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I . f f 'igf ' ' , Y E v',' 1: 9 .. .J .Y 1 x ,fi .5 q ' M. u, 5 - .XL . 1 ,h f I yn A emwlfz Y , U , 9- !v 1 . , X x F N , , 2 , , , X f . , ,x m 4 k ,,.. was-':a:f:.: ' ,.,.,,, ,...,. . ., A g - wa, J 45 -5 y, . -, V, . .: , g. , ,B N .' IES.: i in ,ilk W ' Zi'5ga,v,lff5 ' ' S, ' ffgfigifk ,hai gig ' 3 5i .rf L fsi i ggggg f :wwf W , X if- I W iiiiff - ..., . E N f Hrs. , H ' 3,55 . N V TLVL L 1 X ,,,. 3,3 .. -f, 1:12 2' X ' Q ,-wi ii"-'WM 1f.ff5N5 w A i N ZW f i iffxi k V jfs 4 fXV!,. I L, x XXX I H4 I, , ,qi ,I T- li K A Ehrlx XX! 1 gf! 1 X N 1 1 4 W W W1 f ? mg. 4 2 7-- J i. ,, ' -1- Ik. qt X X ' Qu a f lj. 2 , .- wil 5,-, My A! 4. w . 1 -1 3' Mui- " ' . K' 7 f P'-iz THE BLUE PRINT 1535 'TW 'S 0 X '76 usnnuln THE BOY WHO FOUND RAINBOWS 'ywkmxm' TEEH BLUE PRIl1T fC GILBERT I-IILLI-IOUSE BOGGS, B.Sc., Ph.D. B.S., University ot Georgia Ph.D., University ot Pennsylvania Director ot the Department ot Chemistry and Chemical Engineering and Dean ot the Graduate School Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Chi Sigma, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Tau, Scabbard and Blade, American Chemical Society, American Asso- ciation tor the Advancement ot Science, American As- sociation ot University Professors, Georgia Academy ot Science, American Men ot Science who, by reason ot his untailing loyalty, service, and courage throughout his thirty-three years at the Georgia School ot Technology, has done much to advance that institution to its present high national standing: and who, by reason ot his untailing courtesy, friendliness, and school spirit has become one ot the most beloved members ot the faculty among them and the student body, this, THE 1936 BLUE PRINT CJJ fflU.,51VtfCtflfl,!!y jElliliCEf6vK 36 LC6lf6 ff? GILBEQT I-III.I.I-IOUSI3 BCDGGS ,., .4- Following a policy instituted several years ago ot carrying a theme which would typity the work ot one ot the major departments at Tech, the IQ36 BLUE PRINT has chosen for its subject the Department ot Chemistry and Chemical Engi- neering to which it otters as a tribute to the growth and accomplishment ot that department "The Romance ot Chemistry." To this end we have attempted to illustrate, with color- process photography, the importance ot chemistry to the daily lite ot the individual by taking actual views ot some ot the major industrial plants ot the nation representing food, clothing, building, transportation and tuels, and amusement. The part which chemistry has played in the development ot each ot these necessities is truly a romantic one, and it is our hope that in some small way this boolc may instill in the reader an appreciation ot these scientific romanticists, the chemists, who have made possible our civilization with their "Spirit ot Research," the concluding illustration ot the series. JE..- i 19 X y E? -R--i CCDINITEIXITS 600AQllC C G I. I. E G E 0 AULTAQWVO C I. A S S E S 0 me FEATURES o 5004670147 ACTIVITIES f 6ccAcQiVe IIRATERIXIITIES f gm-ACM AT I-I LET I C S o EO0AZq'eVCIfL ADVERTISING F E A T U R E S 5004 OW CCDLLEGE RV Fll1D T O BEGIN our story ot Chemistry in lndustry we have chosen as an illustration a typical scene from one ot the great steel plants located near Birming- ham, Alabama, one ot the most important iron and steel centers ot the world. The progress ot civilization is closely linlced with the development ot lron, but it has remained tor the chemists ot more modern times to retine and pro- duce it in the form in which it is most usetul, Steel. ln addition, the mass production ot steel is essential, and here again we tind the chemists, or metallurgists, as the vital tactor ot plant control and operation. Such is the case with all metal industries, and it is to chemistry that each turns tor the discovery and pro- duction ot new and better alloys than are now pos- sible. STEEL IIIDUSTRV S if H i i ff ek? -1 u wr: Jim 211,14 fmf 5,Lz!Jz,17 r JM. KI. gtzffdz, lining Jia!! 1 I , Vl1la'c'cf,4 :Z3c'cuzfl'c'cy 1 746 lg B if gd W K" gwfinzfz JM! --QT he toregoing views are from original paint- ings by John A. l-louser, Art Editor, whom we teel has admirably portrayed Georgia Tech as the student lcnows and loves it in his distinctive woodcut patterns. To him the BLUE PRINT statt wishes to express its appreciation here. -The Editor. ,I I fam ,LMACT j5U'1z,f,',i, yjlwzhif A.B., EMORY UNIVERSITY LL.D., MERCER UNIVERSITY LL.D., UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA LL.D., EMORY UNIVERSITY Kappa Alpha, Plvi Bela Kappa, Plri Kappa Phi, and Onzicwm Delia Kappa During his fourteen years as director of the destinies of Georgia Tech Dr. Brittain has held the love and esteem of the school as perhaps none other of its presidents. Preeminent as an educator and civic leader, he is never too busy to be the student's friend and counselor, and is justly called the "Best loved educator in Gcorgiaf' i7iLi!!ia11z1 Czjetzwu 34110, X can B.S., UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO A,.M., HARVARD UNIVERSITY SC.D., UNIVERSITY OI' GEORGIA Beta Theta Pi, Phi Bela Kappa, OllljL'l'!ll7 Dvlfa Kappa Georgia Academy of Sc'iz'11r'c' Throughout his twenty-nine years at Georgia Tech, twelve of which he has served as Dean, a position second only to the presidency, Dean Skiles, like President Brittain, has held the admiration and affection of the student body. It is to him they come, indi- vidually and collectively, with their countless problems and difficulties. Upon his advice and decisions far more than one student has founded a career of success, and as advisor to the Student Council, Dean Skiles has been instrumental in the achievement of many outstanding improvements in campus life. OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION RION LUTHER BRITTAIN, A.B., LL.D. M A , PI't'Xft1!'lIII WII,LIAM VERNON SKILES, B.S., A.M., Sc.D. Dam GGS, B.S., Ph.D. GILBERT HILLHOUSE BO Dvau of Gradzrafv CflIlI'Xl'.Y IIIAM CILMFR PERRY, A.M., I.itt.D. WI , . 1 . Dean of fil'lIt'l'l1I .Sfllrfirw DOMENICO PIETRO SAVANT, B.S., M.S., E.E. IJHIII nf E7lgi1lt'l'l'fll.Q FLOYD FIELD, AQB., ANI. IJFHII of MMI HUGH HARRIS CALDWELL, A.B. Rrgisfrar FRANK KING HOUSTON, C.P.A. Loral Treasurm' LL.B. ES ERSKINE MCDANIEL, B.A., .IAM Dirr'rior of flu' C0-ojwraiiw' Dvjzarfmwzf ARTHUR VAN HENRY, Cer.E., M.S., Ph.D. Dirc'rlor' of flu' Library THOMAS H. JONES, Lt. Col. C. A. C. Commamfauf, Milifary R. O. T. C. MARK C. BOWMAN, Commander Commamlanl, Naval R. O. T. C. ARTHUR HAMMOND ARMSTRONG, B.A., M.A. Sll1I7C'I'ilIfl'lItl!'IIf of Dormiforifzw HOWARD WARIJ MASON, B.S., M.S., Slll7t'I'il7fl'l7lll'lIf of BIIIIKIIIIKQK and 617711111118 ITEVFNSON KING M.E., M.Sc., Sc.D. ROY S , , SIlfJ!'l'illff'lIt1!'Ilf of Shops and Power Plan! ROGER SI-IEPPARD I-ICDWELL, BS. in M.E., M.SC. Din'z'ir1r of the Ezwzing Srbool of Ajwplica' Scicfnca HENRY TAYLOE COMIDTON Srlmol 1911-ysiriau ESTELLE ALLEN, B.C.S. Asmriafv Ragisfrar' HARRIET HENDERSON SL'f'I'f'fLll'-1' fo ilu? Presirfmz' AMES HENLEY CROSLAND Librarian MRS. J FIELD BOGGS PERRY SAVANT HOUSTON KNIGHT BUSII-BROW N WYi.Olili I IENRY HEADS OE DEPARTMENTS MONTGOMERY KNIGHT, B.S. Direefor, Daniel GIl'Q,Q!'l1l7FiIIl Selmol of Al'V'!l1IdIlfl!'S In March, 1930, the Guggenheim Fund for the promotion of Aeronautics awarded Georgia Tech the sum of 5300,000 for the establishment of an aeronautical center of learning and research in the South. Housed in one of the newest buildings on the campus, equipped, in addition to classrooms and oflices, with two wind tunnels, a model shop, a large drafting room, a branch library, and a 300-horsepower auto- giro for flight testing, this department has made perhaps more rapid strides since its birth than any other at Tech, and is today one of the recognized leading schools of its kind in America. HAROLD BUSH-BROWN, A.B., M.Arch. Head of flre Dejrarlmenf of Areliifeefiire The Department of Architecture was established in 1908 as one of the full pro- fessional courses in the Georgia School of Technology. In 1934 a new five-year curriculum in Architecture was installed which leads to the degree of Bachelor of Architecture. For those who may not wish to become practising architects, but who may wish to enter into the building industry, a four-year course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering is available. HUGH ALLEN WYCOFF, B.S., M.S. Heail of flu' Dejmarfmenl of Biology In the Department of Biology courses are offered in conjunction with the curricula of other departments but no degree is given by it alone. Subjects taught are Bacteriology, Zoology, and Physiology. ARTHUR VAN HENRY, Cer.E., M.Sc., Ph.D. H eau' of flue De parfiizenf of Ceramiz' Eiigineeriug The Department of Ceramic Engineering was installed in 1924 and leads to the Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering degree. In addition to training stu- dents this department concerns itself with direct service to the ceramic industries, and is using its facilities to encourage logical industrial development of these in the South. WILLIAM GILMER PERRY, A.M., Litt.D. Hean' of flu' Dejlarfmeiif of English This department is very important in that every student is required to take two years of Rhetoric and Literature. In addition, advanced courses in Literature, Public Speaking, Poetry, Drama, the Novel, and Technical English are offered to upperclassmen. HEADS CDF DEPARTMENTS GILBERT HILLI-IOUSE BOGGS, B.Sc., Ph.D. Director of ffm Dl'IMl'fIIll'l1f of Cfacnzislry and Cbvruical Elzginceriflg The Department of Chemistry was established in 1901, and at that time a course in Engineering Chemistry was offered. Later, in 1906, a four-year course in Chemistry was installed for those wishing to study Chemistry as a pure science. In 1931, departmental expansion made possible the offering of the degree of Bachelor of Science of Chemical Engineering, which hitherto had been impossible because of a lack of equipment. During the past year the department was sub- divided into the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Chemical En- gineering with Professor J. L. Daniel and Dr. H. A. Bunger as respective heads and Dr. Boggs as director. FRANKLIN C. SNOW, C.E., SC.D. Heaa' of the Dvjzarffmwf of Civil Engincfcrifzg The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 1896, the second oldest course at Tech. The curriculum leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. It is so designed as to fit the student for any of the branches of civil engineering which might become his specialty. Thus it is that the cur- riculum is composed largely of purely fundamental subjects rather than more highly specialized ones. JAMES ERSKINE MCDANIEL, A.B., M.A., LL.B. Head of fbc' C0-opvralitfe DL'PdffllIFlIt Since 1912 the Georgia School of Technology has offered a Hve-year co-operative course for those students who wish to combine practical experience with technical theory. Mechanical, Civil, Textile, Electrical, and Chemical courses are open to students in this department. Under the co--operative system the students are divided into two sections. While one is on college work for twelve weeks, the other is at work for the same length of time in various shops and industries in the southeast. At the end of the twelve-week period the two sections alternate. HUBERT E. DENNISON, B.A. :fActing Heaa' of the Department of Economics and Social Science This department does not offer any degree, but performs much as the departments of English and Mathematics in that nearly all students take courses in it. Courses taught include: Economics, Business Law, Accounting, Statistical Methods, Gov- ernment, Insurance, Finance, Marketing, History, and associated subjects. :iPrior to appointment of Dr. A. M. XViemcr effective January 1, 1936. BOGGS SNOW MCDANIEL DENNISON IEITZGERAUI JOHNS Gussox DUNKIN HEADS OF DEPARTMENTS THOMAS WITT FITZGERALD, BS., M.S., E.E. Head of the Dejzartment of Eleefrieal Engineering The Department of Electrical Engineering was established in 1896 which makes it, together with the Civil Engineering Department, the second oldest course at Tech. Today it is recognized as one of the leading schools of its kind in America and is one of the largest departments at Tech. Courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering are offered. WILLIAM BEN JOHNS, JR., B.S. Acting Head of fbe Dejzartmelzf of Engineering Drawing and Meebalzies The Department of Engineering Drawing and Mechanics, while in itself offering no degree, is a very important one at Tech in that all engineering students must take these subjects. COUNT DILLON GIBSON, Ph.B., M.S. in C.E., C.E. Heaa' of the Deparlnzelif of Geology The work of the department of Geology is designed to give the student a thorough training in the basic principles of Geology and Mineralogy and their application to the particular field of engineering the student is preparing to enter. WILLIAM VAN DUNKIN, B.S. in M.E., M.E. Director of the Industrial Management Course This course is designed to provide adequate training for those who intend to do executive work in industry. The f1rst two years are devoted to a liberal educa- tion wich basic physical sciences, while the latter two are composed of necessary courses in business and economics. The degree of Bachelor of Science is offered. DAVID M. SMITH, Ph.D. Head of the Deparfment of Matloematies At a technical school mathematics is probably the basic subject. It is the founda- tion that all engineering is built upon. So it is that every engineering student is required to take at least two years of mathematics, consisting of Trigonometry, Analytical Geometry, and the Calculus. Advance courses are offered in many specialized forms of the subject. I-IEADS OF DEPARTMENTS ROY STEVENSON KING, M.E., M.Sc., Sc.D. Head of flat' Dc'jJar'f11zr'nf of Mecbanir'al EI1gfl7l'K'I'flIg Founded in 1888, the Mechanical Engineering Department offers the oldest course at Tech. During its forty-eight years of existence more than 1,000 degrees of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering have been awarded by this depart- ment, and it counts among its graduates many of America's greatest engineers. In its curriculum no attempt is made at specialization, although a graduate year is offered for that purpose. JOHN BASCOM CRENSHAW, A.M., I'h.D. Heaa' of the Dvjlarfnzclit of Modern Languages For the engineer a knowledge of contemporary languages is extremely important as often he will find it necessary to refer to texts and references written in some other tongue than his own. In addition the cultural advantages gained in the study of modern languages need not be pointed out. The Department of Modern Languages at Tech offers courses in French, Spanish, and German in which syntax, translation, and conversation are stressed. JESSE BOLAND EDWARDS, HS., E. and M.E. Head of the Deparfrrzcfnt of Physics As a basic subject for engineering, all students in the engineering school are re- quired to take at least one year of elementary Physics. The courses are designed to present the fundamental principles of Physics, the experimental work upon which they rest, and the mathematical reasoning employed in the deduction of various axioms. CHARLES ALFRED JONES, B.S. in T.E. Head of the Dc'pa1'f1ne11t of Textile El1giIZUl'I'ilIg The Textile Department gave the first instruction in textile education in the South in February, 1899. This was made possible largely through the gifts of Mr. Aaron French, of Pittsburgh, for whom the Textile Department is known as the A. French Textile School. Its value to a rapidly expanding textile industry in the South which demands an ever increasing number of skilled employees and engineers is immeasurable. KING CRENSHAW EDWARDS JONES CAMPUS SCENES From lfff fo rigbf, frs! ww! Guggen- heim school of Aeronautics, M. L. Brircain Dining Hall. Old Wfoodshop. SBNHIJ raw: Knowles Do x'1u1 itory. Ca 1'1: egic Library. Third YQIVZ A c am p u s walk, A. French Textile School, Swann Hall. EQQAQWO C LAS S E S 3 i LT, RV HEMISTRY today is not only pertorming an in- dispensable service by either directly or indirectly guarding every bit ot tood we eat, but it is con- tinually widening the variety ot toods and drinks. Modern synthetic colors and tlavors have done much to make many ot our toods more colortul and appe- tizing. Not only have new and purely synthetic toods been developed, but we can also thank chem- istry tor the knowledge ot how to properly preserve almost any natural tood. ln the production ot tood no single thing has been more important to our nation than the tertilizer industry which has become more and more dependent on synthetic production ot tertilizers, the direct outgrowth ot chemical ex- periment and investigation. To illustrate this important branch ot chemistry we have chosen a photograph ot a chemist at work in one ot the nation's largest tood organization's laboratories. Fll1D T CULVER KIDD Q46 CNQADUATINQ5 CLASS OFFICERS EDWARDS CULVER Kmu, JR ..... . . . . . Prcsizlvnf DA'NIlEL MAIRSHALI. HOLSIENBECK, JR. . ..... View-Pr'c'sizlc11t JAMES KIRKPATRICK RANKIN . . Sefrefury amz' Trwzszzwr DAN HOLSENBECK JIM RANKIN M 1 , W 1,w 1936 .Lf ADAMS AECK ALDRIDGE ALLEN AMES ATKINSON AUSTIN AVERY AWTRLY BAILEY C-!a.4.4 N236 WILLIAM CARROLTON ADAMS LAFAYETTE, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE EN RICHARD FRED ALDRIDGIZ CHUQUICAMATA, CHILL ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING MILTON BENJAMIN AMES, JR. NORFOI.K, VIRGINIA Al RONAUTICAL ENGINEERING HX Aero Club, Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, National Aeronautical Association: "Y" Cabinet, 2, 3, 4. ARCH AVARY AUSTIN ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE E N Pi Delta Epsilon, Bull Dog Club, Scientia Club, President, 4, TeflI11iq1u', 1, 2, 3, Circulation Manager, 4, Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Football, I. PALMER HUFFAKER AWTREY MARIETTA, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING RICHARD LEON AECK SIOUX CITY, IOWA ARCHITECTURE Honor Roll, 4, Architectural Society. PAUL BAKER ALLEN ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE JOSEPH ELLIS ATKINSON SENOIA, GEORGIA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING KIA I' A Pi Delta Epsilon, Bull Dog Club, Yellow Jacket Club, Student Council, 4, A. I. CII. E., Yellow Jacket, 1, 2, 3, Etlitor-in-Chief, 4, BLUE PRINT, 1, 2, Associate Business Manager 3, Advisory Board, 4, Tr'r'bniq1u', 4, Gentlemen of the Press. FREDERICK BRUCE AVERY ATLANTA, GEORGIA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING EX Kappa Eta Kappa, Bull Dog, Senior Man- ager Football. GEORGE BRITWELL BAILEY, JR. OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY CO-OP CIVIL ENGINEERING Civil Crew. WILLIAM JEFFERSON BANNING ATLANTA, GEORGIA CIVIL ENGINEERING B K Interfraternity Council, 3, Sergeant-an Arms, 4, Civil Crew. HERMAN BARNETT ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE Sigma Gamma, President, MarionetteS, Lieutenant R. O. T. C. CHARLES KOTHE BAUTZ ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE fb E K Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, PresiClent's Gold "Tug Phi Eta Sigma, Scientia Club, Newman Club, President, 4, "Y" Cabinet, Scabbard and Blade, Major R. O. T. C., President Southeastern Prov- ince of College Catholic Clubs. JAMES GUERRY BISHOP, JR. ATLANTA, GEORGIA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 33 Tau Beta Pig Kappa Eta Kappa, President, 43 A. I. E. E. HERMAN HALBASGH BLONDET KEOKUK, IOWA Co-ov ELECTRICAL FNGINETERING FRED SCHENCK BARKALOW, JR. MAIKIIZTTA, GEORGIA CHEMISTRY Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Cross'Country, 1, 2, Track, 1. JAMES BURTON BATSON LUMBERTON, MISSISSIPPI Co-oP ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pig Co-op Club, Briaerean S0- cietyg Scabbarcl and Blade, Captain R. O. T. C., Cross-Country, 1, 3, 4, 5, Captain, S, Track, 4, 5. MORRIS BEERMAN ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHLNIICAL ENGINFERING A. I. Ch. E. GEORGE BROWNE BLACK ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE A T A Scientia Club, Track, 1. THOMAS SCREVEN BOND, JR. SAVANNAII, GEORGIA Co-oP ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Co-op Club, Treasurer, 5, Kappa Eta Kappa, A. I. If. E., Senior "Y" Council, 5, "YU Cabinet, 4, 5, "Y" Singers, 4, 53 Yellow Jacket Club, "TU Book, Associate Editor, 3, Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Track, 2, 3. Cfaaa fQ30 BANNING BARKALOW BARNETT BATSON BAUTZ BEERMAN BISHOP BLACK BLONDET BOND fi' "'T4 .f KC., BRASNIVEI I. BRINSON ISRITTAIN R. BROWN BULI UCI! BRAY ISRITT QI. ISROXVN IIL'I IARD CAMP Cf... GEORGE HENRY BRASWELI. ATLANTA, GEORGIA CO-OE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B K Corop Club, A. S. M. E., Track, I, 2 4, Cross-Country, 1, 2, 5. ALTON PEARCE BRINSON COLUMBUS, GEORGIA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A. I. E. E. JAMES FULTON BRITTAIN BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA GENERAL SCIENCE Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, RALPH DUNWODY BROWN COLUMBUS, GEORGIA GENERAL ENGINEERING FRANCIS MARION BULLOCH MERIDIAN, MIS5ISSIP1'I ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A T Q Kappa Eta Kappa, Yellow Iurlzrl, 3. 2. ,3. - N N936 ALBERT NEIL BRAY SAVANNAH, GEORGIA CO-ov MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B K Phi Eta Sigma, Briaercan Society, Pi Tau Sigma, A. S. M. E., "Y" Singers, 3, 4. GEORGE FREDERICK BRITT NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA AFRONAUTICAL ENGINEERING E N Honor Roll, 1, 4, Acro Club, Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, National Aero- nautical Associationg Lieutenant R. O. T. C. JAMES GOODWYN BROWN THOMASVII.I.F, GIEORGIA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Presidenfs Gold "Tv, Phi Eta Sigma, Kappa Eta Kappa, Vice-President, 4, A. I. E., President, 4, Captain R. O. T. C. HARAN WORTHY BULLARD MACHEN, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Oil Can Club, A. S. M. E. IZLMORE HINIES CAMP GREENVILLE, GEORGIA CIVIL ENGINEERING Civil Crew, Treasurer, 4. KENNETH DAVID CAMPBELL HAVANA, CUBA GENERAL scII2NcI3 ALBERT EDGAR CANNON ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENIIRAL SCIENCE I I 9 X Honor Roll, 1, 33 Interfraternity Council, 5. CJXMPIIIILL CANNON CARMICAL CAROTHIIRS CARY CASTLIHSIZRRY JAMES THOMAS CARMICAL FRED LEO CAROTI-IERS CASTLE CHAWAN MONTICELLO, ARKANSAS WASHINGTON, D. C. LHHADS LLAINTON CO-OI' MECHANICAL ENGINEERING CIVIL ENGINEERING 1-M-ifm -- B K C I Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4g Phi Kappa Phig AK Al G. Ml Civil Crew. AA I I I AUBREY MAYNARD CARY WILLIAM MARSHALL CASTLEBERRY ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA Apu, GEORGIA CO-OP ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CO-op Clllbi MHIOFY R- O- T- C- Kappa Kappa Psi, A. I. E. E.g Tevlanique, 1, 2gBand,1, 2, 3. WALTER CASTLES, JR. FRANK WILLIAMS CHAPMAN SHORT HILLS, NEW JERSEY NEWNAN, GEORGIA AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING CHEMICAL ENGINEERING K A Honor Roll, 2g Tau Beta Pi. O. D. K.g Anakg Bull Dogg Skull and Keyg A. I. Ch. E.g Student Councilg Interfra- ternity Council, Treasurer, 4g BLUE PRINT, lg Yellow Iavkfi, 3, 4, Associate Editor, 45 Bandg "Y" Singersg Swimming, 2. I JOHN ARTHUR CHILDS HIIRSCHEL V. CLANTON, JR. is RIENRINSBURG, GEORGIA ATLANTA, GEORGIA l GI-.NERAL SCIENCE GENERAL SCIENCE l GX I I Honor Roll, l, 2, 3, 43 Phi Kappa PlIig i President's Gold "Tug "Y" Cabinctg Scab- Honor Ron, 4' 1 E bard and Bladeg Captain R. O. T. C. , I l I I lg I Af- I' I l I I I I A i 1 I l Cf-xl!!! A ipl I I I II I TI l 'l I I l I Y Ili III , , , W COFFEY COLE COLSON COMMINS COX URANVITORII CRICIITON CULl'Iil'l'I?R DALE DALISS ,1 L fda., 14230 CAROL TOWERS COFITEY JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA co-ov IZLFCTRICAL FNGINLIYRING B K Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, Presidenfs Gold "T", Kappa Eta Kappa Sophomore Scholarship Award, Kappa Eta Kappa, Briaerean So- ciety, Captain R. O. T. C. MARION CORBIN COLSON SAVANNAH, GIfORGIA MRQHANIQAL ENGINEERING fb K E Pi Tau Sigma, Kappa Kappa Psi, Inter- fraternity Council, 3, 4, A. S. M. Ii., Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Lieutenant R. O. T. C. FRED WARD COX, IR. ATLANTA, GILORCZIA CIILMICAL LNoINIfIaRINc: A 'I' A Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4, O. D. K., Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Presidentis Cold UTD, Student Council, 4, Alpha Chi Sigma Scholarship Award, 3, Alpha Chi Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon, A. I. Ch. E., "Y" Cabinet, 2, BLUE PRINT, 1, 2, 3, 4, Technique, 1, 2, Associate Editor, 3, Advisory Board, 4, Yellow Iafkvf, 2, Cross-Country, 1. WILLIAM INNES CRICHTON ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCILNCI2 FRANCIS LILLARD DALE RQMIQ, GEORGIA co-ov ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Covop Club, Yellow Jacket Club, "Y" Cabinet, "Y" Singers, A. I. E. E., Kappa Kappa Psi, Band. RALPH BUXTON COLE, JR. WAsHINcs'I'oN, D. C. CHEMICAL ENcINIaI:RINc 'IJ E K Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, President's Gold "T", Major R. O. T. C., Scabbard and Blade. PI-IILLIP SIDNEY COMMINS ATI.ANTA, GEoRrIIA GENERAL scIENi:u 111 Ii II Interfraternity Council, 3, 4. HENRY GRAY CRANIVFORD CC1l.I.FGE PARK, GITKVRGIA :QENERAL scII1NcI1 Honor Roll, 1, 2, M. L. Brittain Debating Society, International Relations Club, Non-fraternity Organization, 2, 3, 4, Sec- retary, 3, President, 4, "TU Club, Tennis, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, I, 2, 5, 4. FLETCHER SAMS CULPEPPER GRANTVILLE, GIEORGIA TEXTILE IENGINEITRING A T Q Phi Psi. PIIILLIP FAVOUR DALIQS EUREKA, KANSAS co-01' ELECTRICAL IfNc,INI1IaRINu A. I. E., Lieutenant R. O. T. C. JAMES FRANKLIN DARBY, JR. VIIJALIA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCII-INCE A T Q Honor Roll, 2, 3, 45 Scientia Clubg Scub- bard :Intl Blade, Treasurerg Captain R. O, T. C. CARLTON SMITH DEKLE STILLMORIZ, GIHORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE Rifle Team, I, 23 "YU Singers, 3, Presi- dent, 4. WILLIAM LOUIS DOLIVE ATLANTA, GI-.ORGIA CIVIL FNGINITIERING fl' ZZ K Civil Crew. JAMES LANIER DOOM ATLANTA, GEORGIA ARCHITECTURE Honor Roll, 1, 2, 35 Phi Kappa Phi, Presi- dent's Gold "Tug Architectural Society. HOWARD MAREEN DUVALL, JR. CHERAW, SOUTH CAROLINA Co-ov MLCHANICAI. ENGINEERING I3 K Free Body Club, Co-Op Club, "YU Singers, 1, Z, 3, 43 A. S. M. 12.5 Student Council 34 BLUII PRINT, 45 Lieutenant R. O. T. C. LOWRY WARNER DAVIS ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE Tennis, 1, 2, 33 Basketball Manager, 1, 2. I DARBY DAVIS DIQKIIZ DOLAN DOLIVIZ D'0NoIfRl0 DOOM DURHAM DUVALI. EDWARDS f1"' +'t" "TT ' " TTTQTAAA if fff. -..... "4" " -,, ' A KN JOHN JAMES DOLAN A AsHEvILLE, NORTH CAROLINA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A, S. M. E.g Newman Clubg BLUE PRINT, 4g Rifle Team. 1 CARMINE DOMENICK D'ONOFRIO BROOKLYN, NEW YORK MECHANICAI. ENGINEERING A. S. M. E4 Newman Club. CHARLES PORTER DURHAM EL DORADO, ARKANSAS CHEMICAL ENGINEERING I B 9 II ALBERT DAWSON EDWARDS l ATLANTA, GEORGIA I ARCIIITECTURE I I . S il l I l Q I C, f 4144 149367 I W , I 4. I I ' , .fm I I I . , , W I I 3 1 . I I . 