Georgia Institute of Technology - Blueprint Yearbook (Atlanta, GA)

 - Class of 1948

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1 1 1 1 I V . -..,. .. ff., P . V,4, . A ff--5 .- v ' 4- V A :V V nn... , 'V' VL' N. -Q.-.,,LW:,-V5 4 ' , ' 2133? VV. V- .. MA V V . .54-rwlii, 1 f V V , -,L I -f qw., f.,,..,w-X . , . 4- H ,. Ag., ...V Q X. , 5 '. . - -' ' b.. ' VV ' ..- ' ' V .,x' my . A' 9 v 1 H V.f- , muy. ' ' 1, .2 1 Q' 4+ - . 'V 'm.w..V1' ' ' . - V cb 'V , . V f . ' :-' V "wfv,weV we -fSifQffz.f S. . V ' - V . V, . ,M Z., VM-. ,V , .,,,, . , . . -- N ' M '. - ., ...,. Qvff'-m'ff V Q ' ' . Vr . 3--.1-LV ' ' ' 2 .V . V ,ml .A ,,g,M3f,,g , .V ,WW V I4 f rd.: J ' ., -nw M 5' V- if- M WW -1, ,' ' V. V+ - - V . A X '. Vg, 'zirff ' ' - ' V. , ' as . '.,,V -4: 4. ,. " , ' Y. .1-,V,v.L"5 . jf Y ,L . V - X 1' V .xt :g,.1,',w,' - -' -' ,,, - ff- I " s -V ' lf V e, . -V -V . . V J V r. V. 'L 'LV . V :f iw- .-,. - X , V1 g- ' V .V i ' - - . ' W-1 . Q., Q v , - gi' -- 'T Q ,, ly., 2 ' 1 ' Q-If ' Q: QM Q I - X V V 1 -wh, was-'es'1r ' x' QQ ,fx f :Q 1 V - .U ff f . 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A V , 1 H Y J' ,.: 1, f ,,. . . .V I: I in Ax " V ' Q . 5 '.'g'fr'.f xr. - '4 4: U jggn. - .5g,ffx:"' 5 3 -. r ' E QI' -fsq'Q,,14, 1 Lf-x ' if ' 5 QF,-,lffaif 1' ...-. ll .. 5, P Ah, 15:99 ,dvi - 7 g,- xr fan ,E l2I..1lg5 , if Y , -- P' ga ' ' . -f , , ' -an 1, -. fi' I -fix W GF- ' f 'i " v iQP2j'A'f-"'w"ZiL"'5Nu.a1 , bin ga--v-w , K, "i'?gf'h'BL'- .fa 1 A - ',' " E . ' ' ' R Film!-. ' V 34 , , A.. . :my ,. , .4 , . Z- A3 if YJ' , I ,aff 2' , w"' S - W fgww-ww. ,V E , ff -2 ,ww k .ap .V f- F ,- p ' V " L ., Lf., , ' . ga . , ,W W ,, 4 -W .. J, A, J M av' r. ff- . -f ymfvff- '1-. K Y' f' .,. an s ' U -- J Arigfil ,' ' 5.f,Q - -. 1 ,: ,. , . 1. - '-' '- . ily. A" .' .H-Gi . ' Y "1 l .-1 . rf-,CQ F J +. A 'a .50 U, x, HJ: an 4' . K-31-1 R, -,f , ' Zf'f"4 Q' T ,. i. if 5 :rn -'E g, -.4-4. .. xt ,. V 1- ,1 454 . , -1 -.. , 2,2 1.71 I 431: .K . tw ' an 1 , 1 - ,. F' - V-.3 'i'T.,f , J 'J . U M, ...J ,.,., ixiasaail ,. rin. , I b -Q. .. V. . A .aff 11.4-'Peg - .XL-fn, ,.- 4,,. I 5 I-.gefifrlsae -gear? .J -I fl!-E i . . J ' 1 1,1 SFT' . - - .. v 4 Y L "V 'fin' A . , . . '71 oi ,. -,.---rf Q- ' "5 nf, ' J 1 R, , A ,,,' : ,f ,wr . f . 5 WF., t . V ,.'i', ' fig? 4 Q Mgr- -- aff f45'f1TE3:ff4li., "' ' ,i .. ww' g.fv. XS-Li Q4e!"f'Nf .. a4 "The year has gone, 6l1'l6i2fLl!f.5fJ if vnavzy a glorious throng of happy Eireams. I fs mark is 011 each hrowg its shadow one each heart." E 2 O I ,5 f G a , j ra, 'f.-5622 fvZ:?f'i'f:, wif' 'E' ,J 4' U .fy.'.g,1'w,ff..7 "w?ff"" ,alj."'v" ' ,aw znfw, I X fvggggee v , '-'waz-2a.+ ,Q 4-21.-H-Ewwfv Q ZZ'-01? M' -'-G 'fv x fM13f'Z,ff'4W''MPI?hw:-,rW3'fJf,,4f' 1 " f' f ' r 1 f .aag , Q ' 'f ,df fr. W- f , w ,ff '-'fA H,,',f,ff ,pj' Q. MziaQ5wYagg,ggWwgg, ,, -. f ww-weMwwifmfezf-WMJWwibw'few N A?-' , wma f we ggsfafewaif1fff,,Woew,'-.,.M. . . -. f ,f ga g - A ' X f':- --ew QW :wp-M L' '-- - ., Qf2?+cMEmgz4v Q fm .Wm ee""19-ifupS3rgEgg1m3,Af4'nm-, ' - we-.mQ:f,w? 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"- ' E - " ',.'4'55ff" xi FW' :fNiN5'E'f:""?-YVAN' I 5 X nf-... 4 ff, .:.:,,f, WW .N X 'I .E 7 f VJ N ' " 'T "'.. Q ,f-1 W!" NNN XNX ww" RM m g, ii, ,f WN Kwik Xxx! YW W, S ,.,, lg, , X I, Aww A L I , .f. Q ,wi e WMA ,UW A S nf' 'N sf , ' X XXSN. 'Z X QW' , 1 if 'X , ww Y ll .- V J Qi - , 'H fe N 1 fc' 2 z - L - . , . Published By The Students of the GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY ATLANTA, GEORGIA JAMEs ERSKINE LovE, JR. . , . . A Editor HUGPI ERSKINE CARMICHAEL . Business Manager 1 x '41 ,L U, , . hu ,M , ,sv M , 'v N, f .,, V , I Kim? M ,..,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,gA:: If W 212. ANL A mx1.'yX ,,1rl j,Z,,,:f . g E X N HMI, :5'I'!--l.,:Ii,e,i ,XX In 'ff 5 gf ,g ,Q f df M ha - X ' .,., V E! zm. YN N fig- . .,l" 1 33 so J A 5 ge ee H ,Inf X MXN r :xii Lggvrgm ng ' ' 'I " ' Pg + 3 ' ff? ,, 'ji' ffl, D ii, te? 4 A if QM 'Q X i l ' pi A X Q Z 'Y N 545 . ,,,.,.,, ,.,g I X Z" 5 ' , iw iyfm we ivan QM f Ufvyg 'RJ ' f3?ffT?':'f2'l'fW .ifg,f,fK,1b rugs' Je f 937: ' f fifeqf, ve J. NKJV, ,, , We , - 'xl 'r 3'7f: ' - VT 125 ee? www -ih1r"fe2'3,2f sv-ffziiz QI f Ei: 65.9" X X N, ,ry f ,f W5 ai gg QM ,,MLm,- 4 ,vM,M P , M k, , , M, 'Q f WU' MJ' 4 '- fqqxzbiixhfdglgifjgiws gi gzevww V i gi, al? 2 , 74 Xgjka A 1 4 Q 4 ' ' 'V ' 4 urn, Q 1 W :Wm eip ' gin! XJ Cvfiiyfgig 42 53221 ' Y 'Ji Zh ' 4 1 if he ef Efimeffl W J wfyfaz, g , 1 . ,M fa 1 X w s , ea , 1 1 , ef 'Ziff I 5 V M 14 I V J df r .ag f f f x 1 A ,, 5 I N ,ff f, ,Q f 3, N W " W M S V H A Qc Wage f V iijfysg , ez! L 71 Ely yr ,-22,31 ji M f 4 y L ee ,gi t 7 1 Y 1 WW 5' PRI T 6 6 1 I 6' TH fam -.. .LZ J. -al. naw nw 666 flaw X Menlcnrlnn WILLIAM GILMER PERRY 4 ! HEIHE . . . Any i1zsii1futio1z is only allevigtkemed shadow 0 f ' 'I its g1fe:zfieczZ'he1's.'. . . ' ' ' i To WILLIAM GILMER PERRY, B,.A., M.A., LITT.D. . from 1901 to 1948 a member of the English Department of the Georgia School of Technology ' .from 1922 to 1948 Head of the English Department from 1941 to 1945 Dean of General Studies who forty years ago, as an early instance of his innumerable generous services, was faculty advisor and sponsor of the first edition of the BLUE 'PRINT and Whose life, during his half-century at the Georgia School of Technology, has summarized every excellence which the noblest education can instill in a man this fortieth edition of the BLUE PRINT IS DEDICATED WITH WARM GRATITUDE AND WITH RESPEGTEUL LOVE "Then let us not be precious of our thought, Nofr of our words, nor hoard them up . . . Let us be prodigal, as heaven is 5 Lose what we may lose, and give what we may give." ADMINI wma , 1. M x -,mm 5 . - mf,-L-4 1' f4 JW-YK ' f,:f:2'Q :if A 'lv-Q3 , w- 3- agi lm -I! 'A , if Q an 2 6 Pneslnenr fa ,r X ils S' s 11' X ' if , ff sf' fI?,ffz,a -it sf. Q-1, The Georgia School of Technology has long been proud of its presidents. They have always been distinguished and respected men Who have heaped renown upon our school. In like fashion Dr. Blake Ragsdale Van Leer has guided this institution dur- ing the hectic post-War years and has helped to develop it into a school that stands unequaled throughout the South. Dr. Van Leer has continually fought for greater expansion and commensurate equality. His success is evident. We are proud of his progress and respect him for what he is-the energetic and capable leader of our school. l r 10 BLHHE RHESDHLE UHII LEER - 'w ,fi 2 ww.-,y.,,i.-. ,, , , ' fwp inf. jf it an im, ,. Mgr , ,V :figs ' 'Y ' afrim, V .',11L.'v fr!..',1rL' FSS, N,!ZiPS-EQTFH f' 'wi?'f:'.a3!, ' 'A - fxf s'rmW:,E1'4ff.. . 'g,.g,,f,,'4--,1.- ga: fe, "wa, : ,W pa, ,1..I, . ,, ,. - .,1 ..,-- vflf .SQL vi , ' am . , , ,s HW :IT-i4i'45!f V", , -ag, ,X X ff , JJ. , K ,f 5-is 441251711 ,, H - 'ir " ii - r-1.-14:-P .fe-wg,-1, .g,-. -1 T533 1395? V - A911-f1?f:f42'54 :V i-f's,i7.f J, . J, ,: . 1 i.t.,.r:-q':z,1 'zvxffm-iff.. i- E' gm vt, my- ' ' ' - -' - :Aww N aww-f, il-fr iv ' ' ,, Y - 1 f -, Y '- f f X f i- - N, ga' j A , ff i:f33.5e45fie :fi wash f Q2-as:am-wav,, ,5 tx? Ji' U' iff'-1: flfsiff' W 1 16,5425 1 ,G-. ,z Q L ff' x t '- w.:,,f,4y :, ,sg-ii Ev 2' fa : 'QV ' Q 47 y., ww. -re it psf fy .-,7 an 4, 513' gc. 2 ' E? ifM3-iilaifriiff'W U fri? 1' ..,,1!:,,aiM., Y ,Viva 'lJ.f'f,7f'llA - " "v- f,:.:i,',, :Us -,c s .- f .me ww: ' ' 4 If DR. MARION LUTHER BRITTAIN Among the greatest living Southern educators is Dr. Mar- ion Luther Brittain, who Was for more than two decades President of the Georgia School of Technology. Even through the dilhcult depression years, the school under his administration continued to expand in size and improve in standing. Through his efforts Georgia Tech has become a f 1 K school of national importance. The part that Dr. Brittain has played in the expansion of the Georgia School of Tech- A. ,,.. nology cannot be overemphasized. I2 EHECUTIUE DEHH Georgia Tech is indeed fortunate to have .I man of the administrative and organizational ability of Phil Blasier Narmore. In these times of crowded and changing conditions his excellent performance of difhcult duties merits the praise of faculty and students alike. A member of eleven standing and three special committees of the faculty, his energetic and tireless work has figured prominently in the improvement and ex- pansion of the school. GEORGE C. GRIFFIN Drum of Sflzzlcnfs PHIL BLASIER NARMORE EXf'C'1lfi'L'0 Dem: DEHH UF STUEEHT3 One of the most indispendable members of the ad- ministration from the standpoint of students and faculty is George C. Griffin, Dean of Students. Thou- sands of students pass through his oihce for advice and assistance. His direction of the activities of fraternities and organizations has always been patient, considerate, and helpful. No member of the faculty has a more difhcult job, and no one could carry out the responsibilities of this office more ably than Dean Griffin. UFFIEERS UF THE HIJIHIIIISTRHTIUII OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT BLAKE RAGSDALE VAN LEEli,' Sc.D., EI1.D .,.. Pwsidwzt MARION LUTHER BRITTAIN, A.B., LL.D. . PrI'sidm1t Emeritus ROBERT STRITE, B.S. . . 4 Assistant to the President I-IARRIET HENDERSON . . Azlzzzyizzistrutire Assistant ELIZABETH KGENIG . . Serrefary to the President OFFICE OF THE EXECUTIVE DEAN PHIL BLASIER NARMORE, B.S., Pl1.D. . . Excczztiue Dean NAN RUSSELL LINGLE .... . . Secrz'tIzry The Civil E11gi11ee1'i11g Builcting CHERRY LOGAN EMERSON Dmn of Engi11c'f'ri1Ig RALPH A. HEFNER Drum of GFIlPl'H1 Stmlirs Presideni Van Leer On W.G.S.T. during A. C. Neiwork Calculator Dedication. OFFICE OF THE REGISTRAR LLOYD WALTER CHAPIN, M.A .... . Rpgiy1,',,,- WILLIAM LAWSON CARMICHAIEL, B.S., M.S. DiI'f'L'f0I' of AlIllliXKI0ll.l I-IORACE W. STURGIS, B.S., M.S .... Axxovifm' Registrar MARY ELEAZAR BROWN ..,, Sm-1'I'lary fo Ibn Rcgixlrnr NORMA M. -IOHNSON, A.B. . Srfvrciary to Dirz'rIor of ALIIIIIXXIOJIS OFFICE OF THE COMPTROLLER JAMES R. ANTHONY . . . . , . Complrollvr- FRANK K. HOUSTON, C.P.A. . , C0n1p1'r'oI1c'I' .E'7lIC'Yif1l5 FRANK B. WILSON, B.S. . . . . Armzmlam' IVIILTON T. WHITFIELD . , Velmvnzx' Accozmls CHARLES R. FRAZIER . . Purrbnsing Agruf MENA S. CLACR . . . . . Serreiary MARJORIE H. MARTIN . . Sfrrelary Thr' All1l1l7ZiSf7'dfi07Z Bzzilrling . . C101Lr111'zan D01'111it01'y 9? 4 'I' . ...xx LLOYD WALTER CHAPIN ROBERT STRITE RAY L. SNVEIGERT Regisfmr Assisfanlf fo fhc' Prz'siu'r'nf Dum of Grmfwfr' Sfmlirs I5 Qxwxx,-xx I.,..., ' V- -., 'frrwaff .N N X , R, X? Rx it .34 IC .Z 4' , QL - . f 1 11 If IJ 'A X f W J' f ..,..,., . GERALD A. ROSSELOT JAMES ERSKINE MCDANIEL Diracfor of Experiment Sfafion Director of Cooperafizfc Department THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OFFICE OF GENERAL STUDIES RAY L. SWEIGERT, Ph.D .,,.,.. . Dean RALPH A. I-IEENER, Ph.D. ....., . . Dean JOHN LAURENCE DANIEL, M.A. . . . . Vire-Dean WILLIAM G. PERRY, Licr.D. . . Vice-Dean GLENN WILLIAR1 GILMAN, B.S. . . Arlministmtizfe Axxislaul MRS. DORA T. STORXVI . . Svcrvlary OFFICE OF ENGINEERING CHERRY LOGAN EMERSON, B.S. in M.E. and E.E. , . Dean DOMENICO PIETRO SAVANT, B.S. in E.E., M.E. in E.E., E.E. Vice-Dvun MRS. FRANCES KRELLENSTEIN . . Svcretary I Looking across the campus at Swann Hkzll OFFICE OF THE DEAN OF STUDENTS , . . . , . , , Dean GEORGE C. GRIFFIN, B.S. . FRED W. AJAX, B.A., M.A. . . Associate Dean JOHN J. PERSHING, A.B., M.Ed. , . Associate Dean MRS. J. W. PEARSON ...... Exrrlzlire Secrrlary MRS. G. H. LEWIS . . Srrrrlury lo Dean of Students The .Rf'SC'!!'I'C'h Laboratory LESLIE FRANCIS ZSUEFA Director' of Public Relafions THE ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT STATION JAMES R. ANTHONY C01njJf1'0llc'1' GERALD A. ROSSELOT, Ph.D. . . . . Director PAUL XVEBER, Ph.D. . , . Assixtant Director ROBLEY H. TATUM . . . , Acrouazzfant DOROTHY WILSON . . Purcbasps Clerk DOROTHY C. PARKER . . Secretary THE COOPERATIVE DEPARTMENT MRS. JAMES HENLEY CROSLAND Librarian JAMES ERSKINE MCDANIEL . . Profesxor mul Dirrclor MARY WARING GREEN . . . Sccrelary FRED W. A JAX JOHN J. PERSHING Associate Dean of Sf7l!IC'7'7IiS Associafc Dean of Sfmiewfts WILLIAL4 LAXVSON CARMICHAEL Dirccfor of Admissions S TI-IE LIIsR.fiRY MRS. JAMES I-IENLEY CROSLANIJ ..,. . Librarian CAROLYN BLACK, A.B., A.B. in Library Science Refi-rrncc Assisfanf MRS. j. j. COLVIN, A.B., A.B. in Library Science Reference Assistant 5,xIfIsoRD HARRIS, A.B., Library Science Documenls Assistant ETHEL H"NIBREE, A.B., A.B. in Library Science Catalog-Order Assisfanf MRS. HELEN B. NIARTINI, A.B., B.S. in Library Science, M.A. Serials Librarian ,IRNE LLIQWELLYN NICDANIEL, A.B., A.B. in Library Science Head Calalogufr OFFICE OF PUBLIC RELATIONS LESLIE F..ZsuEFA, B.S. in M.E., M.E. and M.B.A. . Direclor ALICE CHASTAIN . . , , .,.. Secretary The Azzciifozfizmz-Gym1zasizz11z THE EXTENSION DIVISION ROGER SI-IEPPARD HOWELL, B.S. in M.E., M.S. . . Director MRS. BLANC!-IE B. TURNER , ..... . Registraf 18 THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT AND INFIRMARY LESLIE MORRIS, B.S., M.D. . . . . Di,-edgy LAMONT HENRY, B.S., M.D. . . , . Scbool Phyxiciun MAX BLUMBERG, B.S., M.D. . . Axsociale Scbool Pbyxicimz WILLIAM H. GARVIN, JR., B.S., M.D. . Assislmzt School Physician ROGER SHEPPARD HOWELL Director' of the Extension -P I-IORACE W. STURGIS Asxociafe Regixfrar in 5" BIU EH. I Thr Georgia Tech Hospifal Hurrixon Dormifory THE VETERANS ADMINISTRATION GUIDANCE CENTER JOSEPH E. MOORE, Ph.D. . .,... Director BURGESS K, BAKER . . Acting Amixlzzrzt Director YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION ROBERT CHARLTON COMMANDER, B.S., B.D. Y.M.C,A. General Secretary GLADYS I. HAXVES . . , . Ojjlfcc Secretary OFFICE OF THE ALUMNI R. J. TI-IIESEN, B.S. in E.E. Exrczzlimf Sucrvlury of Aluuzui Asxociulion I-IAZEL M. CI-IAMBLESS . . S1'crz'lury for Alllllllll A.I.IocinHm1 ii-J 19 DANIEL GUGGENHEIM SCHOOL OF AERONAUTICS ,.. .binv-z,.H . - 4 '- A y w TBA .' 041. -gfgulvw 91 V ,fr g.- ' : Q my f'r,f,,- .WWI fi: 1 ' ,C as 5. V, 2 1 F My-' -'.',kIApf', fjqim IfgN"q,'i'2 T4 5 , ' " , . 03-,-ff:--u -.Q,,,,f1. ' -. .,. A- I .. yew' ,, 1.1 1" v .0-1 , . I+' I .fi I V32 W :,. .55 I I " 53353, -- ,aw if? 1 IZ-1'7ff:, If-',f'jgf, E 5 4-M5655 333' 5,25 - , Q, '-:I fr , . -2 'V 12-f 41 J I ' 1 If 1- ,ang vaf..,.,Lu L4 - ".' . ,,',, THE GEORGIA TECH CARNEGIE LIBRARY IxeI I I I wma-z ' I X54 I .. ,v ..,, gli: 1 S' I :- Qm W .W I 5 A ,- A 1 I-52545911 ii' ' f:F"?wL ,4 'wx Eliz- .,, ,.-, Il I ' x.f , 4 . X K r 5,271-xi ' f LW. THE CIVIL ENGINEERING BUILD-ING 'M. L. BRITTAIN DINING HALL I I D. W. DUTTON ii -,--" wb., -, 2, 'X Link 'I-'l'6li77E'1' in use Guggerzbeim School AE1'071'HZLfiCS. U E P H R T IH E H T arormarfircaj gmginaarimg K iii sis FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Williams, Dufton, Bricker, Pope .... SECOND ROW: Ducoffe, Gray, Ritter, Harper .... THIRD ROW: LaVier, Richmond, Castles. DONNELL XVAYNE DUTTON, B. S., M. S. . Professor HEAD OF DEPARTMENT ALAN POPE, B.S., M.S .,.. Associafe Professor GEORGE KISSAM WILLIAMS, B.E.E., M.E.E. Associafe Professor ETHELBERT IRVIN BRICKER, B.M.E., M.S. Assistanf Professor WALTER CASTLES, JR., B.S. . . Assistam' Professor ARNOLD L. DUCOEEE, B.S., M.S. . Assistant Professor JOHN JOSEPH HARPER, B.S., M.S. Assisfaut Professor HURLBUT WILLIAM LAVIER, B.S., M.S. Assistant Professor ROBIN BRYANT GRAY, B.A.E., M.S. Research Assistant ALP'RED RITTER, B.S., M.S. . . Research Assistant GUS RICHMOND, JR., B.S ...... Instructor 22 IIJEPHARTIIIEIIT .xgechfecfnre HAROLD BUSH-BROWN, A.B., M.AI-ch. . . Professor Head of Department JAMES HERBERT GAILEY, B.S., M.S. . . . . . . Professor PAUL MALCOLM HEEEERNAN, B.S., M.S., M.Arch .,.. Professor REGIS J. HARRINGTON, B.Arch., M.ArCh. . JULIAN H. HARRIS, B.S ...... RICHARD WILSON, A.A., A.R.I.B.A. , HOBERT W. AIKEN, B.Arch .... ELBERTO GONZALEZ-RUBIO, B.S. . SAM T. I-IURsT, B.Arch ..... LEON I. LANIER, B.S., B.Arch. . . CECIL A. ALEXANDER, A.B., B.Arch. , C. WILMER HEERY, B.S ..... JOHN V. MANGET, B.AI-ch ..., HERBERT C. MILLKEY, B.S., M.F.A. , H. GRIFFITH EDWARDS, B.S ..,. RICHARD PRETZ, B.Arch. . RUSSELL SMITH, B.S. , LEVY R. TINDAL, B.S. , . . Assistant Professor . . Assistant Professor . . Assistant Professor . . , . Inwzfrnctor . . Instructor . Inszfrnctor . . Instructor . Design Critic . Design Critic . Design Critic . . Design Crific . . , Lecfnrer . Lecturer . Lecturer , Lecturer H. BUSH-BROWN Howell Dorniiiory . . . Archifecinre Moilrfl C'onstrnc1fion Lab. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Heffernan, Bush-Brown, Gailey, Rubio .... SECOND ROW: Harriss, Aiken, Edwards, Harris .... THIRD ROW: Harrinton, Lanier, Heery, 23 Hurst, Hoffman. LEFT TO RIGHT: Wysong, Navar re Miichell, Horton, Hansard. L. MITCHELL DEPHRTHIEIIT Hogg? Gramico CERAMIC ENGINEERING LANE MITCHELL, B.S., M.S., Ph.D ..,..., . Professor Head of Dcpartmen t ALFRED THEODORE NAVARRE, B.S., M.S. . . , Assoeiufe Professor WILLIAM CARY I-IANSARD, B.S. I . . , Assisfanf Professor CHARLES FELIX WYSONG, B.S ..,. . . I , Assisfanf Professor BIOLOGY AND PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEERING HUGH ALLEN WYCROFF, B.S., M.S ......,.. Professor LEFT TO RIGHT: Cannon Wyckoff, Miller. I-Icad of Department HAROLD E. MILLER, B.S., M.S. ..,..,. Assoeiafe Professor ALBERT E. CANNON, B.S., M.S. , I Assistant Professor Cf'l'!lIIlif' Engifzeerillg B11i1cz'i11 ff 24 DEPHRTIHEHT Kkemid fry JOHN LAURENCE DANIEL, M.A. . . , Head of Department PAUL KENNETH CALAWAY, Ph.D. . . . , WILLIAM MONROE SIHICER, Ph.D. . . WILLIAM SIMPSON TAYLOR, Ph.D. . WYATT CARR WHITLEY, Ph.D .,., BENJAMIN BLACKISTON WROTH, Ph.D. HENRY LEITNER EDXVARDS, Ph.D. . ROBERT S. INGOLS, Ph.D ....I CORNELIUS AUGUSTUS WELLS, B.S., M.S., M.A. -. WALTER HERBERT BURROWS, A.B., B.S. . . W. H. EBERHARDT, A.B., Ph.D. . . J. IQELLEY GLADDEN, M.S. . . N. H. HORTON, B.S., M.S. . JAMES T. W. ROSS, B.S., M.S., . J. A. STANFIELD, Ph.D. . . A. C. TOPP, Ph.D ..... ARTHUR M. DOWELL, M.S. . FRANK E. LAMBERT, B.S., M.S. . J. L. DANIEL . Professor . Professor . Pro fesso1 . Pro fessoi . . . Professor . , Professoz Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistanlt Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor . , . Instructor . I11structor M L QMQRWWQYW sp From which our power comes Ezitrmice to the Chemistry Bzzilriing U FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Wells, Whiiley, Daniel, Taylor, lngols. SECOND ROW: Lambert, Spicer, Sianfield, Gladden, Wroih .... THIRD ROV! Dowell, Ross, Edwards, Horton, Topp. J. W. MASON EL . i i UEPHRTITIEIIT 6Aemica gzgineering FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sugarman, Mason, Ziegler, Ballinger .... SECOND ROW: Weber, Grubb, Miller, Newkon, Lewis. JESSE W. MASON, B.S., Ph.D ..... . Professor Head of Department Cbemislry Arzzufx . . . Rearl- ' ''gbg17x?:LCZ'2'g?3Zi?L'ZeT:bfn WILLIAM MEESE NEWTON, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. , Professor PAUL WEBER, B.S., M.S., Ph.D ,..,.. Professor I-IOMER V. GRUBB, B.S., M.S. . . GERALD H. KISSIN, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. ROBERT N. MILLER, B.S., M.S. . . 26 HERBERT C. LEWIS, A.B., M.S., Sc.D. . NATHAN SUGARMAN, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. . FREDERICK BELLINGER, B.S., M.S., D.Engr. Associate Professor WALIJEMAR T. ZIEGLER, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assisiant Professor Assisfant Profrsso-r Assistant Professor DEPHRTIIIEIIT Gui gligineering THOMAS HAYI-IURST EVANS, B.S., M.S .... Head of Department JACK MORGAN SMITH, B.S., M.S. . RALPH PETERS BLACK, A.B., M.S. . WILFRED MAIN HONOUR, B.S., M.S. . CARL EDWARD KINDSVATER, B.S., M.S. , JAMES HERTY LUCAS, B.S., M.S. . . GEORGE WILLIARD REID, M.S ..... GEORGE FREDERICK SOWERS, B.S., M.S. . . KENNETH MATHESON THRASH, B.S., M.S. . DONALD HUGH MCLEAN, B.S., M.S. . , . . . Professor . . . , Professor . Associate Professor . Associate Professor , Associate Professor . Associate Professor . Associate Professor s Assistant Professor . Assistant Professor , , . Instructor Civil Engineering Building . . Sighting tlaroiigb a transit in Surveying lab. 0 , , 4 T. H. EVANS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Reid, Evans, Smith, Honour .... SECOND ROW: Sowers, McLean, Black, Thrash, Lucas. 27 DEPHRTIIIEIIT cortomica, octet Stance, Lyn! 145 fl"L6L 5Ll'l6'Lg8l'l'L0l7ff HUBERT EUGENE DENNISON, A.B ..... . Professor Head Of Department MAURICE RAY BREWSTER, B.S., M.B.A .... , Professor ALPHEU5 ROYALL MARSHALL, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. , . Professor NOAH WARREN, B.S., M.A., C.P.A ....,..,, Professor FRED B. WENN, B.G.S., M.A ...,.A..... Professor ERNEST WILLIAM ALDREDGE, Ph.C., LL.B., B.C.S., ROSCOE ARANT, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. , I JESSE CARLTON BROWN, B.S., B.C.S. . . . GLENN WILLIAM GILMAN, B.S., M.S ...,. ROY ANDREW JAMES, B.C.S., B.S., M.A .... WILLIAM JASPER PROCTOR, B.A., M.A., LL.B. . GLENN NOLEN SISK, A.B., M.A. ..,. . FRANCIS XAVIER CARBERRY, B.S., M.B.A .,.. DAVID WALTER DAVIS, B.S., B.A., M.A. . . EDWARD AARON GASTON, JR., A.B., M.S. . . MORRIS JOHN HARDWICK, A.B., M.A. . I GEORGE HENDRICRS, A.B., M.A. . , MAX LEE HIBBS, B.S., M.A. . , RAYMOND D. SHARP, B.S., M.S .... EDWARD YUDE BREESE, B. A ....., TIM BARNARD CHISHOLM, JR., B.S., M.S. . JAMES WALKER GRIFFIN, A.B., M.A. . MALCOLM RICHARD HENDERSON, B.S.A. . WALTER MCDOWELL ROGERS, A.B., M.A. . GEORGE DOWAN WILSON, A.B., M.A. I LLOYD A. SIFFORD ...,.. H. E. DENNISON M.A. Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor . . . Instructor , Instructor . Ilfstructor , Instructor . , Instructor , , . Instructor . Special Lecturer Swann H all Professor Wen I1 lectures bis fa L'orite subject- FINANCE, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hibbs, Sisk, Dennison, Gasfon, Breese, Davis .... SECOND ROW Brewster, Griffin, Sharp, Rogers, Hardwick, Marshall .... THIRD ROW: Hendricks, Hilley, Carlaerry Wilson, Henderson, Akclredge, Procior .... FOURTH ROW: Aranf, Spear, Warren, Woodward Brown, Sweeney .... FIFTH ROW: Wenn, Sifford, James, Dykes. 28 IIEPHRTIIIEIIT The Elech zeal EI7gll1L'C'llI1U Bzzzldmv TVVIIIH ulllmrufns in IiII'c'lri4'nI EllXIlll'l'l'iIIg lolz. gicfricaf gngineering FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dullng, Edson, Savant, Seidell, SI:aInaIcer .... SECOND ROW: Fraser, Perkins, DonaIdson, Wohlford, McKinIey .... THIRD ROW: E. Miller, Clary, W. J. Miller, Weston, Jones .... FOURTH ROW: Buiinzr, Loyd, Scaife, Hagedorn. DOMIENICO PILTRO SAVANT, B.S., M.S., E.E. Head of Department Huoo BRUCE DULING, B.S., M.S. . WILLIAM ALDEN EDSON, Sc.D ..., MARTIAL ALFRED HONNELL, B.S., M.S., E.E. . THOMAS GRAYSON SEIDELL, B.S., E.E. . . WALLACE JOSEPH MILLER, B.S., M.S. . EDWARD EVERETT PERKINS, B.S., M.S. . ASHFORD WORTI-IINGTON STALNAKER, E.E. EDWARD RANSOM WESTON, B.S., M.S. . DONALD WOODROW FRASER, B.S., M.S. , HOWARD LINDSAY MCKINLEY, B.S., E.E. . WILLIAM THOMAS CLARY, B.S .... NIERLE RICHARD DoNALDsoN, B.S., M.S. , ARTHUR HAGEDORN, JR., B.S .... KIAMES GORDON WOPILEORD, B.S., M.S. . 20 Professor . Professor . Professor . Professor . , . Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associale Professor Assistant Professor Assislant Professor . . lrlslruclor . Inslruvlor . Inslrucior . I!ISffll6'f0f D, P. SAVANT VL FIRST ROW,'LEFT TO RIGHT: Durden, Bogle, Sterling, Johns, Brown, Savage, Kopp .... SECOND ROVJ: Varnedoe, McClure, Hatch, Larson, Hill, Clement .... THIRD ROW: Gayclos, Armstrong, Ratterree, Rowan, Haney, Jacobs, Henley .... FOURTH ROW: Whit- field, Harris, Mc.GaugI1ey, Bean, Bragg. Engineering Drawing and Mechanics Building IJEPIIRTIIIEIIT gLlfL88f'LVLg lf'6LLl!LlQfg 33 CA6LlfLlfC5 WILLIAM BEN JOHNS, JR., B.S., M.S ..... I Professor Head of Department FRANK BOGLE, B.S., M.S .,...,,, Associate Professor FRANCIS COOLIDGE BRAGG, B.S., M.S. . . Associate Professor BRYAN LAFOLLETTE BROWN, B.S., M.S. . Associate Professor ROY KENNETH JACOBS, B.S., M.S .I.. Associate Professor CHARLES LESTER BEAN, B.S. 'I Assistant Professor JOSEPH CRUMP DURDEN, B.S. . Assistant Professor ISHMAEL LEROY ELLIS, B.S. . Assistant Professor MARK PICKETT HARRIS, B.S. . . Assistant Professor KNOWLES HYER HENLEY, B.S. . Assistant Professor WILLIAM JOHN LARSON, B.S. I Assistant Professor MILTON BLACK MCCLURE, B.S. I Assistant Professor WILBUR BARRETT RATTEREE, B.S. . . Assistant Professor FRANK M. ROWAN, B.S ..,..., Assistant Professor HARRY CLIFTON SAVAGE, JR., B.S., M.A. . Assistant Professor JAMES HAL ARMSTRONG, B.S ..... . . . Instructor HENRY FRANK GAYDOS, B.S. . . . . Instructor WILLIAM RUSSELL HANEY, JR., B.M.E. . . Instructor JOHN ELMER HATCH, JR., B.S .... , Instructor EDGAR WILLIAM KOPP, B.S .... . Instructor HOWELL MADE MCGAUGHEY, B.S. . I . Instructor DAVID VERNON TUDEEN, B.C.E .... I Instructor WILLIAM WHITFIELD VARNEDOE, B.E.E. I . Instrnctor JAMES HAROLD WHITFIELD, B.S. . I . Instructor WILLIAM BRADFORD CLEMENT, B.S. I . Lecturer LEROY PECK STERLING, Ph.B. I I . I Lecturer 30 Frrsfanznn ElIgiI1l'!'I'IlIg Drawing Iain XV. B. JOHNS, JR. IIEPHRTIHEIIT lflfggrf WILLIAM GILMER PERRY, A.B., M.A., Lirt.D. Head of Department EDWIN HENRY FOLK, A.B., M. A. ANDREW JACKSON WALKER, A.B., M.A., PlI.DI. A. , DICE ROBINS ANDERSON, JR., A.B., M.A. . HAL CHAPMAN BROWN, A.B., M.A .... GLENN WEDDINGTON RAINEY, A.B., M.A. HENRY WELCH ADAMS, A.B .,.,.. J. C. HORTON BURCH, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. . EDWARD FOSTER, B.S., M.A .,... JOHN BURCHELL MOORE, A.B., M.A. . . RUSSELL BENJAMIN PARKS, A. B., M. A. . THOMAS F. ALMON, B.S., M.A ...,. PAUL GROVES BLOUNT, A.B., M.A .... JAMES CHRISTOPHER BROWN, A.B., M.A. LOUIS J. CASTILLE, A.B., M.A ..... JOHN DICKENS, JR., B.S.,M.S. . . . JAMES VANCLEVE DILLARD, A.B ..... HUGH W. DIVINE, B.S., M.A ....., KENNETH MUNCHISON ENGLAND, B.S., M.A. . JAMES BLANDING HAMAN, A.B., M.A. . . A. FRANK HAMRICK, A.B., M.A. . . THEODORE MASON HART, A.B., M.A. . ALTON ARTHUR HOBGOOD, A.B ..,. SAMUEL CATHCART KETCHIN, A.B .... WILLIAM RICHARD METCALFE, A.B., M.A. BERNARD JOSEPH MYERS, A.B ..... JOHN JOSEPH NUGENT, A.B., M.A. . . . RALPH ROWLAND SPILLMAN, A.B., M.A. . REDDING STANCILL SUCC, JR., A.B., M.A. . WILLIAM LESTER WILSON, A.B., M.A. . . Professor . , . Professor A-A-V-'f- . . , Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistanit Professor . . . Instructor . Instructor , Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor , Instructor . I ns tructor , Instructor , Instructor , Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor The Georgia Tech Library W. G. PERRY FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Blacksiock, Spillman, Walker, Perry, Folk, Anderson, Fosker. SECOND ROW: J. C. Brown, Almon, Divine, Ham-an, Dickens, Hart, Burch .... THIRD ROW Parks, England, Nugent, Ketclnin, Moore, Casfille, Rainey .... FOURTH ROW: Blount, Adams Dillard, Wilson, Hamrick, Brown, H. C., Metcalfe. 31 DEPHRTIHEIIT .ynofozfslfriaf gzgineering Suki? gngineering INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT FRANK FARRIER GROSECLOSE, B.S., M.S ...,.... Profrssor Head of Department JOHN MOTT AVENT, B.S., M.A .,..... Associate Profcxsor CALDWELL BIDDLE FOOS, B.S ..,. . Associate Professor DONALD BROOKS WILCOX, B.S., M.S. . . Associate Professor JOSEPH STEPHEN DWYER, B.S .... . Assistant Professor RAYMOND EDWIN SHAFER, B.S ..., , Assistant Pl'0fC'S.Y0l HAROLD OSBORN DAVIDSON, JR., B.S. . .... Instrzzctor WILBUR DALE JONES, B.S .,,,. , Il15f,IlC'f0l' JOHN BRIGGS DAY, B.S ..,.,. , Instructor SAFETY ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT ' WILLIAM NORRIS Cox, JR. B.E., M.M.E ....... Professor I-Icad of Department RAYMOND N. TROXVBRIDGE, B.S., M.A .,... Assistant Profexsos TRONVBRIDGE and COX FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Dwyer, Wilcox, Groseclose Foos .... SECOND ROW Day, Davidson, Jones, Shafer .1 F. F. GROSECLOSE I znfzzxtrizzl E1zgi11eering Time and Motion Sfzzrfy lab. 41. P DEPHRTIIIEIIT Wctlfemctficd DAVID M. SMITH, PILD ..,, ,,,A, Head of Department HERMAN KYLE FULIVIER, B.S., M.A ..... . ALSON HUNNICUTT BAILEY, Ph.D , CHANDLER H. HOLTON, A.B., M.A. . CLARK W. HOOK, A.B., M.A. . . IRWIN E. PERLIN, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. WALTER REYNOLDS, B.S., M.S. . . . AUSUN LEROY STARRETT, A.B., M.A. . JAMES CLYDE BROOKS, B.S., M.A. . ROBERT S. CHRISTIAN, A.B., M.S. , H. L. COOK, M.S. .,.. . ARTHUR E. FULTON, B.S., M.S. . WILLIAM A. MARTIN, B.S., M.A. . JOHN RICH VAIL, B.S., M.A. . . G. A. YORK, M.A ..... FRANCIS MCKEE ADAMS, B.S. . JAMES P. BROWN, B.S. . . S. H. CHASEN, B.S. . L. R. DANIEL, B.S. . W. S. GNANN, B.A. . H. C. GRIFFIN, B.S. . H. R. HENRY, B. S. . . G. MANNING, M.S. W. VINCENT NEISIUS, B.S ..,.., OSWALD NEWELL, B.S. . , . . . THOQMAS ISAAC PORTER, A.B., B.S., M.S. . COLBERT T. PURVIS, BS ....... C. ROBERT SWENSON, B.S. . . Professor , . , Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistanlt Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor . . . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor , Instructor , Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor The Math BZlildil7Ig Professor Fuiurer and his model of the crrtellai 51 D. M. SMITH FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Reynolds, Fulmer, Smith, Starrett, Perlin, Holton, Bailey. . SIICO 'D ROW: Hook, Martin, Manning, Cook, Neisins, York, Fulton .... THIRD ROW: Brown, Gnann CII scn Brooks, Newell, Vail, Swenson .... FOURTH ROW: Porter, Purvis, I-Ienry, Griffin, Daniel Adams Christian. ll E P H R T III E II T Wecftarticaf iiftgineering FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Case, Hinton, Weber, Zimmerman, Allen, Mason. . . . SECOND ROW: Dorris, Vidosic, Holland, Darby, MacCuIIen, Bowman. . . . THIRD ROW: Henilra, Wald, Weeden, Trofter, Bonner, Foster .... FOURTH Doyal, Coe, Davis, Morris, Dells. Milling machine instruction in Mecloanical Eligilzeering lab .... Mechanical Engivzeering B1liIt'IIil1lQ. HONIEIR S. XVEBER, Ph.D .....,. ROBERT LEWIS ALLEN, B.S., M.S. . DOUGLAS WITMER COE, M.S .,.. OTIS MILES HARRELSON, B.S., M.S. . . . WILLIAM ARTHUR HINTON, B.S., M.S. . RICHARD ADELBERT TROTTER, B.S., M.S. , JOSEPH PAUL VIDOSIC, M.E., M.S. . . . HAYDEN ZIMMERMAN, M.S. . . MARK COOPER BOWMAN, B.S., M.S. . HORACE ORION FOSTER, B.S. . JOE LAWRENCE MORRIS, M.S. . ARTHUR WALD, B.S., M.A. . CLARENCE R. WEEDEN, B.S. . . EDWARD F. DARBY, B.M.E., M.S. . ALLEN MACCULLEN, B.S .,.. ALLANDO A. CASE . . , 34 ARCHIBALD DINSMORE HOLLAND, B.S., M.S. HOWARD WARD MASON, B.S., M.S ..., H. S. XVEBER , . Professor Head of Department Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor , , . . . . . . Irrstructor . . . , . . . . Instructor Associate Szzperirzterzdent of Shops . Associate . Associate . Associate . Associate . Associate . Associate . Associate . Assistant . Assistant . Assistant . Assistant . Assistant nevnnrmenr WOJQIWL Ctlfbglflftge FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Schuliz, Ellis, Erwin, Campoamor .... SECOND ROW: Wright, Everhardi, Walker, Brown. R. M. ERVIN MODERN LANGUAGES DEPARTMENT ROBERT MILLER ERVIN, A.B., M.A ....... Head of Department M. GORDON BROWN, Ph.D ........, . JOSEPH A. CAMPOAMOR, A.B., M.A., LL.B. . . . JAMES DIXON WRIGHT, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. . . ERNEST B. ELLIS, A.B,, M.A .... I'I.ERMAN W. SCHULTZ, A.B., M.A. . . . GEORGE FULMER WALKER, A.B., M.A. . . GEORGE M. EVERHARDT ........, PSYCHOLOGY . Professor . . Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor Assisfant Professor Assistant Professor Assisfanf Professor . . Instructor J. D. MOORE LEFT TO RIGHT: Snyder, Gliclrman, Moore, Janus. JOSEPH ERNEST MOORE, Ph.D ...,...,. Head of Department ALBERT SEYMOUR GLICKMAN, B.A., M.A ...... . SIDNEY Q. JANUS, B.S.S., A.M., Ph.D. . . JOHN A. SNYDER, JR., B.A .... MR. Moons , . Professor Assistant Professor Assislanl Professor . . Instrzzrtor ll E P H R T IH E II T !9AyAic5 Physics Building .... One of the advanced electronics labs. J. H. HOXVEY JOSEPH I'IEl1Iv1AN HOXVEY, Ph.D .4.... Head of Department JAMES EMORY BOYD, Ph.D .....,., FRANKLIN E. LOWANCE, Ph.D. . , EDGAR EARL BORTELL, B.S., M.S. . XVALTER P. EWALT, A.B., M.A. . . EDWARD THERON PROSSER, A.B., M.A. . RAYMOND WILLIS BOYDSTON, M.S .... HAROLD MILTON HERREMAN, A.B., M.A. . J. ELMER RHODES, Ph.D ....,.. HORACE W. STURGIS, B.S., M.S .I.. CHARLES WILDERS TOPE, A.B. . GEORGE F. WHEELER, A.B., M.S. . OSCAR BARKLEY WIKE, B.S., M.S. . XVILLIAM OTT ALSTON, M.S. . . ROBERT E. ARNOLD, B.S. . . FRANK B. BROWN, JR., B.S. . JAMES H. BURRI-IALTER, A.B. . JAMES WARE HALL, A.B. . THOMAS J. PEARCE, B.S. , . RUBLE A. THOMAS, B.S ..., JOEL QUITMAN WILLIANIS, B.S. , LEROY A. WOODWARD, M.S. . . Associate Associate Associate Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Assistant Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor , , , Instructor . . . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor . Instructor FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Boriell, Rhodes, Howey, Lowance, Williams .... SECOND ROW Prosser, Arnold, Wike, Woodward, Thomas .... THIRD ROW: Hall, Tope, Wheeler, Burkhalier Ewali 3G ll E P Il ll T 21:54 gngineerin lll E Il T H. A. DICKERT ' HERMAN A. DICKERT, A.B., M.A. . . Director CHARLES ALFRED JONES, B.S .,,. JAMES L. TAYLOR, A.B., M.S., Ph.D, . GERALD B. FLETCHER, B. S .... RALPH LENTON HILL, B.S ...., JAMES WELDON MCCARTY, B.S., MS. J. R. BRANDON, B. of Com. Sc. , DAVID ERNEST PI-IILPOTT .... Fabric' dyeing in Texfile Erzgineeriug lub .... A. French Texfilc Sffaool. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Taylor, Diclcert, McCarty .... SECOND ROW Phulpott Jones, Hill, Brandon. , Professor . . . . Professor . . . . Professor . Associate Professor . Associate Professor . Assisiumf Professor ' '97 Supcr'visor of Weaving . . S7lPC'1'UiS0!'0fK7Iifff11fg I xr 1 IJ, . fffr g TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: A demon- stration in oxy-axetylene welding .... Professor Bortell explains the theory be- hind the atom bomb .... Measuring the flow of water over a weir .... The radio, coffee, and cigarettes are essential in the architecture lab .... SECOND ROW: Things are looking up .... Labor-relations class under Professor Groseclose .... The patient gets the treatment while the nurse looks on .... Adjusting the lens to the nth degree .... THIRD ROW: Getting the word in machine lab .... What a mass of glass .... A ceramics model goes into the kiln .... Hydraulic lab .... BOTTOM: Fabric dying in textile engineering .... Future Aeronautical Engineers look over a plane design. n ZZ" "We live iii time, 50 little time, Ana' we learn all so painfully, That we may spare this bozirls term To practice for L'fE7'71ifjl.,, CLASSES ,, A L ,E za 1 .Mi , n , ...-.-.nun K--. . v ,V v.,,.g1 , -PZ ,K 1. 1 .--ff ,Q W: .tw .. . M, .. X VA'-TJ1' , 0, , W 2 H , W1 . FW -3 'wx an, .. r 1' x . aaxfilwbd, N 1 I I .1 :E rev x.,7'l',.', 'fu 'f--- A f 1 K L n, -,,. , . Q ' A 4 1 fb, , , qixuu v 1 I A , I - Q..-., - ,L 4 1 .--'-Jw-115-f,.'A'.1 '1'I'V5 it 5'V, 1'x L V , , 1' QVAY -624,1 y ' X l 0' f, K I is -L GQIAI 7 .fu Ny-zaff......... ...- , O 4+ 1 A f. 4 f 2.2 Mb wxix. - 4' fir? , X . w' - 7 Qs ,..xAw. ' Ji' , . 5 Y, Q Q , x. X... L. - 9 X. , - , + 4' MX M 0 'wr N153 J Y ' -gr!! V X if N A ' ., ,W mf ' MW 1: :FA ,.:. ,,, Y X 'wmv . 11:1-,Q ..:1'w2'ws 154 -. 1' , sw . N-4-. af, 1 Xu A 'Y' J iifg , ,X 4. 9 2 w S .ff X X' X 4573 . 36 SV J X52 Www? N Q Q we , Q39 K YW Qs gfgga Q 2 Qyvyyfqfvixw x f w X v ma. V 2 3325 g 3 X Q, ef X f a AQ 1 A 5 S713 X' b PQ, 9X 5 Q H 25 f v NA 'Q' 5 4 5 Q Q X. xl iii K Z x 2 X 55 X ,Z Q X, e Q6 3,5 Q A 5 E X f f i n MJ? 2 ' M E '---.. N-:S rf .b. 1 " '- it .- - -1 .f is yn rv .wx .z x, Af v 'E . cgi x 1, sw N 1 nw 7 N 1 SQY6 Q Q' W fi' wvax 4 , Nu vw f v X X 1- 14 'f 1 0 4 0 X Q 53N fa QA 'X Q N Q ,- ff I -::-!!0 raduate chool ALLEN ANDERSON BAGGETT BAKER BATSON BODIFORD BOLLINGER BOTTS BRIGGS BURKHALTER BURKE BUTTNER BYRD CARTER COVINGTON DAHL DAVIDSON DAVIS deCOURT deKROES IRVIN ALLEN ....,.... . Elberton, Ga. GEORGE W. BURKE, JR ....... St. Petersburg, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING CIVIL ENGINEERING DAVIES P. ANDERSON ...,... . Atlanta, Ga. JOHN GEORGE BUTTN'R ...,.... Baltimore, Md. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING LESTER MARCI-IANT BAGGETT ...... Mempbis. Tenn. CO1-IEN B. BYRD .......... Stillmore, Ga. , PHYSICS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING JOHN HOLLAND BAKER, JR ...... Crystal City, Tex. WILLIAM LLOYD CARTER ....... Covington, Va. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOHN HARRY BATSON ........ Lumberton, Miss EMMETT H. COVINGTON ..,.... Americus, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ROBERT GRAHAM BODIFORD ...... Gainesville, Fla. CARL WILLIAM DAHL ....,.. Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING EVERETT R. BOLLINGER, JR ........ Atlanta, Ga. HAROLD OSBURN DAVIDSON, JR ......, Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING JAMES ALLEN BOTTS ..,..... Abbeville, S. C. ROBERT THOMAS DAVIS, JR ....... Columbus, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WILLIAM BENAJAH BRIGGS ...... . Enid, Okla. HENRY F. DECOURT ......... Savannah, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT JAMES HERBERT BURRHALTER ..... . Rome, Ga. JAN LOUIS DE KROES ...... Rotterdam, Netherland PHYSICS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING If "' '- III I i v I DIXON DONALD DUCHACEK DYKES EPPS ESLICK EVANS FLINT FROEMKE FURCHGOTT GONZALEZ-RUBIO HALSTEAD HAMILTON HAMRICK HOLLIDAY HERACEK JOENS JOHNSON KRYSIAK LANGSTON FREDERICK DIXON ,.,... I Aflanfn, Ga, ELBERTO GONZLEZ-RUBIO ...... Coluvzbia, S. A. PHYSICS CIVIL ENGINEERING DOUGLAS ALAN DONALD .,...... Cocoa, Fla. XVILLIAM ROBERT HALSTEAD ,..... I-IawlzinxI'illc', Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HOWARD DUCHACER ........ Norlbfeld, Ver. STUART ADAMS HAMILTON ---4--' fIb"""'f'I"': MII' AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING JAMES WALTER DYKES, JR 'A-.'- BOIIIIII Brook, NI II JOSEPH THOMAS HAMRICR ...... Carrollton, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GEORGE FREDERICK Epps ........ Athens, Ga. JAMES E- HOI-I-IDAYIN6 SERIAL EIEGIEEEIUINE G"'I"'Ib0I0- N' C' U I I MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FREDERICK MARTIN ESLICK ..... Pass Cbrixtian, Min. GODEREY 'I' HERACEK """ Cbnnrmooglb Tenn' CIVIL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ARTHUR ELDEN JoENs .,...... Manilln, Iouw GEORGE GRAEE EVANS ,.....,, Gl'L'L'71Sb1l1'g, Pa. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WILLIAM STEWIERT jo!-INSON ...... Darcuporl, Iowa ALDEN CHEDEL FLINT ......, Baton Rouge, La. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT STANLEY R. KRYSIAK ....... BI'ia'gcporf, Conn. ROBERT L. FROEMKE ......... Deaver, Colo. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT THOMAS EDWARD LANGSTON ..... Graf-nsboro, N. C. MAURICE H. FURCI-IGGTT ...... . Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT I I LOYD LUX MARMDSTEIN MCCOOL MCCULLOUGH MGLAUGHLIN MILLER, E. MOELLER MOORE NOLAND PATRICK PEARCE JOHN FRANCIS LOYD ....... San Antonio, Texas ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TURNER SAUNDERS LUX, JR ...... New Orleans, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CHARLES AUGUSTUS MARMDSTEIN ,..,, Decatur, CIVIL ENGINEERING WILLIAM L. MARTIN ....... . Tampa, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING JOSEPH MONTEITPI MCCABE, JR ..... Ft. Matte, S. CIVIL ENGINEERING DENNARD IVERSON MCCOOL, JR ..... I-Igbokmz, INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT HOXVARD SMITH MCCULLOUGH .... . Macon, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CHARLES A. MCLAUGHLIN , ..... Philadelphia, INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ORVILLE L. MEYER ........ WHSbi11gf01l, SANITARY ENGINEERING CLYDE EDWARD IVIILLER, JR ....,. , Tampa, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING La. Ga. Fla. C. Ga. Ga. Pa. Mo. Fla. MARTIN MCCABE MEYER MILLER, C. MORRIS NEWELL RAHNER REID EARL ARDEN MILLER ...,...., Norfolk, Va. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DADE WILLIAM MOELLER ,...... Malabar, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING CHARLES BINFORD MOORE ....,,. Amory, Miss. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JOHN MORRIS ......... Sazfanmzb, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING OSWALD NEWELL, JR ........ Plumerville, Ark. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING HUBERT NOLAND, JR ......,.. Columbia, S. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HENRY LAWRENCE PATRICK .... Kings Monnlain, N. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT WILLIAM BEACHAM PEARCE ...... Greenville, S. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAG:MENT HARRY BENEDICT RAHNER ,,...,. Florence, Ala. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TOY FRANKLIN REID .,.,.... lobuslon, S. C. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING RENFRO REYNOLDS RICHTER ROBINSON, G. ROBINSON, H. SCAIFE SCHOFIELD SCHROEDER SCHULZ SMITH SOO STOKES STURROCK SWEENEY VIEST WHITE WILHELM CHARLES GILLILAND RENFRO ....., Tampa, Fla. HERBERT C. SMITH ......... Calvary, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT WILLIAM C. REYNOLDS, JR ...... Birvningluam, Ala. SHA0 LEE SOO .--.l4." SEIIIIIIEIIII Cl,I,III INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT IEXIIIIE ENGINEERING MARVIN OTTO RICHTER ...... Hapewlle, Ga. JAMES GUI-LEDGE STOKES I I I I I I Dzmmfy IVIIIII ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING GROVER C. ROBINSON, JR ...... Chattanooga, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING JAMES PARKER STURROCK ..... West Palm Beach, Fla. H. CARTER ROBINSON, JR. . .,,.. , Augusta, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING JAMES WILLIAM SWEENEY ....... Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM PERRY SCAIFE I ........ Dzmalee, Min. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING IVAN VIEST . ,..... Bratislava, Czechoslovakia DANIEL A. SCHOFIELD ....... . Lima, Peru CIVIL ENGINEERING HENIIII JI SCHIIOEDEISFEZICAE EIIIGHFIEEIUNE Washington, DI CI THOMAS MITCHELL WI-IITE, JR ..,.. Hawkinwille, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING RUDOLIIH CARL SCHULZ .,,... Montgomery, Ala. ROBERT O, WILHELM ......,. Baltimore, Mrl. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT EIIIIIJUIITES CLOCKWISE . . . The Aeronauiical Engineering Model Lab .... Pres- ident of Georgia Power dedicaies S500',000 A. C. Network Caculaior .... One of the sirength of Materials labs .... Taking dafa on a model fest in A. E. small wind funnel .... Major Case and his movable machine lab. Q11 -- , fl '-iz .a ...JL-1412-6 ff!! X lbi. - 1 :4 ww ' L McCORD FRED L. MCCORD . GORDON H. LEWIS . ROBERT C. BAKER , . LEWIS . , President . Vice Prc'sicfe11t Secretary-Trczzszzrer Gordon Lewis, Fred McCord, Bob Baker 48 .g.,,..,.,-x . IUR ELHSS BAKER THE SE FRANK HALL ABBOTT Birmingham, Ala. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Pbi Gamllza Dalia WALTER BUNCH ABEL Washington, D. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A.I.E.E., 4. JAMES KENNETH ABSHER Washington, D. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Alpha I.M. Society. LINDSAY SIMS ACUFF, JR. Ocala, Fla. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING JAMES VERNON ADAMS Aflanla, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, 15 Era Kappa Nu, 3, 4. RELHSS 0F 48 SAVOY HENTON ADAMSON Allanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Nu I.M. Society, 13 Engineer, 2. JONES H. ADERHOLD, JR. St. Simons Island, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING THOMAS JAMES ALLEN, JR. Atlanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A.I.E.E., 4. WILLIAM TUILOS ALLEY Cbaltanooga, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A.I.E.E., 2, 3, 4g Engineer, 3, 4. EDWARD LEE ALLMAN Baltimore, Mil. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING BILL CARLISLE President Alpha Tau Omega Omicron Delta Kappa, ANAK, Tau Beia Pi ABBOTT ABEL ABSHER ACUFF ADAMS ADAMSON ADERHOLD ALLEN ALLEY ALLMAN THE IIIIIETEEII AMBR0S'0 VINCENT X. AMBROSIO W. Palm Beach, Fla. AMEEN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi, Treasurer, 45 S. A. M., 4, Glee Club, 1, 25 Newman Club, lg Secretary, 2g BLUE PRINT, 1. JOSEPH SAIED AMEEN Winnsboro, S. C. CIVIL ENGINEERING CHARLES MATTHEW ANDERSON ANDERSON, C. Pensacola, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ANDERSON, E. Bela Thela Pi Beta Theta Pi, Secretary, 25 Dramatic Club, 3, 45 Camera Club, 4, BLUE PRINT, 2, 49 Technique, 3, 4. EDWIN LAMONT ANDERSON Bir11iingha11i, Ala. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Chi Phi Chi Phi, Treasurer, 3, 4, S. A. M., 3, 4, Presi- dent, 4. ANDERSON, I, JULIUS ALDRICH ANDERSON Timmonszfille, S. C. ANDERSON R CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ' n A. l. Ch. E., 4. RICHARD SINGLEHURST ANDERSON Sf. Petersbzzrg, Fla. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delia AGNEXV ANDRENVS, JR. Tiffou, Ga. ANDREWS' A- INDUSTRIAL NIANAGEMENT Chi Phi Bulldog Club, 4. ANDREWS, J. JOHN WILLIAM ANDREVUS Albany, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEZVIENT Phi Delia Theta Srahharrl and Blade, 4, Secretary, 4, Bulldog Club, 3g Skull anrl Key, 25 Yellow jacket Club, 13 Vice President, Sophomore Classg Phi Delta Theta, Vice President, 3, President, 4. ANTZE5 HERBERT LEE ANTZES Chamblee, Ga. GENERAL ENGINEERING ARGUEDAS GUILLERMO ALFREDO ARGUEDAS Alajuela, Costa Rica CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 3, 45 Latin American Club, 3, 43 , A. s. C. E,, 4. 50 FURTV EIGHT SEIIIUR CLHSS KEITH HAMILTON ASHBY EDWARD MARION BADER Hfwwn, Ky. Lomiia, Calif. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, 15 Tau Sigma Pi, 3, 4: Archirec- INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING rural Society, 2, 3, 43 Chi Epsilon, 3, 4. PI Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha President, 34 A. S. M. E., 4g Interfraternity Council, 34 Nauiilns Magazine, 2, 3, Editor-in-Chief, 4. ' RICHARD C. ATCHLEY Kansas City, Kan. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Beta Theta Pi ROBERT LOUIS BAILEY ANAK, 4g Tau Beta Pi, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Parkersburg, W. Va. O. D. K., 4: Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 43 S. A. M., 2, CIVIL ENGINEERING 3, 4, Vice President, 3, 45 A. S. M. E., 3, 45 Rambling Reck Club, 45 Honor Holl, 3, 45 BLUE PRINT, 3, 4, Beta Them Pi Assistant Editor, 45 Student Council, 4g The Georgia Tech Engineer, 2, 3, 4, Editor-in-Chief, 45 Secretary of Freshman Classg Who's XVho in American Uni- GEORGE STEELE BAIRD Vefsifiesn 4- Dunedin, Fla. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ROBERT J. ATHEY Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alexanrlria, Va. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Treasurer, 2, 33 Alpha Chi CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Recorder, 35 A. I. Ch. E. Theta Chi Theta Chi Treasurer, 3, 45 Phi Eta Sigma, lg Phi Kappa Phi 45 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT COUNTS BAKER Newberry, S. C. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Lambda Chi Alpha Pi Tau Sigma, 3, Vice President, 45 Interfraternity FREDERICK G. AVEY, JR. St. Louis, Mo. CIVIL ENGINEERING Council, 3, 43 Bulldog Club, 3, 45 A. S. M. E., 45 Sigma Alpha Epsilon President of Junior Classg Secretary-Treasurer of Senior Class. WILLIAM BRICE AYERS Cmfwffff Ga' JOHN GREEN BARNETT ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING I I. R. E., 3, 45 Camera Club, 2, 3, 4: A. V. C., 3, 1711121111: GH' Vice Chairman, 4, INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ASI-my Arc:-ILEY AIH EY Avsv Avsns BADER BAILEY was BAKER aAnNerr THE SEIIIIJR ELHSS UF 48 BUDDY FISKE President S. A. M., Associate Editor TECHNIQUE, Pi Delta Epsilon, Vice Presideni Delta Tau Delta BARNETT BARNUM BARTMAN BASC H SAMUEL CLARENCE BARNETT Fort Meade, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi, 3, 45 Phi Kappa Phi, 45 Phi Eta Sigma, 1, Georgia Tech Veterans Association, Ig Veterans Scholastic Award, 1. HERBERT MURRAY BARNUM llion, N. Y. CIVIL ENGINEEIKING Chi Psi Chi Psi, President, 4, Camera Club, 3, 43 A. S. C. E., 3, 4. JAMES WILLIAM BAROS, JR. Miami, Fla. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Epsilon Pi Vice President, 3, President, 44 A. I. Ch. E., 5, 4, N. R. o. T. C., I, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE WILLIAM BARRON Pbilarlelpbia, Pa. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon THOMAS AUGUSTINE BARROXV, JR. Lrllcclaml, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kappa A111110 45 Qs Hfiil I 4 BAROS EASEWI EZ . NATHAN LEE BARTMAN Iacksovwille, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma, 4, A. S. M. E., 4. HAROLD BARNETT BASCH, JR. Atlanla, Gu. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Epsilon Pi Secretary, 4g S. A. M., 43 E11gi11ec'r LLAMIA BASEWIEZ Marianao, Cuba INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING JOSEPH A. BASLER Wfilkes-Barre, Pa. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING HOSEA CARROLL BATTEN Slllifbfflli, Vzr. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma President, 4, Bulldog Club, 3, 4 O. D. K., 4g I. M. Society, 4g Student Council, 4 President Student Council, 45 Baseball Team, 3 Wlrestling Team, 3, 4, Captain Wlrestling Team, 3, 4 ANAK, 4. i A BARRON BARROW BASLER BATTEN THE GEO BATTLE BATTS BEALE BEARDEN BEARDSWORTH BEARSE BEAT BEECHER BEILOCK BELL JAMES WILLIANI BATTLE St. Petersburg, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING JILES LARRY BIATTS Orlando, Fla. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 45 Eta Kappa Nu Vice Presi- A I dent, 35 Tau Beta Pi, 4g I. R. E., 3, 4g B. S. U., 3, 4, ' ' Bulldog Club, 5, 45 Honor Roll, 2, 3 4. A LUTHER ALTON BEALE Atlanfa, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 4g A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4. PEGGY NEAL BEARDEN Lake Ciiy, Fla. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Lambda Clai Alpha A. I. Ch. E., 3, 43 Co-op Club, 3, 45 Engin DONALD ARTHUR BEARDSWORTH Bridgeport, Conn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sigma ee r, E. E., 45 I. R. E., 45 N. R. O. DANFORTH PARKER BEARSE Atlanta, Ga. ARCHITECTURE WILLIAM LANVRENCE BEAT Toledo, Oloio ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING C. LEROY BEECHER Dinsrlale, Iowa INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT MILTON BEILOCK New York, N. Y. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING l. A. S. Trcas., 45 Tau Beta Pi, BILLY SEARS BELL Rirhlaml, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING T. 4 RGIH SCHOOL UF TECHIIULUGV THE IIIIIETEEH FURTV BELL BENNETT, A. BENNING BERG BIDDINGER BELLOCCHI BENNETT, R. BERCEGEAY BERGMAN BIGGERS 54 WILLIAM EVERETT BELL, JR. Greemuille, Miss. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Lambda Chi Alpha NATALE H. BELLOCCHI Little Falls, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Beta Theta Pi Beta Theta Pi Secretary, 13 Newman Club, 1, 2, 43 Band, 1, 33 Glee Club, 3, 4. ABBOTT SCOTT BENNETT, JR. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Nu Sigma Nu chaplain, I, 25 I. M. Society, 45 Student Council, 4. ROBERT GASTON BENNETT Drrafur, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi THOMAS COBB BENNING, JR. Aflanla, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. Ch. E., 3, 45 Honor Roll, 15 Cr try, 1, 2. EDWARD WINTZ BERCEGEAY Sava-mzah, Ga. NIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Treasurer, 45 Pi Tau A. s. M. E., 4. JAMES A. BERG Macon, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Alpha Epxilou HERBERT A. BERGMAN Sazfamzah Beach, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING CHARLES BIDDINGER, JR. Atlanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING oss-Coun- Sigma, 49 Chi Epsilon, 4g A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4. WILLIAM P. BIGGERS, JR. Decatur, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT EIGHTRSEIIIUR ELHSS FREDERICK RICHARD BITTMANN Tampa, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING DAVID HALL BLACK Birmingham, Ala. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Co-op Club, 45 A. S. M. E., 4. NORBERT JOSEPH BLECKMANN Boonville, Mo. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E., 45 A. S. Mil. E., 4. ROBERT HARRISON BONNER Macon, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Plai Delta Theta Phi Psi, 3, 44 A. A. T. C. C., 3, 4. DANIEL DEWITT BOONE Atlanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Delta Tan Delta CHARLES WILLIAM BOROUGHS Atlanta, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Alpha Tan Omega HERBERT EDMUND BOSS Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Kappa Psi, 1, 2, 3, 45 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4 A. S. M. E., 4. XVILLIAM HARRY BOTTOMLEY, JR. Bir1ningba1n, Ala. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Co-op Club, 3, 45 A. S. M. E. Secretary, 4. WILLIAM BRADDOCK BOURNE, JR. Brunswick, Ga. , INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Al plaa E psilon Freshman Basketball and Football, Football, 2. JAMES LUCIEN BOWEN East Point, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gamma Delta Secretary, 35 Bulldog Clubg T Club, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. BITTMANN BLECKMANN BOONE BOSS BOURNE 55 BLACK BONNER BOROUGHS BOTTOMLEY BOWEN Jw BOWERS BOWLES BOWMAN BRAIDWOOD BRANTLEY BREEN DON CADY Presidenl: Bulldog Club, ANAK, Captain Track Team, Presideni Sigma Chi I THOMAS NEWTON BOWERS Marietta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E., 45 Y. M. C. A., 3, 4. LEO THOMAS BOWLES Iaclzsouuille, Fla. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi BOYD BRACEWELL BREMBS BRENNER DON WAITE BRAIDWOOD Kansas Cily, Mo. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Dclfa Tau Della Delta Tau Delta Treasurer, 35 A. I. President, 45 Technique, 25 BLUE PRINT, HASKEW H. BRANTLEY Decalar, Ga. A. I. E. E., 45 I. R. E., 45 Camera Club, 25 Radio INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Club, 25 Football, 2. JAMES HENRY BOWMAN Decatur, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delta Kappa Kappa Psi, 1, Z5 Band, 1, 25 A. I. E WILLIAM C. BOYD York, S. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Phi I. F. C., 4. ROBERT EUGENE BRACEWELL Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, 15 Phi Kappa Phi, 45 Kap Psi Secretary, 2, President, 3, 45 Band, 1, Pi Tau Sigma Award, 2. . E., 3, 4. pa Kappa 2, 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon President, 45 I. Bulldog Club, 3, 45 Swimming, 3, 4. XVILLIAM H. BREEN, JR. Decatur, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Al plan Tau Omega CHARLES A. BREMBS Pomjzfon Plains, N. I. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Nu Bulldog Club, 45 Football, 3, 4. CARL PHILLIP BRENNER Atlanfa, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E., 4. E. E. Vice 3 F. C., 35 EEUREIH SEHUUL 0F TEEHIIULUGV SEIIIUR JAMES JOSEPH BRESNAHAN, JR. Augusta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpba Epsilon Tau Beta Pi, 45 Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 45 Newman S. Club, I, 45 A. I. Ch. E., I, 4. HAROLD FOWLER BRINKLEY Smyrna, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Phi Gaazma Delia CHARLES E. BRODNAX, JR. Allania, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Cloi Plai WILLIAM ASBURY BROOKS Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Vice President, 45 Phi Eta Sigma, 15 Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 45 Tau Beta Pi, 3, 45 Yellow jacket Club, 1, 2, Secretary, 25 Bulldog Club, 3, 45 M. E. Engineering Award, 25 Yellow Jacket, I, 2, 35 BLUE PRINT, 1, 25 Engineer, 3, 4. BENJAMIN INMAN BROWN Albany, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Clai Sigma Chi Treasurer, 3, President, 45 Tau Beta Pi, 45 Chi Epsilon, 45 Anak, 45 O. D. K., 45 Archi- tectural Society, 2, President, 35 Phi Eta Sigma, 15 Student Council, 45 I. F. C. President, 45 A. S. C. E. ELHSS UF 48 BOB DART BROXVN B1'7L71.Y'LlJiL'k., Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Cloi DAREN DOUGLAS BROWN Pike Roarl, Ala. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma JOHN WINSTON BRONVN Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Lambrla Chi Alploa Camera Club, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3, Vice 35 BLUE PRINT, 4. WARREN REID BROWN Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 3, 45 Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES YATES BRUCE Macon, Ga. ARCHITECTURE A. M., 4, Executive Committee, 4. President, lf ,Z BRESNAHAN BRINKLEY aRonNAx anooxs aRowN, H I aRowN, s. o. BROWN, D. BROWN, J. BROWN. W. BRUCE THE EEURGIHS PAUL DANIEL BRYAN, JR. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Chi Yellow Jacket Club, 35 Cheerleader, 3, A. I. E. E 3, Nautilus, 3g N. R. O. T. C., 3, 4. JULIAN N. BUCHANAN A1zderso11, S. C. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau WALTER SAMUEL BUCKINGHAM, JR. Vero Beach, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT CHARLES BUHMAN, JR. Atlanta, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING I. A. S., 4. FRANK JAMES BULL Chattanooga, Term. I. M. Society, 4, Glee Club, 1, 2, N. R. O. T. C., EHUUL UF TEEHIIULUGV ISAAC NEWTON BUNCE Stateshoro, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Beta Theta Pi A. A. T. C. C., 49 Engineer, 4. WILBURN WRIGHT BURAN, JR. White Sulphur S prings, W. Va. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Delta Tau Delta ROY COX BURDETTE LaGrange, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT PAUL OTTO BURGDORF North Arlington, N. I. CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa Treasurer, 3, Vice President, 45 Skull and Key, 2g I. F. C., 3, T Club, 3g BLUE PRINT, 15 Swimming, 1, 2, 3, 4. ARCHITECTURE . .Bm Tim' P' , I THOMAS EDWARD BURNS Beta Theta PI Vice President, 3, President, 49 Phi Baltimore Md Eta Sigma, 1, Tau Beta Pi, 3, 43 Yellow jacket Club, ' ' 2, Architectural Society, 3, 4, BLUE PRINT, 1, 2g INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Yellow jacket, 1, 2. Co-op Club, 3, 4, A. S. M. E., 3, 4, S. A. M., 4. BRYAN BUCHANAN BUCKINGHAM BUHMAN BULL BU NCE BU RAN BU RD-ETTE BU RGDORF BURNS ELHSS 0F 48 VVILLIAIVI EDGAR BUSBIN Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Chi Pbi T Club, 23 Bulldog Club, 2, President, 2, Chi Phi President, 45 I. F. C., 23 Football, 4, Track, 4. CHARLES CRAWLEY BUSH Fifzgeralal, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E., 45 I. R. E., 4. RAYMOND GRANBERRY BUSH Allanfa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Phi HUBERT HAMILTON BUTT Abingrfon, Va. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CHARLES RALPH BYRD Bainlvrirlgc, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Chi Sigma, 45 A. I. Ch. E., 4, Co-op Club, 4. DONALD VINSON CADY Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi Sigma Chi Secretary, 3, President, 4g Anak, 49 Bulldog Club, 3, 4, President, 45 Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 44 Football, 2, 35 Secretary-Treasurer Junior Class, O. D. K., 4. XVILLIAM HUGH CAFFEY, JR. Decalur, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega GEORGE NEWTON CAHILL, JR. jacksozzville, Pla. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 44 Glee Club, 1, 2. WILLIAM PHARES CALHOUN, JR. Baltimore, Md. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Sigma CHESTER WILLIAM CALVIN Beaver Falls, Pa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING I. R. E., 3, 43 A. I. E. E., 4. ausnm ausH, R. BYRD CAFFEY CALHOUN BUSH, c. sun CADY CAHILL CALVIN CAMP, w. J. CAMP, w. L. CAMPBELL ' CARLSON CARMICHAEL CARTER, L. AL NEWTON Editor TECH NIQU E, Omicron Delia Kappa, ANAK, Tau Beta Pi XVILLIAM JACKSON CAMP Sylvester, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. Ch. E., 3, 45 Co-op Club, 3, 45 Alpha Sigma, 3, 4, Vice President, 4. XVILLIAM LAWRENCE CAMP Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Ejlsiion s. A. M., 4, I. F. C., 2, Football. SCOTT M. CAMPBELL Tullaboma, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Chi Student Council, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES S. CANNON Alnbeville, Ga. MECI-IANICAL ENGINEERING WILLIAM E. CARLISLE Los Angeles, Calif. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega CANNON CARLISLE CARTER, M. CARTER, W. JOHN EDXVARD CARLSON Sarasota, Fla. ARCHITECTURE Chi Alpha Tau Omega HUGH ERSKINE CARMICHAEL NC'1Lf77H71, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 45 I. R. E. 3, 4, A. I. E. E., 45 BLUE PRINT, 3, Business Man ager, 4, Publications Board, 4. CHARLES LOGAN CARTER Atlanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Phi, Briaerean Societyg Eta Kappa Nu Glee Club, A. I. E. E., Honor Holl, 2, 3. MELVIN WPHTEHEAD CARTER Atlanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega Treasurer, 2, Vice President, 3, President, 45 Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 43 c'WlIo's XVho WILLIAM ALEXANDER CARTER, III gi Smlzrican Colleges and Hgiversitiisng lgnakci 43 A,f1,mf,,,G,,, . . ., 4, S. A. M., 45 Bu og Cu , 3, resi ent, 43 Student Council, 3, Tau Beta Pig Technique, ELECTRICAL ENFINEERING 2, 3, 4, Advertising Manager, 3, Business Manager. 43 Kappa S1gma Publications Board, 3. A. I. E. E., 3, 45 Rifle Team, Z. E SEIIIURELHSS UF 48 AIC G De h. CLYDE W. CARVER Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT BARNEY P. CASTEEL Atlanta, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Phi, 45 I. A. S., 4. HENRY BAKER CAULKINS, JR. Chattanooga, Tenn. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Beta Theta Pi Ita Epsilon, 3, 45 Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 43 THOMAS LLOYD CELY, JR. jacksonville, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E., 4. WILLIAM C. CHAMBERLAIN Franklin, N. C. PHYSICS CHARLES 'CHAMLEE Adairwille, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ARCH SYLVESTER CHAPMAN Hattiexlncrg, Miss. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING GEORGE ALLAN CHAPMAN, JR. Coral Gables, Fla. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Phi Epsilon ROBERT EARL CHASE Atlanta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. CH. E., 4. SYLVAN H. CHASEN Ailanta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING EUREIH TECH CARVER CAULKINS CASTEEL E., 3, 45 Technique, 1, 2, 3, 45 Engineer, 4. CEI-Y CHAMBERLAIN CHAMLEE CHAPMAN, A. CHASE CHAPMAN, G. CHASEN 61 ELHSS UF 48 CHEN-see CHESNUT, G. CHESNUT, w. CHILDERS CHRISTIAN, c. CHRISTIAN, G. CLARK, T. CLARK, w. CLARY CLAYTON 62 SIDNEY REGINALD CHEN-SEE jamaica, B. IV. I. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Newman Club. GEORGE RAY CHESNUT, JR. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Nu S. A. M. WILLIAM HAMILTON CHESNUT Bradmzlon, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E., 24 Terbnique, 1. JAMES GEORGE E. CHILDERS Tallahassee, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT CLIFFORD LEE CHRISTIAN, JR. Hrpbzibnb, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Delia Tau Delia Delta Tau Delta, Corresponding Secretary, 33 A. I. E. E., 45 I. R. E., 45 BLUE PRINT, 2, 3, 43 Tccbnique, 2, 33 Lieutenant R. O. T. C., 2. GRADUS T. CHRISTIAN Elbrrlon, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT TI'IOII'IAS VIRGIL CLARK OrlaI1a'o, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau XVILLIAIVI DAVIS CLARK Allanfa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Chi Pbi Chi Phi, Treasurer, 2, 3, Vice President, 4g Bulldog Club, 3, 45 S. A. M. Treasurer, 3, Secretary, 45 "B" Team Football, lg UB" Team Basketball, 1, 2, 3. JAMES RICHARD CLARY, JR. Allanfa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sigma THADDEUS GERALD CLAYTON Garfield, N. J. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Phi Psi, 3, 45 American Association Textile Chem- ists Sl Colorists, 3, 45 Band, 1, 2. L CLEMENT COBB COCHRANE COLE COLEMAN G COLEMAN, J. COLEMAN, V. COLLE COLLINS CONN ' COLEMAN CLAY CLEMENT, JR. Allanla, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING MORTON GREY COBB, JR. Meridian, Miss. CIVIL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpina Epsilon N. R. O. T. C. Pistol Team, 1, 2, 35 A. S . C. E., 3, 45 Band, 1, 23 Nauiilus, I, Circulation Manager, 23 BLUE PRINT, 3, Football, 1, 2, 3. JOHN ARTHUR COCI-IRANE Augusta, Ga. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Della Tau Della HENRY ROBERT COLE, JR. Madison, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Lamlula Clyi Alpha Co-op Club, S. A. M., Captain R. O. T. C., 3. GORDON MABRA COLEIVIAN Fares! Hills, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Della Tan Delta Delta Tau Delta Secretary, 2, Vice President, 3, President, 45 Phi Eta Sigma, Ig Pi Tau Sigma, 3, Vice President, 45 O. D. K., 45 Anak, 45 A. S. M. E., 2, 4g Bulldog Club, 45 S. A. M., 43 Interfraternity Council, 2, 3, 43 Honor Roll, lg Technique, lg Swimming, 1, 2, 3, 4g Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class, NVl1o,s XVhO Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. JAMES EDWIN COLEMAN, JR. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGENIENT Sigma Alpha Epsilon VAN BUREN COLEMAN Couinglon, Va. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING EDWARD ARTHUR COLLE, JR Pascagoula, Miss. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi, President, 45 Pi Tau Sigma 4 CHARLES C. COLLINS Elle Cily, Okla. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ta Kappa Nug Srablvard anrl Blafleg A. I E E LOUIS DANIEL CONN, JR. Memphis, Twin. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma. THE GEURGIH SLEHUUL UF TECHIIULUEV CONNOLLY COOGAN COONS CORNISH CRAIG 64 CONOLEY COOKSEY COPE COX CRISP THE IIIIIETEEII THOMAS W. CONNOLLY Marietta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Chi Phi JACK CONOLEY, JR. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Alpha JOSEPH EDWARD COOGAN St. Petersburg, Fla. GIVIL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha Newman Club, 1, 23 A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4. MARSHALL MELVIN COOKSEY Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Alpha Tau Omega WILLIAM W. COONS Atlanta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta CLAUDE LEWIS COPE Tenafly, N. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Delta Tan Delta Military, 3, 4g Yellow jaclzet, 1, 2, 3g Technique, 2, 35 Cross Country, lg Track, 1. FREDERICK BRANOT CORNISH lVashi11gton, D. C. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi Treasurer, 2, 3, 45 Rambling Reck Club President, 33 Alpha Phi Omega Vice President, Z, S. A. M., 3, 45 A. S. M. E., 3, 4, Honor Roll, 49 Technique, Ig Engineer, 33 Gymnastics Team, Senior Manager, 45 "B" Football Team, lg Cheerleader, 2, Head Cheerleader, 3, 4, Freshman Class President, Student Council, 1, Freshman Y Council. RALEIGH STEPHEN COX Florence, Ala. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Scahlzarzl and Blade, 3, 45 Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4. RAYMOND ARCHER CRAIG, JR. jackson, Miss. GENERAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha General Engineering Society, 49 Foil and Mask, 4. ROBERT LATHAN CRISP, JR. Cross Hill, S. C. CIVIL ENGINEERING Co-op Club, 3, 45 A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4. FUR T ROY LAWRENCE CROSIER Merced, Calif. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GEORGE HINTON CROSSLEY, JR. LaGrange, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING E T ll IEH SEIIIUR ELHSS GEORGE THANE CUMMINS Augusta, Ky. CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta Club, 3, 4g American Society Bulldog Engineers. DONALD JOHN CURRAN A. I. Ch. E., 2, 3, 45 Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, Sec- Wny11za1't,Pa. retary, 4. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Chi Phi Era Kappa Nu, 3, 4. JOHN MCDONALD CULGAN Pittxburgb, Pa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING CHARLES BIRNEY CURRY A. I. Ch. E., 3, 4. Atlanta' Ga' ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Sigma N14 ROBERT MELDRIM CULVER, JR. M,,,,,,,, Ga, JOHN EARL CUTCLIEFE ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Aflfmfdi GU- Cbi Phi CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A.I.E.E',1, 2, 3, 4. A. I. Ch. E., 45 Chess Club, 3s Foil Society, 4. ROBERT THOMAS CUMMINGS DUNCAN BROWN CUTLER Big Stone Gap, Vu. MW0711 G4- 1-EX-1-ILE ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Psi, 3, 4g A. A. T. C. C., 3, 4, President, 45 P1fiDf1ff1 Theta Co-op Club, 2, '3, 4. A. I. E. E.g Student Council. of Civil and Mask CROSIER CROSSLEY CULGAN CULVER CUMMINGS CUMMINS CURRAN CURRY CUTCLIFFE CUTLER THE SEIIIUR ELHS5 UF 48 JIM GALEY Business Manager ENGINEER, Presicleni A. S. C. E. A President Chi Epsilon, Bulldog Club THOMAS FREDERICK DAISLEY Balfimore, Md. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Varsity Football, 2, 3. BRUNO DAMIOLI Cumberlaml, Ky. MECHANICAL ENGINIERING Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Treasurer, 3, 45 Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4 Pi Delta Epsilon, 4, Bulldog Club, 49 A. S. M. E., 45 I. R. C., 33 Publications Board, 4g BLUE P 3, 45 Business Manager, 4. HENRY CHARLES DANIEL Ealowfon, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Bala Tbela Pi JAMES FLEMING DANIEL, III Greenlrille, S. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Phi HAROLD EUGENE DANIELL Allanla, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINZERING A. S. lvl. E., 4. RINT, 2, Phi Eta Sigma, 13 Co-op Club, 3, 44 S. A. ALBERT QUINTON DAVIS Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ARTHUR WEBSTER DAVIS Willaroochee, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Co-op Club, A. S. M. E. JOHN EMMENS DAVIS Athens, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpba MILTON WILLARD DAVIS Walsenburg, Colo. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING I. A. S. VERLON SWORDS DAVIS Atlania, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 4. M., 3 r1"'5Ir DAISLEY DAMIOLI DANIEL, I-I. DANIEL, I. DANIELL, H. DAVIS. A. Q. DAVIS, A. w. DAVIS, I. DAVIS, M. DAVIS, v. DAY deDlEGO DEGNAN DEYERLE DIANA DICK THOMAS MCCABE HYMAN DAY . WALTER E. DEYERLE, JR. Atlanfa, Ga. Salem, Vrl. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigmzr N11 Alpha Chi Sigma, 1, 2, 3, 4, A. I. Ch. Phi Eta Sigma, 1, 2. ERNESTO deDIEGO P!l71tl7lZl1 City, Pammzn CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E., 4. HENRY WILLIAM DEGNAN, JR. F1111 Ri-ver, Mass. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E., 3, S. A. M., 4, Newman Club, Vice President, 4. CLAYTON BARNETT DEKLE Thollzrzsvillc, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Architectural Society, 4. DON ALLEN DELUGACH Memphis, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Epsilon Pi President, 4, Bulldog CI I. F. C., 3, 4. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha E., 3, 4, LEONARD M. DIANA Columbia, Penn. PHYSICS Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Eta Sigma Secretary, Ig Briaerian Society, 3, 4g Tau Beta Pi, 3, 4, Alpha Chi Sigma Treasurer, 3, 43 Co-op Club, 2, Secretary, 3, President, 4g Glee Club, 1, Z, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4g E11gii1eer, 3, Man- aging Editor, 4. HENRY ATKINSON DICK Allzznfrr, Gu. 2, 3, 4, CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, 1, 2, Tau Beta Pi, 3, 45 Phi Kappa Phi, 4. JOHN HARRY DODSON, JR. Atlanta, Grl. ARCHITECTURE MARTIN H. DOLIN IV:lyuesb0ro, Ga. INDUSTRIAL NIANAGEMENT Tau Elzsifon Phi ub, 35 Tau Epsilon Phi Treasurer, 3, 4g Dramatic Club Treasurer, 4, Honor Roll, 3. DEKLE DELUGACH DODSON DOLIN THE GEUREIH SEHUUL UF TEEHIIULUGV THE IIIHETEEII FURTV DOUGLAS DOYLE, C. DRAKE ouERsI DUNAWAY 68 DOWNS Dovus, v. nuaose DUGGAN DURSI JOHN LAMONTE DOUGLAS Erie, Pu. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E., 4, N. R. O. T. C., 1, 2, 33 Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4. JAMES BRADLEY DOWNS, JR. Cordele, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Camera Club, 1, President, 2: Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet, 1. 2, 3, 4g Wesley Foundation, 3, Gymnastics, 3, 4. CLIFFORD EUGENE DOYLE, JR. Iacksmwille, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta VINCENT DOYLE Woodhuven, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta S. A. M., 3, Secretary, 4, Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, Vice President, 4, Delta Tau Delta Vice President, 4g Swimming, 1, 2. MITCHELL GLENN DRAKE Albany, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 3, 4. EDWIN REMBERT DUBOSE Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Chi Phi A. S. M. E., President, 4. JOHN FRED DUERST Clarlzzlalrz, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E., 4. ROY HOLLIFIELD DUGGAN Sanrlcrwille, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMZNT Phi Delta Theta ALBERT DUNSON DUNAWAY LaGrange, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Della Theta Phi Delta Theta Vice President, 4,-'Treasurer, 4 Co-op Club, 3, 45 S. A. M., 3, 4, Camera Club, 3, 4 Technique, 4, Photo-Editor, 4, Yellow Jacket, 1, 2 DAVID DURST New York, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Tau 'Epsilon Phi Bulldog Club, 3, 4, I. A. S., 3, 45 S. A. M., 4 T Club, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 3g Cross- Country, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4. EIGHT SEIIIUR ELHSS CHARLES WESLEY DYER, JR. DYER Macon, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING EAGER A. S. C. E., 4. EUGENE MOREHEAD EAGER Valdosta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sig-ma Alpha Epsilon CLAIBORNE POXVELI.. EAST Lake Charles, La. CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 3, 4g A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4. EAST ROBERT WARREN ECK ECK Upper Darby, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING ELLIOTT EDELMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Tau Epsilon Phi THOMAS WILLIAM EDWARDS, JR. Corpus Christi, Texas MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sigma EOE'-MAN Phi Kappa Sigma President, 35 I. F. C., 1, 2, Student Council Vice President, 4g A. S. M. E., 3, 4g I Bulldog Club, 3, 4g Honor Roll, 3, 4, Nautilus, 2, EDWARDS Engineer, 49 Tau Beta Pi, 4. HERBERT CLINTON EGGAR Sf. Petersburg, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 4, A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 45 S. A. M., 43 Concert Band. DELMAS F. EICHHORN Baltimore, Md. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING EGGAR Briaerean Society, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, 45 Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4, President, 4g Tau Beta Pi, 3, 4, Cor- responding Secretary, 4, Vice President, 43 Phi Eta EICHHORN Sigma, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 1, A. S. M. E., 4, Co-op Club, 4, Outstanding Ordnance Student, 1, 2, Pi Tau Sigma Sophomore Award, Engineer, 45 "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, 4. THOMAS BLANEY ELFE, JR. Macon, Ga. PI-IYsIcs Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha Vice President, 3, 49 Pi Delta Epsilon, Bulldog Club, 3, 4, Ramblin' Wreck Club, 3, 4, ELFE I. F. C., 3, 4g Yellow jaclzef, Managing Editor, 3, Co-Editor, 43 ANAK, 4. ELLIOTT JIMMY T. ELLIOTT Columbus, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ,N Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Treasurer, 3, 45 Bulldog Club, 2, 4. 69 ENGEMAN ENGLISH ERVIN ESKEW ETHRIDGE, F. ETHRIDGE, N. EVANS, J. EVANS, W. E. EVANS, W. W. EVERETT JACK YOUNG President Delta Tau Delta, Siucleni Council, Ramblin' Rack Club, Bulldog Club ROBERT FRED ENGEMAN Nl'lUIl1'k, N. 1. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma N11 Sigma Nu President, 4g I. F. C., 45 Student cil, 45 Engineer, 2. XVILLIAM LAXVRENCE ENGLISH Dl'Ctlf1lI', Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Tbvlrr Cb! EDXVARD K. ERVIN Tampa, Fla. INDUSTRIAL M.NAGEMIENT Delta Tau Dvlhi NOEL H. ETHRIDGE Rirblamf, Ga. PHYSICS Thzffa Chi Colm- Foil :Incl Mask, 4, I. R. E., 43 Camera Club, 45 Physics Seminar, 3g Rifle Team, 2, 35 Te JOHN ROBERT EVANS Iacluonvillr, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Alpba Tau O-mega cbniqur, 4 Bulldog Club, 45 Pi Delta Epsilon, 4, BLUE PRINT 3, 45 Yvllow Iurkef, 2, 4. XVILLIAIVI ELBERT EVAIXIS jm'l1xol1z'illc', Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Alpha Plii Omega, 1, 2, 3, 43 I. R. C., 1, 2, Camera Club, 1, 2, 3, Terlmiqllzg 2, Yellow Inckfl, Alpha Tm! Omfg" 1, 25 Tennis, 3, Bulldog Club. 4g Pi Delta Epsilon, 44 BLUE PRINT ROBERT EDNVARD ESKEXV Allunfa, Gu. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Pi Kllpllll Alpha S. A. M., 4. FORREST EUGENE ETHRIDGE Atlfmiu, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT 3, 49 Ycllow Irlrkef, 3, 45 Technique, 1, NVILLIANI XVINDSOR EVANS Aflulzla, Gu. INDUSTRIAL TIIANAGENIENT EDWARD SI-IIVES EVERETT Melrlrim, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Debating Society, 3, 4, S. A. M., 2. 