in the two- game series with Vanderbilt. He scattered eight hits over the seven innings to limit the home team to 4 runs. In the meantime Tech was pounding the Commodores for 13 hits and 8 runs. The jackets split again in the next two series with Georgia and Auburn. In the final two games of the season, Georgia took both by beating Redford and Patton. This was an important series for the Bull- dogs who were being pushed for the Southeastern Conference championship. Huston and Foster both shut out the jackets while their teammates scored 5 runs in the first game and 3 in the second. Coach Pittard is expecting fine work from the Jacket team in '55. He has several sophomores and juniors who played regular ball throughout the '54 season and who should be improved enough to give Tech a winning combination. 55 i. : .i . t-sa Jllllnii r ef. . ,QML . :lg LW. LW in wig, - til? ,7WaUfii-as-,I . 2: a' ' .f 'aft 1 "'f,521?Z1n-x"N'3-Ja!!-r ai-New --mi if i it iv ii D. A fsysaiwr A. r t-.gas-'Q 1 , gat: 'Iva 1"" J Wi ,J.L, 5 Xwg, S H -1g-W ire- .fa wg" . 52' ' i " rw .,-f-aw-tara 'a wma .W 25 ,4-.amnfgww -3 F an-ww sf M aiia tai-WWW 155, M-- lki- .K EAiU.:.sw X- VANN MCCAULEY AKER5 BASEBHLL Bill Cohen sfrefches for fhe pufouf. Brannon, safe ai first ,-' K 'Sf' 'Rf sk A , 4 x'?5:?s7x'ff,Psw 'Mg ' f zwyi? , f x I , K POTTER MacGREGOR COHEN 355 DICK D-EVANE H ll CARL VEREEN TRHEH The Tech thinclads of '54, primarily a sophomore and junior dom- inated team, showed a great deal of improvement over the '55 club and gave promise of an even better showing in 1955. Although the trackmen failed to win any meets they did occasionally display championship form in certain events. Opening the season with the Invitational Indoor Meet at Chapel Hill, N. C., the Yellow Jackets placed fourth out of eight colleges in a non- conference division. Freshman Carl Vereen captured Tech's only first place, in the shot put. Georgia Teclfs only bright spot of the Florida Relays was Vereen's line showing in the shot and discus. Next came the Southern Relays in Birmingham, Ala. Coach Dean's team showed well, considering the stiffer opposition, as the Freshman sensation from Miami, Fla., Carl Vereen, garnered a hrst place in the shot with a heave of 51' 5W" and second in the discus with a throw of.l51' 5lfq". The sprint medley team placed second for Tech's other points. The Florida dual meet was a repeat of last year's route as the much more experienced Gators soundly beat the Engineers 108 to 28. Rusf off io a good sfarl' on ihe low hurdles. JACK KEEN Joi-iN :mlm FRANK Rust 356 1954 A week later in a quaclrangular meet between Georgia, Miami, and Loyola of New Orleans the jackets placed second with 41 points behind Loyola who amassed 72 points. Vereen, one of three double event winners for the day, was one of the individual scoring leaders. Other Hrst places in the meet were taken by Don Tettlebach in the mile run, and Jack Keen who tied for first in the pole vault. The following week the Engineers placed second in a triangular meet with Georgia and F.S.U. when the Bulldogs won the meet with a last- minute victory in the javelin after Tech had led all the way. Georgia Tech recorded firsts in the shot, discus, 100, 220, mile, two mile and 440 relay. Vereen set a new record in both of his specialties as did Don Tettlebach in the mile. Tech's first and last home meet of the season was with Auburn's power- house, led by Jackie Cteel and Jim Dillon. The Tigers swamped the Techmen 90-36 as they took firsts in 12 of 14 events. The Yellow Jacket trackmen wound up their regular season finishing iixthhin the S.E.C. meet at Birmingham as Auburn nosed out L.S.U. or t e tit e. Savage sets the pace for Tech in the mile run. War Eagles fly high. MARTIN TORRANCE l TOMMY mum Hue:-1 TANNEHI-tt WKE CAD, 357 .4f.-n l FRONT ROW: Willy Moss, Harry Keslner, Bill Winn, Sonny Baumgarclner, Joe Walker, Ray Scarpeffe and Harlan Trammell .... MID-DLE ROW: Manager Dave Moore, Homer Herrick, Sam Van Leer, Assistant Coach Herb McAuley, Coach Fred Lanoue, John Worm and Bobby Ballard .... TOP ROW: Jack Leverefle, Norman Lee, Tom Brown, Bob Browne and Mike Charles. Georgia Tech's '55 swimming team, led by Co-Captains Bob Browne, Sammy Van Leer and Joey Walker copped four of seven dual meets, placed third in the S.E.C. Meet, took fourth in the Georgia A.A.U. Meet and placed fifth in the Southern Regional Invitation Intercollegiate Swimming and Diving Championships. The jackets minus the services of Bob Browne captured the opening meet of the season, dropping Citadel 46-58. Firsts were taken by Mike Charles in the 220-yard free-style, Sonny Baumgardner in the 50-yard free-style, Sammy Van Leer in the 150-yard individual medley, Bobby Ballard in the diving event, joe Walker in the 100-yard free-style, and Dick Davis in the 440-yard free-style. The Georgia Bulldogs with a shade too much depth were led by Hal Stolz in beating Tech 45-39 even though joe Walker won both sprint events and swam anchor leg on the 440-yard free-style relay team to aid Tech's efforts. Hitting midseason the Engineers improved their record, taking three straight meets by defeating Kentucky, Vanderbilt, and Emory. All were close meets and required real team victories. Following this the Techmen were routed by a powerhouse F.S.U. team, losing by the score of 16-68. Next the jackets placed fifth in the Southern Regionals due to the fine efforts of Bob Browne, joe Walker, Mike Charles, and the medley and 400-yard free-style relay teams. In losing to Florida the Tech swimmers gave a good account of themselves as they gave the favored Gator mermen a real battle. The Georgia A.A.U. Meet pitted most of the entrants in the Southern Regionals together again and Tech showed its im- provement by coming up a notch to fourth place. The Jackets closed out the season by taking third place in the S.E.C. behind the strong squads of Georgia and Florida. Tech tallied 71 points on the strength of Browne's first in the 1500-meter event and two other places, and the excellent swimming of Mike Charles, Sammy Van Leer, and Joey Walker. Sl!! ages e e Sf :S ,, ,r . N F '-" ' . - ran hit 2 - ., .,.. T- --.':i, : - .,., -'.' ' ' -N55 ' iw, . or R 'X 1 "ai fit.. L M. , Z Y II, a5L"' ...-r- --ff ' ,ii ee - . 1' '24 ' .0 " - :gr f-e,,'T".iJ ' " I' . -.-gala' airs., 1+ ' ". asf" ' r' co-cAPrA1N SAM VAN LEER CO-CAPTAIN Joe wAtKen co-CAPTAIN nos anowns 358 I SWIMMING 1955 OPPONENT TECH OPPONENT Citadel . . . 46 38 Georgia . . . 39 45 Kentucky . . 43 40 Vanderbilt . . 45 38 Emory . . . . 45 41 Florida Stare . . . 16 68 Southern Regional . . 5th Florida .... . 35 49 Georgia AAU . . . 4th S.E.C. . . . . 5rd Diver Jack LevereHe goes oFF ihe high board . Hg A mfg yffr i Z- M A H 3 ,IM J E M EH mms 'A Wu Q f it. s ' . H w,' miss: 1: Tom Brown. Team pracfices relay. CRUSS EUUIITRV 1955 Tech 28 . .... Alabama 3 1 Tech 19 . . Bryan University 59 Tech 28 . . . Tennessee 27 T Tech 2 O . . Mercer 41 I Tech 30 ......... Florida 26 referee Tech 73 37 TOP Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: s d , n ++, o , ww , J , H n ..,. so : , Adams, Mcclung, Powers, sm citing cofiauizlfs eorfrfvane 'son ones we WOM ROW S.E.C.-Fm: Place - ......... Auburn The Georgia Tech cross country team of Coach Griffin successfully defended its Southeastern Conference championship in the annual conference meet. This makes the second straight year that the Tech harriets have upset the powerful squads in the conference. Paced by Captain Bill Orth, Tech had substantial wins over Alabama, Bryan University, Mercer and Auburn. Losses came from Florida and a close one from Tennessee to make a four-two record. The Auburn squad was considered to be the best in the S.E.C., but the Engineers captured the meet by a score of 23 to 37 and the momentum carried them through the S.E.C. meet. In this meet the Tech harriers had a low of 38 points to finish ahead of Tennessee, Auburn, Florida and Alabama. Bill Orth and james Goode consistently finished in the top five runners and are to be considered when mention is made of a most valuable runner. in is is w ,. at E 1 -W' 1' Y-A4 -1 I E' ' ., A' B' , 'W f- - m B, A algae W s me snags Eggisgr-fwxa my is Ta E is EVEN I i 'i swiss B .M ,. JAMES soooe CAPTAIN Blu. ORTH TED cook 360 TEIIIIIS 1954 SCHEDULE Tech jacksonville Naval Air Station Tech . . . University of Florida Tech . Florida State University Tech . . University of Georgia Tech ..... Auburn Tech ...... Emory Tech . . University of Florida Tech . Florida State University Tech . . University of Indiana Tech . University of Georgia Tech . . University of Alabama Tech . University of Tennessee Tech . University of Tennessee Tech . Louisiana State University LEFT TO RIGHT: Van Leer, Bortell, McAlIisfer, Jones, Heisel, and Arrington The tennis reams of Georgia Tech have been showing improvement in each of the past three years. The team of 1954 showed a remarkable improvement. With the return of five lettermen and the addition of a freshman the team won 8 matches and lost 6 against strong competition. The main strength of the team lies in its all-around ability, all men being of the same calibre. In the Southeastern Conference Tennis Tournament, Tech finished fifth in a field of twelve schools. Probably the outstanding performance of the season was the play of sophomores Earle Bortell, -Ir. and Jack Heisel. Bortell went into the finals in his bracket of the tournament and Heisel was defeated in the semi-finals. With a neucleus of four lettermen-jack Heisel, Earle Bortell, jr., Sammy Van Leer, Lee jones, and the addition of two outstanding transfers-Mike Tierney and Nelson Arrington, Tech should continue its improvement during the 1955 season. SAMMY VAN LEER MACK McALLISTER 361 A li JACK HEISEL ww' EARL BORTELL . . A . -x .,..d r-' -' -1' wr. .., M-..n,.., . Q, -Y , f qua.. . -...A - nv1"rE"'--K . I 'S " 4 T f-j,yTg'r'9t' 9 ' 'r 'V . 1-, Nz... .iigixf John Maddox and Ned Edge. GULF 1954 Tech's golf team had the best season during the Spring of 1954 that it has had in years. In regular season competition we won 7 and lost 2. Our play in the Southern Intercollegiate and Southeastern Conference Tour- nament at Athens was very creditable. Some of the best golf teams in the United States participate in this tournament which is also for the S.E.C. team cham- pionship. Our total team score was 607 and good for tenth place in the tournament and fifth in the S.E.C The tournament team was composed of the following four men who made the lowest score of Tech's nine entrants: Skin Edge, Ned Edge, Richard Edwards, and George johnson. All of these golfers with the exception of Skin Edge are in school this year and will have the opportunity of making the team for 1955. SCHEDULE Tech 21 .... Emory University 6 Tech 19 . . University of Tennessee 8 Tech 15 . ...... Auburn 12 Tech 21M . . Emory University SW Tech 17 . . Vanderbilt University I0 Tech 12 ........ Auburn 15 Tech 15 . . Florida State University 12 Tech 9 . . University of Georgia I8 Tech 17 . . University of Tennessee 10 .LM . 'QL4 wi 4 t. ,z-117 mists? .1 .- .. W", Tyr, I-fa. ' - - sr-, Ii. , -l' . 1, I-'55 1 . Y --r was se ,M --in ,' 1? 'Y 1ker:15.,,??'XQ Gabe Hill and Dick Edwards. '- -'x fy.. . 1, 36 2 'vs . - ,... . ,.. .. ., . . .3-.aif...44?',,,,. A. tl ,J Q f .4qf"jg. i-'J ,'!1'- A V 9 .tml ,eg .ff ' 1, QW- S, gs. , J. -. af 1 , 4"' if-.Q-",+,,." , . HLA' oi- Edwards gives Hill advice on new grip. 1955 THE Elllll Caveny performs on fhe horse. Gymnastics at Georgia Tech was dealt a severe blow as four of the team were declared ineligible because of grades at the end of the past quarter. With this great handicap Coach Lyle Welser's team plunged into one of its toughest seasons. Journeying north for its opening dual meets with Navy at Annapolis and Army at West Point, the scrappy Tech squad came out on the short end of the scores as both military reams displayed unusual gymnastic strength. Returning for their first home competition, the unclermanned Jackets suffered their worst defeat of the season at the hands of the experienced University of Illinois, Navy Pier team, but the following weekend, the determined Tech team rebounded to turn in two of the season's closest meets with Duke, 49-42, and the University of North Carolina, 58M-36M. In Coach Welser's Kaseofe shows perfecf 'Form on The high parallels. opinion the team turned in its best performance of the season against powerful North Carolina. In its final dual meet of the season against the talented and perennially potent national champions, Florida State University, the Jacket gymnasts bowed as the Seminoles captured six first place honors to win the competition. Tech's Jimmy North, co-holder of the SIGL rope climbing record of 4.3 seconds, prevented an FSU sweep of first places by winning the rope climb. Co-captained by juniors Leonard Caveny, holder of the Georgia A.A.U. side horse title, and George Kaseote, high and parallel bar specialist, the Tech squad played host to the Southern Intercollegi- ate Gymnastics League championships in the Tech gym on March 12. Amassing a total greater than all the other teams put together, defending champions Florida State rolled up 109 points to suc- cessfully defend its SIGL title. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO.RlGHT: Ferry Peck, Charlie Homan, Rupert LeCraw, Charles Hays and Ming Chew .... BACK ROW: Co-Captain George Kaseofe, James North, Rcberf Bohannon, Shelby Barre, Franklin vProsser, Joe Hutchison, George Chandler and Co-Capfain Leonard Caveny. 363 Qi. r ,, inert? TEAM FIGHT HEAD CHEERLEADER BOBO DAVI'S BOBO DAVIS JIM GIDDINGS DON PERRIN HARRY 'STEVENS MIKE TANNENBAUM CHEERLEIIIJERS Witli a big back Hip and a "Give 'Em Hell, Tech," the cheerleaders instantly bring forth the competitive spirit of the Tech cheering sec t l tion. The squad deserves a great deal of credit for their aid to football team throughout the season. Practice for cheerleaders beg' in the Spring quarter. After weeks of coordinating yells and acroba stunts, a final performance is held before the Ramblin' Reck Club. T Recks select the cheerleaders for the coming year on the basis of th showing in this performance. A completely new group was facing the cheering section this ye The squad was captained by sophomore "Bobo" Davis. Assisting "Bobo very capably were jim Giddings, Don Perrin, Harry Stevens, a Mike Tennenbaum. During the year the squad made two trips. They were on to lead rousing pep rally on Saturday morning in the Duke quadrangle Durham, N. C. They were also present at the Tech-Georgia game Athens, Georgia. Throughout the cold, rainy afternoon their spii were never dampened, as they cheered the Techsters to a mud-soal victory over the University of Georgia. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobo, Harry, Jim, Mike, and Don. Q rj . c PX. Ahhl. . . Who said if wouIdn"I' be raining in All-lens? U4 Intramural: play an important part in the life of Tech Jtutierzty. Keen competition bringx out the exertion ax flaown in thi: picture. RHLS az ern 365 TOP: ATO's reign again as school sofiball chem BOTTOM: PrescoH reaches 'For +I-ne ball on a close play at third. ,na sown M54 Competition in the intramural softball leagu was very keen this year. Again it was a case which pitcher could hold out the longest. In the Fraternity playoffs, the winners each league met to vie for the title of Fraterni champion. Representing the Gold League w Alpha Tau Omega. Kappa Sigma was first the White League, Phi Kappa Tau led tl Tornado League, and Phi Sigma Kappa was 4 top in the Yellow Jacket League. Alpha T: Omega, with fine pitching by Bop Sharp, wc the title. Kappa Sigma was a close second, and Phi Kappa Tau copped third place. In the ISO League, the Pan-American C11 fought its way to the Independent champion- ship. The ATO's turned on the power in the final game of the softball playoffs to drop the Pan- American Club and gain the title of school champions. J ......... . Fouled off n 'I-ugh? game befween independents. Taul6 makes if back 'lo firsl for Pan Americans. 366 OFF +o a fast start in lhe 220. W As the intramural track meet progressed, spectators suddenly became aware that they were witnessing a neck-and-neck battle between Alpha Tau Omega and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. First it was Hall winning the 100-yard dash for the SAE's. Then Rabun and Sherman took first place honors for the ATO's in the 220- and 440-yard dashes respec- tively. SAE won the 440-yard relay, and ATO took the shuttle hurdle relay. The ATO's also won the 880-yard relay. Sigma Chi had wins in the mile run and in the high jump, while Beta Theta Pi took first place in the 880-yard run. Tau Epsilon Phi won the broad jump, and Kappa Sigma took home the bacon in the shot put event. Alpha Tau Omega won first place over Sigma Alpha Epsilon by a slim one-point margin. The top three were: ATO, 32g SAE, 31g BTPi, 18.5. Sherman, Morrison, and Shaw in a phoio finish. 367 Confusion? No, i+'s+l1e Shuffle Hurdle Relay Q54 Dupree lines ii up. Gene Wallace sei fo drive. Fine weather in the spring helps make golf one of the most popular sports during that time of the year, and so was the case here at Tech. In the intramural program each fraternity was al- lowed six men to play a qualifying round to determine the flight in which the individual player was to be placed. The flights ranged from one, called the championship, through the fifth flight. Round Robin play took place in each flight, and points were given for each match won. Additional points were awarded for the flight winners, and the total points received by each fraternity Mike Tierney. school individual's champ. determined the team championship. Montgomery of Chi Phi was the winner of the championship flight and thus school champion. Winners of the other five flights in order were: L. Comer, SAE, Bill Dupree, SAE, Phil Roberts, Delta Tau Delta, Gene Wallace, ATO, and Roy McCrorey, Chi Phi. Chi Phi took the overall team championship while Alpha Tau Omega and Sigma Alpha Epsilon placed second and third respec- tively. Fourth place ended in a tie between Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Chi. . Q54 aw' As is the custom during the Spring Quarter, and 1954 was no exception, Peters Park courts suddenly became alive with action as the tennis intramurals got under way. The activity continued throughout the whole quarter as there were many competitors to be eliminated. As the quarter wore away, competition became tougher and tougher in the battle for the individual championship until Mike Tierney of Phi Sigma Kappa emerged victorious and was crowned school champ. The SAE's captured the team title beating out ATO, Beta Theta Pi, and the Kappa Sigs who finished second, third, and fourth, in that order. 368 M W0 Q54 Volleyball, which has now become one of the most popular of the intramural sports, ended the season in such a close finish that two teams were chosen from each league to play in the round robin tourna- ment. The two teams from the Gold League, Phi Delta Theta and Alpha Tau Omega, finished first and second, in that order in the fraternity playoffs while Phi Sigma Kappa finished third. The Geechee Club of the Independent League again came up with a strong team and Won out over the Pan American Club. However, in the championship game between the Frats and Independents, the Phi Delts came through for the Greeks to defeat the Geechee Club and reign as school champs. Semi-finalisf Guthrie shows his form. is was ft':,fH'mwQm 'T .. E ,,,,,,,,,aa,m ga rms xgajfg -swgitggsws wssgji?-H mmswig I ' fm ' ggi -Us ,MMS .mm ggi., 2 .H yggsws mm Ms - ,V -E55 -' Shorty lumps high fo 'Hp H over. ATO's and SAE's in a +igh+ match. 369 Fisher dribbles down court for Theta Xi. MM M' g M55 This year's basketball season had another successful year in Georgia Tech's intramural sports program with many teams competing and many exciting games being played. The surprise team of the year turned out to be the Newman Club which finished first in the Dribble League and eventually won the school crown. Actually, the Independents boasted several line teams including the Geechees and the Loafers, but the Newman Club had the best record and won the right to play the fraternities' champion for the school title. In the Round Robin Tournament, Phi Delta Theta Laid up for +wo more points. 37 won out over Tau Epsilon Phi and Lambda Chi Alpha, winners of the Tornado and the Wliite Leagues, respectively. The game for the crown between the Round Robin winner and the Independents winner was a thriller from the start with both teams scrapping all the way. In the end however, the Newmans outscored the Phi Delts 71 to 67 and emerged Intramural Champs. All hands grab 'For ball. Amid much splashing and shouting in the Georgia Tech pool, Beta Theta Pi captured the team cham- pionship in intramural swimming for 1954 by amass- ing 50 points. They were followed by the S.A.E.'s with 39W points and Phi Delta Theta M of a point back. The A.T.O.'s placed fourth with 24 points and S.P.E. garnered 1895 points for fifth place. In taking the title the Betas won the 200-yard Medley Relay, the 100-yard Free-style, and the Tug- of-War. Members of the relay team were Walker, Shepardson, Bob Steele, and Dick Steele. Dick also won the 100-yard Free-style. Adamson of Phi Delta Theta won the 75-yard Medley, placed a distant second to Carrol of A.T.O. in the Treading with Weights event and was a mem- ber of the Phi Delts' winning 200-yard Free-style Relay team. Seaborn of Phi Kappa Sig took first in the fancy diving, closely followed by Stribling of Phi Delta Theta, and Creson of S.A.E. won the Plunge for distance covering 61 feet. lniramural swimmers off fo a flying sfari Befas' Shepardson receives his trophy. Two Frafs baffle E+ oui' in fug-of-war. 371 All eyes on finalists of frog stand for lime evenl. An enthusiastic group of gymnasts turned out to compete in the intramural gym meet held near the end of the winter quarter and put on a spirited if not spectacular show. Points were awarded the hrst six contestants in each event with the winner receiving a maximum of seven. A close contest resulted between the Kappa Sigs and the A.T.O.'s for the high-point trophy, but Alpha Tau Omega eventually amassed a total of 57 points to 53 for Kappa Sigma and emerged the victor. Third and fourth places Q55 were taken by Phi Delta Theta and Pi Kappa Alpha, respectively. The meet's high-point man was Davis of A.T.O. who won Firsts in the horizontal and parallel bars events and sparked A.T.O.'s win- ning team along with lvy and Pardue. Kappa Sig was paced by a foursome of Baker, Watts, Turner, and Kenney who together scored 29 of their fraternity's 53 points. Other first place winners were Stribling, a Phi Delt, in the flying rings, and Pike of PiK.A. in rumbling. Conners performs on high parallels for SAE. Good form shown in fumbling. This year's football season saw two new powers rise in the intra- mural ranks. The Geechee Club, winners of the independent league, met the Greeks' champion, Kappa Sigma, in the final game of the playoffs and emerged as the school football champions. This was the first time in many years that an independent organization has won the crown. The Kappa Sigs had gained the right to play in the final game by winning the round-robin tournament where they defeated Phi Delta Theta 6-0 in the finals. S.P.E. tied the Phi Delts for second A hard charging line rushes SAE bacltfielcl. place while Phi Sigma Kappa, winner of the Yellow Jacket league, was fourth. On December 14, the school championship game was played as usual on a muddy held which prevented a high scoring contest. The Geechee Club played the best defensive game, and consequently won the hard-fought battle by a score of 8-0. It turned out that football was again one of the most hotly con- tested and widely observed sports of the intramural program. Some 54 teams participated in this event. a . zu- 1 l 1 Cohen furns end for Tau Epsilon Phi. Baffed down incomplete. 373 Please observe 'Foul line. . 00057 Introduced and sponsored by the I.F.C. for the first time this year in Georgia Tech's intramural sports program was the popular game of table tennis. Each fraternity has always had its own ping pong champ, and this winter he was given a chance to compete with other Greeks and win valuable I.F.C. points for his fraternity, Each Frat was allowed a certain number of men to compete in the tournament, and the winner was determined by the total number of games won by all its players. The boys from Kappa Sigma had the winningest ways and copped Hrst place in this de- partment. Runners-up in a three-way tie for second place were Sigma Phi Epsilon, Phi Sigma Kappa, and Alpha Tau Omega. The individual crown Went to Mike Tierney of Phi Sigma Kappa who defeated all his opposition and finally Sigma Phi Epsilon's Erwin Gudelsky in the final game. 66 90355 Body english helps. The Delta Sigma Phi's posted a total score of 2501 to win the school bowling championship which took place during the winter quarter. The Sigma Chi's with a total of 2461 pins took second place, and Sigma Phi Epsilon with a total of 2441 placed third. The championship was determined by the highest total of the scores from the five-game playoffs between the winners of each individual league. Winners in the leagues were Sigma Chi from the Gold, Sigma Phi Epsilon from the White, Phi Delta Theta from the Yellow Jacket, and Delta Sigma Phi from the Tornado. W. L. Green of Sigma Phi Epsilon was top bowler in the league with an average of 108 pins per game, which is a respectable score for the game of duckpins. -if 51 .X ... A shot of T6Cl1'S newesl' intramural, ping pong. 374 Hardie and Neal fake the finals in intramural paddleball. Single matches for a good warm-up. at Jim Richardson finishes fha 2-mile cross-country in I I:34. When paddleball replaced wrestling in the Intramural sports repertoire two years ago, no one had any idea of the popularity which this challenging sport would gain. This popularity was certainly in evidence this year as a large number of 2-man teams turned out to compete for the paddleball title and those precious I.F.C. points. One unbeatable combination appeared on the courts to dominate the com- petition from the outset. Utilizing the best-two-out-of-three games system to determine each match, Hardie and Neal of Beta Theta Pi advanced through the ranks without losing a single game to capture the crown by defeating Rinell and Turner of Phi Sigma Kappa in the finals. OM' jim Richardson of Kappa Sigma covered the 2.1-mile course laid out for the annual intramural cross-country race in 11 minutes and 34 seconds to take top individual honors. He was followed by Malcolm Walker of Beta Theta Pi, Charlie Peckinpaugh also of Kappa Sigma, jack McFarland of Pi Kappa Alpha and Larry Haller representing Delta Sigma Phi. As usual a large field was scattered far and wide behind the five medal winners. The team championship was taken by Beta Theta Pi who pushed Sigma Chi, the defending champs, into second place, The Kappa Sigs and A.T.O.'s were deadlocked for third place. Sigma Alpha Epsilon and Pi Kappa Alpha took fourth and fifth places, respectively. 375 CLASSES GRHIJUHTE STUDENTS GRAHAM' CANCELLIERE LIGON . ABRAMS, WALTER G. . . Philadelphia, Pa. Textile Engineering ALLEN, LEE T. ....... Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering BABB, RAMON L. . . . Warner Robins, Ga. lnclnstrial Engineering BAILEY, CLIFFORD D. .... Atlanta, Ga. Physics BENNETT, WILLIAM C. . . . Marietta, Ga. Electrical Engineering BIERMAN, JOHN B. ..... Tyler, Texas Chemical Engineering BOBO, BARHAM F. ..... Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering BOULWARE, JESSE M. . . . Memphis, Tenn. Aeronautical Engineering BURNS, HARRIS, JR. . . . Birmingham, Ala. Chemical Engineering CALHOUN, WILLIAM W. . . Sylvester, Ga. lnilnxtrial Engineering CANCELLIERE, FRANCIS P. II Williamsport, Pa. Textile Engineering CARROLL, HARLAN L .... Bremen, Ga. Inclnftrial Aflanagement CELIKIZ, GULTEKIN . . . Istanbul, Turkey Textile Engineering CERNY, JOHN C. .... Punta Gorda, Fla. Industrial Management CHALLAIN, LEONARD . . Olympia, Wasll. Textile Engineering HOWELL E. GRAHAM . , , , p,fm,1e,,, FRANCIS CANCELLIERE . . , Vi6e-P,m,ie,,,g WALTER M. LIGON . . . . Secrelary SIDNEY GOLD . . . Trearnrer GOLD Abrams Allen Babb Bailey Benneh' Blermarr Bobo Boulware Burns Calhoun Cancelllere Carroll Celikiz Cemy Challain 378 Christopher Clark Culbreih Franklin Gasser Gold Houseman Jones Keagy Lig on Lowi Lowry I CHRISTOPHER, BEN G. ..... . Civil Engineering CLARK, ROBERT A. ...... . City Planning CULBRETH, LARKIN F., JR. . . . . Mathernaticr DAY, RALPH L. ........ . Indnrtrial Management DIAMOND, JAMES H. ...... . Chernirtry ERGLE, JOHN L ......... Chemical Engineering FISCHER, JOHN A. ....... . Industrial Management FISCHER, LOUIS J ......... Civil Engineering Day Diamond Ergle Fischer, J. Fischer, L. Gordon Graham Green Hohensfein Holcombe Keely Kirk Kiffle Lambourne Levine Lucky Mauldin Miller Morcos Morgan, J. . Douglas, Ga HOUSEMAN, E. O., JR ....... . Brunswick, Electrical Engineering . Montclair, N. J. JONES, ALFRED H. ........ . . Atlanta, . . Edison, Ga . . Decatur, Ga . Vero Beach, Fla. Spartanburg, S. C. . Scotch Plains, N. J. . Ozone Park, N. Y. 0 FRANKLIN, JAMES R. ........ Chattanooga, Tenn. Architecture GASSER, FRITZ W. ...... . Phyricr GOLD, SIDNEY ......... Industrial Management GORDON, WILLIS G. . . . . . . Inclnrtrial Management . . Bern, Switzerland Jackson Heights, N. P. . . Atlanta, Ga. GRAHAM, HOWELL E. .......... Jasper, Tenn. Indnrtrial Managern ent GREEN, EUGENE W. ...... . Inrlnxlrial Engineering HOHENSTEIN, CHARLES L., JR. . . . Inrlastrial Engineering HOLCOMBE, WILLIAM H., JR. . . . . Electrical Engineering . . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Savannah, Ga. . . Mr. Vernon, Va. Electrical Engineering KEAGY, ROBERT B. .......... Portsmouth, Electrical Engineering KEALY, HINMAN L. P ....... . . Chicago, City Planning KIRK, BRADLEY S. ........ . Thomasville, Chemical Engineering KITTLE, BENJAMIN L. ........... Boyd, C ini! Engineering Ga. Ga. Va. Ill. Ala. Ky. LAMBOURNE, R. D ......... Salt Lake City, Utah Electrical Engineering LEVINE, ZELVIN ......... . . Savannah, Chemical Engineering LIGON, WALTER M. ....... . . Toccoa, Chemical Engineering Ga. Ga. LOWI, ALVIN N. ........ .... G aclsden, Ala. Mechanical Engineering LOWRY, TERRELL N. ......... . Laurel, Miss. Electrical Engineering LUCKY, LEWIS J., JR. ........ Port Wentworth, Civil Engineering Ga. MAULDIN, JAMES H. ....... . Panama City, Fla. Phyrics MILLER, HERBERT L. ........ . Decatur, Ga. Inclnxtrial Management MORCOS, FIKRY N. ........ . Cairo, Egypt Architecture Design MORGAN, JOHN E., JR. ...... . Knoxville, Tenn. lnclnxtrial Management - ' ' GRHDUHTES MORGAN, THOMAS W. ...... . Electrical Engineering MULLINS, JOSEPH C. .......... Thomaston, Ga. Chemical Engineering PARRISH, EMORY C. ........ . Adel, Ga. Civil Engineering PARTRIDGE, ALLYN B. . ..... . . . Atlanta, Ga. Mathematicr POWERS, SIDNEY A ......... Elizabethton, Tenn. Aeronautical Engineering PRIKEL, KLAUS .......,.... Graz, Austria Industrial Engineering RAI, P. BI-IAGWANDHS ........ Hangalore, India City Planning ROBERTS, CLIFFORD L. .......... Atlanta, Ga. Indurtrial Management RYAN, JAMES W ............ Orange, Texas Electrical Engineering SCHARDT, BRUTON B. ........ East St. Louis, Ill. Electrical Engineering SECKMAN, JOHN R. ....... . Industrial Management SHARP, ROBERT M .... ..... Chemical Engineering SIGURDSSON, GUNNAR ........ Reyujavik, Iceland Civil Engineering SIMMONS, JOHN W. III . ....... Brunswick, Ga. Electri:al Engineering SIMOND, RENE F ......... Lausanna, Switzerland Electrical Engineering SOLER, EDWARD M. ....... San Juan, Puerto Rico Electrical Engineering . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Vienna, Ga. 0 STARNER, RALPH A. ...... . Electrical Engineering STEPHENSON, ROBERT J. .... . Civil Engineering SUMMERS, FRANK A. ....... Kings I ndurtrial Engineering TAYLOR, ALBERT T., JR. .... . Textiles TAYLOR, FRANK L. . . . . . . . Mechanical Engineering TEASLEY, G. A. ........ . Mechanical Engineering TRIMBLE, JAMES B ........ Civil Engineering TUENI, JOHN A. . . . . . . . Electrical Engineering TURNER, CHARLES J., JR. .... . Electrical Engineering VANDERBLEEK, JACK I. ..... . Inilurtrial Management WADSWORTH, HARRISON M., R J ..,. lnclurtrial Engineering WALKER, EDWIN M. . . . , . . . Electrical Engineering WEBB, EDSEL P. ........ . lntlurtrial Management WILSON, HERBERT S. ...... . lnrlurtrial Engineering WOOTEN, ROBERT G. . . . . . Chemical Engineering YU, TSI SHAN .......... Chemical Engineering . Hoffman, Minn . Mt. Vernon, Ga Mountain, N. C . Lexington, S. C . Harrisburg, Pa. Knoxville, Tenn. . . Macon, Ga. . Beirut, Lebanon . . Atlanta, . Leesburg, Miami Beach, Brookhaven, . . Atlanta, Ga. Fla. Fla. Ga. Ga. . Elmira, N. Y. New Orleans, La. Shanghai, China , . .d P p -ke' Nei Roberfs lldycghganl T' SZ:-:li:ri1an 'gzgrrrl ge slglligsson Siinmons Slfnolgli idei Sfarner Siephenson Summers TBYIOF. A' THYIOV- F- wi5IeY uggfes Yiflem Turner Vanderbleek Wadsworth Walker Webb I 50" FIFTH VEHR HREHITECTS 0 GORDON MILLARD ALBURY, JR., Miami, Florida, Sigma Phi Epsilon, President, 45 ANAKg Omicron Delta Kappa, Kosemeg Architecture Society, 5, 4, 5, Circle K Club 2, 3, 4, Drama Tech 2, Secretary, 3, 4, 5, Glee Club, l, 5, Vice-President, 4g l.F.C., 23 Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, 53 Publications Board, 3, 4, W.S.F. Committee, 4, 5, Engineer, Art Editor, 3, 4, Yellow Jacket, 2, Art Editor, 5, Editor, 4, 55 Whos Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. WALTER JACKSON BRANTLEY, T ennille, Georgia, Architecture Society, 3, 4, Vice-President, 55 St, Patrick's Council, 4. JACK HOWELL BROWN, Atlanta, Georgiag Architecture Society, 4, 5, Camera Club, 1, 2, Distinguished Military Student Award. GEORGE W. CARSWELL, Albany, Georgia. JEROME MAURICE COOPER, Savannah, Georgiag Alpha Epsilon Pig f Phi Kappa Phig Tau Beta Pi, A.S.C.E.g Architecture Societyg Scabbard 1 and Blade, Geechee Clubg Dean's List, Z, 5, 4, 5. SIDNEY SHALER DANIELL, JR., Decatur, Georgia. HANSELL PORTER ENLOE, Atlanta, Georgia. 0 CESAR P. FERNANDEz, Sagua La Grande, Cuba, Newman Club. HARRY EDWARD GARWOOD, Cordele, Georgia, Flying Club 23 Yellow Ia ken, 2, 3. C FLETCHER EARLE GAULDEN, Laurens, South Carolina. JACK GRUSS, Passaic, New Jerseyg Architecture Society. ALEXANDER CHARLES LAMAS, Savannah, Georgia, Geechee Clubg Architecture Society. GEORGE FRANCIS REED, JR., Miami, Florida. GUY HARRY SCHNEIDER, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary, 4g Architecture Society, 1, 2, 4, Vice-President, 33 Captain Air Force R.O.T.C. Albury Brantley Brown C Il C D ' Il E I Fernandez Garwood Gaulden Giuirle Laorggfr Rggde Sghciiider ez Wlemafzdczm. ' HERBERT QTTLEY JEFFRIES Sepiember I6. I935l Snepiember 28, 1954, I BUF-GRD EUGENE HUNTER' December 24, mo November 1, I9544 FRANK PERDON HASWELL Februqry 5, I934 January IS, i955 ' fa- it 9 c if ' Q ef I -:Q .- EEN: :.:.:.: EE' ,A Gin i . F: YE? fi ? " A V Me - 3 , .U EM? he So live, that when thy .rzmznzons come to join The inmznierizhle cfmzwzn, which movex To that myfieriomr realm, where each ,rhould take ' Hi: chfzinher in the Jilent halls of death, There go not, like the qmzwy-Jla'ue at night, Sconrgeel to hik dungeon, hut, mftzzined and .roothed By an nnfizltering lflzit, approach thy grave Like one who wrapx the drapery of his couch Ahozit hinz, and liex down to plearantullreamx "THANATOPSlS" hy Wfilliam Cullen Bryant Heading the Senior Clan thir year are left to right: Ed Ferrell, Vice P1'eJide12t,' Charley Dmfix, Prefidemj john Maddox, Secretary-Treamrer. xx: Q LHSS x x x .9 H a xx ss E sa ss :msn ms mn ss a ss mammssgw 'snags A S ttptt , .ilftwwii Sail 'K T -if t ' ig... in A S 'Ewe- X ..gawf""'N i:fi3,Yi- l ...h. .-' N fix' I X ' ' .... . ' .-.YV . -"'- ,i , . ' I ,At ag, 5 ,...-z- ,,,,.EI Q45 I .fri 'KK W 'Xl 'Rf fa-:ff S1 l i J' E' usxilyl L ll nfs' . Ki . 3 ve- Xg X l O JEREMIAH ELLSWORTH ABBOTT, Tampa, Florida, Civil Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Sigma Chi, Briaerean Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.C.E., 2, 3, 4, Chi Epsilon, 3, 4, Circle K Club, 1, 2, 5, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4. WALLACE GUY ABELL, St. Petersburg, Florida, Industrial Engineer- ing, Alpha Tau Omega, Blue Print, 1, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. 0 THOMAS EDWARD ALBIN, Memphis, Tennessee, Architecture, Archi- tectural Society. EUGENE CLIFTON ALFORD, Columbus, Georgia, Physics, Sigma Chi, Student Council, 4, Circle K Club, 1, 2, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Drama Tech, 1, Physics Club, 1, 2, Vice-President, 5, President, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Pi Sigma, 5, Treasurer, 4, Engineer, 1, 2, Technique, 1, Swimming Team, I, 2. 0 GLYNN HERMAN ALFORD, Pensacola, Florida, Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu. CHARLES EMMET1' ALLEN, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Alpha Tau Omega, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Abbott Abell Albin Alford, E. PERCY DEXTER ALLEN, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Phi Delta Epsilon, Yellow jackelj Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. JOHN WILLIAM ALLQUIST, Rome, Georgia, Industrial Management, Tech Management Club, 5, 4. I DONATO JULIO ALTOBELLI, Jamaica, New York, Civil Engineering, Chi Epsilon, 3, 4, American Society of Civil Engineers, 4, First Lieu- tenant, Army R.O.T.C. CHARLES JENNINGS ANDERSEN, Sanford, Florida, Mechanical Engi- neering, Tau Beta Pi, Baptist Student Union, 5, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, Corre- sponding Secretary, 4, A.S.M.E., President, 4. JOHN ANDERSON, JR., Cocoa, Florida, Industrial Engineering, Band, A.l.I.E., Society for Advancement of Management, Y.M.C.A., Triangle Club, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. JOHN EDWARD ANDERSON, Miami Springs, Florida, Mechanical Engi- neering, Phi Delta Theta, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4, Scahbard and Blade, 3, 4, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C. All ,C. All .P- illg' Andgrsen Andgrson, John B Allquisf Anderson, John E. Anderson, John J. Anderson, Raymond G. Anderson, Raymond H. Anderson, S. Andrews Arnau ' A k Arrington Arsuaqa Aubrey 0 JOHN JOSE ANDERSON, Binghamton, New York, Textile Engineering, Delta Kappa Phi. RAYMOND GEORGE ANDERSON, Warwick, Rhode Island, Textile Engi- neering, Sigma Nu, Football. RAYMOND HICKS ANDERSON, Richmond, Kentucky, Industrial Man- agement, Independent Students' Organization, Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, 5. 4. SEYMOUR CLARENCE ANDERSON, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta. WILBUR CLARK ANDREWS, JR., Havana, Cuba, Industrial Manage- ment, Latin American Club, 1, Secretary, 2, Newman Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Pan American Club, 3, 4,Pershing Rifles, 1, Z, 3, Tech Management Club, 3, 4, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. JAMES ALBERT ARNAU, JR., Greenville, South Carolina, Industrial Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Riiie Team, 3. SEHIUR CLHSS Austin Ayas ycoc 0 CLAUD THOMAS ARRINGTON, Winder, Georgia, Electrical Engineer- ing, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, American Institute of Electrical Engi- neers, Eta Kappa Nu, Radio Club. ENRIQUE MANUEL ARSUAGA, Santurce, Puerto Rico, Textile Engi- neering, Tau Beta Pi, A.A.T.C.C., 2, 3, 4, Delta Kappa Phi, 2, Secretary, 3, 4, Newman Club, Z, 3, 4, Activities Council, 3, Dean's List, 3, 4. DARRYL CARL AUBREY, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, American Chemical SocietY, 3, 4, A.I.Ch.E., 3, 4, Phi Lambda Upsilong Dean's List, 4. EDWARD MARVIN AUSTIN, Rome, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Independent Students' Organization, Secretary, 4, Briaerean Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E., 1, 2, 3, 4, Band, 2, 3, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4. AHMAD HASSAN AYAS, Damascus, Syria, Electrical Engineering. JOSEPH CALVIN AYCOCK, Carrollton, Georgia, Mechanical Engineer- ing, Beta Theta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. l GORDON ALBURY Editor, Yellow Jacket ANAK, Ornicrcn Delia Kappa WHO'S WHO AYCOCIK Baldwin Banksfon Barfleld Barker Barley 0 ROBERT EUGENE AYCOCK, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Arnold.Air Society, Tech Management Club, Scabbard and Blade, Cap- tain, Air Force R.O.T.C., Football, 1, Football Manager, 2, 3, 4. DAYID BRUCE BALDWIN, Rockmart, Georgia, Chemistry, Sigma Nu, Technique, 2, Feature Editor, 3, 4, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. QHESTER WALKER BANKSTON, JR., Zebulon, Georgia, Industrial Engineerirgg, Phi Delta Theta, American Institute of Industrial Engi- neers, 5. . JOHN DAVID BANSLEY, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Tech Management Club, 3, 4. O JAMES RICHARD BARFIELD, Savannah, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.I.E., Geechee Club, Society for Advancement of Management, Dean's List. DAN EUGENE BARKER, Hawkinsville, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 4. V ' . AIHEL f -m y if 4 X' X V Pi Bansley Barnhardi' THOMAS ANSEL BARLEY, Cairo, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, Co- operative Plan, Independent Students' Organization, Co-op Club, 3, 4, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 5, 4, Master Sergeant, Army R.O.T.C. THOMAS MUNROE BARNHARDT, III, Charlotte, North Carolina, Tex- tile Engineering, Sigma Chi, Circle K Club, 2, Phi Psi, 3, 4, Blue Print, 2. 0 JOHN WILFRED BARRINGTON, JR., Decatur, Georgia, Electrical Engi- neering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Track, 3, Cross Country, 3, 4. BYRON SIMPSON BARTHOLOMEW, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, Mechan- ical Engineering. 0 GERALD D. BASHUK, Macon, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Tau Epsilon Phi, Treasurer, 3, President, 4, American Society of Civil Engineers, 5, 4. JOHN KENNETH BASTIN, Decatur, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. 1 Barrington Bartholomew Bashuk Basfln SEIIIUR ELHSS D 0 ERIC EMIL BECKER, Trenton, New Jersey, Aeronautical Engineering, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. A JEFFREY ROLLIN BELL, Scranton, Pennsylvania, Industrial Manage- ment, Football. MONTGOMERY LEE BELL, Little Rock, Arkansas, Aeronautical Engi- neering, Theta Chi, Sigma Gamma Tau, Treasurer, 3, 4. OSCAR F. BELL, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Industrial Engineering. ffl-IOMAS E. BELL, JR., Glenview, Illinois, Mechanical Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. -FRANK BELVIN, Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4, Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, 4, Presi- dent, 3, Lieutenant jg, Navy R.O.T.C. EIIEAEID4 BRUCE BENEFIELD, Cedartown, Georgia, Physics, Physics u , , . BOB BLAIIR Business Manager, Yellow Jacket Koseme, Student Council WHO'S WHO J. BRAD BENNETT, Augusta, Georgia, Architecture, Delta Tau Delta, Architectural Society, Activities Council, 3, Flying Club, 4, N.S.A. Com- mittee, 3, Student Council, 1, 2, 3, Yellow jacket, 1, 2, Tealavzique, 1, 2, Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. JOHN A. BENNETT, Eastman, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineering, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Wesley Foundation, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. GEORGE WILLIAM BERNARD, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engineer- ing, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 3, 4, American Chemical Society, 4, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2, Scabbarcl and Blade, 3, 4. ROBERT JOHN BITOWFT, Brooklyn, New York, Architecture, Phi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phalanx, 1, 2, Alpha Phi Omega, 1, 2, 4, Vice- President, 3, Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, 5, I.F.C., 2, 3, 4, Navy Student Council, 2, Technique, 1, Ensign, Navy R.O.T.C., Basketball, 1, Rifle Team, 1, 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH MCENTIRE BLACK, II, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Tech Management Club, 4. eflfef Bell. J. sen, M. enefmld Bennett. J. Brad semen, John A. Bell- O' Bell. T- Belvin Bernard Bifowft Black MIKE CADY President, 'Sigma Chi Koseme, President, I.F.C. WHO'S WHO I WILLIAM H. BLACKWOOD, III, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Society for Advancement of Management, First Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. ALFRED FARNELL CBOBJ BLAIR, JR., New Orleans, Louisiana, Archi- tecture, Phi Delta Theta, Koseme, Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President, 5, 4, Camera Club, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Student Council, 3, Yellow Jacket, 1, Advertising Manager, 2, Business Manager, 3, Technique, I, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country Team, I, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. OTIS DANIEL BLAKE, JR., Griihn, Georgia, Industrial Management, Phi Eta Sigma, Industrial Management Society, President, 4, Tech Man- agement Club, 4, Secretary, 3, Baptist Student Union, I, 4, Treasurer, 2, Vice-President, 3, Scabbarti and Blade, 4, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C., Dean's List, 5, 4. JAMES HUMPHREYS BLANCHARD, Huntington, West Virginia, Elec- trical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Co-op Club. HUGH GERALD BLOCKER, Savannah, Georgia, Industrial Management, Pi Kappa Phi, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Bulldog Club, Geechee Club, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C. SEIIIUR ELHSS MARVIN J. BLUESTEIN, Brunswick, Georgia, Architecture. 0 LESTER EDWARD BORDEN, Liberty, New York, Industrial Management, Radio Club, 5, 4. GEORGE TYLER BORZYNSKI, Elberton, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Kappa Alpha. GEORGE THORNTON BOSTIC, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Elec- trical Engineering, Sigma Nu, Vice-President, 5, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E., Institute of Radio Engineers, Vice- President, 5, 4, Student Trial Board, 4, Lieutenant, Navy R.O.T.C. JAMES EDGAR BOSWELL, JR., Greensboro, Georgia, Chemical Engi- neering, Kappa Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 5, 4, American Chemical Society, 5, 4, St. Patrick's Council, 4. HARRY WILLIAM BOXVEN, JR., Jacksonville, Florida, Electrical Engi- neering, Independent Students' Organization, American Institute of Elec- trical Engineers, 4. FRED N. BOYD, Bakewell, Tennessee, Architecture, Pi Tau Chi, 4, Wesley Foundation, 1, 2, 5, 4. - Bluesieln B, k d Bm, Blakg Blanchard Blocker Boiiievhoo Borzynski Bosiic Boswell Bowen Boyd 3 1 0 ORVAL MITCIIELL BRADFORD, JR., Portsmouth, Ohio, Aeronautical Bradford Brady Branan Brewer Brewster Bridges Brigman Browning EMORY SHERXVOOD BRIDGES, Sharpsburg, Georgia, Mechanical Engi- neering. Engineering. CHARLES FRANKLIN BRADY, Savannah, Georgia, Electrical Engineer- ing, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Institute of Radio Engineers, Baptist Student Union, Geechee Club. CARL REESE BRANAN, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. ROBERT DUANE BREWER, Savannah, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Sigma Chi, Secretary, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Society for Advancement of Management, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. O MAURICE RAY BREWSTER, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Activities Council, 3, Kappa Kappa Psi, 5, Teclanique, 1, Band. Buckner Buhler Bunce Bullard 'L VUILLIAM HENRY BRIGMAN, Brunswick, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Kappa Alpha, Football, 2, 3, 4. DANIEL C. BROWNING, Atlanta, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineering, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. 