1. DL ELLIS EUBANKS FARMER FIZLKER FELL IPIIRNANDEZ- I 1LL FINCH MORRI- I-ITTEN FLYNN FRANK Cfaaa X936 FRAMPTON ERROLL ELLIS, JR. ATLANTA, GEORGIA AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING X LID Honor Roll, 1, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Aero Club, President, Ensign N. R. O. T. C. MARION BLANTON FARMER ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE EN HARVEY LEXVIS FELL, JR. SAVANNAH, GEORGIA CHEMICAL ILNGINFIIRING .X T A Student Council, 4, Interfraternity Coun- cil, 4, Alpha Chi Sigma, A. I. ClI. E., Pi Delta Epsilon, Treasurer, 4, Gentlemen of the Press, BLUE PRINT, 1, 2, Associate lfditor, 3, Editor-in-Chief, 4, Tcrhiziqllr, Associate Editor, 3, 4, Yellow Iizclerl, 1, Associate Editor, 4. JAMES HARRISON FINCH ATLANTA, GEORGIA ARCHITECTURE E N Anak, Vice-President, O. D. K., Student Council, 4, Interfraternity Council, 2, 5, 4, President, 4, Architectural Society, Bull Dog, Skull and Key, Yellow Jacket Club, Pi Delta Epsilon, BLUE PRINT, 2, 3, '1'1'rlr- lIiL1Ill', 3, Company Commander N. R. O. T. C. THOMAS JAMES FLYNN FORT MCPI-IERSON, GEORGIA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 112' E K Kappa Eta Kappa, Newman Club. ROBERT WILLIAM EUBANKS MACON, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE A T Q Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Football, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 4, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, "T" Club. GEORGE W. FFLKER, Ill MONROE, GEORGIA TEXTILE ENGINEIQIING X II" Pl-Ii Psi, President, 4, Skull and Key, Bull Dog, Yellow Iafkcf, 1, Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ANDRES J. FERNANDEZ-MORRELL HAVANA, CUBA GENERAL SCIENCIZ 6 X Scientia Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Tennis l, 2, 3, 4. JAMES TURNER FITTEN, JR. A'fI.ANTA, GEORGIA CIVIL ENGINEERING K A Civil Crew, Lieutenant R. O. T. C. JACOB FRANK CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE CHEMICAL ENGINEERING T E KI, Lieutenant R. O. T. C. LAMAR HOWARD FRANKLIN MARIETTA, G-EORGIA CERAMIC ENGINEERING E N GORDON ANDREWS FULLINGTON NEW PORT RICHEY, FLORIDA Co-OE MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B K Pi Tau Sigma, Co-op Club, A. S. M. E, "Y" Singers, 3, 4, 5, Band, 2, 3. SAM THOMPSON GIBSON ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHEMISTRY A T A Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4, O. D. K., Vice- President, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, President's Gold "T", Phi Eta Sigma, Senior Advisor, 4, Kappa Kappa Psi, Alpha Chi Sigma, President, Scabbard and Blade, Band, 1, 2, M. L. Brittain Debating So- ciety, President, Lieutenant Commander N. R. O. T. C. CHARLES ADAMS GRACE ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING fb P A Alpha Chi Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon, In- terfraternity Council, 4, A. I. Ch. E., Technique, 1, Yellow Iackrf, 1, 2. EDWIN RAYMOND GRANBERRY ATLANTA, GEORGIA MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING K E A. S. M. E., Captain R. O. T. C. FREDERICK EDWARD FUCHS BROOKLYN, NEW YORK GENERAL SCIENCE II K fl' Honor Roll, 4, Skull and Key, Ycllow Jacket Club, Vice-President, Scicntia Club, Vice-President, Pi Delta Epsilon, Marion- CIICSQ Tz'1'buic1ur', I, 2, 3, 4, Associate Edi- tor, J, Yellow Iurlzrf, 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain R. O. T. C., Cheer Leader, 2, 3, 4. ROY GASKINS ATLANTA, GEORGIA Co-ov CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Co-op Club, Lieutenant R. O. T. C. WILLIAM SAMUEL GINN ATLANTA, GEORGIA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING X fi' O. D. K., Anak, Kappa Eta Kappa, A. I. E., Vice-President, Bull Dog, Skull and Key, Newman Club, Interfraternity Coun- Cil, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Ycllou' Iarkrl, 1, Golf, 1, 3, 4, Sub-Commander N. R. O. T. C. JUAN ANTONIO GRANADOS HAVANA, CUBA CIVIL ENGINEERING Civil Crew, Cosmopolitan Club. WILLIAM JEFF GREENE, JR. FAIRBURN, GEORGIA Co-ov CIVIL ENGINEERING CO-up Club, Civil Crew, Scabbard and Blade, Captain R. O. T. C. CKJLJA fQ35 IRA NKLIN l-UCHS IAUIIINGTON GASKINS GIBSON GINN GRACE GRANADOS GRANBERRY GREENE 6AC. fl'-,Lif iv... T .. ., . .ET ,E ECE-- C-. .71 -i1.,"i---- 5' GRIICSINGER GROMMET GROTZ GUESS HALEY HAMILTON HAMMOND HARBOUR HARMON HARPER rf- Cffdfizi FRANK DANIEL GRIESINGEI1 CRISTOIIAL, CANAL ZONE ILECTRICAL ENGINEERING A ZZ fl' Honor Roll, lg Phi Eta Sigmag Kappa Eta Kappa, A. I. E. E., Band. CHARLES MARION GROTZ UI'1'l:R DARBY, PENNSYLVANIA MECIIANICAL ENGINEERING II K A EDGAR JAMES HALEY, JR. SAVANNAH, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B K Imcrfrntcrnity Council, 2, 33 Yellow Jacket Club, 2, 3, 4, A. S. M. IQ., Yrllow jacket, Ig BLUE PRINT, Associate Editor, 4. ROBERT EDMUND HAMMOND ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE Honor Roll, 2, 3, 45 Presiclcnfs Cold "T,'g Baseball, I, 2. JOHN WILLIAM HARMON BENEVOLENCIL, GEORGIA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. Ch. E. ! Q36 CLIFFORD CHARLES GROMMET INIIAMI, FLORIIIA LIECHANICAI. IiNGINl.liRING Pi Tau Sigmag A. S. M. E.g Swimming, ALGERNON PROTHEROE GUESS ROCK HILL, SOUTH CAROLINA CO-OP CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 43 Co-op Club, President. MYRON BOWDITCH HAMILTON FREDERICK, MARYLAND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E.g Marioncttcs, I, 2, 3. GEORGE ALFRED HARBOUR, JR. ATI.ANTA, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A T A GEORGE KITCHENS HARPER ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE 9 X l PHIL ISAAC HARR ROANOKE, VIRGINIA AERONAUTICAL I1NGINIiI'.RING E X Honor Roll, I, 2, Tau Beta Pi, PIII Eta Sigma, Aero Club, Pi Dclta Epsilon, BLUE PRINT, 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager, 4, Gentlemen of the Press, Lieutenant R. O. T. C. WILLIAM SCHLEY HEATH SUMTER, SOUTII CAROLINA GENERAL SCIENCE K E Scientia Club, Interfratcrnity Council, 4, Lieutenant R. O, T. C., Swimming, 1. JOHN JOSEPH HILL NEW SMYRNA, FLORIDA CO-OP ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING I3 K Honor Roll, 4, 5, Tau Beta Pi, Student Council, 5, Briaerean Society, Vice-Presi- dent, A. I. E. E., Scabbard and Blade, Captain R. O. T. C. ALLEN TALBERT HJELMFELT HOLIIREGE, NI-IIRASRA Co-or ELECTRICAL IiNGlN1iIiRlNG CO-op Club, Kappa Eta Kappa, A. I. E. E. DANIEL M. HOLSENBECK, JR. ATLANTA, GEORGIA TEXTILE ENGINEIIRING A T A Honor Roll, 1, 2, Tau Beta Pi, Plii Kappa Plii, O. D. K., President, Anak, Plii Psi, President Junior Class, Vice-President Sen- ior Class, Student Council, 3, 4, Honor Council, 4, Scabbard and Blade, BLUE PRINT, 1, 2, 3, Technique, 1, 2, 3, Track, 1, Lieutenant N. R. O. T. C. JOSEPH EDMOND HARRINGTON ATLANTA, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E. NELSON ROBERT HENRY ATLANTA, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING JAMES RICHARD HINTON, JR. GREIQNSBORO, NORTH -CAROLINA AILRONAUTICAL ENGINEERING K E Skull and Key, Aero Club, Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, National Aero- nautical Association, Band, Ensign N. R. O. T. C., Track, 1, 2, 3, 4. JOHN FREDERICK HOIIMANN MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 1, Phi Eta Sigma, Alplaa Chi Sigma, A. I. Ch. E., Yellow Iuckcl, 1, 3. GEORGE RANDALL HOOK BALTIMORE, MARYLAND MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A E 11? Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi, Plii Kappa Plii, Prcsident's Gold "T", Pi Tau Sigma, A. S. M. E. Cfaaa 15236 I Af AI IN I I I I I I II I If I I I I I I I I I I I I II it I INA Iiif IIII , , I I 'II I 1. qi I I IIARR IIARRINGTUN IIEATII HENRY IIII.I, IIINTON IIJELMFELT HOIIMANN IIOLSENBECK HOOK Y ,7,, '.'. Q..Q, , E .IL-Z ,.,,, ,,,, :E D HOUSER HOWARD HOWERTON HUDGINGS HUFFORD HUGHS HUNTER HUTCHESON HUTH IMHOFF CFXHAA JOHN ANDREW HOUSER, III FORT VALLEY, GEORGIA ARCHITECTURE fl' A 9 Pi Delta Epsilon, Architectural Society, Charette Club, BLUE PRINT, 2, 3, 4, Art Editor, 4. WILLIAM WEAKLEY HOWERTON ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA Co-OP CHEMICAL ENGINEERING B K Co-op Club. GEORGE VERNON HUFFORD HOLDREGE, NEBRASKA CO-OP ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING CO-Op Clubg Kappa Eta Kappag A. I. E. E.g Scabbard and Bladeg Captain R. O. T. C. LEYTON BULLOCH HUNTER COLLEGE PARK, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE CHAUNCEY WOLCOTT HUTH ATLANTA, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E, 1930 JOHN FORD HOWARD SYLVANIA, GEORGIA CIVIL ENGINEERING Civil Crcwg Lieutenant R. O. T. C. DANIEL WEBSTER HUDGINGS, III TAMPA, FLORIDA IzI,EC'rRICAL ENGINEERING K A WILLIAM DENSON HUGHS, JR. ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A T Q Honor Roll, 1, 2, 33 Phi Eta Sigmag A I. CII. E. ROBERT HOGUE HUTCHESON MARIETTA, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A. S. M. E.g Foil and Mask Clubg Fenc- ing, 3, 4. ROBERT EUGENE IMHOFF AUBURN, INDIANA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING A. I. Ch. E. LLOYD XVESCOTT JACKSON Wn.1vIING'roN, NOIXTH CAROLINA C0-OI' CIVIL ENGINEERING Co-op Club, Civil Crewg Kappa Kappa Pai Bandg Lieutenant R. O. T. C. HOWARD HUHN JOHNSON NTACON, GEORGIA I LECTRICAL ENGINEERING Scabbard and Blade5 Captain R. O. T. C. LEON SEXTUS KANIECKI JERSEY CITY, NEW JERSEY rpIII.IsIIcAL ENGINEERING fb K T Alpha Chi Sigmag A. I. ClI. E.5 Newman Club. HOWARD FREDERICK KASTNER RocRvII.I.I, CI'N'I'ER, NEW YORR ARcHITEcTuRE ADOLPH GUSTAVUS KEYSER, JR. WASIIINGTON, D. C. l.l.liCTRlCAI. ENGINEERING Baseball, 2, 3. Z' I ROGER MALCOLM JACOBS COLUMBUS, GEORGIA GLNLRAI. SGIENGE A E 'II Pi Delta Epsilong Bull Dog Club5 IIItcr- fraternity Council, 5, 4. RALPH MELDRIM JONES SAVANNAH, GEORGIA AI.RoNAUTIcAL ENGINEERING E A E Honor Roll, l, 25 Phi Eta Sigmag Aero Clubg Institute of the Aeronautical Sciencesg National Aeronautical Associa- tion5 Yellow Iacfwt, I, 2, 3, 45 Lieutenant N. R. O. T. C.5 "T" Club5 Cross-Coun- try, l, 2, 3, 45 Track, 1, Z, 3, 45 Swim- ming, 1, 25 Fencing, I. HERBERT JEROME KANTER ATLANTA, GEORGIA GILNIZRAL scII.Nt.Iz T E fb Seientia Club, Interfraternity Council, 3. GORDON KENIMER, -IR. ATLANTA, GEORGIA cIII'MIcAL FNGINLLRING "Y" Cabinet5 A. I. Ch. E.5 Lieutenant R. O. T. C. EDWARDS CULVER KIDD, JR. MILLIZDGEVILLE, GEORGIA GENERAL scII.NcI-1 Z X Honor Roll, 1, 25 O. D. K., Treasurer, 45 Anakg Bull Dog5 Skull and Keyg Pi Delta Epsilong Scientia Club5 "T" Club, Secre- tary, 45 TK'f'l71Iil1Ilf, l, 2, Associate Busi- ness Manager, 35 Business Manager, 45 BLUE PRINT, Advisory Board, 45 Yellow Iilrkrl, Advizory Board, 45 Gentlemen of the Press5 Student Council, 3, Vice-Prcsi- dent, 45 Vice-President Sophomore Classg Vice-President Junior Class5 President Sen- ior Classg Football, 1, 25 Baseball, I, 25 Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4. Cffaaa X936 AIAGRSON ,IACOBS JOHNSON JONES R.-INII-:GRI RANTLR KASTNER RENIMER RIQYSIZR RIIJD 'Tir KINSLER KUPHZC KYTLE LAMBERSON LAMBERTI LAWS LAYTON LESTER Ll LINDSEY CXEAA JACK KINSLER ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE Sigma Gamma Club, Scientia Club. RAYFORD PERDUE KYTLE, jR. ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 115 E K Student Council, 4, Alpha Chi Sigma, Pi Delta Epsilon, President Y. M. C. A., 4, Vice-President, 5, "Y" Cabinet, 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor HTH Book, 3, Technique, 3, 4, M. L. Brittain Debating Society, 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, 4, Marionettes, 1, 2, A. 1. Ch. E., International Relations Club, 2, 3, President, 4, State Student Conference, Treasurer, 3, President, 4, Lieutenant R. O. T. C. HAROLD VICTOR LAMBERTI NEW' YORK CITY Is11iC1iANICAL ENGINEERING Pi Tau Sigma, A. S. M. E., Newman Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Non-Fraternity Organization, Football, 1. BUXTON LAWN LAYTON ATLANTA, GEORGIA CI-IILMICAL ENGINEERING E A E Alpha Chi Sigma, A. I. Ch. E., Secretary and Treasurer, 2, Football, 1, 2, Track, 1, Captain R. O. T. C. FON LI CANTON CITY, CHINA CIVIL ENGINEERING Tau Beta Pi, Civil Crew, Cosmopolitan Club, "Yu Cabinet. 1936 HARRY PETER KUPIEC SCRANTON, PENNSYLVANIA AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING E N Frcc Body Club, Secretary, Acro Club, Sec- retary, Marionettes, 2, 3, Foil and Mask Club, Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Fencing, 3,4. VVILLARD NEAL LAMBERSON ATLANTA, GEORGIA ARCHITECTURE Honor Roll, 3, Architectural Society. ROLAND BENNETT LAWS PA'1"I'1iRSON, LOUISIANA ELECTRICAL ILNGINEERING HUGH WILLET LESTER, JR. ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE K A EDGAR ERNEST LINDSEY, JR. ROME, GEORGIA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING E 'ID E Honor Roll, 1, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Chi Sima, Secretary, 4, A. 1. Ch. E., Kappa Kappa Psi, Technique, 2, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. ,IAMES BYINGTON LINDSEY IRwIN'roN, GI.oRGIA GLNILRAI. sen- N111-. KE Skull and Keyg Secretary Freshman Class, Lieutenant R. O. T. C.5 "TU Club: Foot- ball, I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball, l, 2, 3. CHARLES MONTGOMERY LOKEY ATLANTA, GEQJRGIA CI-IEMIGAL ENGINEIQRING E A E Pi Delta Epsilon5 Alpha Chi Sigma5 A. I. Ch. E.5 Tc'cb11iq11r, 1, 2, 3, 45 Rifle Team, 1, 2, 3, 4. VERNON EVERETT LYONS CART1LRSVILLli,Gl1URGlA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 45 Tau Beta Pig Phi Kappa Phi5 Phi Eta Sigma5 Presiclent's Gold "T", WILLIAM SAMUEL MARTIN RICI-IBURG, SOUTH CAROLINA GENERAL SCIENCE KE Skull and Key, President, 25 Student Coun- cil, 25 President Sophomore Class5 Inter- fraternity Council, 3, 45 "T" Club, Foot- ball, 1, 2, 35 Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 35 Track, 4. ARTHUR ASHER MASSAR ATLANTA, GIZORGIA GENERAL scII1NcE Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 45 Phi Kappa Phi, Presidcnt's Gold HTH. Cf.. FRANK STANSELL LITTLE DULUTI-I, GEORGIA GINERAL ENGINEERING "Y" Singers. DAVID MEREDITH LUNTZ ATLANTA, GEORGIA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING T E 111 Pi Delta Epsilon5 A. I. Ch. E., Interfra- ternity Council, 3, 45 Tfrbrzicllrv, l, 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor, 3, Managing Editor, 4. LIAMES MONROE MARKLIEY CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA AI.RoNAuTIeAL ENGINEERING Y' Y -I Pi Delta Epsilong Marionettesg Free Body Clubg Aero Clubg Institute Aeronautical Scicneeg N. A. A.5 Yellow Iackrl, 1, 2, 3, 45 Captain R. O. T. C.5 Manager Track, l,-2, 3, 4. SAM VENABLE MASON ATLANTA, GEORGIA MEGI-IANIEAL ENGINEERING X KID A. S. M. E.5 BLUE PRINT, 2, 35 Tcrlmiqur, 15 Cross-Country, 1, 25 Track, 2, 4. QIAMES SMITH MAYS EASLUY, SOUTH CAROLINA MILGHANIGAL ENGINEERING II K if Free Body Club, Oil Can Club, A. S. M. If. .4 1936 1. LINDSEY LITTLE LOKEY LUNTZ LYONS MARKLEY MARTIN MASON MASSAR MAYS Qqy, l l ,gif Ti, MI CLURE Mc,DONAI,l,l MCLAIN MILLIGAN MIZEIIE Mm CRILE Mc KINLEY Mc.l.AUGIII.IN MINGI.EIlORlflf MONTAGUE QA.. 1930 GUY BURDELL MCCLURE, JR. UNION CITY, GEORGIA GENERAL ENGINEERING GERALD EDWIN MCDONALD AKRON, OHIO GENERAL SCIENCE H K KP Honor Roll, 3, 4, Scientia Club, Pi Delta Epsilon, BLUE PRINT, 3, Tcvbniquc, 1, 2, 3, 4, Circulation Manager, 3, Advisory Board, 4, Lieutenant R. O. T. C., MTU Club, Baseball, 1, 2, 3. EDWARD WALLACE MCLAIN ATLANTA, GEORGIA AIIRONAUTICAL ENGINEERING A T Q Honor Roll, 2, Aero Club, Free Body Club, Yellow Jacket Club, Secretary, Scabbard and Blade, Captain R. O. T. C., "T" Club, Cross-Country, 2, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4. MAX MILLIGAN, JR. ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE BAE Bull Dog Club, Vice-President, 4, Scientia Club, Cross-Country, 2, Swimming, 4. CONWAY MIZELLE COLLEGE PARK, GEORGIA CHEMICA L. ENGINEERING A T Q A. I. Ch. E. WILLIAM ALLEN MCCREE, JR. ORLANDO, FLORIDA co-on CIVIL ENGINEERING B K Phi Eta Sigma, A. S. C. E., Civil Crew, Briaerean Society, Secretary, 4, Co-op Club, President, 4, Tau Beta Pi. JOHN E. MCKINLEY DECATUR, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE A E II' Bull Dog, Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Track, l, 2, 3, 4, "T" Club. JAMES BRADLEY MCLAUGHLIN COLI.I5GF PARK, GEORCQIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING WALTER LEE MINGLEDORFF, III SAVANNAH, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A T A Honor Roll, 2, 3, Pi Tau Sigma, Presi- dent, 4, Oil Can Club, Free Body Club, A. S. M. E., Treasurer, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Captain R. O. T. C., Track, I, Baseball Manager, I, 2, 3. LARRY DUPRE MONTAGUE SUMTER, SOUTH CAROLINA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING KE Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Presielentis Gold UT", PI Tau Sigma, Secretary, Free Bocly Club, President, Oil Can Club, A. S. M. E., President, Marioncttcs, 1, 2, Tn'h11iq11c, 1, 2, 3, Senior Manager Baseball, Captain R. O. T. C. WILEY POPE MONTGOMERY ATLANTA, GEORGIA AIZRONAUTICAI. ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4g Phi Kappa Phig Phi Eta Sigmag Aero Club5 Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences5 National Aeronauti- cal Associationg Ensign N. R. O. T. C. THOMAS CARLYLE MOORE WIIITIE PLAINS, GEORGIA CO-OE lEI.EC'I'RICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 3, 55 Tau Beta Pig Co-op Club, Vice-President, 4, 55 Briaerean So- ciety5 Lieutenant R. O. T. C. WILLIAM MILLS MURPHEY I.ITTI.E ROCK, ARKANSAS l,LITC'I'RICAL ENGINEERING K A Honor Roll, I, 25 Kappa Eta Kappa5 A. I. E. E. RICHARD PEARSON NELSON ATLANTA, GEORGIA CIVIL ENGINEERING 6 X Civil Crewg Interfraternity Council, 3, 45 Lieutenant R. O. T. C. -IAMES PATRICK O'DONNELL IWALVINA, NIISSISSIPPI LIVII. I-.NGINEERING 41 A H Civil Crew. IRWIN SHERMAN MOORE MACON, GEORGIA CHEMICAL ENGINEERING T E KID Phi Eta Sigma5 A. I. Ch., E.5 Interfrater- nity Council, 4. LONNIE ALLEN MORRIS, JR. ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE II K fb O. D. K., Anak, Secretary, 45 Interfra- ternity Council, 45 Student Council, Treas- urer, 45 Pi Delta Epsilon, Vice-President, 45 Seientia Club, Treasurer, 45 Bull Dog Clubg Twhrfiqzw, I, 2, Associate Editor, 3, Editor-in-Chief, 45 BLUE PRINT, 2, As- sociate Editor, 3, 45 Yellow juried, 1, 2, Associate Editor, 3, 45 Student Editor "Georgia Tech Alumnus"5 Editor Naval Christmas Bulletin5 Secretary Georgia Col- legiate Press Associationg Gentlemen of the Pressg Georgia Tech Athletic Board, 45 "T" Club, 45 Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer, 45 Lieutenant N. R. O. T. C.5 Rifle Team, I, 2, 3, 45 NVho'S XVIIO5 Honor Roll, 4. JOHN FRANKLIN NELSON SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSliTTS CHEMICAL LNGINELRING Honor Roll, I5 A. I. Ch. E.5 "Y" Cabinet, 2, 3, 4. NICK NICHOLS AIIALACHICOLA, FLORIDA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING HD K T A. S. M. JOSEPH FLOYD OLIVIQR ATI.AN'FA, GEORGIA no-OP CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Phi PSI5 Co-op Club: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Cffaaa 159369 MONTGOMERY I. MOORE T. MOORE MORRIS MURPIIEY GI- NELSON R. NELSON NICHOLS O'DONNEI.I, OLIVER q4i-4T.C., ,Y1T:TW"i :,f'i If in - C. ..A,,, K AA I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I OSTER OVI-lR'I'UN OWENS PAPAGEORGE PATE PAULSON PEEPLFS PEKKONEN PERRY PETERSON C-fmgi 15236 JOHN OSTER, JR. RACINE, WISCONSIN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING A E 'If Kappa Eta Kappa, Bull Dog Club, Presi- dent, 45 Pi Delta Iipsilong A. I. E. E4 Ti't'hIIiLIIlz", 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM BAILEY OWENS CLINTON, SOUTH CAROLINA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BK Kappa Eta Kappa. FRANK CONEY FATE HAWKINSVILLE, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING IPAQ Pi Tau Sigma, A. S. M. E., Oil Can Club, Free Body Club. EDWIN AUGUSTUS PEEPLES, JR. ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE KIITA Mariunettes, 2, 3, 43 T6'!'l3I1it1IIP, 1, 2, 3, 4 Yvlluzu' lurkvl, 3, 4. JAMES HILLIARD PERRY FAYETTEVILLE, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE HARRY BAKER OVERTON SYLVESTER, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE 'I' E K Honor Roll, 2, 3. DEMETRIUS THOMAS PAPAGEORGE ATI,ANTA, GEORGIA CIVIL ILNGINEERING Civil Crewg Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Foot- ball, 1. WILLIAM CARL PAULSON EL DORADO, KANSAS CIVIL ENGINEERING Z1 N Civil Crewg Bulldog Club: Lieutenant R. 0. T. C. ARTHUR JACK PEKKONEN NEW YORK CITY GENERAL SCIENCE IIB K T JAMES MARSLOWE PETERSON ATLANTA, GEORGIA CIVIL 'ENGINEERING 0 X Civil Crew. AUBREY PHILLIPS FAIRFIELD, ALABAMA CO-or ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Co-op Clubg Kappa Eta Kappa, A. I. E. E.g Lieutenant R. O. T. C. JOHN WILLIAM PIKE A'I'I.ANTA, GIiORGI1X GENERAL SCIENCE KID A 9 WILLIAM ROBERT PLAGE A'rI.ANTA, GEORGIA AIIRONAUTICAI. ENGINEERING Free Body Club, Yellow Jacket Club. LINTON WATKINS POUND ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL ENGINEERING THOMAS SANFORD PRYOR DOUGLAS, GEORGIA CO-OP ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING fo-op Clubg Briaercan Society, Treasurer, SQ A. I. E. E., Lieutenant R. O. T. C. GEORGE HUDSON PHILLIPS DETROIT, MICHIGAN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4g Phi Kappa Phig Phi Eta Sigmag President's Gold "T", A. I. E. F., Kappa Eta Kappa. RUSSELL LEE PIRKLE HoscI-ITON, GEORGIA GENERAL ENGINEERING Baseball, lg Track, 3, 4. WILLIAM BUTLER POOLE A'I'LANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE A T A Scientia Club, Pi Delta Epsilon, Tvvb- niqlw, 1, 2, BLUE PRINT, 3, 45 Scabbard and Blade, Company Commander N. R. O. T. C. JACK JOSEPH POWELL GAINESVILLE, GIQORKQIA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING I1 K A A. I. E. E.: Kappa Eta Kappa. JOSEPH DAWSON RAGSDALE ATLANTA, GIZORCSIA GIQNERAL SCIENCE Cfaaa 1936 I-I-III.I.I1's G, IIIIILIII-S IIIRE PIRRLE PLAGE POOLE POUND IIOXVELL PRYOR RAGSIIALE i ll' I I -J RANKIN RATTERREE REDMOND REESE RICHARDS RICHARDSON RIFKIN RIGGS ROBERT ROBERTSON Cf.. JAMES KIRKPATRICK RANKIN ATLANTA, GIEORGIA MEGHANIGAL ENGINEERING E A E O. D. K., Secretary, Pi Tau Sigmag A. S. M. E., Oil Can Club, President, Stu- dent Council, Secretary and Treasurer Senior Classg Scabbard and Blade, Ensign N. R. O. T. C., Wl1o,s Whog "T" Clubg Cross-Country, 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, Al- ternate Captain, 45 Track, 1, 2, 3, 4. LURY BRANT REDMOND MONIXOIE, GEORGIA co-or LLECTRICAL ENGINEERING Co-op Club, Kappa Eta Kappa, "YU Sing- ers, Secretary. ROBERT HARDY RICHARDS ATLANTA, CSLORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE JAMES LEO RIFKIN CHATTANOOGA, 'TENNESSEE GENERAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 1, 23 Phi Eta Sigma, "Y" Cabinet. RICHARD CASWELL ROBERT A'I'LAN'I'A, GEORGIA ARCHITECTURE Architectural Society. F936 XVILBUR BARRETT RATTERREE COLLEGE PARK, GEORGIA co-OP CHEMICAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 3g Alpha Chi Sigmag A. I. Ch. E., Briaerean Society. CECIL REESE ANNISTON, ALABAMA co-ov TEX'l'lI.E ENGINl'.liRING ,IOHN AVERY RICHARDSON MEDWAY, MASSACHUSETTS CHEMICAL ENGINEERING 0 X THOMAS I-IADEN RIGGS KIAGRSONVILLE, FLORIDA CHEMISTRY Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3g Phi Eta Sigma, Presi- clent's Gold "T", Kappa Kappa Psi, Presi- dent, Alpha Chi Sigmag Debating, 1, 2, Marioncttes, 25 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4. LYMAN HALL ROBERTSON CHARLESTON, SOUTH CAROLINA ARc:I1I'I'EGTuRE K A Honor Roll, 2, 33 Architectural Society, Scabbard and Bladcg Captain, R. O. T. C ARTHUR NEAL ROBINSON, JR. ATLANTA, Giiokolfx ARCHITIiCl'URli V Y Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Architectural Society, President, 4. XVILLIAM IRBY ROSAMOND lNflI,Ml'HlS, Ti'NN1ass12i: ARl.lllTI'.li'I'URli li fl' ll Pi Delta lfpsilou, Architectural Society, lnterfraternity Council, 3, 4, Marionettes, 3, 4, M. L. Brittain Debating Society, 3, 4, Freshman Debating Team, BLUE PRINT, 1, 3, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Captain, R. O. T. C., Senior Football Manager. JACK ROBERTS ROUNTREE ISASTMAN, Glf0RGIA CO-OP Q IVII, l NGINLERING Honor Roll, 1, 3, 4, 5, Tau Beta Pi, Vice-President, S, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, O. D. K., Student Council, 4, 5, Civil Crew, Vice'President, S, Co-op Club, President, 4, Briaerean Society, Presi- dent, 4, "Y" Singers, President, S, "Y" Cabinet, 4, 5, B1.u1 PRINT, S, Scabbard and Blade, Captain R. O. T. C. EDWARD ICMANUEL SACK SAVANNAH, GlfORGIA ATRONAUTICAI. I NCLINLI RING A 'I' A Honor Roll, l, Phi lita Sigma, Aero Club, Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences, Pi Delta Epsilon, President, Interfraternity Council, 3, 4, Bun: PRINT, 1, 2, 3, 4, 7lt't'l1lliL1lH', l, 2, 3, 4, Managing Editor, 4, Yellow Iiirkrl, l, 2. LIZLAND BLACKWOOD SALTERS Froiu-:Ncif, SoU'1'iICAko1.lNA M11c1HAN1cAi. 11NcziNif1aiuNc A. S. M. F. . HAROLD HANIQS ROGERS ATI.AN'l'fK,Gl1LJRGIA MLcHAN1cA1. 1.NGINl-ll RING Pi Tau Sigma, Treasurer, 4, A. S. M. F., Rifle Team, l, 2, 3, Captain, 4, Scabbard and Blade, Captain R. O. T. C. HAROLD CHARLES ROSIQNBERG ALBANY, Gi-3oiu.1A ARCI-lITITl1TURli 'l' li fl' Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Architectural Society. WARD HANSON SACHS, JR. A'r1.AN'rA,Gioac1A CHEMICAL l'NGINlil.RING Tau Beta Pi, Phi lfta Sigma, Alpha Chi Sigma. DONALD BURNFTT SALMON A1'I.AN'I'A, Gl'.ORGIA CHIEMICAI. 1.NciNizifR1NG Honor Roll, l, 2, 3, 4, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Fra Sigma, President's Gold "T". LIQWIS ROWIC SAMFORD, JR. A'fI.AN'I'A,Cil1ORliIA ClVII.l.NGlNlil'RING Civil Crew. Qfaaa IQ36 K.- ROBI NSON ROSAMOND ROUNTREIC SACK SAI 'I'liRS ROGERS ROSILNBPRC S.-XKIIIS SALMON SA MIXER!! ....--..-., . .W rig..- f f fl A 1 1 l l iii 1 4 SAMS st..-IIIIIROILI I SIIIQOILI. I. SIMMONS G. A. SMITH ' 5 SARGLNT SCIIIIIING ll. SIMMONS SINGER G. G. SMITH C HANSFORD SAMS, JR. DIZCATUR, GEORGIA 'I'ILXTIl,l2 ENGINELRINO X 112 Tau Beta Pi, Phi Eta Sigma, Phi Psi. GIQNIQ FII-QLDER SCARBROUGII AN NISTON, AAI..-KBAMA MI-,IQHANIQAL ITNQINI-.IQRINO A T 12 Pi Tau Sigma, Skull and Key, Baseball, 1. RUDOLPH AUGUSTUS SIEGIZL, -IR. RIQIIMOND, VIRGINIA czHI'MI:gAL FNGINLLRING II K KI! Tau Beta Pi, O. D. K., Alpha Chi Sigma, Vice-President, A. I. Ch. E., President, Pi Delta Epsilon, Bull Dog, Interfrater- nity Council, 3, 4, BLUE PRINT, Associate Iiditor, 3, 4, Tevlmique, 1, 2, 3, 4, Man- aging Ifditor, 4, Yellow Iufkei, 3, 4, WlIr1's XIVIIO, Scabbard and Blade, President, Lieu- tenant Colonel R. O. T. C. .IAMIZS WALTON SIMMONS, KIR. ATLANTA, G1iORGIA 'I'I.xTII.E ENGINFITRING II K YD Honor Committee, 4, "YH Cabinet, Seab- bard and Blade. CZIQORGIZ AUGUST SMITH A'I'I.AN'I'A, GITORCIA .-Xl NON,-KU LICAI. l:NGlNl:I RING 111 E K Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, Tau Beta Pi, O. D. K., Aero Club, Free Body Club, Bull Dog Club, Interfraternity Council, 3, 4, Pi Delta Epsilon, BLUE PRINT, 2, 3, 4, Asso- ciate Business Manager, 4, Scabbartl and Blade, Colonel R. O. T. C., Junior Man- ager Tennis. i936 DONALD BERTRAM SARGIINT ATLANTA, GEORGIA MI:cIIANIcAL ENGINILIQRING 'I' A O Oil Can Club. FRANKLIN KINNFY SCIIILLING BROOKLYN, NLW YLYKK GLNLRAI. scII3NcIz H K III Scientia Club, Kappa Kappa Psi, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain R. O. T. C. HENRY SIMMONS FRIQIEPORT, NLW YORK LLECTRICAI. ENGINLIQRING Kappa Ifta Kappa, A. I. F., Iiresliman "Y" Club, Secretary, "Y" Cabinet, 2, 3, 4, "Y" Singers, I, 2, 3, 4, President, 4, Non-Fraternity Organization, 3, 4. .II-IFF DAVIS SINGI-IR, JR. LUMPRIN, Gl'ORGlA Gl.NllRAI. SCILNC I. A T12 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, President's Gold "T", Ivan Allen Commerce Scholastic Cup, Scientia Club, Secretary, Chairman Senior Invita- tion Committee. GEORGE GOULD SMITH LEBANON, TENNLSSIQI3 co-ov ELECTRICAL 1ENGINIzI1RINu Co-op Club, Treasurer, S, A. I. Ii. IC., Lieutenant R. O. T. C. JOHN HECKER SMITH ALBANY, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A, S. M. E. DIENMAN THOMPSON SNOW A'I'LAN'I'A, GEORGIA Gl'NIiRAI. SGIENGE MAURICB ,IUDSON SOWFLL IiuIaNos AIRES, ARGEN'rINA t:IvIL ENGINEERING Civil Crew, "Y" Cabinet, Cosmopolitan Club, President, 4. DFLOS MALLFRY SPRING, EIR. ATLANTA, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE B 9 IT Scicntia Club, Pi Delta Epsilon, BLUE PRINT, l, 2, 3, 4, Associate Business Man- ager, 3, 4, Trrbrziqllff, 1, 2, Cross-Coum try, 1. IIRUNO FIZLIX STIZIN WARWILR, NEW YORR lil Nl RAI. SCIIQNCI' ,IULIAN THORNTON SMITH EI.BER'roN, GEORGIA co-or M1-.GIIANIGAL ENGINEERING Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5g Tau Beta Pig Plmi Kappa Phi, Phi Eta Sigma, Presidenfs Gold "T", A. S. M. E., Briaerean Society, "Y" Singers, 2, 3, 4, ig Cross-Country, 33 Track, 1, 2. DAVID ARTHUR SOLOMON CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Gl.NliRAL SCIIZNCI? T E fb 7't'l'hIliL1Ilf', I, 25 Yfllouf Iavkvl, I, 2. WILLIAM ELMORI2 SPAULDING CliARI.I-KSTON, SOUTH CAROI.INA ro-ov lfI.IiCTRICAL IINGINIIFRING Co-op Club, Kappa Eta Kappa, A. I. F. If., Scabbard and Blade, Major R. O. T. C., Baseball, 1. GILBIZRT THOMAS STACY ATLANTA, GEORGIA GI NLRAI. SCIIENCE 9 X Interfratcrnity Council, 3, 45 "T" Clubg Basketball, I, 2, 35 Baseball, I, 2, 3, Foot- ball, I, 2. -IULIAN HOWARD STOLLARD A'I'LAN'I'A, GEORGIA LIVII.l1NGINlillRING CII E K CiviI Crew. C-fan 1936 C f II. SMITH SNOW SOWELI. SPRING STIZIN I. T. sIIII'I'II soI.OMoN SI'AUI.DING sTAcY s'roI LARI7 ll I I I I1 I. I Ill Vlll IIII IW I I I I I I I . , I I . I I , I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I 4 . I I I I I ' I I I I I I I I I I I Iv v -, ,lj STRLIIT 9'rIIII1III..IxNI'I 'mI'I'z 'I'IxvI.oR 'I'IiMI-I.IL 'I'IIoM.Ixs 'I'IIo:iII'soN 'l'IllWliI.l. Tomi IN 'I'Ia,IIIIiII Z1 C, fain f Q36 WILLIAM O. STRICFT NIIAMI, IlI.oIIIIm 1,1-NlIlAl.Sl2IlNl.I1 EX Skull and Keyg Student Council, President liresliman Clnxag Secretary Sopliomore Claw: liuotlull, I, 2, 3. 45 Tennis, I, 2g Golf, I, 2, 4. RALPH TAITZ A'I'l.1XNl'A, GI,okc.I.'x I I.I 4 rim AI. I NGINI I RING Sigma Gninina Club. CLOICI-I IQVIZRIZTT TICMPLIC NI- wvoit I', ARKANS is I I I c1'I'I1Ic AI. l-.NGINI I IQINII A. I. lf. li., Ihinl, I, 2, 33 Lieutengxnt R. O. T. C., Track, 2, 3, 4. OSCAR HOLDEN THOMPSON A'I'I.IxN'I'A, Gifoiium GI,Nl'.RAl. SCH NCll'. KID A 0 Anak, President, Bull Dog Club, Skull and Key, Vice-President, Student Council, 25 lnterfraternity Council, 3, 4. SAMUIQL STOKISS TOMLIN A'I'l.AN'I'A, GIIUIQLIA L'lVIl.l Nc5INI.I.IIINcI .X 'l' S2 Civil Crew, Skull and Key, Scmbbartl .lllll Blntleg Major R. O. T. C., Rifle Team, Football, I. HAL IIAZIILTON STRICKLAND, JR. ISIRMINGIIAM, AI,AnAM.x co-ov cIII.MIeAI. 1.NeINI.nInNG li K Honor Roll, lg PIII lfta Sigma, Yelluzr lIII'leI'l, 2, 3, lirinereun Society. IIARRY CLAY TAYLOR A l'l ANTA, CvlfORGIA QIIIIMIQAI. Iixomiii RING A. I. CII. If.: Rifle TCJIITQ Captain R. O ily. C. R ALPH Sl DNFY THOMAS Smut N NIIH, GI'oIu.I.1. ARCI IITIZCTURIQ Yellow jacket Club, Non-Fraternity Or- ganization, 4, S, Yellow Iuvkrl, 25 HY' Cabinet, 5, 4, S5 "YU Singers, 2, 3, 4, S5 Freslimnn "Y" Clubg Band, 2, 3. CALVIN MQMAHAN TIDWICLL OItI,ANuo,F1.oRI1m LO-Ol' LZHILMICAL ILNGINIQIQRING fb K E BI.uI-. PRINT, lg Swimming, I. LUGIQNIQ ICDWIN TRABITR A'I'I ANIA, ci!-IORILIA ni NIIQAI SlIl'NCili "Y" Singers, I, 2, Captain R. O. T. C. , ADAM KIONIQS TRANSOU A'l'I.AN'I'A, GEQRGIA NILCIIA NIr1AI. I-LNGINIQI-,IIINQ Phi Kappa Phig Pi Tau Sigma, A. S. M. ll. FRANK MARSHALL VOLISIQRG ATLANTA, GEORGIA co-ov c:IIIaMIeAI.1aNcIN1,IanINu Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4, 55 Tau Beta Pig Phi Kappa Phig Phi Fra Sigma, Prcsidcnfs Gold "Tug Briaercan Society, A. I. Ch. Il., "Y" Singers, Captain R. O. T. C. CARI. IQIFORD WAITS BI N HILL, GLoImIA Gl.Nl'.RAL SCIENCE II, ZZ K Honor Roll, lg Phi Fra Sigma, "Tn Club, Baseball, 1, 2, 3. LOUII-I DAVID WALL, -IR. ATONROL, GEORGIA CU-UI' CHEMICAL lINGINI.lzRlNG III A 6 Tau Beta Pi, President, Alpha Chi Sigma, A. I. Ch. If., Briaerean Society, Vicc-Prcsi- dent, Co-op Club, Vice-President, "Y" Singers, 4, 5, Seabbard and Blade, Cap- tain R. O. T. C. JOSEPH IAIDWARD WALTHALI., ,lR. Mom LAND, GI-oIu.IA co-ov CIVII, llNGINl'l.RING Phi lita Sigmag Civil Crew, Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Cf.. THOMAS POOLE 'IUMLIN ATLANT'A, GlaoRrsIA INILCIIANICALIiNG1Nl-.LRING II' A 0 Pi Tau Sigma, Bull Dogg Skull and Key, Basketball, lg Tennis, 3, 4, 5. ,lliSSIi DIXON WADSWORTI-I, JR. COLUMISUS, QILORGIA GENERAI. scIIsNcI2 A 'l' Q Scientia Clubg Captain R. O. T. C. ROBERT EMMONS WALKER BI,UEIfIELD, NVI3s'I' VIRGINIA MliCI'IANICAL ILNGINI-:ILRING A. S. NI. E., Football, l. RAYMOND NAPIER WALSH ATLANTA, GIQCJRGIA QHEMICAI. ENGINEERING 9 X ,IOHN XVALTICR WARD, JR. GIu.LNvII.I.I3, Mississippi MLCHANICALINGINLIRINC1 IX A. S. M. li., Oil Can Club, Football Man- ager, 1, 2, 35 Basketball Manager, 1. TRANSOU TUMHN VOLBIZRG WADSWORTII WAITS VVAI.KliR XVALL VVALSII XYALTHALI. XVARD K L ,, ,L L-...,-- A A A E 4 I I 4 th. , l llq fl IN 11'l L,-if 1 I 5 l 3 l 3 XVATTERS XVLISB XY'IiI-.KS XVENTZ NVEST NVHIGHAM XYIIITE J. H. XYILLIAMS M. XY'II.I.lAMS XYILSON A Cfaau JULIAN EDWIN NWATTERS Hl:RMITAGE, GEORGIA CERAMIC ENGINEERING IT K A lnterfraternity Council, 3, 4, CrOss-Coun- try, I, 2, 3, Track, l, 2, 3, 4. CIIARLIE AUGUSTUS NVEEKS XVRENS, GEORGIA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING HARVEY ANDERSON WEST ATLANTA, GEORGIA CIVIL ENGINEERING E 'IP E Civil Crew, Bulldog Club, Pi Delta Epsi- lon, Interfraternity Council, 3, 4, i"I"' Club, President, 4, BLUE PRINT, l, 2, 3, 'IiI'zIv:k, 1, 2, Alternate Captain, 3, 4, Cross- Country, 1, 2, 3, 4. ROY FARRIBA WHITE GRANTVILLE, GEORGIA GENERAL SCIENCE B 9 II Honor Roll, 3, Scientia Club, Marion-- ettes, Pi Delta Epsilon, BLUE PRINT, 3, 4, Yellow frlckcf, 2, Sophomore Manager Track. JOHN MASON XWILLIAMS, JR. IVIONROE, GEORGIA CHEINIICAL ENGINEERING K A llonor Roll, I, 2, Phi Eta Sigma, Preai- dent, 1, Student Council, 2, 3, 4, Secre- tary, 3, President, 4, Bull Dog, A. I. CII. Ii., Band, I, 2, 3, Swimming, 1, 2. 