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A • ■ ■ ' ■ ' :; ■ I ' ' ■ ' •. • ' ■ , ■■ . ■ ' ■ - •• . ' • ' i • ■ ' -CS SSKV. ' 4 1 CK S ' V ' ' • ■ ' ' «fc ■»; fc " ' T ■ f- ' -, . ' m ■fv S ■lOi-: f ' - M. " 1 ' 6.e M i ' % c i - .- r J ,,1 1 JM I j k. ti i I fi . % ' ' : : i ' llW . ■vj?- " A ! ' ■ ■: ' v » -- r. ' ! v ' S|; K ' lVA, . r : -.M " t ♦ ' ■«v V, if J " h :.V: 7 e 4 4 g ' Ptaa i ' ■ 1. - - STUDENT BODY GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY ATLANTA, GEORGIA S ' Ccto t4 RUDY H. BUNZL R. LOCHE THOMISON PAUL L. LEE JAMES LOUDERMILK PAUL SHAWVER JOHN BALDWIN JOHN WEATHERLY uedcMtCoK A- EXPRESSING THE GRATITUDE OF FREE MEN EVERY- WHERE, THE EDITORS DEDICATE THIS 1944 EDITION OF THE BLUE PRINT TO THE ARMED SERVICES OF THE UNITED STATES. -V? -i? K T ftcmonia K In training and in battle, the men of Georgia Tech have worked and fought for the victory of their country and of their country ' s ideals. To those who have died in the service— and to those who yet must die before the day is won— we feel that there is no more fitting way for us to do honor than to pledge ourselves to the values whi ch they symbolize— the personal values of courage, devotion, and integ- rity and the national values of tolerance, justice, and freedom. M TECH ' S PRESIDENT MARION LUTHER BRITTAIN To our beloved president. Dr. Brittain, whose devoted interest and efforts have served as a grand inspiration to us all, go our most ardent gestures of admiration. The twenty- one years of his popularity with everyone have exemplified the faith of the students of Georgia Tech in his integrity and guidance. His retirement is a loss upon which we look with the deepest feelings, for his record of service and devotion have always been a source of pride to Tech. We are glad that he shall remain with us as president emeritus of Tech. Dr. Brittain is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and of the Kappa Alpha social fraternity. He is one of the South ' s most outstanding educators. DEAN OF SCHOOL Dean William Vernon Skiles, B.S., A.M., Sc.D. During the initial week of every semes- ter, the office of the Dean becomes over- flowing with activity, for that is the time when so many students come to the Dean for advice and adjustment. Dean Skiles, during his thirty-eight years of faithful serv- ice to Tech, has always showed his willing- ness to help everyone by devoting his time to the careful and exacting consideration of the student ' s every problem. Dean Skiles is a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Omicron Delta Kappa, Georgia Academy of Sciences, and of the Beta Theta Pi social fraternity. DEAN SKILES DEAN SAVANT D. P. Savant, Dean of Engineering B.S., M.S. IN E.E. CHAPIN Lloyd W. Chapin, Registrar A.B., M.A. OTHER ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Jill IN I.AURhNCE DaNIHL M.A. Diiiii, Diiision of Criuliuilc S utiles Arthur Hammond Akmstronc B.A., M.A. Siipii iiitrjhitiif (if Dornii orics William Gilmer Perry A.M., LiTT.D. )(•(;;; (if General Stuilics C M. Griffin B.S. Asiis dii Sufier ' nitenJeiit of Dormitories Floyd Field A.B., A.M. Dean of Men Roger Sheppard Howell B.S. IN M.E., M.Sc. Direr or of Eieuiii School of Applied Science James Erskine McDaniel B.A., LL.B. Director of the Cooperatice Depiirtnient Archibald Dinsmore Holland B.S. in Eng., M.S. IN M.E. Snperintemlent of Buildings and Grounds Phil Blasier Narmore Ph.D. Assistant Dean Roy Stevenson King M.E., M.S., Sc.D. Superintendent of Shops and Power Pitiirt Gerald A. Rosselot PH.r5. Director, State En; ineerin; Experiment Station Frank King Houston C.P.A. Treasurer Harriet Henderson Secretary to the President Mrs. James Henley Crosland Librarian J. R. Anthony Piirc ya in ' At ent S. L. Morris, Jr. M.D. Sihool Physidan R. J. TiiirsEN B.S. Alumni Secretary 2 10 FACULTY DUTTON SWEIGERT BUSH-BROWN PHYSICS J. H. Hovi ' EY Profcsior aud Head J. B. Edwards Professor N. S. Herod Professor E. E. BoRTELL Associate Prof essor E. T. Prosser Assistant Professor W. P. EwALT Assistant Professor W. KiNKAiD Assistant Professor F. E. LowANCE Assistant Professor H. W. Sturgis . . , Instructor G. F. Wheeler Instructor GENERAL ENGINEERING R. L. Sw EiGERT Head of Department ARCHITECTURE H. Bush-Brown Professor and Head J. H. Gailey Professor P. M. Heffernan Associate Professor E. A. MouLTHROP Instructor AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING D. W. DuTTON ...... Professor and Head A. Y. Pope Professor L. V. Johnson Assistant Professor J. J. Harper Instructor PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEERING H. A. Wyckoff Professor and Head 11 FACULTY CHEMICAL ENGINEERING J. W. Mason Profcsior ami Haul Paul Weber Assoiiafc Professor H. V. Grubb bntructor R. N. Miller ]ii ' ,tyiittnv CHEMISTRY J. L. Daniel Professor ciiiJ Head B. B. Wroth Professor W. S. Taylor Professor W. C. Whitley Assocnt e Professor H. M. Waddle Assoricife Professor W. M. Spicer Associate Professor C. A. Wells Assislaitt Professor W. B. Richardson Assistant Professor H. L. Edwards Assistant Professor P. K. Gala WAY Assistant Professor J. D. Clary . Assistant Professor W. H. Burrows Instructor D. A. Hutchison Instructor J. Knight Instructor ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING D. P. Savant Prof essor and Head T. G. Seidell Professor H. B. DuLiNG Professor A. W. Stalnaker Associate Prof essor M. A. HoNNLLL Associate Professor B. J. Dasher Instructor S. R. Smith Instructor A. Hagedorn Instructor H. S. McKlNLEY Instructor 12 ERVIN DENNISON FACULTY MATHEMATICS D. M. Smith Professor and Head Floyd Field Professor R. A. Hefner . Professor D. L. Stamy Associate Professor H. K. FuLMER Associafe Professor W. Reynolds, Jr Assistant Professor A. L. Starrett Assistant Professor A. H. Bailey Assistant Professor C. HoLTON Instructor W. C. BoRNMANN Instructor R. W. Edenfield Instructor W. B. Kehl Instructor W. V. Neisius Instructor F. M. Rowan Instructor C. R. SwENSON Instructor J. R. Vail Instructor E. F. Wells Instructor MODERN LANGUAGES R. M. Ervin Professor and Head M. G. Brown Professor J. A. Campoamor Associate Prof essor ECONOMICS AND SOCIAL SCIENCE H. E. Dennison Professor and Head A. H. Armstrong Associate Professor F. B. Wenn Associate Professor N. Warren Associate Professor W. J. Proctor Associate Professor J. C. Brown Assistant Professor J. A. Griffin Assistant Professor E. L. Bowers Assistant Professor J. B. Harrington Assistant Professor G. N. SiSK Assistant Professor SMITH 13 PERRY FACULTY TEXTILE ENGINEERING C. A. Jones Hi ' i ' l of Dcparfinciif Raiph Hill Associate Prof essor W. L. Carmichaii Associate Prof essor D. E. Philpot Instructor |. R. Brandon Instructor . W. McCarty bntructor ENGLISH W. G. Perry Head of Department E. H. Folk Professor A. J. Walker Associate Professor G. W. Rainey Associate Professor H. C. Brown Assistant Professor Dice R. Anderson Assistant Professor EwiNG Anderson Assistant Professor R. H. Linton Instructor G. H. Wilson Instructor J. H. Boone Instructor F. C. Cook Instructor J. R. Dunbar Instructor Edward Foster Instructor P. C. Ragsdale Instructor 14 FACULTY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING R. S. King . . W. V. DUNKIN . R. S. Howell R. L. SWEIGERT . R. A. Trotter. A. D. Holland O. M. Harrelson R. L. Allen . H. Zimmerman A. A. Case . J. W. Davis . J. H. Henika j. t. topham H. O. Foster C. R. Weeden G. Bonner . C. T. Baker Joe Darros . J. E. Delk . Arthur Donnell M. W. Wise . . Professor and Head . Professor . Professor . Professor Associate Professor . Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor Instructor CIVIL ENGINEERING F. C. Snow Professor and Head J. M. Smith Professor R. P. Black Associate Professor J. H. Lucas ....... Associate Professor ENGINEERING DRAWING AND MECHANICS Vi " . B. Johns, Jr Professor and Head H. S. Weber ' . . . . Professor F. M. Hill Associate Professor Frank Bogle Assistant Professor y. A. Gra es Assistant Professor W. B. Ratterree Instructor J. C. DuRDEN, Jr Instructor F. M. Brannen Instructor I. L. Ellis Instructor H. O. Jeffries Instructor A. W. Turan Instructor A. O. Whiff, Ir Instructor KINC i SNOW 15 STUDENT The Student Council, which has control over the majority of campus activi- ties, is composed of the most representative and outstanding men of Georgia Tech. The Council represents the whole student body in matters affecting student interests and serves as the intermediary between the student body and the school authorities. The Council regulates all publications, supervises the elections of class officers and Council representatives, governs student affairs, and expresses the sentiments of the student body in dealings with faculty com- mittees. The Student Council is composed of the presidents of the senior class, the Interfraternity Council, and the Y. M. C. A., the editor of the Technique, and, until the recent reorganization to accommodate the Navy dormitories, of eleven elected members of the student body. W. J. SANDERS M. J. SANDERS FITZGERALD STUDENT COUNCIL 1943 PirsiJcii W. J. Sanders . Vicc-Pirs tlciif . . . B. D. Fitzgerald . Secretary M. J. Sanders Treasurer W. H. Harris . 1944 M. J. Sanders W. C. Paxson L. L. Gellerstedt C. V. Weaver AUSTIN BACKUS COUNCIL CURRY FAULKNER FITZGERALD GASTON GELLERSTEDT HARRIS JARVIS JOHNSON KELSO LOnON LOGAN MANNING MEADOW MERTS MORRIS NESBIT M. J. SANDERS W. J. SANDERS SPITLER WAKEFIELD WEAVER WHITE WOODS iuktf iM H 16 COUNCIL VOTING MEMBERS R. A. Austin W. H. Harris R. E. Morris G. B. Backus P. F. Jarvis K. N. Nesbit J. E. Council W. S. Johnson M. J. Sanders T. F. Curry A. S. Kelso W. J. Sanders J. C. Faulkner A. L. LoiTON R. A. Spitler B. D. Fitzgerald M. J. Logan M. L. Wakefield R. W. Gaston G. Manning C. V. Weaver L. L. Gellerstedt F. J. Meadow A. O. White J. T. Graham M. B. Merts R. B. Woods NON-VOTING MEMBERS J. S. Baldwin Business Mniuii cr Blueprint D. P. Blackshear President Freshman Class R. H. Bunzl Editor Blueprint R. P. Clarson Business Mamii er Technique M. H. Furchgott President Freshman Class J. L. Hicks Business Manager Yellow Jacket E. F. Hughs Biishiess Manager Technique E. D. Kenny President Freshman Class P. L. Lee Editor Blueprint T. R. McMuRRV Business Manager Technique P. R. Shawver Business Manager Blueprint R. L. Thomison Editor Blueprint M. L. Van Buren Editor Yellow Jacket J. W. Weatherly Business Manager Blueprint M. J. SANDERS GELLERSTEDT PAXSON WEAVER BALDWIN KENNY BLACKSHEAR LEE BUNZL McMURRY FURCHGOTT THOMISON VAN BUREN HUGHS WEATHERLY 0 17 STUDENT FACULTY HONOR COMMITTEE FACULTY MEMBERS Prof. J. L, Daniel, Chairman Dr. R. a. Hefner Prof. W. B. Johns Composed of three fjculty members and three students selected by the Student Coun- cil, the Student Faculty Honor Committee was formed in 193 2 to administer just and impartial rulings in cases of infractions of the honor system rule. The Committee has been valuable in the formation of better standards of honesty at Tech. STUDENT MEMBERS M. C. Collins K. N. Nesbit R. L. Thomison DANIEL JOHNS ■ ' i ' y COLLINS NESBIT THOMISON 18 SENIOR OFFICERS CLASS OF OCTOBER, 1943 HARRIS OFFICERS G. Manning President W. H. Harris Vice-President A. L. Loi TON Secretary-Treasurer LOFTON 20 HARRY SHEFFIELD ACHEY RossviUe, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. W. E.; Captain, R. O. T. C. CHARLES NE C ' TON ADAMS Carrollton, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Phi Sig ' tict Kappa . A. S.; Interfraternity Council, 3, 4; Bulldog Club, 3, 4: Blue Print, 1, 2, 3, 4; Yellow Jacket, 2; Vice-President of Phi Sigma Kappa, 4. FRANK ASPINAL ALEXANDER, JR. St. Albans, N. Y. Industrial Management Sig ' na Phi Ep iUm I. M. Society, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 3: Bulldog Club, 3, 4. ARTHUR CHARLES ALLEN East Orange, N. J. Industrial Management Bita Thcta Pi HENRY LEROY ANDEL Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management I. M. Society; Scabbard and Blade; T Club; Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4; Foot- ball, 1, 2, 3; Lt. Colonel, R. O. T. C. ALE HAAKON ANDERSON Westbury, N. Y. Industrial Management Chi Pii Skull and Key; Bulldog Club; Interfraternity Council; Treasurer of Clii Psi, 3, 4. HERBERT LEE ANTZES New London, Conn. Mechanical Engineering ROBERT WILLIAM ASHE McGraw, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering MYRON LEE BALL Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., Secretary, 4; Phi Eta Sigma, Pi Tau Sigma, 4. GUY H. BARNEY West Hartford, Conn. Mechanical Engineering JAMES M. BARNWELL Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management Chi Phi ARNOLD BROYLES BARRETT Augusta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Chi Phi Pi Tau Sigma, 3, 4; T Club, 2, 3, 4; N. R. O. T. C; Swimming, 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT LAMAR BEARD Atl.inia. Ga. Textile Engineering Phi Psi, 3, Vice-President, 4; Skull and Key, 2; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3; Gold T; Tfchtncjiit-, 1, 2, 3. HUGH WINSTON BEDDINGFIELD Augusta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering The a Chi I. A. S., 3, 4. BUSHNELL BEST St. Petersburg, Fla. Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma, 4; Radio Club, 2. Class of forty -three 21 s E N I O R S WILLIAM DOOLY BOHANNON. JR. MoreLind. Ga. Mht HA NIC A I. LnGINI THING ALECK CONSTANTINE BOND Pcnsacola, Fla. Aeronautical Engineering L A. S., Treasurer. 3; Honor RoU, 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM MAYLIELD BONNER Atlanta, Ga. Textile Engineering Sigina Chi FORESTER BOOKER Hume, Ga. Civil Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; A. S. C. E.; Honor Roll, I, 2; . !iiiinin , 2, Business Man.i,L;tT. 3, 4; Cross Country, 2. JOHN WILSON BORUM Norfolk. Va. Aeronautical Engineering RICHARD WARREN BOTTENFIELD Tulsa. OkLi. MlXHANlCAI ENCrNi [ RING Si iini ' Epsiloti A. S. M. I , 4; Skull aiul Key, 2; Bulldo.i;. 4; Vice-President of Sij nia Phi l!psilon. JOHN HUBERT BOUCHER White PKuns. N. Y. Aeronauticaj, En ,iniiring Kiippd Siy,tiui S. A. M. E., Treasurer. 4; I. A. S.. 3. 4; Basketball, 1; hand. I, 2; Cap- tain. R. O. T. t . JOHN McGOWAN BOWEN Atlanta, Ga. Industkiai Managi ment ROBERT LEE BRANNER, JR. Richmond. Va. I N D L ' S r K I A I. M a N AG E M E N T ' Kappa Alpha WILLIAM HASTINGS BRANSFORD, JR. . . ■ . Aero n a u tic a l E n gi n e r k i ng Kappa Si.i i ' hi I. A. S.. 3, President. 4. Lonoke, Ark. Macon, Ga. RAYMOND A. BROACH Industrial Max. gement Alpha Tail Omega Interfraternity Council, 3, 4; Nautilian Society; Navigators Club; Tfch- ;; . (■, 1. 2; Manager Football, 1, 2. 3. Senior Manager. 4; Lieutenant, N. R. O. T. C; President of Alpha Tau Omega. 4. WILLIAM EUGENE BROADWELL Industrial Management Sis in a Alpha Epsilon Atlanta, Ga. WIILIAM j. BROCK Corbin. Ky. Electrical Engineering T Club; Swimming. 1. 2. 3, 4; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. HUGH AL ' STIN BROWN Calhoun, Ga. I-LItTKICAL EnGINEIRING Signra Chi Tau Beta Pi, 3, 4; Eta Kappa Nu. 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, 3, Secre- tary, 4; A. I. E. E.; I. R. E.; S. A. M. E.; Honor Roll, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi. 4; Baseball, 1; Band. 1, 2. 4; Lieutenant. R. O. T. C. JULIAN THOMAS BROWN. JR Decatur, Ga. Cl RAMIC IvNGINEERING Alpha Tau Otnega S. A. M. E., 3. 4; American Ceramics Society, 2, 3, Presldeni, 4; Nautilian Society, 4; ' ot Alpha ' Mi Omeg.i, 4. 22 I ' AUL WOODMAN BROWN St. Louis, Mo. Industrial Man ' agkment TERRY LIWCOOD BROWN. JR. Blucfield, W. Va. Chemical Encixeering NATHANIEL BORRAIDAILLE BROWNE. JR. Atlanta, Ga. Architecture Si iiiii Phi Epiiton Architectural Society, 2, . 4; Secretary of Si.i ma Phi Epsilon, 4; N. R. 0. T. C. JOHN QUINTON BOLLARD Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management Pi Kcippa Alpha 1. XL Society, Secretary, 4; Captain, R. O. T. C: Secretary of Pi Kappa Alpha, 4. RUDOLPH H. BUNZL Atlanta, Ga. Chemical Enginferixg Phi Epiilon Pi Omicron Delta Kappa, 4; Interf raternity Council, 4; Bulldog Club, 3, Secretary, 4; I. R. C, 2. 3, 4; A. . Ch. E., 3. 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3; Student Council, 4; Phi Eta Sigma, Tau Beta Pi Award, 2; Tau Beta Fi, 5, 4; A. I. Ch. E. Award, 3; Gold T, 3; Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 4; Blue Print, 2, 3, Editor, 4; Engmeer, 3; Vice-Presi- dent of Phi Epsilon Pi, 4; Who ' s Who in Aiuerican Colleges and Uni- versities. W ILLIAM OWLN BURFORD Pleasant View, Va. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E., 3, 4, 5. ;. SANGER MARSH BURK Atlanta, Ga. General Engineering 1. A. S. WILLLIAM HENRY BURNSIDE, JR Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Engineering Alpha Tall Omega Phi Kappa Phi. 4: Tau Beta Pi, 4; Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4; Lieutenant, N. R. O. T. C; Secretary of Alpha Tau Omega, 4. CHARLES RICHARD BURRESS. JR. Clarksville, Tenn. Ci tl Engineering Theta Chi A. S. C. E.; Civil Crew; Treasurer of Theta Chi. 4. JOSEPH RAY BURTON Atlanta. Ga. Industrial Management Phi Eta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade 3, Treasurer. 4; I. M. Society. Presi- dent, 4; Gold T, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Major, R. O. T. C. ROBERT DEAVER CALDWELL Atlanta, Ga. Chemical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi N. R. O. T. C. FRED LINCOLN CALKINS Oklahoma City. Okla. Civil Engineering GEORGE BENNETT CAMPBELL Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha LEVfTS W INFIELD CAMPBELL, JR. Decatur, Ga. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. ROCK H. CANADAY Great Neck, N. Y. Electrical Engi.neering Lambda Chi Alpha Class of forty -three 23 N R ISAAC CAPELOUTO Tallaha«ee, Fla. Aeronautical Enginkerinc Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, Secretary. 3, 4; Sigma Gamma, 3, 4, ASHTON HALL GARY LaGrange, Ga. ChHMICAL F.NGINLIRING Alpha Tun Oiiii-xu A. L Ch. E.; S. A. M. E.; Crois Country Manager, 2, 3; Track Manager, 1, 2, 3, Senior Manager. 4; Lieutenant, R. O. T. G. CONNIE C. CAVINESS Atlanta, Ga. AhRONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Camera Club. JAMI ' S MYLES CHAPMAN Waycross, Ga. Aeronautical Engini:F-Ring L A. S., 3, 4; B. S. U. Council, I, Vice-President, 2; B. T. U. Representa- tive. 3. 4; Nautilus. Navy Rifle Team, N. R. O. T. C. RUSSELL LEWIS CHAPMAN, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Civil Engineering WARREN La VERNF, CHASE Decatur, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa S .IJWJ Pi Tau Sigma; H()nf)r Roll. 2; Class Secretary. I; Vice-Presidein ot Phi Kappa Sigma, 3. RAYMOND L. CHRISTIAN. JR. Atlanta, Ga. Ceramics I-!ngini iring American Ceramics Society. ANTHONY CIARAVINO Brooklyn, N. Y. Electrical Engineering EUGENE GILBERT CLARKE Savannah, Ga. Electrical Engineering Sigma Chi DONALD FRANCIS CLOW Schenectady, N. Y. Industrial Management I. M. Society, 4; President ' s Cluh. 4; Newman Club. 1,2, , President, 4; Tcihnujlie, 1, 2; Yi-llmr jacket. 2, 3, Board of Advisers. 4. CLEVELAND WARD CLOW Jacksonville, Ela. Chemical Engineering EDWIN MORRIS COCHRAN Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering MOSELEY GARY COLLINS Tallahassee, Fla. Mechanical Enginei:ring Alpha Tau Onii ' f a Yellow Jacket Club; Student Faculty Honor Committee; Head Cheerleader. JOHN McELMURRAY c;OTHRA N Atlanta, Ga. Civil Engineering Siguia Alpha Ep! ' ilon A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4; Civil Crew, 3; Chi Epsilon, Vice-President, 4; Cap- tain. R. O. T. C. F.RNEST COVINGTON, JR. Atlanta. Ga. Indliseiuae Management 24 JOHN OLIVER COX College Park, Gi. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. GEORGE EDGAR CROUCH Gay, Ga. Civil Engineering MICHAEL ANDREW DAILEY Baltimore, Md. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, Treasurer; Bulldog Club, Treasurer; T Club; Honor Roll, 1, 2; Swimming, 1, 2. CARL FRANCIS DAUGHERTY Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., 4; Football Manager, 1, 2. LEE TELLA DAUGHTRIDGE Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epiilott ROZIER TYRONE DEDWYLDER Cleveland, Miss. Architecture Kappa Alpha FRANK SPAIN DENTVIS, JR. Augusta, Ga. Chemical Engineering Phi Delta Theta Treasurer of Phi Delta Theta, 4. JOHN A. DICKSON Maywood, N. J. Aeronautical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi I. A. S.; T Club. WILLIAM GEORGE DONNELLAN Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epuloti CLIFFORD EUGENE DOYLE, JR. Jacksonville, Fla. Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta WILLIAM CALVIN DRAKE, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Alpha Tan Omega I. A. S.; Blue Print, 1, 2, i. ANDREAS DUUS Bogota, N. J. I.NDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Nil Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2, }; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. JAMES WILSON DUVALL Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Man.agement Sigma Alpha Epsilon ROBERT LLE Ji ' ELLYN EDELBLUT Fort Myers, Fla. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E., 2, Secretary, 3, 4; S. A. M. E., Treasurer, 3, President, 4; Alpha Phi Omega, 2, Secretary, 3, 4. W. ' VLTER JOSEPH EDELBLUT, JR Fort Myers, Fla. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E., 3, 4; S. A. M. E., 3, 4; I. R. C, 1, 2, Treasurer, 3, 4; Alpha Phi Omega, I, 2, Treasurer, 3, Vice-President, 4. Class of forty -three 25 f % ■ s E N I O R S W ILLIAM HOWARD EDWARDS New Plymouth, Idaho Mechanical Enginilring A. S. M. E.; A. S. M. ROBERT CARL ELDER Alexandria, La. MtCHAXlCAl. EXGINl I RING hcla Tinht Pi Anak. 4; Pi Tau Sigma, Secretary, 4; A. S. M. E., 3, 4; Interfraternity Couneih 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon, 2, 3, Presidem, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2; Student Lecture Association. 3, 4; Bl ui Prini, I; Ycllou Juikcf, 2, 3; linxiiiiii. 2; Tci hniqiir, 1, 2, 3, Editor, 4; Cadet Ensign, N. R. O. T. C. AARON SAUL EPSTEIN Atlanta, Ga. Chemical Engimehring Si iiiii Giiiiniui A. I. Ch. E., 4; Wrestling, 3, 4; t Crporal, R. O. T. C. EUGENE HAROLD FARRIS NX ' ilhamson, W. Va. Electrical Enginliring A. I. E. E., 3, 4; I. R. E., 4; Band, 2, 5; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. AL JEROLD EAULKNI R, JR. Jacksonville, Ela. Industrial Management Phi Delta Thclci T. M. Society; T Club; Eootball, 3, 4; Track, 3; N. R. O. T. C. MILVIN SEYMOUR ELDER Brooklyn, N. Y. Mechanical Enginliring Tail liji iliw Phi JOHN LOUIS FENTON Atlanta, Ga. Mi c hank Ai. I ngini i ring ' ,l l |,( Aljilhi W II I lAM MOSLEY EITCH Tampa, Fla. Electrical Engineering Sigitiii Nil A. I. E. E., 5. 4; I. R. E., 4. BENJAMIN DAVIS EITZGERALD Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management Phi Delta Thcta Bulldog Club. WILLIAM LOVETT FLETCHER Jackson, Ga. Public Health Engineering JOSEPH ERNEST FLOWERS Columbus, Ga. Architecture Kappil Alpha Architectural Society. JOSEPH FREEDMAN Rosbury, Mass. Public Health Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll; Phi Eta Epsilon; Eiixi ' ieer, 4. UAVII) LESTER FRIELIMAN Plymouth, Pa. Industrial Management I. M. Society; Ceramic Engineering Society; Honor Roll, 2, 4. lOI MARTINO FRISCIA Tampa, Ela. Mechanical Engineering Newman Club; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. CHARLES GOODWIN FULTON Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi A. I. E. E.; TeehiiiLjiu, I, 2; Yvlloiv Jacket, ; Cross Country, 3; Lieu- lenanl, R. ( T. C.; Treasurer ot Pi Kappa Phi. 26 DONALD HAROLD FURST Brooklyn. N, Y. Electrical Enginm ring Tciii Epsilon Phi A. . E. E.; Honor Roll, 3. HARRY FRIDI RICK GEORGE D.uv-on, G.i. Mechanical E.vcinllring A. S. M. E. JAY KENNETH GINBURG, G.i. Textile Engineering Tan Ep ilou Phi Phi Psi, 3, Secretary, 4: A. A. T. C. C., 2, 3, 4. ALAN EDVi ' ARD GREEN Florence, S. C. Aeronautical Engineering ROLAND FRANCIS GRINER AlKiny, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Kappa Sigma HENRY GRITZ lukj. Miss, Electrical Engineering Sigma Gamma Eta Kappa Nu; A. L E. E.; I. R. E.; Honor Roll, 2, 3; Blue Print, 1; Swimming Manager, 1; President of Si,i;nij Gamma, EDWARD B. GROSS Lakehurst, N. J. General Engineering Pi Kappa Phi JOSEPH BROOKS HAAS Jacksonville, Fla. Architecture Sigma Chr Blue Print, 1; Fencing. I, 1. JAMES RICHARD HALL Clewiston, Fla. Chemical Engineering A. L Ch. E. ROBERT ADAMS HALL Social Circle, Ga. Industrial Management JOSEPH THOMAS HAMRICK Carrollton, Ga. Mechanical Engineering JEROME BEAUCHAMP HAMMACK Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Chi I. A. S. HUGH ERNEST HARDAWAY Atlanta. Ga. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.; Technique, 1, 3; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. JOHN FLYNN HARDY Waycross, Ga. Industrial Management Sigma Chi WILLIAM ZANE HARPER Villa Rica, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Football, 3, 4; N. R. O. T. C. Class of forty -three 27 s E N I O R S WILLIAM B. HARRELL Eastman, Ga. Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma. LLOYD OLIVER HARRIS, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management X ' ILLIAM HENRY HARRIS Thomasvilie, Ga. Industrial Design Kappa Alpha Architectural Society. CHARLES WALSTON HARRISON, JR Bronxville, N. Y. Industrial Management Chi Pii Skull and Key; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C: President of Chi Psi. ROBERT CORNELL HARRISS Orange, N. J. Industrial Management Delta Tau Delta ROBERT GLENWELL HARVEY Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Glee Club. JOHN FLEMING HASSELL, JR. Virginia Beach, Va. Mechanical Engineering GEORGE FINELY HAUSMANN Leonia, N. J. Aeronautical Engineering A. I. A. E., 4; B.isketb.ill ManaRcr, 1. GLENN JOHN HAWKINS Palm Beach, Fla. Public Health Engineering Phi Eta Epsilon; Newman Club; M. L. Brittain Debating ScKiety; Tech- niqiie, 4. JIM JOHN HEARN LaGrange, Ga. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., 4. EVANS VIRGIL HEATH Waynesboro, Ga. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Pi Delta Epsilon; A. I. E. E.; I. R. E.; Honor Roll, 2; Tcchiiiifite, 3, 4; Engineer, } ; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. WILLIAM FREDERICK HEIST Eustis, Fla. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. KENNETH ROEBUCK HERMAN Decatur, Ga. Industrial Management I. M. Society; Track, 1, 2. HARRY HUGHES HICKS Norcross, Ga. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.; Nautilian Society; Track, 1; N. R. O. T. C. JAMES LEWIS HICKS, JR. Talladega, Ala. Electrical Encinelring Simula Alpha Epsilon Anak; Oniicron Delta Kappa, Treasurer; Pi Delta Epsilon. 4; Interfra- ternity Council, Vice-President; Bulldog Club; Skull and Key; A. I, E. E.; I. R. E.; Student Council, 4; Yellow jacket, Business Man.ager; Engineer, 3, 4; Tei hfiitjiie, 2, .3, 4; Wrestling; Track; Cross Country. 28 MARYAN EUGENE HILL Memphis, Tenn. Mechanical Engineering Sigina Alpha Epsilov MELMON PHARR HILLEY Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. BOYD ■« ' ALKER HINDS Baltimori;, Md. Mechanical Engineering Phi Gam ma Delta CHARLES JONES HINTON Atlanta, Ga. Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma. JOSEPH GRAY HOLLIS, JR. Newnan, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Vhi Delta Theta PETER LEIGHTON HORNE, JR. Millburn, N. J. Industrial Management Vhi Sigma Kappa Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, 3, 4; Blue Print, I, 2. 3; Yellow Jacket, 2; Band, I, 2, 3; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C.; Treasurer, 2, President, 3, 4, of Phi Kappa Sigma. BERNARD HOROVITZ Fall River, Mass. Public Health Engineering Tan Epsilon Phi Pi Eta Epsilon, 3, 4; Nautilian Society, 4; Interfraternity Council, 3, 4; President of Tau Epsilon Phi. GROVER LATHAM HO i. ' ARD, JR Miami, Fla. Chemical Engineering Beta Theta Pi Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 4; Glee Club, 2; M. L. Brittain Debating Society, 2; Blue Print, 1; Yellow Jacket, 1, 2, 3; Technique, 1, 2. ERNEST TIMMONS HUNGERFORD Atlanta, Ga. Engineering Physics Sigma Alpha Epsilon Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Rifle Team; Engineer; Yellow jacket; Blue Print; Captain, N. R. O. T. C. HUGH FRANKLIN HUNTER, JR. Trenton, Ky. Aeronautical Engineering Kappa Sigma S. A, M. E.; Nautilian Society, Treasurer; Skull and Key, 2; I. A. S., Vice-President; Technique, 1; Yellow Jacket, 1, 2; Tennis, 1, 2, 3; Presi- dent of Kappa Sigma. JAMES CALKER HUNTER Huntington, W. Va. Mechanical Engineering Delta Tau Delta DENT BENJAMIN INGRAM Miami, Fla. Chemical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi JOSEPH LAUREL JOHNSON Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering I. A. S. JAMES MATTOX JOHNSON Grantvillc, Ga. Mechanical Engineering SHELTON MORRIS JOHNSON, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Che.mical Engineering Honor Roll, I. Class of forty -three 29 1 ' f ' IB P O m R VC ' ILLIAiM LLOYD JOHNSON, JR. Washington, G.i. Chlmical Hngineerixg A. L Ch. E.; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor RoH, I; Cros. Country, 1; Captain, R. O. T. C. GEORGE V. JORDAN Savannah, Ga. Chi MicAL Engineering DANIEL CHARLES JORGENSEN Hopkins, Minn. Industrial Management Beta Theta Pi Bulldog Club; Nautilian Society; Bi UE Print, 1, 2; N. R. O. T. C. JOHN QUINN KESSINGER Baltlniorc, Md. Electricai. Engineering I.amhJa C ii Alpha JACK FOSTER KINNEY Atlanta, Ga. Cm .MKAE ]:. ginelring A. I. ch. E. HAROLD JOSEPH KRANTZ Cincinnati, Ohio Ti XTii-E Engineering Kappit Si,i tna Phi Psi, 3, President, 4; Intcrfraternity Council, i, 4; Bulldog Club, 3, 4; Yilloir laikvl, I ; Captain, R. O. T. C. JAMES JACOBS KUJ1N Hast Becklcy, V. Va. Industrial Managi ment Pin Gamma Delta T Club; E.iotball. TED GEORGE LAMAS Savannah, (ia. Industrial Management Freshman Y Council. f JOHN ERWIN LANCE Morristown, Tenn. Industrial Management T Club. LEON IVEY LANIER, JR Soperton, Ga. Architectural Engineering Simula Chi Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Architectural Society, Treasurer, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. ANGELO FRANK LA SCALA Middle-town, N. Y. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.; I. R. E.; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. JOHN STECKLEY L. SETER Decatur, Ga. Industrial Manage.ment I. M. Society, Treasurer; Honor Roll, I, 3; Football Manager, I, 2, 3; Captain, R. O. T. C. HUGH BRADLEY LF3XTS Richmond, Va. Civil Engineering Theta Chi Civil Crew, 3; Chi Epsilon, President, 4; A. S. C. F., 2, Treasurer, 3, President, 4; S. A. M. E., 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4; Honor Roll, I; Blue Print, I, 2, 3, Managing Editor, 4. FRANK BURNHAM LINCOLN Portsmouth, N. H. Engineering Physics JACK NORMAN LINCOLN Atlanta, Ga. Chemical Engineering Tau Epsitou Phi Fhi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll, 1, 2; Engineer, 2; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. 30 IILNRV WADi; LllILi; Athnta, Ga. Mechanical Encinllring THOMAS KI;M1 ' LITTLEFIELD Eolkston, Ga. Public Hlalth Enginlering Signiii Phi Epsilou Pi I- " ca I-lpsi!on, Vice-Presidcm, 4. D ' AUTEL DURDEN EIVINGSTON Augusta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering ALEXANDER LUCAS LOFTON McClcllmvillc, S. C. Gi neral Engineering Alpha Tall Oiiic a Rulld i; Club, 3, 4, President, 4; Scabbard and Blade. President, 4: Nautilian Society, President, 4: Student Council, 4; S. A. M. E., 3, 4: Secretary of Senior Class; Medals for Proficiency in Basic Course, Naviga- tion, and junior Year of N. R. O. T, C; Yellow Jacket, 2, 3, Circula- tion Manager, 3; Vice-Pfesident of Alpha Tau Omega. JAMES GROVER LOUDERMILK Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Skull and Ke ' , Secretary, 2; Bulldog Club, 3, 4: Interfraternity Council, 3, 4; I. A. S., 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Blue Print, 2, 3, Associate Business Manager, 4; Treasurer of Pi Kappa Phi. RICHARD OW Ei LOWRLY Gallatin, Tenn. Aeronautical Engineering T Club, 4; I. A. S., 3, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2; Football, 3; Wrestling, 4. JACK B. LYLE Louisville, Miss. General Engineering Phi Delta Theta HAROLD JAMES LYONS Long Island, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi A. S. M. E.; Y Cabinet. GUY MANKIN Atlanta, G.i. Industrial Management Sigma Chi Swimming, 1; Football, 1. JOSEPH EDMUND MANN, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta A. S. M. E. GEORGE MANNING Albany, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta Anak, Vice-President, 4; Pi Tau Sigma, 4; T Club, 2, 3. President, 4; Nautilian Society, 4; Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4; Student Council, 4; President of Senior Class; Honor Roll. 1; President ' s Club, 4; Football. 2, 3, 4; Cadet Ensign, N. R. O. T. C. JOHN ALSTON MARTIN Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering JACK WHITE iMARTIN Fitzgerald. Ga. Mechanical Engineering Alpha Tail Omega A. S. M. E. ONIFREO THOMAS MARTINI Brooklyn, N. Y. W. COBB MATTHEWS Macon, Ga. Architecture Sigma Alpha Epsilon Architectural Society. Class of forty -three 31 H . i J s N I O R mj lAMI-S HI-RCnRT McAUl.I Y Atlanta, Ga. KlJLTRlCAl I NCIM IKING I ta Kappa Nu, 3, 4; T Club. ), 4; Camera Club, 3; A. I. E. E., 3, 4; 1. R. E., 4; Honor Roll, 1; Swimniing, I. 2, 3. Captain, 4; Lieutenant. R. O. T. C. SVI)N1;Y walker McCABE Chattanooga, Tenn. Industrial Man ' a(.i mlnt B ,i Thchi Pi ROY NATHAN McCOW ' EN, .|R Macon, Ga. ElCCTRICAL EnCINLI:RING A. L E. E.; L R. E. ALVIN ARNOLD McUONALD Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Mana .i mi nt Nautilian Society; T Club; N. R. O. T. C:.; l-ootball. 2, 3, 4. JOHN CAMERON McGAUGHEY Atlanta, Ga. Civil. Enginetring %i !nii Nn Kappa Kappa Psi, 2, 3, 4; Chi Epsilon, 3, Secretary, 4; A. S. C. E., 2, 1, 4; Rifle Team, 2; Band, I, 2, 3, 4; Tichiuqii,-, 1, 2; Captain, R. O. T. C. THOMAS RICHARD McMURRY Atlanta, Ga. AlroNAUTK AL KnGINI-I-RING ; ' Ktijifia Phi Oinicrun Delta Kappa; Skull and Key; Yellow Jacket Club, 3, Secretary, 4; Interfraternity Council, 3, Secretary, 4; E ' oil and Mask, 2, 3, Presi- dent, 4; Alpha Phi Omesa, 1,2; 1. A. S., 4; I ' i Delta Epsilon, 3, 4; Student Council, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2; Yilltiu jiakct, 1; Bi.uL Print, 1; Tech- nrcfuc, I, 2, 3, Business Manager, 4; Eencin ;, 1, 2, 3, 4; Band, 1, 2; Who ' s Who in American C ()llegcs anti Universities. JACK WILLIAMSON MEADORS, JR. Jackson, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3; Gold T. FRANCIS JACKSON MEADOW Danielsville, Ga. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E.; Civil Crew; Briaerean Society; Co-op Club. JOHN HARRISON MEEK . . . . • Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management MARION HTTLtTe)N MEEKS Gainesville, Ga. Industrial Design Chi Phi 1 I SI Ii: RAYMOND MERRITT Arlinston, Tex. Aeronautical Engineering I. A. S. MILTON BALDRIDGE MERTS, JR. Atlanta. Ga. Electrical Engineering Phi Delta Thcia Ita Kappa Nu. 3, 4, President, 4; Pi Liclta Ipsih.n, 3, 4; Y ' Cabinet, 1, 2, 3. 4; President ' s Club. 4; Athletic Board. 4; Student Council, 4; Anak; Tiihiiiquc. I. 2, Spot ts Editor, 3, Editor. 4; N. R. O. T. C. CiEORGE I ' . MlLLl R Baltimore, Md. Ml ( tIANICAL EnGIN ' I ERING IjmhJ.i Chi : ljih,i JAMES MORGAN MINTER, JR. Washin, ton, D. C. Industrial Managi mi nt Phi Kiiltpa Phi Skull and Key, 1, 2; Nautilian S.iciety. 4; Yrlloif Jurllfl, 1, 2; Nautilus, 2, 3, 4; Manafjcr of WrcstliiiK " I eam, 4; Cadet Ensign, N. R. O. T. C. BI AKi: I KNl ST Mirc:HELL I ndustrial Management Hampton, Ga. tJEffi sr. 92 CHARLES BINFORD MOORE Aniory, Miss. Chemical Engineering T.1U iict.i Pi: A. I. Ch. E.; Co-op Club; Nautilus. CARL GORDON MOORE West Newton, Pa. Chemical Engineering HARRY KENNETH MORROW Dormont, Pittsburgh. P.i. Mechanical Engineering Skull and Key; Ycllou- Jitrkct; Football, 2, 3. 4; Wrts;ling; Track; N. R. O. T. C. JACK MOSES Vidalia, Ga. Mecha.nical Engineering A. S. M. E. CC)RNELIUS .ICISEPH MURPHY Atlanta. Ga. Industrial Management Stf niii Alphii Epiiiou • Intertraternity Council; Yellow jtu ii . ANTHONY LUIS NAVARRO • ■ ■ Havana, Cuba Chemical Engineering Thcta Chi Bulldog Club. 3, Vice-President, 4; I. R. C. 3, Secretary, 4; Newman Club, 3, 4; Interfratcrnity Council. 3, 4; Honor Roll, 1; E ' luhiccr, 2, 3; Blue Print, 3, 4; A. I. Cli. E.; President ot Theta Chi. EDWARD JOHN NEGRI Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering KIRK NOYE NESBIT Norcross, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Alpha Tan Onrcga Anak; Omicron Delta Kappa; Bulldog Club; Alpha Phi Omega. 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Faculty Honor Committee, 4; Lecture Coinmittec. 2, 3, 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Secretary, 2, Vice-President, 5, President, 4; Fresh man Y Council, President, I; Vice-President, Sophomore Class; President of Junior Class; Student Council, 3. 4; Cross Country, 1; Captain, R. O. T. C. MARTIN W. NICHOLES, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management Si, ' iia Alpha Epsilon Scabbard and Blade; I. M. Society; Nautilian Society; Football, 1; Track. I; N.R. O. T, C. DANIEL SHIRLEY NICHOLS. JR. Harpers Ferry. W. Va. Electrical Engineering Delta Tail Delta Anak; A. I. E. E.; I. R. E.; Interfratcrnity Council, 2, 3; I. R. C, 2; Skull and Key, 2; Blue Print, 1, 2; Yellow jacket, 2; Band, 1, 2; Base- ball Manager, 1, 2, 3; Basketball Manager, 2, 3, 4; Treasurer, 2, and President, 3, of Delta Tau Delta. CHARLES ViTLLIAM NORTON Forrest City, Ark. Electrical Engineering Si. i ' ia Alpha Ep ilon Tau Beta Pi, 4; Eta Kappa Nu. 3. Secretary, 4; Phi Eta Sigma, 1; A. I. E. E.; I. R. E.; Honor Roll. 1; Captain, R. O. T. C. THOMAS CLIFFORD OXCEN Calhoun, Ga. Industrial Management ROBERT WILSON PADEN Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta A. I. E. E.; Band, 3. THOMAS HARDING PAINE Atlanta, Ga. Architectural Engineering Architectural Society, 2, 3, 4. JOE MAURICE PALMER Camilla, Ga. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4; S. A. M. E., 4; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. kMk Class of forty -three 33 Nr % N . ' " ROBliRT PURVIS PARDEE Athnta, Gi. Chemical Engineering Tau Beta PI; Nautilian Society, 4; Honor Roll, I, 3; N. R. O. T. C. CHARLES HUNGERFORD PARKS Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Pi Kafipj Ml ha GEORGE HOLSTIEN PARKS, JR. Augusta, Ga. Industrial Management I. M. Society, 4; Baseball, 4; Captain, R. O. T. C. THOMAS VENABLE PATTON Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering SigiHii Alpha Epsilon Anak; Bulldog Club, 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon, 3, 4; Yellow Jacket Club, 3. Vice-President, 4; Nautilian Society, 4; I. A. S.; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll, 1; Ennhiecr, 2, 3, Assistant Business Manager, 3; Yellow jacket, 1. 2, 3, 4; Blue Print, 1, 3; Naiitilm. 3, Advertising Manager, 4; Lieutenant, N. R. O. T. C; Secretary, 3, and President, 4, of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. JULIUS LOUIS PEARLMAN Dawson, Ga. Civil Engineering R0B1:RT ALLISON PENDERGRAST Atlanta. Ga. Chemical En(.ineiring Chi Phi Alpha Chi Sigma, 2, 3. Vice-President, 4; A. I. Ch. E., 3. 4; Blue Print, 1; Technique, 2. MILTON PERLING Sandcrsvillc, Ga. General Engineering Tan Epiilon Phi I. A. S. EDWIN CLAYTON PERRY Monticello, Ga. ELrciTtK AL Engineering Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. HENRY C. PERRYMAN Macon, Ga. Chemical Engineering A. I. Ch. E. ' ALTER LEWIS PERRYMAN, JR. Talbotton, Ga. Industrial Management Alpha Tan Ome a I. M. Society; Nautilian Society; Blue Print, I; Technique, 2; N. R. O. T. C. DONALD R. PETERS Brooklyn. N. Y. Electrical Engineering Phi $ijt,ma Kappa Bulldog Club. RICHARD WYLIE PHILLIPS, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management Alpha Tan Oine, a Band. 1, 2, 3. 4; N. R. O. T. C. THOMAS HARRINGTON PIGEORD Meridian, Miss. Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, President, 4; Phi Eta Sigma, Vice-President, I; A. I. Ch. E., 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Alpha Chi Sigma Scholarship Award; Gold T; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Engineer, 2, 3; Tennis, I; Freshman Y Council, 1; Band, 1. NICHOLAS PIPERAS. JR New Haven, Conn. Civil Enginii ring A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4; S. A. M. E.. 3, 4; Cross Country, 3. ED PASCHALL PITTMAN Waterloo, Iowa Electrical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega Kappa Kappa Psi; Blue Print, I. 2. 3; Band, I, 2; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. 34 NELSON CARTER POE, III Greenville, S. C. A Mechanical ENCiNthRiNC I | Kjppa Alpha ' ___ 1 GEORGE " ILLIAM POER Aibntj, Ga. , » Chemical Engineering Phi Dellii Theta IIL ' GII XICHOISOX POWELL Birmlnslum, Alj. Chlmical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Skull and Key, 2; Pi Delta Epsilon, 3; A. I. Ch. E.: Technique, 1, 2, 5, -- - RAYMOND RALSTON PRITCHARD Atlanta, Ga. W V Aeronautical Engineering W JB I. A. S., 3, 4; Camera Club, 2, 3, 4, President, 3; Blue Print, 3, 4; ' j ISHrW Technique y 3, 4. . DAN PIERCE PULLEY Ivor, Va. Chemical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma A. I. Ch. E., 3, 4; Yellow Jacket Club, 2; Treasurer, 2, 3, and Vice- President, 4, of Phi Kappa Sigma. , ja I SALTER ALLEN REISER, JR. Augusta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta Tau Beta Pi, 4; Scabbard and Blade. 4; Pi Tau Sigma, Secretary, 4; A. S. M. E., 5, 4, President, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 2, 3; Captain, R. O. T. C. ERLE BINGHAM REN CTCK, JR. Portland, Me. _ Aeronautical Engineering Beta Theta Pi _...,™ - Electrical Engineering K Alpha Tau Omega N. R. O. T. C. JOHN FREDERICK RICHENAKER Hackcnsack, N. J. Chemical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta A. I. Ch. E.; Blue Print, 2; Treasurer ot Phi Gamma Delta. _ . , HOR. CE RILEY, JR Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Chi N. R. O. T. C GEORGE RIPLEY, III Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical E.ngini lring Chi Phi ALFRED RITTER Brooklyn, N. Y. Aeronautical Engineering Tan Epsilon Phi Pi Delta Epsilon; I. A. S.; Honor Roll, 1, 3; Engineer, 2; Blue Print, i « 2; Yelloti ' Jacket, 1, 2, 3, 4, Advertising Manager, 4. : ROBERT ALLE.X ROBERDS Villa Rica, Ga. ' Chemical Engineering OSCAR LELAND ROBERTS Tampa, Ela. Mecha.ntcal Engineering THOMAS E. ROBERTS, JR. Donalsonville, Ga. Electkical Engineering C cfCC O f fott f-thtGG Eta Kappa Xu; A. I, E. E.; S. A. M. E.; Basketball, I. V-IUiS %JT rUiiyiltlCX 35 Ui s E N I O R S W II 1 lAM Mil I IR RODGERS Savannah, Ga. Mechanical Kncinliring JAMCS RUI-US ROGERS Morrow, Ga. Chf.mistki Phi Eta Sigma; Gold T; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. ROM. IN CORSON ROSE Columbu ' ;, Ga. Ceramic ENCiNthiuNC Kappa SigHia American Ceramic Society, Secretary 4; Secretary of Kappa Sigma. EUGFNi: MARCUS ROTHMAN Atl.tnta, Ga. Public Hlalih Encimikin(. Tan Ep ilou Phi CIllsriR AUAM ROUSH, jR. Point Ple. ant, X ' . Va. CHEMIt AI. I N .1N1 1 KINO Delta Tan Delta My.U.x (hi Sisina: A. I. Ch. E.; M. I . Hrmain Debating Society: Tau Beta Pi, 4. NORMAN RUnA(::K Omaha, Nebr. Electrical 1{n(.ini i kin(. AI IRI I) II)W1, RYCKEI.EY Atlanta, Ga. Inijusikiai Ma.nac.i .vn ni I. M. Society, 4; T Club, 2, !, 4; Nautilian Society, 4; Eoothall, I, 2, 3, 4; Track, 1, 2, 3, ( o-( aptain, 4; N. R. O. T. C. WILEIAM jOSIAH SANDERS, III I ' tillahoma, Tcnn. Architeciukl Simula Chi Architectural Society; bulhlog Club. WTELIAM BERNARD SANDHAGEN Peoria, 111. Industrial Desig.x Delta Tan Delta Architectural Society; Oil Can Club; President and Treasurer of Delta Tau Delta. EDWARD JACC B SCHMIDT Lynbrook, N. Y. Chemical Engineering 3XTEIIAM NATHAN SCOTT Madisonville, Ky. Architecture Simula Alpha Epsrlon Architectural Society, 2, 3, 4; Skull and Key, 2; N. R. O. T. C; Nautilian Society, 4; Treasurer of Si.gma .Mpha I psilon. CHARLES CARLTON SCRUGGS Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management T Club. GEORGE SIMON SELLERS Pensacola, Fla. Civil Engineering Phi Epiilon Pi Kappa Kappa Psi, 3, 4, President, 4; Skull and Key, Vice-President, 2; A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4; -Mpha Phi Omega, 1, 2, 3, 4; M. L. Brittain Debating Society, 1; Nautilian Society, 4; Interfraternity Council, 3, 4; Band, 2, 3, 4; Tennis, 1, 2 , 3, 4; President ol Phi Epsilon Pi, 4; N. R. O. T. C. NATEIAN RUSSELL SEWELL, JR. East Point, Ga. Ceramic American Ceramic Society, 2, 3, 4. STANLl-Y LEON SEIACKLEFORD Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Chi I. A. S.; Nautilian Society; Nautilus, 3, 4, C irculation Mana.ger, 4; ' ice- Presideni of Sigma Chi; N. R. O. T. C. 36 ARTHUR MELVIN SHALLOWAY Atlanta, Gj. IlL-.CTRlCAL EnGINHKINC Sigma Gamma Camera Club, 1, 2. Secretary, 3, 4; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. THOMAS ALBERT SHANKS Atlanta, Ga. GrNERAL Encixeering Alpha Tan Omega Kappa Kappa Psi. PAUL ROSS SHAWVER Huntington, W. Va. Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Bulldog Club, 5, 4; Co-op Club, 2, 3, 4; A. L E. E., 3, 4; Student Council. 4; M. L. Brittain Debating Society, 2, 3: Blue Print. 2, 3, 4. Business Manager, 4. STANLEY HERBERT SIMMONS Miami, Fla. Mechanical Engineering REMBERT MAYS SIMS, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management Sigma Alpha Epiilon L M. Society. ARTHUR CHESTER SKINNER, JR. Jacksonville, Fla. Mechanical Phi Delta Theta Tau Beta Pi, 4; Pi Tau Sigma, Vice-President, 4; Scabbard and Blade, 4; Phi Eta Sigma, I; A. S. M. E., Vice-President, 3, 4; S. A. M. E., 4: Gold T. Honor Roll, 2, 3: Football, 3; Track, 1; Basketball, 1: Major, R. O. T. C; Vice-President of Phi Delta Theta. CH. RLES EERY SMITH, JR. Port Arthur, Tex. Industrial Management S. A. M. E.; Yellow Jacket Club; Blue Print, 2; Technique. 1; Tennis, 1; Swimming Manager, 1, 2, Senior Manager, 3; Lieutenant. R. O. T. C. JAMES FORREST SMITH Bolton, Ga. Industrial Management Phi Delta Theta T Club, Vice-President; I. M. Society; Baseball, 1, 2; Football; Ensign, N. R. O. T. C. PAUL H. SMITH Tampa, Fla. Civil Engineering Sigma Chi A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4; Captain, R. O. T. C: Secretary of Sigma Chi. JESSE ASHER SPERLING Brooklyn, N. Y. Mechanical E.ngineerinc Tan Epsilon Phi Pi Tau Sigma; Honor Roll, 1. 2; Swimming, 1: Swimming Manager, 2. TLBUR STEIN East Orange, N. J. Public Health Engineering Football, I, 2, 3, 4. MORRIS KAPEL STEINBERG Augusta, Ga. Textile Engineering Taji Epsilon Phi Phi Psi; Engineer, 2; Manager, Basketball, 2. MILTON WILCOX ST. JOHN, JR. Pittsburgh, Pa. Chemical Engineering Kappa Alpha Skull and Key, 2; Bulldog Club, 3, 4; Blue Print, I; Vice-President, 3, President, 4. ot Kappa Alpha. ROBERT GIBSON ST. JOHN Pittsburgh, Pa. Aeronautical Engineering Kappa Alpha Bulldog Club; Interfraternity Council; I. A. S.; Nautilian Society; Honor Roll, 1, 2; Nautilus, 3, 4; Technique, 1; Football Manager. 1, 2, 3; X. R. O. T. C. ROBERT HUNT STREET Chattanooga, Tenn. Architecture Beta Theta Pi Anak; Skull and Key; Architectural Society, 2, 3, 4; Phi Eta Sigma; Yellow Jacket, 1, 2; Engineer, 2, 3; President of Beta Theta Pi. r % f % L ( ik- K i Class of forty ' three 37 h iikittl i Hklk WILLIAM WARREN STRIPLING Albany, Ga. Electrical EngineiiRING Eta Kappa Nu; Band, 1, 2, 3, 4; Fresh Y Council; Y Cabinet, 2, 5; A. I. E. E.; Captain, R. O. T. C. WILLIAM SHAW STROUSS Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Engineering Track, 1, 2, 3; Cross Country, 1, 2, 3; Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. HENRY GRADY SULLIVAN Columbus. Ga. Electrical Engineering PAT TACCONE New York, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering Theta Chi Theta Chi, Secretary, 3, Vice-President, 4; S. A. M. E.; Blue Print, 3. ROBLEY H. TATUM Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management JEROME MARVIN TEITELBAUM Richmond Hill, N. Y. Aeronautical Engineering Sigftia Gamma Club Foil and Mask; Freshman Fcncinj;; Varsity Fencing. FRANK HOPKINS THOMAS Decatur, Ga. Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM HERSCHEL THOMASON Marietta, Ga. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.; R. O. T. C. ROMULUS HTLLARD THOMPSON DeFuniak Springs, Fla. Aeronautical Engini eking Alpha Tan Ojiiv u I. A. S.; Ycllou jacket; Gcory ia Tech Eu ineer; Second Lieutenant. R, O. T. C. LUKE THORINGTON Richmond, V.i. Chlmistry HAROLD FRANCIS TIGHF Martins Ferry. Ohio Chemical Engineering Co-op Sifiina Vhi Efnilon A. I. Ch. E., S ; Business Manager, Georgia Tech Ahinniiis, S ; President, Sigma Phi Epsilon, S. JACK TOMLIN Albany, Ga. Industrial Management Sigma Chi Bulldog; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Delta Epsilon; Technique, 3 ; Vice-Presi- dent, Sigma Chi; Cadet Captain, R, O. T. C. MELVYN FRANKLIN TOWSLEY Springfield. 111. Aeronautical Engineering I. A. S., 3, 4; Associate Business Manager, Georgia Tech Aluunins, 3, 4; Student Assistant Personnel Director, 4. WILLIAM DAWSIE TUCKER. JR. Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management I. M. Society; Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. JOEL CURRY UNDFRWOOD Atlanta, Ga. Civil Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon MARTIN LFROY VAN BUREN Columbus, Ohio Industrial Design Delta Tail Delta Yellow Jacket, 2. 3. 4, Editor-in-Chief, 4; Interfraternity Council. 3, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon, 2. 3, 4, Vice-President. 4; Student Oiuncil. 4; Archi- tectural Society, 2, 3, 4; International Relations Club, 3. 4. President, 4; Bulldog Club, 3, 4; Student -Faculty Lecture Committee. 4; Blue Print, 3, 4; Technique, 3, 4; Captain, R. O. T. C; Delta Tau Delta. Vice- President, 4. HAROLD JOHN vonHASSELN Brooklyn, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta Skull and Key. 2; A. S. M. E., 4; Baseball Manager, 1. 2. 3; President, Phi Gamma Delta, 4; Cadet Captain, R. O. T. C. HOWARD LFE WACFITER Baltimore, Md. Civil Enginei ring Vhi Gamma Delta m ' : 38 CASPER FKNTRES ViALKER, JR. Sarasota, Fla. Industrial Management Sigma Chi Scabbard and Blade, 3, 4; Cadet Major, R. O. T. C. JOSEPH PAUL WALKER Birmingham, Ala. Industrial Ma.nacemi nt Phi Del j ThelJ JAMES DRAKE WEAVER Dawson, Ga. Industrial Manacl.ment N ' autilian Society, 4; Yellow jacket, 2; Techuiqitf, 2; Football. 1; En- sign, N. R. O. T. C. CARLTON JUAX WELLBORN, JR. Gainesville, Ga. Civil En Phi Delta Theta Tau Beta Pi; A. S. C. E.; Honor Roll, 2, 3; Varsity Tennis, 2, 3; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. WILLIAM PRESTON WEST Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Managemint FRED LORING WHITE Buckhcad, Ga. Industrial Manage.mlnt JOHN HOW ELL WHITE Wayne, Pa. Mechanical Engineering ARTHUR M.ANTGAULT W ILCOX Charleston. S. C. Industrial DAVIS EARL WILLIAMS, JR. Griffin, Ga. Textile Kappa Alpha ROBERT JOSEPH WILLIAMS Cedarhursr, L. I.. N. Y. Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma A. L E. E., 3, 4; L R. E., 4; Newman Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Interfraternity Council, 2, 3, 4; President, Phi Kappa Sigma, 3, 4; Yelloif Jacket, 2, 3: Track, 1; Band. 1. THOMAS HARRISON WINCHESTER .■ ■ • • Macon, Ga. Civil Engineering COUNTRY ARTHUR WONG Hartford, Conn. Mechanical Engineering B. S. v., 1, 2, 3, President, 4. LEROY ALBERT WOODWARD Wethersfield, Conn. Engineering Phyiics Chief Petty Officer, N. R. O. T. C WILLIAM CLYDE YOUNG Sheffield, Ala. Electrical Beta Theta Pi HAROLD HAMILTON YOUNGBLOOD Augusta, Ga. Electrical Engineering Class of forty -three 39 CLASS OFFICERS CLASS OF JUNE, 1944 PAXSON SENIOR CLASS W. S. Johnson President J. B. Gattey Virc-Prcsh cni X ' . C. Paxson Sccrctary-Trcauircr B P GATTEY WEAVER JUNIOR CLASS W. C. I ' AxsoN Pirshfcn C. V. WhAvi.K Vicc-Prciiilcl H. A. Bi KGMAN Srcir iiry-Trcasiiirr 40 1 NELSON DYI;R ABKLL Moiinw, L... I MlCHANitAL KngINIIKINC ' Bcfa Thela Pi Tail licta Pi. Secretary, 3. President, 4; Pi Tau Sigma. Secretary, 3. J!!I9I I ' reMdent. 4; A. S. M. E.; S. A. M. E.; Naiitilian Society; Phi Kappa k rhi; Phi Eta Signia, 1; £«, ' ;crr, 2; Tennis, 1, 2, 5, Captain, 4; liaskct- JR ball, 4: Company Commander, N. R. O. T. C; Secretary. Beta Theta Pi. " ' • CHARLTON BIRRII ADAMS, III Hawkin ville. Ga. Architecture Phi Delia Thcta Architectural Society. ERNEST ROLLIS ALLEN East Pont, G.i. Civil Enginleuin(, Pi Kiifpii Alpha WTLLLXM LINWOOD ALLEY, JR. Clearwater, El.i. Chemical Engineering Siiiiita Alpha F.psilan ALBERT IRViTN ALMAND ' tlanta. Ga. Electrical Engineering BERNARDO OXOERE ALONSO Cient•ue, o■., Cuba Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma; S. A. M. E., Vice-President, 4; A. S. M. E.; Mon,.r ' k I m LEE SAYLOR APPLE Arlmgton. Va. " Electrical Engineering. Co-op Phi Eta Sigma, 1; Eta Kappa Nu, 4; Tau Beta Pi, Secretary, i; A. I. E. E., 3, 4. Secretary-Treasurer, S; R.idio Club, 1, Secretary-Treasurer, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4; L R. E., 4. i; Radio Operator. War Emergency Radio Service. 4. 5. ' T ' " J JOSE ANTONIO ARGUEDAS San Jose. Costa Rica Civil Encineiiunc Chi Epsilon, 4; A. S. C. E.. 3, 4; Honor Roll, I; Student Assistant. JAMES YOUNG ARNOLD. JR. P.ilm Beach. El.i. Architectural Engineering k Mt{t Si Jna Alpha Epsiloji H 1 Architectural Society; Intcrfraternity Council. 3. Vice-President, 4; N. R. HHHI I O. T. C; . nak; President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GEORGE BAKER BACKUS Mount Dora. Ela. Industrial Management Sigma Chi Student Council. 2. 3, 4; Ytllou Jacket, 2, 3; Tfchuiqnc, 1, 2. 3; Swim- ming Team, 1, 2. 3, Captain. 4; T Club. 3. 4; Yellow Jacket Club. 2. 3, 4; Cheerleader, 3, 4; Who ' s Who in American Colleges and Univer- sities; President of Sophomore Class; Nautilian Society; N. R. O. T. C. JOHN STILES BALDWIN Atlanta, Ga. _. Chemical Engineering " S| Chi Phi H Phi Eti Sigma, I; Omicron Delta Kappa, 4; Tau Beta Pi, Secretary, 4; H Jg H Anak, 4; Intcrfraternity Council, 2, 3, Secretary, 4; Skull and Key, H j l Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Medal for Naval Proficiency, I; Gold T; Blue HHI A Jij l Print, I, 2. 3. Business Manager, 4; Golf, 2, 3; Student Council, 4; President of Chi Phi, 4. LEO THOMAS BARBER. JR. Moultrie. Ga. Civil Engineering Kappa Sifinia GEORGE PIERCE BATES, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Kappa Alpha J w ■ I. A. S.. 3. Secretary. 4; Honor Roll. 1; Yelldir luclict, I. FRANK ROSCOE BEALL, JR. Atlanta. Ga. H|k T Industrial Management A Sigma Alpha Epsilon HiHiHL . I. M. Society, 4; Student Council, 4; T Club, 2, 3, 4; Football, 1, 2, 3; N. R. O. T. C; Secretary of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. WILLIAM E. BEHNKEN Savannah, Ga. Pf TfCC r t 4 m- %r 4 ««(a Electrical Engineering K. I O S S Of t O rty -TO U t 41 u s o R PRKDFRIC C. BEIL St. Petersburg, Fla Ml.CHANlCAL KncINLLRING Si i ' iia Alpha Ep ilon .IAMi:S ANDERSON BERG Mjcon, Ga, ARCHITECTURI- Siaiim Alpha Epiiloii LAWRENCE JOHN BERG, JR. J.ickson, Miss. Electrical Engini:i rinc. Theta Chi President of Thet.i C hi. CiORDON CHALMERS BERRY Atlanta, Ga, Electrical I N(,i,-gi i rinc A. . E. E.; L R. E Rl UBEN M. BERRY, JR. AtLinta, Cia. Imiusihia! iMa. a(.i mi .N I Kiippti Si nia CHAREl-S EULLER BETHEA AiLinta, Ga. ChLMICAL ]■ NC.INI I RINt, CHARLES BYRON BIGGAR Haddock, Ga. ChiMKAL I ' .NCINl I ring HOY ROLLA BOHANON Muskogee, OkLi. Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; Briaerean Society; A. S. M. E.; Gold T. EARL ADAM BOHNER, JR. Jefferson City, Mo. Mechanical Engineering Be . Thct., Pi LOUIS PALMER BONDURANT Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Managemi nt Phi Delta Theta EDWARD RAYMOND BONYAI Torrington, Conn. Mechanical Engineering HUBERT GERARD BOYD E.ric, Pa. Industrial Management GEC)RC;i; LE;E brock Memphis, Tenn. Architectural Engineering . ' rchitec(ural Society, 2, 3, 4; Honoi RoM, I; Bi i!i Print, 1. LEONARD L. BROWNING, JR. Winston-Salem, N. C. IvLI CIRU AL 1 NGINEERING JAMi:S c;. BRUCE Atlanta, Ga. A I HoNAu IK AL Engineering 42 ROBERT EDGAR BRUCE. Ill Atlanta, G... Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epiilon N. R. O. T. C. ROBERT NEVCTON BRUCK Mcinpliis, Tciin. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. SOUTHWORTH FIELD BRYAN Jefferson, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Phi Delta Theta A. S. M. E.; Bulldog Club; Yellow Jacket Club; X. R. O. T. C. CHARLES ARTHUR BURDELL Atlanta, Ga. Chemical Engineering Sigytia Chi PAUL OTTO liURGDORF New York, N. Y. Public Health Engineering Phi Sigttta Kappa Interfraternity Council; Skull and Key; Blue Print, 1; Swimming Team, I, 2, 3, 4; Vice-President of Phi Sigma Kappa. JAMES Vi ' ILFORD BUTLER Dublin, Ga. Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, 4; Phi Kappa Phi, 4; Alpha Chi Sigma, 4; B. S. U. Council, Secretary. . , Vice-President, 4; Freshman Y ' Council, 1; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ' 2, 3, 4; A. I. Ch. E.; Honor Roll, Gold T; Blle Print, 1. JAMES BUFORD CAGLE Griffin, Ga. Che.mical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma; Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 4; A. I. Ch. E.; Honor Roll, 1, 2. FRANK DAVIS CAIN, JR. MadisonviUe, Ky. .Mechanical Engineering Si ' tia Alpha Epsiiou HUGH H.ARRIS CALDWELL Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsiloti Anak. Vice-President. 4; Pi Tau Sigma, Secretary, Treasurer, 3, Presi- dent, 4; A. S. .M. E.. 3. 4; Honor Roll. 1. 4; Phi Eta Sigma. 1; Swim- ming Team, 1. 2, 3. 4; T Club. 2. 3; President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Omicron Delta Kappa. 4. ROBERT P. CAMERON Hatticsburg, Miss. Chemical Engineering Kappa Alpha JACQUE -ft-ALTFR CANNON Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon. 5; A. S. C. E.. 2. Secretary, 3, Vice-President. 4. President. 5; S. A. M. E., 3, Vice-President, 4, S. JOE S. CARRUTHERS Brunswick. Ga. Chemical Engineering Alpha Tall Omega WILLIAM LLOYD CARTER Covington, Va. Chemical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, 1; Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 4; Tau Beta Pi, 4; A. I. Ch. E., 3, 4. ASHTON HALL GARY LaGrange, Ga. Chemical Engineering Alpha Tall Omega A. I. Ch. E., 3, 4; S. A. M. E.; Cross Country Manager, 2, 5; Track Manager, 1, 2, 3; Senior Track Manager, 4; Second Lieutenant, 4, R. O. T. C. MOSES CENKER Atlanta, Ga. Chemistry Sigttta Gamma Phi Eta Sigma, 1; M. L. Brittain Debating Society, 1, Vice-President, 2, Secretary, 3, President, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Student Affiliate, American Chemical Society; Sigma Gamma, Secretary, 3, Treasurer, 3, President, 4. A Class of forty-four 43 E N I . ■ t AX.-- JACK FRANKLIN CLEARMAN BIjkdy, Ga. Mechanical Encinilkinc A. S. M. E. HARVEY LKE COHEN Atlanta, Ga. CtRAMIC EnGINIMUNG Ti::i Ep ' .iloii Phi American Ceramic Society, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4; l-ji.Kiihrr. 1,2; Vice-Presi- dent. Tau Epsilon Pin. KENNETH McCUTCHEN COLE, JR. Dallas, Texas Chemical Engineering, Co-op Delta Tail Drlla Phi Eta Sigma, 1; Aiplia Chi Sigma, i. President, 4; A. 1. Ch. V,., 4; Briaercan Society, 3, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Vi Zoii jackcl, 3, Treas- urer, Delta Tau Delta. WTLLIAiVl GORDON COLLEDGE Jacksonville, Fla. MeCHANU AL EnGINI IRl.Nf. Si.Kiini Aipha lij) iltin Pi Tau Sigma, 4; Anak, 4; A. S. M. E..; Honor Roll, I; Swinimnig, 2, i. PATRICK DONALD CONLON Aitoona, Penn. Electric AL Enginli ring Sixiiia I ' hi lifi iloii T Club; " Y " Singers; Newman C lub. THOMAS VINCENT COONEY lialimiore, Md. AeRONAUIIC AL E NGINI IRING Newman Club, 1, 2. 5, 4; 1. A. S., Treasurer, 4; r.ili;ilieir, 3. SPENCER MADDOX ORK Macon, Ga. I 1 I ( IRK Al I ' N(.IN1 I RING A. I. E. E.; Ian beta Pi, 4. JAMES EDVPIN COUNCIL Vero Beach, Fla. Industrial Management Simula Pin Ep ihii Anak, 4; Student Council, 3; Skull and Key, Treasurer, 2; Bulldog Club, 3, 4; Interfratcrnity Council, 2, 3, 4, President, 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, 3; Blue Print; Yillow jacket; Technique; President of Sigma Phi Epsilon. LELAND SUMNER COVEY Chicago, III. Chemical Engineering P Kappa Alpha Alpha Chi Sigma: Alpha Phi Omega; A. I. Ch. E.; Co-op Club; Kappa Kappa Psi; Yellow Jacket Club. ERNEST COVINGTON Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management I:RNI;ST HOLDEN COX Eon George G. Meade, . ld. Chemical Engineering Co-op Club; Honor Roll, 3. EREELAND dean CRUMLY Birmingham, Ala. General Engineering ROBERT I KID DARBY Siatesboro, Ga. Architecture Alpha Tan OiiieKa Architectural Society. JACKSON D.WIDSON West Point, Ga. !■ I I c iRu Ai I ' nginli R1N(. A. I. E. E. GEORCii; CARROLL DAN ' IS CoUiuiit, Ga. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., 5, Treasurer, 4; Y Cabinet, 3; Naii ilns, 3, 4; Track, 3; Football (B), 4. 44 GERARD THOMAS DECKBAR Naslivillo, Tcim. Architectural Engineering Architectural Society; Honor Roll. THEODOR jURGEN i i VRIES P.ucr«m, N. ]. Chimicai Enginlering, Co-op Alplu Clii Sii ni.i. K 4; A. I. Ch. E., 5, 4; Swiniiiiiiii;, 3: Eutub.ilt. 4; X restling, 4. HENRI LX1RIOT ISristol. Tliui. Chemical Engineering WALLACI DAVID DREYFOOS Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management Phi Epsiluii Pi Foil and Mask, 2, 3, 4; Ecncinf; Team, 2, 3. I ' Y STEWART DUGGAN Elawkinsville, Cia. Civil Engineering Phi Delta Thcta A. S. C. E.; T Club. ROY H. DUGGAN, JR. Sandcrsvillc, Ga. Civil Engineering Phi Dellj Thtt.i ALBERT DUNSON DUNAWAY LaGrangc, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Phi Delta Thcta JOHN HUMES DURDEN Columbus, Ga. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., 3, 4; S. A. M. E., 4; Glee Club, 2; Captain, R. O. T. C. RALPH L. EDWARDS Atlanta. Ga. Electrical Enginliring WAH POY ENG Jacksonville, Ela. Electrical Engineering OLIVER PHELPS ENSIGN, JR. Forsyth, Ga. Textile Engineering Alpha Tan Omc a First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. PAUL HERBERT ERICKSEN Cranford. N. J. Chemical Engineering Briaercan Society, 4; A. I. Ch. E., 4; Basketball, 1. JOHN LEE ESPY Cordcle, Ga. Chemical Engineering Briaerean Society, 4, Treasurer, 5; Phi Kappa Phi, 5; Gold T; Alpha Chi Sigma, 4, Treasurer, 5; Alpha Phi Omega, 3, 4, ; Baptist Student Union, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, S; Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4, 5. GEORGE ALONZO EWING Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management Chi Phi Skull and Key. 2; Bulldog, 3, 4; I. M. Society, 4; Yellow Jacket Club, 2, 3; Yrllnu Jacket, 1, 2, 3; Technique, 3; Naiitilm, 4; Golf, I, 2, Cap- tain, 3; Football Manager, I, 2, 3, 4; Interfraternity Council, 2, 3; Treasurer, Chi Phi, 3, Vice-President, 4. JACK CLARK FAULKNER Jacksonville, Fla. Industrial Management Phi Delta Theta T Club; Football. Class of forty-four 45 ' X s E N I O R S » • Si Jp» £7kd ALBERT J. FAUSTINI Miami, Fh. Electrical Engineering Newman Club. JAMES WINGFIELD FEAGIN. JR. Savannah, Ga. Electrical Enginli ring JOSEPH ERNEST ELOWERS, JR. Columbus, Ga. Architecture Kiippd Alpha Architectural Society. EDWARD MANUEL EOSSAS San Juan, Puerto Architecture Delia Tan Delta 1. R. C, 2, 3; Yilh tr ]ackel, I, 2, Associate Editor, Architectural Society, 2, .1, 4; Newman Club, I, 2, .3; Vice-President, Delta Tau Delta. OTTO EUGENE ERY St. Petersburg, Fla. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers. HOWELL DOUGLAS GARNER Sanford, Fla. Mechanical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, 1; Pi Tau Sigma; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 1, 4. BRUCE GARRARD Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering JOHN BARDO GATTEY Bogoto, N. J. Aeronautical Engineering Si inia Nii Skull and Key, 2; Bulldog. }, 4; Anak, President, 4; Nautilian Society, President, 4; Yellow Jacket Club, 2, .1, President, 4; Interfraternity Council, 2, }, President, 4; Student Council, 4; Technique, 1, 2, 3; Blue Print, 1; Varsity Rifle Team, 2, 3, 4; N. R. O. T. C. Rifle Team, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 4; Vice-President, Senior Class; Battalion Sub-Commander, N. R. O. T. C; Treasurer, Sigma Nu. HENRY FRANK GAYDOS .... Queens Village, Long Island, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering PETE G. GEORGE, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E.; Track Team; Captain, R. O. T. C; Lieutenant, A. S. T. P. SAMUEL WEYMAN GIBSON Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Siawa Alpha Epsilun I. A. S., 3, President, 4; Honor Roll, 1,2; Blue Print, 1. ROBERT GORDEN GILBERT Tampa, Fla. Mechanical Engineering -ALTER WILSON GILBERT ■ Johnson City, Ten n. Chemical Englneerinc, Co-op Alpha Chi Sigma, 4, Reporter, S; A. I. Ch. E., 3, 4, !; Tau Beta Pi, ' . JARRITL BLAND GOODWIN, JR. Augusta, Ga. General Engineering ALBERT BROWN GORDON Huntington, W. Va. Chemical Engineering Sif{ma Chi Bulldog Club; Nautilus, 3; Treasurer, Sigma Chi. " " " isjAeaBBr ' 46 SOMMERS JESSUP GOSTIN M.icon, Ga. Civil Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha A. S. C. E.; Co-op Club; Yellow Jacket C lub. MllLER A. GO ' EN Atlanta, Ga. CiRAMic Engineering Si ma Chi ROUERT AUAMS GREENE Chattanooga, Tcnn. Textile Engineering Phi Delta Theta lOHN EDWARD GROSS Heishcy, Pcnn. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. K0IU:RT GUIN GR0 ' E JacUson, Tcnn. MECHANICAL Engineering Kappa Stgma Oil Can Club. ALBERT WELLINGTON HAINLIN MLimi, Ela. Mecha.ntcal Engineering LEON BAXTER HALL Sayrc, Pcnn. Mechanical Engineering HARRY JOHN HALLEY Jacksonville, El.i. Aeronautical Engineering WILLIAM EDWARD HAMMERSLA, JR. Jacksonville, Ela. Mechanical Engineering Alpha Phi Omega. JOHN GULLETTE HAMMOND Vinter Park, Fla. Electrical Engineering, Co-op Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Eta Sigma, ' ice-President, 1; Eta Kappa Nu, i; Tau Beta Pi, 4, !; Briaerean Society, 4, Vice-President, 5; Phi Kappa Phi, 5; Co-op Club, 2, }, 4, Vice-President, ; Phi Eta Sigma Ereshman Cup; Briaerean Sopho- more Knife Award; President ' s Gold T; Honor Roll, 1, 2, }. 4; A. T. E. E.; I. R. E.; Vice-President, Lambda Chi Alpha. THOMAS WILLIAM EDMUND HANKINSON - ■ • Portsmouth, Va. Mechanical Engineering. Co-op Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Eta Sigma, 1; Kappa Kappa Psi, 3, 4; Briaerean Society, 4, ; Pi Tau Sigma, Treasurer, 4, Secretary, S; Tau Beta PI, 1 ; A. S. M. E., Treasurer. 4, President, S; S. A. M. E., S; Alpha Phi Omega, I, 2, 1, 4; Honor Roll, 2, 4, i; Phi Kappa Phi, 5; Gold T; Football Band, 1, 2, - Sec- retary. Lambda Chi Alpha. GEORGE PEEL HANLTN Columbia, S. C. Mechanical Engineering FRANK A. HARRIS Chattanooga. Tcnn. General Engineering Kappa Sif itta CHARLES WALSTON HARRISON, JR. Bronxville, N. Y. Industrial Management Chi Psi JOSEPH BROOKS HA, S St. Simons Island, Ga. Architecture Sigma Chi U. % ' snTl « • Class of forty-four 47 E N I O R S Ki:: ia5 " ' HAROLD N. HEDRICK Tuha, Okla. MECHANrCAL HNGINttRING Co-op Club. PAUL DONALD HEITZER Cnrjopolis, Pa. Eliictrkal Engin ' h ring Pi Kappa Alpha A. L E. ?..; Newman Club. CHARLES WALTON HENSON Monroe, Ga. Industrial Management Alpha Tail Oiitc i a JAMES WELLINGTON HERB Johnstown, Pa. Aeronauticae Engineering CHARLES NORMAN HESTON Jacksonville, Fla. Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, 4; A. S. M. E., 4. MILTON S. HOCHMUTH Augusta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nil A. S. M. E.; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet BOYD WALKER HINDS Baltmnore, Md. Mi.chani :al Fnginei ring Phf Gamma Dtlta A. S. M. E.; Interfraternity Council 4. ARDELL O ' CONNOR MOLLIS Macon, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha A. S. M. I- .; Briaercjn Society; Camera Club, I, 2; Pi Tau Sigma. 48 JOHN GRAHAM HOLMES, JR. Birmingham. Ala. Mechanical Engineering Co-op Club. DONALD EUGENE HORNER Atlanta. Ga. Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 3; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. REESE H. HORTON Americus, Ga. Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E.; A. C. S. ANDERSON LEE HOWARD, JR. Cochran, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Briaerean Society; Co-op Club; Pi Tau Sigma. RICHARD E. HUDSON, JR. Forrest City, Ark. Chemical Engineering RICHARD HALL HUDSON, JR. Paris, Tcnn. Mechanical Engineering, Co-op Phi Delia Thcta Pi Tau Sigma; Co-op Club, Secretary, 1, 2, 3. 4, President, !; Som-O- Tcch, 4. EDWIN F. HUGHS Gamesville, Ga. Industrial Ma.nagi ment Beta Thclti Pi Tfi hniqiu-, I, 2, Business Manager, 3, 4; YcIUhi jacket, 1, 2, Business Manager, 3. lOHN T. HUMME Honolulu, Haw.iu Mechanical Enginlfring Phi Kappa Sii inti Co-op Club; Yellow Jacket Club. RALPH ADRIAN IRELAND, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E., 3, 4; I. R. E., 4; S. A. M. E., 4. STANLEY ITZCOVITZ Brooklyn, N. Y. Mechanical Engineiring Sigma Gaiuma A. S. M. E.; Camera Club. JOHN BURKE JACKSON Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Phi Delia Thcia MAX JAFFE Arverne, N. Y. Civil Engineering Sigma Gamma Chi Epsilon, 4, 5; A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4, !; S. A. M. E., i. ALVIN CADE JAMES Blackshear, Ga. Industrial Management Sigma Chi Interfraternity Council; Bulldog; Nautilian Society; Yellow jacket, 1, 2; Blue Print, 1, 2; Nautilus, 3, 4; Basketball, 1, 2, 3; Battalllon Com- mander, N. R. O. T. C; Vice-President, Sigma Chi. FED FRANKLIN JARVIS, JR. Columbus, Ga. Civil Engineering Chi Ep.silon, 5; Student Council, 4, 5; A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4, Vice-Presi- dent, 5; Co-op Club, 3, Secretary, 4, 5; S. A. M. E., 3, Secretary, 4, President, S; Tau Beta Pi, 5. WILLIAM STEWART JOHNSON Davenport, Iowa Chemistry Theta Chi Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary, 3, 4; Anak, Vice-President, 4; Bulldog Club, President; Alpha Chi Sigma; Interfraternity Council, 3, President, 4; Y. M. C. a. Cabinet, 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 3; Student Council, 2, 3, 4; Phi Eta Sigma, 1; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Phi Kappa Phi; Engineer, 2; Blue Print, 4; Freshman Basketball; Varsity Basketball, 3, Alternate Captain, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students m American Colleges and Uni- versities; President, Senior Class; Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Class; Secretary, Theta Chi; Vice-President, Theta Chi; President, Thcta Chi. ARCHIE SIMPSON JOHNSTON, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Ceramic Engineering Delta Tail Delta Skull and Key, 2; American Ceramic Society, 2, Secretary, 3, 4; Yellow Jacket, 1; Manager, Basketball Team, 1, 2, Senior Manager, 3, 4; Presi- dent Delta Tau Delta. HENRY DOHERTY JOINER Athens, Ga. Electrical Engineering CLAUDE WILSFORD JOINER Lookout Mountam, Tenn. Textile Engineering Phi De ' ta Thcta LLOYD PARKS JONES Atlanta, Ga. Ceramic Engineering Vhi Delta Thcta ROBERT PETER JONGEDYK Miami, Fla. Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega. JAMES DANIEL KEITH Louisville, Ky. Chemical Engineering Thcta Chi Co-op Club, 3, 4; S. A. M. E., 3, 4; A. I. Ch. E., 3, Secretary, 4; Blue Print, 4; Secretary, Theta Chi. ALEXANDER SCOTT KELSO Laurel, Miss. Mechanical Engineering Kappa Alpha Student Council, 3, 4; Interfraternity Council, 3, Treasurer, 4; Anak, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities; Bulldog Club; Yellow Jacket Club; Skull and Key; M. L. Brittain Debating Club, 1, 2; Honor Roll, I; Techiiiiinc, I, 2, Editor, 3, 4; Yellow Jacket, I, 2, 3; Athletic Board, 3, 4; President, Kappa Alpha. mh M Class of forty-four 49 fe N R S LEE HOLLAND KNOX Tliomaston, Gj. Ml-CHANKAL EN INrI:RING A. S. M. E.; Track, I, 2. 1, 4; Cross Country, I, :, 3, 4. STANLEY RICHARD KRYSIAK Bridscport, Conn. Industrial Management Phi Kappa Sfgifta Bulldog Club; I. M. Society; Intcrfraternity Council; President of Phi Kappa Sigina. SEYMOUR LAMPERT Dumont, N. J. Afronautical Engineer ing Phi Eta Sigma, 1; I. A. S., 3, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Bif.hicir. 3; Football, 1; Track, I. ROY DEWOLF LANDSBERG New York, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E., 3. GEORGE L. LANE, JR. Aliquippa, Pa. Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Co-op Club. PAUL LOUIS LEE Miami, El.i. Chemical Engineering Phi Epsiloi: Pi Tau Beta Pi, 3, Vice-President, 4; Omicron Delta Kapp.i. 4; A. I. Ch. E., 3, President, 4; Bulldog Club, 4; Skull and Key, 2; I. R. C, 1, 2; Phi lita Sigma, 1; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Technique, 1, 2, 3, Feature Editor, 4; Blue Print, I, 2, 5, Editor-in-Chief, 4; Freshman Track; Intcrfra- ternity Council, 3, Vice-President, 4; President, Phi Epsilon Pi; Anak, 4; Student Council, 4. DAVID KALMAN LEVIN Union City, N. J. Electrical I ngini i king Tail Epsilon Phi Kt. Kappa Nu, 3, 4; A. I. E. E., 3, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2; Vice-President, Tau Epsilon Phi, HENRY ROBERT LINDENBAUM Forest Hills, I . L, . Y. Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; A. I. Ch. E., 3, 4; Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4; A. I. Ch. E. Award; President ' s Gold T. JAMES ROBERT LITTLE Charlotte. N. C. Industrial Management Sigma Alpha Epsilon Nautilian Society, 3, 4; Nautilus, 3, 4; Manager, Swimming Team, 3, 4; Navy Dance Committee, 2, 3, Chairman, 4; N. R. O. T. C, 1, 2, 3, 4, Cadet Lieutenant, j. g., 4, Company Sub-Commander, 4; Vice-President. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. GEORGE EDWARD LUNSFORD, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management HUGH JOHN LYNCH Atlanta, Cia. Industrial Management Sigma Alpha Epsilon JOHN CLARE MACLIN Shrevepirt, La. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, 4, 1; A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4, 5. HARRY C. MaiMAHON Hasan.i, ( uba Electrical Engineering Theta Chi A. I. E. E.; Bulldog Club; Newman Club. RALPH THOMAS MACOMBER St. Petersburg, Ela. Aeronautical Engineering CARL IRA MADDOX Atlanta, G.i. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Njf 50 WILLIAM CHEAIRS MANN Marianna, Ark. Architecture Sif ina Chi Kappa Kappa Psi; Newman Club. JOHN VERNON MANNING Atlanta. Ga. Electrical Engixelring Phi Eta Sigma, 1; Tau Beta Pi, Secretary, 4; Eta Kappa Nu, Vice-Presi- dent, 4; Nuiililns. 4; Lieutenant, j. j;., N. R. O. T. C. FREEMAN EDGAR MARTIN Jacksonville, Fla. Electrical Engineering Sigma Chi Eta Kappa Nu, . , 4; Tau Beta Pi, 4; Sub-Commander " B " Company, N. R. O. T. C; Nautilian Society, 4; A. I. E. E., .1, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2; Nautilus, 3. Circulation Manager, 4; Secretary ot Sigma Clii. HORACE CARLISLE McCOY General Engineering I. A. S. Sylvester, Ga. JOHN CAMERON McGAUGHEY Atlanta, Ga. Civil Engineering Sigrua Nu Chi Epsilon, 3, Secretary-Treasurer, 4; Civil Crew, 3, 4; A. S. C. E., 2, 3. 4; Kappa Kappa Psi. 2. 5. 4; Technique, 1. 2. 3; Rifle Team, 2; Football Band. I, 2, 3, 4; Captain, R. O. T. C. SAMUEL RUSSELL McGEE, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Management Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1. M. Society, President, 4; Skull and Key, Secretary. 2; Yellow Jacket Club, 2, 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa, 4; Nautilian Society, 4; Nautilus, 2, 3, Editor, 4; Blue Prjnt, I. 2. 3, 4; Yellow jacket. 1. 2, 3; Track. 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball. 1, 2. 3; Company Commander, N. R. O. T. C. lOHN F. McNALLY Atlanta. Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Beta Thela Pi JAMES LOUIS McPHERSON Cliattanooga. Tenn. Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma. 2. Secretary, 3, 4; Baptist Student L nion, 2, First Vice-President, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. ARCH Vi ' . MEAGHER ' Whitwell. Tenn. Electrical Engineering DANIEL HOWARD MERCER. JR. Macon. Ga. Electrical Engineering Lambita Chi Alpha S. A. M. E.; R. O. T. C. Rifle Team. 4; Army R. O. T. C. EMERSON DEVERE METCALF Gasport, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.; Alpha Phi Omega. 1, 2. 3, 4. DOUGLAS MILNER Rome. Ga. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.; S. A. M. E.; Cadet Second Lieutenant. R. O. T. C. HAROLD AYCOCK MONTAGUE Goldsboro, N. C. Architectural Engineering P; Kappa Alpha Phi Eta Sigma, 1; Tau Beta Pi, 4; Architectural Society; Honor Roll. 1, 2. 3. 4; Cadet Lieutenant. R. O. T. C. iSKf " ATi «ktf ROBFRT ALLEN MOORE Electrical Engineering Shelby ville, Tenn. STANLEY H. MOORE Springfield. III. Mechanical Engineering, Co-op A. S. M. E., 3, 4; S. A. M. E., 4; Som-O-Tech, I. 2; Business Manager, Georgia Tech Alumnui, 3, 4. Class of forty-four 51 s E N I O R S FORRI-ST ADAMS MORGAN Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Knginilrinc, Eta Kappa Nu, 5; Honor Roll, -1. ROBERT EMUEL MORRIS Muskogee. Okla. Elec trical Engineering Alp ju Tail Omcfiii Tau Beta ?i, Vice-President, 4; Eta Kappa Nu. 4; liruierian, 2, Secre- tary, 3, President, 4; Student Council, 3, 4; Co-op Club, 2, 3, Secre- tary, 4; A. 1. E. E., 3, President, 4; S. A. M. E., 3, 4; Omicron Delta Kappa, 4; President, Student Council, 4. FREDERICK EGBERT MOTT, JR. Babylon, L. E, N. Y. Civil Hngineering C ji Psi A. S. C. E., 2, 3, 4; Nuii ilus, 4; Treasurer. Ciii Psi, 3. DAVID MULTACH Belle Glade, Fla. Chemistry Phi Eta Siyma, 1; N. R. O. T. C; Phi Kapp.i Phi, 4. CANDLER AMBROSE MURPIIEV. JR. Decuur. Ga. Ml CHA NU Al !■ N(,INi I KI N(, Si}; HI a Al jt hi i fnilini FRANK MAROLD NELSON Charlotte. N. C. Mechanic al Engini i ring LIONELL HERBERT NELSON Jacksonville Beach, Fia. Electrical I! nginllring ' ? (iiiimitii Delta Skull .nul Key, 2 ; Bulldoi; C lub; Recorduiv; Secretary, Phi Gamma Delta. FEASTER HERRICK NE X ' TON Columbia, S. C General E ' ngini i ring Chi Vsi N.iulilian Society; N. R. O. T. C.; Wresilinj; Tcmi. 3; Vice-President, ( hi Psi. WILLIAM FOSTER NORMAN Atlanta. Ga. Mechanical Enginfering Sigma Nu Skull and Key, 2; A. S. M. E.; Cross Country, I, 2; Track, 1, 2, 3; Vice-President, Sigma Nu. MERILL JOHNSTON OSBORNE Athens, Ga. Electrical Engineering Alpha Tail Omega Tau Beta Pi, 4; Eta Kappa Nu, 3, 4; Briaerean Society, 3, 4; Co-op Club, 2, 3, 4; Glee Club. 1, President, 2, 3, 4; A. I. E. E., 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3; " Y " Cabinet, 3. 4; President, Alpha Tau Omega. JOSEPH BRUCKNER OWENS Decatur, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Cadet Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. JOHN RICHARD PADS Mamaroneck, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Pi Tau Sigma, 3, Treasurer, 4; A. S. M. E.. 3, 4; intertraternity Council, 4; Elonor Roll. 1; Wrestling Team, Captain, 3; Cross Ct untry, 1; Sec- retary and Treasurer of Pi Kappa Phi. WESLEY CROSS PAXSON Jacksonville, Fla. Eli ctrkal Engineering Phi Delta Theta Anak, Treasurer, 4; Student Council, Vice-President. 4; T Club, 3, 4; Eta Kappa Nu; Honor Roll, I ; President, Junior Class; Secretary-Treas- urer, Senior Class; Basketball. 1, 2, 3. Captain, 4; Baseball, 3; Skull and Key, 2; Vice-President. Phi Delta Theta. JOHN RICHARDSON POER Atlanta, Ga. Chlmecal Enginei ring Phi Delta Theta President of Phi Delta Theta. CHARLIE; POOLOS Atlanta, Ga. Al RONAU I ICAL F.NGIfcJI LRING 52 LUTHER McBRIDE PRYOR Douslas. Ga. Mechanical Engineering GABRIEL QUELQUEJEU Panama. Panama Industrial Management WILLIAM GERVAISE QUINN Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering EDGAR OCOXNOR RAND Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Chi Phi Skull and Key, 2; Bulldog Club, 3, 4; S. A. M. E., 4; I. A. S., 3, Vice- President, 4; Yflloif Jacki ' t, I; Football Manager, 1, 2, 3; Cadet Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C; Vice-President, Chi Phi. ROBERT BRECKENRIDGE REED Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta HENRY LAMAR REID. JR. Atlanta. Ga. Industrial Management Sigma Alpha Epsiloii I. M. Society, Secretary, 4. GEORGE UTLSE ROBINSON Clearwater, Fla. Chemistry Sigma Alpha Ep ilon NEWTON YOUNG ROBINSON New Orleans, La. Chemical Engineering M. L. Brittain Debating Society. ORRIN W. ROBINSON Honolulu, Hawaii Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.; Co-op Club. ROBERT EDWARD ROBINSON Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Ph. Eta Sigma, 1; Phi Kappa Phi; A. S. M. E.; I. A. S.; Tau Beta Pi Sophomore Engineering Award, 2; A. S. M. E., Junior M. E. Award, 3; Dr. Brittain ' s Gold T, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; N. R. O. T. C. WILLIAM M. ROCAMORA AsheviUe, N. C. Mecha.nical Engineering WILLIAM MILLER RODGERS Savannah, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Alpha Phi Omega; A. S. M. E.; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. FRANK WILLIAM ROGERS, JR. Decatur, Ga. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. MORRIS DANIEL ROUSSO Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical E.ngineering Sigma Gamma EGBERT DARNELL RUCKER Dyersburg, Tenn. Electrical Engineering, Co-op Delta Tail Delta Phi Eta Sigma; Briaerean Society; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Co-op Club; A. I. E. E.; Honor Roll, 1; Blue Print, 2, 3; M. L. Brittain Debating Society, 1, 2, 3. Class of forty-four 53 s E N I O R S HERMAN SAMUEL Baltimore, Md. Electrical Engineering Phi Eta Sigma, 1; Phi Kappa Phi, 4; A. I. E. E., 3, Vice-President, 4; Gold T, 3; Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4. MAYNARD JUDSON SANDERS Atlantic Beach, Fla. Industrial Management Sigma Alpha Ep iliiu Student Council, 1, 2, Secretary, 3, President, 4; Georgia Tech Athletic Board; Yellow Jacket Club; YelJoir ]ackfl, 1, 2, 3; Technique, 1, 2, 3; Freshman Football Team; Cheerleader, 4; Platoon Commander, N. R. O. T. C; President, Freshman Class; Vice-President, Sophomore Class. WIl.t.IAM ARTHUR SCHMID Jackson, Miss. Aeronautical Engineering Sigma Phi Ep ilon Tau Beta Pi. 4; Bulldog Club, 3, 4; 1. A. S., 3, Treasurer, 4; Honor Roll, I. 2, 3; Navy Rifle Team, 1, 2, 3, 4; N. R. O. T. C, 1, 2, 3, Cadet Lieutenant, 4; Nautilian Society, 4; Vice-President Sigma Phi Epsilon. DUNLAP SCOTT, JR. Rome. Ga. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. SILAS OWEN SHEETZ Fayettcville, N. C. Mechanical Enginiiring Co-op Club. WALLACE BEVERLY SHIVER Atlanta, Ga. Industrial Managi mi nt Phi Delia Thcla ALAN W. SILVI:RMAN Brooklyn, N. Y. Textile I nginei-ring Sigma Gamma Phi Psi. HAROLD NORMAN SILVERS Miami, FI.l Aeronautical Engineering Bcia The a Pi 1. A. S., 2, 3, President. 4; Blue Print, 2; Yillotr jaiki . I, 2; Tnli- uiqiif, 1, 2. MALCOLM Xt ' ALLIS SIMMONS East Point, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi A. S. M. E.; Track. 1; Football, 2, 4; Secretary and President of Pi Kappa Phi. EDWARD STANLEY SMITH Monson, Mass. Mechanical Engineering Club, 2. 3. Treasurer, 4, President, 4; A. S. M. V..; Cadet Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. JOHN PLl ' AS SMITH Dalton, Ga. Civil Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha RICHARD NEWTON SMITH, JR. Rome, G.i. Electrical Engineering, Co-op Briaerean Society; Eta Kappa Nu. Vice-President, 4, President, !; Alpha Phi Omega; A. I. E. E.; Co-op Club; Radio Club. ROBERT E. SPENCER Palatka, Fla. Mechanical Engineering Alpha Phi Omega. JOHN LEWIS STANLEY Decatur, Ga. Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Bulldog Club, Secretary, 4; Alpha Chi Sigma; A. I. Ch. E.; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll, I, 2; N. R. O. T. C. NXOODS IIITE STATON Atlant.i, Ga. General Engineering Alpha Tan Omega Honor Roll, 3; Golf Team; R. O. T. C. 54 THOMAS LESLIE STEDMAN St. Petersburg, Fl.i. Chemical Engineering j American Institute ot Chemical Engineers, Student C ' li.ipter. ROBERT SAUL STEIN brooklyn. N. Y. - Electrical Engineering, Co-op Si ma Gamma Phi Eta Sigma, 1; Phi Kappa Phi, 4; Briaerean, 3, 4; Radio Club, 1, 2; Honor Roll, I, 3, 4; Secretary and Vice-President ot Sigma Gamma. I i HOVC ' ARD LOGAN STILLWELL. JR. Atlanta. G.i. ' Industrial Management Sigma Alpha Epsilon Skull MM-i Key, 2; T Club. 2, 3. 4; Naiifilus, 4; Track. 1. 2. 3, 4; C:iih-i Lieutenant, N. R. O. T. C. ' EARL WIMBFRLY STRADTMAN Savannah, Ga. Industrial. Management Sigrna Alpha Epsilon HI-RBLRT KURT STRASS Atlanta. Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha 1. A. S.. 3, 4: Camera Club, 3, 4. ARTHUR CONRAD STUCKI Grantwood, N. J. Mi CHANICAL Engineering Delta Sigma Phi Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Interfraternicy Council, 3, 4; Treasurer ot Delta Sigma Phi. r W ILLIAM LEWIS SUDDERTH Norcross, Ga. ' I ■ MiiCHANicAL Engineering JOHN BYARD SWIFT Atmore, Al.i. . Electrical Engineering M RICHARD TAYLOR SYMES Rio de Janerio, Biazil H Industrial Design li RUSSELL IRWIN TARVER Lookout Mountain, Tcnn. Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma. 4; A. I. Ch, E., .1. 4; NaHlilia, 4; Wrestling, 4. JOHN STUART THIBADEAU Atlanta, Ga. K Industrial Management Sigma Chi Skull and Key; Nautilian Society; Yellow Jacket Club. 2. 3, Secretary, 4; ' ' Nautilus, Busmess Manager; Cadet Lieutenant, j. g., N. R. O. T. C. ROBERT LOCKE THOMISON Lookout Mountain, Tenn. Mechanical Engineering Sig7}ia Alpha Epsilon Omicron Delta Kappa, 4; Anak, 4; Pi Tau Sigma, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon. 2, 3, 4, Secretary; Bulldog, Treasurer, 3, 4; Skull and Key, 2; A. S. M. E., 3, Secretary, 4; Student Council. 5, 4; C ' ho s ( ' ho Among Students in .. 9 1 . American Colleges and Universities; Student-Faculty Honor Committee. iJl l 3, 4; Editor-in-Chief. Yellow Jacket , 3; Editor-in-Chief, Blue Print, 4; i Cadet Lieutenant, j. g., N. R. O. T. C. ■ ! V HAROLD FRANCIS TIGHE Martins Ferry, Ohio f ' ' • fLl Chemical Engineering ? Sigma Phi Epsilon h»» A. I. Ch. E.; President. Sigma Phi Epsilon. MALCOLM TRO C ' BRIDGE, JR. Huntington, ' . Va. Chemical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Tau Beta Pi, 4; Briaerean Society. 3, 4; A. L Ch. E., 3. 4. REA HOFFMAN TRIMMER Stuart, Fla. Electrical Engineering, Co-op Delta Tait Delta Eta Kappa Nu. 4, Treasurer, 5; Co-op Club, 2, 3, 4, S; A. I. E. E.. 4, S; Yellow Jacket, 3. Class of forty-four 55 p. )4 s E N I O R S ALFRED W. TRUAN Queens Village, N. Y. MuHANicAL Engineering Phi I ' .ta Sigma. FREDERICK MILLS VAl.Z, JR. Jacks.inville, Fla. Civil- I!ngineering Pi Kiippj Alpha Interfraternity CuuncM. Secretary, 4: Anak, 4; Tau Ikta Pi, 4. ROBERT DETRICK VAN VALIN San Diego, Calif. Aeronautical Engineering P ji Gamma Delta STEVEN ALEXANDER VARGA Putsburgh, Penn. Mechanical Engineering JOHN WITHERSPOON WALLACE Atlanta, Ga. Aeronautical Engineering Chi Phi TERRELL CLARK WATKINS, JR. El Dorado, Ark. Chi-Micae Engineering COMER VINC:|;NT WEAVI-R, jr. Atlanta, Ga. GiNiRAi Engineering ' ; Kappa Phi Anak, 4; Yellow Jacket C:lub, 1, 2, (, Vice-President, 4; Student Coun- cil, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4; Skull and Key, 2; Basketball, 1, 2, i, 4; Track, 1, 2, i, 4; Battalion Comniander, N. R. O. T. (. ' ■; Secretary, Pi Kappa Pin. JOHN DEWEY WEAVER, JR. Rocky Mount, N. C. Civil I ' Nginiering licla Thela Pi WILLIAM J. WEGMANN Tampa, Fla. Aeronautical Encinllring IRVIN WEINBERG • Atlanta, Ga. i ' .i I c iRicAL Engineering Sigma Gamma Rrlle Team, 4; Camera Club, 2, 1, 4. IRVING M. WEINER Atlanta, Ga. Ti-Xiiii Engineering Ph, PpuUni Pi Presiilent of Phi Ipsilon Pi. INO GUENTHLR NX ITSKE ■ Mission, Tenn. Ceramic Engineering American Ceramic Society. c;UY OSLIN WHELCHEL, JR. Athens, Ga. Eeectrk AL Engineering Chi Phi A. I. E. E., 3, 4. CHARLES LEROV WTUTAKER, JR. Waynesboro, Pa. CiENERAL ENGINEERING Beta Theta Pi JOHN L:)ANIEL white savannah, Ga. Civil Encinllring Phi Delta Theta A. S. C. E.; Tethnhiin: 1, 2: Iii:. ii:eer, 2; Ritle Team, I ; N. R. O. T. C. 56 JAMES HAROLD WHITFIELD Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering DANIEL MERWIN UHITLEY Huntinston, W. Va. Chemical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha Alplia Chi Sigma, 3, 4; Briaerean Society, 3, 4; A. I. Cli. K., 3, 4. CHARLES N. WHITMIRE, JR. Griffin, Ga. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E., 3, 4, 5. GEORGE SCHLEY WHITTLESEY Albany, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Phi Delia Thcta ROBERT O. WILHELM Baltimore, Md. Civil Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha A. S. C. E.; Briaerean Society; Chi Epsilon; Co-op Club; Omicron Delta Kappa; Tau Beta Pi; Yellow Jacket Club. VSTLLlAiM LOYU ( ' ILHOIT Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Alpha Tan Otue a Anak, 4; Bulldog, 4; Skull and Key, 2; " Y " Cabinet, 4; Yellow Jacket Club, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; A. S. M. E., 4; Senior Manager, Football Team, 4. DeWITT LEON WILLIAMS, JR. Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha PAUL CALLAWAY WILLIAMS Rome, Ga. Civil Engineering Co-op Club; Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E. JOE MAC WILSON . ' . Marietta, Ga. Chemistry RALSTON BROCKINTON WOODS Savannah, Ga. Industrial Management Pi Kappa Alpha Interfraternity Council, 2, 3, 4; Student-Faculty Lecture Association, 2, 3, 4; Student Council, 1, 4; Freshman Football; President. Freshman Class; Secretary-Treasurer, Sophomore Class; President and Vice-President, Pi Kappa Alpha. DANIEL LAVAINE WORTH Broxton, Ga. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Student Chapter. VICTOR HUBERT WYCOTT Atlanta, Ga. Chemical Engineering American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Student Chapter. OSCAR A. YOHAY ' Flushing, N. Y. Mechanical Engineering JIM HOUSTON ZIKE Muskogee, Okla. Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma, 3, 4; A. I. Ch. E., 4. Class of forty-four 57 CLASS OFFICERS CLASS OF MARCH, 1945 Bp GELLERSTEDT JUNIOR CLASS L. L. Gellerstedt R. G. Hill . . E. L. Potter . . President . Vicc-Prcsiiien Si ' i. ri iir -Trciiiurer BIACKSHEAR SOPHOMORE CLASS D. P. Blackshear . L. L. Gellerstedt . R. W. Gaston . . . Vice-Vrcsident Secretary-Treasurer JUNIORS ■ _ J k — ■ 1 - - ■• " ' ' ' ' S ' ' ' . ' " ' " ' Alpha Atlanta, Ga. J ' fc ' ' ff M Miami, V Hg Jl Atlanta. Ga. " i 1 , p Anderson Atlanta, Ga. ' _A -M. C. Andi RSON, Dil a Tan Delta ■ ■ Fort Worth, Tex. VJ R. P. Angi;il. Lambda Chi y4 i jii ■ St. Petersburg, Fla. Jjm T. R. .