0 JAMES M. BUCKNER, JR., Columbus, Georgia, Textile Engineering PAUL HENRI BUHLER, JR., Miami, Florida, Architecture, Chi Phi, Swimming Team, 1. , 0 ROBERT JOSEPH BUICE, Decatur, Georgia, Industrial Management, Tech Management Club. RALPH G. BULLARD, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. af l . in Q, ' r Burchefl' Burgess Cady Caldwell Callaway Carden Larlel Carley Carlson Carter Cary Cashin 0 CHALBERT WILLIAM BURCHETT, Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, Mechanical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Phi Sigma Kappa, Secretary, l, Vice- President, 2, President, 5, 4, Briaerian Society, Tau Beta Pig A.S.M.E., 5, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 5, 4, I.F.C., 2, 5, 4, Wesley Foundation, 2, 5, 4, Cheerleader, I, 2, Captain, Army R.O.T.C., Dean's List, 3, 4. JACK LEROY BURGESS, Canton, Ohio, Mechanical Engineering, Briaerean Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Co-op Club. MICHAEL CADY, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemistry, Sigma Chi, Vice- President, 4, Koseme, Band, 1, 2, 3, I.F.C., 3, President, 43 Ramblin' Reck Club, 4, Student Council, 2, Student Trial Board, 4, Spiked Shoe Club, 2, 5, President, 4, T Club, 2, W.S.F. Committee, 5, 4, Yellow jacket, I, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C., Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. ELWYN COCHRAN CALDWELL, Dell, Arkansas, Electrical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E., 5, 4, Eta Kappa Nu, 3, Secretary, 4, Radio Club, 4, Student Council, 4. BEN DEARMOND CALLAWAY, Cleveland, Tennessee, Industrial Man- agement, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROBERT CLINTON CARDEN, III, Richmond, Virginia, Electrical Engi- neering, Cooperative Plan, Chi Phi, Briaerean Society, Treasurer, 4, Tau Beta Pi, Camera Club, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, Eta Kappa Nu, 4, I.R.E., 4, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2, Scabbard and Blade, 4. BILL CHEEK President, Kappa Sigma ANAK, Omicron Delta Kappa WHO'S WHO 0 JAMES ANTHONY CARLEN, Cookeville, Tennessee, Industrial Manage- ment, Kappa Alpha, Industrial Management Society, T Club, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C., Football, 1, 2, 5, 4. JOHN PHILIP CARLEY, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Kappa Alpha. WALTER HOWARD CARLSON, North Augusta, South Carolina, Textile Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Tau Beta Pi, American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, 1, 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Delta Kappa Phi, 2, 5, Treasurer, 4. RIVES CALLAWAY CARTER, Gainesville, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Kappa Alpha, Bulldog Club, Tech Management Club, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. JAMES R. CARY, Birmingham, Alabama, Industrial Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, Engineer. WILLIAM ANTHONY CASI-IIN, JR., Augusta, Georgia, Electrical Engi- neering, Theta Chi, Secretary, 5, Vice-President, 4, Bulldog Club, 2, 3, 4, A.I.E.E., 4, Interfraternity Council, 2, 3, 4, Newman Club, 4. SEIIIUR ELHSS Cason Cates Caurhen Chalker 0 DURWARD VEAZY CASON, JR., Hapeville, Georgia, Mechanical Engi- neering, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Tennis, Dean's List. STALEY T. CATES, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Kappa Alpha, Industrial Management Society, 3, 4, Tech Management Club, 3, 4, Activities Council, 3, Baptist Student Union, 2, 3, 4, Arnold Air Society, 3, 4, Circle K Club, 2, 3, 4, Flying Club, 2, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Radio Club, 2, 3, President, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Yellow jacket, 2, 3, 4, Blue Print, 2, 3, Lt. Colonel, Air Force R.O.T.C. O IRVIN LEONARD CAUTHEN, Winter Haven, Florida, Industrial Man- agement, Industrial Management Society, 4, Tech Management Club, 3, 4, Baptist Student Union, 2, 3, 4. JAMES ROBERT CHALKER, Carrollton, Georgia, Mechanical Engineer- ing, Kappa Sigma, A.S.M.E., Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Wesley Foundation, 1, 2, 3, 4. I WILLIAM CLEO CHEEK, JR., Atkins, Arkansas, Civil Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Treasurer, 3, President, 4, ANAK, Secretary, 4, Koseme, Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice-President, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Secretary, 1, A.S.C.E., Band, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 4, Chi Epsilon, 4, Secretary, 3, Kappa Kappa Psi, 3, 4, I.F.C., 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Publications Board, 4, Engineer, 2, Advertising Manager, 3, Business Manager, 4, Dean's List, 3, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. 'W UQ MM 'lfl ,iff . S , 3 l . Sli'-fr' TJ ' 1' .fs-mtg, nl i I. ' Qui, tw., ' wiv A ll f ia 'VG , ' N ' -,zijjl ,. ni5,i,ist,,i . ,.,., ,I Q lu: .viiiiwgtm X au A ' f I ' i I af' Fl: I 5 at ., . ROBERT BRUCE CHERRY, Bloomfield, New Jersey, Industrial Engi- neering, Alpha Epsilon Pi. JUNG JOE CI-IEW, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Phi Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Cap- tain, Army R.O.T.C. REGINALD W. CHUNG, Jamaica, British West Indies, Civil Engineer- ing, Tau Kappa Epsilon, President, 4, A.S.C.E., Bulldog Club, I.F.C., Chinese Club, Triangle Club. 0 JOHN CHUPRUN, JR., Taylor, Pennsylvania, Aeronautical Engineering, I.A.S., 3, 4, Arnold Air Society, 4, Flying Club, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 4, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C., Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. LUCAS ANTONIO CLARK, JR., Havana, Cuba, Industrial Engineering, A.I.I.E., S.A.M., Activities Council, Newman Club, Pan American Club, Secretary, 1, Treasurer, 3, President, 2, 4, W.S.F. Committee. NATHANIEL S. CLARK, Waycross, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Secretary, 4, Activities Council, 3, 4, Phi Psi, 3, 4, Ramblin' Reck Club, 3, 4. ROBERT VAUGHN CLARKE, JR., Florence, South Carolina, Textile Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, American Association of Textile Colorists and Chemists. 4 Cheek A Cherry chew Chung Chuprun I Clad- L' Clark. N- Clarke, R. LARRY DALLAM President, Alpha Pi Mu Pres., Canterbury Club, Pres., A.l.l.E. WHO'S WHO O BERNARD TRAVERS CLEARY, Savannah, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Lt. Colonel, Army R.O.T.C. RICHARD LAMAR CLEGHORN, Atlanta, Georgia, Architecture, Phi Gamma Delta, Bulldog Club, 3, 4, Architectural Society, 4, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. 0 WILLIAM THOMAS CLINKSCALES, III, Decatur, Georgia, Industrial Management, Alpha Tau Omega, Industrial Management Society, 5, 4, Baseball, 1. GEORGE DONALD COBB, Albany, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. 0 GLENN GRAHAM COBB, Sarasota, Florida, Mechanical Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, A.S.M.E., Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, Spiked Shoe Club, 2, T Club, 2, 53 Track, 2. JOEL FINEMAN COHEN, Augusta, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice-President, 3, Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. Cleary Cleghorn Clinkscales Cobb, George FRANKLIN LEE COLEMAN, Waycross, Georgia, Mechanical Engineer- ing, Sigma Chi, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 3, 4, Colonel, Air Force R.O.T.C. KENNETH SAUNDERS COLLINGE, Rock Hill, South Carolina, Indus- trial Engineering, Cooperative Plan, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Camera Club, President, 4. 0 ROBERT MORRIS COMPTON, Memphis, Tennessee, Mechanical Engi- neering, Cooperative Plan, Lambda Chi Alpha, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 5, 4, Wesley Foundation, 1, 2, 5, 4. CHARLES E. CONNORS, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Industrial Management Society, 3, 4, Tech Man- agement Club, 2, 5, 4, Newman Club, 5, 4, Scabbarcl and Blade, Technique, I, Lt. Colonel, Air Force R.O.T.C. RICHARD VVAYNE COOK, Harriman, Tennessee, Mechanical Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. ROBERT FRED COOK, West Point, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, 4, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Glee Club, Lt. Colonel, Air Force R.O.T.C. C II' Cobb. Glenn COHET1 gclimiv hard Cgolwgkeoben Cgmpfgn COHDUFS 00 1 lc ook, Walter Cooksey Cooley ordle Corley Cowan. C- O WALTER BRANHAM COOK, Valdosta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering. WILLIAM RICHARD COOKSEY, III, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Man- agementg Tech Management Club, 4, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. JAMES CHARLES COOLEY, Jackson, Mississippi, Industrial Engineer- ing, Sigma Chi, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, 3, 41 Society for the Advancement of Management, 3, Treasurer, 4. ALAN BRUCE COOPER, Nashville, Tennessee, Architectureg Phi Delta Theta, Tau Beta Pi. WILLIAM JAMES CORBETT, III, Gadsden, Alabama, Chemical Engi- neering, Betta Theta Pig American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2 3 4 ' i s - ARTHUR Liao CORCORAN, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineer- ingg Theta Chig American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 4g Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C., Cross Country, l, Manager, 2. SEIIIUR ELHSS Cooper Corbett Corcoran Cowan, Frank Crawford, F. Crawford, Jame 0 PAUL E. CORDLE, Ashland, Kentucky, Industrial Engineering, Co- operative Plang Sigma Chig American Institute of Industrial Engineers, 3, 4, Society for the Advancement of Management, 3, 4g Glee Club, 1, 2g Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. WILLIAM LAWRENCE CORLEY, Augusta, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Theta Chi, President, 45 A.I.I.E., 3, 41 Bulldog Club, 3, 4, Co-op Club, 3, 45 Scabbard and Blade, 4, Captain, Army R,O.T.C. CLIFFORD WILBERT COWAN, Conley, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, Cooperative Plang Co-op Club, 3, 4. FRANK CREWS COWAN, Leaksville, North Carolina, Electrical Engi- neering, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pig Institute of Radio Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, 3, President, 4, Dean's List, 2, 3, 4. FREDERICK WILHORM CRAWFORD, Waycross, Georgia, Civil Engineer- ing, Theta Chi, President, 4g American Society of Civil Engineers. JAMES FRANKLIN CRAWFORD, Pooler, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Baptist Student Union, l, 2, 3, 4, Co-op Club, 3, 4, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2, 3, Scabbard and Blade, Lt. Colonel, Army R.O.T.C. 005:55 l l i Crawford, Jimmy Crawford, W. Culpepper Cutter Ddllam Dalton Daugherty Davidson 0 JIMMY KENTON CRAWFORD, Murray, Kentucky, Mechanical Engineer- RICHARD TRAVIS DALTON, Miami Beach, Florida, Industrial Manage- ing, Kappa Alpha, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4. WILLIAM MILTON CRAWFORD, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engi- neering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E., American Chemical Society, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Distinguished Military Student Award, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C., Dean's List, 3, 4, Wesley Foundation. WILLIAM ALUAH CULPEPPER, Macon, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Kappa Alpha, Industrial Management Society, 3, 4, Radio Club, 1, 2. HOWARD DAVIS CUTTER, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, A.I.I.E., 3, 4, Alpha Pi Mu, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, S.A.M., 3, Secretary, 4, Student Trial Board, 4, Yellow Jacket, 2, 4, Circulation Manager, 3. 0 JAMES LAWRENCE DALLAM, Paducah, Kentucky, Industrial Engineer- ing, Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, 4, A.I.I.E., 1, 2, Treasurer, 3, Presi- dent, 4, Alpha Pi Mu, 3, President, 4, Canterbury Club, 1, 2, 3, President, 4, Interfraternity Council, 2, 3, Scabbard and Blade, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. ment, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Treasurer, 4, Tech Management Club, 4, Swimming, 1. BEN T. DAUGHERTY, Bowling Green, Kentucky, Industrial Manage- ment, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C., Football. RICHARD BURROUGHS DAVIDSON, Moultrie, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Briaerean Society, Treasurer, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Co-op Club, Secretary, 3, 4, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, 3, 4, Sigma Gamma Tau, Vice President, Lieu- tenant, Army R.O.T.C. O CHARLES MILLER DAVIS, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Chi Phi, Secretary, 3, 4, I.F.C., 1, Z, 3, 4, Student Trial Board, 4, Student Council, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Vice-President Freshman Class, President Senior Class, Navy Student Council, 1, Ensign, Navy R.O.T.C., Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. ELTON DEVAUGHN DAVIS, Savannah, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Baptist Student Union, Geechee Club, Pershing Rifles. 0 GOEBEL DAVIS, JR., Clarksville, Tennessee, Electrical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, American Institute of Electrical Engineering. JAMES SHARP DAVIS, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Ameri- can Institute of Industrial Engineers, Society for the Advancement of Management, Ensign, Navy R.O.T.C. A' ,ii ,. ,wif-iw an assi M Wimw xii- if a .nal-,- S-Era ,, W . -- is s, mf are W . , Us r aw:-1 -Jkam we ff WA' is -El H-aagiag -E . , at 25 . e ,',,, ,, ia-5 at -A ea f nate. ,, i t I? Q ra E SHE 1 S W, .:. . a- time n size, at . 3, 1 CHARLES DAVIIS President, Chi 4Phi President, Senior Class WHO'S WHO Davis, C. Davis, E. Davis, G. Davis, James SEIIIUR ELHSS 0 JOHN .REILLY DAVIS, Altoona, Pennsylvania, Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, 3, 4. JOHN RUSSELL DAVIS, Paducah, Kentucky, Industrial Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, Secretary, 5, 4, Engineer, 1, 2, Circulation Manager, 3, Asso- ciate Editor, 4, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. ROBERT HOWARD DAVIS, Charleston, South Carolina, Mechanical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice-President, 5, A.S.M.E., 3, 4, Alpha Phi Omega, 3, 4, Co-op Club, 3, 4, Technique, 1. WILLIAM RAY DAVIS, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 3, 4, American Chemical Society, 2, 5, 4, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. WILLIAM THOMAS DAVIS, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management. WILLIAM HAWES DEBEAUGRINE, Warrenron, Georgia, Civil Engi- neering, Alpha Tau Omega, American Society of Civil Engineers. We fe. X20 9 te I9 fr I' lit 1 I l I 0 JOHN JOSEPH DEELY, Cleveland, Ohio, Electrical Engineering. WILLIAM CLARK DELOACH, Statesboro, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, 4, Society for the Ad- vancement of Management, 4, Flying Club, 3, 4. HUMBERT WILLIAM DICRISTINA, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tech Management Club, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. B'YRON MCPI-IERSON DILLARD, Thomasville, Georgia, Chemical Engi- neering. LONUS WINDOM DILLARD, Mineral Bluff, Georgia, Industrial Man- agement. JOHN ROBERT DILLEHAY, Mathews, Virginia, Industrial Manage- ment, Industrial Management Society, 4, Tech Management Club, 5, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 4, St. Patricks Council, Treasurer, 4, Blue Print, 5, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. avns, J. Reilly Davis, J. Russell Davis, Robert Davis, W. Ray Davis, W. Thomas DeBeaugrine ee Y DeLoach DiCrisfina Dillard, B. Dillard, L. Dillehay F I 7 . , if 4Pf' I ,, , JF I, I f I w fn, 3 -4 - " f i - 7'fWI:ff""vm ' ' ,I . ,WWW 'Www-I , ,, ' w iil'2f1wDIiW65ff ,titigiallt ff'4f"' f - .- m m f E if MW l f ff W1 'wtf f- MW,g,,1,,,M,,i4 'fs' I - ps ,w,.-ev 'I ' ' I-i ff ' -fy: A-sk., , J, ,..,, ,- I -A f Q . Q'- bm rv, N' f ml f W 0 JOHN DORSEY DODGEN, Marietta, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineering, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. WILLIAM GEORGE DODRILL, Clay, West Virginia, Mechanical Engi- neering, A.S.M.E., 5, 4, Alpha Phi Omega, I, 2, Vice-President, 5, Presiiclent,44, Automobile Club, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 5, 4, Presidents Clu , 3, . DAVID BRICE DONALD, Nassau, Bahamas, Industrial Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, Interfraternity Council, I, 2, 3, 4, A.I.I.E., 4, Society for the Advancement of Management, 4, WTYJ, 2, 4. RICHARD IRWIN DOUGHTY, JR., Englewood, New Jersey, Industrial Management, Theta Xi, Treasurer, 2, Tech Management Club, 4. ALTON LAWRENCE DOWD, Atlanta, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Chi Phi, American Society of Civil Engineers, 3, 4, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C., Track, 5. BERNARD JOSEPH DOYLE, JR., North Attleboro, Massachusetts, Tex- tile Engineering, Newman Club. SEIIIUR ELHSS I FRED STANTON DUDNEY, JR., Tampa, Florida, Industrial Manage- ment, Lambda Chi Alpha, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. DONALD RAY DUGGER, Deland, Florida, Civil Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, American Society of Civil Engineers, 4, Captain, Air Force R.0.T.C. JOHN ELLIOTT DUGGER, Louisville, Kentucky, Architecture, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President, 4, Society of American Military Engineers, 5, 4, Bulldog Club, 2, 5, 4, Yellow jacket, 3, 4, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. HARRY WILCOX DUKES, Valdosta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tech Management Club, 3, Treasurer, 4, Toast- masters Club, 4. EUGENE Cox DUNWODY, Macon, Georgia, Architecture, Kappa Alpha, ANAK, Koseme, Phi Eta Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, Ramblin' Reck Club, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 1, 2, 3, President, 4, Student Trial Board, 3, 4, Student Lecture and Entertainment Committee, 1, 2, 3, 4, Dean's List, 2, 5, 4, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. WILLIAM ANDERSON DUPRE, JR., Rome, Georgia, Industrial Man- agement, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Blue Print, I, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Dgdgen DOdfIll Donald Dudney DLIQQET, D. DUQQQT. J- D M D d Doyle Dlililgs y Dlililwoody DI-IPTG S 3 l Durham Edwards 0 JAMES LA COSTE DURHAM, Miami, Florida, Industrial Management, Sigma Nu, Industrial Management Society, 4, Tech Management Club, 3, 4, Baptist Student Union, 5, 4, Bulldog Club, 5, 4, Toastmasters Club, 4, Lieutenant, Navy R.O.T.C., Football, 2, 3, 4. BERNARD JOHN DvoRscAK, Hazleton, Pennsylvania, Aeronautical Engineering, I.A.S., Secretary, 4. . ROBERT LEE EAST, Wrightsville, Georgia, Intlustrial Management. JAMES D. EASTHAM, El Dorado, Kansas, Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, President, 4. 0 JAMES BYRD EDWARDS, Jackson, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Briaerean Society, Tau Beta Pi, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Y.M.C.A. ALLAN H. EITEL, JR., Savannah, Georgia, Architecture, Alpha Tau Omega, Engineer, 3, 4, First Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. JOSEPH WHITE ELDER, JR., Decatur, Georgia, Mechanical Engineer- ing, Alpha Tau Omega, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, President, 4. Dvorscak East Eastham Eitel Elder Ellerbee THOMAS B. ELLERBEE, Meridian, Mississippi, Electrical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Kappa Sigma, Bulldog Club, 3, President, 4, Co-op Club, 5, 4, Whos Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. 0 HERBERT ERICKSON, Brooklyn, New York, Industrial Management, Automobile Club, 4, S.A.M.E., 2, 3, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, S.A.M., -4, Student Activities Council, 4, Industrial Management Society, 4, First Sergeant, Army R.O.T.C. ENVER ALI ETEM, Adana, Turkey, Textile Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Delta Kappa Phi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 0 EMERSON ETHERIDGE EUBANK, III, Kinston, North Carolina, Indus- trial Management, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tech Management Club, 3, 4. RAYMOND GILLESPIE EVANS, JR., Chattanooga, Tennessee, Architec- ture, Sigma Chi, Canterbury Club, 2, 3, President, 4, Navy Drill Team, I. 2, Navy Rifle Team, I, 2, Blue Print, 1, 2. GENE DUNWODY ANAK, Omicron Delta Kappa President Student Council Eubshlitu Wylgois WHO 397 Falkenholm Farmer Farr Ferrell Fincher Finley 0 JOHN FALKENI-IOLM, JR., Ridgewood, New jersey, Industrial Manage- gfrg, Tech Majiiagement Club, 4, S.A.M., Automobile Club, 4, Newman u , 1, 2, 3, . RICHARD C. FARMER, Meridian, Mississippi, Chemical Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E., American Chem- ical Society, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Pi Tau Chi, Scabbard and Blade, Wesley Foundation. EMORY WARREN FARR, Augusta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Briaerean Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E., 3, Vice-President, 4, Co-op Club, Secretary, 5, Treasurer, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 3, Vice-President, 4, Major, Army R.O.T.C. GERALD BERNARD FECHTER, Charleston, South Carolina, Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., 4, Institute of Radio Engineers, 4, Second Lieu- tenant, Army R.O.'I'.C. EMIL STEPHEN FEDUFF, Skillman, New Jersey, Mechanical Engineer- ing, Beta Theta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Radio Club. CESAR PEDRO FERNANDEZ, Saugua LaGrande, Cuba, Architecture, Newman Club. O EDWARD SHINAULT FERRELL, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, Beta Theta Pi, Vice-President Junior Class, Vice-President Senior Class, A.I.I.E., Technique, Circulation Manager, 3, Collection Manager, 4, Scabbard and Blade, President, 4. - M YQMRRR at , -ni. Mx-RRQXN--XNXRA X R , QMSQ, X-L1-CQ-.,.qx. .-1NXl,Sl.w-N , .-X QNX ir, s ..,X,.,W-XQ-- V -away N V e-" ix we . XQAYSNSQFRSQ-:Q Xhqgifl -:aiu .,l. 1 l I 'i9iGN,."'X,f- '."x4aX- A I 7 'A .R C . fm, .wail lifes, -sw-: F1 RN Q. ww, -A R ffLf--- , J' ' l I l Fechfer Feduff Fernandez Fisfer Fleming Fletchall RONALD EDWIN FINCHER, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Theta Chi, A.I.E.E., 3, 4, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, 4, Institute of Radio Engineers, 3, 4. WILLIAM ANDREW FINLEY, JR., Valdosta, Georgia, Mechanical Engi- neering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President, 4, A.S.M.E., 3, 4, Arnold Air Society, 3, President, 4, Student Council, 4, Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force R.O.T.C. FRED MARION FISTER, III, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 5, 4, Alpha Phi Omega, 3, 4, Newman Club, 2, 5, 4. JULIAN DENVER FLEMING, JR., College Park, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E., Vice-President, 4, American Chemical Society, Alpha Chi Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Band, Executive Officer, 3, 4, Kappa Kappa Psi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, Vice- President, 4, Scabbard and Blade, St. Patrick's Council. DONALD EDWARD FLETCHALL, jacksonville, Florida, Mechanical Engi- neering, Cooperative Plan, Briaerean Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E., 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 5, 4, Scabbarcl and Blade, 3, 4, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C., Dean's List, 2, 3, 4. SEIIIUR CLHSS l l Floyd Folk Forlner Fowler 0 THOMAS MARION FLOYD, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engineer- ing, American Chemical Society, 3, 4, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 5, 4. HUGH WILDS FOLK, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management. O ALBERT MARVIN FORTNER, JR., Decatur, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Chi Epsilon, 5, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 4, A.S.C.E., 5, 4, S.A.M.E., 2, 5, 4, St. Patrick's Council, 5, 4, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. FLOYD FULLINGTON FOWLER, Daytona Beach, Florida, Alpha Tau Omega, Interfraternity Council, 2, 5, Secretary, 4. 0 ALBERT RANKIN FOWLKES, Dyersburg, Tennessee, Textile Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, 4, Co-op Club, Secretary, 4, Bulldog Club, Technique, I, Engineer, 5, 4. CHARLES HENRY FRAZIER, Tunica, Mississippi, Industrial Manage- ment, Scabbard and Blade, 4, Brittain Debating Society, I, Navy Student Council, Chairman, Captain, Navy R.O.T.C. TOM ELLERBEE President, Bulldog Club WHO'S WHO EDGAR HULL FREDBRIC, JR., Thomasville, Georgia, Chemical Engi- neering, Cooperative Plan, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Briaerean Society, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon. CHARLIE MILTON FRENZ, Danville, Kentucky, Civil Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Chi Epsilon, Glee Club, I, 2, 5, 4, Circle K Club, 2, 5, 4, Bulldog Club, 5, 4, A.S.C.E., 5, 4, Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, 3, 4. 0 EDWIN VICTOR FRIEND, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Sigma Chi, Tech Management Club, First Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C., Tennis Team. JAMES CRANFORD FRY, Rabun Gap, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Management, Sigma Nu, Alpha Pi Mu, 4, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, 4. GEORGE Tosi-IIMITSU FU JIWARA, Wahiawa, Hawaii, Architecture, Society of American Military Engineers, Architectural Society. STEPHEN L, FULLER, Gainesville, Georgia, Civil Engineering. EJ Fowlkes Friend Ffallef Frederic Franz Ffv Fuiiwara puns,- .-vf' X A 'Q---QQ.-Q.. 5-vp, ri'Ml25f2ak?iFef,'if ziiefj-'S if .Q . -X ,af-SWA-is - :sure-. N'-sf-.f-l.1'. - .X . S J Ravi- r .le X X -,fe . ggi Ib .I ' X1-WW Q I Q WALTER JQSEPH FURBISH, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, Sigma Chi, Secretary, 4, A.I.I.E., 5, 4, Society for Advancement of Management, 3, 4, Newman Club, 2, 5, 4. JDHN HAMILTON FYFE, JR., Whitehaven, Tennessee, Mechanical Engineering, Beta Theta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. O EDWARD WALTER GALLAGHER, Decatur, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, S.A.M.E., 2, Treasurer, 3, Vice-President, 4, Industrial Management Society, 4, Marketing Club, 4, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. CARL DANIEL GARLINGTON, Macon, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Alpha Tau Omega, A.I.I.E., 4, Co-op Club, 5, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 4, Student Council, 4, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. 0 WILLIAM T. GARY, Augusta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Ameri- can Institute of Industrial Engineers, Society for Advancement of Man- agement. JOHN H. GASSLER, Hollywood, Florida, Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., 3, 4, Institute of Radio Engineers, 4, Newman Club, 1, 4, Radio Club, 3, 4. Furbish Fyfe Gallaher Garlingfon RICHARD GENE GIBSON, Atlanta, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Delta Kappa Phi, 3, 4, Dean's List, 3, 4. RICHARD LAMAR GILBERT, Rome, Georgia, Architecture, First Lieu- tenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. 0 JOI-IN A. GILLESPIE, Demorest, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Co- operative Plan, Beta Theta Pi, Treasurer, 3, Vice-President, 4, American Institute of Industrial Engineers. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN GIVENS, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Man- agement, T Club, Football, l, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT MACK GLASS, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 3, 4, American Chemical Society, 4, Radio Club, 4, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2. ROBERT CHARLES GOLD, Levittown, New York, Electrical Engineer- ing, Alpha Epsilon Pi, A.I.E.E., 2, 3, 4, Institute of Radio Engineers, 2, 5, 4, Drama Tech, 1, 2, Hillel. 1, 2. I .' 'W M al EWG! E- G I Gibson Gilberf giliispie Girifsjnir Glass Gold Goss Graebe Graeub Green Greene, T. Greene, W, 0 JOHN MICHAEL Goss, Bremen, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Geology Club. WILLIAM KENNETH GRAEBE, Montvale, New Jersey, Industrial Management. WILLIAM CAMPBELL GRAEUB, Atlanta, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Cooperative Plan, American Society of Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon, Techrziquey Yellow jacket. JOHN FRANKLIN GRAHAM, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Chemistry, Ameri- can Chemical Society, Pi Tau Chi, Wesley Foundation, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. GLENN MONROE GRAY, Charleston Heights, South Carolina, Aero' nautical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Sigma Gamma Tau, Dean's List. LEO STACY GRAY, Albany, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering. Graham Gray, G. Gray, L. Greer Greever Gregorie O CHARLES EMMONS GREEN, East Point, Georgia, Mechanical .Engineer- ing, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, 3, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, Dean's List, 3, 4. THOMAS WENDELL GREENE, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, A.I.I.E., 4, Alpha Phi Mu, Society for Advancement of Management, 4, Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force R.O.T.C. WILLIAM LIVELY GREENE, JR., Americus, Georgia, Chemistry, Sigma Phi Epsilon, American Chemical Society. STANLEY THOMAS GREER, II, New Orleans, Louisiana, Chemical Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha. ROBERT Scorr GREEVER, Bristol, Tennessee, Aeronautical Engineer- ing, Camera Club, 3, 4, Flying Club, 4, Sigma Phalanx, 2, 5, 4, Triangle Club, 4, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 2. ROBERT GUERARD GREGORIE, Albany, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Sigma Nu, Treasurer, 3, 4, Canterbury Club, 3, 4. LYNWOOD JOHNSON Koseme, Tau Bela Pi President, Kappa Alpha WHO'S WHO Gregory Grier Griffiths Grofheer Gunn Guthrie 0 LELAND HOWARD GREGORY, JR., Nashville, Tennessee, Industrial Management, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tech Management Club, Arnold Air Society, Flying Club, Marketing Club, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. WILLIAM FRANKLIN GRIER, Newberry, South Carolina, Civil Engi- neering, Lambda Chi Alpha, A.S.C.E., 5, 4, Camera Club, 5, Riiie Team, 5, 4, Y,M.C.A., 1, Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. WILLIAM DoBsoN GRIFFITHS, Follansbee, West Virginia, Industrial Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Vice-President, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Ameri- can Institute of Industrial Engineers, 3, 4, Bulldog Club, 3, Secretary, 4. LELAND RUSSELL GRIMSLEY, Adel, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Interfraternity Council, 3, 4. 0 SPENCER PIERCE GROTHEER, JR., Pooler, Georgia, Industrial Engi- neering, A.I.I.E., 4, S.A.M., 4, Activities Council, 5, Alpha Phi Omega, 5, 4, Geechee Club, 2, 3, 4, Pi Tau Chi, 3, 4, Wesley Foundation, 2, Treasurer, 3, President, 4. CLARENCE EUGENE GUNN, Atlanta, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineer- ing, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. .Z if' X . f 5 E . ,lgjr sv iv , Z? X 'i , 5 ET li' Grimsley Haddock JOHN WILLIAM GUTHRIE, Signal Mountain, Tennessee, Mechanical Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, Blue Print, 1. DAVID ANDERSON HADDOCK, Cuthbert, Georgia, Textile Engineering, American Association of Textile Colorists and Chemists, 4, Glee Club, 2, 3, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2, Wesley Foundation, 1, 2, 3, 4. 0 GARDNER, S. HALE, JR., Savannah, Georgia, Architecture, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C. JOSEPH A. HALL, Columbus, Georgia, Industrial Management, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tech Management Club, 5, 4, Ramblin' Reck Club, 2, 5, 4, Sigma Delta Psi, T Club, 2, 3, 4, Toastmasters Club, 4, Captain, Army R.O.T.C., Track, 1, Football, 1, 2, 5, 4, C EDGAR BLANTON HAMILTON, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary, 4, Tech Management Club, 5, Secretary, 4, I,F.C., 2, 3, 4, Toastmasters Club, 5, Vice-President, 4, Football, 1. ROBERT LEROY HANLIN, Columbia, South Carolina, Mechanical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Pi Kappa Alpha, I.S.O., Secretary, 2, Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, Co-op Club. SEIIIUR ELHSS O HARRY GORDON HARBER, Loyall, Kentucky, Mechanical Engineering, Phi Sigma Kappa. JACKSON DUNWOODY HARDY, Marietta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Auto Club, 4, Tech Management Club, 5, 4, Marketing Club, 5. JOE NORMAN HARRIS, Atlanta, Georgia, Ceramic Engineering, Ameri- can Ceramic Society, Secretary, 4, Major, Army R.O.T.C. . WILLIAM JULIUS HARIRAMPF, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Man- agement, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Newman Club, Industrial Management Club. ROBERT T. HAWK, Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engineering. JOHN HARRY HELLWEG, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Chi Phi, Scabbard and Blade, 5, 4, American Chemical Society, 2, 5, Treasurer, 4, A.l.Ch.E., 2, 5, 4, Blue Print, 1, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C., Air Force Rifle Team, 2, 5, 4. JOHN HUNSINGER ANAK, Football President, Omicron Delta Kappa WHO'S WHO 0 DAN H. HELMS, Buena Vista, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Delta Kappa Phi, 5, 4. RAYMOND JOHN HENNICK, Lake Worth, Florida, Industrial Manage- ment, Sigma Nu, Co-op Club, 2, 5, 4, Newman Club, l, 2, 5, 4, Technique, 1. CHESTER LEE HENRY, Owensboro, Kentucky, Industrial Engineering, Independent Students' Organization, Alpha Pi Mu, Baptist Student Union. ALBERT F. HERCHENHAI-IN, Hattiesburg, Mississippi, Industrial En- gineering. JOHN JOSEPH I-IETIICH, San Antonio, Texas, Electrical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Eta Kappa Nu, Dean's List, 2, 5, 4, Newman Club, Vice-President, 5, President, 4, I.R.E., Toastmasters Club. HERBERT HEWETT HILL, Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Pi Tau Sigma, 5, 4, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C. Hari-'el' Hardy Harris Hartrampf Ha k H H Helms Hennzck Henry He,-chenhahn Henich H?H:"ff x- " , rr SHS 1 RONNIE JORDAN Student Council Koseme, Scabbard and Blade WHO'S WHO I WILLIAM M. HILL, Augusta, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Chi Phi. WILLIAM PALMER HILL, Atlanta, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Sigma Nu, American Society of Civil Engineers, 3, 4, Navy Student Council 1, 2, Navy Drill Team, 1, 2, 3, 4. 1 WALTER ADOLPI-I HILBOS, JR,, Oakford, Pennsylvania, Civil Engineer- ing, American Society of Civil Engineers. GERALD FRANCIS HILTON, Laurel, Mississippi, Industrial Manage- ment, Kappa Alpha, Secretary, 4. SWANSON M. HINSHAW, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management. RALPH WILLIAM HINSON, Macon, Georgia, Industrial Management, Alpha Tau Omega, Bulldog Club, 3, 4, Rarnblin' Reck Club, 4. 0 JACK RAYMOND HINTON, Columbus, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, A.I.I.E., 5, 4, Physics Club, 1, 2, Society for Advance- ment of Management, 5, 4, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. senmn unss WILLIAM BROOKES HINTON, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engi- neering, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. JAMES LEE HOLCOMB, East Point, Georgia, Industrial Management, Tech Management Club, 4. JAMES RUDOLPH HOLLAND, Moultrie, Georgia, Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers. WILLIAM DINSMORE HOLLAND, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engi- neering, Phi Delta Theta, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 4, American Chemical Society, 3, 4. LOUIS BRYANT HOLTZCLAW, JR., Canton, North Carolina, Architec- ture, Architectural Society, Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. 1 w'H' M, H'Il, W'Iliam P. Hill-'JUS l:llll1lon,lJlam Hlnfon,lW. Hulcomb H'lf H'nshaw Hir-Son Hiulghd, J. Hhlland, W. Holhclaw Horner . Howard, John C. o HARRY FLETCHER HOMER, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engi- neering, Delta Tau Delta, Secretary, 5, Lieutenant Colonel, Air Force R.O.'1'.C. ABRAHAM HOROWITZ, Woodridge, New York, Aeronautical Engi- neering. PAUL NEWTON HOTINGER, Winchester, Virginia, Aeronautical Engi- neering, Beta Theta Pi, Vice-President, 5g Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, 1, 4, Arnold Air Socieryg Flying Club, 1, 4, Scabbard and Bladeg Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. HENRY CLIVE HOWARD, Atlanta, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineering. 0 JOHN CHARLES HOWARD, Decatur, Georgiag Industrial Management, Alpha Tau Omega, Tech Management Club, 43 Canterbury Club, 3, 4g Major, Army R.O.T.C.g Basketball Manager, 1, 2. Hunt Hufchens 40 5 Horowitz Hofinger Howard, H. Howard, John R. Howard, P. Howey JOHN RONALD HOXVARD, Canton, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 5, 4, Institute of Radio Engi- neers, 3, 4g WTYJ, 2. PURDOM HOWARD, Blackshear, Georgia, Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, 5, 4. JOHN RICHARD I-IOWEY, Atlanta, Georgia, Architecture, Delta Tau. Delta. 0 RICHARD HALSEY HUBBARD, Rumson, New Jersey, Industrial Man- agement. ARTHUR DAVERSON HUBERT, III, Decatur, Georgia, Industrial Engi- neering, Kappa Sigma, Secretary, 3. 0 JACK N. HUNT, Atlanta, Georgiag Industrial Engineering. VERNON FISCHER HUTCHENS, JR., Huntsville, Alabamag Electrical Engineering, Sigma Nu, First Lieutenant, Air Force, R.O,T.C. Ae ' ' L N: . ei A aa. 153:-I 1 f- Inman Jackson, D. Jackson, H. .Ienkin Johnson, L. Johnson, Ralph 0 RICHARD HOLMES INMAN, Savannah, Georgia, Mechanical Engineer- ing, Sigma Chi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 3, 4, Student Entertainment and Lecture Committee, 2, 3, 4, Blue Print, 1. DONALD GERALD JACKSON, Russellville, Alabama, Industrial Man- agement, Chi Psi, Treasurer, 2, Vice-President, 3, Tech Management Club, 4, Bulldog Club, 4, Circle K Club, 3, Navy Drill Team, I, 2, 3, Lieutenant, Navy R.O.T.C. HIRAM SOLOMON JACKSON, JR., Griffin, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, A.I.I.E., 3, 4, Alpha Pi Mu, Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, Secretary, 3, Second Vice-President, 4. WILLIAM RICH JACOBSEN, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemistry, Chi Phi, Phi Era Sigma, American Chemical Society, 3, Secretary, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Lieutenant, Navy R.O.T.C. PETER JACOBSON, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, A.I.I.E., Vice-President, 3, Treasurer, 4, Glee Club, President, 3, Business Man- ager, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Flying Club. ROBERT LEE JAMES, JR., Mathews, Virginia, Aeronautical Engineer- ing, Lambda Chi Alpha, Tau Beta Pi, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Flying Club, Sigma Gamma Tau, Secretary, 4, Student Council, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C. BILLY MITCHELL ANAIK, Koseme Business Manager, Yellow Jacket WHO'S WHO Jacobsen Jacobson James Johnson, Robert Johnson, T. Johnson, Waller 0 LOUIS MELVIN JENKIN, JR., Lakeland, Florida, Aeronautical Engi- neering, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. LYNWOOD ALBERT JO!-UNISON, Macon, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, Kappa Alpha, President, 4, Koseme, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, A.I.I.E., 2, 4, Activities Council, 3, Arnold Air Society, I.F.C., 3, 4, Rarnblin' Reck Club, Blue Print, 1, Golf Team, 2, 3, 4, Dean's List, 2, 3, 4, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. RALPH ANTHONY JOHNSON, Fort Valley, Georgia, Industrial Man- agement, Alpha Tau Omega, Industrial Management Society, 3, 4, Tech Management Club, 3, 4, Sigma Y Phalanx, 2, 3, President, 4, Marketing Club, 2, 3, 4, Toastmasters Club, 3, 4, Triangle Club, 4, Y.M.C.A., 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. ROBERT S. JOHNSON, Thomason, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E., 3, Vice-President, 4, I.R.E., 3, 4, Eta Kappa Nu, 2, 3, 4. TUCKER IRVIN JOHNSON, JR., Grenada, Mississippi, Chemistry, Sigma Chi, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Baptist Student Union, I, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Kappa Psi, 3, 4. WALTER THOMAS JOHNSON, Jacksonville, Florida, Electrical Engi- neering, Cooperative Plan, SEIIIUR ELIISS 0 WOFFORD NELSON JOHNSON, Spartanburg, South Carolina, Industrial Management, Lambda Chi Alpha, Society of American Military Engi- neers, 3, 4, Tech Management Club, 3, 4. CHARLES THOMAS JOHNSTON, JR., Rome, Georia, Industrial Engi- neering, Sigma Nu, A.I.I.E., 4, Alpha Phi Omega, 1, 2, Drama Tech, 1, 2. O RICHARD CURTISS JOHNSTON, Tucker, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Cooperative Plan, American Society of Civil Engineers, 3, 4. WILLIAM HARRIS JOHNSTON, Scottdale, Pennsylvania, Electrical Engineering. I 0 CHANNING EDENFIELD JONES, Montgomery, Alabama, Industrial Management, Theta Xi, Vice-President, 3, Activities Council, 2, 3, Camera Club, 1, 4, President, 2, 3, I.F.C., 2, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, Blue Print, 2, Photography Editor, 3, 4. DON J. JONES, Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. I l ' evlfiw' ml QM iia,!,,z,', f- -' ,.i- U, A1 . 1- 5 . ,,,f , f Q," ' I . 1 .-"1-ily.,-1,l"' l f Wllfllllmfs :Rv 1, ' llfl liliwlrfllfliuf-ff I I'- I I fli.lG1wlllJw,Jlll,lyl,,-. la. 1 ...I ' w "4llQwlcW ' lW"'lll' 'I all M 1 -' ' N E, - I 9 ' 1 i 'S' ln 1 I 5 ' I I ' "E l I , .. . , G .I I - ,SP-ia' , iw , 4 JAMES BENJAMIN JONES, III, Brunswick, Georgia, Electrical Engi- neering, Cooperative Plan, Independent Students' Organization, Vice- President, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, Canterbury Club, 2, 3, 4, Toastmasters Club, 3, 4, Wesley Foundation, 35 Y.M.C.A., 2, 3, 4, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. REUBEN SIMPSON JONES, JR., Cairo, Georgia, Mechanical Engineer- ing, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Chi, Wesley Foundation. 0 SEABORN PHILLIPS JONES, Jacksonville, Florida, Mechanical Engi- neering, Delta Sigma Phi, Secretary, 2, A.S.M.E., Pi Tau Sigma, Scabbard and Blade, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. RONALD GILBERT JORDAN, Coral Gables, Florida, Mechanical Engi- neering, Alpha Tau Omega, Koseme, Arnold Air Society, 4, Publications Board, Secretary, 4, Ramblin' Reck Club, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 4, Student Council, 2, 3, 4, Engineer, 2, 3, 4, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C., Who's Who Among Stu- dents in American Colleges and Universities. RAYMOND JUE, JR., Savannah, Georgia, Industrial Management. JOSEPH ARTHUR JUHLIN, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engineering. Jones, C. J I D, Jones. S. .liilrgan JJTSS' J' jggnl' R' - I wi A, - if W R A ,I , K li F 1 . as 9 a rg 53 , .5 .. ., 1 mfs . at E .- t I ..........-.-r -. Q-ff ' ' P ,Q 2 A..... Q ,j?f?1? is , , Q J ' P f ' . X ., .,. he ---A :J if A 4 :Q 4 ,WH L xiii ki Q , J, --..,.,A I-SQ-M 'T M"---Q -----.... Al LARRY MORRIS ANAK Football Captain WHO'S WHO 0 JAMES KEE CHI, Newark, New Jersey, Textile Engineering, A.A.T.C.C., Chinese Club, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Activities Council, Phi Psi. CHARLES DWIGHT KEENE, Miami, Florida, Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, S.A.M.E., Baptist Student Union, Captain, Army R.O'.T.C. I CHARLES MORGAN KELLEY, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Industrial Management Society, Secretary, 4, Tech Management Club, 4, Navy Student Council, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 4, Lieutenant jg, Navy R.O.T.C. RICHARD PEARSON KENAN, Albany, Georgia, Physics, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Newman Club, I, 2, 5, 4, Physics Club, 3, 4, Sigma Pi Sigma, 4, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2. 0 JAMES ROBERT KENNEDY, Birmingham, Alabama, Electrical Engineer- ing, Delta Tau Delta, Vice-President, 4, I.R.E., 4, Alpha Phalanx, l, President, 2, Toastmasters Club, 5, Pershing Rifles, 1, Triange Club, 4, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 2, Secretary, 5, President, 4, Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. Kee Chi Keene Kelley Kenan REX DAVID KENT, Pooler, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Captain Army R.O.T.C. ' JIRAIR KEVORKIAN, Beirut, Lebanon, Aeronautical Engineering, In- stitute of Aeronautical Sciences, Sigma Gamma Tau. RALPH WILLIAMS KING, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Chi Phi, Tech Management Club. 0 ROLAND EUGENE KINSER, Warner Robins, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Theta Xi, A.S.M.E., Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-President, 4, Pi Tau Chi, Treasurer, 3, 4, Wesley Foundation, Vice- President, 5, President, 2, Toastmasters. LEE ERNEST KITCHENS, JR., College Park, Georgia, Electrical Engi- neering, Chi Psi, Institute of Radio Engineers, 4, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2. HARVEY KRIEGER, New York, New York, Civil Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, American Society of Civil Engineers, 4, Bulldog Club, 3, 4. WILLIAM GERARD LAMBRECHT, Atlanta, Georgia, Architecture, In- dustrial Management. Kennedy Kenf Kevorkian ,fy L King Kmser Kitchens Krieger Lambrechf ancasfer Lane Lanier eafhers Lee, H. Lee, R. 0 JOHN ELLERY LANCASTER, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Textile Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Briaerean Society, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A.A.T.C.C., Vice-President, 4, Co-op Club, Delta Kappa Phi, Scabbard and Blade, Major, Army R.O.T.C. FRANK FROST LANE, Lake Junaluska, North Carolina, Aeronautical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Sigma Nu, Briaerean Society, Secretary, 3, Vice-President, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Co-op Club, Sigma Gamma Tau, Swimming, I, 2, Dean's List, 2, 5. 