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' -) o b-l ' --n ft t-. H i f« . c ■ , %; Q lica A o ( IiMm THE 1942 BLU •I 1 ' ■ v_,A«A - ' v THE 1942 BLUE PRINT Published by the Students of the GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY ATLANTA, GEORGIA Copvnght by JACKSON S. SMITH Editor-in-Chief J. POLLV POOLE Business Manager Realizing that in years to come pictures rather than words would do more to recall the memories of college life at Tech, the 1942 BLUE PRINT has attempted to depict the life on oui campus with photographs — includ- ing many snapshots. A touch of the brighter side has been added by using natural color photographs to introduce the different sections of the book. We, the staff, therefore present to you the 1942 BLUE PRINT trusting that you will consider it an accomplish- ment well worth our efforts. [ niE nis THE SCHOOL Classes MILITARY FRATERNITIES ACTIVITIES Publications Major Honors Minor Honors FEATURES Beauties Favorites ATHLETICS : the nineteen forty-two BLUEPRINT to DOCTOR JOHN B. CRENSHAW An educator and an athlete of great renown, who for over thirty years has devoted his energies to the advancement of Georgia Tech in his positions as head of the Modern Language department and di- lector of various athletics. V u fl R u n D THE BLUE P R I n T THE TECH [ fl 111 P U S Research Bulldlns vte J " 1 - G E R G I Mechanics and Engineering Drawing Building Harnson Dormitory G E R G I Mechanics and Ensmeering Drawing Building E C H The Naval Afr Harrison Dormitory OUR PRESIDERT MARION LUTHER BRITTAIN The " Doc " as he 15 fondly called by the students is a true son of Georgia having devoted his life to the furth- ering of education in Georgia. During the twenty years that he has served as president of Georgia Tech, Dr. Brittain has won the esteem, admiiation, and friendship of all who have been students under him. iLLiflfn vERnon SKILES D E fl n The Dean, to whom we all turn in our moments of despair, has impressed every one during his eighteen years of service by his fairness, willingness, and never failing understanding at all times. OFFICERS OF RDminiSTRflTIOn MARION LUTHER BRITTAIN. A.B., LL.D. WILLIAM VERNON SKILES, B.S., A.M., Sc.D. HUGH HARRIS CALDWELL, A.B. Registrar and Secretary of the Faculty JOHN De LAURENCE an of Gradu DANIEL, M.A. ate Courses WILLIAM D GILMER PERRY, A.M. an of General Studies Lill.D DOMENCIO PIETRO SAVANT, Dean of En B.S. in E.E., gineciing M.S. ir FLOYD FIELD Dean of A.B., A.M. Men JAMES ERSKINE McDANIEL, B.A., LL.B. Director of Cooperative Department PHIL BLASIER NARMORE, B.S. in Gen. Eng.. Ph.D. Assistant to the Dean FRED W. AJAX, B.A., M.A. Assistant to the Dean of Men GERALD A. ROSSELOT, Ph.D. D. rector. State Eipcrimcntal Station ROBERT W. COLLINS, Colonel C.A.C. Commandant Military R. O. T. C. J. V. BABCOCK, Captain U. S. Navy Commandant Naval R. O. T. C. FRANK KING HOUSTON, C.P.A. Treasurer ARTHUR HAMMOND ARMSTRONG, B.A.. M.A. Superintendent of Dormitories ROGER SHEPPARO HOWELL, B.S. m M.E., M.Sc. ■ Z ■ ' ' :f Applied Science ■• B.S. in M.E., M.E. :; and Buildings ROY STEVENSON KING, M.E., M.Sc, Sc.D. Superintendent of Shops and Power Plant ?SON csident T H E DEPARTMENT OF AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING MONIGOMER KNIGHT . i- o!.„.i ana H.iad of ihc Dopailmo A. y. POPE Assistant Profess D, W. DUTTON , . Ai..;slanl Profess SCHOOL OF ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING HAROLD BUSH-BPOWN . Piottisor and Head of the Dcpartmc J. H. GAILEV Profess I. M. HEFFERNAN Associate Profess R. T, MORENU5 Associate Profess M. L. JOP.GENSEN Assistant Profes; M. SIEGLER Assistant Profes; J. H. HARRIS Instruct E. A, MOULTHROP Instruct BIOLOGY DEPARTMENT H, A, WVCKOFF e,.-.i , -■ :,rd H.:ad of the Dcpartme S, H. HOPPER . Assistant Profes: E. G LOWER . . - Assistant Profes; A. E. CANNON Instruc THE SCHOOL OF CERAMIC ENGINEERING LANE MITCHELL . . . Profeisor and Head of tW Dcpartm C F. WYSONG Assistant Profes J. H, HARRIS . ... Instruc DEPARTMENT OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERING J. W. MASON .... Professor and Head of the Deportmi PAUL WEBER . Associate Profes ?- ' l 1 i? ' - - " H IB 3iHB.. f fl [ U LT y YATES . . GRUBB . . MILLER Assistant Pfofcssor . . . Instiuclor . . . Instiuctot DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY JOHN L. DANIEL . . . F. ks.oi ano Head of the Department W. S. TAYLOR Professoi 8. B. WROTH Professoi H. B. FRIEDMAN Associate Profe- W. B. RICHARDSON Assistant Profe H. M. WADDLE Assistant Profe C. A. WELLS Assistant Profe W. C. WHITLEY Assistant Profe W. M. SPICER Assistant Profe W. H. BURROWS P. K. CALAWAY J. D. CLARY H. L. EDWARDS D. A. HUTCHINSON J. L. TAYLOR L. K. YOURTEE DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL ENGINEERING F. C. SNOW Professor and Head of the Department J. M. SMITH Professor R. P. BLACK Associate Professor J. H. LUCAS Associate Professor W. M. HONOUR Instructor DEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS AND SOCIAL SCIENCE H. E. DENNISON , , . i ■■ ■ . ., , , m, ,,d of the D.-pattm,:nt A. H. ARMSTRONG ... .... Associate Professor M, R. BREiWSTER Associate Professor M. A. STRICKLAND Associate Professor N. WARREN Associate Professor F. B. WENN Associate Professor JOHN A GRIFFIN Assistant Professor W. J. PROCTOR Assistant Professor J. C. BROWM ... Instructor DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING D. P. SAVANT Professor and Dean of Engineering H. B. DULING Professor T G. SEIDELL Professor C. H. HONNELL Assistant Professor DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH W. G. PERRY Professor and Head of the Dcpartrr F. W. AJAX Professor, Assistant Dean of Men and Assistant Director of Personnel Departn- L. V . CHAPIN Professor and Acting Registrar E. H. FOLK Professor G. W. RAINEV Associate Professor A. J. WALKER Associate Professor D. R. ANDERSON Assistant Professor EWING ANDERSON Assistant Professor HAL. C. BROWN Assistant Professor D. MITCHELL COX Assistant Professor D. D. COMER C. L. CRANE W. P. HUDSON R. H. LINTON J. M. STEADMAN PERRy D. WESTBROOK G. H. WILSON DEPARTMENT OF GEOLOGy C. D. GIBSON id of the Department THE SCHOOL OF INDUSTRIAL DESIGN A. SCHILTZ , . . A, locate Profe«Of THE SCHOOL OF INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION T. H. OUIGLEV . . Professor and Hoad of the Dcparlrrcnt P. E. BABCOCK Professor J. H. GROVES Assistant Professor F. L, MORRISON A.ilslant Professor DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS " . SMITH Ptofrssor and Head of the D epartment ■D FIELD Professor and Dean of Men .ERNON SKILLS .... Professor and Dean of the School R. A. HEFNER Professor D. L. STAMY Associate Professor H. K. FULMER Associate Profcssoi D. H. BALLOU ... . . . . Assistant Professor C. W. HOOK Assistant Professor R. MUNDORFF Assistant Professor A. L. STARRETT Assistant Professor F. H. STEEN Assistant Professor D. L. WEBB Assistant Professor C. W. BORNMANN Instructor C. L. CARROLL Instructor L. J. GREEN Instructor C. H. HOLTON Instructor R.C. LVNDON Instructor G. E. NICHOLSON Instructor L. B. V ILLIAM5 Instructor THE SCHOOL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING R. S. KING «na Head oi th.. Department W. V. DUNKIN Professot R. S. HOWELL Professor H. W. MASON Professor R. L. SWIEGERT Professor O. M. HARRELSON Associate Professor D. A. HOLLAND Associate Professor R. A. TROHER Associate Professor W. A. HINTON Assistant Professor R. L. ALLEN Instructor G. E. BONNER Instructor J. E. DELK Instructor H. O. FOSTER Inslfuctor K. H. HENLEV Instructor T. SHEAROUSE Instructor C. R. WEEDEN Instructor MODERN LANGUAGES 1 B CRENSHAW . . P(Gt,v,oi jnd H.-ad of the Dcpaitmcnl M. G. BROWN Associate Professor J. A. CAMPOAMOR Associate Professor R M. ERVIN Associate Piofessor DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS J. H HOWEY . p,-.l....r,, and of (he Dcpatlmenl J. B EDWARDS Ptofes ' N, S HEROD Profesi E E. BORTELL . , Associate Profes: J, E, BOYD Assoc.ate Piofes G. A. ROSSELOT Associate Prafes ' W. P. EWALT Assistant Profes L, V, JOHNSON . Assistant Profes E. T. PROSSER Assistant Profes H, B, SCARBOROUGH Instrucloi G, F. WHEELER Instructoi S E, WHITCOMB Instrucloi THE SCHOOL OF TEXTILE ENGINEERING C A. JONES . f ' toi. ' ,;■:■• jnd Head of th,_ Department R. L. HILL Associate Proti W L, CAP MICHAEL Assistant Profc J, P BRANDON Instri B W BROWN Instri K. S. CAMPBELL Instri S. W. McCARTY Instructoi D. E. FHILPOT Instructoi U L I ■ ' V iL OFFICERS OF THE SEHIOR CLASS C. R. SANDERS President J. E. WRIGHT Vice-President C. L. PEACOCK Secretary-Treasurer CHARLIE SANDERS AND JIM WRIGHT HERBERT MARCUS A6ELSON Challanooga, Ttrn. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Tou Epsilon Phi Camera Club, 2; Basketball Manager. 2. JACK WILHITE ADAMS TJgoall. Ga CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Thcia Chi Honoi Roll. I, 2, 3; Phi Eta S.gma: Tau Beta Pi; Omicton Delia Kappa: Anat: Inlcrfraternily Council. , 3, . Sccfctary, ; Alpha Chi Sigma: A. I. Ch. £., Secretary, : Bulldog Club; P ' Del:a Epsilon: Navigators ' Club- BLUE PRINT. I ?, 3 4, M,-,,,-, FH.Ior, A; ENGINEER. 2. 3: YELLOW JACKET, 3: Ptesider-t Thcta Chi. 3. ARNOLD BENJAMIN ALLEN New York, N. Y. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Tau Epsilon Phi Hor.o. Roll, I. 2: A. I. Ch. E., ENGINEER, 3, A: Fencing, I, 2. DALE TREADWELL ALLEN Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Nu A. S. M. E.: Second Lieutenants ' Club: Fencing, I, 2. THOMAS BOSTWICK ALLEN Savannah, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Chi Phi I. M. Society BERT CECIL ANDERSON, JR Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING H-.rr. R li. 3, A. S- M E: N. R. O. T. C: Swimming, I, ;. CRAWFORD SHARPS ANDERSON Decatur, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING RAYMOND ALBERT ANDERSON Woodstock. Conn. GENERAL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi Honor Roll, I: Phi Eta Sigma. Skull and Key: Institute ol Aeronautical Sciences. JAMES THOMAS ANDREWS Atlanta, Sa. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Delta Tau Delta Industrial Management Society: Skull and Key: Ensign, N. R. O. T. C: Navi- gators ' Club: TECHNIQUE, I: Swimming, I; Cross Country, 2: Track, 2, 3, 4. JAMES HAL ARMSTRONG Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll. I; Phi Eta Sigma. t kdk -7, Q 1 A F.rit row, left to rrght, Abelson, Ad ms . . . Second row: A. B Allen, D. T Allen . . . Third row: T. B Allen B. C Anderson. . . . Fourth row C. S. Anderson, R. A. Anderson. . . . Frith row: Andrews, Armilfong HARRy ARTHUR Anak, Omic.on Delta Kappa, Vrce-Ptesident of the Student Councrl, Member of Pi Kappa Ph,. I R C L R S S ' 42 ARRy BAKER ARTHUR MDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Anoi, Oiincon DJia Kappa: Student Council, 2. 3, •(; Vicc-P(Cildcnt, -t; Prcsi- d r.l of Sophomo.c Class; of Junior Class; Industrial Managcmnnl Society; Bulldog Club; " T " Club; Lieutenant N. R. O, T. C; Lieutenant, Scabbard and Blade: VELLOW JACKET, 3; Football, I, 2, 3, 4; Who ' s MCho A.iior,g Students in American Ui iversUies and Collcaes. JOHN GEORGE ATTANAS OLIN JOSEPH BAGGARLy HANICAL ENGINEERINC Kappa Sigma Jog Club; A, S M E. PAUL BAXTER BAILEY Augusta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll. 2; Phi Kappa Phi; Biracrcan Society; PI Tau Sigma; A. S M E.; Vicc-Prcsldcnt ol Co-oo Club; Captain, R. O T. C ; Scabbard and Blade; SOM-O-TECH. nor Roll. I; Phi Eta Sigma; Bnaerean Society Picsi Club; President of Club; ENGINEER, 2. 3. HOWARD PENNINGTON BARFIELD Atlanta, Ga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delta H.....i R.;ll. I, Pill Et.i Sigma- Pi Tau Sigma; Captain, R O. T C. LARRy BENTON BARNES Chattanooga, Tend. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma pfi Psi. elLjII. I, ' iba Dyestuffs Scholarship; A. A. T C. C, President, . ROBERT CURTIS BARRETT , St. Petersburg, Fla CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsllon Honor Roll, 2 3- Ph. Kappa Phi; President ' s Gold " T " ; A I. Ch. E; yELLOW JACKET, 2; ENGINEER, 4; Cross Country, 2. HUGH HESTER BARTON Williston, ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma Glee Club; A I E E I R E , Capt.3.n, R O. T. C; Football. 2. GEORGE NESTER BEAUMARIAGE, JR Brldg.illc, Pa CHEMlL ' AL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phr Alpha Chi Sigma A. I. Ch E.; American Chemical Society; Second Lieutenants ' Club; Track, I. aggarly, Bailey. Baran. . . . Second row: Barfield, Barton, Beaumariage. ! ' O C . ROBERT EDWARB BECHT Allanla, Ga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING -.[■-■ Roll, I: A. S. M. E.: N, R. O. T. C. WILLIAM ELMO BECK Savannah, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Fcsldcnt, Co-op Club; A. I. E. E. HENRY DeWITT BEESON Winston-Salcm, N. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT F,-s--.T- ' V ' Council; Football Manager, I, 2, 3: Basketball Manager, 4 CLARENCE EDWARD BELCHER Atlanta, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S, C, E.; Track, I, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country, 2, 3, ■ , CARL HAMILTON BELL Decatur, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT JAMES TOMMIE BELL, JR Live Oak, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING A. S. C. E.; Civil Crew; R. O. T. C: Second L.cutenants ' Club. WILLIAM BAKER BENNET Cotdele, Sa. CHEMISTRY Honor Roll, I, 5; Phi Eta Sl3r»ia; Alpha Phi Omcsa, Vice-President; Freshman ■■y Council; y. M. C. A. Cabinet: A. I. Ch. E.; American Chemical Societv: Baptist Student Union; International Relations Club. G fl. TECH CHARLES ELIAS BENNETT, JR Greensboro, N. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Captain, R. O. T. C; Scabbard and Blade. EDWARD BARNARDO Tampa, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ; Tau Si3-na: A- S. M. E.; Captain, R. O. T. c, MIKE GEORGE BILLIAS Da»tona Beach, Fla. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Theta Chi Alpha Chi Slsma; A. I. Ch E.; Glee Singers. JOHNNy FULLENLOVE Anal, Editor of the yELLOW JACKET, Student Council, P.,-., i.-- ' of Delta Tau Delta. r GEORGIA SCHOOL POLLV POOLE Anal, Business Manager of the BLUE PRINT, Pfcsidtrt o( Alpha Tau Omega. JOHN DEXTER BIRD Mettet, Ga AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING S,,-na Ph, Epsilon ri..., f_. 4, A S M E, Institute of Aeronaut. eal S...;- c -, JOHN BERKLEY BLACKMAN Da.linglon, S. C. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Nu A.ehitcctural Soclely, BAIRD F BOTTENFIELD Fairfield, Ala CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Beta Thcta Pi Honor Roll, I Studcr t Council, 3; Skull and Kc : Pi Del a Epsilon; Alpha Chi Siqrna: A. I. Ch E.; BLUE PRINT, 2, 3; Basketball, I. LEIBERT W, BOWER Camden, Ark. NDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Delta Tau Delta MINTON VENNER BRADDY Atlanta, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Alpha Epsilon A.cliilectural Society; " T " Club; Football, I, 2; Trad. I, 2, 3, 4 FLOYD FRANKLIN BLAIR Tillon, Ga ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Phi A I E E , S, : :.i Liei.tenont, R. O. T. C ; Second Licuten.its Club STEPHEN VINCENT BOCCIERI Brooklyn, N.Y MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 1; A S M E ; Newman Club, Tieasurei, 3, 1, Baseball, I, 2, A. FRED THOMAS BRIDGES, JR Decatur, G INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Industrial Management Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Debating Society, I; Lie tenant, R. O. T. C; Track, 3. First row left to right Bird, F T E C H n L G y r ' n tfir% ii o ). 4k ci O — , mM ' S E n I R S ' 42 IHOMAS ELISHA BRIDGES Anniiton, Ala. PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha P; Ela Epsilon, Vicc-Picsidcnt: Petty, N. R. O. T. C: Baseball, I. 2 RICHARD ORME BRINKMAN Jasptr. Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Delta Tau Delta ROBERT SCHLEY BRINSON Columbui, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING FRANK MILTON BRISTOL, II Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Chi Phi American Ceramics Socictv; Skull and Key: N. R. O. T. C: Navi3atois ' Club: TECHNIQUE, I; Football Manager, I. JAMES EUGENE BROADWELL Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Hono. Roil, I, 2, 3; Phi Eta Sisma; Phi Kappa Fhi: A. S. M. E.: Pi Tau Siama: R. O. T. C. LUCIUS LAMAR BROWN Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Honor Roll, 3. HOWARD ALBERT BUCKNER, JR Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. FREDERICK LEWIS BULBIN Miami, Fla. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi Epsilon Pi Honor Roll, I; Phi Eta .Alpha Phi Omesa; Cross Country, I. ROBIN GRIER BURNET Athens, Ga. GENERAL ENGINEERING CHARLES E. BURROUGHS Brandsville, Mo. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT " T- Club: Basketball, I, 2, 3: football, 3, 4. First Row: left to r(3ht: T. E. Bridjes, Bcinli- man. . . . Second row: Brinson, Biillol. . . . Third row: Sroadwell, Brown. . . . Fourth row: Suclrncr, Bulbin. . . . Fifth row: Burnet, Bur. roughs. Calhoun, Campbell, C, RICHARD GARNEfT BURTON Allanla, Ga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Li, N, S O T, C; N J ;a I RIfIc Team, I, , 3, 1. Captam, ■.. GREER ALBERT BU5BFE, JR Birmingham. Ali CIVIL ENGINEERING Bcla Th.:la P, Honor Bell, I; Crvil Crew; A. S. C. E.; Co-op Club. ROBERT MONROE BUSH. JR Atlanta. Ga. GENERAL ENGINEERING ei Kappa Phi Honor Roll. I; Bulldog Club: Skull and Key; Institute of Acronaulre l Sclcncci- Navigators ' Club; TECHNIQUE. I; Swimming. 3; President of Pi Kappa Phi: ARRILL CALDWELL GENERAL ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delta A. 5. M E-; Track. 3 GEORGE MILTON CALHOUN CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. Ch. E ; Debating Society; Phi Kappa Phi; . . Atlanta. Ga nor Roll, 3. 1. S, ■tcrfraterr.ity Courcil. 3. 4; BLUE PRINT. 2. 3: President of Chi psi LOCHLIN WILLIS CAFFEy CIVIL ENGINEERING Ho.ioi Roll. 2; Scabbard and Blade; Footb EUGENE CAMPBELL. JR INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Honor Roll, 3. Atlanta, Ga. ALLEN CARL CARLSON Montclair. N. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega Poll. 2; Skull and Key; Oil Can Club; A S, M, E.; Kappa Karpa P Sand. I. 2. 3. 4; Traci. 2. Treasurer; Football Band, I, 2, 3; S E n I R s THE 1942 BLUE PRIRT JACKSON SMITH Omicton Dcila Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, Editor of the BLUE PRINT, Student Council, President of Phi Sigma Kappa. ROy LAMAR CASH East Point, Gj MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E.; " T- Club. JAMES ROBERT CASSELL CIVIL ENGINEERING Beta Kappa A. S. C. E. JAMES EDWIN CHAMBERS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. DONALD JOHN CHAPMAN Paterson, N. J. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha Oil Can Club; Tract, 4. FRANK COLLy CHENEY Atlanta, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Chi Phi Honor Roll, I: A. S. M. E : Pi Tau Sigma: Oil Can Club; Lieutenant |J. Gl. N. R. O. I. C: Foil and Masl: Fencing, I, 2. HUNTER DIXON CHIPLEV, JR Lynchburg, Va. CIVIL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 1; International Relations Club. ROY FRANCIS CHOQUETTE Chicago, III. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ASM S.: NciT an Club: Scabbard and Blade: Captain, R. O. T. C. ARTHUR HOWARD CHRISTIAN Columbus, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING - I. Ch. E.: Alpha Ch, Sigr a, Treasurer, A; Mus.c Appreciation Club, JOHN LEONARD CLARK Wilmington, Del. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT PI Kaooa Alpha WILLIAM THOMAS CLEARMAN Blakeiy, Ga PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEERING P. Eta Ecsilon, SccrctarvTreasurci, ■!: Camera Club: Track, 1; Rillc Team, 2. First row: left to right: Cash, Casscll, Chambers, Cha d f Oi f C) c% ii ■K; .» LAWRENCE DOUGLAS CLEARY Nullcj, N, J. ARION ALVIN CLEMENS B.adcnlon, Fid MEfHANItAL ENGINEERING A, b, M, E., I ' tcmational Rclalions Club: Foolball Moiuiscr, I, 2, m ■ • !S ' ' " ■ PATTERSON CLEVELAND Spattanburg, S. C. ■ - - - ' ' ' ?; TEXTILE ENGINEERING 1 V Kappa Alpha H BnlMoq Club; YELLOW JACKET. I. 2. 3. f COLUM8US ASBURY COBB Ccdartown, Ga- ., TEXTILE ENGINEERING ' . Honor Roll, 3, 4: Tin Tsi; A A T, C A ; Second Liculcn.inl. R. O. T. C: ; " H A I H JOHN LAMAR IH H V M MECHANICAL ENGINEERING « A S M. E ; Naval R O. T- C; Nautulus, 2, 1. 1 31 » ' R BURTON CARNOT COIT Washington, Pa. a MECHANICAL ENGINEERING » - ;gf- , . y Kappa Sigma A. S M E , Ffcshm,3r: ' ■ -■ Council; Intcil.alcntv Council. !, i, TECrJNIOUE, I; ; Cross Country, I; Tract, 1; President of Kappa Sigma, 1, CILLIAM ALBERT COLEMAN Orlando, Fla. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING _ .. _ _ i ' Hone. Rill. 1 2. 3. 1: Phi Eta Sigma: Ph, Kappa Phi: President ' s Gold " T " : . ■Sk. , B ' I. e E : Eta Kappa Nu. Vice President, 1: I. R. E.: Scabbard and Blade: ROBERT EDWARD COLLICR Fort Worth, Tc as GENERAL ENGINEERING r- ' :— ■.-■■s™. .;, Honor Roll. 2: I A S , Second Licutcn.jnt. R. O. T. C; Second Lieutenants ' ! " 1 - ' iN Club. ' : : S B y I • BS H JOSEPH JEPSON COLLINS 1 5 » ;ia a» INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT j Vl, W S WILLIAM HENRY COOPER Atlanta, C " ' W _ d MECHANICAL ENGINEERING H: . P. II 3. Pi Id,, Sigma: Captain, R. O T. C: Scabbard and Blade First row left to right CIcary, Clemens Second row Cleveland, Cobb . . . Thud row GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHROLOGy CHESTER CARROLL COURINtr, JR Miai INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Hjnor Roll, 3: Industrial Manascnicnl Society: VELLOW JACKET, DcCARR COVINGTON COX, JR Valdo! INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Alpha Epsilon TECHNIQUE, I. FELIX OTTERBINE COX, JR Decatur, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E.: Band, I, 2. Roll. 3: Industrial Management Society WILLIAM DOUGLAS CROMARTIE Jackionville, Fla. CIVIL ENGINEERING Tlicta Chi Anal- Student Counc.l, 3, , President, 4; Vice President o( the Sophomore Class- A. S. C. E., President, t; Civil Crc , President, 4: Scabbard and Blade: Captain, R. O. T. C: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. CHESTER ARTHUR CROWELL Cordele, Ga. ARCHITEaURAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll. I. 2, 3. 4; Pni Kaooa Ph.: Tau Beta Pi: PrcSTdenfs Gold " T " : Alpha Phi Orr-eg.j Architectural Society: International Relations Club: Y. M. CHARLES eiRNEY CURRY Atlanta, Ga. ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN Sigma Nu Architeclura ' Society Interlralernitv Council. 2. 3: TECHNIQUE. I. 2: YELLOW JACKET, I, 2, 3. CHARLES CZEGLEDI Paulsboro. N. J. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. EDWARD A DAMICO Elberlon, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll. I, 2. 3- Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi: President ' s Sold " T " : Pi Tau Sigma Award- A. S. M. E.t Coop Club: Scabbard and Blade: Captain. R. O. T. C: Briacrean Society, President, 4: Pi Tau Sigma. Vice-President, 4. EDWARD COURTNEY BULLOCK DANFORTH Augusta, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M, E,: I. A. S.; P: Tau Sigma. ii ; F.rst row: Courtney, D. C. Co . . . Second row: F. O. Co«, Cranksha . . . Third row: CromarLie, Crowe . . . Fourth row: Curry. Ciegledi. . . Fifth row; DAmico. Danforth. JIMMY GRIFFETH Anal, Omicron Delta Kappa, Ph, Kappa Phi, Stu- rJer t Council. President of Delta Tau Delta. [ L fl S S ' 42 BENJAMIN SEWEIL DANIEL Ch.pley, Gj lhemilal engineering ZACK EORT DANIEL ARTHUR O. DAVIS, JR Allanla, Ga AfiCHITECIUFE EDWIN THORPE DAVIS Tampa, Fli MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E, ELLIS BOSTICK DAVIS Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Chi Phi Hoiioi Roll, I, 3; Anal, Vice-President, 4; Omicton Delta Kappa; Industrial Manascrncnt Society, President, 4; Bulldog Club, Vicc-Picsidcnt, 4; Slull and Key, Vice-President, 2; Intcrliatcrnity Council, 4: Scabbard and Blade; Captain, R O T C ; YELLOW JACKET. 4; Football Manaser, I, 2, 3, 4; Senior Manager, 4; Tiacli, 3; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; President of Chi Phi, 4, LOGAN DOUGLAS DAVIS, JR Palm Harbor, Fla MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A ■:. M E,, Co-op Club; Lieutenant, R. O. T, C RAY DEAL Brunswick, Ga ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING I E E ; Music Club; Lieutenant, R. O T C ALVIN RUTHERFORD DEAS Atlanta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega Glee Club, I, 2, 3; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C; BLUE PRINT, 2 EDVIJARD WILLIAM DcJON Short Beach, Conn. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Delta Sigma Phi Intertraternity Council. 3, 4; Scabbard and Blade; Lieutenant, N. R. O. T. C; Naval Riile Team, 3, 4; Football, I r i 5- «f -.-A • _ _■ ■JL xmc. tmm k .(ES MELLON OeMONTMOLLIN Jacksonville, Fla ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eti Kaci ,1 Nu; Coop Club; First Lieutenant, R. O, T. C. MMES GRADY DENTON Atlanta, Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT lnduslii.ll Management Soclctv; TECHNIQUE, I, 2, 3, ■(, Circulation Manager, 3. A RAX M- DeSHON St. Joseph, Mo MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sig.-ria Chi A. S. M. E. JOHN LYONS DEWEY St. Petersburg, Fla CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I, Ch. E.: Football Band, 4; Concert Band, 4. WILLIAM LAWRENCE DICKINSON Galun, Canal Zon. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi A S ME: Band, !: Baseball, I; Trad, 2. ROBERT WILLIAM DIECKMAN Hollis, N. Y. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING H:r.::, fi: I, 1; A S M. E.; Swrr„tning, l; Track, I, 2, 3; Cross Country, I, 2, 3. RICHARD E. DODD, JR Lake Wales, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Co. op Club. RALPH EDWARD DOOLEV Macon, Ga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Cjivai-:, R. O. T. C: Army Rifle Team, 2. SAM ERWIN DORSEY College Pack, Ga ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Graduate Student. BILL CROMARTIE Anak, President of the Student Council, Member of Thcta Chi. G fl . TECH r» G E R G I R S C H DAVID W. DOUGHTY Atlanta, Ga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B-iacrcJn Sucictv 2, 3: ENGINEER, Rifle Team, 2; TECHNIQUE, SIDNEY PORTER DRISCOLL, JR Savannah, Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Chi h, Scabba.d ar,d Blade; Maio., R, O. T. C ; Tract, I, 2. CLIFTON ABRAHAM DUKES, JR TEXTILE ENGINEERING PI. I Psi; Newmaf. Club: BLUE PRINT, J, ELLIS DAVIS Anal, Omicron Delia Kappa, Prcsidcnl of Ch, Phi. LUIS MARIA DURA TEXTILE ENGINEERING HENRY ELMER DVKE, JR Selma, Ala ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING S.gma Cs, ' : ' ..s Kaico N„, Bull.log Club; " T " Club: Foolball, I, 2, 3, ■); Bjscball, 1, 2 GEORGE BRUCE EAGER Valdosta. Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sisrna Alpha Epsilon Mono, Roll, I, P, Tau S(3ma: Oil Con CIcb. Pi Delia Epsdon, Treasure. A- ENGINEER, 2, 3, ■), Business Manase., 4; YELLOW JACKET, 3, 4; BLUE PRINT, 4; Goll; Who ' s Who Amons Student! n Amc.ican and Colleges CARL MEYER EDELBLUT, JR Augusta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A ' ,hj i;., 5.!,-.i, A I, Ch. E.: Scaoba.d and Blade- Majc. P n T C R.lle Team, 2, 3. 4. A. S M E : I. R. C. EMORY HOWELL EDWARDS Atlanta, Ga ARCHITECTURE Alpha Tau Omega Society; Navigato.s ' Club; Naval Rifle Team, 2- Sub.Commandct N. R. O. T. C. fe i ikn iii A i ) F T £ C H n L C y . S E n I R S ' 42 ||H| | | H|Pt g| ELLISON EDWARDS Mdcon Gi P H " INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Hl ' ■ 1 i ' ° " ' ' " " " " ' ° ' " - " I Wa,hi„s,„„, D. c. ■p - Jg _ IhiW industrial MANAGEMENT H ' | j H ' " " o- «° " - ' " • " ' - ' M,„.,c„,cn, Society: Novig.tcs ' Club; N.val - " STEPHEN PAUL EDWARDS , c.M.A Al K (sadsdcn, Ala. . tfB CHEMISTRY 1 K f -=»« . -_ Tl - F f- HARRY EINSTEIN . Mo-,.... K I p fV MFtI ■ H tr r I New Brunswick. N. J. ■ ' ' ' M .V MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ■ ' 7 Tau Epsilon Phi I ; ■ . " " " ' " " ' ' ■ ' ■ ' " • - c t. c!° oi ' =:;C . ' ' " ' = " ° " ' ' ■- " " ' - R . • . JCT ' ' ° ' ' EDWARD ELLINGTON gj.„„ g H| ' 1 1 J ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING — J " " " " ■ «° " . 1: A. L E. E.: E.a Kapp. N„: Co-op Club. MORTON ARNOLD EMMONS, JR K j ,, „ ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E.: Maior, R. O. T. C. ' T " ' ° ' " ' " • " " N EVANS, JR Atlanta Ga M 1 PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEERING m - r " ° " ' " " " - " - ' • ' ' - ' X ' T f ' : ' „ ' ' ?; ' ° " r- P ' " ' dcnl, ; Scabba,d and H 1 R. O. T. m ¥ H HARRY 6UNN EVANS Sj„ Antonio Te«i § i J CIVIL ENGINEERING ' f P ' es.dcnt Coop, Freshman Class; Vice-President Co-op Sophomore Class- first Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. — ■ » ■ . JIM DUGGAN EVANS Clayton . CHEMICAL ENGINEERING S . SiSk ' " " " " ' " ' ' ' ' - ' ' - ■ " Wa.h.naton D k f A INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ' m B Beta Theta Pi S L ■ " - " E " " " " • ' i ENGINEER, 3; YELLOW JACKET 3 •(- Collection Manager ■■ - J Z ' ' ' " ' ' »»: left to righl: J. E. Edwards, J. Q. ' •, ' I - • - Second H r m H y H ■ - ey. eft to tight Fo Ciond low Fioii. Fishei, F.tts, FItige - C . E,; Alpha Phi Omcs LOUIS ANTHONy FIORI Clifton, N J. TEXTILE ENGINEERING HiiiOi Roll, 3, A Phi Psl; A. A. T, C. C; Ciba D,c5lyH! Schola.ship. QUENTIN BO LES FARMER ME ' LHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M E, T,3:l:, 2, J. 4; Cms ' , Coiintiy, 3, 4. JAMES CHRISTIE FARRI5 Columbus, Ga ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I E E RVIN JAMES FEIN New York, N.y. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING a Ka|.r..:i N.,, T,.-asuic-, 4, In c-naliunal fiiTjtions i lub; Radio Clob; Ti-k,1, 1,2. ROBERT L FINKELSTEIN . New York, N ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING I, R, E : Radiu Clut; T.jcl, I, 2; Cioss Countty, I, 2, Sigina Gamma, Piciidciit, LLOVD JOSEPHU5 FISHER, JR Atlanta, Ga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING H.I..I P. 1, 1, 2: Phi Eta Sigma; A. S. M. E,; P: Tau Sigma. FRANCIS FIITS Ridgcwood, N, J. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E E : Eta Kappa Nu. THOMAS WITT FITZGERALD, JR Atlanta. Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Beta Thcta Pi A, S M. E Football Band, 1, 2. 3; Conceit Band, I, 2, 3; Kappa Kappa Psi, Troasuici, 3 HAROLD NEAL FLORENCE Cedartown, Ga. tJDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Chi Phi Hui-ior Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Pni Kappa Phi; Anak; Omicion Delta Kappa, Piesidcnt. 4. Bulldog Club; Industrial Management Society: Alpha Phi Omega: YELLOW JACKET. I, 2, 3, 4, Advertising Manager, 4; Golf, I, 2, 3, 4; Intcrf.aternrty Council, 3. 4, Vice-President, 4; ENGINEER, 3: TECHNIQUE, 2, 3; BLUE PRINT, 3; NWho ' s Who Among Students .n Amci.can Univorsrtics and Colleges. S E n I R s THE 1942 BLUE PRIRT DOUG HANELINE OTicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta PI, Phi Kappa Phi, President of Kappa Sigma. , Ml! JEROME WIGGINS FOGLE INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa Alpha ALVIN GRAY FOISER Decatur, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING JOHN JUNIUS FULLENLOVE Atlanta. Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Delta Tau Delta Anal: Pi Delta Epsllon; lntetf,atcrnity Council, 3, : Skull and Key; Student Council, 4, 5, Treasurer, A; YELLOW JACKET, 2, 3, 4, 5, Editor, 5: BLUE PRINT. I. 2, 3, 4, Manasms Editor, 4; Baseball Manaser, I, 7, 3, 4: President of Delta Tau Delta, 4: Who s Who Amons Students rn Amcr.can Universities and Colleses. WILBUR DULL FULTON Winslon.Salenn, N. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E,: Captain, R. O.T. C. WYCLIFFE SHARPE FURCRON The Plains. Va. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. CHARLES MALCOLM GAILEY Dunwoody, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Honor Roll. I, 2. 3; Ph Ela Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; Gold " T ' ' ; Architectural So ciety. Secretary, 4. ROGER LAWSON GAMBLE, V Loursvillc, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HUGH MANSON GARNER College Park, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGiNEERING WILLIAM ERNEST GARRISON Covington, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 1; President of Y. M. C. A., 4: Student Council, 4; Student Faculty Honor Committee, 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in America n Universities and Colleges. ROBERT ERNEST GARST Louisville, Ky. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Biiacrcar- Society, Vice-President, 4; A. S. M. E.- Co-op Club; Alpha Phi Omega: F.rst Lieutenant. R. O. T. C. SIDNEY ALEXANDER GAYLE, SR High Po.nt, N, C. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omega Phi Psr yellow Jartcl r|„b, PrcsKJcnl, A; Bulldog Club; Goll. I. 2, 3. A ' AROLD TANNER GAYMON Bartow, Fla MECHANICAL ENGINEERING T ' Honor Roll, 1; Pi Tau Sigma; A, S. M E : Second Lieutcnanl, R.O, T.C til. » BHKaB IMB e-A - J»r«»4 QUENTON PREVATT GEIGER Jaclionville. Fla . ElE ' ITRICAL ENGINEERING fe ' VK ' ' ' " ' ■ E " ' GEORGE Vinings, Ga S ' », . MECHANICAL ENGINEERING I , J A, M E . Tcolball Band. I, J, 3, 1- Concert Bond, I, 2, 3, 4 W. l Hl H fr ROBERT WALTER GIBELING East Point, Ga f ' I BHI V % ARCHITECTURE ' :m m m Aichilcclurol Society; Alpha Phi Omega; Y. M,r. A. Cab. net, B W -- . RICHARD GI6IAN Montgomery. Ali T jl tfCSl ' ' " • INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT . L _ JULIAN ADDISON GILMAN, JR R.chniond, Va a MECHANICAL ENGINEERING AMBROSE M GINSBURG Lewisburg, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Tau Epsilon Phi I «n» ilMrifc ■ MMlin Honor Roll, I, 2, 3 Phi Eta Sigma; Phi Kobpa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Gold T ' -; Pi ' r ISM ' fc .WWI kV Tau Sigma; A S ME; Debate Society. I, 2; BLUE PRINT, I; ENGINEER, 2, 3 B M ' ' k CLAIBORNE VAN CORTLANDT eiGVER, Atlanta, Ga % I H JOHN VIRGIL GOZA Atlanta. Ga ■ f I _ .„ INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT First row: left to light: Gayle, Gaymon. . . . Second row: Geigci. George. . . . Third row: Gibeling, Gibian , . . Fourth row: Gilman. Ginsbuig. . . . Fifth row: Glover. Goia. GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHROLOGy WALTER JASPER GRACE, III Macon, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kdppa Alpha Honor Roll, I 2. 3 •!■ Phi Eta Sigma: Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi: Gold " I " : Pi Tau Sis ' ! J Awa.d, 2- Pi Tau Sigma: A. S. M. E.; Oil Can Club: N. R. O. T. C: Navigatoii ' Club. PALMER GIBSON GREENE Cotdcle, Sa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E.: Co-op Club, WILLIAM CARL GREENE SomcHel. Ky. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 2, 3 ' Tau Beta Pi: Btiacican Society. Trcasuict, 4: Eta Kappa Nu: A, I. E, E : Scabfcajd and Blade: Capta.n, R. O. T. C: Signal Coips Jun.o. A«a d. LOVIC PIERCE GREER, JR Valdosia, Sa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tau Beta Pi, Pccsidenl, i; Briae.can Society: Eta Kappa Nu: A. I. E. E.: P es Idcrtt of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, S. WILLIAM WINFIELD GRIER Chailolte. N. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Sigma Glee Singcn, I, 2. 3, 4. JAMES WILEY 6RIFFETH Winder, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Delta au Delta Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4: Phi Kappa Ph,: Gold " T " : Aral, Secretary, 4: Om.cror Delta Kappa, Vrcc-PfCSident, 4; Student Council, 4: Inlcrfralcrnily Council, 3, 4: Vcllow Jacket Club: Industrial Management Society: International Relations Club: Y. H. C. A. Council: Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C.; Second Lieutenants ' Club: YEL- LOW JACKET, 3, 4: BLUE PRINT, 3, 4; Basketball Manager, I, 2, 3, 4, Senior Manager, 4: Baseball Manager, I, 2, 3, 4; President of Delta Tau Delta, 4: I. M. Scholarship Plaque: Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges. LOUIS GRIFFIN, JR Augusta, 6a. CIVIL ENGINEERING Kappa Kappa Psi: Football Band, I, 2, 3, 4: A. S. C. E.: Newman Club, President, 4 RICHARD FISHER GRIFFITH Kansas City, Mo. CIVIL ENGINEERING Sigma Nu A. S,C. E.: C.yil Crew: Co-op Club; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. JOSEPH MARTIN GROOM Atlanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING GEORGE PORTER GUILL Union City, Tcnn. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. (. Ch. E.: Coop Club: American Chemical Society: Captain, R. O. I. C. First row; left to r.ght: Grace, P. G. Greene- . . . Second row: W. C. Greene, Greer, . . , Third row: Grier. Grrlfelh. . . . Fourth row: Griffin, Grrffrth, . . . Frfth row: Groom, Gurll. JIM WRIGHT President of Anak, Omrcron Delta Kappa, Mcmbc of P. Kappa Ph.. W i. OR CLASS ' 42 FRED ALLVN GUNN Genola, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CARL JOHN HAEFELE Slater Island, N. Y. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Dcltj 5.3:713 Ph, H.jnoi Roll. 2. 3: B ' i3cr,-an Socrly. A S, M E. PHILLIP HAGEDORN Welt Poml, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Honor Roll. 2- Industrial Management Society: International Relations Club; BLUE PRINT, 3: YELLOW JACKET, 3. 4, TECHNIQUE, 4. WILLIAM COLE HAIGLER Miami. Fla, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING h Ton Sigma; AS. M E.; N R. O T. C. KENNETH RAYMOND HALL Atlanta. Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Y.;llow Jaclel Club: Band, I. 2. First row; left to right Gunn, Hatd 1, Hi-ro .-,... Second row WALTER STRAUSS HAMBY Coppeihill, Tenn NDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Delta Tau Delta DAVID PIERCE HAMILTON , , Augusta, Ga. GENERAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, I: Fust Lieutenant. R O. T. C STUART ADAMS HAMILTON, JR Manila, Philippine Islanrds MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Bulldog Club: A. S M.E, Tieasu.or. 4; Baseball. I. CHARLES EDGAR HAMMETT Atlanta, Ga, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A S M E, ' :.:3cb,..| and Blade: Capta.n. R. O. T. C : Baseb,.ill, I, 2, CARL DOUGLAS HANELINE Clarlisvllle, Tenn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma Honor Roll, I. 2. 3, Phi Kappa Phr Tau Beta Pi: Gold " T " Omicron Delta Kappa, Treasurci. 4, Interlrate.mty Council. 3, 4. Treasurer. 4; pi Tau Sigma. President. 4: A S- M E . Bulldog Club: Scabbard and Blade: Captain, R. O T. C- Technique, I. 2, 3: YELLOW JACKET. 3, D P Hamilton, 5 A mi - k w a o RAYMOND MILTON HANSEN Kenmoit. Ky MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ASM E,: Fi ' il L.cutcna-t. R. O. T. C. WARREN PAUL HANSEN, Sa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Theta Chi Honor Roll. 1; Alpha Chi Sisma; A. I. Ch. E.: ENGINEER, 2. JOHN WESLEY HARDISON Fort Valley. Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A 5. M. E.: Frrst Lieutenant. R. O. T. C JOHN WYATT HARRIS Windsor. Mo. CIVIL ENGINEERING Beta Kaopa Co-op Club: Civil Crcwy; A. S. C. E.; Inteifratcmity Council. 4; President o( Beta HUNTER CRAYCROFT HARRISON Dallas, Tcm. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Nav.3ators Club; Basketball. I. 2. 3. JACK ADAMS Anak, Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Beta Pi, President of Theta Chi. G fl . TECH BLANTON WINSHIP HASKELL Macon. Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING P. Kappa Alpha Honor Roll, I, 2: Phi Eta Sisma: Tau Beta Pi; Student Council. . 5: Lecture Committee, 4; A. S.M.E., Secretary, 4: Pi Tau Sigma, Treasurer, 4; Oil Can Club: Yellow Jacket Club: First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. WALTER ENSLEBERTHE HELIN Teancck, N. J. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Hnn,j. R,,ll I J A •, Phi Eta Sigma- Pi Tau Sigma: A. S. M. E.; SOM-O- TECH. 4. BERNARD LAMAR HELTON. JR Sandcrsville. Ga. CERAMIC ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epsilon Bulldog Club: Amciican Ceramics Society. WILLIAM BENNETT HENDERSON MempMs. Tenn. CIVIL ENGINEERING n ■ . B- I, ' Phi Eta S.gma: Civil Crew: A. S. C. E.; Neman Club. GEORGIA SCHOOL BOB Sanders Anal. Sludcnt Council, President of Sigma Alpha Eps.lon. ■ ROBERT PETER HERMES Biadlo.d, Pa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Beta Tlicta Pi Oil Can Club: A. S M.E,; Glee Cliib. President. -1. Newi.iaii Club. Debating Socrelv: BLUE PRINT. I WILLIAM HENRV HERMES Bradford, Pa INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Beta The I.] Pi Manageincnt Society, CECIL EARL HERREN JOHN HENRV HEUBECK AECHANICAL ENGINEERING Beta Thcta Pi : , N. R. O T, C ; VELLOW JACKET, I. TECHNIQUE. GORDON CROWL HICKS Atlanta. Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha Honor R:ll I; A 1. Ch E,; SUH ar-d Kcy; BLUE PRINT, I, 2. 3; Cross MARION HIRAM HICKS. JR Lincoln. Ala ELECIPICAL ENGINEERING A I E E. Co-op Club, Lieutenant. R. 0,T r ROBERT HENRy HIGHTOWER, JR Dublin. Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Alpha Epsilon Football, I. THOMAS HILL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Wayncsvllle, N. C. Alpha Chi Siq-na; A, l,Ch E,: Vicc-Prcsrdcnt ol the Y. M,C.A,, 3; Sludcnl Council, 3, A, Secretary, 3; Skull and Kcy; Camera Club; Military Band, 2; Chairman ol Class Ring Committee, 1: Boa ' d ol Directors ol Athletic Asso cial.on; Section Lleulcn,,nt, R O. T- C ; TECHNIQUE. I. 2. 3. 4. Editor. 4 E.titoi n( ' T " Bool, 3; Pi Delta Epsilon; Who ' s Who Among Students ir American Umyeisitics and Colleges. ENGINEERING IRSCH New York. N. Y, ARCHITECTURE Debating Socct,; Baseball. 1; Track. 3. -y Sf n: ( .N . i J O O OF T E C H n L G y S E n I R S ' 42 £ikd M JOHN PRESTON HITE ... . l ... Jdckson, Mm CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kdppa Sl9ma Hono, Roll, I, 2, 3. 