■ nthoine. Alpha Tan Omega ■ ■ Fort Valley, Ga. N y " r ! • . RtNolSKV, Tail Epiilon Phi- ■ ■ . Bayonne, N. J. L L . . A. Arkin Miami Beach, Fla. I. L. AsKLW. Br a Thtia Pi Columbus. Ga. . . W. B. ker Atlanta, Ga. F. A. Baker, Si ma Chi Atlanta, Ga. B. S. B.arnes Decatur. Ga. J. R. Barton Pennington, Va. . . T. Bearse Atlanta, Ga. A. D. Beck Zcllwood, Fla. B. S. Bell Richland, Ga. W. B. Bell. Sigma Nil Oriente, Cuba T. C. Benning . tlanta, Ga. i E. W. Berceceay Savannah, Ga. «a Jg HM C. Biddinger Atlanta, Ga. B. B. Blackburn, Lambda Chi Alpha . St. Petersburg, Fla. D. P. Blackshear, Chi Phi . tlanta, Ga. J. W. Blake Savannah, Ga. L. T. Bohannon Moreland, Ca. W " . H. BoTTOMLEV Birmingham, Ala. . M • fi- Bourne, Sigma Alpha Epsiloii • • Brunswick, Ga. sSjJP J- V. BoYETT Miami, Fla. L. . Brannox Atlanta. Ga. B. P. Bro« .V, Alpha Tan Omega Ciaro, Ga. D. D. Bromcn, Kappa Sigma Pike Road, Ala. I. W. Bro« N Atlanta, Ga. W. R. Brovi N Atlanta, Ga. F. . Brvan .Atlanta, Ga. C. BuHMAN .•Atlanta, Ga. L. B. BuRDETT Atlanta, Ga. J. M. Burgess, Sigma Chi .i tlanta, Ga. T. U. BtrRKE, Phi Kappa Sigma Atlanta, Ga. T. C. BuRNETTE Black Mountain, N. C. JUNIORS T. E. Burns Bjliimorc. Md. W. H. Burns, Kapl ,i Alp ni Maciin, Ga. P. D. Bush Barncsvillc, Ga. k D. Bush, Chi Pht Augusta, Ga. A. M. BuTKRA Port Jefferson, N. Y. J. L. Cai-Dwell W. J. Camp T. C. Campbell, S .t; " ' ' ' Chi • C. T. Cargill ■ ■ • Augusta. Ga. ■ • Sylvester, Ga. Tullahoma, Tenn Hattiesburg, Mi- s. C. L. Carter Dalton, Ga. H. B. Caulkins, Bcfil Thcfa Pi ■ - Chattanooga, Tenn D. P. Chandler Huntland, Tenn W. C. Charles, Kappa Si iiia Bristol, Va J. F. Cheney, Kupp,: Alpha Albany, Ga E. E. Clark Atlanta, Ga N. B. Clark, Phi Gamma Delia ■ ■ ■ Washington, D. C. J. S. H. Clarkson York, S. C. R. P. Clarson, Bc a Theta P: . . . . Jack ' onville, Fla. R. D. Cobb , tlanta, Ga. A. Cohen Brooklyn, N. Y. W. Cohen, Sigma Gamma Brooklyn, N. Y. M. B. Coker Turbevillc, S. C. J. E. Coleman, Sigma A ' pha lipuluii ■ ■ ■ Atlanta, Ga. W. H. C. Colly Atlanta, Ga. L. D. Conn Memphis, Tenn. A. W. CORDES, Alplta Tan Omega .... Savannah, Ga. W. J. CoRDEs, Delta Tail Delta Atlanta, Ga. B. M. Cronkhite Cambridge, Mass. R. T. CuMMiNGS Big Stone Gap, Va. W. B. Daniel Mulberry, Tenn. L. J. Daniels, Jr., Phi Delta Thela ■ ■ Shreveport, I. a. A.Q.Davis Atlanta, Ga. J. M. Davis Smyrna, Ga. J. M. Davis Macon, Ga. R. G. Deemer, Delta Sigma Phi .... Rockford, III. C " . G. Denhjn, Jr. P. 1-. DeSena • . . 11. A. Dick E. P. Dicks, PIti Kappa Sigma ■ ■ H. V. DiCristina, Kappa Alpha • • Brijnwood, (ia • - Fairview, N. J • • . Atlanta, Ga • ■ • Augusta, Ga ■ I lames ( ity, I ' la M ' imsm ' ' ' JUNIORS F. G. DoAR Savannah, Ga. I. H. DODSON Atlanta, Ga. M. H. DoLix Waynesboro, Ga. I ' . H. D ' Onofr:o Brooklyn, N. Y. II. F. DoRsiiN Atlanta. Ga. R. L. Dougherty Weehawken, N. J. A. J. Cow, Jr., Phi Kappa Sigma ■ ■ ■ Honolulu, T. H. G. B. Drazen, Tan Epsilon Phi ■ ■ ■ N ' ow Fiaven, Conn. II. R. DuBosE, Chi Phi Rome, Ga. L. W. Eaton, Jr., Kappa Alpha ■ ■ . Baton Rouge, La. C. J. Edison, Taii Epsilon Phi Xewton, Ma»s. J. A. Edmunds Columbus, Ga. W. L. Edwards Atlanta, Ga. T. W. Edwards, Jr., Phi Kappa Si nia . Corpus Cristi, Tex. P. A. Eggli, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. W. E. Ehrenspercer Birmingham, Ala. L. ElSEMAX Atlanta, Ga. R. O. Ekler Columbus, Ga. j. X. Epps, Kappa Sigma Augusta, Ga. J. R. Evans, Alpha Tan Omega Atlanta, Ga. M. E. Fauver, Phi Kappa Sigma Atlanta, Ga. G. Fernandez Tampa, Fla. D. J. FlTTS, Phi Delta Theta Atlanta, Ga. Fi. V. Fleming, Pi Kappa Phi Atlanta, Ga. E. C. Follett, Beta Theta Pi . ■ ■ Cape Elizabeth, Me. D. Y. Foster AsheviUe, N. C. V P. Foster, Phi Gamma Delta . . . Andover, Mass. C. C. Fowler Decatur, Ga. V. Franco Lima, Peru I. B. Freedman, Tan Epsilon Phi ■ ■ Great Neck, N. Y. R. W. Freeman, Sigma Chi Atlanta, Ga. J. C. FuNDERBURK Flovilla, Ga. J. B. Funsten Elberton, Ga. E. L. Gaissert, Alpha Tan Omega .... Madison, Ga. T. D. Galey, Sigma Chi Atlanta, Ga. M. X Gary, Phi Delta Theta .... Winter Park, Fla. R. W " . Gaston, Sigma Alpha Epulon ■ ■ Columbia, S. C. L. L. Gellerstedt, Sigma Chi Atlanta, Ga. T. .• . Ghor.mley, Delta Tan Delta .... Tampa, Fla. W " . C. Giegold Utica, X. Y. JUNIORS D. M. Gill Ciuitport, N. M. GiLLLR, ' I ' liii lipsiltm ' ) ■ . ■ Mi.imi Beach, Fh. J. I. Gonzalez Tampa, Fla. i M. Grli N Decatur, Ga. H. Gri I NDLRG Miami Bench. Fb. J. L. Grkink, S .ij ' Wrf Chi Atlanta, Ga. P. R. Griffin, Phi Gamma Dcl a .... Orange, Tex. R. D. Grogan Atlanta, Ga. F. Grovfnstfin, Jr. Albany, Ga. G. T. (iuNNKLL, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. A. FI. GuRiTZ, Kappa Sij nia Haines City, Fla. F. C. Hadlock Phoenix, Ariz. i ' . R. Halsti Au Hawkinsville, Ga. F. M. Hammill Beloit, Wis. M. G. Hamtton, Si.i ii a Alpha tpsilim • ■ Tampa, Fla. C. C. Hancock Cedar Hill, Tcnn. J. L. Hancock Atlanta, Ga. j. D. Hansell Daytona Beach, Fla. H. G. Hardin Atlanta, Ga. H. W. Hargis Atlanta, Ga. J. R. Harris. Jr. Bruokhaven, Ga. S. R. Harrison Tyler, Tex. R. F. Hartllin, Jr. Birmint;ham, Ala. L. B. Hawkins Dcrmott, Ark. G. W. Head, Kappa Alpha Macon, Ga. A. J. HtcHT, Phi Epsilon Pi Columbus, Ga. L. M. Heiman, Tail Epsilott Phi Atlanta, Ga. S. L. HeliJvIan, Sigma Gamma Atlanta, Ga. Y. A. Henderson, Jr., Si ma Chi .... Calhoun, Ga. P. F. Henry, Phi Delja Thvta Atlanta, Ga. E. M. Hi sri r, Chi Pm High Pomt, N. C. R. G. Hill. Kappa Alpha Albany, Ga. E. C. HiSF Arlington, Va. A. D. HoDFs, Ta FpsiloH Phi ■ ■ ( haitanooga, Tcnn. J. R. H iiin) v. Phi Delta Thiia Macon, CJa. D. C. HoRNijjRooh, Sifiina I ' hi i.p iltni ■ (. larksion, Ga. L. F. Howard Atlanta, Ga. B. S. FIowiNGTON Hapevillc, Ga. W. A. Huffmastek Palmetto, Ga. R. E. Humphreys Bradcnron. Fla. WW JUNIORS C. E. HuTCHiN ' s Savannah, Ga. I. C. Hl ' tchixs. Theld Chi .... Staten Island, N. Y. K. L. IcLNooLt, Phi Ganinid DcUii .... Atlanta, Ga. W. L. Imershein, Sigma Gannttj .... Hewlett, N. Y. J. U. Inslrni, The a Chi San Juan, P. R. J. R. IvF.Y. JR. Milner, Ga. J. U ' . Jackson Atlanta, Ga. E. P. Jaenicke, Sigma Alpha Epsilnii ■ ■ ■ Atlanta, Ga. A. B. Janney, Jr., Delta Tan Delta ■ ■ ■ Moultrie, Ga. T. S. Jeffrey, Delta Sigma Phi ■ ■ ■ Bridgeport, Conn. H. L. Johnson Atlanta, Ga. J. B. Jolly, Pi Kappa Alpha Taylorsville, Ga. J. E. Jones, Pi Kappa Alpha ■ ■ ■ Huntington, C ' . Va. ' . B. Jones, Jr. Fairburn, Ga. W. P. Jordan, Delta Tan Delta ... Monticello, Ga. R. B. JoYNER Griffin, Ga. E. J. Justus Atlanta, Ga. P. H. Kechley Atlanta, Ga. F. M. Kelley Hapeville, Ga. R. F. KrNNEY Atlanta, Ga. E. M. KoERiTZ St. Albans, N. Y. F. C. KoHN, Sigma Phi Epsiloii . ■ . Montgomery, Ala. H. ¥.Kkantz, ]k., Kappa Sigma . Rockville Center, N. Y. k ' . L. Kraus, Tan Epiilnn Phi ■ ■ ■ Cedarhurst, N. Y. R. M. Lamb, Sigma Alpha Epsilou .... Atlanta, Ga. R. W. Lamkin, Theta Chi Augusta, Ga. G. i. " . Lathem, Delta Tan Delta Atlanta, Ga. C. B. Lawler, Si gma Nn Atlanta, Ga. X ' . C. Laverty, Pi Kappa Alpha .... Princeton, Ky. G. E. Ledford Daytona Beach, Fla. C. S. Lee, Pi Kappa Alpha Oviedo, Fla. H. B. Lehr, Sigma Chi Valdosta, Ga. R. A. Lennon, Sigma Nn Thomasville, Ga. J. E. Lerner, Phi Epiilou Pi Hartsville, S. C. L Levin, Tan Ep ilon Phi Savannah, Ga. G. B. Llvine Loch Sheldrake, N. Y. J. B. LeVan, Phi Delta Theta ■ ■ ■ Chattanooga, Tenn. G. H. Lewis, Sigma Chi Atlanta, Ga. VC ' . D. LippMANN, Tau Epiiloit Phi .... Toledo, Ohio J. P. LocKM ICH, LamhJa Chi Alpha ■ ■ Baltimore, Md. JUNIORS H. M. loNC. ,|u., ; ' .7.i Cin liiUy, Al... S. B. Lowl , lictii 7 Inlii I ' l ■ ■ l.ookoui Mountain, Tunn. R. D. I.owRv Atlanta, G.i. A. 1. III! 1-ort V,illcy, Ga. J. K. Ln K Amcricus, Ga. R. LiRii Limi; IkMch, N. Y. j. M. Maas. Phi lipsllnll Pi Tampa, Ma. J. F. MacUonaiij, ,S ,t. ' (i Alplui Epsilou Washington, D. C. J. MacDonaio, |r. Charlotte, N. C. M. 1 . MA ni, Tjii ll ' silon Phi. R(._kvillc Ccntrt-, N. Y D. N. Ma( I I MORI Griflin, Ga. F. W. Maniv, Pi K.iplij Alplhi Dalton, Ga. R. S. Mann, Jr., K i}ipii Alp ui Nownan, Ga. C. A. Marmai STilN, Jr., Phi Kappii Siy,iiui • Decatur, Ga. S. li. Mason Atlanta, Ga. J. V. MATTH s Ha lehurst, Ga. T. R. Maui inN. Jr. Rome, Ga. R. K. Maxvci 1 1 , Tht a Chi Birmingham, Ala. J. F.. Mavis Atlanta, Ga. J. C. Mavsdn, Pi Kiijipii Phi Atlanta, Ga. F. P. Maxim Beacon, N. Y, J. A. McAii.isiiiR Atlanta, Ga. M. 1-. McCov, Jr., S ,i; h ( N ii .... Little Rock, Ark. C. H. McCrorv, Thelii Chi Berwyn, 111. F. F. M( Cr(iri , ,S , ' ;;i Chi Atlanta, Cn. H. S. McGahi I: Marietta, Ga. A. P. McIntosh Atlanta, Ga. C. O. McSwi I N. Kiippti Alp nt Franklin, La. R. I . MliRRiTT Atlanta, Ga. F. V. Ml RSIUJN, Si{ iii,i Chi Nashville, Tenn. H. J. Mlyir, Phi lilisilan Pi Meridian, Miss. R. Mi viR, Tiiii lip iliiii Pill Long Island, N. Y. R. L. Ml VI R. ' ' I- l ilnii Pi Meridian, Miss. J. 1 . Mil I I R, ( Viz ' A Savannah, Ga. N. R. Mil I I II, ;■ I p ilnii Pi Ilallimiire. Md. R. X ' . Mil I iN(., ' ' Ktipjtj Sis iini .... Atlanta, Ga. H. S. Mll-l.SAl ' s New Holland, (ia. C. R. Minors Chamblee, Ga. A. A, MoGllNKki, 77 i7(( Chi ... Brooklyn, N. Y. J. A. Moody Warren, Conn. JUNIORS M. R. MooRi . ,S .i; ;;i : I fiJui Ejnrloit .... Atlanta, Ga. V , F. MooRi It. L.iuderdale, Fla. W. M. Mt ORL. Dtltii Villi Di-lti Atlanta, Ga. W. D. MoRKis Atlanta, Ga. K. P. Mo-SEM ' .McDonough, Ga. W. C. Mommy. Jr. . tlanta, Ga. W. G. Mui-i I N Columbus, Ga. H. K. Narkati s Ha?cl Park, Mich. C. B. Neill, Bct.i Tlnlii Pi Atlanta, Ga. J. T. Neesmith. Jr. .Statcsboro, Ga. W. C. Newell, Phi Guiiiiiin Dil a ■ . tlanta, Ga. C. T. Nixon. A ' j j ia Alfihu Decatur, Ga. P. G. North, Kapfia Alpha ■ ■ ■ X ' «t Palm Beach, Fla. G. M. Nottingham, Jr. Macon, Ga. J. F. NoVES .Atlanta, Cia. C. W. Olsen, Jr., S,ii mj Alpha Epsiinn Da lona Beach. Fla. A. K, O ' Shea Atlanta, Ga. C. T. Owen, Si tma Chi Atlanta, Ga. J. F. Park. Dilla Tan Delia Benton, Tenn. J. F. Park Montgomery, Ala. . 1. Patterson Birmingham. Ala. W. C. Payne. Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. J. D. Pearce, Alpha Tan Onit ' a Atlanta, Ga. W. G. Pechllis Baltimore, Md. L. D. Perlis. Phi RpMlmi Pi Cordelc, Ga. I.. J. Peri IS, Phi EpMloii Pi Cordele. Ga. , . B. Pierce, Alpha Tan Umraa . tlanta, Ga. R. E. Pippin, Kappa Six ' i ' a Manassett, N. Y. G. D, Plant, Phi Delta Thc a Macon, Ga. J. D. Plaxco, Kappa Alpha Louisville, Ga. C. A. Pollard, Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. W. S. Pope Atlanta, Ga. E. L. Potter, Kappa Alpha Greenville, S. C. W. J. Price, Jr.. Kappa Sixma ■ Rockville Centre, N. Y. E. S. Prokop Cleveland, Ohio R. F. Rabun Atlanta, Ga. T. ' . Radford Keysville, Ga. W. U ' . Ramage Tampa, Fla. S. H. Raskin, Phi Epulon Pi Savannah, Ga. B. RiEVE, Jr., Pi Kappa Phi . tlanta, Ga. JUNIORS R. W. RhEvis, Jr. Fitzgerald, G.i. G. C. Rhoad Atlanta, Cia. K. r. RHODts Lake City, Fla. C. H. Rhvni; Atlanta, Ga. G. R. RjtF-, Six " ' " Aljiha hjisilmi Atlanta, Cia. |. F. Richards Ocean Springs, Miss. S. M. Richards Avondalc Estates, Ga. M. O. Richter Athens, Ala. C. F. RiLEV, Jr. Millcdgevillc, Ga. F. J. RoBLRSoN, Delta Six " t ' i 7 ' ■ ■ ■ Bridgeport, Conn. J. H. Robinson, Lambda Chi Alpha ■ Mt. Juliet, Tenn. C. F. Rogers Osborn, Mo. J. A. Roemng, Jr. Springfield, Tenn. M. E. Rose, Sr fia Alpha Epuluii .... Decatur, Ga. W. P. RossELLE, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. M. M. RoTTERSMANN Memphis, Tenn. J. Sackellares, Delta SiX " ia Phi ■ ■ • Fort Valley, Ga. G. S. Sacer Brooklyn, N. Y. C. E. Salter, Jr. Dawson, Ga. C. W. Samford Atlanta, Ga. E. F. Santos Tampa, Fla. R. F. Sasser, Lambda Chi Alpha .... Valdosta, Ga. S. Sattler, Si ma Gamma New York, N. Y. E. ScHARI SCHWERDT, Sl iua Alpha l.pulon Ft. Pierce, Fla. C. A. Scott, Thcta Chi Chattanooga, Tenn. E. P. Scott Macon, Ga. H. Seitz Atlanta, Ga. A. Senter, Tati Lp ilii}i Phi ... New York, N. Y. W. J. Settles, Thcta Chi Cuthbert, Ga. W. C. Shaver, Pi Kappa Alpha Wayside, Ga. D. E. Shifke Bessemer, Micli. C. G. Shepherd Atlanta, Ga. G. T. Sheppard, Jr., Kappa S xma .... Cordelc, Ga. H. E. Shi ppard. Alpha Tan Oiiicxa ■ ■ Sandersvillc, Cja. R. J. Sherman Atlanta, Ga. R. Slim, Tail I pill, III Phi Maiden, Mass. 11. 1. SiiiiiiT, Bila Thtla Pi ■ ■ ■ ■ liulcpendence. Kan. J. R. SllRADiR Athens, ' I enn. E. U. SiMKiNs, Uilta ' Tail Delta ■ ■ ■ Jacksonville, Fla. J. M. Sims Columbus, Ga. EKiiZX JUNIORS I. G. Sims Columbus, Ga. K. H. Simpson, Jr., Chi I ' i Thomiston, Ga. I. j. Skidmorf, Jr., Pi Kd i u ' • • Albemarle, N. C. R. L. Sl.AlEN College Park, Ga. W. C. SiAucmiR, Jk. Atlanta, Ga. R. O. Sloan Atlanta, Ga. A. L. Si-OTiN, Tan lijiuUni Phi Glennville, Ga. C ' . H. Smales Birmingham, Ala. R. H. Small, The a Chi Boston, Mass. A. R. Smith, Jr. Asliburn, Ga. r. H. Smith Atlanta, Ga. J. B. Smith Decatur, Ga. W. L. Smith, L,inih,la Chi Alpha ■ ■ ■ Pensacola, Fla. J. B. Sotomayor New Bedford, Mass. J. A. SOWELL, Jr., Siama l ' i: Brewton, Ala. R. W. Sparks, Sigma Alpha Epuliiii ■ ■ ■ Atlanta, Ga. |. M. Spencer, Jr., Beta Thcla Pi ■ ■ ■ ■ Spencer, La. R. A. Spitler, Jr., Del a Sixma Phi - ■ • Atlanta, Ga. W. D. Sproesslr, Kappa S .ijmi Atlanta, Ga. I. D. Stables Monroe, Va. S. E. Stahler, TaH Epnliiii Phi Scranton, Pa. V. I. Steele, Jr., Phi Di-lta Thcia ■ ■ Statesville, N. C. B. E. Stelzenmuller, Alpha Tan Oiiiexa Birmingham, Ala. B. McC. Stevens, Jr., Kappa Alpha ■ ■ Richton, Miss. W. S. Stewart, Sixma Chi Decatur, Ga. D. A. Stivers Atlanta, Ga. P. W. Stone, Alpha Tan Oiiu-. a Atlanta, Ga. B. W. Stopinski Birmingham, Ala. B. Storey, Alpha Tan Omega Armuchee, Ga. D. deG. Strong, Phi Delta Theta ■ ■ Winter Park, Fla. J. A. SuDER, Jr Jonesboro, Ga. G. P. SuMAR Lima, Peru T. E. Suttees Atlanta, Ga. R. F. Swinnie, Theta Chi Andrews, S. C. A. G. Swint, Jr., Alpha Tan Oniena ■ Orchard Hill. Ga. A. G. Symons, Del a Tan Delta .... Memphis, Tenn. T. T. Talley, Jr., Chi Phi Greenwich, R. L T. M. Tarpley, Jr., Kappa Alpha • Murfreesboro, Tenn. R. J. Taylor, III, Sigma Alpha lip ilon ■ ■ Atlanta, Ga. |. L. TiDDER, Jr. . Atlanta, Ga. JUNIORS ( ' . A. Ti Mi 1 N n.iltiniorc. Mil. F. N. Thayi R (A ' dar Rapids, Iowa H. 1. Thii I-, Phi Kiipjiii Siiii ' i ' i Benton, Ark. K. B. TlloMA, II. Phi Dcilti Thclu ■ ■ Tullahoma, Tcnn. R. . ' . Ifiomas liirminsham. Al.i. II, .X. Thorton, Sinwa Alt ha lijiuhm ■ ■ FIbcrton, Ga. H. 1). I OutHSTONf , Bcfii Thila I ' l ■ ■ ■ ■ Monroe, I. a. J. M. TucKl R, Jr. Savannah, Cja. T. R. TuRNtR, Si,iiiHii Phi L[t ilon ■ ■ ■ Jonesboro. Cia. R. I. Um, Si.K ' " ' ' Chi Atlanta, Ca. V( ' . V( ' . Varnf.doi:, Jr. . ' " itlanta. Cia. F. C. ViDA New York, N. Y. J. E. VoYLES Clearwater, Fla. M. L. WAKFFirin. Al 1 ki I ni Oiiit-iia ■ ■ , nniston, Ala. H, I.. R New York, N. Y. H. H. Vi ' ARD Atlanta, Ga. P. W. Ward Atlanta, Ga. J. T. Wardlaw, Phi Dvltii Theta ■ • Spartanburg, S. C. T. Fi. Warren, i ma Chi Waycross, Ga. W. F. VCarshauer Palm Beach, Fla. J. H. Watson, Phi Gaiiniui D,l ,i ■ Pelhani Manor, N. Y. J. W. Weatheri.i, v, v ), Si, iiI ' I ■ • ■ Nasliville, Tenn. J. C. Webb, Kaplu Mph.i Atlanta, Ga. A. W. WtlGLE Ft. Meyers, Fla. A. P. WiMYss, Jr. Gallatin, Tenn. M. C. West Atlanta, Ga. A. O. WniTi , Jr. Atlanta, Ga. C. G. X ' HlTl Atlanta, Ga. W. E. White, Jr., Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. L. B. Whitehead Atlanta, Ga. J. L. X ' li-l-lAMS, SiK ' ii ' i Alj ' ' ii l:f} itnii ■ ■ . Tampa, Fla. j. R. WiELlAMsoN Clayton, Ga. D, R. Williamson Fast Point, Ga. T. S. WiLLiNGHAM, Sixiiij M ph:i ljf.iliiii ■ ■ Macon, Ga. W. D. WiLLlNGHAM, ( . Pill Atlanta, Ga. F. D. WllsoN , S ,i;ot., . . i, llmhiii . MuntKOmery, Ala. M. i . WiMAN, Jr., Siaiiiii Al jihii l.jniloti ■ Atlanta, Ga. T. J. Withorn, ' Kiippii Phi Atlanta, Ga. H. F. Wrigui, Ph, n,l .i ilul.i Moultrie, Ga. L. J., Phi Dillii I h-I.i Moultrie, Ca. 1). P. Yarringtox, Hi .I I hi- in Pi ■ . ■ ■ Atlanta, Ga. B. II. Yav n, Kiipjiii Al p hi F.astman, Ga. V. H. Wvtorr Atlanta, Ga. C;. F. Zickert Beloit, Wis. CLASS OFFICERS CLASS OF NOVEMBER, 1945 FURCHGOTT SOPHOMORE CLASS R. L. Austin . B. D. Smith . M. H. FURCHGOTT . Prcsith ' nf . Vice-Presidcn Secretary-Treasurer SMITH B P FRESHMAN CLASS M. H. FURCHGOTT PreslJenf R. L. Austin Vice-Presulenf F. H. Gurry ' Sccrc ary-Treauirer SOPHOMORES H. L. AumcROMBii. fl.7j ThcU Pi ... . I ' .irtcrdile, Gj. J V. Adams Allania, Gj- J. E. Aderhold. Pli: Cjm»i« Di-lu AlljnlJ. Gj. J. H. ADtRMOlD. Jk.. Knppd Alpha . . Si. Simons Island. Gi. V, X. Amukosio N ' Rochcllc. N. Y. E. E. Ammons Lumpkin, Ga. i ' . V( ' . Andckson. Jk., Chi Vhi . ' Atlanta, Ga. J. ' . Anoki;»s, Phi DellJ Thrill Albany. Ga. L. R. AurzA Holguin. Cubi D. A. Armstkoni., Sijraj Chi Raleigh, N. C. R. J. Athev. TheU Chi Alexandria, la. D. B. ATJtJ.NS, Pi KjpltJ Phi Atlanta, Ga. R. L. Austi.n, Jr.. Kappa Alpha Newnan, Ga. M. AVCOCK, SiKiiia Alpha Epsilnn Augusta, Ga. W. B. .Avers tjarnesvillc, Ga. W " . T. Baser Birmingham, Ala. V. T. Baldwin, Jr Atlanta, Ga. C. NX ' . Bates Decatur, Ga. J- R Bates. Pi Kappa Alpha Dalton, Ga. J. W. Battle St. Petersburg, Fla. P. K. Baumgarttn Atlanta, Ga. P. N. Bearden Lake City, Fla. D. C. Bell. Chi Phi Ft. Worth. Tex. V. Benatar. Si wiJ Canima Atlanta. Ga. T. J. Rennet Cordele, Ga. R. G. Bennett Decatur. Ga. M. Bersion. Bria Thria Pi Flint. Mich. J. M. BlcltERSTAFF. Chi Phi Atlanta. Ga. O- W. Bishop. Beta Thela Pi Richmond, Va. J, T. Blacr Atlanta, Ga. B. F Bobo, Kappa Alpha Clarksdale, Miss. « ' P. BoEHM. Sigma Phi Lpiiliiii Baltimore, Md. R- L, BOGGS. Jr Atlanta, Ga. M. Bond. Beta Thila Pi Brownsville, Tenn. R. S. BoRoLXHS Clarkston, Ga. C. B. Bo en, Sigf a jVm Tifton, Ga. J. L- BowEN East Point. Ga. A D Bradiilld. Kappa Siji ' iia LaGrange. Ga. A. A. Bradley Smyrna. Ga. T W Bradlev Atlanta. Ga. B G Brawi Ev Decatur, Ga T. C. Phi Kappa ii nia .... Augusta, Ga. W. A. Brooks. Sigma Alpha tpiilim Atlanta. Ga. B. B. Brown Albany. Ga. J. P. N. Bruton. P )i htlla Thrla Albany. Ga. P. D, Bryan. Sigma Chi Atlanta. Ga. L. F. Bryant I littiesburg. Miss. W. A. Buchanan. Phi Delta Ih.ta Selma. Ala. F. L. ButKNIK Atlanta. Ga. A. C-, BuRll . Jh Atlanta, Ga. J, W. Burn, Pi Kappa .■ ' pha Charleston, S. C. C. R. Byrd Bainbridge, Ga. L) A. Cala.mas Augusta, Ga. «■ 11 Cailawai. Pi Kappa Phi Atlanta. Ga. S. M, Campbell, Sinma Chi Tullahoma, Tenn. W. H. Candler. Kappa Alpha Atlanta, Ga. J. E. Carter Plains, Ga. J. C. Caudle I akcland, Fla. G. T. Christian. Ilrta Thrla Pi Klberton, Ga. W. H. ClVBURN, Chi Phi Camden, S. C. Ci iJfiki l-f m ' Mmd Q . Q q SOPHOMORES R, I " , Com II. Kattpit Sif;ma Macon, Gi. H- R. CoHfN. Tail Bpiilun Plji Lowell, Mass. E. A. Coiit. Jr I ' ascagouU, Miss. R. C. Coi.i.uR, Ka[tl a A ' .l hj Barnesville, Ga. C, C. Collins Elk City. Okla. T. W. Connolly. CIn VIn Marietta, Ga. J. E. CoocAN, Vt Kappa Alpha St. Petersburg, Fla. M. M. CoOKSLY, Alpha Tan Omesa Ben Hill, Ga. I), R. Cotton Atlanta, Ga. ' . M. Crawjoku Decatur, Ga. D. J. Crawi-EY, Si Hiii jVj( Atlanta, Ga. J. W. Crla C-ullege Park.Ga. E. L. Credilie, Jr., Si ma Chi . tlanta. Ga. G. H. Crossley, Jr. LaGrange, Ga. J. B. CuMMINCS, Si. ina II Norfolk. Va. H. P. CURRIE Saint Pauls, N. C. J. E. CuTCLlFFE, S ' ' " ' ' Alpha ILpiiliiii .... Atlanta, Ga. C. ft, ' . Dah.m Dobbs Ferry. N. Y. 1 Paitch, Tail rpiilini Phi Waynesboro. Ga. J. E. Daniel, Phi Delia Thela LaGrange, Ga. J. F. DaL ' gard Syracuse, N. Y. . U " . Davis Fitzgerald, Ga. |. T. Davis. Jr Delray Beach, Fla. R. H. Davis. Jr.. Si.««ia Chi . . ' Atlanta. Ga. t ' . C- Denman Atlanta, Ga. T. G. Dennis. Jr.. Kappa Sigma Hodge, la. T, V. DoBns. PAi Delia Thela Athens. Ga. J. T. DoBSoN. Alpha Tail Omega Chicago, III. Vi ' . S. DoDD, Alpha Tan Oitiena Miami. Fla. I B Downs Cordele, Ga. T. I. Drvman. Jr., Chi Phi Atlanta. Ga. j. B, Dl ' BOIs. Sifiiiia Chi Savannah, Ga. P. A. Dlke. Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. C. R. DuTTON St. Louis, Mo. E. M. Eager. Sisiiia Alpha Lpulmi Valdosta, Ga. E, G. Edwaros. Siiiiiia Phi Tpiiliiii Irvington, N. J. F. R. Ellison. Phi f.psilon Pi Charleston. S. C W. L. Enolish. Thela Chi Decatur. Ga E. K. Ervin, De ' .ta Tan Delia Tampa. Fla G. L. Etheridge, Phi Delia Thela Atlanta, Ga G, P. Etheridge. Jh Richland, Ga, « ' . E. Evans. Alpha Tan Uiiiega Atlanta. Ga M. A. EvENtlllK. Tan Tpulmi Phi Elyria, Ohio ■« ' . M. EXLLY, Chi Pti Savannah. Ga. C. E. Fancher, Sigma Alpha Lpiilmi Miami. Fla. F, Feil, Sigma Alpha Tpiilnn Atlanta, Ga. J, R. Ferguson Gainesville, Ga. Z H FiHN St. Louis. Mo. A. L. Floyd Galseston. Tex. E. L. Floyd, Jr.. Chi Phi Atlanta. Ga. A. M. Flynn. Kappa Sigma Atlanta, Ga. C. H. Flynn. Kappa Sigma Atlanta, Ga. H. E. Foster Asheville, N. C. C. FoscuE. Kappa SismJ Mobile. Ala. M. S. Fo«LFR. Delia Tan Delia . . . Port VCashington, N. Y. 1. R. Franklin. Sigma Alpha Epiiloii Portal, Ga. M- L. Freeoman, Tan Epsilun Phi .... Great Neck, N. Y. J V. Freitag, Phi Epsiloii Pi Atlanta, Ga. E. A. Fryer, Kappa Alpha Nashville, Tenn. M. H. Furchgott, Phi Epiilvti Pi Atlanta, Ga. SOPHOMORES 11 n t.AIMs Detatiir. G.I. J. A. Gan.nt. I ' j I),. j J7., .j Atlanta, G.i. i. J. C;iklla(;kos Brooklyn, N. Y. . 1. J. C.ISNCH, ;■; K.1PI1J Mill Atlanta, Gj. A. T. Gibbons. Jr., Kj " ,! Mf ' u Decatur. Ga. J. K. Giiii Sparta. Ga. 1. Ci, Gill IJccherd. ' I ' enn. M. 1 . GisKiN Kcvj Gardens, N. Y. A A, Giusii IA Brooklyn. N. Y. 1 , K, GlASs. S .i:»J.i ,l i i.i lltuliju ... Columbus. Miss. S. . GlAss Atlanta. Ga. K. Gl.lcKNUN. S .i; ' J (..ifintui Boston. Mass. J 11 GoiOBERr. Brooklyn. N. Y. R 1). Gray Atlanta, Ga. R B. GRLNNt Ball Ground, Gj. G W . Grk.orv Nashville, Ti-nn. C. H. Griiii.n. .S..iiii .i I. ' i m l.liuhiii Atlanta. Ga. J. O. GROtniR Statcsboro, Ga. G. S. G«o«. Pi KapliJ .W;. i.i Atljnt.1. Ga. R. r. Gflll. UmhJ,i CI; Ml,h.i Atlanta. Ga, i. H Glrrs. Si,i:;nJ Chi Aurora. Ill R. 1. Gltiirri . Flu K,ilil:i SiX " i ' i H.isana.tuba G. Prlhi Si, ui.i ( ' . t)tcan City. N. J. n. 11 lUu. HI. r ir .i C ii Detalur.Ga. ]. li. Hanahan. CI ' i I ' I ' i Atlanta. Ga. r. W. Harpir Tallahassee. 1 la. G M, Harrington Marietta, Ga. J. R. Harris. Jr Belle Glade. Fla. T. S. Harris. Jr. K.i . ).i .1 . ' . ' I ort Valley. Ga. B. K. Hasklli . Sixiii,! Chi Jacksonville, ria. I R. I) 111. MI. Mlih.i T.,„ (lni,-s.i .... roms Riser. N, J, 1. L. lliNRi. ' i s■af l ' " .... . . Atlanta. Ga. G. D. HlRNUON, DrIIJ Tail ll.ll.i Ilarlssell . Ga. W, N. HliKS, isisma Mphj I liul,, 11 Tampa. Ha. W. A. Hli.iilowiR Sloekbridgc. Ga. U. I. Hill. Allihj Tail OiiifS-i Atlanta, Ga. J. B. Hill, K. ' ' ' .i ,Si.i;(i ,i Macon. Ga. J. M. Hill. ,l l lJ .W i m Laurel. Miss. Y G. lliissiAN, I ' hi Ihlta ' lh.-l,i Albany. Ga. C. B. HINSON. C . rw Nesv York. N. Y. R. 1. Ilom.ooli Atlanta. Ga. K R. HuiMi I I ' ittslnir.i;li. I ' a I-. M. Hon. K.i .(..i Sisiii.i Cincinnati, Ohio (, I ' . HoiiosiBi. Bi .i T .i .i ■ Atlanta, Gj. II Vs ' lloi ,.si»i , ;i, ,i rlvlJ I ' l Atlanta. Ga. n 1 Hollos Camilla. Ga. R I HoRsiis. ..W;. i,i V.n ().»,, i,M Opelika, Ala. II R 11. .HON lasl I ' oinl. (,,1. (). K. llolsTON. Jr.. .Vi.fiu.i .V;. (..ral Gables. I la V. M. Hovrs Monti omery . Ala. I-, A. HoVT, Jr.. I ' hi n.lhi IIhI., Atlanta. Ga. W. I). Hri.soN Clarkston. Ga. J S, lli.KiiiNs. Ih,l,i Chi Staten Island. N. Y. B. Hii.lilNsoN Atlanta. Ga. R. li. iNi.ii. Sis»i,i rl,i I lnil,,,i Carrollton. Ga. T. V( ' . Ivis. Mlihj 1,111 Ou .s.i Atlanta, Ga. R. t). Ja. kson. C ' hi I ' u Rockniart. Ga. I.. I ' . JAV. I ' hi Ihllu .. .. Shellman.Ga. J. A. Jarriii, Sii iiiii All ' ha I psiUiii Atlanta, Ga. J. M. JlNNiNi.s. II, u ' lh,l,i I ' l Dawson, Ga. 1 .» »1J ' " " »«A " - n -k«h| f5 fi O 9 Q ' Q • ' a a ft 1 f5 SOPHOMORES W. I. JiKNu.AN. S x Tij i ' Af l.pM ' .ofi .... liomcrvillc. Ga. H. G. Johnson- East Point. Ga. R I. Jordan Atlanta. Ga. T. 1 ' . Jones, Kappa S jewj Chattanooga. Tenn. R M. K. MiNVKV. S ' X ' »J Gjiiiiiij LaGrangc. Ga. 1 F. Kapi av, Tail Epiilon i hi . . . . Boston. Mass. J. H. Kastanaki-. . . Pcnsacola, Fla. H. L. KtLLV ... . Decatur. Ga. M. E. KlMl-H Atlanta, Gi. J. S. Kkndaii . . Morcncc. S. C. G. H. KtNDiiv. Delta Tju D.Ifj Atlanta. Ga. X ' , T. KtNMiM. Jk Millvale. Ga. ■ ' . D. KiBR. Siama Chi Columbus, Ga. P. S. Key. Jr.. ?, Kappa Plu . . . I lorence. S. C. H. G. KtLLEBRitt ... ... Damascus, Ga. .M. J. KiMBFii MtDonough, Ga. C. KiMBRO Atlanta, Ga. O. A. KiRKCONNiii. SiRfna Alpha Epulon .... Tampa. FU. T. G. KitPATSKY. Kappa Sigma Garfield. N. J. .M, H. KoppEL Xcw York. N. Y. D. B. KoTt IROIF Miami Beach. Fla. S. H. Krakovter, Tau Eptilon Phi Patcrson, N. J. G. A. Laiitte, Jr., Sigma Nii Atlanta, Ga. R- L. Lamb, Ph, Kappa Sigma Atlanta. Ga. H. Lapidus Brooklyn. N. Y. Y. Lastra. LamhJd Chi Alpha Tampa. Fla. J- B. Lazarus Valdosta. Ga. S LkBrl-n Woodmere. N. Y. R, C. LcCra» . Jr., Alpha Tau Omcgj . . , . Atlanta. Ga. J G. Leonard. Sigma Chi Decatur. Ga. R. M. Leopold. Tait Epntoii Phi Brooklyn. X. Y R- M. Lester Macon, Ga H. L. Levin. Phi Epuloit Pi Charleston. W. Va S. A. Levy. Phi Epsilon Pt Pensacola, Fla E. D. LE«rs, Sigma Xti South Hadley Falls. Miss J. N. Li.MBAtH. Thcta Chi Decatur, Ga, R. M. LivF.i Y Marietta, Ga. M. J. Logan. Sigma A ' .pha Epultni Savannah, Ga. K. H. Lo i VC ' ilmington. N. C. A. G. Lo«L. Thcta Chi Atlanta, Ga. E. M. LoxitRY. Jr .Atlanta. Ga. A. A. Lovii. Phi Gamma Delta Atlanta. G.i. j. L. Llcas. Jr New Smyrna Bcath, Pla. . K. .Mabrv Marietta, Ga. K. T. Macmiiian, Kappa Sigma Macon, Ga. X-, E. Ma«,bee. P ji Delta Thcta . ilanta, Ga. R Mainor . . Macon, Ga. J. B. Mallard, Jr .Annapolis. Md. R. U-. .Maloni. Jr.. Kappa Alpha Cocoa. Fla. S. W. Mangham, Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. H. H. Manx. Lambda Chi Alpha Athens, Ga. G. T. Marchmont, Jr.. A ' .pha Tau Omega . . . .Atlanta, Ga. J. L. Markxtalter, Jr., Delta Sigma Phi . . Savannah, Ga. J. L. Martin Fi. Vi ' orth, Tex. T. J. MaSlev, Delta Tau Delta .... New Kensington, Pa, j. Massar. Tan Epulon Phi New York. N.Y. ' A ' . S. Masters Hoi Springs. Ark. C. S. Mathevs Atlanta, Ga. B. Mazelsky, Sigma Gamma Frecport. N. Y. K ' . F. McAllister Columbia, S. C. SOPHOMORES p. M, McCaa I ' ort Gibson, Miss. C- R, McChesnev Upper Moniclair, N. J. J. D, McDoNOL ' cH Atlanta, Gj. L. H McKtNziE, Sigma Alpha r.pnton .... Montezumj, Gj. I., A. McKiNLEY, Jr., Kappa Sigma Athnti, Gj. H. 1. McKisSACK,. Kappa Sigma Fort Gainei, Gi. R. T, McLendon, Sigma Nu faycross. Gj. VT. C. McMlCKLE, Phi Kappa Sigma .... Columbus, Gj. R. V, McNtiLL Janesville, Miss. R- L Meek AtlantJ. Gj. J. J, Mercer, Jr Irwinion. Gj, V( ' , H, Mehriam, Jr. Columbus, Ga. B MicKEi. Sigma Alpha I puton Elberton. Gj. I. C. MiLXtR Daytona Beach, Hj. f. Mitchell. Kappa Alpha Thomasvilld, Gj. S. T. MoAl, Sigma Phi Eptilon Binghamton, N. Y. I B. Mobley, Jr Columbus, Gi J E, MooRES Fayeticvillc, Tcnn. M. H. MoxLEY, Pi Kappj A ' .phj Vidalia, Gj. C. H. MuiL Morgjnion, Ga. A. H. Muzio, Sigma Phi Epulon Tampa. Tla. J. M. Nelson Camden, S, C P. L. Nelson. Delta Tau D,-llj Spring Valley, Ohiu R. S. Neunlist, Alpha Tau ()mfi(a Tunica, Miss. J. R. Newman. Ph, Delia Thrta LjGrange, Ga. S. M. Ne AtUni_a, Ga. VC. C. NicOLSON. Phi Delia Atlanta, Gj. J. R NooNE Decatur, Ga. R- J. November Brooklyn, N. Y. J C- OciLRiE Savannah, Ga. R B Ormsbv. Dtllu Sigma Ph, Dcmorest,Gj. J. H. Owen Calhoun, Gj. J. B. Pace. Kappa Alpha Albany, Ga VC D. Palmer. Sigma Ph, hpulnn Plant City. Fla H Paimour. III. Chi Phi Gainesville, Ga. M. i ' . Paquette Janesville, Wis. J. A. Panacos Atlanta, Ga. C. Pappas, Jr., Chi Phi Charlotte, N. C. W. J. Parkinson, P, Kappa Alpha Corropolis, Pa. I). I. Patterson Savannah, Ga. G P. Peacler . Mandy, Ga. A. I- PfARCE, Chi Ph, Gainesville. Gi U ' . J. Pearlman, Tau Tpuh,n Ph, Valdosia. Ga. F. L. PtNN, Jr., Dilta Tau Drlta Monticello, Ga. J. C. Perry, Alpha Tau Omega Rome. Gj. W. C. PtTFRSON, Sigma Chi Soperton, Ga. S H Phupot. Sigma Nu New York, N. Y. F. I. I ' Kit, Tuu tpulun Phi New Orleans, La. A. J. PicoNE New York. N. Y. D, P. PlERSON. Beta Jheta Pi Webitcr Groves. Mo. H. Pike. Tau Epulun Ph, Statcsboro, Ga. S. R. I ' ipjTONE, Ph, Kappa Sigma Brooklyn. N. Y. J. S. PiTCHFORO. Jr., Beta Theta Pi ... . Portsmouth. Va. h PopKiN Augusta, Ga, H. J, Posi Atlanij. (,j 1, K, PoTTiR, Sigma Chi Atlanta, (ia A. C- Potts Atlanta, Ga. R- G. PRlcr, Kappa Alpha I.ouisvitic, Ga. W. A. Pryor, Pi Kappa Phi Moultrie. Ga. H. V. QuiNN St. Petersburg, Fla. SOPHOMORES " B RAr.sDAlE. Ik Silver Sprinj;!, Mo. M A. Ras.o. r .i Kj .« Siguti Hivana, Cubi I tt RuTO« Giffncy, 5. C- R I Rmd, S sm« Chi Atljnu.Gj. I ' ' ■ RiiMiK Decatur, G». |. A. Rnoufs Alpharctta, Ga. I. RilYNr. Sigma Chi Atlanu, Ga. W C: Rrcf. ThFla Chi Vidalia. Ga. I I Rn HARDS Ocean Springs, Miss. C RuHMoND, Chi Pu Wilminston, Vi. n RiiMH. Phi rfxilnii P, Bronklyn, N. Y. (i r. Robinson, jr., S ' .i; " j Alpha IJiuhut . . Vjidosta, Ga. R, A RoDRK.urz PuiiLircnas. Costa Riua I 1 Ri.i.AN. Delia Sinma Phi Dallas, Tcm. G. «■. Ro,,iBS, Sigma Chi Ocilla. Ga. • ■ ' .1. Roi.iRs - East Point, Ga. t S I. Rosi.Nvsint,, Ihi I pulMi Pi Columbus, Miss. . B G. Rorns niLD Columbus, Ga. G I. RoL ' NIis Cullman, Ala. I I Ri ' »AN Jacksonville. Fla. H B. Rlckib Statcsboro, Ga. I, M, Rlssui. Sigwa Phi Atlanta. Ga. r. I- Salnuirs Savannah, Ga. G. I-. St.H. iiNK[, Jr., Si wa ' u New Orleans, La. C. E. ScHUIlR. Siiifia Phi fjiMlmi .... Jacksonville, Fla. H. F. S(H«AIBE, Siaiita Phi l.fiiilnii Savannah, Ga. I A. Scoir. Jr Gnffin.Ga. I ScuTT. in Eliiabethton, Tenn. !, S. Shfaiv Atlanta, Ga. J. c;. SuLtHAN. iniiia Alpha I ' puliiii Macon, Ga. I. C. Shfehan, Siattia Alp ha tpsilnn Macon, Ga. V( ' . F. Shek New York, N. Y. C. J. Shelton. Jr Gulfport, Miss. ' k -jjJI J. S. SiEGEL. Tan F.pulim Phi Decatur, Ga. Alllkl N P L. H. SiENNicK, Sigma Phi I ,„ „„ .... New York. N. Y. " i ' J. A. SiM.MONS. Jr.. Phi Delia Thria .... West Point , Ga. S, S. Simpson. Delta Tan Delia Atlanta, Ga. H P. Skotnir Yonkcri. N. Y. r. T. Smai ooii Climas. Ga. B. D Smith, Jr.. Alpha Tan Omega Atlanta. Ga. ( . M. Smith Birmingham, Ala. C. P. Smith Atlanta, Ga. ■F 1 i H. G f Smith, Jr., Delia Tan Delia Atlanta, Ga. ' ' ' ?7 ,J» i!wH -I A. Smith, lamhda Chi Alpha Birmingham. Ala. , - ' ■ HB ' " Smith. Delia Tan Delia Ft. Lauderdale. Fla. -3» . Smoitn, Tan Tpsilim Phi Augusta, Ga. ■ J Vi-. Snefo. Sigma Phi TpMhiii Ft. Pierce, Fla. - R. E. Sosby East Point, Ga. J. B. SovEU, Jr Atlanta, Ga. I . F. Spitzer Jacksonville, Fla. F. A. Spooner Charlotte, N. C. F. L. Stanies. Alpha Tan Omega Atlanta. Ga. I. C. Stanton. Thela Chi Athens. Ga. T. B, Starnes.« Alpha rpsiliin . . . Little Rock. Ark. R. J. Stauverman Atlanta. Ga. I, M. Steinheimer. Jr.. Phi Epntoil Pi ... . Savannah. Ga. t ' . C. Stempel. Delia Sigma Phi Dallas. Tex. R- JJ. Stephens. Sigma Phi Epnloii Beaufort. N. C. B. E. Stimson. Kappa Alpha Chattanooga, Tenn. E. A. Strausser Charleroi, Pa. SOPHOMORES S. v.. Strukiand, Sinma Alphti }pulit H. O. SiKONi.. Six " ' " PI " r.puloii . . n. s. siKOLi 11 T. Sri. Ki , n,tj 7 ,, j V, . . . . AtUnta, G.1 New York. N. Y ., G.1 . Atljntj. Ci I. U ' . Sl ' mmikoir. .W v ' j Tjii (I ' lirxii Monroe, (j. J. ( ' . Sl ' MMitl. l ' „ DrllJ rhrU Moniiccllo, I I. I. 1-. rAtttv. 1r A(!.int.i. Ga. K K. Taiom, |r. . . . , Amcricus. G.i. W I TllIBAl ' l A[Ianl.». G.i. I R Thomas Ail.ini.i. G.i. H. H. Thomas Dccuur. G.i. A. I.. Ttiompson i:.i!.l I ' cj.nt. G.i. 1, TnoMrsoN Cilcniiv ,llc. G.i « ' . G, Tragic K ll.i lchursl. G.i H, M. Till. |r , Siiimii Chi G.i ( H. TiRNiR. Jr.. Kjppj Si iiij At].int.i. G.i 1 . M. Tlttm G.1 I). 1 L ' llMR. Jr.. Sigtiid Phi If ' i ' iiu .... Norwich. G.1 B L ' fMAN. Plu iW.. P, Ro.kni.irt. G.1. J, r. L ' NorR " «ooii, G.i. (.. L ' iiiiR, Jr.. Drill r.iii Delln Savannah, Ga. R. ( ' , Vani ANDFNr.HAM Way .To s. Ga. S, H. VlcKNAiR. Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. A. ' rvoNt Santurtc, P. R. H. A. Vrono. 7 ' di( I Iml, III Phi Atlanta. Ga. n H ' OiMiDrNi.ToN. Jr.. Sixhli Chi Atlanta. Ga. ( , W. Waciman. Si)itiid phi Ifisiliiii .... Mcridcn. Conn. IV I . ' alktr liirmingham, Ala. R 1 ' alkfr Birmingham. Ala. |, R. Wamis Lovcioy.Ga. VC. H, Vi ' AiniN. Jr.. 1 " .. D.ll Thrta . . . Jaclv.n villc. Ila, r A. CArsoN. C .j Pw Bn.nMillc. N. Y. A. M. WlAlHFRLV. S.,i;m,i ,Vi Atlanta, Ga. I. I), Vi ' lAviR, Pi K.iHi,! .A iA, Atlanta, Ga- T (, Vi ' iAviR, Siiiiiii ' Ml h.i I liulnii . . . St. I ' ctersburs. 111. II. 1 ' . Vlllhs. JR Savannah, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. a Camilla ISiooklvn, N. Y. Miami, Ma. Phi I-IimIiiii Savannah, Ga. A. WrfNiR . L. U ' rtNSTi IN ' . .Si,i;i ,M. I . Weiss . . A. G. X■lLl,s. Sis III T. M. Vi ' iriTi. Jr Cothran, Ga G. Vi " . !i ' iiriMoRi . Jr., 1 i KjfH M I ' ha .... Miami, Ma C. I., ' S ' liiiAMS, JH St, l •tc |llirK. I la, G. R. WiiiiAMs AuBusta.Ga. r, I, Wlll.lAMS Cornint;, N. Y. 1 I, WllllAMSON Atlanta, Ga. J, I). VCllllN .H«M, C ii Phi Atlanta. Ga. I. n. Wmson I ' ast Point. Ga. II A Mm SON Atlanta, Ga. 11 B, W ' lisoN. Jr HoKansvillc, Ga. I « ' , Vfi.soN last Point, Ga. W, H. Wiisos lallahassct, lla, 1.. M. Wisi. Jr,, Sixiiij Mphj ,. , ' „,, Macon, Ga R. H. Wisi . Ch, I ' h, Atlanta. Ga. B, X 1II■ Ai.K.iMa. Ga, M W WooniiAM Winter ILiviii. I !j J. R. WVATT laiilul.l. Ala C, A. WVNN, Jr Pairn M.„„l, S, ( . ,1. R. YaRBRoUC.II Allarita.Ga. I-. G. YofNi., I ' hi Ihllj Thrill Amlerson. S. G. " ' ■ S, YofN Charlotte, N. C. (s fsmm ' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS B P KENNY FRESHMAN OFFICERS E. P. Kenny President Joe Gassenheimer . . . Vicc-PirsiJcnf C. I. Babcock . . . Secretary-Treasurer GASSENHEIiViER A FRESHMEN B. VT. Phi Epsilot, Pi Ailjiita.Ga. F. M. Adams. Jr., Si ifia .V« Troy. Ala. C. S. Allen Dcwcy Rose, Ga. D. S. Allen. Six ' " " Mpl ' c I pn ' .on Indianola, Mi-ss. G. E. Allen College Park. Ga. ( ' . D. Allen. Thcl,, Ch, Shcllman. Ga. R. G. Alexander Murphy, N. C. U ' . O. Ameen " innsboro, S. C. H. M. Amirkhan, Thcta Chi Dallas, Tex. E. L. Anderson Atlanta, Ga. L, J. .AMiREtts. SiRiUit Chi Savannah, Ga. J. J. Appll Key West. Fla. ( ' , V. Ar.-o Mjcon. Ga. E B. . BMSTRON(. Ga. S. t ' . Abmisttai-. Sixiiia Alpha Ip ilan thnta. G,i. P. Aronin New York. N. Y. N. L. AsKE-a Atlanta, Ga. F. A. Athanason Savannah, Ga, J. j. ATTA k-AV Atlanta. Ga. R. Atta tay Decatur. Ga. S. . iifRBAtu, Sif ' iia Gainttta Brooklyn. N. Y. C. I. Babcoik, Alpha Tau (h„,Ka .... Coral Gables. Fla. G. Miami, Fla. C. R. Baker Atlanta, Ga. G. E. BAMEf. Kappa Alpha Griffin. Ga. P K Bmifi, Sisnia Alpha l.p iU.ti . . West Palm Beach, Fla. H E, Bavfb. Tau I pu!„,i Phi lacksonville. Fla. R. G. Baker. Kappa Si ma Houston, Tex. 0. k ' Barnes, jr Macon, Ga. |. H Barsls Marietta, Ga. G I. Barnfs Nowata, Okla. U . V- Barney Jacksonville, Fla. 1. R, Baron Columbus, Ga. J. L. BARRlcEiLt Brooklyn, N. Y. A. j. Beau. Jr. Charlotte. N. C. D, P. BfARSE Atlanta. Ga. G. A, Beatty Murphy. N. C- j, E. BFLtoRD. LaifihJa Chi Alpha .... London, England " . R. B eii Murfreesboro, Tcnn. N. M. Bennett. Alpha Tau (»r«r.?j .... Jacksonville, Fla. B. P. Best St. Petersburg, Fla. B K. Bel ' TEIL Thomasvillc, Ga, D- E, Bi ACK Decatur, Ga, L, Bleckiey Atlanta, Ga. R. L. Blumenthai. Tau I p iln t Phi ... Miami Beach, Fla. M L. BoBo. Jr Atlanta, Ga, R. H. BoDiNE. Jr Memphis, Tcnn. C. J. Bond. Jr. Elberton, Ga. P I.. BoLRKF. SiK» " i Nu Janiacia. B. W. I. j. B. Boyett Nashville. Ga, T, B. EoYD Nashville, Tcnn. R. C. Brackney M.inil.1. Philippine Is. L. T. Brannon. Jr . Atlanta, Ga, S. ■« ' . Brener, Vh, Fp ilnn Pi New York, N. Y. L. P. BRmcES Atlanta, Ga. H. F. Brinkiev, Ph, Camnia Itrlta Smyrna, Ga. A. Broadweli Atlanta, Ga. X ' . W. Brodip Waycross, Ga. C. C. Brooks. Phi Delia Thria Atlanta, Ga. W. C. Brooks Elberton, Ga. M. H. Broudv Newberry, S. C. B, I. Brown, Si ma Chi Albany, Ga. G. F. Bromn College Park, Ga. |. E. Brown Plant City, Fla. N. E. Brown Vienna, Ga. R. R. Brown, Jr El Dorado, Ark. A. C. Brovmv. Ph, (.arniiia Drlta .... Grcciicvillc. Tcnn. {. C. Bruistii. innia A ' m Jacksonville, Fla, i. ' . Bri ' nnini Chattanooga, Tcnn. ' . Brissf Atlanta, Ga. G. D. Bryson Derry, Pa. P. C. BufK Silver Springs. Md. BuNN Atlanta, Ga. D. R, O, T. Burden Hartwcll, Ga. O, L, BuRUtrri EaGrangc, Ga. Vt ' . E. Burnett Hopewell, Va, E. P. BuRRUs College Park. Ga. ' ( o d.9j a , 3 a ' f f f " mj Lii ff ' Ms " - T FRESHMEN . f ' -» •■Hp _ ' " J. S. Cafi.ko, J» Savannah. Gj. " wV W ' V ' ' P Hk " V " r ■ ' Caxteiou. Si wrj Alpha Epsiloa . , Montgomery, Ala. ■ _ V . Nj Pk. .A ■ V; H. E. C„M.CAL N.woan.Ga. - 1 . i sH)uS 3 l S3S t:. R. CAiiT«-Ri iHT, P Kappa phi Tallapoosa, Ga. ' r?i - " rj f f ' fl j W ' , - «rf. • .v p — 0 L . . ' . ' «r-f» -• J. L. Ca«v, t«mW« Ch, Alpha Binshamton, N. Y. •y — f -4 1- Casev Ailanta, Gi. ' Vv jB mv 1 J " ' ' Atlanta, Ga. yr l L 1 - ' " ' ' ° ' " Huntland. Tcnn. If ' B 4Hv° ik l ' " ' 1 Coral Gables, Fla. _ ' Hi:. • ' V B ' f B A T. L. Chastain Marietta, Ga. C ' % f ' - l fc mr k m m ' r " ' ' Chcaiham, PA; Delta Thrl _JL f B 1, P f ' ■ M " _ «i C. v. CHcSHtKE Atlanta. Ga. • »? ' 4 " ' r - ■• - »» ■ 5P i ' TT ' " ■-■ C " " - -- Stratford, Conr. 1 — ' rfka " V — ' -3 - ' " ' - ' ' ■ ' ' Atlanta, Ga. K - ' " Jjf f V — ' " ' ' " ' ' ' J " High Springs, Fla. F r ' ' ' " . " " jE;l . .1 i " " " . D. CiA«K, Ch, Thi Atlanta, Ga. K H ' ' ' .ilfe . 1 -. J " , ' » (P. .A tl A ' • ' V i »-, B. CtA.RE. J,. . . Savannah, G, tjH M H . ' " " r r ' ' " " ' - ' ' " " ■ ' ■ ' ° I B I ) T f " W " COHEX, S sma Gamma New York, N. Y. • - " m ■-»«. .w» | ' . " C ' " fV ' ' ' " " ' " ■ ' Brooklyn, N.Y. ,..,j ' » W - - J I y G. M. Coleman, Drl j Tau Delia . . . Forest Hills, N. Y. V -jy .ji B , " - ' ' ' " ffl ' ' ' ° " " ' - ' Gar6eld,Ga. L IK . " k. ' ] B KS. h J jP M. COLILMAN-, Lyons, Gi ALliiAJMs tm - ' mim a A S k fl J 1 J|! L - ' ' itf A. T. CONNELL Atlanta, Ga. T " " W mi ' " B J l I « 4ft ' ' " " ' Monticello, Ga. » " r - - 4 Jf it iB ft - ;« ' $%«• ft ? " ' ' " " " ' " ' ' ' ° ' " ' ' ° ' ' ITr ?y ■ B . ; W 5 ' ' ° " ' Atlanta, Ga. ;; « Tf ' v-3r m Jm - yT ' • Coknbroois, S(J!» a Kk ■STashington, D. C. ■ ' j[ 3 k. -- J . ' IL. ' ' ' ■ -° " " Jacksonville, Fla. MM Z i - ' ' ' CouLBOURN Lancaster, S- C. r W il fl J - ' - ' ' ' ° ' ' ° " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' • ._ - Jt 1 IT -5 »• flmt M- J- Cram, Chi ?h, Atlanta, Ga. J ' " ■ - 7 ■ f- Crawford Decatur, Ga. - " ' " Tf ■ 3f H. Crider Cullman, Ala. I g " T-V N k ■- T. Crimmixs Macon, Ga. ■j l k . Z ' M M " ' " ' Cromer. Jr -aycross, Ga. I j£ ASlKf ' t ' ' B H it L. ' ' " .... Coril Gables, Fla. [■ T ■ td W » ™ ft " ' ' CULBERTSON, Jk., UmbJa ch, Alpha . . . Bronwood, Ga. " -- . ,4 4 1 4» mP- — «.. ' - i jBft«rF ' -T J» J J ' • CfNNlNCH.AM Brucetnn, Tenn. f WL JS - , " !( «• -X? T- ' ' ■ C " " " ' . ' " C " rox Omega Pelham, Ga. ' " " !BW BI " - . " • v3« f " . ' - E- C " « " Ilion, N. Y. ' ' v i i fcm V . ' » " Clrtner, ch. Phi Braggadocio, Mo. f L a3 % H A d Ttfu Omega f ■ v ' B » I 1 B B V " B . ' VW 4i ■ ! -f. s, H ray l ' Dalev, ch, Phi Atlanta, Ga. « V _jJB _W i " F BS « kH B " " O ' ' Smyrna, Ga. y g F Hv -Jr " : -Tl H m:- ' m C. L. Dakby Jackson, Miss. ' k - ' ' " " J Hm ' BBBB I- ' Daughertv Atlanta, Ga. A « | i i H B Biffi a ' sH HmI H E k jjj id£9K « 1 ' • ' B f B Ir i J B 1 F. E. Davis, Jr Atlanta, Ga, - • V • -J» Wf . -eJI- jfc «fl - " Davis. Jr.. Chi Phi Columbus. Ga. • ' " " 7 D. J. Deiters Atlanta, Ga. — V W ' ' Delucach Memphis, Tcnn. . C- ■ ' - Dempsey Atlanta, Ga. y H| . V fl M ' Dickinson. Jr Griffin, Ga. g K KL f M ' ' " Atlanta, Ga. J j y™ J. J. DlLioN Savannah, Ga. Ol • ' ■ i» MMt S. P. Dixon. Jr Atlanta, Ga. , ' W ■ ' ■ C. DOBV Atlanta, Ga. ■ L te V H " ' ' -• Donaldson Cleveland, Tenn. I Be S J.R.Dorset Americus, Ga. _- - , „ -._ ImW mTm " - °° " - " ' ' - " " " " ' - ' " " ' " • " ■ " k ft ( fc Br M B Drake IB W f f -J I JB B fll l ■ ■ ' ' • Drake Albany, Ga. J m " I - • f - rW V f H ' ' - " ' ' ° ' ' Rome,Ga. " • ' . I d - F f . " -n WB ' " f Durban Atlanta. Ga. k V _ jtSaWL -• :- P . E 3 BB " " ' ' " -■ " " Clarkdale, Ga. J . W B Hfe ' Bm I T. v. DiNA«-Ay, :J B I I I B H 1k ' ' ' B H Kappa Alpha FRESHMEN D. Durst New York. N. Y. S. W. DzENEV Brooklyn, N. Y. ■W. S. Eanes, Sigma Alpha Eptilon . .St. Simons Island, Ga. T. H. EiLANO Dade City. Fla. T. B. Elfe. KaPfa Alpha Macon. Ga. P. P. Ellison. Alpha Tau Onu-ga Atlanta. Ga. W. T. ErzEL Miami, Fla. B. H. EUBANKS. Pi Kappa Alpha Atlanta, Ga. C. A. Evans Atlanta. Ga. R. W. Evans Atlanta, Ga. T. D. Evans, Sigma Alpha F.pttlon Savannah, Ga. H. S. EzzARD Rome. Ga. J. M. Fields Atlanta, Ga. J. W. Finn Albany, Ga. R. P. FirzcFBAiD Atlanta, Ga. G. H. FiAKE Columbus. Ga. W. C. FiATT Americus, Ga. J. K. Ii ETrHfB Forsyth, Ga. G. FoLLETT Aliquippa. Pa. N. C. FowKE. Sigma Chi Atlanta, Ga. T. D. Fo ' ori.ER Durham, N. C. S. Fradin Brooklyn, N. Y, D. A. Eraser, Sigma Chi Savannah, Ga. S. D. Freeman Chattanooga, Tenn. W. B. Fry. S. ' " ' ' ' ' ' Waldo, Fla. J. H. Flret. Sigma Phi Kpuhni Barnesville, Ga. A. Gaines Brooklyn, N. Y. J. P. Garison, Sigma Alpha Kpulon .... El Dorado, Ark. L. F. Garnfr, Sigma Alpha Fpnloii Okolona, Miss. J. D. Garrett Arkington. Ga. J. Gassenheimer. PIji Epuhni Pt Miami, Fla. R. F. Gervais Bridgeport, Conn. T. C. Graham. Sigma Nii Little Rock, Ark. P. GlANNONl, Sigma Alpha Epulou Elberton.Ga. M. GiLLER, Tau Epulon Phi Miami Beach, Fla. J. L, Gillette Atlanta. Ga. A. A. GiLMORL. Tau Epulon Phi Blackshear, Ga. J. J. Glover Decatur, Ga. H. 1. Goldberg Yonkers, N. Y. A. L. Goldman Meridian, Miss. A. J. Goldstein Augusta, Ga. G. M. Goldstein Long Beach, N. Y. L. R. Goldstein Augusta, Ga. E. Gomez Los Palacios, Cuba M. T. Gordon Atlanta, Ga. C. M. Gorman Atlanta, Ga. J. K. Gourdin, Phi Kappa Sigma Pineville, S. C. C. W. Graefe, Lambda Chi Alpha Miami, Fla. H. E. Graham, Sigma Chi Atlanta, Ga. T- C. Graha.m Little Rock, Ark. H. K. Gray Port Washington, N. Y. J, D. Gray Pittsburg, Kan. P. W. Greeley Rome, Ga. W. R. Green Atlanta, Ga. L. Greene Long Island, N. Y. T. G. Greene Atlanta, Ga. J. D. Griffin Dalton, Ga. J. A. Griffith St. Petersburg, Fla. W. P. Griffith West Palm Beach, Fla. W. E. Grissett. The a Chi Jacksonville, Fla. J. C. Groce Lyman, S. C. J. L. Grogan Shreveport, La. R. P. Gross Avondale. Ga. I, J. Gunshor Brooklyn, N. Y. R. R- Gunter Atlanta, Ga. I . Hagedorn West Point, Ga. R- A. Hall Fort Valley, Ga. |. Hamilton, Lambda C.hi Alpha .... Union City, Tenn. R. C. Ham II ton. Sigma Chi Ft. Bcnning, Ga. R. O. Hammond Atlanta, Ga. M. M. Hankins Atlanta, Ga. J. E. Hani. in Columbia, S. C. T. Harden Macon, Ga. T. L. Harmon Spartanburg, S. C. T. J. Harrington Atlanta, Ga. S. R. Harris, Sigma Alpha EpMlnn Savannah, Ga. P. S. Harrowfb Atlanta, Ga. M£ f f Q :% ft O ' i% J ■HHH rtai n f!) O .ft Ci ' r ' ( v,- Mirl i ifii . " - Q - ' 1. ft FRESHMEN j. K. Hartley Sew York, N. Y. J. E. Harvey Bucna Vista. Ga. J. S. Harvey. Pi Kappa Phi Atlanta, Ga. D. J. Healy Atlanta. Ga. I- F. Heflin, Alpha Tau Omrgg ' . . . . Penniboro. W. Va. H. S. Hein-ke Miami. FU. U. V. Henderson rcst Palm Beach. Fla. A. L. Hendry. Phi Gammd Delta Tampa. Fla. F. E. HicctNs NiTinder. Ga. - E- Hill Murphy, Ga. F. V. HtNE. Phi Dflta Thfia Rome. Ga. M. HiRSCH Columbus, Ga. ■« ' . L. HiRSCHBERc. Ph, Epiilon Pi Sumter, S. C. L. C. Hobby Anniston. Ala. R, T, Hobby Atlanta, Ga. N. U ' . Hocking. Pi Kappa Alpha .... Martini Ferry. Ohio J. F. HoLLADAY Rockmart.Ga. J. P. HOLLINCSTORTH, Chi Psi Savannah. Ga. A. B. HoLLis. Theta Chi Decatur, Ga. S. U ' . HoLMAN. Kappa Sigma Atlanta. Ga. J, R. HooTEN Columbus. Ga. ■« ' . L. Hopkins. Sigma Chi Savannah. Ga. j. U ' . C. Horne, Kappa Alpha Americus. Ga. R. Hornik Miami Beach. Fla. R. C. HouSTOUN. Alpha Tau Omega . . . Coral Gables. Fla. D. F. HtENEFELD Gregory. Ga. V. E. HucER, Chi Phi Atlanta. Ga. C. V)C ' . Hughes Macon. Ga. L, D. HuLLER. Tau Epsilon Phi Lawrence, N. Y. M. Hlmenik Garfield. N. J. K. D. Humphrey Atlanta. Ga. C. H. Hyatt Atlanta. Ga, F- H. IDE Atlanta. Ga. E. T. Jacobs Kingsport. Tcnn. C. R. James Atlanta. Ga. E. R. James .Atlanta. Ga. J. B. James Atlanta, Ga. J. jA rirz. Tau Epsihn Phi Brooklyn, N. Y. S. P. Jenkins Columbus. Ga. . L. Jennings Powder Springs, Ga. ' . E. Jervey, Alpha Tau Omega Marietta. Ga. W. L. JiLER Bridgeport, Conn. I. J. Johnson Columbus, Ga. L. M. Johnson Atlanta. Ga. P. H. Johnson Mioeola, N. Y. R- O. Johnson irhitmire. S. C R- R. Johnson " ashington, Ga. J. ' - X. Johnson Nashville, Tcnn. H- C. Johnston, Delta Tau Delta Atlanta, Ga. J. F. Johnston. Phi Kappa Sigma Ashcvillc, N. C. R. M- Johnston. Phi Gamma Delta Tyler. Tex. A. A. Jones. Kappa Alpha Decatur. Ga. C. M. Jones, Sigma Phi Epiilon Gainesville. Ga. E. N. Jones. Phi Gamma Delta Macon, Ga. R, A. Jones. Jb Panama City. Fla. J. t. Jordan Anniston. Ala. P. S. Joseph, Sigma Alpha Epiilon Nashville. Tenn R. T. KaNNen Atlanta, Ga F ft " . Karlin, Tau Epsilon Phi Fairfield, Conn G, H. Kasper Atlanta. Ga. R P. Kaye Newark, N. J H. U ' . Keister. Pi Kappa Phi Dalton, Ga M L- Keith Calhoun. Ga S- L. Keller StatcsvilU. N. C. P. V. Kelley Lawrenccville. Ga. ii R. Kelley Atlanta. Ga. J. G. Kennedy Savannah. Ga. E. P. Kenny, Delta Tau Delta Augusta, Ga. R. L. KiixoRE Villa Rica, Ga. J. H. King Atlanta. Ga. H. L. Kitchens Dry Branch. Ga. A. Klein. Phi Epsilon Pi Pensacola, Fla. J, P. Knudsen Madison. ' Wis. .M. KoPLiN, Tau Epsilon Phi Macon, Ga. S. J. Kl-bitsky Rosbury, Majj. C. E. Lamb Annapolis, Md. C. P- Lampros Rome, Ga. FRESHMEN J. C. Lane Bainbridge, Ga. A- Lanier Metier, Ga. V. C. Laseter Decatur, Ga. E. Lashley Perry, Ga. P. R. Latimer College Park, Ga. W. S. Latimorl, Sigma Chi Chattanooga, Tcnn. E. G. LauTZ Tonawanda, N. Y. C ' . G. Layton Waycross, Ga. G. N. Lfitner Arcadia, Fla. J. G. LtONARD. SiKina Alpha Rpulmi . . . Pleasantville, N. Y. B. W. Lewis, Sigma Phi Epulon Maricmont, Ohio S. A. LiEBMAN New York, N.Y. H. E. LiNDSEY, Pi Kappa Alpha Atlanta, Ga. G. A. LiNiON Birmingham, Ala. N. H. LiTTAUER Union City, N. J. G. D. LiNTz Albany, Ga. W. L. LocKWooD, Sigma Chi Atlanta, Ga. M. LoEB, ?hi Epiiioii Pi Montgomery, Ala. E. C. Long Atlanta, Ga. J. R. Long Savannah, Ga. £ ' . C. Loo Augusta. G.i. C. R. Lowe Albany, Ga. R. T- LowRANCE Macon. Ga. E. E. Lovelace. Jr E. H. Lucas. Jb Ncwnan, Ga. R. H. Lund. Sigma ?b, Epsilon Key West. Fla. J. A. Lutes Atlanta, Ga. B.ill Ground, Ga. J. C. Lyon H. R. Maione Villa Rica, Ga. J. A. Malone. Lambda Ch, Aipho Allen, Md. C. J. Malone Macon, Ga. D. A. Mangerie Atlanta, Ga. E. A. Mann Sylvester, Ga. R. S Marscien Atlanta, Ga. J. D. Martin, Alpha Tau Omega Albany, Ga. W. A. Martin, [r Chattanooga, Tenn. W. R. Martin, Jr Mobile, Ala. H- E- Masback. Jr New York, N. Y. F. E. Mason, Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. B. H. Masters Albertville, Ala. A. R. Mathews, Jr Atlanta, Ga. D. S. Mathews Tulsa, Okla. J. E. Matthews Molena, Ga. L. H. Maurer Flushing, N. Y. E. E. McBride Sylvester, Ga. R. M. McCandlish, Vh, Gumma Delta .... Ellijay, Ga. R. L. McCommon, Vhi Delta Thrla Macon, Ga. W. A. McConnell Rome, Ga. E. W. McDanIEL, Kappa Alpha Macon, Ga. K. L. McKay Lakeland, Fta. A. E. McKenney Ft. Benning, Ga. J. H. McLemore. Sigma Alpha fpuloii Atlanta, Ga. R. A. McLemore, Sigma Alpha F.psiloii . . . . Atlanta, Ga. E. G. McLeroy East Point, Ga. J. C. McMuilan Forsyth, Ga. M. L. McNeel, Sigma Alpha l.psilon Marietta, Ga. D. C. McNeil, Kappa Alpha Hatticsburg. Miss. W. T. McNuTT Stuttgart, Ark. H. M. McWhorter Atlanta, Ga. G. R. Mende Atlanta, Ga. R. L. Meyer. Pht Epsiloii Pi Meridian, Miss. W. R. Miller College Park, Ga. C. S. Mills Chattanooga, Tenn. B. MlNTz, Sigma Gamma New York, N. Y. O. K. Mitchell, Chi Pit Tifton, Ga. R. M. MiTCHEiL. Sigma Alpha Ipiiinn Miami, Fla. A. B. Moon Columbus, Ga. E. J. MooRF Savannah, Ga. J. A. Moore, Pi Kappa Alpha Atlanta, Ga. J. A. Moore Baltimore, Md. J. C. Moore Palmetto, Fla. R. E. MooRf Atlanta, Ga. O. A. MoRAirs Bogota, Columbia J. E. Moses, lieta Thrta Pi Atlanta, Ga. D. L. MuLHOLLEN Aliquippa, Pa. . C. W. Mulms Lancaster, S. C. R. H. Munroe Ccdartown, Ga. RS ■ » y " . " 5 o a ( ffi m 3Hr7BK a |k - FRESHMEN W 5 I a 7 _,¥ I § " I " .J J H J- " ML«rHV. Kjfti. ' Alph Macon. Ga. ,f J»j |, " ' n . ff " ' ? ., 1 R. J. MLSEBtcK. S;S ' " " -V " Ft. LauderdaU, III. ■J . jL: r -— ■ -A " ■■ - 1 C. G. Neai Cochran, Ga. 3n - - V y V ' X l R. J. Necm Atlanta, Ga. Hir p -i " iii £m H=- .