1936 CARL OLIVER WEBB, JR. ATI.AN'I'A, GIQORKZIA CO-OP CHEMICAI. liNGINl'.liRING RICHARD K. XVENTZ NARBFR'I'1i, PENNSYLVANIA ALRONAUTICAL IZNGINLLRING ix ID Plii Eta Sigma, Aero Club, Free Body Club, Interfraternity Council, 3, 4, Sopho- more Manager Track. WILLIAM DENNY WHIGIIAM HAPLY'II.I.F, CTLORGIA CIVIL ENGINEERING Civil Crew. JOHN HAND WILLIAMS BLAKELY, GEORGIA MECHANICAL ENGINEERING A T Q Yellow Jacket Club, President, 4, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Scabbarcl and Blade, Cl1eer Leatler, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 4, Captain R. O. T. C. 1 ROBERT ALDEAN WILSON EDGEFIIZLD, SOUTII CAROI.INA CO-OP CHEMICAL ENGINLLRING Co-op Club, Alpha Clii Sigma, Lieutenamt R. O. T. C. ROBERT WELLINGTON WINFREE ATLANTA, GEORGIA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DON REGISTER WOOLF CENTRAL HERSHEY, CUBA AERONAUTICAL ENGINEILRING 111 K T Honor Roll, lg Phi Eta Sigma, Acro Club, Lieutenant R. O. T. C. IiLMO ,IACK WOOD JAMES, GEORGIA I-,LLIQTRIEAL LNGINLIQRINII Kappa Eta Kappag A, I, If. ll. DLWITT ANDREW WORRELL BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY MECHANICAL ENGINEERING B 9 H Pi Tau Sigmag Oil Can Clubg A. S. M. F5 Pi Delta Epsilong BLUE PRINT, 2, Associate Business Manager, 3, 4. Clfay 15236 R ,C 35.1 , WINFREE XVUUD WOOLF ' WORRIQLI MCZKKDTQ' xx xy YQ! Xl? xvlrigf CQ! ivf ilf xvz xljllk xvf QQ1 xlfgy X-.1 X.1 S-.1 x.x if gf C xx xx Q2 gf gf gy N J, ,g WILLIAM BUTLER POOLE, '36 March 8, I9I3 March I4, I936 EUGENE OTTIS BATSON, '37 January 9, l9I6 April 24, 1936 CHARLES BRADDY BALDWIN, '39 Co-op Ocioloer 23, I9I7 February 24, I936 HALVER CHANDLER HICKS, '39 November 4, I9l5 December I6, I935 WALTON NORRIS CARSWELL, '40 Co-op August 6, l9I4 April 9, I936 sl 5!SfiL!L!L!SfLLfX.!LfX!N.fLfL!X!ZN.fN.! ---. WW BEARD Q46 JUNIQR CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD A. BEARD, JR. . .... . . . Presidfvzf CHARLES B. PRESTUN . ..... Vic'v-Pwxizlcfzf HAIRRY H. APPLULY . . . S1'z'1'f'fz1ry and TI'L'tl.YTl!'C'Y PRESTON APPLEBY 1937 .V First Row B. L. ABBOTT, A 21 fb .... Calhoun, Ga T. H. ACREE .... . Calhoun, Ga R. O. ADAMS, JR., A E fi! . . . Atlanta, Ga L. R. AHERN, JR., ll K A . Bridgeport, Conn J. F. ALEXANDER, E. A E . . . Atlanta Sevomi Row G. M. ALLEN, 2 N ..... Toccoa, D. G. ANDERSON, E A E . . Athens, J. H. BAILEY, 2. X ..... Elberton, J. M. BAKER . . . . Charleston, W. H. S. BARNES . . . Palmetto, Third Row E. O. BATSON, K A . J. W. BATTS, A E fb . B. S. BEASLEY, A T A W. S. BECKETT, K E . E. J. BENTON, JR., 2 X Fourth G. R. BETHUNE, JR. . J. C. BETTY, II K A . M. R. BLUME . . Ga Ga Ga Ga Va Ga . . . Millard, Miss . . Doerun, Ga Petersburg, Tenn . . . Atlanta, Ga . . . Savannah,Ga R0 ll! Macon, Ga Wilmington, Del . . Newark, N. J W. F. BOSKY . . . Hadley Falls, Mass D. C. BOY, II K Q11 . . Huntington, W. Va Fifth Row M. H. BRADLEY . . C. A. BROWN . W. S. BROWN J. E. BRYAN . . . G. W. BURRETT, JR. . . Atlanta . Atlanta, . Nocatee, Kathleen, . . Dry Branch Sixth Row G. V. BUSSEY . . . W. S. BUTLER, JR. . J. C. CARR .... J. E. CARTER . . . W. L. CARVER, HID A GJ J Ga Ga Fla Ga Ga Bowman, Ga Utica, N. Y . Brooklet, Lenox Atlanta, Sezfenih Row A. B. CATES, JR., X fb E. E. CHEEK . . . G. S. CLARKE, JR., X KID J. W. CLEGG, K E . . W. N. CLYATT, fb E K Atlanta, . Atlanta .V . Savannah, . . Atlanta, Atlanta, 9 3 Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga Firxl ,Row J. R. COLEY ..,.. Westport, Conn R. O. CONRLIN . . . . . Miami, Fla W. S. Cook, JR., E fl' lfl . . Covington, Ca R. E. CORBITT . . . . . Augusta Ga J. M. CORRAL . . . Tampa, Fla Scwuflcf Row J. M. COWN ..... Fayetteville, Ga E. F. COX, JR., E. N . . Atlanta Ga J. C. CROCKER, ll K fb . . Brooklyn, N. Y J. G. CROLEY . . . . College Park, Ga J. A. DAVIS, JR., X ll! . . . . Perry, Ga Third Row W. Y. C. DEAN, E. A l'l . . . Rome, Cya W. J. DELANEY, JR., X ID . . . Miami, Fla J. If. W. DEMERITT, bl X . F. H. DOBBINS, fl? A I-0 . . Fourth Row J. DEMATTEIS . . . . Homer City, . Macon, .Atlanta, K. IJOUGLAS ..... Wrightsville, L. Z. DRENNON, K A .... Atlanta, W. G. EAGER, JR., E A E . J. D. EARLE, JR., X ll' . . D. L. ECHOLS, 11? A 09 . Fiffly Row W. W. EDWARDS, JR. S. B. EHRLICH, C11 I-I ll . . W. M. EIQHBAUM . A. M. ELDRIDGE, ll K H. D. EMMERT, JR., B 00 Il . Sixfb Row R. H. FAGAN ..... C. lil. FIIRNANDEZ . J. D. FINLEY, CID A I0 . . J. R. FITZPATRICK, E A IC . T. T. FLAGL1-LR, E A IC . . Seventh Row . Valdosta, Pa Ga Gm. Ga. Ga. Asheville, N. C. . Atlanta, Ga . Atlanta, Ga . Bainbridge. Ga . . Chattanooga, Tenn. A . . B1rnesville,G . Tulsa, Okla. Morganza, Pa. Havana, Cuba . Jackson, G a . Atlanta, Ga . Atlanta, Ga. R. S. FORD, E X . . . Pascagoula, Miss. N. M. FRISCH, T E fb . . Jersey City, N. J. L. FUCHS, fb E II . . . . Atlanta, Ga. P. H. FULLER, X fb . . Atlanta, Ga. V. D. GATH . . . Wyano, Pa Ca. Il. First R010 L. H. GEIGER, JR., E fb E . H. L. GODWIN, 111 K E . . Leesburg, J. F. GOINS, JR. . . . A. E. GOODE . . .i . . F. R. GOULDING, E CID E . . . Atlanta Semin! Row W. J. GRANT, fb A 60 . . . Waycross, J. F. GUEST, 411 K T . . Dudley, F. S. HALL, JR., bf. X . . . Atlanta, W. T. HARBIN . . . Brunswick, W. B. HARELSON . . . . Harelson, Third Row J. S. HARRISON, E. N .... Jackson, K. O. HART, E N . . West Palm Beach, . Atlanta, Ga Ga . Atlanta, Ga Columbus, Kans , Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga La Ga Fla T. R. HARTLEY .... St. Augustine, Fla E. W. HAWKINS, K E .... Dothan, Ala G. H. HIGHTOWER, E. X . . Thomaston, Ga Fourfla Rout' R. H. HJELMIr'ELT . . Holdregc, Nebr A. M. HOAGLAND, JR. .... Atlanta, Ga F. E. HODGDON . . L. A. HOLLAND . A. C. HOLT, K E . Fifflw Row G .... Atlanta O. F. HOUSE, K E . R . M. HOPE, E. X . . A. HUDSON . . . . Decatur, Ga . . . Collins, Ga . Greensboro, N. C , Ga . . Cincinnati, Ohio . . Macon, Ga J. C. HULSE, A 'I' A . . . Augusta, Ga L. F. HUTCHINS . . Hattiesburg, Miss Sixth Row P. C. HUTCHISON .... Charlotte, N. C J. C. HYDER, 111 K 2 . . Clermont, Ga E. E. IRWIN ..., . Atlanta, Ga H. D. IVEY, JR., CIP E K . . Atlanta, Ga A. H. JENSEN, A '21 eb . . . Chicago, Ill Sezfezzfh Row D. K. JOHNSON, E N . W. E. JOHNSON . . . . Sparta, Mich . Chicago, Ill D. C. JOHNSTON, H K fb . . . Sasser, Ga R. D. JOHNSTON, B QD II . Birmingham, Ala J. B. KACRLEY, K E .... Atlanta, Ga Firsi Row J. KARLICK . H. J. KEEITER . . W. R. KENDRICK, E N F. D. KERSHAW . R. W. KESTLER . . Atlanta, Ga. Richmond Hill, N. Y. . Atlanta, Ga. Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. . . Atlanta,Ga. Second Row B. H. KEYSERLING ..... Dale, S. C. W. G. KIRST, JR. . . . Little Rock, Ark. N. L. KLEIN . . . . . Baltimore, Md. A. L. Kocsls, 115 F A . . Mexico City, Mex. A. S. KOVALEFSKY . . . Passaic, N. J. Third Row R. W. KUETTNER ..... Atlanta, Ga. M. KUNIANSKY . . . Atlanta, Ga. S. S. KUNIANSKY . . . . Atlanta, Ga. H. W. LADYNSKI, E X . . Jersey City, N. J. J. LAGOMASINO . . . . Havana, Cuba Fozrrfb Row W. J. LALIK ...... Garfield, N. J. M. T. LAMBERT, JR., X KD . E. S. LANIER, E N D. E. LEE, E N . 0. R. LINK, E X . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . . Atlanta, Ga. Fifth Row S. T. LIPSIUS . . I. LIPTON . . D. T. LIVELY . . B. M. LODEN, K A C. A. LOFLIN, JR. . Chicago, Ill. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. Alamosa, Colo. . Atlanta, Ga. Savannah, Ga. Sixth Row G. W. LOKEY, JR., II K 111 . . Thomson, Ga. D. D. LONG, E A E J. E. LOVE . . . H. P. LOVELESS, JR. . W. H. LOWERY . Sf'l'l'l1flJ E. MALZONE . . C. A. MAPLE, B K Row H. K. MARSHALL, A T A . B. L. MATHEWS, f-If K T C. W. MATTHEWS, fb E K , XV. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Unadilla, Ga. Brooklyn, N. Y. . Macon, Ga. . Cordelc, Gil. . Ashburn, Ga. Palm Beach, Fla. LM , ,,?M., -.f C-fm. 1193 7 First Row w R. M. MATTHEWS, 5. X . . Thomaston, Cya A. A. MAXWELL .... Montezuma, Ga M. R. MCCLATCHEY, X111 . . Atlanta Ga s J. W. MCCORD, A T Q .... Macon, Ga R. A. MCKENZIE, E X, West Palm Beach, Fla Second Row J. C. MCKINNON, JR., fb E K . Atlanta, R. H. MCKOWN, E A E . . . Atlanta, Ga. W. MCNENNEY, E X . . Tampa, Fla. W. A. MEEKS, H K fb . . . Carrollton, Ga. R. M. MENDEZ . . . Santurce, Porto Third Row Rico A. A. MILLER ..... New York, N. Y. D. W. MILLER, GJ X . . . Hapeville, Ga. M. V. MILTIADES, 111 K T . . Savannah, Ga. H. R. MINCEY .... . Atlanta, Ga. J. A. MITCHELL . . . Atlanta, Ga. Fourfb Row G. G. MORRISON, E A E . . Atlanta, Ga. L. M. MOYE, JR., K 2 . . . Atlanta, Ga. R. W. MUNDY, fir K E . . . Jonesboro, Ga. L. R. MUNROE, JR., K A . . . Quincy, Fla. R. P. NANCE ..... Bell Buckle, Tenn. Fiffb Row J. B. NAPIER ..... . Macon, Ga. S. K. NEILL, H K A . . Forest, Miss. S. B. NEISTER . . . . Roanoke, Va. S. NEWTON, 2 A E . . Sylvania, Ga. W. C. NORTON . . . Meridian, Miss. Sixth Row L. J. O'CALLAGHAN, E db E . . Atlanta, Ga. R. H. OGI ESBY, B 00 ll . Warrensburg, Mo. J. G. PARKS, fb A 69 . . . . Atlanta, Ga. T. L. PERRY .... . . Atlanta, Ga. J. E. PIERCE, H0911 . . Kirkwood, Mo. Sfwenlla Row H. L. PLACE, X 111 ..... Atlanta, Ga. E. A. POE . . . . Newellton, La. L. S. POER, CID A 60 . . . Atlanta, Ga. J. H. POWELL, 2 11? E . . Navasota, Tex. P. W. PURDOM, A T A . . Decatur, Ga. Ga. Firsi Row F. B. RAGLANIJ, K A . . . Atlanta, Ga. J. B. RAMAGE, Il K fb . . . Atlanta, Ga. J. S. RAMSEY, JR., B 00 II . Darlington, S. C. W. H. RATLIIfIf, JR. .... Sheratd, Miss. R. D. REISMAN, fb E II . . Atlanta, Ga. Svvonzl R0 w P. H. REYNOLDS ..... Athens, Ga. W. H. RHODES . . College Park, Ga. R. V. RICHARD . . . . Savannah, Ga. D. F. RIDINQS, Il K fb . . Kingsport, Tenn. C. H. RIS, JR., ll K A . . . Freeport, N. Y. Third Row A. J. ROESEL ...... Augusta, Ga. J. S. ROSENBLRG .... Ridgewood, N. J. D. ROSEN'ZWEIG, 'I' E CID . . . Savannah, Ga. A. C. RUSSELL, A E dl . . White Plains, N. Y. J. C. RYAN, Il X . . . . . Delavan, lll. Fourfla Row C. L. SCHREEDER, JR ..... Atlanta, Ga. P. R. SCHUH . . . . St. Petersburg, Fla. G. K. SELDEN, .X I dl . . . Atlanta, Ga. H. A. SENIOR, ll K A . . . San Juan, P. R. R. SHEPLEY, ll K A . West Palm Beach, Fla. Fifth Row J. SHIPP, A T S2 . . . Americus, Ga. J. K. SHIPPEY, JR. . . Atlanta, Ga. A. SIEGEL . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. G. P. SILVA .... . Cardenas, Cuba C. R. SIMONS, ll K fb . . Atlanta, Ga. Sixfla Row M. D. SIMS, 'K I ..... Atlanta, Ga. W. B. SINGLETON, B K . Rocky Mount, N. C. C. A. SINQUIiIfIELll .... Lake City, Fla. C. W. SMITH . . . . Central City, Ky. H.. SMITH, dw E K . . . Atlanta, Ga. Svwrzfh Row W. G. SMITH, JR., C9 X . . Lake Worth, Fla. T. M. SPARKS . . . . . Millen, Ga. L. J. SPENCER, E A E . . Atlanta, Ga. A. R. SPREEN . . . . . Nutley, N. J. L. A. STAPLETON . . Decatur, Ga. First Row C. W. STONE, JR. . . Atlanta, Ga H. L. STULB, X fb . . Augusta, Ga A. N. STULL . . . . Norwalk, Conn R. M. SWEET, II K cb . . St. Albans, W. Va H. W. SWII1'T, I A E . . Columbus, Ga Svcoml Row G. C. TAYI.OR, E X .... Taunton, Mass J. H. TAYLOR . . . . Decatur, Ga R. K. TliMI,I.l411'ON . . St. Petersburg, Fla E. S. TIlARl'Ii, fb A 07 . . . Moultrie, Ga O. L. TPIOMAS .... College Park, Ga Thin! Row W. M. THOMPSON . . . Cochran, Ga F. M. TOLIN, A E fl, . . Scarsdale, N. Y J. R. TUIYTS, X KD ..... Atlanta, Ga P. S. VAN BUSRIRK, A E GP, White Plains, N. Y H. M. V1iRlJIillY, JR., ll K fll . . Harlem, Ga Fonrflz Row R. A. Vlillllllili, ll K fb . . . Plainville, Ga W. E. WA1.1.Ac12, B K . . . Atlanta, Ga I. H. WA1.1.M15Y1i1t, A E CD . . Richmond, Va J. C. WALTON, A E fb . . . Pinehurst, Ga M. I. XYXASSIZRIMAN, 'I' E fb . Jersey City, N. J Fiffb Row G. L. WATT, K A . . . Thomasville G. H. WEAVER ...... Griffin H. R. WEINSTEIN, T E KID, St. Augustine, J. D. WIIORTON, fb I' A . . . Decatur, H. WIcK1sR,Kbl . . . Atlanta Sixfh Row T. M. Wlc3H'1' . . . . . . Cairo J. W. WILKIQIQSON . . Columbus W. L. W1I.1.cox W. C. WII.I.IAMS G. WILSON, JR., A 'I' S2 . . . Bethany, Sr'z'f111'b Row J. H. WII.SON, JR. ..... Augusta S. R. YOUNG, A T R. C. ZIMMISRMAN, A T A . Ft. Thomas, 9 . . . Orlando, . . . Lawrenceville, Q . . College Park, Ga Ga Fla Ga Ga Ga Ga Fla Ga Mo Ga Ga. Ky. J. C. BARBER . J. E. BARNHLLL J. W. BELL . K. A. BEVINS L. R. BLANKS First Row Second Row . Waycross, Ga. . Folkston, Ga. Rockmart, Ga. . Atlanta, Ga. . Macon, Ga. E. M. BOLZE ...... Houston, Tex C. W. BOWERS, 111 K 2, Signal Mountain, Tenn K. E. CALLOXVAY . . . Tallulah Falls, Ga J. A. CASTELLAW . . Locust Grove, Ga H. CHEVERTON, JR. . . Rich Hill, Mo R. D. CLARK Third Row Rockmart, Ga B. A. COLE . . . . Mountain City, Tenn A. C. CROCKETT, JR .... B. B. DALES, JR. . . . J. Bradenton, Fla Waynesboro, Ga C. DAv1s . . . Hot Springs, N. C Fourth Row K. K. DOMINGOS ..... Macon, Ga G. ECHELSON S. S. ELAM . G. G. FOULDS W. S. GARNER W. H. GARVIN J. E. GLASS . Hartford, Conn Bradenton, Fla . . Hutchinson, Kans Fifth Row McDonough, Ga Weeletka, Okla . . Connelly Springs, N. C C. P. GOODYEAR ..... Brunswick, Ga D. A. HENDERSON, JR. . . Cornelia, Ga H. H. HERRING, JR. . . Rockmart, Ga Sixth Row J. L. HOLLEY, JR. . . . . . Augusta, Ga R. S. HOLMES . . Birmingham, Ala W. R JENKINS ...... Scottdale, Ga G. JOHNSON, JR., fb K 2 . D. M. LESLIE Seventh Row Jacksonville, Fla . Decatur, Ga E. C. MACQUEEN . . . Gates Mills, Ohio F. F. MALLORY . . . Thomaston, Ga I. H. MANN, JR. . . . Sylvester, Ga J. T. MARSHALL, E. N . . Atlanta, Ga S. L. MCFARLAND . . . Louisville, Ga CCD-CDP L.!...I.. 1938 lfirsf Row R. A. lVlILI.S . . . P. J. MI1'CH1ZI.L, JR. . L. B. MUNN . W. C. NoIx'rHIaN . . R. L. PARRISH . Cleveland, Ohio . Hampton, Ga. . . Miami, Fla. Little Rock, Ark. Asheville, N. C. Sc'c'0mf R0 W S. R. PHILLIPS . . . . C. B. PIKE, JR. . . M. Posa '.... J. B. PQWIQLL, B 00 ll . R. E. RAYLIZ . . . . Tllirzf R0 zu W. SQANDIILTT, A 'I' A . R. Sncoku .... . R. A. SI3IIfEI1T . . . . J. G. SPENCER . . . W. G. STOCKIJALIQ, B K . . Fourlh Row H. W. STIIICKLAND . . College Park, Ga. Birmingham, Ala. . Tampa, Fla. Owensboro, Ky. . Eastover, S. C. . . Cordele, Ga. Jacksonville, Fla. Rockville, Conn. . Palatka, Fla. Charleston, S. C. . Glennville, Ga. S. M. TROLITMAN . . . Statesville, N. C. R. R. VooRHrL1as . . Holmclel, N. J. Fiffb Row F. A. XVALKER . . . Atlanta, Ga. J. M. WATTS . . H. E. XVIIITL . West Plains, Mo. . Clermont, Ga. NIXON ANDERSON QASQPHQMQREMIPRESHMAN Sophomore Class JACK. U. NIKON . . JAMES P. MORGAN . . . T. FLETCHER SIMS, JR. . MORG A N SIMS CLASSES OFFICERS . .P1'c'xizfz'nl. . . . Vic'0-Pwsidrfnf . . . . SerwffarjI-Trcfaszzrrr lffi II" 1, 7938 1939 J 1 Freshman Class ROBERT E. ANDERSON . XVILLIAM G. THRASH . . GEORGE B. SMITI-I THRASH SMITH W. BRANNoN, I5 K - - Ga Firsi Row AgRAM5.......... C. ABRAMS, 15 K - - H. ABRAMS --'. XV. ADAMS, U K 'P - B. P. ALDRIDGE, KP-3 9 A - - AD y ....... Srcoml xl. ALLXANDLR, -3 T A - - - M. A1.1,1aN ------ V. ALNIONID, 'P E K - M. AMos ----' V. AN1uaRsoN, 'P ll -3 - ' - B. ----- - Tbinl Row VV. ATRINS, JR., -X T il - - ' lf. A'I'WOQ5ll .--.-' A. AUQLAIR - - M. BALUILR - - B. 1iAl'.K - - - lf. Baum-.Y, AIR. - - - - - - Fonrlla Row R, BAKER, ll K A ..... O. BAKER, :X - - f B. BALDWIN ------ D. BAl.l.AN'I'YNli, ll K A - - S. DANDY ------- 15, BANKS, +All . . . Ififfb Row C. BARRUZY, ll K Il ---- W. BARN:-is, KPA9- - - M. BARNI-,'I"l', ll li 'P' - . H. BARNlur'1' '.-- 4 li. BAKRl:N'l'INl-', -X 'I' A - v xl. BAlilllT'l', llufll. . . Siafb Row D, BA'l"l'l.l' v - - - - - G. BlfAl.1. ---' Q. B1.A'1'Y I.. Br-.AUDRoT, I5 IN ---- M, B1 Ll, ......... A. Bla KI R51 utr, JR., I A li - Roux South Norwalk, Conn . . . Savannah, Ga. . Chattanooga, Tenn - . - - Atlanta, Ga - . - - Miami, Okla South Orange, N. J - - - Atlanta, Ga. . . jackson, Ga. - - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - - - Edison, Ga. - Cliffside Park, N. Savannah, Ga - - Waycross, Ga - . Atlanta, Ga Nutley, N. J Danville, Ky - - - Alpharetta, Ga. - Plainville, Conn - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Marshall, Tex - - - - Atlanta, Ga. Washington, D. C. - . - - Griffin, Ga. . - - Hapeville, Ga . . . Atlanta, Ga - - - -Atlanta, Ga. Petersburg, Tenn Augusta, Ga . . - Atlanta, Ga. - - Douglas, Ga. . - Chamblee, Ga - - Charlotte, N. C Greenwood, S. C - - Arlington, Ga - - Atlanta, Ga S1'1'z'nlb Row J. - Atlanta, Ga. BLACK, -IR. .........- Wllite Plains, N. Y C. BLANCHARI1, JR., Xflf .----- Augusta, Ga C. Buss, lf 9 ll -... . - Fairfield, Ala H. BI.oouwoR'rir ----- - - Atlanta, Ga 1-I. 1gO,,TWR,Gm-, li 6 Il . . . . Atlanta, Ga M. Bouv, ll K 'P --.- - - Atlanta, Ga Iiigblb Row O. Boorlz ..--------- jacksonville, Fla M. Box, JR. - - - ---- Collinsville, Ala B. BOY, ll K 'Iv , . . - - Huntington, W. Va D. BRASI-'llfl,D, 'P 1' l - - T. llRl1WluR --------- Niulb Row li, BR1NsoN, li K ------ - - Ii. BROXVARIJ - - - M. BRowN D. BROWN - - S. BROWN - W. BROWN - - - - Tmlb Rau' W, BROWN, A E fl' ..... li. BROWN G. BRUSCH ----- . ,l. Buitcl-R ------ 11. BURRS, AIR., B911 - - B, BURNS ...... . . . . .R0mC, - - Natchez, Miss - . Atlanta, Ga - Columbus, Ga . - jacksonville, Fla - -Azalea, N. C - - East Point, Ga. - - - - Martin, Ga. . - l.ithia Springs, Ga - Old Hickory, Tenn. Atlanta, Ga - - Hammond, Incl - - Glassport, Pa - - Birmingham, Ala - - Asheville, N. C First Row W. BURTON -------- W. H. BUTNER, K A - - J. P. BYRD, III, 415 9 - - J. W. CALDWELL, X4' ' 0 C. H. CALHOUN, JR., X xl' - - W. L. CALLEY, A T 52 - - Svfoml Row M. O. CAMPBELL - ---- - - V. D. CAMPBELL ---- W. C. CAMPBELL, 'l'i0- - M. W. CARMXCHAEL. . J. A. CARRAN - - - In CAR'fMEL, JR. - - Tbirzi Row V. B. CASEY- . ----- - T. E. CASH, JR. ------ T. B. CAULFIELD, JR. ---- R. E. CHAMBERLAIN, B 9 H - - R, E, CHAN . ....... . J. L. CHIVINGTON, 'I' A 9 ---- Fourlla Row F. W. CLARK -'---'--' J. C. CLARK, A T S2 - - - R. L. CLARKE ---.---- J. C. COGBURN, JR., EX - . B. G. COLE -.------ Ii. G. COLE, JR., K A ----- Fiflb Row B. F. COLMER, AJR. .--- . - H. V. COOK, 211915 - . J. V. COOPER, B911 - J. A. CORK ---'-- M. M. CORTES, AE 'I' - - W. A. COTTEN, 'I' -A 9 ---. sinh Row . . Atlanta, - - - Atlanta, Ga. Ga. Tulsa, Okla. Birmingham, Ala. - - Washington, . - Atlanta, - - - Atlanta, - - Rockmart, - - Athens, - -Jackson, - - - Atlanta, Jacksonville, - - Lake Wales, - - Atlanta, Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. Fla. Fla. Ga. - - Gloster, Miss. - Dayton, Ohio - - - Savannah, Ga. - Chattanooga, Tenn. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Candler, N. C. - - Newnan, Ga. - . Decatur, Ga. - - Porterdale, Ga. - - - - Atlanta, Ga. . - Swainsboro, Ga. - Chihuahua, Mexico - - McComb, Miss. J. G. COURTNEY, JR., A T 3 - - . . Atlanta, Ga. C. L. COVER, X Xl' -----. - - - Albany, Ga. J. C. CRAWFORD ------ ---- A tlanta, Ga. R. L. CREAMILR, KE ---. .Amityville, N. Y. H. W. CRISWELL, B911 . - ---. Atlanta, Ga. D. S. CROCKER, ll KT - - -Brooklyn, N. Y. Sr'l'f'ntb Row C. F. CRUMBLIEY, A 22 'I' . - . -+-- Atlanta, Ga. H. CRUMLY ----- - Birmingham, Ala. I.. J. CULP ------ - -'Warrcnsburg, MO. L. W. DABNEY, fl' E K - ---- Atlanta, Ga. R. J. DANIEL, If 'I' li . - - lnxltchurst, N. J. J. J. DAv1s, JR. - --.--- - - - Atlanta, Ga. Efgblb Row R. E. DAVIS- - ------'. Taylorsville, Ga. C. H. DAVISON - - - - Brunswick, Ga. D. T. DEAN -----' - - Fast Point, Ga. S. D. DEKLE, E X .... - - Atlanta, Ga. H. F. DENNING, 'D l' A . - . - Decatur, Ga. J. E. DENTON ---.--- - - Robards, Ky. Ninlb Row DILLARD, JR. -..---- DILLON, JR. J. K. J. F. . . T. W. DILLON ---- W, B, DOE, E A E ...... H. L. DONALD -------- T. J. DONNELLY, JR., 'PK-Bl - - Tvnlb Row DQNQVAN, ..... DREWRY - - C. S. DUBUISSON - . W. W. DULIN - - - H. DUNLOP - - J, EBDON, Il K A . . . R. F. I. O. R. T. - Wcstixminster, S. C. - - - Savannah, Ga. - - - Savannah, Ga. - Jacksonville, F12- - Ridgewood, N. J. - - Jonesboro, Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - Birmingham, Ala. - Long Beach, Miss. . . .Atlanta, . - -Atlanta, Ga. Ga. . Gatun, Canal Zone .I- P. R. R. lx. l"iI'.tf Row L. IZIJNVARIJS, Ill, 'bl H - - - AI. IfI.IIRI um - ---- D. I'.I,I.Io'I', 'I'l IX - - Ii. IiIvIIvIuNS, If 9 ll - Ig, I-,MMM lx A .....,.. XV. D. EVANS, -lil., 'PE li - - Fort SI'muIl Row W. H. livI, X 'I' P. Ii. FVI Rl.'l"I' - - D. G. EXX'I'.N - - C. L. FARMIR - - H. J- C. I'I-I,sIII,R - - M. FI I.'l'US - - Tlxirlf Ron' P. FI-.NIIIIY ..------ - - R. Ii. Fll'l.llS ----- - H. M. FINt3III.R, Xi'- D. G. FINR, X 'I' --'4 NV. H. FI.I,GI1NIII.IMI1R - - j. G. I5I.IMINt5, l 'I'-I ----- I"olII'flI Rau' xl. S. FI.I.'IcIIIR, -I 'I' 13 - - - - F. lu. FI.oYII, AIR. - - - - AI, Q, FLY, NIR., ISU II . . A. T. FLYNAI' ----- lu. R. FI.I'N'I' ,-.- L. V. FUNTAINI. - - - - - - Fiflb Row R. C. FORIIIIAM -----4-- S. H. FoWI.I.R, XII' - - - - - ,I. S. FRASI-.R ------- Ozone W. M. I:URI.OXX', .lR.- - - - - R. L. IJURMAN -------' I. GASSILNIIIIRII R, illi., 'I' Ii ll - - M. R. F W. W. C. S. .I- M. M. B. J- M. H. R. .I- F. L. G. R. G. R. L. W J. B. W. N. N. O. Sixth Rau' E. GAs'I'oR - - M. GIIIIIS- - Gmstm .-A- - C. GIIISQN, -IR. - H. Gmstm - - - G. GIl,l4lS, Z N - - - - - S4'I'1'ulb Ron' O. GII I.I SIIII-, IR. GI.UsTRoM ----- A. GUI-'I"I'I, IR. - - - - L. GOIDMAR, 'I' li 'I'- - S. GOClIJXY'IN .--- H. GORIlX', ll K flf ..... Iiighlb Row GlJ'I"Fl:SMAN, 'I' li Il ----- P. GRAIIAM - - - E. GRI'.'I'llNl.I41li, Zi fb E . W. GUGI-:I, ----- - C. GUIl.l4't7RID, 'I' Ill - A. GUI.I.l1N', 'I' A 0 .-4.4 Nirifb Rau' L, GUNN .......... M. HAIRI-IN, -Y 'I' Ii - - - HAMMQNII, AIR., X'I'- - - - J. HANC'iJt2R, -IR., Z1 -I Ii - - HANNCIN, JR. ------ D. HAIKIJI-.l., I5 K ------ Twzlb Rau' M. HARMON, A 'I' A -.-- C. HARIKIS ----. R. HARRIS ------ C. HARRISKIN, Z1 -I li - - G. HARRISON, Pl 1I'l'3 - - L. HARRISKJN, ,lR., X'I'- - - - Macon, Ga - - Atlanta, Ga Atlanta, Ga. Memphia, Tenn. - Deeatur, Ga I.Cl1VC1'lW0l'Ii!, Kam - - Savannah, Ga - - Miami, lfla. - - Lyman, S. C. - -GriH'in, Ga. - - Brooklyn, N. Y. Natchez, Miss. Carrollton, Ga. - Society Hill, S. C. . . . Atlanta, Ga. - - lialdwin, N. Y. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - BradentuI1, Iila. - - llazlehurst, Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - Shelbyville, Tenn. Ga - Sparta . Sparta lironltlet 1 - -Gibson - -Dcvcrcux, Park, L. l., N - - -Albany - -Hapcville 1 Gai Ga Ca. Ga. Y. Ga. Ga - Islontgomery, Ala. - - Pittsburg, Kans. - - ,loncsburo, Ga. - Coppcrhill, Tenn. - - - -Griiiin Ga. - llacltsonvillc, Fla. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - -Atlanta Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - rlawkinsvillc, Ga. - - -Atlanta Ga. St. Augustine, Fla. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Reading, Ohio - -Iilkin, N. C. - -Frankfort, Ky. - - Savannah, Ga. - - - Rome, Ga. - - Sylvester, Ga. - Crawfordvillc, Ga. - - LaGrange, Ga. - Orlando, Fla. - - - Marietta, Ga. - - - - Atco, Ga. St. Augustine, Fla. - - Swainsburo, Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - Thomasville, Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. Firxi Row G. O. HASRFLL, JR. ----- - -Macon, Ga J. A. HAYNILS, K A ---- - . - Atlanta, Ga C. D. LIAZLIZHURST, A 'I' 12 - - - - Nashville, Tenn J. W. HIQNDLRSON ---. ----- L yous, Ga K. H. LTIZNLIQY- . - - -Portsmouth, N. H K, D, Hl,NRy . . . - - - Cassandra, Ga SI'I'0mf Row R. J. ill:liRING, B K ------ - - Savannah, Ga O. M. HIl.l., JR. - - - - Atlanta, Ga T, L, Hug, ....... . - Atlanta, Ga J. E. HITIa, 'I' KE ---- - . Jackson, Miss. S. N. HCDLIJITCH, 'PA 9 - . - - Atlanta, Ga. J. B. HOI.S1', Z A IC --.-- - - Savannah, Ga Thin! Rou' F. XV. HOLT, Z3 A li ---------- Atlanta, Ga. C. W. HORTON, U K A . - w Montgomery, Ala. D. A. LIOWARD ----- - - Gaffney, S. C. J. O. HOWARD, B K - - - - - -Savannah, Ga. M. W. HCDWARD, III, Z1 N -----4-- Atlanta, Ga. S. Iionrlb Row HOW'ARIJ --.-----' Cumberland Gap, Tenn L. W. LIUBBARD, JR. -.-.-. - -Tarrant, Ala. L. E. HUBBELL, Z3 'T' li - . - - - Atlanta, Ga A. C. HUDSON ---- ---- A tlanta, Ga M. A. IAIUDSON, E N - - . - - - San Antonio, Tex. G. N. HULTZEN, A E 'l' - . . - New Rochelle, N. Y F. L. HUMl'l'IRliY, IPAQ - - - - - Wayxlesboro, Ga. Fiffb Row L. B. HUNT --------- - - Macon, Ga. W. B. I'IUN'I', 1591! .-.- - . Clermont, Fla J. F. HUTCIIINSON, li' A 0 - - ---. LaGrange, Ga. R. L. HU1'TU --.---------- Augusta, Ga E. W. IRRY, E 'PE . . . - Lake Cormorant, Miss. W. H. JJAMES, EX -------" Blackshear, Ga. Sixlla Row W. S. JAMIQS, B K --------- Summerville, Ga. J. H. JIQNRINS --.-- - - -Atlanta, Ga. A. C. JOHNSON, 419 I' -3 . - . - Pensacola, Fla. C. B. JOHNSON, H K fl' . - - Atlanta, Ga. C. E. JOHNSON ---- - - Senoia, Ga. D. L. JOHNSTON - - - - - - - Atlanta, Ga. S!'l'l'lll'b Rau' B. P. JONI-S, E A E --'--- - - - Canton, Ga. W. L. JONILS, JR. ----- - -Statesboro, Ga. L. K. JORDAN, JR., 'J'-59 - - - Monticello, Ga. W. H. JORDAN, A T 53 - - - . Atlanta, Ga. H. B. KARI' ---- - - Atlanta, Ga. T. W. KIRISY- . - - -Waycross, Ga. Eighlh Row D. L. KILCRIQASI3, li K -------- Waycross, Ga. M. B. KILLGO '------ A - College Park, Ga. F. W. KLIEIN, JR., 'I' A 9 A - - - - Atlanta, Ga. NV. H. KUBLIER --... . . . Atlanta, Ga, R. E. KURZISNRNABI1 - - - - Tenafly, N. J. T. E. LANIQ -------'- - - Rockman-t, Ga. Ninlb Rbu' O. H. LANG, TAG ------- R -Moultrie, Ga. L. M. LARRIN, E N- . ---.--- Atlanta, Ga. W. P. LAUGHTON, JR. - A . West Bridgewater, Mass. P. E. LLARI2, II K'I'. - -----'- Atlanta, Ga. J. R. LLGGIZTT, GX - - ---'-- Atlanta, Ga. A. R. LLWIS, H Kq' -----.-- Greenwood, S. C. Tenth Row T. M. LIZWIS, KA ...... . .Atlantgh Ga, A. J. LITTLE, 'P lil - . - - - Atlanta, Ga. C. R. LONG, EX. - - -Jacksonville, Fla. J- R- LONG '----- - - Douglasville, Ga. B. F. Lomaz -...... . . . Tgmpa, Fla, R. D. MADDUX, A T 12 . . - ' Macon, Ga. Hrs! Row W. H. MALONE, ATA- - - A- 'I' MARKS ...... J. B. MARKS ------ P. L. MARTIN, 'PA9 - - E. D. MASON, XXI' - - W. M. MASSEY, JR. - - - - - Srmml Row E. H. MATTINGLY' - - - - - R. H. MAYER --'- C. A. MAYHEW, Tl X - . G. H. MCBRIDIZ, JR. - A J. N. MCCLAIN -.-- E. L. MCCLINTOCK, -JR. - - Tbira' Row J. H. MCCLURE -------- J. H. MCCULLOUGH, 'I' K T - ' R. B. MCINTOSH ------ G. E. MCKINNEY ----' H. H. MCLAUCHLIN - - - N. G. MCLEAN, ATA .--- Fourlh Row O. C. MCLEAN, AT A ---- R. O. METCALIJ- - - - H. D. MILLER, 34' - ' - - W. A. MILLER, 41K T - - - W. M. MILLER C. MILLS, ..... M. Fiflb Row G. Ml1'CHELL, K A '--- G. F. MONTGOMERY, JR., E A15 X. H. MOORE, JR., 'lf K ... ..... H. G. MOORE, 'PA 9 ' - E. MooRE, W. W. W. MOORE AZKID. Sixth Row E. MORELLI, 9X- - - Atlanta, Ga . . Atlanta, Ga - - Augusta, Ga - - Atlanta, Ga - - Perry, Ga . - Macon, G2 - - Atlanta, Ga - - Savannah, Ga - - Savannah, Ga - . - Lyons, Ga - Davidson, N. C Asheville, N. C Union City, Ga Newberry, S, C - - Blackshear, Ga - - -Tampa, Fla - - - Decatur, Ga Memphis, Tenn Palmetto, Fla - Westminster, Vt - - - Atlanta, Ga River Edge, N. .J - ' Cleburne, Tex. - - - Grilin, Ga. - - Quitman, Ga. - - Marietta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - - Conley, Ga. - - Hartford, Ark. - - Buchanan, Ga - .Altoona, Pa H. D. MORGAN, JR., K A . - ---- Rome, Ga. J. P. MORGAN, U K 9 - - - - West Plains, Mo. J. L. MORRISON ---.- - - - Atlanta, Ga. G. F. MORTON - . - -Kansas City, Mo. D. Moss --.- -------- S ugar Valley, Ga. Sl'l'!'lIfb Row A. R. MUNN ---- ---- - A Atlanta, Ga. P. MUNROE, E A E - . . . Quincy, Fla. F. J. MYIZRS --.--.. - - - Atlanta, Ga. C. M. NEAL, JR., '-P K E - - - - Columbus, Ga. E. L. NEESE, B K ---- - -Greensboro, N. C. R. M. NELSON- - ----- - - 'Atlanta, Ga. Eighth' Row W. L. NETI-IERLAND ----..---- Atlanta, Ga. J. R. NEVES, KE - - - - - Fort Gaines, Ga. D. D. O,BRlAN, H K 'F - - - - - Doerun, Ga. H. R. O,BRIEN, TFA - - - -Savannah, Ga. O. L. OLSON, JR. - - - - - Atlanta, Ga. J. N. O,NEIL, A T S2 - - - ' Hartford, Conn. Ninilo Row W. A. O,QUINN, JR., E 'P E ----- Brunswick, Ga J. T. O,REAR, TVA ---- W. C. PAINTER, JR., WE K - - - -Frankfort, Ky - - - Atlanta, Ga. C. B. PALMER, X4' -.-.. - - Lawrenceville, Va J. F. PARKER - - - A. W. PARRISH- - - - - - - Tvnlla Row - - Gulfport, Miss. - - - Atlanta, Ga E. L. PATTON, JR., A Z1 'I' -Jackson Hgts., L. I., N. Y W. D, PAULK, Il Kfb ..... W. H. PAXTON, JR., A T U - - - A, G, PEETZ, II K A ...... G. S. PEEFALL, JR., ll K A - - J. B. PENDERGRAST, JR., XT - - - - Fitzgerald, Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. -New York, N. Y. - Westmont, N. J. - - . Atlanta. Ga. Firsl Row O. C. ADAMS, JR. ------- - - Monticello, Ga. J. B. ADDY ------ - - Decatur, Ga. C. A. ALEXANDER, JR. . - - - Atlanta, Ga. Ia. K. ALEXANDER - - - - - Atlanta, Ga. J. A. ALEXANDER - - '--- Atlanta, Ga. W. J. ALERIEND - - - -Tallahassee, Fla. R. W. ALLISON - - - - Richmond, Va. J. W. ALTMAN - - - ' - Sanford, lfla. Svcmzd Row L. F. ANDERSON, JR. ------ Mount Hope, W. Va. In. O. ANDREWS- - - . -St. Petersburg, Va. J. F. BACKUS, JR. - ---- Atlanta, Ga. H. C. BAGLILY - ---- Atlanta, Ga. D. D. BAILEY - - - - Hephzibah, Ga. H. BAILEY - - - - - - Atlanta, Ga. C. F. BAKER - . - - Savannah, Ga. C. F. BARER, JR. - .--- - .Tampa, Fla. Thin! Row L, D- BAKER . . ..... . . . D:lllnS, TCX. P, P, BALLA5 . . - - - Decatur, Gil. S. BARTHA - - - - - Sea Cliff, N. Y. A. W. BAYLESS - - - - - Atlanta, Ga. S. D. BEALL - - - - Chamblee, Ga. T. R. BEASLEY - - -Reiclsville, Ga. H. W. BECK -.'- - - Kirkwood, Mo. P. W, BECRWITH - - - - Savannah, Ga. Fonrlh Row W H. BEERS, JR. --.----- Gatun, Canal Zone R. G. BEHM ---- ---- A tlanta, Ga. C. L. BELCHILR, JR. - - ---- Atlanta, Ga, G. C. BESTOR .--- - - Clewiston, Fla. J. R. BISHOP - - - - - Atlanta, Ga. W M. BOLTON - - - - - Griliin, Ga. M. R. BOORN . - . - - Middleneld, Ohio Ci. H BOOTH, JR. -.