4: ?W, E. S.gnna; T«„ B=t. P,; Gold -T " : A. I. Ch. E.; Glc. ' IHIAM LEONARD HOLE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Sisma A i. ME,: Intc.l-atc.nlty Council, }, ; R,|lc Team, 2, 4- President Kappa Sisma, A. FRANK RICHARD HOLLIDAY , MECHANICAL ENGINEERING H :. R = ll. 3 lau Beta P.. StuJcnt Supply S :holarsh,o; Pi Tau Si M. E.: y. M.C, A. Cabinet. ILLIAM WAISON HOLT, JR MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A S. M E.: Newman Club; Capta.n, R. Q. T. C. ARTHUR M. HOPKIN Salt Lake Cty. Utah ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Ho.-o, Roll, I, 2; Ph, Eta S.sma; Co-op Club; Camera Club; Phi Kappa Phi; JOE S. HORNSTEIN o„ , CHEMICAL ENGINEERING President of Co-op Loan Fund, Inc.- Coop Club Secretary A Prcsdcnt Camera Club: A. I. Ch. E.; Captain, R. Q. T. ' C; SOm ' O-TECH Bus. ' n, Manascf, 5. JAMES ULVSSES HORTON „,„,, g ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eto Kitca Nu A L E. E. Scabba-d and Blade: Lieutenant (S, G ; N R O T. C; Navisators ' Club. JOHN DUKE HORTON Salt Lake City, Ut. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING EDGAR MILLER HORWOOD MECHANICAL ENGINEERING M.E.; Debating Society, Secretary, 2, President, i. Mor.treal, Canada GENE LANE HOSS ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 4; A. I. E. E,: Second Lieutenant, R. Q, T First row: left to right; Hile, Hole. . . . Sec- ond row; Holliday, Holt. . . . Third row: Hopkrr), Hornitein. . . . Fourth row: J. u. Horton, I D. Horlon, . . . Fifth row; Nor- wood, Hois. LEROY KNOWLTON HOWES Springfield. Mass GENERAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 2; Camera Club. WILLIAM CHARLES HUMPHRErS Bradcnton. Fla L-rtNERAL ENGINEERING I A. S : Newman Club. WARREN CANDLER HUNT, JR Rome, Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT f. Dtll.3 Eisilon; BLUE PRINT, 2, 3. -1; YELLOW JACKET, 2, 3. 4. SAMUEL THOMAS HURST, JR Foil Valley, Ga ARCHITECTURE Honor Roll, 2 3 Tju Bct.j P. Architoctural Socictv, Vi,;c-Prtiidciit, 5: Ban.-I I. 2. 3. Baptist Student Union. EDGAR EVERETT IRWIN Atlanta, Ga ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HENRV REESE IVEy Tiflon, Ga. GENERAL ENGINEERING Honoi Rrjil. I. 2. 3. -t. Phi Eta Siorna; Tau Beta Pi Pnl Kap pa Phi; Gold " T " ; LAS.. Treasure, -1; Y M.C.A. Cabrnel; Astronomy Club. President, 4. HUGH INGLES JENKINS. JR. Savannah, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Hi. n.;i Roll. 2 A L C E.; First Lici.tcnart. R, O. T. C. ALLAN BARRETT JOHNSON Western Springs, III. CERAMIC ENGINEERING Honor Roll. 2 Amciioan Ceramics Society, President, 4; Glee Club; Trad. I, 2; Basketball, I. BEN HOWARD JOHNSON, JR Nashville, Tenn. GENERAL ENGINEERING I. A. S. MERCER HARRIS JOHNSON Siloam, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT B-irts! Stu.icnt Union. Sccrctary-TreaSurci, 2, 3: Y. M.CA. Cabinci. S E n I R s THE 1942 BLUE PRIRT CHARLIE SANDERS Anal, President of the Senior Class, Captain of the Football Team, Member of Pi Kappa Phi. RO SIER HEyWOOD JOHNSON, JR St. Joseph, Mich. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sis ia Chi Bulldog Club. WILL OSTEEN JOHNSON Columbus, Ga- INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT I ,r- Sjslctbi ' l, I. 2, 3, : Tcnt is, I, 2, !, •= DAVID WHITE JOHNSTON Atlanla, Gd. INDUSTidAL MANAGEMENT Phi Delta Ihcia Picsident of Phi Delta Thcla, ' . DELBERT F, JOHNSTON Macon, Sa. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kapca Sl5ir-s JAMES 5HUIILEWORIH JOHNSTON Grccnviilc, 5. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ? ' i Delia Tkcta JOHN EDMON JOHNSTON Valdosia, Ga ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING I Eta Kappa Nu; Coop Club. ROBERT SAMUEL JOHNSTON MECHANICAL ENGINEERING S ,..,n,i,.s, 5. LINTON DANIEL JOLLY, JR Atlanla, Ga. NDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Bar.d, I, 2, 3, . CHARLES MERKLE JONES CIVIL ENGINEERING - :..- -3 ;-s:-: TEChNiQUE, I, 2, 3, ■!. I HARRY SHEPPARD JORDAN, JR Atlanta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I.Ch. E.r Captain, R. O. T. C. First row: left to r.ght: R Second ro»: J, E. O Johnson, D n. o .f " 5 Q q WEX WILBUR JORDAN, JR Dublin, Sa CIVIL ENGINEERING A ■ F ' .-ibrv i ir , Blade; Captain, R, O- T. r_- " T ' ' Club; Football. I, 2, !, 4. CHARLES RAINE JU5II - Macon, Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT _ Siqms Phi Ervlon 1 B j l H ,A H TEXTILE HOMAS CAMPBELL KARNES, JR- Co.ingto _ , — ™ ,», MECHANICAL ENGINEERING ASM E; Bulldog Club; First Lieutenant, R. O T. C, SEORGE STEEL KEHR Cleveland Heights, Ohio CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Beta Thcta Pi Alpha Ch, Sigma; A. I Ch. E.; Glee Club; TECHNIQUE. 1, 2, 3, 4. Man.jgms Editci, 1, I ' ELLOW JACKET. I. 2 ENGINEER. 1 ' H T " l MILTON EUGENE KELLEV . , Wheeling j 1 J ; B INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT - ' ' —■ - ILLIAM KELLY O.lando. Fla MECHANICAL ENGINEERING S.gma Phi Epsil on M jr ' " , Urt ' A 5 M E. Bulljrg Club; Slull and Key Intctfratcrnltv Co ■ i ' ■? . " BRSf I NIOUE, I. 2. 3; Football. I; Fencing. CLYDE DOUGLAS KELSO, JR Laurel, Mi MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha A S C, E A S M E-; Second Lieutenants ' Club; Second Licutena R. O. T. C; TECHNIQUE. 3 ROBERT STANLEY KEMPTON San Antonio, Te. , ,. ' . ' ' ' j — ilP ' ' W INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT H ' ST H H . 1 YELLOW jacket ' . I, 2, 3, 4, Business ' Managci, 4! ' tECHNIQUE, ' 2, 4; engineer! 1 § I HhK J ° ' - " Baseball 4; Wh ' ' THOMAS FRANKLIN KENDRICK . . - Laurens, S C NDJSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Alpha Epsilon „E ,,»„..« I M Society; Bulldog Club: Golf, 3, ' ■ ; ' Silggil " iW ' ' " ' " ° " 9 ' ' ' ' - " " l " , -lust ' liilllllliih ■ . A ' " w Fourth GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHROLOGy WILLIAM REDDING KENNEDY. JR Augusta. Ga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING H:-pn, Roll, 3; A. S. M.E.; Co-op Club. ROBERT NOEL KERSEY, JR Urgo, Fla ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CHARLES WILLIAM KILPATRICK Atlanta, Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Chi Debating Society. J: Navy Rillc Team. I, 2. 3: Battalion Adjutant, N. R. O. T. C. Navigator! ' Club: Editor of the Nautilus. JOHN MARTIN KING, JR Lanctt, Ala MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Phi Oil Can Club: Yellow Jacket Club, Vice-President, A; Skull and Key, Secretary, 2: Bulldog Club: Pi Delta Epsilon: TECHNIQUE. 1,2.3: YELLOW JACKET, 1,2,3 JOHN OLMSTED KINS, JR Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Delta Thcta JEAN ELMO KIRKLAND, JR Atlanta, Ga. GENERAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Phi Hono ' Roll I, 3- PK, Ela Slgir a- Phi Kappa Phi- I. A. S.; Navig.jtori ' r|,jb N.R. O.T. C. ROBERT SAMUEL KLEBOLD Atlanta, Ga ARCHITECTURE JOHN FRANCIS KNEISEL Atlanta, Ga. GENERAL ENGINEERING A ' , :. ,i.:-ant (J. G.), N. R. T. C : TECHNIQUE, 1. ALBERT YICTOR KOEBLEY, JR Decatur, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Hcnoi Roll, I, 2, 3, 1: Phi Eta S.gma: Phi Kappa Phi: Gold " I ' : Pi Tau Sigma: A. S. M. E.: Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. PETER FRANCIS KORYCINSKI Schenectady, N. Y. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll. 2, 3- Phi Eta Sigma- Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: A. S. M. E.- Cap- !ai- R O T r- ENGINEER 1 4: Baseball, I. 2, 3, 4: Football, I. . K M H First row: left to right: Kenedy, I M I P . . . Second row: Kilpatrick. J. M , » ' , 1 _ ftJ m ' ' " ' ■ ■ " " " ' " " ' - ° " ' " ' Kcrkland. . . Fourth row: Klebold ««t-. Knei-.e l. . Fifth row: Koebl t •■ L. Korycinsk HAL FLORENCE Anak, President of Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Kappa f ' hi, Member of Ch, Phi. OR CLASS ' 42 q. cy , .« ,t First row: left to rijht; Lj LcCraw. Uc, Leedj. . . . Second row: Lester, Leudei ALPHEE FRANCIS LE BLANC Miami, Fla MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SocorJ Lieutenants ' dub; Second L.cutcnjnt, R_ O I C. ROBERT ELMER LECKRONE Canton, Ohic NDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Gamrr.., Delta CARTER BUCK LE CRAW Atlanta. Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Alpha Epsilon II:.- -r Re :, J 1 J jstrlil Management Society: V. M. C. A. Cabinet: Ten-,s, 2, 1 OWEN CLINTON LEE Augusta. Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Chi Phi Honor Roll, I: Pi Tau Sigma: A. S. M. E. JOHN STRATTON LEEDY Atlanta, Ga. GENERAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Phi A :. F,v l,ei;tcnant, R. O. T. C: Swimming, 3. CHARLES ISADORE LEVI Annlston, Ala. GENERAL ENGINEERING Phi Epsilon Pi A ' : Bj-j, I 2 ), t: Kacua Kappa Psi: Alpha Phi Oincg.v Bulldog Club. CLAY HOSAN LEWIS, JR Clarks.ille, Tenn. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma Alpha Chi Sigma: A, I.Ch. E.: Bulldog Club, JAMES CARLTON LEWIS Columbus, Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT T ■ Club: Basketball, I, 2, 3, : Baseball. I, 2, 3, ■! BRUCE MASTERTON Omicron Delta Kappa. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Editor of the ENGINEER, Member of Beta Theta Pi. G fl . TECH G E R G I R S C H I TOM HILL Student Council, Editor o( the TECHNIQUE, Edito. of the T " Bool, Member of Sigma Nu. LEE DAVID LOCKERr Central City, Ky MARION THOMPSON LEWIS Greenwood, S. C. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT M i.-.:. -., JELLCW JACKET, I, ; TECHNIQUE, 2, 3, Football I LLIAM LOWE Ml CRANE LIIPFERT JOHN CURTIS MACKEY Ware Shoali, S. C. TEXTILE ENGINEERING F ' t ' . h.. M,-r,,l,.. 3 ' BJ,iiici,s ri„b; Baptist Student Uni.n, P„:-s,den!, A. CHARLES SIDNEy LINDSAY Atlanta, Ga ARCHITECTURE Pi Kappa Phi Honoi Roll, I. 3 Arthite tuiai Society; Tcn„i., 1, 2. 3, J, Captain, J GLENN HENRY MARCHBANKS. JR Atlanta, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Chi Soeiety, ES EDWARD LOCKERy Central City, ARTHUR C MARTII ELECTRl- ' AL ENGINEERING First row left to right M T E Lockcry, L D. F T E C H n L G y ' Q r% msk ' . K WM F3 kfrj H . S E n I R S ' 42 ROr ALLAN MARTIN Cocoa, Fla. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING E!a Kaoca Nu: A I.E. 6,: Co-op Club: Second Lleutenail, R. O. TC. KENNETH lACKABURT MARVIN Saraiota, Fla CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. l.Ch. E. GEORGE WHATLEy MASSE? Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Honot Roll, 2; Rifle Tcaoi. I. JOSEPH TOOKE MASSEY Macon, Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kaooa Alpha Bulldoj Club: P.clidcnt o( Kappa Aloha, . BRUCE MA5TERT0N Santa Mar.a. Cal. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Beta Thcta Pi Honor Roll. I, 4- Phi Eta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi: Omicfon Delta Kappa- Gold " T " : Freshman Scholarship Cup: A. I. Ch. E. Award; A. I. Ch, E., President, 4- Alpha Chi Sisma, Vice-President, 4: Pi Delta Epsilon, Vice-President. 4 ENGINEER, 2, 3, 4. Editor. 4: BLUE PRINT. I, 2: Who ' s Who ATions Students in American Universities and Colleges. HENRY GRAY MAYO Portsmouth. Va. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Beta Theta PI I M- Society Second Lieutenants ' Club; Second Lieutenant. R, O- T. C; BLUE PRINT, I- YELLOW JACKET, I; Baseball Manager, I. 2. 3. 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleses. ROBERT ERNEST McCALLUM, JR Henderson, Tenn. NDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Alpha Band, I, 2: Kappa Kappa Psi. ARTHUR BRUCE McCLURE Canton, N. C. ELEORICAl ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delta HENRY EMERSON McCOMB, Ga. rivIL ENGINEERING Sisma Chi A. S,C. E. JOHN E McDANIEL, JR Memphis, Tenn, CIVIL ENGINEERING Beta Theta Pi Civil Crew A.S. C. E.; Y. M.C. A. Cabinet: Societv, 2. 3, 4, Pres- ident, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon; BLUE PRINT. 2. 3. 4. First row: left lo right: R. A. Martin. Marvin. . . Second row: G. W. Massey. J. T. Masscy. , . . Third row: Masterton. Mayo. . . . Fourth row: McCallum, McClure. . . . Fifth row: McComb, McDantcl. )«, , r ' i - Vii||!- " - ' iA eft to fight McGdrity, McGi ty, McGt, HENRy ClAy McGARITV .lECHANICAL ENGINEERING ■JAGEMENT S.3-.-a Ch, Sor„-lv: TECHNIQUE. 2. lEy, JR GENERAL ENGINEER :., I. i; P-c Chattanooga, Tehn. Gco.g Stale Southeaster. Conference ol I. R. C: otlon Club, 3. 4; Golf, I. CHARLES T McGRAW, JR . Atlanta, Ga MErHANli:AL ENGINEERING A S. M, E ; 5,-:o.iJ Lioitcnaul, R. O. T. :; EVERETTE KEITH McMAHON Wichita, K CHEMICAL ENGINEERING H,,.,o. f 1 2, 3, -1 - ' ■ , Ela Sigma, Ta.. Beta Pi; A I. Ch E, ENGINEER EDWIN AMBROSE McGUIRE Florence. S. C. MDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT JE PRINT, I, 2 THOMAS KNOX ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING fi Kappa Alpha A I, E E,: Co-op Club EUGENE McNENNEy MECHANICAL ENGINEERING S E n I R s THE 1942 BLUE PRIRT GEORGE EAGER ;ines! Marajef of ihe ENGINEER, Member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. fRANK MARTIN McNULTY Dawior, Gj. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT A 5. ■ E-: Inletnat.onol Relations Clob: TECHNIQUE. 3 FARQUHAR McRAE, JR Savannah, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Chi Pii A. S, ' _. E : TECHNIQUE. I. 2: YELLOW JACKET, 1; Afmy R.Mc Tccn, I. HARVEy MARION MEICALF Albany. Ga ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A I E E.: Inlcrnalionjl Relations Club, Vlcc-Pres.dcnl, 3, P cs.dcnt. -i y M PRANK WALTER MICHAL Newaik, N. J. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, ■ ; Phi Eta S.sma; P. Tao Sisma: Newman Club: A. S, M. E.: Inlernalional Relations Club. FRANK ALEXANDER MILLER, JR Atlanta, Sa. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. GEORGE ERICKSON MILLER CIVIL ENGINEERING Civil Crew: A. S.C. E.: Caolain, R.O. I. C; Golf, JOHN ALEXANDER MILLER ... Atlanta, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Chi Pn, A:- ■,:::, 5 S : : c:. P.cs dent, ; rELLOW JACKET, I, 1. Fencing. I. 2. J. SEBASTIAN GEISREITER MILLER Atlanta, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Chi Phi YELLOW JACKET. I, t; Fcnclns, I, 2; Cross Country, I. chaleiewski, F. A iwB EDWIN THOMAS MITCHELL Decatur, Ga, CERAMIC ENGINEeRING ERIC JULIAN MONAGHAM. JR. Philadelphia, Pa i-ENERAL ENGINEERING JOHN GEORGE MONCK Biooklyn, N ' tkAMIC ENGINEERINC. pL-lta Siaina Phi Aii.i.nan ( crain.t Socct,, Siull and Key; Intcilialerml, t ouncil, 2, i TECHNIQUE, I, 2, Swimming, I, 2. 3, WILLIAM FRANKLIN MOODY Little Rock. Ark. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING S.stna N. Elj Kappa N„, P . ..uci 1, -i. Coop Club, Scabbaid an.l Blade; Lieutenar.t- R O T C JOSEPH RIDDELL MOORE Atlanta, Ga, MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sigma Phi Epsilon A S M E RAUL GALBAN MORA Havana, Cuba civil ENSINEERING NORMAN JAMES MORRISON, JR. Chevy Chase, Md. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HoMf Roll, 2 3 Iju Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu; A I E E Pciidcnt 4; Came. a Club,, 3, Pieiident, 4 EUGENE GREGORy MULLING , . fort Stoiy, Va MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Sisma Ch, A, S M.E; Alpha Phi Omcsa, Fust Lieutenant, R.OT, C DAVID JOSEPH MURPHY Atlanta, Ga. ARCHITECTURE Sigma Alpha Epsilon .• So ' .lcty; Newman Club; YELLOW JACKET. I. PASCAL H MURPHY Etowah, Tenn ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING y M C, A, Cabinet Fifth row D, , Muiphy, P, H GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHOOLOGy CHARLES TABER MURRAV, JR. Columbia, S. C. - _ mmm HOWELL HEARD NEEL Thomaivilk, Sa I W _ H MECHANICAL ENGINEERING I ,. ± V . .JH H Kappa Alpha C l CYRUS MILTON NEUNER Ga. J 1 MECHANICAL ENGINEERING fv " A S. M E.: I.acl. 3 J K j DAVID HENRy NEWBr AU H A 1 t V I H Honor Roll. A Tau Beta Pi; Bnacean Soc.cly; A I E E AUGUSTUS HOKE NICHOLLS Ithaca, N. Y, V M CHEMICAL ENGINEERING t W M W V . : E E , Ca.c. CI..: Mc .a.iona, C. | ' ; _ LEONARD DAVID NIFNECKER Fort Worth, Tt. as . i GENERAL ENGINEERING - - . . _ I, AS., Pici.dcit. 4 ■E1_ ' _ x JOHN LA WALL NISBET Winston. Salem. N HT B H M TEXTILE Pf 1 B B V H Glee , JimMw fL M ROY CARL NIX Cleveland. Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ALEE. -Tn » JAMES MARSHALL NORMAN, JR Atlanta, Ga ' " " INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ' I ..,:■=.=-: „ u. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING H B ' Alpha H A H Jk I Honor Roll, 3, 4- Oil Car Club: A. S. M. E.; Lieutenant (j. 3.) N. R. O. T. C: 1 lA , H ' pint row: left to right Murray, Neel [ k ilffik l S " ° " i ' »: Neuncr, Newb, BOB KEMPTON • m Third row: Nicholls, N.fnecker. . . . Onnicron Delta Kappa, Bus.ness Manager of the 1 I ■ yELLOW JACKET, Member of Beta Theta P.. , B I B Fourth row: Nrsbel, Nri. . . . Filth OR CLASS ' 42 HOLMES NORTON REDDING GARRETT OGLESBY Mum,, Fid ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A I [ f k.i.ho riub, i-ifst Licutci .v.i, R. O I GEORGE P OLCOTT East Orange, N. MECHANICAL ENGHJEERING A, S M. E,: Fi 5! Licutrriart, R O, T C. EDWARD KINCHL OVERSIREET, III Sylvania, Ga ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Delia Tag Delta Honot Roll. 2. 3, Tau Eta Kappa Nu. Scc.ctaiy, 4; A 1. E E; _nar t, R O. T C • P. Delta Epsllo- BLUE : VELLOW JACKET, 3, 1; E.chaiiir Ei-toi, 1 STEVE CLEMETS OWEN, JR Woodbuiy, Ga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. C M, E , Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C YRON HERBERT PALMER, JR. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING !. S- P ' ,. Eta E.sna- Ph. Kappa Pl i- Sneercjn So.:. el,; Eta E. E ; Co-op Club; Ra )ic Club. P.csideni, 4; Liei;tc..- a-t. R. O T C: SOM-O-TECH. GEORGE EDWARD ORR - , - - Chattanooga, Ti ■VHEMICAL ENGINEERING Theta Ch, Hone, Roll. 1; Ph, Eta 5.»ma: Freshman Scholarship Cup; Alpha Ch. S.g Secretary. 4; A. I Ch, E, Vrce-Prcs.cJenl, 4; Bulldog Club; y M, C. HUBERT PATTERSON Relat.ons Club CASSIUS LEE PEACOCK Atlanta, Ga CIVIL ENGINEERING S.gma Ch, Honor Boll, I, 3. 1- Ph. Eta; Tau Beta Pt; Ph. Kappa Phi; Omicron Dslla Kappa; Gold T; Biracrcan Soc.ely; Co-op Club, Tfeasuier, 5; Sccretaiy- Treasure, of the Senror Class; Captain. R, O, T C; A. S. C. 6-, Vice-President, S- Civil Crew, Vice-Presrdcnt. 5; ENGINEER. 4. 5, Managing Ed. tor, 5; SOM-O- TECH. 3. 4, 5. Edrtof, 5 iM 00 S --«% ml Siik Second ' Ow; Ph.llips, Pi - GLENN FORTSON PEACOCK Co CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. Ch. E. HENRY WHITMAN FEARCE. JR INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT HtinoJ Roll, 4; football, I, 2. JOHN RANDOLPH PEEPLES Aususld, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Thcta Chi A. S. C. E.t! C,c«. WALTER M PENNEy Decatur, Ala. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kaopa Alpha Pi Delta Epsilon; TECHNIQUE, I, 2, 3: BLUE PRINT, 2, 3, A. Bwmcis Manascr, ■!; President of Pi Kappa Alpha, . RICHARD JOSEPH PETERSON Wash.nstoo, D C. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 3: Football, I. JES LEWIS PHILLIPS, JR MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Ho -or Roll, I: A. S M. E. G fl . TECH 43RIEL JAMES PICOZZI Summit. N. J. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Glee Sinjcfs: Ncwr a-. Club. ED scon Omicion Delta Kappa, Student Council, President of Sigma Nu. EDWARD MILLER PIEPER St. Louii, Mo. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Beta Thcta Pi Honof Roll I- Phi Eta Siscr o ' A. S. M. E.- Oil Can Club; I. A. S.: Pi Delta Epsilon TECHNIQUE. I- ENGINEER, 3: VELLQW JACKET, I, 2, 3, 4, 5; Baseball, I. EUGENE L PIROG Giecnficld, Mass. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Chi Psi I, M. Soclctv: Pi Delta Epsilon: Debating Society: YELLOW JACKET. 2. 3. A RALPH A. PLASTER Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Kappa Sigma Bulldog Club: ' ootball, 1, 2, 3. 4. il G E R G I R SCHOOL CASH PEACOCK Om.cron Delta Kappa Tau Beta Pi, Ph, Kappa Phi. Editor of the SOM-O-TECH. RICHARD EDWARD PRINCE Noiiolk, Va MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A S M, E , B,jnd, I, 2, 3, 4: Camera Club. ROBERT KING PROTHRO Griffin, Ga HEMICAL ENGINEERING Kappa Alpha A I Ch E ; Alpha Ch, 5,, ma JAMES PARROTT POOLE Amcricus, t INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Alpha Tau Omega Honor Roll. : Anah Intcrratcrnilv Council, 2- Eulldos Club, Pr.-iidg-u I M. Socir-lv: Pi Delta Epsilon; Skull and Key; BLUE PRINT, I, 2, 3, 4, Busin Manager, 4: VELLOW JACKET, 2, 3; ENGINEER, 4; Who ' s Who Among Studc m Amciirin an I Universities Colleges- President Alpha Tau Omega 4 CHARLES H. POWER HEMICAL ENGINEERING ROBERT McBRIDE PRyOR, JR Moultrie, Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Phi A, S- C, E ; YELLOW JACKET, 3- TECHNIQUE, 3, WALTER HUDSON PULLEN Atlanta, Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT M ' joe-et, IMeiliaternity Council, 4; BLUE PRINT, 2; TECHNIQUE, 2- President of Sigma Chi. 4. EDMUND JANES PRICE, JR Vcntor City. N. CIVIL ENGINEERING Sigma Nu A S. C E, C.vil Cew, Foil and Mail. Vice-President, 4 TECHNIQUE, 3, Vell-w Jaclet, 3, 4, Fencing. 3, 4 WILLIAM ALEXANDER PRICE Atlanta, G NPUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT L M. Society, Sccretaiy, 4, Honor Roll, I, 2, Oaytona CIVIL ENGINEERING Thcta Ch, Eta Sigma; Tau i3eta Pi- " hi Kappa Phi; Sold •T " Society; Co AMES WYLIE OUILLIAN, JR. ENGINEER. Dayto Lieutenant. R. O. T. eft to right: Poole. Power. E J Pii Second row Prothro. PfyOr,, IF T E C H n L G y ty • S E n I R S ' 42 STOKES RAMSAUR Grceovillt, S. C. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Kappd Alphd Honor Roll. I: Phi Psi, Sccrclaiv, : IntC ' f ' CounCfl, 3. , President, ■, Slirll and Key: Bulldog Club; YELLOW JACKET, I, 2, !. EUGENE MArSON RANSOM Allanla, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Sigma AlDha EpS ' lon Ph, Pi, CHASE BROADWATER READ, JR Jackionvillc, fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau S.gma; A. S, M. E,; Co-op Club, Vicc-Prcsidcnt, S; Y.;llow Jacket Club; Alpha Phi Omega; Scabbard and Blade; Maior, R. O. T. C. CHARLIE PHILLIPPS REEVE, JR Calhoun, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Glee Club; N, R. O. I. C; Football Band, I, 2. 3. 4. Captain, 4 Kappa Kappa F51, President. 1; A. I. E. E. WILLIAM HENRy REEVES, JR Tallahassee, Fla CIVIL ENGINEERING Thcia Chi A. S. C. E.; C.vil Crew; yellow Jacket Clup; Glee Cleb; ENGINEER, 2 P.cs.ocnt of Thcta Chi; A. JAMES LEONAOUS RESPASS. JR Atlanta. Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Chi Phi 1. M. Society; Football. I. GEORGE WILLIAM RIBBLE Atlanta. Ga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING FRANK JOSEPH RICHARDSON, JR San Juan, Puerto INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT WILLIAM GEORGE RICHARDSON San Juan, Pucrt Rico INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT International Relations Club; Newman Club; Second Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. JAMES KENNETH RICHMOND Atlanta. Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Eta Kappa Nu; A, I. E. E. First row: left lo light: Ramsaur. Ransom. . . . Second row Read, Reeve. . . . Third row: Ree ' cs. Respess. . . . Fourth row: Rit ble. F. J. Richardson. . . . Filth low: W. G. Rrchardson, Richmond. Rois, Rowland, C R, 5a Ro3s -, D S Rosi HES WESLEy RIGDON Tiflon. Ga ELELTRICAL ENGINEERING Nu: first L.cutcnatit, R. O T. C: A. I E. E , Vice Preside-:, 1 ••• M T A Cabinet- ENGINEER. 3, 1; Tracl, I. JOHN FREDERICK ROGGE B.nghamplon, N. ' INDUSTRIAL -MANAGEMENT Beta Tticia Pi i, M. Socrctv; Ncwmar, Club, TECHNIQUE, I, 2, 3 4- VELLO JACKET, 3, Baseball, I, LLIAM JACOCKS RIVERS NI ' AL ENGINEERING 5r„a t ' 1,1 Epsiloi. A i. M, E, BRITT ROBERTS Morrrs, G ARrHITECTUSAL DESIGN jl Sec.etv, YELLOW JACKET, 3, 4; BLUE PRINT 3, 1, TECHNIQUE, ENGINEER, 4, SOM-OTECH, 3: P. Delta Epsilon, «RRY JACKSON ROSS FRED VEAL ROWLAND CIVIL ENGINEERING Cre : Newman Club; Dcbatcnq Socn ARL ADAM ROESSLER MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CHARLES ROBERT SANDERS Birmingliam, Ala, NDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Pi Kappa P ' -.i President of the Scmor Class; I. M, Society; " T " Club, Prcsrdent, A. Scabbard and Blade; N, R. O. T, C; Football. I, 2. 3. A. Capla.n, 1; Track, I. 2, 3. A. S E n I R s THE 1942 BLUE PRini BOB THOMPSON Delta Kappa, Member o( Si. Eps.lon. ROBERT JACKSON SANDERS NOUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sisma Alpha Eps.lon Anak; Student Counc.l. 4, Tf _ _ Key; Ensisn, N. R. O. T. C; ENGrNEER, 4; Foot baTl ,.,„„„,«, , Manaser. 4: Golf, 4; President of Sigma Aloha Epiilon, JACK EDWIN SANDS Columbus Ga TEXTILE ENGINEERING ' ' ■■ • ' ■ A A r. C. C: Glee Club: SOM-O-TECH. i, -t DAVID SAUL i.i . Atlanta, Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Tau Epsilon Phi Honor Roll, 3, 4; I. M. Soc.cty: Camera Club: BLUE PRINT, I: ENGINEER. 2, 3. HARRy CLIFTON SAVAGE Atla CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Alpha Hj-cr Bo I, I: A, I. Ch. E-: Blue Print, I, 2. FRANK ANDERSON SAYRE, JR Galveston UEIHANICAL ENGINEERING VILLIAM WHITFIELD SCARBOROUGH, JR. . . . INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT EUGENE LEWIS SCHENCK, JR Coll.j. Park, Ga CIVIL ENGINEERING Ron, ,: ' ■ ' J O-Sa. S C.E.G.IOe.: Scabbard and Blade: CLVDE PAGE SCHLESINGER, JR Chattanooga Tenn CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ° ' . . - - _ Stabba-d ar d KURT EGON SCHULHERR Atlanta, Sa. CHEMISTRY A afd Al ' rl ' hJVh- {■ ■ ■ ' ' c ' . ' fP ' U ' ' ' i ' - " ' " ' " ' " ■■ 5k " " a-d Key: Scholarship Award: Alpha Chr Srjma Scholarship Award- Phi Eta Siama- Amcr r an Chcri.ral Sctietv: ENGINEER. 2, 3, 4: TECHNIQUE ' , 4 RICHARD SAMUEL SCHWARCZ New Vork N Y ARCHITECTURE Tau Epsilon Phi A.rch.tcctu ' ol Society; Intcrfratcrnity Council 2 3 4- Sernnd I ;,.,,f,.„=„«,- ri i. Second L.eutcnant, R. O. T. C: Fo l and " Mask: ' F ncinl. ' t 3 ' V- BLUE PR Nl ' I, 2, 3: YELLOW JACKET, I ' ' St row: left to right: R. i Sandc Scarborough, Schenek. i O (fS n a n a il Ib Ji .;» i 1 C Ch EDWARD FRANCIS SCOTT Tampa, Fla. ARCHITECTURAL ENGINEERING Sisma Nu Honor Roll, 2; Omicron Delia Kappa; Scabbard and Blade, Captam, ; Student ' ouncil, 4; Yellow Jactet Club; Cheerleader, 2, 3, 4; ViccPresidcnt of the Junior Class: Captain, R, O, T. C ; Archrtcctural Society: Intcrlralcrnrly Coonerl, 3, 4; Newman Club; TECHN ' QUE, 4; YELLOW JACKET. 4; P.esrdcnt o( Sisma Nu, 4. JAMES FRANKLIN SCOTT lEfHANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omcsa A. S. M. E ; Blue Pr.nt, I, 2 JOHN EARLE SCOTT, JR Atlanta, Ga TEXTILE ENGINEERING Cbr Psr A A T I. C , BLL ' E PRINT, I, YElLOi ' JACKET, 2, 3; Trsrl, I, 2, !, 4. CHARLES LYNN SEACORD Atlanta, Sa GENERAL ENGINEERING A 5 i:!ir„.:,5 Club, P-oirde-l, 3, Vic-.Prcsrdcnt, 4- Y. M C A. Cabin.;! Al,,lia ?hi Om oga; ENGINEER 2; TECHNIQUE. 3. 4; BLUE PRINT. 3, 4 .t REYNOLDS SEAY New Orleans, La ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Tau Omesa -pa Nu; A I E. E.; Intcrtraternrty Council, 4; Yellow Jacl,-t Club dcr, 2. 3, 4, Head. 4; Scabbard and Blade; Captain, ROT. 2, 4; I. R. 2, 4; President of on.-,. Poll I. 2, 3, 4 Phi Eta Sisma; Ttiu Beta P. Phi Kappa Phr ( S C E; Civil Crew, Slull and Key,, 2; Camera Club, Sei Bulldo9 Club- Glee Singe, s- Blue Print. I; Basletball Manager. I, LTER SAMUEL SHARSHON HEMICAL ENGINEERING MAXWELL LOUIS SHATZEN. JR Atlanta. Ga CHEMISTRY Phi Epsilon Pi Amciican Chemical Society; Band. I. 2. 3. 4; Second Lieutenant. 3. First Lieu- tenant. 4- Kappa Kappa Psi. Vice-President, 4; Pi Delia Epsilon; Alpha Ph Omega; Bulldoj Club. Treasurer. 4; Student Council. 4; Y. MCA. Cabinet, TECHNIQUE. I. 2. 3. 4; YELLOW JACKET. I. 2. 3. 4; BLUE PRINT, 2, 3, 4 Wno ' s Who Among Students n American Uniyersifics and Colleges. FRANK LOUIS SHERA S M E , First Lii REED EDWIN SHIPLEY HANICAL ENGINEERING R, O. T. C ; President ol Phi Sigrr row left to right E. F. Scott, J. F. I. . Second row, J E Scott, Seacord Thrrd row Scay, Shackelford . , Fourth Sharihon, Shatien , . . Fifth row: She- ram, R. E Shipley, GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHHOLOGy VERNON McCOY SHIPLEY, JR Savannah. Ga. ARCHIIECTURE Delta Tau Delia Architectural Society. WILLIAM McGEE SIMPSON Brunswick. Ga. ARCHITECTURE S.srria Chi rai Society; N. R. O. T. C; YELLOW JACKET. I. EDWARD RUPERT SMITH Atlanta. Ga. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT ri:_. _, a.:ll, j; I M S-jccSy. Treasurer. ; YELLOW JACKET, I; IE ' UNIQUE, I- EUGENE ALVAN SMITH Atlanta, 6a. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll. 2. 3. 4; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kaooa Nu; A. I. E E.; Braerean Soc.cty; Phi Kapoa Phi; Second Lieutenant. R. O. T, C. HARRY CLAY SMITH Millville. N. J. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Baseball Manaser. I. 2. 3. . JACKSON STOCKS SMITH. JR Mount Vernon. N. Y. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Ph, Sigma Kappa Honor Roll. I- Phi Eta Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Omicron Delta Kappa, Secretary, -4; Eta Kappa Nu- Interfrateroity Council, 2. 3. 4; Student Council. 4; Bulldog Club ' Pi Delta Epsilon; A. I. E. E.; BLUE PRINT. I. 2. 3. 4, Editor-in-Chicf. 4; Yellow Jacket, 3. 4; Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges; President ol Phi Sigma Kappa. 3, 4. MONROE JEROME SMITH. JR Brookline, Mass. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Ph, Epsilon Pi A A. T, C- C; TECViNIGUE. I; Swl,-r ming. I, GEORGE LUKE SOUTHER Macon. Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A S. M.E.; First Lieutenant. R. O. T. C. RUSSELL WILLIAM SPREEN Nutlcy, N.J. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. ROBERT McKINLEY STAFFORD Moores.ille. N. C. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Ctrl Sig.-na; A. I. Ch. E; Co-op Club. F k jr Smith. E. A. Smith . . . Third row; K ■ B ■ H C. Smith, J S. Smith . . . Fourth B row: Spreen. StaHord. JOE HORNSTEiN on Delta Kappa. Phi Kappa Phi, Bi ager of the SCM-O-TECH. OR C L R S S ' 42 fRANK W. STOPINSKI, JR Birmirsham, Ala. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Mono, Rnll I Phi Ela Siqr a Tau Bcla Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; A-S. M.E; ' cllo Jaclcl Club, ERNEST EUGENE STOTT Atlanta, Ga. CERAMIC ENGINEERING Ari-(ri.:an Ceramics Society. Scccctary, 3; Lieutenant, R- O T, C. ALEXANDER JACKSON STOVER Atlanta, Sa. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING GEORGE W STRADTMAN, JR Savannah, Ga. NDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Chi Psi I, M, Soc.oty; Lieutenant, R O. T. C; Swimming, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4, JAMES PARKER STURROCK West Palm Bcaeh. Fla. GENERAL ENGINEERING Alpha Phi Omega, Picsidcnt, 4; Camcia Club; I A S.; Foil and Mast, Cap- tain, 4; Fencing. I, 2, 3, 4. d row: Stopinski, Stott, Stover, n f n ' I f % «ft to trght; Tate, C ROSCOE C TATE Breton, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Phi: A, S. M. E. CHARLES ALVIN TAYLOR DeFunlak Springs, Fla. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Horor Roll, 2, 3: Phi Kaopa Phi: A. I. E. E: Siudcnl Union. EVAN AUGUSTUS TA LOR, JR Macon, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING % mi, Chi Phi Ps A. AT . C. Football Band, 2, 3, 4: Kappa Kappa Psi, Secretary, 4: L.c ' jtcnant, R. O. T. C. FRANK ABE TAYLOR Meridran, Miss. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Theta Honor Roll 2, 3- Tao Beta Pr: Pi Tau Sigma: Bulldog Club: Skull and Key: Oil Can Club- A. S.M.E.: Scabbard and Blade: N.R.O. T. C: President of Phi Delta Theta, 4. GROVER CARLYLE TA LOR Rocky Mount, N. C. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING JACK CRAIG TENNISON Teiarkana, Aik. INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Alpha Epsilon I. M. Soc.cty: Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Kappa Kappa Psr: TECHNIQUE, I: Engineer, 4. EDWARD ALEXANDER THOMPSON Atlanta, Ga. NDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sigma Phi Epsilon Bulloog Cli,D: TECHNIQUE, 2: Baseball, I: President of Sigma Phi Epsilon, 4. JOEL WILLIAM THOMPSON Charleston, S. C. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Sigma Kappa Concert Band, I, 2; Camera Club: A. S. M. E. JOHN ERASER THOMPSON Atlanta, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, I, 2, 3; Phi Eta Sigma: A. I. Ch. E.: Second Lieutenants ' Club: Sec- STOKES RAMSAUR Student Council, President ai the lnter raternity Council, Member of Kappa Alpha. G fl . TECH GEORGIA S C H IF T E C H n L G y r» • S £ n I R S ' 42 EDWIN SPRINGER VOORHIES Naihville, T.nn. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Mono. Roll, I: Phi Eta S.sno; Coop Clob: A. S. M. E.: ' T ' Club; Baseball, ARTHUR LAMAR WADE Tampa, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Alpha Phi Omcsa: Capta.n, R.O. T. C: Foil and Mask- Fencing 12 3 4 Captain. 4. ' JOSEfH PAITON WAGNER McCays..lle, Ga. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M, E. FRED LE VERNE WALKER Deeatu , Sa. CERAMIC ENGINEERING Kappa Sigma American Ceramic Society, Vice-President, 3; First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. WASHINGTON EDWIN WALKER Birm.ngham, Ala ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A, I. E. E. WILLIAM GERALD WALTERS Martir,, Ga. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING ll-.-.or Rsli, ., -1; Ph. Eta Sigma; Tau Beta PI; A. I.Cn. E.; Baptist Student Union. WALTER GEORGE WANAMAKER, JR BuWalo N Y MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Delta Sigma Phi Glee Club; Swimming, I, 3. JOSEPH SHELVVN WANSLEr Llncolnton Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT HENRy OWEN WARD, JR o lin Ga INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT :c-;ert Band, I, 2 3, 4, 5; Football Band I, 2, 3, 4. 5; Kappa Kappa Psi,, 5; Swimming, I, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4, J. LANE WARE c,,„ ,j - Fitzgerald, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Hono, Roll, 2, 4; A. I. E. E., Secetarv-Treasurcr. 4; Radio Club. First row: lefi to right; Voorhies, Wade. . . . Second row; Wagner, F. L. Walker. . . . Third row; W. E. Walker, W. G. Walker. . . Fourth row; Wanamaker, Wansley. . . . Fifth row; Ward, Ware. n rv ; Secord row. W. C. Weeks, iilon, H E Wl lAGtMENT Foitball Band, I, 2 WILLIAM CALOIN WEEKS, JR Atlanta. Ga NDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sisma Chi I " Club: Trad, I, 2, 3. A. Foolball. I, 2. 3, 4; 2, Trod, I, 2, 3, JAMES WARREN WEBSTER Atlanta, Ga TEXTILE ENGINEERING H........ Pell, I. Phi P5i, A A T C,C; Ddjting Coiuty. JIM RAY WEDDINGTON FELDER S WEEKS HUGH EDWARD WHITE Gastonia, N. C. ARCHITECTURE Aichitccluial Sociciv, Treasurer, 4. S.snia, P.cs.den FRED WILLIAM WHITEHEAD Miami, Fla INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Honor Roll, 3. Alpha Phi Omeso, President. 3, 4; A S C E.; S E n I R s THE 1942 BLUE PRIRT RALPH WINSTON WHITLOCK Atidnta. Gd. LEWIS WILNER Atlanta. Ga- INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Sisma Alpha Epsilon Tau Epiilor, Phi Skull and Kc»: Yellow Jacket Club: Cheerleader, 2, 3, ■•: Scabbard arid Blade. Comma-.dcr, N. R. O. T. C; Novijators ' Club; Who ' s Who Ar ong Studcn ( li American Ur ivcfsitie5 end Colicscs. WARD IRWIN WINNE JOHN JAMES WILD Lynbrook. N. J. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Delta Slsnia Phi ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Phi Delta Thcta A, 1 E. E : 1 R, E.; Football, 1, 2, 3, 4; Track, 1. MELBOURNE LEE WINTON . . . . BushrMll, Fla. JOHN GRANVILLE WILDER, JR Atlanta, Ga. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING :ii:,ar Rcll. 1. 3. fi. Kjppa Phi: Gild ■■T " : A. 1. E E.: Debat. 3 S.c,iet . GENERAL ENGINEERING A. S.: CaiT cra Club, Secretary, 3: BLUE PRINT. 3. • ; TECHNIQUE, 3. HOWARD LEE WOOD . . Clarkcs.llle, Ga. SIDNEY WHEELER WILLIAMS, JR Atlanta, Ga. TEXTILE ENGINEERING 1 INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Phi Psi: Baptist Student Unio Honor Roll. 2: 1. M. Society: YELLOW JACKET. 3. DAVID ELLERY WILLIS Tampa, Fla. MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A, S. M. E.: Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. CHARLES WILLIAM WRIGHT Brentwood, Mo. CIVIL ENGINEERING Coop Club, Secretary, S; A. S. C. E.: C.vrl Crew: Scabbard and Blade. Fust row: left to right » Winner Wlnnc Wmton Vl M ' ii First .ow J E. Wtisht, Wngley , . Second JAMES EARL WRIGHT Lanell, Ala. TEXTILE ENGINEERING Pi Kappa Phi Anal President ■ ■ Omicrofi Delta ' iaopa- Pti. Psi, President. 4; Scabbard and Blade Alpha Phi Omcria- " T ' ' Club,, 4; President of Junior Class; Vice-President rjt Sen. or Class; Student Council, 3; Intei fraternity Council, 3, 1; Ensign N COT. f . Navisatais ' Club; Bulldog Club; Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Alternate Captain, 4; Who ' s Who Amcng H.-dcnts in American Ur.neisities and Colleges. CLARENCE WILLIAM WRIGLEY Atlanta, Ga. NDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT Honoi Roll, 3, 4. LLIAM FLORIN WRyE, JR ENGINEERING . I. E. E.; Radic TOM yOUNG yOUMANS Titlon, Ga MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Phi Gamma Delta A S. M. E. S E n I R s OFFICERS OF THE JUniOR CLASS E. B. VAN VOORHEES President R. O. DODD Vice-President W. K. WOODARD Secretary-Treasurer VAN VOORHEES EDDIE VAN VOORHEES AND BOBBY DODD M Sk f • tr-Sif DODO, WOODARD L. A, AAPONS Savannah. Ga, F, R. ADAIR Atlanta. Ga. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON A. B. ADAMS St. P.t.-rsbuig, Fla. BETA KAPPA J, P. ADAMS. JR. Columbia. S. C. ALPHA TAU OMEGA J. AIZPURU Tampa, Fla. R G. ALDERMAIJ Atlanta. Ga. J. R. ALLEN .... T.:et, ' rvilL-. Ont.. Canada SIGMA NU S. D. ALLEN Savannah, Ga. PHI GAMMA DELIA B. ALONSO C--nfucgos. Cuba M. AMIGUET Habana. Cuba T. G. ANDERSON .... Mount Hop ' . W. Va. PI KAPPA PHI W. B. ARGO Am.Ticu ' .. Ga. B. M, ARGUDIN Pinar del Rio. Cuba M, W. APPIN Savannah, Ga. TAU EPSILON PHI H. H. ARMSTRONG Savannah. Ga. ALPHA TAU OMEGA L. H. ARNOLD Norv ood, Ga. H. B. ASHE Stone Mountain, Ga. L. ATWELL Solma, Ala. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON W. R. AUSTIN Wallingford, Conn. mik THE 1942 . H. AVER . JR Atlanta, Ga CHI PSI B. J. AVCOCK Atlanta, Ga PHI DELTA THETA M. J. AVRES Dcratuf, Ga H. S. BAIRD Atlanta, Ga W. L. BAKER, JR. Tallahassee, Fla KAPPA ALPHA I C. BARNETT Nashville, Tenn. G. H. BARNEY West Hartford, Conn. P. BAROUCH Miami, Fla. L. E BASSETT. JR. Cedartown. Ga. CHI PHI C. W. BASTEDO West Orange, N. J. PHI KAPPA SIGMA P. H, BATTON Macon, Ga. L. I. BAWER Miami Beach, Fla. TAU EPSILON PHI T, C. BAZEMORE JR. Atlanta, Ga. W. S. BAZEMORE Waycross, Ga. H. S. BELL. JR. Elberton, Ga. SIGMA CHI J. V. SENATOR Atlanta, Ga. S. M. BERMAN Augusta, Ga. B. D. BERNSTEIN BrooUyn, N. Y. P. E. BERRY Norfolk, Va. BETA THETA PI ' 1 4 ' ri 1 - -r I % i - C. F. BETHEA Atlanta, Ga J. L. BETHUNE, JR. Atlanta, Ga W. P. BIGGERS, JR Decatur, Ga E. W. BIVANS Macon, Ga. S. H. BLACKWELL, JR. Columbus. Ga. J. J. BLANK Thomaston, Ga. E. T. BLANTON Talbotlon, Ga. Jr BtooUyn, N. y. • Atlanta, Ga. X ' : f: :fiAN:i jN I . . . Morcland, Ga. B C, BOSWtLL, JR. East Point, Ga. J. E. BOYD Windsor, Conn. J. F. BROCK Atlanta, Ga. R. N. BRUCE Memphis, Tcnn. u n 1 R s ALPHA TAU OMEGA Sobrlng, Fla Atlanta, Ga J. W. BUNGER Savannah, Ga y o, SU coRD Pleasant View, Va. . . Passaic, N. J. • Little Rocl., ArL . Clarlsvillc, Tcnn, ct, Ga Sm.thvillc, Ga C. W. BUSSbx Atlanta, Ga H. H. BUTTS Pickatd, Ga S. L. CAMP Greenville, Ga W. H. CAMP Sylvester, Ga D. F. CAPEHART Rocky Face, Ga W. H. CARE ' ' St. Petersburg, Fla L... :! " - ' til ii I ' fc o f (f ■■ a. o » Q 4 L i Sd X 1 A1k • ■ i nil tfil 1 . CI a T H ( 19 4 ' -i i ( H c.-a-. Ga, .:.-an, Ga, := : -c-c, Md -rsrc-. Ala. it " T=, Ga. - A!a. ci, Ga. N. y. Lc.:r. Ic. Ky. :SN C— A ' q o n o q e 6 o r „ | c?l a E. p. CURRy Orla.,do, Fl». W. G. DANIEL Atlanta. 6a. J. W. DAVIE West Blocton. Ala. M. C. DAVIE West Blocton, Ala. F. C. DAVIS. JR. Columbus. Ga. E. H. DEMERE Atlanta, Ga SIGMA ALPHA EPSIION M. R. DEMPSTER Atlanta. Ga. J. S. DENNARD College Pari, Ga. F. W. DENNINGTON Atlanta, Ga. C- G. DIVINE Albany, Ga. J. E. DODGEN Ann.sto T. C DOZIER Atla- KAPPA ALPKA W. O. DRAKE Scotland Necl.. N. C Talladcsa. Ala J. H. DUMAS . - - SIGMA NU B. E DUNAWAy, JR. OrrvlHc, Ala. u n 1 R s . W. DUNN Flt se-ald. Ga . DuOUESNE Havana. Cuba : F. DuTElL Md. . H. EOOR West Point, Ga. Raleigh, N. C. Laic Cty. Fla. V. J. EDELBLUT, JR. Fort Myers, Fl, 1. L EDGE, JR ?l KAPPA PH ». M. EDWARDS 3ETA THE7A PI L L EDWARDS Atlanta, Ga. ■. S. EISEMAN, JR. Atlanta. Ga. . P. atlNGTON Ga. «. A. ELLIOTT Zebulon, Ga. L t ENDRESS Harr-bura. N y SiSma phi EPSILON H. EPSTEN Atlanta, Ga. H. ERIC SON Cranford, N. J. C ESTES . - Decatur Ga SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON B. ETHEREDGE Saluda. S. C SIGMA PHI EPSILON c% r O n a a jl! C. T. EWING Atlanta, Gl T. M. EZZARD Roswcll, Ga J. G. FARMER, Ga J. W. FEAGIN Savannah, Ga J. A. FEAGLE, JR Atlanta. Ga R V. ' FEAGLE5 ... - OUahoma Cty, OUa ALPHA 7AU OMEGA A. P. FELTON . . A. G. FERNANDEZ I, F, FERNEBOK , A. M, FERST, JR, Miami. Fla, Tampa. Fla, ocklyn. N. y. Atlanta. Ga. PHI EP5ILON PI W. 5 FIGG Savannah. Ga BETA THETA PI Tampa. Fla W, M, FITCH , L, E. FLANAGAN A, C. FORD , , , . Litll.: Rorl:, Arl. SIGMA CHI Atlanta. Ga. SIGMA PHI EPSILON J. S. FORNARA Atlanta, Ga, DELTA TAU DELTA L, E, FOWLER, JR, W, D, FRANCIS DELTA E, E, FRANCISCO, JR, R, J, FRY PHI EPSILON PI . Brunswicl, Ga, . Atlanta. Ga, Liltl.: Falls, N. J. Laic Chatlcs. La. J, H, FULLER lA .. ib. M f Q . ■ . THE 19 42 ft .ft Cl f ,ft n J. R, FULMER, JR, Augusta, W H, FUNK Tampa. PI KAPPA PHI T M, FUTRELL , Union City, T BETA KAPPA W, L, GAINES Macon, J A GARDNER Anderson, M, B, GARNER Warthcn, W, O, GARRETT Little Root, J T. GAY Quitman, BETA KAPPA J, J. GENNARI , , , , West Stoclbridsc, » B, F. GENUALD I ...