■.•.■-.■■.■ .■■.■■.•■.•.•.■■ " irs J. S. Norwood Cleveland, Miss. D. J. OLt«BV Savannah. Ga. ■ i ■F ' .1 J. R Oi IVCK. Kappa Alpha Plains, Ga, M ' i R. M. Oppenheim Jackson. Miss. A. D. OVTENS, Sigma ?h, Epultni Tampa, Fla. R. A. Pait. Ph, Delia Thela Hamlet, N. C. , ; G. H. P.,«Dtt Collese Park. Ga. ( K r H. p. Pkrks. LamHa Ch, Alpha Vi ' aycross, Ga. VLJP H. Parrish Atlanta, Ga. " yt; - J G. B. Parsons Atlanta, Ga. T. F. Pate, S gma Chi . West Point. Ga. ■a. I Plee, rhi Gamma Di-lla Atlanta, Ga. I. PEQV,hS. JR Atlanta, Ga. J. F. Peeayo San Anton.o, Tex. ■. I- Penn. Sii-iiiJ Alpha Fpiilon Macon, Ga. 1 - A. R. Perdue. Jr Rome, Ga. _ L. Perlstein Bayside. N. Y. C Perry - Petersburg. Fla. V. A. Peterson. Jr.. Kappa Alpha .... Yanceyville, N. C. J, E. l-t Lauderdale, Fla. W R Phiilips New Madrid, Mo. ' ffH W£ ' L, PicRERiNc Atlanta, Ga. %m llP H G S. P.ECHER Wrens, Ga. I _ J ..- H M. N. PiNTCHUCR, ?h, Epsilo,, Pi Atlanta, Ga. - V • «• 5 j PlOTROWSKI Watcrbury, Conn. I H Pitman Lake City, Fla. A X - MM " P. AMPIN Decatur, Ga. ... J , ,. H A. D. Peyler Lancaster, S. C. .jafljjj f J| . -J gj M R. E. PococK Marion. Ohio f HB Bf " fP ' H ' " ° " ' ' " ■ .! M r r M E po„Eos Atlanta. Ga. " l B ' ' ' ° ' " ' Chickamauga, Ga. -:£i 2 ■ H ° Powell Statesboro, Ga. J0 - I H " 5 Powell Rockmart.Ga. Ms iim t " " ' • " ■ " ■ H- K. Pratt. Thtia Ch, Covington, Ga. D, Price Boston, Mass. F. E. PscHORR Freeport. N. Y. H S. PsoMAS != " " If " • ' ' • N- Y. R. Plcsett Tifton, Ga. H. L. Rankin fferson City, Tenn. J. R. Rankin, Jr Atlanta. Ga. J R, Rankin, III Atlanta, Ga. H- D. Raynes Augusta, Ga. E. H. Reed .Mbertvlle. Ala. C. D. Rehnke St. Petersburg, Fla. A. F. Revson, ?hi Epulon Ti Atlanta, Ga. L C, E. Rhyne Atlanta, Ga. r R. RIB.S Habana.Cuba - J- " ' - ' « " " ( " •• " • ' Atlanta, Ga. L— J - R ' " " " Winchester, Ky. J H J. S. Richardson Decatur. Ga. " .- - " " H G. RINZLER Atlanta. Ga. _ . ' ' I r - ■ " " " Aliquippa. Pa. , ' Bv H. E. RoBARTS -H-.lcyondale. Ga. j lM d E. L. Roberts, ThrU Chi Decatur, Ga. G. A. Roberts Macon, Ga. L, H. Roberts Canton, Ga. J. D. Robertson. P. Kappa Phi Dalton, Ga. C. B. Robinson ! Fayetteville, N. C. K. H. H. Rogers Atlanta, Ga. 1 H Rogers Jacksonville, Fla. J P. Rosenthal New York, N. Y. jUi l J0i k A F. Rothschild. Ta„,l.,« Ph, .... Greenville, S. C. r f J I. C. RVSHTON Greenville, S.C. f J, -■ ' •»« v. D. Rl.sseel Huntington. N.I. ' -• ■; W E. R. Rlth Cordelc.Ga. ' - - .-« R- M. Sateran New York. N.Y. J M 1 G Sai-Ley Salley.S.C. k fcfc. Sams Atlanta, Ga. ajPy FRESHMEN J. E. Sanoers. Tcu Ep„lo„ Ph, u,im, Beach, Fh. B. T. Sansom R.gUnd, Ala. °- B- S ' Uts Smyrna, Ga. M. E. Saunoe«s Long is|j„j, n. y. D. A. ScHANCHE, Pi Kappc Alpha Atlanta. Ga. S. L. SCHLOSS. Phi Epsihn P, Montgomery. Ala. G. A. Schmidt, Sigma Ph, Bpiilon .... Maplewood, N. J. J. N. ScHWART?, Tau tpsi ' oy, Ph, VPoodmcre, N. Y. O- ' Scott Atlanta, Ga. W. W. Scott Atlanta, Ga. J. F. Seifert p,. Knox, Ky. T. G. Serra. TheU Ch, Bayonne, N. J. E. D. Shackelford Atlanta, Ga. R. ' . Sharp Miami, Fla. W. C. Sharpe Ejs[ Paml, Ga. J. H. Sheehan Macon. Ga. M. H. Shoob. Tau Ep„l„„ Ph, Savannah, Ga. Mi ' . J. Shorit Waycross, Ga. R- A. Shropihire Boston, Ga. »•. H. Shv, Kappi Alpha Athens, Ga. M. D SiECEL, Tau Epiilon Phi Bennetsville, S. C. J. R, Simmons Atlanta, Ga. J E SIMPICINS Atlanta, Ga. R. T. Simpson Atlanta, Ga. S. K. Simpson. Ph, Gamma Delta Atlanta, Ga. C. R. Sinclair Houston, Tex. A. C. SxhLLiE Perry, Ga. H. B. Skelton. Alpha Tau Omega Atlanta, Ga. K. A. Slavton Tallulah Falls, Ga. B. Smith, S,gma Alpha Epulon Pearson, Ga. H. L. Smith Macon, Ga. J- • Smith Atlanta, Ga. J ' - S iiTH Cocoa, Fla. J. M Smith. Thela Ch, Atlanta. Ga. ' H, Smith Newnan, Ga. " ■ f- Smith Villa Rica, Ga, R H. Smith Atlanta, Ga. T, M. Smith, Sigma Alpha Ep„lo„ Atlanta, Ga. W. T. Smith, Alpha Tau Omega Decatur, Ga. C. M. Snellinc. Kappa Alpha Greenville, S.C. B. D. Solomon Miami Beach, Fla. J. S. Sorrow Atlanta, Ga. G. F. Spearman Atlanta, Ga. H. A. Spencer Atlanta. Ga. J. M. Spencer Spencer. La. W, L. Spencer Atlanta. Ga. R. A. Spitzer Jacksonville, Fla. L. B. Spradlin Newnan.Ga. H. S. Spruill Dunwoody.Ga. A. P. Spuncin Greenfield. Mass. M Stacy Wynne. Ark. A. W. Stalnaker Atlanta, Ga T. E. Stanley LaGrange, Ga, ' V. Steed Atlanta. Ga. ■ ' Steel • . Atlanta, Ga. " Stun Savannah, Ga. H. E. Stephens Atlanta, Ga. W. E. Stevenson Stamford, Conn. R. M- Sugerman Brooklyn, N. Y. J Scic.GS Lithia Springs, Ga. J V. S»ann, i,gma Nu Atlanta, Ga. R, F. SWFNSON, P, Kappa Alpha Brewster, N. Y. J ' K. Tabb Blakely. Ga. t. G Tate, Alpha Tau 0,„ega Morganton, N. C. H. H TiAOARDiN Columbus, Ohio ■- R Tepper Cordele, Ga. J M. Terrell Gainesville, Ga. W. B. Thatcher, Sigma Ph, Epulon .... Vero Beach. Fla. G, F. Thaver Cedar Rapids, losvj M. Thebner Philadelphia, Pa. G. H. Thicpen Falls Church, Va. -. E. Thomas Atlanta, Ga. J- B, Thomas Dexter, Ga. H. L. Thomas Pahokee, Fla. K. W. Thomas Atlanta, Ga. C. Y. Tmomason, Delia Tau Delia .... Greenwood. S. C. J. B. Thompson Jacksonville, Fla. 1 ■• kmS 1 ii S 1P|| " Bl FRESHMEN J H A I - W d ' rr k J ' ' ■ ToMBEKO. Tju Tfuloti Fh, .... Ccdjrhurst, N. Y. a ' " ' ' ' " " " ' Atlmti, Ga. f ' " " « J. M. TOHRANCF, A; ) m r,.« OmcJlJ Orlando, FU. i. pr ,W _J • «»«»lll " W ' . ' • ' IW ■ ' ■ - TOWNES Aragon, Gj. rif |. C. Tbammell Forc5t Park, Gj. , _ -i j . r ■ ' ■ " " " Columbus, Ga. ry V .3l ' ' ' Ej -.( P ' ' ' ■I ' fc l k. " ' - Thav.or LaGrange, Ga. Jk». A N ,m k |H M W Hk HE£ ' A B ' ' ' - TROi BtlDGE Huntington, W. Va. ■ MfliiilA ' JHBJ Ii .- . mkm Mml a PSIu k k ' A. TutKE». Si.(» » A; ) « Sfn oi Atlanta, Ga. r I T ,W f m r. J. Tt,»Nt. Atlanta, Ga. ■ fm " - « I P- ■ ' ' " ' " Atlanta, Ga. , -« f - " ,1 E. Turner Mobile, Ala. " - ' jSlT J " L ' V V m - " TUTEN Baxley.Ga. ' ' i . ■ ' " ' J " W " fW ' % - ■- Key West, Fla. H H ' 1 J ll k Hl 1 - H M Van Devendek Atlanta. Ga. 1 ' _ H l F - a ' j -- I ' Mi ' • - ' ' »LlcHOWSKi Turners Falls, Mass. W -i B - M " -SA. -a 3 V-3r " J» •, • B ' F Walker Atlanta, Ga. J H liPV . - FW " liBW NJJL ' P ' P - - ' if J n E. Walls F ' Lauderdale. Fla. Xl M A hnH ' J B 7fl!hl TBI ' ' ' HH a R. Ward Atlanta. Ga. g 1%. " ' " " ' k. I A. Wardz.nski Brooklyn, N.Y. 5» .j w ' " m H Watkins Cedartown. Ga. ■ ' M, G. Watkins College Park, Ga. C. M. Watson, AII I j T ' u Omes " Atlanta, Ga. J, M. Wauch Greensboro. N. C. J Z ' ' J VJ Ak - ' B ' A. B. Webb Marietta. G». k L " A, J - m fM. Tl .1. D. WEED Jacksonville. Fla. ' ' ' ?■ r l l b ' m B l " WEmBE.c ' . ■ Hapev,lle,Ga. ttl . - ' » mA • " - «;.? -- -df KbA I S, WfNT.AUB Atlanta, Ga. J J Am - ■■ - m " ■ ' ' " " ■ ' ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' " " ' " ' Hewlett. N.Y. ' 5 4 1 8% " ' " ' ' - ' ' ' % W. B Wellons Key West. Fla. 11 J _! M f J r J J R H « ' = " Cbamblee. Ga. - " - " " Wt MMW aW " ■ " ItI • - " ' ' ' H V. Westbrook Atlanta, Ga. • r HEjbY _3Jr ' " D. S, Westmoreland. Th,-lu CI; Charleston, S. C. -t aJl BKZSPlk V3r - ' ■■ 3 ' " ■= ' ' " " " LaFayette, Ga. ' . •mWL I tI : ' , V " " " ■ ' ' " Elchel. K..Afa .•l fAj Moultrie. Ga. T - M m i ' ' " •••■■•■■••• - " " " ■° - - " ' i iii J PlW ' - " ' " Atlanta. Ga. ■ ( J II ▼ " S A. T, Whitehead Brookhaven, Ga. a jUaiJl ' ,- JSt ' .3 . " H- L. Whitehead Macon, Ga. ■4 Mf H, L, Whitley. Pi K,. .;.a i f ' w Fremont, N.C. H " V " " " J L ■C5lK " ' ' ' ' " " ' " St, Petersburg. Fla. yW L ( N . " M 0 . " 4 G ■ H " " ' S ' ,? " ' " C .. Savannah, Ga. ■ ■ ■— _ i J BMiJ Mfe w. . Ik .. a. K W. H. W.LK.NSON Long Island, N.Y. B Cb B W ¥ 1 ' H ■ J- W " " - ' " " " " Atlanta, Ga. 2»M • ■:» - - ySB0l r IB ' J ' iJl ' ' • ' H " ■ ■- " - " " " Chattanooga, Tenn. -- g Mm r " " W iJ ■tt ' fT " ' ' i ' AwiHH « ' . J. Williamson. .S.S " » I ' i ' j £ " ' ' " " ■ ■ ■ Brunswick, Ga. 1 WHf jTB ' • T J. S. WILSON Monticello, Ga. W i W m W ' ' ' " - ' " ' ° ' ' ' " " " ° ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Marietta, Ga. - -iW «W T aaX - - M. J. WlLLNER Tampa, Fla. ■4 -X ' ' ' ' °°° ' ' Hopewell, Va. jr . -jpr W3 . V " " ' V SMI I " JL F- B. Wooten Atlanta, Ca. da ' JC a ' S- HH - H R, N. Yantis Atlanta, Ga. Hk 1 m J H H d AHl H. Newnan.Ga. H W. H. Young Savannah, Ga -rTftiir I«™».« -JmBI J- M. Ziecler College Park. Ga. 1 Here we have our student body shown in a much more mellow mood. These are the familiar scenes which go to make a college what it is. Here is what will con- stitute a good part of our memories in days to come. Pictured here are the visit by Miss Jane Withers when she auctioned off the football used in the Tech-Tulsa Sugar Bowl game for five million dollars in war bonds. Also the familiar " duties " of the new co-op students — " our product direct from Loveable. " The painfully fa- miliar scenes of those long afternoon labs. The joyfully familiar scenes of the five 87 minutes between classes spent in the Robbery, or the time spent in the Per- sonnel Office with Miss Griggs trying to find our latest draft classification. The Navy smokers presented for civilian stu- dents as well as Army and Navy trainees. Whether of guzzling beer at the neigh- borhood store, or shooting pool at the Y, or of the librarian finding that special reference book for us, these scenes serve to remind us of our class days at Tech, which were what we made them to be. 88 ARMY STAFF COL. R. W. COLLINS Until his retirement in October of 1943 Colonel R. W. Collins served forty-four years of a very active military duty. His many years of experience enabled him to shape, with the aid of his very com- petent staff, one of the best Army ROTC units in the country. The enviable record established by the ASTP unit here at Tech points toward another out- standing achievement by the colonel. His retire- ment was a loss to the school and its department of Military Science and Tactics which can not be easily replaced. COL. O. I. GATES Upon the retirement of Col- onel R. W. Collins in October of 194.3 Colonel O. I. Gates of the Field Artillery assumed com- mand of the combined ASTP and ROTC units here at Tech. Thus far the colonel has done a good job with his assignment. When the ASTP unit was re- moved in April of 1944 the colonel with his reduced staff continued the training of the Ar my ROTC unit. OFFICER PERSONNEL ENLISTED PERSONNEL 90 IN MEMORY OF A. S. T. P. GHOST TOWN And the boys left Tech And the women wept And Robbery sold no more pocket editions And the girls at O ' Keefc pined away And the women wept And Sam Lorenzo packed away his cribbage board And Colonel Collins longed for the monthly parades And the women wept And Carter ' s closed up shop And Shorty ' s went dry And the women wept And Professor Anderson couldn ' t smack his lips And Techwood was deserted except for the dogs And the women wept And there were empty seats at the Fox And no more cowboy thrills at the Techwood And the women wept And there were gigless Saturdays And no more quivering lips And the women wept And Freddie Lanouc got flabby And the U. S. O. died of starvation And so did Hildegardc And the women wept And Prof. Rainey held no more seminars And the boys left Tech And they went back to the Army And the Army wept. A SCOTTISH GEORGIA FOLK BALLAD (To be buried underneath the one hundred thousand blue and gold octagonal patches on some lonely hill between Atlanta and Birmingham, so that it will be resurrected in the year 2144 by some historian of that day, who will read it as a feeble protest against the blundering powers that were.) " O where hae ye been, Buck Private, my son? O where hae ye been, my earnest young man? " " I have been to Georgia Tech, mother, where Shivering lips and threatening brows ruled supreme. " " But were ye nac in the Army, Buck Private, my son? ■What did ye do at Tech, my faithful young man? " " Mostly, mother, I remember parading each month Before a wee, wee man in a gymnasium room. " " But what did yc study at Tech, Buck Private, my son? Did ye nae study aught useful, my sincere young man? " " Yay, mother, we studied hard doing six inches raise, Spread, down six, together, up six, drop ' em. " " But what hae ye accomplished. Buck Private, my son? What talents hae ye acquired, my hard-working young man? " " Mother, cut me a skillet, and build me a fire. And then sit ye down to wait, for I hae learned to cook. " ELEGY WRITTEN OVER A BROKEN SLIDE-RULE (With apologies to Thomas Gray) The curfew tolls the knell ot A. S. T., The moaning world cries out a sobbing " Why? " Ten ten thousand soldiers ponder what ' s to be. And wander dazed, and curse and cry. Now fades the glamour in that patch of blue and gold. Ten ten thousand soldiers lose their look forlorn; The sword is blunt, the flame of the lamp ' s gone cold! Sardonic laughter shakes each side, each face is full of scorn. Beneath a Physics text, beneath a slide rule ' s shade. Ten ten thousand shoulder patches lie in a moldy heap. There, frying in the lamp, stabbed by the sword, is laid That most glorious of all gold bricks, in eternal sleep. IN MOURNFUL MEMORY O F A. S. T. P. recent victim of some peculiar blunt instrument. Death was instantaneous, since the assassins did a skilled job. The body was held in state during the entire month of March, until the stench became too great, and the last rites were held on April 1st. The ceremony was brief and simple, since nothing much could be said over the body of an infant that was never allowed to reach maturity and find its place in the world. Pallbearers consisted solely of octagonal patches showing a broken sword piercing a leaking lamp, all upon a goldbrick background. 91 J 9 • I • » % f- ryw - -»■ ' - ' ' - ' ■W- ■- ' ■■ COMPANY RECORD OF A. S. T. P. - S. C. U. 3408, A. S. T. P. The Army Specialized Training Program (ASTP) was organized by the War Department in collaboration with a num- ber of the universities and colleges with the express purpose of supplying to the army a steady flow of high grade tech- nicians and specialists under an accelerated program. A unit was established here at Georgia Tech on March 12, 1943 as one of the hrst of many and continued in an active existence until the program for the training of engineering special- ists was abolished on April 1, 1944. COMPANY ' ' B ' ' 92 A. S. T. P. COMPANY ' ' C The original group consisted of five hundred trainees and was known as SCU 340S ASTP and in June was augmented by an additional company. The unit was under the command of Colonel R. W. Collins until October at which time Colonel O. I. Gates assumed command. To take care of the expansion additional officers were assigned to the unit. In general the program consisted of varying numbers of twelve week terms, depending upon the particular curriculum The basic curriculum consisted of three such terms, at the completion of which there awaited three terms of advanced work in civil and mechanical engineering, or four terms of advanced work in chemical and electrical engineering. In addition to the strict scholastic work a thorough and equally strict military training was included as well as the physical COMPANY ' D 93 A. S. T. P. training given under the direction of Coach Alexander and his staff, which was adjudged to be the " number one P. T. staff in the nation. " The informal photographs accom- panying show a pictorial record of the stay of A. S. T. P. here at Tech, starting with their arrival in March to their departure in April one year later. The sort of life led here by the A. S. T. P. trainees is very typically an army one. A. S. T. P. A strict sciieduled program was outlined for each man, utilizing their every moment from rcvielle till taps. The boy ' s week-ends was his own, and each used his to advantage. The only complaint about these week-end " liberties " was the fact that they started at 6 P. M. Saturday and were over at 8 P. M. Sunday. Deeply enrooted in the memories of all concerned were the weekly drills and parades, the drill presented hy the crack platoon of Company ' C at the Atlanta premier of " This is the Army, " and the many con- tributions to the school ' s activities by their participation in the school •«f i ¥ «« ' , ■J " - . - r 6 • i « I • Glee Club, publicitiuns. and intra-nuiral sports. The men of A. S. T. P. gained fur themselves, during their short stay here at Tech, the respect of faculty, students, and native Atlantans as well as their com- rades in arms. These " wearers of the golden lamp " accepted their tasks — some against their desires, many more in accordance and thankful of the opportunity for the additional training — but they accepted their tasks and did more. Perhaps »d , - ' -Xf ■ ' -• 9i _ 7 W I—, -m • ' .. » rl » ' - w r £3P :-lj£. t- -. . r " 5? -■ J - -- i «,i, €7 " I --r- 2 ' j:; " ' " ' iSi _. 96 A. S. T. P. not conscious of it, the A. S. T. P. left Tech a different school, a wiser school, 3 more appreciative school. When the national decision to abandon the phase of the A. S. T. P. program which brought the unit here to Tech was put into force during the last week of March, 1944. the faculty, Atlantans, members of the unit, and fellow students— civilian and navy trainees alike — were conscious that an important part of the school was leaving. And we all tipped our hats, and saluted, and paid our respects to the men of the A. S. T. P. ARMY R, O. T. C. R. O. T. C. EAND CADET ARMY STAFF Lieutenant Colonel T. J. Withhorn Major C. E. Hutchins Captain P. A. Yates First Lieutenant James F. Park . Captain R. M. Berr.y Master Sergeant A. H. Gary . Staff Sergeant L M. Weiner . Staff Sergeant W. B. Daniel Bii talion Comviaiulcr Battalion Exccut ' nc Officer . . . . Batta lion S-l . . . Battalion S-2 . . . . Battalion S-3 Battalion Sn; cant Major Battalion I ntrlli cncc Bii .ili ' II Ojuratioiis _ _ , V:i COMPANY ' ' A ' ' Captain B. B. Blackburn Company ComnianJcr First Lieutenant J. C. Perry Sctonj in ConnnanJ Second Lieutenant B. J. Taylor Platoon Leader Second Lieutenant L. D. Staisi es Platoon Leader Second Lieutenant J. W. Wallace Platoon Leader 98 COMPANY B ' Captain J. A. Edmunds . First Lieutenant R. T. Cummings Second Lieutenant H. A. Dick . Second Lieutenant P. F. Taccone Second Lieutenant Max Jaffe . Company Coniniander Second in Command . Platoon Leader . Platoon Leader Platoon Leader ■ - COMPANY ' ' c • ' Captain M. O. Richter - Company Commander First Lieutenant C. W. Olsen . Second in Command Second Lieutenant J. A. Rolfing Platoon Leader Second Lieutenant E. O. Rand Platoon Leader Second Lieutenant H. D. DeBorde Platoon Leader 99 THE NAVY PROGRAM CAPTAIN J. V. SABCOCK It is really hard to describe the feehiig of .ill hands to Captain Babcock. He has grown to be a symbol of the true Navy to all Tech Navy students during his brief stay here. The Captain has served in the Navy for 47 years — and one can tell by his yarns that he is truly an " old salt. " He has worked very efficiently with his capable staft of officers here and has built the Tech Navy Unit into one of the best if not the finest Training unit in the country. Many a Tech Navy Officer can truthfully say that Captain Babcock has been the example of what a Naval Officer should be. COMMIANOER G. C. GRIFFIN Perhaps no one has been better known, respected and liked here at Tech than has been George Griffin. His deep interest and patient con- sideration of everyone ' s problem — no matter whether he be a Captain in the Navy or just one of the stu- dents — has made him beloved by all. Commander Griffin served in the Navy in the last war, was called to active duty as a reserve officer in 1940, and has now left tor more active duty after fifteen years of service to Tech as As- sistant l ean of Men, Track Coach, and ni.uhcmatics teacher. l-n l II, If. U-ll III rixh : Li. h. H. Kiirb, O.mdr. G. C. Griffin, C.ipl, I V. Babcock, l-ns. K. I ' . iiioiul, I I. I ' . 1). Kills. ■ ■ ■ S iini iiix: It. Conulr. R. M. Mundorll. 1 i. 1.. I,. Love, I.t. C. T. Cisburn. It. I. H.isscl. 1(. Conulr. I. G. Smith, C.ip!. 1). G. P.iyzant. Lt. L. A. .Moll. 100 k rou-, left to right: A. ■Wood, Sgt. J. B. . L. Fromen, U " . T( rou: S. J. Aucoi y. • • - Second rou. ' : • . - First row: ENLISTED PERSONNEL Sgt. L. E. Lake. Sgt. C. F. Tohnson, Jr., J. R. Andrus. • M. Wallace, J. W. Smith, C. Matthews. Cpl. J. « ' . Holt, . . Fourth run: J. R. Polk, Brown, E. E. Ferrell. - • • FRAT HOUSE R. T. Dedw} ' lder, F. S. Dennis, R. A. Gideon, J. I. Gonzalez. L. Goodpasture, R. H. Gordon. K. P. Graham, " . C. Graham, L. Greenspan, F. H. Guldbcrg, J. W " . Gwaltney, L. B. Hawkins, E. Hedaya, S. L. Helfgott, C. W. Helzer, P. W. Hembree, R. E. Hofma, D. D. Livingston. E. S. Prokop. W. M. Rocamora, W. D. South, R. A. Spitler, L. B. Spradlin, J. W. Steber, A. Steinberg. G. D. Tabakiin. E. R. Teshkoyan, L. T. Thornton, W. H. Tolhurst. J. D. Wulf- faerl, L. Yablonskv, NL H. Yacubian, D. P. Yarrington. 1, H. R. Chambers, T. A. Howard, A. F. Lentine, A. E. L. H. .Minshall, J. L. Durrance, E. R. Sowell, L. Poythress. L. A. Johnson. E. B. Furr, P. E. Lilly, J. T. Hall. NAVY V - 1 2 MARINES Guidons Bearers, left to right: A. B. Jackson, F. J. Pelayo. • • • Eleicnlh rou : W " . E. Leece. A. S. Braytcrbah. J. R. Zimmerman. E. L. Sugg. R. G. Biker. W. F. Markgrof, W. M. Burnett, A. " c. Prine, L. M. Perskie, N. M. Bennett, A. Coburn, W. G. Thomas, R. T. Hardy, J. C. Spalding, G. Smith, J. F. Rhemann, M. H. Doerge, R. E. Younger, E. Smith, R. L. McCelvey, J. R. K .!ly, J. J. Jones, W. A. Wahrmund, R. C. Wood. • • ■ Ten h row: C. M. Thompson, W. A. Gray, G. W. Dobson. R. B. Ruston. C. Edwards, R. L. De-n, F. Lewis, F. M. Sheppard. J. O. Compton. T. Jones, J. N. Stone. R. S. Schell, A. L. Lang, R. H. Martin, J. ' . Fox. B. E. Curry, K. G. Xims, H. Moore, L. McKinly, R. R. Rogers, J. Thompson, H. A. Boenig. • ■ ■ Xiii h rolf: H. L. Shatto, J. Zipperer, J. A. Russell, T. R. Foster, B. L. Combs, J. F. Loyd, G. E. Ritchie, ' L. W. Eaton, E. L. Davis, E. L. Leonard, I. C. Miller, W, T. Cole, J. R. Terry, W. R. Corby, B. B. Clifton, B. T. Dixton, S. Minas, E. R. Sledge. R. L. Speck, ]. Philips, E. L. Ekholm. • . ■ Eighth row: T. B. Starnes, R. F. Olsen, D. D. Clark, J. D. Craven, J. D. Goodrich, A. C. Oliver, E. D. Elkin;, J. Callan, M. N. Schwartz, E. H. Flemmg, J. T. Bills, H. H. Reedy, X. F. McNaughton, J. T. Landry, J. E. Daggett, E. P. .Maxim, D. O. Pike, B. L. Allen. . . ■ Sciciilh row: M. T. Ricard, E. M. White. W. Haring, M. H. Koppel, C. A. Wynn, S. Haynes, W. School, R. E. Barton, J. D. Brooks, J. N. Everett, A. W. Scott, G. Snyder, E. F. Moore, J. B. Cummings, J. Farrcll, G. G. Randell, D. C. Bell, J. W. Green, B. D. Beams, H. C. Woodsum, H. E. Owen. • • • Sixth row: J. Goldsmith, A. G. Cypher, W. D. Menefee, J. E. Sammon, K. E. Muller, W. A. Ezell, A. F. Whiteside, J. L " Wood, B. W. Williams, J. E. Still, T. F. Jones, J. L. Kunkler. J. " M. Burks, E. V. England, G. F. Stack, H. A. Elcbash, L F. Davis. . . . fr :i roK.- C. C. Smith, R. L. Grain, T. E. Barton, T. R. Wathen, H. W. Hardy, C. H. Jones, J. E. Condra, D. E. Herlihy, H. M. C Hewson, R. C. Pasley. S. Feldman, C. A. Friloux, L. W. Riall, L. G. Esler, J. G. Stoney, D. C. Walker, L. J. Delaney. . . ■ Fourth row: M. B. Wells, R. S. Johnson, T. R. Beech, W. G. Timme, R. T. Smith, A. K. Wood, L. C. Weiss, H. C. West, F. M. Hardeman, R. L. Hamilton, F. Snyder, B. A. Clifton, J. S. Collins, J. H. Dorough, A. B. Spoltore, W. N. Smith. • • • Third row: E. Ross, J. W. Overall, J. R. Phillips, J. C. Mehrhoff, H. H. Barren, C. R. Burchett, R. L. ' Vi ' yatt, H. L. Cappleman, H. Y. Martindill, P. E. Newett, G. F. Heroman, R. V. Carlton, G. B. Anderson, L. A. Bradshaw. . . ■ Sfcoud row: J. J. Cornish, K. M. Strange, K. C. Vanselous, W. R. Johnson, F. N. Winfrey, J. A. Cushman, C. A. Friloux, M. L. Y ' ancey, H. S. McCullough, H. B. Turner, C. Pederson, R. G. Buechler, J. XL Tanner. ■ . • First rou: Sgt. L. E. Lake, Sgt. C. F. Mathews, Corp. J. W. Holt, C. L. Bowen (holding Jiggs, mascot), Capt. D. G. Payzant, Sgt. D. M. O ' Neal, Sgt. J. B. Johnson. 101 H O W E L I 1 vVrrvr £;,i; j j rmr, i o r ' :! ; J. M. Nolen, C. Kimbro, C. A. Roush, R. B. Pass, F. Kroylcs, C. K. Hodges, E. K. Armistcad, J. N. Limbach, F. Dixon, R. C. Enders, A. P. Mcintosh, F. L. White, L. M. Wise, C. L. Williams, W. H. Bushee, C. E. Littlcjohn, H. A. Smith, J. Moses, J. J. Caldwell. . ■ . Seicntb rou-. F. K. Simon, T. E. Bethel, R. C. England, N. D. O ' Brien, R. B. Reed, G. R. Hurt, T. H. Weaver, D. W. Giese, D. T. Jones, R. R. Bowman, M. W. Long, H. Saunders, G. C. Davis, A. P. Bolton, D. B. Bolding, B, G. Stamps, M. E. Hill, E. A. Young, W. T. Terrell. . . . Sixth row: W. H. Bishop, J. C. Caudle, D. A. Armstrong, S. P. Aichel, A. L. Amos, F. E. Mathews, H. C. Miller, E. D. Simkins, C. M. Forbes. H. W. Anderson, M. R. Bird, R. W. Qumn, J. M. Moore, J. Simpson, J. C. Maclin, R. W. Hanby, R. F. Guill, I. A. Nelson. . . . Fifth rou: J. L. Holt, B. Bowers, H. M. Long, J. L. Ha llctt, C. R. Nixon, W. J. Rogers, J. E. Atkinson, L. Morrissey, L. O. Gunson, S. M. Dillard, J. A. Henre, J. H. Hudson, F. E. Mott, J. H. Meyer, A. S. McGiU, R. L. Lamb, E. R. Boone, W. J. Broughton. ■ . . Fourth rou- G. T. Deckbar. D. W. Allen, C. M. Morgan, H. W. Hayden, H. B. Rucker, E. Klein, R. N. Pratt, R. L. Hanson, S. C. Thomas, T. M. Bush, Armstrong, H. B. Sims, C. E. Kickliter, W. A. Liddell, J. G. Grown, L. Eiseman. . • ■ Thini rou-: G. B. Baxley, J. A. Johnson, W. C. Rich, C. Neal, R. B. Doody, E. L. Bass, J. W. Sibley, J. A. Castelli, M. Logan, J. E. Bryant, D. C. Sinclair, J. W. Carman, E. E. Ammons, J. E. Bolt, Z. G. Tyson, T. B. Pasteur. ■ ■ . Sccuinl rou-: j. A. Hand, R. W. Eck, J. A. Ashton. T. B. Hamilton, J. W. Brinks, W. E. Kenney, W. A. Anderson, H. A. Wood, J. M. Street, W. H. Dixon, J. M. HoUiday, W. T. Hackett, S. W. Mann, E. H. Cox, J. Winnette. • ■ . FirU rou-. W. S. Caldwell, J. R. Garden, N. A. Boddy, J. L. Espy, D. E. Lee, J. F. Dietz, Lt. L. A. Moll, T. B. Bodkin, W. H., S. L. Simpson, G. VC ' . Bailey, D. D. Boone, N. Avery, T. E. Peak. NAVY 1 2 Eighth ruu: left to right: P. L. Matthewson, C. H. Baugh, C. H. Mu Moore, B. R. Collier, J. E. Richardson, W. K. Batson, H. D. Balshan, M row: R. E. Tarver, H. C. Conn, W. J. Chambers, H. F. Mills, A. A. R Smith, L. R. Hovater, O. C. Nickelson, L. H., C. E. Doyle, J Thomas, N. Y. Robinson, E. R. Rencher, W. D. Houston, R. P. Stam man, T. A. Jones, R. C. Van Hala, W. C. Norman. • ■ ■ Fifth row: H McNeely, C. L. Maddox, W. N. Henry, F. H. Pond, P. Q. Bryan, E W. N. Thomas. • . . Fourth row: T. J. deVries, K. H. Ivey, C. L. D, Crider, F. H. Covington, G. P. Hanlin, Conner, R. Dunkclman, J. H. C R. W. Douglas, P. J. Broussard, C. W. Van Dyke, L E. Beamon, V. G. J. J. W. Donaldson, R. F. Swenson, J. R. Cournyn, S. A. diPiazza. - L. L. Bathurst, E. W. Woolf, C. W. Crouch, J. R. P,)er, C. R. Harris Gilbert, A. E. Hill, W. E. Toller, P. R. Tinsley, E. R. Englert. J. F. Fa Freeborn, P. H, R dock, W. T. Moore, W. C. Chandler, J. S. Reiser, I. C. McLestcr, C. B. L. Rowland, J. N. Lowe, O. K. McDaniel, J. A. Crawford. . . • Seventh ingland , M. B. Marcus, W. J. Way, I. A. Nelson, W. A. Swain, J. H. D. Chachere. ■ . • Sixth row: D. L McCool, N. C. Wilson, F. R. ps, W. C. Lyons, E. E. Moore, J. C. Wilkinson, C. L. Riley, J. H. East- E. Pulver, H. W. Bedingfield, C. M. Hoover, E. M. Johnson, F. B. W. Miller,J. M. Bannister, H. W. Ridley, F. T. Ragan, D. L. Worth, yerling, G. B. Curtis, W. W. Earthman, D. C. G. Davidson, P. M. irdner, H. M. dejarnette, N. S. Pallot. . . • ThirJ rou-: J. E. Coggan, ohnston, R. A. Chapman, H. R. Broxton, R. W. Young, F. C. Drumright, Secoii, row: J. D. Baumhauer, C. T. Hicks, M. H. Moxley, M. B. Wright, on, G. M. Nottingham, P. F. Eiland, H. C. Cook. ■ • . First rou-: N. F. ulkner, D. C. Miller, G. G. Miller, H. F. Frantz, C. A. Harrison, J. B. , n Riinkin i i i i i. ii I i k ( f BROWN 102 S W A N N Etghlh row, left to right: J. T. W ' ardlaw, H. Ljpidus, J. Zarovsky, K. P. Evans. F. E. Sirocher, E. W. Kopp. T. F. Malone, J. H. Owen. A. B. Cheney, A. G. Swint, S. W. Magruder. L. E. Pedricke, T. Snyder, W. S. Puttinger, Vk " . S. Johnson, P. B. Ingram, Stewart, L. C. Hoffman, G. E. Tipson. C. D. Summit, C. J. Kendricke. ■ • - Seventh row: W. J. Ros hach, J. H. McCollum, E. Fi. Jones, C ' . J. Ormsby, C. U W ' ageman. C. E. Schuler, C. O. Locke, V. K. Ruboasky, J. C. McCowan, E. M. Srcvenson, W. H. Keith, i; ' . G. Flolmes, E. A. Fernandez. F. S. Holloman. R. J. Heston, E. R. Flanagan, J. G. Stanley, A. O. Daniels, M. B. Clapp, W. C. Smith, D. R. Strength, F. O. Mitchell, B. E. Teaver. ■ • ■ Sixth row: J. R. Hughes, J. T. Humme, R. J. Reed, J. Vi " . Tumlin, D, O. Blanchett, C. T. Jackson, D. M. Pittman, J. P. Porter, W. O. Stephen, D. P. L. Berry, R. S. Burroughs, J. S. Woody, D. N. Hennques, E. S. Schultz, H. C. Jenisch, J. W ' eintraub, R. ' . Malone, T. F. Gerecke, W. P. Stevens, J. C. McCowan, F. C. Murphy. . . . Fifth row: M. P. Hilley. H. L. Friedman, E. J. Pawlowski, F. W. McCullum, D. D. .McGraw, J. M. Tyson, H. C. .Montgomery, F. T. Gallenstein, W. M. Marshall, S. C. Morris, D. L. Uffner, R. D. McBurnette, Russom, W. B. Howel!, M. E. Killeen, C. A. Murray, J. D. Plaxco, H. E. Mallison, M. F. Roberts, W. O. Ritter. • - • Fourth row: J. A. Leonard, T. H. Kenton, H. C. Cook, C. L. Duval, R. E. Miller, F. Weaiherly, H. W. Ormand. W. K. Tate, i ' . A. Huffmaster. W. C. Robinson, G. H. Prichard, W. C. Cowart, Waldkirch, R. Hesslem, H. Liss, R. W. Boiling, F. N. MacMillan, G. P. Galane. • • • r j;r, row: T. W. Brittingham. G. B. Treadway, W. C. Voigt, W. Piper, « ' . AL McCabe, W. J. Withers, W. P. Boehm, E. S. Killebrew. D. A. Yarin, E. H. Jones. M. L Cleve- land, S. A. Woitkoski, J. C. Jones, J. B. Hippler, L R. Haradon, D. E. Hardwickc, E. A. Bohner, J. T. Johnson, F. J. Paffe. . . ■ Second row: D. W. Crockett, C. Summers, J. S. Siegel, W. H. Fulwell, G. P. Pegler. G. W. Fleming, J. V. Kilzer, W. D. Colbert. S. M. McGraw, D. R. Curtiss, G. M. M. Hopkins, H. F. Schwalbe, F. L. Rosen, W. T. Hester. W. P. Regen, C. S. Perry, W. R. Hippard, J. E. Trent, R. Pinera. ■ ■ . Fint row: R. D. Mclntyre. W. H. Chesnut. W. J. Wegmann, J. F. Willet, E. A. Spooner, Lt. C. E. Casburn. R. E. Sebring. C. P. O. Hood, J. D. Jordan, C. G. Warmath, S. J. Garcia, O. Waldkirch, H. T. Cowart, K. W. Smith, A. B. Gordon, R. G. Jessup, E. L. Bodian. NAVY 1 2 Eighth row, left to right: S. M. Long, P. W. Home, J. L. .Mitchell, R. J. November, T. S. Hesse, W. B. Klinke, A. E. Burden. G. G. Blair, W. A. Ketcham, J. B. Ragsdale, W. H. Bylaska. F. C. Garrard, J. «•. Archibald, R. J. Caldwell, T. W. Weiderman, W. W. Grant. E. E. Newman, L. C. Anthony. . . . Seventh row: D. C. Bowen, F. M. Holston, R. B. Adams, H. C. .McCall, W. J. Blevins, L. A. Greene, W. R. Davidson, G. C. Lunceford, J. R. Miner, S. S. McCartney, T. L. Jones, E. E. Simpson, J. J. Bresnahan, C. T. Owen, P. B. Suhr, F. V. Paradise. C. ' . Capsas, E. C Loflin, G. B. Hills. • . ■ Sixth row: W. .V Hardee, W. H. Anderson, E. E. Martin, W. H. Weaver, W. C. Adams, C. L. Hayes, S. Johnson, A. J. Hackl, B. G. Brawley, W. M. Mixon. R. F. Bell, C. P. Anderson, R. M. Craig. W. A. Fowler, C. B. Dennis, H. G. Tapia, A. W. Van Netta, H. W. Hicks. . . ■ Fifth row: R. A. Beeken, W. R. Chalker, G. C. Hudson, A. L. Williams, R. E. Worsham, W. W. Wolcott, E. J. Walston, W. R. Wills, U. R. Barnctt, J. K. Giles, R. W. Pitt, E. B. Phillips, C. T. Jackson, J. C Pitts, M. R. Anderson, N. J. Golding. . • . Fourth row: B. F. Woodruff. R. R. Chapman. F. H. Inscho, P. C. Law, J. P. Grcthen, A. B. Rosenthal, T. N. Davis, J. E. Floyd, C. U. Rothman, R. H. Cribben, B. W. Fink, D. L. Costello, T. C. Bailey, A. T. Harrison, E. B. Brown, S. L. Binns. ■ ■ • Third row: R. R. Randall. W. H. Mellor, G. S. Pope. S. Appel. J. NL Lane. P. T. Diety, G. H. Herdon. H. S. Holtzinger, W. P. Bardet, O. E. Smith, M. G. Cobb, J. B. Hill, C. D. Fricks, C. P. Bishop, W. H. Anderson. • • ■ Second row: T. C. Warren, J. J. Thackson. J. B. Woodruff, H. C. Daniels, J. Gassen- heimer, O. A. Yohay, J. W. Harrell, J. L. Carswell, J. M. Lane, O. B. Munro, J. Marcus. E. B. Fowler, L. F. Howard, J. R. Franklin. ■ • • First row: D. V. Cady, T. P. L. Dowell, W. S. Masters, L. W. McGill, R. W. Stover, Lt. Hassell, J. N. demons, C. E. Burch, C. C. Arnold, W. T. Hav, T. R. Flock, H. R. Cohen, E. B. Elliot. -m -- L: lid J h ' .a iV, k i W te. % r mi a i K N O W L E S 103 COMPANY ' ' A V Y R. O. T. C COMPANY ' ' B nil. COMPANY ■ ' c ■ ' NAVY R. O. T, C COMPANY ' ' D 105 On luly 1. 1945. close to one thousand boys from north, sou til. cist and west gathered together at the Georgia Tech Naval Armory to be introduced to the U. S. Navy. To these young recruits everything seemed to be in a state of confusion. There was a line for room assignments, a line for clothing issue, another line for typhoid or tetanus shots — in fact there were lines everywhere. Such was the auspicious beginning of the V-12 ofticcr candidate program, not only at Georgia Tech, but also in hundreds of other colleges all over the country. The mission ot tiic college Navy Training Program IS to insure a continuous supply of officer candidates with a college background in the various special fields of the U. S. Navy and Marine Corps. With- out doubt V-12 is the best opportunity ever offered the youth of any country in any period of history. As Captain J. V. Babcock, commanding officer, ex- pressed it to the unit at its initial gathering: " In no other country in this wide world could such a program occur. 107 " You are to be fed, housed, clothed, furnished with medical iervices, your tuition and books paid tf)r, and in addition paid $50.00 per month — all of this at the expense of your country. " h naturally follows that if so much is given, nuicii is expected in return. V-I2 ' crs arc at all iinies expected to uphold the exacting traditions of the Navy just as if they were officers. The very strictest principles govern the personal cleanliness of the trainees as well as the tidiness of rooms in dormi- tories. High scholastic standards must be maintained and unlike civilian days class attendance is com- pulsory. Although there is a great deal of discipline, excellent opportunities are provided for the sailors to gain experience in leadership in the various dormi- tory organizations. The student duty officers, mates of the deck, orderlies, battalion, company, and platoon commanders are alternated as soon as possible in ord er that every man is given the opportunity to advance himself. After only a few days of beginning adjustment the unit rapidly began shaping into a wcil function- ing team as Captain Babcock prefers to call it. Now a year old, V-12 has definitely proven to be a suc- cess. The scores of valuable new officers turned out constantly are already taking their places alongside uthcr officers and crewmen on the ships of the Navy and in the ranks of tried Marines to make the United States Navy the greatest fleet in the world. 109 A N A K 19 4 3 Anak is the highest honor to which twelve of the most outstanding members of the senior class are selected. Founded in 1910, it is the oldest honorary organization on the Tech campus, and is dedicated to the promotion of interest in all campus activities. New members are tapped from the senior class at the mid-term and final Interfraternity Council sponsored dances. NESBIT ■ " " WlrTt OFFICERS K. N. Nesbit President G. Manning Vice-Praident B. D. Fitzgerald Secretary W. J. Sanders Treasurer FITZGERALD SANDERS MEMBERS R. C. Elder G. Manning T. V. Patton B. D. Fitzgerald M. B. Merts W. J. Sanders j. L. Hicks K. N. Nesbit A. C. Skinner A. L. Lofton D. S. Nichols R. H. Street ELDER NESBIT FITZGERALD NICHOLS HICKS PATTON LOFTON SANDERS MANNING SKINNER MERTS 112 OFFICERS J. B. Gattey President W. S. Johnson Vice-President W. G. CoLLEDGE Secretary W. C. Paxson Treasurer MEMBERS J. S. Baldnxin J. B. Gattey W. C. Paxson H. H. Caldwell M. E. Hill R. L. Thomison W. G. CoLLEDGE W. S. Johnson C. V. Weaver J. E. Council A. S. Kelso W. L. X ' ILHOIT A N A K 19 4 4 GATTEY JOHNSON COILEDGE ' ftr fT - •■■ BALDWIN JOHNSON CALDWELL KELSO COLLEDGE PAXSON COUNCIL THOMISON GATTEY WEAVER HILL WILHOiT 113 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA X One of the greatest lionois can be awarded to a student of Georgia Tech is membership In ODK. Members are selected by a system of awarding points on the basis of the student ' s participation in campus activities, a certain number being requ ired for selection. The Tech Chapter of ODK was established in 1930 and is one of the outstanding honorary fraternities in the country. OFFICERS SPRING, 1943 SUMMER, 1943 President J. Graham G. Manning Vicc-Pirsidciif W. J. Sanders W. J. Sanders Si-crc iiry V. S. Johnson W. S. Johnson Trcasiiicr J. Hicks R. C. Elder M E M B E R S • R. L. Austin J. Graham P. L. Lee T. V. Patton J. S. Baldwin J. L. Hicks G. Manning W. C. Paxson R. H. Bunzl E. T. HuNGLiU OKI) S. R. McGee W. J. Sanders R. C. Elder W. S. Johnson T. R. McMurry R. I,. Thomison L. L. Gellerstedt A. S. Kelso K. N. Nesbit R. O. WiLHELM first row, leff to right: Austin, Baldwin, Bunzl, Elder, Gellerstedt, Hicks Second row: Hunger- ford, Johnson, Kelso, Lee, Manning, McGee Third row: McMurry, Nesbit, Patton, Paxson, Sanders, Thomison, Wilhelm. 114 PHI KAPPA PHI Phi K.ipp.i Phi honors those members of the senior class who hjve distin!;Liishecl them- selves on the basis of scholarship and leadership. Next to the oldest honorary society on the campus, Phi Kappa Phi, a national scholastic fraternity, was established at Tech in 1914. Members are selected from the upper seven percent of the senior class includ- mg all departments. Phi Kappa Phi awards a cup to the senior having maintained the highest scholastic average while at Tech. Phi Kappa Phi also sponsors the annual Honor Day Exercises at which recognition is awarded the deserving students. OFFICERS The officers of Phi Kappa Phi are chosen by the faculty members from the faculty members. J. H. HOWEY President W. B. Johns Vice-Presicleitf A. J. Walker Treasurer W. L. Carmichael Secretary R. A. HeI NER }i)iirnal Carres ponJiir Secretary MEMBERS N. D. Abell J. S. Baldwin T. C. Bazemore R. L. Beard H. R. Bohanon A. C. Bond H. A. Brown R. H. BuNzL W. H. BURNSIDE J. R. Burton J. W. Butler H. G. Dean J. L. Espy J. Freedman B. Garrard J. G. Hammond T. W. E. Hankinson i ' . S. Johnson L. I. Lanier H. R. Lindenbaum J. W. Meadors F. J. Meadow H. A. Montague D. Multach T. H. Pigford A. A. Reiser, Jr. R. E. Robinson J. R. Rogers H. Samuel A. C. Skinner R. S. Stein C. J. Wellborn first row, left lo righf: Abell, Baldwin, Beard, Bohanon, Bond, Brown Second row: Bunzl, Burn- side, Burton, Butler, Espy, Freedman Third row; Garrard, Hommond, Hankinson, Johnson, Lanier, Lindenbaum fourth row: Meadors, Meadow, Montague, Multach, Pigford, Reiser Fifth row; Robinson, Rogers, Samuel, Skinner, Stein, Wellborn. 115 TAU BETA PI Tau Beta Pi, national honarary engineering fraternity, was installed at Tech in 1925. Students are selected on the basis of character, scholarship, and leadership, and membership in Tau Beta Pi is considered one of the highest honors to engineering students throughout the country. Tau Beta Pi awards a cup to the senior judged by the faculty from a selection by Tau Beta Pi. N. D. Abell L. S. Apple W. B. Arco H. R. BOHANON H. A. Brown R. H. BUNZL J. W. Butler W. H. BURNSIDE J. S. Carruthers W. L. Cartlr H. A. Dick M. A. Elliot R. W. Freeman L. L. Gellerstedt J. G. Hammond M. G. Hampton C. C. Hancock MEMBERS NX ' . E. Ha.nkixsoiN E. Hill T. Hungerford F. Jarvis I. Lanier L. Lee H. Lewis R. LiNDENBAUM V. Manning E. Martin H. McIntosh k ' . Meadors J. Meadow A. Montague B. Moore E. Morris C. W. Norton M. J. Osborne R. P. Pardee T. H. PiGEORD W. W. Ramage W. A. Reiser F. D. Richards E. D. RUCKER W. J. Sanders W. A. SCHMID A. C. Skinner J. L. Stanley M. Trowbridge A. W. Truan C. J. Wellborn D. M. Whitley R. O. Mi ' lLHELM 1943 President . _ .J Vicc-Pirsii ciif Corrcspiiih iir SiTrc iny Rciordiir Scncfiiry OFFICERS WINTER, 1944 SPRING, 1944 T. H. PiGFORD Plfsit cilf .... W. J. Sanders Vicc-Prcs ' nlcnt . N. D. Abell Concijxiin iiii Sccretciry M. E. Hill Riconliii; Secretary . N. D. Abell President R. E. Morris R. E. Morris Vice-President P. L. Lee J. S. Baldwin Carres jiondiii}; Secretary . . L. S. Apple J. V. Manning Reccndini Secretary . L. L. Gellerstedt First row, left to right: Apple, Baldwin, Bohanon, Brown, Bunil, Butler, Burnside, Carruthers, Carter . Second row; Dick, Freeman, Geller- stedt, Hammond, Hampton, Hancock, Hankinson, Hill, Hungerford . . . Third row; Jarvis, Lanier, Lee, Lewis, Lindenbaum, Manning, Martin, Meadors, Meadow fourth row: Montague, Moore, Morris, Norton, Osborne, Pardee, Ramage, Reiser, Rucker . Fifth row: Sanders, Schmid, Skinner, Stanley, Trowbridge, Truan, Wellborn, Whitley, Wilhelm. I If. flf ' -wr i ' ' «l - ;?» % m « • i ) ' i!?:, n o f ( i First row, left to right: Bohanon, Canaday, Carruthers, Chandler, Cole, de Vries, Espy, Hammond, Hancock Second row: Hankinson, Mollis, Howard, Ingram, Meadow, Moore, Morris, Osborne, Patterson . . Third row: Rucker, Sims, Smith, Stein, Stelzenmuller, Trowbridge, Whit- ley, Wilhelm. BRIAEREAN SOCIETY The Briaerean Society, honorary organization for Co-ops, selects members of the Co-op Department who have distinguished themselves in leadership, scholar- ship and character. Membership in the Briaerean Society is the highest honor given to Co-op seniors and juniors. The society is divided into two sections to accommodate both sections of the Co-op Department. The Briaerean Society offers scholarship cups to an outstanding Co-op freshman and senior at the Annual Honor Day exercises. OFFICERS SECT. 1, 1943 SECT. 2, 1943 1944 Presideiif . . T. M FUTRELL B. C. Brunson R. E. Morris Vice-Prcs iIni . B. M. Ingram J. T. Graham W. W. Rammage Secretary . . A. L. Howard T. J. Innes A. L. DE Vries Treasurer . . E. F. Curry R. O. Wilhelm J. L. Espy M E M B E R S X ' B. Arco E. F. Curry J- T. Graham T. J. Innes W . W. Ramage B. Stelzenmuller H R. Brohanon M. C. Davie K. Greene C. H. McIntosh F. D. Richards J. E. Stephenson B. C. Brunson a. L. deVries J- G. Hammond F. J. Meadow J- F. Richards F. J. Trombetta R. H. Canaday C. F. DuTeil C C. Hancock N. A. Merritt E. D. Rucker M. Trowbridge J- S. Carruthers M. A. Elliot T. W. E. Hankinson C. B. Moore E. H. Shaw D. M. Whitley D. P. Chandler J. L. Espy A. O. Hollis R. E. Morris J- M. Sims R. O. Wilhelm A. M. Cheney W. H. Funk A. L. HOWARK M. J. Osborne R N. Smith E. G. Winn K. M. Cole T. M. Futrell B. M. Ingram M. Patterson R S. Stein 117 d r I First row, left to right: Adams, Anderson, Athey, Austin, Bafocock, Black, Brooks, Brown Second row: Corse, Davis, Deiters, Evenchick, Furch- gott, Garison, Gellerstedt, Glover Third row: Gordon, Harrington, Hill, Houstoun, Koplin, LeBrun, McDaniel. Newell fourth row: Price, Raynes, Shoob, Shropshire, Simkins, B. D. Smith, J. M. Smith, Tuttle. PH I ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma is the national honorary fraternity awarding membership to those freshmen who have made a scholastic aver- age of over 3.S for their freshman year at Tech. The organization presents a cup to the freshman having the highest average for his first semester. OFFICERS ' President L. L. Gellerstedt Vice-Preshleiit R. G. Hill Sene iiry E. D. Simpkins Treasurer R. L. Austin T 1 w ■ - MEMBERS - JL Jf..:- M R. li. Adams li. I. Brown J. P. Garison M. Koplin H. D. Raynes S Jr ' ti l [. V. Adams A. V. Burden L. L. Geleersti dt S. LeBrun K. L. Rosen -» w ' I H li. H. Andersun C. E. BURNHAM R. M. Glass V. F. Leece M. . Shoou ! ' . I.. Anokkson ]. D. Corse J. J. Glover C;. D. Malone R. A. Shroi ' shiri Pn l K. I. Atju V F. F. Davts M. T. Gordon F. W. McDaniel E. D. SiMKINS A H K. L. Austin n. 1. Deiters Ci. M. Harrington N. V. MiLLSAP B, D. Smith C. I. Babcoi K 1. A, FVENCIIICK R. L. Harris C). Ni wi i.L, Jr. J. M. Smith 1). F. Black M. 1 VI RETT R. c;. Hill n. I ' RK i: A. E. Thomas W. A. Brooks M. 1 1. FuRCliGOTT A. !