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Sj-: -• V jjiV- y . » .13!i ' A: - - ?H.-. ' M ' m. -. -. r . " " w.n ' tHk V: li j vW r. i - 2 W r- ' coMMEiioRATisii THE loTmrrnoT J-L I V I II T V r II II W E )l II I! I T I li T II V, I II I S T II I K S ' I ' lu- tlu-nu- of this, the thirty-thinl Vdlunu- nf the- Hl.l !•; I ' RIXT, is based iipnii (IciiiLjia. A phiic sii cncrdiisly L-iiiiiiwcct b nature, the beating heart " f the Sciuth, the treasurehiml i)f pn- tentialit , is exteiidin; an ea er wel- eoiiie tn thiise n ' huiil, men ulio ,l;ii Inrth fnini e(ille;j;e portals to fulfill ler ilestinx ' . " (ieori ia ' s riehest resoiiree is her inlmite arietv. " ' ariet in natural resourees, not of one kind, but iiianv ; in ni ner,il , in farm prodiiets. in for- est, and in sea; m elimate warm enough to proxide .1 h.i en from northern snows, and eool fnouLjh to stimulate enerL;;etie enterprise. IF tiif: ST hi: of i;fiii!i;ii (ieorj ia is t;nm-i1 tor tuigc inttnii plantations, hut it is assured nl a futuic one crop system b the .i;reat di ersity of other crops. Li estock aiKl forest help The forests i row both hardwood and softwood; the tall pines, which are a ili feature, provide an iinportant source of the state ' s productive wealth. Pecan and apple orchards are a significant detail m the varied picture that are the hsheries aloiv the coast — so is the huge railroad center that makes Atlanta the connecting link between the whole Southeast and the rest of the United States. The same climatic advantages which made (ieorgia the sportsman ' s dream are also speeding the upsurge of industrial development which focused the attention of business men, bankers and investors upon the South. Most important of all, a new spirit of ambition now in- spires (iei)rgia " s people and is revitalizing every phase of its life and activity. Slower gains of the past have been consoli- dated — and a swift pace is set for the future. free from the the state, stinctive scenic is c;?(. ,T%.Vil ' , T R 1 Ti) Robert (Jrt- ' jitj whose brilliant career in Southern ln u tr has been histor making and whose e eeuti e abilitx l recognized throLighout the natmn. C ' i ic leader, indus- trialist, and alumnus, Robert (iregg was presi(1ent of the Atlantic Steel Company for ten ears, and has been presiifent of the I ' ennessee Coal, Iron and Railroad Com- pan for the pa- t eight ears. To him this thirty-third Milume of the Bl.i I ' klXT is sincerely dedicated. D T I I! II I! [] II T I. II i: I. f » i T E iH ' S B(H)k One T H K SCHOOL H..,,k Twd F R A ' 1 ' I-; R X 1 ' 1 ' I !•; S Li Hn,,k ' I ' hrcc ACTIVrriKS AM) OROA.XIZATIOXS V II IIS Tin T J_HK Sdutlieiii States clnniiiiati- In tlu- tmii iit i-j;c-table nils in tlic L ' liitfd States. These vegetable oils are e tiactecl priiu ipall tmm mttcmseeci and peanuts. uhile progress is heing made in the prodiatinn nt soybean and tuTig nil. The cottonseed and peanut oil industry nt the South is one nt its maim industries, with millions of dollars invested in plant equipment, emphniiiL; thmisands nt penple and w ith products valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. The Uses to whicli southern egetable oils are put are almost limitless. Snme nt the most important uses are, vegetable shortening, salad nils, cnnking oils. marL ' arine. soap- stock, cosmetics, linoleum, oilcloth, artilicial leather, etc. While the Souths production of vegetable oils is large, it In no means supplies the country ' s demand. Appro imatel , I OI).(MI(),()()0 worth ot ve ' .;etable mis are im|inrted into the Initeil States each ear to supplement rhr Im al suppl . I ' hese imiiorted oils include peanut oil, cncna, sn hean, palm, sesame and baliasu. 1 he Smith niiiUl produce the total demand ot this country tor vegetable mis and the ienin ,il ot restrictions neces- sary to bring this about should he effected. Tung oil. another vegetable oil of great value, is ijetting under wa in the Smith and stead) progress is being made in its production. China now supplies practically our entire demand tm this nil, the alue .,t tlie impmts aM ' ra-in;; abmit :?. 1 2,1 KM Mil HI per ear. The source nt this nil is the nut tmm the tiing tree and it is estimated that ap|irn i- mately S(J,f)(HI acres in the Smith are nnw in tung orcluirds, hile Slid. (Hill acres uould be required tn meet mir present nnrmal demands. The SO) bean is a source nf valuable vegetable nil, but so lar the South has made very little progress in the production of this oil. The north central and western states have made great progress in its production and since this bean is not indigenous to the South, its production will never be exclusive to this region. However, it is adaptable to our climate and continued effiu ' ts are being made tn prnduce it nn ,i re,il Lnmmerci,il basis. Its In-prnducts cnver a wide range nt applications and the market dem.ind is the incentive tor its turther production. K. C L L E (i E THE r It E S I II E T Marion Li thi-.k Bkittaix A.B., PJiKiry L;iii ersity Kappa .llplui LL.I)., Mercer University ' lUhi Kuppa LL.D., I ' niversity of Cicnrj,ria I ' hi Kuppa I ' ii LL.I)., r L ' ni ersit Onuiroii Drlla Kappa THE 40 BLUE PRINT I T II I) )l ] .ITS r II II (I L ...( .w7 . Ly . . . Georgia is indeed proud of thi man who was born and educated in lier state. Her " Best loved educator " has served as president of (ieorgia Tech for the past eighteen years, and has endeared himself in the hearts of every student and aluinnus by his ever i indlv attitude and willing de i)tion to every problem cif every Tech man. v ir li t 1 ki 11 1 L L iN B.S., rniversity of C ' liicaiio A.M., Har ;ud l ' ni cisit Sc.I)., rni crsity uf (jenrtjjia Brill ' I ' irhi I ' l J ' ii Belli Kiippti Oiiiii 10 1 Dt-liii Kiippii Cii-on iii AiiuU ' iity oj Science DEAN SKILES P ' lir sixteen years Dean Skiles lias had the ad- niiratiMii of students and facility alike in his position that leqiiires an uml ers tan d i n;j; of fairness and an ability to help. Ry his unfail- iiii; eourtesv, his svnipathetie tinderstandiiiL;, and his e er-present sense of fairness he makes our residence at Teeh a source of knowledi e and happiness. THE ' 40 L U E PRINT II l n I S T II I T I II it I I L II I li I ( ' I! I r V MAKidX n I in-,i : r.Ki ' n ix. . :. i.i- n WILLI M i:ivX(i SKILLS, i; S , A L. Sell lll(,ll II KklS L ALDW l-.I.L, A.i; l .-iilnir uiul S,;irl„ry ,•! Ill,- -.Mi Zv |( lll LALKi:XLl: DAXIi;],. MA l .;,ii .. I.nnluair Ci ' in u W ILLI M i.ILMLk ri-.Rk ' . A,M , l.iti 1 I hail of uriirnil Mn.liri DoMLXcm I ' li Lkii SA ' XT. Us in i:i:., MS. m l:i-., ICI " -, L " L() ' ii i-il:li). . i;. . m. ' .■.„, w M,u L MI--S i:kSKIXI-: MiDAXIia., HA. LL.B. l|iv,7..r „ (,.,, .,■ »( ;,■ I ' crailiiifiil W II.LIA.M IIAkR ' r(,ll. X. I!S in i;C-. . LS. in Ccr !■. Unrtlor, l:„gi».:-r„i- lisf.-runrnl Shilioii LLLIX I-. (,R()SS, Lt. LuL t ' . A, C. L ' . S. . rniv C ' niniiauJaul. MiliUiry h l . T. C. H. M LWW ' I-LL. r.ipt.ini. L S Xavv i..ui,:iuu,l.,iil. a:al K. II ' l C- ii xxix(.s L, M()XT lll•:xu md I ' KAXK KIXi, IIOL ' STOX. C P.. , . K1 ' HI ' K ILXMMMXi) AK. ISTR( 1X( ,. HA.. MA Siitrniilcudciil of Honinloncs R()(,L:R SIILLI ' ARI) I-KIWRLL. HS in Ml ' . , LSc. Iiirn-lo, o, l-.:niiuf: S.hool ,. .Ipf-licd Winwr lloWWkl) V. RI) M.XSOX. H.S m .M.H . .M.S.. NLE. iil-- ' inilciHlrnl of i, rounds and Ihnhluo .s n) sri ' A ' L;xs()X kix(.. . ll:. nlsc. Sc.d. Snprrinlrmli-nl of .V i. ..( anil roiofr I ' lanl ICSTELLE . ' KLLEN, R.C.S. -Issodalc Rci:islrai lL kkll-:T IIEXDL.RSOX S ' rrrrlaiy lo llic I ' raidi-iil MK ' S l MLS 1IL;XLLA ' (.ROSL.W ' I) Lil ' ianan ) s I). xii-:l l ' ii, lor of rUnin- Hall AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING K. H. Mills, I ' IlD. . . A, M. Si HWARTZ, A.F.. . W. R. Wekms. R.S.. M.S. Amikut (iMl. Dipl, l- ' .iiR llcadof Ih-fl. . Issist. Professor Assist. Profc. . tssisl. Profcs . ssisl. Profcs I lev! of Ih-l-t. ARCHITECTURE llAk.iM. riisH-BkimN. A.B.. M.. rd.. .1. 11. C.MLKV. U.S.. M.S Profcs. or k. T. Xlii«nMs. HS Isso. Prof,:tsur v. M. Hkfkkknax. H.S.. M ' .S.. M.. roli.. . .«. ' . ' r,. -, M. SiEciLKK. B.S issist. Professor 1 L. Jom F.NSKN. A.Ii Professor I II. IIakri. . B.S Instructor C. Tavuik. U.S.. M. Arch liLilnu-lor A M . iiK«.-iix. H.S Iiislnulor BIOLOGy AND PUBLIC HEALTH lln.ii Aiihx i. k.ii 1. l; S., MS Ilcjd oj llcfarlu I- I. Ij.uiK, A.H. .M.I) hsislaul I ' rofc. . . ]■: Ca.nniin. BS. MS Inslni. CERAMIC ENGINEERING WlllH.M llMilJV ' M (.H N, U.S. M.S . . IIcmI , ' t I ' cfnil ' i I, .Mn-.. HEi.L, p. S. M S Aisislniil Proic; J. II H KKl-. l; S Inslni. CHEMISTRy AND CHEMICAL ENGINEERING (.II.BEKT lllLI IIOIMC I-;...;..-. PhD. . . . . Head : ilh-tiVln. .|(.H L. IlwiHl.. MA (.lii.i of IK ' fartiurnl .if Clu-ilii. llAk-ni.n A. l ' ,rN,,tu. I ' ll. I) , Chirf : l l ,-t n-lill.-nl i Ch,;,iu„n-iigliirct l:. P. Wkutii. Ph I) ' rc ' .-j W S T M.ii . PI. I) ,. .-j II P. Fun I. M N. I ' ll II,- ' ;■.. .-.. P m;h,-. I ' ll I) I.KSonalrProfc; I Win., I ' ,.S. .M, .M.S -Issisliiiil l-i:,l - ' W P K ' H II Kiis ,,N, l; S. .M S Is--L l,nil ri:dcs II M W M --. I ' ll. I) lisL-laiU ■r,. ■., J W. .M s,,N, I ' ll I) h. ,sh:iil [ ' ' .., c P K Cm « v. I ' ll II ».( .». I. II Ci VKV. Plili Instni, II. 1. P:ii«ai i. . Phil, W. M. Sn. iK. Ph II . J. I. Tamnk. . P.. .M.S I. W. Sa.m.kk , M.S. . I,.t H,- liisinu THE FACULTY I E W S at GEORGIA TECH L. im Dmmq Hall I II " ' • MATHEMATICS Daviii n. SMirii. PhD. W. V. SKii.t , H S,, A M , Ki.nvii Fiiau. M. , K. A. Hefner, Pli.D. . D. L. Stamv, A.B., MA. II. K. Fn.MiR. H.S., MA. R MrNiKiRi-i-, B,S. . , I). II V.M.u.r. I ' li.n. , n.;:d of Prpurliiu- . . . I ' roh-ss. . . - rrol.-ss. . . . rrofess. .-Issocialc Profi ' ssi .■Is.uHiiilf Profess, .lssisl.,,,1 Prof.-ss. .Issislinil I ' inl. ' ss, T I . aal F A C II L T V V. Reynoius, Jk . H.S.. -M.Sc. F. S. Steex. Ph.U C. V. Hook. A.B.. MA. C. H. Hoi-TON, A.B., A.M. C. R. PHELi .S. M.A. . . . A. L. ST. RKErr, AM.. MA. V. H. Se. hs, Jr., A.H.. MA. I). 1.. Webb, I ' li.I). . f. 1,. Cakkoi., J«., H..S.. A.. l. I.. J. (.keex, i ' h.l). . . . i ' ei.. iin Koiii.vsux. I ' h.U. Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Instructor . . . Instructor Instructor Instructor dor MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Kuv .S. Ki.xr,. M.E., M.S.. .Sc.l). W. V. DixKix. B.S.. M.K. . ,1 .V.SOX, B.S., M.S. . . H. 1 R. S. R. L. R. A. A. I) I). B. A. A. Howell, B.S.. M.S. . . SwEiGERT, B.S., M.A., Pli.n TKOrrEK, R.S., M.S. . H(.Li.. xi., B.S., M.S. . . HixTox, B.S., M.S. . . 1 I AKRELSOX, . .B. . llARRISOX. B.S. ... Wilcox, B.S E. B. J. H. R. L. W. ' . .1. To|. II. () . . Associalc Professor . . Associate Professor . Associate Professor . Associate Professor Instructor Inslruclor C. SE Instructor Martixd. le Instructor Hexika ... Instructor Ali.ex, B.S Inslruclor x HoriEX Instructor ■HA.M Instructor l- ' osiik US Instructor MODERN LANGUAGES John 1! (.HKN.sii . . l.l1il). Head o! I )e fart J. A. Cami ' oamor. . J!.. .M . . R. M. Krvix. A.B.. M . . . Associate Professor -tssociale Professor PHYSICS Joseph H. Howev, I ' ll I). Instruclo Inslructo Instruclo llcadof Defarlnicnt . . . Professor . Professor . Professor . . . Professor J. 11. F.LIWARD.S, B-S. . . . S. Herod, Ph.D. . . K. E. BORTELL, B.S. . . E. T. Prosseo, B.A., M.A, J. E. Bovn, Ph.D. . . . W. P. EwALT, A.B.. M.A. L. V. JoHxsox, B,S., M.S. G. A. RossEi.oT. Pli I). . li . Professor . Professor Issociate Professo Issistant Professo .•issistant Professor Issistant Prof, Issisttinl Profi Issistant Prof, TEXTILE ENGINEERING fUARLE? A. Jox R. L. Hill, B.S W. I.. Carmuh Head of Defarlnienl Head of Deparlmen . . IssislanI Profi s.. M.S. .Issistant Prof essoi D. E. Philkit, B.S Inslrucloi J. R. Bkaxmox , hislructo. P. S. S.Mnii. P,.S. Instruclo. STATE ENGINEERING EXPERIMENT STATION WlI.LL M H. Ar,.HAX, I ' .S. MS , Dirccloi % iAf- : ■ : : : »-l : ' Hi f .71 O ' " 1 ' O ' - 1 ( m ' VX wstkk . . B,S.,M.1:a. -- -,1 .n J r-- J f ;r-r r 3 I J ' Za Pi ' BEZ " " ■ ' I ' M O) 0» -O. ' --i vTj i:;iS " - ;, : . r ' O K a f! h ' ' -™-. •■ - ■■• " ' ■- C ' O O O lj. ;k..s PhD UL f r f " f " ( 1. h.Hakrisux B.s. -1. J — — V -=-y - ajM i v ' JL 1 ' , M.Hkffkhx n B.S...M.S. fl T li. ' 1. l ■ !■ k. A. Hkfxek Ph.D. ■•=» F - -J, R %« • .• • ' ! ■■»1Wt5 " — ' « ■ J. HHiN,, . • ■«» " 4 jr ,. ' P JF ,.:,-■ -;,i .(Ti !:i r D 9 01 O .Q rs o 4 - ' - 9 o. q Q 6 a c:! q H n f! o .Q .-.V g Q ' ::) c:i r.i c n o o L9 ' o : o . ' T a. iV S. II.nvKi.L . . . . . . B.S.,M.Sc. ' . I . Hl- ' DSOX . . . . A.B., . .M. K, Jacobs . . . . . . B.S., M.S. V.J.IHXSON . . . . . B.S.. M.S. . L. JoRGEXSON . . . A.B., M.. rcli. K. Lewis . . . . . B.S..M.S. J. Lii.Ly .... . . Maj., U. S. .X. II.I.IXTOX . . . . . . B.. ., M.. . (i-I.UWEK . . . . . . .X.B., M.D. ■ F. LozitR . . . . . . A.B., I.L.K. H. I-ic. .s . . . . . . B.S., M.S. li. Martixji.m.e W. Masox . . . . . . B.S. M.S. W. Ma. ox . . . Ph. I) ]•. McCiAKRAlT.H . , .Maj.. U. S. A. .MlTlHEl.L . . . . . . B.S., M.S. T. MoREXor.s . . ... B.Arcli. B. AR.MORE . . B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. . n. Xew.max . . . Capt, U. S. A. - K. PaW)0( K . . . G.m-clr, U. S. N ' . .S. I ' archmax . . . Sgt.. f. S. A. c; Patrick . . . . , Sgt.. U. S. A. K. Phei.j.s . . . . . . B.S. A.M. K. Phii.pott ■.J.PRorroR . . . . .li., [.A.. U..B. T. Pr„.sskk . . . . . . B.A.. MA. W. Raixev . . . A.B.. M.A . l r:vN(ii.i,.s . . . . . . B.S.. .M.Sc. ' . ii. Ru HARusnx . . . B.S.. M.S. L. Riiiiox . . . . . Cap!., U. S. A. R " iiix.sox . . . Ph.D. .• . RoSSEI.OT . . .... Ph.D. M. Schwartz . . A.K. H. Sears . . . . . . A.B., M.A. (i. Seiiieli, . . . . . B.S.. K.K. . SrEllI.ER .... B.S. . 1. Sl.Vi.MS . . . Sgt.. U. S. A. .M. S.MITH . . . . . B.S.. M.S. . .M. Sl ' ICER . . . Ph.D. W. Stai.xakek . i-:.K. 1- STA.MV . . , . . . A.B., A.M. L. St. kkett . . . A.B., A.M. H. Steex . . . .... Ph.D. S. Sweigekt .... Pli.D. T. T.,i-iiA. , I-. Tavm.k . . . A.K., M.S. . S, ' I ' avI.iik . . . Ph.D. M. . . . B.S.,.M.S. . , Trotter . . . . . . B.S..M.S. i ' an Holtex I H. Al-GIIAX 1 . V ' iDctsIC I M. Waiiule . J. Walker , ' akre. 1.. Weri. . .S. Werer Weiier . ■ R II. Weese . . H. WuR . A. . B. e x . . B.S.. M.S. . . M.E., M.S ■ . . . Ph.D. . . Ph.D. B.S.. M.A.. C.P.A. . . Ph.D. . B.S.. M.S. . . Ph.D. . B.S.. M.S. Sgt.. l S. A. Sgt., V. S. A. . B.S., M.S. B.C.S.. . !.A. I ' . Uhitcomi) PI, I) ■. C WiiiTi.EV B.S., M.s! . B. W ' iuox B.S.. M.S. B. Wkiitii Ph D. D. WvLV i , ' K. Wv.snx,: Lit pL:Lu- L- ' J J, . . . TIr- Stiulciit Ciiuiuil is tlic mll t fssciuial stialcnt hinl - d I ' a ii i a t i mi on the L-anipus. Its iiK-iiibcrs ai ' c selected In the stiideiit hcnl - itsell " and is eonipiised n the I ' l ' esident of the Senior Class, the President of the Interfraternity Coinicil, the President of the " ! ' . M. C A., the I-.ditor of the Tii Iniii ii, ' . ti e ineiiihers elected from the Senior Class, four from the jtniior Class, two fr ini the Sopho- more Class, t v(] from each section of the Cooperati e Department, and the fol- lowinii inemhers who h.ue sc.its hut no .tes: Pi-esidcnts of the junior. Sopho- more aiul Freshm.m Classes, and lulitors i.f the 15l I 1 Pkim and ) ' ,7 f-:c J.nkil. The council super -ises the election of all publication editoi-s .ind husiness m.ina),fers, supervises student dte on m.ittei-s rei|ui|-in,ii a delmite expression ol student sentunent, promotes .ind stiperx i,es annu.d elections ol class officers and Council re|)resent.iti es, .ind represents the student hoiK on all Student l ' aeult Committees. The Student Council const tution st.ites that its objects and tluties are to " represent the whole student body in matters attectini, ' student interests; to attord a coiuement medium ol communic.ition between the students and the school authorities; and, in i;ener,il, to cre.ite .md preserve the excellent customs and traditions (d ' the school. " fi T 11 OFFICERS c. . i w: . . r,,u,i,,ii V. K. lirxttii, i,,-l ' ,,u,l,Hi J. I- ' . .St(i aii. . . Srn.UiiA C. . . .McKlSM.N, I ' lrasu,-,,- iA ) E . T C I S f I L II F VOTING MEMBERS Srili. V. K. Hharh . . . VV. F. BtNNETT C. N. M.wo . . - C. A. McKlNNON . (J. W. Phillips V. H. KCTOR . . H. M. CoxHAV ■.( or Technique |. M. Sena . . l ' ,,si, ,-nl I, H.-rfral mily Council I.T.Bayer I ' r,si,l,;it Y . M.C. A. V. W. ' 1 AU.OR . . • R,pr - Kr-pr ■ S,„iof R,pr Srnior R.,pr l ' r,u,l,nl Se lllilllj; ritalivt tilulivi nliitir, r (:i,,Si ]. l)Rhu .... R. . 1. CJRIFI-I-N . . I- ' . P. Hldson I. A. Hi TCHINSOX . l ' . V. .Al.I.CORV . . I. I.. Harris . . 1 " . N. Kkll . . ). F. Stovall . j. VV. lillSCH . . . Si,pli ' ,,n:r, R, preseilllllu- loptralivt Reprisenlalile iopertttivf Rt ' presftitativf topfratil ' e Representative ifjperative Representative Junior Representative Junior Representative . Junior Representative J unior Representative ophomore Representative V. H. Holz . R. J. WOODUALI NON-VOTING MEMBERS . -.V z or Vellou .1 ackrt j. I.. Harris . . A ; o;- H. H. . ' rtiilr T. C. UdZIER .... I ' resulenI Jreilnnan Cla President Junior Class I ' resutenI Sophomore Class s» ic: i ARTHUR DREW HUTCHINSON ECTOR PHILLIPS BENNETT GRIEFIN SENA BOSCH HARRIS TAyiOR HOLZ WOODDALL T II [] i; hi II II 11 I ( T K i: II S S II I ' I I T I II In tlu ' lull ..t 1 ' ' ), the (u-(irgia Tech StiidL-nt l.cctui-e AssDciatiori first t.iiiic into being. This orgaMi atmn was (iiiiiK ' ii liir the purpose (it making available to the stuJent binl , speakers, entertainers, and other attrac- tions at er small cost, llie .leeomplishment of such an aim has been hitlierto neglected on our campus. By the payment of a small fee by each student, it has been [mssible to bring a number ot outstanding fe.itures to the school this ear. rile series is as vet m an experniiental stage. It is hoped that its eontiniiance will lead to well-rounded, interesting, and .it the same time, ine pensi e enter- t.iinment. THE COMMITTEE IN CHARGE Dr. II. H. tKIII.MW. C.hmriiuu, FACULir MEMBERS 1)K. K. A. (lrFM.R Dr. p. H. N srmori: Dr. V. C. I ' lRRV PriiFHSSIIR C. W. R.AlNHY STUDENT MEMBERS j»k ' ¥»• y V. K. Hi Rii II. .M. CnSU. I . I ' . lUhs,.N 1. , . KhLL C. .A. .MeKiNNCN W. W. ' I AVI.DR 1 II II II II r II II II 1 1 1 E E FACULTy MEMBERS I ' ROK. I. I.. Damn, Dr. K. a. Hkknhr I ' RdK. W. li. .|oii STUDENT MEMBERS J. I,. Harris " Any faculty member who suspects a stuJcnt of ilishonesty in school work must report such student, together with evitlcnce. to the Student Faculty Honor Committee. The Committee investi- gates the case and determines whether the student is guilty or not as charged. If, in the opinion of the Committee, the student should be disciplined, it remands the stuilent to the Kxecutive Committee of the faculty. " This is the function of the Committee as outlined by its constitution. The honor system at Tech had grown I ' ather lax, and the methods ot control were ineffectual when the org.uii ation was or- gani eil lor the elimination ot dishonesty among students. I ' lic President apfioints the three faculty members atul the three student nicmhers are elected h the Student Council. , The Inevitable Crowd in the " Robbe T II tl ,S I ' II II II L This c;ir .it I cch liist(ii was nLuli- ((ir siinic tw cnt -tiiur Iiuiu1i " l-i1 xminji nan startinj - their larccrs as pnitcs- SKinal nu-n. ' )n these paj cs c see Slime lit that histiir pnrti-a eil in ra| hie seiitenees, whieh in ' ears tii eiiiiie will cill liaek Imiil iiieinnries iil Javs In the • ' Ruhhei ' v " cluniiii luiuli, nl " the nii ' lit heture tile (lenri ia ij,anie w hen e er iiiie was liii li in spirit iliiw n (in K.ise Howl I ielJ. The fiHitliall team cif nineteen liun- Ji-eil ami thirt -nine will be luni; re- inemhereil liir its L;allant perldrni.inee lieliire all lues, ami In wimimii the Orani e Hciwl elassle against Missiuiii it pnneii that Ciiaeh " Alex " is the best ciiaeh In the eiumtrv. THE 4 In September the t ' resliinen begin standinjj; in line and ilon ' t stop until tlie ha e seen everyone Ironi the dean to the janitor of the dormitor , and they all end up a cry homesick, disillusioned, and penniless irroup. This ear the new swimming pool opened to provide a new source ot pleasure to the stuilent hotly anil faculty. In its second year of existence at Tech the Civil Aero- nautics . uthority has trained some twenty boys as private pilots, anel during that time they have learned to Hy low- powcreii commercial planes at Candler I ' ield Airport. Xovember of each year .Mrs. Taylor counts twenty-tour hundred ballots of (ieorgia Tech students who have voted in the annual class officer election. This year outstanding campus leaders were chosen to head the various classes: lloward I ' .ctor. Hop Huggins. and Kay (irifHn have guided the Senior Class through a very successful year; Jim Harris, John Tyler, and Tom Kell headed the Junior Class; Harry V H I II 1 I J eel I . . . . rthur. Bill Cromartic. and Jolmnv Bosch were chosen as leaders of the Sophomore Class; Tom Do ier, J. A. .Mar- shall, and I.. S. Co ev showed their abilities as leailers by being elected as Freshman Class heads. Cultural entertainment has hing been lacking as a jiart of (ieorgia Tech. and this ear an l-.ntertainment Commit- tee was formed to supply this long-felt need. . t the lectures held in the New (ivmnasium students and lacultv cai7ie to hear prominent men speak on subjects of current interest. Phjikal Eiam in the Gym CAA Boys and Plane % J Enlcrtainmerl Lcclu . F II I! T II i: i; II L II .nJ )l II I T |] Schodl spirit is exemplified in many I Dims, ami (in this pagi. ' we see sume nt the spirit liieh eari ' ies so nian ' ' I ellow Jacket teams to -ict(ir . W ' liether it he a JaeLet " ii the tielil nt battle ai, ' aliist an iipposing team nr a Jaiket in tlie stands ellm.ij; Ills heart out. tlie all ha e that lire (if spirit wliieli enmes trdiii l(i e nf alma mater ami the rii ht kind of leader- ship. The liM.thall Hand made an excellent exhibltidii (if militar and musical skill at all (if the lidiiie (j;ames and on mimeriius trips with the team. Always leading the cheering section with the " Ramblin ' Wreck " and dtlier sehodl spirit s.mgs the band makes an game a pleasure tur spec- tators ami stuilents alike. VOO ( ' II H K K With so muiiv coli-hritics visiting the lair city of Atlanta this year it was ()nl natural to see many of tiieni in the President ' s ho to sec the Yeih jackets in action. Among the outstanding people we see Mary I ' iektord and Buddy Rogers discussing points of the game with Dr. Brittain. The Kamhiin ' Wreck contest hrought out some cle er designs m automotive engineer- ing this year. Sponsored by the Yellow Jacket Club, a school spirit organization, the dis- play of models on the field during the halt gave the crowd a real thrill. Ih« Ftncng Ic K II i V ; T II Warninq by " Prof, ' ■•Camming The primary pur- pose of any school is the promotion of a system of ed- ucation which ill be beneficial to the student ,n some profession. (In these two pau ' es the eth- ods and apparatvis used at Tech for the express pur- pose of learning; cnjiineerint;. The first row shows n glimpse of the Elec- liieal Enjineeiins lab- oratory, the freshman Chemistry laboratory, and M. E. students running a test on a Chevrolet engine Ne«t row Is pari of the Chemical Engineering, and part of the T I II V T II II Cjeorj ia Tech has courses in Civil. Electrical. Mechanical, Textile. Chemical. Ceramic. Aeronautical. Public Health, and General Enci- neerinj;. Architecture. Industrial Manajiement. and Chemistry. Tii s;raphically represent all courses is impossible, but some of the most in- terestin}; laboratory pictures are found here. The firtt tow thowi part of the well equipped Chemical and Teitllc Ensineeting laboratofici: second row, left, it the Biology laboralorY, and, right, the instrument! used in observing a model in the wind tunnel of Ihe Aeronau- tical Engineering department: the third row pictures again the Teitile laboratory, and the T II E oaJ 1 1 L II (I I II T K {. II Social lite at Tech ina ' be tiniiui in nu- iiKi ' diis plaLL ' S arul nn nunici ' dus dctasiiiiis. As cm most college campuses the social traternlt ' is the leader in the promotion ot social acti ities amoiij; themseUes and as a group through the I ritei ' t) ' aternitv Council. The Y. M. C. A. at decu-gia lei.h pi ' o itles a wholesome and efficient plan loi- social enio nient throtigh its reg- ular meetings, trips to other colleges, and round table discussions at arious inter- esting |ioints of reiHle ous. I his year the Na al I nit at rech sponsored a Xaval Ball in its Armcu ' x which ,dl students en- io ed. and the combined Na al and . iili- tar ' L nits sponsored the animal Military Bail in . lav. ■, T II E 11 II 1 1! II II F It i: li i: r n (iDVi-.RXuK I-;. I). Rl l,kS K Officio M. Ki(ix Smith Cluui-nmn C " . S(i C.M.I.AW -W I ' ll f-Chiiiriiuiii LlDXAkl) Rnr.I KT SllliKKT Srrrrltiiy y. W ' ll.SOX NoVKS rrciisiirev [i)HX G. KhxxiDV Saxdv Akit Nix CiiL()Ki;K Haixi;s J AeK Laxce Dr. j. Kxox Ciiioi.sTiix " I.. W. Robert, Jr. liuix W. Hi xxi.TT J. I). (lARXKR Gl-.ORCiE C. W ' dDDRl 11 Cl.AKK HiiWMI,, Jr. IlM.IR BEI.I. Cll. Rl.l.S M. Mil, AX (! L H S F F I i; E II S . Wll I MM ll " » RI1 KCTIIR l ' r,M,l,nl II K«M I St|.|| Hri;c;i s i, , l ' , , u.l.iit K MOM. 1 Rio (ImiKix S, ' n,l,i,v- ' rr,,iui,,r ■HOWIE " ECTOR Kcniiniscc-nt arc wc, the class (it niiu-tccn huinlrcii ami forty, as vc iiiitHKl in our minds the many cven- tiiahtics that dut the chrcin(il(ii,Mcal map between the hcmmiaries cif l ' ' . ' ' i ami I ' Htl. But, I ,isk you, is it not our pri -ilege to look in retrospect and to extol the many happenings that seemed so small on occur- rence? Now is the time to he sentimental, and to Speak of many things; to enjoy that deep nostalgic pleasure derived from obtaining a perspective of the peculiar type of children that we really were. There are some diHeremes which distinguish one man ' s college career Irom that ot another, hut they are oiiK ' superficial and .ippcar only on the surface. These four years lia e been happy ' ears, and we will soon look hack ul on them ,is being among the most pleasant years of our li es. ' e saw the coming of the " iitterbug " ami swing music. We tried to clean campus politics, and f rid the stutlent of one persecution and then another, riieii there were the two fraternity factions an. ine itahle change on e ' • ' oi day. Do vou shin g the in till " rK, ., ,a(g-4h ning " " " ■ " ' " comes u arc about h we are taking .. a part of Tech; HBP ISk, H s, ■ . part which gives ' Hj T ■ - L y k contiiience, and that HOP " HUGGINS RAV GRlfFIN I . .1 I ir II I Wll I-1A ) I ' llRTKR Al.lMSdN, JK. HoiL.r R..n .•: Cm-,,]. CIn M I. STAFA N I Rl AKCA rui-ki-i TKXTIM EM,1NEKKIN(. Cla H Aaron Alhrich H.,n.,r Rnll ,,; A. S. M E. Pail Khuard Ai i mi JOHN KNCI.hKhRT AMlhRS(]N, JR. T.inip:i. Kla. K;i|,l.;i ll.i K.qn.; . di I v ii:s B(j M)i:n Adi. ' [oShF ' U Al.BhRT MetHT. (..1 AiiKTRan Icr iinic Society; V. M. C. A. 1 ; M L. Brittain Debating Societv I. - ' : Sec.ind Lieutenant, K. O. T. C. GiioRGE Jackson Allen Savannah. Ga. 11,1 Alfhtt Epsilon A. I. Cli. E. Blnjwiin Ri ' ss Alsobrook Tallahassee. Fla. Thcia Chi H ilh|..a Chil,; Co-o|. Chib; A. S M I-:.; Tciliniqur i, 4; I ' resi.lent Theta Chi; hiterfniternilv Cnncil 4: Vmi Lieutenant. R. O, T. C. Kk n Rii c ' li;mlnt Ani)i;rson .Atlanta, ( ia. Mi;iH Mi AL 1 (.INEKUINI. S-i:j,n,a CIn UnlM.iii dull. h. lacket Clul. I ' ,;in,l I ; A. S, . l )■;, ; Cros-. CoiuUrx 1. j; S«iinuung I. _ . 3. 4- GEORGIA SCHOOL O F H 4 RoliKRT K.VRI. ArN ' III.I) KI-KtTRU AL KXCINEKRIXC. Phi iCia Sigma: Honor Roll i, - ' Kappa Kta Kappa: Briacrtan Soiicly C..- ,,p Club; A. 1. !•:. K. ; l.ifiiti-naiii K (). T. C. W ' lI.I.l.WI H. C " () AsHB CoraM. allies. 1-la. MF.t HAX ' IC.M. KXCIXKF.RIS-C Pi Kapfa I ' hi I ' i Dilta Kpsiloii: Oil Can Club: A S. M i:. : Vfllow Jacket Club: 7 " ..7i- ni i(r I. 2, . . 4: Vt ' lloi Jacket I. J. , . 4 : Camera Club. Apirmism li Ric.n Harkomiv llau.. M„. ( HHMIl Al. KXCINEEKIN ' C Tan l-.fsilnii I ' lli A. i. Ch. K. SrtvK Uartha I.. .UK Island. . V. l. KNCINEKRI I ' l ' il auil Mask: Fencing 2. 3. 4; Cap tain i ' Vncing Team . . Will EAM Roane; Hkari Atlanta. ( la, INIH STRIAI. MAX- (:KMKNr •hi Ih-lla Class Presi lent I : Student C»)nncil 1. ,1. 4. icc- President 4: . iiak : Omi- cron Delta Kappa: Freitball 1. 2. 3. 4: Interfraternitv Council ?. 4: Bulldog Cluh: I.Klusirial .Management Society N O L o G y lilRNARH UaVII) ASHBALGH Clarkton. Mo. .MK(HANICAI. FNCIXEEkISc; A. S. M. E. 1)1 DMA Francis H.wiii.i-R Atlanta. Ga. ARCMITECTfRE Simula Chi .Architectural .Society: Tennis 1 Wiii.iAM Halbert Sarnhtt Petersburg. Teun. ARIHITEITIRE .Architectural S icietv JoSEI ' H luOMAS Ba tR Xashville. Tenn. ELECTRICAL EX(;i.XEERIX(: Kappa Eta Kappa : Pi Delta Kpsilon : President Y. M. C. A.: A. I. F.. E. : Class President 3; Student Council 3, 4- Warren Bi ' rke Bei.i. Mephzihah. (;a. n.K -rRic. i. kxcixekkixi; Sitiiiia Chi BLUE PRINT 43 Wii I I XM Imscis BiNMTT llMth.lll. Ai.l, llniu-i-..|i n. ' ll., K,i|i|,a. ii.,k; Tai I ' l ' la I ' l, i ' lii Kappa I ' lii: I ' ln l-l. Sigma; ll.ah.r R..I1 j. ,i. -| , I ' r,-,, K-llt ' s (Mild " T " ; Pi Tan Smnia , I l, Can Clul.; Hnlld.i i; Clnl., ami I ' .la.K-: : i- i »,-,-, ,.4: ) n ,.:, J.,,-!:.-: J, Stn.k-m I MiiiKi: 4 , S M I ' , I ' li-si.irni i; LK-ilkiiant. K O T I, CjEURliK Cl.lNTON Hi:STnK Fla. Manam-iiiciit . X, ' man Cllll., JAMHS Otis Hh.i.i ' fs , , " a. rlall.MK dull, " 1 e.iiiiiift. Will MM In,, nil I, Bl. l-,nrfi.l.!. 1,, ■ M I-. H RR ' Sriiii. Miir.iNO fl 9 W A f. 1,1 L HlRRV Atlaiila.l.a II.Mi,.r k,,ll I ; Kapi.a ktj KaplK ln» Rli IMSIH. HliallRSTM-F, JR, Mi-miiliis, Ti-mi, JuHS Wli 111 R lilRI.S. M livil Cifu ; . S C, I ' ,; HiJk I ' l . l ARMN Wll.l-IAM BuMRHRr, 4, Manama , (■.ipt.nii, K I) T, 1 KhhIRT II Mla.UII 1 HllNN Haltini..ri-. M.l. • GEORGIA SCHOOL OF E-C 1 4 KoKhRT ( )si. AR BooTh (..-,.). Chil); A. I. Ch. K. : (ik I ' loyi) James Boyer Billings, Mdill. M Kill AXir.M, KX il XKKkl Xi; S, Chi Hiillcl..); Clnli: I ' i Tan Sisnia : A. S, Richard Harris Brbt . O.llfgc Park.Ca. CIIKMUAI. F.XCilNEKKIXt; Tail Beta Pi; Honor Roll i. j ; Alpha Chi Sigma, President 4 : Engineer ' s Council 4: A. I. Ch. 1-:., Vice-Presi- ' lent 4; Kappa Kappa P i : Football Band i, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. K.KJENt KsTts Brooks Atlanta. Ca IXIll STHIAl. MAXAi;KMEXT .llplM Tm, Oin.-iia I ' .iilldoi; CInh: ■l•ll.m■ lackel flnh Golf. HoYT Eduaru Broward Jacksonville. I " la. M E H A X 1 Al. KXlil XEKKI Xli Thcla Chi Honor Roll 1 : Phi Eta Sigma : Pi Tail Sigma : Co-op CInh. President 4 : Tfihiiiiiiif 4: Glee Singers 2, .v S E hdik 11 ARRl CaRI. IK Bo» KR Shelhnaii. (ia. 1 HEMIC AL KX ;lXtEKIX i I ' hi Pdlii Thcli, Al|iha Chi Sigma; A. I. (. h. V. John Branch Sale City. Ga. IIEMII AI. EXOIXEERI.X A. I. Ch. I-:. HoRAcK Williams Bronso.n. Jr. .Mac ill. Ga. I IIKMU AL KX(,IXEEKIX ; Hcta Kaf ' pa Honor Roll I. ... .,. 4- Tall Beta Pi; President ' s Gold ' T " ; Phi l ta Sigma; Hriaerean Societv; Scal.hard and Hlade: Co-op c:inh; A. 1. Cli. E. : l.i.iitniaiit. R. O. T. C. I ' lioMAs Prhk Brooks Macon, (la. IXIUSTKl.M. MAXAliKMEXT Kattii Simula Kiirii Stanley Brd " n lilacklooi. Idaho I II EM II AL ex ;ixekkin ; ricia Kciff ' a Band J. X 4: A. 1. Ch. E. N O L o G y BLUE PRINT Jack Biri ess Atlanta. Ga. liKNtKAl. KNi.IXKKKIN Chi [ ' In ln,t,tmi- ol Acp.i.amKMl : (iii.ts KeathiiRSTiin Hi n M,.iittvuma, (.a. .S,-;; ,i . ' w • ' .ti .i i KapiM Kta Kappa; A. I !■ K : V M C A. i;al.mct. Run Mill K. Hi Rk r R,.ll ). 4, l- ' .ola I ' i ; I ' ll Kapi.a I ' lu: I i;i. I- )HN Hardisiin Cain Civil Crew. . , S. C Marvin Campes McMninMllc. Tcini HEMP Al. E. (.1NEEK1. €i I 9 I UI!1 (iRIIR Hi rmt I.I.WIN .MlH.RI Hi RNETT I ' I IlL ' IctlM.ip..-. Ca. Hnnur R..11 j; Kappa I- I l(l I I Piiii I IPS Hi Ti I R MarK-lt.i.Ca. ' , K,)th ' I ' ll! IUrhN K h. (..WllRil Cr.nif-nl. . ' ..l. . .S M. I- ; RilU- Te RciuRi Arthi r C, ri SiKiiia: A. S M. K.; l.l ;u ll,,n.a- Roll I, .i: Skull an. I GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TEC mh i Chari.fs Wu.i.rwi Carms I H F.M KAL KXlil X F.KKl XG A. I. Cli. E. ; Captain. R. O. T. C Mac a. Cason Atlanta, (.a. Ak(.IIITl-:(Tl ' kE ArLiiitectnral .Sncietv; Intcrnatinnal Relations Club. (ioRlKlS B. Caible Atlanta. (;a. Kaf ' t a Si iiia Honor Roll i. .4.=,: Plii ICla Sigma ; Tail Rcla Pi ; Phi Kappa Plii ; Pi Tan Signia : F ' i Tan Sigma Scholarsliip . vanl .;: Briaereaii Society. Treas- urer 4: ) ' cllnw Jacket 1. •. . 4; .X. S . l. !■:.. ' ice- President 4; Captain, R, (). T. C SEI ' H KtNNITll t ' iNTORIth Urnoklvn, X. X IXI ' I STKIAI. MAN (.KMKXr Ernest r (. mapman Conycrs. Cja. ELEITRII Al. EXtilXKKKrxr. Honor Roll 2: Kanpa Kta Kapp; Liculcnanl. R. (). T. C. N O L o G y T T!? RollERT KimiN CARI ' hXTKR M El H A X U Al. EX ;i XF.EKI XC Wiii.iAM Joseph Carter. Ill Wa liingtou. I). C, CENERAL EXGIXEEKl.N ' i; SiRuia Alf ha lipsilon l-oil anil Mask; Fencing Team. BLUE PRINT 47 Dwiii Ki.i Cavexaich Atlanta, (ia. EI.ElTKItAt, EX(;lXEERlXi; Kaffa Sigma . 1. K. K.; Major. R. O. T. C. anil Blaiie; )■ ■ ;.■:.■ Jafk-c I, i. 3. 4- Robert Kari. Chan Savatiiiali, Cia. I lIEMIl At. EXi;iXEEKIXi; Honor Roll 1. - : Phi Kta Sigma: Sa- vanuali Clul. : Camera Clnlj; Rillc Team ; Cilee Singers. John Wii.i.iam Cheney EElTKKAL EXi;lNEKkl Xt; J..HN WlMll L ' niRKl I- KmII j . .Skull .111.1 Im ' x ; Anlii .il Smi-iiIn, IVij Hur 4; ),; .•.- Vi; I I M lluuARi, Clark II. ,1.-1 K..II j; Ali.!i.-i ( " hi Sii ina; . i I ' rkh Ci l ' ....ll...ll I. J, i. Hkn c; AST. in Ci Call.lkT. . " , C. (illRllilN C ' llMBS lu.i .S...;iii.i: H..n..i- K..II 1 ; l|.li.. I iiin-ga; M L Hiiuaiii I ),-l.,ilin. lilliM s Ru H ARU (. ' hRISTIA M.,,r.l ,.ihI I '; C.h.i, HuIi; . , ;. I-: : R. I) I ' , C. : I Rl.l KtN ¥.. Cl.ARSllN. JK. Li il Ci-uw: .A, S. C. !•: RiiBiRT Stewart Ci.iNKScAi.ts ;,■(. riu-i,, ' , Wm.KHR OUhNS C " I.M lal Ri ' latL.iis Cllil.; M Willi wi .AiiAiR L ' ||RR Kal fd .llpitu GtORGIA SCHOOL OF TE ' 4 James Edgar Coleman Fort GaitK-s. Ga. INIitSTKlAI. MAXA(;EMKNT Kilt I ' ll SiK ' iKi Inlenialii.nal Ki-laticms Qui): Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; (;ice Singers. VVii.i.rAM Rov Cosi ' ER Allaiila. Ga. MKt IIANH Ar, i;N(;iNKKKIN(: Sigma I ' hi lifsilnn Skiill ami Key: A, S. M. H, : Intern tional Relations GInli; (ilcc Singer- Wir.i.i.wi Cdi.i.iir C ' rmmkr Atlanta. (, a .Vi.i; iiii .llflui Jitsiliiii Hiill l. K Clnli: In.lnstriai Manauenient Society; ) -ll w J,i,K;-l i. j. 3. 4. Man- agiiiK Kditor 4. RoBKRT M. L ' ri Ml. 1.1 Atlanta. Ga. I.Nllf.STKI.M. M. N. (.KMi: Chi I ' hi Israel Isaih re Uaitch ro. (;a. TEXTn.E EN(;iXKKk[Ni; Tail Epsiloii I ' hi Blue Print j. 3. 4. N O L O G y H I II I! S llnK. RT . kKlSLtV CoNWAV . tlanta, (ia. (.E.XEkAL EXGINEERIXC Sigma Phi lipsilim I ' i Delta Kpsilon; B ulldog Club; Kappa Kappa I ' si ; Techniqu,- 1, .!, 3. 4, l-; litor-in-Cbief 4; Bi.iK Print i, - ' . 3. 4 ; Tecbnicians Manager 4. " ' -— _J ' n.r.i M Skidmork Cox. Ill Atlanta, (ia. ■ I IIKMK AI. EX(;iXEEKIXi; — ■«r Honor Uoll I. 2: A. 1. Ch. I ' ..; l.i 1 _ . WF K. (). T. C. ■ V I H KoBlRT H.AXSDN CROSSFlEm f " f! .Hn.xrr! ' ;nxE.R,x.; I . JL James Barrow Ci ri.ev r • t ) Ve l Ponit.Cla. » , ' TEXTILE EXinXEERIXC mJ J - y J Co-op Club. F L U E PRINT K i I ' ll JosEiMi Dames .XrliuKton. N.J. MECllAXKAL EXOINEEBIXr. I ' hi ICta Sigma; Phi Kappa Phi; ll,)nor Roll 1. . ' . 4: Pi Tau Sigma; Newman Clnb; A. S. M. E. K V. I II II N Iack Hami ' Tijn Daniki.i, Leu IS Klkin Dams Brooklyn, X. V. MEi KAMI [. JM.INEKKIM. Sigma Gamma; H.mim,- Roll i . _• . I ' , Tail Sigma; Plii Eta Simn., , A S M. K, ; I-ii iiH-cr i. 4; i ' .-llo:,- J„.l. ' .-I I : M ( A Kxca.tivc Cal.nut , M I l:r;ll,,n, I Ifliatillg S.icirtv; lli- lrni,,l,Mn,,l Ki ' laliniis Clnh, ' rx- I ' rtsitliiu 4; Fcnonig Team J. 1 ' AI- I- H. DtCKhR Lanrd. Mis i. Ill TI;l L MANAGEMENT l,SS IJI 1)1 1X1. ER Havana. Cnl.a CosniMuulitail Civil.; A S M HiilKlN K.lKlNSON DdDSON Atlanta, I, a INiaMKl E MANA(;i;MtNT ' ,• „ Tail Pel I, I Mnlldog Clnh; Iiidii!,trial Managcincm Society. (, Joseph Kdw.xrd Dams, S. C. EI.ECTRll Al. K. I,INEEK1N(; appa Uta Ka|,pa ; , 1 K. 1 ' KlIBERT L. DaMDSON Pnint Pleasant, N. Y. I.ENERAL EXGINEERING Ldi ' is Pmt.ii ' i ' i. in-.tji E .Vtlanla.Ca JMIUSTKIAI. M AXAi.EMEXT Clli I -In A. 1. Ch. E. ; Xewmaii Clnli. Pmi.iM DniipR I-; Di.WiTT Pan;imaCity, l-la. MEl H. XU , L EXijlXEEKiXl. Chi riii A. S. M E. Thomas Eii mn Doster Lancaster. S. C. civil. hXI.lXEEHIXl. Kiitfa Sigiiiii Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. • GEORGIA SCHOOL OF Tl H..n,,r Roll I. . 4: Tail V.tX.x ' . Phi Knppa I ' lii; I ' lii Eta Sisnia: President ' s Gold -T- ; Rriaereaii So- i-iety. President 5: Stmlcnt Council 4. S : Engineering Council : V.n mcer s ; " A. I. Ch. E. : Captain. K. O. T. C. Jamks Hhndkrson Dikes Decatur. (;a. I KHAMR- K (;INEER1XG fv ' cwnian Ciul); .Vnicricau Ceramic Society; Bi.t ' K I ' kint 4: Lieviteuant. K. O. T. C. jARRkl.l. Kll)l.l-.V l)l XSON Latiranye. t,a. TtXTILl-: KXGlNF.KKl.Nc; I ' hiPclla Tlu-la Phi Psi: Pi Delta Epsihm ; Vell.m Jacket Cluh: Technique i. j. 3. 4. Managing Editor 4: VelloZi.- Jaehct J. 4: Lieutenant X. R. O. T. C. ; V. M. C. A. C iuncil 1.2. . President Eresh man " V Council: E,„.ihall j. v. Track . ' . Hariii.ii .Anthusy Uvt Atlanta, (.a. 1 KKAMK F.N(;iNKKKlNi; ' i Kal ' I ' a I ' lii Scabbard and Blade: Colonel. R. O. T C. : Ritle Team i. 2. .1, 4. Captain 4; Engineering Council: .American Ceramic Societ.v. President 4. John Rcibkrt D amha Bayonne. X. J. MECHANICAL EXCIXEERINr, Delta Sigina Phi Oil Can Club: A. S. M. E N O L O G y lT A s n 10 II s John Tannhr l)t coan Warthen, (.a I HEMICAI. ENIilNEEKlNO I ' hi Kof ' f ' ti Si iiiti r.;hni,i,ie 1 : A. I. Ch. E. CoNRAJJ lloUARI) Dl NCAN Valilosla, (ia. IUKMK Al. KN(;INEKHIN(; Sr iliu .llfhii lifsiloil II.. nor Roll I. ; Briacrean Societv icc Prcsi leut :; : Engineering Cmni cil: A. 1. Ch. I-:,: .Swimming Team 1 - ' . .i. .s. Captain .s. . liii Rii Rhisi- I)t si:nbi RV Brunswick, (.a. I HEMIC Al. EX(ilNEEKIN(i SiKUM Chi Ih.iL.r R..I1 1. - ' . i. 4: Tan Beta Pi: Phi l- ' .ta Sigma: Alpha Chi Sigma. ice- President 4; A. 1. Ch. E.. Treas- urer 4 : K:ippa Kappa Psi ; Captain. R ( ' . T C. : First Lieutenant, Eoot- liall Band; Engineering C.uncil. . l llhRT C ' |.K kl.ANIl DvKtS Earmerville. La. CIVIL FXi;iXEEKIXU A ' rt » (f Sijiniii Civil Crew; A. S. C. h ' .. : luterfraler- nity Council 4. (j. . RT1IIR L.U.LtTOX Stroudsburg. Pa. CIVIL EXGIXEERIXr. 11. .nor Roll I, J. ,1. 4; President ' s Cold T " : Phi Kappa Phi. BLUE PRINT s r I II 11 N KllHKRT WWNK ECKIS ht Laiiili-r.l.ilc. l- " l;i. Kapii.i I ' la Ka|.|ia: Baii.i i. j. .i. 4 . A. I !■:, E. I Mts Robertson Ei.v Wii.i.i.wr H. KsTts Atlanta. I -.a. Sign,,, .llfl,,, ; ■,■, ,.» AKArthi r Fain Kti BbN Ei.BbRT Fields S.icii-tyHill, S. C. H.Ei TKl. M EXGINKKKIXG M. 1- Brittaiii Debating Sock- Camera Club; A. I. E. E. : Inter tional Relations Club. Wii r.iAM Hou Rii Kltor Wi-l Point, (.a. (1,,-s I ' risi.Unl 4; Stn.lrnl CMnniil 4: I ' moiImII 1, J. .5. 4. . nak; ■■T " Chib Josn ' n Hii.i. FM :R . ia NTKIM- MANAi.E.ME.N (7;,- ' .,-, Pi Delta Kpsilon DoLOLAS CJEORC.E E«E Lyman. S. C. CHE.MH Al. ENinxEERING . . L Cli. !•: . 1arla IJaraj Fannon . tlanta. lia. . . S. M. 1-:.; Xeum.u) Clvib. FJelrert FYetcher Tarpon SprinKNFla. I. HEM n AL ENI.IXEERIXL. Hi-I,, K„fh Co-.,p CInb; A. I Ch. E. GEORGIA SCHOOL OF 4 Camkron Doi I- ' lank;e. Athens, (.a. MKl HANUAI. K. (;iXEHKIX(; Honor Roll i, 2, 3, 4; Tau Beta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi: President ' s Gold •■T " : Pi Tan Sigma; Oil Can Club; . M. C, A. Cabinet 2. 3, 4; A. S. il. K. (iiwiN- Waiter l-i.ow krs Xorcross. C.a. CHEM k AL EXr.INEKRINi; A. I. CIi. I- " .. (JtiiRi.t Pratt KoRr) Wji.i.iam John Korsvthf. Hn.MUIyn, . ■, llVn, KXClXKKKIXi; I ' i Kaffa .■U! ha Civil Crew. President 4; A. S. C. IC. President 4 : Hngiticcr 3. 4. Kditor-in- Chief 4; Blie Print i. 4: Tcchnuiuc I. 2. .1, 4; YclliKi ' Jiu-k,-t 1, 2: Engi- luering Conncil ; Pi Delta b ' .psilon. JosEi ' ii Hudson Foster, Jr. Roswell, Ca. TEXTILE EX(;lXEERIX(; S E I II It S 11 KKi Akmstronc. Ki.emister Atlanta, Cia. ei.e trual exgixeerixg ndta Tau Pella (IioRc.E Post Koote Atlanta, (ia. ARCHITECTL ' RE Sigma Chi Arcbiteiinral Society; Cross Conntr 2, .3 ; Track 2. Raymond A. I- ' orker I lenipstcad. N. V. IMilSTRIAL MAXAGEMEXT Newman Club. William G. S. Fort Cornelia. Ga. ELECTRU AL EXGINEERIXG A. I. K. K. Carl Lot ' is Fox Atlanta, Ga. N O L o G y 4 4 k BLUE PRINT S K I II It S ; Rmi ' ii 1) r»in l■Rl M |.- ; K 1 T JAMis Wii 1 1 M Ikvir. Jr. . ' :isliville-. ' I ' t-nn. Will lAM LUTHUR I- I ITIIN |nll llRhl.llR ' l (I ' K.,nsasCit.v. M. W-wmaii Hill.; A. I. C h K.; Lu Ifniiiu. k. (I. T. C ; Ti:u-k I. J 1 mm 1r wki IS Hrn an ( i IV lll.PM S KlUMN CXRMR ( )SCAR J I IIAN t ' lARK RI1. JR. d ik I.IAMS MlNJAMlN (, ll, K..11 1. J. J. 4: I ' l " l - ' I ' P- ' |M„. l ' ,...sMM.t l.-M -T-; riu Kta |,II1N RI1 Lol ' IS C;aI HIS Wt-sitk-l.l. . J. AmBRuSI JoSICH GliOAS, JR. K.r ' scA CUV. X.J. K,,n ,; Clul.; .X S. G E O R G SCHOOL OF T I 4 Morris Vict or (iEi.ntRS l-itzgcr;il l, Ga. ELECTRKAI, EN(;IXKKRI N ' C IJriaercan Sucietv : Co-op Clni) ; A. I. E. E. Harry Miiki.hham tiiBBoxs KoiiK-. I ia. TKNTri.K KN iINKI ' klN ; Honor Roll 4; Co-op Club. HoRAfi: Giges New ■ork, X. Y. PUBLIC HEALTH ENGIXEERINT, i ' cllow Jaihct I. 2: Glee Singers; It ternational Relations CUil). Clarknce Ltt Cmlmer Atlanta, (ia. INltrSTRIAL MAN ' ACEMENT I ' ooiliall - ' . .!; H.iseball . ' . . 