4. ROBERT LATHAN LANIER, JR., Jacksonville, Florida, Electrical Engi- neering, A.I.E.E., 5, 4, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. STANLEY P. LATHROP, JR., Wallingford, Connecticut, Industrial Man- agement, Drama Tech, 5, 4, Flying Club, I, Y.M.C.A., 1. WENIJELL EUGENE LAVENDER, Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engineer- ing, A.I.E.E., 4, Institute of Radio Engineers, 4. ALBERT WILLIAM LEARY, South Miami, Florida, Chemical Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Theta Chi, A.I.Ch.E., 4, American Chemical So- ciety, Secretary, 4, Drama Tech, I, Y.M.C.A., 1, Teclmique, 1. Lathrop Lavender Leary Lee, S. Leeds Lefkoff 0 JAMES CHARLES LEATHERS, Decatur, Georgia, Mechanical Engineer- ing, A.S.M.E., Baptist Student Union, Pi Tau Sigma, 4. HUB RICHARD LEE, Chamblee, Georgia, Physics, Activities Council, 1, 2, Vice-President, 5, 4, Geology Club, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, Vice- President, 5, 4, Physics Club, 4. ROD BRITTAIN LEE, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Sigma Chi, Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, 5, 4, Industrial Management Society, 4, Tennis Team, 1, 4. STANFORD FREDERICK LEE, East Point, Georgia, Industrial Engineering. DONALD H. LEEDS, Rockaway Beach, New York, Ceramic Engineer- ing, Phi Epsilon Pi, Alpha Phi Omega. PAUL LAWRENCE LEFKOFF, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Textile Engi- neering, Phi Epsilon Pi, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, A.A.T.C.C., 3, 4, Activities Council, 3, 4, Delta Kappa Phi, Vice-President, 3, Navy Drill Team, 1, Technique, 1. ! I SENIOR ELHSS fffffff 7 Leigh Leik Levy Lin Lindsey Little - 0 GERALD MAURICE LEIGH, Sr. Petersburg, Florida, Civil Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Briaerean Society, Treasurer, 3, Vice-President, 4, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.C.E., Chi Epsilon, 3, 4. RICHARD ANDREW LEJK, Baltimore, Maryland, Industrial Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Phi Sigma Kappa, Secretary, 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.I.E., 3, 4, S.A.M., 2, 5, 4, Co-op Club, 3, 4, Newman Club, 2, 3, 4. MYRON BENJAMIN LEVY, Hewlett, New York, Textile Engineering, Phi Epsilon Pi, Secretary, 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Bulldog Club, 5, 4, Hillel, 1, 2, 3, Yellow Jacket, 1, Technique, 1. DREW CHESHIRB LIDDELL, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Chi Phi, Football, 1. 0 CHI-CHUANG LIN, Foochow, China, Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., 4, Activities Council, 3, 4, Baptist Student Union, 2, 3, 4, Chinese Club, 2, 5, 4, Drama Tech, 3, 4. Liddell Littlefield TI-IOMAS JOEL LINDSEY, East Point, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 4. GLENN TURNER LITTLE, Winchester, Tennessee, Industrial Manage- ment, Sigma Nu, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C. JAMES Ross LITISLEFIELD, Americus, Georgia, Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, 4, Baptist Student Union, 2, 3, 4 neering, Lambda Chi Alpha, President, 4, A.I.I.E., 4, Bulldog Club, 5, 4 Society for Advancement of Management, 4. CHARLIE RAY LORD, Toombsboro, Georgia, Electrical Engineering Institute of Radio Engineers, 4. 0 LAWSON HENRY LOWRANCE, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Archi tecture, Sigma Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Architectural Society. ARMANDO DANIEL LUCCI, East Norwalk, Connecticut, Chemical En gineering, Lambda Chi Alpha. BILL ORTH President, A.S.C.E. 'Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi WHO'S WHO Livingston Lord- Lowrance Lucci 0 ROBERT CLARKE LIVINGSTON, Alexandria, Virginia, Industrial Engi- x 1 SEIIIUR ELHSS 0 FRED C. LUTTER, Waukegan, Illinois, Electrical Engineering, Co- operative Plan, American Institute of Electrical Engineers. BARRY D. LYNCH, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Beta Theta Pi, Industrial Management Society, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, Marketing Club, 4, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. ' CHARLES JOSEPH LYNCH, Atlanta, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers, Navy Drill Team, 1, 2, 3, Ensign, Navy R.O.T.C. JOHN ROBERTS MADDOX, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President Freshman Class, Vice-President Sopho- more Class, Secretary-Treasurer Junior and Senior Class, Student Council, 1, Golf Team, 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD J. MANNHEIMER, Miami Beach, Florida, Chemical Engineer- ing, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon, 3, Treasurer, 4. CLOVIS E. MARTIN, Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, Ameri- can Institute of Electrical Engineers, 4, I.R.E., 4. he .f"""1s, fn, t'.i-'15, Ju A fn, an I lg? ia 5, - , M! 1 22-as -'gb 15-5 ya ff. 4 ,bl ,,'. M M .sss x 0 CURTIS SYLVESTER MARTIN, JR., Cuthbert, Georgia, Electrical Engi- neering, Cooperative Plan, A.I.E.E., 3, 4, Baptist Student Union, 1, Vice- President, 2, 3, Extension Director, 4, Eta Kappa Nu, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. JAMES EDWARD MARTIN, JR,, Tullahoma, Tennessee, Industrial Man- agement, Chi Phi, Tech Management Club, 3, 4, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C., Baseball, 2, 3, 4. ASBURY MARVIN MASON, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer, 4, Industrial Management Society, Pi Delta Epsilon, Navy Student Council, Yellow jacket, 1, Circulation Man- ager, 2, Advertising Manager, 3, Asst. Business Manager, 4. RUDOLPH MATZNER, Meridian, Mississippi, Industrial Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Vice-President, 4, Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, Vice- President, 3, President, 4, I.F.C., 3, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Teclmique, 1, 2. HARRY GIDEON MAUGANS, Decatur, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Automobile Club, 4, Tech Management Club, 4. ROBERT MORRIS MAY, Sandersville, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, American Society of Industrial Engineers, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Luffer Lyn h, B. L h, C. M dd M h ' M ' I ' Martin, Curtis Martin, J. hlgfon Mgfzng: Mgngailmer Mzythn, C ovis rf all l ww f M 1, fl ff, f W itt i i f of Mm' fi W W1 MJ Q ,I ',-. A . -L' ,Wim 'W u 47. Lfiblf 'W'WA 4 'A 5 K 1 I I ,inc l X I m l f'?f'f 0 JAMES ANDREW MCALISTBR, Newnan, Georgia, Chemical Engineer- ing, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemical Engi- neers, Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. JOHN A. MCCARTHY, Atlanta, Georgia, Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon. THEODORE MICAJAH MCCLELLAN, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Chi Phi, Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. JAMES RICHARD MCCORD, III, Scott, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Independent Students' Organization, Techwood I.S.O., Secretary, 2, Briaerean Society, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E.g American Chemical Society, 3, 4, Treasurer, 2, Phi Lambda Upsilon, 3, 4, Wesley Foundation, 1, 2, 5, 4. DAVID WENDELL MCGARR, Cordele, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Kappa Alpha, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football, 1, 2. JAMES PATRICK MCGEE, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Bulldog Club, 3, 4, First Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. SEIIIUR ELHSS O LONNIE S. MCMILLIAN, JR., Clinton, South Carolina, Electrical Engi- neering, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, 4. FRED WISTER MCPHERSON, JR., Asheboro, North Carolina, Electrical Engineering, Phi Kappa Tau. ROBERT DENT MELSON, Newnan, Georgia, Industrial Management, Kappa Alpha, Industrial Management Society, Lt. Colonel, Air Force R.Of.T.C. JAMES CHAMBLEE MEREDITH, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engineer- ing, Sigma Chi, American Chemical Society, 2, 3, 4, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 3, 4, Blue Print, 1. ALVIN HUGH MERKL, Jacksonville, Florida, Industrial Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Society for Advancement of Management. WILLIAM HAROLD METCALF, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Phi Delta Theta, Ramblin' Reck Club, 2, 5, 4, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1. M Al' 1 McC rfhy McClellan MEMillIae.-ll McPl:erson Melson McCord McGarr MCGB9 Meredith Merkl MBICBH Meyers Mitchell, G, 0 FRED WILLIAM MEYERS, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Delta Sigma Phi, A.I.I.E., 3, 4, Flying Club, 3, 4, Society for Advance- ment of Management, 5, 4. . EDMOND T. MILLER, Geneva, Alabama, Civil Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, A.S,C.E., 3, 4, Chi Epsilon, 3, 4, l.F.C., 3, Pershing Rifles, l, 2, President, 5, Scabbard and Blade, 4, Major, Army R.O.T.C., Swimming Team, 1, 2. A1 EIRAM C. MILLER, Newnan, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Kappa p a. PETER A. MILNES, Staten Island, New York, Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers. O GEORGE CHARLES MITCHELL, Savannah, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Independent Students' Organization, l.M. Society. WILLIAM NIALL MITCHELL, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Phi Delta Theta, Vice-President, 5, ANAK, Koseme, Tech Man- agement Club, President, 4, Bulldog Club, Industrial Management Society, Vice-President, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, Ramblin' Reck Club, Scabbard and Blade, 4, Yellow Jacket, Circulation Manager, 2, Adver- Miller, E. Miller, H. Milnes Mitchell, W. Mixon M065 rising Manager, 3, Business Manager, 4, Lt. Colonel, Air Force R.O.T.C., Football, lg Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. RICHARDS MCLEOD MIXON, Bradenton, Florida, Architecture, Phi Delta Theta, Architectural Society, Blue Print, Art Editor, 4. MOHAMED FARES MOAD, Damascus, Syria, Electrical Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu. 0 RODNEY LYNN MOAK, Rome, Georgia, Industrial Management, In- dustrial Management Club, Circle K Club. ROBERT EMMETT MONAHAN, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engi- neering, Phi Kappa Sigma, A.I.I.E., Society for Advancement of Man- agement, Alpha Phi Omega, 5, 4, Tech Management Club, 3, 4. O FRANK MALONE MONGER, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Beta Theta Pi, Secretary, 3, 4, Tech Management Club, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, Secretary, 3, 4, Technique, 1, Circulation Manager, 2, Collection Man- ager, 3, Advertising Manager, 4, Scabbard and Blade. FLOYD A. MONTGOMERY, Thomson, Georgia, Industrial Management, Alpha Tau Omega. Monahan Montgomery RALPH PADEN Koseme, Student Council Business Manager. Blue Print WHO'S WHO Moore Moreland Morelli Morris M ' ,B, M ' M, Mullis Murray, L. Murray, W. Myers Ngllriizon Ngllghonl I WILLIAM JOSEPH MOORE, Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A.S.M.E.g Newman Club, 3, 4. THOMAS DOUGLAS MORELAND, Chatsworth, Georgia, Civil Engineer- ingg Tau Beta Pig American Society of Civil Engineers, 3, 45 S.A.M.E., 4g Chi Epsilon, St. Patrick's Council, 5, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Lt. Colonel, Army R.O.T.C.g Dean's List. ANTONIO MORELLI, Columbus, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Bulldog Clubg Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. JAMES LLOYD MORRIS, Marietta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C.g Football. BILL C. MORRISON, Charlotte, North Carolinag Industrial Manage- ment, Kappa Sigma, Vice-President, 5, President, 4, Tech Management Club, 4, Bulldog Club, Vice-President, 5, President, 4, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C.g Football, 1. MOT JON MORRISON, Atlanta. Georgia, Industrial Engineeringg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A.I.I.E.g Alpha Pi Mu, Treasurer, 45 Arnold Air Society, Scabbard and Blade, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C.g Football, 1. A N wwwxx X WNYX' W . 5, W R i , ,.,,.,,x,,, T. swqp, ,X ,xx .T , X, .Q ' sYz,-gtp35s?NQs'-, ,,,. vYj.,, ' 2 :1NN,w"-550-. -' .-'fNS1'lV'Ng,-,ggfp A " Qt3Sis.563Q45s-Qiillss.,1fi'iSVg?,:s' i ' lil ig A-0-ii 1 x- .,,E..i,y.3f, V n5:x.:.1:,,ta-Qi-use-si--iwrffvi . XVII-3 ikiiifme 3.3M T- Wifi-"r 5 ' -WSWS 1-,Sgr-N iw: 1- .4 'ix Y i Ali, F Y I 0 CHARLES HOWELL MULLIS, JR., Daytona Beach, Florida, Civil Engi- neering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, American Society of Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon. LARRY NEAL MURRAY, Brunswick, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, Theta Xi, Secretary, 25 Major, Army R.O.T.C. WALTER DARCY MURRAY, JR., Bronwood, Georgiag Mechanical Engi- neering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Secretary, 4. MARK DAVID MYERS, Brockton, Massachusetts, Industrial Manage- ment, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Secretary, 5, 4, American Chemical Society, Tech Management Club, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, 3, 45 Technique, 1, 2, 5, 4. JOSEPH ERNEST NELMS, IR., Hartwell, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Beta Theta Pig A.A.T.C.C., 4, Automobile Club, 4g Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, 4, Camera Club, 3, 4. FREEMAN BROOKS NELSON, JR., College Park, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, A.I.E.E., 4, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 4. SEIIIUR ELHSS Netlles Newman Newell O WILLIAM HARDY NEITLES, Crescent City, Florida, Chemical Engi- neering, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, 4. JOHN RICHARDSON' NEWELL, JR., Carrollton, Georgia, Textile Engi- neSr1Eig,dBeta Theta P1, Secretary, 4, Phi Psi, 3, Treasurer, 4, Scabbartl an a e. 0 .JOHN SCOTT NEWMAN, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Phi Delta Theta, Tech Management Club, 3, 4, Bulldog Club, 3, 4, Ramblm' Reck Club, 5, 4, First Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. ' JAMES HARVEY .NEWTON, Birmingham, Alabama, Electrical Engineer- ing, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E., Institute of Radio Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Treasurer, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Ensign, Navy R.O.T.C., Dean's List, 2. 3, 4. 0 JACK D. NICHELSON, Miami, Florida, Industrial Managment, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. A CHARLES EDWARD NIEDNER, jay, Maine, Textile Engineering, Delta Kappa Phi. s CECIL PHILLIHPS Editor, Engineer President, ANAK, Omicron Delta Kappa WHO'S WHO GEORGE IRwxN Ti-IORSAGER NIELSEN, Brooklyn, New York, Aero- nautical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Vice-President, Sigma Gamma Tau. JAMES E. NORTH, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Pi Kappa Phi, Gym Team. 0 HARRY OLIVER NORTHERN, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Electrical Engi- neering, Alpha Tau Omega, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Institute of Radio Engineers, Radio Club. GEORGE RICHARD NORWOOD, Meridian, Mississippi, Textile Engi- neering, Cooperative Plan, Kappa Alpha, Phi Psi, 2, 3, President, 4, A.A.T.C.C., 3, 4, Co-op Club, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 4. WILLIAM ALFRED OGRAM, Cartersville, Georgia, Electrical Engineer- ing, Independent Students' Organization, Secretary, 2, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Automobile Club, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2, Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. ROBERT LEE ORTI-I, Macon, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Cooperative Plan, American Society of Civil Engineers, 3, 4, Chi Epsilon, 3, 4, Co-op Club, 3, 4, Cross Country, I, 4, Track, I, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Nichelson Northern Niedflef Nielsen Noi-fh Norwood Osram cfm. R. . N, .X X xN , A-S55 NW ylzsfxx . it inWi-RSSF.. it .iiiiilwa t' x 'l-I 'I m' I X X- t-1.1-bS:,,-r--Q ...f SQ Q: . bex Y"Q!:l' ' if 0 WILLIAM WARNER ORTH, Macon, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.C.E., Treasurer, 3, President, 4, Activities Council, 3, Vice-President, 4, Chi Epsilon, 4, Spiked Shoe Club, 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 3, Major, Army R.O.T.C., Track, 3, 4, Cross Country, 3, Captain, 4, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. I WALTER JOHN OVEREND, Chamblee, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineer- ing, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, 3, 4, Sigma Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Toastmasters, 2, 3, 4. O HENRY NORMAN GWEN, Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, Institute of Radio Engineers, Radio Club. RALPH SMALL PADEN, Lookout Mountain, Tennessee, Industrial Engi- neering, Sigma Chi, Koseme, A.I.I.E., 2, 3, Secretary, 4, Circle K Club, 2, I.F.C., 2, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Ramblin' Reck Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 3, 4, Publications Board, 4, Secretary, 3, Blue Print, I, 2, Advertising Manager, 3, Business Manager, 4, Football, l, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. O MAX TORRENCE PALMER, Atlanta, Georgia, 'Civil Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon, Secretary, 4, Toastmasters Club. - DONALD B. PARKER, Melbourne, Florida, Industrial Engineering, Co' operative Plan, Lambda Chi Alpha, A.I.I.E., 3, 4, Alpha Pi Mu, 4, Co-op Club, 4, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2, St. Patricl-:'s Council, 4, S.A.M., 4, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Orih, W. Overend Owen Paden JOHN TIBOR PATAKY, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Sigma Chi, Tech Management Club, 3, 4, Alpha Phi Omega, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Technique, 3, Blue Print, 1, Engineer, 2, 3, 4, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C., Pershing Rifles, 3, Swimming, 1. JAMES THOMAS PATTERSON, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.I.E., Z, 3, 4, S.A.M., 2, 4, President, 3, Alpha Pi Mu, 3, 4, St. Patricl-is Council, 3, 4. 0 WILBUR L. PATTERSON, Macon, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Coopera- tive Plan, American Society of Civil Engineers. A JAMES L. PEAVY, Gainesville, Georgia, Industrial Management, Sigma Chi, President, 4, Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Class, Tech Management Club, 2, 4, Secretary, 3, Circle K Club, 1, 2, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, President, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 4, Publications Board, 4, Toastmasters Club, 2, 4, Vice-President, 3, Blue Print, 2, 3, Business Manager, 4, Lt. Colonel, Army R.O.T.C., Cross Country, 1, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. WERNER PELS, Atlanta, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, A.A.T.C.C., Delta Kappa Phi, St. Patrick's Council, Ensign, Navy R.O.T.C. ELTON PAUL PERRY, Wellington, Alabama, Industrial Management, Industrial Management Society, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Football. Palmer Parker Pa+akY Paiierson, W. PGBVY Pals Patterson, J. Perry Peiermann Peters Peterson Phillips, Clarence Phipps Pickren 0 THOMAS ERVIN PETERMANN, Atlanta, Georgia, Civil Engineering, A.S.C.E., 2, 3, 4, Society of American Military Engineers, 2, 3, 4, Engineer, 1, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. ' RICHARD CARR PETERS, Jacksonville, Florida, Architecture, Architec- tural, Society, 4. DAVID STANLEY PETERSON, Tunnel Hill, Georgia, Electrical Engi- neering. HOMAN REES PHENIX, JR., Miami, Florida, Industrial Management, Phi Delta Theta, Industrial Management Society, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C., Football, 1, Z, 3, 4. BILLY MACK PHILLIPS, Glennville, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Independent Students' Organization, Vice-President, 4, A.A.T.C.C., 3, 4, Bulldog Club, 5, 4, Wesley Foundation, 2, 5, 4. CECIL RANDOLPH PHILLIPS, JR., Birmingham, Alabama, Industrial Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, President, 4, ANAK, President, 4, Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary, 4, Koseme, Treasurer, 5, A.I.I.E., Alpha Pi Mu, 3, Secretary, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 5, Vice-President, 4, Toast- masters Club, 4, Y.M.C.A., 1, 3, 4, Secretary, 2, Engineer, 2, Managing Editor, 5, Editor, 4, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Phenix Phillips, B. Phillips, Cecil Pope Poppe Porter 0 CLARENCE WILLIAM PHILLIPS, Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical.Engi- neering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. HARRY EDWARD PHIPPS, Alcoa, Tennessee, Chemical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Phi Sigma Kappa, American Chemical Society, 2, 5, 4, A.l.Ch.E., 3, 4, Activities Council, 4, Bulldog Club, l.F.C., 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Technique, 2, Sports Editor, 5, Managing Editor, 4, Baseball, 1. LOVETT BENNETT PICKREN, Argyle, Georgia, Mechanical Engineer- ing, Sigma Chi, A.S.M.E., 3, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 5, 4. WARREN SINCLAIR POPE, Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, Radio Club. JAMES RAYMOND PoPPe, Newport, Kentucky, Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., 5, 4, Institute of Radio Engineers, 5, 4, Eta Kappa Nu, 5, 4, St. Patrick's Council, Vice-President, 4. ROBERT LEE PORTER, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tech Management Club, 3, 4, Bulldog Club, 5, 4, Air Force Drill Team, l, Z, First Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. r-vll H LEON SCOTT President, Orpicron Delfa Kappa, ANAK President, Junior Class WHO'S WHO Powell Powers Pratt, C. Price Priefo, F. Priefo, J. 0 RICHARD OTIS POWELL, Florence, South Carolina, Mechanical Engi- neering, Pi Kappa Alpha. JAMES ELLIS POWERS, Macon, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Kappa Alpha, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, 3, 4, Society for Advancement of Management, 5, 4. CALVIN LEE PRATT, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Delta Tau Delta, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, 2, 3, President, 4, Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, 3, 4, Sigma Gamma Tau, 3. 4. MAURICE DUBOSE PRATT, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.I.E., 3, 4, S.A.M., 3, Vice-President, 4, Alpha Pi Mu, 5, 4, Glee Club, 5, 4, Dean's List. 0 LEWIS PRICE, JR., LaGrange, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, President, 3, Interfraternity Council, 3, 4, Phi Psi, Secretary, 4, Captain, Army R.O.T.C., Football, 1. FRANCISCO ROBERTO PRIETO, Habana, Cuba, Mechanical Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, Pan American Club. Q L W S 4Q,,,7ll r X I ff Ei F Pratt, M. Raine JUAN JACOB0 PRIETO, Habana, Cuba, Mechanical Engineering, Phi Gamma Delta, A.S.M.E., 4, Newman Club, 1, Pan American Club, Vice- President, 2, President, 5. JOSEPH S. RAINE, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Phi Delta Theta. 0 RUSSELL DAVID RAINEY, II, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Chi Phi, Industrial Management Society, 4, Tech Management Club, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Phi Omega, 3, 4, St. Patrick's Council, 4, Technique, 2. ROBERT WILBUR RAMSEY, JR., Charlotte, North Carolina, Physics, Phi Gamma Delta, I.R.E., Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Kappa Psi, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Physics Club, 3, 4, Lt. Colonel, Air Force R.O.T.C. 0 WILLIAM TALMADGE RANDALL, Marietta, Georgia, Textile Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Independent Students' Organization, A.A.T.C.C., 3, Treasurer, 4, Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, Technique, 1. DONALD LEE RANDLE, Covington, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, Alpha Pi Mu, 4. R ' Ramsey Rgianciill Randle SEIIIUR ELHSS O RICHARD A. J. RANIERI, Syracuse, New York, Textile Engineering, A.A.T.C.C., 3, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, 5, 4, St. Patrick's Council, 4, Y.M.C.A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Football, 1, 2. ROBERT EDWARD RANKIN, Tampa, Florida, Mechanical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Independent Students' Organization, A.S.M.E., Treas- urer, 4, S.A.M.E., 3, 4, Co-op Club, 3, 4, Major, Army R.O.T.C. EVERETT TRUMAN RASPBERRY, Macon, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Delta Tau Delta. CLAUDE GABLE RAY, Smyrna, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineering, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Captain, Air Force R,O.T.C. KENNETH FRANCIS READ, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E., 3, 4, Alpha Phalanx, Vice-President, 1, Alpha Phi Omega, 1, 2, Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4, Technique, 1, 2, Ensign, Navy R.O.T.C. PHILIP GRAHAM RECTOR, Orlando, Florida, Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary, 3, 4, A.S.M.E., 2, 3, 4, Air Force Drill Team, 1, 2, Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4, St. Patrick's Council, 4, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C. ' sos SHARP Tau Beta Pi Regimental Commander, Army R.O.T.C. WHO'S WHO I DAVID EUGENE REDFORD, Decatur, Georgia, Industrial Management, Phi Kappa Phi, Industrial Management Society, 3, Treasurer, 4, Scabbarcl and Blade, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. WAYNE PHILIP REECE, Rockrnart, Georgia, Industrial Management, Kappa Alpha, Tech Management Club. GEORGE CLIFTON REED, III, Atlanta, Georgia, Ceramic Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, American Ceramic Society. JOHN LAMAR REESE, JR., Columbus, Georgia, Industrial Management, Chi Phi, Vice-President, 4, Tech Management Club, Bulldog Club, Marketing Club. MICHAEL CARLYLE REU, Wilmington, Delaware, Chemical Engineer- ing, Alpha Tau Omega. GEORGE PRICHARD REYNOLDS, JR., Marietta, Georgia, Chemical Engi- neering, A.I.Ch.E., 2, 3, 4, American Chemical Society, 2, 3, Vice- President, 4, Circle K Club, 3, Secretary, 4, Phi Lambda Upsilon, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Blue Print, 2, Classes Editor, 3, Co-Sports Editor, 4, Dean's List, 3, 4. Ranieri Rankin Raspberry Redford Reece Reed RRY Read Rector RGSSG Reu Reynolds NEAL SMITH President, Alpha Tau Omega Secretary, Student Council: Koseme WHO'S WHO 0 ITIILDRETH S. RIALS, Tupelo, Mississippi, Architecture, Architectural Soctety, 5, 4. FORREST ELI JAH RICH, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management. DENNIS RAYMOND RIDDLE, Oglethorpe, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Phi Delta Theta, Industrial Management Society, 4, Ramblin' Reck Club, 2, 3, 43 First Lieutenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. ROBERT ANTHONY RIVES, Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, JOSEPH RIZZO, Pleasantville, New York, Industrial Management, Sigma Nug Bulldog Club, Baseball, I, 2, 3. BEN WARREN ROBERTS, Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Chi Phi, Blue Prim, lg Basketball Manager, 1. 0 LINWOOD ROBERTS, Brunswick, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Arnold Air Society, 43 Scabbard and Blade, 4, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C.g Football, I, 2, 5, 4. SEIIIUR ELHSS WILLIS RAY ROBERTS, Ocillo, Georgiag Civil Engineering, Coopera- tive Plang Independent Students' Organization, A.S.C.E.g Bulldog Club, Co-op Clubg Chi Epsilon, 5, President, 4. CHARLES W. ROBERTSON, Gulfport, Mississippi, Mechanical Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Theta Chi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. WILLIAM TRAVER ROE, Warner Robins, Georgia, Chemical Engineer- ing, Tau Kappa Epsilon, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 4. JOHN F. ROESEL, JR., Wildwood, Florida, Electrical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu. WALLACE BRADLEY ROGERS, Nashville, Tennessee, Mechanical Engi- neering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Automobile Club, 43 Debating Society, I, 2. R I Rich Riddle Rives Ring Roberts, B. Rbabiarts, L. Roberts. W- Rcbeflson Roe Rgegel Rogers, Wallace Rogers, Walier Row 0 WALTER MCDOWELL ROGERS, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engi- neering, Sigma Nu, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.E.E., 3, Vice-President, 4, I.R.E., 3, 4, Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C. JOHN E. ROLLER, Mt. Vernon, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Coopera- tive Plan, Independent Students' Organization, Briaerean Society, Presi- dent, 4, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.C.E., 3, Treasurer, 4, Bulldog Club, 2, 3, 4, Co-op Club, 3, 4, Chi Epsilon, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Student Coun- cil, 4, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. ARMANDO ROSENDE, JR., Tampa, Florida, Mechanical Engineering, Theta Xi, A.S.M.E., Vice-President, 4, S.A.M.E., 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, Band, 1, 2, Bulldog Club, 3, 4. FRANK PETER Roru, Cochran, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, A.I.E.E., Institute of Radio Engineers. I JOHN THOMAS Row, JR., Pine Castle, Florida, Industrial Engineering Cooperative Plan, Sigma Chi, A.I.I.E., Society for Advancement of Man: agement, Pi Delta Epsilon, Blue Print, 2, 3. ALAN HERSCHEL RUBINSON, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Tau Epsilon Phi, Vice-President, 4. Ruth Rurledg e Rvfher 'Safar Roller Rosende Row Rubinson Ruffin Russell LARRY WAYNE RUFFIN, West Point, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Kappa Alpha, Football. RICHARD CHARLESWORTH RUSSELL, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical En- gineering, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E., 2, 3, 4, American Chemical Society, 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Phi Lambda Upsilon, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Ensign, Navy R.O.T.C. 0 JOSEPH KANE RUTH, Baltimore, Maryland, Electrical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Drama Tech, 1, Newman Club, l, 2, 4, Secretary, 3, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2, Toastmasters, 3, 4. JAMES FLOYD RUTLEDGE, Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 4, Cap- tain, Air Force R.O.T.C. 0 FENLEY RYTHER, JR., Macon, Georgia, Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, 3, Secretary, 4. l LEWIS ANTHONY SAFAR, Jacksonville, Florida, Mechanical Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Theta Xi, American Society of Mechanical En- gineers. ie ' ' V 3 ' 'r "Y fe-:T . L ska-4355?-Eg g . if i ' in X Sanders Saierbak Savage Schroeder Scogin Scott, L. 0 JAMES RALPH SANDERS, JR., Lizella, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A.I.I.E., 4, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment, 4, Interfraternity, 2, 3, 4. WEAVER WAYNE SATERBAK, Birmingham, Alabama, Mechanical En- gineering, Alpha Tau Omega, A.S.M.E., 3, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C., Track, 1, Foot- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4. PRESTON RAY SAVAGE, JR., Birmingham, Alabama, Textile Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Lambda Chi Alpha, Camera Club, 2, 3, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Spiked Shoe Club, 2, 3, Vice- President, 4, Technique, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cross Country, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD ALLEN SCHAEFER, Towson, Maryland, Electrical Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Chi Psi. FREDERICK EDWARD A. SCHILLING, III, Marietta, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, Physics Club. JOHN FRANCIS SCHMAENG, Cairo, Illinois, Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E., 3, 4, Newman Club, 1, Secretary, 2, Treasurer, 3, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 3, Treasurer, 4. PIERRE SOVEY Tau Beta Pi President, Beta Theta Pi WHO'5 WHO Schaefer Schilling Schmaeng Scott, William D. Scoff, William S. Seaquisf 0 ROBERT COFER SCHROEDER, Roanoke, Virginia, Industrial Engineer- ing, Kappa Sigma, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, 3, 4. WILLIAM WILSON SCOGIN, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Baseball, 3, Football, 1, 2, 3. LEON JAMES SCOTT, JR., Cartersville, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class, President, Sophomore and Junior Class, ANAK, Vice-President, 4, Koseme, Omicron Delta Kappa, President, 4, Industrial Management Society, 3, 4, Ramblin' Reck Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, Student Trial Board, '3, Chairman, 4, Lieutenant jg, Navy R.O.T.C., Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. WILLIAM DOWNING SCOTT, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Mechanical En- gineering, Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Flying Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 2, 3, Navy Drill Team, Blue Prim, 1. WILLIAM S. SCOTT, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Physics, Delta Sigma Phi, Physics Club, 3, 4, Geology Club, 4. EDGAR OLIVER SEAQUIST, JR., Washington, D. C., Mechanical Engi- neering, Tau Beta Pi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Dean's List. SEIIIUR ELHSS Shackleford Sheldon Shepardson Sherman 0 BENJAMIN HAROLD SHACKLEFORD, Carrollton, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, 4, Y.M.C.A., 2, 3. JAMES DAVIS SI-IELDON, Marietta, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers. 0 Jen Pl-LILLIP SHEPARDSON, Richmond, Virginia, Chemical Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Beta Theta Pi, Camera Club, 3, Secretary, 4, Captain, Army R.O.T.C., Swimming Team, 1, 2. p CHARLES LEON SHERMAN, New Albany, Mississippi, Industrial Man- agement, Phi Epsilon Pi, Secretary, 3, Vice-President, 4, Activities Coun- cil, 2, 3, 4, Alpha Phi Omega, 1, 2, Secretary, 3, 4, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2, Secretary, 3, Bulldog Club, 3, 4, Technique, 1, 2, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. 0 ROBERT EDWARD SHIVERS, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Architecture, Chi Phi, President, 3, 4, Architectural Society. LEON SIEGEL, Columbus, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Bulldog Club, 3, 4, I.F.C., 1, 2, Captain, Air Force R.O.T,C. 9,-JE., -r w ' I i ,I 0 it il, 1 Y 'I illl Ilfiliilillllli ri? i!Nlll'lNl'lli0l'Qill'rr AIM:-,, ll... , I . I lluicllfcllrgnllzyl c A-admit r, IIIWWM,it,,wM.W1,, v A ..i I ,D . I I ' , I , f l- ' Q .. -,fe 1 I E 5 1 5 :lla if' , a f "af I. :Q Q. 'DN s" J if I, --- GEORGE 1. SIMITSIS, Tampa, Florida, Aeronautical Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, Sigma Gamma Tau, 3, 4. DAVID ALLEN SINGER, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Textile Engineer- ing, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, A.A.T.C.C., 3, 4, Hillel, 1, 2, Chairman, 3, 4. 0 FRED S. SINGER, Lumpkin, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Treasurer, 3, President, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Pi Mu, Ramblin' Reck Club, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. MELVIN JOSEPH SIRES, III, Macon, Georgia, Chemical Engineering, Sigma Nu, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E., 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, Phi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Phi Lambda Upsilon, 3, Secretary, 4, Engineer, 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM RICHARD SKELLEY, Hartford, Connecticut, Industrial Man- agement, Industrial Management Society, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE HENRY SMALL, JR., Atlanta. Georgia, Textile Engineering. 1 I Shivers Sieq I S' 'f ' - Sanger. F. 'Sirese Sltrizilleiii Smear' D' VIRGIL TEDDER Presidenf, Koseme, ANAK President, Ramblin' Reck Club WHO'S WHO 0 BOBBY ESCHOL SMITH, Macon, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Coopera- tive Plan, Independent Students' Organization, A.A.T.C.C., 3, 4, Baptist Student Union, 2, 3, 4, Co-op Club, 3, 4, Delta Kappa Phi, 4. DENTON LEE SMITH, Towson, Maryland, Electrical Engineering, Institute of Radio Engineers, 3, 4, Camera Club, 2, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Freshman Y.M.C.A. Council, President, l, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 1, Secretary, 2, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. 0 GEORGE EDWIN SMITH, JR., Coral Gables, Florida, Industrial Man- agement. IRA ALBERT SMITH, JR., College Park, Georgia, Mathematics, Delta Tau Delta, Gym Team, 2, 3, Cheerleaders, 3. I JOHN FRANK SMITH, JR., Columbus, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President, 3, President, 4. LEE NEAL SMITH, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Alpha Tau Omega, President, 4, Koseme, Ramblin' Reck Club, 2, 3, 4, Student Council, 2, 3, Secretary, 4, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. if - I . J l smnh, s. smifh, D. Smith, e. smnh, u. RICHARD JOEL SMITH, JR., Milledgeville, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Industrial Management Society, 4. ROBERT CHAMBLIN SMITH, Dyersburg, Tennessee, Chemical Engi- neering, Delta Tau Delta, Band, 1, Z, 3, Glee Club, l, 4, Secretary, 2, 3, Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, Treasurer, 3. 0 RUBLE LEA SMITH, Salem, Virginia, Industrial Management, Beta Theta Pi, S.A.M,, S, 4, Industrial Management Society, 3, 4, Spiked Shoe Club, 3, 4, Technique, 2, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C., Cross Country, 2, 3. SPENCER WINDHAM SMITH, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President, 4, Tech Management Club, Ramblin' Reck Club. W. CALDWELL SMITH, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Architecture, Theta Chi, Arnold Air Society, 3, 4, Architectural Society, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Toastmasters, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. WALLACE WALDON SMITH, Valdosta, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Bulldog Club, Pi Delta Epsilon, Blue Print, 1, 2, 3, Co-Sports Editor, 4, Baseball, 1. . - 5'h.R'hd S'th,Rob'r Smlfh- J- 5""ll" L' 'smilh vii Srld en smim, waliice Smith, Ruble Smith. 5- ml 1 3 W mlfh, Wilfred Sosa '5Pfll'lQ9l' tephens Stephenson Stewart O WILFRED B. SMITH, JR., Alma, Georgia, Industrial Management, Phi Kappa Tau, Treasurer, 33 Tech Management C-lub, 3, 4g Activities Coun- cil, 1, 4, Secretary, 3g I.F.C., 2, 3, Treasurer. 43 Pi Tau Chi, 3, 4g Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, Student Trial Board, 33 Wesley Foundation, 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, Technique. ' JESUS MANUEL SOSA, Caparra Heights, Puerto Rico, Mechanical En- gineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 3, 4. DAN FELTON SPRINGER, Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Delta Tau Delta, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pig A.S.M.E., 45 Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4. CLARENCE ERRELL STEELE, JR., Atlanta, Georgiag Architecture, Archi- tectural Society. JEFFERSON CALVIN STEERMAN, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 45 First Lieu- tenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. V EDGAR MARION STEINHILPER, Columbus, Georgia, Industrial Engi- neeringg Society for Advancement of Management, 3, 4, S.A.M.E., 5, 4, Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. SEIIIUR CLHSS Steele Sfeerrnan S+einhiIper Stonecypher Stubbs Suddafh O GEORGE M. STEVENS, Cartersville, Georgia, Architecture, First Lieu- tenant, Air Force R.O.T.C. JAMES GORDON STEPHENSON, JR., Atlanta, Geotgiag Industrial Engi- neeringg Phi Delta Theta, A.I.I.E., 4, Alpha Pi Mu, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Major, Air Force R.O.T.C. EREDERICK REINHOLD STEWART, JR., Atlanta, Georgiag Industrial Engineering. THOMAS EDWARD STONECYPHER, Albany, Georgia, Chemical Engi- neering, Beta Theta Pig Phi Eta Sigmag Tau Beta Pi, Vice-President, 45 A.I.Ch.E., 2, 3, President, 45 Bulldog Club, 3, 4g Scabbard and Blade, 3, Treasurer, 4. JOE TRUMAN STUBBS, Lanier, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Alpha Tau Omega, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Alpha Pi Mu. GEORGE NEWTON SUDDATH, Atlanta, Georgiag Industrial Manage- ment, Glee Club, 1, 23 Toastmasters, 3, 4. fffffff f ml W ' ' P ll Sullins 'Sullivan Swarfggl SWlSl'lEf' Swiizer Tannehill 0 DEE .GRANVILLE SULLINS, Griffin, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Kappa Alpha, Phi Psi, St. Patrick's Council. I PHILLIP JAMES SULLIVAN, Atlanta, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineer- ing, Pi Kappa Alpha, Tau Beta Pi, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, Sigma Gamma Tau, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Toastmasters Club, 2, 4, Dean's List 3, 4. . CHARLES MAURICE SWARTSEL, Davenport, Florida, Aeronautical En- gineering, Phi Sigma Kappa, Band, 1, 2, 3, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. JAMES NORWOOD SWIFT, Waynesville, North Carolina, Industrial Man?ement, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer, 3, 4, Lieutenant, Navy R.O. .C. 0 JOHN MELROY SWISHER, Alexandria, Virginia, Chemical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band, 1, 2, 3. CHARLES DEWEY SWITZER, Smyrna, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, A.I.I.E., 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, S.A.M., 2, 3, President, 4, St. Patrick's Council, 3, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. GORDON TRAVl'S ANAK, Koseme Editor, Blue Prinl' WHO'S WHO Swift Tarkas JOE KING TANNEHILL, Augusta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Chi Phi, A.S.M.E., 4, Glee Club, 33 Geechee Club, 2, 35 Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C., S.A.E., 4. GEORGE J. TARKAS, Charleston, South Carolina, Civil Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, American Society of Civil Engineers, Chi Epsilon. 0 JOHN W. TATOM, Montgomery, Alabama, Mechanical Engineering, Sigma Nu, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Pi Tau Sigma, Toastmasters. CLYDE AFTON TAYLOR, III, Brunswick, Georgia, Electrical Engineer- ing, Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, 4, A.I.E.E., Secretary, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Student Council, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C., Distinguished Military Student Award, 4. 0 VIRGIL REAMS TEDDER, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Secretary, 3, ANAK, Koseme, President, 3, Bulldog Club, 3, 4, Ramblin' Reck Club, 2, Secretary-Treasurer, 3, President, 4, Student Council, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, Student Trial Board, 3, 4, Swimming Team, 1, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. LAWRENCE FRANK Tl-IEE, JR., Savannah, Georgia, Chemical Engi- neering. Taiom Taylor Tedder Thee SEIIIUR ELHSS 0 WIZLIAM BASCOM THOMAS, Atlanta, Georgia, Physics, Physics Club, 2, 3, . JAMES WENDELL THOMPSON, Albertville, Alabama, Industrial Man- agement, Phi Gamma Delta, Treasurer, 3, Industrial Management So- ciety, 4, Tech Management Club, 3, 4, Dean's List, 4. Mown' E. THORNE, Milledgeville, Georgia, Industrial Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Alpha Tau Omega, Secretary, 4, A.I.I.E., 3, 4, Alpha Pi Mu, 3, 4, Circle K Club, 2, 3, Co-op Club, 3, 4, Blue Print, 1, Technique, 1, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. CHARLES M. THORNTON, Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Ameriiican Society of Mechanical Engineers, First Lieutenant, Army R.O. .C. ROBERT MURRAY THORNTON, Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engineer- ing, A.I.E.E., Institute of Radio Engineers, 4, Eta Kappa Nu, Navy Student Council, 3, St. Patrick's Council. ELMER THOMAS THURMOND, JR., Miami, Florida, Architecture, Architectural Society, 3, Dean's List. l El R age? ,ew iayiide--..Aj' WJ? 5 ,ferr S ll if F ff' All .gd i'-. 'giffill-f l 'K xl-rc 5 Q ex 0 THOMAS EUGENE TIDWELL, Douglasville, Georgia, Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers. WALTER JACKSON TOLAND, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engi- neering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice-President, 4, A.I.l.E., 4, S.A.M., 4, Activities Council, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, World Student Fund Com- mittee, 1, 2, 3, 4, Blue Print, I, 2. ERNEST POOLE ToML1NsoN, Jn., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Man- agement. ROBERT MILLER TORRAS, Brunswick, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, Phi Delta Theta, A.l.I.E., 4, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment, 4, Ramblin' Reck Club, 2, 3, 4, Swimming Team, I. GORDON KENNETH TRAVIS, St. Petersburg, Florida, Mechanical Engi- neering, Alpha Tau Omega, ANAK, Treasurer, 4, Koseme, Secretary, 3, A.S.M.E., 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, Vice-President, 3, Treasurer. 3, Pub- lications Board, 4, Blue Prim, 1, Organizations Editor, 2, Managing Editor, 3, Editor, 4, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. CHARLES BLACKWELL TRITION, Atlanta, Georgia, Aeronautical Engi- neering, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, 3, 4, Sigma Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. Thomas Thompson Thorne Ttdwell Toland Tomlinson Thornfon, C. Thornton, R. Thurmond Torras Travis Tritton I lllllllllllllllllllllllllmlllll ,fa L ' ? 1' ll fwl,l1l?l2rl l ill K' ,M H- Wiley! 