•■. HiNES A. c:. Prine F. M. Tuttle GELLERSTEDT R. C. Houstoun 11« M ' _ , ' i rf HONORS 9 9 ALPHA CHI SIGMA i First row, left to right: Adams, Best, Bush, Butler, Cagle, Cameron, Carter Second row; Cole, Covey, Covington, deVries, Espy, Galey, Gellerstedt Third row: Gilbert, Harrell, Hinton, Horner, Norton, Howard, Johnson fourth row: Jon- gedyk, Kinney, Koeritz, McPherson, Nixon, Pendergrast, Richards Fifth row: Roush, Stanley, Tarver, Watkins, Weatherly, Whitley, Zike. Alpha Chi Sigma, national chemical fraternity, was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904, and the Georgia Tech chapter, Alpha Omega, was installed in 1932. It is the second largest chemical society m the world and is devoted to the advancement of the social, professional, and scientific ideals of men interested in chemistry. The organization draws its members from the juniors and seniors of the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Departments. Alpha Chi Sigma offers a handbook annually to the junior having made the best record in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering courses. OFFICERS 1943 1944 PrcsjJcnl B. C. Boswell K. M. Cole Vicc-Prcshlc ' iif C. S. PuLLiAM T. C. Watkins Secretary R. A. Pendergrast J. L. McPherson Treasurer B. E. Dunnaway J. L. Espy -HS i MEMBERS P. F. Adams B. E. Dun naw ay E. M. Koeritz li. Best J. L. Espy C. H. McIntosh B. C. BoSWFIL T. D. Gaeey J. L. McPherson W. G. Bush L. L. Gellerstedt C. T. Nixon |, W. BuriiR W. W. Gilbert R. k. Pendergrast |. H. Cm, I 1 W. B. Harrell C:. S. PULLIAM K. 1 ' . Camiron C. ]. IllNDN .1. F. Rk HARDS W. I.. CARTtR J. J. Hoi mi s C. A. Roush K. M. Cole D. I;. HoKNl R J. L. Stanley 1,. S. Covey K. H. lioRION R. I. Tarver !■:. H. Covington (•. . 1 InWAKD T. C. Watkins K. F. Curry " . S. JtlllNSON J. W. Weatherly A. L. deVries R. p. |ongi;dyk I). M. Whitley T. J. deVrjes J. F. KlNNlY J. H. Zike 120 ETA KAPPA NU The n.itional honorary electrical engineering society of Eta Kappa Nu was founded on the Tech campus in 1940. Outstanding electrical engineering juniors and seniors arc elected into Eta Kappa Nu. The society promotes scholarship by awarding a hand- book to the electrical engineering sophomore having the highest scholastic average for his first three semesters at Tech. It is considered one of the highest honors for an electrical engineering student to be elected to Eta Kappa Nu. ( ' O ' 5 first row, teH to right: Almand, Apple, Brown, Burdett, Burnside Second row: Gritz, Canaday, Cork, Davis, Hammond Third row: Hancock, Heath, Levin, Hill, McAuley . . . fourth row: Merts, Morgan, Morris, Norton, Osborne . . . Fifth row: Owens, Pax son, Ramoge, Roberts, Robinson . . . Sixth row: Rucker, E. H. Smith, R. N. Smith, Stripling, Trimmer. 121 R. N. SMITH Picsiilciif . Vice-Presidcii Secretary . Treasurer . OFFICERS 1943 1944 M. B. Merts R. N. Smith R. N. Smith J. V. Manning C. V. Norton F. E. Martin W. H. Burnside R. H. Trimmer MEMBERS A. I. Almand, Jr. J. T. Graham J- B. Owens L. S. Apple H. Gritz « ' . C. Paxson T. C. Bazemore, Jr. J- G. Hammond ' . VC. Ramage H. A. Brown C. C. Hancock T. E. Roberts L. li. Burdett E. V. Heath O. W. Robinson V . H. Burnside R. G. Hill E. D. Rucker L. S. Burton D. K. Levin E. H. Smith R. H. Canada Y J. H. McAuley R. N. Smith S. M. Cork E. L. Meadoix ' W . W. Stripling J- M. Davis M. , B. Merts J. H. Taylor H. G. Dean F. A. Morgan R. H. Trimmer M. A. Eliot R. E. Morris J- E. Van Ness T. M. FUTRELL C. M. W. Norton J. Osborne O. D. Whiddon PI TAU SIGMA The national honorary mechanical engineering society of Pi Tau Sigma was founded in 1915 and the local chapter was installed at Tech in 193 2. From the junior and senior classes of the Mechanical Engi- neering Department outstanding students are selected for membership on the basis of character, leadership, and scholarship. At the Annual Honor Day exer- cises Pi Tau Sigma presents an engineering handbook to the highest ranking mechanical engineering sopho- more, and engraves the name of the most outstand- ing senior on a plaque which rests in the Mechanical Engineering Building. Firsf row, leH to right: Abell, Achey, Ball, Barred, Bohanon Second row: Bohner, Bottenfield, Caldwell, Chase, Colledge . Third row; Elder, Gaydos, Hammersla, Han- kinson, Heston Fourth row: Hill, Mollis, Litfle, Manning, Meadors fifth row: Moses, Paus, Rodgers, Skinner, Thomas , . . Sixfh row: Thomison, Truan, Van Hassein, Whitfield. President Vice-Prcsidcnl Secretary Treasurer C E R S OFF 1943 R. C. Elder M. L. Ball N. D. Aklll G. Manning 1944 N. D. Abell H. R. Bohanon W. (;. Colledge H. H. Caldwell N. D. AbI LL H. S. Achey M. I,. Ball A. B. Barrett H. R. Bohanon E. a. Bohnfr r. w. botteni illd H. H. Caldwi;ll W. L. Chase W. G. Colledge MEMBERS R. C. El DLR H. F. Gaydos W. E. Hammlrsi.a T. W. Hankinson C. N. HlSTON M. E. Hill A. O. HOLLIS H. W. Little G. Manning J. W. Ml ADORS |. Moses J. R. Paus L. M. Pryor W. A. Reiser W. M. Rodgers A. C. Skinner F. Thomas R. L. Thomison A. X ' . Truan H. J. Van Hassein J. H. Whitfield 122 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS MORRIS Devoted to the purpose of encouraging interest and furthering knowledge of the field of electrical engineering among students, the Georgia Tech chap- ter of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers was installed on this campus in 1915. The society is composed of members of the Electrical Engineer- ing Department and offers lectures and papers on electrical engineering subjects as part of its activities. OFFICERS R. E. Morris President H. S.AMUEL Vice-President L. S. Apple Secretary-Treasurer M E M B E R S J. D. Albright j. E. Mayes A I. Almand J. A. Moody L. S. Apple R. E. Morris C . E. Behnken L. H. Nelson G C. Berry M. J. Osborne L. B. BURDETT J. F. Park .1. L. C. ' Kldwell W " . C. Paxson R. H. C- •AD, Y W. G. Pechulis A J. Faustini ■ V. Ramage .1. E. Gross S. M. Richards P. D. Heitzer H. Samuel R A. Ireland J. R. Shrader V . B. Jones J. A. Sowell D K. Levin J. B. SVFIFT F. W. Manly R. J. Taylor J- V. Manning " . W. Varnadoe F. E. Martin . -:» , .f f, " " f ■ ' • h. .CI a a Fir sf row, eff fo right: Albright, Almand, Apple, Behnken, Berry Second row: Burdett, Caldwell, Canaday, Faustini, Gross . . . Third row: Heitzer, Ireland, Jones, Levin, Manly fourth row: Manning, Martin, Mayes, Moody, Morris fifth row: Nelson, Osborne, Perk, Paxson, Pechulis Sixth row: Ramage, Richards, Samuel, Shrader, Sowell Ssvenfh row: Stevens, Swift, Toylor, Varnedoe. 123 ( A. I. Ch. E The Aniericin Institute of Chemical Engineers, n.itional society of professional chemists, established .1 student chapter on the Tech campus in 193 3 for the purpose of stimulating interest in the field of chemistry. Students in the senior and junior classes in the Chemical Engineering Department comprise the membership of the society. Motion pictures, sur- veys, and lectures by prominent men are part of the programs presented by this organization during the term. In addition the AIChE also annually awards a key to the junior ChE maintaining the highest scholastic average, and also presents a handbook to another outstanding junior ChE. PENDERGRAST LEE OFFICERS 1943 Presiderif R. A. Pfndergrast Secretary . . T. H. PiGKORl) Treasurer . . . D. P. Pulley 1944 President . . . P. L. Lee Vice-Presii eiit . G. L. Howard Secretary . . J. D. Keith Treasurer . . J. W. Weatherly M E M B E R S A. B. Adams R. K. Maxwell P. F. Adams A. M. McCheney C. B. BiGCAR C. C. Meeks R. H. BuNZL j. L. Murphy J. B. Cagle A. L. Navarro W. J. Camp R. A. Pendergrase W. L. Carter T. H. PiGFORD A. H. Gary H. N. Powell C. W. Cochran D. P. Pulley K. M. Cole C. S. Pulliam L. S. Covey J. F. Richenaker R. W. Darwin N. Y. Robinson J. W. Davis H. E. Shepherd A. L. deVries L. L. SOBEISON T. J. deVries j. L. Stanley B. DUNNAWAY T. L. Stedman C. T. EWING U. A. Stivers W. FiGG M. E. Tarleton O. E. Fry R. I. Tarver W. W. Gilbert F. N. Thayer J. J. Holmes H. F. Tighe G. L. Howard M. Trowbridge K. L. Icenocle J. M. Tucker W. L. Johnson R. E. X ' ALKER J. D. Keith J. W. Weatherly J. F. Kinney L. B. Whitehead E. M. KOERITZ D. M. Whitley P. L. Lee V. H. Wvcott H. R. Lindenbaum [. H. Zike First row, left to right; Adams, B ' ggar, Bunzl, Cagic, Camp, Carter, Cochran . . . Second row: Cole, Covey, Da deVries, Fry, Gilbert, Howard . . . Third row: Icenogle, Johnson, Keith, Kinney, Koeritz, lee, Lindenbaum . . . foi row: Maxwell, Navarro, Pendergrast, Pigford, Powell, Pulley, Richenaker . . . Fifth row: Robinson, Shepptj Slanley, Stedman, Stivvers, Tarver, Thayer . . . Sixthrow: Tighe, Trowbridge, Weatherly, Whitehead, Wye ' Whitley, Zike. i 124 I. A. S. Membership in the Georgia Tech student chapter of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences is open to aeronautical engineering sophomores, juniors, and seniors. The Society promotes interest in aviation and aeronautical engineering by giving lectures and pictures and various social activities throughout the year. OFFICERS 1944 S. W. Gibson Presidctit E. O. Raxd Virc-Presiih ' iif J. B. Gattey Secretary W. A. SCHMID Trea surer MEMBERS D. %■■. Allen W. P. Bardet G. P. Bates T. B. Bodkin J. D. Brooks j. C. Bruce I. Capelouto J. J. Caldwell J. F. Cheney B. A. Clifton R. H. CUMMINGS J. B. Gattey S. V. Gibson R. W. Haney S. R. Harrison J. C-. Herb J. H. Hudson H. D. IVEY C. H. Jones S. Lampert C. E. Little.iohn J. F. MacDoxald S. V. Macgruder R. T. Macomber H. C. McCoy J. F. McNally J. ■« ' . Overall T. B. Pastuer L. D. Perlis C. PoOLOS E. O. Rand E. B. Ren ick G. C. Rhoad R. E. Robinson W. A. ScHMID H. N. Silvers E. D. SiMKINS W. D. South B. G. Stamps H. K. Strass J. yi ' . Wallace W. J. Weg.mann C. L. " " hitaker First row, left to right: Bates, Bruce, Capelouto, Cheney, Gattey Second row: Gibson, Harrison, Herb, lampert, MocDonaid Third row: Macomber, McCoy, McNally, Perlis, Poolos fourth row: Rand, Renwick, Rhoad, Robinson, Schmid fifth row: Silvers, Simkins, Stress, Wallace, Wegmann. 125 ' 5 " r |) - g g r fe Til ,%, if .f . fK M. ffk " " fK i f Firsr row, lefi to righf: Afoell, Alonso, Ashe, Barber, Boucher Second row: A. H. Brown, J. T. Brown, Burke, Cannon, Christian Third row.- R. L. Edel- blut, W. J. Edelblut, Eng, Fletcher, Friscia Fourth row: Grove, Honkinson, Hunter, Ingram, Jaffe fifth row: Jarvis, Keith, Lewis, Lincoln, Lofton Sixth row: Marmelstein, Mauldin, Mercer, Milner, Moore Seventh row: Nesbit, Piperas, Rand, Resier, Roberts Eighth row: Skinner, C. E. Smith, J. P. Smith, Gerulackos, Toccone . . . Ninth row: Thomas, Turner, Wallace, Weaver, Wellborn , Tenth row: Williams, Winchester. S. A. M. E. Amonj; the arious engineering societies on the campus, the Society of American MiHtary Engineers is the youngest. The association was organized at Tech in 1942 for the pur- pose of encouraging interest ajid coUaboration between mili- tary men and engineers, and has met with much success. R. L. EDEIBLUT JARVIS OFFICERS 1943 Preside}! R. L. Edelblut Yuc-Prcsiilcut J. W. Cannon Tncisiiifr T. H. Boucher Sccrc ciiy P. F. Boucher 1944 President P. F. Jarvis Yiee-Presideiil B. Alonso Treasurer R. H. Street - r.7 (ry W. P. Eng MEMBERS N Abtll B. D. Ingram T. L. Roberts 11. Alonso M. Jai-fe W . C. Ross R W. Asm P. I-. Jarvis D P. StOTT .1. M. By . N!S 1 i K J. D. Keith H E. Shi PPARU L. T. Hakbi K H. B. Lewis A C. Skinner V. BoOKl K F. B. Lincoln C. E. Smith B. C. Bos«i 1.1 A. L. Lofton J. P. Smith T R. BoUCHtR C. A. Marmelstkin J. M. Souther A H. Brown T. R. Mauldin B. M. Stevens J- T. Brown 1). H. Mercer R. H. Street T U. BURKF. D. Milner P. T. Taccone J- W. Cannon .S. T. MOAK F. Thomas T S. CarkkjAN S. H. Moore F. J. Trombetta R L. CJIRISTIAN R. W. Morris T. R. Turner K 1 . 1 in 1 lU L ' 1 K. N. Nesbit ,[. E. Van Ness W . j. Iin 1 111 V I ]. E. Palmer j. V( ' . Wallace W I I: NG C. T. Pilch c. V. X ' EAVER W . I.. I-ir.Tclll K N. Piperas c. J. Wellborn, Jr. I. iVI. I lUSC lA J. M. PinAKii o. U. X ' liinnoN R (,. Cuovi J. Pru hi 11 p. C. Mt ' lLIIAMS T W. I. IIankinson 1 . O. Rand T. H. W ' lNt 111 SI 1 R 11 R. 1 llN 11 R W . RlISFR 126 PresiJenf Vice-President Treasurer Srrir rt)-) OFFICERS 1943 R. O. WiLHELM H. B. Lrwis J. W. Cannon- 1944 J. W. Cannon P. F. Jarvis H. F. ScHW ALBE C. G. Del Valle A. S. C. E. Students of the Civil Engineering Department are eligible for membership in the student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers, which was es- tablished at Tech in 1959. The society has as its purpose the enrichment of the student ' s college life by increasing his knowledge of civil engineermg and by forming contacts which will prove valuable in his later professional life. %x% s JL %. MEMBERS J. H. Aderhold R. H. Almand N. K. Anderson J. A. Arguedas F. G. AvEY W. L. Bald fin J. M. Bannister F. Booker B. I. Brown W. O. BURFORD C. R. Burress J. W. Cannon T. S. Carrigan M. B. Clapp R. P. Clarson " J. E. Condra J. M. COTHRAN J. C. COUDLE R. L. Crisp C. G. Del Valle A. J. Dow I. S. DUGGAN L. Edelblut J. Edelblut H. Edwards R. Foss T. Gibbons J. GOSTIN J. O. Groover R. G. Grove M. Jaffe P. F. Jarvis H. G. JOHNSON J. J. Kelly G. H. Kexdley H. B. Lewis J. C. Maclin H. S. McGahee J. C. McGaughev J. Meadow W. H. Merriam B. MlCKEL R. E. Mills F. E. MoTT J. M. Palmer G. P. Peagler E. L. Pick C. J. Pilch N. PiPERAS E. L. Potter L. R. Potter C. VC ' . Samford H. F. Schwalbe G. S. Sellers D. E. Sewell J. P. Smith J. M. Souther T. B. Starnes F. J. Trombetta J. W. TUMLIN F. C. ViDA J. D. White R. O. WlLHELM P. C. Williams M. E. Wilson T. H. Winchester J. I. Wood first row, left to right: Arguedas, Booker, Brown, Burford, Buress Second row: Can- non, Clarson, Cothran, Dow, Duggan . . . Third row: R. L. Edelblut W. J. Edelblut, G.b- bons Gostin, Groover fourth row: Grove, Jaffe, Jarvis, Johnson, Kendley Fifth row: lewis, Maclin, MacLemore, McGahee, McGaughey Sixth row: Meadow, Merriam, Mickel, Motf, Peagler . . . Seventh row: Pick Piperas, Potter, Samford, Schwalbe eighth row: Sellers, Smith, Starnes, Veda, White helm, Williams, Winchester. 127 Ninth row: Wil- A. S. M. E. since its establishment at Georgia Tech in 1916, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers has been one of the most active departmental honoraries. Membership is open to seniors and juniors of the Mechanical Engineering Department who are interested in the advancement of their knowledge and the creation of better interest in the field of mechanical engineering. The society affords the oppor- tunity for the young engineer to make valuable associations with his fellow professional engineers. Movies, lectures, and discussions are offered as part of the semester ' s program. MANNING HANKINSON r n f i ( o ( o ' ' a f ' .H 0 fk O Oi " " " l " ' y ' ' " T M ' 1 ' ■ . , ' J «jp f J f mMtk . . ' f ill ■ illflk 1 ' n ri n f ' tni row, left to right: Abell, Achey, Alonzo, Ashe, Ball, Barney, Barrett, Bohannon, Bohner Second row: Bonyia, Bottenfield, Bryan, Caldwell, Chase, Clearman, Colledge, Cooney, Dougherty . Third row: Davis, Durden, Edwards, Elder, Feder, Fenton, Foster, Garner, George . Fourth row: Hall, Hankinson, Harper, Hassel, Heist, Heston, Hicks, Humme, Knox . Fifth row: Landsberg, Little, Livingston, Lyons, Mann, Manning, Meadors, Metcalf, Miller . . Sixth row: Milner, Moore, Morrow, Moses, Nelson, Nesbit, Norman, Parks, Paus Seventh row: Reiser, Robinson, Rogers, Rottersman, C. Scott, D. Scott, Simmons, Skinner, Smith . . . Eighth row: Stucki, Tacconc, Thomas, Thomison, Truan, Von Hassein, Whitfietd, Whittlesey, Wilhoit, Yohai. 128 % . , ' 3 OFFICERS 1943 Prcsiiliiit G. Manning Vicc-PresiJcuf ■ W. A. Reiser, Jr. Secretary R. C. Elder Treasurer R. W. Ashe 1944 PresiJctif . ■ T. W. K. Hankinson Vice-Pre uieut ■ ■ i ' . G. Colledge Secretary ■ . ■ . R. L. Thomison Treasurer G. C. Davis MEMBERS N. D. Abeil H, S. ACHEV B. Alokzo G. B. ANorRsoN R. W. Ashe M- L. Bail G. H. Barney A. B. Barrett A. Bernard H. R. Bohannon E- A. Bohner E. R. BoNYAt R. W. Bottenfield S. F. Bryan H. C. Buttery, Jr. H, H. Caldwell W. L. Chase J. F. Clearman W. G. Colledge T.V. Cooney R, M. Cox C. F. Dau(.hertv G. C. Davis S. C. Davis J. H. Durden W. H. Ed«-ards R. C- Eider M. Elder J. L. Fenton ' . P. EOSTLR H. D. Garner W. V. GEORtiE L. B. Hall T W. E. Hankinson : ' , Z. Harper R. F. Hartlein J. Hassei. W. F. Heist R. J. Hfssi.fin C. N. Heston H. H. HicRS A. E. Hill -iR B W, Hinds I. T. Humme L. H. Knox R. D. Landsberg H. W. Little D. D. Livingston H. J. Lyons j. E. Mann G. Manning J. W. Meadors E. D. Metcalf G. H, Miller D. MlLNLR S. H. Moore H. K. MoRRo J. Moses F. H. Nelson K. N. NisBiT W. F, Norman ( . H. Parks ]. R. Paus W. A. Reiser, jr. R. E. Robinson F. ' . Rogers M. M. Rottersman C!. A. Scott D. Scott M. W. Simmons S. H. Simmons A. C. Skinner E. H. Smith A. C Stuc Ki P. T. Taccone H. G. Tapia I-. H. Thomas R I., Thomison A. ' . Truan R. C. Van Haia H. j. Van Hassein [. ]]. Whitfiei d (i S. MChittiesev ' . L. ' iLHOir O. Yohai I. M. SOCIETY Membership in the Industrial Management Society is awarded to outstanding non-engineering students on the basis of their scholarship and leadership. The Industrial Manage- ment Society was formerly known as the Scientia Club, the name being changed because of the fact that the industrial management course replaced the general science course. As part of the activities of the society, it awards annually a cer- tificate of scholarship to the senior in the Industrial Manage- ment Department who ranks first on the basis of his scholastic record at Tech. McGEE BURTON President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS 1944 1943 S. R. McGee J. R. Burton E. F. KoRB W. E. Broadwell H. L. ReID J- Q- BULLARD L. P. Jones J. S. Laseter M E M P E R S F. A. Ale.xander F. R. Beall ' . E. Broadwell J. Q. Bullard J. R. Burton D. F. Clow G. A. EwiNG A. J. Faulkner E. Gaissert R. A. Hall J. Hand K. R. Herman J. Hewson E. F. Hughs L. P. Jones E. F. KoRB S. R. Krysiak J. S. Laseter S. R. McGee M. ff. NiCHOLES J. D. Pearce L. Perryman H. L. Reid A. E. Ryckeley R. Sims A. Spoltore G. Stine W. D. Tucker W. P. West fint row, left fo right: Alexander, Beall, Broadwell, Bullard, Burton, Clow Jones . . . Third row: Krysiak, Laseter, McGee, Nicholes, Perryman, Reid Second row: Ewing, Faulkner, Hall, Herman, Hughs, Fourth row: Ryckeley, Sims, Tucker, West. 129 r ' 30 ' USH SHEPHERD M. L. BRITTAIN DEBATING SOCIETY The M. L. Brittain Debating Society was founded at Tech in 1927 for the purpose of affording the opportunity for men interested in pubhc speaking to display their abihties in de- bates. The society arranges debates and forums between Georgia Tech and nearby educational institutions and main- tains an active program throughout the year. The society was organized principally through the efforts of Professor Folk, of the English Department, and was named in honor of Dr. M. L. Brittain, president of Georgia Tech, whose inter- est and efforts have meant so much to this institution. D. BOWEN J. W. Brinks K. Carey M. Cenker F. Dixon M. GiLLER MEMBERS E. Grovenstein J. Hano M. KOPLIN C. M. Magerian C. NOBBS R. J. November N. Y. Robinson R. Rose C. A. RousH G. Shepherd W. Silverman K. K. Tatum OFFICERS 1943 President G. Shepherd Vicc-Prcs iieiv K. K. Tatum Sccrc iir -Trctis?irri- M. Cenker 1944 Pii-s ih ' iif M. Cenker y u ' c-Prciidoit Scrrcfiiry-Trciisincr M. Giller first row, left to right: Cenker, Grovcstein, Koplin, November, Robinson Shepherd, Silverman, Tatum. 130 . . Second row: Roush, CLUB The " T " Club is a Tech organization formed for the purpose of further honoring those athletes who have earned varsity letters in a major sport or who have won a con- ference championship in a minor sport. The club has its own clubroom and lounge in the Naval Armory. OFFICERS G. Manning. . . . Prciidcut J. F. Smith . . .Vkc-l ' rcudcnt A. J. Faulkner . . . Secretary J. W. BoRUM . . . Treasurer M E M e E R S T. G. Anderson G. B. Backus A. B. Barrett F. R. Beall J. J. Blank J. W. BoRUM V. J. Brock H. H. Caldwell J. D. Corse M. A. Dailey E. H. Demere J. A. Dickson C. E. Doyle I. S. DUGGAN A. J. Faulkner V. Z. Harper W. H. Harris G. S. Hiles W. S. Johnson J. J. Kuhn J. E. Lance R. O. Lowrey J. K. Luck R. Mainor G. Manning J. H. McAuley S. F. McAuley A. A. McDonald T. C. Owen W. C. Paxson E. S. Prokop M. A. RoscoE M. O. RiCHTER A. E. Ryckeley W. J. Sanders J. F. Smith W. Stein H. K. Strass W. L. Warshauer W. P. West first row, left to right: Backus, Barrett, Beall, Borum, Brock Second row: Caldwell, Corse, Dailey, Dickson, Doyle Third row: Duggan, Faulkner, Harper, Harris, Johnson Fourth row: Kuhn, Lance, Lowrey, Luck, Mainor fifth row: Manning, McAuley, McDonold, Owen, Pax- son Sixth row: Prokop, Rascoe, Richter, Ryckeley, Sanders Seventh row: Smith, Stein, Strass, Warshauer, West. 131 YELLOW JACKET CLUB During a period when Tech spirit seemed 1.1X, Coach Alexander organized the Yellow Jacket Club for the purpose of promoting greater interest and enthusiasm in Georgia Tech sports. That was in 193 and the club has continued its activity ever since. Among its activities is the authority to enforce the tradi- tional rules regarding Tech freshmen, and the club is the sponsor for pep meetings during the football season and the annual " Rambling Wreck " contest. Members are elected from the freshman class at the end of each year. MEM B E R S J. W. Andrews A. S. Kelso T. R. Anthoine J. H. King R. L. Austin J. R. Little C. 1. Babcock W. J. Luckett S. W. Brener V( J. Mahon W. A. Brooks W. C. Mann S. F. Bryan G. T. Marchmont M. C. Collins E. W. McDaniel P. H. Cook S. R. McGee W. W. Coons T. R. McMurrv L. S. Covey H. M. Mc X ' HORTFP R. L. Crisp R. E. Neunlist C. L. Darby J. B. Pace D. A. Donald T. V. Patton T. L. Drvman J. H. Pitman J. H. Elsincer E. L. Potter G. A. EwiNG X ' . D. Russell J. R. Franklin M. C. Shankan A. Gaines W, H. Smales R. W. Gaston R. H. Small J. B. Gattey B. Smith L. L. Gelleksti dt T. B. Starni s S. J. GoSTIN Ci. SWARTHOUT J. T. Graham R. J. Taylor W. P. Grifiith J. S. Thibadeau T. Hardi n K. W. Thomas A. J. Hecht F. J. Turner E. F. Heflin J. P. Turner R. G. Hill C. V. Weaver R. C. HOUSTOUN R. O. WiLHELM J. T. HUMME W. L. WlLHOIT E. p. Jaenicke E. K. Williams L. p. Jay R. E. Woodall P. S. Josi I ' ll Prciidcill ' iif-Prcsiiifu Treasurer . Secretary OFFICERS 1943 . T. R. Anthoine . T. V. Patton . . L. S. Covey . . T. R. MtMuRRY 1944 J. B. Gattey C. V. Weaver W. L. WiLHOlT J. S. Thibadeau first row, left to right: Andrews, Anthoine, Austin, Babcock, Brener, Brooks . . . SeconcJ row; Brvan, ] Collins, Cook, Covey, Darby, Drymon Thirtf row: Ewing, Franklin, Gaines, Gaston, Gattey, Gel- j lerstedt fourth row: Gostin, Griffith, tfarden, Hecht, Heflin, Hill fifth row: Houstoun, ' Humme, Jaenicke, Jay, Joseph, Kelso Sixth row: Kin g, little, Mann, Marchmont, McDoniel, McGee Seventh row; McWhorter, Neunlist, Pace, Patton, Pitman, Potter , , Eighth row: Russell, Smales, Small, Starnes, Taylor, Thibadeou . . . Ninth row: Thomas, F. J. Turner, J. P. Tur- ner, Weaver, Wilhelm, Wilhoit. 132 OFFICERS 1943 1944 Vresident A. L. Lofton V. S. Johnson Vice-President A. L. Navarro A. W. James Treasurer M. A. Dailey R. L. Thomison Secretary R. H. Bunzl J. L. Stanley «i a f% Q „.. Ck L_ .... -, ' % % f " fs PS i ' •Mfl - ■ " f ' .5 ' ' " rt - • lP?f ' -- p - -y ' r= 4 -. % ■ J ' l " 3 ' - Q . (fi Q .d . First row, teft to right: Adams, Alexander, Anderson, Bonyai, Bottenfield, Bryan, Bunzl . . . Second row: Council, Dailey, Edwards, Ewing, Fitzgerald, Goston, Gattey Ttiird row: Gordon, Guritz, Horris, Henson, Hicks, James, Johnson . . . fourth row: Jorgensen, Keith, Kelso, Krantz, Krysiak, Lee, Lofton Fifth row: Long, Loudermilk, Lowe, Moos, MacMohon, Mainor, McCoy . Sixth row: Meyer, Navarro, Nelson, Nesbit, Patton, Peters, Potter Seventh row: Rand, Reeve, San- ders, Schmid, Shawver, Small, Stanley Eighth row: M. W. St. John, R. G. St. John, Thomison, Tomlin, Van Buren, Weatherly, C. V. Weaver Ninth row: J. D Weaver, West, Wilhoit, Willing- ham, Young. 133 BULLDOG CLUB One of the most active organizations on the campus is the B ulldog Club, which is composed of twenty outstanding mem- bers of the junior and senior classes. At the beginning of eac h second semester these men are selected to be initiated. The distinct nature of this initiation has made it one of the traditions of Georgia Tech. The Bulldog Club sponsors the interfra- ternity tennis and bowling tournaments, the Freshman Cake Race, and the Home- coming Decorations contest as part of its activities. M £ M B E R S C. N. Adams J. M. Maas F. A. Alexander H. C. MacMahon a. H. Anderson R. Mainor E. R. Bonyai R. McBurnett R. W. Bottenfield M. E. McCoy S. F. Bryan H. J. Meyer. Jr. R. H. Bunzl A. L. Navarro J. E. Council L. H. Nelson M. A. Dailey K. N. Nesbit T. W. Edwards T. V. Patton G. A. Ewing D. T. Peters B. D. Fitzgerald E. L. Potter R. W. Gaston E. O. Rand J. B. Gattey B. Reeve A. Gordon W. J. Sanders A. H. Guritz W. A. Schm:d ' . H. Harris P. R. Shawver C. W. Henson R. H. Small J. L. Hicks J. L. Stanley A. C ' . James M. W. Saint John W. S. Johnson R. G. Saint John D. C. Jorgensen R. L. Thomison J. D. Keith J. Tomlin A. S. Kelso M. L. Van Buren H. J. Krantz J. W. Weatherly S. R. Krysiak C. V. Weaver P. L. Lee J. D. Weaver A. L. Lofton P. W. West H. M. Long l " . L. VC ' lLHOIT J. G. Loudermilk W. D. VilLLINGHAM S. B. Lowe W. C. Young M£3h, x?) First row, left to right: Brown, Caviness, Crawford Second row: Davis, Downs, Itzcovitz Third row: Janney, Kotlikoff, Maxim Fourth row; McKJnley, Meyer, Millsaps filfh row: Pritchard, Scott, Shalloway . . . Sixth row: Strass, Wall is, Weinberg. CAMERA CLUB The Camer.1 Club was established at Georgia Tech in 1940 for the purpose of creating and furthering interest in the art of photography. The club has its own dark room and sponsors photograph contests among its m embers. OFFICERS 1943 Pfcsiiii ' itf T B Downs V rc-Pii ' .ii ni . . H. J. Meyer, Jr. Scfn iiiy A. B. Janney Ticiisiircr 1944 H. S. Millsaps I ' rcsiilciit D. B. Kotlikoff Vicc-Prcsiili ' ii . J. W. Brown Sccrcfary V. M. Crawford Treasurer . J. W. Brown MEMBER s K. Andi rson D. B. KoiTiKori- M. R. ANUhKSON S. M. Long J. ASSELI I J. M. Malone J. E. Bryan r E. P. Maxim J. W. Brown L. A. McKinley C. C. Caviness H. J. Meyer, Jr. E. Conner H. S. Millsaps R. Craig C. Pederson V. M. Crawford R. R. Pritchard N. B. Dailey J. Scott J. T. Davis A. M. Shalloway J. B. Downs H. K. Strass S. Itzcovitz J. R. Waleis A. B. Janney I. Weinberg KOTLIKOFF 134 GLEE CLUB OSBORNE The Glee Club has had to curtail its trips out of town to various colleges due to the war, but has had a number of concerts in Atlanta and its vicinity. The club has produced two of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas in collaboration with the Glee Club of Agnes Scott under the direction of Walter Herbert. These past two operettas were " The GondoHeres " and the " H. M. S. Pinafore. " This last operetta was first shown in Presser Hall of Agnes Scott and then in the Tech Naval Armory with extraordinary success as the first show of its kind ever shown on the Tech campus. " Pinafore, " the most famous of the Gilbert and Sullivan operettas, is a satirical comedy about the British Navy. The Naval Armory lent quite a nautical air to the show. The Glee Club gave a memorial concert with Josephine Antoinne, star of the Metropolitan Opera Company, in the early part of the winter, and received much praise from this famous singer. Many of the concerts in Atlanta have been at the various churches around Atlanta: the North Avenue Presbyterian, the Ponce de Leon Baptist, where they sang negro spirituals and other appropriate selections. One of the most active groups around the campus, the Glee Club has done much to spread the name of Tech in good favor wherever they go. It remains active as one of the only cultural organizations alive on the campus. MEMBERS OFFICERS B. N. Broughton R. G. Grove S. P. Jenkins J. E. Matthews B. D. Smith B. I. Brovi N D. H. Hall J. M. Jennings B. Maurer L. M. Steinheimer 1943 C. E. BURCH R. A. Hall B. JlMISON E. P. Maxim J. K. Tabb ?n-iiJiiil ■ ■ ■ . M. J. Osborne R. p. Clarson L. Hallet P. H. Keckley J. A. Moody W. A. Thomas Vici--Pmiil,nl ■ ■ J. M. Jennings P. D. CoN ' LON W. Z. Harper D. E. Lee J. Morris J. Torrance L. M. Diana S. Helfgott J. P. LOCKWICH O. MUNROE D. L. Uffner 1944 D. T. Evans J. Henzl A. LUMSDEN M. J. Osborne E. B. Walker Pr,- iJiiif ■ ■ ■ ■ M. J. Osborne D. Forward E. Honevcutt R. Mainor C. C. Richmond A. G. Wells ' n-c-V i- iJi-nt ■ . R. O Jackson H E. Foster R. O. Jackson R. Marquis H. Maslia G. E. Simmons H. A. Whitney First row, left fo right; Brown, Clarson, Conlon, Evans, Foster, Grove, D. H. Hall Second row: R. A. Hall, Harper, Jackson, Jenkins, Jennings, Keckley, Lockwich Third row: Mainor, Matthews, Maxim, Moody, Osborne, Richmond, Smith Fourth row: Steinheimer, Tabb, Torrance, UHner, Wells. 135 B. S. U. The members of the Baptist Student Union in- clude all members of the Baptist church who are students at Georgia Tech. The Baptist Student Union Council directs the activi- ties of the Union on the Tech campus. The group plans a Student Evangelis- tic Week, Vocational Training Week, student night services, and courses in church and Bible train- ing. The council sends delegates to the state and Southern Baptist Student Union conventions. The council affords th; con- necting link between the student and the neighbor- ing Baptist churches and takes an active part in promoting the religious ac- tivities of the student body. HALL Mcpherson OFFICERS E. W. WOOLF . B. Storiy J. L. Esi ' Y . . J. L. McPm KSDN D. H. Hall . J. W. BUTLLR C. E. KlCKLITLR A. L. Amos . R. Maurlr . R. Holma J. C. Perry . PrciiJciit Firs Vice-Prcsiclnit (Ar)jn) Vint Vicc-Vrcsidciit (Nary) hirst Virc-l ' rrsiJnit (Cir.) Second Vice-President Third Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer B. T. U. Representatii-c Chorister Pianist Editor Slideriile 136 N EWMAN CLUB As a chapter of the Federation of Catholic College Clubs, the Newman Club was established at Georgia Tech in 1913. The club is devoted to the unity of the members of the Catholic faith at Tech and to the presentation of religious and social functions for the enrichment of the student ' s life outside classes. The Newman Club has until recently main- tained a house for the use of Its members. OFFICERS 1943 PrcsiJcnf D. F. Clow Vicc-Prcs ilnif . . . J. J. Gennari Treasurer E. S. Smith Secretary . ... V. X. Ambrosio 1944 President E. S. Smith Vice-President . . . . W. F. Moore Trcniner J. F. Pelayo Secretary . . . . R. E. Humphreys first row, left to right: Ambosio, Brittingham, Burke, Clow, Cooney Second row: Daugard, Davis, Deiters, D ' Onofrio, Fossas Third row: Gutierrez, Harrington, Hawkins, Humphreys, Mas- ley . . . Fourth row: Maxim, Mogolnicki, Moore, Morales, O ' Leary . Fifth row: Pechulis, Pelayo, Picone, Piotrowski, Ribas . . Sixth row: Smith, Valladares, Williams. MEM V. X. Ambrosio T. W. Brittingham T. U. Burke J. S. Cafiero J. Callan D. F. Clow J. J. Collins T. V. Cooney J. F. Daugard E. Davis, Jr. D. J. Deiters P. H. D ' Onoerio E. M. Fossas J. J. Gennari R. Gutierrez, Jr. T. J. Harrington G. J. Hawkins R. E. Humphreys J. G. Kearney E. Kenney e E R s E. King J. T. Landry T. J. Masley E. P. Maxim F. O. Mitchell A. A. Mogolnicki W. F. Moore O. A. Morales D. J. O ' Leary W. G. Pechulis J. F. Pelayo A. J. Picone S. M. Piotrowski W. Reedy R. Ribas E. S. Smith J. C. Spalding, Jr. S. Thomas A. Valladares R. J. Williams 137 Y. M. C. A. CABINET Each year the student body elects to represent them in the Georgia Tech Y. M. C. A. .1 group of men who they think are interested in the ideals and purpose of the Y. M. C. A., so that these men can help present the " Y " program in a better and more appeal- ing manner to the students. This group is called the Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. The Tech Y. M. C. A. seeks to help each student to find friendships and has many activities to make his college life more wholesome. Discussions, lectures, social and church functions are part of the activities of the Y. M. C. A. in addition to the sponsorship of many clubs on the campus. J. D. Albright D. Armstrong C. I. Babcock P. E. BOLIKK D. D. Boone D. P. Chandler D. C. Chandler G. C. Davis F. Dixon J. F. Faulkner H. F. Gaydos J. E. Gross G. M. Harrington U. V. Henderson D. E. Horner D. F. HuLNEI ELI) W. S. Johnson T. A. Jones E. P. Kenny C. E. KiCKLITER I E R S R, D. Landsberg A. Lanier E. McLemore C. B. Moore E. J. Moore J. Neal M. J. Osborne C. T. Owen N. Y. Robinson T. Robinson C. A. RousH J. Salley G. S. Shepherd J. L. Stanley W. S. Stevcart J. W. Summitt A. M. Weatherly A. O. White G. S. Whittlesey W. L. Wilhoit OFFICERS A . O. White President W. S. Johnson V icc-Prcsiihii D. P. Chandler Sent ■ itry-Tn ' cisum First row, left to right: Albright, Armstrong, Babcock, D. P. Chan- dler, D. C. Chandler, Davis . . . Second row: Gaydes, Gross, Har- rington, Henderson, Horner, Hu- enefeld Third row: John- son, Kenny, Landsberg, Lanier, C- B. Moore, E. J. Moore Fourth row: Osborne, Owen, Rob- inson, Roush, Salley, Stanley Fifth row: Stewart, Summitt, Weatherly, White, Whittlesey, Wilhoit. n f . a 138 first row, left to right: Babcock, Brackney, Chandler, Cunningham, Curtner, Ezzard Hirschberg . . Third row: Houstoun, Huenefeld, Kenny, Lanier, Matthews, Newell Williams. Second row: Giller, Goldman, Hagedorn, Heflin, Henderson, . . Fourth row: Oliver, Robarts, Rothschild, Tabb, Torrance, FRESHMAN " Y " COUNCIL The membership of the Freshman " Y " Council is composed of freshmen who are interested in the furthering of the religious and social program as offered by the Y. M. C. A. Officers of the association are elected each semester. OFFICERS C. I. Babcock President A. Lanier Vicc-Prcsnici t E. Kenny Sccrcfitry R. C. Brackney D. C. Chandler J. M. Cunningham T. R. CURTNER H. S. Ezzard M. Giller A. L. Goldman MEMBERS L. Hagedorn E. F. Heflin U. V. Henderson W. L. HiRSHBERG R. C. HOUSTOUN D. F. HUENEFELD J. E. Matthews O. Newell J. R. Oliver H. E. Robarts A. F. Rothschild J. K. Tabb J. M. Torrance W. L. Williams BABCOCK 139 SIGMA GAMMA CLUB Founded as a local fraternity in 1927, Sigma Gamma played an energetic part on the campus until 193 9, when the organization became inactive. In February of 1942, Sigma Gamma was reorganized as a social and athletic club for Tech students without fraternity affiliations. Under the Icailership of Bob Finkel- stein and Alan Kurtis, a new organization evolved, consisting of twenty-two charter members. Many of these men graduated soon afterwards, but the others built up the club to unexpected strength, having forty-five members and pledges one year later. Since then, the never-to-be-forgotten advice, " keep calm, study hard, join the E. R. C " , has had telling effect on us, as on everyone else. But despite the war, Sigma Gamma lias remained on its feet, and will, we sincerely hope, continue to do so. In the memory of all Sigma Gams are recollections of the Indian Springs picnic, our Blue and White annual dances, and the many small, but always lively, parties. Also, our own B. T. O. ' s. In October, we lost " Boss " Gritz and room-mate Lee Burton, plus Jerry Teitelbaum and Art Shalloway. And this June we bid fond farewell to Prexy Cenker and V.-P. Bob Stein, the inseparable Capclouto and Rousso, " Goldbricks " Jaffe, Ruback, and Weinberg, along with Stan Itscovitz and Billy Silverman. r- OFFICERS 1943 Pn-siilciif H. Gritz Vice-PrcsiJcut iiiiJ Trciis ncr . . M. Cenker Secretary R. Stein 1944 President M. Cenker Vice-President and Treasurer . . . R. Stein Secretary I. Allen CENKER • ■ - " ' smf ' first row, left to right: Gunshor and Ruth making believe it ' s a ear . . . Pre-draft days— three down, two to go . Bronco busting • Second row: Adonis . . . Three water g-nom-es . . . Sunday in the park. 140 M EMBERS I. Allen H. Goldberg R. A. LiisiTz S. Sattler S. AUERBACH J. M. Goldstein H. Liss M. Schwartz V. Benatar H. Gritz H. Maslia A. M. Shalloway L. S. Burton I. J. Gunshor L. H. Maurer A. W. Silverman I. Capelouto S. L. Hellman B. Mazelsky R. S. Stein M. Cenker W. L. Imershein B. MiNTz P. Taylor F. Cohen S. Itzcovitz A. J. Rich J. M. Teitelbaum W. Cohen M. Jaffe R. Rose I. Weinberg A. S. Epstein R. Kaminsky M. D. Rousso L. Weinstein S. Fradin B. F. Kavy N. Rubach M. Ziment E. Glickson H. B. Keller H. Rubin M. Zubatkin S. KUBITSKY I. Ruth i ss M B - ' ' ' ' ' " " ■ " ' 1- - " firsf row, (eft fo right: Auerbach, Senator, Copelouto, Cenker, F. Cohen, W. Cohen, Epstein . . . Second row: Fradin, Goldberg, Goldstein, Gritz, Gunshor, Hellman, Imershein . . . Third row: Iticoviti, Joffe, Kaminsky, Kavy, Keller, Kubitsky, liss . . . Fourth row: Maurer, Mintz, Rich, Rousso, Rubach, Ruth, Sattler . . . Fifth row: Shalloway, Silvermon, Stein, Taylor, Teitelbaum, Weinberg, Weinstein. 141 ALPHA PHI OMEGA D. H. HALL One of the most active organizitions on the Tech campus is the national service fra- ternity. Alpha Phi Omega, which was installed at Georgia Tech in 1940. One of the requirements for membership is previous association with the Boy Scout movement, upon which the ideals and purpose of Alpha Phi Omega are based. The fraternity is dedi- cated to the promotion of friendship between its members and of service to humanity. One of the outstanding activities of the society has been the forming of a band of blood donors here at Tech. OFFICERS 1943 1944 PrcsiJcn H. M. Moore D. H. Hall Vice-PresriJcii W. J. Edelblut . . . . G. M. Harrington Second Vicc-Prcshicn . . . . E. F. Curry Third Vicc-Prciidcnt .... W. M. Gaines Secretary R. K. Maxwell . . . . J. F. Dietz Tretniirer C. G. Shepherd . . . . J. E. Richardson MEMBERS Vf . Adams L. S. CoVEV E. K. Ervin W . E . Hammersla R. G. Hill D. McGraw E. L. Potter C. G. Shepherd I. ' OC, , S nNDE R. E. Barnttt F. C ULPEPrER I. L. Espy I- T. Hamrick W . L. Imershein F. E. Mershon ?. Ralston B. Simmons B. I- Taylor T. J. Ben NIT T. F. CURRV W, . M . Gaines C. C. Hancock R. P. [oNGE-DYKE E. D. Metcalf I. B. Reark C. Sinclair P. C. Under ' 01 B. B. Blackburn .1. T. Davis D. M. Gill T. W. Hankinson N. K. Mabry H. M. Moore I. E. Richardson H. F. S.MITH R. c. Van Ha C. E. BURNHAM 1. F. Dietz C. H. Greene P. W. Harper R. K. Maxwell W . T. Moore V . M. Rodgers R. N. Smith M. I- Willni .!• F. Cheney R. L. Edelblut D. l. Hall G. M. Harrington 1. MacDonai I) K. N. Nesbit B. G. Rothschild 1. E. Spencer w . H. COLLV i ' • .1 . Edllblut R. A. Hall J- M. Hicks O. K. McDanii-L J. B. Pace G. S. Sellers R. E. Spencer fint row, left ro right: Bennet, Blackburn, Colly, Covey, Curry, Davis, R. L. Edel ilut, W. J. Edelblut . . . Second row: Ervin, Espy, Gill, D. H. Hall, R. A. Hall, Hammersla, Hamrick, Hancock . . . Third row: Hankinson, Harper, Harrington, Hicks, Hill, Imershein, Jongedyke, Mabry . . . Fourth row: Maxwell, Mershon, MetcaK, Nesbit, Pace, Potter, Richardson, Rodgers . . . fifth row: Rothschild, Sellers, Shepherd, Sinclair, Smith, Spencer, Taylor, Willner. 