-. - - - Aspen, Va. Fiflll Rau' M. BORGES, JR. ------ - -Havana, Cuba R. W. BOYD ----- - - Savannah, Ga. C. F. BRADLEY, JR. . - - - Atlanta, Ga. R. L. BRANDON - - - - - - Atlanta, Ga. R. NW. EUBANKS - - ---- Macon, Ga. J. A. BRETZ - - - - - College Park, Ga. G. M. BROXVN - - ---- Atlanta, Ga. R. BULL - - - .----- Atlantic Beach, Fla. SIAM Row R. G. BURNET ---.-.-- - - Athens, Ga. M. H. BURROUOHS . - - Brunswick, Ga. L. P. BURTON - - - - - Jasper, Ala. F. F. BUSBEE - - . . Macon, Ga. R. H. BYERS- - - - - Decatur, Ga. H. W. BYNUM . . . . Amcficug, Ga, R. K. CAMPBELL . . . . . Copperhill, Tenn. M. T. CAMPEN - - ---- McMinnville, Tenn. Svrwilli Row J. W. CANNON- . . -----.-- Miami, Fla. W F. CAPPLEMAN- - - .Winter Garden, Fla. J. H. CARPENTER. . . . . Syrggugc, N- Y, R. li. CARPENTER- - . . .Afl3nm, GQ, W N. CARSWELL . - . - Whigliam, Gi. B. V. CHAPLIN . - . . Atlanfqy Lia. la. W. CHAPMAN - . .... Conyfrg, Un, J- R. QHYASTEN . . - .Wilmingnom N. C. Iiiglitlz Ron' .l- S. CHEER .-------- - - Gainesville, Ga. J. NV. CHENEY . - - - Macon, Ga. M. R. CLARK - . - - - - Atlanta, Ga. R. H. CLINKSCALFS . - - -Abbeville, S. C. R. S. CILINKSCALIES . . . . . Atlanta, Ga. R. COATES -... . . Mgqgn, Ga, C. C012 ...... , , Augusta, Gu. lr.. C. COLEMAN, JR. . . . . Coffeqvillq, Miss. 7 . j. Fi:-tt Ron' A. COQPIK .... . . . . . L. CoitNi1.I., -lit. - - T. Cosnx' ---- A. CQOVINCIION - - '. Cv. Coxili, ilk. . . A, CRAW1-oitu . - - . G. CQROSIARTIII, jk. - - . C. Citommiiix. - - Svroml Kon' DABNEY . .... . . . C. . xl. DzXNII-.I.- . - L. DAUGHTRY C. DAUGHTRY - - M. DAVIS . - - L. LJAVIS- - . R. Dfiwsliy - - D. 1,1-ANS - Tfwirif Rau' A. ljI.C1ARlll1NAS ------ lf. DVCJASTRU - - P. D12G1vi.. - O. IJl'I.OAC.H . D. Di-.WITT - - XV. Doi: - i - Doitsiix' - - IT. lJOS'l'IR - - 151111 rlfn Ron' P. DoUci,.xSs4 LRUNSLJN - H. Dui-RL11 - C. O. Dy.-xi. - - R. Dun - - . In Dikis, ,lit.- - R. li,xsrM.xN, ju. - - D, Iickiit -.-- Ififib Row G. FIJXVARIJS . ..... . XV EIDSON- . O. lilkon - - V L ELSTON - - B. Es'1'i.S - - H. EVANS. - - M. lfVlRliTT, Blix. B.F,xi.ks--. Sixlln Kon' H. lixuut . - H. FllfI.Ds - - V. FISHI R . - B. Forum - - - M. POS'lLR - - H. FOSTER - - A, FRANCA - - H. FRANK - - Sei mlb R ou' . R. FRFDFRILZK . . E. 1:RI4Ill'RlL KS J. FRLLDMAN - - - A. FRY .--- FULGIIUM - - R. FU1.1.i.1t - - M. Fultlow - - QI. Gnnins . . Ifigbllm R ou' Gaiuzm-TuNoN D. G1'lG1.1t - - - - M. GIcsi.s - - A - C. Givims . . . GoLDs'1'IlN - - J. B. CSOLDSTIIN - - GRALE - - - B. L. Gimvns, ja- . . - - Atlanta, Ga. - . Sanford, Fla. . - Abingdon, Va. . - Meridian, Miss. - - .Atlanta, Ga. - - Miami Beach, Fla. . . Gainesville, Ga. - - XXYCILIITIPRLI, Ala. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Villa Rica, Ga. - - Decatur, Ga. - - - Macon, Ga. - - - -Griffiin, Ga. Va. - - - - Atlanta, Ga. Mount Hope, W. - - Savannah, Cla. - ' Havana, Cuba - Havana, Cuba - - Atlanta, Ga. - - + Cvlennville, Ga. - Panama City, Pla. - - jacksonville, Ifla. - - Gainesville, Ga. - - Lancaster, S. C. - - Hollywood, Pla. - LaGrange, Ga. - - Athens, Ga. Fla. . . . Tifton, Ga. - - Cocoa, . - Shreveport, La. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Roeliester, Pa. Ga. - - Atlanta, - - Chamblee, Ga. - - . - Atlanta, Ga. - St. Petersburg, Pla. - - - Columbus, Ga. Ga. Fla. Q - Hapeville, Ga. - - - -Atlanta, - St. Augustine, Fla. - - Hampton, Ga, - Cliipley, - - XY'estField, N. J. - - Atlanta, Cul. - - Miami, Fla. - - Roswell, Ga. - - Havana, Cuba - - Ridgewood, N. . Old Hickory, Tenn. - - Caldwell, N- ,l. - - Brooklyn, N. 'Y. - - - Tyler, Tex. - - Pensacola, Fla. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Ameriuus, Ga. - - Quitman, Ga. . . . Havana, Cuba - - Jacksonville, Fla. - New York, N. Y. Mount Hope, XV. Va. - - - LaGrange, Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - - - - Elko, Ga. - Montealm, NV. Va. lint! W. Il. GRAY -I. W. GItIaI3AIt . li. L. GItI.LN - - xl. NW. GRliI1NE - ,l. T. QIRIBBLIQ . T. M. CIRIFFIN T. xl. GItoc,xN - ' W. C, Gkuuu - Row - - . -Atlanta, - - Helen - - - Macon ' - Smyrna Ga. Ga. Ga. Ga. - - Sylva, N. C. - - jackson, Miss. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Dothan, Sevalzaf Row lu. G. GIKUTLRS - - W. K. HAILEY' - - KI. R. IIAMINIOND, ja. Ala. - - - - New York, N. Y. - - - Lookout Mt., Tenn. - - Cristobal, Canal Zone xl. W. HAMMONI7' - ------ Rome, Ga. P. IPIAMMOND - - - - Barnesville, Ga. H. H. HAGIQIZTT - - - - - Atlanta, Ga. IJ. li. l"lARRIMAN, -lit. - - - - Tampa, Fla. ml, D, PIARVIQY .... . . Atlanta, Ga. Tlfirll Row W. A. HASTY . - ."-- - - - Griiiin, Ga. R. If, IILAD, JR. - - . - - - Atlanta, Ga. VV. XV. HLNDERSKJN . - - - . Savannah, Ga. T. Henley ---- - - Birmingham, Ala. H. -I. HILL ---- ---- A tlanta, Ga. B. W. IFIINTON - - .--- Reynolds, Ga. M. Ii. H0l"I4'MAN - - - - New York, N. Y. W. KI. PIOGAN - - - ---- Atlanta, Ga. Ifonrlb Row P, S. HQLLIIJAI' - .---. . . Statham, Ga. C. Ii. IHIOLLIS . - - - . Macon, Ga. R. S. l'lOI.T - - - - - West Plains, Mo. I". Hotfz .---4 - - - Atlanta, Ga. A. R. Hooks, ju. - - - - Atlanta, Ga. Ii. V. HoPItINs- - - -Covington, Ga. li. C. HORTON . - - - Warwick, N. Y. R. K. FIUXVFLI. - - - - - - - - West Point, Ga. Ififlln Rau' XV. W. HL3W'IF - - . - - . . jackson, Miss. ml. C, HUNTER, jk, . . . . LaGrange, Ga. H. B. HUTCHINS ---- --..-- C arl, Ga. H. G. HUTCHINSON, ju. - - - Lawrenceville, Ga. W. H. Hu'I't:HINSoN - - ---- Atlanta, Ga. H. G. HU'I'II ---- - - Atlanta, Ga. Ii. B. IRWIN ---- - - Atlanta, Ga. T. ul. IRWIN - . - - . Atlanta, Ga. Siafh Ron' W. C. JACOBS - - --------- Atlanta, Ga. W. S. Jasons- . -.-- Atlanta, Ga. H. I. -IIEI-IAN - - - - New Haven, Conn. li. F. ,IIMIQNLZ - - - - San jose, Costa Rico R. T. LIOHNSON - - - - - Hartford, Conn. W. B. ,IoHNSoN . . ...- Atlanta, Ga. A. R. ,IoNI.s - - - -.-- Griflin, Ga. If. C. LIONLS - ' - - - - - - . Syracuse, N. Y. Sl'I't'IlflJ Row T. R. ,loNIfS - - . ----.----- Dalton, Ga. R. M. KAUIAAMAN . . - - Wtmotlmere, L. I., N. Y. ,l. C. KIiLLY .-.. ..-. j aeksonville, Fla. KI. T. KIZNIIRIQK, ,IR.- --'-- Atlanta, Ga. xl. B. KING ----- - - Marshallville, Ga. KI. C. KIItItI.ANIJ . - .--- Pearson, Ga. C. D. KITQI-I1-.Ns - . - . XVarrenton, Ga. H. M. LANGE . - - ' - Savannah, Ga. Iiiglzlb Row XV. Il. I.ASuTI11t --------- - - Atlanta, Ga. L. I.AwItI2NcIc - - ------ - - Norfolk, Va. li. H. LIEIQ. . . . . Decatur, Ga. R. Ii. LI-.Ii A , . Far Hills, N, J. NW. G. LIfE - ---- Macon, Ga. M. F. Lttcc - - - Henderson, N. C. R. II. LILVIN - - ---- Miami, Fla. B. I. I.I:vIN13- - . - Atlanta, Ga. T M. NlANLl1Y I IQ. N I v. M, LIivY, jk. - - V. LINK - - - K. l.o'I"I' - - L. LUXVRY - R. LUNIIY - - - XV. LU'I'IIIIt . . xl. Li'NIIoN, Ill l V. NlANI.I.'I' - - - I I.. NlANN - - H B. NlAkBUT . C A. NlAR'l'IN H XV. h'lAR'I'IN C I. NlA'I'lIl-.XVS . . lA'I'III ws - - MA'I"I'IIIivc's - I.. NULQIOMMON Nli'lV,ANIlfl . IJ. . .. S. lVl1.Gl4.llIil. - . I' N t ' ', lK.C1INNllY - H. MQGRA N N - K. MKilN'I'YKl2 . W. McKAY - - H. MtiKIiIa . C. MKiKl:N'LIlI - Ijililf Rau' Sl'l'lHlll Run' TlIirIl Kon' lion rlln Row T. McKIIIIII1N, ilk. - C. Mt KINNI-.Y - A. NlLlKlNNON . R. Mt:I.,xIN - - AI. lWlKl.AR'IY - - li. McVIIt.II - - l.. lVlIl.lxS . . M. lWlIIIAN . . K. h'lll.l.lR, jk. A. Nlll.l.I It. - . A. hlION . - NlON'I'l VI Rllli . - R. MoN'I'c:tIIxII'ItY G. Nl0RlLAN - - D. hl0RKIS - - A, NlOKRlSON - - hrlUNl-'Ollll - . -I. lVlURI'lll4Y, -Ik. VV. lVlURl'llI'Y - C. Munkoxx' - - NAI-II,It - - C. lu. NAY'BOR - - M. NITIL - - B. Nl-TI.SiJN . - W. NlW'I'KDN- M. NIt:IIoI.s- - W. NlK.lllDI,5ClN - l.. NK7l.AN . . . . l. NUNNI-.I.I'.I-., O'HARA - - - H. UIt'II-mx . . A. OSIILKI- - OsM,xI.ov - - H. OsI'I ll - . S. PMI. - - li. Pinus - - K. PARIQI It - S. PATI- - . T. PATI' . - SI lfiflln Ron' Sixllw Roll' AIII. - N. liiglztll Knu' 'I vnllw Rau' - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Chicago, Ill. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Boston, Ga. - - Blakely, Gu. - - Macon, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. . - Gritnn, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Sheffield, Ala. - - Thomaston, Ga. - - Statcsboro, Ga. - - Ashburn, Ga. ' - Longview, Tex. - - - - Athens, Ga. - New Smyrna, Fla. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - - f Tyler, Tex. - Perth Amboy, N. - - - Rockmart, Ga. - - - - Macon, Ga. v . Atlanta, Ga. - - Ashburn, Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Brookhaven, Ga. . - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Huntsville, Ala. . - - Atlanta, Ga. - llmulmolm, NV. Va. - - Blairsville, Ga. - - Havana, Cuba - - Aliquippa, Pa. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Columbus, Ga. - - liogansville, Ga. . . . Atlanta, Ga. - - Pearson, Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Cartersville, Ga. Beverly Farms, Mass. - - - - Jesup, Ga. - - Asheville, N. C. - v - Atlanta, Ga. - . Brooklyn, N. Y. ' - Rock Hill, S. C. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Brookhaven, Ga. - Wilmington, N. C. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Ruekmart, Ga. - . . Atlanta. Ga. . - Cetlartown, Gu. C. Grandes, Mexico - ' - Atlanta, Ga. - - Riclitnontl, Va. - - Swissvale, Pa. - - Demopolis, Ala, - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - Macon, Ga. A. xl. IIATTIZN Q Q CI. O. PA'r'I'oN Q IS. IS. PAULIIQ Q G. G. PLLIQ Q Q C. If. PLRSON Q If. L. PLTIRS Q Q In. II. PITNIAN Q Q il. A. PoNc1III.k Q Q I.. B. I,ONDl'.R, -ln.- W. M. I'u1'I5Q Q Q II. Ii. PoR'I'I,Ia Q Q P. M. PoT'I'I'R Q Q Ia. A. POXVITLL Q Q W. K. PRANKI-1 Q Q ul. B. PRESS- Q Ii. S. PIIEs'I'oN Q Q Ifzrxl Row Q Q ---- New Bern, N. C. Q Rock I'Iill, S. C. Q Q Brunswick, Ga. Q Q Savannah, Lia. Q Q Q Atlanta, Ga. Q Q New York, N. Y. Q Q Q Atlanta, Ga, Q Q Q Chicago, Ill. Sfffllltl Row Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Rutledge, Ga. Q Q SI. Andrews, Fla. Q Q Chesterneld, S. C. Q Q Q Atlanta, Ga. . . Rockmart, Ga. Q Q Q Rutherford, N. -I. Q Q Chattanooga, Tenn. Q Q Q Cross City, Fla. Tlaird Row N. V. PULIGNANC -------- Long Branch, N. J. ,l. WK RAI.I.s ---- V. D. RAMSEUR, .lIx.- Q A. C. REED, KIR. Q Q Q C. QI. Ruomis, -III. Q W. R. RICI: Q Q Q NW. M. Richardson G. T. RICIQITT Q Q ---- Atlanta, Ga. Q Q Greenville, S. C. Q Q Q Port Orange, Fla. Q Q Q QAtlanta, Ga. Q Q jackson, Tenn. Q Q Atlanta, Ga. Q Q Atlanta, Ga. 15011 rib R014 C. C. RII'PBIQRGI:R .------ Q Q Q Sebring, Fla. C. S. ROACH Q Q Q Q Q Q Atlanta, Ga. R. Ii. ISOBERTS ----- Q Q New Smyrna, Fla. O. A. RODRIGUI-.S-.llllilil-. Q Q ---- Havana, Cuba A. W. Rosn ------ Q Q Binghampton, N. Y. I.. ul. RQSLNBI-Rr, Q R. M. Ross Q Q Q A. G. Rossoxtw Q Q ---- Atlanta, Ga. Q Q Q Q Q Hamilton, Kans. Q Q Q Q North Tonowanda, N. Y. Ififlb Row W. ul. ROUNTRIQIQ1, -Ill. Q.---.--- Decatur, Ga. W. L. Roux -Q-- D. L. RUSSELL, ju.- ll. xl. Russo ---- A. A. SALCLIJQ Q Q Q Il. A. SALMON- Q H. SAMINSIQY Q Q Q ul. H. ScAI.Is, ju. Q Q C. ,l. SLIIINUQ Q Q R. If. S4.lIII.lXil N Q Q I.. A. SQHLAPI-'I.II Q Q II. B. ScHMIn Q Q Q ll. I.. SCIIw'AR'rz . . R. I.. SLAY, III Q Q Q Q Q Q Springfield, Mass. Q Q Q South Norwalk, Conn. Q --Q- Lynbrook, N. Y. Q Q Q Q Havana, Cuba Q Q Atlanta, Ga. Q Q Savannah, Ga. Q Q Q Q Q Perry, Fla. Sixlfv Ron' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Lake City. Fla. Q Q Naugatuck, Conn. Q Q Caldwell, N. I. Q Q Kansas City, Mo. Q Q Q Atlanta, Ga. Q Q Q Atlanta, Ga. If. S. SFssoMsQ Q . . .Cogdclh Ga, Al. D. SFWELI. Q Q . . Brooklyn, N. Y. Svzvnlb Rau' R. L. SIIILPARD Q Q QQQQQ Q Q Q Q Quantico, Va. D. F. SIILDPLIKIJ . . . . Big Sandy, Tex. C. R. SHOEMAIQIQII Q Q . Q Philzxdclphia, Pa. W. AI. SHUMAN Q Q Q L. SILVER Q Q Q ul. NV. SIMMSQ Q -I. C. SIMIrsoN Q Q Il. SMIIII . . . Ia. SMITH Q Q Q W. SMITII, -IR- Ci. Ii. SMIIII Q Q ti. Ii. SrQII'I'IIQ Q il. G. SMIIII Q I.. T. SMITH Q Q W. M. SMITIIQ Q W. P. SNYDLRQ Q Q Q Macon, ba. Q Q Atlanta, Ga. Q Q Atlanta, Ga, Q Annapolis, Md. Q Q Atlanta, Ga. liiglnflv Rau' Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q -loncslvoro, fill. Q Q Q Q Q Rome, Ga. Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Macon, Ga. Q Q W'cst Palm Beach, Fla. Q Q Q Q Haines City, Ifla. Q Q Q Q Macon, Ga. Q Q LaGrange, Ill. Q Q Sharon, Pa. Firxl Row S. A. SOBREDO- - ' - - - - XV. C. SPIERRY- - H. D. SPRATLIN - - J. J. STAFFORD - - - I. A. STANTON, III- ' J. A. STAPLLTON- - W. J. Sravuxs- - - J. F. STONIL - - - - Srmml Row S, A, STQNL. . .... . . R. J. S'l'RAI.I.Y I - - E. L. S'I'ROHI.czR1.R- - D. W. SULLIVAN - - J. SULzBAcHuR, .JR.- - E. B. SU'r'I'oN - - - - E. J. SWINT .'--f F. W. TEAGUIQ, JR. - Run' 7'lwinl J. M. TLAGUI- - - - - - - J. H. TFASLEY' - - J. I. THAT ---- L. B. TEMIYLE ---- J. D. TENNISON, JR. - J. C. THOMSON - - I H. C. TILI-'oRIa, JR. - T. W. TILLLRY - ' - - - ljlllifffl Rau' H. P. TILIY, JR. - ---- - S. P. Tll?w1BlZRl.AKl-,' I . . Marianao, Cuba - Grantwootl, N. . - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Savannah, Ga. . - - Rome, Ga. . . . Decatur, Ga. . Yonges Island, S. C. . - - Atlanta, Ga. . - Atlanta, Ga. . - Buffalo, N. Y. - - Hapcvillc, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Rome, Ga. . - Decatur, Ga. - Jonesboro, Ga. - Atlanta, Ga. . - Atlanta, Ga. . . Macon, Ga. - - - Athens, Cva. - - Newport, Ark. - Texarkana, Ark. . . .Decatur, Ga. l Shelbyville, Tenn. - - Macon, Ga. - Jonesboro, Ga. - - Stevenson, Alzl. P, E, Tmm . . . . - Havana, Cuba M. TOWNQNU . . . . Petersburg, Va. W. P. TRAMMIi1.I. a - - - Atlanta, G3- J. W. TRIBBI.Ii - - - C. H. TURNIQR - C. P. TURNI'lK . - Fiflb Row - - - Anderson, S. C. - - Avondale Estates, Ga. . . - Thomaston, Ga. G. R. VANDLN-H -UVILI. West New Brighton, S. I., N. Y. L V W. A. VI5RLANDI2R -----'- A. B. VICKERX' .-,----- C. G. XIOORHIS- G. B. w,AITli - . XV. J. WARNOCR - A. C. WIATSON - - R. L. XWATSON - Sixlfz Rau' VV. H. WVLAYI R . - - D. XVLBSTLR - - J. C. WliEIiI.l'R . - - J. XWHITL- - - - - R. J. WHITI2- - A. L. WILCCUX- D. E. WII.I.IAMs . - F. H. WIl.I.IAMS - - Sf'1'f'Ilfl7 Ron' J. L. WILLIAMS' - - - - R. B. WILLIAMS - - E. G. WILSON, JR. - - W. T. WINN- - - W. D. WOOD, JR. - - L. R. WOODWORTH - . WRIGII1' . WRIGIIT - G. H. J, H, ....... .Eigbflw Ron' W. K. w'RlGli'l' - G. C. WfYA'I"r - - - - S. YABROXX' . . . L. I3. YARRROUGII- A. M. YOPII - - - - - . F. YOUNG - - . P. YUNDT- . NV. H. ZIEGLLR . J A - - - Atlanta, Ga. - College Park, Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - Savannah, Ga. - - - Brooklet, Ga. - Greenville, S. C. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Mayneltl. Ky. . . Decatur, Ga. Mu rfrcesboro, Tenn, - - I-Iickman, Ky. - Hopkinsville, Ky. . . . Tyler, Tex. - - - Rome, Ga. - Tallapoosa, Ga. - - Boston, Gal. - - Atlanta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. . - Atlanta, Ga. - - Atlanta, Ga. - Cleveland, Ohio - - - Atlanta, Ga. - Oltl Hickory, Tenn. Saxtons River, Vt. Littlc Rock, Ark. - Brooklyn, N. Y. - - - Atlanta, Ga. Spartanburg, S. C. A - - Atlanta, Ga. - - - Atlanta, Ga. - College Park, Ga. 500434165 I3 E AT U R E S RV F-ll1D T l-lEIvllSTRY'S greatest contributions to the Tex- tile lndustry have been the development ot an al- most limitless series ot dyes and the introduction ot substitutes tor natural textiles. Organic chemistry is directly responsible tor the tremendous strides talcen by this industry in dyeing. Never betore has it been possible to produce beautitul colors in textiles so inexpensively as now. Chemistry has also made possible a synthetic product, rayon, that is rapidly intluencing the wearing apparel ot the world. lt has made possible the production ot substitutes tor sillc, wool, and even cotton, and as such who can say that tomorrow we may have at our disposal products tar superior to any ot those natural ones. l-lere we have pictured a scene trom one ot the South's great rayon plants located near Nashville, Tennessee. The girl is sorting skeins ot entirely syn- thetic origin. r l TEXTILE INDUSTRY llfbfhzw., 5 'www mvmeffe fjlftlflflbly J' Q Q -gum 1-rw. Jia Jw 4 -4 2 A if 2 my ' x 'Qs Q T Ut L. 5 f , 5 X e in ,J ik ix VI V Q f if g ,S 4 mx . . 1 1 H . , x ! A ' ! XE K Nik: 'f ig J wif, eqgiii? A if 5 M ' at 1, C 2 'K 5 11' ' '41lmf+f:'1I,. 'M ff 'ff' 17. ,X nat f I, .. I V, -I 1 vi fmlcla IIIIIL-,N ... I , V 6WL G-Ulzgln' on Q tt .32 ,kan-,cf-,-, J :ff gg-z-3 . K x Y , Sf f ,M P -1-Ziff fe , f ,fx w as K fm ' ff' ,nz 1- in g, Q A, Wg- .X -,f,4.zf- f f. 2 ,ffm :wi W iw' f, s. . ,L 4- ,94 2 L, ,ww 'ZZ' ' V Q QQ is :P f N 1 Ma 'LLUVL liddtdlflf 2 3 1 Y I 1 1 4 1 1 5 4 H 1 E 1 I w A 1 1 1 4 4 4 1 A ...L......-,.g, ..i....g,,, ,,,, M,--ui flzylwtlt ,LM L ll-" "'b9,..,,Cf 71 f 5 . A 1419. 5 W . 'af Lf wg? ' M1334 W ,Z M 2 mv . 1 vga .2 5 CA,i'7C dI1,djl:0lfL HE foregoing favorites were selected by eight prom- inent Seniors as it was felt that in this manner a repre- sentative group coulcl best be assembled. In presenting them, the BLUE PRINT staff wishes to express its appre- ciation to Mr. Charles Young, of the Foote and Davies Printing Company, for his efforts in planning and executing the sketches. THE EDITOR. HHH .xki I'I1IlI4IN uhiqli shall hc luiwwx' lI.llNk'1l In thu stllnlcivfx nicnmry. Ihuy .irc rriivinisccui ut lmppy lmurx spcm in tuil .mil 1li'mlgury in thc iimiiy shups .xml l.1lmi'.il11riux wiilm which ivuurgin 'Icch ix lwlcssul. l'i'rH1l lull! in llgfvl: 111 Ifrcxlimiin 1lI'.llIlI1j.f. 125 ln thu puwui' limlw. MJ 'l'Iw IQ ly l.1h. .ls uxury ul1'crric.1l mliiuks ii ought 111 lmufunmpiy. MH Tuxlilu lab. gil Physics lah. 11wl l'r1nf. XX'yuuH wiilm thc frog alickcrx in Biology l.ll1. 171 'lhc AI'Cl1lIQk'llIl'.ll night club. 185 Anmlwr tuxtilc scenic. wp Tcxiing l.1h. 1110 Still .ll1Ull1Ul' lcxtilc Lulu. 1llj llunim' Cfliuminlry lah. 1115 .1X1mll1cr shut in thu power lmusu. 1l3j l5in.1l lcxlilc. 1l-lj lfnginc lub. in ww i .few - f 1 - M .,,. 'T 1 Q .gvady 39" Y . 2 , Q ,mq ' ' " H -wwf-.. t,..,, A+ . , .tix JJ , ,, m i a. N .., - k -. V Q A . . -1 fag " :gQg,,Q..sw r - ' V, "H -,sm a 52 "-it ei? Q 5 t g ix' x l ,- +4 -'A Q: Q . ,, 5 Ji J. " 4 ' 'Rfk j-wiv f Q 4' W 4" .i 1? ' ... 1. K I 1 l l ' f l f tball as rt. Here we have attempted tn collect a grnup nf representative snapshots Yo Sflflll N'l XXIII. 1QYlR IORGVI IIC QOOL IIINCS O IIC OO S9 .O I 'I I zi fvf 1 l'Stoo e" and Anderson. QZQ Kay Bowen. C31 Aloe and jne. MJ Touchdown Tech! taken during the 1935 seastmn. l"rnm ef 0 QQ. : Q Q g qij Our wide .twlake eheer leaders? Qfwj The Tech and Georgia bands play together during the half. f7j Sully and Kay. QED Dave and Miriam. Nj "S" for Sewanee. QIOJ A little loving. CHQ Burning the Bulldog before the game. QIZJ jig-time and Gladys. U31 Dan's date seems C amera shy. Q1-lj The freshmen welcome the team at the start of the game. UU At the gate. Qlbj The band playa un. s , 'Q N 7 of c7UfIli1ll!l'tlf HJ Avary and Harvey. f2j Yellnu' lurkf-,f Ifil. .mal Gladys. Q55 Ifrmh cheering. C43 llolsenbeek and Felker divide time. Q51 The Beta Kappa prize-winning "Rambling NX'reck." QGQ Before the game. C7j Mr. Lokey. Q81 Red Barron speaks at the pep meeting prior to the Georgia game. Q9j More of the B. K. wreck. QIOJ Another shot of the lvnncl. UIQ Tidwell goes in for chrysnnthemums. CIZJ Larry :incl Rachel. flij Taking snapshopw for the BLUF PRINT. C110 The Chi Phi "Rambling W'reek." flij Crocker and Mary Rogers. CIGQ Eu- bmnks, Hackett, and Appleby-fa touch of Wildroot would help, boys. an glow--1 , L, f 'W ii' Hit gg,,.4 ' we- sv .K K1 Q, X , 4 . A i,, iff-3 hi -Ei? QW' Qff,rfSf,. .. 'V W p 4 i ,f , 5' Q ,f ............... il 5 H9 ... 111m ?WW'n?f57SR1ifW Rifxh 1'f 'f M 0 M Eff? if 0 M I 1 Hu 'N we Tutu Ii lixxtous lox 1'i's n'xNeES, and the ye.1r 1939-1936 proved no exception. Through the efforts of the Anak society Phil Harris wis seeured for the homecoming dances at Thanksgiving, while the l11ICf'f1'.lfC1'11lIy Council presented Aloe Sanders Cluring midterms .1l1Ll 11.11 Kemp .lt the final dances of the year. Here we have tried to eaprure some interesring sidelights .ind personalities at these dances. l'.1'U1Il Iwff fu rigbl: 111 Leon, Betty, and Ilan. 121 Larry sits one out. 131 Phil Harris. 141 Ossie Nelson and Harriet Hilliard at the 1939 1in.1ls. 151 S.1m's truekine. 161 1935 Senior le.1Clout. 171 Ginn? 181 Allen and ldil. 191 Trio with .loc Sanders. 1101 jimmy and the Dutchess. 1111 Homeuoming with Harris. 1121 "The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi" with Culver. 1131 Another of Phil. 1141 Leah Ray trucking. 1151 lfdilor .ind Cieorghi Visitor. 1161 Another of Phil and Leah. 1171 Wlihe old leftliander"A-lloe S.inders. 1131 Cluperons. 1191 Oster. 1201 Mitt 1'it1Simons. 1211 Uieli and Sarah, 1221 Senior leadout-Eliz., Dan, Marge, .ind jimmy. 1251 Dan .ind Elizabeth. 1241 Analt taps. 1211 Smokey lloe gets .1 lureila. Xl II1I XIII!-1lliX1 xxxvxx: '11 l3xll lxxxflx .xml l'.xx .Xllx-xx. 121 lixllxx iyxxxzx .xml liclxc Ynxxxxxgg. 131 l'1'.xxxl1 .xml l'lslx l'x'c.xx'lx,-xx 1-11 C'x1lxx'x' lxx1lxl .xml Ikxxxlwllq 'llxxxrxxx,xxx, 111 ll.l1'Nk'x lwll .xml KI11 llxxlx, 1111 l'lxxl ll.xx'z' .xml lxxxlwllc 'l'lwxxx'xxxxxx 171 lliyk 151-.xr1l .xml Clx.xx'l1xxxx' llkxxxl, 1X1 .Xllrxv Xlurrlx .xml .Xl1xx.x lxxxlglxx. N11 Nxxxx Kvxlxwrx .xml Nl.xx'11xx'lu .X1'1xxxxx'1xxx:, 11111 lxcxmx'g1.' Sxxxlxlx ,xml Yll'Qlxxl.x Z1l!l1I'X, 1111 Xl.xwx1xx X111- l1.l111w .xml Xl.xrx luxx l5l.xxxqlx.xx'Ll, 1121 Umlxx' 'lvlxuxxxpxmx .xml lllxcl Xlglcuxl. 1131 lilll llnmxrxxnxxxxl .xml Sclxxx.x X1'lglxx. 11-11 Clx.xx'llL Sxxxxxmw' .xml Xx1'gixxx.x ll.xrx. 1111 ll.xl Sxricklxml .xml N.1my Xl1x1mx'x'x'. 1l1x1 -Iulm Oxxur .xml Xl.xrx1xxx 151-11. 1171 ,Inu Xxmlcrs. 1181 ,1.xx'lx Nxxmx .xml l'lxxx.x xxllslxv. 1191 llxxv lxxxxxf .xml lxulyxx 12111 lmcdcliu lxxulxs .xml .fXlxxx.x lxxxiglxl. 1211 I1-mx lkxxxlccki .xml Nlxxric Champ. 1221 ll.xx'x'1-jf 11-11 .xml Ix.xxlxryxx lhxxxcxx. 1211 lkxl Sxylx .xml lfluxx-m'u Xl.xrxixxg.xlu. 12-11 ,Ixxxx ll.xlcx' .xml N1.xrgx' liuxvcxx. 1211 l,x' llxxlxurxwxx .xml lwxxilx' 'l'xrxxxxxux'-, 121-1 N1.xri1nx lx1rm'xxx.xyxxx .xml 111 lJ.xxix. 1271 Mrs. lwmllx. Xlxw. li-1xx', Xlaw, lixzxxgcr, l7x'. l'r', Ur. lixxxxxgx-V, Cx1mxxx.xmlcx' 1251 lixllx l'm1l1 .xml 1l.xx'11xx'lx .Xx'xxxxxx':1x1g. 1291 Xxrxx Xl.xwxx, :Xxxxxc l1xx1'm'll1', luu N1lxxgl1'xlx1l'll. 13111 Pup Sxxjxgcl .xml lxhxmxw Nxcclc. 1 .mu it if N. 1 ggi g-wa.gf2Q.f17'1 R S , ..,. W . fi: Q A if f -1' V A f In X T1 Gr! l A ff. 1' ii 1 in Q I. J gyk zx I of .5 .,-Lia.. . -V , v,v, I , GisNi.iiAi, lN'1I.If15'1' smxvs: C11 BLUE PRINT stat? on the way home from the Chicago convention. C21 Leah Ray gives out the cakes to thc winners of thu Cake Race-look out Oster. C31 Armistice Day. C41 Camera shy. C51 XVhat the business manager did in Chicago is only Shirlcy's business. C61 1935 Graduation. C71 Snow time. C81 Start of the S. E. C. Cross-country ITICEI. C91 The winner. C101 At the Pi D. lf. liishion Show-Boh, Jerry and Sara. C111 Robbers in front of Robbery. C121 Morris and date nt Fashion Show. C131 Start of the Fake Race. C141 In thc Marionette show KQDHII McGraw." C151 Kappa Eta Kappa initiates. C161 Whiting for the eight o'clock whisiic. C171 W'hcn President Roosevelt spoke at Grant Field. C181 XY'intcr again. C191 Techwood dormitory at night. C201 In thc Robbery. C211 Brown dormitory covcrcti with snow. C221 Icc-bound campus. ,FHISE sNAPs1lo'l's show some of Teeh's Co-operative students at work on their various jobs. Co-ops are employed in their off periods by mmy or the Soutlfs largest industries as we have tried to show here with scenes in machine shops, railway shops, chemical laboratories, power plints, radio and telephone stations, drafting rooms, and surveying on the road. This is a little known and little publicized side of our student lift md the BLUL PRINT is pleased to use this page to emphasize it. 1 v-r ii li ii i X i 1 ' ' ' 7 .:1.Lfi5. JJ . 1 ie-, T- A-5 fri -', , , "2 se 4,54 , Mi' f 4 H' 'L ,i ms. .b,v .Z zql e V -Q K - I ia fsvf K I 24 :kg abr - lla. F 4 V b 1' Q ig , ig' Y 'TTT e , 2 Q . V T df, 35 R nib 'K 5 5 X' -J X y yyiee Q 'Q K in 1 . , f 'W' twig, 'wfiguffvf . '.:' f-Lvximx " 'I v. N uw T aw , 4 t V 'yfzfers X Wai? .513 :.-2 Awww efimf A gi? :Big A I 'Na NN. , ' in V W , Z , X i he :ii -5' itiliiif ' 1 gyn , Siigrsi, '.,. , , ., : , ., ', l..',ffA '-ki :':: Wygggigg la? i, 1 1 ? 3 A i -.fij ',, an ,N J, 5 ' - A,q,,,.,vi V m"t ,ffl f ' ew 5 i Li "-' L' if ON1 Ol ini, 1111.01-s'l' PARTS O1 cgo1.I.1.u1 is thc Reserve Oflieqrr, Training Corps, and Lhc si.m:nur camps and cruises taken by the trainees are bright spots in the hunulrum of school life. Here .irc scenes taken at the infantry camp .Il Annilzmn, Alabama, the coast artillery camp at Pun- snwlu, Flwrida, and many of the spots visited by the Naval R. O. T. C. on their summer cruise in the Caribbean. They show the boye at work and at play--some of the latter are not to be taken too literally as they were poaed for the ean1ex'aman. ,, is 2 T , 6 ."- Tig, it 1- i S5 i R gwcyem ACTIVITIES l RV HND T HE science ot photography, beginning with the preparation ot the original tilm to the tinished pic- ture, is directly associated with chemistry. Recently t e improvements in this tield have been remarkable. Th development ot high-speed and color photog- raphy have greatly widened the industrial, amuse- ment, and cultural uses ot picture making. Experi- ments have produced new chemicals tor the treating ot tilm which have made it possible to achieve a range and reliability hitherto thought impossible. It is obvious that the advancement ot this science is dependent almost entirely on chemistry, and here again are we made to realize the great contributions chemistry is making to our civilization and weltare. l-lere pictured is a chemist investigating the struc- ture ot samples ot tilm in one ot the nation's largest plants tor the manufacture ot tilm. LI11 lI1lJU5T ! QA. Cgf,.Ja.f-Clm!f I-ICDNCDR CCDMMITTEE THE STUDLNT-FACULTY HONOR COMMITTEE was founded in 1932 at a joint meeting of faculty and student representatives as a step to curb dishonesty and cheating, which, due at first to a lax honor system and later to ineffectual faculty control, had grown to an intolerable extent at Georgia Tech. It was decided that the committee should be composed of three members of the faculty, appointed by the President, and three students, elected by the Student Council. Its functions, as outlined in its constitution, are designated as follows: "Any faculty member who suspects a student of dishonesty on school work must report such a student, together with the evidence, to the Student- Faculty Honor Committee. This committee investigates the case and determines whether the student is guilty or not guilty as charged. If, in the opinion of the committee, the student should be disciplined, it remands the student to the Executive Committee of the faculty." Since its inception a considerable improvement appears manifest. Both students and faculty seem to approve the work of the committee and cases of dishonesty have steadily declined. It is hoped that such an improvement will continue until a Hne spirit re- garding intellectual integrity will be built up at Georgia Tech. HOISIZNBIQCK SIMMONS BEARD DANIEI. JOHNS f,4l1.A-'AVA-MY 14574 WW 'V VYYY TTT Y 'TY iv' MTTYT fi -- --N--- - Y 7- - -.1 M 0 A a MEMBERS ' Slzulcwfs I D. M. HOLSENBECK, JR. J. W. SIMMONS, JR. 3 i R. A. BEARD, JR. , l l 1'llL'lllfy I ul. L. IJANIEI. 