-■• Summit, J GERSHEN Elizabeth, TAU EPSILON PHI A, H, GIBELING p. L, GILL . ■ R. G. GLOVER East Point Greenville, . Decatur PHI KAPPA SIGMA R, W, GOFORTH Atlanta M S, GOLDENBERG ■ . • , Mattapan. P. GOODROE Columbu- B, GOREE Atlanta PHI DELTA THETA F, A, GRAHAM , - , ■ fort Game ' Tampe T, GRAHAM ALPHA TAU OMEGA 9 Q E. D, GRAY W.lm.nslon. DeI. A. E. GREEN Flo-cncc, S. C. H. L. GREENWAV Dutltown, Tcnn. J. W. GRODSKV Atlanta. Ga D. L. GUFFEV Cllma., Ga L. C, HALL Atlanta, Ga J. B. HAMMACK Cuthbcrl, Ga W. E. HAMMERSLA Jacls. H. E. HARDAWAy Atlanta, Ga H. B. HARDy Thomaston, Ga C. W. HARRISON, JR. New York, N. y. 71 CHI PSI H. W. HARRISON Augusta. Ga u n 1 R s J. F. HASSELL Decatur, Ga. G. F. HAUSMANN Lconia, N. J. G. J. HAWKINS Palm Beach, Fla. B. C. HAYNES Short Hills, N. J. J. J. HEARN LaGrange, Ga. J. T. HEARN Atlanta, Ga H. N. HEDRICK Tulsa, OUa L. W. HENSLEE, JR Atlanta, Ga. J. R. HERB Johnstown, Pcnn. H. W. HERD Atlanta, Ga F. B. HESTER Atlanta, Ga SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON J. P. HICKS Ramcr. Ala J. HILLEy Atlanta. Ga R. C. HOCK Miami, Fla W. E. HOGGE Atlanta. Ga E. M. HOLBERTON .... St. Petersburg, Fla f. P. HOLDER Macon, Ga a Q J iw ,H 4.1 i ' % r? O ri iekki i ifei D. B. HOLLOWAV J, J. HOLMES • W, H HOLMES - BETA KAPPA Atlanta. Ga Faitficld, Ala Atlanta, Ga DELTA THETA F, P, HOSS Atlanta, Ga R. E HUDSON. JR. . . . Fo.r.-it City, Arl. J. I. HUNT Atlanta, Gi S. F. HUTCHINS R. B. INGMAN . D. B. INGRAM SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON N. B. JACOBS Smithvillc, Tcnn J. H. JARRIEL ColNns, Ga J, S. JEFFERIES Atlanta, Ga W. F. JEMISON Bol.nbroke, Ga A. JOE Augusta, Ga C. N. JOHNS Atlanta, Ga % t3 1 % 1 4 ■■ » o Jk 1k My ,0 km m !--V, " ' J f Pl THE 194 R. H. JOHNS . - F. M. JOHNSTON G. G. JONES R. E. JONES C. A, JORDAN H. H. JORDAN H. H. JOYNER J. G. KEARNty T. B KELLY, JR T. J. KELLY . W. M. KEMP - N. W. KEMPER ghtwatcrs, N. Y. . Atlanta, Ga, North East, Md LPHA TAU OMEGA Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga . Lconia, N. J Asli.:villc, N. C , Columbus, Ga . Atlanta, Ga TAU OMEGA R. L. KENIMER • 5. H. KERNAGHAN, JR. T. A. KERR ... . Atlanta, Ga . Cleveland, Ga Hattiesbutg, Miss B.fminqham. Ala Cp i C% Ci ' n 9 f? r R. N. KINGSBURY Milton, Mass. J. A. KINNACH Memphis, Tcnn. V. E. KLAMM Sheridan, Wyo. R. L. KUNIANSKy Atlanta, Ga. A. A. KURTIS New Vorlt, N. Y, S. F. KUTSCHE Charlotte, M.cK. T. G. LAMAS Sa J. J. LAREW, JR. Moclsvlllc, N. C. J. E. LAUEN Birmlnsham, Ala. J. M. LAZENBy Decatur, Ga. G. E. LEDFORD Daytona Beach, Fla. W. L. LEMON, JR. Smyrna, Ga. A. C. LENHART Monongahela, Pa. u n 1 R s M. L. LEVINE W. B. LILIENTHAL ct, Ga. PHI EPSILON PI L. D. LINDSAY Sprlnafeld, III. T. K. LITTLEFIELD Follston, Ga. C. P. LOTT, Maine E. S. LOVE Ncwnan, Ga. A. MacCULLEN. JR Washington, D. C. R. V. MacGREGER Tampa, Fla. SIGMA NU F. M. MACK Fort Mill, S. C. Shrcvcport, La. J. C. MACLIN .... R. H. MADDUX Macon PHI DELTA THETA G. H. MALONE Atlanta W. T. MALONE Atlanta, Ga ft 4 0 3. 1 1 : 4 % % % o • mm F S, MALVE5TUTO Gabl.:s, Fla. W. J. MARGIN Bmghamton, N. Y. J, A. MARSHALL Atlanta, Ga. I. H. MARTIN LyncbbutB, Va. K. W MASON Brrlclcy. Cal. MATSON Wn H. X MAULDIN, JR R. M MAXWELL Atlanta, Ga. Norns, Tcnn. BETA THETA F ' l S. F. McAULLV Atlanta. Ga E. W. McCLURE Ft. Laud, rdal-, Fla. H. L. McCLURE Atlanta, Ga. D, C, MrFARLAN .... H -ndcrsonvillr, N. C. R n. McGAUGHfcy F. E. McKENZIE C. A. McLEOD ■ - r a a Q P C: THE 194; F H. MrRAE Atlanta, Ga. F .1. MEADOW Daniclsvillc, Ga. C. E. MEEKS BlalrsvillcGa. BETA KAPPA G H MEIER . N A. MERRITT . Smyrna, Ga. LUtIc Rocl , Art. D M METZGER Atlanta, Ga SIGMA THI F P. MILLER Columbus, Ga H 5 MILLER Will.-s-Barrc, Pa R. W, MILLIP BETA KAPPA R. E. MILLS G S MITCHELL Atlanta, Ge L E. MONCRIEF Atlanta, Gi C. G. MOORE West Newton, Re C B MOORE Amory, Mis ' E. A. MOORE Da tona Beach, Fla. H. M. MOORE Tifton, Ga. R. MOREIRA Camasucy, Cuba A. J. MORRIS, JR. College Pari, Ga. G. W. MORRIS Atlanta, Ga. n O 5 ' " TT] r fi, ( r j M. E. MORRIS, JR. Spo ' to, Ga. P. M. MORRIS Matietta, Ga. R. C. MORRISON Atlanta, Ga. W. R. MOUNTCASTLE. JR. ... . Smyrna, Ga. R, C. MU R Atlanta, Ga. PI KAPPA PHI M. C. MURPHEV Augusta, Ga. !, L, ' . U ' FHy, JR. Ameticus, Ga. . Trion, Ga. H. E. MURRAy Crewe, Va. A. R. NADEAU E. O.ansc N. J. R. D. NEILL Seneca, S. C. ' . H. NELSON Washington. D. C. : ■.■... =ORG New Yo4, N. Y. J. y. NEWSOM R. W. NE ' - ' - Union Point, Ga . . Atlanta, Ga New Yorl, N. Y. u n 1 R s C. T. OLIVER BiooHyn, N. Y. a P. OWEN Mli El a SIGMA NU W. R. OWEN Versa, N. J, J. E. OWENS Harlan, Ky. W. S. PARKER C. D. PASCHAL Decatur. Ga L. E. PASCHAL Atlanta, Ga ri (:| p. B. PEABODY Coral Gables, Fla H. H. PEASE Cohutta, Ga. C. O. PENN Dousias, Ga. - f W. A. PHILLIPS BETA KAPPA M. C. PIPPEN Birmingham, Ala BETA THETA PI R. D. PITMAN Newnan, Ga. J. M. PITTARD, JR. Montlccllo, Ga. f n V mm. Q f f THE 1942 New YoA. N. y. . Eli7ab.:lh, N. J. . Atlanta, Ga. R, C, REED T. J REID R. C. REISMAN TAU EPSILON PHI F. PEPILADO Santiago. Cuba C E. RETTIG Henderson, Tex. A N. RE Atlanta, Ga. P. E. RHODE Joplin, Mo. f. D. RICHARDS - McCaysv.lle, Ga. BETA KAPPA N, W. RICHARDSON Atlanta, Ga. G. RICHMOND Atlanta. Ga. L, A. RILEY Taunton. Mas: R L. RINEHART Allport. P; S, B. ROANE . O. J ROBERTS . Jcanorctle, U Chattanooga, Tenr O. L. ROBERTS . B. O. ROBINSON m - Tampa, Fla Savannah, Ga bAMMA DELTA J, C. ROESEL Augusta, Ga J. C. ROGERS Dahlon.;ga, Ga BETA THETA PI R. F, ROGERS Mo f ?!| fS ft ft O ( o 4 »► O u n 1 R s C. F. SHEARER Huntinston, W. Va. M. P. SHENKAN Coral Gables, Fla. G. R. SHEPHERD Hollywood, Fla. R. J. SHERMAN Atlanta, Ga. C. E. SMITH Atlanta, Ga. F. W. SMITH Elberton, Ga. W. C. ROSS ■ i A, POUSH . !■:. t. PurjyON Point Pleasant, W. Va. . . Audubon, N. J. J. M. SAUMS Plainf. ld, N. J. D. O. SAVINI Atlanta, Ga E. J. SCHREIBER Poitland, Mc H. K. SCHWARTZ PHI EPSILON PI S. SCHWARTZ . N. A. SCOGGIN S. H. SCULNICK S. SEGAL . . O. O ( f% p. H. SMITH Tampa, Fla J. M. SOUTHER Atlanta, Ga J. R. SPALDING BETA THEIA PI " i " i ' flj Q C J. E. SPENCER Palalka, Fla W. A. SPENCER CatoU-cn, N. C. KAPPA SIGMA H. C. STEED, JR. Atlanta, Ga. NX ' . STEIN Elizabeth, N. J. J. E. STEPHENSON Mt. V.-tnon, Ga. J. E. STITT Smyrna, Ga. F, A. STOVALL Atlanta, Ga. G. T. STRIBLING ... Point Pl.-asanl, W. Va. UEllA MU DELTA B. J. 5TURMAN, JR. Atlanta, Ga. W. L. SUUDERTH Norcross, Ga. J. A. SUDUITH Atlanta. Ga. PI KAPPA PHI W. R. TAPP, JR. Powd.r Springs. Ga. M. E. TARLETON Allen, Ala. H. B. TATUM Atlanta, Ga. B. J. TAYLOR Wilmington, Del. J. H. TAYLOR Waycross, Ga. W. W. TAYLOR Rochester, N. Y. .1. B. THARPE Tallahassee. Fla. ALPHA TAU OMEGA P. M, THIBADEAU Atlanta. Ga. A, C. THIES Charlotte. N. C KAPPA SIGMA fi ffl. - i d 1 O O f THE 1942 M. M. THOMAS, JR. ... • Westfield, N. J. CHI PSI A. F. THOMPSON Cochran, Ga. G. L. THOMPSON Thomaston, Ga. J. M. THOMPSON Wayne, W. Va. M. F. THOMPSON Atlanta. Ga. .1 T. S. TOPOLNICKI Baltimore, Md. M. C. TRIBBETT, JR. Chilhcothe, Ohio F. J. TROMBETTA Baltimore, Md. PI KAPPA PHI S. J. TROMBETTA , Baltimore, Md. PI KAPPA PHI P. G. TURNER, JP . . ... Atlanta, Ga. PI KAPPA PHI W. B. TURNER Columbus, Ga. PHI DELTA THtTA W. S. TUTWILER, JR. Atlanta, Ga, ALPHA TAU OMEGA J. Y. VAN HOOK Atlanta, Ga. J. E. VAN NESS Miami, Fla. BEIA KAPPA P 1, VAN NORDE . . Maolewood. N. J. DELTA SIGMA PHI E, B. VAN VOOPHEES .... Nashville, Tenn. J. E. VARNER Atlanta, Ga. N. VASILENKO Garfield, N. J. B. VER NOOV Poughkeepsle, N. Y. R. E. WACHTER . . Praine du Chien, Wis. PHI GAMMA DELTA .c:?. 1 .S --7 u n 1 R s J. A. WILLIAMS Atlanta, Ga L. O. WILLIAMS, JR. Atlanta, Ga. PI KAPPA PHI P. C. WILLIAMS Rome, Ga. A. R. WILSON Greensboro. N. C. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON B. B. WILSON Pensacola, N. C. G. A. WILSON, JR. Wcstfieid, N. J. CHI PSI M. E. WILSON Atlanta. Ga. W. R. WILSON Charlotte, N. C. V. WINKELMAN Atlanta. Ga. CHI PHI E. G. WINN Memphis. Tenn. G. E. WISE Fayetteville, Ga. PHI OEITA IHETA J M WOMACK Decatur, Ga. ... Short Hflls, N. J. Atlanta, Ga. - lAU DELIA C. ' . WGO KUff Columbus. Ga. Decatur. Go. ■ f Atlanta, Go. A. ZAGA.= LLLA Brootlyn. N. Y, J. W. ZELINSKI Washington. D. C. W. P. BERGEN Savannah, Ga y ,. P - jjpj ' R. T. WAITS, JR. Clorlston, Ga. ' " V J. H. WALKER Atlanta, Ga. J. M. WALKER Atlanta. Ga. j (, , SISMA ALPHA EPSILON ■ R. E. WALKER Indianapolis. Ind. klk H ' ' ' ' - ' ' - " Atlanta. Ga. W ¥ f H T. B. WALKER Crewe, Va. • I B PHI GAMMA DELIA ■ " B R. E. WALL Avondale Estates. Go. SISMA CHI J. H. WALLIS College Pari. Ga. E. S. WALTON Stoclton, Cal.f. KAPPA SIGMA R. S. WATERMAN Peoria, III. P f M : T. C. WATKINS El Dorado, Art. " " F. L. WATSON Atlanta, Ga. E. R. WENGENROTH, JR. . West Englewood, N. J. DELTA TAU DELTA W. WHATLEY B.rmingham, Ala. SISMA ALPHA EPSILON E. H. WHIDDON Atlanta, Ga. T . " : W °- - WHIDDON Tifton, Ga. ( W. E. WHITMER Oregon. Mo. V. R. WIDEROUIST Ft. Myers. Fla. L. T. WILLEy St. Augustine. Fla. E. K. WILLIAMS Evanston. III. ri ( ( ( f Q O g md mmiimmlMmlmmkM T. J. ALLEN, JR. Atlanta, Ga. L. P. ALLRED Biyion City, N. C. p. H. ALMAND, JR. . ■ ■ Atlanta, Ga. L. S. APPLE Natchi-i. Misi L L ARMSTRONG . . ... S.-lma, AU. KAPPA SIGMA G. C. BEPRV Man.-lta, Ga. B. B. BLACKBURN .... Si. P,.-t.-.iburg, Fla. I C BRI-WTON Savannah. Ga. BETA KAPPA L. L. BROWNING .... Winston-Salcm, N. C. J. C. BRUCE Atlanta, Ga. F L. CALKINS OUahoma City, Okla. J. T. CALLAWAY Marietta, Ga. F J. CAMPA Floral Pa.l., N. Y. P H CANADAY . Gr ;at N.:rl, N. Y. BETA KAPPA J S CARRUTHERS Brunswicl, Ga. ALPHA TAU OMEGA C. W. COCHRAN Jacksonville. Fla. S. M. CORK Macon. Ga. L S. COVEY Oaylona Beach, Fla. PI KAPPA ALPHA E. H. COVINGTON Amcncus. Ga. E. H. COX Fort Meade, Md. - m o. IH fll HB.fli fffi q ft ffi n c n P R E H. G. DEAN, JR Atlanta, Ga. H D. D..BORDE Savannah, Ga. C. I. ECTOR Leeds, Ala. SIGMA NU J. L. ESP ' Cordele, Ga. J. F, FAULKNER Jonesboio, Ark. A. J FAUSTINI Miami Beach, Fla. H. D GARNER Sanford, Fla. W. W. GILBERT Johnson City, Tenn. S. J. GOSTIN Macon, Ga. C. H. GREENE ....... Cordele, Ga. K. GREENE Miami, Fla. SItoMA NU T. E. GREENE Atlanta, Ga. A. W. HAINLIN Miami, Fla. J G HAMMOND Winter Park, Fla. BEtA KAPPA J T. HAMRICK Catrollton, Ga. T. W. E. HANKINSON .... Portsmouth, Va. R. F HARTLEIN, JR. ... . Bummgham, Ala. P. P. HEITZER Coraopolis, Pa. C. N. HESTON Jacksonville, Fla. B W HINDS Baltimore, Md. PHI GAMMA DELTA M. S HOCHMUTH . . . . . Augusta, Ga. A. O. MOLLIS Macon, Ga. 1 ( n r a Q f S. A. VARGA I. W. WAIT C. W. WHITMIP R. O. WILHELM T. H. WINCHESTER D. L. WORTH I. ikn SOPHOmORES N. D. ABELL. Beta Thcta Pi Monroe, l.i. H. I. A6ERCROM8IE, Bclj Thcl,i r, . . . Pc.le. ' lalc, Ga. H. S. ACHEY Rosi.illc, Ga. C. N. AOAMS, JR., Phi S. i, KacoJ . . . CjkoIIIoh, Ga. C. B. ADAMS. Ill, PM Delia Thcia . . . Ha.linsvillc. Ga. J. M. AIKEN Dcealur. Ga. f. A. AlEXANDER. Sigma Phi Ecsilon . . Si. Albani, N. V. H. F. ALEXANDER Macon. Ga. A. C. ALLEN, Beta ThcIa Pi Ouk Pod, III. R. W. AMMON Ga y, Ind. H. L. ANOEL Allania, Ga. A. H. ANDERSON, Chi Psi . . . . Old Wcslbury, N. Y. R. P. ANGELL S(. Pclcisbii.g, Fla. T. R. ANIHOINE, Alr ha Tou Oiiicga .... Fo ' t Valley, Ga. H. L. ANTZES New London, Cono. J. E. ARMSTRONG Bradcnton, Flo. K. H. ASHBy Hanson, Ky, R. W. ASHE, N. Y. J. I. ASKEW Columbus, Ga. B. R. ASKUE, S.gma Chi Yo.ingstown, Ohio ) I AXTON, S.jma Ch. Fort McPhcrson, G». A. E. BAILES Eustis, Fla. A. W. BAKER, JR Allonta, Ga. G. J. BALDINI Nc« York, N. Y. M. L. BALL Atlanta, Ga. L. T. BARBER, IR., KapDO S.gma Moultrie, Ga. J. H. BARKER East Point, Ga. J. G. BARNARD, JR Savannah, Ga. J. M. BARNWELL, Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. A. B. BARREn, Chi Phi Augusta, Ga. W. D. BARRON, Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. J. R. BARTON Pennington Gap, Va. W. H. BASSETT, III, Phi Gam™ Delt.1 . . Scarsdalc, N. Y. C. R. BATSON. JR., Beta Kar P.i . Faiilicid Highlands, Ala. R. L. BEARD Atlanta, Ga. A. T. BEARSE. JR Atlanta, Ga. A. D. BECK Zcllwood, Fla. H. W. BEDINGFIELO Augusta, Ga. B. S. BELL Richland, Ga. W. B. BELL. Sigma Nu O.icntc, Cuba H. T. BENT, JR Newport News, Vo. L- J. BERG, Thcta Chi J.ickson, Miss. 8. BEST St. Petersburg, Fla. J. S. BEST, Phi Delta Thcla Rome, Ga. C. BIDDINGER, JR Atlanta, Ga. C. B. BIGGAR Haddock, Ga. L. D. BIOT Jersey City, N, J, D. H. BLACK Birmingham, Ala. J. W. BLAKE, JR Savannah, Ga. I. A. BLANTON, JR St. Simons Islond, Go. W. P. BLANTON, Phi Kappa Sigma Gr.Hin, Ga. L. T. BOHANNON, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Moreland, Go. H. R. BOHANNON Muskogee, Okla. A. C. BOND Pensacola, Fla. W. M. BONNER Atlanta, Ga. F. =. BONYAl . . Torringlon, Conn. kER ... Atlanta. Go. - r-RDEN . Springncld, Moss. - RUM ... . . Brooklyn, N. Y. , .-. - dORUM Norfolk, Vo. R. W. BOTTENFIELD, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . Tulsa, Okla. W. H. BOTTOMLEY Blrminghom. Alo. J. H. BOUCHER, Kappa Sigma Miomi, Flo. J. M. BOWEN Emory University, Ga. H. G. BOYD Eric, Po. J. V, BOYETT, JR Miomi, Flo. T. J. ALLEN, JR, L. P. ALLRED . . P. H. ALMAND, JR. L S APPLE L. L. ARMSTRONG G G BERR B B BLACKBURN J, C BRtWTON L, L. BROWNING J. C BRUCE . . F L, CALhINS . J, T. CALLAWAY F. J CAM PA . R, H. CANADA i J 5 CARRUTHERS C. W. COCHRAN S. M. CORK . . L. S. COVEY . . . Atlanta, Ga. son Oty, N. C. , Atlanta, Ga. Natchez, M(v, . S.-lma, Ala, P.t.-rsburg, Fla. Savannah, Gj. Winiton Saltm, N. C, , . . Atlanta. Ga, Ollahoma City, Gila. - . Marietta, Ga. . Floral Pari, N, Y. . Great Ned, N, Y, TAU OMEGA cir. Ga Jacksonville. Fla Daytona Beach, Fla E. H, COVINGTON E, H. COX . . . Fort Meade. Md, f tx l| f 4 ' fc r ■ imtihi ' d 1 1 mk m Q O a ft 4:1 11 m ksi 1 1! - ' r. f X lis .1 tm i j P R E H. G, DEAN, JR Atlanta, G- H D, DeBORDE Savannah, G C. I. ECTOR Leeds, Al. SIGMA NU J. L. ESPY Cordele, Ga J F FAULKNER Jo A. J FAUSTINI H. D, GARNER W. W. GILBERT Johnson S. J. GOSTIN C. H. GREENE T, E. GREENE . A. W. HAINLIN G HAMMONC J T. HAMRICK Ca T W. E. HANKINSON P. F, HARTLEIN, JR, . P, [1, HEITZER . . C N HE5TON B. W, HINDS . . _■ M. S, HOCHMUTH . A. O. MOLLIS . . ft Q q f a 9. .e , a ' k ' f.k ' % %. SOPHOmORES N. 0. ABELL. Beta Thcfa PI Mon.oc. La. H. L. ABERCROMBIE, Beta Thcla r. . . . PortcHalc Ga. H. S. ACHEY Rossvillc, Ga. C. N. ADAMS, JR.. Phi S ' Smo KaroJ . . . Ca rofHon, Go. C. B. ADAMS, III. Ph Delta Thcia . , . Hawklnsvillc Ga J. M. AIKEN Decatur ' Ga. F. A. ALEXANDER, Sigma Phi Ecsllon . . Si. Albans N V H. F. ALEXANDER Macon, Ga. A. C. ALLEN. Beta Thcta Pi Oai- Pa t III R. W. AMMON Ga.y, ' lnd. H. L. ANDEL Atlanta. Ga. A. H. ANDERSON. Chi Psi . . . , Old Wcstbury. N. Y. R. P. ANGELL St. Pctc.sbu.g, Fla. I. R ANIHOINE. Alpha Tan On.esa .... Fort Valley. Ga. H. L. ANTZES New London, Conn. J. E. ARMSTRONG Bradcnton. Fla. K. H. ASHBV Hanson. Ky, R- W- ASHE, N. Y. J- I- ASKEW Columbus. Ga. B. R. ASKUE. Sisma Chi Younsslown, Ohio ) I AXTON. Chi Fort McPherson, Ga. A E- BAILES Eustis, Fla. A. W. BAKER. JR Atlanta, Ga. G. J. BALDINI Nc« Yorl, N. Y. " • L. BALL Atlanta, Ga. L. T. BARBER, JR.. Kapoa S.gma Moultrie Ga J. H. BARKER East Point. Ga. J. G. BARNARD. JR Savannah. Ga. J. M. BARNWELL, Chi Phi Atlanta. Ga. A. B. BARREn. Chi Phi Augusta. Ga. W. D. BARRON. Chi Phi Allanfa, Ga. J. R. BARTON Pennington Gap. Va. W. H. BASSEn. Ml. Phi Gamma Delta . . Scarsdale. N. V. C. R. BATSON. JR.. Beta Kappa . Fairfield Highlands Ala R- L. BEARD Atlanta, Ga. A. T. 8EARSE. JR Atlanta. Ga. f - D. BECK Zell»ood, Fla. H. W. BEDINGFIELD Augusta, Ga. B. S. BELL Richland, Ga. W. B. BELL, Sigma Nu Oriente. Cuba H. T. BENT. JR Newport News. Va. L. J. BERG, Theta Ch, J.ictson. Miss. St. Petersburg. Fla. -. iiST. Phi Delta Thela Rome. Ga. C. BiDDINGER. JR Atlanta, Ga. C. B. 8IGGAR Haddock, Ga. ■• 0- BIOT Jersey City. N. J. D. H. BLACK Birmingham. Ala. J. W. BLAKE. JR Savannah, Ga. J. A. 8LANT0N, JR St. Simons Island, Ga. W. P. BLANTON, Phi Kappa Sigma Griffin, Ga. L. T. BOHANNON, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Moreland, Ga. H. R. BOHANNON Muslogcc, OUa. A. C. BOND Pcnsacola, Fla. W. M. BONNER Atlanta. Ga. E. R. BONYAl . . Torringlon. Conn. F. BOOKER ... Atlanta. Ga. H. L. BORDEN Springfield, Mass. J. F BORUM . . BrooHyn. N. V. 1. W. BORUM Norfolk. Va. R. W. BOTTENFIELD. Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . Tulsa. OUa. W. H. BOTTOMLEY Birmingham, Ala. J. H. BOUCHER. Kappa Sigma Miami, Fla. J. M. BOWEN Emory University, Ga. H. G. BOYD Erie, Pa. J. V. BOYETT. JR Miami. Fla. GEORGIA TECH SRADB Del! Atl( W. A BRADLEY . . Buford, G,i. W- P. BRANCH, JR, Pi Kappo Alphi - . , . Atlanta, Go. R I BRANNER, JR-, PI Kappa Alpha . . Richmond. Va. G. BRAUNGART, Ph, Delia Thcta Atlanta, Ga W. E BROADWELL, S.gma Alpha Epsllj., . . Atlanta. Ga. F. L. BRITTAIN , . , Atlanta. Ga. W. J. BROCK Coibln, Ky. J H. BROOKS. Ptii Kappa Si3 " -a . Chattanooga. Tcnn, K. M. BROOKS Albemarle, N. C. B. P. BROWN, Alpha Tau Omcja Cairo, Ga. n. D BRO ' N, Kappa Sigma ... Pr c Road. Ala. H. A, BROWN Calhoun, Ga, J. T BROWN, JR , Alpha Tau Or-.cga . , . Dccatiu Sa T, L. BROWN . Blucdcld, W, Va, W. R. BROWN Atlanta. Ga. N B BROWNE. Sigrna Phi Eosilon , . Atlanta. Ga. A W BROWNELL, Sigma Chi . . . . Atlanta, Ga J O BULLARD, Pi Kappa Alpha Atlanta. Ga K. M. BULLARD Atlanta, Ga, C, S, BULLOCH . Ashcvilk, N C R. H, BUNZL. Phi Epsrion PI . , . , . Atlanta. Sa S. M, BURK Atlanta, Ga r. U BURKE Atlanta, Ga T. C. BURNETTE Blacl Mountain, N, C. T. E. BURNS Baltimore, Md W. H BURNS, Kappa Alpha Macon, Ga W H. BURNSIDE. JR. Alpha Tau Omega . . Atlanta. Ga J. R BURTON Atlanta. Ga L. S, BURTON Salisbury. Md E, M. CADENAS Washington. D. C. J, B, CAGLE Griffin, Ga. H. H. CALDWELL Atlanta, Ga J. H. CALDWELL Atlanta, Ga R. D CALDWELL, Pi Kaooa Phi ... Atlanta, Ga C H, CAMP, JR Macon. Ga. W. J. CAMP Sylvester. Ga, L. W, CAMPBELL, JR, , Decatur, Ga, T, C. CAMPBELL , ,. Tullahoma, Tcnn. J W. CANNON ... .Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. I. CAPELOUTO Tallahassee, Fla. E. M. CARBy Allarrla, Ga. C. T CARGILL Hatticsburg, Miss. J. E. CARROLL Ashland, Ky. J. L CARSWELL Jaclsonvillc, Fla. C. L CARTER Dalton, Ga A. H. CARy, Alpha Tau Omega ... LaGrangc. Ga. J, CASELLA Fairpoit, N. Y. H. B. CAULKINS. JR . Beta Thela Pi . . Chattanooga. Tcnn. R. O. CHAFFIN. Sigma Alpha Eps.lon . . . Atlanta. Ga. C. H CHALMERS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Atlanta. Ga. T. J CHAMPION. Alpha Tau Omega . . Cartcrsvrlle. Ga. J. M. CHAPMAN Waycross. Ga. R. L. CHAPMAN. JR Atlanta, Ga. D. L. CHASE Bcloit. W,s. W L CHASE. Phi Sigm.a Kappa Decatur. Ga. E. L. CHRISTIAN . Tate, Ga. R. L. CHRISTIAN Atlanta, Ga. A. CIARAVINO BrooUyn, N. Y. A. H. CLARK Lalcland. Fla. E. E. CLARK ... Atlanta. Ga. J. W. CLARK, JR Conlcy, Ga. E. G. CLARKE, Sigma Ch. Savannah, Ga. J. S. H. CLARKSON, JR York, S. C. E. W. CLARNO Kearney, Neb. J, F. CLEARMAN Blately, Ga. Ml m 1, SOPHOmORES ' • • CLOSE Ne«,,|,, N. J. D- f- CLOW Schenectady. N. Y. I- " ■ COB8 Brcwton, Al,. E. M. COCHRAN Atlanta, Gs. E. L. COCHRANE, Tau Eps.lon Phi . , West Palm Beach Fla. H. L. COHEN, lau Epsilon Phi Atlanta, 6a. W. COHEN Biootlyn, N. Y. S. COHEN, lau Epjilon Phi Passaic, N. J. " • B- COKER Tu.bevillc, S. C. J. F. COLLINS Baltimore, Md. M. C. COLLINS, Aloha Tau Omcsa ... Tallahassee fla W. H. C. COLLY, JR Atlanta, Ga. L. D. CONN, JR Memphis, Ten C. L. COPE. Delta Tau Delta Terafly. N. D. B. COSGROVE. Delta Tau Delta .... Atlanta G M J. COSTELLO Si. Ausustine, Fl L. S. COSTLEY, Ch, Phi Daylona Beach, Fl ). M. COTHRAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Atlanta G P- COUSINS . Atlanta, Ga. D. F. COX Madlsonville, Ky. J. O. COX Collese Park, Ga. " -• L. COX, JR Atlanta, Ga. J. T. CRAIN, Chi Phi Nashville, Tern. S. S. CRASHOW, Tau Epsilon Phi Atlanta, Ga. J. W. CRAWFORD Amc.icus Ga S. H. CROCKETT B.adenton ' , Fla ' B. M. CRONKHITE Boston, Mass. W. B. CROUCH, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . Johnson City Tenn F. D. CRUMLY Bi-minshan , Ala. R. M. CULVER, Ch, Phi Columbus Ga Sisrr R. T. CUMMINGS . H. N. CUNNINGHAM M. A. DAILEY . . . W. B. DANIEL L. J. DANIELS, JR., Phi DcHa Theta R. F. DARBY, Alpha Tau Omcoa . Big Stone Gap, Va. Navasota, Te»as Mulberry, Tenn. Shreveport, La. Statesboro, Ga. W. A. DARRIN. Chi Psi Syracuse N Y C. F. DAUGHERTY Atlanta, Ga! L. T. DAUGHTRIDGE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Atlanta Ga J. DAVIDSON West Point, Ga. ■ Q. DAVIS Atlanta. Ga. G- C. DAVIS Colquitt, Ga. " ■ DAVIS Macon, Ga. ■ T. DECKBAR Atlanta, 6a. T. DEDWYLDER. Kappa Alpha .... Cleveland, Miss. G. DEEMER, Delta Sigma Phi . . . . Klngsport, ' Tenn. S. DENNIS, JR., Ph, Delta Theta . Augusta Ga A. DENSON Macon, ' Ga. C. G. DENTON, JR Bronwood, Ga. ' ■ L. DEUEL Asheville, N. C. T J- deVRIES £. Paterson, N. J. J. A. DIXON, Delta S.gma Phi Maywood N.J L. F. DINNING Atlanta, Ga. F- S. DOAR Savannah, Ga. PONNEILAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Allania, Ga. " ' ■ " ' = O Brooklyn, N. V. Atlanta, Ga. • . Phi Delta Theta . . . Jacksonville, Fla. 1- ... ,.:: Tau Delta Brooklyn, N. Y. DKAKt. Delta Tau Delta Albany, Ga. W. C. DRAKE, JR., Alpha Tau Omega . . . Atlanta, Ga. 6. R. DuSOSE, Chi Phi Atlanta, 6a. I. S. DUGGAN, Phi Delta Theta .... Hawkinjville Ga A. D. DUNAWAY, Phi Delta Theta .... LaGrange ' Ga J. H. DURDEN Columbus, Ga. R. H. DunON, Kaopa Sigma . Fori Dc Russv. Honolulu Hawaii GEORGIA TECH A DUUS, JR., Sign, a Ni, . . . . 1 VV. PLIVALI. Siqtiii Alpha Ei. .l.:. . . . Boqola, N J, . . Allan ' .a, Ga . . . Atlanta, Ga. . . Ft. Myrts, Fla. D. t. ELDREDGE. S.grna Alpha Epsil. L. r. ELLIS, Ph, Gamma Delta . . . . . . Miami, Flo. . . . Nutlcv, N. J. . . Jaclsonvlllc, Fla. . Williamson, W. Va. :M s FEDER, Tail Epsilon Phr . . 1 L. FENTON. Kappa Alpha . G FERNANDEZ . . Bio.jllyn, N. y. . . . Atlanta, Ga . . . Tampa, Fla. ). L. FINCH F. r, FINK6EINER. Ph, Gan,.,M Delta. . . . Atlanta, Ga. O.-on, Pa. I. L. I-, N. y. B. D FITZGERALD. Phi Delta Thcta . . . Atlanta. Ga J. E. FLOWERS, JR . Kappa Alpha . . . . Columbus. Ga W H. FLURV, JR, Alpha Tau Ones, . . . Atlanta, Ga. E. U FOSSAS. Delta Tau Delia . . San Juan, Puoto Rleo C C FOWLER H M FOX W E FRASER. P; Kappa Alpha . 1 B. FREEDMAN. Taa Epsilon Phi . . Decatur, Ga. . . Balcsvllle, Art. . Atlanta. Ga. . Great Ncel. N. Y. W C. FREEMAN, JR. Delta Tau Delta . . Bronxvlllc, N. Y. . . . Tampa, Fla. O. E. FRy St. Petersburg, Fla. H. H FURMAN . . . Atlanta, Ga. W. M. GAINES E L GAISSERT, Alpha Tau Omcsa . T D GALE , SIg-.a Ch W K GARMANY . . Nashville, Tcnn. . . . Madison, Ga. Atlanta. Ga . Chattanooga. Tenn. T. T GENTRY . . . Carrollton, Ga. P. G. GEORGE, JR . . . Atlanta, Ga. W. C. GIEGOLD . St. Petersburg, Fla. D. M, GILL . . . Gulpo:t, Miss, . f% f o ,0 f5i f .Oil3 Cs f Ci 1m 9 1 ' a r a 1 ' A t. a r5 1 ' Jk 1 It ' i ' tf J ll a SOPHOmORES J. R. GILLILAND, JR College Part, Go. J. K. GINBURG, Tau Eosilon Phi Atlanta, Ga. C. E. GOODMAN Dechctd, Tern. A. 6. GORDON Huntinslon, W. Vo. R. C. GRAHAM Norbeith, Pa. M- J- GREEN Atlanta, Ga. W. M. GREEN Decatur, Ga. L. D. GRIFFITH, Kaooa Alpha . . . Huntington, W. Va R. F. GRINER, Kappa S.gma Albany Ga H. GRITZ |„ij_ „i„. E. B. GROSS, Pi Kappa Phi .... Honolulu Hawaii R. G. GROVE, Kappa Sigma Jackson, Tcnn. W. B. GUERRANT Sherman, TeKas F. GWIN, JR Atlanta, Ga. J. B. HAAS, Sigma Chi St. Simons Isl., Ga. E. C. HADLOCK Phoenix, Ariz. R. R. HAGAN, JR Savannah, Ga. W. R. HAINES, Phi Delta Thcta Smvma, Ga. F. G. HALE Hartsvillc, S. C. J R. HALL Clewiston, Fla. J. D. HALL, JR., Kappa Alpha Sylvester, Ga. L. B. HALL Sayrc, Pa. R A. HALL Social Circle, Ga. W. R. HALSTEAO Hawkinsvnic, Ga. F. M. HAMMILL Beloit Wis. C. C. HANCOCK Cedar Hill, ' Tcnn. J. L. HANCOCK Cotdele, Ga. S. S. HAND, Chi Psi Nutlcy N. J G. P. HANLIN Roanoke, Va. J. D. HANSELL Daytona Beach, Fla. R. A. HARDEN Greenville, S. C. J. F. HARDY, S.gma Chi Waycross, Ga. H. W. HARGIS Gainesville, Ga. R. O. HARGIS Natchitoches, La. W. L. HARGIS Ashton, Idaho W, Z. HARPER Villa Rica, Ga. W. B. HARRELL Eastman, Ga. NX ' . F. HARRELL Bainbridge, Ga. D. S. HARRINGTON Decatur, Ga. F. A. HARRIS, Kappa Sigma Chattanooga, Tcnn. H. E. HARRIS, Chi Phi Shreveport La L. O. HARRIS Atlanta, Ga. W. H. HARRIS, Kappa Alpha, Ga. S. R. HARRISON Tyler, Te as R. C. HARRISS, Delta Tau Delta Orange, ' N J. W. A. HARTMAN, JR Atlanta, Ga. R. S. HAYES, JR Decatur Ga. G. W. HEAD, JR Macon, Ga. E. V. HEATH Waynesboro, Ga. W. F. HEIST Euslls, Fla. S. L. HELLMAN Atlanta, Ga. J. A. HELMS, Pi Kappa Phi Charlotte, N. C. G. H. HENDERSON, Kappa Alpha .... Hampton, Ga. Y. A. HENDERSON Calhoun, Ga. M. J. HENSLEY Smyrna, Ga. J. HERMAN Teaneck, N. J. K. R. HERMAN Atlanta, Ga. R. D. HERRON Decota, W. Va. W. A. HEWITT Atlanta, Ga. H. H. HICKS Norcross, Ga. J. L. HICKS, Sigma Alpha Eosilon . . . Talladegj, Ala. J. B. HIGH, Delta Tau Delta Bunnell, Fla. M. E. HILL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Memphis, Tcnn. C. B. HINGST Decatur, Ga. R. M. HINMAN Selmo, Ala. C. J. HINTON Atlanta, Ga. GEORGIR E. C. HISE, JR H, B. HODGDEN, Beta Thcla Pi . TECH . . . Arlington, Va. Oaytona Beach. Fla. P- L, HORNE. JR. Ph, Sigma Kappa . . Milbu-n. N. J. D r HORNIBROOK, Sigma Ph. Epsilon B. HOROWITZ, Tau Epsilon Phi . . W. S HOUSEAL, Phi Delta Thcta . G- L. HOWARD. JR., Beta Thcta Pi . Avondalc Estates. Ga Fall River, Mass. . . Bifmingtiarrt. Ala. W. R HOWARD H. H HOWELL Atlanta ' Ga e T. HUNGERFORD, Sigma Alpha Eps H. F HUNTER. Kappa Sigma . , . on . . Atlanta, Ga. J. H. HURST. P, Kappa Alpha . , J. J. INGRAM ... J- D. INSERNI J. R IVEY. JR D. y, JACKSON San Juan, Puerto Rico . . . . Milner, Ga. H 1 JACKSON Kappa Sigma Stilcsbofo ' Ga J. W JACKSON B L JACOBSON P F JARVIS, JR . Winter Haven, Fla. J. M. JENKINS J. JERGER, JR. . . . . . Savannah, Ga. J. M. JOHNSON Grantville Ga J. L. JOHNSON, JR W, L, JOHNSON, JR A S. JOHNSTON . T A. JOHNSTON. JR. Delta Tau Delta C P. JONES . . . . Macon, Ga. J. E. JONES, P. Kappa Alpha . . J P JORDAN. Pi Kappa Phi . . . L. E, JORDAN Hunf.ngton, W. Va. - . . Atlanta, Ga. D C JORGENSEN. Beta Thcta Pi . . R B JOyNER . . HopHns. Mtnr,. E J JUSTUS L. KAHN J D KEITH F. M. KELLEY J. M. KERN J O KESSIN6ER. Beta Kappa . J S. KING, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . J F KINNEY . . Decatur, Ga. J W, KIRBY. Chi Phi A. C KNIGHT, Phi Delta Theta . . A. C KNORR. Phi Delta Theta . . L H, KNOX ... . . . Atlanta, Ga. . . . Albany. Ga- . . . . Miami, F!a. H R KOEN. JR R 8. KUNIANSKy S. H. KRAKOWER H J KRANTZ, Kappa Sigma ... J. KUCHTA J- R. LABOON, Alpha Tau Omega . . J- P LACKEY, Beta Theta Pi R ' LAKE. Sigma Ny . . Patcrson, N. J. . . Cincinnati, Ohio . . . . Gary, Ind. . . . Monroe, Ga. . Greensboro, N. C. R. W. LAMBERT S LAMPERT , Dumont ' n J H. F. LANCASTER, Sigma Nu . L 1 LANIER A. F. LA SCALA . Soperton, Ga, . Middletown, N. Y. A n m .(5 % 1 R 9 9 i % .a 9 r4 en 1 % % % 1 t ' - JL % ' I , p ( 5 Q O r c) Q ( r5l f 9 Jl " SOPHOinORES J. S, LASETER Decotoi, Ga. A. E. LAUTER6ACH, IK Barlonville, III. H. L. LAWLESS Allonta, Ga. R. W. LEE Grontvillc, Ga. W. W. LEE Savannah. Ga. H. B. LEHR Valdosta, Ga. J. D. LEIGH Rutherford, N. J. D. K. LEITCH Toccoa, Ga. 1. G. LEONARD, Sijnia Chi Decatur, Ga. J. E. LERNER. Phi Epsilon pi, S. C. R M. LESTER Macon, Ga. H. B. LEWIS, Thcfa Chi Walhirijton, D. C. F. B. LINCOLN Jaclsonvillc, Fla. J. N. LINCOLN, Tan Eosilon Phi Atlanta, Ga. H. R. LINDENBAUM Genola, Ga. H. w. LinLE Atlanta, Ga. J. R. LinLE, Sisma Alpha EosHon . . . Charlotte, N. C. D. D. LIVINGSTON Aujuita, Ga. A. L. LOFTON, Alpha Tau Omega . . . McClcllanvfllc. S. C. J. F. LOOS, JR Woodlawn, Md. J. G. LOUDERMILK, Pi Kappa Phi ... . Atlanta, Ga. C. W. LOWNDES. Sisrr a Alpha Epsilon . . . Atlanta, Ga. R. O. LOWREY Gallatin. Tenn. J. E. LUCAS, JR New Smyrna Beach, Fla. R. W. LUTZ Marietta, Sa. J. B. LYLE, Phi Delta Thcta Louisville, Miss. C. P. LYNCH, JR., Delta Tau Delta Macon, Ga. R. J. W. LYNCH Brooklyn, N. Y. H. J. LYONS, Delta Sigma Phi ... . Coplague, N. Y M. P. MACHT, Tau Eos.lon Phi . . . Rockville Centre, N. Y. D N. MacLEMORE GriHin, Ga. H C. MacMAHON, Theta Chi Havanna, Cuba H. MAHADEEN Jersey City, N. J. H. H. MANN Athens, Ga. J E. MANN McRae, Ga. G. MANNING, Pi Kappa Phi Albany, Ga. ). W. MARTIN. Alpha Tau Omega . . . Fitzgerald, Ga. I A. MARTIN Atlanta, Ga. O. T. MARTINI Brooklyn, N. Y. D. H. MAHHEWS, Sigma Nu . . . Cuyahoga Falls. Ohio C. A. MAHHEWS Thomaston. Ga. J. F. MAHHEWS Hailehurst. Ga. W C. MATTHEWS. Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Macon, Ga. T. R. MAULDIN, JR Rome, Ga. R. K. MAXWELL, Theta Chi Birmingham. Ala. W. E. MAY Fountain City, Tenn. I H. McAULEY Atlanta, Ga. M. J. McCANN Orlando, Fla. S. V. McCORMICK Jacksonville, Fla. R. N McCOWEN, JR Macon, Ga. H. C. HcCOY Sylvester, Ga. C. H. McCRORY Bervryn, 111. A. A, HcDONAl D, Pi Kappa Phi Atlanta, Gs. H. S. McGAHEE Marietta, Ga. R. H. McGARITY, JR Cordele, Sa. J. C. McGAUGHEY, Sigma Nu Atlanta, Ga. E. A. McGEE Carrollton, Ga. W. P. McHUGH Orrville, Ala. C. D. MclNTOSH. JR Lakeland, Fla. J. D. McKINNEY, JR Johnson City, Tenn. I. R. McMURRY. Pi Kappa Phi Atlanta. Ga. J. A. MsNEISH, Delta Tau Delta . . . BersenField. N. J. J. W. MEADORS, JR Jackson, Ga. M F. MEADOWS, Alpha Tau Omega .... Macon, Gj J. H MEEK Atlanta, Ga. M. L. MEEKS, Chi Phi Gainesville, Ga. GEORGIA TECH MERCER, JR., Beta Kappa Macon, I MERRIAM, JR Columbus, I MERSHON, Sigma Chi Najhvillc, Tc MERIS. JR, Phi Delta Thcia - . . . Atlanta. ( •lETCALF Gaspott, N, MEYER, P. Kappa Aloha Athens. R MEYER, Tau Epsilon Phi Woo,Jmcfe, I. I., N. Y I MICHEL50N ... Washmgton, D. C. r. H MILAM Macon, Ga. J R MILFORD Cummma, Ga. M. B, MILLER, P, Kappa Phi Cornelia, Go N. R MILLER. Phi Epsilon Pi Baltimore Wd. H. S. MILLSAPS Ncv. Holland, Ga. D MILNER Rome, Ga. J. M. MINTER. JR, Pi Kappa Phi . . , AnnapoM-,, Md. B. E MITCHELL Hampton ' , Ga. R. W, MITCHELL Atlanta, Ga. A A. MOGILNICK, Thcla Ch. BrooMyi, N, V. H. A. MONTAGUE, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . Goldsboo, N C H R MOORE Atlanta, Ga. J. W. MOORE Milledgevillc, Sa, J. R MOORE, Sigma Phi Epsilon ... Thomasyi|iij, Ga. R. A. MOORE Shclbyvllle, Tcnn, R J. MOORE, Sisma Nu Covington, Ga. 5. H. MOORE, Phi Sigma Kappa Spr.rgdcid III A MORA Havana, Cuba E. H. MORGAN Guyton, Ga. R. E. MORRIS Muslogec, Oitla. H. K. MORROW, Delta Tau Delta .... Pittsburgh, Pa. K. P. MOSELEY McDonough, Ga. J. MOSES .... R. W. MULFORD, Sigrr G C. MUNN, Sigma i N. J. MURPHY, Sigma E J MURRAY . . . W F. MURRAY . . . . Vidalii H. S. MUSK, JR, Beta Kappa Toccoa, Ga. A L. NAVARRO Havana, Cuba E- J- NEGRI Atlanta, Ga. C. B. NEILL, Beta Theta P. Atl.inla, Ga. C. R NELSON, Phi Kappa Sigma ... Bridgeport, Conn. L. H. NELSON, Phi Gamma Delta . . . Jacksonville, Fla. K. N. NESBIT Savannah, Gi D. U- NESBITT, Phi Delta Thc ' a Cordele, ' 3; J. T. NESSMITH, JR Statesboro, Gi M. W. NICHOLES, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Atlanta, Ge R. C. NISBET Madisonville, K, R. C. NIX Commerce. Gj C. T. NIXON, Kappa Alpha C. W, NORTON, Sigma Alph, N. W. NORVVELL. Phi Delta E. E. NOVOTNY .... T. B. O ' BARR, Pi I C. A. ODOM . . pha E. H. OSBORNE Decatur, Ga H. A. OSBORNE, Delta Sigma Phi . . . Bmghamlon, 1 . Y M. J. OSBORNE . Bogart, Ga T. C. OWEN Calhoun ' Ga J. B. OWENS Decatur] Ga R. W. PADEN Atlanta, ' Ga T- H. PAINE Atlanta, Ga. J. M. PALMER Camilla, Ga. R. P. PARDEE Atlanta, Ga, J. F. PARK Montgomery, Ala, C. H. PARKS, Pi Kappa Alpha Atlanta Ga. G- H. PARKS Augusta, Ga. 1 ' O D , a Q ( o r o n fS ' ' " " 1 T r 4i7k4 ' ,i a rt) n rii a o K r o SOPHOmORES G. S .AT«! p ..r-,Da Alpha .... Charleston, W. Va. , " Biminsham, Ala. Alpha Epsilon .... Atlanta, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. ■ ' ■• = ' EA - : in Rome, Ga. J. L. PEARLMAN Dawson, Ga. W. G. PECHULIS Baltimore, Md. R. A. PENDERGRAST, Ch, Ph, Atlanta. Ga. E. C. PERRY Montlcello Ga W. 6. PERRy, Kappa Sigma Cartersville, Ga H. C. PERRYMAN Macon Ga W. L. PERRYMAN, Alpha Tau Omega . ' . . ' Talbotton] Ga! - ■ " ETERS Birmingham, Ala. D. R. PETERS, Phi Sigma Kappa .... Brooklyn N Y f- !■■ PHILLIPS G-eensbo,;, N. C R. W. PHILLIPS, Alpha Tau Omega .... Atlanta Ga. 5 L. P16PES New York, N. Y. S. L. PIERSON, Beta Thcta Pi . . . Webster Groves, Mo. T. H. PISFORD Meridian Miss. " ■ ' ' " Savannah, Ga. " " ' " RAS, JR New Haven, Conn. I- ' ' ■ ' ' " " 1-E Hoschton, Ga. E. P. PIHMAN, Alpha Tau Omega . . Water Valley Miss " • T- ' " AN Covington, Ga! N. C. POE. Ill, Kappa Alpha Greenville S C J. R. POER, Phi Delta Iheta . . Atlanta Go A. B. POPE, Pi Kappa Phi . ' Atla.nta ' Ga ' " ■ " ■ POSTER J„| „„_ „; H. N. POWELL, Delta Sigma Phi ... . Bi.minnham Ala ' ■ ■- P0 ' ' 0 Havana, ' cCba E. R. PRINDLE, Pi Kappa S.gma .... New York N Y D. P. PULLEY, Phi Kappa Sigma . . . ,;„, va ' S. QUELOUEJEU Panama, Rep. ' of Pa ' nama T. W. RADfORD K, .i,| s, W. W. RAMAGE Tampa, Ha. O. O. RAMBO, Sigma Chi flberton, Ga. E. O. RAND, Chi Phi A,| „, g3 " ■ N. RAUTH ,|,„,; s " • " ■ • " ' Porlerdale, Ga. H. D. RAYMOND, Phi Gamma Delta Columbus Ga J. L. REOFEARN ; p ,,,„j ' j (- ' R. 8. REED. Ph, Gamma Delta uke W-les, Fla. ' " ■ - " EVES p, 3,, , e W. B. REEVES, III, Kappa Alpna . A-lant» c, ■ - REISER, JR ; ; „,J; l ' C. E. REMICK, Phi S.gma Kappa .... East W.lton Me B. H. REYNOLDS, JR. . . . Atlanta ' Ga ' " • ■=• " ► O " . ' . ' . ' ; ; Arcad.a, ' Fla! J. L. RHODES Milledgev.lle, Ga. ■ E. RHODES Savannah, Ga. J. F. RICHENAKER, Phi Gamma Delta . . Hackensack N J C. W. RICHER, Alpha Tau Omega .... Madison, Ga. • ' ' ■ " " ■E ' ' Milledsevnie! Ga. H. RILEY, JR., Sigma Ch. Atlanta, Ga. G. RIPLEY, III, Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. A. RITTER, Tau Epsilon Ph. ... . Brooklyn N Y R. A. R06ERDS ' . villa R.U, Ga. ' J. W. ROBERTS, Alpha Tau Omega .... Atlanta Ga ' ■ E. ROBERTS Oonalsonville ' , Ga. ' F. 1. ROBERTSON. Delta Sigma Ph, . . . Bridgeport, Conn. G. H. ROBERTSON, Alpha Tau Omega Cleveland Ohio J. A. ROBINSON Stamford, ' Conn. N. Y. ROBINSON ncw Orleans La. J. C. RODENBURG. Delta Sigma Ph. . . . Maywood N J - E- " OGERS osbo,;. Mo! F. W. ROGERS, JR Decatur, Ga. GEORGIA TECH ROGERS Morrow. Ga ROLAND Atlanta, Ga ROLFING Spnnsticid, Tcnn. ROSE, Kaopa Sisma Columbus, Ga . ROSSELLE, JR Atlanta, Ga. ROTHMAN, Tau Epsilon Ph Atlanta, Ga BOUSSO , . SALDANA San Gc( SALE SAMFORD SANDERS, III, Beta Thcta P. . . SANDERS, Ml, S.srna Chi . , . E, SANDERS Klin SANTOS Tacr . SCHENK Camdi :, SCHNEIDER Hamdci : SCHROEDER, P. Kappa Pht . , Daytona Bee :, SCHUTTE Atla A, SCOTI, Thcla Ch. Chatlanoo. SCOTT, JR, Kappa Sisma Ro P. SCOTT, JR Ma SCOTT, Phi Kappa Sisma , , , . White Pla.r N SCOTT, Sijma Alpha Epsilor, . . , Madison C. SCRUGGS Atla G, S SELLERS, Phi Epsilon Pi Pensaco K. E SESSIER, Pi Kappa Alpha . . , , Coral Gab N, R. SEWELL East Po S. L. SHACKLEFORD, Sisr a Chi Allan R P SHAEFER Allan A- M, SHALLOWAy Atlan S- C. a, Fla. s, c. SHA KS, Al( J. SHARP Biloxi, Miss W, C SHAVER Ways.dc, Ga S. O. SHEETZ Fayetteville. N. C D, E- SHEFKA Bessemer, Mich R, D SHELTON Columbia, Tcnn G. SHEPHERD, JR, . , . K. SHEPHERQ, Sigma Nu . L SHEPPARD, Kappa Alp, J, SHOAFF, Sisma Chi . L SHORT, Beta Thcta P. K, SHORT L, R. SHORTT Waycross, J. S. SIEGEL, Tau Epsilon Phi Decatur, M. W SIMMONS, Pi Kappa Phi , , , , East Point. S, H. SIMMONS Miami, J, SIMPSON Atlanta, W H- SIMONDS Atlanta, J G. SIMS Colum R. M. SIMS, JR , Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . , . Atle A C. SKINNER, Phi Delta Thcta . , , . Jaclsony W- C. SLAUGHTER Atla R. O SLOAN Atla ALES A, R. SMITH Ashbui E. R. SMITH Decat F. H. SMITH Statesbo P. SMITH lpha H. S SMITH WaycK ■. P. SMITH Covin3t( ■, H. SMITH Atlan 8. SNOMl DEN, Pi Kappa Phi Savann, W. SPARKS, Sisma Alpha Epsilon , , . . Atlan - 9 »T f ( an 3 C% O: " nr ' f«k ' o f EH ) 1 % % a Mk ' 3 .iitfrl ' . 2A 5 ■5 X ■f %1 % % 1 ,? % It 1 n a % % ; t M :3 « ' -..; ' 1 1 11 jl SOPHOmORES J, A. SPERLING, lau Epsilon Ph! .... Sfooklyn, N. Y. E. R. STALL. Beta Thcta p; Greenville. S. C. R. W. STARKE, Phi Gamma Delta . . . Eliiabethto ' n.Tenn. F. J. STARR Macon, Go. W. W. STATON, Alpha Tau Omega .... Atlanta, Ga. I. L. STEDMAN St. Petersburg, Fla. R. S. STEIN Brooklyn, N. 1. M. K. STEINBERG, Tau Epsilon Phi ... . Augusta, Ga. B. E. STOLZENMULER Birmingharn, Ala. K. A. STEPHENS, Delta Tau Delta Sparta, Ga. 6. H. STEVENS, Kappa Alpha Riehton, Miss. R. G. ST. JOHN, Kappa Alpha Pittsburgh, Pa. L. S. STONE, Kappa Alpha Blalely, Ga. P. W. STONE Atlanta, Ga. H. K. STRASS, PI Kappa Alpha Atlanta, Ga. R. H. STREET, Beta Thcta Pi Chattanooga, Ter.n. W. W. STRIPLING Albany, Go. W. S. STROUSS Atlanta, Ga. H. 6. SULLIVAN Columbus, Ga. R. T. SYMES Rio de Janeiro, Braiil A. G. SYMONS Memphis. Tenn. P. T. TACCONE, Thcia Chi Ne»r York, N. Y. E. R. TANNER Ellwood City, Pa. L. S. TARBUTTON Annapolis, Md. I- M TARPLEY, Kappa Alpha . . . . Murfrecsboro, Tenn. R. I. TARVER Lookout Mt., Tenn. R. H. TATUM Atlanta, Go. E. A. TAYLOR Tampa, fla. J. L. TAYLOR, Beta Kappa Decatur, Ga. R, J. TAYLOR, Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... Atlanta. Ga. R. W. TAYLOR Thomasville, Ga. J. M. TEITEL8AUM Richmond Hill, N. Y. M. I. TENDRICH Miami, Fla. W. A. TEWES Baltimore, Md. G. N. THAYER, Delta Sigma Phi . . . Cedar Rapids, Iowa C. L. THOMAS, Pi Kappa Alpha .... Allendale, S. C. F. H. THOMAS Decatur, Ga. R. A. THOMAS Birmingham, Ala. W. H. THOMASON Marietta, Ga. A. E. THOMPSON East Point, Ga. J. D. THOMPSON, Pi Kappa Alpha . . St. Augustine, Fla. R. S. THOMPSON East Point, Ga. R. H. THOMPSON, Alpha Tau Omega, De Funiak Springs, Fla. J. C. THRASH, Theta Chi Atlanta, Ga. C. R. THRASHER Hopeville, Go. J. R. TILLMAN Slotesboro, Go. J. TOMLIN, Sigma Chi Albany, Ga. M. F. TOWSLEY Springfield, III. W. O. TRAMMELL Decatur, Ga. M. TROWBRIDGE Huntington, W. Vo. T. 6. TRUSCOn Atlonta, Ga. J. M. TUCKER Brunswick, Ga. W. D. TUCKER Atlanta, Ga. J. C. UNDERWOOD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . , Atlonta. Ga. M. L. VAN BUREN, Delta Tau Delta . . . Columbus, Oh.o J. E. VAN ORDEN Acra, N. Y. S. H. VAUGHAN Fairmont, W. Va. D. T. VAUGHN Athens, Ga. H. J. VON HASSELN, Phi Gommo Oelto . . Brooklyn, N. Y. J. W. WALLACE, Chi Phi Atlonto, Ga. R. B. WALLACE. Sigma Phi Epsilon .... Clearfield, Pa. R. H. WALLACE Birminghom, Alo. P. R. WALKE Long Islond, N. 1. C. R. WALKER, Sigma Chi Sarosoto, Fla. N. G. WALKER Sporlonburg, S. C. P. G. WALDER, Kappa Alpho Hamilton, Go. SOPHOmORES W. O. WALTON Gables. Fla P. W. WARD Atlanla. Ga W, L. WARSHAUER, Delia Sigma Pht . . Palm Beach. Fla R. A. WATKINS Marietta] Ga e. D. WATSON Fort Meyers ' , Fla I H. WATSON. Ph, Gamma Delta . , Pclham Manor, N, y W. A. WATT, Srsma Ch. Columbus, Ga J. D. WEAVER, Delta Tau Delta Dawson, Ga P. R. WEAVER, Beta Theta Pi Roctville, Md J S WEDDINGTON, Ph, Delta Theta . , Ncwna ' n. Ga A. W. WEIGLE Ft. Meyers. Fla I. WEINBERG Atlanta. Ga I, M WEINER. Phi Eps.lon Pi Atlanta. Ga I. G, WEISKE Mission. Te.a! C. J. WELLBORN. Phi Delta Theta . . , Gainesville Ga L. E. WENZ Roscllc Pa k, ' N. 1 W, P. WEST Atlanta. Ga T. I. WESTON Columbia. S. C D. F. WHEELER Newport. Ky G. O. WHELCHEL. S.sma Chi Athens. Ga C. L. WHITAKER. Beta Theta Pi ... . Waynesboro. Pa C, G. WHITE. Kappa Sigma Dublin. ' Ga G. M. WHITE. Delta Sigma Phi ... . Wilkinsburg. Pa J- H. WHITE. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Wayne. Pa L. WHITE Buclhead. Ga. R, A. WHITE. Sigma Nu Waycross. Ga W. E. WHITE. Sigma Ch, Atlanta Ga W. A. WHITESIDE, Pi Kappa Alpha . . Falmouth. Jamaica I. H. WHITFIELD ... Atlanta. Ga. A C. WIGGINS. Beta Theta Pi ... . Hendeison. N, C A. M. WILCOX Washington, D. C D E. WILLIAMS. Kappa Alpha Griffin. Ga H M. WILLIAMS Atlanta, Ga. R. J WILLIAMS. Phi Kappa Sigma . . Long Island. N. Y J. R. WILLIAMSON Clayton, Ga R, W. WILLMON Decatur, Ga I. L. WILSON Macon, Ga I. M. WILSON Marietta, Ga. H, G WINDHAM Reynolds, Ga. R M WINGER Haines City, Ga. H. H WOETTJEN Chicago. III. B H. WOLCOIT Atlanta, ' Ga. W. C. WOMACK. Kappa Sigma Atlanta Ga, C. A. WONG Hartford, ' conn. W. L. WOOD. Alpha Tau Omega Boyd, Fla, R. B. WOODS, Pi Kappa Alpha . . . Savannah. Ga L A WOODWARD . . Wcthcrsfield, Conn, E. M. WOOTTEN Americus, Ga, V H. WRIGHT Jaclsonvillc, Fla. V. H, WYCOTT Atlanta, Ga. L, WYLIE Doraville, Ga, R M. WYNNE, Ihcta Chi . Macon, Ga J. YARBROUGH Atlanta, Ga. B. H, yAWN. Kappa Alpha Eastman, Ga O, A yOHAY Brooklyn, N. Y. W C YOUNG, Beta Theta Pi Sheffield, Ala H H YOUNGBLOOD Augusta, Sa. C. R. ZICKERI Beloit. W.s. J. H ZIKE Muskogee. Okla. OFFICERS OF THE FRESHflinn CLRSS M. J. SANDERS President J. E. O ' NEAL Vice-President W. B. SHIVER Secretary-Treasurer JlMMy ONEAL AND BUDDY SANDERS ONEAL. SHIVER 19 4 2 J, E. ABSHIRE. J G. S. ADAMS, P. P F ADAMS . W 5, ADAMS . C. B ADDISON . S R, AICHOL. J D ALBRIGHT LEY, JR., 5.3010 Alpha Epsi Sisr Eps, Atli X. AMBROSIO New Rochcl S, AMEEN Winnsbo P. ANDERSON Atli C ANDERSON, Delta Tau Delta .... Fori W. L ANDERSON Savan ARENOFSKV. Tau Epsilon Ph. Bayonr O. ARGUDIN San Ju •.RKIN, Ta J B ARMISTEAD, Sisrr ) Y ARNOLD, SiJ.iia H R ATKISSON , . W. B. AYERS . . . G. B. BACKUS, SIsma W S. BAILEY . . . F, A BAKER . . . W. 7. BAKER . . J E, BALDWIN . . J S BALDWIN, Chi Ph. W. 5. BARNES . . . R, E, BAR No METT, JR Atlanta, Ga J W. BARR, Sisma Ph. Epsilon Tuclahoe, N. V P. E. BARROW, S.gma Nu Tampa, Fla N. L. BARTMAN . Jacksonv.lls, Fla G P. SATES, Kappa Alpha Atlanta, Ga J W, BATTLE St. Pctersbu.3, Fla F R BEALL, Ph. Delta Thcla Atlanta, Ga P N. BEARDEN Lake Citf, Fla D. A BEARDSWORTH, Ph. Kappa Sigma . . Bt.dgeport, Conn A. E EEES Baltimore, Mo F. C BEIL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . , , . SI. Petersburg, F.a J. R. BELL, Sigma Nu K.ngsport, Tcnr T. J. BENNET Cordeic, Ga T. C. BENNING, JR , Pi Kappa Alpha .... Atlanta, Gs J A Epsi Ma G BLACK, Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga, F, BOBO, Ka Alp irksda Spartanburg, S C . Summcrv.lle, Ga JeHcrson City, Mo W. BOBO R L BOGGS H. W. BOHANNON .... E, A BOHNER, JR . Beta Theta P. L, P. BONDURANT, Ph. Delta Thela Atlanti E. H. BOSARGE Atlanta H, E BOSS Atlanti G T BOUROUIN, Ch. Phi Savannal T. N BOWERS Marietti A. A. BRADLEY Smyrni W. L. BRANDENBURG Atiant, L A BRANNON, JR Atlantj J L- 8RANSF0RD Thomastor J K. BREGER Brooklyn, E- BREITBACH, JR Maplewood, K A. BRENDEL, JR Dougia J R BRIDGEWATER. Delta Tau De G. L. BROCK Mcmphii R. C. BROCK Dalti F. G BROCKMEYER Allan Riddlcton, Tcnn Ga, BRODNAX. Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga BROOKS, Phi Gamma Delia .... Grimesland, N, C, , BROWN Atlanta, Ga. BRUCE, 111, Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... Atlanta, Ga. . ' . BRYAN Atlanta, Ga BRYAN, Phi Delta Theta Jefferson, Ga. . BUFFINGTON Llewellyn, Pa. ■ ' 5 ! r " A- ' Q mk i ' 9 7 inA Ai tk i FRESHHIEn W W. eURAN, JR., Delia Tau Delta, While Sulphui Spr„ W. Va. L. H. 6URCH, Ihcta Chi Allaota, Sa. C. A. BURDELL, Sisma Chi Atlanta, Ga. L, B. 8URDETT. B eta Thcta P Atlanta, Ga. I . O. BURGDORF, Phi Sigma Kappa . . . New York, N. V. I. M. BURGESS Atlanta, Ga. C. E. BURNHAM, It Ga.y, Ind. R. A. BURT Atlanta. Ga. W. G. BUSH, Chi Phi Augusta, Ga. A. W. 6UTERA, Delta Sigma Phi . . . Port Jefferson, N. y. J, W. BUTLER . . Dublin, Ga. C. R. BYRD Bainbridge, Ga. F. D. CAIN, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsiion . . Madisonville, Ky. W. W. CAINES St. Albans, W. Va. FLINTON CALLAHAN, Sigma Phi Epsiion . . . Danville, Va. W. H. CALLAWAY, PI Kappa Phi Atlanta, Ga. T. C. CAMPBELL, Slg- a Ch. Dc-at-,-, Ga, J, G. CAMrj " rj a , . Ti,, Omega . . , ' B. W. CAt - ■. J, B CAtv . !-a Theta ... F. B. C H-:Ti- -.,. , C. M. CARROLL, Sigma Chi Little Rock, Ark. L. B. CARSON Atlanta, Ga. W. A, CARTER Scott Field, III. W. L. CARTER Waynesboro, Va. R. H. CASE St. Petersburg, Fla. C. R. CASH Memphis, Tcnn. R. K. CASON, S.gma Chi Waycross, Ga. B. P. CASTEEL Atlanta, Ga. R, C. CAUTHORN Daytona Beach, Fla. M. CENKER Atlanta, Ga. F. W. CHAMBERS, Phi Kaopa Sigma .... Beacon, N. V. D. P. CHANDLER Huntland, Tenn. W. C. CHARLES. Kappa Sigma Bristol, Va. J. H. CHEEK, JR Nashville, Tenn. T, C. CHiny Jacksonville, Fla. M. I. CHOMIAK Maywood, N. J. J. W. CLARK, Delta Sigma Phi Jacksonville, Fla. W, CLARKSON Camden, S. C. R, P. CLARSON. Beta Theta Pi Jacksonville, Fla. F. H. CLOUD, Delta Tsu Delia Decatur, III. A, COHEN, Tau Epsiion Phi Brooklyn, N. Y. L. H. COHEN Atlanta, Ga. L. B. COLBERT, JR., Kappa Sigma Trlon, Ga. H. R. COLE, JR Atlanta, Ga. J. E. COLEMAN, Sigma Alpha Epsiion .... Atlanta, Ga. VAN B. COLEMAN Covington, Va. E, A. COLLE, JR Pascagoula, Miss. W. G. COLLEDGE, Sigma Alpha Epsiion . . Jacksonville, Fla. C. C. COLLINS Elk City, Okla. P. D. CONLON. Sigma Ph, Epsiion Altoona, Pa. J. E. COOGAN St. Petersburg, Fla. H. H. COOK Sardis, Ga. T. E. COOK Cochran, Ga. R. L, COPE, Delta Tau Delta Tcnafly, N. J. A. W. CORDES, JR., Alpha Tau Omega . . . Savannah, Ga. W. J. CORDES, Delta Tau Delta Atlanta, Ga. C. H. COULON, Pi Kappa Alpha .... Nev Orleans. La. I. E. COUNCIL, Sigma Phi Epsiion .... Vcro Beach, Fla. J. M. COWART Edison, Ga. H. P. COX Chilhowle, Va. J. C. COX, S.gma Alpha Epsiion Atlanta, Go. T. R, CRAWFORD, JR Clarkston, Ga. R. L. CRISP Cross Hill, S. C. D. P. CROSBY, Sigma Chi Chattanooga, Tenn. M. R, CROWL Upper Darby, Pa. W. J. CRUZ St. Albans, N. Y. H. P. CURRIE St. Pauls, N. C. W. M. CURTIS, Sigma Nu Temple, Teas P S. CUTLER, Phi Epsiion Pi Athens, Go. L. M. CUTTER Philadclphio, Po. B. P. DANIEL, S.gma Phi Epsiion Pulaski, Go. R, 8 DANIELL Atlanta, Ga. J. F. DAU6AR0 Syracuse, N. Y. A. W. DAVIS Fitigerold, Go. D. L. DAVIS Macon, Go. I. T. DAVIS, JR Oelray Beach, Flo. S. D. OEASON Port Arthur, Teias J. C. A. DE HAVEN Savannah, Ga. C. B. DEKLE Thomasville, Ga. F, P. DE KONING St. Albans, N. Y. R. A. DEL ROSSO Rochester, N. Y. T. G. DENNIS, Kappa Sigma Hodge, Lo. P. L. DE SEMA Foirvicw, N. J. 19 4 2 A L. DE VRIES East Pal,:.son. N. J. D. DE YOUNG. JR., S.gma Chi ... . Washmjtoii, D. C. LEONARD M DIANA . . . . Columbia, Pa. H, A. DICK, Ch( Phi Atlanta, ' Ga. I i DISOSWAy. Slsma Alpha Epsiloa ... Atlanta, Ga, M S DIXON. Beta Ihota Pi Stc.l.nalon, Lo. JACK T. D08S0N, Alpha Tau On,c3a , . . Chicago. " ' ■ ) H DODSON Atlanta, Ga. R. F. DONEGAN Atlanta, Ga. A. D DORSEIT Salisbury, N. C. A J DOW, JR Honolulu Hawaii D A DOWALD Charlotte, N. C. I B DO NS Cordc ' lc, Ga. J. A, DOyiE, JR., Ph. Dalta Thcta Atlanta, Ga. G. 6. DRAZEN, Tau Epsilon Phi .... New Haven, Conn. D. DREYFOOS. Phi Epsilon P Atlanta, Ga. J- D. DRIVER Monterey, Venn. J B DU flOIS Savannah Beach, Ga. R. H. DUGGAN, JR., Ph, Delta Thcta . . . Sandersville, Ga. C. G DUNCAN. Alpha Tau Ornega Atlanta, Ga. G E, DUNCAN Monroe, Ga. B. M DUNN, Kappa Alpha Atlanta Ga. C. A DUNN, Ph, Kappa Sigma Miami, ' Fla C. W. DYER Macor,, Ga. C. P. EAST, Beta Thcta Pi Lake Charles, La. C. B, EDGEWORTH Chcraw, S. C. C. J. EDISON, Tau Epsilon Phi Newton, ' Mass. J A EDMUNDS Columbis, Ga. G E. ED »ARDS. JR Sigma Chi Tampa Fla. W, L EDWARDS Atlanta, Ga. L EISEMAN Atlanta, Ga. R. O. ELDER Columbus, Ga. D. S. ELLIOT Haines City, Fla. F E. ELLIOT, JR Memphis, Tcnn. W. L ENGLISH, Theta Chi Decatur, Ga. J. M. EPPS, Kappa Sigma Macon, Ga. J- N. EPPS Augusta, Ga. F. EPSTEIN Long Island City, N. . K, A. ERIKSON West Palm Beach Fla H C. ERWIN Atlanta, Ga. F E ETHRIDGE Atlanta Ga. P L ETTINGER Atlanta, Ga. 6. A EWING, Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. O N. EWING, JR Atlanta, Ga. W. M. EXLEY, Chi Psi Savannah ' , Ga. H. FAGAN, Theta Chi Fort Myers, Fla. G. A. FAHM Eliiabethton, Tcnn. C E. FANCHER Miami, Fla. E W FANNING East Point, Ga. J C- FAULKNER, Phi Delta Theta . . . Jacksonville, Fla. T H FEARRINGTON, Phi Delta Thcta ... Atlanta, Ga. F. FEIL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Atlanta, Ga. S. N. FEINBERG Charleston, S. C. A- M. FIELD Clarksdale! Miss. Z- H. FIHN St. Louis, Mo. H T. FINCHER, JR., Ph, Kappa Sigma .... Atlanta, Ga. J. S. FINLEY . . Memphis, Tcnn. C. E FITTON, Chi Phi Ccdartown, Ga. T- J FLAKE Atlanta, Ga. W C FLAKE Oklahoma City, OUa. H, V FLEMING, Pi Kappa Sigma Atlanta, Ga. J- A, FLEMING, Delta Tau Delta Atlanta, Ga. A L FLOYD Galveston, Texas E. L, FLOYD, JR., Chi Ph Atlanta, Ga. A. M. FLYNN Atlanta, Ga. C H. FLYNN Atlanta, Ga. E, C. FOLLETT Cape El.iabcth, Me. W P. FOSTER, Phi Gamma Delta Andover, Mass. T, W. FOWLER Atlanta, Ga. T. W. FRAZIER, Kappa Alpha Memphis, Tcnn. R. W, FREEMAN. Sigma Chi .... Avondalc Estates, Ga. T. M FREEMAN Jackson, Ga. 0- ' •- FREY Sa.tons Rivci, Vt. C. H, FRIEDMANN New York, N. Y. D FROMER Brooklyn, ' N. Y. R G. FRYE Miami, Fla. A. D. FRYER, JR Savannah, Ga. D, C. FUSSELL, Sigma Phi Eps.lon Atlanta, Ga. M, R. GAIL, Phi Gamma Delta Bridgeport, Conn. T, H. GALPHIN, JR, Pi Kappa Phi . , , . Atlanta, Ga. J. A. GANTT. JR., Phi Delta Thcta Atlanta, Ga. T. J. GARANFLO, Kappa Alpha Atlanta, Ga. W. S, GAREY Atlanta, Ga, M. W. GARY, Phi Delta Theta Winter Park, Fla. a n e i r . r)i 1 3 = 3 rr ,a 9 g FRESHIHEn A B ir 4 B A V. . . HHi 1 MMMKM M mM Ut M m ■ I . J i JHHM H l. gay. Aiph, ■ j», ,ja , , , Hfli " ' ' ' - AYDOS, Phi SlgTia Koppa .... New Yofk, N. Y. f O O f l!S H.V.T.r;;;.;.;;.;.-. ' r- :: If Tt • - ' " ' H 5- • GIBSON. Sis- a Alpha Epiilon .... Atlontj, Ga. IX ■3 L ■ : — JT -S H E- M. gilbert, Phl Eos.Ioo P HuMinglon, W. Va. " B- B B B " ■K. B g GISKIH New i k ImI S H HI . B 0t GIUSIIZIA, Kappa .... W T ' 9 ' J I J. I 1 • 1 M ° " • ' 5 ' - " ' 5i3 " ' a Alpha Eps.lon .... Columbus, Ml«. ▼ . ,dF ' « ■ -J - " n ' T • i H " ■ GLUCK. Tau Epsllon Ph; Louisville, Ky. . , r , ' - j ' - 1 GOLDBERGEP. Tau Epsilon Phi ... . B.ooHyn, N. Y. f! , r D a a r! l Q ; ,». ::::::: ' 3i| ■V W • .. " !, ' . iCW -• = Ay, Chi Phi Atlanta. Ga. {- f t ITS B IttaH Mtltf H k ' H. GREENBERG, Tau Eps.lon . . Miami Beach. Fla. ■1 , at M L. K l ' ' ■ ' Ga. P O f .) UJ Qj ' r — - ' -, ■,■,■:, -- ' z :- HL .-% r.i ' « y- l -J • ica Alpha Atlanta, Ga. " T, GUNNELL. JR Atlanta, Ga. ' . ' UIMARAES Braiil, South Ame ' iea - " -URITZ Haines City. Fla. y • M - f 17 r l : JfLEY, Chi Phi Carlersvillc, Ga. ' mik .M ' k M ' ' : if ::::::: : : : " :i: J. HALLEY Jacksonville, Fla. S. HAMILTON Decatur, Ga. G. HAMPTON, iisma Alpha Epsilon . . . Tampa, Fla. A. HANNEY Hiawatha, Kan. S. HAROMAN Columbus, 6a. . IV yi - — ■ M fe C J - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Kappa Alpha Rome. Ga. I H H InlHt HHC H HARGIS Gainesville, Ga. _ _ » «Wa« M airi M HS H P.W.HARPER Rabun Gap, Ga. P — " fc H ' V l ' ' " ' ' a .... Atlanta. Ga. .f 1 . ' L J? f — J m BT . I J- " HARRIS Brookhavcn, Sa. ■. f .V ., y ' : Sj " " I P. iW G.W.HARRISON Atlanta, Ga. —I -tW ■_ I BtV ' - ' a B L. J. HARRISON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... Atlanta, Ga. t " ' ' ■ . ' M ' .. " ' ■ llli F. R. HASELTON ' . ' .■.■.■ Nash niei Tenn; 4M H ' HAWKINS, Thcta Chi Jacksonville, Fla. ' M m I I J ' ■ " • HEAVEY, Pi K appa Alpha Fori Bcnninj, Ga. ■ - :4 - " •) J. J -J " " V «f J- D. HECHT, Alpha Tau Omega .... Toms River, N. J. ■ - . -i ' -D ■ -■-! W. H. HEIDENREICH Charlotte, N. C. X iJPv ' V W S. ' - " ENSON, Alpha Tau Omega . . . Monroe, Ga. " fc| l t ' " ' ■ ' ■l ' ■■ ' ' • Hff 50N Atlanta, Ga. ' t d P ' . J A I • ' ' " ' Johnston, Pa. _ ' L - ' _ f- ; 5;j„ p . gpj l Jacksonville, Fla. rfK f " S t " ' " ■ ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' Winston-Salem, N. C. r I I _M • J r J ' J I JI Uv .J :s, JR., Kappa Alpha Tampa, Fla. ■ " " Cm ' 1 " ' -17 " " • " iT • ' HIGHTOWER Stockbridge, Ga. Y J[ V ' ' - -i v C.F.HILL Homer, Ga. V ' « ' " ' W VL J : N; ? J.T.HILL Warm Springs, Ga. r F » Ai nBi4Alfl i H t. e. hinnant A m tBl BfjI H fll l J Hifl H G. B. HINSON, Chi Ps. New York, N. Y. JfS 1 .J l . 83 i Kv- 0 ' ' « f 1 » T 1 1 II (l ■ ' ' ' " ■= ' " ' ' " » " ' - Sa. ' -. ' 1 »ST ' m- W ' ' ' ' irsilon Pi Chattanooga, Tenn. , . • - 1 Millvale, Pa. ■ - . . " .C0M8E, Beta Theta Pi Atlanta, Ga. O O Ql. •.•.•.•.•...•.•.■M;.;:; v. :: rf " r _T - ' " " n ■= " " Atlanta, Ga. !? ■- V -WPW A_ ■ -S Montgomery, Ala. 19 4 2 R B HUFFMAN. Sijma Chi ... - Avondalc Eilalcs. Gj. ED. F HUGHS, Beat Theta Pi Gainesville, Ga. C. E, HUICHINS Savannah, Ga. J. C HUTCHINS . ... Stalen Island, N. Y B A HUTCHINSON. JR.. Ph, Delta Thcia . . . Orlando, Fla. A M INGRAM, Chi Phc Atlanta. Sa. B A IRELAND. JR Atlanta, Ga. W. y. IRWIN Westminster, Md. S ITZCOVITZ Brooklyn, N. Y. A, M. JACKSON Chattanooaa, Tenn. D C JACKSON, Sigma Phi Epsilon .... Lynchbuig, Va. D, M JACKSON Caitcrsville, Sa. ) 8 JACKSON Atlanta, Ga, E P JAENICKE, Sigma Alpha Epsiton .... Atlai ta, Ga, A W JAMES, Sigma Chi Blaclshear, Ga, A B JANNEV, JR , Delta Tau Delta , . . , Moultrie, Ga. R J JANUARY Trenton, Tern. T S JEFFREY Bridgeport, Conn, M T JETER Union, S, C, M H JOHNS, Phi Kappa Sigma . , . . Port Arthur, Te«as A R JOHNSON Macon, Ga, C A JOHNSON Fairburn, Ga, H L JOHNSON Atlanta, Ga, M C, JOHNSON Grosse lie, Wich, P H JOHNSON Mineola, N, Y, R, M, JOHNSON Atlanta, Ga, R, E. JOHNSON North Haven, Conn, W S JOHNSON Davenport, Iowa S L JOHNSTON Atlanta, Ga. T O JOHNSTON. Alpha Tau Omega , . Spartanburg, S, C. W, D. JOHNSTON, JR Chattanooga, Tenn. C, W, JOINER. Phi Delta Thet,3 . Lookout Mt , Tenn W, B, JOINER Birmingham, Ala. J B JOLLY Taylorsville, Ga, W H JOLLY Atlanta. Ga. H H JONES Macon, Ga, L, P JONES, Phi Delta Theta Atlanta, Ga, P A, JONES, JR., Phi Delta Theta Albany, Ga, T W JONES, Kappa Sigma , , , , Chattanooga, Tenn, W A JONES. Delta Sigma Phi Columbus, Ga, W B JONES. JR Fairburn, Ga. R J, JORDAN Anniston, Ala, R. P, JOWGEDYK Miami, Fla, W, E, JUSTEN Tampa, Fla. H, H. KAISER Tampa, Fla, H. G KALB, JR Atlanta, Ga, J, N, KANE, Phi Delta Theta Atlanta, Ga, R, S, KELLER Lawrencevillc, Ga. E. E, KELLEY Arcadia, Fla, D A KELLY Atlanta, Ga. A S KELSO, Kappa Alpha Laurel, M E, KEMPH Atlanta, Ga, J, S KENDALL Florence, S, C. R B KERCE Rome, Ga. M J, KIMBELL McDonough, Ga, C L KINARD Atlanta, Ga, R, H, KINNEY Atlanta, Ga, J D KINSEY San Fiancisco. Calil, A, O, KIRKCONNELL Tampa, Fla. A. C, KLEIDERER. Delia Tau Delta Atlanta, Ga. W. J. KNAPP. Delta Sigma Phi . . , . . Lake Charles. La. N E KNOWLES Trenton, N, J, C J KNUDSEN Brooklyn, N, Y, J, D, KOESY Miami, Fla, F. C, KOHN, Sigma Phi Epsilon , , , . Montgomery, Ala, D, B KOTLIKOFF, Tau Epsilon Ph. . . . Miami Beach, Fla. W, L, KRAUS, Tau Epsilon Phi , . , Cedaihurst, L, I., N, Y, G. H, KRUG, Kappa Sigma Birmingham, Ala, S, R, KRYSIAK, Phi Kappa Sigma , . . . Bridgeport, Conn. D. LADEMAN Schenectady, N. Y, G A. LAFITTE. Sigma Nu Atlanta. Ga. R. M LAMB. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Atlanta, Ga. R, S LAMMERS. Beta Theta Pi Atlanta, Ga. C f LANDENBERGER, Delta Tau Delta , Pclham Manor, N, Y, T A, LANDRUM, Sigma Nu Austell, Ga, R, D LANDSBERG New York, N, Y, W. H, LANE Maryvillc, Tenn, C P LAS5ITER, Phi Sigma Kappa Atlanta, Ga. F- LASTRA Tampa, Fla, W, C. LAVERTY , , , , Piinceton, Ky, D, P, LEACH Atlanta. Ga, E, M LEE, Kappa Sigma Decatur, Ga, P. L, LEE, Ph, Epsilon P Miam., Fla, T, S, LEE, JR„ Sigma Nu Waycoss, Ga, e c q M A. zJi w m " ' ■ ' :3 O Q O ' n .-.IK I ' - ' T- o 1 j ' ih 2 m . t c Ilk ij 1 1 an 1 : ii di i.t ' f ) % 1 t ' .B « M H I 1 m 1 i w% Pl52 1 ' 1 4 % % fe4 a % : H % _ 1 4ik 1 . 1 1 iiJ freshiher No Tho-r L . _ , _ ., ;j lou Delta .... Lookout M(., Tenn. G B aOr.ASO, JR.. Kappa Alpha Atlanta, Ga. E- A. LEVIE LaFayeltc, Ga. D. K, LEVIN Union City. N. J. I. LEVIN. Tau Epsllon Phi Savannah, Ga. G. B. LEVINE, Tau Epjilon Phi Miami Beach, Fla. E. D. LEWIS South Hadlcy Falls, Mass. G. H. LEWIS, Sigma Chi Atlanta, Go. H. E. LICHTWARDT New Vort, N. t. M ; UNDER, Tau Epsilon Phi Jersey City, N. J. " MAN, Tau Epsilon Phi Toledo, Ohio : Sijnia Phi Epsilon Caldwell. N. i. ■ . ICH Baltimore, Md. EY - : : Fo.l VaI.e,, Go. Ame-icus, Ga. -.THINO Buffalo, N. y. tj. 6. LUNSFORD Atlanta, Ga. R. LURIE Lons Beacli, N. Y. H. J. LYNCH, S.gma Alpha Epsilon Macon, Ga. J. M. MAAS, Phi Epsilon PI Tampa, Fla. J. MacDONALD, JR Charlotte, N. C. J. C. MacDONALD Riclimond Hill, N. Y. R. H. MacGREGOR, S.gma Phi Epsilon .... Dixon. Mo. C. I, MAODOX Atlanta, Ga. R. MAINOR Macon, Ga. H. P. MALLORY Atlanta. Ga. F. W. MANLY. Pi Kappa Alpha Dalton, Ga. E. F. MANN. Delta Tau Delta .... Chattanooga, Tenn. R, S. MANN. Kappa Alpha Nawnan, Ga. W. C. MANN, Sigma Chi Marianna, Afk. J V. MANNING. Pi Kappa Alpha Atlanta, Ga. 1. A. MARMELSTEIN, JR., Phi Kappa Sigma . . Decatur. Ga. F E. MARTIN Jacksonville. Fla. G W. MARTIN. JR.. Delta Sigma Phi . . Wilmington, Del. T. J. MASLEY New Kensington, Pa. C- A. MASSEY, Phi Delta Thcio Maryville, Tenn. J. A. MATHERS Quitman, Ga. A. E. MATHISON. Phi Kappa S.gma , . . Maplcwood. N. J. J, J. MATHISON, Phi Gamma Delta , . . Wheeling. W. Va. E- H. MATTHEWS Hailehurst, Ga. J. S. MATRANGOS Atlanta, Ga, E. P. MAXIM Beacon, N. Y, J E, MAYES Atlanta, Ga. R. E. McAFEE, JR Atlanta, Ga. J. A. McAllister Atlanta, Ga. W. F. McAllister Columbia, S. C. C. R. McCHESNEY Upper Montclair, N. J, M. E. McCOY, Sigma No Little Rock, Ark. W. R. McCOOK Shreveport, La. E. L. McCRORY. Sigma Chi Atlanta. Ga. W. McDANIEL, JR Hapeville. Ga. W. R. McDonald Atlanta, Ga. J. 0. McDONOUGH Atlanta, Ga. C Y. McGAUGHEY. Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Atlanta. Ga. S. R. McGEE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Atlanta. Ga. S R. McGRAINE. Delta Sigma Phi ... . Richmond. Va. A. P. MclNTOSH Atlanta. Ga. J. MclNTOSH. Pi Kappa Phi Auburn, N. Y. A. J. MclNTYRE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... Atlanta. Ga. P, M. McKENNEY Atlanta. Ga. R. M. McKENZIE Atlanta, Ga. E. F, McLaughlin, pi Kappa Phi Atlanta, Ga. R. T. McLENDON. Sigma Nu Waycross, Ga. W. C. McMICKLE Columbus. Ga. J. E. McNEILL Jancsville, Wis. R. V. McNEILL Janesville, Wis. J. L. McPHERSON Chattanooga, Tenn. C O. McSWEEN. Kappa Alpha Franklin, La. J S. MEEK Atlanta. Ga. G. N. MEINERT Atlanta. Ga. R. E. MERRin Atlanta. Ga. H. J. MEYER, JR., Ph. Epsilon Pi Meridian, Miss. J- MEZA-CLARK .... San Pedro Sula. Honduras. C. A. R. F. MILLARD. Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... Atlanta. Ga. J. E. MILLER Savannah. Ga. H. L. MILLER Decatur, Ga. I. C. MILLER Daytona Beach. Fla. H, J. MILLS Atlanta. Ga. B. MITCHELL Atlanta, Ga 19 4 2 ' ., T MOAK, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . Bitighampton, N- Y. L B. MOSLEV Columbus. Ga. C R. MONK Atlanta, Sa. 0. MOMkOE, Phi Gamma Delta .... Wh.-clina, W. Va, J A MOOD New yoil. N. y. M H MOONEY, JR Atlanta, Ga. I A MOORE Baltimore, Md. W M. MOORE. JR. Dclli Tau Dcll.i . . . Atlanta, Ga. W, F MOORE Ft, Laudc-dalc, Fla J E MOORES Favcttcvillc, Tcnn, T MORCOTT Co.onado, Calil. B P MORGAN Coral Gables, HIa T. J MORONEr, JR., Ctii Phi Dallas, Toas 1. R MORRIS . . Morganton, N. C. R. B. MORRIS Tarryiown. N. Y. R L. MORRIS Morganton ' . N. C. W. D, MORRIS Atlanta. Ga. R MOSCRIP Orlando. Fla. F E MOTT, JR , Chi Psi Babylon, N. Y. W. S. MULLEN, JR Columbus. Ga. D MULTACH. Tau Epsilon Phi Belle Glade. Fla. C D MUNROE Ouincy. Fla. C. A MURPHEY. JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon , . Decatur ' , Ga. E, L MURPHY. Phi Delta Theta .... Birmingham. Ala. F E MURRAY ... Cordcle, Ga I. L NAGEL . . . . . Ellwood City. Pa. P. L. NELSON Spring Valley. Ohio N C. NEW Atlanta. Ga F H. NEWTON. Chi Psi Columbia, S. C. J. NIKAS Atlanta, Ga. J R NOONE Decatur. Ga W F. NORMAN, Srgma Nu Atlanta ' , Ga P. G NORTH. Kappa Alpha Palm Beach. Fla E S NOTTON. JR Meridian. Miss J. F. NOYES Atlanta. Ga B H NUNES Atlanta, Ga. J. C. OGILVIE Savannah, Ga S M. OLSEN, Chi Psi Baldwin, N. Y. C. W OLSON, JR Daytona Beach, Fla. J. E O ' NEAL, JR Savannah, Ga. 5 H ORR Savannah. Ga A K. O ' SHEA Atlanta, Ga. C. T OWEN Atlanta, Ga. L W OWEN Springfield, III. M. W. PAQUEnE Janesville, Wis. R. T. PARHAM Hogansvillc, Ga. J W. PARKER Cleveland, Ohio T E. PARKS Pineville, Ky. M. E. PATE Bonitay. Fla. J R PAUS. Pi Kappa Phi Mamaronccl. N. Y. W. C. PAXSON. Phi Delta Theta . . Jaclsonville, Fla. T. J. PEABODY Atlanta ' Ga. A. E. PEARCE, Chi Phi Gainesville, Ga. J D PEARCE Atlanta, Ga S. C. PEARCE Atlanta, Ga E M. PECK, Alpha Tau Omega Atlanta, Ga, L. J PERLIS Cordcle, Ga. J. S. PERRIN Clarlston. Ga. J. C PERRY Rome, Ga B S PERSONS. Sigma Chi Butler. Ga W. D. PHELPS Sycamore. Ga L W. PHILIPS, Theta Chi Atlanta, Ga A J PICONE Port Washington, N. Y. A B PIERCE, Alpha Tau Omega Atlanta. Ga. D. P. PIERSON Webster Groves, Mo. S R. PIPITONE, Phi Kappa Sigma ... Brooklyn, N. Y. R E. PIPPIN, Kappa Sigma Manhassett, N. Y. J S. PITCHFORD. JR., Beta Theta Pi . . . Poitsmouth, Va. G. D. PLANT, Phi Delta Theta Macon, Ga. L. R. PONDER. JR Fairmont, W. Va. C. POOLOS Atlanta, Ga. W. S. POPE Atlanta, Ga. J. T. POPLIN Rocly Mount, N. C. H. S. PORTNOY BrooHyn, N, Y. E. E. POTTER Matua, Oh.o J. A. POWELL Cairo, Ga. W. R, POWELL Atlanta, Ga, D. G POWERS, Kappa Sigma Montgomery, Ala, R. J. PRENDERGAST Atlantic City, N. J. C. F. PRESTWOOD Lake City. Fla. E. F. PRICE, Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. E, J. PRICE, Kappa Sigma ... Roclville Center, N. Y, H. E. PRICHARD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon , W, Palm Beach, Fla. A. L. PRICKETT, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha .... Atlanta, Ga. ' a a a o n f ( e ,01 i!5 Ci f f f! , .il ' iBdf ' iflik, C ' ife ■f»f • • f { ■ Ir - FRESUmEn ■ 0P, Pi Kaopa Phi Cleveland, Ohio NN St. Pclecsburg, Fla. - . L. rAoUN. Phi Delta Thclo Bolton, Ga. R. F. RA8UN Atlanta. Ga. J. L. RAINES Atlanta, Sa. S. H. RASKIN, Phi Bpiilon Pi Savannah, Ga. F. H. RATHBONE Jamaica, N. . J. 8. REARK Miami, Fla. ■ REaOR Camden, S. C. . =:E Kimbctly, W. Va. R Old Hickofv, Tcnn. : JR., Pi Kappa Phi Atlanta, Go. g A E ' D Pensacola, Fla. H. L. REID, Sisma Alpha Epiilon Atlanta, Sa. F. :, REINS Collesc Park, Ga. Phi Atlanta, Ga. Columbus, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. J. A r-T _.vLj Alphatetta, Ga. J. E. RHODES Natchitoches, Iowa W. H. RHYNE, Pi Kappa Phi Atlanta, Ga. R. C. RICH South Norfolk, Va. R. C. RICHARDS New Castle, Pa. C. C. RICHMOND, Chi Psi Oaytona Beach, Fla. W C, RICHTER A:-c-s, Ala. ■;ta Tau Delta . . . 5. i ROBERTS. P; Kappa Phi A;la-;3, Sj w. L ROBERTSON, JR Batesville, Ala. ' - J. RCBINSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Clearwater, Fla. . ;•.::■. Mt. Juliet, Tcnn. Atlanta, Ga. ■. •,, JR Atlanta, Ga. ■ ; i, Ashevillc, N. C. Dalton, Ga. i Alpha Epsilon Decatur, Ga. . , ,T Pi New York, N. Y. Miami Beach, Fla. ::■ ;fR. Phi Delta Thela . . Chaltanoosa, Tenn. " F-SMAN Memphis, Tcnn. J. ROV.RA Havana, Cuba J. J. ROWE, JR Brunswick, Ga. R. B. ROWE. Pi Kappa Alpha Lancaster, S. C. R I. RUGO, Sisma Phi Epsilon Milton, Mass. C. A. RUNYON Atlanta, Ga. N. B. RYALL, Sigma Phi Epsilon Wabasso, Fla. J. D. RYt NDER Americus, Ga. G. S. SAGER Brooklyn, N. Y. T. J. SAINE Atlanta, Ga. H. SAMUEL Baltimore, Md. W. H. SANDERFORO. Sigma Phi Eos ' lon . . Waynesboro, Ga. M. J. SANDERS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Jacksonville, Fla. P. SAPSARA Pittsburgh, Pa. S. SAniER Bronx, N. Y. J. W. SAUL Charleston, S. C. E. J. SAUNDERS Savannah, Ga. N. H. SAVANT Atlanta, Ga. W. A. SCHMID, Sigma Phi Epsilon .... Jackson, Miss. G. P. SCHMINKE, Sigma Nu New Orleans, La. A. J. SCHROEDER Lawrenceville, Ga. H. SCHUMAN, Tau Epsilon Phi New York, N. Y. A S ' CTT Griffin, Ga. Eli:abethton, Tcnn. ■ Tau Omega Decatur, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. ' . . ii 5:. M Delta Theta Birmingham, Ala. D. J. SEIBERT Atlanta, Ga. H SE ' TI Atlanta, Ga. : ' r TZ. Phi Gamma Delta . York. Pa. ■ iR. Tau Eosilon Phi New York. N. Y. HACKLEFORD. Sigma Chi Atlanta, Ga. H. SHARTAR Atlanta, Ga. E. L. SHEIP, Sigma Phi Epsilon .... Haddenficid, N. J. C. J. SHELTON, JR Gulfport, Miss. C. W. SHELVERTON, Alpha Tau Omega .... Macon, Ga. H. E. SHEPPARD Sandcrsville, Ga. L. 0. SHERIDAN, JR., Beta Theta Pi . Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. A. G. SHERMAN Blakely, Ga. P. B. SHERRY, Chi Phi Savannah, Ga. R. SHIFF, Tau Epiilon Phi Maiden, Mass. W. J. SHIPLEY, Delta Tau Delta Savannah, Ga. W. B. SHIVER, Phi Delta Theta Atlanta, Ga. A. SHMUKLER " o " " ' - - 19 42 il¥ " ' 5 . A.W.SILVERMAN B.ooHyn N. Y. -.« - ' J: 1 H ffi A I H . S ' -VERS f 0 I Si . jBi. Jl R. L. SIMMONS, JR Atlanta, Ga. Vf 1 I 1 T M r % E R. SIMONS, P, Kappa Pt, Atlanta, Sa. ■- « ' ' ,« V» -i«« ' ' (4 - ' «• » J M- SIMS Columbus, Ga. i i 4 ' . ] ' Af 4j H. W. SIMPSON Atlanta, Ga. jL fci ' 3 K -it J ' 3t h R. F. SIMPSON, JR., Chi Phi Thomaston, Ga. ' V ; fHi aT k « ' i " sK. A B F, M. SINGER. S,3ma Chi Columbus, Ga. V . k ' W M £M h iji J »i .m SKIDMORE, Kappa Phi . . . Albcmaflc, N. C. gg WH K M - a HH Hj " P. SK07HIK Yontes, N. y. - ' -i F |« L-M LJ ' -J T-- J If- J R. L. SLATEN, Phi Delta Thcla College Pa.k, Go. 4W Qh fTr -Ty i ' " jT ' ' P ff J- R. SLATON East Point, Ga. ' J BTSJH ' A ' ' jL.b Vwi V L L. SLOTIN Glcnnvillc, Ga. » H. r l " ;: !™ iW N(lL R. H. SMALL, Thcta Ci B.aintrcc, Mass. " P IBflK l ' li ■- - kU 4 IH A. SMITH Sooth No.walk Conn. ;,-. L.5. ' »■ " ' A H C. D. SMITH. Kappa S.jma Atlanta, Ga. I ' ' Bk l 1 J ii k , Ik C. M. SMITH, P, Kappa Alpha Bl.mingham, Ala. f J If f ' V f ■ T B D. SMITH, JR., S.sma Alpha Epsilon .... Atlanta, Ga. " M ' " • " " ' " « " ' fJ ' • 1 - " ■ f- SMITH LaGrange, Ga. ' V . X ' i XT ' Z _ H. Z, SMITH. Alpha Tau Omc3a Slatcsboro, Ga. l .V, ' A» " -5L ■■ P " -1 W : k. •- S " ' TH B.mmsham, Ala. I |W gg , ' ' T V I . H. SMITH Tallapoosa, Ga. i; 1 HI BW . 7 . . H A t- ' " :. , IHU. I O. M. SMITH, Sijma Chi Valdosta. Ga. tjjK ( C. SMITH. Kappa Atlanta, Ga. % «P fl B % " ' N ■ ■ ' ™ East NoiwaU, Conn. | ;j f J f,J |73| 1 f,-J VC. L, SMITH, Beta Kappa Pcnsaeola, Fla. Sf ' ,. AJ r - W - ' -T " f R- E. SOSBY East Point, Ga. a vT A " •■iw " ' •k. - ' A J. B. SOTOMAyOI? Portland, Mc. " I JL - ' i BM ' ' 5fcliB " " W, ). I. s§:: tt; T. mm. : mMmfM mtm mLm SPARKS East 1 ' ' i L fli Z ' . Il l B JR Miami, T JB f T _J Ml i . J|[ J M fjl J. SPECTOR, Tau Epsilon Phi Atlanta, Ga. ' " " Is ' ' " " r KT " 4 ' - » ' K t B ' " L. F. SPITZER Miami, Fla. j _| , - H — JS Bi . fl :± ' M. SPITZER Miami, Fla. . ' V - ' VHL ' i j v ' . V H w ■ v ■ = TauEp;i.:;hi; ; ■■ - li» §Ull i i Mfl A STANLEY . W F »% ' " B BJ I- N. STANLEY Lago Colony, Aruba, N, W, I. «| ., J ' =- - f =» J ' - - W J| P- fl G. C. STEUART Atlanta, Ga. , f TJ . t! , - -I Jf k - H G. A. STEWART, Beta Thcta P Atlanta, Ga. " Sf V : ' . ' Vj . ' Tk. ' K ' v ' l H. L. STILLWELL, JR Atlanta, Ga. ' ' k ,-a.-; Wk 7 W 4. ' " • ■■■ " ' fc T H R.E.STONE Indcpcndcnoo, Mo. ' iM i ' w jHl ■ A K " ' 1 1 8. W. STOPINSKI Birmingham, Ala. « ikA - :M i , .J .B S • ' Bf B. STOREY, Alpha Tau Omega Aritiuchcc, Ga. £jl E. W. STRADTMAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Atlanta, Ga. f TF E. A. STRAUSSER Charlcroi, Pa. ' " " " » F. STREITFELD ... Scianton ' , Pa. - __ — ' «k ' = m t ,4 ' H. W. 5TR0UPE, JR Oteon, N. C. S S ... ij ' , ' ' " ■ k k ' . ' V ' L ' -3 A. C. STUCKI, Delta Sigma Phi G.antwood, N. J. . F rTW MtM Mk KU ' M M M . tft ' mim M IH HH ' A HbHAJHI k] H. W. SULLINS Griffin, Ga. ■ «i s " " A» 3 ( f l f ! T ' - SETTLES, JR Atlanta, Ga. T -I .f J ? - jJ J : «A M JL J : " f J B. SWIFT Atmoie, Ala. ' : 1 Jl • " 7 - f ' J? J.W.SWINDELL Nashville, Tcnn. f 3f n. O ' " " -W " - " V " ' R. F. SWINNIE Andrews, S. C. »W vMB !W. ' ■ I Jl ' ll ' i B ' l T. C. TABOR, Theta Ch Deeatur, Ga. iTfi A , ' W -I- i tB ifili T. T, TALLEY, Chi Phi Providence, R. I. ' ■ ' » A JL .■ 1B D. A. TAYLOR, Theta Chi Rocly Hill, Conn. : I Vk fi ' ' W. L. TAYLOR Baltimore, Md. ,T ,i T f ' JM _■ f i f J H. D, TENNENT Atlanta, Ga. ' rV ' H? ' ■ iW " " W fT H? J. S, THIBADEAU Atlanta, Ga. l iAf - f ' f - M. f J H. E. THIEL, Phi Kappa Sigma Benton, Arl. if, " j r! . J ' »•■ . S! v ,jC Vk E, D. THOMA, II, Phi Delta Thcta . . . . Tullahoma, Tcnn. -J mM l l a W - ' 1A«B " " TBI I IB A. T. THOMAS, Sigma Chi Nashville, Tcnn. i- iAl l ii Ji «M ■ 18 11 8 -v.i- 1 ■ - A wl R. M. THOMAS Birmingham, Ala. Sl l Sl ' [ L " 1 R. W. THOMAS Blue Ridge, Ga. f § l ' M f J W f « P ' L. THOMISON. Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Lookout Mt., Tcnn. • ' ' ■ " «» ' - ' - " rt ' t TO ' ' G. R. THOMPSON, Kappa Alpha Memphis, -Tcnn. - " " k. 4 ,4 ■ C- C V l ' ■ ' ' R. M. THORNER Maywood, N. J. ' . " s ' L ' H i ' ' ' ' k H J. W. THRASHER. Alpha .... 1, ' j IBI I AhB " " ' ' ' A h i H ' " ' ' W W W FRESHdlEn t k 1 fc ' ' tW ' ' ' ' ' ' 4 ' ■ ' " " ■ " JKNER, JR Atlonla, Go. I J A . A l L A A t ' -■ d- 1 • - " ■ lURNER, Sigma Phi Epsllon . . Jonesboio, Ga. , - ' . W E. TURNER Bristol, Ttnn. B Kr-- % f ' " " ' ■• ' - ' " Atlanta, Ga. rV B W ' J i l- ' J ' J ' J. ' J ' UNDERWOOD . . ... Quitman, Sa. .. ,_ Ph ' Jk -iW - X- ' ■ ' ' ' Thcasvillc. Ga. ■gbi H 1 T BH . B H 2 T JR., Phi Delta Theta . . . . Nashville, Tcnn. I MmMM M - a Mj mKk. t M ' . : .% . p; Kappa Phi . . . Pacific Beach, Calif. MS d B 19 ' 9 ij fj rl r f 1 ' f ■ " " " .Tw ■« ' .» s ' Jf ' -» « . = ' ji ta _B, J . C. VAUGHAN, Sigma Nu Richmond, Va. m _ ' W -f . i x X . 3 ' ■ ' • ' ■■ " ' ' - ' " ' ' ' ' " " " ' " " Noi-istown, Pa. ■ ■ ■ B B " . B ' ' ■iiiM ' • ' Nii JM ' M t , T HkH flU A 1 l ai iHI f y vorLES O l Mk_ J " " " ' - ' ■ ' ' SENHEIM. Phi Epsilon Pi ... . Pensacola, Fla. k i (RH r • C. WAID Sm„n,, Ga. r llMr r c.b. wald Frecpott, N. y. ' ■»? W ■ 0m •- " - J. C. WALDRON Martinsville, N. y. . " ji A ■ iJL. ' ' " ' - ' ' ' ' Ccdarhgcst, N. Y. • , ' " B • yk, .. . " " b - P. l-. WALKER, Pi Kappa Alpha .... Biiminsham, Ala. 1 ' 1 - B B V k ' ' ' fBs ' m M I-. WALKER Birminsham, Ala. JM L IMk Mmi} m jM i, m E.F.WALLACE Ben Hill. Ga. . ' (4I XSl B ' ' ALSH, Sigma Chi Chattanooga, Tenn. fB ( i - : B. f J I 1 IJ ' ' ' - ' " " " " • ' = " ■ .A 1 JR .? „ J - " T ' = ' ' ■ . ' J f% ' - ' -■ ' ' ' " 5- ' ' ' ' ' " " P ' S " " ■ ■ ' ' ° " Washington, N. Y. J i ' -? " " ' ML " ■ - W " " ' ' ' ' Atlanta, Ga. I ). M . . - " M " ■ ' ■ ' • WEATHERLY Nashville, Tenn. ' IH ' B k li A B jE H H d l ' WEAVER, Kappa Atlanta, Ga. B B . " . ' ' ' i ■kX H BjflH J. 0. WEAVER. JR 1 - - ' — - B J. C. WEBB, Kappa Alpha Atlanta, Ga. ■ k F - Bi H WEBBER, S.gma Alpha .... •- 4 ' - r ' " n ; " :™ „..;,,■ .;;.;,,r::;::: • r-J -J VTii , ' J ' -. ' - W. D. WEEKS, Chi Psl Savannah, Ga. L 2 ' ' A ' W i ' t». , 4 ■ ' -| - » W. J. WESMANN Tampa, Fla. " 1 • t ' HB i B ' k H R. E. WELDON West Hartford, Conn. » ' " Hi « H t A. P. WEMYSS, JR. ... Gallatin, Tenn. B il ' ZJ » f 1 I ' ' WESTMORELAND Griffin, Ga, ' ■ « " B " rf ' ' ' ' ' . j I K N WHEELER, Sigrr-a Chi Atlanta. Ga. _M B " v —a — V -. -1 1 ° ° WHEELER Kingsport, Tenn. JZ :. yt .—K. . " k 1 C. C. WHELPLEY. Kaora Alpha . . - . Dunedii , Fla. T MjBrjH X B , fl ' CJ 1 IM ' ' ° WHITE, JR Atlanta, Ga. Lt W WKkSmUi :m jA . r . ITI C.G. white Bedhead, sa. ir ' _ ,rf to». . i ' ■ " ■ white. Pi Kappa Alpha Savannah, Ga. ■B B W • ' " { k K l ' W. C. WHITE, JR Atlanta, Ga. n ri ZJk - .1 ir ' l, V-4 ■ Ea.ming.on,Ga. f - . ' ■ " jrW B.oolhaven, Ga. — J x. d ' k. " »V Cartersvillc, Ga. V fc . - ' " " ' ' k " B - - ■ " ' " " " " ■ ■ . • Albanv, Ga. k B.w , T H i PB l B t l k ' BJI B ' ' ' - ' = ' - ' ' ' EE, Kappa Sigma . . Long Island, N. Y. • «IftiJ I Bj U -JJ NJH B I H A - mJ S. a. WIEN Miami Beach, Fla. gfl ' 1 ' ' Q Jff n. B W. L. WILHOIT, Alpha Tau Omega Atlanta, Ga. f , U B M I 1 1 f B 0. L. WILLIAMS, Pi Kappa Alpha Atlanta, Ga. ■B? ' f ■ ' — «5f .» ■ W " W-ii ' " • WILLIAMS Atlanta, Ga. . BE • .f ; , - i BL ■ ' ' ■■ WILLIAMS, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Tampa, Fla. _ A d A xSi ' jrk. ' ' ■ " ■ WILLIAMS Bruceton, Tenn. 9 rai L. ' fe i ' Tt " ' ' ' WILLIAMS Corning, N. Y. ■ IH L A B B. ' B ' V ' ' WILLIAMS " " ' ' _ __ D. R. WILLIAMSON East Point, Ga. K i ' B % (4 f ' BB| WILLINGHAM, Alpha . . . Macon, Ga. m M I B ) J ' M ' « I H f J f J ' " WILLINGHAM, Chi Phi Atlanta, Ga. »,««!-l7 ■ •• ' B " • " ' " ' B ■ " ' W " ' F T ' ' " 7 " " WILSON East Point, Ga. Si f , M Mr -i I ■ -I . • i 1 1 SON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Montgomery, Ala. ■= T -g ■ .fk r W -= Bk.„. " A . ' j y . ' iLSON East Point, Ga. - N " W " W Im y M -J ' J MAN JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . Atlanta, Ga. " IX fl ' B XI r Bm AB iW ' ' O ' " ' Atlanta, Ga. a ' ■ : H A mA Hl il A S .1 Gamma Delta .... Ridgewood. N.J. ' 31 r : ■ ' r . f J . M. 4 I J • .jf K W Bi ' ■ R. WYAn . Fa,,field, Ala. ■ ' Ul B lc ' ' VW " m ' wvNN. iR, Sigma Phi Epsilon . . San Franc.sco. Cal.f. . 4 k. . i - BVIK ' 1 Af f I rONGE. S gma Phi Epsilon Ft. Pierce, Fla, ■ I B « i F B ' % I ' ■ ' ■■ YOUNG. Ph, Sigma Kappa . . Beacon, N. Y. Tl ' JLTP iV, . f» J, I - H w. 5. YOUNG Charlotte, N. C. ■ - m V ' n •-» . - " " " f " .» - ' ' ) J. M ZEIGLER Thomasvllle. Ga. 1 ' - .- C • i • ' -» W. H. ZELLER ... Miami, Fla. V ' k 1 tlV .Jk A - A i " ■ -i B. ZINOBER Brooklyn, N. Y. . iIIB BM BA L XBI ' I a V e. ZITOMER Miami Beach, Fla. - . ' «- -A._J llKflBLH llr. .4... dtLMk " ' " " ■ ■ miLiTflRy sciEncE m tactics COLONEL R. W. COLLINS, P. M. S. T. and Commandant LIEUT. COL. G. S. BROWNELL LIEUT F. E. LINNELL LIEUT. COL. J. B, DAY ;AJOR R. L. WATKINS CART. R. B. ALFORD CART. L. W. deJARNETTE CART. M. H. FLOYD CART. G. J. GEISLER CART. O. S. QUIGLEY MAJOR W. E. TIDMORE CART. D. B. WEIR CART. R. A. VAN HOUTEN Front row, left to r.ght; FLOYD, ALFORD GEISLER, deMRNEHE, WATKINS BROW. NELL, COLLINS, DAY, TIDMORE, OUIG. LEY, WEIR, VAN HOUTEN Back row COCHRAN. PARCHMAN, ELLIS PATRICK, SIMS, KIEL. W ' |- r!; «s vK !: l;Sy On the Drill Freld ttaib R E C I (H E n T R L S T R f f MOODY • COL. J. E. EDWARDS . . . Regimental Commander Sponsor for Col. Edwaids MISS DOROTHV WHALEY LIEUT. COL. W. F. MOODY Executive Sponsor for Lt. Col. Moody MISS EMILV GIPSON CAPT. E. BERNARDO Adjutant Sponsor for Capt. Bernardo MISS LORELLE JOHNSON CAPT. J. O. THORNTON Supply CAPT. R. F. CHOQUEHE . . . Plans and Training Sponsor (or Capt. Clioqucttc MISS MARY ANNE HENDERSON MASTER SERGEANT V. R. WIDERQUIST MASTER SERGEANT G. R. IRWIN r " V idi MAJOR C. M. EDELBLUT . . . Battalion Commandei Sponsor for Ma|Or Edclblut MISS MARY JAMES SEAGLE CAPT. A. L. WADE Battalion Ad|utant Sponsor for Capt. Wad.: MISS MARGARET ELIZABETH MORGAN CAPT. D. F. JOHNSTON . Battalion Plans and Training Sponsor for Capt. Johnston MISS DOT CHEVES H. B. ASHE Battalion Sergeant Mapr FIRST BflTTRLIOn STAFF c m p fl n y a CAPT. W. H. COOPER . . . Company Commander Sponsor for Capt. Cooper MISS DOROTHV WEATHERS B. F. BOTTENFIELD First Lieutenant G. L. SOUTHER First Lieutenant E. S. LOVE Second Lieutenant J. P. HITE Second Lieutenant R. S. SCHWARCZ Second Lieutenant iyik iISS WEATHERS SERGEANTS H. B. TATUM J. M.WOMACK R. W. NEy J. G. KEARNEY J. W. BIER F. L. WATSON BOnENFIELD SOUTHER SCHWARCZ c in p fl n y B CAPT. W. W. JORDAN . . . Company Commander Sponsor for Capt. Jordan MISS LORAINE STRINGER M. H. WHITE First Lieutenant G. W. STRADTMAN First Lieutenant R. E. COLLIER Second Lieutenant J. E. CHAMBERS Second Lieutenant H. G. MAYO Second Lieutenant iISS STRINGER SERGEANTS D. A. CROSBY W. D. FRANCIS M. C. PIPPEN P. H. COSBY S. R. CRANBERRY HIE STRADTMA COLLIER CHAMBERS MAYO c m p fl n y c CAPTAIN F. W. EVANS .... Company Commander Sponsor fo. Coplam Evans MISS BETTY HURT J. E. BROADWELL Fitst Lieutenant W. H. REEVES First Lieutenant R. J. MANNER Second Lieutenant A. F. LeBLANC Second Lieutenant A. C. ISAACS Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS J. V. SENATOR M. W. ARMSTRON( R.W.SHELDON C. B. LeCRAW F. MITCHELL S. M. BERMAN R. A. PLASTER c m p fl n y d CAPTAIN W. R. SLAV Company Commander Sponsor for Captain Scay MISS BETTY ANN LILLY E. K. OVERSTREET First Lieutenant J. B. TRENHOLM First Lieutenant J. T. BELL, JR Second Lieutenant A. N. KAPLAN Second Lieutenant J. W. GRIFFETH Second Lieutenant A. t SERGEANTS T. J. KELLEY J. C. ROGERS H. L. EDGE J. H. FULLER S. N. HODGES J. B. HAMMACK J. H. WALLIS OVERSTREET TRENHOL RS. EMMONS MAJOR M. A. EMMONS Battalion Commander Sponsor for Major Emmons MRS. M. A. EMMONS CAPTAIN C. E, BENNETT .... Battalion Plans and Trainins Sponsor for Capta.n Bennett MRS. C. E. BENNETT CAPTAIN C. E. HAMMEH Adjutant Sponsor for Caplam Hammetl MRS. C. E. HAMMETT CAPTAIN L W. CAFFFY . . Commander Training Cadre :sp(ain Caffey . A LEE BROWN SERGEANT M. F. THOMPSON . . Battalion Sergeant Major FJRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: BEN- NETT, MRS. BENNEn. . . . SECOND ROW: HAMMETT, MRS. HAMMETT . . . THIRD ROW: CAFFEY. MISS BROWN. SECORD BflTTRLIOn STAFF ' HI -la .. ; :-. .. M it ' k B R T T £ R y E CAPTAIN H, P. BARFIELD .... Battery Commander Sponsor (or Captain Baificid MISS HARRIET FISKE D. P. HAMILTON First Lieutenant B. MASTERTON Second Lieutenant H. EINSTEIN Second Lieutenant D. T. ALLEfJ Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS J. P. ADAMS T. S. BURTON J. D. RAULERSON W. H. AVERY D. M. EDWARDS R. M. THIBADEAU B fl TT E R y F CAPTAIN W. W. HOLT Battery Commander Sponsor for Captain Holt MISS CLARA MAY OBERST R. K. PROTHRO First Lieutenan O. C. LEE Second Lieutenan C. E. BELCHER Second Lieutenan J. F. THOMPSON Second Lieutenan J. B. EWALD Second Lieutenan C. T. McGRAW Second Lieutenan SERGEANTS W. O. GARRETT R. BAROUCH R. L. KRIEGER D. R. JOHNSOI : J. P. ELLINGTON R. E. JONES BELCHER EWALD THOMPSON McGRAW B fl T T E R y G CAPTAIN F. W. STOPINSKI .... Battery Commander Sponsor for Captain Stopinskl MISS MARTHA ARANT A. R. DEAS First Lieutenant C.E TURNER Second Lieutenant H. M. McNeill Second Lieutenant D. P. WHITESIDE Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS F. H. McRAE G. W. BURGE A. P. FELTON F. W. DENNINGTON C. N. JOHNS S. H.SCULNICK B fl T T E R y H CAPTAIN W. D. CROMARTIE . . . Battery Commander Sponsor for Capta.n Ctomatti MISS MILDRED JONES T. C. KARNES First Lieutenant E. G. MULLING First Lieutenant W. G. WANNAMAKER First Lieutenant F. F. BLAIR Second Lieutenant E. T. MITCHELL Second Lieutenant iiiik lf rh SERGEANTS C. A. McLEOD D. R. NEWMAN J. A. SUDDETH R. H. JOHNS A. ZAGARELLA S. J.. HENRY DRISCOLL MISS MORRELL MAJOR S. P. DRISCOLL Battalion Commander Sponsor for Ma)or Driscoll MISS KATHERINE DRANE MORRELL CAPTAIN H. H. BARTON Battalion Adjutant Sponsor for Captain Barton MISS PAULINE ROSS CAPTAIN C. D. HANELINE . . . Battalion Plans and Tramms Sponsor for Captam Hanclinc MISS JANE EDWARDS SERGEANT F. W. ROSE Battalion Sergeant Major THIRD BflTTflLIOn STAFF gfe ' !:;,i jka B fl T T E R y I CAPTAIN E. F. SCOTT Battery Commander Sponsor for Captain Scott MISS DOROTHY ARNALL J. S. LEEDY First Lieutenant J. W. RIGDON First Lieutenant J. P. STURROCK Second Lieutenant T. HILL Second Lieutenant E. E. STOTT Second Lieutenant ( k SERGEANTS H. S. BELL W. L. BAKER J. R. ALLEN P. M. PLATZMAN A. T. FERNANDEZ P. L. BLACKSHEAR G. W. SMITH RIGDON STURROCK B fl T T E R y K CAPTAIN W. A. COLEMAN .... Battery Commander Sponsor for Captain Coleman MISS MARy LOUISE PALMOUR H. I. JENKINS First Lieutenant S. A. HAMILTON, JR First Lieutenant F. T. BRIDGES Second Lieutenant G. S. MITCHELL Second Lieutenant MISS PALMOUR SERGEANTS G. A. WILSON D. M. METZGER R. W. FEAGLES R. F. ROGERS G. T. SARGENT J. E. SCHOTT J. S. FORNARA B fl T T E R y L CAPTAIN E. B. DAVIS Battery Commander Spofiior (or Captain Davis MISS CARLEEN OWENS F. L. WALKER First Lieutenant J. O. KING Second Lieutenant T. R. VANDErJ-HEUVEL Second Lieutenant A. C. MARTIN Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS F. P. MILLER A. R. NADEAU J. H. RILEY W. C. LANKFORD K. K. SMITH L. I. BAWER W. M. KEMP B fl T T E R y m CAPTAIN p. F. KORYCINSKI . , . Battery Commande Sponso. for Captain Koryclnsl MISS JANE WRAZEN G. P. OLCOTT, III First Lieutenan E. McNENNEY Second Lieutenan J. C CHAPMAN Second Lieutenan C. D. KELSO, JR Second Lieutenan R. S. KEMPTON Second Lieutenan A. C. LOW Second Lieutenan MISS WRAZEN SERGEANTS J. J. REBESKE E P. OWEN E. J. SCHREIBER F. B. SHEETZ R. J. FRY R. G. ALDERMAI. H. H. JOYNER SS MARIHA PAHERSON FOURTH BflTTflLIOn STAFF MAJOR F. A. GUNN . . . Battalion Commander Sponsor for Major Gunn MISS MARTHA PAHERSON CAPTAIN C. P. SCHLESINGER, JR. Battalion Ad)utant Sponsor for Captain Schlcsingcr MISS DON STOUGHTON CAPTAIN W. D. FULTON, Battalion Plans and Tralninc SERGEANT G. H. CHILDERS, Battalion Sergeant Major SCHLESINSER MISS DON STOUGHTON S I G n fl L I CAPTAIN C. L. PEACOCK . . . Company Commande Soonso, for Captain Peacock MISS TOMMAY TURNER B. O ' NEAL First Lieutenan R, G. OGLESBY First Lieutenan S. E. LAWRENCE Second Lieutenan O. P. GEIGER Second Lieutenan G. C. TAYLOR Second Lieutenan liU SERGEANTS M. C. DAVIE D. F. CAPEHART T. M. JONES J. A. WILLIAMS S I G n fl L II CAPTAIN P. B. BAILEY .... Company Commander Sponsor for Captain Bail.;y MISS RUTH PITTARD F. L. SHERAM First Lieutenant H. M. GARNER First Lieutenant H. M. HICKS, JR Second Lieutenant R. A. MARTIN Second Lieutenant R. M. DcSHON Second Lieutenant T. M. FUTRELL P. L. RHINEHART N. F. KING C. F. SHEARER, JR. R D n fl n c E III CAPTAIN L. H. TRAYLOR . . . Company Commander Sponsor for Captain Traylor MISS ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM J. R. MOORE First Lieutenant C. T. MURRAY First Lieutenant tob IISS CUNNINGHAM .IB iilityii SERGEANTS C. F. DuTEIL C. D. COX R. E. RHODE W. H. FUNK E. H. SHAW R. S. WATERMAN W. P. CULTER R D n fl n c £ IV CAPTAIN J. S. HORNSTEIN . . . Company Commander Sponsor for Caplam Hornstein MISS MARGARET BURTON G. M. CALHOUN First Lieutenant D. W. DOUGHTY First Lieutenant R. PATTERSON Second Lieutenant SS BURTON SERGEANTS B. M. INGRAM E. F. CURRY M. E. TARLETON F. D. RICHARDS E. A. MOORE CAIHOUN DOUGHTy PATTERSON FIRST ORDRRnCE (TIRIRTERRRCI t - ' CAPTAIN E. A. D ' A v Company Commanc Sponsor for Captain D ' A MISS ANNE COMOLL G. P. GUILL First Lieutenant C, V. HINTON First Lieutenant BEAUMARIAGE HABOISON QUILIIAN COBB HAEFELE HANSEN KOEBLE OWEN PEEPLES SECORD 9 M ORDRRREE ; f RIRIRTERRREE Mm TATE MISS DOCK CAPTAIN R. C. TATE Company CommancJei Sponsor for Captain Tate MISS CALLIE DOCKER G. N. BEAUMARIAGE, JR First Lieutenant J. W. HARDISON First Lieutenant J. W. QUILLIAN First Lieutenant C. A. COBB Second Lieutenant C. J. HAEFELE Second Lieutenant R. M. HANSEN Second Lieutenant A. V. KOEBLEY Second Lieutenant S. C. OWEN Second Lieutenant J. R. PEEPLES Second Lieutenant DIVISIOR SIGRflL comPRny CAPTAIN W. C GREENE . . Co. Commander Sponsor for Captain Grcrnc MRS W. C, GREENE W. R. DEAL First Lieutenant MRS GSEENE MISS MONROE MAJOR C. B. READ Battalion Commander Sponsor for Major Read MISS AUDREy MONROE CAPTAIN R. S. BRINSON Battalion Adjutant Sponsor for Captain Bfinson MISS FRANCES LYON CAPTAIN G. E. MILLER .... Battalion Plans and Trainins Sponsor for Captain M.llcr MISS MARTHA GILBERT SERGEANT J. T. GRAHAM . . . Battalion Sergeant Major FIFTH BflTTflLIOn STAFF S I G n fl L V CAPTAIN J. E, ELLINGTON . . . Company Commander Sponsor (or Captain Ellinciton MISS MARY BROWN J. M. de MONTMOLLIN First Lieutenant H. G. EVANS First Lieutenant W. B. HENDERSON Second Lieutenant J. E. JOHNSON Second Lieutenant SERGEANTS H. H. ARMSTRONG W. L. LEMON H. M. MOORE B. E. DUNAWAY W.H.CAMP J. H. TAYLOR «; f " " lP DE MONTMOLLIN EVANS HENDERSON JOHNSON iM s I n fl L VI CAPTAIN E. L. SCHENCK . . . . Company Commande Sponsor for Captain Schcnc); MRS E. L SCHENCK T. K. McKAMY Fust Lieutenan G. A. BUSBEE First Lieutenan G. B. HOSS Second Lieutenan W. E. BECK Second Lieutenan RS, SCHENCK SERGEANTS J. R. FULMER J. M. LAZENBY J. E. SPENCER M. A. ELLIOT J. L. VAN NESS C. W. WOODRUFF R D n fl n c E VII CAPTAIN H. S. JORDAN . . . Company Commander Sponsor for Captain Jordan MRS. AUOREV JORDAN B. W. HASKELL First Lieutenant L. D. DAVIS First Lieutenant M. G. BILLIAS Second Lieutenant D. E. WILLIS Second Lieutenant E. A. SMITH Second Lieutenant iMt iJk . d T. S. TOPOLNICKI R. C. HOCK B. C. BOSWELL M. K. SHENKAN J. W. DAVIE O. D. WHIDDEN. J. E. LAUEN J. M. PITTARD R D n fl n c E VIII CAPTAIN R. E. DOOLEY .... Company Commander Soonsor for Captain Dool.;y MRS. R. E. DOOLEy C. W. WRIGHT First Lieutenant R. E. GARST First Lieutenant R. F. GRIFFITH Second Lieutenant H. T. GAYMON Second Lieutenant E. S. VOORHIES Second Lieutenant -An mRS, DOOLEY SERGEANTS T. J. INNES A. B. ADAMS ; " BETTA A. M. CHENE- E. D. GRAY E. K. WILLIAMS The Officers: SCOTT. ARTHUR, EDWARDS, CHOQUEnE. H. B. ARTHUR P, B. BAlLEy C. E, BENNETT L, W, CAFFEY R. F. CHOQUETTE W. A, COLEMAN W. H. COOPER W. D, CROMARTIE E, A DAMICO E. B. DAVIS E, W. DeJON 5. P- DRISCOLL C M. EDLEBLUT J, E EDWARDS F. W. EVANS W, C. GREENE C, E, HAMMETT C. D, HANELINE J. U, NORTON W. NV, JORDAN W. F. MOODV E. K, OVERSTREET C B. READ C. R. SANDERS E. L. SCHENCK C P, SCHLESiNGEP F. W. STOPIN5K F. A. TAYLOR R. J. TRAMMELL S C fl B B fl R D fl n BLADE OFFICERS E. F. SCOTT Captain H. B. ARTHUR First Lieutenant J. E. EDWARDS Second Lieutenant R. F. ChOQUETTE First Serseant - ! ' Jfc 4 " " Sk M 9 " i ' T " W €s 9m M First tow, left to right ARTHUR, BAlLEy, BENNETT, CAFFEY, CHOQUEnE, COLEMAN, COOPER- - Second row CROMARTIE, DAMICO, DAVIS. DE. JON. DRISCOLL. EDLEBLUT. EDWARDS, . . Third row EVANS. GREENE. HAMMETT. HANELINE. HORTON, JORDON MOODY, - . , Fourth row; OVERSTREET, READ, SANDERS. SCHENCK, SCHLESINGER, SCOTT, SEAV. Filth row: 5TOPINSKI, TAYLOR, TRAMMELL. WHITLOCK, C. W WRIGHT. I. E. WRIGHT, First ro«, left to right ALLEN. BEAUMARIAGE, BELL. BILLIAS. BLAIR . . . Second row: CHAMBERS, CHAPMAN. COBB, COLLIER, EWALD. . . . Th.rd row: GRIFFETH, HANNER, HITE. KAPLAN, KEMPTON. . . . Fourth tow: LE BLANC, LOVE. MASTERTON, MAYO, PEEPLES, SCHWARCZ. OFFICERS B. MASTERTON President A. N. KAPLAN .... Vice-President J. E. CHAMBERS Secretary G. M. BEAUMARIAGE . . . Treasurer SECORD LIEUTEnflRTS CLUB MEMBERS D. T. ALLEN G. M. BEAUMARIAGE J. T. BELL M. G. BILLIAS F. F. BLAIR J. E. CHAMBERS J. C. CHAPMAN C. A. COBB R. E. COLLIER J, B. EWALD J. W. GRIFFETH R. J. HANNER J. P. HITE A. N. KAPLAN R. S. KEMPTON A, F. LE BLANC E. S. LOVE B. MASTERTON H. G. MAVO J. R. PEEPLES R. S. SCHWARCZ ceri: BEAUMARIAGE. MASTERTON. CHAMBERS, and KAPLAN. Working on the 155. nflVflL R. 0. T. [. CAPTAIN J. V. BABCOCK P. N. S. T. and Commandant F. M. ADAMS Lieutenant Commander G. C. GRIFFIN Lieutenant Commander R. J. ARCHER Lieutenant P. D. ELLIS Lieutenant H. H. STROZIER Lieutenant CAPTAIN BABCOCK THOMPSON SIXTH BflTTflLIOn STAFF CADtT LItUT. COMDK, .:. Bollolion Commander Sponsor • .i ' ,;tlocfc, Mi« Loura Lanier CADET LIEUT. E. H. El ■ ■■ Bottolior Sub Commander SDOnsc. -jr ,,.;,, H-OrdS, MiSS HclCH HOmMl CADET LIEUT. |j. a.) C. W. KILPATRICK Battalion Adjutant Sponsor foe Lieut. KllpoKick, Mits Patsy Fahrney CADET ENSIGN J. E. WRIGHT Battalion CADET C. P. O. H. C. HARRISON Battalion C. P. O. 1 MISS LANIER . e SS HAMILL SS FAHRNEy sori m ■ nKnitfTiS ' nV atJSrtSMM j mii f mh. CLEVELAND THE COLOR SUARD CADET 1ST P O. G. W MASSEY CADET 3D P. O. G. P. CLEVELAND Thud Petty Officer " fl " compflny CADET LIEUT. E. W. DeJON . . Company Commander Sponsor for Lieutenant DcJon MISS BETTIE RAY CADET LIEUT. (|.q.) H. B. ARTHUR CADET ENSIGN J. T. ANDREWS CADET C. P. O. C. R. SANDERS Comdr. 