142 BLUE PRINT RUDY BUNZl JOHN HELD Assdi iii r luliliiys C. N. Adams B. 1). Smith J. D. Kin 1 1 |. W. SuMMiKOUK M. L. Van Burin D. B. KoTLlKOl I i ' .hnj l ' i(i ii: i(ili ii r R. R. Pritchari) C i(f l ' li(i (i; nip cr Philip London .... Ar isf o •SC33 LOCKE THOMISON PAUL LEE SUMMER, 1943 R. H. BuNZL Eilj ur-iii-Ch fj p. Shawver and j. Loudtrmilk. Business Managers H. Lewis Manai iii,i Editor FALL, 1943 R. L. Thomison Eilitor-iii-Chicf j. S. Baldwin Business Mana; er P. L. Lie Manapn} Editor SPRING, 1944 P. L. Lee Editor-in-Chief J. W. Weatherev Business Manai er J. Held Mana; in; Editor -j 4 ■ I. I - ' COUNCIL GELLERSTEDT JOHNSON McGEE MEYER PRITCHARO This Blueprint, the thirty-seventh annual of Georgia Tech, is in truth a book. As a direct result of the existing national emergency it was necessary to effect this change. For the two years its three sets of editors, business managers, and staffs have worked continuously so that this record of the school and the school life shall be an accurate and well integrated one. JOHN BALDWIN JAMES LOUDERMIIK EDITORIAL PAUL SHAWVER P. K. Baumgarten J. E. Council S. R. McGee D. F. Black J. B. Gattey R. L. Meyer W. A. Brooks H. L. Levin BUSINESS J. Weitnauer L. Bach C. W. MOBLY L. Gellerstedt PHOTOGRAPHY F. Sanford C. Adams G. Fleming S. AUERBACH W. Evans H. Strong N. Daley JOHN WEATHERLY iifeik KEITH SANFORD KOTLIKOFF SMITH LEVIN SUMMEROUR LEWIS VAN BUREN 145 THE [ u. ou w RTS Mi " -: In spite of the War, the Tccbniqiic has remained one of the most active and popular publications at Georgia Tech. Edited weekly by Tech students, the Technique has full coverage of all campus news. This publica- tion has been one of the outstanding college newspapers in the South and provides valu- able journalistic experience for its staff members. BOB EIDER SPRING, 1943 M. B. Merts Editor- ' ui-Chicf T. R. McMuRRY Business Manager K. C. Elder Managing Editor FALL, 1943 A. S. Kelso EJifor-in-Chief E. F. Hughs Business Manager W. BusHEE Managing Editor WrNTER, 1944 R. L. Austin Editor-in-Chief R. P. Clarson Business Manager (. Meyer Managing Editor HECHT KOTIIKOFF 146 TECH N IQU E SCOTT KELSO ED HUGHES BOB AUSTIN ASSOCIATE EDITORS H K . H H News Spor s Features Assistants 1 1 1 T. Elfe L. Hoffman J. Hudson W. LlPPMAN S. Brener P. Lee D. Touchstone F. Gerecke W. WOOLF W. Wright 1 l l 1 R. NoVEiMBER C. Whitmore DICK CLARSON W. SUMMEROUR D. Touchstone STAFFS Editorial: GiLLER Jones Paine Smith X ' EIss B. Evans Oliver Amirkan Gordon KOPLIN Payne Steinberg Art: A. J. Hecht R. Saicheck Pryor Baumgarten GUNSON Leopold Pickering Stelzenmulllr Bnsiiie i: Russell Beutell Ellison GURSKV Harrington LoEB Ragsdale McDaniel Rawlings , Stephens Stevens Brener Hamilton Sheppekd Terrell Evans Harris Murphy Robinson Stone P }olognip }y: Haskell Williamson Fleischer Hill Pace SlENNCIK ■W ' helchel KOTLI KOFF McBuRNETT LlPPMAN NOVEMBER SUMMEROUR TOUCHSTONE WHITMORE 147 B? s NAUTILUS Since the Navy tame to Georgia Tech, the Naiifihis has become more and more popular with every- one. By replacing the Yellow jacket, which has been discontin- ued for the duration, the Naittiliis has brought to the boys in the Navy much of the spirit and tra- ditions of Tech, and made Tech seem more their own college while stationed here. The Nautilus is published monthly and has its otfice in the Naval Armory. acox RUSSELl McGEE T - 1 EUGENE CLARKE BUSINESS STAFF W. W. Andlrson L. L. Bathurst W. K. Batson W. E. Broadweli. R. E. Bruce B. R. COLLII R W. G. DONNELLAN p. A. DuKi; T. W. Edwards C. FOSCUE J. F. Franklin B. K. Haskii.i. G. Hicks A. W. James S. R. Krisiak j. R. Little J. V. Manning F. E. Martin C. A. Murphey O. C. NiCKELSON E. L. Potter H. Stiei.well J. W. SUMMITT R. I. Tarver J. J. Williamson f. WlLLINGIIAM ' l. M. Wisi 1943 1944 EJiti)v- ' ni-Chicf . . . A. M. Wilcox . . . . . S. R. McGee Managing Eilitor . , . . C. A. RousH . . . . . D. W. Allen Bii ' iinss Mainiii cr . . E. G. Clarke . ASSOCIATE EDITORS . J. S. Thibadeau J. S. Carruthers J. F. Faulkner R. F. Kadingo A. J. Carswell J. Gassenheimer E. T. Hungereord C. B. Moore I U! JOHN THIBADEAU PATTON POTTER STILLWELl TARVER WHITMORE WILLINGHAM MEST£R ROOSH MEMBERS R. B. Adams R. L. Austin L. Beamon D. D. Boone J. W. Brinks W. J. Broughton J. F. Cheney J. B. COURNYN R. H. Gribben C. B. Curtis G. C. Davis F. Dixon L. Eiseman G. A. EWTNG N. J. GOLDING A. B. Gordon R. Gordon C. Griffen D. H. Hall H. Hardy W. Z. Harper G. Harrington J. Held H. S. Holtzinger F. H. Inscho, Jr. R. O. Jackson H. L. Johnson W. S. Johnson H. B. Keller W. A. Ketcham E. King, Jr. E. W. Kopp W. H. KULLER H. Lapidus E. P. Law D. Lee S. M. Long R. D. McBURNETT J. M. McCall D. D. McGraw J. M. Moore F. E. MoTT F. V. Paradise T. V. Patton J. C. Pitts R. W. QUINN C. M. RORBES F. L. Rosen A. B. Rosenthal J. S. Siegel M. Wells C. Whitmore B. Wright R. Young 149 YELLOW The Yt ' llou Jcickr tr.ulition- ally known here at Tccli for the variety of humor which c.icli issue disphiyed. In 1943 three reguhir issues and one farewell issue ap- peared before its publication was curtailed for the duration because of war restrictions, but the day of its return to Tech is looked for- ward to by all. LOCKE THOMISON MARTIN VAN BUREN 1943 1944 EJitor-iii-Chicf M. Van Buren . . . R. L. Thomison Business Miiihvj cr J. Hicks E. Hughs Miniiii ni; Editor W. Stein . . . . B. Harris JIMMY KICKS EDITORIAL I ' viiturc Edit, lis R. L. Thomison, 1943; D. Clow, 1944 Art FJ Hon B. Harris, 1943 ; B., 1944 joke Editors H. Thompson, 1943; B. Bro oks, 1944 ANDERSON KRAKOWER BROOKS ROUSH CLARSON SANDERS 150 JACKET ED HUGHES M. C. Anderson G. B. Backus S. F. Bryan R. N. Bruce K. M. Cole, Jr. W. G. COLLEDGE W. J. Cordes J. E. Council R. H. DuGGAN, Jr. R. O. Elder A. M. Flynn C. H. Flynn EDITORIAL J. B. Gattey R. A. Green A. B. Janney, Jr. J. A. Jarrell A. S. Kelso K. T. MacMillan S. R. McGee, Jr. K. N. Nesbit B. Norman S. Pierce E. L. Potter C. RousH M. J. Sanders W. A. SCHMID L. H. SlENNICK S. Sillman D. SiMPKINS S. S. Simpson R. H. Small E. L. Stanley H. O. Strong J. Swift A. E. Thompson L. Williams i BOB HARRIS BUSINESS S. Krakow er, J. Summit . V. E. Fossas B. Blumenthal C. Holcomb S. W. Brener D. Ingram CLOW SUMMIT FOSSAS THOMPSON GREEN TOUCHSTONE D. Clarson D. Crockett G. Ewing A. Gaines K. Haskell E. Kaplan B. Kraus W. LiPPMAN J. Massar . Circulafiou Exchange Editor R. McBuRNETT M. Russell V. Stein H. Terrell J. Terrell D. Touchstone J. Williamson 151 152 Ji COUNCIL INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL The Interfraternity Council, which is composed of two representatives from each national fraternity on the Georgia Tech campus, holds jurisdiction, in conjunction with the Dean of Men, over the local activities of the various chapters. The Council imposes the general house rules, rushing rules, and pledge and membership regulations for all fraternities. The Council sponsors a dance each semester for which the most popular dance bands in the country are secured. The orchestras of Tony Pastor, Bob Allen, and Jerry Wald have been the most recent ones to play. These dances are the highlight of the social season and have continued in spite of the war. SPRING, 1943 Pnsiilcnf J- E. Council Vicc-Prcf idi-}it J. Hicks Secretary T. R. McMurrv Treasurer OFFICERS FALL, 1943 Prcsit eiit J- B. Gattey Vice-Prei iieitt J. Arnold Secretary J. S. Baldwin Treasurer A. S. Kelso 1944 Preiidcuf W. S. Johnson y ice-President P. L. Lee Secretary F. Valez Treasurer .... J. W. Weatherly IkMiMl k k V. 4 V A First row, left to right: Arnold, Austin, Baker, Baldwin, Broach, Bryan, Bunzl, Campbell, Council . . . Second row: Doby, Dow, Dryman, Duke, Edwards, Even- chick, Furchgott, Gattey, Gellerstedt . Third row: Graham, Griffin, Guttierrez, E. Hill, R. G. Hill, Hinds, Hoel, Horowitz, James . . . fourth row: Jenning, M. Johnson, W. Johnson, Jordan, Kelso, Kuhti, Krantz, Krysiak, Lee. 154 MEMBERS Alpbit Tail Omega Beta Thfta Pi ■ ■ r. Hill B. D. Smith J. " . SUMMEROUR R. A. Broach D. CtAVER H. Short J. Jenning J. Lehnhard B. McCabe LaiiihJa Chi Alpha Phi Delta The a R. VJ ' lLHELM G. Campbell B. DOBY S. Bryan B. Walton B. Coons Phi Epsiloii Pi Chi Phi Delta Sigma Phi ■ Delta Tau Delta J. S. Baldwin P. Duke T. L. Drymax A. Stucki R. B. Ormsby W. P. Jordan C. ROUSH E. D. SiMKINS Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Si}(ma Kappa Alpha A. S. Kelso R. L. Austin R. G. St. John R. G. Hill Kappa Sigma J. W. Weatherly F. M. HoEL R. Baker H. J. Krantz P. L. Lee R. H. BuNZL M. H. FURCHGOTT G. S. Sellers B. Hinds j. J. KUHNS A. A. Lloyd H. Nelson M. Johnston C. Newell T. W. Edwards D. Pulley S. Krysiak R. Gutierrez B. Williams A. Dow Pi Kappa Phi n Kappa Alpha F. Valz C. ' hitmore H. MOXELY Sigma Alpha Ep iloii • • -J. Arnold C. Grimtn B. MiCKLL Sigma Chi W. Unn W. J. Sanders A. W. James L. L. Glllerstedt G. Rogers Sigma Nil J. B. Gattey J. Graham M. E. McCoy Sigma Phi Epiiloii .... J. F. Council T. Turner C. Lewis H. Tiche Tall Epsiloii Phi J. Massar M. Even ' chick B. Horowitz M. Broudy Theta Chi W. S. Johnson A. L. Navarro W. C. Rice . . Lowe a a a a ? « 1 4kd; L ' £ ' . i-J A 1 dk 111 first row, left to right: Lewis, lloyd, Mann, Massar, McCabe, McCoy, Mickel, Moxley, Navarro Second row: Nelson, Newell, Ormsby, Paus, Reeve, Rice, Rogers . . . Third row: Roush, Sanders, Sellers, Short, Simklns, S-niih. Stircki, St. John, Summerour . . . Fourth row; Tighe, Turner, Weatherly, Weaver, Whitmore, Wilhelm, Williams. 155 Pryor, Pulley, Valz, Walton, FRATERNITY LIFE This is somewhat our impression of what collegiate fraternity life is. In this small space no one could adequately describe these moments of fraternity life. These pictures can only serve to remind you of your fraternity days. The trip back to school from that lengthy vacation of six days. Your fresh- man education, the interfraternity Softball games for the trophy or the beer party with the frat down the street. Work periods, and repairing the house. Quiz weeks, and cramming for the tests. The weekly fraternity meetings, and the friendly games afterwards. The times you had to clean the upperclassman ' s car, or chase after his laundry. The week-end functions — house dances, and parties, and the fraternity formal. The Sunda - mornuig after, reading the funnies, or seeing how we did in that game up at Annapolis. Sitting a dance out with your favorite girl, and rush week with all of its hulla- baloo. These serve but to point the way to our remembrances of our fraternity life at Tech. 157 r; First row, left to right: The ruling heads for ' 44 for A. T. O. Osborne steps out again • Second row: The labor gang at work— rebuilding . . . Morris is still the greasy grind. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Alpha Tau Omega was the first Greek letter college fraternity organized after the Civil War. It was founded at Richmond, Virginia, September 11, 186S; and its first chapter was established at the Vir- ginia Military Institute at Lexington, Virginia. It was the first fra- ternity at Georgia Tech, having been granted a charter before the school opened, on Septembe r 18, 1888. Alpha Tau Omega was the first fraternity to incorporate and to establish a placement service. The Beta lota chapter sold their old house on North Avenue pend- mg the buildmg of a new house after the war, and is now temporarily located at 694 Cherry Street, in the heart of the campus. Alpha Tau Omega has always had its full share of leaders on the campus. OFFICERS 1943 Pnsuliiil R. r. Darby ' irc-l ' ri iilcii . . M. J. Osborne Secretary . . . . E. P. Pittman Treasurer . . . H. E. Sheppard 1944 Presiileiif . . . . M. J. Osborne Vice-President . . E. L. Gaissert Secretary ... J. W. Summerour Treasurer . . . H. E. Sheppard DARa 158 First row, left to right: Anthoine, Babcock, Beutell, Burnside, Brown, Broach, Carruther s, Cordes Second row: Cooksey, Darby, Dodson, Dodd, Dosser, Drake, Ellison, Ensign . . . Third row: J, R. Evans, Gaissert, Hecht, Heflin, Hill, Horsley, Houstoun, Ivey Fourth row: Jervey, LeCraw, Lofton, Marchmont, Mar- tin, Morris, Neunlist, Osborne . Fifth row: Perry, Ferryman, Pierce, Pittma.i, Richter, Sheppard, B. D. Smith, W. T. Smith Sixth row: Stanley, Stelion- muller, Stone, Storey, Summerour, Swint, Torrance, Wak afield . . . Seventh row: Watson, Weitnauer, Wilhoit. MEMBERS T. R. Anthoine R. F. Darby E. F. Heflin J. ■« ' . Martin B. D. Smith L. C. Anthony J. T. DOBSON E. C. Hill H. S. McCollolgh VC. T. Smith C. I. Babcock W. S. Dodd H S. Holtsinger R. E. Morris E. L. Stanley F. Bailey D. A. Dosser R. F. Horsley R. E. Neunlist B. E. Stelzenmuller R. A. Beekan W. C. Drake R. C. Houstoun C. S. O ' Neal P. ■ JC. Stone N M. Bennett P. P. Ellison T. W. Ivey M. J. Osborne B. Storey B. K. Beutell O. P. Ensign W E. Jervey T. E. Pear J. W. Summerour ' . H. Burnside J. R. Evans E. W. Kopp j. C. Perry A. G. SvriNT J. T. Brown W. Evans R. C. LeCrat W. L. Perryman C. H. Tate R. A. Broach E. L. Gaissert W " E. Leece A. B. Pierce J. M. Torrance U . Carlisle R. Gordon A. L. Lofton E. P. Pittman M. L. Wakefield J- S. Carruthers N. J. GOLDING O. LOTT C. W. Richter C. M. Watson A. " . Cordes ( ' . A. Gray T. S. Lucas H. E. Sheppard J. H. Weitnauer, Jr. M M. Cooksey J. R. D. Hecht G. T. Marchmont J. E. Sides " . L. C " lLHOIT 159 First row, left to right: Abell, Abercrombie, Askew, Berston, Bishop, Bohner, Bond Second row: Caulkins, Clarson, Elder, Follett, Gray, Goodwin, Hill . . . Third row: C. P. Hoicombe, H. W. Holcombe, Howard Hughs, Jennings, Jorgenson, Lowe . . . Fourth row: IVtcCabe, McKenny, McNally, Moses, Neill, Pierson, Pitchford . . . Filth row: Renwick, Short, Silvers, Spencer, Stone, Gerulackos, Stuckey Sixth row; Todd, Touchstone, Weaver, Whitaker, Yar- rington, Yates, Young. N. 1). Anr i i I . A. lioliNI K H. L, Alii lU KDMIUl I . M. liOND X ' . S, Adams S. P. At III I A. C. Ai.i.i-N J. L. AsKiiW M. Bl RSTON C). W. Bishop i I, 11. CaUI KINS K. I ' . ( I ARSON R. -. lauLR W. S. FiCG V. C. FoT I r 11 R. K. Cii K.I K I I. k. (iKAY |, H. (iOv)l) lN W. 1). I 111 I S. N. IloDf.i s C P. Hoi COM lu M. W. HoicoMiii C. 1 . How Aid) I. V. Hu .iis MEMBERS [. iVl. |l N N ' lNGS C . W. JoNi:s I). C. JORGCNSO.N S. B. Lo«L |. N. McBridl S. W. McCabi: A. V-. McKhnny j. F. McNai I Y J. i: Mosis C. B. Niiix 1). P. Pii-Rsox M. ( . Pi N J. S. Pi I t HI ORI) R. F. PococK FI. PUTNI Y ]{. B. Ri:n K K H. F. SiioRi H. N. Sii VI US H. S. Smiih J. i F SlMN-c I R H. Srii-i I Rs E. R. Stai.i. j. SlONI R. H. SiRii T FF T. Stucki y IF W. Todd H. I). ToUCHSTONIi ,|. D. W ' liAVtR ( . F. Whitakfr 1). p. Yarringion p. A. Yates Vi ' . C. Young tr 160 J BETA THETA PI Beta Thcta Pi founded .u Miami University in 1839, ,ind enjoys the distinction of being the oldest fraternity in continuous existence in the United States. The national fraternity at the present time has ninety chapters in the leading colleges and universities over the country. Since its beginning Beta has initiated over forty thousand men, many of whom have risen to fame in varied fields. The Gamma Eta Chapter of Beta Theta Pi, an outgrowth of the local club Alpha Phi, was founded at Tech in 1917. In 1943, the Beta House on Fowler Drive was leased to the school for the duration of the war. It is now being used by the school as a freshman dormi- tory. During the past two years, the elaborate social functions such as the Beta Kid Party and the Beta spring formal have been considerably streamlined so as to lit in better with our war effort. STREET OFFICERS SUMMER, 1943 Preside II f R. H. Street Vice-President .... V. C. Young Secretary N. D. Abell Treasurer E. R. Stall FALL, 1943 President R. H. Street Vice-President . . . . J. D. Weaver Secretary . . . . . J. F. McNally Treasurer W. D. Hill 1944 President J. D. Weaver Vice-President . . J. M. Jennings Secretary . . . . J. F. McNally Treasurer W. D. Hill First row, left fo right: Four big shots As- sume the angle please . . Conference on the terrace « Second row: Just a loaf in ' . . . No comment . . . Grinding again? • Bottom: The house. 161 CHI PHI first row, left to right: The Navy gets all the beauties Who ' s hunting what? • Second row: After dinner smiles My! But school work is hard • Bottom: I don ' t believe a word of it. Chi Phi, the oldest national college fra- ternity, was founded at Princeton Univer- sity, December 24, 1824. The Omega chap- ter was established at Georgia Tech in 1904, being the first fraternity on the campus tol own its own house. ! Now located in a temporary house, Chi Phi continues to be one of the most active fraternities on the campus. During the past season the Chi Phi ' s had several house-parties at Lake Burton, a Christmas formal, and many other functions. OFFICERS SPRING, 1943 Picshlcnt . . ). W. Wallace Treasurer W. Caye FALL, 1943 I ' rcs Jcii ). S. Baldwin Vice-President W. Willingham i-retary U. Blackshear Treasurer G. Ewing SPRING, 1944 President |. S. Baldwin Vice-President C;. EwiN(, Secretary T. L. Drvman Treasurer V. Wm lingham BALDWIN 162 %%ii First row, left to right: E. Anderson, W. W. Anderson, Baldwin, Barnwell, Barrett, Bell, Beckerstaff Cram, Dryman, Dubose Third row; Duke, Ewing, Floyd, Hanahan, Huger, Manghom, Mason Pendergrast, Pollard . . . Fifth row; Powell, Rand, Ripley, Simpson, Sims, Vicknair, Wallace Willingham, W. D. Willingham, Wise. Second row: Blackshear, Bush, Clark, Connolly, Fourth row; Meeks, Olden, Palmour, Payne, Pearce, Sixth row; Welch, Whelchel, White, Williamson, J. D. H. Al.m. n ' d F-. Anderson i ' . W. Anderson J. S. Baldwin J. M. Barnwell A. Barrett D. C. Bell J. BiCKERSTAFF D. Blackshear F. Bridges Vi " . G. Brown ' . G. Bush J. Callan C ' . Cave U ' . D. Clark T. U " . Connolly M. J. Cram T. L. Dryman E. R. Dubose P. A. Duke S. Eberhart G. A. Ewing E. L. Floyd J. FULWILER R. G. Gilbert J. Giradeau G. Green P. Gurley (. B. Hanahan S. Harrington W. Huger T. JOHNSON J. Knox MEMBERS S. Mangham C. Marshall F. E. Mason L. McDonald L. Meeks W. G. Miller G. B. Moore C. Nelson J. Olden Vi ' . Ormesby H. Palmour W. Payne A. Pearce H. Pemberton R. Pendergrast C. A. Pollard S. POTTINGER H. Powell J. Pritchett E. O. Rand G. Ripley T. ROLLOW T. Shneider D. Sheppard P. Sherry R. F. Simpson- M. Sims P. SUHR ' . Treadway S. Vicknair J. W. iJC ' allace E. Walston R. XCelch G. Whelchel Vi ' . White VC. ilLLIAMSON J. D. Willingham W. D. Willingham V. Winklemak R. Wise li. U oodruff 163 first row, left to right: Deemer, Dickson, Haines, Jeffery, Johnson, Lampros . . . Second row: Lyons, Markwolter, Martin, Ormsby, Powell, Robertson Third row: Rogan, Russell, Sackellaries, Spitler, Stempel, Stuck!. M E M B E R S J. BOZEMAN T. S. jEf FERY R. B. Ormsby R. A. Spitler R. G. Deemer L. M. Johnson H. N. Powell W. C. Stempel J. A. Dickson C. P. Lampros v. ]. Robertson G. V. Strickland L. Ellenwood H. J. Lyons J. E. Rogan A. C. Stucki G. A. Haines J. L. MaRKW AIIER V. A. Martin W. D. Russell [. Sackei I arils P. J. Van Norde fK ' 164 DELTA SIGMA PHI LYONS OFFICERS 1943 Presicloif H. J. Lyons Vice-Prcs ili ' fif P- J- Van Norde Secrefary H. X. Povcell Trcasicrer J. A. Dicksox 1944 PrcsiJciit G. A. Haines Vice-PresiJeitf J- E. Rogan Secretary J. L. Markwalter Treasurer A. C. Stucki The Alpha Gamma chapter of the Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity was founded on the Tech campus in 1920. First known as the " Soldier ' s Club, " because it was formed by Tech men returning from ' orld War I, it soon petitioned and became a chapter of the nationally known fraternity. Now, in the midst of World ' ar II, the chapter is .suf- fering its darkest days, but hopes to stay active. Although many of our biggest functions, including the Shipwreck Ball, have been ended for the duration. Delta Sigma Phi plans to continue with bigger and better activities after the victory is won. With men returning from the war, the Delta Sigs hope to figure greatly in Tech ' s postwar plans. First row, left to right: Discussing the Fra: ' s fu- ture Put another nickel in the machine • SeconcJ row; These house dances are realty fun . . . The heating system went haywire Bot- tom; Hit him again. 165 SANDH ' President . Vice-Prcsii ciit Secretary Treasurer . SPRING, 1943 W. B. Sandhagen E. M. FossAS C. A. RousH F. L. PlNN OFFICERS SUMMER, 1943 President . . . A. S. Johnston Vice-President . . . . E. M. Fossas Secretary C. A. Roush Treasurer F. L. Penn JORDON FALL, 1943 President . . . . A. S. Johnston Vice-President . . . . E. M. Fossas Secretary E. D. Simkins Treasurer K. M. Cole SPRING, 1944 President W. P. Joruon Vice-President . . . . S. S. Simpson Secretary E. D. Simkins Treasurer K. M. Cole ATA DELTA TAU DELTA Dclt.i Tau Delta was founded at Bethany College in 18 59 and now has seventy-six chapters with a total membership of over thirty-five thousand. In February, 1920, Pi Phi Delta, a local fraternity, was granted a charter as Gamma Psi of Delta Tau Delta and has since grown to be one of the strong- est chapters in the fraternity. The annual Artists ' Ball is its notable contribution to Tech social affairs. Delta Tau Delta always produces out- standing leaders in campus activities. Her honor has been upheld this year by C. A. " Benny " Roush and E. D. Rucker, members of Tau Beta Pi, the Co-op Club, The Bri- aerean Society, A. I. Ch. E., and K. M. " Cozy " Cole, president of Alpha Chi Sigma and member of The Briaerean Society and A. 1. Ch. E. Roush was also Editor-in- Chief of the Nautilus and member of the M. L. Brittain Debating Society and Alpha Chi Sigma and on the staff of the Yellow jacket and the Engineer. first row, left to right: Boy, we ' re having fun Sorry, no break! • Second row; Sophisti- cated Lady, huh. Cole? Gee, fellows, doesn ' t anyone know that luscious blonde? • Bottom; Welcome to the " new " Delta Shelta. 166 First row, left to right: Anderson, Brodie, Cole, Coleman, Cordes, Cromer Second row: Ervin, Fo£sas, Fowler, Ghormley, Gray, Griffith . . . Third row.- Harriss, Herndon, Janney, A. S. Johnston, H. C. Johnston, Jordon . . . Fourth row: Kendley, Kenny, Leitner, VcBride, Mullis, Nelson . . . fifth row: Park, Penn, Plyler, Roush, Rucker Sandhagen . . . Sixth row: Simkins, Simpson, Smith, Thom- ason, Trimmer, Usher, Van Buren. M E M B E R S M. C. Anderson E. K. Ervin R. C. Harriss E. Kenny F. L. Penn J. A. Smith D. D. Boone B. W. Fink G. Herndon G. N. Leitner R. D. Plyler G. F. Smith W. W. Brodie E. M. FossAs, Jr. A. B. Janney J. M. Lane C. A. Roush C. Y. Thomason K. M. Cole M, . S. Fowler A. S. Johnston E. McBride D. Rucker R. H. Trimmer G. M. Coleman T. A. Ghormley H. C. Johnston C. Mullis W. B. Sandhagen C. Usher W. J. Cordes D. Gray W . P. Jordon P. L. Nelson E. D. Simkins M. L. Van Buren B. Cromer J. Griffith G. H. Kendley J. F. Park S. S. Simpson 167 KAPPA The Kappa Alpha Order, toundcd in 186 5 at Washington and Lee, estabhshed Alpha Sigma Chapter at Georgia Tech in October, 18 99. It is a Southern fraternity and has 67 chapters, all below the Mason- Dixon line. With over 3 8,000 alumni. Kappa Alpha is one of the seven largest fra- ternities in the country. Alpha Sigma Chap- ter at Tech has always been most active in campus activities. During the past year, K. A. ' s have participated in almost every campus activity, including Anak, O. D. K. and class officers. First row, left to right: Aderhold gets down to some caiculus with admiring harem looking on KA gang loafing at noon-time " Sonny " Stevens goes strictly G.I. • Second row: KA ' s big three— Kelso, Stevens, and Flowers " All-Americon " Don Evans shows what Coach Alex missed Editor Kelso with his Tecttnique convert o Third row: A little noon-time football . . KA ' s civilians in uniform swap army gray and navy blue. OFFICERS SPRING, 1943 FALL, 1943 Piv idciil B. M. Stlvens Pn-sichiif A. S. Kelso ' i t-l ' ii iliuf . . . M. W. St. John Vicc-Prcsulcnt . . . B. M. Stevens Si(ir iir J. E. Flowers Secretary .!• E. FLOViERS ' I ' lttisiiiei- ..CO. McSwEEN Treasurer . . . J. H. Aderhold SUMMER, 1943 1944 l ' rc idcut . . . . M. W. St. John PrcsiJeiif L. W. Eaton ' ice-Pn idcul R. T. Dedwylder ' icc-Prcsidciit . . . D. T. Evans Secretary R. G. St. John Secretary R. G. Hill Treasurer . . . J. H. Aderhold Treasurer . . . . J. H. Aderhold B. M. STEVENS ' i m ' M. W. ST. JOHN IftH MEMBERS L P H A R. P. Camlron D. T. Evans J. M. Keliin 1). C. McNiii L. i Pickering M. i ' . Sr. John i V . H. Candler J. L. Fenton A. S. Kelso C. O. McSwlln J- C. Plaxco R. G. S ' l. John 1. F. Cheney J. E. Flowers M. Kennedy F. Mitchell N. C. POE V. Trawbridge R. C. Collier E. A. Fryer W . B. Klinke J- L. Mitchell E. L. Potter G. B. Treadway H. Cooke A. T. Gibbons G. Ma lone J- H. Murphy D. D. Power J. C. Webb J. H. Aderhold, Jr. I. E. Davis T. S. Harris R. W. Malone P. J. Nelson R. G. Price H. H. Whelchll R. . L. Austin R. T. Deuvcylder W . H. Harris R. S. Mann T. Nenan J. Sampson F. Vi ' HITESIDI G. E. Bailey H. E. UiCristina G. W. Head C. McCowan C. T, Nixon VC . H. Shey D. E. Williams ci. P. BATtS 1. Donaldson J. M. Hill J- T. McDavid P. G. North c. M. Snelling J- S. Woody T. B. BODKIN K. W. DUN«OODY R. G. Hill E. W. McDaniel J. R. Oliver B. M. Stevens B. Y. Yawn Vf . H. Burns L. W. Eaton T. Harden P. G. McKinley J- B. Pace B. E. Stimson E. Yfrglr I-. I . BURRUS T. B. Elfe A. A. Jones I. C. McLester w . A. Peterson R. H. Stringer first row, left »o right: Aderhold, Austin, Bailey, Bates, Burns, Burrus, Cameron, Candler Second row: Cheney, Collier, Dedwyider, DiCristinia, Dunwoody, Eaton, Elfe, Fenton Third row: Flowers, Fryer, Gibbons, T. S. Harris, W. H. Harris, Heod, J. M. Hill, R. G. Hill fourth row: Jones, Kelso, McDaniel, McNeil, McSween, Mann, Malone, Mitchell . . . fifth row: Murphy, Nixon, North, Oliver, Pace, Peterson, Plaxco, Poe . . . Sixth row: Potter, Price, Shy, Snelling, Stevens, Stimson, M. W. St. John, R. G. St. John . . . Seventh row: Webb, Whelchel, Williams, Yawn. 169 First row, left to right: Let ' s clean house Grab ahold of that broom, freshman • Second row: Jeez, look at ' im run Fine meeting, fine meeting! • Third row: " Glad to see yai " . . . Gee, this surveying ' s a hard course. KAPPA SIGMA ist year Alpha Tau ' s activities have been urtailed, but we have not been altogether idle. We have been having parties and dances at the house as often as possible, and are carrying on as well as possible considering that most of our boys are in the services. Fortunately Tech has a V-12 unit, and in the V-12 are Kappa Sigmas from all over the country. These boys from other chapters constitute the main body now. Among various chapters represented are: Lambda, U. of Tenn.; Kappa, Vanderbilt; Beta, U. of Alabama; Beta Eta, U. of Auburn; Delta Alpha, Carnegie Tech; Delta Delta, U. of Florida; Alpha Upsilon, Millsaps Col- lege; Delta Chi, Mississippi State; Epsilon Gamma, Louisiana Tech; Xi, U. of Arkansas; and Delta Upsi- lon, Occidental College. Alpha Tau is also proud to pomt out the fact that it is represented in every branch of the service and in every theater of the war, and that eighty percent of them are officers. For them Alpha Tau is car- rying on. It survived one world war and will sur- vive this one. OFFICERS 1943 Prci ' ulciit H. F. HuNii i Vicr-l ' rcsiilrii R. Gro ' i Secretary C. Rosi Trciiuiri-r R. CoiiEi: 1944 Prcsiilrii |. W. Wi:athi:rly Virr-l ' rcsiJoif A. Bradfield Senr ary W. J. Wren ' I ' rtiiiurtr W. I-. Barney WEATHERLY 170 first row, left to righf: Argo, Barber. Berry, Boucher, Bradfield, Bransford Second row: Brown, Charles, Coffee Dennis A Flynn U.Jll r " Ll! " " « « " .f ' ' ' ' Jl " ,- ' ' ° f ' °V ' ' " ' " °T ' ' ' " o l ' " " •■ " ' ' » " •• Holman, Huffmoster, Hunter, Jones, Klepatsky; Kronti Fifth row: IMacMillan, Malone, McKinley, Pippin, Price, Rice Sixth row: Rose, Sheppord, Sproesser, Weatherly Weeks, Wren. M E M B E R S Vl " . Aiken- W . Branseord H Flynn- F. M, HoiL L. K. McKay s,- Sproesser E. Appleby D. D. Brown- C. FoscuE S. HoLMAN L. A. McKlNLI-Y L, Tetter • Argo G. Burke T. Foster W. A. Huffmastlr L. A. MORRISSLY A. Thies F. B.MRD W Charles R. Gideon H. F. Hunter R. Pippin C. Turner R. G. Baker R. Coffee R. Griner T. W. Jones E. Price J. W. Weatherly L. T. Barber J- O. CONLEY R. Grove T. G. Klepatsky J. A. Rice R. M. Weeks W F. Barney W F. COULBOURN- A. H. Guritz J. H. Krantz G. Roberts L. Williams R. M. Berry R. Cruger ' ■ Hammond R. Little C. Rose t ' WOMACK D. Biles T. Dennis F. A. Harris K. T. MacMillan F. G. Sanford Vi ' J. Wren J. H. Boucher D. Emery G. Hicks W. Malone G. Sheppard B. Wright A. Bradfield A. Flynn )• B. Hills A. McGell D. Smith 171 LAMBDA First low, left to right: She sings like a canary Another house dance Battle of At- lanta ancJ house e Seconcj row; Music? Hankinson, Hammond and friend . . . The yuletide spirit o Third row: And all thru the house - - - . . . Intermission again. TliL " international fraternity of Lambda Chi Alpha was founded in 1909 at Boston University, and is now one of the hirgest social fraternities. The Beta Kappa chap- ter at Tech was established October 16, 1942, after achieving an enviable record din ' ing its thirteen-year affiliation with Beta Kappa. Lambda Chi has contributed many of its members to the armed forces, but their fore- sight and efforts while in school have made it possible for the chapter to continue its activities on the campus. An active social committee aided by a lively pledge class has added variety to the numerous Saturday night parties at the chapter house. In the last fifteen years the fraternity has won nine scholarship cups and placed second six times. Graduation takes from the chap- ter three seniors: Rock Canaday, chapter president. Co-op Club, Briaerean Society, Eta Kappa Nu, and the TccLiiiiqitc; John Hammond, Co-op Club, Briaerean Society, Eta Kappa Nu, Phi Eta Sigma, Gold T, Tau Beta Pi, and Phi Kappa Phi; and Edmund Hankinson, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Kappa Psi, Briaerean Society, Pi Tau Sigma, Gold T, Tau Beta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi. KESSINGER OFFICERS 1943 I ' irsiJc lf .1- Q- Kl SSINGER Vicc-Prcsidciit . . . . L. E. Cui hirson Sccrclary |. P. Loc kwich Treasurer W. L. Smith 1944 I ' risidciil R. H. Onmiav Vicc-l ' rcsiJdi . . . J. G. Hammond Srcrcfiiry T. W. E. Hankinson Treasurer S. E. Turner 172 CHI ALPHA MEMBER s W. Allen R. H. Canaday H. L. Greene J. P. LOCKWICH G. B. Parsons S. E. Turner C. P. Anderson L. E. Culbertson R. F. GuiLL R. Marsden H C. Perryman E. J. Vann B. B. Blackburn 1. Davis J. G. Hammond K. W. Mason R. T. Plampin W . P. White J. B. BOYETT W. C. DOBY T. W. E. Hankinson C. McMurray M. Ricard R. O. WiLHELM R. C. Brackney W. H. Edwards D. Healy D. H. Merci R J- H. Robinson W . L. Williams G. B. Campbell S. J. GOSTIN J. Q. Kessixger C;. J. P. Knudsen C C. Miller A. Nix W L. Smith R. Wood r ' " ' F 1 " Jkw i% t .c ▼! -« w — ' ' % i « ' " ■ " fow, leff fo right: Blackburn, Boyett, Brackney, Campbell, Canaday, Culbertson, Ooby Seconll row: Edwards, Gostin, Greene, Guill, Hammond, Hankinson, Healy Third row: Kessinger, Knudsen, lockwich, Marsden, Mercer, Nix, Parsons fourth row: Perryman, Plampin, Robinson, Smith, Turner, White, Wilhelm. 173 Phi Delta Theca was founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, on December 26, 1848. It has grown until it now comprises one hundred and six chapters in the United States, Canada, and Nova Scotia. The Geor- gia Tech chapter, Georgia Delta, was founded in 1902. Today Phi Delta Theta, as have many other lodges, has lost many of its members to the armed forces. Phis are making a great name for themselves on all the war fronts. Those who are still here are carry- ing on in a typical Phi fashion . . . four members in Anak are Manning, Fitzgerald, Merts, and Paxson. Captains of both the football and basketball teams, Manning and Paxson. President of the Senior Class, sec- retary-treasurer of the class of ' 44 as well as many other outstanding campus activities. Boosted out of its home on Fraternity Row, Phi Delta Theta has made its home for the duration in the old Phi Sigma Kappa house on Williams Street. first row, left to right: Little Singapore , . The house « Bottom: Two men of the world. PHI DELTA THETA SUMMER, 1943 President . . . . B. D. Fitzgerald Pirs Jeii . Vice-President . . . A. C. Skinner Vice-President Secretary J. B. Lyle Secretiir Treiisnrer F. S. Dennis Treiisnrer OFFICERS FALL, 1943 1944 S. F. Bryan W. C. Paxson . W. B. Shiver W. H. Walton President ]. R. POER FITZGERALD J. R. POER 174 .U, ,« , ■• if-% 7 J f»m UfiK ' ' ' ff W ! first row, left fo right: Adams, Andrews, Bondurant, Brooks, Bruton, Bryan, Buchanan, Daniels, Dennis Second row: Dobbs, Doyle, I. S. Duggan, R. H. Dug- gan, Dunoway, Etheridge, Faulkner, Fitzgerald, Fitts . . . Third row: Gantt, Greene, Henry, Hilsman, Holliday, Mollis, Hudson, Hoyt, Ide . . . Fourth row: Jackson, Jay, Joiner, I. P. Jones, P. A. Jones, Levan, lyle, Magee, Mann fifth row: Manning, Merts, Mills, Mitchell, Newman, Nicolson, Poxson, Plant, G. D. Poer Sixth row: J. R. Poer, Reiser, Rogers, Shiver, Simmons, Skinner, Steele, Strong, Summit, Thoma Seventh row: Walker, Walton, Wordlaw, Weed, Wellborn, White, Whittlesey, H. E. Wright, I. G. Wright, Young. MEMBERS C. B. Adams W Chandler R. H. English G. B. Hills P. A. Jones W C. Nicolson J. A. Simmons I. Wardlaw J. W. AXDRETXS H. Coons G. L. Etheridge Y. G. Hilsman J. B. LeVan W C. Paxson A. C. Skinner J. D. Weed R. Vi ' . BOLLINC «• W. Coons A. J. Faulkner I. R. Holliday T. B. Lyle G. D. Plant V . I. Steele C. J. Wellborn L. P. Bondurant D. B. Cutler B. D. Fitzgerald J. G. HOLLIS V. E. Magbee G. W. Poer D. deG. Strong J. D. White C. C. Brooks L. J. Daniels D. F. Fitts F. A. Hoyt J. E. Mann J. R. Poer J. W. Summit G S. Whittlesey J. P. N. Bruton F. S. Dennis I. A. Gantt R H. Hudson G. Manning R. Pritchett E. B. Thoma H E. Wright G. Bryan T. V. Dobbs M W. Gary F. H. IDE M. B. Merts J. S. Reiser P. A. Transu I.. G. Wright S. F. Bryan C. E. Doyle R. A. Greene J- B. Jackson C. Mills W A. Reiser NX ' . B. Turner E. Young W. Buchanan I. S. Duggan C. Helzer L. P. Jay O. K. Mitchell J. Rogers A E. Van Ness C. E. Burnham R H. Duggan P. F. Henry C W. Joiner A. Nelson D. Ross J. P. Walker T. Carpenter A D. Dunaway G S. HiLES L. P. Jones J. Ne-wman VX ' B. Shiver W . H. Walton 175 firsf row, left to right: Abrams, Brener, Bunzl, Dreyloos, Ellison, Freitag, Furchgott . . . Second row: Gassenheimer, Heeht, Hirschberg, Klein, lee, lerner, levin . . . Third row: levy, loeb, Maas, H. J. Meyer, R. L. Meyer, Miller, I. D. Perils . . . Fourfh row: I. J. Perils, Pintchuck, Raskin, Revson, Riemer, Rosen- sweig, Schloss , . . Fifth row: Sellers, Steinheimer, Ulman, Weiner, Weiss. MEMBERS B. AliRAMS M. H. IURCH(,1)1 I H. L. Levin L. D. Peri is S. L. Schloss, Jr. S. W. Brener J. Gassenheimer S. A. Levy L. J. Perlis G. S. Sellers R. H. Bunzl A. J. Hecht M. Loeb M. N. Pintchuck L. M. Sti inht L n r E. David W. I. H|RS( HliERO J. M. Maas A. F. Revson B. Ulman W. D. Dreyi oos A. Kli in H. J. Meyer •S. IL Raskin I. M. Weinir D. Ei.i isoN p. L.I.I i; R. L. Meyer I). RiLMER G. Weiss J. V. Freitag J. E. Lerner N. R. Miller S. L. ROSI NSWEIG 176 PHI EPSILON PI Phi Epsilon Pi was founded on Novem- ber 24, 1904 ,u the College of the City of New York; and Xi Chapter here at Tech was established January 15, 1916. Always leading among activities Xi chapter has re- mained active throughout the existing na- tional emergency. Though many of Xi ' s members have left school to take their places in the army and navy, the chapter has been able to maintain a successful and active existence upon the campus. During the last graduations Xi has lost George Sellers, chapter president, and Rudy Bunzl, editor of the Blueprint, and one of the scholastic leaders of the campus, and Paul Lee, chapter president, Editor of Blueprint, and president of A.I.Ch.E., Anak. Those many fraters lost to the services during the past several semesters and not having com- pleted their scheduled curriculum plan to return to Tech in the post-war years, and maintain Xi chapter on the Tech cannpus. OFFICERS SPRING, 1943 Prcudcut I. M. Weiner Vice-President . . . . G. S. Sellers Secretary N. R. Miller Treasiner R. H. Bunzl SUMMER, 1943 President G. S. Sellers Vice-President . . . . R. H. Bunzl Secretary . . . . M. H. Furchgott Treasurer P. L. Lee 1944 President P. L. Lee Vice-President J. Maas Secretary . . . . M. H. Furchgott Treasurer L. D. Perlis Top; Interfraternity football at its finest! • Center, left to right: THE THREE— Can we ride the bosses? . . . And, by God, this homecoming exhibit worked, too! • Bottom: This income tax sure gets complicated. SELLERS LEE tfi i iii .) - ■ ' First row, left to right: Aderhold, Broyles, Brinkley, Clark, Foster, Griffin, Hendry - Second row; Hinds, Icenogle, Johnston, Jones, dlish . . . Tnird row; Nelson, Newell, Poden, Peel, E. H. Reed, R. B, Reed, Ric henaker . . . Fourth rov : Simmons, Simpson, VanValin, Watson. Kuhn, Loyd, McCan- vonHoseln, Wachter, OFFICERS 1943 PrcsiJni B. W. Hinds Trcasiiiry . . . . R. M. Johnston Rccnri iii i Secretary . K. L. Icenogle Corrcilxtinl ii; Sccrc ury . W. C. Niavell Historian R. Reed 1944 Prcsulcnt J- J- Kuhn Treasurer .... J. F. Richenaker Recori iiii Secretary . . L. H. Nelson Correspoinlini Secretary . P. R. Griffin Historian A. C. Broyles Itecs A 178 PHI GAMMA DELTA The fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta was founded at Jefferson College in 1848. Al- though founded primarily as a Southern group, it became national in scope after the Civil War, and now numbers 74 chapters. The Gamma Tau chapter was installed at Georgia Tech in 1926 when Gamnu Tau Delta, a strong local, organized expressly for petitioning Phi Gamma Delta, was granted a charter. J. E. Aderhold E. T. Blanton H. Brinkley A. C. Broyles N. Cl. ' rk W. P. Foster P. R. Griffin A. E. Hexdry B. W ' . Hinds K. L. Icexogle R. M. JOHXSTOX E. N. Jones MEMBERS . Kexxv J. J. KUHX A. A. LoYD R. McC. ' KXDLISH R. H. Murphy L. H. Nelson " . C. Nevcell R. W. Paden L. Peel E. H. Reed R. B. Reed S. K. Simpson S. K. Stevenson R. D. Van Valin H. J. VON Haseln J. F. Richenaker H. L. Wachter J. R. Simmons J. H. Watson first row, left to right: The elite of the organization Two lovely toothpaste ad smiles . . . Time out for intermission • Second row; Dern those long couches . . . Christmas comes but once a year. 179 PHI KAPPA first row, left to right: There ' s nothing like a house dance A sedate group • Second row; The four officers and friend Stopped to have their picture made The Navy scores again. OFF SPRING, 1943 Pri ' siclcii R. J. Williams Vice-Fn-sidciil D. Pulley Secretary E. P. Dicks Treasurer D. Beardsworth SUMMER, 1943 President D. Pulley Vice-PnsiJcii S. Krysiak Secretary B. Brittingham Treasurer R. Gutierrez Phi Kjppa Sigma was founded at the University of Pennsylvania October 19, 18 50. The Tech chapter, the first on the campus to own its own house, was installed January 15, 1904. Several of the chapters on other campuses have suspended opera- tions for the duration, but the chapter here has very good prospects for remaining active. Outstanding through the year were: Bob Williams, A. I. R. E., A.. J. E. E., Yellou Jacket staff; Dan Pulley, A. I. Ch. E., Yel- low jacket staff; Stan Krysiak, Bulldog Club, N. R. O. T. C. Rifle Team, Cadet Lieutenant, Nautilus staff; Tom Edwards, Bulldog Club, Nautilus staff, Navy Wrest- ling Team. All of these men have served the chapter on the Interfraternity Council. C E R S FALL, 1943 President S. Krysiak Vice-President A. Dow Secretary R. L. Lamb Treasurer R. Gutierrez 1944 President A. Dove Vice-President R. Gutierrez Secretary R. L. Lamb Treasurer T. U. BuRKE DOW 180 SIGMA MEMBERS D. A. Beardswortti G. A. Beatty T. W. Brittingham T. U. Burke W. W. Carltox V. L. Chase • J. J. Collins A. J. Dow T. ' . EdW ARDS J. K. GOURDIN R. F. Gutierrez, J. T. HUMME R. J. Johnson J. G. Kearney S. R. Krysiak R. L. Lamb C. A. Marmelstein (. R. W. Milling D. P. Pulley M. A. Rasco, III O. W. Robinson H. E. Thiel R. J. Williams First row, leit to right: Beatty, Brittinghcm, Burke, Dow, Edwards, Gourdin Second row: Gutierrez, Humme, Krysiak, Lamb, Marmelstein, Milling . . Third row: Pulley, Rasco, Robinson, Thiel, Williams. 181 First row, le Mollis . . Smith, Swen ft to right: Adams, Allen, Bates, Branner, Bullard, Burn, Coogan, Corwin . Second row: Covey, Eubanks, Gesner, Glover, Grow, Heitzer, Hocking, Third row: Jolly, Jones, Lone. Laverty, Lee, Lindsey, Manly, Montague . . . fourth row: Moxley, Parkinson, Porks, Schanche, Shaver, Shawver, son Fifth row: Trowbridge, Valz, Weaver, D. M. Whitley, H. L. Whitley, Whitmore, Williams, Woods. r: WHITMORE 182 PI KAPPA ALPHA Pi Kappa Alpha wa founded at the Univcr ' .lty of Virginia on March 1, 1868. lor some time the fraternity was definitely Southern, but now has expanded all over the country. At present, the fraternity has eighty-two chapters, with a membership of eighty thousand. The Alpha Delta chapter was installed at Tech in February, 1904. Every year the chapter holds its annual Possum Hunt, Christmas Party and Senior Party. The annual Black and White Ball has been discontinued for the duration. During the past year the following men have graduated from Tech into the armed forces or industry: C. H. Parks, D. L. Williams, M. J. Gesner, W. D. South, R. B. Woods, J. Q. Bullard, H. A. Montague, W. C. Shaver, J. P. Smith, R. L. Branner, E. R. Allen, P. D. Heitzer, M. Trowbridge, D. L. Whitley. OFFICERS SPRING, 1943 Prcsidcnl C. H. Parks Vnc-Piisidiiit J- P ' Smith Secretary R. L. Branner Treasurer J- Q- Bullard SUMMER, 1943 F. M. Valz C. H. Parks R. L. Branner C. W. Whitmore FALL, 1943 W. D. South C. W. Whitmore F. M. Valz F. O. Weaver 1944 C. W. Whitmore F. M. Valz H. DeCourt I. A. Moore MEMBERS G. S. Adams E. R. Allen J. R. Bader J. R. Bates R. L. Branner R. Brewer J. Q. Bullard C. V. BURCH J. W. Burn J. E. Coogan T. L. Corvxin L. S. Covey T. Crenshaw ' m. Davidson H. F. DeCourt B. D. Eubanks C. Forbes M. J. Gesner H. Gilbert J. J. Glover G. S. Grow J. L. Harper R. Hartman P. D. Heitzer S. Henderson T. Hesse N. W. Hocking A. O. Hollis Hughs r. B. Jolly J. E. Jones G. L. Lane W. C. Laverty C. S. Lee H. E. Lindsey R. Little J. W. Lyons F. W. Manly Vm. McCutcheon N. J. McDonald H. A. Montague J. A. Moore J. Moore M, H. MOXLEY F. C. Murphy T. B. O ' Barr W. J. Parkinson C. H. Parks R. W. Payton Wm. Peacock C. D. Pears W. S. POSTEN J. W. Range J. Reed D. A. Schanche W. C Shaver P. R. Shawver J. P. Smith W. B. South R. F. Swenson G. E. TiPSON R. 1. Travis M. Trowbridge F. M. Valz F. O. Weaver D. M. Whitley H. L. Whitley C. W. Whitmore D. L. Williams G. N. Wilson R. B. Woods Top row, left to right: Every nite before retiring Lool out Harrison dormitory The perfect couple • Center: Recess on the front porch • Bottom row: Waiting their turn at bat . . . All ready to grind. 183 PI K A P P A« SlNVWON OFFICERS SPRING, 1943 Preshlcn W. H. Funk Vice-Prcsiilcii . . . . C. G. Fulton Secretary F. S. Ki :v SUMMER, 1943 Prcs Jeiit M. W. Simmons Vire-Presiileii ... J. G. Loudermii K Secretary J. R- Paus FALL, 1943 I ' resii en M. W. Simmons Vice-PrcsiJeii J. R. Paus Secretary C. V. Wi:avi R 1944 President M. W. Simmons Vice-President J. R. Paus Secretary W. A. Prvok Founded on December 10, 1904, Pi K.ippa Phi was incorpor.ned as a national fra- ternity in December, 1907. The Iota chapter was estabhshed in October, 1915. Even with serious losses to the armed forces, lota has kept a large membership, lota alumni are scattered over the whole globe keeping the tradition of Pi Kappa Phi. Top: Discussing the war Bottom: A momentous decision being mode. 184 J PHI MEMBERS R Alexander E. M. Cochran S. Johnson J. M. iVIlNTER J- T. TOWNES F. A. Athanison C. L. Darby J. H. King J. Owens R. C. Van Hala J. Blanchett C. G. Fulton J. G. Loudermilk J. R. Pals C. V. Weaver D Holding W. H. Funk R. Lourance W. A. Pry OR B. Welles R D. Caldwell E. B. Gross T. R. McMuRRY B. Reeve C. Wheeler C. Cartwright P. E. Hill D. B. Ingram H. M. McWhorter J. M. Malone M. W. Simmons A. Spoltare J- Harvey First row, left to right: Alexander, Athaneson, Caldwell, Cartwright, Cochran Second row; Darby, Fulton, Gross, Hill, Ingram Third row: King, Loudermilk, Lourance, McMurry, McWhorter Fourth row: Minter, Paus, Pryor, Reeve, Simmons Fifth row: Townes, Weaver, Welles, Wheeler, Harvey. 185 1 SIGMA ALPHA E PS I LON i First row, leh to right: After the banquet was over . . . Could it be music? • Second row? Opps! Sorry— go ahead and finish eating ... A suave looking crew. Founded at the University of Alabama, March 9, 1SS6, SAE has expanded to one hundred and four- teen chapters with a membership of sixty thousand. This year we won the annual Cake Race for the third straight time, and are now permanent owners of the Golden Gaboon for winning the Ramblin ' Wreck Contest three times. A number of outstand- ing seniors were taken out of school in February by the Navy. Among these are Locke Thomison, ANAK, ODK, and editor of both Blue Print and Yellow Jcuki , Gordon Colledge, Secretary of ANAK; Russell McGee, ODK; Buddy Sanders, Presi- dent of the Student Council; and J. Y. Arnold, chap- ter president for the fall term. Outstanding seniors graduating are Henry Reid and Hugh Caldwell, chapter president, Vice-President of ANAK, and president of both Pi Tau Sigma and ASME. Leading social events of the year were the Christmas Formal and traditional Marietta Picnic. OFFICERS 1 943 1 944 President T. V. Patton J- Y. Arnold Vice-President W. E. Broadwell J- R- Little Secretary J- Y. Arnold F. R. Beall Treasurer V. N. Scott F. C. Beil MEM B E R S w L. Aiiiry E. Emi M. J. Lui.AN M E. Rose J- y. Arno[u J. R. Fkankmn H. j. Lynch H Sands F. G. Aviv C. E. Eanchlr VC C. Matthlixs M J. Sanuirs M. Av 0( K J Garrison H. H. McCall H Saunders K. Baiii R. W. Gaston R. L. MiCeivey E. SfHARISl HV | »|, r. R. BiAii U R. Gi ASS J. E. MacDonald W N. Sioii 1-. C. Bem 1 ' . GlANNONr ( . Y. MtGaughey J. :. SiiiiiiAN J- A, Br«.. s. W. Gibson S. R. MeGn H M. Sims w B. BmiiNi C. H. Grifiin A. j. MlIntyre B. E, Smiih I BlU VNAHAN A J. Hairi. I-, M.KiNsii t. M. Smith w E, llROADVlill 1.. Hamilton J. H. Mc El MORI t. B. SlARNLS w A. Bhocikv » ' V. Harris R. A. MeLlmore I Steber R. E. Bklii I S. R. Harris M McNlll E. W. Stradtman X . I). Cain M G. Hami ' ton G A. Mercer S. E. SiRKKIAND H. H. Caii.mhi t Harrison B. Micrfi- R. E Taylor G, Cobb S ' H HlAiv R MlK III II B. Terry 1 E. C.OIEMAN 1. 1 Ml. KS :. W. MOBILV R. L. Thomison W G. COLlFD(.K Vi . N. HUKS c. A. MURPHIV H A. Thornton J- M. COTHRAN M E. Hill ( . E MURI-HV M A, Tlikir 1. E. CuTtllll E, T- HUNI.IRIORU M Vf. NlOlOlLS |. TlSON I.. T. Dautkiih.i G HOPRINS c. ft. NORLON .E C E ' NIHR«(Jt D E. H. DlMtHt E. P. Jalnicxi c. W. Olsen . Walker W G. DONNI r 1 AN J- A. Jarhlil H. OWLN t. C. VfLAVLR 1. W. DuvAii 1 ' , S. Joslph t. V, 1 ' atton A. B. WlBB E. M, Ea .ik E. King W J. Plnn 1. . Wll.llAMS E. E. KlMOHl () A. KlRKrONNLI R. Phillips E (. Williamson H Eli: BASH R. M. Lamb .1. P. Rankin T. S. WlIIINI.llAM L. C. ESTCV C. Ilonard H L. Rlid c. A. WllKINS W T. VA7f .1. G. ElonarI) G. R. Rici M E. WiMAN T. D. Evans J. ElNDSLY G. W. Robinson J. L Wilson M E. EvtRETT .1- I . ElTTlL c; P. Robinson E. 1. D. Wilson M. Wise ARNOLD 186 first row, eft to right: Alley, Arnold, Aycock, Bailey, Beall, Beil, Berg, Bourne, Broadwell Second row: Brooks, Bruce, Cam, Caldwell, Coleman, Col- ledge, Cothron, Cufcliff, Dautridge Third row: Donnellan, Duvall, Eager, Efiel, Evans, Fell, Frankim, Fancher, Garrison ' ° " ' . ' " ' .• Oaston, Olass, Giannoni, Gibson, GriHin, Harris, Hampton, J. L. Hicks, W. N. Hicks fiJfh row: Hill, Hungerford, Jaenicki, Joseph, Kirkconnell, ' •• " " ' ' , Leonard, Logan, Lynch Sixth row: Matthews, MocDonald, McGaughey, McGee, McKensie, J. H. McLemore, R. A. McLemore, McNeel, Mickel Seventh row: lyiitcMell, Moore, Murphey, Nicholes, Norton, Olsen, Potton, Penn, Raid . . . Eighth row: Rice, G. W. Robinson, G. P. Rob.nson Rose, Sanders, Scharfschwerdf, Scott, Sheehan, Reid . . . Ninth row: B. F. Smith, T. M. Smith, Starnes, Stillwell, Strickland, Taylor, Thomison, Thornton, Sims . . . Tenth row. Underwood, Walker, Weaver, Webb, Williams, Williamson, Willingham, Wimon, Wilson. 