4. GEURGIH SEHUUL 0F TEEHIIULUGV SEIIIUR CHARLES E. FANCHER Miami, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING N Sigma Alpha Efisilan Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4g Phi Eta Sigma, Club, 3, 43 Co-op Club, 2, 3, 4. S. INIORIYIAN FEINBERG Charleston, S. C. LIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Epsilon Pi BAUER EUGENE FENNELL GI'ee11sb1iI'g, Pa. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ARTHUR MILLER FIELD Clarlesrlale, Miss. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Befrz Tbeia Pi Cofop Club, 3, 4g A. S. M. E., 4. ALEXANDER H. FIHN, JR. Sf. Louis, Mo. IND-USTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Epsilon Pi Secretary, 43 S. A. M., que, 1. WILLIAM DEWEY FISER Be1zto11, Ky. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. Ch. I, 4. Ig Bulldog JULIAN FRANCIS FISKE, JR. Augusla, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Della Tau Della . Delta Tau Delta Treasurer, 3, Vice President, 45 Pi Delta Epsilon Vice President, 4, A. S. M. E., 3, 45 S. A. M. Secretary-Trezlsurer, 3, President, 45 Wesley Foundation, 45 Tecblliqilr, 2, 3, 4, "XVh0'5 Wlxo Among Students in American Universities and Col- legcsf' BRANCH ROBUCK FLEMING Corzlelc, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Theta Chi Theta Chi Secretary, 3, President, 4, I. F. C., 45 A. s. M. 4. ROBERT ALLEN FLICK Ailanln, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Nu HENRY ELLIOTT FOSTER Asheville, N. C. 33 Tech- ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Glee Club, 2g A. I. E. E., 45 Band, 3. FANCHER FISER FEINBERG FENNELL FIELD FIHN Flsxs FLEMING FUCK Fosren ELHSS UF 48 THE GEUREIH SEHUUL UFT EDGAR TAYLOR FOWLER Atlanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi, 3, 45 Clii Epsilon, 3, 4g Phi Eta S, A, MW Sigma, 1, A. S. C. E., 3, 45 Honor Roll, Navy Medal, 1, 2. THOMAS WILLIS FOWLER, JR. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Alpha Arch. Society, 25 I. M. Society, 45 Ten 1, 2, 3, 4. Savannah, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta IRWIN BERNARD PREEDMAN Great Neck, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Tan Epsilon Phi 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball Manager, 1, 2, 3, 4. SIMON DAVID FREEMAN Chattanooga, Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING Tau Epsilon Phi A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 45 Debating N. R. O. T. C., 35 BLUE PRINT, 3. nis Team, WALTER MCRAE FRANKLIN, JR. Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 43 S. A. M., 4, BLUE PRINT, Club, 15 ALTON DEMPSEY ERYER, JR. Savannah, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING 45 Geechee Club, 3, 4, Co-op Club, 1, 2. JUSTIN FULLER, JR. Birmingham, Ala. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Alpha WILLIAM OLIVER EULMER Columbia, S. C. ARCHITECTURE Bulldog Club, 3, 4, Architectural Society, 2, 3, 4. JOHN TRIBBETT FULWILER Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Chi Phi Chi Phi Vice President, 3, President, 4g I. F. C., 3, 4, Bulldog Club Treasurer, 3, 45 Ramblin' Reck Club, 4, S. A. M., 3, 45 Engineer, 2, 3, 4, BLUE PRINT, lg Swimming, 2. HARVEY DEANE GAINES, JR. Decatur, Ga. MEGI-IANIGAL ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delta Bulldog Club, 4, T Club, 45 Football, 1, 2, 3, 4. 'fmt 623 ,- A N ,. . . ,..,- . , .,,, .. sp I 1 is - 1 ,- , . s ax FOWLER, E. FOWLER, T. FRANKLIN FREEDMAN FREEMAN FRYER FULLER FULMER FULWILER GAINES EEHIIULUGV CLHSS UF 48 ANSON RAHE GAlN'OUS Panama City, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Georgia Tech Veterans Association President, 1, Georgia Tech Post No. 177, American Legion, Vice Commander, 2, Commander, 3. JAMES MATTHEXVS GALEY Warriazgfon, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma Chi Epsilon Treasurer, 3, President, 4, Bulldog Club, 3, Treasurer, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, 4, A. S. C. E., 2, 3, President, 45 Band, 25 Glee Club, 2, Engineer, 2, 3, 4. MARCUS WILLIAM GALYEAN Asheville, N. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING T. R. E., 4, A. I. E. E., 4. JAMES LOVICK GAMMELL 1 Atlanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4. JAMES ADRIAN GANTT Rock Hill, S. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Delta Theta BLUE PRINT, 43 Baseball Manager, 4. ALEXANDER M. GARDNER, JR. South Pasadena, Calif. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tan S. A. M., 4, I. A. S., 3. ROBERT WARREN GASTON Aflanfa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Alpha Epsilon GAINOLIS GALYEAN GANTT GASTON GALEY GAM MELL GARDNER Skull and Key, 1, 25 Bulldog Club, 3, Football, GEISINGER 1, 25 Basketball, 1, 2, Treasurer Sophomore Classg Student Council, 3. ROY EUGENE GEISINGER Bethlehem, Pa. AERONAUTIGAI. ENGINEERING I. A. S., 3, 4. ROBERT S. GELLERSTEDT, JR. Troy, Ala. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E., 3, 4. MALCOLM JAMES GESNER Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Alpha GELLERSTEDT GESNER GIBB GIBBONS GINGLES GLEASON EDDIE KOPP Head Cheerleader, Ramblin' Reck Club, GIEMZA GLOTFELTER JAMES ROBERT GIBB Dviroil, Mirh. MECI-IANICAI. ENGINEERING Chi Phi . S. M. E., 2, Football Manager, 1, ASHBY TRICE GIBBONS, jR. Tnmjm, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING Krllhllrl Alpbll A. S. C. E., Z, 3, 43 Atlion Club, 3, XVILLIAM ALEONS GIEMZA Pnxsaiv, N. I. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Newman Club, 3, 45 A. S. M. E., 4 JAMES THOMAS GILLESPIE, AIR. Grcc'1II'illz', S. C. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. Nl. E., 4. JOE SYKES GILLIAM Nrnvhuille, Twin. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi Tal-I Befa Pi, Bulldog Club Pi Tau Sigma, 4g Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1, 2, 33 I Alpha Phi Omega, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 2, President, 3g Wesley Foundation Vice President, 2, President, 35 Camera Club, 2, 35 Student Council Secretary, 3, A. S. M. E., 4. GILLESPIE GILLIAM GNANN GOLDBERG PAT M. GINGLES Murray, Ky. ARCHITECTURE Tau Beta Pi, 3, 43 Chi Epsilon, 4. CARL PAGE GLEASON Grolon, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL IWANAGIZMENT Phi Kappa Tau HAL COOPER GLOTFELTER Phoenix, Ariz. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING I. A. S., 4. ARTHUR PURSE GNANN, JR SIIVHIIIIIIZT, Ga. NIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma, A. S. M. E., 4. HERBERT IRA GOLDBERG Yonizerx, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Alpha Epsilon Pi S. A. M., 4. GEUREIH SCHUUL 0F TEEHIIULUBV EURISIH HAROLD SYLVAN GOLDSTEIN Nashville, Tenn. ARCHITECTURE N Tan Epsilon Phi Architectural Society, 3, 4. PAUL WHIPPY GOODMAN Canton, Ohio INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 2, 3, 45 Swimming, 1. GRADY CHAPMAN GOODROE Atlanta, Cm. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT CHARLES M. GORMAN, JR. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT SOMMERS JESSUP GOSTIN Macon, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Lanzbrla Chi Alpha MILLER ABBOT GOWEN Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi FRANCIS EDWARD GRAF Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 43 Rifle Team, 1, 2. HAROLD EDWARD GRAHAM, JR Atlanta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi A. I. Ch. E., 3, 45 Foil and Mask Vice President, 3 45 Tau Beta Pi, 4. WILLIAM WAYNE GRAHAM Myrtle Beach, S. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT I. R. C., 3, 45 Georgia Tech Flying Club, 2, 3, TEIIH GOLDSTEIN GOODROE GOSTIN GRAF GOODMAN GORMAN eowew GRAHAM, H. GRAHAM, W. President, 43 Air Force Association, 3, 4. GREASER ROBERT WEBER GREASER Altoona, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta A. S. M. E., 4. 75 GREEN GREMLI GRIFFIN GROCE GUNN ELHSS 0F 48 GREENE GRETHEN GRINER GUENTHER GUNNELL WARING MANNING GREEN Decatur, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Gigi Pxi Chi Psi Vice President, 45 A. S. M. E., 45 Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, 33 Band, I, 2, 3. K . RUFUS RIHERD GREENE Sebring, Fla. ARCHITECTURE Architectural Society, 4. ER,WIN GREMLI, II Sarnfota, Fla. ARCHITECTURE JOHN PETER GRETHEN, IR. Miami, Flu. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi A. S. M. E., 3. PAT RUDISILI. GRIFFIN Orange, Texas INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pbi Ganznm Della ROLAND FRANCIS GRINER Albany, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, Vice President, 3g I. A. S., 2, 3: Band, 1, 2g Baptist Student Cou JOHN CECIL GROCE Lyman, S. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ncil, 1, 2. Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4: I. R. E.. 3, 4: A. I. E. E., 3, 45 Honor Roll, 3g Tau Beta Pi, 45 Era President, 4. GENE G. GUENTHER Vwxaillzrx, Mo. INDUSTRIAL IWANAGEMENT Kappa Sigma CLEM O. GUNN, JR. AfIHllfH, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Alplm Tm: Omega GEORGE T. GUNNELL, JR. Ailrmtrr, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Nu GURRY GURSKY HALL, J. HAMIL FRANK HENRY GURRY A1ll'0l'H, Ill. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Sigma Chi MARTIN LEON GURSKY Miami Bench, Fla. PHYSICS Phi Eta Sigma, 1, Treasurer, 25 Technique, 1, 2, 3. BOZKURT GUVENC Ankara, TIlI'kCjl AIICI-IITECTUIIE Architectural Society, 45 Chess Club. JOHN GI-IOLSON HAGGARD Enxi Poini, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4, Band, 1, 2. DICK HOUSTON HALL, III Demfzrr, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Tbria Cbi A. S. M. E., 4, Baptist Student Union, 2, 3, Vice President, 45 Alpha Phi Omega, I, 2, 3, 4g Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g Nrulliius, 25 N. R. O. T. C. GUVENC HAMMOND HAGGARD HALL, D. HAMPTON HANCOCK JESSE DENNY HALL, JR. Syiifeslcr, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Alpha Kappa Alpha President, 3, 4. JANIES BIVINGS HAMIL Miilcrlgeldlle, Ga. RIECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E., 45 A. S. R. E., 4. ALEXANDER D. HAMMOND Mrzrielta, Ga. My AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING IXIACK G. HAMPTON THIIIIJH, Fla. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Alpha ljpxilon JOHN LEXVIS HANCOCK Aflzmta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi, 3, 43 Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 45 Briaerean Society, 4g A. I. Ch. E., 3, President, 4, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 1, 3, Vice President, 45 B. S. U., 1, 2g XVesley Foundation, 33 Co-op Club, 45 Honor Roll, l, 23 T Book Editor, 4. THE GEUREIH SCHUUL UF TECHIIULUGV HANSON HARDIN HARPER HARRIS, J. HARRIS, T. 78 HARDEN HARGIS HARRIS, A. HARRIS, R. HARRISON THE nlneree GUSTAV A. HANSON Tampa, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING ROBERT ALLEN I-IARDEN, JR. Greenville, S, C. TEXTILE ENGINEERING HAROLD GAMMAGE HARDIN Atlanta, Ga. ARCHITECTURE HARRY WARREN HARGIS, III S11z3Irm1, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING PHILIP WYAT HARPER Tallahassee, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Della Phi Gamma Delta Treasurer, 3, 4, Alpha PIII Omega, 1, 2, Treasurer, 3, 4g S. A. M., 43 Co-op Club, 3, 4. AUGUSTUS M. HARRIS B7'1l1lS1L'lCk, Ga. INDUSTRIAL Ix'iANAGEMENT JAMES LYLES HARRIS Blowing Rock, N. C. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Beta Tlaefa Pi RICHARD ADAMS HARRIS, JR. Ly7lL'hb1lfg, Va. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Chi Phi Phi Kappa Phi, 45 S. A. M., 45 B. S. U., 4g Technique, 3 g BLUE PRINT, 3, Rifle and Pistol Team, 3. THOMAS SANDERS HARRIS, JR. Fort Valley, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGIITEERING Kappa Alpha RICHARD ARTHUR HARRISON Atlzwm, Ala. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING I. R. E., 3, 4. FORT HAYDEN HALL I-IARRISS Iackso1z1zille, Fla. ARCHITECTURE Architectural Society, 2, 3, 4. MARION CLIFTON HARVEY, JR. Columbia, S. C. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Nu LUTHER BRYAN I-IAWKINS, JR. Dernzolt, Ariz. CHENIICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma GEORGE XV. HEAD, JR. Maron, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha WILLIAM RAYMOND I-IEALY Marietfa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Alpha Epsilon Anak, 45 O. D. K., 49 I. M. Society, 45 T Club, Z, 3, 4g Student Council, 3, Football, 2, 3, 4 Captain, 4. ' ll EIGHT SEIIIUR ELHSS ROBERT G. HECHT Colunzhus, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Phi Epsilon Pi WILLIAM HUGO HEIDENREICH Charlotte, N. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Football, 1, 23 Track, 1, 3. RICHARD EARL I-IEMMINGNVAY Valdosta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, 3, 45 Pi Tau Sigma 43 Phi Kappa Phi, 45 Technique, 25 Wrestling 3, 4. JAMES G. HENDERSON, JR. I-Iampf01z, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Alpha JOHN A. HENRY Marion, Ala. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING HARRISS HARVEY ' I-IAWKINS HEAD HEAI-Y HECHT HEIDENREICH HEMMINGWAY HENDERSON HENRY THE SEHIUR ELHSS LEMMIE LYNN HENRY, JR. Az'la111'u, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kllpflll Phi Pi Kappa Phi President, 4, Bulldog Club, 3, 4g I. F. C., 2, 3, Secretary, 4g Yellow Inrkvf, lg BLUE PRINT, 1. GERALD DALLAS HERNDON Hfrrfwell, Gu. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING EDWARD HESS Silver Springs, Mzl. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Slgmn Phi Epsilon WILLIANI AUSLEY I-IIGI-ITOWER Sloc'kl1rirlgr', Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FRED MCCORD President Senior Class, Industrial Management Society ROBERT GROVER HILTZ Cb!Iff!ll1U0gll, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, lg Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi, 4, I. R. E., 45 A. I. E. E., 3, 4. UF 48 MARION SPENCER HINES Pnrlumh, Ky. CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 3. IVAN E. HIRSHBURG Oglrlborpe, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E., I, 4, I. R. E., 3, 4. LINDER CHARLIE I-IOBBS Atlrznlzz, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 45 Debating Society, 1, 2, 3 B. S. U., 2, 3, Vice President, 4, I. R. E., 3, 4 Alpha Phi Omega, lg Honor Roll, 3, Engineer, 4 Student Council, 49 Cross-Country, 1. ROY T. HOBBY Ailarrhr, Ga. INDUSTRIAL NIANAGEMENT ALXTIN D. HODES C!JtIf1!ll700g1l, Tenn. TEXTILE ENGINEERING HENRY HERNDON HESS HIGHTOWER HlLTZ HINES HIRSHBURG HOBBS HOBBY HODES HOFFMAN, J. HOFFMAN, M. HOLCOMBE, C. HOLCOMBE H HOLLADAY HOLLAND HOLLEYHEAD HOLLIDAY HOLLINGSWORTH HOLLOWAY JAMES MICHAEL HOFFMAN Atlzmlm, Ga. ARCHITECTURE MATHIAS E. HOFFMAN, JR. Ft. Lamlerrlrzle, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi, 3, 4, Chi Epsilon, 3, 45 Newman Club, 2, 3, Corresponding Secretary, 4g A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4. CHARLES P. HOLCOMBE Atlanta, Gu. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Beta Theta Pi HUGH WALTON HOLCOMBE Atlanfa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Behr Their: Pi JACK OLIVER I-IOLLADAY Easforvr, S. C. CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Psi OSXVALD JEFFERSON HOLLAND Macon, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT XVILLIAM EDWARD HOLLEYHEAD, JR Srmforrl, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT JACKSON RILEY HOLLIDAY Macon, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Pbi Della Theta Phi Delta Theta President, 45 I. F. C., 3, Vice President, 4g Honor Roll, lg Swimming, 3. THOMAS E. HOLLINGSWORTH Johnson City, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING - Alpha Tim Omega Chi Epsilon, 3, A. S. C. E., 3, S. A. IMI., 43 R. O. T, C., 3, 45 E'l1gillf?6'!', 45 Tecbziiqlw, 3. DAVID BYERS HOLLOWAY Ailmzhi, Gu, INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT THE GEURGIII SCHUUL UF TEEHIIUIUGV THE HIIIETEEII FURTV HOLTSINGER HORTON HOUSTOUN HowELL HUDSON, J. 82 HORSLEY HOUSE Hovns Humow HunsoN, w. HAL SCARLETT HOLTSINGER Tampa, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega Treasurer, 45 Bulldog Club, 3, 49 Industrial Management Society, 45 Yellow jacket, 3, 4. ROBERT FREEMAN HORSLEY Opelika, Ala. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega PAUL BELL HORTON Kerslaaw, S. C. CERAMIC ENGINEERING American Ceramic Society Chairman, 4. JOPIN EDWARD HOUSE, JR. Birmingham, Ala. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E., 4. OGDEN KING HOUSTOUN, JR. Coral Gables, Flu. ARCHITECTURE Sigma N11 Sigma Nu President, 41 Bulldog Club, 43 Archi tectural Society, 4, I. F. C., 3, 4, Honor Roll, I Terbniqzle, 1, 2. VICTOR M. HOVIS, JR. Asbrz-ille, N. C. BIECHANICAL ENGINE:RING A. S. iM. E., 4. JEFFERSON TRENT HOYVELL, JR. Clfarzbfnfw, Fla. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Chi Srabburrl and Blnzfv, 3, Vice President, 4, Archi tecrural Society, 4g N. R. O. T. C., 1, 2, 3. HAROLD H. I-IUDLOXV AfIal1I'I1, Ga. X ' ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING JAMES KEITH HUDSON If'gPl'X07l Cily, Trim. CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 3, 4, A. S. C. E., 4. WILLIAM D. HUDSON, JR. Aflaufa, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING EIGHT SEIIIUR ELHSS JAMES ANDREW HUGGINS Atlanta, Grz. NINDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT JAMES EGLESTON HUNGERPILLER Hwtxvilfe, S. C. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma, A. S. M. E., 4. BRUCE DUNLAP HUNT West11ziIz:te1', S. C. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING CHARLES GRAITIANI HURST Snuanlzah, Gu. ARCI'II'l"ECTURE Geechee Club. JOHN HUNTER HURST Perry, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Alpha CHESTER EATON I-IUTCI-IINS S!iI!lH111tlh, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Architectural Society, 4. JAMES CARROLL HUTCHINS Staten Ixlavzzt, N. Y. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Theta Chi SL'fI17bIZ1'd and Blade, 45 A. S. M. E., 4. JAMES SAYLES HUTCHINS Staten Island, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Theta Chi ROBERT BOSWORTH HUTCHINSON johnson City, N. Y. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma, 43 Tau Beta Pi, 4I. KARL LUSTER ICENOGLE, JR. Atlanta, Gu. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi Gt11Il7Ilt1 Delta Phi Gamma Delta Historian, 3, Secretary, 4g A. I. Ch. E., 45 TeL'hniq1n', lg Football Manager, 1, 2. Hueems HUNGERPILLER HUNT HURST, c. HURST, J. HuTcHlNs, c. HUTCHINS, J. C. HUTC HUTCHINSON 83 HINS, J. s. ICENOGLE IRELAND IRVIN IVEY JACKSON JACOBS JAMES, D. JAMES, J. JEFFERS JENNINGS JENNY ERSKINE LOVE Editor BLUE PRINT, President Ramblin' Reclc Club, ANAK, Omicron Delta Kappa JOE NEIL IRELAND Tiflon-, Gu. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Kappa Psi Secretary, 2, President, 3, 43 Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 Bulldog Club, 3, 4, Ramblin' Reck Club, 3, 4, lVll1lfJlIIX, 3. XVILLIAM YATES IRVIN WrxllI1ini.Ifm', Mil. CIVIL ENGINEERING TURNER WILKINS IVEY Aflnnin, Gu. CI-IEMICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tun Omega DIXON SIZEMORE JANIES Wafer Valley, Miss. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Pbi Epxilorr JOHN EARL JAMES Alv.wI11zlr'ia, LII. CIVIL ENGINEERING Krlppzl Alpha JAMES ALBERT JEFFERS Surulrmllv, Grl. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi, 3, 4, Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4, Stubbnrd Alpha Tau Omega Secretary, 4, A. I. Ch. E., 3, 4, dm! Bind? 3 4, I R E- 3 4, A- 1. E. E 4, Foil and Mask, 1, 2, President, 4, Vice President, 3, B. S. U L, i ' J i 3 i i U i Yellow Jackal, 5, Fencing, 1, 25 N. R. O. T. C., 1, 2. 'J i JOHN XVOODWARD JACKSON Allunlcz, Gu. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma, 4, A. S. M. E. Treasurer, 4, Co-op Club, 3, 4. NEWNIAN A. JACOBS, JR. Aflimlzr, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Architectural Society, 2, 3, 4. JAMES NIADISON JENNINGS Dawson, Gu. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Bda Tbrlu Pi Glee Club, 1, 2, Bulldog Club, 3, 4. FRANCIS FOLK JENNY Azzgrrsla, GTI. INDUSTRIAL IKTANAGEMENT GEUREIH SEHIJUL UF TEEHIIULUGV SEII CARL HOWARD JERDEN Chattanooga, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sig-nm Chi Ycrllow Ifrrleef, 35 BLUE PRINT, 3 JOSEPH JERGER, JR. Euif Poiul, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. Ch. E., 4. ROBERT GRANGER JESSUP Em: Gallic, Flu. CIVIL ENGINEERING ClIi Epsilon, 3, 45 A. S. C. E., 4. ALBERT RAIFORD JOHNSON Macon, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epxilon .CECIL GRAY JOHNSON Ninholsville, Ala. GENERAL ENGINEERING ELHSS UF 48 CHARLES ALBIN JOHNSON Fuirlmrn, Ga. INDQJSTRIAL MANAGEMENT i I. M. Society Secretary, 4. CHARLES GAY JOHNSON Cofljzrrhill, Twin. CI-IEMICAI. ENGINEERING A. I. ClI. E., 4. JAMES M. JOHNSON Grzu1fz'illr', Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epxilon S. A. M., 4. VIRGIL EVANS JOHNSON, Orlfmrlo, Flu. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Ltl'lllbLl!l Chi Alpha Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 45 A. I. E. E., 45 Honor Roll, CHARLES MARCELLUS JOHNSTON A . Kapprr Sigma Q Allmzta, Grl. V Kappa Sigma Vice Pres1dent, 3, 45 Society of Gen- eral Engineers Vice President, 3, President, 45 Student ARCHITECTURE Concert Committee, 3, 45 T?L'b17lL11lL', 3, 4g Yellow Chi Pxi fzlrleei, 35 Engiwer, 3. Architectural Society, 41 Flying Clubg I. R. C., 4. .ph JERDEN JERGER Jessup JOHNSON, A, JOHNSON, C. A. JOHNSON, CHARLES JOHNSON, J. JOHNSON, V- . ' V J' ,J 'Q ' ,. x. " I.,-'J' , 1 -TI." i i JOHNSON, CECIL JOHNSTON, C. THE GEURGIH SEHO RICHARD JOHNSTON Woodstock, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Treasurer, 4g A. A. T. C. C., 4. STEPHEN LESLIE JOHNSTON Aflanla, Ga. ELCCTRICAL ENGINEERING I. R. E., 2, 3, 45 A. I. E. E., 4, Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4, Technician State Experiment Station, 3, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, 4. .fl W CLAUDE WILSFORD JOINER, JR. Lookout Ml., Tenn. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Phi Della Tbclu WALTON B. JOINER Bl7'Hlil1gh!Illl, Ala. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GEORGE EDGAR JONES Kenton, Tenn. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Pb! Ganznm Della A. I. Ch. E., 3, 4: Engim'er, 2, 3. . f Ill 0F TECH JOHN EDWARD JONES H1L71fl7Zgf0IZ, XV. Va. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Alpha RICHARD ELVIN JONES North East, Md. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega A. S. M. E., 4. TPIOMAS LON JONES Cbatlanooga, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ROBERT JUSTICE JORDAN Anniston, Ala. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Alpha Tan Omega Bulldog Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 43 T Club otball, 1, 2 ,3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4 ball, 1, 2. XVILEY PHILLIPS JORDAN Monlivello, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGENIENT Della Tan Delia Delta Tau Delta President, 3. IIULUGV Basket JOHNSTON, R. JOHNSTON, s. JOINER, c. JOINER. W- JONES' G- JONES, J. JONES, R. JONES, I. JORDAN, R- JORDAN' W- LHSS UF 48 HENRY GRADY KALB, JR. , Atlmzhz, Gu. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT T Club, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1. ERNEST XV. KARLIN Brizigcjzori, Conn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Tau Epsilon Ploi Band, 1, Captain, 2, I. F. C., 2, 35 Honor Roll, I, 2g TeclJ11iq1ze, lg A. S. M. E., 43 N. R. O. T. C., 3. ALLAN KATZ BIIIfi'I7l01'0, Md, KALB KATZ KARLIN INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING KELLEY. F- FRANK MURRAY KELLEY HfIpe'1.'iIlc', Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, 15 Pi Tau Sigma 3, Vice President, 45 O. D. K., 43 Tau Beta Pi, 4, Briaerean Society, 3 Secretary, 43 Co-op Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, A. S. M. E. President, 4. GEORGE CLIFTON KELLEY Cbzzttmzoogrl, TF1711. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING MALCOLM EUGENE KEMPH Atlanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E., 4. JACK SPRUILL KENDALL F101-eme, S. C. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. s. C. E., 2, 3, 4. THOMAS H. KENTON, JR. Goodlrmzf, Kaus. CIVIL ENGINEERING FRANK SIMS KEY, JR. Florenre, S. C. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Pbi I. A. S., 4, Baseball, 2,- 3. RICHARD CARROLL KIDD Aflmnfa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Cbi Technique, 2. KELLEY, G. KENDALL KEY KEMPH KENTON KIDD KING KINNETT KITCHENS KRUGER KUBITSKY KYLE G EO RGE MATH EWS Presiclenf ANAK, Presideni Omicron Delia Kappa, Cadet Colonel R. O. T. C., Bulldog Club FRED GRANT KING Yonllgsfuu-'11, Ohio INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Alpha Tail Omega Bulldog Club. 3, 45 Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, BLUE PRINT, 2, 3, 4g Cheerleader, 4. DON DeXVITT KINNETT ATNCUII, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Kllflllll Aljlbrl S. A. M., 4. TARVER A. KITCHENS, JR. Atlanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tim Omvgzi Camera Club, Z, 3, 4, N. R. O. T. C., I, 2, 3, 4, Tl'L'f7llll1lll', 3, 4g BLUE PRINT, 3, 4, Student Lecture and Concert Committee, 3, 4. JOHN A. KNOELLER Quccnx Village, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Pi Delta Epsilon, 43 S. A. M., 2, 3, 45 Tczfbuiqliv, 2, 3, 4. EDGAR WILLIANI KOPP TV. Pnliiz Bwlcb, Flu. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tail Omega Alpha Tau Omega Treasurer, 3, Secretary, 4, Bulldog Club Secretary, 43 Kappa Kappa Psi, 4, Who's XVho in American Colleges and Universities, Rarnblin' Reck Club Secretary, 2, 43 Cheerleader, I, 2, 3, 45 N. R. O. T. C., 1, 2, 3, Navy Band Leader, 1, 2, 3, Yellow Jacket Club, lg Naufiliis, 1, Z, Tl'L'lIlIiL11lC', lg Gymnastics Team, 3, ANAK, 4. KNOELLER KOPP LaBOON LAFITTE JERONIE KRUGER Allanhz, Ga. CI-IEAIICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Epsilon P1 Alpha Epsilon Pi Treasurer, 3, I. F. C., 3 4 Phi Era Sigma, lg President Phi Eta Sigma, SUMNER KUBITSKY RO.X'l7IlI'j', Maxx. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Epsilon Pi Treasurer, 45 I. R. C., 4, 3, 4, Camera Club, lg Sigma Gamma, 1, 2. ROBERT JOSEPH KYLE Sl. Pm'rr.vl211i'g, Fla. CI-IEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi JOE T. LaBOON lVl!ll'i0fl!I, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Tau Sigma, 45 A. S. M. E., 4. GEORGE ARTHUR LAFITTE, JR Aflrmia, Ga. LIIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Nu 2 I. THE SEIIIUR ELHSS UF 48 GEURGIH RICHARD MILTON LAMB Aflavafa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pl1iEta Sigma, I. M. Society President, 4. FRANK TRIBIN LASTRA Tampa, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING La111l2a'a Chi Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Correspondent, 3, Co-op Club, 3, 45 S. A. M., 4, I. R. C., 3, Vice President, 4 Georgia Tech Radio Club, 1, 2, Georgia State I. R. cl Vice President, 3, 4. ALBERT WILLARD LATI-IAM Bi1'1l1ll1gba111, Ala. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E., 3. DONALD GOLD LATTIMORE Charlotte, N. C. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 2. JACK B. LAZARUS Valrlosla, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT CHARLES SIMEON LEE, JR. Oviedo, Fla. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha A. I. Cl1. E., 4. FRED WILBUR LEE Tampa, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Sigma Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 45 E11gi11eer, 2, 3,-4g Tech- nique, 3g Yellow Iackcf, 3, 4. HARRY LEE, JR. Sazzfortl, Fla. NIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pbi Kappa Tan A. S. M. E., 4. HERNDON BRIGGS LEI-IR Valrlosfa, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Clai WILLIAM BAKER LEITHAUSER Elmira, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Tbcfa Chi I. A. S., 3g S. A. M., 4, BLUE PRINT, 3. TEEH LAMB LATHAM LAzARus LEE, F. LEHR LASTRA LAITIMORE LEE, c. LEE, H. LEITHAUSER 89 ELHSS 0F48 LESTER ROBERT MILTON LESTER LEVIN Lewis, c. Lewis, J. LIND-SEY 90 LEVAN LEVY Lewis, G. LICHIY LlNz Macon, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi, 45 A. I. Ch. E., 3, 45 Scahhard and Blade, 4, JAMES BUFORD LeVAN, JR. Chattanooga, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Delta Theta HARVEY LYNN LEVIN Charleston, W. Va. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Epsilon Pi Secretary, 3, Vice Superintendent 4, Secretary of the Southern Region of Phi Epsilon Pi, 45 S. A. M., 3, 45 Debating Society, 25 I. R. C., 25 BLUE PRINT, 2. JEAN WILLIAM LEVY Azzguria, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING CLINTON LAURIE LEWIS, JR. Augusta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Treasurer, 2, President, 45 S. A. M., 45 Rifle Team, 2, 3, 45 I. P. C., 2. GORDON PIAIVIILTON LENVIS IV'!IXl.7i71gf0lI, D. C. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, 15 Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 45 Tau Beta Pi, 3, President, 45 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 45 Tau Beta Pi Sophomore Award, Skull and Key Scholarship Cup. 25 Eugiucfrr, 45 Engineers' Day Chairman, 45 ANAK, 4. JAMES IVIALCOLM LEXVIS Aflanfa, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. Ch. E., 3, 45 Band, 1, 25 Glee Club, 1, 25 Co-op Club, 2. JOHN PORTER LICHTY IV. Palm Beach, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Vice President, 35 Bulldog Club, 3, 4. HIRAM EDXVARD LINDSEY Allanfa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Alpha GERHARD D. LINZ Albany, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 45 A. I. E. E., 35 I. R. E., 45 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4. i l LIPPMANN LITTLE, A. P. LOGAN LONG, E. XVILLIAM D. LIPPMANN Tolcrlo, Obio TEXTILE ENGINEERING Tau Epsilon Pi Tau Epsilon Pi Secretary, 2, Vice President, 3, President, 4g I. R. C., 1, 25 A. A. T. C. C., 3, 4: Phi Eta Sigma, 1, Tau Beta Pi, 45 Yellow jacket, 1, 23 TUCb1IfqllU, 1, 2, 3, 45 Wrestling, 2. ALBERT PENDLETON LITTLE Valrlosfn, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. Ch. E., 4. ARCI-IIBAL LITTLE, IR. Valrloxtu, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma NIL Sigma Nu Marshal, 3, Secretary, 4, I. M. Society, 4. JACK ROBERT LOCKI-IART Wfnr, W. Va. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WILLIAM LEONARD LOCKWOOD Yorklown, Va. CIVIL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi Bulldog Club, 3, 43 Cheerleader, 3, A. S. C. E., 3, 4, A. S. Mil. E., 45 I. R. C., 3, Band, 1, 2, Trrlsrziqlzr, lg Basketball Manager, 3. THE BEURGIH SEHUU Lime, A. Loma, F. MALCOLM JOHN LOGAN Sazfrrizzmb, Gu. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alplm Epsilon EDGAR COTTER LONG Allunfn, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. s. C. E., 4. FREDERICK NVATTS LONG Sarasota, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING Signza Chi JAMES ERSKINE LOVE, JR. Greenwood, S. C. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta Delta Tau Delta Treasurer, 35 Anak Vice Presi- dent, 4, O. D. K. Vice President, 4, Phi Eta Sigma President, Ig Bulldog Club, 3, 45 Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4, President, 3, Pi Tau Sigma, 3, Secretary, 4, Ramblin' Reck Club, 3, 4, President, 4, I. F. C., 2, 3, Treasurer, 44 A. S. M. E., 4, Honor Roll, BLUE PRINT, 1, 2, Assistant Editor, 3, Editor, 4, Tf'c'b11iq14.c, 1, 2, 3, Baseball Manager, 2, 3, 4g Who's Who In American Colleges and Universities, Publications Board, 4. ROBERT THOMAS LOWRANCE Maron, Ga. CERAMIC ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Plai A. I. Cer. E., 35 Air Force Association Vice Corn- mnnder ,3, 45 Alpha Phi Omega, 3, Treasurer, 4. LOCKHART LOCKWOOD LOVE LOWRANCE l UF TEEHHULUGV LUCAS MABRY MAISLEN MANLY MANNING LUCK MacCULLOUGH MALONE MANN MANRY 92 THE IIIIIETEE JAMES EDWARD LUCAS, JR. New Smyrna Beach, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E., 4. JAMES CARL LUCK, JR. Avnericus, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT GEORGE CECIL MABRY, JR. Norwood, N. C. AERONAUTICAI. ENGINEERING I. A. S., 4. DONALD ELLSWORTH MacCUI.LOUGH Miami, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Gamma Delta I. M. Society, 3, 49 Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. MEYER MAISLEN Bronx, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Tau Epsilon Pi GEORGE DAVIDSON MALONE Ailanta, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha Tau Beta Pi, 3, 43 Phi Psi, 3, 4g Phi Kappa Phi, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, 1, 2, 3, 45 Briaerean Club, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4. FRANK WRIGHT MANLY Dalton, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ' Pi Kappa Alpha Skull and Key, 25 I. F. C., 2, S. A. M., 45 Golf, 4. WILLIAM C. MANN Marianna, Ark. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Chi Sigma Chi President, 3, 45 Chi Epsilon, 4g Archi- tectural Society, 1, 2, 3, 4, I. F. C., 2, 3, Yellow jacket Club, 2, 3, Y. M. C. A., 1, Secretary, 2, Honor Roll, lg Yellow Iackef, 3, 49 BLUE PRINT, 1, 2, Technique, I, 43 Cheerleader, 2g Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Vice President Senior Class. ARTHUR A. MANNING Savannah, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Tau Epsilon Pi ROBERT O. MANRY Edison., Ga. ,ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING . Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Treasurer, 2. FURTV EIGHT SEIIIUR ELHSS WALTER JOSEPH MARCIN Bi1zgha11zto11, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Baseball, 1, 25 Football, 2. RICHARD THOMAS MARLAR Iulzrz, Miss. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Alpha Scahhard and Blade, 45 Glee Club, 2, 3, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2g N. R. O. T. C., 1, 2, 3, 4 Wrestling, 25 Fencing, 3. DESAIX PEOBERT MARSDEN New York, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Chi Phi HUGH MILLS MARSHALL St. Petersburg, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ARTHUR CARWILE MARTIN Ailanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E., 4. WILLIAM BARNETT MARTIN, JR. Knoxville, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delta Phi Gamma Delta President, 4, A. I. E. E., 4. IRWIN MASEL Aflanla, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING FERRIN YOUNG MATHEWS Florala, Ala. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Chi Phi Psi, 3, 4, A. A. C. C., 3, 43 Student Council, 4. GEORGE WILLIAM MATHEWS, JR. Columbus, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Secretary, 2, Vice President, 3, President, 35 Anak, 4, President, 43 O. D. K., 3, President, 4g T Club Treasurer, 3, 4, Student Coun- cil, 25 Bulldog Club, 3, 45 Scabhard and Blade, 4, Technique, 2, 3g BLUE PRINT, 3, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Alternate Captain, 33 Basketball, 1, 25 Secretary and Treasurer Sophomore Class, Cadet Colonel R. O. T. C., 4. JAMIE F. MATTHEWS, JR. Hazlehurst, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 3, 4, A. S. C. E., 3, Secretary, 43 Glee Club, 2. MARCIN MARLAR MARSDEN MARSHALL MARTIN. A. MARTIN. w. MASEI. MATHEWS, F. MATHEWS, G. MATTHEWS THE SEIIIUR CLFISS UF 48 DICK ATCHLEY Editor ENGINEER, Omicron Delta Kappa, ANAK, Tau Beta Pi WILLIAM F. MCALLISTER Columlyia, S. C. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Nu Sigma Nu Secretary, 3, 45 Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4g A. S1 A. s. M. E., 3, 4. MARSHALL JOSEPH MCCANN Mirluli, Fla. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CHARLES RUTHERFORD MCCHESNEY Uppw- Monfflair, N. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Lambda Chi Alpha u Bcta Pi, 44 Alpha Chi Sigma, 4, Co-op Club, 4 I. Ch. E. Secretary, 4. BYRON TINDLE MCCLELLAND Nrw York, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Glec Club, 2, 3, 45 Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4. FRED LANIER MCCORD Coriizglon, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT I. M. Society, 45 President Senior Class. Lambda Chi Alpha Steward, 35 Phi Eta Sigma, XVILLIAM M. MCCUTCHEON, JR. Wi11lcr Haven, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpba Pi Kappa Alpha Vice President, 25 Football, 25 Track, 2s Boxing, lg N. R. O. T. C., 2. EARL XVADSWORTH McDANIEL Macon, Ga. PHYSICS Kappa Alpha Phi Eta Sigma, 1, Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi, 3, 43 Yeflow jacket Club, 1, 2g Bulldog Club, 3, 43 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN E. MCDANIEL, JR. Mempbix, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Bela Theta Pi JAMES ALAN MCDONALD Irlclzxovztfille, Fla. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Architectural Society, 2, 3, 4. XVILLIAM R. NICDONALD Allaula, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING MCALLISTER MCCANN MCCHESNEY MCCLELLAND MCCORD MCCUTCHEON MCDANIEL, E. MCDANIEL, J. MCDONALD, J. MCDONALD, W. MCGAHEE MCGILL MCLEAN MCMICKLE NVILTON CLIFFO'RD MCGAHEE Ailaaia, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon N. R. O. C., 4. CHARLIE ALEXANDER McGILL Birmingloami, Ala. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 3, 4. DOONAN D. MCGRAW Amlaliixia, Ala. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Bela Theta Pi Alpha Phi Omega, 1, Treasurer, 2, President, 33 Nazifiliis, 1, 2, 35 A. S. M. E., 4, Wesley Founda- tion, 15 Foil and Mask, 4. GORDON D. NICHENRY Conway, Ark. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING MCGRAW MCMILLEN LAUGHLIN C. MCLEAN Biflllhlghdfll, Ala. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, 1. WALTER C. MCMICKLE Colu-mbzis, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT BILL MCMILLEN LOUiS7,'illI!, Miss. TEXTILE ENGINEERING ROBERT VERN MCNEILL Irziiesuille, Wis. IVIECHANICAL ENGINEERING MCH EN RY MCKOY MCNEILL MCREYNOLDS t Pi Tau Sigma, 4g Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Co-op I' A' S" 3' President, 4' Club 43 Freshman Co-op Class Treasurer, A. S. M. E., JAMES BENJAMIN MCKOY, JR. Aflanfa, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi Phi Eta Sigma, lg Tau Beta Pi, 3, 45 A. S. Ch. E., 3, 4. THE GEURGIH SEHO 45 Swimming, 1, 2. JOHN GEORGE NICREYNOLDS, JR. Birmingham, Ala. ' AERONAUTICAI. ENGINEERING Ul UF TECHIIULUEV IIIIIETEEII FURT MEEK RICHARD LEE MEEK MERRIAM MICKEL MEINERT MEYER MILFORD Atlanta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Beta Theta Pi A. I. Ch. E., 3, 45 Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Drum Major, 2, 3, 4. GROVER NICHOLAS MEINERT Atlanta, Ca. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING s, A. M., 4. WILLIAM HARVEY MERRIAM Marietta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E., 4. RICHARD MEYER W00d1lZ?V6, N. Y. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Tau Epsilon Plai BUCK MICKEL Ellaertovz, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpba Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Vice President, 2g A. S. C. E., 1, 25 I. R. C., 2, Scabbarfl and Blade, 4g I. F. C., 25 Chi Epsilon, 3, 4, Coast Artillery Medal, 43 American Legion Post 14, 3, 4. JAMES RALPH MILFORD Cillllllllllg, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E., 4. HERBERT LYNN MILLER M I LLERI H. Decatur, Ga. MILLER, I 96 MILLER, I. MILLING, R. W. INDUSTRIAL LIANAGEMENT ISRAEL BERNARD MILLER Huntszfille, Ala. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Epsilon Pi Secretary, 33 Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4g I. M. Society, 43 A. S. M. E., 25 N. R. O. T. C., 2, 3, Terbniqzle, 2, 3, 4, Publications Board, 4. JQHN WILLARD MILLER Columbus, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Camera Club, 45 A. S. M. E., 4. ROBERT WELDON MILLING Atlanta, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Pbi Kappa Sigma EIGHT SEIIIUII ELIISS ROY EDISON MILLING, JR. MILLING, R. E. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING JOHN HARLEY MILLS Sanalersville, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau HOWARD MILLSAPS Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT JOHN VAN HORNE MINER, JR. Daytona Beach, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Vice President, 2, President, 35 Chi Epsilon, 3, Secretary, 45 Student Council Sec- retary, 45 Ramblin' Reck, 45 A. S. C. E., 3, Vice President, 45 I. F. C., 35 Nautilus, 25 N. R. O. T. C., 3. HARRY HOLLIS MITCHELL Atlanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 3, 45 A. S. C. E., 4. OTTIE C. MITCHELL Welch, W. Va. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E., 45 I. R. E., 45 BLUE PRINT, 4. ALFRED A. MOGILNICKI Brooklyn, N. Y. CIVIL ENGINEERING Theta Chi CHARLES ROBERT MONK Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING s. A. M., 4. ORVILLE MONROE Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delta FRANCIS RHODES MONTGOMERY Hogansville, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Phi MILLSAPS MILLS MINER MITCHELL, H. MITCHELL, O. MOGILNICKI MONROE MONK MONTGOMERY 97 MOONEY MOORE, D. MOORE, H. MOORE, J. MOORE, W. MOORES MOSELEY JACK HOLLIDAY Presiclent Phi Delta Tl'Ie'ca, Vice President lnterfraterniiy Council Swimming Team MOSHICOFF JAMES JOSEPH MOONEY, IR. Szlrmllzrlb, Ga. LIECIIANICAL ENGINEERING Newman Club, 2, 3, 45 N. R. O. T. C., 4. DONALD EDSEL MOORE Glfl1lll'f1lF, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Lalllbrfrl Chi Alpha B. S. U. Council, 2, 3, 43 S. A. M., 43 Sliilerulz' Editor, 2. HOWARD RIGHTER MOORE, JR. Aflanlu, Ga. MECI IRNICAI. ENGINEERING JAMES WILKINSON MOORE Mi1leJgc'I'illc', Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E., 4. WILLIANI W. MOORE Miami, F111. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT U. MOSS I. MULL JAMES EDXVIN MOORES l7IIy1'llc'1'illr', Tl'lIll. INIIUs'l'RIAI. MANAGEMENT Bda Tbcfu Pi M. Society, 3, 43 Bulldog Club, 3, CARL MORRIS MOSELEY 1-Iflunfa, Gu. ARCHITECTURE GREGORY SIMON MOSI-IICOITF Aflmlhl, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINIEERING A. I. E. E., 4. GEORGE KENNETH MOSS Miami, Flu. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Y. M. C. A., l. CHARLES HAMILTON NIULL Blur' Rizlgr, Gu. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Tbffll Obi A. I. CII. E., 4. GEUREIH SEHUUL UAF TECHIIIJLUGV SEIIIURE JAMES CLIFFORD MULLENDORE Hngersfown, Md. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpbn Epxilon S. A. M.,'4g Nmzfifzzs, 35 American Society for WILLIAM ITIERMAN NIULLINS Molzlgomcry, Ala. CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 3, 45 Tau Beta Pi, 3, 45 A. S. C. E., CARL CLAYTON MURPHY Gl'ijIll, Gu. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Chi Phi JAMES DANIEL MURPHY, JR. Aflzmfrz, Gu. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ' Alpha TII11 Omega GEORGE HOLMES MURRAY, JR. Brixlol, R. I. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 4. Metals. 2, 3, 4. THOMAS DEWEY NABORS, JR. San Diego, Calif. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING LIXWRENCE LEONARD NAGEL Elfufoorl Ciiy, Pa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, lg Briarenn Society I. Ch. E., 3, 45 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. I-IUBERT H. NALI., JR. Allrmln, Gu. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Cbi Sdzbbnml mul Blade, 45 BLUE PRINT, LGVICR VINCENT NEESE Afltlilfll, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Sig-ma A. S. C. E., 3. EDNVARD NEGRI Aflmzlrr, Ga. NIECHANICAL ENGINEERING MULLENDORE MULLINS MURPHY, C- MURPHY J MURRAY NABORS NAGEL NAIL Nessus NEGRI LHSS UF 48 THE GEUHGIH SEHUO KERN KURTZ NEISWANDER Toledo, Oloio INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING FRANK EARLE NELSON, JR. Washington, D. C. ARCHITECTURE Track, 2. KIRK NOYE NESBIT Savannalo, Ga. V MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega O. D. K., 3, 45 Anak President,-3, 45 Y. M. C. A. President Freshman Council, 15 Y Cabinet Secretary, 2, Vice President, 3, President, 35 Alpha Phi Omega, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 25 T Book Editor, 2g Cross- Country, 1g Student-Faculty Honor Committee: Who's Wlio in American Colleges and Universities. SEABORN ALTON NEWTON Macon, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Pbi Delta Theta Anak Treasurer, 4, O. D. K. Secretary-Treasurer, 45 Tau Beta Pi, 3, 45 Phi Kappa Phi, 45 Phi Eta Sigma, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President, 1g Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 45 A. I. Ch. E., 3, 45 Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 2, Vice President, 35 Student Council, 45 Bulldog Club, 3, 45 Publications Board, 4, Athletic Board, 45 I. R. C., 1, Vice President, 23 Debating Society, 1, Vice-President, 25 Band, 1, A. I. Ch. E. junior Award5 Phi Eta Sigma Freshman Awardg Alpha Chi Sigma Awardg Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 45 BLUE PRINT, 1, 2, 3, Engimfer, 2, 35 Technique, 1, 2, Managing Editor, 3, Editor, 45 Baseball Manager, 2, 35 Student-Faculty Honor Committeeg Vice Presi- dent lunior Class5 Who's Wlio in American Colleges and Universitiesq Vice President Phi Delta Theta, 4. LUF TEE HIIUI. STANLEY MARSHALL NEY Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT I. M. Society, 4. WALTER M. NIEZNAY Penmburg, Pa. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sigma Ulill ub, 3, 45 Newman Club, 45 Wrestling, 2 ROBERT C. NISBET Mazlisomfille, Ky. 'CIVIL ENGINEERING CHARLES THOMAS NIXON Decatur, Ga. Cl-IEMICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alplaa Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 45 A. I. Ch. E., I. A. S., leader, 4. ROBERT GENE NOEL Ozuerzfon, Ky. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERINGJ Delta Sigma Phi 45 Honor Roll, 15 Terlmiqzze JAMES RICHARD NOONE Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT I. M. Society, 4. I z,4. 45 Cheer NEISWAN DER NELSON NESBIT NEWTON NEY NIEZNAY NISBET NIXON NOEL NOONE CLHSS 0F48 PHILIP G. NORTH, JR. W. Palm Beach, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha A. S. M. E., 4. ROBERT L. NOVAK Marcfngo, Ill. CIVIL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi Secretary, 2, President, 3 A. s. c. E., 2, 3, 4, I. F. C., 2, 3. EDMUND EARL NOVOTNY Chappaqua, N. Y. AERQNAUTIGAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, 15 Co-op Club, 44 Briarean So- ciety Freshman Awardg I. A. S., 3, President, 4. THOMAS B. O'BARR Atlanta, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Vice President, 3, 45 Phi Psi, 3, 4. JOHN CHARLES OGILVIE Savannah, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DANIEL JOSEPH O'LEARY Savannah, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi Newman Clubg S. A. M., 45 Geechee Club. ROBERT ELLIOTT OWEN Atlanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu, 4. FABIAN JOSEPH PAFFE, JR. St. Augusiine, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING JOHN REED PALMER Ailania, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Nu JAMES A. PANAGOS Atlavzia, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT NORTH NOVOTNY OGILVI E OWEN PALMER NOVAK O'BARR O'LEARY PAFFE PANAGOS PARADISO PARRISH PAQUETTE PARADISE PARK PARKER MERLE WINFIELD PAQUETTE j11m'xI'i1lz', Wfix. NIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Glee Club, 1, 2, 35 A. S. M. E., 4. JOHN THOMAS PARADISE Lincolnion, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Lumbrla Cb! Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Treasurer, 4, S. A. M., 4. ANTHONY JAMES PARADISO Iwirzglon, N. I. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 4, Newman Club, 2, 3, 4. GEORGE H. PARDUE, JR. Allgzlxla, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING P111 Kappa Tall Phi Kappa Tau Treasurer, 3, Tau Beta Pi, 4 A. S. M. E., 4, Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4. BILL HEALY Captain Football Team, Omicron Delta Kappa, ANAK, RENDER TERRELL PARHANI I-Iogafzxville, Ga. Student Council INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Alpha Phi Omega, 4. PARDUE PARHAM PASCHAL PATTERSON JANTES FRANKLIN PARK Montgomery, Ala. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E., 3. HIRAM DEWEY PARKER, JR. Pnlmerdrllr, Ala. INDUSTRXAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 3, 4. HENRY PARKER PARRISH East Poinf, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 3, 4, A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3. CARAKER DENHAM PASCHAL Ailanfu, Gu. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Chi Architectural Society, 4g Track, I. MALCOLM PATTERSON Birmingham, Ala. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Briarezm Society, 3, Vice President, 4, Tau Beta Pi, 4, S3 Phi Eta Sigma, lg Co-op Club, 4, 5: A. I. Ch. E., 4, S, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 A. I. Ch. E. Award, 4. HE SEIIIUR ELHSS UF 48 EUREIH TECH DONALD B. PAYNE Sf71'iIlgflEl1'f, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL NIANAGEMENT PAYNE Pi Kappa Alpha PEEDE FLOYD A. PEEDE Albany, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi Freshman Y Cabinet, I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, Vice President, 4, XVeslcy Foundation, 2, 3, 4. FITZHUGH LEE PENN, JR. Sl. Simons Ixlanrl, Ga. PENN INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Delia Tau Della Delta Tau Delta Trcasurcr, 2. PENNING RICHARD EDXVARD PENNING Harlforri, Conn. ' INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ROBERT TAYLOR PENNINGTON Haiupfon, Va. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING I Sigma Alpha Epsilon PENNINGTON Sfalvbarrl 11111, Blade, 3, 45 A. S. M. E., 45 N. R. O. T. C., 1, 2, Platoon Commander, pany Commander, 4. 3, Com' PHILLIPS, F. FOLDIER LAUTON PHILLIPS Grerlislloro, N. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING JOE E. PI-IILLIPS, JR. For! La1m'f'1'a'ulrf, Fla. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Tbefa Chi Theta Chi Treasurer, 3, 45 Architectural Society, PHILLIPS, J. E. 3, 4, S, Treasurer, 45 Band, 1. PHILLIPS, J- R- JOSEPH R. PHILLIPS Pampa, Texas INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Bulldog Club, 3, 4, T Club. 2, 3, 4, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Secretary, 3, Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Alternate Captain, 4. CHARLES J. PILCH ,MH Ocyplvnuf, Pa. CIVIL ENGINEERING PIN KERTON SANFORD BROWN PINKERTON Hampton, Tenn. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Chi Sigma, 45 A. I. Ch. E., 3, 43 N. R. O. T. C. Cadet Officer, 4. 103 PITTARD PLANT PLAYER POMPAN POPLIN 104 CLHSS F48 PITTMAN PLASKAN POLLITT PONDER PORTELA TARLTON CARTER PITTARD Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT WALTER DAVES 'PITTMAN Cartersville, Ga. AERO-NAUTICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi I. A. S. GRAEME DICKERMAN PLANT, JR. Macon, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta Tau Beta Pi, 3, 43 Pi Tau Sigma, 43 Briaerean Society, 3, 45 Co-op Club, 3, 45 A. S. M. E., 45 Student Council, 4. WILLIAM J. PLASKON Seymour, Conn. TEXTILE ENGINEERING WILLIAM HERMAN PLAYER Ocilla, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta A. I. E. E., 43 I. R. E., 4. BYRON I-IALL POLLITT Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Delta Sigma Pi JACK M. POMPAN Far Roclenwny, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Industrial Management Societyg Foil and Mask, 4g International Relations Club President, 4, Dramatic Club President, 43 Nautilus, 3, 4g Yellow Jacket Movie Critic, 4: Second Annual Intercollegiate In- stitute for the United Nations. LEXVIS RICHARD PONDER, JR. Fairmont, W. Va. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING JAMES Tl'I.EO'DORE POPLIN, JR. Rocky Mount, N. C. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Treasurer, 2, 3, Alpha Phi Omega, 2, 4, Secretary, 35 Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 3, 4. CARLOS F. PORTELA Havana, Cuba MECHANICAL ENGINEERING " - ' - 2 1 ' POTTINGER POWELL PRINCE PURCELL WILLIAMS POTTINGER Atlania, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Chi Pbi Qhi Phi Secretary, 2, Vice President, 35 Bulldog Club, 2, 35 Yellow Jacket Club, 2, 35 Ramblin' Reck Club, 35 Cheerleader, 2, 35 Track Team, 35 N. R. O. T. C. JOHN AUGUSTUS POWELL, JR. Cairo, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING La111lufu Chi Alplaa A. I. E. E., 43 Alpha Phi Omega, 1, 2, 35 Wesley Foundation, 3, Vice President, 3, President, 4. JOE C. POWER, JR. Atlanfu, Gu. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT POWER QUARLES ARTHUR PRINCE Mobile, Ala. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Kappa Nu Architectural Society, 2, 3, 4. CHARLES ARCHIBALD PURCELL La1z1'i1zl11Lrg, N. C. GENERAL ENGINEERING RUSSELL MELVIN QUARLES Ailaufa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT JQHN ALBERT PRESTON MARION HARLEY QUATTLEBAUM Hollywood, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi Sigma Chi Historian, 35 Scnblmrd and Blmle, 4, President, 45 S. A. M., 45 Glce Club, 1, 2, 4. EDWARD J. PRICE Rockville Center, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Krljzjm Sigma Sumter, C. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING THOMAS JUDSON QUINN Atlfmfa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Sigma Lieutenant, Air R. O. T. C. PRESTON PRICE QUATTLEBAUM QUINN THE GEURGIH SELH0IllIlFTECHl10 LUBV RABUN, cg. RAINWATER RANKIN RATCLIFFE RAWSON 106 RABUN, R. RANDALL RASCO RAWLS RAYFIELD THEIIIIHET CHARLES L. RABUN Ballon, GTI. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ROBERT FORREST RABUN Alfzmla, Gu. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING NEAL PIADAWAY RAINWATER CL'lI'dVf0ZUIZ, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT RALPH RATHBONE RANDALL Svnrcy, Ark. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING JOHN ROBERT RANKIN, JR. Ailarzln, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING MANUEL ANTONIO RASCO I-Inzvma, Cuba IKIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sigma A. S. M. E.g Swimming, 2. JOHN RATCLIFFE DIIHOII, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING EUGENE LAXVRENCE RANVLS, JR Aflnzlhl, Ga. ARCFIITECTURAL ENGINEERING CHARLES AUGUSTUS RAXVSON, ,IR Aflfmfn, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Chi Pbi A. I. E. E.g I. R. E. AMOS MARTIN RAYFIELD Miami, Fla. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Architectural Society, 3, 4. FUR HERMAN DAVID RAYNES Augusta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, 1, 25 Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi, 3, 49 A. I. E. E., 3, 45 I. R. E., 3, 45 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 3, 45 International Relations Club, 3, 45 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4. ALEONIDAS THORNTON REAGOR Atlanta, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi, 3, 4, Veterans Association, 1, 2, President, 2, Georgia Tech American Legion Post 177, 1, 4, Commander, 2, 33 A. T. C. C., 1, 2, 3, 4. CLYDE A. REAVES, JR. Gaflxflcrz, Ala. C1-IEMICAL ENGINEERING N. R. O. T. C. CHARLES HOMER RECKARD Huzzliugtorz, IV. Va. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Alpha Co-op Club. CLIFFORD E. REED, JR. Swaivzslaoro, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TV EIGHT SEIIHIR ELHSS JAMES REED, JR. Ola Hickory, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha RICHARD C. REED Port Arthur, Texas MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Chi Psi Pi Tau Sigma, 4, A. S. M. E., 43 Co-op Club, 2 BROOKE REEVE, JR. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Pi Kapjia Alpha RODOLPHUS NV. REEVES Filzgcralrl, Ga. MECI-IANICAL ENGINEERING Co-op Club, 43 A. S. M. E., 4. ROBERT CORBETT REYNOLDS Bl71gbfl717fO1Z, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Bala Theta Pi Society for Advancement of Management. RAYN ES REAGOR REED, J. REED, R. REAVES RECKARD REED C REEVE REEVES REYNOLDS THE SEIIIURELHSS UF 48 TOM ELFE Editor YELLOW JACKET, Pi Delia Epsilon, Ramblin' Rack Club, Bulldog Club WADE HENRY RHYNE Aflanfa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING STEPHEN MALONE RICHARDS Opelika, Ala. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, A. I. E. E.g Co-op Club. WILBUR CARL RIDDELL Paducah, Ky. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING La11zl2tla Clai Alpha Lambda Chi Alpha Corresponding Secretary, 1, Treasurer, 2, 39 Society for the Advancement of Management, 4. THOMAS A. RIDDLE Aflanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING THOMAS A. RIVERS Allazzta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E., 3, 4: I. R. E., 3, 4. CHARLES P. ROBERTS Amory, Miss. TEXTILE ENGINEERING LAMAR HUDSON ROBERTS Canton, Ga. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha GORDON HILL ROBERTSON Cleveland, Ohio MECI-IANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega JAMES G. ROBERTSON, JR. Charlotzfe, N. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E., 3, 4. JOE DYER ROBERTSON Dalian, Ga. " CIVIL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha RHYNE RICHARDS RIDDELL RIDDLE RIVERS ROBERTS, C. ROBERTS, L. ROBERTSON, G. ROBERTSON, J. G. ROBERTSON, J- D Pi Tau Rosmsow, G. Roa1NsoN,J, Roc-seas, D. ROGERS, H. GLEN P. ROBINSON, JR. Valdosta, Gu. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon JAMES NORRIS ROBINSON Charleston, S. C. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma, Architectural Society, Technique, 1, z, 3, 4. RALPH GEORGE ROBINSON Louisville, Miss. CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 3. JOHN EDWARD ROGAN, JR. Sf. Louis, Mo. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi, President, 3. CHARLES EDWARD ROGERS Osborn, Mo. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Briaerean Society, 4, Tau Beta Pi, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, 4. ROBI NSON, R. ROLLOW DAVID H. ROGERS Haines Cily, Fla. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha HERBERT HAROLD ROGERS Wooclruj, S. C. CIVIL ENGINEERING American Society of Civil Engineers, THOMAS ALLEN ROLLOW El Dorado, Ark. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Chi Phi 3,4 ROGAN ROGERS, C. ROSENBERG ROSENBLUM American Society of Civil Engineers, 33 Nauiilus, 2, 33 Advertising Manager, 3g Football 1, 2, 3, Senior Manager, 3. IRA ROSENBERG Bronx, N. Y. INDUSTRAAL MANAGEMENT Alpha Epsilon Pi IRVIN IKEY ROSENBLUM Anderson, S. C. ELECTRICAL ENGANEERING Tau Epsilon Phi Z Manager, THE GEUREIH SCSHUUL UF TECHIIULUGV THE IIIIIETEEII FUIITV ROSENTHAL AARON BERNARD ROSENTHAL Miami, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ROSSELLE Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Epsilon Pi, 3, Secretary, 45 A. S. M. E., 45 Sigma Gamma, 2, 35 BLUE PRINT, 45 Nautilus, 1- WILLIAM PORTER ROSSELLE, JR. Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Nu JOHN FORNEY ROWAN ROWAN jacksonville, Ala. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Chi Sigma5 Y. M. C. A., 2, 35 Newman RUFFIN Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Vice President, 3, 45 A. I. Ch. E., 3, 4. HENRY FRANKLIN RUFFIN Macon, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E., 45 Baseball, 45 Lieutenant N- R. O. T. C., 4. MARK EVAN RUSSELL Nashville, Tenn. RUSSELL INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Bela Theta Pi RUSSO Technique, 2, 35 BLUE PRINT, 3. STEVE RUSSO Brirlgelon, N. I. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi S. A. M., 3, 45 Air Force Association, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4. YVILLIAM TISDALE RUTHERFORD Parrotf, Ga. RUTHERFORD ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu, 45 A. I. E. E., 2, 3, 45 I. R- E. Secretary, 2, 3, 4. RYMCR RICHARD HENRY RYIVIER Allanfa, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 45 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3, 4, President, 45 Wfesley Foundation, 2, 3, 45 Treasurer, 35 Institute of Radio Engineers, 2, 3, 4. JAMES SACKELLARES Forf Valley, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SACKELLARES Delta Sigma Phi SAI-TER CHARLES ELMER SALTE'R, JR. Dawson, Ga- MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Tau Delta Pi Tau Sigmag International Relations Club, 25 I. F. C., 35 American Society of Mechanical Engi- neers, 3, 45 Institute Aeronautical Sciences. 110 ' Elli JOHN NVILLIAM SANDEFORD Miclville, Ga. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING PATRICK H. SANDE'RS, JR. Atla11ta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Society for the Advancement of Management. RYNDAL L. SANDERS Palmer, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 4- ELIGIO FRANCISCO SANTOS A Tampa, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E., 45 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2, Latin American Club, 3, 4. EDWARD JOSEPH SAUNDERS Savannala, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer, 4g S- A. M., Gee Chee Club. HUGO ENRIQUE SCI-IEUER Buenos Aires, Argentina TEXTILE ENGINEERING Secretary Freshman Classg International Relations Club, 2, 35 Varsity Swimming, 1, 2, 3, Football B Team, 2. MARTIN HAROLD SCI-IINDLER St. Petersburg, Fla. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Epsilon Pi Secretary, 2, Phi Eta Sigma, 13 Alpha Phi Omega, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 2, Historian, 4, Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, 3, 4. GLENN G. SCI-IOOLEY, JR. Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi, 3, 45 Pi Tau Sigma, 4, Y. M. C. A., 2, 3, Vice President, 4. FRANK JAMES SCHWAHN New Hyde Park, N. Y. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Chi Psi Clii Psi Treasurer, 3, A. I. E. E., 45 I. F. C., 3, 4. ISAAC ALVIN SCOTT, JR. Griffin-, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Golf Team, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4. HT SEIIIUR ELHSS SANDEFORD SANDERS, R. SAUNDERS SCHINDLER SCHWAHN SANDERS, P. SANTOS SCHEUER sci-lootsv SCOII 111 SCOTT. J. E. SCOTT, J. SCOTT, L. SEBRING SEGO SEITZ SELLERS SERRALLESS SESSOMS SHAW BEN BROWN President lnterfrahzrniiy Council, ANAK, Omicron Delia Kapa, Tau Beta Pi JAMES EDWARD SCOTT Phoenix, Ariz. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING B. S. U., 2, 3, 45 Librarian, 2, President, 3g Inter- Religious Council, 2, Corresponding Secretary, 35 Y. M. C. A., 2. JOHN SCOTT, III Elizahethton, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING "Y" Cabinet, 1, 25 A. V. C., 3, 45 Wesley Foun- dation, 35 S. A. M., 3, 4. LEONARD ALLEN SCOTT, JR. Decatur, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega ROBERT E. SEBRING Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Chi WILLIAM ARNOLD SEGO Waterloo, Ala. CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta Glee Clubg American Society of Civil Engineers. HARRY SEITZ Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ERNEST E. SELLERS Memphis, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Beta Pi5 Vice President S. P. E., Treasurer P. E. PEDRO JUANSERRALLESS, III Miami, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma JERRY DANIEL SESSOMS Marietta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 2, 3, 4. JAMES HENRY SHAW, JR. Cartersville, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT GEURGIH SEHIJIJL UF TEEHIIULUGV SEIII WAYNE GREGORY SHEAR Daytona Beach, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Gamma Delta Camera Club, Lieutenant Nl. R. O. T. C. LUCIUS CLYDE SHEEHAN, JR. Macon, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOHN K. SHEPHERD Waycross, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Sigma N u Sigma Nu, Vice President, 3, President, 3, Skull and Key, 2, Yellow Jacket Club, 2. GEORGE THOMAS SHEPPARD, JR. Corrlele, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING HAZEN L. SHORT Webster Groves, Mo. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Beta Theta Pi Beta Theta Pi Vice President, 45 Tau Beta Pig Alpha Chi Sigma Secretary, 4g Briaerean Society Treasurer, 45 Phi Eta Sigma, "Tn Club, I. F. C., 2, 3, Bulldog Clubg A. I. Ch. E.g Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4g Tefhnique, 3, 45 Yellow jacket, 2, 35 Track, 1, 2, 3, Cross Country, 1, 3, ANAK, 4. UR CLHSS UF 48 MARTIN DAVID SIEGEL Beiiviellwille, S. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Tan Epsilon Phi Scahhard and Blade, 3, 45 Pershing Rifles Presi- dent, 3, 4, Architectural Society, 2, 3, R. O. T. C Cadet Captain, 2, 3, Cadet Major, 45 Technique, 1 SEWEIQL SILLMAN Atlanta, Ga. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Phi Epsilon Pi JOHN DUNHAM SIMMONS Tulsa, Okla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT I. M. Society. MORRIS C. SIMS Conyers, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. HAROLD PHILIP SKOTNIK Yonkers, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Al pha Epsilon Pi Industrial Management Society, 4. SHEAR SHEEHAN SHEPHERD SHEPPARD SHORT SIEGEL SILLMAN SIMMONS SIMS 5K0TN'K Ponl and Mask Society, I. A. S.5 S. A. EHUUI 0 RALPH LAMAR SLATEN Ailanfu, Ga. INDUSTRIAL IVIANAGEMENT ub, 2, 3, President, 45 Football, 1, 2 JAMES ROBERT SLATON East Point, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING A. A .T. C. C. JOHN MANKIN SLAUGHTER M0l1ffg0IlZEfjI, Ala. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha Ch. E., 45 Battalion Mus IX R O T. C. ROY O. SLOAN Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 45 Tecfaniqzzc, 1, 2. AL SMAILER Pbilaklelpbia, Pa. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Befa Theta Pi ' ,LL ter Officer M. .Q TECHHULUGV ARTHUR RIDDICK SMITH, JR. Aslalmrn, Ga. , ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, Architectural Society, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary, 3, Vice President, 45 Band, 1, 25 Kappa Kappa Psi, 1, 25 American Society of Civil Engineers, 1, 25 Co-Op Club, 1, 25 Y. M. C. A., 3, 45 Wesley Foun- dation, 3, 4. BEN IAMIN FRANKLIN SMITH, JR. Pine Blupr, Arla. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Secretary, 35 Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 45 A. I. Ch. E., 3, 45 Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, 3, 45 Band, 1, 2, 3, 45 BLUE PRINT, 1, 2, 3, 43 Yellow Iaclzcl, 4. EDWARD GEORGE SMITH jecmerelie, La. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING EDWARD STANLEY SMITH Monson, Mass. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Newman Club Treasurer, 2, President, 35 A. S. M. E.. JAMES A. SMITH Birmingham, Ala. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, 15 A. I. E. E., 4. SLATEN SLATON SLAUGHTER SLOAN SMAILER SMITH A SMITH B SMITH, E. G. SMITH, E. S. SMITH, J- A- EIHSS JOSEPH NEWTON SMITH, III Tampa, Fla. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Clxi Epsilong Architectural Society. KENNETH WARREN SMITH Wayc1'oss, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Nu Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. MARK A. SMITH, JR. Macon, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta A. S. C. E. VIRGII. DEE SMITH Tampa, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Cbi Bulldog Club, 3, 4. . WINTON H. SMITH Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT WYLIE HOWELL SMITH Marietta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ROBERT SNOOK Walker, N. Y. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi Y LEON SHEINBERG SOCOL Breckenridge, Texas MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Epsilon Pi President, 45 I. A. S., 3, 4. ERICH SOKOLOWER New York, N. Y. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Tau Epsilon Phi A. I. Ch. E., 3, 43 Soccer Squad, 3, 4g Fencing Squad, 4. ROBERT -EARL SOSBY, JR. East Point, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 0F 48 sMm-I, J. N. sMm-I, M. SMIIH, wINIoN SMITH, K sMm-I, v SMITH, WYLIE SNOOK SO KO LOWER 115 SOCOL SOSBY SPANGLER SPARKS SPIETH SPRINGS SPUNGIN STANLEY GORDON LEWIS Presideni Tau Beta Pi, Vice President Senior Class, Phi Kappa Phi, Bulldog Club JACK EASTBURN SPANGLER Atlanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING GEORGE H. SPARKS, JR. East Point, Ga. ' CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Epsilon, 4, Sfahharrl and Blarle, 4g A. S. C. E., 3, 43 Gymnastics, 3, 4. MARSHALL WILLIAM SPIETH Lollislfille, Ky. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tan Omega 5. A. M., 4. LEWIS FRANK SPITZER jacksonville, Fla. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma, Briarean Society, 43 Honor Roll, lg Tau Beta Pi, 4, Yellow jacket, 3, 4g Band, 1g 3 A. V. C., 4. MURRAY SPITZER Iaeltsonville, Fla. ' CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigmag Briarean Society, 45 A. V. C., 4, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi, 4, Yellow jacket, 4, Technique, 4. E SPITZER, L. SPITZER, M. - STANTON STAPLETON DAVID ALBERT SPRINGS Myrtle Bearh, S. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau O-mega Tau Beta Pi, 4g Eta Kappa Nu, 4 QA. I. E. E., 4. ALFRED PAUL SPUNGIN Greenjielzl, Mass. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Epsilon Phi ELMER L. STANLEY, JR. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega S. A. M., 4, Alpha Phi Omega, 25 Yellow Jaeket 1, 'lg Technique, 1, 2, Band, 1, 2. JAMES C. STANTON Athens, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Theta Chi Theta Chi Treasurer, 3, Secretary, 45 Rifle Team Pi Tau Sigma, 4g Technique, 2, 45 Cross-Country lg A. S. M. E., 4. CHRISTIAN VVILLIAM STAPLETON Glen Ridge, N. J. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi President, 4g A. S. M. E., 2, 3 S. A. M., 43 I. F. C., 43 Football, 1, 2, 33 Track, I THE SEIIIUR ELHSS UF 48 5 GEUREIH T THOMAS LOWE STARNES, JR. JVi71fET Haven, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING A.S.C.E.g Band 1, 2, 3. BERNARD EUGENE STELZENMULLER Birminglaam, Ala. IVIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega ROBERT H. STEPHENS Beaufort, N. C. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Phi Epxilon WILLIAM THOMAS STEPHENS, JR. Panama Ciiy, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Sec., 4s IFC, 3, 44 Nautilus N.R.O.T.C. Z. WILLIAM WISSO-N STEPI-IENSON Westfeld, N. I. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT EEH STARN ES STELZENM U LLER STEPHENS, R. STEPHENS, W STEPHENSON Pi Kappa Alpha STEVENS Flying Club 35 Camera Club 3, 4. FRED STEVENS, JR. Atlania, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING DERRY LAM-AR STOCKBERIDGE, JR. Atlanta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Chi A. I. E. Ch. E., 3, Vice Pres. 4. JACK SAMUEL STORM, JR. Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 4. EDWARD M. STRATTON faclcxonville, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING EDWARD A. STRAUSSER Atlanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING STOCKBRIDGE STRATTON STORM STRAUSSER 117 CLHSSO 4 STRINGFEU-OW WILLTAM ALEXANDER STRINGEELLOW Iackxomfille, Fla. STRONG INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT SUDER SYMONS TAYLOR, J. IEWES 118 suLuvAN IARBUIION TAYLOR, w. THIEL Phi Della Theta Chi Epsilon 3, 45 LM. Society 3, Pres. 4g Debating Society Vice Pres., 3, Pres., 4, BLUE PRINT, 3. DANIEL deGRAFFENRIED STRONG Wfinler Park, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta S. A. M., 3, 4. JOHN ARCHIE SUDER, JR. joneshoro, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sigma I.A.S. 2, 4. HARVEY E. SULLIVAN, JR. Macon, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi, 4. ALAN G. SYNIONS Memphis, Term. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma 45 A.S.M.E. 4, Co-op Club 3, 4. LESLIE STEXVART TARBUTTON hV'l1XbfHgf0II, D. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Phi Honor Roll lg Baseball 3. JANIES ARCHIBALD TAYLOR Greerzzfille, S. C. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha S. A. Nl., 4. XVILLIAM NIXON TAYLOR Calumbiu, S. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Sigma Pres. 3, 4. XVILLIANI ARTHUR TEXVES, JR. Balfinzorr, Md. NIECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma 43 Co-op Club 4g A.S.M.E. 4. HERMAN EDXVARD THIEL Brnion, Ark. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sigma THOMAS THOMPSON, CHESTNUT THOMPSON, CLARENCE THOMPSON G THOMPSON J THOMPSON, R. THORNTON THRASHER TILLSTROM TIPPETT RUBLE ANDERSON THOMAS Birmingbavn, Ala. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Eta Sigma Sec. 15 Pi Tau Sigma Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 45 Tau Beta Pi 3, Sec. 45 Phi Kappa Phi 4g Briarean Society 4g Eta Kappa Nu 45 A.S.M.E. Sec. 3, Vice Pres. 4g A.l.E.E. 4g Co-op Club 3, 4g Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Pi Tau Sigma Pre-Junior Awardg R.O'.T.C. Ordnance Pre-Junior Awardg Tau Beta Pi Outstanding Engineering Senior Award, Briarean Senior Scholarship Cupg Who's Wfho in American Colleges and Universities. CHESTNUT ARREN THOMPSON Lyons, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau Phi Kappa Tau Vice Pres. 4. CLARENCE ARTHUR THOMPSON Atlanta, Ga. GENERAL ENGINEERING S. G. E. 2, 3, 45 S. A. M. 4. GEORGE LUTHER THOMPSON Tbomastou, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING JACK TALMADGE THOMPSON ROMULUS HTLLARD THOMPSON DcfFu11iak Spriugx, Fla ARCHITECTURE Alpha Tau Omega LENOX THOMPSON THORNTON Atlanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CLOVTS REESE THRASHER, JR. Atlanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING CARL LOUIS TILLSTROM Pampa, Texas INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Alpha Phi Omega 4g S. A. M. 4. ROBERT BALDWIN TIPPETT HaL'a11a, Cuba Dalton, Ga, ARCHITECTURE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING KHPPH Allibf' B.S.U. 1, 2, Pres. 3, Publicity Chairman 45 Y Architectural Society 45 Tccbniqm- 1, 2g Stu nt Cabinet 3g Football 2, 3. Council lg Vice Pres. Soph. Class. THE GEURGIH SCHSUULU F TECHIIULUGV TRAWICK TRUITT TUDEEN TURNER TYSON 120 THE IIIIIET WILLIAM GEORGE TRAXVICK Douglas, Ga. TRI M BLE CHEMISTRY Alpha Chi Sigma 3, 43 B.S.U. 1, 2, Vice Pres. 3 Editor 4g Honor Roll 2. AVERAI. THEODOPIE TRIMBLE, JR. St. Petersburg, Fla CHEMISTRY Beta Theta Pi Phi Eta Sigma Sec.-Treas. Ig Tau Beta Pi 3, 4 Pi Delta Epsilon 3, 45 Alpha Chi Sigma Sec. 2 Pres, 3, 45 Technique 1, 2, 3, 4. TUCKER HENRY T. TRUITT, JR. Allanfa, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon ' JAMES M. TUCKER, JR. Savmznzrb, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Chi Sigma 43 A.I.CH.E. 4. TURBERVI LLE DAVID V. TUDEEN Si. Pcfersburg, Fla ARCHITECTURE TRAVIS ALBERT TURBERVILLE Sbefelti, Tenn. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING THONIAS HUDSON TURNER Hmukinszfille, Ga. TYNDALE ARCHITECTURE DANIEL POLLOCK TYNDALE Allanfa, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Kappa Sigma JACK JOSEPH TYSON Albmzy, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING UNKEFER Tau Beta Pi, 45 Phi Kappa Phi, 43 Phi Eta Sigma, li EARL CLEMENT UNKEFER Lake Worth, Fla. ARCHITECTURE EEII LUIS EUGENIO VALLEJO WILLIAM WHITFIELD VARNEDOE, JR Ha1fa1za, Cuba MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi Delta Sigma Phi Vice Pres. 2, Pres. 35 Newman Club 1, 2g Latin-American Club 3, 4, Treas. 3. ALLAN E. VAN NESS, JR. Nashville, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta FRANK VAINIDERGRIFT Bi1'1ni11gha111, Alu. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma 4g A. S. M. E. 4. ERWIN MILTON VANSTRUM W. Palm Beach, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Lamba Chi Alpha JOSEPH JAMES VARAGONA Birmingham, Ala. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M. 49 Newman Club 45 A.S.M.E. 3, 4. x Alleluia, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING WILTON WELLS VAUGHN Bir11zi1zgham, Ala. ARCHITECTURE FOX CONNELR VIDA Hemle1'so1z1fille, N. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT CALVATORE LOUIS VIGLIOTTI Deiroil, Mich. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M. 4. ,ROBERT E. WACHTER Prairie D11 Chien, Vis. ARCHITECTURE VALLEJO VAN NESS VANDERGRIFT VANSTRUM VARAGONA VARNEDOE VAUQHN VIDA VIGLIOTTI WACHTER THE SEIIIUR CLHSS UF 48 IRBY AUGUSTUS WADLINGTON, JR. Memphis, T01111. NELSON CHESTER WALL Hawma, Cuba ARCHITECTURE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi KWPPH AIPMI Theta Clvi Pi Kappa Alpha Vice Pres. 3, 43 Alpha Phi Omega Latin-American Club 3, 45 Foil and Mask 4 2, 3, 45 Architectural Society 2, Sec. 3, 45 Tech- Technique 4. 11iq11e 4. ROGER GASTON WAEDEMON Atlanta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A.I.CH.E. 4. JAMES CLAYTON WALDEN Miami, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M. 4. PAUL ROBERT WALKE Iilip Tmwmc, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING ROBERT L. NVALKER Birmizggbmn, Ala. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma 3, 45 Co-op Club 2, 3, 45 Vice-Chairman 4. A.S. 4, 1. JULIUS WILLIAM WALLIS Ailanla, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT HERBERT SIDNEY' WALTER Buwzbam, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Della Theta A.S.M.E. 45 Baseball 3, 4. JOHN ANDREW WALTON East Poivzl, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING I. R. E. 3, 4. ROBERT REAGIN XVARREN Allanfa, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega Eta Kappa Nu 5, 4g I.R.E. 2, 3, 43 A.I.E.E. 2, 3, 4 M.E. Flying Club 2, 3, 4g Technique 33 Football Mgr. 2 Radio Club 4. 