4. I AMIS Hamilton- (iooocAMi-; Cani.len. Ark. I HF.MUAL ENCJXEEKIXC; A. I. Ch. v.. N E I II l{ S Hl; •R Carlton Gheeslinc INIirSTRIAL .MAN-AGE. IENT Simula Phi lipsilon I ' i Delta E.psilon ; Tcchtiiquc , 2, 3, 4 ; .Major. R. O. T. C. William Carson (jibson .Ulanta. (ia. IXIII STKIAI. MAXAliEME.NT Football I. 2. .?. 4; Baseball i, 2, ?, 4. Captain 4- joski ' n Barron (hllenwater Bristol, Tciin. MECHAXIrAL EX(;ixEtj ixi; Honor Roll i : A. .S. M. K. ; I.ienten- ant. R. (). T. C John (iii.MoRE. Jr. . ilanta. (ia. iNnrsTRiAi. max. (;ement Kal ' pa .llfha Biillilog Clnb; Pi Delta Kpsilon; BuE PkixT I. J. 3. 4. Managing Editor 4: Interfralcrnity Conncil ,?. 4. William . I. rci s Goodnlan .Memphis, Teini. IIF-.MU AL EN(;|XEERIX(; N O L O G y £ ' 4iW BLUE PRINT s n I II I! s Jnll Kl sskll, Coklio ' lll, X. C, ,-uiii...i ( hil. 9 Joll I.AWRKNLl ' f. (-..hnnluK, (.;t Il..,iMr K..1I I. J, r. Tail Hi-ta Pi; Pin 1-la S.nUKi; Al|,lia Chi Sigma: (ilci SiiiKtTs: I. Ch. I-:. llMiR I, AMAR ( iREEN Ka t ' ,| a Kappa l ,; V ; A. S M, I-; l.u C, . Ilruiii . h.|..r, Dnini Maior. l-....t M C A niu Mil r!;,i C.ih- d. R ioNn Mariiix ( iRIFFIN Jr. Sax.iliilah.( l-t,-la KatP a H inor R. Phi Kap Kappa, St ■■T " : Phi cictv. Pre Hui.; St niqu,- 4 11 I. - ' . .?. 4: pa Phi; On cretary 4 ; P Eta Sigma ; idem 5; Civi irient Counci A. S. C, E; Tan Beta Pi; icron Delta csideiit ' s Gold Briaerean So Crew: Co-op 4. 5: Av i- Rifle Team V Ml AM (. I.AV Dnlhail. A A, S. M. tiRt,,,, Ai.i.AS Ross (ioRN CIlK-.lgo. Ill n.iiu si-iiiu rhi I ' miI .md M:isk; I ' l D. ' lta I ' l.Mlon; In- Maiias.-imiit So.iely. Joe E. Grf.gory Penilin.k-f. Ky. ll.F.i TKH l FNi.lNEKKI Theodore E. Green Adaiita, lia. Co-op CIiiIj. I ' r xk Davhi Grossman lirsii-u I ' ll, Honor Roll 1 : Lielilenaiit, R. O. T. c. . A I Ch, i:. Graham Lee Gunn CiaHiordvillc, (;a. Honor Roll J. I ' l Tan Sigma; A. S. M I-..: Co-o|i Cliili, Vice-President 4- GEORGIA SCHOOL OF T I Ml 4 DclNAflJ 11. CilNTHIl Poiighkci-psio, X. ■. TKXTII-F. KNGINKKKIXG Aktih R }1a( ' .ki)orn. Jr. WcM I ' oim. (ia. KI.EtTKKAl, KXGIXEERIXO ll.iiK.r Roll 4; . . I. K. K. : I.i K,-l..ti..n, ru.l.. RijiiiRT Stevenson Haccart. Jr. Bremerton, W ' asli. CIVIL ENGINEERING Delta Tail Delia Honor Roll 1.2. 1, 4 I Tau Beta Pi ; Phi Kappa Phi: President ' s Golii " T " ; A. S. C. I ' " ..: Civil Crew; Foil anil Mask. Presiilent 4; Engineer .!. 4: Fencing Team i, 2, 3. 4. Stephen Cltler Hale, Atlanta, Cia. .MECHANICAL EXOINEERIN Chi I ' hi A .S. M. R. : Swimming 1 Track 2. Joshi ' ii Starke Hamilton, Jr. . tlanta. (ia AKI MITECTIKE Honor Roll i, j, 4. 1 N O L o G y S I I II II s Ki CENE Cleveland Gwai.tnev Macon. Ga. .M ECH A X ICAL EXGI SEEKING [ ' hi Delia Thela A. S. M. K. l Rk CoNVMI.L HaCENV Atlanta, (ia. El.ECTRlC.M. ENGIXEERIXG A. ' a ' ' a .Vii ' iiKi liull.l..K I ' kil); Scahhard and P.lade; Rifle Team. Neshitt Ward H.agoop. Jr Harll.ird, Conn. I Nlir STRIAE MAXAGEMEXr Honor Roll 4. W ' li.i.iA.M Charles Hames Oecamr, (,a. I. MIC striae .M ax age M EXT erican Ceramic Societv : Foil and Mask. M xNi EV Hi IE Hammett . llanta. Ca MEi llAXIl AL EXGIXEEKI.SG S. M 1:.: Lieutenant, R. O. T. C BLUE PRINT N V Ml It N I MIS WiTllhKS H ■ DhAN I MhRMlN HarHI,,,... l-h, A. I, F. I ' ; (,!«• l_ " hil.. I.Kiiti ' ROHFRT KduARH HaKRIS(P Marliii, T.nn F.FMiNf) Anthcjna Hwis, Jr. N -w l;rlln ulck. X, I. ll- hXi.lNFr- Civil Crcu ; P.iill,l-« rinl.; A S C I- : lntfrfr:itiTlMl Council .!, 4. Ill NK Hv I I R|, H • k.ili-|i;ll, N. L ill J. -1: Ciiil (i-.-u ; A. S, Al.l ' .IRT Ki.uis II h.l., LK-iitc.i.nit. R. (). T, C. (ii,hN Bare Havs I ' .tlt-r I ' m-.! I l1ici-, f ' .i. Ir.lnn,,,,.- I ) W Ml AnIiI RS(I H RT l.c.liui, X,.l IImii..!- RmII J. 4: l ' ' I ' . I " Sil;ii!,i: F.iil ..ihl Mask. S M !■ . IiitiTiKitiMiial Ki ' l.ili,.ns (, Inl,; ' M C, . . i ahinct ; W ' m.ii-K HaR(ii,I) HA lA ■s I wihs Wai 1 1 R Hf:. t (ii.i . . I Cli I--,; lal.lain, R. (). T. C. GEORGIA SCHOOL OF 4 O Wll.LlWl lIll HKS HkFFHRNAX Augusta, (ia. f T.K( TKK Al. KN(;iNh:KKIN(; N.-winan Cliil. HliMhk llhNR HkXSI.KR. JR. Ada. Okla. AkI HITKl Tl ' KE K»ppa .lll ' hil Wll I.I M I MhS HkKI-IV Jaoksoiivilk-. 1-la. rlVILENGlXKERlNG Phi Sisiitij Kaf ' f ' ti Bulldog Club: Civil Crew. A. S. C F..; luterf raternity Council .1. 4; I ' R ' sidcnt I ' hi Sigma Kappa 4. ClIARI.KS .AlClSTl S HOHRS Atlanta, (.a F.I.ECTRir.M. KN(.I KERlNli Radio Club: A. I. E. E (iKoRi.K Hiram IIoi.i.aiiav Laurel. Mi s. rtlEMICAi. E.N " t;iXEERIN ; I ' i Kafha .llfha A. I. Ch. !•:.: President I ' i Kapp: Alplla 4. N E I II II S Sevmolr 1 aak Hkxu: Xewark. N. J. M F.rH . X I Al. t ;i XEERI x : SriiPHi-.x (ihoRcE Hkvcev Hayonne. N. J. ELECTRICAL KX(;I XEERI N(; Honor Roll 3: A. I. E. i;. : M. I.. Hrittaiii Debating Society : Lieutenant. HixRv Coiii ' LR Hill Winder, (la. MECII. XI( AL EX(;IXEERIX(; A. S. M. I-:.: Co-op Club. JAMfS VAXUtRBILT HtXJC. Amsterdam, . " .V. MECH. MC. L E ilNEERlX(i Scabbard and Rla le : A. S. .M. E. : Lieutenant. . . R. (). T. C. I ' oRRLST Hlxrv Hoi. Atlanta, (.a. l m-STRI. L M.W.XOKMEXT Chi I ' hi (.)micron Delta Kappa: .Xnak, Treas- urer 4; Pi Delta ICpsiL.n: Bull.log Club: Scabbard and Blade: Institnte of .Verouautical Sciences: Industrial Management Society : Student Coun- cil 4: Interfralernitv Council 3. 4; )■, ;,.;.• (K-i-W I. 2. .?. 4. Edilor-in- Cbiet 4: Hue Print i. j. 3. 4: 7 " v i- iM iic I. J. ,(, 4: Track Manager 1, J. 3. 4. Senior Manager 4: Cross Coun- iry .Manager I. i. 3. 4. Senior Man- ager 4. I N O L O G P R I N S t] I II It s M In. .MAS HllOI M, ,o.. M,i, T.ui I ' .ft.i 1 ' .; I ' hi K.i|.|Ki I ' hi; Ilui RmII _|, ;. r, Si«ni:, . S M John M ktin H(ii ki Kciivil, . I. Cull Lixu ; A. S C. F.. Al.HhRT HURNEV H I FF ( HRM UAL EXGINKKKIXr, Kntta . Ilfh,, llniinr Roll I ; Ali.h.i Chi S.gma ; A I e ' h. E. ; I ' .ull.l..- CInl,; Skull au.l Kev. EinVARIl L " ! XN Hl ' IE riii Kaffir Siiiiiii Hn iik Harris Hi ' NT .l.irkMimillf. l-l,!. A. S M I- : ll..ii,,r k.ilj ■■ I 9 Jiff H. IIimikfr r.Lclncali. . ri:.-la I ' i S M. |- ; r. Di-h.i lM. iloii; (il, ISRAI.1. HoRNSTKIS ()m:iha. Neh. FI.F( TkK l. ENI.INKKRI H R tr.i. Sthkd Huggins Atlanta. Ca. Civil Crftt, Treasurer 4: A. S. C. E-, TreaMirer 4; Skull and Key; Class ire-I ' rL iiKiit 4; Ti iniiiiuc K Lien- t u,im, K. I). T. C. ; Fnnthall -B " Tvan, J. .:;: Track I. Afkriii Smi ' ARii Hi ' Mi- ),■ , r.n, Iiclla Honor Roll I. 2: Tau Beta Pi: Phi I ' ta Sigma: Kappa Eta Kappa: Bull- .loo Clul : Skull ami Kev: Lieutenant. R I). T. (.■ ; Clnh : Manager Basehall i tiA ' , JllTH GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TE: Mi 4 Wll.l.IAM Hi RhR HlTCHISSON Allaiita, V.n. M W H A X UAl. KN(;i. -F.EKIX(i A. S M, K.: SHininiing i. ... 3, 4. John Raxiidli-h Ivkv AtUnta, (.a. MKl HAXKAI. KXGIXEERIXG lli.Tior Roll - : Oil Can Club; Foil an ! Mask: Technique 2: Blle I ' kixt j; Navy Rifle Team; Ucuicnaiit, . R. (). T. C. ; FciK-in;; Team i. j, 3. 4, Captain 4. W ' ri.irAM ErmARi) Jamisiin Allaiita. lia XAc.KMKNT William FRtutRicK Jenkins CoUinibus. Cia. INIll ' STKIAI. MANA(;EMEXT I ' hi Katfii Si ma EoHARu Lerov Jones Atlanta, (ia. ;exekal engixeerinc; Institute of Aeronautical Sciences N O L O G y S I I II II s RoHLRT I.INDSE IsoN Atlanta, (.a. IXIIISTRIAI. MANAGEMENT ' ( Delta riu-ta Hull.loK rinlj; -rClnli; Anak; F.H.t- i ' all I. 2. 3, 4. W M TLR Joseph Jaiob Trent .n, . J. IXinSTRlAL MAXAGEMEXI I ' hi Kap ' a Tau lan Club; Intcrfratcrnitv Cou cil 3. Harry Farmer Jenkins Kockniart, Ga. TEXTILE EXGIXEERIXG Phi Psi. Ai. X Rkiiari) Jones (irillin, (ia. ( IVIL EXGIXEERIXG Ka ' fa .llfha l.MM-n. X K. (). T. C; Treasurer Ka|)| a Alpha; SwimniinR 1.2. 3. Cap- tain 3. John Hardin Jones. Jr. Chattanooga, Tcnn. IXniSTRIAL MAX. GEMEXT Kaf ' t ' ii S ' ij uia HulUloK Club: V. .M. C. A. Cabinet; International Relations Club. BLUE PRINT 61 N E I II II N TuRNtR JoNtS .Sl,:, ' »l,l .llrlhl lifsihui Phi l ' -,i. R WMuMI ARTHI ' R JdHN ' SON, Jr- Macn.i. Ga. VhRNK Wt UA J..HN: Mal.k-n. Mm MH H Nh Al rSLlNKEKl ;,• ,! 77 , 7,1 I ' l T.n. l;ii.. I ' l: I ' l Tan Smni ,iK.T S» T.-ani WiTHlRII 1)| I)N KtRUV A. L H. li : Lieutciiaiit, K n T. Rnv Mhl.VIX KhSSI.IR Atlanla, (,a, TEXTILt: EM.lXKIklN,, Tun Efsilnn Phi Il,,n,,r R,.ll I. _•; I ' hi I ' m: I ' . Helta I ' psil,.n; li„f;n,ccr ,i, 4 : Hl.rK PniM I WiiriAM l hh JciNts, Jr. Roll! RT ijMU-R jimNSDN. JR. K.,im, (,a. I ! ll EM.lNKtKlXi;. C,.-,j|) VVnl.lAN) I ' llRIIR KaI FIM.J Vd..U-r(,r,nfs. M.. ;,•(„ 77„-(„ ■, In, In, trial XLinayument Sin-R-ty ; Pi Hilla Kpsilnii ; Bi.iE Print i. j. ,i. 4. Ailvertising Manager 4: Vclliw Jockcl 1, 4; Student Editor C,corf,ia T,;li Jlnnuins 4: Swiinniillg I, - ,.!; Track I. STAM. KhSl.tR, 1r. AlAIN K. KlRSThl A heMllc. N C GEORGIA SCHOOL O F T I 4 Dillon Kitchlxs Warrt-m.Mi. Ga. I [VII. ENCIXKEKIXG Civil Crew : A. S. C. K. Ijimini) Bixin Knlishi. Atlanta, (ia. IKXTII.K ENGINKKkING I ' i Kaf ta I ' Jii I ' hi Hta Sigma : Prcsidt-in ' s Gold " T " : Honor Roll i. 2, 3, 4; Tau Beta Pi; I ' hi Kiippa Phi: Phi Psi. Prcsickiit 4; Pi Delta ICpsilon; Scahhard and Blade; KiiKineeriii}; CoHiuil, Presi- ilcnt 4 : Ti-cliiiiqiic 4 ; ) -llo ' .v Jiukcl 4; I.ieiiteiiant iV. K. ( ). T. C, : N K. C). T. C. Freshinai. Medal; Football 1, WlI.I.MM KWDOLJ ' II I.-MHIILI l-l..reiKe. Ala, Fl.HTKKAI. KXOIXKEKING N ' ORMAX Kl)U, Rl) I,ANt Chapel Hill. Tciin. I IVM. EXCIXEERIXC Civil Crew. Secretary 4: A. S. C. V. Secretary 4. JoKi, Brand I asltir Uecalnr. (ia. IXIH;STKIAL MA.V.VC.EMENT I ' hi Delia Tlu ' la American Ceramic Societv. N O L O G y « f; Mite IP- F BLUE PRINT S E I II li S -Mai Rict Klein Angnsta. Cia. IIKMICALEXGIXEERIX Uanikl Kkiiari) Krai s! Hninswick, Ga. IXDISTRIAI, MAXAGEMEXT iVi ' iiKi I ' hi lifsili ' ii JOSH ' II AnTIION LAlERhN .A Brooklyn, . V. CIVIL EX ' GIXEERISG Phi K(if a S ' ignta . S. C. K Clnb. JAMhS Hi GIII.ETT I.aRoACHL Cocoa, Pla. I 11 EM UAL ENGINEERING Phi Kappa Phi : President ' s (ioUl -T " ; Phi Hta Sigma: Hoiuir Roll i. 2. .?. 4 ; Tau Beta Pi, V ' ice-President 4 ; Alpha C " hi Sigma. Secretary 4: A. I. Ch. V.., President 4: Captain. R. O. T C. ; ICngineering Conncil. Warren Preston Lal ' ghton W est Bridgewater, Conn. CIVIL ENGINEERING S V. I lilt s l.lll IS l,A«Rh:NCt ..ri..|l,, Va. M. I-.. ' M e. A C:il.inel ; Lu n-ii.iiit, R O T. ( " Shi. MAX Al.rnN (l l,i;i)ULTTl R, Jr. ■ ;, f.fsil.i k.ill 4, I ' l Pdl;. Kp-.l-.i ; r.iill .l.-j Clnl,, Inchi lna: . I ., na mnun I SccietN-; l,;-h,u,iiu- i , j, j. 4 . lii.i i PklNl 4. ) -ll..;.- l„.-l.-rl I. J, 4: (,|.c SiiiRers 1. J. .1. 4, IVl ' shIl-iu 4; Iiikt- fralcrn.lx C.nnc.l ;, 4: I ' risnKnl Siynia I ' lii I ' l.sil.m !. LR ' UtL-iunt, K (). T C, Asa liti.i. LbE, Jr. l ' , Kails, S. C, TKXTll.K KNC.INKEKINf. .UN Wll I.I Wl I. nrlla r.Ui l cll„ II I, - ' . .!. 4; I ' ll! K.ipl.a I ' ll Wll.l.lAM I- RMtR l.tTSdN , Hi HITti Tl ' RF. .- rcliilecliiral SiKic-t til m IS S ' liiLK SRI) I,i(. ' rau hi.llisiri.,1 Manaj!i-iiK-in S.i.iety jcilIN I ' . J.liDlSKY -W ' u llavai. Cnn. 11 N s 11TH l.t ■.ilk, ' a. Tlu-la I ' l b. Jr. Kp i. ll :■ K -. -1 ippa Kta ' Kiii ' -cr .i ; C.lcc Si K 4- ig aiipa Bus : V M 1 luN Iran KJ. IN l.ECCi llen.lcrs,.,,, X.C. IN 1.1 STRIAI NMNAUEMKNT Si,.,», .llfha l-.fsil.w IikIii ManaKcnu-nt Suricty, N nlll-.RT BrIAU l hVIN Miami, Fla. IN I.l TI IM. MAN-V.,LSItNT ' a ; ji7,.H n n,l; ' i ' l -. .i. 4. iM-il.a, h.iia I-: lIulKloK ami Ma Societv ; Captain, IKI.atint. n Delta Kappa: I ' lii Ka|ppa 1 Eta Sigma: Roll 1, ;: liokl " T " ; President Phi I ' , 4: . lplia Plii Omega: Pi isiImii; Scabbard and Blade: dull, ' ice- President 4: Foil k: Industrial Management Interfraternitv Council i: R. 0. T. C. ; " M. L. Brittain Society; Technique 1, J, 4. r -Manager Fencing Team 4. GEORGIA SCHOOL O F RoBtRT Pdrcmkr Lkvus Knckfonl. li:. INMU ' STKIAI. MANAGKMENT Sigma Alpha lil ' silon t ' nisTKR N ' ai.kntine Link lliicago, III, AKlUlTrXri ' RK ' Katt " ■llfha Arilntcctural Sucicty. I.IILIS AbHl LllMKANA Havana. Culw MKl HAM( Al. KX ;iXKKKl. (; Oisniop,.litan Cluli: A. S. M. !•:. William I ' rancis Lonc CanidiM.. Ark H,.n..r R„II ... ,,; 1 ' , Tan Sisnia : . . S. M. I-;.; HriaiTi-an S..cictv. Tri-a.s- .irn-4: Haii,l ... .i. 4. ' . . Hhrriix .Martin Mai I)(i m.d. |k. Cliarluttc. . . C. IXI)USTR1: L .maxagkmknt Hi-la Tlula I ' i Honor Roll j,. 4; Pi Delta lip ilon ; Technique 1 ; But. Prixt i : Vellim Jacket I. 2. I. 4; Glee Singers i. 2. i. 4 : Second Lieutenant. R. O. T. C. N O L O G y H I II II S llhRMAN H. I.IRBI; Atlanta. (, a, KLKiTRIl . 1. KX(;IXKHHIX(; Sigma Chi Tcchni.iuc I : ) ' ,• ,.; • Jack-cl William Stl art Lockman. Ill West Palm Beach. Kla. IMll-.STRlAL MAX. (;KMEXT S E I II It S l.AWRtNCt HlUSIlN Mai.InTi S]I M KNi.lXKKK .llfh,, l-.fsih Architcctviral S,.ci. ' H ; , l|ilia I ' l Omega: l- ' ..nil,all " I; " T.;am j DiiNAiji Lvi,i-.s McClharh Xaslnille, Ti-mu MEl HAXICAI. EXCIXEERING A. S. M. E- ; Co-up Club. EnwiN Dai.h McDANiti. Xew Smvrn.i Bcicli, Fla. rill Hta Si iiia; Oi-,.[. Cliil): Li ant. K. O. T. C GuiRi.H HfSRi MlKkh. jr. 7f,- ,l Thrta Pi Traik I. J. i. -T " Cinlj Charles Ale.xandkr McKinnun Atlanta, Ca INUL ' STRIAI MAX (.IMKXT Honor Roll J. l. 4 : I ' l I )elt., Epsil..ii, Bulldog Club; In.lnstnal M.niagcmeiu Society; Tcchnupic 2. i, 4. Bnsme-- Manager 4; Yellow Jackfl 4; Bui Prixt 4; Stndent Council 4. Treas urer 4: ■ M. C A Cabinet; Inter national Relations Club. Uaxiei. Iruix .Mai. In ia re IxmSTKlAL M AX.VtiE.MEXT I ' hl lh-lt„ Tlu-la i ' ellow J:r,-I -I 1. j; F.,..lball Mana ' jer 1. -■. 3, Senior Mana.tter 4; Track I. .Mil. TON RiCHARO McCM-RE Wilson Neulox .Mciiot (;h Texarkana, Ark. LEXEKAL EXOIXKKRIXI, IbiiiMr R..11 ,, _.. ;; Tan Beta Ri InMitiile of Aeronautical Sciencev I ' resi.lent 4: baiaineering Council. Sec WiLLiA.M Jackson McLartv Atlanta, f,.,. I lull,, r Roll 4: Pbi Hsi; Bulldog Club ; r, . ' Tc Jtnk-i ' l J, j; Interfraternity (. ' ouncil 2. 1, Secretary ; Lieutenant, R. O. T. ' C. DoxAi.ii .Ml Riiocii .McRae Douglas, (ia. MEC H. X ICAL EN(;IXEER1XG . S M, H, ; V .M. C. A. Cabinet G E O R G SCHOOL O F 4 ASDRHW Al.hXANUtR M.MKIFF S:im:i Monica, (. alif. GENERAL EX(:|XEERIN ; histitme ni Aeronautical Science Engineering Connctl. James Comer M.ALONt, Jr. . tlanta. Ga. MEf HAXICAl, EXG1.VEERIN ; Phi Delta riicia Scabbard and Blade : Skull and Kev ; Oil Can Clnb; Yvllo-c Jacket i. - ' : A. S. M. F.. : Lieutenant, N. R. O. T. C. JULILS WU.I.IA.M MaRIJI ETTE Mexico, Mo. MEfHANUAI. EXGINEERlXti A. S. M. E. Robert Ein aro .Mason Long Island, X. Y. .MECHANKAI. ENCrXEERIXC Honor Roll 3 : Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Tau Sigma; .A. S. M. E., Secretary 4. Iruin .MiUowHEL .Masskv Atlanta, (ia. l.XtJL ' STRIAL MAN.XGEMENT Sigma Alpha Epsilon nak: Omicron Delta Kappa; Bull- i; Club: Pi Delta Epsilon ; Industrial Management Societ.v ; Football Man- ager I. 2. 3. 4. Senior Manager 4- N O L O G y w m - f , -V V S E I R N VVu.EiAM C. . Iaiionev. Jr. Fort Monroe. Va. MEIHANR ' AL EX ;IXEERINr. I ' bi Gainiiia Delia I ' llEODORE .MaNSON .MaNLEV Griffin, Ga. EEECTKICAL ENGI N KERI NG Honor Roll i. 2, 4: Pbi Eta Sigma; Omicron Delta Kap|)a ; Phi Kappa Plii ; Tau Beta Pi ; Kappa Eta Kappa ; Scalibard and Blade ; Briacrean So- ciety ; Co-op Club, President 5; )V - ,.; ■ Jachel ; Major. R. O. " T. C. : Track J, 3. 4: Cross Country J. 3. 4 CllAREES .NORRIS MaRTIN East Point, (la. ixm STKIAI. MAN.VliK.MENT (ioRi)ON Bonner Massencale Atlanta. C;a. lEKAMlC ex ;ineekixc . merican Ceramic Society. Cn. RHE Joe .Mathews Statesboro, Ga. H.ECTRICAl. ENGINEERING Chi Psi K ppa Eta Kappa; Intcrf raternit Coimcil 3, 4. L U E PRINT S E I (I K S Ai.r-tN Doii ' .iAS M.svFiti.ii S;in, T ■ a llonnr K..1I 1 . rii, Kt;. S.gnu : A. I Oi. !•-; Cms. Ciintry l ; rr.ul, i. -■ I(.sn ll Brittiw l ■i I ' ortsniMUth, ' .L INIUSTRIM, MAN M.I MENT {,■(„ Thfl., I ' , P, Delt.i I ' psilnn; l.i.lnstrial M.hul;. ' lAMtS CaMPBHIL MfRRlll., J K. Jnck-.inillc.Fla. ri„ I ' cU,, riu-1,1 Harr Chapman Mim.h, (liattHiinM a, Ti ' iin IM l. TliIAI. M NAi,l MKM Wu.iJAM WiisoN .Mitch Mac. .11, (.a. f ' hi IK-h.i rlu-ta C ' llARIIS N " RRIS .tlAMl - - Xi lta ,,ak, l ' rcsi.lent a: Dmicn.n DcU; Kappa; Presiacnt Sigma Nu 4; Stii- .lent Cmincil - ' , .1. 4. Prcsulent 4; Stuilcnt Faciiltv Honor Committee ; " y (la.s Hc-Pri-si(l ;nt 1. ,1 : BiilldoR i ( l„l,, ll.,« lacket Club; Skull aii.l fk K.v. Kc-Pu-,..lem; Pi Delta Kp- ,,. i|,.ii iiuUisiri;il Management Society; H I ' ! 4; I ii ie.i. N. R. O. T. C; ■ tliictH P.oar.l; Scal.lanl ami Blade; lity Council 2, .1, 4 ; ' Ji«- | Marshai.i. Jamks Mshaffey Laiiett, Ala. I Phi Psi I- RANK 1). Mil I IR, JR- Atlanta. I. a. I ' l K.lfta I ' lll nak; Bnll.log Clnl.. PrcM.lent 4; Skull an. I Key; li i.ln-.tnal .ManaKc- . .- - mem S.iciety, Vice-Presi.lent 4. I ' l A J Helta F.psil..n; Honor Roll y. U-llow V . flL M ' ' " ' ■■ ' ■ ' ' • - ' ■ - -t. Bli. iness Manager 4; I % j Y Bi.fE Print - ' . 4; Technique A- Bryan Bi RDtTTt Mitchell n.calur. I. a. |.iHN Stanley .Montaldo Ossining, N. V- ITIILI. health EN.,INEERING A S. M 1 ' " .; Glee Singers. EORGIA SCHOOL O F 4 James Pi.easaxts Mdork Tahle |uali. (3kla. MKCHANKAL KX(;IXEERIN(; Bcia riula Pi A. S. M. E. JostPH Warnfr MoRr.AN La .r ingc. Ga. AKi H lTF.tTl " RE Pi Kaffa Phi Architectural Society : Bulldog Club Yellox,: Jacki-I, Art Editor. Robert Wiley Mlrphv Jc,u,).(,a. INDUSTRIAL MAXACEMENT Sigma Alpha Upsilon Class President 3 ; Student Coiuicil 4 ; Student Faculty Honor Committee 4 ; Anak. Vice-President 4; Bulldog Club: Skull and Key; T " Club: Scabbard and Blade: Athletic Board 4: Interfraternity Council 3: 7Vi7i- nitfue V- JV (ni ' Jacket 4: Freshman Football: Varsity l ' ' ootball . .i. 4. Captain 4. William Jacksox Mi sgra Lake Mary, Fla. electrical excixeerixc A. I. E. I- ' .. President 4. Charles Minciiix Neal. |r. Columbus. Ga, MECHAXICAL EXGIXEERING Phi Kat ' f a Sif ma A. S. M. E. : W-II.Kc Jacket 2. 3 : Cros! Country 1. h o L o G y S E I (I R S Albert Rt fis Morgan. Jr. Columbia, S. C. CIVIL engixeerixg Civil Crew : A. S. C. E. L U E PRINT (Jrover Wenhell Morriss Norcross. (ia. textile excixeerixg Pbi P i : C.i-op Club. Sam I EL Joseph .Mlrrow, Jr. Savannah. Ga. Co-op Club. Charles Frederick Myers Rocklcdge. Fla. MIt HA.XK ' AL E.XGI.XEERIXC v j »(i Sigma A. S. M. E. Livps.w MiN ' ER Neelv C.llege Park. (;a. ELECTRICAL EXGIXEE:RIXG Phi Sigma KapM A. I E. F. S [] I II It !i Will I M ' lNi.tNT NtlSUI li..n " r k.,11 I, j; Phi Hl;i Sigm i ; ( lilTnnl l: Mcmurial Award; I ' l lltlt.i l-psil..ii; Camera Club; r,-.-lnt,,lu.-. rh,.t„(;niplKT 4; Bl.L-E I ' KIM. PliMt,,or:,|,|KT 4; (,l.-e Siiiscr. Rich xrh M riiin N hi. 5 lil.U IIKAI.TII ENI.IXKKK Hi HERT LiSTkR NiH.AX KnckiiKirt, (ia. Mil HAXII Al. HNi.lN-EKKINi; Cn-Ol, Clllll- jilSH ' H 1,1 UN Nl Nl- HoiK.r Rull I. 2, i, 4; Tan Hclj I ' i Phi Kappa Phi ; President ' s ( ,..1.1 -T ' American Ceramic S()ciet ; Pieutei ant. R. O. T. C " , Ravi, Aiiii st(i Oi.h tNnn Santa Clara. Cnl.a llAKRf HlRTON N KI.SON I.a. ,Vi-»„i . . .„ ; •.« .. II lii.histn.d S..CR-t.v G E O R G JALK Kinv ARl) .NtTTl.ES , tl;inta. (ia. A, S. C. I ' . F...,tl.all .!, 4. Kkiiarh .Marks . iirm = I ' hi Delta Tlh-U, Honor Roll I ; Pi Tan Sigma ; Oil Can Club; A. S. M, E., President 4; President Phi Delta Thcta 4. Walter Irb Nuxnelee. Jr. Atl.inta. I.a. .AllAANIlER Cl.ARK ()r I.iNII I ' i Tan Sii{ma; Scabbard and Blade ■ ' resident Sigma Chi 4; A S, M. E. Track i ; RiBc Team i. SCHOOL OF 4 Robert Carlton Orrin Palatka, Fla. CIVIL ENGINKEKINC I ' lii Kii ' fii Sigiiui Civil Crc-w: Pi IJclla Epsiloii; T.-c i- iiii iie 3 : Vclhw Jacket 2 : Rue Print 2 : Cllec Singers 2 : V. M, C. A. Cab inet : Cosmopolitan Clul) ; A. S. C- V..: Iiitfrlratcniitv Council - . Robert O ' Tooi.e Del. and. Fla. KI.KCTKKA1. KN(;1N[-:EHIN(; Kappa F.ta Kappa ; A. I. E. H. Wii.i.iAM Wilkinson Pace, 111 All.any. Ga, IMUMKIAI. MA A(;KME r Kaf ' u All ' ha linllilog Club; Swinmiing i. () TTis F.iAvvN Parks Atlanla. Ga. IxmSTRIAL MAX.VOEMENT Track I, 2. 3. 4. Allen Ji dv Patten New Bern, N. C. ELECTRICAL EXC.IXEERI. (; Hcia Kapfa -op Cliih; .v. 1. 1-;. E. ; Ueutcnanl. R. (). T. C. O L o G y S E 1 It S 1 KoiiERT Howard Oster Swissvalc, Pa. .MKCHAXICAL EXGIXEERIXG bJ i Hcia Kappa . .S M. F ; l.icnlenant, K. O. T. C ■uJ William Bri ckner Owens Decatur, Ga. MKCHAXICALEXCIXEERIXG k t:. A - lpl.a Phi Omega : A. S. M. E. ; Lieu- tenant, k. 0. T. C. Cs, Sam Kinlev Padgett Allaiua, Ga. CIVIL tXCIXEF-KIXG ( .lee Singers ; Civil Crew ; A. S, C. E. Wm-ter Kiiwix Paris Atlanla. Ga. CIVIL EXC.IXEERIXC Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. ; Track 3. Charles Otis P.atton Rock Hill, S. C. IMHSTRIAL .MAXACEMEXT Inieruational Relations Club. BLUE PRINT Li S I] Ml It S Hciw ARii Ran monii I ' l rk •tv. C..-.,p ilul.. T. iiu-n.nil. k (I. r 1- WllllAM Kr ].ST PkTW A (Jhl.RI.I Wll I.I M Pllll I , ' ,■ , I in-iu r, Anak: Oiiiicron l ilt.i Kapp.i ; Sin (leiu Council 4; Pi Delta lipsilon : (ilee Singers. President; Presitlenl Peta Thcta Pi ; Phi Eta Sigma; Honor Roll I : Alpha Chi Sigma : A. 1. Ch. E. : Blue Print i, 2, 3, 4. Business Manager 4; Ti-iiiniiiii,- I, 2, 3; lV r n ' Jacl-cl 4: Baskethall Manager 3: Suimmini; 1, _ : Lientcnant, R. O T C Tom Svkes Pii ' PEN nirminsham. Al.i ,■,• ■ riu-la r, Biill.loK Clnh I ' l Helta I ' pMlon : h .Instrial Maliasienienl S..ciet H " U RI) Kl l.hXH PoRTIR ClK ' -UTliehl. S C. CimI Crew, ViCL-Presideiit ; Pi Helta EpsUon. Vice-President ;; A S C E., -ice-President 5: Tcchnupu- 1. -•, I. Assistant Bnsincss Manager 4, 3 liugmccr s; Vcllnw Jackcl 2: lii 1 1 Print 5; M. L. Brittain Del.atiiin So- ciety : Eientenant. R. I). T ( ClIARIlS F.UWIN PliRSON Atlanta, 1. a. H r Hull I. J. i: Tan Beta Pi; Phi Kaiijia I ' hi; Phi I ' lta Sigma; Pi Tan Sigma, Vice-President i; Briaerean Society; A. S. M. E. ; V. M. C. A. Cid.inet; iM, I.. Brittain Dehating So- c.etv. -.ce-Prcsi(lent v RoKIRT HhARII PhaRR Washington, I ia. i: TILK KXliINKKkI Lh, I ' si Phi PsL iHN Francis Picc Hrooklvn. X, V, Cuil Creu , A, S. C !■: ; Xewi Clnh; E.ioiliall 1. j; Baskethall AnihRT Kranki.ix Poor. |r. Wu.idst.H-k. (,a. WllllAM KVANS PoWKLL Atl.inta, (,;i. tX, GEORGIA SCHOOL I ' hi Simula Ktifpii . I. E. E., Secretary 4: IVcsidenl Phi Sigma Kappa 4: Captain, R. d T, C. O F 4 Kari.h W ' TOX PrKNDIiRC.AST Aihuu.i, (.a. I. I-. l:. ; l.iiulcnam. K, O. T. ( ' . Siihj ' UKRi) (Jrken Prm R I ' il gerald. U.i El.K. rKll Al. K.VCIXK -KIN, I ' i Kiifpa I ' ll Km.i H Erxhst R ll.niia (,a AC HI MIC 11 Ml M. 1 cilNl- KHIN I ' c T.-.n Signu : A. S. M. E. iiR iAN Charles Rtiii. Mollis. X.V. I IlKMK VI. KXCIXEKKlXi; ' • « .Si. in.i ' hi t ' llARI.KS I ' llll.U ' Kk HARDS Allama. (ia. IXnrSTKIAI. MAXAC.KMKNT Hoiu.r Roll 2. ,i. 4; Phi Kappa Phi; Inilustrial Managi ' ment Sncii ' tv : Liiii- tciiaiu. R. O. T. C. : Football i ' . - ' . .1. 4. I- N O L o G y ikd H H II I S Ralph VVii.i.iam Priks Atlanta, (hi. MFIHAXIt AL EX(:iXEF.KIX ; Tail liftsUnit I ' lii A S M. E.; President, Tan F.psilon I ' hi 4: I ' cihniqui ' i; But. Pkixt i: Kilk- Team 1 ; Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. Rafahi. .Antiixio PlIO Havana. Ciiha - , I. E. K. : A. .S. .M. E. : C.isniop,,li- tan CInh: Radio CInh. .AlAlX KrN ' FST RAtTTIC. Jr. Decatnr. (ia. MKl HAxn AL KXi;I.XEEKIX(; . S. M. 1-:.; Captain. R. O. T. C. RiHe Team 1. j. j, 4; Track i. I ' .M 1. Co.XRAi) Rhvxi:. Jr. I-incolntoii, . C. rHITF.eTfkE Kappa Alpha Arehiteclnral Society: C.lce Singer Ai.FRLi) Ralph Ro.ach Atlanta, (ia. I X nl ■ STKI AL M . X ACE M E XT I ' hi Ih-lla Thela Raskethall 2, .!. L U E PRINT s n I II 11 s CHARI.HS StOU IRS RoAfU Atlaiitii, (i.-L ' Kurt " I ' l " I ' i IMta l ' :pMl,m. Vicc-1 ' it-.i.lciil i: A. I. 1- I-.: T,-clun.iii.- i, j. i: KW .. ' .hutfl 1. _■: Swminiin.4 1.2, i; Kiflt- Tt-aii. I. J, ,v R M..Nl) William Ross. Jr.,.i FcjRREST Pat Rvan Atlanta, Cia. k(H[ rE(.TI RAL K (.I [-:F.K1 Roll 2. ,i : Scabbar.l and Bl.i.le: Jiilgin,-cr 4; Arcliitcctnral Socit-tv . Battalion Commanrler. N. R. O. T. t. (Ilrbirt Si: moi.r Sakfir BroMkhn. X. " . Civil Trru ; A, S C. K, WHS .Nicholas .S.wii ' j Kapf ' l Si; lll,l to-,,,, Cli.l.: A. I Ch R 7 C Ri. Wasiiinotox RoukStiN-. Jr. John C ' l rtis Roy ( " hark tnn. V, X ' a. ife W ' altkr Carl Cjloroi- Salman Xoriina, . . C. llMUMr K,,ll [, _., 4, :;; Phi Eta Sigma: Tan Beta I ' i: I ' lii Kappa Plii : Presi- dent ' s (iolil " T " : Briaercan Societv : C,i-..p Cluli: . , I. Ch. R. : Lieutenant, R. O. T. C. IJiuARii Walthr Samodln e t Haven. Cuun. DoXALIi WiLLLWI S Nlll- l:e , enler, AI.L Item Thcia I ' i llnnur Roll i : I ' l.i Kta Siama Ch. 1l GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TE tnWARI) Leroy ScANi.ixr, Atlanta, Ga. PUBLIC HEALTH ENtilNEERINC Honor Roll i. _ . 3. 4; Phi Kta Sigma Tan Beta Pi; Phi Kappa i ' lii : (■! ■. Singers j. 4. jlllIN Marvll Schrhkdi-r Atlanta, (la. PLliLIf HEALTH E t;lNEEKIX(: H.iiior Roll i: Tau Beta Pi; Lieuten- ant. R. O. T. C; Swimming j. ,v () tN OlIVIiR SfOTT West Point, (ia. TEXTILE EXr.IXEERIXr. Sigma Xu Phi Psi; Skull anil Kev ; Interfrate uity Council 3. 4- Hkrnard E. Skcall. Jr. Shrevcport. La. M ECU ANICAL EXGI XEERI XG Tail Efsiloii I ' hi A. S. iM. !•:. Joiix .Michael Sena Harttor.l. Co.m. Delia Tail Delia Civil Crew ; A. S. C. E. ; Skull and Key; Student Council 4: Interfrater nity Council ,!. 4. President 4; Bli h Prixt I. J. N O L O G y S E I II l{ S 1 REDERICK KlCEXK ScHRODER ;reenvillc. S. C. TEXTILE EXOIXEERIXG Kappa Alpha I ' hi Psi; Velhnc Jacket - ' , 3; Tech- tiique 2. |i xn .s VValbert Scoxhers Maiden, Mo. MKC H. XI ' , L Exr.lNEEklXC (, ' ; Thela I ' i Honor Roll _■: A. S. . I. E. joiix Kranklix Scruggs Valdosla. (ia. IXIil STK1. L MAXA(;EMEXT .American Ceramic Society; Band i. I ' iDRO KnRIGI ' E SeGRERA Havana. Cuha I IIE.MU Al. EX(;iXEERIXG A. I. Ch. E. I ' rank Sirmans Sessoms Cgdell.Ca. MEIH X1( AL EXGI XEERI XG A. S. M. E. L U E PRINT s r I II II N Wii.MiR H Am Shwihart. Jk. ' , Kutf " -llfli " HiRllIRT J.ACKSdN Sm-.RIRT liiliTlrateTnit (-..niicil ,v I ' rANK Or.l.H SillllMAKl.R, JR. Cliii.iK " , Ml. rill U.iiinii.i Ih-llu Pi Delta Epsilun, Sccrutarv 4; . 1 Cli. E.; Bi.TE Print 1, _■ ; r,; ,.:r Jacl;,-I 1. - ' , V. Umwuiun. RO. T C. ; Kirti ' Ttani 1. -■ HuisToN I)l iin Smith. Jr. G.liiniluis.da Skull aii.l Ki-x ; I ' ..,.tl,all 1 ; Pres.ik- Chi Psi 4. |ami;s Pendkrcrast Smith 9 1,11 Al.AN Slll ' .. ROrSE nuTiian l -raniK- Scmctv; V. M. C. ( " alnnct ; M K I ' .rilt.nii Di ' l.aling S.inclx . Sav.nni.ili Clnli. ' I ' miMAs Emmhtt Shhridan Bessemer. . la. MRi llANICAI. EXC.IS-KEKlXc l|M„ni- Rnll V. Sral.l.aril and Blade; ( ,,-,,|, ( Inli; - , S M I-:.; Lieutenant. K ( I. T r .ArTII RT SmAI.I. . tlanta. (ia. .,vs C.nntry I. J. .!, 4. Laptani 4; r-:. C. C ,is (. ' ..untrv Champion 3. 4; Track I. J. .!. 4. Captam 4 1 M. K (iii.i.hsi ' iK Smith iiiv Strijthkr Smith Manelta.Ca. • GEORGIA SCHOOL OF T E ■■ Roy Fowler Smith TallMjtton, Ga. UVll. EXGIXKERIXr. .■ttf lia Tan Otiu-f a Kappa Kappa Psi : Civil Cnw : A. S C. K ; Haml i. j. ,v llnWARl) KdmoM) SpaXGI.IR liradiMit...!. l- ' la. fHEM [f. I, KXGIXEERIXg Honor Roll 4; Briaerean SocictN Co-op Clnb: A. I. Ch. K. Wii.i.iAM Arthir Spell. Jr. . tlanta. Ga TKXTILH EXCIXEKKIXC; Hclii Kaffa Walter (iraham Stockilvll Birniingliani. . la. CHEMICAL Exr.lXKEklXi; A. I ClL !•:. Hknri Ru hard Strkklaxl) Concord, tia. MECHAXICAL EXGIXEERIXO .llfho Tail Om.-ga A. S. M. K. : V M. C. A. Cabinet. N O L O G y N V. I III! S Hartow Randolph Snim)ks Alley, (ia. IXIH .STKUL .MAX.VOE.MEXT Pella Tail Delta and Bla U- ; I-..otball Ma ager 1, . ' . x K. 1 . M ' ANCLER Clinton, Mo. ELEITKK AL EXGINEERIXO H.-la Th.-la I ' i Kappa llt.i Kappa. KimARD StAI VER.MAX. |r rilEMICAL EXGIXEERIXg Alpha Chi Sigma. Treasurer 4; . . I. Stalv Stewart Storer Donglasville. Ga. MEl IIAXH AL EXOINEEKIXC; Ro KvANS Strickland. Jr. Clearwater. Fla. IXIilSTRIAL MAX.VIEMEXT Kafl ' a Alfha BLUE PRINT 77 s n I II II N JdSHMI Hr1c;(,S StI IIIMNS Kn-miiiKliani, Ala, H.-la riu-la I ' l T.-ui Bit.i I ' l. l ' i ' Hk-nt 4. I ' l " l- - ' I ' l ' ' I ' lii; Hmilt Ki.II 1. - ' , .(. 4. K-M ' P- F.ta Kappa, I ' rfsidfiit 4; I ' l Kill.i I ' p -il.m; Sc.iM.arcl an.l I ' .la,! ' , Una Pkint I, - ' , .r. EngiiH -i .!. 4 . N " - ' V ' Rifle Tt-ani, laptaiii. . I 1- I- ' ici-rR ' vi.K-nt 4: Kiisi.yii. X K II T. C. inx Robert Sti ' R(iis Atlanta. I. a 11,-lla Si ' inil rlii Gk(iri;k M.ack Sl ' Ttiin. Jr. Hriacri-aii S ' .cii-tv : Kappa V.Ui Kap|ia Co-op Chili; Lieutenant, U. 1 1. T. C. Ram ' H ' Iannhr. Jr. . tlaiita. lia. Ki.w.NRP Hii-i. ' I homa; N.lslnille. Telill IKXTII.K KXolNKI-UISi, ,s;,ai;i,i .-llflid l-f. il,in Phi P-i. 5 . RnuHRT Paul Stlnt Haiti, ■ ville,()kla. Uoll 1 ; I ' l Tan Sluma ; A, S. M, H, iee-Pi-csKlcnl 4; Swiiiiiiiiii: Team I, 2. ,i, 4 |oll. Si I. B.M.- ' III R, JR- Rome, l .a. ill Can Chill ; . . S. M, E. T IIOM s PkTI;R ' I M.l.hV . tlaiita. I.a. ,il ,01,1 M.isk: FeiK-itiK I. - ' . .!. 4- Wifc[ JAMts Ira Ti;.at . thens. Ca, rKXTlLE ENmNKKKIMi I ' lii Ita Sigma: Honor Roll i; Phi Pm; VeMow Jacket CUih ; ' l -l niquc 1 ) ' i-lh ' u ' JiicK-i-t 2: Lieutenant. R. () ' . T. C. ; Glee Singers; M. L. Brit- tain Debating Society. lh. TT Thompson ' Pile pMck. . i-k. .S,f,o»,i .-( • ill lifsilnn Iiislitnle of .XeronantK-al Sciences G E O R G SCHOOL OF T :: 4 Qri:STIN RllHHRT ' I ' llOMSON Lake Chark-s, l.a. MKCHANICAL EN ' GINEERIXG ■ Kat i a Al ha Honor Roll i, 2: Pi Tan Sigma; A. S. M. IC. : Oil Can Club ; Kappa Kappa Psi: Bi.UK Print i: rnolhall Band i. 2, .1, 4; Lieutenant. N. K. C). T. C. Leon Ai.frhd Tdlve Atlanta, Ga. AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING Joh K. iRKMAiAN Colunilms. (ia. INlUSTRrAI. MANAGEMENT Vhi Delia Thcta lu.lnslrial Management Societv ; Major. K. (). T. C. : .SraWianl an.l nia.le. Captain 4. Ja i!-.s Edward Troitman Moorcsville. . . C. 1 llEMll Al. ENGINEERING IaMES RllIIARDSON TlBB. Ill Sparla. Tenn. INinSTRIAI. MANAGEMENT Sigma Aifha Epsilon . Mii S E I II It N Percy Ernest Todd Havana. Cuba lECHANICAL ENGINEERING Thcia Chi A. S. M. E. RiKiERS BOCKOVER ToV Atlanta. Ga. CIVIL ENGINEERING -VigHia Alpha Epsilon Scabbard and Blade: Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. ; .Skull and Kev. Joe Clarke Tribble Atlanta. Ga. IXIIUSTRIAL .MANAGEMENT JAMES IrHIN TrUSSELL Atlanta, (ia. .M E H A N ICAL ENGI NEERI NG A. S. M. E. James Thomas Ticker Decatur, (ia. EI.EtTRICAI. ENGINEERING Honor Roll 4; Kappa Eta Kappa. O L O G y BLUE PRINT S r I II It N . RnlilRT Willi M " I I RSI- 1 M. K.ill 1 ; Tin l-:ia Simiia ; ) " ,■ - l.w ,i: (.Iff Singers William |iiiinsiin Lni hr m Kansas Citv.M.. Instltntf nf Afr,,naulK-al jOShl ' ll JAMhS ' aK,M.IIN, liirniiilRhani. Ala. i cHinaii ( " Inli; A, S. M. l " .. ; . M r. A. Cal.iiu-t tllRMLllS I ' RANLIS WaLKIK lacks..nxilU-. Fla. John Wnhth Wai.klr ELEI TKU AL EX(,INLKK A. I. v.- E. V ikA ! " Clifton l l■-RR Ti rni-,r, Jr. Tlioniaslnn, (la. M x. f,KMF lIlKNM Hol.l.lsTLR ANlil RI-.N Colnnilais, Olilo llniiur koll I. j; ArcliitL-ctiiral Sn rniiiu-rr.,, 4! track 3. 4: Cross Conn . liii.rto Kmiliii illaiieliu itaii Ciuli; A. 1. v.. E. Jamls H.nroi.i, Walker Atlaiila.l.a oR l J MhS Wai to; riii Delia Thcia nil Crtw: . . S. C. E. ; lingiin-.-r ,?. 4, Associate Business Manager 4. S i ' ,. GEORGIA SCHOOL O F mat Lto Aliiekt VV. (;n-()n Quitman, tja. MECIIAXR AL ENC.IXEEHINi; Wii.i.r.AM Ci.hvhLAxi) Ward. |k. Tryon, N. C. IXDL ' STKIAl, MAXA(;KMEXT Delta Siaiiia I ' ll! Bulking CIuI); I ' i IWl. ' i i (liistrial Maiiascnient Society: vUi Jacki-t Club. President 4; Iiiterfralc nity Council. Vice-President 4. Tjiii-MAs Nic.htis ;ai.h VVarrin Macon. C.a. IXnf STRIAE MAXAt.EMEXT J I LiAN Holt Wkavi:r Decatur, (ia. t TVII, EXc;iXEERIX(i IScUl k ' a ' fti Civil Crew ; .A, S, C. E. Kric Georoe Weissenberc;er Berlin, (ierniauy ELECTRICAL EXC.IXEERIXi; Plii Gamma Ih-lla 1 icruational Uelations Clul,. Pr dcnt 4- N L G y tk : • K ) S G I II K S Charles Thomas Waite, jr. (iaiuesville, lia. EI.EtTRICAL EX(;iNEERIX(; W ' n I LAM Arthir Ware, Jr. Tuscuinliia. .Ma. textile ex jxeekiX(; .Ufha Tun Om. ' na Plii Psi: Skull and Key; Yellow Jacket Clnb: Captain, R. ' C). T. C. Senior Manager Basketball 4. (iLoRoE Washi.m;tos Weaver Pulaski, Tcun. ( IVII. EXGIXEERIXi; Co-op Clnb; Civil Crew: .-V. S. C. E. Clem Coleman Newark. X.J. MECH AxltAI. EXCIXEEklXC Pi Tan SiKuia: . . S. M. K. ; Track Karl . Ielvin Whkbv Princeton, W. ' a. IXIHSTRIAL MAXAOEMEXT riii Gamma Delta T " Clnb; Football I, . ' , .1, 4- BLUE PRINT S ] I II II s Charms L ' risp Wh hhr, Jr. HaiKvillc, Ga. Ira EimiN Wii.ks LaGrange. Ga. ( ENEKAL EN(iI. EEKiN( Knffu . lth„ JAMhS ' idl Nl. Wll.SIIN, Jr. Allama. Ga. L MANAl.EMENT iix l.( vi Wilson. Jr. l-iK-.cil. K . I ' lii Kappa Ph.; H..n,.r Roll ;, 4, . I 1- [•:,: Captoin. R. O. T. C. Hl-RRINI. VVlNSHlP, Jr.,a. A. I. Ch. E. ; Captain. R. O. T. C LtllNARI) Wll.KlNS ML-niiiliis. Tfii.i I. Cli, 1-: ; M I.. Bntlam Del. JllSI-.PH l|..l,T(PN VVii.e Atl.-inl.i.Ga. A I I N l.iiR.n Wii.cnx ;K; - " r " Clul.; . S M, !•:. ; I ' ..,.t- iH I, J. .;, 4. .XiltTiiat. ' Caplaiii 4, Uwii-L BiNKi.EV Williams l ' ,..,.mille. X, C ' (, ' ,• ,; llnii,,,- K,,ll !. 4; Tail Ik-la Pi; Pi ■| ' ;ui Si-nia. I ' ri-sulfiu 4; Oil Can Clnb, PrcsulclU 4; l-ll ' nu-cr ,i. 4; . Ia.iur, R. C). T. C. ; Engineering Coniicil : President, Phi Cjanima Delta; . . S. M. E., Vice-President 3: Inter- fr.iu-rnily Cnnncil 3. 4. Secretary 4. (.IIARI LS RllW I, Wuill Ralciyh. X C ia " Pre-ident J ; Stndent Canicil 2. : Anak; ■ ' T " Cluh; American Ce- ,innc S.icietv; I ' nothall X ' arsitv J, ,1. 4; Track 1. J, i, 4; Basketball I. GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TE 4 W ' Wilson Woods Sri :niTKili. (.a. INM STUI.M. MAXACiEMENT ' ■ ' Kai f ' ■llfli " Industrial Manasi ' iiu-iU Socii-tv: Vil low lacket Chib. JA-MtS KtNNKTIl WoL.lclRI) Hristol. Ti-nn. MEIHANK AI. EN(;INM-:ERIN(i Oi-o|i Clnli: A. S. M. H. ; Ban l i. 3. 4 MaI.ON ( )RRVLl.l.h WRii nr;ar.kri. 1-1 i. CIVIL EN(;iNl-:EKINti I ' hi n.-lla riicla eivil Crew: A. S. C. I ' ..: Scahl.; and Oscar A L■ R Young Atlanta, tia. IXIICSTKIAL MANACiEMEXT C7ii Plii MiiMiiL Mason ZtMLK Nm ley, X.J ELECTRIC Al. EXOIXEEKIXc; I ' i Kapl ' a .llfha Kappa ICta Kappa, Secretary 4 ; Kadu Club. •H N O L o G y N E n R s KoKLRT JtRO.Mt WOODDALL, Fairl.nrn, (ia. M EC H . X IC. I. K.X(;i XEEKI x ; Ptii Sinnui Kaf l a Anak: Honor Roll 3: Pi Tan Sigma; I ' i Delta Epsilon; Bnlldos Club: A. S. M. K., President 4: Inlerfratcniity Conncil 4; Student Conncil 4: Presi- dent, Phi Sigma Kappa 4 : Hi.ce Print 1. - ' , .i, 4: 4: Tccli- io.;» - 4: liiif:iiii-er 4; )V (i:c Jacket 4. (ihoRGt Albert Wright Miami, Fla. . l. I.. Hrmain Deliating Society : In- ternational Relations Cluli: Glee Singers : .American Ceramic Society ; Camera Club. RiN Kkxnktm Wright Saxions River, t. I.ECTRUAL EXGI NEEKING licla Katta Cdec Singers. Nicholas Ai.dln ZAviRoRSki Clifton, . J. CHE.MICAl. EXGlXEEklXG ' ,■ KtlfM Alflui Skull and Key: A. I. Ch. !•:. : I- " o.ill all Manager i, - ' , .?. Walter HhRiitRT Zilgler College Park, (ia. Honor Roll I, 5: Tau Beta Pi; Pi I ' au Sigma: Rri.icreaii Society; . . S. M. 1: : Captain, R. O. T. C. ; Football •B " Team 2. BLUE PR 83 N T 11 (1 L 1 S S F F I C K R S M JXMES 1,11 II RK John Willi m I mi R TudMAS Nancl Kill. r,r,-rr, ' Sl,ln,t As tilis, tht thiril vc;ir cf the turmoil „t books and labs closes vc can look back with a real sense of satistaaion upon the part that we have plaveil in the campus and classroom lile at deorgia lech. Most ..I us were surprise.l when, at the close ot the tirst two vears ui collei;e, we founil that we knew httle about what we wanted to do upon t raduation. It was this year that we started with a seri- ousness ot purpose to lea e behind those pleasantly spent treshman and sophomm-e years ot basic study and start in earnest toward a g.)al of specialization. We learned to taste of that sense of satisfaction that can onl be attained by domt, ' . During this, our junuu- year, eftorts of the industrious li-ive begun to bear fruit. Membership in the lionin- fraternities tor those who h a v e prcnen their merits m eom petit ion with others. I ' acli name of the iniM-e diligent lias been set apart — to be looked upon for excep- _ tional conduct and ap- f W ' i M plication to the prob- lems w ith which he has been faced. We are anxious to take oyer the positions and tasks of the seii- icH ' s, ,ind it is our aim to lixc up to the stand- ards set by that class. JOHN TVLER !■ Junior B. M. O. C J jji JUNIOR CLASS • - " - T H A,.,.v f- fi! W-wf) J «I :l I J (J A 1., AiuM.MM N ... Havana, Culia ' " W ' ' K An,..,,,,,,, ilNw ■ . » - - J -JL - p ' ■ " - ' - .«i..M-„.(,a, m J K. l ' TA,,a.;„ T.,I,1l-,|i,.,Ii. i kl.,. - m : W ii,,.UN.i . E . . . li.„it.,, („, % n Jik 3L I. A. . Ll,,l,i;iMS.i:X llal,ta, .., V I I 1 W C. A.m„.,-|.:t Havana. Ci,l,a I 1, M ' ■ J f 1. f • A M Av„K„s„.. .... U.u,.l„„.,Tv„n fT . f " 7 ' ' -J • ' ' i).sA,a ' Ho " . ' . . ■..■. " . ' iv;!:;::.;;:, jl ...-. r lW iflV l),C A,,a-snN, . . Jacks. ,„v illv. Fla f j| 1 J » .1, . l . n, ,:TT. ' AH ... C..I„,iiIh,v. I.., •! .» ;SS | ' Ja ' , %»- " • ! V, l-As,,, ,s L„,,it.ii,. X I ' , ,r ,1F V- -j X. I! Aviuts Atlanta, (-ia, " X " " — i a 40 iS If «• F. 11 G. R. B.U.F.S Salt Lake Ctv. rial, .,; .i4 J V. P Hm.,.v, i, V,n,kT. (,a i - i 1 - - C. B. B-VLLENiiE,: . . . Huntington. W . " a E. G. B.VNDY Sanfonl. kla O. A. B.NKGE, 2 AE Atlanta, G, I J. E. Bakr,,w Mattlie -, G,,, Hi " k ' H % ' — .— X ' -3. i »i .I.S, Fi, i(n.Eri Aslievillc. . t. ' H| •l l ' , -11 ' ' E. ' BatiHEI.,,,! . . , Allan,a.Ga C. H, B. TES . a hMllv, Ti-,„i .1.11 Bats,, N- Lun,l,vi-t..,,. M, s . . W li Wl.l-s, . .l. tla„l.,.G.,. r- - 0 . ' 7»3! .1.1. B,. Ms , . St. . iiy„st„„-, Ek, W . Bea, M,,.M-. X ' l. Atlanta. (.,, I ' d V. h:., X M ' .... Savann.,!,, Ga | T l K, E. BliEKS Xfwnan, G., | fj!w H. D. Beescix .... Winston-Salem, X I " . |: " V . . i :dH IlilMlllKi-lMjlll i 86 Ml - " ' JUNIOR CLASS y. S. . . . Woodnierc, L. I., N. V. L. L. Hkkkv, - N . . . _ Harriman, Tenn. C. K. Bekkv. a h . . Colmnhus, Ga. 1). k. liERKV. X Rome.Ga. Thomasville, Ga. J. M. liEiTEi.i, Jr. TO O o . » ' . ... •. , . ! l; H.H,R„sv,,, r),r.Ga. =- 3-, l-.CIii.MK Allama, Ga. y V _ , U.S. lii.A.K .•XiiK-ricus. Ga. ■ ' - k , 7 ' I. (M!cmK.N,iKiMER. l En . . . .Atlanta. Ga. ijUTi ll I I 1 " ' ' m t - ' ■„s- .M„rdan.i.Ga. I - - 6 V - • ' -- « .1.11. lii.ii.v.Nsu.N-.BK .... .Atlanta, Ga. v- _i -If - W . B. Hoii.v.sxoN. BK .... .Atlanta. Ga. I W k xT - . —J W. M. Rot.Tov Griffin. Ga. i 1 W » I ' l Decatur. Ga. -■ 5f ' f ' » ' »-f 1 - ' 1 J J. W.; . Cristobal. Canal Zone _. ' _ ' J» XT J. K. Rr.m.lev Buford.Ga. - - ' ' " , - . • . H. M. Hr.wnen Savannah Ga. ' J V V J S J K. WHk.vv .... Dnrham Center. C.nn ,-- t«-i y Sl I J ( 1 1 • f " f % 11. L.Hki«;es.Jk .Atlanta. Ga. ' . f ' -♦». - ■ . .T l J 1 O.Hk,nk.m..s.ATA . . Jasper, Ga, _ , _ . « ' (.. U.Hrook. .Atlanta, Ga. A - J ' • ' - ' " " " ■ ' Atlanta, (ia. ri r ■ f f ' f ( T ■ JL ' - ' 1 ' " " ' X Birnnngham. Ala. ' - ■ ' - -i • « V ' ■- - 7? II S B,R.sK.s.Ki: Rome.Ga. _ -. _ i 11.1.. H.R,„ Jenkins. Ky. W Bi . a W ' ' ■• BiHKOiciis .... Brandsvillc. . Io. I % r 7 i H . " ' ■■ Magnolia. Ark. l-dl f T » 1 « " K M. BVRT Birnnngl,.-,n,..AIa. -it ' ■ ' " " .l -l W «r K. ;.HLRroN ,lan,:,.Ga. 4 _ „ ' • T.l.:.Bv,:„Lv .Atlanta. G.-.. r Af ' f hK JGlk. " J L).C„„,,,.|,K„. Albany, Ga. 1 l " 1 f- UH.L.M.HWEI.I Cranierton. . ' . C. •-f ' ' . 7 ' • ' »« -I p . " " ™ ' Atlanta. Ga. -• ' I - ■ • »- . f ' .-— f S.C. C.XM1MIE1.L AiLmta. Ga. kflJltft o 73 JUNIOR CLASS • .., rx ot ,o A A. I.Caici A Atlanta, Ga. ' ' ' I ' " ' J J •- K. W. CAkMkiiMi. ' I ' Ad Atlanta, (ia. . ' - l fc S V A. " ' ' fc " ' , k Til ' j mmUMmiM " ■ ' ' . A.; ::;::;-;:: - - ' f J-SChkek iT T fc A W i;-. l-CLAn..AT l:; ,-un,l.a. ■ — f ' - TT ■ ' « " r ' - f .1. L, Clakk, II K A , . , Wilniiimn,.n, Dd, J ' J ' I J -— v " k H. 11.0-AL SEN,X ugusta. Ga J.T. Clecki.kv, Jk. ... . Augusta, Ga. R. L. CijETT. X ..... Atlanta, Ga J. T. Cl.lFT, X Atlanta, Ga. — .. i - ' « - ' ' J - " = n A R. G. CoHN.T !•: .... .Savannah, Ga. ' ' ' M. F. G LE, Ae Macon, Ga. I ■ f f H. L. Ci.iLLiER, i; A 1! Atlanta, Ga. . .9-1 ,«S»- -• ' ' - T J. P.. Oii.LiNS Fairliurn, Ga. , i ' .J ] ' L. S. Ci.MMix , E II . . . tlanta, Ga. — ' — .A J.G. Co.vixiN- .... Freeport, L. I.. N. V. t . Sl 9 1B if W. R. G..M,F.v Alamo. Tenn. F ll t I % V J.F.O.x.x„«..l I.: Chattanooga, Tenn. j . J f 1 » I a : W F.P.Cook Gal.heitvilK-. Ga. • ; I, N« " »-j5; " • • ' f;! ffnik A-H.c .,o f IM ( l ri L«l. .1 1. Cu,.,.,„K,.I.AO O.hnnluK..,., »0m ■ 1? ' T .«t? ■ ' - l .IACo,oan . . ...nnKwu-., Ga. X j f _1_ " ■-;=, ;;=■; ( f ft O Fl ' CoWAKT . C„hnn:n,s.,„,. } 1 , ' ' «? ' " —Hi ' - " ' H. K. Con H, II K A , . . M,,gn..lia, . rk ' ' , ?J . i t JUNIOR CLASS -4 O Q O, ( .D f ( O r f rl j7 -ThjI L A. C.OnvLE-sjK Decatur, Ga. -«C -x Miami. Fla. H.H.Ckaxf.. ll.ATA . . Ft. Worth, Texas B. B.Ckockeh Atlanta, Ga. C. P. Ckosbv vVest Point. Miss. G. A. CkownRH Tampa. Fla. I . S. CKOWI.F.V Atlanta. Ga. C. L. Cii.i.M.f Atlanta. Ga. R. L. CiLPEiTEK. li K .... Savannah. Ga. !•:. C. H. D. .vFoi(Tii .Vignst.-i. Ga. J. V. l)AKliV, .V To G. V. K. U.AUGHTRV . M. B. D.WEXPORT. X (illWUE D.WIDSdX B () II V T () C. C. l- . v, C. J Davi I-.. T. Davis. T. (). Day, II K . K. V DiE.KMAV I ' CDlXKtX.sjR. S. I;. DOKSEV . J. p. D.IVI.F.. Jr.. H K K. K. DkiM.Moxi) . C. A. Dikes . . . . . . St. Mo. . Jacksonville. Fla. . . . Macon. Ga. ■ . . Atlanta, Ga. Port (Jlascow. Scotland . .Atlanta. Ga. . Orlando, Fla. Tampa. Fla. r ichmon(l. ' a. . Mollis. . -. V. .Atlanta. Ga. College Park. Ga. SavaiHiah. Ga. . Stuttgart. Ark. . Decatur, Ga. J.C. DiRiiEx Columbus. G.-1. W V. DiKKrx Savannah, G.i. A. B. DvEs. H K II. i:. Dvke.Jr O.J. DvKhs, 1- A. S. FinvARtij W. R. Ein.sox. S. F. Hla.m. J. r. Ei.i.ER . J. A. ICxc.i.E F. .v. Exi-.i.EiiART. Jr. I-JIWARU lu ' STEIX, Jr. D. B. Fai.k . . li. W. Fa.miiro . Fort Valley, Ga. . . Selma. .Via. Shreveport. La. .Athens. C,d. . .Atlanta, (ja. Ashland. Ky. Scotlan l. Ga. Savannah, Ga. . .Atlanta. Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Savannah. Ga. Fitzgerald, G: J ' " ' ' " K " Columhus,Ga. o J?J JUNIOR CLASS J.KFau Westfield, X. J. (J l ' I. Fill. X Weslfield, J. K. W. I-Eki.i s,,x Atlanta, i;.i LU F. ' . FtuKEK Saiitiag.i, .IcCul.u l_ W. n. FERkisjK IHcatiir. Ca. G. F. Fey. UK Atlanta, Ga. P, II. Flet.hek, I ' KS . . . Appalachia, Va. R, V. FnuRKsT. nun . . , LaiiNilmvne, Pa. C .1 .1 l-.iM Ei,-. Jk k,ch,„ond, ' va. ' Q f . I-niEM x,Ji,.. i- X , . , Atlanta. Ga. LU J J, FiiiLM.nE. -iTJl Atlanta. Ca. II K. I- 1 LIEU West I ' uint. (;a. • W II. I ' l . . , Wni lon-Salem. N. C. l: . l Fi Etz.X -1 ' Clotidland, Ga. II i ' .. FrNLiEr BURii, Ju. , . . Bainbridge. (ia. J. C FtxiiEKBtUK .... BainhriJge. da T. R. G. LE Tampa, Fla. F H G vki.NEU. Ju. , . . Hattiesbnrg, Miss. .IJ.GE.NN-Mii , . . West SMckliridgc, Mass. C. H.GEnm.E Vininijs. Ga. ■ I GiiiiLS, Jr Atlanta. (, a, R W. (.iiiEi.rxi; East Point. Ga. R, (.iliivx. En .... Mnntgoniery, Ala. .1 R (;ilisuN,SX . . . St. Petersbnrg, Fla. J J GuEHLnz St. Joseph. M,, S ■ " • HF.u Savannah, (ia. I-. P (looin .... Montgoinerv, -Ala, CM.(ioo„MAN.. T(. . , . Orlandn. Fla F. Gr e. Ar Palisa.le, M. ' -HGRA„ , Atlanta, (ia F. A. Gk, y, S E .... Jacksonville. Fla F. H. Gree.n-e Somerset, K , R. O. Ghees ]x Cedanown, lia W. C. Gkeoouv Atlanta, Ga I). H. Griffin- . Pirmingham. Ala. H.C. Griffin. 11 K . . h,nte .llln, Al.i R. E. GfERi - Ailant.i.G.i S. S. GrsKi.vD Jersey City. X J. J- R. H.VEOEK Avondale F.states. i ,a C. H. H.V ENT. AT(1 . . . Jacksonville. Fla n Q f% Cl p f O Oi NS -.i •a ' - A - tfi ntf JUNIOR CLASS ' ! O Cx a ■ ' ! A in O r:) o If « ai o i i - -•. 4 i: li; :! S - O 9 ft .1. L. Il.UiAX , . . H J. llAUitjK. . . W S. Ha.mkv. A T A U. D. Hamiltcix, a To K. r HA.Mr.tri . . Savannah, Ga. . -Atlanta, da. . Copperhill. Tenn. . . . Dalton. Ga. Crockett Mills. Tenn. J. K. llA.NAMA.N.. .... .Atlanta, Ga I . K. llAKA, 1 . Drexel Hill, Pa. J S IlAKii. II K .Vtlama, Ga. l.J llAi(Ri;u.,jR Hainbridgc. Ga. 1). (;. Harki.s. II K A . . . Syracuse, X. Y. .1. 1. llAKKi.-i Uichniond. " a. KJ. H.kkteh .Augusta, Ga. A. W. Hahhei.l .... Bimiiiigliani, .Ala. A. T. Hawki.vs. II K A . . Wa.viicstwro. Va. J.K. Heathiki.y .Akron, Ohio U. A. . . . Glen Gardner. . " . J. C. D. Heiulek, 1- X Atlanta, Ga. 11 C. Heixz.Jr., K A .... Atlanta, Ga. H. I.. Heltox, E . , . Sandersville, Ga. C. F.. HExxKin Cedartown, Ga. A. . I. Hekkox Duluth, Ga. K. U llEKzoi-.-l ' ICII .... .Athanta, Ga. JH. llELUEiK Baltimore, Md. CnAki.Es HiiiiiAKii.jK Atlanta, Ga. .1. A 11ie,;e[, r + E . . . Winter l .irk, Fla. UfLLiAM HikscH .... Brooklyn, N. V. .1. A. HoixiE Dames Ferry, Ga. ' - ' ' loKiii Coral Gables, Fla, K (i. H01.1.AXI) Dallas, Ga. R BMoi.Li.MAx Unadilla, Ga. C li. ' liii.Lis .Macon. Ga C;. J. HoLLV, UK . . . Elizalwthton, Tenn. R. A. Holt Decatur, Ga. W. V. M01.T .Atlanta. Ga. M F. II.K)PER Atlanta, Ga. 1.. L lloRxEk..lK..ATA . , ,|a„ia,Ga. F. . 1. HoK«„,ii, ... Montreal. Canada 1). O. HoisTox Jacksonville, Fla. V. F. HiiKAiiEK Thomaston. Ga, R. II. Hiiisox Wavcross. Ga. % o k lW ' JUNIOR CLASS • - [■ III i ix. 11 K M;,om. I.;i (J I W; Ml i.iih, An.kTson, IihI M. 1. Un.iitf. . . Itlulioillc. Avk D.C.Hl ' LBERT San llR-K " . Cilll — J. H. HlMPHREV. - K . . Atlanta, C.:[. S -I- liiK-T. Ik 1-Mrt -alk-,,i,., I. A llrRiMNsi.N . . , M.MxIaThU,,, B. IM K..IN-, i:N ... Malrwan. W X ' .i Jl- Jx. K.i.x Q I- 11 JVMISON- tlanla,(..i. LU W M.Jwi RV ' Frcnton, Tt-nn U. K.JoHN Miami, Fhi. • E. U. Johnson. II K . . . LaGrange, Ga. M. H. JdHNSOx Siloani, (ia. R. H. Johnson. 2 X . . . Si. Joseph, Mich. J. K. Johnston, Jn . tlanla. ( ..i. H 1). loiXKK tlK-ns. G,i. C. M. loXKs tlanta. ;a I. M.J. INK. ' , -a K. W. JoNF- t -ilarl,.«n.(;a. (i. JoN.ssoN kntlK-rlonl, X J J. V. JoBD. N W. W.JoRU.AN.jK lluMin. Ga C. R. JrsTi, J«., i: ' l ' H . Atlanta, G,i. H J K. M. . K tlanla, (.,1 S T. Kmffman, I!i II .|iMir(,ro cs. M,, M !■ Kkiijv WlRcliny. W ' a J W Kmv.i ' I ' K (irlan.ln, l-la. L W. K ' Kl.l.v . «..! G, I.. Kl-NliKlik.i: X Arlington. -,i C. K. IvETCHEV Plant City, Fla. R. W. Kiel, 2 U , , . St. I ' ctcrsbnrs. Fla. V. II.KlL(,.,RE . . Villa Rica, Ga. R 1. Ki ii;r.h.,ii Gnthrk-. Ky J II K.x,„ . TO Aiiiii,tnn, . la II. I-:, KoL. KOHsr i , . tlant.i,G,i K. M. K.ii.o Chicag... 111. C. KiKKLE, ri . . . lialtiniore. Mil. G. K, L. BoKlE .... Spencerport. N. Y. R 1. I..XN.E . . (iaiilcsville. Ga, r If ' I f J .,.4 ft o a ' .ft ( o ft 3 ! ' «! A ..1 ft JUNIOR CLASS irw rv f o P) rs ' -« .1 ;kI a - «f T J " ' ' P J. M. Lan-gley Pittsburg, Kans. , _ ' ,.» ' ' « " I I - f- I- NfiEXWAi.TKR . . Twill Falls. Mali.) V -a ' . ' ' " X. E. H. I.AHOKX College Park. (;a. kVc m ' " ' f ? " A Atlanta, C;a. -J U ,L4 Cj Cx :i;;iK.- ■..■■. ■■ ;=::;:: -— • ' ' ' TT — 1 V, H. l.KxxAKi) Pelhaiii, Ga. , A - fc " W ' V J.C l.Kxz Havana, Cuba T B H B Decatur, Ga. 1 i ' ' s " 4 -T J T » ■ T ■ ' " ' - ' ■: TEK Coiiyers. Ga. i 4pl, ' ' - • -». -JC-r ' ' -». fjp •;- • •« ' " fl M. l.Kv Voiiiigstown. Ohio . B K — ' ■ ' " ' .1. . 1. I.Kwis. K i: Kuston, La. ' ! ■R• - ■ ' ' a rZiK. i:. F l,i.M«.i K.N, 11 K ' l ... . tla.ita, Ga. » l l !: ' - V -Jl ■ ' fc S. P. I.iNi.LKV Snivrna,Ga. f i r i .... Jl . « 1 ' -- -f ' - : -.► 4, J. I-:. LocKKKV Central City, Ky. I " • V " ' b .. .. - . " L. U. LocKKKY Central City, Ky. ---»- ' _ ' 3» -3- - J. H. I CKHART, - A E .... Atlanta. Ga. , ■. ■ C- O. LocKMAx . . . West Palm Beacb, Fla. 0% W I J 1 J J T f JJ. H. F. l..iKtv Georgetown. (;a. ' ' ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ - -r-! .. ««r, M. , . l.„RET HE Moi.A .... Havana.Cnba S- ' •■ -■ (i. - . I.cirr St. Petersburg. Fla. - " liifi i- k ' |i iSfiillk i " Mandiester.Ga. ' r ri till B. .S. LowEKV. .V T .) .... J.i.ksoti. Miss. % -jer r j» «»r .1 , ,l W|l) 7 :» W. B. l.rMsi.KX.jK Xaco,Klice. Ga. " " — ' i " .. G. . . . 1acKexzie . . . Chatlan.».ga. Tenn. ! " , — . V V i ' - F. F. M.uMoREl.Axu, i; X . . .Mcxandria. Va. k fV i Griffin, Ga. I M Y I • I 1 W. l--, . I K . 111 tlanta.Ga. ' .,- % P, f « r J r .».---. -- ' J J.M x VNii.i.A Havana.Cnba ' . ■ _ HMakc MM .,lk Caniilla.Ga. -— . -! . W 1-. Marmim.i. Jr. » l . . Rome, Ga. I L n n A j A ■ r T B L F. .Martix Joplin, Mo. ; 2} W V ' - — .T . ' J-- «r 1 . 1 R . . Martixsox . Xortbport, L. 1. N " . V. J y • - ■• .- . ■ . • " ■ T? H.J. M.MHIEC . . . Xew Bedford. Mass. i -=» — - L G. S. Malxev Cleveland, Ga. o II l JUNIOR CLASS X v. r M v NAi;i,. li K w,imt,.-n(;,i, ) !■ A . 1.( - . ATA I ' m,! I .iliS..,,. M ,.. E M, Cvx.AT A ] ' ..,-! I, ili.nn. Miss LU I), X, MiClANMMN, II K l. Clnmlin-,. M,ss W. P. M.lH IKE , , Ikcatiir. I,.i — W L M, I.MN.Ju Decatur. Gn. (h W K, M, Lmx Ilumsville, Ala I. M- M. Km iisustH.Ga Qi W " KM. WiiLUMs . , . , nalti.n, (;a Q .1 I-. MtiKs P,lair. ilU•.Ga UJ CD V (,. Mim.Tii,, (,a J. A MiiiiN. X.|. thmta,(.L • S. G. MiLLtK. XJ. tlama. Ga. R. M. Mii.LRAx Hapeville. Ga. F. C. MiXGLEiioRFF Doiiglas, Ga G. li. ,MlX(.. _ (li-.lla, Ga J. (;. MiiNik.Ai: .... Bro.iklyu. ' .1 O. M.iuMv Atlanta, Ga. II . Mn„i;E White Plains. Ga. U. P. MnunE LaGrange.Ga. G M .M.1,,1,1, Maiatt.i. Ga J.B. MuKKl.s.X-I ' .... Carlsliail, N.AI. C. R. M..KKIS.IX Hickory, " . C. J. D. MnTLow.jK Lvnchburg, Tcnn, !•:. M. Hiir.NT, li K .... StatcshiM-o. Ga. 11 L Mr.M.M . |i;,A TO . . I!n,„klvn. . J. K. MiMMV, A TO,,nklvn, . . V. I-M.M ' XS...V . M.ami, Fla. F-.M MrKi.iiv.Ju.i: A K . . . Atlanta, Ga. (kP. Ml kiov.Jk. II lw|. . Atlanta, Ga K.M .Ml KKv.X-l. . , Cnlunibus,(;a. K PMiKK k tlanta, Ga. A. M.Xmii.n Vinslnn-.Saleni, X.C. C.. . Mavw 1, X I 1- M Xkha. Jii. 11 K .M.irinn. , i., R. O. Newei.1 Atlanta. Ga. IX H. N1CKEI.L, K A . . , . Ft. Myers, Fla. James XiGKo, : K , . Ft. Benning, Ga. J. L. XisiiET .... Winston-Salem, X. C. W. HXoKTHi-c . , Peiisacola, Fla. Q. O ft ft f «| a r5 I ' K O. ( ft ,C5 Q f rv IHii ' Q a - C) ft « a n - . ' I a .r! r 1 ; " a 6 n n o .« JUNIOR CLASS " ' n f ( " I) R. Or.ivE, A T O C. T. Osimixi . J. A. Olzts . K. S. OVKKSTKEKT .1. W. Pafkiki. IMI. I ' Ai.snu.l,,. i i:. I ' AI.MiiK . W. l ' .M.MKK.i: n ' I . II. I ' AKIIAM, Ju. A. S. Pakkek . . F. UPakkek . . . K S. Parks. Jii., II K A (). I-:. Parks . W. A Parks. AH S. (,. Pate. Jr. . . II. W. pA,xrn.N-.i:.|. K L ' H. Pe.v. .... W. O. Perritt. Jr.. A T o I.. . Perke;rsij. . !• A O C. L. Perk.n-s . J. I,. I ' l-EJEER. -I ' K II K. I.. l ' ]iii.]ii.s, X-l- (i.J. Puozzi 1- M. PlEl-ER. lid II K 1.. PiRU,. . - l. L. Pl.A.XKO . J. p. 1 ' K EE . . . . S. P. PoN E. 2 K C. II. PONMER . . . n. M. Pki,E. Ik...|.AO Tallxitton, Ga (ianlcii City. X. V ■ Augusta. (;a . Savatmali. G: Daytoiia Beach, Fl;i . Atlanta. Ga. •Ma|)lc voo(i. .v. J. . Atlanta. Ga. Ashevillc. .v. C. • . Millcn, Ga. Cedartmvn. Ga . Atlanta. Ga . Atlanta. Ga . Atlanta. Ga . Atlanta. Ga Houston. Pa. Havana. Cuba I ' lcirencc. Ala. Atlanta. Ga. . Clarks. I.a. Litilc Rock, . rk. . Corning. . . V . Snnnnit. .V. J. . St. I.onis. Mo. Greentifld. Mass. ■ . Atlanta. Cni. . Ainericus. Ga. Miami, Kla. . (iriffin. (Ja. Himiinghani. .Ma. ' • ' " « Atlanta. G; 1 1. V -. Ra(;su R. L. Raixey BuenaVi ' st G,!. ' S. G. Ramii C. A. . Ka Havana, Cuba Ralnvav. X J B. W.R.UE.vEL.jR Columbia, S. C. l ' ' " ' Augusta. Ga. ' • ■Kea Charlotte. N. C P ■ " " ••• ' « Calhoun. Ga. C.RE,sMA.x..hEn tlau,a,Ga. J. F. Rkh.mox,, .... Ft. .McPhcr.son,Ga O JUNIOR CLASS I T, I. Kl, k. , 11 K . . , . („iMon (,.i V.lKui.Ks Alii.i.n.l..., LU ILL Kiii:KiM-(ix . , All.inla.l..L |_ L. n. Ru, XMMKA . slicxilk, C — M, W. RiMiiiK. In, X ' 1- Ailani.i, (..I W L. k,,,,,.:i s , (.auKMillr, 1.., a: C.(.. K..UL NI., X Saiaiinal,,(,a J, Kl ] ■ , , Ml. I|..||y. X J. LU 1 F Sm-imiu Atlanta, Ca W r S MK, i: N Atlanta, (;,a , W. K SvMi, K.n.v Snnsliine, La I ' . M S, IIMIIIII; I ' airMrw. X J . IL S, ii.irii.nK, 1 ' M-: L.altini.ire. . L1 K. A, Siliri.ZE, i: X Allanta. (,a J.F, St.rri , Atlanla, l,a J. E. SuiTT, X tLinta. Ga, W. R. Sham.: Atlanta. Ga. S. 1). Sek Lonisa, Ky. R, W SKlfKkTll , st Xi-« VMrk. X, J M. L. SllAT tN, ' l IC II Atl.nita, (.a. C. SiiAw . . , l-M.-i W. .rill, Texas W II, SiinnKMi, X -I ' CcLir Springs. Ga. B. SiiELiii.N Atlanta, Ga. C. .X.SlllKKMii. i:X,.n.Tcnn. R. !■; Siiii-ir - . tlanta. Ga ' M Silin iv,.Ik .A T A . Sa aiiiiah, (ia. W, L Sim-M - 1 ycr l,nr,i;, Tc-ini. R. . .Sin " .i Birniingliani, Ala .1. W SlM ii.Jk. , . llirn,ini;ll.ini. la IMi SiiaiA.Ju tl,iiita.G,i. S. SllVKu r.r.inkKn. X W. II. SiM . liti 11 St l.Mui,. M.I 1 ' (, S. Si .,Ku. X -1 ' C..lnnil.iis. G.I J. Sixu.a.Jr Red Bank, N, .1. R. N. Skalwolm Plainfield, X. J. C. A. Si.iKAs Brnnklyn, X. V. A. Q. Smith I!.irnes ilk.. i m B. Smith. 2 X ilanta. Ga. n O ' : 4 ft 0 , o c O ex .f mm i t • JUNIOR CLASS . ' ' ' 0 m-a I ■ | ' III. SMiiit Cristobal. Canal Zone " -S T M f — IL M..l.SMir.i,jR, + i:il . . Brooklinc. Mass. ' |0s O J _ T, ' ,-T A. I). S,TKi,„K. IIK.I. . . . Dawson. Ga. U.J. .St.m.i.Jk. -X ' l ' .... Savannah. Ga. C. V. SrviM.KTd.s- ... Glen Ki lRc. X. J. A II. St.xtox Atlanta. Ga. H k H I. (;. Stki.mer Elinlnirst, X. Y. H A. T. STti ' HK.NS Atlanta, Ga. (.. H. Stew.vkt Cedartown, Ga. -■ ■ H V. Stew.vkt. X .... Atlanta, Ga. ■ TJ . I-. M. Stew. rt. Ill Gray, Ga. " Tj ' ' r ' K S. Stew.vrt .Atlanta, Ga. " l jH ' ■ ' " " SToof.s Philadi-lphia, Pa. _ , 7, •«» H .1 I " . Stov.m.i Madison, Ga. 11 . mU W. !-. Sli.i.iv. n- .Atlanta, Ga. 1 li ' ' M.S.T-VM.VHM.K ... Camden. X.J. •1 7 V " lAvi.oK Richmond, Va. ■ ' ■ -. • ' - -» . ! " - ™ ' ' ■ ■ ' ■ vi.oK Cnthbert. Cia. ' . - ; ' U I ' ..Tk.s,me.ATA .... Atlanta, (ia. ' . -r- I- ' . I. Tho.m.vs Paris. Ti ' nn. n r o n h k SiA ?5 V. H. TiioM. s l:. A, IIICMI ' SO K .M.Tiio.MPs, W. , .Tno.MPS. W. C.TiioMso: II. ll.TllKKSMKK, 1 . r. V. TlsM.M.H. K . J. 1 ' . Tk.WMi K J.J. TRiimr.K . J.i.. TRriT . . . St. Pcltrsburg, I- ' la. . . . tianta. Ga. Clearwater, I ' la. .Atlanta, Ga. Decatur, Ga. . .Miami Heach. Fla. Xashvillc. Tenn. . . Miami. Fla. . . Forsyth, Ga. Si. Petersbnrg, Fla. i:. K. TK " i.vr,.M.i: ' l ' K W S. Tl TT J W . TVI.EK H. ll.l-. M.I,K . . . II. C. Van Akspale. i:-: Tampa. Fla. lUbcrton. Ga. Xew Rochcllc. N. Y. .Alajiicla, Costa Rica . . Plainficld, X.J. Jfgk JUNIOR CLASS l; K. N Bl SKIUK . , l-.l.r ,l .n. . .1 - ' - J n ' VN HoHXK , . Hiir h.nm.iii. X (J K. W X ' katch.Ju il,im.i,(..i I-. S ' " " KHI1S X.lsllMlk. llllM. LJ-I J H.XovLES M,.rr..«. C.i. — P K WAliswnriTll . . Ckni-lanil, Ollii, — I I Va,.nhk, ' I ' Ah Allaiila. (Ja. K. i), Wamis l.exi„gl,.„,K.v. 11. O. Wakii, Ik Uni.l.n, l,a. Ca P. K W ' AKNn, K Allanta. Im O LU R l;. Wmcn-m, K.l- A K Il.ulnna lieaWi, I ' l.L J. i: VM Kh K lllakolv.lla. ll.L. WMhiis . . r«lart..wii, (.a. • T. H. Waisi.n.I ' I-A Tucnun.nePaliii., Cal, J. F. We Mi. lit) II . . . BuiKhaiinoii. X, V. K, W ' y MiitKi.iui., II K •!■ MiiiiImiMmIU-. Kv K. t: Wi-iai , LaKHaiMl. I ' la J.I. Wkikkl, 11 K ' l ' Atlanta. ( la. K W, Wkstukiiuk .... Zane-ville. Oliiu I-. A. WniTAKER Waycross, Ga. J.I.-Whitakei; llanta.l,a W. C.WlliTE tlanta. (,a. .1.1 KNWii.E Rirmmgham. Ala. C F WillTMEk ... , Orcguii. M,, S. M ViiiT. EY, r X Miami I ' .eacii. I-la. K, K. Wii.. .iN.i + E . I l,-l.„„|,,. i-l,, I.e. Wii.Ki.Ns. Jk Ualla . Te.xas .1 M n.KlN,-.,i:.VE .... Atlanta. Ca. K L " Ki.N Alexandria. Ala. II S Williams Rhine, (ia J, A Will MM, Xevvnan. (ia. M S ■|lll Ms. Ik. . . West Point. Ga. A G Wni I,, 1 X Concord. X. C. HI) WiiLis , ... . l,.,nlg„nierv. Ala. C. L Wii M.iT .Atlania. (.a. .1 H WiLsuN ngnsta. (,.i .I.H WiL o.N.jK Mlanta.Ga. k F .... .St. PctersliLirg. Fla W.H, Wilson . . Chattanooga. Tcnn D W WiNFKEE. i: A i; . . . Atlanta, (-a Q .o f i n a ( CS. C ft ,Qi o o O P 1 Mii JUNIOR CLASS f! C ffS (T f5 1 ' Q C1!| M. I.. WlNHPN K. II. WlXTKRS W . k. WflfK.IKII J.(,. W.iMIKlKl) F. 11. . . Buslinell, Kla . Austell, Ga . Atlanta, Ga Dante. Va Covington. Ga I K WKh.iii. II K+ . . . . Atlanta.! 1. i; Wkm.ih.X ' I ' ... ' .. Atlanta,! r. I . Dccatnr. ( . W VI i. .... I-Jislcwood ClilK. X. 11. N.X.N, hN. ' I ' A B .... Atlanta, (.a P. I). .Mts, - H Atlanta. Ga. T. S ' Tifton, (ia. .1. S. N ' otxi; .... Winston-Salem. X. C. li. i;. Zeiolkh. Jk Tliomasville. Ga. U . K. ZiEia-EK College Park, Ga. % o PRE-JUNIOR CLASS X .1.1. ,T . K,n«M. n,, N V. ' • ] " fT IMi Run., August.,, i;.,. .jr. f O lk, l ' .« Sl,.n,lnr,l,G.nn. V ' l ' Ijj I ' X P-y i M KK, ,.l Bridgcvillc, Pa. iHI ' |. ' i IHk. j " , ' , — ' U .C3 f n K S t-oln,„lH,s. ,., 3W SL y 3 - c ' ■• " ■- .iam.,, ,„ f3 C»--» f " 1 r- - . ACiiMKNsK, Krs.vCtv .Y I ■,-».,« f J-- ? J ' » " O niCMMNM.N " . ciiftoii.N.j. ' -5=- , - ' • . LU Iv 1- (. M,.,,, KTii Chicag,.. Ill, - I- " Ci.K.M v Niitif V. . 1 i ri C- Cni.n Ce.h,r.own.c;a. .f ; J .(..» I • 1). E.Ckchvi; JolmsonCitv.Tenn. . -P _ • ' r f V J, M ..KMnNTxH.inv a„„„„.SC. --X - ' -i 1-M- l ' «N ' " x .M.,co„,(„, iat " " 1 " - V ' - ■ ' l 1 i:Sm " n Si ||.li, , 1,., x l v■s ::v;;: ta; q a a a . iik flk ' « ' W Vi lBA S„n,erse.,K,. f 1 f 1 I- i.KiKHTii Kan-as City, .Mil. .T. . _, ' .. ' -I Hmff.ik St. [tun Man. I. . . ' l lfB ' H J 4B[ ' V !■■ H..„K«s„.. .M.n.pln.Tcnn |- | r f ,A! p i ' " " 1-I " -I....M .. I : f Ufl K lf Sr ' jj ' - ' " " ' - ' " ■ ' " ' " ■ ■ ■ tl,nlil.i P rV . ,,. , Jl |W ,y 4 A..M. II,.rK,.N | iyHi 4 ( to T ' lf il J.S.HoR.v.Ttt.v (),„alK,,Xel,r. iT i! i aMlBHL_ ■ , 1 WUMji J. D. HnnT.iN L,,gan. Utali ' ' N L. Hoss Atlanta. Ca. : J, • J PRE-JUNIOR CLASS ST _ y K V. IImkfmax Atlanta, Ga. q A, J, IsKKZAK Windsor Locks, Conn. .1 !■;. JoHxsTox Valdosia, Ga. Tl K S. JoH.xsiox .Atlanta, Ga. II. S. JoKDAN- Atlanta, Ga. A 1! K AKiiLtY, Jr Decatur, C;a. fe [ — J) , k. Kkxxeiiv . ' iigusta, Ga. ' . ' . 1- l.AHREXiK Ocilhi, Ga. K A. MARTtx Cocoa, Fla. KT. Makvix Sarasota. Ha. A. I-. M. Caktv .St. Albans, . V. Hi: M.Garity Atlanta, Ga. " I ' KM. Kamv Chattanooga, Tenn. Z 1- .MiLi.KR. Ji Atlanta, Ga. (.. I:Mm.lek Atlanta, Ga. Tl K, Jr Blak-ely, Ga. Q W. F. Mi " Miv Utile Rock, Ark. .1. K. .MooKF, Atlanta, Ga. C.T. MiRKAV, Jr Columbia, S. C. —i M m . . . lviRs Brownsville, Texas I). H. .Vewhy Birmingham, .Ala. KG. . tx Cleveland, Ga. K. G. OoLEsiiV Miami, Ha. B ON ' tAi Huntsville, Ala. G. K. Orr Chattanooga, Tenn. 1 . S. C. 0« EX W.mdbury, Ga. II Patterson Birmingham, .Ala. C. L. Peacock .Atlanta. Ga. ( ;. K. Peacock Cohmibus. Ga. J K. .Augusta, Ga. C H.Power Elberton, Ga. II griLi.iAx Daytona Reach, Kla. .1. W. Qrn.iiAx.jR Daytona Beach, Kla. U.K. Raixev Ellaville, Ga. C.B. RiAh.jR Jacksonville, Fla. A1 . -I ki ' " IIF ( B G. V. Kibble Atlanta. Ga. J.K. RicHMoxn .Atlanta. Ga. C A UossEi.KR .Atlanta. Ga. I . S. Ross Topeka, Kan. J F. Saxiis Colnmlms, Ga. Ot ,.- , J rS -: 9. 3 a ' : -tlk F " .. 1. ScHExcK, Jr College Park, Ga. C. P. ScuLEsixc.ER. Jr Chattanooga, Tenn. F. L. Sheram College Park, Ga. !•:. A. S-MITH Fast Point, Ga. R M. .Staffori. Mooresville, N. C. I. H. Stephens I.yman, S. C. k C Tate Broxton, Ga. G. C. Tavi.or Rocky Mount. X. C. I.. H.Traviok LaGrange. Ga. K. S. X ' ooRUTES Nashville, Tenn. W . F. Walker Birmingham, Ala. T J. WiiARTox .Atlanta, Ga. Wl.WixxE Arlington, N.J. r W . Wri.:ht Watervliet, X. V. i r A ' " i ' lI ' nH " 1Wi ' II; ' iIs UUI IIUI ' IUIIL H KK1 li KFR Arthur President Wn.i.i.wr 1)(H CI AS Cromartik I ' iee-l ' resideiit JdHNNU Wii.IIAM Hdsch Secretary-Treasurrr RRy ARTHUR Tlic ghuiiour ;irul gl(ir ' ot college- lilc arc iidt as fascinating as the traternitics pictiircil it lor us. As sophoniorc-s we have learned that a large part of our etkication does not eome from hooks anil class- rooms, anil we have settled down to the husiness of getting the most out of our school. . t the first of the year we reallv began to find out what made things re -ol e here at Tech. The pleasures of the social whirl were soon ilisco ered, and we were ott to take complete control — lor were we not sophomores? Deficiencies, sent home at the end ot the six weeks period were not reeei ed with relish hv dad who, after all, is paving for this education. Now we liave ar- ri ed at that point which tolerates no hesitation — that point at which we will begin anew that process of internal adjustment. Fortified with a burn- ing ambition and a zest f o r knowledge, we stand ready to issue a challenge to the life and problems that lie ahead. LL CROMARTie JOHNNIE BOSCH s o ORE CLASS O ( " r 1 II X AiiKiM.s.T E.|. . Atlanta, i. , • T W C J I. Ai.MN. + AO . Atlanta, (.a , jl — — jW - ■ ' ' A H AnvM. St. IV-t.rslmrK, Ha. VL V , ' - .-_ ' ■ ' " ■ " ' ■ " " A f " S ' f S. F. . i.NM. Ce.lartown,i;a. -J :» ! ' -f, f ! J » « F, - «T . . K . KNc in.AcHKK . . . Atlanta, (,a. •• ' - ll ' ' _ II. K. Akni niLVaiEk Atlanta, I la VtZ " CSAtt,. ( f " ' ' " ' (. F. Ai.xuNii Atlanta Ga. " - -jftf " ' .V " K Am II I. -ViMAM ' .-N Atlanta, Ga. - " ■ . , - - -- ' • " yM ' ri =- ' - z. A a ' " 6i I T. . M.i ms, AT A . Atlanta, Ga. -■ r ' i, f -t Fl V. l: . K.,n Anicricn., Ca. ,N,- , .7 , ,. V ' ' y SkJ ' .-A. .X.MS Camagn.y.Cnba , V ' w |l»- ' llk. ' M A. M. Armstkunt, ilant,L.r,,,, »- J:» tt JI L. ? " s. I.R.Aknuld Bal.luvn.M,.- ( 1 ' :. I ' - ' I 1 ' ,.1 I. AHx.ii.n, Jk ... DcuglasviUf, i.a. . ■ If ;• ■ ■ .: : -- H. R. Arthur, II K ' I ' ... Albany, Ga. -;rt — ,. _ II. W. Arthur Salisburv, N, C. M W,IU,H,.R.K.. . . .Asl,ev,ne,X.C JmMiM . T M .1 Am,- .A1K D«-atur,(ia. f f fl IIS. Hmki. Atlanta. Ga ' T -=» « i-, — s ' - - ' . » SR ' J I. I nviniNi Princeton. X. 1. . ' ' . ■ - : I- G P.M. .WIN Atlanta. Ga. VT JvJ " . v " ' J- M. II H KRKi.i. la.nisville, i;a. p„» . ,— , , Sa». C. W. H.XRKKK Cnlnnibia, S t H ' . l % i;. B. B. RX. Ri. Clarksilale, M. I ■ ,1. 1 , f 1.. R. R. K.NEs. K 2 , , Chattanonga, Ttnn i . .» »» « - = -- " f J - . K. C. Barrett, i: A !■ . . St. Petersburg, Fl... f ' ' . __ ' v — C. K. B.m:s . Chattanooga, Tenn A H I. . ' AJii ■ ■IIH i H A K. H. Battun Macon, (M jg _ . . " V AKK . .. ' R,M..n . xoriS ' c;:;;;; ( f f fl . F. Bel, HER Atlanta, (ia " T ■=■ ' .... " ' G. H. liEr.L riccatnr.Ga. w,, ' «r,i s; - V .■ ' J. " .Bell San Jnan, Pnerto Rio. I ' , .. ' £ l.T. Bei.1 l.iAeOak Fla i ' ' 4 ! 8 ■ C. I-:. Bennett ( ,recnsl.,.n., . ( - «■% ' " jB W. .A. Benton lacksonville, Fla ; ;: f A ( J V A. R. Bergstro.m tlanta,G., ' ;» «f. ;. " ■»•« . - " ■ " £ 1 ■.». t»- " K. Bernardo Fla S ' ■ • 2JL " " k. f k R.P.Bernstein Krooklvn. N ' . | T jT B V ' T fe H R. R. BiKN.N. K2: . . . Maxudl Ficbl, . la - . xfia _c . - R. F:. Bissm.N. H tlanta. („. H W ' r i ' 0fl ' " ■ " " - - ' ■■ ' ■ u:? .., 4 f . c M HE , K.Ki l.,ck so ,ll., Fla i; v 5? " X I A W ' J. B. BLA,KMAN,i:- . l)arlnigl,.n, S. (. 11 ! . %- . .T.Bl-ANTON . . . A Afll Bl ■I U H ' " ■ " - " ■ " ■ -■ " f f% ' Mlh -.mJk S O P H C CLASS Q % ' = ' . , , r!J O ?! o O - A O q f a n a a, r . .0 a o r: C5 ft ( r O ,:: - ( a a ::;t f ' i , R, i : ' ' r ., " .1 f . a € ) f o a ' E. K. Boi.i.ixiiF.K L S. Brow, X •!■ C. W. BOKOIGIIS. . ' J.W. Bosch,:; X B. C. BOSWELL . B. F. BoTTEXKIF.I.II . . Atlanta, Ga. Cumberla nd, Md. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. East Point, Ga. . Fairfield, Ala. P. J. Bowles . . . J. A, Bk.mev . . K. M. Bruiv, :i K M. V. BK.Miiiv. :; . !•: I). L. Brvxih.n.K . F. T. Bkii)(;es . . . K. B. Bkii«;es . . T. F.. Briik;es. K .V F. M. Bristoi.. X , J. E. Rro.muvki.i. . , J. F. Broi K . . . H. H Brow. V, 11 K -t Riclinion l, ' a. Thomasville, (ia. Thoinasvilk-, (ia. .Atlanta, (ia. Tlioniasvillc, (ia. . . Atlanta, (ia. . .Mhanv, (ia. , Anniston, Ala. . . llanla, (ia. . . .Atlanta, (ia. .Atlanta, (ia. Fit gerald, Ga. H. C. Brux.son- R. v.. Bi. K . . . H. A. Btl KXF.R . . J. W. BlNGKR . . J. p. BrxN. II K + C. K. BiRB.M K, A r ■!■ 1. L. BuRKOI.(;nS . R. M. Bi SH. II K-l- F. K. Bltler, X -l- L. W. C.VKKF.Y . . F. J. C.VLIIERON E. G. C. U)tt ti.i, . Miami, Fla. ' Tanipa, Fla. . .Atlanta, (ia. l.a(irange, (ia. . .Atlanta, (ia. . Sliaron, Pa. . Danielsville. Ga. . . .Atlanta, (ia. Savannah, (ia. Fort Bcnning, (ia . . Bronx, N. Y. . . .Atlanta, (ia. J. C. C. .Mi ' . . . . S. L. C. Mi ' ... V. H.C.vMf . . . I. E. C.VMlMiEl.l. . D. F. C.M ' KHART . . A. C. C RLSOX. . T C. C. C. Ri.Tox . R. L. C. RMH nAKi .A. P. C. RI ' EXTKR C. P. C. KPKXTER .A. L. C-VRSox . R. L. C. .sH . . . . Fllijav, (ia. . (ireenvillc. (ia. . Sylvester. Ga. . .Atlanta, (ia. R ockv Face, (ia. Montelair, X. J. Dncktown. Tenn. . Jackson. (ia . .Atlanta, Ga. Iledgeville, (ia . Smyrna. Ga. liast Point, (ia. M T. L. Cti.v . . (i. H. Cexter. K : J. K. (- " H, M11EKS H. I.Cn. ll.C. Ch.vxi.i-1 B. ' . Ch.M ' I.ix Jacksonville. Fla. . . Atlanta, (ia. . . .Atlanta, (ia. W ' aycross, (ia. . Atlanta, (ia. . . . llanta. (ia. T. Z. Ch. . A. M.Chexf.y. HX F. C. Chexev. X ' l. ll.D. Chipi.f.v T. B. Cinsnoi..M C. R. Cl.ARK . . I.. I.. Cl-. KK. X . X. B. Cr.ARK . . T. I.. Cl.ARK. i K 1:. T. Cl.KK. . . M. A. O.EMEXS R. L. Ci.emexts, H(11l (i. P. ClKVElAXh, KA I L. C H HRAS (i. COE .... . . Miami. Fla I nan. Puerto Ricn .Atlanta, (ia, Uiami Beach. Fla. Lynchburg, ' a. Thomasville. (ia. B. C. CoiT J. 1). COKI . . Decatur. Ga. . Brunswick. Ga. Washington. 1). C. Sunburst. Mont. Belleville. N.J. . Bra.lentou. I ' la. . . Troy. Ala. Spartanburg. S. C. . . .Atlanta, (ia. . Orlando. Fla. Washington, F ' a. . . (iuthrie, Ky. O SOPHOMORE CLASS O , . Orlancl... K1.L. 1-url Wnrth. Ti-xa 1. Oh.lin . V, CnlJ.lN , 2 X 1 ' ,. L .MMA riEI ;. A.G.NNKk . , I. H.ConlTB . . F. O.KSEK . . ;. CnVlNl.TciN . ' . K CnVINl.niX . 1), Cnx. i. " A E . C. Cnx .J. O.VNI u . X + (111 li II 11 uaniKih.(,a All.iiita. CiL . Bartow. I- la Augusta. ( i.i Vienna. Anstn. . Atlanta. . a l.(.nt!vifW.Tcxa, lirmlnKhani. . la . Valilosta. (.a . Cr..tnn. .V Atlanta. (-1. tijnta.(..i MapU-« I. i l.icks.inMllc. I ' l.i A. Ckosswel .• . Ckowei.i. Clltkk B. CtRRY. - X F. CfRRV . . Cze(:leui w; Z. F. lUxiEi . I C. 1IAKA,,NN.H MC, l U)E , , F H, Dam-. X4. F. C. Uavi.s . - . S. L. Davi.s . . . A. R. Deas, a T o J. R. Debariielaben E. V. A :: F W Delanv . F. H. Dexdy, a T Ji J. G. Denton . J. D. Dewev . . R. B. DiLLAKD C.G. Divine . . J. E. DODGEX . . Atlanta. I ,a . Urland " . Fla. . , 1 . , Atlanta. I. a , . Atlanta. Ca Danlairv, Ciinn W. Bl,.cton. Ala V, Bl.icton. Ala . . Atlanta, Ga . Cnlnmbus. Ga. AtlanticCity. X. J . Atlanta, ( .a . . .Atlanta. Ija each. Conn. Atlanla. C-.a. .SI S. P. Drishjll. X ■! . A. L. Dl-coffe, T E B. E. DuNAW. v . H. V. DfXN . . . C. E. DUTEIt. H. D. Eagar G. B. Eager. 2 A E C. F EDEL1U.L-T . P. M. Edge. K A . E. H. Edwards J. E. ED V. RtiS . JU FmvvKt.s . St. Petersburg. Fla Decatur, ' ia . . Albany. (;a. Savannah, (la. Montreal. Canada . . Orrville. Ala. , . Fitzgerald. Ga. Cbattanooga, Tcnn. Chattanooga, Tenn . Valdosta. Ga, . Augusta. Ga. Charlotte. . C . Atlanta. Ga. . . Macon. Ga. P. S. Edwards , . H. Einstein, T E M. A. Elliot . . F A. Emmons . L. C. HsTEs. 2 A E B. () l-AAXS . . . (-.adsdeu. . la Brunsuick. N, I. . Zebiilon.Ga . Kodak. Kx . Decatur, I ;a. Cla F. V. Evans . . J. D. EvAxs . . r. C. Everett . . j. B. EuAi.ii, B O II C. T. EwtNi; . . T. M. EZZARD . . . . .Atlanta. Ga. Clavton, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga, Washington, D. C. . . .Atlanta. Ga . N. Roswell. Ga, ▲4 9 4 % a X m -rf ' 4 n, 1 n C: a itb J tmh .... ' i .a e J ,-ii mm MM „% 1 5 ' 1l n % J a .a ik k 106 1 ik • SOPHOMORE CLASS ' _ ,, t If J. G. Farmer Stellaville. Ga. - ' - r v w ' Mk. Q. B. Farmer Austell. Gi " k ' ' -iW " afc J.A. Feaclk Atlanta. G: 1 r-V V B I H ' X k ■ ' 1 H ' V ' I ' EAr.i.ES . . . Oklahoma Citv. Okia ' ' ' " » - - l vl M M.J. Feix New York. N. Y. f £3 fSS jf - ' A. .M.Fekst. ' ] ' ::: II Atlanta, Ga. ■= " " « « ' - jr " ' ■» - ; J. J. Fields Atlanta. Ga. _ - - j - ::_ ■ W. S. FiGG. U B II . . Williamston, X. C. - t W V ' " k. R. L. FiNKEi.STEi.v .... X ' cw York. N. Y. mm- . . . B w T. W. liTEGERALi.. HO II . .Atlanta. Ga. 7 ( J X J V 1 . r r f H. . I. I-1.ETC11KK Jackson. Ga. J.--! - ' ' -cr ■ .- l _ - _» . x.T H. X, Fr.uKK.siK. . .|- . . . Ce.lartown, Ga. Kt I -fi iL ' — V _ L. .X. FioKi Clifum. X.J. ■V " • iL rjj . il . ,. V J. p. FiTZPATKK K Macon. Ga. A. ik . B Tk. B A . k H.H. Fleming .Atlanta. Ga. Ji kH jt Bk l . ' fll ' JHiKr. H .... fN 1% r fl ■ ' A.G.F,.LGER Decatnr.Ga. m M -4. ' J ' - .. ' . I ' j nA C.E. Fowler Bru nswick. Ga. B; _; ' !! rW R S. Fkve Atlanta. Ga. ■- r y " -. A - -rr-M ' J. R. FiLMER Augusta. Ga. K Jt ' fc : M . . - ' V W. H. FtNK, IIK Tampa. Fla. k iw J K M k ' ' • ' JL T. M. Fltrell .... Union Citv. Tenn. ■ _ J I 1 I f fT , T| L. P. Gahagan Savannah. Ga. ■ S J. c- ' - j ::« i « . ' • ► , CM. Gailev Dimwoodv.Ga. k; ,. ■ _ - _, P HA. Gai.ves Gainesville. Ga. ■ ■k — -V 3- ' i Vj - V. L. Gaines, n K . .... Macon. Ga. K Mt . ' A - -r tV TV N J. .A. Gardner Anderson. Ind. Mt " . ' - ' - - -e . J- C. Garland Columbus. Ga. inM f % iflA t E. D. Gaskins Alapaha. Ga. I ' 1 T. ,1 n " " T I S. A. Gavle. A T O . . . High Point, X. C. ■ " ' - -- - ' ' • Hp - ■ ■ " 7 ■ J ' ' ■ " ' Atlanta. Ga. - L ; -1 ■ ■ 1 P- E. George ' inings. Ga. W -■ . V V " W " a I.J.Gershen. TE . . . . Elizabeth. X. J. J " i Al « ) A. H. GiBELiNG East Point. Ga. ■ 1, % i - {«S?k «m A k. R. UGiLL Greenville. S. C. f ■ I 1 r » ER.GiLLON East Point. Ga. mtg t =5« |-» c " _l ..««• ' . J, J. .A. GiLMAs Richmond, Va. ■ fy k - ' ■.. ■ -- IJ ' " II. M.GiLriN Bluefield. W. Va. ■k pL BBL L — -j V " JL A. M.Gix.sBiKG. TE-I. . Lewisburg. Term. I ' uH H ' tlVfl U ' Vi l ' . " " y C VanC. Glover. X ! ... .Atlanta. Ga. R, W. L- GooDLOE V ' aldosta, Ga. B ( M X ' GooDROE Columbus. Ga. , 1 ' r 1 fr f J J- V. CJozA Atlanta. Ga. ■ V .• ' -rV ; - f. =r ' • T) W. J. Gr.ue. K A Macon. Ga. ' 7 : i •_ - J T.Graham. A TO ... Tampa. Fla. ! A0n l JA 4 9 fl i:. U.Gr.vv.O-K:: . . . . Wilmington, Dei. MA ' li iMMi k MWBKX MM l. P.Gkeer. AE .... Valdosta.Ga . ' W. Grier. K r .. . . Charlotte. X. C. r ' X ■■ % % i J. V. Griffkth. ATA ... Winder. Ga. 1 I J . 1 rjl L, J ' •■ « " - ' - Baltimore, Md. ' T «f " - " f J. M. Groom .Atlanta, Ga. W . ' L (--- " ll . F.C. Gross Atlanta, Ga. m U Al. BAfl . 9 B R B.Gi: TER.4 A0 Griffin. Ga. 1. il J J- jS Cruii Tampa. Fla. ifilk Ak, 8 ' S H W. Haelev Atlanta, G,n. I 1 " ' 1 { m P ' ' " r P Hageixirn West Point. Ga. r% -«l ' ■ ' .-. ' ■ II W.C. H.MGLER Miatni.Fla. IBmIW U JL Z . iX 1 R.I.Hale Dec.itur.Ga. •T " 4t ■■W , ▼ m D.P.Hamilton .Aucusta. Ga. MLk ' l . ' aM . -k ' ABllH H S. A. Hamilton. Kr .... .Atlant.i. Ga. . iJK .tfl J H H. E. Hammer. 11 K4- . Elizabethton. Tenn. k , ' r ' i H C F. Hammett Atlant.i.Ga. rnj .--I -J r j S-9 ' ' ' ■ " " " ' " • ' " . aarksvillcTe,,,,. V , k SOPhlOMORE CLASS k I Hannkk, a ' ni (, I- l| NN,iN, A ■!■ (1 W A. H -m:il. Ik K. M.Hansux . W. Hariiin ... H.C. Harrison K (, II MUh W W II i.-. Ik. K. UlltM«.x , , R. (.;. Hk.slev . R. P. Hkrme.s, BHII . W. H. Hkrmes . - I.-, l;. HiKKEN- . . . I- .A Hekkjn . (,. C. Hkks, II K A H. Hr,h. m, II K R. H. Hu,HTo«m, i i; T. Hii.i, ;: ■ . R. ll.HlLTZ . . . I P. HiTE. + Ki; . R. C. H.K K . . I f.H(M!T(IN , F. p. . W. L Hole, K 1 I- ' . R Mill I I H.ii ' " III !• |- H.ii l W H.i C. !•• Ho. II 1-. Ilo Ourlotte. X. C . . .Atco, I .a . . tlaiita, i;a. Kcnniore, N. V. Washington, (.a, Dallas, Te.xa, Hra.lfonI, Pa P.railfonl, Pa . l,,|iK-« 1, l)iiMin,(, UaMH-Mlk-, . , lacks. .11, Mis. .■ Miami, Fh . .Atlanta. I i; Fairfifl.l, .Al.i .Augusta. I .a I, !■ H..I i: M II. 1. K H.i K A 11.. 1, II 111 P.. (■ 111 .MKHKKY H I) 111 N..KKKOI H. I), Hunt . J f. HrxT, «X V. B. Ht ' NT . M. .V HrsToN I. V. Hi S F Hr (.■ I{ 111 1. R, 1. T. I, In . Atlanta, (.a (1iattaii.i..aa, Tniii Oucl.L-cCaiia.ia S|,riimticl.l, M.i-s S.uaiiii.ili.da. S.iii Hu-. .., C.ilif . P.ra.lcnton, I ' la. .Augusta, (.a . . Ontario, Caiia. la . A ' .ildosla. I.a Hlvthevillc, . ik Mac.n, (..1. Cristolial, Canal Z,,iu- C..ral liaMf,. I ' h, !• A I II R, P R. . . 1 X W M, I . k oN R 1, Iakkhi. K , DC IKNKIN,-. . H 1 JENKINS . A H loi S. . l " I.. V(i I. n, w 1. F . 1 |o I S I. .11 We-tcin Springs, 111 , . . tlanta. C.-i, (.a . tlanla. (.a . t,r« ' nvi7k-, S. C V R. loiNtK Atl.mla, (,a 11. H. |.,i.iY, Ik tlaiita.(,a. 1-. II, llecatnr, l,a R. F.JoxE.s Norlh Fast, M.l T. . 1. Junes yUu-ou. I ,a V. X. Ju.NEs Rainliridge, t.a. ■Mi • SOPHOMORE CLASS q a o ( a: ( L C - ,j ' .,»■ ' I H. H.JovNEK Atlanta, Ga. A ' - ' a - y I_ A.- I A. X. Kaplan Miami, Ha. ■V ' A - -r . - k. W r. r. Kakaimn Ambridgc. Pa. Bl . H . ih ' l Ji » M t « Covin»non. Va. i — - l - t .« ■■lA b ' H r.. S. Kkhk. BHII . Clcvclaml Heights, Ol.i.. V ■ pViS lY f 5 n ? -» f4 :- »1 l •• P ■K " f4 •■ ' ■- K. .S. Kemitox, Hon . . . Boston. Mass , -O Ji f ■ " , ft -4 X -■ ' t T. 1- " . Kk.miku K. - A K . Lanrcns. S. C. . IL- vJl A I r Bk? tfL ifc A R. 1.. Klx.MKK Cleveland, (.a. y talV : J, ■l fc r T.X.Kknvo.s-.OX ' ■ ' ■ ■ " ■ ■SB ' . • ' mm T. A, Kkkr r.mninBham, Ala. r f f ( KXK.K.SKV ' ' " - r , - , , -« . W 1.. II. KixAKii, X+ Mlanta.tia. Jk J C " fc. V I. M.Kl.Nis l K-l- Lanelt. .Ma ■ " VL ildA ▼ fcA Tl j (). K,N,.-l -iH .Mlanta. (-.a. 1 .a 1 ifl 1 I K, KiKKiAMi. II K .|. . . . tlanta, (;a. .1. F. Knkiskl, II K ... Atlanta. Ga. P. K. KuRYiiNSKi Schenectady. N. V. J. F. Kkakka Angusta, lia. V " ' V y A V. K Krkitzek Savannah, Ga. ' , hA. V ■ " ' ■■ ' " 0B fPW ! ' ;i 3 . 1 i i k S. F. Kl ' tschk . . . . (;raml Kapids, Mich. f 1 f 1 ■ 1 ' « I 1 V. I ' M?. KiT.scHE . . Grand Rapids, Mich. . ' -•I : . - ' - « . »-«-F ' --4 J. LABnox Monroe, Ga. , : ' ... - 7) C. K. Lalok, X .!■ Miami, Fla. - X - y ' v -=» — - 1. - I A. C. I.A.MAS Savannah, Ga. - „ K. M. 1,AX ;, i. . t . tlanta. Ga. dS3 U R. H. LAM:i:..ii: . . San . ntonio. Texas jr ' I i I.. IM.. THK. i.ATA ... . ilanta,Ga. «,-,» __r J, or ( S. LAtm.v .Atlanta. Ga. I I F. LAtEx Binninghani. Ala. .. ; ' - W ' ■ ' - ' ' • • ' ' ' ■- " •• ' •■ " " ■i jMl k ISBl Hs» gol fj r J L TI T-» b1 1 J. S l.EKnv. UK .|. . . " tUtUa: ( ia! ■r n ' ■ ( - ' «? - " =-r «!7) -»| W. L. U.MOX Smyrna, (ia ■VCt M — W " " W ' " ' ' ' V ■ 1 I). A. l.ENXox .Atlanta. Ga. - ._ L. H. I.hwis. K - .... Clarksvule. lenn. « Q k t . B T. C. I.Kwis Colnnibus. Ga. C ri ( I f f J.Vl.K.MEMAxx .... . e« York. X. Y. »_,J .1 - J ----4 -» ' c-l ' . ' r«dr " l ' «. J C.I.Levi Anniston. Ala. . , _ ' , ' . 7 .1 C.I..,.F,KT..|.A() . . Fort Valle.v. Ga. . ' W VW " ' . aW . BIH . . ' .1 HiV J Hfl • I Afl ll.ll.Lr.M ' IXCOTT . . . -I -ifc I B . . Ik. . . . J I.oKEK. - X Chattanooga. Tenn. W CX i " --• " ■™ " -- -; ' • f,- " f t7- " « " ' • ■■ 4 •■• J A. Cbm Wilmington. X. C. ' ♦ ' •• ' Bi i B l B Bli B J.C. M.UKEV V.-)re Shoals. S. C. i Tsit 4 id vH i:. I). M.hMaxi.s. . T( . . .Mlanta.Ga. " ' r M.MA XA,m .AtlaiUa.Ga. LJf -- ' - H - ' -4 - ' • ' " JI ' -Mm-ex Coltnnhia. Miss. . E . " ■ • . k. .l.l-..M soN . . . . tlanta. (.a. I J 1 !!t r jf y. 1. .Ma.ssev. ' k . . Macon. ' Ga: I SOPHOMORE CLASS II M sinjniN. BO II lV-ns.n..l,i, l-la !■ I M MiH.K 1 Knoxitlk. 1 ' .nn. II •(, M XV,,, lid II r,,rtMii..nlli, .i W S M. 11 KMsKV a i:i.. . I.J. A r,. M.n. KE. ' M ' - . , Oim..n. X. e II I M ' c I I KK . llaiit:i. ' ja- M K. .M,i M»N S. C, I !■ M, 1 1 win . In . H " 11 Memphi , Tenn. ■| W M. I .i ni i.H Dallas. Texas n C M.lx. i . . C. K II . I,(,M i.iin.i; N - . Atlanla. Ga. S. (,, M.(, « tlanta, (..a, k F M.(,IMV.- X llanla,(.a I M,(„m N VaMu-sl.M,-„, Pa, C.T. Mcl.KAu . . . . Atlanta, (.a. !■ ' MiliriKK, 2K ... Allaiita. Oa. T B M ' (.iiue! H e II . . . Seliring. Fla. C. H. MdxTosii ... . Augusta, Ga. M O. M, KiNMV, Ik. , - Chattanonga, Teiin. C R. Mcl.inii, K - ... Pincvitw, (..a. F.. K MiMahox Wichita, Kan. H.M. M.Nkill, X .... Florence. S. C. H:. MiNK xt Tampa, Fla V. M, M. i I IV Dawson, Ga. 1 " M. k VE, In., X .... Savannah. Ga. (,. H. .M( W lliTt Mlanta. Ga. C I-.Meeks Ulairsv.lle.Ga. G, H Mkikk .... . Sinvrna.Ga. X. . Mehhiti- , , F,.rt Worlli. Tcxa II. M. Ml 1, M.F . MImux. Ga F. W Ml. iiM...;«sKi , . . Newark, X.J. M II Mil I Mil. Atlanta. Ga. K I-. .Mm iM,. Ik Vtlanla, Ga, I- T .MiMiiEi.L Decatur, Ga. I. S, MiT. hell.Jk Atlanta, Ga A. II M,,i NAK, 2 - E .... Cuthbert. Ga. E. J. Mo.N-sroKT. - X liriilKeport, Conn. F MuoKi . , Davtona Heach, Fla. HM. .M JE Tifton.Ga. k (, MoK Havana. Cuba F. A. .MoKi.w- Xtlanta. Ga. r. II . hiK.. N,jK Atlanta, Ga. W, W Moi;,,AN Atlanta, Ga. P .M MnKKis Marietta, Ga. X. IMoKKisox.jK. Chevy Chase, Md. k C MoKKisnv Vtlama. Ga. C. R. MoTT Memphis. Tenn. A. MMiEKTH , , Chattan ooga, Tenn. F CMrl-l lxr„2X . Fort .Monroe. Va . X Ml NN , ... . tlanta, Ga. R C -Ml NKoK. A II . . Quincy. Fla. W II MiNKoE. ' t . " . . . Quincv, Fla. n I Ml Klin. - - E Mlanta. Ga, J r.. MiKl ' iiv. Jk Americns.Ga. PH. MiKPHY. Jk Etowah. Tenn, V. G. MiKPHV, Jr Atlanta, Ga, T. M.MiKKAv Atlanta. Ga. G. X.MLEV, Ik Atlanta, Ga. F D X.M ' iEK, K- , Macon, Ga, L, M, Xl: s, r A , . Johnson City, Tenn. H. H, Xeel Thomasville, Ga C. M.Xel-xer Barnesville. Ga, n. S. Newboru New York, X. V. F. E, Xewton, K 2 Atlanta, Ga. V, (i. Xewtom .... Chattanooga. Tenn, . . H. XicHOLLs Ithaca, N.Y. P- ,a ra . n: a a mm SOPHOMORE CLASS r ' Jr ■ ■ -r J .- J. I. IXXiKNE.KKR . . . Fort Worth, T. iJl W -■_ A y (. ! XiMiiKAWA ... New York, N HTJ TB 7j J W . ' v .IW j. V. oKMAX.jH.,i:x ' ATnt ' iGa. IHA P BA H C H . A (A a B K. iI.U ' CALi.. (;iiAN .... .Mlamu. Oa. fl jdSiS ill (i. f . Ulcott Kast Orange, X.J. ?! ' «.««|i j.». •!f— ' « K. K. OvEkSTkEET, A T A . . . Svlvania, Ga. " j " r . , Jf ' J; F W. R. Owen Vorga. N. J. -7 - y - ' ' k " -ai K. ! ' . OziEK, Jb Somerville, Tetiii. I W - .W. ' WW ' W k, KH. Pair, X .Atlanta, Ga. T TH lH r r; , ' tf A !).(;. P.w.t ' E,: N- Atlanta, Ga. _ M M • _ ' ' ■ ■ B K. 1: Pakkek Sumter, S.C. ■ m % r 1J f J 1 V. S. P.VKKEK Norcrcss, Ga. WmR ' -Hi ' --- • ■ ' Tf • •-?• ' ..T C.U Paschal Decatur, Ga. ■TY XT ' -i ■• ' ll.W. Peakce.Jr . tlanta.Ga. 3l " = " - 11 C. PEAk.MAN,X+ .... Leno.x, Mass. V ' ' « ' k Xk. B ' A II. H. Pease Colnitta. Ga. a 09 f ( (f Douglas, Ga. 11 I ■ „Jm I r_ J, V. . 1. Pe.n-.nv, II K . .... Decatur, Ga. » i ■-•T? = »J ,••«• ' .. . ' »«p G R Perky .Maplewood, N. J. - ' ■ r -i t — ( - " 1 ' - J Peterson- .... Wasliington. D. C. - j Z ' fc " N C-9 .1 L. Phii.ui-s,Jr. . . . BirniiiiRham, Ala. iOn% Ji k J jSi iHk I. p. PfAzzA.Av . . . . XewVork. X. V. ' 1 f r I r k » 1 R. Pii ' EK, n K. .... Ricluuond. Va. ' » " ' .. f « f. I - J .- iw-fi ' -J- I.M. PiTT.VR.i, Jr Monticello. Ga. ' f-, ' ' - ' --P " H? - " -T p R. .V Plaster. K r Atlanta, Ga. -i» — ,v - I . -- i — ' ■ H E. Platter .Atlanta, (la. I , ■f ' - W-- . ' S • . k -R. Pool Elk City, Okla. I - 1 U.l ' . Putter Gravslakc, 111. 1 J0 • ♦■ IL. PoTTS,X+ Savannah, (ia. r¥ K r J ' ■ I 1 I I.. S. Presson Concord, X. C. «i»« -3 « -- ' ■ ' % --r W " 4 -V- Tf i:.J. Pri(E,2N .... Ventnor City, X. J. - _ • J • ' -J - m - ■ V. .A.Price .Atlanta. Ga. • - fc ?■ .- - fk - - , V y R. K. Pri.nxe Norfolk, Va. UJHB B , HIA H k A H R. R Pritchaku .Atlanta, Ga. lOTa, . R. K. Prothko. K . Griffin. Ga. Blk k W r % . R .M. Prvor, II K ... Moultrie, Ga. W T ' 1 , ' J. I 1 ( I J W. H. PiXLEx.SX tlanta,Ga. .» _ « «wf. , J «». -- «-r ' • ' n 1 -»• •JT C. .S. PiLLiAM Hillshoro. Texas . _ - ; ■ -4 _-, B. PixuicK Brooklyn, N. Y. ' .-J -• mk m m 1. K. Qvarles Smvrn.i.Ga. ■ - i Ji JH 2 H. G. Qi ' i(X..4 A» Romc.Ga. P V • II fl ' I) RAmx.TE . . Rockawav Beach, X. Y. " »«r . - «rli ' = ' - i ' (?««- ' • ll T. V. Raixe Alderson, W. Va. . ' ..- ' ■ ' . f -, ■ .■ .1, .M. Ralstox Savannah, Ga. WLk J flA H X . li A " jH.L if S. KAxi ' sAL ' R.K A . ' Greenville, ' S.C -w .tf- fc. t . K. M. Ra.xsox .Atlanta, Ga. » F M S " r ' - RtiiwixE. K 2 Atlanta, Ga. 1 ( I i 1 r J I J C. I-:. Reei) Swainsboro, Ga. " • " ' ' ' ' " - ■■ ' - «1, U. II. Reeves, Jr.. HX . . Tallahassee, Fla. » . -V . ' - R. M.Reid Roswell, Ga. !jpl 1 4i 1 Xy ' Reynolds, H e II . . Ringhamton, X. Y. 3 ' V , - ' p:. .Rh " ' ;,y .• . Vythevlire,Va: M 3H 5 ' TL " y " - F. n. Rkhakus. UK McCavsville. Ga. KXH ' • VW • . " ■I ' i fc E. T. Rkharilsox. II K A X.ishvillc, Tenn. A H tflAl " ' ■ifl Tifton,Ga. — -,. R L. KiNEHART .Allport, Pa. % JB A IH i (i. D. RoANK .Atlanta, Ga. ' r I 11 ' «J ' ' W Ci. A. Robertson. Jr.,: X . . Atlanta, Ga. % o r A K M Ki I I- K W M I J S. K M S. K 1-;, s. !■: I- Si S, I. Si- W U S I! ( II i . i I ' - M T Sm Ml u Smmii.::: a !■: li W Sn :■ Smiim V W Smiim, II l !■ Sn I. I. S.I K Si U !■ Sr J I Sn W Si- l W Si- I-; w Siiii-i - K. K, Sn.Ti (, W SiKMil ' !• " . L Sthukk, I " . W. Sti ' hm 1, P. STruRiK I ' M, !■. T mi-:Ti (■ , ' l ' M.iu !■; A " I Mill,- F CLASS l ' „nKl..i " , ; i-iiui ' mj-ki H.iltniiMri. M.I M,ioin,l..i l;i-..,,klvn, X. V. i ' l.unlu-l.l. X I Ki-i.lsvilU-, X ( I ' Ulslmrgll, P:i- M.intenmfi-v.Al.T . Kms-t..n. X V AtKiiita. " .a. Xiiri-nlicn;. Gerni.Lin X.-w Yurk. X. V. . Tampa, Fla. . Atlanta. G; Ala llmitin:;l,jn. W, V.I, Cural ( iahles. Fla . Atlanta, Ga ki.lyo .i.i.l, X .1 GnlTin,G,i . tl,inta, G.I Atlanta, Ga. linui-wick, Ga. Ilartwell. Ga, Brooklyn, N. V. . .Mlanta, Ga. . . . .Atlanta, Ga. Decatur, Ga. .Atlanta. I ;. I, 1-:I1k . Citv. N. J. Rronxville. N.Y. lacksonville, Fla, ' Xi-« ark. X, J . M,nil,ik- 1-Xtatcs, Ga,,Ga. ( .irn.llton, Ga. I- F.iinn- Shores, Midi, Chark-ton, S. C, Palatka, Fla. Carolccn, X. C, . Nntlev, N.J. W inter Haven, Fla. Fairlmrn, Ga. Xew Orleans, I. a. . .Alt. A ' ernon. Ga. Clii ,111 Kv . . . Atlanta, (;a , . .Atlanta, Ga. Griffin, Ga, Apiialaehia, ' a. WVsl I ' .ilin Hcacli, Fla Allen, Al.i, Del ' iniak SiM-inRs, Fla A.Irian, Ga ■f AM % rs f n a m o g f M ' M ' d-fib ' T A a ,a- a - 2 , . . mh [3 ■!« n 13 a « f 1 f " )- Q q o a -1 a f!i - D r:i f - , .-V a rj r n o q a f5 t fs 3 r o .» o , . 5 r ' .- noon — - SOPHOMORE CLASS • , ' 5 i -„ . f - " 1 |-. A T + AH ... McrUlian. Miss. J . 1 Tavuik. • ' X Cuba ■ V — 4. ' ' V " V .w i ' H.Tavi.or Waycross, Ga. r fe - ' , . rfk. - . 7W. ' V. W. T. YM K. 11 K A . . . Tarboro, N. C. Me Mi " ' ' a Vi W, A. T. vi..m Bridgeport. Conn. q ■B ' - - - " M. M II 1.. .... Savannah. Ga. I C. Tk. . isii. Tcxarkana, .Ark. ■ Dalton.Ga. Z 1 V. Tiio.ME ' .so.s. :; K . . Cliarlcston. S. C. — I I " . Thomi ' sox .Xtlanta. Ga. Z I O. TnoKXTo.v . tlanta. Ga. m v.. I). TiMoxKV .... Long Island. X. V. —I m T S. Toroi.xK Ki .... lialtimorf. M 1. m K.J. Tk. . !Mei.l. ATA .... Atlanla. Ga. I 1!. Tkenhoi.m ... Savannah. Ga. I R. Tkkti.ek . . . Qucons Village. N. V. -p . IC. Tkiubett .... Chillicothe. Ohio -v !■• J. TKOMUtTTA Haltimore. M 1. t " . I " -. Ti ' KXKK, 1 A , . . Suinincrville. Ga. — I V J Tv-iiix . tlanta. Ga. - N. V.xx XiEi-KX. HOII . Palatine Bridge. N.V. 1. K. V.vxDEx Hkivki. . . New York. X. V. I I ' .. V. x .Vkss Miami. Fla. j K. ax V.M KExniKGM . .Xshcville. X. C. P. KU Xoov .... Poughkeepsie, X. V. K. A Vest Mt. Pleasant. Tenn. ( ; T. W ' AiiiiEi.i Concord. N. C. A. 1. WAtiE Miami. Fla. IP. Va(;xe« McCaysville. Ga. I ' 1. Waj.kek. K - Dccatnr. Ga. LI K ]■ Ai.KEK Henderson, Ky. ( W UM-i.AiE Atlanta. Ga. W (, W M.TKK.s Martin. Ga. .. ,- _, _. M 1 WM.Tox l ' :atonton. Ga. ; fllHJjj Si ' fli B W.G. Vaxamaker,AS4 . . Buffalo. N. Y. I S W Axsi.EV Lincohuon, Ga. I. I.. Wake Fitzgerald, Ga. k S WvTKKMAx Peoria. 111. V Wait. K A ... Thomasville. Ga. II I t vKK, HHII ... Sebring. Fla. (,. I WHiii Llanerch. Pa. .1 W. Wekster Atlanta. Ga. I R. Veim ix ;tox . . . Birmingham. .Ma. 1. S U ' kek.s Perry. Fla. I. 1). EKiiix. T E tlanta. Ga. ( ' i. Westkkook ... Gainesville. Ga. W. G. Veissi:xiiiki;e! . H O II . Berlin. Germany V II W El Mnrrayville. Ga. M II White .... Olive Branch. Miss. W I " White Upper Darby. Pa. I- WiiiTEHtMi Miami. Fla. . l WiiiTEHii.i Xowata, Okla. 3f r J ( I f J f X Ir " » R W W iiiTUH K. i: A K . . . .Mlama. Ga : ' .Q ,ei e :ti n r " f ;wii l i i. •1- A ) . . . . I.ynbrook. X. Y. C. L. Wii.DEK M.ncon. Ga. I. (;. Wii.iiEK Memphis. Tenn. L. T W ' li.EV St. . ugustine. Fla. I ' . K. Wii.i.iAMs Henderson. Kv. J . . Wii.i.iAMs Atlanta. Ga. L. H Wii.i.iAMS Winder, Ga. S. W. Wii.i.iA.Ms . tlanta. Ga, I Willis F.nslev. Ala. R. H. X Atlanta. Ga. .M K. Wii.sox . tlanta. Ga. W. R. Wilson Charlotte. X. C. i;. (;. Wixx Memphis. Tenn. C. B. Wixsi.ETTE Ealonlon. Ga. T. M. W H)i) M.icon. Ga. J. K II K Lanetl, Ala. C " . W. WKKa.Ev Atlanta, Ga. I). H.Yarx .Vtlanta, G.i. T Y. YoiMAXs Tifton, Ga. W. E. Yox Atlanta. Ga. I). S. Zi.MMER.MAx. X + .... .Ytlanta.Ga. • •K I ' L I N N II V V I I I] It S I I I IL_ ■fllllMAS C. Di) 1I:R . I ' r, !,i,nl JMk A. M.NRSiiAi.i Vin-Piisiilinl l l-I.AM) S. Covin Sicn-lurv iik TOM DOZIER With the L-iuling of the sl-coikI sciiicstcr nt colkuc lite, the class of ' 4.