1 i R. A. l'lIiIf'NI2R XV. B. JOHNS, JR. X l W ii LW MASON WILLIAMS President KIDIJ MORRIS HIGH'l'OW'ER Q46 GEORGIA TECH OFFICERS J. MASON WILI,,IAMs . . President E. CULVER KIDD, JR. . . Vice-President L. ALLEN MORRIS . . Treasurer GEORGE H. HIGI-ITOWER . . Secretary MEMBERS Swiiors JOE ATKINSON DAN HOLSENBECK FRANK CHAPMAN CULV1iR KIDD FRED COX RAY KYTLE HARVEY FELL ALLEN MORRIS BILL FINCH JIM RANKIN JOHN HILL JACK ROUNTREE MASON VUILLIAMS juniors HARRY APPLEBY GEORGE BEVIS DICK BEARD LARRY HAYS GEORGE HIGHTOWER S0 pbo m orvs ED FAINIBROUGH JACK NIXON md STUDENT CCDUNCII. Tin: CQICORGIA TECH S'I'UIJI'N'l' CoUNcli. was organized in 1923 by Dean NV. V. Sltiles, with the expressed purpose of representing the whole student body in matters affecting student interest, affording a suitable and convenient me- dium of communication between the students and the school authorities, and, in general, creating and preserving the customs and traditions of the school. The Council is composed of twenty-four members, five of which are elected from the Senior Class, four from the junior Class, two from the Sophomore Class, two from each section of Co-operative students, and nine ex-officio members. These latter nine consist of the President of the Interfraternity Council, the President of the Y. M. C. A., the editors of the Btoia PRINT, 'Tt'L'!JI1ic1Ill', and Yellow Izzvlcef, and the presidents of each class. The Council takes office at the close of each school year and serves intact the following year. Its officers are elected by the Council at the Hrst meeting in September. During the past year the Council has been extremely active in matters of student and school concern. One of the most commendable actions of the Council of 1936 was its timely contribution to the swimming team. Because of insuflicient funds the Athletic Association was unable to finance this sport, but with the aid of a Student Council appropriation the swimming team was able to complete a very fine season. Among the various student conventions to which the Council sent delegates were the Intercollegiate Press Asso- ciation at Chicago during October, the National Y. M. C. A. conference in Indianapolis, the National Student's Federation at St. Louis, the Georgia Collegiate Press at Athens, the Southeastern Collegiate Press at Memphis, and several others of equal value to the students and the school. Another matter which the Council handled admirably was the student visitor relationship at our most important football game. NVith the assistance of the Student Gov- ernment of the visiting school, what might have been an unhappy climax to an intense rivalry, was turned into a beautiful example of friendly spirit. To close its period of oilice, the Student Council con- ducted the election of members for the 1937 Council, elected the heads of the student publications for the com- ing year, and awarded the contract for senior rings. ATKINSON CIIAPMAN CURR XI COX IAMIEROUH I I 1 I FIXC H IIII.I. HOI SFXISITK lx KYTLI2 RANKIN RUIQN Illlili I IIARVEY Ifl I.I. QI. BLUE PRINT The' Yvarlfoole of lbz' Gmrgiu School of Tl't'Z1lIflIlllQj' GOVERNING BO HARXIEY L. FELL, JR .... JOHN A. HOUSER . . H. DAVID EMMERT, JR. . ALLEN H. JENSEN . . ARD . . Eflilor-in-Cloie . . Art Edifor . Axsislanl Erfifor Plmfografzbiv Edifor ASSOCIATE EDITORS R. D. JOHNSTON, JR. R. F. WIIITE D. D. LONG W. SQANDRETT R. E. BURKS, JR. E. J. HAl.liY, JR. N. G. MQLEAN ADVISORY BOARD L. A. MORRIS J. E. ATKINSON I D. M. HOLSENBECR, JR. F. W. COX, JR. R. A. SIEGEI. J. R. ROUNTREE If ART STAFF I J. H. FINCH R. L. AECK P. H. FULLER J. B. ADDY Hlimr W. M. RICHARDSON EDITORIAL STAFF J. M. TEAGUE FORREST HOLZ P. W. BECKXVITH M. A. HUDSON E. B. WIHITE J. G. COURTNEY J. B. PENDERGRAST O. C. MCLEAN A. WIiSOLOWSKY E. K. MII.LER G. M. ALLEN D. H. DUPREIZ H. M. DUVALL J. F. HUTQHINSON R. F. HEAD J. L. EDWARDS N. M. VAUGHN P. M. POTTER N. G. HARRISON J. L. MEEKS M. L. GOLDMAN R. E. MOORE J. W. RALLS G. E. SMITH D. C. JOHNSTON R. A. VERDIER J. F. ALEXANDER W. K. PRANKE R. V. RICHARD J. C. MQKINNON WY M. MOYE A. R. LEWIS J. V. COOPER W. B. POOLE E. A. CRAWI1'ORIJ E. H. MATTINGLY HOUSER IIALICY EMMERT JENSEN JOHNSTON LONG R. XVHITI2 SCANDRETT BURKS GOLDMAN HUDSON HUTCHINSON MCLEAN PENDERGRAST WHITE RICHARDSON RYAN ZIMMERMAN EVANS IRWIN COLE SILVER JAMES EMMONS BURKS CQGBURN GULLEY CASTLIES AMES DoI.AN BOARD OF MANAGERS PHIL I. HARR . . .... BIISUICSS Maruzgcr JAMES C. RYAN .... . Axsislum' Bzrxinrxs MdlId4gL'I' ROBERT C. ZIMMIQRMAN . . Axsixlaui Business Manager ASSOCIATE BUSINESS MANAGERS PHIL HAM Busiuvxx MdIItIgf'l' G. A. SMITH D. A. WORRELL D. M. SPRING, JR. ADVISORY BOARD E. C. KIDD, JR. H. VV. SXVIFT AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF M. B. AMES W. CASTLES J. J. DOLAN ' IB BUSINESS STAFF QI.. E. E. IRXVIN J. C. COGBURN, JR. W. I-I. JAMES L. A. GULLEY R. A. SMITH W. D. PAULK BLUE PRINT E. G. COLE, JR. D. SILVER R. E. BURKS, JR. R. E. EMMONS O. C. ABRAMS J. SEYIJEI. J. B. BOY J. D. BRASFIELD J. M. TOWNSEND E. E. SDEIGIIT N. C. WARE A. J. LITTLE GENE PADGETT D. L. RUSSELL W. G. FORT ALIIEN' NIORRIS Ijrfilor PAT MUNROE R. E. BURKE HOMER MOORE S. V. MONTGOMIiRY R. J. DANIEL J. A. MITCHELL G. P. BURDELL W. V. NEISIUS P. M. POTTER QA.. TECHNIQUE The S0zzfh's Lizmsf Collage Wc'c'k.l 31 GOVERNING BOARD ALLEN MORRIS E. SACK . . A. SIEGEL . M. LUNTZ . ASSOCIATE EDITORS Ecfifor'-ill-Clvirf Nftlllclgillg Fclifor Mamzging Erfifor Mmfaging En'if0r F. ALEXANDER, JR. . V. RICHARD . A. VERDIER . D. LONG J. C. MCKINNON W. M. MOYE, JR. D. C. BOY N. M. FRISCH E. A. Pl-LEPLES ADVISORY BOARD H. L. FELL, JR. F. W. COX, JR. R. P. KYTLE C. M. LOKEY EDITORIAL STAFF H. C. FELSHER S. T. LIPSIUS C. R. LONG J. B. RAMAGE G. W. LOKEY J. W. HAMMOND W. J. ALFRIEND C. F. BAKER J. W. SIMMS M. L. GOLDMAN DAVE SILVER F. R. GOULDING L. E. HUBBELL R. M. KAUI-'MAN M. E. HOFFMAN M. T. CAMPEN J. D. SEVVELL P. W. BECKXVITH J. E. ATKINSON D. M. HOLSENBECK, JR. O. H. TPIOMPSON F. E. FUCLIS J. V. COOPER J. P. BYRD J. B. PRESS H. L. PLAGE J. S. MOORE J. A. PONCHER FORREST HOLZ J. W. TEAGUE C. B. ESTES SACK SIEGEL LUNTZ PEEPLES RICHARDS ALEXANDER VRISCII VERDII-LR MI-KINNON MOYE J. BOY D. BOY GOLDMAN SILVER FAMBROUGH LEWIS SMITHSON HALL GORDY ALSTIIN JAMES MITIZKS W. D. PAULK JOHNSTON O'CAI.I.AGI'I.-KN SI I DI N BOARD OF MANAGERS E. CULVER KIDD, JR. . . DONALD C. JOHNSTON . G. KPlRSI.IiY SELDEN, JR. . JACK CALHOUN . ADVISORY BOARD - P. I. HARR H. W. SWII4'T BUSINESS STAFF G. M. HOPE W. H. JAMES O. C. ADAMS J. A. MITCHELL W. M. POPE J. H. GORDY D. A. HOXVARD J. W. SMITI-ISON A. R. LEWIS S. F. HALL R. W. ALLISON H. H. HUDSON V. D. RAMSEUR J. SEYDEL CIRCULATION MdlIdKQl'l'.Y A. A. AUSTIN W. A. MEIZKS J. L. O'CAI.LAOIIAN Sfzlff E. C. IJAIXIBROUGH J. M. BODY J. M. EVERETT E. W. IRBY F. XV. TIQAOUE C. G. JOHNSON W. D. PAULK W. R. PAULK R. E. GRIQTZINOER QA. TECHNIOLIE . BIISIIIUSS Manager . Axsisfanf BIISIIIVXS Manager . Axxisiani BZlSIl7f'SS Malmgcr Asxisfant Business Mdl1dtg6'V CUI.X' KIIJD Buximnvv Murzagvr' JOE ATKINSON H. H. SCHRODER H. K. MARSHALL D. L. ECHOLS H. R. O,BRIEN F. W. CHAPMAN ECHOLS LONG Ezfilor A. H. JENSEN EDITORIAL STAFF L. A. GULLEY A. R. LEWIS C. G. VOORHIS D. D. LONG J. E. WOODS J. D. BRASFIELD A. J. LITTLE E. A. PEEPLES E. B. SLATON J. F. ALEXANDER C. A. GRACE J. D. SEW1-LLL CHAPMAN GINN LITTLE GRACE BRASFIELD PEEPLES ALEXANDER MARKLEY QI.. YELLOW JACKET The Mwffhly Humor Magazine JOSEPH E. ATKINSON . . Editor-in-Cfaze ADVISORY BOARD LIARVEY FELL CHARLIE GRIFFIN AI.LEN MORRIS GEORGE GRIFFIN ART STAFF C. A. ALEXANDER R. M. JONES J. M. MARRLEY PHOTOGRAPHIC STAFF R. A. SIEGEL J. M. MARKLEY J. T. O,REAR J. C. MCKINNON W. S. GINN LEWIS JONES WELLS BARNES CAMPBELL DEAN ABBOTT HUDSON JOHNSTON I--IARR HENRY W. SwIIfT . ADVISORY BOARD PHIL HARR BUSINESS STAFF G. H. WELLS, JR. E. G. COLE, JR. T. W. BARNES ERNEST REES, JR. C. M. NEIL W. C. CAMPBELL W. Y. C. DEAN S. N. HOLDITCH H. E. BROXVARD C. A. BICRERSTAEF CIRCULATION B. L. ABBOTT . M. A. HUDSON D. C. JOHNTSON E. L. PATTON O. A. WRIGHT F. E. FUCIIS QA. YELLOW JACKET . . . . CiI'c'I11ufiu11Managm' . Blzsinvss Murzagcr CULVER KIDD I-ILNRY SWII-'T BIIXIIIIUXX Nlnmzgrr' BICKERSTATI KIDD QL Qmffemm of me QM.. f5fXf'xf'Nf'xf'Nf'xfXf'Xl'Xf'xf'Nf'x "Nx5f5lXfXf'NlNfNf'Nf'Nf'N!Xf'Xf'Nf'Nf'Xf'N STUDENT PUBLICATIONS BOARD OF GEORGIA TECH XJXIXJLILIXZXINJNJNJNJNJXZQXLINXXJXJNZXXLINZXILINJNJSISINJNJ HARVEY L. FELL, JR. Editor-in-Cloicf BLUE PRINT PHIL I. HARR, JR. Business Manager BLUE PRINT L. ALLEN MORRIS Editor-ilz-Chief TECHNIQUE E. CULVER KIDD, JR. Business Manager TECHNIQUE JOSEPH E. ATKINSON Editor-ifsz-Chief YELLOW JACKET HENRY W. SXWIFT Business MdI7dgl'V YELLOW JACKET Those groups at Tech classed as l-lonor So- cieties are both national and local organiza- tions to which membership is limited by standards ot excellence set up by them in their respective tields to which a student must quality in order to become eligible tor election. They are not to be thought ot as simply rewards, however, tor most ot these organizations are among the most active on the campus, and as such play not only a stimulative but also an operative part ot student lite. Wm gwiezfieg CHAPMAN FINCH GINN HOLSENBECK KIDD MORRIS THOMILSON ANAK Senior Honorary Socicfiy O. H. THOMPSON . . Presirlclzzf F. W. CHAPMAN J. H. FINOH W. S. GIN'N D. M. HOLSENBECK E. C. KIDD L. A. MORRIS OMICRGN I DELTA KAPPA D. M. I-IOLSENBECK . . . Presidelff F. W. CHAPMAN F. W. Cox J. T. FINCH S. T. GIBSON W. S. GINN E. C. KIDD L. A. MORRIS J. K. RANKIN J. R. ROUNT'REE R. A. SIEGEL G. A. SMITH LHAI MAN COX IINCII GIBSON GIN N HOl,S1-QNBECK KIDD MORRIS RI-XNKIN RUUNTREE SIIQGEI. SMITH -I '? l -- 1 H- Phi Kappa phi Senior Svlmlasfic Honorary FI'llfC'I'1'1ify Fozzmfmf 1897 Iiniallecl 1914 I I I I 1 MEMBERS ' I I 1 I C. K. Bixurz V. Ii. LYONS I I I J. G. BROWN A. A. MASSAR I I F. L. CAROIIILRS I.. D. NTONTAGUE I I -I. A. CHILDS W. P. N1ON'I'CO1vHRX C. T. CC3l'l4'1lY G. H. PHII..I.IPs I R. Pr. COLI' J. R. ROUN'l'RkIl-Z I F. XV. COX D. B. SALMON 1' J. L. DOOM J. IJ. SINGER I I I S. T. GIBSON J. T. SMITH I D. M, l'lOLSENBlCIx A. HI. ITRANSOU 1 I I G. R. HOOR F. M. XIOLBI-.RG N . I - .- READING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGHI' RAUTZ BROWN CAROTHHRS COEEEY COLE COX CI-IILIIS IIOOM GIBSON HOOK IIOLSENBECK LYONS 5 T' -- Q MASSAR MONTAGUE MONTGOMERY IIHIILIPS an - fb ROUNTRI-IE SALMON SINGER SMITI-I TRANSOU VOLBERG L TPIE FIONORARY SOCIETY of Phi Kappa Phi offers member- ! 75 Ship to those members of the Senior Class each year who ,X ,-i'V'1 A are shown to have stood consistently high in scholarship during their first three years. Election falls at the begin- F HS Q5 ning of the school year, and 15 by Vote of the faculty. fu-' TJ f xv 'Qsrr N . . . if sf"5,QQ The fraternity was founded In 1897, and Installed at Geor- QE I J W ' gia Tech in 1914, the first honorary fraternity to make its K U., J-J entrance upon the campus. An annual award of a Scholar- ship cup is made by the local chapter to the senior with the ! highest average in all departments. Louis WALL P rcsinlmt Tau Beta Pi H onorary Sv F0lH7tI'!'ll 1885 I.. D. WALL, JR. j. R. ROUNTREE V. I.YoNs . xl. B. BATsoN KI. G. BISHOP j. Cv. BIKOWN XV. CASTLES, AIR KI. W. CI.liGG II. W. Cox, jk. Il. Ii. I2r.I.1s H. D. IIMNIYRT, S. T. CIIBSON P. I. Hmm ul. I. HILL bolasfic EIItQiIl!'l'I'illg liralvrzzify Insfalled 1924 OFFICERS . , Prc'xidr'l1f . Vim'-Prc'siz1'r'11i Sl'l'I't'flIV-Y MEMBERS E. Ii. LINIJSIZY V. Ii. LYONS W. A. McCiuIx2 W. P. MoN'rGoM1gnY T. C. Mooru: JR. ID, M. HoI.sI-Nuliclt, AIR. C. R. Hook IfoN Li -I. R. ROUNTRIZIY W. H. SACHS D. B. SALMON H. SANs R. A. SH-,cz11l., jk. CI, A. Samir xl. T. SMITII I.. ll. WALL, JR. F. M. Vous!-'no READING FR IIA'IiSON I I.IiGG GIBSON IIUUK MOORE R S.-IMS OM TOP, LEFT TO RIGHI BISHOP COX HARR LI UUNTRITE SIEGIQI. IIRUWN I-1I.I.IS HIl.I. IINDSIIY S.-XCHS SMITH CASTLES ISMMIZRT I IOLSIQNBIECK LYONS SALMON VULBIQRG TAU BETA Pl, the national honorary engineering fraternity, was founded in 1885 at Lehigh University, to mark in a Htting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character. Scholarship, while the primary requisite for ad- mission, is not the sole criteriong integrity, adaptability and unselfish activity are other qualifications considered. Since its installation in 1924, the Georgia Alpha Chap- ter has initiated approximately three hundred seniors and juniors. On Honor Day each year it presents a scholarship cup to the senior with the highest four-year average in the engineering school. f ,..,. L -- -.. ...-. 5-11,74 F M, -, ,WALL .YM- f , I IIII Ij I I I I .I JI II IIII III. I-I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II III IM 'III I II I I I ' I II I II II III! II I II I I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I. lie IH, QIW I. I .4 H III II' I I I I I 'I II fl fli I I Ii EI. H E, I I I III' Mp I ..-E- A " "'-' ' 'At iggiilg: PHI ETA SIGMA, a national freshman honorary scholastic fraternity, was installed in 1930. Only those men in the Freshman Class who made an average of 3.5 or better for the first semester or the entire freshman year are chosen for membership. Each spring Phi Eta Sigma presents a loving cup to the freshman having the highest average for the first semester. Being the only freshman honorary fraternity, it has done much to produce an incentive to study among the Hrst- year students. PIII Eta Sigma F1'f'shr11m1 Sfholasfif Ho1'10I'ary Fmfernify Fozzmlrd 1925 J. D. BRASFIELD . R. E. BURKS . . J. F. HUTCHINSON . E. L. PATTON . J. C. ABRAMs H. W. ADAMS O. B. ANImrws H. S. BANIJY J. B. BOY D. A. BRAGG -I. D. BRASI-'IELD J. W. Buowx R. E. Buiuas R. E. CHAN J. C, CLARK M. M. Colvrrs H. W. CIIISWIILI. R. DANII11. R. G. DAVIS P. AI. ELDRIDGL R. E. A. T. EMMoNs FLYNT W. M. FURLOW M. L. GOLIIMA N B. C. PIARRIS N. C. HAIuIIsnN OFFICERS MEMBERS G Imfallezf 193 0 . . Presidenf . Vic'f'-Presiclenf . . Secretary . Treaszzrvr . O. HAsKIII.I. R. J. Hl4.RRING A. C. HUDSON M J - ll N M E. J. . A. HUDSON F. Hu1'c:IIINsoN H. NIATTINGLY . G. MCLFAN . G. MI'I'CIil1LI. L. PA'r'I'oN B. PILNIQUAIQRAST G. D. RAY 14 RFEs C. C. RlDGl.RS NW. P. SIQCORD F R. SHORT M. SILBIERMAN W. F. STOREY R. H. WHITE F. T. WAI.'I'I1RMIIaI' C. E. WAI'l'S R. B. WII.IIoI1' L P. WII,SCJN READING FROM TOP, AHRAMS BROWN FLDRIDGE IIASKELI. MrI.EAN RAY STOKEY ADAMS BURKS I LYNT HERRING MATTINGLY REES WALTERMIRE ANDREWS CLARK GOLDMAN A. HUDSON MITKIIIEIJ. SECORD VVILHOIT L EFT TO RIGHT BANDY BOY CORTES DANIEL HARRIS HARRISON M. HUDSON HUTCHINSON PATTON PI-QNDERGRAST SHORT SIIBERMAN XVILSON Aloe BRASFIELD P l'!'Sitl!'11l Sam Cvmsox l'rfxii1'eu1 Alpha Chi Sigma Professional Cf1f'!lliL'dI Frafrrlzify F011 71111111 I9 02 OFFICERS S. T. GIBSON . R. A. Sllziilil., JR. . C. M. Loma' . F. W. Cox . R. R. 1.. R. cg. M. J. 11. ul. W. F. xv. J. im. ri. 1.. T. c. A. 11. if. R. D. li. W. MEMBERS Am' AH:-RN, JR. ANDERSON CARTVR CLIEGG Cox li.xRl.E, JR. Fl-.i.L, JR. GIBSON CRRACE HouMANN Jon NsToN, JR. JORDAHN L. S. R. P. B. L. E. C. A. C. M. M. R. L. M. W. B. T. ll. W. H R. A. L. D. R. A. W1l.soN lnxfallvzf 193 2 . Prf'siJr'l1f . Vive-Prvsidwlf . Svvrvlury . Trcmzzrw' KANIECRI KYTLIQ LAVTON LINIJSEY Loi41.lN I.oR1.v MQ2Cl.ATl.llIIN', JR. Mon-. RA'1"rLR1iE Rluus . Sanus, JR. S11-cm., JR. WAI.I. READING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT til LCG GRALIZ LINIDSICY Sllifjlil. CARTER MOYE cox JOHNSTON 1.oRiaY W'Al.I. HOHMA NN RA'l"I'liR Eli If A R Lli FELL KANIECKI L.-XYTON McCI.ATL'lIliY SACQHS ' ADY AHICRN KYTl.Ii LOIILIN RIGGS THE NATIONAL CHEMICAL 1fRA'r1iRN1TY of Alpha Chi Sigma was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904, and is today the second largest chemical society in the world. Men whose primary interest is in Chemistry are united in Alpha Chi Sigma for the mutual advance- ment of their social, professional, and scientific ideals. The Alpha Omega Chapter was installed at Georgia Tech in 1932, and has since endeavored to foster on the campus an interest in chemical affairs by sponsoring chem- ical movies, exhibits, news sheets, and essay contests. In addition, it awards a handbook annually to the junior chemist or chemical engineer with the highest scholastic average. C 'T mf., ..IQT""'T C - .. .....Y..... .. .....Y ri ll I9 fi ,fl lull l li lil .li ...lm ll' I Nl '1 .l lji .13 .N Wil' lwl M il ll' H. .ll lvl! li. dial li 5, iiilf glil' ill. will ll Q. U , 14 4 li' Q1 A ll .l ll. IWI I Professional Iflerh'iru1 Eazgifzzfwizzg F!'Llft'l'lIffj' 1 l . I I'0IlIltI6'lf 1923 IlIXftlI1l't1 1928 I 1 . OFFICERS J. G. B151-lov . . Pruviflwzf J. G. BROWN . . Vil'l'-l,l'l'.Yitll'Ilf 5 F. D. Giu1islNc5i411x . . Sz'4'i'f'fury , , kj J- POWPLI1 . . Trc'ax11r1'r MEIVIBERS li. li. Avi-in G. V. I'iUl'l-ORD .I. G. Blsiiov M. Kuxmnisin' T. S. Bom: -I. OS'l'lfR, jk, M. H, liimimiiv W B, QjXVl,N5 KI. G. lliaoww A. PHn1,111s C. T. Col ri v G. H. Piii1.l.i1's 13. B. Dams J, j. POWILI. 1 NW. j. Ili i.,xNi Y I.. B. Ripnmomi I 1 K. K. Dommuos RI, C, RYAN lil T. il. FLYNN H, SIMMONS if, W, s. cms c. wx sian-if ii ii lf. D. Giuisixumx XV E. SPAULIJINKI I il T, R. Ilixk'11.l.x' W' li. W'A1.1,ul. 1 1 A. T. H11 1.M1 ll 1' 12. J. Wool: il I XV. M. NIURPIIIQY i i l 5 I al l I READING FROM TOFHLEFT TO RIGHT I l AVERY BUNIB BROWN l5L'I.I.OiQIl CQOlil'il:Y GRIIQSINGKR HLIIiI.MI'IiI.T HL'l I URI! Ml,'RPHliY OSTICR OXVENS I'lllI.l.Il'S PONWKI I. RIQIIMOND SIMMONS Sl'Al.'l.l3ING -G iff-Q! KAPPA ETA KAPPA, a national professional electrical en- gineering fraternity, was founded at the University of Iowa in 1923. The local chapter, which had formerly been known as the High Tension Club, was installed in 1928. Membership in Kappa Eta Kappa is offered to those junior and senior electrical engineering students who possess the required qualifications of scholarship, character, and leader- ship. Each year, in order to encourage high scholastic attain- ments among the electrical engineering students, Kappa Eta Kappa awards the sophomore in the Department with the highest average an engraved log-log slide rule. jAMias BISHOP Prr'sin'f'ul GEORGE FLLIQFR PI'L'XftI'F71f Phi Psi I'I0ll0l't1Y'y Tm-file Frafcrnify Fozmderf 1905 G. W. FELIQIHII . . D. M. HOLSIQNBIICLK F. S. CULPIQPIIIALR . R. A. VERDl1iR . B. F. BURNIETT J. E. CARMACIQ J. C. COGBURN, JII. H. V. Coox F. S. CuL1'uPPI'It W. Y. G. DILAN G. W. FI3LxIax G. H. HIGIi'I'OWIiR D. M. HoI.sI1NBI:c1K W. S. JAMIis D. S. JOIINSTQN E. S. LIvINGs'I'oN H. P. LOVLLI-ss, JR R. M. MA1'lIl:WS G. F. MON1'Cik7MI4.RY H. D. MORCIA N, JR. J. F. OLIVIII I . OFFICERS MEMBERS Installed 1921 . Pl'l'Sfllt'lIf . Virr'-Prvsidwlf . . Svvrriary . TVFdSIll'C'f J. B. PI1NuIakcI1As'r, JR. F. F. PHILLIPS J. C. PLATT L. PoIiR Runs, JR. W. C. RoAcH S. A. RCJBI:R'fS W. I.. RooNI5Y H. SAMS, JR. R. J. SMITH H. NW. SWII-'r H. M. VI1kInaIu', JR. . R. A. H. G. ln. H. S. W . VI1RIJII.R WIfIsB, JR. WIT.I.IAMS . C.. WII.LIAMS F. J. YOUNG, JR. CULPEPPICR HOLSENBECK OLIVER SWIFT WII.I.IA MS READING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT DEAN JOHNSTON POER VERDERY HIGHTOWER LOVELESS SAMS VERDIER PHI PSI, HONOIQAIIY TEXTILE IfxA'I'IgRNITY, was founded in 19035 chapters of the fraternity have been established at nearly all of the leading textile schools of the country. The Georgia Tech chapter was established in 1921. Sophomores in the textile engineering department are elected to the society in the spring, and upperclassmen of the department in the fall. Phi Psi has as its aim increas- ing good fellowship among its members and encouraging advances and interest in textile engineering. The annual Linthead Ball of the fraternity is one of the big social events of the season. C. L ..L L. f L -A ,,,,,-.1...i,..,.. ?....,, .. Tl llil TW Wi fi! , I W .Wil 'T , 1 I I I I .T I I Q4 W Ii ll l Il rf' W fi 'Mei me iii , '4 3 l F2 rl .I I I 1 1 Il li .if W fl 0 1 A 1 D! - DD PI TAU SIGMA is a national honorary mechanical engineer- ing fraternity founded in 1915 at the University of Illi- nois. In 1932 the U. R. G. Society of Tech was given a charter to the national organization. Some of the activities sponsored annually by the Georgia Nu Chapter are: The presentation of an Honors Day award to the sophomore having the highest average in the Mechanical Department, the collection and framing of pictures of each Mechanical Engineering Senior Class, and the orientation of freshmen by conducting tours of the shops and laboratories. pi -I-au Sigma Profrssio 11:11 ML't'lJllI11CLlI Frufc'rf1i1fy F01!776lt'd 1915 F. C. PATH . Insfallerf 1932 OFFICERS W. L. MINGLEDOR13'1" . Pl'L'S1l1,l'l1f . Vice-Pr1'siz1f'11i L. D. MONTAGUE . Scfrwfary H. H. ROGERS . . TVf'HS1l1'C1' MEMBERS A. N. BRAY W. L. MINGL1.DoR1frf M. C. Co1.soN L. D. MONTAGUE J. N. FELTON F. C. PATE G. A. FULLINGTON H H. ROGERS C. C. GROMMLT G J. SCARBROUGH G. R. Hook A J. TRANSOU H. V. LAMBIERTI F RI. WISSIQR 13. A. XVORRFLI. READING FROM TOP,LEFTTO RIGHT BRAY COLSON I4UI.LINGTON GROMMET HQOK LAMBERTI MONTAGUE PATE ROGERS SCARBROUGH SMITH TRANSOU VUORR1iI.L Liars MINGLEDORFF Pre.vizlc'11l FRA1vII'ToN ELLIS TIIIQ NATIONAI. AI3RoNAUTIc:AI. ASSOCIATION was founded in 1922 as a professional organization. In 1930 when the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aeronautics was established at Tech, the Association installed a student chapter known as the Tech Aero Club. The members are chosen from the prominent students of the junior and Senior classes of the Aeronautical Department. This organization has regular meetings at which talks are given by prominent men in the profession to acquaint the members with their future problems. They discuss current events of progress in the air among themselves. Pn'xiI1r'11f fc 1:- ff . . A W National fAxeronautIcaI J, A ' ' I I ssoclation I l"oumfrd 1922 llzxlullcwl 1950 OFFICERS I I F. E. ELLIS . . President ' E. E. SACK . . Vir'e-Prexiefezzzf 1 I I H. P. KUPIEC . . Sc'cn'1'ary-Treusurer I MEMBERS Ia. I. BRICKIQR J. M. MARRII-.Y G. F. BRITT R. H. MCKQWN G. W. BURKli'l"l', KIR. E. W. MCLAIN R. F. CAR'I'LR W. A, MIaI-.Rs W. CAs'rLIfs W. P. MoN'ruoMI4,Rv XV. EAGILR T. L. PERRY G. N. EISLNIIART H. K. PIRI2 F. If. ELLIS C. H. RIS F. W. I2vANs, IR. I. S. ROSlINBI.RCj I R. H. FAGAN E. E. SACK III I I P. I. HARR G. A. SMITII ii! -I. R. HINION T. M. SPARRS R. W. KuI.T'I'NlR R. K. XVI N'I'z IN H. P. KUPILC D. R. NIVnoI.I' I I -. I I I I READING FROM TOP,LEFTTO RIGI-II' BRITT BURKIZTT c1ASTI.IiS IQAGI-ZR I I TAGAN HARR I-IINTON KL'liT'I'NliR KLYPIIQC MARKLILY McKOWN McI.AIN MEEKS A1oNTcIoMIiRY PERRY PIKIQ , RIS ROSIZNBIQRG SACK SMITH I , SPARKS WIQNTZ XVOOLF 1 1 I I I I I I I I I I , , I I III I Architectural Society I-Io110ra1'y A rvl1ih'z'f Il ral Sm'iefy lfozrzzzlml 1910 OFFICERS R. MEMBERS W. S. R. L. A. W H. H. L. b'I'UI.B . PI'l'SiGIUlIf . Vir'c'-Prrxiffrzzl . Sc'c'r1'fary . Tl'l'dXIll'f'f l.AMllI.lRSON NI.ll.L RllBI4li'I' RUBlpR'I'AON - ROBINSON, -IR. ROSAMOND Ros11N131.Rc. ADING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT 1 1 I I I I . I I I N. ROBINSON, j K. NEILL . I H. FINCH . . T A. Houm, 111 I I 1 I R. L. AllflK I W. S. B1-.t.Rl-'1"r I , -I. l.. DOOM -I. H. F1Nc311 I 1 P, H. Fu1.1.1-.R I E I I 1 J. A. Housltn, Ill 1 KI. C. I'lULSlL I 5 I I 0 AIQCK I IIOUSIQR .. ,Ti UI' RUBIZRT me-. - ! I D 5 D TH12 ARCHITECTURAL Soc1ETY, as its name implies, is com- posed of members of the Architectural Department who have completed three semesters of work in the course. The Society meets monthly, and seeks to create a more intense interest in Architecture and its applications. Quite fre- quently members of the society present their work for national competition. Each fall a reception is held for the incoming freshmen in the department to introduce them to their classmates and to the upperclassmen. DOOM I.AMBliRSUN RUBERTSON UNCH NIQILI. ROSA MUND ARTHUR ROBINSON P rvsirleril -'ALR ROUNTREIQ, TRIAL S'rkIcItI.ANII Pl'!'XiA1l'llIX Briaerean Society Hmmrary Co-up Soriefy First Svvfirlll H. H. STRIcItI.ANn . J. J. HILL . . R. A. HUDSON . T. S. PRYOR . . J. B. BA'I'sox G. E. BEVIS A. N. BIIAY J. E. CAIt'I'I.R l:0Ill1t1!'tl' 1912 W. E. CIIA NnI.I.II C. T. Col-'I-'IQY J. M. CORRAL B. B. LBALI S J. V. IDORIOT J. R. FNGIISII J. GLA ss W. D. HAIIPIQII J. J. HII,I. R. A. Huuscm L. F. I'lU'l'L'HINS E. NW. JORIIAIIN C. A. Lol-IIN OFFICERS Prcfsidezlf Vin'-P1'1'si1fI'11f . Sec'rf'fary . Trmxzzrer MEMBERS li. I. C. B. W. T. J. W T. W W. .I- .I- W H. T. M. Wien I' I: 1.. SZTOIII1 SITHOII J. R. ROUNTRLE L. D. WALL, JR. . J. M. CORIIAL J. T. SMITH C. MACQIJLLN H. NIANN A. MAPLE L. MATHLWS A. MCCREIZ C. MOORE T. MUNDY C. NORTON S. PRYOR H. RATLII-'I-' B. RATTI2ItIiI1 R. ROUNTRILIQ T. SMITH A. SNELLLIAOVI, H. S'rRIcItI.A ND M. Vo1.BI1Rc D. NVALI., Ju. READING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT B ATSC N BR A Y DALES GLASS LOFLIN McC1Rlil MATHEWS MOORY RATTERHH SMITH CART!-QR HILI. I M.ItQUlf.liN NORTON VOI.BliRG COITIQY CORRAI. HUDSON HUTLHINS MANN MAI' PRYOR RATLII If WALL WIGHT Tina BRIAEREAN Souix-1'I'v or GEORGIA TI-1cH was founded in 1912, with the primary purpose of offering membership to the outstanding members of the upper three classes of the Co-operative Department in recognition of their at- tainments on the campus and in the class room. Although the scholastic requirements of the Society are among the highest on the campus, outstanding character and leader- ship are considered essential for membership. Among the annual activities of the organization are an annual Smoker held in honor of the Co-op freshmen, an award to the freshmen in the Department with the highest average, and the presentation of a cup to the outstanding senior Co-op. ,s' C C l ii ii l i I i il i -i i i V. ! -I I iii iii iiiil fiii' li' vi i! i ii . ii ii FE i l ii Y 'L igiii 'ii - ! I 2 3 3 KAPPA KAPPA PSI is an honorary fraternity for profes- sional and student musicians. The national fraternity was founded in 1919, and the Tech chapter was installed in 1924. Membership is limited to those men who have been outstanding in the band or other school musical organiza- tions, and who have been prominently associated with other school activities. The purpose of Kappa Kappa Psi is to encourage and improve the band, and to promote a spirit of co-operation and mutual interest among the musicians of the school. In its twelve years of existence it has served this purpose admirably. Kappa Kappa psi I'IOI10l'lll'jl Band Frufc'rnify FUIHIIIIUZI 1919 OFFICERS T. I-I. RIGGS . D. F. RIDINGS . A. M. HOAGLAND . S. R. YOUNG . MEMBERS QI. M. BAKLIQ K. B1-1v1Ns M. C. Col.soN L. xl. CULD P. DAL1: S. T. Gmsom A. M. HK7AGI.AND I.. XV. jacxsox H. W. Lnuvwskl W. P. LAUGHTON Ii. E. LINUSLY If. M. Ml7Rl,I.1.I Installed 1924 . . Prc'si1le11t . Vice-Presizlelzt . Secretary . Treasurer -I. L. MORRISON E. A. Pon M. Posr J. s. RHYNE T. H. RIGQS D. F. S. G. F. K. RIUINGS ROBLRTSON SCHILLING F. W. ScorT F. R H. N S. R. . SHORT I. WVOOIDARII YOUNG READING FROM , TOP LEFTTO RIGHT BAKER BFVINS CIOLSON DALE GIBSON IIOAGLANIJ .IACKSON LADYNSYI LINDSIZY MORELLI MORRISON POE RHYNIC RID! NGS ROBERTSON SCOTT SCHILLING YOUNG CULP THOMAS Rlccs Prz'xi:1t'11t FII SACK PI't'.Yi1!l'IIf pl Delta Epsilon II0lIUl't1IA'Y Iozlrflalixfiz' l"I'l1ff'I'lIif,j' l'iUIHIll!'lf 1909 lzlsfallwf 1922 OFFICERS Ii. E. SAcK, KIR. . . . PI'C'Sill!'IIf L. A. MORRIS, -IR. . . Vin'-PI'c'xizfz'rzf F. W. Cox, JR. . . Svt'rm'ary H. L. FELL, JR. . . Treasurer MEMBERS B. L. ABBLYIUI C. li. NILIDONALD ll. F. AI.l-,XANIII R, -IR. xl. C. MLKINNUN, JR. xl. Ii. A'I'RINsoN AI. M. MARRl.Ir.Y A. A. AUSTIN W. A. MI4IfRs D. C. Bov, -IR. L. A. IVIORRIS, -IR. F. W. Cox, IR. I.. M. Movie, -IR. D. L. FLLIIUIS il. Os'I'I-.R H. D. EMM: RT, QIR. Ii. A. PI I PI,l s, IR. H. L. FI l,I, AIR. XV. IB, IIOOLI, I. H. FINUI ul. S. Ranislx' F. E. Focus XV. I. ROSAMONIJ C. A. GRALI, S. li. RYMIR P. I. HAIKR If. F. SMR, -IR. Al. A. I'lOUSI'k, III G. K. SliI.DliN, -IR. A. H. tlliNSl'.N R. A. SII.m4.I. D. C. 4IoHNs'I'oN G. A. SMIVII R. D. LIoIINsI'oN ll. M. SIIRINI. F. C. Kinn, IR. H. W. SWII-I' R. P. RI"II.I, AIR. R. A. VIRIIII-R C. M. I.oRII' ll, A. XVIs'I' G, XV. I.oRII' R. F. w,HI'II D. D. I.oNr. IJ. A. XVoRRIf,I.I. ID. M. I,UN'I'l R. Cl. ZIMMLRMAN READING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGI-IT .XBIIOT .'XI.I'X.'XNIJI R .-XTRINQON AUSTIN IIUY LUX li IIOIS IIMXIIRT lrlall I-IXLII I Ll IIS GRACI1 IIARR HOUSIIR jIIiN5l1N D. JOHNSTON R. -IUIINSTLIN KIIHIJ IiYTI.lf ij. LOKIZY KI. IOKFY LONG l.I'N'I'Z McDONAI Il Mt-KIXINON MARKl.laY Mlzl-QKS MORRIS MUYII OSTITR l'liI1I'I.liS POOI li RAMSFY ROSA MUNI! SI'I.I3laN SIIQGFI. SMITH SPRING SWIFT VERIJIIQR XYIIST WIIITII XYORRI-,I.I. ZIMMERNIAN PI DEIJIA Ifl'Sll,ON, a national collegiate journalism fra- ternity, was founded at the University of Syracuse in 1909, as a means to stimulate interest in student journalism. The Tech chapter, installed in 1922. is one of the strongest members of the national organization in addition to being one of the most active groups on the campus. In the fall of each year it sponsors the Fashion Show held at the "Y," to which local merchants contribute. Membership in Pi Delta Epsilon is limited to juniors and seniors who have worked for a minimum of two years on a Tech publica- tion. Initiations are held during each semester, at which times dinner dances are given. C' --W - -- ---- I I ,jr I III illlj II.. illl ji wi IKE, Iili lgjj II my y . I I I I It ' II IIN 1 III I 'I III I, ILE I III I sz we I III 'I I: I. II I II I I In ,. I I II I II, I 'I If' vi Iii, .I.I TI ,,. ,MII .Il EU IIII EI ,Iill ,MI ANI il II ,I I'I ' I 'II I I II I ,I I II I' I I . I II Q, I I I ij J , .,..-.,, A., , ,-- P P THE SCIENTIA CLUI-I was founded in 1927 as an honorary General Science fraternity, filling the need for a social group in that department. Formerly only members of the General Science Department were eligible, but with the abolition of that course beginning with the class of 1937 members of the Industrial Management Department, estab- lished in 1953, were taken in. The Club has been very active, and consequently, is outstanding among the social groups on the campus. Sclentla Club H0l101'd1'j.I CRf'71f'l"6lZ SCTCIICC Sozrirfjf FOIIIYKIIFCII 1927 OFFICERS A. A. AUSTIN . . . . . . Pf'l'Sit1t'l1f E. C. KIIJD, JR. . . Vice-P1'c'xide11t J. D. SINGER, JR. . . SL'L'l'UllLll'jI L. A. MORRIS, JR. . . T1'rfas1wer MEMBERS A. A. AUSTIN F. H. BARI-.R C. K. BAUTZ B. S. BEASLIIY E. J. BILNTON G. B. BLACK D. C. BOY, JR. J. S. COOK F. COX J. F. DARBY D. I.. ECHOLS M. B. FARMER A. J. FIQRNANIIEZ-MORRLI.L J. R. FITZIIATRIOR F. li. FUQHS W. J. GRANT J. S. HARRISON W. S. HliA'1'H G. M. HOI-I-. J. E. JOIINSON H. J. KANTILR li. C. KIDD, JR. J. KINS1,liR D. D. LONG G. R. MAIKSIIALI, G. E. MCDONALD M. MILLIGAN L. A. MORRIS, JR. J. G. PARKS W. B. POOLE J. B. RAMAGE F. K. ScHII.I.INo C. R. SIMONS J. D. SINGLR, JR. H. SRIITH J. L. SIVIITII D. M. SPRING J. D. WADSw'IHI'I'II, JR. R. F. w'l1Il'L READING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGI-IT BAUTZ, BEASLEY, BENTON, BLACK, BOY, COX, DARBY, ECHOLS, FARMER, IIIZRNANDEZ-MORRELL, FITZPATRICK, FUCHS, GRANT, HARRISON, HEATH HOPE, KANTER, KIDD, KINSLER, LONG, MILLIGAN, MORRIS, MCDONALD, PARKS, POOLE, RAMAGE, SCHILLING, BURDELL, G. P., SINGER, SMITH, SPRING, XVADSWORTH, WHITE. AVERY AUSTIN Prexideni JQHN HOW'ARD Pl'f'Xit1ClIf Civil C revv I10lIUl'll!',j' Civil EIIgil7t'f'l'ilIg S!ll'il'Iivj 1'i0Ill7l1f'l1, I 9 0 9 V I I OFFICERS . F. HOW'ARlJ . . . Pwsirfefif . R. RouNTRI2I2 . . Vin'-P1'c'sizlr'11f . P. Q,DONNI'1l.I. . . . Secretary . S. TOMLIN . Treasizrrr MEMBERS G. B. BAII I Y Fox I.I XV. BANNINKQ F. I-1. LINDSIROBI F. BASIL O. R. LINK M. R. BLUMI1 G. XV. LORILY W. F. BOSKY W. A. MK.CREE E. H. CAMP R. M. MIaNDuz F. L. CARO'I'lll'RS R. P. NI1IsoN G. S. CI.ARRIf, AIR. QI. P. O,I,LJNNl.l.I. H. G. COOIII-R R. H. OcI.l-,sI3I' D. H. CURRY D. T. PAl'Ac.I.oRuI WC L. IJOLIVI, XV. C. PAULSON K. DOUGI.Ai j, M. PI"I'IRsox A. M. ELIJRIDIQI-. il. li. PII'R41I-' G. XV. Iivzms P. VV. PURIJOLI il. T. FI'I'TI,N KI. R. RDUNTRIQIL F. R. GoUI,IrINu L. R. SANIIJURD J. A. GRANAIJKYS il. K. SIIIIIPIQY W. xl. GRIaI.NIi G. P. SII.vA A. M. HC7AiSI.ANIJ, -IR. M. KI. SoWI,I,I J. F. HOWARD Ll. H. S'I'oI.I..xRI1 I., XV. JACKSON S. S. TUMLIN C. V. jo1INsoN A. QI. V.xI,DI.z xl. B. KAi1Kl,lN' xl. F. W'AI.'IIIAI.I, Y. KI1IfN H. A. XVIs'r A. S. KOVA1.IlSRX' XV. D. WIIIIJHARI S. R Youmg EADlNGl:ROM'l'OP,l.EFTTORlGl-ll BAILIEY BANNING BLUME BOSRY CAMP LAROTHFRS CLARKE DOFIVE DOlfGl.AS ELDRIUGF l'ITTliN GOUFUING GRANAQOS GREENE IIOAGFAND JACKSON KAi'Kl.liY KOVALEIFSRY l.I LINK LUKFY MCCRIZE MFNIJFZ NEI.SC3N KYDONNELL OGIFSISY PAPAGIQORGE PAULSON FFTIQRSON PIERCE PURDONI ROL'NTRI'.lf SAMFORD SHTPPIQY Sll.VA SOXVEI1. STOLLARD TOMI IN KY'AI.TlIAl,l. XYEST WIIIGHAM YOUNG THE CIVIL CRIQW is the name of the Georgia Tech Student Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers. It was organized in 1909. The purpose of the organization is the enrichment of the student's college courses by be- ginning those professional associations and contacts which, continued through life, are most helpful to the practicing engineer. These associations and contacts are obtained by means of luncheons, investigation of practical construc- tion Work, and talks by practicing engineers. The mem- bers of the Civil Crew are chosen from the Senior and Junior classes of Civil Engineering. I l KCC l l I ll il Rl el- il l l l l ll l l il llll ml llll ill? Ml llll ll rl. 5, ill ll l ll ll I l l l l y l l l l ill ii: I il :Ii :H I I I I I I 'I I il I.: I.. I. Ii' 1: I I: iii I I. I: Ii. ii, I II :II :,, : I lil In 3i':5 .I R ' I I EI il I I . I I I i I . Ii I IIN lhil I:'l :II Wi I ii: I iii, Q: N WW... v .,.