1st Plat. Comdr. 2d Plat. Company C. P. O. -t P- CADET P. O. IC W. H. HERMES . Must. P. O. 1st Plat. CADET P. O. 2C G. A. ROBERTSON Must. P. O. 2d Plat. CADET P. O. 3C M. A. CLEMENS . . Guide, 1st Plat. CADET P. O. 3C J. H. HEUBECK . . . Guide, 2d Plat. CADET P. O. 2C J. L. COCHRAN . . . Guidon Beare. iiiiii ii (jgi i JUNIORS ARNOLD, L. H. AYRES, M. J. CLINE, J. L. CODDING, L. E. CONLEY, J. O. DUNN. M. R. HODGE, F. C. LOGAN, W. W. MARSHALL, J. A. McLENDON, S. C. MURPHY, N. B. THARPE, J. B. WATLEY, W. WILSON, A. B. WINKLEMAN, V. nnM B " compflny CADET LIEUT. J. U. HORTON . Company Commander Sponsor for Lieutenant Norton MISS MARION MERTS i ikii ■ r) iiiiiiiii Fi-st row, left to r Second ro 9ht; »: t KNEISEL, Kl NDERSON, H !KLAND, SIMPSON, BUSH. AIGLER, SPREEN, BRISTOL JUNIORS ■Hiii BLOUNT, G. C. ii « - COWAN, R. L. DODD, R. O. DRAPER, N. C. ENGRAM, R. C. FEAGLE, J. A. GOFORTH, R. W. r fll HANCOCK, J. C. HERB, H. W. HOLMES, W. H. _ E_, H| PARKS, R. A. PORTER, J. T. PRITCHETT, J, H. STOVALL, F. A. TURNER, R. G. WOOOARD, W. K CADET LIEUT. (|.g.) J. F. KNEISEL . . Comdr. 1st Plat. CADET ENSIGN J. E. KIRKLAND Comdr. 2d Plat. CADET C. P. O. W. M. SIMPSON . . Company C. P. O. CADET P. O. IC R. M. BUSH Must. P. O. 1st Plat. CADET P. O. 2C H. C. ANDERSON . Must. P. O. 2d Plat. CADET P O. 3C W. C. HAIGLER CADET P. O. 3C R. W. SPREEN CADET P. O. 2C F. M. BRISTOL Guide, 1st Plat. Guide, 2d Plat. Guidon Bearer " C " compflny CADET LIEUT. R. J. TRAMMELL . Company Commander Sponsor for L.eutcnant Trammcll MISS BEVERLY BRASWELL CADET LIEUT, (|.g.| F. C. CHENEY . . Comd.. 1st Plat. CADET ENSIGN R. J. SANDERS . . . Comdr. 2d Plat, CADET C. P. O. F. A. TAYLOR , . . Company C. P. O. CADET P. O. IC T. E. BRIDGES , . Must. P. O. 1st Plat. CADET P. O. 2C R. E. BECHT . , Must. P. O. 2d Plat. CADET P. O. 3C J. Q. EDWARDS . . Guide, 1st Plat. CADET P. O. 3C J. W. ADAMS . . . Guide, 2d Plat. CADET P. O. 2C W. J. GRACE .... Guidon Beare, JUNIORS AIZPURU, J. BETHUNE, J. L. CORRy, J EPSTEN, S. H. GRAHAM, F. A. JEFFERIE5, J S. MATSON, A. G. MAXWELL, R. M. McKENZIE. F. E. MORRIS, G. W. MUIR, R. C. NEILL, R. D. POLLARD, W. R. PUCKETT, C. C. VAN VOORHEES, E. WALL, R. E. WOLCOTT, B, H. l ' i ' - ' ' -• ' - ' , W " ' ' L i RBji ' ipir tttt r nS WF J. m 1% - 9 1i4 - F.rst row, left to i.ght: ADAMS. AIZPURU, ANDERSON, ANDREWS BLOUNT BRISTOL . , Second row BUSH CORRY. DeJON, DUNN, EDWARDS, E. H , EDWARDS, J 0. . . - Thrrd row: FEASLE, 60F0RTH. HARRISON, HORTON. KIRKLAND, KNEISEL. . Fourth row: MUIR, NORTHUP, PRITCHETT PUCKETT SANDERS TAYLOR . . . Fifth row: THARPE TRAMMELL WHITLOCK WILSON WINKLEMAN WOOOARD WRIGHT nflVIGRTORS CLUB OFFICERS R. W. WHITLOCK .... President F. M. BRISTOL .... Vice-President C. W. KILPATRICK .... Secretary J. B. THARPE Treasurer J. CORRy E, W. DEJON M. R. DUNN E H Fn ' ' AP " : ; h. ._. - - .. J J, U. HORTON J. E. KIRKLAND J. F. KNEISEL R. C. MUIR W. H. NORTHUP J. H. PRlTCHEn C. C. PUCKEn R. J. SANDERS F. A. TAVLOR J. B. THARPE R. J. TRAMMELL R. W. WHITLOCK A. R. WILSON V. WINKLEMAN W. K. WOODARD J. E. WRIGHT ;iLPATRICK, BRISTOL, WHITLOCK, and THARPE DRUm flnO BUGLE CORPS :i: S x Ml) (IM •V- • ■- V ■ nr .6 • b 4 RRDiy RIFLE TERfR MAJOR R. L, WATKINS SGT. D. S. PARCHMAN . ). D. ALBRIGHT r. A. BAKER W. A. CARTER ' X ' H COOPER . Assistant Coach J. F. MASON J. L. MATRANGA5 J. C. McGAUGHEV E F C ' ' EN .5LUT ■ , D FRANCIS 5. J. HENRY C. R. HOFFMAN J. G. KEARNEY E. S. LOVE R. S. MANN RRVy RIFLE TERin LIEUT. P. D. ELLIS . . . . Coach ENSIGN R. G. BURTON . . Coach C. G. M. F. M. CRISWELL . Assistant Coach C. H. COULON C. W. KILPATRICK E. W. DEJON J. D. KINSEY F. H. EDWARDS S. R. KRYSIAK J. A. FEAGLE T. MORCOTT J. B. GATTEY H. RILEY R. GOODMAN W. A. SCHMID M. A. GOWEN J. D. WHITE E. T. HUNGERFORD W. L. WOOD W. R. IRWIN W. K. WOODWARD H. H. KAISER PtdCtke »1 (he Rifle Range . «!f ' % mm 1 1 I Jl : r ll 1 1 1 i 1 1 II h ' ' HII Mjr j3m[ kill " 1 PP iul H r j •d II I c t d t C t II I I I ' J The Interfraternity Council is the governing board of the fraternities composed of two representatives from each of the national fraternities on the campus with Dean Floyd Field as the advisor. It controls all interfraternity and school fraternity relationships. Each year as its ma|or activity the Council sponsors Mid-terms and Final dances. OFFICERS S. RAMSAUR . H. N. FLORENCE J. W. ADAMS . C. D. HANELINE . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer STOKES RA.VSAUR ■» ' B ' " " M - flf ■-i s jiv i£ 1 «? f! 4lk -flu Ci - A ft .« u n I L ALPHA TAU OMEGA W. R. Scay, R. J. Cooper BETA KAPPA J. W. Harris, J. P. Doyle BETA THETA PI R. S. Kcmpton, D. M. Edwards CHI PHI H. N. Florence, E. B. Davis CHI PSI F. K. Butler, J. f. Gfiffin DELTA SiGMA PHI E. DeJon. J. Rodcnburs DELTA TAU DELTA J. W. Gr.ffeth, D. S. Nichols KAPPA ALPHA S. Ramsaur, T. C. Doiier KAPPA SIGMA CD. Har elinc, R. A. Plaster PHI DELTA THETA F. A. Taylor, B. D. Fitzgerald PHI EPSILON PI W. B. Lilienthal, A. M. Ferst PHI GAMMA DELTA R. W. Slcudcl. B. O. Robinson PHI KAPPA SIGMA W. L. Hole, J. H. Brooks PHI SIGMA KAPPA J. S. Smith, E. A. McGuire PI KAPPA ALPHA W. M. Penney, R. T. Savage PI KAPPA PHI J. E. Wright, M. R. Dunn SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON R • K. Smith SIGMA CHI , H. S. Bell SIGMA NU E. F. Scott, J. H. Dumas SIGMA PHI EPSILON J. W. Kelly, C. A. McLeod TAU EPSILON PHI R. S. Schwarcz, I. J. Gcrshen THETA CHI J. W. Adams, S. C. McLendon FMit row left to riglit; ADAMS BELL. BROOKS, SUTLER. COOPER. DAVIS. DeJON, DOYLE. DOZIER. DUMAS, DUNN. , - Second row: EDWARDS, FERST. FITZGERALD FLORENCE GERSHEN, GRIFFETH. GRIFFIN. HANELINE, HARRIS, HOLE. KELLY. . . Third row; KEMPTON, LILIENTHAL. McGUIRE, MC- LENDON McLEOD NICHOLS PENNEY, PLASTER. PULLEN. RAMSAUR, ROBINSON. . . Fourth row: RODENBURG. SAVAGE. SCHWARCZ. SCOn, SEAY, SMITH, K. K,. SMITH. J S, STEUDEU, TAYLOR. WHITLOCK. WRIGHT. :i M n 2 1 1 Im H 4 ' - V % il I S t r a a f - n ; ? Q . ' : n ' k1« m ■i ' 1 . 11 M 401 n The Officers: POOLE, SEA , CHAMPION, BURROUGHS RLPHR TflU OmEGfl BETA IOTA CHAPTER ALPHA TAU OMEGA was founded at Virginia Military Institute, September II, 1865, and since then has spread nationally to ninety-three chapters with ainnost forty thousand members. The chapter at Tech, Beta lota, was installed September 18, 1888, as the oldest fraternity on the campus. OFFICERS J. P. POOLE President W. R. SEAY Vice-President A. C. CARLSON Secretary E. M. CHAMPION Treasurer C. CARLSON R. DEAS P. ADAMS H. ARMSTRONG A. BROACH C. BRUNSON M. BURROUGHS T. R. ANTHOINE J. T. BROWN W. R. BROWN W. H. BURNSIDE E. H. EDWARDS S. A. GAYLE J. S. CARRUTHERS E. M. CHAMPION G. S. CLARK R. J, COOPER O. P. ENSIGN . H. CAR ' J. CHAMPION I. C. COLLINS . F. DARBV CLASS OF ' 42 J. P. POOLE W. B. ROBERTS CLASS OF ' 43 W. FEAGLES T. GRAHAM O. GUNN J. HANNER P. HANNER M, INGRAM E. JONES M. JONES ' . M. KEMP D. LEWIS ?D. JR. CLASS OF ' 44 C DRAKE H. FLURy L. GAISSERT R. LaBOON A. L LOFTON J. W. MARTIN M. F. MEADOWS W. L. FERRYMAN CLASS OF ' 45 C. W. HEN50N T. O, JOHNSTON E. M. PECK A. B. PIERCE WILHOIT C. S. O ' NEAL L. C. RADFORC J. D. RAULERSON G. D. ROANE C C. SPEAKES R. W. PHILLIPS E. P. PITTMAN C. W. RICHTER J. W. ROBERTS L. A. SCOTT C W SHELVERTON J. J. TRIBBLE J. J. VENABLE J. W. SPEARS G. SWARTHOUT, JR. J. B. THARPE W. S. TUTWILER T. A. SHANKS W. W. STATON R, H. THOMPSON W. L. WOOD First row left to right ADAMS ANTHOINE ARMSTROf G, BROACH, J. T BROWN, W. P. BROWN, BRUNSON BURROUGHS BURNSIDE CANNON CARL SON, CARV, CARRUTHERS, E M CHAMPION, T, I CHAMPION, CLARK, COOPER, COLLINS, CORDES . , Scconrd row DARBY, DOBSON DEAS ' dRAKE EDWARDS, ENSIGN, FEAGLES, FLURy, GAISSERT, GAVLE, GRAHAM, GUNN, R J. HANNER, R P HANNER, HECHT, HENSON, INGRAM JOIHNSTON R. E JONES Third row T M JONES, KEMP, LABOON, LEWIS, LOFTON, MARTIN, MEADOWS, O ' NEAL. PECK, PERR MAN, PHILLIPS PIERCE PITT- MAN, POOLE, RADFORD, RAULERSON, RICHTER, ROANE. J W, ROBERTS- Fourth ,o- W B ROBERTS, L A SCOTT, J F SCOTT SEAY Sh ' a SHELVERTON, SMITH, SPEAKES, SPEARS, STATON, STOREY, SWARTHOUT, THARPE THOMPSON, TRIBBLE, TUTWILEi VENABLE WlLHOIT WOOD 9 i q r g q .Q fi -9 e kMjStT ' . ,.m ' ' ;ill M J, W. HARRIS . . . . . . President J. R. CASSELL . . . Vice-President W. A. PHILLIPS , . . Secretary F. D. RICHARDS . . Treasurer CLASS OF 42 J. R. CASStLL J. P, PQyLE CLASS OF 43 J. W. HARRIS A. B, ADAMS T. M. FUTPELL G. F. MILLER, III J. C. BREWTON J. G. HAMMOND R. W. MILLER R. E. BUCK T. W. E. HANKIN50N W. A. PHILLIPS G. B. CAMPBELL J. J. HOLMES F. D. RICHARDS R. H. CANADAY T. J. INNES, JR. E. H. SHANX T. Z. CHASTAIN C. H. MclNTOSH J. E. VAN NESS W. R. COVINGTON C. E. MEEKS CLASS OF ' 44 R. O. WILHELM C, R, BATSON, JR. J. Q. kESSINGER H. S. MUSK, JR. CLASS OF 45 D. H. MERCER, JR. E. GROVENSTEIN O. K. HOUSTOUN, JR. W. L. SMITH BETH ALPHA GAMMA BETA KAPPA was founded October 15, 1901, at Hamline University, and now has twenty-eight chapters with over five thousand members, repre- senting all sections of the countiy. The local chap- tMM MJifil First row. led to r.ghl: ADAMS, BATSON, BREWTON. BUCK. CAMPBEUl, CANADAY. CASSEIL. CHASTAIN. COVINGTON. DO LE, FUTRELL- - . . Second row: SROV. ENSTEIN. HAMMOND, HANKIN50N, HARRIS. HOLMES. HOUSTOUN. INNES. KESSINGER, MclNTOSH. MEEKS. MERCER. . . . Third row: G. F MILLER, R. W. MILLER. MUSK, PHILLIPS, RICHARDS, SHAW, SMITH, TAyLOR. KflPPfl ter. Alpha Gamma, was established in April of 1929. when Chi Beta Sigma was granted a charter, be- coming the latest fraternity on the campus. I. Sunday Afternoort, " Hurry up wrlh the dinner. Jerk. " ... 2. B13 Bertha in Action. ... 3. Annual Chrittmal Party— Profeiior. show em how. " . . . «. J. C— 9 years active service- - - . 5. Set off that phone— Moonbeam. . - . 6. Could that be a Benny Goodman Record. ... 7. Baltimorons— Jerk and Moonbeam. . . . B. Walkin ' Tallin ' Kibitiers. ... 9 Sweet Sue. . . . lOII. Look at those cups — . Scholarship, too. ... 12. It ' s a bad picture dean— really we had the lights on. 1 E RMES, BOTTENFIELO, R. HERMES BETH THETfl PI GAMMA ETA CHAPTER BETA THETA PI was founded at Miami University, August 8, 1839, as one of the famous Miami Triad, and now has ninety chapters, with a total membership of over forty-five thousand. The local chapter. Gamma Eta, was established in 1917, when Alpha Pi was granted a charter in Beta Theta Pi. OFFICERS W. H. HERMES President B. F. BOTTENFIELD Vice-President G. S. KEHR Secretary R. P HERMES Treasurer CLASS OF ' 42 CLASS OF ' 43 CLASS OF 44 B. F. BOTTENFIELD P. E, BERRY NELSON D ABELL J, B. EWALD, JR. J. W. BIER H, L. ABEPCROMBIE A. C. ALLEN T. W, FITZGERALD. JR. R. P. HERMES W. H. HERMES W. E. S. BIRD J. G. BRUDA D. K. CARLL N. C. DRAPER J, L, ASKEW H. B. CAULKINS, JR. C. F. DAUGHERTY, JR R. C. ELDER H, B. HODGDEN J. H. HEUBECK D. M. EDWARDS G. L. HOWARD. JR. G. S. KEHR R, 5, KEMPTON W. S. FIGG S. N, HODGES, JR. D. C. JORGENSEN J. P. LACKEY C. B. NEILL BRUCE MA5TERTON H G. MAYO J. E, McDANIEL, JR, W. L. MATTOX, JR. P. M. MAXWELL M C PIPPIN J. C. ROGERS. JR. S. L. PIERSON J A. SANDERS, III. H. L. SHORT E. R. STALL. JR. P. H. STREET E. M. FIEPE R J. E. SCHOTT P. R. WEAVER J. F. ROGGE J, R. SPALDING C. L. WHITAKER, JR. A. C. WIGGINS. JR. M. H. WHITE, JR. H, S. SMITH W. C YOUNG CLASS OF 45 J. E. AB5HIRE, JR S, P. AICHEL E. A. BOHNER, JR. L. B. BURDETT R. P. CLAR50N M. S. DIXON C, P. EAST HUGH W. HOLCOMBE EDWARD F. HUGHS R. S. LAMMERS D. P. PIERSON J. S. PITCHFORD. JR. L. D. SHERIDAN, JR. GEORGE C, STEWART H. D. TOUCHSTONE P. A. YATES 1 1 1 e - , % T ilk C% f ry r . dM i n r i i ' Hi ,-s. « f5 a f ii3 urn m Jlila m ' JtMiM 4jk I. Big Folks. Lucy and Pip. ... 2 The Freshn RambMn ' Wreck. ... 3. Pledge Abshiie receives glad hand. ... 4. The Kehr of the Beta House. . S. Tell ' em. Billl . . . i. All this and heaven loo. . 7. The assembly line. . . . B. " Yardbirds. " First r CROMBIE, eft t BEL ftBER :, AICHEL, AL- LEN, ASKEW, BERRy, BIER, BIRD. BOHNER, BOTTENFIELD, BRUDA. BUROETT,CARLL,CAULKINS,CLAR. SON UGHERTY DIXON, DRAPER, EAST, EDWARDS, ELDER, EWALD, FIGS, FITZGER- ALD. HERMES, R, P , HERMES, W. M . HEUBECK, HODGEN, HODGES, HOLCOMBE, HOWARD, HUGHS, JORGENSEN, . . Third row: KEHR. KEMPTON, LACKEY. LAMMERS, MASTERTON, MATTOX. MAXWELL, MAYO, McDANIEL, NEILL, PIEPER, PIERSON. D. P. PIERSON, S. L., PIPPEN, PITCHFORD, ROGERS. ROGGE . Fourth row: SANDERS, SCHOTT, SHERIDAN, SHORT. SMITH. SPALDING, STALL. STEWART. STREET. TOUCHTONE. WEAVER. WH I TAKER, WHITE, WIGGINS, YATES, YOUNG. I f CHI PHI OMEGA CHAPTER Known as the first Gieek-letter fraternity, CHI PHI was founded on December 24, 1824, at Princeton University as the outgrowth of a religious and literary club. The fraternity has followed a con- servative expansion policy and now has thirty-five chapters with a total nnembership of fifteen thousand. Omega chapter was es- tablished at Tech in 1904. OFFICERS E. B. DAVIS President S. P. DRISCOLL, JR Vice-President T. B. ALLEN . Secretary H. N. FLORENCE Treasurer CLASS OF ' 42 T. B. ALLEN S. P. DRISCOLL JP F, A. MILLER F. M. BRISTOL H. N. FLORENCE S, G. MILLER F. C. CHENEY C. V. GLOVEP J. L. RESPESS L. CRANKSHAW O C LEE J. E. SCOTT E. B. DAVIS G W STRAOTMAN CLASS OF 43 L. E. BASSETT, JR. F. A. GRAHAM J. T. PORTER P. L. BLACKSHEAR S. HARD J. H. PRITCHEH G. C. BLOUNT F. E. McKENZIE R. W. SHELDON W. C. CAVE T. J. PEARCE V. WINKLEMAM W. P. POLLARD CLASS OF ' 44 J. M BARNWELL E P DU BOSF E. O. RAND A. 8. BARRETT H. E. HARRIS G. RIPLEY W. D. BARRON J. W. KIRBY J. C. THRASH L 5. COSTLEV M. L. MEEKS J. W. NX ALLACE I T, CRAIN R. A. PENDERGRAST W. E. WHITE. JR. CLASS OF ' 45 J. S. BALDWIN E. L. FLOYD A. E. PEARCE H. G. BLACK J. D. GOULD 111 E. F. PRICE C. E, BRODNAX J. R. GRAY R. D. RESPESS W, G. BUSH P, D. GURLEY P. B. SHERRY H. A. DICK A. M. INGRAM R, F. SIMPSON G. A. EWING T. J. MORONEY T. T. TALLEY C. E. FITTON W. D, WILLINGHAM Fiiil row, left to r.ght: ALLEN, BALD- WIN, BARNWELL, BARREn, BARRON, BASSETT, BLACK, BLACKSHEAR, BLOUNT, BRISTOL, BRODNAX, BUSH, CA E, CHENEY, COSTLEY, CRAIN. . . . Second tow: CRANKSHAW, DAVIS, DICK, DRISCOLL, DU B05E, EWING. UTTON, FLORENCE, FLOYD, GLOVER, GOULD, GRAHAM, GRAY, GURLEY, HARD. HARRIS. . . . Third row: IN- GRAM, KIRBY, LEE, McKENZIE, MEEKS, J. A. MILLER, S. G. MILLER, MORONEY, A. E. PEARCE, T. J PEARCE, PENDERGRAST, POLLARD. PORTER, PRICE, PRITCHETI, RAND - . . Fourth row: R. D. RESPESS, I. L RE5PESS, RIPLEY, SCOTT, SHELDON. SHERRY, SIMPSON, STRADTMAN, TALLEY, THRASH, WALLACE, WHITE, WILLINGHAM, WINKLEMAN. I. Red Rufe slows up at a lea dance. ... 2. " Where is that — towel? " ... 3. Stafford-Bristol, Incorporating. . . . i- Seiy and Lahroo. ... 5. Flat-Bush eiplains one to Pearcc. . . . i. After-drnner hep session. ... 7. Gumbo lerlrers connivrn;. ... 8. " Has anyone seen my butter- milk? " ■ ■ M ' OFFICERS F. K. BUTLER President F. McRAE, JR Vice-President H. M. McNeill Secretary A. H. ANDERSON Treasurer CLASS OF ' 42 F K, BUTLER F. McRAE, JR. H, M. McNeill, jr. e. l. pirog CLASS OF ' 43 W. H, AVERV JP C W, HARRISON, JR W, P, BERGEN M M, THOMAS, JR, J, F GRIFFIN G A, WILSON CLASS OF ' 44 A, H. ANDERSON W. A. DARRIN R. M, CULVER S, S, HAND CLASS OF ' 45 G, T, BOURQUIN F H NEWTON W, M, EXLEV S, M, OLSEN E, M, HESTER C, C, RICHMOND G. B. HINSON S. E. WEEKS C. L. HOKE W, D. WEEKS F, E. MOTT JR, CH ALPHA IOTA DELTA CHI RSI has been very conservative since May 20, 1841, when it was founded at Union CoHe3e. It now has twenty-five active chapters, with a total membership of over twelve thousand. CHI PSI is proud of the The Officcfi McRAE, McNEILL, BUTLER, ANDERSON ■ A 9 t-s O f F.jst .ow: left to right; ANDERSON, AVERY. 6ERSEN. BOUQUINN, BUTLER, CULVER, DARRIN, EXLEY, GRIFFIN. . . . Second cow: HAND. HARRISON, HESTER, HENSON, HOKE, McNeill, mcRae, Mon, newton. Third row: OLSEN, PIROG, RICHMOND, THOMAS, WEEKS, E., WEEKS, W., WILSON. PSI CHAPTER fact that every chapter owns its own house. The local chapter, Alpha lola Delta, was installed in December, 1923, when Delta Kappa Chi was granted a charter. Ch, Ps. Lodge I Sutler lining one out. . . . ! Smiling for tKe birdie. . . . 3- Griffin and Avenr giving the girls a Ihiill. ... J. Four bathif»g beautict. ... 5. The ■Jellies " walcli the girls go by. ... 4. Jivin ' i( up! . . . 7 Tanan " Harrison. ... 8. Admiral " Dewey swings out. OFFICERS R. H. LANGE President R. A. ANDERSON Vice-President E. W. DEJON Treasurer P. J. VAN NORDE Secretary CLASS OF ' 42 R. A. ANDERSON C. J. HAEFELE W. G. WANAMAKER E. W. DEJON R. H, LANGt W. I. WINNE W. L DICKINSON I G MONCI ' CLASS OF 43 A. L. CARSON W, D FRANCIS P. J. VAN NORDE CLASS OF ' 44 R. G. DEEMER H. A. OSBORNE F. N. THAVER J. W, JACKSON H. N. POWELL W. L. WARSHAVEP H. J. LYONS F. J. ROBERTSON G. M. WHITE .K W. MARTIN J. C, RODENBURG CLASS OF ' 45 A. W. BUTERA W. A. JONES S. R. McGRAINE J. W. CLARK W. J. KNAPP A. C. STUCKI DELTF ALPHA GAMM DELTA SIGMA PHI was founded at the College of the City of New York, December 10, 1899. The fraternity adheres to a conservative expansion pol- icy and now has forty-three chapters. The local Frill cow, left to light; ANDERSON. BUIERA, CARSON, CLARK, DEEMER, DE JON, DICK- INSON, DICKSON, FRANCIS, HAEFELE. . . . Second low: JONES, KNAPP, LANGE, LYONS, MARTIN, McGRAINE, MONCK, OSBORNE, POWELL, ROBERTSON. . . . Thiid low: ROD- ENBURG, STUCKI, THAYER. VAN NORDE, WANAMAKER, WARSHAUER, WHITE, WINNE. UGfTlf) PHI chapter is the outgrowth of a soldiers ' club formed after the World War and in 1920 became Alpha Gamma chapter of DELTA SIGMA PHI. I. Joy-iidins in Anderson ' s time at the house. . . Christmas. ... 4. Smilii ... 5. WanamaUr lelaii Egg-nog foi n Rodcnbuig . . i. Aiound the pla . 7. Waiting foi the dir kt the Paradise Room. . . the Christmas Piesents. The Delta She DELTR TflU DELTA GAMMA PSI CHAPTER DELTA TAU DELTA was founded at Bethany College m 1859 and now has seventy-five chapters with a total mennbeiship of thirty-five thousand. In February, 1920, Beta Phi Delta, a local fraternity, organized, petitioned, and was granted a charter as Gamma Psi of DELTA TAU DELTA. OFFICERS J. W. GRIFFETH President G. T. STRIBLING Vice-President L. P. LATHEM Secretary E. K. OVERSTREET Treasurer CLASS OF ' 42 J, T. ANDREWS J. J. FULLENLOVE E. K. OVERSTREET L. W. BOWER J, W, GRIFFETH p, J. TPAMMELL R. O. BRINKMAN L, P, LATHEM CLASS OF ' 43 J, S FORNARA C. C PUCKETT P H. TRIMMER J, W, HUNTER E, D, PUCKER E. R. WENGENROTH, JR. D. S. NICHOLS W. B, 5ANDHAGEN W. K. WOODARD G T, STRIBLING CLASS OF ' 44 C. L. COPE W C FREEMAN Jp. J. A. McNEISH D. B. COSGROVE P C HARRISS H. K. MORROW V. J. DO LE J B HIGH K A STEPHENS M G. DRAKE A. S JOHNSTON M. L. VAN BUREN E. M. FOSSAS C P LyNCH, JR. J. D, WEAVER CLASS OF ' 45 M C ANDERSON J A. FLEMING E E, LEONARD J R BRIDGEWATEP G G HOCH E F MANN W. W. BURAN P S HOWELL W, M, MOORE F H CLOUD A B, JANNEV A B. ROBERTS R L. COPE A. C KLEIDERER W J SHIPLEV W. J, CORDES C F, LANDENBURGER Ffist row, left lo right: ANDERSON ANDREWS, BOWER, BRIDGEWATER BRINKMAN, BURAN, CLOUD, C. L COPE, R. L. COPE, CORDES, COS GROVE, DOYLE, DRAKE, FREEMAN FLEMING, FORNARA, FOSSAS. . . Second row; FULLENLOVE, GRIFFEIH HARRISS, HIGH, HOCH, HOWELL HUNTER, JANNEY, JOHNSTON KLEIDERER, LANDENBURGER. LA THEM, LEONARD, LYNCH. MANN McNEISH, MOORE. . . . Third row MORROW, NICHOLS, OVERSTREET, PUCKEn, ROBERTS, RUCKER, SAND HAGEN, SHIPLEY, STEPHENS, STRI6 LING. TRAMMELL, TRIMMER, VAN BUREN, WEAVER, WENGENROTH WOODARD. actrvitiej. ... 2. " Marrred Man ■ Trammell tellt the freihmen how It ' s done. ... 3. Weaver looking for glrll. ... 4. Time to get yout feet off the floor. ... 5. Nichols never gives the girli a rest. . . . i. Editor Ful- lenlove sleeps with his work. ... 7. Bottoms up. . . . B. Careful Lathem, LaVerne belongs to Andrews. ... 9. ■Wolf Curtfss " surrounded by girls at the Chrrstmas party. ... 10. Delt version of the ' Famous Door. " ... II. Head " graftsmen " are changed at the Sheil a. ro i i ' « %3i ( r r c K ' St47i _iW.._i : m. :j K H PPR fl L PH R ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER The KAPPA ALPHA order was founded at Washmston and Lee Universrty, December 21, 1865, and now has sixty-seven chapters, with a total membership of thirty thousand. One of the first fra- ternities on the Tech campus, KAPPA ALPHA was installed locally in October 1899, as Alpha Sigma Chapter. OFFICERS J. T. MASSEY President C. D. KELSO Vice-President S. RAMSAUR Secretary D L. BRANDON Treasurer CLASS OF ' 42 B L BRANDON W. J. GRACE R. K, PROTHRO T E BRIDGES C. D. KELSO S. RAMSAUR G, P. CLEVELAND J. H. KOUNS J. C. SHACKELFORD P. M EDGE J T. MASSEY C E. TURNER J E EDWARDS R. E. McCALLUM W. A. WATT H H. NEEL CLASS OF 43 W. L, BAKER T C. DOZIER D, D, POWER T. B. CHISHOLM W C. KOUNS H. W. SMITH P COOK J. O. McCARTV M. V . ST. JOHN CLASS OF ' 44 W H BURNS W. H. HARRIS B. M. STEVENS R T DEDWYLDEP G. H HENDERSON L. S. STONE J L FENTON C T, NIXON T. M. TARPLEY J E FLOWERS N. C. POE P. G. WALKER L D GRIFFITH W. B REEVES D. E. WILLIAMS J D HALL W L 5HEPPARD B H YAWN P G ST JOHN CLASS OF ' 45 G P BATES D. T. HARDY C O. M..SWEEN B. F. BOBO J. C. HIGGS P. G. NORTH B M, DUNN A.S.KELSO G.R.THOMPSON T W. FRAZIER G, B LEONARD J. C. WEBB T, J, GARAK ' FLO P. S MANN C C, WHELPLEY n F.rsI low, left to nghl BAKER, BATES, BOBO, BRANDON, BRIDGES, BURNS. CHISHOLM. CLEVELAND. COOK, DEO- WyLDER. DOZIER. DUNN. EDGE. WARDS. FENTON, . . Second FLOWERS. FRAZIER, GARANFLO. GRACE, GRIFFITH. HALL. HARDY. HARRIS, HEN- DERSON, HIGGS, KELSO, A, S.. KELSO, C, D., K0UN5. J. H . KOUNS. W LEONARD. . . . Th..d row. MANN. SEY, McCALLUM, McCARTY, McSWEEN. NEEL, NIXON, NORTH. POE, POWER. PROIHRO. RAMSAUR. REEVES. SHACKEL- FORD. SHEPPARD. . . . Fourth ro SMITH, ST. JOHN, M W , ST. JOHN, G.. STEVENS, STONE. TARPLEY. THOW SON. TURNER. WALKER. WATT. WEBB. WHELPLEY, WILLIAMS, YAWN. I Mais«» editing Bridges ' love leltetl. ... 2. Gcepie ' Cleveland doing some of his hardest work at Tech. ... 3. Part of the " Grand ' Ole Gang " . ... 4. " Baby-Bco " Edge dissipates by watching a bridge gannc. ... 5. " Romeo " Masscy turns strong man. ... 6. Massey snags a pass for six points. . . . 7. Hold that line. ... 8. " Charlotte " St. Johr in a typical pose as " Kets " Grace keeps in practice. ... 9. Another shot of the daily touchfootball games. ... 10. " Ace " Brandon heaves a long one. ... II. " Gib " St. John " cracks " a book. ... 12 f rs. Speer, house mother, with the two executives. Massey and Kelso. ... 13. Kouns keeping his mouth shut— while reading the paper. ... 14. Bridges dis- interested as the Macon " flashes " talk things over. ... 15. Masscy with a whelp for " Rat " Whelpley. ... It. Watt likes to have his picture taken. T - f5 n ® I KRPPR SIGIDfl ALPHA TAU CHAPTER KAPPA SIGMA onsinated at the University of Virginia December 10, 1869. In a comparatively short time, it has grown to be one of the largest social fraternities in the country with a membership of forty-five thousand in one hundred and ten chapters. The Tech chapter. Alpha Tau, was installed in October, 1895, being the third fraternity on the campus. OFFICERS The OHictrs: LEWIS, HANELINE, WALKER, CONLEY C. D. HANELINE C. H. LEWIS . F. L. X ' ALKER . J. O. CONLEY . . . President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer CLASS OF 42 O. J BAGGERLV S. A. HAMILTON. JR L B, BARNES C, D. HANELINE H. H. BARTON C. H. LEWIS, JR. B. C. COIT, JR. B. O ' NEAL W, W. GRIER F. L. WALKER CLASS OF 43 L. L. ARMSTRONG D R NEWMAN W. H. BRANSFORD, JR W. A, SPENCER J. O, CONLEY A. C. THIES R. W. CRUGER, JR. E. S WALTON S. R. GRANBEPRy L. T. BARBER, JF J. H. BOUCHER D. D. BROWN R. H. DUTTON E. W. GARNER R. F. GRINER R. G. GROVE F. A. HARRIS CLASS OF 44 H F HUNTER H. I. JACKSON H, J, KRANTZ W. B. PERRy R. C. ROSE D. SCOTT W. C. WOMACK CLASS OF ' 45 ' . C. CHARLES B. COLBERT. JR. G. DENNIS M. EPPS M. NOEL W. JONES G. H, KRUG E. M. LEE R. E. PIPPIN D. G. POWERS E. J. PRICE C D. SMITH First .ow left to right ARMSTRONG BAGGERLY, BARBER, BARNES, BARTON, BOUCHER, BRANSFORD, BROWN, CHARLES COIT, COLBERT, CONLEY, CRUGER, DENNIS, DUTTON, EPPS , . , Second row GARNER, GRAN- BERRY GRIER GRINER, GROVE, HAMILTON, HANELINE, HARRIS, HOEL, HUNTER, JACKSON, JONES, KRANTZ KRUG LEE LEWIS , , Third row NEWMAN, ONEIL, PLASTER, PERRY, PIPPIN, POWERS, PRICE, ROSE SCOTT SMITH, SPENCER, THIES WALKER WALTON WOMACK o o 1. Tht Kappa Sigma Ramblin Reck— The girl (?) i " Cucly " Colbert, and the freshman is Tommy Denmi. . . . 2. Left to right: Mr. and Mrs. " Hawk " Cavette, Ruth flfown, Ralph Plaster, " Army " Armstrong, and Sue Rob- inson. ... 3. Left to right: " Mr. Big " Haneline, Eleanor Hosch, " Frosty " Jones, and Clay Lewis. ... 4. Miller Epps gets his favorite program— The Cracker Barrel Gang at 1:30. ... 5. Ed Price dreams of Brenau girls— they probably brought that sleep on anyway. . . . i. Tart of our annual Chiistmas party— where were Hugh Jackson and Barbara Sherer? ... 7. " Stubby " Hamilton and Nancy Robinson get hep to the jive. ... 8. Bob Dutton working on his car {?). He ' s still working. The Officers: MITCHELL, ENGLISH, JOHNSTON, and TAYLOR B. J. A COCt ). L. CLINE .1. CORRY .1. DENNIS R. H, ENGLISH, JR, , 8. ADAMS, HI S. BEST . M. BRADBURy J. DANIELS S, DENNIS W. JOHNSTON S JOHNSTON R GORtb J, K. HANCOCK W H HOLMES P E, HUDSON IP V, A, KANE E DOYLE ., PUGGAN D, DUNAWAj J. FAIR FITZGERALD J. C FAULKNER T, H, FEARRINGTON J, A, GANTT M. W, GARY R A, GREENE W, A, HUTCHINSON, JR. f ( r) n f o a a a. a PHI DELTA THETO GEORGIA DELTA CHAPTER PHI DELTA THETA, one of the Miami Triad, was founded at Miami University, December 26, 1848. It tias one hun- dred and SIX chapters, and a total membership of over fifty thoLJsand, representing forty-five states, Canada, and Nova Scotia. The local chapter, Georgia Delta, was established in June, 1902. OFFICERS F. A. TAYLOR President D. W. JOHNSTON Vice-President R. H. ENGLISH, JR Secretary F. MITCHELL, JR Treasurer CLASS OF ' 42 J, O KING. JP R G. OUIGG J, C, LIIPFERT r, A TAYLOP CLASS OF 43 F- S. LACK L P McCARTY G. T. SARGENT W. C. LANKFORD F. MITCHELL. JR. W. E. STEELE n G. LEWIS W. D. MUNROE W. B. TURNER W. W. LOGAN N, B. MURPHY, JR, J. P. WALKER R H, MADDUX G. POER G. E, WISE CLASS OF ' 44 W R HAINES A C KNORR A, C SKINNER J, R. HOLLIDA J. B, LYLE J, F. SMITH J. G. HOLLI5 M. B. MERTS. JP. J. L. WEDDINGTON W. S. HOUSEAL N, W. NORVELL C. J. WELLBORN A, C, KNIGHT J, R. POEP CLASS OF ' 45 J B, JACKSON E. L. MURPHY W. B. SHIVER C. W, JOINER W. C. PAXSON R. L. SLATEN L P JONES G. D. PLANT E. B. THOMA P. A. JONES. JP C. L. RABUN A. E. VAN NESS, JR. I N, KANE E. M. ROTHBERGER G. S. WHITTLESEY C. A. MASSEY. JR H. K. SEIBELS 1%%% tow, left to right: ADAMS A COCK, BEALL, BEST, BONDU RANT, BRADBERRy, BRYAN. CLINt CARMICHAEL, CORRY, DAN lELS, DENNIS, F S , DENNIS, J. DOYLE, C. E , DOYLE, J A., DUG GAN, I, S., DUGGAN, R. H. . . iecorid row; DUNAWAY, ENGLISH FAIR, FAULKNER, FEARINGTON FITZGERALD, GANTT, GARY, GO REE, GREENE, HAINES, HAN COCK, HOLLIDAY, HOLLIS HOLMES, HOUSEAL, HUDSON Third row HUTCHINSON, JACK SON, JOHNSTON, D. W , Jl STON, J S., JOINER, JONES, L P , JONES, P. A., KANE, J N KANE, V. A., KING, KNIGHT KNORR, LACK, LANKFORD, LEW IS, LIIPFERT, LOGAN. , . , Fourth row: LYLE, MADDUX, MASSE McCARTY. MERTS, MITCHELL, MUNROE. MURPHY, E. L. MUR PHY. N. 6. NORVELL, PAXSON PLANT, POER, G, POER, J. R. RABUN, ROTH6ERGER, SARGENT . . F.flh row; SEI8ELLS. SHIVER SKINNER, SLATfiN. SMITH, STEELE, TAYLOR, THOMA, TUR NER, VAN NESS, WEDDINGTON WELSORN, WHITTLESEY, WISE Next on the paprrr. . , . 2, Frcjhmen sse. ... 3. Swunk (past tense). . uggsy " Rawson. ... 5. Waitin ' on a da . . 4. Mornrng after. ... 7. A pair of . . 8. A Chattanooga Woo Woo! ... 9. Gr th Envy (don ' t know her last name). . . . arson a la Phi. ... II. Listenrn ' to Miller. . 12. Supervisors. OFFICERS A. M. FERST, JR Superior H. K. SCHWARTZ V,ce-Superio, W. B. LILIENTHAL Treasurer F. L. BULBIN Secretary CLASS OF ' 42 P. L. BULBIN ( . I. LEVI R. GIBIAN M. L. 5HATZEN, JR. CLASS OF 43 A. M. FERST, JR W. B LILIENTHAL R. J. FRY H, K. SCHWARTZ CLASS OF 44 R. H. BUNZL G. S. SELLERS J. E. LERNER I, M. WEINER N. R. MILLER CLASS OF ' 45 P. 5. CUTLER J. M MAA5 W. D. DREyFOOS H. J. MEYER, JR. E. M. GILBERT S. H. RASKIN P. L. LEE R. ROSE G. I. WAGENHEIM PH PHI EPSILON PI was founded at the College of the City of New York on November 23, 1904. The fra- ternity has grown until at present it has thirty-one First row. left to righC BULBIN, BUNZL. CUTLER, DREYFOOS. FERST, FRY, GIBIAN, GILBERT. . . . Second row; LEE, LERNER. LEVI, LILIENTHAL, MAAS, MEYER, MILLER, RASKIN. . . . Third row; ROSE, SCHWARTZ, SELLERS, SHATZEN. WAGENHEIM, EPSiLon PI HAPTER chapters with a total membership oi almost six thousand. Xi chapter was installed at Tech in Jan- uary, 1916. ' I. studying hard (?). ... 2. Frat-house billiardl. . . . 3. Junior class pre. reunion. ... 4. " Henry Ford " eiblan and his 1941 creation. ... 5. General " Stone Mountain " Fry, the hero of many battles. ... 6. •Fearless Freddy " swings a wicked one. ... 7. A Phi Ep literary recreation period (?). ... 8. Dc. vcloping that boarding-house reach. (Ti ( C% ' iS m 2-, r - 9 l (■AIl jA .t5 j,: ' ;.«iJ . ..ii»a itHg. m ' ' The Officers: LECKRONE, SMITH. McCLURE, ROBINSON, WALKER PHI Gflmmfl DELTA GAMMA TAU CHAPTER PHI GAMMA DELTA originated at Jefferson College in 1848. Founded primarily as a southern fraternity, it became national in scope soon after the Civil War, until at present it has seventy- three chapters, with a total membership of almost forty thousand. Gamma Tau Chapter was established at Tech in 1926, when GAMMA TAU DELTA was granted a charter. OFFICERS A. B. McCLURE President B. O. ROBINSON Recording Secretary T. B. WALKER Corresponding Secretary G. W. SMITH Treasurer CLASS OF 42 H. P. BAPFIELD R. E. LECKRONE R. W. STEUDEL L. H. CALDWELL A, B. McCLURE T. Y. YOUMANS CLASS OF ' 43 5. D. ALLEN B. W. HINDS F B, SHEETZ H. COONS, JR. J. KUHN G. W. SMITH R. O. DODD P. F. PAGE T. B. WALKER B. O. ROBINSON, JR. CLASS OF ' 44 W. H. BASSETT, III, L. H. NELSON R, W, STARKE, JR. L. F. ELLIS H. D. RAYMOND H. J, VON HASSELN F. C. FINKBEINER R. B. REED J. H. WATSON J. F, PICHENAKER CLASS OF 45 J, C, BROOKS R, G. GONZALES O. MONROE W, P, FOSTER P. R. GRIFFIN L, R, SEITZ M. R. GAIL J. J. MATHI50N W, C, WITTER First left right: ALL6 BAR HELD, BASSEn, BROOKS, CALDWELL COONS. DODD, ELLIS, FINKBEINER FOSTER, GAIL. GONZALES. ... Sec ond row: GRIFFIN, HINDS, KUHN LECKRONE, MATHISON, McCLURE, MONROE, NELSON, PAGE, RAY MOND. REED, RICHENAKER . . Third row: ROBINSON. SEITZ, SHEETZ, SMITH, STARKE. STEUDEL. VON HASSEL, WALKER, WATSON WinER. YOUMANS. r finer than drnne ooks. ... 2. What could in the Phi Gamma houie? ... 3. ' The Great Profile " Finkbeincr. . . . 4. Homecoming. ... 5. " Also Ran " Steudel with Ann White. . . . i. Two Pollocks from Bool- timorc, ... 7. The annual formal. ... 9. Fifi formal dance. ... 9. It looks like Elmer ' s date IS looking for someone; do you blame her? . . . 10. Praying for two points, ... II. A Ramblin Wreck winner. OFFICERS W. L. HOLE . . . President B. F. GENUALDI . . . Vice-President W. SCOTT . . Sectetaiy C. W. BASTEDO . . CLASS OF 42 Treasurer J. P. HUE W, L HOLi ' CLASS OF ' 43 D. F. JOHNSTON C. W. BASTEDO R, G, GLOVEP J. G, KEARNEY B. F, GENUALDI 1 J. T. HUMME CLASS OF ' 44 O. W. ROBINSON W. P. BLANTON W. L. CHASE W. SCOTT J. H. BROOKS C. R, NELSON D, P PULLEY CLASS OF ' 45 P, J WILLIAMS D. A. BEARDSWORTH 5 P. KRVSIAK H E, THIEL F. W. CHAMBERS C. A. MARMELSTEIN J. L. VINK C. A. DUNN A. E, MATHISON J. C. WATKINS H. T. FINCHER S R. PIPITONE A. A. WICKLIFFE M. H JOHNS W. A. ZUENDT 0 PHI KflPPf ALPHA NU PHI KAPPA SIGMA was founded at the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, October 19, 1850, with the express intention of becomin3 a na- tional fraternity. The fraternity has followed a , Hli " SIGfllR conservative expansion policy and now has thirty-nine chapters, with a total membership of fourteen thousand. The Tech chapter, the first on the campus to own its house, was installed in January, 1904. Fust ro», left to right, BASTEDO, 6EARDSW0RTH, BLANTON BROOKS, CHAMBERS, CHASE DUt N, FINCHER, GENUALDI GLOVER- , . - Second row: HITE, HOLE, HUME. JOHNS, JOHN STON, KEARNEY. KRYSIAK, MAR MELSTEIN, MATHISON, NELSON . . . Third row; PIPITONE, PUL LEY, ROBINSON, scon, THIEL, VINK, WATKINS. WICKLIFFE WILLIAMS. ZUENDT. I. " It Will only lead to blood, ihed. " ... 2. Boohseision or bull Kiiion? ... 3. Two bid — down. ... 4. What rrakci it work? . . . 5. A lenior at work. ... 4. The wolf pack. ... 7. What, no El- quire? ... 8. Super-pledge. . . . 9. Look at thote eari! OFFICERS J. S. SMITH President E. A. McGUIRE Vicc-President J. W. THOMPSON Secretary L. B. BRUMBELOW Treasurer CLASS OF 42 E. A, McGUIRE I S, SMITH F. L. SHERAM J. W. THOMPSON CLASS OF ' 43 L. B BRUMBELOW i J. HENRY CLASS OF ' 44 C. N. ADAMS P L HORNE C. R. BROWN I ' P, PETERS H. L CASTAGNETTA C E REMICK CLASS OF 45 P O, BURGDORF C. P. LASSITER H F. GAYDOS J. E. RHODES A A. GIU5TIZIA J. L. YOUNG PHI SIG (Dfl KAPPA DEUTERON PHI SIGMA KAPPA was -founded at Massachu- setts State College on March 15, 1873. Up until 1900, the fraternity remained in the Northeast, but Officcii THOMPSON, SMITH, McGUIRE, and BRUMBELOV First fow; ADAMS, BROWN, BRUMBELOW, BURGCORF. CASTAGNETTA, GArOOS, GIUS- IIZIA. HENRY, HORNE. - . . Second row: LASSIIER, McGUIRE, PETERS, R E M I C K. RHODES, SHERAM, SMITH, THOMPSON, YOUNG. K fl P P fl since then it has adopted a conservative expansion policy. It now has forty-four chapters with a menr bership of over seventeen thousand. The local chapter. Kappa Deuteron, was established in April, 1923. I, A bunch of boys and sals at the Christmas parti . - 2. Joel and Stan on hard for apple-bobbinj at the Hallowe ' en party. . . . 3. Jack seems to be doing better than usual. ... 4. Thompson blowing a hot ride while Smith does a hula. ... S. At one of the house dances with Settle and Ed leadog the jump. ... 6. Iggy must have something all the gals go for. ... 7. Velmah, Iggy, Ja-e, and Pete enjoying the informality of the Hallowe ' en party. ... 9. Another group lounging at the same party. ... 9. Pledges Jack, Colby, Paul, and Hank vieing for Peanut-pushing honors. FOGLE, PENNEY PI KRPPfl HLPHH ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER PI KAPPA ALPHA was founded at the University of Vir- ginia on Marcli I, 1868. For some time the fraternity was definitely Southern, but now has expanded all over the country. At orescnt, the fraternity has eighty chapters, with a membership of twenty-five thousand. The Alpha Delta chapter was installed at Tech in February, 1904. W. M. PEHi-JEV T. K. McKAMY OFFICERS . . President R. A. PARKS Vice-President J. W. FOGLE Secretary Treasurer V. J. R. BARAN D. J. CHAPMAN C. K. CHAMLEE L. S COVEY W. P. BRANCH R. L. BRANNER J. Q. BULLARD R. T. ERVIN W. E. ERASER G. 5. ADAMS t, R. ALLEN T, C. BENNING r H COULON CLASS OF ' 42 J. L. CLARK Ij C. HICKS J. W. FOGLE T. K. McKAMY B R J J J. W. HASKELL L. KRIEGEP A. LA HATTE H. HURST E. JONES CLASS CLASS OF OF ■43 ' 44 H P P C. G PATTERSON A. PARKS T SAVAGE H. PARKS S. PATRICK D H. MEYER E. R. PRINDLE H A. MONTAGUE K, E. SESSLER T. B. O ' BAPP CLASS OF ' 45 J. P. SMITH G J. F, J S. GRONX ' M. HEAVEY W, MANLY V MANNING A R. C. L PRICKETT B. ROWE M. SMITH W, THRASHER W. M. PENNEY H. C. SAVAGE P. P. SHAWVFR D, P. WHITESIDE H. K. STRASS C. L. THOMAS J. D. THOMPSON R. B. WOODS P. L. WALKER J. D. WHITE D. L, WILLIAMS irlLJflL ki First .ow, left to risht: ADAN ALLEN, BARAN, BENNING, BRANCH, 8RANNER, BUL- LARD, CHAMLEE, CHAP CLARK, COULON, COVEY, ERVIN, . Second row: GLE, ERASER, GROW, KELL. HEAVEV, HICKS, HURSl, JONES, KRIEGER, LaHATTE. McKAMY, MANLY, I NING. , . Third row: MEYER, MONTAGUE, O ' BARR, PARKS, C, PARKS, R., PATRICK, PAT- TERSON, PENNEY, PRICKEn, PRINDLE, ROWE, SAVAGE, SAVAGE, R . . . Fourth r SESSLER, SHAWVER, SMI ' C.,SMIIH,P ,STRASS,THOM THOMPSON, THRASH WALKER, WHITE, WHITESIDE, WOODS, WILLIAMS I. House Manager Chapman thinkins about that slick meal he ' s cooked up. . . . 7. Brother John Dutasta " Thompson and date. ... 3. Shocking, isn ' t it? . . . 4. Woods and Weber cooking with peroilde. ... 5. Fogle, McKamy, Penney, Chapman, chatting with alumm counselor. ... 6. A Pi K. A. between two Georgia Peaches. ... 7. What the well-dressed Bulldog Club member is wearing this season. ... 8. After the ' possum hunt. ... 9. Ervin tees oH on Fearless " Fcaser. ... 10. You name it and we ' ll take it. . . . 1 1 . The Rumpus Room takes shape. P. K. A. Hous Vsi iiS. -v ' S - PI KflPPfl PHI IOTA CHAPTER Founded at the University of Charleston, December 10, 1904, PI APPA PHI was incorporated as a national fraternity in December, 1907. The fra- ternity now has thirty-two chapters with a total membership of about nine thousand. The Tech chapter, lota, was established in October, 191.3. OFFICERS USH .... M. R. DUNN . . President K. B CLASS OF 42 LOFTIS Treasurer . . . Se H. B. ARTHUR J. M. KING J. S. LEEDY C. R. SANDERS F. F, BLAIP J. E. KIRKLAND C. S. LINDSAY G 1. WEBB R. M, BLISH H. W. LAMB CLASS OF ' 43 R. M. PRYOR J. E. WRIGHT M, W, ARMSTRONG W. H. FUNI ' R C. MUIR S. J. TROMBETTA J. P. BUNN F. C. HODGE G. W. SESSOM5 R G. TURNER M, R. DUNN D. B. INGRAM J. A. SUDDETH L. O- WILLIAMS H. L. EDGE N, B. JACOBS C1J ,5S OF ' 44 F, J. TROMBETTA R. D. CALDWELL J. G. LOUDERMILt M. B. MILLER G C. SCHROEDER C. G. FULTON T. R. McMURRy J. M. MINTER J B. SNOWDEN E. B, GROSS G. MANNING A, B. POPE L. S. TARBUTTON J, A, HELMS CLASS OF ' 45 W. H CALLAWAY E F. Mclaughlin W. H. RHYNE R D. VAN VALIN H. V. FLEMING J, R, PAUS S S ROBERTS C V. WEAVER J. MrlNTGSH E S. PROKOP B, REEVE JR. E, R. SIMONS R C SMITH T, J, WITHORN f f - f O : ' n O L H ARTHUR, BL. HELW right: ARMSTRONG. JUNN, BUSH. CALD. ALLAWAY. DUNN, EDGE. , fULTON, FUNK, GROSS, ODGE, INGRAM, JACOBS. KING - . . Second row: KIRKLAND, LAMB, LEEDY, LINDSAY, LOUDER- MILK, Mcintosh, Mclaughlin, McMURRAY, MANNING, MILLER. MINIER, MUIR, FAUS, POPE, PRO- KOP, PRYOR, REEVE, RHYNE . . . Ih.rd row: ROBERTS, SCHROED8R, SESSOMS, SIMONS, SANDERS, SMITH, SNOWDEN. SUCDETH, TAR6UTTON, IROMBEHA, F J . TROMBETTA, S 1 . TURNER. VAN VALEN. WEAVER, WEBB, WILLIAMS, WITHORN. WRIGHT. I. ... 2, Mercy Christmas. " . , , 3. Lei ' s go . 4. Mr. and Mrs. " Sea Daddy. " ... 5. ie range. ... 6. " Handsome " Harry goes into 3 Daddy ' s " O. A. O. gives an army man the ccrpt from the alumni almanac. . . . 1. Waiter WONDERFUL Webb woo the women. The Officers: IRWIN, WHITLOCK, SANDERS, EAGER. R. J. SANDERS . R. W. WHITLOCK SIGmO RLPHR EPSILOn GEORGIA PHI CHAPTER BIGMA ALPHA EPSILOM was founded at the University of Alabama on March 9, 1856, and now has expanded to one hundred and thirteen chapters, with a total nnember- ship of fifty-three thousand. The local chapter, Georgia Phi, was installe d in March, 1890, being the second fraternity on the Tech campus. OFFICERS President G. R. IRWIM Vice-President G. B. EAGER CLASS H HIGHTOW ' EP F, KENDRICK . M LANG CLASS B. HESTEP . R, IRWIM OF ' 42 B, C L.IPAW n J. MURPH W H NOPTHUI ' OF ' 43 N F. KING ' P PENDLETON I SELLERS W. E. BROADWELL R. O. CHAFFIN C. H. CHALMERS J. M. COTHRAN W. L. ALLEY P. S. ALSTON J. B. ARMI5TEAD J. y. ARNOLD F. C. BEIL J. A. BERG R. E. BRUCE L. T. DAUGHTRIDGE W. G. DONNELLAN J. W. DUVALL D C, ELDPEDGE F. D. CAIN J. E. COLEMAN J. C. COX J. 5. DISOSWAY F. FEIL F. L. GAY S. W GIBSON CLASS OF ' 44 HICKS ■. HILL . HUNGERFORD KING R. LITTLE W. LOWNDES C. MATTHEWS W. MULFORD J, MURPHY CLASS D. R, GLASS M. G. HAMPTON G. L. HARRIS L. J. HARRISON E. P. JAENICKE H. J. LYNCH C. Y. MrGAUGHEV P.. McGEE J. MclNTYRE R. MILLARD A. MURPHEY E. PRITCHARD L, PEID M. W. NICHOLES C. W. NORTON T. V. PATTON W. N. SCOTT G. W. ROBINSON M. E. ROSE M. J. SANDERS D. SMITH E, W. STRADTMAN L THOMISON Secretary Treasurer R M SIMS, JR. P. W, SPARKS R. J. TAYLOR J. C. UNDERWOOD T, E. WEBBER J. D. WHITE J. L. WILLIAMS T. S. WILLINGHAM L. D. WILSON M F. WIMAN f i J i 1 i mc 9 " " % % a vl (- 1 kL i;i m tiM0u _ iPR ' . fk li w : ' M fe4 d 1 % i Jn ill . ' i. 1 £1 : c " B «r|H mm 9 il 99 I % % . % dt ' M i % r 1 ' f ft A| " h 13 t 15 " Oi o, 1 fi e rr ,■ h dik Jk Mi ' MkM F m a sc J k d ■ ' - " a li n ik Mi g First row, left to right: ADAIR, ALLEY, AL- STON. ARMISTEAD, ARNOLD, ATWELL, BAR- RETT, BEIL, BERG, BROADWELL, BRUCE, CAIN, CHAfFIN, CHALMERS, COtEMA COLLEOSE, COTHRAN, COX, D , COX, . . . Second row: DAUGHTRIDGE, DEMERE. DISOSWAY, DONNELLAN, DUVALL, EAGER, ELDREDGE, ESTES, FEIL, GAY, GIBSON GLASS, GREER, HAMPTON, HARRIS, HA RISON, HESTER, HICKS, HIGHTOWER. - Third row: HILL, HUNGERFORD. IRWIN, J4ENICKE, KENDRICK, KING, I. KING LANG, LeCRAW, LinLE, LOWNDES, MAT. THEWS, McGAUGHEY, McGEE, MclN ' MILLARD. MULFORD . . Fourth MURPHEY, MURPHY, D, MURPHY, NICHOLES, NORTHUr, NORTON, PATTON, PENDLETON, PRICHARD, RANSOM, REID, ROBINSON, ROSE, SANDERS. M,, SANDERS, R , scon, SELLERS, SIMS. SMITH, D Frfth row: SMITH, K., SPARKS. STRADTfc TAYLOR, TENNISON, THOMISON, UNDER WOOD, WALKER, WEBBER, WHATLEY, WHITE. WHITLOCK, WILLIAMS. J., INGHAM, WILSON, A , WILSON, D . Wll I. The Hawlrt " al work. ... 