} has become an integral and active part of (ieorijia Tech. Although we were a hit timiil at first the fraternity ?iien duriiit; nish week soon made us feel as thoiif h we were now ecilleL, ' e nun. Then the . . K dances on Saturday night helped lis to get aci|uainted with some of the local belles, and by Christmas the idea of being a college man had hrml h ed us on the campus — with the kind permission of the Dean. . lid-term exams. The hrst time — will I i ass, get those traternitv grades, get enough hours to stay in school, make I ' hi l.ta Sigma . ' Socko, bingo, slainbo, anil it ' s all (uer in li e da s of last-minute cram- ming, tall cottees. and accumuhition ol hmg grey streaks in the temples. Nearer and nearer comes tiiat co eted goal — Sophomoreship I But. ahis. tinal exams realize it. Like all good things it enils. and leaves us with nothing but a boyish face in the Bl.l 1. I ' Klx I to call up fond memories. LELAND COV6Y i FRESHMAN CLA- . s a I.. . A Kn. , . 1 !• All ,M , T () I AI ITKr . . u I. Aim i;m w . I. Al I.I X 1. K. Al.l.l X S. n AMI X " I I ALII X U II AL I X I I AX XN. K A I S AI ' IMI- i: M Akcriiix W " l AKMl I I |i. K A I I. K i ru.ix.,. K 1 . M u AiniM uiixi,. II i; I. II ARXI 11.11 I II AKKKMi.M.K II i; A.■ m■; . . . . I A I U KI.L. i A E . W R. Ar.STIN . U II .W I.R . X -I ' K k . UIRI. I: I AM il K, .|. A H M I R Ml l . . I I ' l: i A I- I I . TmniB. I ' l.i Allanla. Ca . Rome. G.i U !■ ni R(,IX. X -I- u I. l:l■RR ' . !■ i;i.RR " R r l;KRR ■, .| ' a d r i: RRRRV, II H II R M. RI.RR . K :; II l:l I III , i, .1. K 1 I. l:i I llrxi !■ X K RIRh 1 . |.: I U IIIM- ' , I! 11 II W W RIRI ' , R, II II W I RIXIII.WAI.n w i;. RiRrii R I. RI.ArKSIIi: R. X i. I I RIIWM X . . I R.i H iKi I; II i; R.I i i I . . I I RR li| I iRh . . w I ];r. iii I ' . . i; R. RRAL ' X . . . .1 I RKI.W I llX . . R RRiiAi II. . Til I W RRiHiKl R. 1 X II X RRiiW X, i: . i: I.. I.. IlKllW XI XI, . I. r. BKUCK .... I. V. IIRUCK. A TO . R. N. liUriK I r,. IIRITIA. n fl II I. R. RKrMUKI.ilW I I RHiMRA ' . : !■; X.irl.ilk. . I. I., X. u urk. X . . . Cav, Cr . . Allanta. ;, . liqnil.|.a. Ten, Memi.liii. Toil a f!v .n i ' : f - f M .1 Mi " -iP ]r=r • ' -jji 1 - ( -3 O Pf A Q ' 3. A O f j f f. • FRESHMAN CLASS ij . I - AN . ' ' W L i , i ' ■ " ■ " RVAN-r Atlama. Ga. ■ • " ■ l A 1 1 . A T k k. Bl T ' ..T RULU BOir Challa« H ga. Tcnn. U C ' , . , ,— «, -r - l-.. . lU-KR Goulds, Fla. TH I r 1 I I I I r " " " • ' - ' • RHRROUGHS. X |. . . . . nriinswick, Ca. arT • ' ••« ' W J |J . ' - 5|J ' ,. i. I J T- S- nURTON Sn.i.luille, Ca. . ,,- . — -!JLr™ n. a CAMl- Atlanta. Ga. Q r!i 13 Q Ll !! n " ■ ' " " " ■ " " ' ■■ ' - - - . 47 ' fT JT y rj .1, r. CAMl ' IiiCl.l Atlanta. (;a. _ J . ' — ati ' - — y -5 V. T. C K1)1;N-..H-A . . . Lliattanooga. Tcnn. " ■ - - »»- » ;■ m I V .■J ™ (I-. CARTER East Point Ga Z fl| l % " " t " " W 11. I. CASTAGNETTA..!. 2 K . . c« York. N. Y li-f J| - » V l K ' - i V 1,. CATIIEY tlanta.Ca. _ ll J - r B - F R ■- ■ -P W. C. CAYE. X .Atlanta. Ga. ft ' K. - Ax K. . " M r ' Mk. n. V. ClIA. ll!ERS. l.rA . . . niomasvillc. Ga. ' - V ■ — IL BW -xV I. M.CIl.VMI ' ION. A TO .... Brunswick. Ga. O ffr T ' Bi HK H - U. K. ClIA.N ' in.ER Xcwnan. Ga. .A B U ' H Bl H V I (. CIIAI ' M.VN Atlanta. Ga. -r, — j-» . — •-- - — - - - K. 1.. CIIRI.STIAX . tlanta.Ga. O f ' " ™- " r ¥ ,, ■ , r ..i F , AF , I A. II. Cl.ARK l--.keland, l-la. T Jl jyVl ' i ZJ 3 " = ' jk. ' ' ■■fy " .- . Greenville. Ga. f (FS f f f:.l !! :::::: ' ' ' ;i . — ' = • « ■ - »m T 4l . I ' lDE C ' liattanooRa. Tenn. _ V -i •■_ f ' • ■■ ' " IN N.r li J. , I ' hiladelphia. Pa. lA liii k ' 1 ..t ' li i:.::: ; ; xs.-.-.-.-.-.-.-. ;i-S: m ■■■H . , . ' . 1 . 1 T CONIGI.IO T.-iinpa. I ' U. 9 Q ( i; v:f: " j,v,:.-.4=| a . k 11 (OCINS liimiingham. .Ma. m% E B ISA East Point. Ga. »l,r V f| WW I B I ' I ' " " I ' IK. A T () .... Cliattanooga. Tenn. .4 Bh i -i ■ ' • -If rr l f - M . " UK Macon. Ga. RrBH L i ' «L y :5L 7 J JM k I . " KKV..|.A(, Tifto„.Ga. 1 1 j hi v h krT fe V iHB H B 3lL. a . k. .JC . I . rnl ' NTS. 1 ' .| K Mlanla.Ga. f y W S A » ' ' ■ % S r % r K h ( " IIMl-R.lX Atlant.,. Ga. F J f J ; t ■•llJ.ll " ' " IMI.1- " N.A1.|. . . . .Santa Ana. Cal. •:-»« -J- " • » ' • " " T- - ' ir 1 I ' i 1 V. II K . .... Daytona Deach. Fla. -. ' . - V- . . -. , - ; ' II K ' VNAN.IiOlI Griffin.Ga. Irk i k A %ik% » i : . ' o -.;.;.;.Eo„ --S: M - M H B H H IMkl ILipeville. Ga. X . B 1 y k ' 1 1 ' ' G. X Ghattanooga. Tenn. P M f iK -,N() V Atlanta. Ga. .J f r - ■ ' ■ ' ' " ' HWViUXK Passaic. N.J. ' W »«P 7 ' ■» ' I, r. I U.WVIORI) .Memphis. Tenn. y jf J " w y v S. II. CROCKETT Hrademon. Kla. t iW X • Jkh - .k . ' P.CROOK Mc.MIen. Texas - jm m . . m. ' ' -I ' Ei . K2: 17 C-J, ' .«| ,J1 LJ j I.-MCIUTIS.X .Madisonvdle.Ky. _ ' i :::. i " A» ' -47 J W .I. it. DAI.TON ' Ailama. Ga. . - .i V 3A. " FW rW. " ■ " ■ " • l.-T " ' -aldosta. Ga. ™ w ' mmW ' M -- Hfl BHi f ■■■ i H U r 1 I IIEN-,.|. l-.i .... Ilogansville. Ga. ■l " . . i. . A . . l . KRO V. II K ' l ' Elorence. .Ma. Ea C4 Cj r ) " : ; l — ?v f ■ FRESHMAN CLAS K III . , II K •!■ M, A r -I ' ■ N, V I ' II ' !■ !■: II Q . Q. O- c ' 4 ?hMii km Q f (q -x , I I. II, linn t. X f °!l " 3 . Cy n n a ' - n n a ■■■3 ' ,0 Q f a, Q , a ( r ' qij a -: . ' 3 ' i Af i l ' Am d £itMti mmli a a ' :! 6 Q n o o q q SHMAN CLASS n f " o « tL a 9 ' ■- r f= n .- -| a ' r; a f f -ffi rl n c? I . K. CKKEXK llanl.i. (.1. I A. liRKCOKV Mlam.i C.i ( r. i;Rlrl-IX Ca I K. CRIIKINX + Savannah C.i. I W. (IKDDSKV Mlanla. Ca. I. COSTIN Mac.n. Ca. I). I.. CLTl-KV Climax. ;a. K. I. (il-IDI Scais.lal.-. X. V. A I ' . ( riMARI-.S Mlanla. i;a. -7 I I (;riXX..I. Ae l.aCrangc.Ca. " A W. IIAIM.IX Miami, ria. _, I . ' : ll.M.K .McColl. .S. C " —I R. n AI.I Clewislon. Fla. I C. H Al.l Mlanla.Ca. m I ' S. ilAMIlV Carlcrsvilk. (;a. II!. HAMH. Atlanta. C.a. m W. 1- II M I1-RSI.. Lacksonvillc. I ' la. I I. 11 WIMCIMI Winter I ' ark. l--|a. " 7 I T IIWIUHK CairollKin. (ia. I K, IIANTOCK. I. Ae .... lacks.mviilc. Kla. - S. IIAXIl. X ' Arlington. N. J. " n r V. K. IIAXKIXSOX .... I ' onsni.Milli. Va. - II.VRIl tlanta. (ia. r II F. IIARDAWAY ilanta. Ca. II. Il.XRMAX. K A I.iCrang.-. ;a. _„ r. R. H.VRUIS Nc» V.irlt. X. V. ' . li II HliIS. X -I ' .... T.-nn. I W. II KKI Marietta. Ca. ■ U II UKI iiN, X ! ' .... Xc-«- Yc.rk. X. V. U II UU1SII Tvlcr. Tc.vas II II II HRISS Xllanta.Ca. 1; 1 IIARTI-KIX. IR Ilirniingham. Ala. I II I! ' |:Y Tu|k;1o. Miss. ' I lIAC-iMAXX T.conia. X. J. 1; I. IIAWKIX. ' ; I ' orcst Hills. X. Y. I ' f HAY. IR tlanta. ;a. 1; S. ll. Yi:S Di-c.itur. C.a. 11. C. II. YXi;S SImrt Mills. X. I. ( 1.. HAYXI-..-;. .;. r A ( ..Imnl.ia. -Miss. I T. IIK.VRX tlanta. C.a. I t . IIKCKMAX. IR Vtlaiita.Ca. II X III DRK I Tnlsa.OVla. I ' I) I1|;HZI:R Cora..iK)lis. IVnn. .■i I IIKXRY tiant3. Ca. I. V HKNST.KK Atlanta. Ca. I R. IIF.RH Jnlinstcwn. IVnn. RC. IIKROS Havana, Cuba K I HF. TI-R tlanta. Ca. I IIKSIOX I.icks..nvillc, 1-la. I 1 ' . HII.IirRX. 1 Tamiia. Kla. II 1 " . nil. I Marietta. Ca. 1;, U. IllXnS. i|. r A lialli nore. . l.l. E, I1IX1).-;. M K .... i;ar lcn Cilv. X. Y. I. . . MOClIMrTH iiBnsta. C.a. i C lIllDlil-; Icflfcrson City. Tcnn. •- X. HODCKS, Ti O ri Atlanta. C.a. U , I,. HOI.IC HniLiInlu. Ha«aii R. I.. Hlll.I.KY Atlanta, (ia. A O. 111)1. LIS M.ic .n. C.a. I) l;. IHll.I.OWAY . llanta. C.a. I i:. IIDI.MKS tlania. ;a. I, 1;. IIOLMKS Knsli-v. Ala. I r. IlOl.MKS. K A .Mac.n. C.a. , II. lli)l,Ml-.S. .1. AO tlanla. Ca. I. II. IKIRN .San I ' rancisco. Cal. II. S. iiORXKR..!. K i: .... r.ri.lBCK.n. X. I. K. K, IIDRTDX Anu-ricus. Ca. I . IKISS Atlanta, (la. . I.. HOWARt) Cochran. la. R H. mnStlX. IR ..|. AO .... Paris. Tinn. I. . . IIC(ii;lXS tlanta.Ca, I. I. lll ' XT Vtlanta. Ca. II. 11. IXC.R. M. H K l ' Miami, na. ( ' ,. K. IRWIX. 1 A K llinM.Ca R. II. .lACIlr.XS Savannah. C.a n. R. lACK.SdX. IK . llanta. Ca. X. T!. lACORS Smithvillc. Tcnn. 1; I., i ACOIiSOX. T E -I ' • ■ • Winter Haven. Ra. 1 l.M I K rverne. X. Y. - T. Rl)Sin;WSKI-: Itavnnne. X. I. II. lARRIKl Collins, Ca. C. lAY. , T0 I ' itjseral.l, Cmi. FRESHMAN CLAS « M I ' M I [ I. 11 i.NK: 1,. i;. loNK I. P. I ' dNlC: a I. i; jiixi.s , . Q W . KIM -, i; (I II (. W h iKIiA-N, IK UJ 1 1 1 1 In K I I N . . I, kAIIIA " I l:. K XI ' - . . . ' ' . A. KAN ' K. ■! A H I,. M. KKEX. 2 X _ T. II. KHIFF.R . . • (;. A. KKI.LKR . . K I. KKI.I.V . . T, r., KKLl.V . . V. M. KKMI ' . . V. I. KICXXEUY . E. I. KESTLEU . M. P. KEVSERI.IXC, 111 . KIlJlilRi; . . Ii i: Kill. AM. 2 X I , V KIXl . ill . II. r Kixi; .... R. . kixi.siakv I, . , Kixx. (.n . . . I Kcixowi 1(11, T I ' M ' II K KiiZl.iiW liKl . K I. KKII.Cl.R . . .1 Kiiix,.i ' r . . k I XrM.XN.sKV . W 1 I 1. 1 l.AII. I I K, ■! ' A H kc.l Oak. Ii.i Stiirmn, k% X..rt,.lli. i W ll.llMHul. N. . . . tlam.-i. C.I. . Iian,.iivillf. III. (■larks.lalc. Ml . . . . .Macon. 11.1. . Memphis. Teiin. . . . tlaiila. (;a. Dayloiia Heacli, I-la. I ' liilaJeli.liia. I ' eiMi. . . Tuccca. 1 .a. .MniNMiaalicla. I ' enn. R. 1 ' . I.ITl I.IVIIICI.II .... (la K. I!. I.OI-TU-S. JR.. n K . . Davlona lleacli. ' na. W. W. LOr,.- ;V. ,J, H .... TctiM 1- I.dlll.F.IX riimmiit N ' I l.n.MAX tlanl ' a. I iV AH Ti.iifl,.. .Miss. ' K 1 l.ri.d . . . I I ' I X( II s . I MIX-. M I ' l rill X, IR II 1 X..1.A( .Q n qi ' O Q Q f ! i a .a . tM J i - " l|. 4llb ( O f O o a qi A a . f ' 0 MM ■ , .Cl O ( . ' ( L f ff% a rn q Oif% a ,6 g d r4 9 g, 6 a mi f RESHMAN CLASS .. „.— . - I tr ' S . . Z HLI -I MAjr.SKI Wa.crbury. Conn. O ' L . _ k BX I TBI 1IM 1--1M Atlanta (ia ■ 2:V ' " ' - ' 1 -IITI-TO ' . ■. CorarGaWM. ' ria. ' r B I!. S MANI.KV M„rfrecsboro. Tcnn. f K -. - J - = Wii " ' ■ ■ " ■ ' ■ ' ' ' - ' ' BinBhamton. X. V. -A. i - J -ii Jts I V. MARSH ML. BH II Mlanta. Ca. — " 3 -3 L • ' aLa IMI. .MAKTIX. + AH Houston. Texas I ' tltr ' . TS ST H K. W. .M.MMIN.X Saniuskv. Ohio Z ' ' -» _.iWM ' ' . uy .: W U. I.. . IATT(I. . KHIl Mbnta (;a m « r S WJ r « ' 1 H .M. MA.WVKU.. Uen .... Xorrii. Tcnn. _| ' - •» ' f4 ' ' ' ■ " --P A r MAZZACCA Ruth.:rf„rd. X. I. m . v. - 1 -1 — i. - ' ' 1 ' AII.KV . tlanta. ni. ' V JW " -- w . W MflMM-:. B K II .... Wasliington. I). C. ITI a pi H ( ' l Z ' %. 1 1 KxS . ' TZ-I Jk ' - 1, - -3 r jl Decatur. ;a. TH ■p_fV ••»» ' f -R - = ■ ' ' l I- K-M.KKNZIK. X Vtlanta.Ca. K ' -1 — ■ i ' .M.I AM V.IK Rom. Ca. p) ■ Q Oj 5iii:.-.-;; v„.-:ss - - ' r St - m I- 1 ' -MILLF.R Columbus. Ca: - 1 ' ' I ' I Vj 3 II. C. .MILLF.R AvonJalcCa. y i, V _ V A T 4 -L. MILLER Atlanta. Ua. • , W j0l - - I MITCIIF.LL Tultahoma. Tcnn. P r r -:;?;[; -.-.-.-.;wes,-..cri - ' -,«r|) ' --» - ' " -- ' • -. " 1 I I!. .XroORK . morv. Miss. . - TT : ■ -D " • ' ■ ' " JRK Covinsion. .ia. — -• V - U.W. MOORK Bamesville. Ga. - W -V k R. MORKIRA Falla.Cuba 1 Mil HI A felHL 1 .1 O " f ' ' ; ' :i;:;S ' v - ' .- •■ " • " SE ' S ■!-.«! . .= cl, ' ' =« ». : - ' ' ' KI., MCRRUU Decatur! (la! V . 1 l- , MORION Ft. McPherson, (ia. . - ' J_ — 1 — - ';. ' ; Vidalia. Ca. 1 , ytM , -t . J ' — h ,— -. RC. MUIR. HK tlanta. Ca. » 1 f 1 I r 1 f % S I B. .MIRPIIY. SAE .Atlanta. Ca. mm.tA - . -4 •«■! - ' =. ' a- J .-jr|l N- n. MIRPIIV. + JO Trion.Ca. - ' 1. " T J Kt M 1 N RK. TKS Birmingham. Ala. f f ' . Hfvtk. %. 01 ( R. XKinilARIlT. 1 A» . . Chattanooga. Tenn. g y I 1 t ' ( ■ ' " I 1 K. I). XKILr Seneca. S. C. ,|f _, J ' •• ' 4 - Jl 3 J=Y .)■-- ' 5r ' - ' «=» F. IL XKLSOX Charlotte. N. C. k T ' V " Or - ZT A ■hU% V II II NKWMAN. Ki: - ' . ' . ' . ' . Atlanta. ' i;a. ' _-■■ „■ r B jr, P B .1. V. Ni: V.-;oM fnion Point. Ca. JLT - " " - -. - ' R W. XEY. TE tl.inta.Ga. k S1 J jflik, D.S.NICHOLS Harpers Kerry. W. Va. I J I B ! » 1 I). .L.NOTARF.SCHI Mclntyre. Penn. t m J « " -Tr .i ' - ' ■ ' . V ' tlBtf W. B. NCNALLV Rome. C . L.- Jk. r i •=■ 1 i ' Vt - JW H T. . . NCTT. .[. AO lackson. Cj. • V_ m A,. -- ' -. W m Mi T. I!. OBARR, II K A Rio I.03. Chile ; Mit V ■ « . fc •. T tSH V. K. ODOM Ihomaston. Cj. . yUA M i ' I , 1 1 .-..OI.EX Somerville. X. J. _ — " " ' ' ' ' ' ' n C.T.OLIVER Brooklyn. N. V. P M j H It ' f OLU ' ER Cliattanooea, Tenn. » r -» -r -. «pb Ti aJ o.aJb j[ : (I.OLIVER Pori iu Prince. Haiti . p , ' ' " T ' ' I. OVERSTREET. H( Sa .annah. Cwi. t- - . - , :± V - y — l. ; p. OWEX . . . ' .Miami. Fla. . V 31 VyC. V ' " to kl. OWEN. BK Portland. Maine ' . ■ ■ .l a B B , m T A P. RKS. n K+ Atlanta. Ga. (J) o LXJ FRESHMAN CLASS - w r K ii Ml K.ATA . ■ . i;. ..ii...i X ' " ' yjy . V ; .A v,A. k ' , ' :1!:: " :, ..if;:: fli Q O C ' ;il-- - - i;;! ' 5 ' 5 — n • ,?, ' i,v.. . . Hrii:- O a ! Ifj C g l ' l;, ' , ' ' , ' ;:i,V " ' ' ' ' ' - ' ' ' . .,,,„„,,„,; ' ;;:;;:,;:„ ' . ni v-J - f- f-J T « j«l A - JH I l Kc,|;l;l S. X l ' S;u;ninah,..,i - 4 ' ' J 1 . " F -if " - — 122 " RESHMAN CLASS ■ Ifl .di ' Sk B i f . K. SCIINKIIIKK f — " 4 W T W % I TI " " fc K. I. SCI1K];|I!|;K I ' .vnlaiul, .Main ■ P TTZt. ■ - « .» " » «• ' ' -. rll K.I.SCHRK.NKM-.TE . . . . Newark. X. J. k « jr — , - — K. — V ' ' I l " llROI IIKU .... Daylona lic.icli. l-la. |k- ,Jv 3 » fc, N- ' W ' n ' ■ " Mini I Crol.munllmlso,,. X. V. iHtaVT V ' BB fe Jm V ' I - ' IIUAIIX Ricln.,„„.l Hill. N-. V. Z ■ _ ' - " " ™ " M l - ilMILNK Iti-ooklyii. X. Y. m ( [ . " ' J P V iri l ' sKU-I-K.- . ilAE —I ■ J -L " ' " I f: I n. SHKKTZ. IK...I. r.i . lackso„vilU- Itc.icli. ria. L O a ! r n o :::::::;;;;;;;:;:::;: . B A fl f ! ' il B k -;-•• » «r¥l , •» « -»• " V, K-f - Jj 1:. 11. SMITH l-ivvri-ncovillc. Ca. RV " " P . _ry " J ' j .;.W. SMITH rl„,mo„. Mas,. MHl. V — I A- - S _ 4-Jw - ' J H. S. SMITH. HH II;a. - A S , ' f iBifi ' ' rk M K K SMITH, r Ai; l.rh.-,no„. Ten. _ Ir f1 r J -% f J 1 rj ' A,lan,.,. :a. K «4 » » • - " ' ' , m - - f! ' = " 41 K. v. SMITH M.-.con.(;a. ■■ XB . ' ' 77 J r ..f R. . S.MITH Cliarlcston. W. Va. dH .:; - — i 5 ' -=:JW — ' ' VV. 11. smith IjCrancc. Ca. ■ ■W. A N ' ' - ,. ' . -H - Vw I I K. SMOOT Wooilbury. (;a. K m lL W .r " ' .. ■ H AM H. v. SOLAKIAN .... nronv. x. v. c. x. v. mm- . , , _ ii I. .M. SOfTHKK slu-ville. X. t. CI O . O fll rt kSS- " :■::■:■ —I; r W ' » ' " " fTf - ' Ta I. K. SIMTK 1 l!n,lBc| rt. I ' cnn. aV v-i- _. . - il - 7 i i. 1; SI ' IRW.W CaUosIim. Texas 1 S ' ' fy i ii-: . i= ' ' -. ' ' ' ; ;;.■.■ . Sil!: . : rj« ' . ' ' ' .1 ' Jm • " U I) STK KXS. X S.avannali. Ca. ■L H Ii. .STi; V. RT Allanla. C.a. ■Bl - - I A. STIIU.KTS ll.Hliisburi!. Miss. - _ , - C a - . 1 - w 1 K. STRATTOX {oradc. Ca. f g 9 ' a ' ■% ;. r. siRiiiMNi; .... ■ I " 1 r f 1 r ' K. .M. STRICKI-ANII, K V .... IScacon. X. Y. .• - -Jl ' 0k ' - • ' ■ =■? ■ »« 4 .- li.r.STRCIZIKK.HX Xc-wnan. Ca. Sf u I -A ■ ' ' ; W. I.. srnilKRTII Xorcross. Ca. ' H ' ' Xil ' ' " ' fc - !kJ R.C. SrTTI.l-S..|.rK .... ColkTO I ' ark. ;.a. , ' L . H . k lkH ni , I B H C. S V. RTHC l " l ' . IR. A T . . . . l1anta. tia. ' I i V ■ HSr ' J: J ■Ll A I. M..SWINT.AT ' 0 I -w , , ,-, -fc . V. R. TAI ' I ' .jK l ' ..«.kTS|«s. ;a. lrt r J ! ' ' ' •--- ' ■ ■ • ■ ■ K- -« ' (TP ■ ' ?■ ' ' ' ' - « -fW I Il.TIIAKn;..l.iH T:,llal,.-,s,c.. M.- . ■Al-SPL - - t -JL Jv ■ f W. M. THARIM:. A T O M.M.Um-. ;a. mkv ] %Am g-%A-L - SI?- . . ■ ■ ■ " ' -ss ■9 A HL -3f »(; - " iW ' 7 I TH()RIXC.Tl N Mi.I,.. Ky. •m a _ II J. llliHK .Marlins I ' crry. Ohio 1 iS B 1.. HTRKiii..! ' !- A Scars.lalc. N. Y. V I ' M a: O LU FRESHMAN CLASS e frr e 5 Q (T fi r;;;i;r- " .- ■»;:=.:- |« p j i;ii;!r ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' ;;v,s;r;i;;: q , (fi d n Ci HvB - :;si oa a a a e A ntlir- Tils , , ifc l: ' i ;Ji " 1 WMiiiMI M,.„.|.,„.l,r„, -■ ' iK " i P 5% ' ;:«H ' " " " . . ,;:S;s rs A ' II l WllllihnX lili ni.i..i (J f , , H , B ,rtf-. , s«l k. ( wiiiiMiKi- V I p " n « r f it 1 i...itM„.„..M,i a _ l f j ;V, .. i ' «n.ii M. s., „nn,i,.r,,. SL . - - fc i ' " Vt|H K. ;.:, ;. ' ,Vi-i i „K .- ■ ni:;:;:;:;::: H t l " A ;:::;r ' ' ' :■:::::::;: r; a, a a - fl I II Woni, CV,larl!l„u. - l.. . 1 : I - l — - -- l ; :;:;;, " i? ' ; r - ■.-.■.■ ,::::r:;::; A««. - , ■ ■■ i;-, . M I h . - H.-ittiesbiiri:. M v . ttti eS Ik. . H i iMi jM ;;::;::::- „„::r.;:: f n :i a, .Q (?! f? . Z. l, AKKI.L.X I ' .rnnkl ii. N. , , , . t " . k. . B . ' " " " - " ■ " 1 3 f -ii 124 M .M ;Ai mti E U II K T REGIMENTAL STAFF Colon UL HardI.I) A. Dvi; Kn iminltll CommantUr TENANT Ccir-OM-I. H HKiil-RT j . I ' RANK .... ExiilUlVcOffilfr .M.AJOR HtNRV C. Cin.lslJNC. I ' lnns cin,l ' l ' tu:n,n,i Officer Captain Alv[n E. RAtTTic Rti iiii,niiil Ailjiilnnt COLONEL DVE REGIMENTAL BAND CaI ' TAIN .Mll.I.ARI) K. 1)1 ShNIll RV Commantltr llRST XT El.MtR I.. CjREHN S,co,uliaCommaii l COMPANy A Cm ' iain W !■: I ' .iHiii, (. ' " iiifitny i.tmiiuiii ' lcr F[KM Lin TI NT V. J. F..KSVTHI.; ( , ' iutaiiy lixraiiivc COMPANY 8 ( am MS W IV Nb (,i im- FlKST IjtlTEWVT J 11. M V " C,u„ta«yli.v.:-„tur COMPANy c Cmtaix J. r. X1..K,. C ' nnfiiiiyCKmuuuulcr FlKM LlEllENANT .1 II ' I,KIH C,n„t„. y lixccuuv.- r. II I T T t L I II I F I . T II V DATTALION STAFF M VI " R M- e. llAr.HW I!,ilt„ , ' ,n Co,,,,,,,,,,,!,, CAfTAiN ' F. N. Warren hhiit,n,i Cai ' Tain- C. W. Carnhs I ' l„„i „,i,ri ' i„i,i,„, First LieuTtNANT N. W. Hai.imju I ' lrsnnml " 1 t ii iimilii 9ffi| ? ' S FIRST ROW Colvin, Dukes, Forsythc, Frey. SECOND ROW Gregory, Hjgood, Jamiion Kcsslcr THIRD ROW; Masscy, Mayo, McGuirc, Mitchell. FOURTH ROW: Nigro, Nunes, Powell, Sena. FIFTH ROW; Talley, Thomas, Walker. IIHVi - _ eccnJ B .1 T T A L I (I r II u T I II r I 1 1 1: ii v lATTALION STAFF Major |. V. Tri inv v C.M ' T.MN J. II. 1. Kci. clII-: Captain A. C. Ormond . liuttalliiii Cununamlcr -l ljutaiit AJOR TREADWAy Richa.ds. Waltor, Zamborski. BATTERy D Cm ' taix C. a. MiKixxiiN- Ihiltt ' ry Coiniiutiuti-r First Liei ' tenaxt E. V. Chai ' max Ballcry liicciilhc BATTERY E Caitaix W. R. COSI ' EK Ballcry Cniiiimimtcr 1 KSTl.ItlTF.XAXT I " . W. PrEXDEROAS Hiillery i:.v,culive BATTERY F Captaix V. . McGoLCH Ballcry Commander First Lieitexaxt F. H. Holz Ballcry Excculii ' C iQij lluJ I! » T T H I II ( ' II I S r I II T I L L I I! V BATTALION STAFF M VI ' iR 1). li. Will) Ms n.itlul, ' ,,, (:;mm,„„l,r Cm ' TMN W. M.StllnlNMS hhlllaiil C.M ' TMnM. W. Bll. MlilRc l ' lans„n,tTr,u„wg BATTERy G Cm ' tmx J. !•: Anukksux Itatlcry Commnndcr I ' lu-r LiMTENMNT K l: Tnv Hallrry iSi-nilur BATTERy H CAri- lN W. A. ' m i . . lialtcryCuuiiuviilcr l-IIOT I-IKl-TENAM K. W I ' lll- . . lUll Irry ExCiKtiVC BATTERY I C riMS W II. I ' . IMK HotlcryC ' Uluuuulcr I ' iKM- l,ii:iri:xAM K. S llv...,Aur Bullciv ILvcnihrc ' i ScgalL FOURTH ROW Shoemake _7. I! I 11 I I j , , sifiML riiiii ' N ..J imwm Sf Op v FIRST ROW: Arnold, BiggcjstaH, Cauble, Campcn, Drew. Fort, Gillcnwater SECOND ROW- Grossman Han, man, Heatwole, Heycey, Hill, Hornslein, Lee. THIRD ROW: Le»in, McDanrel, Owens, Perry, Porter, Samodcn Sessoms- I FOURTH ROW: Sheridan, Smith. Sutton, Wilson. Winship, Wnght, Zicgler. FIRST SECTION BATTALION STAFF Major D. E. CuESAHiH liatlalinn Cumniandtr Captain Gordon Comrs Hattalimi Ailjiilant Captain John Drew I ' lmis ami Trainiiir COMPANY K Captain (i. B. Cai iii.t Coiii ' iuiy Ci ' iiinuimltr First LituTE.XA.xT A. J. I ' atii;. l- ' iisl I ' hilnoii Coinmanilcr First Lievtenant U. E. .VR.Nni.n Seiimd I ' htlooii Cumiiiandcr COM PANy L J. L. Wilson- Company Commander First Lieutenant I. Hornsteiv l-irsi I ' laloon Commander First Liel-ten ANT il. R. Pi-Kin , . Sroind I ' laloon Commander COMPANY M — ORDNANCE MAINTENANCE Captain E. 1). Kh.i.iKsr vi i Company Commander First LiEi-TENANT J. B. Cn.iKNu MUi . . . Commander Slio : Seelion First Lieutenant V. L. Ckeen . . C ' ntn:ander Small .Irms Srclioii COMPANY M — ORDNANCE INFANTRY Captain H. Winship Comfany Commander First Lieutenant J. S. Smith I ' irxl Plaloon Commander First LiEi TKWNi I ' . 1). (;nossMAN Seeond I ' laloon Commander SECOND SECTION BATTALION STAFF .Major T. M. . Lani.ev Katliilmn Commander Captain M. O. Wright liatlnlion Adjutaul Captain John Drew Plans ami Trammg COMPANY K Captain J. W. IIeatwoi.e Comfa ' iy ' ommander F ' irst Likutkn. nt W. (.i. S. Imikt l-irsi I ' laloon Commander First Lieutenant H. C. Hii.i, Seeond I ' laloon Commander COMPANY L Captain T. K. Christian Com pan v Commander First Liei ten.Cnt K. D. MuDaniel l-irst Platoon Commander F ' iRST Lieutenant H. F!. Porter Seeond Platoon Commander COMPANY M ORDNANCE MAINTENANCE Captain W. H. Zie(;lek Company Commander First Lieutenant W. R. Owens Commander Shop Seetion First Lieutenant F " . S. Skssoms C,-Hii i,iH( ,- - Small .Irms Seetion Company Commander First Lieutenant L K. Bethune I ' irst Platoon Commander First I.iruTiNANT F. W. Sxmopen F CAPTAIN FAWEL ' -- II. II. T. r. COMMISSIONED OFFICERS ■MS KlH. M. !■ UII I C ' ,,,,,,,,,,,,! MMMR H. !■:. PM.I.ciLk . , 1.x,, u THNANT C ' dMM AMJI-K IV R. C ' liliiNII Instill, TBNANT ClIMMAMitR W. CRAM. . Ilnlill, TtNANT W. S. Hi AIJ) . . . «, TtNAXT(i. W . AsMKIRII hislril, PETTV OFFICERS K. K. Cris M:I,i C.hul Cuinur ' s Mm, P. H. |-Kkl:S (.1,1,1 Si,in„ln,,ni K. Aniihr , (:iu,j Y, ,,111, in T. A. H(i Rii Chul Si,„-,k,,f,r t at 1-lu I! 1 T T 1 L I BATTALION STAFF I.ll-ITHNANT CoxiM will K I. P. R s lialtulion C(J l.liHTHN.ANTj. ' . Hocc HiilUiliun Sub-Commaniter I.UiLTENANT (JG) J. R. DrxsoN Iliitlalioii itjjutiint Inskin W. K. Bennett Battalinn Commissary II. H. ' .AN BUREX Battalion C. P. (). Lieutenant Q. R. Thomson . Commaniler Drum and Hugh Carps COMPANy A lilt T. .1. R. IVEV . . Company Conimnml.r I.ltLT. (JO) G. F. Bl N . First I ' lntoon I.raJer Ensign C. N. Mavo . SnomI Platoon Lea,lrr COMPANY B I.ILLTENANT K. B. Kneisel . . Company Com maniirr Lieutenant (jg) (i. P. Koote . First Platoon Leader Knsicn a. R. Jones Second Platoon Leader COMPANY C Lieutenant J. C. .Maldne . . Company Commander Lieutenant (jG) J. E. Nettles . , First Platoon Leader Ensign J. B. Stubbins .... Second Platoon Leader «- liiiai diAiifc ifc JL 1 I Ujanuue .1 K Jl V |{ .i . || MEMBERS 1. 1. Amiii.nn ! ' .(;. I ' rcMTT L. W. B RKI:R I. I). RaI LlRSd A. e ' CMtisi.N ( ). 1. KnP.I.RTS R. M.enx |, I Splru n R, V. CK1..1R II.C.Stkhi 1,. A. DiNS.IN 1 . A. IAm.i.r r. llRXAMUi 1. 1 . Ar lr |. V. (iK R. 1 . WXLHTtR |,S. KnRSARX R. li, Wmi.ali: T. IIILI W. A. V TT C, 1 ' . l-lodl ' IR W. A. Francis 1.. I), Inn, ' , 1,. S. LOMA C, V. 1. Mil IX (. ' 1. Lmi H.S. LouRi a I. Sri I I, R, 1), MaiM . Jl 1 1). S. Nkiiois 1. li. MlCIi ii; R, 1 . Hartiiix |. -. NlUSUM A. in IS R. I). PnM N V. F. l ' ..TTl:R R. K. Prinli; R. v.. CiL liRIN |r 7 ' Ai .,. ' II I F I. H T E 1 W .Majmr R. F. Mct; RRAi(;H Serhfant C. H. Wi:i-:se . ,1 Co,,,!, C. 1 ' . Car I LR R. I A HAN .F(. L ' ni I ii;r R, H, 1)111 NRl IF A, Dm C. . F Fi.Mi-.i AA I ' " ri. M.L II M.IN S.J. lllNR W. F. II. .1 1 C. R. jrsii IF KnslnusK MEMBERS j.F, .Mas ( ). I . ( )n F. P. OutN . . I " . Re.attig j. 1 . RlCHARIlS ). F. RllIlKRTS V. R. Saniiiirsii j I. ' 1 ' . Sl lllsl.lNli V. R.Si x R. S. S ' S I . S. Wm.ton uu( tL 1 1 y I) II I II ( ' I) II !• N lalli illal ' J. R. I ' llOMSDN- I . i:. HaR.A . .1. V. 1rvi;r . Commamler . Firsi l . V. SfcnJ P. (). MEMBERS ' ). A. Harc.i l.j. l..S-S,.nRT R. W ' l-.MIIFRKClRll j.K. Vrk;ht C. 1 ' , RhhVl; ;. II. SlllOTTI.l R .I.W. . kn..N(.i..:,, V. II.NOrtiili. K. M.I.AN.-, R. J. SCHAHFKR 1 . J. SlllMIDT f. r. Oliver V. R. I ' .I.I.ARI. L. K. C ' dudixg H. W. I ' l-.RN- I)K .1. K. Collins R. K. VVm.i .1. H. -MrRPiiv R. VV. (JOFDRTII 1.. 11. Arnold i LlKL ' TKN ' AXT ASHF MEMBERS K. 1.. Hi KTON 1. 1 . MSSON .1. Collins K. I . Napikr A. C.COWLLS H. K. Price N.C. nR.XPhR J. H. Pritchktt H.VV. I-i:rnani !■: W. S. Ra ib,) C. F. (JRIFKIN .1. 15. .STl ' liltlNS G. A. Khllkr .I.H.Thari-e W. M.KiMi- K. H. ' an ' ooriie I). I{. Mriin VV.Wmatlev w. K V lODW ARI S P S II l{ s 1 N F A N T R y M M . l . l M . l sv 1 |.||, |) XM| K -. ii;,,ixiv Ki: SI. -- " ii,i,iM ;--u,H h -- Mm,III X III -NN . s, ' . M lii..r , , I ' ll 1 M ( I ' kH 1 , M Mi.K M C, II M.l N I ' M ' l M - T. . , M,-K1 . (An MX (■ W CMiXl l. " ri MX W. 1 ' . l ' .i Mi . . cm ' 1 MX w, r, . i i , , ( " M ' l MX .1 r Xiiii; COAST ARTILLERY M . l I .. Mm V ( " ,illi . s XM V l, Kn , III M Mi.K 1, h., I ' m M.u Cm ' i MX 1 II L i .n. II , I ' MI MX ( ( IKMHX M .M . l M M M .■ . C A M. KINN..X ,s Iji-xr.l 111 Miil,-|.,N s, Wxxnil IvlMMMlM .- II XKKini W 11 1.11 - MlT l lIlK-H -,.| NI-l .MiCnmO , . Cm ' tm.x C a M. Kixxii , CM ' I MX W " U C.iMM Cm ' imx W. .V , l. 1,1 ( M ' l MX W M .Si inn XXI CM ' IMx . I W I ' .irMiim , . CM ' IMX W " , , W 1! FIRST ROW s Piece, Miss Conn. THIRD Biggccst Miss Bloom SECOND ROW Miss ROW Miss Dunn, Mrs. Dye, Mrs FIRST ROW Miss V Vilkie, Miss Franklin, Mi s Kirkland, M.S. Ar nold, M Muse, Miss O ' Kelly, Miss Zackery, Miss McCia ry SECOND ROW: Miss C ins. Miss Trotter, M ss Morton, Miss Roemme le. Miss Peacock, t. iss Ed, Mrs. Frank, Miss Ka nks. THIRD ROW; LaRoachc, Miss Dan niek, M Williams, Miss Peter Miss Curtiis, Miss Hirsc 1, Miss Hammond, .(iss Pai FOURTH ROW: M ss Gentry, Miss Norris, Miss Winship, M ss Faga SIGNAL CORPS AND ORDNANCE , . M Mi.K I) !•. CXVEX-MT.H . . M MiiK T M. MxM.i-:x llx . . . J, W. IIe.xtwuli .M-. . . . C.M ' T.MN T. K. ChBISTAIN M r, iT.ux R. B. Levix . C.M ' T.viN R. E. Aknolii 1 Zm KXin , . C.M ' l AIX V H. ZlEciI.EK I Ml LAiTMX- I-. I). Illl.i.EKsT.XFl Ml- , M MO ii- - S h ' M 1 Mis - . x, y Mi- - 111! IM Mi- - M Mi.K ni 1,- K 1 ' . , ll- - 1- 1 (.1- X .Mk- . I-.. II 1 ss Franiys Pktkks . SS DoKOTIlV Hammomj ss Mahy Jane I ' aixk ss Ll ' fV fiKNTKV SS Bkth Wixsiiii ' . Cai ' Taix M. 0. Wright . . CAI ' TAIX A. li, l.EK Cai ' Taix (;. H. Caiiue Caih-AIX (ioKDOV CoMHS . CaiTAIX H. WlNSHll ' Cai-taix J. J " rkr.ixiA KiRKi.. ' Martha Mi si: r.Mll.V Pi. ATT AKI.TOX (illEfSI.IXfi rvix . . ] ' .. Kaetth: M. K. DlSKNlltRV NAVy REGIMENTAL STAFF I-:mm Jk ' lis 1-KA ... OM..INK1. llAROI.l. |)V LlEI ' TKX.VNT GlI.OXK!. H. S. I " k X W ' v.xELLE Trottkk HiithiUoti Sf ' onst Dimis XciRRis I ' irsI Com ' iiiiySl ' niisi Carmex MiBeth . . Sfi oiid Ci ' iiifaiiy Si ' ' Jaxe White TliinI Ccnil ' tinv Sl oii.u Mthi.a IIaxks . nriimaml Htif:l,C«rfsS ' t- iisi i; I II I II i ' nii : Coast Artilkrv, liitantr ' , Sjirnal Corps, ami )rilnancL ' , (our units at l wIiIlIi cim- tnlnitc iiiirij4 otKurs tn our iiatKiiial di-k-risi-. Coast ArtillL-rv spent six weeks on the beaeii ol I ' ensaeola, Ila., ami diirinL; the time leai ' iieil iiiiieh about iisnii ' the hii; coast defense ' iMis. The In Ian try went to Anniston. Ala., and the woinleil area aroumi I ' ort MeClelhin I ' urnisheil " ooii setting tor praetiee In taetics and vari- ous maneuvers with gas, machine guns, and other Infantry weapons. ' 7 IkH I Tit IP On itv Miiiuial summer cruise, the Naval I lur nt ( icur ia Tech enjoyed the privi- li ' ;, ' f lit visitiiii: line fcireign cuuntry and see.n- p..rt ,.t uur ..un c..untr .ih.ri- with much .idventure and iwirk nn a L nitfd States Man ..t War. After emharkinu on the U.S.S. Wyu- mui- and the T.S.S. Dickerson In early inc at Chariest. in, S. C ' ., they left for a non-stop sail to New " cok City. After vis- itum the World ' s hair lor tun days, the ,i,uhor uas ui-mhed and the next point ot Lind »,is Boston, .Mass. Once a vear the Hostoni.ins Miehrate Bunker Hill Dai m a fashl.m which loidd be surpassed onU hi the ureat .Mardi (irav and uith hriLTht un. tonus .Innin- in the June sun the Naval Cadets nuirched over the streets ot Boston tor ,i period ot live hours. Then cime the Ion,; trek dou n the Atlantic C.ast, around the M,ind ot Cuba, thru Winduard l ' ,is-.aue to the Naval H.ise at (iuantanamo, e ' uh.i. Here they -.t,i),ed for seven da s to execute tarijet practice with the hiL ' ' ,;uns. rpholdnuj the reput.ition ot Ceor-ia Tech, this Naval Unit competition between Harvard, Vale. Northue.tern, .ind Tiilane Tniversitiev ll.ii.ina proved quite an .ittraction for the embryo sailors. Kissinu the -,,odbve .ind steeriiii; out past the fort. .Moiro Lastle, Tech sailors set a course tor Pensacola. Kla., and thence h.mie. Full spred ahead Fall in on the quartcrdecl. ' FIRST ROW: Obseivins signals thru a mounted tclescopt; gun loading drilli: dtcli of ttie Wyoming SECOND ROW: More and nnore loading drills: inspection on the Wyonning. THIRD ROW: Instruction in naval science by the ships oHicerl; quarters for muster; guns and men (or defense. FOURTH ROW: Tech sailors as part of the crew on the Dickerson; " Every man must know his station " ; after four o ' clock. THE 4 L U E PR N T I I s D, L ' K til it liihiu ' ss in .U-prisitv of cla s, Georuin i ■li-.tined tci hcuimc rue iit the must impditant piculucin centi ' rs iit ccramii.- prmlucts in the I niteil States. I.cachn ' j all i.ther States in the piiHlueticiii (it veihmentavi, kadlin , its Incatiiin is at tin- renter nt sii|ipl ol raw- niateriaU neee sar) in the niamitacture cjt liite are, elee- triial piireelaiii an.l i. tiler piitter prn.liiets. The kanlin- ..t (ienr-ia an,l the hall cla s .it Tennessee an,l KentuekN. and the tehkpar and Hint nt Nnrth Canilina can he assembled innst ecunc)micall in Genr-ia. Perhap-. nne nt the nmst iMit taiidin-j immediate nppnrtuiiities i- the nianufaetiire lit dinners are. This branch nt the industr is nmv centered in ( )hiii and practically all nt the raw materials used are shipped intn that State trimi the Snuthern States. 1 here are cnmmandinL; adxantaiies cner ( )hiii in the prndiictiun nt dninerware manu- factured in (jemi ia and this iippnrtunit has been ton lim neL ' lected. F.cnnnmies in practically e cr factor that enters into the maruifacture of this product in this State are available jiliis .an immediate conviinunL ' market. tities, the most important bein- brick, terra-cntta. Hue lininus, linllo i tile, drain and rooliivj tile. Other kiln products include se ver pipe, wall copin ' j, ornamental tile, |iiitter . earthenware and stoneware. With practically the entire su|iph nt raw materials readil accessible tor manu- facture and distribution. .An ' ' lo-Sa on labor that can be trained easiK. most faMuable climatic conditions, natural ' as, low power rates and taxes, Georiiia otters the lotjical economic location fur siipplvinL ' the southeastern market particular!), anil also the en- tire L ' nited States. K-x ' F ft 1 I 1 T K R F l[ I T K It I T V ClllUli The Governing Body of the Fcdternities OFFICERS B H H f ' l- H. Mams 7V,,»«r,, R M. Ki:ssi,HR ,V,,, ,, H -,; -J m SENA Twii nu ' iiilu-rs fi ' din each sdii-il Iratcriiity arc elected In the l ' i-atci-nit ' tci form the I ntcrfr.iter- iiit ' CciiHicih ami with Dean I ' lcKl as ad isor, acts as the t,ni -erninL; hiui of all social fraternities on tiie campus. The main actl ity of the council is the spons(n-intj; of twai sets of dances each eai-. )ne is the Mid- ' reiaii dances in midwinter follow ini; the lirst semestei ' exams: the other set is the h ' inals [,n en just |)|-e ious to June Commencement. Idiis eai- the t.ieor_L,na " rech I nterfraternit ' Coimcil was host to the Southeastern Intcid i-aternit ' Conference. Qk f!!, C f .L AAlk44l •H ,a A |.b- ' I 1 1 ' iBjW BI I f SECOND SOW Cole, Conwav, Curry, Darby, Dodson J lll THIRD ROW: Dyke;, Fell, Gilmorc, B Holi, King FOURTH ROW Lawrence, ,fJ L Lcdbetter, Le»m, Marshall, Malthews. " k -fL__ ii r 9 r =IRSI ROW Maisty, Mayo, McMortland. SECOND ROW: M.lkr, MoncV, Nttly THIRD ROW: Ormond, Orr.n, Penny FOURTH ROW: •Pipptn, Smith, Thompson. FIFTH ROW Tudale, Van Burrn, Weac. ] SIXTH ROW: Wooddall, H. R. W.ighl, H. E. W„ght. 4 .Q CS ( ,f , MEMBERS :lll lu, ' r„u Omrya j . V. I ) SKl;V j. H . Kl N(i li,l,i Knpt ' i: I,. M. NlKI.1. W. K. M: RSI1.M. I. Il,i , TIl.t,, I ' , ' I. S. Pii ' i ' LN. j. K. Vk. r, I ' lii I-. 11. Hoi. . H. E. Wricht Chi I ' si C. I,. I-Ki.i.. C. .1. .M. TTHK s D,ll,, Sioma I ' hi W. C. W.XRi). J. . Iomk D,ll,i T,:,! D,lla J. . I. Sena, H. R. Dodson Kiifipii Alflu: j. (iii.MiiRt. T. W. ' risi . i.E K,ipp„ Stoma . . .A. C. I) KKS. B. C. CoiT ' „,, Th.ta V. R. Be.ari). M. V. Coi.k I ' li: r.psilun I ' i R. H. I.KMS. I,. C BoDEXHHIMER I ' lu Cimmi, Dfltn . . H . H. s Bi RiN . U. B. Wii.u.A.MS I ' ln K„pp,: Suimn . . .... i:. 1 1 . H A-, ts. R. C. OrRIN I ' lii Sujiiui Kiippii R. j. Wo.iD.M.i.. J. S. Smith I ' : K„pp„ Alpha T. N. Khi-I. W. .M. I ' knnhi ' , Kappa I ' hi !■■. V. Miller. H. R. Wrickt Si,ima Alpha Epsilna .... 1. . I. .MaSSLV, R. B. ThdmI ' SON Siama Chi A. C. ()r i " mi, I ' . Mt lciRi:i.. Mi Si ma Su C. . . lAVn. (_ ' . B. CrRR S:fima I ' hi l-.psiloa II. .M . TowvAV, S. A. LkI)RKTT1-.r Tail l:ps,lnn I ' hi R. M. KhSSLKR. R. Ci. ColIN I ' h. a Chi I.. Laurlnci-.. B. R. Ai.scmRdiiK mi UP II I T I I I) II I (i 1 Beta lota Chapter OFFICERS ■mwsrf ' ■ ■ ' ■■■ " « " " ' ' ' ■ " " ' " " W. A. VV.ARt I l,-,-l ' r,si,l,„t BROOKS I. ' Iriubi.e Siciitciiy IvSPI ZiSmB ' ' - Hi:rritt Trmsiirrr , — ■ ■ MEMBERS ■ri ii ■ A WA. ■ " ■ ' ' K. I-. Smith W. A. Wake WARE TRIBBLE PERRITT CLASS OF ' II I M 1:111111 ( I DVM- h |l l| MII|M-, II L MiMMN W 11 I ' KHKni I I TuiiiiiiK K I ' OmiKvx I- M, (,i»,iiMvx I II KiM, I kMlMM A II, Simu.n T. K. Wmimmiuih J, W l M.■l; ■ (- II . s 1;, S, 1.1. uin |i K dim |. V Stiivall CLASS OF ' 42 I-;- H. All VMS I. ' UriiUi.n.iis A, R |ii; s K I I I v i- 1; I " . I M .M rs K, Skav K. F, AiiiUl:i. A, ( rvuij-nx S. A. Lavii-: i, [■ Hxxxmn | I ' P„,,m I i X ' kn mile H H AkMMHi.M. II A ( " kn-. Htll. J, I, I.KMIAM I ' . M Im.uvm K Ki ,skli. CLASS OF ' 43 1 r ii Ms S M Ui iJK.ii ,.11, K I ( " " " I ' tu I ' r Mv r C Si-fvks I M Shint K, A. I ' .N.iMll I S CAKUlTllLKs W . F„ | )l 11 J IX i ' . D, FhHIS F V, Sl ' KMCs | 1 ' ,. ' I 11 AH nc J V. Rulu; I-; M. Cn vMn.iN , I ' . i;_xsi.,x I, I) RdANK i; Svvaktihhi S. TiUMljii FIRST ROW: E B. Adams, J. P. Adams, Aldred, Armstrong. Bculell, C W Burroughs, Broach, Brooks, Bruct S. M. Burroughs, Carlson, Carruthcrs, Champ. on, Cochran. SECOND ROW: Cooper, Crosswtll, Darby. Davis. Deas. Dillon, Ensign, Gayle, Goodman, Graham, Hagan, Hamilton, Manner, Hannon. THIRD ROW; Ingram, Jay, King, Lewis, Lowry, MacManus, H, L. Mumma, J R. Mumma, Olive, Perritl, Poole. Roane, Russell, Seay. FOURTH ROW Smith, Speaks. Speais, Slaton. Strickland, Stovall, Swarthout Swint Tharpc Iribble Tutwilei Venable Wadsworth, Ware. a T . 1 r f! z ' : r Q . a, ,o . 5 Q Q n ei n . c% Q a B ( a a, 9, c O O f . M ikmk Knoun the campus over as the oldest tiaternity at ' lech, the A. T. O.s this year continued their many and varied activities. Even as they have every year since Tech first opened its doors. Numbered amon;; its members are man ■ outstandin-; seniors. ' I hey are Bill Ware, vice-president of the 1ello«- Jacket Club and varsity basketball manaiicr: Roy Smith. Henry Stripper. Bob Seay. and (Jene Brooks, presi- dent of the chapter. ' I ' akini; part in all interfratcr- nity sports and activities the A. T. O.s firmly es- tablished themselves amoni: the topnotch groups on the campus. To complete a well rounded year, their social activities have included buttet suppers, house dances, and one large dinner dance to which almost all Tech flocked. ' ■■ ' J I CJ: ' B K T I Alpha Gamma Chapter W. IX RnnAN.N.iv I, |.; H.J.()«|.N II A w I I F I ' 1 Leaving Heta Kappa this ear is one ot the h.-st ; rmip „l seniors that have heen evident there tor maiiy years. They are Ray CJriffin, (). I). K. mem her. Student Conncil member. Phi Kappa I ' hi mem- her. and Tan Beta I ' i meniher ; Howard Porter, ontstandini; geology student, puhlicaticins worker, and an active leader of the fraternity; Horace Bronson, pnmn ' nent in the Ch. E. Dept., honor roll. Scabbard and Blade, and Tau Beta Pi; Keith Brown, Bill Spell, I). V. Kletcher, Boh Oster, Julian Weaver, .- llen Patten. The Beta Kappas have alv a s had a high scholarsllip ratinj; — never finishing lower than (jth. 1 heir biggest contribution to the social season was the an- iiua! formal dance which was held this year at the Biltmore Hotel, Numerous house par- ties were held throughout the year to complete their year ' s activities. r-i .1 Q fSi il Fl FIRST ROW, J. H Sohannon, S 8. Bohannon, W. D Bohannon, B.onion Brown, Cailell. SECOND ROW: Chtek, Culpepper, Bo»le, Don, Dyei. Fey THIRD ROW: Fletcher, Griffen, Kolb, Mailhall, Maynard, Mount FOURTH ROW; Neely, Oiter. Owen, Patten, Peterion, Phillips. FIFTH ROW: Porter Rieki, Richards. R. N. Smith, F. W. Snnith, Spell SIXTH ROW. Warner We, rrley, Wright. J K T I T Gamma Eta Chapter OFFICERS (;. VV. PlIlLl.ll ' S Pr.u.lrnl j. M , I ' u-, l ' ,,si,lrnl J. H. STlKniNS Scirrtary 1 . S. PlciN.N Ir.auun fV [ I r I o ' , ' - . FIRST ROW: Algeo, Alman, Arnold, Bciiy, Bird, Bliss. SECOND ROW: Bruda, Bull, Busbce, Carl Clemtntl, Cowan, Cromarlcc, Davis. THIRD ROW: Draper, Donlan, Eowards, Ewald. F133, Fitigerald. Forres R. Herrr es. FOURTH ROW: W. Hermes, Hodges, Hooker, Heubeck, Johnson, Jones, S. KauHman, W. KauHma FIFTH ROW: Kehr, Kemplon, Lee, MacDonald, Marshall, Maslerton, Malto», Maiwell. SIXTH ROW: H J. Mayo, MeCabe, McDaniel, McGuIre, McKec, Moore, Phillips. SEVENTH ROW: Prcper, C. Pippen, T. Pipp Reynolds, Roggt, Sanders, Schott, Srfaley. EIGHTH ROW: Sims, Smilh, Spangler, Speed, Stubbins. NINTH ROW StuntI, VanNrelen, Urquhart, Wear, Weaver. yo. As one iif the most repre- -entiitive fraternities of the Tech campus, the Heta boast members in O. D. K.. Tail Beta Pi. Phi Kappa Phi. Kappa Eta Kappa, Tau lieta Pi, Anak. and the En- ilineering Council. Among the Beta ' s outstanding sen- iors are " Hants " Phillips. Anak and O. D. K. mem- ber: Joe Mayo, president of the I. M. Society and Phi Kappa Phi member; Joe Stubbins, president of Tau Beta Pi and Kappa Eta Kappa: and Bob S t u n t z, member ot Pi Tau Sigma mu rally, the Betas have been outstanding. All these achievements have helped make the Betas attain an enviable position on the campus. Their annual Kid Party, held every spring, is a social function of long and glorious standing. (] II 1 Omesa Chapter a 1 J9 ' • ' lb •fill 1 al! oa ill l ktfi «5 .4 r- ! J :fiSy«? l-amniiv over the natiim :is the tirst Creek letter traterility to he tered, Chi Phi h.( existed MiKe 1X24; •It ' ledl Its hime is eqiiallN as -teat. Amun- the representative seniors are K. M. Crnmhn. j. V. Cherrv. K. H. Unl . J. Hur-ess, H. Holini;, I.. Vnuni: and Artie Small. Chi Phi is represented in nearly every social and honorarv organization on the campus. One ot its social traditions dances held after each foothall game. ()ther tiinctions of the year have in- cluded h.uisf dances, buffet suppers. I ' I f ' B, CI a, o a a ' " o r: q Q. a rr:) q J A i kdi i iil FIRST ROW, AUin, Baylisi, Beaumont. Btiry, Blackshear, Slount, Boling, Boo.. Btislol. Burgess. Bu roughs. Ca»e. Cheney. Cherry. Claussen. CIrett. Chft. Crankshaw, Crumley. SECOND ROW Curlr Davenport. Dav.s. DeGiye. DeWitl. Dnscoll. Florence. Glover, Graham, Hale, Hard. Hanahai Holi. Hoyle. Johns. Lalor, Lee, Longino, Manry. THIRD ROW: McDonough, McKeni.e, J- S. Miller, Pair, Pe, Stall, Stevens, Stev II. liriUN.; I BfKl.KSS V. B.wi.i.-i 1 R. Bkkkv I. Cr..MssEX MEMBERS CLASS OF 10 I. CnKKKV I., DK.ui K. M. Ckimi.ev r I). DkWiTi S l il-M.K I ' . II. lll.LZ V, F. M. NK C. L. Vmxr, R. I.. Cl.lKTT I. O.irr M. K. D.vvKxi 1 .Xllkx I.. Ckaxksh L. Book E. D.wi.s F. Bristol S. I ' . Dkis : F. Chk.nev Bl.-« KSHR.VR V. C.VVl.E BUUNT F ClKTIS BfKKOIIlUS !■ " . (iK.Ml AM CLASS OF ' ll K. Ha AH. B. I.I1XOIXO V. . Unnxi CLASS OF 42 II. l ' " l-OKKXt K C. ' . (iloVKK R. HoVLK CLASS OF -43 S. IIaru !■ ' . . UKkxzik J. Miller R. Stall S. Miller II. Stewart J. Si. ITT H. K. Wkioht (). R. JliIlN C. K. Lalo C. I.EE ' I ' latter W Pullarti I. I ' orter R. Pair J. Resi-es R. SIMMS K. Price II. Stevexs OFFICERS R. M. L Rl MI.I.V . . I ' r.iiilrnt L C ' llKRRI I i,, ' l ' r,siil,nl v. H. Hoi. .... Secretary 1). K. BvRRV . Treasurer ' - V ' J.-?? ' •J " " r II I r N I • ■ Alpha lota Delta Chapter OFFICERS j S II. I). Smith Fr,n,lrnf ■1 SMITH . —. ■ R. A. C.AR1 I ' u,-I ' r,,ul,nl 1 . ia • " f, ' Xf MEMBERS 1 CARL CROSSFIELD FELL J K I ' -MIKV II D. SmiIH CLAS50F-4I CLASS OF 4: CLASSOFM3 I- l:n.i ,,Fi; F, K l;i mik V. A lk■ C I. I ' HL 1. II Kin MM. W. Heklax l;, M. l-i i.iz II M M. Xm, J. Ci A r. J M.ik-ms !■■, M M. Km-: J. Giiiki- ' in l M, MllJUW II. C. I ' EAU.M.W S, Hvxi. F. I.. I ' I ( ' ,. R. I ' ENHV (; II AKKls . V Km, in; I. I ' n-ns C, IIaukisox C, I.. K.iUI.ANI. I). S, ZiMMF.IiMAN K. W. Mm-TIN W " Siii-FFiEiii C. R ;iNs r. (,. ,Sl (.IR . . S.MITII rvj L li A fw .rri ,, , FIRST ROW A, cry, Bedingc, Bcf.i, n, B. -.lor, Baltr, Cail, Crang, Croisfield, Eme.y, Fell, Fulti, Gaubii SECOND ROW Go.don GriHm, Hand,, Ha, r, ion, Klna.d, Mart.n, Mathews, McNeil. McRae, Morris, Murray. THIRD ROW: Pearman, Perry, Phrlhps, Potts, Robbins, Rodiei, Rowland, Sheffrcid, Singer, H. D Smrth, N, Smith, Zrmmerman. 154 mi 1 ■ ' i f i 1 (. O ' 1 i N ' 5 a - ' 9 m ilk i kj Ounins; every dwelling that houses its members the country over. Chi Psi on the Trill cMmpus h;is one ot the largest and m.. t at tr active lodges. Its portals will yield many outstanding members this year. Bob Carl and Bob Crosstield. Pi Tau Sigma members: Dixon Smith, president, fraternity leader, and school spirit man; Charlie .Matthews and L. C. Gauhis. The Chi Psi formal was a n i success, and other social events include a Christmas party, a birthday ball, and numerous house dances throughout the year. . •! C II I! I; T I Alpha Gamma Chapter li ]l 1 l II I A clcvrr i iliippv i-nli-rril in tin- ramhlin;; u rrck i(inti- t placed third l.]r thr Drlta Si s. TIk- attractivr d.-,„r at i.nis that adorned the trcmt cit the man- sioli at Hiiineeimiiiii; in an honorable mention troni the judges. E% ' er on their toes tor somethinj; new and original, the fraternity remodeled their house at the beginning ot the year and now possess as at- tractive an interior as can be found on the campus, li i 1 1 Ward, an ardent school spirit worker and president of the ' »IIow Jacket Club, will be leaving the brethren this yeat: others v ho u ill be missed are " Honest John " Dzamha. Oil L " an Club member and prtim- inent M. K. student: John Sturgis. chemical engineer; A. R. (Jorman, well known in the 1. .M. department. An excel- lent entertainment feature was the dinner held at the Ansley Roof last fall: house dances, buffet suppers, and the spring formal completed the year ' s entertainment. Oi d fli r . . FIRSr ROW ■ 1. !. . ■ . ijc, Boieman, Buibank, Couv.llon. SEC- OND ROW D.