5 WADLINGTON WAEDEMON WALDEN WALKE WALKER WALL WALLIS WALTER WALTON - WARREN THE GED WATKINS, R. A. WATKINS, R. B. WATSON WATTENBARGER WEAVER WEEMS WEIGLE WEINER WEINSTEIN WELLS RICHARD A. NVATKINS Mrzrieltrr, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT RGBERT BRYANS XVATKINS Indiffff Springs, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING ANDREW CLIFTON WATSOIN, JR. Atlrnzirl, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGIN'EERING A.S.M,E. 4. ROBERT HAROLD WATTENBARGER VVC7. Palm Beach, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Brin Thcfu Pi COMER V. WEAVER, JR. Atlaufa, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Pbi JOHN W. WEEMS, JR. Mwiflinri, Misx. ARCHITECTURE Tau Beta Pi 3, 45 Architectural Society 2, 3, Treas. 4. ALBERT W. WEIGLE Fl. Myerx, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Co-op Club 3, Vice Pres. 45 A.S.M.E. 33 Tc'vb11iq1w lg BLUE PRINT I. ARTHUR WEINER Allanfu, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu 3, Pres. 4. EDWARD B. WEINSTEIN ' Babylon, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Tim Epsilon Phi Tau Epsilon Phi Treas. 2, 3. AUGUSTUS GLOVER WELLS Afldllfll, Gu. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Pbi Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Sec. 35 Glcc Club 2, 3, 4 A.I.CH.E. 3, 4. LEN DIANA Managing Editor ENGINEER Presideni Co-Op Club Presicleni Briaerean Socieiy Tau Beta Pi RGIH SEHUUL UF TECHHULUGV THE INDIE TEE URT WEST, M- MARION CECIL WEST wesr, w, Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Football 25 Baseball 2. XVALTER HOWARD WEST Allnlzta, Ga. ARCHITECTURE HENRY XVHEELER WESTBROOK, JR. WESTBROOK Atlaizfa, Gu. WHEELER WHATLEY WHITAKER, C. wa-IIIAKER, J. WHITEHEAD 124 I WHITE WHITESIDE AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau I.A.S. 3, 4g Student Council 33 YMCA 3g Glee Club 1, 35 A.S.M.E. 43 Tefbzziquc 3g Cross-Country 1. BROWN LEE WHATLEY, JR. Inrfcsorlrille, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING Pbi Delta Tbrln DEAN E. WHEELER NL'ILf'p0r'f, VI. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A.S.M.E. 4. CARL BARNES WHITAKER, -IR. Aflfiufn, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING JOSEPI-I C. XVHITAKER, JR. Ailfmlrr, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pbi Knpjnz Tau XVILLIAM E. XVHITE Allnnfa, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Chi Pbi Briacrean Society 4, Pres. ig Tau Beta Pi 9: Pi Tau Sigma 4, Treas. S5 Co-op Club 4, ig Enginrrr 2. ALLEN TALMADGE NVHITEHEAD Brookbarcn, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING WILLIAM ALBERT WHITESIDE Mmmlcr, Gn. INDUSTRIAL NIANAGEMENT V EIGHT SEIIIUR ELHSS HOBART ARTHUR XVHITNEY, JR. Pelzxafola, Fla. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Chi Glee Club 1, 3, 4g Alpha Phi Omega 45 Technique I, 4. JOHN VOGES XVIBLE Miami, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Pb! Gamma Delia Alpha Phi Omega 1, 2, 43 Rifle Team 1, 2, 4g 5. A. M. 4, C:31'1'lCl'Zl Club 4. KENNETH KNIGHT XVILCOX Orlamlo, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Pb! Epxilon JACK XVILLBAINIKS Allaufa, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Phi Treas. 45 Bulldog Club 3, 4g A.I.CI-I.E. 3, Treas. 4. DEWITT LEON XVILLIAIVIS, IR. Aflanfm, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Alpba ENOCI-I JOSEPH NVILLIAMS, JR. McComb, Miss. ARCI-IITECTURE B.S.U. Pres. 4. HOWARD ROBERT XVILLIAMS, JR. Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Cross-Country 1, 2. TYRONE THOMAS WILLIAMS, JR. Tunica, Mixs. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING WILLIAM T. WILLIAMS PiHsbIIr'gb, Pa. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Co-op Club 3, 4. LEROY TEMPLE XWILLIAIVISON KlIOA'l,'illE, Tenn. PHYSICS WHITNEY WIIILE WILCOX WILLIIANKS WILLIAMS, D. WILLIAMS, Is. WILLIAMS, H. WILLIAMS, T. WILLIAMS, W. WILLIAMSON 125 WILLINGHAM WILLIS WILLS WILMERDING WILSON, H. A. WILSON, H. B. WINSLETTE WINTERBOTTOM WISE, J. WISE, R. Allaala, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Chi Plwi Fencing, 1, 2. JACK XVILLIS BiI'1IIiI1gba1I1, Ala. INDUSTRIAL MIKNAGEMENT Pi Kappa Aljzba SAUL DAVID WILLS Sazvuimrh, Ga. PHYSICS Alpha Epxilon Pi JOHN V. NVILMERDING Plainfirlrl, N. l. AERGNAUTICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon BOB BAKER President Lambda Chi Alpha Igiqugi 4' I A S 4, Swimming, Z: Yrllow Inrkcl, Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class Bulldog Club Pi Tau Sigma HAROLD ANDREW XIVILSON Atlanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4. WALKER DUNSON XVILLINGHAM Chi Phi Vice President and Secretary and Treasurer, 3, 4: Bulldog Club, 3g Foil and Mask, l, Secretary 24 43 Treb- HOMER BERNARD XVILSON, JR. Hognzzxuille, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING CLIFFORD BROWN WINSLETTE Enfoufon, Ga. ARCHITECTURE DANIEL A. XVINTERBOTTOM Aflaula, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi. 3, 45 Phi Psi, 3, 4, Secretary, 5. LIOI-IN ,IAMES WISE Norfb AIlgIl.YfH, S. C. CIVIL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Tau Chi Epsilon, 3, 45 A. S. C. E., Z, 3, Treasurer, 4 Alpha Phi Omega, 3, 4. ROBERT EDNVARD XVISE Aflanlrr, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Cbi Phi Yrlloru jarkrf, lg Football Manager, 1. GEURGIII SEHUUL UF TEEHIIULUGII SEIIIURE WILLIAM GRAVES WOFFORD, JR. Little Rock, Ark. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ' Lavnhda Chi Alpha BEN HALL WOLCOTT Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT JOHN MAGRUDER NVOLFE, JR. Albany, Ga. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING S. A. M., 4: Phi Eta Sigma, 1. ROBERT FELIX WOODALL, JR. C0l1l7lZb7LS, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Theta Chi Theta Chi Vice President, 45 I. F. C., 2, 3, 4 I. A. S. Secretary, 45 Tau Beta Pi, 4. HOWARD WESLEY WOODHAM Winter Haven, Fla. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon A. I. Ch. E., 3, 43 I. R. C., 3, 4, Vice President, 35 Debating Society, 3, Vice President, 49 Student Coun- cil Secretary, 4. FREDERICK HOPPER WOODRUFF Chattanooga, Tenn. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Theta Chi Theta Chi Treasurer, 3, 45 A. I. E, E., 3, 4g BLUE PRINT, 23 Tefhniqne, 2, 3. CHARLES D. WOODWARD Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT I. M. Society, 4: Football, 2, 3, 4. HENRY ERNEST XVOODWARD Atlanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING JERRY KELLEY WREN Wfrens, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Secretary, 2, President, 4g I. F. C., 2, 35 BLUE PRINT, 2. VICTOR HUBERT WYCOTT Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Kappa Tan Phi Kappa Tau President, 35 Phi Eta Sigma, lg A. I. Ch. E., 3: I. F. C., 5g Honor Roll, lg Bulldog Club 3, 4. WOFFORD wotcorr WOLFE WOODAU- WOODHAM WOODRUFF WOODWARD, C. WOODWARD, H. WREN WYCOTT IHSS UF 48 THE SEIIIUR ELHSS UF 48 CHARLES ARTHUR WYNN, JR. F!!ll'!77ll'l1, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E., 4, BLUE PRINT, lg Nautilus, 1, 2. JACK RICHARD YARBROUGH Atlanta, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Cbi Psi I. A. S., 3, 4, Student Council, 4. CARL S. YOSICK New Wasbizzgtow, Ohio INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Lambzla Chi Alpha Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4g A. S. C. E., 2. CORNELIUS BRYANT YOUNG, JR. Sarrlls, Miss. V ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha A. I. E. E., 4g I. R. E., 4. JOHN LEPPER YOUNG Beacon, N. Y. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Delta Tall Delta Delta Tau Delta President, 45 Bulldog Club, 3, 45 Rarnlslin' Keck Club, 45 S. A. M., 3, Treasurer, 4: BLUE PRINT, Ig Yellow jacket, 3, Publications Board, 43 I. F. C., 3, 43 Student Council, 43 Basketball, lg XVlIo's XVIIO in American Colleges and Universities. WILLIAM STUART YOUNG Cbdl'l0ff?, N. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpba Epsilon WILLIAM W. YOUNG Panama Ciiy, Fla. INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi, 4, Honor Roll, 1 2, 3, 4, Ga. Tech American Legion, 1, Finance OfHccrZ 2, 3, 4, S. A. M., 3, 4. JACK M. ZEIGLER Tallahassee, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Lambda Cbi Alpha SAMUEL MORTON ZIMMERMAN Dallat, Texas ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Band, 1, 25 Drum Major, 2. HOSEA BATTEN Omicorn Delia Kappa Presidenl: Student Council Caplain Wresilfng Team Bulldog Club WYNN YARBROUGH YOSICK YOUNG, C. YOUNG, J. YOUNG, W. S. YOUNG, W. W. ZEIGLER I ZIMMERMAN Countercloclcwise: The Yellow Jacket prepares for flight . . . Coal miners, no doubt .... That suweying lab under good ol' Georgia sun .... He's not a Blue Print photographer .... President and Mrs. Van Leer greet the seniors .... Now where does this wire go ,... TC' 'QVC kg? 2' nfflcensnf THE Junlnn class KIRK BRODNAX WILLIFORD GEOIKGE H. BRODNAX . . Y . Proficient JAIWES R. XVILLIEORD . . . Vice President GEORGE KIRK . . . Sccrvfnry-Trcrzsurcfr . x K H ,.N, 1 A If ' Q MFL, W' 5 5 . George Kirk, George Brodnax, and Jim Williford. J Ullllillii LEASE ll- I WILLIAM BRANCH ABBOTT, Sigma Chi . . . Atlanta, Ga JAMES E, ABSHIRE, JR., Bvln Tbvla Pi . Cl1:xttanooga,Tenn CLARENCE ERNEST ADAMS . . . HENRY ROBERT ADAMS, JR THOMAS EDWIN ADAMS, P bi Della Tbvtu . . . . Danielsville, Ga . . Alpharetta, Ga Columbus, Ga WILLIAM EDGAR ADAMS ..... , . LUCAS BOINEST AIMAR, Pl: CHARLES M. ALLEN . . CHARLES S ALLEN, JR: . KEITH IRXVIN ALLEN . WILLIAM HARRISON ALLEN LARRY PHILLIP ALLRED . SANDERS ROWE ALLRED . EDGAR EARL AMMONS . ROBERT L. AMSLER i Sigma K.lppu , Hartwell, G . Charleston, S. C . , Danville, Ky . Dewyrose, Ga. . Amory. Miss . Atlanta, Gu. . Clayton, Ga. . Clayton, Ga. . Lumpkin, Ga. . Decatur, Ga. BOBBY JOE ANDERSON, Alpha Tun Olllrgu . Statesboro, GERALD ERNEST ANDERSON . . . Avondale Estates, RAYMOND LEONARD ANDERSON . Ga Bylualia, Miss ROBERT H. ANDREWS, Pffi Sigma Kappa . Nashville, Tenn THEODORE ARNO, II, Phi Epsilon Pi . . Columbus, Ga TOM M. ARNOLD, JR., Sigmu Alpha Epsilon DAVID JAMES ARTHUR ASHBY, JR ..... E. ASHLEY, Kappa Sigma NEIL AVERY, JR ..... . . . KennesaW,Ga . Mempl1is,Tenn . . Stuart, Fla . . Jacksonville, Fla Fla. Cl-IAS. I. BABCOCK, JR,, Alpha Tun Omrgu . Coral Gables, WILLIAM BRUCE BACON, Lrlmbmllz Chi Alpha . Savannah, CHARLES HOLMAN BAGGS ...... Savannah, Ga GEORGE EDWARD BAILEY, Kuppn Alpha . . . Grimm, TYLER CALHOUN BAILEY . . , FRED ALLEN BAKER, JR , Sigma Chi . HARRY JAMES WILEY JAMES ELLIOTT BAKER, Tau Epsilon HUEY BAKER ....... THOMAS BAKER, Sigma N11 EDXVIN BALDWIN, Sigma Nu . . Clarltsville,Tenn . Atlanta,Gn Phi . . Atlanta, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Rlilmlngton, N. C . . . Naylor, Ga Greenville, S. C BEATTIE BEACI-IAM BALENTINE, JR. . . ALLEN PALMER BALLENTINE . . THOMAS J. BAREIELD, JR., Alpb.. Ta JOHN DALE RALPH V. BARKER ..,.. LOCKARD BARKER . WALTON BARNARD . E f' z I GEIIA Jn l lil .. , , A , . . St. Petersburg, Fla. u Omvgu . Atlanta, Ga. . . . Stone Mtn., Ga. . Rockmurt, Ga. . Mobile, Ala. IEllIlil a. Ga. Ga. Ga. I rg .av i an :: Nl Lf. AG 2 THE CLHSS UF GEORGE LEWIS BARNES, Bela Theta WALTER F, BARNEY, Kappa Sigma ISDOR R, BARON, Tau Eprilon Phi . PEDRO BARQUIN, Della Sigma Phi . OLIVER HALL BARTLETT, JR. . EDGAR GRATTON JAMES L. BAXTER, JAMES MARSHALL KERMIT WINTON W. V. BENNETT, Pi WILLIAM LEE BEN S BAUGH . JR. . . BECK, JR. . BECKWORTH . Pi . . Nowata,Okla. . . Jacksonville, Fla. . Columbus, Ga. . Havana, Cuba . Atlanta, Ga. . Roanoke, Va. . Gridin, Ga. . Marietta, Ga. . . . Savannah, Ga. Kappa Alpha . Rockville Center, L. I., N. Y. ON, Beia Thiita Pi WILLIAM ADDISON BENTON,-'AIII . LOUIS BERNSTEIN RICHARD L. BILES, Kipp., Sigma . RAY HENRY BILLINGS . . DAVID P. BLACKSHEAR, Chi Phi . . 'L . Baltimore, Md. . Jacksonville, Fla. . Omaha, Nebr. . Boyle, Miss. . Anton, Texas . . , Atlanta,Ga. WAYNE M, BLANCETT, Alpha Tan Omega . Chattanooga, Tenn. JOSEPH P, BLANKS MARVIN HENRY BLANTON . . . CHARLES DANIEL BOBO, Sigma Alpha RICHARD H. BODINE, JR., Sigma Chi EUGENE H. BOEKE, JR., Sigma Chi . . . Meridian,Miss. . . . Laurel,Miss. Epsilon . -6aHmin,Ga. . . Mempl1is,Tenn. . Atlanta,Gz. LEONARD TWICHELL BOHANNON . OWEN MARVIN BOLIN ..... JOSE A. BOLIVAR NEWTON HAMILTON BOLLINGER, JR. . Moreland, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Santiago de Cuba . Coral Gables, Fla. ROBERT EAVENSON BOND, Alpha Tan Omega . Decatur,Ga. MINER W. BONXVELL, JR., Kappa Alpha . Bradcnton,Fla. HOXVARD DOUGLAS BOOTH . . . PHILIP EARL BORGER, Sigma GLENN E. BOST . ALLEN C. BOWEN, Chi Phi . GIFFORD DONALD BOWERS . LAWRENCE S. BOWERS . MARION C. BOWERS . JOHN PAINTER BOYD . RICHARD Q. BOYLES, JR. . WILLIAM ROBERT BRACEY . LEROY D. BRADFORD . . VIVIAN H. BRADY, JR. . . . Atlanta, Ga. Phi Epsilon . . Columbus, Ga. . Kannapclis, N. C. . Greenville, Miss. . Atlanta, Ga. . Moreland, Ga. . Salisbury, N. C. . Birmingham, Ala. . . Dalton, Ga. . Asheville, N. C. . Xvichita, Kans. . Atlanta, G2. GEURGIH SEHUUL FUHTV-IIIIIE ALIC HARVEY BRANAN, JR., Sigma Chi . Milledgcville, Ga. LESTER TRAVIS BRANNON, IR., Sigma Clvi . Atlanta,G:I. CARL F. BRANSON, Kappa Sigma . . . HAROLD REID BREWER, Phi Kappa Tim . ROBERT O. BREWER, Pi Kappa Alppp . FRANCIS j. BRIDGES ...... THOMAS N. BRIDGES, Pbi Kappa Sig 111,f I JOHN R. BRIDGEWATER, Dr-ilu T rrzz Dalia NORMAN IDONALDSON BRIGGS . . . Beaumont, Texas College Park, Ga. . Arlington, Va. . . Atl:Intn,Ga. Kings Mt., N. C. Riddleton, Tenn. . . Chaffee, Mo. THOMAS W. BRITTINGHAM, Phi Kappa Sigma . Augusta,G:I, BUFORD LEROYQ-IiROCK,iSigIIm NI, . ig-V Atlnnfmcn. RUEUS CARI! lA:'f BROCK? ....... l f,fI Marietta,G:I. GEORGE HLBRGDNAX, III, rp: Dflzp 'Tam'-.p'AfHm,G1. RALPH XVAISLQQ EROOKS, JR., Pi Icappq Pm. Q'-'Ia'IHfIin,,, Ala. CLOIS CLIFif'.ONQ,'BIfOXYiN, JR., Ic..ppnjA.1pbfi A,Elberton,Ga. HARVEY CHESTJERIEBROWN, JR. ' fMariem,GA. OLNEY .... .- .. '.SmnmII,, Ga. TAYLOR ,,.,. Pi Kappa Alppp 5 p SanfQHI,E1A. THOMAS L. Lamlirla. CHI ,Ai-pai ,K LAv0nH,Ga. MORRIS W. ',,. f p.. ,',. ,'xj""T.-Iw.mbIn,A1p. .V I ROBERT C. BRYAN, -IR., Delia Tau 3,71 Tampa, Fla. KENNETH STEELE BUCHANAN .'f.if2 Atlanta,Ga. PAUL Lmpfia cm Springs, Md. WILLIAM rbi Df1fJ"i?QZgi3I..'f,LILCQIUAIISL-S,Ga. CHARLES JR, . . . Q. Iviii .,j.,2f?'fiIgfnIntree, Miss. f af f, f WILLIAM D. . THOMAS CLAYTON IIURDETTE , . . JAMES H. IIURNHAM .... JACKSON ALEXANDER BURRELL . RALPH AIISALOM BURT- . , JOSEPH A. BURTON, TMI Rapp., Epfffof, . FRANK LQGAN BUTLER, Kappa Alpha . CARLOS EDWIN BYRD ..... RUSSELL C. BYTHEWOOD . ANDREW L. CADNVELL . . St. Louis, Mo. . LaGrange, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Tate, GJ. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Americus, Ga. . Marietta, Ga. . Savannah, Ga. . Bainbridge, Ga. WOOTS XV. CAINES, JR., Laiubrla Cbi Alpha . Huntington, XV. Ya. CHARLES THOMAS CAMMAACK, Kappa Alpha . Selma,Aln. GILBERT LUCK CAMPBELL, Brla Tbrla Pi JOSIAH CARLTON CAMPBELL, Kappa Alplva ROBERT WILLIAM CANNON .... . Greenville, S. C. . Vicksburg, Miss. . Jnneslworo, Ark. UF TEEHIIULUGV ,N THE ELHSS UF WILLIAM CARASIK, Tun Epsilon Pbi . . RALPI-I BAIRD CARKUFF, JR. . THEODORE INNIS CARROLL . FRANK CARTMEL, JR. . . , JOHN N. CARTWRIGHT . JOHN FRANCIS CARVER, Cbi PM DAVID ALLAN CATES . . . . JACK CLEMENTS CAUSEY . . NORMAN HENRY CAUSEY, JR. . ROBERT C. CAUTHORN . . Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. Edgewood, R. I, Jacksonville, Fla. . Elkton, ' . Atlanta,Ga Thomasville, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Florala, Ala Fla FRANKLIN s. cl-LALMERS, JR., Klppa Alpha . Arianna. JACK WILSON CI-IANCEY . . . , . EUGENE O. CHAPMAN, Lambda Chi Alpha . Covington, Ga . Anderson, S. C JAMES EARL CHAPMAN, Sigma Alpbn Epsilon . Macon,Ga DONALD LEROY CHASE . .... JOEL FRANK CHEELY . . ROBERT Z. CHRISTOPHER, Pbi Sigma Kappa IRVIN MEYER CITRON . .... . CLIFFORD HAROLD CLACK .... EUGENE R, CLARK, JR., Alpha Tau Omega JOIZ wx CLARK, JR. . . . . . WILLIAM B. CLARKE, JR., Sigma Cbi . Jon N. CLEMONS .... . WALTER JAMES CLEVELAND. JR. . . JOHN THOMAS CLIFTON . JOHN EDWARD COBB ...... JUSTIN GARDNER COBURN, nl-1. rpm Pi VAN ZLIGLLR COCHRAN, Alpbi nu o ,,,.1, g I WILLIAM RICHARD COCHRAN . . LMLRY xv. comm, sign. cw . ROBERT A. COLLINGE . . . GEORGE RADCLIFFE COLTON, JR. . HENRY W. COMPTON . . . . JAMES W. CONNER ..... WILSON A. CONNER, Kappa Alpha . WESTER J. CONSTANTIN . . . ALFRED HILL CONWAY, Cbi Phi . JACK S. COOK ........ CHARLES J. COOPER, JR., Bviu Tbvlu Pi . KENNETH ROSS CORMANY, Theta Chi . . . Beloit,Wis . Lakeland, Fla . Sharpsburg, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Decatur, Ga . Albany, Ga Columbia, S. C . Sav nnna h, Ga Tallahassee, Fla Hattiesburg, Miss . Sav :nna h, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Covington, Ga . Aliquippa, Pa . Atlanta, Ga Rock Hill, S. C . Tulsa, Okla . Savannah, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Toccoa, Ga. . hlarrero, La. . Savannah, Ga. . Century, Fla. Columbia, Tenn. . . Rome.Gu. GEURGIH SEHUUL Ky. URI?-II IIE THOMAS L, CORWIN, JR., Pi Kappn NATHANIEL JACKSON COUCH, Rapp.. GEORGE WILLIAM COUNTS . . . CHARLES D. COX ...... JOHN 1. Cox, JR., L. flf, bfla cm Alpha CLINTON MONROE CRABTREE . CHARLES ALBERT CRANE .... DAVID A. CRANE, Bala Tbrla Pi JULIUS PATTERSON CRAWFORD . PAUL NEW CRAWFORD . HERBERT LEE CRAWSON . JAMES ALVIN-CREECI-I . WILLIE C. CRENSHAW .... CLARENCE .Nf'CROCR.ER, JR,, Phi Dflln Tbata . Atlanta, WIILIAM M. CROMER, JR,, Drllrl Tru: Drlla :.' Whycroxs, JOHN W, CRONINQ JR., Sigma Alpha ROBERT SAMUEL CROOKE . . . LAWRENCE -B. CROORS .... TOM ATKINSONWCROSSLEY, Sigma Cbily , .' 7L:AGrnnge, EDWARD STANTONRKIU-MMINGS, .V . Alpha . Towaco, N. J Alpba . . Macon, Ga . . Greenwood, S. C . College Park, Ga Kingsport, Tenn , Marietta, Ga . Atlanta, Cm Hickory, N. C . Memphis, Tenn . Americus, Ga Fla . Chattahoochee, ,. Portsmouth, . . . LaGrange, GA. Epsilon . Miami,Fla. . . . PensacoIa,FIa. . . Atlanta, Ga. . 5 Greenville, S. C. CHARLES WILLIAM CUNNINOHAM , .V . 'CarroIlton,Ga. THOMAS ITORTSON CURRY, Alpha Tau O1nl'gn',. PcIham,Ga. DAREY W, CUSACR, Dalia T... Dyna ,'.' .I -AgEI0m.Ec,s. C. CHARLES E. DAEEIN, Alpha T .JII Oaiqga' Tallahnsseglfln. HENRY Il. DAMONV, JR., Sigma Alpba,EpsfilmI-.f.l!MeI-idian, Miss. CHARLES BRYAENCDANLEIQ, lSagQm'a. 1.5. St. simon Island, Ga. CHARLES E. DANIEL, Iipxilolz . Miami,Fla. JAMES CORDIE DANIEL .... CHARLES WILLIAM DANIELS. Sigma LEONARD J. DANIELS, JR , Plwi Dwllu . . . Cullman, Ala. Chi . . Mobile, Ala. Tbrla . Shreveport., Lx. JOSEPH FREDERICK DARSEY, Alpha Tau Omega . Havana, Fla. BENJAMIN GARY DAVENPORT, JR. . JAMES OGILVIE DAVID, Sigma Nu . CHARLES L. DAVIDSON, JR., Phi Dal! LUTHER BRITT DAVIS . . . '. . WILLIAM VANCE DAVIS . . . GORDON N. DAVISON, Kulvpa Sigma ERNEST C. DAWSON, III, Pi Kappa JAMES NICHOLAS DAY ..... STANLEY D, DEASON. JR. . . I IELIIII 11 Tbrfa , . GreenviIIe, S. C. . . . Atlanta, Ga. . Lithonia, Ga. . Norfolk, Va. . . Marietta, Ga. . Johnson City, Tenn. Pbi . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Reyno, Ark. UILUEV Va. Ca. Ga, Ga. THE ELHSS UF ROBERT STUBBS DEBORDE, Sigma Alpha Ejvxilon . Atlanta,Ga. RICHARD U. DEITERS ...... CURTIS INGRAM DELANY, JR. . BENNIE L. DQLOAGH, Pi Kpppp Phi . THOMAS C. DENMARK . . . . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM GORDON DENNING, Pi Kipp., Alppfi . Atlanta,Ga. HARRY E. DeWEESE ...... XVILLIAM RUSH DILLINGIIAM . . IACK CARTER DILLON, Brin Tbcln Pi . MALCOLM RUTHERFORD DIXON, JR. . ,a., EDWARD KINGMAN DoM'INGOs,1,I, RAYFORD L. DOMINY . 5 . J CARI. I-I. DORR . .. . . . . WALTER EOOTE DOWMAN, JR.,'Ch1 Psi FRED E. DREssEL . . . L . CARLTON S. DUGGAN. Phi Dcltu Tbrla OLENE THURSTON DUGGAN . . . JOHN DWIGGINS, Sigma Cbi . . XVALTER S. EANES, Sigma Ailiba Epsilon . . Atlanta, Ga. . Greenville, S. C. . Tampa, Fla. . Macon, Ga. . Griflan, Ga. . Montrose, Ga, . Atlanta, Ga. . . Decatur, Ga. . Augusta, Ga. . . Moultrie, Ga. . Birmingham, Ala. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Danville, Ind. GLENN CLYDE ELLIS . .... Wcst'PIIm Beach, Fla, JAMES HENRY ELLIS, JR. . ,IUNIUS ROBERT ELLIS, JR .... RUTHERFORD L. ELLIS, jR., Cbi Phi . FREDERICK FISHER ELLISON . -IAMES LEE ELROD . . . j.-AMES H. ELSINGER, Dcllu Tau Della' . LEWIS C. EMERSON, 'Alpha 'Tan' Oiurga IIHIIII, IRXVIN EMIVIER . J, XY'IfNDEI.I. ENDSLEY . ,IOSEPH T. ENGLAND . RENNET1-I A. ERIGRSON, Kappa Alpha . RAI' T. ERx'1N. Pi Rapp., Alplm . EUGENE MARION Esvx' . . JOI-IN R. ESSON . EMORY PAUL ESTEP . ELLIS EDWARD ESTES . . . . Augusta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Millen, Ga. . Marietta, Ga, . Tampa. Fla. . . Columbia, S. C. . Miami Beach. Fla. . Orlando, Fla. Nanticnkc, Pa. West Palm Beach, Fla. . . Mantaza, Cuba . Cordele, Ga. . Superior, WIS- . Roda, Va. . , Marietta.Ga. LAGREE PERRY ESTES, JIR., Alpha Tan Omega . Rutledgc',Ga. CHARLES C. EVANS . ..... . Birmingham. Alf'- THOMAS DUDLEY EVANS, Sigma Alpha Epxilou . SavannnI1,G:1. ROBERT MICHAEL EVE . ..... Atlanta-G1 EEURGIH SEHUUL FUIIIIW-lIll'lE MIKE E, EVERETT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon THOMAS H. FANCHER, Sigma Alpha Ep RHESA SCREVEN FARMER, JR., Kappa GLENN ALFORD FEAGIN . . . JOSEPH KNOX FELKER, JR. , CHARLES S. PELNER, Lambrla Chi Alpha . Millcrsburg DAKIN BENNETT FERRIS, Phi Dalia Thrla . . Griflin THOMAS HERBERT FIELDER . THOMAS WILLIAM EINCH . BOYD WYATT EINR . . . Aclanra, Ga. silou . . Miami, Fla. Alpha . Augusta, GR. . . Amcricus, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. Ky. , Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Czxroga Lake, N. Y. . . Arlanm,Ga. JOHN WILLIAM EIROR,,,.JRi"f-- . Afhanaca. HUGH WAKEFIELD FISHER . . . . ' . Atl1cns,Ga. JAMES HERBERT' FISHER, Phi Sigma .Kappa J. . Arlnnca,Gn. MILTON JOSEPHIFIVEL . . . . Porrsmouth,Va. JAMES EVANS ELEMING . . ThOmasville,Ga. CHARLES MCC. FLOWERS, Phi Dalia Theta . fColumbuS,Ga. JAMES WORTH FOLCTER . . . .... Decnrur,Ga. JAMES LEOINT' EORESTER, JR., Kappa Sigma l. Memphis, Tenn. NORMAN FOWKE, Sigma cpz . .L ,.-AEIam..,Ga. WILL DOC FOWIQKES, Sigapaaclaf . . DymSurg,Tcnn. JIM TOM FRENCH, Kappa Sigma .I , . AtlanLa,Ga. ROBERT CARLYLE FULLER . 4 VEaamRayaI,vp. ROBERT XVENDELL FULLER . . ',CaISIbafIana,Md. CARL HERIZIANEULTON, Kappa Siglfia . , ' AcIanca,Ga. WILLIAM AUSADEIIULTON . . .lla Q.Lf-Alpiamafla, N. C. ERED WILLIAM4-QAAIHEE7asfgaaagcpf ,l'. . . Orlando,FIa. JOHN CHARLES GALE' Q" CHARLES MANUEL GARCIA . . JACK P. GARISON, Sigma Alpha Epxilon WILLIAM KNOX GARMANY . . . LEON JACKSON GARNER, JR. . JOHN NV. GARRETT . . JOSEPH E. GARRETT .... WILLIAM LEE GARRETT, Phi Della LAURENCE H. GARY , . . . . New York, N. Y. . . Tampa, Fla. . . Eldorado, Ark. . Chattanooga, Tenn. . Atlanta,Ga. . Huntlandffenn. . . . Cateecl1ee,S.C Thela . Fort Valley,Ga. . . Balrimore, LEON O. GASRINS, Pi Kappa Phi . . . Alapahaca CHARLES M. CEER, JR., Phi Dalia Tpapa . . LaGrange,Ga RALPH EDWIN GEIGER . . MaRaa,Ga JOHN O, GERSON, JR. . . AcI:m:a,Ga. HOWARD GHORMLEY . . Sl0Ckl0n,CRlIf I 'v' "- r 'I' "1 '- I II: E ll ll l. U Ell Md. 537- THE ELIISS UF XVILLIAM E. GIESLER, Phi Sigma Kappa . Martinsville, Va. CHARLES GRADY GIFFIN, Lambzlri Chi Alpha . AtIanta,Ga, ROBERT MONTE GILL, Kappa Alpha . . . MARSHALL GILLER, Tim Epsilon Phi . . JAMES ALLEN GILREATI-I, . CHARLES WILLIAM GLANKER . WILLIAM H. GUNBY .... . GEORGE LEAK GLUYAS, Dclln Sigma Plri . ARNOLD I. GOLDBERG, Phi Iipsilon Pi . . jacksonville, Fla. Miami BcaCl1,I'la Cartersville, Ga, Memphis, Tenn. . Thomson, Ga. . jackson, Miss. . Savannah, Ga. GERARD M. GOLDSTEIN, Alpha Epsilon Pi . Long Bench, N. Y, LEONARD R. GOLDSTEIN, Tun Epsilon Plai . . AugusLa,Ga. WM. H. GOODLOE, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Nepmunc Beach, Fla. MARTIN BLOCK GOODMAN, Phi Epsilon Pi . Miam1Beacl1, Fla. MENDEL T. GORDON ...... CARL W. GRAEFE, Lumlnln Cbi Alpbrr . x DOYLE ALEX GRAHAM . . EMORY BRYAN GRANT , . . JAMES DON GRAY, Drllri Tan Dvllu . RICHARD DENSON GRAY . . STANLEY HARRIS GRAY . . Atlanta,Ga. . Miami,I7la. New Orlc .xnm s, La. . Maricnta, Ga. Pittsburg, Kansas . Atlanta, GJ. Tallahassee, Fla. THOMAS HARRISON GREEN, AIR., Sigma Chi . . Waco, Texas XVILLIAM T. GREENE, -IR., Drllrl Tun Della . . M:xcon,Ga. xv'u.1.1AM D. Gm513N1.Eus, Pi Kappa Alpha . xarmm-a1lc,A11. FRANCIS ALLISON GREGORY . . . CHARLES HENRY GRIFIJENBURG, jR. . . Atlanta, Ga, Philadelphia, Pa. ROBERT I'. GROSS . . . . . . AvondaleEsmres,Ga. XYILFRED E. GROSS. Phi Dvlla Tb:-lu . . . Columbus, Ga. NEVETT STEELE GROVE, Sigma Alpbu Epsilon . Atlanta, Ga. HAROLD MELVIN GRUMANN .... . . A:lanta,Ga. IRXVIN -I. GUNSHOR, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Brooklyn, N.Y. LARRY ARNOLD GUNTER . JOSEPH E. HAGAN . . JAMES T. HAIGLER . ARTHUR PHILO HALL ...... NEWT MORRIS HALLMAN, Drlhi Tun Dvllu . Atlanta, Ga. . S:1vannalu,G-1. , Ellijay,Gu. . . Moulrria,Gn. Arlanra. Ga. RAYMOND CECIL HAMILTON, -IR., Sigmu Chi . ALIanla,G1- NVILLIAIVI IVICDONALD I'IAMlX'IOND . . MARK G. I'IAMPTON, Sigma Alplm Epsilon . . Arlan:a,Gn- Tampa, Flu. FRANK E. HANKINSON, III, Phi Kuppu Tun , College P:xrk,G-l- A UBREY LAMAR HANNA ..... , Quincly, Fla. GEURGIH SEHUUL FURTV-Ill EDWARD G. HANSEN . HARRY FRANK HARDY . SAM G. HARDY, JR., Theta Cbi . WILBUR EVERETT HARKNESS . '. . BEEMER C. I-IARRELL, Pbi Della Tbcfa . JOHN WILSON HARRIS, III, Pi Kappa Alpha . WILLIAM E. HARRIS ...... BRUCE F. HARRISON . . FRED L. HARRISON, JR. . ALLEN CHRISTOPHER HART . Nanuct, N. Y. . Cheyenne, Wyo . Rome, Ga. . . Tampa, Fla. .' Marshvillc, N. C. . Augusta, Ga . Milan, Tenn . Aberdeen, Miss . Atlanta, Ga. Memphis, Tenn, CHARLES WILLIAM HARWIELL, sfgala Olaf . caa.1a1a,Ga. ROBT. N. I-IAUSER, mf, slpaaa Alpha Epfllaa OTIS LEE HAYDEN, JR. .... '. .' 1 JOHN xv, HAYEs.,JR., Laaalaala cm Alpha, WAYNE D. IHEASLEY, sigma cbl . . . IRWIN M. HECHT1, Alpha Epallaa Ili . Gqecnsboro, N. C. A ai Orlando, Fla. .f'B1'ooklyn, N. Y. NORRIS W1fL1AM"fHENDR1x, JR.'k.i! . LT. Af1aaaa,ca. ALFRED LAWRENCE HENDRY, PM Oaaaaaa Della. Tampa, EH. WILLIAM HISENSLEY, Pbi,Sig11m Kappa.. Daisy, Tam. THOMAS CLR'DIS-,H-I3RINfIQiQN'V',, ' Y ,' A,1,,,.,,G,, MELBURN JACOB HIBBARD . L. " if LOUIS ALDEN HIETT, Sigma Pbi Epailaai. KENNETH BARNES 1-11LL, Kappa .Sgg'a4a.n Hoxic, Ark. Lfcmphis, Tenn. It Sumter, S. C. WILLIAM Kggoyxla-1.1NjrON . . ' . .1 . Tarc,Ga. WILLIAM JR., Phi Epillaapflpkflf Sumter, S. C. xv1LL1AM . . Eiaagm1a1,Ga. NELSON W. HOCKING, JR., Pi Kappa Alpina THOMAS MARK HODGES ..... JAMES M. HOEY, JR., Lalllbdu Chi Afpba . JOHN MOSS HOGG ...... BILLY B. HOLLAND . . BOBBY FAGAN HOLLAND . HOWARD R. HOLLEY, JR. . MYRON DOYLE HOLLLMAN . JOHN SEARCY HOLLIS . HARRY L, HOLLOMON, Sigma Alpha BYRON L. HOLTON ....... C. V. HOLTON, Bda Thrill Pi . . ERNEST B. HONEYCUTT, IR. . ILUGENE I-IORNE, JR., Kappa Alpha . . Martins Ferry, O. . Dublin, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Statesboro, Ga. . Statcsboro, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Toomsboro, Ga. . Macon, Ga. Epsilon . . Macon,Ga. . . Camilla, Ga. Big Stone Gap, Va. . Rock Hill, S. C. . Amcricus, Ga. UF TEEHIIULUGV . Adrian, Ga. Asheville, N. C. 139 THE ELHSS UF DOUGLAS NEWELL HORNER . . WILLIAM L. HOWARD ..... CHARLES SHANNON HOWLAND, JR. . JAMES C. HUCKABY ...... CRESWELL D. HUFF . JAMES ROBERT HUEE .... CARL A. HUGHES. JR., Kappa sigma . . CLIFFORD W. HUGHES, Ld11ibrI'n Chi Alpha . DAVID KENNETH HUMPHREY . . . DANIEL O. HUMPHREYS, JR. . EMMETT RAYMOND HUNTER . sAM M. HUNTER ..... CHARLES MAC HUTCHINGS, Tbeta chi' . FORREST G. HUTCHINGS, JR. . . ROBERT E. HYLTON . . . RAY INGLETT, Lambda Cbi Alpba . JAMES RAWLS IVEY, JR. . . ALLEN SHANNON JACKSON . WILLIAM MORGAN JACKSON. . EUGENE R. JAMES, JR. . . JOHN BOB JAMES . . . . . . . ARTHUR B. JANNEY. JR., Delta Tau Delta ROBERT J. JANUARY, Beta Theta Pi . . CHARLES XVENDELI. JANDON . . .' WALTER T. JERKINS, Pbi Delta Tbeta . ABRAHAM JOSE SANTIAGO JIDY . . EDWIN L. JOHNSON. JR.. Phi Kappa Tan LOUIS M. JOHNSON. Drlla Sigma Pbi . ROY EUGENE JOHNSON . . WESLEY FROST JOHNSON . HOWARD C. JOHNSTON. Della Tau Ds-Ita THOMAS ELMO JOLLEY . . . . ANDREW JACKSON JONES . .... CLARENCE XV. JONES, JR., Bda Tb:-la Pi . HUGH LYLE JONES . . JR.. Sigma Chi RAYMOND ALLEN JONES, SIDNEY xv, JONES, sigma Phi Epsilon . . JOHN CALVIN JUREIT . . . WILLIAM WALLACE KARY . JOHN H. KASTANAKIS . 6 E 0 R 6 I Big Stone Gap, Va. . . Atlanta, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla. . Douglasville, Ga. . Jonesboro, Tenn. . Spring Valley, N. Y. . . Decatur, Ga. . Bradenton, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. , Paris, Tenn. . Birmingham, Ala. . Greenville, S. C. . . Rome, Ga. . Rockmart, Ga. . Miami, Okla. . Atlanta, Ga. . Milner, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Savannah, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Moultrie, Ga. . Trenton, Tenn, . . Atlanta, Ga. St. Petersburg, Fla. L . Havana, Cuba . Hapeville. Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta. Ga. . . Tifton. Ga. Donaldsonville, Ga. . . Atlanta. Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Panama City, Fla. . . North, S. C. . Miami, Fla. . Tallahassee, Fla. . Pensacola, Fla. HSCHUUL HOMER EUGENE KAUFMAN . . WALTER WILSON RAVANAUGH . . JAMES MARION REELIN, Kappa Alpha . FRANK STUART REENE, Pi Kappa Alpha . HALEY W. KEISTER .... . GENE AUSTIN KEMP, Alpha Tan Omega . WILLARD SPLAN KEMPER .,... EDWARD P, KENNY, JR., Delia Tau Delta . ELXVOOD CAMPBELL KENT . I . RALPH B. KERGE, Ifhl Kappa Tau . . Marietta, . Eiiiugham, . Atlanta, . Atlanta, . Dalton, . Columbus, . Marietta, . Augusta, Memphis, Tenn . Rome, Ga HOYT . l Chattanooga,Tenn S HORAGE JR. . FRANK MA?IiSI9IAILLf2itING . THOMAS . . . . WILLIAM Pbi Kappa Sigma' . . Damascus, Ga Alexandria, Va Memphis, Tenn . Da1ton,Ga XVILPRIZD AIQING, JR., Kappa 'Alpha ,I , Atlanta, JOHN ROEEQJESONEINNETT, Phi Dlilkaf-Thala . calambas, HOYT LIICGONNELLARIREY, Phi Da1la.lTha1a- .A Augusta, . GEORGE ag, Siglna chi . .J ',. 'Qi . Orlando, a, ARTHUR J. fJRQ,5-A'lphaf:Tay Opaaggai gysavaaaah, LEO H. KLOSTERMAN, JR., Sigma iEpsi,l0lz . Tampa, a. ROBERT FRANKLIN KNIGHT . . ff. J . I ' ,lf Sylvester, Ga. WILLIAM K. KNIGHT, Lambda chllgiglpha.','.,jyIJl1adgeviIla,Ga, ALRHONSESE, Laalhala .J HENRY Ri . . . Qaa. . Wffgqzaff,a,,.ya , JASON D. MYRON KORLIN, :raa Epllilahilfhl . DONALD KOPPEL .... . WILLIAM JOHN KORCHAK . . JAMES GEARHART LANCASTER . JOE CHAPMAN LANE, JR, . . WILLIAM J. LANE, JR: ..... HARRY HARVEY LANGSTON, Kappa Alpha . JOHN WYATT LANREORD, Kappa Alpha . ALBERT RATLIEE LANSING .... I WILLIAM WALTER LA ROCHE . FRANCIS CLARK LASETER . HERBERT KENDALL LASTER . . . JOSEPH HEATH LAUGHLIN, JR. . ROBERT HARRIS LAUGHLIN . Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. . Miami, Fla. . . Macon, Ga. New York, N. Y. . Atlanta,Ga. . Bolton,Miss. Bainbridge, Ga. . Decatur, Ala. Jacksonville, Fla. Lynchburg, Va. . McComb, Miss. . Savannah, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. Memphis, Tenn. . Savannah, Ga. . Savannah, Ga. UF TEEHIIULUGV .95 EVVQ5, THE CLHSS UF XVENDELL BRIGHT LAWING .... Chattanooga, Tenn. JACK RAYMOND LAWLER, Pi Kappa Alpha . . Smyrna,Ga, IRA THOMAS LAYFIELD ...... .Mi.lledgeville,Ga, CHARLES VEAZEY LeCRAW, Cbi Phi . . . . Atlanta,Ga, FRANCIS EUGENE LEE, JR., Sigma Alpba Epsilon . Atlanta, Ga, JOSEPH CHARLES LEIFER, Tau Epsilon Phi KENDRICK W. LENTZ ...... ELMER ATHALONE LEVIE, Sigma Nu . HENRY LEVY, Phi Epsilon Pi . . HARLOW EDWIN LICHTWARDT . . VVILLIAM JACKSON LILES, . GEORGE ARNOLD LINToN,"P2'xappajngigba . EARL P, LISH, Delta Iain'-DiItaI".' HEIIMAN LIss, Alpha .Epsilaii Pg' .I WILLIAM A. LITTLIEQ Kappa Sigma V. BEN. D. LOEWHVNSQHN, Alpha Ispsilwi, Pb: GERARDO Ai,:'LOIfEZ . . ' ENRIQUE ,,IlOI'EZ,-MORALES . CORTLAND RICE LOWE . PETER ,ffiwls LOIVENFILLDV . R. RICHARD F. LOWERY . . EDWIN I. LONVREY . . . HUGH WINTERS LOWREY . RAYMOND E. LUBY, Chi Psi- . EARL HARRIS LUCAS. JR. . ROBERT EARL LUCAS g. ROBERT MAXAY LUPO, Sigma Chi . CHARLES G. LYLE .... CHARLES F. LYNCH. Bela Tlaria Pi . . HUGH JOHN LYNCH, Sigma Alpha Epsilon DONALD W. MADER ..... BENSON KEITH MADDOX, Kappa Alpha . DOUGLAS VARY MAFFETT ..... WILLIAM EARL MAGBEE, Pbi Delta Tbrla . BERNARD MALIN, Alpha Epsilon Pi . Miami Beach, Fla. . Denver, Colo. . La Fayette, Ga. . Savannah, Ga. . Dctroit,Micl1. . . Bruce, Miss. Birmingham, Ala. . Ft. Pierce, Fla. . Paterson, N. Charlotte, N. C. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Havana, Cuba . Havana, Cuba . Albany, Ga. . ,I-Iewiletc, N. Y. Chickamauga, Ga. Hattiesburg, Miss. . Clinton, Miss. Los Angeles, Cal. . Atlanta, Ga. f Jacksonville, Fla. . Atlanta,Ga. . . Griin, Ga. Severna Park, Md. San Antonio, Tex. Brookhaven, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Brooklyn, N- Y- RICHARD XVATKINS MALONE, Sigma Cbi . Chattanooga, Tenn. WILLIAM JAMES MALONE, III, Kappa Sigma . . Macon,G1- RALPH E. MANNING, Phi Gamma Dalia . . jacksonville,Fla. ARTHUR ELLIOTT MARKS .... . . Atlanra,Ga- EDMOND OLIVER MARLOW, JR. . . Hattiesburg.MiSS- GEURGIH SEIUUL UHIII- HE JOSEPH BROOKS MARTIN . HAROLD E. MASBACR, JR. . THOMAS JOSEPH MASLEY . Memphis, Tenn . New York, N. Y . . New Kensingran,P: JAMES C. MATHESON, JR., Lambda Chi Alpha . Dec:itur,Ga JOE EDWARD MATTHEWS, Delta Tum Drlla . . MoIen:z,Ga WALLACE FRANKLIN MATTHEXWS, JR. . . . Tifton,Ga WILLIAM C. MATTHEWS, Phi Delta Theta . Charleston,S. C LEON H. MAURER, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . MinmiBeacI1,Fla JOHN N. MCBRIDE, Belu Their: Pi , . . Murfreesboro, Tenn CHARLES P. MCCANLESS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon , Canton,G: A f . K4 ,, ,SY ARCH H. AJRQ' . ,Qff if ,.,, w00dmcR,Oa. CLAYTON jfggpz, . Mmm, Ga. MARION . . . 1,V if ,fII -1,3igQCI1nmblee,Ga. OTTICE . . .'Sugnrf0wn,Ln. ROBERT JR. QQ Iyfyi R. Corde1e,Ga. JOHN . .lff.fFgAuburn, N. Y. ROBERT ,.., T I. ., ,,., A:lancn,Ga, PAUL G. Kappa Aljjlni - Vnifi Beach, Fla. JARMON . . . QQ, Mmem, ca. JOE 'L'B F iiYEttevil1e,Tenn. JAMES H. MCLEMORE, Sigma Alpha? At1antn,G:. ROBERT A, MCLEMORE, sig-ma Alphg' Atlanta, GR. IRVINO M. McLEOD, JR., Alpha T.u.iOQgagz'f Atlanta, OJ. EUGENE . , . K L .433 ,fgQ.j.gjf.,.La.ham, N. Y. DANIEL C21QM5N5!gfRi?Kappv Alpha ROSS ALLAN WILLIAM H. MCTEER .... JOSEPH V. MEISTER, Tau Epsilon Pbi SETI-I BALDWIN MELLEN, Chi Phi . KENNETH C. MELVIN . GEORGE ERNEST MENA . LEON HERBERT MEYER .... RICHARD L. MEYER, Pbi Epsilon Pi . JOHN E. MICHAELS .... WILLIS ARNOLD MIDDLETON . -rynfhieiefitiesburg, Miss. . . Clinton, III. . Yemassee, S. C. Mount Vernon, N. Y. . . Atlanta, Ga . Leary, Ga. . . Miami, Fla. . Nnvasota, Tex. . Meridian, Miss. . Hapeville, Ga. . Decatur, Ga. JAMES D. MILLER, JR., Alpha Tau Omega . . . Dalcon,Ga. JOHN S. MILLER , ...... . Birmingham,Aln. LAURENCE SPURLOCK MILLER, JR. . . Brunswick,G:. WALTER I. MILLER, JR., Sigma Clni . CHARLES LEE MILLS . . . . Savannah, Ga. . Atlan:a,G:1. BF IELIHIULUGV THE ELHSS UF JAMES E. MILNER, Kappa Alppa . . . WALTER C. MINK, JR., Kappa slgaaa . MELVIN H. MOONEY, JR. . . . . JAMES A. MOORE, JR ....... JOSEPH MER. MOORE, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . RAYMOND GEORGE MOORE ..... OTTO MARUCCI MORRIS, JR., Sigma Chi. ROBERT K. MORROW, Della Tau Della . DONALD CECIL MORTON, Kappa Sigmrl . ROBERT MOSCRIP, Sigma Chi . . . , :af J. ! WALTER WILLIAM MOSELEY, JRR., 'slgfiaaa ALBERT SIDNEY MOSELY . f. THOMAS MOSKAL, JR. . p., . .. . JAMES C, MULLINS, JR., Pl.'Kappa Alpdag.. MLILLIS, JR., Dalia ,Ivaa Dalia, . CARL W. ROBERT EDWARD N. MURRAY, JR., Alpha Taz: Omega ELMER J. MURRAY, Pi Kappa Pbi . . ISAAC E. MURRAY .... ERUNS McKIE MYERS . HILARY HERBERT NALL ..... DAN LENOIR NEIGHRORS, Kappa Alplaa . ARTHUR E, NELSON, JR., Sigma Phi Epaflaa CONNER FULLER NELSON, JR., clai Plgi EDWIN RING NELSON, III, Kappa Alplaa . . . Rome, Ga, . Nurley, N. J, . Atlanta, Ga. Baltimore, Md. . Camden, Ala. . Mansiield, Pa. . Sea Girt, N. J. Nashville, Tenn. . Jackson, Miss. . Orlando, Fla. Nll . Atlanta, Ga. . Du Pont, Ga. Spring Valley, N. Y. . Decatur, Ga. . Lancaster, S. C, FRASER MUNRDE, Pbi 'Della Tbala . . Quincy, Ela. . Buena Vista, Ga. New York, N. Y. Durham, N. C. . Jakrkson, Miss. . Atmore, Ala. . Atlanta, Ga. Scarsdale, N. Y. . Atlanta, Ga. . Tampa, Fla. PAUL L. NELSON, JR., Della Tau Delta . Spring Valley, Ohio XVILLIAM EARL NEXVBERRY . . . . . I,izella,Ga. HOMER LEE NEXVSOME . . . . . . Savannal1.Ga. RICHARD NV. NEXVSOME, Pbi Sigma Kappa . . Madison, Ga. CLINTON BLOODWORTH NEWTON, Kappa Alpha . Lyons,Ga. JONATHAN P, NICHOLS. III, Sigma chi . HENRY LOUIS NIELSEN, JR. . . JACK COLOMBUS NIX . . . . JAMES SUPPLE NOLAN, Kappa Alpha . JAMES WILTON NUNN .... BEN LACY o'cALLAGHAN, Chi Pbi . ORIS L. O'LlrXNlEL . . . , . . . ALFRED D. oDoM, JR., Pm Kappa sigaaa JOHN EUSTACE O'KEEFE, Phi Della Tbz-la , CHARLES J. O'REAR ...... GEUREIH SEHUU Bradenton, Fla. Jacksonville, Fla. . Cleveland,G:I. . Macon, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, G2- Cl-Iarlotte, N. C. . Atlanta, G1- . Atlanta, G1- . Warren, Ark. l FURT -lllll ALVIN CLARK OSBURN, JR. . STEADMAN M. OVERMAN . FRANK CAMDEN OWENS, Cbi Phi , JAMES WILLIAM PAGE, Kappa Alpha . JAMES GARDNER PAINE . JAMES MARSHALL PAINTER . . . . . Atlanta, Ga . Milledgeville, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Cordele, Ga . Decatur, Ga. . . Dalton, Ga EARL WARREN PARKER, Phi Delta Theta , . Columbus, Ga H. G. PATTILLO .......... Litl1onia,Ga WALTER L. PATTON, lzafa Theta Pi . . Greenville, S. C CLIFTON DOEES PAWLEY, Sigma chi . . Miami Eaach, Ela S kk DORT E. Thapa L., AWD-asfpa-Salam, N. C. FRANK Phi Da1fa1J,TheZaf,1 lll' Savannah, Ga. CHARLES . . . 'R Aflaara,Ga. JAMES . . . 5E1beafan,Ga. IRA Chi Alpha 5 ,lla pg .1A,., . a Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE Bala Thafa 'LIZ , . Mabl1a,AIa. GEORGE . . Augusta,Ga. LAMAR Phi Epsilon PQ .4 I Curdele, Ga. THOMAS E, . . Q, J .. Clarkston, Ga. BEN F. Decatur, Ga. CHARLES A. PERRY, Lambda chi Alpha .,l'Sga?'l?Etersburg,Fla. ELMER L. PERRY, JR. .... ' .R t'-f Aagaaaa,Ga. DOYLE STEPHEN PETERS, Php sfgaaagxappa lg.jEQaakavi1Ia, afagw, fa-zg3v,A Fla. GEORGE . , . QL Mobile, Ala. DONALD . I ,. Qjaaaaamaa, Ala. Qapa. REZIN EDWARD . . Atlanta, Ga. CHARLES v. PIKE ....,.. Waaa Palm Reach, Ela. JESSE FRANK PILAND ..... . . PalI1aaa,Ga, DAVID W. PINRERTON, Kappa Alpha . . jacksonville,Fla. DAVID EUGENE PIRKLE . . . . . Aa1aaaa,Ga. JAMES HENRY PITMAN, Alpha Tap Omega . Lake Ciay, Ela. RICHARD D. PITMAN ........ Newnan,Ga. STEPHEN MORISS PIOTROWSKI, Chl Psi . Wnterbury,Conn. WILLIAM H. PITTARD ..... . Monticello, Ga. WARREN S. POPE . . . Aalaaaa, Ga. WILI.IAM S. POSTEN, Pi Kappa Alpha . Morgantown, W. Va. MURPHY POUND, Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE EDWIN POWELL, Beta Thala Pi . . Stntesboro, Ga. WENDELL LONG POWER, Alpha Tau Omega . . Monroe, Ga. ERNEST E. PRICE, JR,, Sigma Alpha Epaflaa . . Canaan, Ga. UF TECHIIULUGV THE ELHSS UF ELGIN HARTLAND PRICE ..... , Atlanca,Ga. HUNTER JOWERS PRICE, JR., Kappa Alphu . . Elberton,Ga. THOMAS DAYTON PRICE . WILLIAM ALBERT PRICI-IETT . . . Arcadia, Fla. . Memphis, Tenn. JACK F. PROCTOR, Lnmhdu Chi Alpha . Jacksonville Beacl1,'Fla, ALLEN JAY PROPP . . ROBERT DALE PROSSER . HENRY CARLOS PUCKETT . HOWARD ELLIS PURCELL, Alpha Tau WILLIE GRADY PUTNAM . . Brooklyn, N. Y. . Glendale, Ariz. . . Atlanta, Ga. Omega . Savannah, Ga. . , Atlanta, Ga. NEIL WENTWORTH . Atlanta,Ga. DAVID THOMAS QUINN, . . York, s. C. CLIFFORD W. RACKLEY . . Tifton,Ga. FRANK DAVID RAMSEfdf5Zl,,,I . Maaimnvillmxy. I' T , HARRY ALEXANDER JRAUCH, , ,J . Little Rock, Ark. 'lI', ".-' 1 A ,4ff1"',, ,T JAMES HARTLE?EiRIiE5ZE . .V :.'! -gg . Kimberly, W. Va HAROLD R. sfgfgE."ELi,EfQfl0n . . North, s.C ELI . I ,Q 'Wm Palm Beach, Fla ARTHUR III, Chi Phil . I n . . . At1Em,Ga MYRON.f'ELYp REDS' "1' Liflama, Ga. CF ' I , . WILLIAM SIOSEFHWREESES Zhi Plain 4.5 I. . . Adam, O1 JOHN WILLIAM REEIIES, Kapfq sig-gm . WaShsngwn,D. C ANDREW W. REID . . , , Q ' . . Atl1ens,Ga JOHN SEVIER REIMER . .- '., .v'.. . . . Decatur, Ga WILLIAM EDWARD REISER,1'Drlla-.T'n11fDel,'a . Augusta, Ga VASCO C. RHODEN, ,. Smnmkhca JOHN LESLIE RHODES, MfMMi11edgevI11e,Ga KENNETH EDWIN RHODES . . . . Lake Cafy,F1I GENE HOWARD RHYNE, Sigma Cm . . . Atlanta,Ga JOHN EERTRAM RHYNE .... . Panama CIfy,F11 GENE T, RICE, Rupp., Alpha ROBERT C. RICHARDS, Phi Kappa Sigma . JOE EARLE ROBERSON, Kuppu Sigma . JAMES LEROY ROBERTS . . WILLIAM ASHLEY ROBERTS . WILLIAM GORDON ROBERTSON . . CHARLES B, ROBINSON, JR., Sigma Chi . Elberron, Ga . New Castle, . . . J:xckson,Tenn. . I'ensacoIa,fFla. . Fort Bragg, N. Cf JOHN I-IARRELL ROGERS, Phi Drlla Theln . Jacksonville, Fla, WALTER RICHARD ROONEY . . . . Maldcn,M4'55- PETER ARMSTRONG ROSE, Kappa Alpha , . Lumpkin, Gl- EEUHGIH SEHUUL Pa. . Daytona Beach, Fla. . , Hephzibah, Ga. , FURTV-IIIIIE DONALD IRWIN ROSEN, Phi Epsilpii Pi ALAN W, ROSOLIO, Phi izpxilpil Pi . JULIAN E. ROSS, JR, sigiiii chi . NEAL E. ROTI-IFUSS, Pi Kiippii Alpha , RAYMOND OSCAR ROWE, JR. . . JAMES FRANKLIN ROYSTER . . JAY EMANUEL RUBEL, Phi Epxilon Pi . MARVIN H. RUBIN, Tau Epsilon Pbi . ELBERT MARION RUCKER . . JAMES CARLISLE RUSHTON, JR. . JAMES B. E. '. JOHN M. RXAN,,'PLfKEp1Ja Tliii . . Al:lant:I,Gn. . . Savann:Ih,Ga. Fort Lauderdale, Fla East Orange, N. J . . Ringgold,Ga . Lawndale, N. C . Okolona, Miss . Arlanra, Ga . Elberron, Gu . Greenville, S. C . I- Waverly, Gu. . qMiI1eagevi1le, Ga FRED J. SAQQIJIETTINI .... J ' ,Ngnvi York, N. Y. ROBERT Tau Epsilon Pziy . . Ney York, N. Y. RICHARD SUGQJQJ-SSAPPINGTQN . .,.kBgrnesville,G:. JACR c. Phi Dellii V. fffllahn ssee , Pla. EDWARD JR. .'I- R.', . AiI2imPimE,Eln. FRANK. J. . I .-Liffle Rock, Ark. MILTON V, ' '-Aw L-ijirgoklyn, N. Y. FRANK ll.3'?QjRiI2rieff1,Ga. A'I ' JULIAN I-I. SCHOENEERG, Alpha c. JOSEPH N. SCHWARTZ, Tiiii EpSilon Atlanta,Ga. SIDNEY SCHWARTZ ..... cpm.. WILLIAM sigma A:1i.mi,Ga. EUGENE . . .,QlgAugusra,Ga. I X, .u,x 1 'Ir .A JOHN W. . f LEWIS F. SHACKLEFORD . . JOHN CHARLES SHANNON . JAMES HERVEY SHARP . HARRY SHARTAR . . Hershey, Pa. . Carrollton, Ga. . Lincoln, Nebr. . Arlanrn, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. HAROLD LAWTON SHAW, Phi Kappu Sigma . NVIndermere, Fla. JAMES C. SHEEHAN . ....... Columbus,Ga. ROBERT A. SHEFFEY, JR., Phi Gunzma Dellu . Bluefleld, W. Va. L. B. SHEFFIELD, JR, . . . .... Arlanrn,G:I. JOHN MARSHALL SHEPARD, JR. . . West PalmBeacl1,Fla. ROY STEVEN SHERER . . . . Rock Hill, S. C. PETER BURUM SHERRY, Chi Phi .... S:uv:mn:xlx,G:I. WILLIAM JASON SHIPLEY, Della Tull Delia . Snvnnnah,G:I. WILLIAM H. SHIRLEY, JR., Pi Kappa Pbi . . Mariet:a,G.I. ULYSSES E. SHOEMAKER .... . Cartersville. Ga. UF TECHIIULUGV 147 3-135' S' 2? an 'U 1 x yi .Sine .4 'SU THE ELHSS UF LOUIS W. SHORES, Bela Tbela Pi . VINCENT JOHN SIKORA . . . WILLIAM LEE SIMMONS, JR. . HAROLD XV. SIMPSON .... SAMUEL WILLIAM SIMPSON, Chi Psi . WILLIAM HARTWELL SIMS, Della Tau Delta . CRAWFORD MCLENDON SITES, chi Phi . BISHOP FRANK SMITH, Sigma Alpha Epsllaal . CHARLES DEAN SMITH, JR., Kappa Sigma CLARENCE E. SMITH . . . . .fa DAVID LEWIS SMITH . . . . 'fax '44, ,,.' . GEORGE DOUGLAS SMITH, Phi Kappa"11aa?-4 It JAMES CALVIN SMITH . . . . I JAN R. SMITH, Della Tau Della . . . MARVIN HENRY SMITH, Pi Kappa Alpha . ROBERT FRANKLIN -SMITH . ROY ROTH SMITH ....... WILLIAM TIPPINS -SMITH, Alpha Tau omega . VICTOR SMOLEN, Tau Epsilon Phi . . . LOUIS F. SNEDIGAR, JR. . . . Greensboro, N. C. New York, N. Y, . . Alamo, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Toccoa, Ga. . Ocilla, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Sl1reveport,La . Mansfield, Ga, Atlanta, Ga lzattanooga, Tenn . Augusta, Ga . Atlanta., Ga . Culverton, Ga . Villa Rica, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Decatur,Ga . Augusta, Ga Miami Beach, Fla JAMES W. SNEED, JR., Sigma Pbi Epsilon . . Fort Pierce,Fla RICHARD j. SNELLING, JR., Delta Tau Delta . Decatur, Ga SANFORD VVARNER SOBEL . . . CLARENCE M. SOSEBEE .... , . JULE C. SPACH, Phi Dclta Theta . DICK B. SPANGLER, Pi Kappa Alpha . . JOSEPH SPEGTOR ...... BENJAMIN DAVID SPENCE, JR. . . . . CHARLES D. SPIELBERGER, Alpha Epsilon Pi . WILLIAM D. SPROESSER ...... LINTON DUNN STABLES, IR. . . CHARLES MACK STACY, Sigma Chi . EDWARD HOLMES STALL, Kappa Alplra . . South Orange, N. J . Atlanta, Ga. . Winston-Salem, N. C . . Griin, Ga. . Chattanooga, Tenn. . Seattle, Wash. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Capron, Va. . Wynne, Ark. Greenville, S. C. LEE N. STANLEY ...... Netherlands, West Indies BENJAMIN FRED STARR, JR. . . . . JAMES T. STARR, Phi Della Tbrta .... XVILLIAM T. STEPHENS, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . MANSON W. STEUART ....... NVILLIAM F. STEVENS, Della Tail Delta . Gu FRANK STEWART . . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. Brooksville, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. adalajara, Mexico . St. Louis, Mo. GEUREIH SCH00ll FURTV-IIIIIE JACK STEXVART . . . JAMES E. STILL, JR. . . . ROBERT E. STINE, Kappa Sigma . . Picayune, Miss. . Panama City, Fla. Gastonia, N. C. JAMES E, STOCKTON ...... - . Attnpulgus, Ga. EDVVARD C. ST. PETERY, Sigma Pbi Epsilon . Jacksonville, Fla. BUFORD B. STREET . . Wildwood,Gn. ALEX J. STRICKLAND ........ Atl:Inta,Ga. GERALD LEOPOLD STRUG, TMI- Epxiloil Pbi . Bogalusa, Ln. FRED E. STUART, JR ........ Baltimore, Md. BERTHOLD G. STUMBERG, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . Tallassee,Aln. HUGH DORSEYSULLIVJLN .A K LESLIE 1, SULLIVAN . . JOHN H. SUMMER ...... CHARLES O. QSUMMERS, Bela TEN.. ROBERT E. SWENSON,iBa1a Theta Pi . Marietta, Ga. . Honolulu, I-Iawaii '. ,Decatur, Ga. Pi . . Tlaomasron, Ga. . 'New4RqcI.e1Ie, N. Y, WILLIAM E. TACKAEERRY . . Atlanta,Ga. ALEXANDER GL' TAMPA . . . Atlanta,Ga. FREDDIE FLOYD TANNER . ALIWLGQ. PAUL TAYLOR .' . . .,HImLsvI11e,AIa, ROBERT W. TAYLOR . Tl1QHlI1SVillE,G3. WALTER U. TAYLOR, Lambzia Chi Alpha' . ITIinesville,G:I. DERWARD W. TERRY, Alpha Tau Omega -ii., 1 jiri-EESbUl'g,FlCl. ALAN EUGENE THOMAS, sig IIII I cm- ., if Atlantn,Ga. GEORGE NEEs'OgRf '.,, I-LOMAS, JR., KI1ppu5A'L1QLag. J, Mmm, Gi. KEITH :'ii Sigma chi' ii. K. In Dallas, Tex. ROBERT 5, . DecmIf,GQ. HARRY R. THOMPSONJRREI ....... sua01R,va. JEFF B. THOMPSON, JR., Phi Della Tbala . Jacksonville,Fla. VERNON C. THOMPSON ........ Trion,G:I. JOSEPH CHARLES TICHY, JR., Delta Tau Delia . Bogota, N. J. WILLIAM LEE TICKLE . . Dyersburg, Tenn. MABREY L. TIDMORE . . . . . Gadsden, Ala. HUGH M. TODD, JR., Sigma Cbi . . Dyersburg, Tenn. WILBUR TOMBERLIN ..... . Atlanta, Ga. CHESTOR CHASTEEN TOMLIN, JR. . . Athens, Ga. Dc-WITT F, TOMLINSON ...... Fort XVortl1, Texas JULIO BERNARDO TOPP, Tau Epsilon Phi . . I'l:Iv:InLI, Cuba JOE A. TORCASSI .... . . Cor:Ip0lis,Pa. I-IIRAM L. TRIBBLE, Pi Kappa Phi . . . . Macon,Ga. CONSTANTINE J. TRINGAS, Dalia Tim DL-lla . Pensacola,Fla, UF TEIIHIIULUGV THE ElHSS UF' JAMES D. TUBBS, Phi Della Theta . HAL B. TUCKER, Sigma Chi . . . JOHN H. TUCKER, Alpha Tau Omrga JOSEPH KEMP TUNKLE .... WILBUR CRANDELL TUPMAN, Sigma CHARLES ARMON TURNER . CLIFFORD H. TURNER, JR. . JAMES W. TYs1NGER . . LESTER ULM, JR. ,.... . WILLIAM CURRY UNDERWOOD, JR., 1 BOBBY O. USRY . . DIEGO FELIX VALDES . . DONALD EARLEY VOYLES, Plii Kappa ,Tau .A H. M. WADSWORTH, Phi Gamma Della . GEORGE EDWARD WAGENER .l JAMES BERTRAM WAGNON , HAROLD EDWARD WALDEN . EDWARD B. WALLIS . . . WILLIAM LEE WALTHALL . ERNEST P, WARD . . BERTRAM SAUL WARSHAW , . RUSSEL B. WATSON. JR., Alpha Tau JOHN D. WATT, JR., Brin Thfla Pi JAMES L. WRUGH ..,. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Ocilla, Ga. . . . Tampa, Fla. . . Birmingham, Ala. N11 . Wasl1ington,D. C. . Hapeville, Ga, . Atlanta, Ga. . Greensboro, N. C. . . St. Petersburg, Pla. Theta Chi . Decatur, Ga. ,V . Augusta, Ga. . . V .: Cienfuegos, Cuba . Lakeland, Fla. Miami Beach, Fla. . Lithonia, Ga. . Quicman, Gm. . Swainsboro, Ga, . Marietta, Ga. . Moreland, Ga. . SpringHElIIl, Mo. Miami Bench, Fla. Omegal , . Tyler, Texas l . '. . Danville, Va. . Wes: Palm Beach, Fla. THEODORE C. WEAVER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sr. Petersburg, Fla. GEORGE F. NVEBB, JR. .' . JACK D. WFEEKS ...... BENJAMIN WEINREB, Alpba Epsilon JULIO HERBERTO WEINSTOCK . MYRON VVEINTRAUB, Alpha Epxilon Pi ROBERT WEINTRAUB, Tau Epsilon Phi JAMES M. VVEISS, Tau Epxilan Phi JOHN H, WEITNAUER. JR., Alpha Tau JERRY E. WELDON ..... BURWELL VICTOR WHITE, JR, . . Lalie Charles, La. . . Junction City,K:m. ' Miami, Fla. Pl. . . . . Mexico Cicy,Mex. . . Brooklyn.N.Y. . . Flushing, N. Y. . . . Mr. Kisco, N. Y. Omega . Decatur, Ga. . . . Hartwell, Ga. . Ware Shoals, S. C4 HENRY I.. WHITEHEAD, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilun . Macon, Ga. WM. A. WHITESIDE, Kappa Alpha . Fnlmouth,Jamaic:, B. W. 1- BASIL WINTHROP WHITTIER . . . . Sr.Petersburg,Fla. ALFRED A. NVICKLIFFE, Phi Kappa Sigma . . SuyVillC,N-Y- ARCHIE M. WILKINS .... . . . Hattiesburg, MISS. GEUREIH SEHUU FURTII-IIIIIE E. E. WILLIAMS, rbi Kappa Taaa . . bl ,B EDGAR W. WILLIAMS ...... . FRANK B. WILLIAMS, JR., Pbi Dcllu Tbara , Y . JAMES FENNELL WILLIAMS ..... ' SIDNEY F. WILLIAMS, JR., Sigma Cbi . Pa Morrilton, Ark Grand Bay, Ala Wes: Point, Ga Lynchburg, Va rris Island, S. C. V 1 I ll THOMAS FLINT WILLIAMS, JR., Tbclrl Chi . XVaycrosS,Ga WESLEY E. WILLIAMS, Pbi Kappa Sigma . . . COnycrs,Ga WILLIAM GRISNVOLD WILLIAMS . . . EsrmIngham,Maah J JOHN THOMAS NVILLIAMSON, Alpha Tau Omega . Albany, Ga JAMES RICHARD WILLIFORD, III, Sigma cm . Tampa,E1a. iff r..'. 2 iz 17 a.-S1 52 THOMAS S. . Macon,Ga HARRY . 31322. Liam Rock,Ark JAMES D. chi . ",wlL Aclanmn,Ga WILLIAM Sigma Phi Ep3ilafaI.f.p,Ifa,yigIIa Beach, Fla, THOMAS chi PM "'- llafa Aclanra,GA. THOMAS WILSON . 1 lfAugusaa,GI VERNON Sigma caifiji, AaIam,Ga WILLIAM . . 1:2 AaIanfa,Ga ROBERT I. . X. xl.- 5 fjfMar1afaa,Ga, WILLIAM XVOLLIE WOLCOTT . i',f,AuguSfa,Ga WILLIAM D. WOLFE, JR .... Tampa,Fl.I. I WILLIAM 129313211 N. Y. I GEORGE JR., cm , DAVID . . Atlanta,Ga. l RICHARD H. . . Macon,Ga. I XVILLIAM H. WOODWARD, Pi Kappa Alpha . . AclanLa,Ga. ROBERT HARRISON WOODYARD . . . . AIlan:a,Ga. ROY NOBLE YANTIS, Sigma Chi . . AtIanv:a,Ga I I TERRELL H. YO!-I, JR., Pi Kappa Alpba . . College Park,Ga. l WILLIAM J. YOPP, JR., Sigma Nu . . . . Miami,Fla. N GEORGE M. YOUMANS, JR,, Phi Gamma Delia . Waycr0ss,Ga. I PHIL YOUNGELOOD ......... Hardin, Ky I JOHN MALCOLM ZIEGLER, Pbi Kappa Taa . CoIIegePark,Ga. ROBERT PAUL ZIMMERMAN . . Fordcown,Tenn. I GEORGE ZITOMER . . . . I1hIIaaIaIphia,Pa. l l .I ,nf TEEHIIUIU 15 UFFIEERS UF THE SUPHUIIIURE ELHSS POPE MANN GRIFFIN ESTES W. MANN . . , President JACK S. GRIFFIN . . . Vive President EXVELL G. POPE . . Secrefary-Treaszzrer X f- - - 'ix' it Q-vv U X , L22 i f ' Q gg-1-':' Ewell Pope, Estes Mann, Jack Grim'-Fin 152 GEURAEIH TEIIH TARLTON JULIAN ABBETT . . . . Clearwater,Fla. LESLIE V. ABBOTT, JR., Phi Della Theta . . Louisville, Ky. DURWARD CHAPMAN ADAMS . . . Jellico, Tenn. ALISON T. ADAMS .... . . . . Atlanta, Ga. RADFORD CARTER ADAMS, Theta, Chi . . Radford, Va. CHARLES LINDBERG AKIN .... . Ashburn, Ga. THOMAS ALLEN AKIN .... Joi-IN INZER ALFORD, JR. . . . CLARENCE K. ALLEN, Baia Thi-ia Pi GLENN E. ALLEN ...... GRANTIEDWARDS ALLEN, JR. . CHARLES F. ALMAND . . JAMES COLIN ANDERSON, Sigma Phi ROBERT HARALSON ANDERSON . UNICE STERLING ANDERSON . . WALDO G, ANDERSON . . . PIERRE V. ANDREAE .... FREDERICK EUGENE ANDREWS . . Ashburn, Ga, . . . Covington, Ga. . . East Orange, N. J. . . . Alton. Ill. . College Park, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga, Epsilon . Centralia, Ill. . . . Denver, Colo. . . Aberdeen, Md. . . . Register, Ga. . Chattanooga, Tenn. . . Americus, Ga. EDMUND M. APPERSON, Sigma Phi Epsilon . Greenville, S. C. STANLEY W. ARMISTEAD, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . Atlanta,Ga. CRAWFORD O. ASBELL ...... Clearwater, S. C. CARLOS EUGENE ASHLEY . . South Charleston, W. Va. JOHN HENRY ASKEW . . WILLIAM H. ATKINS . . . . Columbus,Ga. . High Point, N. C. HOSEA VANN ATKINSON, Phi Kappa Sigma , Thomasville, Ga. JULIAN JOSEPH ATTAWAY, Kappa Sigma . . Atlanta, Ga. JOHN GREEN AUSTIN ..... . . Carbon Hill, Ala. STARLING M. AUSTIN, Kappa Alpha . . . Newnan,Ga. THEODORE CHAPIN AUSTIN, Alpha Tan Omega . Atlanta, Ga. JAMES JOSEPH AVENIA . . . . RICHARD LOUIS AVERY .... . . . Winsted, Conn. . . Arlington, Va. EMORY DANIEL AYERS, Alpha Tan Omega . . Atlanta, Ga. JOHN RICHARDSON AYRES . . RAMON LARRY BABB .... MILTON LEWIS BACH, Alpha Epsilon PAUL H. BACON ...... DANIEL ERNEST BAKER . . RAY CLAYTON BAKER ,... VERNON THOMAS BALDWIN, JR. DAVID N. BALFOUR ..... ROBERT JAMES BALFOUR . . . . . Alexandria, La, . Lenoir City, Tenn. Pi . . , Atlanta,Ga. . . Irwinton, Ga. . Brooklyn, N. Y. . . Tampa, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga, . Decatur, Ga. . . Decatur, Ga. MARK C. BALKCOM, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Macon,Ga. JAMES CLAUDE BALLARD . JOHN JULIUS BARADELL . , ROBERT H. BARGE, JR .... HOMER C. BARNES, Alpha Tau Omega . LeROY WILLIAM BARNES . . . LAWRENCE McBRIDE BARNETT . PAUL G. BARNETT, JR., Kappa Sigma . . Asheville, N. C. . Meridian, Miss. . Carrollton, Ga. . Terrell, Texas . Picayune, Miss. . Bessemer, Ala. . . . Atlanta, Ga. JAMES WOLFII BARR, JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon . Tuckahoe, N. Y. HENRY THOMPSON BARRETT, Sigma Phi Epsilo1z.Augusta, Ga, FRANK IGNATIUS BARRY . . . FRED E. BARTLETT . . CECIL EVANS BAUGH . FRANK ANDERSON BAZEMORE . JOHN HARRISON BEACH . . RENFROE ROSS BEACH .... . . . Savannah, Ga. . . Albany, Ga. . Gastonia, N. C. . Byron, Ga. . , . Atlanta,Ga. . . . . Atlanta,Ga. WILLIAM DUNAWAY BEARD, Baia Thcla Pi . . Atlanta. Ga. PAUL KENNETH BEATENBOUGH . . , Danielsville,Ga. FORREST A. BEBB ..... . Wichita Falls, Texas SUPHUHIURES M if '51 , Q, l l Q f f S 1 I 54 'JH , f ,, MQ 1 x I A if E L. .:-afyxm , , IN 2 153 NW- , -, A: J! 3, H... V Z H ,W A , .sq Qi ' ' al " J, fi , I , .1 , ' 'ju ' . ,, I X " Zig? '1 .A fwleigll 'f fl .arf A-na l L. La ls. ' f-.A ZLL' 3' it 1 E J , xi , . ,J , J , 1 I-af ' J, - 3 I' 4 J Q' X L ' f Qs, -4 I Q X 1 X 1 THE ELHSS LEWIS H. BECK .... ROBERT LESTER BECKER . RICHARD T. BECK!-IAM . DON ROGER BECKLER . . ARTHUR F. BECKUM, JR. . . COLEN WINFRED BEDINGTON . GLENN B. BEEBE ...... EDWARD RAY BEEMAN . . . . - Griflqn, Ga. . Manitowoc, Wls. . . Molena, Ga. . Copperhill, Tcnn. . . Wrcns, Ga. . Baltersville, N. C. . . . Franklin,Pa. . . Traverse City,Mich. BOB O. BEISEL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon , , Jackson, Miss. HAROLD HARBIN BELL . . . . ORVILLE HAAG BELL . . RAYMOND W. BELLAMY . WILLIAM A. BENNETT, JR. . . . . Atlanta, Ga. . Tampa, Fla. . Marietta, Ga. . . . . Thomson, Ga. AUGUSTUS HARRISON BENNING, Sigma Chi . Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE FRANK BENSON, JR. . JOHN K. BERNER, Sigmu Nu . . . . Flowery Branch, Ga. . . Ventnor City, N. J. HARRY l9553lTI?,735RNlTlM5l?iP-Q' 7-7 G3- ALBERT HUGHESQ BEKRY,,,SiA?ipiQgf 2giJf1:a.11Eb3ffan.i Ga. GEORGE L.V'BERRYMAN": JOSE RALII:lyBERTRAN . . THOMAS FJ, BEZOUSKA . TISDALE WYAET BIBB JR. . ' . Stl Petersburg, Fla. . . Havana, Cuba . Chamblee, Ga. Havana, Cuba JOHN TKIQBWBIZE, Drllu Tazfljblla ,Q . Jaspcnca. LcROY ANDERSON BIZZELL . .' vERAN QLIVER BLACKBURN . RICHMOND .BLACKSTONE . HOMER YESEROIBLALOCK, JR. , HAROLD fGjfENN BLOCKER . . MAYNARD LEWIS EOBO, JR. . EARL L. BOCKSTRUCK . . JAMES E. noocs. Phi D.-in Tb.-14 MALEN DEY.ON,1?9QPlE - - - ALPHONSEVN. BO1ssY., JR. . . DONALD BERNARD BOLAND . ,. -. .. MlflmlBcacl1,Fla. ALEXANDER -P. BOLES4, Sigma Alpha' '- xv1LL1AMi L. BOLTONA ,... WILLJAMTHROGERS 'BOLTON . . 1 ff, Eatonton, Ga. . -Valdosta. Ga. 'East Point, Ga. Albany, Ga. Tampa, Fla. .9 Atlanta, Ga. 1. Alton, Ill. . .' 2 Atlanta, Ga. . Daytona Beach, Fla. A . . Q Macon. Ga. Epsiluh . Atlanta, Ga. . . , . Selmer, Tenn. . Grillin, Ga. WALTER 33. :BOONE . . . . . jg . Maron. Ga- STANLEY F. .BOOR . . . - . . .- , Willoughby, Ohio IGNACE G. BODDOUCIES, Pi Kappa . Greenville, S. C. THOMAS E, BOWDEN.,L..- DAVID E. BOWEN . DANIEL E. BOWERS. Sisvw N11 STEPHEN MALLORY BOWES . -. . . Augusta, Ga. . Homcrville, Ga. . Marietta.Ga. , Jacksonville,Fla. CALVIN FRED BOXVLIN . . . MARC BRABANT, Sigma Alphu ALLEN CRAVEN BRAD!-IAM DAVID GEORGE BRADSTOCK Epsilon . CORNELIUS WILSON BRAMLETT . ANDREW HORTON BRANCH FREDERICK O. BRANCH, Sigum Chi . VERLYN I-l. BRANHAM, JR. WINSTON H, BRATCHER . JOE BREINER .... ROY M. BREWER, JR., Pi Kappa Phi . FRANK JOSEPH BRIGNOLI . . Pell City, Ala. . Mcmplxis, Tenn. . Anderson, S. C. . . Donora. Pa. . Llndale, Ga, . . Cocoa, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Hot Springs. Arli- . Hollywood. Fla. , Atlanta, Ga. . Mineola. N. Y- . . Atlanta, Gl- BENJAMIN I-IOYT BRINKLEY, JR. . MALICA L. BRITTAIN, III, Sigma Alpha Epxilon . Atlant:x,GR. JOHN TOY BROCKMAN . . . . Spartanburg,S.C- GUY WARREN BROOKS . . St. Albans, W. V2- EEURGIH SEHIJUL UF FIFQTV JOHN LOUIS BROOKS, Alpha Tau Oulvgn . . . Atlanta, ROBERT EVANS BROOKS, Sigma Alpbu Epxilml . Atlanta, ROLAND E. BROOKS, Alpha Tan Omrgu . . Bradenton, JOHN ARTHUR BROSHEK ..... . Marietta, MORRIS H. BROUDY, Tzu: Epxilon Pbi . . Newberry,S ROBERT C. BROXVARD, Della Tun Dvllu . . . Tampa, TIMOTHY J. BROWDER, JR., Della Tun Drllrl . Miami, ALEXANDER YOUNG BROWN ..... Quitmnn, BRIAN SPERRY BROWN, Alplm Tau Omvgn . . Savannah, CECIL D. BROWN ,........ ROtan,T Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. . C. Fla. Fla. Ga. Ga. exas CHAS. H. BRONVN, JR., Signnl Alplm Ijpxilon . Birmingham, Ala. DOCK AVANT BROWN .... JAMES HAROLD .BROWN . JOSEPH EARL BROWN . ROBERT BROWN . . ROBERT EARL BROWN . TI-IOMAS N. BROWN JOHN L. BROWNLEE .. . . . Statcsboro. Ga. . Canton, Miss. JAMES Krrplha Sigma . I Jacksonville, HAROLD AWBRUMBALOXV . . . FORREST .BR-UMBELOW . . . ' WILLIAM G,gi'lBRQUNER,'JR., Kappa Sigma . , Cedarrown, RUDOLPH Allvbn Tau' Omvgq . Savannah, WILLIAM ,"T JR,,iBfg,,m Cb: . .1 ii R. " WILLIAM P',f"KRYANZ1', JR., livin Tbrla Pi . '. Nashville, T JAMES RAIi,'BUCI7IANAN . . . . RAYMOND QC. HBUCK, -JR. . JAMES M. BUIQILSJ-S., F . . JACK STEKLINGJBURDEN . GUY BURGER? . HENRY CEORGBfBu.RKE, JR., Alpha JAMES ELLIOTHKBQLIRKB .... WILLIAM MQGRAW .BIURNETT . EDWARD A..BURiQ. . . . PAUL HARPERITIQUTLER . . ROBERT HASSELER BUXTON . SAMUEL HAMMOND 'BIIXTON . ROBERT C. . . CLEVELAND iQ,CAIL,', VQJR. ,IOHN LEONARDi5i4QwINl,'llfrL' 1 JAMES DALTON CALIQXQIFEIQIEI BRAANTLY M. CALLAWAY, JR. RICHARD GARLAND CALLAWAY . ADOLFO JOSE CALVEZ ..., I. SEWELL CAMP, Phi Delta Tlarln . ORBIE M. CAMPBELL .... SHIRLEY STOVALL CAMPBELL . DARRELL W, CANADY . . . ROBINSON CAPEN, Pi Kappa Alpha . WILLIAM C. CARITHERS . . ROBERT J. CARLSON . . .IOSIAH MARK CARR .... CARROLL LINDON CARTER . . . . Monticello, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Brunswick, Ga. . Commerce, Ga. . Calhoun, Ga. A Ila. . . Gainesville, Ga. . - V. Carrollrun, Ga. Ga. Ga. . . . Atlanta, Ga. enn. . . Dickson, Tenn. . . Columbus, Ga. . . ' Portsmouth, Va, i . XVicl1ita Falls, Texas . . Isabella, Tenn. Tan, Ozlkfgn Tampa, Fla. . . , . Alllmta, Ga. . Milan,Tenn. . Goulds, Fla. V. Ambrose, Ga. .gf Byromvillc, Ga. 3. Byromvillc, Ga. I Shellman, Ga. ., Savannah, Ga. .' . Atlanta, Ga. , Birmingham, . . Atlanta, Ala. Ga. . . Elbcrton,Ga. . Las Villas, Cuba . Augusta, Ga. . . Arab, Ala. . Villa Rica, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. Groton Long Point, Conn. . . . . MarietI:a,Ga, . Coulee Dam, Wash. . . Milledgeville, Ga. . . . BaxIey,Ga. JOHN LEROY CARTER, Phi Della Tbvlu . . Atlanta ROBERT CHURCHILL CARTER . , WALTON THOMAS CARTER, JR., Ku JOHN NV. CASTEEN, JR., Tbulrr Cbi BILLY R. CATHERWOOD . . . FRANCIS ROY CASUBY . . VERNON RUBELL CAWLEY . . . . Thomaston ppa Alpbn . Vienna. . . . .Arianna . . Savannah .Atlanta . Augusta , Ga. G-I. , Ga. .Ga. I S UF TEEHIIULUEII Ga. Ga. Ga. THE CLHSS PORTER HARRISON CAWTHON . ROBERT BROUGHTON CAYCE, JR. EDDIE GILBERT CHANDLER, JR. . JOHN CHAPPLE CHANDLER, Pbi Della Theta . JOHN B. CHAPMAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . ROBERT HAMILTON CHAPMAN .... JAMES GARVIN CI-IASTAIN, Kappa Alpha , ROBERT MEADONVS CHASTAIN, Tlarla Chi FRANK E. CHAVEL ..,.. ROBERT A. CHEEK . . . WILLIAM E. CHEELEY . . . IRVING LUETELLUS Cl-IENEY . PAUL RAY CHENEY , . . DEAN HAROLD CHILDRESS . DONALD C. CHILDS . . . HENRY C. CHOATE . . . PAUL A. CHUBB, Theta Chi . WALTER COOPER CLARK . . WALTER EVE CLARK, JR. . WHAITE MORRIS CLARK . . . LEE MASSEY CLARILSON, cm Phi . GEORGE JOSEPH CLEARY, JR. . JESSE MARVIN CLEVELAND, JR. . JOHN ROBERT CLIETT . . . PHILIP B. CLOUD .... WILLIAM HENRY CLYEURN . . JAMES CHARLES COPE, Alpha Tau O WALLIS GRAY CORE. JR .... WALTER JENKINS COEE . RAY E. COEEMAN, Cm Pm . HARRY A. COLE, JR.. Pi Kappa AI FRANK S. COLEMAN .... LAWRENCE R. COLEMAN . . . LEWIS BYCK COLLAT .... CHARLES E. COLLETTA, Pi Kappa Pl: ROBERT W. COLLIER, JR. . . . VANN I-I. COLLIER, Ibm cm . EDWARD LEE COLLINS . . . ERVIN COLTON . . . JERRY C. COMATI ..... MALCOLM SAMUEL CONE, JR., Cbi ELI POWELL CONNER . JAMES E. CONNER . . CHARLES MILTON COOK . JOHN ROBERT COOK . LOUIS HILLMAN COOK PHILIP H. COOK, Pi Rapp CLAUDE L. COOPER .... aPbi . DEAN ALAN COOPER . FRANK HENRY COOPER, JR., Alpha WILLIAM LEWIS COOPER. Tbvla Clni . JONES E. COPELAND . . . WELDON D. COPELAND . . . JAMES H. CORBETT, Kappa Sigma A JOSEPH JAMES CORDOVA, Kappa JOHN T. CORRIDAN . . . MORRIS ROBERTSON CORY . WILLIAM STRICKLAND COSPER GEORGE TERENCE COSTELLO . CLINARD I-IARTWELL COWAN . . Atlanta, Ga, . Savannah, Ga, . Atlanta, Ga, . Millen, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Macon, Ga. . . Le1and,Miss. . . Rome, Ga, . . . Augusta,Ga. . Atlanta,Ga. . Chamblee, Ga. . Carrollton, Ga. . Reiclsville, Ga . . Dickens, S. C . St. Petersburg, Fla . . Hickman, Ky . . Elizabeth, N. J , St. Sirpon Island, Ga, . Augusta, Ga . Albany, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Savannah, Ga . Grantville, Ga . Bainbridge, Ga . Bainbridge, Ga . . . Camden, S. C mega . . Leesburg, Fla . . . Sratesboro, Ga . Lafayette, Ga . Edinburg, Va pba . . Atlanta, Ga . . . Savannah, Ga . . . Atlanta, Ga . . . . Savannah, Ga Y . Atlanta, Ga i . Lawrence, L. I., N. . . . Rome, Ga . Newport News, Va . . . Omaha, Neb . . . Savannah, Ga. Plwi . . Memphis, Tenn . . . Marietta, Ga . , Atlanta, Ga , Savannah, Ga . . Decatur, Ala . Jacksonville, Fla . . Atlanta, Ga . Hogansville, Ga . . New Rochelle, N. Y Tau Omega . Decatur, Ga. . Panama City, Fla. . Spindale, N. C. . Alpharetta, Ga. . . Ruston, I-1- Ipba . . . M:Icon.G.I. . . . Dayton, Ohiw . Birmingham, M2- . . . . Miami, Fla- Hamilton, Ontario, Canada . . . . Laconia,Tenn- EEURGIH SEHUUL UF FIFTV EUGENE FLOYD COX, Alpha Tau Omega . . Bradenton, JOHN ELMER COX, JR. .... . . . Trenton,N.J. JOSEPH ATTAWAY COX, Phi Kappa Sigma . , Atlanta, RICHARDSON ANDERSON COX . . . HOWARD WOOD CRAIG, Phi Kappa Tau 'XWILLIAM H. CRAIG ...... JOE PAUL CRANE ,.... WILLIANI BECKWITH CRANE . . CHARLIE LEE CRANVFORD, JR. . . . JOSEPH SAMUEL CREEL, Phi Kappa Tau JOHN THOMAS CREIGHTON . . . RAPP WALLACE CROOK, III, Sigma Chi EDGAR BELL CROWSON . . . WILLIAM CI-IENAULT CRUTCHER . LARKIN FRANCIS CULBRETH . . . JOHN HUNT CUNNINGHAM . . . Fla. Ga .V . Memphis,Tenn. . . . Atlanta, Ga . . Florencc,Ala . Ozaw, Ark . . Dixie, Ga . Anniston, Ala . Arlanra, Ga . . . Mullins, S, C . Augusta, . Richmond, . Edison, . . Tucker, FRED HAROLD cIgRLIjN,gPLi,,DeE1a Tbela . . . Tampa, . Yazoo City, Miss a CHARLES E. OURRY. 'JR .'.' 1, ., . Hnnninnbnng,Mis5 JOHN JOSEEHIOURTIS, JR. . . Mempl1is,Tcnn. JAMES .JJAGUS .... I' . Greer, s. C. EMIL J. 5Ijz1QIzBO,?TifLi Dclta Theta , . Dcland,I:la. VERNOINf13f'lilf FDKNQIEL . . . Roanokc,Va HANEY . . . AL1nnLn,en JAMES ,DANIELS . . 1fnnnfi5s,Iwis5 wILLIAMf,D.f,DQANIELsON, chi Phi .fag . Atlanta,Ga TED DAN5EIf,5,Sfg+nn Alpha Epsilnn J. , Pine Bluff, Ark GORDON"kfELIJAH,-DASHER . . . . Savannah, HARRISON W.,'.fjjAVIDSON . ' . . Atlanta, . JOSEPHIVBURK-EJDAVIDSON . . . Warrington,Fla. BILLY HQNIERMDAVIS . . . .Q south Pittsburgl-n,Pa, HENRY Q ,DAVIQ ' ..... . wayside, cn. JOHN EMMEUSDAVIS, Rnppn Alplsizl .I . . ALl1ens,G:x. TALMADGEEMQNROE DAVIS . -, A. I. fnnnnswick, RALPH SGROOOSIDAVISON, Della sigma. PEI .Q Springiield, Iu. RALPH QLEWISTDAX .... , . . Lnfnymsca. ROBERTQJQRUOEDEADIVYLER . f ' ' . Anlannn, LARRY ORZQLGPDE-AN, cm Phi . V . . Atlanta, sPuRGEoNfgL1l',3.15j3gA1gi.,,fpnlin Tai: Diflfaglf . Annnfnn, Ala. EDDIE JAcICn'Q1iELZ5Q5Ef,gsggy54'flqlnf' I . Dennfnn,sa. ROBERT 7. . Columbia,S. C JOHN VARNEDOE DtgMiIi7IfS:Ll'li55'?i." . . Savannah, HARRY WARE DEMILLE, III, sigma cm . . Atlanta, WILLIAM EDMUND DEMPSTER . JAMES WILLIAM DENNY . . . PAUL DIAMOND, Alpha Epsilon Pi . . EDDIE J, DICKERT, JR., Kappa Sigma RALPH HOYT DICKSON ..... WILLIAM HENRY DILLARD . . . Atlanta, . Augusta, . Atlanta, . . Atlanta, . Chamblee. . Columbus, LOGAN BLECKLEY DIXON, JR. ..... Savannah, HERBERT I. DOBSON ...... FRANCIS T. DOOLEY, JR., Sigma Alpha E ANTOINE ROBERT DOSTAL . . . . . . Sr. Louis, WILLIAM C, DOUCHER, Sigma Clai . JOHN MCGILL DOUGLAS, JR. . EDWARD T. DRISCOLL . JAMES K. DRURY ...... ROBERT EMMETT DUCEY, Sigma Nu . NOLAN LEWIS DUDLEY ..... THOMAS E. DUDNEY, Bela Theta Pi . WILLIAM T. DUGARD, Phi Della Tin-la Ga Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga Ga . . Rockmart,Ga psilon . Savannah,Ga Mo . Decatur, Ga . Merion, Pa . Roslindalc, Mass . Augusta, Ga . Savannah, Ga . Columbus, Ga. . . Kingsport, Tenn . . Memphis, Tenn. UF TEEHFIULUGV was ,,, , IZIQEQJL :ou E - 'N iii 58 THE ELHSS FRANCIS B. DUKES ..... GEORGE BAYLY DUNBAR, Chi Phi . BENJAMIN .EARL DUNCAN . . . WILLIAM GUY DUNN, Sigma Chi . . . TIMOTHY H. DURRETT, Phi Della Tbrla . WILLIAM EUGENE DYKES .. .. . . WILLIAM HENRY DYKES ...... ALBERT SIDNEY EBERHART, JR., Chi Phi . BERT EDLESON, Phi Epsilon Pi .... ROLFE E. EDMONDSON, JR., Phi Kappa Tau . HERBERT JEROME EISENBERG .... WILLIAM T. EISON .... . . Decatur, Ga, . Aclama, Ga, . LaGrange, Ga, . Orlando, Fla. Anniston, Ala, . Savannah, Ga. Charleston, S, C. . Atlanta, Ga. Columbus, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga, Brooklyn, NA Y, . Union, S. C, CHARLES HENRY ETTEL, JR ...... Savannal1,Ga LUTHER W. ELLENWOOD, Dalia Sigma Phi . . Savannah,Ga. JAMES D. ELLINGTON, JR., Phi Della Thrla . IlC'ashington,Ga, WILLIAM F. ELLIOTT, JR., Kappa Sigma . . . Atlanu,Ga, THOMAS. W. ELLIS,n,fy'22," .' ,YL-YQ .L ,5fl,PQfEE?burg,Fla. JASON wf1LLIAMVELRODQg ' ' l'Dalron,Ga. HOWARD :FLOYD .Sfgma Nu . A . Savannah, Ga, DOUGLASEMBRY, Kappa Sigma . . Atlanra,Ga, ROBERT STEPHEN EMMONS . . . . Hazard,Ky, JOHN HERBERT ENGLISH, gigm chi . Lakeland, H.. WILLIAM B. ERE, sigma Alpha Epsfzvnr. . Aflanuc.. DAN WARREN ESTES . ,. , . . Columbus,Ga. MANUEL ESTRADA . . . . Havana,Cuba CARL RAYMOND EUBANK . . . Lexington,Va. HENRY SPEER EZZARD, JR. . . . . Rome,Ga. NEWMAN EIDSON EACKLER, JR. . '. cmmca. MELVIN L. FAHRMEIER ..... A . cQrdef,MU. ROBERT G. FANNON, Pi Kappa Alfiho . . Decalur,Ga. MEREDTTH E. FARR ...,... Ashevi1le,N.c. Enw'1N BARRY EELDMAN . . . - .... Atl:mra,Ga. PAUL MCDANIEI.. FELKER, JR., Alpha Tau Omega . Monroe, Ga. DON MCHUGH FERGUSON. Phi Drlla Tlrela .. SI'1erwood,Tenn. JAMES E. FERGUSON . , . . ..... Minmi.Fln. ELLIS T. FERNANDEZ, JR. . J Soutl'1Jacksonville,Fla. CHARLES WHEELER FELFHE . . I-IiClcman,Ky. XIVILLIAM G. ' FEW - .... . Gunnison, Miss, ALLEN B. FINE, Beta-Thffa Pi . ' L V . Norfolk, Va. JOHN MICHAEL FISHER, JR ..... Tl'1omasvllle,Ga. JOHN DANIEL FITE, Sigma Alpha Eprglou . Milledgeville.Ga. FRANK L, FITTS, JR. L ..... . Ar1anu,G... . Allunt.1.Gzl. CHARLES O. FIYEASH. JR., . . DELBERT DERWOOD FLANAGAN . BRUCE VERNON FLEMING . . CECIL V. FLENNIKEN ....... JOHN M. FLOURNOY, JR. . . . . . MARVIN HUGH FLOYD, Lumlnla Chi Alpha . EDO CASPER FOLKERTS . . . RALPH W. FORTUNE, JR. ..... . EDXVARD R. FORXVARD, Alpha Tau Omrga . HARVEY H. FOSTER ....... JOHN HAROLD FOSTER . . . GORDON BENJAMIN FONVLER . DOUGLAS L. FOWILKES, Phi- Dalia mal . RICHARD JAMES Eox, rm Epmau Pi . . JESSE S. FRAME ......... DONALD ALEXANDER FRASER, Sigma Chi . SAM WALKER FREEMAN, AlJ5b.1'Tfm Omega LEONARD SONNEL FRIEDEN, Phi Epsilon Pi . Newton, Ill. . . Gable, S. C. Georgetown, S- C- . Columbus, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla, Milledgevillc, Ga. Lawrenceville, G2- Birmingham, All . , Allnnta. G44 . . Arlanzn,Ga. . Decatur, GA. . . Arlanca, Ga. . Philadelphia, PH- Gassaway, W. V2- . Savannah, Gn- . . Newnan, Gn- Norfolk, Va. EEURGIH SEHUUL UF FIFTV HAROLD LEE FRIEDMAN . . . WILLIAM SINCLAIR FRIERSON . . EVERETT E. FRIZZELL, Sigma .Nu . . ROBERT G. FRYE ..... . HOMER DONALD FULLER . EMMETT SMALL FULLINGTON . PAUL C. GAERTNER, cm Pbi .... ARTHUR GAINES .... . . . . RUSSELL E. GAMBILL, JR., Sign... Alpm Epizl N . Brunswick, Ga. Warner Robins , Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. . . Miami, Fla. . Ironton, . Macon Ohio , Ga. . , Atlanta,Ga. . Brooklyn, N. Y. on . Savnnnnh,G:x. E LOUIS F. GARCIA .......... Tampa,Fl:x. :J RAYMOND GOULD GARCIA, Bvlu Tbefu Pi . JacksonviIle,Fla. 2 ROBERT R. GARDNER ....... KeyWeSt,Fla. f I THOMAS RODNEY GARDNER . .. .. . . joplin,Mo. l RODNEY GARNER ........ PineBluE, Ark. l FRANK U. GARRARD, III, Phi D1'.'lu Tbvla . . Columbus, Ga. il. DUANE . Chnttxnougn, Tenn. KENNETH Lirrle Rock, Ark. ' SIDNEY ,',' Baron Rougc.I.a. A .ISI THOMAS - . I ?,41LnGrange,Ga. GLENN . .'.' Chicago, Ill. JACR . Jg Mmmcu. . . 312-ggfghgldefsbufg,Ala. YOUNG Rupp.. A1pBJ,..i,j. ',1-13,150.1 Vi11age,Va. . ROBERT ..... '- Ar1Eim,G1. CHARLES .... A.i' Rjfliomnsville, Gi. J ROBERT Dr lu Tun Q. QGilbcr:own, Aln. JESSE JR, . . I,',i .5 ",' L . '.V, Hblnlyi SpHAgs,Mis5. Q JAMES JR. , Auguswca. I JOHN . .' sm-nmh,Gi. 2 JOHN L. . , f . Aclanra,Ga. RALPH JR. . . . .JL f'Memphis,TE..n. JOSEPH S1g,...fvrfgj11f'. ,vb,. 4 . Adam, Ga. GLISSON ,,,L fJRQf2,ff'f.,',columbus,Gq. WILLIAM ,QL2IQRGEgISg2ff5OLDBERGIiR Peigh Amboy, N. J. JOHN . . . Wa'shington, D, c. ADRIAN Tau Epsifdiifirjrlgbfi Augu5gg,Gg, .4 W..-.,,f. , . J .,.V W R., A .L 1. fam m f' Q L, -,'f.h,5fA2 .. 15 ., g fpnejgr 92 .A f- fm-qgfyda ,E T., L FLOYD . . In by M X kV,V J . Biloxi, Miss. WILLIAM . 4 Richmond, va- ! ROBERT H. . Aclan:a,Ga. HAROLD W. . . Marion, N. C. EDDIE BLAKE . . MansEeld,Ga. l CURTIS C. GOODSON .... . . Miami,Flu. FREDERICK A. GORDON, Brin Tb1'Ia.Pi . . Jacksonville, Fla. WILLIAM D. GORDON, Lumbcla Cbi Alpha . . Newnan,Ga. I EDWIN STEPHEN GOTHARD ..... Pen5aCOIa,Fl:A. X RICHARD ABBOTT GOULD, JR., Sigulu Chi . Brunswick,Gn. l RANDOLPH GOULDING, Chi PDI . . . . Atlantn,Gax. J! STEWART MERRELL GRAHAM . . . LouiSville,Ky. l l l ROBERT LEE GRANT . . . . . St0CkbriClge,Ga. ' GEORGE WILLIAM GRAY ...... Vero BeaCh,Fl:A. JAMES WILLIAM GRAY, Alpbu Tun Onwgu . Lake Alfi-ed,FIa. EUGENE W. GREEN .,... . . HaWkinSville,G:i. ' JOHN ROBERT GREEN . . . . Rolling Fcrk,Ga. JOSEPH CLEVELAND GREEN, -IR. . . Atlanta,G:l. l SAMUEL G GREEN. JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Alexandria, Va. I ROBERT B. GREENBAUM, Tun Epsilon Pbi . . . Atlanta, Ga. ' WILLIAM HERBERT GREENE, Sigma Nu . . Kingsport, Tenn. J JACK URBAN GREENLEES .... ' HERMAN H. GREGG, JR. ., . CLIFFORD FOSTER GRIFFIN . . Brownsboro, Ala. . M:Ancl1ester,jG:: . Atlanta, Ga, 5,35 AZ' I in I f " . . , .:f- E' 'TIE-1 I 3151 ' f 3 -gf qu E . 1- "lf, A ' 17 . i na- A' Af' . C Q T A I if I P .MV 4' " , 1 . A S. M G' ff" : 5 1' '- X .Ia ' J ' Q- I 1 UF TEEHHULUEV "AHL 15 9 . ff"" r W' 7 ix' 2 715 S. ,U , 5 J Ji ,ffftlx A gifxfil, - at "1 ,aig- ff T ' "1" I : PR ' gy B . 791 ii. . Montgomery, Ala. THE ELHSS JACK SANDERS GRIFFIN, Pbi Della Tbeia . . Atlanta,Ga. RANDOLPH PAGE GRIFFIN, sigm Alpha Epxilon . Atlanta, Ga. JOSEPH CHARLES GRIFFITH ..,. CHARLES WARREN GRIGGS, Sigma Chi . JOHN T. GRIGGS ..... . HAROLD HART GRISWOLD . EDGAR HEMBREE GROSS . . RALPH THOMPSON GROSS . . BERYL GRUBAUGH, Sigma Nu . . . CUYLER MCMILLAN GUNN, Sigma Chi . FRED GUNTER, JR. ...... . HARRY A. HACKWORTH, Pbi Kappa Tun . HAROLD E, HAGA . . . FRANK WEBSTER HAINES .... WILLIAM FREDERICK HAITE .... JOEL THOMAS HALEY, Alpina Tau Omega . McAlester, Okla. . . Norfolk, Va. . Unaclilla, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Tracy City, Tenn. Avondale Estates, Ga. . Van Wert, Ohio . . Tampa, Fla. . Knoxville, Tenn. . Kimball, W. i Huntington . . . Albany, . . Atlanta D GEORGE GARNER HALLMAN, Dem, Taffy JOHN L. HALLMAN, JR., Emtrbezp Pi, . ' THOMAS J. HALLMAN, Pbi sigma kdppkz ROGER TRVING HALLOCK .... MELVIN C. HALSTEAD . . . HERSCHEL H. HAMLIN . . .. DOUGLAS FARIVUM HAMMOND . WILLIAM LEE HAMMOND . . . HERMAN D, HANCOCK, JR., sigma Nu FREDERICK F. HAND ...,.. CARLOS A. HANDAL . . DALHART M. HANDROP . COLMAN HANDZELEK . KENNETH E. HANFT . CHARLES H. HANEY . JOHN E. HANSARD .... WALLACE ASBURY HANSON, JR. . JAMES BURETT HARALSON . HARMON BERRY HARDEGREE . PRICE PRESTON HARDING . THOMAS B. HARDISON . . . CHARLES S. HARDIVIAN . . . WILLIE THURMAN HARGRAVES EDWIN SAVOY HARRIS . . . HARRY CLARK HARRIS . . . JOHN ROSCOE HARRIS, JR., Kappa Sigma GEORGE T, HARRISON . . . PETER S. HARROXVER, Sigma Chi . NVILLIAM AUGUSTINE HASSETT . JOEL F. HATCHER .... JOSEPH DONALD HAULBROOK HOWARD C. HAVRON . . . GEO. B. I"IAW'THORNE. JR, Sigma ARTHUR O. HAYES, JR. . CHARLIE BOB HAYNIE . . XVOODROXV MILTON HAZEL . JULIAN E. HEAD .... ELMER KENNETH HEDRICK . GEORGE THOMAS HEERY .... ERNEST F. HEFLIN, JR., Alpha T JOHN C. HEMBY, JR. . . . DAVID G. HENDERSON, JR. an Omega JACK C. HENDERSON . . .... GEORGE XV. HENDR'IX, Della Sigma PM Alpha Epxi V ella rg' ,Ablinta Jadkfidiiizille, S . . Bessemer, . Baltimore, Norfolk . Marietta I Newnan , . , Decatur, . Atlanta . . Griin, Va. Ga. Ind. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ala. Md. Va. Ga. Ga. Ga. , Ga Ga. . Honduras, C. A . Pensacola , Fla . Elizabeth, N. J . Carlstadt, N. J . . Metter, Ga. , Nashville, Tenn . . Byron, Ga . West Point, Ga . . Vienna, Ga , Atlanta, Ga Springfield, Tenn . Columbus, Ga . Kingsland, Ga . . Albany, Ga . . Pelham, Ga . Belle Glade, Fla . Sandersville, Ga . . Atlanta, Ga . Staunton, Va . Grilfin, Ga . . Mnysville, Ga . Birmingham, Ala lan . Sylvester. Ga . . Atlanta, Ga Stone Mountain s Ga Marked Tree, Ark . . Oxford, Ala. . Souderton, Pa. . . Athens, Ga. Pennsboro, NV. Va. . . Atlanta, Ga. Guntersville, Ala. . Brunswick, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. GEUREIH SEHUUL DAVID KEITH I-IENLEY ...... CH-ARLES LORENZO HENRY, Sigma clal . EDMUND T. HENRY, JR., Kappa Alpha . ROBERT P, HENRY ...... zACI-I A. HENRY . . WILLIAM G. HEROLD . HENRY LLOYD HILL, JR., Kappa Alpha . WILLIAM WATSON HILL, JR. . . . . Harriman, Tenn . . Atlanta Ga . Rosedale, Miss . Columbus . Stockbridge . . Atlanta . College Park G . Baltimore,M ROBERT DYER HILLEY, Alpha Tau Omega . . Decatur WILLIAM E. HINES, Kappa Alplaa . . . PERRY T. HICKS, JR ..... JOHN G. HILES, Phi Delta Tlaala . GLENN SAMUEL HINSHAW . . WILLIAM HORACE HINSON . CLAUDE D. HIOTT . . . BRUCE DOBINION I-IOBBS . . ALLEN D. HODG,E',g'i7au Epiilaaifihi f. . . MILLARD W. I-IODL-IE . . '. . L. LANGFORDTHODGES, JR. . . ROBERT E. QHODQSON, Claa Plai . JAMES E. RIQIEIJADAY, ..... . CHARLES IaI1VHOLLINCSWORTH . . . . Deal-ierd,'l'enn . Alpharetta . Atlanta G . Lenoir City, Tenn. . Marietta . . Charleston, S. C. . . Dudley, Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. Morristown, Tenn. . Augusta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Centre, Ala. . . Atlanta, Ga. WM, W. HOILLINGSWORTH, Sigma Phi Epailaa . Berkeley, Calif. CHARLES EDWARD ,HOLMAN .... VELL D. HOLT .a . Q ..... MILTON HOLTZMAN, Tau Epfllaa Pbi . BILLY GENEQHQQTEN, Phi Kappa Sigma . . Sylacauga, Ala. . 'BruCeton, Tenn. . Brooklyn, N. Y. . El Dorado, Ark. JAMES LANEMI-IO'O'I?EN, Sigma Alplaa Epallaa . . Atlanta, On. THOMAS PIERSQN YHOPSON .... JULIAN R. fHoss .I . . . . . Tulsa,Oltla. . Atlanta Ga. WALTER L. ..... . Douglasville,Ga. BILLY CREGCYWIHOWE, Sigma Cha . - . Columbi:x,S.C. DON NELMS'-QHOWELL, .... . College Paala, JOHN C. HOWLNCTON, Claa ppl .... Hapeville . WILLIAM BKENNER 1HOYT, Phi Kappa Tap . . Atlanta, CARL lyf' EIDSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Macon, DAN TERREISIQIQI-J5g4HS,, ,Befa Tbela Pi . ., Gainesville . HORACE ,al,, JR., . . BesSemer,Aa. REUBEN C. . . Aawamn, ERNEST C. HULSEYQ7 IJRa.,51-igippaaaflkeilll i,.a arliala . . Griin, KENNETH S, HUNT, Phi D1lla"Tljalfa . . . Gtiain, VIRGIL DAVIS HUNT, Bela Theta Pi . JAMES MARION HUNTER ..... LEE OWEN HUNTER, Ldmbdu Chi Alpha . HOLLIS C. HURST ...... ROY I. HUSSEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . RAYMOND F, HUST ....... . . Savannah, . Ruston, . van qv . Abbeville, Ga. . . Trenton, . Ochlochnee, . Meridian, Miss CARL JACKSON I-IUTCHINS, Alpha Tall Omega . Sparta, Ga PATRICK HYNDS HUTCHINSON, JR. . GLENN JUNIOR HYGH, Beta Theta Pi . JAMES A INGMAN, JR ..... THOMAS NETTLES IVEY . . ALFRED SAMPSON JACKSON . CARL AUSTIN JACKSON . . JOHN DAVID JACKSON, Pi Kappa Alplaa THOMAS A. JACKSON ...... STANLEY T. JARUBOWSKI .... ALBERT C, JAMES ....... THOMAS WISTAR JAY, Phi Delia Tbala . STERLING PERRY JENKINS, JR. . . . . . Atlanta, Ga . Springfield, Mo . . Atlanta, Ga . Asheville, N. C . Stockbridge, Ga . . Atlanta, Ga . . Sanford, Fla . Roswell, Ga . . Utica, N. Y . Nashville, Tenn . Shellman, Ga . Columbus, Ga. V iv.:--:NI fax' ' A 1 Q-.-'Eff I A Z! f . .41 -'K 41. I- ,Q l XSS- '.