'le O DEAN EDWARD TROXELL, II, Brookhaven, Georgia, Industrial Man- agement, Phi Delta Theta, Tech Management Club, 5, 4, Navy Student Council, 2, 3, 4, Blue Print, 1. ALBERT HAMMOCK TWISS, Little Rock, Arkansas, Chemical Engineer- ing, Delta Sigma Phi, Secretary, 4, A.I.Ch.E., 3, 4, American Chemical Society, 4, Bulldog Club, 3, 4, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C. ROY ANDRESS VAILLANT, Cartagena, Colombia, Chemical Engineer- ing, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, A.I.Ch.E., Newman Club. ROBERTO VALDES-DAUSSA, Habana, Cuba, Industrial Engineering, Pan American Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Swimming Team, 1. LOWELL EUGENE VANCIL, Rockmart, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment. QUINTON WRIGHT VANCLEAVE, Elizabeth, Louisiana, Industrial Management, Co-op Club, 5, 4. SEHIUR ELHSS 0 THURMOND EUGENE VARNUM, Jefferson, Georgia, Textile Engi- neering. RAFAEL H. VAZQUEZ, Santurce, Puerto Rico, Electrical Engineering. RAMON ADOLFO VAZQUEZ, Central I-lormiguero, Cuba, Mechanical Engineering, A.S.M.E., 4, Activities Council, Newman Club, l, 2, 3, 4, Pan American Club, l, 2, 3, 4. JOHN FELTON VINSON, Brunswick, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Independent Students' Organization, Vice-President, 2, President, 3, Briaerean Society, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, A.S,M.E., 3, 4, S.A.M., 3, Co-op Club, 4, Vice-President, 3, Activities Council, 3, Pi Tau Sigma, Wesley Foundation, 4, Y.M.C.A., 1, 2, Dean's List, 3, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. HENRY THOMAS WAIDDELL, Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engineering. WILLIAM LEON WAITES, Atlanta, Georgia, Aeronautical Engineering, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences. Troxell Twiss Vaillant Valdes-Daussa Vancil Van Cleavs Varnum Vazquez, Rafael Vazquez, Ramon Vinson Waddell Waites fi Q3 gl J 'X , rl Walker, James Waller 0 JAMES CURTIS WALKER, Magee, Mississippi, Electrical Engineering, American Institute of Electrical Engineers. JOSEPH R. WALKER, Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. BENJAMIN EUGENE WALLACE, Coral Gables, Florida, Industrial Management, Alpha Tau Omega. GRAHAM S. WALLACE, Bogota, New Jersey, Electrical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Theta Xi, American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Co-op Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4. O WILLIAM WEARER WALLER, LaGrange, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Chi Phi, Treasurer, 4, Industrial Management Society, 4. JAMES VERNON WALTERS, Dublin, Georgia, Civil Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, 3, Secretary, 4, A.S.C.E., 3, Vice-President, 4, Activities Council, 5, 4, Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, 3, 4, Chi Epsilon, 3, Treasurer, 4, Kappa Kappa Psi, 3, 4. I Walker, .Joseph Wallace, B. Wallace, G. Walters Warren, G. Warren, R. GEORGE WALLIAM WARREN, Perry, Florida, Mechanical Engineering, Lt. Colonel, Air Force R.O.T.C. ROGER CLARK WARREN, Kearny, New Jersey, Chemical Engineering Cooperative Plan, Theta Xi, Briaerean Society, 2, 3, 4. I JAMES ALFRED WATKINS, Albany, Georgia, Civil Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers, 3, 4. ROBERT HOWARD WATKINS, Thomaston, Georgia, Electrical Engi- neering, Cooperative Plan, Lambda Chi Alpha, Briaerean Society, Ameri- can Institute of Electrical Engineers, Eta Kappa Nu, Scabbard and Blade I WILLIAM ROY WATSON, Ill, Lithonia, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, Delta Tau Delta, A.I.I.E., 4, Society for Advancement of Manage- ment, 4, Technique, 2, First Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. JAMES HENRY WATTBRS, Santa Cruz, California, Chemical Engi- neering. ,el EW ei Watkins, J. Watkins, R. Watson Walters FELTON VINSON President, l.S.O. President, Briaerean Society WHO'S WHO Watts Weafherman Webster Wesley White Whitfield 0 HAL LEWIS WATTS, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, In- dustrial Management Society, 3, 4, Tech Management Club, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4, Lt. Colonel, Army R.O.T.C. JAMES A. WEATHERMAN, Charlotte, North Carolina, Electrical Engi- neering, Cooperative Plan, Phi Gamma Delta, Co-op Club, 2, Secretary, 3, President, 4, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. V GRADY FRANK WEBSTER, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Captain, Army R.O.T.C., Best Drilled Basic Student, 1, Football. CHARLES MACKENZIB WEEMS, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engi- neering, Phi Kappa Tau, A.I.E.E., 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, I.R.E., 1, 2, 5, 4, Activities Council, 4, Math Club, 1, 2, Physics Club, 1, 2, Radio Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Toastmasters, 1, 2, Engineer 2. CARL BLANCI-IFIELD WELLONS, Tampa Florida Mechanical Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Briaerean Society, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E., 3, 4, Co-op Club, 3, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4. BERT HARDEN WELLS, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Mechanical Engineering, Pi Kappa Phi, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. 0 JAMES WYATT WESLEY, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Manage- ment, Laimbda Chi Alpha, Industrial Management Society, 4, Dean's List, 3. . c. SQQXNRNO wmv. St-xr. X"' Swwvfi'-x XR,-QQ.-333,-:,,,QxN, ,my A T ' rm fr ,, . 1Sf3fEifS'-STK 523919 zfggff- ff' i A-,355 wt A I 5 fftfs -.vga-1-., na... El I liffg Qi? 5 A t 1 tfiqsqf gg, Q l l I Weems Wollons Wells Wight Williams, C. Williams, H. HUGH EDWARD WHITE, St. Petersburg, Florida, Electrical Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Phi Gamma Delta, Briaerean Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, I.R.E., 4, Eta Kappa Nu, Pershing Rifles, 1, 2, Publications Board, 4, Radio Club, 1, 2, Technique, 1, 2, Advertising Manager, 3, Business Manager, 4, Lt. Colonel, Army R.O.T.C., Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. CARROLL JULIAN WHITFIELD, Cairo, Georgia, Mechanical Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Briaerean Society, President, 4, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.M.E., Vice-President, 4, Co-op Club, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 3214, Student Council, 4, Captain, Army R.O.T.C., Dean's List, 1, 2, 3, . WILLIAM LAWRENCE WIGHT, Buena Vista, Georgia, Industrial Engi- neering, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C., A.l.I.E., S.A.M. CARLTON EUGENE WILLIAMS, Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engineer- ing, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. HARVEY G. WILLIAMS, Birmingham, Alabama, Industrial Manage- ment, Sigma Nu, Vice-President, 3, President, 4, Society for Advance- ment of Management, 3, 4, Technique, 3, 4. SEIIIUR CLHSS Williams, J. Williams, R. Williams, T. Williams, W. 0 JAMES MERCER WILLIAMS, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Chemical Engineer- ing, Sigma Nu, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. ROBERT LANDIS WILLIAMS, JR., Birmingham, Alabama, Industrial Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Sigma Nu, Vice-President, 4, American Institute of Industrial Engineers, Scabbard and Blade, Second Lieutenant, Army R.O.T.C. o TALMAGE THEODORE WILLIAMS, JR., Jacksonville, Florida, Physics, Delta Tau Delta, Navy Student Council, 1, 2, 5, Physics Club, 2, 4, Secretary, 5, Scabbard and Blade, 5, Sigma Pi Sigma, 5, Secretary, 4. WASHINGTON LEROY WILLIAMS, Coral Gables, Florida, Mechanical Engineering, Phi Delta Theta, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Tau Beta Pi, President, 4, A.S.M.E., Pi Tau Sigma, 5, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 5, 4, Commander, Navy R.O.T.C. O RAYMOND WILLOCI-I, Webster Groves, Missouri, Industrial Manage- ment, Phi Delta Theta, ANAK, Omicron Delta Kappa, Industrial Management Society, 5, 4, Tech Management Club, 5, 4, Scabbard and Blade, 5, 4, Colonel, Air Force R.O.T.C., Football, 1, 2, 5, 4, Dean's List, 5, 4, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. ALLEN DUANE WILLS, Omaha, Nebraska, Industrial Management, Theta Xi, Vice-President, 5, President, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, 1, lnterfra- ternity Council, 5, 4, Lieutenant, Navy R.O.T.C. HUGH WHITE Business Mlanager, Technique Omicron Della Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi WHO'S WHO WILLIAM LARRY WILLS, Atlanta, Georgia, Electrical Engineering, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary, 4, Lt. Colonel, Air Force R.O.T.C. JOSEPH JOHN WILSON, JR., Decatur, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Phi Gamma Delta, A.A.T.C.C., 5, Secretary, 4, Activi- ties Council, 5, 4, Band, 1, Co-op Club, 5, 4, Delta Kappa Phi, 5, 4. 0 LARRY KITTRELL WILSON, Red Boiling Springs, Tennessee, Electrical Engineering, Beta Theta Pi, Koseme, A.I.E.E., 2, President, 5, 4, 1.R.E., 2, Secretary, 5, President, 4, Activities Council, 2, Glee Club, 1, 2, Business Manager, 5, Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, 5, 4, Radio Club, 1, 2, Vice- President, 5, 4, St. Patrick's Council, 2, Secretary, 5, 4, Navy Drill Team, 1, 2, 5, Engineer, 1, 2, 5, 4. ROBERT EDWARD WINN, Stockbridge, Georgia, Textile Engineering, Tau Beta Pi, A.A.T.C.C., 2, 5, Secretary, 4, Delta Kappa Phi, 2, 5, President, 4, Toastmasters, 2, 5, President, 4, Triangle Club, 4, W.S.F. Committee, 5, 4, Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, 4. USHER THOMASSON WINSLETT, JR., Macon, Georgia, Civil Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, A.S.C.E., 5, 4, Chi Epsilon, 5, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Toastmasters Club, Lt. Colonel, Army R.O.T.C., Distinguished Military Student Award. ' JAMES A. WISE, Fort Payne, Alabama, Electrical Engineering, Kappa Sigma, Secretary, 5, Band, 1, 2, Executive Officer, 5, Camera Club, 1, 2, Kappa Kappa Psi, Radio Club, 1, 2, 5, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. Wlllocl' Wills. A. wins w. w-I J Wilson, L. Winn Winsleff Wlslon' ' ll ll Illgll.ll.ll RAY WILLOCH ANAK, Omicron Della Kappa Regimental Commander, Air Force R.O.T.C. WHO"S WHO 0 ROBERT EDWARD WOLF, Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Management, Newman Club, 1, 2, 5, 4. JOHN HAROLD WOODRUFP, Erwin, Tennessee, Industrial Engineering, Sigma Nu, A.I.I.E., 5, 4, Society for Advancement of Management, 3, 4, Glee Club, 5, Technique, 3, 4. HOWARD WILSON'WOODS, JR., Atlanta, Georgia, Industrial Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Baptist Student Union, 1, 2, 5, 4, Society of American M.ilitary Engineers, Captain, Army R.O.T.C. ARMOND JACKSON WORRELL, Meridian, Mississippi, Civil Engineer- ing, Cooperative Plan, Kappa Alpha, Briaerean Society, Tau Beta Pi, A.S.C.E., 4, Co-op Club, 2, 3, 4, Chi Epsilon, 3, 4, Scabbatd and Blade. JOHN DOUGLAS WRIGHT, Orlando, Florida, Civil Engineering, Co- operatjve Plan, Sigma Chi, American Society of Civil Engineers, 3, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT TED WRIGHT, Fayetteville, Tennessee, Chemical Engineering, Cooperative Plan, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Automobile Club, President, 4- Camera Club, I, 2, 5, 4. s SEIIIUR ELHSS 0 THOMAS KENNETH WRIGHT, JR., Birmingham, Alabama, Electrical Engineering, Beta Theta Pi, Radio Club, 2, Secretary, 3, 4. WILLIAM LAMAR WYNN, JR., Grifiin, Georgia, Mathematics. WILLIAM LESTER WYRICK, Reading, Ohio, Industrial Engineering, Cooperative Plan. JOHN FRANKLIN YODER, Forest Hills, New York, Aeronautical Engi- neering, Cooperative Plan, Briaerean Society, Tau Beta Pi, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, 3, 4, Co-op Club, 3, 4, Sigma Kappa Tau, 4, Dean's List. 4. PERRY ROBERT YOUNG, St. Petersburg, Florida, Textile Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Flying Club, Captain, Air Force R.O.T.C., Track, 1. VINCENT THOMAS ZARZACA, Burlington, New Jersey, Industrial Engineering, A.I.I.E., 4, Society for Advancement of Management, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, 4. Wglf Woodruff Woqds Wright, T. WYUN WYf'Cl' Worrell Wflgllft J- wflghl' R' Yoder Younq Zarzaca Tbix yem"J Junior Clan ix being guided by left 20 right: Cracker Barron, Secretary - Treaxznem George I-Iarrif, Prefidenzg' Wayne Waddell, Vice Prexiafent. LHSS 433 fmt W 'llllllllllh I E., ADAMS, ROBERT D., Bela Theta Pi. . . Atlanta, ADAMS, RONALD C. ........ Buford, AKINS, PAUL S., Alpha Tau Omega . Statesboro, ALL, WILLIAM H., Phi Della Theta . . Decatur, ALLISON, FRANK E. ..... Chattanooga, Tenn. ALLOU, ANTHONY L ...... Tallahassee, Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. ALTMAN, JAMES L., Sigma Nu .... Tampa, Fla. AMRHEIN, ALAN G., Theza Xi . Queens Vi1lage,N. Y. ANDERSON, MARVIN E ...... Glenwood, Ga. ARMSTRONG, DAVID L., Sigma Chi . Charlotte, N. C. . Little Rock, Ark. Kappa Alpha . Newnan, Ga. ARMSTRONG, JOHN H. ARNALL, HAMILTON C., ARRANTS,WILLIAM W. . . . . ARTHURITZXIT-F ii7wl r Chattanooga, Tenn. ATHAJTHEODORE V. . AVERETF, CHARLES C., BAGWQ.L,,JB5S1'i,,G., JR. .. . .. . BAIRD, Q,I.ARRYA,Ri . . R , l BALLEQWILLQQM E.. . . . . . B ' B H Q ffl Dalton, Ga. .' Hclllywood, Fla. Kappa Alpha . A Brockton, Mass. 1 . .1 Atlanta, Ga. . . Braselton, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. BARBEIQBEDWL Ai, Sigma Alpha Eptilon . Summit, N. Y. BARFIBED, BOBBYVFJ . . 'T' r-.XY Thomaston, Ga. BARN!-IARDT, RICHARD!!-I.: Sigma Chi .A'Charlotte, N. C. BARRE? ,SHELBy5L?., Dellalau. Delia . Q1 Atlanta, BARRETLLHSIJJNJBEHIL, Kappjl Alpha .5 . BARRON, CARTER T., Sigma Chiles. BARRON, RICHARD A. . . . . BARTLETT, HARWOOD, Sigma Chi BARTON, ROBERT A. . . . BASS, ROBERT E., Kappa Alphal S: as B.ntnng'16nR'Nr5, Tha.. Chi . L E . 2' E A BAUERQZFRBD Them Chi . . BAYNARD, JOSRRITI S., JR. . . I . BAYNHAM, R G.,'Phi-Delta Thaza . BEALL, LAWRENG L., Siimaa Chi BEARDEN, 'JOSEP1-IJM., JR, . . BEAVER, THOMAS D. .... . BECK, GERALD R., Kappa Alpha . . t Ga. .J Albany, Ga. 5 ' lAtlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. lAtlanta, Ga. lilberton, Ga. Oak Ridge, Tenn. '. . l Rome, Ga. . Jaclisonville, Fla. North ykugusta, S. C. - ru BEACHJHROBBRTQQIQ., Kappgdigmagf A. ,X Tampa, Fla. T Greensboro, N. C. Atlanta, Ga. . . . Jesup. Ga. Willoughby, Ohio BELL, FRANCIS L., JR., Kappa Alpha .. Ameticns, BENSON, JAMES W., Phi Della Theta . Atlanta, BENTLEY, THOMAS F. ...... Avondale, BERG, WALTER H., JR., The-la Chi . . . Tampa, BICKEL, R. F., Lambda Chi Alpha . Parkersburg, W. BIE, ERNEST W., Kappa Alpha .... Decatur, BIRCH, DOUGLAS F. BLAKE, DONALD J., BLIEM, CARL J., JR '! BLONDHEIM, CHAS. BOATWRIGHT, H. J . . . . . . . . Macon, Sigma Nu .... Atlanta, Tau Kappa Epxilan . Atlanta, AL, JR., Sigma Nu . Eufaula, JR., Bela Theta Pi . Douglas, BOLING, JACK T., Lambda Chi Alpha . East Point, BOLTON, ROGER P. ........ Atlanta, BOOTON, OWEN J., Kappa Alpha . Huntington, W. BOROM, MARCUS P., Kappa Alpha . Waynesboro BORTELL, E. E., JR., Sigma Alpha Epfilon . Atlanta Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Va. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ala. Ga Ga Ga Va Ga. Ga. T ITF ll,lLlitI555 BOTNER, WILSON T. ........ Berea, BOWEN, H. P., Sigma Alpha Epxilvyi, -. Americus, Ky. Ga. BOWMAN, ROBT. G., JR., Phi Delia Theza . Atlanta, Ga. BRADFORD, JUSTIN T. .....,. Granby, Mo. BRADLEY, EDWARD L. . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. BRANCH, HENRY E., JR. . . . Brunswick, Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. BROWN, J. T., JR., Phi Delta Theta . Old Hickory, Tenn. BRASELTON, W. M., JR., Delta Tau Delta . Braselton, ARTHUR D ........ Atlanta, BROOK, BROOKS, H. L., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . St. Petersburg, BROWN, DAVID A. ........ Dillard, BROWN, HERMAN B., JR. ...... Atlanta, BROWN, MALCOLM ........ Atlanta, Ga. BROWN, W'.,fHf, 'JTlTSiEma?Alf-EEDEIFHIDQ . Orlando, Fla. BROWNE,-DONALD T., Chi Phi . . . Atlanta, Ga. BURKE, .QI-IUGI-I W. . I ..... . . . l'Atlanta, Ga. BURROUGHS, F. D., JR., Sigma. Chi . Charlotte, N. C. BURSON, Jorm III, Bm Theta Pi- . Ciuirollton, Ga. 1 ' BUSBY, JOHN A., lJR., Lambda Chi Alpha eTlMacon, Ga. BUTLER, ALBERTJR., Ja., Pi Kappa Phi . Cordele, Ga. CAGLE, lROYiH., JR., Delta Tau Delta . Asheville, N. C. CAIN, RALPH J., 1.5.0. . CALLOL, GABRIEL-jg . D 'D' CAMPBELL, WILLIAM K. . . . . . .Waukegan,Ill. wax. Habana, Cuba 5 . Eliayqtteville, Tenn. R A N Rm 1 CANDELA, HILARIO' F. . CARSON, WILLIAM D. . CAVENY, LEONARD H. . . N CHAMPION, D. L., Phi Gamma Della . Atlanta, . . Xlilabana, Cuba . . . . AClevQlancl, Tenn. W Ga. Ga. . ., . . . Atlanta, CHANCEY, CLIFFGRD N., JR. . ., . . . Atlanta, Ga. CHAPIlNl, JOHN H., Sigma Nu . Avondale.,Estates, Ga. l l I J l J H. l CHEESBDROUGH, W., Il, Theta Chi . Augusta, Ga. CHlOTEl.LIS, NICK T. ...A J . . sayannah, Ga. CHRISTENSBN, PHILIP J. . . .IJ . . '.I'gAtlanta, Ga. CLADAIQTS, JOHN G. . . . Tarpon? Springs, Fla. CLARK, Qi-IARLBS T. . . . .J"!Marietta, Ga. CLARK, GILLIAM, JR. . . . . Macon, Ga. Ga. Ga. COCHRAN, GEORGE A. ...... Natchez, Miss. COCHRAN, WILLIAM S. ...... Atlanta, Ga. COHEN, ALLEN E., Alpha Eprilmz Pi . Brooklyn, N. Y. COLEMAN, HOBSON G. ..... Swainsboro, Ga. CLAWSON, JAMES P. ....... Lafayette, COBB, CHARLES K., JR., Bela Theta Pi . Canton, COLEMAN, JAMES M., JR. . . . . Tucker, Ga. COLLIER, ROGER E., Sigma Chi . . . Harrison, Ark. COLLINS, JIMMIE O ....... Rock Hill, S. C. COMER, DONALD D., Sigma Chi .... Macon, Ga. COOK, RICHARD W., Tau Eprilon Phi . Forest Hills, N. Y. COOK, RODNEY W., Bela Theta Pi . . . Athens, Ga. CORDELL, JAMES D. . . . . Swannanoa, N. C. COTTLE, DONALD L. .... '. Huntington, W. Va. COWAN, CHARLES A., JR. .... Cartersville, Ga. CRADDOCK, GERALD G., Them Chi . Memphis, Tenn. CRANDALL, C. H., JR., Kappa Alpha . Arnericus, Ga. CRENSHAW, EDGAR M. ..... Jacksonville, Fla. CRILLEY, JEROME E. ..... . Worcester, Mass. CRIPE, ROGER D ......... Atlanta, Ga. CROSKEYS, H. G., Sigma Phi Epsilon . Greenville, S. C. CUMMINGS, HAROLD B., III . . . Chattanooga, Tenn. CURTIS, JOHN R., Alpha Tau Omega . Knoxville, Tenn. DALTON, PHILLIP R. ....... Atlanta, Ga. D'AMIcO, JULIAN, JR. . . . . Elberton, Ga. DANIEL, THOMPSON G., JR. . . . Shelby, N. C. DANIELS, WILLIAM D. ..... . DANNER, PAUL A., Phi Kappa Taa . . DAUGI-IERTY, HUBERT C., JR. . . . . DAUGHTERS, WYNNE L. .... . Moberly, Mo. Canton, Ohio Hardy, Ark. . Dayton, Ohio DAVENPORT, T. F., JR., Sigma Alpha Eprilon . Macon, Ga. DAVIS, BILLY H. ......... Dexter, Ga. DAVIs,f, AfjfW.- 'f "7TwfBEEver Falls, Pa. DAVIS,'vgAgiI. P.,Q2R., PiKappa Alpha,f West Point, Ga. DAY, JOHN: T., Sigma Chi . . . E. Fayetteville, Ga. DENNII-zo,,,R1cI1IARD Gs . . LL. Forest Park, Ga. DENTQNEE. D.,ilJR., Alpha Taa Omega . Atlanta, Ga. DE VANEIE RICHARD W., JR. . Jacksonville Beach, Fla. Beta Theta Pi DE WOLF, JAMIQSX I,,Y,W,,,, , Y, . . Bristol, R. I. DICKSGNQRONALD E. . . . . J. 'At' . Atlanta, Ga. DIETZEL,,GEORGE' W., JR. . . . gan Antonio, Texas DIFFLEY, JAMESAJJ., Kappa Sigma . . Hapeville, Ga. DILTS, JERRY E., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . iAtlanta, Ga. DIMON, JOHN T., JR. . . Upper Saddle River, N. J. Tau Kappa Epsilon , DODD, WALTER O. ........ Rome, Ga. DOUGAN, WILLIAM J. . . . ,. . Auliiurndale, Fla. DRAGAN, PETER .......' . Stratford, Conn. DRISKI?LL,aR. H-.I Alpha Tau Omega . Bhmswick, Ga. l A . xl . l DUFFEY, T., JR., Lambda Chi Alpha . Eaist Point, Ga. DUGANWWILLIAM S., JR. . .A . Chattahooga, Tenn. DUKE,l.ALGIE R.,1,JR.,,,vJ . College Park, Ga. DUNCAN, QLBNN E. ....... iDecatnr, Ga. DUNLAPEJ. c.,,5ri,, Sigma Alpha. Epsilon -5 Atlanta, Ga. DUNLAPl,l'LEsLIE'A. ...... J. . Atlanta, Ga. DUNLAP, WM. A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Atlanta, Ga. DUPRE, ANDREW H., JR. . . . Sullivans Island, S. C. DYE, WILLIAM N., Delta Tau Delta . . Augusta, Ga. DYER, GENE P. ......... Atlanta, Ga. EATON, CHARLES F., Phi Kappa Sigma . Atlanta, Ga. EATON, ERNEST L., Phi Delia T hela . . Atlanta, Ga. ELLERBEE, ALFRED W., Sigma Nu . . . Atlanta, Ga. ELLIS, MARVIN E., JR., Beta Them Pi. . Savannah, Ga. ELLIS, STANLEY ........ Atlanta, Gil. ENGEL, RICHARD E., Delta Sigma Phi . . Atlanta, Ga. ENLOE, LEE H., JR. .... Avondale Estates, Ga. EPPS, EARNEST P., Beta Theta Pi . . . Athens, Ga. EPSTEIN, W. M., Alpha Epsilon Pi . Wilkes-Barre, Pa. ESPY, JAMES H. ....... Chattanooga, Tenn. ETHRIDGE, FREDRICK A., Theta Chi . Oak Ridge, Tenn EUBANKS, WILLIAM B., JR. . . Roosevelt, L. I., N. Y. Phi Gamma Delta FAIR, ROY V., Theta Chi ..... Louisville, Ga. FAUST, FRANK B., JR. . . . Brookhaven, Ga I . . I . . I ea I I ' FERNANDEZ, ALVARO . . . . Caracas, Venezuela FERNANDEZ, EMILIO . . . . . Caracas, Venezuela FIsHER, WILLIAM J., JR., Theta Xii . . Darien, Ga. FOLEY, JOHN J. ...... Corpus Christi, Texas FORD, ROY E., JR., Delta Tau Della . . . Rome, Ga. FOURNIER, JOHN R. ...... Greenheld, Mass. FOURQUREAN, WM. E., Pi Kappa Phi . Savannah, Ga. FOWLER, LYNN C., Kappa Sigma . . . Moultrie, Ga. FRANKLIN, M. GLEN ...... Anniston, Ala. FREEMAN, T. S., Alpha Tau Omega . Milleclgeville, Ga. FUENTES, ROLAND W., Theta Chi . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. GANDY, ALBERT F., Pi Kappa Alpha . Hartsville, S. C. GASSETT, WM. Q., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Byron, Ga. GAY, DONALD M ......... Tifton, Ga. GIDDINGS, J. II., Alpha'1'E1Ii0mega'f 'Milledgevillq Ga. GOLDSMITILI JERE W., IV ..... "Atlanta, Ga. ,' ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon Y, GORMAN, JAMES D., Phi Qgggarlfappa . Aberdeen, S. D. GOULD, ROBERT S., Sigma Phi Epsilon . Dhland, Fla. GRAHAMl WILLIAM F., JR. . . , .' Ailanta, Ga. GRANT, WALTER B. ..... ' Wilrhingfon, N. C. GREASELl JOHN E.l .... Cleveland Heights, Ohio j laiahda cw Alpha GREENACRE, GEORGE R., Theza Chi . . Chicago, Ill. GRIFFINAEARL F., 'll '. 'I' ex. Atlanta, Ga. GRIFFINAFLOYD S., JR. . . Thomasville, Ga. . ' ,ll GUFFIN, NWILLIE S., JR. . . .' . . . . izfilanta, Ga. GUMBLE, STANLEY K., Phi Epri1oalPi . Cincininati, Ohio GUTIERREZ, JosE M., JR. ..... Havana, Cuba HALL, JAMES A., Sigma Phi Epxilqn . Villalkica, Ga. HAMILL, ?JAMes J. ..... Q. . . Beloit, WIS. HANCOCK, CHARLES I. .... . Thomasville, Ga. I HANCOCK, WILLIAM K. . . . 1 . Thomaston, Ga. HANDLY, JAMES C., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Tampa, Fla. HANKINS, DONALDN7 M. .... , . . "Irion, Ga. HARDIE, NEWTON G., JR.,Beta Theta Pi . Walhalla, S. C. HARGROVE, HOMER G. ...... Jefferson, Ga. HARPER, LBMUEI. L., JR. . . . alv'ACl3HI3, Ga. HARRELL, ROBERT W. ..,... Fitzgerald, Ga. HARRIS, G. W., JR.,Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Americus, Ga. HARROD, GEO. R.,JR.,S'igmaPhi Epsilon . Athens, Tenn. HART, PHILIP G., Delta Tau Della , . . Rome, Ga. HARVARD, THOMAS P., JR. . . . Chattahoochee, Fla. Alpha Tan Omega HARVELL, JAMES F. . . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. HAUENSTEIN, R. M., Bela Theta Pi . Birmingham, Ala. HAYNES, JAMES E., JR. ..... Manchester, Ga. HEARN, L. A., JR., Kappa Sigma . . Charlotte, N. C. HEDGES, C. S., Phi Gamma Delta . Tarpon Springs, Fla. HEISEL, JACK W., Sigma Chi .... Atlanta, Ga. HENDERSON, WILLIAM C, ..... Fitzgerald, Ga. HERNDON, ALBERT E. ....... Atlanta, Ga. HICKERSON, JAMES M., Beta Theta Pi . . Atlanta, Ga, HINDS, E. F., JR., Kappa Alpha . . College Park, Ga. HOBART, JACK . .' ...... Greenville, Miss. HOLCOMB, JAMES A., JR. ...... Atlanta, Ga. HOLEY, JOHN G., Phi Gamma Della . . Atlanta, Ga. ilwllllllli HOLLAND, ROSCOE G. ...... Moultrie, Ga HOLLBERG, CI-IAS. F., III, Kappa Alpha .. Senoia, Ga HOLLINS, WILLIAM G. . .... Columbia, S. C HOLLIS, C. H., JR., Sigma Alpha Eprilon . Macon, HOLLIS, JULIAN L., Beta Theta Pi . . Reynolds, HOMAN, CHARLES E., Alpha Tau Omega . Macon, HOWARD, Ross H., JR., Thela Chi . . Kennesaw, HUBER, JOE C. ...... . Athens, HUFF, CHARLES F. . . . Decatur, HUGHES, Ross A. . . . . Atlanta, HUGHEY, DANIEL R. . . . . . Baltimore, HUIE, JOHN E. . . . . . College Park, HUIE, JOSEPH T ....... College Park, Ga Ga. Ga. Ga. Ala. Ga. Ga. Md. Ga. Ga. HULL, Alpha,TQ Qgzejgaz . Chattgrooga, Tenn. HULL, JR.,'Stgma gzphaapazaa . Ivgemphrs, Term. HUNTEIV G., JR., Pi iK3Zppa:Alpha .nWFldrence, S. C. HUT'I'O,lEZRA .... ' . .. . t. '. Sfayannah, Ga. HUTFONZ ARTHUR -J., Lambda--E55 Alpha .-AChicagO, Ill. ll I HYATT, STUART .' . . . Baltimore, Md. IRABIEN P, RAMIDO . . . . . Q Havana, Cuba IRELAN ',, HENRY 1M., JR. . . . Chickamauga, Ga. IVEY, CIQAUDE Affnfe- . ., in . Atlanta, Ga. JACKSON? E. -. . .I . Atlanta, Ga. JACKSON, ATHOMAS A., JR., . . i"Atlanta, Ga. a 1 ti Y , R ' JACOEY, IAN H. ..... Q' .I JAMES, PERRY L., Sigma Nu . . JENKS, EMORY, JR., Chi Phi . g .R Brookhaven, JENNINGS, THERON D., JR. . . . Ariuericus, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' Ridgewood, N. J. J . Maplewood, N. J. Ga. Ga. JENNINGS, WILLIAM M., JR. . .A . Hawklnsville, Ga. idPi Kappa Alpha' - Za JIMMERgDN,iDAVID C., JR., sigma Chi . Atlanta, Ga. JOHNSON, ARTHUR ....... Chamblee, Ga. JOHNSON, BENJAMIN F ...Y . . Blytlieville, Ark. JOHNSON, EDWIN 'Alpha .amCOlumbus, Ga. Jonwsor-,E ROBERT E., Alpha Tad omega' .5 Drlando, Fla. JOHNSTON, ROBERT A., Delta Tau Delta Atlanta, Ga. JOINER, JAMES M. . . . Lookouglllountain, Tenn. I Ph1'D'elfa'Thaira" ' JONES, DAVID J., I.S.O. . . . . Macon, Ga. JONES, EARLE D. . . . . . Birmingham, Ala. JONES, LOUIS I., JR. . . . . Arlington, Va. JONES, THOMAS A. . . . . Atlanta, Ga, JORDAN, FRANKLIN D. . . . Coeburn, Va. JOSEY, ROY E. .... . Cochran, Ga. JOYNER, FRANCIS M., JR., Theta Chi . . Windsor, Va. KASEOTE, GEORGE ........ KAVANAUGH, R. J., Pi Kappa Alpha . . Terry, Miss. Gilliam, La. KAYS, JOHN M. ........ Stanhope, N. J. KEATING, THOMAS, JR. ..... Philadelphia, Pa. KEENAN, JOHN P., JR., Phi Kappa Tau . Rochester, N. Y. KEITH, HENRY G. ........ Atlanta, KELLER, MARTIN J., Kappa Sigma . . . Atlanta, KELLY, LAKE D., Phi Della Thela . Flemingsburg, KBNADY, THOMAS D., Phi Kappa T au . . Arlanta, KENNEDY, D. B., Lambda Chi Alpha . Savannah, Ga. Ga. Ky. Ga. Ga. KING, BEN J., Sigma Chi ..... Memphis, Tenn. llllgg KIRK, ROBERT C. ....... Tunnel Hill, Ga. KIRKPATRICK, C. E., JR., Kappa Alpha . Norcross, Ga. KIITEL, JOHN P. ........ Columbus, Ga. KLAAS, A R., III, Della Sigma Phi . . Mobile, Ala. KLINKE, JOHN P., Kappa Alpha . . Memphis, Tenn. KOCI-IER, EDWARD C., Phi Sigma Kappa . Aliquippa, Pa. LAFORGE, CHAS. A., JR., Sigma Nu. . Texarkana, Ark. LANIER, JACK D. ...... Sr. Albans, W. Va. LANIER, WILLIAM T. ..... Birmingham, Ala. LAW, HOWARD V. ........ Albany, Ga. LAW, JOHN B., JR., Phi Delia Them . . Arlanra, Ga. LAWSON, JOHN P., JR. ...... Sumter. S. C. LEE, WILLIAM E., JR., Theta Xi . . . Brunswick, Ga. LENHOLT, RICHARD E., Sigma Chi . Daytona Beach, Fla. LESLIE, VVILLIKDTTFTDWAL' 1 TTTTTR-Qedartown, Ga. LESSIG, CIJAUDB A.,,JR. . . . . Digi-ham, N. C. LEVY, RQlfIAILD C. .u . Y. . . , . Chatthililaoga, Tenn. LIDE, B. lSg,,iJR.,fSi,gQm,a xiilplzlzfllfivqlan. Me ian, Miss. ' P 'f' 'lil 1 . LINDSAYi JOHN, C JR., Pi Kappa Aipha, . renee, S. C. LINDSEYJ CHARL xi M., 1.5.0. . . l... ham, Ala. LINN, IGI-IN ...... ' . . Atlanta, Ga. LIU, FRANK F. . ' ...... . Taiwan, China Lrviuosuion, WMI C., Jn., sigma chi . Orlando, Fla. LONG, Hmm S.,"jR,..a -..-..,.L...L,.X. Cornelia, Ga. ' ' .. 1 Dx LONG, Wanna L, Jn ...... ., llvfacon, Ga. LONG, WM. H., Phi .Gamma Delta . Petersburg, Tenn. LORIMEIQ, 1. G., Taa Kappa Epsilzfp . Doug' ston, N. Y. LOWERY, H. J. . J ..... North 'Lirflgl Rock, Ark. LYMBURNKR, L. E., JR., Kappa Sigma . Ban-y arbor, Me. LYON, RICHARD ..... I . . Qsl' mbus, Ga. . g LYONS, WILLIAM IW., Sigma Chili. . ilitlanta, Ga. MARCUM, 'EVERE'I'l' S. ..... Delbargpn, W. Va. MARCUSl HAL E.,'Phi Eprilon Pil . . . Atlanta Ga. MARKW '-LTER, GAORGE E., JR. ., . . A. Macon, Ga. li - Sigma Alpha Epsilon ,I MARSHAFL, SLATER E., JR., Sigma Chi . . ,Arianna Ga. MARTIN. C. BERNARD, Sigma Phi Epsilon- ,,'Arlanra, Ga. M-. Jun , , . ....Alr...- ' MARTIN, FRANK P., Pi Kappa Alpha . Jacksonville, Fla. MARTIN, WARREN D. ....... Arlanra, Ga. MARTINEZ, ARMANDO ...... Havana, Cuba MCCALLA, E. D., Lambda Chi Alpha . . Smyrna, Ga. MCCAULEY, JAMES E., Pi Kappa Alpha . Arlama, Ga. MCCRANIE, CHARLES R., Theta Xi .... Adel, Ga. MCCRARY, EMMET K., Theta Xi . Murfreesboro, Tenn. MCDONOUGH, RUSSELL B., JR. . . Ho: Springs, Ark. Kappa Sigma MCFARLAND, JOHN C., Pi Kappa Alpha . Atlanta, Ga. MCGARITY, PAT F., Kappa Sigma . . . Monroe, Ga. MCKINNEY, DON D. ...... Memphis, Tenn. MCKOY, J. WADE H. . . . Columbus, Ga. MCLAUGHLIN, ISAAC G. . . . Newell, N. C. MCMILLEN, ROBERT F., JR. . . Amarillo, Texas MCNAIR, LARRY D. . . .... Macon, Ga. MCQUAIG, GERBERT E. . ..... . Darien, Ga. MCSHEEHY, RICHARD K. . . . Staten Island, N. Y. MEADOW, THEODORE B., Sigma Nu . . Elberton, Ga. .'lllllll UlS MEEKS, JAMES M. . .... Savannah, Ga. MEEKS, JOHN H. ....... Greensboro, Ga. MELTON, H. I., JR., Kappa Alpha . Greenville, Miss. MERCER, M. C., JR., Phi Sigma Kappa . Cedartown, MERRELL, JERRY W. ....,.. Roopville, MICHEL, BARBARA D., Alpha Xi Della . Atlanta, MILES, JULIAN P. . . . . Tallulah Falls, MILLER, ALLEN W. ....... McBean, MILLER, RAY M. ........ Richland, MILLER, SCOTT S., Alpha Tau Omega . Jacksonville, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. MILLER, W. R., Lamhda Chi Alpha . Salisbury, N. C. MINTON, DENNIS C. ...... Piedmont, Ala. MIRANDA, LUIS G., JR. . . . Mexico D. F., Mexico MIXON, JOHN W., JR., Theta Chi . . . Augusta, Ga. MONROEJGT DBr3VON:-jgi' T-T-CoralfGables, Fla. Beta T hgta. Pi 7 MOODY, ROBERT L. . . . .... 4Barre, Vt. MOON, WBYMAN C. . I .... Atlanta, Ga. MOORE, EDWARD AIA." . D' F Greensboro, Ga. I A 4 MOORE, ........ Athens, Ga. MOORE, Ji-XMBS'G.,lKappa Sigma . . Memphis, Tenn. MOORE, J. I., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Thomaston, Ga. MOORE, ROBERT Clflfsro. ef ve ., Chicopee, Ga. MO0RMAlNI,:J.AMBSWI'Q,, JR. . . 1, . Albany, MORRIS, l3I-TIILIP E.,'Alpha Tau Omega . Statesboro, l. ' .R A, R . MORRISON, R. M., JR., Lamhrla Chflhilpha . Trenton, Ga. Ga. Ga. MORROW, HENRY L. ..... I . Charlotte, N. C. Phi Gamma Della - MoRsE, ARTHUR R., JR. . . . .mWashirigron, D. C. MoRToN, ELMER L., JR. . . West Palm Beach, Fla. MosELEY, RONALD H., Theta Chi l. . . Decatur, Ga. MosER, HUGH E. ...... . Joiisboro, Ark. MosEs, GEAHDE S., JR. .,.. Daytona Beach, Fla. , S Alpha Tau Omega? H MOTE, FRED T. . , ........ Atlanta, Ga. MOTT, Rg, lSi,gm,a-Nga, .. Mengglhis, Tenn. MOYE, JAMES D.,'Kappa Sigma . . ' . Davisboro, Ga. MURCHISO1?I,"JOHN D., III . . . Florence, S. C. MYATT, KENNETH. E. . ..... y.f'T'aducah, MYRICK, RICHARD S., Phi Delta Theza . Columbus, Ky. Ga. NATHANSON, LEWIS S., Kappa Sigma . Charlotte, N. C. NAVIA, C. A., JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon 1. New York, N. Y. NEAL, JOHN A., Beta Theta Pi .... Atlanta, NEWBERRY, B. H., Alpha Tau Omega . . Perry, Ga. Ga. NEWSOM, MCRAY ....... Harrisburg, Ark. NICANDER, MARTIN T. .... Trumansburg, N. Y. Phi Gamma Delta NIX, ARLISS I-I., Della Sigma Phi . . . Selma, Ala. NOFI, A. F., Theta Chi . . Port Washington, N. Y. NORDAL, DONALD A., Phi Kappa Tau . . Beloit, Wis. NYGAARD, ROBERT C. ....... Atlanta, Ga. OLIVARES, CARLOS .... Monterrey, N. L., Mexico Phi Kappa Tau OLIVER, ANDREW G., Della Tau Delta . Jonesboro, O'REAR, C. W., JR., Beta Theta Pi . Commerce, OTWELI., ORVILLE V. ....... Augusta, OVERSTREET, JAMES F. ...... Douglas, OWENS, MALCOLM P. ....... Seville, PALMER, EUGENE H., JR. . . St. Simons Island, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. PANTALEO, PETER F. ....... Beloit, Wis. Q i - P i PASSMORE, HARRY, III ..... Birmingham, Pi Kappa Alpha PATrON, WILLIAM W., Kappa Alpha . . Macon, Ga. PAYNE, LEO S., JR., Sigma Nu .... Atlanta, Ga. PERCIVAL, D. S., JR., Phi Kappa Tau . Panama City, Fla. PEREZ, ALFRED J. ........ Atlanta, Ga. PERRYMAN, JACK P., Sigma Chi . . . Atlanta, Ga. PERVIS, ANDREW B., JR., Sigma Chi .. . Atlanta, Ga. PEANNKUCHE, TROY E. ..... Thomaston, Ga. PINCUS, ROBERT B. . . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. PINSON, C. L., Lamhzla Chi Alpha . Birmingham, Ala. PITTS, WILLIAM E. .f .--Te 1- . . X., . Atlanta, Ga. PIVNIK, BERNARD ....... L. .,At1anta, Ga PLAISANGE, JAMES J. ....... Biloxi, Miss PLAMBECK, K. E., T au Kappa Epsilon . . Atlanta, Ga PORTER,lJOHN J., ,Chi Psi . .7 . Brookhaven, Ga I . . PORTWOQD, H. R., JR., Della TaalDeli4 . Atlanta, Ga POUPARB, ROBERT E. ...... Americus, Ga POWER, IHARRY D. . .... Atlanta, Ga POWERS,3 LEWIS E. ..... Rutherfordron, N. C PRECI-IT,i DAVID 7 . . ., ., . . . Savannah, Ga PROBST,iWM. R., Phi Gamma Delta". -Baltimore, Md PROCTOH, JAY C, JR.-g Chi Phi' .. . . Richmond, Va. PROSSER5 FRANK P., Delta Taa Delia . . Atlanta, Ga. PRUITT, IJ. E., JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon . Anderson, S. C. PUCKE'I'lI', HUBERT L. ....... Atlanta, Ga. QUlGLEY,E Af J., JR., Kappa Alpha . Greenville, S. C. . Atlanta, Ga. RABE, RQCHARD E., Phi Kappa Tau . . l .ia ti I I PARDUE, RALPH P., Alpha Tau Omega . . Commerce, Ga. PARROTI' ROBERT C. Theta Chi . New Ort Tenn. 'Ala. RAlTCH,l FREDERICK A. . . . Atlanta, Ga. REED, WILEIAM R. .... . Atlanta, Ga. REEvEs,5R.lW.j Baa Theta Pi . . Clarkesville, Ga. REYNOLDQLEBN T:,EJR: : .' . . Atlanta, Ga. RHODESQFENTRESS, JR., Pi Kappa Phi . Jgfkson, Miss. RHODES, FRANK R., JR., Them Chi . ,,fMobile, Ala. RICE, PAT H., III, Chi Phi . . . . RICHEY, ROBERT G. ..... . RICHMOND, CLINTON Q., II, Chi P52 RILEY, ROBERT S., Della Tau Della . ROBERTS, GEORGE T. ..... . ROBERTS, JAMES B., Beta Them Pi . ROBERTS, ROY A. ....... Tunnel Hill . Augusta, Ga. . Douglas, Ga. Jaffrey, N. H. ROBERTS, V. T., JR., Beta Theta Pi . . Gadsden, ROBINSON, G. H., JR., Delia Tau Della . Lindale ROEDER, ROBERT S. . . . . Augusta, Ga. . Decatur, Ga. Russell, Ky. , Ga. Ala. , Ga. Rica RODRIQUEZ, JOSE J. ..... San Jose, Costa . Atlanta, Ga. Ross, JOE O. . . . . . Birmingham, Ala. ROSSELOT, R. G., Baia Them Pi. . . South Bend, Ind. ROURK, J. W., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Orlando, Fla. ROWDEN, FRED E. ........ Atlanta, Ga. RUBESCH, RUDY A., Della Sigma Phi . Milwaukee, Wis. RUPLE, MARION T., Theta Chi . . Orangeburg, S. C. Russ, ROBERT M. ........ Albany, Ga. F514 fr. M ll ll ml RUST, F. G. D., T aa Kappa Eprilon . a Thomasville, RUTLAND, CARY D., Lambda Chi Alpha . Cuthbert, SAGER, WALTER H ...... New Freedom SAINT, HUGH M. ..,.... New Orleans SALE, OLIVER H., Sigma Chi .... Atlanta, SALZMAN, J. ALAN, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Atlanta, SARGENT, BRYAN B. ...... Brookhaven, SATTESWI-IITE, HENRY G. ...... Arlanra, SAYERS, ROBERT S., Alpha Taa Omega . Augusra, SCHAFFER, WM. A., Beta Theta Pi . Monticello, SCHALOW, PETER S ...... . Atlanta, SCHMATZ, RONNY V. . . Lima, SCHNABEL, JOHN A., Kappa Sigma . . . Cocoa, SCHNEEEEH ROBT,.W.,. JR., Theta. Chi . Balrimore, SCI-IOONOVQR, ,!,v D . J.,Afhi Gamma Delta . lDecatur, SCHRIIv5HER,iBUDDT R. if .... lArlanra, SEALEY., E., Sigma Nu .... Rockman, SEWELl,g,- BAUI. 1,C51,'fIRi'f"': " . ' . 'Gavel Springs, 1 I . I I la Ga. Ga Pa La Ga , . , . Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Peru Fla. Mcl. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. SHAMBERGER, E.lL., JR., Kappa Alpha . Columbus, Miss. SHARP'lfQN, ROBERT E., 1.5.0. . . Spartanburg, S. C. SHEPPARD, DON ........ Albany, Ga. SI-IERWg0D, R. JRffSigm0' Beaumont, Texas SHIvEsL,RAIg1yIOND L., Bela Theta Pi , Arlama, Ga. SIMERIEOBT. L., lambda Chi Alpha . ls2lV2lU!'l2il1, Gu. SIMPSON, FRANK M. . . . . .lArlanra, Ga. SLOAN, MARLIN A., JR. . . . . Tunnel Hill, Ga. SMITH, CHARLES E., JR. . . . Q Americus, Ga. SMITI-I, STANLEY C. ....N .... ' Tampa, Fla. SORANNO, VITO V., Theza Xi . . Brooklyn, N. Y. SPANO, S. BERNARD, JR., Sigma Chi . Chlumbus, Ga. l 9 1 l SPENCQ, CI-IARiES P. . . . I. . Seattle, WaslI. srAcnl5wIAR,J.?EowARo , . , .... 'La sane, III. STAFF if , WILlIAM B., Sigma,Na . . Man, W. Va. STANL ,, M. IQ.,i'Sig,ma.Alphaf'Ep:ilon B. jPahokee, Fla. srapnfis, .Lambda-chi Alpha . .Pen Hill, Ga. STEPHS'5x'gSQN,xJ0HNZW,.,8JR. . . , Mitchell, Ga. STEWART, JOHN W., JR. ..... LaGrange, Ga. Sigma Alpha Eprilmz STILL, HENRY P., JR., Phi Della Theta . Decatur, Ala. STRAIN, ROBERT M., JR. ...... Atlanta, Ga. STREET, EMORY E ........ Gadsden, Ala. STRICKLAND, H. A., JR., Theta Chi . . Savannah, Ga. STRING, G. GORDON, Alpha Sigma Sigma . Travis, Fla. SUDDUTH, CHAS. H., Phi Gamma Delta , Atlanta, Ga. SUMMER, JAMES L. ...... Oak Ridge, Tenn SUTTON, RICHARD D., Sigma Chi . . Hinesville, Ga SWANY, G. R., Pi Kappa Alpha . . Maryville, Tenn SWEIGERT, MILTON E., Delta Taa Delia . Atlanta, Ga TANNER, JOHN F., Kappa Sigma . . . Palatka, Fla TAYLOR, HORACE C. ...... Jackson, Tenn TAYLOR, W. N., III, Delta Tau Della . Memphis, Tenn TEDDER, CHARLES L. ....... Smyrna, Ga TERRELL, C. S., Sigma Alpha Eprilmz . Charlotte, N. C TERRELL, JERRY L. ........ Arlanca, Ga TETFLEBACI-I, AD.-C., Belaelfhela Pi . Pt. Pleasant, N. Y THOMAS, ROBERT, JR., Kappa Alpha . Thomasville, THOMAS, WM. N., Alpha Tau Omega . Vidalia, THOMPSON, Ross, JR. ...... Rossville, THRASH, KENNETH M., Sigma Chi . . . Atlanta, . Decatur, TOLNAS, TRYGVE J. ..... . Athens, TILGHMAN, COOPER R. . . . . T RAMMELL, ROBERT D., JR. ..... Atlanta, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. TRAWICK, ANDREW J., JR. ...... Sparta, Ga TRONCALLI, DON L., Delta T au Della . . Atlanta, Ga. TUCKER, JAMES E. ...... College Park, Ga TURNER, CHARLES R. ...... Swainsboto, Ga TURNER, C. S., JR., Kappa Alpha . Virginia Beach, Va TURNER, G. GERALD, Kappa Alpha . Birmingham, Ala UMSTEAD, THOMAS H., Sigma Chi . . Louisville, Ky VAN LEER,-SXISIIUEL iWT.S'iZaTaCChi . Atlanta, Ga VARNADO!E,' HOWARD ..... Liirnber City, Ga VAUGHN, WILLIAM R., Chi Psi . , . Carrollton, Ga VICKERY, WM. K., Pi Kappa Alpha . College Park, Ga VOLR, FRANK-W., JR., Della Tau Daiwa.. l Atlanta Ga WADDELL, DERQEY W., Beta Thlta Ei -..T EJ Bremen Ga WAGIQBR, JACK E. ........ Atlanta Ga WAGNBR, WM. B., Delta Tau Delta . Fairmont, W. Va WAIDQ JAMES ......... Atlanta Ga WAITE, CHARLESE.,-Sig71za.N:4 . . . Atlanta, Ga WALD,BN, HAROLD E. . .- . . Sxisainsboro, Ga WALDBN, JAMES,F. . .".- N . Chattanooga, Tenn WALDI-IAUBR, 'WILLIAM O. . Y. . Milledgeville, Ga WALKER, FRANK T. .... . 1. 'Milan, Tenn WALKER, GILBERT J. . . . , .... J Tampa, Fla WALKER, JAMES, III . . . ,. . . Columbus, Ga I lS'igma Alpha Epsilon. 1 aa I WALKER, J. S., JR., Sigma Alphl Epsilon . Atlanta, Ga WALKER, REGIS V., Della Sigma' Phi . Pasragoula, Miss. WALLACE, JAMES M., JR. . ., . . . Gadsden, Ala. WALLACE, WILLIAMYDL . . LaGrange, Ga. WAMSLBY, ALFRED E., Chi Phi . . . Savannah, Ga it . P' WANNAMA'lCER?jTHOMAS.Ma-JRL. ."Orangeburg, S. C Sigma Alpha Epsilon WAUGH, ROBERT L., Phi Della Theta . LaGrange, Ga. WEAVER, EMORY L .... .... T avates, Fla. WEBB, PAUL A., JR. . . . . Atlanta, Ga. WELCH, CHARLIE G. . . . . Columbus, Ga, WELLS, EDWARD W. . ..... Macon, Ga. WERNECK, IVAN A. . . Rio de Janeiro, Brazil WEST, A. L., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Bay Springs, Miss. WEST, JOHN S. ..... Indian Pocks Beach, Fla. WHEELER, SID F., Sigma Nu .... Monroe, Ga. WHITE, EDWARD W., Phi Delta Them . Louisville, Ga. WHITE, RICHARD S., JR., Sigma Nu . . Decatur, Ga. WHITE, RONALD B. ...... Owensboro, Ky. WHITNER, JOHN A., lII ...... Atlanta, Ga. WILBURN, J. T., Phi Kappa Sigma . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. WILCOX, RICHARD T. ....... Lizella, Ga. WILEY, FLOYD M. ....... Springhill, Tenn. WILLIAMS, FLOYD R., JR. . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAMS, FRANK E., JR. ..... Statesboro, Ga. Alpha Tau Omega o WILLIAMS, J. G., Sigma Alpha Epsilon Greenwood, Miss. WILLIAMS, JAMES M. ...... Savannah, Ga. WILLIAMS, THOMAS ....... Martin, Ga. WILLIAMS, W. M., JR., Phi Kappa Tau . Canron, Ohio XVILLIAMSON, Fl-ELTON, JR ...... Macon, Ga. WILSON, DONALD H., JR., Sigma Nu . . Decatur, Ga. e WILSON, THOMAS M. .... . . Ausrell, Ga. WIMBERLY, Jos. J., III ..,.. College Park Bela Thela Pi , Ga. WIRTZ, THEODORE R., Sigma Chi . . . Arlama, Ga. WITT, MILTON A ...... . . . Helen WORM, JOHN E., Sigma Alpha Epxilon . . Macon YEARTY, WILLIAM T., Alpha Tau Omega . Macon , Ga. , Ga. , Ga. 0 YERKINOFF, IBEN A. ...... Flushing, Wash. Sigma Omega Tau YIALAMAS, ANTONIOS V. ..... Savannah, Ga. YOUMANS, LAURENS W., JR. .... Chamblee, Ga. YOUNG, LOCK R. ....... Clearwatef, ZELIGMAN, MARK M., Tau Epsilon Phi . Miamx, ZELLER, EMILIO, III, Theza Chi . . Jacksonville, sgdfdhdm REEISTRHTIUII The long wail . . . Finally llmrouglw flue door . . . And all iusf for lhis. 1144 Fla. Fla. Fla. The flaze of OMCGVJ' for the Soph- omore Class tbiy year are left to right: Bill Winn, S ecrezary-Treay zlrerg joe Pinnell, P'f9.fld611i,' Pete Knox, Vice Pfaricient. L 5 4-46 ABERCROMBIE, S. E., JR., Delta Tau Della . Salisbury, N. C ADAMS, JAMES V., Pi Kappa Alpha . Middlesboro, Ky. AIKMAN, COLLIN D.. Sigma Nu . . . Mobile, Ala. ALEXANDER, JAMES A. ..,.. Memphis, Tenn. ALEXANDER, L. C., JR., Kappa Alpha . Columbus, Ga. ALI-IoUsE, ROBERT D. ..... Brooklyn, N. Y. ALLEN, MALCOLM C., Alpha Tau Omega . Roberta, Ga. ALLEN, Roy W., JR., Theta Chi . . . Atlanta. Ga. ALLEN, WM. D., Sigma Phi Epsilon . Gallatin, Tenn. AMBROSIO, FRANCIS J. ...... Queens, N. Y. ANDERSON, WILLIAM K., JR. . . . Clarksclale, Miss. Sigma Phi Epsilon- ANDREWS, ALLAN K., Kappa Sigma . Baltimore, Md. ANDREWS, WILLIAM K. ...... Linden, N. J. ANSLEY, E. C., Sigma Alpha Eprilon . Americus, Ga. ANTON, ELADIO ....... Caracas, Venezuela ARMISTEAD, JAMES O. ....... Atlanta, Ga. ARMISTEAD, WILLIAM S. ...... Atlanta, Ga. ARMSTRONG, R. E., Lambda Chi Alpha . East Point, Ga. ARRINGTON, N. B., JR., Kappa Alpha . Greenville, S. C. ASHE, WILLIAM L., Theta Chi .... Augusta, Ga. AUSTIN, RICHARD D., Sigma Chi . . . Atlanta, Ga. AWTREY, BERNARD S., JR ...... Atlanta, Ga. AYDLETT, C. L., Iazmhda Chi Alpha . Portsmouth, Va. BAADER, J., .Sigma,Hhi.Eprilo,a ., ,,.,,Baltimore, Md. BABER, CAROLINE S., Alpha Xi Delta . Atlanta, Ga. BAGWELL, GARY D. ...... Greenville, S. C. BAILEY, WILLIAM D., JR., Sigma Chi . . Decatur, Ga. BAKER, RAYMOND W., Kappa Sigma . Shreveport, la. BAKER, ROBERT F., Kappa Sigma . . Warren, Ark. BALDWINME. HP., Alpha Tau Omega . . Madison, Ga. BARBER, MONROE D., Phi Delta Theta . Moultrie, Ga. BARBER, iROBERT Lf ...... " Fairfield, Ala. BAREIELD, GEORGE W. ..... Dade City, Fla. BAR'NAS, BERNARD G., Theta Xi . Wilmixngton, Del. BARKER, JAMES M., JR. ..... Jacksonville, Fla. BARNES, ROBERPH.,-Alpha Tau Omega . Terrell, Texas BARNES, WM. S., Delta Tau Delta . Columbus, Ga. BARNI-IILL, JOHN A ....... . Glenwood, Ga. BARRINEAU, EDWIN ....... Fitzgerald, Ga. BATES, HUGH F., JR., Sigma Chi . . . Wdycross, Ga. BATEY, AL R. ........ Clarksville, Tenn. BATLLE, JOSE R. ..... Santiago de Cuba, Cuba BAUMGARDNER, CARL M. . . St. Simons Island, Ga. T 'Phi Delta Theta ' BEACI-IAM, TED C.,lSigma Phi Eprilon . Baltimore, Md. BEAN, JAIQIBS F. ..... , . . Columbus, Ga. BEARD, ELBERT BJ ., H. .. is 5. . . Ben Hill, Ga. BEARD, RICHARD G., Kappa ,Sigma . . Moultrie, Ga. BEARDEN, D. R., Delta Tau mDe1Ia . . Armuchee, Ga. BEASLEY, WILLIAM C. ...' . . Greenville, S. C. BECKER, CHARLES M., Sigma Chi . . . Atlanta, Ga. BECKWITH, P. B.,JR., Phi Kappa Sigma . Melbourne, Fla. BECKWORTI-I, FLOYD R., JR. ..... Smyrna, Ga. BEELAND, BOBBY G. ...... Greensboro, Ga. BEGGEROW, C. W., Pi Kappa Alpha . Lake Wales, Fla. BELLO, FAUSTO M. . . . . . Caracas, Venezuela BENNETF, MARK W. ...... Cartersville, Ga. BENNEIT, ROBERT L., Ill ...... Atlanta, Ga. BENZEL, JAMES F. .... New Smyrna Beach, Fla. BERENS, DONALD A. ...... Rochester, N. Y. BERMAN, MAXWELL D., Chi Pri . . Jacksonville, Fla. BERMAN, S. E., Tau Kappa Eprilon . . Atlanta, Ga. BEVAN, RICHARD J., Alpha Tau Omega . Madison, Fla. BEVERLY, JAMES R. ....... Moultrie, Ga. BITTLE, R. G., JR., Pi Kappa Phi . . . Decatur, Ga. BLACKFORD, JOEL F., JR. . . Signal Mountain, Tenn. Pi Kappa Alpha BLAHNIK, JAMES E. ...... . Atlanta, Ga. BLAKE, ANDREW E. . BLEDSOE, JOHN C. .... . . Grifiin, . Mansfield, Ga. Ga. BLUM, LEONARD C. .,.... Woodridge, N. J. BOBO, KENNETH N ........ Atlanta, Ga. BOLDEN, RONALD L., Theza Xi . . . Gainesville, Ga. BOLGER, PATRICK E., Delia Tau Delia . . Crete, Ill. BOLING, JOE A., Lamhrla Chi Alpha' . East Point, Ga. BOND, DON E. ...,..... Reynolds, Ga. BONE, LOTHOL P. ....... Villa Rica, Ga. BOSTON, FRANK M., Chi Phi . . . . Atlanta, Ga. BRACKETT, JOHN A., Chi Phi .... Atlanta, Ga. BRADLEY, WILLIAM D. . . . . Chatsworth, Ga, BRADY, JAMES W. ...... Savannah, Ga. BRANHAM, CHARLES E., Thefa Chi . Paintsville, Ky. BRASELTON, ALBERT B., Chi Phi .... Rome, Ga. BRAUN, JOHN P., Della Tau Della . . Waycross, Ga. BRIM, JOHN H., Sigma Chi ..... Orlando, Fla. BRIM, THOMAS M., Sigma Chi .... Orlando, Fla. BRINKLEY, ROBERT C., Sigma Chi . Tullahoma, Tenn. BRITT, WILLIAM P., JR. ..... Thomaston, Ga. BROACH, WM. H., Alpha Tau Omega . . Macon, Ga. BROCK, WILLIAM L., Chi Psi . . . Carrollton, Ga. BROKENSHIBELIB.. K42P6i...:SIi8!7l'L. f LLLMHCOH, Ga- BRooKES,lDoNALD H., Sigma Chi . . Ailanta, Ga. BROOKINS, NORMAN R. . . Q. . .J Columbus, Ga. BROOKS, FRANKLIN D. .... . Atlanta, Ga. BROOKS, WM. B., Phi Delta Thrta-J . . Atlanta, Ga. BROOM, JAS. M., JR., Alpha Tan Omega . Decatur, Ga. BROWN, DONALD C., Sigma Chi' . Tallahassee, Fla BROWN, ELBERT H. .... 'swaaf . Gainesville, Ga BROWN, JAMES T. . . . 4 . Elilnston-Salem, N. C BROWN, STERLING T., Kappa Alp a .I Memphis, Tenn BROWN, WILLIAM D. . . .ifBqynton Beach, Fla. BROWNE, ROBERT A., Sigma Chi, . . . Atlanta, Ga. BRYANT, CHARLES R., Phi Deltaffllhafa . Miami, Fla BUCHAN, CHARLES R., Theta Ch? . ' . Tallahassee, Fla. ' if BUCK, EDWIN H., JRJJ . . , V, .... Macon, Ga. BUCKLEY, ARTHUR H. . . . . Edwards, Miss BULLARD, KENNETHIP. . . f. . Washington, D. C BUNDSEN, JAN, Phi1Gamma Delta . . . Atlanta, Ga. BURKHALTER, SWINTON B., Sigma Na . Claxton, Ga. BURLISON, JERRELL R. . .... Columbus, Ga. BURRELL, F. Wi, Sigina Phi Epxiloiz . Albemarle, N. C. BURTON, C. NU, Alpha Tim Omega . . Thomson, Ga BUTLER, JAMES A., JRE ...... Atlanta, Ga BUTLER OSEPH . . . . Macon Ga CALDWELL, JAY F., Phi Sigma Kappa . . Mobile, Ala CAMPBELL,:W. Pi, Phi Delfa T hela . Covington, J ,. ' 7 CANTRELL, JAMES M., JR. . . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. CANTY, CHARLES L., Theta Xi . . . Brookline, Mass. CARLTON, JAMES R. ........ Bolton, Ga. CARMICHAEL, E. INMAN ...... Macon, Ga. CARRI, ROBERT L., Pi Kappa Phi . Middle Village, N. Y. Ga. CARROLL, STEVE O. ..... . . CARSON, JOHN K. ...... . CARTER, DON C. . ..... . CASSETTI, MARLOWE D., Pi Kappa Phi . CATTANEO, JOHN C. . . . San Luis CAWLEY, EDWARD H. ....... Augusta, . Atlanta, Ga. . Reynolds, Ga. . Camden, Ark. Elmira, N. Y. Obispo, Calif. Ga. CHADELL, ROET. S., Alpha Epfilmz Pi . Brooklyn, N. Y. CHAMBERS, RAMON P. ...... Douglas, Ga. CHANEY, JOS. H., Phi Gamma Delta . Newport, Tenn. CHANEY, MARVIN L. ....... Douglas, Ga. CHAPMAN, ABNER B., III . . . Stone Mountain, Ga. CHARAK, IRA, Alpha Eprilon Pi . . Brooklyn, N. Y. CHASTAIN, BALUS S. ....... Decatur, Ga. CI-IEATI-IAM, ALBERT F., JR., Sigma Na . Atlanta, Ga. CHERRY, BRUCE M. ...... Thomasville, Ga. CHEW, JONG M., Phi Kappa Sigma . . Atlanta, Ga. CHICK, WILLIAM J. ..... Miami Springs, Fla. CHILDS, JOHN W., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . Atlanta, Ga. CHRISTOPHER, HENRY B. ...... Dalton, Ga. CLARK, GARY M ....... . Atlanta, Ga. CLARK, JERRY A., Phi Kappa Tim . . Columbus, Ga. CLAYTON, R. E., Lambda Chi Alpha . . Columbus, Ga. CLEMENTS, S. V., Alpha Xi Della . . Rochelle, Ga. CLIFTON, R. F., Lambda Chi Alpha . Coral Gables, Fla. CLOSE, THOMAS M. ........ Macon, Ga. COAN, ROBERT J. ..... . , Camden, Ark. COATS, BARRY W., Theta Chi . . Collierville, Tenn. CODNER, LEONARD 'E. ....... Tampa, Flu. COGAN, ROBERT M. ....... Pensacola, Fla. COHEN, AARON S., Phi Eprilwi Pi . Brooklyn, N. Y. COLE, DAVID P. ......... Nyack, N. Y. COLE, FRANK B. ........ Lakeland, COLEMAN, FRANK B., Delia Sigma Phi . Atlanta, COLLINGS, JOHN L., Sigma Chi . . . Ttussville, COLLINS, WILLIAM R., JR. ..... Atlanta, COMEITO, DANTE J. . . . . . Huntington, W. COOK, C.,,.SfigmaaAlpha,Ep.rilan-.aBI:uTxville, Fla. Ga. Ala. Ga. Va. N. Y. COOK, fI'ED H., Sigma Alpha. Epxilon . Al xandria, Va. CooPER,,ROnERT M,,Da!pa Tap Delta. Sa isbury, N. C. CORDINGQR. H., LJli,Y1Ld7IZbIldYChi Alpha . Atlanta, COSSITT, R. E., Sigma Phi Epxilon . . . Atlanta, COWAN, EDWARD L., JR., Sigma Chi . . Conyers, Ga. Ga. Ga. CRAWFQDRDQ THOMAS J. ...... Decatur, Ga. CREMIIQJ, TOSBPHl,,,WgY,Thela Xi A. . Brooklyn, N. Y. CROMWELI., JOSEPH S., JR. .' . . Washington, D. C. A ,ha Phi Gamma Dglta A CROSSJRAYMOND J., JRQ . . 'Z .... ' I Tampa, Fla. CRUDUP, gDWARD A., JR., Kappa Alpha . . Rome, Ga. CUMMINGS, J. 1L.71'ilph'21 Tau Gmega . Caftersville, Ga. CURTIS, JOHN P., Phi Kappa Tau . Little Rock, Ark. CUTRIGHT, EUGENE A. . . .ilakel Charles, La. DANTZLER, BRYAN O. ...... Rossville, Ga. DARROCH, ROBERT D. ..... Arlington. Texas DAUGHERTY, R. L., Pi Kappa Alpha . ABig Stone Gap, Va. DAUPHIN, VERNON M., JR., Them Xi . lMacon WKLTBR'F., Kappa Sigma . . . Decatur Q A ' P ' I DAvEs,: DAVIS, DAVID I.. , ....... Donalhonville DAvIs,gDoNALD IL. ....... . . 'Athens DAVIS,lE.'aW., Alpha Tau Omega . . Th mastonl DAVIS,t JAMES H.,'Kappa Sigma . . Wi chester DAVIS, HLEIGH M. .... New DAVIS, MgCAMMIE F. .H . . PAUL H. . . DEAN, RICHARD A. . . DEARMOND, MAX E ...... DEGENAAR, ALBERT W. . . . DAVIS, , . Joplin, n : v Smyrna Beach: W Millbdgeville, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ky. Fla. Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. . . Savannah, Ga. Mo. . Balboa, Canal Zone DEJARNEITE, F. R., Lambda Chi Alpha . Portsmouth, Va. DENBY, DON B., JR., Phi Gamma Della . Carlenville, Ill. DEVLIN, MELDRIM P., JR. . .... Tampa, Fla. DISHER, ELLIS O. . . . . Winston-Salem, N. C. DODGE, WEAVER A. . . . . . . Talladega, Ala. DONALDSON, CARL L., JR. ..... Atlanta, Ga. DOOLEY, JOHN A. ...... . Asheville, N. C. DOVER, ROBERT L., Bela Theta Pi . . . Alcoa, Tenn. DOWNEY, RICHARD A., Delta Tau Della . Intliana, Pa. DRENNON, RALEIGH E., III, Chi Phi , . Atlanta, Ga. DROWNS, ROBERT E. ...... Portland, Maine DUBER, WM. P., Alpha Epsilon Pi . Miami Beach, Fla. DUNCAN, DAVID A. ....... Newnan, Ga. DUNDERVILI., WALTER E. . . . . . Rome, Ga. DUNN, Cl-IAS. E., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Decatur, Ga. DUPREE, CHARLES ...... Savannah, DURLING, R. S., JR., Phi Kappa Tau . Baltimore, Mtl. DYER, FREDERICK B. ....... Statesboro, Ga. EATON, GEOFFREY B., Pi Kappa Phi . . Atlanta, Ga. ECKER, HARRY A., Sigma Chi .... Atlanta, Ga. EDEN, R. M., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Decatur, Ga. EDENFIELD, JAMES C., Sigma Nu . . . Claxton, Ga. EDWARDS, JOSEPH L., JR. ...... Atlanta, Ga. EISINGER, JOHN L., Phi Kappa Sigma Savannah, Ga. ELLINGTON, THOMAS G., JR. . . . Thomaston, ENGLISH, H. B., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Thomaston, ENGLISH, ROBERT L. ....... Savannah, ESPY, GOODMAN B., III, Bela Theia Pi . Jackson, EVANS, CLIFFORD J., JR., Delta Tau Delia . Rome, FALKS, JAMES M. ....,... Atlanta, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ala. Ga. Ga. FALTA, R. W., Alpha Tau Omega . Jacksonville Beach, Fla. FARILL, TRENT G., Them Xi . . . . Conyers, FARMER, BOBBY F. . ..,.... Atlanta, Ga. Ga. FEIGELSON, R. S., Alpha Epsilon Pi . New York, N. Y. FERRARO, VINCENT J., JR. ..... Savannah, FINNELL, HAROLD M. ...... Savannah, Ga. Ga. FLETCHALL, G. W., Lamhrla Chi Alpha . Jacksonville, Fla. FLOOD, PAUL M., Sigma Nu ..... Atlanta, 'YY' I I E E nan L m Y A .... --Y -.-.-Mx., , , la ra a a Wana a a a an FLOYD, JR., Tai: . 'lAtlanta, Ga. Ga. FONTANAJECHAS. E., Phi Sigma Kappa B. Aliquippa, Pa. FORD, JOSEPH S., Il, Sigma- 'N1!f'P. . Charlotte, N. C. FORSYTI-I, GEO. R., Della .S'igmalPhi . Rglgina, Canada FORSYTHE, RICHARD W. . Daytona Beach, Lamhzla Chi Alpha fl Fla. FOWLER, J. H., Phi Kappa Tau . . . AfBaltimore, Md. FOWLER, RICHARD D., Kappajfifziis ,fl . Moultrie, Ga. FOWLER, WILLIAM A. . ,f . . jf. Thomaston, Ga. FRECK CHARLES A. Theld Xi! ss ,St. Petersbur Fla. , , . - , 8, FREEDENTHAL, CAROL, Alpha Epsilon Pi . Atlanta, Ga. 1 FREENEY, STANLEY L. . .A . . Jackson, Miss. FRICK, PHILIP W. . . ' . . a Q . Rock Hill, S. C. FRIDSHAL, DONALD . .. . Forest Hills, N. Y. FRIEDMAN, Lols S., ,Alpha. sDeira . Yonkers, N. Y. FRIEDMAN, ROBT. Ei, Alpha Eipsilon Pi . Newark, N. J. FULLER, CLAYTON, JR. . .' ..... Cairo, Ga. GANN, ARCHIBALD, JR., Chi Phi . . . Atlanta, Ga. GAN'I'1', MYRONEL. . . ..... Atlanta, Ga. GARMANY, JOHN W ..... Savannah, Ga. GARRARD, H. Alphallaii Omega . Coral Gables, Fla. GARTNER, B., Lanihzla Chi Alpha . Newark, N. J. GAY, LINTON .lE., Chi fPhi ..... Savannah, Ga. GERMANY,,' ol-rN R., ....... Atlanta, Ga. GERMON, RLES . . . Atlanta, Ga. . ,' GEVAS, NICHOLAS J. . . . . GHEESLING, SAM E. .... . . . GIBSON HAYWOOD L GETTLES, .E. .... Point Pleasant, W. Va. Newark, N. J. Augusta, Ga. Col uitt Ga. , . ....... q , GILBERTSON, R. G., Sigma Phi Epsilon . Lansdowne, Md. GILBREATH, E. W., Phi Sigma Kappa . Madisonville, Ky. Ga. GILLEM, R. D., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Atlanta, GILLIAM, WM. R., Phi Sigma Kappa . Nashville, Tenn. GILLILAN, JAMES C ........ Dalton, Ga. GILMFR, TEDDY W., Sigma Chi . . Birmingham, Ala. GIROIR, H. J., Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . Odessa, Texas GLAZIER, W. A., JR., Kappa Alpha . . Newnan, Ga. GODWIN, ROBERT O. . . . Daytona Beach, Fla. GOMEZ, BASILLIO V. ...... Holguin, Cuba GONZALEZ, RAUL J. ....... Habana, Cuba GOODLOE, JOHN M., Alpha Tau Omega . Decatur, Ga. GOODMAN, F., Alpha Epsilon Pi . Brooklyn, N. Y. GOODWYN, C. A., JR., Phi Delia Theta . Norfolk, Va. 449 HIGHTOWER, WILLIAM R., Chi Phi . . Atlanta, Ga. HILL, BOBBY W. ........ Covington, Ga. HILL, GABRIEL C., III, Sigma Chi . Spartanburg, S. C. HO, DONALD C. ......... Tampa, Fla. HODGES, LESLIE R., JR. ..... Brunswick, Ga. HOFFMAN, ROBT. M., Delta Sigma Phi . Bayside, N. Y. HOGAR rH, WILLIAM, JR. . . . Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Tau Kappa Epsilon HOLBERT, JEFFERSON L., Theta Chi . . Bayonne, N. J. HOLCOMB, JOHN L. ....... Ringgold, Ga. HOLLEY, WILLIAM W. ...... Savannah, Ga. HOLLIDAY, R. A., Della Tau Della . . Augusta, Ga. HOOVER, A. E., Tau Kappa Epsilon . Germantown, Tenn. HOPKINS, BILLY L., Phi Kappa Tau . .. Paducah, Ky. HOPKINS, DALE P. ...... St. Albans, W. Va. HORTON, BENJAMIN C. .... Rocky Mount, N. C. HORTON, AMES ISO Aiken S C J J., . . . ..... . , . . HOWARD, NEIL W., Pi Kappa Alpha . Melbourne, Fla. HOWELL, GEORGE W., Pi Kappa Phi . Savannah, Ga. HUBBARD, WALTER J., Kappa Alpha . . Laurel, Miss. HUBBARD, WILLIAM M., JR. ,... Houston, Texas HUDSON, ROBERT J. ....... Marietta, Ga. HUETHER, C. W., Sigma Phi Epfiloa . Baltimore, Md. HUGART,.JQ11uANcS.,..,JIIL..-c..,.., - . .St..A1bans. W. Va- HUGHES, JBL W., JR., Alpha Tau Omega .aCami11a, Ga. I , HUGHES,,CARI. C. . . . . . Ashewiille, N. C. HUGHES, DONALD R. .... ,, . . Millen, Ga. HUGHES, EVERETT M. ....... Union, S. C. HUGHES, FRANK W., Sigma Na," .. . . Erwin, Tenn. HUNDLEY,J. C., JR.,Lamha'a Chi Alpha a1,?lichmoncl, Va. HUNTER, C. M., JR., Kappa Alpha . Gfeenville, S. C. HUTCI-IESON, C. M., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Decatur, Ga. HUTCHISON, JOE B. . . .... l . Sanford, Fla. HUTCHISON, PHILLIP T., Sigma Na '. . Atlanta, Ga. HYMAN, NELSON L., Phi Epsilon Pi . Baltimore, Md. IBORG, EUGENE L. . '. . .' , . Atlanta, Ga. IVEY, J. C., JR., Lamhzla ,Chi Alphai. College Park, Ga. J L 4 I JACKINS, G. A., JR., Kappa Sigma . Princess Anne, Va. JACKSON, DONALD I. . . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. JACKSON, KENNETPL"'M., Pi Kappa Alpha . Atlanta, Ga. JACQUETTE, WILLIIAM J., JR. . . . Stamford, Conn. JAMES, DAN P. .," ...' .... E ast Point, Ga. JAUNSEN, W. H.,'Delta Tau Delta . . Augusta, Ga. I JEFFRIES, RONALD F., Bela Theta Pi . Arlington, Va. JESSEE, R. D.,i'iJR., Phi Gamma Della .. Atlanta, Ga. JOHNS, RICHARD E., Della Sigma Phi . Bradenton, Fla. JOHNSON, BOBBY G. , ...... Richmond, Ky. JOHNSON, GENE K. .I ...... Savannah, Ga. JOHNSON, K. A., Delta Sigma Phi . Washington, D. C. JOHNSON, L. A.,JR.,SigmaAlpha Epsilon . Atlanta, Ga. JOHNSON, ROBERT ....... Atlanta, Gil. JONES, BOBBY J. ........ Dahlonega, Ga. JONES, F. L., Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Pensacola, Fla. JONES, GEORGE H., Lamhlla Chi Alpha . LaGrange, Ga. JONES, SHERMAN I., Phi Sigma Kappa . Crossett, Ark. JORDAN, J. A., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Pittsburgh, Pa. JORDAN, JOHN C. ........ Forsyth, Ga. JOYNER, WM. E., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Decatur, Ga. KAISER, C. W. ......... Atlanta, Ga. KAPLAN, PHILIP A., Phi Eptiloa Pi . Baltimore, Md. KEARSON, ROBERT F., JR. . . . . Blackshear, Ga. KEEBLE, GARY E., Phi Della Thela . LaGrange, Ga. KEITH, FRED R., JR. ...... St. Pauls, N. C. KEITH, GARNETT L., JR., Sigma Chi . Atlanta, KEITH, RICHARD B. ........ Atlanta, Ga. Ga. KEITH, R. M., JR., Lamhzla Chi Alpha . Brockton, Mass. KELLEY, DONALD T., Sigma Chi . . . Decatur, Ga. 45 KELLS, WILLARD ,....... . Miami, Fla. KELLY, JOSEPH D. ...... Rabun Gap, Ga. KELLY, P. W., Alpha Tau Omega . Chattanooga, Tenn. KENDRICK, DONALD Q. ,.,. . . Marietta, Ga. KENDRICK, R. P., Tau Kappa Eprilon . Marietta, Ga. KENNEDY, J. A., JR., Delta Tau Delia . College Park, Ga. KENNERLY, JOHN F., Theza Xi .... Atlanta, Ga. KENNEY, HENRY C., Kappa Sigma . . Moultrie, Ga. KENT, JOHN W., Delta Tau Della . . Augusta, Ga. KEYSER, R. N., Lambda Chi Alpha . N. Charleston, S. C. KII.c.oRE, J. H., JR., Phi Kappa Sigma . Cuthbert, Ga. KILLIAN, WM. P., Della Tau Delia . . Sarasota, Fla. KIMMEL, ROBERT B. ..... Panama City, Fla. KING, EDWARD W., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . Bristol, Tenn. KING, ROBERT K. ........ Felicity, Ohio KING, ROBERT M., Sigma Phi Epsilon . Memphis, Tenn. KITCI-IENS, JoI-IN P. ........ Dalton, Ga. KLEIN, BERNARD, Tau Epsilon Phi . Wheaton, Md. KLEPPER, ALLAN C., Phi Epsilon Pi . . Orlando, Fla. KLINGER, SYLVIA F., Alpha Xi Delta . S. Milwaukee, Wis. KNAPP, W. C., JR., Phi Kappa Tau . . Atlanta, Ga. KNOX, P. S., III, Alpha Tau Omega . . Thomson, Ga. KOHLHASE, CHAs. E., JR., Thela Chi . . Atlanta, Ga. KoRsRU W. 4fagrSig4nmvBhi-f-7Re,?ina, Canada t I I KRATSC W' IRJCHARD C. ..... Milwaukee, Wis. KROLL, ..TFa1a.Epifilmt:RhiL. . New,York, N. Y. LAID, JQODYB. ........ Atlanta, Ga. LAIRD, IQANIBL IFR, Tau Kappa Epsilon . Lakeland, Fla. LAIRD, , E ........ Atlanta, Ga. LANG, QEJJSON' ...... Pass Christian, Miss. l, . LANGSTLHSL5 V .7 - -. --.Lai . . Austell, Ga. LANIERltJERg53? . . 4. . Rome, Ga. LANSINEQ EJB., 11, .sigma eva . Webstat Groves, Mo. LARIZZN, P. ' .... ' . Pleasantville, N. Y. LASATElS,.,1. 2, Lambda Chi Alpha . lfaris, Tenn. LAssEI'rERTIIEw1E'A'., JRT'."." -3, . . ,l Atlanta, Ga. Tau Kappa Epsilon! t l l I LAUGHRIDGE, HAL D., JR. . . '. . Chjuilotte, N. C. LAWRENCE, RICHARD N., JR. . L Johnson, City, Tenn. LEAGUE, RUSSELL A., JR. .... Greenville, S. C. LEAL, JUAN H. ...... Q . . . Nicaro, Cuba LEEEN, AMESHE.-I ...... 1 . .t., lAlbany, Ga. Lacaavlyii 111-P531 s., chi Phi . . . Atlanta, Ga. I i LEE, A 'DEBT LQJR., Phi Gamma Delia J., Cairo, Ill. LEE, NQQMAN JR. . ..... ' .AlNiIayo, Ed. LEE, -Alb, ..... . . ,. , tanta, a. LEPPER Mgpfaaia-chi . . Syllacauga, Ala. LEVERE at Jig, Qtglta1Ta1fQella ,. Point, Ga. LEVIN, RCE-'D:, 2!lpha3Ep:1lair'Pi . . Atlanta, Ga. LEWARE, J. F., -Tap-Omega . St. Petersburg, Fla. LEWIS, EVAN L., Pi Kappa Alpha . Huntington, W. Va. LIEE, FREDRICK T. ........ Tulsa, Okla. LITTLE, R. M., Alpha Tau Omega . Winchester, Tenn. LOARD, HENRY W., JR., Thela Chi . . . Atlanta, Ga. LOCKLEAR, JAMES P. ..... Fort Screven, Ga. LOEF, FREDERIC J., Alpha Eptifon Pi . . Athens, Ga. LOGAN, EDWIN L. ........ Attalla, Ala. LOH, PIANG K. ...... Teluk Annson, Malaya LONG, JAMES A., Sigma Nu ..... Erwin, Tenn. LONG, THOMAS O. ........ Atlanta, Gil. LORD, RICHARD E., Kappa Sig-ma . Lawrenceville, Ga. LOTT, L. S., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Americus, Ga. LovE, JOHN M. ......... Cuthbert, Ga. LOVEIN, CI-IAS. E., JR., Phi Deira T heia . Macon, Ga. LOWERY, NEEDI-IAM H. ...... Eastman, Ga. LowNDEs, THOMAS, JR. ...... Decatur, Ga. LUBEL, A. M., Alpha Epsilon Pi . Birmingham, Ala. LUCK, GEORGE E. ....... Wrightsville, LUDWIG, WILLIS D., JR., Chi Pri . . . Natbeth, LUEDERS R. R. Phi Si ma Ka a . Savannah . J-sl , 8 r PP Y MACDONALD, R. N., Pi Kappa Alpha . Decatur, MACGREGOR, DANIEL S. .... Jeffersonville, MADDOX, WILLIAM B. . . . . . . Atlanta, MAGEE, KERRY B. . . . . . Atlanta, MAHONE THOMAS D. . Williamsburg, MAIJALAi MICHAEL H. l. '. . Lake Worth, MALOOF, NASSIRE L., Pi Kappa Alpha . Atlanta, MANGHAM, ARNOLD, Tau Kappa Epriloa . Atlanta, MANN, HERMAN S. ..... 3. . Surrency, Ga. Pa. Ga. Ga. Incl. Ga. Ga. Va. Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. MANSEIELD, JOSEPH B., Chi Phi . . Graysville, Tenn. MAREUT, ROBERT G., Della Tan Delia . Athens, Ga. MARNEY, THOMAS E. . . . . MARTELLOTFO, NICHOLAS A. . . MARTIN, GEORGE W. . . . MARTIN, ROBERT E. . . . MARTINEZ, FRANCISCO R. . . . MATTHEWS, WILLIAM C. ...,.. Atlanta, MATTISON, R. C., Phi Delta Theia . . Atlanta, MAU, EDWARD H., JR., Theta Chi . . . Atlanta, MAULDINC, WILLIAM R. ...... Atlanta, MAXWELL, THOMAS H., JR. . . . MAY, JACOB T.,4Thela Chi . . West Paliiu Beach, MAY, MALLORY S., Ill ...... 3Chipley, MCARQALB, LAWRENCE F. . t .... ,Decatur, MCBRAYER THOMAS E. . . . Marietta . Avon Park, . . Waycross, Ga. . . Bronx, N. Y. . Clifton, N. J. . . Jackson, Miss. . Cienfuegos, Cuba Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. F la. Fla. Fla. Ga. 2 . 1 Ga' MCCALLUM, R. G., JR., Theta Chi . New" York, N. Y. MCCAMMON, HORACE R., Sigma Nu . Maryville, Tenn. J , f MCCAUGHEY, J. W., Sigma Phi Epsilon, . Baltimore, MCCLENDON, JACK P., Kappa Sigmaf . MCCLESKEY, JAMES M., JRA . . . . MCCLUNG, FRANK L. . Q .... f . . MCCOLLUM ERRY D Fairfield, Md. Warren, Ark. Ala. Atlanta, Ga. Hartwell, Ga. ,J . ,' . . . lNlCCORMICK, G. E., JR., Sigma Nu . Pachuta, Miss. MCCROREY, ROY B., JR., Chi Phi . . . Atlanta, Ga. MCDANIEL, CHARLES E. . . Winston-Salem, N. C. MCDONELL, RICHARD H. . 1. . . Manchester, Ga. MCDOWELL, E. D., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Macon, Ga. MCDOWELL, GEOJM., JR., Theza Chi . Atlanta, Ga. MCGARRITY, ADDISON L., JR. ..... Macon, Ga. MCGAUCHY, EDWARD L. I ..... Camden, Ark. MCINTOSH, CHARLES A., JR. .... Savannah, Ga. MCKENZIE, WILLIAM S., Kappa Alpha . Selma, Ala. MCLEAN, RICHARD . b ....... Atlanta, Ga. MCMlLLEN,f JOHN F.,,lPhi Kappa Tau . Canton, Ohio MCWHORTER, THOMAS R. .... Annandale, Va. MEADERS, DONALD R. . . . . Atlanta, Ga. MEADOBS, FLETCHER E. ..... Jacksonville, Fla. MEADOWS, ROBERTS A. ..... Cedartown, Ga. MEEKER, WILLIAM A., Sigma Nu . . Alliance, Ohio MEHAEEEY, GEORGE P. ..... Asheville, N. C. MERRELL, W. R., JR., Tau Kappa Eprilou . Atlanta, Ga. MERRITT, CECIL R. ....... Camden, Ark. MEYER, DAVID A., JR., Pi Kappa Phi . Memphis, Tenn. MICI-IAEL, JAMES B., JR. .... Germantown, Tenn. Phi Kappa Alpha MIIDDLETON, JAMES B. ...... Columbus, Ga. MILLER, DON S., Lambda Chi Alpha . Kingstree, S. C. MILLER, FREDERICK J. ....... Atlanta, Ga. MILLER, MARK A., Kappa Sigma . . . Canton, Ohio MILLS, ROBERT M., JR. . . . Lookout Mountain, Theta Chi MINOR, JAMES E. ....... Gainesville, MITCHELL, THOMAS A. ..... Loganville, MITCHELL, WADE T., Phi Delta Theta . Atlanta, MIZE, BRUCE W. ....... Auburndale, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. 454 MONROE, DONALD H., Theta Xi . . Cartersville, Ga. MOORE, DAVID F., Phi Delta Theta . Chattanooga, Tenn. MOORE, JAMES T., Phi Sigma Kappa . Knoxville, Tenn. MOORE, W. T., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . Ft. McClellan, Ala. MORGAN, JAMES R. ........ Atlanta, Ga. MORRIS, GUY V. .... Falls Church, Va. MORRIS, JAMES I. ..... . MORRIS, JOHN W., Kappa Alpha . . Meridian, Miss. Chattanooga, Tenn. Moss, GEORGE D. ..... . MOSS, WILLIAM L., II .... MOSS, WILLIAM R. . . MUELLER, HUEL J. . MULLEN, J. J., Phi Kappa Sigma . MULLIS, DONALD A. ..... . MURPI-IREE, LELAND C., JR. . . MURPHY, JAMES L. ..... . NIURPHY, JOHNSON L., JR. . . . MURPHY, LEWIS T., JR., Theta Chi . MURRAH, CHARLES A. .... . MURRAY, JAMES T., Pi Kappa Phi . MURRAY, THOMAS F. .... . . Bronwoocl, Ga. . . Athens, Ga. . East Point Ga. . . Macon, Ga. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . Macon, Ga. . Gainesville, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Augusta, Ga. . . Griihn, Ga. . Carrollton, Ga. . . Tampa, Fla. New York, N. Y. MYERS, ROBERT A. ...... Guatemala, C. A. NASON, GEO. F., III, Beta Theta Pi . Wilmington, Del. NEGAS, TED ..,....... Newnan, Ga. Q S f NELSON, CECIL K., Kappa Sigma ll . Greenville, S. C. NESMITI-I, W. R., Beta Theta Pi . . Birmingham, Ala. NEWMAN, S.,a1II, Theta Xi . Brunswick, Ga. NEWTON, WTLLIAM R., JR. . . . iDayto'na Beach, Fla. V Delta Tau Delta NICHOLAS, HOMER B. ...... Louisville, Ky. NIEDERMEYER, OSCAR D., JR. . Nicaro Oriehte, Cuba T Sigma Chi l .. S l . Y L Y NIEHUSS, ORIAN S., JR. .' . . .' . Augusta, Ga. NORRTS, TROY P., Phi Kappa Tau . . t . Paducah, Ky. NUNA-MAKER, R. R., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Atlanta, Ga. O'BRYANT, RfO., Tau KappaiEp.til0n . W. Memphis, Ark. OCHOiA,'SANTlAGO .... . . . Caracas, Venezuela O'CONNOR, GERALD A., JR., Chi Phi . . Augusta, Ga. OERTEL, F. H., JR., Phi Kappa Tau . Rocky Point, N. C. O'NEAL, JOHN B., JR., Delta Sigma Plli . Columbia, S. C. ORTIZ, MARCO A. ,.... Guatemala, Guatemala OVERBY, JAMES R. ........ Newman, Ga. OVERMAN, LARRY J. ...... Tullahoma, Tenn. OXFORDf'EUDIEtiC., Kappa Sigma .' . . 5Moultrie, Ga. PARKER, R. J., Lambda Chi Alpha . New Orleans, La. PARKS,sW. JOHN, Delta Tau Delta . Jacksonville, Fla. PARNBLLE, JACK ..... I . . . y. Estill, S. C. PARRISH, GAVIN P.. . ., ...... I Atlanta, Ga. PASYNIEIOS, ETQIMANEIBL N., Theta Chi . Newport, R. l. PATE,1.FoRREs'r W. .... . . .3-'Warwick, Ga. ' A V R PATTERSON,lW. O., JR., Phi'Delta Theta . Grifhn, Ga. PATTILLO, ROBERT S., JR. . . . PAULK, JOHN R. ..... . PAULK, LINTON A., Beta Theta Pi . PAYNE, JACK V., JR. .... . . . Douglas, Ga. . . . Wray, Ga. . . Douglas, Ga. . Dunwoody, Ga. PEACE, STUART E., Lamhrla Chi Alpha . Franklin, Va. PECK, STANLEY J., Alpha Epsilon Pi . Portsmouth, Va. PECKINPAUGI-I, C. L., III, Kappa Sig-ma . Falls Church, Va. PEELER, MILLER A., JR. . . . . PETERS, BENNIE H., Pi Kappa Phi . PETERS, JOHN L., JR. .... . PETERSON, RAY M. . . . PETHGREW, JOHN O. . PEYTON, RAY M. ..... . PHELPS, DAVID A., JR. . . . . PHILLIPS, J. D., Sigma Alpha Epsilon PHILLIPS, WM. A., Della Sigma Phi PICKREN, ROY A., JR., Kappa Sigma . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Monroe, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Mt. Vernon, Ga. . . Jackson, Ga . Cedartown, Ga . . . Perry, Ga . Birmingham, Ala . LaGrange, GR . New Orleans, La PIKE, ROBERT D., Pi Kappa Alpha . . Arcadia, Fla. PINNELL, JOSEPH K., Delia T aa Della . Augusta, Ga. POND, C. D., Alpha Tau Omega . Fountain Head, Tenn. PORTER, JAMES C. ....... Savannah, Ga. PORTER, WILLIAM S., JR. . . . Wauchula, POTTER, DIXON G. . . . POWELL, GENE R. . . Fla. . Madison, Tenn. . Lincolnton, Ga. POWELL, JAMES S. ........ Grifhn, Ga. PRATT, RICHARD B., JR. ...... Atlanta, Ga. PREDDY, F. A., JR., Lamhrla Chi Alpha . Mt. Airy, N. C. PRESSON, BANKS R., JR. .... - . Charlotte, N. C. PROCTOR, C. R., Lamlula Chi Alpha . LaGrange, Ga. PROPP, ROBERT R., Phi Epsilon Pi . . Corinth, Miss. PROPST, FRANKLIN M. ..... Montgomery, PROSSER, T. E., Alpha Tau Omega . Coral Gables, PRUITT, DANIEL D., Chi Phi .... Savannah Ala. Fla. Ga. PUTMAN, D. H., Lambda Chi Alpha . . Albany: Ga. RADEORD, WILBUR E. ...... Warwick, RANDALL, H. S., JR., Phi Della Theta . Covington, RANEW, ROBERT C. ....... Savannah Ga. Ga. , Ga RANGEL, RAFAEL A. . . . . . Caracas, Venezuela RANK, GILBERT R. ....... Chamblee, Ga. RASS, OPHELIS, Sigma Epsilon Chi . . . Pura, Cuba RATHBUN, JOHN P., Kappa Sigma . Longview, Texas RATHER, D. B., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Birmingham, Ala. RAY, D. L., Sigma Phi Epsilon . . Huntington, W. Va. RAY, JAMES S., Kappa Sigma ..... 5 Macon, Ga. READY, SAMUEL L., AJR. . . REARDON, DANIEL E. . . . REBOSO, JOSE M. . . 1 . . .J Miami, Fla. . Ventnor, N. J. . . ' Habana, Cuba RECCHIO, DONALD A. . .J . . Canton, Ohio REDFEARN, ALEC F., Pi Kappa Alpha . Atlanta, Ga. REED, BOGART S. . . .' . . . '. . Atlanta, Ga. REED, CHARLES L., JR. . J . . . Highland Park, N. J. REED, W. A., Tail Kappa5EpJilon . W. Palm Beach, Fla. REESE, JOHNNY M. ..... 5 . . . Atlanta, Ga. REEVES, JOHN B., Sigma Phi Epsilon . Shannon, Ga. REEVES, ROBERT P.,.f'1"heta Chi . . . Fitzgerald, Ga. REID, FRED D. . 3 . . .i .... Atlanta, Ga. REMSON, JACK G., Theta Chi ,f. . . , Sylacauga, Ala. REYNOLDS, JOHN T. . . ., . . Jamestown, N. Y. RHODES, CLEM O., JR. . ..... Norfolk, Va. RICH, R. L., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Swainsboro, Ga. RICHARDSON, J.' G., JR., Kizppa Sigma . Little Rock, Ark. RICHARDSON,4'JHWE'1'I' E., JR. . . . Montgomery, Ala. Si ma Al ha E .rilo11 8 . P A P ' '- RINELL, JOHN E., Phi Sigma Kappa . . Celina, Ohio RIPLEY, T. A., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Atlanta, Ga. RISSE, BEN J. . . Q ........ Toccoa, Ga. RITTELMEYER, M., JR., Beta Theta Pi . Atlanta, Ga. RITTER, KLAUS' ....... Tallahassee, Fla. ROANE, P. A., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Greenville, S. C. ROBERTS, HUGH R., JR., Sigma Chi . . . Atlanta, Ga. ROBERTS, JAMES G. ...... Lake Charles, La. ROBERTS, JOE H. ..... . Wltitwell, Tenn. ROBERTS, MARION LEE . . . . . Jonesboro, Ga. ROBERTS. MARION LEGRANGE . . Donalsonville, Ga. ROBERTSON, TIM C. . ...... Atlanta, Ga. ROBINSON, CHARLES S. ...... Orlando, Fla. ROBINSON, REGINALD E., JR. . . N. Charleston, S. C. ROBINSON, WM. M., JR., Chi Pri . . LaGrange, Ga. RODGERS, JOHN C., Kappa Sigma . . Baltimore, Md. RODRIGUEZ, OCTAVIO, JR. . . . Arecibo, Puerto Rico ROGERS, MARBREY L., JR. ..... East Point, Ga. ROGERS, WM. H., Tau Kappa Epxilon . . Macon, Ga. ROLLINS, ROY G. ........ Augusta, Ga. ROLSTON, F. E., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . Michigan City, Ind. 45 ROSSITTO WILLIAM G. . . . Brooklyn, N. Y. ROZELLE: GEORGE D., Phi Kappa.Taa . Pahokee, Fla. RUSHIN, ROBERT K., Sigma Chi . SACCONE, PETER P. .... . SALVADOR, MARIO F. .... . SANFORD, BRIAN W., Theta Chi . SAPP, JOSEPH C., Pi Kappa Alpha . SARAVO, JAMES V., Theta Chi . . SAVELL, WILLIAM H. Sigma Chi . . Atlanta, Ga. Bridgeport, Conn. . Camaguey, Cuba Montgomery, Ala. . . Vidalia, Ga. . Newport, R. I. Atlanta Ga SAYERS, THOMAS A., Della Sigma Phi.. l.aGrange: Ga: SCARPETIA, R., Taa Kappa Eprilon . Bogota, Colombia SCHAEE, M. C., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . Vicksburg, Miss. SCHEMMEL, LEO B., JR., Sigma Nu . . Atlanta, Ga. SCHIAVONE, E., Tau Epsilon Phi . . New York, N. Y. SCHIFF, BERNARD, T an Eprilon Phi . New York, N. Y. SCI-IILL, T. V., Sigma Phi Eprilon . Huntington, W. Va. SCHMIDT, JAMES A. ....... Americus, Ga. SCHMIDT, JAMES R., Theta Chi . . Wesr Orange, N. J. SCHMIDT, JOHN W., Kappa Sigma . SCHOENFELD, FRED R. .... . . . Arlanra, SCHUESSLER, M. M., Kappa Alpha . . Roanoke, SCHULER, ABBIE G., Delta Tau Delta . Maplewood, SCHUSTBR, l. N., Phi Epxilon Pi . St. Petersburg, SEATON, WILLIAM W., JR., Sigma Na . Atlanta, SHADGEIT, PETER L., Della Tau Delta . . Athens, . Memphis, Tenn. Ga. Ala. La. Fla. Ga. Ga. SESSIONS, KIRIQ I.. . Q . . . Donalsonville, Ga. SHARBROUGPIQEFRANK Shelli iiiHol1y Bluiii, Miss. I J Sig1ma1Phi- Epfilon-H SHEFFIELD, JAMES E. .... . SHERROW, H. R., JR., Kappa Alpha . . Decatur, SHIVER, MARLIN B., Lamhlla Chi Alpha . Lakeland, 2 if I W . .z ' i l Sl-IOEMAQCER, E. JR., Delta Tau Delta . Waycross, SHOEMAQCER, J. L.,"PhieDeltaf Theta SHORNHORST, ROBERT J., JR. . . SHULERJIGROVER W. . . SHUTT, JAMES R., Sigma Thi . . SIBLEY, QSAMUEL H., II, Chi Phi . . Kingsland, Ga. Ala. Fla. Ga. Cedartown, Ga. . Miami, Fla. Franklin, N. C. . Alexandria, Va. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Union, S. C. . Savannah, Ga. SILLS, ARTHUR D. ...... Miami Beach, Fla. SIMMONS, OSCAR W., JR. ..... Sraresboro, Ga. SLATON, GEORGE H. ....., . . .Q Boaz, Ala. SLOAN, WM. M., Delta Sigma Phi Mentiphis, Tenn. SIBLEY, WM. A. L., JR., Sigma chi SIKES, RALPH S. ..... . . - .I SMALLVQQOD, JOHN H. .... l . . Corinmerce, Ga. SMITH, Q1-IARLESNV. ...... . atlanta, Ga. SMITH, Alpha Tau Omega . J iami, Fla. SMITH, HERBERT A ....... Safannah, Ga. SMITH, HUGH E., JR. ..., .' ...N tlanta, Ga. SMITH, LEON R. . 'LT' S"S . 5 ampa, Fla. SMITH, NATHAIGIEL G. . S. . . 1 Lake worm, Fla. SMITH, ROBERTTP:gaPi-Kappa'Alpha".' Jacksonville, Fla. SMYTHE, E. A., JR., Phi Della Thela . Charlotte, N. C. SNAVELY, M. C., Tau Kappa Eprilon . Mexico City, Mex. SNEAD, HENRY T., Kappa Alpha . . . Tampa, Fla. SNYDER, STEPHEN L., Phi Eprilfm Pi . Swarthmore, Pa. SPACE, CHARLES C., Pi Kappa Alpha . Jacksonville, Fla. SPEARMAN, ALLAN C., Chi Phi .... Rome, Ga. SPENCER, ROBERT L. ..... Johnson City, Tenn. SPLAWN, JAMES L. ..... Rurherfordron, N. C. Ga. Ga. SPRUELL, HUGH J. ........ Atlanta, STAFFORD, G. P., JR., Sigma Chi . . Fitzgerald, STAHL, WALTON H. ....... Savannah, Ga. STALLINGS, J. R., Phi Sigma Kappa . Aliquippa, Pa. STARRS, WM. A., JR .... Jacksonville Beach, Fla. STASTNY, T. G., Sigma Phi Epsilon . Baltimore, Md. STEELE, WM. J., Bela Theta Pi . Aquirre, Puerto RICO STEPHENS, ROBERT L. ....... Macon, Ga. STERN, EDWIN H., Alpha Epxilon Pi . Forest Hills, N. Y. STEVENS, C. H., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Yardley, Pa. STEWART, ROBERT R., JR. ..,. Sharpsburg, Ga. STEWART, WILLIAM A., JR. ..... Tupelo, Miss. STILL, JAMES E., Sigma Na .... Greenville, S. C. STINECIPHER, JESSE F., JR. . . Chattanooga, Tenn. STOKES, CARL J., JR., Kappa Alpha . . . Rome, Ga. STOKES, JOHN J. ....... Memphis, Tenn. STOMBERG, GERALD W. ..... Veto Beach, Fla. STRICKLAND, JACK C., Chi Phi . . . LaGrange, Ga. STROZIER R. M ll Al ha Tau Ome a . Rock Hill,S C , -y , P 1 Z - - STUART, ELMORE F. ........ Baxley, Ga. SUMRALL, NEAL B., Tau Kappa Epsilon . Atlanta, Ga. SUNDY, ROGER J. ........ Waycross, Ga. SUTHERLAND, C. C., JR., Sigma Nu . Columbia, S. C. SWAIN, W. NORMAN .... Johnson City, Tenn. SWANSON, CARL H., Sigma Chi . Detroit Lakes, Minn SWAVELY, CRAIG E., Phi Kappa Sigma SWEET, CARL T., Pi Kappa Alpha . . Atlanta, . Lebanon, Pa. Ga. SWEZEY, E. F ., JR., Sigma Alpha Epxilon . Martinsville, Va. SWINDLER, PAUL E. ..... . SWINT, SAMUEL H., JR., Chi Phi . . SYLvEsTER, STEVEN R. K. . . . . . Augusta, . Marietta, Ga Ga. . Atlanta, Ga SYTZ, ROBT. V., Alpha Tau Omega . Dyersburg, Tenn - -- Y .... ,.,, TALBOT, ,-CECIL D., Kappa Alpha . . ,.,ffI'ampa, Fla TALLEY, WILLIAM F., JR., Sigma Chi .' ,'At1anta, Ga 1 TANNEREC JAMES M. . . . . . Qouglas, Ga TATRO, PETER R., Sigma Phi 'Epyilon . Wegtlield, N. J. TAYLOR,H.A., JR., Sigma Phi Epxilon . Margus Hook, Pa TAYLOR, JACK D. .,... . . . SEI Lyons, Ga. TAYLOR, RICHARD J. . . ,f. X. ,:flCo1umbus, Ga TAYLOR, WILLIAM H., JR. . . 1 any' . Forsyth, Ga. TEAGUE, WILLIAM T., Phi Kappa Tau' Marietta, Ga TEMPLES, JOHN H., JR., Kappa Sigma' . Decatur, Ga. TERRY, VINCENT J., JR. .Q . . . ,fl Elmhurst, N. Y. TESTON, THOMAS J. . ., . ,. . ,'. . . Jesup, Ga. TEZAK, GILBERT J. . ll . . . . . Steelton, Pa. THERREL, ROBERT C.,-' Sigma Na . . . Atlanta, Ga. THIGPEN, JAMES G., ,JR . . ,. . . . Decatur, Ga. THOMPSON, CHARLES W. . . . . Savannah, Ga. THOMPSON, JOHN C., JR. . . ' . Wellesley Hills, Mass. THOMPSON, ROBERT L., Chi Phi . . . LaGrange, Ga. THOMPSON WIALLIAM . Atlanta Ga. THOMPSON, WILMER R. . . . . Atlanta, Ga. THORNTON, JOEL C. . . . . . Decatur, Ga. THURSTON, ALFRED D., 'JR. ..... Atlanta, Ga. THURMAN, HARRY T., JR. ..... Savannah, Ga. TIERNEY, M."W., Phi Sigma Kappa . Delray Beach, Fla. fi -l TILL, SHIQZLTON C., Ml . . .... Bynum, Ala. TILTED, XQILLEB,-,j ...... Flushing, N. Y. TIPTON, JAMES A. ...... Brownsville, Tenn. TOLBERT, RALPH H., JR., Sigma Chi . . Athens, Ga. TORRANCE, M. A., Delta Tau Delta . East Point, Ga. TOUCHTON, C. F., III, Sigma Chi . Dade City, Fla. TRAMMELL, H. M., JR., Chi Phi . . Charlotte, N. C. TRANSOU, THOMAS B., Kappa Sigma . Houston, Texas TRENCH, RICHARD E. ....... Atlanta, Ga. TUCKER, RONALD C., Kappa Sigma . . Moultrie, Ga. TUCKER, W. T., JR.,Lamha7a Chi Alpha . Memphis, Tenn. TURNER, J. A., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Winnsboro, S. C. TURNER, M. A., Phi Sigma Kappa . Chattanooga, Tenn. TUSSEY, JEROME L., Theta Chi . , St. Petersburg, Fla. TU'1'1', CLARENCE B., Kappa Alpha . Columbus, Ga. UHLER, R. E., Sigma Phi Epfilon . . Hampstead, Md. ULPH, ERIC S. . ...... Point Lookout, N. Y. VALLs, GUILLERMO M., JR. .... Habana, Cuba l 457 VAUGHN, ROGER W. ....... Athens, VENTULETT, THOMAS W. .... Coral Gables, Sigma Alpha Epxilon VEREEN, CARL H., Sigma Chi .... Miami, VICK, JAMES H., JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Rome, VICKERS, DREW L., Kappa Sigma . . . Moultrie, Ga Fla. Fla. Ga. Ga. WALKER, J. H., JR., Phi Gamma Della . Falls Church, Va. WALKER, WILLIAM R. ..... Lumberton, N. C. WALLACE, THOMAS S., Them Xi . . . Bogota, N. J. WALLS, ARTHUR E., Kappa Alpha . . Newnan, WALTER, CHARLES F., JR. ..... Sarasota, WALZ, KENNETH G. ..., . East Point, WARE, FRED A., JR., Chi Phi . . Augusta, WARE PAUL N. ......... Rome Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. , , Ga. WARSHAW, STANLEY I., Phi Eptilon Pi . Boston, Mass. WATSON, THOMAS J. ...... Briclgeton, N. J. WATTERS, DANIEL M. ....... Atlanta, Ga. WAY, DAVID L., Phi Kappa Tau . . Ridgewood, N. J. WEBB, D. L., JR., Lamhrla Chi Alpha . . Macon, Ga. WEBB, TORANCE W., JR. ...... Atlanta, Ga. WEEMS, LANIER J. ....... Clarkston, Ga. WELDON, JAMES W., JR., Sigma Chi . . Tampa, Fla. WELLINS, ROBT. S., Phi Eprilrm Pi . Woodmere, N. Y. WELLS, J. NORMAN ....... Kingsland, Ga. WELLS, ROBERT C. ...... Jacksonville, Fla. WESLEY, T. C., III, Kappa Alpha . . . Atlanta, Ga. WHATLEY, ROY A. ...... Vicksburg, Miss. WHATLEY, TOM G., Theta Chi .... Helena, Ga. WHEELER, JOHN A., JR. ..,. . WHISNANT, RICHARD A. ,... . WHITE, C. C., JR., Sigma Alpha Eptilon . Columbus, WHITE, L. W., Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Atlanta, WHITEHEAD, RICHARD K.,JR. . Emory University, Alpha Tau Omega Memphis, Tenn. . Enka, N. C. Ga. Ga. Ga. WHITLEY, FRANK L., JR., Chi Pri . Atlantic City, N. J. WHITTINGTON, ELLIS L. . WHORTON, ROBERT B., III WIEGMANN, FRANCIS L. . . . . . . Omega, . . . . . Gadsden, . Baltimore, . .... Atlanta, . . . . . Orlando WILLIAMS, W. V., JR., Lamha'a Chi Alpha . Macon WILLIAMSON, JOHN D., III . . . . . . Hardwick . . Macon WILLHAM, HAROLD, JR. . WILLIAMS, MORRIS M. . Y WILLOUGI-IEY, LARRY P. . WILSON, ERNEST W. . . x , . . New Holland . . . . Jacksonville R. .... Cochran, WINBORN, SAM R., JR., Kappa Alpha . Columbus, WINN, THOMAS W., Bela Them Pi . Winchester, WILSON, JAMES D. . . . WILSON, WILBUR H., JR. WIMBERLEY, EVRARD H., J v x Ga. Ala. Md. Ga. Fla. , Ga . Hattiesburg, Miss. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Va. WINN, WILLIAM H., Phi Gamma Delta . Bellaire, Texas WISE, WILLIAM L. . . .... Cambridge, WITTEL, WILLIAM T ....... Cuthbert, Mcl. Ga. WOOD, PETER H. .... Lookout Mountain, Tenn. WOODCOCK, FRANK W. ..... Brunswick, WOODCOCK, R. H., JR., Chi Pri . . . Glennville, WOODHAM, EDWIN J., Chi Phi . . . LaGrange, WOODWARD, D. L., Pi Kappa Alpha . Glenwood, Ga. Ga. Ga. Mcl. WOODWARD, J. H., JR., Sigma PhiEp.vilo1z . Tulsa, Okla. WOODYEAR, WILLIAM E., IV. . . . Baltimore, Md. WOOSLEY, H. L., II, Kappa Sigma . Shelbyville, Tenn. WORTHINGTON, THOMAS L. . . . Charlotte, N. C. WRAY, JOHN D., Theta Chi . . . Raleigh, N. C. WRIGHT, JOSEPH L. .... Jacksonville Beach, Tau Kappa Epsilon WRIGHT, ROBERT B., Chi Psi . . . Copiague, N WURST, JAMES E. ......... Meigs, Yow, JESSE C., JR., Delta Tau Della . . Atlanta, Fla. .Y. Ga. Ga. ZANTOPULOS, HARRY ....... Canton, Ohio ZEITOUN, RAFFOUL F ...... Nazareth, Israel E hlfl lll hw The men lenzling lhe Frefbmrm Clan tbiy year are left to right: Fred Ofbowze, P1'6.fiC!E77iV.' Lynn Hazlett, Secretary-Treamren Dudley Moore, Vice Pmrideazl. LHSS 459 Wi ERESTIHHHULMT ABEI., ALEXANDER B., Sigma Pbi lipxilon . Neenah, Wis. ADAMS, DONALD L ........ Columbus, Ga. ADAMS, JOHN R ......... Tlxonmston, Ga. ADAMS, MERIWETHER D. . . . Decatur, Ga. ADAMS, WILLIIXM WI., lll ...... Atlanta, Ga. ALBRITTON, DANIEL L ....... Camden, Ala. ALDERMAN, E. L ...,.,... Statcslmro, Ga. ALLEN, BONA, IV, Sigma Alpha Iilrxiluu . Buford, Ga. ALLEN, R. M., Drlla Tau Dvlln . . Blackslwtr, Ga. ALMAND, BOBBY E ...... . . . Macon, Ga. ALMAND, RICHARD M ....,... Decatur, Ga. ALTENBERG. D. C., Knlrlru Alpha . Germantown, Tenn. AMADEO, HERACLIO A. . . Vega Alta, Puerto Rico ANDERSON, JERRY C. , . , . ANDERSON, B., Bflu Tlvelu Pi . ANDREWS, FRANK ANGLADE, CARLOS . ARCHER, HOKE s.. Ja. '. ARCHER, JAMES H., JR. . . . Aiken, S, C. . Gainesboro. Tenn. . . Augusta, Ga. . Caracas, Venezuela . . . Atlanta. Ga, . . . Atlanta, Ga. Alaiwla, Costa Rica ARDON, ERICK .... , . . ARNETT, ANTHONY W., Tbvha Cbi . ARNOLD FRANK C. ar,oNs, EDWARD E. .' .' f .' . ARONSON, ADIR, Alpbu Elrxilon Pi . Augusta, Ga. . Decatur, Ga. . . Plymouth. Mass. Murphy, N. C. ARROWOOD, B. DAVID . . , ASKF,W,,..,.I.1'aO,N-.C. ,.........., W.. . AYAS, MNHMUU HASSKN . AYCOCK, 'CHARLES B., JR. . . ax'cxgg, JACK c ....... Fr. BABQ ,Q . .. , . . BACHMAZDR W., JR., Sigma Nu . . BAG ELI., jAMlESgE.....KafM,.AlIilz4r, , ,,., A g BAILEY- iucuarto . ..... . BAIRD, ',1uL1AN, L .... ..... . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. Damhhsdus. Syria . Marietta, Ga. Laurilerklalc, Fla. Yonke s, N. Y. . Mir ctra, Ga. Gpigqgi-illc, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. BAKQR, R. XH1, ,Phi Gaullml Drlln . Winstoll-Sxllem, N. C. BAKER.. RUSSELL E ........ . Lafayette, Ga. BALQERAKL, R. l.inulula Clri Allrlm . Baltimore. Md. BAI.LARD,-Rolla' M.. JR., D1-Ira Tun Dellirf . Rome, Ga. BANKSTOLN, S., Kupllu Sigma . . Iinrt Valley, Ga. BARTSTES, liEYN'NBTHfG2:Drl'!'r'Signm Phi. ,k . Tiftnn, Ga. ,S w is a namnaniar, Jn fsfgffmcaf , Clzarlfvttc. N. C. BARON, DONALD A., P? -Kappa Pbi . Palm Emu., El.. BARRENTINE, ROBERT' W., Kappa Sigmu . Palqrka, Fla, BARlTETTT'W't"V'.TJ'Rz'Wfs Y : . ,,,,. Savannah, Ga. BARRON, DAVID L. ..... , . 4. . Am-nu, Ga. namtow, ROBERT G ..... . . Atlanta, G.. BARTON, ROBERT P., Kappa Alplm- . . . Crnfdelr-. Ga. BATES, JAMES D ......... E Lakeirflicid, Fla. P BATES, J. R., Bria Thi-hr Pi . Clurlc-stun Heights, S. C. BATES, ROBT. L., JR., Dclln Tun Della BATTAGLIA, ANTHONY W. . . . BAUER, LAWRENCE D .... .lcrtll BAUM, Pl-IILLIP, Tun lillsilvu Plri . . is nliapg,-fwf3n0NTi.B., ,JR ..... I . . BE1X 0T, TQM P., JR,, Knfzfm Sigma BEA. S, ROY- RK., Lnmlulu Chi Ahplm . Wayaross. Ga. jacksonville, Fla. Chnrlestpn, S, C. Mtmphiis. Tenn. . Atlanta, Ga. . Tuprln, Miss. . Hapefillu, Ga. E. , I , BECEER, WILLIAM E. . . BEC -ani, WM, E.. Ja., Phi BEC'LER,4BOHl1Y M ..... .. . BED ' , JOHN tn, ..... . . BEL , FRANKLIN P5 ,l,R+'. . . BELTR, 'IQOWNSENQ M., Jn., H. , . BENNETT-, BENJAMIN FQ. Ill, Theta Xl . . . 1. Hempstead, N. Y. Dell? Tyla ,A Perry, Ga. , Edwhrth, Ga. Maywood, N. j. . Columbus, Ga. caluiiban. s. c. Portirdalc, Ga. BENNETT, cam. A ....... Bmwnyili., N. Y. ". 12 . . ,v N' Q I I. BENNETT, I'TUC'f'f"'HI"BPfd""l'h1'l1l' l'f'. . Harlan, Ry. BENNETT, S. C., Ill, Dain Tan Drlla . Waycross, Ga. BENTLEY, CHARLES E ........ Roberta, Ga. BENTLEY, JOHN G ..... . Milledgcville. Ga. BENTON, EDDIE I ...... . St. Simons. Ga. BERRY, ARTHUR W., Kappa Sigma . Memphis, Tenn. BIALKO, ALFRED E ..... . . . Farrell, Pa. BISHOP, DONALD L. . . . East Point, Ga. BISHOP, ERNEST N. . . Marietta, Ga. BIVINS, GUY A. . . . Macon, Ga. BLACK, JAMES L,, III . Ocala, l'la. BLACK, JOHN . . . . Augusta, Ga. BLACK, ROBERT M. . . Atlanta, Ga. BLACKWELL, PAUL D. . BLAIR, CHARLES E. BLAKELY, ROBERT C. BLAND, WILLIAM P. . Cleveland, Tenn. . Tlmmson. Ga. . Chester. S. C. BLATTNER, R. XV,, Sigma Phi lilxxiluu . BOBO, JEAN E., Bflu 'fllrlu Pi BOIN, KARL L., Plri Kalzlm Sigma . . BONDS, CULVER L,, l.aml14l11 Chi Aljllmv BONNER, GEORGE E. . Baltimore, Mil . Ilapcville, Ga . . Rome. Ga BOOTH, BARRETT L, ..... Vicksburg. Miss BOROM, XVILLIAM R. . . North Charleston, S. C . . Savannal1,Ga BOSHER, JOHN L. . BOTTCHEN, RTICHAEL M. . . BOUCI-IARD, RICHARD J., JR. BOULVVARE. ROBERT, Bela Tbria . . BOXVEN, DAVID, JR., Dfllu Tam Drllrl . . Cairo. Ga BOWERS. ALBERT XV ........ Atlanta-Ga BOWMAN, JAMES W .,..... Rock Spring, Ga BOWYER, FRED L., JR., Kappa Alpha . Jackson, Tenn Atlanta, Ga . . Ridgewood. N, J . Lakeland, Fla . . . Statcsboro, Ga. Baltimnrc, Mtl. . Lyman. S. C. 5 w sw N? an sw mf EW? am-5 , xg ' I J v?l'. fl AM f vm xp, V11 asv, agk ,EMF H 1 x,- Nj asm if' 'VI mm, , ,mix M3 ?v . 52, X. A Y, , , I if ' F ,F 1 m w, 11: Q f ,ff 5, N , hgh, ,gif ,M , Ez L, K xg? is f - QQ Q1 ,X , - Q1 .1312 A QF , --gij.. xzjffgl ,Z Y? ai I f 1 A Q 2 4 V 4' 'A ng, I . f .. A '. , New ,ax ' ,fu -, H 11 We -an 1. W in E M, , . X 'ir ' ' ' Q Q' ft I J .gmc ga, A A gin, X . M ,ggi A- I Si A-sw? 4 M A Aix- M??Eg?'gQ5 Q A' - fs ,ff , 5 1 W' , -W ,, v S. l .. X7 tg ggi 4, 'Q J 2 1 t K ,. it WV .l.jQE, X R E 55 ,, , M ,QQ gg, A ,Z , ' , wr wi, fl -,gf .5 'filfimg ,, Ng 2,45 L, vga WM, , Kyla V ,SW A iw- ,, , L N .L ,., Vw fm , -L 5, Lv - 2' A. 5 Us gr .Q , A ,V ' , I 1 V ,, H mg Q .:.::.: V : ' 0 ,,. M j K ,gjgiiy ,lm . f fligyg-FQ: ' M gang? Lf, I: 2 13:51 cs, .:.:.:l .M 'E ' x ww 1- 5' ff fm, , ' ' ' 2 'L 7 f A I fi Q 'B V Aer 7' f ' gf I ,Q 5 W JAW- , . L 3 wg sf 5445, .rv fl 315.5 -.W Tv xk'w A we 11' ., QU, I 9" ge , :QQ .. xi w 4 1: lx -, was W 51 sf ,, QUIK A X H is ? V' , . fx, A 1 Q H , mu an , 1 W: ff Pi. 'fl 23 EQ X.. K mx . , , - L ir A 'X ga-LH , 1' bww Q- V - A 552 sv f 4 V M J ,, ga Q Hai, mv 4 J s-3 47 E' 7' if , .g rx - A ,R 5 .... ,, 4 gf may , ji, 33 ,.:.-1' 4 ' I, , V 'Q Qgf 5' mr? MW: -' 1 ,-., GOODE, BERNARD N., 1.5.0 ..... Atlanta, GOODE, JOSEPH A ......... Atlanta, GOTSCH, ROBERT D.. Tim Ka-ppa Epsilon . Albany, GRANGER, LUTHER G .... . . Ga. Ga. Ga. Hogansvillc, Ga. GRANT, KENNETH M., Sigma N11 . Winchester, Tenn. GRANTHAM, RONALD E ....... Douglas, GRAY, THOMAS Ii ...... . GREEN, BERT XV., Bvla Thrta Pi . . GREEN, VVILLIAM J. . . GREENE, RAY E .... . . . . Ga. . . Cocoa, lfla. Little Rock, Ark. . Camilla, Ga. . . Macon, Ga. GREER, HAROLD D ...... . Lebanon. Tenn. GREGORY, JAMES M., Kappa Sigma . GREGORY, P. C., III, Clif Psi . . . . Moultrie. Ga. Greenville, S. C. GRIFFIN, CHARLES H., JR. . . . Spartanburg, S. C. GRIFFIN, JAMES B ....,... GRIFFIN, S. M., Sigma A.lpha Epsilon GRIFFIN, T. A., III, Sigma Nu . . GRIMES, GEORGE H., JR. . . . GRIMES, JIMMY M ...... GROW, WILLIANI A., JR .... GUNN. JACK N. ...... . GUNTER, CURTIS W., Thelu Chi . GUNTER, JOHN W., Thvla Chi . . HAAR, DON . ....... Rio HABEEB. JOSEPH W ..... . . . Savannah, Ga. Bainbridge, Ga. . Rockville, Md. Mnnroevillc, Ala. . . Corclule, Ga. . Colqnitt, Ga. Ellisvillc. Miss. . Decatur, Ga. . . Atl:1nl.l.G'. dc Janeiro, Brazil Pascagoulm. Miss. HAQD,EN...TflQAi.AS,,Ea.-.,,,,,,?,,N.,-M,-vs,-,-Sgyqannah, Ga. I-IAGAN2.. WXLLIAM -nz, Kappa' mph- . ceauiwwn. G.. HAIR, ,,I:-F-ROY M.. -Phi Kalki? Tau . Birmin ham, Ala. HAELQCARETON Si, fbi, fplxqi Tau . . Sigyrna, Ga. HALL, HDGNALLD F., 'Sigma C I V. . . 5. Atianta. Ga. HAEL, Mimon s., JR. . . . ,. . cgiicififms, om.. HAP-LMT' HQ. ILL. Bb! Dszllafllllsle .Mi!1edseviIlv.G11. 4 l HAfEB,R, LAR E., Della Sigma Phi . . Ephtatz, Pa. HA BERN, D. ., Tun .Epxifrm Phi . . Flushing, N. Y. HAM Y, H., O., JR., Della Sigma' Phi . . Atlanta, Ga. HAMBY-, PAUL tv., JR ..,.... HAMER, R. .CJ Thrift Chi . . Franklin Square, N. HAMIETON, ,RICHARD R ...,. HAMMOND, JAMES A., JR. . . . I-IANCQCK, .Joi-:N-' Egfr-. -.1 . l HA.D,,cH.-ARLES A., JR. . . HA,D,RRoNALD R. . . . HANLQN. ROBERT V. . .... . . HAN'N'A','C': GT,--J'R1',5DrlAia 'Frm 'Drlip' HAREUCR, WILLIAM G., JR. . HARDY, JAMES M. . , . . . . . HARMON, J. E., Sigma Phi Epfilah . HARNER, BRUCE E ...... i. . - 4 HARPER, CLEM L., III .... K HARPER, HENRY E ...... I . HARPER, RICHARD M., Chi Phi V . l HARRELL, DONALD R ...... HARRELL. JAMES E ....... HA n ,, R., De.'Iu Tau Delia . HAWREEL, T., Kappa Sigma . . HA I., JR., Pi Kappa All! 'l l.. ' . HARREi1.,vm,1.1AM W., JR. . . HA QBKS, DWIGHT Tl..-1.. xi . HA Q ig, E ...... t . HA l, H, QS AD.. IR .... . . HAgKIg, CTI"Kii'PP1i'nSig'llla HA ,RI , OB R . . ..... HARKISA 'ROY Vee Sigma Uri . .. . HAR"lf,'-JOE W., Phi Drlta 'Iflnta . . HARVVOOD, JAMES E., Sigma Nu . HASKELL, C. CONRAD ..... HATCKER. R. G., Phi Sigma Kappa . ll . v . Valdosta, Ga. Y. . . Tampa, Fla. . . Trion. Ga. Xffhomasville, Ga. N. A A B:xlboa.xCanal Zone . . Eiiigma,G.i. . . Tampa, Fla. . Gnriien City. N. Y. . Coluinbns. Ga. . East Point, Ga. Greenville, S. C. Hagersthwn, Md. H .l 1 . Dcfatur, Ga. M5nroc, Ga. . . Aiixany, Ga. . . Chivley, Fla. Birmingham. Ala. . . Aglanta, Ga. . Ou-iiman, Ga. Portsmouth, Va. l . Coluinbus. Ga. . . . -lLula, Ga. . Ft. Villley, Ga. . . Milton, Ga. .. '. Atlanta, Ga. . Atilanta, Ga. . . Atigusta, Ga. Nosllilille, Tenn. . Rome, Ga. HARVEY, 'mwm D., nfrfrhffa Pl".'A . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Tampa, Fla. Princeton, W. Va. HATFIELD, ALFRED S. . ..... East Point, Ga. HAUCK, HAROLD B ...... . . Decatur, Ga. HAUGLAND, ALFRED G. . . Brooklyn, N. Y. HAWKINS, GEORGE C. . . . Miami, Fla. HAWKINS, WM. B., Tbrla Xi .... Augusta, Ga. HAYES, FRED L., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Toccoa, Ga. HAYGOOD, ROBERT A ........ Atlanta. Ga. HAYS, PAUL N .......... Staunton, Va. HAYWOOD, C. W., Sigma Phi Epxilon . Baltimore, Mal. HAZLETT, HARRY L., Beta Thvla Pi . Davenport, Flu. HEMPHILL, J. C., ,IR ...... Chattanooga, Tenn. HEIKAUS, KLAUS, Phi Kappa Tau . . Lynbruok, N. Y. HEINE, GEORGE R., Kappa Alpha- . . . Tampa, En. HENDERSON, ALBERT L., JR .... Tallahassee, Fla. HENDERSON, HAROLD V., Thvfa Chi . . Augusta, Ga. HENDERSON, HENRY T., Thi-la Xi . Brunswick, Ga. HEAD, PETER S., Phi Gamma Dalia . . . Decatur, Gi. HENDON, F. N., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Dirmingl-mm, Gu. HENDON, R. C., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Birmingham, Ga. HENDRICKS, ERNEST L., JR. . . . Atlanta, Ga I HENDRY, A. W., Pi Kappa Alpha . . Plant City, Fla HENRY, SCOTT P ......- - Ril1RK0llli GFI HERBERT, D. B., Phi Drllu Thi-lu . HERRINGTON, T. N., Drllu Sigma Phi HERRON, KENNETH L ..... HERZOG, PETER I' ....... HESTER, JIMMIE M., Sigma Chi . . . Nashville, Tenn . Swainslxoro, Ga . . Hartwell, G1 Buffalo, N. Y . . Dublin, Ga HIGGINS, F. B., JR., Lamhflu Chi Alpha . Portsmouth, Va lille E KEYES, JOSEPH W., Lamlnla Chi Alpha KILI., PETER A ......., KILLINGER, DOUGLAS E .... KING, GRAHAM B ....... RING, ROBERT D., Kappa Alpha . KINSLEY, ROBT. A.. Phi Gamma Delia KLINEDINST, C. E., Sigma Phi lipxixln KOLCHIN, L. J., Phi Epsilon Pi . KORNAPIRENS, EDWARD IT., -IR. KRAKOVVIAK, STE-FAN I .... KRASNOW, E. H., Alpha lspalaa Pi KRAUSS. D. L., IR., Phi Della Thrill KRISTOFFERSEN, RICHARD . . . KROEHUICE, RICHARD G ..... . St. . Alexandria, Va. . . Atlanta. Ga. . . Pensacola, lila. Delray Beach, Iila. Hattiesburg, Miss. . Plainfield, N. -I. . . York, Pa. Flemingtun, N. I. . Summerville. S. C. New York. N. Y. . Bridgeport, Conn. Simons Island, Ga. . . Suffern, N. Y. . . Wheaton, Ill. LACKEY, CLAUD J., -IR., Kappa Sigma . Forest, Miss. LACY, WILLIAM L. . ..... LAMB, JOHN XV., Clif Phi . . LAMBE, JOE I..., Bvlu Thrill Pi . LAMBERT, GERALD ...... LAMPERT, L. A., Tan Epsilon Plri LANE, R. S., Plai Gamma Della . LATOUR, CLAUDE L., JR. . . LAW FLEMING Chi Phi . . LAW: JAMES Lf .... .' LEAKE. CLIFFORD L. . . . . . . Searcy, Ark. . Augusta, Gi. . . Lakeland, Fla. . Maryville, Tenn. Rego Park, N. Y. . Fr. Worth, Texas . Labadievillc, I.a. Atlanta, Ga. Daytona Beach, Fla. . Douglasville, Ga. LEAK 45T'IK'0HER.T'+KT' :"f': '- ' 1-i-rv-ffmxeker. Ga. LEBK CHER., RALPH Pl. ,IR .... Naslx-villb. Tenn. LEBL DUANE C. I .... S ..... Tyler, Texas LEDBIIZTTER, R. H., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Rdmz, Ga. LEDFQIED, BILL ..,. . . . . Mt.St:rling,Ky. LEE, E. . . . - .... . Cenlar!dwn,Gi. LEE, NVILLIAM ,I,I.'Drlia Sly-ma PM LEIBEWITZ, T., Iailpba Epsilon Pi . LEIT..-R,,VDARRYIg ,I., Plli lzpulan Pi LEON-YQLEKCSNCAIIELOS ..... LEPORE? S A- A ...... LERYXON, WESLER' E., Cla Pri . . LESLII, WVILLIAIQI H., Sigma Chi . LEWIS, JACK If-.,.lg1ll.-Kgqgjla lipsilml LEWIS, IOHN S.. -'Iianlbzlu CEE Alllbar an :X I.ILL ', JIM. Kappa' Aipba . . LINDSAY, HERBERT E. . . LINEBERGEKI WLLL-IAM, F. . Llmmnm, uzwrs L ..... LIVINGSTON, THOMAS 1. . F LOFBLAD, Romain' P., .IR .... . Sweetwater, Texas . . Bronx, N. Y. . . Atlanta, Ga. jinotega, Nicaragua Roselle Park, N. ,l. Winter Haven, Fla. . . Grecnup, Ky. vt . Clinton, Ark. .'f'BrQpklyn. N. Y. fs ' . ' I . Gainesville, Gi. . Greenville, S. C. . Forest Park, Ga. . Spueavillq. N. C. '. College Park, Ga. Garden City. N. Y. LOGUE, DANNELLY L .... . . . . Decafnr, Ga. LONG, I. F., AIR., Tau Kappa Epsilon . Hatticsbuqg. Miss. 1 I I LONGINO, c. L., Jn., Sigma Clli . Atlzuiva. Ga. LONGO, ADRIEL ......... Habada. Cuba LOTT, FRANCIS M., Bala Thefa Pi . . . Douglas. Ga. LOVE, PETER S ......... Mcllonollgla, Ga. Lowa,,,5y,l,LgD.g,F., JR ..... ' Daytona Beach, Fla. LUDN ac: .JQIMESQ c., cap Pri ., . . Narberrh. Pa. LUN Y, ....... . . '. Dccalur, Ga. LUPOZ, EDWARD ID., Sigma Cbi . . . Atlanta. Ga. I . I LUSH, RafYMoNlJ L ....... -Jaa1.aaava11la,Fla. LYO ,, W, C., JR., Kappa Sigma . . jacksonville, Fla. LYOx IS., GEORGE. ,I ...... 41. . Brunswick, Ga. MABILY, RICHARDABWLJR.-F.. -' .... Madon, Ga. MNEXLTT-, J. M., III, Della Sigma MAG ,,,IgAS, ANTONIO N. 5. . . MAIZCl'QBa,fMOHA1I3ED N. . . MANNHAIWES N. . . . . MANSFIELD, Dx-ilxiifii 'TTT ' MARSTON, LLOYD E. .... MtXR'l'IN, ALBERT L., JR. . . . MARTIN A L Pbi Galllln Drlla , . ., a MARTIN, CHARLES j ...... MARTIN, HARRY E.. I.S.O. . MARTIN, JAMES ,I ..... MARTIN, JOHN R .... MARTIN, R. M., III, Sigma N11 . NVILLIAM R., Siglua Clli MARTIN, MARTINDALE, ROBERT F .... MARTINEZ, A., Tan Kappa Epsilon Pbi . Babylon.. N. Y. Daytona Beach. Fla. . wSid0n.' Lebanon .4 . pebatur. Ga. . . Albany. Ga. . Hewlett, N. Y. . . Atlanta. Ga. . . Baltimore, Mil. . . Hinesville, Ga. . . Hialeah. Fla. . . Dublin, Ga. . jackson, Miss. . Atlanza.G1. . . Iiastanullc. Ga. . . . Iiartuw, Fla. . Buguta, Columbia MASON, W. Y., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . . Decatur, Ga. MASSEE, -IOSEPH S., Sigma Nu ..... Atlanta, Ga. MATHENVS, H. Alpha Tan Omega . Columbus, Ga. MATHIS, CLEMOTHENE ..... . Nashville, Ga. MATHIS, DARRYL E ....... Donalsunville. Ga. MATHIS, ,IAMES B., ,IR ....... Decatur, Ga. MATTPIENIVS, LUTHER -I., AIR. . Winston-S1len1. N. C. MAYNARD, CHARLES N .... . . Decatur, Ga. MAZAL, HARRY XV. . . . MAZEAV, RONALD, Dl-lla Sigma Plri McADAM, EDWARD H., JR. MCBRIDE, MICHAEL G. . . MCCAUGHAN, ROBERT H. MCCLESKEY CARL M. . . MCCONNELL, ,IAMES D., Phi Kappa Macoox, J. W., ul, Phi D.-lla 'rlaala . . Mcconmlcxc, K. C., Alpha xi D.-lla . . MCCORMICK, KOBERT L ..... Little Macowm, A. l., Jn., Kappa alpha Mccov, I-lun' 12. ....... . . Mexico D. F., Mexico . Nortlupurt, N. Y. . . Pcmacola, Fla. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Crossext,Ark. Russell, Macon, Ga. Tampa, Fla. Neck, N. Y. Macon, Ga. Macon, Ga. Tan . . . Marietta. Ga. Ky. McCRARY, R. E., JR.. Sigma Alpha Elixilml . Macnn. MCDANIEI., CHARLES H., JR .... McDA'NIEI., WM. s., Pbi Della Tb.-1., MCELVLIIN, NVILLIAM I-I., JR .... McGINLEY, PAT H ....... MCGIRT, HENRY H., JR. . McGOOGAN, Jola T ,.., . MQINTYRE, GEORGE B.. JR. . MCINTYRE, ROBERT L ...... McI.EES, WILLIAM L. . .... . . LaGrange. . . Griflin, . Sylvania, . Narrows, . . Poulan, . Brunswick, . . Ailey, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Va. Ga, Gu. Ga. . Strattnn. Ohio MCKENZIE. JERRY M., Sigma Chi . Chattanooga, Tenn. . Anderson, S. C. MCLEMORE, HOLLIS N., Sigma Nu . lit. Lauderdale, Fla. MeI.ENDON, JAY R ........ Douglasville, Ga. McLURE, ROBERT G., JR. . . . . Calhoun, Ga. MCMAHON, RICHARD O ....... Wheaton. Ill. MCMASTER, DAVID G., III . . Murfreesboro, Tenn. MCNAIR, DONALD W., Pi Kappa Pm . . Atlanta, Ga. . Savannah, Ga. MEACHAM, GEORGE O., JR ..... Rossville, Ga. MELLICHAMP, D. A., JR., BI-lu Tbrfu Pi . Albany, Ga. MENDONCA, JOSEPH L. . TriniIlaLl,BrilislIXVest Indies MERL, FRANK H .......... Atlanta, Ga. MERRY, K. H., IR., Sigma Aljilva lipxiluu . Augusta, Ga. MERTINS, HARRY B ..... . . AIIgusla,G:I. McXVl-IORTER, HENRY S ...... MEYER, JOHN J ....,... . Boca Raton. Fla. MIDDLETON, SANFORD G. ..... Chamblee, Ga. MIEHER, D. C.,"JR., Pb! D1'lh!'ThH11 -.F Jacltsan. Miss. MIER. J. H., JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon . MILLER, JACK C., JR., Kappa Sigma MILLER, M. A., JR., Pi Kappa Alpha MILLER, MARK B ........ MILLER, RALPH B., JR. . . . . MILLER, R. G., Lululvillz Chi Alpha . MILLS, WILLIAM W., JR ,... . MILTON, DAVID, Alfrba Epsilon Pi . MINTER, JOHN R. ....... MITCHELL, JAMES O., JR ..... Sigma Phi lifzsiloir MITCHELL, J. R., Pbi Gwmmu Della . MITCHELL, P. L., Della Sigma Plii . Vtro Beach, Fla. . . . Perry, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. Jacksonville. Fla. . Savannah, Ga. . Bradenton. Fla. l'la. MILLIKAN, R. C., Phi Knlxfnl Sigmu . Pt. Lauderdale, . . Seafnrd, VII. . . Miami, Pla. McDonough. Ga. Orangeburg, S. C. . Carlinvillc, Ill. . LaGrange, Ga. MITCHELL, T. R., Tau Kappa Epsilon . Columbia, Tenn. MOLINELLI, JOHN J ........ Hollis, N. Y. MOODY, DANIEL M ..... . . . Clarkston. Ga. MOON, GERALD R ..,. . East Point, Ga. MOON, RICHARD A ......... Atlanta, Ga. MOONEY, VVALTER E., JR .... Chattanooga, Tenn. Phi Gam mn Drlia MOORE, D. L., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon MOORE, G. C., JR., Sigma Plri Epsilon . MOORE, JIMMY D., PM Della Tbrfa MOORE, JOSEPH I' ....... MOORE, L. SILAS, JR ...... MOREIRAS, JOSE ........ MORGAN, W. E., JR., Phi Drlhl Tbrlu MORI, JEAN A., Pbi Delia Tbcfn . . MORRELL, HENRY P., Phi Epsilml Fi MORRIS, BILLY L., Phi Sigma Kalrfm MORRIS, JAMES W ....... MORRIS, ORRILL H ....... MOSELEY. OLIVER S ..... MOSES, HENRY E .... . ..,. MOSNY, ALBERT ....... MOTT, ROGER W. . . MUHERIN, ROBERT M. . .I MULHOLLAND, KENNETH S. . . MURDOCH, STROTHER E., JR. . . MURPHEY, THOMAS H.. III . . . . Tau Kappa Eluilnu . Atlanta, Ga. St. Petersburg, Fla. . Brunswick, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Decatur, Ga. . Havana, Cuba . LaGrange, Ga. . Jackson. Miss. . Orlando, . Hamburg. . Ft. Pierce, Fla. Ark. Fla. . . Atlanta. Ga. MORRISON. JOHN M., Plvi Delhi Tbehi . Atlanta, Ga. .' . College Park, Ga. MOSER, B. R., Sigma Alpha Epkilon . Murfreesboro, Tenn. . Sumter. S. C. Little Falls, N. Y. . . Murray. Ky. . Augusta, Ga. . . Tarnpa, Pla. . Wuodruff. S. C. McDonald, Tenn. MURPHY, CHARLES A ..... N. Charleston, S. C. MURPHY, C. C., Della Sigmu Pbi . . . Atlanta, Ga. MURPHY, CRAWFORD O., JR .... Cambridge, Md. MURPHY, RALEIGH E ..... . East Imam, G.. NAKAGAWA, TATSUO . . . . Tokyo, Japan NASH, GILBERT R. . . . . Berkeley City, Mo. NASH, MARSHALL Il ......... Atlanta, Ga. NEASE, DARVIN S ......... Savannah, Ga. NETTLES. CHARLES W., Sigmu Chi . Munrocville, Ala. NEWBERRY. RUFUS M., JR ....,. Culquitt, Ga. NEWBERRY, THOMAS, JR .... . sandy, Tenn. NEWTON, GENE, Allibu Tau Olnega . . Statesboro, Ga. NICHOLS, A. C., III, Sigma Chi . . . Savannah, Ga. NICHOLS, FREDDIE I' ....... Greenville, S. C. NICHOLSON, H. B., Phi Epsilon Pi . . Savannah, Ga. NICKELS, ALFRED S., Kappa Sigma . . Bristol, Tenn. NICKELSON, RICHARD L .... . Atlanta, Ga. NICRLOW, ROBERT M ........ Tampa, Fla. NIX, XVALTER E., Drlla Sigma Plvi . Abbeville, S. C. NOE, JAMES M ........ New Market, Tenn. NORTI-IUP, E. I-I., Pi Kappa Alpbn . New Yorlt, N. Y. OBERLIES, ROBERT H ....... Gulfport, Miss. O'DONNELL, c. If., Pi Kuplw Alpha . OGRURN. LLOYD A ....... . . Atlanta, . . Uvalda, Ga. Ga. OGBURN, OTIS H ......... Rcynulds, Ga. O'KEliFFIi, XVI-IITNEY C. . . . . Waltcrboru. S. C. O'KELLEY, JAMES D. . . . Avondale Estates, Ga. OLDHAM, JOHN H.. II . . . Mt. Sterling, Ky. 467 OLIVER, JAMES T., Della Tan Drltu . East Pninl, Ga. OLIVER, WILLIAM F. . . . . OLSEN, MELVIN C ...... O'NEAL, E. A., Pi KEN.. Alpbu OSBORNE, P. J.. JR.. Pi Knppa Alpha. OTTLEY, JUNE D., cm Pbi . . OWENS, E. R., JR.. nm Tim., Pi OZMENT ,BURTON R ..... PARREL, PARKER, PARKER PARKER PARKER, Warner Robins, G.I. . Portsmoulli, Va. . Clarksville, Tenn. . Charranooga, Tenn. Arlanra, Ga. . Cleveland, Miss. Grcenslxuw, N. C. PADGETT, LARRY P ......... Darien. Ga. PADRON, CARLOS S .....,. Caracas, Venezuela PAPE, EUGENE H., Phi Kappa Siglnn . . S.uvann.ilI, Ga, FRANKLIN T ....... Trussvillc, Ala. A. N., Sigma Alpha Eluilon . . Atlanta, Ga. , JOHN L., JR ..... Rocky Mmm, N. C, , JONATHAN E ....... Atlanta. Ga. P. N., III, sigma cm . . PARKS, J. L., JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . PARR, THOMAS M ....... PARRAMORE, HERINIAN W., JR. . Sigmu Alpha lfluilmr PARRISI-I, NEIL A. . . , . . . PARROTT, VALVARD D .... PARTRIDGE, WILLIAM K .... . Charluue, N. C. Azlama, Ga. Marielm. Ga. . Valdosrzi, Ga. . Iiwa. Hawaii Dalton, GJ. Augusta, Ga. PATERSON, J. R., Phi Della' Tbela . . Clearwater, Fla. PATTERSON, DANIEL ..... 'l'Imm.Isville. Gal. , Ga. PA I-EIQSQN, D. P., III, -P19i'Dl-IDCTLWIT 'Tarun PA H. Alllbul-XI Del-Ia . Brook! aven, Ga, PA'I?I'ERSOI5I. W. BR, Kappa Alpha . Hattiesburg, Miss. PAUL. LOIS. C, . . ' ...... YV. Palm Beach, Fla. PAYNE, A. ...... . . . Aflanta, Ga. PA J I M, . .Y V .... lllnmc, Ga. PE JAMES W., Sigmu N11 . . . Dollian, Ala. PEEK, HORACE H., III . . Lookout Mountain, Tenn. l . . .4 PELILICCIOTTIJ GABRIEL P. . . . Bnfsmofe, Mu. Ga. PEQIHALLEGON, C .... I . . . Bainbridge, J brgum Alflbu Elmlou PERKINS, ,B 'Y F ......., Greensboro, Ga. PEIiKINS,,:VVIfL IAM F ........ Savannah, Gm. IIETIEKS, JO ,-'Ev' .... -T-...M . Gravslake. III. PE'EERsON,,R. A., JR., Lumbdn cbi A.lp'5ah.. T.-mpg, Fla. PHEPS, FERRY D .... V ..... Greensboro, Ga. PI-IV 'LIPS, DAVID SL, Bela Z'l1e!a Pi L Burlirigime, Calif. I ,J PHILLIPS, -JAMES Lf.. .- PHILLIPS, JON L .... PIERCE, DAMON P. . . PIERCE, JOHN A., Kulilm PIERCE, JOHN G .... PIERCE, JOHN H, . . sig mia . , Jackson, Miss. Ailanu, Gal. . . Sylvania, Ga. Marrilwn, Ark. Winfu Haven, Fla. W. Rserlfm, N. C. PIERRO, JOHN A. . . . Hunringrcin, vi. PINKARD, JOHNNY E. . . K. . . ROCTm.lrt. Ga. PIRKLE, DONALD s. . . . l . . f AfIanra,G1, PLOWDEN, GUY A., JR. . j. . HIgk.?.v.ll5. Ci.-. PO 4,- 11,5 W u - E. . . , . . ap woo , .a. Po -2, 1 I, E ....... R. , . Rignnlds. GA. PO , WIE FRY LN. S . .CL . . calming. 03.0 PO ' hy Q I IAM ., igruu 'i . . . anra. a. PO QBQE K.-I , PIII Sigma Knppnq . Chmmnpga, Tenn. po S ..... . . . . Ailanta, Ga. poqflggjf' JA H E .... . J' .... Axlgusra, Ga. POQSHJOHN yT'Pi1iT'Sig1llu"KulipI . Nashville.-Tenn. PO 1.13, PM Della Their . . Mqulrne. G11- PO ELL, B., Theta Chi. . . , . , ,I-Haier. Ga. Va. PO I IRS, J. R., Sigma Pbi Epsilon . Huntington. W. I'RAG'ER,.B, M., JR,., Plli Epyilou Pi . . Columbus. Ga. PRATTixFRANK Wx . . F .... , . Clearwater. Fla. PRATT, PARKSTV'-.,--I --. . Cuvingmn, GR. PRESSLEY, R. F., Their: C111 .... Greenville. S. C. PRICE, JOHN P.. JR., Theta Cm PRICE, TOMMY E ...... PRINE, KEN C. . , .... . Augusxa. Ga. . . Newwn. N. C. Augustine, Fla. Petersburg, Fla. . St. PROVO, J. L., Tau Krlpllu Epsilon . St. PROVOST, ROBT. C., Phi Sigma Kriplln . PRUITT, P. S., JR., Pi Kappa Alpbi PULIDO, JOSE ....... PULLUM, DON P. PURVINE, HARVEY N. . . PYLE, JOHN T. . QUERRY, WILLIAM Y., JR. . QUIGLEY, RICHARD B .... Baltimore, Md. Scatcsboro. Ga. . Cienfuegos, Cuba . Camden. S. C. . Allanla, Ga. . . Atlanrai, Ga, Epwurrlx, GI. Dcrroir, Mich. . Albany, GA. RACKLEY, O. D., JR., Pbi Delhi Thrill RAGLAND, MAX A ...... RAI-INER, JOSEPH D., III . . RALEIGH, JOHN L., Pi Rupp., RANSOM, HARRY L ..... RAY, BILLY P, ..... . RAYMOND, ROBERT E. . READ, ROBERT D., JR. . . REDMAN, FREDERICK L. . REED, JOHN s ...... REEVES, CHARLES E. . Tau Della REEVES, H. E., Delta REEVES, ROBERT G ..... REID, RANDALL K. RHODES, E. S., Sigma RICHARDS, JIMMY B. RICHARDSON, D. V., RICHARDSON, ELMO Phi . Mncnn.Ga. . . ArlingLnn,VJ. . Oak Ridge, Tenn. . Axlanra, Ga . Conyers, Ga . Palmccw, Fla . Atlanta. Ga . Jackson, Ga . Decatur, Ga . Amcricus. Ga Franklin Lakes. N.,1 Pacolc: Mills. S. C Bremen Ga .-ilpbu Iilvinoix '. .. .. Azlanral GI Mr. Sterling, Ky III, gigiuI1.Ni1 Georgetown, S. C A., JR ...... Macon. Ga RICHARDSON, HUNTER W. . . . SalisburY. N- C RICHARDSON, N. H., Lamlzrla Chi Alpha . Mathews, Va. RIDDICK, DANIEL D., Chi Phi .... Savannah, Ga. RILEY, EDIVARD W., III ..... Porlsmoulll, Va. RINGVVALT, R. W., Phi Kappa Sigma . Bainbridge, Ga. RISSI2, PETER G ...... . . . , Atlanta, Ga. RITTELMEYER, GEO. A., Brin Thrill Pi . Atlanta, Ga. ROACH, JERRY B .......... Dalton, Ga. ROBELO, ARNOLDO M., JR ..... Leon, Nicaragua ROBERTS, H. EDMUND ....... Atlanta. Ga. ROBERTS, P. C., JR., Della Tun Drlla . Memphis, Tenn. ROBINSON, J. I., Phi llpsilon Pi . . Miami Beach, Fla. ROBINSON, J. C., JR., Bela Thrla Pi . . Jackson, Ala. ROBINSON, LOUIE N., Kappa Alpha . . Cnlumbus, Ga. ROBISON, DAVID M ........ Lebanon. Tenn. ROBLEDO, VICTOR M ..... Mawizalcs, Colombia Tim Km ra E vilwl lil lf- ROCHE, J., JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon . Hagerstown, Md. RODRIGUEZ, JOHN R., Phi Gamma Dnia . Tampa, ROGERS, AUGUSTUS C., JR ...... Griffin, ROGERS, LESTER . . ROSE, SAMUEL B., Alpha Fla. Ga. Fla. Ga. . . . . . Jacksonville, Epsilon Pi . . Atlanta, M., JR. . . Camden, S. ROSEIIOROUGH, BOYKIN C. ROSS, DWIGHT H., JR ....... Sav:mnal1, Ga. ROUBEN, HENRY P., JR. . . . Longwood. Fl.. RONVSE, JOHN C ..... . . . Gulfport, Fla. ROZELLE, JAMES A., Phi Kappa Tn. , . whom, rl.. RUARK, KR. C., JR., Sigma Chi ..... ,, Atlanta. Ga. RULEY, CHARLES L. . .W . . . Huntingtyn. W. Va. RUSS,,'JAMES L., JR ...... . , . ,Atlanta Ga. RUSSELI., BOB C ....,,... Union City, Ga. RYAN, DANIEL J., Phi Sigma Kappa . Brooklyn. N. Y. RYLEE, LOUIE W.,,,Thela Cbi .... . Atlanta, Ga. SAACISE, ROBERT W' ...... . . Atlanta, Ga. sALEs, .ARTHUR T .... . J. . . Dccimir, Ga. SALISEE, JOHN P ........ 'Murfrccslaoi-9. Tenn. SALTER. EUGENE T ..... Margarita. Canal Zone SAMPERA, ERNEST O., JR. ..... I-lalgai1a,Cuba SANDERS, H .... . -. . . Deizitur, Ga. SANDIFER, CARI, I-I. . . . Jacksonville Breach, Fla. SAPP, AUBILEY E., JR. . . . Winston-Salem. N. C. SAULS, THURMAN B. ...... columiisa. s. c. SAVAGE, DAVID'B., JR., Thrla Xi . . . Tucker, Ga. SCARBROUGH, C. F., Alpha-'Ifau Omega . Ft. Valley, Ga. SCI-IERL, M. AS., Tam Eluilon Phi , . New York. N. Y. SCI-IMID, ARNOLD, Pi Kappa Tau . . Guatemala SCHMIDT, ROBERT M ..... . Lilhkclandlll Iiga. SCHOELLER, KARL ....... uc Loc. . . SCHOEN, HARRY F., III .... Wzshihgrkgn, D. C. SCHOOLSKY, S. S., Tau Iipxilmz Phi . Providcricc, R. I. SCHWYARTZHM., Tail Epsimm Phi . ,Highland Pgik, N. J. SCOTT, CJWQ, Sigma Alpha Epsilon .L Hunringwq, W. Va. scorfr, PAUL np, JR., Bm Tm-rf. P75 . Kingagtijt, Tenn. I V ' Ga. SCRUGG5, ROY M ....... SELLARS, DUNCAN NV., Sigma Nu SIETLIN, HOWARD A ..... . . Mo vcn, ' - it 'e'g,?g.i1PUffh 1 Miixiii 351211. Ga. Fla. SHACKELFORD, DANIEL W. . . . Macon, Ga. SHACRELFORD, ROBERT G. . . 'E s,5'Jinim, Ga. SHAMI' OHN G I I ' . Aglinta, Ga. , J . ..., .... . SHANKLIN, -WADE R., ima rpm Pi . Lynn,-, s. c. SHARQP, WILLIAM R .... K. '. Sl-IAWP, CARL P., JR. . .N . SHEEHAN, THOMAS J., Cbiv Pla SHELDON, ROBERT A .... . SI--IEPI-IERD, JAMES R .... . . . Ldfirrpnge, Ga. , . . . Afhanta, Ga. .X . . Saviinnal-1, Ga. . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . East' Point, Ga. SHERLOCK, GEORGE L., Phi Delta Tlu-iq . Mu-mm, Ga. sl-IROPSHIRE, JOHN G. . . . Atlanta, Ga. sums, GLENN H. . . . cubbwwn, Ga. SILVEY, JOHN v .... ..... G lcnsidc, va, SIMON, ROBERT H ...... SIMPSON, CHARLES ..... SIMS, WADE K., Phi Dcllu Thrla SINGELLTON, ROBERT .... SLADE, JERRY c., Kappa Alpha . . Hattiesburg. Miss. . Chattanooga, Tenn. . . . Atlanta. Ga. . Winchester, Tenn. . . Cordele, Ga. SLAUGHTER, S. G., Sigma Alpha Iipxilan . Lynchburg, Va. SMITH, SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH SMITH, SMITH, SMITI-I, SMITH. SMITH sMrrH, sM1TH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH. SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, SMITH, 1 B. M., Lnminla Chi Alpha . . Gainesville, Ga. B. D., Lamlfrla Chi A-pha . . Lake Charles, La. BRUCE K. ..... . Jacltsun. Miss. CHARLES H., III . . . . Vidalia, Ga. D. I.., Phi Drlia Thi-ia . . Jacksonville, Fla. D. R., Della Sigma Phi . . . Alpharetta, Ga. DXVAIN R ....... . . Marietta, Gu. FREDERICK E., Sigma Chi . , Savannah, Ga. G. C., JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon . Daytona Beach, Fla. GLEN C., Kappa Signm .... Decatur, Ga. HAROLD A .......... Rome. Ga. JAMES R ......... , Griffin. Ga. JOHN Ii., ll, Phi Drlla Thrla . . Atlanta, Ga. KAYTON, JR., Phi Epsilon Pi . Savannah, Ga. LAMAR J., JR .,...... Decatur, Ga. LARRY L., Pi Kappa Alpha . . . Olean. N. Y, MANDEVILLE, JR ..... Panama City, Fla. RAI-PH I--, .IR ...,,,. Denmark, S. C. ROBERT L. ......... Atlanta, Ga. ROBT. W., III, Pi Kappa Alpha, Gainesville, Ga. T. M., Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Sandersvillc. Ga. TONNIE A., Drllu Sigma Phi . LaGrange, Ga. WILLIAM CALVIN .... Memphis, Tenn. . , - . W3 W if ffl I mu ii. ali li ily SMITH, ZENAS A., JR. . . SNAPP, ROBERT LEWIS . . SNIDER, BOBBY A.. Kappa Sigma SOMMERS, JACKIE IH .... SPEIGHT, VAN R ...... SPIVEY, D. W., Pi Kupfm Aljnbu . SPOONER, JOHN D .,.... SPRINGER, D. H., Plni Kappa Tffu STAPLER, WILLIAM T ...... STARRETT, R. B., Phi Siuum Kufijm . STATZER, C. E., JR., B.-1.1 111.-1.1 Pi STEINER, ROY I'I ........ STEPHENS, PATRICK D ...... STEPHENS, SAMMIE F ...... STEVESON, PAULA C., Alpha Xi Dsl STEVES, HOWARD L ...... STEWART, J. N., JR., Kap-pu sign... STILL, STANLEY W ..,... . STINNIETT, W. M., Dvliu Sigmu Pbi STITH, H. R., JR., Signnr Nu . . . STOKES, B. B., III, Bch! Tlflfld Pi . . STONE, JAMES H., JR ...... STONE, JOHN T., JR., Kipp.. Alpha . STOVALL, VVALTER S., Chi Pfli . . STOWERS, DOUGLAS I., Kufvpa Sigma STRATTON, HAROLD L .,... STRICKLZND, Cingmf, -Bm 'zvbm PF STRICKLAND, JOHN B., TfbrlmsGbi STRICKIQER, JOHN I-I. . . .'I. . STRIPLIN, JAMES M., JR .... STRUB, TITIOIKIAS J ........ STUART, MARY W., Alfllm .Xi Dblla STUDSTILIE WILLIAM T ..... STULXTZ, WARREN E., Kulrlm Sigmu SUDQUTH, JAMES C .....,. SUMMERS, JOHN C., JR., sigma Chi sussMAN,H HOWARD ...... suTTpN. JAMESD. ....... SW1XNCY, GEORGE W., JR. . . . SWEET, RICI-IARD J.,-m.x.iJ.,n AIM.. H n f iii , .Ll .N . Ludowici. Ga. . Ft. Valley, Gu . Atlantl. Ga. . Savannah. Ga. . . Memphis. Ga. . lilnrcncc, S. C. . . Douglas. Ga. . Round Lake, Ill. . Meridian, Miss. Newton Center, Mass. . . Brisml. Tenn. . . Rnssvillc. Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . . Macon, Ga. la . Atlanta , Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. . Canton, Miss. . Charlotte, N. C. . . . Tiftun. . East Point, Ga. Ga. . . Atlanta,Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. Shelbyville, Tenn. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Natchez, Miss. . . Joplin, Mo. . Birmilfgluann Ala. . . Hsavzmnah. Ga. . . Bihlanta, Ga. . Gadxdun, Ala. . . Allqnta, Ga. . . Marietta, Ga. . . Americus, Ga. . . Decatur, Ga. . Lakeland, Fla. . . Savannah, Ga. . Miami, Fla. . Atlanta. Ga. . . Augusta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. TAGGART, Wa M.. JRR? Pi Kdlvlm Alpha . Orlando, TALENTINO, JAMES P., Tfzrtu cb: . Chevy Chase, Fla. Md. TANNENBAUM. R. S., Tau Epsilon Pbi . Wnodmere, N. Y. TANNER, ROBERT F., JR., Tbrfq Clvi . Memphis, Tenn, TATMAN, DANIEL R., Tbrlm Xi . . W'ilming:nn, Del. TAYLOR, DONALD W ..... , . . ymaa. N. C. TAYLOR, JAMES B., Tiff., xi .... Cnlquitt, Ca. TAYLOR, JOE XV., Sigma Alpha Epxilon . Brunswick, Ga. TAYLOR, N. Sigma Phi Epsilon . Thomasville, Ga. TEAGUE, FRIZDDIE R. ....... Hsodkily, Tenn. TEAGUE, HENRY I'I. . .... . . mAtlanta, Ga. TEED, DAVID D ...... . Little Rock. Ark. TENNENBAUM, NI. E., Aiflfnl iffsifnll Pi . Miiittta. Ga. TERHUNE, ,JOHN B. ....... Ccdzrtown, Ga. TETFBUEQ, H. T., JR., Sigma Phi Epxilmi a. Diulnlu,C. Z. Tl-IAN PE, E A .J., JR., 1.5.0. . , . am Verma, Ga. i E i l THOMAS, D. R., Sigma Pbi Iipsiluu . . Brunswick, Ga. THOMAS, J. E., 'Alpha Tau Omrga ,. Clurtannoga, Tcnn. THOMAS, TERESTA N., Adpbm Xi Drll THOMAS, 'TERRYV ..... . THOMPSON, GRANNON I. . . TI-IONIPSQN, J. R., JR., Sigma Nu THOMPSON, JOHN R ..... Tnoargsoigj, RICHARQTJ M. . THORNTON, D. H., Bvfa TiJt'fn Pl . TPIORNWELL, EARLE E., Kappa Sign... THURMOND. ROY H.. JR. . . TIDWELL, RUFUS s,, Kipp., Alpzm . TIERNEY, JAMES F., Pi Kulrfza Plri . TINNEY, JAMES F., Kipp.. All-bu TISINGER, DAVID ITI ...... TODD, HENRY E ...... TONEY, PHILIP A. . . TOOLE, FRANKLIN A ..... TOWERY, JIMMY N ...... TRABANCO, JULIO C .... . . TRAMMELL, WM. B., Bi-In Tlrrla Pi . TRAVIS. KENNETH I-I ..... TRAYLOR, R. C., Brlfx Tlrrla Pi TROBAUGH, JIMMY L ..... TROGLIN, DAVID E. . . . . TROUT, JAMES C., Sigma Clli . TRULOVE, LEON K ..... TUCKER, GARY L., Sigma Nu . TURNER, G. P., JR., Alplm Tan Omrgir TURNER, RAYMOND E ..... TUITNER, RICHARD N .... TWITTY, P. M., Alpha Tau Omrgn . UFFER, ROY A., Alpha Efrsilnn Pi ULLENBERG, R. T., Phi Kappa Sigma UNDERWOOD, JOI-IN L.. III . UPSHAXV, PRESTON C., JR. . URQUIOLA, LOPE Al .... USSERY, DAVID D. . . VALLEJO, RODRIGO . VALLES, ARMANDO . a .E Mariana, Birmingham. . . . jesup, . . Atlanta. . Covington, . . Atlanta, . Jasper, Ga. Ala. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ala. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Columbus, Ga. . . Atlanta. Ga. . Granby, Mass. . Elbcrtun. Ga. . . Bowden, Ga, . Clinton, S. C. Lal-tc Mary, Fla. . . Millcn, Ga. . , Atlanta, Ga. . Holguin, Cuba . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta. Ga. Maryville, Tenn. . . Milan. Tenn. . Atlanta . Tampa, . Marietta . Marietta . . Jacksonville, . Swainsbnro, . Hapeville, W. Palm Beach, Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Fla . Memphis, Tenn. Chattanooga, Tenn. . . Atlanta. Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Holquin, Cuba . . Atlanta,,Ga. . Cali, Colombian 1 Caracas, X enczucla XANCE, ROBT. B., J ., ' g . I - VAN DER HORN, R. G., Pi Kappa Plli . Cliftlin, N. VASILAKOS, BASII ......... Blackstone, Va. VAUJIN, SERGIO ........ Santa Fe, Havana VERNON, JOHN M., Tun Kappa Epsilon . Laurel, Miss. VICKERS, PAUL A., JR., Phi Drlla Tlzrlu . Atlanta, Ga. VICKERS, XVNI. W., Alpha Tau Omrga . . Madison, Ga. VILLEPONTEAUX, G. W.. JR. . . N. Charleston, S. C. VILLOLDO, ALFREDO II ....... Habana, Cuba VINESS, J. D., Alpba Epsilon Pi . . Chattanooga, Tenn. VOLKMER, WILLIAM D ........ Rome VROOM, FRED Q ......... Lakeland. WADE, CHARLES R., Plvi Kappa Tan . . Marietta, NVADE, JOHN XV.. JR ......... licrsytl-I, WADE, ROBT. L., Tau Kappa Epsilon . . Macon WAHLSTROM, F. O., JR., Pbi Sigma Kappa . Savannah W'AINWRIGHT, RONALD G. WAITS, MYRDN B., JR. . . WALDROP, VICTOR H., JR. XVALKER, B. R., Della Tan Dalia . . . VVALKER, MARSHALL P., Kappa Alpha . Hamilton WALKER, MILBURN L. . . WALKER, ROBERT L ..... . XVALLACE, WM. P., Kappa Alpha , Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. , Ga. , Ga. . . Tampa, Fla. . Talladega, Ala. . Cartersville, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. , G.I. . . . Decatur, Ga. . Ellacrton. Ga. . Madison . . . Ncwnan , Ga. , Ga. WARLICK, CHARLES F., JR. W'ARNER,.W. E., lalnlkula Clai Alpha . St. Petersburg, Fla. WARNOCK,' BRUCE E., ..... 'Bay Village, Ohio WATTS, JAMES. F., JR., Sigma Nu . . Huntsville, Ala. WATTS, JOHN T ......... Pine-Bluff, Ark. WEANER, CARL F .... E. .... Woodbury, Ga. WEUSSTOCK, J. I., Alpha Iipxilbn Pi . Jersey City,N. J. WEQKER, J. B., Alpha Tau Omega, . WELLS, WARREN K., l.S.O. WELLS, WILLIAM R .... XVESTEFELD, ROBERT G. . . WIZXLERNPAUL L., Pl1i Epsilon Pi W'HALEY,i.EDWARD M .... WHIQELERJ, HARRY M., Tb.-fa xi WH EELE WH ITE, WHITE, WHITE, wi-IITI2, WHITE, WHITE, WHITE, WHITE, R. LEE, R., JR. . BOBBY I1 ...... DONALD F. . EDAWARD s. . ELLIS J., JR. .. coRDoN N. . . JAMES F., III . . St. Simons Island, Ga. . Mt. Vrfrnon, Ga. . . . Winder , Ga. . Ridgewood. N. j. . St. Augustine. .- Coral Gables. Fla. Fla. . . . Ashland, Ky. Sf W., Sigma Alpha Epxilon . . 1 Joplin, W. B., Pbi Gamma Dzlla . St. Pefershutg, WI-IITTLE, CHARLES ........ Macon . . Tifton, Ga. . Aragon, Ga. . Blue Ridge. Ga. . . Grilfin. Ga. . . Savannah, Ga. . . Crcssctt, Ark. . Charlotte, N. C. Mo. Fla. , Ga. WI-IITWORTH, GEO. T., JR., 1.5.0. . . Elberton. Ga. NVIGGERS, ALTON G ....... Greenville, S. C. XVIGTON, R. S., Alpha Tan Onlrgtl . Coral Gables, Fla. WILKES, 'GENE I'l., Sigma Nu . .... Ctillins, Ga. WILKINSON. M. D., JR., Larnbzla Chi, Alpha . Dcfatur, Ga. W'Il.LIAMS,IB. G., JR., Phi Drlla Tlvvfa . Cortlelc, Ga. WILLIAMS, FRANK C ........ jaiksnn, Mas.. WILLIAMS, H. J., JR., Tan Kappa Epfilolr . Byron, Ga. WILLIAMS, H. P., JR., Phi Kappa Tau . St. Petersburg, Fla. XY'Il.LIAMS,,,WAL'liER D., -IR .... Chattanooga, Tenn. ,Ji Plvi Kappa Sigma- Wll.LIAMS, WILLIAM O. ...... Augusta, Ga. WILLS, ,JAMES M., Tau Kappa Epsilorr . Mnritiian, Miss. WILMOT, G. R. 'R. PM Si ma Ka a . 'Savannal-I. Ga. .J. s M' WILSON, CHARLES o., JR.- . . . Charleston, W. V.. WILSON, C. B., JR., Kaplm Sigma . . Fort'VaIley, Ga. WILSON, CLIFFORD B .... J . . Swgnwatcr, Texas WILSON. EDWIN P. . . Jackson Heights, N. Y. WILSON, JAMES H ........ Slwlbvvillc, Tenn. WILSON, JOHN A., JR .....,. Covington, Ga. XVIMIER, RICHARD J., Brla Tbvla Pi . . Atlanta. Ga. WINN, STIZXVART D., JR., Kappa Signm . Decatur, Ga. XVOLFE, T. D., III, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Columbia, V'Ol.l:l7, ROBERT E., Sigma Chi WOOD, FREDDIE M .... wooDALL, 13. LLOYD, JR. WOIKIRALL, FRANK G. . . WRAY, DAN J ..... WRIGHT, CARI. J., II . . WRIGHT, cHARLIas IH., JR. WRIGHT, HARVEY Is.. Kappa. wRIGI-IT, JOSEPH J., cp: Plii WRIGHT WURZ, J WYATT, , ROBERT M. . . OI-IN A., Sigma Nu BILL O .... . XIRAU, JOSE G. . . . . YANKEE, PAUL I5 .... YARBROUGH, HARRY li, . YGLESIAS, GUSTAVO A. . . YORK, GUY P., Sigma Nn . YOUMANS, ROBERT M., Tbrla Chi . . Savannala. Aipl... S. C. . . . Atlanta. Ga. . Jol1nston,S.C. YOUNG, EMORY S., Sigma Phi Epxilnn . Brunswick, YOUNG, M. E., -IR., Phi Kappa Tan . . Marietta, YOUNGBLOOD, GEORGE E., Tbrln Chi . Pooler, YUEN, LEROY B ......... Honolulu, T. I-I. ZALDIVAR, RONNIIE J., JR ...... Miami, ZELLER, OSCAR, Pbi Kappa Alpha . . Jacksonville, ZELLNER, T. D., Pi Kappa Alpba . . Jacksonville, Fla. ZERKEL, JACK W ........ Wllxilclnvcn, Tenn. . Barncsville, Ga. . . Miami, Fla. Albany, Ga. . . Miami, Fla. . . . Bristol, Va. . . Byltalia, Miss. . . . Atlanta, Ga. . Macon, Ga. . Marietta, Ga. . . Kennett, Mn. . . Habana, Cuba . Bluefield, XV. Va. . . Savannah, Ga. San Jose, Costa Rica . . . Atlanta. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Fla. 47 Local bruinenef play cm importmzt part in the life of every Tech .rm- ziemf. Here az group of .rmflentr enter one of AiIH1Zfd,J ibefztref. SERS IHDE H TU HDUERTISERS The Blue Prim Staff wishes that every person on the Georgia Tech campus would patronize our advertisers. They have contributed much to the success of our yearbook and have also shown themselves to be very loyal Tech supporters. It will be greatly appreciated if the students will mention the Blzre Print when buying from the advertisers. Acme United Life Insurance CO. . Adams-Cates Co ....... Advance Refrigeration Co. . . Allen Scale Co. .... . Aristocrat Ice Cream Co. ..... . Armstrong, R. S. 84 Bro. ..... . Atlanta Belting 8: Monticello Bobbin Co. . . Atlanta Dairies Cooperative . . . Atlanta Fish Co. ..... . Atlanta Roofing Supply Co. . . Atlanta Sand and Supply Co. . Atlanta Textile Machinery Co. . Atlas Auto Finance Co. . . . Auto-Radiator Co. . . . . Ballard's Optical Co., Inc. . . Barge-Thompson Co. . . Berry Realty Co. . . . . Boomershine Pontiac Co. . . . . Boykin Tool Co. ...... . Bradley Building Sc Brittain Dinin Brooks-Allison Co. ..... . Buckhead Bowling Center . . . Burford, Hall 8: Smith . . Bush, L. Ralph 8 Associates . . Byrd, Jim Life Insurance Co. . Calvert Iron Wtarks ..... Camp Produce Co. . . . . Canton Cotton Mills . . Capital Automobile Co. . . . Chesterfield Laundry ..... Coastal States Life Insurance Co. . Coca-Cola Co. ....... . Colonial Stores, Inc ..... Consolidated Quarries Corp. . . Crane Co. ...... . Cutter Boat 8: Motor Co. . . Danneman's Super Market . . D'Arcy Electric Co. . . . . Dawes, Edgar E. 8: Co. . Dejarnetre Supply Co. .... . Devoe 84 Raynolds Co ..... Dubose-Egleston Insurance Agents Dunlap 8: Co ........ Dyersburg Cotton Co. .... . East Point Ford Motors . Economy Auto Stores . . Electric Supply Co. . . . Electric Wholesaler's Inc. . . . Estes Surgical Supply Co. . . . . Flowers Laundry 8: Dry Cleaners . Foremost Dairies ...... Fox Theatre ....... Frye's Foto Shop ..... Fulton Bag 8: Cotton Mills . . Fulton Supply Co. . . . . Georgia Blue Print Co. . Georgia Tech ...... Georgia Tech College Inn . . Glover Machine Works . . Golian Steel 8: Iron Co. . g I-Iall No. 507 484 495 480 495 485 492 486 494 497 488 498 487 478 497 509 487 505 505 496 496 506 496 485 480 476 488 491 490 480 495 508 509 481 484 486 500 505 498 494 509 499 500 507 510 480 479 484 505 495 494 495 476 499 506 505 489 504 479 482 Gordon Foods ..... Gordy Tire Co. . . . . . Gouldman-Taber Pontiac, Inc. . Grham, Frank Co. .... . Green, Hix Buick Co. . . . . Herff-Jones Co. ..... . Howard Bros. Manufacturing Co. . Hurt 8: Quin, Inc. .... . International Printing Co. . Jersey Ice Cream Co. . . . johnson Battery Co ..... jones, J. A. Construction Co. . Lander Motors ....,. MacDouga1d Construction Co, . MacDot1gald-Written Co.. . . Mac's Shoe Shop .... Merlin Grocery . . . Mitchell Motors . . Moccasin Bushing Co. . Montag Bros., Inc. . . Motor Convoy Co. . Murray Co .... National Lead Co. . . Newcomb 8: Boyd . . North Bros. . . . NuGrape ..... Nunnally's Candies ..... Orkin Exterminating Co. . . . Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Co. . Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. . . . The Pickrick ....... Pioneer Harness 8: Heddle Co. . Potter 8: Raylield, Inc. . . . Raymond Concrete Pile Co. . Rittelmeyer 8: Co. . . . . Robert Sc Co. Associates . . . Robinsons Tropical Gardens . Sanitary Supply Co ..... Scarratt's Garage, Inc. . . . Schwob Co. of Georgia . Self-Service Laundries .... Shearer Machine Co. . . . . Slate, Tom Athletic Equipment Co. . . Smith's Barber Shop .... Sommet's, Harry, Inc. . . . . Southeastern Radio Parts Co. . Southern Sizing Co. .... . Specialty Distributing Co. . Spring Cleaners ..... Stephenson Co. .... . Stevens, P. Engraving Co. . Superior Laundry .... Tech Service Station . . Tennessee Egg Co. . . Underwood, john L. . Uniforms Inc .... The Varsity ...... Varsity Barber Shop .... Williams, F. Graham Co., Inc. . Yancey Bros. Co ...... York's Recreation Parlor . . Page No. 505 488 495 501 488 487 494 496 488 500 479 479 485 499 476 501 510 495 499 481 506 479 510 501 499 507 475 501 484 476 500 477 479 509 490 502 487 481 497 509 488 476 485 476 485 497 494 495 490 506 500 486 484 486 498 480 488 486 495 496 506 'iw as' 1 ,. 1,- 1 f ' ,vw .MTE 11: 'T'-1. "-FH , , mx .1 1 'ff -' m2EL"'1?-Refi' :ml . af .4 , 4 .S..-vpn, .v, . U Px - ,zf2?a'.,f .,a4:gi?'3m !1:5'3'Q-1, f, , . A 'f- a ,- x ,.:,-if141n5- L: -MQ,-J fa- .1 1:.:",, me., fa ,a 1 f - -wjfmszrsggg - :q4f'gb:ay5gg -,ifikf:- 1 1- 'f i--M:-if 5-:Q-1.. 7 ag ,- wg-.J fn. , uw, ,z51:-,f- ,..-fwzf : '-'ienlf--231 -1-4'fsW2':GeTx.:w-Wa:-VE M Qin.: a".'11'-"'m:':':w. fr? '- ': .ff f-1 Q::4-:-4'f1q:.-,:'w.,-fm , :cf-I - , fl, -. . , .. f---- . 1'--,-,tim wg: Naff13,,- , 1 ., 1-gif W1 H-j,is,af . ,.:'c': , H "1 5,2 1-My xz ffgf -. "N " - . .,. :iq-gkk.. ev B' ,aww -'. 4L4'12E' X 'J-'ffff fs-. -eg ' .9 . M'-JN F? 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Asphalt Pavers READY-MIXED CONCRETE 4' Northside Drive ATLANTA, GEORGIA Hwrwgg Pepsi-Cola is the modern, the light refreshment . . . light, dry Qnot 'too swecelgj, reduced in calories. V . The Light Refreshment B STUDENT INDEX 111, 116, 308, 381 Baldwin. Eugene P., 90, 240, 446 A Anderson, john B., 244, 460 Abbott, jeremiah E., 66, 70, 73, 112, 174, Anderson, john li., 82. 116, 174, 272, 384 300, 384 Anderson john j., 381 Abel, Alexander B., 460 Anlerson, Marvin E., 434 Abell, Wallace G., 110, 2-10, 384 1' nderson Raymond G., 304, 3211 Abercrombie, Stanley li., jr., 611, 98, Ili, Anderson Raymond H., 1-16, 381 110, 216, 446 Anderson Seymour C., jr., 110, 3111 Abrams, Walter G., 104, 378 Andfrson William K., jr.. I00, 114. 236, Adams, Donald L., 460 308, 446 Adams, james V., 2110, 4-16 Andrews, Allan K., 264, 446 Adams, john R., 460 Andrews, lirzenk li., 460 Adams, Meriwether D., 460 Andrews, Wilbur C., jr., 138, 381 Adams, Robert D., jr., 244, 434 Andrews, William K., 120, 446 Adams, Ronald C., 434 Anglade, Carlos, 460 Adams. William W., 111, 460 Anslay, Emory C., 296, 446 Aikman, Collin D., 114, 304, 4-16 Anton, liladio, 114, 446 Akins,1'aul S., 110, 240, 434 .1144 Albin, Thomas B., 115, Albritton. Daniel 1... 460 Albury, Gordon M., jr., 18, KU, 100, 102, Archer, Hoke S., jr., 460 Archer, james H., jr., -160 Ardon, Erick. 460 Armisteatl, jamep U., 446 Armistead, William S., 446 Alderman, Earl L., 460 Alexander, james A., 446 Alexander, Lon C., jr., 260, -4-16 Alford, lingerie C., jr., 84, 87, '10, 121, 129, 140, 300, 38-l Alford, Glynn H., 76, 38-1 Alhouse, Robert D., 120, 127, 446 All,XVilliamH..l11,8-1,l00,116.1-12, 112, 272, -134 Allen. Boma, IV, 296, 460 Allen, Charles E., 136. 384 Allen, Lee T., 384 Allen, Malcolm C., 240, 446 Allen, Percy D.. jr., 100, 110, 3274 Allen. Raymond M., 216, 460 Allen, Roy W., jr., 316, 446 Allen, William D,,,108, 4-16 Allison. Frank li., 146, 434 Armstrong. David L., 300, -134 Armstrong. john H., jr., 108, -134 Armstrong, Robert li., -146 Arnall, Hamilton C., jr., 260, -11-1 Arnau, james, 260, 3111 Arnett, Anthony W., 316, 460 Arnold, Frank C., 460 Arons, Edward B., 460 Aronson, Adir, 238, 460 Arrants, Williztnt W., 108, 146. 434 Arrington, Claud T., 66, 68, 76, 108, 1-11 1 Barron, Richard A., 136, 114, 434 Baader, Ronald j., 308, 4-16 Babb, Ramon L., 378 Baber, Caroline S., 134, 116, 140, Babyak, john, 460 Bacltman, john W., jr., 30-1. 460 Bagwell, Gary D., 446 Bagwell, james F., 260, 460 1111, 434 Clifford D., 140, 3711 Bagwell, jesse G., jr., Bailey, Bailey, Richard, -160 Bailey, William D., jr., 300, 4-16 Baird, julian L., 460 Baird, Larry R., 74, 434 122, 446 Baker, Raymond W., 90, 96, 264, 446 Baker, Robert F., 114, 264. 446 Ronald H., 460 Russell E. 323, 460 Baker, Baker Balcedak, RobertlS., 118, 148, 268, -160 Baldwin, David B., 21-1, 98, 30-1, 386 Barrow, Robert G., 460 Bxtholomew, Byron S., jr., 116, 386 Bartlett, Harwood fWoodyJ, 62, 66, 8-1, , 144,141,300, 434 9-1 Barton, Robert A., 43-1 Barton, Robert P., 260, -160 Bashult Ger ld D., 112, 312, 336 - . a Bass, Robert E., jr., 171, 260, 434 Bastin, john Kenneth, 106, 11-1. 163, 3116 Batch, john M., 78, 112, -134 Bates. Hugh F., jr., 300, 446 Bates, james D., 146, 460 Bates, james R., jr., 2-14, 460 Bates, Robert L., jr., 216, 460 Batey, Battle AIR., 446 , jose R., 446 Battaglia, Anthony XV. G.. I-18, 410 Bauer. Bauer, Baum. Fred P., 43-1 Lawrence D.. 460 Phillip. 312, 460 Ballard, Robert M., jr., 216. -160 Ballew, William E.. -134 Bznkston, Chester W., jr., 271, 381 Bankston, William S., 264, 460 Bgnsley, john D., 136, 386 Barber, Edward A., jr., 296, 434 Barber, Monroe D., 272, 446 Barber, Robert L., -1-16 Barficld , Bobby F., 434 Barrie-ld, George 94. ms. 146, 446 Barfield, james R., 66, 72, I10, 386 Allou, Anthony 1... jr., 11-1, 434 Allqttist, john XV., jr., 136, 384 Al1n:nd. Bobby li.. -1r.0 Almand. Richard M., 460 Altenbern, Douglas C., 94, 260, 460 Altman, james 1.., 304, 434 Altobelli, Donato j., 73, 112, 384 Amadeo, Heraclio A.. -160 Ambrosio, Francis j., 141, 1411, 446 Amrhein. Alan G., 101, 116, 320, 434 Andersen, Charles j., 66, 82, 116, 121, 146, 384 Anderson, jerry C.. 460 Anderson, john, jr., 110, 384 381 Barinas, Bernard G., 111, 320, 446 Arrington, Nelson B., jr., 111, 260, 446 Barker, Dan B., 108, 386 Arrowood, B. David, 114, 460 Barker, james M., jr., 446 Arsuaga, Enrique M.. 66, 74, 104, 148, 381 Barley, Thomrs A., 1014, 133, 321, 1116 Arthur, Wendell ll., jr., 76, 108. -1.4 Barnes. Kenneth C., 460 Ashe, William l.., 316, 446 Barnes, Robert H., 240, 446 Askew, Leon C., 460 B'rnes, William S., 216, 446 Atba, Theodore V., Ili, 43-1 Barnhardt, jacob C., jr., 9-4, 460 Aubrey, Daniel C., 66, 106, 114, 181 Barnhardt, Richard H., 142, 236, 300, 414 Austin, Edward M., 64, 66, 70, 82, 116, Barnhardt, Thomas M., Ill, 81, 300, 386 114, 323, 3115 Austin, Richard D., 300. 446 Barnhill, john A., 446 Baron, Donald A., 294, 460 Averett, Charlea C., 136, 260, 434 Barre, Shelby F., 66, 68, 82, 216, 434 Awtrey, Bernard S., jr., -1-16 Barrentine, Robert W., 26-1, 460 Ayas, Ahmad 1-',. 3111 Barrett, Sidney R., 111, 260, -134 Ayas, Mahmud H., 460 Barrett, XVilliarn V., jr., 460 Aycock, Charles B., jr., 248. 460 B-rrineau. Edwin. 445 Aycock, jack C., 460 Barrington, john Wilfred, lr., 143. 356 Aycock, joseph C., 116, 244, 381 Barron, Carter T., jr., 62, 126, 136, 142, AyCOCli, R0bErl E., 136, 171, 386 143, l-14. 300, -133, -134 Aydlett, Charles L., 132. 2611, 446 Barron, David, 460 Baumgardner, Carl M., 272, -146 Baynard, joseph S., jr., -1 -1 Baynham, Ronald O., 101, 272, 4'4 Beach, Robert R., 66, 8-1, 36-1, 424 Bcachlnan, Ted C., 3011, -146 Beall, Lawrence L., jr., 1111, 141, 300, 43-1 Bean, james F., 446 Bean, Wyont B., jr., 460 Beard, Elbert B., jr., 446 Beard, Richard G., 264, 446 Bearden, Donald R., 130, 158, 216, 446 Bearden, joseph M., jr., 434 Beasley, William C., 446 Beaudrot, Tom P., 264, 460 Beaver, Thomas D., 105, 43-1 Beavers, Roy K., 268, 460 Beck, Gerald R., 130, 136, 260, 434 Becker, Charles M., 94, 300, 446 Becker, Eric E., 120, 387 Becker, William F., 460 Beckham, William E., 272, 460 Beekler, Bobby M., -160 Beckwith, Paul B., jr., 282, 446 Beckworth, Floyd R., jr., 446 Bedell, john C., 141, 460 Beeland, Bobby G., 446 Beggerow, Charles W., 101, 194, Franklin P., jr., 460 Francis L., jr., 260, 434 jeffrey R., 387 290. 446 Belk, Bell, Bell, Bell, Montgomery L., 86, 120, 387 Bell. Oscar F., 387 C r1mplime121.r of PIIINEER IIEDDLE and EED C0. 1374 Murphy Ave., S. W. Atlanta, Ga. 477 Bell, Thomas E., jr., 116, 278, 5117 Bello, Fausto M., 148, 446 Belser, Townsend M.. jr., 1-15, 460 Belvin, Frank, 66, 76, 73, 125, 5117 Benefield, Davil B., 387 236, 256, 4-17 Bennett, Benjamin F., III, 115, 320, -160 Bennett, Carl A., -160 Bennett, Hugh H., 2-1-1, -160 Bennett, jolm A., 120, 187 Bennett, j. Brad, 155, 256, 3117 Bennett, Mark W., 446 Bennett, Robert L., 15-1, 4-16 Bennett, Sidney C., III, 94, 256, 460 Bennett, Williain C., 155, 5711 Benson, james W., 90, 272, 414 Bentley, Bentley, Bentley, Charles E., 460 john G., -160 Thomas F., -13-1 Bowers Benton, Eddie I., 460 Benzel, james li., 4-16 Berens, Domald A., 148, -146 Berg, Walter H., jr., 66, 70, sz, 151, 434 Berman, Maxwell D., 252, 446 Berman, Stanley Ii., 31-1, -146 Bernard, George W., 114, 174, 5217 264, 460 Berry, Arthur W., Bevan, Richard j., 240, 446 Beverly, james R., 446 148, 460 Bialko, Alfred Ii., Bickel, Robert li., 268, -13-1 Bic, Ernest XV., l0l1, IIB, 260, 434 373 Bierman, john B., Birch, Douglas F., 414 Bishop, Donald L., 460 Bishop, Ernest N., 460 llf, 124, 2212, 587 Bitowft, Robert j., Bittle, Rudolph G., jr., 110, 29-1, -1-16 Bivins, Guy A., -160 Black, james Lynn, 1II, 150, -160 Black, jolm B., 460 Black, joseph M., II, 136, 387 Black, Robert M., 460 Blackford, joel F., jr., 290, -146 Blackwell, Paul D., 460 Blackwood, Williana H., III, 110, 121, 5118 Blahnik, james 120, -M6 Blair, Alfred lf., jr., 84, 911, 126, 128, 272, 388 Blair, Charles E., 460 Blake, Andrew E., 156, -147 Blake, Donald j., 136, 304, 454 151ake,Ocis D., jr., 7s, us, 146, 17-1, iss Blakely, Robert C., 323. -160 STUDENT INDEX-Continued. Blanchard, james H., 108, 152, 3118 Bland, William P., 460 Blattner, Ralph W., 148, 308, -160 Bledsoe, john C., -1-17 Bliem, Carl J., jr., 51-1, +14 Blocker, Hugh G., 150, 29-1, 581-1 Blondheim, Charles A., jr., 115, 43-1 Bluestein, Marvin, jr., 115, 588 Blum, Leonard C., -147 Boatwright, Homer j., jr., 136, 150, 175 2-I-1, 454 Bobo, Barham F., 378 Bobo, jean li., 24-1, 460 Bobo, Kenneth N., 4-17 Boltlen, Ronald L., 520, -147 Boin, Karl L., 282, 460 Bulger. Patrick E., 90, 98, 126, 150, 15-1, Boling, jack T., 2611, 434 Boling, joe A., 2611, 447 Bolton, Roger P., -15-1 Bond, Don Ii., 447 Bonds, Culver L., -160 Bone, Lothul P., 447 Bonner, George Ii., -160 Booth, Barrett L., 460 Booton, Owen j., 153, 45-1 Borden, Lester E., 156, 51111 Borom, Marcus P., 66, 78, 79, 105, 126, 260, 454 Borom, Wlilliam R., 236, -160 Bortell, Earle Ii., jr., 110, 296, 561, 43-1 Borzywski, George T., 260, 388 Bosher, john L., 150, 460 Bostic, George T., 12-1, 66,30-1, 3113 Boston, Frank M., 248, 447 Boswell, james E., 116, 26-1, 5118 120. 455 Botner, Wilson T., Bottchen, Michael M., -160 Bouchard, Richard j., jr., -160 Boulware, jesse M., 578 Boulware, Robert A., 93, 244, 460 Bozeman, Toni Ii., 296, 461 Brackett, john A., 2411, -147 Bradbury, George C., jr., -161 Braden, Richard P., 1-16, 461 Bradford, justin T., 66, 76, 117, 15-1, 140, 435 Bradford, Orvall M., 120, 589 Bradley, Edward L., 134, 1-10, -135 Bradley, Neal E., 461 Bradley, William D., -147 Bradner, Howard G., 516, -161 Brady, Charles F., 108, 118, 1-16, W9 Brady, james W., -147 Branan, Carl R., 106, 589 Branch, Henry E., jr., 126, 110, -155 Branch, Paul A., -161 Branchiicld, 15. Barry, 1-16, 154, 461 Brandon, Bwin L., 461 Branham, Brantley, Charles E., 1-11, 116, 447 jack W., 461 Brantley, Walter j., 581 Branton, john C., 461 Braselton, Albert B., 248, 4-17 Braselton, XVilliam M., jr., 256, -155 Braun, john P., 256, 447 Brennan, Brenner, joseph L., 252, 461 Oliver D.,1ss, 461 Brewer, Robert D., 500, 3119 Brewster, Maurice R., jr., 711, 154, 296, 5119 Brewton, Kenneth L.. jr., -161 Bridges, Emory S., 5119 Brigman, XVilliam N., 260, 355, 589 Brim, john H., 129, 1-15, 500, 356, -1-17 Brooks, Willianl B., 272, 4-17 Broom, james M., jr., Z-10, -1-17 Brown, Byron H., 252, -161 Brown, David A., Il0, 121, 455 Brown, Donald C., 68, 129, -1-17 Brown, Donald E., IYU, -161 Brown, Edward H., -161 Brown, Elbert H., -147 Brown, Elliott C., jr., 461 Brown, Herman B., .lr., -155 Brown, jack H., 115, 381 Brown, jackson H., -161 Brown, james T., -147 Brown, john T., jr., 1-15, 272, 559, 435 Brown, joseph B., 240, -161 Brown, Lloyd A.. 2114, 461 Brown, Malcolm, 66, 455 Brown, Nelson 461 Brown, Newman H., III, 141. 2-14, -161 Brown, Roy E., 2-10. 461 Brown, Sterling T., 260, 4-17 Brown, William D., 447 Brown, William H., jr., 296, -155 Browne Browne, Donald T., 110, 248, -155 I. Browni Robert A., 5511, -147 g, Daniel C., izu , HB9 Browning, Guy P., jr., 3114, -161 Browning, Max M., I5-1, -161 Bryant, Charles M., 260, 461 Bryant, Charles R., 272, -147 Bryant, David j., 461 Bryant, Robert P., -161 Buchan, Charles R., 116, 4-17 Buchsbaum. Alan j., 461 Bowen, Dave. jr.. 256, 460 Bowen, Harroltl P., 156, 296, 455 Bowen, Harry XV., jr., 108, 388 , Albc1't W., 4611 Iirim, Thomas M., 129, 143, 300, 357, -147 Brinkley, Robert C., 500, 447 Brisbane, john j., 148, 461 Britt, Marvin j., 461 Britt, William P., jr., 447 Brittain, john C., 461 Britting, Kenneth R., 516, -161 Broach, William I'I., 122, 2-10, 447 Broadfoot, jolm W., 461 Brock, Wlilliam L., 252, 447 Brokenshire, Richard W., 4-17 Brook, Arthur D., 435 Bowman, james W., 460 Bowman, Robert G., jr., 100, 272, -155 Fred L., jr., 127, 260, 460 Bowyer, Boyce, Harry If., jr., 272, 461 Fred N., 115,115,I50, H18 Boyd, Boyl, Wtilter L., 9-1, -161 Boycns, Georg j., 141, 461 Brookes, Donald H., 500, 447 Brookins, Norman R., 98, '-1-17 Brooks, Charles E., -161 Brooks, Earl D., -161 Brooks, Franklin D., 550, -1-17 Brooks, Howard L., jr., 240, -135 Brooks. Ronald C., 461 Bcck, Edwin H., jr., I-11, 1-111, -147 Buck, Robert W., jr., 461 Buckley, Arthur H., 118, -H7 Buckner, james M., jr., 589 Buhler, Paul H., jr., 2-18, 3119 Buice, Robert j., 156, 389 Bullard, Kenneth P., 68, -H7 Bullard, Ralph G., jr., 589 Bundsen, jan, 447 Burbanks, William L., jr., 1-15, 29-1, -161 Burchett, Chalbert W., 66, 70, 82, 116, 155, 285, 590 Burgess, jack L., 66, 70, 152, 590 Burke, Hugh VV., 156, 158, -155 Burkhalter, Swinton B., 50-1, -H7 Burlison, jerrell R., 4-17 Burns, Harris, jr., 110, 152, 578 Burns, james E., 154, 461 Burns, julian C.. 240, -161 Before -7652 In ix X Ziff' 1 ff? f 1 S 2 AUTO RADIATOR C0. 645 Spring St. N. W., Atlanta, Ga. PHONE ELgin 0766 "WE COOL 'EM OFF" CLEANING REPAIRING RECORING After XXIII !!! f x , I S ws. fr ft 2 si-E 22' 2 Z . Q 191 f 6 " 1' I X 1 O g 2 int o 478 The XVA1nut 4461 f I SUPPLY C0. ELECTR C Johnson Battery Company Dixtribzzlory of Automotive A Sales Industrial l BATTEFY Service Aircraft l 5PeC'Ul'5'l'5 Rentals ilsctr nd "The economical way to heat your home with Electricityl' ATLANTA, GEORGIA 111-117 Houston St., N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA "Large or Jmnll, we fix 'em alll' SOUNDSCRIBER DICTATING MACHINES THE MURRAY CUMPANY 1220 Spring St., N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA EM. 1658 Potter 8: Bayfield, Inc. Engineewiazg Cmfmzmmbip ATLANTA, GEORGIA C omplimentf of J. A. JONES CONSTRUCTION C0. ATLANTA, GEORGIA GLOVER MACHINE WORKS MARIETTA AND CORDELE, GEORGIA Basic Electric Carbon and Alloy Steel Castings W Carbon and Alloy Steel Pipe Fittings 479 ALLEN SCALE C0. Scales Sales 8. Service AM- 7536 774 Murphy Ave., S. W. "THINGS - FOR YOUR CAR" '. 1 ! UW ,K 7l,"o". 'fb ' 1 '41-31 i YQ I Stores Throughout the Southeast CHESTERFIELD LAUNDRY, INC. 130 North Avenue AL. 1681 Rent Your Best Wishes . . 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Carmichael, Inman, 4-17 Carney, William E., jr., 141, 268, 461 Carri, Robert L., 29-1, 447 Carroll, Harlan L., 378 Carroll, jesse M., 348, 461 Carroll, joseph L., jr., 146, .. Carroll, Steve O., 447 Carson, Gerald P., jr., 264, 461 Carson, john K., 447 Carson, Xvilliam D., 115, 435 Carswell, George W., 381 Carter, Don C., 447 Carter, john A., 145, 461 Carter, Lenton A., 260, 461 Carter, Rives C., 260. 390 Carter, William j., 1-15, 461 amesR 110 241 190 286, 461 Y. J ., . . . Cashin, joseph E., 316, 461 Cashin, William A., jr., 108, 130, 236, 316, 390 Cason, Durward V., jr., 64, 66, 391 Cason, William H., jr., 323, 461 Cassetti, Marlowe D., 120, 29-1, 4-17 Cates, Stanley T., 75, 84, 141, 17-1, 175 260, 391 Cattaneo, john C., 447 Cauthen, Irvin L., 75, 391 Cawley, Edward H., 4-17 Cavcny, Leonard H., 116, 363, 435 Caviness, Robert L., jr., 305, 461 Celikiz, Gulfeltin, 104, 128, 378 Cerny, john C., 378 Chadell, Robert S., -147 Chahtz, Fred, 154, 312, 461 Chalkcr, james R., 78, 116, 154, 264, 3 Challain, Leonard j., 74, 378 Chally, Darrel E., 461 Chatheld, Richard H., -161 Chaves, Alberto L., 148, 461 Cheatham, Albert F., jr., 305, 448 Check, William C., jr.. 58, 60, 73, 78, S4 96, 102,112, 15-1, 236, 21.4, 391 Cheesborough, Frank W., ll, 316, 435 Cheney, Frederick D., jr., 461 Cherpak, Donald S., 461 Cherry, Bruce M., -1--18 Cherry, Robert B., 110, 2311. 391 Chew, jong M., 236, 282, 448 Chew, jung j., 282, 391 Chick, Willian1 j., 448 Chills, john W., jr., 290, 4411 Chia, james, 461 Chiotellis, Nick T., 435 Christensen, Philip j., 76, 145, 435 Christopher, Ben G., 379 Christopher, Henry B., 448 Chung, Reginald W., 112, 130, 314, 391 Chuprun, john, jr., 120, 135, 175, 391 Cladakis, john G., 435 Clapsaddlc, Arthur B., 461 Clark, Charles T., 148, 435 Clark, Gary M., 4411 Cochran, William S., jr., -135 Codner, Leonard E., 448 Coffee, Marvin F., 462 Coggins, j. Wilbur, jr., 296, 462 Cogan, Robert M., 4-48 Cohen, Aaron S., 276, 448 Cohen, Allen E., 112, 130, 238, 4.15 Cohen. .l0el F., 312, 392 Cohen, Kenneth j., 108, 238, -162 Cole, David P., 4411 Cole, Frank B., 4-18 Cole, Vic, ss, 146, 316, -11.2 Coleman, Frank B., Ill, 254, 4-18 Coleman, Franklin L., 66, 300, 392 Coleman, Hobson G., I15, 435 Coleman, james M., jr.. 435 Collazo, jose L., 1311. 1-18, 462 Collier, Roger E., 79, 105, 125, 130, 300, 435 Collinge, Kenneth S., 110, 128, 392 Collings, john L., 150, 300, 4-18 Collins, David C., 462 Collins, Donald B., 462 Collins, jimmie O., 108, 118, 141, -135 Collins, William R., jr., 448 Colvin, Ronald K., 462 Clark, Gilliam, 96, 435 Clark, jerry A., 150, 158, 284, 448 Clark, Lucas A., jr., 110, 124, 391 Comer, Billy H., 150, 295,462 Comer, Donald D., 300, 435 Comer, jerry L., 94, 98, 128, 141, 462 Chambers, Hugh G., 323, 461 1 Chambers, Ramon l., 141, 447 Chambless. Bobby D-. 146, 461 Chambless Henry H., jr., 272, 461 Chambliss, james A., 146, 461 Champion, Donald L., 150, 278, -135 Champion L. Fred, 278,461 Clark, Nathaniel S., 111, 142, 272, 391 Clark, Robert A., 379 Clark, William L., Ill, 256, 461 Clarke, joseph R., 296, 461 Clarke, Meredith G., 461 Clarke, Robert V., jr., 104, 256, 391 Clawson. james P., 435 Clayton, Richard li., 98, 100, 268, -148 Cleary, Bernard Travers, 392 Cleghorn, Richard L., I15, 130, 278, 392 Clements, Shirley V., 156, 322, -1-18 Clifton, Ray F., 268, 4411 Clinkscales, William T., lll, 75, 241, 392 Cluar, William C., 241, -161 Close, Thomas M., 1-10, 448 Cometto, Dante j., 4411 Compton, Robert M., 116, 268, 392 Cone, Donald C., 462 Connelly, Richard B., 462 Connolly, joseph L., jr., 462 Connor, Miles A., jr., 462 Connors, Charles E., jr., 75, 148, 17-1, 175 296, 397 Conway, Glenn I., jr., 248, 462 Cook, Benjamin H., 1-15, 300, 462 Cook, john C., 296, 448 Cook, Richard Wayne, 116, 435 Cook, Richard W., 11-1, 9-1, 236, 312, 192 Cook, Robert C., -162 Cook, Robert F., jr., 110, 158, 290, 392 Chancey, Clifford N., jr.. 134. 140, 435 Chandler, David D., 300, 461 Chandler, john P., ll, 26-1, 461 Chaney, joseph H., 278, 4-17 Chaney, Marvin L., 447 Chapin, john H., 305, 435 Chapman, Abner B., III, 158, 447 Chapman, Thomas G., 142 Charak, Ira, 238, 447 Conn, Robert j., 141, -148 Coats, Barry W., 130, 316, 4-18 Cobb, Charles K., jr.. 63, 81, 90, 94, 14-1,150,152, 114, 244, -Us Cobb, George D., 26-1, 392 Cobb, Glenn G., 116, 268, 392 Cobb, joseph K., 294, 461 Cochran, George A., 112, 435 Cochran, john M., jr., 305, 461 10-1, Cook, Rodney W., 106, 136, 244, 435 Cook, Ted H., 1-13, 296, 160, 441: Cook, Walter B., 116, 393 Cooksey, William R., III, 393 Cooley, james C., 121, 300, 393 Cooper, Alan B., 66, 115, 272, 393 Cooper, jerome M., 115, 381 Cooper, joseph W., 272, 462 Cooper, Robert M., 94, 114, 448 FASHIONABLE WRITING PAPERS SANSCO PRODUCTS LAMAR 3471 Z C . . 61726 . . Special Steel Die Engraved Stationery Sanitary Wirebotind Composition Books Company, Inc, And Loose Leaf Filler Paper "E-zferylhhzg To Clemz With" M 0 N T A G 9 S , , john F. Nance, jr. Rhodes Building Annex A ATLANTA ATLANTA 3, GA. CONSOLIDATED QUARRIES CORPORATION CRUHSHED STONE 0 WASHED SAND CURB N RUBBLE Decatur, Georgia Dliafbom 1661 PLANT: LITHONIA, GEORGIA 481 GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY EXPERIMENT STATION TOWER BOCA RATON FLA THE GOLIAN STEEL sc IRON Co. - ATLANTA, GEORGIA FABRICATORS AND ERECTORS OF STEEL STRUCTURES LUTHER E. HARPER, JR. ....... ....... G eorgia Tech F. E. deGOLIAN, SR. ........,.... ,........., L ehigh Universify- C. P. CLARKE ...........,.,........,... Universiiy of Minnesota- FELIX cIeGOLlAN, JR. ...,,,.A..........,........... Georgia Tech- R. L. cIeGOLlAN ,.......A...............,. Universiiy of Georgia- RICHARD F. CARSON ....,......,......,..,.,.,.. Georgia Tech- JAMES C. PRUITT, JR. ....,.. .,.,,,, G eorgia Tech- I Copeland, Arthur j., jr., 462 Copeland, Morris R., jr., 272, 462 Corbctt,XY'i11iamj.. 111, rms, 244, 395 Corcoran, A. l.., jr., 116, 393 Cordell, james D., 435 Cording, Robert I-1..jr., 135, 268, 448 Cordle, Paul 15,, 300, 193 Corley, William L., 130, 132, 316. 193 Corron, Charles W., 462 Cosner, jerry L., 276, 462 Cossiu, Richard 12., 308, 448 Costley, lidgar M., 462 Cottle, Donald l.., 132, 286, 435 Coursey, joseph R., 320, 462 Cowan, Charles, 435 Cowan, Cliiiord W., 393 Cowan, litlward 1..,95, 300, 4411 Cowan, Frank C., 66, 76, 393 ffuwan,Ge11e1'., 462 Cowan, joel H.. 241, -162 Coward, Clauson R., 108, 462 Cox, Addis F., 462 Cox. Bobby li., 150. 160, 462 Cox, Donald R., 462 Cox, Walter R., 2116, 462 Coyle, joseph li., 462 Craddoelt, Charles j.. 154, 462 Ctaddoelt, Gerald G., 84, 1011, 130, 160, 1731, 316, 435 Crandall, Colvin H., 260. 435 Craven, Robert li., 462 Craver, Larry W., 614, 146, 462 Crawford, Edgar B., -162 Craw1'ord,l3retlerielt W., 112. 316, 393 Crawford, james F., 1111, 131, 393 Crawford, jimmy K., 82, 116, 260, 394 Crawford, Lawrence R., 462 Crawford, Thomas j., 448 Crawforl, William M.. 66, 80, 106, 114, 150, 174, 268, 194 Cremeans, Cliif A., 300, 462 Cremin, joseph WL, 320, 448 Crenshaw, Edgar M., 115, 435 Creson, Roy F., 296, 462 Crews, joseph L., 462 Crilley, jerome li., 416 Cripe. Roger D., 436 Crisp, Charles D., 462 Cromer, Crumwe james M., 116, 462 11,josep1i S., 115, 278, -148 Crunk, jue A., 272, 462 Croskeys, lienry G., 308, 436 Cross. Raymond j., 4411 STUDE.NT INDEX-Continued. Cross, Thomas R.. 241, 462 Crow, David C., 254, 462 Crudtlp, Edward A., 261, Crutchyeld, james S., 268, 462 Crymes, Ronald j., 462 448 Culbreth, Larkin F., 379 Culpepper, Ronald M., 154, 462 Culpepper, NVilliam A., 75, 261. 394 .436 Cummings, Harold li.. 146 Cummings, john 1... 