-ion Di ..-•,-- Di.,mba, Engram, Gorman, THIRD ROW: Graf, Hacfek. Jirffcnes Langc. Morick, FOURTH ROW; Pialia, Rcnwick, Revel, Rorden. Stuiais. FIFTH ROW: Van Nordc,, Ward, Wmnc. ' P, r ■ rr fSllfr ■■ II ] I T I Gamma Psi Cha O F F 1 CERS A J. S. J- Hume . . Klixeni.ovi; . . . I ' r . . In.-I ' r slilnil ut,nt H 1 ' .EMISTER . s, 1 rliiry .1. M Sl:N. . . . . . Tr, asurcr MEMBERS CLASS OF ' 40 i; II R. A A FlFMl ' sitH S IIa(.., ut S 111- mi: CLASS 1 W. I.KM. j. M. Sena B. R. Sxuii OF ' 41 X K. ■[■. T H 1 0. Ukinkmxx F. Cann M. Clai-f H. CuANE 1. iM-LIENLnVE . S. Hami ' . - CLASS I. 1.. H,.KN K. L MrCA X, R. MrC. ' . M. Shlp W. B. Tea, OF ' 42 -EY 1 1- .1. T AXIIKI-H- II. r EXl.V W (imn-iiii I„ P. I- Mil !•:. K. Oaeks R J. 1 HAM reet CLASS OF 43 I-: 1 1 1 1 i; I. Cl.M ' l- Lmiu-m { ' aImemiu 1 V ' i:al ' K Woo 1 ' I ' , W .nl C, 1-. W vci lAUIl HUFF I II K L T i j3 O .Q .y .9 3 FIRST ROW: Andrc«s, Birnkman, Cam, E. L. Clapp, T. M. Clapp, Cosgro.e. SECOND ROW: Cfane, Dendy, Dodson, Fkmistcr. fulltnlove, SnHcth. THIRD ROW: Haggart Hamby, Hornei, Home. Lemon, G. W Lathem. FOURTH ROW: L. P Lathem, E. A. McCaa. N. E. McCaa, Nicholi, 0%erstfect, Patmcntcr. FIFTH ROW Sena, Shipley, Snooks, Tcagoe, T»ammcl, All other cycM- at the Delta Shelta ' this year have hccn pushed into the backj;round by the opening of their new house. Among those who will have to leave it at the close ot the year are .lohn Sena, president of the Interfraternity Council: Kob Haggart. Bill Lemon and Harton Snooks. In activities the Delts won third in the Ramblin ' Wreck and the Homecoming Decoration Con- test. Completing a successful year the Delts provided Tech men with the ever popular Artists and .Models liall. it Veal- SIXTH ROW: Woodard, WoodcuH, WyckoH. K k I ' r I Alpha Sigma Chapter ■• 1 L I ' II I i Q Q B ma FIRST ROW; Adam!, Anthony, Armlstead E - E ; .1 Chisholm, Cleveland, Co Corrv, Edge, F.tipatric, Gilmoie, Grace. SECOND ROW: Hatr.s, Heini, Hensler, Holmei Hu«, Jatell, Jonei, Lee, Massey, McCarty, Napiei, Nickell, Pace. THIRD ROW: Prothtc Ramsaur, Rhync, Scacborougn, Schroder, Shackelford, Stnclland, Thomson, T.sdale, Tu nei Waite, Watt, Wilks. MEMBERS CLASS OF 40 K. RETHlXt J. (,11..MC)KK . . K. J.IXKS J. C. Col.UEK 11. H. llKXSl.EK W. W P AC B. A. CoKKV , . B. IhKF p. C Rn .N 1 ' " . K ScllRllllKK C. ' I ' . W.MTE K. K. StRU KI.. ND 1. 11 VVm.ks S. J. .JllKVMS II. C. Heixz CLASS OF Ml I). II.XUKELL W.C.TIIOMS CLASS OF ' 42 J.T. M- s F.v S. K MS ri K. D. .V.M ' iKK W, V. SrARiiuRui D. I.. Braxikix r. M. KiH.K T. Bkii i;i;s WJ.Cumi G. P. Cleveland R. I.. Jaki i,i. R. K. Pkothko J. C. Shaikelfoki) CLASS OF ' 43 J. T. .-VXTIIOXV I ' . H. ClllSHlJL.M V. H FiTZl ' ATKR W. M. AK.M1STEAU P. ClHIK L. W. 1 lAKKlS , (. ' . K. Tl KNKK W. A. Wait J. P. IlllL.MES 1.0. . hC. KTV OFFICERS W. W, Pal.. .... ' r,.w ,« J. (in. MORE I Ui-Prisidinl A. li. Ill IF .... Secretary A. R. Jones . . Treasurer rA k I I ' IM n li 11 I Alpha Tau Chapter OFFICERS CLASS OF ' 111 i; I ( .III CLASS OF ' 42 1,11 IIMIK r. II, I.KUI W W 1,1,111; I ' I M M I S, A IUmii imx Iv F:. Xhm I Am I ' . Cn M I) CLASS OF ' 43 S. (.uAxiil-.kKV II, Xi;w, i, K, Xeves n. St.h kiiki 1). i-,uM. x R. Strickla 1. W Km I ' . I, Ki i.v W " , Sri V 1. W i . . ' riiiEs S. Walk,: f5 ' 0 ft. 9 i ' B 9 ilk . I- FIRST ROW Arthu., Armilfong, AlUhclcr Ba.!qiirl, Ba,nes, Becry, Blrnn, Black, Burnes, Caublc. Cavanough, Center, 1 Coit, Colemar, Conley. SECOND ROW: Cruger. Dye, Dykes, Granbeiry, Gnei, Hageny, Hamilton, Hammond, Hancline, Jones, C. H. Lewis, J M Lewis, Matte, McLaity, Myers. THIRD ROW: Neves, D. Newman, H, Newman, Newton, Plaster, Rame, Redwine, Sampson, Smith, Spencer, Stoclbndge, Strickland, Thies, Walker, Walton, 162 f - f ir 3 i ' Kuppa Si.miia Ikis d(im- iihhIi Id t-st.ililisll lisilt on the ' I ' ccli campus, and tile seniors who art- li-avin;; this year will be sorely missed. ' Ihey arc Jimmy Hammond, Chuck Myers, Nick Sampson, (jordon Cauhlc. Dave Cavanou};h. .Mark Hajiony. and A. C. Dykes. Social .activities for the Kappa Siiis have included a formal dance in March .ind a series of house dances throufihout the year. I 1 T II ] T I ' aralleliiii; Phi Drlta ThrtaV lational reputation for tht arfjfst social fraternity in tlie lorld. the Tech chapter is (iiif f tlu- largest groups on thr ampiis. Outstanding among ii raduating seniors who ha i rought fame to the Phi Deli- re Treadway. Mitchell, Eeard. Merrill, Norman. Dun- m. G«altney. Bower. Wil- on. M alone, Mcl.ityre, and bright. The Thetas have had roiig teams in all interfrater- ty sports, and we all remeni ■r Boh Ison ' s famous run in liaini. Other social activities ave included house functions [id a spring formal dance lor all fraternitv men. fa. T " - ' ' . , qq a 9 9 ' ' J .fh q . r) r i r e) o ' 9 - f o e ,n f 15 f!5 f ,o d ! g Q fr ,0 q, 6 Q O ' ' n e:i 5 a If) r«tl«, Aycock, Btaid, C. K, Berry, P. Berry, Bow Bryan, R, L. Carmrchael. SECOND ROW: Carmrchacl Carter Clay Cline Cole, Coppock, Corry Den. l,, Dunion, THIRD ROW: Eelor, Errglish, R. ' Goree Gu.nn, Gunter, Gwaltney, Hancock, Holmes, Hudson, FOURTH ROW: lion Jackson, Johnston. J. B. Kane, V. Kane Kino Ljnkln.rf I ,w„ i ,,-«... King, nkford, Lewis, Liipl. McCarty, Martrn Munroe, Murphy fIFTH ROW Merrill, Mllcl Neidhardt, Normari, Nutt Parks, Peikerson, Poer, SEVENTH ROW Q_iji39, Roach, Rudolph, Sargent, Taylor, Tharpe, Tilt Treadway EIGHTH ■ Wf ' ' ' " " ' ' ! ' . Wagner, Walker, Walton, Wild, NINTH ROW Wilson, Woolfork, yancey, Yates, C, P, Gorce. ROW: FEIFER SHATZEN giMMm p II I 1 X. c OFFICERS K H. I.IMN I ' ,.s„l.„l j. I,. PFIIiKR . . . . ; l,,-l ' ,-ru,J, ' „l M. I,. SlIAT fN .... Sririliiry l. J. Smith VV.vHHr.r M E M B G R S CLASS OF -AO l: .tM-: CLASS OF ' 41 L C. H.ii.KNui i, n;i J. 1.. Pfeifek L. S. Ci.M.MIN- C. Kf.isman- IM:n:iAN .M. I.. SlIMZKN U. IIfi.:z,:, M.J. Smith CLASS OF 42 H. M. Be.kcr . M. Fekst 11. I. Ill mix ! ' . S " i " M..x CLASS OF ' 43 i I I, II I ' I " IL r? ' ] liroli-h Graduation Phi Kp- silon I ' i will lose Bob Levin, Iratt-rnity leader. O. U. K. member, Phi Kappa Phi mem- ber, and organizing president of Alpha Phi Omega. In the field of interfraternity sports the Phi Eps were well repre- sented and did right well. Be- sides informal dances and buf- fet Slippers at the lodge. Phi Epsilon Pi gave a formal dance at the Standard Club to which all socially inclined Tech men went. Rub.n. Sci ' ' ' ' " S fi f o - " " Platlm ' an ' , " Re : F II I i M i Gamma Tau Chapter a o i::! ?! (T ' ! r5 k __ i Ihe l-i-.|is will U ' .,- sfvcral mem- bers thn,n,-li uT.uiiMtM.n who h;,ve hr..iiL:ht t,. t h i- Phi (i.imni.i 1) -It;i ..„ tlu- T.-di campus. Aninii- th.iM ' i,-,,Mii- Danny Williams, prf-ul. ' nt ut Pi Tau S.L:ma and Tau Heta Pi nit-mlvr: Hi ' an Hur -n. Il.,n .r roll 1, _v 4; Karl WIlMn. nutstanduii; t..„tball player: Kric Wissenbi-r-cr. prrsident ct the International Relations Club; and (lille Shoemaker. Social activities at the Phi (Jamma mansion have been numerous and Interesting In the sportmu-uorld the Phi Ciams reached linal 111 baskctb, II i; I, T I O ' Q FIRST ROW: Barfitld, Carden, Chambers. Darden, Dodd, Elam, Haynes, Hinds, Kut Kucrle, Lcckronc, Mahoney, McClure. SECOND ROW: Neas. Sheet], Shoemaker. Smil Steudel. Trrgg. Varr Buren. Walker. Watson, Weissengcrgcr, Wheby. Willien. Wright. ,.o.-- " C. M.XHOXEY L. F. El.x m KURRI-F. B. AliKKCKOMP.lE P. B.AKKIKI.n , C. RIIF.X vv. cha.mrers Dabden Dodd MEMBERS CLASS OF .lO !■ " . Shoe.maker 1 . ( j. ' EissE (;Ek(;Ek I). IV W ' l H. H. VAX HiREx K. M.Whkkv . . li. . li Ci.i ' i I.. . l NH-; CLASS Or- • 3 C. C. Havxes H. V. Hixns J. Kiiix R. K. Lei KKcixE F. B. Vax ' ai.kexiiiki.ii CLASS OF 42 !■ " . Sheet ;. V. Smith I.. ll.TKKIIi T. H. Watsox K. W. Steiiiei. T. B. Walker k. .M. WlLllEX J. S. ' kii;ht OFFICERS D. B. Wiii.iAMS .... I ' r,sul,nl H. H. ax HlrEN . Rr, or.linf, S,,-r,l,iry v. Shoemaker . Cornsfmnilini Srrnlary C. Ki RRI.E 7r,«s«r,T -Je-tSKf? IfJI ,U ST I " 1 ta R, C. Orris- W. !■. jl-NKlNS j. T. DUGGAN E. A. Haves . J.T Or, I-., A, H - I-.. L. Hi J A. Lacerh K. CM)KR1S J. P, Smith CLASS Of ' 41 W 1). Flftchf.r K. V ' i CLASS OF ' " 2 CLASS OF ' 43 V, S IlllRN-ER IMI I K I I ' s I m pi Nu Chapter Phi Kiipp.-i Si-ma will lose several seni.irs u li„ have heen the haekhone iit the trateriiitv tor the past tntir years. VA Haves, uh„ is treasurer ot lntertrater„iry Council, will leave aluui; with the Morrnu, (ieor-ia. Hash. K,! Huie. Boh Orrin. Bill jenkius, Joe l.acer- en .a. and jimmy Smith are amonu ' those who » ill he in the husMU-ss uorld neM year. Durin- the year house dances and huffet suppers have helped • ■ive the hrethren the necessar relaxation, and in addition the Phi Kaps held a t.,rmal dance in .May, c c% , I v - ' V ■ ( f lii H FIRST ROW Duggan, Fletcher, Gray. SECOND ROW Hayi:l, H,t Kappa Deuteron Cha OFFICERS W. ;. HkKIJS , . l ' ,rM,l,nt W. K. I ' tmtu. . . lu, ' -l ' r,u,l,„i L. _M. IH.V . . . S,,:,l,n- S. Smith .... ' ' misiin k I I ' r I 7 ( iradu.itidii uill c.ivisc the I ' hi uli„ have hclpi-cl bri.m recci;;- nitiim til tllf trati-rnity (in the Trih campus. Among those leaving are Alex MacDonell, M. E. student: Bill Powell, president, and A. 1. E. E. sec- retary: Cilenn Cushing, grid star: Bob VVooddall. Buvt Print editor. Anak member. ind Pi Tail Sigma member: l.indsey Neely. E. E. student. . s in the past. Phi Sigma Kappa held up its scholarship rating by being up near the tup among the fraternities at lech. .-V series ot buffet sup- pers and house dances together with a dinner party supplied the brethren with entertain- ment this vear. o m . FIRST ROW: Ayiei. Hicklin, Hindi, Humphrtv. SECOND ROW: MdcDonell,, McGuiit, Netly. THIRD ROW: Nigro, Powell, Shcram, SmiUl. FOURTH ROW: Thompson, Wooddall. p I K I r p Alpha Delta Chapl OFFICERS C. H. Ilnl |M, ■p. N. Km I V. M. PlNNV . V. H. SlUMJMR ; I,, - ' ■,■. MEMBERS CLASS OF 40 P II |)H klk 1) k Th.iMS„ W I l--i.- nil W W W ' s I. IL IImii misv . x C W 1.1 K M M. Zt.MEK CLASS OF Ml V. Bm( n D.I.. II. ' (. L LL.xuk . . I. H. ' H. K. 1-, r. H M T, (.1. Day i. S. P. uk H. C, r.KIFKlN CLASS OF -42 K M. K. Mv I XN W M PtxNV 1 W l-ni,l|. I K. V Vf.R W (, IM.. i-., 1. Rh ll.MiliS:. I ' . lU-Ml.l II.CSWM.K I, C, Hi. K- W. W. Twi.uK I L I ' II I . ' ? Q - Hick, HTihVr-J " ' ' ' . fo4th " r " ■ ' ' " " . Oark r . l i Kappa Alpha is proud to have representation in many campus organizations. Among the graduating seniors who so ably do this are Bill Korsythe. Melvin Zemek, George Holla- day, Harry Shamhart. Quin- t„n Zambor ky, W i 1 d .• r Woods, Q, R, Thomson, and diet Link, Aside from cam- pus activities Pi K, A, has en- tertained with several social events during the year. Not only the annual H 1 a c k and White Formal, but also their many house dances were well attended and enjoyed. r I k I " TO, a 1 MI .B 4. tiMlcrnin bu.ists tl,i- ;ini.m- its vniinrs Miller, biiMn.-ss .vzfx ,.t th.- V, .,rr . «, •, . Others Pi k.ipp.i Pill «ill find hard to re- phuf .in- Hill Aslihv. Dixnn Kcrhy. Pr.iiik Hi-nn. ' tt. Bill Schntaniis. Win- Prnuh-r.jast, Cli.irhi- Ruach, and P.ip Mi.r ai.. Intramiirally the Pi Kappa Phis have been mitstaridiri ' ; this vear. ' I hev Here auardcd first llniiieii.min- dei..ratii.iis. A eulnrtiil tnrnial dame « as held just before Xmas and mam minor tune- tinns were held at the honse to com- plete the soL-ial year. I p II I f , f Hi Oi n , , o f D, FIRST ROW: Anderson, Atmsttong, Arthur. Ashby, Bennett, Brown, Bunn, Bush deron, Crosby. Dan. el. Darrow, Dunn, Dye, funk. SECOND ROW: Hammer, H Johnson, Kerby, King, K.rkland, E. B. Knersel, J. E. Kncisel, Leedy, utler, Cahl;i, Ca say, Loflus, Prendergast, Pryor, Roach R. Wright, J. E. Wright MEMBERS OFFICERS CLASS OF 10 I!. . s F. Rk.wktt ' I ' . Rt ' TI.KIt II. A. DvK W " , 1). KlKMV I i;. . i;t1 II. l!Kr, r, Rr.NN i; . 1. lit s ) . . Cwis W iMXK II I-:. H. .M IL B. K.NKISKI. F. D. Miller J. W. MiiK ;. x W. I HK. 11KK(, A C S. Kr..N( II CLASS OF -42 .1. M. KlXC J. KiKKr.. xii J. v.. KXKISKL J. 1,KKI1V C. S. I.IXDS.W K. M. I ' kvdr J. !•:. Wkkmit J. I). Ca HILL I ' . CALDKKnX J. S. Hard C.J. HriLLKY i;, I). Jollxsnx ]i. v. LlXDGKLX T, .AXUEKSOX M. W. . ' Vrmstru; J. F. Daniel U. Darrow M. R. IH ' NX D. H. Ixuram K. I.Drns 1). . .NkQ.AXAl G. P. MlRRAY A. D. Spi ' ri.ock R. Wkathekforii J. G. Weiuel U. R. WRKiHT CLASS OF 13 R.C. AruiR p. F. Page T. . . Parks E. J. Sanders G. V. Sessoms R. G. Turner I.. 1). William V. I ' . liiNNtn . . r,is„l,„l U. P. Hi TLKR Sillilliry V. . .Mtl ' l AX.Ml.AN. I ' lnisiirir SI (ill I ILnil GPSILIL R, M THOMPSON F, W Al (). A I! M II. L ( HI 1) I Dvi I.. TH V. lilKIl I) X l ' ,i C LASS OF ' l w " r. Kmisun I II L.KKHAKT I ' . M, Mrijpin R. M TihiMi ' M.N CLASS OF -■ ! I, M Wii II. W " i I M W W, Wii Georgia Phi Chapter OFFICERS R. P. I. i: Ms ' ,,,„ ,« I.. H. ' IllnMAS .... rnr-r,.sl,lr„l K. .M. ' iHoMl ' SdN S,,r,l„ry I). H. Tn.iMPSns .... Trrasurer MEMBERS CLASS OF 40 i; ,1, . |.I.IX M T. C. MPtK C I ' . BfNX W.J. C-NUTKK W II. Cl.. KK W. C. Chomek H. Dl X( . x W. P.. l STES M. F-M.K.:., I, M M .iv R. W MlKl ' HV II. R. XHi.SIIN E. H.Th(im. s 1). H.Tl-lnMPSn; R. li. ' Vi J.R. Tri ' .i! . I.. Wiuux R. M P.KM tv M. ' P.KM.I. I). L " . Cnx T. S. Crowley G. B. E. (iER L. ESTES CLASS OF ' 42 I. I.KKKK R. II llli.HTnwl--H (, Inx MiX T. KlXIimcK k, M.L.w., C. B. LeCh.vh A. H. Moi.x.Mi I), I. MlKI ' HV W. II. NdRTHUl ' E. M R. xsoM K I S XI.FRS . p. SIMM- R W WlllTIn, I. O f o r ( O ' o q t n, h r ( ..( ± f a q la a ' ' v A i: ' ' ti k ! iki FIRST ROW; Allcor- a , .•■•-. Barge, Barrett. Brrd. Bracey, Biaddy, Brown, Brumby, Campen, Bunn, Ca Clark, Collier, Co.. jt Gt.D KOMI ' Cromer, Crowley, Demcre, Duncan, Dykes, Eager, Erdson, L Estcs, W Estes, Greer, Hrghlowcr, Irwm, Jonsson, Kendrrck, Lang, LcCraw THIRD ROW Legg, Lew I a a h ( ?| f a ' 1 he second national fraternity on the campus, S. A. E. was installed at Tech in 1890. and has contributed such prominent alumni as Bobhy Jones and Peter Fund. This year Buck Murphy was their contribution and a jjreat one he was. Other seniors who have done much at the S. A. E. mansion arc George Allen. Billv Cromer. Turner Jones, Ed Thomas. Jimmy Tubb. Bob Louis. Bill Clark, Giles Bunn. and Irving Massey. In intertraternity sports the S. A. E. won the tennis singles and competed in all the rest. Upholding their rep- utation as leaders in the social world, the S. A. K.s have entertained with house dances, an annual outing at Marietta, and a large I ' oundcr ' s Day Ball given in conjunction with the (ieorgia and Emory chapters. I. V M :l jlkiip ? ? 5S fW i r II I (Jradwatinn will cause Sinma t ' lii to IdSi ' several niemhers w Itn have helped brinji recoji- niric.n tu the chapter. Ammi those uhi, will leave are Alex Orm.Mul. Champ Anders(.n, VVarrcT. Hell. Klnvd Rover. Marcy Kannon. and Millard Dusenhiirv. In Russell Hoh- hitt. hiuh rankin- national tennis player. Si-ma Chi uill have campus and national pronnnence .,n the courts this coinrn season. A tornial dance in the late sprini; will climax the year ' s social activities which have ((insisted of a se- ries ot buffet suppers and in- formal dances given during the vear. . W .- y M. m , .t) a 9 r a r o " o q o a o ft .( « ' ? ' " Cly 1 g r;y q a -?i ' o . FIRST ROW: Altobcllis, Anderson. Bachlcr, Bell. Bosch, Boyer. Butts SEC- OI D ROW: Clark. Colhns, Courier, Dukes, Duscnbury, Dyke, Fannon THIRD ROW: Foote, G.bson, Heidler, Johnson, Kendrick Kcslcr, Kilpatrrck. FOURTH ROW: Lrbbe, Loder, Long, MacModand, Marchbanks, McGinty, Monsparl. FIFTH ROW: Mulling, Ormond. Peck, Pullcn, Rambo. R.ed, Robertson, SEVENTH ROW: Rose, Schulie, Shcrcti, Sherrod, Sirripson, Thomas, Walker. EIGHTH ROW: Wall. Whitney, A. G. Willis, R. H. Willis, Wise. II I la ma Alpha Chapte V ' 9 ( , Q 1 C % 1 ' InstalU-d at Tech in 1896, Simula Nu was one of the lirst national social fraternities on the campus. In Charley Mayo, president, they boast a very outstanding; and r;-presentativc senior. Other prominent seniors are Owen Scott. Bill Ho-an. Wilson .McGou ' .;h. and Bill Underwood, all of whom are active in campus organiza- tions. It has become a tradi- tion and a looked-for vard-to occasion to attend the Sii;ma Nu breakfast given after each series of big dances held at Tech. .Several bouse dances and the annual Spring Formal rounded out a successful social ■■ n m 1 I ' i WWk i w Georgia Alpha Chapt - .--i r? ' ei f! f , . :iia Pill KpMJun, thr tenth trater- ti, cuim- to Tech, has d.j.u- much •stablish itself prnminently on the npii . Led by one of the best ups lit seniors who have graced .e for many years the S. P. s this year did reat things. Among f seniors u ho have played a prnm- ent part are Vincent eisiis. Carl- in tiheesling. Selman Ledbetter, Bill iisper, and Mack Conway. The S. . K. ' s social calendar consists uf a founders 1 )av H.ill in Novem- ■r, and N ational Founder ' s Day i n April, and a number ot house. inces. These events are supple- i ented bv an active part in all in- :| rtraternit activities and school ' Ci? I ' N I I II ll.M.OiNw. V R. Oisi ' tK J. D. BiRii J. K- CoXXERS H. Flkmixc F. A. Gray J. A. Heic.ei. B. 1.. Hectox CLASS OF ' 40 H. Cl.llKlM.IN I . K. Kk.mss CLASS OF ' 41 C.jLSTI J. " . KEr.l V R. Kiel J. MoiIRE V. Palmer 11. Paxtox S. POXC-E CLASS OF ' 42 S. A. Ledbetter ' . v. Neisils (i. [-1. Si- UOTTLER K. Tim.Mi ' Sox V. Thomi ' Sox E. R. Trobalgii E. R. VAX Arsuai K. K. Wilcox OFFICERS H. M. CoxuAV . President W. R. Cdsper . . I ' kc-Pres ' ulenl H. C. Gheeslixg Secretary S. PoxcE .... Treasurer ' BErriiEA i . Bruwx CLASS OF -43 V. Oh x-is R. EXIIRESS R. Mau.xe T. RVBERT K. Walla(E -s I Phi Ch OFFICERS R. W. Prii;s I ' r.iulcnl R. M. Ktssi.tR . . . ] „,-!•,, u,l,nt A. M. ( " ilNSRLRCJ .... Srnrtiiry I. 1. D.MTL-H Trcnsurer ■M I II I ' II I o n r:, 1 r ' - ' a r f at. 6i S» .«S ( flRSr ROW: Abelion Ba,lov,t. B The tiiiiir of Tau Epsilon Phi on tlic campus rests mainly on its activities in p iblications and its phe- nomenal scholastic record. The (ive Tavi Ep seniors who played a lar,i;e part in their winning.; the scholastic cup arc Roy Kessler. Ber- nard Secall, R. W. Pries. 1. l.Daitch.and AbeBarko- vitz. During the year the Tau Kps were very active in intertraternity .activities and sports. The social events held for the members were a number of house dances and for all Tech men a t )rnia! dance which was held durin- the fall. ,,,,flf " l ii.:ilj I L J T - " -¥i4=r ' . 7! jg|v ' »-: pa , ii ± t T II l] T o a .a D c f ,a -Q (f5 ' " 1 he (inc rec.rd ut the Theta Chis this year has been mie nt the big reasons fur their popiihirity on the t.tinpiis ,tnd the seniors who are hMvin- this lear are hiru ' elv respon- sible. 1 hey are K. R. Alsobrook, H. E. Hroward. . K. Todd, h.inor students, ,ind l,e» Lawrence, the campus soii,dite. ISesides the regular house dances the 1 beta Chis inau- gurated this year the Rebel Dance. which looks to be the tuture big dance ot the vear. During the spring the ' Ihet.i Chis were hosts t.i the ..ther Theta L ' ln ch.ipters of the Kha Nu Chapter ill A fi O) i i iiiiiMi FIRST ROW Adamj. Alsobrook, BMIias. B.oward, Cheney. Darrasan, Hansen, Hunt. Hutto. Kenyon Lawrence. Lewis. SECOND ROW: McLendon. Orr. Pa«otd. H Quillian. I. Quillian, Reeves, Saums, Stroiief, Tarleton, Taylor, Todd. MEMBERS CLASS OF ■40 R. R. . LS0B800K II. E. HRim.NKi. L. I.. WKKM K CLASS OF Ml P. I-:. TiinD M.G. Bii.uAS J. W. 1-AFEUKl. lig.n.MAN G. E, Okk CLASS OF M? J.UriMivx J. W. .VllAMS I.e. Hint W. II. Reevi- .V M.CllKXEY C. E. IUtto J. M.Salms J.C. D.VRR. :.w T. . Kexviix M. Taklet.. W. I ' . H.VXSKX CLASS OF ' 43 G. R.Tavi... M t. Lewis .S. C. Ml i.Kxiiox C. Stkiiziek OFFICERS B. R. AlsdrRook . . l ' risi lent (;. R. T.WLOR . lH,-l ' r,s„l,nt J. V. Paffori) Sririliiry L. L.AWRENtE Treasurer WMk T E T I IJ] I II 11 S T II Y T J_liK textile inilustry in all its prions hrrinche-. now is established so thoroughly ill the Siiuth ami the ecoiinmic factors that have contrihuteii to its great development ill this seetioii are so well kiKJW ri that elahoratioii on them here is iinneccssarv . This was the first major iiulustr) to discoxer the i;reat advantages of southern location. The South is tlie lot;ical place tnr tliis industr , and ear h year consistent gro wh has been iiiaiiitained, until fuhn the South has appro imatel 72 ' ' , of the nation ' s spuidU-s and is produciiii; appro imatel 1 . ' ' : i t the cutton ' joods manufac- tured in the L niteil States. ( ieor ia utters ideal conditions fin- the turther development of this great industrv, due to its splendid climatic coiulitioiis, eiiormnus lahiu reservoir, abundant electric power at Icnv cost, lipw cost tuel. uiie celled transportation facilities, tax exemption in man counties and ton iis, unusualh soft water, a ailabilit of rav products, a rapiilly growing nearhv market and satistactor commoditi rates to the national and world markets. Allied with the cotton textile iiidustr is the s nthetic fibre, or ra oii, industr . The raw materials required are spruce pulp, cotton llnters and pine pulp. The latter two are proiluced in the South and, at this writing, there is a plant under construction at Fern.indina, Florida, that will produce pine pulp for con ersion into ra on. Appidxi- niateh ll ' i ot the r.i on manutacturing capacity ot the country is now i-stahlished in the South and Rome, (ieorgia, is the Ikjiiic of one of the largest — The Tuhi e-Chatillon Companx. Further expansion in the South of this great industry is confidentlv expected, as both the r.iw materials aiiil consuming markets are here. For sound business reasons, (ieorgia is the present-da target for textile executives seeking the ultim.ite in plant location. (! I AKiil I) Bi sii-Hkuwn J. r. Ham R Professor Proctor leads a d jHilfH ■ M ■ Bh4X ■ u 1 B i_ivi- - i,r? 1 Vj|« V H 1 ' H y , r N i i( II i; I! I )i al I II THE y. M. C. A. CABINET OFFICERS I. I. 15 A VI K I ' rcsidoit . . Tam.dR Secretary 1 Ik- Vouiil; Men ' s Christian Association at (itorgia Tccll is a tcliowsliiii SL-ckinj; a clearly ilcliiicii conception of the ill ol Jesus in all phases ot life, in addition to the Cabimt, which includes the active nienibcrship among upperelassmen, there is the Freshtnan Council. The theme of the Cabinet for the school year 19,5Q-40 was " Dynamic Christian l.ixing. " Min- isters from Atlanta churches spoke on the personal aspects ot this, and there were discussions on religious, social, and economic prohlems. The Council provided programs which were designed to he helpful m orienting the new student to the campus. cx a ' 9 " 75 " ?5 e g g a (fb ( ,c 3 g - q |o ri 3 Q L P5 -9 9 o o n 9 f r% o a qi n Religious Emphasis Week. FIRST ROW: C. Andrews, W. B. SennctI, R. Bollinger, J. A. Btadlev, G. F. Bunn, M. T. Campen, E. Cook, C. A. Crowell, S. Davis. SECOND ROW: A. Edwards, B. Folti, 1. Gennaci, R. Gibeling, J. Gordon, P. Gieene, J, R. Hanahan, J. L. Harris, H. Higham. THIRD ROW: T. Hill, R. Ho»le, E. Johnson, H, H. Joyner, C. Laubl», I. Lim, H, LippincotI, D. Lockciy, W. B. Lumsden. FOURTH ROW: J. O. McCarty, C. McKinnon, L. Mardn. J. W. Morgan, N. Hoirison, P. Muntoe, R. L. Mynck, D. Ncwberg, G. Orr. FIFTH ROW: R. B. Palmer, H. C. Pearman, C. E. Person, W. Sheffield. W. Taylor, J. Varagona, 1. H. Voyles, R. Westbrook, F. Whitehead. First .ow: T. B. Allen, W. E Badingc, M. G. Billias, T. E R. A. Ca J. E Coleman, L. 5. Commins, H G. Cool, W. P. Darden, C C. Davis. . . . Second row S. L, Da«.s, A. R. Deas, J. E Donlan, A. C. Ford, R. E Forrest, H. M. Gigcs, H. M Gilpin, J, L. Gray, W, W Gricr, H. C. Grrffin. . . Th.rd row: D. E. Harriman, R. P. Hermes, W. H. Hermes J. P. Hitc, J. H. Hooker, D R. Jackson, A. Joe, D. R Johnson, A. N. Kaplan, G S. Kchr. . . . Fourth row R. L. Kenimer, H. Koilowsk. J. F. Krafira, S. 5. Lee, D M. Lewis, F. D. Lewis, P. J Matte, R. M, Ma.weil, R. D McGaughey, C. A. McLcod . . . Fifth row: N. A. M ritt, J. S. Montaldo, R. C Munroe, B. B. Murphcy, E D. Naprer, W. V. Neisius S. F. Padgett, C. O. Patton T. J. Pearce, G. J. Prcoizi . . . row: G. P. Reeve W. H. Reeves, P. C. Rhync S. A. Sale, E. W. Samoden D. W. Sanders, E. L. Scan ling, W. M. Schneider, F. J Schwann, D. G. Silvis. . . Seventh row: A. V. Solakian J. E. Spitko, A. H. Staton W. A. Thompson, R. W Turnbull, W. G. Wanamaker P. R. Wa Wright, W. K. Wright. dm 9 e -!V Q r?5 f . a .a -T . ' r o f a ' . . o. ' . i a o r g .! % 5 i ai n o q, Q o ( ,( v: o Q 1 c fl fe J l ' i i riiK iiLi ;K NniiKKN OFFICERS C. W. PlillJ.ll ' i . . r:,s„lu,l S. .A. I,eiihh;tti:r ;, ,- ' ;-. m,I, iii V. WtAR . . ;«,,-;,) .l ,j r,„ , J. . . .Al.TIIHhl.llS . J, Iv.M, :„„, ,, L. C. H.MIISHUMm . . ,S ' ,,r,7«M - IT; Mi itfAii E ] II 1 ( ' L I l{ Catholic Society OFFICERS 1-. .M. MiRi ' in. ,]r [ ' resident J. (i. CoM ,)X I ' ice-Presulenl W Baran Treasurer R. A. Parks Serrelary The Gfiirs-ia ' I ' cch Ni-uman Cliih « :is himuieil i.i 19.51 as a chapti-r it the Fed- eration ot College (.■atiiiilic CMiihs. It serves t(i hind together Catholic students on the campus and to present a series of relli;lous projjrams and a nuniher of social tunctions. In sponsoring social and relis;ious functions, the Newman Club offers an interesting and essential activity for the students of the Catholic Church at Tech. A 2£ Mu.phy Condon Baran Pads « r " in p o q o .ei o ' ' ) ' " ( a ,( F.rsl row: W. B.ndewald, S. V Boccleri, F. K. Butler, T. S. C r,9an, J. Dukes, C. M. Edclbcrt L. Griffin, J. Gordon. . . . ord row: J. F. Griffen, G, Games, W. Henderson, W Hu-Tiptircys, W. Hermes, R Hermes, G. Hawkins, W. Holt . . . Third row: V. A. Kane, C Moore, Charles Moore, G Monsport, F. Mlchalciewsli, E, S. Parks, J. F. Picco, J. R r,!. . . . Fourth row; J. Ross, R. J. Shaefer, E. F, Scott, J. T Scanlon, T. Vanden Heuvcl, V Winkelrrian, L. F. Grill, N Loder. . . . Fifth row: D. M phy, F. J. Tronnbetti, S. J. Tro belti, J. Varagona, G. Smith, T II f. li I] (I II li Annual Publication of the Geotgia School of Technology THE GOVERNING BOARD R. j. WnnlMHU.JR E,l,ln,--„l -Clnrf ti I ' llllMI ' S M„„,l,„l FACULTY ADVISORS IJlAN W. ' . Skili Dr. I ' . I!. R lnKl.. BOB WOODDAL lis. Haii M I.. C Bnl)h - HI IMI R . i. I,. SnAT hN ASSOCIATE EDITORS J.J. l-l II I MOM II, i ' oRIIR K. p. Hri.MiN H. 1 .Wki.ijiT K. L. PiR.H, j.H. Dikes W. ' . Nhisii-! I ' liul„,„-,iplin J.W.Ai.vMs J. M. Am.rims C. Hri ii !■ J. Hi II V. 1 " . HvRi. ]•:. Al. flMMI ' ln V. H. DiMi I I, 1. ll.W R|.S I " . W. I ' rr .;|.R J. I-. IllXhS, III V. I. toKSMIII W. II. jlnlMIs 11. . , [. RMN copy STAFF I V, MoR.,XV V, Ml S,.R M K. r KKS I I ' llMR H. SW M.l: IN J. Sc HnTT J. S. Smith 1 ' . SnI.nMnVS Ml. M.St. John I C. S V ARThKiUT V. XlIN Sl) - W. W SRIi R. Vl STH hRFORI) ADAMS BAILEY , FULLENLOVE HUDSON ' ' ' ' ' 5SJ PORTER SMITH WRISHV T E ( ' II I! L I I] l II I T BUSINESS STAFF BOARD OF MANAGERS W. Kalkkm. n Aihcriisini Muiuiiit-r J. KiNt; -Issttcititf Mtniaytr i.. Parks issocuit, Manugi-r ADVERTISING STAFF R. Al.MANIi S. Ll.llBI-TTKR J. HlhR W. PU.NNV U. UoTThNFIHI.n P. PonLE J. BlRr)SAI.I. W. Pi l.l.hN R. KxDRESs A. Rabin I. McDanihi. G.Smith l A. MlKinm) H. . I.(. ' . S«AV I-. II. Hoi. C.N.Mavo ADVISORy BOARD I . I). .Mir.i.KR W. j. 1 nRSlTlIK S.S. l.tK R.W. MiRi-iiv VV. H. KCTOR ■■ Composin, a " First Class Honor " Paper. Weekly Newspaper of the Georgia School of Technology THE GOVERNING BOARD H. M. LnVU AV lulit„r-,„-(:i,i,i C. A. .McKlxxoN- Bllui,, s M„n,u rr J. R. IllNSr.N M,„„n in„h, ,l.„- Di-.W y. v. Smi HS , l ,, iilly Ail: ' iS ' ,r BOARD OF ADVISORS 1. 11.11. .1 ]. . Ml V. j. Ir.RSVTHt C. N. Mam. L M. M ssk S. S. Lie W.H.Kltmr (;. V. Piiii.lips R.W.Mirphv I.I). Mll.lF.R (J I (I l( t THE BUSINESS STAFF W. H. . siiin 4ss„(i,ii,Ma,„uir. H. (Jn.riN- issucui, Mnnap ' .1. KiMi isMuiuuMana,,. ' R, W ' l MllERI-IIRll .hr ' niilli MtllldV T : r II i9«k f y mk R. B. I. IAIN . T. N. Kki.i. . 1 ' . W. Al.l.CORX 1. lllLI, K. Kl I.I.AM T. I)ll IF.R P. Pl„ATZM. N J. RoccF. i44b Kell- THIRD THE EDITORIAL STAFF Assfdalf Miuuii uio l.ihl ' ' C. C. D-Wis . . . . . . . Mnk.-Vp Eiliint M. !■■. Sii.vr HX . . . . KS l-.ililnr 1 1 re. II I ' l.l-MIXc; . W. ' . Nkisus I ' hntooroplu REPORTERS K. .X. liRCIACII (I.KlRR . l. IJAD.M. V. I ' l I.I.EX I). Haxclint I,. I.IVIXt S. (iRANBERRY .I.AllAMS I ' . Pennk J.King K. 1,1-uis . Sporis Eiliiu . Sociily Eilito I ' eature Eililo W. Kfilv H. Hai.i. H.COLCH I ' . (JRAIIAM P. lil.. CKSllEAR H- r iH li e II II li 1 1 T E r Technical Magazine of the Georgia School of Technology THE MANAGING BOARD Vm. j. foKSYTHK E,lll„l-l„-(:in,l j r : ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ' ' " — " ■ " ■ ' ji ' 1, Dr. 1 ' . B. Narmiire r,„„lly .hirnor k ix Km NORMAN WALTON THE EDITORIAL STAFF ASSISTANT EDITORS H.S.SMrm W li ak L.IM) is e ' A ' .DvMs li. S. BAll.l R. KissMR STAFF MEMBERS B. WAarmkhml V. } ' .R-. K. S. )l M,(. RT R. A. SLiui i: B. M VSTIRTI.N C. I,. M AOIRII II. K. P.IRTIR V. II, RiHvi;s R. I. Wniihl.MI n r c% « I . , 1 O ft • THE ' 40 BLUE PRINT URST ROW ea FACULTY ADVISORY COMMIHEE Dr. 1 ' . K. Narmurk Dr. (I.A. BiNC.KR , . . . Cluur Dr. K. I,. S V LIOKRT ■1 THE BUSINESS STAFF N. J. VV.Ai.Tiix 4ssiilani Hiisituss Muiuu) STAFF MEMBERS ,|. V. . 1MMS V. I ' . II vssis !■ " . Hl-.WKTT R. S. Kl MP ' IIIN R.C. t ' oMN E. . I. I ' lll ' IR (J. H. IvACER D. Smi. .A. . I. (iissiuRC, D. U. Williams g BILL FORSyTHE 7 u ' S T .1 F F I) F Monthly Humor Magazine THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS I ' . H. Hoi , , •., , ,„■-„,-(; ;„ K. I). Mil MR ;» „,,, M,i„,„ ,r V. W. A_ I a.ully .hlv,s„r V C. e ' RuMIR M„n,u,ni„ E,lil„r l NC AkDoN Ml, ,, ,„„, , A, ,Vw- J. V. 1.,K,, N y, A, , w I) MiC ' l vv ;i N I ' li„t„,ir,iphl, K,hl;r M MT Liu I J 111 IN SeilTT Hiili ' lllnMI.SiiN LITERARy STAFF NilRM W V M riiN H 11, jl WttK.HT John Ii 1.1 imum (in i ■, C ' l imi n ART STAFF Hi r i L ' l RR Bii I Asi I ' Ri I) Dkndv StiiKES K MSAl r C. R. 1 ' |RR FIRST ROW; Cauble. Cole, Cleveland, Dendy, Fullcnlove. SECOND ROW McDonald, Morgan, Peny. Ramiaur, Scott. THIRD ROW: Thompson, Wal- ton, Ward, Wr.ght. dh O 1 .»» tcr r 4% i mk mk .ft ( c A k. ▲1ki Jih. ■i T II I I U el lew jackel THE BUSINESS STAFF Hi STIR Sri w ART , . ... Jss ' iiiiil, lliiiimss Miiiiiif er John Vi:ar Assonal,- Munaiin .[.(JlNTR M. Armstro I). K(.R M K. I ' lllMR 1 ' . lil. M KSllliAR 1{. KlMI ' TIlN C H AVNKS R. Vi:atiii;rfokii C. 15 1,(11 NT B. IroI HART H. Ki.oRiNci; ' . WiNkr.i i. fSANK MILLER l-RANK Hi VS ' UTT COLLECTION STAFF Ki) Knkisf.i. Iniis KiN( Dnvii lirTi.i-R CIRCULATION STAFF ClIRDCIX CaI Rl.l Cirlllliltwil Moiin,,, Hill. Ward Circiilati,,,, Maiuu e Dam- L ' avaxaich An ' inalr Cirniliilinn Miinmif NllRKSS T. I ' . ' I ' vi-IR A. C Mxk FIRST ROW: Aimilrons, Bennett, But- ki. SECOND ROW: Kcmpton, Kneisel. THIRD ROW: Stewart, Wcjr. I ' . II. Uniz FOP.S ' fHE ' ' ;,■ Yrllnii ' Jackcl EJilnr-ni-Chul I . 1). Mil. I. IK . . . 77,, Yrll„-i, .la.kci . j. I■ ' ( ks ill I 77,, ■ Eiujiiiiir i:,lihn-ni-r.liuj S. S. 1.1.1 77,, K II, 1 1 III- 1- r Biisiiii ss M iiiiiii i I fen lie Hi en II F Tii ] runs II. . i. C( . «-. v . . . 77„ Tc.luiiqiu- Ednnl-lll-Chul C. . . . l( Kl.wiiN . . 77,1 Tr, hiiii iu- Hiisiiii .i, M iiiuii i r R. j. Vi " .ni) i.i. . . 77„ Bmk Print Eihldi-lil-Cliirf (i. W . I ' miiii ' s 77,, ' Bi.n Print Biisiniis Mtiiuiijir m i m 1 fmi ' ua ms- ' X% L w Ss AiKik is the (iKIcst liciii(irai orLj.inl atinn on the Tech cainfuis, aiul is the liinhest hical hoiKii- a Tccli student ma nhtain. Mam meiiibei ' s cif the cirgaiii- atinn lia e gaineil national pniniinence since its tdurnhnij: n 1 ' ' IIS, ami the have serxeil as .in insiiiiaticm to the annual new nienihers. Meniheis are elected twice yearly from the Senior Cl.iss. Ihex are men who ai ' c outstanding among their fellow students hy right o( theii ' po|)ulai-it dW ' } their achievements for ser -ices to Cjeorgia Tech. i%i-iiHi II ] I r I! II h 1 1 ' !• I OFFICERS I. M. M ASSKV I ' { . I ' ,. l.i.MN I ' nc-l ' rc.udcnl K. M. (iKil I l Sicri ' liirx I. l. Mam.i.v IRVIN MASSEV Oiiiicroii Delta Kappa, a national col- lege activities fraternity tor men. was founded in 1914 at Washington ami Lee L niversity, and it now has circles in forty-two . merican colleges and uni erslties. At Tech, the Alpha Eta Circle, was founded in 9M), hut in the ten years has grown so in import- ance that it ranks along with Anak in heing the highest honorary organiza- tion on the campus. A point basis has been followed for the selection of members — students receiving points for various positions attained on the campus. Thirty points are required tor membership, provid- ing the student has maintained a defi- nite scholastic average. Tritisiirfr nil kiPiM nil Senior Honorary Scholastic Fcatemity I ' lii Kappu I ' lii is a n.itiiinal liiin(ii-ar schnlastic fi-ati. ' rnit tduiulcd in IS ' )7 tn rccciiiiii c scho- lastic attainment in all nt Its hranchcs. The (ieor ' ia Teeh eliaptei ' has heen exceedingly acti e since its installation in l ' )14. ( )nly sen- iors from the upper se en per cent, ot the class are eli ihle tin ' nienihe r sh i p in tins strictly scholastic traternit . As its main actnity, I ' hi Kappa i ' hi pi ' csents a cu|) to the senim- m.un- tainin the highest scholastic a eraL;e while at Tech. It also aids ). I). K. in spons-n-nyu the annual 1 lonor Day J-Acreises which are held each sprint; to recoj ni e students ot outstand- ing scholastic ahility. F„5t row: W. F. Bennett, R. K. Buir, G, B Cauble, R. J. Dames. . . . Second row: J. Drew, G. A. Eagleton, C. D, FUmgen, F, B. Gailcy . . , Third row: L. B. Gay, R. M. Gr.ffin, R, S, Haggsrl, W. T. Hook. . . . Fourth row: I, Horn siain, E. B. Knc.sel, J, H. LaRoache, J. W, Lemon, , . , Fifth row: R. B, Lcvrn, T, M, Man ley, I, M. Massey, J, B. Mayo. . . . Si«th row J. L, Nunes, C, E, Person, C, P. Richards, W. C, G. Saeman, , . . Seventh row: E. L. Scanirn J, B. Stubbins, J. L. Wilson, ( O O ' ! ' fi ' - " a o f f n n rs O O f5 ( . j (f . . ' 3 O LdRoachc Haggart T 1 1 HE r I I ' I Honorary Scholastrc Efigrneenns Fraternity I. H. Sir in; INS J. 11. L. K.). riii. ]■ ' .. I.. SCAXLINc; R. S. llAcijARr W. 1-. Benxitt OFFICERS Pli. iil(lll rui-l ' icsidcnt CnrrcspDiulnuj Sitrclary Riiordinii Secretary Cattiioffi-r Tau Beta Pi is the larg -st honorary etifjineeriny; fraternity in existence, anil numbers among its members many ot our leading engineers, l-.ligible tor membership are the upper eighth ot the en- gineering junior classes and the upper fourth of the engineering senior classes based on excellence in scholarship, character, loyalty, personality, leailership. and school acti ities. A scholarship cup is gi en each year to the senior ha ing the highest ayerage in the engineering school. Fifst row: R. H. Brctl, H. W. Bronson. Jr., R. K. Burr, C. C. Davis. Jr. . . . Second row: M. R. Duscnbury, C. D. Flanigcr, III, R. M. Grrffcr, Jr., Third W. T. Hook, I. Ho stern, A. S. Hui W. Johnson. . . . Fourth n, E. B. Kneisel, S. S. Lee, J. W. Fifth row: W. N. McGough, T. M. E. Mason, J. L. Nunes. . . . S.xth W. C. G. Sa W. R. J. M. Schreedc Seventh ■■ nil KH Mi II I " = " ' " - j I. (Irmmm .V,,,,7«rv Freshman hlonotdty Scholastic Society K. j. Tknmmm Trtfisiirrr . W UlTI- l l loruui y Phi Kt,, Smm.i IS thi- hi-h.-st sJiuNistu h..iii.r ,i tn-shm.m tan receive at Ceni-i.i Tfth. The tr.itL-rnitv wa- mstalh-d nn this lanipiis ,n ' tM) an.l is oimp.iscd nt ni,-n uhn have an averaLie " t v tur thi- first s,-„irstfr nr tnr h.ith scnii-stt-rs nt thnr tr.-sliman U ' ar. In the sprini; nt cvi-rx ear the traternity presents a schnlarship tup t.. the freshman havin ' a dk a a 9 . f a a a , a at f ' •3- -9 a a siHi ;• . 5 ( a a .ft I First row; J. W. Adams, R. • Anderson, H, P, Baifield, D, BIdcli, J, E. Broadwell, B. i Brunson, A. M. Cheney, E. 1 Cu.ry. . . . Second row: Mj ' Dav.e, C. F. DuTiel, F. j E.ans, C. T. Ewin.,, L. J. Fis ' i, C. M. Ga.ley, A. M. Ginsbij, W. J. Grace. . . . Third r,: B. M. Ingram, H. R, Ivey, J.:. Kirkland, P. F. Korycinski, A)., Kurlis, B. Masterton, E. K. j- Mahon, F. W. Michalcievji, . . . Fourth row; E. J. Morsfjl, E. D. Napier, K. E. SchulheJ. C, Shaciileford, E, H. ShavJ. S, Smith, F. W. Stopinski, ,F. Thompson. . . . Fifth row: J. Trombetta, T. Vanden Htf , W. G. Walters, O. D. H- don, E. G. Winn. I I, V II I I ' II I SI i; )i t Honorary Chemical Engineering Fraternity OFFICERS K. H. Hrkt I ' rtsuhnt M. R. I)i stMii RV lic-l ' rtiultnl j. II. I.aRiiachi. Secretary I . St i IR 1AN ' I reasurer •Ihe iiatidiKil ilu-miiiil trateriiity iit Alpha Chi Si ma Has t.ninilcii at the Lniv T lty nt VVi- amsin in 1904-, and is today the seiDiul larjiest chemical snciety in the world, en whose pri- mary interest is in chemistry are united in Alpha Chi Sisma tor the mutual advancement of their social, professional, and scientific ideals. The Alpha Ome a chapter was installed at CJeor-ia Tech in 1932. and has since endeavored to foster on the campus an interest in chemical atrairs hy sponsoring chemical movies, exhibits, news sheets, and essay contests. In addition, it awards a handhook annually to the junior chemist or chemical engineer with the highest scholastic average. Dr. Badger, noted author, Ulb to the society on unit operations. V O. ! . r c First row; H. C. Bower, W. H. Clark, S. F. Elam, C. L. Fox. . . . Second row: F. H. Gardner, A. B. Huff, H. Marchman, G. W. Phillips. . . . Third row: C. M. Price, H. E. Wright, H. R. Wright. I L r II I I II I II )i [] li I National Service Fraternity OFFICERS K. H. I.ivix B. M. SrliMI INK I ' . W. W ' lli I i 1 1 I, All [. p. Sll KKiirK ■ .v- ' ro;, , » Taking a blood test (ot (he blood bank. First row: W. B. Bennett, J. M, Bcutell, J. O. Billups, F. L. Bulbin, T. Z. Chastain, G. Combs. . . . Second row: H. K. Couch, R. E. Garst, T. W. E. Hankinson, J. C. Hunt, T. J. Innes, C. M. Jones, . . . Third row: C. I. Lc.r, O. K. Lewis, H. H. Lippincott, R. C. Lord, C. H. Mcintosh, H. M. Moore. . . . Fourth row: E. G. Mul- ling, C. B. Read, L. D. Rocamora, S. S. Rubin, E. L. Schenk, H. K. Schwartz. . . . Fifth row: M. L. Shatzen, P. Solomons. J. E. Spen- cer, R. E. Spencer, L. F. Stern. J. F. Trawick. - l| ' li.i I ' lii )nun.i Is a iiatidiial scr icc fraternity fouiukJ on this campus iinl - this i-ar. It rccd ' iii cs iiK ' ri who ha -c been a(-ti L- in the B(i ' Scouts i t . imric.i, anil wlm wish t " Cdiuiniic their ettdi ' ts towai-tl scrxice to their )ne ut the outstaiullim acti ities ol ' the soeiet - this year was to establish a blood band of men here at Teeh. Jt. XT h a n f% t h « .- a 4 fe ikA W% f i , c W 1 ii ii 5 - r " 1 o C.) • - " t k g ' Sj V- 4fe i i ' ( Q t " f " AiM " J V ■ 1 ' i. d o T «? a 0 ' .j fiM v 4ii Jhd Tlic local stLidcnt liniiR-h of tlif Ceramics Society was tirst (ir(, ' ani cii in ' )26. and was then rci)rt;ani cii in 19.if). to create .1 mutual interest amon ; ceramic students and ;iurtlier ceramics as a science. 1 lu local chap- ter atteiii[its to promote an interest in ce- ramics in the South, and especialK in the State ot (leorgia. The acti ities of the .i;i ' " np consist largely of trips to nearln centers ol .eiamic acti itv and Narious social affairs. Members inspect f , O cj " -c . i - -■ o. First row: R. B. Bridges, F. M. Bristol, C. W. Bryant, A. P. Carpenter. . . . Second row: L. L. Clark, J. H. Dukes, R. S. Fry, B. H. Helton. . . . Th.rd row: A. B. John- son. C. R. Justic, W. E. Lennard, G. B. Massengale. . . . Fourth row: R. E. Millins, E. T. Mitchell, J. G. Monck, A. Pupulidy. . . . Fifth row: W. R. Sanderson, L. A. Shearouse, E. E. Scott, F. L. Walker. t )i i: II I r 1 r k ii i )i i r n n o c i i : t v Professional Ceramics Society !l. A. Dm . i . Kl ' Sl ' KIX I. . l.l!KRT 1.1. XlNI ' S Piifiiliiil rirr-l ' ic.iiiliiil Srinltiry I ' ll (isiin r Epstc ■ ' a : Ot A% k4 i . . hd ' -lai c% r O H a ilk riA ' ■j- 4.k : .1 .ei f .- jT . ' --s Ej . ' »«« -, H o f ? t ik ii£ ,:. ' ill - 4i a a o , a ' i itiii r t i C a ' o q, ' l q ; ik. ik TTja dk . Ik First row: G. J. Allen, W, P. Baliard, V. Baran, J. Branch, R. O, Bootc, K. S. Brown, R. K. Burr, G. Calhoun. . . . Second row: M. T. Campcn, B. W. Car- michcal, C. W, Carncs, W. H. Clark, R. G. Cohn, B. G. Cole, W, R. Conlcy, G. Combs. . . . Th.rd row: W. S. Co«, B. B. CrccUr, J. C. Durdcn, J. Drtw, J. T. Duggan, A. B. Dyes, D. Ewcn, D. B. Fall. . . . Fourth row: J. C. Fundcrburk, J. H. Goodjame, W. M. Goodman, 3. H. Graham, J, L. Gray, F. D. Grossman, G. R. Guili, J. L. Hagan. . . . Fifth row: J. W. Heatwole, G. H. Holiiday, J. S. Hornslcin, B. Huff, B. Jackson, H. J. Kamack, M. Klcm, M. H. Manley, . . . Sixth row: J. Mccks, V. A. Myers, D. Clana. han, C. T. Murray, W. I. Parks, E. L. Phillips, O. M. P..CC. DIKIIIIMV nSTITITI ' ; IIF I ' llKHiriL niilVOlll! M m i 1 ' 1 Lj. I -TI ■■■MBII A- m 9 i Professional Chemical Engineering Society I hr (; M,rm:i •IVch dlaptfi ,,f tin- . m,-rK..n Institute nt Chemical Kni:ir r-st,ibliOii-d nil tliiv i.inipii 111 P ' .ii. It l cc inipi imhI lit men tmm the departi merits lit C ' hi-mislr ,iiul Chemiial lai-ineerin uhii are interested in furtherint then- kniiuled-e nt the ti,-ld in ulmh the prnp.i-e t,. enter. ■| he .ir:.:ani ,itii.n utters leaiires, vevs. and talks by prnminent men m the held (if chemistry durin;; the iDiirse of the schoiil year, and since Its install. itiiin cm the campus has been vcr active in stimulating the inter.