-as THE ELHSS JOHN ALLEN JERNIGAN . . . FRANCIS MILTON JESSUP ..... ROBERT H, JEXVELL, JR., Phi Dvlfa Tbvlzl BEN HEATH JOHNSON ...... HUGH H. JOHNSON, Lamlula Cbi Alpina . JAMES EUGENEMJOHNSON, Phi Kappa Sigma JOHN E. JOHNSON, Dvfla Tau Della . KELLY ANDREW JOHNSON ..,. ROLSTON JOHNSON, Sigma Alpba Epsilon . RUPU5 SLAYDEN JOHNSON .... WILLIAM A. JOHNSON ...... WILLIAM NELSON JOHNSON, Sigma Cbi , ROBERT M. JOHNSTON, Plni Gamma Drllu OSCAR LLOYD JOLLAY ...... MAX BRANDON JOLLEY , SAM KELLONV JOLLY . . WALTER H. JOLLY, JR. ..... , CECIL M. JONES, II, Sigma Pbi Epsilon . GRADY JONES, JR., Alpha Tun Omrga . KENYON S. JONES, JR., Sigma Cbi . . ROBERT H. JONES, Sigma Cbi . . THOMAS R. JONES. III . WILLIAM ALLEN JONES . WILLIAM S. JONES . . GEORGE WALKER JORDAN, III . RALPH P. JORDAN .,... THOMAS Is. JORDAN, JR. .... . . Greensboro, . . Eastman, . Chickamauga, . . Corbin, . . Orlando, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ky. Fla. . Canton, Miss. . West Chester. Pa. . . Moultrie, Gu. . . Macon, Ga. . Clarksville, T . . Atlanta, cnn. Ga. . Nashville, Tenn. Valley Mills, Tex. . Newberry. S. C, . Chester, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. .i Atlanta, Ga. . Gainesville, Ga. . Kendall, Fla. . Miami, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. . Lafayette. Ga. . Rome, Ga . Bremen, Ga . Hawkinsville, Ga . . Albany. Ga . Jackson,Tenn XVILLIAM D. JORDAN. JR., Phi Kappa Sigma . Birmingham, Ala WILLIAM R. JORDAN. JR., Sigma chi . . HUGH MALCOLM JUDD. JR., sigma Cm . BILLY D. KAN .... RICHARD M. KEARSE . XVILLIAIVI HALL KELLER . . . CLAUD MARVIN KELLETT, JR. . . ROBERT DOLAN KELLEY, JR. . . . ANDREXV M. KELLY, Sigma Alpha Epsilau DAVID O'LEARY KELLY, Sigma Alpina Epsilon . Savannah . . Atlanta,Ga Chattanooga, Tenn. . Atlanta, Ga . Ehthardt, S. C . Greenville. Ga . Tupelo, Miss . Atlanta, Ga . . Savannah. Ga Ga SAMUEL FRANKLIN KELLY, Kappa Alpba . . Jefferson, EARL LENNOX KENDRICK, JR. . . . . B ARI-IAM FOSTER KENNEDY, II . DOUGLAS OWEN KENNEDY . . ROBERT JACKSON KENNEDY . JACK N. KENNEY . . . . GATES BRUCE KIDD . . . ROY LAMAR KILGORE ...... DON L. KILGORE ....... BENJAMIN FRANKLIN KING, III, Bda Tlvrl BERNARD J. KING, JR. ..... . PERCY GLENN KING . . . . SEXVELL CARLOS KINGREY . . ELMER RUDOLPH KIRBY . LAMOR FLEMMING KIRBY . . CARL KIRKLEY, JR. ...... . Ga . Griliin, Ga. . . Union, S. C. . Birmingham, Ala. . Brundidge, Ala. . . Athens, Ga. Johnson City. Tenn. . Villa Rica, Ga. . College Park. Ga, a Pi . Mobile, Ala. . . Atlant:I,Ga. Stone Mountain, Ga. Huntington. W. Va. . . Marietta, Daytona Beach. . . Augusta, GEO. L. KIRKPATRICK, JR., fllpba Tau Omvga . Dalton, LOUIS A. KLEIN, Pbi Epsifvll Pi . . RUDOLPH JOSEPH KLEIN ..... ROBERT LEXVIS KLEINMAN. Plli lfpxilull Pi DON J, KNAPP ..... . . JEFF PERRY KNIGHT . JIM HUGH KOEN . . Augusta, . Decatur, . . Atlanta. . Atlanta. . Dublin, . Atlanta. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. EEURGIH SCHIJUL UF FIFTV ALAN CHARLES KOLB ...... HAROLD WRIGHT KRAFT, Sigma Chi . FRANK CHARLES KRETCHMAN . HEINZ WILLIAM KRUSE .... JEROME EDW'ARD LA BAW .... Shaker Heights, Ohio . . Savannah, Ga. . Glendale, N. Y, . Roselle, N. J. , . Miami, Fla. DONALD C. LACY, JR., Sigma Alpha lfpxifuu . Atlanta, Ga. JOHN LANDON ...... GEORGE MOSELEY LANE .,.. JAMES LEWIS LANG, Phi Drlfa Thi-la . WITT IRION LANGSTAFF, Chi Phi . SIDNEY P. LANIER ..... EUGENE LASHLEY, JR. . . Atlanta, Gi. . Marietta, Ga. . . Augusta, Ga. . Nashville, Tenn. . Savannah, Ga. . . Perry, Ga. JOI-IN KENT LAWRENCE, JR., Alphr T ii Omvga . Monroe, Ga. JOHN WALTER LAY, JR., Sigma Chi .... Atlanta,Ga. WILLIAM G. LAYTON ..... . Thomasville,Ga. HAROLD D, LEE . Marietta,Ga. THOMAS s. LEELER2 JK .A..': fi . Atlanta, cn. LAWRENCE IRSEING ,LEESIEAD , .i . . Arlanta,Ga. GEORGE NE'LjSONfLESTER, Aan.. na Omega q,Atlanta GI. RUSSELL HAZENfLEfS7I'.ER, JR . . , . MYRON BERTIQAMQLEZVITT, Alpha ispiim PHILLIP LEVY, JR. . . . . XVILLIAM .LIGONA .... . RUSSELL Ep LINENKOKL, Kappa Sigma JOHN A. IQHSIES ., 1 ...... Q J . ,. Rome, Cx. 'Pi 3, ,fgw Miami, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. .. .. IVienna, Ga. 3 Atlanta, Ga. , I .I Atlanta,Ga. JAMES DONALD LITTLEJOHN . . . ,Winsmg.:sa1em,N.c. MARTIN COPE LIVINGSTON, JR., chi. Phi . Atlanta,Ga. JAMES AUBRsEY'gLOCKE ..... BILLY JACK ,LONG . . . . HOMER JEAN, LONOLEY . . VICTOR O. fLOiiEz',., ...., JOsEPH R, ROWE. ...... . ROY E. LOWRANQE, JR.. Pi Kappa Phi . WILLIAM JOSEPH LUCKETT, Kappa Alpha JOSEPH LUONGO ,.... A. . ROBERT NIAXIEJIQUPC, sigma cm . I DALE BARNETTTLUQRTON . JOSEPH ALBER,Ti.',LU1'I-QS, . ,, WAYMAN HORACE'ILY'11.LE ,, 5, A ROGERS M. MacM'ILLA'N, Mi 155112 Tm.. JAMES THOMAS MADRY, Baia Thala Pi . . Geoigetown, S. C. Johixshn City, Tenn. . . Dalton, Ga. Saneti Spiritus, Cuba . .. ,Dayton, Ohio .' Macon, Ga. . Q Canton, Miss. . Brooklyn, N. Y. " x, Atlanta, Ga. .I Louisville, Ky. . Atlanta, Ga. . Norfolk, Va. . . Macon, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. NVILLIAM JAMES MAHON, Sfgnm Phi Epsifali . Cleveland, Ohio JOHN A. MALONE . . ROBERT F. MALONEY . PHILIP NIALONSON CARI. M, MALOY, Alpha Tan Oiuvga . ANDREW MANGIONE ...,. . Allen, Md. . Atlanta. Ga. . Woburn, Mass. . . Decatur, Ga. . Stanford, Conn. WILLIAM JUDSON MANLY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Dalton,G.1. ESTES XV. MANN, JR., Sigma Alpha Ep.Ii'ml , Mempl-iis,Tenn. ESTON S, MANSFIELD ...... JAMES R. MARABLE, JR. . . ANTHONY C, MARCHEGIANO .. . . THAYER B. MARSH, Sigma Phi Epxilou . . . Atlanta, Ga. . Columbia, S. C. . Phoenixville, Pa, . . Jonesboro, Ark. ARTHUR I-I. MARTHENS, JR , Kappa Alpha . . Atlanta,Ga. GWYNN TED MARTIN . . JAMES DAY MARTIN ...... . . Atlanta,Ga. . Gainesville,Ga. JAMES HAGOOD MARTIN, Phi Kappa Tan . Jacksonville, Fla. OLIVER E. MARTIN, JR., Sigma Chi .... Atlanta, Ga. OLIN RICHARDSON MARTIN, Alpha Tau Onrvgil . Deland, Fla, RICHARD SEARLES MARTIN . . . . . Jacksonville, Fla. UF TEEHHUIUGV ff' I 'M 'Wm , X., 55 Ai I. .2 fw. - mi 1 5,52 x .1 ff- -., . , ,Aw Af? E ,aa WM I THE CLHSS VERNER HOWARD MARTIN . ROBERT W. MATHIS . . . XVILLIAM' LAYNE MATHIS . . . GERALD HOLMES MATTHEWS . . JAMES A. MATTHEWS, Alpha Tau Omega ROBERT SHOW MATTHEWS . . . . R WM. E. MATTHEWS, IV, Phi Delta Theta . EDWIN P. MAXIM ...... . . GROVER C. MAXWELL, JR,, Phi Delta Theta GEORGE D, MAY, Kappa Alpha . . . GEORGE G. MAYFIELD, Chi Phi . . MANVILLE J. MAYFIELD, Sigma Chi . JOHN A. MCARTI-IUR ..... DAVID PINCKNEY McBRAYER, III . Della . HENRY F. MCCAMISI-I, Delta Tan FRANCIS HAMPTON MCCLELLAN . . JAMES R. ALVIN McCOKKLE, chi. Phi . STEWART W. 'MQCQRMICK . . STANLEY PARMSHTMCCRANIE . WILLIAM P. MCCUEN, Sigma Alph ARTHUR HENRY Mecnum . ELTON MARTINWMCDANIEL . a Eprilojgl A. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. New York, N. Y. ocky Mount, N. C. . Brooklyn, N. Y. Birmingham, Ala. . Beacon, N. Y. . Augusta, Ga. Quincy, Fla. Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. High Springs, Fla. . . Houma, La. . Greenwood, S. C. . J- Nlqecatur, Ga. '. ' Ga. Charleston,,W. Va. Chattanooga, Tenn. . . Douglas, Ga. . Savannah, Ga. ',: , Decatur, Ga. . . HAlbany, Ga. . Maryville, Mo. ROBERT L. MCDOUGAL '. JOHN MCD. MCELRATH, JR., Sigma Alpha Ep D. H, MCFARLAND, Kappa Sigma . . . :i.'07i . Macon,Ga. . Kingsville, Texas CHARLES HOMER MCGILL, Phi Kappa Sigma . Tallapoosa, Ga, STEPHEN R. MCILVAINE, Alpha Tau Omega . . Tampa, Fla. LITTLETON KIRK McKAY, Kappa Sigma . . . Lakeland, Fla. CLARENCE E. McKEE, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . . S:mford,Fla. CHARLES B. MCKINNEY . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. RALPH HAYES MQKINNEY . . . Gadsden, Ala. XVILLIAM ERSKINE MCKOWN, JR. . . Lafayette, Ga, LUTHER MARVIN MCLEOD . . . . . Albany, Ga. RAY AUSTIN McMICHAEL .... . Covington, Ga. CHARLES M. MCQUAID, Phi Delia Theta . . Jacksonville, Fla. DONALD DRESSLER MEASE .... . Hershey, Pa. DUKE COLE MEREDITH, JR., Sigma Chi . . Atlanta, Ga. LAWRENCE M. MEM. . . . '. . . . . Aflmaca. WAITER A. MERRITT, 'Phi Kappa Tau . . Phenix City, Ala. JOSEPH W. MEYER .A ........ Atlanta, Ga. JOHNNIE E. MICKLER, Phi Kappa Sigma . Jeifersonville, Ga. WILLIAM WINN MILLAR, Alpha Tau Omvga . . Atlanta, Ga. RICHARD DEAN MILLER ..... Chattanooga, Tenn. SAMUEL C. MINNIS, Baia Theta Pi . , South Pittsburg, Tenn. JAMES T. MINTON, Delta Tau Dalia .... Miami,Fla. GEORGE H. MITCHELL ....... Valpariso,Fla, JOHN FRANCIS MITCHELL, JR., Thriu Chi . W'aycross,G:x. GEORGE E. MOCK, JR, ........ Albany,G:l. ROBERT EMMETT MONAHAN, JR. .... Americus,Ga. EDGAR B. MONTAGUE, JR., Phi Delia Thrla , Atlanta, Ga. JAMES LESLIE MOODY ........ Pierce, Fla. DONALD STEPHEN MOORE . . . . Atlanta, Ga. FORREST LEON MOORE . . . Xvilmington, N. C. JAMES N. MOORE, III, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Savannah, RODNEY ENGLERTI-I MOORE .... WESLEY U. MORAN, Phi Delia Tha-la . JOE C. MORELLI ........ CHARLES P. MORETON, Kappa Alpha . . FRANK W. MORGAN, JR .... Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Columbus, Ga, . . Marietta, Ga. Brookhaven, Miss. . Waycross, Ga. EEURGIH SEHUUI. UF FIF NORMAN LESTER MORGAN . ROBET E. MORGAN . . . TV . Atlant:I,Ga . Atlanta,G1 WILTON C. MORGAN ........ Lavonia,Ga FREDERICK M. MORRISON, Phi Dalia Thrlrl . Palm Beach, Fla. HAROLD MORRISON, JR. . . . . WILLIAM HAMILTON MORROW, JR. . JOHN MOSCHAK ....... AUSTUS LEOD MOSLEY, JR., Brin Theta FORREST B. MOSELY ,...,. EDWARD MUECKE, JR. . . DAVID L. MULLINS ..... HAMILTON BAILEY MUNDY, JR. . EVAN MAT!-IIS MURPHY . GILBERT PHILIP MURPHY . . JAMES HARGIS MURPHY ..... . Stockbridge, Chattanooga, Tenn. Hagerstown, Md. Binghamton, N. Y. Pi . . Lyons.Gn, . Macon,'Ga, . Atlanta, Ga. . Harlem, Ga. . . Tifton, Ga. Long Island, N. Y. . Clearwater, Fla. Ga. LLOYD FRANCIS . . venaEe,EI... AUGUSTUS W, . Albany-,Ga. ,JOHN ALLEN ,C01.Imb.Is. O... JOHN W. ,Qf.?IIeIEn,Oa. BERRY H. ?fAiei'nore, Ala. VICTOR A. .... Q.-.j?.?I.tlanta,Ga. WILLIAM COLVARDZPNEWBERRY . f,.:,M.t0A,GA. JOHN T. NEWT,ON,,'T'hEtn cm . Janson, GI. JACK WINSTONI 'NQLAN . . . MjsoI55Iig.vIIIe,Ela, JOSEPH P. NORTH- ...,. f.4.i'1Ql:1anta,Ga. THOMAS GLENN. NORTH, Thi-in Cm .. I fig fM.c.m,G.I. GUY H. NORTHCUTT. JR., Alpha Ta1I'Oiii1t'Jgriz , MEJIIMLGA. ZACK SAMUEL QNORVILLE ...., .Q . ,W.IgggIAwIlIe,Ga. JOHN EDGAR,,OAII.LEY,Q Phi Kipp.. sI,g1.Iqw,. . 'PlQQ3fSlJUrg, va. VINCENT FRANCIS OEERHOEER . 17 fLf,'.IgfISI3.nd,N.I'. MICAJAH LAMAR OGLESBY, cm Phi . RUSSEL ERSKINE OLLAND ..... WILLIAM LANIER OLLILFF, Alpha Tan Om ALFRED W. OLIVER .... HUGHLON W.i.ONf5A,I5'A . 'I JOHN W. QfNE'AL JOHN H. Tw.. . .Q SAMUEL HASKELLILORK, Iff, Ei Kapp..,,A1pi5gi, RONNIE R, .4 DONALD E. JOSEPH A. OXFORD . 'ff" WILLIAM BLACKSHEAR PACE . WELDON KEITH PALMOUR .... . Atlanta,Ga. . . YA'tlanta,Ga. eggx' Stafesboro, Ga. , .- Eist'Point, Ga. .A 'iAtlanta, Ga. Hogansville, Ga. f .1iAtlanta, Ga. fg., Savannah, Ga. . Bremen, Ga. . Decatur, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. Hawkinsville, Ga. . Gainesville, Ga. BEN GORDON PARNELI., JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon , Augusta, Ga. EMORY CONRAD PARRISH ..... JAMES BAKER PATRICK .... TOM FOARD PATTILLO, Pi Kappu Phi . ELBERT EARL PATTON, II, Sigma Chi . FLOYD CECIL PEACOCK . . . . HARRY ALAN PEARSON, JR. . . . . THOMAS DEWEY PEARSON, JR., Chi Phi LUCILO ANDRES PENA ..... CHARLES A. PENN .... MARCUS JOEL PENNINGTON . PERCY A. PERKINS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT DEAN PERRY, Chi Phi . . . LAWRENCE PETERFREUND . . GERALD LAMAR PETERS . . JOHN W. PERERSON, JR. . . , CLAUDE A. PETTY, JR., sigma Cm . . .Adel,Ga. . Man5field,Ga. . Deland, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Macon, Ga. . Detroit, Mich. . Savannah, Ga. . Havana, Cuba . . Atlanta, Ga. Forrest Park, Ga. . Memphis, Tenn. . . Atlanta,Ga. . New York, N. Y. . Brooksville, Pla. . Roswell, N. M. . Atlanta, Ga. I z UF TEEHHULUGV IIE ELIISS CHARLES EDGAR PHILLIPS, JR. . JOSEPH M. PHILLIPS, JR. ELLIS ROYAL PIERSON . . JAMES C. PINKSTON . VIRGIL A. PINNELL . JOSHUA F. PIRKLE . WALTER H. PLATT , JAMES AVERY POLK . EWELL GRADY POPE, Phi Delta Tlzmla . MANLEY E. PORTER ...... BEN MADISON POWELL, JR., Sigma Cbi . . Indianapolis, . . Stuart, . Memphis, T . Nashville, T . . Atlanta . I-Ioschton . Miami, . Marietta . . Atlanta Ind. Fla. enn. enn. , Ga. , Ga. Fla. , Ga. , Ga. . Springfield, S. C. . Chickamauga , Ga. FRED P. POWELL ....... I . . Miami, Fla, HARRY HOLMES POWELL, Phi Gammiz Daft! . Marietta, Ga. JOSEPH H. POWELL, Pbi Gamma Delia . . . I'eIham,Ga. ROBERT M. POWELL ..... . . Waycross, Ga. WILLIAM J. POWELL, Sigma N71 .... JacksOnviIIe,I:Ia. CARL MCIQLNEEY' aff", 5fg.1'I:"j:,'rj:1j' f:j'fGr5i5n, Ga. JOSEPH FQ ,PItESCfOTT'3 Lamiiaaflzcbiaazalaaf .,..iL,"'ifiga.faek1ya, Ga. JOE O. I'RIQEfV.' f. '. . FRANCIS ALLEISI Piutsrnx . . CHARLES CLIFFORD PRITCHARD . . JOHN MARTIN, PMVETTE, Pfwxappa Alpha, JOSEPH WORTHEN PROOTOR . '. A THOMAS A. PRU1Titx. .' . HENRY STEPHAN PSOMAS . . EDWIN RANDAL PURCELL .... CHAS. DIQUARLES, JR., Sigma Chi .' . Lenoir, N. C. . Macon, . . Atlanta Ga. , Ga. . Matthews, N. C. if . Atlanta, Ga. . VaIpariso,FIa. .1 'Navi York, N. Y. . 'Ball Ground, Ga. 'Stand' Mountain, Ga. GEORGE N. QUEEN, JR. ........ Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM LEE QUEEN, Alpha Tau Omega . . Jacksonville, Fla. I.. WALTON RABUN, JR., Alpha Tau Omega . . Stapleton, Ga. JOSEPH VINCENT RACHMACIEJ . . Warren,hIass. JULIUS HENRY RAINWATER . . . Atlanta, Ga. ERNEST IEALPH' RAMSEY . . . Cocoa, Fla. JACK HARRISON RAMSEY . . . DeCatur,Ga. XVILLIAM SCOTT RANKIN .... . Savannah.G:i. CHARLES LOGAN RAY, Kappa Sigma , AtIanta,G.1, HENRY WILSON RAY, Pbi Kappa Sigma , . . AtIanta,Ga. ROBERT E. L. RAY ..-..... Dunbar, W. Va. THOMAS BROADFIELD RAY, Kappa Alpba . . axf1aafa,Ga. SIDNEY RAYNES .......... Augusta, Ga. JAMES KENNEDY READ, Sigma Nu . . Clearwatei-,FI.1. BENJAMIN F. REAMES . .' . . i . . Columbus, Ga. RICHARD HAMILTON RECTOR . . AtIanta,Ga. CHARLES EDWIN REED, Chi Phi . . Cocoa,Ela. CHARLES PHILIP REED .... . AtIanta,Ga. JOHN EDWARD REED, III . . . Mobile, Ala. THURSTON FRANCIS REESE . . Duluth, Ga. ANDREW N. REGAS . . . - fl-fllnflh G1- EAIMETT HUGH REID . . Ztbulon-GL JOHN M. RENEROE . . . .... . Meridian,Miss. ROBERT NV. RENSHAW, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Marietta. Ga. HAROLD M. REYNOLDS. Pi Kappa A GEORGE A. RICE ..... ROBERT H. RICE, Kappa Alpha . DONALD O'DELL RICKETTS . MALCOLM W. RIDDICK . . . GORDON STUART RIDDOCH . XAVIER ALBERTO RIVERA . . BLANDING D. ROBERTS . . . GEORGE A. ROBERTS, Kappa Sigma lpba , Chatranooga.T enn. . . Savannah, Ga. . Elberton. Ga. . Birmingham, Ala, , Memphis, Tenn. West Palm Beach, Fla. . Mexico, D. F. Mexico . Atlanta, Ga. . Macon, 27 Ga. GEURGIII SEHUUI UF FIFTV HUBERT HILL ROBERTS . . . . Grcenvillc,N.C. MARTIN II. ROBERTS, JR ....... Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT E. ROBERTS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Atl:Inta,Gn. THOMAS W. ROBERTS, JR. ,.... . Doerun,Ga. NVILLIAM FITZGERALD ROBERTSON, JR. . . S2WannnlI,G:I. THOMAS PAUL ROBINSON, JR. . . . Ghemr,s.G. VICTOR RUSSELL ROBINSON, JR. . . Columbus,Ga. VERNON G. ROCKHOLD .... SAMUEL MILTON ROLLINSON, Slgrllrl JAMES A. ROSSO, Phi Kappa Tau . . DON LOUIS ROST ..... . EDWIN XWESLEY RUMRILL, JR. . HUGH RUPPERSBURG, Phi Kappa Tau . ROBERT WOOD RUSSELL. Kappa Alpha N I1 . Dunbar, W. Va . . Savannah, Ga . McAIestcr, Okla . Pulaski , Tenn . Melrose, Mass . College Park. G.I . Sardis, Miss STERLING MEDOLAN RUSSELL . . . Dunbar,W va. THOMAS ALTON RUSSELL hw. . . . Atlanta,Ga. WILLIAM HERBERT RUSSEL.L,.SS7imai.5xi1. . wldom, G.. THOMAS NOEL SAIiF.OLDf'i. .V,f gf, ,. Madison,Ga. HARVEY SAGER, Alpha lepnlan Pi . . . Bkighwn, Mm SEYMOUR Tan Epsilon Phi :J Q. Bvrqdlflyn. N. Y, CHARLES Alpha Tan Orizagaxi .V I if Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE R. SANI5ERgnSfgI,m cm . . , Atlanta, G.. WILLIAM RIQIEQARD' ,f'V SANDERS . ' ' . 1.3"AfHm,Ga. JAMES N. . . ',Henderson, N. C. WILLIAM H.fh!SlflUNLDEKS, III, Brla Thrlq' IHA.. 'NEw.OfIms, La. W. EDGAR QSQKIUNDERSON . . . vBIgzgm1d,Gn. W. R. SCHARFSOHWAIKIDT, Phi Dru.. 7?heAlu f. Flirt Pierce, EH. WM. H. SGHEOENEACH, sigma Alpha Ep.gI3p . ,..I Miami, III.. HARRY G. SOi5fLOSsER,M31gW cm . .Dmwr,G.. GEORGE F. III, Sigma Nui Q, I .3 Ngyv Orleans, La. HENRY W. ,ESCHOE-SING, JR., cm PF? .. ',,... 1'AII0,3asva1lc,R,'. WILLIAM H..ISCfHROEDER, JR., Kappa Sigma 'Mmm Ga. EDWIN LEEf-SCOTT, Sigma Nu . . 1 IIXE Memphis, Tenn. JOSEPH MANSONgsGOfrT, Sigma Nu .g:'Qw31.',MZ,.,phR,TEnn. RALPH B. . I ...... . . . ,Atlanta,Ga. LOCKWOOD,fIQ.,,SEEGAR, Din.. TH Dflfifg, ff 1, f ,V Jiglflsbnvillc, 'A .- ,EE Fla. ALAN SELLEISSQ,3SlQ2jriQlfl'hi lipsifwl . . ffffflli Tenn. NELSON SEXVERLNQPLAUS, JR., Dilf.1,Tf.ff.,.'bgzg j1QQLIfh0na.,G.. EUGENE PRESTEORQTASEXTQN4 A Norfolk, va. DONALD AUSTIN-K 1255.-f':Q. 2 , ig . Atlanta, G.. JAMES HERVEY 'S"' '. . A:lanta,Ga. JULIUS CLARENCE SHAW, SigniiiwAlpha Epxilon . Dnlton,Gn. L. MILES SHEFFER, Pi Kappa A'pha .... Atl'Iens,Ga. J. A. SHEFFIELD, JR., Phi Della Thdu . W'est l'almBcaCl1, Flu. JAMES L. SHELTON ..... . . XVauchula,Fln. DAN P. SHEPHERD, Chi Phi . . Atl:Int:I,Ga. JAMES THOMAS SHEPHERD . . AfHm,G.-. WILLIAM HENRY SHEPHERD . . A.lam,G.. JAMES W. SHERRILI., Sigma Alpha Epxilafz . . Macon,Ga, EDWARD ALLEN ST-IIVER ....... AtIanra,Ga. ,IOHN H. SHOLINE, JR.. signin N11 . LEWIS RAIFORD SHORTT .... PAUL HAYNES SHOUN ..... . . Denver, Colo. K. . Waycross,Ga Mountain City, Tenn ERNEST STEPHEN SILCOX, JR, Sigma N11 . . Tampa,Fla STEELE REYNOLDS SIMCOX, Kuppa Alpha . Jacksonvillc,Fla IELAND NVALKER SIMMONS . . . HAROLD W. SIMS ....... SAM SUMNER SINGER, A'1hI Tau Omcga EARLE SIMPSON SINGLETARY . . . JOHN E. SINGLEY .... . . Kelso. Tenn . Wilmington, Calif . . Lumpkin, Ga . Thomasville, Ga . Vero Beach, Fla UF TECHIIULUGV THE ELHSS ALBERT CHEVES SKELLIE ,... ALLEN HINSON SMITH, Sigma Phi Epsilon . CLAIBORNE PENDLETON SMITI-I . . CORRY L. SMITH, JR. . . EARL EVAN SMITH ...,.. HAROLD EDWIN SMITH, Sigma Nu . HARRY RAYMOND SMITH . HERBERT CALHOUN SMITH . HERBERT OLIVER SMITH . JAMES ERNEST SMITH . JOHN HOLDER SMITH . . JOSEPH EARL SMITH, III , . PAUL ROYCE SMITH . TRAVIS E. SMITH, JR. . WALTER A. SMITH . . . WILLIAM EXLEY SMITH . . ALFRED DWIGHT SMYTHE, Chi Psi . GEORGE WILLIAM SNYDER . . THOMAS J. SOBOL ..... J . JAS. H. SORRELLS, JR. .... . JAMES WAYNE SOUTHARD, cm Phi . JAMES K. SPARKMAN, Alpha Tau Omega . JOHN HOWARD SPERRY .... ' THOMAS NORMAN SPINK . LEE NAGEL SPITLER . . ROBERT ARNOLD SPITZER .,.. HARRY HARVEY SPYKE, Bala Thcla Pi . EUGENE D, STAFFORD . .h . . . . ASHFORD W., STALNAKER, III . . CHARLES FRANK STANFORD . THOMAS E. STANLEY, III .... MARK KENNETH STATON, JR. . . . JOHN HUGH STEMPEL, Della Sigma Phi . CHARLES HILTON STEPHENS, JR. . . ALVIN JAY STERN, Tau Epsilon Phi . . JOHN HAYDEN STEVENS, Sigma Chi . . CHALMERS V. STEWART .,... CLIFFORD RUDOLPH STEWART, Chi Phi . CLINTON L. STEWART . . HOWARD GILBERT STEWART JAMES ANDREW STEXVART, Chi Phi . RICHARD BRUCE STEWART VIRGIL ARTHUR STOCK . RICHARD HENRY STOCKMAN . ROLAN RIVERS STOKER . . ROBERT EUGENE STONE . MARION R. STOREY . . . JOHN CALEB STOXVERS, Sigma Phi Epsilon . D. L. STRANGE-BOSTON. Dvlla Tan Della . HARVEY GENE STRONG ..... SYLVESTER Ii. STROUD, Bela Theta Pi . MARVIN H, STUART, Phi Epsilon Pi . HERBERT TUCKER STUCKEY, B1-ia The-In Pi NELSON A. STUMPE, JR. .... . ERNEST T. STURGIS, Kappa Sigma . . NORMAN STURM, Alpha Epsilon Pi . WRAY G. SUCCOP ........ HAL ALVIN SUMMERS ...... ALBERT J. SXVANN, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Macon, ED MARION SWANSON, Phi D1-lla Thrla . . Perry, Ga. . Bethesda, Md, . Savannah, Ga. . Savannah, Ga. . Plains, Ga. . Decatur, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta,Ga. . Charlotte, N. C. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Tennille, Ga. San Antonio, Texas . Winder, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. Covington, Tenn. . Homerville, Ga, . Honolulu, T. H. Gfeenmood, S. C. , Ansonia, Conn. . Jacksonville, Fla. . . Decatur, Ga. . . Tampa, Fla. . . Albany, Ga. Montgomery, Ala. Z . Atlanta, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla. Fla. . Maryville, Tenn. Ft. Lauderdale, . . Atlanta,Ga. . Clarksdale, Miss. . LaGrange, Ga. . Durant, Okla, -. Dallas, Texas . East Point, Ga. . Brooklyn, N. Y. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . Atlanta. Ga. . Columbus, Ga. . Claxton, Ga. . Decatur, Ga, . Atlanta, Ga. . Decatur, Ga. . Belleville, Ill, . . Atlanta,Ga. . Charlotte, N. C. . . Miami, Fla. Graniteville, S. C. . Natchez, Miss. . Shreveport. La. . Nemphis,Tenn. . . Chafee, Mo. . Philadelphia, Pa. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Sanford, Fla. Montgomery, Ala. Park Ridge, N. J. . . Miami, Fla. Birmingham, Ala. Ga. . Atlanta,Ga. EEURGIH SEHIIUL UF FIFTV fm Alpha JOHN M. SWIHART, Sigma Nu .... THOMAS EDWARD SWILLEY . THOMAS C. TABOR . . . PHIL EDGERTON TALLEY . ROBERT vAsCO SWEAT . . CLARENCE ATLEE SWEETS, Kap LUTHER LEE TANNER, JR. . JOSEPH EDWIN TATUM, JR. CHARLES HAROLD TAYLOR, T bfla Cbi . We . . Pzllntka, . Chattanooga, T Fla. enn. . Findlay, Ohio . El Dorado, Ark. . . Ellijay . Macon . Atlanta . . Atlanta, . Vfaycross I I I I Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga, Ga. GEORGE BROWN TAYLOR ,... Damnaalla SpringS,Fla. JAMES H. TAYLOR . . . N. Little Rock, Ark. NOAH M. TAYLOR . , . . Decatur, Ga. RUMSEY BARNES TAYLOR, JR., Cai rm . . Princeton,Ky. SANFORD A. TAYLOR, JR. ..... Birmingham, Ala. WILLIAM ALsTON TENNENT . . . . . Aalannn,Ga. GEORGE TRAYLOR THIEs,ERL,1.i-Gpgzqgg . . Atlanta, Ga, GEORGE O. THIGREISIQ . Waycross,Ga. LEON EARL . Lnlaaland,Gn. ,g,,,, 57 A' 1. FRED A. Eff ..... rlq' Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT JR., Kappa Macon, Ga. EARL . .i Vllx 5I5-ibiaAafQ:,jPfilnnnlasann. Ga. MAUD LIQEf'fI?HQIi1SI1QROUGH, JR., l5?jA,QDlumbus,Miss. . . . 'VAV EQZjColumbus,Ga. LLOYD JR., ALlnntn,Gn. v',, , 3 MARK . Q ,,,, I Qijintgameay, Ala. THEODOREifQgA,',TINDEL . . a,,al.yQl2ligi2Igan5baan,Tenn. HARRY . ,1'a.,.'j'Af?,jfiiiQ. Macon,Ga. GILES JR. . .ff Ijg.fOnaEtan0aCnaa,Eln. WILLIAM?ffTg'fI'6YfL2ES, Pm Dana Tha'fi?!a,Q5' Reach, Fla. REX LeRQH2?!fI3DWNsEND . . . gi-Ig'ggafgf?"fM3lasanvIlla,Pla. IJJ... 1 '2 A fl'I ' 'F 5f2:'l I Aff fffwff Phi Savannah, Ga. WILLIAIIQQIQQQQTREADWAY, JR., Atlanta, Ga. 'ITKEVINO . . L. lllaxiaa ARCH Alpha Tam Tenn. LESLIE l5a?Q1QLAjQ'QROTTER . . . Okla. JUNIOR TRUNK ., Calif. BURNEY JR, . Tann. THOMAS . Moultrie, Ga. HARRY L. . . Canlwn,Ga. WILLIAM EARL . . GriEn,Ga. JOHN FRANKLIN TUTT, Pbi Della Theta . . Macon, Ga. BERNARD ULMAN, Phi Epxilon Pi . . . . Atlnnta,Ga. DONALD WINSTON USHER, Delta Tau Della . . At1anta,Ga. JACK VANDERBLEEK, Della Tau Delta . . . Leesburg,F1a. LEROY WESLEY VANOVER ...... Owensboro, Ky. RICHARD D. VAUGHAN, Alpha Tau Omega . . Miami,Fla. JAMES EDWARD VEVERA, Alpha Tau Omega . . Orlando, Fla. DANIEL ASHLEY VINCENT, Alpha Tau Omvgu . WILLIAM GEORGE VOLLRATH .... WILLIAM SIDNEY WALDRON CURTIS WALKER, JR., Kappa HOWARD THOMAS WALKER JOHN WILLIAM WALKER . Alpha . WILLIAM BURTON WALL . R. HAROLD WALLING . . JOSEPH R. WALSH, JR. . . JESSE DcL. XVALTON, JR., Brin SIMPSONfB. WALTON, JR. . GEORGE THOMAS WARD . Tbrfa Pi . Tampa, Fla. . . Atlanta, Ga, . Smyrna, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Suffolk, Va. . Gainesville, Ga. . Savannah, Ga. . Brunswick, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Albany, Ga. . Dothan, Ala. UF TEEHIIULUGV zigr ,, - ,L - - . I J lx , r H . . V L w . -' 'F I-A -dt I F? gm' ..- ,, f' fl - :ix'.1-1-' I-IOMER RALPH JOSEPH EMERY ERNEST JOSEPH CURTIS ROSCOE HENRY l THE THE ELHSS RAYMOND C. WARD ..... . Canton, N. C. WILLIAM C. NVARLICK, Pi Kappa Alplm . . Stnrcsvillc, N. C. XVILLIAM PARKER WARREN, Sigma Nu . . . Forsyrh,Ga. ELMER NATHANIEL WATKINS, JR. WATKINS, JR. . . . . ' JAMES c. WATKINS, Phi K-pp.. sign.. JAMES GREEN WATKINS . . . PIERCE WATKINS, JR, , . DAVID L. WATTERS, Brin Tbrhl Pi . . . Miami,I-ila. . . . Cedartown, Ga. Port Washington, N. Y. . . Meridian, Miss. . Avondale Estates, Ga. . . . . Atlnnta,Ga. THOMAS XVATTERS, Plvi Drfln Tbl-III . . Rome,Ga. ELMER WEBB ..... LEE HAMPTON WEBB, Kappa Alpba HERBERT D. XVELCH . . . ROBERT K. WELCH, Chi Phi . ELMER JAY WELLS, JR. . THOMAS TIMOTHY WELLS . AUSTIN W. WEST, JR. . . PATRICK WEST, JR. . ROY LEON WEST .... CANDLER E. WESTBROOK . PAUL A. WESTFIELD ..... VVILLIAM B. WHALLEY, Sigma Aljvlm lfI.ZlE R. WHEELER .,... PAUL D. WHEELER . JAISEZ C. WI-IETSTONE . . . NEAL WI-IIGHAM . . N. WHITE, Tbwla cm . I. WHITE . . . . GERARD NWILLIAM WICKLIN . KENNETH W, WIDENER . THEODORE W. WIEDEMAN, Cb! Plvi FRONTIS B. WIGGINS, JR., Alpha Tru JAMES G. WILCOX ..... WINDSOR DORN XVILDER . LEE WILKERSON . DON BRUCE WILKINS . GRANT XVILKINS. Alfnlw Tun Oulvga WILLIAM H. NVILKINSON, Pi ' ADOLPLI LAAIAR WILLIAMS . . . CARL SAIVIPY XVILLIAMS . . DW'IGI'IT AVILLIAIVIS ..... . . Birmingharn, Ala. . . . Cordcle,Ga. . . . Eric, Pa. . . . Atlanta, Ga. . W. Palm Be:xcI1,Fla. . . . Macon, Ga. . Birmingham, Ala. . Chattanooga, Tenn . Atlanta, Ga. . Tucker, Ga. , . . Jackson. Miss. Epsilon . Savannrlln Ga. . . . . Atlanta. Ga. . Kingsport, Tenn. . . Atlanta, Ga . . . Empire. Ga . Holly Springs, Miss . . Lenoir, N. C . Baltimore, Md . Augusta, Ga . . . . Atlanta. Ga Omfgu . . Albany, Ga . . . Fitzgerald, Ga . Jackson. Tenn . Gulfport, Miss . AIlnnm. GJ . . . Atlanta, Ga iwpfm Alpha . . Jamaica, N. Y . . . Florence, S. C . Georgetown. S. C . . . . Atlanta. Ga GEORGE N. WILLIAMS, Plri In.-fm Tlwlu . xv. PalmB8JCl'1.Fl1 1943 BL E PHI 170 UF FIFTV LeROY LANE WILLIAMS, JR., Theta Chi . . Cross City, Fla ROBERT E. WILLIAMS, Phi Della Theta . Stone Mountain,G:a THOMAS R. WILLIAMS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Atlanta, Ga . Pcccrstown, W, Va LEONARD A. WILLS .... MONROE JOHN WILLNER . . ALLINE KENDALL WILSON . ISAAC LUTHER WILSON . WILLIAM E. WILSON, JR,, Sigma D. FRANK WILT . 4 . . JOHN SEABORN WINN, JR. . DANIEL EDWARD WINNIKE . LAUREL QUITMAN WINTER . Alpha . . Valrico, Fla . Asheville, N. C . . Decatur,Tcnn Epsilon . Monroe,La . . Louisville,Ga . . . Macon,Ga East Williston, N. Y Oxford, Miss . Atlanta, Ga WILLIAM B. WINTER, Phi Dclta Theta . EARL STEPHENSON WIRTZ, Sigma Chi FRED LESERMAN WOLF, Phi Epsilon Pi . ROBERT EDWARD WOLF . . WALTER M. WOLFF, JR., Phi Epsi' on Pi . Jackson, Miss . . Orlando, . . . Atlanta, IRVING RODNEY WOOD, Alpha Tau Omrga . . Tampa, . Tampa, Fla Fla Ga. Fla RAYMOND S. WOOD, JR., Kappa Alpha . . . Atlanta, Ga SAM H. WOOD .... ...., B irminglaam, Ala XVARREN V. WOODARD, Lambda Chi Alpha . Wilson, N. C JOHN C. WOODLE .... SIDNEY S. WOODS. JR. . . . JAMES MINOR WORKMAN, JR. . CARL DREWY WRIGHT . . . . . . Marietta, . Atlanta . Atlanta . Dublin CHARLES Q. WRIGHT, Phi Delia Theta . . . EDWARD BROWN WYATT, Alpha WARREN CANDLER WYNN . . GEORGE s. YATES ..... JAMES R. YOUNGE, Pi Kappa Phi JOHN SAM YOUNG, JR. . . RUFUS WAYNE YOUNGBLOOD . DONALD DAVID ZELL . . . GERALD A. ZELL ..... LEONARD P. ZISKA, Lambda Chi HAROLD DEATON ZWALD . . Tau Omrga . Alpha Albany Atlanta Avondale Estates , . .Atlanta . Sarasota, . Savannalx . . Atlanta . Brunswick . . Brunswick , Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Fla Ga Ga Ga Ga . Binghampton, N. Y . . . Atlanta,Ga GEUHEIA SEHIHIL IJF TECH IQILUBY UFFICERSUFTHE FRESHIHHHELHSS HUSKISSON WELLS J. C. HUSKISSON . . A President M. T. MALOY - n Vice President C. H. WELLS . . Secreiury-Treasurer ZlY h..:,L I X xxx X 3? -'.- if - . ', '5i5a? - V , 1 ' i - . f ' j ", ' 1.. , N -- "" N ff? - Q ,Q 3 J. A T N - ' -., 9 X " , 'N , xxx F iff, 75' 5:..:'.'. M. T. Maloy, John Huslcisson, and Bud Wells ,,,, xg f' if CHARLES HAROLD ABERNATHY . ALFRED LEE ADAMS ..... MELVIN EUGENE AKRIDGE . . JOE G. ALEXANDER . . . THOMAS EVERETT ALLEN . ROBERT ELAM ANDERSON . ROY ANDERSON, JR. . . . . Atlanta, Ga. . Tampa, Fla. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . . Eaton, Tenn. . Warner Robins, Ga. . Washington, Ga. Gulfport, Miss. SEYMOUR CLARENCE ANDERSON- . ' ' . . Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM HENRY ANDREWS . DEYAN DUMAs ARD . . . MANUEL R. AREILANO . . T. THOMAS ARMENARI . . HARVEY LOUIE ARNOLD, JR. . LELAND BARDWELL ARNOLD . CLOWER E. ASHLEY . . . LAMAR THOMAS ATHA . . LYNN A. AUBEL ...... WILBUR AIVERSON AUSTIN, JR. . RONALD AVINGER . . . . AUSTIN ROBERT BAER . . . JAMES C. BAILEY .... . . . Atlanta, Ga. . Birmingham, Ala. . . Havana, Cuba . New York, N. Y. . Washington, Ga. . Meridian, Miss. . As-hburn, Ga. . Monroe, Ga. . Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . Greenville, S. C. . Charleston, S. C. . New York, N. Y. . . . . Antlanta, Ga. GEORGE MORRIS BAKER . . . . . . Jackson, Miss. DANIEL WILSON BALABAN . . JAMES ALBERT BALDWIN . . MEREDITH HAROLD BALDWIN . WALTER S. BALSBAUGH, JR. . ALBERT WHITE BARBER . . . KENDALL SELFRIDGE BARKER . LLOYD BARNARD, JR. . . . . FARNUM EDWIN BARNES . . . KENNETH MARC BARRE, Della Tan ALVAN VOTELLE BARRON, JR., Br-ta GERALD BARTON . . . JOHN ELBERT BASS, JR. . . . . WILI.IAM EVERETT BAss, JR. . . L. B. BAYLEY, JR., Delta Sigma PM ROBERT WILLIAM BEARD . . . HAROLD s. BECKER .... LEONARD OSCAR BEEBE . . . JOHN INMAN BELL, JR., Dvlln Tm, LEO BENATAR ....... THOMAS MURRAY BENDER, JR. . JEROME VINCENT BENNETT . JOHN FOWLER BENNETT . . . ARTHUR LAWRENCE BERNSTEIN . DAVID BERNSTEIN ..... ASBURY L. BEVIs ..... LAWRENCE E. BIRDSONG . DAVID JACK BISHOP ..,. HARVEY EUGENE BISHOP, JR. . ROBERT EARL BLACKBURN . . DONALD GRADY BLAIR . . . MALCOLM RIKER BLANCHARD . BERRIEN BISHOP BLEMKER . PAUL DOUGLAS BOBBITT . . RICHARD FREDERICK BOERE . WALTER MCKINLEY BOOMERSHINE RUSSELL WILLIAM BORGSTEDE , . WALTER L. BOST ..... ROGER M. BOSTICK .... JESSE MUSCO BOULWARE . ROBERT A. BOWEN, JR. . . . . ROBERT OLLIFF BOWEN .... Woodside, L. I., N. Y. . . . Roclu-nart,Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Harrisburg, Pa. . . . Moultrie, Ga. . Hudson Falls, N. Y. . . . . Norfolk, Va. . . . Savannah, Ga. Delia . . Atlanta, Ga. Tbela Pi. Thomaston, Ga. . . Belmar, N. J, . . Wilmington, N. C. . . . . Tifton, Ga. . New Hyde Park, N. Y. . . . New Orleans, La. . . Miami Beach, Pla. . . . Bridgeton, N. J. Della . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Spartanburg, S. C. . . . Waycross. Ga. .- : Brooklyn, N. Y. . Omaha, Neb. . . Rome,Ga. . Scottdale,Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Laurel,Miss. . Valdosta, Ga. . . Quitman. Ga. . . Sugern, N. Y. . Miami Sorings, Fla. . Fayettiville, W. Va. . . . Atlanta,Ga. . . . Atlanta,Ga. . . Inwood, N. Y. . Kannapolis, N. C. . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . . Macon, Ga. . . . . Metter, Ga. WILLIAM SHAEFER BONVEN, Kappa Sigma . Chickamauga, Ga, WILLIAM THOMAS BOYETT . JACK RAY BOZEMAN . . . JAMES EDWARD BRADLEY . ,JOHN BRYAN BRADLEY . . HERBERT BRADSHAW R . Nashville, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Waycross, Ga , J . .... . WILLIAM LAMAR BRADY . ..... Alpharetta, Ga DAN MANCET BRAMBLETT, Phi Dclt IRVING L. BRAND, Alpha Epsilon Pi ROBERT JOSEPH BRASELTON . CLARENCE EMORY BREEDLOVE . JAMES GERALD BREEDLOVE . . JOSEPH ESTIL BRESNAHAN . . THOMAS EARL BRINKLEY . . . ARTHUR WELDON BRITTINGHAM DREW THOMPSON BROCK . . WILLIAM TEMPLIN BROUGI-IALL . B 4 Tbefu . . GriEin,Ga. . . . HewIett,N.Y. . Commerce, Ga . Hamilton, Ga . Hamilton, Ga . . . Augusta, Ga . . . Marietta, Ga . . . . Atlanta, Ga . . Clarkesdalc, Miss . Westwood, Mass. SHJHTH lllfl..lE1ISI . . ' 7:4 V :es fa fi: 'JP ELLIOTT WKLLIAM BROWN, JR. . ROGER H. -BROWN ...... . WILLIAM HAMILTON BROWNE, JR. . BERNARD OTTO BRUNEGRAFF . JOSEPH FRANKLIN BRYANT . . WILLIAM HAROLD BRYANT, JR. . WILLIAM W. BUCHANAN . . . BILLY LOUIS BUCK . . , . GEORGE L. BUEHANAN . . STANLEY DAVID BULBIN . HILL M. BURGESS, JR. . . BOB W. BUSSEY .... . THOMAS ALAN BUSSEY ..... MARCUS W. BUTTRELL, Tbala Chi . JAMES CLIFFORD BYRD, Bala T GEORGE WESTON BYTHER . laala Pi . WILLIAM EUGENE CAGLE . . . . . Theta Pi ROBERT EMMET CANNON, Bela RUFUS WILLIAM CARDEN, JR. , . . JAMES MARSHALL CARGAL . EDWARD JI CARROLL . . . JAMES EUGENE CARROLL . . ROBERT JACKSON CATHCART, JR. . . ROBERT LAMAR CAVENDER . . ml-7-7-.. - ,....,.. MW ..., , ...,..... ,,,.. JOSE M. 1 . JOHN C- LICEKNX - ALBERT 1.2 fi-QHAIIQEN. ' .gf WALTER Q:gfOHAMPION4" ' IVY NORMAIWZCIJASTAIN . . . ROBERT IRVINGIQCHENEY . . . Sa HENRY LUCIAN ,CHILDRESS .... JAMES CLJNTONQ CLARK . fe, THOMAS EETERLCEARK . I KENNETH B.jcI.ARY Pilycapym Pbi . ' IOI-IN EDWARDVCILECSG.. 'IR . nm T5f1.,'fIfif'J. DAVID CEELAND, Sigma Nu .R ,x. RALPH EQ: 'CLEMANS .... . . LIONEL JOSEPH CLEMENTS . . .I . CHARLES QABRAI-IAM CLERICI . . 1. JAMES JR., Pi Kappa Alpha . CHARLES EDWARD COLLUM THOMAS FRANCIS COLLUM . ROBERT S. CONGLETON . . . CHARLES EDWIN CONNER, JR. . JAMES B. CONNOR . . . E. BAXTGWWCOOK, 'JR. . . TOMMY M., COOK . ' . CHARLES'LEE COTTER . JOHN BURT CGUION, JR. . EDWIN EL COWART, JR.. Sigma DOUGLAS OWEN CRAMER , THOMAS ZANGELL CRAMER . LOUIS DUKRWARD CRANFORD LEN CLARK LCROWDER A . . DAVID PAGE CUMMING , . . CARLO CHARLES CVITAN . SAMUEL DEAN DADISMAN . WILLIAM FRANCIS DALY . WILLIAM DAVID DANIEL . HAL 5. DANIELL, IR., Pi Kappa ARCHIE S. DARNELL . . . TOM FOREST DAVENPORT . JOHN M. DAVIDSON . . JERE LESUEER DAVIS . . 'Arm ' . MACK EUGENE DAVIS . . ROBERT EUGENE DAVIS, Sigma Nu . THEODORE LEE DAVIS, JR. . . . LOUIS Y. DAWSON, III, Alplm Tau Omrga . JOSEPH VINCENT DE FRANCI EARLE I. DENENBERG . . FRANK DENNIS, Sigma N11 . WILLIIKM FIELDING DILLARD- OIR: . ' WILLIAM T. DISMUKE, Sigma ROBERT SAMUEL DIVINE . JOHN STANLEY DOBBINS . MELVIN JOHN DOLD . . JOSEPH P. DONOHUE . . . ERMAN RAY DOTSON, JR. . . WILLIAM LESTARQUIT DRAKE . JAMES C. DRENNAN . . . Alpha Epsil SCI.... . Ncwnan, Ga. . . Alamo, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Brunswick, GI. . Lakeland, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Columbus, Ga. . Estatoc, N. C. . . Miami, Fla. . Tutwiler, Miss. . . Cairo, Ga, . Atlanta, Ga. . Decatur, Ga. New Orleans, La. . . Milo, Maine . Atlanta, Ga. Covington. Tenn. . Atlanta, Ga. . High Point, N. C. Palm Beach, Fla. Birmingham, Ala. I Atlanta, G2 . Decatur, Ga. Q1'i5?i3fiifgl7 . 13. f,.,j.f.-fJs'lexico, D. F. fwielzfugiia Gorda, Fla. Brooklyn, N. Y. 'W"l'."':Oh5ttanooga, Tenn. . Thomasville, Ga. Juan, Puerto Rico New Holland, Ga. . . Leslie, Ga. n .Q Etl Lauderdale, Fla. 4 .5 Harlem, Ga. ',Wilmington. Del. Chatliaston, W. Va. . ,3Hapevillc, Ga. Soutlibridge, Mass. . ,NaShville, Tenn. . Statesville, N. C. . ., Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta-, Ga. Wilmington, N. C. Sandy Spring, Md. . Bfrmphis, Tenn. . xi Athens, Ga. !Sylvester, Ga. . Cullowhea, N. C. . e Atlanta, Ga, 'A11lba.EJb.iiIon . Savannah, Ga. Jdhnsqxn City, N. Y. . .O Savannah, Ga. . E- . Macon, Ga. . . Newnan, Ga. Fla .. Jacksonville- '. Little Falls, N. Y. . JefIv:rson.G:I. . Laurel,Miss. . . Smyrna, Ga. . College Park. Ga. . . Nelson, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Panama City, Fla. . . Chicago, Ill. . . Marietta, Ga. . . Rockmart, Ga. . Thomasville, N. C. Charleston, S. C. Brooklyn, N. Y. Brookline, Mass. Petersburg. Fla. Hamlet, N. C. S-t . on . . Macon. Ga. . . . Griiiin, Ga. . . Marietta, Ga. . . Flora, Ill. New York, N. Y. . Petroleum, W. Va. Bergenfield. N. J. . Elberton, Ga. THE 1948 FRESH Il,-IICLHS ROBERT BOYD DRIVER . . JOHN CRAIG DUEY . . . . JAMES VERNON DUNCAN, JR. . RALPH BAKER DUNCAN . . . CHARLES DENNIS DURDEN . . BERTRAM S. EAGLE ..... DANIEL W. EASTWOOD, JR., Delta Tim Della Washington, D, C. LEONARD EDELMAN, Alpba Epsilon Pi PAUL EDFELDT, JR. . BRIGGS B. EDNEY, JR. .... . DONALD MILLS EDNEY .... ROBERT BABE ELLIOTT, Kappa sfgmi BLARELY DREWRY ELLIS .... RAMA M. ELLIS, JR. .... . GEORGE MERRII.L ELROD, JR. . LAWRENCE JAMES ENGEL . . JOHN LOFLIN ERGLE . . . . THOMAS CLAYTON ERVIN . . . JAMES THOMAS ETHRIDGE . . . HARVEY P. FARLEY, Dfffa Tau Delhi HAL WILSON FIELD ..... WALLACE WESLEY FINCH, JR. . . ARTHUR GUSTAVE FIRESTONE . BARRINGTON L. FLANIGAN, JR.. . ELMER J. ELEXER, sign... CAL. HORATIO JAMES FORBESQJR. . . JOHN FORSHTAY, Sig4pig'7N11 . . . ASA B. FOSTER . 1 ,. . . . RALPH WARREN FQUNZTAIN, Lambda CHARLES EDWIN ,EQWLER1 . . WARREN HOLLINSSEOBQQA. A . . . DUANE LEROY FRANKIQET . WILLIAM RAYMOND ,. ' , . JIMMY CRANFORD FRIC .1 -. . . . JAMES W. FRYE, III, Alpha VTQ1L,OlIl!'Xd OLIN M. FULLER, Sign:aQN1iC . . , .' ' GEORGE THOMAS FULTON. . .. PHILIP MCMILLAN GAIQLIQN . . RICHARD WELLS GALRHLNQ JR. . WENDELL W. GAMELf....-.,. f HILLER MONROE GAMMAGE, AJR.-'. ROBERT PHILLIP GAUDE ., JOHN LAFAYETTE GAYQQ' , WILLIAM ERVIN GEIGEK,',AJR.,,. ,, MELVIN GELERNTER, E733 ,13p:z1ofI- Pj' LEAMON G. GILBERT MILLARD NORMAN GILBERTQT.-I . 1 HARRY L. GILHAM, JR:.'.gil1 .Q SLOAN R. GILL . . BERNARD IRVING GILIgMAN,,,,eAi1,pw' E ANTHONY J. GIORDANQQ5 I J, JAMES EDWIN GLOVEIQ: JAMES BOLAN GLOVER,-.4 JOHN W. GOAN DON LAWRENCE GQIJDEERG, TONILO JORGE GONZAWEJZ, S' I CAE . . Tampa, Fla . Dade City, Fla . Hopkinsville, . Glade Spring, KY Va . . . Atlanta, Ga . . Brooklyn, N. Y . . Brooklyn, N.Y . Birmingham, Ala. . . Hapeville, Ga. . Hapevillc, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Savannah, Ga. . Enterprise, Ala. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Spartanburg, S. C. . . . Tampa, Fla. . Greenville, S. C. . Charleston, W. Va. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Tuxedo Park, N, Y. . Bronxville, N. Y. . . Athens, Ga. . Brunswick, Ga. . . Huntsville, Ala. . Irvington, N, J. . . Eaton, Tenn. Alpha . Miami,I-ila. . . . Atlanta, Ga. . . . Miarni, Fla. . Bradenton. Fla. . Ft. Myers, Fla. . Rabun Gap, Ga. . . Tifton,Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Coalwood, W. Va, . . Atlanta, Ga. . Wilmington, N. C. . Lithia Springs, Ga. . Moultrie, Ga. . Biloxi, Miss. . Quitman, Ga. . Brunswick, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Vienna, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Wilmington, Del. Qsilolz Pi . Atlanta, Ga. z . New York, N. Y. . . Prescott, Ariz. . Marietta, Ga. . Blue Ridge, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Havana, Cuba HERBERT E. GOODMAN, Tau Epsilon Pbi . Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ELMER FRANKLIN GOODWIN, JR. .... Atlanta,Ga. WILLIAM H. GOODYEAR ..... . Brunswick, Ga. LAWRENCE W. GOOSS, JR., Kappa Sigma . . Orade1l,N. BILLIE GORDON .......... Atlanta, Ga. CHESTER OLIVER GORDON, Alpha Tau Omega . Atlanta, Ga. LOUIS GORDON ........... Macon, Ga. LUTHER H. GORDON . . . . Austell, Ga. JOHN MILTON GORHAM . . THED L. GRACEY ..... ERNEST GREENE GRAHAM, JR. . WILLIAM HAROLD GREENE . . . West Hartford, Conn. . . Ringgold, Ga. . . . Winder, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. WALTER DENNIS GREER . ...... ISAAC MCP. GREGORIE, Bela Theta Pi ARTHUR E. GREGORY . . . . .. WILLIAM CARTER GRESHAM . . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Denmark, S. C. . St. Petersburg, Fla. . Union Point, Ga. ROBERT EARL GRIPFITH, Della Tan Della . . Mayfield, Kly. F JOHN GRIST ........ EVAN BELFORD GUTI-I. IR. . . ALLEN WOFFORD HAIRSTON . QUILLIAN HALL ..... RICHARD EDWIN HANNER . ALLEN S. HARDIN . . . JAMES EDWARD HARDIN . . Miamibeach, a. . . . Perry,Ga. . . Atlanta,Ga. . Dothan, Ala. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta,Ga. . Hephzibah, Ga. BLUE PRIIIT 5 ROY ELMO HARDMAN, JR. . CLEBURNE V. HARMON . . . ROBERT A. HARMS .... WILI,IAM MacDONALD HARRIS . JOHN FRANCIS HARTE . . . ARDIN GEORGE HARTMAN . HENRY BELL HARVEY, JR. . JAMES H. I-IARWELL, JR. . ARTHUR LEE HAY .... GEORGE WILLIAM HAYNES .... ROBERT WELLER HEAD, Kappa sigma . LEONARD DENNIS HEALY .... MILTON I. HEDRICK, Delia Tau Delta . WILLIAM J. HENDRIX, Phi Gamma Delta . WILLIAM ROBERT HENRY, JR. . . . ANTHONY BOONE HIGGINS . WILLIAM THOMAS HIGGINS, Sigma Chi . GRAHAM HILDEBRAND ..... JIMMY HILL ......... TERRELL W. HILL, Pbi Delta Tbeta . WALTER A. HILSBOS, JR. . . . MYRICK STOKES HILSMAN, JR. . . . WILLIAM JOSEPH HOGAN ..... . Columbus, Ga. . Dalton, Ga. . . Peoria, Ill. . Asheville, N. C. . Savannah, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Miami, Fla. . Winder, Ga. Donaisonville, Ga. . Sylacauga, Ala. Moss Point, Miss. New Orleans, La. . Columbia, Tenn. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Durant, Miss. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. Pascagoula, Miss. Warm Springs, Ga. . Columbus, Ga. Oakford, Pa. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Augusta, Ga. Pa' ii'f2.4jAtlanta, Ga. Deland, FII. . Valdosta, Ga. . Macon, Ga. . Macon, Ga. , Ga. A. Villa Rica, Ga. V. . Griin CARI- MAWS1C33'lH05iN'Li fl,ff,'5A,mV" " flryi 123-ffc JAMES B. HOECOMBE,'JR.f"J','.,,g FRANK TJ HOLDER .- A: ALTHEUS 'HOLLIMAN . . ROBERT D,fJlI-LQLLIS . . . . . WILLIAM EUGENE HOLLIS .... RALEIGH NELSON HOLLOWAY .AEE-..., BASIL F. HQOIEN . . AL E. HORROCILS, Kappa-Atgbafgv DONALD WILSON HORTON . RICHARD LEWIS.,.HOTALING . THOMAS BAILEY' HOWARD, JR. HOMER SCOTT HOWELL . . JOHN HUGER IJIOWKINS . . CHARLES LUTHER HUDSON . . . . UDONOUGH U. HUDSON, Pb: Sigma Kagpa ROBERT EARL HUFFARER ..... HARRY W. HUGHES ..... DAN T. HUGHES, Beta Theta Pi . . CARNEY PHARRIS HUMPHREYS . EUGENE HURST -- . .... . FRANKLYN DeWITT IEIUILST . . . . CHARLES SIDNEY HUSBAND .... . .I West 'f iifgainesville, Ga. . 'WHitEville, N. C. 'Paliieo Beach, Fla. L , ,Atlanta, Ga. Montgomery, Ala. . .A ' Savannah, Ga. 1 . , Decatur, Ga. Ga. . Columbus, . iAtlanta,Gn. . Augusta, Ga. . Gainesville, Ga. . Patcagoula, Miss. . Savannah, Ga. .. .' Waycross, Ga. 'New 'York N Y JOHN CARL HUSKISSON, JR., Alpha Tau Qiisrga . Tam,SfI,FIaf ROBERT NEWTON HIITTON, III, Sigma'-Chi . Gallatin,'1'enn. NORMAN VICTOR HYDE ..... HAL MAURY INGMAN, Pi Kappa Alpha WILLIAM WINGATE JACKSON . . '. . LIONEL E. JALLER . . . . WALTER JOSEPH JANCZYS, Em Tam Pi WILLIAM STEVE JENKINS, III . . . . BENJAMIN D. JERVEY .... HARVEY A. JETMORE,f.sigm4 J' WM. S. JETT, III, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . BRUCE MERLE JEWETT .... JAMES WILLIAM JOHNS ..... DOYCE DeWITT JOHNSON ..... ERD MULLENDORE JOHNSON, Sigma Nu . THOMAS C, JOHNSON ..... WARREN LEE JOHNSON . . WILLARD T. JOHNSON . CHARLES THOMAS JOHNSTON, JR. . GERALD V. JOINER , .... , CHARLES I-I. JONES ...... CLAUDE COLLIER JONES, JR. . . . EUGENE NELSON JONES ..... FREDERICK LAMAR JONES, Kappa Sign... MAURICE W. JONES ...... NVILLIAM CRAWFORD JONES . . . HAIGH JOPLIN ....... DONAID MURRAY JUDD, Beta Theta Pi . ROY JOE REMP ....... JAKE BURROSS RENNINGTON . WILLIAM If. KENYON . . . RICHARD FRANK KILBURG . . . JAMES HOMER RILLERREW . . . WALTER CANNON KINNARD . . Tho THE 1948 . Heiana, Ark. , S Miami, Flu. . . Decatur, Ga. Long Beach, N. Y. . Arsonia, Conn, . Atlanta, Ga. . . Marietta, Ga. . Olathe, Kansas Daytona Beach, Fla. . Cleveland, Ohio . . Atlanta, Ga. . Thomasville, Ga. . Cleveland, Okla. . Savannah, Ga. . Sebring, Fla. . Decatur, Ga. . . Rome, Ga. , Woodbine, Ga. . Fairburn, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Portsmouth, Va. . Booneville, Miss. . Cannelton, Ind. . Atlanta, Ga. . Brooklyn, N. Y- Jacksonville, Fla. . Swainsboro, Ga. . LaGrange, G1- . Gainesville, Ga. . Elizabeth, N. I. Anniston, Ala. mpsons Station, Tenn. FRESH WILLIAM RAY KISER .... LEE ERNEST RITCHENS . . . CLARENCE RAYMOND RITE, JR. ROBERT JAMES KLEPACH . . . GORDON EMMETT KNIGHT . JOHN T. KNIGHT .... MONTE W. KORE .... FRANK LEWIS KOVATCH . ROBERT GRAHAM RREILING, JR., K DONALD D. KREUZKAMP . . . SAUL KURLAT ....... ED L. KUYKENDALL, Kappa Alpha , CHI TAO RWOK ...... THEODORE EMIL LACHMANN . HUSTON LINCOLN LSCLAIR, JR. LAWRENCE JOSEPH LADNER, Pi Kap CHARLES A. LAFFITEAU . . . JOSEPH THERON LANCASTER . PERRY ROBERT LANGSTON. JR. . LINTON G. LANIER, Lambda Chi A JOHN E. LaROWE ..... FREDERICK S. LAYTON, JR. . . JAMES E. LEDBETTER . . CITIETXVOOD BIRD LEE, JR. . I JAMES ELLIOTT LEE . ff., V STANLEY REED LEFFARIDQ,,.jRi' 5. JOHN JOSEPH LEMM CARLOS G. LEON .J A LEWIS MARK. LEVENSON, W. GILBERT M. LEVEYQ LEWIS ADAIR LEVI'E:' 'J . ZELVIN LEVINE . . TED LEVY, Plzi Epxilan Pi . - In LUTHER HERNDON LEWIS .Q THOMAS MARVIN LEWIS, WILMON N. LINGER . ,. THOMAS P. LIPSCOMB . THOMAS T. LIVELY, jR.,fPb ORLANDO LLENZA . 1. LUIZ RAFAEL LOPEZ . i' Del la JOHN REEVES LOWE ., X ALVIN LOWI, JR. . . DAVID L. LOWI . . ., .,."J , E. TERRELL NICHOLSON LOWRX JOSEPH P. LUCE . . 2. ALBERT GENE LUDLOW 5 f J A. THEODORE JOSEPH MALGERIP.. RICHARD MARVIN MANIDEISI- C. . Grover, N. Ga. Ga. Fla. Ga. Ga. Ga. Pa. College Park, . . Perry, . Tampa, . Atlanta, . Milledgeville, . Columbus, Philadelphia, appa Alpha . Atlanta, Ga. pa lpbn . Tbeg FRANK WYATT MANNING,qJR.'A A QL, NICHOLAS MANRIQUE GEORGE RALPH MARET'If,fSig1fga'f'N1Qf ,Q BILL ALLAN MARION 'SI' f, EDWARD LYNN MAFCIQNU' jx? 1 HOWARD E. MARTINRL..-ai,, ,, MANUEL ROBERT JOSEPH ELLIOT MAYI":'lL"'i 'I'- A' THEODORE WILLIAM MAY . . WILLIAM PENLAND MAYSON, JR. BILLY B. MAZANTI . . . CHARLES WESLEY MCABEE . WILLARD B. MCBURNEY . WILLIAM ROBERT MCCAHAN DALLAS LOFTEN MCCLELLAN, ,Ll MILTON B. MCCOY . . . BILLY EUGENE MCDONALD . GARY CLARK MCGEE . . . CLAUDE A. MCGINNIS . . JOHN BENTON MCGOWAN . ARL E. MCHAN, JR. . . . C GORDON RICHARD MCHAN EDWARD ALLEN McKEE, JR. . . MASON HARRIS MCKNIGI-IT, IR. . EDWARD CARLON MCNEELY . WAYNE FRANK MCWHORTER . GUTHERIA PARKER MEADE . THORPE E. MEALING . . . WILLIAM K. MELTON . . , JOSEPH XVI-IEELER MEYER . MORRIS EDXVARD MILES . CLARENCE ABEL MILLER . , . Charleston, S. C. . , . Saluda, S. C. . Columbus, Miss. . . Shanghai, China . . New York, N. Y. . . Birmingham, Ala. Alpina . Camden, N. J. . Savannah, Ga. . . jacksonville, Fla. Camden, S. C. . Statesboro, Ga. Pine Lake, Ga. Landing, N. Atlanta, Ga. Trenton, N. J. . Mays . Ashburn, Ga. Huntingdon, Pa. Memphis, Tenn. Santiago, W. I. Bridgeton, N. J. . Winthrop, Mass. . . Cairo, Ga. . Savannah, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . . Millen, Ga. . Cartersville, Ga. Pt. Lauderdale, Fla. . . Savannah, Ga. a . . . Atlanta, Ga. Hato Rey, Puerto Rico Cali, Colombia, S. A. . Murfreesboro, Tenn. . . Gadsden, Ala. . . Gadsden, Ala. . . Laurel, Miss. . Fort Valley, Ga. . . Shreveport, La. . East Orange, N. J. . . Newark, N. J. . . . Decatur, Ga. Bogota, Colombia,S. A. . . Rock Hill, S. C. . . Memphis, Tenn. ,,Malverne, New York 2.22 . . Atlanta, Ga. Z . Brooklyn, N. Y. ' . Thomasville, Ga. . . Macon, Ga. . . Augusta, Ga. . Pine Blulf, Ark. . . Thomaston, Ga. , . . Atlanta, Ga. Linthicum Heights, Md. , . Savannah, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Chattanooga, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . West Point, Ga. . . Nelson, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Tallahassee, Fla. , . Augusta, Ga. . Sandersville, Ga. . . Rossvillc, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Townsend, Ga. . Savannah, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga . Columbia, Tenn Chattanooga, Tenn BLUE PRIII JULES L. MILLER .... ALBERT ELEMING MILLS . . WILLIAM KENNETH MIzE .... ROBERT HARLEY MIZELL . JOSEPH CLARK MONAGHAN, JR.-, Klippli WALTER CLARENCE MONK, JR. HENRY CLAY MOORE, JR. . . PETER GRAHAM MOORE . . KENT B. MORRIS ....... FRANK CRAWFORD MORRISON, JR. . ELMER A. MOXLEY ...... FRANK R. MUDANO . .... . MELVIN PAUL MULKEY . . JAMES R. MURDOCH .... . ALAN DAVID NACHT , . . . I-IENRI CHARLES NADWORNY . . GEORGE GREGORY NALESNIK . TAYLOR EDWIN NANCE .... FREDERICK W. NILES, Bria Tb:-la Pi . . Irvington, N. J. . . Folkston, Ga. . . Commerce, Ga. . . Savannah, Ga. Alpha . Atlanta, Ga. . . Gabbettville, Ga. . . . Atlanta, Ga. . Lake Worth, Fla. . . . Decatur,Ga. . Hazelwood, N. C. . Cleveland, Tenn. -West Palm Beach , Fla. . . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Newport, N. C. . East Orange, N. J. Queens Village, N. Y. . . Clifton, N. J. . Fayetteville, N. C. . Chattanooga, Tenn. EUGENE B, NORRIS, Pbi Della Tbelu . . Birmingham, Ala. HENRY M. OAKLEY, Bela Tbela Pi . . . Winder, Ga. JOHN IRA OATTS .......... Millen,Ga. KENT CARLTON O'CONNOR, Sigma! Cbi . . . Atlanta, Ga. RALPH DEAN OLSEN ........ Orlando, Fla. wif. TC "L'f'W'J'T'W 'WE X J . , , .. , 4 I .Z .r..v if ?. I, Q V., I .,,,r JOHN R, 'OXENEBLDI 5. , Lyigf' S.vanmI.,Cf.. PHILIP 1.A.y'I?AGE, I. J, . Atlanta, G.. ANTHQNY1 T. ,PIARISI --vx YML... .,.. 1-A FAYNE 371.1 PARSONS, JR. . . . WINFIEQQ -ZORRIN PARTRIDCE . CECIL JACKSON PAYNE . . . JAMES QWILLLALI PEACH . , BEN ALIDREY-,QPELOT . ' JOSEPHQLLITI-IER,-PENTECOST . HUGH ,PERRY,,5l'R., Kappa Siguin ' CHARLES' HUGH- PETERSON . .L .L DAVID ZH. .PETHA ...... l WILLIAM. C. BETTY , . . ' FRED LQUIS,-' PFARR . . . ROBERT EDWARD PICKETT . JAMES LLOYD PIPPIN . . ERNEST ERIC PITTS , . . . . RUDOLPH VASSAR PITTS . . ROBERT MCCAUCHRIN POOL, JR. It JOSE ICNACIO PORTF' A . . , . WALTER ,THOMAS PORTER . . KENNETH H. POTTER .... . . FRANK'.,G.,'POWELL .... . JACK MORRISON POWELL, sign... Chi ALEERIQW. POWERS, JR. . . RALPH EWILEY POWERS, Rapp.. Sigma WILLIAM HARLAN PRESSLY, JR. -. GROVER ANTHONY PURDY . .. ALEREOILOUIS-QUARIN . . . JAMES GRIER QUICK . RALPH RAGAN, cbs Phi ROBERT L. RAGAN - JAMES EDWIN RANKIN . . . FRANKLIN BARRETT REDFIELD . ROY CECIL REECE ..... GEORGE FRANCIS REED, JR .... JAMES D. REEVES, JR. .... . JAMES ROBERT REICH, Alpb JAMES THOMPSON REID JOHN B. REMION, JR. .... . JOHN RAHILY RHODES, JR., Alpha Tau CHARLES BAILEY RICE, Pi JOHN FREDERICK RICE ..... ROBERT EARL RICLES, T011 Eprilon Phi JAMES LEONARD RIGGINS . . . KENNETH RITCHEM, Tan Epsilon Pbi . JAMES CALVIN RIVENBARK . . Kappa Plzi WAYNE K. RIVERS, Signm Nu . . . JIMMIE EARLE ROBERSON .... IAMES LAWRENCE ROBERTSON. Drltn T RALPH CLARENCE ROBINSON . . . JOHN F. ROGERS, JR. . . . MARIAN ROMER ..... FRANCIS E. RUSTIN .... CHARLES EDWARD RYCKLEY . ..L,. ,. W.. .,,..fg,, i2iIvIamaroneclt, N. Y. . Shelbyville, Tenn. . Norway, Maine . . Maysville, Ga. . Little Rock, Ark. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Savannah . Winder, Newnan, ' T' J. Soperton, , Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. n, fNashville, Tenn. . New York, N. Y. . Chattanooga, Tenn. . 'QOChlochnet, Ga. . . ",Hueytown, . ' Tayetteville, Ala. Ga. . .V gMemphis, Tenn. . .Q Havana, Cuba .' .. Jacksonville, Fla. F WestlGranville, N. Y. . '. Decherd, Tenn. . . Chickamauga, Ga. , 'Pgxlm Beach, .A .' Q1 Waycross, Fla. Ga. . Orangeburg. S. C. , j , S, Savannah, Ga. . Memphis, Tenn. . NEW Cumberland, Pa. . . Atlanta , Ga. . Fayetteville, Tenn. . . Louisville, Ky. . Torrington, Wyo. . , Dalton, Ga. . . Miami,Fla, . . Kansas City, Mo. WILLIAM LOUIS REGER, Bela Theta Pi . . . St. Louis, Mo. a Tan Omega . Chattanooga, Tenn. . . Tahlequah, Okla. . . Thunderbolt , Ga. Omega . Norfolk, Va. . Johnson City, Tenn. . Willimantic, Conn. . . Brookline, Mass. . . . . Jesup, Ga. . Brooklyn, N. Y. , Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Greenville, S. C. 1:11 Drlia Augusta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. Cincinnati, Ohio . Caracas, Venezuela . . Atlanta, Ga. . Columbus, Ga. IHE1948 F H JACK SADOW ..... ROBERT E. SAILORS, JR. . . . . ROBERT ANDREW SAMODEN . . BRUCE JONES SAMS, JR. . . TYE CARTER SANDERS, JR. . ROBERT SASSONE SAREATY . . DONALD EDWARD SCHAFFER . ERNEST SCHELLER, JR. . . . ROBERT P. SCOTT, JR. .... . JOHN WEEKS SCROGGS .... WILLIAM BENJAMIN SEGRAVES . LINTON STEPHENS SELMAN ..... WILLIAM ROWLEY SHAWVER .... PAUL E. SHELL, JR., Sigma Alpba Epsilon E S . Harrison, N. J. . . Soperton, Ga. West Haven, Conn. . . Savannah,Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Lima, Peru . Fullerton, Pa. . Stamford, Conn. Chattanooga, Tenn. , . Augusta, Ga. . . Griffin, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. . . Atlanta, Ga. Marietta, Ga. EVERETT LEE SHIELDS, JR., Kappa Alplml. '. Sl1aw,Miss. JOSEPH E. SHIPEK . .... . . WILLIAM D. SHIPPEN, Kappa Alpha . . JAMES KINARD SHIVER ...... CHARLES GORDON SIMMONS, Sigma NI, JOHN WESLEY SIMMONS, III .... BRUCE D. SMITH ....... BENJAMIN MATTHEW SMITH, JR. . PAT G. SMITH ...,... PAT G. SMITH .... . , ROBERT HARDY SRIITH,.:2f- ., . . ROBERT WILLIAM sMITHi,AA1pL.I Tim' Omfg.. TALEERT ELSWORTljI':.3M,IfI7I-I . . ,. . THOMAS DAVID .I f' .. . . THOMAS HALLEIIMQSMITH . HILTON EAzEMOREf,S,QUTHER,'. GEORGE EDWARIRQSQIVEAY. . . NELSON SPOTO . COURTNEY II. SPRATEIN' 4. GEORGE EVERETT SPRING, MORRIS E. SI'RINGFIEED2':fjR, THOMAS RALPH SPRUNGER: . JOHN MARVIN STANEEY, HUGH DAVIS STAPLESQ5' . WILLIAM VANSANT STEEED1 . - PRESTON S. STEVENS, JR,,,3cm Pbi .1 v DAVID C. STEWART . .. , PAUL P. STEWART, Sig11i1i'9N'1Z A DEAVER W. STORERQE I-,-,' , K. '. ,. . . TRAVIS LANE STORY,.,JR,,:ICbi Pbi. . J. BRADY STOUGHTON3..QIR.'Q,.- ,. If. ROBERT JACKSON STR3BI.fNGg,.JR. -. . JOSEPH PIERCE SULLIWAfN,lQKJp1lIdfSigum RUSSELL H. SUMMERLIISIQQJ, JOSEPH E. sUMMEROUR,,'g'5R.g.11.,, .f 4 ROBERT R. SUMMERQURJJ-Ii,Q,ej,lfj.5. LEO CHANDLER sWIcORp,g11'TAEII1 ,CAI . JOSEPH M. SZAELOWSIQRQ' x"S J, . . CURTIS JORDAN TANNEIM-. , ' . WALTER E. TARVIPQEAIKf3QQwj.f1S45 Q MCKINNEY V. TAYEoiyiiygijiIQAIILI- DAVID EUGENE -. GUY JAMES TEATE . . . ROBERT E. A. TERRY, JR. . GUY RABURN THOMAS . J. EARL THORNTON ..,.... STEWARD W. TIMMERMAN .... ERNEST RUSSELL TIMS, JR., Pbi Kappa Sigma THOMAS HARRISON TISDALE .... . . Antigo,Wis. . Osceola, Ark. . Atlanta,Ga. . . . Pavo, Ga. . Brunswick, Ga. . Gainesville, Ga. . Arlington, Va. . Augusta, Ga. . Camilla, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Plains, Ga. . Macon, Ga. . Helena, Ark. . Tampa, Fla. . Winterville, Ga. Honolulu, Hawaii . Cordova, N. C. . . Berne, Ind. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Rochester, N. Y. St. Petersburg, Fla. Hobe Sound, Fla. . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Augusta,Ga. , Waycross, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga, . Tucker, Ga. . Cumming, Ga. . Monroe, Ga. . Waycross, Ga. . Harrison, N. J. . Sandersville, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Owensboro, Ky. Brownsville, Tenn. . . Atlanta,Ga. . Fort Pierce, Fla. . Attapulgus, Ga. . Elberton, Ga. Lynbrook, N. Y. . Harrison, Ark. . Asheville, N. C. JOHN CARMEN TISI ..... . Dobbs Ferry, N. Y. JOHN CALHOUN TODD . BOBBY J. TOLES .... WILLIAM DALE TORBETT . JUNA TROITINO . . . CHARLES M. TRUETT . . LAWRENCE KITT TUCKER ..... JIMMIE BUTLER TURNER ..... BENJAMIN S. ULMER, Lumbrlrl Chi Alpha . CARROLL CARTER UNDERWOOD . ROBERT WARREN UNKEFER . . VIRGIL COUNTESS UPTAIN . . RAFAEL VALLINA .... . VERNON LEE VAN HORN ...... ROBERT DAVIS VAN HOUTEN . . . ROBERT ELI VAUGHN, Drllir Tun Drlhi . VICTOR GRAVES VAUGHN, JR. . . . Atlanta, Ga, . . Rome,Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. . Havana, Cuba . Blackslaear, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla. . Covington, Ga. . Savannah, Ga. . Greensboro, Ga. . . Deland, Fla. Huntsville, Ala. Chihuahua, Mex. Hagerstown, Md. . Ncwnan, Ga. . Tampa, Fla. Attleboro, Mass. BLUE PRll'Il' 179 H HIICLHS JOSEPH LOUIS VENTURA . . GWENTER WADEWITZ . . . PAUL E. WADSWORTH, JR., Beta DAVID H. WALKE .... CHARLES RAYMOND WALLACE , . JOSEPH RICHARDSON WAITERS . WILLIAM ROBERT WARWICK . ALLEN ELMER WEBB .... Their: JACK CONRAD WEBB . . RICHARD B. WEEK . . . WILLIAM WEILLER . .... CHESLEY HARTMAN WELLS . XVILLARD LEE WENDT .... CARL HENRY WEST ..... ROGER DURWARD WETHERINGTON W. TOXEY WHITAKER, Sigma Nu . ERIC STANLEY WHITE . . . ROBERT FRANKLIN WHITE . . ROBERT F. WHITHURST, JR. . . RICHARD STADE WHITTINGTON . WILLIAM R. WHITWORTH . . JAMES EDWARD WILKINS . . CHARLES C. WILKS . . . JESSE L. WILLIAMS, JR. . WILEY EDWARD WILLIAMS . . . CLAUDE DOUGLAS WILLIS, JR., LEWIS W. WILLIS .... ROBERT EARL WILLOUGHBY . JULIAN LAMAR WILSON . . . CHANDLER R. WINGFIELD, JR. . JOHN Is. WISE ...... ROBERT LEE WITTEKIND . Theta ELDON EDWIN WOLFE, JR .... . Wethersiield, Conn. . Elizabethton, Tenn. Pi . . Horicon, Wis. . . . Monroe, La. . . East Point, Ga. . Columbus, Ga. . Trenton, N. J. . Statesboro, Ga. . Asheville, N. C. . . Atlanta, Ga. . St. Paul, Minn. . Tampa, Fla. . . Rome, Ga. . . Hopkinsville, Ky. . . Valdosta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Pensacola, Fla. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Rome, Ga. . Jacksonville, Fla. . . . Marierra, Ga. . . Hopkinsville, Ky. . Caruthersville,Miss. . . Thomaston, Ga . . Thomasville, Chi . . Atlanta, . . . Tifcon, . . Atlanta, . Valdosta, . Avon Park, . . Baldwin, . Miami Beach, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Fla Ga Fla . Washington, D. C . . . . Birmingham, Ala WILLIAM G. WRIGHT, JR., Phi Delta Tbcla . . Rome, Ga DONALD WALDRON YOUMANS ...,. Waycross, Ga CHARLES XV. YOUNG ........ Gainesville, Ga EARLE J. ZALANKA, JR., Della Tim Dvflu . . . Miami, Fla VINCENT T. ZARZACA ...... Burlington, N. J JOHN P. ZEREGA, Sigma Afpba Epsilon . . Plainfield,N.J ALLEN HARRIS WOOD . . 'HW' Clockwise: Just dealing a few .... How messy can you be .... The winner of 'che Freshman Cake Race .... Soda pop no less .... Did I hear a howl? I.Zl'n "Ami the szfazf-sprzlfgled bfzzzlzer, oh long may it wzwe O'er the Zami of the free and zffoe laome of the bmw' ILIT RY 3 Q AA . i g b y 'iii 1 55575 11 DW -qm- QQ gi . .fm , Tift fl f, M .7 V y I 3- 1 Q f 2,9 5 Exif! , K . i1 V , f 'fi --vs -" 4 1 ""Li'v.n-2 WITCH 5947: v 7 'Fi' .v Ai' ""1?Llh-111. . A COL. WILLIAM Q. JEFFORDS, JR. P. M. S. 81 T. CADET REGIMENTAL STAFF Cadet Col. G. W. Mathews . RFgf77ZE11fHI C077777'ZHl7fl01' Cadet Lt. Col. J. A. Cochrane . Regi1nc'11L'al Exc'czzfi1.'e Cadet Major C. A. Rawson . . , Rcgivnenfal S-I Cadet Major S. A. Newton . . RPgil71611f0I S-2 Cadet Major A. D. Odom . . . Rcfgiznczffal S-3 Cadet Major R. S. Cox . Rcgimelvtczl S-4 THE HRM? MQW M45 LGE WE' A fgw rw 7 Nl rw Q9 aff W uw' SESS A QQ? CADET COL. MATHEWS Regimental Commander Left to Right: Rawson, Newion, Mathews, Cox, Cochrane BUTE FIRST BHTTHI UH CADET LT. COL. REID Ist Battalion Commander First Battalion Stamcf, Left to Right: E. E. Prichard, S-Ig C. A. Thompson, S-2: A. W. Reid, Com mander: T. A. Crossley, S-3: W. I'I. Platt, S-4. SEEUHD BHTTHLIUH Second Battalion Staff, Left to Right: J. E. Abshire, S-Ig G. H. Sparks, Executive Officer: L. P. Allred, CADET LT. COL. COLLINS S-3: C. C. Collins, Commanderg H, E. Damon, S-23 A. M. Miller, S-4. 2nd BGHGIIOF1 C0l'Y1m3nCI2f 185 LEFT TO RIGHT: Lt. Col. Brewer, Capt. Houston, Capi. MC- CuIIougI1, Ist Sgt. Yarbrough, Masier Sgt Owens, TCCIT- SSI:- Nixon, Tech. Sgt CosteIIo. as ' 5. .1-v --" .U 'Q- I X ,WRST IW v- 'qr S layup SQUADRON "C" CADET OFFICERS CAPT. G. N. DAVISON , . Squadron Commander 1sT LT. R. C. BAKER . 1sT LT. D. L. SMITH . . . Asst. 1sT LT. M. H. BROUDY , . . . Squadrom Executive Sq. Executive Flight Leader 1sT LT. R. L. LESTER . . 1sT LT. W. T. DUGARD . . Flight Leader Flight Leader FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Davison .... SECOND ROW: Baker, Smffh .... THIRD ROW: Broudy, Lesier, Dugard. . FOURTH ROW: Nall, Lowery, CoFfman, Browder, Loft, PIIEI: lips .... FIFTH ROW: Anderson, Harringion, NicI1oIs. SQUADRON "C" 186 IIIR FUREE SQUADRON "D" SQUADRON "D" CAPT. G, E. MADDOX . IST LT. C. L. COPE . 1sT LT. J. V. WIBLE , . 1sT LT. J. W. ANDREWS IST LT. J. R. YARBROUGH IST LT. F. D. RAMSEY , CADET OFFICERS . Squadron C Orrzmamler . Squaclron Executive . Asst. Sq. Executive Flight Leader Flight Leader Flight Leader FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Maddox, Cope .... SECOND ROW: Haines, Rice, Romsey, Andrews, Lowrance, Porter .... THIRD ROW: Yarbrough, WibIe, Graham, Merritt, Harrison, Qua'l:I:Iebaum. ROTC BASIC COURSES STAFF T LEFT TO RIGHT: Maj. Burdeif, Capt Jones, Master Sgt. Leonard, Tech. Sgf. Boaternreiter. LEFT TO RIGHT: Felner, DeBorde, Carasik. Chemical WH1'f07'8 Seciionf LT. COL. DECKER EHEIHICHL EURPS COMP IST LT. R. S. DEBORDE 1sT LT. C. S. FELNER ZND LT. C. WRIGHT ZND LT. CARASIK 188 ANY CADET OF FICERS Company C0zz1nza11d61' . CONZPKIIYJI Exerufivr . Firsf PIIIZLOOIZ Leader' Szfcomf Plafoolz Leadel' fa IIRTILLERII BATTERY CADET OFFICERS CAPT. J. C. STANTON , . . CAPT. R. R. BEACH . . 1sT LT 1sT LT 1sT LT 1ST LT IST LT 1sT LT L. PETERFREUND . . T. E. I-Io1.L1NGswoRTH D. A. BEARDSWORTH . W. J. MALONE . , W. D. JORDAN . R. RICHARDS . . . BHffU1'jlC017Z711d7ZflKI' . Bazffory Execzzfiwf Asst. Bllfjl. Eexcczzzfilfe , First PIafo011 Leader Secona' Platoon Leaa'c'r Third Platoon Laaa'c'1' Fourzfb Platoon Leader Fiffb Plazfoon Lcaafer ARTILLERY SECTION LEFT TO RIGHT: Maj. Treadway, Capi. Cheney, Master Sgt Peregrin. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Sfanion, Beach, Peterfreund . . . SECOND ROW: SmiI:I1, Chandler, Malone, Richards . . .THIRD ROW: Beardsworih, CurIin, PoweII, Jordan, Adams URDIIIIIIEE DEPT. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosselle .... SECOND ROW: Swicord, Linton, Evans, Brewer .... THIRD ROW: WaIIce, Moody, Williams, Kerce, DeWeese. COMPANY CADET OFFICERS CAPT. W. P. ROSSELLE IST LT. R. B. KERQE . 1ST LT. A. T. MOODY . 1sT LT. T. D. EVANS . IST LT. R. O. BREWER 1sT LT. G. A. LINTON . IST LT. T. F. WILLIAMS IST LT. L. C. SWICORD . C07lZ17ll17,H' Commazzder Comjzany Executive . . Platoon . Platoon . Platoon . Platoon . Platoon , Platoon Leader Leader Leader Leader Leader Leader ORDNANCE SECTION FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Staff Sgt. Bennett, Tech. Sgt Coons, Ist Sgt. Megeritchian .... SECOND ROW: Maj Waikart, Master Sgt. Hatt, Master Sgt. Justice, StatT Sgt Thomas, Staff Sgt. Chatham. i f GQ 4 'F' S 5 I II i.a-time I II II .Q u- COM PANY CAD ET OFFICERS CAPT. R. C. BROCK , , . Company Commander IST LT. J. C. HUTCHINS , . Company Executive 1sT LT. C. BUHMAN .... First Platoon Leader 1sT LT. J. R. SAXTON . . Second Platoon Leader IST LT. H. WATKINS . . Third Platoon Leader 1sT LT. M. C. TKEVINO . . Fourth Platoon Leader Y . I INFANTRY SECTION LEFT TO RIGHT: Lt. Col. Whife, Capt Irby, Staff Sgt. Sczesny. I I LEFT TO RIGHT: Trevino, Saxton, Watkins, Brock, I'IuI:cI1ins, Buhman 5 'E HF I T . ,,.j,r,z: HULL!! LMI EIIIIPS UF EIIGIIIEEIIS COMPANY CADET OFFICERS 1ST LT. R. T. GROSS . , . C0l7ZlItl11jIC011Zl1Zll77f!C7' IST LT. B. S, WARSHAW . , Company Executive 1sT LT. C. M. HUTCHINGS . . First Platoon Leader 1sT LT. P. T. EMMERS . . Secoml Platoon Leader LEFT TO RIGHT: Warshaw, Emmers, Gross, Hutchings, Graefe. ENGINEER SECTION LEFT TO RIGHT: Capi. Howard, Master Sgt WeIIs, Isi SgI: Janasiewicz. Sllilllil EURPS COMPANY CADET OFFICERS CAPT. M. R. DIXON, JR. . C0'7I'Ll7dl73f Conzzmzurlri' CAPT. J. A. JEFFERS . . Comprzny Executive 1sT LT. J. D. WILLIS . . First Plafoon Lender ZND LT. J. H. KOEN . , SPFOIHI Plafoon Lrarlm' p 5 CII! -f' SIGNAL CORPS SECTION LEFT TO RIGHT: Lt. Col. Quigley, Capf. Amason, Siaff Sgt Wappier. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dixon, Jeffers .... SECOND ROW: Willis, Nix, Koen, King, McGinnis. PEIISHIIIG RIFILES ,..,. II 1 if 'P aff, - f fe 'x -.2'!-5 N . - .IRMTS !i..CKX: - 5 - I LEFT TO RIGHT: Siegel, Blunt, Merritt, Deweese. COM PANY CAD ET OFFICERS CAPT. M. D. SIEGEL , Company Covzzmamler IST LT. P. D. BLUNT , , C071ZIJd11fjl Executive ' - ADMINISTRATION AND SUPPLY SECTION IST LT. W. A. MERRITT , . First Pl6lIf001'L Letlficfl' LEFT TO RIGHT: Maj. Burdett, Capt. Amason, Master Sgt Bartkiewicz, Master Sgt. Patrick, Tech. Sgt. Riel, Tech. Sgt ZND LT. H. E. DEWEESE , Second Plafoon Leader Williams, Tech. Sgt. Wilson, Master Sgt. Ellis. 194 PRESTON OFFICERS JOI-IN A. PRESTON Captain J. T. HOWELL, JR. First Lieutenant ANDREW W. REID Second Lieiizfenant JOHN W. ANDREWS First Sergeaflt MEMBERS L. A. ACUFF J. W. ANDREWS C. C. COLLINS R. COX G. N. DAVISON M. R. DIXON, JR. H. M. GRUMANN J. T. HOWELL, JR. J. C. HUTCHINS J. A. JEFFERS R. B. KERCE G. A. LINTON G. W. MATHEXVS, JR. H. H. NALL, JR. A. D. ODOM, JR. R. T. PENNINGTON J. A. PRESTON A. W. REID R. H. RICE M. D. SIEGEI. G. I-I. SPARKS, JR. STRRRRR R THE SCABBARD AND BLADE is a national military honor society whose membership con- sists of carefully selected cadet ofHcers of the advanced ROTC course who possess out- standing qualities of leadership and character. and who exhibit a keen interest in military science. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Andrews, Collins, Cox, Davison .... SECOND ROW: Dixon Grumann, Hutchins, Jeffers .... THIRD ROW: Kerce, Linton, Mathews, Nall .... FOURTH ROW Odom, Reid, Siegel, Sparks. 195 T H I l ll ...,, , CAPT. J. W. ADAMS, USN P.N.S. 'V ,funk--I f 'l f . '- 'f:,"-11561, j..ff'11a.' of.. - T NPHQ. Q. .:.1',a-- ' Lili M M N Amin' . X ,gi ffiiiw ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Lt. Cclr. M. K. Smiilw, Comclr. T. H. Henry, Capt. J. W. Adams, Lt. Cdr T. C. Williamson, Li. Cdr. F. C. Wyse, Capt. M. A. Hull lUSMCl. LEFT TO RIGHT: Allgood, Brown, Reynolds, Potis, Gouclie, Regislzer. 196 n 0 I c BHTTFILIIJII STHFF MIDSHIPMEN OFFICERS LT. CDR. T. D. NABORS . . . . Battalion Commcznder LIEUT. W. C. SHEAR . . . Battalion Sub-Commamler LT. fjgj R. J. KYLE . . . . . Battalion Adjzntant ENSIGN W. E. DEYERL13 . . Battalion Lieutenant CPO W. N. TAYLOR . . Chief Petty Ojfficer LEFT TO RIGHT: Shear, Kyle, Nabors, Deyerle, Taylor. 197 T. D. NABORS 1 1 2 R 2 5 1 I 4 si A 'l ? if if X? S' E 125'-'fc .41-' M12-fm?j:f'--'V .-5gff.',1y'f,i5S.-?fLT:- Y v .- ,iTT?i'?"f9"'lf ' ' , Q fri '.T:::-JT' 'fin 1. 22'r'f2m guga'f'c3'q: 31.1.-1:-V-247,-,''win'j"Z'jf3i-yi:-iff-:.f::,5 '-bzsjkgdgvvgfaz-Jw1:',' fi , if3"':'li'375"fQ.'f'l".i' 'iQi'75ai"" ' 'I99-.ii'15?2f' 1" ,--'P' f'iQ51,f": "Kf'f'.V -'T-I lf:fl11'2Q'l?'15II5WYe. ' ' '5iwi,lW:"i'.l1 2555955-A " . fue' f ' , A ll P v,f'-1'?-fmf':'-:fl Qu-"I'Jl::-vi: We fslfffan' fl aiflf-""' CF'1:::Q,ff1w ', 2-r L?if,:.'t1f.E1f'v.:fl-91121-1: .5 "J"'r1v"Tf2,L., ' fa J -' ":-.9 mf 'Al gl V'-",1-.zf-:'.:,, .Q.g3,u ffl? 'uvilifa-iie' 1 n.'i-Ya-::,2i"-vii -' jifvfgyfr 4, ' :x..'x,i-gl 11 -'pzqaff-..1.i:e1, 1' J. N.'l",'fI1ti.:. "g,yi2f1.fe-ip.-.-1-w,f:Y..42:i ', W ' Vi' ' v. ,,l1dg.. ,f ' IEQnr,::,l.: wp-arf f ,112'!nn'12aQ3f!f4fQ,-wht-Q geffx'-ffrnsw ll? '2'fgiQ1Zlj.:- ,1 .L g5:J'4fT:2,4' llf..'1I-.'5fgi.3Qg- H. ' A . f -I , 5-Lf: infw1g,-fL,-5'?'l,-.--53. gli.i.-,'!g:igl1if.'.,,'MEM: -,i'5f" ,. , - , ,, 'W 1' vg'il:L'g"j':mY, if' lil ffT'1T41'fg -Lwzil 'HIVNIQZ1-:Q 5g.ZjMggl fl j','g'Q,f"'I'-1:1 it 1g'3gg55:t55Q"l" ill 'dejgalg'-gli? ffqii!1'W'f'.iS13Q -,,f. . , lmff-1.fgaaiix-21.2.fl-ta433:13 -e ?"f"zll:': . ,f v ,L l a1w:,.E' -it gel lr! ff!-17-.-'wi ll IPR-'efll' lW'1f'14'i'1fUyf tu "5P1"' ling' W EP- fi" Tf -:,wl2:.mi' ?!l'f :'a"- I-Fr: ff'-,f3."7'r Qt " "Wt 'Q fwswssf ,I "Wil ' 'Z' ""FtTY'lFf1.l JYRA5' Wfi?:'C.-'1"'li2"'-""'.v: "?':'f.:I. "1"f-Simi-f2'ii,'5ff5"3"7F'ff:55'17 -'L ,- ZH' J- 'f'?"'4" 'ni-'-"3 H' ggi95,1-gagxrg1a5,3,3q1i-N55-friggin c "fQ,:5.?ii.fA?:'31ig3f' Ajbgggw:V-2,':1rill3rQie4f-'if-ff?15121345-3is:e.fQ5':1Q'5fm3'3e- a5s:l1a:.gjag.',r:e,.4g-+152:3,e3?iZ:if:!pks:,if.z.-igz' Fe L' :- fe The Navy color guard. The United States Navy presents a splendid oppor- tunity for young men who meet the rigid mental and physical qualiications for engineering degrees and commissions in the Naval Reserve. Classroom work under excellent instructors and summer cruises to foreign ports provide training for the future of- ficers of this great fighting branch. Tech Naval Unizfis undefeated rifle team. 198 -e,,:j3,f.- In , I' ' ' -' I, " ' " , ' H 1: 'A K ,Tx 1 'wp 7153155-a1?g,':1,j1gqgg7, v fws ., 1: , ' V , . f 1 V. i , . N . . " f ' Y -, if?.1n--fLfe3fffle?1e:l?4'f4f 9 03' All -' 1 ' ir' U - - ' - - ' " 4 ' if ' ' . 1- '. 'i ' ll l 'iii .. i ' 4 F el'iF?:9:5f3T-5ll3L?5YI'liiiflbfli'T 7'Fffff.'1'Q. ,' - HJ D ij V' '- Y' , ' " 4" " ' '- Q 'J , 9 , . ' 1 ll fl: u 4 v..1ig.g ' ' Q ' ' , N ' . ' . - , A- N - N q I .. ,s r' 11:A-1,.',w1f1-atj::e.ZQvhawm:rL , . V , V I Z , X , ., , . . ,, ft...v ,l HM rf -Y ,u D Q ' P . I H 1 ' . -' , . H 1 11 W l H f. QQ- 'w:,qft..:1,::gj1Jg: r , 1 ,L -Y: .1 ' , f X e 4 V V . X . 5 v ,, I , 1 'w,,,g,...f5s-'I-ax M., Q-5 V it , X V i Q' 1 . q A yu,-Es? iq'fs,':,,.,.f.'-,inf li f'4i5i."' i Htl 'W' 'Q 1 "' A ' ,' 51' ' , 7 : 'rl 'fi " an , ' f K' '11, fklflf :f'cil3ill"'f'3.ii' ' ,l,'yfn"-,'.- 1' J' f '- " ' ' ' I . '1N'lZLf1JYaf' : -1-Laws:-i,-4,,, - T ,H A, , , ,, ,- I , ' 1,..m,1ULaei,f-'iaml Higgs Georgia Tech is fortunate to have a regular Naval ROTC unit at this school. During the recent war thousands of oliicers who received their training here served throughout the World. The unit today consists of one battalion of two companies, and the school is extremely proud of the fine work being done by the Midshpmen, who serve while they learn. The Navy Band in forumfiou. Ll. Crlr. Wgfxe iusfrzrffirfg in Naval Sz'iwm'. Fyff J If-.53 A: ' rig' i:4.:.g l f' I TTS-:T FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Penningion, Marlin. . . . SECOND ROW: MacCuIIougI'1, Marlar, Paradiso. an Thr' Navy gefs the WORD. MIDSHIPMEN OFFICERS LIEUT. R. T. PENNINGTON . . Company Commanrler LT. fjgj D. E. MACCULLOUGH ENSIGN R. T. MARLAR , . . ENSIGN A. J. PARADISO . CPO W. B. MARTIN . . PO Ifc T. A. KITCHENS . PO Zfc E. G, SMITH . PO Zfc G. E. JONES . Plafoon Com1mzna'er Plrzfofm C011z1nander Plfzfoon C0T11111m11-del' . Compmzy CPO . Musieriffg PO . Musfering PO . Mzzsfering PO 200 W Group i71Sf1'1lCfi077V in Gu1111c1'y. LEFT TO RIGHT: Baros, Howell Klosterman MIDSHIPMEN OFFICERS LIEUT T. HOWELL . . . 'Colfzjmny COI7ZllN177llCI' LT. fjgj I. N. ROBINSON ENSIGN L. H. KLOSTERMAN ENSIGN W. C. MCGAHEE . CPO D. H. HALL . . PO lfc J. W. BAROS . PO Zfc M. W. OGLESBY . PO Zfc C. A. REAVES . . Platoon C0ll717ZdI7f!CV Platoon C0l7777Zdl7l1Ul' Plafoon Conzmanrlcr . C011zj1a11y CPO . NI'llSfL'7'i17g PO . NI7lSfC'l'f1Ig PO . MItXfUl'fI7g PO Hall, Reeves 201 H ow 111011131 things they my and do That never would occur to you." T RE ww., Q.. :N r sm www ,om f as Y V',- 1 ry 1-H , , " -' J , A f ' ' ., nz..-..Q 1 V- -- - 555' - - -- J. 1 CPAN , L an 1 ,Lf .fi ,-NJ. J, , . T3' ff' Q . 'fl Q Q ,Inq W- ' Le' 4' 'L ffr., VA, L ,Q x,, V L - Q. r -if 3.1 5 'QV ' 4 ,:"j1v 2, , ff diff, z nr uvdim., J 'ff-5.15,-.rd I .Q T--X: Y, ,.,.. 'kmffff-', . Q, 'J'- .,, ,JZ a Jp- ? 4, 9 f :WW , I n lit ff! . fx X, fl 1 l k lag Eval' ' sf ' I X fy gl T g :I bi-,lfxl 'l W- 542 el l ' l ly f i lf K , or N l l l C?gi2?JN t Z For :L l X :wishes 3235 'J FVOH1 ofolzolA11acu y ' LJ 5 F M V QAWF y E are deeply indebted to Milto C n aniff, creator of Terry and the Pirates? and "Steve Canyon" for judging the 1948 BLU EPRINT beauties. In his owii 'words .... "All of your fair ladies are so beautiful and such a pleasure to look upon I found it trying, indeed, to get at the task of calling them 05 by the numbers." l T Jlgamoiy .Myra ' TAMPA. FLomnA Jw . 1 4 1391 i l 9039? Q1 on-9 oF Aaah poi' , EV Goa" his? 'P WU s Y - . :,HEMR?'?fWf X 9jLt,iUz,51,,1.1GI'uE - , nmrrunm mmf, New .uxnsm " v A l . E, 01 .H Y l 1 ia., 'EQ i Wm, . , .c We , oc' 'cum Lkfer , 9'-sql, 1.14 . ,i 4 i'?f'V"ffwff I 5 -1479 . 1' Q1 Win , zoaom AMERXCU 9 . G fl' JZWWLWQ5 4, Z ,Z wff:m:?'l32' -f-iz' J Q4 if f , .lrmlaifiil fvs 'A 5s:t2':,f W:,,:g,:f I '. 2 miami A ni! - E sig, 1 Z X '.. ,Qin G" in Mm 562 mi iv . Wi 94 ,am 545132455 r-4z:'Pm:w.'s cgrwf. mass? 'gfxfwu ' 4"i6EaEa91f w- - N5 ff ' Q-f'NQ'177L+J 537' , ., -'f lf' 14 if W Miss CAMA CLARKSON for ERSKINE LovE Editor, BLUE PRINT 7 Y 1-fg:.,.rwf ,,,-sf-J' ' 3,7-JZ" 'W ggffe I JA 31-' f , , ! M," ,.,ssy'y fff f QV. '. .yy A N Miss ELIZABETH ELYEA for HUGH CARMICHAEL Business Manager, 1948 BLUE PRINT 0 MRS. HOSEA BATTEN f 0 1' I-IOSEA BATTEN 9 Mlss TUDY DISMUKE f 0 1f GEORGE MATHEWS 02 fa if if .2',,2' X! ,ff ',-, iQ h T '-A' fl ff' E X' .f P! I5 F VI, ,f f if f il afaffif if f mf f' ,ff X if ff --'Z ,f""",f:1 ,Liz xxx, Z! if ,X QL-Q' -5-J' Mlss ELIZABETH CHEVES f 0 1f BEN BROWN 213 . ,xigffifs ljzr " nf I kv. 2. 41 Wfe:a,vg..-fe,:!f-g'.'- ' ' X --f"J'?:f -- - - F , cl' ,-ff ,L 4 ff' ,, ., .. 2 - -Y .,.,,,1 3,,,g9:..,ff- w f L' ' ,ff ,.r F:.T:1:2x'f.L,g.. x . .' "'.., . L 'ei-r' S-.. 4. f ,f3.i'f' rg:-J . ,. -- -' . , If A ffflii' ri' ' . .L ,, - ,. 5- , L ,ff ie K' A d? " f , .-4'3" 4: .4 ,Z-'.4,'i, , V ' , '-wwf .vii . gf: -V f .V iii " L4'f 'L 'V f " ':' V1 L: 'Z' .5 -jj: ' 4-'Q' . ',' gy 1 ".'rf':. 71,- Mlss MARY KNIGHT f 0 r TOM ELFE MRS. BILL HEALY Q f 0 1f BILL HEALY' Miss ELIZABETH BEACH f 0 1' DICK ATCHLEY MIss MARY JEAN SMITH f 0 1' AL NEYY'TON MISS MARY ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM f 0 1' JIM GALEY 5 fffgfgfv .- af f"'fJ MA? ff - -" T Sf. T- I , H U ap 4 ff' Z!! X by X52 ,,b. 1 if . T14 f - RA A4 ff' , .-,N Ei.--R, 2 gm-.,1TRa1-.1--' W, f ' A- ':f'?5L:.15'4 A' ffffiv.. MRS. GORDON LEWIS f 0 r GORDON LEWIS R RR RRR4 . O E .3 ' :ff '.,i:w.':?'-fr? iff: - ' ' "' 'Z' 5. V ' ZA. ixlz E: Eg 'eifff-4 f ' ...Eli-Livfn--1YA'kQ::7"' V L - L - - --,gn- Q , . ' 57 A 1 .575 1151: ff Miss BETTY JO SAUER f 0 1' RUSSEL WATSON Dmcw 94 M Wm SLANTED PICS, TOP TO BOTTOM: The Beta Theta Pi wreck and decoration featuring Hell and a dog pound . . . An amusement park, completed with a "Spill the Milk" concession decorates the SAE! house . , . The ATO's cleverly operated mechanism diplaying the sign "We'II Sting Georgia's Butts" . . . TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pi Kappa Alpha enlarges upon Dante's Inferno by creating a three-legged football player and the flames themselves . . . Delta Tau Deltas posing beside and on their wreck . . . Right in front of the judges' stand the Pi Kappa Alpha wreck falls apart . . . The Phi Delts are up in the air about this wreck . . . MIDDLE, LEFT TO RIGHT: Delta Tau Delta's Johnny Rauch wiping "VJaiIing WaIIy's" eyes . . . Half time frolics at the annual Tech-Georgia freshman game . . . "It's a PRIVY-lege to "Beat Georgia" says the Chi Phi wreck . . . BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: Chi Phi steam roller paving the way to the Orange Bowl . . . Sigma Chi's first place ramblin' calculator . . . The boys really dis- played ingenuity on this one . . . The ATO-mic powered wreck, under the guidance of Commander Vevera, poses for its picture. i 218 Mech and physics problems were thrust aside as once again the spirit of homecoming prevailed on the Tech campus. The various and sundry fraternities which are so much a part of the social activities of the school went all out to decorate their respective houses with such appropriate slogans as "All bowls will shine come November 29" and "Weeping Wally will wail today"-which added much to the local color and enthusiasm of the students and faculty. Alumni returned to witness the efforts of a great Tech team stomp the Georgia Bulldogs 7 to 0. A parade of Ramblin' Recks toured the campus with the judges keeping a wary eye peeled. The novel and imagina- tive decorations were as usual nightmares dreamed up after a rough night at Duffys. The competition was close with Sigma Chi topping first honors. In all ir was typical of the great and glgrioug gqhogl Spirit that the students feel for their Alma Mater-the spirit which has helped make Tech the school it is today. That night a stimulating and riproaring shindig was sponsored by the Bulldog Club which featured the Auburn Knights, one of the outstanding college bands of the South. During intermission Anak tapped five prominent seniors for one of the highest honors at Tech. The auditorium was crowded to capacity by a gleeful crowd who had Watched its team cheered to victory that afternoon. It was the culmination of another momentous day for the student body. Eilfflfiiilla f Q r-1 219 fA I 4416 TOP LEFT To RIG:-1 , T: The SAE wrick of Bulldog Stew . . . Here's the Beta wreck in slow motion . . . The huddle before the Georgia game . . . Captains Healy and Phillips of Tech with Captain Edwards of Georgia look on as the coin is flipped . . . MIDDLE, LEFT TO RIGHT: The KA inferno with its barbecued Bulldog . . . Someone rumored that this is the Sigma Nu wreck: it's more like a Sherman tank . . . "I made ANAK oh h . . . . . , appy days." . . . "A rolling mountain dew" still, the jolly roger, and a small anti-aircraft gun make up the Phi Gamma Delta wreck . . . BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: The Phi Kappa Taus have a bathtub and a bottl 'F Kickapoo Jo J ' e o y ulce on their wreck . . . The balloons on the ATO wreck are helium-filled to keep it up . . . This wreck was personally recommended uy Dunc B Hind . . . . CIRCLE INSET, OPPOSITE PAGE: "Flash McKinney and th ' ' ' e Auburn Knights incomparable bandleader, Bob Hurston, talk it over-. 220 3' Mir I C,! THE BHH' PHIUI TOP INSET: Latin-Americans perform at the NROTC 'formal . . . TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: Buddah smiles on the froliclcing Architects . . . AtIanta's Hurt Park at night during IFC intermission . . . Are you one of the good brothers? Well, come on in and dance . . . No bow tie or big ears but he sings anyway . . . MIDDLE, LEFT TO RIGHT: This is the night lab for sixth year architecture stu- dents . . . Charlie Sorrells plays for the ANAK Blue Devil dance after the Dulce game . . . Sigs and dates sit one out at the Triad . . . BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: SAE officers and dates at their formal . . . "Gather round me every- body" . . . South Amer'ca, Take it away . . . The Army puts its best toot forward at the Military Ball . . . Bill making time with twin Bob's date . . . INSET, OP- POSITE PAGE: Gi-ve it to Jimmy Dor- sey's drummer man. 22 ,.. gl wx X M-My mf If 4A ft I i . 5. fl , XXL in W5 nr nun Times UPPER LEFT CORNER: Anybody got a light for John Husk- isson and his big pipe? . . . OFFSET: A congiomeration of male and 'female cheesecake at the Beta kid party . . . TOP: They say seven is a lucky number . . . BELOW, LEFT: Those inseparate two ..... Fiossie May and Rochester going BELOW RIGHT, TOP: ATO house C d through their paces . . . , ELOW, RIGHT, BOTTOM: Don a y parior dates . . . B gives instructions to cake-racing freshman. LEFT SlDE, TOP TO BOTTOM: Hail, hail, the gang's all At least one grandstancl quarterlsaclc has the spirit " t be adept at other ,.. .I W .fx Q, x 'Y KA ' jd '1 6 f E K f- L 'T' f 3 here . . . . , . "Tech's tenacious tackle proves o things . . . RIGHT SlDE, TOP TO BOTTOM: Whos the 'olcer in the crowd, Eddie? . . . The boys and girls with .I K Aces play for May Day Dance . . . F i .5 X 3 NSET: And ' Y., X' .y X jj K4 f l leather throats . . . Emory Old Black Joes at the ATO house . . . BOTTOM l Gordon dEdn't lrnow this was his wifel Bulldog initiation. 