241, -148 Curlee, james li., 462 Curry, john C.. 261, 462 Curtis, john P., 110. 150, Curtis, john R., 110, 241, 436 2114, 4-18 Cuv:rigl11:.1iugene A., 150, 268, -148 Cutter, Howard D.. 72, 84, 1110, 121, 272, 394 D Dallam, james L., 72, 110, 152, 145, 174, 264, 394 Dallas, 1itigenej,, 286, 462 D'Alonzo, Rudolph A., 140, 284, -162 Dalton, Phillip R., 136, 436 Dalton, Richard T., 238, 39-1 Dalton, Roy j., 257, 462 D'Amico, julian, SZ, 133, 290, 436 Daniel, David T., 264, 462 Daniel, Thompson G., 112. 150, 26-1, 436 Daniell, Sidney S.,3111 Daniela, William D., 146, 436 Danner, Patil A., SZ, 284. 436 Dantzlcr, Bryan O., 150, 448 Darden, Edwin A., 296, 462 Darroch, Robert D., 448 Daslaer, Donovan li., 316, 462 Daugherty,15en T., 339, 394 Daugherty, Hubert C., 112, 436 Daugherty, Robert L., 129, 290, 448 Daughters, Wynne L., 436 Dauphin, Vernon M., 135, 320, Davenport, Thomas lf., 72, 296, Davcx, Walter li., 158, 448 11 Ritlllartl B., 70, 116, 120, 132, 448 436 Davidso , sux, 394 Davis, Arthur XV., 150, 462 Davis. Billy 1-1., 140,416 Davis, Charles M., 90, 236, 2411, 383. 394 Davis, David L., -148 Davis, Donald L., 448 Davis, Edward NV., 614, 96,142, 241,36-1, 443 Davis, iilton D., 394 Davis, Goebel, 66, 76, 118, 394 Davis, Harry A., 436 Davis, Herb A., 312, 462 Davis, james H., 78, 154, 264, 448 Davis, james S.. 105, 11U, 121, .194 Davis, john Reilly, 84, 112, 395 Davis, john Russell, 96, 241, 395 Davis, Leigh M., 100, 4411 Davis, McCan1m1e li., 4-18 Davis, Paul H., 448 Davis, Robert H., 116, 130, 132, 238, 395 Davis, William P., 290, 436 Davis, W'illimn R., 106, 114, 395 Davis, W'illian1 T., 395 Day, john T., 95,1011, 150, 178, 301, 436 Day, Ralph L., 379 Dean, Richard A., 448 Dearmond, Max E.. 448 Debeaugrine, William 1-1., 112, 241, 395 Deely, john j., 76, 395 Degenaar, Albert W., 448 Dejarnette, Fred R., 1-43, 263, 448 DeLaney, Donald R., 278, 462 DeI.any, joe H., 272, 462 Dt-Loach, john L., 252, 462 DeLoach, William C., 110, Dclumpa, William M., 462 Denby, Don B., 278, 448 Deneve, Roy H., 148, 462 Dennis, David XV., 303, 462 Denning, Richard G., 436 Denson, Xvilliam Ii., 462 Denton, Philip D., 241, 436 121, 395 Devane, Richard W.. 66, 82, I-13, 244, 356, 436 Devlin, Meldrim P., 448 De1Volfe, james L., 87, 436 Diamond. Earl H., 295, 462 Diamond, james H., 80, 379 Diaz, Miguel A., 138, 462 Dick, George A., 150, 462 Dickinson, Robert N., 462 Dickson, Ronald D., 462 Dickson, Ronald E., 4,16 DiCristina, Humber! XV., 296, 395 Dietzel, George XV., 436 Dililcy. james j., 265,436 Dillard, Byron M., 395 Dillard, Lonus XV., 395 Dillehay jolm R 75 122 125 13 1 N. .. . - . - , .6 Dilts, jerry E., 90. 115, 158, 296, 436 Dimun. john T., I3U, 314, 436 DiS11t:l', O., 140, 1-15, 448 395 Dix, Richard li., 462 Diujieh, Radiyoi, 95, 462 Dobson, jerry W., 462 I2Udd, xvnller C2., 135, 436 Dodds. Charles L., 241, 462 Dodge. Weaver A., 448 Dodgen, john D., 120, 396 Dodrill, William G,, 82, 116, 126, 396 Donald, David 15., 110, 236, 279, 396 Donaldson, Carl L., 448 Donaldson, jolm O., 127. 145, 462 Donnigan, Alan ii., 462 Dooley. jolm A., 134, 1-10, 448 Dougan, William j., 112, 436 Dougherty. lired W., 257, 462 Doughty, Richard 1., 320, 396 Dover, Robert L., 352, 448 Dowd, Alton l.., 112, 143. 248, 396 Duwdey, Charles li., 462 Dowler, Robert, 462 Downey, Richard A.. 68, 101, 257, 44S Downing, Bernard D., 462 Doyle, Bernard j., 396 Dragan, Peter. 112, 436 Drennon, Raleigh li.. 130. 2-ss, 44:4 Driesslein, Wfilliam G., 120, 462 Driggers. Thomas M.. 145, 268, 462 Driskell, Richard H., 112, 241, 416 Drourr. Stephen j., 312, 462 Drotvns, Robert li., 120, 448 Duber, W'illiani P., 238, 448 Dubose, Robert lf., 257, 462 Duckett, Kermit E., 140, 462 Dudney, lired S.. 268, 396 Duiiicy, Mack T., 2611, 436 Dugan, Xvilliam S., 78, 82, 146, 154, 4.16 Duggan, Douglas M., 462 lluggur, Donald R.. lui. 112,254,196 Dugger, john E., 3011, 396 Duke, Algie R., 436 Dukes, Harry XV., 136, 144, 296, 396 Duncan, David A., 448 Duncan, Glenn li., 436 Dundcrvill, Walter Ii., 4411 Dunlap, Charles M., 160, 462 Dunlap, james C., 136, 296, 436 Dunlap, Leslie A., 416 Dunlap, William A., 130, 296, -136 Dunn, Charles E., 241, 449 Dunwody,1iugene C., 59, 60, 66, 90, 261. 396 Dupre, Andrew H., 112, 436 Dupree, NVilliam A., 296, 396 HARRY S MME , IN SPRING AT HUNNICUTT CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH SINCE 'I924 Sommeri' Service if Better-Cofrr N 0 11110111 483 147, IE Sm 1905 TECH SERVICE STATION ATLANTA Sales - Rentals Industrial Sites Chain Store Leasing Property Management South-wide Services Adams-Cates Co. EL' 2127 HURT BUILDING REALTOR s cstesnmine oun som ANNIvensAmr Amoco Pmrlrfrlr Tires - Batteries - Road Service Hemphill and North Ave O. W. LYNAM, Owrzw' The Pacific Mutual Life Insurance C0lllPaHy 91 Fourteenth Street, N. E. EMORY L. JENKS, C.L.U., General Agent, Class '25 EMORY L. JENKS, JR., Class '56 Founded by R. T. Crane, 1855 CRANE C0. VALVES - FITTINGS - PIPE PLUMBING AND HEATING Washington St. Viaduct ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA Electrical Wholesalers, Inc. 229 WHITEHALI. ST., S. W. CY. 5451 Wbolcmle Only ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES LIGHTING FIXTURES SYLVANIA RADIO AND TELEVISION GIBSON HOME APPLIANCES Agent :md Diflribrrtor for VVESTINGI-IOUSE APPARATUS 484 Duprcc, Charlcf, XV., -H9 Durham, llurling, james L., 75, 3US,1-H, 597 Rubcrl S,, IOS, 28-8, -H9 Dvorscnk, Bernard .I-. 120, 397 Dychcs, john B., 462 Dye, Charles W., 146, 462 Dye, wal liam N., IIS, 257, 436 Dyer, Frederick IL, 68, HU, 449 Dyer, Gene P., 156, 416 E East, Robert L., 197 STUDENT INDEX-Continued. Ennis, john M., 241, -IGS linochs, David G., 465 Epps, linrncsl P., 175, 24-O, 456 Epstein, Warren M., 84, 238, -136 Erglc, john L., 379 Erickson, Gerald F., 508, 463 Erickson, Herbert, IZ4, IZ7, 136, Ernshcrgcr, Gala R., 465 Espy, Goodman B., 146, 244, -H9 Espy, james H., 133, 436 Estes, Joseph T.. 463 Estes, Richard D., IIS, 141, 463 148, 397 Fife, William A., 11s, 463 Iiilippclli, Donald F., 465 Filler, Leonard H., 238, 463 Fincher, Ronald E., IOS, 110. ll8, Fink, Alan, 463 Fink, Dclfurd R., 463 Finley, William A., 90, 116, Finnell, Durwnrd E., 463 Finnell, Harold M., 68, 449 Fischer, john A., 379 Fischer, Louis J., 379 Fisher, William J., 320, 437 175, 316, 398 296, 398 Frazier. Charles L., 261, 463 lfrcck, Charles A., 320, 449 Frederic, Edgar H., 66, 70, 80, 5118, Frederick, Sinclair A., 463 Frccdcnrhnl, Carol, 98, 238, 449 Frcemnn, Thomas S., 108, 241, 437 Freeman, William B., 275, 463 Frccncy, Stanley L., 68, 449 Frcnz, Charlie M., 73, 112, 130, 301, 399 Frick, Philip W, 69, 449 Friclslml, Donald, 449 Friedman, Lois S., IS7, 322, 449 399 1Inslh:xm,.l:nmesD., SZ, 116, 397 Etcm, Envcr A., 116, 397 Fistcr, Fred M., 106, 398 Friedman, Robert F., 218, 449 Enswn, Margaret J., 95, 145, 462 Ethridgc, Fredrick A., 316, 436 Fleming, Bryan W., 279, 463 Friend, Edwin V., 116, 399 Eamon, Charles F., 126, 282, 436 Iiubnnk, Emerson E., 296, 397 Fleming, julian D., 66, 80, 106, II4, 154, Fry, Jamcs C., 72, llll, 305, 399 Eamon, Ernest L.. 78, IS4, 436 Eubnnks, XVilIi:xm B., 87, 140, 174, 279, 398 Fuentes, Roland W., 148, 317, 457 Eaton, Geoffrey IL, 295, 449 436 Fleming, Samuel H., 296, 463 Fugiff- Bfnilmin G., 296, 453 Eckcr, Harry A., 68, I-42, Jill, 339, 449 Evans, Clifford J., lik, ZY7, 449 Flcnikcn, joseph G., 279, 463 Fujiwara, George T., IIS, 122, 399 Eckert, Richard B., 462 Evans, Raymond G- 145, Jill, 597 Flcrclmll, Donald E., 64, 66, 70, SZ, 116, Fuller, Clayton, 449 Edelman, Robert M., 286, 462 Evans, Roy A., 248, 463 398 Fuller, Stephen L., 112, 399 Eden, Ralph M., 120, 296, 449 Everirt, Henry O., 275, 463 Flctchnll, Gerald W., 269, 449 Furbish, james P., 248, 465 lidenficld, james C., JDS, 449 Fletcher, Charles A., 154, 145, 463 Furhish, Whltcr j., 101, 400 Edwards, jack D., 301, 462 F Flink, Larry G., 276, 463 Futch, James A., 463 Edwards, james B., 66, 70, 174, 397 Facusse, Roberto, 138, 465 Flood, Paul Murphy, 305, 449 Fyfc, john H., 116, 244, 400 Edwards, joseph L., 154, 257, 449 Fzxin, Ed S., 463 Flowers, Stanley M., 301, 463 Edwards, Mnnrnc S., 97, 462 Fair, Roy V., 3I6, 463 Floyd, Carl M.. ISO, 314, 449 G Edwards, Richard C., HU. 2-48, 362 Fnlkcnholm, john, 127, HS, 393 Floyd, Thomas M., 399 Gnbrivl, George N., 248, 465 Ilisinger. john L., 282, 449 Fnlks, james M., 449 Foley, john -I., 437 Gallagher, james P., 463 llilcl, Allan H., 24l, 397 Falra, Ronald W., 2-H, 4-49 Folk, Hugh XV., 399 Gallagher, Lawrence P., l-08, 465 Elder, joseph XV., 116, 397 Pnlvey, Henry T., 463 Fontana, Charles E., 286, 449 Gnllaher, Edward XV.. 122, 136, 400 Elkins. Samuel R., 462 Farfcl, Martin I., 238, 463 Ford, james L., 305, 463 Gallardo, Alberto j,, 138, 463 Ellcr, Herbert, 465 Farill, Trent G., 320, 449 Ford, joseph S., 145, 305, 449 Galloway, David F., 461 Ellcrbcc, Alfred W., 96, 505, 436 Farmer, Bobby F., 68, 449 Ford, Roy E., 257, 437 Galloway, Philip L., 465 Ellcrbcc, Thomas B., 130, 153, 264, 397 Farmer, Richard C., 66. RU. SS, I06, II-I, Forsyth, George R., 254, 449 Galpin. Ralph C., 284, 463 Ellington, Thomas G., -449 126, 150, 174, 261. 398 Forsythe, Richard W., 269, 449 Gammons, Vance S., 463 Ellis, Herbert L., 272, 465 Farmer, W'illinm C., 254, 463 Former, Albert M., 73, 112, 122, 174, W9 Gandiu, Alberta A., 148, 283, 463 Ellis, Marion D., 463 Fnrr, Emory XV., 64. 152, 308, 393 Fortune, john W., 463 Gandy, Albert F., 72, 110, HU, 291, 437 Ellis, Marvin E., 66, 80, ll-1, 124, 125, Faust, Frank B., 436 Fournier, john R., IOS, 437 Gnndy, Earnest, 465 244, 436 Fcnrnsidc, Frank j., 316, 463 Fonrqurcan, Wfillinm E., 110, 295, 437 Gnnn, Archibald, 248, 449 lillis, Robert XV., 463 Fechter, Gerald B., 108, IIS, 398 Fowler, Charles R,, 146, 269, 463 Gunn, Myron L., 449 Ellis, Stanley R., 416 Fcduiif. Emil S., SZ, IIG, 244, 398 Fowler, Floyd F., 236, 241, 399 Garcia, Fernando S,, 133, 148, 463 Ellis, Terry L., 465 Fee, Gene B., 465 Fowler, j. Herbert, 110, ZR4, 449 Garcia, Rcnc, 138, 148, 463 Elmore, David W., 154, 323, 463 Fcigclson, Robert S., 238, 449 Fowler, Lynn C., 130, U6, 265, 437 Gnrlington, Carl D., 90, ll0, 133. 2-ll, 4 Elrnd, Thomas AI., 463 Fcinmnn, Marvin A., 276, 463 Fowler, Richard D., 265, 449 Garmnny, john W., 449 Elton, Billy B., 463 Fcndig, ,Inmcs G., 241, 463 Fowler, Williaalxm A., 449 Garner, Raymond R., 261, 463 Emery, Donald K., 463 Fernandez, Alvaro, 112, 437 Fowlkes, Albert R., 130, 133, 241, 399 Gnrrnrd, Holt V., 142. 241, 449 lindom, Donald P., 257, 463 Fcrnandcz, Cesar P.. lOl. 3Sl, 398 Fox, William I., 126, 301, 463 Garrett, George E., 461 Engcl, Richard E., II4. ZS4, 456 Fernandez, Emilio, Il2, 437 Franco, Manuel S., 148, 463 Garrett, joel M., 296, 463 lingland, Robert C., 463 Ferrara, Vincent NI., 449 Franklin, Curtis F., 463 Garrett, Willinnx j., 463 English, Harley B., 296, 449 Ferrell, Edward S., 98, HU, 174, 2-H, 385, Franklin, james R., 244, 379 Gnrtncr. William B., 269, 449 English, Robert L,, 449 398 Franklin, M. Glen, 116. 437 Garvin, William S., 308, 463 Enluc, Hnnscll P., 381 Field, Hyman H., KI6, 463 Frantz, john B., 265, 463 Garwood, Harry E., 261, 181 linloc, Lee I-Icyman, 456 Fields, William H., 461 Frazier, Charles H., 167, 174, l7i 399 Gary, Wfillinm T., 110, 400 C,,,,,I,1,,,,e,m of L. Ralph Bush and B. S. ARMSTRONG AND BRO. 676 Marietta St., N. W. Associates Regiflered Electrical Engivzery D. C. MAY, Airocizzte JOHN T. CLECKLEY, Auocmm Regiylefezl Electrical Efzgirzeerf ATLANTA GEORGIA LANDER MOTORS INC 25 North Ave., N. E. Tom Slate 9 - Athletic Equipment Co. JOHN H. LANDER, Premlem 592 Peachtree St., 1:11-EEEAT. 5866 ATLANTA, GA. DODGE - PLYMOUTH Complete line of Rawlings, Spalding, Reach, Wriglmt Sz Dirson, DA 1 , ff 4 b-P in T k Rlddell, Pennsylvania Rubber Co. OC be JO mtg mc S I-Iarchefs jackets and Rebel Knit Sweaters Tennis and Badminton Restringing VErnon 6661 TE Reprefeazmtivef D ZUBER TOM GROOVER JACK GLOVER 48 5 "Ser-vice You Wfill Like" Tennessee Co., Illc. The Wholernle Varsity Barber Shop EGGS - POULTRY - BUTTER 53 North Ave,, N. W. 448 Georgia Ave., S. W. TECH STUDENTS WELCOME WA1nur 6775 SUPERIUB LAUNDRY "BzmcZle.r 0 f Satirfactiofzj' 4 EL. 5 51 1 STUDENT RATES 665 Spring St., N. W. Enjoy Atlantis Most Delicious and Refreshing Dairy Products ATLANTA DAIRIES CO0PEllATIVE Phone CY. 1911 777 Memorial Drive, S. E. Atlanta, Ga. right down the line in any Mercury you buy 'B Il u ' Rollleran 5 ,L 5::'.:r.":.,U, W CUTTER BOAT AND MOTOR C0. Distribzzlorr of MASTERCRAFT TRAILERS MERCURY MOTORS SHELL LAKE and SPEED LINER BOATS ALL TYPES MARINE HARDWARE AND ACCESSORIES This ls Your Year To Move Up To a Mercury! 486 Hamill, james j., R2,130, 148, 323, -137 Gasser,1frit7 W., 144, 379 Gassctt, William Q., 437 Gassler, john H., 148, 400 Gauldon, Fletcher li., 381 Gay. Donald M., 110, 437 Gay, Kermit li., 141, zs-1, -ms Gay, Linton E., 249, -149 STU DENT Goldwasser. jerry, 141, 276, 463 Gomez, Basilio V., 449 Gonzalez, Rafael, 463 Gonzalez, Raul j., 138, 449 Goode, Bernard N., 148, 464 Goode, joseph A., 148, 464 Goodloe, john lvl., -149 INDEX-Confinued. Gregory, Percival C., 252, 464 Grey, Edward R., 301, 450 Grier, William lf., 911, 112, 269, 402 Geller, Robert A., 312. -163 Gentry. james E., 279, 465 Germany, john R., 449 Germon. Charles L., -149 Gernatt, Paul W., 463 Goodman, Frederick I., 157, 238, 449 Goodwyn, Charles A., 273, 449 Gooltin, Richard B.. 450 Gordon, Willis G., 379 Gorman, james D., 132, 2517, 437 Grillin, Charles H., 323, 464 Griflin liarl F., 437 Griffin, liloyd S., 108, 141, 147, 437 Griffin, George G., 450 Griffin, james li., 464 Grilhn, Samuel M., 297, 464 Grillin, Thomas A., 305, 464 Grimths, Wfilliam D., 110, 130 Grimes. Clifford ll., 450 Gcttles, Clare IZ., 4-19 Gevas, Nicholas j., 449 Gheesling. Sam li.. 449 Ghent, Peter A., 463 Gibhs, Wesley W., -163 Gibson, Charles A., 463 Gibson, Haywood L., 449 Gibson, Hugh H., 463 Gibson, Richard G.. 66, 74, 400 Goss. john M., 67, 76, 134. 401 Gothard, Grady 1... 279, 450 Gotsch, Robert D., 314, 464 Gould, Rolaert S., 711, 112, 154, 309, Gowdy, john M., 450 Graebe, XY'illiam K., 401 437 Greene. Giddings, james I., 101, 241, 364, 437 Gilbert, james D., 463 Gilbert, Richard L.. 115, 400 Gilbertson, Roger G., 309, 449 Gilhrcath, Eddie W., 154, 286 Giles, Arthur P., 463 Gill. john P., 252, 463 Gillem, Richard D., 296, 449 Gillespie, john A., 110, 244. -100 Gilliam, W'illiam R., 126, 287, 449 Gillilan. james C., -1-19 Gillis, Alva K., 463 Gilmer, Teddy W., 97, 150, 301, -149 Ginn, Edward B., 463 Girdlcr, Richard R., 273, 463 Girior, Harold j., 309, 449 Givens, Benjamin lf., 400 Glass, james T., 463 Glass, Robert M., 106, 114, 1-ll, 179, Glalier, Weyman A., 261, -1-19 Glenn, Charles G., 463 Glenn, Robert W., 154, 463 Goad, Francis A., 154, 2117, 465 Godfrey, Claule S., 291, 463 Godley, james E., 283, -163 Godwin, Robert O., 147, -149 Goembel, Marvin H., 463 Gold, Rohan C.. Iris, 118, 400 Gold, Sidney. vs, 379 Golden, john P., 305, 463 Goldsmith, jcrc XV., 101. 129, 136, 296, 437 Graetib. Graham Graham Graham William C., 73, 911. 112, 401 , Howell E., 2-14. 3711, 379 ,john F., 115,114, 150, 401 , Preston D., 297, 450 Graham, William D., 297, 450 Graham, William F.. 4.57 Granger, Luther G., 464 Grant, Kenneth M., 305, 464 Grant, Walter IS., 175, 339, 437 Grantham, Ronald Ii., 464 Gravenmier, jack E., 114, 157, 450 Graves, Paul D., 158, 265, -150 Gray, Donald L., 450 Gray, Gray, Glenn M., 67, l16,120, 401 Leo S., 132, 4015 Gray, Thomas li., 464 Greasel. john li., im., 236, zw, 437 Green, Bert W., 244, 464 Green, Charles li., 67, 82, 116. 401 ' Green, Eugene W., 72. 110. 121, 379 Green, William j., 464 Greenac -137 re. George R., 127.144, 153,317 Greene, Ray Ii., -164 Greene. Greene. Robert j., 450 Robert XV., 141, 191- 450 Greene, Thomas W., 72, 110, 171, 401 wfillialm L., 309, 401 Grimes, George H.. 1416, 464 Grimes. jimmy M.. 464 . 309, 402 Grimslev, Leland R.. 82, 116, 236, 269, 402' Groover, Clifford G.. 450 Grrithecr, Spencer P., 85, 110, 124, 126, 150, 402 Grow, William A., 464 Gruber, Morton M., 67, 115, 154, 239, Gruss. jack, 115, 3111 Gudelsky, Erwin M., 276, 450 Guest, james E., 108, 284, 450 Gullin, Nvillie S.. 437 Guggolz, Allan D., 295, 450 450 Grimble. Stanley K., 130, 136, 236, 276, 437 Gunn, Clarence E., 402 Gunn, jaclt N., 464 Gunter. Curtis W., 317, 464 Gunter, john VK, 317, 464 Guthrie, George T., 241, 450 Guthrie, john W., 116, 241, 402 Gutierrez, jose M., 138, 437 I-I Haar, Dan, 1311, 464 Habeeh, joseph W., 464 Haddon, Thomas li., 464 Haddock, David A., 104, 150, -102 Hagan, Wlilliam E., 261, 464 Hair, Leroy M., 284. 464 Hale, Gardner S.. 402 Hall, Alfred L., 450 Hall, Carlton S., ZX4, 464 Greer, George lvl.. 450 Greer, Harold D., 464 Greer, Stanley T., 269. 401 Greevcr, Robert S.. 120, 1213. 401 Gregorie, Robert G., 305, 401 Gregory, james M., 265, 464 Gregory, Leland H., 136, 309, 402 Hall Donald li., 301, 464 Hall, George M., 314. 450 Hall George R., 450 Hall Howard l..,-150 Hall james A., 309, 437 1-lall ,lohn lf.. 150, 450 Hall joseph A., 114. 156. 14-1,297, 40 7 1-lall, A'1lll0n S., 150, 464 Hall, Thomas H., 145, 273, 464 Haller, 1.arry E., 254, 464 Halpern, Donald P., 312, 464 Hamby, Herbert O., 254, 464 Hamby, Paul V.. 464 Hamer, Robert C., 317, -164 Hamilton, Charles H., 297, 450 Hamilton, Edgar B., 136, 144, 236, 297, 402 Hamilton, Richard R., 464 Hammond, james A., 464 I-lamriclt, William G., 245, 450 Hancock, Charles I., 82, 117. 147, 437 Hancock, john P., 144, 464 Hancottll, William K., 114. 437 Hand, Charles A., 109, 118, 464 Hand, Ronald R., -164 l'I211'ldly, james C., 107, 114, 133. 241, 437 Hanltins, Donald M., 104, 147, 437 Planlln, R0l7CI't L., 82, 117, 133, 291, 402 Hanlon, Robert V., 12-1, 464 Hanna, Charles G., 257, 464 Hanna, Ronald P., 95, 97, 120, 144, 160, ws, 241, -no Hannah, William W., 269, 450 Harber, Harry G., 82, 403 Harbuclt, William G., 464 Hardie, Newton G., 67, 81, 130, 144, 245, 437 Hardy, jackson D., 136, 127, -103 Hardy, james M., 464 Hargrove, Homer G., 114, 437 llarling, Ben L.. 450 Harlow, Dennis L., 450 Harmon, jerald Ii., 101, 155, 309, 464 Harner. Bruce Ii., 464 Harper, Clem l.., -164 Harper, l-lenry E., 464 Harper, Lemuel I.., 437 Harper, Richard M., 249, 464 Harrell, Donald R., 150, 464 Harrell, Frank C.. 273, 450 Harrell, james E., 464 Harrell. l-larrcll. Robert W., 114. 437 Sam R., 2511, 464 Harrell, Sam T., 265, 464 Harrell. Thomas B.. 157, -150 Harrell, William H., 291, 464 1-Iarrell. Harris, Wlilliam W., 464 Dwight Ii., 320, -164 O "Dine um! Dance Under the Sierra" G GOOD FOOD OUR SPECIALTY Paces Ferry Bridge at River Reservations: ATwood 8601 Smyrna 5-9171 ROBINSON'S Atlas Auto Finance Tlt0PlcAL GARDENS C""'l'a"Y ROBERT R. SNODGRASS, Preridevzz AUTO LOANS AUTO FINANCING - REFINANCING Georgia Offices in ATLANTA SAVANNAH MACON AUGUSTA WARNER ROBINS S ozufbervz Owned - Serviwzg the South OFFICIAL-STANDARD J Vi, , .j .J A . 7 'K' rw GEORGIA TECH .Ki ' ! 4 c L A s s RIN G -, -.,, ERR ' " Write "College Inn" f,' , B cafe Ga. Tech P. 0. vgmor, 6695 1 Hog Cgfgggld' I i s.u.r:s- RENTALS- -nvstmawcs 468 Blackland Rd. N. W. I Tel. EX. 8717 1574 Piedmont Ave., N. E. Mmzlzfrzczzrreci by ' at IIERFF-J 0N ES C0. B0L'leWl 487 BEST WISHES FROM "THE BUICK CENTER" Ilix Green Buick NORTH AVENUE Between the Peachtreey :E'.n:rD.1itc11srv1vIrmc11:t11:?LCLDJ:rs3ctm:1Il. printing company Co. 102-4 Cain St., NW. - Atlanta Alpine 2545 Tlcketx-A mzozmcememr-B0okletr I nfvimtio nr-C :mls A TLANTA Qualify Printing - Fast service Wlien You Can't See Your Tread See "The Bert" Camp Produce Co. S T A T E M A R K E T 1050 Murphy Ave., S. W. AMherst 6601-3 Atlanta, Ga. Gordy Tire Company 14th at Expressway DAYTON THOROBRED TIRES Quality Recapplng For Passenger Cnr, Truck and Tractor Tires Industrial Solids - Pneumatics For Complete Titre Sertfice, Call ATwood 7 5 3 1 SELF-SERVICE LAUNDBIES, INC. 119 Ponce cle Leon Ave., N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA ATLANTA SAND AND SUPPLY C0. 605 Forsyth Bldg. Established 1905 ROl.l.O WASHED SAND WA. 3302 Atlanta, Ga. Every Glam Mecbmzicully U7:1Jbezl mul Sterillzezl OUR SMALL VARIETY INSURES FRESHNESS . Curb Service . . 488 Harris, George NV., 62, 90, 137, 297, 433, 437 Henry E., 150, 464 Jae N., 105, 403 Harris, Harris, Harris, joseph D., 155, 464 Harris, Laurence C., 265, 464 Harris, Robert H., 464 Roy V., 135, 305, 464 Harris, Harrison, Alwaes S., 450 Harrison, Merritt N., 305, 450 Harrison, Peter j., 295, 450 Harrocl, George R., 130, 309, 437 Hart, Carroll B., 261, 450 Hart, joe W., 273, 464 Hart, Philip G., 255, 437 Hartrampf, William j., 137, 297, Harvard, Thomas P., 70, 112, 437 Harvell, james F., 437 Harvey, David D., 245, 464 Harwell, W'illiam E., 241, 450 Harwood, james E., 148, 305, 464 142, iso STUDENT INDEX-Continued. , 1-leisel, Ralph A., 111, 129, 301, 450 Htllweg, john H., 107, 114, 172, 249, 403 Helms, Dan H., 74, 104, 403 Helms, Selva G., 450 Hemphill, jesse C., 291, 464 Henderson, Albert L., 464 Henderson, Harold V., 117, 464 Henderson, Henry T., 320, 464 Henderson, Roger E., 450 Henderson, William C., 67, 115, 437 Hendon, Fred N., 464 Hendon, Robert C., 297, 464 Hendricks, Ernest L., 464 Hendrix, Roy E., 450 Hendry, Aaron W., 291, 464 Hendry, Harold M., 291, 450 Henkel, Robert F., 287, 450 Hennick, Raymond j., 132, 305, 405 Henry, Chester L., 72, 147, 403 Henry, Scott P., 464 Henry, james P., 450 403 Himes, Fred E., 285, 465 1'Iil'lCl'l, RiCl1:lrt1 R., 95, 2155, 465 Hinckley, Freddie L., 150, 465 Hinds, Edmond F., 70, 83, 117, 262, 417 Hine, john P., 249, 465 Hines, Earl H., 465 Hinshaw, Swanson M., 404 Hinson, Ralph W., 130, 142, 242, 404 Hinton, jack R., 254, 404 Hinton, V'illiam B., 109, 404 1-lite, William B., 249, 461 Ho, Donald C., 150, 451 Hobart, jack, 132, 269, 437 Hobby, james L., 465 Hodges, Leslie R., 105, 451 Hoffman, Robert M., 155, 25-1, 451 Hogarth, William, 314, 451 Hogg. Brian D., 98, 302, 461 Hohenstein, Charles L., 379 Holbert,je1Terson L., 317, 451 Holbrook, Charles D., 465 Housema n, Ernest O., 379 Houston, james W., 465 Howard, George R., 147, 465 Howard, Henry C., 405 Howard, john C., 145, 242, 405 Howard, john L., 155, 291, 465 Howard, Howard, john R., 109, 401 Kenneth L., 465 Howard, Neil W., 1211, 155, 291, 451 Howard, Purdom, 113, 405 Howard, Ross H., 115, 317, 438 Howell, George W., 295, 451 Howell, james H., 465 Howell, jesse S., 143, 291, 465 Howcy, john R., 115, 258, 405 Huhard, john B., 269, 465 Hubbard, Richard H., 405 Hubbard, Robert E., 465 Hubbard Hubbard, Huber, j , Walter j., 262, 451 William M., 155,451 oe C., 438 Hasclden, Thomas R., 285, 450 C. Conrad, 155, 464 Haskell, Haskins, Thomas H., 141, 450 Hatcher, Ronald G., 287, 464 Herbert, David B., 98, 273, 464 Herchenhahn, Albert F., 110, 403 Herndon, Albert E., 112, 437 Herndon, Elizabeth C., 520, 450 Herrera, Guillermo, 450 Herrick, Homer B., 450 Herringdine, Thomas F., 450 Hatcher, William j., 69, 241, 450 Hatfield, Alfred S., 464 Hauck, Harold B., 464 Hauenstein, Rudolph M., 245, 437 Herrington, Thomas N., 254, 464 Holcomb, james A., 437 Holcomb, james L., Holcombe, john L., Holcombe, William H., 379 Holey, john G., 76, 2110, 437 Holland, james R., Holland, Roscoe G., 418 Holland, Wlilliam D., 107, 114, 273, 404 404 137, 411 113, 40-1 Hebert, Arthur D., 265, 405 Hudgins, Charles C., 465 Hudson, Cecil l., 155, 465 Hudson, Robert j., 451 l-luether, Charles W., 310, 451 Huff, Charles F., 341, 438 1-Iufstctler, Charles F., 155, 465 Hugart, jordan S., 451 Hauenstein, William R., 245, 450 Haugland, Alfred C., 464 Hawk, Robert T., 403 Hawkins, George C., 464 Hawkins, NVilliam B., 95, Hayes, Fred L., 135, 297, Hayes. James, 450 Haygood, Robert A.. 464 Haynes, james E., 437 Hays, Charles G., 241, 450 Hays, james C., 2511, 450 Hays, Paul N., 145, 464 464 1211, 320, -164 Herrman, Charles C., 150, 450 Herron, Kenneth L., 464 Herzog, Peter P., 464 1-less, B. Ronald, 450 Hester, jimmie M., 501, 464 1-lettieh, john J., 67, 76, 141, 403 Hezlert, Paul M., 2110, 450 Hickerson, james M., 112, 245, 437 Hicks, Emory G., 69, 147, 450 Higginbotham, j. D., 2117, 450 Higgins, Frederick B., 269, 464 Hight, Herman K., 465 Hollberg, Charles F., 97. 262, 438 Holley, William VV., 451 Holliday, Reuben A., 258, 451 Hollins, William G., 438 Hollis, Claude H., 90, 130, 297, 438 Hollis, julian L., 133, 245, 438 Hollis, Tommy G., 465 Holloway, james R., 465 Holt, joseph G., 145, 465 Holt, joseph M., 245, 465 Holt, Robert C., 317, 465 Holtzclaw, Louis B., 115, 404 Hughes, Barnwell XV., 242, 451 Hughes, Carl C., 147, -151 Hughes, Donald R., 69, 150, 451 Hughes, Everett M., 451 Hughes, Frank W'., 307, 451 Hughes, Ross A., 109, 4311 Hughes, Hughes, Ross B., 465 Thomas j., 287, 465 Hughey, Daniel R., 70, 110, 438 Huie. john E., 438 Huie, joseph T., 438 Hull, Michael H., 110, 153, 242, Haywood, Charles W., 510, 464 I-lazlett, Harry L., 155, 245, 459, 464 Head, Clarence M., 105, 279, 450 Head, Peter S., 279, 464 Hearn, Lamont A., 148, 265, 437 Hcarne, David C., 450 Hedges, Charles S., 2110, 437 Heeke, Marion T., 450 Heidt, Frank E., 450 Heikaus, Klaus, 285, 464 Heine, George R., 261, 464 Heisel, Jack W., 117, 301, 361, 437 Hightower, George B., 465 Hightower, William H., 301, 465 Hightower, William R., 249, 451 Hill, Bobby W., 411 Hill, Gabriel C.. soz, 451 Hill, Herbert 1-1., 113, 117, 141, 262, 403 Homan, Charles E., 115, 242, 438 Homer, Hooper, Wendell P., 465 Hoover, Alan E., 314, 451 Hoover, Duane L., 302, 465 Hopkins, Billy L., 150, 235, 451 Harry F., 85, 117, 258, 405 Hull, XVilliam T., 297. 41s Humphries, V1'illiam R., 465 Hundley, james C., 270, 451 Hunnicutt, G. Hugh, 465 Hunt, jack N., 72, 110, 405 Hunt, Thomas M., 245, 465 4 Hill, Lester F., 465 Hill, Robert G., 297, 465 Hill, William M., 112, 249, 404 Hill, W'illiam P., 112, 305, 404 Hilshos, Walter A., 112, 404 Hilton, Gerald F., 262, 404 Hopkins, Dale P., 451 Horn, Leslie j., 140, 465 Horowitz, Abraham, 120, 124, 405 Horton, Benjamin C., 451 Horton, james j., 126, 323, 451 Hotinger, Paul N., 120, 135, 175, 245, 405 Hunt, Tommie N., 465 Hunter, Clinton M., 262, 451 Hunter, Philip R., 465 Hunter, Thomas C., 291, 438 Hurry, Raymond A., 148, 465 Hurst, Arlen j., 465 N Founded 1885 GEORGIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ATLANTA GEORGIA UNDERGRADUATE D11'1SION Daniel Guggenheim School of Aeronautics School of Architecture 1 wg l f3 School of Ceramic Engineering , School of Chemical Engineering I School of Chemistry sl School of Civil Engineering L' School of Electrical Engineering 55 School of Industrial Engineering H-L,,.lEx School of Industrial Management ,gifs School of Mathematics lf"-E2 School of Mechanical Engineering , f fri- . ,lifgflfjl-iii, School of Physics A. French Textile School 'i -5331 S-Il 1 GRA15uA'1'1z DIVISION g Master of Science-Aeronautical, Ceramic, E'gE'2T3oli,ll,:.311i1- 32. Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Q i T ii I., Mechanical, Public Health, and Textile :U l O Engineeringg Applied Mathematics, ,XZ A 55:5 , 21,75 554- H gl-rj .i'1ti.5JA',W , f - K Chemistry, Engineering Mechanics, ': Nr' -2,3-I LX Q, 1 Pfwkg-L.f.W', Physics, and Industrial Management . ff . . 4IlJ'7l'IfW fi!" aff' ,-XD X- f: llc-.Willl . 2 ' 70 Wa' M f A 1- . fe -551,7 ji, gi- 'ff si ,155 aster o rc utecture 4Q!7g5LLg,:,' H Z., I :PS l'jH2,h1umEI13,. Aiy Master of City P12I1'11'11f1g l . 2' ,v.. i ff! 1" 414111, I, .-:- ,- W. .-" Qi -17,5 'QAQKWM Doctor of Plnlosopliy-Clienncal Engineer- ' up I 'A 4253. 'fi I 1- -.,":d,. Z ing, Electrical Engineering, and Chem- ffl 'QL ,fggq W2 ,fL" ysfugllllfly 91' H! n istry. Qiwi ffC'f.',',1:'.l j.,'f.WQi- 51QQ5iT1'--lk 7 'f fyf?'e'1QW,1'j'. ,af -" ENGINEERING EXTENSION DI1'IS1ON ' 'IJ' ' wlljfyfl '? f I v, 'WW-"1'fj"', .1 -if I Engineering Evening School , -Ji, v , 2. I, Z .aj gg-41' ,,,f1 , 3.11.0 , fzllfe- ..:.,,.,-,qi fgw-'g 2.QJ1g.A3l,1'i,.xjlywfiglqyll-,,. Department of Short Courses and Confer- f ' ' Vfif if- f-we .f-Hill. 5 Ivfyy' iv:-' CHCCS V' R ,lf M4 I K 1 j illililjuv Department of Industrial Education ' 1111 . we . oiiiiv 7- Southern Technical Institute Riasenncu DIVISION Engineering Experiment Station Georgia Tech Research Institute CCooper- ating Agencyj 489 jones, Earle D., 67, 109, 118, -us Hurt, William W., ass, 465 Hussey, Martin M., 465 jones, Louis I., 113, 122, 4311 Kelly, Patrick W., 452 Hutchens, Vernon F., 305, 405 Hutcheson, Charles M., 242, 451 Hutchison james C., 31-1, 465 Hutchison, joe B., 451 Hutchison 1 Phillip T., 305,451 Hutto, Ezra, 110, 43.11 Hutton, Arthur ij., 70, 133, 270, 438 STUDENT INDEX-Continued. jenkins, Lonis M., 120, 406 jenkins, Robert E., 465 jenks, Emory, 101, 137, 249, 438 jennings, Theron D., 137, 297, 438 jennings, Williaini M., 291, -138 jessee, Russell D., 280, 451 jimeniz, Carlos C., 465 jimmerson, David C., 84, 96, 112, 122, jordan Hyatt, Stuart, 438 Hyman, Nelson L., 276, -151 I Iborg, Eugene L., 451 Imlay, john P., 465 Inman, Richard H., 117, 502, 406 Ioannidis, Romilos A., 465 Ippolito, Anthomy j., 320, 465 Irhhien, P. Ramiro, 117, 438 Ireland, Henry M., 438 Irwin, Willis L., 465 Ivey, Claude A., 438 Ivey, Ira R., 465 Ivey, james C., 270, 451 Ivey, Vallee E., 285, 465 Ivie, james R., 245, -165 Ivie, Robert Ii., 245, 465 jackins, jackson, jackson jackson, jackson jackson jackson, jackson, J George A., 451 Donald G., 137, 150, 252, -106 Donald I., 1.10, 451 Hiram S., 72, 110, 121, 147, -106 james E., 438 Kenneth M., 291, 451 Robert R., l48,155, -ms Thomas A., 137, 438 jacobs, Stephen A., -165 jacobsen, William R., 11-1, 166, 249, 406 jacobson, Peter, 110, 158, 406 jacoby, Ian H., 117, 135, 127, 438 302, 438 johannes, Richard K., 465 johns, Richard E., 254, 451 johnson, Arthur L., 4311 johnson, Billups, P., 297, 465 johnson, Benjamin F., 76, 109, 118, -138 johnson, Bobby G., 242, 451 johnson, Charles S., 101, 245, 465 johnson, Edwin H., 130, 291, 438 johnson, Gene K., 110, 127, 451 johnson, james A., 465 johnson, james W., 465 johnson, john G., 465 johnson, Keith A., 254, 451 jones, jones, Edward s., 297, 4ss Edward W.,297,-165 jones, Francis L., 283, 451 jones, George H., 99, 451 jones, james B., 407 jones, james E., -165 jones, jeremy B., 254, 465 jones, Reuben S., 85, 117, 150, 407 jones, Seaborn P., 83, 117, 254, 407 jones, Sherman I., 287, 451 jones, Thomas A., 78, 147, 155, 438 jones, William M., 2117, 465 jordan, Franklin D., -138 jordan, john A., 69, 353, 451 , john C., 451 johnson, Larry R., 155, 465 johnson, Lyman A.. 297, 451 johnson, Lynwood A., 67, 64, 1-12, 236, 406 johnson, Ralph A., 75, 153, 242, -106 johnson, Robert E., 458 johnson, Robert li., 109, 1111, 451 johnson, Robert j., 465 johnson, Robert N., 262, 465 johnson, Robert S., 67, 64, 77, 109, 1111, 406 johnson, Roper B., 252, 465 johnson, Tucker l., 155, 302, -106 johnson, Walter T., 406 johnson, Wofford N., 122, 137, 270, 407 johnston, Charles T., 110, 306, 407 johnston. Richard C., 113. 407 johnston, Robert A., 258, 438 johnston, William H., 118, 155, 407 jacoclts, james L., 465 jacquette, William j., 148. 451 james, Dan Phillips, -151 james, David R., 155, -165 james, Perry L., 110, 305, 438 james, Robert L., 67, 86, 90, 120, 135, 174, 270, 406 jansen, Gerard F., 465 jaunsen, Warren H., 69, 101, 2511, -151 jeffares, Donald j., 2110, 465 jeffries, Ronald F., 243, 451 jenkins, Herbert N., 297, 465 joiner, james M., 273, 438 jolly, james P., 465 jones, Alan G., 291, -165 jones, Alfred H., 379 jones. Bobby j., 451 jones, 407 jones , Charles K., 465 Channing E., 84. 94, 128, 236, 320, jones. Clarence Ii., 465 jones, David j., IU9, 117, 130.133, 323, -138 jones. Don j., 407 jordan, Ronald G., 84, 90, 97, 102, 142 175, 242, 407 josey, Roy E., 438 joyner, Bobby E., 465 joyner, Francis M., 318, 458 joyner, William E., 451 Judd, Donald K., iso, zss, 465 jue, johnny, 155, 465 jue, Paul R., 465 jue, Raymond, 407 juhlin, joseph A., 118. 407 K Kaiser, C. W., 451 Kalcos, jimmy P., 254, 465 Kaplan, Philip A., 97, 158, 276, 451 Kaseote, George, 365, 438 Kattos, Nicholas C., 465 Kavanaugh, Richard j., 291, 438 Kays, john M., 438 Keagy, Robert B., 379 Keal, William M., 465 Kealy, Hinman L., 379 Kearson, Robert F., 451 Keating, Thomas. 109, 118, -138 Kee Chi. james, 81, 104, 12-1, 408 Keeblc, Gary E., 273, -551 Keels, Austin j., 465 Keenan, john P., 70, 107, 285, 438 Keene, Charles D.. 117, 122, 1-17, 408 Keith, Fred L., 465 Keith, Fred R.,1-11, -151 Keith, Garnett L., 90, 94,14-1, 178, 302, 451 Keith, Henry G., 83, -138 Keith, Richard B., -151 Keith, Robert M., 270, 451 Keith, William F., 295, 465 Keller, Martin j., 148, 266, 438 Kelley, Charles M., 75, 137, 178, 408 Kelley, Donald T., 97, -151 KL!11S, Willard, 141, 412 Kelly, Lake D., 142, 273, iso, -iss Kelly. james A., 255, -165 Kelly, joseph D., 153, 323, 452 Kelly Kelto , William A., 288, -my n, james C., 465 Kenady, Thomas D., 285, 438 Kenan, Richard P., 67, 64, 87, 118, 140 4011 Kendrick, Donald Q., 452 Kendrick, Richard P., 314, 452 Kendrick, Walter M., 465 Kennedy, Danny I3., 270, 438 Kennedy, james A., 258, 452 Kennedy, james R., 118, 153, 258, 408 Kennerly, john F.. 320, 452 Kenney, Henry C., 266, 452 Kent, john W,, 258, 452 Kent, Rex D.. 110, 408 Kevorkian, jirair, 67, 86, 120, 408 Key, Alan M., 274, 465 Keyes, joseph W.. 127, 270, 466 Keyser, Robert N., 132, 150, 270, -152 Kilgore, joe H., 283, -152 Kill Kill , Peter A.. 466 ian, W. Paul, 69, 99, 114,129, 258, 452 Killinger, Douglas E.. 466 Kimmel, Robert B., 348, -152 King, Ben j., 302, 438 King, Edward W., 292, 452 King, Graham B., 466 King, Ralph W., 137, 249, 408 King, Robert D., 262, -166 King, Robert K., -152 King, Robert M.. 310, -152 Kinser, Roland E., SS, 85, 117, 126,320 403 Kinsley, Robert A., 280, 466 Kirk, Bradley S.. 379 Kirk, Robert C., -139 Kirkpatrick, Carlis E.. 262, 439 Kitchens, john P., 452 Kitchens, Lee E., 408 Kettel, john P., 439 Kittie, Benjamin L., 379 Klaas, Anthony R., 236. 255, -139 Klein, Bernard, 312. 452 CATERING TO TECH FRATERNITIES 619 Spring St. VE. 7169 Compliments of and LAUNDRY Rittelmeyer dc Co., Inc. MANUFACTURERS REPRESENTATIVE Industrial and Power Equipment 150 Nassau St., N. W. WE HONOR STUDENT PURCHASE CARDS LA. 3871 Atlanta, Ga- Cadillac ..... Illdsmobile "We don? fell all the mn, but we do :ell the bert N ELWYN T OMLINSON, President CAPITAL AUTOMOBILE COMPANY W. Peachtree St. 0 Opposite Biltmore Hotel 490 ff DELIVERS QUALITY EVERY TIME 3111011 DENIM CANTON CANTCSOTTON MH-I-s N' GEORGIA ATLANTA BELTING CDMPANY 508-510 WhitehaU St., S. W. Atlanta, Georgia 1Vlanzzfactnrer.t of LEATHER BELTING-Made to suit your drive TEXTILE STRAPPING-"Custom Built" to fit your looms LEATHER BELTING manufactured from the finest Leather obtainable in different ran- nages for specific purposes. BELTING to give you the longest service with the least maintenance-built to suit your drive. SEAPLANE WATERPROOF LEATHER BELTING SUN-TAN HEATPROOF LEATHER BELTING BLACK DIAMOND GREEN EDGE LEATHER BELTING SUPER-TWIST LICKERIN BELTING ATLANTA SPECIAL WATERPROOF LEATHER BELTING COMBINATION BLACK DIAMOND 8: OAK LEATHER BELTING "CUSTOM BUILT" STRAPPING Made ro Fit your Looms from Your Samples by Experts on Modern Machines using Selected Leather Tanned for a particular job. CHECK STRAPS-HARNESS STRAPS-JACK STRAPS- BINDER LEATHERS-CRIMPED FRONT BOX PLATE LEATHERS- HOLD UP STRAPS-LUG STRAPS AND BUMPERS Try our ABC Hairon Check Straps. By actual Mill test one ABC Hairon Check Strap has outlasted up to as many as two to four Competitive Straps. Make a test in your Mill-Buy 100 lbs. of ABC Hairon Straps and 100 lbs. of Straps from selected manufacturers. Have one loom Exer install all straps and keep accurate records. ABC Hairon will win out again! MONTICELLO BUBBIN COMPANY Monticello Bobbins "Spin Like a Top" MONTICELLO, GEORGIA Manzzfactzfrerr of CARD ROOM BOBBINS QUILLS AND SPINNING BOBBINS SKEWERS WITH NEW PATENTED PLASTIC BASE WINDER ROLLS AND CONES TUBES We are licensed to manufacture Tubes for NEW ERA SPINDLES Bobbins Repaired and Refinished Associated with ATLANTA BELTING COMPANY Atlanta, Georgia 492 C omplimeam of Flowers Laundry Dry Cleangrs F. Grallalll C0- Incorporated SERVING THE f ESTABLISHED 1910 TECH DORMITORIES and "Beautiful and Permanent Building .MatefialJf" ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION 1690 BOULEVARD, N. E. 361 Moreland Ave. Atlanta, Ga. Eldgin 1084 Atlanta 5, Ga- YORK Air Condifioning - Refrigeration Yom' Olflmzobile Dealer iffiiiiiim, G Advanced Refrigeration, Inc. 350 West Peachtree St. 594 Spring St., N, W. WA. 9661 Atlanta, Ga ' af aw af C omplimevztf of "The 50111173 Fi1zeJl"' PARAMQUNT ROXY WILBY-KINCEY Theatre: i' 'A' 'A' 493 . f Z" f z Complzmentf Camp Lmen I of of The DeJarnette SOUTHERN SIZING SHPPIY C""1Pa'1Y CIIMPAN Y BUILDING SUPPLIES EAST POINT, GA. PhiZ,i,fiiI,i,i581 Established 1866 0 Bros' Co' FRESH AND FROZEN SEA FOODS BIRDS EYE FROSTED FOODS CARD CLOTHING INSTITUTIONAL FROZEN FOODS Hand Stripping Cards ' 602 MEANS STREET, N. W. ATLANTA FISH, INC. ATLANTA 5, GEORGIA ELgin 6531 Arlanra, mi GUUDN 48" ts! I I f' rkfsm.. Paks. . . fmfxafzlflo ! FDREMOST MIRIESA 'NC- proudly serves GE O R GIA TE C H 494 Klepper, Allan C., 158, 236, 276, 452 Klinedinst, Charles E., 310, 466 Klinger, Sylvia F., 322, 452 Klinlte,Jol1n P., 124, 137, 153, 262, 439 Knapp, Walter C., 452 Knox, Peter S., 242, 445, 452 Kocher, Edward C., 70, 113, 117, 130, 288, 439 Kohlhase, Charles E., 69, 3111, 452 Kolchin, Leonard J., 276, 466 Kornahrens, Edward F., 466 Korsrud, Harvey J., 127, 255, 452 Krakowiak, Stefan J., 466 Krasnow, Edward H., 239, 466 STUDENT Law, Fleming, 249, 466 Law, Howard V., 110, 439 Law, James L., 466 Law, Jolm B., 274, 4-39 Lawrence, Richard N.. 157, 452 Lawson, John P., 115, 439 League, Russell A., 452 Leake, Clilford L., 466 Leake, Robert K., 466 Leal, Juan H., 452 Leary, Albert W., 409 Leathers, James C., 83, 117, 409 Lcbcn, James E., 452 Kratsch, Richard C., 117, 452 Krauss, Daniel L., 274, -166 Krieger, Harvey, 130, 283, 408 Kristoffersen, Richard. 466 LcCraw, Rupert S., Ledford. Bill, 466 Lebkuechcr, Ralph P., 318, 466 ' 6 Lebl, Duane C., 4 6 130, 250, 452 Ledbetrer, Robert H., 298, 466 Kroehuke, Richard G., 466 Kroll, B1:rnard,1l5, 236, 312, 452 L Lackey, Claud J., 266, 466 Lacy, William L., 1-17, 466 Laforge, Charles A., 306, 439 Laird, Daniel F., 147, 153, 160, 314, 452 Laird, Kenneth E., 452 Lee, Alben J., 149, zso, 452 Lee, Charles E., 466 Lee, Hue P... 124, 114, 140, 149, 409 Lee, Norman W., 87, 452 Lee, Rod B., 302, 409 Lee, Stanford F., 409 Lee, William E., 320, 439 Lf., William J., zss. 465 Lee, Nvilliam T., 452 INDEX-Continued. Lide, Brooks S., 137, 298, 439 Lieli, Fl'edriClt T., 127, 157, 452 Ligon, Walter M., 378, 379 Lilly, Jim, 147, 262, -166 Lin, Chi-Chuaug, 109, 124, 157, Lindsay, Herbert E., 466 Lindsay, John C., 439 Lindsey, Charles M., 70, 323, 439 Lindsey, Thomas J., 117, 410 Lineberger, XVilliam F., 466 Linn, John V., 439 Lippard, Lewis L., 466 Little, Glenn T., 306, 410 Little, Robert M., 69, 175, 236, 242,452 Littlefield, James R., 113, 410 Liu, Frank F., 1-17, 439 Livingston, Robert C., 111, 121, 130, 410 Livingston, Thomas J., -166 Livingston, W'illi:1n1 C., 129, 155, 302, 439 Loard, Henry W., 3111, 452 Locklear, James P., 452 Loef, Frederic J., 239, 452 Lofblad, Robert P., 99, 149, 466 Logan, Edwin L., 452 Logue, Dannelly L., 466 Loh, Piang K., 452 147, 410 Ludwig, James C., 252, 466 Ludwig, Willis D., 126, 215. zu, 453 Lueders, Robert J., 126, 151, 155, 2118, 453 Lundy, John R., 466 Lupo, Edward D., 302, 466 Lush, Raymond L., 466 Lutter, Frederick C., 109, 411 Lymburner, Lawrence E., 266, 439 Lynch, Barry D., 75, 246, 411 Lynch, Charles J., 113, 411 Lyon, Richard R., 439 Lyon, Wilford C., 266, 466 Lyons, George J., 466 Lyons, William W., 124, 129, 302, 439 M Mabry, Richard B., 466 MacDonald, Robert N., 236, 292, 453 Long, Hiram S., 439 Macevirt, J. Michael, 255, 466 Macgregor, Daniel S., 355, 350, 453 Maddox, Jolm R., 298, 362, 3113, 411 Maddox, William B., 453 Magee, Kerry B., 453 Magoulas, Tony N., 466 Mahone, Thomas D., 127, 141, 1-15, 453 Maijaca, Michael E., 151, 453 Maizoub, Mohamed, 466 Leon-Ynrlt, Carlos. Lamas, Alexander C.. 115. 381 Lamb, Jol1n W., 249, 466 Lambe, Joe L., 246, 466 Lambert, Gerald, 466 Lambourne, Robert D., 379 Lambrecht, William G., 4011 Lampert, Leonard A., 466 Lancaster, John E., 64, 74, 104, 132, 174, 409 Leeds, Donald 1"1.. Leiter, Darryl J., 9 105.134, 276, 409 Leflillif, Paul L., 74, 125, 409 Leibowitz, Theodore, 239, Leigh, Gerald M., 67. 64. 70, 466 73, 111, 410 9, 276. 466 Lejk, RiCl1:1rd A.,67,110,121,132,149, 2113, 410 Lenholt, Richard E., 302, 3411, 439 466 Long, James A., 159, 155, 306, 452 Long, Jess F., 314,466 Long, Thomas O., 452 Long, Wilbur L., 323, 439 Long, William H., 236, 2110, 439 Longinu, Clifford L., 95, 141, 302, 466 Longo, Adriel, 466 Lord, Charlie R., 109, 410 Lord, Richard E., 158, 266, 452 Maloof, Nassire L., 292, 453 Mangham, Arnold, 236, 314. 453 Mann, Herman S., 453 Mann, James N., 466 Mannheimer, Richard J., 67, 80, 411 Mansfield, Charles T., 466 Mansfield, Joseph B., 250, 453 Marbut, Robert G., 69, 99, 115, 151, 258, 453 Lane, Frank F., 67, 64, 70, 86, 120, 132, 306, 409 Leppert, Alfred M., 95. 117, 124, 158, 256, 318, 452 . Larimer, 1an G., 439 Lott, Francis M., 245, 466 Lott, Luther S., 298, -152 Marcum, Everett, 147, 439 Marcus, Hal E., 137, 276, 439 Markwalrer, George E., 149, 175, 298, 439 Lane, Robert S., 230. 466 Lang, Nelson C., 148, 452 Lerdon, Wesley E.. Lepore, Donald A., 149, 466 252, 466 Love, John M., 452 Marncy, Thomas E., 453 Lnngswm juscpl, L, 143, 452 Marshall, Slater E., 63, 84, 90, 100, 102, Leslie, William F. , 439 Lowery, H. J., 77. 439 Lanier, jack D., 126. 113, 459 Leslie, William 1-1., 302, 466 Lessig, Claude A., 113, 439 Love, Peter S., 466 Love in, Charles E., 274, -153 Lowe, W'ill7ur l7., 466 124, 126, 142, 302, 439 Marston, Lloyd E., 140, 141, 145, 295, 466 Martellotto, Nicholas A., 149, 453 Leverette, Thomas J.. 258, 452 Lanier, Jerry XV., 452 Lanier, Robert L.. 109. 409 Lanier, William T., 140, 439 Lanthrop, Stanley P., 157, 409 Lansing, Paul B., 95. 302, 452 Levin, Jack D., 141, 239, 452 Levine, Zelvin, 80, 379 Levy, Myron B., 130. 276, 410 Lowery, Needham H., 452 Lowi, Alvin, 379 Lowndes, Thomas, 141, 452 Martin, Albert L., 109, 159, 466 Martin, Alexander L., 155, 466 hdnrtin, C. Bernard, 113, 310, 439 Lai-izza, Edward D., 452 Levy, Ronald C., 83, 439 Lowrance, Lawson H., 115, 306, 410 Martin, Charles J., 466 Lasater, Jolm P., 270, 452 Leware, James F., 242, 452 Lowry, Terrell N., 379 Martin, Clouis E., 109, 411 Lassetter, Lewis A., 147, 178, 452 Lewis, Evan L., 150, 292, 452 Lubel, Allen M., 239, 452 Martin, Curtis S., 77, 109, 147, 411 Latour, Claude L.. 149, -166 Lewis, J. Edwin, 127, 141, 314, 466 Lucci, Armando D., 270, 410 Martin, Frank P., 140, 236, 292, 439 Laughridge, Hal D., 452 Lewis, John S., 270, 466 Luck, George E., 453 Martin, George W., 453 Lavender, Wendell E., 109, 118, 409 Liddell, Drew C., 250, 410 Lucky, Lewis J., 236, 255, 379 Martin, Harry E., 155, 466 One of Amerzcak Fafteft Growuzg S P e c i a l t y Life Inmmnce lmtitzmom Coastal States Life Insurance Company -- HOME OFFICE Distributin Company Distributors of ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES in 1459 P621C11tI'6C Street, N. E. ATLANTA SAVANNAH MACON ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHATTANOOGA AUGUSTA ALBANY C omplimenti Of G0ULnMAN-TABER PONTIAC, INC. ARISTOCRAT ICE CREAM All the Name Implier ARISTDCRAT ICE CREAM C0. 161 IVY STREET, N. E. PHONE CY. 7566 165 Haynes St., S. W. MA. 3453 495 CATERPILLAR is a name that means big things to ENGINEERS AND AGRICULTURISTS Yancell Bggs. Atlanta, 1540 Northside Dr., NE Augusta, 1781 15th St. Phone EL. 3741 Phone 3-2241 Burford, Hall and Smith Power Bc Industrial Plant Equipment Water Works Pumping Machinery Power Plants ATLANTA, GEORGIA HURT at QUIN I fzmnzvzce U mi erwrizerr STANDARD BUILDING ATLANTA GEORGIA BR00iKS-ALLISQN C0. if at if ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS ENGINEERS ak 'A' 'k ATLANTA, GEORGIA Whatever You Desire In GOOD FOOD- The BEST is Right on Campus Brittain Dining Hall Boarding Plan, Cafeteria Style, Table Service, Banquets, Smokers llVizb N ew Modern Eqnipmeazt BRADLEY BUILDING Between Classes Snacks, Fountain, Short Orders Martin Martin Martin Martin Martin , James Ii., 137. 250, 411 , James J., 466 , juhn R., 246, 466 . Robert E., 453 , Robert M., 466 Martin, Warren D., 109, 439 Martin, William R., 302, 466 Martin Martin Martin Martin dale, Robert F., 466 ez, Alberto, 314, 466 ez, Armando, 439 ez, Francisco R., 453 Mason, Asbury M., 75, 214, 100, 178, 274 411 Mason, Wilson Y., 466 Massce, Joseph S., 306, 466 Mathews, Harland E., 242, 466 Mathis, Clemothcne, 466 Mathis, Darryl E., 466 Mathis, James B., 466 Matthews, Luther J., 466 Matthews, William C., 453 Mattison, Richard C., 101, 114, 274, 336, 453 Matzner, Rudolph N., 84, 110, 147, 262, 411 Mau, Edward H., 318, 453 Maugans, Harry G., 411 Maulding, William R., 453 Mauldin, James H., 379 Maxwell, Thomas H.. 453 May, Jacob T., 120, 318, 453 May, Mallory S., 453 May, Robert M., 111, 411 Maynard, Charles N., 466 Mazal, Harry W., 466 Mazeau, Ronald, 255, 466 McAdam, Edward H., 466 McAlister, James A., 107, 114, 412 McArdle, Lawrence F., 453 Mcllrayer, Thomas E., 453 McBride, Michael G., 155, 466 McCalla, Eugene D., 67, 71, 77. 124. 270 439 McCallum, Ralph G., 122, 318, 453 MCCammon, Horace R., 306, 453 McCarthy, John A., 73, 113, 412 McCaugl'lan, Robert H., 466 McCaughey, John W., 310, 453 McCauley, James E., 137, 439 McClellan, Theodore M., 250, 412 Mcclendon, Jack P., 114, 151. 266, 453 McClesltey, Carl M., 466 McCloskey, James M., 151, 270, 453 STUDENT INDEX-Confinued. McClnng, Frank L., 453 McCollum, Jerry D., 453 McConnell, James D., 285, 466 McCook, James W., 1-11, 274, 466 McCord, James R., 67, 65, 71,107, 114, 412 McCormick, George E., 306, 453 McCormick, Katherine G., 149, 322, 466 McCormick, Robert L., 466 McCowen, Albert I., 262, 466 McCoy, Huey E., 466 McCranie, Charles R., 320, 439 McCrary, Emrhet K., 120, 133, 320, 439 Ml:Crary, Robert E., 298, 467 McCrorey, Roy B., 250, 453 McDaniel, Charles E., 147, 453 McDaniel, Charles H., 467 McDaniel, William S., 274, 467 McDonell, Richard H., 453 McDonough, Russell B., 98, 266, 439 McDowell, Edward D., 242, 453 McDowell, George M., 318, 453 Mclilveen, William H., 467 McFa1and, McGarity, John C., 292, 439 P315 F., 97, 266, 439 MCGIII, David W., 262, 353, 412 McGarrity, Addison L., 122, 453 McGaughy, Edward L., 453 MCGEC, James P., 111, 121, 130, 270, 412 McGinley , Pat H., 467 McGirt, Henry H., 467 McGoogan, Joe T., 467 Mclnrosh, Charles A., 453 McIntyre, George B., 467 McIntyre, Robert L., 69. 124, 157, 467 McKenzie, Jerry M., 302, 467 McKenzie, McKinney, McKoy, J. McLaugh1i William S., 262, 453 Don D., 120,419 Wade H., 439 n, Isaac G., 118, 157, 439 McLean, Richard, 155, 453 McLees, William L., 467 McLemore, Hollis N., 127, 306, 467 McLendon, Jay R., 467 McLure, Robert G., 467 McMahon, Richard O., 467 McMaster, David G., 69, 467 McMillan, John F., 285, 453 McMillan. Robert F., 439 McMi1lian, Lonnie S., 109, 412 McNair, Donald W., 295, 467 McNair, L McPherson arry D., 439 ,Fred XV., 118, 141. 2115. 412 McQuaig, Gerbert E., 439 McSheehy, Richard K., 270, 439 McWhorter, Henry S., 467 McWhorter, Thomas R., 453 Meacham, George O., 467 Meaders, Donald R., 453 Meadors, Fletcher E., 453 Meadow, Theodore B., 306, 439 Meadows, Roberts A., 69, 453 Meeker, William A., 236, 306, 453 Meeks, James M., 85, 141, 151, 440 Meeks, john H., 140, 440 Mehaffey, George P., 453 Mellichamp. Duncan A., 246, 467 Mrlrriri, Robert D., 75, 175, 262,412 Melton, Howard I., 115, 263. 