-st nt the individiKil in tlie ,hemic:il industries. One of the inspection trips made by the society OFFICERS j. 11. l, RnACHK R. H. BRir . . , . H. liMiKIUIT .M. R. Dl SI.NMU RV . I ' ll.r-P,.u,l.„l . S,, 1,1,1, y . Tr,,ni,r,, niutin ivNTiTiTf: iif uj;rriiii ml niinhihiiis Professional Electrical Engineering Society OFFICERS W. I- Ml sr.RAVI I ' resiilent J. B. Stlbbins i ' ice-PrisiJint W. E. PlIWELL Sffrt-tory Ihc Aim-rican Institute i t F.lfCtriL ' al Engineers was triundfd in 1884. and tlif student chapter at Tech was or- ganized in 191 Membership is lit- tered tij jiiniiir and seniiir students in the Electrical Kn; ineerini; course who have been nuts tan ding in scholarship as well as school. First row: A. L. AbisUiman, R. E. Arnold. D. C. Augustine, C. H. Bates, W. B. Bell, H. S. Black. M. Brick. . . . Second row: D. E. Cavenaugh. R. C. Cheek, T. R. Christian, E. 5. Cook. H. J. Darnell. F. A. Engleha.t, J. C. Farris. . . . Third row: R. E. Fields, W. G. S. Fort, A. Hagedorn, D. E. Harri- man. A. E. Harrison, S. G. Heyccy, C. A. Hobbs. . . . Fourth row: I. Hornslcin, E. D. Johnson, L. M. Jones, W. D. Kerby, A. E. Kirstein. J. C. Len!. B. S. Lowry. . . . Fifth row: T. M. Manley, E. D. Mc- Daniel. L. M. Neely, R. O ' Toole, A. J. Patten, E. W. Prendergasl, R. A. Pulg. . . . Sixth row: W. T. Sams, F. H. Smith, G. M. Sutton, A. B. Taylor. J. L. Tnpp, A. E. Vlliagellu, J. W. Walker. . . . Seventh row: E. G. Weissenberger, J. F. Wilson, J. L. Wilson, J. S, a ei o Q o o o a ' - f a , O O. Q O fj c .;!1 ft O ) Q O O i ' L mm I B |MaiB ■■HBBB MHM fS f ' ' ' ■ ' f f " ti •■ ' 1, O O ' ' in a O i g .• 5 a If! o g O f ini o o ,ft o ( ! t 9 q 9 First row: J. W. Adams, C. B. Ballcngce, J. H. Batson, C. E. Belcher, B. P. Berstcrn, J. W. Bird sail, J. H. Cam. . . . Second row: T. S. Cairrgan, J. R. Cassell, T. Z. Chastarn, R. E. Clarson, H Clausser, J. R. Cothran, W. D. Cromartie. . . . Third row: G. A. Crowder, T. E. Doster, A. C. Dykes W. B. Erdson, J. A. Fcagic, H. B. Funderburli, L. Griffin. . . . Fourth row: R. M. Griffin, R. F, Griffith. R. S. Hajgart, W. A. Hansel!. H. B. Harris. E. A, Hayes, J. E. Heatherly. . . . Fifth row W. B. Henderson. W. J. Hicltlin. W. S. Hoehl, R. A. Jackson, H. I. Jenkins, J. A. Lacerenia W. P. Laughton. . . . Sixth row: E. E. Livingston, R. D. McGaughcy. F. M. McNulty. G. E Miller, A. R. Morgan, J. E. Nettles, R. C. Orrin. . . . Seventh row: W. E. Pans, C. L. Peacock J. R. Pceples, J. E. Picco. R. M. Pryor, H. Quillian. J. W. Quillian. . . . Eighth row: W. H Reeves, G. W. Roper. H. S. Saffir, E. L. Schenck, B. M. Schmitter, J. M. Sena, J. C. ShacHeford . . . Ninth row: R. F. Smith, T. G. Steimer, S. B. Sutton. R. M. Thompson. R. B. Toy. C. E Turner. H. C. VanArsdale. . . . Tenth row: N. J. Walto , G. W. Weaver, J. H. Weaver. E. W Whitehead. G. C. Wilkins. C. W. Wright. M. O. Wright. Duiitirw Niirii :Tv 11 I ' n I L ! : li I u K II Professional Civil Engineering Society OFFICERS W. j. F.,RS TIM. , I ' ,,SI,I,„ H. I . PiiRTlR .... I l,,-l ' ,,,„l,nl N. 1:. I.ANI Sr.r.lury H. S. Hk.c.iNS .... Troiuirrr ' III.- tin.i-i.i I ' kU student ch.iptev .it the AnuTi.:ui SiiLietx III Civil Kn;;ineers. just niL ' iiiu i-d last year, nfiers membership to all I. Ml en-ineerinu students. The purpose the student ' s ailleu ' e lite with pnitessiimal :iss,ie,atmns and cnntaets which enntinue tlirmi.jh.nit lite and are must helpliil to pr.KtK u-er. These : iSt.imed by rk. ;ind talks bv pr The C. E. lab. Forsythe OFFICERS K I. Wddddm-I- . . Prcsiiltnt K V. Sn NT . . riii-l ' r,si linl W. H. AsiiRV . . . S,;r,lary I H. lldciKKR . . . Trrasurcr The American Society i t Mcchani- cal Eni;incers is one of the hir est oiips of professional men in the rid. and offers membership to all n pursuini; that line of work. The ...rgia Tech student branch was t.illed in 1916. and is composed of mors and seniors in the Mechani- I iLniiineerini; Department. At I . tings of the society, movies, dis- -ions, and lectures by prominent I M ineers are presented. During the .;ir the members of the organiza- r.m make several inspection tours to ., ,1 p..wer plants and mills. First row: R. E. Anderson, B. D. Ashbaugh, S. BartSa, W. F. Bcnnent, F. J. Boyer, B. R. Camcton, G. B. Caublc. . . . Second row: R. A. Carl, R. E. Carpenter, W. R. Cosper, R. H. Crossfield, R. J. Dames, L, E. Davis, L. Dieiiler. . . . Third row: P. D. Dcwitt, J. R. Dzamba, M. B. Fan- non, C. D. Flanlgen, R. D. Frey, O. J. Garrard, J. B. Gilllnwater. . . . Fourth row: A. J. Gegan, G. L. Gunn, E. Green, E. C. G-altncy, S. C. Hale, M. H. Ham- rriett, D. Hart. . . . Fifth row: S. 1. Henig, J. V. Hogg, W. H. Hutchinson, J. R. Ivey, V. W. Johnson, L. Lawrence, L. A. Lombana. . . . Sixth row: A. H. Mac- Donell, J. C. Malone, R. E. Mason, J. P. Moore, C. F. Myers, R. M. Norman, P. A. Oquendo. . . . Seventh row: A. C. Or- mand, R. M. Pries, A. F. Poor, R. A. Puig, R. E. Racey, A. E. Raettig, J. Ramirez. . . . Eighth row: R. W. Ross, J. W. Sconyers, B. Segall, T. E. Sheridan, H. Strickland, J. Sulibacler, Q. R. Thomp- son. . . . Ninth row: P. E. Todd, J. I. Trussell, J. J. Varagona, C. Weissman, A. I. Wilcox, D. B. Williams, W. H. Zieglcr. 4 a 9 O r» r .- O mk y kMkditMm. ' h ? 9 Q a ' ' Q cy ( f Ck c ( Ck ,.o ' I Wooddall Stunti Ashby Hooker O ! - " HI h: I! I ( ' n S (I ( ' I H T V (I F )u:riii irii, ni;iu:FiiN Professional Mechanical Engineering Society }- l- ij !C:i .u .(T © o f o a e ' f W « j • ' S ? ,ci 1 .a VI . i i . i y itst row: D. F. Bachlcr, R. H. onn, C. P. Foolc, T. E. Garner. . E. Harrison, H. H. Hcnslcr. . . Second row: W. F. Lelson. . W. Morgan. P. C. Phync, F. . Ryan. W. H. Barnett, 5. T. Hurst. . . . Third row: S. G. Iillcr, J. A. Mrller. T. W. Trs- lale, O, A. Barge. W. I. H.rsch. L. H. Macintosh, , , , ■ourth row: J. L, Harr.s, C. V, .ml., M, A. Casor, H. H. Iranc. J. R. Johnson, M. L, Huqhcs. uniiTM ' TntiL Niirirrv Professional Architectural Society OFFICERS J. H. , I ' r.snl.iil J. W. ClILRKI Tniisiinr II. ' N BlKI N Srrrrhiix The , rcliiti ' Ctiir;!l SinlL-tN is (.nnipnscd nf iir-iiiIhi-s nl the Architcetunil Dcpartiiicnt uhn h,i c cmiipleteil three semesters (if Mii-k in the eniirse, Tlie sneietv seeks tii ereate a mure intense interest in arehiteeture and its appheatiiins, (Jiiite iVe ]i.ientl - memhei-s u tile sneietv present their wnrk fur edmpetition. l-iaeh fall a reeeption is lieKI im- the ineomlni fresh- men in the Jepartment tn intriiiliae them tn their elass- niates anj to the upperelassmen. President Addy inspects drawings. n o n H . I, . It II I T T I I ■ t ' Lluui S (I CI H T V Giegori OFFICERS I. M. I I ARwooi) Prcsidfiii C. I I ' l Kso Vici-Pifsidcnl . C. (iKi;(;()R Sicrttiiry I I 1. Ki c; Tnii.siircr Dchatini; ;it (icors Ma Tccli lias been lormally cdiuiiRtcd since 1924. Init il was not until 1927, principallv throuirli the ettorts ot I ' rotessnr 1 ' ,. H. I ' olk ot ' the English Department, that the M. I.. Brittain Debating Society was founded. It was named in honor of the man who, b his personal ettorts anil kinill - interest, has ever striven to aid Tech men in obtaining the bene- fits of f{)rensic training. I.ach year the society conducts debates and open forums in conjunction with other educational institu- tions ot Cieorgia ami neighboring states. 7-30 { " - " ' ' Mo First row: W. S. Beller, G. M. Calhoun, W. L. FuUon. . Second row: H. Kozlowsky. J. E. McDanicI, D. Ncwbcrs. Third tow: H. C. PeatiTidn. E. D. Rucker, J. E. Vatntr. . Fourth row: N. J. Walton, J. W. Webster, L. Wiilins. . Fifth tow: E, Wills, L. A. Shearouse, G. A. Wright. ( ' tLaCtcaii Honorary Cooperative Society SECTION I OFFICERS JolIX Dkl W I ' iisi,I,-lll C. l . 1)1 XlA.X I ' trc-l ' icsidcnl V. M. Br.WXI ' X Si-rrt-liiyy (). B. c. i Hi.i- ' rit ' iisKit ' i- a (3 i ' :. r ' ?i i C: O V- i e a ' N J ili ■ ..J .: .™»K The Bn.u ' rcan Smietx, tnundcil at dcnrgia Tech in ' 22. ()ffci the hi; hcst hdimr .ixaihihlc to stu- dents (if the C ' liijperatne I " )ep.irtiiieiu. 1 1? member- ship IS selected fnim the members nf the three tipper ehisses in department wIki are mitstand- iiit, 111 sehidarship, leadership and character. The sncietx tnnk Its place ammv the natinnal hoii ' irarx nr amzatinns this ear with the installa- tmn 111 a chapter at Atibiirn. First row: R, E. Arnold, E. D. Bigscrstdfl, R. C. Chccl, , . . Second row: E. A, D ' Amico, D. W, Doushty, J. C. Fundcr- burl. . . . Third row: M. V. Gelders, J. R. Gibson, I. Hornstcin. . . . Fourth row: J. A, Hutchinson, J. L. Mceks, H, R. Perry. . . . Fitth row: H. E. Spangler, J. G. Wohlford. I K T V Honorary Cooperative Society SECTION II As the sfcnnd half nt the BriacrtMii Socifty, sec- iinii tun tuiKtiiins while the secmid section of co- iiperative students are in sehm)!. Seeticm two also benefits the freshman co-ops with smokers, confer- ences, and campus orientation. In conjunction with section one, it lias as its activities the presentation of a scliolarship award to the outstandint co-op freshman, the presentation of a schohirship cup to senior co-op havin; the highest schnhistic averai e. and the Briaerean Annual Formal Hall held each larth, when both sections meet at school. ( Ck f Q Fust row: V. J. R. Baran, W. R. Conley, A. H. Cooper, F. H. Gardnt.. R. E., T. M. Manlcy. . . . Second row: L. F. Martin, C. E. Person, B. W. Ravenal. . . . Third row W. C. Sacman, T. F. Saffold, W. L. Sullivan. , . . Fourth row: G. M. Sutlon, J. W. Tyler, W. H, Zicgler. OFFICERS K. 1 (iRIMl-X Pvi-siilcnt 11, W HkoXSON t ' i(C-P,esi,l,nl W . V . l,i) (; Tit-dSKriT . 1,. .SlIJPM.W Si-di ' ltiiy B o ft .o a k a .(?: ili;f ; .. J ., 111 Its lu-st i.ii- (il existence the C. liner. I C liili has ,ili-e;ul prci en its (irth t i Teeh students. Menihership IS cipen t(i stuilents wIki :ii-e interested in iihcitiif raphv and who wish tci use a dark rcidiii tii An their iiwn ile eh p- 11114 and |iriiitiiiL; nt pictures. I ' .ach iimnth the chih has a photo rapli con- test anuiii Its mcmhers, and (iri es are awarded tii the winners. Fust row: H. M. AbeUon, A. E. Acnclibackcr, S. D. Allen, R. K. Awtrcy, W. B.own, . . . Second low: R. E. Chan, C. A. Croweil, F. W. OeFriecc, T. C. Doner. R. E. Fields. . . . Third row: C. L. Fo«, R. J. Fry, C. Hach, L. K. Howes, S. Jctt. . . . Fourth row: R. N. Kingsbury, W. B. Lilienthai, W. Mcrritl, N. J. Morrison, F. Rcpilado. . . . Fifth row: C. L. Sea- cord, A. Tift, E. S. Walton, E. R. Wengcnrolh, J. G. Wilder. I ' 1 )i : II I { 1 1 Davis Shackleford Higham Neisms 1 Davis presenting award to contest winn OFFICERS S. I,. D.WIS Prrsi.hlll I ). I lldll l [ ' ict-I ' r, i,hiil |. (. . ,S|] ( Kll liiKD S(-,r,hiiy W . ' . I lsi 1 s Treasurer I he Cix il Crew was iii- t,llU■d on tlu- ' l -ch i a 111 [HI s in 19119 as a n lidMorary organization lor outstanding civil en- gineering students of the iiinior and senior classes. I I activities of the so- t include monthly din- lurs with outstandinji 1 MLiineers as guest speak- ers, inspection tours of engineering projects, and the showing of movies .Mid presentation of ab- - lets on current engi- ne ring a c li i e V e m e n t s. I Hitstanding among its -.cielal activities is tlie an- nual Pirates Ball in the spring. First row: J. H. Batson, J. W. Birdsall, J, H. Cain, T. S. Carrigar, J. R. Cothran, G. A, Crowder. , . . ond T. E. Doster, A. C. Dylccs, W. B. Eidsor, W. J. For- sythc, H. B, Fundcrburk, R. M. Grif- f.n, R. S. Haggart. . . . Third row; H. B. Hams, E. A. Hayes, J. E. Hcathtrly, W. B. Henderson, W. J. HicHn, W. S. HochI, H. S. Hog- gins Fourth N. E. Lane, W. P Laughton, E. E. Livingston, G. E. Miller, A. R. Morgan, J. E. Nettles. . . . Filth row: R. C. Orrin, W. E, Pans, J. F. Picco, H. E. Porter, H. S. Saffit, E. L. Schenck, B. M. Schmit- ter. . . . SIrlh row: J. M. Sena, R. F. Smith, S. B. Sutton, R. M. Thompson, R. B. Toy, H. C. Van- Arsdale, N. J. Walton. . . . Seventh row; G. W. Weaver, J. H. Weaver, G. Wilkins, M. O. Wright, C. W. Wright. f T , a a o (h r a ri o a, .o, Q a o ri « o q ft Ci n i» M. .. 4i Juk n L I ' It ] w Honorary Civil Engineering Society OFFICERS W. J. FiiRs llli Prifidinl 1 I I . PoRriK rici-Pnsidoil N. 1 . I.. m; Si-irclary 11. ; . Hi (; ;i s Treasurer Forsylhe Porter Lane Hugsins ■ f ... f (] I ' P J Broward Gurr, SECTION I OFFICERS 11. i:. Hkhwaki, (.. i:. (,I W r. k. (.All II. k. I ' l KK . Sci.lcirx F.rst Perry ow: Addison, Alio- b.oo . Anderson, Ar- nold, Bohannon, Eran- nen, Burns, Corribs, Chas- tain. . . . Second row Curie y, DuTe.l, Fuller, Fund rburk, Geldcrs, G.b- bons Gunn, Ho.nstem. Third row: Hunt, Hulc hinson, Jones. Lev, May nard, McClearen, Mou t,, Samp. son. . . . Fourth row: Saun ns, Schlesinser, Shea er, Spanglcr, Wohl- (ord, The Cii-(ip Club was fouiiilcil on the Tech canipiis 111 I ' M. ' ;. The (ihjeetixes (if the chih ha e always been iil a scalal nature, ami the ehih lias eimstantlx hceii instriiiiieiital in spiinsuriiiL; aeti ities anidiiL; the Cii-(ipei-ati -e stiulents. niirini the [ ast li -e ears the Jiib an- iiiialU s[iiins(ireJ a l- ' ieKI Oax. 1- reshiiian-Sophn- iiicire ' I ul;- ' -War, 1 ' reshiiian Wateriiieliin Cutting, Snlth.ill l.ea iie, renins ' i ' ciiirnainent. arul a Cn-cip l-reshnian Cake k.ue. Ilie awards ti r these e ents were turnisheil bv the (.e(.rL;ia Teeh .Xtliletli .Xssniiatiim. the (.cr.uia Tech C " llet;e Inn, and the club. This ear the first ten in, ins were iiiade fruiii the C(i- ip Club Loan 1 uiul. Thrmi h this tiinJ hians ,ire niaile a ail,ilile tci seiiinrs of the entire Cii-ciperati e Department. Rep.i iiient mi the lii.ins ami interest begins six niiinths after t r.uluatidii. Icir the past six ears the club, with the cd-iiperatinn (if the . W. C. A., has edited tile ■ (iiii-( )■ l ' ,i li , .1 suniiiier newspaper, I he pajier has cdiitribiited greatU tii the acti itv (111 the c,iiii|ius diirini, ' the summer iiKinths, ' ldiiuiL;h t(ii ' mcrl ' m mime(iL;raphei.i f(irm, the Sniii-( )- ' l I I h will be put nil the tampus tins summer in regular iicw " s|)aper st de h the (.(!-(. |. Club AU, the Y. .M. C. . . a a Q a a - f5 o " 1? .?j c o f g.f?i ,a .f! a a o I II • (jry Cooperative Social Club SECTION II OFFICERS I . M. ManI.KV Pr.M,l,;ii II. I5k()NSI)N rict-l ' iis ' idinl R. I . jiiiiNSdN Sccnliiry 11. C. lIlLl Treasurer TIa- Co-op Club was foimclc-a in 1915 to fulfill ;i long-tVlt desire for unity ainontr the students of ' the Co-operati -e Department. Since its orirani ation, it has funetioneil as the social group for the department, and has exertetl a ital influence upon the social anti political life of the campus. . s one of its major activities socially, the second section presents annually a Mascjueradc Ball which is always one of the best attended of campus functions. The Mechanics Ball which is held each spring h the first section is eciually popular With Tech men. , f%. m . . a. a o, rs. q, q !0 o fTn, at e r First row: C. H. Bales, R. O. Boote, G. A. Busbee, W. R. Conlcy, A. H. Cooper, T. R. Christian, R. L. Culpepper, J. C. Durdcn. . . . Second row: T. E. Green, R. M. Griffin, D. V. FIctcfier, I. J. Harrcl, F. P. Hudson, E. D. Jofinson, M. H. Manley, L. F. Martin. . . . THIrd row: E. D. McDanicI, H. C. Moore, H. L. Nolan, R. S. Overstreet, T. Partram, B. W. Ravcnel, W. C. G. Saeman, E. W. Samoden. . . . Fourth row: B. M. Schmltler, T. E. Sheridan, W. L. Shipman, G. M. Sutton, J. W. Tyler, J. B. Wilson, I. K. Wolford. II I I; I ' t r I I Mechanical Engineering Social Club OFFICERS D. H. Will lAMs J. DVKIS . . I. C. Mai. INI. J-uc-l r, idiiU I ' liuinlcii in ' 4. tlu Mil Cm Club .is r . ' iirt,Miii cd in ' ) ' ) alter liLiiii; ott the cam[nis lor nnc ear. MciiilKr- ship is limits. I to thirteen stiuleiits of the Meehanieal I ' n ineei-inu; Department, ' i ' he (.lub has been .ieti e in obt.iiiiiiiL; and liiriiishing a lounge lor meehanical enLji- neerinir stnelents. J F II I L I II fl I S k Honorary Fencing Club OFFICERS R. S. H (;(;. Kr Cnpitiiii ]. R. ' 1 .iiiihiunii C. C I), Wis Clmihc lor TIk- I ' lill ami Mask Scicii-ty is a (.liih fcir students intcr- cstL-d in tt-ncing. wht-tlicr or not tiicy arc nicnibcrs ot tiic arsity fencing team. Before seiiool recognition ot tlie fencing team was obtained, meriibersliip in tbe club was the onh reward for those who participated in matches with other schools. The main project of the society is an annual fencing tournament between battalion teai7is — a cup being gi en to the winner. First row: S. A. Barthd, W. J. Carter, F. Cheney. . . . Second row: O. J. Dylces, A. R. Gorman, S. Gershen. . . . Third row: W. C. Hames, D. A. Hart, C. M. Jones. . . . Fourth row: R. B. Levin, E. J. Price, C. Rcisman Fifth row: R. W. Sclferth, J. P. Slurrocl, T. P. Tailcy. . . . Slith row: A. L. Wade. H. E. Wright. O : ■ Two outslanding I. M. students, McK.nron and Levin. I II I N T II 1 1 L )l I I li : )l I T S (I n K T V Honorary Industrial Managerrient Society OFFICERS j. H. Mwn I ' yrsidaU V . Mill IK I ' ii i-l ' iisuliul W . K i IIMW Si irchiry v. S. I ' ll ' I ' IN Treasurer l(irnKil namcvl the Scuiitia Chih. cIk ' sneictN ' Lhanircii its name tn InJustrial ManagcniLiit Socictx, liiic tn the fact that the general science emirse has been I ' eplaeeil hv an in- ilustnal niana!j;enient ecnnse. Membership is upen tii non- eni ineering stiulents who are ciutstaiuliiiL; in selinlarsliip and acti ities. The ehib maintains an aetixe program and pre- sents a hi ing enp tn the gratliiatliiL; senior haxiiiii; the liigh- est axerage in industrial management. First row; W. R. Beard, G. C. Bcstor, M. W. Blumbcrg. . . . Second row: D. P. Butler, H. L. Collier, W. C. Cromer. . . . Thrrd row: J. W. Fryer, F. Holz, W. E. Jamrson. . . . Fourth row: S. A. Lead- better, R. 8. Lcv.n, I. M. Massey. . . . Fifth row: C. N, Mayo, C. N. Martin, C. A. McKinnon. . . . Sixth row: M. W. ' ' Mitchell, C. P. Richards, J. E. T.eadway. . . . Seventh row W. X ard, F. N. War- ren, W. W. Woods, ■I TIIK nSTITITh; (IF I K II (I VI IL Burgess cience Professional Aeronautical Society OFFICERS W. . . K(, .r(,li . j. BlKCil.SS n. 1 1. I ' linMl ' SclN- I ' ics ' ulilll ri,r-l ' risid,nl T re a sill I- r MEMBERS J. O. Bii.i.ri " I . A. (iivKK 1 ' . P. BOINOLS E. L. JoNliS j. BiRGtcss A. A. Mahoff H. M. CoNw.w W. X. MeGoLGii V. L. Fulton 1). H. Thumpson As the stiuicnt branch i t ' the professional organi atidii of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, the local group promotes interest in aeronautical engineering through papers and pictures on recent developments in aeronau- tics presented bv students and faculty. The society also maintains a social program for all the students in the Aeronautics Depart- ment. ' - •■ V r .C O, O f o. o. « ' t (?i n c Q .r g g ' !? a a , a Q 9 A ftAlk First row: W. Aycock, L C. Bodcnheimer, W. E. Bed- insei, J. O. Billups, J. Cole- man, H. D. Chipley, M. A. Clements, C. Crowell. . . . Second row: A. Carlson, W. O. Colvin, W. B. Bennett, E, F. Curry. M. A. Cason, 5. L. Davis, H. H. Fleming, P, D. Fletcher. . . . Th rd row: J. J. Forrer, H. M. Grges, W. C. Gibson, A. R. Gor- man. A. Hagedorn, L, D. Lockcry, C. A. McKlnnon, F. M. McNulty. . . , Fourth row: M. O. McKinney, H. M. Mctcalf, H. M. McNeil, G. E. Orr, I. L, Potts, H. C. Pearman, P. Rhync, T. W. Raine. . . . Fifth row: W. Sheffield, W. W. Taylor, L. A. Shearouse, T. R. Vanden- Heuvel, G. A. Wright, P. K. Wadsworth. F. Whitehead I r }i. II t T I II I L i; i; l i t i ii n r l i ii OFFICERS i;, (i. Vi:is i,Mii.Kt:i-.R I,, i:. D.wis . . . . Prcsidfiit riii-Piisi,h}il . II. ' (.M.I. 1 ' . 1(1X1,: Trca iiri-r The IntcrnatioiKil Rcl.itions Cluh lias as its main (ihji.-i.ti c tlif pi-nmntion (il Interest in wiirKl .ittaii-s b njien elub lnrunis nn c|uesticins nt interna- tiiinal eoneei ' ii. I ' acli ear the eluh plaees, lUr ret ' ereiiee, in the Tech library seleeteil liixiks cin internatKinal attairs. This ear the eUib lias trieJ tii keep eldse i-elatiims with nther ecille.nes and sent a lai ' ge deletjation to the na- tiimal etiinenticm. i iiil ■i k 1 1 ' I ' I rr I K I I ' r i Electrical Engineering Honorary Fraternity rs OFFICERS J. B. Sri liiiiNS Pirsidiiii S. S. 1,1 I. Ficr-Prrsitinil M. M. Zl.MI.K Stcrrliiry 1 M. BiKXKTT Trciisiiii ' r Kappa Kta Kappa, a national professional electrical engineering fraternity, was founded at the University of Iowa in 192,1. The local chapter, which had formerly been known as the High Tension Club, installed in l ' )2S. Miiiibcrsliip in Kappa I ' .ta Kap(ia is offered to those junior and senior electrical eiiLrineering students who possess the required qualifications of scholarship, character, and leadership. Ivach year, in order to encourage high scholastic attainments among the electrical en- gineering students. Kappa Eta Kappa awards the sophomore in the department with the highest average an engraved log-log slide rule. F.,!l row: J. C. Anderson, R. E Arnold, S. T. Bayer, M. L. Be.-y, G. F. Bunn, E. W. Chapman. . . Second row: J. E. Oavis, J. E Edit, R. E. Fields, M. V. Gelders. M. C. Hageny, A. S. Hume. . . Third row: T. M. Manley, L. E Martin, C. J. Matthews, R. M Murray, R. OToole, B. W. Ra. end . . . Fourth row: F. A. Smith, R. T Spangler, G. M. Sutton, J. T Tucker, C. T. Waite. (!!i o q o fT r 1 . o First ro» Second Third ro- Fourth n row: D. il : : C. W. Barlcr, J. H. Bowman, M. T. Campen. . . . ow: A. C. Carlson, H, M. Conway, J. E. Dodgcn. . . . i: T. W. Fitzscrald, F. H. Gardner, F. A. Gray. . . . ,w: E. L. Green, H. D. Joiner, B. 5. Lowry. . . . Fifth N. McClanahan, R. D. McGaujhey, J. McGowan. h row: C. P. Rccvc, V. A. Scamell, G. H. Schotller. -enth row: R, F. Smith, H. S. Tabachnrcl, Q. R. Thomson. The band performs at Latewood Park. k I r iM k 1 1 i t r s I Honorary Musical Fraternity K.ippa K.ipp.i IM Is an liiiiiiii-ar ' tratcrnitv toi ' pnik ' ssinnal ami stiuiciit musicians. I he national I ratcrnitx ' was toiimlcd in 101 ' ;, anil the Tech ehaptcr was instalkxi in 1024. Mem- hcrship is limited t(j thnse men who ha e been (lutstaiuiin) m the hand nr cither sehiml (ii ' ani aticins, and who ha e been pi ' nminentU- assuLiated with otliei- sehiml .ieti i- ties. I he piiipcise lit Kappa Kappa I ' si is tn encciurat;e and Iniprine the hand, am! tn prnmntc a spirit nf conperatidn and imitu.d interest amnnij; the musicians nt the schncil. In Its sixteen years nt existence it has sei ' " ed this piM ' pose ad- mii ' ahlv- OFFICERS k. II. HkI TZ . I ' lfsuhnl s 1 1 I ' k cik . ■; ,-l ' r.sulnil 1 R 1 )i Si I; 1 Ki Si ' iii-liiry S. 1 ' . 1 1 M . . Trcas,n:r . l. 1.. .SlIAIZI.X Uiiliinan =f n Honorary Textile Engineering Fraternity I ' hl I ' si, lioniirarv textile fraternity, was luurulcd in 19(1. : chapters of the trater- ility have been established at nearU all of the leailinir textile schools of the country. jThe Georgia Tech chapter was established in 1921. Sophomores in the Textile Engineering Department are elected to the society in the spring, arul iipperclassmen o( the de- partment in the fall. I ' hi I ' si has as its lim increasing good fellowship among its members and encouraging advances and interest in textile engineering. The annual Linthead Ball of the fraternity is one of khe big social e ents of the season. OFFICERS ' " f f 9 1%. o o o li. B. Kmisii f ' rcfiJciil I E. H. TlKiMAs . J ' ut-PriiidiUt ' W. A. C ' liRK Sccretiiry VV. A. WaKI; Ticasiirrr ■t mi 1 First row: M. M. Bryan, H. S. Burncl, E. V. Carter, R P. E. F. . ii 1 CocHran. . . , Second row; M. T. Col Forrest, J. H. Foster, . . , Third row: Jenkins, J. T. Jones, R. M, Kessler. . . M. J. Mchafiey, G. W. Morris, R. H. 8. L. Rainey, O. O. Scott, F. E. Schro FKtd row: J. 1. Teat, M. S , 1. R. Dunson, R D. D. Hamilton, H Third row: A. B. hart. . . . Fourth r der, J, F. Stovall. . . Williams. As the hiiinn ' aiv imii-- nalistic soclctv. I ' i Delta I ' lpsilon rcL (I t;n I L-. the jdiirrKihstii ucii-k cil stu- tkiits who work on aiiv (iric lit ' lech ' s tdiir ptibh- eatidiis. I-Mi lbility fur nu-mhcrship (.(insists dl at least tud wars ' wdik (in any (iiie piibhcatKin. A e t i i t i e s 1 n c 1 II d e a ii 1 ' . a s te r !• a sh i nn Shdw , and se -eral social tunc- tions. First row: W. B. Astiby, B. S. Bailey, J. T. Bayer, L. C. Boden- heimer, M. T. Campcn, M. F. Cole. . . . Second row: H. M. Conway, C. C. Davis, T. O, Day, J. H. Emery, H. H. Fleming, W. J. Forsythc. . . . Third row: C. Ghces- ling, J. Gilmorc, A. R. Gorman, F. H. Holi, J. H. Hooker, F. P. Hudson. . . . Fourth row: W. P. Kauffman, R. Kesslcr, E. B. Kneisel, S. S. Lee, R. B. Lev.n, J. B. Mayo. . . . Fifth row: J. W. Morgan, F. D. Miller, M. H. MacDonald, I. M. Massey, R. C, Orrin, T. S. Pippen . . . Sixth row: W. T. Sams, J. B. Stubbins, W. C. Ward, J. Wear, R. J. Wooddall, W. H. Wilson. i .fr •! «rf ' m ■ n! a qi . . ' ' .f f o a . ' : • ' ' 111 ' M -3 f o o Phillips PI II K L T I K I ' S I L II Honorary Journalistic Fraternity OFFICERS ( r. W. I ' llll I ll ' s Prcfidrul 11. i:. I ' dKII K I ' u,-Py,s,dn,l I . IX SlliilMNKiR Siiirltiiy C. . . i Mi Ti,;iuinr iW ' i u First row: R. A. Ca.l, R, H. Crossficid, L. E. Davis, C. D. Flan. gen. . . . Second rov.: G. L. Gunn, D. A. Had, W. T. Hook, W. F. Long. . . . Third row: R. E. Mason, R. M. Norman, A. C. Ormond, R. E. Racey. . . . Fourth row: J. G. Ramirez, Q. R. Thomson, R. J. Wooddall, W. H. Ziegler. OFFICERS D. 15. Wll HAMS C. I.. I ' l KM)N . V. l--. Bknnktt K. r. siiMz . . -M. lollNSON . . . . I ' rcsuicnl I ' iif-I ' icsidtiil . Rcttiid ' tiuj Stir clary ( ' irnsp in iiiii Si crciary Tri iisitrcr PI T I N I li )l I Mechdnicdl Engineering Honor Fraternity The niombcrsliip of I ' l Tan Sigma is com- posed of till. ' outstaniiinij junior ami senior mechanical engineering students who have shown themselves worthy in scliolarship, character, and leadership. The fraternity was founded at the IniNersity of Illinois in 1 •) 1 5 — the local chapter being installed in 19.i2. . s a reward for scholarshiji the fraternity presents an engineering handbook to the mechanical engineering soiihomore having the liighest scholastic a erage. and has the name of the outstanding mechanical engi- neering senior engra eil on a plaque in the .Mechanical I- ' .ngineering Department. National officers at the national convcnti. held here this year. First row: Apple, Austin, Clegg, Covington, Fein, Finkli-stcin, Hamlctt, . . . Second row: Hams, Huopci, Hobbs, Lewis, Oglesby, ONeal, Zcmek. T II K li K II I! II I I T K r II I! I II I II I ' l I II The Railid dull was iirL;arii ccl priniailK ' t(i leather td- tfc-tlicr stiiilcnts intcrcstcil in amateur radin. 1 lie ehib iiDU owns aiul (i|)erates the .iniatein ' st.itinn ' 4. (jl.. At rejj;ulai- nieetini s. the members tliseiiss ami help sii Ue eaeh otlier ' s priiblems in amateur railin. .Mso the eliil ' makes trips of inspeetinn to amatein- and liroail- cast stations in the ieinit of . tlanta. Members operating the local station. OFFICERS l:. M. BlKM II I I. C. (iKIFIlN . K. C. M(iKRlS(i. I ' lr i.i, III Srnchirx ■ri,„u,n W)kJM!M ■ I N I I 11 I! t It II I II 11 1. 1 II B National Honorary Military Fraternity ' c c ' " - " " : Btnnctt, B-onson, Cavcnaugh, Chrlsban. . . . Second row: Dye, Gheesling, t eny, Hogg. . . . Third row: Holz, Kne.sel, Lee, Levin, . . . Fourth row: Malone, nley, C. N. Mayo, J. B. Mayo. . . . Fifth row: McGuire, Mitchell, Nigro, C ' nond, . . , Sixth row: Ryan, Schotanus, Sheridan, Stubbins, . . . Seventh row: Warren, Wright, Williams. J. E. TREADWAV Captain riu- n;itii)nal society of Si.;ilihiir(i iiinl Blade was founJcd at the riii ersit of Wisconsin in 19(14. It is (irjrani ed at present into se en regiments, each regiment composed ot twelve companies, and each company representing a school. 1 he deorgia I ecli group, wiiich is designated as " .M " Company. 2nil Regiment, was estahllshed in 1921. The society has lor its purpose the stmiulation ot an acti e in- terest in the military affairs of the country, and the de elopment and preservation ot the essential qualities of efficient officer material. These objects it attempts to achieve by elect- ing onlv those student officers who have shown a sincere and lasting interest in the military wiuk of the college, and who possess those (|ualities which will make them efficient offi- cers and upright citizens. OFFICERS j. 1,. Tki |) A ' i C.aplain [. B. . l. () .... l- ' iiit Lifiiliiutnl . C. M.M.oM , Second I.ifiilfiiiinl S k r L I I II K K V Sophomore Social Society Skull .ukI Kcv i the soual society f(ir sopli(mHH-cs. It was louiukJ in I ' M :i with the Idea " f Innninti ehiser relationships anicmii the leaders dl the SupinMiKire Class. It is iiKKlek-d after the Biilkiot; Club and assists that (n-i,fani ati in in carryiiiii cuit its program. The membership of the society is limited to twentv-four men. tweUe id ' which arc elected ,it the close id ' their freshman year ,ind the remainder during the fall of their siiphomore term. First row: R. A. Anderson, J. T Andrews, B. F. Bolterficid, F. M, Bristol. . . . Second row: R. M Bush, A. C Carlson, R. L. Clem cnls, F. H. Dendy. . . . Third row A. M. Ferst, G. C. Hicks, T. Hill R. H. Langc. . . . Fourth row: H M. McNe.l, A. M., R. C Munroc, L. M. Ncas. . . . F.fth row; D. G. Parduc, G. R. Perry S. P, Porcc, J. P. Poole. . . Sxth row: S. Rarrisaur, R. J. San ders, P. Solomons, R. W. Steudel . . Seventh row: F. A. Taylor, W W. Taylor, R. W. Whitlock. ,t| • ' 9 3 - dm C| -1 d OFFICERS . . 1 ' ,. SlIRIiiKl- . i:. B. iiwis . . I. M. KiNc . C. Sii. ( Ki.i.niKi . Pi-fiiilrnt J-i,,-l ' i,fNlnil . Si-cnhiry Triitsnrcr King Shackletord kl £ Ilk a tf tt p r : a " o l3 .ft L 4 Aik 4 1 lii - ' ■- ' i4 • a ■ft a r-i L i In ' M f 9 ■ O • ft i ; i i:i 1 Firil row: W. B. Aihby, V. Barar, R. M. Bracey, M. T. Campcn, R, G, Cohn, M. F. Cole, B. M. Fultl, S. A. Gaylc. . . . Second row: I. J. Gcrshon, G. M. GoorJman, J. W. Griffcth, B. W. Haslell, J. M. King. C. Kurrle, R. M. Lange, C. N. Mayo. . . . Thrrd row: H. Mumma, W. D. Munroc, H. H. Ned, D. Rabin, C. A. N. Rankin, C. E. Reed, W. H. Reeves, E. F. Scott. . . . Fourth row: W. R. Seay, W. H. Sims, F. W. Stopmsli, V. I. Teat. J. W. Tyler, R. W. Whitloclr. VHiiifMv .iirkrr iliii School Spirit Club In 19.t(l when the llamt- ol I ' lcIi scliool spirit seemed alioLit to die. Coach William Alexander, with the aid of a tiroiip of spirited students, formed tlie Yellow Jacket Club. The organization was founded with the aim of de eloping clean school spirit ami loyalty throughout the student hotly: and since its appearance on the campus, the students have shown an increasing interest in school ac- tivities both on and off the athletic Held. The cluh is composed of eight seniors, eight juniors, and sixteen sophomores, eight of whom are elected to junior membership at the end of the year. The club elects cheer leaders and sponsors all pep meetings. OFFICERS V. C. V Ki) W. . . K1. W. W. Woods Prcsidi-ui l " uc-Prcsidfiil Sfiiiliiry f n ' VtiMm rilK PIIIIFKSNIIIVIL l ll IIII IIII1IIV K u i :i ;iii ii i ' iii i ' iL OFFICERS I. B. Sii i ' .i;iN i:. H. Iwi isi I . K. T. Si ' N(;i I K W. N. Mr(,.ii CM 1 1 inidi cirx I ' tiMdiiil . . . I ' rni-l ' iiMit,)il .SVi ;•( hit X FACULTY ADVISORS I)k. I1 riiii) Hi nc] r Dr. K. 1.. Swi i ;i:rt , ' ' ::» fSn The cstalilisliiiKrit (il a (.diiiKil mi the cani|His which wnulJ regulate aiiti siinu ' W hat stanJardi e the -ari(iiis en- !4iiieering societies and Iratermties has heen a dream tnr niaiiv years. This ' ear the Council was tm ' med undei- the leadership (it two prufes- s(irs and a mini her of students. .Memhershlp is cciniposed iil representatn es nt the ari(ius entiineerin sucleties and t raternities, .ind are elected In the indnidual iirijani atKins theniseK es. The Coun- cil sponsored an 1 Mi)j;ineers ' lair on St. Patrick ' s Daw and an 1 .ii;j;ineers ' Hall on the nii ht ot St. I ' atriek ' s Da at uhieh all true enijineers paid homaj e hy kissing the Hl.irne ' Stone; an actual chip oti the original donated to the Council. Slubb.ns Spangle, KneiscI McGough F.rst row: Chccl, Drew, Dye, For- sythe, Haggar . . . . Second row: Harr rlton, Johnson. LaRoache, Ma- hoff, Matthews. . . . Third row: Sanderson, Scott, VanArsdale, Wil- liams, Wrrghl. 1 ! tow: Allcorn, Also e Anderson, Beard l.w: Campen, Com s Cromer, Dodson re, Haggeny, Hicl bli. . . . Th.rd row mume, Ison, Jones IJKendricl, Lcdbct UMoreland. . . ir row: Manry, Maf ilMassey, McClana i,VlcK.r Me P.o tow: Smith, Thomp , ' sdale, VanArsdale Kierford, Wooddall Wright. o f » r. Q 6 rt L n 6 o !? O f!l « ,f 4 .--1 — " --1 .- . f L- L f, R I ' L I II II li r I I I! OFFICERS I . 1). Mil II K k. H. 1,1 VIN . W. C. I " . n, K. B..KKHT . . I ' rcsidvnl I ' iii-Pns ' idiiil Secrclarx Treasunr Wmncrs al the Bulldog cale I he Bulldog Club selects its members from the most outstanding juniors and seniors. The original senior BulKiog Club was founded in 1910, but in 19.1.1 a union with the Junior Koseme Society resulted in the forma- tion of tiie present organization. The activities of the organ- ization include the I ' Veshman Cake Race, the tennis tourna- ment, sponsoring the " Home- coming " liecorations contest, and the bowling tournament. Its main purpose is to serve Tech in any manner possible. FRANK MILLER President c niUalicn Since the days (if the Rdin.ins all secret (irganizatinns ha e initiated its members with the perfurmance (if a ritual. And ikiw the ari(ius rituals arc so varied in purpose and form that it would be impiis- sible td describe them in a xolume of (, y ' y. Here we see some of the " pun 1 -hment " inflicted upon those luck fellows who are beiiv sent throu ' j;h initiations at Tech. H IT TECH! On the opposite page the boys of tlic A. S. (. ' . K. perform a neat trick of surveying the football Held during a game; then tiierc are those givers of swing, Kappa Kappa Psi, hold- ing concert in front of the Administration Building. The Bulldog Club always gets wonderful results from initiates by having them carry a dog to class for two days. Twice each year the campus becomes infested with a peculiar looking flock of co-eds, the bu.xom lasses of Skull and Key. To become a member of Scab- bard and Blade one must sleep on the front lawn of the campus for two nights, and wear such paraphernalia as seen in the center photograph above. -- V -. ife i A - ; A " _- I. N T J_ H I-, tiliiifs-- nt the Cieiiii. ' ia pincs i snnu ' w hat limbic, as iiu speed aluni; the flat njail bcsiile which the saiuU soil is carpeted with pine needles. Fur lumber, for naval stores, and now for an endless store of raw material for the paper industry, Georgia ' s pine forests are prominent anions: her assets. Pines w liicb lmow six times as fast as the trees ..I uild and St.mdinaiia, which once uere s,,lel depended upon tor pulp- woe. d, stretch m tens ot thousands iit acres across sections ot countr s!de w liicb sere formerly nnculti ateil — but now, in iin reasini; instances, (.aretuli) tended to enc(jurai:e svstematic replenishment of the valualile pine suppU. Turpentine stills make frequent appearance in the sjlidini; landscape. Geort;ia has the largest forest acreage of any of the forty-eight States, and on the coastal plain, naval stores, from the pine trees, have long produced about sixty-five per cent, of tile section ' s income. It is predicted that in the future the owner of forests in the n.ual stoves belt will lind his greatest financial reward in a balanceil utilization of his tot timber and turpentine, using thinnings tor pulpwood. Wood tor pulp IS the inost important factor in paper manutacture, and attention of this industry is sharply drawn to Georgia because the State seems to offer .in almost Utopian attraction ; an abundant and perpetual supply of wood. Ihe late I ' r. Herty, a native Georgian, cleared the va tor this tulfiUmcnt when int. priued conclusively that print, the familiar grade of ulp, is the fastest growing ' ' his pine reaches a grox th f all f six dian his liiiii; and tireless experiments, in the laboratory a pulp trom Georgia pines would make a high-grade p.iper on which newspapers arc printed. Slash pine in (jeurgia, a splendid source of paper the pines and, thcretore, the cheapest v ooil to grow. inches in diameter in about ten ears. whereas it ta spruce to reach the same dimensions. Georgia ' s opportunity to profit and lmoh from her forests does not end here. Count- less other products can derive from these prolific pine lands. Seventy per cent, of the country ' s rayon is made in the South from cotton ami wood pulp. Wood cellulose is used for transparent sheeting — celluloid — safet) glass — p ro ylin lacquers — artificial leather — smokeless powder — moulded plastics. Georgia ' s fru-ests stand stnniL ' among the State ' s rich assets; the offer a limitless field for tar-reaching industrial de elopment. F E rii r I R E tf5 1 Kiuiiij l ■M HM|jg H M|illAd| ■ ' j j ' ivV HVl i It ' 1 ■ S 1 P S II I) T N . I ' rntt-sMir Ciibsnri -iv u. tlioMii-. ,,t Licln-v ; Mr. F.wter in the unn,l sh..p: TIh- " Rnlv I hrn " is ;i1m. patrnni ,-,1 In tlif ' ■I ' lnts " ; I )v. 15,,- -fts up a CMinpliLMtol chemical ' apparatus; Coffee ,in,l Matli; I ' n.tessui Mas,.n keeps the huiKh ' n-s in .naler: The M. K. Department, Pnitessm t-lintun, IJepartmeut liea.l. Dr. Kmi:, and Uncle Henie ; I ' •Dne halt-sentente means an T, ' " : i ' rutessiu Sears; l ' r,,f, ' ,surs Bode and Jacuhs of | the .Mechanics Department; The A. K. Department; I ' mtessur Rainey ami the Mrs. j I STRICT (I K S Mr. I opli;mi aluay remembers everyune ' s name: I ' m- tessor Trotter works out a problem in Machine Uesit;n : Professors Cox and Cbapin. F.n};lisli ; Coach " Alex " anil J ' jiirnal reporter; Major Ciarin works out baml turma- tions; Professor Ellis had a verv eniovable time on the .Tui e to Havana: Part ot the Hospital force: Mrs. Simp- son reads contentedly while no cine " .Meows " ; " When 1 was uorkini; for tile .New WxV. Central " : .Modern Lan- iiuaijes: The Chemistry Department builds a snow-man: Professor Wells teaches the elements to tile freshman. :: iuv.uu ' Ia -A t ' tt ' aitd icti On the opposite page a grapliic revealing of many happenings at the football games is seen. No other school activity affords such an oppor- tunity for the candid cameraman, for here we see such a variety of subjects and scenes. The top of the page shows the (Georgia Hand on tlie field, players and water boy down on the bench, and part of the usual interesting scenery in the Senior Section ; shots of a news photog- rapher " getting " Mar - Pickford and Buddy Rogers, the visiting, and lovely, cheer leaders from Alabama, and the Band activity on the field is always colorful. rhis page is a miscellaneous group of snap- shots here and there about school : the circle photograph was made in the " Robbery " when every man in school was buy ing new books : above is the smiling face of Charlie McKin- non ' s younger son, the shoes that have traveled from one college campus to another for the past ear or so; on the right side of the page we see the track season opening, a senior dreaming of graduation, Miller and Ashby with dates at a game. Pop .Morgan with a date, a very enthusiastic cheer leader, Lindsey and Helen view the game; then the very reg- ular .Armistice Oav celebration. ' m - a met a II I i; II L I (Ml T s }j; I lie : ca.ioiL ' I ' hf i.:imci;i is :iii e Cfllfnt means " t |ircM-r ins; nii-nvM ics i)t pniplf, places, an l thinirs, and licre we see all three. At the tup Mai. 11- ( iaiin ; directs ianil aeti ities; a snapshot iit a Cli. K. class; Dan Williams in ScahhanI and Blade attire; Huh Levin carries " cukes " to ;i lah ; Hi L i Prim ' s plio- tiiiirapher takes selt-piirtrait ; the iri- e itahle ph sical exam in the l ' m ; another shot cpt the senior section shous Hammett, Hill Ashhy and date: tlie lower picture is at the an- iu;d Co-op Masquerade. Top un : Selnian Lcdbcttcr seems to he serious; a Tech (liver in action: " Rich Man Miller " climbs into a new. very expensive automobile. Seconil row: The Glee Sing- ers ' Quartet puts on a show : the sniilin;; faces ot l-ou Lawrence and Buckctt De- Witt: Snow takes the cam- pus. ' Ihirii row: More ad- verse « eather : the Hand puts on a concert at Lakewood Park. Bottom row: Just the usual noon meal : Freshmen display fancy pajamas at pep meeting. II I li II L I (i H T N J J iiu ' ii nvr iK ' trii till " tlu ' iT- liiiiil wink iimi pcisrv i-raiur in line .%nur. rlK- .liniil.l Ih- a ucll kn.iwn t.