187 ' i (»■ - M A SIGMA C H I % 0 ' " % first row, left to right; Leon Lanier working Hobart and the " Dragon Lady " The " Mo- gul " • Center: The officers • Boffom: Gathered for a " session " in the den. President Vicc-Prcsiilcii Sccntary Treasurer 4 . j _ . Sigma Chi was founded June 28, 18 5 5, at Mi.iml , ft i University, Oxford, Ohio. Since its founding it has t ' expanded to 101 active chapters in the United States -i-- — and Canada. The Beta Psi chapter was installed at Tech in 192 2 by the absorption of Pi Alpha Sigma, a local fraternity. Over half of the Sigs are in the_V-I2 or N. R. O. T. C. units and the Battalion Commander of the latter group for two consecutive semesters has been a Sigma Chi. Fortunately chapter membership has continued at its prewar level, which has enabled Sigma Chi to retain its chapter house and to remain a leader in campus and social activities. At the formal Sweetheart Ball Miss Thelma Jo Kerr was elected Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. Sigma Chi ' s on the Student Council are Scott Campbell and Lawrence Gellerstedt, representing the Junior class, and Frank Gurry, representmg Harrison Dormitory. Gellerstedt is Vice-President of the Stu- dent Council, President of the Junior class, member ODK, Tau Beta Pi and Phi Eta Sigma. OFFICERS 1943 19 ' »4 J. B. Haas T. L. Gillkrstedt A. W. James L. I. Lanier C. F. Walker W. S. Stewart L. L. Gellerstedt B. I. Brown HAAS GELLERSTEDT 188 Q ' •f ' j 9 ' ' 5L first row, left to right: Andrews, Armstrong, Bockus, Boker, Brown, Bryan, Burd ll, Burgess, Campbell . . . Second row: Clarke, Clapp, Credille, Davis, Fowke, Fraser, Freeman, Gellerstedt, Cordon Third row: Gowcn, Greene, Gurry, Haas, Hamilton, Haskell, Henderson, Hopkins, James fourth row: Jones, Kerr, Knox, Lanier, Latimore, lehr, lockwood, Malone, Mankin fifth row: McCrory, Mann, Martin, Owen, Pate, Peterson, Potter, Puckett, Reed Sixth row: Rhyne, Riley, Robinson, Rogers, Sanders, Shackelford, Smith, Stewort, latum Seventh row: Thomas, Tull, Turney, Waddington, Warren, Whittle, Yantis, Walker. L. 1. D. A. G. B. F. A. D. V. S. M. E. G. Andrews Armstrong Backus Baker BoEKE Brown- Bryan BURDELL Burgess Cadv Campbell Clarke W. B E. W E. L. C. A. R. H. W. H. N. C. D. A. R. ■«■ W. S. L. L. F. H. Clarke Clapp Credille Crowley Davis . FOWELL FOWKE Fraser Freeman Fulton Gellerstedt gouldberg A. B. Gordon M. A. Gowan J. L. Greene J. P. Grethem F. H. Gurry J. B. Haas R. C. Hamilton B. K. Haskell J. Hammock Y. A. Henderson W. C. Henry H. Hicks MEMBERS W. L. Hopkins A. W. James R. A. Jones W. D. Kfrr W. C. Klingensmith L. Knox L. I. Lanier W. S. Latimore P. E. Law H. B. Lehr W. L. Lockwood T. F. Malone G. Mankin R. McCall E. L. McCrory W. C. Mann F. E. Martin C. T. Owen J. O. Paine T. F. Pate L. Pedrick W. C. Peterson R. Pitt L. R. Pottir R. Puckett R. J. Reed C. L. Rhyne H. Riley C. B. Robinson G. W. Rogers W. J. Sanders S. L. Shackleford R. H. Smith W. S. Stewart K. K. Tatom K. ' . Thomas H. M. Tull J. F. Turner D. H. Haddington C. F. ' « ' alker T. E. £arren H. A. C ' hitney G. P. Whittle R. N. Yantis 189 1Mk!M First row, left to right: Adams, Bell, Bowen, Carmicheal, Chisnall, Crowley, CummJngs . . . Third row: Lennon, Maddox, McCoy, McGaughey, McLendon, Norman, Philpot Second row: Duus, Fitch, Gattey, Graham, Hochmuth, Houstoun, Lafitte fourth row: Schminlce, Sharp, Smith, Sowell, Swann, Toll, Weatherly. MEMBERS F. M. Adams F. Davis O. K. Houston J. C. McDonald L. E. Smission W. B. Bell A. Duus S. Jett R. McLendon L. H. Smith C. B. BOWEN C. L. Ector D. E. Killam W. F. Norman J. A. Sowell R. K. Bush W. M. Fitch G. A. Lafitte J. Overall J. P. Swan H. CaRMIC HAEL J. B. Gattey R. A. Lennon S. H. Philpot L. Toll D. L. Chisnall T. C. Graham O. K. Lewis J. C. Rav( lings P. C. Underwood D. J. Crawlky M. S. Hochmuth C. L Maddox G. F. ScHMINKE A WtATHERl Y J. B. CUMMINGS R. Howell M. E. McCoy B. Sharpe 190 SIGMA N U Founded .It Virginia Military Institute in 1869, Sigma Nu was installed at Tech in 1896, the fourth national social fraternity to reach the campus. The year 1944 marks Sigma Nu ' s sev- enty-fifth year of activity. During these years it has grown from one to ninety-eight chapters in 46 states, representing a total membership of over forty thousand men. Gamma Alpha Chapter at Tech presented a banquet and dance at the Piedmont Club in commemoration of its seventy-fifth an- niversary. This was its outstanding func- tion of the year, being attended by alumni and chapters from Emory and Universit) ' of Georgia. Numerous other functions and socials were presented throughout the vear. First row, left to right: It gifs with moider! . , Top; Getting it shined up for that heavy date Bottom: Intermission is so nice! e Second row; Just day dreaming " The whife star of Sigma Nu " And right before dessert, too o Third row: Studying(?) in bed again Pretty boy Lool s iiice a quartet underway o Bottom, right: Place your bets, gentlemen. OFFICERS 1943 Pvcsuli-iif W. N. Fitch Vice-Prcshh ' iif W. F. Norman Secretary W. B. Bell Treasurer J. B. Gattey 1944 President M. E. McCoy Vice-President W. B. Bell Secretary B. Bowen Treasurer J. B. Cummings McCOY 191 SIGMA p ' in Ik x first row, eft fo right: Alexander, Boehm, Bonyai, Bottenfield, Bowne, Conlon, Council Second row: Edwards, Furet, Hornibrook, Ingle, Jernigan, Jones, Kohn . . Third row: Lewis, Lund, Malone, Moak. Muzio, Russell, Schmid . - Fourth row: Schuler, Schwalbe, Siennick, Sinclair, Sneed, Stephens, Strong Fifth row: Thatcher, Tighe, Turner, Uffner, Van Devender, Wageman, Wells. MEMBERS R. W. BOTTENI lELD D. Hardwick R. G. Malone H. Schwalbe D. Uffner N. B. Browne D. C. Hornibrook S. T. Moak L. Siennick H M. Van Devender F. O. Collins R. Ingle A. H. Muzio C. Sinclair C. Wageman P. D. CONION W. Jlrnigan V. D. Palmer ,|. SnI ID A. G. Wells J. E. Council C. M. JoNis B. Parnell R. Stephens W. E. Counts F. C. Kohn N. E. RUNYON H. Strong l ffi amt 192 ii PHI EPSILON The Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity was founded in November, 1901 at the Uni- versity of Richmond. There twelve friends who joined together for the sole purpose of friendship, and with their far- sightedness founded a fraternity that has now taken its place among the great or- ganizations of the fraternity world. Since 1901 the fraternity has grown until at pres- ent there are seventy-five chapters spread throughout the nation with a total member- ship of over twenty-five thousand. Georgia Alpha Chapter was founded at Tech in 1907, being the seventh fraternity to be established here. TIGHE first row, left to right: Must be whistling at an O ' Keefe gal . . The brains of the organization Top; Always happy . . Bottom; Looking at the birdie • Second row; They ' re still happy— they haven ' t seen the check yet Bonyai gets in all the pictures. OFFICERS SUMMER, 1943 President N. E. Runyon Vicc-Prciident . . . . R. W. Bottenfield Secretary N. B. Browne Treasurer T. Turner SPRING, 1944 President E. Council Vice-President ....... W. A. Schmid Secretary . R. H. Stephens Treasurer C. L. Lewis FALL, 1943 President H. Tighe Vice-President A. Muzio Secretary H. R. Malone Treasurer R. H. Stephens 193 first row, left to right: Could it be a Victory Gar- den? Holding up the front porch again • Second row: Complete view of the house With homecoming comes the old grads • Bottom: Levin finally got a date. OFFICERS T A U E P S I L O N P H I Phi Chapter of Tau Epsllon Phi has just com- pleted its twenty-second year on the Tech campus and one of its most successful with respect to activi- ties and pledges. Were these not war-time years, we would be assured of a bright future. However, an increasing number of fellows are leaving for various branches of the service. Among these are our three graduating seniors — Harvey Lee Cohen, Gordan Stine, and D. R. Levin. Harvey is bound for Fort Benning; Gordan, Parris Island, and D. R., destina- tion unknown. To the three we wish the best of luck. Those of us who remain at Tech will endeavor to continue with the same high standard — in the class- room, on the campus, and socially. President Vicc-PresiJeiif Secretary Treasurer SUMMER, 1943 H. L. Cohen J. Massar M. A. EVENCHICK A. p. Spungen FALL, 1943 B. Horowitz 1944 M. EvENCHICK D. K. Levin R. M. Leopold J. Schwartz HOROWITZ EVENCHICK 194 first row, left to right: Arenofsky, Baker, Blumer.thol, H. L. Cohen, H. R. Cohen, K. Cohen, Droien, Ed.son . Second row: Evenchck, f ' ' " ' ' : " " «■ " ' f " =„ ' ' ' " ° " ' Fursf, Go nes, Giller Gilmore Th rd row: Ginburg, A. Goldstein, G. Goldstein, L. Goldstem,, H.rsch,, Koplcn (° " |, r„L s ' .hwar i ' Kaye Koplin, Krokower, Krous, Leopold, Levin, Mocht fifth row: Massar, Meyer, Pick, Pike, Ritter, Rothman, Rothschild, Saffron S.xth row: Schwartz, Senter, Siegel, Silverman, Slotin, Smolen, Sperling, Spungin, Stahler, Stein, Steinberg, Tepper, Vrono. MEMBERS S. Appel C. Edison N. Giller R. P. Kaye M. Perling R. Schrennell S. Stahler B. Arenofsky M. A. EvENCHICK A. Gilmore M. Koplin E. L. Pick J. Schwartz W. Stein H. E. Baker M. Feder K. GiNBURC S. Krakower H. Pike A. Senter M. K. Steinberg B. Blumenthal S. Feldman A. Goldstein- B. Kraus A. Ritter J. S. Siegel G. Stine D. BUNKIN D. Freeman L. Goldstein R. M. Leopold S. Rosenblum C ' . Silverman B. Sugerman H. L. Cohen I. D. Friedman L. Heiman D. Levin E. Rothman A. Slotin L. Taratoot H. R. Cohen M. Friedman M HiRSCH I. Levin M Rothman V. Smolen L. R. Tepper K. Cohen D. Furst B. Horowitz M. Macht A. Rothschild L. SOBELSON H. Vrono M. H. Delin A. Gaines E. Kaplan J. Massar R. Saffran J. Sperling D. Yarin G. Drazen M. Giller E. ! ' . Karlin R. Meyer D. SCHIFF A. Spungin 195 T H E T A first row, leU »o right; Allen, Athey, Bedingfield, Berg, Black, Bond, Burress, CI ary Second row: English, Etheridge, Grissetl, Hall, Henderson, Hoolen, James Hutchins, Jock Hutchins Third row: Johnson, Keith, Lamb, Lamkin, Lewis, Limbach, Long, Lowe . . . Fourth row: MacMahon, McCrory, Minors, Na- varro, Phillips, Pratt, Rice, Roberts . . . Fifth row: Scott, S erra, Settles, Small, Smith, Swinnie, Taccone, Westmoreland. ■ M E M B E R S « ' . U. Allun P. r.lHIRlDCl J. D. Keeeh A. Navarro R. AriiEY T. Grissett C. Lamb M. Orr L. li.MHURST R. Hael VC. Lamkin J. E. Phillips H. lil DINGPII in T. Hart H. Lewis H. Pratt I.. HlKG U. V. Hendi KSON J. Limbach V. C. Rice 1). 1. lil AtK J. HOOTEN H. Long ]•:. Roberts C. J. Bond j. Hl: [( IIINS A. Lt) vE P. Rogers C. Burress J. C. Mu 1( HINS H. MaiMahon C. Scott W. Clary v. Ingram C. McCrory T. Serra W. Enciish W. S. Johnson C Minors Vi ' . J. Settles J. Slack R. H. Small J. Smith J. Stanton R. Swinnie T. Tabor P. T. Taccone D. Westmoreland R. Williams R. WoODALL 1% C H I •»•■♦ V ' " ■ ' VARRo BERG JOHNSON first row, left .o right: Could Keith be that domestic? . . .Top: Christmas P-- ' v; « ' " ' ' ' ' = " ' V ' toined orphans Bottom: Another house dance-many hoppy faces • The boys seem to be rother camera shy. 197 OFFICERS SPRING, 1943 Prcsulnil A. Navarro YHi--Pra.,Jent P- T. Taccone Secretary R- H. Small Treamrer C. Burress SUMfV ER, 1943 PreuJct A- Navarro Vue-PrcuJent H. Bedingfield Seerelary - Johnson Treasurer J- Hutchins FALL, 1943 PreuJct L. Berg Vke-PreiiJe„f P- T- Taccone Secretary W. Johnson Treasurer J- Hutchens SPRING, 1944 Presulent W. Johnson V,ce-PresiJe„t W. J. Settles S.Tr,- .rv J- D- Kr.TH Treas„rer R- Athev Alpha Nu Chapter of Theta Chi was established on the Tech campus in 192}. Its conservative policy toward membership and activities has produced gratifying re- sults. Through the present changing conditions, meals ot the usual " Alpha Nu " calibre have been served at the chapter house. Social functions of the past year in- cluded a hay ride, Christmas party, house dances, house party, and host to the Rebel Reunion of Southern Theta Chi Chapters. The first place award in the Homecoming Decorations Contest of 1943 represents the latest addi- tion to the chapter trophies. Graduates of the last year include: Tony Navarro, Hugh Lewis, Charlie Burress with the class of October, 194} and Jim Keith, Bill Johnson in June, 1944. A large contribution of members to all branches of the service marked the premature departure of many good brothers. Backed by a sound financial system. Alpha Nu looks forward to weathering the wartime storm in excellent shape. In war as in peace time the ong awaited social event of the school year is the Inter- fraternity Council dances. On this and the following pages we present scenes from these dances — those of Jerry Wald, Tony Pastor, Bob Allen, and the Coca-Cola sponsored Richard Himber dances. 198 199 IFC outs. Wc also looked on and watched our fellow students and dates danc- ing and sitting one out. We also see some of the faculty enjoying our dances with us. Here we have a simple reminder for years to come of some of our prized collegiate social events. 200 W JV ' ' ' ' SjJ S ' , t4 V,ut SPONSORS • j| " M iiF;: 1 i ■ H 1 ■ H ' 1 T H ' H i Mrs. Mariin Van Burkn fo,- Mariin Van Burin J Miss Anne Puryear for John X ' eatherly FAVORITES Mrs. Paul Shawver for Paul Shawver m Miss Louise Johnson for Ed Hughes Miss Joy Blrg for Milton Merts Miss Evelyn Craigs Mrs. John Gattey for for Tom McMurry John Gattey f r,V ' ,» ' ■ THOSE WE FAVOR Miss Mary Francis Davis for Wesley Paxson SPONSORS Miss Jaquelin Pope for Buddy Sanders Mrs. George Manning for George Manning Miss Mynelle Grove for Bill Sanders 206 % d - »- If :5 BEST OF THE SOUTH The winning of the Southeastern Conference Champion- ship and the receiving of an invitation to represent this conference in the famous Sugar Bowl classic by the 1943 Yellow Jackets climaxed one of the most successful seasons in the history of Georgia Tech. Army and Navy occupation of the campus made the development of a strong grid eleven difficult. Rigid scho- lastic requirements of the Navy caused practice to be limited to about an hour each day, and during this single hour Coach Alexander and his staff of coaches had to weed out the best players and the best combination of players from a field of seventy " unknown " candidates. Civilians were all but non-existant on the team which was composed mostly of Navy ROTC and V-12 transfer students. The Army did not permit its ASTP students to participate in inter-collegiate athletic events. The transfer students had all missed spring practice, further complicat- ing matters, .md had to adjust themselves to a new method — the Tech method — of playing the game. Members of the 1942 Cotton Bowl team were missing, most of them going into active duty when the Enlisted Reserve Corps and the Army Air Corps Reserve were called out in the Spring of 1942. The troubles, however, were somehow ironed out and the Jackets developed into the " best in the Southland " as the season progressed. The success of the 1943 Tech grid outfit operating un- der extremely difficult conditions is a testimony of the effort put forth by each and every member of the team — a credit to the players themselves, to their coaches, and to their school. Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Jan. 2 5— Tech 2— Tech 9— Tech 16— Tech 2 3— Tech 3 0— Tech 6— Tech 13— Tech 2 0— Tech 27— Tech 1— Tech THE RESULTS 20 — North Carolina 13 — Notre Dame . 3 5 — Athens Preflight 27— 3 00th Inf. 14 — Navy . 7 — Duke . . . 42— L. S. U. . . 33 — Tulane 41 — Clemson 48 — Georgia 20— Tulsa . . . 7 55 7 28 14 7 6 18 first row, left to right: Beall, Beil, Bell, Bourne Second row: Conlon, Cum- mings, Dorough, Faulkner . . . Third row: Mills, Phillips, Prokop, Ritter. 208 - " ' tfyTril " nJ A-.ANNING THE TWO LEADERS During the run of the season two captains led the Engineers through a successfully scheduled season and to the Southeastern Conference Football Championship. George " Mutt " Manning and John Steber, captain and alternate captain respectively at the beginning of the sea- son, shared honors as being the captains of the same great team. John became the team leader after " Mutt " was called to active duty as an Ensign in the Navy last November at the close of the 1943 Summer semester. Manning, who was an honor roll student in the Mechani- cal Engineering Department, played three years of varsity foot ball at the pivot position while at Tech. An excellent line backer, " Mutt " was especially noted for his ability at knocking down enemy passes. He was voted the most valuable player on the 1942 team and was recognized as one of the outstanding centers of the nation. TEAM CAPTAINS s-: : .rrJiti Steber, who took over the captaincy around the first of November, came to Tech from Vanderbilt as a Navy V-12 student. Quick to catch on to new methods of playing the game, Steber almost immediately clinched a first-string guard position, at which he played throughout the season in a fashion as to rate him the recognition as the outstand- ing linesman of the year by sportsmen over the nation. The record book shows that Steber ' s total time of actual play exceeds that of any other member of the team during the ' 43 season. first row, eft to right: Bowen, Bridges, Brown, Broyles, Bryan, Carpenter, Chambers Second row: Furehgott, Gaines, Hills, Hoover, Killer, Lindsey, Logon . . . Third row: Sammons, Sehorfsehwerdt, Spoltore, Steber, Tinsley, Wakefield, Wilson. 209 ALEXANDER i -- . ■■t -j ?W f ' DODD I MILLER ARMSTRONG WILLIAM A. ALEXANDLR Dhrcfnr of Alhlclns .ni.l llr.ij ion hjil Cmub The story, in a nutslicU, of the life of Coach Alexander is that of a man who played scrub football for four years while in college and later became one of the greatest football mentors Ml the history of the game. Coach Alex entered Georgia Tech in 1906, played scrub football in 1907-8-9, and served as student assistant coach in 1910. He taught in the mathematic department after graduation and was named assistant coach. In 1920 he relieved the late John W. Heisnian as head football mentor. Under his regime, the athletic program has expanded at a constant rate to one of the best rounded programs in any school, having won conference championships in football, basketball, cross country, swimming, fencing, track, and tennis. Year in and year out. Coach Alex has put a strong eleven on the field though many times lacking even fair material, due to the rigid scholastic requirements of this school. Every year it has become necessary for him to devise new plays to utilize the available material. Alexander coached teams have won six conference championships and three bowl tilts. . l the close of the 1942 season he was selected by the coaches of the nation as the Coach of the Year, the selection being based on " Skill as a football teacher, reputation for sportsmanship, achievement in competition, influence for the welfare of football, and ideal relationship to his players. " Along with being one of the best-known and best-liked men in the game. Coach Alexander has served as a member of the National Football Rules Committee, and is a former president of the American Football Coaches Association. HOBBY DODD Aniitrnt FoothM Coach aihl B.ukfi l,l Coach An Ail-American from the University of Tennessee, Coach Dodd has received nation-wide acclami for the work he has done in developing the Tech backfield each year into a fast- moving, smart playing, colorful unit. Coach Dodd attended Kingsport, Tennessee, High School, where he participated in four sports and was a member of the " Pony Express " backfleld which scored 643 points in seven games. At Tennessee he played football, baseball, and basketball. In football he was an excel- lent field general and one of the greatest passers in the history of southern fo otball. BOB MILLER Lhn- Coach NORRIS DEAN Eii.l Coach DWIGHT KEITH " B " Team Coach [. H. PITTARD Frcihniaii Coach CLAUDE BONDS Tra::„-r SANDY SANDLIN Anhlavl r ann; ARTHUR H. ARMSTRONG Faciil y Chairman of Alhlc ici WHITTLESEY, LWING, WILHOIT Manaxcis BONDS AND FOXMAN WHITTLESEY, EWING, WILHOIT KEITH THE CHAMPS Eddie Atkinson Buster Beall John Bell Bill Bourne Joe Brown Frank Broyles Tommy Carpenter Bill Chambers Bob Cummings Joe Daniel Jim Dorough Jack Faulkner Maurice Furchgott Bobby Gaston Bill Harper Claude Harrison Gene Hill George Hills Charlie Hoover Walter Kilzer Mickey Logan Mutt Manning Fay Mills Harry Morrow Roland Phillips Eddie Prokop Tex Ritter Ed Scharfschwerdt Bill Smith John Steber Wilbur Stein Phil Tinsley Martin Wakefield Jimmy Wilson Pat Conlon first row, left to right: Dorough, Cummings, Ritter, Faulkner, Furchgott, Steber, Conlon, Brown, Ooines, Phillips, Hills, Duke, Bridges, Chambers . . . Third row: Prokop, Bourne, Wakefield, Carpenter, Lindsey. Beall, Spoltare . . . Second row: Beil, Bourne, Gaston, Bryan, Scharfschwedt, Bell, Tinsley, Wilson, Sammons, Hoover, Mills, 211 9 f t hmg -MU mm , CONLON BROWN BROYLES STEIN HARRISON PHILLIPS Ed Scharfschwerdt (40) Is trapped by Johny Cook (lOl and Bill Rutland during the game in which Tech handed Georgia its worst defeat in the history of the series. THE GAMES Beginning the season after one and a lull months of hard, earnest practice during rationed time, the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech went into the opening game with their strength unknown, untested, and doubted. The season ended with the Engineers winners of eight games, losers of three. The Tech eleven went down in defeat before Notre Dame, Navy and Duke, rated as the three strongest teams in the nation in the order listed. During the progress of the 1943 season, two phiyers were seen to come before the eyes of the nation to be recognized as All- Americans; the captaincy of tlie team was seen to change hands when the Navy called to active duty several essential players; and the team was seen to develop from an untested, doubtful outfit composed almost entirely of transfer Navy V-I2 students and third and fourth string players of the Tech ' 42 team into the grid powerhouse of the South. An individual account of each of the games that made up a season of upsets and unusual f)ccurrances follows in the only style possible to give proper color to the coverages of the battles — that of a typical daily newspaper. TECH UPSETS NORTH CAROLINA 20-7 ATLANTA, Sept. 2 7 Led by big Eddie Prokup, wlm made a brdliant 7 9 -yard touchdown run to put the game safely on ice. the Georgia Tech Engineers defeated a favored North Carolina team 20-7 here today in the Jacket ' s first test of the season. Only during the last few minutes of the game were the Engineers certain of victory over the Navy V-12 aided Tarheel " dream team, " a team reported to be four and five deep at every position in experienced gridmen who transferred lo North Carolina from schools all over the South. In the first five minutes of the iilt. Tech recovered a Carolina fumble and immediately scored on a pass from liroyles to Hill. Tech ' s second score came early in the tiiird period when Prokop bucked the line to move the ball over the double stripe after a perfectly executed fake play, featuring Logan and Broyies, had moved the ball into scoring position. The Tarheels scored late in the third quarter and were threatening again late in the fourth when they lost the ball on downs deep in Tech territory. The next play, after the Jackets took possession of the ball, Prokop hit off tackle, cut sharp to the right and outran the entire North Carolina back field to pay dirt. 212 Big North Carolina grldmen swarm on Mickey Logan of the season. NOTRE DAME RUNS WILD TO WIN 55-13 SOUTH BEXD. IXD.. Oct. 2— The old Model T, with Berielli at the wheel, ran wild today as a slightly favored Notre Dame eleven trounced a tired Georgia Tech team T5-15 at Cartier Field before a capacity crowd in one of the most exciting one- ided battles on record. Not until past intermission when a long train trip began to show on the Jackets, who arrived here only a few hours before game time, did it become evident that the Irish were to be the winners. Early in the second period the Irish led by two tallies. Tech then began to move through the air lanes with Prokop tossing and Dorough and Kilzer receiving, moving the ball into enemy land where Scharfschwerdt bucked over the final sixty-first yard for the touchdown. A few minutes later, the Engineers scored again by virtue of a blocked Notre Dame kick, followed by a pass from Broyles to Logan in the end zone to tie up the tussle. Taking the kick-ofiF, the Irish moved 70 yards for another six points. The Jackets turn then came, and they had the ball on the Notre Dame eight when the Engineers, rushed for time, lost the ball on downs as the half ended. The second half saw Leary ' s team steadily leap far ahead to hand Tech the worst defeat since 1930 when Florida beat the Ex-Rose Bowlers SO-7. TECH BEATS FLYERS 35-7 ATLANTA, Oct. 9 — ' Bouncing back from the Notre Dame catastrophe, the Tech Engineers easily defeated a Georgia Pre-Flight eleven 3T-7 here today in the Jackets ' first service team encounter of VC ' orld War II. Credit for Tech ' s five scores goes to Logan, Prokop. Furchgott, Scharfschwerdt and Bourne. The Skycracker ' s lone tally came in the fourth period when the Flyers took to the air to drive 71 yards against third and fourth stringers. The Jackets seemed to be in top condition, contrary to what was expected by Coach Alex, who feared that the Notre Dame loss would cause a drop in the morale of the players to the extent that their playing ability would be harmed. Top to bottom: TINSLEY WAKEFIELD HOOVER RITTER B ' arw L. m :» FURCHGOTT SCHARFSCHWERDT 213 CARPENTER Top to borfom MORROW ATKINSON HARPER PROKOP MANNING CHAMBERS Broyles plows through Tulsa ' s line as one-armed Ellis Jones closes in to make the stop. JACKETS WIN THROUGH AIR 27-0 ATLANTA. Oct. 1 1 — An air attack proved superior to ground movements today as the Jackets of Georgia Tech passed their way to a 27-0 win over the 300th Infantry of Fort Henning. Believed to be one of the strongest service teams in the nation, tiie Benning Soldiers threat- ened to score only once — when Joe Routt, outstanding Infantry guard, recovered a Tech tumble on the Engineers " 3 . Before today, the Infantry team was undefeated. Passes from Prokop to Kilzer set up two scores, while Dorough took a Prokop tossed bal! and raced 29 yards for another tally. Harrison bucked over from the seven ft)r the third score. NAVY BEATS TECH IN THRILLER 28-14 MUNICIPAL STADIUM, BALTIMORK. Oct. 23— In a fast moving, at times ferocious, football game, Hal Hamberg led the Midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy to a 28-14 revenge over the Jackets of Georgia Tech here tonight before 56,000. The Jackets had discontinued practice during the past week due to final examinations at tiie school. Even under this handicap, the Jackets played one of the sharpest games ever seen on this field. Sheer power and reinforcements with a streak of luck gave the undefeated Admirals the victory. Tech scored first in the second half after Hamberg sliced a punt out of bounds on Navy ' s 20. The Midshipmen tied up the game and went ahead in the second period by one touchdown. Shortly after intermission the Jackets marched 5 2 yards to again tie the score as Prokop passed to Gaston once and Brown twice to set up the score. The Navy then steanicd ahead, liowever, to score two more, larj el y throiigii the utilization ot Ham berg ' s passing xx DUKE PASSES TO A 14-7 WIN ATLANTA, Oct. 30 — In a hard fought, conservative football game, the Huke Blue Devils passed their way into a 14-7 win over the Tecli Engineers here today. The Blue Devils took the lead in the first quarter on a 50 yard pass from Luper to Blount, which moved the ball to the tour, from where tliey bucked over. Bill Smith blocked a Duke punt in tlie second period to give Tech a potential touchdown. The winners went into the lead again in tin- tliird quarter b ' virtue of intercepted Tech pass at the Jackets ' 3 5 . Carver out jumped a short Tech halfback on tlie next play to pull down a slow, high, looping pass for the winning score. 214 Outnumbered 7 to 1, this Jacket continues to push forward. Classes have been out at botli Tech and Duke during the past week, and ently nothing has been done at either school in the form of serious practice. Duke did not lose any graduating Navy V-12 players before the Tech tilt as was expected, and was at top in manpower strength. On the other hand, the Jacket squad was mm us the services of Gene Hill, Bill Harper, Harry Morror. Eddie Atkinson, Dick Lowrey, Al Faulkner, Ed Ryckley, " Duck " Smith and Al McDonald. Due to this loss of personnel because of Navy orders, an almost complete reorganization was necessary in the Tech camp prior to today ' s game. TECH RUNS OVER CIVILIAN TIGERS ATLANTA, Nov. 6 — A young, none too big, mexpenenced civilian L. S. U. eleven went down in defeat 42-7 before the mighty Tech Yellow Jackets here today in the Engineers ' first conference encounter of the season. The meeting of a team of Tech ' s calibre for the first time this season simply proved too rough for the civilians. The Tiger ' s only offer was 200-pounder Steve Van Buren. " Moving Van " performed in the manner credited to him even with little help from his teammates, who ran against a smashing defensive force which seemed bent on deflating a reputation. In Tech ' s backfield, Prokop, Broyles, and Jack Faulkner turned in a good day ' s wnrk, while Steber and Hoover were outstanding on the line. .Ill il - ' ::U ' HILLS KILZER LOGAN STEBER CUMMINGS FAULKNER MILLS HILL DOROUGH PROKOP PASSES TO A 33-0 TECH WIN NEW ORLKANS. Nov. 13 — With an impressive 3 3-0 victory over the Tulane Green Wave here today, the Georgia Tech Engineers clinciied the Southeastern Conference football championship and a possible bid to the Sugar Bowl classics, while Eddie Prokop established a new S. E. C. passing record by completing 13 consecutive tosses. The Sugar Bowl Committee of the New Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Association viewed the Tec h-Tu lane tile and afterwards expressed pleasure in the Jackets ' colorful performance. Tulane, the only otlier Navy aided school in the conference, put up a brilliant fight durmg the first half, holding the Jackets to a single score at half time. The second part of the game, however, saw a better organized Tech team surge rapidly ahead, running and passing for four more touchdowns. ENGINEERS WIN 25-0 OVER CLEMSON TIGERS ATLANTA, Nov. 20 — Tech defeated a hghting but outclassed civilian Clemson team, a peace-time powerhouse, here today 41-6 before 16,000. Tech ' s second and third team played most of the game, seventy-five Engineers being used during the run of the contest. Tech led at the close of the first quarter, 25-0. JACKETS HAND BULLDOGS WORST DEFEAT OF SERIES ATLANTA, Nov. 17 — With apparently little trouble, the Engineers of Georgia Tech handed their traditional rivals, the Georgia Bulldogs, their worst defeat in the history of the series by a score of 48-0 here today before 30,000 at Grant Field. Tech beat Georgia 46-0 in 1905. With today ' s victory Tech officially became the 194 3 S. E. C. champions. The spirited Georgia team was no match for the experienced Tech eleven who took w early lead and increased it steadily until the final whistle sounded. Eddie Prokop flew in from Cleveland, where he attended the funeral of his mother, to write the final chapter in a great grid career. Eddie ran for 12 1 yards, threw for 33 and returned punts for 74 to total 228 for the day. Six extra points are also to his credit. The game, as expected, saw a superior Tech team run wild over :ix old rival. Even after it became evident that the Jackets were to win, the game held a surprisingly large amount of traditional spirit, even down to a pre-war shirt tail parade which was formed by Tech freshmen upon orders from upperclassmen following the tilt. An unidentified engineer is halted by three Tarhee) opponents 216 JOHN STEEER GRIDIRON STANDOUTS Tech produced some of the nation ' s best gridmen during the 1943 grid season according to the fans, coaches and sport writers over the country who named two members of the Jacket team to Al!-American berths. John Steber was unanimously chosen as the outstanding guard of the year when he was selected to all of the 21 All- American teams picked each season. Steber was also awarded the Jacob ' s Trophy, an award pre- sented to the selected best blocker in the Southeastern Conference. The selection of John Steber to all of the mythical teams of stars was a just recognition of his ability as a linesman and as a team leader. Eddie Prokop was selected to several Ail-American teams and to the Associated Press ' second team. The A. P. further revealed that Prokop ended the season in second place in total offense with 1,440 yards gained in 269 running and passing plays from scrimmage, and in third place among passers with 66 out of 135 attempts completed for a total yardage of 806. TECH ' S ALL-AMERICANS ' ■;i i EDDIE PROKOP Eddie was awarded the Atlanta Touchdown Club Trophy, an award presented annually to the player believed to be the most valuable to his team in the Southeastern Conference. Third among pass receivers was Jim Dorough, who caught 20 tosses for 290 total yards gained. SECTIONAL TEAMS Six Tech gridmen were selected by players in the Southeastern Con- ference to the I. N. S. Players ' All- Southeastern Team. E. Phil Tinslcy, Georgia Tech. T. G. E. Jones, Tulane. G. johtj Steber, Georgia Tech. C. Boh Clinimmgs, Georgia Tech. G. Mike Castronis, Georgia. T. Bill Chambers. Georgia Tech. E. Ray Olsen, Tulane. B. trunk Broylcs, Georgia Tech. B. Johnny Cook, Georgia. B. EJJie Prokop, Georgia Tech. B. Steve an Burn, L. S. U. A. P. sports w riters selected four Tech players to their All-South- eastern Team. E. Phil Thidey, Georgia Tech. T. Joe Hartley, L. S. U. G. lohn Steber. Georgia Tech. C. Buddy Gatewood, Tulane. G. Gaston Bourgeois, Tulane. T. Bill Chambers. Georgia Tech. E. Ray Olsen, Tulane. B. Joe Renfroe, Tulane. B. Eddie Prokop, Georgia Tech. B. Johnny Cook, Georgia. B. Steve Van Buren, L. S. U. Top: Frank Broyles bucks through the Tulsa line as Faulkner (65) and Chombers (42i offer aid. Right: Killer (64) is pictured attempt- ing to stop the ball from falling from the Oiler ' s head info the Oilers hands. 217 fA if K : ' - - ' mr. 4} ' - ; ' JUL L i. 1 With a growl on his face as to warm anyone interfering of the danger Eddie Prokop sweeps around right end for another gain as Tulsa ' s Good- night (13), Prewitt (36), and Jones (31 ) close in. JACKETS RECEIVE SUGAR BOWL BID NEW ORLEANS, Nov. 27— The New Orleans Mid-Winter Sports Association announced today, following the Tech-Georgia tilt, that the Georgia Tech Engineers have been invited to play in the annual Sugar Bowl classic on New Year ' s Day. Tech ' s opponent will be the University of Tulsj team, the Sugar Bowl Association stated. ATLANTA. Nov. 27— Coach William A. Alexander said tojjv the Tech lea 111 had voted unanimously to accept the Sugar Howl hid. ATLANTA. Nov. 27 — Coacli Henry Iriika, Tulsa ' s head coach, viewed secretly the Tech-Georgia game today. Lrnka learned of Tech ' s acceptance to play in the Sugar Bowl earlier this week. Tech coaches had no cliancc to scout Tulsa since the announcement of the teams selectci! was not made until atier Tulsa ' s scheduled season had eiulctl. ATLANTA, Dec. 9 — The Sugar Bow! hound lech team resumed prac- tice today after a lay-off of two weeks in preparation for the Irigineers ' New Year ' s Day encounter with Tulsa in New Orleans. Tech ' s Navy Department has extended the Christmas leave of the Navy football players until January 2 it was announced today. TULSA ' S CIVILIANS PREPARE FOR TECH TULSA, Dec. 21 — Tulsa ' s undefeated, but once tied, grid outfit is at work daily preparing for its New Year ' s Day encounter with the powerful S. E. C. champions. Amazing is the fact that Tulsa ' s team is composed entirely of civilians. Out of a squad of 4 1 , twenty-four are classed 4-F and nine are either 17-year-olds or undrafted 18-year-olds. Just how Coach Frnka collected this group of football-minded cripples is his secret, he says. The Oilers ' team has outscored opponents 25 1 to 32 with an average of 36 points per game. Only a 6-6 tie with the Southwestern (Texas) team mars a perfect season. Tulsa also ranks high among the nation ' s gridiron leaders in several departments of play. In forward passing ofiense Tulsa ranks third in the nation while Tech is in ninth place. Tulsa attempted 141 and completed 69 for a total of 931 yards in seven games, or an average of 133 yards per game. Tech attempted 1 S 9 passes and completed 79 for a total of 1,011 yards in nine games, or an average of 112 yards per game. How- ever the difference in class of competition faced must also be taken into account. In total offense Tulsa averaged 5 .6 yards per try. 70,000 TO WITNESS TENTH BOWL GAME NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 3 1— An expected 7ll,UU0 tans will witness the tenth annual Sugar Bowl classic here tomorrow when the powerful physically fit Navy, Marine, and engineering deferred students of Georgia Tech, S. E. C. clianipions, battle the undeteaied civilians ot Tulsa Uni- versity in the most attractive bowl game of the day. Both teams have been in close range of the stadium for the past week. Tech has limited practices to a few hours each morning, leaving the after- noons for sight-seeing; the Tulsa siiuad has gone thriuigh rigid practice every day. 2ia THE FIRST GRAND SLAM ' J||g|g ..y The 1943 Ijckcts pl.iycd the hand required to .ichicvc ihe first jjrjnd in bowl- jJUfc S jHBy-l game history. " Xt ' ith the Engineers ' participation in the Sugar Bowl on January 1, 1944, the 3P " a- j Georgia School of Technology became the first school in the nation to have been represented flffil T ' i ii Tl SI in all four major bowls, and Coach Vl ' illiam A. Alexander, likewise, became the first coach M W™W-? to have tutored four such teams. ij» ' - " - - About twenty years ago, Bobby Jones, a Tech student, won the final match necessary to t give him the first and only grand-slam in golf history. j J TECH ' S RECORD IN BOWL GAMES " " " linuarv 1, 19-,9— Rose Bowl Tech 8, California 7 lanuarv 1, 1 940-Orange Bowl Tech 21, Missouri 7 lanuarv 1, 1943-Cotton Bowl Tech 7, Texas 4 January 1, 1 944— Sugar Bowl Tech 2n, Tulsa 18 TECH COMES FROM BEHIND TO BEAT TULSA 20-18 NEW ORLEANS, Jan. 1 — Led by Eddie I ' rokop, who averaged almost seven yards in each attempt at running after being forced to abandon his pass attack, the Georgia Tech Engineers came from behind to beat a previously under-rated Tulsa eleven 20-18 in a story-book finish B !jl t before 69,000 half frozen fans in the tenth annual Sugar Bowl contest here on this first day - of 1944. . Trailing by two touchdowns at half-time, the Jackets returned to the game, stopped passing and through long land movements overcame a lead the Tulsa team had acquired early in the game. . The Engineers apparently received orders at intermission to call in the air force and employ ground operations instead. Tech had been unsuccessful with an air att.ick during the first The Sugar Bosvl Championship Trophy. half against a team that was well prepared against that type of offense. The Jackets became masters of the situation as soon as the last half began. Two long drives gave the two tallies required for victory, the final score coming with only four minutes remaining in the game when Ed Scharfswerdt spun over into pay dirt. The Oklahomans, who led 18-7 at the half, failed to score after the second period. They threatened only once, and that came atjer Tech ' s final touchdown when Tulsa recovered a fumble. By means of a long pass, the Oilers moved to the Tech 3 3 On the next play Broyles made a spectacular interception of a touchdown bound Tulsa pass to put the game safely in the win column. Tech had moved deep into enemy territory again when the final whistle sounded. , „., r , , u i j k l,,ll „,..r. Tulsa was keen to take advantage of every chance to score. One touchdown came when the Oilers faked a field goal and ran the ball oscr, another on a tricky run play from deep in their own territory; and the final tally came when Tulsa bucked over from the six after recovering a badly delivered Tech ball. , , i j -r i , „,.,c The second half was one of the hardest fought games on record. The Jackets were attempting to overcome an 11 -point handicap; I ulsa as trying to hang on to what was at first thought to be a safe lead. .iru j iu, Frank Broyles played his best game of the season, holding down two po itions at different times tor the game. On the Ime, Steber and Chambers were standouts. , , - ■ ,- i ■ • i , c .,.:,. A large amount of the credit for Tech ' s come-back goes to Coach Alexander who further proved himself as the nation s foremost defense strategist in setting up a check for Tulsa ' s variable offense. Several Sugar Bowl records were broken in the game, includ- ., _ _ll , . ing the Tech total yardage rushing of 372 ran up by Broyles, ' P HHHpPHjJII P Nyjk JHW Trokop, Logan, Gaston and Scharfswerdt and the 21 first downs kTfiEl. E B registered by the Jackets. ii 0 ' M .j. ' Kij| HIHP ' -T B-Wi Two teams with almost identically opposite make-ups — Tulsa, HV|H ,J HMfiHHH composed of civilian 4-F ' s, coached by a man who has served B Vyk IML r M B B ' ' " - ' ' mentor three years; Tech, a team of physically Hk |kr. _ t, 4 F .. ™ tit Navy V-12 students, tutored by a veteran of 23 years ' - H| | J | 3 H|y K . ' ' 4 experience — gave capacity crowd probably the most Top: Phil Tinsley in the to pull down a Prokop deliv- V H ifSf i k .J V V l ,», ered pass Right: An unknown Tech player stops a IB ii 1? " fr W A . BHw « ' Tulsa back as Hoover and Chambers (42) rush over to help PI » fc ' ' ' f ' BH H Bl fc end the play. Wx k m " " i a Wit ' syp»l tmt . 219 Smith ol Tulso heads around left end as Chambers (42) and Killer (64) rush in for the kill. Broyles carrying the ball and two Tulsa linemen down field towards pay dirt. 220 first row, left to right: WiMiani , Andrus, Pritckard, Powell, Cobb, Hanlin, Girard, Masters, Mitchell . Second row: DeVries, Beldon, Ide, Beil, Conlon, R. M. Mitchell, Clark, Simmons, Helzer . Third row; Davis, Hanson, White, Gammon, Rankin, Forbes, Bolt, Herb, Schwartz, Landry, Bills, McCobe, Blevins, Fabakain. CHIEFS PRITCHARD AND ANDRUS " B " TEAM COACHES J. R. Andrus NoRRis Dean L. Hassell DwiGHT Keith J. H. Ptttard A. C. Pritchard BEAT THE GORDON SOLDIERS Due to the formation of the new S. E. C. rules which allowed freshmen to play in the varsity mtercollegiate games, neither Tech nor Georgia had an organized freshman team during the 1 943 season. The annual Tech -Georgia Freshman Thanksgiving Day game, naturally, was called off. Not to let down the Scottish Rite Hospital, the beneficiaries of the game, Tech A. A. officials arranged a Turkey Day grid tussel between the Tech " B " squad and the 10th Armored Division eleven from Camp Gordon, Georgia. The day arrived when the team that had been knocked all over the field by the varsity all season was to shine. Before a crowd of 2T,000, the Tech " Greenies " ran wild over the Camp Gordon team to the tune of 3 1 -0. Led by Chiefs Pritchard and Andrus, the well-trained Engineers had little trouble in pushing aside a fighting but unorganized soldier team. After the winners had run up 2 points in the first half, a new style of play, termed the " frizzle-dizzle " system by Coach Dean, was employed which caused the game to become interesting even though lopsided as the score indicates. THE " GREEN lES " THE TEAM C. M. Forbes F. C. Girard R. L. Hanson G. P. Hanlin C. W. Helzer J. W. Herb F. Ide J. T. Landry B. H. Masters R. W. Malone W. M. McCabe L. W. McGill O. L. Mitchell J. R. Bates W. J. Blevins 1. i;. Bolt L. P. Bridges W. D. Clark R. D. CooB W. H. Colbert P. M. Crider R. J. Cladwell G. C. Davis T. J. DeVries T. A. Duke R. M. Mitchell C. R. Nixon H. M. PowEi I., Jr. jM. R. Rankin J. E. Sammons M. M. Schwartz M. W. Simmons A. P. Spoltare G. D. Tabakian S. C. Thomas E. M. White A. K. Wood 221 223 THE RESULTS Tech 46 — Naval Base . . . Tech 48 — Mercer .... Tech 70 — Naval Base . Tech 68 — Georgia Medical School Tech 34 — Georgia Pre-Flight . Tech SO — Clemson Tech 5 8 — Mayport Naval Air Base Tech }4 — Georgia Pre-Flight . Tech 5 8 — Clemson Tech 67 — Mercer .... 31 37 28 18 34 44 43 24 35 Tech 68 — Georgia Medical School . . 45 Tech 52— 176th Infantry .... 55 Tech 42 — Georgia 39 Tech 42 — 176th Infantry .... 64 Tech 71 — Georgia 44 Tech 5 7 — Mayport Naval Air Base . 5 3 SEC TOURNAMENT GAMES Tech 63— Vanderbilt 51 Tech 5 5— Tulanc 66 BROYLES BILLS COLLIER HOLLADAY W. JOHNSON PAXSON WEAVER WRIGHT 224 THE TEAM Forwards Dick Collier Harold Johnson Bill Johnson Oscar Waldkirch Comer Weaver Giiardi Jack Bills Frank Broyles Durand Holladay Gene Wright Dw ' iGHT Xeith, Hcait Baskc hcdl .uid " B " Team Fao lndl Coach, and Direc- tor of Sports Publicity. Coach Keith, who became head basketball mentor after Commander Roy Mundiirff was called away from Tech this year, was named all-State in football, basketball, and baseball while in high school in Birmingham, Alabama. At the University of Alabama, he received letters his freshman year in basketball and baseball. Prior to coming here in 1942, Coach Keith served at Boys ' High in Atlanta. POLK Bob Polk, Assistant Coach Sandy Sandlin, Trainer Mitchell Wiess, Maiiat er Billy Brown, Assistant Manager Centers Nelson Abell Wes Paxson WEISS Top row: Waldkirch, B i lis, Abell, H. Johnson Bof- tom row; Collier, Broyles, Paxson, W. Johnson, Holladay. 