2. Moose Head. , - . !. ■ Der Fuhrer " and hrs sidekicks. . . . A Breakfast for four, please. ... 5. ' ' Ode to Spring ' — dance. . . . t. ' Olc Man " thinks he ' s trim. ... 7. LuLang, Crowley, and I. J., main. stays of the football team. ... 8. The stags try coffee. . . 1. Beil doesnt like one. The S. A. E. House. S I G m fl CHI BETA PSI CHAPTER SIGMA CHI, one of the Mian i Triad, was established June 28, I 85b. Since then the fraternity has expanded to ninety-eight chaptefs, with a membership of forty-five thousand. Beta Psi was installed at Tech in 1922 by the absorption of the local Pi Alpha Sigma. OFFICERS WALTER H. PULLEN President C. W. KILPATRICK Vice-President E. G. MULLING Secretary H. S. BELL, JR Treasurer CLASS OF 42 R. M. DcSHON E, G, MULLING H. E. DVKE C, L. PEACOCK B, H. JOHNSON W, H. PULLEN R. H. JOHNSON G, A. ROBERTSON C. W, KILPATRICK W. M. SIMPSON G, H, MARCHBANKS E, A, TAYLOR H. E MrXOMB R. F, M-GINTY W. C, WEEKS CLASS OF ' 43 J, AlZPUPU E R. LONG H, S. BELL, JR. D, M METZGER W. H. CAREY F, C. PUCKETT L. E. FLANAGAN P, E, WALL W, J, SHOAFF CLASS OF ' 44 W. R. ASKUE F, E. MERSHON J, T, AXTON G. C. MUNN A. W. BROWNELL O. O. RAMBO E, G. CLARKE H. RILEY, JR. H. N.CUNNINGHAM, JR. W.J.SANDERS T. D. GALEY S. L. SHACKLEFORD J. B. HAAS J, TOMLIN J. F. HARDY C F. WALKER, JR. J. G. LEONARD W. A. WATT CLASS OF ' 45 G, B, BACKUS W. C. MANN C. A BURDELL E. L. McCRORY F, C. CAMPBELL B, 5 PERSONS C. M. CARROLL W.T. SHACKLEFORD R. K. CASON F, M, SINGER D. D.:yOUNG. JR, O. M. SMITH G, E. EDWARDS, JR. A, H. THOMAS R, W. FREEMAN R. I. UHL P. B. HUFFMAN C. H. WALSH A.W.JAMES G.H.LEWIS F.N.WHEELER L%% First (o», kit to right: AIZPURU, ASKUE, AXTON, BACKUS, BELL, BROWNLLL, BURDELL, CAMP- BELL. CAREY, CARROLL, CASON, CLARKE, CROSBY, CUNNINGHAM, DE SHON. DE YOUNG, DYKE . . . Second cow: EDWARDS, FLANAGAN, FREEMAN, GAILEY, GOWEN. HAAS. HARDY, HUFF- MAN, JAMES, JOHNSON, 8., JOHNSON, R., KILPATRICK, LEONARD, LEWIS, LONG. MANN, MARCHBANKS. . . . Third row: McCOMB, McCRORY, McGINIY, MERSHON, MET2SER, MULLING, MUNN, PEACOCK, PERSONS, PUCKEU. PULLEN, RAMBO, KILtT, ROBERTSON, SANDERS, SHACK- LEFORD, L., SHACKLEFORD, W- , Fourth row: SHOAFF, SIMP- SON, SINGER, SMITH, TAYLOR, THOMAS, TOMLIN. UHL, WAL- KER, WALL, WALSH, WATT. WEEKS, WHEELER. I. Rosebud and LiHIe Joe frghtins those boohs. . . . 2. The pciie-winning Homecoming dti tions- - 3. " Nana, " our housemother, ... 4. Last year ' s South Sea Island ball— Dorothy Ann and Bill. ... 5. This quiet game— prngpong. . . . 4. The abode. ... 7. A fine bunch o( pledges. ... 8. The altcrnoon before the " Ram- blin ' WrecK " contest. . . . ?. Let ' s eat. ... 10. South Sea Island fantasy ... II. Major. M ogul, Daddy Ricks, Baron, Ralph, and Jimmy, of the alumni- ... 12. The afternoon paper. ' f. m ' M ' Mlkm V ' l mm i .. r .r , " " " s I G m fl n u GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER SIGMA NU originated from the Legion of Honor, a secret society organized in 1868 at Virginia Military Institute. The fraternity now has ninety-seven chapters, with a total membership of about forty thousand. The Tech chapter was established in 1896, becoming the fourth fraternity on the campus. OFFICERS E. F. SCOTT President J. H. DUMAS Vice-President E. .1. PRICE Secretary F. M. MUSGRAVE Treasurer CLASS OF ' 42 D. T. ALLEN D. P. HAMILTON J, B. BLACKMAN T. HILL C. B. CURRY W. F. MOODY J. R. FAIR J. M. NORMAN R. F. GRIFFITH H. J. ROSS CLASS OF ' 43 J. R. ALLEN ri, E, kILLAM J. BETHUNE O. K. LEWIS L. E CODDINi, R. V. MacGREGOR R. B. INGRAM P. D. MrGAUGHEY E. P. OWEN CLASS OF 44 W. B. BELL H, F. LANCASTER A. DUUS. JR. D. H. MATHEWS C. L ECTOR I C. McGAUGHEY W. M. FITCH R J. MOORE K. GREENE J. K. SHEPHERD M. S. HOCHMUTH P. C. UNDERWOOD P. y. LAKE R A, WHITE CLASS OF 45 P. B. ALEXANDER T 5. LEE, JR. P. E. BARROW R A, LENNON J. R. BELL M. E. McCOY W. M, CURTIS R- T. McLENDON J. B. GATTEY W, F. NORMAN G, A. LAFITTE G. F, SCHMINKE, III T. A LANDRUM J, B. SOWELL, JP W. J. WEGMANN a a n 9 a 1% Firit row, left lo (Ishl: ALEXAN- DER, ALLEN, D„ ALLEN, J.. BARROW, BELL, J., BELL, W., BETHUN6, BLACKMAN. COODING, CURRY, CURTIS, DUMAS, DUUS, tCIOR, FAIR, mCH, GAHEY. . Second row: GREENE, GRIF- FtTH, HAMILTON. HILL, HOCH- MUTH, INGMAN, KILLAM, LAKE, lAFinE, LANCASTER, LANDRUM, LEE, LENNON, LEWIS. MacGRE- GOR. MATHEWS. McCOY. . Thrrd row: McGAUGHEY. J . Mc- GAUGHEy, R.. McLENDON, MOODY. MOORE. MUSGRAVE. NORMAN, J. NORMAN, W. OWEN, ROSS, SCHMINKE, SHEP- HERD, SOWELL, UNDERWOOD, VAUGHAN, WEGMANN, WHITE. I, That ' trio ' hard at worlr on Fresh- mar Joe Sewcll. ... 2. ' Cmoi. Moody, break! " — " Aw-w.w, Grrf(, go way! " —at one of the house dances. ... 3. So many charmins smiles be- stowed on one freshman could mean but ore thing— Rush Week! ... 4, When good brothers get together— at the house afier the Auburn game . . 5. Ed Killam at work on what SOME peopl e term ' The Sigma Nu Organ " . ... 6. The house dance after the Auburn game. ... 7. Scott with another one of those cur.acious blondes. .This time its Jane Strong. ... 8. The chapter ' s Armed Forces. ... 9. Pal Allen reach- ing for that elusive " possum. OFFICERS E. A. THOMPSON President B. L. HELTON Vice-President V. A. THOMPSON Secretary R. E. ENDRESS Treasurer CLASS OF 42 B. L. HELTON I. R. MOORfc C. R. JUSTI E. A. THOMPSON J. W. KELLY W. A. THOMPSON CLASS OF 43 W. E. COUNTS A. C. FORD R. E. ENDRESS R. G. MALONE E. B. ETHEREDGE C. A. McLEOD N, E. FUNx rj CLASS OF ' 44 F. A, ALEXANDER N. B. BROWNE R W. BOTTENFIELD C, HORNIBROOK H, M •;mith CLASS OF ' 45 F W. BARR R, H MacGREGOR F. CALLAHAN S. T. MOAK P D. CONLON R. T. RUGO I. E. COUNCIL N, B, PYALL B P. DANIEL W. H. SANDEFOPP D O FU5SELL W. A. SCHMIP E. J. HESS E. L. 5HEIP D. C. JACKSON T. R. TURNER F C KOHN C. A WYNN C. D " ' ►l -F S I G m fl P H GEORGIA ALPHA SIGMA PHI EPSILON was founded at the University of Rich- mond in November, 1901, where it was first known as the " Sat- Thc Officers: E THOMPSON, W. THOMPSON, HELTON, ENDRESS. 1 !f A. a c o CONLON, COUNCI COUNTS, DANIEL, ENDRESS. . . . Second row: ETHEREDGE, FORD. FUS- SELL, HELTON, HESS, HORNIBROOK, JACKSON, JUSTI, KELLY. KOHN. . . . row: LITTLE, MALONE, MacGREGOR McLEOD. M O A K, MOORE. RUGO, RUNYON, RYALL. SANDEFORO. . . . Fourth row: SCHMID, SHEIP, SMITH, THOMPSON, E.. THOMPSON, W., TURNER, WYNNE, YONGE. VWmit l " " f ■ " ' T - -ir iC. . _y. .i s--- it E P S 1 L n CHAPTER urday Night Cl ' jb " . The frsternity now has seventy chapters. with a • three thousand. The local chapter, _ ;d in 1907. I. Funny?— It ' s a matter of opinion. ... 2. At a house patty. ... 3. Keep it straight, Chailiel ... 4. The way we like " if. ... 5. Ainl love grand— or is it? . . . 4. ' ■Wee Wil- lie, " Ed, and Dick select one. . . . 7. Officers and dates at the annual formal. ... 8. Dreaming one out. 1. Intellectuals. THU EPSILOn PHI PHI CHAPTER TAU EPSILON PHI, the outgrowth of a professional fra- ternity, was organized as a national collegiate fraternity in 1910. The fraternity ro ' l now contains twenty-seven chap- ters and a total membership of over four thousand. Phi chapter was installed on the Tech campus in 1922. The Officeis: SCHRENELL, GERSHEN, GINSBURG, BAWER I. J. GERSHEN President A. M. GINSBURG Vice-President H EINSTEIN A. M. GINSBURG M. W. ARKIN L. :. BAWER S. COHEN H. L, COHEN S. COHN 5. S. CRASNOW M. S. FEDER I. B. FREEDMAN B, ARENOFSk N. A. ARKIN A. COHEN G. B. DRAZEN C. J. EDISON S. GOLDBERGER A. L. DUCOFFE I J. GERSHEN M PERLING D. H. FUR5T J. K. GINBURG B. HOROWITZ S H. KRAKOWER A. S. GOLDBLOOM S. H. GOLDSTEIN H. GLUCK H. GREENBERG A. D. HODES D, B, KOTLIKOFF CLASS OF ' 42 CLASS OF ' 43 CLASS OF 44 R. I. SCHRENELL Secretary L. I. BAWER Treasurer D. SAUL L. S. WILLNER CLASS OF 45 R. D. REISMAN M. W. ROSEN R. 5ADOW J. N. LINCOLN M. P. MACHT R. MEYER A RITTER W L. KRAUS I LEVIN G B. LEVINE N J. LINDNER W. D. LIPPMAN D MULTACH I. SCHRENELL L. SOBELSON E. M. ROTHMAN J. S. SIEGEL J, A, SPERLING M. K. STEINBERG H. SCHUMAN A, SENTER R SHIFF J. SPECTOR S, E. STAHLFR S. A. WIEN 5 r% f f 1 fl In ' n O First row, Icll to right; ABELSON, ALLEN, ARENOFSKV, ARKIN, ARKIN. N, BAWER, COHEN, COHEN, H, COHEN, S, COHN, CRASNOW, DRAZEN, DUCOFFE, EDI- SON, EINSTEIN . , . Sircord FEDER. FREEDMAN, FURST, SER- SHEN. GINBURG, GINSBURG, SOLD. BERGER, GOLDBLOOM. GOLDSTEIN, GLUCK, GREENBERG, MODES, HORO- WITZ, KOTLIKOFF, KRAKOWER. Thrrd row: KRAUS, LEVIN, LEVINE, LINCOLN, LINDNER, LIPPMAN, MACHl, MEYER, MULTACH, PtRL REISMAN, RITIER, ROSEN, ROTH- MAN, SADOW. . . . Fourth SAUL, SCHRENELL, SCHWARCZ, SENTER, SHIFF, SCHUMAN, SIEGEL, SOBELSON, SPECTOR. SPERLING, STAHLER, STEINBERG, WIEN, WILLNER ll liTLO OFFICERS W. H. REEVES President S. C. McLENDOM Vice-President G. E. ORR Secretary W. P. HANSEN Treasurei CLASS OF 42 J. W. ADAMS Q. P. GEIGER J. R. PEEPLES M. G. BILLIAS W, P. HANSEN H. QUILLIAN W. D. CROMAPTIF T. C. KARNES J. W. QUILLIAN r,, E OPR W. H. REEVES CLASS OF ' 43 J. C. DARAGAN J, C HUNT S. C. McLENDON L ' M. LEWIS CLASS OF ' 44 L. J. BERG H. C. MacMAHON C, A, SCOTT H. B. LEWIS R. K, MAXWELL P. T. TACCONE A. A. MOGILNICKI CLASS OF ' 45 L. H. BURCH N. HAWKINS P, H. SMALL W. L. ENGLISH L. W, PHILIPS T. C, TABOR H. PAGAN D, A. TAVLOR 4 T H E T ALPHA NU THETA CHI was founded at Norwich University on March 10, 1856. At first the fraternity did not plan national expansion, but a conservative expan- sion policy has increased the fraternity roll to fifty- ( o Mat , ' m k ADAMS. BERG. BILLIAS BURCH, CROMARTIE, OAR ASAN, ENGLISH, FAGAN GEIGER, HANSEN. . . Second ro«: HAWKINS HUNT, KARNES. D LEWIS H. LEWIS MAC MAHOl MAXWELL. McLENDOl MOGILNICKI. ORR. . . PEEPLES. P IPS, LLIAN. J AN. REEVES. SCOTT TABOR. TACCONE TAYLOR. C H I CHAPTER two chapters with a total membership of over six- teen thousand. THETA CHI is proud of its scarcity of inactive chapters. Alpha Nu was installed at Tech in the spring of 1923. mi for tht cLcndon tu 3. " Gentr putting the finii Ch touches on his ' The Happy Home at lests at the Christmas p k seltinj in on the fu ■ and Nick bafflir th the same old tr V u Q ' . ? ' ii ;, .._ i Ji DOZIER DuTIEL ELDREDGE FITZGERALD RAMSAUR SANDERS, C. R SANDERS, M. J SANDERS, R. J. THE S T U D E n T OFFICERS W. D. CROMARTIE President H. B. ARTHUR Vice-President T. C. DOZIER Secretary R. J. SANDERS Treasurer OHiccrs SANDERS, CROMARTIE, dnd DOZIER r -4 . council VanVOORHEES The Student Council is Georgia Tech ' s student government body. The members aie elected by popular vote of the student body. The Council is in charge of all student activities and elects the editors and business managers of all student publications except The Engineer. The Council also supervises the election of class officers and student council rep- resentatives. VOTING MEMBERS H. B. ARTHUR Sen: W. D. CROMARTIE SenI J. W. GRIFFETH SenI R. J. SANDERS Sen E. F. scon Sen: T. C. DOZIER Juni J. K. HANCOCK ........ Jur I B THARPE Jur W. K. WOODARD Jur D. C. ELDREDGE Sophom 8. D. FITZGERALD C. F. DuTElL . J. T. GRAHAM Represen Represen Represen Represen Represen Repfes»!n Represen Represen Represen Represen T. HILL . W. E. GAPP S. RAMSAU- C. R. SAN ■: Sophomore Represent; Co-op Represent. Co-op Reprt Co-op Represent; Co-op Represent; Editor of Technique . President of V. M. C. A. - . Presidert cf I. F. C. Class NON-VOTING MEMBERS J. S. SMITH Editor of Blue Print J. J. FULLENLOVE Editor of yellow Jacket E. B. . D. C L M. J. san: President of Junior Class sidcnt of Sophomore Class esident of Freshman Class I ' FACULTY MEMBERS: PPOF. J. L. LiANIEL, Cha.t, DR. R A. HEFNER PPOF. W. B. JOHNS HihM STUDENT MEMBERS; F, W, WHITEHEAD W. E. GARRISON J B THARPE PROF. DANIEL DR. HEFNER PROF JOHNS STUDERT FflCULTy HOnOR COmiDITTEE The fine spirit of honor and integrity now in evidence on the Tech campus is largely the result of the Student-Faculty Honor Committee. This committee is composed of three faculty members and three members of the student body. Two of the student members are elected by the student council, the third member is the president of the Tech y. M C. A. Srnce its beginning in 1932 this committee has done much to im- prove conditions on the campus and to make the honor system worL STUDEHT FflCULiy LECTURE flSSn. The Student-Faculty Lecture Association is one of the most popular organizations on the Tech campus. It was formed at the insistence of several faculty members who realized the need of more and better entertainment for both students and faculty. The group is composed of five faculty members and five student members. The committee has succeeded in bringing a wide variety of well-known entertainers to Tech this year. FACULTY MEMBERS: DR. H. B. FRIEDMAN Chairman DR. R. A. HEFNER DR. W. G. PERRy DR. P. B. NARMORE MR, G. W. RAINEy STUDENT MEMBERS; ,Vi. L. SHATZEN T. C. DOZIER 8. W. HASKELL J. W. BIER R. B. WOODS THE y. m. c. fl. K MISS GLADYS HAWES. Office Sec OFFICERS W.E. GARRISON President E. B. VAN VOORHEES Vice-President K. N. NESBIT Secretary L, S. APPLE K, H. ASHBV W. B. SENNET L D. BIOT J, F. BORUM J. E. BOYD J. H. BROOKS P. H. BUNZL C, A. CROWELL M, A. DAILEV J L. DEUEL C F. DU TEIL W. E. EHRENSPEPGER J, F. FAULKNER J, M. FRISCIA W. M GAINES W. E. GARRISON C, H. GREENE MEMBERS K_ GREENE J. W. GRIFFETH S. R. HARRISON M. 5. HOCHMUTH F. R. HOLLIDAV R. C. MUGGINS H. F. HUNTER H. R. IVEY C. M. JONES W. C. KOUNS L. L LANIER C. B, LECRAW H B, LEHR L, D LOCKERy E W. McCLURE M. O. McKINNEY T. R, McMURRAY F. E. MERSHON M. B. MERTS H. M. METCALF C. H. MILAM H. E. MURRAY K. N. NESBIT B. A. PIRKL E N. W. RICHARDSON E. F. SANTOS E. J. 5CHREIBER C. L. 5EACORD G. R. SHEPHERD A. C. SKINNER W. W. STRIPLING M. I, TENDRICH P. C. UNDERWOOD E. B. VAN VOORHEES R. E. WACHTER C. A. WONG C fl B I n E T The Tech Y. M.C. A. strives to show the students that religion plays an important part in school life as well as in business. The " V " sponsors retreats, discussions, lectures, and nnany in- tramural sports. The Tech " V " is divided into two groups. The " y " Cab- inet and the Freshman Council. R - H A R 1 1 O f3 f i il: :i 11 aim. ' Lliaii O O W d dl l l (fl ( ?j .:4 Fi.ll tow. led lo right: APPLE NER, FRISCIA. GAINES, GARB KOUNS, LANIER, LE CRAW. L RICHARDSON, SANTOS, . , , = f.-.FT BIOT, BORUM, BOYD, BROOKS, BUN2L, CROWELL, OAlLEy, DEUEL, , , , Second row: DUTEIL, EHRENSPERGER, FAULK. ■ -,PEENE K. GREENE GRIFFEIH. HARRISON, HOCHMUTH Third row: HOLLIDAy, MUGGINS, HUNTER, IVEY, JONES, ■E: ' McCLURE . . . Fourth row: McKINNEY. McMURRAY, MERSHON, MERTS, METCALF, MILAM, MURRAY, NESBIT, PIRKLE. cw: SCHREI8ER, SEACORD, SHEPHERD, SKINNER. STRIPLING, TENORICH, UNDERWOOD. VAN VOORHEES, WACHTER, WONG. Th.- T.-. I Nrwman Llub v, r, rhapU-, o( The hcdcrat.on of Ccllrgr Catholir Clubi. It " , purpose .-, to promote the mutual inteiebib o( CatholK ntudent-, at Trrh. whether these interests be of a sp.ntual, intelleetual, or social nature. Its aetlvrties consist of a program of religious education in the form of tails and open forum discussions. The club also has locial functions of a recreational and frnt. rnal natur.-. OFFICERS V. j. R. BARAN President L. GRIFFIN Vicc-Presldcnl S. V. BOCCIERI Treasurer J A. LA MATTE JR Secretary MEMBERS V X, AMBROSIO I P DOYLE I M. NEISH V. J R BARAN e a PUKES F. MC M ICHALCZEWStCI S,V. BOCCIERI J J, 6ENNARI A MOGILNICKI J. H. BOUCHER L GRIFFIN W. F MOORE T. U. BURKE E L GULYASSY A K O ' SHEA J.CASELLA G I HAWKINS N J PASSARELLO F.W.CHAMBERS P D. HEITZER W. G PECHULIS MJ.CHOMIAK W.C HUMPHREYS C.J PILCH R, F. CHOOUETTE W, E JUSTEN J T, POPLIN L. D. CLEARY V A KANE F REPILADO D F. CLOW J E LA HATTE E S.SMITH J.ECOOGAN JM LUNGHINO T S TOPOLNICKI T V. COONEY H J LYONS M UNION P H. D ' ONOFRIO E P MAXIM T R VANOENHEU EL First row, left to right: AMBROSIO, BARAN, BOCCIERI, BOUCHER, BURKE. . , . Second rt CASELLA, CHAM BERS, CHOMIAK, CHOOUETTE, CLEARY . . . Ttiird row- CLOW COOGA COONEY, D ' ONOFRIO, DOYLE . . . Fourlli row: DUKES, GENNARI, GRIFFIN GULYASI HAWKINS FHlti row HEITZER, HUMPHREYS, JUSTEN, KANE, LA HAHE. Si.tli re LUNGHINO, LYONS. MAXIM, McNEISH, MICHALC2EWSKI. Seventh low MOGILNIC. MOORE, O ' SHEA, PASSARELLO, PECHULIS. . . . Eighth row: PILCH, POPLIN REPILADO, SMIT TOPOLNICKI . Ninth row UNION, VANDEN-HEUVEL ip f f f% ! , i h ' . ' krmAx ' M » n r n a O , CT BAKER, Barton fijst row, left to ■HALL, HENSON. . , Thud ro» WELL, McGAUGHEV, McLEOD, RIER, CATHEY, CLARSON, CONLON, CROSB , DIANA. . , , Second fow DOBSON, FREEMAN, ERE , GREENE, GRIER, GROVE, -I, HERMES, R P, HERMES, W H , HOWARD, JEFFERY, lOHNbON F. LEWIS, M. LEWIS . . . Fouith row: MacGREGOR, MAX- HERRITT, OSBORNE, PAQUETTE. , Fifth tow: A. PEARCE, T. PEARCE, PICOZZI, POYO, SALE, SANDS, SHACKLEFORD, WILSON, WONG. THE GLEE SIRGERS Drnsed fo the Big Night. " " r -S iliU L- »r ' iV Cr The Tech Gkc Club is one of the most active groups on the campus from the Standpoint of creative wort. Under the able leadership of Bob Hetmcs, The Glee Sinscrs have had a very successful year. The Glee Singers give programs before church groups as well as other College groups. OFFICERS R. p. HERMES Pfcsidcnl W, H. HERMES Vice-President 5. A. SALE Secretary R. G. GROVE Business Manascr E. MATTHEWS , Pianist •V. HERBERT ' Director . L. BAKER H. H. BARTON C. CARTER P " ;,r :, " lyPllllByHS T. E.GREENE W. W. GRIER R.G. GROVE A. P. HALL C. W. HENSON 1. HERMAN R. P. HERMES W. H. HERMES G. L. HOWARD T. S. JEFFERY A 3 JOHNSON MEMBERS F. D. LEWIS J. M.LEWIS R.V. MocGREGOR R. M. MAXWELL R. D. McGAUGHEY C. A. McLEOD R. V. . ' . ' -NEIL E. A. PEARCE I. J. PEARCE G- J- PICOZZI J. F. POYO S. A. SALE 1. E. SANDS J. C. SHACKLEFORO W, R, WILSON ;. A. WONS U Swimmer P.i THE BAPTIST STUDER union EounciL The Baptist Student Union Council has been an active instrume of the rchgious hfe at Tech for a numbei of years. The Coun IS elected by the Baptists of the Tech student body, and acts a connective link between the college student and the neit boring Baptist churches. Each year the Council plans a " Join the church " campai; cooperates to send delegates to the B. S. U. state conventio student night services. Vocational Emphasis Week, Student F vival Week, study courses m chuich tiaininq, and sends de gates to the Southwidc Student Retreat at Camp Ridgecre OFFICERS J. C. MACKE President W. G. WALTERS Vice-President S. A. SALE Secietary - Treasurer MEMBERS J. M. CHAPMAN L.D. LOCKER r P.TANNEP V. H.COOPER J. C. MACKEY E A, TAYLOR J,L, ESPy S. A SALE W,G, WALTERS M. H. JOHNSON C A. WONG CKEY, TAYLOR, and CHAPMAN, 1 J THE 1942 JAC KSON S. SMITH JACK W, ADAMS . E. K. OVERSTREET H. M. McNEIL . C. L. SEACORD J. G. WILDER . T. C. DOZIER S. C. McLENDON F. M. MUSGRAVE L. C. RADFORD H. K. SCHWARTZ J. B, THARPE . . Editnr-,n Managing Assistant Assistant Photos . PSotog AMor.iatc •Chief Editor Editor Editor raphe, rapher Ed.tor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor ) « ° M.rjwLilii m A T ) JACK W, ADAMS FACULTy ADVISOR PHIL B. NARMORE BOARD OF ADVISORS W. D. CROMAPTIE H. N. FLORENCE J. J. FULLENLOVE J. W. GR1FFETH W. R. SEAY J. E. WRIGHT PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF :. ' , rOTLItC ' FF G. LEVINE H. MEYER E. B. VAN VORHEES A _ d i H BLUE PRIRT J. POLLV POOLE . WALTER M. PENNEy W. C. HUNT - s Manager (Springs) isiness Manager (Fall) Advertising Manager ASSOCIATE BUSINESSS MANAGERS J. S. BALDWIN W. B. CROUCH R. F. DARBY I. B. FREEDMAN M. R. DUNN BUSINESS STAFF J. T. GRAHAM J. MacDONALD W. B. ROBERTS J. BALDWIN F. R. SHAWVER F. CAIN W. MANN T. SHANKS R. GREENE LTER M PENNEY copy STAFF C. N. ADAMS E. H. HUNGERFORD M. C. ANDERSON T. JOHNSTON B. F. BO BO A. C. KLEIDERER G. L. BROCK D. KOTLIKOFF 8. BRUCE C. LANDENBURGER C. A. BURDELL G. LEVINE P. O. BURGDORF H. 8. LEWIS R. H. BURGEL H. C. MacMAHON J. W. BUTLER W. McCORK ?, CASON C. McGAUGHEy :;, CHILDERS D. R. PETERS E. COUGHLIN E. P. PITTMAN W. C. DRAKE H. L. SHORT J. S. FINLEY E. SIMONS R. FREEMAN B. STEVENS H. F. GAyDOS R. TAYLOR W. GIBSON L. THOMISON H. GRITZ R. UHL N. HAWKINS J. VINK S. J. HENRy 1. WEINER P. L. HORNE J. YOUNG " e B fOoij -J THE yELLO JOHN J. FULLENLOVE . . . Editor-in-Chief JIM THARPE Feature Editor MARTIN VAN BUREN Art Editor E. K. OVERSTREET .... Exchange Editor JOHN ROGGE Jol e Editor DON METZGER Copy Editor BOARD OF ADVISORS HARRy ARTHUP GENE PIROG JIM GPIFFETH COPY STAFF JACKSON SMITH C. ADAMS H. GLUCK. S. RASKIN M. ANDERSON B. HANS A. RITTER J. ANDREWS R. HARRISS N. ROSEN N. ARKIN P. HORNE L 5HACKLEFORD J. BAN E HUMERFORD N. SILVERS P. BATES W. JOLLY E. SIMONS J. BIER P. JONES R. STREET S. BRYAN S. KELSO T. STRIBLING W. BURAN A. KLIEDERER H. SULLINS W. CALLAWAY F. LANDENBURGER L, THOMSON G. CLEVELAND R LANDSBERG J. TOMLIN M. COLLINS G. LEVINE R. TRIMMER C. COPE C. MASSY M. UNION W. CORDES C. McGAUGHERY J. WEAVER 8. DUNN H. MILLER J. WEBB B. ELDER P. NORTH M. WHEELER J. FLEMING D. PEARCE G. WHITTLESEY J. FORNARA D. PETERS R. WILLIAMS H. GAYDOS A. POPE S. WILLINGHAM A. GIU5TIZIA L. RADFORD E WINGENWROTH J. YOUNG G. ZITOMER flCKET ROBERT S. KEMPTON . . . Bu siness Manaser HAROLD FLORENCE . . Adve tising Manager ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS J. C. ROGERS J. SPALDING D. K. CARLL R. SADOW BUSINESS STAFF E. DAVIS C. BRODNAX A. RITTER P. ADAMS R. WILLIAMS G. HOWARD D. INGRAM E. BOHNER W. HUNT J. SUDDETH E. STALL F. MANLy A. PRICKET ' G. EWING " Emptor Firjl tow, ieft to light: CARLL. EWALD, . . . Second row; FLORENCE, ROGERS. . . Th.-d row? SADOW, SPALDING. EDWARD PIEPER JOHN B. EWALD Circulation Manager CIRCULATION STAFF R. STEUDEL C. PIPPEN J. GRIFFETH W. ROBERTS E. SCOn H. SHORT E. KILLAM H. CAULKINS P. HAGEDORN G. CLEVELAND D. EDWARDS J. HICKS Collection Manager COLLECTION STAFF H. SMITH E. McLaughlin R. CARLSON T. WITHORN MAX SHATZEN H. CAULKIN5 Feature Editor D. DcYOUNG R. MORIEIRI B. WALLACE T H TOM HILL Editor-in-Chief GEORGE KEHR Managing Editor ED KILLAM News Editor J. BROOKS H. POWELL R. ELDER G. WAGENHEIM E. SCOTT K. SCHULHERR B. ROBERTS R. BEARD T. GREENE W. McCOOK K. 5E55LER E. HUGHES J. WATKINS S. RASKIN W. VAUGHN J. MAAS P. CUTLER J. COLEMAN G. HOWARD G. SIMONS A, WICKLIFFE N. JAENICKE C. THOMPSON J. LoHATTE J. T. GRAHAM m Jj GEORGE KEI- f?l f O 1 T E C H n IQ U E ED OWEN . . . . Sports Eaitor J. HICKS R. ROSE M. MERTS R. PIPPEN R. SADOW F. GRAHAM E. PRICE D. POWER S. KELSO P. LEE M. MACHT T. FRAZIER TOM DOZIER . Circulation Manager GRADY DENTON . Circulation Manager W. FREEMAN A. JANNEy J. HICKS J. WEBB P. HAGEDORN R. PRIOR J. McGAUGHEV -Astej ,. • ' Ones CHARLES SEACORD . . Staff Photographer D. KOTLIKOFF E. VAN VOORHEES G. LEVINE J. WILDER J. McGAUGHEV CHARLES M. JONES . . Business Manager ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS M W. ARMSTRONG P. L. BLACKSHEAR H. S. BELL J. A. SUDDETH BLACKSHEAR T H E BRUCE MASTERTON . . Editor-in-Chief C. L. PEACOCK , . STAFF Manasing Editor R. C BARRETT L T. HUNGERFORD H. 5. BELL F. D, LEWIS K. GREENE E. K. McMAHON P. F. KORyCINSKI E. P. OWEN J. G. HAMMOND H. OUILLIAN H. E. HARRIS R. H. STREET M. 5, HOCHMUTH P. C. UNDERWOOD CASH L. PEACOCK (n G I n E E R GEORGE B. EAGER . . . Business Manaset W. B. HERMES . . Assistant Business Manager STAFF N. D. ABEL J. P. POOLE W. P. DONNELLAN T. H. PIGFORO L. C. ESTES W. B. ROBERTS J. H. KOUNS R. M. SADOW A. L. NAVARRO M. K. STEINBERG T. V. PAnON J. B. THARPE W. E. WHITE amtm CASH L. PEACOCK PAUL B BAILEY SOmOTECH JOSEPH S. HORNSTEIN C. L. PEACOCK Editor-in-Chief P. B. BAILEY Managine Editor J. G. ATTANAS Sports Editor E. A. D ' AMICO Circulation Manaser STAFF G. N. BEAUMARIAGE B. M. INGRAM H. MOORE T. Z. CHASTAIN P. F. JARVIS B. O ' NEAL G. H. CHILDERS J. JONES J. M. SAUMS E. R. CURRY T. JONES F. W. SMITH C. F. DuTEIL F. J. MEADOW M. SPITZER R. MORTON E. A. MOORE R. E. WALKER J. S. HORNSTEIN Business Manager STAFF B. M. INGRAM M. SPITZER R. E. WALKER ATTANAS BEAUMARIAGE CHILDERS D ' AMICO INGRAM MOORE O ' NEAL WALKER ■ " V f -V C n n - 1 The OHKC.i CAVIS, WRIGHT, and GRIFFETH flnflK ANAK, the oldest honorary or- ganization on the Tech campus, IS the highest local honor a Tech student may obtain. The mem- bers of ANAK are selected from the men of the senior class who are outstanding among their fellow students by their achievements for and services to Georgia Tech, Since its founding in 1908, ANAK has num- bered among its members many Tech men who have become leaders of national prominence. ANAK has been responsible for founding nearly all the other clubs that exist on the Tech campus. OFFICERS J. E. WRIGHT President E. B. DAVIS Vice-President J. W. GRIFFETH Secretary W. D. CROMARTIE Treasurer MEMBERS J, W. ADAMS J, E EDWARDS J, P, POOLE H, B, ARTHUR H. N, FLORENCE C. R. SANDERS W. D. CROMARTIE J, J FULLENLOVE R. J. SANDERS E B. DAVIS J W, GRIFFETH J, E. X RIGHT f;: .. ' - S . .• ' ' - OmiCROn DELTA KRPPfl OMICRON DELTA KAPPA is a national college activities Fraternity for men. Members are selected on a point basis — a definite number of points being given for each honor or position attained by the student. When a student has amassed a nninimum of thirty points and maintained a definite scholastic average, he is eligible for election — the ultimate election depending upon his character and popularity among his fellow students. O. D. K. ranks along with ANAK as the highest honorary organization on the Tech campus. OFFICERS H. N. FLORENCE President J. W. GRIFFETH Vice-President J. S. SMITH Secretary C. D. HANELINE Treasurer MEMBERS J, W. ADAMS C. D. HANELINE E. F. SCOTT H. B. ARTHUR J. S. HORNSTEIN J. S. SMITH E. B. DAVIS H.. S. KEMPTON R. M. THOMPSON H. N. FLORENCE B. MASTERTON J. E. WRIGHT J. W. GRIFFETH C. L. PEACOCK Thf OUfCtn: SMITH. fLORENCE, GSIEFETH, and HANELINE. S) P H I K fl P P fl PHI SENIOR HONORARy SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY Membership in the honor society PHI KAPPA PHI The society was founded in 1897 and was in- is awarded to those members of the senior class stalled at Tech in 1914. An annual award of a who have stood consistently hjsh in scholarship scholarship cup is made by the local chapter to during their first three years at Georgia Tech. Phi Kappa Phi IS a national organization with chapters e senior with the highest scholastic average n many of the leading colleges and universities, while at Georgia Tech. PROF. G. A. ROSSELOT H, N. FLORENCE H. R. IVEV J. C. SHACKLEFORD P. B. BAILEY C. M. GAILEV J. E. KIRKLAND E. A. SMITH R. C. BARRETT A. M. GINSBURG A. V. KOEBLEY R. C. TATE J. E. BROADWELL W. J. GRACE B. MASTERTON C A. TAYLOR G. M. CALHOUN J. W. GRIFFETH B. ONEAL R. J. TRAMMELL W. A. COLEMAN C D. HANELINE C. L. PEACOCK T. R. VANDEN-HEUVEL C. A. CROWELL A. M. HOPKINS H. OUILLIAN M, L. WINTON E, A, D ' AMICO J. S. HORNSTEIN K. E. SCHULHERR First row, left to i.ght BAILEY, BARRETT, BROADWELL, CALHOUN, COLEMAN CROWELL, D ' AMICO FLORENCE, GAILEY, GINSBURG. . - . Second row GRACE, GRIFFETH, HANELINE, HOPKINS, HORNSTEIN, IVEY, KIRKLAND, KOEBLEY, MASTERTON, O ' NEAL, . . . Ttiiid row; PEACOCK OUILLIAN SCHULHERR, SHACKLEFORD, SMITH, TAYLOR, TRAMMELL, VANDEN-HEUVEL, WINTON f . ( f ,fl , r» n f» ( o ( ! « (T.t ? row, left to nght; ADAMS, CSOWELL, S1N5BURG, GRACE, GREENE, GREER, HANELINE, HASKELL, HITE, HOLLIDAY. . . . Second row; IVEy, HURST, KORYCINSKI MASTERTON, MORRISON, McMAHON.NEWBY, OVERSTREET, PEACOCK, QUILLIAN. . . . Third row: SHACKLEFORD, SMITH, SMITH, STOPINSKI, TAYLOR, TRAMMELL, VANDCN-HEUVEL, WALTERS. T R U B E T R PI HONORARY SCHOLASTIC ENGINEERING FRATERNITY TAU BETA PI is the largest honorary encjineering fraternity year based on excellence in scholarship, character, loy- in the country and numbers among its members many of alty, personality, leadership, and school activities. The our leading engineers. Membership in the society is a cov- i ' , , annually gives a scholarship cup to the eted honor, bligible for membership in the society are • i t r ■_ tu, „„ ,.L„ „, „■ LiL r iL . ' . . , ' . senior with the highest tour-year average in the en- tne upper eighth ot the engineering |unior classes ano 3 -■ the upper fourth of the engineering classes in their senior gineering school. OFFICERS L. P. GREER, JR President W. C. GREENE Recording Secretary W.G.WALTERS. Corresponding Secretary R. M. GINSBURG Cataloguer DR. LANE MITCHELL Treasurer J. W. ADAMS C. A. CROWELL A. M. GINSBURG W. J. GRACE W. C. GREENE L. P. GREER, JR. C. D. HANELINE B. W, HASKELL J. P. HITE F. R. HOLIDAY S. T. HURST, JR. H. R. IVEY P. F. KORVCINSKI B. MASTERTON E. K. McMAHON N. J. MORRISON, JR. D. H. NEWBV E. K. OVERSTREET C. L. PEACOCK H. QUILLIAN J. C. SHACKLEFORD E. A. SMITH J. S. SMITH F. W. STOPINSKI, JR. C. A. TAYLOR R. J. TRAMMELL T. R. VANDEN-HEUVEL W. G. WALTERS ' ■■- IHilllllKlflii eREEME, GREER, GINSBURG, and WALTERS. MEMBERS P. B BAILEi E. F, CURRy F. A D AMICO M. C DAVIE D. W DOUGHTy C. F. DuTEIL W H. FUNK T. M FUTRELL J. S. HORNSTEIN A L. HOWARD B, M INGRAM F. J, MEADOW B. O ' NEAL C. L, PEACOCK H. QUILLIAN F. D. RICHARDS C. P. SCHLESINGER E. H. SHAW F. W, SMITH L. H. TRAYLOR B R I fl E R E fl . ' -afc .- •:-»«» - erf f ( f f A :4 ' o ■t - - ' ? -nj Pint low, left lo right BAILEY, CURRY, D ' AMICO, DAVIE, DOUGHTY. Second tow DuTEIL, fUS FUTRELL, HORNSTEIN, HOWARD, . . , Third row. INGRAM, MEADOW, O ' NEIL, PEACOCK, QUILLIAN. . . Fourth row: RICHARDS, SCHLESINGER, SHAW. SMITH TRAYLOR The BRIAFREAN SOCIETY was founded at Georgia Tech in 1922 as an honorary Co-op organization. It offers the highest honor available to upperclassmen who are outstanding in scholarship, leadership, and character. With the recent installation of another chapter at Auburn, the society has taken a place among the national organi- zations. OFFICERS E. A. D ' AMICO President L. H. TRAYLOR Vice-President B. M. INGRAM Secretary J. S. HORNSTEIN Treasurer 5 C I E T y c% . o . c THE BRIAEREAN SOCIETY serves - ' -esh en by providing conferences, snnokers, ar ; tation. As special activities, it also t- -• lj -■ -up to both the outstanding Co-op freshman and the senior with the highest average. Each March, when both sections are at school, the Briaerean Annual Formal Ball is held. OFFICERS V. J. R. BARAN President R. E. GARST Vice-President B. C. BRUNSON ...... Secretary W. C. GREENE Treasurer First row, left to light: ASGO, BARAN. BRUNSON, GARST. . . . Second row: SRA GREENE, GREER, HAEFELE. . Third row INNES, MclNTOSH, NEWBY, RUCKER. Fourth low SMITH. TKOMBEnA, VAN NESS, WILHELM. MEMBERS W. B. ARGO T. J. INNES V. J. R. BARAN C. H. MclNTOSH B. C. BRUNSON D. H. NEWB R. E. GARST E. D. RUCKER J. T. GRAHAM E. A. SMITH W. C. GREENE F. J. TROMBETTA L. P. GREER J. E. VAN NESS C. J. HAEFELE R. O. WILHELM The OHicers; GARST, BARAN, BRUNSON. and GREENE ry n 4 ,© O q q 9 f vi f iI!t[ f J fji 1 li iiiiii 4i raiili First row, left to rcght: ABELL. AIZPURU, AMMON, BALL. BOYETT. BROOKS BURKE BURNSIDE, BURTON, CAGLE , . , Second tow CALDWELL, DAILEV, DAUGHTRIDGE A. Q DAVIS J M DAVIS. FREEDMAN GARRARD GUNN HADLOCK HANCOCK , , Thi.d low HANKINSON, HARRIS HOWARD, HUNGERFORD, JOHNSON, KELLE . KING. LANIER, LILIENTHAL, F B. LINCOLN . Fourth row J N LINCOLN, McCORMICK, MONTAGUE. NOR- TON NOVOTNY PATTERSON PATTON. PATRICK PIGFORD. ROGERS . Fifth row SCHNEIDER. SHORT, STEIN, STONE, STREET. THOMAS. WALLACE, WILHELM, WONG, WYCOTT. PHI ETfl sicmfl FRESHMAN HONORARV SCHOLASTIC SOCIETy PHi ETA SiGMA, a national frcihman honorary scholastic fraternrty, was installed at Georgia Tech in 1930. Membership in Phi Eta Sigma is the highest honor which a freshman may receive at Georgia Tech. Only those men having an average of 3.5, which is equivalent to grades of one-half A ' s and one-half B ' s, based on the first semester or the entire freshman year, are eligible for membership. Each spring the fraternity present; a cup to the freshman having the highest scholastic average for the fust semester. The Officers: HUNGERFORD, PIGFORD, DAILE E. T. HUNGERFORD T. H. PIGFORD - . P. A. THOMAS M, A. DAILEV . . C, A. WONG - . N. D. ABELL J AIZPURU R, W. AMMON M L. BALL J V. BOYEn K M. BROOKS T. U. BURKE W, H BURNSIDE I B BURTON J B CAGLE H H CALDWELL M, A- DAILEV L T DAUGHTRIDGE A, Q DAVIS J M DAVIS J FREEDMAN B, GARRARD GUNN, JR HADLOCK HANCOCK NKI MSON E HARR R HOWARD T HUNGERFORD L. JOHNSON. JR M KELLEV S, KINS I. LANIER B. LILIENTHAL B LINCOLN, JR. N. LINCOLN V. McCORMICK A. MONTAGUE sidcnt sident rctary . W. NORTON E. NOVOTNV . PATTERSON . S. PATRICK V, PATTON H. PIGFORD R. ROGERS . R. SCHNEIDER . L. SHORT S. STEIN W STONE H. STREET , A. THOMAS , H. WALLACE O. WILHELM A. WONG H. WYCOTT f RLPHR CHI SIGdlH HONORARy CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY OFFICERS M. H. WHITE President B. MASTERTON Vice-President G. E. ORR Secretary A. H. CHRISTAIN Treasurer MEMBERS J.W.ADAMS T.HILL G. N. BEAUMARIAGE G, S. KEHR M.G. BILLIAS 8. MASTERTON B.C. BOSWELL M.C. MURPHEV B.F, BOTTENFIELD G. E. ORR H. M, CARTER J.T.PORTER A. H. CHRISTAIN R. K. PROTHRO L.S. COVEY S. B. ROANE CM.EDELBLUT R. M. STAFFORD W, P. HANSEN G. T. STRIBLING M. H WHITE First row left to right: ADAMS, BEAUMARIAGE. BILLIAS. BOSWELL, BOTTENFIELD. . . Second tow: CARTER CHRISTIAN, COVEY, EDELBLUT, HANSEN Third .ow: HILL, KEHR, MASTERTON, MUR- PHEY ORR . . , Fourth row: PORTER, PROTHRO, ROANE, SIAFFORD, STRIBLING . Fifth row: WHITE. The OHiccrs MASTERTON, BOTTENFIEL ETfl KflPPR nU HONORARY ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY OFFICERS W. F. MOODY President W. A. COLEMAN Vice-President E. K. OVERSTREET Secretary M. J. FEIN Treasurer W O C% r C) :% r , a o ' S Fitit lO " , :cft lo r.jni . ttMAN DAI.i: Di WONImOLLIN, DYKE, ELLINGTON Second ro»: ELLIOTT. FEIN, FITTS, fULMER, GARRETT . . . Th„d .o« GRAHAM GREENE GREER MORTON, JOHNSTON , . row: MARTIN, MOODY, MORRISON ONEAL OVERSTREET Sl.lh row: ' smith, I. S., MEMBERS W.A.COLEMAN R.A.MARTIN M.C. DAVIE W. F. MOODY J. M.DEMONTMOLLIN N.J.MORRISON, JR. H. E. DVKE B. O ' NEAL J.E.ELLINGTON E.K. OVERSTREET M.A.ELLIOT J.K.RICHMOND M.J.FEIN J.W. RIGDON W. F. FITTS R. F. ROGERS J. R. FULMER, JR. W. R.SEAY W.O.GARRETT E.A.SMITH J.T.GRAHAM J.S.SMITH, JR. W.C.GREENE M.F.THOMPSON L.P.GREER, JR. J. B.THARPE J. U.HORTON J. E. VAN NESS J. E.JOHNSTON W. F. WRYE, JR J. M.WALKER Th Officfci: COLEMA N, OVERSTREET, MOODY, and FEIN PI TRU SIGfnR HONORARY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY The Pi Tau Sigma Plaqui OFFICERS C. D. HANELINE President E. A. D ' AMICO Vice-President F. R. HOLLIDAY .... Rccordms Secretary F. W. STOPINSKI . . Corresponding Secretary B. W. HASKELL Treasurer First low, left to right BA ILEY BARFIELD, BERNARDO, BROADWELL, BURG , . , Sec ond row CAREY, CHENEY COOPER, D ' AMICO, EAGER . , Thiid row FISHER, GAY MON, GmSBURG, SPACE HA EFELE, , Fouith low. HA GLER, HANELINE, HASKELL HELIN, HOLLIDAY, . . Fifth low INNES, KOEBLY, KORYCINSKl, LEE, MICHALCZEW SKI. . . , Si th low READ, STOPINSKI, TAYLOR, TRAMM ELL TRAYLOR , . . Seventh row VANDEN-HEUVEL MEMBERS P. B. BAILEV L. J, FISHER, JP. T. J. INNES. JR. H, P. BARFIELD H. T. GAYMON A. V. KOEBLY. JR. EVERETT BERNARDO A. M. GINSBURG P. F. KORYCINSKl J. E. BROADWELL W. J. GRACE O. C. LEE G. W. BURG C, J. HAEFELE F. W. MICHALCZEWSK W. H. CAREY W. C, HAIGLER C. B. READ F. C. CHENEY C. D. HANELINE F. W. STOPINSKI W. H. COOPER B. W, HASKELL F. A. TAYLOR E, A. D ' AMICO W, E. HELIN R. j. TRAMMELL G. B. EAGER F. R. HOLLIDAY L H, TRAYLOR, JR. T. R, VANDEN-HEUVEL CIVIL CRE HONORARy CIVIL ENGINEERING SOCIETY The Officers; SELL. 5TEIMER, PEACOCK, CROMARTIE. OFFICERS W. D. CROMARTIE President C. L. PEACOCK Vice-President J. T. BELL Secretary T. G. STEIMER Treasurer MEMBERS J. T. BELL J. C. MACLIN J. W. QUILLIAN G. A. BUSBEE J. E. McDANIEL w. H. REEVES T. S. CARRISAN R- D. McGAUGHEr H. J. ROSS T. Z. CHASTAIN F. 1. MEADOW J, M. SAUMS W. D. CROMARTIE G. E. MILLER E, L. SCHENCK C. F. DuTEIL C. L. PEACOCK I. S. STEIMER R. F. GRIFFITH J. R. PE6PLES J. E. STEPHENSON J. W. HARRIS E. J. PRICE T. S. TOPOLNICKI W. B. HENDERSON H. QUILLIAN C. E. TURNER M. JAFFE C- W. WRIGHT .0-. left to right BELL, BUSBEE, CARRIGAN, CHASTAIN. . Second row: CROMARTIE, DuTEIL, GRIFFITH, HARRIS, , . Third row: HENDER- SON, JAFFE, MACLIN, McDANIEL . Fourth row McGAUGHEY, MEADOW, MILLER, PEACOCK. , , Fifth row: PEEPLES PRICE QUILLIAN, H., QUILLIAN, 1 W, , , . row REEVES, ROSS, SAUMS, SCHENCK, , . . Seventh row: STEIMER, STEPHENSON, TOPOLNICKI, TURNER, WRIGHT Hard-Workins C. E. ' PHI PSI HONORARY TEXTILE ENGINEERING SOCIETY OFFICERS J. E. WRIGHT President G. M. RANSOM . . . Vice-Ptesident S, RAMSAUR Secretaiy S. A. GAYLE Treasuier MEMBERS L. B BAPNES C. A. COBB C. A. DUKES D. M. EDWARDS L. A. FIORI S. A. GAYLE R. L. GILL A, N. KAPLAN J. C. MACKEY H. M. McNEIL N. B. MURPHY S. RAMSAUR E. M. RANSOM J. E. SANDS T. E. STEVENS E. A. TAYLOR J. W. WEBSTER H. L. WOOD J. E. WRIGHT Thf Officers GAVLE, RAMSAUR, RANSOM, WRIGHT, 9 First row Icll lo iiahl SAONES COBB DUKES EDWARDS, Second row FIORI GAYLE, GILL KAPLAN Ihhd row MACKEY, McNEIL, MURPHY, RAMSAUR , Fourth row; RAN- SOM. SANDS, STEVENS, TAYLOR, , Fifth row WEBSTER, WOOD, WRIGHT, : g n .ft, c „ „ 1.1. In „oht CARLSON rHAPM N CHENE , EAGER, GRACE, KING, HASKELL. , . . Second .ow F„.,t .ow. Lit to " 9 ' " || „ ' „ ' -| HEU6ECK, NORTHUP, TAYLOR, TRAMMELL, TRIBBLE OIL Cfln CLUB MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETy OFFICERS F. A. TAYLOR PresicJent J. J. TRIBBLE Vice-President F. C. CHENEY Secretary R. P. HERMES Treasurer — -— f t r f ht OHlctri: CHENEy, HERMES, TAYLOR, TRIBBLE MEMBERS A. C. CARLSON V. J. GRACE W. H. NORTHUP D. J. CHAPMAN J, O. KING F. A. TAYLOR F. C CHENEY B. W. HASKELL R. J. TRAMMELL G. B. EAGER R. P. HERMES J. J. TRIBBLE J, H. HEUBECK PI ETfl EPSILOn PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEERING SOCIETY The Officcis BRIDGES, EVANS, CLE, OFFICERS F. W. EVANS, JR President T. E. BRIDGES Vice-President W. T. CLEARMAN . . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS T, E. BRIDGES H. C. STEED, JR. W. T, CLEARMAN W. STEIN F. W. EVANS, JR. J. A. SUDDETH S, C, MrLENDON J. M. WOMACK J, W ZELINSKI First row, left to right: BRIDGES, CLEARMAN, EVANS, McLENDON, STEED, , . , Second row: STEII SUDDEIH, WOMACK, ZELINSKI. H- ■» -2. ' i krjaj t J J B— B— llgflbJii ' fTbAl .Kt;-; Kl vt. J f- o n r f j ifil Ir Q 9 ' T - a ' First row, left to r.ght: ALLEN, BROWN, CHRISTIAN, H L COHEN, S. COHEN. COUNTS EPSTEN, , . Second row: GRODSKV, HELLMAN, HELTON, JOHNSON, JOHNSTON, LYONS, MITCHELL. , . . Thirr row: MONCK, PinMAN, ROSE, SEWELL, SCOTT, WALKER, WEISKE. RHIERICfln CERflmiCS SOCIETy PROFESSIONAL CERAMICS SOCIETY OFFICERS A. B. JOHNSON President J. W. GRODSKY Vice-President . K S A ' J. R. ALLEN Secretary ' f. — - R. L. CHRISTIAN Treasurer _.W i ' h kj Bl. 9! - ' ' Everyone Scorrs lo Know Something About It. S ' l i B 1 MEMBERS f ' ' -!■ J. R. ALLEN A. B. JOHNSON J. T. BROWN N, S. JOHNSTON R. L. CHRISTIAN H. J. LyONS i H. L. COHEN J. T, MITCHELL S. COHEN J. G. MONCK W. E. COUNTS R. D. PITTMAN S. H. EPSTEN R. C. ROSE J. W. GRODSKY N. R. SEWELL S. L. HELLMAN E. E, STOTT B. L. HELTON F. L. WALKER Offrce.i GRODSKY, ALLEN, JOHNSON, CHRISTIAN I. G. WEISKE 231 a h e Q f First row, left to right ASHB , AXTON, BLACKMAN, BRADDV, BROWNE, BROWNELL, CRAIN Second row CROWELL, CURRY, DARBY, DENNIS, EDWARDS, FLOWERS, FOSTER Thrrd row FOR- LINDSAY, MARCHBANKS, ' McCLURE McFARlAN, MEEKS , , . Fifth row J A MILLER, S g ' MILLER MONTAGUE MORA, MURPHY, PAINE PASCHAL. . Srxlh row POWER, PuCKEH ROBERTS, SAND- ERS SAVINI, SCHWARCZ, SCOTT , Seventh row SHIPLEY, SHOAF, SHORIH, SIMPSON, STREET, TAPP, TAYLOR Erghth row TOMLIN, VAN BUREN, WACHTER, WEEKS, WHITE. RRCHITECTURRL SOCIETy OFFICERS J. A. MILLER President S. T. HURST . , . Vice-President C, M. GAILEY .... Secretary H. E. WHITE Treasurer . ASHBY AXTON BLACKMAN . 