-r their slla,N in . ' ii r ;K-ti it . Tlu- lmcrfraternit Cnmuil ami tin- Aiink i- well tlu- ta k iif cinfitaininLr tin- -.tmliait boil) with lucal U ' tras. Id I C E S E H The Finals of 1939 went off in good fashion by the- music of George Hall ami His Orchestra, nationally known hand on tour in the South. To commemorate Tech ' s Kift - first Anniversary at Homecominfj. Anak Society held a dance alter the Georgia game at which our own Techni- cians put on an interesting show. Then at Mid-Terms the Georgia Tech I nterf vaterni ty Council did themselves honor h bringing Kddy Duchiii and his famous piano-led orchestra to the new gymnasium. The series of five dances proved to he one (jf the best sets in years for those who go for dancing or for those who go for " just listening. " " 3 ■-! T« " r r " " ' i) 1 ] ' u I? 1(1 (fit ' riii l at;e reveals by candi camera the groups of people which make up a dance. Top IS just a camera shot of the floor durinji a tea dance in June; llassey sits one out at the Navy Ball: the Senior Class Leadout of 1939, with President Jones and ' icc- President Waltermire lead- in;;; Bob Ison seems to be tliirikini; of the future: t P:in-Hellcnic I.eadout; be- low is the Sophomore Lead- out at tile Sophomore Tea Dance; Bill Phillips in a jo- mood. A % MIS » .lEAA DKXM iOX IISS IM» . l-VW % MISS l ATIKI4 lA n.OVK lt l iiss jam: ii. icim « tea MISS IIIEXE nillXIPS MISS XKTTIK KKIJ.K VAI iillA.X 1 ll i« i CATIIIilKIXF . IOOItH ins. . IAItV . I KIX. «X •HI MIS i VI :illM I IIIFFITIIS I ii«is i»i :i: siiAiMti ii. % IISS .i MK FICA KM. MISS TAIIOUVK VI .M»T % m 3IISS BETTIE VIIJ.IA3IS iiss MAII4.I iiiiK i i :iioium: ilk Ik 1 ' II 1 ' Ik " T fi E L Th .HK list ilepiisits of iron ore, limi ' stunc and coal, all in close pni imit . in the UirminLihani area of AlaUania lia e placed this area in a iloniinant position in the iron and steel iiidiistrs in this conntr . In no other State are these essential raw materials found «ithin a radius ot Ine miles ot each other. The econom - ot production under such conditions is oh ions. The total suppli ot iron ore in this district is helie ed to he adecpiate tor 15(1 ears, as compared with an estimated siipph of onh ' i ears lor the rest ot the country, hased on present rate of consumption. L ' oal deposits are estimated to underlie an area of approximately 8,(100 square miles. The production ot iron ore in Alahama for the year m S was 4,303.32 ' S tons, and of pi iron 2,(l2. ,26S tons. For the same ear the production of iron ore in Gcorcia was onl ' .22 tons, none ot which was con erted into pit; iron in this State. .Alabama has the raw material de|iosits ot iron ore in the South and «ill always be depended upon to supply the iron and steel requirements of this territory. It is douht- tiil if the ( n-or.L ' i.i ores will ever compete in a fmniidable w a with tlie HirmiiiL ' ham district, nor is this necessar . Iron and steel trom Hirmin ' jbam cm be delivered at (ieor;;ia points at er satist.ictor trei ' ,;ht rates and opportunities in (u ' oriiia in the iron and steel iiidustr will be confined to convertini; the (inished products from the iron ,-ind steel plants ot Birmingham into liiLiher L ' rade products, structural desiL;ns, and specialt work as iiia be required. There are a number ot plants in (ieori;ia utilizing the Alabama irons and steels aloni; the above lines at the present time and supphin the local dem.ind in an entirely satistactorv manner. " V " " il T H IK MB BK ' - ■ t ' - tffgan ' SHS HIi L„ » k w s r ir H tmsm ■ -- ■■■; K «.»i .- --v :S. --!« ' ; ;7 «waP ' ' --. B I N r II II I N II N r II : h; I! . . . CHEER LEADERS 11. I,. Minima lie ,d Chr -r I. ■adi M. T Camim:n . . C In- r I. -ad, Imi S( ( IT r ch,- -r I. -ad, W R Si v . Clu , I. r I. -, d. R. W Willi I,IUK_ Clu- ,1,1, DRUM MAJOR GREEN Vrrjia ec ,. owo « ' t4.V " ( Sf O « V " . ' ' fn ' Q ? « C knLiiii£(i!i: ' ' imi «- " r?r — I - Vn ' • " » ' FIRST ROW; Barker, Blank, Bowman, Breti, Carlson, Codding. Cor, Cruger, Dcnson. Duscnbury- SECOND ROW. Eck.s, 61am, Ewars, Ftrnandti. Filigjrald, For. nara, George. F. A. Gray, J. W. Gray. THIRD ROW: Greeson, Grltfin, Hooper, Henry, Jackson, Joiner, Jolly, Levi, Mauld.n, McGaughey. FOURTH ROW: McGowan, McGurre. Ncwsom, Pitman, Prince, Puckett, Raolerson, Reeve. Roberts, Schottler. FIFTH ROW: Saunders Si:arne;l. Shatlen, Shoop, Spurway, Starnes, Steed, Taylor, Tennlson, Thortpson. SIXTH ROW: Van Voorhees. Varner, Wachtcr. Wallace. Ward. Wilson. Wright. Young. 1L F (I (I T II I II CAPTAIN BRETZ K. I 1. I5ki rz C.dpidiii W. . Dim HrK First l.iiiihiiiiiii . I ' . I ' l.XM .... Si ' coiiil l.itiiitiiiiiii 1. I.. (Jki.I-.N .... Diiiiil Miijor .Mi ' -s K iHK Bi.MK . . . Sfximor ' L S E 1 S (I The Siiutheastcrn Ci)nference has hmi; been reeiiL;ni ed as one of the truly great football eirele of the nation and the I ' -I ' ' season did not let this reputation fall. Playing in a con- ference that boasts of such teams as Tennessee and Tiilane, it was indeed a great ( ieorgia Tech team that took its place with them as Conference Champions. Rated no better than a second division team at the beginning of the season the ' N ' ellow Jackets set out on a sched- ule that booked no breathers. .At the close of the season the turned in a clean slate except for t (i reverses a 17-14 loss to Xotre Dame and a 7-6 setback b Duke, both non-confer- ence games. In conference pla the jackets took on and beat e er thing in sight; ramblin ' i I II T II I .1 I r k li COACH " ALEX " Coach ■. . . -Mcx.iiidcr, more atlcctionatch known to all as Coach " . lc , " has just lin- ishcd his 2llth year as I lead loothall Cacli and I)ii-cctiii- of . thlctics. During this time the fame of .Mcx.iiuicr coached teams has gained n.itionw iiie recogniticpii and to hiiii should go the greater part of the u nvy and honor. . s Head lo.,thall Coach he molds into one unit the produUs ol the arious special coaches and directs the general plan of attack that ne er fails to puzzle the op- ponents. Due to the tine record his teams ha e IkuI in the past and especialK ' the record this ear ' s team eniii ed, Coach " .Vlex " was named hv his fellow coaches as " The Coach of the Year. " through ' anderbilt, Kentucky. Alabama, Florida, and Georgia. Climaxing an already successful season the Yellow Jackets canceled their game with the University of California and journeyed to M iami to meet the Missouri Tigers. Mid- west Conference Champions, in the Orange Bowl. Playing the best game of their careers the Jackets completely outplayed the befud- dled Tigers from " t)le Mizzou " winning 21-7. Such was the record of the 9 edition of the Yellow- jackets ; a great team. S ' li II I II I II IM T I T II I! S R. L. DODD, Backfield Coach Coming to Tccli in i 32 irom the Uiii- versily of Toiiiiessec where lie was an All-Aiuerican. Bobl)y Dodd has made liiniself a necessary part of the Tech coaching staff. Under Iiis direction the tricky offense wliicli bewildered so many opi onents this past year was bniit up. . romid Tecll tile word has eone out that as far as football goes -■■In n.uUI We Trust ■■ G. C. GRIFFIN, Track Coach .- s .- ssistant Dean of Men and Per- sonnel Director, Coach (irillin is one of the busiest men at Tech. ye! be still tinds time to coach both track and cross country. . constant parade of outstanding tr.ick stars shows his worth on the cinder path. N. C. DEAN. Freshman Coach Xorris Dean joined the coaching staff after graduation from Tech in His is the important task of prepar- ing new men to enter the ranks of the arsity afler their first year. His work in the past assures bis continued suc- cess in the future. M. M. THARPE, Line Coach In the hands of " Mac ' Tharpe. an . ll-Sonthern Tackle from iyj6 Tech football team, lies the job of develop- ing the Jacket lines. Through all these years, by his diligent work. Coach Tharpe has sho wn himself to be one of the outstanding line authorities of the South. J. R. MacARTHUR, ■B " Te Coach In his position as " B " Team Coach and Chief Scout, Co -ich Mac.- rtbur fills an important place in Tech ' s coach- ing staff. He is largely responsible for the " R " Teams successful schedule and their important work in prepar- ing the varsitv for their weekly bat- tles. GLENN CUSHING. Line Coach (Assistant) Coach Cushing. a former football star at Tecll. served ably this year as as- sistant line coach. In this capacity be did much gtMid work in ticveloping the powerful Jacket line that did so well this past season. . n ] ra FIRST ROW: Aderhold. Arthu.. SEC- OND ROW: Bales, Bartlett THIRD ROW Beard. Be. Bosch, Cavelte D,kc SIXTH ROW: Ector, Earn, Ldcley, Muerth. Murph», Ne SEVENTH ROW: G,l cc rr[ K.w;:--a ' Mj|TO.v. , V. FOOTBALL LETTERMEN Twenty-cisht members (if the 19.W (ieiiriiia Tecli team earned letters. Senicirs inchide Howard Ector. Captain Buck Murphv, Estun Lackey, Charlie Wood. Alternate-Captain BiUv (iihson. Earl Whehv. Hohbv Heers. Roane Beard, Buck Shaw, and Bo Richards. Juniors were Hawk Cavette. B.rb Ison, Butch .Aderhold. Paul Sprayberry. Roy (ioree, and Joe Bartlett. Sophomores were Johnny B.rsch. tieor-e Webb, Elmer Dyke, Jim Wright, Slim Jim Sutton, Albert iuerth, Bobbv Pair, Bubber Qui,-- Louie Perkerson, Charlie Sanders. Harry Arthur, and Jim Cl.iv. All of the letter-winners except fr.ur placed 100 minutes or more. Shaw. Arthur. Richards, .md Clay were " ..u basis of service to team or for four years Also the arded lett rv Irvin. Mavsev and Dan . Klntv ' R ' ■ ' . 4iJt I |! Ml I S 1939 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Octnbt Mlr,- 1).. (ktuk-r 14 Howard October 21 Vandcrbilt October 28 Auburn Novfmber 4 November II November IS November 25 December 2 . . . Duke in Kentucky ii: Alabama at Hir Florida at ( " , Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta Atlanta niilirbam linesville (Jeorijia in Atlanta January 1 Missouri at Miami ck ■ Murphy holding poit-morte Saturday night 33 " H . Ca -. Pllini TIIP] FlliST WHISTLE KOHIIKT 1S(). . P.iul. ll..l, skill a. ,, hali-cariiLT. Iiis sped, ami his strength on defense is familiar to wlm Teili plax tins vcar. Ison made the Hearst All-Ameri- oan lii-st team ; ilu- LV V. all S. i;. L ; Ihe A. P. ail S. E, C. ; and the All-Bowl eleven. IIOWARO I ' .CTOR, Hack. I ' xtnr is the tnp ihiiiker r,f what is cmceded t.) he the siiiartesi team in the loop. Ihnvard made the U. P. all S. L C. ; the Hearst all S. E. C. ; and was ,.tid the S, I- " .. C. most valnable player. U(:)BERT (PUCK) Ml ' RPHV. Back. A consistently fine performer. Buck was easily the ontstandinK defensive plaver on the team. He .stood out in the .-Mahama and Duke yames Bnck made the Hearst all S. E. C. ; and the A. P. all S. E. C. squad. WILLIAM I HILLY) r.lRSD.V. (,„ .•. Plavins? his last vear, Billv was hampered hv a had knee, llow.-iir his uarlx play, especially in tile X ' aiiderhilt game, established him ,- •i ., — n . -|:iL I ILWVKi C.WLTTi:. Guard. Hawk besides being a mainstav in the line was the kicker lor the te.iin His play in the Mi-soun game was especially good. TOP TO BOTTO Ison, Muiphy. EcK Cavclte. V MW S ' JOHX (IIIILXXVi PUSCH. Hack. Althunyh ..nlv a sophomore, lolnmv was the sparkphin ,.t Ihe He «as place.l on the All-Boul team as the outslanding quarter- hack pkmiis; in the howl ■j.mies. JLM WRK.HT, Cc, feiise and stood ont in goo.k Jll bulwark o .eiuial lo th l-:STON CTARZ.VXl L. CK1A ' , Tackle. . p,i«erliil liiicin.Mi wh.i « snccess of the team. Tar .ni loo,l ,iut in the Ibike and X..lre Dame g.nnes (,L.l iKi.L. ' i;Ul:, ; " !, . Big and rangv, (George was a line defensive as well .as offensixc plajer. He pla cd uell in tile . labama game. ROBERT (BUTCH) AOIlKHOLI ), iiiiard. Playing his first year on the varsity. Butch won his spurs In his never ending fighi. The .Vuhnni and Notre Dame games were his best CHARLES (GENER. L| WOOL). Tackle. As a tackle. The General was one of Tccb ' s Iiest. His play in the Notre Dame game was ontstanding. ROY GOREE. Back. Roy was noted for his fine place-kickmg and abililv to pick up that extra yard when needed. He was ontstanding in the ' aiiderhilt game. ROBERT (BOBBY) BEERS. A good pas; at all times. He stood out in the .Vnburn game. 1-:. RL WHl ' lBY. Back, (nxc ihe Wliebe an iilav in the Alabama game was oiiist, Hiding. er and a fast runner made Bobby a threat inch start and Tech has .scored a.gaiu. His 1 »9i£. irtlcrt on end afound against Gcorgii I TEill IIESIillll (i OF ITS iME RO.-WE BEARD, Center. Roane held down the center spot well, where he shone on defense. The Notre Dame game was his best. ROBERT (BOBBY) P. IR. Back. Bobby, another sopho- more, was a fleet- looted back who by the end of the season was one of the regnlars. The Florida game was all Pair. CHARLES SANDERS, Guard. Charlie does a yeomanhke job of backing up the line and is a capable kicker. As he is only a sophomore his future is bright. Charlie played well in the .-Mabania and the Kentucky games. PHILLIP (BO) RICHARDS. Guard. Bo started his first game against Georgia and because of his fine play that day he earned a place on the Orange Bowl squad after lour years of scrubbing. S. B. (SLIM) SUTTON ' . Ceuh-r. A product of the Tech reserve team. Slim earned playing time in nearly every game. He played well in the Notre iiame game. - V » . -■| j_ GENE (BUCK) SHAW, Back. Buck is a real triple threater in that he can dropkick. pass, and block exceptionally well. He stood out in the ' anderbilt game. ALBERT (RED) MUERTH, Tackle. Playing his first col- lege game against Notre Dame, Red earned his spurs in grand style. He played in every game after that, reaching his peak against Florida. ELMER DYKE, Guard. Elmer started out as a guard and had indifferent success until switched to tackle where he was a standout. Rugged and courageous, he was at his best against Duke. PAUL SPRAYBERRY. Hud. Paul has all the attributes that make a good end : ambition, fight, and ability. He played well against Vandy. JOE BARTLETT. F.nd. Con erted to an end at the start of the season. Joe fast developed into a standout flankman. Joe was the best end on the field during the Uuke game. Ison ron ps thiough the Vandy Elc ika Bosch males fifte Trailing- hv a score nt 17-7 Little r.ihnnv H.,sc!l tossed a str ta.le.l an.l the laekets ' Jiance « It the start ,.t the ke to Boh IsoM wh. ■com! halt, the lacket made a uro.s lateh t.i Notre Dame 17; ' IVt 1 I I 11 PRE-CONFERENCE GAMES NOTRE DAME The ' I ellou Jackets he an their l ' (! ' ) tuotball season on ( )i toher 7 in South Bend a-amst the " Kifihtin ' Irish " troni Notre Dame. Althoui;h the lackets came out on the short end of a 17-14 score, the :.;ame was one full of thrills and chills and until the final u histle the « inner was in douht. Tech struck like light- ning in the first period, suf- fered a relapse in the second, battled evenly in the third, and completely dominated the play in the fourth period. that nearlv won the game. pass to (iihson cle.u on the 20 HOWARD I he sec(tnd game of the season as played on Grant Field in Atlanta on ( )ctoher 14 against Howard trom B ' ham. The Jackets defeated Howard 35-0 in a game that saw the Jackets hit the stride that they were to keep for the remainder of the season. For the first three periods Tech could score only twice, hut in the fourth period the dam hurst with Tech scoring three touchdowns in ten plays. The team was obviously taking things easy after the terrific Notre Dame battle of a week ago, but certain elements of play ccuild not he disguised. The punting of the Jackets was superb, the quick-kick- ing better than good, and the ofiense was clicking in such a way as to make the co.iches grin. I ' inal score: Tech .?5; How.ird 0. Ector Ihtouqh center for five yards, stopped by McAfee of Dule I T m] k M k II F F ! NON-CONFERENCE GAMES DUKE ' IVch 1. I ' icld sf a heartbr vo superb teams, iti the pink ot mental and physical ccinditlnn. fi.uyht it out brilli the greatest crowd that football has assembled in Atlanta since 1926. Those presei [rgin, thin as a badly worn dime of 1892 vintage, represented the merits of play. The slender margin fails to tell the thrilling story of Tech ' s fourth-period onslaught with the mo attack which carried all the way from Tech ' s 23 down to Duke ' s 17. There on the fourth down " Cowboy " Shaw n empt to dropkick the three points that would have meant victory for the home forces. However, it failed and the rrtlv thereafter. Kinal score: Duke 7; Tech 6. footb: in the presence Duke 7-b. The 11 of the day — ide a desperate ame was over CONFERENCE GAMES KENTUCKY Georgia Tech ' s ball-handling wizards turned in their four-star special on .November II by tumbling Kentucky from the ranks of the un- defeated grid teams. Led by hard-running, pass-shagging. Rob Ison. who played the greatest game of his career, the ' WUow Jackets successfully won their third conference game. Ison personally accounted Inr the two Jacket touchdowns ; one on a 2S-yard end-around, the other on a pass from Hosch. The entire Tech team played great ball Captain .Murphy and Ectr.r played tine defensive ball »hile C;ihs.)n and Bosch did some neat running and passing. Hawk Cavettc, the old reliable, was a starulout in the line and his punting was better than good. Kentucky ' s touch- down cnme with only two minutes left as a result ot a drive that carried 79 yards in two plays. Kinal score: Tech 13: Kentucky 6. Ecto, 30c fof another first do (if CONFERENCE GAMES ALABAMA leili ' s li-lit bnu ' MJe fmallv cnqm-n-d th.- played HI H ' ham ,,11 NovriiiK-r IS. It u ,is the e Um Jackets ' first victury since IV.U and it J ■Jl(ll lu l wi.n. It w a lathi-r early in the lirst quarter that Tech put iiver the »inniii- t.iurhdi.un. A pass tnmi B.isch to Wheby was cimipleted tn the 10-yard liiie where the " Whehe " did some fancy sidestepping and jitterhusising finally to ease over the goal with the precious si points that meant victory tor Tech. Alabama trjught back gallantly after the Tech touchdown and it took everything the Jackets had on the deteUM- t,, Mt tight on the lid and hold the Crimson ' 1 ide m check. The laurels tor peitormance must go to little Johnnv Bosch. .Not only did he pass in his usual matchless fashion, but he did some brilliant b.iU carrnnu as uell. The old reliable Captain liuck Murphy continued to ring the bell with a uhale ot a defensive ball game: m t.ict the entire Tech team phned inspired tootb.ill. I ' lnal score: Tech 6; Alabama (1. FLORIDA The ' I ' elluw Jackets unleashed a powerful land and air attack to score three touch- downs in the first half and spoil the University of Florida ' s homecoming at Gaines- ville .November 24. Tech scored first in a thrill-packed opening quarter which saw the Gators of Josli Codv come b.ick and deadlock the count on a tricki for i :ird p:iss plav. However, the l.ickets settled dimn m the second period and talbed t« ice more before the li.ilf got them. lie Orange Ho« 1 committee looking on. the golden-clad Tech , strutted Its stuff on .1 tew- pl.iys, but more often i ere content to play straight toot- hall in protecting their 14-point margin. It was in this game that sophomore Bobby Pair got his big chance and he went to town. Other outstanding Tech phners Red .Muerth and Hawk Cavette. Final score: Tech 21: Florida 7. i . CONFERENCE GAMES VANDERBILT The X ' anderliilt game at Crant Field in Atlanta on October Ji. was the Jackets ' first conference game. Led by Rilly Gibson, who pnt on a one- man show, the Jackets decisively defeated the Commodores 14-6. X ' anderbilt broiigh! one of the finest looking football teams that has been seen here in many a day, bnt tlie Jackets were quicker and slicker. Early in the second period the little men in mustard shirts got their .start when Gibson made an acrobatic catch of a pass to set up a touchdown which he later scored. Tech scored again in the third quarter on a pass from Bosch to Gibson to sew up the game. , It was evident at this point in the season and borne out by later events that Tech was out to set some kind of a record for a Tech team — namely to make all points after touchdowns. Tlte two conversions niaile b - Gorce in the ' anderbilt game left him witli the record of five con- versions out of five tries. Final score : Tech 14 : Vanderbilt 6. AUBURN In the Auburn game played in Atlanta on October 28, the Jackets placed their vaimted attack on display for one quarter, bnt it was long enough 1(1 win 7-6. For a considerable period of time after the first kickoff there were grave doubts in the minds of the Tech supporters that the end of the game would fin l the Gold and White banner on top. Before tlie hall_ended Auburn had scored six points, threatened seriously to score .igain, and had made eight first downs to two for the home team. ' l ' ] , The second half saw a different Georgia Tech team take the field. Late in the third (juarter tlie Jackets started to roll and on the first play Ml the fourth cpiarter Tbnvard F.ctor dove over the line to tie the score. Roy Goree split the crossbars with a perfect boot to put the Jackets ..nt in front. Tech led in first downs 13 to and out-rushed the Tigers - ' ,?o yards to jor. Final score: Tech 7; . nbnrn ii. GEORGIA Klitional game with Georgia played in .Atlanta on cUow J,- ckets demonstrated their cham- ler by defeating the Bulldogs 13-D. The plnng- backs kept the Jackets on the defensive until ly in the second (piartcr when Johnny Bosch crossed the 1 line on a right tackle slant after a forty-yard drive by or. Ison, Bosch, and Bartlctt. Later, after the hard- chari. ' ing Bulldogs had disabled half of the varsity squad. the Jacket reserves came on to assure victory with another score, holding the fast Georgia hacks in check. In the second half, the tightness of the Tech defense was displayed by the fact that Georgia only made one first down. Uoscli. Beers. W ' heby. Pair, and Bates all perft)rmcd notably in the Tech liackfield. but it was " Iron Man " Cavctt who was the star of the show. With the Georgia vii lory safely tucked away under their belts, the Velloi Jackets had just completeil their most successful can paign in many years. Final score : Tech 13 ; Georgia ' hold nst Kenti E cry Jacket who ti« k llu ' held in the unaccus- loiiKil hlue jerseys was a liLici t ' l the 34,000 fans wliM |....kc(l on, but Boh U.Mi. cine of tlic greatest ,ill-n.„na in Tech ' s hi the l.nlhant and p..i-e.l liiilc li.hnuv l;.i ch. lail-h;Lck ami parkplng. ami llu- brainy ,inil indisiiensalilc How- .iril F.ctnr, wh.i plavccl 5 niinnles. were clearly out- standing. It was a nip and tuck battle all the way, lint Ihe jackets bad too unicb on the ball for the ■■ llllw me bovs " from ole Ml yon. Final score: Tech Jl ; Missouri 7. SUDDEN STOP Murphy (39) and Ison co- operate in bringmj down Hydron, of Missouri, after the latter made a short gam through the line. - i iiiiii a wot J F II II T II [] F II F N II 11 F Tlic " Baby Jackets " of 1939 were a team hard hit hy hick from the start of the season to the linish. Having sche(hile l a game witli the Flying Cadets of llie Naval Air Station at Pensacola, Florida, the team made the trip down and upon arriving foinid the weather in no condition to allow the Cadets to play football. After staging a hard tight against a superior Anbnrn freshman eleven, lite Baby Jackets had to admit that they were whippcil, but not too discouraged to put up a glorious b.attle against the Bullpups. On the usual cold and snowy day of Thanks- giving, the Baby Jackets of Georgia Tech lined up against the BuUpnps of the Univer- sity of Georgia. Sports writers and specu- lators had very firndy predicted a fifty to nothing defeat of tlie Baby Jackets, but with fine moral support and hard playing the. cut the defeat down to thirty to nothing: thereby winning a moral vict iry of twenty to nothing. The Geotg.a Game at T H E FRESH MAN TEAM N " . C. I)K. N . Coach U. G. Ci siiixG . .Isxistai 1 Coach THE PLAYERS F. B. Aii.NMs . . (,M, r J Rlll.N . . Back ;;. Al.H.MUFK . , Tactic S. 1.. mi-ekt Tackle T.t;. Aniikksox . . Tackle W. V. Lou.vx . . . End K. K. AwTKi- V . Guaril J. n. Lynch Guard 1. C. Bk.mifokd . Back S. A. Lyons . Tackle p. W. Brown . . Hack W.J. M, RCIN . Guard V. T. C.AKDEX . . Tackle J. A. .M.VRSll.M.I. . End V. R. Cn.XNUI.tK Tackle R. V. M. RTIN Back l.I ' . CcKlK . . Center I ' . ' . .MoKKiSS . Guard 1). 1). D.M.TOX Back C. R. Morr . . Back M. R. Dempster . . Back I. W. Mover Guard R. 0. I)(II)D . . Back S. Olek .... Tackle S. . . Dressin . Guard R.J.Owen . . Tackle ll.i.. FlIOE . . . F.nd P.P. P.VCE . . . . R. W. GoREE . . . End J. T. Porter . . Tackle S. R. C.R. XI1ERKV . r.iid n. 0. S.sviNi . . Back 1. K. H.VN.OCK . . Back G. C. SCHROEPER . . Back S. ll. NI . . . . Back R.W. SHEi.noN . Hack J. R.Heru . Guard V. Stein . . . Hack R.H.Johns . Back B.L. Wood . . Ccnier H. E. KlLOORE . Guard J. S. Wright Tackle by Jackets entertain children (torn the Scottish Rite Hospital. II n k ET I! I L L TKCIIN XKISIIi (l r II K II 1 1! II IV II II II CAPTAIN HAVMANS U ' hcn tlic haski ' thall team (if l ' )4u came out (Hi the " l- ' lats " tn open the season It scemeil a wistful hope that the wdiiKl ea) ' e a ei- lartje niehe in tile Southern Conference seheilule. llaxmans, 1 lushes, anti Brvant were tlie onU lettermen back from the I ' )} ' ) season and, with the exception of Binrouglis anil Burpo, the rest were all Sopho- more Hopefuls, initrieil in the excitement and pressure of a bit; ijame. 1 lowe er Coach Mun- dorf took them in hand and. with I la nians. Georgia finds it tough goifig f f f f) ii ' f ' ik BURROUGHS new Sopliii- I a luimlicr DUijlit luird marjjin ot tridc and in tlii.- first five Hughes, ami I5r an as a nuclcns. lornKti a stuatiy anti tiglith ' knit team. It was soon seen that the mores had the tire and eooperation tliat is tvpieal ot a ellow Jacket varsity in any sport. In our opening game at Columliia w ith tlie Soutli Carolina Gamecocks Coach Muniiort usei of different combinations in order to find the best of our new material. .Mthough the Jackets t thev were as vet a little ragged and the game ended with South Carolina in front bv the narrow B the second game of the season the new men seemed to lia e found their minutes of the tirst half built up a lead over ' anderbilt that held throughout the game and brought us in ictorious in the tirst home game played. Captain Hay- mans was the backbone of the team and scored 1. of the winning points. Our next game was with Florida, a team of more superior skill and experi- ence than ours. In spite of this however it was a close game and it was not until the last few minutes that Floriila broke through with their long shots from the middle of the court to win. It was in this game that the Sophomore, Lewis, began to come forwartl with his ability to shoot those dlfHcult shots from a tight posi- tion. As the tirst half endeil in the next game Mississippi l ' ni ersitv was leading 25-22, although we hail pulleii up from a 16-polnt lag ot the tirst ten minutes. In the secontl half Lewis and Johnson found a clicking combination ami brought us ahead to win bv a score ot 5(t-. 9. Lewis and Johnson turneil in a score of 15 points each. Who said our team was green? In the fifth game plaved our luck did not hoKl and we were defeated bv a fast-mo ing and shifty five from Athens town. Although we scored the last 7 points ot the game, Georgia had built up too large a figure for us to match and the tinal score was, (ieorgia 46, lech M. At the close of the . labama game wc were still on the w rong side of the score with onlv ,H to .Mabama ' s 52. In spite of the fact that Lewis shot 1. points the eterans of . labama out-maneuvered us with a superior team and left the Jackets feeling pretty The team next dropped down to do battle with the boys from L. S. U. in the gay city of Ni blue. w ( )rleans. 1l hnii nmw The did Tech spirit seemed to come back to the Jackets and the put o er the upset of the season hy defeating; the Tiijers. Captain Flavmans phiveii the fair-haired b() tor Tech by dropping a beautiful basket from the middle of the court in the last hall second ot the game to t;i -e us the top- side score ol ,H-.t3. The team next journeved o er to the Tulane campus w iiere the strain of a three-day trip seemed a little ton much for the bovs, for the game with Tulane was our low point ol the season. The heartbrcakmg score at the hrial gun was Tulane M. Tech 25. . fter the Tulane episode the jackets rallied and came back with a three-game win against - u- burn, anderbilt, and Duke. rile highlight of the g.ime with . uburn was the wcM ' k of Lewis who sh n 21 points, while Burroughs brought up his point a erage In shoot- ing I I points, rile other 20 points were prettv well distributed antl brought us a score of . " .i to .Vuburn ' s , " ! 1 . In the anderbilt game " Bone ,iril " Johnson and Lewis tied in pcunts with a score of 14 each, and as the ending gun was tired Tech l.u ' The whole Tech team was plaving fine ball that night and sent the ' .ind ' Bovs home with a score of il-} ' to w(irr about. Coach Mundorf shifted Lewis to a guard position in the Duke game and it seemed a wise mo e lor we beat the last Duke team li a score of 41-.i5. .Mthough we came out on top at the last it was a hot and fast g.imc and kept the spectators on their feet most ol the time. . ' (IF lllSkmilLL Our next ii;;unc was on the (jcoriria campus where wc were de- feated by a fast team of Bulldogs. The Jackets got off to a slow start anil at the half the score was .11-12 in favor of the Red and Black. .Although we swung into stride in the second half and scored 16 points, it was not enough to win and the game ended with the score of 40 {or the Georgia boys and ft)r the Jackets. II 1 N k I T I! I L L Ddun 111! tlic " I ' lats " ;iL;ain c pi-( to iiicct the onslaught i the l ' ,i (ii ' itcs I rum the I51ui- drass iiiiinti- . In what was one of the most e eltinf games of the season we again pulled an upset out ol the hat to astound the experts and routed Kentucky by a score III 44-,i ' . It was a liarti-fought game all the way with an almost tied score until the last two minutes. Then Tech put on a tinal spurt and made the ti c winning pi ints. )ur Imal game was with the Aulnirn ligers at their home tort. It was a nip and tuck g.ime all tlie wa with the lead changing hands ti e times in the last h e minutes of the game. When the hnal gun tired the lead was Tech ' s but the Jackets were doomed to disappoint- ment because Auburn was allowed two free attempts for a technical lowl. The . uburn man sunk the twd baskets along with otir hopes and brought their Imal score to a lead of .V)- X. . s we went into the tournament ho|)e was high iur the Jackets lor the had lost oiiK se en games .ind had won an e |ual number. They were, iiowever, quickly met with disappointment tor we drew the fast and cagy five from Ten- nessee as our first opponents. Tiie Tennessee coach had to admit that his boys played an inspired game to defeat us; though we scored more points against them than any other team to that point in the schedule they retired us from the tournament by a victory of 55-43. The cynics may complain that we had a poor season but for my part I ' ll say — We beat the Tourna- ment Champs from Kentucky, didn ' t we? eURKOUSHS iL l!l:l!l IIISKIIIL rndt-r till- abli- cdaLlilntj of Bohhy DoiKi the lO.V) haschall team came thniiif li in doJ turni. TIil- end iil the scascm louiui the ' ellciw jacket squail with a number (it impdrtant uins and many CAPTAIN " BILLy " GIBSON m kM %) . lettermen t ' ni- the next seasmi. Billy dibsiin, captain ol the ' )V team, pr(i cd to he all the hoys had ex- pected ot him hv hatting just (i ei- .4110. Due to the first two series hein; road trips and a late start on practice the team ilid not come out on top in a lew of the heL;inninL; ,u;ames. Nowcxer, the team showed consiilerahle improxement as the season went on and (in from such teams as N ' andcrbilt. N ' axal Air Station, and ( lem-gia. FLORIDA -.«. ._. The opeiiinu; series of the ear took place on I ' lor- ida ' s home field. I ' lorida won both ij;ames, the first hy a seiM-e of 1 4 to 2 and the second by 5 to .v AUBURN The second series of the season also bcini; a road trip, the team did little better than the opening games. Tech lost both games, the first 5 to 2 and the second 1 I to .V VANDERBILT . third road trip, h,i ing et to play at home, the team showed im[iro enient for all the team. Tech lost the first game 12 to ,i hut came back to win the hrst g.imc of the se.ison against ' aiuierbilt 7 to .i. SOUTH CAROLINA l ' nbelie -able as it ma - sound, the fourth series o| the, .is were all the preceiiing series, was a road trip. This trip took the road-sick team eyen further from home to South Carolina .it Columbia. I ' ecii lost the first game ' ) to 7 hut came hack strong to win the second 12 to 4. ALABAMA This was one da when .i rain check was ,is good .is gold. Tech leading 1 to (I when the game was called on account ol rain. VANDERBILT Teeb dropped another to anilerhilt to gi e X ' .irulerbilt the series. The score 111 to 4. " n; 1 N in ' . . . COACH DODD AUBURN ry ' jl ii ' TiK. s.,„ul scn.s ; f With Auburn pn.vol JjT " S nil til V . A " 1 to I ami the scioiul 5 HUME fullenlove tu 4. NAVAL AIR STATION This scrii-s with the N,i al Air Station pro eii to be (]uirc succes sful for Tech. The ' I ' cllow jackets wen both names, the lirst S to ami tite second ' ) to 6. PRESBYTERIAN COLLEGE The tirst of the t ame was rained out before the end of the hrst inning, with Tech in the lead alread 2 to H. ' I ' he second game Tech won in fine style by a score of 111 to 4. GEORGIA The closing series of the year with deorgia as opponent showed the team IkuI come a long wa during the year. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets won the tirst game of the Cieorgia scries by a score of 9 to 3. The next week end it lost two games to (ieorgia, the lirst 2 to II and the second 1 1 to 2, to give (jcorgia the series. iJi.i i - d ' icn (| THE ,, , . aiw» «- CHIVINGTOI FL NT WILKINS BUSBEE PERKERSON Ih. Arr.l Apnl Apr.l Apr April Apr itiNKitiLL m mu 14. IS . . . , Aiibiir 17. IS . . , . N.ishvill 21. 22 . . . Columbi , . . Atlant 29 . . . . . . Atlant , 2 . . . . . Atlant b . . . . . Atlant S, 9 , . . . . Atlant 1 . . . Atlant y . . . Allien 20 . . . . - . Atlant H JM £1 1 J " II 1 1 II II II l!|:|!| NO I III HlRl ' o . lirslHasr tlilSiiV S.conil littU- ! Cavkttk I ' llcher CinvjNnTox I ' itclur C " )RlilTT I ltihtr KcT.iR Center I- ul,l ' yst Third Base CIRSON Short Slop (lll.MtR ... l- ' ieliter 11 ITT l- ' leliler lldl.l.KV VlllllS llrcilES Plleher JnllxSON Ri„hl Field . Il l)V Vlilily Ol.ivi-.K I ' llcher I ' krkf.rson Left Field PlTT. l. N Fielder Sll.wv Catcher S ' nORHIFS Seeond liiise WlI.KIXS Center Field CORBETT WHEBy PAGE - -■ al T R 1 e The tiMck schedule for 1040 is pioh.ihlv ihe h:ir(.iest the team has faced in a ;(H)d many ears. Prospect s tor winning; more than three ot the meets are iincei-tam. The hiss of Belcher is a handicap that wdl not COACH GRIFFIN he casiK " oNercomc. Due to the tact Weeks and I ' eehles, the two hest pole aulters and high jumpers we ha e had at Tech in a number ol ears, withdrew from school makes the outlook onl - tair. The outstandiriL; men returning; are Beals, in the i|uarter mile, 22(1 and broad jump: Small, in the mile and h.df mile; Mcduire, in the h.dl mile and mile: i ' laxico. in the hurille races: Bartlett, in the weight e ents: Manle , in the two mile. These form the nucleus of the team. .Sophomores coming up look well are Pair, in the dashes: R:ibin, m the ijuarter ami h.ilf : Cash, in the mile .iikI two mile: Webb, in the discus .ind ja elin: captain ■ artie- small Sanders, in the siiot; Braddy and .MacManus, in the high jump. There are great possibilities that Coiiper, Bryan, Scott, Clift ami Whitney, l ' :irks, (i(M-ee, H:i ni:ins, .Miinim.i .uid DriscoU will de -elop fast enough to pro e of gre:it :ilue to the team this e:ir .iiul the success of the ilepends a great dc:il upon their impro eiiient. .Vrtie Small, l ' )4il Captain: T. M. M.mlcv. 10411 .Mternate Captain: Belcher, Captain ' .V). now gradu- ate student, won (lOII-yd. ch.mipionsliip, .M:idison Squ;ire (i.irdcn. New ' ork City, h ' ebruary, 104(1. TRACK SCHEDULE April 6 University of . l.ih:im.i s. Georgia Tech . pril 1, University of llorid.i s. deorgia Tech . pril 2(1 Georgia Tech s. L ' ni -ersity of Mississippi . pril 27 deorgia Tech s. Cnixersity of deorgia May 4 deorgia Tech s. Wmderbilt at Nashville May 11 (ieorgia Tecli — .Auburn .Meet — both ' arsity and I reshmen FIRST ROW: Bartlett K r ( i Q SARTun l Tun-mill Run . . . Mani.iv, Cash. Huckman. Sttton-, Rankixe. Seay One-mile Run MiCii iRL. Hooper, Smam., Cash Half-mile Run Smai.1.. Miiriian, BEt.cHtR, Clarence. Coi ' Rsen Quarter-mil, Run. Hi M.S. XiNABi.E. KsTES, Whitnev. Rabin. Minima. Pi.axico 220- ,i. Dusli. Pair. Soitt. Ijuals. Harks. Clift. DiThil. Kstes. Rabin UV-yiint Diiih Pair. Beals. Scott, Parks. Estes. Venabi.e Ui, h Hurdles Plaxico. Brvan. M.acIntvre Lou- Hunllei Plaxici). Brvan. MacIntvre Broad Jump BfAi.s, Scnrr. Brady High Jump Brady. MacManis. Driscoi.i. I ' lile Vault (ioRFE, H.WMANS Javelin WtBB. Wood. BiAi.s. Barti.ett. Stcart Oiseus Webb. Wood. Barti.ett. Sanders Slioi Put Barti.ett, .Arthi r. Wood. Sanders ALTERNATE CAPTAIN MANLE FIRST ROW; Hooptf, KauHman. Le- Cra«. SECOND ROW: MacManus. Mauley, McGuire. THIRD ROW: Mor- jan. Parks, Plaiko. FOURTH ROW: Rabin. Ranklnc, Sandcrt. FIFTH ROW: Scoll, Sutton, Whilne,. SIXTH ROW: Webb, Wood. USKIRK, GARLAND IEW IS TEllI I ' . 1 1. B iKii 1 1., r;,„„ , COACH BORTEL THE SQUAD Ri ssi.i,: B( i;i;iTi I ' li " Hi skirk Jim (iARi.Asn (il ORGK (iK Nil M Will jnll S(i Cl I AK 1 1 S L I C RAW L ' li R I I s I J iis LfJ by Captain Russell Bi.hbltt, the Jacket iictnicn this vcar will attempt to uphold tile spleiulkl i-eemd niade by past leeh tennis teams. Last ear a Teeh team, eomposeil mainlv of sophomores, emei ' Ljed third in the c ' onterenee, and with praeticallv the same team this veat much is hoped tor. In the S. 1 ' ,. C. ' rournament last year the team of Hobbitt and l.indsav lou,L;ht their wa ' t.. the tmals in the doubles only to lose a heartbreaker, and then the same sort of luck followed Hobbitt who lost in the smiles semi-linals after winning the same event the year before. help from (,raham, Win Huskirk. Johnson. Carland, and l.e Craw and other members of the team shouKI assure Tech of a r.mkinu in the conference this year. March 25 . pril 1 . April } . April 6 . April 1. April 211 April 2} April 26 April 27 May 4 . May 0, Id, II THE SCHEDULE Haxidson in . tlanta Presbyterian In . tlanta . 1.. .S. I ' , in . tlanta . in luscaloosa . Morida In . tlanta . Georgia in , tlanta . Alabama in . tlanta Vanderhllt in Naslualle Kentiiek in LeNinijton (leorijla in - thens rournament in Sewanee •tM iL n n y n R. I ' . MnKl.M S CiHuh BcH; l.l.vix Manann- , „„ _ CAPTAIN IVEY THE TEAM Stk i. Bakiiia I i k I i . ( ' .apiatu Bnr, 1I i, ; ki T. p. T. i.i.i:v Ckau, 1) i OTHER MEMBERS Urcii WRiciirr Akimi k W aim Carl Kiismw I. j. (ii Ksm.N Jami.s Si I RR(n K Kai.1 ' 11 Si II I Rill Aiiiung all the iTiiimr sports, none is so strong as fencing, and as a result the I ech 1-encing Team is one of the strongest in the South. L ' pon completion of their 1940 season it was found that they had lost two matches and had won seven. This year ' s fencing team was composed almost entirely of lettermen from last year ' s squad; those members being Davis, Ivey (captain), Bartha, and Tatley. Bob llaggart. a member of last year ' s S(|uad but not a letterman, completed the team. At the tournament to be held at the University of Xorth Carolina on April 4, 5, ami U. Tech is fa -ored to win the meet. THE SCHEDULE I ebruary 5 ' anderbilt 1 ehruary 10 tlanta Fencing Club 1 ebruary 17 University of (jeorgia I ebruarv 24 Fort Benning March 1 Universitv of Kentuckv March : X ' anderbilt March 9 Fort Benning March 29 University of Kentucky .March . 0 University of (ieorgia .April 4, S, 6 . Tournament at Uni ersity of North Carolina iLc (iiiiJKn I). N ■. ll S E. H. Di;nxim)N, Coach THE TEAM I ' kank I J (,i; ( il l HK ' ihjK ]5i)i; I ' lliiMl ' Siix I 1 Ki II n I I IIKINI, 1 |l l Cl A ' l This Vf.ii- ' s Ccill " ■I Mni. strciiLitlu ' iKil In the i-ctuni n ( ,cne Brd.iks, Dan ' I ' atcs, Jack Conk. I rank 1 a ' ij;,u. and Bcih ' rhnnipson. all nicinhfrs nf last car ' s squad, is expected tn liaxe a sueeesstiil se.ismi. . t the end (if the I ' i ' ) seasiin when all |-esiilts been tahulated, it was fimnd that Teeh li.ul nearly split e -en in iii.iti,hes pl.ixed — wain .V Inst 4. 1 lii e -ei- the team leil this year In " D.m Vates, one cit " the i, ' iiltin,i; Yates, t;nt iiH tn .1 i;n(id stait In he.itinL; I ' ln-diie in .i si -nian ni.iteh, .md frcmi tlie results (if early season pla - slnHild iln er ' well. March 25 March All April fi . Apr . pr Apr . pr Apr Apr . pr Mav 4 Mav I 1 I 1-12-1.1 15 U. 2o 26 HE SCHEDULE I ' lirdue in . thint.i Tennessee in Know die .Vlabaina in I ' uscdodsa . lKh!i;an in . tlanta ' rdurn.imenr in . thens I lorida in . tlanta l.diani,i in Atlanta Tennessee in Atlanta ' andcrhdt in Nashville Kentuck in I.exiniaton (j ' corgia in Athens . Cieorgia in Atlanta T ] ( II II I II li I E n 1 he CrDSS-Countrv Team of (icorgia rccli lias, tor the past li e ears, literally been an invincible team. This year ' s team again walked awav with the Southeastern Conference Championship with plenty of margin. I.eii by " Artie " Small they ran themselves to victory in every match, which completes the fifth consecutive year without a defeat — few teams can boast such a record, but neither can they boast of a coach like Coach (ieorge (Irittin. The matches hekl were with Auburn, (ieorgia. L nnersity ot Alabama, and Tennessee. All matches were a complete victory, ami the cippoiients made no showing whatsoever. C. I.. Fi:i.L F. Di.Nnv MANAGERS R. Ri ' iMiins V. Sll AKAIKJN ' hfjj net MEMBERS J. P. Adams R. F. AiKKi) ]. T. .Vndrkws C. H. Bates W. F. Bix K C. 1 ' .. Br.i.t iii:r C. I.. Bi I ( 111 K R. F. Cash . B. Cl-AKK F. ' . C(M KSKX K. W. DlIKMAX V. B. FSTKS F. . F IvZZAKI) R. V. Fi KcrsdN R. !,. I ' lNKii.sriiN j. R. (.OKIKIX 1). A. illl KMA (.. C. Mu Ks M. 1 . lii.nn K 1. F. l i j. P.. I. IMS S. I ' . K ( I I MAN M. F. Ki LiA W. p. . h(,i-iKr, J. V. . F.K(.A T. H. M(iK( N 1 ' . n. Ml Ki ' in C. I). I ' ASl IIAI. W. IF Pi Ml N C. A. N. R WKINK V. R. SiAV . . H. Smali. T. (i. SriiMi-.R (i. . l. St mis S. M. W ' niTNKV »»• , c 4fi 9 fH Jr fMiff ,jyS N )V I II II I (i T s I II Ikid I. win I. . ' l KM jdll Sl)N I ' lji Ai ' .iii HiKI ANDl.KhOV Dii K Axni ' .RSDN l)i( K Batis l5iKK I 1(IW. R|) Dl XlAN ' . Cn,„h M iiitiuur THE SQUAD Swi HlUHINS ANin Sl ' KKO Bii.i. I IrniiiNsciN ■ Bill; Srrxrz JiM l.M ' IIKI H Rl)l.l1 ' aN ArMIAI.E Cil.NI. MllNM ' llKI Al, ' l 1,1 F. II. Smith H. O. ' kii ( il-l). SlKADrMAX ' Rcivivi-.l U-IKT L ' luicr the able tiitciagc ni C ' nach Frcdilif l.anouL-, the suinimint, ' jackets eompleteil a suceessful I ' Md seascm iii March 22-l by phicini; fourth in the S. V.. C. meet iielii in Atlanta. .Mthdu fh the team h)st most of the meets in which it participated, it was a team not without its stars. Dick Bates, free style swimmer and holder ot the (ieorL;ia Tech pool record, and Howard Duncan, S. !