- .4 Y ,.....- J -T -ha--N -TT' 'T D D THE AMIQIWLAN Soc,::ii':'Y 0:1 IX4I'QCI'IANIClAI, I2NCjINliliRS is one of the largest groups of professional men in the world, and dffers membership to all men pursuing that Iine of work. The Georgia Tech Student Brunch was installed in 1916, and is composed of juniors and seniors in the Me- chanical Engineering Department. The Society meets weekly, at which time movies and lectures by prominent men are presented and discussions held upon subjects per- tinent to the profession. During the year the members of the organization make several inspection tours to local power plants and mills. American Society oi Mechanical Engineers llflllllllfll IX Xl L. ID. MoN':'AcU:-1 H. V. LAMBLRTI KI. K. RANKIN . . W. L. IVIlNGI.liIJORI'I-I P. II. A::'::c:,Y Ci. H. IS:msxx': I I, A. N. ISRM' H. VV. I5U:.:,.:x:xn ml. T. CIARMIC HAI I M. C. Cozsox j. -I. IJULAN C. D. IYQUNOI-RIO H. M. IJUVALI., ,IR ml. N. Iil,1.':'0N G. A. FU1.llNc.'roN Ii. R. GRANBIRIN' C. C. CIRUMMIT Ii. ll. HM:-x' G. A. Hfmrmuix il. Ii. HARR:Nc.':'oN N. R. IAIINRN G. R. Ilooh XV. NY. Hoklxl R. If. Hunsox R. II. IIU'1'c :II sam C. XV. IIu'::: OFFICERS MEMBERS lflxfallvrl 1915 . PI'l'Sj!ll'lIf Vit?-Pl'f'.Yitlt'Ilf . Sr'c':'0fa:'y . Tl'L'6lSIl1'CV II. V. LAMB: iw: I. I.1vToN S. V. M.-xsox XV. I.. Mixer: mm: I I.. D. NIONTAGU! Ia. S. RIOORHIAID N. N1ciHo1.s F. C. Pixrig nl. K. RANKIN G. If. Romiks R. M. Row:- I.. B. SA1.':'1Rs, KIR. D. B. SARGINT G. P. SQARBROUQII Al. T. SMITH H. H. STIVI NS A. -I. Traixxsot' T. P. Tusiiix Ii. P. XVAIIXII: R. Ii. XY'Al.:s::c . H. W::.:.:.u:s .I IJ . A. XVUIIRI I I, READINGFROMTOFHLEFTTORIGHI' A L'TRIfY IIRIXSWIZI I. BRAY lIL'I.l,.:XRI7 L.-XRMICIIAIQI. fUI,SUN INDIAN IVONOI-RIO I7L'V.:XI.I. I-L'I.I.lNGTON GRANIIIQRRY GROMMI-fl' IlAI.I-.Y II.-XRIIOUR IIARRINGTON III-.NRY HOOK IIL."I'C.III',SUN IIUTII IAMIIICRTI I.Il'TUN MASON MIXYS MINGIIZIBORI I MONTAGUIZ NICHOLS I'ATIi RANRIN SAI.TI1RS SARGIZNT SCQARBRUIYGII SMITII TRANSOLT TUMIIN NYALKIZR XVIII IAMS WORRIHI I, LARRY lX'10N'I'AGUl. P I'l'AfllL'7l I R . A, SILGITI, l'1'i'.iiifi'uf American institute ol Chemical Engineers A. Smciii. . M. Loliriv . D. tIoHNs'i'oN B. Amr M. Ai.i.uN C. BLANCHARD I-I. Bukxs XV. CALIJW'LI.I. li. CARTILK R. CARUTHIQRS B. CASEY . CHAPMAN Ciiisvriwox I.. CLARK . CLEGG R. CoI.I2Y XV. Cox, jx. I., CKHVIR wi wi 'l'. Ciuxuciu I. Ihvis, Tit. C. Ilixvls IJ. Ilifmvs IJ. IIARII xl. I-il IJRIIJGI R. l'iNIiI.ISH I.. IIILI., AIR. G. IJINK Ci. I"l.1.GLNui'.1Ml-R M, Goonixm N Ins fnllm! 19 3 5 OFFICERS MEMBERS . Pl'l'SiL1Fllf Vim'-I'rr'xidf'11f . St't'l't'fdI'v1'-Tl't'tIS1Il'f'V A. Cilmtpli C. M1zl11.1,l-. A. Gui.i.11Y xl. F. Niarsox XV. T. Hmualx W. A. O'QUlNN D. Hfiiivi-.Y A. Porn . H. Hi-iuuxc, -IR. j. B. POWIQLI. F, HOHMANN W. B. RA'I'Tl1Rlili . F. Housii 1. A. Rlc:iiAiuJsoN W. D. Hucus W H. Rouisiws R. Ii. lmmoisr W H. SAcHs R. D. JOHNSTON D. B. SALMQN S. KANII-.cial R. I.. SIIAK.Kl'.LI4ORD . KLNIMILR R. A. Simi-.i, S. KUNIANSM' R. A. SMITH R. P. Kx"l1.1i, ju. W G. SMI'I'lI L. I.AY'l'oN W' G. STociklm.a1.i P. I.i-,xiii H. STRAUSS I.iit,iiim,xN A. N. S'i'ui,i. In. I.iNns1.v Nl. TIEAFORII T. I.Il'SlUS C. M. ,lqIllW'I,l.l. M. l.o11:-.N F. M. TLJl.lN . A. I,0II.lN In M. Voruuiu. . NI. I,oitix I.. D. Xv,AI.I W. M.fu.oN11 R. N. WAi.sii A. MAXWI-im, G. WI1I,I.S M. R. NlC1CI.ATCI'Il-.Y R. G. WIl,c1tix . O. BIl.'l't.AI.F XV H. NXIIIIIAMSON EADING FROM TOP, LEFT :Xlll-N LIHLG IARII llll, IILJIIMANN IILIQIIS KI-NIMLR KYTII LUIJI-.N IOI LIN eil Ali IIIQY Mlllil SXIIIII S'I'l'l I, IIIJXPNI.-XX QQRAKQI. IMIIOI I5 li UNIANSKY l.II'SILfS IRJXVIII I. 'limi IN TO RIGHT K Ol l"Y K OX IIARISIN HUUSI3 glUIINS'I'ON KANII-.CKI I.AY'I'ON I INIDSIZY LUKIEY MAXWI-QI.I. RA'li'I'IiRIili SACIIIS YUI BI-.RG Yx'.'XI,I. THIS GEORGIA Tlicu CHAPTER of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was established on this campus in 1953. It is composed of men from the Chemistry and Chemical Engineering departments who are interested in furthering their knowledge of the field in which they pro- pose to enter. The organization offers lectures, tours, motion pictures, economic surveys, and talks by prominent men in the field of chemistry during the course of the school year, and since its installation on the campus has been very active in stimulating the interest of the individual in the chemical industries. 5 4 W, .... ----.,-- WY-. . ,.. 6 -- A,.,..-.., .. -,,.- Yum.-- .W 6' -H-Y - , ...-..... U, f rg Wiw., . ,..-.T. .. N .ef f---kr, - lxi I i iw' li 'l i i I i i i li li i i i li. it l I i l'I 'I ilai ll i 1 . I I I w y iii l 1 ii l ii , ii .ix ll Q Il Ti I 1 1 1 Il 1 I .1 1,1 1 1 1 1 . 1 ' ,1 ' ii . if 1 1 1 1.11 iii! 11. .ii 111 .11 A 111 4.1 1 1 111 Ilsl if 111 li! 4 1 1 1 I i - 1 S-9 S- THE AMERICAN INSTITUTE OI" ELECTIQICAL ENGINEERS was founded in 1884, and the chapter at Tech, which is 11 student branch, in 1915. Membership is offered to junior and senior students in the Electrical Engineering course Who have been outstanding in scholarship as well as school activities. Regular meetings are held at which lectures are given the society by practicing engineers. Also motion pictures :ire presented, and informal discussions are held concerning electrical engineering topics. American Ins time of Electrical Engineers Fozzmfrzl 1884 Ilisfallml' 1915 OFFICERS J. G. BROWN . . . P7'L'SillL'l1li W' S- GINN - Vice'-Prcsitfwzf F. D. GRIESINGIiR . , Spgrpfm-y MEMBERS J. G. BISHOP T. S. BOND A. P. BRINSON J. G. BROWN W. M. MURPIIEY -I. OS'1'lZll W. B. OWINS A. PIIILLII-S W. M. CAS'l'I.I:I1I"RRX' G, H, P1m,1,yp5 F. L. DALE T. J. FLYNN W. S. GINN F. D. GRIIESINGIZR A. T. Hkll:l.Ml-'l.LT G. V. HUI-'I-'ORD A. G. Ki-.vsI.k J. j. POWIZLI. A. C. RUSSELL G. K. SITLDIIN H. SIMMONS W. SPAULDING R. VV. XWINFREE If. -I. XVOOD '4l READING FROM TOP,LEFTTO RIGHT BISHOP BOND BRINSON CASTLEBERRY DALE FLYNN GINN GRIESINGER HJELMFELT IIUVIIORD KEYSi-:R MURPHEY OSTER OWENS A. l'HII.I.II'S G. PHILLIPS POXVELL RUSSELL SELDEN SIMMONS SPAULDING WINFREE VVOOD JAMES BROWN Prz'sii1c11t Since time immemorial, men have bound themselves into bands ot friendship which we define as clubs. At Tech these organi- zations are numerous in character and pur- pose. While predominately social, not all can be classed under that heading and so we have limited our sub-title to "Clubs" Membership in any ot these clubs is an indi- cation ot a man's personality, adaptability, and co-operativeness, and as such they are in tact honorary organizations. Carla 'll ll 'fig i I '1 will LU - -if W-------1-7- 4+v.. Y-... .,,f IN 1930 XVIII-IN 'l'Hl-I FLANII-Q of Tech school spirit seemed about to die, Coach Willian1 Alexander, with the aid of Ll group of spirited students, formed the Yellow Jacket Club. The organization was founded with the aim of de- veloping clean school spirit and loyalty throughout the student bodyg and since its appearance on the campus, the students have shown an increasing interest in school ac- tivities both on and off the athletic field. The club is composed of eight seniors, eight juniors, and sixteen sophomores, eight of whom are elected to junior membership at the end of the year. The club elects cheer leaders and sponsors all pep meetings. Professor XVinn is the faculty adviser. RE fx yellow Jacket Club Club for Promofion of School Spirit I-I. WILLIAMS, .IR F. E. Fuci-is . . . W. McLAlN . . S. THoMAs . B. I.. AlSliO'II' KI. W. Aiiuxs, Ju. C. M. BARN! I"l' xl. C. IIl'.'l"l'Y T. S. BOND C. W. llowmts xl. P. liviur, Ill xl. C. Camus -I. V. Cool-i-,K L. NX". IJABNI-.Y F. L. IDAII1 F. W. D1 Ml'RI'l"l' VU. M. IQICHBAUM Ii. C. If.-xmlxkouou ,I. H. IJINLII I"i0IHI1fL'tl 195 0 OFFICERS MEMBERS F. IT. D. VV. O. E. L. .I- A. R. .I- R. J. .I- . . Prr'.viJr'11l . Wlifl'-Pl't'XiZll'lIf . Sr'r'r'r'lu1'-y T ri'us1rri'r Ii. Ifuciis J. PIALIY, -lk. A. Howfxim Ii. jo1iNsoN R. LINA W. McI.A1N Moiu11.1.l J. Cjici,-XI,I,AGIlAN B. RAM,xoi C. RUSSILLI. A. SIilIflR'l' NY". SMrTHsoN S. THOMAS H. W'u.1,lfxMs, MIR, H. W'oov,xi.1. ABBOTT ATKINS BOWERS ISYRID DALE Di Ml5RI'l"l' LUCQHS HALICY Mc LAIN MORliI.I.I RUSSIEI I. SIfII'lfR'I' ADING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT BARN!-l'l"I' BIQTTY BOND CLARK C1OOI'I4.R IJABNI-HY I-IIVIIBAUM IAMBROUGII FINCII HOWARD JOHNSON LINK O'C.AI.I.AGII.-XX R:XM.'KGli RLYIIVSON QMITHSON TIIOMAS WOOlJ.'XI,I, -IUHNNY WILLIAMS Previlfflil SA M GIIIsoN PrI'.siIfI'l1l Nl. l.. fgrittain Debating Society S. T. GIBSON . R. P. KY'I'I,I1, jk. A. KI. I.I'I"I'I.Ia H. BANIIV H. BAIINI-.'I'I' J. D. BRASIfIII.I1 C. Cola G. Comus H. G. CSKAWIDRD R. A. ILKVIS Il, II. I3Ul'RIl. S. T. QHISSUN M. A. fiUl'l I'I IR. v . R. M. IIAIMAN, ,Ik W. T. IIARISIN Ci. O. flASIxl'.l.I K. H. III Nl.l x' I.. li. IFIUBBI-l.I. il. K.uu.Ic It I"011mfI'zf 1950 OFFICERS MEMBERS wr wi . Pl't'Kftff'l1f . Viet'-Prz'xiifl'lll . Sf'l'l't'lLlV'-Y P. KYTLI, jk. T. LIPSIUS . LITTLIL C. MACQUI-I:N C.. J. MA'I'IIIf ws A. NIILLS A. NIITQ III,I.I. NIUNROI-, D. McgDaNII-I. . G. MCLIAN xl. O'CAI.I.ArzIIAN W. B. OW!-LNS READING FROM TOP, B.-XNIJY I5ARNI.'I"l' IllQPRl'.l-1 CiU'I'Tli HI'.NI I-IY IlL'l5BIiI.I. I.II'SIL'S l.I'I"I'l.E Mm LEAN MII.I.S OW l-QNS IWIINTER ISIQASI lI'.l IJ H .-XI MAN MM QUEIQN Ml'I't'lIlCI I. NX'AI'I'l9 . C. PAIN'IIu, bln. . A. SNI.I.I.t5kovI', ilu. Ci. T. xv.-'IITI' YABRIJW E F I I O R I G H I LOB lR.-XXVI URI! HARISIN llASKl'.I.I. KYTLE I.IiVIN MI-X'I"I'I'IIiWS Mt DANIEL MUNROE O'iIAl.I.AGlIAN YABROW DIILBATING AT Giaouom TIicH has been formally conducted since 1924, but it was not until 1927, principally through the efforts of Professor E. H. Folk of the English Depart- ment, that the M. I,. Brittain Debating Society was founded. It was named in honor of the man who, by his personal efforts and kindly interest, has ever striven to aid Tech men in obtaining the benefits of forensic training. The society, rather than concentrating on a small select team, affords every member an opportunity to develop poise, clear thinking, and forceful expression through the discussion of current problems of vital interest. Each year the society Conducts debates and open forums in conjunc- tion with other educational institutions of Georgia and neighboring states. If lfj Iwi. I IME? :ul I I liili IU Eli ill' W1 IW I I itil . I 9 S i ll I sl NI If ! YI -Q 9 THE CO-OP CLUB was founded in 1915 to fulfill n long- felt desire for unity among the students of the C0-opera- tive Department. Since its organization, it has functioned as the social group for the Department, and has exerted a vital influence upon the social and political life of the campus. The club is divided into two sections, with separate sets of ofHcers for each. During the year, each section gives a dance for its members and their guests. CO-QD Club C0-op Social Society Founded 1915 FIRST SECTION OFFICERS A. P. GUESS . . . President T. C. MOOIRE . . Vice-Presiclenf R. A. HUDSON . . . S6'L'l'L'ftl1'j' G. G. SMITH . . Treasurer MEMBERS C. B. BAI.DWIN R. A. HUDSON J. B. BATSON L. F. HU'I'CHINS G. W. BURKILTT, -IR. D. L. KILCREASE G. V. BUSSEY I. H. MANN, JR. K. E. CAISLOWAY A. M. CARY K. DOUGLAS W. S. GARNER W. H. GARVIN R. GASKINS A. P. GUESS J. F. GUEST XV. W. HOWIQRTON T. M. WIGITT S. T. L. W T. G. J- R. H. L. MCFARLAND C. MOORE, JR. B. MUNN C. NORTON S. PRYOR G. SMITH G. SPENCER R. VOORHEES E. VVIIITE l READING FROM TOP,LEFTTO RIGH BALDWIN BATSON BURKETT BUSSEY CALLOWAY CARY DOUGLAS GARNER GARVIN GASKIN GUEST HOWERTON HUTCHINS KILCREASE MANN MCTARLAND MOORE MUNN NORTON PRYOR SMITH SPENCER VOORHEES VVHITE WIGIIT 9 u A. P. GUESS President l F. I.. DMI Pnwitlelzl Co-Cp Club SECOND SECTION OFFICERS F. L. DALL1 . . W. E. S1-Aurmwc . G. R. B1-.THUNI-1 T. S. Bom: . MEMBERS H. XV. Atmms H. S, BANUY G. R. BIi'l'IlUNli T. S. Bosn R. O. Boon: C. XV. BOXVI-.RS G. H. BRASWIZLL T. F. BRINSON H. BRUWARD HI. A. C:A9'l'l.LLAW' R. Ii. CORlII'l"l' A. C. Ckoc:n1:rT, LTR. F. I.. I,AI.lZ J. K. IJu.I,IxRo, -IR. K. K. IJOMINGOS H. M. IPUVALI, mln. G. A. I:Ul.I.ING'I'0N NW. J. Gruai-.N11, AIR. T. R. IIAR'l'l.I1Y G. O. FIASKILI., jk. D. A. Hlaxm-.RsoN, ,IR H, H. TIIIRRING, jk. A. R G I.. H F . C. W. R P .i S. J. A M I.. S. I. W .I- W, W I.. F. T. WMI TI RMIRIQ . . Prfxiflzvzf . Vim'-Pr1'xiaf1'11I . S1'z'n'lary . Trt'ax1m'r T. HJEI.MI-'I Ifl' H. HjELMFlI.'f V. HUFFORD W. JACKSON -I. KLE1-'ER If. IVIALLORY A. IVIAPLE A. MCCREE, JR. M. MIENDEZ QI. IVIITCHELT., jk. II. NEISTLR F. OLIVER PIIILLIPS Posr II. Rrmuoxn G. IQOBLRTSON R. ROUN'l' Sc:ANDRL'r'r T. SMITH Ii. SDAULDING M. T1-Iorswsox D. WVALL, jk. READING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGI-IT AID.-IMS, IIXNIJY, lIIx'l'Hl'NIi, BOND, ISUU I I., ISHN! ILRS, l5R.XSXX'I'l I, BRIN- MIN, BROW.-XRIJ, 1,AS'I'l.I-.Il.'XXV, CiORI5li'I"I', KROCTKETT, DIII..-XRD, IDU- MINGOS, IlL'Y.'Xl.l, I L'I I INGTON. GRliliNIi, II.-XRTLIEY, HASKliI.l., IIICN- IJLRSON, III-RRING, lI,IIiI.MIIiI.'I', A., II,lliI MIfIil.T, R., HUITORIJ, ,LACK- SLJN. KI-IICFER. MAI I.ORY, MAPLE, Mefllilili, MKNDIZZ, MITQIIIEI I., NIilS'I'IiR, UI,IVIiR, PHlI.l.Il'S, POST, RIIDMONID, ROIIIQRTSON, ROLIN'I'RIf,Ii, SCAN- DRI-.'l"l', SMITH, SIHXIII DING, TIIUMPSON, VVAI I, W'.-XLTILRMIRII Tina CLUB HAS UNDER FAKIQN, as one of its major activi- ties, the establishment of n Co-op Loan Fund. The need for this movement has been felt for 11 number of years in order to assist those members of the department who might otherwise be forced to leave school. In the course of L1 few years, it is hoped that this fund will build up so as to prove exceedingly beneficial to the students of the Co- operative Department. C- Mu, .- --.H .- K-4 A-, Y w-vri Y , ., , , ,. fllll I I I Ig It II N2 1. 'III IW: ll Il I ,, i l Free Body Club M i n b il il W! NTZ i r i ll I'10.'10l'll7"H' A'll:1'fJtllIjl'.K Soc'ii'fy 1 i l '4 l 1 J , l'i0Il71lIt'tl l925 l' 1 l l 1 1 l il a,h tuwwcuks 5214 1: ll " , ' ,ji L. D. MoN'I'Aou1f, . Pl't'Slllt'I1f al l J. M. iVlARlil.liY . vn-.--lmflnlwif l ,i 3 H. P. Kumi-cg . . Sm'1'4'h1i'y-Trmxzrrw' l i ll l l 4 I MEMBERS T. li. B1.Am.klxL:l4N XV l NllNl.lI.IbORl-I jf '-Q1 i H. M. lJUVAII l,. ll. NlON'I'AGUI H. P. KU1-llc lf. CI. PA'Il xl. M. MARkl.liY W. R. I'l.Ac,1 N' QI. S. MAvs Ci. A.SM1'1H .5 I ,L Ii, W. hlLl.AIN R li XVI N'IY 1' i I l l gl l f I l if I li l ll R lh R EA on N G FR O M itup, LE PT T O Ri G H T , , IJL.'X'Al.I. KL'I'll,C NMIAIN xiaiuxii Y sins MINGI 1-noni I' l'A'l'li vi .mir sxirm W -H - 41' ,D 4.144 .... .. ---Wm -, W-5 'P TN 1923 Pliolfiissou C. E. f:0OIilDGli recognized the need of an honorary society in the Mechanical Engineering De- partment and organized the Free Body Club. Juniors in the department who have been proficient in scholarship and prominent in school activities are eligible for membership. The club promotes co-operation among the students in the study of the mechanical engineering profession with discussions among themselves upon recent advancements. They originated "Founder,s Day," and have taken Charge of its observance ever since. I.A P rm i1ll'llf RR x' NIONTAGUIT ,IAMFS RANKIN Prmiilezlf Gil Can Club 1T'Ir'f'fml1iz'a1 Sorial SUf'il'f-j' f'.UIllIt1,l'f1 1914 OFFICERS J. K. RANKIN . Presirlwzt F. C. PATE . . Viz'e-Presidffzf QI. N. FELTON . . Sr'z'rr'fary-Treamlrc'r MEMBERS Tl. XY. BULIAIXII li. S, lx4UURHl:All ul. N. l:l1l,I'ON F. C. PATI1 R. F. Hcnsow, ilu. il. K. RANKIN xl. S. Mins G. F. Scganisiiounn XV. I.. NTINLIIIPOIKII D, TS. SARL! NT L. D. MoNlAc.Ui -I. XV. NVARIJ, ju. D. A. XVORRILI, READING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT BULLARD MAYS MlNGI.liIXJRlfF MON'I'AGL'li PATI2 SARGHNT SCARBROLKQT I XVARD WURRIZLI. THE Oli. CAN CLUB is strictly a social organization for mechanical engineering students. Founded in 1914, its purpose is to promote good fellowship among its members, Meetings are held regularly, and several social functions are given during the year, one of which is the annual dance. In addition the club has assisted in freshmen orien- tation. The Oil Can Club is unique in that its membership is limited to thirteen, usually chosen from the Senior Class, although juniors are eligible. Professor Kennedy is faculty advisor for the club. C 'fn' - '--' C ... C, C fC.,Y,.4,,,...L ., -., ,.,., ..- .....A,- 1,,-.. , , 0 N . i l ii H i M i i i l L. Eli Wi i'll Ii ,. in I, M .P V in ,: i, lil ul l i , V l .il lil i i ii Il 'i 'li .mi l':i l Bulldog Club l l l Izmior Hozmrury Social Soriefy 150111111011 1910 1 5 1 1 OFFICERS l H1 J. OS1'1iR, JR. . . . . . . . Prrsialmzt lil J, M. MILLIGAN, JR. . . Virrf-Prcsidcnzf 3' l 17. XV. CHAPMAN . . Secretary dll L. C. HAYS, JR. . . Treaszzrer 1 l 1 1 J 1 MEMBERS l W l 15. L. ABBCYIHI' 15. C. KIIJD, JR. 11 ' J. F. AL1.xAN111.R, JR. D D. Loxo 'll J. 12. A'1'R1NsoN M. RKIILLIGAN, JR. l, A. A. AUSTIN L. M. Mow, JR. , K ' 11. B. AVERY J. OsT1aR, JR. , V , " l R. A. BEARD XV. C. PAULSON IT. J. BI-QNTON, JR. XV. R. PLAGE I XV. L. CARVIQR F B. RAGLANIJ 5 5 F. XV. CHAPMAN J. K. RANRIN l'1 Ii. F. Cox, JR. A C. RUSSELL l Q XV. Y. C. DEAN R. A. SIFGIEL, JR. l l D. L. Iic11o1,S, JR. G. A. SMHH G. W. F1-LR1'R, JR. L. J. Sv11Nc1-R JJ J. H. IIINLH O. H. THoMPsoN l 1 XV. S. CiINN F, M. ,IJOLIN 1 I.. C. HMS, JR. J. R. TU1f'rs 1 N G. H. HIGll'ILTW'l R R A. XVIQRDIPR ll 1 R. M. JALURS H A. W'13S'1' ll D. K. Joimsox J. M. W7ILLIAh1S, JR. l 5 . , l 1 ' 7 l Y 1 i l ll ll tx READING FROM 'l'OP,LEFT TO RlGl-lT l l A1111o'1"1' Al,1iXAN1hliR ATKINSON AUSTIN AVIZRY 1 B1iN'l'oN QZARY1-ZR Ci11AI'MAN cox DEAN l 1431101 S lfI?I.KliR lfINc111 GINN HIGHTOWER l JAILOBS 1OHNSt1N KID17 LUNG MILLIGAN MORRIS MOY1i PAULSUN RAGLAND RANKIN RUSSIZLI, S11-13121, SMITH WEST W'1I.1.IAMS s1'11,Nc71iR THOMPSON TOLIN TL'1'TS VIAIRDIHR .glvw.g----t.- -----L...T 2 ' D THE BULLDOG CLUB selects its members from the most outstanding juniors and seniors. The original senior Bull- dog Club was founded in 1910, but in 1933 a union with the junior Koseme Society resulted in the formation of the present organization. This fear the Bulldo Club increased its activities b 3 3 Y sponsoring the "1-Iomecomingu house decorations contest. Amon the other activities that the club s onsors are the 8 P Freshman Cake Race, the tennis tournament, and the bowling tournament. lts main purpose is to serve Tech in any manner possible. JUHN OS'1'1.R P l'I'XiII!'lIf JACK NIXON Skull Prw-ill:-nl and Key SOITIJUIIIUVI' HtIllflI'dl'-H' Sovial Smirfy 110111111171 I 9 I 2 OFFICERS J- U- NIKON - . . Prcsidcllt L. E. HUBBE1.I. . Vin'-President J. B. BOY . . . Sc'z'rf'fury-Treaszzrrr MEMBERS C, A. Fm kl RS'I'A1f1f, JR. J. B. Boi' J. XV. CAI.DwIgI.L W. I.. H. CALI.IaY J. R. C1IlI.I:S, JR. lf. G. COI.1-., JR. R. L. CRIMMIQR R. li. GRI-.TZINGIQR I.. A. GUI.I,IfY R. J. PJANCOCK, JR. S. N. HoI.IwI'rc:II L. lu. l'lUBBl'.l.I. C. S. T M. A. HUIISIDN J. F. Hu'rc1IIINsoN E. W. IRBY B. P. -JONES A. R. Lliwis J. P. MoRoAN, JR. J. R. NI.vI-S J. U. NIxoN J. M. RAINI' C. SAM:-'mum R, J. SMITII G. N. SPRING, JR. IIoNIPsoN, JR. I READINGFROMTOFHLEFTTORIGHT IIIQRERSTAI-If BOY c:.xIDwELI, CALLFY coI.Iz CREASIER GRIQTZINGIQR GUI.I.IiY I-IANc:oc,K IIOLDITIZII IIUBBELI, IIUDSON HuTeHINsoN IRBY JONES LEWIS MORGAN NEVES SAMFORD SPRING THOMPSON SKULL ANI: Km' is the honorary social society for sopho- mores. It was founded in 1912 with the idea of forming closer relationships among the leaders of the Sophomore Class. It is modelled after the Bull Dog Club and assists that organization in carrying out its program. This year its members were appointed by the Student Council to act as a vigilance committee at home football games to pre- vent rowdyism in the stands. The membership of the society is limited to twenty-four men, twelve of which are elected at the close of their freshman year and the remainder during the fall of their Sophomore term. C -. 1. - l l.l lilli lf .,l t I . l 'ill lf: ll! ll: 5 . J. l 'l .ii l l ilu Jl ln ll! l zg .,. l.'l Mlll wi wl ..l lll ax' ll: 'I llV EV. il: .l,I ll' Q l ll lll I I l I - I l l ls ll "I 5, K. l I ' I l l l I I I all ll 'l I I. .ll l I l l I . I 3 THE GEORGIA TECH CosMoPo1.1TAN CLUB is a branch of the international organization of Cosmopolitan Clubs. All students at Tech from foreign countries are members and in addition several American students are included in order that the club may be truly cosmopolitan in nature. The primary purpose of the club is the assistance of foreign students in orienting themselves to American col- lege life. At Tech this is done by carrying out a definite program which includes monthly meetings, social gather- ings, discussion groups, and the presentation to the group of prominent local speakers, campus leaders, and the faculty. Cosmopolitan Club M. J. SOWIELL F. E. BAs1L . FoN L1 . M. R. Axms . M. Anms F. BASIL M. Bokois, JR. R. O. CONKLIN J. A. DE CARDENAS J. F. DF CASTRO A. C. FRAGA M. FRANCA C. F. FLRNAN1mz P011 mferl 1920 OFFICERS MEMBERS . President Vice-President . Srrrelary . Treasurer J. LAG0lNiASlN0, JR. H. V. LAMu111x'r1 FoN L1 B. LOPEZ R. M. MILIAN J. A. lWITCliIiI.T. A. FHRNANDLL-MORRLLL D. A. GARQIA-TU NON J. A. Grmwmxos li. JIMFNIQZ R. O. A A. A. B D. A. G. P. S. A. A. L. KOCSIS M. PONCI2 mg I.i2oN Ronmsuuz-Jonci SALCEDO SA1.MoN SALIAON S11.vA Slgsuicoo Sowlau. READING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIG BORGIZS CONKLIN hi CARDENAS ni. CASTRO FRANCA FICRNANDEZ FERNANDFZ-MORRELL GARCIAATUNON GRANADOS JIMENEZ KOCSIS LAGOMASINO LAMBERTI LI LOPEZ MILIAN MITCHELL RODRIQUEZ-JORGE SALCIEDO D. B. SALMON D. A, SALMON SILVA SOBRIQDO MAURICE J. SOWELL President CHET RUSSELL Prrsirfmfl Nlarionettes Dl'HIlldfil'S Club A. C. RUSSELL . A. J. LITTLE . H. E. BROWARD . E. C. H. W. H. R. M. H. K. ALIiXANIll.K F. BAM-,R S. BANIIY H. Bums E. BROWARID BULL T. CAMPVN E. COBB H. D. EMMIQIIT, lla. H. W. H. H. G. C. FELSI-Ilik M. FURLOXV M. Glclfs P. GRAHAM O. HASKELL, jk. Fuzz 1111 cd 192 5 OFFICERS MEMBERS A. .I I. W C W A. I. F C. W A. H. G. Prexirlent . . Vive-President . Srvrefary-Treasurer AI. LYNIJON, III Ia. MA'I' D. BACIJANILL . R. lVllll.A1N M. N NAL, AIR. V. NI4.IsIUs B. C. NIi:HoI,s A. PI I-.PI,I2s F. PlilI.I,II'S C. RII'PBI.kGLR I. ROsAMONn C. RUssI5LL H. Sci-IIIOLDIQR K. SILLIIIQN D. A. HOWARD J. D. SIQWILLL L. B. HUNT, JR. A. T. SIMPSON, Jn. H. D. IVEY NW. V. SMITH, JR. A. H. JENSEN XV P, SNX'DlfR A. C. JOHNSON J. I. Tl-IA'I' W. G. LEE, -III. R. F. Wlll'l'E A. J. LITTLI5 -I H. WILsON, -IR. C. R. LONG j. E. WOOD, -IR. - READING FROM TOFULEFTTO RIGHT ALEXANDER BAKER BANDY BICICRS BULL CAMPEN EMMERT FELSHER IIURLOW' GIGES GRAHAM HASKELI. HOWARD HUNT IVEY JENSEN JOHNSON LEE LONG LYNDON MCDANIEL MrI.AIN MATHEXVS NEAI, PEEPLES PHILLIPS RIPPISERGER ROSAMOND SEVVEII, SELDEN SMITH SNYDER TEAT W'Hl'I'Il WOOD ONE OF THIQ IILAUING college theatrical groups of the South, the Marionette Club this year enjoyed the most suc- cessful season in its history. For the first time in fourteen years, Tech was treated to musical comedy when, in the fall of the year, the club presented an original piece, en- titled Tbc Sboofing of Dun Mc'Grf'w. This farce, based on the Robert Service poem of the same name, was written and composed by Chester Russell and Edwin Peeples, mem- bers of the Marionettes. It was so enthusiastically received all over Atlanta that the authors were obliged to create another which was presented during the spring entitled Wfaarf Slrevf. In addition to giving these two melodramas the club sponsored its annual "Stunt Night" in a search for talent. Q C C f f A fl fl ! iii Ili liaf ll I I slsl If liar :ii ii llil lll , i I li. lil ll: li all .IM ,Iii l. I I l .Ili ll ll li I . Non-Fraternity Grganization Founded 1934 l l OFFICERS H. G. CRAWFORD . . President H. J. LAMBERTI . . Vice-President H. C. FELSHER . . Secretary J 1 . B. C. NICHOLS . . Treasurer Q i J l M: . J' 1' MEMBERS H. G. CRAWFORD P. J. MITCHELL, JR. J. G. CROLEY A. B. C. NICHOLS J I-I. C. FEI.sHLR C. C. RIPPBIERGER J F. GIBSON A. G. RossoW i B. C. HARRIS R. A. SEIFERT D. A. HOWARD H. SIMMONS N J. S. KIRKLAND XV. A. SNELLGROVE, JR. H. J. LAMEERTI W. P. SNYDER I FON LI R. S. THOMAS E. S. YABROW I l I READING FROM TOP,LEFTTO RIGHT QROLEY FELSHER GIBSON HARRIS HOWARD LAMBIZRTI V LX MITCHELL SEIEERT - VV SIMMONS THOMAS ,. - . - If 2 Q D D l l DURING THE SECOND SEMESTER OF 1934, the non-frater- nity men on the campus joined together and formed the Non-Fraternity Organization. Since that time, the group has been very active, and has fulfilled a desire for unity on the part of those men unable to join a fraternity. Numerous tournaments and contests were sponsored this past year, the ping-pong, checker, chess, basketball, soft- ball, and tennis competitions being the most important. An activity meeting was held in the fall to determine the interests of the incoming freshmen, and several committees Were formed to aid them. HANK CRAWFORD President HILRMAN BARNETT P rz'siclc'r1i Sigma Gamma Club Irlxfallwl 1927 OFFICERS H. BARNETT . . . . P 1'm'.w itlwzt J. S. ROSENBLRG . , Vigg-Prg5jiIg,1f S. D. WILLS . , Spgypfayy I- LIPTON - . Treasllrw' MEMBERS A. ABRAHAMS H. BARNILTT M. BEERMAN M. R. BLUME J. GLUSTROM J. KARLlcK H. B. KARP B. H. Ki1YsIzRL1NG LI. Kiivsrrix S. T. Livslus I. LIPTON A. MARKS -I. S. ROSIZNBERG A. M. STULL R. TAITZ S. D. WILLS B. D. ZAKHFIM READING FROM TOP,LEFT TO RIGHT ABRAHAMS BEERMAN BLUME GLUSTROM KARLICK KARP Ki2YsERL1NG KINSLIZR LIPSIUS I.1I'TON MARKS ROSENBERG sTULL TAITZ wuts ZAKHFIM THIS SIGMA GAMMA CLUB of Georgia Tech has for its primary purpose the banding together of men of similar interests for mutual aid and encouragement in their social, intellectual, and recreational activities. The organization of the Club is along the lines of a social fraternity, and the members are pledged towards activity in campus organ- izations and movements. The Sigma Gamma Club was founded in 1927, and has had a steady growth since that year. For the past several years, the club has held a formal dance annually, and numerous smaller group functions at intervals throughout the school year. C C Af A A l Ili MM Nl W iii 1 ' l P l l f I i il .l' -i l. it II .wi 1 iid' ill T24 1 ll 1-. l'l: ill' ri i 'il Hi l l as ,. Vx. ,ia W1 ll 'I L I, wi all si 1, J: l l wx lil! 4Tl, l l sw, 'i 'Q ti l w l i i lm .iq ilu .P i b i 1 Mr will mill :Q 'T .1 i . H rg HH W nM Ml V D 3 5 THE FOIL AND MAsK SOCIETY is composed of students in- terested in fencing, whether members of the varsity team or not. In the past, until school recognition of the sport was obtained, membership in the society served as a re- ward for those who by their diligence and skill aided or participated in the matches fought against teams from neighboring schools. Each year the organization sponsors an intramural fencing tournament, and includes among its annual affairs several banquets and informal functions. The society's most outstanding honorary member, Profes- sor Richard Morenus of the Architectural Department, holds the position of Fencing Coach, and has been instru- mental in the maintenance of a fencing team, and in the organization of the society. R. H. R. H. H. D. REA PON and hAask Honorary Fencing Society FAGAN . HUTCHESON . IVEY, JR. . -I. A. CARRAN H. D. EMMERT, .lx R. H. FAGAN B. L. Huksur R Founded 1933 OFFICERS MEMBERS E. WVALKLR . Captain . Lieutenant . Chancellor R. H. I'IU'l'ClIl1SON H. D. IVLY, KIR. H. R. Kumho AI. LAGOMASINO DING FROM TOP,LEFTTO RIGHT EMMERT FAGAN 11U'rc3mssoN IVEY Kuvinc LAGOMASINQ CARRAN WALKER Bois FAGAN Presizfrnl The tollowing section which has been classed under the heading "Religious Societies" is devoted to those organizations whose main purpose is to toster and maintain the moral and spiritual tone of the campus on a high level. In general, their activities are con- cerned with school weltare. X266 lam gaciezfiw Young Mens Christian Association F0 1z11 fled 1911 BOARD OF DIRECTORS DR. M. L. BRITTAIN ....... Ex-Ojjicio MR. G. T. MARCHMONT . . . Chairman DR. G. I-I. Bocas . . . . Vice-Chairman DR. C. D. GIBSON .... . . Secretary ADMINISTRATION I W. J. PROCTER ...... Executive Secretary i J. W. MAY . . . . General Secretary Miss MARTHA HIERS . . Ojffe Secretary JIMMY MAY M. J. SOW1iI.L ....... Student Assistant G4'm'ral SI'r'rr'1'ary STUDENT OFFICERS R. P. KYTLE, JR. . .' ...... President J. C. McKINNoN . . Vice-President W. H. JAMES . . Secretary THI1 Y. M. C. A. BUILDING was erected in 1911 through the generosity of John D. Rockefeller and other friends of Georgia Tech for the benefit of all students. It is equipped with dormitory facilities for forty students, parlors, recreation rooms, an auditorium, student publications offices, club rooms, :Ind the school postofhce. During the past year, through the efforts of Mr. W. J. Procter, executive secretary, the "Y" building was almost completely renovated and now provides an ideal center for campus life. BOGGS GIBSON KYTLE MCKINNON JAMES J: E. K .. 7 I. J h .. V, ,. A S4 , -. .. -. , A . ,af 1 ,s .Ig -f at A . ' A . s 1 - -K . , A I A f A ,fi I S- f ' , ' 3 1 4 I I ' f 1 il . H . 5 A , 3, j J '. 1' A Q . 7' V ' ' . 