227 HS Tl OPPOSITE PAGE TOP , PIC: Close your mouth, Brooks, a fly might go in . . . LEFT: Cady .... the man of dis-stink-shun, and the other jellies . . . CIRCLE INSET: "May I have a piece of gum?" says Bill Broolcs date . . . BELOW, TOP, LEFT: B. B. Brown Icnows how to dish out that eggnog to the ATO's BELOW TOP . . . , , RIGHT: ATO house party plus on SAE . . . BOTTOM, LEFT: Santa Claus Vevera gives the photogs lace, no Iess . . . BOTTOM, RIGHT: The Dulce Blue Devil takes a rain-soaked beating . . THIS PAGE, INSET T . , OP: Glamour-boy KITIK displays three rows of teeth to the camera- man INSET BOTTOM . . . , : Dean Griffin, the cake, and the fast running Freshman . . . LEFT, TOP: Bull gets wheeled instead of shot . . . BOTTOM, LEFT: Kopp says "Cheerlead- ing ain't so bad!" . . . BOTTOM, RIGHT: Oh, h v th A-dyiggf. L v,-X K., . -:LL iw H i. 5 if--1,312 ff- . .. I, -f ,'-, " "A"':'I"'yj ' fi?-L 9 I-:Lf-A 460 - 'J 9H3::.,.'- H Y .i giigy , , V' -.. 1 if, I 5 vw H if- '- . If, W l "1-'ix is r ,X 3 r "va -I ' 3 ' 1 74 4 I, QI J . 13 ,I . 'Q ,fy 1"1 was" nku, f . gl . I I ' T IH 'Tl' ""' , 1 I W4 -'ff ,HI ful -ww' F' , J, If 1 ,A jfidu sa M vgiipgaivyff 'fin SJ' FM, H55 s y " A 1''rjf',,-,-1,-' , w w ' r,.A,,,,L+.,. :LIE JA . I T' 1 , 1- I fi r I' lllpvjgigdgh I M Ugfagwy -' VF' r film 14 K all' 1,51 o 1 ose whiskers tickle. 2 -AE Ilia THE BLUE PHIIIT NB1"0fh61'lO006i here in the stwmge world is the rich and Riifrest giving of life and the most wzliieclg N ot to be had for ci word or ii week? wishing." TER ITIE y-M. .Qi fV2X'4 f Q E 4. ,1-6... g ' ffggf ww-J-,L iz 111.1 A PM -1 - A - 1.- Z- ug, kg -'ug-. ' ' - fi w' . N mt L V-T 5 , --X M i r' -' ,Q-ff? 3' .F Us my 5 QR - W f gi? ' gf' .' .W - X ag, ' A s, 25, X .X 2 77" - -1 -f , ,J "' .W ' 1 7" 5' f - L, :iff " ' ' W .. . ' '- W : -f- . ,r u A Qami-1 'V if 1355. ' 'X v i. ' ' ,, H . ' u , F5 A ' ie' Wh In I ,Q ,pg ga 5. .u ,',,Qgf,,,-,,f , . , .Q K' 112' ' " h , -f '. V L - "' - V f , 4 4 .424 -.-if . - Vf - 'K' - 1, A-' C 5 - '- f-.yy--ax ,r ,v 32. . ,nl M - ' ,zvw .4 ' ' l '- . -"' 9' -1- VV T255 ' 7,3 IA 435 . A N t--7, Y ,' " I .-51. ' Y 1 Ii.-'+,,E,M , i , w Q QI- ' 3+ -I Y 1 mf-- ,v- 5 1 Ei V . A M I v ' 1- A -1? ,, B 4' ,V '. ' A, ,.. if -. I f f f. 4 Qu 'P ,, V- il-, lg'mf.f!f":1'f Tyggiiifli BROWN HOLLIDAY STUMBERG ALPHA EPSILON PI J. KRUGER J. H. SCHOENBURY ALPHA TAU OMEGA W. BLANCETT W. E. CARLISLE BETA THETA PI E. DUDNEY C. COOPER CHI PHI J.'T. FULWILER D. P. SHEPHERD CHI PSI S. W. SIMPSON D. STEWART DELTA SIGMA PHI R. S. DAVISON J. E. ROGAN DELTA TAU DELTA J. L. YOUNG J. E. LovE, JR. KAPPA ALPHA R. A. ROSE T. B. ELFE MEMBERS KAPPA SIGMA C. F. BRANSON W. C. MINK LAMBDA CHI ALPHA W. W. CAINES, JR. R. C. BAKER PHI DELTA THETA W. MORAN J. HOLLIDAY PHI EPSILON PI F. L. WOLF D. A. DELUGACH PHI GAMMA DELTA A. L. HENDRY H. M. MARSHALL PHI KAPPA SIGMA F. MooRE A. A. WICKLIFFE PHI KAPPA TAU H. R. BREWER H. RUPPERSEERG PHI SIGMA KAPPA W. R. JACKSON W. HENSELEY LOVE PI KAPPA ALPHA B. STUMBERG W. BENNETT PI KAPPA PHI B. L. DELoAcH W. E. CRAWFORD SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON J. MCLEMORE F. AVEY H. H. BRANTLEY SIGMA CHI B. I. BROWN J. W. LAY SIGMA NU R. F. ENGEMAN W. H. GREENE SIGMA PHI EPSILON E. C. ST. PETERY C. N. GERALD J. XV. SNEED, JR. TAU EPSILON PHI W. LIPPMAN S. MARX THETA CHI L. L. WILLIAMS R. WOODALL 232 B. I. BROWN , J. R. HOLLIDAY B. G. STUMBERG J. E. LOVE . . OFFICERS 4? . Presiden t Vice President . Secretary , Treasurer FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Avey, Baker, Bennett .... SECOND ROW: Blancett, Branson, Brantley .... THIRD 'ROW: Brewer, Caines, Carfisle .... FOURTH ROW: Cooper, Davison. The Interfraternity Council is the governing board for all fraternities on the campus. Composed of two representatives from each national fraternity at Tech and under the general supervision of Dean George Griffin, the Council controls all interfraternity and school-fraternity relations. It promotes inter- fraternity competition in sports and scholarship. As its major activity, the council sponsors two sets of dances each year-the first coming before Christ- mas and the last at the end of the school year. :fgz ABTAM EZHO E2 fp, To EX -Iig 'if- FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Deloach, Delugach, Dudnev, Elfe, Engeman, Fulwiler, Greene, Hendry .... SECOND ROW: Hensley, Kruger, Lay, Lippman, Marshall, McLemore, Mink, Moore .... THIRD ROW: Moran, Rogan, Rose, Ruppersberg, St. Petery, Schoenbury, Shepherd, Simpson .... FOURTH ROW: Snead, Stewart, Wickliffe, Williams, Wolf, Woodall, Young. 233 ZETH CHFIPTER ALPHA EPSILON PI originated at New York University in 1913 and in its eventful his- tory has expanded to every section of the country. The Zeta chapter Was reactivated at Georgia Tech in March, 1946, and in its short period of activation has vigorously entered into school activities and climaxed the past year by dedicating its new fraterni- ty house to the memory of Harold Rubin, a brother who died in the war. The future of the Zeta chapter looks very promising with the addition of a large pledge class and the completion of a large dining room annex in which to provide all the com- forts of home and a place for recreation. SOCOL FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RlGHT: Bach, Balaban, Baros, Basewiez .... SECOND ROW: Becker Benatar, Brand, Bulbin .... THIRD ROW: Cemaj, Chaiken, Diamond, Edelman. . . FOURTH ROW: Feinberg, Gillman, Goldberg, Goldberger. MEMBERS M. BACH N. FEINBERG I. MILLER D. BALABAN B. GILLMAN B. MINTZ W. BAnos H. GOLDBERG B. MOGUL L. BASEWIEZ W. GOLDBERGER I. ROSENBERG H. BECKER G. GOLDSTEIN A. ROSENTHAL L. BENATAR I. GUNSHOR H. SAGER I. BRAND I. HECHT M. SCHINDLER S. BULBIN I. KELLERMAN J. SCHOENBERG A. CHAIKEN J. KRUGER H. SKOTNIK J. CEMAJ S. KUBITSKY L. SocoL M. DIAMOND M. LEVITT C. SPIELBERGER L. EDELMAN I-I. Liss N. STURM H. ELSENBERG B. LOEWINSOHN B. WEINREB L. FRIEDMAN B. MALIN S. WILLS Clockwisez Bro'l:herIy Iove. . . The show's on the rocks. . . Six hils and 'cwo misses. . . The stalwari bottle babies FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Goldstein, Gunshor, Hecht, Kruger, Kubifsky .... SECOND ROW: Levitt, Liss, Loewinsohn, Malin, Miller .... THIRD ROW: Rosenberg, Rosenthal, Sager, Schindler, Schoenberg .... FOURTH ROW: Skotnik, Spielberger, Sturm, Weihreb, Wills. OFFICERS L. SocoL . .,., . H. SKOTNIK . , . . .. ,-, N-, ., :il W A. ROSENTHAL ,.,. . . ll I . S. KUBITSKY . . jpglgnti , 5 . . President Vice President , . Secretary . Treasurer 235 ,.lfl'I.iE EEI b -A "'2pqi35?Sl-. 'Tfu "i I ,"iQ.2l,,f.L..,--we -5 5' ,' 'I , 3 -I. :Eggs '1.f.e.4,- 1 '-J:n N A ", A",-5,wV A- -ig 1,3 Y---,,4,.... Jilpggf g CARLISLE OFFICERS . . . . Presicleni . . Vice P1'6SitliE'17f . . Secretary W. E. CARLISLE R. F. HORSLEY E. W. Kopp . . . H. S. HOLTSINGER ,,.,,. , , Treasurer EEIIIIGIII BETII IIITII IIHIIPTER Founded at Virginia Military Institute on September 11, 1865, Alpha Tau Omega has grown and expanded until there are now 101 chapters and a total member- ship of over fifty thousand. The Georgia Beta Iota Chap- ter Was the first national fraternity to be installed at Georgia Tech, having been granted its charter on Sep- tember 18, 1888 bef e if -- -. s opened. Always strong in a-c uric ar I ivities the chap- ter is Well represen O K, I au eta Pi, the Bull- dog Club, the Ra f cl s, II nd the publica- tions staifs. V The house parties at Camp Cherokee, Senior Banquets, the Spring Formal, and many other parties give the chapter a very active social year. Hard study keeps up the scholastic standing and intramural sports and social activities combine to give the members a well-rounded college life. Left: Those Miami boys polish up that Chevvy .... Right: Tucker gives a ticket to Williamson and the ATO wreck. were AQ' 55 Ng sf M FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anderson, Austin, Ayers, Babcock. . Blancett, Bond .... THIRD ROW: Boone, Brinkley, J. L. Brooks, Brown, Brushwood, Burke, Caffey ..., FIFTH ROW: E. R. Clark, SIXTH ROW: Cooksey, Corridan, Cox, 236 NWQ . . SECOND ROW: Barfield, Barnes, R. E. Brooks .... FOURTH ROW. W. M. Clark, Cobb, Cochran. . . Curry. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Daffin, Darsey, Davis, Dawson, Emerson, Estes, R. Evans .... SECOND ROW: W. E. Evans, Felker, Forward, Freeman, Glover, Gray, Haley .... THIRD ROW: Hefiin, Hiliey, Hoilingswcrth, Holtsinger, Huskinson, Hutchins, Ingman .... FOURTH ROW: Ivy, Jervey, E. G. Jones, R. E Jones, Kemp, King, Kirkpatrick. . , . FIFTH ROW: Kitchens, Kopp, Lester, Maloy, Manning, O. R. Martin, W. L. Martin .... SIXTH ROW: Mathews, McLeod, Millar, Miller, Murphy, Murray, Nesbit. 237 X .. ,.. ..... . ,.,. .Q V. I i- ,un .C 2 Y , ,if . 7 f 4, P 4 J - . . 74854. ' 1 -:QC .tv ,. . vJv:.54.?Q:, v :saw l 5 . fp. 1- '. ' f - if. aliSE-921-Tf:f2,ii1?5ff3i5 -.fa-Fi '1 ss qs' Tl I Ni 5' igillz ,5....w:...fX g- X - N - g,-V-5112.52 -' ' - 3--iff' J-'-ab V - .. . ' ' ..'.:: ,I -- -!'H'Y4' . ' -. 1 i A A ,hiv 1 4 QV A. P . ,.,,. .. .. . U, . f -ip, - IR, , I " . . . . . ,,Z..I:f V V ' WG' . 'lifi' . . .. . , . A .1 V .V . - T' .wc ' L., ' ,V . V-iigl -' I X . .. -- . :.- .iw Xu.: ..: V1 . si: ' f ,f .- X - -. - ' iff' leg-5szzi'f:. '.-... x- we V . "1"M5?."'lsZ' ,- I t :V RE- I ' fi cfl- X I , ar... k??5.r.-1:V1,.1.gE-':1:- . S .Qc 1 .V ,,.,.g1 . 2 - 12 ' ' " ' " . ,V 'i , R- '- ' . Q ., ti- :'-Z1V:'is6:2:. sz. PMS N S .iaii:'gVg:ig' 0 ,wg A,g,w'g.'fV g.:i:i:ig13fg:i:'1.1255-:., 1. V V, -W ,-5 1- y ,Q -I wx I :im--i:5 . .fzZ?lK WI' .--2-.-.if .miMi..-.--VV....: - .. .- 11.32.-V,4..V-fi -...ii w. X ff Aff- W. X. N .. . .W 5 .. V 1-hi, ,P+ 7 -X, .V saawi-iw.. R I w X X 1:22 Qi.. i 'R-r,.X. :ascii :.12m'4 6"'N OE 'Q f FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Owen, Olliff, Pitma SE , .... . , , s, Saunders, Schulz .... THIRD ROW: Singer, W. T. Smith, J. K. Sparkman, Springs, Stanley .... FOURTH ROW: Summerour, Terry, Todd, Trimble, Tucker .... FIFTH ROW: X IN X i K O X 2 2 ? Q S xi . R gr. N X I X Ex .gxg I MEMBERS B. J. ANDERSON T. C. AUSTIN E. D. AYERS C. I. BABCOCK T. J. BARFIELD H. C. BARNES W. J. BERGMAN L. A. BETHEA W. BLANCETT R. E. BOND W. S. BOONE T. E. BRINRLEY j. L. BROOKS R, E. BROOKS B. S. BROWN F. P. BROWNE R. H. BRUSHWOOD H. G. BURKE W. BURROUGI-is W. E. CARLISLE W. H. CAFFEY J. S. CARUTHERS E. R. CLARK W. M. CLARK A. L. CLEMONS P. L. CLEMONS j. C. Conn V. Z. Coci-IRAN M. M. COOKSEY J. CORLEY J. CORRIDAN E. F. Cox T. CURRY E. C. DAFFIN J. F. DARSEY H. B. DAVIS L. Y. DAWSON C. L. DEADWYLER D. B. DUCEY L. C. EMERSON L. P. EsT:s R. EVANS W. E. EVANS G. M. EVERITT P. M. FELKER Vaughn, Vevera, Wagnon, Warren, Watson .... Just 5 Bunch of sixTH ROW: weiinauer, Wiggins, Wilkins, Williamson. ' Canoodlefs FORBES H. FORTSON R. FORWARD N. FREEMAN B. GLovER O. GORDON XV. GRAY T. HALEY HEFLIN HILL D. HILLEY HOLLINGSWORTI-I S. HOLTSINGER R. HORNE S.,I-IUEEARD C. I-IUSRINSQN J. HUTCHINS A. INGMAN T. W. IVEY B. D. JERVEY E. G. JONES R. E. JoNEs G. A. KEMP F. E. KENDRICK F. G. KING G. KIRKPATRICK T. A. KITCI-IENS E. W. KOPP K. LAWRINCE G. N. LESTER C. M. MALOY F. W. MANNING O. R. MARTIN W. L. MARTIN J. A. MATHEWS I. M. MCLEOD Q MEMBERS W. W. MILLOR J. D. MILLER J. D. MURPHY E. N. MURRAY K. NESBIT D. F. OWEN W. L. OLLIFF C. PAESEL P. PQNISTON J. PITMAN W. G. PLUMMER H. E. PURC-LL W. RABUN J. R. REICI-I J. R. IRI-IODES D. M. RYLE C. SAMS F. J. SAUNDERS C. SCI-IULZ SHEARER G. SI-IEARER S. SINc:R SM:TH R. SMITH T. SMITH SMITH H. SPARKMAN K. SPARRMAN A. SPRINGS L. STANLEY F. STEEDLEY R. B. SUMMEROUR D. W. TERRY THOMPSON C. TODD 5 1 fLiLIiTia'5+--::-E :L4 LQJZAAE -2 WIT 1 Q"-if: U' .- T T- 'A sg g gf i dsf f sa. fi 1: T1- Gaz: ,gg J. H. TUCKER J. J. VANDEVANTER R. VAUGHN J. E. VEVERA G W. VICKERY A. VINCENT . B. WADE J. B. WAGNON R R. WARREN J. WEITNAUER F. B. WENN F. B. WIGGINS G. WILKINS J. T. WXLLIAMSON R. L. WILSON R Woon A. W. WREN E. WYATT A. TRIMBLE Counterclockwise: Sweet Adeline In G 'Flat Noiice Thai: beer in the 'foreground Mes dames Housemoiher, President and Secrefary - .ef 1 xr I D 4 I in ' kt.. ' 4.1:-agli. -- ' I ,gal V 1 I if 4 ' 1 ' f Mr I . I. f ' W I . ,ers ,L 2 ,. EM... , . . wg,-3 , ,W .f I? . -E' 1 f . . FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Abshire, Allen, Alzchley, Bailey, Barnard, Barnes, Barron, Besrd, Belioccl-Ii, Benson .... SECOND ROW: Bryant, Buhls, Bunce, Byrd, Campbell, Cannon J. E. ADSHIRE, JR. C. K. ALLEN R. C. ATOHLEY R. L. BAILEY L. BARNARD, JR. G. L. BARNES A. V. BARRON, JR. W. D. BEARD N. I-I. BELLOCCHI W. L. BENSON W. P. BRYANT, JR. J. M. BUI-ILS BULL OFFICERS F. J. BULL . . . . . . Presidem' H. L. SHORT . . . . . Vice Presidenf I. N. BUNCE . . ...... Secretary G. L. BARNES ......,.. . Treusmfcfr E. J. I. N. J. C. G L. R. E. H. B. J. c. J. M. J. E. G G, C. J. T. A. BULL BUNCE BYRD CAMPBELL CANNON CAULKINS, CERNY CLAYTON CLEGG CDOBURN COOPER CRAMER I R. Caulkins, Cerny, Clegg, Coburn .... THIRD ROW: Cooper, Cramer, Crane, Creech, Daniel, Dillon, Dudney, Field, Flenniken, Garcia .... FOURTH ROW: Gardner, Gordon, Gregorie Hallman, Holton, Hughs, Hunt, Hygh, Janczys, Jennings .... FIFTH ROW: Judd, Kidd, King, Lynch, Madry, McBride, McDaniel, Minnis, Moores, Mosley.. em MEMBERS D. A. CRANE J. A. CREECH H. C. DANIEL R. L. DAVIS J. C. DILLON T. E. DUDNEY A. M. FIELDS C. FLENNIREN S. T. FRANKLIN R. G. GARCIA T. R. GARDNER F. A. GORDON D. G. GUINEE J. L. HALLMAN J. O. HAMMOND R. O. HAMMOND C V. G. HOLTON D. L. HUGGINS D. T. HUGI-Is V. D. HUNT G. J. HYGI-I W. J. JANczx's J. M. JENNINGS D. M. JUDD, JR. G. B. KIDD B. F. KING C. F. LYNCPI J. T. MADRY J. N. MOBRIDE H. L. MCCULLOUOH J. E. MODANIEL, JR. R. R. NICKENZIE R. L. MEER S. C. NIINNIS J. E. MOORES A. L. IVIOSLEY, JR. I l Aichley being pinned wlnere he needs it 'che mosf after 'l:l1a'I: slide down 'l:l'Ie bannister. , ,V ,- l FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Niles, Oakley, Patton, Perkins, Peth ,... SECOND ROW: Gllllllllll Elll EHHPTER BETA THEHTA PI is entering its 109th year of con- tinuous existence as a national social fraternity. Founded at Miami Un' er ' in 1839 as one of the Miami' Triad, it now -two chapters with a total membership o greg " -seven thousand. The local chapter, Gam installed at Tech in 1917 when Alpha P 1-Egg gi: ted a charter by Beta Theta LV,41.f!.B The Betas have represented in campus activities and organizations and have also been so- cially prominent, having numerous house dances and parties during the year. The social year was climaxed by the annual Beta Kid Party. -v, ' 1 Pool, Powell, Reger, Roberson, Saunders .... THIRD- ROW: Shores, Short, Smaller, Smith, Spyke .... FOURTH ROW: Stroud, Stuckey, Summers, Swenson, Trimble .... FIFTH ROW: Tucker, Wadsworth, Walton, Watt, Watters. I H. M. OAKLEN',.,lR F. W. N1LEs W. L. PATTON G. H. PERKINS, JR. D. H. PETH R. M. POOL G. E. POWELL W. L. REGER J. E. ROBERSON W. H. SAUND Rs, J L. W. SHORES H. L. SHORT A. D. SMAII.ER li MEMBERS R. H. SMITl'l H. H. SPYKE S. F. STROUD H. T. YSTUCKEY C. O. SUMMEas R. F. SWENSON A. T. TRIMBLE, jk L. K. TUCKER P. E. WADSWORTH, . J. D. WALTON, jx. J. D. WATT, JR. D. L. WATTERS H. WEISSENBERGIEIK J 43 Top: Our humble abode .... Above: Bull, Short, and drags .... Left: The architects' "come as you are" party. I ill," yi ' Ji i 1 l I 2 41 - ,.jE9Pc'fi' li "- ef ft" ,., .- f J f Hmm . 7 -.E'f?iiQ5.E 1 'if 5... .,,.,-'-rQ"T., -?f?',35"iV YY 0lllEliil EHHPTER CHI PHI, famous over the nation as the first Greek letter fraternity to be char tered, was founded at Princeton Univer sity on December 24, 1824. The Omega chapter was established at Georgia Tech in 1904 and was the first fraternity on the campus to own its own house. Chi Phi is represented in nearly every social and honorary organization on the campus as well as the athletic teams. Chi Phi enjoyed a highly successful social season with house dances, outings, Christmas kids' party, etc., entertaining the brothers. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anderson, Andrews, Carver, W. D. Clark, Coffman, Cone, Conway Curran SECOND ROW: Danielson, Dean, Dunbar, Durden, Eberhart, Ellis, Gaertner, Gibb .... THIRD ROW Gilham Gill, Goulding, Hanner, Harris, Hodgson, Holcombe, Howard .... FOURTH ROW: Howington, Howkms LeCraw Liles, Livingston, Marsden, McGinnis, Mealing. Counterclockwise: Those quizzes will never be used again .... Well, if you insist .... Conway must have a date .... Such interesting literature. K? "f FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mellen, Mayfield, Murphy, Nelson, O'Callaghan, Oglesby, Owens, Perry. . . SECOND ROW: Pottinger, Ragan, Rawson, Reed, W. J. Reese, Rollow, Schoening, Selman .... THIRD ROW: Shepherd, Sherry, Sites, Smith, Southard, C. R. Stewart, J. A. Stewart, Story .... FOURTH ROW: Taylor, Thiesen, Treadway, Wiedeman, Willingham, Wilson, Wise, Womack. I J. L. ABBET H. C. ALLEN E. L. ANDERSON A. ANDREWS W. G. BROWN J. CAIN D. CARLEY 7 R. W. CARMICHAL J. F. CARVER D. D. CLARK W. D. CLARR M. CLARRSDN C. M. COATES R. B. COEPMAN T. W. CONNALL S. M. CONE A. H. CONWAY F. R. CURRIE D. CURRAN W. D. DANIEI.soN G. DAVIS L. G. DEAN G. B. DUNBAR D. DURDEN A. S. EEERHART R. L. ELLIS C. C. MEMBERS H. ELLISON A. EWING J. T. FULWILER P. GAERTNER J. R. GIBB H. L. GILHAM S. R. GILL C. H. GIRARDEAU R. GOULDING T. G. GREEN R. I-IANNER R. HARRIS C. W. HEAD R. HODGSON J. B. HOLCOMBE T. HOWARD J. H. HOWKIN5 J. C. HOWINGTON J. JOHNSON V. LECRAW M. LOCHRIDGE W. LILES M. C. LIVINGSTON D. R. MARSDEN J. MANKIN F. W. MARKS F. Y. MATHEWS C. MCGINNIS J. W. MCMANUS M. C. MCMIJLLEN T. MEALING S. B. MELLEN G. MAYFIELD C. C. PJIURPHY C. F. NELSON B. L. O'CALLAOI-IAN M. L. OGLESBY R. H. OSGOOD M.xM. .O'SULLIvAN F. O. OWENS H. PALMOUR, III R. PERRY A. POLLARD S. POTTINGILR R. RAGAN C. RAWSON C. E. REED A. F. RTESE W. J. REESE T. A. ROLLOW RYLANDER SASNETT W. SCHOENING SELMAN P. SHEPHERD B. SHERRY SITES E. SMITH SOUTHARD S. STEVENS R. STEWART A. STEWART L. STORY SURPI-I TAYLOR THIESEN W. A. THOMPSON W. L. TREADWAY WEAVER W. WHITE WIEDEMAN W. WILLINGHAM A. WILSON WISE WOMA cx OFFICERS J T. FULY R si Vice Presi 15 D. P. SHEPHARD Secrfetmfy E. L. ANDERSON TTe6lSZLl'6T FU LW I LER .gl l lll'lllll1li"- . ' :ei l A T vi! . H . U1 1155515 I 1 , -al l I' A' . - , 0 f , , , f 1 X . ,r 7 g, X .. ,. 4 54 32 'Y 3' v . -1.1 . -, f?-Sjfs7,'Q - ' .1542 ' '31 ' 7, 49,5 '11 'M '12I2Ei':' 21271515-.,jg, ,A 445.52 ,' Q xv , -1:f4,5f,:-:,--:.- , 1' 39. ,1 'gx::5y,gg:?3i:zgs' fiewf...f.f.,, V .1 s A., A MX .-1. '127J".1Q,.'2, -Y? .X A g.:g1::gg11.e::q:j: e,.X,gQ,59:1 vgsvf -as ,-.g,:,,.,5,,.:: 'idzfffzfze f -- He-fiff'-342'-wr 'wks m y , '14 1-:::':1f:E:1.I -we-,ew , it 'ez 2-ci zftfbvv '.:i5 M ' 'ILSCEE5 ga eegffpii R-ff . n W - , 16 e:p.-1:-gag-qu Mggmfgg--A., s, ,- fe 25 ,.4-, - 4,37 1-gy-,,.,,. f - V --Wm . -, 4 - . -1:-' -.m:4:sz:5:f:3:E' f ' .-wp-.owe-sm:'1-s ' -pg. , " ' ' '- BARNUM CHI PSI IIITII IIEITII EHIIPTEII CHI PSI was founded at Union College on May 20, 1841. It was the fifth fraternity at Union, where the Greek letter fraternity originated. Chi Psi soon spread through New England colleges, and, by reason of the fact that many of the members of Chi Psi were Southerners, chapters were soon established in the South. Iota Delta Was established at Tech December 15, 1923, and is now one of twenty-five chapters established through- out the nation. Chi Psi encourages a Well-rounded college life for its men, and a two hundred dollar scholarship is awarded yearly to the man with the best scholastic record. Sports, organizations, and other campus activities round out a full college program. Informal dances, house parties, and costume parties maintain the social nterests. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Brownlee, Culver, Dasher, Dobbins, Green, Hansen .... SECOND ROW: Haqrdy Harris, Holladay, Johnston, Kretcham, Lashley .... THIRD ROW: Luby, Nisbet, Piotrowski, Reed, Schwahn Simpson. 2214 3 C"?J ' L Q1- -1- Go I I.. Ll OFFICERS H. M. BARNUM President GR Vi Presicl M. L. S. HORNBROUGH, JR. Secretary M. PIOTROWSKI Treasurer FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Skellie, Smythe. . . SECOND ROW: St R ewart, Thornbrough. . . . THIRD OW: Yarbrough. H. M. BARNUM J. L. BROWNLEE R. M. CULVER G. E. DASHER J. S. DOBBINS W. F. DOWMAN E. S. Fox W. M. GREEN E. G. HANSEN H. F. HARDY MEMBERS S. R. HARRIS W. M. HARRIS G. B. HINSON bl. O. HOLLAXIDAX' R. E. HUGFIES C. M. JOHNSTON F. C. KRETCI-IAM W. L. LAMB, JR. E. LASHLEY, JR. R. E. LUBY 245 Top row, Ieft to righi: Harry, Shirley, and Dick smile for the camera. .A . . Summer session barbecue .... Left: Chi Psi Lodge .... BeIow: Part of tI'l3 gang poses during HaIIoween party. 'IIIIII I I LZ MI a i Iii ,A Y 1 ' - wi is F r s'fl""IiIiiiIi'E:5 gg . II I i II . as ,i x- IIIII q'IiW R. C. NISBET A S. M. PIOTROWSKI R. C. REED S. W. SIMPSON A. C. SKEI.I..Il3 A. D. SMYTI-115 R. B. STEWART F. SCFIWAI-IN M. L. THORNBIQCJUGII, Alli. -I. B. YARBROUGH nlvunaisnmmn cnnvren THE ALPHA GAMMA chapter of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity was founded on the Geor- gia Tech campus in 1920. It Was originally known as the Soldiers' Club because it was organized by veterans of World War I. Within a modest residence the Alpha Gamma house boasts one of the most modern interiors on the campus. The entire first floor of the house was remodeled last year, largely through the work of the active members. The interior decoration has been pronounced unique by all who have seen it. ' Delta Sigs maintain a membership sufficient for participation in all phases of fraternity activity Without expanding beyond a size suit- able for close fraternal communion among the brothers in the Bond of Sphinx. In addition to the usual fraternity affairs, members have been active in all phases of extracurricular activities. ROGAN X. AMBRosIo BARQUIN B. BAYLEY, Jn. J. CARROLL DAVISON S. DIVINE W. ELLENXVOOD GLUYAS W. I-IENNINGS JOHNSON D. JULIAN KALCOS 246' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ambrosio, Barquin, Bayley .... SECOND ROW: Carroll, Davison, Divine .... THIRD- ROW: Ellenwood, Gluyas, Johnson. MEMBERS F. W. KOINIG H. LINDSEY J. D. LITTLEJOI-IN C. MAIOCCO B. NOEL R. Novmc H. OSBORNE J. PEDULLA J. P. Reeves J. E. ROGAN J. SACKBLLARES J. N. SCANDALIOS E. Scnoccms SPITLER W. STAPLETON C. STAPLETON H. STEMIIEI. TORCASSI H. TYLER VALLEJO . J. VAN SUETENDAEL, III C. E. VIIEDENBURG . W. WILKINSON M Top: Herein dwell the sons of the Sphinx. Middle: Some of the actives 'calung ii:-eiasy .... Botfom: He must be a rushee or else she wouldn'I: be looking at lum like that f 7 I , ,N V, ,.,, 7 ' I2 . , .gi S512 . iid ! R I NM I 1 A b I X1 f 'Y ?W I4 Q f 0 - 7: e A l - . Wfxf ' f I ' 5 iii-Ei?" "I:E"?"' . ziuffqyf 3' , bi " - ,f.5H5's , 5 . Q. . , Q X cj we f x ' V -15 X 1 yi? J 1 f ox eff V ff 'W 3 f v X X fb V 1 J R f ' Q 0 W X M ' f 1 .-.. .-.. , , ,. I., :R W X 395 f .. M f T f f f N ye! f X ex , ff N Av! R f 1 41 y S Move I fgi 1 f 1 1 NN 4- I-I-1 xw fwaf k , , 2' , eff X A X . ,. Novak. . . FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Llttlejohn, Noel, Sackellares, C. W. Stapleton .... THIRD ROW: Stemp OFFICERS el, Torcassi, Vallejo. SECON D ROW: Reeves, . . President l W , , Vice President J. E. ROGAN . .,...... T . R. DAVISON . . . . , E: .1 J. H. STEMPEL . . A . V. X. AMBROSIO .....,... . , X1 , . . Treasurer . Secretury Left: Norih Fulton beer party. FOI Y 4525 , . ef I f f ,KJ ,N f.-v,2ijl,U: ,M i.'iZ'J.LL.'T.L"4 I " wmvfwieew F3 .L-372 EL l ee . AML. ' 'I"' " me I IIW?I'Il1f"21 i?"1f?'? Eu -I' .Ji .I I I I' fill "Es-"'fxff5iv'..,4Qza: 'S-11 ' ,,.'x5V,. ll 247 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barre, Bell, Bize, Braidwood, Bridgewater, Browder, Bryan, Buran, Christian, Cochrane .... SECOND ROW: Coleman, Cope, Cromer, Cusack, Dean, Doyle, Eastwood, Elsinger, Ervin, Farley .... THIRD ROW: Fiske, Gibson, Gray, Greaser, Greene, Griffith, G. G. Hallman, N. M. Hall- man, Hedrick, Janney .... FOURTH ROW: Johns, Johnson, Johnston, Jordan, Lish, Love, Matthews, McCamish, Minton, Morrow. YOUNG OFFICERS J. L. YO G . V. J. D J. D. RAY . . D. W. BRAIDWOOD . P resid en t President Secretary Treasurer K. M. BARRE J. T. BIZE, JR. B. E. BOSWELL J. I. BELL D. W. BRAIDWOQD J. R. BRIDGEWATER T. J. BROWDER R. C. BRYAN, JR. W. W. BURAN P. S. CHIVINGTON J. E. CHAPMAN, III G. M. COLEMAN C. L. COPE J. A. Cocl-IRAN13 C. L. CHRISTIAN, JR. W. M. CROMER, JR. D. W. CUSACK S. L. DEAN, JR. V. J. DOYLE D. W. EASTWOOD J. H. ELSINGER E. K. ERVIN MEMBERS H. P. FARLEY J. F. FISKE T. A. GHORISILEY M. GRAHAM J. D. GRAY R. R. GIBSON R. XV. GREASER XV. T. GRELN3 R. GRIFFITH G. G. HALLMAN N. M. I-IALLMAN 7 T. N. HARIJIN I. M. HEDRICR A. B. JANNEY W. J. JOHNS J. E. JOHNSON H. C. JOHNSTON P. JONES NV. P. JORDAN E. F. LISH J. E. Lovrs D. K. LUDWIG I I ls it a bird -is it a comei-No, i'c's our McCamisl'l, Smith, Love, Bryan and others wreck. lounging in the house. 248 Gllllllllll PSI EHHPTER DELTA TAU DELTA was founded in 1859 at Bethany College, Virginia and has grown and prospered through the years to where it now stands securely with seventy-five active chapters throughout the nation and over ru - e , - a a umni. The Gamma Psi Chapter of I . -1-q "" was established on the Tech campus ' '-1 'f 1. Advocating an ei soil: ife for its members, Gamma Psi has 1- ' a.' v Fw ayed that spirit on the Tech campus a 'I .5 1 - in Anak, O. D. K., Student Council on S -.. . I T, Technique, and Yellow Jrzekef, a well as having four Delts selected for W100's Who in 1947-48. The social aspects of fraternity life were again realized to the fullest with buffet suppers, hayrides, informal dances, house-parties and the annual Delt Artists' Ball. Rounding out a full year of activity, the Delts participated in all intra-mural sports. 4' Rig' .X FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mullis, Nelson, Penn, Player, Reiser .... SECOND ROW: Robertson, Salter, Seeger, Severinghaus, Shipley .... THIRD ROW: Sims, Smith, Snelling, Strange-Boston, Tringas .... FOURTH ROW: Usher, Vanderbleek, Vaughn, Wilkins, Zalanka. 945827 MEMBERS J. E. MATTHEWS H. F. ML-CAMIS1-1, JR. J. T. MINTON K. R. Monnow C. W. MULLIS F. H. MUsc1-TAMP P. N. NELsoN F. L. PENN W. H. PLAY: R J. C. POWELL J. L. ROBERTSON C. E. SALTER K. SAUNDERS L. B. SEEGAR N. SEVERINGHAUS, JR. W. J. SHIPLEY E. D. SIMKINS W. H. SIMS J. R. SMITH J. R. SN LLING D. ,L. STANGE-BOSTON W. E. R'IsE1x J. C. TRINGAS D. W. U51-TER J. VANDERBLEEK R. VAUGHN J. WILKINS F. N. XVILLINGH.-Uv! J. L. YOUNG E. ZALANKA, Jn. l sfgg. ' . E10 , -, ,, 'LE' X: 5 '15 :--l F Top: Editor Love perched precariously on the T ,.-ffm ' f- f T sofa discussing nuclear physics .... Above: Don Usher seems to be enjoying the straight-armed dance .... Left: Notice Gray modeling the bow tie-and he's no architect. 2-lf! J' L' EE IW 1 Fu r .HJ 1 MEMBERS n y' A "rdf -.. fix .f Q .I f fg- , A-.. 2 '. T' 1 ifijie. . . 3, Ill, . fs- . I ' 1 55. 5- ' .zigggr fij -5 " L -7. A ig drm M if J i T-7 fir" 3'-'T I- , TA I- .3 gf' 'O if 2 .4 115 - . . .,..--....,.., ,. .L - J. H. ADERI-IOLD S. M. AUSTIN T. A. BARROW L. H. BECK M. W. BONWELL R. A. BOWEN W. T. BROOKS C. C. BROWN J. F. BRYANT F. L. BUTLER, JR. C. T. CAMMACK J. C. CAMPBELL J. F. CARTER J. G. CHASTAIN R. W. CHEATHAM D. P. CONE W. A. CONNER J. J. CONOLEY, JR. J. J. CORDOVA N. J. COUCI-I R. A. CRAIG W. H. CRANDALL P. M. CRAWFORD J. E. DAVIS R. T. DEDWYLCR W. E. DEYERLE H. S. DIXON T. B. ELPE K. A. ERICKSON R. S. FARMER J. L. FENTON C. R. TRIERSON J. FULLER S. L. FULLER Y. K. GAYLE HALL A. T. GIBBONS R. M. GILL J. D. HALL J. C. HAYS G. W. HEAD, JR. J. L. HENDERSON E. T. HENRY H. L. HILL R. G. HILL ' F. S. Cl-IALMERS, JR. W. E. I'IINES J. R. HINTON T. E. HORNE E. HORNE, JR. A. E. HORROCKS W. B. HOUSTON G. W. HYRNE, JR. G. A. JARRARD J. B. KALMBAOI-I J. M. KE'LIN S. B. KELLEY W. T. KING D. E. B. R. H. A. D. W. C. H. B. G. F. R. A. E. G. C. E. G. P. D. J. T. J. F. D. KINNETT KUYKENDALL, JR. G. KYLE G. KREILING H. LANGSTON R. LANSING I. LEE J. LUCKETT G. LYLE, JR. W. MACLIN K. MADDOK D. MALONE W. NIANICE T. MARLAR H. MARTI-IENS G. MARTIN D. MAY J. MCCOMMON W. MCDANIEI. S. MCKINLEY G. MCKINLEY C. McN'IL L. MCPHERSON C. MEREDITI-I B. MILNER MITCHELL H. C. MOORE C. P. MORETON A. MORGAN J. C. MONAGHAN B. M. MEYERS D. L. NEIGI-IBORS E. K. NELSON C. D. C. J. J. J. T. B. NEWTON R. NIMMOcKs T. NIXON S. NOLAN W. NOLAN W. PAGE O. PATTON D. W. PINKERTON W. T. PORTER H. J. PR:cE T. B. RAY G. T. RICE R. H. RICE A. L. ROBERTS L. H. ROBERTS P. A. ROSE R. W. RUSSELL E. L. SI-IIELDS W. D. SHIPPEN S. R. SIMCOX J. M. SLAUGI-ITER E. H. STALL B. M. SMITH G. E. SPIVEY B. M. STEVENS, JR. C. A. SWEETS P. E. TALLEY J. A. TAYLOR P. E. TEAVER M. D. TILLER G. M. TI-IOMAS R. B. TIPPETT J. TROWBRIDGE B. L. WALKER C. WALKER J. R. WALTERS J. C. WEEE L. H. WEBB W. A. XVI-IITESIDE K. W. WHITTINGTON T. S. WILLIAMS C. C. WILKS B. H. YAWN C. B. YOUNG . RW. Q' The wreck rearing up on i'cs hind wheels. Our houg parfy, 250 ' 1 , 'Y 'W Y 5 Q, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Aderhold, Austin, Barrow, Beck, Bonwell, Bowen, Brown, Bryant .... SECOND ROW: Butler, Cammack, Campbell, Chalmers, Chastain, Conner, Conoley, Cordova .... THIRD ROW: Couch, Craig, Crawford, Davis, Deyerle, Elfe, Erickson, Farmer .... FOURTH ROW: J. Fulmer, Gayle, Gibbons, Gill, Head, Henderson, Henry, H. L. Hill .... FIFTH ROW: E. Horne, Horrocks, Keelin, King, Kinnett, Kuykendall, Kreiling, Langston .... SIXTH ROW: Luckett, Lyle, Maddox, Malone, Marlar, Marthens, May, McCornmon .... SEVENTH ROW: McDaniel, P. G. McKinley, McNeil, Milner, Moore, Moreton, Mona ghan, Myers. 'Wy Y , -if M-W I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Neighbors, Nelson, Newton, Nixon, J. S. Nolan, J. W. Nolan .... SECOND- ROW: Page, Pinkerton, Porter, Price, Ray, G. T. Rice .... THIRD ROW: R. H. Rice, L. H. Roberts, Rose, Russell, Shields, Shippen .... FOURTH ROW: Simcox, Slaughter, Stall, Smith, Spivey, Sweets .... FIFTH ROW: Talley, Taylor, Tiller, Thomas, Tippett, Walker .... SIXTH ROW: Walters, L. H. Webb, Whiteside, Wilks, Young. OFFICERS D. HALL . . . Presidemf B. ELFE . , Vice Presirlenf A. ROSE . , , , Secretary H- ADERHOLD . . 'll-'l'C'llS1't1'z'?'l' 252 I Y-39.11 "RiliF-Rafi 4'-F -V Wf-if W'Y7"FT353W Tri?-'5"?1iT1"""-fair . -27 iflfhlff' .- f . irhifgxigg --mn,.-ffE1a.-eff:7lG-i1.2.-.gk -, . to .eE1:f,-f"f-" ' Q V' f' ., . . f ..r-.f - - 1- .,,f .a-::.-, H.-,..,7i:....5:A - :,,3.,g,.i7k-g,-.i2- 1 A .a - '- .5 J, ,val . r' fy.-1 ,, - T' - 1. . 7-Q' Tilt - L-,::,'i5iit5173f1""1555" " gdff-5','r',.'ij-wif, .11 I-.fQ:'iQ.vc1' l' " il.-. A- . U3 JS?-' - gif, 3 .- ,- Y Tltifit-' . ...'Js23f'5 ' "iv 1 I ,. 129125 ILT' , gf ,,' ..' ,, p3",f lf"-' . . .5 V --:ef 5 'Z' ' .-L:",,::f'-wi ,vi .cel '-1- 1:"1'. "":-if 41 Qfz, ',-'-:f'r:,.. ,zi -, L5 'g:'- ,:.,:,-. - . " g .. We ,. ,1 'f' ,,-C, . fr' f' ' - - ' -' 1 r. 'Tl:"ii5,!g. 5'1' f'-g"7'i1"g3Tl'fif!N,:1, ' ..-5F513i'-'.1 if: fjiigffgf.---' 'ifiiliiggf-m 'il Pl.'.,1'Q FM ,i 'f 'ri -:Q -. -""'ivf5' -' ' - ' 'Tj-7 .f 'T ' ' 4 - 1 ww fr .-. .:, --if-f.. if, ,7,g--11.-.,-- if-a--in-,:A,,1g:a:1,.,73,f' ,. - , , . ::.'.f," '.: Lg. ,. . ' J ' , '. - - f- ,f -A - f liek-1:--Eff'r65Zr'2lEfiE4-.::-'1z iisewf s1iffefF'iff:E1'g5Jf'T :'f1,'1iff.' 'L is , wi 'r.',:,f-png-:.'.',1Fw'fl.f':f'I7" - ' - . 11 - . f - "gif" -fir ' .. .. V' 4,31 4 L HLPHH SIGHIFI EHHPTER THE KAPPA ALPHA Order was founded in 1865 at Washington and Lee University. All of its sixty-seven chapters are located below the Mason-Dixon Line, extending from the East Coast to the West Coast. The fraternity has over 30,000 alumni who form 82 Alumni Chapters. The chapter here on the Tec il c pus 'f f founded in October, 1899 and has initiated over 700 men fi ' T me .,, are prominently identified with the social, scholastic, and i tl' activities of the school. Traditional social functions of Alpha Sigma are The Convivium, cele- bration of General Robert Edward Lee's birthday, the formal dance during the winter quarter, and the annual house-party in the mountains of North Georgia. Upper right: Our mansion in the snow .... Right: Sonny Stevens and Dedwylder compare notes. 253 First row, left to right: That ain't our house, but Lansing and Gill wish it were. . . . It can't be that bad .... Second V row: Star trio gives forth .... Santa f Claus Bailey disconsolately watching the kid Christmas party. Fi ' " f- - w i i'f,p.yff7,?lge:gwIm5ggi " ' 1. - - - . . f.,,' .-ff-.'g-gp , 1 . -A ltima-e2.ftQ l.:2e2v.:4ffe . , , , l ,-,Si fegvjlai- -QWQ if.,l'1:?E.-Ifliggifyiali, A-f ' - 'f .filslvx i '.:P,.Q."H 5-q.:,.If...12dQiz . - ' , . -iggtfgqfluggifi . . ,i Y N , K. , 1 I z j25:,.,.fL.g,g- i' :pq -j.g3.5gQyf:'.: rn ...W., .2,-.,t.,..- -.,.,, 1 ..r.a.,,. W....s..- -ir V HLPHH THU EHHPTER THE KAPPA SIGMA fraternity, founded at the University of Virginia, now consists of 115 active chapters throughout the United States with chapters in Canada and Hawaii. The Alpha Tau chapter was chartered in 1895 and is one of the most active fraterni- ties on the Tech campus. This chapter, in addition to stressing scholarship, encourages participation in extracurricular activities and has placed men in key positions in many campus organizations including athletics. In keeping with Georgia Tech's expansion program, we are plannng a new and larger chapter house which will be constructed in the near future. We are fortunate in having a very active alumni chapter in Atlanta which is highly interested in this chapter and its progress. Numerous dances, house parties, and picnics have highlighted our social activities. One of our outstanding social events is the annual Kappa Sigma Black and White Ball. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Allen, Ashley, Attaway, Barber Barnett Barney Berryman SECOND ROW Biles, Branson, Brown, Bruce, Bruner, Calhoun, Damioli. . THIRD ROW Daniel Davison Dnckert R Elliott W. F. Elliott, Forester, French ..,. FOURTH ROW: Fulton Galey Gillespie Goodman Grnner H mes J R Harris lT": Countercloclrwise: Beauties shade our beast, UMOC, Galey .... Eating is also one of the essentials .... Ancl he looks at the camera. . . . New measurement of well plotted grounds. 254 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hawkins, Head, Hill, Howell, Hughes, Johnson, Jones, Lane .... SECOND ROW: Lee, Lichty, W. A. Little, Malone, McKay, Mink, Morton, Neese .... THIRD ROW: Perry, Powers, Ray, Reeves, Roberson, Roberts, Sanders, Schroeder .... FOURTH ROW: Serralles, Steed, Stephens, Stine, Sturgis, l T H. ALLEN J. E. ASHLEY J. J. ATTAWAY A. W. BARBER D. BARNES R. B. BARNES P. G. BARNETT W. F. BARNEY G. L. BERRYMAN R. L. BILES C. F. BRANSON R. W. BRISENDINE D. D. BROWN J. R. BRUCE W. BRUNNER W. P. CALHOUN J. L. Conv B. DAMIOLI H. H. DANIELL G. DAVISON E. J. DICKERT B. ELLERBEE B. ELLIOT W. F. ELLIOT J. L. FORESTER J. T. FRENCH C. H. FULTON J. M. GALEY J. A. GILLESPIE H. W. GOODMAN R. F. GRIMER R. GUNTER F. HAINES J. A. HALE J. R. HARRIS P. G. HARRIS L. B. HAwRINs B. HEAD K. B. HILL D. HOWELL Tyndale. MEMBERS C. A. HUGHES C. JOHNSON F. L. JONES J. LANE F. W. LEE J. P. LICHW P. R. LITTLE W. A. LITTLE S. B. LOTT B. MADRAY W. J. MALQNE L. K. MCKAY W. C. MINK D. C. MORTON P. MULLINS L. V. NEESE B. OSTRANDER C. P. OWENS H. PERRY R. POWERS C. L. RAY J. REEVES J. E. ROBERSON G. A. ROBERTS T. SANDBRs G. SCHNABEL B. SCI-IRoIJ:R P. J. SERRALLES D. SMITH B. STEED R. E. STINE E. T. STURGIS J. SULLIVAN A. STEPHENS R. L. THOMBLEY D. P. TYNDALE R. WALKER J. K. WREN Iv- 'I :tiff J. i W. OFFICERS K. WREN President JOHN re F. BARNEY Secretary W. A. LITTLE T7E6ZS1tT91' WREN IL- I .lim I-...fe I-IIIIIIII... ,,1IIIIr:M,.I.5, , II,JIJMNIJEJIJIIIIIIII EM: 4 WA .1 If I I E E L. M . 7 .I.If?:'I, I .::5:?.'fiaf?"- ,G .A 'IIIII-. l'? I'5'1 Il 'ilflff I I QIIIFI I III A - J 4. . Lag.. :ff 1 4763 z Ll5llllBDH EHI HLPHH 1.--3-., ,g ,.,,f,.. .,, QQ:-wffeaimf' ,ffrfgwf ae-A twin Wi :f?fa,if'i:.Z fA.,V...f. ,, H .V J., Z.. A - . v gf , .V . .4.. , .,., . , mil I C, ' HHH KHPPH firm ' -"r . .. r:,: f .,11' if ' T HE LAMBDA CHI ALPHA NATIONAL SOCIETY FRATERNITY was founded in 1909 at Boston University. Since then it has grown and matured into what is perhaps the ,, . ,. ,.,s. .,,. . largest social fraternity in America. Rich in tradition, blessed with aggressive leaders, as Q i 'iiili and proud of its eminent prestige in American and Canadian colleges, Lambda Chi Alpha HMM- ,. Y. -. ,. 3 its aifiliation with the old Beta Kappa National Fraternity. V fix: -, 1 . . . looks into the future with confidence and promise. The Beta Kappa Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha was established on the Tech campus - on October 6, 1942 after its members had achieved an enviable scholastic record during BAKER Lambda Chi Alpha has enjoyed a very active social year. Its socal calendar was high- lighted by its annual Winter Formal at the Biltmore Hotel, a hay ride to Fern's Farm of Fun, and a hobo party. S84 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bacon, Bearden, Bell, J. W. Brown, T. L. Brown, Buck, Caines, Chapman .... SECOND ROW: Cheely, Cole, Cox, Edney, Felner, Floyd, Fountain, Griffin. . .,. THIRD- ROW: Goodyear, Gordon, Gostin, Graefe, Hayes, Hoey, Hughes, Hunter .... FOURTH ROW: lnglett, H. Johnson, V. Johnson, Kennedy, Klepach, Knight, Lastra, Mangione .... FIFTH ROW: Matheson, McChesney, McCool, Moore, Palmour, Paradise, Perry, Prescott 256 Qs- OFFICERS R. C. BAKER Presiderff PE R Secretary W. E. BELL T1'efzs1z1'e1' VA I' L I I Ii, . i1.,J . WI. ff' 911 .I A A A IE FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Proctor, W. Taylor .... SECOND ROW: Ulmer, Van- strum .... THIRD ROW: Woffard, Wolfe .... FOURTH ROW: Woodard, Yosick .,.. FIFTH ROW: Zeigler, Ziska. Counferciockwisez Officers and dates prepare For the leadout. . . . Homeiy Harmony Quark- eite .... A big night af Fern's Farm of Fun .... Wofford and Eschen ialks I:I'1ings over wiI:I1 Louise Benning. W. BACON R. C. BARER P. N. BEARDEN W. E. BELL J. W. BROWN T. L. BROWN P. BUCK W. W. CAINES E. O. CHAPMAN F. CHEELY W. CLARK R. COLE J. I. Cox R. DUBLER B. EDNEY C. FELNER M. FLOYD R. W. FOUNTAIN, JR. C. GRIFFIN W. H. GOODYEAR W. GORDON S. GOSTIN C. GRAEFE R. GRIFFIN H. HARTMAN W. HANAUER J. HAYES J. M. HOEY, JR. W. HUGHES L. HUNTER R. INGLETT H. JOHNSON 257 3 ff WIIIIW f , I 2 m i d ' .IiIIIIIII 7 i g E I MEMBERS V. JOHNSON D. KENNEDY R. KLEPAOH W. KNIGHT' A. KORAY F. LASTRA T. MALOX' A. MANGIONIE J. MATHESON C. MCCHESNEY D. L. MCCOOL D. MOORE W. NEWTON - W. PALMER J. PARADISE C. A. PERRY a.-,-:.- J. PRESCOTT J. PROCTOR J. RAY F. TAYLOR XV. TAYLOR S. WUMIQR M. VANSTRUM B. WEINIiBERG W. WOFFORD E. WOLIIE, JR. T. WOOD W. WOODARD C. YOSICK L. ZISKA J. ZFIGTJER HOLLIDAY . OFFICERS J. R. I-IOLLIDAY . . , . , . President A. D. DUNAWAX' . . Vice President F. H. CURLIN , Secretary J. T. ELLIOTT . , Treaszzrer GEIIIIEIII IJELTII EHIIPTEII THE PHI DELTA THETA FRATENITY was founded in 1848 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. Since that time her membership has grown to over 60,000 men in 108 chapters lo ed in he UI1...1? States and Canada. The Georgia "'T' It ha , +4 .. elra, was estab- lished in 190 ' ' In addition .n a 1 consisting of the annual formal l fdl ouse-parties, Bowery Balls, etc., the Phi Delrs in the past year contributed their share toward the leadership of the campus-six of the twelve school class oiiicers, four members of student council, editor of The Teclynique, fourteen memberships in the major honor societies, and over fifty memberships in lesser honor societies. In athletics, they captured four out of seven of the I. F. C. cups offered, and were well represented on the football, track, golf, tennis, baseball, wrestling, and swimming teams. QL-fr 'a ., . 3?6fK3.ri yt reg 5 f A . T , gf 4 4 f J ex 5. a , is . ,.,... . , , O f . ' 4 '2 W fm:-,Mugs g -..-,,.,, :,:. , . 1 .Ld I 1 Left to rigI1'I:. Theres Fred Curlin-as usual surrounded by women. . . . Beemer and Bona- biich sling Izhe buII. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Abbott, A. L. Adams, T. E. Adams, Andrews. . . SECOND ROW: Blemker, Bramblett, Brodnax, Buck .... THIRD ROW: I. S. Camp, J. Carter, Chandler, Cook .... FOURTH ROW: W. W. Coons, Cummins, Curlin, Cutler. . . FIFTH ROW: Dalbo, Daniels, Davidson, Dixon .... SIXTH ROW: Doyle, C. H. Duggan R. H. Duggan, Dunaway. F '- Q. , 0 I ' EE E' I ' 4 E Il A 3 . I ", Z FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D-urrett, Ellington, Elliot, Ervin, Ferguson, Ferris, Flowers .... SECOND ROW: Fowlkes, Fulmer, J. A. Gantt, Garrard, Geer, Goodhart, Griffin .... THIRD ROW: Gross, Hardin, Harrell, Harvin, Hemmingway, Hill, Hulsey, Hunt .... FOURTH ROW: Hyde, Jay, Jerkins, R. H Jewell, Joiner, Kirby, LaCIair .... FIFTH ROW: Lang, LeVan, MacMillan, Magbee, G. W. Mathews, W. C. Mathews, W. E. Mathews .... SIXTH ROW Maxwell, McQuaig, Monfague, Moran, Morrison, Myrick, Newton. 259 .0 ,.,. , -A 'Y 'R si' 2 , . 51' v ' - A .,., R- ' ' , c X . I 28 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Norris, Oatts, O'Keefe, O'NeiIl, Parker .... SECOND ROW: Payne, Peeples, Plant, Pope, Rogers .... THIRD ROW: Scarborough, Scharfschwerdt, Scroggs, Sheffield, Shiver .... FOURTH ROW: Smith, Spach, Stanley, Stringfeller, Strong .... FIFTH ROW: Swanson, Thompson, Towles, Tubbs, Turner .... SlXTH ROW: Tutt, Van Ness, Watters, Whatley, F. B. Wil- liams .... SEVENTH ROW: G. N. Williams, C. S. Winter, W. B. Winter, C. Q. Wright, W. G. Wright. .I R MEMBE L. V. A. ABBOTT, JR. A. L. ADAMS T. E. ADAMS . W. ANDREXVS, JR. . M. BILLINGS B. B. BLEMK R F. B. BRADLEY, JR. D. BRAMBLETT G. H. BRODNAX, III A. D. BROWN R. P. BRUCE T. M. BRUAN W. C. BUCK I. S. CAMP W. M. CAMP W. J. CAMPBELL, JR. J. T. CANTRELI., JR H. M. CARTER, JR. J. L. CARTER J. W. CASTLEBERRY J. CHAMBERS J. C. CHANDLER M. COFFEE J. T. COLEMAN, JR. T. M. COOR H. COONS, JR. W. W. COONS T. H. COONS G. T. CUMMINS F. H. CURLIN D. B. CUTLER E. J. DALBO L. J. DANIELS, JR. C. L. DAVIDSON, JR. H. S. DAvIS, JR. RS R. G. DENNIS M. R. DIXON C. E. DOYLE, JR. C. S. DUGGAN R. H. DUGGAN, JR. A. D. DUNAWAY T. R. DURRETT J. D. ELLINGTON, JR J. T. ELLIOT T. C. ERVIN G. L. ETHERIDGE R. C. EWING D. M. FERGUSON D. B. FERRIS, JR. C. M. FLOWERS D. L. FOWLKES R. J. FREEMAN W. O. PULMER J. A. GANTT, JR. F. U. GARRARD, III C. M. GiER, JR. R. H. GOODHART, JR T. L. GRAHAM J. S. GRIFFIN W. W. GROSS, JR. A. S. HARDIN B. C. 1'1ARRELL C. R. HARVIN R. E. HEMMINGWAY T. W. HILL T. W. I-IILES J. R. HOLLIDAY S. HOWELL E. C. HULSEY, JR. K. S. HUNT, JR. H. C. HUMPHREY J. L. HUTCHENSON, N. V. HYDE F. H. IDE A. D. IRVING, JR. T. W. JAY W. T. JERKINS A. JEWELL E. D. JEWELL R. H. JEWELL, JR. C. W. JOINER, JR. J. R. KINNETT, JR. H. M. KIRBY H. LACLAIR J. B. LEVAN, JR. H. V. LINDSEY G. E. MENDE C. M. MCQUAIG R. M. MACMILLAN J. R. MAGBEE W. E. MAGBEE G. W. MATHEWS W. C. MATHEWS W. E. MATHEW, IV I E. B. MONTAGUE, F. MILLER G. W. MILNER W. M. MITCHELL, C. R. MCCORD L. T. McCoY W. U. MORAN, JR. F. M. MORRISON, J. A. MYRICK, JR. S. A. NEWTON, JR. G. NORRIS J. OATTs J. E. O,KEEFE, JR J. H. O,NEILL D. ORD A. J. PARK E. W. PARKER D. B. PAYNE F. K. PEEPLES G. D. PLANT, JR. E. G. POPE, JR. R. A. RADFORD J. H. ROGERS MEMBERS G. T. RossER G. C. MAXWELL, JR. JR. J. C. SCARBOROUGI-I, JR. W. SCI-IARFSCI-IWERDT J. W. SCROGGS JR. J. A. SHEFFIELD, JR. J. K. SHIVER J. B. SIMONTON M. SMITH JR. J. C. SIIACH J. STANTLEY W. A. STINGFELLOXV D. G. STRONG T. SUDDERTI-I . E. M. SWANSON L. SYKES J. A. TAYLOR J. B. THOMPSON A. W. TILLEY L. THOMAS W. T. TONVLES J. D. TUBES W. E. TURNER J. G. TUTEN, JR. F. TUTT A. E. VAN NEss, JR J. T. NVATERS B. L. WI-IATLEY, JR. P. WI-IEATON F. B. WILLIAMS, JR G. N. WILLIAMS C. S. WINTER, JR. W. B. WINTER A. WRIGI-IT, JR. C. Q. WRIGHT, JR. W. G. WRIGHT, JR D. A. ZEINE - A -.-- IL f e . TTFW' '-E Q2 T . 5.1 . TV' 1 L1-'.- ES . .""-, ff . apr V ve' ' I.. ?'i'1 , I ,I 7 ' im '- i -:A -T-Q-R7 Emi'-Ian " T' e:. fg EIR TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: Our mansion in the snow .... Over on the lefi: is a rare sight-Newton in the sack .... Hear, see and speak no evil .... There's always some guy that has to read the paper .... BOTTOM: Snozz registers surprise. 261 ..f' FNMXNNL, PFW ef -. EWSILFII PI Q--...J-.wi-A-As-M1 Q ----L.,-x-N . -TN" '-1'-G.. - - .5-ii-M uk v ,,.., ,im III EHHPTER PHI EPSILON P1 was founded at the City Col- lege of New York on November 23, 1904. Xi Chapter was established here on the Tech cam- pus January 15, 1916. The fraternity has been growing steadily since the end of the war, reaching and then surpassing its pre-war strength. This school year has been one of many successful social functions, highlighted by the annual formal held in October at the Biltmore Hotel. The fraternity is not only active socially, but is also very well represented in extra-curricular activities on the campus. This, in conjunction with a consistently high scholastic rating, makes for a well rounded group of activities. Plans for the future are centered around the prospective new house. DELUGACH FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Arno, Basch, Edelson .... SECOND ROW: Fihn, Frieden, Fox .... THIRD ROW: Gelernter, Goldberg, Goodman. ARNO, JR. H. B. BAscH A. CAHN D. A. DZLUGACH EDLESON A. H. FIHN, jx. S. FRIEDEN . J. Fox . GLERNTER A. I. GOLDBERG 262 MEMERS M. B. GOODMAN W. S. Gxzoss 'Q-FQ!!Ql'x F se---my I 1- E Q31-Ieci-ir g H' Er 'A 5' . ...-rm D L H. Levy T. Lava' R. J. MEYER L. PERLIS D. I. ROSEN A. W. Rosouo J. E. RUBEL M. H. STUART B. ULMAN F. WOLF W. M. WOLFF, Jn. C. ZWERNER FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Hecht, Kleinman, Levin, H. Levy, T. Levy .... SECOND ROW: Meyer, Perlis, Rosen, Rosolio, Rubel .... THIRD ROW: Stuart, Ulman, Wolf, Wolff. OFFICERS D. A. DELUGACH . ....,. . . President H. L. LEVIN . I . Vice Presia'e1z! A. H. FIHN, JR. as , , . . . Secretary I J . S. FRIEDEN . " 1 " ' ' . . Treaszwer' ' I 263 Above: Zander is operating in his usual smooth way, . . . Right: Stewart turned these pictures in, so na- turaIIy he's in this one .... Far left: P. U. vs. F. U. in square dancing .... Gra- ham Jackson causes musical disturbances at a rush party. .fb yi:ilyff4 F?I FVII-If as iii- 5? - I -I FII r LI I . . f.,+..f- -. . I 1, -'IRI FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. S. Anderson, S. C. Anderson, Bowen, Brinkley, Fulton, Gaines .... SECOND ROW: Hallock, Harding, Harper, Hendrix, Hendry, lcenogle .... THIRD ROW: Johnston, Jones, McCullough, Manning, Marshall, Melton. MARTIN F OFFICERS W. B. MAR . . . Presideni H. M. , . Secretary P. W. iflfll . gii ili iliii ' . Treasmei' ANDERSON ANDERSON BOWEN BILLS BRINKLEY FULTON . D. GAINES GEORGE f' MEMBERS R. I. HALLOCK G. E. JONES P. P. HARDING, JR. R. M, JOHNSTON P. W. HARPER D. E. NICCULLOUGH J. L. HIXRTSFIELD R. E. MANNING, JR. XV. J. HENDRIX I-I. M. NIARSHALL A. L. HENDRI' XV. B. NIARTIN K. L. ICENQGLE XV. K, M:LToN J. C. takes it easy. "AA" paddles his own canoe FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Monroe, F. G. Powell, J. H. Powell. . . OND- ROW: Shear, Taylor, Wadsworth .... THIRD ROW: Wible. 26526 MEMBERS O. MONROE M. W. OGLESBY H. W. ORMAND F. G. POWELL J. H. POXVELL W. G. SHEAR D. E. TAYLOR H. M. WADSWORTH J. V. WIBLE B. W. WILLIAMS ., -Q if ai fa X 1 A ,Q f ffyj Q 1 f A me of 4? , X as . ff f.. s l .. .4 1 Qfw' A ff fe C is 4 fb gf mah? 4 aj N Q fi SEC- Gllllllllll THU EHHPTER PI-II GAMMA DELTA had its origin at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania in 1848. It was founded prima- rily as a southern fraternity but just before the War Be- tween the States became a national organization. Phi Gamma Delta now has a membership of forty-six thou- sand and is represented on se -N,-ty-four campuses. Gamma Tau Chapter was installed in 1926 when Gamma Tau Delta, a strong local ra r it was granted a charter by Phi Gamma Delta. X This year the Fijis mo 'ze ! ,f a new house, the old chapter house having been lo ring the war. The chapter has been active in extracurri ular activities and, at the same time, has participated in many inter-fraternal activ- ities. A full social calendar of rushing, house parties, pic- nics, and dances was highlighted by the Fiji Formal of Founders's Day. May first, and the annual'Pig Dinner in March. 1 , L, -. f 4 A wilillllll ll ihlllflll Top: House party al: Lake Burton .... by "VV "'f'f Above: Hendry and Company .... Left: jig,Qqi'f"' +1--lf--+-- Lllizj Qg-'Tl' Halloween party at the house-buf no- ff 553:57 ,Jif , , - -xy ' body looks scared. - H5154 I . 5 , IW' , . J? 1: 51?:f:?Tii. 'Ill ,- earl i'-' I- -I . 3231- ' K' K ii- 265 may .,,- ,-' ' ff 1 ff ' ff 'ii . , x:Aj IILPHII Illl EHIIPTER PHI KAPPA SIGMA was founded in 1850 at the University of Pennsylvania. The Alpha Nu Chapter at Georgia Tech was founded in 1904, and distinguished itself in founding the Anak Society, the high- est local honorary society on the campus. Phi Kaps have always been among the campus leaders and have been continually striving for better relations among the increasing numbers of new students ar- riving quarterly. Although Phi Kappa Sigma has a relatively small chapter on the Tech campus, one can always find a Phi Kap in the midst of any worthwhile undertaking. While great plans are in store for the future, the present is never neglected. -1: FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Atkinson, Batten, Beardsworth, Bridges, Brittingham .... SECOND ROW: Garrett Gooss, Greene, Jordan, King .... THIRD ROW: Krysiak, Manry, Monahan, Moore, Morgan. Counterclockwisez You'd never believe he was captain ot the wrestling team .... Lead the strenuous life-play horseshoes. . . . With a head Iike that he can't taste the beer .... Double or nothing. 266 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Nieznay, Oakley, Odom, Poplin, Rasco .... SECOND ROW: Ray, Richards, Shaw, Suder, Taylor .... THIRD ROW: Tims, Townsend, Watkins, Wickliffe, Williams. fl -v- B. N. ACKERMAN H. V. ATKINSON R. D. BARTRO H. C. BATTEN D. A. BEARDSWORTI-I T. N. BRIDGES J. J. BRITTINGHAM T. W. BRITTINGI-IAM A. G. FELLER J. D. GARRETT L. W. Gooss W. H. GEENE E. L. JOHNSON W. D. JORDAN MEMBERS G. N. KEMP W. C. ING R. E. KERNER S. R. KRYSIAR R. O. MANRY R. E. MONAI-IAN F. L. MOORE R. MORGAN W. NIEZNAY J. E. OAKLEY A. D. ODOM J. T. POPLIN M. A. RASCO H. W. RAY R. C. RICHARDS R. J. RUCKER H. L. SHAW J. A. SUDER W. N. TAYLOR H. E. THIEL F. T. THRASHER E. R. TIMS OFFICERS H. E. TI-IIEL esident . DSWO ic P 'de H. L. SHAW Secretary T. N. BRIDGES Treasurer W. A. TOWNSEND , J. C. WATKINS A. A. WICKLIFFE W. WILLIAMS T. M. Wooo 267 THIEL 'ff I . , ,ji A+ I L I' -. ' JE:g.:,:'.-..N Iwi , I .- R' iillllla iii l!! 4 -ii! 'T :l..,J-,A I g wwf E.. I ' PHI HIIPPII TIIU BREWER IILPHII IIHU EHIIPTEII THE PHI KAPPA TAU fraternity was first organized at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio in 1906. Since then it has grown to fifty chapters. The fraternity is represented in mo-st of the major schools of the country. The Alpha Rho chapter was established at Georgia Tech in 1929 but was forced to cease its activities during the War. In September, 1946 the chapter was reactivated with the initiation of seven members. Over the period of one year the chapter has increased ' its membership to thirty-three, bought a house, and placed among the three leading Chapters at the national convention. With the remodeling of the house and basement to supply more facilities for dancing and a game room, the chapter looks forward to even more progress during the coming year. 1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eatts, Beckham, Bolin, Clark, Clemans, Craig .... SECOND ROW: Creel, Dempster, Edmondson, Edney, Gleason, Hackworth, . . . THIRD ROW: Hankinson, Hoyt, Johnson, Kerce, Lee, Martin .... FOURTH ROW: Merritt, Mills, Rosso, Ruppersburg, Ryan, G. Smith. 268 in . .. . X 9 M- K0 Y wlviz , V lt Ya' OFFICERS H. R. BREWER P1'esirz'e1zf J I Secretavfy B. E. WILLIAMS Trerzsurer . .W 2 .- :- ' :-24, , I N 5 I ,, . ' ' E235 ,. C' L R- 5' 1A'- f g 3 . I . 'rf fimif' ' - .- Y E3Qf:52'EE .:,QI5Z25ff . " I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Thompson, Voyles. . . SECOND ROW: Westbrook, Whitaker .... THIRD ROW: Williams, Wise .... FOURTH ROW: Wycott, Zeigler. Counierclockwisez Cui: fhaf 'volume down .... A couple of jiiierbugs do iheir sfuFF .... Lei's hope thai 'Eha'c's noi the YELLOW JACKET I:hey're looking ai .... The Inierfraferniiy Soffball champs. J. L. BATTS R. T. BECKI-IAM O. M. BOLIN H. R. BREWER T. B. CLARK R. E. CLEMANS H. W. CRAIG J. S. CREEL XV. E. DENIPSTER R. E. EDMONDSON D. M. EDNEY C. P. GLEASON W. C. GLEASON H. A. HACKWOIQTI-I F. E. HANKINSON W. H. HILLYEIK W. B. HOYT E. L. JOHNSON R. B. KERCE H. LEE, JR. 269 I .IT - --H--M I I M II B III1 'Q L LIMTE 1?i?-H- w Ta. I IEEEII ' I E-- ni A E Ezfaziyfggwwwggi-IEIE Hia. 5 --F4 Q 'DJ MEMBERS J. H. MARTIN W. A. MERRITT J. H. MILLS G. H. PARUE H. J. PETERMAN J. Rosso H. RUPPERSBURG J. M. RYAN C. P. SMITI'I, JR. G. SNIITH C. A. THOMPSON T. B. TI1UscoT'I' D. VOYLES H. XV. WESTBROOK J. C. WI-IITAKIER B. E. WILI.IAMS D. L. WINTIiR J. J. WISE V. H. WYCOTT J. M. ZEIGLIZR .I HHPPH IJEUTERUII EHHPTER PHI SIGMA KAPPA was founded at Massachusetts State College on March 15, 1873. The chapters were located in the Northeast until a conserva- tive expansion policy Was adopted in 1900. Since that year Phi Sigma Kappa has grown until it now has forty-four chapters across the nation. Kappa Deuteron was established on the Tech campus in April, 1923. In addition to the usual fraternity social life -hay rides, dances, house parties, etc.--the members have taken on active interest in extra- curricular activities. HENSLEY FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Aimar, Andrews, Christopher .... SECOND ROW: Cox, Fisher, Giesler. I MEMBERS L. B. AIMER R. H. ANDREws J. A. Cox, ja. R. Z. CHRISTOPHER J. H. FISHER W. E. GIESLER E. H. Gnoss W. G. HENSLE-H' C. D. HIOTT B. G. HOOTEN U. U. HUDSON W. R. JACKSON R. W. Newsome D. S. PETERS 270 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gross, Hiott, Hooten .... SECOND ROW: Hudson, New- some, Peters. 7' f RIGHT: Giesler, don'i lei 'che Union caich you .... BELOW: That feminine fOUCi1. 271 OFFICERS W. G. HENSLEY . President W. R. JACKSO e President D. S. PETERS . Secretary U. U. HUDSON .,,,.,. Treasurer TOP: "Home Sweei Home." . . . BOTTOM: Thafs inhuman. I FIRST RIW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Adams, Beach, Bennett, Bercegeay, Capen, Cole, Coley, Corwin, Daniell, de Court, Denning .... SECOND ROW: Ervin, Fannon, Gesner, Greenless, Hocking, Hodges, Hurst, lngman, Jackson, W. L. Johnson, C. H. Jones .... THIRD ROW: J. E. Jones, Keene, Ladner, Lee, Lindsey, Linton, Manly, McKee, Moore, Mullins, Payne .... FOURTH ROW: Posten, Privette, Reckard, Reynolds, Robertson, Robinson, Rogers, Rcthfuss, Shawver, Smith, Spangler. ? X f A, ng! '-:+I-1:12.:EZf2.:1:.:.. M E M B E R S ' -'.,, .J S C. E. ADAMS, JR. W. G. DENNING C. H. JONES J. C. NIULLINS ,.,.,.. ' J. S. BASS, JR- R- T- ERVIN J. E. JONES H. T. Nissmfv. JR R. R. BEACH R. D. FANNON, JR. C. M. JOHNSON D. B. PAYNE 15' "f 'ff A . -1 -' 'ff-E :.,.-12:3.f2.:- - ,.... ..,.,, S. H. BEISSEL H. A. FULLER, JR. W. L. JOHNSON W. S. POSTEN ":-.i W- V' BENNETT XV- J- GM-E F- 5- KEENE. JR- R- E- PORTER E. W. BERCEGEAY M. J. GESNER L. J. LADNER J. M. PRIVETTE ii' ,,'- R. CAPEN W. D. GREENLESS C S. LEE, JR. C. L. RAMSEY, JR. A. D. CHANDLER R. K. I'LILL H. E. LINDSEY, JR. C. H. RECKARD if ':J" J """' X H. A. COLE, JR. N. XV, HOCRING, JR. G A. LINTON H. M. REYNOLDS f ,, 'ZH LV' 'iii J. E. COLEY, JR. L. L. HODGES, JR. F. XV. NIANLY J. D. ROBERTSON ' T. L. CORXVIN, JR. J. H. HURST C E. NJCKEE, JR. J. N. ROBINSON .eff jf' H. S. DANIELL, JR. H. M. INGMAN J. M. MOORE, JR. D. H. ROGERS, HI X ,,,,,,, H. F. DE COURT J. D. JACKSON J. T. MONAHAN N. B. ROTHFUSS , ff., .M . H: 'r v f--,......f. . -. - . -. 75-1 f . - ..,,. , ...3Z:wR'5f 23...I'.1331113333-Qzgzggaazgz R .,s. . -.07 2' hiflyyi -: :Er-.E'2.2lI.':-":IE':fE:E:3?f?1T?E?:1:liEiE2:1:24:':PST .Y7 '4:.-QQISWH:--,-:'.:. 5. -2 V- . 1 ,Qi-vi-:A-L-.v-'-':.:fmfi-I-Lc-5:4v-.t- i- .W-we.R-.-:--..-.-f..o...em...:-...W .- " OFFlCERS B. G. STUMBERG R, , . . Presidevft , J. E. JONES . Vice Presiderzt M. H. SMITH, . . Secretary D. H. ROGERS, III . F -W . T1'easu1'c'1' Now if it wasn't for initiation we'd never Rothfus blocks while the ball carrier be in 'these tuxes in daylight. prepares to fire a pass. 272 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Spink, Stephens, Stephenson .... SECOND ROW: Tillstrom, Uptain, Wadlington .... THIRD ROW: Warllck, Wllklnsonl Williams .... FOURTH ROW: Yon, Young. QW, MEMBERS V. C. UPTAIN I. A. WADLINGTON W. C. WAIILICK W. R. SI-LAWYER M. H. SMITH, Jn. D. B. SPANGLER T. N. SPINK W. H. WILKINSON W. T. STEPHENS D. L. WILLIAMS W. W. STEPHENSON J. L. WORTH T. H. YON, JR. J. S. YOUNG, JR. B. G. STUMBERG C. L. TILLSTROM This is definitely a pre-rush weel: piciure. HLPHII IIELTII EHIIPTER ALPHA DELTA chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity was granted its charter at Georgia Tech in February, 1904. The twenty-eighth chapter to be installed since the fraternity's founding at the University of Virginia in 1868, PiKA has grown to be one of the outstanding fraternities on the campus. At first definitely Southern, -- ' nal fraternity has grown to include eighty-six chapters in every se the county. Alpha Delta, although rather limited during the War, is :f ctioning in a normal manner. Among their many functions, the chap 'ij-' been host to the neighboring PiKA chapters in this section at 'Possum Hunt and Christmas Party. The annual Black and White Ball is nce again back from the war. The chapter has long encouraged a high scholastic average among the num- bers as a Whole. As a result, the PiKA's have been continually proud of their high place in the ratings of the various campus organizations. top TO BOTTOM: Pikes cf.-,wa the hamburger stand .... ls Hanlc WWM!f,. X K" going 'co eat thai: or go to sleep VI" ' I J W beforehand? Htl! " w , ' l , l Y : A :-,ri -fr ' f f 9,1-22551 T' 'T I qi g is . .Ili i Ai, ' '- - f.-. .1 - '273 svn' W A are , .., . . -.. .,,,,, ' " J 1'-5'-'za-:3 .J - ieiiggr,-5i:,l f--.'-'1' ,iv get "w,'Ii-QEC1-51'-Z'3'.f'!f-IJ ' , ' ' 1.553 I eq- 55- '- 44- fwsagftufz'-', -.',-,f315:rge1::L:grs,1f'315, A Q 3, Qfjljim --1' .II ,q.f?f:,w,, L dit vg, 151, i'1P"gE- 'va'-'i'If imfeyii J."-:H - .J Ama war -' ,,,:-sq I- f, -' , . fe L ee ails- - n .I M9 y IIITII EHIIPTEII P1 KAPPA PHI was founded at the College of Charleston on December 10, 1904. Iota chapter was established on the Tech cam- pus in 1913. Throughout the year a series of dances, steak frys, bingo parties, and banquets was held. The Pi Kaps are active in intramural sports and have won many trophies. Aided recently by the re-acquisition of a house on the campus, Iota has directed its energies primarily toward improving its home and building the chapter back to its pre-war status. The past year has seen marked improvement toward this goal. "1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Boudoucies, Boyd, Brewer, Brooks, Bush .... SECOND ROW: Collette, Cook Cornish, Davidson, Dawson .... THIRD ROW: Estes, Gaskins, Henry, Keister, Lowrance. I Y .N ,J-gf, :,: .N .V f-gg.. ,i5v,.iVe.:- ? - H , . ' " '- 'i UIQ:-1-fjJ?'if"-I 1 -,. . dl' i V I, 5,13 , K Y,4f'E-- 1 4 WM? A I --2 L? , 1' 5-.-jg:-1-25' f 1 is Ay ' IW Ji- g- '1 'H ' . ff -yi' , IQ"':Eirfig" f -iii I' APY' ' ri f ' -"Ii 1' "ul ' fff' FTE' " fig' duff' Q. 4' ice N-, 1, L U! if ga' 4- 1 Li: fd ' e -' - -e we A- ,4g.1. fi.. Jeri ., 13,',4'VA,C Counterclockwise: Crawford and broiliers compare I:l1eir women .... A rushee, no cloublr .... Love that wallpaper .... Ten on the red seven. egg.,-X FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. E. Lowrance, Murray, Pattillo, Quinn, Reeve .... SECOND' ROW: Rice, Shirley, Stewart, Still, Tarbutton .... THIRD ROW: Tarvin, Weaver, Willbanks, Yongue. ...-.1 G. ANNANOPOLOS I. BOUDOUCIES I. W. BOYD R. M. BREWER . R. W. BRooRs R. BUSH C. COLLETTA F. COLLINS R. H. Coox F. B. CORNISH W. CRAWFORD H. W. DAVIDSON E. C. DAWSON F. L. DELOACH MEMBERS C. DONALDSON E. C. ESTES J. B. FRANKLIN L. GASKIN GROSS L. L. HENRY H. KEISTER R. T. LOWRANCE R. LOWRANCE - H. B. MRR'l'IN E. J. MURRAY P. NEWMfXN R. L. O,HONVELL T. F. PATTILLO . T. QUINN . S. RAKEs'rRAw B. REEVE . B. RICE W. SHIRLEY C. V. STEXVART E. STILL L. S. TARBOTTOM W. E. TARVIN F. E. TURNER C. WEAVER WILLBANRS . WYSONG R. YONGUE OFFICERS B. L. DELOA H rdf R. o Secretary J. WILLBANKS Treasurer DELOACH 1 WW. 4:E'a'EL X, EW, "ll .EFEQ X . ', :1n"llj I A 1 I II XT' " -:nz-Q QE X R R ll l I l . 'A ,.1I.f:lilg , .F ll 1 I 'ffl' "N E41 -X? N J SIGIHH HLPHH EPSILUII f WH Ji: Iva .Aff UL. .D - AV EY U. S. ANDERSON S. W. ARMISTEAD T. M. ARNOLD F. G. AVEY E. M. APDERSON G. BAXRD B. B. BALENTINE B. M. BALENTINE M. C. BALKCOM R. L. BANNERMAN E. BARNS J. L. BAXTER R. BEISEL J. B. BERGEN B. BERRY C. D. BOBO P. BOLES W. B. BOURNE J. BONNER M. BRABANT H. H. BRANTLEY M. L. BRITTAIN R. E. BROOKS W. A. BROOKS C. H. BROWN W. BURCH W. M. BURNETT W. L. CAMP J. B. CHAPMAN J. E. CHAPMAN M. G. COBB B. COGBURN T. COLLINS W. H. COLONEY E. CTJOWART F. Cox J. CRONIN E. DAMON President Avey presents S. A. E.'s thanks to their house mother. C. DANIEL T. DANSBY R. S. DEBORDE J. T. DENT T. DISMUKE E. M. EAGER W. S. EANES P. EDWARDS E. E. ELMORE W. B. ERB T. D. EVANS M. E. EVERETT T. A. FANCHER C. E. FANCHER J. M. FERGUSON H. FIELD J. D. FITE J. T. FREEMAN J. FRANKLIN F. GAMBLE J. P. GARISON A. L. GIBSON T. GILBERT W. H. GOGDLOE S. G. GREEN T. GREEN R. GRIFFIN W. D. HAMBY M. G. HAMPTON G. A. HANSOM, III P. H. HARDIN G. HAWTHORNE B. HARRISON J. HODGE E. HANLEY H. L. HOLLOMAN J. L. HOOTEN W. HOR TON MEMBERS C. H. HUDSON R. I. HUssEY S. HUNTER T. HUTCH-NSON W. JETT A. R. JOHNSON R. JOHNSON R. JOHNSTON D. O. KELLY M. KELLY L. H. KLOSTERMAN D. C. LACY G. LAMBERT G. M. LAWRENCE M. LOGAN H. LYNCH W. P. MCCUEN J. M. MCELRAT1-I C. P. MCCANLESS J. H. MCLEMORE W. J. MANLEY E. W. MANN J. MARTIN J. C. MARVII. J. W. MEYERS R. M. MITCHELL J. MOORE G. W. BIIUSE H. C. NELSON W. J. PENN R. T. PENNINGTON P. A. PSRCY C. PERRY J. PATTON B. PORTER M. POUND E. E. PRICE J. PRUETT R. W. RENSHAW J. RENSHAW' R. E. ROBERTS G. XV. ROBINSON G. ROBINSON J. RODGERS B. SAMS W. H. SCHLOENBACR J. C. SHAW L. C. SHEEHAN P. SHELL J. W. SI-IERRILL P. SHERRILL B. F. SMITH R. SMITH F. SMITH T. W. SMITH J. SOLONA F. E. STUART A. J. SWANN L. SWAN W. B. TACKABERRY E. THORTON W. R. TOOIKE W. T. UNDERWOOD P. UPCHURCH H. WEATHERS T. C. WEAVER W. B. WI-IALLEY J. W. WHITAKER H. L. WI-IITEHEAD R. H. WILHAMS S. WILLINGI-IAM J. I. WILsON W. E. WILSON R. H. F. WOOD H. W. WOODHAM W. S. YOUNG P. ZERAGA 276 Hudson and his date grab the spotlight. , . , . , .. , . , FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anderson, Armislzead, Arnold, Apperson, Baird, B. B. Balentine, Balkcom, Baxter .... SECOND ROW: Beisel, B. Berry, Bobo Boles, Bourne, Brabant, Brittain, R. E. Brooks .... THIRD ROW: W. A. Brooks, Brown, Burch, Burnett, Camp, J. B. Chapman, J. E. Chapman, Cobb. . . FOURTH ROW: Cowart, Cronin, Damon, Daniel, Dansby, DeBorde, Dismuke, Eanes .... FIFTH ROW: Erb, Evans, Evertt, T. A. Fancher, C. E. Fancher Field, Fite, Garison .... SIXTH ROW: Goodloe, S. G. Green, Griffin, Hampton, Hansom, Hawthorne, Holloman, Hooten .... SEVENTH ROW: Hudson Hussey, Jett, A. R. Johnson, R. Johnson, R. Johnston, D. O. Kelly, M. Kelly. xl if Ji is 21. -::?'r"' .,i .n Ezra, ., ' f ':i,.!'3 5 . '. , 'Q'-U, ' .lf ' '- ,ig15,-L, ,mg , 1, .4 ,--.1-' 4--A-L A -7 '37 , 595, . " ..-5, ' W .J . ' flv . HIE-liz" 'H- Fm' ,I . in - Y -. .Q 1 1 I ff- -5 'VIE W' ' 'A .. -W... .. ,. ,X U H - L-7 rl, ggi il, oc I iffy WDP 531: rf' ' M FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Kloslzerrnan, Lacy, Logan, McCuen, McElral:h, McCanless .... SECOND ROW: McLemore, Manley, Mann, Moore, Penninglton, Perkins .... THIRD- ROW: Pound, Price, R. W. Renshaw, Roberts, G. Robinson, Sams .... FOURTH ROW: Schloenback, Shaw, Sheehan, Shell, Sherrill, B. F. Smith ..., FIFTH ROW: F. Smith, Swann, Thornton, Weaver, Whalley, Whitehead .... SIXTH ROW: Willingham, W. E. Wilson, F. G. AVEY , W. BROOKS , H. HOLLOMAN R. JOHNSTON OFFICERS Wood, Woodham, Young, Zeraga. . . Presizlenf . Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurer 278 K 'X Avey gels an eye full. A All .w,.1 a2z,gr:gg.:' -'iv' -, L iff. " ' 1.52 'n:I2r':L'.iMe:w'v T E: if. 1 .:, 1-:Eg FW- 'fi l i ::.'5.'3fQian-1-5a.,::fwrv..:.,5- 1- - -1:1-.':-wi.'iwy"-gwffw' - up I GEURGIH PHI EHHPTER S. A. E. was founded at the University of Alabama in 1856 and sincc then has grown to a total of 114 chapters and a total of membership of over 60,000. The Georgia Phi chapter, chartered in 1890, was the second national fraternity founded at Tech. The chapter has experienced one of its most outstanding and suc- cessful years with its active membership at an all-time high. The Sons of Minerva have more than maintained their position of eminence in the campus fraternity life. A seemingly impossible task of interior decoration resulted in the award of the Dean's Trophy for the greatest In the intramural ath 'Eli ea the s remained the perennial improvement to a fra housj at 'e 1947. ' b H Th f 'J this 5 1 d .1 team to eat. e gix rpy gram, FQ er xten e in w1nn1ng 1 s , , ...-..c..a... , , , second consecutive inter raternity c ampions ip. This gridiron prowess extended to the play of the 1947 varsity. The winter social activities were clirnaxed by the gay and glittering annual Christmas formal. Plans are being formulated for the construction of a large outdoor dancing pavilion at the chapter house. Clocltwise: Fred Avey and date at the formal ..,. Champagne, no less. . . . And a jolly time was had by all. . . . I wonder what tl'1ey're so happy about. MANN OFFICERS W. C. MANN ...,.. , . President J. R. WILLIFORD, III . . Vife-President R. W. MALONE , . . . Secretary W. N. JOHNSON . . Treasurer ETH PSI CHHPTER SIGMA CHI was founded June 28, 1855, at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Since its founding it has expanded to 114 active chapters in the United States and Canada. The Beta Psi chapter was installed at Tech in 1922 by the absorption of Pi Alpha Sigma, a local fraternity. The Sigma Cl1i's placed Hrst in the homecoming decorations contest and the Ram ' ,reck Contest. This is the first time in the history of Techilferati e has won both events in the same year. The apter als' ,Qplaced second in the in- tramural football leagu V' Our Sweetheart Ba bi sobibsuccess at which our new sweetheart, Martha Burts, was presented formally to the public. Another good dance was the Miami Triad which we sponsored jointly with Phi Delta Theta and Beta Theta Pi. The wheels of Sigma Chi are still rolling with the president of I. F. C. and the president of the student council and many lesser honors among our members and membership and officership in nearly every literary, social, and scholastic organization on the campus. Below: Boelte, Branch, and Doc wait for registra- tion .... Left: Schlosser blows, Kidd strains and somehow music comes out. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Abbot, Bartlett, Bennett, Benning .... SECOND ROW: Boeke, Branch, Brannon, Brown .... THIRD ROW: Brusse, Bryan, Cady, Campbell. . . . FOURTH ROW: Cathcart, Clark, Coffey, Crane .... FIFTH ROW: Crook, Crossley, Daniel, Daniels .... SIXTH ROW: DeLay, DeMille, Dunn, Dwiggins. L FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Flexer, Fowke, Fraser, Gahr, Gilliam, Gould, Graham, Green .... SECOND ROW: Griggs, C. M. Gunn, Hamilton, Hammond Harwell, Heasley, Henry, Higgins .... THIRD ROW: R. Holland, W. Holland, Howard, Howe, Howell, Hutton, Jerden, Johnson .... FOURTH ROW R. H. Jones, Jordan, Kenyon, Kidd, Killebrew, Kirk, Kraft, Kyle .... FIFTH ROW: Lay, Lehr, Lockwood, Lupo, Malone, Marfin, Mayfield, McBurney. . . SIXTH ROW: McKinney, Meredith, Miller, Morris, Nall, Nichols, O'Conner, O'Leary. 281 I .1 J MEMBERS NV. B. ABBOT B. ALEXANDER D. AYERS F. BARTLETT R. G. BENNING, JR A. H. BENNING, JR. J. E. Blcos, JR. E. H. BOEKE, JR. F. C. BRANCH L. TRAVIS BRANNON B. I. BROWN W. BRUSSE, JR. P. BRYAN D. V. CADY S. M. CAMPBELL J. CATHCART D. C. CHAPMAN W. B. CLARK E. COFFEE J. CONNER J. CRANE W. CROOK T. A. CROSSLEY C. B. DANIEL, jR. C. W. DANIELS E. J. DELAY H. W. DEMILLE D. W. DENNY J. DoER W. G. DUNN J. DWIGGINS J. FLEXER N. C. FOWKE D. A. FRASER FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: O'Rear, Patton, Pawley, Petty, Pickett, B. M. Powell .... SECOND- ROW: J. Powell, Preston, Quarles, Rhyne, C. B. Robinson, P. Robinson .... THIRD ROW: Ross, Russo, Sandeford, Schlosser, Scott, Shannon .... FOURTH ROW: V. D. Smith, Stacy, Stevens, A. E. Thomas, K. W. Thomas, Todd. . . . FIFTH ROW: Tilghman, Tucker, Vollrath, Whitney, Williams, Williford .... SIXTH ROW: Wirtz, Yantis. 282 '53 4 1.2: ffffamffff--.. D... --F:--' . .A t..- .. L 4, ','LgRJZs'N'ij'ti " '-'fit-.L lf.crJ5gjr:- 'f.f"P ..'. ' ..,' ii... g.,?g.:.f :. . ' . 32,52-,z'.3Q'g . M... . N... .. ,, ,, . ..,4- , W,-s...f.v , 2.1.5-I -QQ 43,2-'1I'.z.'.g ..---HM wr 4 7 mt. yr L- 9 ,f S-':T---:.-J..-.' z ,.,,,,,...I,, ... .L ,. ,.r. ,, ,.,I, I Og , .... .. if 4ri?5iirLg?K::J1?T4'ifiE.r. "'11'Q.4.1'r.,. fl:-Alfie" - ff ff2Y'5T,f: '15-3-'I-5552212322 I T ,:i!i:rQhf2.TlLgg',,'iE'!:g"'Biq :ILk'."',1' fr"" Mug?"-gg"'?"'-'Q-.,f.5-!:""' " J .y..af1Q ..- T Ql'L192"rf1iV'1f .fJ" if NAR . ' .4 N' 1 - MW" -Mika f.uuE4LP:::':'- Li ,,., fi' ,fi-' 1 .RPR V ,. , L -, .. .- I ,,: ,I -' fr wig: .A.'-,.-,':::....2:::.1' ' .4 'A - L, x I 31.-U , ',"-1.-24M . -S-fs-4.5-,ye5zr.,.., . wa ......L.Q,...................... .. Abgmm., -U .. W.- ..f-,,,-:f:r:1l-- F. W. GAHR . R. GARMON . V. GEORGE J. S. GILLMAN J. GODDSON R .T F H. E. GRAHAM T . H. GREEN, JR. C. W. GRIGGS C. M. GUNN J. M. GUNN, JR. T. GUNNING R. C. HAMILTON W. L. HAMMOND C. W. HARWELL, W. D. HEASLEY C. HENRY W. T. HIGGINS C. HOFFMAN G. L. HOLFORD B. HOLLAND B. HOLLAND T. HOWARD B. G. HOWE J. T. HOWELL B. HUTTON B. JACKSON C. H. JERDEN, JR. W. N. JOHNSON . A. GOULD, JR. JR- B. JONES R. H. JONES W. R. JORDAN B. KENYON R. C. KIDD H. KILLEBREXV G. W. KIRK E. KOGR H. W. KRAFT, JR. R. J. KYLE P. E. LAW, JR. J. W. LAY, JR. H. LEHR W. L. LOCKWOOD R. M. LUPO, JR. R. W. MALONE W. C. MANN O. E. MARTIN, JR. M. J. MAYFIELD W. MCBURNEY J. W. MCKINNLN D. C. TVIERREDITH W. J. METZGER, JR J. MILAM W. I. MILLER, JR. O. MORRIS H. H. NALL J. P. NICPIOLS MEMBERS K. O,CONNER D. J. O,LEARY C. J. O,REAR T. F. PATE E. E. PATTON, II C. PAWLEY C. A. PETTY, JR. B. PICKETT L. POTTER B. M. POWELL J. POWELL J. A. PRESTON C. QUARLES G. H. RHYNE C. B. ROBINSON P. ROBINSON J. E. Ross, J S. Russo R. J. D. STEIRHENSON J. H. STEVENS K . K. TATUM A. E. THOMAS K. W. THOMAS H. M. TODD L. K. TILGHAM. JR. H. B. TUCKER F. J. TURNER W. G. VOLLRATH B. WHEELER H. A. WHITNEY S. F. XVILLIAMS, JR. J. R. WILLIFORD, II E. S. WIR'fZ R. N. YANTIS J. W. SANDEFORD H. G. SCHLOSSER B. SCOTT J. SHANNON B. SHEPHARD R. H. SMITH T. A. SMITH!-I T. M. SMITH V. D. SMITH C. M. STACY, JR. J. YON .r"lJJ'iJi'VJ EJ Ii TITTJJW rggigffs I iTi1iit'g,."i dw fcjfl .ELSE E THE ma-:B -Rf ...H .B :Jigga W LEFT TO RIGHT: Our crowded hay ride .... Kirk, Morris, and Branch with "His Feet's Too Big for the Bed." . . . How can Sigma Chi manage to get all "uglies" for officers? . . . Milton Cantitif, famed Sigma Chi and creator of "Terry and the Pirates" visits us this summer. . . . FAR RIGHT: Griggs leaps in the air to bombard Meredith. 283 ,p . l i, ,JI In I f Zhi'-, 6 I 4122" s -- -1: -'-- 1""Ez5553EiE' V E25 1 r 'V-. :,: - ig 1 ,ff ', if ENGEMAN SIGIIIII IIU GIIIIIIIIII IIIPHII IIHIIPTEII SIGMA NU, originally known as the Legion of Honor, was founded at V. M. I. in 1869. Since Gamma Alpha Chapter was founded at Tech in 1896, this marks our fifty-first year of service here. Our members and chapter won recognition for themselves and the "White Star" in interfraternity as well as general campus activities, gaining honors in student elections, varsity sports, and intefraternity sports. Climaxing our year of social activities-house dances, hay rides, and house parties- a banquet and formal dance were given for our members and alumni at the Druid Hills Country Club. Gamma Alpha looks forward to the coming year to carry on the rich traditions of our founders by mutuallv benefiting our members and inculcating honor throughout. our associations. Closing a very successful year of fraternity activities, We salute the "White Star of Sigma Nu." .1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Baker, Baldwin, Barton, Berner, Bowers, Brembs, Brock, Brown, Cotter, David .... SECOND ROW: R. E. Davis, T. L. Davis, Day, F. Dennis, Ducey, Elsom, Forshtay, Frizzell, Fuller, Greene ,... THIRD ROW: Grubaugh, Hancock, Harris, Hurst, Johnston, Judd, Langston, A. .Levie, E. Levie, Little .... FOURTH ROW: Marett, May, Mayson, McAllister, Mosely, Olsen, Pidgeon, Powell, J. K. Read, Rivers .... FIFTH ROW: Roberts, Rollinson, Russell, Schminke, Schwartz, E. L. Scott, J. M. Scott, Sholine, Silcox, Simmons. 284 T. M. LIGHTCAD 1.5 3 k R. F. ENGEMAN President E P res . C IS ER Secretary G. F. SCHMINKE, III Treasurer W. T. BAKER W. P. Warren .... FOURTH ROW FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Smith, Stewart .... SECOND ROW: Taylor, Terry .... THIRD ROW: Tupman, J. A. BALDWIN K. BARTI-IOLOMEW G. BARTON R. H. BENNETT J. K. BERNER C. E. BOND D. E. BOWERS F. L. BREEN C. A. BREMBS B. L. BROCK R. H. BROWN J. A. BUCHANAN, JR. C. T. BLIRGESS C. L. COTTER J. O. DAVID R. E. DAVIS T. L. DAVIS, JR T. M. DAY C. B. DENNIS F. DENNIS Whitaker, W. E. Williams .... FIFTH ROW: Yopp. G. F. DIXON R. E. DUCEY C. E. EDWARDS H. F. ELSOM R. F. ENGEMAN D. F. FARLEY J. FORSI-ITAY E. E. FRIZZELL O. M. FULLER, JR. W. H. GREENE B. GRUBAUGH J. R. HAMMOND H. D. HANCOCK H. C HARRIS N. A. HOWELL F. D. HURST C. T. JOHNSTON, JR. H. M. JUDD P. R. LANGSTON, JR. H. LEE A. LEVIE 285 Top row, Ieft I:o right: If you can read Ilhai badge I1e's wear- ing, it's worth straining your eyes .... S'x "cute lil de-icers" Sigma Nu style .... Left: Why cIoesn'i he smile too? . . . BeIow: Chug-a-Iug the moo juice. :X I "'fu ine LI I 3 AQ . I I y. ..' -Aware-. I . . -, J., i .M 'IV E-. E "fag: 1' , ' . .Y -,IE .3 I .lv . A 2' 5 - ! .TE I. 1 I E -1. : , .f JI -A, 'ljvkk . JIIIR II I. - , ,f R. N-, Ig MEMBERS E. A. LEVIE A. LITTLE I G. R. MARETT B. F. MARKET, III J. E. MAY W. P. MAYSON W. F. McALLIsTER H. A. MCGEE, JR. J. F. MORGAN W. W. MOSELY R. D. OLSEN R. E. PIDGEON W. J. POWELL. J. K. READ J. S. READ, JR. W. K. RIVERS, JR. M. B. ROBERTS S. M. ROLLISON W. H. RUSSELL G. F. Scr-IMINRE, III W. C. SOHWARTZ W. V. SCOGGINS E. 'L. SCOTT J. M. SCOTT J. H. SI-IOLINE E. S. SILCOX C. G. SIMMONS A. K. SINOLETARY H. E. SMITH P. F. STEWART M. V. TAYLOR R. E. A. TERRY, JR. W. C. TUPMAN R. M. WALKER, JR. W. L. WARREN W. P. WARREN W. T. WHITAKER, JR J. B. WILLIAMS, JR. W. E. WILLIAMS W. J. Yom' GEURGIII IILPHII EHIIPTER THE "SATURDAY NIGHT CLUBH was founded in November, 1901 at the University of Rich- mond. The following year the name was changed to Sigma Phi Epsilon and the frater- nity received its natianal charter. From the original twelve members the Sig Eps have grown to a membership of over twenty-six thousand with eighty-five chapters throughout the United States. The Georgia Alpha Chapter was established at Tech in March, 1907. It was the seventeenth fraternity to appear on the campus. Sig Eps have been active in many organizations in addi- tion to maintaining a full fraternty life. LEWIS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anderson, Barr, Berger, Chapman .... SECOND ROW Hess, Hiott, Hollingsworth, J. M. Johnson .... THIRD ROW: C. M. Jones, S W J. C. ANDERSON J. W. BARR P. E. BORGER D. D. BRADDACII j. C. BROWN G. A. CHAPMAN R. E. HAYES E. J. HESS A. HIETT W. W. HoLI.INGswoR'rI-I F. JOHNSON J. M. JOHNSON C. M. JONES 286 Jones, Kary, Mahon. MEMBERS S. W. JONES W. W. KARY C. L. LEwIs, JR. T. B. MARSH :UI 59 A - -' ."- .L mn , Y ' .V 'III A ' 1 Y B 9' ' xy! . L, JR. H. K. REED R. T. Ruco E. C. ST. PETERY A. SELLERS E. SELLERS A. H. SMITH W. A. SMITH -I. W. SNEED R. H. STEPHEN J. C. S1'owERs D. UFFN'R L. W. VIRGIN J. WASHBURN G. A. WELLS F. R. ZIEGLER fi WW! 7: -o??F51'f5 ' 1 I ' A X ' 65, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Marsh, Moskal, Nelson, Parnell, Reed. . . . SECOND ROW: A. Sellers, E. Sellers, A. H. Smith, W. A. Smith, Sneed .... THIRD ROW: Stephens, Stowers, St. Petery, Wells. CLOCKWISE: The wreck and nine mechanics standing by .... The homecoming decoration .... Tl1at's the wrong word you have there, fellow .... Playing Santa at the Christmas Party. OFFICERS L. LEWIS, JR. . . . . . Presidmzt SELLERS ..... E ., . Vice P1'esia'e1zt C. ST. PETERY . . , . , . Secretary SELLERS . . . S . . . T1'BdS1L1'81' I' 2 S7 lllll lwll l ll L-ia. q lgli lllllllllllilllllllllllllllmllllluyi.3 333 -. ,' 2 lllllll Hffyfgf :ffl El. A-:Y-. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Baker, Broudy, Carasik, Denenberg, Dolin, Eagle, Edelman, Freedman, Freeman, Giller, . . . SECOND ROW: A, Goldsiein, H. S. Goldstein, L. Goldstein, Goodman, Greenbaum, Karlin, Koplin, Levenson, Levey, Maislen .... THIRD ROW: Manning, Marks, Masel, Meister, Meyer, Ricles, Rosenblum, Rubin, Sadow, Saffran. LIPPMAN OFFICERS W. D. LIPPMAN I President R. SAFFRAN ice P1fesirz'e1z1f I. I. ROSENBLU , Secretary M- DOLIN . Treasurer MEMBERS H. E. BAKER I. FREEDMAN S. H. Bmucowrrz S. D. FREEMAN M. H. BROUDY M. GILLER S. GREEK D. HEDES HELTZMAN W. CARASIK E. C01-IN, JR. A. GOLDSTEIN H. GOLDSTEIN E. I. DENENBFRC. M. M. GOLDSTEIN M. DoL1N I.. GOLDSTEIN W. KARLIN KOPLIN A. KORITZ KRUGER B. S. EAGLE E. EDELMAN H. GOODMAN R. GREENBAUM KULKA M. LEVENSON Our New Chapter House 3 "ral'1s"'Forfl1e other ieam 288 44 R. LEVETAN G. M. Levin' W. D. LIPPMAN M. MAISI.EN A. MANNING A. E. MARKS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Salmirs, Sarfaty, Schwartz, Siegel, Sirkin. . . OND ROW: Smolen, Sokolower, Spungin, Stern, Strug .... THIRD ROW: Topp, Weinstein, Weintraub, J. Weiss. K. C. I. A. M. J- R. R. S. MEMBERS RITCHIE ROSENBERG I. ROSENBLUM ROTHCHILD RUBIN SADOXV SAFFRAN B. SAGER SALMIRS R. S. SARFATY A. P. SPUNGIN A. J. STERN G. STRUG M. TOMBEM: J. TOPP E. WEINSTEIN R. WEINTRAUB I-I. M. Weiss J. Weiss . SEC- PHI EHHPTER TAU EPSILON PHI celebrated its 29th year on the Tech campus this year. This year T E Phi boasts the largest membership of actives and largest pleelgc class in the history of the chapter. The highlight of the year was the obtaining of a new chapter house and dining-recreation hall at 746 Williams Street. The :Wa 2 . Tech along with Mu chapter from Emory .wrriiw from the Uni- versity of Georgia spO E A annual Georgia Con- clavC, a week-end of 1 ch TEP men never forget, over the Tha g r week-end. The high point was the formal .- cl ball at the Ansley Hotel. ' Other chapter activities during the year consisted of numerous social affairs and athletic events. Tau Epsilon Phi Won its league's championship in in- tramural softball and the I. F. C. scholarship award for che winter and spring quarters of last year. S. MARX I. MASEL L. MASON J. MEISTER R. MEY R D. MILLER W. S. MINTZ H. Momiowirz J. RAUZIN F. A. REISMAN M. RICPIMAN R. E. RICLES E. M. SCHLOSSBERG A. Sci-IWARTZ J. SCHWARTZ M. D. SIEGEL L. SIRKIN M. M. SLOTIN V. SMOLITN E. Soxorowma "WI N E XT' - X 75? A ff 5 XQ- af l TN T.1E,-,ff.TTTiEfifyiE Top: BoI:tom's up .... Above: Our men X picnic in 'che parll .... Leif: The wheels .L Y j ' of the Tau Eps. llqff f . . ' lg, fxagv- E- iilliflrlr if L 5 il! ,Tw legw I 289 94 4sxAy 5 QW: . ' ,.-..----.-.-.--- a-fm r 5 T bg . :sa " 9 ,,. . . is T 132.45 lllPHll llU EHHPTER THETA C1-II was founded at Norwich University, Norwich, Vermont, in 1856. In the ninety-two years since its incep- tion, seventy-five chapters have been added and Theta Chi has grown to be one of the largest members of the social fraternity world. Alpha Nu Chapter was installed at Georgia Tech in the spring of 19235 thus it has enjoyed its twenty-fifth birthday as a part of the Tech campus. By con- fining its activities to a small, well- integrated group, Alpha Nu has been able to enjoy a well-planned social life and participate in all intramural activities without losing sight of the fraternity's ideals of scholarship and brotherhood. f ,M I rl l ,, QQ FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Adams, Athey, Buttrell, Chaslzain, , .-- .,.0.f4,,.. K I , ' f , as Chubb, Collier. ROW: Cooper, Cormany, English, Ethridge, Gonzalez, Hall .... THIRD ROW: Hardy, Hutchings, J. C. Hutchins, J. S. Hutchins, Mogilinicki, Mull. f s asap: i Q , if Z 116 -s 2 J ' -fl. sm! 'f 1 -55 fr , , Vi N4 sf s 'Y s A5 f 1 Y am!! A312 SECOND FP' -1i'f:,'1 fr--5--:fl f.:---Q T- , -, .W - . 1. , rhragg. '-.w 4, I, V .- 1- 5-ug? ...H J... X- wr, -S. 5 , T L ,K ' ir, I, ,IL I V 1,-.. it "A-'if affla ,+'L1,.re. W -nr . Cv- ..5, 1'-'-J Ji ii ' .' . Y lf!-r -,. - " ' E. qy5:,. ,, ,?1 :va i,-,vel-,'."'v1" -i 7 V' '1,..,.a-A. , A .11 15 " . .f .7 , .--19 --,wwf .-'51, q::1,-'--tj,St1L,, -.14 an-' rig.: il, - ,Q . A g. ,ff ' -- ',- ,Q -A 'C gikfigjiiqiiffziag, -f-Qfsa.':si'3,,.g L .w .1554 r' ,s -0 ,: a H ' r'f'Li11+.P.i?-f?e.7iii'?'.fwas-3:-:L-1-fgralaf-W i.f'3'5if:L4l??--- 1 .rsfaf ,-Cf-' i " -Arif 'Q ' -. .sf an' "L.:-:'.:'L"-'4'- -, JW" "1ae.-A ..-" -rvr 2' ' 1' " I9 -" A 1' x .' .ri f fi.-'yy ,ar ,Ji -225,1 gif' 91:7 A r'fw5i1"f1,'-41fif"-f'f'- 1.5342-:?', iT 5 'fl .fa--.4--' -144 fx 7 'f -1' "1 "Fi .r MH. .13-N ,. '-2 ..-.Y . - if 5-amaiisaar:iaQs"kifa'ax'::ri.i3flY'h75'Evf 'lfig Q.,-girj. . 1' iff? lla-.1 " H 'fl A U Countercloclcwise: 'lA royal wel- . .. come awaits fhee. . . . Never were so many marshmellows burned by so 'few .... This is the only picture Wall wasn'i able 'co malre .... Wall, the perpetual Peruvian, charms his date with Spanish atmophere. M95 JB' VW ,ar ttffb 290' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Newton, North, Powell, Stanton, Swicord, Taylor .... SECOND ROW: G. O. Thigpen, L. E. Thigpen, Ticld, Underwood, Wall, L. L. Williams ..4. THIRD ROW: T. F. Williams, C. D. Willis, J. D. Willis, Woodall. OFFICERS B. R. FLEMING Presizfenzf R I - -,I JR. 'esi 1 J. C. STANTON Secretary F. WOODRUFF Trr'as1u'e1' R. C. ADAMS R. J. ATIEIEY F. E. BRAZELLE J. L. BURT, JR. E. R. BUTLER M. W. BUTTIAILL, R. M. CHASTAIN P. A. CHUBB V. H. COLLIER W. L. Coomaxx K. R. CORMANY W. L. ENGLISH N. H. ETI-IRIDGE B. B. FINLEY B. AR. FLEMING T. J. GONZALEZ D. I-I. HALL, III MEMBERS S. G. HARDY C. M. HUTCI-IINGS J. C. HUTCHINS J. S. HUTCI-IINS A. B. IVEY, JR. XV. R. KINJG T. W. MCKEEVER, JR. J. F. MITCHELL, JR. A. A. MOGILINICKI C. H. MULL J. T. NEWTON, Jn. T. G. NORTH, JR. R. M. POXVELL E. E. PRITCHARD, JR. C. N. SEARS R. L. SMITH C. STANTON E. STOREI1 C. SXVICORD H. TAYLOR O. TI-IIGPEN, JR. E. THIGPEN. JA. D. TIDD C. UNDERWOOD, Ja. C. WALL E. WATKINS G. WILKERSON, Ja. L. WILLIAMS, Ja. F. WILLIAMS, JR. D. WILLIS, JR. D. WILLIS F. WOODALL, JR. 291 FLEMING fw-. as fl ff llx lf? II, ,I iv I ' I -A, I 'xx lll,Ii'l.Il fy W W ,, ,, .,l,1.J.". li l 5 lg 7" ,I . , '-ij Illsf ff Yi ll:-3-4... 'jijjlg Iii In 43 ll' li -17 .L ..-,.-4:-I -f JU H .. "In seeds of laurel in the earth The hlossom of your fame is hlowvz And somewhere, waiting for its birth The shaft is in the stone." ACTIVITIE i f t fin g M . ,Q ff-f Q, L ,M . 4164222-i3?i5G2'.Q.w4: 1 ,. vfxfifii Z 1 W aza ,. l R, 1 4 1 . ' gf YQ X X f' Q J, ,ka 411111 ' vu 5,Wj' ag , , AM , .2 jf i JM? v H1 ,L K 525 .4 I2 Wav, ?.qEg312,giq1,.:..,,4,. wifi 4 531 44 xf X 4 Q 5 W, f t . Q mg a! fhS4z.,,,, ' , X K i? V, H J 'Q Ci 1!f5, + I ' 5' ,VM 4 W as , 5 2 1 ,' af z 5' L' 2 5 f i W Q w , 2 w Z1 4 ,W lf x 1 1 1 " 21 Q ' -.'-me - . ' 1315- 4c:fV,v.f,g.w wif, 1 ,..:.-rhw.' .246-.1-. . .ki vu, 1 '12 MAN? Wx My Q, ' ' -X M3 qv fi Mk, VS 9? N, mggg ,wing 223.5 w xx? K hx! sa X ww wr 5 1, 1 wb 3, U fg Haag MAMA "SM X ' J K 4 1? H xdw lg X' XR M I M ,fl ,QPR gxixh 9 wk f wr fx 3,4 3, Ry lg Mfwiw xV ,J X .- J r xg Q f M aw rt? ii?1fm,y41 Xa'-ff My 0 '54 ' I lv. r -. -Qiilalirf. 2'9" K:..f q, ' '1-' P?i1255,A.:f -, .. X x-:gifs-kallix .Q 1. .1- X Q . ' W '--:fg:g.g,g, .gg ,. 3' 11 ,i-.1 '31 -.Q Tv 'Q -Q,-35519-f.' . --'- QQ, ' - :TMJ-.-W5-.g25::xf:a.1: Ugg.-,b1xy.f:,.,, ' - ' -Q' 321:41 ,-421e5:iG13:"54234221 Z-1:14 1p' f' H'1 W. ,:.Z' '9-'Aff-cf5Wiu'igf.X!- ..g ' f-.1f.-"':r':M' 'QW-lf !:..::awf115-:alamg'-,Av Q 'BF3'a'SW -.sg1,e:1:g- :'M1.' - ' fp,19534:frizmg12-:1i-:fqn.1'--Q.. 'H+-v 1, - -'1'fV.'EQi4i:3-'-24: fjzii M., Uyrzlf-3"cx9Q. 5-.?v'i':-2.31 i- Z . ' -':.:-M ' ",-.H-' 'Eg . .' v -1, 1: -1 .,1Qu"'-'H ' v' .?.1'?1-.n:f1.if-11322,v.??l-'-EH.,-, '- k ' ..:f-.-+.i"f.-:. Y ' ' 5' ' fk7f2615ii.i12'-if"'355Ei?545::eE9f53f? Q2 ASQ?5-3515H1if5'221 at we-.elx-,2-,-I--Sif-V-.-YHf-X1'1'cGX-ww 'P '3f'5-.-.'f'-'v- U. , H... Wm, ,..,c .., I Nw, ,. ' Q"4.if+' 41:-:.,1.,-A 'wi -'iv-3261 'WQJQTQ ' W . A F '3g5 l,5 ?SiA Q 1 x A ,- .. ax f::fs':f,'..iS.:1f-'f Vb51" fF: 'F'4?6,N1-af ?:. -'f ki? 51 my-1, .W ....,.., .1 TOP TO BOTTOM: Omicron Delta Kappa members assembled around the key .... The presentation of a bronze bust of Coach Bill Alexander to Geor- gia Tech by the ANAK Society at annual ANAK banquet .... George Mathews and Erskine Love tap Bill Carlisle at Homecoming dance .... Bob Wilhelm is tapped at Spring lnterfraternity Council dance. RHO MATHEWS OFFICERS G. W. MAT1-uiws President J. E. LOVE, JR. . A . bww" III-n R. . - l'N Seng? ' 1' urer RS R. C. ATC B. I. BROWN D. V. CADY W. E. CARLISLE W. R. I-IEALY J. E. LOVE, v G. W. MATHEWS S. A. NEWTON LOVE NEWTON 1 '22 'li ATCH LEY ANAK, the oldest honorary on the Tech campus, is the highest local honor a Tech student may obtain. The members of ANAK are selected from the men of the Senior Class who are outstanding among their fellow students by their achievements for and services to Georgia Tech. Since its founding in 1908, ANAK has numbered among its members many Tech men who have become leaders of national prominence. ANAK has been responsible for the founding of nearly all of the other clubs that exist on the Tech campus. Healy is tapped al annu homecoming dance. al HEALY BROWN CADY CARLISLE MATH EWS OFFICERS G. W. MATHEWS .,A. . . . Presidcnl J. E. LovE, JR. S. A. NEWTON R. C. ATCHLEY H. C. BATTEN G. H. BRODNAX B. I. BROWN W. E. CARLISLE . . . Vice Prcsiflemf . . Secrefary-Treas1z1'er MEMBERS W. R. HEALY F. M. KELLEY J. E. LOVE G. NV. MATHEXV'S S. A. NEWTON . 1 E554 ' .L -L'rs'1 " ,-'MFT ' " 1.-.4 J 415.1 V F fi , ,., WK 1 Y if P 347-Ll 'wigagsf ' av L . uf rfmflfaf . ,ef .L .. ,-- lfihqfw 42 , , ,,, W A , .wit . ,. ,wil .- 'z . , i 5 5,97 L, A ij XLGL :".:' if 4 3 ' : I of . , f ii ml 7- y far :f 51155 11 'R I .-X -X if:2.5 --414: , ' 'H 'w'a'.?Xit?f ' :X 3LYI'9':v2J'?K ,. 'Lain 15:24 :Nw-4"M14-f I ' 3-.435-igii-'i56l?cQifW ,M W, , 2' Quia, Tin 63 ., is ., 8 'S'41'Z232,bV", 'Vi' Q '4 as - ' A 4 ,sw Lg w M. iwzagraff 1 ,, . 'msggfqzif qv 4' My - E ,yvu 2 in 2,4 . 1' -1? sf H422 ski: Y . w Q r H P s ff if-,',,f-mr f ' 'f -iw,fez1.:' ,Q ,j- K im, , vp ri3"f2vQe1ws,: f fi, ,. ,, :3E?2.KQ,g',e.1m,., L.: L ' g7r"j,',i:' '- 'L -fs-df fo Q . ff is f-. Q , , , "'- Q ly ww pq -if Y fa is ..-, W. g ' 631'-S'5f't..y:f ww. nm -im. Y, ff. -X was ' ' 616' M 'QE 'Nix' , ASQ ,-if fp-' 11' m. .. swiss, V, ,, , rw'-1 ' Sf ' ' M ,, , 'xi M55QEu.' Wi ,vw as 4, ,.,,r.TZM, ,. ,S . iwyge? uw in , imp f-wg, ,E-1-wg' f 'fyrtsfsfbi-ur, 'f ,.,.,,,3 I-, hy, as we 'f 2, ,- s ,iss-5r.., V, ., . syn 5 ,ww gi Qs X A A A , ,iffy it L' zjmsf P: 1 L.-.ww-,.-vya as, ir ,Q ,, , ,Q - ,43,,,g L V. ,H f i 1: Rfk "iii .. x , , ., f , f ,f me 5. 'f aww? if 1--4.w.,f,z Aww gp.. ,5,,v. W? E: 2122955 -:X ,NZ WV 'Q fef 27- 'fix 'iw 135' 1 ef L. , 1 . ' 3 CARLISLE HEALY among his fellow students. O. D. K. ranks with ANAK as the highest honorary organization on the Tech campus. ,A I KELLEY LOVE upon his NEWTON :,,.,,, . .... ly! . ' 'MIHTT1 1 2- 1 , f 7' if ' Y - . , ,397 'I ' f '- ' ., :1 .' . - erm, f: 11- f - 'rf 14 -1 I r ' afg V ' ,isfw i:1-j.s.3:5a5'::.':?' 1- ., V IE55iVe.:i.:' 1 - M . . f 1- r we-if f'f:5,.w f, -1 . .-22212595 KJ f. . . . .,.-.- 1 .2'w3,, .l., ...sw - kyww,-U -+.,..,.f.-V.. l 2 - J?-2zz1.f,:,sagl 1: ,,: - ' - - ' ' . f : -:sf -2 V- . ' f-' . 4.--1 ,. , 1 ' 'N-:'m"5 V- ' 1 'f ' 'T ,iii 23421325 ...Jn ,- . .,v.-.1-- .-f,..i lil:-: ,iff 'fra . NN- 'A' .. 'SS' 4- -'fufbz-xii . 4.41 - M . F-'fee-... v-JWMWM ' 1 "them Z .H 1 :X-rseew mw Q LEWIS TAU BETA P1 is the st honorary engineering fraternity in the cou- and numbers among its members many of our ing engineers. Eligible for membership in the r F l e the upper eighth of the engineering junio class il and the upper fifth' of the engineering clas e in t -e r senior year based on excellence in schol i ch ter, loyalty, person- ality, leadership, -,eg ties. The local chap- ter annually gives a s ho arship cup to the senior with the highest four-y ar verage in the engineering school. i i FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Adams, Ashby, Atchley, Babcock, Baggett, Basch, Barnett, Betts, Beilock .... SECOND ROW: Bresnahan, Brooks, Brown, Bull, Carlisle, Carter, Caslzeel, Colle, Collins .... THIRD ROW: Cummings, Curran, Diana, Doyle, Edwards, Eichhorn, French, Graham, Greene .... FOURTH ROW: Groce, Hampton, Hancock, Hemmingway, Hiltz, Hobbs, J. M, Hoffman, M. E. Hoffman, Ho-llingsworlh ..,. FIFTH ROW: Hudson, Hutchinson, Jackson, Jeffers, Joiner, Kelley, Kopp, Kruger, Lester. 300 1 I A-vw FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linz, Lippmann, Malone, McCann, McChesney, McDaniel . . SECOND ROW: McKoy, Mclleynolds, Moseley, Mullins, Nagel, Newton .... THIRD ROW: O'Rear, Pardue, Patterson, Plant, Raynes, Reagor .... FOURTH ROW: Richards, Robinson Rogers, Schooley, Sellers, Short ..,. FIFTH ROW: L. F. Spitzer, M. Spitzer, Springs, Sullivan Trawick, Trimble .... SIXTH ROW: Tyson, Vaughn, Walker, Weems, Weiner, White. . . SEVENTH ROW: Willbanks, Winterbottom, Wolcott, Woodall, Yarbrough, Young. 301 1 OFFICERS G. H. LEWIS . . . . President D. F. EICHHORN . . Vice Presirlent W. B. JOINER . . Secreta1'j.' T. H. EVANS . . Treasurer MEMBERS J. V. ADANIS E. W. Kom- K. H. ASI-IEY J. KRUGER R. C. A'rc1-ILEY C. I. BABCOCK, JR. L. M. BAGGETT H. B. BASCI-I S. C. BARNETT J. L. BATTS M. BEILOCR J. J. BRESNAHAN, JR W. A. BROOKS B-. I. BROWN F. J. BULL W. E. CARLISL'E C. L. CARTER B. P. CASTEEL, JR. E. A. COLLE, JR. C. C. COLLINS R. T. CUMMINGS D. J. CURRAN L. M. DIANA E. J. DOCERAL, I V. J. DOYLE T. W. EDWARDS, JR. D. F. EICI-II-IORN J. T. FRENCH H. A. GERSCH H. GORDAN H. E. GRAI-IAM R. R. GREENE J. C. GROCE G. A. HAMPTON M. G. HANCOCK R. E. HEMMINGWAY R. G. HILTZ L. C. HOBBS J. M. HOFFNIAN M. E. HOFFMAN T. E. HOLLINGSWORTPI J. K. HUDSON R. B. HUTCHINSON A. S. JACKSON J. A. JEEFERS W. B. JOlNER F. M. KELLEY I R. M. LESTER G. H. LEWIS G. D. LINZ W. D. LIPPMAN G. D. MALONE M. J. MCCANN C. R. MCCHESNEY E. W. NICDANIEL J. B. MCKOIY, JR. J. G. MCREYNOLDS, JR. C. M. MOSELY. JR. W. H. MULLINS L. L. NAGEL S. A. NEWTON, JR. C. J. O,REAR G. H. PARDUE, JR. M. PATTERSON G. D. PLANT, JR. H. D. RAYNES L. T. REAGOR S. M. RICPIARDS C. E. ROGERS G. G. SCHOOLIIY E. E. SELLERS H. L. SHORT L. F. SPI-rzER M. SPITZER D. A. SPRINGS H. E. SULLIVAN, JR. W. G. TRAWICK A. T. TRIIvIBLi, JR. J. J. TYSON W. W. VAUGPIN R. L. WALKER J. W. WEEMS, JR. A. WEINER W. E. WI-IITE, JR. J. WILLBANKS D. A. WINTERBOT'l'ONI W. W. WOLCO'l"I' R. F. WOODALL, JR. J. R. YARBROUGII W. XV. YOUNG f FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Anderson, Ashby, Athey. Barnett, Bell, Bracewell, Bresnahan, Brooks .... SECOND ROW: Bull, Carter, Casleel, Colle, Davidson Diana, Dick, Duerst .... THIRD ROW: Eichhorn, Hampton, Harris, Harvey, Hemmingway, Hiltz, Hoffman, Holliday .... FOURTH ROW: Johnston, Joiner 1:5 Q elrrzgwi- f "sk sw ap Lewis, Linz, Lippman, Mabry, Malone, McChesney. PHI llllPPl3l PHI KAPPA PHI is the oldest national honor society on the Georgia Tech campus. Founded in 1897, it now has chapters in fifty colleges and uni- versities. The local chapter was installed in 1914. Membership in Phi Kappa Phi is awarded to those members of the senior class who have excelled in scholarship during their first three years at Georgia Tech. The local chapter conducts the annual Honors Day exercises and awards each year a scholarship cup to the senior with the highest scholastic average. 302 'W 'il . A - lil I "i T fw f ff . 'life X' V 4 257.6 ..f .' I' ' , I.. 1... .. , .51 . 3 :,.,, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: McClelland, McDaniel, Moore, Newell, Newton. SECOND ROW: Patterson, Plaskon, Raynes, Rogers, Scaife .... THIRD ROW: Scott, Short, Slaughter, L. Spitzer, M. Spitzer .... FOURTH ROW: Thomas, Trimble, Tyson, Wilhelm, Young. OFFICERS A. J. WALKER . .... , Presir1c'nt P. WEBER .... . Vice P1'c'sidc'111f NV. L. CARMICI-IAEL . . . Scfcrcffary F. B. XVENN . . . . T1'eas1z1'er fv 30.-I STUDENT MEMBERS D. P. ANDERSON K. H. ASHBY R.,J. ATHEY S. C. BARNETT W. E. BELL R. E. BRACEWELL J. J. BRESNAHAN XV. A. BROOKS F. J. BULL C. L. CARTER B. P. CASTEEL E. A. COLLE H. O. DAVIDSON L. M. DIANA H. A. DICK J. F. DUERST D. F. EICHHORN M. G. HAMPTON R. A. HARRIS M. C. HARVEY R. E. HEMMINOWAY R. G. HILTZ M. E. HOFFMAN J. E. HOLLIDAX' S. L. JOHNSTON W. B. JOINER G. H. LEWIS G. D. LINZ W. D. LIIIPMAN G. C. MABRX' G. D. MALONE C. R. MCCHESNEY B. T. MCCLELLAND E. W. MCDANIEL C. B. MOORE D. W. MUELLER O. NEWELL S. A. NEWTON M. PATTERSON K. G. PICHA W. J. PLASKON H. D. RAYNES C. E. ROGERS W. P. SCAIFE J. E. SCOTT H. L. SHORT J. M. SLAUGHTER L, SPITZER M. SPITZER R. A. THOMAS T. A. TRIMBLE D. V. TUIJEEN J J. J. TYSON R. D. WILHELM W. W. YOUNG FACULTY MEMBERS H. W. ADAMS F. W. AJAX J. E. BOYD M. L. BRITTAIN B. L. BROWN J. C. BROWN W. L. CARMICHAEL L. W. CHAPIN J. L. DANIEL H. E. DENNISON D. W. DUTTON C. L. EMERSON R. M. ERVIN E. H. FOLK H. K. FULMER R. A. HEFNER R. L. HII,L M. A. HONNELL R. S. HOWELI. J. H. HOWEY W. B. JOHNS H. W. MASON J. E. MCDANIEI. L. MITCHELL J. E. MOORE W. G. PERRY A. Y. POPE G. A. ROSSELOT D. P, SAVANT T. G. SEIDELL D. M. SMITH W. M. SPICER A. L. STARRIETT R. L, SWEIGERT A. J. WALKIiR H. S. WEBER P. WEBER F. B. WENN W. C. WHITLEY B. B. WROTI-I H. A. WYCKOIfI-' W. WHITE OFFICERS E. WHITE, JR. P1'esifle1z15 M. PATTERSON Vice P1fesirz'e1z1f F. M. KELLEY S6'CI'G1fl11':jI H. L. SHORT T1'c'as1z1'er MEMBERS C. L. CARTER E. A. COLLE L. M. DIANA D. F. ELCHHORN J. L. HANCOCK W. B. JOIINER F. M. KELLEY M. J. MCCANN G. D. MALONE L. L. NAGEL M. PATTERSON G. D. PLANT, JR. C. E. ROGERS H. L. SHORT M. SPITZER L. F. SPITZER W. E. WHITE, JR. SUEIETII In 1922 the Briaerean Society was founded at Georgia Tech as an honorary Co-op organization. It offers the highest honor available to upperclassrnen who are Outstanding in scholarship, leadership, and character. I Q Q 4? I I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carter, Colle, Diana, Eichhorn .... SECOND ROW: Han- cock, Joiner, Kelley, McCann .... THIRD- ROW: Malone, Nagel, Patterson, Plant. .. FOURTH ROW: Rogers, Short, M. Spitzer, L. F. Spitzer. 304 WHO'S HMER HHD UHIUERS I , I , ,f ..-frlw' X .f . , , ,- -.9 E' ,-f' L.. , W ' , an ww' ,jim w ,,-" N .xgftz fd, ' . .,,, . Q.. ,, WHO IH CHN COLLEGES ITIES 'v..,,g. -I:-N., nigh., w E . Q -vw. . w.ff'-LEE O "' X, 'QQ -N... i'f'fQ5V2fe..,,, The men listed on this page have been selected as outstanding students on the Tech campus. Their college activities will appear in the 1947 edition of Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. R. C. ATCHLEY R. C. BAKER I-I.,C. BATTEN A. BERGMAN B. I. BRONWN D. V. CADY' G. M. COLEMAN T. B. ELFE D. F. EICHHORN MEMBERS I. F. FISKE I. M. GALEY W. R. HEALY J. R. HOLLIDAH' G. H. LEWIS J. E. LOVE W. C. MANN J. V. MINER S. A. NEWTON H. L. SHORT R. L. SLATEN M. SPITZER H. M. TODD T. A. TRIMBLE H. W. WOODHAM J. L. YOUNG lim 1 my E ,J ' a FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Atchley, Baker, Batten, Bergman, Brown, Cady, Coleman, Elie, Eichhorn .... SECOND ROW: Fiske, Galey, Healy, Holliday, Lewis, Love, Mann, Miner, Newton .... THIRD ROW: Short, Slaten, Spitzer, Todd, Trimble, Woodham, Young. 305 H. M. JUIID. JR. WRIGHT OFFICERS C. Q. WRIGHT P1'esir1c1I1f D. B. LUPTON V ice Pl'C'SiIlC'Ilf E. E. FRIZZELL S!'Cl'f'fll1'jl W. B. ERB T1'L'H51l1'F1' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Athey, Austin, Barker, Bernstein, Blancett, Bracewell, Brannon, Branson. . . . SECOND ROW: Brooks, B. I. Brown, Buchanan, Burke, Cain, Carasik, Carroll, Cleary .... THIRD ROW: Coleman, Collat, Colton, Cook, Copeland, Costello, Cox, Creel .... FOURTH ROW: Creighton, R. J. ATHEY S. M. AUSTIN C. T. BABCOCK D. L. BARKISR L. BERNSTEIN W. M. BLANCETT R. E. BRACEWELL L. T. BRANNON, -JR. C. F. BRANsoN W. A. BROOKS B. I. BROWN J. L. BROXVN K. S. BUCHANAN A. E. BURDEN J. E. BURKE J. L. BURT, JR. J. L. CAIN W. CARASIR T. I. CARROLL G. J. CLEARY, JR. G. M. COLEMAN L. B. COLLAT W. H. COLONIEY E. COLTON L. H. CooR XV. D. COPELANIJ G. T. COSTZTLLO E. F. Cox J. S. CREEL J. T. CREIGHTON W. C. CRUTCHER L. R. DANIEL T. M. H. DAY H. F. DECOURT H. E. DEWEESE L. B. DIxoN. JR. Crutcher, Day, Deweese, Dixon, Dunn, Dwiggins, Erb. W. G. DUNN J. F. DWIGGINS W. R. ERB C. C. EVANS E. B. FELDMIIN W. G. FEW' C. O. FIvE,xsH. JR. M. J. FIvEI. C. FLENNIKEN J. M. FLOURNOY E. E. FRIZZIELL M. H. FURCHCOTT W. J. GALE R. M. GILMORE, JR. C. H. GRIFFENBIERG W. F. HAITE J. D. HALL F. E. I-IANRINsoN A. L. HANNIX G. B. HAWTHORNE R. G. HECIAIT R. E. HEMMINoxv.n' J. E. HOLLIDAY T. W. JAY N. H. JOHNSON R. E. JoHNsoN W. N. JOHNSON A. KATZ H. E. K.AUIfNIAN W. W. KAVANIXUGH J. A. KERSEI' R. J. KLEIN, JR. A. C. Kous H. W. KRAET, SJR. J. KRUGER 306 MEMBERS D. T. QUINN R. S. RAMSAY C. L. RAY, JR. H. D. RAYNES J. K. READ S. M. ROLLINSON J. A. Rosso M. H. RUBTN F. J. SCHAY E. L. SCOTT W. H. SHEPHERD V. J. SIRORA E. D. SIMRINS J. E. SINGLEY, JR. J. C. SMITH J. C. SPACH N. A. STUMPE, -JR. P. TAYLOR R. A. THoIvIAs H. M. Tonn A. T. TRIMBLE C. A. TURNER F. M. TUTTLE J. W. TYSINGER J. J. Tx'soN J. A. LINDERXVOOIJ W. C. UNDERXVOOD A. R. WARD M. E. LACREI' XV. I. LANGSTAFF R. G. LARSON J. C. LEIFER M. B. LEVITT J. E. LovE J. LUoNGo D. B. LUPTON D. L. LYLE D. W. MADER G. D. MALONE G. D. MAY J. J. MCCAMUS, JR. E. W. NICDANIEL C. E. MCGINNIS L. C. MCLEAN E. BILCNALLX' A. B. MEADOR, JR J. V. IVIEISTER L. H. IVIEYER G. B. Mocx, JR. J. N. MooRE, III V. E. NEW O. NEXVELL S. A. NEWTON C. J. O'RE,IR J. A. OXFORD J. M. PAINTER B. D. PARK G. D. PATTERSON H. G. PATTILLO C. A. PETTY, JR. J. E. PTPPIN E. T. PROSSIER K. PUTTER M. H. QUATTLISBAUM W. C. WARLICK E. N. WIKTKINS, JR J. F. WILLIAR-Is W. R. P. RVILSON D. L. WINTER J. M. WOLFE C. Q. WRIGl'IT PHI ET iSIIilIIII PHI ETA SIGMA, a national freshman honorary scholas 1 rat nit was installed at Georgia Tech in 1930. Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is the highest honor which a freshman ay ecei e at Georgia Tech. Only those men having an average of 3.5, which is equivalent to grades of one-half Als and ne- f 's based on the first quarter or the entire freshman year, are eligible for membership. Each spring the fraternity re s I cup to the freshman having the highest scholastic av- erage for the first quarter. 1, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Evans, Feldman, Few, Fiveash, Fivel, Flenniken, Flournoy, Friuell, Furchgott, Gilmore .... SECOND ROW: Griffenberg, Haite, Hall, I-Iankinson, Hanna, Hawthorne, Hecht, Hemmingway, Holliday, Jay .... THIRD ROW: R.. E. Johnson, W. N. Johnson, Judd, Katz, Kaufman, Kavanaugh Klein, Kolb, Kraft, Kruger .... FOURTH ROW: Langstaff, Leifer, Levitt, Love, Luongo, Lupton, Mader, Malone, May, McDaniel ..., FIFTH ROW: McLean McNally, Meyer, Mock, Moore, Newton, O'Rear, Oxford, Painter, Fattillo .... SIXTH ROW: Petty, Quettlebaum, Quinn, Ray, Raynes, Read, Rollinson, Rosso, Rubin, Schay. . . . SEVENTH ROW: Scott, Shepherd, Sikora, Singley, Smith, Spach, Siumpe, Taylor, Thomas, Todd .... EIGHTI-I ROW: Trimble, Tur ner, Tysinger, Tyson, W. C. Underwood, Warlick, Watkins, Williams, Wilson, Wolfe. 307 Counierclockwise: Eager Rats line up for Freshman Cake Race. . . . Carlfsle puts Horsley on ice at Bulldog Club iniiialzion. . . . And the rains came .... The long and the short and the fall .... !'k's always fair weather when musicians get fogefher. 308 B 213 '," W Q ' ' ,ff RJ lf Q ' I ,Ay , 42,1 ' All QX XT ., X11 1 vw' KK 5 J xx I X wx -Q f ,ff -sw L M ax - 1, N 1 fx' ' A- 'Zz' fy 4 .wx-:..x,:.. N , ,ii-If-if .. ,qi HNNWX, 'NSW X , jf f .f,.f' . Wfk- " 'I ff KWH ll, Ir, " ,x :K .' hwillfly 2 Qkxxxh-xx . Jffv arf 1 - TJ' 'I nf U' . f'! 5'i'2'11i' ' 5:-' :LM W I' ' ' 'V Mfr i N 2.4---f L - ok 00K IILPHII IQHI SIGIIIII TRIMBLE OFFICERS A. T. TRIMBLE President W. J. CAMP Vice Presiflenzf G. H. CROSSLEY S9C1'6lLd1'jI L. M. DIANA Trecgszzfrer FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bresnal-Ian, Byrd, Camp, Caulkins, Crossley, Day. . . SECOND ROW: Diana, Flick, Hancock, McChesney, Newton, Ogilvie .... THIRD ROW: Paradise, Rowan, Short, B. F. Smith, Trawick, Tucker. ALPHA CHI SIGMA is the national honorary and professional organization for chemists and chemical engineers. This fraternity has for its chief aims the furthering of pure and applied chemistry, and the recognition of individual achievement. It presents each Honor's Day a chemical handbook to the junior maintaining one of the five highest scholastic averages. Students are eligible to be elected to membership who have shown decided interest in chemistry or chemical engineering, who have reached second quarter sophomore status, and who have maintained a 2.5 overall scholastic average. The work of the local chapter includes providing exhibits for the student body, sponsoring speakers on scientific subjects, and establishing a medium for social contact among its members. J. L. BRESNAHAN, C. R. BYRD W. J. CAMP H. B. CAULKINS G. H. CROSSLEY T. M. H. DAY L. M. DIANA J MEMBERS R. A. FLICK J. L. HANCOCK C. R. MCCHESNEY S. A. NEXVTON J. C. OGILVIE A. J. PARADISE I. F. ROWAN H. L. SHORT B. F. SMITH W. H. SMITH W. G. TRAWICK A. T. TRIMBLE J. M. TUCKER E IIIIIQHIIEETUIIIII SIIEIEIII THE ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY, composed of architectural students who have completed three quarters of work, strives to increase interest in architecture and its applications. Each year it enters the Work of out- , standing students in a national contest. In the fall it holds 21 reception for all freshmen desiring to take architecture in order that they might become acquainted with the department and their fellow students, MEMBERS K. H. ASHBY J. E. ASHLEY J. A. BERG C. W. BOROUGHS W. H. BLEEN, JR B. I. BRQWN F. J. BULL G. A. HAMPTON . G. HAMPTON . H. HARRIss W. D. HEASLEY R. G. HECFIT M. HOFFMAN . K. HoUsToUN H. J. PRICE, JR. A. PRINCE R. F. RABUN A. M. RAYFIELD L. H. ROBERTS J. N. ROBINSON A . L. ROGERS, JR. MOSELEY J. E. CARLSON C. E. HUTcHINs, JR. J. W. SANDEFORD G. A. CHAPMAN N. A. JACOBS, JR. A. R. SMITH, JR. J. N. CLEMONS K. JENNISON J. N. SMITH, III J. A. COCHRANE C. M. JOHNSON D. B. SPANGLER OFFICERS C. B. CURRY H. H. JORDAN R. H. STEPHENS Q, M, MQSELY, JR. R. T. DEDWYLDER W. D. LATHBURY R. B. TIPPETT P,,,c,Si,f6,1,Hg C. B. DEKLE J. H. DODSON, JR. W. O. FULMER H. S. GOLDSTEIN R. R. GREENE W. C. MANN W. A. MARTIN, JR. A. MCDONALD R. M. MCKENZIE C. M. MOSELEY, JR. D. P. TYNDALE E. C. UNKEFER W. W. VAUCHN R. E. WACI-ITER I. A. WADLINGTON, JR. A. R. SMITH, JR. Vice Pl'C'Sif1'6'1'lf K. H. ASHBY E. GREMLI, II C. D. PASCHAL J. W. WEEM, JR. S05-,fggmfy B. GUVENC E. PHILLIPS, JR. C. B. WINSLETTE J. W. WEEMS, JR. Treas111'cr fl 'hum 59 -ff, , R II' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ashby, Ashley, Berg, Boroughs, Breen, Brown, Bull, Carlson, Chapman, Clemons .... SECOND ROW: Cochrane, Curry, Dekle Dodson, Fulrner, Goldstein, Gremli, Guvenc, Hampton, Heasley .... THIRD ROW: Hecht, Hoffman, Houstoun, Hutchins, Jacobs, Johnston, Mann, McDonald McKenzie, Paschal .... FOURTH ROW: Phillips, Price, Prince, Rabun, Rayfield, Roberts, Robinson, Sandcfcrd, A. R. Smith, J. N. Smith .... FIFTH ROW Spangler, Stephens, Tippett, Tyndale, Unkefer, Vaughn, Wachter, Wadlington, Weems, Winslette. 311 GALEY OFFICERS J. M. GALEY President C. J. O,REAR Vice Presideni J. T. FRENCH Secretary C. M. MOSELEY, Jn. Treasure 1' M EM B ERS F. H. ABBOT W. A. ARGUEDAS K. H. ASHBY B, I. BROWN A. E. BURDEN G. W. BURKE, ja. C. P. EAST H. C. EGGAI1 P. I. EMMER E. T. FOWLER P. M. GINGLES R. E. GONZALEZ, JR. G. A. HAMPTON M. G. H'AMPTON M. S. HINES J. M. HOFFMAN M. E. HOFFMAN, Jn. T. E. HoLLINGsWoI1'rH J. K. HUDSON R. G. JESSUI' W. C. MANN J. F. MATHEWS, JR. B. MICKEI. J. V. H. MINER, JR. H. H. MITCHELL W. H. MULLINS H. P. PARISH R. G. ROBINSON J. N. SMITI-I, III G. H. SPARKS R. O. WILHELM I. J. WISE I 4 CHI EPSILON is the only national fraternity composed entirely of men in the field of lICivil Engineering. Founded at the University of Illinois in 1922, it recognizes and ,encourages the qualities of scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability in the Iundergraduate Civil Engineer. The Georgia Tech chapter of Chi Epsilon, founded in Il943, was formed from the Civil Crew, the oldest honor organization on the Tech cam- Ipus. Among its many activities are field trips, guest speakers presenting news of the Ilprofession, and movies on various engineering subjects. gp' nn 'QW ' I af. .555 5 1 1:::g:s-':z:a:::2 :,' Q . 1' 1 If Cf' . - .- - -V - , ' - f 1 - 4793278 .wr-:....fs:.I,1:f.a.::-:Qi - -,f-- : --'..f:m:z.-afar-' , I .i f .L ...' Q., 's , j L my .53-A-a:.,,Z.:. ' w - .. .f-2:1 V 'S g2f.f:..2 ,gk 1 . i Y M-Q X 1' , g we ,112 fisgi. Ii ' .. "I-:va .fifia ' " S 'r:'54 ' 'bis ' -- V125 :f ff f-We: 1 's'. . '-r-5"'fi::a.,gcie-.M 11.-, ft ' wx'-r, . -2 We .- mr! 5:33:52 I , 111:-' . . . ' a::Af7vI'.,I - '. ' .1251 .... .J"'F' 'm'I': .. . 'T A , I ' 'Z . , Qfggy .. r'-- ' I I 5E"I.'f. 5 F' .T . ' V4 ' E' ' ' 'ECI' fy " ' I r. . "Ei vw, - '1 . v 2-35:E'5,.1.-..L:.:3, iz5:fI" ,""1 " ,.3f359 w ifv' - '- il" - -. XXV :se-:,. . ' i :--,-2.s2.E:":.l:I." . 1 , .'2f': Q 's.':a5.f:21,,.zg3'-I ings. - 0 .. 4' 4.8 X FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Abbot, Arguedas, Ashby, Brown, Burke .... SECOND ROW: East, Eggar, Emmer, Fowler, Gingles .... THIRD ROW: Gonzalez-Rubio, M. G. Hampton, Hines, J. M. Hoffman, M. E. Hoffman. ...FOURTH ROW: Hollingsworth, Hudson, Jessup, Mann, Mickel .... FIFTH ROW: Miner, Mitchell, Moseley, Mullins, O'Rear .... SIXTH ROW: Robinson, Smith, Sparks, Wilhelm, Wise. 312 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Adams, Babcock, Barnes, Batts, Beckham, Bodine, Butler, Bythewood, Carmichael, Carter, Collins .... SECOND ROW: Curran, Fivel, Folger, Gammell, Groce, Hiltz, Hirshberg, Hobbs, Hocking, Jeffers, Johnson .... THIRD ROW: Leifer, Linz, Middleton, McCoy, Owen, Rankin, Raynes, Richards, Rutherford, Rymer, Schiffman .... FOURTH ROW: Schwahn, Sikora, Smith, Springs, Strausser, Thomas, Underwood, Walton, ETH HHPPH Warren, Williams. HU ETA KAPPA NU is a national honorary electrical engineering fraternity founded in 1904, the local chapter being installed in 1941. The membership is composed of those junior and senior electrical engineering students who are outstanding in scholarship, character, and leadership. J. V. ADAQMS C. I. BABCOCK G. L. BARNES J. L. BATTS C. L. BEcKHAM R. H. BODINE, JR. F. I. BROWN F. L. BUTLER, JR. R. C. BYTHEWOOD H. E. CARMICHAEL C. L. CARTER C. C. COLLINS D. J. CURRAN M. J. FIVEI. J. W. FOLGER J. L. GANIMELL MEMBERS WWE, J. C. GRocE R. G. HILTZ W. L. HIRSHRERG L. C. HOBBS N. W. HOCKING, JR J. A. JEFFERS V. E. JO-HNSON H. D. JONES J. C. LEIEER G. D. LINZ W. A. MIDDLETON M. B. McCoy R. E. OWZN J. R. RANKIN, JR. H. D. RAYNES S. M. RICHARDS W. T. RUTHERFORD R. H. RYMER M. SCHIFTMAN F. J. SCHWAHN V. J. SIKORA J. A. SMITH D. A. SPRINGS E. A. STRAUSSER R. A. THOMAS W. C. UNDERWOOD J. A. WALTON R. R. XVARREN A. WEINER J. F. WILLIAMS 313 OFFICERS A. WEINER . . . Prcfsifleni J. L. WATTS . . Vice Prcsiclenl C. L. CARTER . . Se'Crc'fary S. M. RICHARDS , TI'FtlS7lI'Cf lnnusrnlnl mnnnsemenr sntltw THE INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT SOCIETY is open to all students in industrial management who are oustanding in both scholarship and extra-curricular activ- ities. Throughout the year the society maintains an active program. At the end of the school year, the club presents a loving cup to the senior graduating with the highest average in industrial management. K fi! 1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Absher, Batten, Bell, B ROW: Duggan, Fowler, Graham, Healy, Holcombe .... THIRD ROW: Holtsinger, Johnson, Little, MacCullough, McClelland .... FOURTH ROW: McCord, Miller, Moores, Ney, Noone. . . . FIFTH ROW: Pollitt, Pompan, Power, Seitz, Shaw .... SIXTH ROW: Simmons, Skotnlk, rlngfellow, Sweeney, Woodward. Si ennett, Buckingham .... SECOND 314 LAMB OFFICERS R. M. LAMB President W. H. FLURY Vice President C. A. JOHNSON Secretwy H. W. HOLCOMBE Treasurer MEMBERS J. K. AES!-IER H. C. BATTI-IN W. E. BELL A. S. BENNETT W. S. BUCRINGI-IAM R. H. DUGGAN W. H. FLURY T. W. FOWLER D. A. GRAHANX R. E. HAYES W. R. HEALX' H. W. Hotcomns H. S. HOLTSINGER C. A. JOHNSON R. M. LAMB A. LITTLE D. E. NTACCULLOUGI-I B. T. lVlCCLELI.AND F. L. NICCORD I. B. NLILLER J. E. NIOORES S. M. NEY J. R. NOONE B. H. POLLITT J. H. POMPAN J. C. POWER H. SEITZ J. H. SHAW J. D. SIMMONS H. P. SRQTNIR W. A. STRINGFELLOW J. W.-SWEENEY C. D. Wooowaxn V. H. WYCOTT FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Amsler, Bonner, Brinkley, Clayton, Cochran, Cummings, Dowman, Gurry, Harden .... SECOND ROW: Hardy, Hodes Lipp mann, Malone, Mathews, Newsome, O'Barr, O'Neal, Patton .... THIRD ROW: Shackleford, Slaton, Smith, Stall, Stumberg, Williams, Winterbottom PHI PSI is a national honorary textile fraternity which has as its aim the promotion of better feeling and closer relation between the textile students, and the strengthening of the position of the textile industry. Election to this fraternity is limited to a certain percentage of the junior and senior textile students. R. L. AMSLER R. H. BoNNi21x H. F. BRINKLEY T. G. CLAYTON V. Z. COCHRAN R. T. CUNIMINGS W. F. DOWMAN, Jn. A. L. GIBSON F. H. CURRY R. A. HAIIDEN, jx. MEMBERS . F. HARDY . D. Homes . F. Honsusr R. JOHNSON W. D. LIPPMAN G. D. TVIALONE Y. Mfxrimws . J. MILLER R. W. Newsome T. B. O'BARx H. W. O'NEAL H. W. ORMOND, JR. W. L. PATTON L. F. SI-IACKLEFORD J. P. SLATON M. H. SMITH, ja. E. H. STAL1. B. G. STUMBERG, ja. F. B. WILLIAMS, Jn. D. A. WINTERBOTTOM 315 R. B. G. Vi F. B. W HORSLEY OFFICERS F. HORSLEY President STUMBERG, Ja ce President WILLIAMS, JR. Svcrefary . ORMOND, ja TTFJSTIVUV f -.. ' ' f gems' .. 4.. . ' , 5 ' V X 9--'V IV- VV V V , -.3gg,gEyQi.ffX . -,Qiv3,Rg134f - A f ft f . V . V- .-.1 .' K 'JL .. "-. I ' J ' .-H " Q-. 4'-' 1 " .V :f-:':'f:f:2f ' 1 ' 'f I .. . V in . -I: . If -I. ' :- fi I f :Tflz " ' ' X .. ,. ' 1 . ' c. ' s .Vs -15.5 .1 " .-I-:+F5.5f H fy. . 4 -- ' 5 U .R+-., . . N33-:V H I A 9.5 . - 'g - . , ,-31: .' V , .K - . -. ggzgszfzg' s.. V ,, - -. 1 . ff . J , ' X ' ' E ' -A: , 5 , f' L .L a merits- M... if 1- iff: '11-1 212: 'f ieaa1.29?5 Erskine: 251' r'1 A...eg1f.1.:.-ii A R ,:- ' ' 4. A ' - A ' . 51 'rc rr- x P V . ,a- V .. .,, V- . . f ,,5V A V- .. 1. 2Q.g5,:.V-. . ,. 7. . Me.-VLA ' . ,m,.g,.,,,:.,,, 52 ... ..a..,,55, , ,M fr, Z, Milli!" 31, V VV VM, V ., gf, 2, ,EV J VJ, i,Z,,V,-,g,,-5VV.., V Aw ., 4, . , - . V, - - . A , 1. .. ' " ' - ' V' , ullv V 'V ,- ' ' 5 . - " . N t ' ' ' V . 'Z ' V . A 'f ' -.. - - f W vw VV V A. -1- V V . V V. . :w sill ' V z5za.gJ..i A-'iff ,fx V . '.',V1fsVa...?a-2 ' - 5 " A V. ' . i . , V. , l V ' rfaialft ' I 1. " 1 Q-, 'lf Si " . . . fi' 1 .1 2115- . -' , . '- 1, ij, VV , ' . " V - '- ' " , .. .J X, Q 5 . V V A. ,.1I',f-13553 V' f-. Zi- 'L '.:i,r5ff ':?'5ff5i51i -I t " '- I2-. .-'5i.:' 'r 's .5I" , .- 'f ?E 513: 3:1 F V? ji his if ., . W' , V' :,:,'33'.jg' grmgjy-'SI Z ,yfgp ' ' ,. " f ' - , ' ,,.,,. an 6 V I ' "" V " if 3 -V. : W, WIT. G f I:-' " .- '4:E. ' 'KM' ::?' . - - 52. -I-2S:"f' 'V .fr " ' " Q-Zg,.W:igygf T-ff , V1 , ,H .V , - .-j,,4..::i " :..,': . "' X5 2:.g.,V'.' " ' ' V 1 ' ' ' I -' A' 2 Q' - iframe-f-..:s ex. -- A. A HV , . feqiya 1:.-.....g. 354.5135 '- , 3 .V ,, - .2 , J , xx : . , Q., ., . L V, ' - ,y a n ,, ,. Y jr: VV V - V .. .J - i ' -- ibm.. D ' QII, " pf:- X . 'J' '2.'1'Zi':i ' ':I.:' . 54 7 'A ' 5 J Q ' A - ' 'V f .. Jw ' w 'W AV ima- J, V. I - "AV -. i V V if ri , r . " :??:'Z' V Q,-3.4-.-..Vg:g.W fZ'2i51'55': i" - " qffii 5iif"fVQZi'Z :"-'!,f,"" GZEJVE fjf- .I NIE? , '. Lf' " . .. e.I:'f"' -'Q " -C,.f'2s'i' fr' , f .c i.:"r' V -. ' - V ' .. .' ' M 4 ', ,V V 'fs-' " 'P """ - ' .,.,.Vi2i.. A 4 -if " . "i ' ' Va . ' -V U2 "el V -' 1Rf.:z.:ef?- -fm-A +1 - 'Aids ' ' . " A --A -V ,g.- -.mfg 4p,.,,,,.,.,. . -.-.V.V ,.- 6.:V..i:s- A -R sf . - +,g,W1.- 3. V--sf... ' f' A an ' -, -' ' ' B ck' , '31 ,. . X ,A . . ,I V on '2 .l'1:s.:fL..f' ' '. -' .- as , ' . V 'Z 3. 1- -114231 . aa f ,L as , V UV, -V VV f , , ,gl 2 ab VH' R . - A ' Q f ,. E . ' ww ' f ' , " :fi , , 'lr-',jVV-2-f 'T - VV.sVi.g":' .5 .., - 1, ,-aslz: . .. X . V V Ia- V ' ' -say 5 . .V:,,:g':.f" ' .. :L V L. ' 3,1 V' . " . " . if '- V' "" "ff V I If '12 '- - ' - I f " ' . ,, I ' V. .V 2 . - refs. A -if . edu.- ,V I A ,, 'mg FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Baker, Barney, Barrow, Bartman, Bercegeay, Brooks, Campbell, Colle, Conn, Cox, Damioli, Domingos .... SECOND ROW: Edwards, Fancher, Gibb, Gilliam, Gnann, Grethen, Hemingway, Hitch, Holcombe, Hovis, Howland, Hungepiller .... THIRD ROW: A. S. Jackson, J. W. Jackson, Johnson, Joiner, Kelley, La Boon, Lewis, Love, McAllister, McNeill, Pardue, Pinkerton .... FOURTH ROW: Plant, Quattlebaum, Reed, Reeves, Ruffin, Salter, Stanton, Symons, Taylor , Tewes, Vandergrift, Walker .... FIFTH ROW: Wheeler, White, Whitehead, Williams, Wolcott, Young, Zeigler, Zeigler. EICHHORN OFFICERS D. F. EICHHORN P1'esicienf F. M. KELLEY Vice President J. M. ZEIGLER Secretary W. E. WHITE T1'eas'm'e1' O PI TAU SIGMA is the honorary Mechanical Engineering fraternity, selecting its members from outstanding junior and senior Mechanical Engineering students. To be eligible for membership a student must not only stand high scholastically in his class, but he must fulnll requirements of character and leadership. MEMBERS R. C. BAKER J. S. GILLIAM F. M. KELLEH' W. F. BARNEY A. P. GNANN, JR. J. F. LABOON T. A. BARROW' J. R. GRETHZN G. H. LEWIS N. L. BARTMAN R. E. HEMINGW'AY J. E. LovE E. W. BERCEGEAY W. H. HITCH K. H. Low MOSCRIP, III J. C. CAMPBELL V. M. Hovls W. F. W. A. BROOKS C. P. HOLCOMBE R. MCALLISTER W. CLARRSON C. S. HOXVLAND R. V. MCNEILL E. A. COLLE W. E. HUIE G. H. L. D. CONN J. R. S. Cox B. DAMroLx A. S. JACKSON E. K. DOMINGOS J. PARDUE, JR. E. HUNGEPILLER D. W. PINKERTON G. D. PLANT R. B. HUTCHINSON H. C. REED M. QUATTLEBAUM W. JACKSON R. T. W. EDWARDS R. E. JOHNSON R. W. REEVLS, JR. D. F. EICHMAN RUEEIN H. F. C. E. SALTER W. B. JOINER C. E. FANCHER D. H. JoNEs J. R. GIBB 316 C. G. SCHOOLEX' J. C. STANTON A. G. SYMONS W. L. TAYLOR W. A. TEWES R. W. THOMAS F. VANDEGR1FT R. L. WALKER D. F. WHEELER W. E. XVI-:ITE H. L. WHITEHEAD, JR. T. T. W1LL1AMs W. W. WOLCOTT W. W. YOUNG J. M. ZEIGLER J. M. ZIEGLER THE BULLDOG CLUB is one of our best known local organizations. It was founded by a group of seniors in 1910 to promte cllege spirit and interest. The club merged with the Junior Koseme Club in 1933 to form the present organization, whose members are selected from the most outstanding juniors and seniors on the campus. J. E. ABSI-IIRE E. ANDERSON J. E. ANDREWS J. W. ANDREWS BARQUIN Cl BATTEN L. BATTS A. BEARDSWORTI-I BRANNON Z. G. BRANTLEY A. BREMBS BROOKS C. BRYAN H. E. BRINKLEI' G. H. BRODNAX G. BROWNING D. V. Cam' W. CAINES J. F. CARVER J. CASTLEBERRY P. H. D. T. C. NV. R. D. CLARK W. G. T. CUMMING3 B. DAMIOLI DAVID . T. DAVIS D. A. DELUGACFI H. DOROUGH . DURST J. R J. D T. W. EDWARDS, JR. T. B. ELFE J. T. ELLIOTT W. E. EVANS J. R. EVANS C. E. FANCI-IER C. M. FLOWERS W. O. FULMER J. T. FULWILER, JR. J. M. GALEY C. O. GORDON R. R. GUNTER , . " ' . ...tfy gg..ff.s. . -- . F.. .....-.....,,3, 1 -'f' . I" H .: W - -R -. 1 4 ' gn., ss? 1-:gow ,r ' - Q, 55351513215 ig, Q' ' "III" , . yy, :J V: Ll. MEMBERS W. H. H. R. O. J. A. H. J. L. F. E. H. G. J. G. W. E. E. K. G. HENSLEY HOLLOMON S. HOLTSINGER HORSLEY HOUSTOUN JENNINGS JOENS D. JONES E. JONES A. KAI-IN G. KING W. KOPP LEVY H. LEWIS E. LovE, JR. XV. MATHEWS C. MINK E. MOORE W. MCDRNIEL N. NESBIT L. F. K. M. E. S. A. NEW1'ON W. M. NIEZNEY J. S. NOLAN H. W. ORMOND, JR. D. S. PETERS J. R. PHILLIPS A. PRINCE D. H. ROGERS J. H. SCHOENEERC J. N. Sci-IWARTZ H. L. SI-IORT S. W. SIMPSON D. SMITI-I E. STILL . B. WATSON J. D. WILLIS J. I. WILSON J. WILLBANKS WYCOTT V. J. R V. rs -1 4 Q' L IZ? 4 9,.f:f' ' V. LII: zf :" 2iv ' 1, . ' .f 1 f. ' I rr- ' T , '. 4' E.. - fr- 1.-W - . "" ,, " V . .. 1 . f . Q 'tif 1 ?-if., 'S . . Q.,.? ., L V Q .- .af 1 198 4: , 5 , 1 if ' f 6 1 .f 9 ff I 9+ 4 ' 4" f ' , ce ,. 4 . ,ff X f , ' .1 I' . Z,,1'l.i Q' .,., " 2"' . ,:,'f,gZ:r:2. rigivieiiiiriff' '- N. 7f1f j- . . .J ,., CADY Q OFFICERS V. CADY D. President R. F. HORSLEY Vcie P1'esin'e11f E. W. KOPP SC'CI'Efil1'jI J. M. GALEY T1'easIu'er .s is 1. ER. -1-R: 'XRS' 43' N U E : ,ay i H' I g45l,,g.,':.,:" , -f 'V f - ' - - ,..- V . " . . S , . . "ff f f " -I slr' , f.",T.fQ'I . " " fa--Qfx f . ' isff' 5 -I 5' I "" ' - -A.,-f'jEs:,: ,. gfijjig:'51',..'Eiff:'-I , 4 :v ,, - J. . :,.-'-?fZg7.,.-+ f 'Q pffwji' " ' ff ., ., ,.' - ,, ,. F' '- , A . ,. , r QQCWV - M A J -Y f' 4 ' , 1 I . . . Z-'L :- - If 0- V44 ' gf 1259:-' ' " :AAAI 2 -1--. " 'f .:,:Iw?' 'ff ' if M. : '.",'..-5 io., :-gg: , 14.3, '-Mc.. f f " , 4.571 g W ' . 21:3 f" , .-cf , ., wf- .-gg R:-L ., ,.,.,., I -. J -2. 1 '1 . 1.-. IQ! " . .- . I AI- , yu J, 2143,-gs, ' I .:.:2,.., h" ' 4?"1",p:' fm 1 ., " 5 EQ ' ffl! 456952, 4 u tvy.,'.71.,,,'-,X ,j':3.:'. ' ' -3.fji.5'1: . .131 ' ' J 'L ' 'wg' CQ., ,:F"24 , ,V gig., " f' "-':c'.f:g:g. ilgvggzgii: 4 . ,,.-. . ' 'I . 'fffbf 4, I , . V , I , , fs 1 ' ' 5 . - ,f . - . . ,..-.E ef 59.59,-. 4 wff! f. . 'f. M., - -f . ' , , . . sgfvv-...gc fe'-' 'r' ', : Q' X-27.3.5-,' R .V , V . ,H J . X I 4 M, . ., V , I Q ,Y . 4 - sf- ,A 5- f 1 . 5.2, ,. ., v ,. , 6 - SE' ' ff 1' .- , W: ' .-1. ' f 1 if: z ' "-'ef-1..' fa, . . 1. ,. ., 1. , 4.1. . Wits : a- ' -1 . + 4 f -f f , -. '. Q.: . 'W . ' S . .,.. .1 . , ' f ' l ' ' 453' .Ls ' . F .,.. 'am ' ' ' I' , f , - .1 1 yay. if-J '-- 4 arts: 5. XS- .f . .ffl -1 if 4.9 'fl . ,, ' - , . , f .- ,, ,. , ' r. I 1 I 'Q ' 'V 4 , A- ' . I' 'A . ' .. J . . "" -- r A . I .+ ' . I 2-I f " - ' ' - S .. 7 . I. Q. f 2 . f' Q., .- -- , . . .1 '. - --4-:,::,..-5:2 W' .. -'fame'--2 2 ' ' 1 'um "dw-:'.w:4,..: Y. 4. Q Rf- f. -1 . . ' -" 1,-f "0 ' ' ',' -mf.. U 7:353 1 ' , , f ' ::g.--- 2 Eu- -. 5 S 'w::..W.' ' Q 'C '- " . . 'f rfg ' Z -. 1, . ,Z .. .. .2 f ,q . . ' 'Lira' 23.33 .5-.:, 5 , ,, - I' .- ,, I A ,' .V ' Ahvi A, I 1 1143, 2:3 sz stef?-' kgzbywwi J - Eff- - ,, ff I-,::,.-g.f' ' .- . ' eg. 1:-1 , ' f fig " . , ,:-diff.. 1: . P9211 -M was ..qffM:.-Z . -. 1:5 -'-- , f . . S-. A gy. f ,3,.r.:,. 1: . :gets-'fa - 1. fy A 1 ' f .- .45 . Q' ' O ' A ' ' ' . ' '- lv ' iii ,Q '-'- 1' fi-4f2Zf"7'E V 545 "hi: ' . "' ' ' ' ' i 1 - 'P ' R. tiff' .. 12 0' I'::.--::'::.1 1 2' V ' ' I 'I R --- - 'Lf A A i f Z--21-r f S: ff' 6 jS'1i..iffEIz35Sr 1' rg . ml .: I ' .eff ' ' ' 1. J Z" f . ' Q.. ' :1:3-. 1' .."" .. Q S ,. 4' - , ,.,,, . Q. 3 . 4 -ff . 1 1' : 4 .. R 9 11.1 Et- 22515.35-I13.56.1145 .5 .H ' H' " -' ' 'tif' Qvfflifiii new -1 V' '- ' ' '. -' -. 5. 'I , . I 3 "' f I ff :egg 5, L ,sf - . , bp.. - ,Sa de-I '- ' 3, .5.,,.,, XR- .- 4 gs Eff .4.n..f., . My .am . ,.f.,,,-.S V- sg... -., , ig . . Qjsslz. " " w i l -' "" 'R :'.:12P"' A '- . J ' ' . ': , - V 1 " 4. '. I' 'T ,, ' ,a ' .,, 3 I., 'fm ., .f .,., 1- J , - 7 1 - M I 221-, I ki , Q -' .. " 3' .. I , ,J l. , . . , 1. S, ,, . , , V., . . '-'.fa2g.':i, ' - f - P'.,..,f-:.'- ' ,, R. 5 .:' K - 1. M ,rr I- ,', " I L ' I' . . . . '.. ' Ififtpn ILT A FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Abshire Anderson J. W. Andrews Bar uin Batten Batts, Beardsworth, Brannon, Brembs, Brooks. SECOND ROW: 1 . 1 , I , Bryan, Brinkley, Brodnax, Caines, Carver, Clark, Cummings, Damioli, David, Davis .... THIRD ROW: Delugach, Durst, Edwards, Elfe, Elliott, W. E, Evans, J. R. Evans, Fancher, Flowers, Fulmer .... FOURTH ROW: Fulwiler, Galey, Hensley, Hollomon, Holtsinger, Horsley, Houstoun, Jennings, Joens, Jones .... FIFTH ROW: Kahn, King, Kopp, Levy, Lewis, Love, Mathews, Mink, McDaniel, Nesbit .... SIXTH ROW: Newton, Niezney, Nolan, Peters, Phillips, Prince, Rogers, Schoenberg, Schwartz, Short .... SEVENTH ROW: Simpson, Smith, Still, Watson, Willis, Willbanks, Wycolt. 317 CII-IIP CLUB OFFICERS L. M. DIANA . . . President A. W. WEIGLE , . Vice Presidenrt J. M. ZEIGLER . . Secretary F. M. KELLEY . . Treasurer MEMBERS J. E. BALDWIN P. N. BEARDfN D. R. BECKLER D. H. BLACK W. H. BOTTOMLY T. E. BURNS W. W. CAINES W. P. CAMP S. CARASTRO R. C. CAUTl'iOIlN D. L. CHASE H. R. COLE E. A. CoLLE R. CRISP R. T. CUIVIMINGS A. W. DAVIS A. Q. DAVIS L. M. DIANA A. D. DUNAWAX' D. F. EICHHORN C. E. FANcI-IER A. M. FIELD S. J. GOSTIN H. E. HARDING P. W. HARPER F. W. HAIXIKISON L. O. HUNTLR G. H. IVEY, JR. u J J. D. JACKSON J. W. JACKSON W. B. JOINER J. E. JONES F. M. KELLEY D. KING W. W. LAROCIIE F. LASTRA C. R. NICCHESNEY J. E. MCNEILL R. V. MCNEILL E. E. NOVO'FNY M. PATTERSON G. D. PLANT R. C. REED R. W. REEVES, JR. S. M. RICHARDS W. I. STEELE, JR. A. G. SYMONS W. L. TAYLOR A. TEWES H. B. UREY R. L. WALKER A. W. WEIGLE W. E. WI-IITE, JR. W. T. WILLIAMS J. M. ZEIGLER DIANA 35' sf' I 1 ... . . .I . -A X . K . ,Q ,' -' . N, . ' ...r J. -, E 2. :SSN-Q? ., . 2 :1 0122 I Q ... J i? .ap V Y V J FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Baldwin, Bearden, Beckler, Black, Bottomley, Burns .... SECOND ROW: Caines, Camp, Caulshorn, Chase, Cole, Colle .... THIRD ROW: Crisp, Cummings, A. W. Davis, A. Q. Davis, Dunaway, Eichhorn .... FOURTH ROW: Fancher, Field, Gostin, Harper, Hunter, J. D. Jackson .... FIFTH ROW: J. W. Jackson, Joiner, Jones, Kelley, La Roche, Lastra .... SIXTH ROW: McChesney, R. V. McNeill, Novotny, Patterson, Plant, Reed .... SEVENTH ROW: Reeves, Richards, Symons, Taylor, Tewes, Walker .... EIGHTH ROW: Weigle, White, Williams, Zeigler. FOUNDED in 1915, the Co-Op Club is one of the oldest social clubs on the campus. This year it was reactivated after a three year lapse during the war years. Its purpose is to promote interest in college activities and to achieve I1 friendly spirit of cooperation among the students. Its membership is composed of those students in Co-operative Engineering who are outstanding in scholar- ship, character, and leadership. 318 KAPPA KAPPA PSI fraternity is a national honorary musical organization for college bands. Membership is limited to those bandsmen who prove themselves true musicians and who exhibit a genuine interest in the activities of the band, not only by being present at all rehearsals and performances, but by putting forth effort to aid and improve the band. The purpose of the fraternity itself is to help raise the standards of college bands and promote fellowship among the many school bands. BRACEWELL MEMBERS L. B. AIMAR H. C. EGGAR . J. O,REAR K. I. ALLEN J. S. GOLDER E. R. PIERSON W. H. ALLEN J. N. IRELAND P. Pow'LI. G. E. ANDERSOZR C. E. JONES E. RUBEL OFFICERS XV. E. BELL D. G. KENNEDY . S. SI-IERER R. E. BRACEWELL J W H n P,.e5ide7,,g R. E. BRACEWELL D. J. KNAPP W. SIMPSON C. T. CAMMACK R. S. MARTIN . C. SRELLIE E' CARLSON - - Vic? Pl'f'5idf77f J. E. CARLSON R. L. MEEK F. SMITI-I D. G' KENNEDY , , SeC1'c'ia1'j' C. D. COX O. M. MORRIS E. TATUAI H. W. Davmsow V. E. New W. H. ALLEN , . Treasurer FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Aimar, K. I. Allen, W. H. Allen, Anderson, Bell, Cammack, Carlson .... SECOND ROW: Cox, Davidson, Eggar, Golder, Ireland, Kennedy, Knapp .... THIRD ROW: Martin, Meek, Morris, O'Rear, Pierson, Powell, Rubel. .V . . FOURTH ROW: Sherer, Simpson, Skellie, Smith, Tatum. 319 - 'gqgg3:.g.,'.t .. .1 - - ,A-fr-'NX . , i' ' f. '.. -- ' ' ' 5 f u w iszs. V V. -' . ' . , .,,. , , . . 1-19' ' . 45732 . AA. 'V --" ,- ' 'W -qs, . V , f' I .-:-.E:,: I 5: 5 js. ':. -:45:""v - -' ge'-g,:. - ' ' 4 .I ' -Vg1z's:v1fs:A,:'f' V w - xr' , . -1 -4-.1..:. -, - . ' .41-4.425 . In ru .. 1 ,sn ,.s12::,.'1:i3, , V. 5. :if -, Qxa ,. - , . .g,, A, ,m f j V , A. :.,5 ,ff-V 4, f- 1 . ,. - f L- .4 4 ' "'..- f i",,'i5f f ..' .-.-if "':'JYi' 36'-'A ""' I ' " i"f'755"f'3i53W9I: :lst ' ',1:' .--1,75 ' .Q7':gvG'Q - .V I ---' ' '- .- " .-11'-1-I53IgL7':V'3:-'Q , :Vf:5g55gg.s I N4..'9b7ifc- .-" "4" 'f 5 lf' -. 4' f ' ' i U ' is I' ' - - ' .- ' ' I ' - ,. .. W-few-:+:f-r a., . :V . V -' . .... . ,I V- ., s K 1 ' T V, I ' - ci. .- .V . 1 I V . ws .V . IW .V I rw f s f LV . -:ai if 'Ti . -Z, -413 r. " " f -'car A ,g f. -- 1 - 1 ' . iw W ' 'K - ' . . . -'Vliwesi ' -' - ' ..5g.:..- 2' iii 2 . F ' . V -V " s,,-auf, ., ...A I s., , . ..- sem- , ev-.H 1 .1-..' ,.V W . . , , , ...V ,g . . .1-1 .V af4'1" 1"6f.'f?. sf -' 1. 'e 1 ,. N X f A ct. I -...... 9-:-is V 525:45 QW? " . - . 'KW ' PZ-::z:.-e-.ur .war-'QW ' V: ci we ff 1 ---Q4-a-H L - , . N, - - 1 - .. EV - -4 .4 W . -tis:-1-:V 'ZX . -.1.f2v.f'..:. .21 -' .' ...Q . . as e g, , fi.-, sis. , A .J .I . E ,, ,, .Ma jfijj'-Q x .vii FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Atchley, Brabant, Brooks, Bunce, Carmichael, Carroll, Cooper, Day, Diana ,... SECOND! ROW: Elfe, Elsinger, J. R. Evans, W. E. Evans, Fiske, Fivel, French, Galey, Harrell .... THIRD ROW: Johnston, Knoeller, Lee, Love, Miller, Newton, Patton, Rabun, Smith .... FOURTH ROW: L. F. Spitzer, M. Spitzer, Stacy, Todd, Torcassi, Trimble, Watson, Williford, Wolf. 72 62405070 OFFICERS T. A. CROSSLEY . . . President J. F. FISKE . . , , Vice Presidenf J. R. WILLIFORD . . SCCl"6fd1'3l-TVKdl51Ll'?7' I CROSS LEY PI DELTA EPSILON is the honorary journalistic fraternity. Its membership is composed of students who have been outstanding on one of the four publication staffs for at least two years. The organization sponsors talks and open discussions so that all members can express their views concerning the publications. MEMBERS R. C. ATCHLEY W. E. EVANS XV. L. PATTON M. BRABANT W. A. BROOKS I. N. BUNCH H. E. CARLIICHAEL T. I. CARROLL C. J. COOPER T. A. CROSSLEY R. L. DM' L. DIANA T. B. ELF: J. H. ELSINGER J. R. EVANS 320 NI. F. FISKE M. J. FIVEL J. T. FRENCH J. M. GALEY B. C. I-LARRELL I-I. C. JoiHNsToN -I. A. KNOELLER F. W. LEE J. E. LovE, Jn. I. B. MILLER S. A. NEWTON R. F. RABUN j. R. SMITH L. F. SPITZER M. SPITZER C. M. ST.-xox' H. M. TODD J. A. ToRcAss1 A. T. TRIMBLE R. B. WATSON J. R. WILLIFORD F. L. WOLF mafia we THE RAMBLIN, RECK CLUB is an organization whose purpose is to keep up school spirit. Members are chosen from the junior and senior classes, and the number is kept small to insure efficiency. During the football season the Recks hold a pep meeting before each game, and the day of the homecoming game sponsor a Ramblin' Reck contest between different organizations on the campus. At the beginning of each school year the Recks give instruction to the incoming freshman on the duties of ii rat and on the traditions of Tech. LOVE FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. J. Anderson, R. H. Anderson, Arno, Atchley, Boissy, Branson .... SECOND ROW: Cornish, Cox, Davis, Day, Elfe, Fulwilzr .... THIRD ROW: Gill, Griffin, Hollomon, Joens, Kopp, Lay .... FOURTH ROW: Miner, Nolan, Schoening, Young. 3217 OFFICERS J. E. LOVE, JR Pl'C'Sfl1C'17f E. W. Kc-PP SecI'e1faI'y MEMBERS B. J. ANDERSON R. H. ANDERSON T. ARNO R. C. ATCHLEY A. N. Borssv C. F. BRANsoN F. B. CORNISH QI. I. Cox R. T. DAVIS R. L. DAY T. DENT T. B. ELFIS J. T. FULWIIJR R. M. GILI, P. R. GRIFFIN H. L. HOI.LOMON A. E. joI2Ns E. W. KOPP -I. XV. LAY j. E. Lovi-. j. V. MINIHR j. S. NOLAN P. Ruiz H. W. SCI-IOIENING QI. L. Youwcs QQ P! THE T CLUB is an organization composed of men who have won letters in one of the major sports here at Tech. It has as its purpose the fostering of school spirit and the increasing of interest in school athletics. OFFICERS R. L. SLATEN . ,4.. . , . President R. T. DAVIS . . . Vice President J. W. CASTLEBERRY . . . Secretary G. W. MATHEWS . . Treasurer MEMBERS B. J. ANDERSON R. JORDAN C. ANDERSON H. KALB H. BERGMAN C KINGERY J. BILLS A. LANSING A. BOWEN T K. LUCK L. BOWEN G MATHEWS D. BRADDOCK R MCKTNNEX' G. BRODNAX J. NOLAN J. E. BROWN F. PEEPLES B. BUSBIN J. PETIT J. W. CASTL'BERRY J. PEER T. COLEMAN R. PHILLIPS R. T. DAVTS E. Pol-E J. H. DOROUGH H. SCHOENING B. DOYLE R. SLATEN D. GAINES J. SOUTI-:ARD J. GRIFFIN J. STILL B, HEALX' B. WILLIAMS L. Hoox F. ZEIGLER J. JORDAN 2 s hi rre.'.- ' , an 1 .'1' V . , K SLATEN FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. J. Anderson, J. C. Anderson, Bergman, A. Bowen .... SECOND ROW: L. Bowen, Brodnax, Busbin, Gaines .... THIRD ROW: Griffin, Healy, R. J. Jordan, Kalb .... FOURTH ROW: Kingerly, Lansing, Luck, Mathews .... FIFTH ROW: McKinney, Nolan, Peeples, Phillips .... SIXTH ROW: Pope, Schoening, Southard, Still. 322 6. ICH LOVE CARMICHAEL :ae 1943 J. E. LOVE . . H. E. CARMICHAEL R. B. WATSON . W. E. EVANS . J. R. EVANS . M. BRABANT , C. J. COOPER . . R. C. ATCHLEY . H. F. MCCAMISH . D. W. TERRY . . J. R. WILLIFORD . J. B. HAMAN . . TH E STAFF . . . . Editor . Business Manager . . , .Managing Editor Photography Editor , Associate Photography Editor . . Advertising Manager . . Sports Edtior . Assistant Editor . Assistant Editor . Assistant Editor . Assistant Editor . Faculty Advisor 'W. M. BLANOETT C. D. BOBO E. H. BOEKE C. F. BRANSON B. S. BROWN J. E. BURKE T. I. CARROLL R. M. CHASTAIN J. A. COCHRANE H. E. DAMON J. V.VDUNCAN D. XV. EASTWOOD M. J. FIVEL L. R. GOLDSTEIN S. G. HARDY C. M. HUTCHINS A. B. JANNEY C. W. JONES F. L. JONES G. W. KIRK T. A. KITCHENS J. K. LAWRENCE O. C. MITCHELL W. L. PATTON J. E. ROBERSON L. C. SHEEHAN J. E. SHIPEK R. E. STINE D. W. USHER J. H. WEITNAUER A. W. WEST F. N. WILLINGHAM ATCH I-EY BRABANT COOPER MCCAM ISH TERRY WILLIFORD Q 9? -I F ,4 f ,. 1 ..., ge, l X 1 1 , A f if M ,T PHI WATSON J R EVANS W E EVANS by ,Y ' 121-11 .2 ': ' ' '1E4'fT. : 7 K , fp MM, , WK .Wi 4 I . 2 W FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Blancett Eooo Boeke Branson Brown Burke, Carroll .... S COND ROW Chastain Damon Duncan Eastwood Flvel Gold stem Hardy THIRD ROW Hutchxns Janney C W Jones F L Jones, Kirk, Lawrence Mitchell FOURTH ROW Patton Roberson Sheehan Stlne Usher Weitnauer, West. 325 ATCHLEY FRENCH DIANA R. C. ATCHLEY J. T, FRENCH . . . L. M. DIANA . W. L. PATTON R. E. STINE . PATTON THE STAFF . , Edilor Business Manager Managing Editol' , . Advertising Manager . Circulation Manager W. T. ALLEY H. B. BASCH E. G. BAUGH W P. N. BEARDEN W. A. BROOKS I. N. BUNCE H. B. CAULRINS T. W. EDWARDS 326 5 , L STINE C. S. FELNER L. C. I-IoBBs T. E. HOLLINGSWORTH V. M. Hovls G. H. LEWIS W. C. MINK P. TAYLOR FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Alley, Basch, Baugh, Bearden, Brooks .... SECOND ROW: Bunce, Caulkins Edwards, Felner, Hobbs .... THIRD ROW: Hollingsworth, Hovis, Lewis, Mink, Taylor. 327 NEWTON FISKE JOHNSTON WOLF S. A. NEWTON, JR. . F. L. WOLF . .. T. A. CROSSLEY . J. F. FISKE, JR. . J. R. WILLIFORD . H. C. JOHNSTON . B. C. HARRELL . J. A. TOROASSI . T. I. CARROLL H. B. CAULKINS, JR. C. J. COOPER, JR. H. E. DAMON L. J. DANIELS, JR. M. J. FIVEL R. J. FOX L. S. FRIEDEN M. B. GOODMAN THE STAFF J. D. GRAY I. M. GREGORIE B. L. HOLTON T. W. JAY B. D. KAN T. A. KITOI-TENS J. A. KNOELLER M. B. LEVITT CROSSLEY . . . . Editor . Business Manager . Managing Editor . Associate Editor . Assistant Editor . News Editor . Feature Editor . Sports Editor H. L. SHORT J. R. SMITH C. M. STACY H. M. TODD A. T. TRIMBLE D. W. USHER A. W. WEST, JR. C. H. WELLS 5. " . - -iz? .. ss'i' K A '11 - . sg. 4.. . i.- :gf . 1 51, ., -.:. - T f. -X 4: :sr f 1135-' - - . . ' . -A ..s'52f:si:r:Q N? Q 4:3 ,. . .. N- ' , . u,,....,,m , A R -A A... my .- ..... : ., N 5. :. - . . ' HARRELL TORCASSI WILLIFORD 328 I - Y 7 J .W X ' S 5 My . '-', . f,.f.jz.qfm1 .Q Qs.-4,3 41- .. .Y 1. ... . 1. 1 -'1 gcsyfav .0 . sw- .. . .Jef fl--sz-6. g L "' ',.. ' wgg- fj-2' 60 ' ' jffgv 1 0 fd Ji 29523 w ?' VN 4 4 P .. .,,' :L'- - IQ- -Z 4 . .. ' p .A. .vw j -M V vm? . FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: T. I. Carroll, H. B. Caulkins, C. J. Cooper, H. E. Damon, L. J. Daniels, Jr .... SECOND ROW: M. J. Fivel, R. J, Fox, L. S Freiden, M. B. Goodman, J. D. Gray .... THIRD ROW: I. M. Gregorie, B. L. Holton, T. W. Jay, B. D. Kan, T. A. Kitchens .... FOURTH ROW: J. A Knoeller, M. B. Levitt, H. L. Short, J. R. Smith, C. M. Stacey .... FIFTH ROW: H. M. Todd, A. T. Trimble, O. W. Usher, A. W. West, C. H. Wells 329 1. 'I 1 I lf I I E L ELFE SPITZER LEE EVANS T. B. ELEE . M. SPITZER , F. W. LEE . . H. L. HOLLOMAN . J. T. DENT . G. N. DAVISON J. R. EVANS . C. H. FULTON R. F. RABUN . N. SEVERINGHAUS . S. SILLMAN . GF FULTON RABUN SEVRINGHAUS SILLMAN TH E STAFF . Co-Eiiito: . , . Co-Editor . Bnsiness Manager , . . Managing Editor Assistant Business Manager Assistant Business Managffr . . Photography Ea'itor . Advertising Manager . . . . Art Editor . Circulation Manager . . Make-up Editor M. BRABANT H. M. CLEARE J. L. DEKROES XV. E. DEYERLE W. B. ERB H. W. FIELD J. FRASER R. M. GTLL J. P. GRASER T. H. GREEN H. S. HOLTSINGER G. KIDD L. H. NIAURER A. F. MILLS C. P. MORETON D. R. NIMOCKS J. M. POMPAN R. M. POOL L. F. SPITZER M. H. STUART C. A. SWEETS W. R. W1LLs we x W ks "V" 'tv-M ?,"i"fQ ' ' .-Z.: 0. f I Mx xgvzjmvw' . .. fs? 4 A m 35 i S I fm T Y , I. 5? f , Q Q9 sg xi , I -Mgy egw 2,291 J 2-1-' life .- 4:5 ge , ab DAVISON DENT HOLLOMAN FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Brabant, De Kroes, Deyerle, Erb, Field, Gill .... SECOND ROW: Green, Holl- singer, Kidd, Maurer, Mills, Moreton, . . . THIRD ROW: Pompan, Pool, Spitzer, Stuart, Sweets, Wills. 331 PUBLIEHTIUIIS BIJHRD DEAN J. J. PERSHING . PROFESSOR J. B. HAMAN J. E. LOVE .... H. E. CARMICHAEL J. B. HAMAN . . S. A. NEWTON . F. I.. WOLF , . EDWARD FOSTER MURRAY SPITZER . . FRED LEE . . . L. F. ZSUEFA . J. L. YOUNG . . H. C. JOHNSTON , . OFFICERS MEMBERS . Chairman . Secretary . , . . Editor BLUE PRINT Business Manager BLUE PRINT Faculty Advisor BLUE PRINT . . . , Editor Technique , Business Manager Technique , Faculty Avisor Teclmique , . . Editor Yellow jacket Business Manager Yellow Jacket Faculty Advisor Yellow Iacket Student Council Representative Pi Delta Epsilon Representative CARMICHAEL JOHNSTON LEE LOVE NEWTON . SPITZER WOLFE YOUNG 332 W HG Wiz, :his Z R. L. H. S. A. C. G. B. J. D. R. T. R. T. TODD EDWARDS WOODHAM BARNES MEMBERS ATCHLEY C. Homas BARNES H. KRAFT BATTEN XV. LARocHE BENNETT A. LANSING BONISSY F. MATHEWS BRANSON j. MJNER BRoDNAx A. NEWTON BROWN G. PLANT Cox H TODD CUTLER j. WILLIFORD DAY H. XVOODHAM EDWARDS J. YARBROUGH ENGEMAN J. YOUNG GREEN THE OFFICERS H. M. TODD . . . President T. EDWARDS . . Vice President H. WOODHAM . . Sec-retary L. BARNES . , Treasurer FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Atchley, Batten, Bennett. . . . SECOND ROW: Boissy, Branson Brodnax .... THIRD ROW: Brown, Cox, Cutler. 334 STUIJEIIT EUUIIEIL THE STUDENT COUNCIL is the governing body on the Georgia Tech campus. The Council is elected by the student body itselfg each class and group of organizations has representatives on the Council. The purpose of the organization is to represent the student body in all matters affecting student interest, to provide a medium of communication between the students and school authorities, and to preserve the customs and traditions of the school. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Day, Engeman, Green, Hobbs, Kraft .... SECOND ROW: LaRoche, Lansing, Mathews, Miner, Newton .... THIRD ROW: Plant, Williford, Yarbrough, Young. 335 'IIIII IIH ROBERT C. COMMANDER General Secrefury GLADYS I. HAWES . . . . Ojj'ic'eSec'1'etm'y ROBERT C. COMMANDER C. BAILEY G. BARNETT BEACH W. BIBB F. BRANSON . CHEELEY DAS!-IER B. DOWNs DRESSEL M. ESIIY Ezzmm W. FINCH FISHER GLUYAS GOODSON VD. GRIFFIN L. HANCOCK HARDING W. HAIIWELL, JR. A. HENRY MEMBERS B. L. HOLTON G. E. JONES W. W. LAROCHE J. C. LEIEER H. E. LICHTWARDT R. F. LOWERY J. R. MARABLE W. H. MCTEER A. Moo YOUNG K. NESBIT F. A. PEEDE J. F. PIRKLE R. D. PITMAN B. M. POWELL, Jn. R. H. RYMER J. F. SEIFERT G. G. SCI-IOOLEY J. T. THOMPSON W. G. TRAWICK H. H. WILLIS RYMER 336- FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bailey, Barnett, Beach, Bibb. SECOND ROW: Branson, Cheeley, Dasher, Downs... THIRD ROW: Dressel, Espy, Ezzard, Finch. OFFICERS R. H. RYMER . Presicz'e1zt G. G. SCHOOLEY . . Vice President W. W. LAROCHE . . . Secretary T. C. BAILEY , Treasurer MISS GLADYS HAWES FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Fisher, Gluyas, Goodson, Hancock, Harding, Harwell, Henry, Holton. . . . SECOND ROW: Jones, LaRoche, Leifer, Lichtwardt, Lowery, Marable, McTeer, Nesbit .... THIRD ROW: Peede, Pirkle, Pitman, Powell, Schooley, Thompson, Trawick, Willis. THE YOUNG MEN,S CHRISTAIN ASSOCIATION strives to help people in every Way it can. Every student is a member. Every Y. M. C. A. facility is for his beneit and is at his disposal. The "Y" Cabinet, in co-operation with others, presents a religious and recreational program. Some of its features are Bible Study, Motion Pictures, Vespers, Open House, Deputa- tions, Conferences, Forums, The World Student Service Fund. and the Student Directory. Each Student is invited to take a part in the activity in which he is interested. . R: . r f s vs .l 5 1. .L TOP: Friday night "Open House" . . . BOTTOM: Old and new officers at ihe installation banquei. OFFICERS June-December POMPAN BOISSY J. M. POMPAN .,A.. A. N. Bo1ssY , . H. E. LICHTWARDT , M. I-IL DOLIN . . . . December-June A. N. BOISSY ....., W. L. PULGRAM . XV. H. COLONEY . M. H. DOLIN . . President Vice President . . Secretary , Treasurer . . President Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer TOP TO BOTTOM: Curtain Call. . . . He's noi FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bennett, Blackburn, Bergstede .... SECOND ROW: Cum- drunkl iust .feeling good. . I I The Bzggar and the ming, Day, Dolin .... THIRD ROW: Dressel, Henry, Jewett. King. 338 V. BENNETT E. BLACKBURN N. BOISSY, Jn. NV. BORGSTEDE CALDERON H. CoLoNEx' S. COWGILL J. CROFOOT P. CUMMING L. DAY H. DOLIN MEMBERS F. F. DRESSEL M. FERNANDEZ M. M. GRAHAL1 R. D. HENRX' B. M. JEWETT XV. I. LANGSTAFF XV. XV. LAROCHE H. E. LICHTXVARDT J. E. MICKLER E. M. MURPHY A. D. NACHT J. M. POMPAN W. J. POXVELL XV. L. PULGRAM A. F. ROTIiSCHILD E. SCHELLER, jr.. J. F. SEIFERT J. H. SHOLINE J. E. SINGLEY J. A. SMITH A. P. SPUNGIN W. R. NIVILLS What else couId it be but 'che "Male AnimaI"? FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Langstaff, Langston, LaRoche, Lichtwardt, Mickler .... SECOND ROW: Murphy, Nacht, Powell, Scheller, Sholine .... THIRD ROW: Singley, Smith, Spungin, Wills. CUMMINGS - HmE TEHT RICHH H350 IHTIUH UF IIE CULURISTS HHD CHEM OFFICERS R. T. CUMNIINGS . . Presirle-nf T. G. CLAYTON . SC'C'7'L'f6l1'fL AT? FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bonner, Bunce, Burrell, Clayton, Gurry, Harden, Hodes .... SECOND ROW: Johnston, Lippmann, Mathews, Patton, Reagor, Scheuer, Stall .... THIRD- ROW: Tunkjz, Watkins, Weinstock, R. H. BONNER I. N. BUNCH J. A. BURELL T. G. CLAYTON R. T. CUMMINGS W. S. GROSS F. H. GURRY R. A. HARDEN A. D. HODES R. JOHNSTON W. D. LIPPMANN F. Y. MATHEWS White, Winterbottom. MEMBERS XV. L. PATTON L. T. REAGOR H. E. SCHEUER E. H. STALL J. R. STATON 340 J. K. TUNKLE R. B. WATKINS J. H. WEINSTOCK B. V. WHITE D. A. WINTERBOTTOM P B. HORTON . H PALMOUR, III R T. LOWRANCE G. S. ADAMS C. L. ARIN J. H. BEACH F. A. BEBB L. H. BECK G. L. BERRYMAN J. H. BIRCHALL J. T. BLACK C. D. Bono W. H. BRUSSE I. S. CAMP H. GORDON M. T. HALL W. A. HASSET W. C. HANSARD HmE RIEHH EERHmIE.SOEIETV OFFICERS STUDENT MEMBERS S. L. HELLMAN J. L. HO'OTEN P. B. HORTON S. T. JARVBOWSRI W. A. Jol-II-INsoN C. M. JONES, II S. F. KELLY R. T. LOXVRANCE D. B. LUPTON M. J. MAYFIELD S. W. MCCORMICK D. H. MCFARLAND, JR. C. W MOORE M. R. MooRE, JR. FACULTY M EMBERS A. T. NAVARRE C. H. MULL H. PALMOUR, III C. C. PRITCI-IARD J. H. RILEY W. A. ROBERTS H. G. SI-IEARER A. L. TAYLOR C. H. THOMPSON J. IW. WALLIS J. D. WALTON, JR. W. C. WARLICK E. E. WEBB, JR. L. L. WILLIAMS, JR. W. C. WYNN C. F. XVYSONG P1'C'SidE77 t Sc'c1'c'far31 Treasurer . i. HORTON FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Akin, Beach, Bebb, Beck, Berryman, Bobo, Brusse .... SECOND ROW: Camp, Hasset, Hooten, Jaku bowski, Johnson, Jones, Kelly .... THIRD ROW: Lowrance, Mayfield, McCormick, McFarland, Mull, Pritchard, Roberts .... FOURTH ROW: Walton, Warlick, Webb, Williams, Wynn. 341 J. D. C. J. HANCOCK L. HANCOCK . L. STOCKBRIDGE R. MCCI-IESNEY WILLBANKS . J. A. ANDERSON J. W. BAROS T. C. BENNING P. E. BORGER N. D. BRIGGS S. G. BROCK C. E. BRODNAX L. F. BRYANT C. BYRD W. J. CAISH' G. L. CAMPBELL F. S. CHALNI RS R. E. CHASE J. T. COGGIN T. W. CONNOLLY G. H. CROSSLEY J. M. CULGAN J. E. CUTCLIFFE T. H. DAY W. G. DENNING H. DORIOT L. DOWNS G. A. GEAGIN C. S. FELNER W. D. FISER J. H. FISHER M. T. GORDON H. E. GRAHAM S. H. GRAY N. M. HALLMAN J. L. HANCOCK T. S. HARRIS L. A. HIETT K. L. TCENOGLE T. W. IVEY J. JERGER C. G. JOHNSON G. E. JONES H. E. KAUFMAN F. R. KIRKLEY A. S. KACAI' C. V. LECRAXV C. S. LEE K. W. LENTZ R. M. LESTER J. M. LEWIS E. J. LOWERY H. W. LOWERY A. P. LITTLE OFFICERS . . . . . . Presirlezzf Vice P1'6STZ7,617f . . . Secrefury . T1'cas1z1'er M EM BERS C. R. MCCHESNEX' J. B. MCKOY E. MCNALLX' R. L. MEEK R. K. TVTILLER O. M. MORRIS C. H. HULL L. L. NAGEI. S. A. NEXVTON C. T. NIXON . C. OGTLX'lE . F. PATH M. PATTERSON S. B. PINKERTON L. R. PONIJER J. T. POPLIN E. E. PRICE R. D. PROSSER D. T. QUINN C. W. RACKLEY C. A. REAVES C. E. ROGERS J. F. ROWAN F. J. SCI-IOY J. H. SCI-IOEKBERG L. C. SHEEHAN H. L. SHORT E. G. SMITH B. F. SMITH, JR. E. SOKOLOWER L. N. STANLEY F. J. STEVENS F. E. STUART D. L. STOCKBRIDGE A. G. TAMPA J. E. TATUM .I T P. TAYLOR W. R. TOOKE T. B. TRUSCOTT J. M. TUCKER D. E. VOYLES R. G. WAEDEMON R. C. WARD A. B. WEBB W. G. WEISSENBERGER A. G. WELLS A. M. WILKINS J. WILLBANKS H. W. WOODHAM NNIENIENN INSTITUTE NF EHEINIENL ENGINEERS FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Anderson Baros Benning Borger Briggs Brodnax Byrd . . . SECONID ROW: Camp, Campbell, Chalmerg, Chase, lConnoIly, Crossley, Culgah. . . THIRD ROW: Cutcliffe, Day, Denning, Feagin, Felner, Fiser, Fisher .... FOURTH ROW: Gordon, Graham, Gray, Hallman, Harris, Hiett, lcenogle .... FIFTH ROW: Ivey, Jerger, Johnson, Jones, Kaufman, Lecraw, Lee .... SIXTH ROW: Lentz, Lester, Lewis, E. J. Lowrey, H. W. Lowrey, Little, McChesney .... SEVENTH ROW: McKoy, McNally, Meek, Morris, Mull, Nagel, Newton .... EIGHTH ROW: Nixon, Ogilvie, Patterson, Pinkerton, Ponder, Poplin, Price .... NINTH ROW: Prosser, Quinn, Rackley, Reaves, Rogers, Rowan, Schoenberg .... TENTH ROW: Sheehan, Short, E. G. Smith, B. F. Smith, Sokolower, Stanley, Stevens .... ELEVENTH ROW: Stuart, Stockbridge, Tampa, Tatum, Taylor, Tucker, Voyles .... TWELFTH ROW: Waedemon, Ward, Wells, Wilkins, Willbanks, Woodham. 342 1 HmE v J. H. BOWMAN D. XV. BRAIDNVOOD . W. B. ABEL L. S. ACUFF ADAMS ALEXANDER ALLEN, JR. W. T. ALLEY L. P. ALLRED BEAT BELL BOWERS L. T. BOWLES, JR. J. H. BOWMAN D. W. BRAIDWOOD C. P. BRENNER C. C. BUSH F. L. BUTLER, JR. C. W. CALVIN R. B. CARCUFF H. E. CARMIGI-IAEL C. L. CARTER W. A. CARTER J. V. J. G. T. J. W. L. W. S. T. N. , JR. COLLINS CULVER, JR. CUTLER DAHNL DAVIS, JR. FOSTER GALYEAN J. C. GROGE W. R. HALSTEAD I. E. HERSCHBUILG W. A. HIGI-ITOWER R. G. HILTZ N. W. HOCKING, HOUSE, JR. JOHNSON JONES, JR. KASTANAKIS KEMIAH LANE, JR. J. C. LEIFER MARLOXV, JR. C. M. B. C. R. D. C. W. R. T. H. E. M. XV. J. E. S. L. H. D. J. N. M. E. J. G. E. O. JW. 2,11 ' .VH ' :' V 5: t :W vi -' as. . V, . -S .. ' 'V . f L f' Wfelg SY.VfffN, fig: f' W ft 2 4.2-f:Swf.m.: V im ifrfwf-ER A ...RM Q A SW , S A ! 1 ,Z ' Q 2:5 .1 ' E' . K . - V . . .lyiisf f ' uh - . -,., . A. Ass. ..2.. A izzwkf-'Li .1-VS f'i1ug:,V- . "iii V i ...f - QMS 1' 1. - . eat' WS- ..,.f,z.: .g.,...J... - , ' 4- if fflfaf " -RO., A MV 'N f . , . . Rafi 'Sb' Wi . I his Q f A S. O f , . . . 2 K r v, an 4 X , , V ...R X f J f - -:ww , if , f Y f f Q, .. , at 'E 2.. .'y- ' ' " ELEE Rl EHH IHSTITUTE UF TR DHL EHEIH OFFICERS MEMBERS .IR- Z S Q rim 3, xx Q ff 4. 4 fy? 9 yt K 1 . .Z ' , ii f A f f . ff . me S A . I R . X X f f N Q . ' we R g . f 1 f 'K fx X . . . , f .Y A is A S, -5 . A R... .R f 4 f X . fy -. S j 0 C ' BL NIARTIN XV. B. M. J. MCCANN TVICCOY MCKAY, JR. M. B. E. XV. J. E. MICHAELS O. C. MITCHELL J. A. MOODY M. H. MOONEY, JR. G. S. MOSHROEE R. M. OJHARA E. W. PETERSON F. L. PHILLIPS R. E. PIDGEON, JR. NV. H. PLAYER J. A. PONVELL, JR. J. F. PROCTOR J. R. RANKIN, JR. H. D. RAYNES A. T. REGAN C. G. RENFRO QM 3 S, . .wi V R AW AM 1 f A ef f i w ' 1 .4 N, M . . Pl'C'Xil1,f?71f . Vice Presizlczzf S. M. RICHARDS T. A. RIVERS J. G. ROBERTSON, JR. W. T. RUTPIEIKFORD M. SCHIFFMAN SCHWAHN F. J. J. R. V. J. L. C. D. E. R. L. R. H. R. W. C. A. J. SHANNON SI-IERROD SIRORA SMITH A. K. M. A. A. A. SMITH SOSEEEE SPRINGS STRAUSSIER THOMAS ULM, JR. R. H. H. S. WARREN WILLIS XVOODYARD YOUNG f A 9 f fs. ' Q 1-2 ..V 'Q f f S fx? 4' f 4 QQ Gil Q 1 f S9 A J AM S C q K EERS w if ,. 2 I, S .4 , ,vw .5V,,Vfz:.,' - .5 K, V I W S S. M . w . fy , , 'L S' Q BOWMAN ' J , X ,., S' . :af .. fr. w.Qn1'-V..f:s V fr 5 Wpfwv if mf f N2 A 1 R ' RV 1 Q3 5 fi f X N 1 W K X f, 1 M 1 X ef Y AQ! 1 4 1 R Y '.TTI XS f Q4 J , X , S Ja . f f JW 'U fb 1 Z I 4 7 ,f Y f Q I X! f f . . , J Q M, 4 Qi. 5 V r f J R I f ? V A 4 15 1 f ' R gy f' 'CZ , . A-T Q f f , ,JS . RAY Ka f 1 6' 'fl . . .... ' ... . V. .,"' Y. , ,. A 3 V f V . . . 1 .f .- . ' ' 1 . ,-.3-:-:ff 5' A R' . , ' my . fr . , s f . ., . . . ,, , ,y , . J f Q, fm W, R Q4 X f if W, ,.,. 'N Amy? f . ,, I .Ay V -. - . .1 . f . 1 Q2 f X? Sf lv ff?" -..Qsfze sf. Ilfff A 4 V 'tfmw L JY . ' W fffg, . 3' ...pb S 'Vff Aifftff .. I' . .S wr SC NW . ww '11 52.1 W "'ffz.,:W 1 ' - S. 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RS .5 f ' R965 fi . 1 , 1 QF: 3' A '4 A wi Yue . M-V.g+W' 5 , V. . Q Q ig -. ' f 14" .. . ' :wiv J 'i " .. .iw C - A ' I'L..' f -e - . I . . WF- A " ' f, I, f H A In ,I A, 4 . I , rx fri,-, X 5s E,.,:, Ax . My 4.1. 6, Q I.. ' V V ' VP . . 1 ..JffVS, Tf . . V' V . A S . 2 f , 'C l "K, ' A ' X' ii l 'iwr A V N9 A '5V V. .. ' l " .. V VS ' ' V Q "KW ' .. " .. ' R - '.-'1I:7',:.?g:. - K' J 2:- 'J' S . - ' .. .::?i,- . ,, ' ff 1" ' , . A ' l . Q X H 'T' S 1 ' mi ' "'.EE5E': .QQ V V - ' M' A A '7 ' Qi'?:f V 33. --VF"- .. J LIE 1 . " V 1 ' V Y " 4 A . Vf 1 fa l V ' -:-EV-fE31inf:2".1 S-1 . 125935 S f. . ' fYf-.Vf V9 ' - .. '- Q22 . 'S V l 1 - ll -S -,fm "" -. KN- R --a ...Af .L A.: rx ' fa-wifi R ry S Q4 f' '1 A . J ' f ' .S --- Lf' V it 'f' A 5' I S .n z A V 3 w'ifA.Z..-X LQ . S 2 l' 'R J 'L V. 351: ,S W' .L " I4 ri 'J' , 1' 9' 1 .3 :ij 1 any " A . V .. f . . V . .. .5 I L y Q . J , S EV, .ig 1 . . i. - f fi 1... - 1 . -....s'R2:. ' . f I - -' . . RRR . xr ' '- Y .. , . V .. '- V . 1 . ' . 2 .ie .if- V , ' '-'i':s:. .fb 1 .S 'SIS-.::+:". ' 1-'-r.. V2 ' . gg 3- . V jg I' 'f-142K 1 Beal: Bell Bowers Bowles Braidwood .... SECOND ROW: Brenner, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Abel. Acuff, Adams, Alexander, Allen, Alley, Allred , Cutler, Dahm, Davis. .'.lTHlRD'ROW: Foster, Galyean, Groce, Halstead, Culver Bush, Butler, Calvin, Carmichael, C. L. Carter, W. A. Carter, Collins, Hightower, Hiltz, Hocking, House, Kastanakis, Kemph, Lane, Leifer. . .'. FOURTH ROW: Marlow, Martin, McCann, McCoy, Michaels, Mitchell, Mooney, Moshkoff, Phillips, Pidgeon, Player, Powell .... FIFTH ROW: Proctor, Rankin, Raynes, Renfro, Richards, Rivers, Robertson, Rutherford, Schiffman, Schwahn, Shannon, Sikora. . . . SIXTH ROW: J. A. Smith, Sosebee, Springs, Strausser, Thomas, Ulm, Warren, Willis, Woodyard, Young. 943 IJ .si 5 SECOND ROW: Cum FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Aderhold, Bailey, Barnum, Biddinger, Bleckmann, Burke, Cahill, Chapman, Cobb, Coogan, Crisp .... mins, Delugach, East, Emmer, French, Gibbons, Gillespie, Hagan, Hoffman, Jones, Kendall .... THIRD ROW: Kenny, Klosterman, Lattimore, Lockwood, Long Lucas, Marmelstein, Masley, Matthews, Mickel, Miner .... FOURTH ROW: Moeller, Moore, Mullins, Novack, Parrish, Pilch, Rogers, Sparks, Vollrath, Wilson Wise. flies IIIIIERICHII SUIIIETII UF EIUI Elllil OFFICERS J. M. GALEY , . . Prexidenz' J. V. MINER . . . Vice Presidem' J. F. MATTHEWS , , . Secretary J. WISE . .. . . TI'l'HSZll'L'I' - MEMBERS J. H. ADERHOLD R. L. BAILEY H. M. BARNUM C. BIDDINGER N. J. BLECKMAN B. P. BROWN G. W. BURKE G. N. CAHILL J. E. CHAPMAN M. G. COBB J. E. COOGAN R. L. CRISP G. T. CUMMINS D. A. DELUGACH C. P. EAST P. I. EMMER J. T. FRENCH J. M. GALEY A. T. GIBBONS J. A. GII.LESPIE J. E. HAOAN M. E. HOLLOMAN M. E. HOFFMAN R. A. JONES J. S. KENDALL E. P. KENNY L. H. KLOSTERMAN D. G. LATTIMORE B. T. LAWING W. L. LOCIQWOOD E. C. LONG J. E. LUCAS J. F. MATTHEWS C. A. MARMELSTEIN T. J. MASLEY B. MICKEL J.' V. H. MINER F. MITCHELL 344 D. W. MOELLER J. W. MOORE W. H. MULLINS' H. C. NELSON R. L. NOVACK H. P. PARRISH C. J. PILCH H. H. ROGERS G. H. SPARKS W. G. VOLLRATH, H. A. WILSON J. J. WISE GALEY C. BAKER A. BARROW, JR. L. BARTMAN W. BERCEGEAY H. BLACK E. Boss . H. BOTTONLEY, E. BRACEWELL . A. Bkooxs E. BURNS V. CLARK A. COLLE, JR. E. DANIELL W. DAVIS E. DAVIS L. DOUGLAS R. DUBOSE HME J F. M. IQELLEY RIEHH SUEIETV UF MEEHHHIEHL EH6lHEERS W. H. BOTTOMLEY J. W. JACKSON . KI. F. DUEIIST T. XV. EDWARDS D. F. EICI-II-IDRN R. E. ESKEXV C. E. FANCI-IER A. M. FIELD B. R. FLEMING R. S. G LLERSTEDT, JR. -I. R. GIBB W. A. GIEMZA J. S. GILLIAM . T. GILLESPIE, ju. . P. GNANN, ju. A. I. GOLDBEITG R. M. GODDMAN, Jn. 'W. M. GREEN G. T. GUNNELL, Jn. J A OFFICERS MEMBERS H. HALL, III B. HAMIL W. HEAD, Jn. . P. HOLCOMBE M. Hovls E. I-IUNGERPILLER C. HUTCHINS B. I-IUTCHINSDN S. JACKSON W. JACKSON E. JONES M. KELLEY T. LABOON A. LAFITTE, ju. W. LATHAM LEE, JR. H. LEWIS . P1'6.videl1f . Sec1'etm'y . T1'c'aSzn'm' j. E. LovE W. F. MCALLISTER D. D. MCGRAXV R. V. MCNEILL F. R. MONTGOMERY J. J. MOONEY, JR. P. G. NORTPI A. K. O'SHEA M. W. PAQUETTE G. H. PARDUE R. T. PENNINGTON G. D. PLANT, JR. C. F. PORTELA R. C. REED R. W. RTEVES A. B. ROSENTIIAL W. P. ROSELLE, JR. I-I. F. RUFFIN G. G. SCI-IooI.EY, Jn. J. C. STANTON F. J. STEVENS A. G. SYMONS W. A. TEWES, jr.. R. NV. TI-IoMAs F. VANDERGRIET R. L. WALKER H. S. XVALTZR A. W. WEIGLE H. W. WESTBROOK, JR. KE'-l-EY D. F. WHEELER K. K. WILCOX T. T. WILLIAMS, JR. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Baker, Barrow, Bartman, Bercegeay, Black, Boss, Bottomley, Bracewell, Brooks, Burns, Clark, Colle .... SECOND ROW: Daniell A. W. Davis, J. E. Davis, Douglas, Dubose, Duerst, Edwards, Eichhorn, Eskew, Fancher, Field, Fleming .... THIRD ROW: Gellerstedt, Gibb, Giemza, Gilliam Gillespie, Gnann, Goldberg, Green, Gunnell, Hall, Hamil, Head .... FOURTH ROW: Holcombe, Hovis, Hungerpiller, Hutchins, Hutchinson, A. S. Jackson J. W. Jackson, Jones, Laboon, Lafitte, Latham, Lee .... FIFTH ROW: Lewis, Love, McAllister, McGraw, McNeill, Montgomery, Mooney, North, Paquelte Pardue, Pennington, Plant .... SIXTH ROW: Portela, Reed, Reeves, Rosenthal, Roselle, Ruffin, Schooley, Stanton, Stevens, Symons, Tewes, Thomas.. SEVENTH ROW: Vanclergrift, Walker, Walter, Weigle, Westbrook, Wheeler, Wilcox, Williams. IIISTITUTE UF IIEIIIIIIIIUTIIII-Il SCIEIIEE3 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Andrews, Austin, Beilock, Boyies, Branson .... SECOND' ROW: Buhman, Casteel, Dansby, Davis, Finch .... THIRD ROW: Garner, Geisinger, Gloffeltzr, Gray, Griner. . . FOURTH ROW: Gunn, Hammond, Key, Mabry, McHenry .... FIFTH ROW: McReynoIds, Milling, Noel, Perkins, Perry .... SIXTH ROW: Pittman, Price, Reed, Schindler, Socol .... SEVENTH ROW: Suder, Swihart, Westbrook, Whetstone, Whitaker .... EIGHTH ROW: Wilmerding, Woodall, Yar- brough. 346 E. NOVOTNY D. MCHENRY F. XVOODALI. BEILVOCK . H. ANDRENVS G. AUSTIN S. BARRETT BEILOCK Q. BOYLES, jk. F. BRANSON BUHLLAN, jx. P. CASTEEI., jx. DANSBY XV. DAVIS XV. FINCII GARNER E. GEISINGER C, GI,oTFEI.TER D. GRAY F. GRINER O. GUNN, ju. D. HANINIOND S. KEY C. MABRY, Jn. D. MCHENRX' NOVOINY OFFICERS . . . Presizleni , Vice Presirlefzf , JR. . . . Secretary . . T1'FHS1LfFT M EM BERS J. G. IVICREYNOLDS, JR. B. P. IVIILBURN, jx. R. NV NIILLING R. G. NOEL E G. C E. NOVOTNY H. PERKINS, JR. A. PERRY XV. D. PITTMAN J. C. PRICE J. E. REED, III M. H. SCHINDLER I.. C. SETTER L. S. SOCOL J. A. SUDER, JR. J. M. SWIHART H .I. C .I- R. .T XV. Wnsrnnoox, jx C. XVHETSTONE B. XVPIITAKER V. D. XVILNIERDING F. XVOODALL R. YAIQBROUGI-I ul TT' ii: ' IIISTITUTE IIF IIIIIJIII EIIGIIIEEII S V V . f ,. 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SWG' di ' . yE:g:T.'?:'-,..." ' ' V SLI . -' A 'wzfsffffvf .' ,, '1' . pf ,, ,,, V' S zv ' V ., . . H V ' ' ,- -f., M.: 4 , . . ,Q ' .i I , ' f - I was- ' . 5 , S, W JV S-?Ni2Z.:2,':3L 'lzlwfxiiiff-WSE : ggwf TQ' 2 . wif! V , ' V ' V ' fi V Q43 4' . 3 M 1 I M .. f I Tw V I V V 1 f V . .415 , g 5-5 A r D , E. sa-I-, V :V +1,mVgI,fRJ2S1Q4 ..y ' ' , fi : ' ,, 'N ,. . -...iz-r . ,-CI , '- ' " ' .S w-,' I '- S " '-'fw3.'f:.'l ' ,V fd: ' . Ass' Jgsff ." J.-.QC , -if I 'f 1' ' - M, f I . ,, ' A ., ff f , gy, , ' f- , M, , ' f I ,' ,,.V.5.-.3-... V . ,,: . V, fq,,S,V,' ., ' , .IE-. mixffifs- . 2:5-: 1. -if ' ESI? S' F ' ' 2 - , .f 2 .ff . ' I A J f V 1 1: -: f.. 4 f . . . ffm, I qw ff' 1 ' f 1? -12. 2. gf . '- ...z Z gz5ff.,,'.' me' 3,2 ,ff .V ' , -:wg - .- 'A wi ,flfff 'S , if? 'S V C my 1. ' 1i',33'sQ W , , 'if , . ij, 2 r ' 'TW , ' ,- , V, . I - M H , .I ' f 4 V, , , I if L R V1 '- Sw, :, :eff-MV?"-:2--:-: Eg.:-3219! my 1 umm qy 1- -gyv , ' E ' .. ,:S:,6QI:I. 2. . ..,-My-I V ,S S.. , imdb. 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Q- ' ikviegwssf f Q ff V rw-Ms: Sf' AM -.. ,1.2..... ,fgff-1: W I f 3, fs., ,I - , - 15 ' ' f ff 'm f -. - ,f...r-If: S ' - ZS,-1 ,fl . .Q IV... 3.4.1g..-1-ff..--5224.