■ ' ,. C. dixini; cliampion, were easily the outstand- iiil; men on the W ith a new pcjol anil this year ' s team composed mainU ' of sophomcnes the future of the swimmint; team looks bri.dit. THE 1940 SCHEDULE .liui.iry _ ' FmoiA ' , won bv b ' mor ' lehruary 5 Kentucky, won b Kentuck February (Georgia, won by tjeorgia February 12 Florida, won by Florida February 17 Duke, won by Duke Icbruary 24 Clemson, won b ' Clemson .March 2 Tennessee, won by Tech .M.irch ' ) uburn, won by Tech .March 2(1 L. S. L ' ., yon by F. S. L ' . .March 22-2 S. i;. C. Meet held at fieor ia Tech. d ' ech 4th place lint lllintTINniS: 1 T L 1 T I •Tin; III It (IF Tin: soi th " The tine business ririiis which you see represented in this section in our yearbook have aided very materially in the publication of this beautiful record of the treasured memories of days at old Georgia Tech. Such merchants are not only patrons of the school, but friends of the students as well. Georgia Tech loyalty will prompt the student to manifest its appreciation bv its patronage. The St.aff. i iin Til iiLu: nti T iiivektin n Page Pasc Atlanta Biltmore -... 5 LeBlanc ' s 28 Atlanta Seafood Company, Inc. -. 26 J. B. McCraty Engineering Corp. 28 Atlantic Steel Company - 19 Mion Construction Co. ....23 Baldwin ' s Drug Store .... 9 Mitchell Motors 21 Walter Ballard Optical Co 22 The David J. Molloy Plant 19 Same ' s inc. 9 Montag Brothers, Inc .-. 5 Boyhn Tool Supply Company 22 Nunnally ' s . 3 Capital Automobile Co 23 Original Waffle Shop 9 Carter ' s Lunch 26 The Penn Mutual Li fe Insurance Co.... 13 Coca-Cola Company .. 2! Photo-Process Engraving Co. 30 Conger Printing Company 2! Piston Ring Sales Co 24 Cox ' s . 26 Thomas Purse, Jr., Service Station 9 Dinlder Hotels 15 Robert and Company, Inc. 23 Dixie-Drive-it-Yourself-System . 24 Rogers Stores 9 Harry F. Dobbs, Inc 22 Thos. F. Rybert . 22 Drennon Food Products Co... 21 Schwartz ' s 24 Eastman Kodak Stores, Inc.... 13 The Schwob Co. 5 Foote Davies 3! The Selig Company 25 Foremost Milk 24 Sigmund Eisner Company 27 Fox Theatre 13 Smith Erwm 19 Fulton Supply Company 13 Southern Buick, Inc. 25 Gaspar-Ware Studios . . 29 Southern Life Insurance Company of Georgia 23 General Electric Supply Corporation 19 Spratlin, Harrington Thomas 5 Genuine Parts Company 21 A. E. Staley Mfg. Co. 13 Georgia School of Technology 7 Star Engraving Co. 24 Georgia Tech College Inn 17 Strother C. Fleming .. 28 W.H.Glenn.. 25 Superior Laundry 26 Herff-Jones Co 25 The Tech Shop, Inc 5 J. N. Hirsch 26 Techwood Theatre 9 Holzman ' s ... 5 Tennessee Egg Co., Inc. 9 Hurt Ouinn . 23 Tenth Street Dairy 24 Jacques Wolf Co. 22 J. M. Tull Metal Supply Co.. 23 Jersey Ice Cream Company, Inc 26 The Varsity 24 Emory Jenks 25 " Red " Vogt .... . 9 Kauffman Phillips 28 Walker Electrical Co 28 Kilby Steel Co. I I Chas. N. Walker Roofing Co 22 Knspy Kreme Glazed Doughnuts 26 The Wright Co. 24 York Recreation Parlor 26 The staff has taken the liberty of going back to an age-old custom of the days gone by and running a replica of the " Yellow Journal, ' brought up to date as much as possible. We know you will like the cartoons drawn by George Stewart, ' 41, but feel that we should put in a word of warning about the |okes. These quips and quibblings were taken from each and every old BLUE PRIMT since the gay nineties in the effort to show the type of humor to which the old boys were accustomed. This thirty-third edition of the BLUE PRINT again urges your support to the advertisers herein who not only offer outstanding goods and services, but have shown themselves to be interested in Tech and Tech students. 1 1 I f f It K r 1 1 T I II In behalf of the (Icorgia School of ' J ' echnology. we. the stutieiits, to thank the followini; firms for their wholehearted cooperation in making the cooperati e department of Tech such a success by employing students at the various plants. ' e want all these companies to know our appreciation of their service, and hope that it will continue through the ages. Dir. tinn Fimlcr Curp.. Clcarfieia. Anplaii,- Cv 1: I ' a. Ahibaiii.i Power L ' nni[ian . Binninuhani. .Ala. State lit Alabama Hi-huai Di ' i ' t.! Annivtnn aiul Miint- .i;omen . .Ala. .Alijernnn Blair diPistriKtinn C ' iiiiiii.ui . M nn f.;iiinerx , Ala. 1 he Aluminum Cn. ut .America. .Alma, I enii. American Car Fiiunilr Cimipany, Huntinjitim. V. ' a. American Enka Cnrpuration, Enka. N. C. -American Steel Wire Company, Pittsburgh. Pa. American Sugar Refining Co., New Orleans. La. Arkansas Natural Gas Corp., Shrevepnrt. La. .Arkansas Power Light Co., Pine Hluff, .Ark. Atlanta, Birmingham : Coast R. R. Co., Atlanta ami Fitzgerald, Cja. Atlanta, City of. Atlanta Gas Light Co. Atlanta Journal Radio Station WSB. A. W. " P. and Georgia R. R., Atlanta, Ga. Atlantic Coast Line R. R. Co., Waycross, Ga. Atlantic Steel Company, Atlanta, Ga. Bibb ALuiufacturimi Companv, Macon, (ja. Callaw.iy Mills, LaGr.inge, Ga. Calvert Iron Works. Atlanta, (la. Central of Georgia Railua , Savannah, Atlanta, . Liciin. Columbus, Ga. Certain-Teed Product- Corp.. Savannah, (la. Chicopee Mfg. Company, (lainesville, C a. Ciinchrield R. R. Companv, Eruin. Tenn. City of Columbus, Columbus, Ga. Columbus Mfg. Compan , Columbus, Ga. Continental Can Compan , Chicago, 111., and New ork N. Y. Crane ?2namelware Company. Chicago, 111. Davenport Hosier Mills, Chattanooga, Tenn. Dawes, Edgar E., Atlanta, Ga. DeKalb Ciiiinn, Decatur. ( ,a. E. L ilu I ' lint lie Nemours . Co., Inc., Old Hickorv, Tenn.. ami Charleston, W. ' a. F ' irestone Tire : Rubber Co. of Tennessee, Memphis, Tenn. City Electricity Dept.. Florence, Ala. Florida Power Corp., St. Petersburg, Fla. Fulton Bag Cotton Mills. Atlanta. Ga. F ' ldton Count)- Highway Engineer, Atlanta, Ga. General Electric Company, Atlanta. Ga. (leorgia Power Company, Atlanta, Ga. Georgia State Highway Board, Atlanta, Ga. Gibbs Gas Engine Co. of Fla., Jacksonvi lle, Fla. Gilman Paint Varnish Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. Goodyear Clearwater Mill No. 1, Cedartown, Ga. Goodyear Clearwater Mill No. 3, Atco, Ga. Grinnell Co.. Inc.. Atlanta. Ga. Harris Foundry Machine Co., Cordele, Ga. Hedges-Walsh-Weidner Co., Chattanooga, Tenn. Hercules Powder Company , Hattiesburg, Miss., Bessemer, Ala.. Bnmswick. Ga. The International Nickel Co., Inc., Huntington, W. ' a. Jones v: Laughlin Steel Corp., Pittsburgh, Pa. Kilb Steel Co., Anniston, Ala. Kinu Plow Co.. Atlanta. Ga. Lanett Bleacbery c D e Works. West Ponit, ( ia. Le ' Fourneau Co. of Georgia. Toccoa. Ga.. and K. G LeTourneau. Inc., Peoria, 111. Link-Belt Company. Atlanta, (ia. Lisbon Gasoline Co., Inc., Shre eport, La. Louisville s - Nashville R. R. C.,., LouisMlle, ls . .Macon (jas Conipan . Macon. ( la. The (Jlcnn L. .Martin Co., Baltimore, .Md. .Mississippi Power Light, Jackson, Miss. Mion Construction Co., Atlanta. Ga. Moncrief Furnace Co.. Atlanta, Ga. .Muscogee Mfg. Compan , Columbus, ( a. National (lypsum Compan , Savannah, ( Ja. North American Rayon Corp.. Elizabethton, Tenn. Northwestern Steel Wire Co., Sterling, 111. Pennsylvania-Dixie Cement Corp., Chattanooga. Tenn. Pepperell Mfg. Compan , ( pelika. Ala. Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.. Tampa, Fla. The Potter Co., North Chicago. 111. Pure Oil Companv, 01ne . Ill, Radio Station WMA.X. Macon, CJa. Republic Steel Co., Alabama City. Ala. Rotary Lift Co., Memphis, Tenn. F. S. Rovster Guano Companv. Macon, Ga. Seaboard ' Air Line R. R., Norfolk, ' a. South Carolina State Highway Dept., Columbia, S. C. Southern Bell lelephone iS; lelegraph Co., Atlanta, Ga. Southern Boiler Tank Works, Memphis, Tenn. Southern Kraft Corporation, Cidlend.ale, Ark. Southern States Portland Cement Co., Rockmart, Ga. Southern Wheel, American Brake Shoe Filr . Co., At- lanta, Ga. Standard Oil Co. of La., Baton Rouge, La. Stockbam Pipe Fittings Co., Birmingham. Ala. Swann iS; Co.. Birmingham. Ala. Tattnall Ci unt Prison. Reidsville, Ga. Tennessee Coal. Iron R. R. Co., Birminilham, .Ala. Tennessee Eastman Corp., Kingsport, ' I ' enn. Tennessee ' alle .AuthoritN . Knowille. Tenn. Citv of Thomasville, Water . .■ I.i-ht Dept.. Tbomasxille. Ga. Terrell Machine Co., Charlotte, N. C. Union Bag 5: Paper Corp., Savannah, Ga. C. S. Pipe Fdry. Co., Birmingham, Ala. V. S. Engineers. W,ashington, D. C Charleston, S. C Galveston, Texas, Huntington, W, Va., Jacksonville, Fla., Memphis, Tenn., Nashville, Tenn., Savannah, Ga., Wilmington, N. C. U. S. Gypsum Co., Plasterco, Va., and Jacks,,nville. Fla. V. S. Dept. of Interior — Geological Sur e . .Atlanta, (ja. U. S. Water Heater Co., Bessemer, Ala. L niversal-Cvclops Steel Corp., Bridgeville, Pa. West Point Fdry. 5; Mach. Co., West Point, Ga. Westinghouse Electric s ' Manufacturing Co.. Atlanta, Ga. Vest aco Chlorine Products, Inc., South Charleston, W. ' a. Whitney Mtg. Compam , Whitney, S. C. Woodward Iron Compan . Woodward, Ala. Uewe i y fOR C eitt fnen. 1 il u htlp you Mart a fine Jewelry Miardrobe with ihe Holzman quality cuff links shown above. Costs only S2.50 for this, and many other styles. See our complete stock of " Jewelry for Gentlemen. 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Football Notice— Salaries will re- main the same as last year. Sign with Dean at once. Sub: No Sens STUDENT COUNCIL GOES HAYWIRE ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ Senior Brawl Predicted to Be Big Flop COMMITTEE CONFESSES DEAN ' S TEAM HOLDS Bold Pappas Keep Pent House Mammas Tlu- linal DaiicL ' s schciiuUd tor Cdiiimcncc- im-nt this c.ii- is Jcstiiu ' il tn he one of the bi icst th)|)s of the L-.ii- Jcchii ' es I ntL-i ' -h ratfrnit Council Ciiiiiiiiittt. ' L ' . I hi- Dean ' s 1 cam was tiiinnphant last nitc ( )nc ot ' the hiusicst hands that has ever phived -I ' ffr beini; the iiiulei--doi,r f,,,- h, these manv ycats. at Tech will trv to furnish the nuisie. Tab Keiulrv • ' i ' - ' -Vpartnient where the students were hurn- and his North . frieans, and the eoniniittee eon- mfJ: the .Midnight oil to become full-Hedtied, dyed- fesses that thev wdl probably he non de plume and m-the-wool students of TeJi was raided and the a ictrol.i will be substituted " . f ' im behl like Xobodv ' s business. - nes Whoj, a W ii shot of the council, an- " - " ' t ■ ' ■ ' t« " " ' " ' ■■ " ' K ' t " ' l ' ' ' ' l ' - " g- nounced in an mter lew that this dance was to " • ' ' - ' " ' i ■ ' " recked Apartment, come after other dances, and the d.mccrs b that time will not realize the substitution has been made. C.ill It ,L, ' i ' ' ' ' t i ' ' ou want to, lie continued, but look at the sal,ir that . mos ,ind . nd - recei e for a little work, and then reconsider. W ' this coLintr needs is a better In e-cerit ci ar, was Ins closing remarks. riie committee on 1 lori ontal st.imlini; for the dances reports that thee are prep.irmi;- to li.uulle more crowds than e er belore. The Decoration Committee as heretofore will foretell with this cr.ip with the exception of work- in;i hanl on a report so thcv iiiiKht be thought Blue Print Staff Absconds With Shekels of in the expense sheet for the d.inces. .Molls from as north as Dec.itur, if is North, and e en from ( i.iines -ille. d.i., it is rumored will attend the br.iwl. Gal Found Slain in Physics Building Weather Warm in Patagonia Faculty Member Requested to Scram Cotton Prices a Bit Higher No Eight o ' Clocks Next Year Cheese Higher in Switzerland Graft Revealed in Activities )ne of the most st.irtliriL; pieces of news e er rcNc.ilcd b ' a publication ,it lech re -ealcd receiitU as the result of a lont stud) made b - the " l ellow I lowie Ictor has opened studios in preparation . ,. .j t,,„„„,,,ee of Six and evcrvthin- was tor the br.iwl and teaches plain and fancy wras- appointed and the startlin- ciMulusion was reached tlm- as It should be on the Brawlroom Hoor. The f|,.,t f,, ., . „ , |„,j ,,„ j,, . y . ,|, Council known lecent kidn.ippinj the moti e lor the ojicning j fi , student council of the .Studio. The ratio of .M.ile to i ' em.ile this ear it is re- ported will be I2.V.1J45 to 1.IHMMMIIIII(MI(I2. Which is much better than it been heretofore: Imw- e er this is a cr roui;h estinnite. The Cotincil recommends that :is m.uu .is possible refr.iin Irom comint to i4i e the ones tiuit .ire lisliiiii; room to hsii. ON THE INSIDE PAGES Dei e Ma Campus Chatter | Soe all S|H:iklni,f . w Ncrt look up the pa,L, ' es for yourself. uho s. id we w:is ,1 social Secret:irv .• ' t] ) io uui O cluHH O. cJ cl}IUn(.H|l| c5 -(jcchnical School ith a J [j.itiunal l putauon ' HE GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY offers to young men of ability and ambition a training which will fit them for positions of respon- sibility and power. The national reputation of this institution is based not on claims, but on results. Its greatest asset is the record which its alumni are making in the productive work of the world. Geor- gia Tech graduates succeed because they have been trained both to think scientifically and to work efficiently. Courses In Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Textile, Chemical, Ceramic, Aeronautical, Public Health and General Engineering, Architecture, Industrial Management and Chemistry. Coast Artillery, Signal Corps, Infantry and Ord- nance Unitsof the R.O.T.C, also Naval R.O.T.C. for I L ' RTHFR IX OR rATIO ' , addrtss f ' iK ' f Kc ' uu (iar ( ' Georgia School of Technology ATLANTA GEORGIA YELLOW JABBO THE BLOOD THREATENS GANG WAR TO SAVE MOLL Campus Celebrity Stoops to Enlisting Help Of y Leaders Slic was mc mull and tliex linin ' t du ri lit In Null, was the statLiiKiit (it jabbci SiiK-n-ill in cdii- luctidii with the rctunt Ditianiiiia Brawl. TIk- result hcini; that he dashed over to the Kappa Alpha hciuse ami slew his ri al, Jonathan (dlmore, in Cold Blood. When told he was a had ho and that he shouldn ' t i, ' o about shootiiijj; peo[ile he answei ' ed that he ditin ' t know that the i;un loaded. With Maxie and Nahas as lawyers Jahbo was ae(|intted toiia on the Lhari es of lnsanit . Clever, these Yiniker Bovs. STUDENT ACQUITTED jcjhn Smith of the Digamma House was today aecjuitted hy the Fulton County Grand Jury on the Charges of Murdering his fraternity Br itlier. Witnesses testified to the faet that the deeeased had used the l ' rateinit I ' lione )ne hour and a half just before the Murder. LOVELORN ADVICE By CnlNttss M i KsKI M ( Di iN A I n.W I H 1 1 Dear Mackski: 1 am gomg with a young soda Jerker that I love dearlv and with a rich tild Mil- lionaire whom 1 despise in spite of Ins monev. I ' lease advise me. Signed, Perplexed, A, — Marry the Soda Jerker and send address of oKl Millionaire to the Countess I ' lease, Dear Countess: 1 Date twci Betas regularlv, and neither knows that the other is going with me. Would vou call that leading a double life? Dot. A. — No, go with two more and the e(|ui alent will be a single life. Lo, ' iteh: 1 ha e a date exerv nite m the week and men are spending la isli! ' on me. Would oii eall me a Hirt? A. — No — The w(ird is genius. Dear Countess: I am a eollege freshman, and my SYT simpl - hue s orehids, the are so r.ire, 1 ean ' t attord them: what shall I do? A. — Orchids are seareer than SYT ' s. .M,K, Old i ' al: I :mi Professor at Teeh .md love m de;ir wife with .dl my heart — ' et the Co-eds at Nite school just tr to m;ike me p.i - attention to them. shall 1 do? A,— The l-.nglish Professor l.ies. PLUTO uee HAS HIS cvBve eisemanty rooiiy KAMPUS KALANDER ( 1. S. Si iDi N I ' ) . . .M. Wow, what a partv, and :i ten o ' clock this morning .iin ' t no justice, 10:, l) . . .M. .Makes Pen o ' Clock class just in time for roll c.ill :ind dismissal, 0:M A. M. Wow. but this idle time is kill- ing me, looks like hiiuh time will ni: vr come, 12. M, When ,ire Mui g(nng to ha e lunch? (lee but I ' m pooped, haril dav tod;iv, 1 P. .M. i.ab :it box I ' heatre, 5 P. ,M. Bull Session. (. P. M. Dinner. 7 P. M. . nd the call this d ' eneral science a trli ' — What crust. ADVICE TO INCOMING FRESHMEN . n college ' s most :du:ible :isset is its fresh- men. P en freshmen aren ' t modest to admit this, ' Pherefore, the Bl I I Pkini wishes to extend to the freshmen ;i most cordial welcome and give some rules which will le:id to ' our becoming a moilel Pech freslim:in, ' Idiis conies before our esteemed college paper, ' ' ; ■ TiiliHiijiii-. reprints its stereotyiied welcome next fall, I ieetl our ad ice, freshmen, 1. Before leaving home semi a telegram to the president, telling him when ou will :irri e. He will then be at the station to meet ciu. bor con- ers.ition, ou might tell him who (iu are and wluit a good bo ' vou are. 2. (.o t i Billv ( blelds who will assist you in e er w.i possible. ,v bind out who the best :ill-round fellow on the campus is. We could tell :u this ourselves but modest - pre ents. 4. 1 la -]ng foinid out his n.niie write him a per- son, il note informing him of our ,irri al and pro|H)sing to room with him pro iding, ot course, ATI AXTA HEADQUAKTKRS [OR 2 8 YEARS tor Phonograph Records — 3 5c Up R.idios and Radio Combinations and Electrical Home Appliances B A M E ' S INC. 60 Bfoad Street, N. W. WAInut 5776 Original Waffle Shop RESTAURANT FAMOUS FOR FINE FOODS 62 Pryor Street Just Below Candler Building " W htc All the Tt ' ch SluJoitK M,v " c Rccdiniuciid . . . DIXIE MARGARINE TENNESSEE EGG CO., INC. Dhtributor 189 Sprms St., S. W. WAInut 6775 " R E D ' VOGT :4-H..ur Au omobile Service G DtLCO Alto mtf EoRi) Parts 565 Sprlr g Street, N. W. HEmloc V 5653 ATLANTA, GEORGIA K, «, »; •,, •, . . Techwood Th eatre or an i com for theatre. veninj; in Atl ii complcti. inta ' s rines relaxation and t neighborhood No th Aven ue at Tech wood Drive 77 c ' ' .■( ;; iiilc ■ lain III tilt at l ofiiilar price, BALDWIN ' S DRUG STORE Complete Stocks DRUGS SODA PRESCRIPTIONS SUNDRIES :: MAGAZINES :: PARKER PENS FRANK MEDICO PIPES • HEmlock 32 SS 136 Merritts A ve., N. " W. r Techwood V;lUge— One Blocl. South o( Grant Field CompliMt)its of . . ROGERS STORES GULF PRODUCTS Thomas Purse, Jr., Service Station North Avenue and Spring Str eet • Vh ere Good Products ami Good Give Great Satisfaction GOODRICH TIRES Service YELLOW JOURNAL FPflTEerilTV LIFE : he neither chews nor smokes, nor goes to tlie Things ;ire plenty expensive liere, a cap costs Roxy. more thev e er lia e hetore. clothing has 5. Stick to rule book as closely as vour SLiniia doiihlc in price, in tact, e -ei- thing is sk ' high, school teacher t(]Kl ciu to stick to vour Bible. It You know things are ditterent in large cities than is the schcihilc In which college affairs are rcgii- tlic .ire in Fodunk. Then we ordered a lot of lated and Mm can I ' cK upon the absolute autlicn- things fiom Scars Roebuck there, The are so far ticit ' of all its statements. Don ' t luue an thing to from lici-e that the postage would make it imprac- do with the V. . l. C. . . secretaries for the tirst tied to order them here. few days. You cm rest assured that I took the .id -ice in yuur last letter. To be sure 1 go to bed at ten DERE MA e ery night and I don ' t touch the loul stuff. The r . , I . way the other boys drink is disgusting. What was , ' •■7, ' r .1 i i I i » I 1 1 I5ad referring to in his last letter when he said What a liar the ' Ul . l,in must have been when , ■ , - i , • i I ,, , .11 » r 1 Ti I ►■. I not til drink any corn.- ' I alwa s eat it and you he told me .ibout liisd,i s,it lech. 1 he beautiful , , ,,., , , " ■• , . ' ■ , . , 1 • 1 - » f r 1 know What does he mean it I cant quite campus that he p.iinted is pa ed city streets hneil with boarding houses. 1 he stately administr.ition " ' ' " ' ' ' ' " ' building is as far from the Cathedral of learning ' l ' - ' ' ■ ' " " ' f ' ' " " ' ' • ' f ' ' ' ■ " i ' " ' l I " - ' " ' " - as the i ' odunk I ' ost )tlicc from the National Cap- phmented me yer highly on the work that I am itol. . nd from rumors, what hell raisers thev doing here for he savs that 1 am doing so good must iia e been. The cimpus reeks with the ins- I should stay over for summer sthool rather tor ' of the cl.iss of ' 1 1 of winch Dad was the to interrupt m ' studies b ' t.iking a acation. illustrious I ' resident. ' riic ' tell me the big- About in studies. ou asked I ' , was for; gest drinker back in those days got the I ' resi- is excellent, the B that I got was but the dency, and the old man, according to his reputa- p,-,,|,.„,.r tells me that it will be an I ' next time. tion with the older profs, used to go on a sober; . j. _ . _ . | , ,, . _ | ,,,, . . , |, y j howcxer. these were not so often. , , . ■ i • i f , 1 , .1 ■ j-u , tluims .It the store because I lia c gained weight 1 can assure mhi now that things are ditjerent - ■ . at Tech. Coca-Cola and chocolate milk are the - " I ' l I • " " ' " ■ ' ' ' ' " ' ' " ' l ' ' " " ' ' ' ' " " ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' strongest things they drink. The studies arc " " - ' • so hard that it is very rare that we ever sec a ' " " " ' ' Female. I ' ikcikvii.. • Kilby Steel Company MtiiiiifiH tiircrs of FURNACES, ROLLING MILLS, FOUNDRY, BOLT WORKS CARBON AND AM.OY BOLTS - STUDS - NUTS ALLOY BARS STEEL CASTINGS COI D MNISHED STEEL BARS AND SHAFTING ANNISTON ALABAMA YELLOW JOURNAL fk 9 i£r sxfHD( y ftr K tomtes TO RAMBLIN ' WRECK ( ; ■ Ittdil III iicrx liixiil mail iriiii hdih fniiii ( ' ,,iir, ni Tiili, I ' lull ' s ii i iii lliiil flitiiils sii I ' ll ' III (■ o ' er iill- ll ' s c,„i,d nld Riiwhrni ' Il ' i.rk ' 11 ' c liiinnt I hi ' Suir S uiiii li ' il liiiiiiii r, .III, I tin- Stl dills III DlMi Inn. Hill iilir nld Kiir-snili hy llh: Rdiiihllil ' lldild Drill s us I ' l ' dzx ihni diid lliiii. ' I ' liiii ' die s(iiii s llidl iitiikr IIS liiippy, iriiili iilliiis iiidkc lis sad, Bill lihiii III,- hdiid uixs: -Rdiiildi-, Fidlnii-s! Ill ' III! tin silll pix lllild. 11 ' ,- Invr lliis siiiiii diix liiiir, But rcr liL-r il hr ' l hx link! U ' llill till Ginlilldll hdlld pIdXS (Unix .hid IS drniciird hx Raiiihliii ' ll ' icik! A PLAY (As till.- aiK-crtiscrs wcniKl have it.) l- ' .ntLT student in iinitni-ni — hv Si nui iul l.isiier. I ' .ntcr SVT— .inwncd In Muse. Love Scene — Settee by HaNeity, K1114 In Rlxules Wood, Screen by Sterelii. I ' lnter husband — suit by Zachry — cleaned by Su- perior. Looks at opened book — enL;ra ed by I ' lioto Proc- ess, pliotoL;|-aph i ( laspar-Ware, |irintini4 b ' Foi)te : D.nies on () l ' ord papers. Foul play here — deduced througli a coui ' se by International Correspondence Schools. Shoots student — revolver by Colt. Student falls, saying — Howers b Dahl ' s .ind Rose Bowl, funeral by Patterson. ) ' ) 1 an dl-iitixs Irll ,1 Srinni-, Fill- Ill ' s sn siddlilx , ii:.iii ' d. Ynli iilii dlz ' dXS till d l- ' ii ' - hiiiiiii Bx ill,- Zi,ix III- sliiils arniiiid. ) nil I ,111 itlziilXS 1,11 ,1 .1 lllllnl Bx ht Zi-nl-l-l,- ' ,l I, inks dlld Slli-h. ) nil I till ,ll-:i,lXs 1,11 a Snpllnlllnn- Bill xmi I, lllllnl 1,11 hull iiiiuli. FLUE GAS iiilist h,- III,,- In lie ,1 I ' rnf, Ills llillll,- ' s llpnil ,1 ilnnr: .hid Udlls Ins li-nlk ,11 Hill,- ,l ' il,l,-k .III, I lilts III till,-,- III- fnlir. Ill- llllli i Ills -Z lps dlnlllld dll ddX, irillilri-ll ' l lldl-,1 In dn. .hid ij hi- ' s l,-,-llll, nut nf ,uh7.v (■ shunts d i lllZ nr tlin. iiiiisl hi- Hill- In hi- ,1 I ' rnf, Ills life iiiiisl hi- ,1 nihh: II, iiiis: ,rs till xmir i ii,-sliniis .hid iVihlcS ill. Ill III ,1 pllhll. h lllll l h,- 111, I- in hi- d J ' rnf, .hi, I retiili a ripe nld ,u i-. Bill I ' d r,itli,-r In- ii Iriickiiiiiil .hi, I ,-,irii d In-ill, •ndi e. " Did vou lune an - difficulty tjetting the con- nection .■ ' " " Xo, the operator was a Scott girl, and she gave me the line immediatelv- " ' y-iso Hnve iSracHed ih« goal afl of ouKi BauS siHlve fofi and if n aXffser)- : When- Hcil piitcss Cus i So Little " Inau .v ' ]cnU FOX THEATRE The Penn utual Life Company • Insurance HURD J .GRAIN AGENCY Rhodes-Haverty Building ATLA IT,A GEORGIA c illlpl lll ■ " • A E. Stal ey Mfg • Co. Af 1 II II f II itiircrs ' TEXTILE STARCHES Engineers! Bnni; lis your Kodak I ilm for expert iinisliinj; CORRtCT UEVtLOPING MUAXS KFTTFR PICTURI-S • Eastman Kodak Stores, Inc. £ £ cry thing Photo; niph r 183 Peachtree ATLANTA FULTON SUPPLY COMPANY ii T)UsrRL ' L ' 11 xriii CONTRACTORS Siipplifs iiiul Miuhiiicry MAm 3400 ATLANTA, GA. YELLOW JOURNAL CLASSIFIED SECTION Stolen Aliciut t Ll c-thii-t Suiiil.n ni lit iVdiii Sti-cct it RoSL-bou 1, Imm-.I Solan, Motor o (MIIKMMl. Can idLntif same with iiishion that hts rear scat. Rcwaril. I ' hoiic Hill Ward— Delta Sig House. Lost Near Chenileal Department, cjiiart Hask eo!i- tammg alcohol; return Hask to Dean ot Clieniistr Dept. o questions askc.l— ( )h vcah. Twentv-dollar bill on campus, can iilentlf - b , - - , ,- I I II I ■ I » I 1 JX ST fiS ' TKAJdHT. kJe ' e OFF OUfS CXtJ SE . sii;nature ot Andrew .Mclhm in lower riLjIit-hand i- ' " " j corner. Reward 5llc. Drati with Debbies— Call anv Fi Delta Thea- , , f,., , ' 1 he judiic p:a ed with horrilieil wonder at the Complete set of X reports dated l ' )IIS and -Hcuseil murderer. " Do vou mean t.i tell me, " he signed (,em-Ke I " . Burdell— call Bill . shbv. ■ ' " ' - ' -■ l mdi-nantlv. " that vou killed this pom- old woman tor the paltr - sum ol .vdll .• ' " Notices " Well, ver honor, er know how it is, t ' ree IVom this d.ite hence we will not be responsible sin.icks here and t ' ree sm.icks Xi: :. it soon counts tor any debts contracted In Bobbie Jones. Kudv up. " ' alee, or 1 (imm ' Dorsc ' — Sii m.i . lpha I ' .psilon. Ho: Thev tell me that p HU- Bill passed out Hum: ' I es — he sw.dlowcd .i thermometer ,ind died by dc n-ees. Ilo: Reminds me ot m do . He :ite some wienies and r:in up the alley and died by the y.ird. Beggar: " Will mui gixe me dime tor a cup ' coffee? " Frosh: " Fet ' s see the coHce lirst. " :p= = . Diner: . re ciu the iiung lad who took mv M-der? Waitress: Yes, Sir. Dmcr: Well, Miu ' re still lookin- line. I Lnv ,ire all iiur I ' randchildrcn. She: ' ou ' re the third m:in who kissed me to- night. lie: CouiMge, it ' s onl cle en o ' clock. STAFF MEMeee our for. iNs,piRfnioN )ld : .Vren ' t -oii ashamed to be smoking a cigarette, little bo ? Bov : I sure ;iin, mister, but wluit ' s ;i man goin ' to ilo when he ain ' t got the price of a cigar.- ' inhieA. €Jloteii Hire iirc p c incd till of the Dinkier opcnitcd ho cls. In these hotels )oii uill hud modern com eniei ccs, eicn unto iiir-eond t oned bedrooms iit the T ititiler, the Andrea jiuksoii and tl.H ' St. Chiirles. And m cdl )ii ii ill find friendly sen ice. Dinkier Hotels CARLING DINKLER President and General Manager iM[J ' »i!y|i!!!!!l| THE ANSLEy ATLANTA, GEORGIA L. L. TUCKER, JR. THE SAVANNAH SAVANNAH, GEORGIA HOMER SflVA THE O. HENRY GREENSBORO. NORTH CAROLINA W. J. BLACK Manaser 3000 Rooms Sou in ILK N Hotels THE ST. CHARLES NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA JOHN J. OLEARY V.ccPres.dcntand Manager ANDREW JACKSON NASHVILLE. TENNESSEE LEON W WOMBLE THE TUTWILER BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA R. BURT ORNDORF V.ccRics.dcnt and Manage JEFFERSON DAVIS MONTGOMERy, ALABAMA U. H, MOORE V.ce-Prcs.dcnl and Manaso YELLOW JOURNAL lg m d s Want Ads Wanteii — A slide rule that will work ealcukis. Alec ( )rni inJ. WantcJ— A hath. Mack MacDonaM. Wanted — A LjcHid investment to put S I (IJlOH.dll, 77 , ■ Tii Iniii iii ' . anted — I " o he a hig man. Kcmptun. Wanted — Somethillii; to keep nienihers ol ' cluh awake. The Coop Cluh. Wanted— . n easy schedule. Reward. The , . I. ch. i:. Wanted — . list of girls whom 1 don ' t already kno«. Bill I ' ace. Wantetl — Someone to carr - the tunc in the hand Dusenhurv. Wanteii — . hcnch or some chairs in tidnt ot .Miner Carter ' s, jack (.aines ami Hill Scale. anted — . hock shop that wi ll t.ike unitorms. Student Body. FOR SENIORS— WE NOMINATE FOR OBLIVION Boh Wooddall— Because he is our I ' ditor. I ' orrest Hoi — Because his Yellow jacket gives us the stomache trom laughing. Sclman 1 .edhetter— Because he is light headed ( air mintled ) . jert Hooker and 1-rank Shoemaker — Tliev ne er drew a sober breath at Tech. .Mac Conway — Because he has done a line job on the Tcthnujnc ( SFF journal ) . 1 Inward I ' .ctor — He is such a great lo cr, too, girls, joe Bayer — Because he is the best all-roiuid hoy. John Drew — Because he is a coop. Carlton (iheesling — Because he is a major, joe Mayo — Because he is a Beta. Charles McKinnon — Because — . I ' l ' cttv Boy Mayo and Shrimp Masscy — Because they are BiMOC ' s. I Om I ' ippen — Because he deserves it. Roy Scanling— Because ol " his .(111110(1(106 average tor tour years. Wilder Woods— Because he graduates. She (after a tiresome e ening): Well, good night. Be good. He (brightly) : I always am. She: es, I ' m afraid ' ou are. " 1 la e 1 any mail i " ' A ' hat ' s your name .■ ' " " You ' ll finil it on the en elope. Black hoy, how ' d you get all that soot on your coat? Dat ain ' t soot, carbon, dat ' s dandruff. K££PIN UP HIS spifsirs SUFFICIENCY CUPVE i 1. ' , 1 1 9 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 ' II i Fi f . ' 4-- - - 1 c A. 1 " A j rifl 1 Uf J tlU! 1 ..,.,, l. •v - ' , A, T - 1 1 A HAt XV f r ' 0 [ -tr SMMT TO -v r« ' ( M- iT " ' " 1 I 1i j 1. " T I 1 fTJ sc 4 f |f ' . i 1 " rtl 1 1 1 1 ' " ' ' °— " ■ " — ' " . ; This p.ii-t is fur udod liiokmu: I ' c.ukTs (inl M , but sonic pciiplc arc cojiccitcd. Ihc nidttd (il .1 certain ( icrinan S(icict ' in tl L(iuntr sccnis to be: La lollettc, vc arc beer. 7-h£ ' M 5%Ouei COACH V !A TS usr SEND ? M tM c»i rv ro HE ' i ■ rfou uT I SAW ffcroif HAHaroii rfe baljl For the seventeenth straight year the BLUE PRINT is cased m a Malloi - Made cover trom Ue GAMxH . Mailoif. Pla4d 2857 North Western Avenue CHICAGO ILLINOIS GENERAL ) ELECTRIC SUPPLY CORPORATION wholesale Electrical Distrihiiton Atianta - Savannah - Jacksonmli i Miami - Tampa H OTPOI NT Refrigerators - Dishwashers - Ranges Water Heaters ■ Home Laundry Equipment Wiring Supplies — I,ii;hlini; Equipment Line Construction Materials CI FANFRS - CLOCKS - RADIOS IIOMI API ' I L ( I S EDISON MAZDA LAMPS Sec Our Merchandise Dealers SMITH ER Wl N linnraine - S I i7l Bonds 449 Hurt Bids. Phone WA. 4018 ATLANTA GA. Cari ETON Y. Smith JULIHN F. RVllN L. D TUPPLR (;i o. W. McCart , Jr. D I X I E S T E E L PRODUCTS Well-Made Well-Known Well-Liked ATLANTIC STEEL COMPANY ATLANIA GEORGIA lilue, Pn4 FINANCIAL STATEMENT V. X V HN I) I T r R KS Ol Fin- I ' rRNIM Kl 27.50 J.XNITOK 15n.00 UiTRE B(J1 S AMI Sti.. (ic;k i ' iikr 1,(100.(10 Two Personal Secrktariks 10,000.00 SriTS FOR Editor and Manager 29.00 Hats to Co With . hove , 100.00 Car Far I for Sfaff .... 50.00 Sfaiiomri 75.00 Movies 200.00 I- ' lowers and C. ndv .... 1,000.00 Kl-,l RESIFMENTS 2,000.00 1,0. N ro Yeei.ow JAi kef (5it ' - Inter EST ) 50.00 Pensions for Staff .... 10,(100.00 Tips 500.00 Printing 25.00 Engra in(; 24.75 El ' ROPE.XN TrII ' for ItiITOR 1,000.00 Salaries 600.00 I.oN(; Distance Calls .... 400.0(1 Two AlTOMOBILES 50.00 Gasoline for Abo e .... 500.00 Apartment Rent 1,000.00 Maid and Vali;t Si:r ice . so 0.00 Necessities 700.00 SiMixoi.i I loi 1 1. ( Dinners) 1.50(1.00 ' ei,k-i Ni) Trips 900.00 Tot.m . 2o,ooo.(io R H C K I V ' S From AD ERFisiN(i .$ 27.50 From Cubs 15.00 Fa -ORS from 1 ' RINILR . NI) ENt;RA ' LR .... 150.00 Hrsii . IoNEV 2,000.00 . 00.00 DoNA ' FKiNS AND CoN IRI B I 1 IONS 5.00 (ilFTS FRO.M SclIO(j| 0.00 Toi ' AI s 500.00 C.diii j)ininiih (if GENUINE PARTS COMPANY " Largest Parts Warehouse in the South " • 477 W. Pcachttee ATLANTA GEORGIA 1.1 i io ( nil ' s - Sn DRENNON FOOD PRODUCTS CO. Mitchell Motors our OLlsmo ili- Dealer 330 Peachtree WAInut 5255 POSTERS DISPLAY CARDS Imitations PRINTING Tukcti CONGER PRINTING COMPANY 146 MARIETTA ST., N. W. JAckson 3131 Drink Delicious and Refreshing v fAiir ' » " ' 3 Pure refreshment TllOS. 1 ' . R-iBlKl THOS. 1. RVBIRT, JK. A. t. RashkiikjI , Miiiiiixir THOS. F. RYBERT RULIM, :: PRINTIXC, :: BIXDINC, Telephone JAckson 3 317 311-3 13 Edgcwood Avenue, S. E. ATLAMTA GEORGIA WE TOP ' EM ALL ROOFS FOR LVLRY TYPE OF BUILDING Nt JrIv a third of 3 century of husine« inttBritv ,n ApplvinK K„oh in till- Soutlicist i, ,«,„ ,, III;,,, N,x.,l,„„ - ;.;., •„,» ' . " ' Chas. N. Walker Roofing Co. 41 Hr.Uitrn Str , • WAlnut S747 Boykin Tool Supply Company 130 Marietta Street, t 1. w. ATLAMTA GEORGIA • TOOLS and MILL SUPPLIES • 5ER ' ici;— . iAin ; 34s YOUR EYESIGHT is your most prcciou X ' Consull a competent Eyr Physician a thorough eye examination. (UculistI for When he gives you your prescription 1 " ,fc-. ' -„■ retabilltv and dcpe for glasses idablc ser. asl Walter Ballard Optical Co Dispciisii .v, Opticiitin THREE STORES 05 Peachlree Street :; M dical Arts Bldg. Doctors ' Building HARRY F. DOBBS, • Incorporated HOTEL SUPPLIES — RESTAURANT SUPPLIES • 278 Peachtree Street, N. W. ATLAMTA GEORGIA joy Te t,lc I ' roic ' ssiiig LL ' POMIX WETSIT CONC (. .uion jctue softener Rapid wettinB JS " " lUPOSIC ORANAP liiiprined « .uer reixlknt Synthctie penetrjnl SUPI RC LEAR SULPHONA Tl D OII Superior priiitiii.e K " ™ Rec MONOPOEE OIL HYDROSL ' l FITES Double CJMor for all purposes AJ; f,n ■ )» . ■ s ,111,1 lila,ilurc JACQUES WOLF CO. Uiiiiif,uliinii- C niiiisfi PASSAIC NEW JERSEY ROBERT n 1 COMPANY INCORPORATED ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS ATLANTA ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS APPRAISERS C C: N S U L T A N T S Ca ,„■■ « La Same ,• - Srn - Ol nssu liii 1 C apit al Automobile Co Fi W 1 N W. TOMIINSI IN, Ihx " ■ ' - Hurt Quinn INSURANCE UNDERVCRITERS Standard Bjildms Atlanta, Ga. 1915 OUR SILVER ANNIVERSARy 1940 INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES METALS • J. M. lull Metal Supply Co. JAckson 3860 s outhern Life Insurance of Georgia Company Home Office: Atlanta, Georgia WiiFY L. MooRi, C iai man. lSo.irJ of Directors Dan ' i ' . Sa(,i, M.D., Prcsiclnit 1 Gr(» niii Institution, Sen ill fi Ctcor iiliis Mion Construction Co. Builders ot C;. 1.. Cla? srtH)m Building, Georgia Tech GENERAL CONTRACTORS ATLANTA, GA. THE WRIGHT CO. Complete Kitchen, Cateten.i Dining Room and College Equipment 434 MARIETTA STREET FRESH FOOD COLD DRINKS CURB SERVICE T 2nth Street Dd n n-s ry Milk - Ice Cream - Butter - Cheese 1 15 Tenth St., N. E. HEmlock 1415 m PISTON RING SALES CO. Rl I 1 Al 1 Mr NT PsKTb 160 Pine St., N.E, ATLANTA, GA. " 4 THE % . RING FOR ANY JOB THE (J«i, RING FOB TOUGH ONESI »HA5TINB5 STEEl-VEMT SUfU OIL PUMPING WE ARE PROUD To Scnr Trrh Cufctcna FOREMOST MILK f:n- PIPES ; , TOBACCO Wc rccoiiiiuciij yr z Y ' : J Forsyth corner Walton Latest Model Fords, Chevroiets Ply mouths ai d Station Wagons Trucks for Hayrides Dixie - Drive - It - Yourself - System New Location, 26 EILs Street Telephone WAInut 1870 SENIOR CLASS RINGS M,n„ll u inrJ ' , Star Engraving Co. Ga. Tech College Inn Coinpliiiiciits " f W. H. Glenn THE PACIFIC MUTUAL Life Insurance Connpany Will pri tt ' ct (ni against — Acciilt-nt - Sickness - Deach - Old Ai;e . tn (tni- Coiitrarf. EMORY L. JENKS, ' 23 General Agent 1317 First National Bank Build. ng ATLANTA GEORGIA •;; ■ oiiiiUt) . . . GvM Finishes - Floor Finishes - Floor CiFAN ' sERS - Disinfectants Issl I IK 11)1 s THE SELIG COMPANY Miiinifiictiirfrs Dallas Atlanta New Orleans " In Your Service Since 1896 " STANDARD GA. TECH SENIOR RING Dcsi inJ l ' Herff-Jones Co. tt " r iil ii mu unfile hi re a com filch ' line iij Fraternity and Club Pins - Keys - Medals Cups - Trophies 1560 North Decatur Road H. S. CANFIELD ATLANTA, GA. cA)el et xyjtiu lAJnic c SOUTHERN BUICK, Inc " Easy Traders " 230 Spring Street Telephone JAckson 1480 Carter ' s Lunch Al ' uluhh I , ' J, S.(». »7 .,-.( All Sh, , OrJa- Cuurtcous Scr ■icf .It All Times T. M. CARTER 95 Morth Ave. N. W. COX ' S Next t.. l ir.iiiu.unt The.itic RCA VU TOR - C . 1 LMBIA illul DlH A RnORI " All .■■ .i his I ' l-s " Atlanta Seafood Connpany, Inc. Successors to Roy H. Pctrce, Inc. T h- .SOUTH ' S most modern ,iml SANITARY SEAFOOD ESTABLISHMENT HEmlock 3912 602 Means Street, N. W. ATLANTA GEORGIA Ask for . . . KRISPy KREME GLAZED DOUGHNUTS Diffcni ' Tiisty ' Sutisfyiii 451 Ponce de Leon TONY PHILLIPS, Mqr. JAchon 6864 (Jllf of the S itth Fiih ' sf . . . York Recreation Parlor 89 Piyor Street, M. E. Gri , (( ■ (I . . . FLOR DE MELBA " The Ci . ' s ' i r Siiprciin- " • J . N . H 1 RSCH UIS I RIBU roR 44 Mane tta St., h . W. ATLANTA HEmlock 2296 . . SUPERIOR LAUNDRY " Bniullcs ofS l isfcll- Udii " Dry Cleaning • 656 Spri nq St eet, N. w. 664 W. Peachtree Street, N. W. 1 190 Hen nphill Ave-, t . W. »[!IC[CMCOMPm INCORPORATED 784 N. Highland Avenue N. E. ATLANTA GEORGIA F. W. (BILL) SCANLING FRED E. SCANLING HE. 0125 inisiiiciipii! (led la vk, AeiAA e d FURNISHERS OF THE OFFICIAL TECH UNIFORM FOR FRESHMEN, UPPER CLASSMEN, AND CADET OFFICERS Com pliiiiciifs J. B. Mc CRARy ENGINEERING CORP. J. B. McCRARy COMPANy INC. ATLANTA GEORGIA Strother C. Fleming • Glnirai. Insurance • Firs t National Bank BIdg. WAlnut 3636 M»T5 OUC setV A ' OO : BUtTINS O ltilN KAUFFMAN PHILLIPS Le BLANC ' s 917 Peachtree 767 Po ICC de Leon Good Food Alii ' in s Walker Electrical Co. • Miinnfinlurcrs of Electrical Specialties • ATLANTA, GA. p r LL PORTRAITS IN THIS BOOK MADE BY GflSPAR-lWARE :tit-:f2 Firm strkkt. . w. ATI,. . TA UK tUUl. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR ' L J Lu Pri.,! ALL BLUE PRINT ncsativcs arc held in our files for several years and portraits can be obtained at any time. Write us for information and special price list. ■UJflRE SIIOCESSFLIL ANNUALS F e(niiri ' the stTM ' ies nf I ' vpiTienced iind expei ' l ( imIIsiiilmi, liMiiii ' il in i ' t ' i di ' liiil III thf iiriii ' i ' sst ' s III ' I I ' l ' aliii; - iilaiiiiiii ' ! hi.MHil iiiil ili ' siiiii • l |ifsflliii - jirinliii lltli(iiii ' ii|ihiiii iiiiii liiiiiliiii . . . Tliriiii li- iiiit hall a iiMiliir, lliis riiiii|iaii,v has |iiiiiH-iTi-il ill lliu iiriiiliirtiiiii iil the hi-Jhi ' st l |ie III ' iiriiiliii; . . . Iliir st ' r ii ' i ' s iiirliiile a s|K ' riiil i ' iilk ' i i ' aiiiiiial sales anil ser ii ' e iir aiii aliiiii . . . Aliiimlant ei|iii|iiiieiit •iiiiiilerii and riiiii|ilete... i ' rires i ' e|ii ' eseiiliii inaxiiiiiiiii in aliie FOHTE X- NAVIES rillNTIMlH IIHIII,ll l ' HIMl«IM;iU INn A T L A N T A RBOOK v 0T0-P O(£S5 fN AVIN (0. 115-119 LUCKIE GEORGIA illTOIilMI ' IIN i i rii rLisiii ' ' ; . ;.- a loiisx liook. htil — It is the best vc coulil di). c apologi c tor the hick ot certain pictures which wouUl have added greatly to the interest of the book. We are deeply grieved to tind out names that liave been mispelled, pictures that have been omitted. We regret that glaring grammatical inaccuracies are present in almost every word of our copy. Our knowledge of poetry is tar too small to enable us to quote a catchy line from Keats or Byron alongside the picture of each senior. That would have been nice, though. Wouldn ' t it? We would like to thank those who have helpeti us put out " this year- book, " and would like to give special commendation for their untiring work to: Mr. Charley ' oung of Foote Davies: Mr. Walt Dargan and Miss Morgan of Photo Process; Vincent Neisius for his ace photographic work; Miss Louise Connell for her excellent ideas; and all other members of both business and editorial staffs of the publication. . lso due credit goes to our advisor. Dr. Phil Narmore, for his help and guidance all throughout the year. We have no senior class will, no class prophecy. We name no senior as the most likely to succeed. We make no prognostications as to who will be betrothed to whom. We do not publish nominations for the best dressed, worst dressed, or most disliked student. In short, we have fallen far short of typical yearbook standards. We fervently hope that none of our subscribers will tall into the ways of sin because we failed to provide a sermon now and then, as is done in most college annuals. We apologize for the lack of the farewell note to the seniors that almost invariably occupies the last page of an annual. In short, we are sorrv that we have not given you an annual that is like other annuals. Maybe you will want to see a bigger and better Bill PKisr again next year, or maybe vmi will enroll at (jeorgia and subscribe to the Pnn- linni, or ' ' " ? Well — good luck and good-hve. THIi St.aff. 7 e BLce Pmtd .liter xou ' vc finished dc iv oh ' let li I ' ul xoiiy Irrl upon llic luiuitel .luil roil III- i orkini out in hie. J ' lil it " nolionic " on your door. I licrc ' ll he liiiii ' s von iivf np n iitnsl it I lirn you ' ll soon he hack in ro h ' t r III this nrrrr cndimj strife. Jl ' ilh classiutitcs in ditys of yore. II hen you (jet so damn distrusted Ah! lion ' t it he t reat. You don ' t knoii- uhat to do. Just to root at nin for Tech, J list f et out your old corncob pipe And the " good ole " girls you danced icith .hid this tinie-uorn Print of Blue. To the tune of Rambling Reck? And uhen the lime comes for r uittm You ' ll close it icith a sigh. Wouldn ' t it be great to live again Those college days gone by? .. J i ife ii « i, ,i4;;„ ■•-JH.- «- ' v w . ' ' _ -M : ' :A %- 1 9. M) . VMOTO

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