8RA0DY , BROWNE . BROWNELL ORA 0. J. AURPHY T. CRAIN A. CROWELL B. CURRV F, DARBY C. DENNIS H EDWARDS E FLOWERS . FOSTER S FORNARA M. GAILEY W. H. HARRIS W. I, HIRSCH T. HURST H. JORDAN W LAMBERT I. LANIER I L. LEVINE S LINDSAY . H. MARCHBANKS W. McCLURE C. McFARLAN RCZ T. H. PAINE C. 3. PASCHAL D. D. POWER F C PUCKETT W. B. ROBERTS W. J. SANDERS D O. SAVINI B. S. SC E. F. SCOTT V. M SHIPLEY W. J. SHOAF L. R. SHORTH W M SIMPSON R H. STREET W. R, TAPP W. W. TAYLOR J. TOMLIN M. L. Van BUREN R. E. WACHTER F. S, WEEKS H. E. WHITE IRDUSTRIRL (TiflnflGEniEnT SOCIETy OFFICERS C. B. DAVIS President W. H. HERMES Vice-President W. A. PRICE Secretary E. R. SMITH Treasurer T. B. ALLEN J. T. ANDREWS H. B. ARTHUR F. T. BRIDGES C. C. COURTNEy L. CRANKSHAW E. B. DAVIS J. G. DENTON J. E. EDWARDS J. O. EDWARDS H. N. FLORENCE J. W. GRIFFETH P. HAGEDORN W. H. HERMES R. S. KEMPTON T. F. KENDRICK S. W C. B. LcCRAW M. T. LEWIS H. G. MAVO R. F. McGINTy J. P. POOLE W. A. PRICE W. H. PULLEN J. L. RESPESS J. F. ROGGE C. R. SANDERS R. .1. SANDERS D. SAUL W. W. SCARBOROUGH E. R. SMITH G. W. STRADTMAN J. C. TENNISON WILLIAMS, JR. I5IRI ■5 " Ficit row, kit to right: ALL6N, ANDREWS, ARTHUR, BRIDSES, COURTNEY, CRANKSHAW. . . Second tow: DAVIS. DENTON, J. E. EDWARDS, J. Q. ED- WARDS, fLORENCE, GRIFFETH . . . Third row: HAGEDORN. HERMES, KEMPTON, KENDRICK, LE- CRAW, LEWIS. . . . Fourth row: MAVO, McGINTY, POOLE. PRICE. PULLEN. RESPESS, , , . Filth row: ROGGE, C. R. SANDERS, R. J. SANDERS, SAUL, SCARSOROUSH. SMITH. . . . Siith tow: STRADTMAN, TENNISON, WILLIAMS. MEMBERS ) W. ADAMS V. J R. BARAN R - BARRETT G. N. BEAUMARIAGE M. G. BILLIAS B. F BniT ' NFIELD F. L. BULBIN G. M, CALHOUN H. M. CARTER, JR. A. H. CHRISTIAN L. S, COVEV E. H. COVINGTON C. D . COX J. W. CUNNlNGHAf. ' , E f. CURRY S. DANIEL fl. I. Ch. E. PROFESSIONAL CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY J. L. The Life of Ch E. OFFICERS B. MASTERTON President G. E. ORR Vice-President J. W. ADAMS Secretary M. H. WHITE Treasurer DEWY C. M. EDELBLUT F. S. EISEMAN J. R. FAIR C E, FOWLER R. J. FRY W. H. FUNK W. W, GILBERT R G GLOVER K. GREENE T. E. GREENE G. P GUILL W, P, HANSEN L. W. HENSLEE G. C. HICKS T. HILL J. P. HITE 1- J. HOLMES J- 5 HORNSTEIN D B. INGRAM H. S. JORDAN S. H. KERNAGHAN W. C. LANKFORD C. H. LEWIS, JR. J. M. LEWIS W. B. LILIENTHAL K T. MARVIN B. MASTERTON W. C. McLAIN N. A. MERRITT C. B. MOORE W. R. MOUNTCASTLE M. C. MURPHEY C. T. MURRAY A H. NICHOLLS G E ORR G. F. PEACOCK C. H, POWER PROTHO F D. RlCh RDS ROANE D S, ROSS H. C. SAVAGE R T. SAVAGE C- P. SCHLESINGEP E. H SHAW M- P, SHENKEN R. E. SHIPLEY R. M. STAFFORD F. A. STOVALL G. T. STRIBLINS M. E TARLETON P C. UNDERWOOD R E WALKER W. G, WALTERS M, H. WHITE, JR. O. L. WORTH or. BARAN BARRETT BEAUMARIAGE. BILLIAS, BOTTENFIELD, BULBl CARTER CHRISTIAN COVEY COVINGTON, COX, CUNNINSHA DEWY EDELBLUT EISEMAN. FAIR. FOWLER. FRY, FUNK, GILBEI GREENE T E GREENE, GUILL, HANSEN HENSLEE HICKS, HII ITE HOLMES HORNSTEIN, INGRAM. JORDAN, KERNAGHAN, LANKFORD. C. Suth row J M LEWIS LILIENTHAL MARVIN, MASTERTON, McLAIN, MERRL OORE MOUNTCASTLE Seventh row MURTHY. MURRAY, NICHOLLS, ORR, PEACOC ER ' PROTHRO RICHARDS . . Eighth row, ROANE. ROSS. H C. SAVAGE, R T 5AVAC- ESINGER SHAW SHENKEN, SHIPLEY . . Ninth row STAFFORD, STOVALL, STRIBLIN. TARLETON UNDERWOOD. WALKER, WALTERS, WHITE. . Tenth row WORTH, Ul fTfc.»t,«. r.TvKi,» i., fl. I. E. E. PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY O ' -11 Q f) ri n a r-j q c (g ; ilk ikl iiii i i i liii r iHi if ,[ " ! o q a o n c) (-!) g n a a .-;) ficjl row. left lo r.ght: APPLE, ASHE. BAZEMORE, BECK. BERRY BOWER 6UNGER BUTTS . . Second row: CAMP, CORK. DEAL. DE BORDE. DRAKE. ELLINGTON ELLIOTT FEAGIN . . Third row: FITTS, FULMER. FULTON, GAMBLE, GARNER GARRET GRAHAm ' GREENE Fourth row GREER, HAMMOND, HEITZER, HICKS, HODGE, HOPKIN JOHNS KENI f ER Fifth row LAWRENCE, MARTIN. MAULDIN, McKAMY MAEGNER METCALF MERRIII. MILLER Sitth row MOODY, N J. MORRISON, R. C. MORRISON MURPHY j EWBORG, NEWBY, NIX, OGLESBY . . Seventh row ONEAL, OVERSTREET PAULIN fOnER, REEVE. RICHMOND, RIGDON, ROBINSON. E.ghth ,cw RUCK6R SEAY iHAWVER, E, A. SMITH, R. N. SMITH, I. S SMITH, SPENCER, STURMAN, . . Nrnlh row C. A. TAYLOR, G. C- TAYLOR, I. H. TAYLOR, THARPE THOMfSON TRIMMER VAN NESS ' M. WALKER. . . , Tenth row: W E WALKER, WARE, WHICDON, WILD, ' WILLIAMS WINTON, WRYE OFFICERS N. J. MORRISON President J. W. RIGDON Vice-President J. L. WARE Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS L. S. APPLE ; BlE.E H. B. ASHE • ■■ -:■ T. C. BAZEMORE ,■,;.-. W. E. BECK - -. r-:--. V vj, W. RUDINSON G. C. BERRY C. N. JOHNS E. D. RUCKER L. W. BOWER R. L. KENIMER W. R. SEAY J. W, BUNGER S. E. LAWRENCE P. R, SHAWVER H. H. BUnS R. A. MARTIN E. A. SMITH W.H.CAMP H. W. MAULDIN J.S.SMITH S, M. CORK T. K. McKAMY R. N. SMITH W. R. DEAL A. N. MEAGNER J. E. SPENCER H. D. Dc BORDE H. M. METCALF B. J. STURMAN W. O. DRAKE W. G. MERRITT C. A TAYLOR J.E.ELLINGTON F.A.MILLER G ' -i.- = M. A. ELLIOTT W. f. MOODY J J. W. FEAGIN N. J. MORRISON J = W. F. FITTS R. C. MORRISON W ■ ' J. R. FULMER P. H. MURPHY R. H T iMN ' Ef W. D. FULTON D. S. NEWBORG G. E. VAN NESS R. L. GAMBLE D. H. NEWBY J. M. WALKER H. M. GARNER R. C. NIX W. E. WALKER W. O. GARRETT R. G. OGLESBY J. L. WARE J. T. GRAHAM B. O ' NEAL O. D. WHIDDON P. G. GREENE E. K. OVERSTREET J. J. WILD L. P. GREER B. G. PAULIN L. O. WILLIAMS J. G. HAMMOND W, F. POHER M. L. WINTON G. L. HASS W. f. WRYE fiuiy in E. £. Ldb. What comes before the ' (magi OFFICERS W. D. CROMARTIE . . Picsidcnt C. L. PEACOCK .... Vice-President J. T. BELL, JR Secretary T. G. STEIMER Trcoruier The Officer! BELL, STEIMER, l EACOCK, CROMARTIE. H . 3 . L . t . PROFESSIONAL CIVIL ENGINEERING SOCIETY i " 5 ' let ' ? ' ? 5 .(f) q ' g .Q n n row, left to r.ght ALMAND, AIKEN ASKEW BEICHER, BELL, 8ERMAN BERNSTEIN BIDDENGER . , Second row BROWN BUCK BURFORD, BURRESS, BURTON, BUSBEE CAMPBELL, CANNON, , Third row. CARRIGAN, CH APMAN, CHA5TAIN, COTHRAN CROCKETT, CROMARTIE, DAVIS, DUGGA J Fourth row DuTEIL, EDELBLUT, FEAGL! FERNIE FURMAN GAY GOSTIN GREE E, , , , Fifth row: GRIFFIN, GRIFFITH, HARRIS HENDERSON, HERB, HODGES, JAFFE, JA RVIS, . Sirth row JENKINS, JORDAN, LEWIS MACLIN, MATTOX, MAULDIN, McCOMB, k cDANIEL . Seventh row McGAUGHEY, McRAE MEADORS MEADOW, MERRIAM, MILLER MILLS MOGILNICKI . . E.ghth row O ' BARR OWEN PALMER PEACOCK, PEEPLES. P LCH PIPERAS PRICE, . . Ninth row: PRYOR PUCKFTT. OUILLIAN, OUILLIAN, REEVES RHODE, ROSE, ROSEN Tenth row ROSS SAMFORD SAUMS SCHENCK SELLERS, SEWELL. SHACKELFORD, SIEGEL , , Ele.ent row- SMITH STEIMER, STEPHENSON, SW ARTHOUT, TOPOLNICKI, F TROMBETTA, S. TROM BETTA TURNER . . Twelfth row: WH TESIDE, WILHELM, WILLIAMS, WILSON, WIN CHESTER, WISE WRIGHT, ZAGARELLA fl. s. m. E. PROFESSIONAL MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SOCIETY f ' 3 ' ' HI " li 4 1 J ANDERSON First row, left to r,gt CALDWELL, CARLSON COOPER. COX, AMK DOUSHiy, EAGER, EINSTEIN FARMER GAYMON, GEORGE, GILMAN, GINSBURG GRACE BAILEY, BECHT, BERNARDO, BOCCIERI, BUCKNER econd row: CHENEY, CLEARY, CLEMENS, COCHRAN COIT ' Thnd row: L, D. DAVIS. 6. T. DAVIS, DE SHON DICKINSON «: FISHER, FITZGERALD. GARST ' HAMMEn, HANELINE, HANSEN, HARCISON HASKELL hTrme ' s ' ' " ' -s " ih " r o " " -H IS ' BECK, HOLE, HOLLIDAY, HORWOOD, KARNES, KELLY ' KELSO KENNEDY ScVcnlh row: KORYCINSKI, LEE, LOCKERY, M ICHALC2EWSKI, MOORE MULLING NEUNER ' NORTH w: PALMER, PATTERSON, PETERSON, PHILLIPS, PICOZZI PRINCE READ row: SAYRE, SCOTT, SHERAM, SOUTHER, SPREEN, STEWART STo ' PINSKl ' TAIE, TAYLOR, TRAYLOR TRIB6LE, TRAMMEL UGAI DE VANDEnI . . Eleventh row: WAGNER, WEODINGTON, WILLIS YOMANS " . T. R, VANDEN-HEUVEL S. A. HAMILTON . OFFICERS 6. C. ANDERSON P. 8. BAILEY R. E. BECHT E. BERNARDO S. V. BOCCIERI H, A, BUCKNER, JR. L. H.CALDWELL C. A. CARLSON F.C. CHENEY L. D. CLEARY M. A. CLEMENS J. L. COCHRAN B.C. COIT. JR. W. H. COOPER F. O. COX, JR. E. A. D ' AMICO E. T. DAVIS L. D. DAVIS R. M. DBSHON W. L. DICKINSON D. W. DOUGHTY G. B. EAGER H. EINSTEIN Q. B. FARMER L. J. FISHER T. W. FITZGERALD R. E. GARST H. T. GAYMON P. E. GEORGE MEMBERS J. A. GILMAN A. M. GINSBURG W.J.GRACE, III W. C. HAIGLER S. A. HAMILTON JR C. E. HAMMETT C. D. HANELINE R. M. HANSEN J. W. HARDISON D. A. HART. JR. B. W. HASKELL R- P. HERMES J. H. HEUBECK J. A. HODGE W. L. HOLE F. R. HOLLIDAY E. M. HORWOOD T. C. KARNES J. W. KELLY C. D. KELSO W, R. KENNEDY JR P. F. KORYCINSKI 0. C. LEE 1. E. LOCKERY F. W. MICHALCZEWSKI J. R. MOORE E.G. MULLING C. M. NEUNER . PTesident Secretary-Treasurer W. H. NORTHUP R- H PALMER. JR H. PAnERSON R.J. PETERSON J. L. PHILLIPS G. J. PICOZZI R. E. PRINCE C. B. READ G. W. RIBBLE F. A. SAYRE J. F. SCOTT F. L. SHERAM G. L. SOUTHER R. W. SPREEN F. M.STEWART F. W. STOPINSKI, JR A. J. STOVER R. C. TATE F. A. TAYLOR R. J.TRAMMELL L. H. TRAYLOR, JR. J. J. TRIBBLE H. H. U6ALDE T. R. VANDEN-HEUVEL E. S. VOORHIES J. P. WAGNER J. R. WEDDINGTON D. E.WILLIS " Y. YOMANS RIBBLE. . STOVER. . . . Tenth ro HEUVEL, VOORHIES The Officers HAMILTON VANDEN-HEUVEL. inSTITUTE OF REROnRUTICflL SCIERCES ' •ml ' ' ■ ' y ■ JX- ' J H 1 ' ' ' Officers- NIFNECKER, IVEY, HARPER, WILSON. I • M ' " ■ OFFICERS - ' ' ■ % P- E- WILSON President -, J ; ■ ' ,,, L. D. NIFNECKER .... Vice-President i S . t,j ■ j«s - ' ' ' J.J.HARPER Secretary ■k " V _ t y - - ' " Treasurer m " j, , - ■ ' ' ' " MEMBERS " ■• - j R. A. ANDERSON J H. KOUNS yV J. D. BIRD P H, LANGE • R. G. BURNET J, S. LEEDY R. M. BUSH C. I. LEVI ,. . R, E. COLLIER M. O. McKINNEY ■V E. C. B. DANFORTH E. J. MONAGHAN " ■ W. C. HUMPHREYS L. D. NIFNECKER H. R. IVEY E. M. PIEPER B. H. JOHNSON C. L. 5EACORD J. E. KIRKLAND J P. STURROCK J. F. KNEISEL J. B. TRENHOLM Planning dcsliuction lo, the encm,. J. G, WILDER First row, left lo right: ANDERSON, BIRD, BURNET, BUSH, COLLIER, DANFORTH, HUMPHREYS, IVE . ... Second row: JOHNSON, KIRKLAND, KNEISEL, KOUNS, LANGE, LEEDY, LEVI, McKINNEY. . . . Third row: MONAGHAN, NIFNECKER, PIEPER, SEACORD, STURROCK, TRENHOLM, WILDER LJ T lL 4 4 ' ' •••4 .Utf3. :=! .Q r » m. L. BRITTRin DEBHTinG SOCIETy OFFICERS " ' . E. McDANIEL President ■v. BIER Vice-President V. MILLER Secretary I- The Otficcrs: McDANIEL, MILLER, E Flisl low, Itft lo right: BIER, CENKER. DEEMER, GITLES, GREENE, HARRIS. . . . Sec- ond row: HERMES. NOR- WOOD, HOWARD, KELSO, McDANIEL, MILLER. . . . Third low: R U C K E R, SHAWVER, S w I N N I E, UNDERWOOD, WEBSTER, WINTON, ZAGA- RELLA. M iMBERS J. W. BIER A. S. KELSO M. CENKER J. E. McDANIEL R. G. DEEMER R. W. MILLER T. A. GITLES E. D. RUCKER K. GREENE P. R. SHAWVER H. E. HARRIS R. F. SWir r lE R. P. HERMES P. C E. M. HORWOOD J. W G. L. HOWARD M. L, Wi.NTON A. ZAGARELLA " iS ffrst row, left to rcght AARONS, BENNET, BRIDGES, BULBIN, COVEY CROWELL CURRY Second row: EDELBLUr, EPSTEN, ESP , FAIR, FLORENCE GAINES ' gARST ' Ihud row HAMMERSLA, HANCOCK, HANKIN50N, HUNT INNES, JONES KOUNS Fouclh low LEVI LEWIS, LILIENTHAL. McCLURE, McMURRY, MERSHON. METCAL ' f. . Frith row; MILLER, ' MOORE, MULLING, NEILL, NES6IT, READ, SCHENCK , . . row: SCHWARTZ, SELLERS. SHATZEN, SPENCER, J E, SPENCER, R E, STURROCK TAYLOR Seventh row VAN VOORHEES, WADE, WHITEHEAD, WRIGHT, ■S RLPHH PHI OmEGfl NATIONAL SERVICE CLUB OFFICERS J. P. STURROCK .... President W. B. BENNET . . . Vice-President K. N. NESBIT .... Secretary C. A. CROWELL .... Treasurer L. A. AARONS W. B. BENNET F. T. BRIDGES F. L. BULBIN L. S. COVEY C. A. CROWELL E. F. CURRy W, J EDELBLUT S. H EPSTEN J. L, EPSY J. R. FAIR H N. FLORENCE W. M. GAINES P. E, GARST W. E HAMMERSLA C. C. HANCOCK MEMBERS W. B. LILIENTHAL E. W. McCLURE T. R. McMURRY F. E. MERSHON E. D. METCALF R. W. MILLER H, M. MOORE E. G. MULLING R. 0, NEILL K. N. NESBIT C B. READ E. L. SCHENCK H. K. SCHWARTZ G. S. SELLERS M. L. SHATZEN J. E. SPENCER T. W. E. HANKINSONR. E. SPENCER J. C HUNT T. J. INNES C. M, JONES W C. KOUNS C. I. LEVI O. K LEWIS J. P. STURROCK B. J. TAYLOR E, B. VAN VOORHEES P. C. UNDERWOOD A. L. WADE F. W. WHITEHEAD WRIGHT The Offrcers BENNET. CROWELL, PROF COMER, STURROCK, NESBIT, MOORE ti-. -Vfr.-uufTfc i j . Acm y»:iv«i.A..j Suc:e!iful Co O O ( o. Fiiit low, lefl to right: BENNET, BROOKS, BUNZL, BURG, CROWELL. . , . Second row: DEUEL, EDWARDS, EPSIEN, HAGEDORN, MODES. . . . Th.rd row: LEE, LIPPMAN, MAHOX McKINNEY METCALF. . . , Fourth row: METZGER,, MICHALCZEWSKI, MUSGRAVE, NICHOLS, PLATZMAN. . . . Filth row: REISER, ROSE. inTERnRTionoL RELRTIOnS CLUB OFFICERS H. M. METCALF President G. W. BURG First Vice-President F. M. MUSGRAVE . . . Second Vice-President M. O. McKINNEY . . . . Secretary - Treasurer W.B. BENNET J.H.BROOKS R. H. BUNZL G.W. BURG C. A. CROWELL J. L.DEUEL P. L. EDWARDS MEMBERS S. H.EPSTEN P. HAGEDORN A. D.HODES P. L. LEE W. D. LIPPMAN W. L. MAnOX D.M. METZGER F. W. MICHALCZEWSKI P.M. MUSGRAVE A.H.NICHOLS P.M. PLATZMAN W. A. REISER M.O. McKINNEY R.C.ROSE H. M. METCALF Olficeii: BURS and METCALF, CO-OP CLUB SECTIOn I OFFICERS J. S. HORNSTEIN President P. B. BAILEY Vice-President T. M. FUTRELL Secretary C. L. PEACOCK Treasurer J. G. ATTANAS P. B. BAILEY W. D. BOHANNON T. Z. CHASTAIN E. A. D ' AMICO C. F. DUTEIL T. M. FUTRELL J T. GAY G. P. GUILL F A GUNN J. W. HARRIS H M. HICKS A. M. HOPKiN J. S. HORNSTEIN A. L, HOWARD R. H. HUDSON J. E. JONES T. M. JONES F. M. KELLEy W. R. KENNEDY R. A. MARTIN F. J. MEADOW E. A. MOORE B. O ' NEAL H. PATTERSON C. L. PEACOCK H. OUILLIAN P. C. READ F. D. RICHARDS y M. SAUM5 C. P. SCHLESINGER E. H. SHAW G F. SHEARER F. W. SMITH R. M. STAFFORD L. H. TRAYLOR E. WALKER First row kri to .ight J G ATTANAS BAILEY, BOHANNON, CHASTAIN, D AMICO, Second row FUTRELL GAy GUILL, GUNN. HARRIS, HICKS - , . Third row: HOPKI HOWARD, HUDSON, JONES, J,, JONES, T Fourth row: KELLEY, KENNEDY, MAR ' DUTEIL HORNSTEIN, IN, MEADOW. SAUMS, , - 0«r:cri HORNSTEIN and BAILEY CO-OP CLUB SECTIOn II The Officer s: WRIGHT. BECK, READ. DODD. MEMBERS W. E. EECK P. G. GREENE C, B. MOORE B. C. BRUNSON R. F. GRIFFITH C. B. READ G. A. BUSBEE J. G. HAMMOND E. D. RUCKER L - " VE J. E. JOHNSTON G. C. SCHROEDER _ . ■ AVIS G. L. LANE P. R. SHAWVER J. M. dcMONTMOLLIN J. E. LAUEN R. H. TRIMMER R. E. DODD T. K. McKAMV E. S. VOORHIES J. E. DODGEN C. H. MclNTOSH R. O. WILHELM J. E. ELLINGTON R. E. MILLS E. K. WILLIAMS R. E. GARST W. F. MOODV M. E. WILSON J. T. GRAHAM C. W. WRIGHT A t the Mechanics BdH First ro». left to right: BECK, BRUNSON, BUSBEE, COVEY, DAVIS, DeMONTMOLLIN. Second row: DODD, DOOGEN ELLINGTON, GAiiST, GRAHAM. GREENE. , , , Third GRIFFITH, HAMMOND, JOHNSTON, LANE, LAUEN McKAMY. . , . Fourth row H TOSH, MILLS. MOODV, MOORE, READ, RUCKER. , . . Fifth row: SCHROEDER SHAW- VER. TRIMMER, VOORHIES, WILHELM, WILLIAMS, . . . Silth tow: WILSON, WRIGHT, OFFICERS W. E. BECK President C. B. READ ... " .... Vice-PresicJent C. W. WRIGHT Secretary R. E. DODD Treasurer SKULL Rno KEy SOPHOMORE HONOR SOCIETV OFFICERS B. D. FITZGERALD President G. S. SELLERS Vice-President J. G. LOUDERMILK Secretary E. O. RAND Treasurer The Oftcc.i SELLERS, ITZGERALD, LOUDERM LK, RAND. MEMBERS H. ANDERSON H L HARRIS J. M MINTER, JR L. BEARD W H HARRIS H. K. MORROW W, BOTTENFIELD J L HICKS H. N. POWELL C. COLLINS D. C HORNIBROOK E, O RAND F. DARBV A S JOHNSTON, JR, H. D. RAYMOND A. DAPRIN J. E, LERNER W. N. SCOTT F. ELLIS J. G, LOUDERMILK G, S SELLERS T, ERVIN H J, LYONS J. h, SHEPHERD D. FITZGERALD D H. MATHEWS W, L. SHEPPARD E, ERASER T, R. MrMUPRy R. H, STREET R. HAINES W. C. yOUND w, left to DARRIN. NDERSON, BEARD, BOTTENFIELD. COLLINS Second row. ELLIS, ERVIN FITZGERALD, ERASER, HAINES, HARRIS, H . . . Ttiiid row: HARRIS W, HICKS HORNIBROOK JOHNSTON, LERNER. LOUDERMILK . Fourtti row: LYONS, MATHEWS, McMURR , MINTER, MORROW, POWELL. . . . Fifth row: RAND, RAY- MOND, SCOTT, SELLERS. SHEPHERD, SHEPPARD . . . row: STREET. YOUND. BULLDOG CLUB JUNIOR AND SENIOR HONOR SOCIETY n 3 3 n BUSH ow: D. .ow CHISHOLM, CLEVtLANO, DAVIS, DUNN, DYKE . EDWARDS I Q- EDWARDS FERSI, FLORENCE, FRY, . . Fouith row: GAYLE GRAHAM, GRIFFETH, HAMILTON. HANELINE Firth row: HELTON. HENRY, JOHNSON, KARNES, KELLY. , . Slilh ro- KENDRICK, KINS LEVI LEWIS MASSEY. . . Sc.enth row McGUIRE. McLENDON, ORR PLASTER POOLE. . . . Eishth low: PORTER, RADFORD, RAMSAUR, The OK.ce.i 5HATZEN, BIER, DAVIS, POOLE OFFICERS J. p. POOLE President E. B. DAVIS Vice-President J. W. BIER Secretary M. L. SHAT2EN Treasurer J. W. ADAMS H. B. ARTHUR H. S. BELL J. W. BIER R. M. BUSH T. B. CHISHOLM G. P. CLEVELAND E. B. DAVIS M. R. DUNN H. E. D KE D. M. EDWARDS J. Q. EDWARDS A. M. FERST JR, H. N. FLORENCE R. J. FRy S. A. GAVLE MEMBERS F. A. GRAHAM J. W. GRIFFETH S. A. HAMILTON C. D. HANELINE B. L. HELTON S. J. HENRY R. H. JOHNSON T. C. KARNES J. W. KELLY T. F. KENDRICK J. M. KING, JR. C, I, LEVI C. H. LEWIS. JR. J. T. MASSEV E. A. McGUIRE S. C. McLENDON G. E. ORR R. A. PLASTER J. P. POOLE J. T. PORTER L. C. RADFORD S. RAMSAUR N. E. RUNYON R. J. SANDERS J. C. SHACKELFORD M. L. SHATZEN J. S. SMITH F. A. TAYLOR E. A. THOMPSON W. 8. TURNER T. R. VANDEN-HEUVEL J. E. WRIGHT Ck C% ; •vv " K t ' i First ro», left to right: ARKIN. ANTHOINE, BARAN, BURG, COLLINS, COVEY. . Second row DARRIN DOVLE ELDER, FINKBEINER, GAVLE, GOSTIN, . . Ttii.d row GRAHAM, GRIFFETH, HASKELL, HOROWITZ, HUMME, KING. . . Fourth row: KNIGHT. McMURRY, MITCHELL, OVERSTREET PATTON, PULLEY. . Filth row: READ, RODENBURG, SEAY, SHEPHERD, SHENKAN, SMITH, . . Sixth row STOPINSKI, THARPE, THIBADEAU, WHIT- LOCK. WILHELM, WILLIAMS. yELLOUJ JACKET CLUB SCHOOL SPIRIT CLUB OFFICERS S. A. GAYLE President J. M. KING .... Vice-President F. W. STOPINSKI . . . Secretary R. W. WHITLOCK . . . Treasurer M. W. ARKIN T. P. ANTHOINE V. J. R. BARAN G. W. BURG M. C. COLLINS L. S. COVtV W. A. DARPIN V. J. DOYLE R. C. ELDER F. C. FINKBEINEF S. A. GAYLE S. J. GOSTIN J. T. GRAHAM J. W. GRIFFETH B. W. HASKELL B. HOROWiTZ J. T. HUMME J. M. i :iNG MEMBERS A. C. KNIGHT T. R. McMURRY F. MITCHELL 1 F. OVERSTREET T. V. PATTON D. P. PULLEY C B. READ J. C. RODENBURG W. R. SEAY J. K. SHEPHERD M. P. SHENKAN C, E SMITH F. W. STOPINSKI J. B. THARPE R. M. TH!B, DEAU P. W. WHITLOCK P. O. WILHELM E. K. WILLIAMS T.G.ANDERSON H. B. HARDY R. a. PLASTER H.B. ARTHUR J. A. HELMS E. RYCKELEY S. H.BLACKWELL J.T. HEARN C.R.SANDERS J.J. BLANK R.H.JOHNS R.W.SHELDON M.V. BRAODy W.O.JOHNSON W. STEIN J. F. BROCK W.W.JORDAN T. E. STEVENS C.E. BURROUGHS J. J. KUHN T. R.VANDEN.HEUVEL E. J.COUGHLIN J.C.LEWIS E. B.VAN VOORHEES D. A. CROSBY G. MANNING G. 1. WEBB R.O. DODD J.A.MARSHALL W.C. WEEKS C. F. DUTEIL A. A. McDonald W. P. WEST H.E. DYKE W. p. McHUGH J. J. WILD O.C. ELDREDGE E. McNENNEY G.A.WILSON J.K.HANCOCK J. E. WRIGHT THE " T " CLUB VARSITY CLUB % -3 1 F.rsl row kft to right ANDERSON ARTHUR, BLACKWELL, BLANK, row BURROUGHS COUGHLIN. CROSBY, OODD, DU lEIL, DYKE HANCOCK HARDY, HELMS, HEARN, JOHNS. - . . Fourth row: LEWIS MANNING, MARSHALL. . . Fifth row. McDONALD SANDERS, SHELDON. , . . Siith row: WEBB, WEEKS. . . . Sever iRADDY. BROCK. - .Second . . . Third row: ELDREDGE, OHNSON, JORDAN. KUHN, UGH McNENNEY, PLASTER. STEVENS, VANDEN-HEUVEL, VAN VOORHEES, LSON, WRIGHT, OFFICERS C. R. SANDERS President J. E. WRIGHT Vice-President R. A. PLASTER Secretary - Treasurer PI DELTA EPSILOn JOURNALISTIC SOCIETY OFFICERS R. M. THOMPSOM B. MASTERTON . R. S. KEMPTON . G. B. EAGER . . President Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer J. BIER B. BOTTENFIELD E. DEMERE G. EAGER J. FULLENLOVE C.JONES W. HUNT MEMBERS R. KEMPTON E. KILLAM F. KORyCINSKI B. MASTERTON J, E. McDANIEL E. OVERSTREET E.OWEN W. PENNEY P. POOLE W. B. ROBERTS R. SADOW M.SHATZEN J. S.SMITH J. R.SPALDING J. 5UDDETH F.rst row, left lo right; BIER, BOTTENFIELD, DEMERE, EAGER, FULLENLOVE, JONES, HUNT, KEMPTON. . . Second row: KILLAM, KORYCINSKI, MASTERTON, McDANIEL, OVERSTREET, OWEN, PENNE , POOLE. . . Third row: ROBERTS, SADOW, SHATZEN, SMITH, SPALDING, SUDDETH U |i TTX --fl 1 ii :cw lelt to .ight: BROWN CAP6LUTO. CARLSON, CODDING, COVEy. P : i •. FERNANDEZ, FITZGERALD, FORNARA, FRAN ' Ji d row: GREEN. GRIFFIN, HARTLEIN, HENRY. HORNE. LEVI. MAULDIN, Mc AUbHfcr, J, c . McGAUGHEY. R, D,, PITMAN. REEVE Third row: SELLERS. SHANKS. SHATZEN. STEED, STEWART. TAYLOR. TENNISON. VAN VOOR HEES. VARNER. WACHTER. WARD, KHPPH KflPPfl PSI MUSICAL SOCIETY OFFICERS C. P. REEVE, JR President H. O. WARD, JR Vice-President E. A. TAYLOR Secretary A. C. CARLSON Treasurer Ttit Officers: REEVE. WARD. TAYLOR. CARLSON MEMBERS H. A. BROWN W. M. GREEN I. CAPELUTO L. GRIFFIN, JR. A. C. CARLSON R. F. HARTLEIN, JR. L. E. CODDING S. J. HENRV L. S. COVEV P. L. HORNE J. E. DODGEN C. I, LEVI ■■DEZ J. C ' -ALD, JR. R. C . S FOP ARA R. D. P " ' AN W. D. FRANCIS C. P. REEVE, JR. G. S. SELLERS T. A. SHANKS M. L. SHATZEN, JR. H. C. STEED. JR. F. M. STEWART, III E. A. TAYLOR H. O. WARD. JR. GEORGIA TECH RADIO CLUB First row, left to right AUSTIN, BEST, 6ERGIN, BLACKBURN, BORDEN, BROWN, FINKIESTEIN Scconc row GREENBERG, HARRIS. HICKS, HOLDER, LASTRA, MOODY, OGLES BY. . . , Third row POPE, R. N SMITH. W E SMITH. STEIN. THOMP- SON. WALDRON flit row, left to nght: AYERS, CLEARMAN, DAVIS, HOWES. HUTCHINS. . . . Second row: KOTLlKOFf, LEVINE, MATHISON. MERRITT. MORRISON. . . Third low PRINCE. SEACORD, SHALLOWAY VAN VOORHEES WILDER. C R m E R fl CLUB OFFICERS N. J. MORRISON .... P.esident C. L. SEACORD . . . Vice-President C. C. CAVINESS .... Treasurer W. B. AVERS C. C. CAVINESS W. T. CLEARMAN J. T. DAVIS L. K. HOWES MEMBERS J. C. HUTCHINS D. B. KOTLIKOFF G. B. LEVINE A. E. MATHISON W. G. MERRin N. J. MORRISON R. E. PRINCE C. L. SEACORD A. M. SHALLOWAV E. B. VAN VOORHEES J. G. WILDER Drvclopin; and printing pictures for the BLUE PRINT. URTIS and FINKELSTEII siGfTifl Gflmmo CLUB OFFICERS R. L. FINKLESTEIN P.esiden A. A. KURTIS . . . Vicc President, Treasure H. S. MILLER Secretar ' Oi ft ft 9 9 firil row left to ligtit: BERMAN, BERNSTEIN, BURG, CAPELUOTO, COHEN Second .ow FINKELSTEI GRITZ, IMERSHEIN, ICZCOVITZ, JAFFE. . . . Third row: KURTIS, LAMPERT LEVINE MILLER PIEPES Fourth row PLATZMAN, POPKIN, ROUSSO, RUBACK, SATTLER . Fifth row SHALLO ' wAY STEIN SCULNIC TEITEL6AUM, WEINBERG, MEMBERS S. M. BEPMAN 5. ITZCOVITZ M D. ROUSSO 8. D, BERNSTEIN M JAFFE N RUBACK G. W BURG A A. !■ URTIS S. SATTLER 1 CAPELUOTO S, LAMPERT A M, SHALLOWAY W, COHEN M L. LEVINE R. S, STEIN R. L, FINKELSTEIN H S. MILLER S, H. SCULNICK H GRITZ 5. L, PIEPES J. M, TEITELBAUM W, L, IMERSHEIN P. H M. PLATZMAN G. POPKIN 1, WEINBERG K. and BURG. G. W. BURG R. J. FRy F.A.GRAHAM S. HARD MEMBERS H. E.HARRIS C.M.JONES T. R. McMURRy E.J.PRICE FOIL flno mflSK FENCING CLUB OFFICERS J. P. STURROCK President E. J. PRICE Vice-President G. W. BURG Secretary - Treasurer F. REPILADO J. P. STURROCK A. L. WADE V. WINHELMAN IDO, STURROCK, WAOE, WINKLEMAN. V t . m — ] r R 5 UJ E D fl n C E (I) Bill Seay and Betty Ann Lilly prepare to lead the A. T. O ' s. ... (2) Bill Moody in a happy mood, as IS the drag. ... (3) Gene Mulling deeply interested in his work. ... (1) " Sucroe " Fullcnlovc lakes a rest on the shoulder of Libby Wagenner. ... (5) Names will not be mentioned with that bottle around. ... (41 Bill and Barbara enjoying the blow, out. ... (7) The Delt Queen poses with a couple of her electors, ... (8) En|Oying sitting one out . . . (9) KA brawl brings out the sailor hats , . (10) Leadout of the Sigma Chi costume affair . . . THE RIGHT R 111 fl y (II) P ' of. Wenn crowns Becky Anditws as Prtiy SIrJb- ling looks on. . . , (12) The gang takes time out. . . . (13) Bobo and crew grabbing a quick one. . . . (M) The fellers and gals at the achting parly. . . . (IS) Conga chain the Meiican way. . . (14) Oh, happiness and joy is rampant at the dances. . . . (17) Takin- off on one. . . (18) Jimmy Andrews seems deeply engrossed. ,. . ( I?) Ed Killam apply- ing the old Technique. . . . (20) " Why the sad (ace, Jack? 1941 FIRRLS UllTH milL HRLLET ,nak tapping. ... 9 Cooper, ■II, Cu " ie, and Kmg— floored. 10. " Muscles " and Gene hi " thing pretty. ... II. Harry and the conga chain. . . , UJinTER DflnCES (13) football darcts and George Leonard. . - - (14) Busy punch bowl al the Navy forrral. . . (15) Dent and dale iw.nglng out. . (li) All COitumed up for the Pi Kappa Ph. brawl— Webb. Loftus (17) Ed Thompson, desert isle. I Barbara SriMon. . . . (IS) Nice squ. George. ... (I?) Guess who. . (20) Laura and Werner lead the N Ball. . . . (21) Pirates McMurray i Ann Hinkel sit one out. . . (22) J Suddclh and Martha Howell on th beam. . . . (23) H Jane Strong and ' Politican " Scott . . . (24) More (an the eye. . . . (25) And the Barbara Lowe and John King in fl u T u in n I, Tau Bela Pi fall initiate!. ... 2. towtrins wccck. ... 8. " Santa " 1 ATO Christmas party. ... 3. Coach Cooper seems to ha.e a present him- ' ■ Alei eiplains as Bond, Marshall, Lamb self. ... 1. Captain Babcoclr and i and Bosch look on. . . . 4. Rush Lt. Commander Gnfftn talking it over, ' Week. ... 5. The Ramblin ' Wreck ... 10. The Sigma Nu air-cooled water, winning team. ... 6. Campus Poll. sprayed wreck. ... II. All filed up tics. ... 7. The Delta Tau Delta and no place to go. HflRRy IflmES flRD THE miDTERmS (1) Hdl Florence and Hdriy Edwards on the iidelinc. ... (2) Sitting one out. . . . ( Adami ' ecstasy. ... (4) Lawrence Kinard and partner give ttie camera a break. . . . ( Little Davey turning it on. . . . (6) Annette, Ellis and date spectate a wtiile. . . . I Smootti line from Goria Van Saut. - . . (8) Ttic Commodore seems to be enjoying Ih . . (9) Must have been a good one, Eddie. . - . (10) Aw, you can hold her close Iha that, Je«eries. . . . (II) Harry and Doltie having fun. . . . (12) Pan. Hellenic leadoul (13) Harry James leading the ooys. - . . (14) Ed Oemere really lilied that one . . (1 Freshmen Bob Cope and Bill Buran doing all right. , - . (16) A bit of rhumba, Teias styl . . - |I7) Senior leadout. . . . (18) Mary Catherine, is all that imile (or Johnny? . . (1 Bobby Sheldon and a beauty. . . . (20) The Music Maker himself leading the way. (21) Front low boys and gills in the senior leadout. . . . (22) Slight ciowd, eh Pluto (23) Polly and Dot looking on. , . . (24) Lou Jones with Tommy Walker. . . . (25) M «ke ' melt. Hairy. . , . (24) Sideline kids. . . . (27) IFC preiy Ramsaur really enjoys one (28) Ches Budd and Jim Tharpe enjoying the party. nno in the sprirg ID to fire a concoction of the Mil, tar. Department . . (2) Presenting ffie Pirates of Pcniancc, , M!) Taking the low hurdles in the campus track meet, , , (4) Eta Kappa Nu big wigs, , .(5) The winning Sigma Chi basketball team, . (6) And as was said, in the spring— we go on ha, rides. ... (7) The finish line of the quarter-mile. ... (8) Brandon receiving the cup for winning the Skull and Key ping-pong tournament. ... (?) And another cup to the track meet winners, the Phi Dclts. . . (10) A fine reward for winning the race. . . . (Il| Foil and Mask initiates line up. . (121 Straining for ever, inch. . . . (13) The spring Eta Kappa Nu initiates. . . . (M) The new publications heads talking over the situation. , . . (IS) Warming up for Softball season. . . (li) F. 8 M. initiates in action . . (17) Bullpup Ale«ander starts to school . . . (161 Loosening up the swing. . . (19) Skull and Key initiates being warmed up, (20) We« Jordan and the most valuable player ' s award. . . . (21) Strike one ' . . (22) Tech out to win another one. The beauties pictured in the following section were chosen from the pictures submitted by all students in the BLUE PRINT beauty contest conducted last fall. The pictures were then foiwaided to Hollywood, where the |udge was instructed to pick four from the senior group, two from the |uniors, and one each from the sophomores and fresh- men. To Dennis Morgan, the |udge, the 1942 BLUE PRINT extends sincerest thanks, for the task of selecting the most beautiful girls was indeed a difficult one. From the eight winners from the various classes, Dennis Morgan picked an all-time winner over them all, and her picture is In koda- chrome on the division page of the Features section. Miss Betty Collins, of Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. To Miss Collins and the other seven winners, the BLUE PRINT extends its congratulations and thanks for the honor of placing their pictures in this book. I atlictiiic - H ' elc HONOLULU, HAWAII I GREENVILLE, S. C. o o ' ataLiiii ilua nA ATLANTA, GA. r)x ' y [I Ac yd I j t BELMONT, N. C o c ( ' ' Line VCA HONOLULU, HAWAII 7 COLUMBUS, GA. G ( ' ' line K oyclaiici JACKSONVILLE BEACH, FLA FOP T . HILL FOR G. B. EAGER . I lis., pall,, Jinnl FOR B. MASTERTON % IM - " w - " ■ » F O R J . S . S M i ' t H . ..., 3. Lju,, FOR J . P. P O ' O L E FOR J. J. FULLENLOVE FOR C. M. JONES FOR S. RAMSAUR FOR R. S. KEMPTON -IL, JL,r, -7 :,... FOR C. R. SANDERS fCT . lliM . lldLcX jcnc.s FOR W. D. CROMARTIE . ... J2 .-r .. Litccnc FOR J. E. WR ' iGHT ' r Uln ' - u F T B R L L HEAD COACH W. A. ALEXANDER Coach W. A, Al,_.,:indi. hai hJd th._ position of head coach of athletics at Tech foi twenty-three years. His work as chief mentor for the Yeilow Jackets has placed him hish in the realm of distmsuished football coachers and he ,s recosnlicd nationally as one of the outstanding fisures in American Collesc football. He rs the Southern Distrrct representative of the Football Rules Committee of the National Collesiate Athletic Association. His ability to keep abreast of the times and to excite a team spirit which pervades the whole school has pulled many a Tech team through the dark sea- sons when fate has overruled the glory. Throughout the years he has maintained full confidence of the students, the teams, and the fans. The future promises more and more e.cclLnt football from " the grand old man of the flats. " COACH ALEX Coaches: THARPE, DEAN, DODD, and McARTHUR. En B E H I n D THE SCORE HEAD LINE COACH M. M. THARPE M. M. Tharpe has served on the ce his graduation fronn the school i ars he tutored the freshmen teams. Georgia Tech coaching staff 1 1927. During his first eight Since 1935 he has filled the position of head line coach of the JacVcts and this year ' s line a shining example of his line building skill. FRESHMAN COACH N. C. DEAN Coach N. C. Diar. Is the man wt.o acquaints the recruits with the Tech brand of college football. His woric as freshman coach is important because of the foundation he provides for future varsity players. He has well fulfilled the job of directing the newcomers, and the training he gives the freshman team is reflected both in the individual players who star on the teams and the record of the freshman teams he coaches. BACKFIELD COACH R. L. DODD R. L. ■•Bobby ' Dodd is one of the rnoit colorful figures in .n Football. He was All-Amcr.can back at the University of Tennessee. His forward passing record is yet unequaled, and he is an authority on that phase of the game. He came to Tech to coach in 1932, and brought along with him the " raale-dazjie " type of attack for which Tech teams have become well known throughout the country. COACH J. R. MacARTHUR Coach J. R. MacArthur is the man who builds the reserves for Tech teams. His work with the " B " teams has helped to build the defense for the varsity. He is the chief scout for the Yellow Jacket squad, and he has spotted the vital points which mean the dif- ference between victory and defeat. His ability to discover the mainstay of opponent ' s offenses, combined with his skill in formu- lating and coaching a defense against them makes him a very Important member of the Tech coaching staff. ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■■ ■■i ■■h ■■■ ■■■■■■■■ ■niiging THE TEAM The pa-A season ' s iccord was typical of any team ' s where fate has been the overpowering clement which hfted victory off the finger- tips of the hardest fighters. At the beginning of the year a fast, snappy backfield and a stonewall line portrayed all the markings of a conference winner or a bowl team. Throughout the year the fast backfield and hard-hitting lino played the ball dercp into the opponents ' territory. In the shadow of the opposing teams ' goal post the -ye-liow Jackets " would strike again and again at the double stripes which would ring the score bell, but mev.tably the " fortunes of war " were guarded by the fates which scorned on the Engineers ' team. In|uries, tough breaks, and a tough schedule made the records look bad. but an unshattcred faith and strong team spirit helped case the pain of the maior defeats. THE VflRSITy 1941 SCHEDULE October 3 Chattanooga at Atlanta October 10 Notre Dame at Atlanta October 17 Auburn at Atlanta October 24 Vanderbilt at Nashville October 31 Duke ' November 7 Kentucky November 15 Alabama at Birmingham November 22 Florida at Gainesville November 29 Georgia at Athens T, G. ANDERSON H. B. ARTHUR C. H. BELL J. W. BOSCH C. E. BURROUGHS W. B. COGBURN J. W. CRAWFORD R. O. DODD H. E. D KE 5. P. EVANS H. H. ECTOR J. E. EDWARDS D. C. ELDREDGE A. J. FAULKNER W. R. RHINE5 MEMBERS J. K. HANCOCK H. B. HARDy J, A. HELMS J. P. JORDAN W. W. JORDAN J. KUHN H. W. LAMB J. E. LANCE W. W. LOGAN R. C. LOWRy G. MANNING J. A. MARSHALL A. A. McDonald W. p. McHUGH H. K. MORROW M. W. NICHOLES N. W. NORVELL E. P. OLIVER P. F. PAGE R. A. PLASTER B. G. OUIGG A. E. RyCKELEy C. R. SANDERS R. W. SHELDON J. F. SMITH W. STEIN S. B. SUTTON G. I. WEBB W. P. WEST J. J. WILD J. E. WRIGHT F 1 TECH 20— CHAHANOOGA opening gam. of Ih n. nelson forty two Tech football gam.: at nt T.rld was played under a sweltering, late summer sun. The t, combined with the tnexpenence of the team in their first made the game fairly dull. It did not lake long for the d Tech team to prove their superiority and they led the Moc- in yardage and score throughout the game. Though the was uninteresting it provided Tech students and fans the op- tunity of seeing the season ' s gnd-men in action. They looked ng, despite the heat, and the supporters were looking forward J good season after watching the men perform for the first time. JIM WRIGHT BALL TECH 0— NOTRE DAME 20 Thoush the (inal score oHicially d,:c.d -s ih, matter of victory or defeat, the loser deserves his credit for the type of game played. The fighting Irish brought dov»n one of the nation ' s best lines to support their hardhitting baclfield. From the first moment of the game to the last it seemed to be simply a matter of time before the yellow Jackets would cross the line into possible victory. Every time they had possession of the ball the Engineers would pierce the opponents defense and move to the very edge of the visitors ' goal line. Each time, though, the Jackets would meet a combination of a hard-fighting line and tight backfield defense. The Irishmen were pushed to their wall time after lime, but each time they retarded the Tech team. There ' s no denying the quality of the Irish spirit, for they were forced to fight with their backs against the wall, but it would have only taken one or two lucky breaks for the Engineers to change the face of the scoreboard. The Irish passed twice deep into Tech territory and both times they made them count. A short series of hard crashes and sweeping end tuns accounted for the third tally, but the rest of the game was played in Notre Dame ' s territory w th Terh fining the pushing. TECH 0— DUKE 14 Grant field was again the scene ot a contest which, despite the score, proved interesting right up until the last minute of the game. Duke ' s powerful, unbeaten. Blue Devils had been favored heavily over the Tech team, but throughout the game, the Jackets held their own and seemed to be pushing the team which was to later represent the East in the Rose Bowl game. Duke ' s power and ability to keep pounding was their mainstay. They scored through sheer power and managed to keep the points the same way. This game was one of the best games that the Jackets played, ho and they countered the Blue Devils punch for punch. JOHNNr BOSCH RALPH PLASTER ELMER DYKE A A glonous day on the flals! N Tech t.ram marched down the fi. defeat. The Jackets showed ov TECH 28— AUBURN 14 hopes bcrn, and weatened spirit revived when the Id to smother the Plainsmen in a twenty-eight to fourteen helming superiority both on the ground and in the air. They had cornered (he 28 points before the Auburn team had marled the scoreboard. The defeat was quite an upset for the Auburn team. They had held Georgia to a close game the week before they met the Tech boys. Tech, however, showed masterful superiority with excellent football, and even though the Auburn team fought hard they faced defeat through- out the game. They failed to score until the last quarter, but even then they didn ' t offer much threat to the leading team. BOBBY SHELDON SLIM SUTTON Many Tc tween W any two strong, a evitablc. fering fr. the sained. TECH 7— FLORIDA 14 eh fans made the trip to Ga n.:sville to see a contest bc- ' O strong teams which had probably seen the worst breaks teams could see. Both teams had been pronounced a; nd both teams had seen defeat when victory seemed in- Throughoul the game, both teams seemed to be suf- 3m the bad breaks which had been following them during in. Both fumbled quite a bit and both lost the ball several intercepted passes. pushed down to the Gator ' s goal Mr any t,r nly to be turned Jackets but the round up o side of the the long side of the yardage score. The White and Gold by an : ended Early li pass, mother I at the )lc Stripi : the sei ntcrccpled pass or a bad break. The first half of the scoreless, but Tech outplayed the Florida team all the n the second half the Gators managed to get six points They made the conversion, and again Tech took over ■e down the field but they never managed to irker. The Gators again crossed the Jacket goal line pted pass, to put them up in the brackets with a good the end of the game, little Davy Eldredge took the :nd of a sixty yard march and managed to cross the ■. Try as they might the Engineers never managed to ;ond time. ns rHARLIE BURROUGHS TECH 0— ALABAMA 20 Fans and friends opcctcd to ico tht JarU-ts give their usual superb performarcc against the mighty men from the University of Alabama. The team, however, was not up to the annual clash which has been one of the best exhibitions of college football during the past few seasons. The Engineers seemed to be bewildered by the overpowering men of the Crimson Tide. The game began with a puntrng duel between our Pal McHugh and Alabama ' s Frank Nelson. However, the duel proved fatal for the Tech team and late rn the first quarter Alabama recovered a fumbled kicl deep in Tech territory and pushed over for the first tally. Tech ' s defense failed to click m any combination and again the team from Tuscaloosa managed to drive through a weakened team tor another score. Tech eame forth with a mild scoring threat midway of the second quarter. A pass and several line drives brought the ball near the Crimson goal line but a fumble subdued the threat. The remainder of the game was spent in Tech territory with the Crimson Tide in command up until the closing minutes of the game. The Jackets look over on their own forty-five yard line and Burroughs, Plaster and Eldredge moved the leather deep into Alabama territory. Eldredge gave one mighty punch, and the whistle closed the game with Ih. ball on the Alabama one yard line. TECH 20— KENTUCKY 13 In a cold, wind-swept Grant Field the Engineers eked out a hard won victory over a strong Kentucky team. Sophomore back, Pat McHugh set up the field for the first Tech score with a long kick-off return. End Harry Arthur advanced further down the field deep into enemy territory and Dodd pushed over for the first score. The Wildcats retaliated and tied the score before the end of the first quarter. The En. gineers held to the closing minutes of the half, but at the gun ending the half, the Wildcats had a long pass over the goal ,n the making, and the end of the half found the Yellow Jackets trailing 1 3 to 7. The big team ' s fighting spirit was strong, how- eve ' , and try as they might the boys from the Blue Grass State could not hold their own in the last period of the game. Sheldon and Bosch crossed the marker to prove that the Tech team could not be broken before the last whistle ending the game. li ' -lf PLUTO OLIVER PAT McHUGH HAL LAMB AL FAULKNER TECH 7— VANOERBILT 14 The unbeaten VandcrbMi team had slowly been pulllns itself up with higher scores against harder competition, and they showed a : ed record at the end of the season. T.; i havf; -T victory however, with just a few of the - ,Tntly due them. No such lucl, however. The Vandy (■ vn r-aragcd to score their two touchdowns before the Tech boys could tally and held the lead throughout the game. The credit for the Tech score goes to Juniors, Sheldon and Plaster, for long runs and deep thrusts toward Vandy ' s goal. The one tally for Tech was run over by Dave Eldredgc. The team as a whole didn ' t click against the Commodores as against the stronger competition which it met later on during the season. Injuries in the baclfield had lowered team morale and removed ley men from the plays. Nevertheless the Jackets never lost the team spirit that is characteristic of all Tech teams. TECH 0— GEORGIA 21 Though quite a bit ot gicom totlows any defeat by the boys from Athens, this year ' s game was not as hard to take as some in the preceding years. The University brought over a bowl-bound team led by an All-Amcrican, tripple-threat, backfield man who had run through every line any other opposing team could offer. Though the score alone shows utter defeat, the game was a moral victory for the " Engineers " line-men. They held the All-Amcrican to a ground gain of only sixty yards, and proved to the Southeastern conference that the Tech line was one of the finest in the country. The " Bulldogs " gave up the line plays early in the game and tallied with a pass over the goal in the first quarter. Tech re- taliated with a drive deep Into Georgia territory and a powerful scoring threat. Again the gods turned bad a team that the Bulldog ' s could not stop and the ball went into Georgia ' s possession. The third quarter brought new hope with another score threat, but a fumble put the ball in the hands of the superior passers, and they rung up the final score near the end of the third quarter. JOHNNY WILD ARVEY HARDY MUTI MANNING ■ (IT- A - r THE FRESHdlRn SQUAD This THE FRESHMAN TEAM squad of Baby Jackets b.ousht forth one of th.: promising crop of future Jaclct stars that have been on the flats ,n several seasons. Ocsprtc the fact that the Freshman teams are no criterion by which future varsity teams can be accurately pre- dicted, the string of stars on this year ' s team raised our hopes for next year ' s varsity team. Under the very able direction of Coach N. C. Dean these freshmen have shown their spirit and training and have proven ocellcnt material from which the big teams in the future years can be built. The Baby Jackets first game this year was against the freshm..n from the University of Florida. Though, the Florida Frosh were powerful and fast they were nosed out in a two point victory. The game was fast and exciting with both teams displaying excellent football ability. The Tech freshmen were stronger, however and the end of the game found the Florida team holding the light end of the 16 to 14 score. The Tech Freshmen made easy victory out of their second foe, which was the Auburn Freshmen team. The Tech team was by far the better in this combat and won easily. Although winning the two games against the Auburn and Florida freshmen was in itself important, it