225 WINNERS OVER ALL BUT TWO ALTERNATE CAPTAIN BILL JOHNSON CAPTAIN WES PAXSON Tech ' s 1944 basketball squad, functioning under conditions equally as difficult as did the football team, came from the court after the final scheduled cage encounter winners over all but two oncomers in one of the Jackets ' most successful seasons in many years. Three letter men, two hold-overs from the ' 43 " B " team, and five loopmen picked from the ranks of the many Navy students sta- tioned at Tech, made up the 1944 squad. C cs Pason, 1944 team captain; Bil! Johnson, alter- nate-captain, and Frank Broyles played on the 1 943 varsity, while Durand HoUaday and Gene Wright were members of the ' 43 " B " team. The remaining five members, Dick Col- lier, Nelson Abel!, Jack Bills, Hal Johnson, and Oscar Waldkirch, unknown to the coaches at the beginning of practice, worked their way up to a first string position from a field of twenty candidates. Unusual about the 1944 team was that seven states were represented by the nine team members. California, Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Iowa, Kentucky and Georgia had representatives on Tech ' s 1944 .cage squad. The Jackets lost to only two opponents. The Georgia Navy Pre-Flight five defeated the Engineers once and the 176th Infantry, a team composed of cage stars from all over the country, beat the Tech team twice. When the Jackets entered the Southeastern Conference tournament at Louisville, they were rated as the second best team in the conference and were expected to give the favored Kentucky five a close race for the championship. But orders from Washington calling Tech R. O. T. C. seniors to active duty took Nehon Abell and Gene Wright from the team on the eve of the tournament. In Tech ' s first game of the tournament, the already handicapped Jackets suffered another jolt when Captain Wcs Pax on sprained his ankle In the opening minutes of the Vandy- Tech tilt. Tech defeated Vandy 63-W, however, after being held to a 27-27 deadlock at half time, and Paxson came out of the game as the top scorer with 2} points to his credit even with his bum ankle. In the semi-final game a shortage of reserves and Paxson ' s injury caught up with the Jackets and Tulane ' s extremely tall loopmen leaped ahead to win 65-5 5, after Johnson and Collier had fouled out. At half time, Tech and Tulane was tied up, 31-31, and with only five minutes left in the final quarter, the tussle was at a 50-50 deadlock. Against Tulane, Paxson was again high point man with another 23 points. Frank Broyles turned in an excellent defensive game and his accurate long shots over the Tulane ' s zone defense during the first half kept the Engineers in the game. Tech sends the ball towards the basket in the Jackets second encounter with Clemson 226 r goes into the air to possession of the boll der Georgia ' s basket nf. tilt ABELL COLLIER Captain Paxson was unanimously chosen to the All-S. E. C. team, while Broyles Collier and Bill Johnson received honorable mention. Paxson was the high scorer on the team for the entire seas on, being responsible tor 28 5 points. Dick Collier was the second high scorer with 212 points. A large amount of credit for the success of the team is due Coach D wight Keith, who served as head basketball mentor for the first time, replacing Commander Mundorff, who was ordered to another station by the Navy Department. Coach Keith received valuable aid from Chief Bob Polk, and Assistant Coach and Trainer " Sandy " Sandiin. Collier after free ball as Holladoy stands ready (Tech-Ga.) H. Johnson shoots as Paxson and B. Johnson stand ready to recover the ball from the Clem son defenders 227 Front row, left to right: Broyles, Scruggs, Lance, Paxson, Burgman . . . Back row: Trowbridge, Cook, Anderson, Stein, Johnson. MUNDORFF Roy Mundorif, Coach DwiGHT Keith, Ais ' ntant Coach 1 ' ry Friidman, Shiriey Nichols, Mawu.ijcrs THE 1943 BASKETBALL TEAM Forwards Bill Johnson Wes Paxson Wilbur Stein Bob Trowbridge Centers Tom Anderson Jake Lance (C.) Giianls Herbie Bergman Frank Broyles Winston Cook Charlie Scruggs FREEMAN NICHOLS 228 Tech player and opponent after a rebound Lanes goes high into the air to pull down with one hand a wild ball. Trowbridge (11) is off the floor with intentions of aiding Lance if trouble arises Right corner: Scruggs puts a perfect block on an intended Camp Wheeler crip shot. THE RESULTS Tech 3 3 — South Carolina 2 3 Tech 43— Vanderbilt 29 Tech 37 — Kentucky 3 8 Tech 5 9 — Auburn 3 2 Tech 2 5 — Alabama 3 3 Tech 5 3 — Auburn 21 Tech 6 5 — Fort Benning 40 Tech 45— L. S. U 44 Tech 60— Tulane 36 Tech 43— Clemson 3 2 Tech 2 8— Vanderbilt 5 2 Tech 31 — Kentucky 5 8 Tech 5 9 — Georgia 31 Tech 39— Georgia 20 Tech 3 6 — Camp Wheeler 3 3 Tech 41— Miss. State 48 Botfom, right: Kilzer (3), then a Vandy student, attempts to beat Scruggs and Lance to a ball that missed the target. CAPTAIN JAKE lANCE ■■• A LANOUE T H E RESULTS Tech .... 20 — North C.irolina VS Tech 41— Duke . . 34 Tech 49— Ga. Pre-Fh,i;ht so Tech 2 5 — North Cirolin.! U) Tech 3 6— Duke . . . 29 Tech 60— Ga. Pre-Fllght 48 Tech 5 — Emory 25 Frld Lanoue, SuiDiniiiii; Coach. Co.ich Lanouc attended Springfield Col- lege where he participated in track and swimming. In 193 2 he won the North- eastern Intercollegiate Diving Championship. While working on his Master ' s degree, he served as swimming Coach at Springfield. Known as " Freddie " by most of his associates, Coach Lanoue came to Tech in 1940 to coach swimming and gymnastics and to instruct physical education classes. Under Freddie ' s leadership, swimming at Tech has developed into a major sport. In 1941 his team came through the season undefeated, winning the SEC Championship. His summer school team in 1942 won the Southeastern A. A. U. Championship. Aside from being an outstanding coach, Lanoue is a member of the National Association for Health and Physical Education Committee. William Stoddard, Assisfaii Coach Lyn Kevls, Assis iin Coach € l,v ' J •rnKfi STODDARD 230 UNDISPUTED CHAMPIONS With the war, transportation shortage, and brevity ot leave tor the Navy, the Tech swimmers had quite a few problems to overcome this year before ever meetmg their opponents. Since the beginning of the war. all the schools in the Southeastern Conference except Tech have, one by one, discontinued intercollegiate swimming. This makes Tech undisputed conference champion, but it also means that Coach " Freddie Lanoue has to look elsewhere to find competition for his swimmers. However, he managed to book seven dual meets and the three A. A. U. meets this year. The season was opened with the University of North Carolina, and although Tech was forced to bow to a superior team, the spectators saw the Tarheels shatter three pool records and the Jacket captain, George Backus, set a fourth. The next week at Durham, the Duke Blue Devils went down before the Jacket tankmen and this time the combination of DcVries, Owen, and Coons set a new varsity record in the medley relay. In the second meet with U. N. C. the Jacket swimmers managed to do a little better, but they were still unable lo get a majority of the points. However, the second meet with Duke gave Tech another victory and Charlie Owen set a new varsity record in the 200 yard breaststroke. The Jackets " next meet, Athens Preflight, made swimming history, for it was the first meet in which warfare aquatics have been introduced on a competitive basis. The routine events were laid aside and maneuvers which the Army and Navy have been using in their training programs were subitituted. Preflight was victorious m this one, but the Engineers got revenge in the return meet in the Tech pool. After the two meets with Athens Preflight, the Jacket tankmen had become very apt in the Navy events and took an easy win over Emory the following week. Tech mermen made a good individual showing in a scries of three A. A. U. meets in which no team awards were made. Coach " Freddie " is losing some of his best swimmers to the armed services this year, but as always he and his assistant, Lyn Keyes, probably have enough tricks up their sleeves to keep the Jacket swimming team on the map in the years to come. George Backus. Captain Neal Averv MoRROR Bennett Hugh Caldwell Bob Cobb Gordon Colledge THE SQUAD Billy Coons Al DeVries Ke.v Dunwoody Raul Gutierrez George Hiles Toby Nelson Charlie Owen Ellis Peak Adrian Ringland Buddy Smith Whit Terrel Armstrong in acMon. Left, first row: Coons, Hiles, Bcckus, Owens, Arm- strong, Wolfon . . . Second row: Burgdorf, Dun- woody, Bennett, Nelson . . . Third row: Peek, Avery, DeVries, Lanoue, Caldwell, Smith, College, Keyes. 231 Back fow, left to right: Lanoue, Patterson, A lcAuley, Brock, Little, Burgdorf, DuBois, Harris, Course, Rasco, S. McAuley . . . Front row: Owen, Caldwell Cobb, Demere, Barrett, College, Backus, H les. Coons, Senter. THE 1942 SWIMMING TEAM SEC CHAMPIONS BEAT THE GATORS HANDS GATOR FIRST SEC MEET DEFEAT Georgia Tech swimmers won the Southeastern Conference championship in the 1942 meet, marising the first time since the SEC meet has been held that Florida has been defeated. The 1942 swimming season was also highlighted by Florida ' s first defeat in a dual meet in five years. The Jackets ended the season undefeated, winners of 8, losers of none. In defeating the Gators in a dual meet and also in the Conference meet, the Tech team revived memories of the great swimming teams which dominated the sport from 192S to 19.i5. During that decade, Tech was undefeated in swimmmg and diving, and Dave Young set a new National Intercollegiate record in the 15U-vard backstroke which was not broken until 1942. Fredil; Lanoui-., Coach Jimmy Little, Manage THE RECORD Tech . 64 — Clemson . 11 Tech . 5 0— Duke . . 25 Tech . 64 — Tennessee 11 Tech . 49 — Emory 26 Tech . 3 9 — Duke . . 3 6 Tech . S 7 — Tennessee 18 Tech . .W — North Carolina 41 SEC Swimming Championship Trophy THE CHAMPS Herbert McAuley (C.) George Backus Arnold Barrett Bill Brock Paul Burcdori f Hugh Caldwell Robert Cobb George Colledge Bill Coons John Corse Ed Dkmere John DuBois BiLi Harris George Hiles Sherry McAuley Charlie Owen Dan Patterson Manuel Rasco Irony Senter Bill Warshauer 232 THE 1942 FENCING TEAM Coach r confers wi ' .h Captain Hard Schwartz and Sturrock in a practice match as Coach Marenus and Captain Hard look on WORTHY SUCCESSOR With only one letter man returning from the previous year ' s squad, the 1943 Tech Fencing team developed into a worthy suc- cessor of teams of earlier and more auspicious years. Captain Hard was the single 1942 letter man on the team. In spite of a shortage of experienced material, however, Coach Morenus lead his team through the season winners of five matches, losers of one. The foil team was undefeated and untied, while the saber team was unde- feated but tied twice by Kentucky. THE RESULTS Tech 10 — Kentucky Tech 12 — Cincinnatti Tech 9 ' 2 — Kentucky Tech 11 — Atlanta Fencing Club Tech 1 .1 — Fort Benning Tech 15 — Fort Benning 6 14 1. Top row, left to right: Lerner, Dreyfoos, Morenus, Teitlebaum, McMurray . . . Bottont row: White, Ivey, Hard, Davis. THE TEAM Straighton Hard (C.) Foil, Saher Bob Davis, Foil Wally Dreyfol ' s, Epce Tom McMurry, Foil Carl Miacco, Foil Jerry Teitlebaum Foil, Epec John White, Saber Walker Willingham Epec Richard T. Morenus Coach Eddie Lerner, Manager 233 i ' LiA NoRRis Dean, Track Coach and Football End Coach. Like Coach Alex- ander, Coach Dean is a former Tech student. While at Tech he participated in football, boxing, and track. He won the A. A. U. heavyweight boxing championship in 193 2 and played three years of varsity football before gradu- ating in 193 . After graduation, he coached at Monroe, Georgia before coming to Tech in 193 8 as freshman mentor. J. H. PiTTARD, Freshman Football and Assistant Track Coach. Coach Pit- tard, who came to Tech last year after serving eleven years at Gainesville High School as Athletic Director, attended High School at Winterville, Georgia, where he was a member of the baseball, basketball, and track teams. At Young Harris College he participated in football, baseball, and track. Coach Pittard completed requirements for a degree at Vanderbilt and the University of Geor- gia. During the last war, he was ranked a first lieutenant. E. P. Maxim, Manager D. A. Stivers, Assistant Manager OEAN PITTARD SELIGMAN GREEN ARMIKHAN 234 Tech Tech Tech Tech Tom Carpenter ' s winning broad jump In North Carolina meet THE RESULTS . 9 5 — Tulane 31 . 84 — Tulane 42 ,115 ' 2 — Sewanee 15 [i 75.16— North Carolina 52.84 AAU MEET Tech Auburn 25 Mercer 11 Hunter Field 11 Howard 7 W ' aycross Airfield .... 5 Georgia Pre-Flight .... 5 Maxwell Field 5 SEC MEET 65.67 Tech . L. S. U. 90 65 Tulane .... i ... 47 Auburn 15 Vanderbilt 5 Tennessee 2 235 WILLIAMS BUTTERY-ENDERS LEHNHARD THE CHAMPIONS Tex Armikhan Ross Baker Morrow Bennett Henry Buttery Don Cady Tom Carpenter Bill Donahue James Dorough Louie Dunklin Dave Durst Ray Enders Hunley Elebash (C.) W. H. FOLWELL Rip Green Frank Gurry Gil Haines Albert Hill George Hills R. a. Gideon Tom Hitz W. P. Jordon Jimmy Dykes Charles Lyons Charles McMurray Charles Mundock Frank Nelson Harry Ormand Vernon Pickering W. S. Johnson Jack Lehnhard Arthur Prine G. W. Rogers Frank Schutz Robert Seligman John Serrie George Snider H. D. Stone Jack Vann Bill Williams Frank Yates ORMAND MURDOCK ENDERS CARPENTER HILL SCHUTZ GURRY KELSON O MORE CUPS The 1944 Tijck team jddcd two more cups to Tech ' s rapidly growing trophv case by climaxing an imdefeated, untied season with the wmnmg of the Southeastern A. A. U. and the Southeastern Conference Track Meet. Th: ' 44 season marked the first time that Tech has won the Conference track championship — the second time the defending champions, L. S. U., has lost it. The Al Doonam Trophy was presented to the Jacket team in Birmingham upon winning the SEC championship, and the Thomas Bragg Trophy was awarded the Engineers at Auburn upon the winning of the Southeastern A. A. U. meet. Winning six first place positions in the SEC meet in Bummgham on May 20, the 1944 Engineer team, composed almost exclusively of Navy ROTC and V-12 students, ran up the highest score ever recorded in the Conference meet. John Serrie won the mile run in 4:32.8; George Hills took first place in the shot put competition with a 46 feet-3.28 inches throw; Hunley Elebash won the 100 yard dash in 10.1 seconds; Frank Nelson took top place over a favored Tulane runner in the 120-yard high hurdles, his winning time being 15.8 seconds; Bill Donahue cleared the bar at 1 1 feet 4 inches to win the pole vault contest; and Silvert Hill won the 88 0-yard run in 2:02.5. In the A. A. U. meet at Auburn, the Jackets likewise took six first place positions. Coach Norris Dean, who became head track mentor after Commander Grif- fin was ordered to another station, developed his exceptionally large squad into a well balanced team which captured a top place in every field of competition. NELSON TO LYONS BUTTERY SERRIE y ' BAKER PRINE :n Stillwell and McCee (white uniform) at the finish line in Tech— Ga-Pre-Flight— Vanderbilt triangular meet Corner: DUGGAN BORUM JONES RYCKLEY THE 1943 TRACK TEAM Tech . 77 — Vanderbilt . 3 6 — Navy Pre-Fliglit . 46 — Tech Army . 6 Tech 8 8 — Alabama 43 Tech 69 — Mississippi State .... 62 Tech 73 5 2 — Auburn 52 2 Tech SOUTHEASTERN CONFERENCE MEET 46 — L. S. U 5U — Auburn G. C. Griffin, Coach N. C. Dean, Assistmif Coach E. P. Maxim, Mainii cr 46 ifviiirti John Blank John Borum Ghorge Davis Stewart Duggan Tom Jones Jim Kuhn THE SQUAD Frank Lewis Alvin McDonald Russell McGee Richard Power Eddie Prokop Ed Ryckeley Bill Sanders Howard Stillwell Robert Walker Comer Weaver Preston West Right corner: Jim Kuhn on fence in lead, Tech — Ga-Pre- flight-Vanderbilt tri- angular meet B ■ ■ . " - ' 238 THE 1944 NROTC RIFLE TEAM WINNERS OF THE HEARST TROPHY In competition with 4 teams from all over the nation, the 1944 Tech Naval Rifle team outscored all opponents to win the William Randolph Hearst National NROTC Rifle Competition Tro- phy, marking the second time since the beginning of this particular postal tournament in 1935 that Tech has taken top honors. Out of a possible perfect score of 1,000, Tech ' s No. 1 team scored 919 points. The No. 2 team ranked four- teenth in the competition with 858 points. Samuel Mangham, a mem- ber of the second team, shot the highest individual score in the en- tire tournament with 189 out of a possible perfect individual score of 200. In the National NROTC Rifle tournament. Tech ' s team of ten men ranked No. 6. Miller Gowen scored 189 points in this tourna- ment to take first place among in- dividual competitors. standing, left to right: Mangham, Mayson, Ellis, Chambers, Williamson THE CHAMPIONS Team No. 1 Fred Baker Miller Gov(en John Mayson William Schmid James Williamson 180 Score in Hearst Trophy Competition . . 186 . . 184 . . 183 . . 186 Team No. 2 William Coons . John Gattey (C.) Stanley Krysiak " Samuel Mangham Robert Davis . Kneeling; Davis, Coons. Score in Hearst Trophy Competition . . . . 176 . . . . 182 . . . 166 . . . . 189 . . . . 145 919 Total Perfect score — 1000. Members that entered the Naval ROTC tournament but did not compete in the Hearst Trophy competition: Albert Loyd Phillip Martin Total I5i Highest individual scorer in the tournament. Chitf Gunner ' s Mate Chambers. Coach Lieutenant P. D. Eelis. Trum Officfr THE 1943 NROTC RIFLE TEAM Score in Hearst Team No. 1 T rophy Competition Fred Baker . 186 Miller Gov(en . . 181 John Mayson . 178 Horace Riley (C.) . 181 James Williamson . 186 Total . 912 Perfect score— 1000 ■ ' T f5 w ' " H ' l } Front tow, left to right: Stein, Dutton, Smith, Conlon, Gerulackos . . . Back row: Mundorff, Bergman, Luck, Grogan, Scruggs, Bonyai, Kolb, Weiss. THE 1943 BASEBALL TEAM Rov MuNDORir, Coiir t Mike Wtiss Archil Johnson, Mainigcrs April 7 — Tech April 9— Tech April 16 — Tech April 17 — Tech April 24 — Tech April 3(1 — Tech May 1 — Tech May 7— Tech M.iy S— Tech May 14— Tech May 15— Tech THE RESULTS 1 — Fort Benning — Alabama 1 — Vanderbilt 2— Vanckrbilt 4 — Clemson 8 — Vaiulcrbih 3 — ' andcrbilt 14 — ClcniMin 1 (I — Clemson 14 — Alabama 2 — Alabama 5 8 2 3 5 9 4 11 3 5 Coach Mundorff discussing approaching game with Co-cap- tains Smith (left) and Scruggs 210 C. W. Bates ' •H. A. Bergman =-E. R. BoNVAi ' J. F. Broyles P. D. CONLON C. R. Button Low ELL EmERLING G. J. Gekulackos H. 1. Goldberg THE TEAM ' R. D. Grogax Raul Gutierrez ■ W. Z, Harper W. A. Hulemaster ■H. G. Kalb M. J. Logan ' J. K. Luck ■W ' . D. Morris G. H. Parks ' V. C. Paxson ' C. C. Scruggs Richard Shim •■■J. F. Smith ■Wilbur Stein Malcolm Trowbridge M. C. West L. G. Wright Lcttormcn. Kalb scoop; up a grounder single-handed 4k Roy Mundorff, Basketball and Baseball Coach. Coach MundorfF, a Lieutenant Commander in the U. S. Naval Reserves, was ordered to another post during the 1944 winter semester by the Xavy after 23 years of coaching at ' Tech. Commander Mundorff has been on active duty in the Navy since June, 1941. In 1921, Coach Mundorff came to Tech as freshman basketball and baseball coach. He helped with freshman football from 1924 to 1928 and served as a football scout from 1926 to 1928. Coach Mundorff was named head basketball coach in 1925, a position he held unti he was ordered to Harvard by the Navy Department. fjp ' - • nis eye a. l " " h Jl J ' l " - ' he Safe at third is an Alabama player as he slides in under Broyles. Catcher Bergman is seen standing ready at home plate 241 THE 1943 WRESTLING TEAM B Captain Paus with h:s opponent well under control THE RECORD Tech S- — Georgia Pre-Flii;ht .... 26 Tech — M.iryvillc 24 Tech n — Tennessee 12 Tech 17 — Tennessee 10 Tech 6 — Maryvillc 14 Tech — Georgia Pre-Flight 28 Bob Mil i i n, Wrrs liir Com h and l-ixillniU Line Couch. Coach Miller is not only a valuable mentor in two sports at Tech, but he is also an instructor in the Chemical Engineering Department. At Ohio State, where he received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering, Coach Miller was light- heavyweight on the wrestling team and center on the football team in !9.i3- 34-3 5. In high school, he graduated second scholastically in a class of two iiundred and is a member of Tau Beta I ' l, college honorary engmeeriiig fra- ternity. BOB MILLER 1212 J THE TEAM Donaldson XoRRis King Richard Lowrey Harry Morrow I ' l-ASTLR NtVCTON Jack Paus (Captain) Charles Shearer Wallace Shiver Bernard Stopinski Bob Miller, Coach TECH ' S YOUNGEST SPORT The 1943 Wrestling team was the hrst attempt at organized wrestHng at Georgia Tech. No experienced men, naturally were available to build the team around but, de- spite this handicap, the team won two out of six matches against top-flight competi- tion. After the 1943 season wrestling on an inter-collegiate basis was discontinued for the duration. Coach Miller, however, expects to renew the sport as soon as con- ditions are favorable for doing so. Top row, left to right: King, Lowrey, Morrow, Newton, Miller . . . Bottom row: Stopinsky, Shiver, Shearer, Paus. 243 l ALSO UNDEFEATED The tennis squad was another of Tech ' s 1944 teams that ended the season undefeated. The Jacket netmen came through their hmited schedule victors over five opponents, having defeated North CaroUna and Duke twice and Tulane and Auburn once. The Racket Engineers became the unofticial conference champions by beat- ing the only other teams in the conference, Tulane and Auburn. No SEC tennis tournament was held in 1944 due to the lack of schools that continued the game for the duration. This Jacket team holds the distinction of being the first to beat a North Carolina tennis team on the Tarheel ' s home court in seventeen years — another example of the superiority of Coach Bortell ' s team in its section of the country. Two of the team ' s top position players, Frank Willett and Howard McCall, represented Georgia Tech in the National Intercollegiate Tennis Tournament at Northwestern in Chicago. THE RESULTS Tech . . . 9 — North Carolina . Tech . . . 9 — Duke . Tech . . . S — Tulane . • 1 Tech . . . 7 — Auburn . Tech . . . 2 — North Carolina (r lined out) . Tech . . . 7— Duke . . . 2 WIllETT 244 THE 1944 TENNIS TEAM Dick Clarson Dick Collier C. I. Mallox Howard McCall NiLES Millsai ' Kfn Pl ' rtz Frank Wii lett E. E. BoRTELL, Cuach THE 1943 TENNIS TEA N elson Abell (C.) Howard McCall Reed Brow N George Sellers C I. Maddox • Carltox Wellborn T HE RECORD Tech — Tulane (rained out) . 5 Tech 9 — Emorv . Tech 7 — Clemson . Tech .1 — North Carohna .... . 6 Tech 3— Duke . 6 Tech 5 — Davidson . 4 Tech 5 — Sewanee .... . . 2 Tech 7 — Sewanee . Top to bottom: McCALL COLLIER MADDOX ABELL PAUL LEE Editor JOHN W, WEATHERLY, Busiress Managcl I.I1C IQ44 if ir ic BLUE PRIBiT AT L A .X T A . P E O IK (p I A Mr. R. H. Bunzl June, 1944 Mr. R. L. Thomison Dear Rudy and Locke : This is it! We ' ve been a long time planning, gathering information, and assembling the book. And here is our result. It ' s been pretty hard to follow all of your plans, and where ever possible the best features of all plans submitted were incorporated. We ' ve presented as is best possible a complete record of Tech during the past year and half. In general we ' ve had a small staff, necessitating a great deal of work by a few. The completeness of the sport section is possible by the work of Bill Summerour, associate editor for that section. The novelty of the snapshots appearing in the several sections is a tribute to David Kotlikoff . The color picture of the color guard facing the dedication page is one of his works. We are indebted to the New Orleans Midwinter Sports Association for the action pictures of the Tulsa-Tech Sugar Bowl game; and to Lane Brothers for the individual action pictures in the football section. Several of the pictures appear- ing in the Army section are by courtesy of Bill Evans, and some in the Navy section by courtesy of the Navy Department . The page in tribute to the ASTP is modelled after one appearing at Bowdoin Tech. The fine art work appearing on the division pages and throughout the book is the work of Phillip London of the ASTP unit. For the cartoons in the Army and Navy sections we are indebted to Foote and Davies. We also wish to express our gratitude to Gaspar-Ware whose panel pictures were used; to Miss Helen Morgan of Photo Process for help in arrangement and advising of the book; to Mr. Charles Young of Foote and Davies whose advice was offered at every stage of the book. We also are indebted to Mr. Phil Narmore, who even before his return to Tech, helped both myself and John Weatherly with many of the technical problems presented before the book could be distributed. Here is our yearbook — a record of Georgia Tech from February, 1943 to June, 1944. For the 1944 Staff, Paul L. Lee. 246 J CLASS OF OCTOBER, 1943 The following men did not graduate with their cla s beciuse of transfer by either Army or Navy or call by selective service. Hf-Rblrt Lvl ANTZt;s JAMi-S M. Barnwell (Called by KRC) Vi ' iLLiAM Dooly Bohannon VC ' lLLLAM Mam U.LD BONNIR (Called by ERC) John McGowan Bowen Tlrry Linwood Brown Sanger Marsh Burk George Bennett Campbell RussF-LL Lewis Chapman Ravmoni) L. Christian, Jr. Anthony Ciaravino George Edgar Crouch Robert Llewellyn Edelblut Charles Goodwin Fulton James Richard Hall Joseph Thomas Hamrick John Flynn Hardy Robert Cornell Harriss Robert Glenwell Harvey Glenn John Hawkins Peter Leighton Horne, Jr. James X alker Hunter, Jr. Dent Benjamin Ingram (Called by ERC) Joseph Laurel Johnson George Vf ' . Jordan (Called by ERC) James Jacob Kuhn John Erwin Lance (Called by ERC) D ' Autel Durden Livingston John Alston Martin Onilrlo Thomas Martini (Called by ERC) James Herbert McAuley Roy Nathan McCowen Francis Jackson Meaih) John Harrison Meek (Called by FRC) Charles B. Moori- (Called by Navy) Carl Gordon Moore Edward John Negri Milton Perling Edwin Clayton Perry Donald R. Peters Ed Paschall Pittman Nelson Carter Poe, HI Erle Bingham Renwkk George Ripley, 111 Oscar Leland Roberts William Miller Rodgers Chester Adams Roush (Called by Navy) Norman Ruback Paul Ross Shawver (Called by ERC) Henry Grady Sullivan RoBLEY H. Tatum Romulus Hillard Thomason Jack Tomlin Martin LeRoy Van Buren John Howell White Davis Earl Williams Country Arthur Wong The follow in i; men did not graduate with their class of October, 1943, but with the class of June, 1944. Rock H. Canaday Ashton Hall Cary Joseph Ernest Flowers Joseph B. Haas John Flemming Hassell Jim John Hearn Boyd Walker Hinds Grover Latham Howard Leon Ivey Lanier Sydney Walker McCabe George Francis Miller Robert Hunt Street Pat Taccone Luke Thorington Harold Francis Tighe Caspar Fentre Walker, Jr. Jami s C Bruce Roberi Newton Bruce Charles A. Burdi i l Frank Davis Cain Robert P. Cameron Leland Summ r Covey Henri Doriot Wallace David Dreyeoos Roy H. Duggan Albert Dunson Dunnaway Ralph L. Edwards Bruce Garrard Sommers Jessup Gostin Albert Wellington Hainlin William Edward Hammersla. Jr. Harold N. Hedrk.k Milton S. Hochmuth Ardell O ' Connor Hollis John Graham Holmes Anderson Lee Howard Rk hard Hale Hudson Max Jaefe George L. Lane Hugh John Lynch John Cameron McGaughey Arch W. Meagher Forrest Adams Morgan Luther McBride Pryor Orrin W. Robinson William Miller Rodgers Egbert Darnell Ruckir Silas Owen Sheetz Robert E. Spencer Rea Hoeeman Trimmer Steven Alexander Varga Terrell Clark Waikins Irving M. Weinir Charles N. Whitmire Robert O. Wilhelm Paul Callaway Williams Victor Hubert Wycott CLASS OF 1944 The following named men did not graduate with their class, but were called to the fleet by the Navy in March with commissions as Ensigns, United States Naval Reserve. James Young Arnold George Baker Backus John Stiles Baldwin Frank Roscoe Beall, Jr. Frederic Clarence Beil, Jr. Robert Edgar Bruce. Ill Southworth Field Bryan Jack Franklin Clearman William Gordon Colledgl Jack Clarke Faulkner John Bardo Gattey Samuel Weyman Gibson Miller Abbott Gowen Robert Adams Greene Harry John Halley Edwin Finnell Hughs. Jr. Alvin Wade James Claude Wilsford Joiner. Jr. Alexander Scott Kelso Lee Holland Knox Stanley Richard Krvsiak William Cheirs Mann John Vernon Manning Freeman Edgar Martin Samuel Russell McGee, Jr. David Multach Candler Ambrose Murphev, Jr. LioNELL Herbert Nelson William Foster Norman Wesley Cross Paxson Maynard Judson Sanders William Arthur Schmid Wallace Beverly Shiver John Lewis Stanley Howard Logan Stillwell, Jr. John Bvard Swift John Stuart Thibadeau Robert Locke Thomison Robert Detrick Van Valin Comer Vincent Weaver. Jr. John Dewey Weaver, Jr. John Daniel White William Loyd Wilhoit CLASS OF OCTOBER, 1943 The following men did not graduate with their class but were commis- sioned by the Navy as Ensigns in October, 1 94 3. Lewis Winfield Campbell Connie C. Caviness Edwin Morris Cochran John Louis Fenton Roland Francis Grinfr Edward B. Gross William Henry Harris Joseph Gray Hollis Alexander Lucas Lofton Jack B. Lyle Alvin Arnold McDonaid James Morgan Mintfr Thomas Clifford Owen Richard Wylie Phillips Charles W. Richter Horace Riley Robert Allen Roberds George Simon Sellers Stanley Herbert Simmons Wii LiAM Clyde Young The following men were incorrectly classified as graduating seniors class of October, 1943. the Cleveland Ward Clow MosELEV Gary Collins (Transferred by Army) Ernest Covington, Jr. RoziER Tyrone Dldwyldfr Clifford Eugene Doyle Marvan Eugene Hill James Mattox Johnson Jack Moses Kirk Noves Nesbit (Transferred away by Army ] Charles Hungerford Parks Julius Louis Pearlman Henry C. Perryman Thomas Albert Shanks CLASS OF 1944 These men did not graduate with their class but were called out of school before completion of their senior year by the U. S. Army. William Linwood Alley James Anderson Berg Gordon Chalmers Berry Charles Fuller Bethea Louis Palmer Bondurant Leonard L. Browning CLASS OF 1944 The following men did not graduate with their class but were called to the rteet by the Navy before their final semester of work was completed. Patrick Donald Conlon Paul Herbert Ericksen Gforge Alonzo Ewing Jarrell Bland Goodwin, Jr. Albert Brown Gordon George Peel Hanlin Charles Wellington Herb Charles Norman Hlston John T. Humme John Burke Jackson Lloyd Parks Jones The following men were nut able to graduate with their class, tor reasons other than tho e previously mentioned. George Edward Lunsford, Jr. John Clare Maclin Carl Ira Maddox Feaster Herrick Nelson Robert Breckenridge Reed Newton Young Robinson George Schley Whittlfsev Dewitt Leon Williams Ralston Brockinton Woods Daniel Lauaine Worth Leo Thomas Barber William E. Behnken Lawrence John Berg George Lee Brock Paul Otto Burgdorf Ernest Covington Freeland Dean Crumly Ivy Stewart Duggan John Humes Durden (Incorrectly placed in 1944 class) Wah Poy Eng Albert J. Faustini Edward Manuel Fossas Pete G. George Robert Gordon Gilbert John Edward Gross Robert Guin Grove Leon Baxter Hall Frank A. Harris Henry Doherty Joiner Seymour Lampert Horace Carlisle McCoy Daniel Howard Mercer Frank Harold Nelson Joseph Bruckner Owens Charlie Poolos Edgar O ' Connor Rand George Wilse Robinson Edward Stanley Smith Earl Wimberly Stradtman Richard Taylor Symes Frederick Mills Valz John Witherspoon Wallace Irvin Weinberg Joe Mac Wilson 247 Index to Advertisers Aetna Life Ins. Co. - 258 J. P. Allen Co. - 2 59 American Machinery Co. 253 Atlanta Biltmore Hotel 263 Atlanta Coca-Cola Bottling Co. — 260 Atlanta Laundries, Inc. 253 Bailey ' s Supreme Coffee 262 Walter Ballard Optical Co 256 Bell Aircraft Corp 252 Chandler Machinery Co. 250 Roy Chandler, Navy Tailor 248 Clinton Company 256 Colonial Stores, Inc 256 Conger Printing Co. 2 50 Cotton Patch 263 Dinkier Hotels 261 Eastman Kodak Stores 257 Foote Davies 265 Foremost Dairies, Inc 2 62 Fulton Supply Co 262 Gaspar-Ware Studios 266 Genuine Parts Co 263 Georgia School of Technology 2 54 Georgia Tech College Inn 264 J. m " ; High Co 25 5 J. N. Hirsch 25 5 Irvindale Farms Dairy 263 Jersey Ice Cream Co. 257 Krispy Kreme Doughnut Shop 2 58 Lalayctte Radio Corp. _ 2J5 Little Margin Shop _ 250 Lovable Brassiere Co 2JS Merlin Grocery Co. 2 JO David J. Molloy Plant 253 Montag ' s 26} Nunnally ' s - _ 249 Outdoor Advertising 2J5 Penn Mutual Life Insurance Co. 262 Philadelphia Uniform Co. 2J6 Photo Process Engraving Co 267 Piedmont Hotel 2J1 Pye-Barker Supply Co 258 R. K. Rambo Co. 263 Randall Bros., Inc 258 Raymond Concrete Pile Co 262 Robert Co : 259 Thos. F. Rybert 255 Tom Slate 258 Southern Belting Co 258 Spratlin, Harrington Thomas 257 Superior Laundry 255 The Tech Shop, Inc 257 Tennessee Egg Co., Inc 257 J. M. Tull Metal Supply Co 250 Venetian Country Club 257 " Red " Vogt Auto Service 253 X ' G S T 250 1R(u A z tMen. NAVY TAILOR 72 Third Street Atlanta Georgia :!4:! .Vr JSgy..: ■i . ,M ' - ' - - ■■- ( ' LITTLE MARGIN SHOP Phonk UK. 92M) Kkjhari) Ai.kwink, Mgr. BkACKLKT WaT( HKS a Sl ' tXlAI.TV Watch and Jewelry KEPAIRI G EnCRAVINC — AlI. WokK GlAKANTEtD If ork Called For and Dflhvred 53 North Ave.. . W. Atlanta, Ga. CHANDLER MACHINERY COMPANY machine tools metal working machinery air compressors electric motors woodworking machinery 120 Houston St., N. E. Atlanta, Ga. W G S T . . . The Georgia Tech Station • 920 On Your Dial for NEWS VIEWS and ENTERTAINMENT Trcli Shops Use Our Equipment Industrial Supplies Conveying and Transmission Equipment Delta Wood and Metal Working Equipment J. M. TULL METAL SUPPLY CO. POSTERS DISPLAY CARDS PRINTING Ini i I (It ions Tickets CONGER PRINTING CO. 146 MARIETTA ST., N. W. JA.ksnn ' MM MERLIN GROCERY CO. Wholesale ( roceks " ( ' .(itt ' iiii to Tech Fraleruilics ' 125 Decatur St.. S. E. MAiN 5831 250 p I E M O N T 450 Rooms H O T E L 450 Baths COMMERCIAL RATES Single $2.50, $3.00. $3.50, $4.00 Two Persons Double Bed $.3.75. $4.00. $4..50. $5.00 Twin Beds $5.00. $6.00. $7.00. $8.00 Tuelie New Air-C.dnditioncd Meeting and Banquet Rooms A. 0. Bland, Acting Manager 2S1 ADD ANOTHER CHAPTER TO THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN AVIATION J(§t! BF©jpiB]ko.®i£i Think you ' re seeinij Buck Rogers ' plane? You ' re not. You are looking at tile performance of America ' s newest tiLjhter — the hrst jet propelled airplane to be accepted by the United States Army Air Forces. And with the official annoimcement of this propellerless plane, a new chapter beijins in the history of world aviation. Now we ' ll take you behind the scenes and tell you the story of how these planes came into beinff. In l ,ni_;]aiid there was desiijned a revo- lutionary new type of eiiijine which could propel an airplane throusrh the sk ' by spew inii out a terrihc lilast of air. The Cjeneral Klectric Company here 111 America further developed and built enL ' ines utdi .ini, ' this principle. BUY W.AR BONDS AND SPEEIl VICTORY Ry choice of both G. K. and the Army Air Forces officials, Bell Aircraft was selected to design and construct planes incorporating this Jet Propulsion engine. Within two weeks after being notified of this project on September 8, l ' 41, Bell Aircraft engineers submitted a gen- eral arrangement for a new plane hous- ing two Jet Propulsion engines. 7 hese designs were immediately accepted by the Army Air Forces. One year and three weeks later, on October 1 , 1942, this revolutionary type of aircraft, exactly on schedule, rose from the H ing Held at a secret base, climbed into the rarefied atmosphere where a conventional plane loses its efficiency and traveled at high speed. Nnw tli;it the striiy lit this new jet |)ni|itlliil |ilaiit- :iii lir told, Brll Aircraft wishes |)iililiily tii rxprcss its appreciation to the nUiirrs of the Army Air Forces who have contrihutcii so inuili to this projt-ct. Wc have Irariird many tilings which will aid lis to pioneer in building safer, hitler anil lower-priced aircraft when peace returns. IS) Bell Aircraft Corpnlation. MEM3ER AIRCRAFt WAR PRODUCTION COUNCIL — EAST COAST, INC. mm Niagara Frontier Diviiion, Buffalo and Niagara Falls, N. Y. Ordnance Division, Burlington, Vt. Georgia Division, Marietto, Ga. Aircraft PACEMAKER OF AVIATION PROGRESS - N • The Finest Dry Cleaning Money Can Buy Regardless of Price Gold Shield " ? service to Allantans for over half a century is a solid background of efficient, satisfactory laundering and cleaning performance. You can depend on Gold Shield ' s dry cleaning service to keep your " year around " wardrobe in good shape. . . . Bring Your Motor Trouble to " RED " VOGT 24 HoiR Automobile Service 565 Spring St. HE. 56.53 ATLANTA, GEORGIA eld May ' s HE. .5300 Piedmont WA. 7651 (iHTHMAN WA. 8661 D xATl:R DE. ' 1606 American MA. 1016 Excelsior WA. 2454 Trio VE. 4721 Capital City ...VE. 4711 Troy HE. 2766 The Covers of the 1944 Blue Print by THE DAVID J. MOLLOY PLANT 2857 North Western Avenue, Chicago For the Twentv-first Consecutive Year AMERICAN MACHINERY CO. Textile Specialties ' ' Serving Industry in Georgia ' Equipment • Machinery Industrial Supplies 122-126 Forsyth Street, S. W. 253 i u II • Aeronautical Engineering Architecture Architectural Engineering Ceramic Engineering Chemical Engineering Chemistry Civil Engineering Electrical Eng ineering General Engineering Industrial Design Industrial Management Mechanical Engineering Public Health Engineering Textile Engineering R. 0. T. C. NAVAL R. 0. T. C. ACCELERATED WARTIME PROGRAM ill! Intorniiilioii. II rit( HE I E(,ISTRAR GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHROLOGy Alhinla, (ii ' oigia 25 ' 1. Yotir ' ' Blue PrhW for Savings — Shop at HIGH ' S For Over 63 Years Your Store of Value and Quality J. M, HIGH CO. HITEHAI.L AM) HlNTER STREETS " NO WASTt ji WORDS Ml) MAKE LONG- Ej-, STORy SHOKT OUTDOOR ADVERTISING If ith If ishes of THE LOVABLE BRASSIERE COMPANY Atlanta Georgia HEmlock 2296 SUPERIOR LAUNDRY " Bundles of SaJisfaclion " Dry Cleaning 656 Spring Street. N. W. 664 W. Pearhtree Street, N. W. 1191) Hemphill Ave., N. W. Com iilinipn s of A FRIEND Compliments of LaFayette Radio Corporation AM) LaFayette Camera Division 26.5 IVarhtioe Street Atlanta Georgia GradiKitc to . . . FLOR DE MELBA " The Cigar Supreme " • J . N . H I RSC H DI.STRIBUTOR 144 Marietta St.. . . W. ATLANTA Best W islies to the Staff of the 1944 Blue Print from THOS. F. RYBERL JR., S. P. E. 255 BALLARD ' S c= .ipettiit a vt LCLunj • • WALTER BALLARD OPTICAL CO. THREE STORES 105 PEACHTREE STREET, N. E. MEDICAL ARTS BUILDING W. W. ORR DOCTORS BUILDING PHILADELPHIA UNIFORM CO. Incorporated Manufacturers of Uniforms Military Clothing Caps and Equipment CONSHOHOCKEN, PA. STARCHES R)K A I, I, TEXTILE PURPOSES Clinton Company Clinton, Iowa GRADUATE TO GREATER SAVINGS AT Big Star Super Markets Little Star Stores Rogers Stores 256 Frank M. SruAXLiN X ' . Eigene Harrington W. Jllian Thomas Ernest M. Cantrell Edward S. Kelly Frank M. Boston. Jr. II. Dian .Spratlin Spratlin, Harrington Thomas Eslahlisheii irJ12 Insurance Surety Bonds Phones: W. lnut 0147 W. LNi-r 0148 WALNUT 0149 ' Protection Plus Service " Atlanta 3, Georo;ia MORTO.AGE Lo.4NS 78 Marietta St.. .N ' . W. Cniiiiul Floor Klio.les BMg. We Recommend . . . Morning Glory Butter TENNESSEE EGG CO., INC. Distributor WALNUT 6775 189 SPRING ST.. S. W. JERSEY ICE CREAM COMPANY 784 N. Highland Ave., N. E. Atl. nta, Ga. .MAJOR F. W. SCANLING FRED E. SCANLING HEmlock 0125 ENGI. EERS! Bring us your Kodak film for expert developing Correct Developing Means Better Pictures EASTMAN KODAK STORES Everything Photographic n.3 Pe. chtree Atlanta " Some ( l the Tech gang enjoying a sicii. VENETIAN COUNTRY CLUB DE. 9100 One-half Block Off Ponce de Leon on Scott Blvd. DECATUR. GEORGIA Fashion ' s Neivest Things for College Men RIGHT IN STYLE QUALITY - PRICE THE TECH SHOP, INC. 49 North Ave., N. W. 257 Ad- for . . . KRI SP Y KREME GLAZED DOUGHNUTS Different ■ Tasl) ■ - Snlisfying 451 Ponce DE Leon Tony Phillips. Mcr. VErnon 9241 RANDALL BROS., INC. 35 Marietta St.. N. W. Co L . ND Lumber Mill Work ■ Furnaces AND Stokers Johns-Manville Products WA 4711 Four Seven Eleven COMPLETE SERVICE IN MECHANICAL DRIVE EOLIPMENT Southern Belting Company A r I. A N T A (; K () i{ (; I A TOM SLATE Athletic Equipment Co. 592 Feachtrce Street, N. E. Atlanta. Ga. Com )lete Line of — • Rawlings • Spalding • Reach-Wright Ditson and ninny other lines of Athletic Equipment • Tennis and Badminton ExptMl Restringing by A. P. Jette AETNA LIFE INSURANCE CO. Sam M. Carson Paul H. Dobbins General Agents LIFE, ACCIDENT, AND GROUP DEPARTMENTS WilliaiiiOlivci Bid? Atlanta. Ga. Telenhoiie WAlinit 2255 BARKER PYE-BARKER SUPPLY CO. Engineered Power Transmission Equipment .1. C. Pve Ben S. Barker. .Ir. 241 FOR.sYTH St.. S. W. Atlanta. G . 268 ROBERT AND COMPANY 1 N C O R I ' O R A T E U Architects and Engineers ATLANTA ARCHITECTS . . . ENGINEERS APPRAISERS . . . CONSULTANTS TEXTILE . . . INDUSTRIAL . . . MUNICIPAL POWER PLANTS All Organization with a Nationwide Scope Serving Clients in Thirty States 259 There ' s friendliness in the simple phrase, " Have a Coke " . It turns strangers into friends . . . Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes — has be- come the high-sign of kindly- minded people around the world. It ' s natural for popular names to acquire friendly abbreviations. That ' s why you hear Coca-Cola called " Coke " . BO ' rrLED UNDER AlTllilRll ' i i il IlIK K)CA-(OI.A COMPANY BY THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 2 Utkle (M-oieli Here are pictured all of the Dinkier operated hotels. In these hotels yon will find modern con- veniences, even unto air-conditioned bedrooms at the Tutiiilcr. the Andrew Jackson, the Jefferson Davis and the St. Charles. And in all you will find friendly service. THE ANSLEY ATLANTA, GEORGIA A. N. CROCY Manager Dinkier Hotels CARLING DINKIER President CARLING DINKIER, JR. Vice-President (In Service) THE SAVANNAH SAVANNAH, GEORGIA GEORGE FOWLER Manager THE O. HENRy GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA W. J. BLACK Manager 3000 THE ST. CHARLES NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA JOHN J. O ' LEARY Vice-President and Manager llf lf[fljl.UI 111. " i. ANDREW JACKSON NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE L. L. MURRELL Manager THE TUTWILER BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA R. BURT ORNDORF Vice-President and Manager JEFFERSON DAVIS MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA JAMES RUSHIN Manager 261 125 Ellis Street ATLANTA, GA. THE PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Established 1847 The HURD J. GRAIN AGENCY Rhodes-Haverty Bldg. Atlanta, Ga. RAYMOND CONCRETE PILE COMPANY Foundation Engineers AND Contractors NEW YORK ATLANTA FULTON SUPPLY COMPANY IM)l S TRIAL - TEXTILE CONTRACTORS Supplies anu Machinery iMAiN 3400 Atlanta, Ga. BAILEY ' S SUPREME COFFEE " Leaves No (ii ' diiiids for ( ' Diiiplaiiil 262 WHOLESALE Ho ' el and Hospital Linens DIRECT MILL SHIPPERS Sheets and Cases. Blankets. Spreads. Towels, Tab! e Linens. Shades. Curtains R. K. RAMBO COMPANY 21(1-21 1 w . dlon Building Atl. .nta. Ga. A. 4492 IRVINDALE FARMS DAIRY 1139 Spring Street VE. 7703 Richard L. Hull. President ' The Home of Minnie Quarts ' Fashionable ritinc Papers and Blle Horse Paper School Slpplies A Complete Selection Available at Georgia Tech College Inn On the Campus MO N T AG ' S ATLANTA lV€ Cott y u. The Best Automotive Repairmen Buy From— OMP ' ' iiMiiiBiS k$ Does Yours? 475 W. Peachtree St. Atlanta, Go. W ' e Congratulate Tech Graduates of 1944 . . . To you who have attained this well earned Iionor, we extend our genuine good wishes for abundant success in your chosen field of endeavor; and, to you who remain our neighbors at Tech, we welcome the opportunity ot continued service with reasonable rates, comfortable rooms and the best of food at modest prices — make this your Hotel Home. cATLANTA BILTMORE ATLWTA ' if GEORGL 263 TiJ enc t4ie ccA ' pMoiu ( o en. EVERYTHING IN ENGINEERING SUPPLIES AND HANDBOOKS GEORGIA TECH COLLEGE INN 2fil SUnCESSFlIL ANNUALS Require the services of experienced and expert craftsmen, trained in every detail of the processes of creating ' planniniJ layout and design ' typesetting -printing lithographing and binding ... Thiough- out lialf a century this company has pioneered in the production of the higliesi tjT)e of printing . . . Our services inchide a special college annual sales and service organization... Abundant equipment-modern and complete... Prices representing maximum in value FOOTE DAVIES PRINTING - LITHUtiRAPHING • ENGRAVING ATLANTA 30-32 Fifth Street. 1 . W. ATLAI TA, GEORGIA All Portraits in This Book Made by GASPAR-WARE STUDIOS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR BLUE PRinT ALL BLUE PRINT negatives are held in our files for several years and portraits can be obtained at any time. CASPAR -WARE STUDIOS 222 ' ■■; " 1 1 -« ,1 1 L 1 YEflRBOOK 5 -119 LUCKIE STREE fisidjS V- i ' W " 02 ' i . -M ' ? ' i i I «! i I III I ill ' ■■■ •ftfcM. I - ' 8 •imi - •■. A

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