5 A . V ,"' J , V V A. , I . V' Y ' 1 1 , dh' -R ...Q T5 , 1 , V -A A Q S is 4 1 1 . ' -ia 5 2 t ii . fl 31-...Q i fi? A M g .5 J ,I fi " :A ff-I .I as I F' ' ,-. . A 03' S. ' Se-I 5 ' :FQ . I . A . -ai. - - A . ' QE A A I A . Q I . x ABBOTT ALEXANDER ALLEN AMES BAUTZ BENTON BRASFIELD DALE DEMERITT DOOM ELLIOTT GIBSON HOWARD JAMES KENIMER MACQUEEN MACKINNON MILLS MUNROE NEISTER NELSON PAINTER RICHARD ROUNTRIIE SEIFERT H. SIMMONS J. SIMMONS SOWELL THOMAS VINSON WIiI.I.S VVILLIAMS The V. Nl. C. A. Cabinet B. L. ABBOTT E. K. ALEXANDER G. M. ALLEN M. B. AMES C. K. BAUTZ E. J. BENTON J. D. BRASFIELIJ J. A. CHILDS H. J. CRUMLY F. L. DALE F. W. DEMERITT J. L. DOOM R. D. ELLIOTT F. W. EVANS H. C. FELSHER W. H. GIBSON R. M. HALMAN D. D. HAMMOND D. A. HOWARD W. H. JAMES G. KENIMER, JR. R. P. KYTLE, JR. E. C. MACQUEEN J. C. MCKINNON R. A. MILLS P. MUNROE THE Y M. C. A. CABINET aids the General Secretary of the Y in carrying out the program of that institution. Any upperclassman is eligible for membership in this body, and from it are chosen the student officers of the MY." The Cabinet meets regularly to plan programs, enter- tainments, and to engage in study and discussion on reli- gious, social, and economic problems. At the beginning of the school year it promotes several entertainments to in- troduce freshmen to the faculty and student leaders. Since nearly everyone at Tech comes in close contact with the Y. M. C. A., the Cabinet does much to infuse a true feeling of school spirit into the student body with its moral and spiritual influence. S. B. NEISTER J. F. NELSON W. C. PAINTER R. V. RICPIARIJ J. R. ROUNTREE R. A. SEIIYERT H. SIMMONS J. W. SIMMONS, JR. M. J. SOWELL R. S. THOMAS E. M. VINSON G. H. WELLS J. H. WILLIAMS RAY KYTLE President I I I I I, ,I 'II I . , ' I . II -I I Il I I I I I L ,V ,-X 1 - -7 1 THE "Y" SINGIHLRS have completed one of the most success- ful years in the history of the organization and have advertised the school throughout the South on their trips. The group this year was larger than ever before, with over hfty members enrolled, and has been fortunate in having Mr. Bob MCII to direct the club and arrange the tours. Among the cities visited during the year were Chatta- nooga, Macon, Athens, Clemson, Daytona Beach, and Sn- vannah. The last two cities were included in an extended tour which the club made soon after Easter. On Sundays during the year, the club sang at various churches and in- stitutions in Atlanta, and occasionally pay performances were given at the school auditorium to defray the expenses of the longer trips. Tech MVN Singers OFFICERS H. SIMINIONS . . . President F. S. LITTLE . . Vice-President L. B. RIQIIMOND . . . Secretary MR. R. E. Ml4lI.I. . . Director MEMBERS H. S. BANDY R. H, HUDSON AI. C. BARCLAY A. L. KOCSIS T. S. BONII F. S. LITTLE M. BOORN C. R. LONG R. O. BOOTI: F C. MAQQUEIEN C. W. BOWIRS F. C. IVTANNING H. lf. BROWARI: R, A. MII,I.S D, B. BURNS T. MUNIIAI' C. H. CALIIOUN, NIR. D. NIUNI-ORD M. T. CAMPIQN V. NIEISIUS xl. K. CZENTORBI F. F. PHILLIPS R. L. CLARRI: J. A. POTTIR In. C. COIIMIIN L. B. REDMONII j. CORRAL S. G. ROBERTSON KI. T. COSIIY J. R. ROUNTRFI3 F. L. IJALIS R A. SLIFERT P. D. IDFANS H SIMMONS C. S. IJFCKLI: J, T, SMITII H. DUVALL W. V. SMITH I. T. IIARLIC XV A. SNELLGROVE G. IL PULLINGTON T. SPARKS VV. H, GIBSON R. G. THOMAS T. Ii. GRLI N R. S. THOMAS Ii. HAlLI'1 S. TROUTMAN XV. D. IIAII. LI. XIPRDI D. IC. IIARRIMAN L. D. WIALL READING FROM TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT BANDY, BOND, BOOTIE, BOORN, BOWERS, BROWARD, BURNS, CALHOUN, CIAMPI-.N, CLARKE, CiOl,l2MAN, CORRALI., COSBY, DALE, DEANS, DECKLE, DUVAI.l,, EARLIC, lflJI.I.ING'I'ON, IfURI.OW, GIBSON, HARRIMAN, HUDSON KOCSIS, LONG,, M.ieQUEliN, MILLS, MUNFORD, PHILLIPS, RED- MOND, ROBERTSON, ROUNTREE, SIZIIIERT, SMITH, J., SMITH, W., SPARKS, THOMAS, R. G., THOMAS, R. S., TROUTMAN, WALL. HENRY SIMMONS President RE CHARLIES BAu'rz Prexillrul Newman Club Catholic Club F01ll1!llCd 1931 K. BAUTZ . J. FLYNN . R. WYANT . H. MATTINGI.Y . OFFICERS . . Presidwli . Vice-President . Secrelary . Treasurer MEMBERS C. K. BAUTZ G. C. BESTOR K. A. BEVINS W. F. BOSKY W. M. BROOKS M. J. BURGER W. G. COYLIE, JR. R. I.. CREAMI'.R L. W. DABNIEY L. P. DEGIVE J. J. DOLAN T. J. DONNELLY, JR. C. D. DiONLJI-'RIO J. R. WYANT K. B. FISHER T. J. FLYNN E. G. GRUTERS H. C. HUTGHENS L. S. KANIECRI H. W. LADYNSKI H. V. LAMEERTI W. C. Lllll, JR. E. MALZONE E. H. MATTINGLX' V. MGMAHON T. A. OSIIECKI J. D. SrWE1.L - ADING FROM TOP,LEFT TO RIGHT BIZVINS BESTOR BOSKY BURGER COYLE CREAMER DABNEY DEGIVE DOLAN DONNELLY D'oNOER1o FLYNN GRUTERS KANIECKI LADYNSKI LAMBERTI MALZONE MATTINGLY OSIECKI sEWELL THE GEORGIA TECH NliWfMAN CLUB was founded in 1931 as a chapter of the Federation of College Catholic Clubs. The club serves to unite the Catholic students on the campus, and to present a series of religious programs made up of open discussions and talks. In sponsoring a number of functions, both of a spiritual and a social na- ture, the Newman Club offers an interesting and essential activity for those students, in attendance at Tech, of the Catholic Church. This is accomplished by providing them with an opportunity to meet and become acquainted with other students of like denomination. 4"' ve . -WA . 6 4-W .,.---1?.. . -M l ll ll -r!1 , . lull ll' Ill in l l i 1 l l ln lil ll l.l J . l Mll Eng, li 'E . l Ill ,ll ll-4 ll 'l .li :1'1 l, .1 ll lil 1 l ,l ll, Hill ,l'l 'lllf l I lllll lg-ll 2, gl ll I ill l ll l l .Epi .l.l ill, '-1 '- ' 1 T i T T 1 le T Ii T. Nl il W U T , -e AJ . A .-.LJ A- D 2 THE MAJOR PURPOSE of the Baptist Students' Union is to provide a connecting link between the career of the stu- dent on the college campus and his religious life in the church. The Union is governed by a council composed of the ofhcers which promotes numerous social and religious programs throughout the year. The Baptist Students' Union held two student retreats this year, in addition to a week of religious meetings and several social gatherings. Five members were in attend- ance at the National Baptist Students' Union Conference held at Ridgecrest, North Carolina, last year. Baptist Student Union D. A. HOWARD . W. H. jAMEs . O. L. THOMAS . E. A. POWELL, JR. R. O. Boorn W. DENHAM D. D. HAMMOND D. A. HOWARD W. H. JAMES S. B. NEISTER OFFICERS MEMBERS F M. O G J. J . Presirf 0111 . Vice-Presidwlf . Secretary . Treasurer A. POWLLL, JR. J. SOWDLL L. TuoMAs H. WIELLS, JR. Wnrru H. W'1I.sON READING FROM T SOWELL THOMAS XVHITE JAMES POWELL WILSON OP, LEFT TO RIGHT NEISTER BOOTE WELLS DAVID HOWARD President The "Army and Navy" section is devoted to Tech's Military and Naval Reserve Otticers Training Corps, a vital part ot school lite. In it we have attempted to portray the regimental organization and the various ac- tivities carried out solely as a part ot the R. O. T. C. 'ZZVVL 6iVL QV II I II II 'I I I I II II II I I L. I II in I If II I I I II , 7jUU ,..,..? 479 Z THE WAR IDEPARTMENT has placed equipment valued at four hundred and Hfty thousand dollars at Tech for the use of the R. O. T. C. Four years of specialized training in the Infantry, Coast Artillery, Signal Corps, or Ordnance is made available by a staff of fourteen army officers. Two years of training is required of every student who is physi- cally fit, the advanced course being optional. Upon the successful completion of the four-year course, the student receives his commission as second lieutenant in the Officers Reserve Corps. IVIILITA RY ADMINISTRATION COMMISSIONED OFFICERS LIEUT.-COL. T. H. JONES, Cmzzzmzmfuuf . Coast Artillery MAJOR P. H. FRI2NcH .... MAJOR D. E. MORIKISON . MAJOR E. J. LILLY . . . MAJOR E. D. CAMIIRON, JR. . MAJOR N. H. STRIcKI.ANIJ . CAPTAIN F. B. WA'l'liRS . CAPTAIN L. H. GIIsIsONs . LIEUTENANT j. B. AI.I.IzN . NON-COMMISSIONED STAFF SERGEANT J. HRUSKA . STAFF SERGIEANT H. L. EI.LIs . SERGEANT E. G. PATRICK . . SERGEANT D. S. PARCHMAN . SERGEANT R. B. WIHIR . . . . Coast Artillery . Coast Artillery . . Infantry . Signal Corps . . Ordnance . Coast Artillery . . Infantry . Signal Corps OFFICERS . Coast Artillery . Coast Artillery . Coast Artillery . . Infantry . Signal Corps READING FROM TOP, L FRENCH MORRISON CAMERON STRICKLAND GIBBONS ALLEN IIRUSKA PATRICK EFT TO RIGHT LILLY NVATIZRS WIEIR PARCHMAN LILUTLNANT-COLONEL JONES SMITH ROBERTSON Sllilili L PULII IS REGIMENTAI. STAFF G. A. SMITH . . Colonel R. A. SIEGEL, ju. . . Lianfcfzafzf-Colwzcl L. H. ROBERTSON . . Rffgimcnfal Afljutaut F. E. FUCHS . . R!'giIl1l'lIfllZ P. C5 T. Ojffrm' REGIMENTAL BAND F. K. ScH11.1.1Nc . . Cujwlaifz T. H. RIGGS . . Fi1'xiLir'11ic'mz11t M. C. COLSON . . Svcoml Lil'Ilff'II6llIf C. E. TEMPLE . . Sfmmf I,i1'11fw1ur1f MARKLEY MCDONALD SCI-III,I.1NG lucas COLSON HARMON OLIVER ROSFNBERG BAUTZ TRABER CHILDS KENIMER TAYLOR HOWARD GODWIN DARBY EUBANKS MINGLEDORLF LINDSIEY ROGERS KUPIEC STACY INF C. K. BAUTZ . E. E. TRABER . W. L. MINGLEDORF'F H. H. ROGERS . G. KENIMER, JR. R. G. MARKILLIE J. A. CI-IILDS . J. B. LINDSEY . R. H. RICHARDS H. L. GODWIN . M. R. LAWRENCE J. F. DARBY . R. W. EUBANKS J. H. PERRY . F. S. LITTLE . L. B. SALTERS . H. G. TAYLOR . J. F. HOWARD H. P. KUPIEC . H. BARNETT . G. T. STACY . AIXITRV FIRST BATTALION COMPANY CONIPANY COMPANY . . . . Major . Battalion Adjutant Battalion P. E5 T. OfHcer . Intelligence Ojfhcer . Personnel Adjutant Assistant P. 65 T. Officer A . Captain . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant B . . Captain . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant c . . Captain . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant W. I. ROSAMOND P. I. HARR . . J. T. FITTEN . R. P. KYTLE . J. H. WILLIAMS . . D. T. PAPAGEORGE L. W. POND . W. C. PAULSON B. L. LAYTON . D. M. LUNTZ . C. A. GRACE . J. W. HARMON . H. H. JOHNSON W. S. HEATH . G. E. MCDONALD W. E. MURPHEY L. D. MONTAGUE J. FRANK . . . V. E. LYONS . G. A. HARBOUR, J E. R. GRANBERRY F. L. CAROTHERS G. W. FELKER, JR J. OSTER, JR. . R. . COAST ARTILLERV S. S. TOMLIN . . ....... ..... M ajor E. W. MCLAIN . . . . Battalion Adjutant J. D. WADSWORTH . ....... . Battalion P. E5 T. Officer R. B. COLE . J. G. BROWN A. A. AUSTIN THIRD BATTALION . . . Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . . Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . . Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . . Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . Captain . First Lieutenant BATTEIRY BATTIBRY .E BATTEBY If BATTIIRY .G BATTILRY .PI BATTERY 1 Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . . Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Seeond Lieutenant I pp 'I I! R 1 1 I Ti M I P JZ I! iv LJL,, is .II . . . . . Major . . . Battalion Adjutant . Battalion P. C5 T. Ojicer TOMLIN MCLAIN WADSWORTH ROSAMOND AUSTIN HARR PAUISON JOHNSON GRANBIZRRY WILLIAMS COLE CAROTHERS KYTLIL MONTAGUE WOOLF CARY DALES BATSON HILL PRYOR MOORE GASKINS SMITH, G. ROUNTREE WILSON SPAULDING SMITH, J. WALL VOLBIZRG COFFEY DALE BOND PHILLIP, A. BRAY FULLINGTON MCCREE HUFFORD HJELMFELT REDMOND BRASWELL JACKSON GREENE BAILEY DUVALL OLIVER TIDWELL WALTHALL SIGNAL CORPS FOURTH BATTALION A. M. CARY . J. B. BATSON . W. E. SPAULDING L. D. WALL, JR. F. M. VOLBERG . J. J. HILL . T. S. PRYQR . T. G. MOORE . E. W. JORDAHN R. GASKINS . G. G. SMITH . J. R. ROUNTREE P. F. DALES . R. A. WILSON . C. T. COHREY L. B. REDMOND T. S. BOND . F. L. DALE . G. HUFFORD W. A. MCCREE G. B. BAILEY . L. L. JACKSON W. J. GREENE . A. N. BRAY . G. A. FULLINGTON H. M. DUVALL . First Section Second Section . ...Major Battalion Adjutant . . . Major Battalion Adjutant . Battalion P. E5 T. Ojicer First Section COMPANY K COMPANY L COMPANY M Second Section COMPANY K COMPANY L COMPANY M . . . Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . . Captain First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . . Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . .. Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . . Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . . . Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Second Lieutenant COMMANIYIR M. C. BUWMAN l li! E y 4 li il. li N AVA I. il? ADMINISTIQATICN ll e il l i CQMMANDLR M. C. BowM,xN . U. S. N. CUMMANDER R. S. lAlAGl,lXll'I' . . U. S. N. Lll4.U'I'I'QNAN'I'-C051MANITLR XV. H. F11uoUsoN . U. S. N. L11-.ui1-.NANT-Commawiuia W. XV. PACK U. S. N. Lu uri-.NANT F. R. XVAI ui-it . . U. S. N. l,llxU'I'liNANT Qjoj T. M. lhlxrus . U. N. ll! 1 . CHIl:I-' Bo.x:rsxvAiN's M.-vri. Ii. H. KINNIX CHIEI4 C:iUNNI:R'S NlA'l'l3 H. R. Clilhlf' YisoMAN li. ANHIQIR ll CHIE1- Sroiu-Lluiiini-i-.R T. A. Hoxwiko, ju. 'iii' UNIV, or 'ring SIX SLHOUI s in the United States whieli has a Naval R. O. T. C. unit, Tech offers a four-year course qualifying students for appointment as ofiicers in the Naval Reserve. Although the unit is, at present, limited to two hundred students, the Navy Department has been generous in supplying this unit with a splendid corps of instructors, and equipment valued at several hundred thou- sand dollars. The Corps headquarters is located in one of the finest naval armories in the country, recently erected by the government on the Tech campus. HAGGART l'liRGl'SON PMI XV.-XLKIQR DYKIQRS KINNI X il-IANIHI RS .XNHFIR IIOXX XRD Z AY YM-,KA Aim W,,,,,,,, , , ,, Y., , , Wvii., ..,..,, fx MA YW .W , -C'-4, , WY, C,,i I i 1'----ug NAVAL 12. O. T. Q. Y Vi 1 i N 5 .1 2 ll si ! A 1 S. T. GIBSON . , Battalion CPUIIIIIHZIIIIH' J r 1 LE W. S. GINN . . Battalion S1117-CYOIIIIIIIIIHIUI' J 5 5 E 3 ' L. A, MORRIS, JR. . . Battalion Adjutant I 1 F. E. ELLIS . . Battalion Coinlnissary w 1 Y L. N' i FIRST COMPANY W A I J. H. FINCH . . CUIIZIJHUJ' Con11namlr'r J W. H. SACH5 . . lst Platoon Q gg ' J. R. RANKIN . . 211.1 Platoon JJ SECOND COMPANY uv wt' 4iig,,4,.,m,,-,,-.--,, A A"A 'M' "Wm -. jf! N "W" K , P G. F. BRITT . . . CompanyComznamlcr GIBSON GINN MORRIS HHS Im H RAN N R. M. JONES . . lst Platoon ., 1 'cz KI BRITT Poouz HOl'.S1iNBliCK MUNTGOWM NICHOLS J. W. SIMMONS . . 21111 Platoon THIRD COMPANY W. B. POOLE . . ConzpallyColfznlalirlvr D. M. HOLSENBIECK . . lst Platoon W. P. MONTGOMERY . . 21111 Platoon R. A. SIEGEI, Cujllniu SCABBARD AND BLADE Nuiiozml IIOIIUVLZI'-HI I'VIili1'aI'y and Naval Frufcrzzity Iiozzrzdrvf I 904 R. A. SIEGEI- . L. D. WALL . MI. F. DARIIY . L. A. MORRIS, III. . j. B. BATSON C. K. BAu'I'z . A. CHII.Ims . B. COLli . F. DARIZY . T. GIBSON XV. S. GINN XV. KI. GRII N .I R .I S . KI. HII,I. . B. HOI.Sl-NBI en G. V. HUI-I-Ono H. H. JOHNSON E. VU. KIORDAIIN -I. B. LINDsI1x' Ii. XV. M4lLAI N .I D OFFICERS MEMBERS .I- R .I- Izzsfallmf 1920 . . Cajwhzin . liirxf Liezzlrnallf . Semzlrl Lieufcmznf . Iiirxf Stwgeuni XV. I.. RlINGI,I,lJORl-I-', jk. I.. A. Monkls, AIR. WI . B. I'OoI,Ia . K. RANIIIN I.. H. ROIQLRTSON H. II. ROGIRS WI . I. ROsAMONIv R. RL3UN'I'Rl.l, . A, SIIGIII. . XV. SIMMONS 3. A. SMIIII XIV. Ii. SPAULDING S. S. TOMLIN I.. D. WIALI. H. WII.I,IAMs READING FROM TOP, BATSON BIXIITZ GIBSON GINN IIUIWORD QIOI INSON MORRIS POOII1 ROSAMOND ROL'N'I'RliIi TOMLIN WALI. CXI III DS GREEN LINIUSIZY RANKIN SMITH WILLIAMS EFT TO RIGI-IT !'UI,lI DARBY IIII.I. IIOIISENBI-LR MIIAIN MINGLIQDORI-I ROBICRTSON ROGERS SI'ALIl.lJING THE NATIONAL SOCIETY 011' SOABIIARII AND BLAIIII1 was founded at the University of Wisconsin in 1904. It is organized at present into seven regiments, each regiment composed of twelve companies, and each company repre- senting a school. The Georgia Tech group, which is desig- nated as "M" Company, Znd Regiment, was established in 1921. The society has for its purpose the stimulation of an active interest in the military affairs of the country, and the development and preservation of the essential qualities of efIicient oHicer material. These objects it at- tempts to achieve by electing only those student Officers who have shown a sincere and lasting interest in the mili- tary work of the college, and who possess those qualities which will make them eihcient officers and upright citizens. C 6 A C KL..- .., .... .,-,- II III II I II III II III II I I I I I III I ,II ,I III. III Q . I I I III IIII III? II II MI II II Rwx. I.. VIRGINIA ZACHARY Col.. G. A. Sxlun K'III.l, RINNIJIHY ful. I. II. N1ux1u.Lx I I IZ.'XIIlQ'I'll ISARGI, 'I'IIIiUIJURIi ILXYI9 U. S. 5. Inxlllx CM-I. lf. XV, MIIAIN I 1 ll.'XISl.'I'II MONR yl. A. M. Klmu' SPQIXISCDRS YVONNI l.YNi.lI M. G. W. Ilunuun I'IIYl,I I5 RUIIIR I H in-1.1. NI. Xulnnm il il MIRI'Z I RIR x1 Q I Rfm III-,'l"l'Y I IOIAYOMB ku. iimxux. Glow.: Bli1'r'l I MII Y TINIMIQRMAN II. Roxzursox I RANCIS I URL M K xi-r W I Rosnxioxn MARY ROGERS CURINXI- IIl'RKIl'XRD RUTIII: NANK I-. L.,xl'I. H. C.. lmluk I.LIC'II, C1AR'I'l.R lQA1"1. II. II. Romans IIN . ,mr NIAKIORIL ARMSTRONG lS.xl. lxiun. SAM Gmsox -P--H+ 5 IDA QXKIIRS M, Am. l.. A, Muuuzli MARTHA SIGNS CAI-r. I.. IJ. WMI, Ma' Q-ov? MART I UL'ISli IELYURI Klum 1 1 nmul l9.Mll,Y MOBI EY fu Umm. W, B. Pomlz Sw. il' x'1RcslN1,x BRUOKS MH, C1 R, BALI! KATHRYN BUWIZN puff, B, limlxux SPCDNSCDRS lilI.ll.'X MQDUNALIH M. Mxrxnl I x MARION K ,XSTIZN I.1'. Lol.. R. A. Sum! C,I.Il I URI! Rl l SI-. lmfwl. XX, I. fnunm PRANKZICS GORMAN ilu-r, II, 'I'. Clmrrx' IZAIH-1'l'll UL' I l.l l'l5li.- LAI-'1. l'. l-.. lunu ISAISI-2l.l, DANIEI. l5liT'I'Y Sli.-XWlil,I, Vywx. il. li. Rmwwkrr VM-1. J. H, Wulmmi BETTIIQ KIMBRUUGII IYNIZATH MOORE CAM. AI, In IJARBY KYAIVI. I. Il. Wmrwumlll XL M. LOKI-Y NAVY R. D. BAI I.AN'I'YNIf R. E. BURIQS J. M. FITZSIMONS E. B. IRWIN D. D. LONG L. A. MORRIS, JR. G. C. MORRISQDN J. U. NIXLUN NV. E. PARIS J. F. PARRI-:R G. T. WAITI4. Thr' A rmy Tw 711 RIFLE TEAMS ARMY . Caphzifz H. H. ROIIIIRS .... . Tlx' NtIl'.J' TMIIII J. R. C:lIll.DS, JR. W. G. COYLIAI O. M. Hll.l. L. W. HUISISAIKID, JR D. JOHNSON W. P. LAUIQHION W. C. LIiI-1, -JR. XV. M. MAssI-Lx' J. H. PI'III.I.II1s A. RIQIIARIJSON C. S. ROAILII H. H. SPIQIOIIT H. C. TAYLOR S. TOIvII.IN W. P. TIKAMMIZI. ID. C. XVATKINS R. ID. XVIICOX CII plain GEGIQGIA SCi-ICDCDI. .lf TEC!-HNIGLOGY BAND T H. RIGGS . . . . . . Football Band Capfain F. K. SCHILLING . . Captain, R. O. T. C. Band E. L. GREENE . . . . . . Drum Major MR. A. J. GAHRING . , Direpfgy MEMBERS J. B. ADDY W. D. HENDERSON W. R. RICE D. D. BAILEY J. M. BAKER C. F. BAKER J. C. BARKLEY J. W. BATTS K. A. BEVINS R. L. BRANDON C. H. CALHOUN M. T. CAMDEN R. C. CHANDLER E. C. COLEMAN M. C. COLSON H. V. COOK L. J. CULP L. W. DABNEY R. 'A. DAVIS D. T. DEAN K- E. GUERIN J. W. HAMMOND N. G. HARRISON J. S. HARRISON J. A. HEINRICH A. M. HOAGLAND F. L. HUMPHREY E. W. IRBY L. W. JACKSON L. I. KARLICK J. B. KING H. W. LADYNSKI W. P. LAUGHTON W. G. LEE D. M. LESLIE E. E. LINDSEY E. C. MACQUEEN H. M. MCGAUGHEY J. L. MEEKS L. R. MOBLEY H. MOORE E. MORELLI J. L. MORRISON T. A. OSIECKI E. A. POE M. POST P. W. PURDOM J. S. RHYNE The Football Band D. F. RIDINGS T. H. RIGGS C. C. RIPPBERGER R. E. ROBERTS S. G. ROBERTSON A. L. ROGERS J. W. RYMER F. W. SCOTT F. R. SHORT L. T. SMITH J. L. TEAT R. A. TOMLINSON N. W. VAUGHN W. H. WEAVER F. K. WEBB J. C. WHEELER R. J. WHITE J. K. WOLFORD H. M. WOODARD W. K. WRIGHT S. YABROW S. R. YOUNG Tlx Regiment on Parade in Rose Bowl Field goo! CEVZ FQATEQN ITIES IL is the lite blood ot industry. Without the development and use ot the oils of today, industry would be at a standstill. I-lere again we have a purely chemical industry. Through the ingenuity ot the organic chemist, nature's raw hydro-carbons have been brolcen up into an almost intinite number ot petroleum products. Certainly no industry plays a more important part in this, the "machine age," and the part which chemistry is playing in its de- velopment is as vital it not more so than in any other. We have pictured here a part ot one ot the great petroleum refineries located near Tulsa, Oklahoma, a world center in the production ot oil. V Fll"llJ T 'Q ' 'J I+. s .J IQUIIESON BANNING SINGI.I1'I'ON OFFICERS J, H. Ifmciu . . . . . W. S. GINN . C. Kllm, -IR. . F. W. CIIAI'MAN . W. j. BANNING . . . Prrxiafwzf Vim'-I'1'z'siffL'l1f . Sr'c'I'1'f411'.y . . 'I'r4'as11rc'r St'l'tQl'tlllf-tif-AYIIIX REPRESENTATIVES Sl'IIfUl'.Y IIHIIUI v C. W. Romsnm I. U. Nlxox A 'I' II A 'I' S2 W. ll. ISANNING W. II. S1Nral1f1'uN Ii K IS K XV. I. RIJSAMUNII, -IR. R. Ii. IIURRS li 0 ll I5 U II W, S. GINN il. XV. c:Al.IlXVI-.l.I. X KI, X Klf R. K.XYf'1N1'z F. If. PHIIIIPS X XI' X XI' KI. Osh-R, ju. R. M. jfxczons A Z1 fb A ZZ 'I' Ii. Ii. SMR R. C. ZIMMIRNIAN A 'I' A A 'I' A If. W. CIIIAPMAN G. L. WA'l"r K A K A XV. S. H1:A'ru L. C. IIAYS, ilu. K Z1 K E O. H. THOMPSON R. A. Bl-.Auu, jk. YI' .A H 1I' A 0 P. S. CQMMINS S. B. I'IRI.ICII KI, IC II fb I-I II C, A. GRAL11 I. D. ISRASVII-1.11 KI' I' A 'I' I' A II. M. vII'0UIJ.-KRII M. C. C301 sux 'I' K Z2 1If K ZZ IJ. R. w'UUI.I-' W. A. Ml1,1.Iu -I' K 'I' KI1 K 'I' G. A. SMITH II Ii. SMIIII flf I K KI' Z1 K I, lf. w'A'I'IlIRS S. K. NI-Il.l. II K A II K A R. A. Slliiilzl., IR. I.. A. NIORRIS II K fl' II K KID H. VV. Sw:-'I' C. A. B1c.k11xs'1',xrr' ZIAII E. C. KIIJII, -IR. ZJAIZ G. H. IfImu'roxv1u I X Z1 X -I. H. FINLII M. A. Hunsnm 21 N E N I.. KI. O'CAI,1,AuHAN I., Ii. HUliliI-l.I. ZZ fl' Ii Il KI' IC D. M. I.uN'rz I. S. Momui 'I' Ii Ill 'I' Ii flf CI. T. SIALY R. P. Nl l.sgmN 0 X U X . , E .1 ,Qg ' . ,f "2 QI ff I I I .. ' ' I ' .I I-ws' I' I I ' I I I BILL FINQH Prz':iJu11f -I-II2 InterIraternity COUDCII GINN AIAKQOBS III1A'I'H c1o1.soN NIiILL KIIDD IILIISBEII CQ.XI.IJWI-.I I. S.-XLK TI IUMPSON WOOLII SII-QGIQI, I IIGIITOWIHR I L'N'I'Z XYINTZ ZIMMIuRMAN VLJMMINS G. SMITII MORRIS IINCII NILJURE K.LA-.l1-.iw . ROSANIUNI1 IiI'RKS PIIII I.II'S OS'I'lfR C..I'IAI'M.-KN WA'I"I' GRACE IIRASIfIIiI.ID H. SMITI I W'A'I"I'IiRS SWIIVT IIICYKIQRSTAITI IILFIJSON ll'ClAI.I.AGIIAN STAVY NELSON W ISUI.I.OClII Mr LAIN VUAIJSVVORTI I YOUNG IIAZLI-IH URSVII SIWXRRUW' IIINTON Rltlli c.U1.I'14,1'1'lak DARBY M111-11.1.15 SQJARBROUGH WILLIAMS M1-umm ATKINS CALLEY QIORIIAN MADDUX WUOUAII. ISLYRROUGIIS jAc:Olxs -IUNI-IS SEAY SMITH LUBANKS SINGER SIIIPP CLARK PAXTON BYNUM M A RTIN TIQASLITY Alpha Tau Gmega IJOIIIIIIWI 1865 COLOR: B1114' and OFFICERS J. D. SINOLR . J. If. Dmusv . Illxfdllrzf I X88 1'LOWliRI Wliilz' Tea Rose GUM . 1'rf'si:1er1i Vive'-l'r1'siJe'11f J. C. CLARK Sec'rf,fary F. M. BULLOCH . Treasurer CLASS OF 1936 If. M. Bul.LOc:n C. Ml2I.l, Ii S. CULI-1-1,1-1-R G. If, Sczmuxkoucu J. F. D.-uuxv D. SINQVR R. NV. IIUBANM S. S. 'I-OINIIJN W. D. Hucsns j. D. WAnswOk'r1i, JR. If. W. MC.I.AIN xl. H. w'II.l.IAMS CLASS OF 1937 ul. S. COOK j. SHIPP Z. T. CROULH G. VVILSON, ja. j. W. NICCIORD S. R. YOUNG HUGHS TOMLIN WILSON , C FLETCHER 'lffrl I Q 7 ROBESON - ' ' 'A ' A. EDWARDS ' 'fA I ff PARKER ' I b " ' .4 YUNDI' 4 . Q. . Q.. ' L.. ' F A -. .hlfff ps 4 ' Vx ". Y . . - - - FQ-'S' 'i I' " ' VJ, A IO' L . Q uni ' .'1 . . ,F-' . Q- A fr-, .fs Beta lota Chapter 1 at l s'- r V 'X K X ia.- X X. , I .-XC i i I. ii l ,Q ,X . . X i ,. ,lk .X , 3-:ref f fl 1 li rx-' SINGFR P V't'Aitlt'Ilf CLASS OF 193 8 J. NV. ATKINS VV. I.. H. CAI.l.I'X' j. C. CLARK G. I.. Iiuwmmns Al. S. FLILTCHLK I., B. GLENDFNNING C ,. D. HAZLEHURS'I' W. B. JOHNSTON A. Jost-9 W. H. JORDAN R. D. MADDUX Al. U. NIxoN NW. H. PAXTON C. VV. ROBITSON S. G. RONLY XV. C. SPARRONV 51, H. WoonA1.L CLASS OF 1939 T. R. BEASLEY li. H. Bkooixs M. H, BURROULHS H. BYNUM A. G. 1jANIl.l. A. G. linwfmns H. C. Hicxs N. L. HICll'lKBW'lk wr . B. H1N'1'oN W. S. jAr.ous T. R. joivus C. A. NIARTIN il. VV. MQKM' VI, N. cj'Nl'lI A. K. 1'ARM-.R W. R. Rlczis R. I.. Sinn' C. B. Smriu il. H. '1'i'Mi.i.Y N. M. iVAUliHN A. P. YUNDT IJVYIHI left Io rigbl: Clj Some of the pledges. QZQ Two sullen sophomores, Vaughn and Robeaon. OJ You figure lliis. one out. HQ Bynum, Smith, and Jacobs proudly sport numerals. UQ Some more of the same. Q6j Big military men at rest-the boys seem to be prepared for a japanese invasion or maybe just the bill collector. Q72 Robeson looks lonely. Ctij Captain Eddie. f9j Sergeant Cook. Cl0j Fletelier, jones, Burroughs, and Martin just after taking baths. Qllj The w11r's over. ISAXXING IILIYAI I, IIlJWI'R'l'ON SINGI.I-.ION IIRINSON IXIIK Rl-f.XSl RUISI RIS IIILXSXYI-,II BRAY I L'I I INCLIOX GUESS X114 RI'I' OWENS XX' 'Xl I .-XLI4' ABRANIS II.XRl7liIi I-IERRING Nl: IIRIIIIQ XV.fXI.TIiRMIRlf HI Al I-S SCIIFNC K fk.XRN1Iti'XI II.fXI.laY S'l'RIC1KI,'XNlJ III..'XL'llRU'I' IIOXXHXRIJ I'A'I'I'l1N 'I'OVL'NSI Nl! Rate Kappa cm rm' I-III.I, M.-WLE rsmxxox jmius 1-KIQSTON wrum IT Ijflllllllftl 19 0 I Illxlallml 1929 I"I,OW1iRZ Tvmjzlar Row c:o1.0ks: Pzzrplr' am! Gulf! OFFICERS II. H. S'I'RIC'Kl.ANID, IR. XV. J. ISANNING II. M. IDUVALI., jk. . I. I. Him, CLASS OF 1936 . Prf'xiIf1'r1I Vin'-I'l'r'.wifI1'11l . SI'!'I'l'flll'jf' . 7'I'I'llXllI'l'l' XV- .I- Bfxxxlxu A. P. CIUISS G. II. Iikfxswlll, F. KI. IIA1 I x' A. N. IIRM' .I- .I- HH-L kl, T. fIAILMI4 A1 W, W. IIwwl14'1uN C- T- C01-I I Y XV, A. NIlcIkI I , -IK. Il. M. IJUVAIL, ju. W. B. Ow'1.N, Ci. A. IIUIIINUION H. Il. S'lkIK.KIAINlJ, jk. CLASS OF 1937 CQ NIAPII W. G. Sim IxIJ.XII XV. Ii. SINLII ms. W. Ii. XVAII ur QC QQ! Q' QB K' as Aggie . I A' N. .. ir- ,. Y- Ir if word to 113,111 UH tlu llllQ,lIllfS5 nr IK fgnu 18 ou C4 Rubcum Iuum X 4 O f XX. fy 1 14 Wl1lt' no lvlltlurlxxllksu 9 'Un winning, I'll1lbIll'lj, wruk 10 Younb llopufufs K 5 Qllj Q f X 4 , X f X X K f . W X X ' f IIA1, STRIQIXLA l'r1'x1flr'n! CLASS OF 1938 ABRAMS R. Br'Aumzo'r Al, XX. Blmlwxux W IZIuNsoN D. K CI.NI'OIiHI D. Hmm!! F. 'I XVAI ll nm ru. G CLASS OF 1939 Al'1n,m sox BRN IAN FRAs1.n jmmsom PA'1Tl N RUB! R IN C M W' B. Ii B. SQALLS ROSA MON D IZMMERT BECK COOPER HUNT CHRNICY Mc K EE SN YDICR SPRING ,IUHNSTON BLISS LTRISWIQLI. PIERCE CLINKSCALICS MII.I,liR TIZMPLE W I il'l'li OGIJQSBY BOA'I'WRIGIl'l' CULP WAITli ilROMAR'l'lli l'UWliI.I. WURRl'.l.l. I'UWl2l.I. BURKS YMMONS VUYATT DALIGHTRY RICHARDSON Beta Theta pi DURHAM RAMSIZY 1'llAMB!iRI.AIN l"I.Y ANDREWS HOWIIC Foumlcd 1839 Insfallczl 1917 FLOWER: T110 Rose coLoRs: Pink and Blur: OFFICERS D. A. WORRELL . Pr0sia'c1zt W. I. ROSAMOND, JR. Vic'v-Prrsizlwzt H. D. EMMERT, JR. . SvL'1'cfury D. M. SPRING . . Trmsurvr CLASS OF 1956 W. I. RUSAMOND, JR. R, F, www D. M. SPRING D. A. VVQ RREL L CLASS OF 1937 C. P, IRURHAM R. D. .IoHNs'1'oN H. D. l?MMlaR'r, ju. H. R. OGLLSBY AI. Ii. JOHNSON J. B. POWELL J. S. RAMSEY 'kit B07 'iff' - .,,, ,, .,: .,.... K 1 A 5 I :" A 1 rl- xv., ' ,pf lx ',f"J7A. vrkU " ' . . ,H ...X - .7 7 l. .37 l lib N! I .AX , 'V ai N .NN f i X X, . Sl f X JW . M XXX J lvl! DEw!1f'l' Wo PP'l'll1l1'll 'Af If H RRLLI. I CLASS OF 193 8 VV. H1-.ek C. Buss H. BoA'I'wk1uHT 11. BURKS 11. C1mmm1R1.A1N V. Cool-I IL . W. f:RlSW'l:l.I. J. Cum' R. li. EMMONS J. O. FLY W. B. 1-'iuN'r R. C. KINNIQ A. M. LIEBLLR ml, li. Plural. G. T. WAI'I'li Il. If. VVYATT CLASS OF 1939 O. Awmu ws NY. CIHLN1 x' S. Cl.lNkSl.AI.l s Cm. CkoMAR'1'lli, alla. I.. IJAUr.HHu' . la l,I.i.lxl-,R . W. llowllc H. Mrzliui G . TAl.B Ii. K. MILLLR, ju. R. A. MILL:-R xl. Mooruz li. A. PUWLLI, Cf. il. RH0111,s W. M. RILHARIJSUN VV. P. SNYDLR I.. B. ll1MPI,Ii or Gamma Eta Chapter lfmlfz Ivfl lo rigfll: Q11 XVoe is me. QZQ Stop that Bulldog. OJ .lust .ln old Beta custom. f4j Some of tlmc pledges. Q51 Three muskeleers. Q61 A little close lur- mony. C7j lid. Q81 Silverware on display. OJ Beta house in left foreground. U05 .Qw'l11lI1g Bruin" and the "Half W'it." Qllj More lid. QIZJ Cooper prepares for that date. U55 Springtime, Q14j Vfaiting for Sunday dinner. IiI.I.IS CATIZS LAMBERT CAI.DXY'F.I.I. I'AI.MIiR BAYLIZSS FASTMAN MII.l.liR I-l:I.IxI-.R Ill-Ql.ANI9Y X1:l1I.A'I'CQIIIiY liX'li SPRING BIiCKW'ITI"I HEAD I'U'I'TliR GIN N CLARKIZ PLAGE HAMMOND THOMPSON DABNI-QY HOLZ TIZAGUIZ Chi Phi MASON I Lfl.I.l-ZR STULB HARRISON XX'III'I'NIiR Du-VL'I'I"I' I IARGRICTT SI'RA'I'I.IN SAMS IINCIIIER TUFTS PIZNDERGRAST BLAINICIIARD DIGIVE IIARVEY SIMS Ifuzunlwf 1824 Iusfullml 1904 FLOWER: The Szuzflowrr COLORS! Scarlczf and Blur OFFICERS H. L. PLAGE . P7'!'Xil1l'lIlf M. R. MCCLATCHEY . . Via'-l'1'z'sirlr'11t P. H. FULLER . . Sc'crvlm'y G. S. CLARKE, JR. . . Trvaszwcr CLASS OF 1936 'If BIRRY, IR. XV. S. GINN H. G. CSOOPER S. V. MASON F. Ii. ELLIS H. SAMS, -IR. G. NW. FLLKLR, -IR. B. TURMAN CLASS OF 1937 A. B. CATLS, IR. M. R. MC.flI.A'I'L.IIIiX' G. S. CLARRL, HIR. ,l. S. MOORI-, Ill W. Al. DLLANLY, KIR. H. L. P1.Ac,1-1 H. M. FINQHHR C. A. STORLS P. H. FULLLR H. L. STULB T. M. LAMB!-.RT AI. R. TU1-"rs wi mega Chapter l"r11H1 lrfl lu Vigflf: Q15 Chi Phi pride. QZQ Clarke and Q1 babe. UQ Clarke, Dc- xiii QM! Witt, and "Scni1tor', Felkcr. Q41 ll. Sums. Q55 Waitiiig for that one o'cloek ,Q ...M, whistle. f6j A little brotherly love. Q71 The navy shines. Q81 Rare picture of KH X i, Tech man studying. f9j Monkey business. 1101 Fix it. Qllj Hello. C125 Plage X Nl N- x wastes ii little energy. 1131 Another C111 Phi up in the air. U49 The iirniy of J X. . 1 Fowler street. QISQ Goody-goody. 1161 Fireman save that tree. C17J Looking 1. X - iiliead. L. ..4,-yi , 1. f 1 V, 1 lm Xxx PIIINRY PLAC111 Prctidrzzt CLASS OF 1938 -I. W. CAi.vwl1i.I. C. 15. PAi.Mi-.R, KIR. XV. ll. livig Ci. HAMMOND, -IR. O. l.. IFIARRISON, jR. -I. B. P1.Ni1i1RcQRAsT, A . ll. M. RMNIQ G. N. Si'RiNt,, RIR. C.. S. 1'imMPsoN, 4lR. IR C. S. Wiu'i'Ni.R, -IR. J. R. XVYA Ni' CLASS OF A. XV. llAX'l.1.5S P. W. Bic lxW'1'1'1l CLC.,15l.ANc1iiAR11,xlR. . Cl. IJAixNix', jR. I.. P. mlilvr P. D. IJIVVVIT ll. R. 1-IAWMAN, AIR. H. 11. IIARGRIZTT 1939 tl. XV. D, 11ARvi,Y R. If. HI'AI3 lf. How H. D. Mi1iiR P. M. Po'I'iiR W. Sims, AIR. H. IJ. Si-RA'ii.iN KI. M. PIAIAKLUL W ll NTZ COVER PHILLIPS MAT1 l1cWS N1CHOI.S DAVIS IVINK BAGILY MURPHICY REED EARLE TOWLIZR 1'ISl-IRR M URROXV DUNLOP Chi PSI BURNS PHARR 1-lAlI,liY CA LHOLI N TSESTOR 1311111111011 1841 Imfullvcf 1923 IQLOWLR: Cb1"j1Sd71fhUll1ll77Z COLORS: Purjnlc and Gold OFFICERS R. K. WENTZ . Prcsizlcmf F. F. PHILLIPS . 'ViL'U-1,1'L'S1lIUl1f J. D. EARLE, .IR . Secretary D. G. PINK . . T1'CLlSZl1'C?1' CLASS OF 1956 R. F, Huusom F. LINIJSTRQM R. K. VVIENTZ CLASS OF 1937 5. A. DA Ifls 5. D. EARLE, JR. I 1, I I ff ,..,.,,... , ij ---"-- ' -I i ..., . Q? 'xxx .gli H 53' if b N -f if f 1, .jf Alpha lota Delta Chapter , m me f l 1 ff Iirum fcfl lo rigfrf: Qlj President and V. P. CZQ Smiling group. Q31 Phillips and 'J' Calhoun rake up golf. Q41 Pledges. UQ Fink and Fischer in the snow. QGQ Davis -ff all dressed for that date. C75 Hudson talks it over with "Grnnny.', Q81 Murphcy. f C91 Bagley. U02 Davis improved. Cllj Mob seene. Ql2j Fink. Qlij Mibre , K mob, QI4j Richard and Riclmrd. flij Holcl il. Qllvj Still taking up gulf. U71 l lit More golf. Qliij More golf. QI9j limi of golhng season. 1' X v w Q' Dieu W'EN'I'Z P rc'xi'rlr'r1l CLASS OF 193 8 D, B. BURNS D. G. FINK C. H. CALHOUN S. H. Ifownnn C. l.. Cowan R, H, IPHARR R. H. DUNLQP, jk. lf. If. l'1u1.Lll-5 ll. C. BAc,1.Lx C. C. Blsloix M. V. F1su1.u W. K. HAIl.llY CLASS OF 1939 C. I hlA'lHI,W'5 in. il. 11. cz. s. M. A. C. Rl-1-U, ju. MURPHIA' Moiuxow NICIIIOLS W M M ' fi ..,Mra GREISINGER ABBOTT SIZLDIZN BROWN MOORE STEVENS BIZERS GIVENS HOOK ADAMS TOLIN CORTES ORTEGA VVALLMEYLR BOORN HU'I'C11INSUN -IACIOBS BATTS VAN BUSKIRK CRUMBLEY PATTON VVRIGHT COE PRANR12 Delta Sigma M.