-, SV Y SECOND ROW: Calvin FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Adams, Ayers, Barker, Bartlett, Baits, Biles, Billings, Bowles, Bush, Butler .... Carter, Cormany, Eanes, Emerson, Ethridge, Fivel, Harrison .... THIRD ROW: Hawthorne, C. W. Hendrix, N. W. Hendrix, Hobbs C. L. BECKHANI R. C. CARTER . W. T. RUTHERFORD M. SCHIEFMAN . KI. V. ADALIS W. B. AYERS D. L. BARKER O. H. BARTLETT, JR. XV. L. BATTS C. L. BECRI-IAM R. L. BILES R. H. BILLINGS L. T. BOXVLES C. C. BUSI-I F. L. BUTLER NV. CALYTN C. H. E. CARMICHAEL C, CARTER R. CORNIANY R. K. XV. S. EANES L. C. EMERSON N. H. ETHRIDGE M. QT. FIVEL H. O. FOSTER R. A. HARRISON G. B. HAWTHPIONE, C. W. HENDRIX N. W. HENDISIX I. E. HERSCHEURG L. C. HOBBS Hunter, Jeffers, Johnson, Kubiisky ,... FOURTH ROW: Leifer, Lowrance, Mader, McCann, McCIesky, McCoy, McCuen, Miller, Mitchell, Mooney .... FIFTH ROW: Muse, Painter, Pittard, Rankin, Ratclitfe, Raynes, Rhoden, Rice, Rivers, Rutherford .... SIXTH ROW: Rymer, Schiffman, Stacy, T Weintraub, Willis, Young. OFFICERS MEMBERS JR. N. XV. HOCRINC., IR. D. K. HUMPPIREY L. O, HUNTER VT. A. JEEEERS L. joI-INSON H. D. JONES S, 1. KUEITSKY T. C. LEIEER R. T. LONVRANCE D. W. MADER M. J. MCCANN H. NTCCLESKY B. McCoy NTCCUEN XV. I. NIILLER A. M. W. P. O. C. MITCHELL M. H. IVTOONEY A. NV. MUSE J. M. PAINTER XV. H. PITTARD 1. R. RANRIN, JR. DT. RATCLIEEE H. D. RAYNES C. C. Rl-IODEN G. T. .T- . , Preslfieazzf . Vice President S0fI'f'hzry TI'FllSZlI'UI' T. ILICE A. RIVERS N. ROBERSON W. T. RUTI'IERFOllD R. M. C. J. J. R. I. R. J. S. R. C. 3-L7 H. RYNIER SCHIFFNIAN M. STACI' W. TYSINGER A. XVALTON R. WARREN D. XVATT B. WEINTIKAUII WILLIS D. W. WILSON E. XVORSHANI B. YOUNG , Carmichael, Carroll, , Hocking, Humphrey, ysinger, Wa Iton, Watt, BECKHAM E. L. ANDERSON R. C. ATCHLEY W. D. CLARK J. L. YOUNG E. L. ANDERSON 'gw R. C. ATCHLEY H. B. BASCH, JR. J. XV. BATTLE J. P. BOYD B. D. BROWN W. R. BROWN XV. E. CARLISLE G. R. CI-IESNUT W. D. CLARR V. S. DAVIS V. J. DOYLE D. DURST H. C. EGGAR ANDERSON R. E. ESKEW E. S. EVERETT I. B. FREEDMAN A. M. GARDNER, JR. F. E. GRAEF P. W. HARPER M. C. HARVEY B. D. HUNT J. S. HUTCI-IINs D. D. KINNETT F. T. LASTRA H. L. LEVIN J. LEVY F. W. MANLY C. C. MCNEIL K. C. MELVIN ,4- SUEIETV FUR THE HDUHHEEMEHT UF MEMBERS W. C. MINR C. R. MONK D. E. MOORE J. C. MULLENDORE G. H. MURRAY, JR. D. J. O,LEARY J. T. PARADISE H. D. PARKER B. REEVE, JR. R. C. REYNOLDS W. C. RIDDELL S. Russo P. H. SANDERS R . L. SANDERS MHHHGEMEHT . P1'c'sia'e111f Vice President . SC'C1'EliIll'j' . Trec1s1I1'e1' P. J. SERRALLES J. D. SESSOMS A. D. SMAILER M. W. SPIETH E. L. STANLEY J. S. STORM J. A. TAYLOR R. W. TAYLOR C. L. TILLSTROM J. VERGONA S. L. VIGLIOTTI J. . WALDEN J. . WIBLE J. L. YOUNG if 'Qi -Air iv T f . 4 i l Y Q. , 669 APD' SD FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Atchley, Basch, Battle, Boyd, B. D. Brown, W. R. Brown, Carlisle, Chesnut, Clark, Davis .... SECOND ROW: Doyle, Durst, Eggar, Eskew, Everett, Freedman, Gardner, Graff, Harper, Harvey .... THIRD' ROW: Hunt, Hutchins, Kinnett, Lastra, Levin, Levy, Manly, McNeil, Melvin, Mink .... FOURTH ROW: Monk, Moore, Mullendore, Murray, O'Leary, Paradise, Parker, Reeve, Reynolds, Riddell .... FIFTH ROW: Russo, P. H. Sanders, R. L. Sanders, Serralles, Sessoms, Smailer, Spieth, Stanley, Storm, J. A. Taylor .... SIXTH ROW: R. W. Taylor, Tillstrom, Vergona, Viglictti, Walden, Wible, Young. 348 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Andrae, Craig, Creel, Frye, Gray, Hansen, Johnslzon ,... SECOND ROW: Lacy, Nelson, Parker, Purcell, Ruppersburg, Smith Stevens .... THIRD ROW: Thompson, Vincent, Wilcox, C. S. Williams, T. R. Williams. SUHEW F EEIIERHE. Elll3lllEERS C. G. JOHNSON T. H. MEADOR E. G. HANSEN P. V. ANDREAE J. F. COOPER R. A. CRAIG I. S. CREEL O. W. CROWN W. B. ERI-I S. L. FLOUIINOY R. G. FRYE J. XV. GRM' XV. C. GRISXVOLD E. G. HANSEN J. L. HICIIIEY OFFlCERS MEMBERS L. Hoxvfxrw G. JOHNSON M. 101-INSION C. LACY XV. MCCIIAIIY S. MCCREA H. MIEADOII K. NELSON XV. PAIIKLR A C. C. PETISIIS, jk. A. PURCELL, JR. Il . , P1'e.ride'I1i . . Vice Plvrirlczzz' . Sffcretzz1'y-T1'er1szz1'c1' H. RUPPERSBUIRG J. H. SIIDINI3 H. R. SMITH J. H. STEVENS C. A. THOMPSON D. A. VINCIENT J. G. WILCOX C. S. WILLIAMS T. R. WILl.IAMS XV. J. YOIID, ja. J. J. XVISE JOHNSON ROONEY J. I. ALFORD, JR. H. E. BISHOP R. E. BLACKBURN R. F. BOEKE F. L. BUTLER, JR. W. CARASIC T. I. CARROLL C. J. COOPER C. B. DANIEL, JR J. H. DODSON R. D. FANNON, JR. G. A. FEAGIN H. W. FIELD, JR. J. M. FISHER, JR. J. D. GARRETT M. GELEIKNTIER J. S. GILLIAM J. E. GLEGG, JR. L. W. Gooss, JR. H. H. GRISWOLD S. GUTHMAN, JR. R. H. HALL F. HANKINSON P. W. HARPER T. B. HOWARD, JR. J. R. HUEE R. N. HUTTON, III C. H. JERDEN, JR. C. M. JOHNSON MEMBERS NV. N. JOHNSON C. T. JOHNSTON, JR C. H. JONES F. L. JONES T. E. LACKNIAN J. H. LAUGHLIN T. LEVY P. L. L.OWENFEI.D R. W. IVIALONE W. I. NIILLER, -JR. O. M. MORRIS, JR. R. IVIOSCRIP, III R. T. PARI-IAM PIERSON XV. J. POWELL H. M. REYNOLDS XV. R. ROONEY E. B. SANDERS, JR. M. H. SCHINDLILR J. E. SINGLES: J. P. STURROCR C. TILLSTROM W. C. XVARLICK A. W. WEST, JR. J. V. WIBLE F. B. WIGGINS J. J. WISE W. J. Yoml, JR. IIIPHII PHI UIIIEEII OFFICERS W. R. ROONEY . R. MOSCRIP, IH . J. H. LAUGHLIN , P. W. HARPER . , I X' .. . ii- '21vZIf::I'vf-FHVziff " , , '. , ,.,,. ,. ' 1gf'i' ,,: fi.: ,... . ,IQJ 3 :5251 f53I:?:? 23f12.J.fL'!llQ? IaI ' - f -I 2,9 , V Q, ,J .N . , 2 ,. I i 'f .,.,-I. 1 , ,,,,., I: ., .JW A I I ' T f Aw 3 'if f ,.f.zm11fa . .Vg-.11 ,,,v-gg, V' I ' ii" fi , F1 "ag F" ' Afi . 4' L' . .- A I I 'A . 81.4 49 A . ' 1 A FB f Q Iii? .J ' ' gif , ' -f' on . Q P- 2555 - -:su 1 1 I It I - i i i. 'A if . fi? .5 "ew 1i,"'5'. Rm .. -I 1 F ' -Qs' Ra' . ' . . Rskfxilfifi , I I . x .ff ,O-3 QF' I, , A 3 .H Jug? I f V , F V I - A . . Presideni Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer 'S' . i'2.e:5:Iz421, 442 cf ,-3: , ,a fa .. we I1 .- . .wi , MM.. . . A ' , if 5 7 A W . .,f 57 , . fa f If W . 44 .f P ee 1'-A --w ir S . ,, I J- -Q' 5 SQ Q, K -fd iz -nf.. . I. I " FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bishop, Blackburn, Boeke, Butler, Carasic, Carroll .... SECOND ROW Cooper, Daniel, Dodson, Fannon, Feagin, Field .... THIRD ROW: Fisher, Garrett, Gelernter, Gil- liam, Gooss, Griswold .... FOURTH ROW: Hall, Hankinson, Harper, Howard, Huff, Hutton... FIFTH ROW: Jerclen, W. N. Johnson, Johnston, C. H. Jones, F. L. Jones, Lackmann .... SIXTH ROW: Laughlin, Levy, Lowenfeld, Malone, Miller, Morris .... SEVENTH ROW: Moscrip, Parham, Pierson, Powell, Reynolds, Schindler .... EIGHTH ROW: Slnglzy, Sturrock, Tillstom, Warlick, West, Wible .... NINTH ROW: Wiggins, Wise, Yopp. 350 Q5 ...,, . X wa P5 Wir X v , , ,.., . J, E. J. WILLIAMS, G. BURGER . . E. P. WEST, JR. F. J. BRIDGES . B. S. BELL F. J. BRIDGES T. L. BRONVN G. BURGER W. G. Coma J. E. DACUS BIIPTIST STUIIEIIT UIIIIIII OFFICERS MEMBERS M. H. FLOYD T. HARRISON Z. A. HENRY C. HGBBS J. LEE W. H. MCTEER P1'esicleI1If . Vice Pwsidezri H. OAKLEY H. G. PATTILLO W. G. TRAWICK D. E. VoYLEs E. P. WEAT E. J. WILLIAMS SC'L'l'L'lftl1'jI T'I'UllS7lI'L'!' WILLIAMS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bridges, Brown, Burger, Cobb, Dacus .... SECOND ROW: Floyd, Harrison, Henry, Hobbs, McTeer .... Oakley, PatI:iIIo, Trawick, Voyles. 351 EHIIIERH ELUB. OFFICERS Q A. I. GOLDBERG , P1'esiffc'111f J. F, SEIFERT . Vice President FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Aubell, Ayers, Barnum, Bibb .... SECOND- ROW: Brune- graff, Buck, Campbell, Cheelzy ,... THIRD ROW: Cheney, Denenberg, Dunaway, Ethridge. . . . FOURTH ROW: Fleming, Hurst, Jenkins, Kovatch. . . . FIFTH ROW: Miller, Ragan, Stewart, Trawick .... Wible, Wilson. 352 GOLDBERG MEMBERS L. A. AUBELL W. B. AYERS H. M. BARNUM T. W. BIBB B. BRUNEGRAFF W. C. BUCK A. L. BURNSTEIN J. C. CAMPBELL W. E. CHEELEY R. I. CHENEY H. M. CLEARE H. A. DAWSON, JR E. DENENBERG W. H. DUKESI A. D. DUNAYJ'A'! N. H. ETHRIDGE A. I. GOLBBERG J. E. FLEMING I. E. HURST Q S. P. JENKINS, In. F. L. KOVATCH J. W. MILLER R. L. RAGAN D. WY SALTER J. F. SEIFERT P. F. STEWART W. G. TRANVICK J. L. XVILSON J. V. WIBLE :.M.QE.,-. 1. ., , FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Andrae, Cumming, Cusack, Day, Daniel, Daniels, Erb .... SECOND ROW: Esson, Eve, Everett, Giller, Hobbs, Koplin, Lafflteau . . . THIRD ROW: Manning, Nalesnik, Pritchard, Mann, Woodham. . mi Bnmnln nesnnns sur A. N. BOISSY . H. W. WOODHAM R. L. DAY . P. V. ANDIKEAE A. N. BOISSY' T. BROXWN D. CUMMING D. W. CUSACK R. L. DAY J. C. DANIEL L. DANIELS OFFICERS MEMBERS W. B. ERE J. R. EssoN R. M. EVE E. EVERETT M. GILLER L. C. I-Iomss M. KOPLIN C. A. LAFFITEAU . Vice Prcfsidenf P1'L'SidC'l7f . S6'Cl'0fflI':j'-T1'CdX7l1'91' C. M. MAGARIAN E. MANN A. A. MANNING W. D. MCJUNKEN G. G. NALESNIK C. C. PRITCHARD H. W. WOODHAM 353 BOISSY GRAHAM MEMBERS F. H. ABBOTT T. A. AKIN E. H. BASTOS H. L. BAUGHN B. I. BROXVN F. KI. BULL J. H. CANINGTON -I. E. CLEGG, ju. J. G. COBUIIN F. S. COLEIMAN P. COUCI-I L. DEAIJMORI5 J. V. DE MARS E. J. DICKERT, ju. XV. F. DILLIXRII A. I. GO1.DBERll W. W. GRAHAM P. P. HARDING, ju L. W. HILL A. D. HODGE C. P. FIUMPHREYS R. JAMES, JR. C. M. JOHNSTON J. T. KNIGH'F W. K. KNIGFIT G. M. LANE W. N. LINGER R. C. O,CONNOR D. C. ORLANDO F. G. PONVELL T. D. QUINN R. L. RAY T. B. Rm' M. ROMER J. G. SEABROOK R. B. SMITH E. T. THOMAS D. H. WALKE E. S. WHITE C. WILGUS T. W. WILDINSON FLIIIIIG EIUB OFFICERS W. W. GRAHAM . . , P1'e5ia'e111f C. M. JOHNSTON . . . Vice P-resicient E. R. JAMES, JR. . . Secrc'1fa1'y-Treaszz1'e1' M ... H I 'R I II. . ,... .-v..'. svfws-ii.. . NX. .wg. . ..,. .-- A, ---.f 'f I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Abbott, Akin, Brown, Bull, Clegg, Coburn .... SECOND- ROW: Coleman, De Mars, Dlckert, Dillard, Goldberg, Harding .... THIRD ROW: I-lodge, Humphreys, James, Johnston, J. T. Knight, W. K. Knight .... FOURTH ROW: Lane, Linger, Powell, R. E. L. Ray, T. E. Ray, Romer .... FIFTH ROW: Wallce, White. 354 1 f 1 .f IT. IVEY . I-I. E. GRAHAM, JR. J. K. HARTLEY, JR, N. MAIOCCO . T. E. ALLEN J. A. BALDWIN L. BARNARD, JR. L. E. BIRDSONG C. E. BRODNAX, JR. J. G. COBURN J. E. COLE-Y, JR. R. A. CRAIG H. B. DAVIS H. N. EoMoNosoN N. H. ET1-IRIDGE J. W. FIROR FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Al Humphrey, Humphreys, lngman, K SUE Fllll llllll IIIIISII OFFICERS MEMBERS T. M. FORBES C. B. H. E. GRM-IAM, JR. XV H J. K. HzX1KTLEY, JR. C. N. L. HEALX' A. A. D. K. HUMPl1REY' R. S. C. P. HUMPHREYS R. E. H. R. HULCHMAN, JR. D. D. J. A. INGMAN G. R. T. IVEY J. H. R. KILEERG B. G. L. E. Klrcl-LENS H. A. LEE, JR. LYTL2 MIXIOCCO NTANNING MATTHEWS NIOORE MCGRAWf MCFLAN NOLAN PARNELL, JR. PEARSON L. C. R. T. E. H. J. J. N. L. E. . Presirlerzf . Vice Prcsirlmzzf . SC'C1'Efll!'jI . Treasizres' PETERFREUND C. PR1'rci-IARD L. RAWLS B. RAY SOKOLOXVER A. TALLEY Q. THOMAS HJ TYLER C. XVALL L. WILLIARTS E. XVOLFE, JR. , A 2--3..'5:z:f1-.34 Q 3 . 'fcif zzwiz 71 -RIM: l 3-5'4f:,fw1:g I 4 . '- V. u fc.. :wie- '1 f L'5ii5? 1'i Iy,gf!'2g,!E3 4' Y -u f-2 .vv" K I-4, if f' .. -f 5:11 ' . 1. '.7W:' .Sffif T ' f I. me Q .4 ..... , -V I . ?'f:2":.' . ' ' L 5 , - y J , ,V fm? 3, ' Z5 'I I '11, -' v'4'f:-.-.-:'v' - :-5-ra-2.4-If. I .. .fsfyfq MM, " V 1.1" :.- . 725. 4, ,f ff 9 , ,ff g n .f e f ZR? f Y , X 4 1 4 , C ,L Z N, V AV,7, I 4 ,f f f f, f ,fm jk," f U 3 f ' 1 . 2 ,'. , f .Vai "1 ffdw f 1 4, 1 f if X ,pf ffm ? J 4 4 f f f.,..-1 5306, ff if , , . 1 jf' f , 2 , f 1 Q, .E ,ff gif! 26 ff M 4 , IVEY 1 ' -N . , , Q. I . , f4':'S'.L' ' ' mera..-I.,-f ' A len, Baldwin, Barnard, Birdsong, Brodnax, Coburn, Coley, Craig, Davis. . . . SECOND ROW: Ekhridge, Firor, Graham, Healy, ilberg, Kitchens .... THIRDROW: Lee, Manning, Matthews, Moore, McGraw, McHan, Noland, Parnell, Pearson .... FOURTH ROW: Peterfreund, Pritchard, Ray, Sokolower, Wall, Williams, Wolfe. 355 if .1 4 .. 2 -' ' va . 'N GEECHEE CLUB OFFICERS A. M. KELLY . . . Presidemf G. M. HELMKEN , . Vice Presicient T. W. BERRY, JR. . - SeC7'etf'l'3' W. E, DYK-E5 , , . T1'EdSZL1'6l' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bacon, Barry, Barnes, Bercegeay, Bergman, Berry, Brushwood, Burke, F. S. Coleman . . . SECOND ROW: Collat, Conway, Cook, Cowart, Clarke, Cramer, Dasher, De Mars, Dixon .... THIRD ROW Dbucey, Dykes, Eltel, Evans, Franklin, Fraser, Fryer, Goldberg, Hagan .... FOURTH ROW: Harte, Hurst, Hussey Hutchins, Johnson, Kvaflz, D. O. Kelly, Lanier, Laroche .... FIFTH ROW: R. H. Laughlin, J. H. Laughlin, Levine H. Levy, Manning, McClellan, McCuen, Miller, Mlzell. . . . SIXTH ROW: Moo-ney, J. N. Moore, Morris, Newsome O'Leary, Peeples, Peth, Purcell, Rankin .... SEVENTH ROW: Remlon, Robertson, Rosollo, Saunders, Shipley: Wall, Whalley. 356 1 KELLY MEMBERS N. ANDERSON W. B. BACON F. I. BARRY E. BARNES G. BECKMAN E. BERCEGEAY J. BERGEN W. J. BERGMAN H. BERGMAN A. H. BERRY W. A. BINNS B. S. BROWN . R. H. BRUSI-IWOOD J. E. BURKE W. H. BUTLER N. W. BOLTON C. E. HUTOI-IINS C. W. JAUDON T. JOHNSON, JR. H. W. KRAET D. O. KELLY S. P. LANIER W. LA-ROC!-IE R. H. 'LAUGI-ILIN J. H. LAUGHLIN Z. LEVINE H. LEVY M. LEVY T. P. LIPSOOMB A. A. MANNING S. H. MARTIN D. L. MCCLELLAN W. R. CATHERWOODW. P. MCCUEN T. COLEMAN F. COLEMAN L. B. COLLAT A. CONWAY C. M. COOK E. E. COWART W. CLARKE T. CRAMER B. H. CUNNINI-IAM G. E. DASI-IER XV. L. DELOACH J. V. DE MARS L. B. DIXON, JR. L. E. DRANE R. DUCEY W. E. DYKES C. H. EITEL, JR. E. ELIOPOLO . D. EVANS W. FRANKLIN D. FRASER A. D. FRYER F. R. GAMRILL, JR. F. V. GEORGE A. I. GOLDBERG J. E. HAGAN C. W. HARTIS J. F. HARTE R. HESLING E. HOAOLAND, JR. L. HOOK W. H. HUGHES C. G. HURST R. HUSSEY J. T A. MCWHORTER G. MEITZLER W. J. MERZGER W. MILLER R. H. MIZELL I I. MOONEY, JR. J. N. MOORE C. W. MOORE J. MORRIS A. MOKROW H. L. NEWSOME W. H. NEWTON D. O,LEARY J. OWENS F. K. PEEPLES J. PETIT D. H. PETH H. E. PUROELL J. H. PURVIS W. S. RANKIN J. B. REMLON W. F. ROBERTSON A. ROSOLIO E. J. SAUNIJERS W. SHIPLEY T. SIVIITH M. W. THOMAS, JR S. ULMER W. XVALL W. E. WEATI-IERLI' G. WELLS W. B. WHALLEY B. WYLIE S. YOUNG FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Arnold, Avery, Bellocchi, Blanton, Bowlin. . . . SECOND ROW: Brady, Brown, Byrd, Carter, Cooper .... THIRD ROW: Costello, Crutcher, Darsey, Davenport, Edfeldt .... FOURTH ROW: Ellison, Esson, Evans, Flournoy, Gammage .... FIFTH ROW: Gibson, Green, Gregory, G. G. Hallman, N. M. Hallman .... SIXTH ROW: Harrower, Hudson, Johnson, Judd, Kraft .... SEVENTH ROW: Lipscomb, MacCulIough, Maxim, McClelland, Morris .... EIGHTH ROW: Morrow, Mudano, Parisi, Preston, Price. . . . NINTH ROW: Reger, Rice, Sego, Smith, Taylor .... TENTH ROW: Tucker, Wells, Whitney, Yopp, ELEE CLUB R. MCNEILL . P. S. HARROWER . G. T. COSTELLO . W. JOHNSON , H. N. H. N. M. C. W. E. J. C. D. G. W. J. W. B. L. ARNOLDQ, JR. AVERY, JR. BATSON H. BELLOCCHI H. BLANTON F. BOWLIN L. BRADY BROWN BYRD L. CARTER COOPER ' T. COSTELLO C. CRUTCHER DARSEY N. DINNING G. DAVENPORT, JR. P. EDFELDT F. J. T. J. H. R. T. A. G. N. F. ELLISON R. EssoN D. EVANS M. FLOURNOY GAMMAGE, JR. R. GIBSON H. GREEN, JR. E. GREGORY G. HALLMAN M. HALLMAN MCNEILL OFFICERS ' . President . Vice Preszdent , . Secretary . Treasurer MEMBERS P. S. HARROWER C. L. HUDSON W. N. JOHNSON H. M. JUDD H. W. KRAFT T. P. LIPSCOMB D. E. MACCULLOUGFI H. MACLIN E. P. MAXIM B. T. MCCLELLAND R. V. MCNEILL O. M. MORRIS, JR. R. K. MORROW F. R. MUDANO A. T. PARISI J. A. PRESTON H. J. PRICE, JR. W. L. REGER R. H. RICE A. L. ROBERTS W. A. SEGO J. SIMNIONS K. W. SMITH MCK. V. TAYLOR H. B. TUCRER A. G. WELLS H. A. WHITNEY, JR. POMPAN MEMBERS J. BEECH M. BRABANT E. DAMON J. DANIEL J. EssoN S. FEINBERG W. GRAHAM C. JOHNSTON H. W. KENSE J. KNIGHT S. KUBITSKIEY W. LAROCHE F. LASTRA E. MANN J. POMPAN J. ROGAN D. W. USHETX H. WOODHAM IIITERIIIITIUIIHL REILIITIUIIS OFFICERS J. POMPAN . . , President F. LASTRA , . Vice President E. MANN . . Secretu1'y-Treasurer FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Brabant, Damon, Esson .... SECOND ROW: Feinberg, Graham, Kubitskey .... THIRD ROW: LaRoche, Lastra, Mann .... FOURTH ROW: Rogan, ' I Usher, Woodham. 358 I fix M. TREVINO P, BARQUIN . J. D. INSERNI E. PUIG , . L. ARECHAVALETA M. ARELLAND G. ARGUEDAS PZBARQUIN G. BASSEVVIEZ A. BEHAR J. M. CEMAJ E. DAGINO E. DEDIEGO M. ESTRADA A. GALVEZ J. Grusr O-T.: OFFICERS MEMBERS GUERRA M. OLIVER J. S. JIDY H. L. ONA KOPPEL L. PENA G. LEON J. PERREZ LOPEZ C. PORTELA LOPEZ J. PORTELA LORA E. Pmc. LLENZA R. ROBLES MANRIGUIZ R. Rom' MASHY E. SANTOS MCFARLANE R. SAREATZ Munoz IIIIIERIEI-III ELUB . . Pwsizlefzt , . VICE Pwszflevazf . ,- ...iw S6C1'6fIl7'jJ 1 f . Treaszwer ' 5' Q A , R. SEQUEIRA J. SIERRA C. SosA J. Sous F. S. VALENTI M. C. TREVINO L. VALLEJO R. VALLINA N. WALL W. ZEMONI D. A. ZIGNAGO .f 'cw ,74 3 J 1 f 295 ff Il' . 5 , if Af " '3 2 . .... .,.. . J? ? ..E . ,..... . . , ' 7 - ::.. 15:27 - , 4,. . ..-J ' . t , 1. 7-V ,,,, , , , X' . . 15 45531353 I -0 56- 1 0 TREVINO FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Arelland, Arguedas, Barquin, Cemaj, DeDiego, Estrada .... SECOND ROW: Grist, Jldy, Leon, V. Lopez, Llenza, Manrzquzz . . .THIRD ROW: Pena, Portela, Santos, Vallejo, Vallina, Wall. , ,.,, 23 , f A Q-. . . gg.-, 1 qkwy GQ, , W. V. BEYNNETT . V. J. DOYLE . . . W. W. WOLCOTT . . BENNETT L. ARECHAVALETA J. J. AVENIA J. J. A. BASLER J. P. H. HUTCHINSON, JR. IIEIUIIIIIII ELUB P. DONOHUE L. DOUGLAS T. DOWNEY OFFICERS MEMBERS J. T. MONAHAN W. MuNoz J. T. MCMANUS, R. L. BECKER V. J. DOYLE T. J. MASLEY W. V. BENNETT M. ESTRADA J. C. OGILVIE M. W. BOLTON R. P. GAUDE G. A. 0,81-IEA J. E. BRESNAHAN W. H. GooDYEAn A. PARADISO J. J. BREsNAI-IAN W GIEMZA C. J. PILCH V. J. CARUSO H. F. HARDY G. A. PURDY W. C. CLARK L. HoTcHK1ss A. L. QUARIN T. P. CLARK M. E. HOFFMAN, JR. X. A. RIVERA L. J. CLEMENT5 P. J. CONNOR E. E. T. DAGNINO C. J. B. DAVIDSON E. R. V. DEITERS J. H. HUTCHINSON, JR. R. A. ROBLES W. KUBICKY G. LEON A. MAURO A. NICARTHUR J. F. ROWAN B. V. SALOTTO R. A. SAMODEN J. J. SCALLEY J - " .K Abs 5 1. . V' f...'. J V ' 94 , . , V . or A 4 :V . - I S1 I "' ii l 'I K I. . . J., . . . , fl-ep' , j'ii'j':'r . ls' ' I ff., .. 3 I A I 'P . . K V- 'ir . I . :".f..-f' , 'il . . President . Vice P1'esirlen.t . . Secretary . Treasurer' B. D. SPENCE T. N. SPINK J. TROITINO R. VALLINA R. VANDEN-HUEVEL J. J. VARAGONA E. WALICKOWSKI, JR. H. D. WELCH G. W. WICKLIN E. W. WILLIAMS W. WILKINSON W. W. WoLcoTT WOLF WORTH R. E. J. L. E. A. ZURAWEL L. P. ZISKA FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Avenia, Basler, Becker, J. E. Bresnahan, J. J. Bresnahan, W. C. Clark, Clements, Connor, Davidson .... SECOND ROW: Deiters, Donohue, Douglas, D-oyle, Estrada, Gaude, Goodyear, Giemza, Hardy .... THIRD ROW: Hoffman, Hutchinson, Leon, McArthur, Masley, Ogilvie, Paradiso, Pilch, Purdy .... FOURTH ROW: Quarin, Rivera, Rowan, Samoden, Spence, Spink, Troitino, Vallina, Varagona .... FIFTH ROW: Welch, Wicklin, Williams, Wilkinson, Wolcott, Wolf, Ziska. 360 3 V M if IU E S l E II F Il U IID H T I 0 II .,--..-- . ' 35 , - J. A. POWELL, JR. M. B. McCoY . R. S. MARTIN . R. D. VAN HOUTEN . C. L. ARIN H. C. BROWN, JR. E. N. BRUSH L. BARNARD, JR. J. M. CLEVELAND, JR D. P. CUMMING, JR. G. E. DASHER H. P. EZZARD J. F. FISKE, JR. J. M. FISHER, JR. J. D. GRIFFIN J. L. HANCOCK W. E. HARRIS W. H. HITCH V. D. HOLT W. W. LAROCI-IE OFFICERS MEMBERS H. E. LICHTNVARDT R. S. MARTIN M. B. McCoy G. C. MILLS, JR. H. S. MILLSAPS F. A. PEEDE J. F. PERKLE . . President . Vice President . . Secretary . Treasurer J. A. POWELL, JR. D. PITMAN R. H. RYMER G. G. SCI-IooLEY H. C. STRATTON, JR. H. H. WILLIS R. D. VAN HOUTEN ' 1.5-if 5, POWELL FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Akin, Barnard, Brown, Cleveland, Cumming, Dasher, Ezzard .... SECOND ROW: Fisher, Fiske, Hancock, Harris, Hitch, Holt, LaRoche .... THIRD ROW: Lichtwardt, Martin, McCoy, Millsaps, Peede, Pitman .... FOURTH ROW: Rymer, Schooley, Willis, Van Houten. 361 "Yet do We love to toss the ball of chance And in the relish of uncertainty, We find a spring for action." Tun Tl fffgi PZETGGT? --w ...., M rl-H4 f" ' H v .:.y,,ww. Q Waaija 5 in 1 Y s 'f in X 1' We P ,zg , mf , -V4, wg. , . ...1 ,. , NA ,gdb 4. ...sw IH'llll g,",g '-'- P if ,- , 5 -1.11. 4 Lila M , g, fg 3 in " 435 V'-V Ai , kg V 5 i K f "Md ,..,f Z 4' 'A-, ' Af f ll E 5 Tilwlww ,. """""'f '- " U, ,gt-af, .,-'kiwi ..,, ' ,A ' , 5.2-3 . ,I 1 " - ' ' ' J 'rw W '1 ' 4, ,, A hi .. -in ' x., ,,,hL,. - THE THE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Prof. Wyatt Whit- ley, L. W. "Chip" Robert, Prof. Tom Evans, Coach W. A. Alexander, Mr. Charlie Griffin, Jimmy Castleberry, Prof. H. A. Wyckoff, Dean Phil Narmore. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: President Blake Van Leer, Mr. Jake Harris, George Brodnax, AI Newton, Jack Todd. HTHLETIE HSSUCIHTIUH GRIFFIN ALEXAND-ER DODD WILLIAM A. ALEXANDER, Afhlvfir Direrfor Under the constant vigil of Coach Alexander, Tech's athletic facilities have been considerably broadened. From his position as Head Football Coach from 1920 to 1945 he stepped into the role of Athletic Director for the Yellow Jackets. During the past ten years under his guidance, conference championships have Iallen to Tech in football, basketball, track, cross country, swimming, fencing, and tennis, while the A.A. has sponsored the first collegiate gymnastic team in the South. In the 1942 poll taken by the New York World-Telt'grau1 Coach "Alex" was named "Football Coach of the Year." Coach Alexander is a former president of the American Football Coaches Association and has served as a member of the National Football Rules committee. COACH ROBERT LEE DODD, Hrml Foofball Conch In 1931 Coach Bobby Dodd came to Georgia Tech to assume his duties as coach of the varsity backfield, varsity baseball, and freshman basketball. His acceptance of these positions followed his nomination the preceding year as A11-American quarterback on the University of Tennessee eleven. Upon the retirement of Coach Alexander in 1945', Coach Dood stepped into the position of Head Football Coach at Tech. One of his first moves as head coach was to change the single wing to the flightly and deceptive "T", in which he soon became the exponent of "razzle-dazzle" throughout the South. His "All-American Quarterbackingn and experience as a field general have constantly given fans the newest and the fastest in the field. Consistently he has appeared as the nomination of coaches and sports writers throughout the country as the "Coach of the XVeek.'i From the i46 Oil Bowl Team and from the '47 Orange Bowl Team he placed a center and tackle on those respective All-American Teams. The '47 team received its bid to the Orange Bowl after suffering only one loss against nine victories. Each year Coach Bobby Dodd has come up with a consistently better eleven, equipped with newer and trickier plays and ushering the Yellow jacket Squad to a little higher level in American football. CHARLIE GRIFFIN, Business Manager of the Aflaletic Association In the fall of 1930, Mr. Charlie Griffin joined the Inter-icollegiate Staff of the Athletic Association as Assistant Business Manager, having received his degree in Ceramics at Tech in the Spring of that same year. Mr. GrifHn's interest in all sports at Tech, together with his knowledge of law and business administra- tion-he was awarded his law degree at Emory in 1945-makes him a capable man to H11 the position of Business Manager. 364 fw- it MUNDORFF ELLIS GRAVES ROY MUNDORFF, Axxixfalll Alblvfir Dirrrfor ' In 1922 Coach Mundorff came to Tech as freshman basketball coach and part-time instructor in the Math department. Wlien he was named head basketball coach in the Flats three years later, he became instrumental in training and developing such stellar performers as Bo Johnston, Bill jordan, Fletcher Sims, and Roy McArthur, present head coach. During 1933 he served as President of the National Association of Basketball Coaches, and throughout his 18 years as mentor of the Tech court team he arranged colorful interseetional games with Mid-Western and Eastern teams. Transferred from Tech by the Navy in 1943, Coach Mundorff returned in 1945 to pursue his duties as Assistant Athletic Director. RAY ELLIS, AX.tisfu11f Cmzrb In 1-945 Coach Ray Ellis was. named line coach of thc Georgia Tech Varsity Squad. His athletic back- ground up to this time was composed of participation in all sports at La Grange, Kentucky, where he attended high schoolg positions on the track, football, and basketball teams at the University of Kentucky, seventeen years as head coach of football and basketball at Madisonville, Kentucky, High School. In the latter capacity he was thrice selected as the coach of the XVest Kentucky team which annually plays in the Shrine All-Star Charity Game. In 1946, Coach Ellis was appointed to the position of assistant coach for the Tech eleven. ' RAY GRAVES, Lim' Coach A comparative newcomer to the Tech coaching staff, Coach Ray Graves signed as head line coach for the Gold and XVhite in january, 1947, after serving as line coach for Tennessee, scout and assistant coach for the Philadelphia Eagles, and after playing pro ball for the Eagles. Manifesting the work of Coach Graves is the constant stream of commendations that have come in the direction of the Tech eleven for the strength displayed game after game in its forward wall. His experience stems from his nomination to the Little All-American Team and the All-SEC team in 1941. W'ithin the span of one year he played in three bowl games: Rose Bowl, 1940, Blue-Gray Game, 1941: Sugar Bowl, 1941. DWIGHT KEITH, Bnckjielrf Conch 117711 Sports Publiciiy Dirrrlor Coach Keith assumed his duties as varsity backfield coach of the Georgia Tech Yellow jackets in March, 1945, following his appearance upon the scene as coach of all freshman sports in June of 1942. The next year he was placed in charge of varsity basketball during the absence of Coach Roy Mundorff, who was serving in the armed forces. Coach Keith's entrance in the Flats came as an inevitable clfmax to his nomination as All-State in football, basketball, and baseball in high school, the former two of which he captained his junior and senior years, participation in the same sports at the University of Alabama, and eighteen years of suc- cessful coaching after graduation. As a result of the prodigious volume of work accomplished by Coach Keith as Publicity Director for Tech, the Yellow Jackets have received more representative recognition throughout the country. He has also served as Secretary of the Georgia Athletic Coaches Association since its organization in 1938 and is at present editor and publisher of the SOUTHERN COACH 8a ATHLETIC MAGAZINE. ROY MCARTHUR, "B" Terzm Coach and Varsity Brrxkelbnll Coach A graduate of City High School, Chattanooga, Tennessee, Coach Roy McArthur attended Georgia Tech from 1929-33. During his last three years in the Flats he served as field general for the varsity eleven and played guard on the basketball squad. After his graduation from Tech he was retained as "B" team coach and assistant basketball coach. From 1942 to February, 1946, Coach McArthur served with the Army from which he was discharged with the rank of Major. He then returned to Tech to be appointed varsity basketball coach and football scout. NORRIS DEAN, IIlH'Sffy Track Couch Upon graduation from Meridian High School, Meridian, Mississippi, Coach Norris Dean entered Geor- gia Tech, where, he graduated in 1937. NVhile engaged in track here at Tech, he 'lbroke a hundred points,', thereby becoming one of a very select group to score over that number during one season for the Gold and NVhite. After receiving his diploma, he accepted the posts of freshman football coach and assistant track coach. In 1944 he assumed his duties as track coach. Since that time, in addition to his supervisional responsibil- ities to the thinclacls, Coach Dean has acted as a football scout and "B" team coach. ,IULIAN HOWARD PITTARD, Axsixfuni "BU Team Couch and Bflxelmll Couch Coach joe Pittard assumed his duties as Instructor in Physical Training and Assistant Coach in the Flats in March, 1943. Prior to that time he had occupied the posts of Athletic Officer at Fort McPherson from 1917 to 1919 and Athletic Director and football coachfrom 1920 to 1942. At the present time Coach Pittard is head coach of the baseball team and is "B" team football coach. 365 KEITH MCARTHUR DEAN PITTARD LANOUE BORTELL JONES GRIFFIN ---. ai .r COACH FRED LANOUE, S'LUi'7711'lll11g Coach A member of the American Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation and of the College Coaches' AS. sociation, Coach Freddie Lanoue has maintained an enviable coaching record since his acceptance of his post at Tech in 1937. Besides building Tech's tank team into a championship squad year after year, Coach Lanoue has found time to present a publication on diving, Merlamzical Analysis of Fancy Diving, which was edited in March, 1940. COACH E. E. BORTELL, Varsity Tennis Concb Serving at Tech as a member of the Physics Department, Coach Bortell has done a first-class job as coach of the tennis squad since his acceptance of the position in 1931. Under his supervision the netmen established a record of over thirty straight wins and took innumerable SEC championships. In the '47 season the team took nine matches, lost two, and placed second in the Southeastern Conference. DICK JONES, Freslsman Football Coaclo Dick Jones first came to Tech in 1946 and served as trainer until recently appointed as Freshman coach. Coach Jones is well-qualified for this position after having played center for the University of Georgia and after having served on the coaching staff at Atlanta Boys' High. COACH GEORGE C. GRIFFIN, Cross Country Couch In 1922 Coach Griiiin received his B.S. in Civil Engineering at Tech after having attained membership in Omicron Delta Kappa and Anak, two of the highest of the honoraries offered at Tech for outstanding service and achievement. By that time he had already served as track coach for two years. At present holding the positions of Dean of Men and Cross Country Coach, he has presented various articles in athletic and naval journals and periodicals. EDWARD M. OSINSKI, Wreslling Coach Coach Eddie Osinski has been with the coaching staff of the A.A. since March 1, 1946. Since that time he has been training Tech's varsity wrestling squads. Prior to that time he served three and a half years with the U. S. Marines, seeing much active combat. He now holds the rank of 1st Lt. in the Marine Corps Reserves. ' LYLE WESLER, Gym Coach ' Coach XVesler accepted his position as Associate Professor in charge of Freshman Physical Training in the Flats on September 1, 1946. A mem- ber of the National Association for Health, he has contributed many worthy studies and articles, his "Endurance of Young Menu having been presented before the National Research Council in 1945. Since his arrival at Tech he has built up the first gymnastics team to appear under the 4 gold-and-white colors for many years. l JOHNNY CARL HYDER, FfC'Sl7I71lZ71 Basketball Coach Now an instructor in physical training at Tech, Coach Hyder joined the coaching staff in September of '46, after graduating from Tech in 1937. Serving as a coach and teacher for four years in the Georgia Vocational and Trades School, he then accepted a position of like capacity with the Georgia Military Academy. Coach Hyder is now serving as Freshman basketball coach and assistant baseball coach. TOMMY PLAXICO, Aasishznt Track Coarb Receiving his I.M. degree from Tech in 1946, Coach Plaxico assumed his duties as assistant coach, in which capacity he has served in a highly successful manner, training the hurdle men in their strenuous strides and hurdling. His war service included four years as a Naval aviator. LEWIS WOODRUFF, Assisianl Freshman Foofluzll Couch After having guided Decatur High School's football eleven to a success- ful N.G.I.C. championship, Coach Woodruff accepted a position on the Tech coaching staff in 1947. Well versed in NTU formation tactics, he has been invaluable in teaching freshmen the Tech razzle-dazzle style of play. H WELSER WOODRUFF PLAXICO i HYDER oslNsKl ' 366 ffm YK :gl f W , V , ,nv . , B ie-5275 ., ii - ' sa I ,, wr .. .5... La: we-'K --I - .3 -'gf"i?f352gs1 ' V6 'A R st - X . ., gm NW -.---2-1+-- - , -M.. V . ,..-sw..-1 uV:V:v..--',-f-LA-.:ef"-1: .- - W -Vw .-: V . :-eerfw V- -K-,:111,"1+xs-si 'Ms- Vw ' V Q. K 'M N T ' ., :rg '- ffV1. . ryszaM,xtew ' Q-X ff. X V Nt e z - .s,E,, s1,5tx, +5,gg,g.3- 's N ...N e V . NVQ., v,,.,Q111:V2-Am.-V fs -, -.-sw . 4- L., new A -'Q -h , -- .K '? 'T K': :1.a.t-'?hwii6S?s.Q" .' ' We-. -2'sfE:"'X ' 'xfiif-'-E V. X X ,.1,M V., 1, . . e V . A ,V.-....--amass - fe-eases .1 ef: .X -Q if f .se-,QQV-saw. it . Y ,fe If Q . F V .. f era" r- jo, ,fp 1102 9,,,::'-1' E' -. "K:'..'s."l1'N'1'w. , I HG," s, 353312. ,i , . 'if - .V K V ' Kf . .X .- ,. K ,, pm- f 7 . -Q, -ufegwf -e . egg.. ' . We - :gg V. -: 2 Wi- P 3 ' V .- V ' mt V 2: K ., . A . s f N- j f- f it W V -,-.ner 'ff Vfg. ff N- 1 - fe. . J- f V. ,V W K- - 'Jaw n-5fgiVI-"ax,-.fel . '.::":1't'w4' -"9 .P-',:V:IP-.- x .-afar -3' .f Q 4 sw, ,:"s.-.-447-,,f.VxH' .'.--..sS'K':K , . - .. V ..,. .1-MV fire K' .. , 'I' - Af xr V VZYV'-Si'?"5:9,-'if'-22:21-. .- ' ' . . s .Z I Q, U- .e111 f- Q-"V -f ",5,'-:11..-5114.1-5 . f 4 V . . fa as ' ' K :EN if 'I ' KW: - 2.271211 . 'Ei'-zxi'--ii , 1. , - i1"'?iIf5:-'Ei-i-5-15 ' if ia - ' Y '9i?7-3"I-"SIL ' , . - s . 5 1 xiwi' - Eff 'V f 'V 1':f.:.S-iK5i-.3129-' ' " " .5 " , K- 5 -ear:-,V1. Q V . ...M . .936 . . .-.,g,,,-V,-. -. ss- f -V - . I :' H ' sifiv' " f K , ,- 3b'FrKf . 4 .c I V- X V ' ,K . 1 teas ' .V - --:,.,,t:,11,1 ss.w,- ,Z ,. ., , . V V. 5- Aigqwfs.-, , 1 4 :gtg 1A,5::i,3s.5Qf,a . VK - v,2..::s5sfx-- -- 'rv .- .4- fairer- -. -1 . . K- :-v aff ww na fa'-Q, Q :lea ' effee ffK I-. w -. '- " -f 62:-iw - 1 , K -1-ir-iw : - Q 7" V- 'iw H ff- f 1-e 1 TK' I -V N ff : f F FZ? 1 +1 - 7 , -- . ' ' ..5,,, ' 2' e ,. - Sv- -F ' . ar' '5v ,. a .fiz 4 1.5 s 2 5 Q.- -gags, Y , -X 1-. Hr-Qse a -+L' . 4-nf ., r' " -Q, W --me New .U a:V..1,f 'XR Q., - Ve ng. 53 N F sis? ':':'r. '13, '-iEF:i:'i6E2'-. -:2' 13171 .' 'V 1 ' 1 - Y X VA., .., . .A ' N, ,K i iii.i:,,.-,-rf TI-IE SEASON IN REVIEW Pre-season publicity placed Georgia Tech in the realm of the average, or possibly of the Dark Horse, teams of the SEC. As the whistle blew for the opener of the season with the Tennessee Volunteers, the parlay cards rated the Vols and the Jackets on a somewhat even par, but as the game progressed, the scheduleis outlook assumed a brighter hue. Prooving itself a fast-starting combine, the squad united to push Coach Bob Neylandis boys down the field, handing the Tennessee coach the worst defeat he had ever suffered. And throughout the ensuing encounters the Tech banner continued to wave on high as the Ramblin' Recks rolled over Tulane, VMI, Auburn, and the Citadel and entered the fray against Duke with an accumulated total of 132 points scored by the jackets and only seven points scored by an opposing team. In the skirmish against the Blue Devils, Coach Dodd's Engineers went all out early in the first period to take their one-touchdown lead, which they managed to maintain for the remainder of the game. But this meeting presented a "T-square" problem, as Ziegler, Hook, and Mathews were carried from the field, Mathews not to return until the post-season tilt at the Orange Bowl in Miami. In the face of this added responsibility the powerful Tech line held superbly, thwarting any at- tempts of the Blue Devils for a score. The thriller of the season occurred in Baltimore when the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech met the Midshipmen of the Navy. Throughout sixty minutes cf blood-tangling play Tech fans yelled themselves hoarse as they saw the score change unpredictably ive times during the course of the game. Weakened by the loss of five key players in the preceding two weeks, the squad with an almost entirely freshman backtield emerged victorious, 16-14. By the time the Gold and White Special reached Birmingham, the Tech eleven was so battered by the trying schedule that it was all the Jackets could do With exemplary blocking all the way, Patton carries on the 'First leg of a 5B-yard touchdown drive through Auburn territory. 3 , I i 94i UUTBHLL SEHSDH to lift their wings. But with virtually the same team that had so valiantly subdued Navy the week be- fore, they bravely fought the Crimson Tide through the first half and returned, redressed and respirited in their black and white garb after the half-time intermission to leave a difference in score of only sev-en points to the credit of Alabama. This sole loss of the ,47 season was nevertheless a display of valiance on the part of the wearied Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech. The Ramblin' Recks played their best against the Volunteers and the Bulldogsg for the greater part of the sixty minutes of the Georgia game they managed to keep the door closed to the Georgians at the forty- yard stripe. In Birmingham they simply didn't have it to show, while with the Blue D-evils and the Mid- dies it was something of a push-pull diagram as the teams seesawed up and down the field. For a glance at the team's play as a whole, it may be said that the proof of the pudding lay in the line, where Coach Ray Graves came through with one of the hardest hitting forward walls ever to wear the White and Gold. Downiield blocking at times was nothing short of remarkable, while the goal line stands, as exemplified in the face of a potential Duke score, showed that when Tech's linemen said "Noi" they meant just that. As the schedule progressed, more and more Jackets made their bids for a position in the first string lineup. Foremost among these new- comers were freshmen Red Patton and Bob McCoy, both of whom came through with the goods in the Navy spectacle. At the conclusion of the season's play, and espe- Davis l571, McCoy U51, and Brodnax K261 show the Kansas Jayhawkers they mean business as they clear the way for a hasty departure around right end by Zeigler 1351, Brown i381, and Petit U61 in the Orange Bowl classic. cially after the post-season New Year,s Day en- counter, those of the sports writers and commenta- tors who had referred to Coach Bobby Dodd's eleven as a mediocre or average team had to agree that a glance at the year's ngures proved that the 1947 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets was one of the migh- tiest combines ever to wave the banner for the Gold and White. As Tiger Williams i601 is stopped by Patton 1441 and Mathews U21, Zeigler C351 and Brown C381 prepare to open up around right end. The Yellow Jacket line holds solid as quarterback Southard 1331 takes his time in passing to Jack Griffin KI71, on his way through Kaydet territory. 360 BOB DAVIS ,!Xi!m,w'iCan, OUR STHRS On any good team, there can always be found certain players who lead that team and who consistently, game 'mer game, prove to be outstanding. And the 1947 Georgia Tech team was no exception. Right in the middle of our forward wall, which was considered equal to any in the country, was All-American Bob Davis and All-Southeastern Bill Healy. The performance of these two was one good reason why Tech's opponents were unable to score more than ive touchdowns in ten season games. For his play against Duke University, Davis was voted the outstanding lineman of the week in an Associated Press poll. At the end of the season he was picked on the All- Southeastern team and on more All-American teams than any other lineman in tlycountry. For his all round outstand- ing performances during the season, team captain Bill Healy was also placed on the first string All-S.E.C. team. There were many offensive stars on the '47 team, but the play of two stood out as constant threats to the opposition. These two were George Brodnax and Jim Still, a pair who formed a passing combination that was unbeatable. Brodnax also played a great defensive game from his end position, and Still's deft ball handling and operation of the Tech "Tv rated him as a topnotch quarterback. i mc.. JIM STILL GEORGE BRODNAX BILL HEALY xgplgbfftgaeaif teflfi at 'k UUR 'l'Elllll said that the 1947 football team was It might easily be combines ever to wear the White and one of the greatest Gold. From the ti against Tennessee un Bowl game in Miami, suspense, joy and disappointment, color and spirit for the spectators. Captained by two experienced performers, Bill Healy and Rollo Phillips, the team ended a Very successful season with . As a result of this excellent record, me the whistle blew to open the season til that same whistle ended the Orange it was a team that provided thrills and nine wins and one loss an invitation to the Orange Bowl classic was accepted, and again in the Bowl Classic, our team furnished that wide open, exciting game that was so typical of the '47 aggregation. On the field the team could be compared to a powerful, well-built, well-designed, and well-oiled machine. For under the guidance of Coach Bobby Dodd who was so ably assisted by Coach Ray Ellis, Line Coach Ray Graves, and Backfield Coach Dwight Keith, the team displayed one of the smootheast running "T" formations in the business. And the razzle-dazzle t e of game that has always been a trademark of Tech teams YP could never have been more emphasized than by the 1947 Yellow Jacket eleven. CAPTAIN BILL I-LEALY ALTERNATE CAPTAIN ROLLO PHILLIPS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bills, Castleberry, Brodnax, Dinky Bowen, Rabbit Jordan, McCoy, McKinney, Peek, Queen, Peilfc ?0lSl2l', Hook. : . . SECOND ROW: Bethea, North, Patton, Bossons, Frizzell, Coleman, Bradach, Southard, Phillips, Pope, Harrison, Flanagan, Luke Bowen, George Mathews .... THIRD ROW: Jimmy Jordan, ' ' ' ' ' h D al Brown, Williams, Slaten, Davis, Anderson, Nolan, Glenn, CL? Tatthews, Busbin, Griffin, Still, Smit , oy , ea y. fa l ' Qi Eiga- Mehr, I' J 5' xglgggpf X ,A ., K, T ,H , , 'g - ,. . t . 1114 as LW- X .1 f - fr' - A an 22 'T LQVX 1 ef' Qs, may I W. XiKmTf'? Nil f We 1 X' jyiya ,tw ,X if .Q.a.fl,r.f K ip -cE,,jQiM',iw.if':, 5' 4,1-N ,f f ,f X az' 1- 1355!-A 4- QQ112 Ext' xfgff' SA -'games ' if ' 'J RABBIT JORDAN JACK GRIFFIN TOM COLEMAN NeyIand's boys. FRANK ,I ,, ..,..,,n I, K . I , . W. I ,. -La ea' ar, .A .I J .. ta. -.5 a ea Q , ra- as ZEIGLER Before a crowd of 40,000 expectant fans the Orange and Wfhite of Tennessee and the White and Gold of Georgia Tech swarmed into their positions on the field in Grant Stadium. Experts were not agreed as to the probable outcome of the game. But one thing the past records had shown: Coach Bob Neyland had never lost an Opening game during his entire career as coach at the University of Tennessee. The Yellow Jackets displayed skill, speed and spirit. They were obviously well prepped for the game. With the ball resting deep in their own territory, the Techmen late in the second period began their irrepressible drive foripaydirt. Jim Still's uncanny manipulation of the old pigskin began to be manifest as he dropped it into the arms of George Brodnax for steady gains. Mathews covered ground around the ends while Ziegler pierced the Volunteer forward wall until the ball rested on 'the three-yard stripe. Mathews scored standing up on a wide end run to the rightg Dinky Bowen's place kick brought the score to 7-0. As the second half opened, th-e Yellow Jackets received the opening kick and roared down the Held beneath a barrage of passes hurled by Still. With the ball resting on the Tennessee 14, Jimmy Southard took the pass from center, faked to Bowen, and, as the Volunteers stood bewilderedly looking for the ball, dropped it into the waiting arms of George Mathews behind the Volunteer goal. Bowen's toe brought the score to 14-0. After a flourishing exchange of punts, Mathews took one of his restless 27-yard strolls for another six points and again Bowen added his point: 21-O. In the closing minutes of the fourth quarter, Billy Queen swept around his own right end, reversed his field, and shot 21 yards for the final tally. Bowen's kick was low and wide to leave the final score at Tech 27, Tennessee 0. Coach Bobby Dodd had rung up a record for the books. For his former coach, Bob Neyland, it was the first loss in an opening game and the worst defeat he had received since his coaching career started at Tennessee nearly two decades ago. Indeed this was a day for the Ramblin' Reckslll 372 With the entire horde of Tennessee's Volunteers in hot pursuit, George Mathews scores the first marker of the season as he lays the groundwork for Tech's 27-0 victory over Coach ljilu ir! J W Q FQTJT li 'i"Fii3,i Fifi TT LEFT' fi: This was one day that the Tech Yellow Jackets were determined to have the ball go in the direction which they desired. Before 50,000 fans sitting in shirt sleeves in the balmy Bayou clime, the Techmen proceeded to charge their way through Tulane ter- ritory from the very kickoff when Dinky Bowen received the ball on his own ten yard line and turned his head toward Green Wave territory where he was finally brought down on the Tech 49. Then the first of Tech's six fumbles of the day gave the ball to the Greenies, but an exchange df punts found the Jackets again with the ball on the Tulane 47. From here paydirt was reached in four plays with Bowen, Mathews, and ,Q Ziegler carrying. Bowen's toe added the extra point. T Early in the second frame, Bowen car- ried the ball from the Tech 46 to the Tulane Cl ' ' ,Y ' P ' TOP: Mathews is ulled down after another of his long gains, by 47 Where Maglclan Stills Pass to Rabbit . 'George Balitsaris ISU of Tennessee. - BOTTOM: Zeigler makes a bid for part of his day's total of l33 yards Jordan was to the Tulane 21' Sfjuth fhfoush VMVS Sewndafv' , ard replaced Still and shot a pass to Jimmy s Castleberry who lateraled to George Brodnax who was pulled down on the 3. Still, back in the game, hit Rabbit Jordan in the end zone for the second TD. Bowen's miss on the extra point left the score at 13-0. During the waning minutes of the first half Tulane wandered deep into Tech ter- f ritory but was stopped short of paydirt V when George Mathews intercepted a Tulane pass on his own three, lateraled to Dinky Bowen, and Bowen behind beautiful down- Held blocking lugged the pigskin to the Tulane 40. Still's passes to Bowen and Brod- 2 to Brodnax scoring. The extra point made Q nax set up the final TD with a pass by Still good by Dinky Bowen left the score at 20-0 at the end of the Hrst half. The second half saw little action with neither team able to gain consistently through its opponent's line. When the final whistle blew the scoreboard read Georgia ' Tech 20, Tulane 0. E X 4: ' gon , . BILL BUSBIN Q JACK BILLS A 1 QM , L, HAYES MCKINF '- ' . ni, 3 VVV,Q A Vfwgapa -- rp A JACK PEEK ,a .T TT A at .fywl I, :JA -N ii li TTA: .ytfaafwlt-11 'sf . --. T. g .-, V , A W ue- ' ....s-1:41-.riie-'-'.i'e.u 135 lkxflazwwsnj BOB MCCOY JINIINAIY P1gTiT --- - 'f - . -.,,,,1. TOP: Southard sca-ts for a Tech-dominated left end, as Slaten lbll leads t f th hth VMI K d ln er erence roug e ay ets, BOTTOM: Cadet Kirby Bernich C531 halts Zeigler's drive through the rnz. .lack Griffin takes a called shot from Jim Still for a gain over the left end of the Crimson Tide. GEUREIH TEEH 20 Ullll U It wasn't until the last 30 seconds of the irst half that the 25,000 spectators at Grant Field saw the Yellow Jackets unlock the door to paydirt with a pass from George Mathews to Jimmy Castleberry. Jimmy Southard took the ball from center and lateraled it to Mathews, who passed to Castleberry in the end zone. Tech just couldn't seem to get going again until the fourth quarter when George Mathews again tossed a TD pass. This time his pass to Castleberry was good for 61 yards, and Jimmy lateraled to Jack Griffin who stepped over for the second tally of the afternoon. Only four plays later Lewis Hook, Tech center, deflected a pass from the Kaydets' Bobby Thomason into the arms of Hayes McKinney, who held on to the pigskin until he fell on the VMI 33. From there it was largely ground play that carried the ball to the Cadet seven, where Frank Ziegler, playing a bang-up game in the fullback spot, smashed through the line for the third TD. Bobby North's second successful kick brought the final score to 20-0. VMI showed in this game that they were a combine to watch as they continually kept every Tech pass receiver covered with two or three Kaydets, held their line much better than the figures show, and caused the Tech secondary sharp alarm at times when they rushed through the line to catch a back off-guard. f Frank Ziegler made his bid for a share of the spotlight by accounting for 133 yards of the 259 yards rushing total accredited to Tech. George Mathews' excellent passing and fast, shifty running were largely responsible for Tech being able to defeat a stubborn VMI eleven by a score of 20-0. Both Coach Slick Morton of V.M.I. and Coach Bobby Dodd of Tech had nothing but praise for their opponent's showing in this skirmish. In the estimation of Bobby Dodd, VMI stood on an even keel with Tulane and gave Tech even stiffer competition than had Tennessee. 374 BILLY WILLIAMS JACK GLENN GEORGE MATHEWS RALPH SLATEN GEURGIH TECH 27 HUBURH 7 Fullback Frank Ziegler started Tech's ride to victory over Auburn early in the first frame when he broke into the clear and scampered 68 long yards for the first score of the after- noon. Bobby North,s extra point pasted a "7" on the board for Tech. Again in the first quarter Tech began to roll when Ziegler, Mathews, and Red Patton, Tech's stellar freshman, col- laborated on' a 58-yard drive that set up Joe Brown's flat pass over right end to George Brodnax, who scored standing up. North's attempted conversion missed the uprights, and as the horn ending the Hrst quarter sounded the Techmen had tucked 13 points under their belts. Early in the second period Travis Tidwell, hampered by a badly sprained ankle, added spark to the Auburn offense with his great passing and quarterbacking. After netting two consecutive first downs on his passes to Gafford, Tid- well stood on the fifty and dropped a pass into the arms of Waddaill, who shook off six Tech tacklers and butted his way to the Yellow Jacket 13. Again Tidwell's passing arm drove the Tigers forward, this time to the Tech two-yard marker where he switched to a ground attack and squirmed through the line for th'e first Tigertally and the first score of the season against Tech." 'Cochran's Con- version narrowed the Engineers' lead to six points. A blocked kick early in the third frame looked as though it might effect another score for Tech when Mathews traveled around right end to the four. Two plays later Bobby North attempted a field goal, but the ball sailed slightly wide, and Auburn took over on their own 20. Here the Jacket line began holding fort deep in Plainsmen territory, until an ex- change of downs found Jim Still again opening his passing attack down the field until the ball was resting on the Auburn 21. From here Still unleashed a straight- pass that was deflected by Willis Anderson, Auburn freshman, into the arms of Rabbit Jordan beneath the goal. North's successful conversion brought the score to Tech 20, Auburn 7. The Yellow Jackets' clinching sting came after a pass from Still to Mathews was ruled complete because of interference on the Auburn four. On the next play Mathews took a lateral from Still and passed over left end to Patton for the final marker just as the final whistle sounded. Bobby North's kick made the final score 27 to 7. Highlight' of the game was the sensational passing of Tech's Jim Still and Auburn,s Travis Tidwell. The Tech- sters completed 12 of 16 attempted passes and Auburn's lone tally came as a result of six consecutive completions by Tidwell. JIMMY CAsTfLEBEI11xY MORRIS HARRISON CLAY MATTHEWS LEXVIS HOOK COLIN ANDERSON JIMMY JORDAN 375 JIM NOLAN ROY QBUQKQ DOYAL ALLEN QDINKYD BOWEN EWELL POPE EEUREITH TECH 38 ElTllllEl ll The Yellow Jackets opened an offensive game from the very first whistle when Rabbit Jordan's kickoff bounded to the Citadel ten yard stripe. When Tech first came into possession of the ball on the Bull- dog 34, it took only a pass from Still to Brodnax and an end run by Ziegler to set up a first down. On the next play Still lateraled to Red Patton, who swept around his own right end to score standing up. Later in the same period a short pass from Southard intended for Rabbit Jordan was deflected by one of' the cadets into the arms of Frank Ziegler, .who scampered around left end for the tally. Bowen's conversion was successful. With the Citadel able to gain nothing whatsoever through the Tech line, the Jackets soon took over again. This time it was Southard, Castleberry, and Patton who collaborated to move the ball to the Citadel five, where Harrison took it over for the third TD. Soon after this, Harrison traveled the sidelines for a fourth score as Jimmy Jordan eliminated the only remaining potential tackler. In the last few seconds of the irst half, Buster Humphreys took a pass from Joe Brown, neatly reversed his Held, and displayed elusive broken-field running as he scampered across for another six-pointer. During the half-time intermission, spectators were treated to an exhibition of precision drills by the Summerall Guard, named for the former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces and now President of the Citadel. Commanded by Cadet Captain Dantzler, the honorary guard, , Billy Williams eludes a Citadel Kaydet in his race for open field. composed of juniors and seniors, performed intricate maneuvers' in flanking and oblique marching. The Summerall Guard was precision personified as it gave one of the best drill exhibitions ever seen on Grant Field. Another highlight of the afternoon was the presentation on behalf of the Secretary of the Navy of a plaque to Georgia Tech for services rendered during the war in training Navy personnel for the Armed Forces. . Humphreys i3ll, in the Citadel secondary, awaits an aerial from Joe Brown. RUMSEY TAYLOR LUKE BOXVEN GEURGIH TECH 1 DUHE Il 1,1Q in A , T, Under murky skies and a steady drizzle of rain, the Tech Yellow Jackets established their winning ways by defeating the Duke Blue Devils 7-0. The Techsters' lone tally came late in the first quarter as three consecutive first downs by Bowen., Ziegler, and Mathews set up the familiar Still-to-Brodnax combination that provided the solitary TD of the game. Bowen's try for the extra point was good, and the score became Georgia Tech 7, Duke O. The outstanding feature of the game, slowed considerably by the wet field and constant rain, was the rapid exchange of punts between teams-Folger and Mulligan for Duke, and Still, Davis, and Billy Williams for Tech. This was the day on which Williams made his formal bid for the Jacket kicking honors. The unsurpassed strength of the Tech forward wall was manifested when the Blue Devils were pushed back from the Tech three yard line to the nineteen in four plays. Bill I-Iealy's playing showed him to be one of the top guards in Dixie, while Bobby Davis continued to give loud raps on the door of the All-Americans by receiving the Associated Press "lineman of the week" award by virtue of his outstanding play against the Blue Devils. The backfield, whose task rested largely on the shoulders of Frank Ziegler and Dinky Bowen, continued to demonstrate its prowess, while George Mathews versatility rounded out the potentialities of a great Tech backfield Bob McCoy and J mmy Patton demonstrated stellar ability and strong promise as freshman backs The tragedy in the loss of Ziegler, Hook, and Mathews was one of major import as, in the waning moments of play George was carried from the field with a broken ankle, no more to return to the flats terrific loss not to be overlooked ABOVE: With two clutching Tigers as added weight, Harrison rambles on. TOP, RIGHT: Mulligan U61 of Duke runs into a hosl: of'Tech tacklers. BOTTOM, RIGHT: Behind good blocking, Still connects with Brodnax. 377 'we ww A .aw B!!! --M , M '6m,,,s , 4 ,V 'AMW- ,V '-sig if A 4,1 I, ,V ng gf rw i - fn T, , i' " ,ig -75, Q . ' ' ' M f i' 'f' f " qs f f-gc-lik i .1 ,- - .V ah as fl f T " ' 0, - f 'nuff 5 , " 'va we iwyafwf T ' 3,5 1, f f . :.---vw ,Q-:.' , ff' Az- -.J-5,fQT,'4fl ' , , -1ff:,5"'5,j"TQ"'f7f"'f-f-"',, Q ,gin t ,. ,. ,N .aw ,, f K M. ,A " - '-f-4.rH,f'6, g,,Aj,g.z,r 173 pw, ' ac, BOB DAVIS JIMMY QYREDH PATTON BILLY QUEEN BOBBY NORTH Tornado as Blanken 1581 moves in for an "assist" nessee's secondary. EEUREIH 'IEEH I6 IIHUV 14 The nation's "Thriller of the Day," in which a crippled, but unbeaten and untied, Georgia Tech eleven met Navy's Middies in Baltimore Stadium, crystalized with a bang when, on the opening play of the game, Jimmy Petit, Tech halfback, hurled the oval into the arms of George Brodnax for 17 yards. Two plays later Tech freshman Bob McCoy skirted left end for 62 yards through the Navy backfield, crossed paydirt for the first six points and an early lead. The try for the extra point was no good and Tech led 6-0. With dogged determination Navy received the kickoff and pushed down the field to the Tech seven, where Bobby Horne found Schwoefferman in the flat and passed to him for a touchdown. Wills' P.A.T. gave the Nliddies the lead, 7-6. Navy kicked off and McCoy, Bowen, and the entire Tech wall drove from the Tech 25 to the Navy 42, where tosses from Jim Still found Petit and Bowen, bringing the pigskin to rest on the Middie nine. Failing for two plays to gain through a stubborn Navy line, Dinky Bowen dropped back and sank his toe into the leather and rang three points for Tech, once again giving the Jackets the lead. After the half-time intermission, it was a fiery and desperate team of Middies that drove frantically, but methodically, down the field, to test the strength of the Yellow jacket forward wall and to make their bid for winning points. In the latter part of the third quarter this drive was climaxed by a rewarding touchdown, which gave the Midshipmen a 14-9 lead. The remainder of the third period and the first six minutes of the final frame began to look rather gloomy for the Techmen, until George Brodnax tackled Bob Schwoeiferman so ferociously that he was able to recover the ball 35 yards from the goal. And then it happened. Southard-handed the ball off to Red Patton, who squirmed off to the right eluded a would-be tackler and abruptly M tossed over his left side to the same Jim- my Southard on the five. jimmy received on the dead run and scored standing up. A pass interception by Joe Brown in the waning minutes of play closed the door to further requittal by the Middies. George Mathews and Dinky Bowen Tech's P. A. T. experts ABOVE: Harrison attempts to evade contact with Pittman C555 of the Purple LEFT: And it's Mathews with the ball, as he shifts into high through Ten Ed White KZSJ, Alabama left end, fails to block Jim StiII's pass to George Brodnax. With an undefeated season and SEC honors at stake but suffering sorely from the loss of Mathews, Ziegler, Hook, and Griffin, the Yel- low Jackets met the surging Crimson Tide. Throughout sixty of the fastest minutes in football, the Techmen displayed an undying spirit as the fire from the right arm of that passing wizard, Harry Gilmer, dropped them from the ranks of the undefeated. Halfway through the first frame, Gilmer's connections with Caden- head, Steiner, and Cain carried the ball to Tech's 1f2 yard line. From there Gilmer plunged over for the first score, and the P.A.T. made it 7-0. In the second period the Tide rolled again as an Alabaman recovered a fumble on Tech's 16. Gilmer passed to Steiner at the nine and then in the end zone for the second 'Bama score. But after the half it was a respirited and determined swarm of Yel- low Jackets that stormed the field in their clean white uniforms ready to get back to the ball game. Tech kicked off and recovered the kick on the Alabama 45. Poor officiating gave the ball to Alabama on the Tech 40 and the spirit of the Gold and White was damaged momen- tarily. The Tide surged to the Tech two, but a great Tech line once again said No! to its opponent. The Jackets took over at this point and kicked out of danger to the Tech 40. The next time the Recks grasped the ball it was a heads-up ramble from their own 15 up the field, across the mid-field marker, and down to the Tide 44, where a Still-to-Patton connection carried to the Ala- bama five. A 'Bama holding penalty put the ball on the one and opened the golden door for a wide sweep by McCoy around right end for a Tech score. Bowen kicked the P.A.T. and Tech fans went wild! From here on Tech fought madly against time in a determined drive from their own six to the Crimson 33, but the clock and Gilmer joined hands there, and the Ramblin' Recks were forced to leave the field in need of the seven points that would have kept their record unblemished. .1 ,i....,., 1 ii-. 't"e 1 '1-- 1 -1. 1 f' .1 24-1 J: , . """ "t' - ' li ii' ,,,,V, 1 1111.1 .f,,,,,,,a .1 .1 .Z ,,,, 1 1 ,,,, 1, 11 H i, 1 1. R ,'1'i ' 1 .,.. 4 .,..' 11 1 l 1 -1 l"' Q 1 if-1 1 5191 1 ' 1,-1' 3 f 1 31 1 1 1 1 14 ,- 1- ' 1 1 , 11111 1, I r 1 1 11 1111 ,ni 1 1" 1 1 - 1 1 1111 1 11 1 '111 1 ' 1 11 111 1 -1 1' 1.4 11 111' 1 -1 1 11 1111 1 1 '1 11-1111 11111 1 Y' , , jlf. 1 '1 -111! 11 1, "1 1 JS y ,, 1 1 111 11 11 1 1 1195 1 11 11' 1. .,.. 111 11 ' l l 'f1" , 1 g l iii? iq ,,.. '1 si,!g115 1.1, 11 11111 . 11111 1., 1- 111 1 111111111 his l if 11 ig 2 5 ami mi E l1 1 l2a1',1'.,1., 1 11 , A11 " 11 1 1 1.g1 1 -'rf 1 11 -11,1 1 11 1111-ease: ' 1' ,, 1 'V+-s1" WW'1 1 " 1 1. '1 1-1 1 1 111 .-., . 1., I 1 ,1-1 Qfggl 1 1 1' 1 1 ' 'L1 111' X1 1, . ,,.1 1 1 11113 1311 1. 1. ,- 91 11v1 1 ,1,.,v .fe 11 0.1 1111 11 11, 111111141 11 1 ' ' 1 113 1 '1 2.1 L M 123. '12 1 1 .1 1 1111 - 121. ' 111 1 1 1211, 1 11 11 "-aa.: 1,,,11.,,,,,, A 1, - 11 1 1 '31 X 1 7,1 1:-1 , . 1 1 12 f af , , , 1 1 - -af 1 11 --1111 1 11 ref 1 11 1 1 11111 1-1:1'11 1' 11 sw 1 ,11 - 1 1 11- 1111 1 .,.. 1 1 1 ,, , Qi- A 1 f 1 1 ' l ,111 l p1 I l l ' i11ii iyqifi i mia? ll KK 5 iq ll 1 3 11 14 11 'i li ii ilsfiii 11 ' 1 211 PQJW1111 11lf1ll1gi- 'l1i,"l lllwi gg 1121, 1 li 1' 1 MZ 11'11 ' 1 '2- bali .' fi? 11 l 11 1'i11 1l111 1 4'iii1fC1l1l1ll 1 111 151 ' 11 15-11lil 1 " l1i'1 lli 1'113"l ei, 11111 1 -,Q 151,11 11l ,111 11 11,5'1'1 fl 1. 1121 " 11 211517 1-5 1 '111"11111l11 '13 ' 1 11" .111f11 1 1 ' 1 ' 11 if 11ll1 111131 111111121115 1l111Q 11 lf ' 1 1 1 1" 'l lEl:1lf?1l1 '1l111 1? 111l1 1 1 1 '11l1 f1 u4iF?, ', l'ls2f'1?fI11 11 11 1 " -111 11 1i'1l .31111l"l '41 l 1"1'l3' 1 1 1' f1 l1l1 1'!11 will 15' 1 ra-'1111 11111 l1 1l1 111 1'11111 111115 ' ,,- , ' 1l1111,11 11f11'1' 1 1 ' ll 1 161 1 1647221 1 3i1 121ii11l11'f11111 1 1: 11 11 1 1l1l il1l'1111 llii 1' 11l1I1111l111:111 11111 111 11'1111111'11'1lf11 1111 11 1111 1111 11 21 1 1,1 1 11 -1 ae 161 1, 32111111 11 1 1111111 11' 1111111 1111ll'11l1 1 113111 11 -w p 1111113 1111161 1111 1' l1 1 ' ii vgqlillil lil 1'l'il1'll1 f'l9'r1111'111i1'13illi1 151111-1?-K 1l1ll'gll1i1'1 1 1111 1 1 11 1 1 ' 1 11411121 1111 ' 1 '11111 "'-111 1111 1 1 11 1l 'l 1 ?i 1ii will l" 11f1i11lil 11 1 1 1' '1 A' '. -1 "1f'5. '7 '11 1 l 1 'i' 1 CQ M5475 " ",':i,5F5Z'4E?'4 l' i - 1' l' "11l 11 -11 1 ll -1- 1--2 11 1 11 111 11 11.i 1111 -111 11 '1 1 112.111 li1,15,111 11 :1l11g1,1 115: .1,,11111ilMifEl 1i1li1111111a, 111 - 1 Southard 1331, Patton I44J, and Castleberry C221 collaborate to carry 'che ball to the Citadel five and set up the third TD. T -T 1, Two Jackets halt Bama's Cadenhead after a short gain. 370 1, 1 A Lefl: JIMMY SOUTHARD Miflfllff RAYMOND SMITH Right: DERWOOD FLANAGAN 1, 11111,111111 11,11 1111-1,-'1:1,-1 .1 11 11 11111 1 1 1 11 11 1111, 11 1,1,,,,11, , l GE REHH IEEH 51 BZURITIHII ii In an almost tensionless meeting of the Georgia Tech eleven and the Furman Purple Hurricane on Grant Field, the die was definitely cast in the opening three minutes when Brodnax took a pass from Southard for the first marker for Tech. This laid the foundation for a half-game of business- like scoring by Joe Brown with a quarter- back sneak, Bobby Davis on a lateral from jim Nolan who received from Bowen, a pass from Humphries to Patton over left endg Bills around right endg Patton again through the center for 30 yards and pay- dirtg and Harrison through the line. Two conversions by Rabbit Jordan and another P.A.T. by Bobby North left the score at 45-0 at the half. Highlights of the first two periods were: Joe Brown's beautiful job of broken-field running and reversing to the Furman 21, Bob Davis' surprise scoring play, Jim Petit's 21-yard return of a Hurricane punt through the entire Furman team, and a 28- yard spurt around right end by Jack Peek. With the outcome of the day's battle reasonably well determined, the second half was reversed for two periods of varied en- tertainment starring "Flash" McKinney, stocky Tech guard. Answering the hungry calls from the Tech stands, Coach Bobby Dodd sent Hayes McKinney into the Keck backfield. Here the "Flash" did everything but kick, and his consistent 4- and 5-yard gains convinced Tech rooters that here was a guard doing very well for himself in a position utterly new to him. But the joke was almost carried a little too far when "Flash,' intercepted a Furman pass on Techis goal and thwarted the chances of the Purple Hurricane to mark up a well-deserved six- pointer. The only rally in the second half was made by Buster Humphries on a 51-yard jaunt through the entire Furman team. As the game ended the score stood: Georgia Tech 51, Furman 0. CIRCLE: Dinky Bowen is swung completely around as an unidentified Bulldog grabs his arm. BELOW: Joe Brown scores the second marker against Furman with a quarterback sneak. DAN BRADACH Joe BROWN 380 l l I l l v HEBREW TECH 7 GEIJREIH U Traditional rivalry between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets developed into one of the hardest fought and hardest played ball games ever to take place on Grant Field. A fast-starting, inspired Georgia team revealed a lot of early drive, but the Engineers' forward wall, led by All-American tackle Bobby Davis and All-Southeastern guard Bill Healy, hit harder than the Athens linemen and managed to keep the Red-and-Black outside the Tech forty-yard stripe until the last five minutes of play. The Ramblin, Recks capitalized on an errant aerial from Johnny Rauch when Jimmy Castleberry intercepted the pass and carried to the Bulldog 13, late in the third period. Two plays later, freshman Red Patton used his "diagonal pass playu to advantage when he found the sure-fire arms of George Brodnax for the winning marker. 'Rabbit jordan's P.A.T. gave Tech the seven-point lead which kept it ahead until the final whistle. ' Only once during the encounter were the Bulldogs able to penetrate Tech's territory past the forty-yard stripe. Driven by desperation and Johnny Rauch's throwing arm, the Bulldogs, late in the play, pierced the Gold-and-White section of the field as deep as the 35. .Breezy Reid drove his way to the 25 for a Hrst down, where a stubborn Tech line cracked down on the Georgian advance and Frank Ziegler broke through the Bull- dog primary to pin Rauch for a loss of ten, yards. This marked the end of the only serious Georgia bid for a score during the game. The powerful Engineer forward wall played in top form when it stopped the original snap and drive of the Bulldogs. Frank Ziegler, considered in many quarters to be the outstanding man of the day, turned in a stellar performance by repeatedly smashing through the opposing lines to ground out any threats by Rauch, Reid, or Walston from the Georgia secondary. On the first of the only two plays in which Jimmy Patton participated, the fiery freshman made a strong bid for a TD in the waning minutes of the second frame, but this was broken up by the alert Bulldogs. On the second of Patton's plays, he collaborated with George Brodnax for the sole score of the game. The ferocious play of both squads kept the ball from moving excessively in either direction. And after the final tabulations were in, it seemed that the referee, Alvin Bell, and the headlinesman, Ed Copeland, had tied in the nomination for the greatest gains of the day. Each of these men had managed to tuck the ole pigskin under his arm and stalk, unmolested, for a neat total of sixty yards in penalties, the majority of this injury being suffered by the hosts of the game, the Yellow Jackets. The small amount of scoring emphasizes the strain that was borne by the lines of the opposing teams. Bob Davis and Bill Healy led the attack, and the strength of their drive and defensive stands was well manifested in their halting of the Georgians' drive at the 25-yard marker in the waning moments of play. 1 .... , QSZATQ-IFS 'l'SllE3Zl.""' T , Porter Payne lbbl, Bulldog tackle, almost intercepts a pass from Brown to Brodnax. 381 GEORGE BRODNAX LEONARD BET1-IEA JIM STILL THE '48 0 HUGE BOWL IS GEURBIFI TECH HFITISHS 14 HISTURV Jim Still and Jimmy Castleberry again catch the Kansas Jayhawkers by surprise as Jimmy carries for a I4-yard gain. George Mathews shakes loose from one Kansas tackler as he skirts right end ior a short gain. With the temperature in the high 70's and a brisk 18 mile-an-hour breeze tossing the pigskin in midair, the Tech Yellow Jackets and the Kansas Jayhawk-ers met before 60,000 fans in the Orange Bowl classic. The Yellow Jackets began their Hrst drive in the second quarter when George Matthews took Frank Pattee's kick on the 40 and returned it to the Jayhawkers 26. Two plays later Still passed to Patton in the end zone and Bowen converted. The Kansans surged back up the field in a vigorous 65-yard drive, which reached its climax when Ray Evans penetrated the line for the score. The P.A.T. was good, and the half ended in a 7-7 tie. After the intermission the Recks took the field by storm and rambled through the Jayhawkers for the two third-period markers that decided the game. Receiving the Kansas' kickoff on their own 6-yard stripe, the Engineers ignited the fuse to a sparking 94-yard drive which was climaxed by another toss by Still, this time to Billy Queen on the seventeen, Queen scampered the rest of the way to paydirt. Again Dinky Bowen came through with the extra point, and the gridiron began to assume a gold- and-white tinge. Ray Smith set up the third touchdown drive when he intercepted Tom Scott's pass on the Kansas 36. Three plays later Still tossed to George Brodnax on the eleven. Bowen plunged through to the six, and Still at- temped to pass, elected to run, and picked up two more. On the fourth down with five to go, Still looped a TD pass to Patton over the goal for the third Tech touchdown, which proved to be the winning marker. In the fourth period the Jayhawkers,,deterrnined as ever, took a Tech kickoff and drove seventy yards to score and put Kansas back in the ball game. The drive ended when Ray Evans passed ten yards into the end zone for a touchdown, and the point was added to push the score to Kansas 14, Tech 20. Kansas kicked off with nine minutes left in the game, and Tech started another drive which carried deep into Kansas territory. This drive came to a sudden halt when a Tech fumble was pounced upon by an eager Jay- hawker. With only a few minutes in which to score, Kansas resorted to long passes which carried them downfield to a first down on the Tech twelve. In three plays the Kansans took the ball to the two. With four downs in which to make the remaining two yards, the Kansas quarterback called a quarterback sneak. As the ball left the center's hands the quarter- back momentarily juggled the ball, but it was time enough for a desperate Tech line. When the pile was uncovered, Alternate Captain Rollo Phillips, wearing the gold and white for the last time, was found resting securely on top of the ball! With the clock showing only seconds to play, it re- mained only a matter of two plays before the whistle blew, giving the Yellow Jackets the 1948 Orange Bowl Championship. Mathews takes a reverse from Souihard and rounds his own righi end to meet a Jayhawker head-on. LEFT: And it's a touchdown play as Billy Queen CZOJ races out to take Jim Sl:ill's pass on the Jayhawkers' I7 and head for pay dirt. ABOVE: Bowen takes a hand-off from Still and finds a hole in the Kansas forward wall. . ,. An- ..- fu vs w x .5 .qu .E5agkZ'-ky 1332 ' 0,-AC, Fix -4 mx. ' QM f 15,53 , ,155 n . 'H-. x ' ' , 9 . .-12-?'Lx3.2f v , , ,J 1.-arf. - Q 'Q f .fw- f 11 U N ., XX .5 ., wx '. . '-Cx ' A-6 ."'-1,5 J The Fzmnrln bead majorette. Georgicfs z?bc'er1cac1'c'1's sheer in wziu. Before fbc fzickof. Tech and Fzwvzzan clocferleacfezfs at the half. The new wffsf szfmzds flied again. The jackets swarm back for the secon ri half. The team has our president on the edge of his seat SIDELIIIE5 Tech sp011s0:'s for the Tech-Georgia game. Preparin-g the Yellow jacket for flight at half-lfime. The S11-71 always sbines inf fbc Eas! Sfanrfs. Terk Bam! in fbe rain between halves at the Duke game. w Top: The Bronze Bus! of Coarla Alex' ix 1111z'eilf'rl af lbe Tc'1n1exxz'e game. Bolfom: Cajflaiu Bill I"Ia'alvy rmmw rm! of lfn Georgia gazm: BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: McDonough, Hudson, Talley, Kelly, Mitchell, Kruger, Lansing, Anderson, Ferguson, Winter, Chastain, Rhodes Scharfschwerdt . . . SECOND- ROW: Boswell, Sikes, Witt, Jerkins, Hill, Laclner, Graham, Langstatf, Morse, Gilbert, Drucey, Richmond, Schoening, Kelly, Marchegrano Gar rett .... THIRD ROW: Teason, Harvin, Peterson, Swanson, Hutcheson, Sanders, Brembs, Brown, Harley, Hanft, Mahon, Foy, Mitchell, Hunt Tilley Ducey Lusk, Dold, Bonner, Lupton, Gilbreath, Upchurch. THE B TEHlll 1947 B-TEAM SEASON Tech . . S2 Middle Georgia College . . 0 Tech . . 14 Tennessee ..... . 1 9 Tech . 7 Alabama . 13 Tech . , 14 Auburn . 7 Tech , . 13 Georgia . . 2 0 OPENING up the '47 season with a 52-0 trouncing of Middle Georgia College, the Tech Bees traveled to Knoxville, where they suffered a 19-14 defeat in the waning minutes of play on a water-soaked Held in a night game. Behind 13-0 at the half, the Jayvees rebounded after the half, to seemingly have the game sewed up, 14-13. With 60 seconds of playing time remaining, the Vols scored on two running passes to take the honors 19-14. The Bees again fell, this time to the Alabama juniors, and again in the final minute of play, the score, 13-7. Tech's next opponent, Auburn, fell 13-7 in the annual Rotary Club Charity Game at Albany, Georgia, in which the Jackets face various southern teams every year. Then on Thanksgiving Day came the traditional Tech-Georgia classic, an annual beneiit for the Scottish Rite Hospital for crippled children. The first of traditional series was held in 1933 when only a few hundred people assembled to see Tech lose the opener, 14-0. In this year's game the event and the crowd had grown until the stands held 35,000 eager spectators, who saw the Tech Bees go down 20-13. The sellout crowd was the largest ever to see "strong legs run, that weak legs may walk." 386 TOP: And the flight of a Tech Bee is stopped by four snarling Georgia Bullpups. BOTTOM: The entire "B" squad of Alabama seemed to elude the interference as they swarmed a ducking Bee. 'G KETI3 LL COACH ROY MCARTHUR CAPTAIN JIM NOLAN THE 1948 SEASON Tech 29 ......., . Tulane 54 Tech 52 . L.S.U. 42 Tech 65 . Furman 64 Tech 56 . Kentucky 71 Tech 57 . Tennessee 59 Tech 46 . , L.S.U. 54 Tech 31 . Auburn 38 Tech 31 . Alabama 44 Tech 68 . Georgia 58 Tech 46 . Tennessee 49 Tech 55 . . Tulane 5 8 Tech 73 Georgia 64 Tech 65 . Florida 42 Tech 55 . Duke 60 Tech 58 . . Georgia 65 Tech 54 . Kentucky 78 Tech 50 . Auburn 43 Tech 63 . Florida 55 S.E.C. TOURNAMENT Tech 46 .......... . Alabama 34 Tech 60 . . Georgia 57 Tech 50 . . Tulane 40 Tech 43 . Kentucky 54 A , 1 - , , A .if - 5 555 Q f e,.,' si 4 - S I Nr :rw 3 FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rudy Stewart, Barry Blemker, James Fritch, Henry Schoening, Paul Godwin, Bill Johnson .... BACK ROW: Bob Jones, Jimmy Stewart, William Binns, Marvin Keener, Colin Anderson, Melvin Dold, Mickey Sermersheim. 