was secondary and only prepa- ration for the big game which meant so much to the team as well as to the whole freshman class. The Thanksgiving day game against the Bulipups from the University of Georgia was the big moment in every Baby Jacket ' s freshman football career. To the freshman class as a whole it was important because it decided whether or not they would be able to rise from the class of " rats " to full- fledged freshmen. Almost twenty.five thousand fans gathered at Grant Field to sec the renewal of the annual football fued between the two fresh- men teams. For two years they had seen Bulipups bring over a learn which would not be stopped. These last two years had been bad for our freshmen teams. Both times the Bulipups had run away with victory in the form of an overwhelming score. This year, however, Tech supporters were confident of victory. Despite rumors of the Bulipups having " another Sinlwich " and two tnplc-threal backs, the Tech team had been predicted as a sure winner. The first quarter of the game told a different story, though. The Bulipups had everything they were rumored to have in the persons of Tripp-: and Vickery. The first score of the game was an out of position field goal by the Bulipups mainstay, Charlie Tr.ppi. From then on the Bulipups, led by Trippi, were in the driver ' s scat and headed for victory, Tech, however was not completely over- whelmed as in the past two years. Three excellent backs, namely: Eddie Prokop, Jimmy Luck, and Al Berman were in there punching hard, with Berman taking the lead. They, as well as the rest of the squad, played an excellent brand of football but they were abso- lutely no match for the Bulipups backfield and line. The closing whistle found the Baby Jackets suffering a 29 to 13 defeat. Five hundred Tech freshmen slowly filed out, donning the freshmen caps, forced to remain " rats " until Christmas. ROSTER v. S. BAILEY E, M. GILBERT l . D MORRIS F R. FEALL G, B- GREER L- W OWEN F C. EEIL W, H- HEIDENRElr.H W R- POWEII J R BELL J, W. HENRY E. S. PROKOP A 1. BERMAN L F. HENSON r L- RABUN L P BONDURANT J W. HERB M O- PITCHER L H COHEN R.J.JORDAN T. J. SAINE J i:.cox R. M. LAMB M.J.SANDERS A. D. DORSEn E. E. LEONARD R. L. SLATER C. B. EDGEWORTH J K LUCK J. W. THRASHER E. W. FANNING F E MANN N. C WEST J r FAULKNER B. P MORGAN C. C. WHELPLEY H, T. FINCHER C, D YATES THE BRRD C. p. REEVE Captain Sponsor foi Rccvc MISS RUTH KEITH G. S. ADAMS L. S. COVEy L. GRIFFIN R A. LENNON R. D. PITMAN R.T. SPEARS P. F.ADAMS R. M. COX T. W. E. HAWKINSON N.J. LINDNER R. W. PHILLIPS H.C. STEED E. R.ALLEN S. 0. DEASON J. R. HARRIS C. 1. LEVI R. E. PRINCE W. 1. STEELE J. H. BOUCHER J. L. DEWEY R. F. HARTLEIN J. MacDONALD J. D. RAULERSON F. M.STEWART J. K. BIEVER J. E. DODGEN R. D. HERRON T. R. McMURRY C. P. REEVE B. W. STOPINSKI H. A. BROWN A. DUUS T.A.HENDERSON J. C. McGAUGHEy F. C. REINS E. A. TAYLOR C. E. BURNHAM E. H. FARRIS S.J. HENRy R. D. McGAUGHEy B. A. REID J. C. TENN150N T.C.CAMPBELL A. FERNANDEZ J. HIGH J. M. MOSS B.J. ROLAND J. LICHY r. COPELONTO G. FERNANDEZ P- L. HORNE H. P. MALLORy J.W.SAUL J. E. VARNER B. W. CARLTON J.S. FORNARA F. V, HOSS J. V. MANNING E. B. VAN VOORHEES L. E. CODDING W. D.FRANCIS A. JANNEY T. R. MAULDIN R. E. WACHTER S. COHN P. E- GEORGE L. D. JOLLY E. P. MAXIM ., ... ...v ,...,. T. E.WEBBER L. B.COLBERT D. GLASS R. A. JOHNSON F. MURRAY B. H. SMALL H O.WARD R. COPE W. M.GREEN R. P. JONGEDYK E. P. PIHMAN A. R.SMITH S. W. WOOD 5 - ■ ? THE CHEERLERDERS Yellow Jaclcts. Rah! Rah! Rah! and on inspired Georgia Tech team pushes on down Grant Field toward another • core. Thus the squad of five cheerleaders play their part in another sparMing Tech victory at the end of which they will lead a violently happy student body in a snalc dance to the center of down-town Atlanta where they will disrupt the business world with their joyful uproar. On these five leaping, cavoling cheerleaders does the student body looli to lead them in the organized support of a winning team, and to them do they look to brighten up a cheerless picture of a losing team. It is the cheerleaders who must never admit defeat, who must never become down- hearted, who must cheer on the team, whether on the way to defeat or the highway to victory. The cheerleaders are sponsored by the campus pep organization. The Yellow Jaclct Club, of which they become honorary members. Each year from the rants of the fresh- men are selected by trial, new men to fill the shoes of the graduating seniors and these men will serve until their grad- uation. The graduating seniors this year who have served so faithfully for the past three years are Bill Seay, head cheerleader: Ed Scott, and " Wemie " Whitlocl. CROSS c u n T R y GEORGE GRIFFIN .... Coach W. S. SHARSHON .... . Manager VARSITV LETTERS FRESHMEN NUMERALS J. J. BLANK f. A. EAKEP E. J. COUGHLIN W. B. BELL Q. B. FARMER T. C. BENNING W. J. SANDERS C. L. HOKE W. R. SEAV W. y. IRWIN W. S. STROUSS P. L. NELSON G. A. WILSON W. F. NORMAN H. R. WILLIAMS For the first time in the past seven years, the Georgia Tech harriers suffered the loss of the conference title. The team was severely handicapped at the outset by the loss of the team captain, Roy Cash, in the early part of the season. Roy, to the sorrow of all who knew him, was stricken by a case of tuberculosis. However, under the leadership of alternate captain Eddie Coughlin, over Alabama and Florida, bowing in defeat only to Mississippi State ' s ■• ' , meet, it was Mississippi State who performed brilliantly to remove the long-held championship crown from a battling Tech team. An undefeated freshman team makes the prospects for next year ' s varsity team look very bright. Unbeaten in six starts, the Baby Jackets will move up into the varsity ranks, which will be deserted by only two of this year ' s lettermen, who will be lost by virtue of graduation. BflSKETBHLL Startms January 5, 1942, the Yellow Jacket basketball team had one oi the most variable seasons ever experienced. One night they would play superb ball to defeat one of the best teams in the conference, and the next night the Jackets could not get going and would be defeated by a weaker team. An opianation can not be found, but one thing can be said, " When the Jackets were clicking, they could beat any team in the conference, barring none. ' With SIX lettermen returning, consisting of Blackwell, Crosby, Hearn, Johnson, Lewis, and Stevens, with the able assistance of Marshall, Anderson, Snyder, and Stein from the " B " team, and also Lance, and Scruggs up from the Freshman team, Gcorqia Tech seemed to a sure-fire team. But it was just a sure-fire team that had run out of one valuable asset —luck. COACH MUNDORFF . UnOER THE BRSKET UJITH TECH R. MUNDORFF J. W. GRIFFETH R. W. STEUDEL THE TEAM T.G.ANDERSON S. H. BLACKWELL D. A. CROSBY J.T. HEARN W.O.JOHNSON J. LANCE J.C. LEWIS J.A.MARSHALL J. RECKARD C. C. SCRUGGS S.E. SNYDER W. STEIN T.E.STEVENS . Coach Senior Manager Senior Manager TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH TECH 42 SCHEDULE 49 TUP ' . 35 SOU 25 ALABAMA 32 VANDEBILT . 53 KENTUCKY . 53 FORT BENNING 48 AUBURN . . 38 AUBURN . . 41 L. S. U. . - 52 TULANE . . 64 CHATTANOOGA 36 VANDERBILT . 51 KENTUCKY . 49 GEORGIA 37 GEORGIA S. E. C. TOURNAMENT . . 32 ALABAMA " 1 I «|B1 Snyder pivotl for a one-handed shot. Fast break for the ■■Boneyard " , cvadm, U ' - 9- " ' • .l cTs ' sful st ot. BASKETBALL Staftin3 the season ' s opener against Turner Field were Blackwell, Captain Lewis, Hearn, Stevens and Johnson — our first string of last season. By the half this team had shown that it still had its uncanny ability to make shots — even the most difficult. Then Coach Mundorff started substituting into the fray his untried substitutes. They made a big hit with the crowd and also really hit that basket, which was what mattered. The final score was Tech 49 and Turner Field 37. The high scorer — you guessed it — Captain Lewis with I I points. Up to Columbia the team went to play South Caro- lina and to defeat a team that had just gotten the better of the University of Georgia. It looked pretty sad as the whistle blew ending the first half, for Tech was behind, 15 to 24. The reason for this deficit was poor passes and ball handling, but when the Jackets came back for the second half, they were like a different team. Passes were accurate and |uggling the ball was taboo. Soon Tech forged ahead, due to the 9 points gotten by Hearn in this half. The score was Tech 35, South Carolina 32. Playing their first Southeastern Conference game with Alabama, the Jackets were defeated by a team that was later runner-up in the Southeastern Conference tourney at Louisville. They were not defeated, though, until they BONEyARD " JOHNSON et shot against Georgi, made Bama " holler " calf rope many a time. Alabama showed a deliberate slow-breaking offense that only after it was too late did Tech realize how to stop it. Johnson ' s guarding of Adair, all-Southeastern guard, was superb, while Hearn stuck to Leeth, all-Southeastern center, like a leech. Lewis again was top scorer with 12 points. Tech 25, ' Bama 31. Determined to find the winning combination. Coach Mundorff played all of his boys against Vandy, but he was never able to find the right team. After tying the score at the half, Tech could not keep up with Vandy during the second half. A ' ed- eaded guy by the name of Dehoney was the r derbilt ' s attack, and all just because his pare- :•: him play. He scored 18 points, and 12 second half. For Tech, it was just a night : on the team was off. The score: Jackets : The jac e:5 - O ' t Took on the Southeastern Conference champs, Kentucky. From the very first, Tech was very much in the ball game and at times had the champs at their mercy, it was in this game that Coach Mundorff started a line-up that was to start near ly all the rest of the games of the season. The line-up included Johnson, Snyder, Lance, Hearn and Captain Lewis. It seemed as if it was Captain Lewis ' s night to shine, because he ended up the gan-.: " " " - ■ ■ ' - ■ ' ' " --e Snyder, p a) d 13 points. A ■ ■ y with 20 points, •-.- :: Kentucky are what : 3S over. Coach Ruppe ; ■ ■ jt he didn ' t see why Tech nac; cs: .- ■tr such a great offensive team. Tech 53, ; inference champs, Kentucky, 63. Led by a short, dumpy little fellow by ihe name of Goldsmith, and his 19 points, the Fort Benning team was the next team to come up to engage the Jackets. In this game Coach Mundorff allowed all of his players a chance to throw at that old basket. The result was that Dave Crosby led with 14 points while most of the other points were divided. The game was rough from start to finish and at times seemed more like a boxing match than a basketball game. Final score: ' ellow Jackets 53, Fort Benning 44. Tech ' s next game was with Auburn, and the Jac ' ets ' victory was considered quite an upset. Auburn » - the scene of the encounter with quite a favc- - and lost percentage, but this did not faze :- : boys. With 10 points, Jimmy Hearn kept us well in the ball game until he fouled out; and then Carlton Lewis got the ball to swishing the net and racked up 20 points for the entire game. Manci was the high point getter for Auburn with a total of 17. Georgia Tech 48, Auburn 42. There was a reversal of form down at Auburn, though, and Tech came out on the short end of the score. Both Manci and Haw kins got hot and scored 17 points each, while the best Tech could do was for Snyder and Stevens to tie with 9 points each. Tech played Auburn even dur- ing the second half, but the 5-point lead from the first half could not be overcome. Jackets 38, Tigers 43. During midterm dances, the Jackets swung out with L. S. U. and came out on the short end of the fracas. The Tigers ' two forwards, Cheney and Morey, were jUst too hot offensively to be beat. They could have even made bas- kets with their eyes closed, while the Jackets were having trouble finding the basket. Stevens was Tech ' s mainstay. JIMMY HEARN both offensively and defensively, that night; he was litei- ally all over the court. The tally: Tech 41, L. S. U. 54. The Tulane game, and Dave Crosby grabbed the spot- light. Playing against the Green Wave, Dave couldn ' t miss — 23 points for the night and the largest number of points for one game scored by any Tech player during the season. As one player goes, so goes the team, and that IS exactly how things went that night. All the Jackets needed was a spark plug, and they were sparked right into a victory. Tech 52, Tulane 43. For a breather, Tech next took on the Moccasins from Chattanooga, and doubled their score. It was a runaway game from the start, with everyone getting to play. Hoyt Blackwell, while playing only one-half, was high point man with 13 points. The Jackets took advantage of the young and inexperienced Chattanooga team and gave them a sound trouncing. Result: Jackets 64, Chatta- nooga 32. Up to Nashville the Jackets went and revenged their previous defeat at the hands of Vanderbilt. The game rocked along as a seesaw battle until three minutes before the half, when Captain Lewis started hitting the basket and made 8 points in a row. This is what broke the camel ' s back, or, rather, Vandy ' s back. In his home state, Jake Lance played his best game of the season, making I I points while guarding Dehoney to 4 points. Jackets 36, Commodores 27. Again Tech took on the Conference champs and again came out on the bad end, but only after scaring Kentucky half to death. Tech got off to a slow start and really didn ' t seem to get going until after the first half. The Jackets were behind 12 points at the half, but with four minutes to play in the game they forged into the lead. Kentucky got busy, though, and the lead was short- lived. The points were well divided, with Johnson leadino with 12 points. All-Southeastern Guard Akers of Kentucky played a wonderful floor game and also scored 18 points. Jackets 51, Kentucky 57. Tech ' s arch rival, Georgia, was the next victim of the Jackets. The fact that the Jackets were determined to win can be shown by Georgia getting only two field goals during the first half. Lance and Lewis were the chief offensive stars, getting 12 and 17 points, respectively. Tech ' s defense was functioning in tip-top shape, while holding the Bulldogs ' star point getters, Moore and Roland, to only 13 points jointly. Tech 49, Georgia 29. Over at Athens, the Bulldogs struck back with all their fury to barely defeat the Jackets. At the end of five min- utes, Tech was behind 10 points, and it took them the half to take over the lead. Both teams tightened their defense during the last half, but Georgia ' s was a little the tighter. Neither team could do much as far as scoring was concerned. Captain Lewis got over his Athens inferi- ority complex to be high scorer with 13 points. For Georgia, Roland, Keuper and Moore got 10 points each. Jackets 37, Bulldogs 38. Third-seeded ' Bama was Tech ' s opponent in the South- eastern Conference tourney, and the Jackets lost a tough one. While Tech was fumbling around at the start, Adai of ' Bama made some spectacular shots to give them quite a lead. Tech recovered in the second half and crept within 3 points of them, but never could get in the lead. Captain Lewis again proved to be the mainstay of the team by shooting 13 points and playing an excep- tional floor game, which gave him honorable mention for all-conference. Tech 32, Bama 37. s uj I m m I n G VARSITV FRED LANOUE . . Coach G. STRADTMAN . . Captain J. FORNARA . . Manaser J. H. McAULty W. BROCK S. McAULEV W. WAR5HAUER M. DAILEy D. NEWMAN E. DEMERE H. CALDNJCELL W. HARRIS A. BARRETT SEASON RKORD Tech . . 49— Emo ' y Tech 66— Kentucky . . Tech 42— Te«as A. M. Tech 64 — Geoigia Tech 60— Clemson . Tech 44— Tennessee Tech 42— Auburn Tech 44— Flonda . . S. E. C onference Meet— Tech 80, Tcnn 44, Flotida 40, Auburn 1 1, Georgia With the smallest and best spirited squad in years, Georgia Tech again assumed command of the S. E, Conference by virtue of an undefeated season, after seven years of indifferent success following the golden era from 1925 to 1935 when Tech lost not one swimming meet to an opponent in the south. Captain George Stadtman and Ironman Don Newman cleaned up most of the opposition in the sprints — Herb McAuley, Tech ' s bright- est prospect since the immortal Ish Williams, dropped but one race in the distance swims, forcing Taylor of Texas A. M. to tie the pool and conference record to beat him — Johnny Axton returned to form lUSt in time to cop the conference hundred — Arnold Barrett seemed destined for big doings in the breast stroke till Old Man Illness got him , but made a new varsity record, anyway — Bill Harris did nobly in the diving, taking all opponents but Bill King, of Tennessee, ana even defeated King in the conference high board. Much credit is due the rest of the squad, those unsung heroes who brought in the seconds and thirds so necessary to win meets. The outstanding fea- ture of this team is its remarkable versatility, nearly every man being capable of performing creditably in any event on the program. The undefeated frosh squad will capably fill the serried ranks of the varsity next year, the draft and the war permitting. STRADTMAN FRESHMAN SQUAD EN, Captain ■ US [ ' , BURGDORF J. Dubois E. ROTHBERGER A. SENTER E. STRADTMAN B. MacNEIL A. DeVRIES B. BEIL T R R C K GEORGE GRIFFIN Coach WALTER SHARSHON Manaser THE 1942 SCHEDULE April 4 Alabama in Atlanta April II Florida in Atlanta April 18 Tennessee in Knoxville April 26 S. E. A. A. U. in Atlanta May 2 Georgia in Athens May 9 . Auburn in Atlanta May 15-16 S. E. C. in Atlanta THE SQUAD lOOVafd Dash RVCKELEy. DUGGAN, McHUGH 220 yard Dash RVCKELEV, DUGGAN, McHUGH 440-yard Run JOHNS, JUSTUS, WILSON ■ ■.-, FARMER, SHORT COUGHLIN, SANDERS 2-Mlle Run BLANK, STRAUSS, SEAy Hish Hurdles KUHN, JONES, DOyAL Low Hurdles KUHN, JONES, DOyAL Pole Vault WEEKS, LEWIS CLARK Hish Jump BRADDy, CLARK Broad Jump McHUGH ' Shot Put ■ : Discus WEST, HELMS Javelin WEBB, McDONALD, WILSON HELMS KEMP DU TEIL WALKER LEWIS TRACK The outlook for the 1942 Tract team, thou3h not brilliant, shows exceptional promise. With a well-rounded cinder team, the White and Gold should vie for top honors in the Southeastern Conference. The only department that shows any weakness is the hurdle races. The loss of Monroe Plaxico and Morris Bryan by graduation is a definite handi- cap, and may prove to be a sore spot as the season progresses. The return of George Webb, the javelin giant, will greatly bolster the team. From a pre-season outlool and last season ' s record, Webb should hurl the javelin over 210 feet. The 100- and 220-yard dashes are easily tied up by chunky Ed Rykeley. Ed placed second only to the great Billy Biown, of L. S. U., in last spring ' s Conference gathering, and with the graduation of B. Brown, Ed will be able to handle all competition with comparative ease. Returning to uphold Tech ' s honor m the magic mile is Ed Coughlin. Ed, only a junior, has shown a remarkable record in varsity competition, having placed third in the 1941 S. E. C. meet, and was a stellar runner on last fall ' s Cross Country squad. In the first meet of the 1942 season, with Alabama, he captured the mile with a speedy 4:25.5. Unless the signs are wrong, Eddie should break Chick Aldredge ' s record of 4:20.8 before the season is over. Bill Sanders, a very promising sophomore star, has already shown his ability in distance running on the Cross Country team, and will be invaluable in capturing points for the Tech team. ' 1 ■.!■ ' J ' I Lon3 John Blank, another hold-over from the harriers, will be a very important cog in this year ' s cinder squad. He specializes in the gruelling two-mile run, and from pre-season indications he should show up very well. The half-mile run will be handled by Quenton Farmer, who is in his last year of varsity competition. Quenton is another stand-by, being able to take the 880 around two flat. Bob Johns will fill Sheldon NVhitney ' s shoes in the 440-yard run. Bob is a consistently good quarter-miler, and will greatly aid Tech in their effort to capture the S. E. C. crown. Jack Helms, a towering sophomore, will be a mainstay in the weight department. Jack holds the freshman discus record on Grant Field, and in addition puts the shot very well. S. E. A. A. U. champ Billy Weeks should have no difficulty in the pole vault, and will undoubtedly repeat his fine past performances. Billy vaults well over 13 feet, and broke the S. E. E. A. U. record last spring. The fate of the high jump lies in the capable hands of Minton Braddy, who is also in his last year of varsity competition. Minton rolls over the bar in the vicinity of six feet, and can be counted on for extra points at every meet. The broad jump, which is the deciding factor in many a dual meet, will be held down by Billy Kemp, Pat McHugh, and Claude DuTeil — and a difficult combination to beat, as all of them can approach the 23-foot mark. JUSTUS B H S E B R L L ROY MUNDORFF D. S. NICHOLS . . Coach Senior Manager BAITING PRACTICE THE TEAM H. L. ANDEL. Outdcid S. V. BOCCIERI, Pitcher E. R. BONYAI. Shortstop J. F. BROCK, Pitcher H. I. CASTAGNETTA, Secon J. W, CRAWFORD. Third Be W. Z HARPER. Catcher P. F. KORVCINSKI, Catcher J. C. LEWIS, First Base E. McNENNE . Secorrd Base R A. PLASTER, Catcli. r B. G, QUIGG, Oulf.eld C. SCRUGGS, Outfield D. SMITH, Pitcher W. STEIN, Second Base S. E. SNYDER, Third Base T, R. VANDEN-HEUVEL, Ou COACH MUNDORFF The 1942 Tech Baseball team, weakened by the loss of a number of last year ' s players, has rounded into fine shape and up until this time has won five games while dropping only three. With only three regulars returning from the previous year, Lewis, Quigg, and Vanden-Heuvel, Coach Mundorff had to call on the sophomores and reserve material to strengthen the team. The weak point is apparently in the pitcher ' s spot, as Duck Smith is the only regular since Jack Brook, one of the best, has been declared ineligible temporarily. However, Carleton Lewis has been alter- nating his first base job with pitching duties and has been doing an excellent job. In addition, Steve Boccieri is on hand to do some good hurling. At first base is the team ' s heavy hitter, Carleton Lewis, and when he is pitching, Charlie Scruggs comes in from the outfield to handle the initial sack. The keystone combination consists of Iggy Castagnetta, who has been hitting well and walking regular all season, and Bonyai, who has been doing some fancy fielding. The hot corner is held down capably by Crawford and Gene Snyder. Behind the plate. Bill Harper is doing a jam-up job in addition to hitting regular. Also on hand for catching duty are Pete Korycinski, and Ralph Plaster, who also plays at the third base spot. The team is rounded out by the heavy hitting outfield of Buck Andel, Bubbcr Quigg, Charlie Scruggs, and Teddy Vanden-Heuvel. Also available to do a good job are utility infielders Gene McNenney and Stinky Stein. The ' ellow Jacket nine is known for its heavy hitting, and with a little consistent pitching should have a very successful season. CRAWFORD VANDEN-HEUVEL f? n A -«S SCHEDULE Ap, Apr Ap, Apr Ap, Ap, Apr May i May 2 - May 5 . May 8-9 3-4 6-7 . lO-l I 17-18 20-21 24-25 P,esbyte,ian at Atlanta . Kentucky at Atlanta . Aubu,n at Auburn . Vanderbilt at Atlanta Auburn at Atlanta Vanderbilt at Nashville Georgia at Athens . Georgia at Atlanta Georgia at Athens . Georgia at Atlanta Florida at Gainesville c ll. F E n c I n G The Fencing Engineers expe ' icnced one oi their most successful their eight scheduled matches and dropping the other two by very cl- an early-season headache when two promising two-weap in their weapons for real ones in Uncle Sam ' s armed foi ever, even with this drawback, the team shaped up very fi-ncers to take the vacant posts. As a climax to th. Atlantic tournament at Chapel Hill and returned with ntating the best stand that any Tech team has yet e this year, winning six out of irgins. Coach Morenus suffered Tien, Frank Graham and Sam Gershon, traded before the first match had been fenced. How- I and saw the flowering of a number of good ason the Jackets traveled up to the South ond-place honors and the foil trophy, after icnccd at that regional meet. One of the strikingly noticeable features of the the close cooperation of all the va amorg them. Captain Arthur Wade !. 3-1 te victory, and it was a close season was the lack of one single star in the matches, but rather rsity men to share the cost and rewards of victory quite equally and Straiton Hard were always dependable for leading the foil race between Jimmy Slurrock and Dick Schwarcz to fill the third Val WinkI oliernaling Iso there was capable reserve work, when necessary, by Tom McMurry, Ed Price, and 1. The epee was well handled throughout the season by Captain Wade and Ed Price the first and second posts, and Val Winkleman performing so creditably in the third •r I ' r,,! ' n. h certain to fill the shoes of his two graduating teammates, if not exceed them. -sham to round out his saber team along with last year ' s varsity performers, Jimmy :t Schwarcz, Coach Morenus found some difficulty in surmounting the obstacles. -;: stringers responded well in the emergency, as was expected, and the various green bcr material that was alternated to discover the most promising third man, gave a good accounting. ard seems to be shaping up well in the saber and will undoubtedly blossom forth as a three-weapon, pIc-threat bastion next year. Lin Flanagan, fencing the saber in only one regular si-ason match, made a the to COACH R. T. MORENUS ent and should be tulated. With Wade Sturrock, Schwarcz, and Price leaving through graduation, and the speeded semesters probably catching Flanagan. Winkleman, and Bob Fry before the middle of the next season, it appears that diligent practice on the part of the present freshmen and sophomores will be ry to fill the depleted ranks for the 1943 season. SCHEDULE FOR 1942 Vardcrblt ai Atlanta . . - . - 9-7 Kentucky at Atlanta . . . ■ • ■ 31 2-1 2 Atlanta Fencing Club . - ■ ■ ■ l2 ' 2-4l 2 Fort Bcnning at Columbus . ■ . . 15-12 Atlanta Fencing Club . . ... 9-8 Vanderbilt at Nashville - . ■ • . 6-10 Kentucky at Lexington . , ■ • • ll ' 2-5 ' 2 Fort Benning at Atlanta - ■ - - 11-16 Tournament at Chapel Hill . ■ Second Place FENCING TEAM A. L. WAL ' t T. R. Mrf. ' UP S. HARD E. J. PRICE it K - THE TEAM N, n. ABELL D. W. DOUGHTY W. O. JOHNSON C, B. LrCRAW C. S. LINDSAY G. S. SELLERS C. J. WELLBORTJ TEnnis TEflm E. H. BORTELL Coach SCHEDULE April I Clemson April 4 Mississippi April 6 Presbyterian April II Alabama at Tuscaloosa April 17 Vanderbilt at Nashville April 18 Kentucky at Lexin3ton April 24 Alabama Apnl 28 Spring Hill M-3y 7-8-7 . . . Conference Tournament, New Orleans Prospects for the 1942 Georgia Tech tennis team looked very bright at the beginning of the season. Coach Boitell ' s outlook was bright- ened by the return of three lettermen. Charley Lindsay playing his third year on the varsity: Boneyard Johnson and Buck LeCraw both playing their second year are the returning monogram winners. Nel- son Abell and George Sellers are two very promising sophomores who showed up very well as freshmen last year. Rounding out the squad arc Dave Doughty, a senior co op, who this year played for the first time on the varsity and Carl Wellborn who transferred from North Georgia Junior Col ' ege. The schedule this year includes eight hard intercollegiate matches as well as a summer schedule planned with strong teams from the various Athletic Clubs and service teams. The Jackets started oF the season well by defeating a strong: Clemson team in both the singles and doubles matches. CHARLIE LINDSAY GOLF T E fl m At the time the BLUE PRINT went to press, the Tech golf team looked as if it was headed for another successful season. Up until April 10, it had won three matches and dropped one, and this was to a strong Kentucky team. The team was composed cf Bobby Adair, Hal Florence, " Gravy " Sanders, Sidney Gayle, George Sargeant, and Jefferson Kelley. Adair, by far the most consistant golfer on the team, dominated the number one spot all vear. The number two position was held down by Hal Florence. The remaining positions were divided between Gayle, Kendrick, Kelley, Sargeant and Sanders. Due to the war, a number of colleges were forced to drop the sport from their schedule. However, Coach Dennison was able to schedule six matches for the local Jackets. One of the highlights of the past season was the journey to Athens, where the Southeastern Conference Tournament was held. Every Southeastern school which has a golf team was represented at the tourney. Since the meet was an invitational affair, too, most of the strongest teams of the South were present. SCHEDULE AND RESULTS March 8 Vanderbilt at Atlanta April 3 - Kentucky at Lexington April 4 Tennessee at Knoxville April II Vanderbilt at Nashville April 16-17-18 Southeaste rn Conference at Athens May 2 Georgia at Athens May 9 Georgia at Atlanta Tech 171 2 11 2 IS Opponen ' 2 151 2 3 H. E. DENNISON. Coach R. J. SANDERS T. KENDRICK Our Advertisers The Bl.ri-: Pkixi Staff w isho ur_i, c cver ' I ' cch stmiciu ti patrmii f tin- lullowins; advertiseis not niih because these aclvertisers ha e tnntnbuted imiih ti) tlie suceess (if this bdiik belt also because they ha e shown theniseUes tu be loxal ' I ' eeh support- ers. It will be L ieatlv appreciated if Tech students will nieniKin the Bl I !■: PklX ' l when bi.i inL; Ironi our ad ertisers. 32S Atlanta liiltmim- US Atlanta Fish, liu MV, Atlanta Laumlrics. Inc .ild Ballanl ( )ptical C.mpanv .i27 Hllck ' s l.uckv Strike Hnuline Alley . . . .i- ' 7 Hnykin . ; Sup|ilv Co. . . . Ralph Canniin Aiit.i Service . . . Capitol Fi h Co li Carson . ;; D..lihin Mb Chandler Machinery Co b The Cheerlea.ler 211 C(.ca-Cola Com|iaii .U ' » Collins Mannfaitnrinu ' Co 26 W. F. e ' ox ' s Ceirltie,! Dairv 2 ' 1 Dinkier Hotels. 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Jl; J 0, Man,- I ' M MODEL LAUNDRY 1 l ' XI II ' l h ii„lily . - Cl.lvW ' I ' ll-IS SI (Ik i,i ' M 1 1 J i 7 _ ' IAsHIdN BI 1, WrITIM. Pm ' IRS M O N T A G ' S TI. . ' I A ( II Vl. ' lls , ll,,X 1 . I . hN-- I K ' W III liM- MION CONSTRUCTION COMPANY ® ( ii N 1 It M CllN 1 R XL II IRS r: ■ 1. ii» iluui. . W. II. T . (, Ci " (■ Supply till- Coi.ihi;!-. Inn ' I ' l til Kr TI.RMT11;S FULTON LINEN SUPPLY CO. . ' 74 M Kl K M.. . .1 . ,i6S7 I ' l 1 ' OIR CAR IN (iOOl) hands! 1 ' ,r Rcpiiirs that z •; make il un h •Itir and hist longer, see RALPH CANNON Al H) M K K 1 212 Spring ' St., N. 1 " IA, 1 (171 1 • Till il S 1 1)1 M 1) Ml N 1 AK 1 C HiOUliU A 1 B N A 111 INS Al l. N 1 Co MM BIS 1. (iR N(,l: MXLDN S ANN Ml n L r , l ' " T T ) Chips Sai.TII) I ' lTANUTS Drennon Food Products Co. A 1 I.WIA ■■ ■, Supply the Ctjlle-;, Inn " Vis A i i ' ( ' y I LCitCll ( alt I ' lllt I ' Ccun ilcJi ct If " t ICC (,(il.l Sliielil ' s scrvia- tci tor ii cr Half a centiir iV .1 -olni liatlcfiroiind of efScient. ■iati t:u t ' ii huiiulerinf: ami cleaniiis; pcrfnrm- arue. m can ilcpeml on (lohl Shield ' s )lr ' cleanin ' i scrxicc to kcrp (iur " oar amnnil " .iriliobc ill uciod shape. gK I BK -| ii , MA S HE, 5300 l«lll I I ' ?ferHPBOuSian PIEDMONT ...WA. 7651 U II LU I " °™ " fl ' " ' ° ' ' I GUTHMAN ...WA. 8661 AIIIIMmV - ' ' ' - D ' - ' ' ' J " I E. 1606 nijl|ri |1 1. " ,, ,- a AMERICAN MA. lOlo MIIIlLiJ N ' -S excelsior ...WA. 2454 " ' I ' f TRIO VE. 4721 amicl iiei ' " ' ■ - e- 471 i —- ' TPOV HE. 2766 SPRATLIN, HARRINGTON THOMAS xsLR.wci: • Si ri T ' i ' Bonds AI()KT(;.u;e M RIETT. STRtUT .AT1..AN T.A Cfjiuplintcnli of NEW yORK MARKET Ca cnni; tu Ke t.iin ,iiu . « Institutions ,n Food Supply 16 Bko.M) St.. X. W. UK ii. SUPERIOR Dry C LAUNDRY .V.. G o5t) Sp rill- Street, N. 664 V. I ' eaeli w. tree Street. N. W. 1190 Hempliill .A e.. . W " . CHANDLER MACHINERY COMPANY i ciiiNi-; " 111(11 s Mill 1. WDRKINC; m. cmi i:r - IR CO.XI PRESSORS i:l.nCTRIC MOTORS wiHiDUORKiNO I. CHI ■l;R ■ 120 Houston- St.. N. E. Ati,. xt. , G. . FULTON SUPPLY COMPANY Imil siRi M- ' l ' iiX I II. r. CnXIR LTIIRS Siipplii-s -(«, M;it!iinoi MAin UOO Atlant:i.(i • NO 1()() I) () K R 12 HOURS OLD • C r R li S 1 R ' 1 e ' I ' . H i: noi AKTi-Rs I ' .iinanis iln.l llmk ' rs ;! .Ill lu,„h (S V ' ' ; General Specialty Co l!r.i.„i Sl„ X. W,. Tel Wa. JIJ ATLAXTA Bcii Ui 0 ; ■ Ihc Shiff 1942 BLUK PRINT frnni Tiios. V . R ' lUl-.kT, Jr. e TH OS. F . R y B ERT PRINTING CO. .si 1 I ' JKIIW 11(11 .. J. . 1 .17 (jonipoliiliilions To Tin-: Gr. I)1 .vn.s m ' )- -2 ' I ' ll (Mir lU ' i-hhiirs. the Kr.i.iuati-, nt l ' )42, » (■ cxpics- (iiir sincere be t wishes tnr Miicxs in the Iv.isiness xMirhl-and to tliii-e i remain ciiir neiizhhors at Teeh. niir message is the desire to eniitinuc tci ser c. Rates From 3.00 ATLANTA BILTMORE JERSEY ICE CREAM COMPANV 784 N. HicHLAND Avi;.. N. K. Atiania. G . F. W. (Un.i.) SCANMNG FRKU E. SCA.NLIXG H Km LOCK 0125 Cijinplimitits J. B. McCRARy ENGINEERING CORP. J. B. McCRARy COMPANy, INC. Mu nil I pal Initiriivemtnts ATLANTA GEORGIA Max lie Continue To Be l-aiwcd II III, y,.„r Biiyimss WTX)H?P fTTT l.Tr x»x WOFFORD OIL COMPANy ■.XCIS ' KhRS , Hvuv- US .ur Ki ihik film tnr expert Inpirv C ' ORRKCT Bi 1) FA- IT IK l.oriNC ll. NS I ' lCTI Kl S EASTMAN KODAK STORES IS.l Pi CHTRI:I All M Fash on ' C ;o , west Tllil „c Mm s for RU ,H1 ' IN STVIJ •HI- Al.ri ' l PKIC THE TECH SHOP, INC. 4 ' ' X. ,rth Ave, x ' . V. ir, uelcn.r III, Tnh hoys l„ our nr,v lo.-atlon. . , . niflJESTIC F(.)()i) That 1 ' lkasks Pi.nce Jc l.ein - ( )pp. Hriarclitt H..t - .S26 W. Pei.chtrn- - )pp. Biltmnrt- Hntcl OPEN AI.I. NICHT irldll llllIC to . . . FI.OR 1)1-: MKLBA " The C.uiiiv Sii pi cm, " J. N. HIRSCH IIISIRIBL loR 144 M.inVtta St., X. V. ATI ANTA W Ihll ISM i ; ,■ ( and Hospital lancns IlIRl CI Mill, Sllll ' l ' l RS Slu- ts ; n.l r.-ii Case-, Blanlcets, Spreads, T ' ciu els, le Linens, Slia.les, Curtains R. K. RAMBO COMPANY 2111 _ ' i 1 w ..It. .11 K.iiMiiiL; Ati NT . (i . WA, 44 ' )2 ' n wTH pn B 5p|¥jBB B ■ J ( )n Coi - Ki... l is Prepareil ami Served by White Attendants. v,,il,nlly l ' „„t,;l lor Tcli Sliul,,its THE CHEERLEADER m lit,- Tc-iiiLooii rii.uir, i;i,i«. T II E S () I ■ T II ■ .S ' . - ■: s T Iflu-re tippirii ' ss Costs So Little " Jlaau 6- inU FOX THEATRE Ask lor . . . KRISPy KREME GLAZED DOUC iHNlTS Different - Tas ty - Satis fytiKi 451 1 )NCF. DF. I .hON ToNV PhII-I.II ' S, Mr.R. VKrnon 0241 Jl e Ret onniieiii . . . MORMNC (il.OR HI 1 ' TKR • TENNESSEE EGG CO., INC. Distributor ' Ai.xrT 6775 189 Si ' Rixc St., S. W -.SCI SEERS. ' HniiL ' 11- " iir K.nhik lilm ti)r cspci t ,le ,-lopin ' j L ' okKlCT Dfnf.i.oimxc BfTTIR I ' KTl RFS EASTMAN KODAK STORES Er,,Ulu,r ' l ' h;t,..n, ' h„ IS.l I ' l CHTRM All W T i ' as hi Oil ' s A ' l iccsl ' I ' hii i s for Colic „c Mm R1( ,HI ' IN SIVI.F (ji Ai.r ■ - TRICP THE TECH SHOP, INC. 4 ' ) Ninth Ave, . . V. In r,Ur rltri Unilll ' nn .... mflJESTIC FODII Tll.XT l ' l.F. SFS III.M Ponce lie l.n n - I )pi Briarclitt Hciti-1 S26 W. Peachtrec- - ( )pp. Hiltinorc H..tcl (ll ' tV Al.l. NIGHT (Inii ii ilr lo . . . I ' l.OR 1)H 1KLBA " I ' hi- (ht nr Sii p) iiiii- " J. N. HIRSCH IlISTRIBL IliR 144 Marirtta St., N. V. ATLANTA « Mill IS l 1 jtc ' tiiitl Hospital Linens IllRI Cl Mill. SHiri ' l RS She •t i ml Pal Case., Blankets, Spreails, ' Pouek, le Linens, Slia.lcs, Curtains R. K. RAMBO COMPANY Jill Ji 1 w ,ilt..n HniMinL: An nt , Ci . VA. 44 ' _ ' ||p -j HM . " K 1 Sk V mT - L J sl Our Fno,l is Prepared and Served h V lite Attemlaiits. Cnmcnenth Iw,il,;l tor Tail Slu, rnts THE CHEERLEADER u, llu- 1 chuoo.i rii.uir, ; , -. r II E s () I ■ T n • .v •• A ' ■: .v T II (Ipplllt-SS Costs So Little " luca. c,y inU FOX THEATRE Ask for . . . KRispy KREME (iLAZED douc;h. i IS Different - Tns y - Satisfyniii 451 1 ONCE Di: i.hoN ' Vow 1 ' hii.i.ii ' s, Ml,R. X ' Krnon ' 1241 ( ' Rei oiii lueiiil . . . MORMNC (il.OR ' l Bl TTKR • TENNESSEE EGG CO., INC. Distributor WAi.M T 6775 189 Spkixc St., S. V. TECH SHOPS USE OUR EQUIPMENT J. M. TULL METAL SUPPLY CO. fur Pipes ami Tiibacei we reciimmend SCHWA RTZ ' s FdUSVTH I ' OKXKK UTOX " C Ti:Krii-i k " DiiisLi. Tr ctiirs (.l.TcU RM L C RR ' i. I.I. ScRAI ' l-RS Ci)NTR (. niKs ' I ' l.ii Il• Il; •T G()l)l)l.l 11 " , ' ANCK ' YANCEY BROS., INC. 634 Whitehall St., S. W. ATLANTA. GA. MERLIN GROCERY CO. Whoi.ksai.f. " CiiU ' iiiii to ' J ' rr i Fnilt niilit ' s " 125 DixATiR St., S. E. M. iN-5S31 Ilt ' ic (uc picliircil (ill of the DitikLr operated hotels. In these hotels you ilHI find modern convenienies, even unto air-conditioned bedrooms at the Tntmiler, the Andrew Jackson, the Jefferson J avis and the St. Charles. .Ind in all you leill find friendly service. Dinkier Hotels CARLING DINKLER President and General Manager THE ANSLEY ATLANTA, GEORGIA L. L. TUCKES, JR. THE SAVANNAH SAVANNAH, GEORGIA HOMER SPIVA Monagci m THE O. HENRY GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA . J. 5LA ' Maiascr 3000 Rooms SolTHERV lI()Tia,S THE ST. CHARLES NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA JOHN J. C ' LEARY Vice President ard Manascr ANDREW JACKSON NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE : EC ' N W. WCM3LE Manager THE TUTWILER JEFFERSON DAVIS MONTGOMERy, ALABAMA GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHROlOGy ■ih to properly qualified young men 1 ■ ■ ■ J tti until. HI ERONAUTIC. ENGINEER «. R C H I T E C T I N G U R E R C H I T E C T U CERAMIC ENG CHEMICAL ENG ENGINEER I E E R E E R I N G C H E M I S T R CIVIL ENGINEERINt ELECTRICAL ENGINEERIN( GENERAL ENGINEERIN INDUSTRIAL DESIGI INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMEN MECHANICAL EN6INEERIN PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEERIN ' TEXTILE ENGINEERING for information, add THE REGISTRAR GEORGIA SCHOOL Of TECHnOLOGyjTLRnTR,GEORGIR BOVKIN TOOL SUPPLY CO. Safi-ty Belt l-ace Coffing Hi)ist5 Mill Siipplic Mechanical Kubbcr (JhocIs Pipe I ' ipi- Fittings Texn.pc -V Hells 67 CotRTI.AND SxRhhT. N. K. Air.ANlA. CKOKCIA Gradiatk To Gri: TiiR Savings BIG STAR SUPER MARKETS Co,, „„.■ , .V of MIWII (Jt ARTS (Sh. ■s I ' ure!) IRVINDALE l-arnis FARMS IJulnth, c; DAIRY I ' ast.-uri in atul 15. ttlin.L I ' lant Sprin J. St. at 13th Ph, „u- KrN(1 V 7703 Htinii your fnotor trniihle to " RED " VOGT 24 HoLR At ToMOBii.n Skrvice SPK1 (, ST. HE. 5f)53 ATI.ANTA. CA. RESPESS RESPESS Ccrtifi ' J Public ■ Accountants ATI, ANTA, GEORGIA M 1 C0 ' , ( I A. Rome, Ga. SrMTKR. S. C. v l ' iirA rr ' f fff fy f if ' f.) I r ' f ' z y if r j ifj y ffn ' .i c v y ' yr ffz fyfj ff j ' fj y ,,f f, ffjir f,,i, r ,. THE PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Kstahlislied 1847 The KURD J. GRAIN AGENCY Rlin.lrs-Havern lil.l-j. Aj LANTA, Ga. AETNA LIFE INSURANCE CO. Sam M. m Paul H. Carson Dobbins General . . ' ,« 1,1 1 ' F, ACCIDKNT, AM) ( .ROL ' P l)i;i ' AR TMKN IS Willi, im-OliMT Hl.l- Ati. nt , G . COLLINS MANUFACTURING CO. Aiitiinmliile Seat Cmt-rs, l-iiuiiaiie Covers L ' plidUteiinL; HK. Soon 517 Splin Street, . W. An, wrx, Gi i:,„„i.u,i inii hi DuLany Frosted Foods CAPITOL FISH CO. 4SS Wli tehall St„ S. V. WA. 2770 ' K. 1171 THOMPSON COAL COMPANY Fl IM (Jl l. ' (l l I MK SloklKS, Kl UN ei:s, I I t 1 l KS and C RATliS )|, liLVD., N. E. f aUoAd ' l DISri-.ASLXC Ol ' llLlA.XS $6 Years of Difieniliible OftUiil Service • Service • Qualit Merolian.lise • Accurate and Expert Vorkmansliip Walter Ballard Optical Co. 105 Peachtree Medical Arts Bldg. V. W. Orr Doctors ' Bldg. Forget ) our li orries R ' jlt Your Troubles .-liiay at BUCK ' S 671 I ' LACiiTRit St., N. E. 20 HoLSTO- St. Hrlarcliff Plaz.x 125 Ellis Street ATLANTA. GA. VK SHI. I. OXLV THK BEST! SPECIALTy DISTRIBUTING CO. K L F. C T R U ' A I. hi P 1 ' I. 1 K S 425 IVaclitree, N. E. VA. 1257 ATLANTA FISH, INC. The Soiilh ' s Mrjsi Modem and StiinliiiY Si ' ii oo, Esliih ls iDie i HKmhKk ' )I2 ATLANTA CKORGIA For the ninet jenth straight year the BLUE PRINT is cased in a Midla4f- J nG ll cover from . . • • MaUoif Plani 2857 Nc 3rth We stern Avenue CHICAGO ILLINOIS ROBERT RRD COmPRRy 1 . L (I R !■ () K A T 1, 1) .Irr iitrrls and Em inrfn ATLANTA A R c H I r I-; c T s . . . I-; x c, i . v. i-: r s A P P R A I S K R S . . . C () . S l I, 1 A X T S T K X T I L K . . . I X I) r S T R I A I , . .. M r X I C 1 P A L PO W K R P I. A X T S An Or(;aniz;)tii)n with a Xationwidc Scope Scrxint;; Clients in ' l ' hirt - States " .It I iirlifiirl ilairy sen,- yoii thr Ins milk- W. F. COX CERTIFIED DAIRy CidRDOX Rl). ATI.AXT , (iA. H ' f Hit firoi il t ' J icrvc ALPHA V.W OMYXjA KAPPA S1(;. IA THi: KIM) OF Ml SIC nV WANl— AM) WHIN n WAX P V ( )X— lik Mm THE VANCEV CO. •U?, Pi vcHTRi i; Si, X. 1 , l . Xil R MTIXTIOX OX ORCAXIZKI) OUTDOOR AI) ERTIS1NG Till- I.arm-t Oul.ln,,r A.Ui-rtisini; (;..ini..-mv i.i the Wi.rM _ J4 MKK[ ITTS AVE.. X. K. IHl!.;il.ll!l.l.!,U..JJJJUI,|.N. " NOWAST€ IVOROS m AA,KE LONG J-. STORy SHORr OUTDOOR ADVERTISING H HURT QUIN I„s,in,n,-.- I ' lulrru-ntv Si M) Ri) Hi iiiiiM. Atl. xta. G.a r Supply the COLLEGE INN U. KtRV Prddicts - Coffee ZAKAS BAKERy-MOCHA COFFEE CO. (|l 4V r ' LL PORTRAITS IN THIS BOOK MADE BY Ui :tO-:i2 FIFTH STREET, i. Vt . ATLANTA 4;K4»lt«iilA OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR :BLe C n.- ALL BLUE PRINT ncgallvts arc held I " o " ' files for several years and portraits can be obtained at any lime. Write us for information and special price list. -UlflRE p 0TC-p o(B5 mumm co. • 15 -119 LUCKIE G E O R G ;-. Ttr im. a ' ir-- «pr. 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Suggestions in the Georgia Institute of Technology - Blueprint Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) collection:

Georgia Institute of Technology - Blueprint Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1939 Edition, Page 1


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