440 Mendonca, Joseph L., 149, 467 Mercer, Martyn C., 711, 113, 126, 155, 288, 440 Meredith, James C., 107, 114, 302, 412 Merkl, Alvin 1-1.,ll1, 121, 292,412 Mcrl, Frank H., 467 Merrell, Jerry W., 440 Merrell, Willard R., 314, 453 Merritt, Cecil R., 321, 453 Merry, Kenneth H., 105, 298, 467 Martins, Harry B., 292, 467 Metcalf, William H., 142, 274, 412 Meyer, David A., 69, 115, 295, 453 Meyer, John J., 467 Meyers, Fred W., 111.135, 413 Michael, James B., 292, 453 Michel, Barbara D., 84, 19, 111, 157, 322, 440 Middleton, James B., 151, 453 Middleton, Sanford G., 467 Mieher, David C., 101, 274, 457 Mier, John A., 310, 467 Miles, julian P., 4-10 hlillcr, Allen W., III, 151, 440 Miller, Don S., 270, 338, 453 Miller, Edmond T., 73, 113, 174, 280, 413 Miller, Frederick J., 111, 121, 135, 453 Miller, Herbert L., 379 Miller, Hiram C., 263, 413 Miller, Jack C., 266, 467 Miller, Mark A., 140, 266, 453 Miller, Marion A., 292, 467 Miller, Mark B., 127, 467 Miller, Ralph B., 141, 151,467 Miller. Ray M., 440 Miller, Robert G., 155, 270, 467 Miller, Scott S., 71, 242, 440 Miller, Wendell R., 128, 271, 440 Millikan, Robert C., 283, 467 Mills, Robert M., 318, -153 Mills, William W., 467 Milnes, Peter A., 113, 413 Milton, David, 239, 467 Minor, James E., 128, 453 Minter, John R., 467 Minton, Dennis C., 440 Miranda Luis G., 67, 71, 107, 114, 149, 440 Mitchell, George C., 413 Mitchell, James O., 310, 467 Mitchell, Jerry R., 280, 467 Mitchell, Paul L., 255, 467 Mitchell, Thomas A., 453 Mitchell , Tolen R., 314, 467 Mirrhell, Wide T., 59, 101, 236, 274, ns, 453 Mitchell, William N., 19, 75, 14, loo, 102, iso, 137, 142, 174, 175, 274,413 Mixon, John W., 113, 318, 440 Mixon, Richards M,, 94, 115, 274, 413 Mize, Bruce W., 128, 453 Moad, Mohamed F., 77, 413 Moak, Rodney L., 413 Molinelli, John J., 467 Monahan, Robert E., 111, 121, 413 Monger, Frank M., 84, 99, 137, 246, 413 Monroe, Donald H., 151, 321, 454 Monroe, G. Devon, 79, 105, 246, 440 Montgomery, Floyd A., 413 Moody, Daniel M., 467 Moody, Robert L., 113, 440 Moon, Gerald R., 467 Moon, Richard A., 467 Moon, Weyman C., 440 Mooney, Walter E., 118, 280, 467 Moore, David F., 274, 454 Moore, Dudley L., 298, 459. 467 Moore, Edward A., 133, 440 Moore, George C., 310, 467 Moore, Hiram E., 109, 440 Moore, James G., 67, 71, 72, 133, 266, 440 Moore, James T., 115, 2811, 454 Moore, Jimmy D., 274, 467 Moore, Joe I., 111, 298, 440 Moore, Joseph P., 467 Moore, L. Silas, 467 Moore, Robert C., 74, 440 Moore, William J., 117, 298, 414 Moore, William T., 292, 454 Moorman, James H., 440 Scarratifs Garage, Inc. AAA AAA 24 Hour Service 588 SPRING STREET, N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA ELgin 4856 BALLARIPS Dirpeming Opticmm 'ICIP A Walter Ballard Ilptical Co. Tfaree Store! 105 PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING W. W. ORR DOCTORS BUILDING Southeastern Radio Parts Co. 400 W. Peachtree St., N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Atlanta Roofing Supply Co. Dezzlem and Applicators ASPHALT AND ASBESTOS ROOFING AND SIDING 66 Fifth sr., N. W. AT. 9727 AHANTA, GA. 497 Nichols, STUDENT Morcos, Pikry N., 379 Murphy. Crawford O., 467 Moreiras, jose, 1311, 467 Murphy, james L., 149, -154 Moreland, Thomas D., 65, 75, 113, 41-1 Murphy, johnson L., 135, -154 Morclli, Antonio, 120, 130, 315, 414 Murphy, Lewis T., 155, 313, 454 Morgan, james R., 1154 Murphy, Raleigh E., 135, -167 Morgan, john E., 298, 379 Murrah, Charles A., 454 Morgan, Thomas XV., 77, 380 Murray, james T., 130, 295, 454 Morgan, Williani E., 27-1, -167 Murray, Larry N., 521, -11-1 Mori, jean A., 101, 274, 467 Murray, Thomas P., 454 Morrell, Henry P., 276. 467 Murray, Walter D., 117, -114 Morris, Billy L., 288, 467 Morris, Guy V., 69, 454 INDEX-Continued. Niehuss, Orian S., 454 Nielson, George 1. T., 67, 65, 86, 120, -115 Nix, Arliss H.,119, 255, 440 Nix, XY'alter E., 255, 467 Noe, james M., -167 NUR, Al2XJ1'1t.lC1' F., 313, 440 Nortlal, Donald A., 71, S3, 117, 1I1U,133, 111, 285, 440 Norris, Troy P., 151, 285, -15-4 North, james E., -115 Myatt, Kenneth E., 440 Myers, Mark D., 239, 414 Northern, Harry O., 109, -115 Nurthup, Ernest H., 141, 292, -167 Owens, Farley R., 145, 2-16, 468 Owens, Malcolm P., 85, -1-10 Oxford, Eddie C., 130, 266, 454 Ozment, Burton R., 468 P Paden, Ralph S., 63, 84, 91, 9-1, 102 142, 302, -116 Padgett, Larry R., 468 Padron, Carlos S., -168 Palmer, Eugene H., 111, 4-10 111, Palmer, Max T., 67, 73, 113, 1-l-1, 416 Morris, james 1., 151, 454 Myers, Robert A., 149, -1-54 Norwood, George R., 81, 91, 104, 131, 263, Pantalco, Peter P., 83, 117, 441 Morris, james L., 175, 335, 414 Myrick, Richard S., 113, 122, 275, 4-40 415 Pape, Eugene H., 283, 4611 Miiffiii james XV., 467 Nunamalter, Robert R., 45-1 Pardue, Ralph P., 97, 242, -1-11 Morris, john W., 454 N Nygaard, Robert C., 78, 126, 155, 4-10 Parkel, Franklin T., 155, 468 Morris, Orrill H., -167 Naltagawa, Tatsuo. 467 Parker, Albert N., 91, 299, 468 Morris, Philip E., 131, 2-12, -140 Nash, Gilbert R., 467 O Parker, Donald B., 72, 111, 125, Morrison, Bill C., 130, 266, -11-1 Nash, Marshall ll., -167 Olaerlies, Robert H., 149, -167 133,-l-ggr,-l,yl,n Lu 453 Morrison, john M., 1711, 274. 467 Nason, George li., 246, -15-1 O'Bryant, Richard O., 69, 109, 119, 515, Parker, jonathan E., -168 Morrison, Mot j., 72, 111, 174, 175, 299 Nathanson, Lewis S., 1-19, 266, -1-10 -15-1 Parker, Patrick N., 95, 103, -1611 41-l Navia, Charles A., 100, 1-19, 310, 4-10 Ochoa, Santiago, -154 Parker, Richard j., 271, -154 Morrison, Raymond M., 271, 4-10 Neal, john A., 111, 246, 440 O'Connor, Gerald A., 250, 45-1 Parks, john L., 468 Morrow, Henry L., -140 Nease, Darvin S., -167 O'Donnel1, Charles lf., 1-49, -167 Parks, XV. john, 127, -15-1 Morse, Arthur R., 111, ZSO, -1-10 Negas, Ted, -15-1 Ogburn, Lloyd A., -167 Parnelle, jack, 45-1 Morton, Elmer L., 67, 80, 107, 11-1, 440 Nelms, joseph E., 104, 127, 246, 414 Oertel, Fritz H., 151, 285, -154 Parr, Thomas M., 468 Moseley, Oliver S., 467 Nelson, Cecil K., -154 Ogburn, Otis H., -167 Parramore, Herman VP., 299, -16S Moseley, Ronald H., 137, 3111, -1-10 Nelson, Freeman B., 117, 414 Ogram, William A., 109, 415 Parrish, Emory C., 380 Moser, liill R., -167 Nesmith, XVilson R., 2-16, 454 O'Keeffe, Xvhilney C., 95, 467 Parrish, Gavin P., -1-5-1 Moser, Hugh E., 1-17, 440 Nettles, Charles W., 1-17, 302, 467 O'Kelley, james D., -167 Parrish, Neil A., 145, 2-12, 468 Moses, Claude S., 242, 440 Nettles, Williant 1-1., 107, 292, -115 Oldham, john H., 467 Parrott, Robert C., 115, 318, -141 Moses, Henry E., 467 Newberry, Beniamin H., 135, -1-10 Olivares, Carlos, 111, 121, 124, 149, 237, Parrott, Valvartl D., 468 Mosny, Albert, -167 Newberry, Rufus M., 467 2115, 4-10 Partridge, Allyn B., 380 Moss. George D., 99, -154 Newberry, Thomas W., 155, 242, 467 Oliver, Andrew G., 62, 8-1, 91, 98, 102, Partridge, XVilliam K., 1051, 468 Moss, William L., 12-1, 1-15, 454 Newell, john R., 111, 246, 415 258, -140 Passmore, Harry, 150, 292, 4-11 Moss, XVilliam R., 118, 141, 155, -15-1 Newman, john S., 110, 142, 275, 415 Oliver, james T., 258, 468 Pasyanos, Emmanuel N., 135, 519, 45-1 Mote, Fred T., 72, -140 Newman, William S., 321, -15-1 Oliver, XVilliam F., 468 Pataky, john T., 8-1, 97, 116, -116 Mott, Milton R., 110, 132, 151, 106, 440 Newsom, McRay, 440 Olsen, Melvin C., 253, 468 Pate, Forrest XV., 454 Mott, Roger W., 1-17, 2115, -167 Newton, Gene, 242, 467 O'Neal, Edward A., 1-11, 292, -168 Paterson, jacli R., 275, -168 119- Moye, james D., 440 Newton, james H., 67, 77, 109, Mueller, Huel j., 45-1 -115 Mulhcrin, Robert M., -167 Newton, William R., 258, -15-1 Mulholland, Kenneth S., 145, 467 Nicander, Martin T., 2110, -140 Mullen, james j., 114. 283, 454 Niehelson, jack D., -115 Mullins, joseph C., 521, 380 Nicholas, Homer B., 454 Mullis, Charles H., 73, 113, 299, 414 Alfred C., 95, 145, 302, -167 Ottley, june D., 250, 468 Pattillo, Robert S., 128, 454 Mullis, Donald A., 45-1 Nichols, Freddie P., 467 Murchison, john D., -1-10 Murdoch, Strother E.. -167 Murphey, Thomas H., 467 Nicholson, Howard B., 276, -167 Nickels, Alfred S., 267, 467 Nirltelson, Richard L., 467 174 O'Neal, john B., 155, 255, 45+ K Patterson, Daniel j., 468 O'Rear, Charles VV., 246, -140 Patterson, David P., 275, -168 Orth, Robert L., 73, 113, 1.12, 1-13, 415 Patterson, Helen j., 151, 522, 468 Orth, XVilliam XV., 67, 73, 112, 113, 143, Patterson, james T., 67, 72, -1-16 360, 416 Patterson, XX'ilbur L., 67, 71, 115 6 Ortiv, Marco A., 149, -154 Patterson, William B., 263, 468 Osborne, Fred j., 91, 292, -159, -168 Patterson, X17illiam O., 275, -154 Otwell, Orville V., -140 Patton, William XV., 86, 263, -1-11 Overlay, james R., 454 Overend, XVa1ter j., 67, 86, 120, 416 Paul, Lois C., 145, 468 Paulk, john R., 454 416 CRESCENT Murphree, Leland C., 11-1, 454 Nicklow, Robert M., 467 Overman, Larry j., 454 Paulk, Linton A., 151, 2-16, -15-1 Murphy, Charles A., -167 Niedner, Charles E., -115 Overstreet, james l-., 506, -4-10 Payne, Edwin A., 97, 468 Murphy, Charles C., 1-19, 255, -167 Niedermeyer, Oscar D., 95, 45-1 Owen, Henry N., 77, 141, 416 Payne, jack V., 1-11, 45-1 Atlanta Textile Machinery Company STEEL ROLL SPECIALISTS GENERAL REPAIRS AND PARTS 598 Means St., N. VU. Tel. EL. 4877 Use Lockwood Centrifugal Pumps For Your Air Conditioning System BUILT IN ATLANTA SPANG CHALFANT - Conduit and E.M.T. - Wire, Cable and Cords THAN 30 YEARS of continuously serving the electrical sup- ply wleoiesalers of the Southeast has en- abled us to accumulate knowledge that can be invaluable in solving all of your electrical supply problems. The full resources of Edgar E.- Outlet Boxes and Fittings STEEL CITY WAGNER - KINDORF - E.M.T. Fittings Conduit 81 Pipe Supports Dawes 8. Company are GT your disposal for better elec- rricol service. E. E. pgwggg '13 A 4? 111,18 NORTlI BRIDTIIERS Inrzflazion for HOT AND COLD PIPE AND EQUIPMENT Atlanta - Savannah - Knoxville - Columbia Orlando - Birrningham DUBIISE - EGLESTIIN B. M. DUBOSE, JR. AGENTS HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE CO. HARTFORD ACCIDENT 64 INDEMNITY CO. LAmar 4951 Trust Co. of Ga. Bldg. Atlanta, Ga Moccasin Bushing Company CHATTANOOOA, TENNESSEE Manufacturers of bronze bearings for Original Equipment Manufacturers Since 1908 MANUFACTURERS M 3 c D 0 U G A L Of C 0 N S T . C 0 . Cotton Fabrics Waterproofed Canvas Canvas Products Cotton, Burlap and Multiwall Paper Bags Polyethylene Bags and Drum Liners Fulton Bag and Cotton Mills ATLANTA, GA. Dallas Denver Kansas City, Kans. St. Louis New Orleans Minneapolis New York Savannah Los Angeles, Calif. H eavy C 07Z5Z1'ZLCli07Z O ROADS, RAILROADS, DRYDOCKS BRIDGES, GRADING 85 PAVING Northside Drive ATLANTA, GEORGIA Welcome Tech Men D U N L A P TABLE SERVICE - CAR SERVICE A N D Atlizntaif N ewan and Lnrgefz N012-Alcoholic Drive-In and Dining C 0 M P A N Y Room Type Bmineu f IN S U R A N C E THE PICKRICK , Since 1395 891 Hemphill C Luckie Streetj , N.W. ATLANTA GEORGIA Five Blockx N ortb of Georgia Tech Jersey Ice Cream Co. ENGRAVED INVITATIONS VISITING CARDS STATIONERY 6 J. P. Stevens En ravin Com an 784 NORTH HIGHLAND AVE. g g P y 110 Peachtree Street ELgin 1076 ATLANTA DANNEMAN'S SUPER MARKET 6 "We Cater to Tesla Fmteriiitief' 6 11 Northside Dr., S. W. CY. 5518 LA. 9852 Payne, james W., 468 Payne, Leo S., 106, 441 Peace, Stuart E., 271, 414 Peacock, james W., 99, 144, 306, 468 Peavy, james L., 84, 174, 303, 416 Peck, Stanley j., 239, 414 Peckinpaugh, Charles l.., 267, 454 Peck, Horace H., 149, 468 Peelcr, Miller A., 414 Pcllicciotti, Gabriel P., 149, 468 Pcls, Werner, 74, 416 Penhallegon, Lee C., 299, 468 Percival, Dan S., 107, 285, 441 Perez, Alfred j., 441 Perkins, Perkins Billy F., 468 ,William F., 468 Perry, Elton P., 71, 174, 171, 314, 416 Perryman, jack P., 113, 305, 441 Pervis, Andrew B., 99, 147, 303, 441 Petermann, Thomas E., 111. 122, 417 Peters, Peters, Peters , Bennie H., 237, 295, 454 john E., 468 john 1... 414 Peters, Richard C., 111, 417 Peterson. David S., 417 Peterson, Ray M., 151, 414 Peterson, Richard A., 141, 271, 468 Pettigrew, john O., 454 Peyton, Ray M., 414 Pfannkuche, Troy E., 441 Phelps, Phelps, Phenix, Phillips Phill ips 1 ll Phillips Phillips Phillips David A., 414 Perry D., 468 1 Oman R 71 117, 275, 337, 417 417 41 ., , . ,Billy M., 104, 323, ,Cecil R., xx, so, 72, 114, 96, 102, , l44,111, 242, 417 , Clarence VU., 117. 310, 417 , David S., 246, 468 Phillips, james D., 299, 414 , james L., 468 Phillips, jon L., 4611 Phillips, Williani A., 130, 215, 454 Phipps, Harry E., 98, 107, 130, 237, 288, 417 Pickren, Lovett B., 81, 305, 417 Pickren Pierce, Pierce, Pierce, ,Roy A., 237, 267, 414 Damon P., 468 john A., iss, 267, -iss john G., 149, -ass Pierce, john H., 468 Pierro, Pike, R Pincus, john A., 149, 468 obcrt D., 292, 411 Robert B., 313, 441 STUDENT INDEX-Confinued. Pinltard, johnny E., 468 Pinnell, joseph K., 91, 94, 144, 149, 1711, 219, -145, 411 Pinson, Charles L., 130, 271, 441 Pirkle. Donald S., 468 Pitts, William E., 441 Pivnik, Bernard, 119, 441 Plaisance, james .l-, 109, 111, 441 Plambeck, Kenneth E., 130, 315, 441 Plowden, Guy A., 468 Pollard, Ralph E., 468 Pond, Charles D., 242, 451 Pool, Daniel F., 4611 Pope, Warren S., 417 Popovich, Ray L., 468 Poppe, james R., 77. 109, Porter, james C., 451 Porter, john j., 213, 441 Porter, Robert L., 130, 310, 417 Porter, William S., 455 Portwood, Henry R., 137, 141, 259, 441 Postell, William N., 178, 303, 468 Poston, Charles A., 288, 468 Potate, john S., 468 Poteet, james 1i., 468 Potter, Dixon G., 451 Potts, john P., 147, 468 Poupard, Robert E., 77, 109, 119, 441 119.125, 417 Powell, Charlie H., 271, 468 Powell, Gene R., 451 Powell, 1-1aIB., 155, 145, 319, 468 Powell, james S., 411 Powell, Richard O., 292, 418 Power, Harry D.. 109, 441 Powers, james E., 111, 263, 418 Powers. .lohn R., 143, 311, 468 Powers, Lewis E., 114, 441 Powers, Sidney A., 111, 380 Prager, Beirne M., 91, 276, 468 Pratt, Calvin L., 418 Pratt, Prank YW., 468 Pratt, Maurice D., 67, 72, 111, 121,119, 293, 4111 Pratt, Parks W., 468 Pratt, Richard B., 411 Precht, David, 157, 441 Preddy. Fred A., 99, 271, 415 Pressley, Richard lf., 111, 319, 468 Presson, Banks R., 451 1'rice,,10hn P., 319, -ies Price, Lewis, 81, 217, 275, 418 Price, Tommy E., 111, 468 Prieto, Francisco R., 117, 138, 418 Prieto, juan j., Prikel, Klaus, 111, 380 Prine, Ken C., 468 R., 113, 2110, 441 R., 451 111, -141 277, 411 M., 69, 111, 451 67,114, 259, 441 117, 11s,41s Prolast, William Proctor, Charles Proctor, jay C., Propp, Robert R., Propst, Franklin Prosser, Frank P., Prosser, Thomas Provo, james L., Provost, Robert Pruitt, Daniel D., Pruitt, Fleming S., 293, 468 Pruitt, james E., 62. 81, 94, Puckett, Hubert L., 441 Pulitlo, jose, 118, 468 Pullum, Don P., 468 Purvine, Harvey N., 468 Putman, Donald H., 271, 411 Pylei.10hn T., 141, 4611 E., 242, 451 311, 468 C., 72,117, 288, 468 210, 411 Q Querry, William Y., 468 Quigley, Albert j., 263, 441 Quigley, Richard B., 468 R Rabe, Richard E., 285, 441 Rackley, Otis D., 271, 468 Radford, Wlilbur E., 411 Ragland, Max A., 468 Rahner, joseph D., 468 Rai, P. Bhagwandas, 3110 Raine, joseph S., 271, 4111 129, 111, 441 Raniey, Russell D., 71, 126, 137, 210, 418 Raitch, Frederick A., 140, 119, 441 Raleigh, john L., 295, 468 Ramsey, Robert W., 711, 151, 140, 281, Randall, Hoke S., 271, 411 Randall, William T., 104, 4111 Randle, Donald L., 72, 242, 418 Ranew, Robert C., 319, 451 Rangel, Rafael A., 455 Ranieri, Richard A. j., 104, 121, 419 Rank, Gilbert R., 411 Rankin, Robert E., 117, 122, us, 321, Ransom, Harry L., 468 Raspberry, Everett T., 219, 419 Rathbun, john P., 267, 411 Rather. Daniel B., 299, 411 Billy P., 468 Claude G., 120, 419 RSV. Ray, Ray, Donald L., 311, 451 Ray, james S., 411 4 41 18 9 Raymond, Robert E., 111, 468 Read, Read, Kenneth F., 83, 117, 419 Robert D., 468 Ready, Samuel L., 455 Reardon, Daniel E., 114, 415 Reboso, jose M., 118, 415 Recchio, Donald A., 111, 451 Rector, Philip G., 81,1l7,1Z1,1l1, 419 Redfearn. Alec F., 291, 411 Redford, David E., 75, 171, 313, 419 Redman, Frederick L., 4611 Reece, Reed, Wfayne P., 263, 419 Bogart S., 415 Reed, Charles L., 415 Reed, George C., 101, 242, 419 Reed, George F., 381 Reed, john S., 101, 468 Reed, Xvilliam A.,109,l19, .111, 411 Reed, William R., 441 Reese. john L., 130, 137, 210, 419 Reese, johnny M., 111, 415 Reeves, Charles E., 468 Reeves. Hazard E., 219, 468 Reeves, john B., 310, 451 Reeves, Randolph W., 246, 441 Reeves, Robert G., 468 Reeves, Robert P., 319, 411 Reid, Fred D., 415 Reid, Randall K., 468 Remso a, jack G., 119, 119, 455 Re11, Michael C., 242, 419 Reynolds, George P., 80, 84, 94, 107, 114, 129, 419 Reynolds, john T., 411 Reynolds, Leon T., 113, 441 Rhodes, Clem O., 411 Rhodes, Edward S., 239, 468 Rhodes, Pentrcss, 109, 119, 145, 237, 291, 441 R110ClE5, Frilnli R., 101,121, 319, 441 Ririls, Hildreth S., 111, 420 Rice, Pat H., 110, 210, 441 Rich, Forrest E., 420 Rich. Roger L.. 299, 451 Richards, jimmy B., 468 Richardson, Donald V., 306, 468 Richardson, Elmo A., 468 Richardson, Hunter W., 468 Richardson, james G., 96, 267, 455 Richardson, jewett E., I11, 411 Richardson, Norris H., 141, 469 Richey, Robert G., 441 Richm ond, Clinton Q., 217, 253, 441 FRANK GRAHAM C0. Lincoln - Mercury 600 W. Peachtree Street, N. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA Newcomb 8: Boyd C orzmlting Engineers Electrical Air Conditioning Heating Plumbing 1205 Spring St., N. NW., Atlanta, Ga. cf .f,. juli f...' 111.11 .fe fgsnsgi. I N. - bi AL' 1158.4 1.3.1 4 ,qc NV S P' . 611- f 1,14 4 -e Xa ,W , -sigf gg N Q 53 "'r 1' ii-WA "Otto" the Orkin Man World's Largest Pest Control Company Orkin Exterminufing Company FOR SERVICE CALL VE. 9283 Call EM. 4541 713 W. Peachtree St. Look at Your Sboer, Eixerywze Elie Does Have them repaired at Mads Shoe Shop 970 Hemphill 5 HUBEHT AND IIUMPANY ASSUIIIATES fngineel-ing bizliffion Q EIB Poplar Street ATLANTA 3, BEUHBIA ' Riddick, Daniel D,, 251, 469 Riddle, Dennis R., 137, 142, 420 Riley, Edward NV., 469 Riley. Robert S., 113, 122, zw, 441 Rinell, john E., 288, 455 Ringwalt, Robert W., 283, 469 Ripley, Thomas A., 299, 455 Rissc, Ben j., 455 Risse, Peter G., 469 Rittelmeyer, George A,, 95, 127, 149, 246, 469 Rittelmeyer, john M., 99. 127, 149, 246, 455 Ritter, Klaus H., 455 Rives, Robert A., 83, 117, 303, 420 Rivzo, joseph, 121, 130, 306, 420 Roach, jerry B., 469 Roane, Peter A., 299, 455 Robelo, Arnoldo M., 469 STUDENT INDEX-Continued. Rogers, Augustus C.. 469 Rogers, Lester j., 469 Rogers, Marhrey L,, 455 Rogers, Wallace B., 117, 420 Rogers, Walter M.. 67, 77, 109, 119, 306, 421 Rogers, William H., 127, 315, 455 Roller, john E., 67, 65, 71, 73, 91,113, no, 135, 321, 421 Rollins, Roy G., 120, 135, 455 Rolston, Franklin E., 295, 455 Rose, Samuel B., 239, 469 Roseborough, Boykin M., 271, 469 Rosende, Armando, 117, 122, 150, 321, 421 Ross, Dwight H., 141, 145, 469 Ross, joe O., 155, 441 Rosselot, Richard G., 67, 178, 247, 441 Rossitto, William G., 456 Roth, Frank P., 421 Victor M., 469 Robledo, Roberts, Roberts, Roberts, Rouben, Henry P., 469 Saint, Hugh M., 135, 442 Sale, Oliver H., 305, 442 Sales, Arthur T., 469 Sallee, john P., 128, 469 Salter, Eugene T., 469 Salvador, Mario F., 456 Salzman, jay A., 67, 237, 259, 442 Sampcra, Ernest O., 158, 469 Sanders, james R., 257, 299, 422 Sanders, Wylie H., 469 Sandifer, Carl H., 469 Sanford, Brian W., 151, 519, 456 Sapp, Aubrey E., 469 Sapp, joseph C., 295, 456 Saravo, james V., 135, 155, 319, 456 Sargent, Bryan B., 72, 111, 121, 124, 442 Saterbak, Weas'er W., 83, 117, 174, 175, 242, 422 Satterwhite, Henry G., 442 Szuls, Thurman B., 469 Ben W.,117.zs1, 420 Clifford I... 3811 George T., 441 Roberts, H. Edmund, 155, 469 Roberts, Hugh R., 97, 99, 129, 503, 455 Roberts, james B., 99, 246, 441 Roberts, james G., 69, 151, 271, 455 Roberts, joe H., 128, 455 Roberts, Linwood, 53-1, 420 Roberts, Marion Lee, -155 Roberts, M-arion L., 455 Roberts. Philip C., 259, 469 Roberts, Roy A., 147, 441 Roberts, Vernon T., 67, 115, 257, 246, 441 Roberts, Willis R., 73, 115. 124. 153, 420 Robertson, Charles W., 117, 420 Robertson, Tim C.. 69, 455 Robinson, Charles S., -155 Robinson, Glover H., 259, 441 Robinson, jacob I., 277, 469 Robinson, james C., 247, 469 Robinson, Louie N.. 263, 469 Robinson, Reginald E., 151, 455 Robinson, William M., 253, 455 Robison, David M., 469 Roche, Edward j., 1212, 311, 469 Rodgers, john C., 149, 267, 455 Rourk, john W., 149, 299, 441 Row, john T., 84, 305, 421 Rowden, Fred E., 441 Rowsc, john C., 469 Rozelle, George D., 114, 456 Rozellc, james A., 151, 285, 469 Ruark, Rayford C., 302, 469 Rubesch, Rudy A., 150, 255, 441 Rubinson, Alan H., 313, 421 Rullin, Larry W., 265, 421 Ruley, Charles L., 469 Ruple, Marion T., 109, 119, 319, 441 Rushin, Robert K., 503, 456 Russ, james L., 101, 255, 469 Russ. Robert M., 86. 120, 149, 441 Russell, Bob E., 469 Russell, Richard C. W., 65, 67, 80, 107, 114,421 Rust, Francis G. D., 130, 143, 145, 257, 315, sm, 442 Ruth, joseph K., 119, 144, 421 Rutland, Cary H., 271, 442 Rutledge, james F., 107, 271, 421 Ryan, Daniel j., 289, 469 Ryan, james W., 3110 Rylee, Louie W., 319, 469 Ryther, Iienley, 113, 421 Savage, David B., 321, 469 Savage, Preston R., 99, 143, 271, 422 Savell, William H., 302, 456 Sayers, Sayers, Robert S., 242, 442 Thomas A., 255, 456 Scarbrough, Charles F., 242, 469 Searpetta, Reinaido, 315, 456 Schaefer. Richard A., 422 Schaff, Meredith C., 152, 295, 456 Schaffer, William A., 137, 247, 442 Schalow, Peter S., 69, 86, 120, 128, 135, 442 Schardt, Bruton B., 380 Seherl, Marvin S., 141, 315, 469 Schemmel, Leo B., 306, 456 Schiavone, Eugene, 120, Schiff, Bernard, 315, 456 Schill, Thomas V., 311, 456 Schilling, Frederick E. A., 422 513, 456 Schmaeng, john F., 85, 117, 149, 422 Schmatz, Ronny, 442 Schmid, Arnold, 285, 469 Schmidt, james A., 456 Schmidt, james R., 319, 456 Schmid Schmid t, john W., 456 t, Robert M., 469 Schnabel, john A., 113, 267, 442 Rodriguez, just ,lo 115, 441 Rodriguez, john R., 2111, 469 Rodriguez, Octavio, jr., 95, 115, 1311, 455 ROC, William T.,1U7, 315, 420 Roeder, Robert S., 67, 77, 441 Rocsel, john li., 77, 109, 420 S Saacke, Robert NV., 469 Saccone, Peter, 149, 456 Safar, Lewis A., 113, 117, 321, 421 Sager, Walter H., 442 Schneider, Guy H., 242, 381 Sclinepfe, Robert W., 319, 442 Schoeller, Karl, 469 Schoen, Harry F., 469 Schoenfeld, Fred R., 69, 456 Schoolslty, Samuel S., 313, 469 Schoonover. Donald j., ZS1. 442 Schrimsher. Buddy R., 67, 71, 77, 109, 119, 140, 442 Schroeder, Robert C., 267, 422 Schuessler, Morgan M., 265, 456 Schuler, Abbie G., 259, 456 Schuster, Irwin N., 277, 456 Schwartz, Morton, 513, 469 Scogin, William W., 422 Scott, Charles W., 95, 109, 119, 1212, 299 469 Scott, Leon j., 58, 61, 75, 91, 142, 242, 422 Scott, Paul B., 247, 469 Scott, William D., 83, 117, 303, 422 5600, William S., 134, 140, 255, 422 Scruggs, Roy M., 469 Sealey, james E., 126, 306, 442 Seaquist, Edgar O., 67, 85, 117, 422 Seaton, William W., 129, 306, 456 Seckman, john R., 145, 580 Scllars, Duncan W., 306, 469 Sessions, Kirk L., 456 Setlin, Howard A., 149, 469 Sewell, Paul C., 442 Shackelford, Daniel W., 469 Shackelford, Robert G., 469 Shackleford, Benjamin H., 117, 151, 423 Shadgett, Peter L., 99, 259,456 Shamburger, E. L., 263, 334, 442 Shamp, john G., 469 Shanltlin, Wade R., 247, 469 Sharbrough, Frank W., 237, 311, 456 Sharp, William R., 141, 469 Sharpton, Robert E., 77, 109, 323, 442 Shaw, Carl F., 469 Sheehan, Thomas j., 149, 251, 469 Shetheld, james E., 456 Sheldon, james D., 115, 423 Sheldon, Robert A., 469 Shepardson, jed P., 128, 247, 423 Shepherd, james R., 469 Sheppard, Don M., 111, 442 Sherlock, George L., 275, 469 Sherman, Charles L., 126, 130, 277, 423 Sherrow, Herbert R., 114, 159, 155, 265, 456 Sherwood, Robert W., 303, 442 Shiver, Marlin B., 271, 456 Shivers, Robert E., 115, 251, 423 Shives, Raymond L., 115, 247, 442 Shoemaker, Edward R., 84, 259, 456 Shoemaker, james L., 456 . good 'n' fresh j. D'ARCY, jR. LAmar 4766-7-8 7 , ' IPAIICY ELECTRIC Delicious because Gorclon's J - -- Magic-Pak Potato Chips are C0' if protected with Magic-Pak U ' lmirutrzal and C ommercml .D plus double cellophana bag, ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING ' 1' .. . ... 543 Plum Sf., N. W. -51" 3" ATLANTA, GEORGIA G. BONNER SPEARMAN, President MATHEW SPEARMAN, Vice-President BLUE PRINTS - DIRECT LINE PRINTS - PHOTOSTAT PRINTS Reproductions on Transparent Paper and Cloth Photo Murals - Photo Enlargements and Reductions ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT - DRAWING SUPPLIES TECHNICAL REFERENCE BOOKS Dealer for W. 8: L. E. Gurley - Eugene Dietzgen - Fred Post Lufkin Rule Co. - Hamilton Manufacturing Co. LAmar 8881 119 Luckie Street, N. W. Atlanta, Georgia 503 Q X QUALITY ENGINEERING Requires Quality Equipment and References Drafting and Engineering .Supplies Text and Reference Books GEURGIA TECH CULLEGE INN I ' ofTechno1o for the convenience Owned and operated by the Georgia nscltute gy of students. 504 Shornhorst, Robert j., 456 Shropshire, john G., 469 Shuler, Grover W., 456 Shutt, james R., 303, 456 Sibley, Samuel 1-1., 237, 251, 456 Sibley, William A. L., 91, 303, 456 Siegel, Leon, 111, 130, 259, -123 Sigurdsson, Gunnar, 3110 Siltes, Glenn H., 469 Sikes, Ralph S., 140, 456 Sills, Arthur D., 157, 456 Silvey, john V., 469 Simerly, Robert L., 111, 271, 442 Simitsis Geor e j 67 86, 120, 423 Smith, Smith, Smith, Smi th, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, Smith, STUDENT INDEX-Continued. james R., 469 10111. E., 275, 469 john F., 299, 424 Kayton, 141, 277, 469 Lamar j., 469 Larry L., 295, 469 Lee N., 63,91,142, -124 Leon R., 456 Mandeville, 145, 469 Nathaniel G., 456 Ralph L., 151, 2155, 469 - Richard j., 75, 424 Robert C., 107, 159, 259, 424 Robert L., 143, 469 1 S -1 5 Simmons, john W., 3110 Simmons, Oscar W., 151, 456 Simon, Robert H., 469 Simond, Rene F., 380 Simpson, Charles L., 469 Simpson, Frank M., 442 Sims, Wade K., 275, 469 Singellton, Robert, 469 Singer, David A., 423 Singer, Fred S., 72, 142, 423 Sires, Melvin j., 67, 30, 154, 105, 306, 423 Skelley, William R., 75, 137, 423 Slade, jerty C., 263, 469 Slaton, George H., 456 Slaughter, Samuel G., 145, 299, 469 310311, Marlin A., 67, 69, 77, 119. 442 Sloan, William M., 255, 456 Small, George H., 423 Smallwood, john H., 456 Smith, Smith, Smith, Benjamin M., 469 Bernard D., 271, -169 Bobby 74, 424 Smith, Robert P., 129, 293, 456 Smith, Robert W., 293, -169 Smith, Ruble L., 75, 424 Smith, Spencer W., 1-12, 299, 424 Smith Smith, Stanley C., 83, 442 Smith, Thomas M., 2113, 469 Smith, Tonnie A., 255, 469 Smith, W. Caldwell, 424 , Wallace Wi., 54, 94, 259, 424 Smith, Wilfred B.,114,85,99, 124, 137, 151, 237, 2115, 425 Smith, William C., 115, 319, 469 Smith, Zenas A., 470 Smyth, Ellison A., 160, -156 Snapp, Robert L., 470 Snavely, Michael C., 315, 456 Snead, Henry T., 130, 142, 263, 456 Snider, Bobby A., 267, 470 Snyder, Stephen L., 277, -156 Solar, Edward M., 3550 Sommers, jackie M., 470 Soranno, Vito V., 130, 321, 442 Stafford, William iB., 442 Stahl, Walton H., 456 Stallings, john R., 289, -156 Stanley, Millard P., 77, 109, 159, 175, 299, 442 Stapler, William T., 470 Starner, Ralph A., 380 Starrett, Robert B., 2119, 470 Starrs, William A., 456 Stastny, Theodore G., 311, 456 Statzer, Charles E., 247, 470 Steele, Clarence E., 115, 425 Steele, William j., 247, 456 Steerman, jefferson C., 117, 425 Steiner, Roy H., 470 Steinhilpcr, Edgar M., 122, 425 Stephens, George M., 425 Stephens, james VU., 113, 271, 442 Stephens, Patrick D., 470 Stephens, Robert L., 456 Stephens, Sammi: P., 470 Stephenson, james G., 72, 111, 275, 425 Stephenson, john W., 109, 442 Stephenson, Robert j., 380 Stern, Edwin H., 157, 237, 239, 457 Stevens, Chandler H., 67, 77, 97, 109, 243, 457 Stevenson, Paula C., 151, 155, 322, 470 Steves, Howard L., 151, 127, 470 Stewart, Fred R., 425 Stewart, james N., 267, 470 Stewart, john W., 175, 299, 4-12 Stewart, Robert R., 457 Stewart, William A., -157 Still, Henry P., 105, 442 Still, ja1"nCS E., 109, 155, 307, 457 Still, Stanley W., 470 Stinecipher, jesse lf., -157 Stinnett, Walter M., 151, 255, 470 Stith, Henry H., 307, 470 Stokes, Benjamin B., 2-17, -170 Stokes, Carl j., 263, 457 Stokes, john j., 147, 457 Stomberg, Gerald W., 119, 457 Stone, james 1'1., 470 Stone, john T., 263, 470 Strickland, Clarence 1.., 247, 470 Strickland, Henry A., 80, 107, 519, -142 lack C., 251, 457 Strickland, , Strickland, john B., 470 Stricltler, john H., 251, 470 Striplin, james M., 470 Strozicr, Robert M., 457 Strub, Thomas j., 470 Stuart, Elmore F.,151, 457 Stuart, Mary W., 322, 470 Stubbs, joe T., 72, 111, 2-13, 425 Studstill, William T., 470 Stultz, Warren E., 470 Suddath, George N., 144, 421 Sudduth, Charles H., 281, 442 Sudduth, james C., 470 Sullins, Dee G., 81, 263, 426 Sullivan, Phillip j., 67, 86, 120, 125, 426 Summer, james L., 137, 540, 442 Summers, Frank A., 380 Summers, john C., 91, 145, 303, 470 Sumrall, Neal B., 95, 145, 315, -157 Sundy, Roger j., 127, 457 Sussman, Howard, 470 Sutherland, Cecil C., 126, 129, 307, -157 Sutton, james D., 470 Sutton, Richard D., 505, 442 Swain, W. Norman, 157, 457 Swaney, George NW., 470 Swanson, Carl H., 105, 129,.103, -157 Swany, Granville R., 115, 293, 442 Swartsel, Charles M., 289, 426 Swavely, Craig E., 283, 457 Sweet, Carl T., 293, -157 Sweet, Richard j., 293, 470 Sweigert, Milton E., 115, 159, 259, -142 Swezey, Edwin F., 299, 457 Swift, james N., 166, 299, -126 Swindler, Paul E., 457 Swint, Samuel H., 251, 457 Swisher, john M., 426 Switzer, Charles D., 111, 121, 426 Sylvester, Steven R., 457 Sytz, Robert V., 243, 457 T Smith, Bruce K., 469 Sosa, jesus M., 425 Smith Charles E., 2 Sovey, NVilliam P., 67, 72, 237, 247 Smith, Charles H., 469 Space, Charles C., 293, -156 Smith, Charles W., 456 Spano, S. Bernard, S-1, 113, 303, 442 Smith Conrad j., 243, 456 Spearman, Allan C., 251, 456 Smith Denton L., 119, 128, 174, 424 Speight, Van R., 470 Smith, Donald L., 275, -169 Spencer, Charles P., 72, 111, 121, 442 Smith, Donald R., 255, 469 Spencer, Robert L., 456 Smith, Dwain R., 469 Spivey, Donald W., 293, 470 Smith, Frederick E., 95, 305, 469 Splawn, james L., 1-17, 456 Smith George C., 155, 311, -169 Spooner, john D., 470 Smith George E., 424 Smith Glen C., 267, 469 Springer, Dan F., 67, 65, 85,117.17-1, 759 - ,425 Stonecyphcr, Thonias li., 67, 65, 106 174, 247, 425 Stovall, NValter S., 251, 470 Taggart, William M., 293, 470 Talbot, Cecil D., 69, 263, 457 Talcntino, james P., 319, 470 Smith Harold A.. -me Springer, Delbert 1-1..2t45,-170 Srowerf, Douglas I., 4711 Talley, William F., 111, 159, 301, 457 Smith, Herbert A., 456 Spruell, Hugh j., -156 Strain, Robert M., 442 Tannehill, joe K., 117, 251, 426 Smith, Hugh E., 456 Stacliovviak, j. Edward, -142 Stratton, Harold L., -170 Tannenbaum, Robert S., 313, 470 Smith, 1ra A., 259, 42-1 Stafford, Gordon P., 503, 456 Street, Emory E., 109. 119, -142 Tanner. james M., 140, 147, 457 , -y mensul Mg ' lm' BIIUMEHSHI E .Zo-,i-11,4TiE' W 5,5 1 55,2 , ., , . - .,.a2ll',1l1-, xi... .- -,,,-- .,,. vil... .ie ...Hi 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 III 11-iiiifillmii. .fhxjxx 1'.1 --1 - , 4 . , 2 - 'UAE Pi' ' 5141.3 J I ml Y 4 I 4, ll 'V ' 1 1 T' X7 - ' I 1-5 Spring Street 'Z A Quarter Century of Service l C B0yklll Tool C omplimevzlr and of Supply Clllllpally INDUSTRIAL M111 S1'PPL'ES SUPPLY c0MPANY 67 Courtlnncl Street, N. E. ATLANTA GEORGIA 56 Auburn Ave. Tel. WA. 1700 505 FULTON SUPPLY YORK'S CUMPANY RECREATICIN PARL0ll INDUSTRIAL u7l96"l'6 Gentlemen Meet TEXTILE CONTRACTORS Snndwiches-Lunches-Short orders Supplier cmdMachi1zefry B I L LI A R D S MAir1 3400 ATLANTA 89 Pryor St., N. E. LA. 9765 BUCKHEAD BowLlNG CENTER 4 314115 Peachtree Rd. ETHEL M. MCMILLAN, Mgr. S T E P H E N S 0 N The Motor Convoy, Inc. C 0 M P A N Y Transportation of automobiles and trucks throughout the southeast. 4' Plumbin Heutin 1 N c R 9 g ATLANTA, GEORGIA 275 ROCkWell St., S.W. Guy W. Rutland, Jr. -- '34 Air Conditioning Process Piping 4' K. A. STEPHENSON, Pres. TELEPHONE AT. 6316 125 Merritts Ave., N. E. 5 Tipton. james A., 4 Tanner, john F., 267, 442 Tanner, Robert F., 470 Tarkas, George j., 67, 73, 113, 283, 426 Tatman Daniel R. 321 470 Tatun1,,juhn W., 8-3, 1l,7, 144, 307, 426 Tatro, Peter R., 311, 457 Taylor. Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Albert T., 380 Clyde A., 91, 109. 174, 243, 426 Donald W., 470 Frank L., 3110 Taylor, 1-Iarry A., 311, 457 Taylor, Horace C., 113, 122, 125, 442 Taylor, jack D., 457 Taylor, Taylor, james B., 321, 470 joe W., 243, 470 Taylor, Norris E., 159, 311, -170 Taylor, Richard j., 299, 457 Taylor, William H., 135, 457 Taylor, William N., 259, -142 Teague, Freddie R., 470 Teague, Henry H., 470 Teague, William T., 151, 285, 457 Teasley, Gladstone A., 65, 85, 151, 380 Tedder, Tedder, 426 Charles L., 137, 442 Virgil R., 59, 91,130, 142, 275, Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson STUDENT INDEX-Continued. , john C., 457 ,john R., 151, 470 , Richard M., 155, 470 , Robert l.., 115, 251, 457 , Ross, 119, 141, 443 , William H., -157 , Wilmer R., 457 Thorne, Monty E., 72, 125, 133, 243, 427 Thornton- Thornton, Thornton, Thornton, Charles M., 117, 427 Dewey H., 247, 470 joel C.. 457 Robert M., 77, 109, 125, 427 Tronealli, Don L.. 219, 443 Trout, james C., 470 Troxell, Dean li., 275, 428 Trulove, Leon K., 470 Tucker, Gary L., 31.17, 470 Tucker, james E., 87, 134, 140, -143 Tucker, Ronald C., 267, 457 Tucker, William T., 271, 457 Tueni, john A., 77, 119, 380 Turner, Charles j., 380 Turner, Charles R., 114, 443 Turner, Claude S., 72, 263, 4-13 Turner, G. Gerald, 263, 443 Turner, George P., 243, 470 Turner, james A.. 140, 457 Turner, Marvin A., 289, 457 Thornwell, Earle E., 91, 267, 470 Thrash, Kenneth M., 113, 303, 443 Thruston, Alfred D., 157, 457 Thurman, Harry T., 2119, 457 Thurntond, Elmer T., 427 Thurmond, Roy H., 145, 4711 Tidwell, Rufus S., 263, 470 Tidwell, Thomas E., 113, 427 Tierney, james F., 470 Tierney, Michael W., Tilghman, Cooper R., 237. 289, 457 69, 111, 147, 443 Till, Shelton C., 457 Tinney, james F., 159, 263, 470 57 Teed, David D., 470 Temples, john H., 267, 457 Tennenbaum, Michael E., 99, 157, 239, 564, 470 Terhune, john B., 470 Terrell, Carter S., 72, 111, 129, 299, 442 Terrell, jerry L., 113, 442 Terry, Vincent j., 149, 457 Teston, Thomas j., 105, 457 Tettelbaeh, Donald C., 113, 122, 143, 247, Tisinger, David H., 470 Todd, Henry E., 147, 470 Tolantl, Waller j., 84,111,121,124, 271, 427 Tolhert, Ralph H., 115, 303, 457 Tolnas, Tryquc j., 141, 443 Tomlinson, Ernest P., 427 Toney,,17hilip A., 119, 141, 470 Toole, Franklin A., 470 Torrance, Martin A., 143, 259, 357, 457 Torras, Robert M., 111,12l, 142, 275, 427 442 Tettenburn, Howard T., 311, 470 Telak, Gilbert j., 457 Tharpe, Ezra j., 323, 470 Thee, Lawrence F., -126 Robert C., 307, 457 james G., 457 Donald R., 311, -170 Therrel, Thigpen, Thomas, Touchton, Charles F., 124, 140, 303, 457 Towery, jimmy N., Trabanco, julio C., Trammell, Harlan Trammell, Robert Trammell, William Transou, Thomas B. 470 470 M., 251, 457 D., 67, 77, 109, 443 15., 247, 470 , 267, 457 Turner, Raymond Ii., 470 Turner, Richard N., 470 Tussey, jerome L., 319, 457 Tutt, Clarence B., 263, 457 Twiss, Albert H., 107, 114, 130 Twitty, Paul M., 243, 470 U Uffer, Roy A., 239, 470 Uhler, Robert E., 311, 457 Ullenberg, Ronald T., 283, 470 Ulph, Eric S., 457 Umstead, Thomas H., 95, 99, 1 137, 303, 443 Underwood, john L., 470 Upshaw, Preston C., 127, 470 Urquiola, Lope M., 470 Ussery, David D., 470 V Vaillant, Roy A., 65, 107, -128 Valdes-Daussa, Roberto, 428 Vallejo, Rodrigo, 149, 470 Valles, Armando, 470 Valls, Guillermo M., 138, 457 Vance, Robert B., 255, -171 Vancil, Lowell E., 428 Vancleave, Quinton W., 135, 4 26, 130 zs Thomas, james E., 243, 470 Thomas, Robert, 263, 443 Thomas, Teresa N., 155, 145, 322, 470 Thomas, Terry, 470 Thomas, William B., 427 Thomas, William N., 109, 243, 4-13 Thompson, Charles W., 457 Thompson, Grannon 1., 470 Thom pson , james R., 307,470 Thompson, james W., 75, 427 Travis, Gordon K., 59, 84, 94, 102, 117, 243, 427 Travis, Kenneth H., 155, 470 Trawick, Andrew j., 443 Traylor, Robert C., 247, 470 Trench, Richard E., 457 Trimble, james B., 380 Tritton, Charles B., 86, 120, 427 Trobaugh. jimmy L.. 470 Troglin, David E.. 470 Vanderbleek, jack, 380 Van der Horn, Robert G., 159, 295, 47 Van Leer, Samuel W., 63, 91, 113, 142, 177, 303, 361, 358, 443 Varnadoe, Howard, 443 Varnum, Thurmond E., 428 Vasilakos, Basil, 471 Vaughn, Roger W., 458 Vaughn, William R., 111, 253, 443 Vaujin, Sergio, 471 ,255, -was 1 Vazquez, Rafael I-lr. 428 Valquez, Ramon A., 117, 124, 138. 428 Ventulett, Thomas W., 115, 299, -158 Vereen, Carl H., 143, 458 Vernon, john M., 471 Vick, james H., 243, 4511 Vickers, Drew L., 267, 458 Vickers, Paul A., 275, 471 Vickers, William W., 243, 471 Viekery, William K., 126, 293, 443 Villeponteaux, George W., 127, 471 Villoldo, Alfredo li., 138, 4-71 Viness, joseph D., 239, 471 Vinson, John F., 71, sz, 117, 133, 323, 428 Volk, Frank W., 115, 443 Volkmer, William D., 471 Vroom, Fred Q., 471 W Wade, Charles R., 285, 471 Wade, john W., 471 Wade, Robert L., 95, 315, 471 Waddell, Dewey W., 78, 109, 119, 126, 141, 144, 151, 155, 175, 274, -133, 443 Waddell, Henry T., 428 Wadsworth, Harrison M., 380 Wagner, jack E., 443 Wagner, William B., 259, 443 Wahlstrom, Frank O., 289, 471 Waid, james K., 111, 443 Wainwright, Ronald G., 95, 151. 471 Waite, Charles F., 307, 445 Waites, William L., 120, 428 Waits, Myron B., 471 Walden, Harold E., 109, 445 xxfalden, james F., 71, 83, 133, 147, 443 Waldhauer, William O., 79, 443 Waldrop, Victor H., 471 Walker, Bayley R., 259, 471 Walker, Edwin M., 380 Walker, Frank T., 77, 443 Walker, Gilbert j., 151, 443 Walker, Walker, james, 299, 443 james C., 429 Walker, james H., 117, 281, 458 Walker, joseph R., 429 Walker, joseph S., 67, 113, 358, 443 Walker, Marshall P., 263, 471 Walker, Milburn L., 471 Walker, Regis V., 73, 113, 130, 255, 443 Walker, Robert L., 471 Walker, William R., 458 Wallace , Beniamin E., 243, 429 Wallace, Graham S., 109, 132, 321, 429 Acme United Life Insurance Company 1112 Peachtree Street, N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA HAROLD F. McCART, Pferidenz I II: iff' '- is " ' . 1 1' Q , , ,-C' sn, . C omplimentf of DYERSBURG' COTTON PRIIDUCTS, INC. DYERSBURG, TENNESSEE 507 XY, lx ,,,. X A gf' lll llll IZIIIII Compliment I b THE ATLANTA COCA-CULA BUTTLING CUMPANY I ff Great Name in 00611749 REG. IIS' FAI 0fA' "SUITS THE SOLI TH? C omplimevztf of Barge Thompson Company ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS 156 Ellis Street, N. E. ATLANTA, GEORGIA COMPLETE Raylllmlll UNE PAINTS Concrete Plle Company me Dame ofztuzc on PILE DRIVING - CAISSONS EORINGS llevoe 8: Raynolds Co. 229 Techwood Dr., N. W. NEW YORK, N. Y. ATLANTA, GA. Your TOTAL Food Bil! Is Less STURES When You Shop Af CS coLuN IM Colonial Stores 5 Wallace ,james M., 67, 119, 4-13 XVallaCe, Thomas S., 321, 458 Wallace, William D., 443 Wallace, William P., 263, 471 Waller, William W., 251, 429 Walls, Arthur E., 263, 458 Walter, Charles F., 458 Walters, james V., 67, 71, 78, 124, 147, 429 Walz, Kenneth G., 458 Wamsley, Alfred E., 251, 443 Wannamalter, Thomas M., 83, 175, 299, 4-H Ware, Fred A., 95, 251, 458 Ware, Paul N., 458 Warlick, Charles F., 471 Warner, William E., 271, 471 Warnock, Bruce E., 128, -171 Warren, George W., 117, -129 Warren, Roger C., 67, 71,121, 429 STUDENT Wimbe1'ly, joseph j., 2-17, 44-1 Wimer, Richard j., 2-17, 471 Winborn. Sam R.. 1.10, 263, 458 Wells, Robert C., 458 Wells, Warren K., 323, 471 Wells, William R., 471 Werniclt, lvan A., 118, 44.1 Wesley, james W., 75, 410 Wesley, Terrell C., 263, -158 West, Alexander L., 199, 4-13 West, john S., -143 Westefeld, Robert G., 285, 471 Wexler, Paul L., 277, -171 Whaley, Edward M., 471 Whatley, Roy A., -158 Whatley, Tom G., 319, -158 Wheeler, Harry M., 321, 471 Wheeler, john A., 69, 114, 458 Wheeler, Lee R., 471 Wheeler, Sid F., 307, 443 Warshaw, Stanley 1., 105, 277, 458 Watkins, james A., 429 Watkins, Robert H., 71, 77, 271, 429 Watson, Thomas j., 127, -158 Watson, William R., 111, 121, 259, 429 Watters, Daniel M., 458 Watters, james H., 429 WattS, Hal 1.,, 75, 137, 152, 174, 410 Watts, james F., 307, 471 Watts, john T., 471 Waugh, Robert L., 130, 159, 275, -143 Way, David L., 159, 2111, 453 Wear, Kenneth B., 67, 65, 87, 140 Weatherman, james H., 132, 281, 430 Weaver, Carl F., 471 Weaver, Emory L., 112, 443 Webb, Dclmas L., 271, 458 Whisnant, Richard A., 147, 458 White, Bobby Ii., 471 White, Charles C., 299, 458 White, Donald F., 471 White, Edward S., 471 INDEX-Continued. Williams, Frank C., -171 Williams, Frank E.. 91, 2-1.1, 4-13 Williams, Harvey G., 307, 410 Williams, Henry j., 155, -171 Williams, Henry P., 285, 471 Williams, james K., 67, 99, 175, 299, 'I-14 Williams, james M., 307, 431 Williams, james Mikel, 44-1 Williams, Morris M., 319, 458 Williams, Robert L., 111, 174, 411 Williams, Talmage T., 87, 140, 259, -131 XVi1liams, Thomas R., 140, 444 Williams, Walter D., 283, 471 Williams, Washington L., 67, 65, 81, 117, 174, 275, 451 Willianis, Wendell M., 67. 71, 83, 111, 285 4-14 Williams, William O., 471 Williams, William V., 271, 458 Williamson, Felton, 44-1 Williamson, john D., -158 Willoch, Raymond, 59, 61, 75, 170, 174 75 33 175, 2 , 9, 431 Willoughby, Larry P., 141, 458 Wills, Allen D., 166, 237, 121, 430 Webb, Edsel P., 3110 Webb, 1,1111 A., 137, 4-13 Webb, Torxnce W., 458 Webster, Grady F., 430 Wet-ms, Charles M., 109, 119, 124, 141, 281, 410 Weems, Lanier j., 458 Weinstock, joel 1., 115, 239, 471 Welch, Charlie G.. 119, 1-11, 443 Weldon, james W., 458 Welker, james B., 243, -171 Wellins, Robert S., 277, 458 Wellons, Carl B., 67, 71, 81, 117, -130 Wells, Bert H., 117, 430 Wells, Edward W., 443 Wells, j. Norman, 132, 458 NVi1son, joseph J., 74, 104, 12-1, 132, 281 431 Wilson, Larry K., 61, 84, 97. 109, 118, 125, 247, 431 Vfilson, Thomas M., 111, 4-14 Wilson, Wilbur H., -158 Wimberly, livrard H., 458 White, Edward W., 142, 443 Wills, james M., 127, 141, 115, 471 White, Ellis j., 471 Wills, William L., 109, 119,115, 410 White, Gordon N., 471 Wilmot, George R., 289, 471 White, Hugh E., 61, cis, 67, 71, 77, 911, Wilson, Charles O., 471 102, 119, 2111, 430 Wilson, Claude B., 1-17, 115, 267, 471 White, james F., 471 Wfilson, Clilford B., 143, 471 White, Lawrence W., 283, 458 Wilson, Donald H., 111, JU7, -1-14 White, Richard S., 107, -443 Wilson, Edwin P., 1217, -171 White, Ronald B., 77. 443 W'ilson, Ernest W., 458 White, Sherrill W., 299, -171 Wilson, Herbert S., 111, 380 White, William B., 99, 471 Wilson, james D., 458 Whitehead, Richard K., 69, 24.1, -158 Wilson, james H., 471 Whitfield, Carroll j., 67, 71, 83, 91, 117, Wilson, john A., 471 132, -110 Winn, Robert E., 67, 74, 111-1, 144, 151, Whitley, Frank L., 253, 458 431 Whitner, john A., 78, 155, 44.1 Whittington, Ellis 1.,, 458 Whittle, Charles, 471 Whitworth, George T., 471 Whorton, Robert B., 458 Wiegmann, Francis L., 418 Wiggens, Tommy M., 293 Wiggers, Alton G., 471 Wight, William L., 111, 410 Wigton, Richard S., 2-13, -171 Wilburn, james T., 281, -143 Wilcox, Richard T., 443 Wiley, Floyd M., 441 Wilkes, Gene H., 107, 471 Wilkinson, Morton D., -171 Willham, Harold, 458 Williams, Britt G., 275, -171 Williams, Carlton E., 67, 65, 77, 109, 119, 4.10 Williams, Floyd R., 137, 4-13 Winn, Stewart D., 267, 471 Winn, Thomfs W., 2-17, 458 Winn, William H., 69, 130, 281, -1-15, 458 Winslett, Usher T., 71, 115, 14-1, 165 431 Wirtz, Theodore R., 159, 301, 44-1 Wise, james A., 267, 411 Wise, William L., 458 Witt, Milton A., 113, 44-1 Wittel, William T., 458 W'olf, Robert E., -152 Wolfe, Townsend D., 299, 471 Wolff, Robert E., 303, 471 Wood, Freddie M., 141, 147. 471 Wood, Peter H., 458 Woodall, B. Lloyd, 471 Woodcuclt, Frank W., 115, 458 Woodcock, Robert H., 253, -158 Woodham, Edwin j., 251, 458 W'uotlrt11f, john H., 111, 307, 432 299, Woods, Howard W.,111, 122, 161, 412 Woodward, Douglas 1... 119, 1-11, 458 Woodward, james H., 458 Vfoodyear, William E., 69, 159, -158 Woosley, Harry L., 267, 458 Wooten, Robert G., 151, 180 Worm, j0l1r1 E., 129, 175, 299, -1-H Worrall, Frank G., 141, -171 W'orrell, Armond j., 67, 71, 71, 111, 263 432 Worthington, Thomas L., -158 Wray, Dan J.. iss, -171 Wray, john D., 69, 319, -158 Wright, Carl j., 151, -171 Wright, Charles E., 471 Harvey B., 261, 471 Wright, Wright, john D., 11.1, 1-19, 30.1, 432 W'right, joseph j., 251, 471 Wright, joseph L., 115. 458 Wright, Robert B., 253, -158 Wright, R0be1't T., 127, 1211, 315, -112 Wright, Robert M., 471 Thomas K., 77, 2-17, 412 Wright, Wurst, james E., 141, 160 Wurz, john A., 307, 471 Wyatt, Bill O., 471 Wyricl-1, William L., 432 Wynn, William L., 432 X Xirav, jose G., 471 Y Yankee, Paul F., 471 Yarbrough, Harry F., -171 Yearty, NVilliam T., 245. 444 Yglesias, Gustavo A., 158, 471 Yialamas, Antonius V., 4-1-1 Yoder, john F., 67, 86, 120, 1.12, 412 York, Guy P., 307, 471 Youmans, Laurens W., 444 Youmans, Robert R., 319, 471 Young, Emory S., 311, 471 Young, Lock R., 77, 444 Young, Maynard E., 285, -171 Young, Perry R., 271, 432 Youngblood, George E., 519, 471 Yow, jesse C., 259, 458 Yu, Tsi-Shan, 80, 380 Yuen, Leroy B., 149, 471 Z Zaldivar, Ronnie j.. 471 Zantopulos, Harry, 69, 458 Zarzaca, Vincent T., 111, 121, 432 Zeitoun, Raifoul F., 458 Zeligman, Mark M., 113, -14-1 Zeller, Emilio, 111, 122, 319, 4-14 Zeller, Oscar, 293, 471 Zellner, Thomas D., 291, 471 Zerkel, jack W., -171 National Lead Co. 1-55,537 Sales it? 4, Service Atlanta Branch 18 - 'I' Parts 4,20 Manufacturers of "DUTCH 1 C0. BOY" quality paints K3 1250 N' Main St- and lead products gn EAST POINT, GA. RA' 2121 400 Bishop sr., N. W. ELgin 7561 MERLIN GBOCERY COMPANY 125 Decatur St. WHOLESALE GROCERIES MAin 5831-2 ATLANTA, GEORGIA LOUIS MERLIN, '55 Catering to Tech Fraternities for 20 Years 510 ,mfw,1,,m, .J - Ifortraiid in fltid 5004 made by STUDIO 876 WEST PEATHTREE STREET, N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA NEGATIVES ARE HELD IN OUR FILES FOR SEVERAL YEARS AND PORTRAITS CAN BE OBTAINED. WRITE FOR INFORMATION AND PRICE LIST . im flw W of Me Wim WE HAVE SPECIALIZED IN THE PRODUCTION OF OUTSTANDING COLLEGE AND HIGH SCHOOL YEAREOOKS FOGTE S5 DAVIES, INC. ATLANTA Nb . , sw H x M3 W' :gpg N x HQ 1 W """"W' 1 Mu My B VW .X Q NW' X g.X 1 , .. . H 'JI w L" W ,, ., , 'J 'x"x.,! mix, Q was Mi!! 1 xx -"N v , ,,F,f,,1.,,,l-2 ,mu ,LM M, ,Hx E, if '- 1-":' mf ,, r . ,EQ .,,. , -mm, ,N M , 1 , I lc i f NL A My L. x v , mgwxgii ' swswf' ' -, Nw-' 1, '1 X Mm 'M-mr dwliwum Awf' J -1-'u X ,.,t 12' Julbx , qml. 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A 4 N I 1 . - 'NQ7-5'-gf-qt -'arf 3. f 'T' , - R... , , - -.,. -- A -, -"U , , - ... L.. . ' V '-1. A 1- ' " ' Mr' at if' .. 1, L, V Qu.- .w- s. H , .diff 'c ,n ,ln v 1 fr ! if I P Q Ig fig!! , ' V 56:3 1 3' 1 !!..,,. , ',,':.ifM',:P 2 11, ,Z . . r ' - ' - N.. ., -V fmcf-"',s 9 . Ms- - 1+ F 5-4 ,M , Y1 i PUIYMI W .mini -I 5 . I 3 .,- . ,:'-gk:-,'-ff 'QQ . ' l wi -'5' H- 5 ' f Q' , 'T' 4 . " ' ' " ,Q ' -' 'a' '1 vb ' ' . ' . A' X , I f. . A tl AI, 'X v . Q ' ,l. V jing . I ,W N mg,-f' . ' f Q I g, V - .W -, 4-- -, " . , - s . - . 5 -Qjvg - .Val N I 1 I . if gl Q QWYQQ. M , - -. -r -4- g - ' lT.:4. K Y: -'mu Y 'ff V H'-A. mir, I ' 5.- 'AAAI G.. W,- .0' ..+, ,QW f A N fi. 'Ulf 'f-'S', Mig' D u -5 H .,f f ' Q Y' Q . J v an - fr., ' E4 . ,-n,-- . .f,- V- 1, f .Tier . J. .4 , ff . P 1 Jf,nga.? 124- 7., Q , ,U ve-aff. ' 4-,'. -,,,.,,, I. .. A, , , --.f,':i. , ,., ,.,4. N C. - - M - ,-v '.1 'N G lf K-ig-,5 -,Nj ?' P A H., . J 1 A I 4' ' 'M ,A 0 Q , ... Q A Y x S, ' , ---if-sn" " . 'vi' .if . in F , 5 A J -Y' ' 'llfibfg ,. .. H: l., to Px"'u,,3 , .lei QA

Suggestions in the Georgia Institute of Technology - Blueprint Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) collection:

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