388 Mickey Sermersheim races past Kenl:ucky's Holland l37l in a thrill BQSEEI QII ifQlll OPENING the basketball season against the Purple Hurricane of Furman on December 15 without the services of two of their key men, Jim Nolan and Colin Anderson who were still engaged in their football duties, the Yellow Jackets lost their first tilt by a narrow one-point margin. In the other two of their pre-Christmas games, they toppled both Chat- tanooga and Virginia in successive home encounters. At the termination of the fall quarter Coach Roy Mc- Arthur ushered his courtmen westward to the College Invi- tational Tournament in Oklahoma City. Here a stellar com- bination of Tech's promising freshmen was nosed out by Rice Entering a surprising contest with the Kentucky Wildcats in the Tech gym, the Yellow Jackets opened an offensive of their own as they held the SEC champions 38-31 at the half. Tech's Anderson took scoring honors with a burning 19 markers and Nolan drew high praise for his superlative guard- ing of All-American Alex Groza. Only after the Tech first stringers began to tire in the waning minutes of the game could Coach Adolph Rupp's galaxy of stars roll up a decisive lead in a 71-56 thriller that prompted the utmost praise of the Jacket quintet from the Kentucky mentor. in a nip-and-tuck 43-42 decision and was on the short end of the Texas and Hamline forays by wider margins. In a January 8 meeting with the Green Wave of Tulane in New Orleans the Gold and White quintet made their oflicial debut into SEC competition by suffering a stifling 54-29 defeat by the fast-breaking Greenies. The Tulane squad repeatedly thrust through Tech defenses and their defensive play proved no less scintillating as freshman Mel Dold led Jacket scoring with only 9 points. Nolan and Anderson in their first court test of the season placed five markers each. On the following night Coach McArthur,s proteges re- ceived compensation at the expense of the LSU Tigers, drop- ping them 52-40. In his second game of the season "Spider Jim" Nolan led the Jacket charge by leading the scorers with 13 points. Dold and Anderson were runners-up for Tech. On January 13 the Tech cagers avenged an early season defeat at the hands of Furman by dropping: the Purple Hur- ricane 65-64. Sparking the Tech offense were Jim Nolan with 20 points and Melvin Dold with 15. opener. TOP: "Spider Jim" Nolan shoots head and shoulde s Duncan lbl against Auburn. BOTTOM: Captain Jim Nolan reaches with Burris l20l of Tennessee. 389 ig Z - i.A,LIg.g .5 f if - J ,i if 4 I .45 ' ?.fEfZ1fl.i.. ' f' 2. ' 1 . .. f , .5 . A ' , ' W s-.521 ' . . , ,, '-'?ffg5,'ff.f,x,.'ei,.m .77 .. .31-. , , . sw .mf ..,,,., . ae.. , . - if iffnflw . ' " 9.2 - 1 ' -1 I .1 . 1 ,.:: ,. .aff as f W, - .W . - - H "" -,,:,.4f:,: - M ' ""' V -fs? . vfwz- sva.,W:.: 1...a-yea. 12 .- a COLIN ANDERSON Joe KEENER After bowing to Tennessee 59-57 in a home game, the Techmen played host to the LSU Tigers on January 26. The Tigers maintained a slight lead throughout the first half until Colin Anderson began to ind the basket and, by the inter- mission whistle, had evened the score at 26-all. After re- sumption of play Jim Nolan broke a three-minute deadlock to put the Jackets out infront. However the grueling pace and lack of substitutes proved too much for the sprint-weary Engineers who dropped the decision 54-46. In a tight defensive contest the following Friday the Tech quintet was defeated by the Auburn Tigers 38-31. Melvin Dold copped high scoring laurels with 9 points. Once again the lack of substitutes was instrumental in the Jackets' defeat. On Saturday night the Techsters were unable to maintain their early lead as the Tide of Alabama surged to a three-point margin at the half and opened up in the second half to subdue the men from the flats 44-31. Colin Anderson was high scorer ' as his 15 markers was only one less than the combined total of his teammates. Finally emerging from the doldrums, the Tech hoopsters administered a hearty shellacking to their arch-rivals from Athenstown to the tune of 68-58. Against Schloss, another Tech? Joe Keener Starts a play against Havill U51 of Georgia. 9 gym gyEgQx9i, sg. - ..:Qp,ga.,5e,:,Wieaa, 5 -H ex --w we N - aw va. an ,. we - K ' xsfflf X XT U: .a - ' -Q ' -4 -eff ' '01- . lf? Q ' I N Q ,V fi' 'K f 4 , Q ag: - 2 .1 In-QE-:5j'I' .J',..,, .fJsf2.-xvl s'-N, x f' 4 7' Veta MW- .i.... f-se .- sw , ef jets-a -"' . XM Jfgresqaafiiiz-54:54 f wig, Wifi 4- Q 4- W , ' Q A :aaa Q, 'f , f 1 + -N .A ,. - f,,.. aa. ""' . " .. - 1 Y - ---- F. .- gg. f: -3 . -1.-Wait.. 1 'f 'Sf' ' N A 4 ' ,:f:s.1.,:'si,, ' ,g -fig ' . I MHLVIN Dorn MICKEY SERMERSHEIIVI six-foot-eight giant, Nolan was able to realize only ten points, but the Jackets exhibited skilled ball handling and speed in wresting a three-point half-time lead from the Bulldogs. The men of the Gold and White had little trouble in increasing the margin to ten points in the last half. After dropping their second decision to Tennessee 49-46, the Tech hoopsters returned to plague the Tulane Greenies all the way in a tense 58-5 5 game. Nolan and Anderson led the charge that matched the Wave's score point for point until the final minute of play. In the second game of their annual three-game series, the Jackets clipped Georgia 73-64 to give Tech, Georgia, and Vanderbilt each a third interest in the SEC cellar. Even though Coach McArthur's men were in low position now, they proved in this game and in the subsequent Florida skirmish, which they took 65-42, that they were a revitalized team making a bid for first division standing. Mel Dold,s 19-point high score and Jim Nolan's smooth capers under both goals stood as the highlights of the Bulldog encounter. Tech's only contest with the Duke Blue Devils ended in a 60-55 loss for the game Yellow Jacket five, after standing at Z5-25 with three minutes remaining in the first half. Close V Colin Anderson smashes through the LSU defense set up. HENRY SCHOENING JIMMY STEWART officiating and the pressure of play without suflicient reserves led to the Engineers' 13th loss in 20 starts. Jim Nolan led all scorers with 19 points in the final Tech- Bulldog fray as the scrappy Techsters bowed in the third of the series, 65-58. Mel Dold's 11 was next best for the Jackets. However, the play of the McArthur hoopsters could not by- pass the interceptions of little Joe Jordan and the stellar per- formances turned in by Bulldogs Earl Davis and Bob Healey. Dropping a hard-fought decision to Kentucky despite the dazzling 30 points racked up by Nolan, the permanent five of the flats moved on to trim Auburn 50-43 and Florida 63-55 in the Hnal games of the season prior to the SEC tournament at Louisville March 5 and 6. The first opponent for the unseeded Jackets in the tourna- Tech's lanky center, Jim Nolan breaks up an Auburn play by Langford 141 ment proved to be the Crimson Tide of Alabama to whom the local lads had previously fallen in seasonal play. The Tide entered the contest with a season's record of 8-8, While the Jackets had dropped 10 of 16. However, the "dark horsesv established their first upset of the week by taking the tilt 46-34 under the 25-point barrage set up by big Jim Nolan, Early drive and good defense in the Waning minutes were rewarded by a 60-57 nod for the Techmen as they eliminated Red Schoening grabs a rebound from the surprised Tennesseans. HERB BERGMAN PAUL GODWIN BILL Joi-1NsoN the neighboring men from Athens from competition. Again Nolan led the scoring with 20 points and Anderson dropped in 18. Two earlier season setbacks at the hands of Tulane were avenged as Coach Roy McArthur's "full-time five" trimmed the knee pads from second-seeded Tulane 50-40. Nolan col- lected 15 points as Dold and Sermersheim each made 11. With the surprising array of upsets by five men who played virtually without relief-Nolan, Anderson, Keener, Dold, and Sermersheim-Coach Roy ushered his boys into the finals against the four-times-champions, Coach Baron Rupp's Ken- tucky Wildcats. And Tech came within five minutes of walking off with the SEC title for the first time since 1938. All-Americans Beard, Groza, and Rollins were forced to fight hard to keep defeat away from their door as the score stood 43-42 for the Wildcats in the waning minutes of the game. Tech's scrappy quintet was giving the Wildcats their closest tilt in tournament history, only to be overcome by a new surge of Kentucky substitutions. The Lexington men managed to pull away to a final score of 54-43 but only the highest of cornmendations can be made for Coach Roy Mc- Arthur's men. Jim Nolan's stellar play won for him the unanimous choice as the pivot man on the all-SEC team. One of the most impressive features of the Jackets' late season comeback was the performance of Tech's rookie trio -Dold, Sermersheim, and Keener-who in being matched against the best court veterans of the SEC consistently played equally good or superior basketball. That the Techmen were hurt considerably by the pre-season injury of Captain Herbie Bergman was obvious. In addition to being one of the best defensive men in the conference Bergman's experience and knowledge of the game would have been a tremendous asset. With the expected return of the entire first-string and a number of reserves, next year's squad may well be expected to make an excellent showing. Mickey Sermersheim eludes Rainey 151 of Georgia. . 1 A, x w 'I Q W HX E 1 1 Q 1 1 f ia, K wi H 1 Q., W ll 33 V W un 1, gl L 3 1, h 'xx A 0' W "W 1 '15A"' Q + 5, , - - 'ff q."-fu-sr M ,. -f 'f .. -3 s05f' Ph ' V-'iff 2 N f : CbY1L-ft. ' - ' .v ..',v'a-me-.TP -, .5 9 Z , Q F' .,'5Q, 'Mgrf - 1 .- I Y Y , 'vgx l.,EV?l.lnik:, I '.:jff'?x-Q -,-'. 'YblnBF"S V! V. - ' , T- T2 -M X K 1' rc ", I S-Q80 ,, -I -, "' W 4-:fx ., , ,,,, ' I I E'--:S L" -, A 'Qin-WI' K ,- , f wt 'A '4'g7f1' uff J' f 'fr' -f 1 i1'1+' 2- r Ji"-.!,,-f-' Q, -ff , ,' J I, 5 I - 'yi'-dl: 2 . :fi-'27 , , .-- 11131 -if xiii' v . ,Su 2315- 45-'17 ' f f ' ,V ' - ' f f f gn , 1, ' 5 51, 1131.54 " I ' 5 .1-1:3 "ff" , I XA Q. If 13, ,c . 9 :oe Q , A ,, V "' f - 3 l 4 -171 X- '1-.? sl' " ' f f W . N X A .ug ' 4, L . -Q 1 ' 1 , Y V ' .I- YN . r .1 . M A m1 1 . V5 n A 7 Y 1 m lg , 1 , , 3 Inf s J 1 iz I ij I vi I 341 a! Ull THE Dllllllllllll COACHES 1-IYDER AND PITTARD ,.,.M,ymr2Z4 si ,, P"' CAPTAIN I'IENRY KALB OW LEFT TO RIGHT: C f d K l , Broward Billy Jordan, Smith, Hudson, Nolan. . . SECOND Tig-w?gAchibenin'g, Thompson, Lecnar:wB3idiatte? ghaw, Jennings, Bostwick .... THIRD ROW: Lankford Standard McMilIin, Kalb, Robert Jordan, Hook. 2 THE 1947 SEASON Tech 8 - South Georgia Teachers Tech 8 - Vanderbilt .... Tech 6 - Vanderbilt . Tech 6 - Georgia . Tech 2 - Georgia . Tech 4 - Auburn . Tech 4 - Auburn . Tech 8 - Vanderbilt . Tech 5 - Vanderbilt . Tech . 12 - Auburn . Tech . 14 - Auburn . Tech . 8 -- Georgia . . 7 Tech . . 18 - Georgia . - 5 Entering into conference competition after an absence of four years, the Georgia Tech baseball nine gave a good account of itself during the 1947 season. Under Coaches Joe Pittard and "Whack" Hyder, the Jack- ets emerged victorious in seven of thirteen scheduled tilts. Opening the season at Rose Bowl Field in Atlanta, the Jackets flipped A 39 394 l i r urn, .---- .-,----.-------- -- - Q- --- l a fighting Georgia Teachers College team by a score of 8-Z. The Teach- ers started off fast by scoring 3 runs in their half of the first inning and held the lead until the fifth inning when Catcher Walt Crawford of A Tech connected for a four-bagger . with two mates aboard to tie up the tilt. Then the game see-sawed back and forth until the seventh inning when Jack Kaley dropped a Texas leaguer into short center scoring Leonard and Crawford for the victory margin. Schoening led the Jacket hitting attack with four bingles in five attempts. The next two games found the Tech team journeying to Nashville to engage a strong Vanderbilt nine. In the first game the Commodores took 10-8 victory. The Techsters seemed unable to come through in the clinch as they left nine men stranded on the bags as compared to HENRY SCHOENING JOHN LANKFORD only three for Vandy. Bunching their hits in a big four- run second inning, the Commodores went on to maintain their lead throughout the game. The second game was a fight from start to finish with the Jackets finally coming out victorious after eleven innings by a score of 6-5. The Techsters drew first blood in the second inning by scoring three runs on three hits, one of themla home run by Hank Lankford. The Jackets tallied once again in the fourth by virtue of Lankford's second round tripper of the day. The Jack Kaley rounds third in the Georgia game. Henry Kalb lays one down. -'ff-G " ' Commodores scored a single run in the second, fifth, seventh, and tied it up by pushing across one in the last half of the ninth. In the first half , of the eleventh the Jackets connect- ed for three hits and two runs and the Vandy nine, with two men out, pushed one run across, but fell short of the other as Peter Leonard, playing superb ball at third base, made a beautiful throw to retire the side. Traveling to Athens on the following Friday, the Techmen with Henry Kalb on the mound took a 6-4 victory with Kalb allowing ten hits to gain his second win, Playing host the following day to the Bulldogs, the Jacket nine was held to two runs by masterful southpaw Dick Miles, as the boys in the Red and Black racked up eleven runs off Dick McMillin. Chub Jenkins was the big man with the bat for Georgia as he slammed out two triples. In a two-game set down Auburn way the following Monday and Tues- day, the Jackets outhit the Tigers 12-9 but still came out on the losing end of an 8-4 decision the first day. And again on Tuesday Auburn held Top: ART JENNINGS Middle: LEWIS HOOK Bottom: ROBERT JORDAN DICK MCMILLIN A John Lankferd connects for a long double io right center. 396 -ua ...VG,?:f.Eg?1' ,cevaaf-Eg? ""f12Q55C-f.."7HN41 -igrife-?-affe'5mr..'i1aza.,:w,...aQ-1-,.q1wf:...s:-. both ends of the rope to skip over the Recks 17-4. When Tech played host to the Vanderbilt Commodores on May 23, the Nashville boys knocked out five runs in the first half of the third inning battle-royal, only to see the Yellow Jackets buzz back in the second half of the same frame to take a 7-5 lead. Lucian Burdette received credit for the Tech Win at a final count of 10-5. In the return engagement the next day, cloudy skies and thunder- showers gave the nod to the Commodores, as Jim Stephens held the Techmen to 7 hits and gained an easy victory. When the Auburn Tigers journeyed to Atlanta on Mon- day, Captain Henry Kalb put the quietus on the play by holding the visitors to two runs from six hits. The rest of the Jackets were buzzing for 14 runs from 15 blows, while Rabbit Jordan belted three in four trips to the plate. Willard Nixon scored his eighth victory for the Tigers in the return engagement on Tuesday to give the Tigers their third victory over the Jackets. Henry Schoening follows a high one across. Y John Lankford ready to clout an extra-base blow. . ,nh "' Q' ,, -'5n.el,' ' ' , ,, I U- N. A gp, .4aA A E -5- , ,-W, . - , - e. ,mv .Wag , - "Rabbit" Jordan passes up a low one. - LUCIAN BURDETTE j. B. THOMPSON iT BILL BOSTWICK CLYDE STANDARD JIM STILL Henry Schozning takes a low one at 'first for the out. When Tech played host to the visiting Georgia Bulldogs on May 30, the Georgians trailed by one run in the first half of the ninth and staged a rally that appeared a poten- tial win for the Athens nine. A throw to second by Pitcher Kalb picked Jordan off second and killed the threat. Schoe- ning and Rabbit Jordan led the Jacket batting attack with three base knocks apiece. Tech took the nod at 8-7. The following day the Jackets took the game by a score of 18-5. Dick McMil1in took pitching honors, while Schoening collected 4 hits for 6 trips. Lankford's three- run homer over the left field fence took the spotlight in the opening frame. A glance at the season's records shows that the Auburn Tigers were the only combination to gain the edge over the Yellow Jackets as they walked off with a 3-1 lead in games. On the other hand, Coach Pittard's boys took three of the four tilts with the Georgia boys and split a decision in sets with Nashville's Commodores to maintain a .500 average for the '47 conference season. TRACK SQSL an at , , 5 li . ' 'WW' Fmsr Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coons, num, Lansing, Cady, Queen, Corridan .... sEcoND. ROW: , , 1' Turner, Ormand, Branson, Stowers, Anderson, Bailey .... THIRD ROW: Flemming, Bergman, Forward, . , .,7X. Nolan, Renshaw, Smith, Fowlkes. ,,, QE? W if 1947 TRACK SEASON Tech 68-2X3 ' ....,.. Florida 57-173 Tech 64-1,12 . . North Carolina 66-1X2 Tech 8 1 . . .... Tulane 45 Tech 114 . . . Georgia 1 2 Tech 78-ZX3 . . Duke 53-1X3 Tech 72 . . Auburn 54 ON MARCH 1, Coach Norris Dean's thinclads made their debut for the 1947 track season by journeying to Chapel Hill, N. C. for the Southern Indoor Invitational Meet. In this first display of their speed and strength the Yellow Jackets vied with the favored Tarheels of North Carolina for first place honors, pushing them hard all the Way. Finally the Techsters were forced to be satisfied with second place in the meet, the Chapel Hillmen claim- ing first honors. In the Invitationals, Buddy Fowlkes sparked the Tech point attack by sprint- ing and jumping his Way to the majority of the markers attained by the men from the Flats, his 14M count being the high individual score of the meet. Kept from the pits prior to the meet because of an ankle injury, Buddy sped his way up to the takeoff board and broad-jumped his Way to the meet record, 22 feet, 10M inches. His other points came with his first place in the 60-yard dash, close second in the 70-yard low hurdles, and his position as anchor man on the Jackets' winning mile relay team. Billy Queen took a close second in the 100, while Jack Corridan came in with a close third in the mile run. TOP: Captain Cady. I BOTTOM: Coaches Dean and Plaxlco look over their 47 thlnclads. -:fm-w-4-A-P-1-he iznii--wwagwrifcesmn-gvewngwgggmnz H-T 9-mi-f-n-ffegg-4312-n f-s-angers....,-:,- ., .v-,,,,,,..,,..,,,,.A,..- .,,:,,,,,,.,,3,,, ,.,,,,,,,:S,,,,,q1,,.,,:-J L .4 ,K wt W WW 4 -v V . - -A--.-. A A -nn 'ff .. -V -1-T-Isl --1. V .1 . , .l Q:rwnsnvw:?.c X ., V -- 400 l il In the first regularly scheduled Southeastern Conference meet, Coaches Dean and Plaxico ushered their Wards down to the Warmer climes for their engage- ment with the University of Florida in Gainesville. It didn't take long for the gold and White colors to rise to the top, as once again long-legged Buddy Fowlkes stretched his Way to amass 18 points as his day's share of the Techmen,s 68-2f3 markers, by running off with three firsts in the 100, 220, and low hurdles, and a second in broad jump-an impressive afternoon's performance. Tommy Coons took second in points for the thinclads as he high-hurdled his way to first place honors and followed hot upon the heels of Fowlkes in claiming a second in the low hurdles. Bob Renshaw dashed his Way to a Win in the 880 with a blistering 2:2. "Spider Jim" Nolan heaved his trusty javelin a cool 198 feet 5 inches to annex the first of his Wins for the '47 season, While muscular Herbie Bergman tossed the shot to second place in his first taste of action, after practicing With the iron ball for only two Weeks. When the Tarheels visited the Flats on April 12 for their second meeting of the year, advance publicity placed the two squads pretty much on a par. But the Way the Carolinians had it figured, they would win by three points, this prediction being based primarily on the ability of former Tech star Bob Seligman, Chuck Simmons, Jim Miller, and Jack Milne. The final point tabulation proved this confidence shy by only one point, as North Carolina stood just ahead of the Techsters, 662 to 642. GEORGE BAILEY Lansing Forward, and Anderson lead the Tech thinclads through the back stretch. 401 FRANK LEITNER BUDDY FOWLKES TOMMY CooNs Bon RENSHAXV sf gif . ' . ,, X .35,Vf5:.giffmf,ewy,qygvs ga X X , wa-g. ,, N 'aff - 4 Mime X X are YT Mya . f s sf .r A ,f-.-AZ, 2.5, fa, .fs H . ,, .Q ve , , , .,,, ,,..,.q..,, . .n,.,, -.:., ,M g 'l I , ,fre WNz24m'rssw,.-'f-0ffwwsv X ,l 1- .,., 4 , , J wyv gs . 1, -"' ,rf :wars gs S22 99-'i.5f,.?,f yy ,fzwf 2- Q. -My fsfffxme-.fif-ff?-4" afar -ww f 4 Mp 1 ,Z 5.1m W ,, we--.M aww tri af. Ml M WW - ' 'fff J -, A.w"1c-sift S-:f?WiL34J.M at Y :fff,':,:' fr,4e .sg ,nff.q',,my,kyrsazasvmy 2 ,A . , t ivy . f, W ,f 1 ge I 3 Mig., ' ,a,, ' . N ' ,litters Flemming, Forward, and Coons take the first hugh hurdle in the Georgia encounter. Buddy Fowlkes continued to establish his monopoly on high individual scores as he accumulated his solid 14 markers. Bob Renshaw opened up his sprint in the back stretch for a :S9.1 mile. George Bailey, another of Tech's stellar freshmen, walked off with the 100 and 220 dashes and ran as anchor man in the Jackets' Winning mile relay quartet. Starring for N.C. were Bob Seligman, who took first in both discus and the shotg Chuck Simmons, with his 14.6- second high hurdles sprint, and speedy Jim Miller and Jack Milne. Against the Green Wave of Tulane it was another matter, as the Jackets surged through the Greenies to the tune of 81-45. With an almost record- breaking heave of 48 feet 7M inches, Herbie Bergman stepped up to take the honors in the shot put. By this time he had been acquainted with the shot only about a month. Big Jim Nolan started throwing everything all over the iield and came awayifirst in both discus and the javelin, third in shot. And of the tearn's total of 81 markers, Nolan and Fowlkes each collected 11 credits. Ten of Fowlkes' well-earned scores were for the 100, in which he barely edged out teammate Bailey, and the low hurdles, in which he set a new Tech record with a sizzling 24.3 seconds. Bailey ran off with the 2205 Don Cady, with the 4405 Ed Forward, the high hurdles, and Bob Renshaw, the 880. Bill Reiser vaulted right up into first place. On April 26, Coach "Spec', Towns ushered his terribly understaffed squad of Georgia Bulldogs onto 'Grant Field for what definitely proved to be the George Bailey and Buddy Fowlkes cut the tape in a dead heat in the North Carolina IOO- yard dash. 2 L 'iff X ' M QU ' -' Z ' V V9 f T 'Tl' QN f'f-MJVV5-'izfifir' 'Eir e hfiff faZf'Z'.:9f 4w4Q.ff. I Jack Corridan skims the bar at 5' llV1" in the Tulane meet Coach Dean uses the wooden takeoff blocks to improve Buddy Fowlkes' sprinting form. AL LANSING slaughter of the year. The small aggregation of 12 or 15 not-too-confident Athens thinclads managed to hold their own in the early events by capturing first in high jump, second in broad jump, and third in the pole vault. But their tiredness began to show as the meet dragged on, as Bergman took over with a 47 foot, 1 inch toss of the shot, Nolan placing an easy second. The weight men reversed their positions on the discus, with Spider Jim taking first and Herbie second. In Jim's third try with the tossing, he watched his javelin sail through the air for a cool 200 feet, 1016 inches, just 3 feet, 12 inches short of the Tech record. Bowen's throw was a safe second. By the time the cinders were dusted off for the running events the Georgia representatives were able to enter only one man in any single event, and in the mile relay and low hurdles they didnit even bother to compete. Without even using the men who comprised his mile relay team, Coach Dean proudly watched his wards take -the first three places in the 440, 880, and the dashes. Billy Queen sprinted off with the 1005- A1 Weigel copped the blue ribbon of the 200, Bobby Anderson dashed around the 440 with the honors, and Joe Turner breezed off with the half mile. Jack Corridan took the mile run with the better than usual time of 4:33.25 and then he moved on to take the 2-mile run, with Dave Durst following him in for a close second. In the mile relay, for which Coach Dean had saved his four flashy com- ponents Fowlkes, Bailey, Cady, and Stowers the boys made a valiant effort to break the school record of 3:23.2. Even though Coach Towns declined to enter a team, the Techsters spurred themselves on without competition, only to fall short of their mark by a scant 0.4 seconds. And Tech's illustrious cindermen strolled from the field with a comfortable 114-12 victory under their spikes. The next week Coaches Dean and Plaxico ushered their boys up Durham way to take on the Duke Blue Devils in an effort to secure their third SEC victory in as many tries. Their ambitions were realized by a 25-point margin. And it was the same old story for one Buddy Fowlkes, who once again nonchalantly pulled down the individual high score with his bountiful 16 markers: first in the 220 and low hurdles, second in broad jump and the 100- yard dash. Nolan and Bergman claimed their titles in the javelin and shot, respectively. K For the Blue Devils it was Roger Neighborgall, ,rated as one of the best distance men in the nation, who won both the quarter and the half mile and ran anchor position on the Duke mile relay squad. The final score of the encounter, Tech 78-2f5, Duke 53-113. In the Hnal contest of the season prior to the SEC Meet, the Yellow Jackets traveled to Auburn to trim the Plainsmen 72-54 and to complete their Con- ference competition undefeated. Fowlkes hogged the 100, 220, and the low 403 Anderson, Sfowers and Cady break for the lead against North Carolina. ' ' --. Ir .. Y.E'iw:.1 ' ' s mfr '- "'.":-' L ., '-'lk'-f D' ' 5.4': ---3.a.f3"5fP.'-... ,Q , . jg! .egg ,.. - . A f . -r.-......- Don Cady cuts the tape to take the 440 honors from the Greenies of Tulane. Coach's "best weight man," Herbie Bergman, winds up with the shot. TOP: Lansing, Cady, Anderson, and Stowers run through sprint drills prior to the LSU MIDDLE. And ws and polka, again!! hurdles for 15 counters. Nolan took the javelin and discus, Bergman shoved BOTTOM: Ballelf b'l"95 homie the balm' in the shot 48 feet, SV inches for firstg Cady dashed off with the ta e in the 440. the North Carolina mule relay, 4 P Auburnis Captain Fred Carley showed the form that won him the '46 mile and half-mile championships, by breaking the tape in both events. As the Gold-and-White banner floated over to Birmingham for the South- eastern Conference Meet, there were much talk and high aspirations that the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets might nose out the highly flouted cindermen of Coach Bernie Moore's LSU Tigers. Of the 15 years during which these Con- ference Meets had been held, the Tigers had managed to walk off with the trophy 12 times, the Yellow Jackets and the Bulldogs being the only two other winners of the coveted cup. But such was just not quite in the books this year, even with the consistently impressive individual high score of 18 for one Buddy Fowlkes, who took three firsts in the 100, 220, and low hurdles, and a third in the broad jump. With this grand accumulation Fowlkes established an official Conference Meet Record, the title having been held previously by LSU's Billy Brown, whose 17 points were won in 1941. Herbie Bergman came in a close second to George Hills, of Florida, and formerly of Tech, in the shot put. Nolan was runner-up in the javelin throw. The surprise of the meet was pulled by Dave Durst, '46 team captain. Unable to get under the ten-minute mark all during the season in his 2-mile run, he ran in a 9.59, to capture third place. LSU's total points for the meet numbered 5221, as Tech was barely nosed out with a 5-point-shy 47. Renshaw comes home first in the 880 with a time of I:59. r 5? Wf iii ' f S 1 -' " if 1 E. .QQ M Q fa " 'V-f ' rw f .' .sic ' -' xx X X A V 'Q ak Q . 5. ,Y ...- ' " X' X : :SXNES Xxxkxy N 9 XS-NX N-'Q 'xffia X xiii 'xx S , rl' A VI ,S W-' nkwyg Z am W, ff vb Kal! fx X, fkffilfl .' K ,Q Y ' ' IWQ rl? ,I dnt -Zi- F lon WRT COACH FREDDIE LANOUE WHEN COACH FREDDIE LANOUE and Herb McAuley carried their '47 SEC champs to Knoxville on January 17 for the season's opener with the Tennessee Volunteers, they met with gratifying successg the Tech tankmen took the Vols S0-22 and in so doing established new pool records in three events. Johnny Chapman hammered 28.2 seconds from Tennessee's 220-yard freestyle 2:58.2. The 400-yard freestyle title went to Avery, Chapman, Flowers, and Hiles, who swam the relay in 3:42.3. In addition to participating in Tech's record-breaking' relay, Johnny Hiles, Tech's Olympic threat and holder of Tech records in the 220 and the half mile, took the 440 freestyle from the Volunteers in S:S2.7. In the outstanding dual meet of the season, the gold-and-whites were forced to strike their hardest to take the honors from the North Carolina State Wolfpack, but N. C. State's Bill Kelly and Bill Ward led the Carolinians to a 44-21 victory, despite the events taken by Brant- ley, Hiles, and Flowers. In the Georgia meet, it was the final 400-yard relay, in which joe Topp churned from behind to give anchor man Hiles the lead, that decided the score in favor of the Tech tankmen. Towles, Flowers, Chapman, and Grifhn were other starring swimmers in this meet. Johnny Chapman swam the thriller of the afternoon when he defeated Stock in the 400-yard relay, helping his teammates take the meet with a decisive 48-27. Tech's defending SEAAU champs had to be content with third place in the ,48 meet, held in the Tech gym, when the ASA squad and the swimmers from Miami walked off with S4 and 40 points, re- spectively. One of the most enlightening showings was made by Jacket freshman -Michaells, who took the S0 and a hairbreadth second in the 100. 7 Not the least of the events going to the Tech tankmen in the seventh annual SEC contest was the A300-yard medley relay star- ring Flowers, Towles, and Topp, who gratified Coaches Lanoue and McAuley with a new meet record of 3:08.8. 406 BOTTOM ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Gill, George Kirk, Jim Williford, Dick Avery, Joe Topp, Johnny Chapman, Hugo Scheuer.V'. . . SECOND' ROW: Joe Hickey, Tommy Towles, Frank Muschamp, Johnny Hiles, Bill Crutcher, Bill Hirschberg, Bert Edleson .... THIRD ROW: Herb McAuley iAssistant Coachi, Fred Curlin, Charlie Flowers iCaptaini, Ole Knutson, Phil Malonson, Coach Freddie Lanoue. THE 1948 SWIMMING SEASON Tech 50 . V. . , I ......... . Tennessee 22 Tech 21 . . N. C. State 44 Tech 38 . . Duke 37 Tech 38 , . . , Florida 36 Tech 13 . . North Carolina 62 Tech 47 . . . Georgia 28 Tech 31 . , Florida 44 S.E.A.A.U. MEET ASA 54 . . Miami 40 . . Tech 24 S.E.C. MEET Tech 60 . . Florida 54 , 3 Georgia 38 . . iL.S.U. 12 Vanderbilt 4 The water flies as Charlie Flowers hits the water in a racing back stroke. Taking advantage of a high spring, George Kirk levels off into a swan. Tommy Towles gasps through his last stroke in the Florida Meet. 407 COACH BORTELL LEFT TO RlGl-iT, STANDING: Fowler, Owens, Collier, Graham .... KNEELINGZ Johnson, Durrett, Adams, Warsaw. 1947 SEASON Tech 2 . . . Tulane 7 Tech 1 . ..., Miami 8 Tech 8 . . Western Michigan 1 Tech 6 . . . . Davidson 3 Tech 7 . . Duke 2 Tech 9 . . Emory O Tech 9 , Sewanee 0 Tech S . Auburn 1 Tech 5 . . Vanderbilt 4 Tech 9 . .,.. Emory 0 Tech 6 . Mississippi State 0 WHEN CoAcH E. E. BORTELL escorted his 1947 netmen down to New Orleans for the opener with Tulane on April 4, he was carrying the boys up against a combine that boasted some of the best material in the country. The Techrnen fell to the Greenies by a score of 7-2, the only two gold-and-white scores ED ADAMS N The number one doubles combination of Adams and Fowler congratulate Owens and Collier. Q - f in :N ik . ii Jil I Q? A X , ,L .,1:,1 , Z.. 408 ii V V 7777774717771 Y Yi LEFT TO RIGHT: Johnson, Fowler, Owens, Collier and Adams charge the net. emanating from Reed Brown's victory in the number 6 slot and that of doubles partners Fowler and Adams in the second doubles match. The-very next day, on the same site, Miami followed Tulan-e's cue, and Tech's '46 SEC champs went down 8-1. Brown and Niles Millsap took credit for the single match, by taking the number 3 doubles from the Hurricanes. With renewed vigor and determination they met the Western Michigan squad on home courts April 9 and snapped out of the slump with an 8-1 decision. The playoffs ran like clockwork, all matches ending with two sets, except for the key positions, which Carl Maddox was forced to take in 6-2, 2-6, 6-4. Journeying to North Carolina for me-ets with Davidson and Duke on succes- sive days, the Techsters awoke from their early seasonal slumber to go all the way to take the matches 6-3, 7-2. Three singles matches proved to be the dif- ference in the Davidson encounter. The hapless Emory Aces netmen fell 9-0 in the third meeting in a row, dur- ing the past two seasons, in which the Emory boys have been taken 9-0 by the Techsters. Three days later, in th-e inaugurating play on their spanking new courts, the Tech netmen took Sewanee by the same 9-0 score. Techis sole loss in the April 26 match with Auburn, played on Tiger courts, Came in the number 4 singles, as the Jackets moved out to take the Plainsmen 5-1. And in the iinal match of the season prior to the Conference Tournament Coach Bortell's wards nosed out Vanderbilt's swatters, paced by the exemplary play of John Hyden, 5-4. . On the threshold of the S.E.C. meet the Georgia Tech Tennis Squad stood with a season's record of 6 wins against 2 losses, the latter being incurred at the outset of the playoff. Individual records showed Maddox holding up 5 wins to 3 losses, Fowler split 4-43 Adams and Collier each claimed a healthy 6-2. The racqueteers from the Flats were just not quite up to takingthe Greenie swatters in the Conference Meet, as the New Orleans squad emerged from the regional playoff as the '47 SEC Champions, barely nosing out the local boys, but showing great strength in the semi-finals and finals. Tech's only men to reach the semi-finals were Maddox and Collier, teamed as a doubles combination. In the singles division, Maddox and Fowler each rose to the quarter finals. Back in Atlanta after the sectional playoff, the gold-and-white rubber shoe boys took the Emory Aces 9-0, on Emory courts. Carl Maddox, in the key posi- tion for the Jackets, battled down ace Dick McKean, 7-S, 6-0, in the closest match of the afternoon. Fowler downed Wiltshire in short order, 6-1, 6-2, while two-handed Ed Adams cut down Emory's Boyt by identical scores. Collier beat Genz 6-4, 6-2, as Reed Brown claimed a win over Wynn in two 6-2 matches. Maddox and Collier teamed in doubles to trim McKean and Wiltshire 6-2, 6-3. Fowler and Adams clipped Boyt and Genz 6-0, 6-2, The Hnal game of the season was a 6-0 victory for the Jackets over Mississippi State on the home courts, May 15. Dick Collier reaches for one just over the net. Tom Fowler has his backhand down -to perfection. l Maddox and Collier congratulate the Emory doubles team. in 400 -- we 7 wgv?-.. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Treadway, James, Giesler, Hemmingway, Shearer, Oglesby .... SECOND ROW: Miller lAssistant Coachl, Basler iCaptainJ, Cusack, Rhodes, Franklin, Matthews, Coach Osinski. x 1 Tl-IE 1948 WRESTLING RESULTS Tech 35 Tech 17 Tech 18 . , Tech S Tech 6 Tech 29 Tech 19 . . Tech 0 A Tech 0 Tech 31 . Tech 17 7 TOP: Coaches Osinski and Miller talk it over. BOTTOM: Captain Hosea Batten, just before stepping onto the mat against Vanderbilt. Lamar Oglesby strains to pin Dick George in a pre-match workout. Vanderbilt Maryville Chattanooga . Auburn . Duke . Georgia Chattanooga . . V.M.I. . Auburn Vanderbilt . Maryville 3 17 14 35 26 5 11 32 38 3 10 'filjg f . - 4.....,G,. . T" -.,-,. l,T'I'7 iiiffd' 'W' i """""HW"""" ""'3jT-'iii' 1' ' " """""'y 1 fe- frfafzi e"4fn'fr'a, ' ifframfrf lL if lL HU li U21 ll U THE 1947 SEASON Tech 40 . ...... , U. of North Carolina 18 Tech 20 . ...,, Florida 40 Tech 30 . . Duke 30 Tech 15 . . Emory 8 Tech 28 . . Tennessee 29 Tech 28 . Auburn 28 Tech 15 .................,. Georgia 49 TECH,S I-IARRIER SQUAD of 1947 brought a very successful season to a gratifying close by running off with the Southeastern Conference Championship over the Georgia Tech course on November 27. What the team lacked in brilliance was compensated for when the Techsters surpassed all the squads of the past in sheer determination and spirit. Following up theirvlosses to North Carolina and Duke, the boys rose to defeat Florida, Emory, Tennessee, and Georgia and to tie Auburn. This entire pro- gression of play was a rather unusual occurrence in the diary o-f a cross country team. Entering the Conference competition with only an even chance of win- ning, the Techmen surpassed the fondest expectations of all and finished the meet 22 points richer than its closest rival, Tennessee. Outstanding runner of the season was Smith, freshman Mercury Man who set a Georgia Tech record of 16 minutes 45 seconds. Jack Corridan and Dave Durst again strengthened the team by their individual stellar performances, while Renshaw, Hunt, Breedlove, and Branson left their indelible marks on the Cross Country Team of Georgia Tech. TOP: Coach George C. Griffin. BOTTOM: Captain Jack Corridan-from classes to the workout FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dahm, Kendrick, Breedlove, Girrard .... SECOND ROW: Turner, Wenn, Huff, Strickland, Daniel, Hunter .... THIRD ROW: Mosback, Durst, Corridan, Branson, Smith, Gunn, Renshaw, Ghormley. 411 TOP: Coaches Welser and Neiger discuss a future exhibition with Captain Dick Gunter. CENTER: Neal Rothfuss breaks over on the horizontal bar. BOTTOM: Trampoline artist Fisher shows form aplenty. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Watkins, Fisher, Rothfuss, Gunter, King, Trevino, Wolf .... SECOND ROW: Peterson, Sparks, Attaway, Johnson, Holton, Harwell, Anderson, Downs, Zerega .... THIRD ROW: Neiger lAssistant Coachl, Hancock, Clemons, Miller, Becker, Zell, Goodman, Garner, Birdsong. . . . FOURTH ROW: Stewart, Douglas, Porter Pitman, McManus, Hardin, Norris, Newton, Welser lCoachJ , . . FIFTH ROW: Moody, Pippen, Wadewitz, Hoffman, Putter. IN THE comparatively short time during which Coach Lyle Welser has been instructing the Tech Gym team, he has, with the aid of assistant coach Warren Neiger, formed a group of polished artists. Since gymnastics are not practiced to any great degree in the South, the coaches have been meeting considerable difficulty in finding competition for their wards. However, by means of exhibitions at many of the neighboring colleges and YMCA's, as well as the home exhibitions in the Tech gym, considerable interest has been created in the potentialities of competing teams from nearby schools. The foremost of Tech's presentations this year was the Second Annual Home Exhibition in the Tech Gym April 24, in which a complete and entertaining program unfolded before over S00 enthralled spectators. With twenty-four of the old men back from last year's team, which featured the tumbling of Eddie Kopp, bar work of L. B. Spratlin, and Steve Varga, captain, this year's squad was present in full force for the exhibition to present their tiger leaping, wand drills, Morris dance, Indian club swing, lighted torches, pyramids, and acro- batics. The uncanny balancing, handstands, and hand walking displayed by Tom King on the parallel bars drew a hushed silence interspersed with bursts of applause from the audience. Team Captain Dick Gunter soared through the air on the rings with the grace of a swan, only to come down for his amazing feats of strength in hand-to-hand balancing. The twisting and turning of 412 Packing them close on the parallel bar. - lil rms l ly 1' lliw lj-1 McAuley, Hardin, and Fisher on the trampoline always seemed to leave their audiences with the question, "What an did they just do, and how. Fred Wolf's rope climb in record time and the tumbling of Bob Anderson, who appeared in practically every group 1 performance, drew attention, only to have clowns Nea Rothfuss and Judy Attaway, dressed and painted for the part, to whirl and cavort in mimicking attempts to dupli- cate all the feats of their teammates. Always a good finishing touch to a gymnastics exhibi- tion by the Tech exponents of exercise is the series of bronze tableaux, presented with varicolored lighting effects and depicting different traditions or aspects of toil, suffer- ing, or accomplishment. In one of the least frequented fields of athletics Coach Lyle Weiser has established a precedent by forming the first gym team in the area surrounding Atlanta, and his untir- ing efforts to see it spread throughout the South have succeeded in convincing many of his audiences that a gym team such as the one he has founded at Tech is something they may well look forward to. ABOVE: Captain Gunter exe- cutes a difficult maneuver on the flying rings. RIGHT: Manuel Trevins dis- plays a Feint Single Rear Dis- mount. , ay,-,N "Aspirations," a study in bronze and brawn. Pyramid perfection. -H3 GORDON CLAY IKE SCOTT TOM GREEN ASHBY TAYLOR GULF TEHIII THE 1947 SEASON Tech 16 2 ...,..,. . Auburn 1 2 Tech 172 . Auburn 2 Tech 13 1 Tennessee S Tech 11 i . Georgia 7 Tech 17 . Emory 1 Tech 15 . Sewanee 3 Tech 16 W . Georgia 1 2 Tech 72 . Sewanee 102 Tech 72 . Kentucky 102 Tech 15 . Kentucky 3 Tech 18 e . I Emory 0 Tech 172 South Carolina 2 Tech 16 . . Tennessee 2 ONE of the most successful golf teams in the history of Georgia Tech was that of the Spring of 1947. The seven-man squad, alternating in the different meets, took 11 of 13 engagements, falling to Sewanee and Kentucky by a score of 102 to 72 in each encounter. I-Iowever, each of these teams was beaten on another occasion in the same season, so that the boys actually suffered a total loss to noone. In addition to the regular season, the entire team, composed of Jim Taylor, Ike Scott QCaptainj, Bill Earthman, Gordon Clay, Tommy Green, Paul Gurley, and D. E. Williams, was entered in the South- eastern Invitation Tournament at Athens. And a team comprised of Taylor, Scott, Earthman, Clay, and Green journeyed to Ann Arbor, Michigan for the National Golf Tournament. In both of these com- petitions the Tech golfers came through in fine form, Ashby Taylor progressing to the quarter finals in each tournament in match play. Under Coach Dennison's supervision the strokers set Auburn, Ten- nessee, Georgia, Emory, and Sewanee in rapid succession, taking two decisions each from Georgia and Auburn, before falling to Sewanee and Kentucky, with identical scores on successive days. A Week later they were back on their feet and taking Kentucky, Emory, South Carolina, and Tennessee for a season's record of 11 wins to 2 losses. 414 9 sr: 1 W, GK f ,X N X ,'5 wi? f f 5455 Q if Fifa . -N314 ,ff , bf ff? AIIVET Mac Shoe Store ....., .,....,.. Adverliren' Abernathy Publishing Co. Adams Cates Co. v,...,.... . American Tire Co. ........ , Armco Drainage ......, Armstrong Bc Co. ..., .. Artist Foxtrot Studios ,,,,. Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Boat Works ....... INDEX TU AD Fish, Inc. .....,.....,.. . Laundries .,.............. .. Sand and Supply ...... Textile Machine ....., Ballard's Optical Co, .....,. - Beaudry, Earnest G. i,...i. Berry Realty Co. ..,... - Big Town Billiards ..,,,, Biltmore Hotel ....,..,.... Biltmore Pharmacy ..,,,, Binder's Gift Shop .... Blue Lantern .........., Born Refrigeration ..r,,, Bullock's ...........,....... Bush, L. R. ....,...,..,,,,,. . Campbell Coal Co. .,.,. . Cannon, Ralph G. ,,..,. Capital Auto Co. .... - Capital Fish Co. .......,. . Carter's Lunch .,............. Chandler Machine Co. ..... . Chapman Realty Co. ........ , Chesterfield Laundries ...... Clinton Industries ......,,..,i Coastal States Insurance ..., . .. Coca-Cola Co. ,........,,.,...,.. - Colonial Stores, Inc. .,...., Conger Printing Co. ....,, , Cotton Patch ,..........,.,.,... Cox Carlton .......................... Cox Music Shop ....,.................. ..., Cunningham Multigraphing ...... .... Dawes, Edgar E. ......,...........,.,.. De jarnette Supply Co. ....... . Dinkler Hotels ............ Dixie-U-Drive It ........... Downing Used Cars ......, Duffies Tavern ......,.,...... Dunlap Insurance Co. ..... . Electric Supply Co. ......., , Foremost Dames ,,......,.....,....., .... Fulton Bag Cotton Mill ,...... .... Fulton Supply Co. ..............,.... General Outdoor Advertising ...... ,,,, Parts Co. ,.,,,..,,.,,..,.,,. Blue Print Co. ,.,..,.,,., L., Motor Club .,,.....,.............. ,,,, Sporting Goods .t.,,,,,.,,, ,,,, Evans Motor Co. ...........,. . Fulton Furniture .......,,.,,.,.,,, Genuine Georgia Georgia Georgia School of Technology Georgia ' Georgia Tech College Inn Golian Steel Sc Iron ....,,.,,,.,,, Gordon Foods .........,....,.., Gordy Tire Co. .,,, . ..,,,,. Graham Co., Frank ......,... Green Buick Co., Hix ..,,, Hallman Brothers ......,.,, . I-Iaverty Furniture ...... I-Ierff-jones ...,.,.,,,.,,,..., Home Builders Plan ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,-,, Homer Lumber Co, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, , Hotel 81 Restaurant Supply Co Huggins Motor Co. ,.....,., ,...,,,.,., , Page 420 450 435 429 440 435 451 433 442 430 444 419 444 443 430 425 448 438 448 438 442 438 420 449 424 427 430 425 419 437 442 422 441 425 448 434 421 427 433 448 429 431 434 435 440 420 432 449 451 445 435 438 423 439 439 429 445 424 436 439 439 440 438 443 423 432 427 428 448 427 437 VERTISERS Advertirerr I-Iurt St Quinn , .,.... r Indian Motorcycle .... ., lava Restaurant .,.. .,.,., Keelin Press ........,,....,...,.., . Kingsport Press .....,............. Lane Brothers Photo News Lanier Piano Co. ....,..,.,....,.., ,,,,,. , Little Margin Shop .,...,....,.. Lovable Brassiere Co. ...,. . Lynn's , ,,.. .....,.. . ....,..,..,...,. , , Mack International Motor .-, Marcus Clothing Co. ,......,.. . Margaret Waite Gift Shop -.. Martin Co., The Glenn L. Mather Brothers Furniture Mayflower Movers .,...,.,,,,..., Merlin Grocery Co, ........,. . Mitchell Motors .........,... Moncrief Furnace Co. Montag's ..,................... Moore's Ice Cream ,,.,.. Nunnally's .....,..,,r.......,.. Owen, Clyde ,,...r.......,,,..,,.., Pacific Mutual Life Ins. ..,. . Pass Body Shop ....,........ Penn Mutual Life Ins. ...... , Purdue 8: Egleston ,..r.,... Pickriclc 2 ......,.........,..... . Piedmont Hotel .................... ,,,. Philadelphia Uniform Co. ..,.... ,... Raymond Concrete Pile Co. ,,.. . 'Reck Grill, The ,-,,,,,,,,,,.,,r,-, Reid, Henry L. ,,,,,,,,.,,,,.,,., , Rhodes Restaurant, Inc. .... . Roberts 81 Co., Inc. ...- Rogers Co., John ..... Royal Cigar Co. Rush Body Co. ........, Rusty's ........, S ....,.,,.,,., Scarratt's Garage, Inc, .... . Schwobilt ,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,.,,., Sewell Clothing Co. Sexton, john .....,... ...-. Simpson Motors ..,.,...,, Slate Athletic, Tom .,..,,,. Southeastern Stages .....,.. Southern Auto Top ........,.. Specialty Distributing Co, ,,,,,,, ,-,-,- - Spratlin, Harrington 8a Co. , Sterchi's .,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,.Vw,,,,,,,, Stevens Engraving ,,,,,,, .,,. , A Stewart Motor Co, .w,,--,,,-,, , Superior Reweavers ...,..,.,,,., Sylvania Electric Products ,.,wA,, W .,,A N Tech Shop .,,.,.,,,,,,,,,,.w,w,,,,, Tennessee Egg Co. ..... . Victory Motors, Inc. Varsity, The ,,,. , ,,,,,,,,., Varsity Barber Shop ,...,.., Walker Roohng Co. Wagstaff Motors ....... wcrsr ,..........,,,,. . ,...,,,,.,,,.,,,, White Cross Hospital ..........,,,,,,,. ,..,.,, Willingham Tift Lumber Co. ,... .. ..,. . Wofford Oil Co. ..,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,,,.,. ,,,-,, W Yancy Brothers Machinery ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Yancy Radio, Inc. ..,..,...,-,.,,,,, ,A,,,, S Yarbrough Motor Co. ...,., . Yellow Jacket Inn .,..... York Billiards .........,. Page 437 445 445 424 434 443 426 442 446 451 447 424 447 447 423 442 429 447 423 444 422 433 417 450 446 434 429 444 447 418 435 437 419 427 422 428 447 424 433 439 450 443 434 428 446 444 432 433 437 430 425 429 427 449 440 446 422 440 425 428 424 432 422 438 432 433 428 420 430 450 432 -f A v A il, 1 v 'H uf u - s .e ' """4L, 1111: P11311 YIDUR HOTEL IN ATLANTA CONVENIENTLY LOCATED 12 AIR CONDITIONED MEETING AND BANQUET ROOMS! S. E. PARROTT A. O. BLAND General Mmzager Resident Manager 450 ROOMS . . . 450 BATHS . . . CIRCULATING ICE WATER CEILING FANS 418 CHAPMAN REALTY H E E H B H I L L CUMPANY FILLING STATION R E A L T O R S FOR SALES - RENTS - LEASES FINE FOODS 71 F Yfh Stn N' W' MA' 1658 N th Avenue across from Gra 'c F Id BALI. HITS L-Z5i5l9e1fL5i1fLg Oloficiang , QQ., o'Icm" WALTER BALI.AHlJ UPTIIIAI. EU. THREE STORES 105 PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING W. W. ORR DOCTORS BUILDING 411 M S ,Q WAN Great masterpieces performed by the world's greatest artists on RCA Victor Red Seal Records THE YANCEY C0., Inc. Atlanta DISTRIBUTORS fl FA -T Al DUNLAP 8: COMPANY INSURANCE SINCE 1895 ATLANTA GEORGIA COMPLIMENTS . . . O E . . . Charles Pram '25 Ernest H. Allernethy Publishing Co., Inc. 75 Third Street, N. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA W H E N .... You Build, Remodel or Repair R E M E M B E R .... CAMPBELL COAL C0. 238 Marietta Street, N. W. FOR ACTION CALL CY. 4747 it LUMBER 'A' MILLWORK -it BUILDING MATERIALS it CURTIS WOODWORK i' CLAY BRICK 'A' CONCRETE BLOCKS 'A' READY MIXED CONCRETE 'A' READY MIXED MORTAR Satisfactory Service for 63 Years COX CARLTUN IIOTEL 0 6 83 PEACHTREE ST. 150 Rooms .... 150 Baths GLENN LAUDERMILK, Mdl1llg6'l' IMPERIAL IIUTEL 0 355 PEACI-ITREE ST., N. E 150 Rooms .... 150 Baths GLENN LAUDERMILK, Mamzger TAJ -MA RO0M .L L COX CARLTON HOTEL O Music by Eleanor Stefz S BLUE RO0M IMPERIAL HOTEL Dancing 8 :30-12 Nightly Except Sunday Music' by Wade C1'C'CljC"l' ami His Trio 21 EST COLUMBIA NETWORK THE GEORGIA TECH STATION 9 2 0 On Your Dial For . . . News and the Rest in Radio Entertainment Rhodes Restaurant "A1'cbi1feczfs of A1'Jpe1fites" Peachtree Street at Rhodes Center Steaks cz S peciazlzfy Air Conditioned We Recommend , . . MORNING GLORY BUTTER TENNESSEE EGG C0., A INC. DISTRIBUTOR WALNUT 6775 189 SPRTNG STREET, S. W. Fashionable Writing ,Papers . . . and . . . Blue Horse Paper School Supplies MONTAG'S ATLANTA ONE OF AMERICA'S FASTEST GROWING LIFE INSURANCE COMPANIES THERE IS AREASUN Agency Opezzilzgs in Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisi- ana, Kentucky, South Carolina Coastal States Life Insurance Company MORTGAGE GUARANTEE BUILDING ATLANTA, GEORGIA HALLMAN BRIITIIERS GENERAL CONTRACTORS 115 7 W. PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. 9 bl Nfp fantuif' Qi 419 S7 in VERNON 6688 ATLANTA, GA. ao 5' Skill, Integrity and Retpomlbillzy ENGINEERS . . . PHYSICISTS . . . MATHEMATICIANS . . . CHEMISTS DESIGNERS . . . AERODYNAMISTS . . . DRAFTSMEN . . . STRESS ANALYSTS Eur uture can .vtart todd . OUR INITIAL start in the engineering lield will aEect your entire future . . .it will shape you and your career, and will determine today your status in this field for years to come. We have a number of excellent positions, principally in research, for the right men. These positions are for career men, capable of working ahead to the top of their profession. We want men who are able to do creative research in unexplored fields-men who have no desire for monotonous, routine work. Consider these important facts: the oldest aircraft manufacturing company in continuous service in the country, and one of the largest. A modern plant, with excellent facilities and equipment. Expert personnel, good working conditions, located in a suburban area.of a centrally located city on the east coast. We are Working on varied types of research. In jet propulsion, guided missiles, supersonic aircraft, electronics, military planes, commer- cial transports, and in several other fields, including materials and alloys, television and plastics. Our huge new'plastics plant has just started in production. If you can keep pace in a strong company noted for its progress, start your future now. Find out the opportunities we can offer. Write, outlining your background, your interests and plans, to Technical Employment Section, The Glenn L. Martin Company, Baltimore 3, Md. C0111tpli11fze1z1fs Of GENERAL 0U'rn00n I ADVERTISING MITCHELL MOTORS, Inc. Your OLDSMOBILE Dealer ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA 350 W. Peachtree St. WA. 5255 UYAL CIEAR BCI. I " The Hoe cm-f ahhh sam" FDRSYTH AT WALTON - ATLANTA, GL CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE CAPITAL AUTOMOBILE C0. ELWYN TOMLINSON, President Azftlo orized Dealer WEST PEACHTREE COpposire Biltmore Horelj The KEELIN PRESS 72 MARIETTA ST., N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA Quality Prinzfirzg, Evzgnzving and Embossing PROGRAMS - INVITATIONS - CARDS COMMERCIAL PRINTING GREETING CARDS ' CYPRESS 5577 WE TOP 'EM ALL CHAS. N. 'WALKER RO0FING C0. 39 YEARS OF BUSINESS INTEGRITY Q CHAS. N. WALKER, JR., V. Pfef. - Eng. 141-3 HOUSTON ST. WA. 5747 Mack-International Motor Truck Corp. TRUCKS BUSSES FIRE APPARATUS 750 Peachtree, N. E. Ar1anta,Ga. WM. R. COSPER, Dm. Mgr. Georgia Sporting Goods and Athletic Equipment, Inc. "Relax with S-1'7O1'fSU 610 WEST PEACHTREE, N. W. ATWOOD 35 93 ATLANTA, GA. 424 Home Fzmzifberf for More Tbmz az Graduate To Half Ce,Z,,,,,, Greater Savings S T E R C Il I 9 S ATLANTA ATHENS DALTON Q MACON ROME ...AT... Rig Star Super Markets Little Star Stores Rogers Stores CHANDLER MACHINERY C0. Machine Tools Metal Working Machinery Air Compressors Electric Motors 120 HOUSTON ST., N. E. ATLANTA, GA. le ll A H S IT Y Every Glass Mecfymzically Washed and Sierilizecl OUR SMALL VARIETY INSURES FRESHNESS . . . CURB SERVICE . . . 425 'Me Wm BALDWI ORG chime! The MAJESTY OF TRADITIONAL ORGAN MUSIC is now available in the New Baldwin Organ at a fraction of its usual cost. After I6 years of research and development, this new electronic marvel is ready for you to see and hear. A truly great instrument, it fully deserves a place beside Todayls Great Piano-the Baldwin. You are cordially invited to see it, hear it, play it. LANIER PIANO COMPANY 64 PRYOR STREET, N. E. ATLANTA GA "Atlantis Oldest Locally Owned PZKIILO Stow 426 OFFICIAL - STANDARD ,f,-.Asa-In 'NY CLASS RING FI? For All Graclnazion Yeaw Write "College Inn, Q3 Care Ga. Tech P. O. XIV' WHY YOU SHOULD HAVE A TECH RING It will mean much to you now, and even more in years to come. A Ga. Tech Ring would be a "symbol of your achievement'-an "emblem of recognition" among Tech Alumni. This college ring on your finger would distinguish you as a "College Man." Manufactured by HERFF-JONES C0. GEORGIA TECH Established 1919 Hotel and Restaurant Supply Company, Inc. Manufacturers mon SERVICE EQUIPMENT Phone WA. 7451 582 W. Peachtree St., N. W. Atlanta, Ga. STEWART MOTORS Eliminate the Doubt in Buying A USED CAR -. SATISFACTHIN GUARANTEED Member of Atlanta and National Used Car Dealers Association and Chevrolet 100 Car Club 14 years 637 SPRING ST., N. E. AT. 3743 After a lengthy examination the doctor told the Tech student that rest was the answer to his ill- ness. "The best thing for you to do," said the doctor solemnly, "is to give up drinking and smok- ing, get up early in the morning and go to bed early at night." The tired student looked up at the man of medi- cine. "Somehow," he said, "I don't deserve the best. What's second best?" Complinzents Of AGEN FROZEN FOODS Dirzribnteri by E CAPITOL FISH C0. 777 WHITEHALL ST., S. W. AM. 4511 COX MUSIC SHOP Next to Paramount Theater Latest in the Hits on RCA VICTOR, COLUMBIA, CAPITOL and DECCA SHEET MUSIC, RECORDINGS RADIOS and REPAIR 161 PEAcHTREE ST. MA. 2578 Henry L. Reid Co. IIO3 PEAcHTEEE ST., N. E. Radio - Frigidaire Appliances - Service Records ' "Atlantis Pioneer Radio Dealer" - Established 1921 - RESIDENCE PLANS - SPECIFICATIONS HOME BUILDEIPS , PLAN SERVICE COMPLETE SERVICE FOR THE HOME BUILDER WA. 0838 22 Marietta St. Bldg. CGrOuncl Floorj "SERVICE YOU WILL LIKE" The Varsity Barber Shop 55 NORTH AVENUE, N. W. TECH STUDENTS WELCOME IRIIBERT AND COMPANY ASSOCIATES INCORPORATED Archifffcfs mm' .El7gI'l7C'C'1'S BONA ALLEN BUILDING ATLANTA 3, GEORGIA GOOD FOOD YANCEY BRUTHERS G U E S T S JUHN Stxfllllsfco. CUMPANY CHICAGO-LONG ISLAND CITY ROAD BUILDING MACHINERY DALLAS-ATLANTA-PITTSBURGH-DETROIT C E ONTRACTORS, QUIPMENT 654 Whitehall Street, S. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA A. A. A. GEURGIA MOTOR CLUB A. A. A. A ffiliaferi With The American Automobile Afrociizrioii Non-Profit Organization rendering a Personal Motoring Service to its Members and the public in general by Civic and Welfare Activities. TRAVEL INFORMATION, HIGHWAY SERVICE, INSURANCE PROTECTION GEORGIA MOTl0R CLUB 289 Peachtree Street, N. E. WAlnut 2200 TU TEIIH ENGINEERS Throughout your lives as engineers, this triangle trade mark will mean much to you. Look for it on culverts, tanks, metal buildings, and other prod- ucts of iron and steel. qsa'2s:w.-4 Gm. me-:-:ig -71 f31"'-f:?'fT-- -1'-5 if J' 15.2.-. 5..11I-E:2fff-E1E5,ff-Eg'--ii-Jff25f.f5.Lk31 -:II.'1':,e.5.1.31-1-:,5u1:E.:'. . . - '-: 1--1-:A -r-1145,-::1.'-5..5:.:-::f1.f:":14.--'-.-Ji:-Ii . 4..., Q .:.'3:f.- - "- ---- -- -!.---..41-:Q ::::.g5i-.5:rf5.ggX,fzgg2Q' 551,-ypg.-7 3'-.-z::73g- .1 e-.1-.i-m-- M X 9-ea. - V. ' -"A T R A D E M A R K A-ff-1: 1:1:3a?a1:f' ' :ff 1- Q M: ,51:Zi14"' A REG.U.S.PA'I1OFE T : . -Eff - . ,'.4'.-93-:..:.:?I 'zz Q ., -,.:g--IA 'gig' -- .,f,,:f:::5 .' .,-:1Z2q:5:- '31!.-Z'.'-':fEi'it5fI - -' A ".1:iifif1P: , , ,. , , ,L - -. .,.:.-.+ ' I-'f gl. .. f A 5,-.--2355 as ' . . .'-'mrrf t"1-1-,"1'g J:.-.'21I:, bfi' ' . . -,IZ-.Qi -"-.'.f:::. - f-1 . f:.L:24 .,1.,,.'5 .,.i,..a R. . , ,. .1 "ig,--.. aj.-,.2j...-, -4:-'5 . - -I :.'1:Tf2: I-:.1.' -:ZPQDAL GS? '-.:.f.'?:" .-.-:. :.- '..:-'fri-4... .:',5 -' ' - '-I:-W-. g..-., '..-:i-,-.:.- 1 ,- -.:..zv,, .-5,55 ..-...peg-f .. , l-N-,-gn '.-f- r::'.-:viii cur. ', . . ' :.-I-:4: 'Ag---, . .- ::1,::-In-5,--.'.:, ' ,'.jg:'K.:JZ f :'-31jE22i'5-:rel -' - i:fi1.:2fg'.21.' - .2125--4' Ig2::-rv.-'.':.-''Z.::.r:ff - 9,23 ug:.',:G.g---Q 5 25112244 ' DIXIE DIVISION Armco Drainage 8. Metal Products, Inc. ...x. ..., A E R 0 Mayflower Transit Co. NATIONAL FURNITURE MOVERS ATLANTA AGENTS 626 Spring St., N. W. VE. 7766 The Penn Mutual Life Insurance Company A ESTABLISHED 1847 on The 1, HURD J. CRAIN AGENCY 'Rhodes-Haverty Bldg ATLANTA, GA. ATLANTA, GA. RALEIGH, N. C. JACKSONVILLE, FLA. MONTGOMERY, ALA. f P f I Complimevitr of ENGRAVED INVITATIONS The De J arnette Supply VISITING CARDS Company STATIONERY Q BUILDING SUPPLIES J- P- Stevens 0 Engraving Company Phone Hlimlock 3967 ATLANTA 110 PEACHTREE STREET ATLANTA YARBRIIUGII M0fTOR CDMPANY STUDEBAKER AUTOMOBILES 390 W. PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. A ATLANTA 3, GA. yATLANTA SAND at SUPPLY co. R O L L 0 WASHED SAND 602 FORSYTH BLDG. ATLANTA 5, GA. WALNUT 3502 y JOYFUL INEXPENSIVE Big Town Recreation Billiards At Five Points . . . IOV2 Edgewood Avenue One of America's Finest ATLANTA, GEORGIA CARTEIPS LUNCH The Place for Friencir to Meet TASTY SANDWICHES and HOT COFFEE 95 North Avenue, N. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA "To what do you attribute your long life?" the reporter asked the centenarian. "I don't rightly know yet," replied the old- timer, puffing lazily at his pipe. "l'm still dicker- ing with two breakfast-food companies." INSURANCE BONDS REAL ESTATE LoANs AND SALES 1 PROTECTION Spratlin, Harrington 8: Company , 78 Marietta Street, N. W. ATLANTA 3, GA. Phone WAlnut 0147 I Catering to the needs of young home- makers for more than 60 years. STAGES, INC. , ' "7Nlll'1P0lSl4I Llll HDMI A Southern H omefzmzifhefrf Since 1885 The Way To Tm-vel Between ATLANTA Mor-neomemr NEW ORLEANS ATLANTA ATHENS AUGUSTA 2CX2l'!?S'N RIZTSTOOGA i221'i1o"V'uE CHARLESTON SAVANNAH 2'ZZZ'f.'1Z'SE 32333. ZTFSXSSET BIRMINGHAM um.: noclc Aueusm Motor Co., C01zgnz1fznZali0125 . , . Inc. THE v ELECTRIC SUPPLY Diftribzztow Co' De Soto and Plymouth ml um ATLANTA, GEORGIA PARTS WHOLESALERS WYLIE W. CROWE JOE J. PERRY M0-PAR PARTS AND ACCESSORIES ENGINEERED AND INSEPECTED BY Y0l'k,S Chrysler Corporation NOW IN OUR NEW HOME Spring at Eighth Phone AT. 2751 A Recreation Parlor W here Gevztlemevz Meef SANDXVICI-IES-I.UNCHES-SHORT ORDERS BILLIARDS 89 PRYOR ST., N. E. LA. 9765 WILLINGHAM - TIFT LUMBER CUMPANY LUMBER MILLWORK 866 MURPHY AVENUE 432 RAYMOND 4121 COMPLIMENTS ...OF... WOFFORD 0IL C0. RUSH B01DY C0. Twenty-two Years of AUTO REBUILDING :md PAINTING in Atlanta 670 Boulevard, N, E, VE. 9646 Ar Ponce de Leon 0 Distributors of Pure Oil P1'0a'1zcfs X gi n' " OOIQQS ' amz Q REAM THEBETTER KINDOFPURE ICE CREAM WILEY L. MOORE G. A. BEATTIE WA. 4968 Chairman of the Board Prefiriem' WA, 496Q WA. 4970 54 ALABAMA ST., S. W. Cunningham Multigraphing. Co. NI1zlZig1':zphi19g - Mimeogwzpbi1zg , Typing mmf Direct Mail S erzxice 516 Mortgage Guarantee Bldg. WA, 5251 CY. 3-416 ATLANTA FISH, INC. O SEA-FRESH SEA FOODS O 602 MEANS ST., N. W. HEMLOCK 3912 ATLANTA, GA. O0 1111712111 017155 Of SIDUTHERN AUTO TOP Sc TRIMMING C0. 27 NORTH AVE., N. W. ATLANTA, GEORGIA WHOLESALE AUTOMOBILE BODY SUPPLIES RENT A CAR . . . NEW For Expert U, P Y K Fords - Plymouths - Chevrolets AUTO PAINTING NW I Ox I- . . N I I . For Au Occasions Body and Fender Work :VV ' Y Remomzble Relief S ,, e - WRECKS REBUILT 'A f Dixie Drive It Yourself 1, S stem See y D. T. Pass Body shop 26 Ellis Street, N. E, WA1nut 1870 Now Lgmfegl me 62 Linden Ave., N. W., at Spring HE. 7258 4639 KINGSPURT ,. ggvngss Q w uucyzw Covers by Kingskraft KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPOR T, TENNESSEE .1 l:.a..n"""sxQ.'N ,.f2f5i?-- Complete Line of Men's and Students' ,ff-" 'ix is . .1 ...hx-.z .E SUITS, SPORT COATS, JACKETS, PANTS . . .,, AND FURNISHINGS gg' "R ii- L 3: Z Every item gzzammeed One Hundred Percent . LSL x, 1 35y1'1"x'b3',.-" Sewell Clothlng Store M 111 Whit Phone WA. 7054 Use Our La ehall St. - 98 Broad St., S. W. y Away Plan C2'lz'an.7-1 70 NORTH AVENUE, N. W. 434 CLASSICAL PIANO INSTRUCTION Correct Technique and Fundamentals Stressed with Rapidity towards Piano Repertoire AZJ0 Popular Piano Inrtrnczion BEGINNERS OR ADVANCED Hours: 10 a. m. to 8 p. m. J. M. HOLMES, Director Earlier or Later by Appointment HE. 2011 VE. 1054 AT. 7422 Downing Motors, Inc Artist Foxtrot Studios 40 Peachtree Arcade WA. 6257 QUALITY A UTOMOBILES 829 Peachtree Street, N. E. 649 W. Peachtree Street, N. E. ATLANTA, GA. A Clem' Title Gnemznteeci Philadelphia Uniform Co., Incorporated Mannfac15n4'e1'J 0 f Uniforms Military Clothing Caps and Equipment CONSHOHOCKEN, PA. Compliments 0 f AMERICAN TIRE COMPAN Y INC. Listen to FLOWERS FOR A LADY Monday thru Friday .... 7:15 P. M. WAGA - 590 K C FULTIIN FURNITURE C0., INC. 123-125 Whitehall Street, S. W. - Through to 108 S. Broad Street WAlnut 9 S 60 435 SERVING GEORGIA TECH STUDENTS ,i ,-47X ff gl SQQQJZEG7 I f K Xll- X -F 5 is ialfl ll f f if Q f sg lk " fl i f -L wil l v il fr E y q1V, Ebii y y f'N-S ,www y f rs? I Slvb fi? : lS A E S 4 yy k y A V L yt 'GWhere the Fellows Meetv This Is N0 Joke, Son . . Our policy is to give the best possible service to the students at the lowest possible cost. During the past year we 'feel that we have made definite progress in this direction, and wish to express our appreciation to the student body 'For their considerate co- operation. GEURGIA TECH CIJLLEGE INN 436 RAYMUN D CDNCRETE PILE CUMPANY FOUNDATION ENGINEERS and CONTRACTORS NEW YORK ATLANTA COMPLIMENTS Specialty Distributing Company CHESTERFIELD LAUNDRY, INC. 3094 Peachtree Road-CH. S 740 98 Forrest Ave.-VE. 9122 1676 Peachtree Road-VE. 9674 1001 Virginia Ave.-AT. 4502 130 North Avenue-HE. 3441 1863 N. Decatur Road-DE. 7339 902 West Peachtree Street - AT. 3 801 "Excuse me," said the heavy football lineman, returning to his seat in the theater, "but wasnlt it you Whose feet I stepped on when I Went out?" "Yes, but thatls all-" "Then," interrupted the gridiron hero, squeez- ing by, "this is my row." B. M. HUGGINS, P1-op. MAir1 8697 Huggins Motor Sales and Service We Buy and Sell Good Used Cars and Trucks 385 W. Peachtree Street at Alexander St. ATLANTA GEORGIA H U R T ar Q U I N INSURANCE UNDER WRITERS STANDARD BUILDING ATLANTA GEORGIA B I N D E R 2 s EXPERT PICTURE FRAMING Let UI Frame Your Diploma PICTURES - MIRRORS - GIFTS WA. 1477 74 BROAD ST., N. W. L. RALPH BUSH Registered Electrical Engineer J. H, GEFFKEN, Axtociate E, K. AUSTIN, Ayxociale Registered Electrical Engineerf ATLANTA GEORGIA B0-RN REFRIGERATOR C0. MCCRAY COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION TYPI-IOON AIR CONDITIONING SALES and SERVICE 262 PEACI-ITREE STREET ATLANTA, GA. FULTON SUPPLY CUMPANY INDUSTRIAL, T E X T I I, E , CONTRACTORS Supplier and Machinery MAIN 3400 ATLANTA, GA. FRANK GRAHAM C0. LINCOLN - MERCURY 600 W. Peachtree Street ATLANTA GEORGIA STOP DRINKING Are You o Potential Alcoholic? ANSWER YOURSELF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS 1. Do you drink because you can't leave it alone? 2. Do you try to stop but only go so far? 3. Do you make promises and try to keep them but cannot? 4. Does alcohol relieve you when extremely nervous? 5. Do you resent your family and friends trying to help? 6. Do you feel that there is something wrong but can't ex- plain why you keep on drinking? 7. Does the night before leave you ve-ry nervous next day? 8. Do you find it harder to stop drinking each time you quit and start drinking again? 9. Is drinking affecting your home and business but you won't admit it? 10. Does one drink call for another until you humiliate your family and friends by being irresponsible? 11. Do you experience mental haziness and lack of concen- tration after a debauch? 12. Do you begin to get nervous and irritable when you have gone a certain length of time without drinking, but get relief soon after you have had several drinks? 13. Do you know in your own mind that you are slipping? 14. I-las drinking passed the playful stage with you? If any seven of the fourteen questions above apply to you personally, you are a potential alcoholic-it is time to stop now for good, as continued use of alcohol can only lead to increased suffering. In from seven to ten days' treatment at the White Cross Hospital every one of the above symptoms is completely re- genoved with no further desire or craving for alcohol in any arm. The White Cross treatment has gained the Interest, Respect and Good Will of leading business and professional 'men and women in Atlanta and throughout the South. i Write or phone WAlnut 701.2 for confidential information or personal interview. Folder sent upon request. Lum truss DR. H. N. ALFORD, Director 301-5 Boulevard, N. E. Atlanta, Georgia Copyright 1945, H. N. Alford, Atlanta. Georgia Blue Print Co. BLUE PRINTS-DIRECT LINE PRINTS Rep1'0zZzzcti0vz.r on T1':zmpm'emf Paper and Cloth Photoxtat Prinztt-Photo Efzlargementr and rezizzctiom ENGINEERING EQUIPIUENT DRAWING SUPPLIES TECHNICAL REFERENCE BOOKS Dealer for W. 8: L. E. Gurley - Eugene Dietzgen Fred Post - Lufkin Rule Co. Hamilton Manufacturing Co. 119 Luckie St., N. W. Atlanta, Ga. Phone LA, 8881 WELCOME TECH STUDENTS "East Side, Weir Side- 475 W. PEACHTREE All Around the Town . . ." ATLANTA EAST POINT BUCKHEAD WEST END DECATUR The Best Automotive Repairmen Buy From GENUINE PARTS C0. Doef Yowf? P+ E' ... I. -A - ll I 27.25 PEACHTREE ROAD, N.W, C OM P LIME NT S RUSTY'S DRIVE IN WELCOME TECH STUDENTS 4 5 i frwg 'YRUCKS SFBVIHG THE BESV' Gordorfs F' PDTATO CHIPS Look for the Little Red Truck Label When You Buy. It is Your Guarantee of Freshness and Finest Quality. 4: POTATO CHIPS -lr SALTED PEANUTS T -lr PARTY-PA cz: NUTS 4- ., '?'Cg:Qi,, +1 ASSORTED NUT MEATS ff. 4: PEANUT BUTTER SAND WICHES - +I ASSORTED CANDIES f' lx -fr CAKES A cooxms 190590 I l +1 POTATO STICKS "0m!f,'gH 4'- An. 'flied' GOLIAN STEEL 8: IRON C0.. SERVICE SPECI ALI S TS ENGINEERS . . . EABRICATORS ERECTORS Steel Structures and Oranamental I Iron Executive Ojfces: W01fk.s: S IVY BLDG., EAST POINT, ATLANTA, GA. GA. R. S. ARMSTRONG 8: BRO. C0. INDUSTRIAL AND CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY PHONE JACIQSON 2010 ATLANTA GEORGIA T I R E S C O M P L I M E N T S WHOLESALE RETAIL ...OEM GURDY T I R E C 0 . DUFFIFPS TAVERN AT- 7551 EONCE DE LEON AT JUNIPER VICTIIRY MOTORS "TI-IE SOUTI-IIS FINESTM Distrilvzzzfors of DODGE...PLYMOUTH DODGE JOB-RATED TRUCKS NORTH AVENUE ATLANTA INCANDESCENT LAMPS FLUORESCENT LAMPS AND FIXTURES RADIO TUBES ELECTRONIC DEVICES SYLVAN IA Electric Products, Inc. 1223 Wfilliam - Oliver Building Atlanta Georgia :- Have a Coke f X x If IW I ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 441 h 1 distinguish the products fTh C C 1 Com C ke C C 1 C C 1 and its bb t C k the registeredt d k pany. "No, ma'am," replied the clerk. "You'll have to BULLOCK'S TASTY FRIED PORK SKINS BEST IN THE SOUTH BULLOCK MANUFACTURING CO. 517 Whitehall Street, S. W. ATLANTA, GA. WA. 1929 LA. 5353 LITTLE MARGIN SIIOfP VE. 6396 RICHARD ALEWINE, M gr. BRACELET WATCHES A SPECIALTY WE CARRY A COMPLETE LINE OF JEWELRY AND LUGGAGE 55 North Ave., N. W. Atlanta, Ga. i?-n-",,,... STARCIIES ...EOR ALL... TEXTILE PURPOSES 0 Clinton Industries, Inc. CLINTON, IOWA A woman approached the clerk in a fruit mar- ker and asked for a pound of grapes. "My husband is fond of them," she said. "Tell me, do you know whether they have been sprayed with any kind of poison?" get that at the drugstore." OTECT O CLOT EC ON J SH!- 4-na' GOLD SHIELD LAUNDERERS . . .CLEANERS MAYAS .... . HE saoo PIEDMONT . . . WA. 7651 FURNITURE GUTHMAN. . .WA 8661 RUGS DECATUR . . DE. 1606 RADIOS AMERICAN . . MA. 1016 APPLIANCES EXCELSIOR. . .NWA 2454 EASY TERMS CAPITAL CITY . , VE. 4711 2 "We Sell the earth 'A' I lzsure Anything 011 it 'A' Rent tfoe Rest" SEE OR CALL INSURANCE - RENTALS E R R Q RENTALS -INSURANCE .W 4+ REALTVV co. FRANK C. BERRY, President 1037 N. Highland Avenue, N. E. at Virginia VE. 6695 - LISTINGS WANTED - "IF IT CAN BE SOLD WE CAN SELL IT" ATLANTA, GEORGIA "A Good Place to Visit .... A Better Place To Ltven THE BUICK CENTER HIX GREEN BUICK COMPANY NORTH AVENUE . . . BETWEEN THE PEACHTREES J. H. LANE W. C. LANE, SR DAN LANE W. C. LANE, JR 4 LANE HIGHWAY 7 V to Better Photography B L ! LANE mms. PHOTO NEWS SERVICE COMMERCIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 511-313 PEACHTREE ARCADE ATLANTA, GA. MAin 2515 -143 ERNEST BEAUDRY INCORPORATED ATLANTA'S OLDEST DEALER Established 1916 CARS - TRUCKS - SERVICE 143 CONE STREET, N. W. CYpress 3424 Atlanta Textile Machinery Company Steel Roll Specialifzi Geneml Repairs and Parti 598 Means St., N. W. Tel. HE. 3828 Tom Slate p 'Athletic Equipment Co. 592 PEACHTREE ST., N. E. ATLANTA, GA. Corriplete line of Rawlings, Spalding, ReaCh, Wright 8: Ditson, Brooks Shoes, Riddell, Pennsylvania Rubber Co., Grandville Sweaters. TED ZUBER, Rep1'e.re11taIifz1e Tennis and Badminton Expert Restringing by A. P. JETTE PERDUE 8: EGELSTIIN B. M. DUBosE . Agenti HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE Co. HARTFORD ACCIDENT 31 INDEMNITY Co. LA1'nar 4951 Trust Co. of Georgia Bldg. Atlanta, Ga. HEATING SOUTHERN HOMES FOR S 0 YEARS OIL - GAS - COAL FURNACE lVl0NCRIEF FURNACE C0 676 HEMPHILL AVE., N. W. ATLANTA G A 444 'N Founded 1885 GEIIRGIA SCHO0L 0F TECIINULIIGY ATLANTA GEORGIA GENERAL STUDIES DIVISION A , Industrial Management ' EN Hotel Management .rd h ' ig 7 51.521322 My !,.f':X ENGINEERING DIVISION Exeronautigal .Engineering f 4, ik eramic 'ngineering , j',fifjL SX Civil Engineering j?'i, .3 'Qf Industrial Engineering 1' Architecture FII E I!?fT+ Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering gs 5, -wr, A Eiiinffifgfliilffgmg E I IE Q -, Wf11'nf'4 ' . 22.1 . ZX i fi 1,yf':f?22j ' .' GRADUATE DIVISION Ei' T . 42 Master Of Science ,V ,S 'vfzfglmuw-l12p"fy Ik7 Doctor of Philosophy CEnginee.'ingD C '.v -1--17 ' -51. -.'L".? 1'-A V '. T I ,Lis .lp IF-2" I .L-ff'-fm' E! ' V 475' ' lgfdijgg-j',4 xi-Ilygfcgf ENGINEERING EXTENSION DIVISION '26 I - H fxjlj-L af Evening School 'W' 'f.,-We 4--A Rfllmtfl 'PEM 'azz-2 ,.f-'f4- Hxfefwion School 1 ,L',r, X, A. H., 4 gf, .fu 1, ,f ,qi , t . . ' I'-'-'HJ' rw I H, P0Wkl'5g:ji-L MM The Technical Institute l',j 'Sin L 1154!-IgLM,iJI:1I,f'.lfgKilI . qw ww7,Wy5I,g ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT STATION '4 fficyi' ' L i 'u5v5lQ'l 3-II" Research gat-.,.MI.'If1,I-,ag , CQ - f ,I mr.-. W,-W .7 'sg'-I,l6Qy,f'vI-'i1y qhlk E L l"'I"x " IQ" hr Surveys ' +1 - MW, A. C. Network Calculator 'W' R --ff7i?'llYW4 fI- ' ' TW MQ 49, IIQU 1, J For fzzrtlae1' information ami application forms, plezzre write lo I - ' 'Q' I THE REGISTRAR, GEORGIA TECH, ATLANTA, GA. C011zj2li11ze1zZs of FULTQNCBAG and Come in! QQ and is the new 1948 Indian "A TR ULY POS TWAR MOTORCYCLE" COTTON MILLS TED EDWARDS rr 624 SPRING ST., N. W. TWO BLOCKS FROM TECH' HE. 5354 4-L5 Dick Wishes those of you who are graduating a hap- py and successful career. For his friends and patrons who are to return, he Wish- es a pleasant summer, and reminds them that for their BEST VAL UES. HANDIEST SHOPPING IT'S THE TECH SlIOP 49 NORTH AVENUE, N. W "Your Campus Me1z's Store" SIMPSON MOTORS USED CARS WHOLESALE - RETAIL 324 Spring Street, N. W. LAmar 6244 Atlanta 3, Georgia "It Pays 5 Ways" 0 ACCIDENT - SICRNESS HOSPITALIZATION LIFE INSURANCE AND RETIREMENT INCOME The Pacific Mutual Life Insurance Company EMORY L. JENKS, C.L.U., General Agent WITH BEST UVISHES OF... The Lovallle Brassiere Company ATLANTA GEORGIA WAUKESHA POWER UNITS "Pic1iicla At The Pickrickv Specializing In Fine Foods and Ice Cream We Ojfer Pit Barbecue - Half Fried Chicken Chops - T-Bone Steaks All Kinds of Sandwiches Table Service Car Service Atlanta's newest and largest non-al- coholic drive-in and dining room type business THE PICKRICK "Picknick At The Pickrickn 891 Hemphill QLuckie St.j , N. W. For Superior Quality in Shoe Repair Let MAC'S SIl0E REPAIR Rebuild Your Shoes for Lasting Wear Special Service to Tech Sifucleriis SHoEs CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Student Representative: PENINGTON 12 0 Smith Five Blocks North of Georgia Tech AU T o M O TI v P A I E OP EQUIPMENT 1 LAUSON SMALL ENGINES 1COMPLETE ENGINE REBUILDING1 MERLIN GRUCERY COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS "Catering io Tech Frazerairief' 125 Decatur Street, S. E. MAin 5831 LoU1s MERLIN '35 MEN'S WEAR SPECIALISTS 62 Peachtree thru to Broad Jflarqm-ef Uuiaife 119-123 PEACHTREE ARCADE The Specialized Greeting Card Shop Visit us when you need that Special Greeting Card Distinctive Gifts SPANG CHALFANT-CONDUIT CRESCENT-WIRE AND CABLE STEEL CITY-BOXES AND FITTINGS ' THAN 20 YEARS 'fi' of continuously serving the electrical wholesalers of the Southeast has enabled us to accumulate 1hrougl1 experience knowledge that can be invaluable in solving your supply problems. Tl-ie full resources of Edgar E, Dawes 8. Company are al. your disposal for beiier elec- trical service. E' E. DAWESI 113 wncuzn MALLEABLE rnonucrs THE BLUE LANTERN "Fo Ori by P4f0fe.rri0n:zlf" Dining Room Serving Fine Foods ar Popular Prices Curb Service Serving Biggest and Best Hamburgers in Georgia QUALITY SERVICE PRICE HUMEH LUMBEH BUMP!-TNY 0 ATLANTA, GA. CYPRESS 7781 BILTMDRE P H A R M A C Y R. D. LEEDS The Store of Pefrovml Service PHONE HEMLOCK 2355 BILTMORE HOTEL ATLANTA, GA. H. 5. EVANS World's Largest Used Car Dealer Five Locations in Atlanta C omerwzzfifm if Thdft and Pmfriotixm SUPERIIIR REWEAVERS k Scientifm Rectifying of Fabrics Expert Alterations Bill Folds Fine jewelry A Artif1Cial Flowers Costume jewelry Diamonds Watches Expert Watch and jewelry Repaim 116 PEACHTREE ARCADE ATLANTA 3, GA. Phone LAmar 8704 New Home of RALPH CANNDN, 251 Teehwood Dr., N. W. Phone NIA. 0711 449 YELLOW JACKET INN Corner of Hemphill and North Avenue DELICIOUS TGASTED HOT DOGS SANDWICHES, SOFT DRINKS and BEER Curb Service Widow Cat seancejz "Is that you 'Arry?" Ghost: "Yes." "Are you 'appy, 'Arry?" HEmlock 4665 "Very 'army-" S C A R R A T T 9 S " 'Appier than you was with me?" "Much 'appierf' G A R A G E " 'Eaven must be a beautiful place, 'Arry?" "I air1't in 'Eaven!" I 2 4 HOUR SERVICE CHARLIE SCARRATT S 88 SPRING STREET, N. XV. ATLANTA, GA. REAL ESTATE SALES, LEASES, LOANS INSURANCE Adams-Cates Company R E A L T o R s 201 HURT BUILDING WALNUT 5477 COMPLIMENTS ...OF... C L Y D E 0 W E N Used Car Company NEW' AND USED CARS BOUGHT AND SOLD ALL MAKES AND MODELS 617 W. Peachtree St., N. E. ATWood 2010 450 Individual tailoring in your suits and shirts , . makes them your own. Our fine tailoring and careful fitting assures you of that smart appearance all well-dressed men A T L A N T A desire. "For Your Shopping Pleasure" B 0 A T W 0 R K S I I A ARISTOCRAFT TORPEDO No. 13 453 North Ave. HE. 3627 "A tlmllalr Smar! Shop" 85 Pryor Street, N. E. just Below Grand Theater First in Favor . . Most in Flavor MILK ICE CREAM rx Ns BUY 70195410577 J COMPLIMENTS THE JAVA RESTAURANT 758 PONCE DE LEON AVE. We Wish To Express Appreciation To Our Advertisers A Who I-iave I-ieiped To Make This Publication Possible 451 The 'BLUE PRINT staff wishes to urge every Tech student to patronize, our advertisers-not only because ' these advertisers have contributed much to the success of this book but also because they have shown them- selves to be loyal Tech sup- porters. 45 Q' 1 1,11 ' ,WM YN X 1, A104 Q T if I . ' ,514- fl . QQ- vii? v-' is of Q WK E E N ,, ki Q ,Ee Eg, SQ sk T xx I slx ' iw R NX gg X X 'm I ,NVE xg g 3 3,1 " 3 W Y K S .A bgsgfg 4 Si-vin K f 3 ,A::,,,, X s I, ,Z it 'z ,. f fw- Z i 4 z f Q +4 J 1 -Q w n ? f f.: ,y 7 wygmqs I ,, of I -1 . v 424 K 1 'll My 5 :Kiki V if ,sn ve. I .3 lx M, ,. '5 iw' f fl ,A 2 , I 4 ., Q, . ., 1, amy, V . I Ah U f'f'.- .f .3- swrb' 34 ' 1, v ra .fu 4., 22, A UM, if " 4 ,A 1 ww 2',l,?fA', , jf 1 V 5 f , 1 r? V if, 5 . ik Va ., ' P U Q .ul j 11 ,. ,V V ' . I ,4,iZf.', X ' f. :if 1 X J., Sf . . --U . -, . -uf . -5 ,bf f- . f.:'2i:"-Y ' L '- w W 4 . lf 4

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