-R1N1.EY JENSEN XVALTON HULTZEN SMITH ANDERSON DAVIS STRALIZY Phi OSTER RUSSELL NWILKERSON MILLER TEAIIORU BAKER F01ll1dL'tl 1899 lllsfullcal 1920 FLOXVIZR2 CHVl7dfi0ll COLORS: cll'l'I'II and Wlrilc' j. OS'I'l4.ll, JR. F. D. GREISING A. H. JENSEN R. M. JACOBS OFFICERS Pl'L'Si!!l'IIf ER . . Vice-P1'vsiJf'11t . . Sl'L'l'L'fL1I'y . Trcaszzrfw' CLASS OF 1936 lf. D. GRlilSlNGLll R. M. -IALOBS G. R. HOOK B. I.. AnB0'1"1' R. O. ADAMS, Al. W. BATTS A. H. LILNSEN A. C. RUSSI4fI,I Al. li. MQKINLEY -1. OHLR, JR. CLASS OF 1937 C1. lx. 5I.I.lDliN LIR. F. M. TOl.IN P. S. VAN BusR1RR I. H. WVALLMIIYER , 1. C. WA1,TL:N W. W1LR1aRsON 'ws ge- .7 Af... .i A .VF 67 f' X X -IOIIN c,S'l'l.R PH'Xlv1lt'IIf CLASS OF 1938 -I. VV. BROWN, -lk. M. OKTEGA j. Ii. CARMACK li. I.. P,x'1"1'oN, jx. M. CoRT1:s C.. li. CRUNIBIIIY IJ. D. H,xMMoNn Cf. N. HULT'Zl.N' W. M. MI1.I.l4R VV. H. Moolu Al. S. ISI-IYNIZ W. V. Smtrn XV. R. STLVLNS AI. Ii. TIQAI"0KI1 H. S. Tol.1sl-.wi O. W'Rlr:H'r CLASS O17 1939 I.. Il. AND1 usorw C. F. BAKER, jk. XV. 11. B1iliIlS M. R. BOORN Cf. Cor S. I.. lj.-KVIS A. C. GIVINS, jk. xl. R. HAMMUND R. I'IAYl'S J. H. H1zt.snoN H. G. HUNQHINQUN VV. K. FRANK: D. D. SMl'1'1t R. H. S'1'kA1.1Y Alpba Gemma Cbapter 1'II'Illll fwfr 10 rigbi: fly Waitixmg for rain. QZQ Soup's on. QU Tolin dreams. HJ Adams at rest. Q51 The prize-winning decoration. Q61 Our ICZIIII is red hot. Q71 Carmack and Stevens cxnminc the rubber situation. QSJ Hultzcn and could that be WrigI1t? f9j Jacobs and "sim" C101 Soft soaping the rushces. Qllj Tolbcrt "check to check." U21 Brown versus W'rigl1t. 1135 Hultlcn, VVrig11t, and Abbott talk ir over. C143 A little md. 1s1.1xCK IIOI.SIiNBIiCK HULSE c1oURTN1aY scANDR1:'1"1' WHITI41 JUHNSUN COX MINGLISIDORITI7 II. MARSI IALI. LLIEMING SljO'I"I' IIARRIZNTINIC M ANCIYI' FIZLI. POOLI1 PURIJUM N. M1zI.FAN SICCORIH ISRA NIJON SMITII GIBSON SACK ZIMMERMAN O. MQLEAN WICBB COOPER DALLIS Delta -I-eu Delta HARBOUR BEASLEY ALEXAN DER MALONE NVIIALEY CRAIG R. MARSHALL 17o1111111'11 1859 111511111111 1921 I4'I.OXVIiRI Pdllij' c1o1.oRs: PIll'fI1l', Wffuilw 111111 G11111 OFFICERS NV. L. M1Nc51.1-.nom-'1-' Pr1'xi111'11f E. SALLIQ . Vi 1'1'- P 1'1' xi11 1'11 f F. H. WPIAl.liY . Sm' 1'1' fury B. S. B1iAs1.1zY . Trcvlszzrvr CLASS OI? 1936 G. Ii. BLACK If. VV. Cox II. L. 14111. S. T. C1lliSON D. M. I Io1.s11NB1ac1i G. R. MARSHALL XV. I.. NIINGI.I'IlORlflf VV. B. Poou-, G. A. HARBUUR Ii. SALQK CLASS OF 1937 B. S. I5rAs1.1ax' II. K. NIARSHAII. J. C. 1'IUl.SI2 P. W. Puxnom R. C. ZIMMMQMAN "ara b 9- rv. if sATAo out 0 1' 0' Q . ,. Q Q1 0- ' s o , P K 3' 'F' .' 19' fl, . - -0 O A fl! X 'l, I . I x 1.1911 MINGLEDKDRI-'I-' Prvxiilulll CLASS OF 193 8 W. A. ALILXANDIER N. G. MQLFAN D. E. BARRENTINIZ W. H. SCANDRET H. W. BOWDIZN F. VV. E. SCOTT J. G. COURTNFY W. P. SIYCORD J. G. FL1-:M1Nr1 F. R. WEBB W. H. MALONE F, H. WHAI.1tY O. C. MflLEAN E. B. WHITE CLASS OF 1939 R. L. BRANDON J. E. CRAIG J. A. Coovmx P. A. DAI,LlS W. B. JOHNSON Gamma Psi Chapter From left to right: QIJ Mingledorff seems to he taking an interest in someone other than Purnelle. QZJ Some of the gang seem to be sunning themselves. QBQ Mingle- dorff on the can. Q41 Marshall on his way to dinner. QSJ Billy Poole. Q65 Wel- come Delts-the second prize winning decorations. Q71 A few of the girls seem to be Well fed-after Sunday dinner. QSJ Harbour. Q9J Mingledorff, Captain. QIOJ Freshmen dining during Hell week. Qllj Bee. QIZJ Kathryn and Sully. Q13J Mingledorif and Bulldog. Ql4J Sailor and Jacket. QISJ Rubinnorff and his violin. Q16j More horseshoes. Q17j Beasley and Mingledorif QFor the eighth timej. ., Z' C'IIAI'M.XN Wll IIAMS RAGIANIJ IiMIiRY PLAGINOS W'HliIiI.l'.R LYNDUN if I I'I"1'I2N II.fYI'SUN W'.'X'I"I' IIAINIQS Rllili Al I RIIINIJ ROIFNTRIQI-' I ITSTFR IJRIZNNUN Llilf LOUIS RICHARDSON HASTY TIIUMSUN MLTRPIIFY I.Ol3l-.N ISL."l'NIQR MI'I'C1IIl1ll. 'l'IlUMI'SUN Kappa Alpha ROBISRTSON MIQNROL CO1 Ii MORGAN WIIII S 1:0llIltlt'tf 1865 Ilzxfuflwf 1899 1fx.ow14.Rs: Rn! Rose ami NIllglI0lftl COLORS: Crimsmz and Gold OFFICERS F. XV. CHAPMAN . . 1'rvxiJw1! XV. M. IVIURPHY . . Vin'-Pwxiflwzl F. B. RAGLAND . . Sf'z'r1'fa:'y NI. M. WII.I.IAN1S, JR. . Trmzxzzrvr CLASS OF 1936 lf. W. CHAPMAN W. M, Muxvms' AI. T. F1'r'1'FN, JR. I,. H. RlIHl'FR'I'5l7N II. W. I.l'S'l'IfR, JR. KI. M, XVILIIAMG, -IR. CLASS OF 1937 Ii. O, Bfx'1soN, JR. I.. R. NIUNROI1 I.. Z. IURLNNON F. IS. RAGIANII II. M. Lum N G. I.. WA'l"l' 'RA . 1 fn -f! bY'ghI9 p .F Q' P. U' . FQ . - ' aff' X Alplwa Sigma Clmapter I-mm luf! In rigluf: UQ 'l'nr1.m. Q21 Must bu rush wcuk. Q31 Help! HQ Ply 'N thc rcnt ur get nur. CU XV.l1l1l1Q.f fur Llme unc nfcluck vshixllc. L61 K A 1muw? 'Qu' C7j Babu un tlxc po1'cl1fquil pccping, you. Q81 True lcaxncrs in season at Tcclx. f9j Iiclluru. 1101 Aftcr. Cllj Still wailing for 111.11 whistle. QIZQ Robertson K .xml Armstrong lwlding llL111L1S!-'QUKK1 tluing lmc graclualcs lucfurc Prof sees this. 1151 A Vlill wailing, U41 Ask tlmc man Wlm owns unc. 1151 llursc, major? Qlhj 1,.lSl laugh. . J X . N Qlllllllli A X P ' K1 C W X, N , if , xl yy! 1 1 FRANK CNIIAPMAN Pl'l'.ll1lt'llf CLASS O15 193 8 T.. D. Al.1.11N, jx. H. D. N1OKGAN, ju. -I. W. H. Bu'1Nu.x M. G. N11I'fI11lI I". G. Com, ju. P. C. PI..-XCINOS P. H, Drum 11. M. Rrcr, ju. li. 11. EIARFY, -IR. A. R1c.uA1aDsoN C. M. FLYNT A. G. THOMPSON .V . . M. 1.liw1s C. H. W1L1.s, ju. kI.c,.VIl11l1R CLASS O17 1939 XV. NI. Annu: Nu XV. G. Ll.I', ilk. Cf. l., 1fAlul1k A. xl. Lxxrmx, Ill XV. A. HMM' NY. KI. ROUNVKII, jk. C. H. blows, jx. xl. C, 'I'uoMwN, jk. IILIIJCIINGS fLIiANl5lzRRY IIliA'I'II IINIHSIIY MARTIN CLIQGG IIOI,'I' IIOUSE KACKLIIY SIMS XVICKIZR k.RIiANIER CRUSBY GRIIBIS MIIAR I'Y Kappa Sgnm IIINTON IIAWKINS MOYI? NIQVIIS MUIIRISUN FOYIIZIIICKI 1869 Imzfallvzl 1895 FLOWER! Lily of the Valley COLORS: Srarlvf, Grcrflz frm! Wlvifc OFFICERS W. S. HEATII . . PYf?SiIlUl7f W. I"IAWKINS, JR. . . Vice-Prf'.virlc11f L. M. MOYE, JR. . Svcrcffary A. C. HOLT, JR. . T1'0as11rz'r CLASS OF 1936 Ii. H. GIBSON, IR. IJ. W. HUIJGINGS, III IC. IS. GRANBFRRY J. B. I.INnsIfY W". L. I-IIaA'I'H W. L. IVIARTIN KI. R. I'IIN'l'ON VV. S. TYSON CLASS OF 1937 AI. W. CI.FGG O. F. HOUSE Ii. W. HAWKINS, -IR. II. B. KACKLIZY L. C. I'IAYS, IR. I.. M. MOYIL, IR. A. C. I'IOL'I', jR. M. D. SIMS, AIR. II. WIcKIiR EFF? Qtixq-".,,e ,WF Alpha Tau Chapter gf from lrfl In riglwlr Qlj Hcatlm, Hudgins, and Cranberry. C25 Mcclmnic. Qij Gran- XNP, berry rcsls. Q41 Mor: trick stuH'. QU Attention. Q61 Mascot? Q7j Homecom- 1 ya 'A gb a. t 1 . . ,. If A f ' 3- ing dccorutiulw. QXQ For once thc army and navy scum on peaceful terms. QB, More funny stuff. CIUQ jimmy, the kitchen staff, and nuscot. UIQ Pull dress. CIZJ A NX Kentucky Culuncls. USD A lar of fvct. Q1-U Enough of this now. Qlij At it , x x . . r 1 sf. f 2 I X Q. f r l5ll.1.Il1,AHl Prt'.vitlt'r1l CLASS OF 193 8 R. I.. CQRIKABIYR H. D. MtzDoN,xtD NX". D. HALL., -Ilt. xl. R. NLVLS H. -I. SA1I'IH CLASS OF 1939 D. Ii. Ctrl N.-XUGII XV. M. KOINIG Al. T. Cfosm' XV. xl. NICLARTY W. C. Gauss lf. A. MORRISON XV. B. RI.lD again. LIGJ Ltmking fur pledges. Cl7j Inturcl and Hardy. IIOUSIQR O'I3ONNIEI.L PATH PIKE SARGENT XSVALL CARVFR DOBBINS FCI-IOI.S IINLLY PARKS POER SMITH TIIARPI-I ALDRIDGF BYRD CIAMl'l5IiI.I, CI-IIVINGTON COTTON LDXVARDS IIUMPHRI-.Y HUTCHINSOX JORDAN KLEIN LANG MOORF G. RIC1Kli'I"l' j. RICKETT SHACKEITORI7 STRICKLANIJ XVFTSB YOUNG XVIII IAMS ADDY BACKUS IFIUNSON IILFNTIZR IIFNDIZRSON JACOBS McKI2NZIIi PM Deke Thani THOMPSON TUMLIN MANN 15 ANKS GULLEY MARTIN TRASK BURTON SUTTON GRANT BARNLS I IOI IJITCII MILLS TURNER CHFFK VOORI IIS FOIlI7lI0tl 1848 I11xfuIIc'zi 1902 14 LOWER: Wflzifc' Cjfll'l1tlfIOI1 c:oI.oRs: Argvnf mul Azzzrv OFFICERS J. P. 0,IjONNIiI.l. . AI. G. PARKS . D. B. SARG1-1N'l' . F. C. PAT141 . P rcxwiefcffz f Vim-Prvxi4'Ic'ni . Sf'rr1'h1rVy . Trwzx Il ref CLASS OF 1936 J. A. Ilousliu D. B. J. P. O'DoNNl11 O, H. F, C. PA'1'1g T P. I. XV. Pun: L. D. SARm'N'r Tuoml-SON TUMLIN NVALL CLASS OF 1937 R. A. BEARD H. B. BoU1.wA1ui NV. II. Gum NT I. H. MANN XV. I.. CARVFR KI. G. F. H. DOBBINS I.. D, L. Fc1Ho1.s -I. D. FINLLY C. PARKS Porn W. H. R OBIIRTS XV. SMH!! I. M. I3I'1"ZSITvIMONS F. S. ,I1liARI'li i390 if Mg! fi V -,,..,,,K Us 49 fglifx 'V "-- .fa ..' 'QQ . LQ .I I ZZ., .,.. I 4? ' - "Q I-"Q, ' 7' l , . , ww Wa ' VS . X I ik is 1 1 -nj A 1 2 f' X A 7 . is x .gf , 51551 f' Q.. . 'ff .1411 l X l " , , 1" - lf 1 l f . . I X ff 1 1 ., ,' ll l 1l l'.x'1 O'DoNx1.1.1, I'l'v.11'1l1'11l CLASS OF 1938 R. P. A1,111a111c.1, O. H. LAM. WK F, BANM P. I.. NlAIlIIN T. XV. BA11N1s il. P. 1511111 XY. C. C1K51I'lSl 1.1 il, I.. C1111'1Nc,1'11N XV. A. Co'1'1nN ml. l.. l'.11w'A1111s, qlu. l.. A. C1u1.11-1' R. NV, HAUX1 II S. N. Ho1.111'1'c11 lf. L. HUMI111111 1 xl. 1-. HU'l'L,IiINSiJN I.. K. JORDAN li. XV. Kl.l'.lN l.. 1 . C. N. lhllllh II. G. AIUURI P. R1 YNo1.11s G. T. R14 lxl 'l'I I. XV. R11 lxl '1"1 In I., Sum kl 11111111 'lf lf. Simms lx. SOI 1111.1 N T. D. 81111: 111 .1 N11, W lk. C. , FIQRASK H. L. VIQURNIR, IIR. H. G. XVI-1111 J. Youm. XY11.1.1AMs CLASS OF 1939 -I. 15. A11111' R. lf. AN1111:s11N ml. ln lhxciaus, -lu. tl. I.. Blwulxs P. Bukinm .l.S.QQ111111 R. J. C.o1x1'1s H, C. lluxsox XV. XV. Ill N111 MUN tl. C. l'lUNI' W. Cl. llfuolxs CQ. Cl. Jxli K1 Nlll XV. RININII 11 li. B. SUI mm I-I. C. C111 1 MAN, -lu. G. 'l'111ms11 C.. G. VOORHIS Georgia Delta Chapter l'1'n111 lvfl lo rilqfvl: flj All drcswcd up. llj A few of thc pludgcs. LBJ .B1'11tl1c:' Ziluh. Q4j More plcdgcs. Uj Smile, plcasu. 1.0vc .11 lirsn sight. l7j Thc A11 lfditm' takes lime 15111111 his l.1l'1Ol'S to pinch 1l111t l1u1'2cSl1111: ill us. Alllflf plulgcs. C92 Mac Ween? QIOQ A fcw uf thu NCI1l0lAS, 11111 in gllplnibctical order. Qllj More plcclgcx. QIZJ lfly 1111 his neck? QIBQ So long. Q1-lj Bell Buy. QISQ Girls! U61 Bl'0lllCl' Zilch slill site. KIM Mac says "flume Phi Dells just Cllllvl bc bent for thrills." LOMMINS BLACK K OT HQSMA Il GOI.IJS'l'llIN l:l1RI,It1ll RFISMAN I'l.lzGl'INHIlIMI1R IUCHS FCKIZR GIGFS IJQYIN SQIIXVARTZ PM Epsilon Pi BARR CfXSSl'1NllI1lMl'1R D. GOLDSTEIN I"01H1lI'f'li 1904 Iusfullmf 1916 COLORS! Purjnlv and Gold OFFICERS P. S. CoMM1Ns . Prvxidwzl I. GASS1-LNHEIMER . . 'Vice-1'1'vsizl1'1'1zf R. D. RLISMAN . Sc'w'cffzzry S. B. EHRLICH . T1'L'dS'lll'l,l' E. B, Iilmucirl CLASS UF 1936 P. S. CUMMINS CLASS OF 1937 I.. FULHS R. D. RLISMAN I ,fm . Q .. .Vx . ff ,ff I' X. f .X X ff PHILLIP COMMINS Pr'c'xi'rlc11i CLASS OF 1938 B. HAIR H. 151.1 Gl'NHl.IM I B1.Ac,K, ju. I. CQASSLNHI-IMIR M. Go'r'i'13sMAN CLASS UF 1939 ISRUWN H. Ii. Go1,m'1'l-IN I D. IELKLK R. B. Ll'.VlN M. GIGIS 1. L. Sniuwixuly D J. Gol.nsTi.1N H. M. Snmuss Xi Chapter FVUIIL It'-ff lo rigflf: flj What, studying! QZQ Commim. HJ Phi lip iiigliiimmm. C41 Stooges all. QU A little broadcasting by lihrlieh. 41,5 You figure out the small ones. Q71 Old Maid. CSJ I remember when I was 11 freshman. f9j Dinner for one please, James. flllj Tea time for Fuchs. Qllj The end of the trail. ATKINSON KN IJIZRSON I.l'I"l'I1i BL7I,I, S1,XVlfl I GIi.M1l'l KOLSIS BRASI IICLIJ DHNNING O'BR1llN LYRIUXR TRY Nm GINNKY SllIuI'ARl5 5'l'.'Xl'l,Ii'I'UN PIiIzI'I.lfS GUILIIORIJ ROISIZRTS NICAI. XX liAX'l1R Phi Gamma Delta WHOR'I'ON .1oHNsoN NVOOIJ I'A'I"I'UN XVu1JIJWOR'I'II FUZl1Zl1L'Il 1848 I11sialler1 1926 1x'I.OWI2RZ Purple Clemafis COLORS: Purllnlc llllll Whifc OFFICERS E. 1. HULBLRT, JR. . . Pl'C'SillL'lIIf A. J. L1TT1,u . . SL'Cl't'ftll'3l S. B. RYMER, JR. . Tl'C'6lXIlI'l'l' J. E. XVOOD, JR. . . Hisforiuzz CLASS OF 1936 J. E. ATKINSON, IV C. A. GMM CLASS OF 1937 13. 1. HUI.BI'1R'l', JR. 3. fs. RVMLR, JR. A. L. Kows A. J. VAL 1,1., 5 E. A. PI-LEPLIES J. WIiORTUN Gamma Tau Llwapter ,ggh U ,li IJFUHI lffl lv rlgbl: QIJ Hulbert, VaIdc7, Rymcr, and Kocsis. Q21 No birds. OD ' Guilford and jnnicc. 14j "Crossing the Ice." Q51 Good Iookin' cur. Q61 And ff u-41? wlicrc arc thc boys? 171 Iirasncld, O'Rcar, W'oocI, etc. C81 Sonic more of the W m same. OJ Wood goes native. CIO, Iiiji land. Qllj Kocsis Waiting for spring. I f' I ik ' ' Qllj IIonncIwiLI1 Iillcn. fllj Mob scene. C145 Our kitchen stuff. UU Xvinicr. K x Qlfaj Spring. 117D Wintci'. USD More mob sccnc. U91 End ufI5ri1sIicId, O', 'I X and company. ik? h C fi QC M--W L Y Wrnwrnxiifjjjgjw' Y . ,X Af -..H -4iff...1.,.lC.,TCfiliiiflf'..Ai.,, Y I Y N I f X X A I I A ,f A f IRWIN HULBERT, jk. Prcslifvnl CLASS OF 1938 A. V. ANU!-.RSON Al. D. BRASIYIILLD H. F. DLNNING Ii. C. CVUILFORD A. C. JOHNSON A. Al. LITTLE H. R. OIBRIIZN j. T. H. O'RliAR, III S. A. R cmix l:R'I'S H. H. Salmon-DLR AI. E. XVOOD, jk. CLASS OF 1939 ll. R. BROWN R. BULL H. CAMPBELL I. j. IiI.STON R. IJRY B, F. Mc.GxNNuY R. M. Nun. C. O. PATTON, ja. J. D. SLWIQLL R. L. SHILPARD J. A. S'rAPLiaToN L. V. T11MvLIaM.xN N. A. VAN NA'1"l'l-,K W. II. W11AviZia IZ. M. WHLBY L. R. WIOODWORTII Fozmderl 1850 Installed 1904 FLOWER: White Carnation COLORS! Gola' ana' Black OFFICERS M. C. COLSON . . President C. M. TIDWELL . . Vice-President T. J. DONNELL1' . Secretary J. E. I-IITE, JR. . . Treasurer CLASS OF 1956 M. C. COLSON C. M. TIDWEI.L H. M. WOODARD CLASS OF 1937 G. A. Bnvls G. JOHNSON, JR. C. W. BOWERS B. W. MOLL15 J. C. HYDER R. W. MUNDY OOLSON T1nW1z1,L BOWERS Hyman JOHNSON Mummy DONNELLY GODWIN Hmz NEAL TANNER MOORE - J - ff - WA"-"-"f-":.1 . X . .. . 4, SMITH SWINT WAITE OSIECKI w Q A Q' I 'wS""x, - 'X -I ,-A ' l Kiwi' f Y Cb, fl . 3 iv-5. :J ' ig Kuff 1 f Eixtfffh mf gf "LH Q ...G-ff.ff'w .N 'Zz I GDDG IQTTIG .1 .X H Alpha Nu Jwapter If l"l'o111 lvjl lo ritqfwl: Qlj A lirrlc rod. QZQ w'l1CFC,b my lmrsu? QU I.iuulcn.nn J , N" Colson and staff. C41 Spring dusting. UQ W'aiting for the mail. f6j Mnoruf XXQXX MTM md. Uj Off In that unc cfclock class. QSJ Maybe uc were I11i9lllkCl1. CU A I XXXL f K littlu lmmuwork in chumistry. QIOQ Colson has a YiSiUI1'II1llSI bc pretty rollcn ff, X g m ,XXX stuff you'rc gutting these days, Marion. Qllj Two-bits. fl2j Tlmie lmppcncd NX , if afLcr wc took numbers unc and ninc. f Mmuorv COLSLUN PI'l'Xltlt'lll CLASS OF 193 8 KI. G. Bl-.DLLLL J. F. HITI1, -IR. T. -I. DLJNNILLLX' C. M. NLM. H. L. QQODWIN H. B. PLUMMLR NV. H. 'Ilx N Nl R CLASS OF 1939 H. Moolu-, AIR. li. Sxuru T. A. Osumu li. -I. SWINT G. B. WYAITL -1 ' 'Xl W' KANIECKI NICHOLS PEKKONN1-LN WOOLF GUEST MLCULLOUGH MILTIADES FLOYD FRASER LONG MILLER CKAXVFORD K1'1'Cl IIQNS l'L'l'ILRS ROUX phi Kappa Tau Founded 1906 Installcd 1929 FLOWER: Carnation COLORS: Harvard Red ana' Gold OFFICERS D. R. WOOLF . . President L. S. KANIECKI . . Vice-President E. L. MCGINTY . . Treasurer CLASS OF 1936 L. S. KANILCM N. NICHOLS E. L. MCGINTY A. PEKKONNEN D. R. WOOLF CLASS OF 1937 -I. F. GUEST M. V. MIL1'IADES B. L. MATHEWS J. M. WING P 4 , i 1 lg +-mb Q '55 4'-,,,5- life. Q I Am RX 1 A DON WooLF Przfxirlrnl CLASS OF 1938 J. C. BEAN. F. E. Fwvn J. S. FRASER W. G. INQRAM j. R. LONG J. L. MATTHFW' W. A. NIILLER L. MCCLINTOCK N. PULIGNANO W. F. SroR15Y CLASS OF 1939 A. CRAWFORD C, D, KITCHENS J. DIICARDENAS F. L. PETERS . W. L. Roux Alpha Rho Chapter From left io right: Qlj Whiting for Sunday dinner. Q25 No more need be said. QU Shipmates, Ahoy. Q4Q The boys in Florida. QSJ We recognize Don and the "Kid," Q65 Kitchen police. Q72 Now this one's from Savannah. Q83 NVoolf studies. Q9j Milriaclcs. QIOQ From these below we get a few pointers on wrestling?, golf, taking 31 bath, and waiting for Sunday dinner. All of which means-use your own imagination. Q C , 1 l l l l l HAUTZ MA'l'lIliWS IVFY DAISNHY CLARK G. E. SMITH cout ovIck'I'oN M1 KINNUN IQVANS JONES WILSON DOLIVIZ G. SMITH II. SMITH IQLLIOT Mr GRANN VVINN FLYNN STULLARD WAITS FAI N'I'liR RALLS WING! IT phi Sigma Kappa KY'l' CLYATT ALMUN I1 SIIFLOR SHOEMAKILR F0111m'f'z1' 1873 Insfullcfd 1925 FLOWER: Cmvrafion COLORS! Magfwia and Silver OFFICERS G. A. SMITH . . Prcsidenzf R- B- COLE - Vice-Prrsizlmrf W. CLYATT . , Sfffygfgry R. P. KYTLE . . Treasurer CLASS OF 1936 C. K. BAUTZ F. E. KIMBLE R. B. COLE R. P. KYTLE N. C. DEAN C. VV. MATHIQWS W. L. DOLIVE H. B. OVER'FON T. j. FLYNN G. A. SMITH J. H. STOLLARD CLASS OF 1937 W. N. CLYATT C, MCKINNON H. D. IVILY H. SMI'IH C. Ii. WAITS . . 1 ,,,, .,., 09 . M. Q 'YS . -..J ll! x X l Glaolusli SMITH PI't"Xit1l'l1l' CLASS OF 193 8 H. V. AIMQNU XV. D. EVANS Ii. R. Co1.1.1Ns M. J. KONlfMANN L. VV. IJABNIIY XV. C. PAIN'rrR C. T. SHELQR CLASS OF 1939 M. R. CLARK A. R. ,lowes J. ll. MQGKANN R. P. Mopar J. W. RALLS C. R. Sum-'M J. SIMMONS G. E. SMITH WC WIINN XV. D. Woou AKI'll Kappa Deuteron Clwapter From lofi I0 riglll: Q11 Mirror atutf. C21 Nice-looking dog. Q31 Wlmut, no ping, pong? C41 Study. Q51 Get off and push, Cole. C61 A little Joe Kirkwood. Q71 K. P. Q81 just monopoly, IJCLHI. Q91 Cole finally gets wise. QIO1 Bccr up. U11 Art collection. U21 Hold it. mates. Q15 C151 Major "Stokes" Cole. U41 One of thc in and 161 After n strenuous day. POWEU. FLIURIIBGE SHIZPLEY FR ANK TARB UTTON DL JUGLASS MFIIIKS TRANSOU GROTZ BAKER HORTON TIIOMASFN HORTON MORRIS WATTERS NIiII,I. BAILANTYNI1, PEETZ AIIFMAN I.ASli'l'liR SCI IILDGEN AHERN RIS BARKLEY l'l2IfFAI.I. COR NIiI.I. pi Kappa Alpha BETTY SENIOR FBDON SPECK DORSFY Foundvfl 1868 lnxfallfzl 7904 FLOWER: Lily of the Valley COLORS: Garnet anal Gold OFFICERS S. K. NEILL . . Prc'v1de11f J. M. TOWNSEND, JR. . View-Prvvzllent R. SHEPLEY . . Secrefury C. H. RIS . . Treaszzrer CLASS OF 1936 W. CRICHTON J. J. PONVELL C. M. GROTZ J. W. SMITH J. F. XWATTERS CLASS OF 1937 L. R. AHERN J. C. BETTY A. M. ELDRIDGI5 S. K. NI3II.L C. H. RIS H. A. SENIOR R. SHEPLEY F. F. WINGO G, I. XVINGO f I:if'4 F583 , :Xi sg 5. 4 f 1?Eg2Pgfl K ibn' 9... ' x fx X ' ' F I N X ffl' SIUNLY NULL I'1'e'xi'1f4'1ll CLASS OF 1938 H. R. lhklla C, XV. R. D. B,x1.lAN'1xNl, ju. A. G. J. C. BARKLI x' Q. H. KI. H. CAIN KI, W. T. J. IQBUON H. ll. FRANK J. M H. ly. W. X- Hok'l'oN Pu rz l'nx1-',u.1. Smm K T,uu3UT'roN THQMASLN . TOWNSIZND, -IR. CLASS OF 1939 il. NV. AI.'1'M.xN R, I.. Cokmll. R. DORSI 1' If. C.. .lcwl s XX. Il. hm Hu ul. 1.. Ml 1 M G. P. DUUGLASS A. D, Moluus li. C. HUR'l'ON D, I.. R USS!-LLL R. F. SCIIIIIJGIQN Alpha Delta Chapter from left lo Vigbf: Clj Whiting for something-mnybc Llmc mailman. QZJ Another uf Fitzgeraldk pets. Q31 Hold il! Nj OH' tu sclwnlfur maybe tlxcy'rc lust pre- tending for thc camera man, QU Cycling-the mystcry rider. QGJ Now about that date I had. C72 Off to Sunday School, Q83 A few of thc brothers cast aspcr- sions at the camera. C9j Thafs much bcttcr. flllj President and subordinate? ITUCIIS Sf HII.l.ING I.UK I-HY SW!-ZITI' BODY GORDY CVBRIEN HOTT Mus SIMMONS Mamas v1-immnrzk J. mn JOHNSON W.1'AL'I.K HOWliI.I MORRIS D. BOY RAMAGIQ Vl-IRD!-.R Y D. CROKKFR I.liAKl? SAMS B. PAULK M. DONALD ,1.c11wc:mf.R RIDINGS ADAMS FA Mmwucn I LEWIS STIQVENSON vow pi Kappa phi swam. JOHNSTON SIMONQ HARNETT GIBSON MORGAN ALLISON WILLIAMS Fozzndea' 1904 Installed 1913 FLOWER: Red Rose COLORS: White' mul Gola' R. A. SIEGEL OFFICERS J. C. CROCKER . . Prcfsialwzt . Svcretury F. E. FUCHS Twvzszzrer R. A. VERDIER . , Higforian CLASS OF 1936 F. E. FUCHS I.. A. MORRIS G. Ii. MCDONALD F. K. SCHILLINC. J. S. MAYS R. A. SIEGE1. CLASS OF 1937 D. C. BOY D. F. Rmmcs J. C. CROCKLR J. W, ROQNEY D- C- JOHNSTON C. R. SIMONS G. W. LOKEY R, M, SWEET J- B. RAMAGF R. A. VERDXER Q! F F nf.,-mf R .1 Q I . ' 4 Q 5 ' ag , -.. -. , fn i -X , is " rf 3. , , A A Q Z, .af if ' 23 "' . '. ' db .-1 .. ,nh A4 ke" 5 1. .. .M . 4 H C J- .I - D 1: J. L. C. R L R C R gwl, l"""'r. XX .. I xg! W K fi. X 7 i X "POP" SIEGEL P7'PXllllf'7lf CLASS OF 1938 H ADAMS P. LFAKL M. ISARNET1' A, R. LFVUIS M. Boov W. C. lVlCFIfL1 B. BOY -I. P. MORGAN S. CROCKLR D. D. O'BiuLN C. FAMBROUGH W. D. PAULK H. Gokov H. VV. SAMS B. HUNT D. A. STIQVLNSON B. JOHNSON H. M. VLRDERY CLASS OF 19 3 9 NW. ALLISON R. S. R K BYARS HOLT Hooks HLWWELL C. W. KFN'l' W. R. PAULK VV. M. Pomz R. N. REYNOLDS J. F. TAY1Ou R. B. YVILLIAMS lota Chapter Froffi Ivff fo riglwf: UQ Hold that line. QZQ Off to school, note the books. C35 Good-bye. Q41 Lokey and Fnmbrough, Mutt and jeff. CU 'I'f'r'b11iq11f' Editor conde- scends to pose for us. C61 Lokey, Crocker, and Johnston welcome Georgia. Q75 Allison :md Verclery do L1 little rubber-necking. Q81 A little native wit. UQ Pop. 110, Why women go mud, Morgan. Qllj Schilling holds that line again-wonder wl1at's on the other end. QIZJ Be reasonable. USD Barnett seems to be having trouble. QI4j Politicians 1111! R. JONES DEAN NEWTON HANCOCK MONTGOMERY DYKES MCGEIIEE SMITH LOKEY EAGER SPENCER HARRISON REESE FULGHUM MUMFORD TENNISON MILLIGAN FLAGLER SWIFT HOLST SIMPSON GREEN MURPHY TILFORD RANKIN RIRST L. WILCOX HOLT XVYATT IRWIN NELSON A. WILCOX ANDERSON ALEXANDER LONG BICKERSTAFF B. JONI-ZS YOUNG LEGG Sigma Alpha Epsilon MEKOWN B DUI: S IUE F01lI'ItIE'Ll 1856 Inslallcml 1890 FLOVVER! Violet coLoRs: Old Gold and Purple OFFICERS J. K. RANKIN . . Presnlrnf J. R. W11.Cox . . Vicf'-Prmzllc D. D. LONG , Scprclqry W. G. EAGER . . Trmszznr CLASS OF 1936 R. M. N. JONES M. MILI.IGAN C. M. LOKEY J. K. RANKIN J. R. WILCOX CLASS OF 193 7 J. F. AI.FXANDER D. G. ANDERSON W. Y. C. DEAN W. G. EAGER J. R. FITZPATRICK T. T. FLAGLER H. Y D R G S. L. W. SWIFT 'U'-if Q F. FREEMAN, J D. LONG H. MCZKOWN G. MORRISON J. NEWTON J. SPENCER, JR .0-' 'in . 'GQ MONROE 113' 'ff E' 'G ,iff in. 25' 'Oi . A . I ' , - i L XX fl i X 'CZ' I JIM RANKIN Presulcrzl CLASS OF 1958 C. A. BIr.RnRsTAIfIf If. W. Hour, JR. T. C. CAMDEN B. P. kIoNI2s XV. B. Dol-. F. W. MQCATHLRN lp. D. FI-RI-LI., JR. G. lf. NIONTGOIWLRY, R. j. HANCOCK, JR. P. MUNROII N. C. HARRISON lx. RIfI.s, -IR. ll. B. PIOLST ul. R. RICIVIARIISON Ii. J. HVOUNG, AIR. CLASS OF 1939 S. NV. DUI. C. S. Mr'GI1IIIfI5 C. H. DUNCAN D. MUNIURII T. M. FURLOW R. W. lVlURI'HY XV. -I. IIULGHUM H. B. NI,LsoN A. A. CI.II.IIMAN, JR lu. W. SMIIII, ilu. QI. W. GRLLNL ml. D. TI.NNIsoN, JR. lp. B. IRWIN li. C. TILIORIJ, QIR. W. G. KIRST, AIR. C. I.. XVARD M, F. LEGG G. C. WYYATT Georgia Phi Chapter IJVIIIII lrfl lu rigfuf: flj Daniel iII the l.iun's Den Qluy Ralph .Innes IIIILI eonipzuiyj. C21 A little sap comew down the tree. CBJ Now, joe Louie, dn like this. Q41 W'1Iiling for O'Keefe tn diamiws. UQ Une of the brothers returning from the annex, which can he seen ill the bnckgrmiiiil. UIQ Spring fever. Q71 The Scarlet I.etteI'-A apologies to Cnmpeu. 433 little ilne. UIQ A much of W'ildrouL will fix il. CHU At your service. Cllj Draculn. AVERY BAILEY HOPE MCNENNEY COGBURN ABRAMS FULLER IIARR BENTON IIIGHTOWER MATTHEWS GRAVES BAILEY KING Runu OONKLIN LADYNSRI RYAN JAMES CANNON MION Sigma CH STREET DLMERITT LINK TAYLOR LONG CIIASTEN SMITH WARD HALL MCKENZIIL BAKER MAYHEW EVERETT TILLERY Foundcfci 18 55 Installer! 1922 FLOWER: White Rose COLORS: Bluff and Gold OFFICERS P. I. HARR . . . Presidcnzf G. H. HIGHTOWER . . Vice-President E. J. BENTON, JR. . . Secretary F. W. DEMERITT . . Treasurer CLASS OF 1936 F. B. ANLRY F. C. KIDD, JR. P. I. HARR W. O. STRLLT AI. W. WARD CLASS OF 1937 J. H. BAILEY H. W. LADYNSRI E. -I. BENTON, AIR. O. R. LINR R. O. CONKLIN R. M. MATTHEXXVS F. W. DLMERITT R. A. MCKLNZIL H. B. EARTHMAN NV. MCNENNRY F. S. HALL N. H. MCRAE G. H. HIGHTOWER J. C. RYAN G. M. Home G. C. TAYLOR ,mmm ? .,, ' , , 'O'. E 5 If .f 3. XX , "AA 1' 1. P.- xi ff f' 1 X fx T wg, fi PHIL HARR President CLASS OF 1938 T. R. AI.I.I.N W. H. JAMIis NW. O. BAIQIQR C. R. LONG J. C. CKJGBURN, JR. C. A. MAYIIIAV A. L. Cimvxs J. B. PEARCIL CLASS OF 1939 O. C. Animms J. M. IZv1.Iu.'r'r D. D. BAILEY T. R. FULLIQII J. D. Bu'I'I.Iau J. B. KING J. W. CANNON C. A. NIION, JR. J. R. CIIMILN R. A. SMITH T. NV. TILLERY Beta psi Cliapter Fruffz Inf! in ritqlwl: Qlj Dinner. Q21 Taylor in the Auxtin. OJ Taylor out of the Austin. HJ Abrams takes up flagpole sitting. QSJ Hurine. Q61 Anutlier fresliie suffers fur tlie lll,UI, PRINI, C75 B. M. of B. P. thinks up ways uf gyping the Editor. KBJ Higlituwer and McKenzie. Q9J Whitiiig for tlie mail. CIUJ Still in the air. CIIJ Too bntl. CIZJ lid and Lucius. UU More llnrine. Cl4j B.Iiley'a airplane. UU Jnnius, Kinlml, and DuMcritt planning beer party. U62 Still wailing for the mail. C175 Tli.1t's .i1l. ADAMS IRANKLIN ALLEN KIINDRICK IARKIN NlCiHOI.SON SMITH AUSTIN KUPIIZC COX I..X NIIZR SMITI ISON PONIDI-,R S I'ONI'. ISRITT MARKLITY HA RRISON I.IlIl GII,l',S SIX Ml-OR IJ YOl'I' Sigma Nu IARMITR ROBINSON HART CIIILIJS GRIIIFIN FINCI I PAULSON JOHNSON HUDSON MANX FOIIHKLULZ 1869 Insfallml 1896 IIOWEII: Wbiic Rose coI,oRS: Gold, Black, and Wfloifv OFFICERS J. H. FINCH . . P1'C'Sit1Cl1f E. F. COX . . Vice-Presizlerzzf H. P. KUPIEC . . Scfrreimfy J. S. HAIKRISON . T1'CdSZlYC1' CLASS OF 1936 W. C. ADAMS I.. H. FRANlxI.IN A. A. AUSTIN H. P. KUIHIIIC G. F. BRITT J. M. MARKI.l:Y J. H. FINCII C. W. PAULSON A. N. ROBINSON CLASS OF 1937 G. M. ALLILN VV. R. KENIIRIILIQ E. F. COX E. S. LANIILR J. S. HARRISON D. E. Luau J. T. MARSHALL yi' it 4 waz Mirxi ill m '.. anffa V 4' rg J A Q, 7 ilslww OWU , JUS. E!-.P S. ,, .. H-I fr WMI, pf'Q Wwfw.yIfm 51.1. 'au U . ,I "',. FI. Q-MIS' if 'Q uf. v' RI L , ii ,- px If ,T .aa Zf I YJ-E l 1 4 I X I A -il. K l X I Q, f A fp XX X 1 Xxx' JI L I ' ' l X BILL FINCH Pfl'Xi21l'lIl CLASS OF 1938 -I. R. CIIILDS - L. M. LAIIIQIN M. A. HUDSON C. E. SAMl4'ORD Al. W. SLIITHSON CLASS OF 1939 AI. G. CAMP F. W. NIcIIoLsoN C. B. GII.Ias L. B. PONIJILR ul. L. MANN B. SMITH S. A. STONE Gamma Alpha Chapter Fraul lvfl lo rigbl: CIJ House after snow. C23 They all have them. QD Finch waiting for more dances. Q45 Who's this? QSJ Preparing for homecoming. C61 We dicln't win any prize, but we still think uur's was the best. UQ Happy family -what are Kupice and Franklin up to? Q81 Lanier and Allen are the only ones we can recognize here. 195 Freshman scratching for worms. 1105 Among my souve- nirs. Qllj Freshman evidently didn't find any worms. ,A-Al-li4A, , r 79' , 'rm JG 11' --an LINIJSIQY GIQIGICR DANII-.I, IRISY N ,'Xl'IIzk XX'IiS'l' IIARRISON GUULIBING I,. U'CiAI.I.AGHAN GRI-f'I'SINGliIi IIALMAN QVQLTINN SIATON SMITI1 SL'I.I,IV.XN Sigma Phi Epsilon 59" NV. COOK H. COOK HUBBIZLL VVARE Ifonmfml I90l llzsfallmf 1907 FLOWERS: AI1Il'1'il'dII Blllllf-1' Rosz' and Viale! cg01.oRs: Pzzrplff and Rmf OFFICERS H. A. VUIZST . . l'rf'sirIn1f L. AI. f3,c:ALl.AGHAN . . Xfiff'-PVl'Sil1It'lIf W. A. O,QUINN . Sc'c'rc'fury E. E. LINDSIZY . . Trvaszzrer CLASS OF 1936 li. Ii. I.m1ms1.x' H. A. WI2s'r CLASS OF 1937 W. S. Cook L. ll. OVCALLAGHAN F. R. GUULDING T. Y.4 IWASUN Al. H. PlDWI:I.l. F are.Ng P Qv P V F 4. .L " ' A .', 0- "A A. f ZCDE A Ae' 'DIA ,av . .B V 'A . , 'h I-F, Georgia faxlplwd Clwapter fu .1 j lk ,-"fx Mm x 1 'qu x Qx 9- 'V' N A 7 I ' , P Q I It ' fl ' 15171111 lrfl fu Vigfwf: flj c:Cl1hllI'CCli'lf,S Halmzln girls. KZJ Vflmt goes up will soon , A burn down. QU Anxiouv to go wmcwlwrc. f4j Swimming. CSD Ccmuzwd .llif ' .,,:i,, . CGQ XVCM, Gcigcr, Cook, and Irby l'lCll!'C'4I tlmc CLll'I'ICl'.l, ll11lm.1n, Ilulwbcll, I,iudScy I' X. ' etc., in tlw rczlr. f7j Ijtilc 34111110 of bridge? ISD Summcr Llay. C93 Iindsux ff' ' ,X wrcstlcs with lCI11PIk'lflOl1+.ll1kl wc rlmuglwt lmc was suclw .1 nice buy. llllj llkllllhlll i1 il N X Iinrlc butter Circuluitnmccs. fllj You know I love you. fllj iluurgin l'r.lml imnlclu f .K N 1. S, P. lf. fraternity lwusc. l 5 X ' . N W5 1 1 . X, X J R 9 1 ' l 7 K, .1.--. . ,-- W--W -- , X-, . .. W l 1---.W 9 1 l .Q l l l"lARVI1Y Wl.S'l' ,dlllxif PJ't'.Vlllt'IIf A CLASS OF 193 8 li Y. Coon L, F. Hunm 1.1. R ml. IJANIII If. XV. Imax R li. GRI 1z1Nr.1,k W. A. CTQUINN R M, l'l.u,MAx Ii. B. SI.A'lON N. C. VVARL CLASS OF 1939 Y, linux L. W. Sullu 1, A. Nami rx D. S.,xx XX I.. f9'CAI,I..MJHAN F. W. T1'Ac5u, PN V, Qi " 1 1 5: 1 S . gf. K ax 5 j , 9 ll . H L05 au.. I RANK ROSliNlSl1RG XY'ASSI:R M AN M ARKS IRIZHIIMAN ll-,X'lNI, lxAN'I'l1R SOLOMON XX'lilNS'I'liIN Sll.VIlR IIOIWMAN l7SM.H,UX' l.UN'l'Z IRISKZH IEARRIQTT QIIZGIYI, KALYI MAN I'ONC.HIxR Tau Epsilon PM MOORE ROSIZNZWIHG GOLDMAN SILBIZRMAN VVIZISICR GOLDSTILIN Ifozfazflrfl I9i0 lzzxfallmf 1922 lmowluus: Violvl llllll Lily of flu, Valli'-5' cgoums: l,az'c'11:fr'1' ami WMI:- QIJIJICERS I-'I. j. KAN'l'1i1: . PI'l'Xil!l'lIf D. A. SOLQMON . . Vil'!'-PVl'.Ti!ll'I1f N. M. FRISCH . . Sc'f1'c'iary M. I. XVASSIQRMAN . . Tl'C'dX1lV't'I' CLASS OI? I936 ml. FRANK I. S. Moolui H- ,l. KANHR H. C. Rosz-.Nimmo D. M. Lurvrz D. A, So1.oMoN CLASS OF 1937 N. M. IJRINII Il, N. XY'l.IiI,K M. I, NX'Ass1.1un1AN H. R. w'l.lNS'l'l-,IN a fb ???'9?"9':' W 'F if T? bk P i 5 Q 'O Q Q lk.-l..p.:i 1 I... -45 ..II -,I I, WI. nf If I X fly ,. 5 I 3 II-I I HEI XM X 1 QNX XI I .-'I I-I' 4 III Ia NSS? XX x X . ,7 X 'Q 55558 .gig gn, QI' Ixl-IU' Ii.IxN'I'I I4 Pl'f'XiIlI'lIf CLASS OII 1938 II ISIIIIQ KI. II. NI.XIiIxS N XI I.. CIOIIIMAN M. SIIc.II. I II KI, Ifiu 1 Im. II Cmi Ims'II IN CIImssM.Ix N D. SII.vI'Ia CLA KN I If IIUI I MAN I'I. OI7 1939 R. Kfxui xI.IxN IS. I. I,I VINI Ii. OIMIIIIIV ,I, I'I4I xx S.-xxiixsnx' III .I II II II I I II II .I I II II I I. II ,I .I II IDIII Chapter l"I'oIr1 lvfl fn rigbl: CII liven LI1is disguise CULIILIIIII Iiide W'ebeI'. C21 Sliurty. CBJ A few nf the seniors practising for grqlduaxliun. C41 Love scene. HJ All uigellier now, IGJ Lieutenant Frank. f7Q Ilrnnt row---Solornon, IJFLIIIIQ, I,unllg re.Ir row: Moore, Roseliberg, and another. ISI I-Inuse .Ind grounds, I9j Stumped. QIUQ IIe.Il CIeIII'gi.I. UIQ Friend. IIZQ Our varisly. 41131 Happy f.ll1lIIY. II-II Cluse- up of frexhinnn xuffering for the BLUI PRINI, Q A YW .Y 5 ' .. . .,,.,. .. .A,, Q Y Y' Y --,- f-- - C - W -- --- I-sw - Q -Ql. ,. ,7v..,v,.. .,.. ' , ,Ann ,AQY ,YYV-QA ff' V Y W ff "V V' ' II I I I III III II 'II 'II I I M. I III f I I II I I I If II II II II I I -Q AMES NELSON PIKE IJIGGIYTT TODD CA MPBELI. CLANTON HARPER PETERSON STACY MII,I.IiR RICHARDSON SMITH DONOVAN MORELLI LAWRENCE .IORDAHN WHITE Theta Chi FOIIINIFLII 18 56 Inxfullccl 1925 FLOW ERI CHYl7dff!II1 COLORS: Rnd and Wbifr OFFICERS M. B. AMES, JR. . . Prc'sidm'1f R. P. NELSON . Vin'-P1'r'sic1z'l1f W. G. SMITH . . Sccrvfary E. W. JORDAHN . . T1'C'HS7ll'f'1' CLASS OF 1936 M. B, AMES, JR. G. K. HARPER K. P. CAM1-BELL E. W. JORDAHN H. V. CLANTON R. P. NELSON A. J. FERNANDEZ-MORRELL J. M. PETERSON G. T. STACY CLASS OF 1937 F. W. EVANS LI. A. RICYIARDSON W. G. SMITH W ,Mw- A A' If -R...--' was-K . A A R. .- - -3.-.. 'A + ' A . I I -if A l if . Ag. . sS,,Q.i:M-N14 I X fav- N59 A x 'Nl V' .gm x. Xl X . S ! 5-' l XX fs l . A x- l , fe km ' - NllL'l'ON AMIQS Pr1'xiu'f'r1l CLASS OF 1938 B. R, IXISUISROOK F, R. LAN R. F. Doxov.-xx RI. R. Llbl,l'I'I' F. Mo1u.1.I.l CLASS OF 1939 Nl, I-lcfxN4.!x P. XX. NIILIIR , I.. l..-xxm1u.xc,l P. Ig. 'loom R. Ll. WVHITI ml l. lla' Alplma Nu Clwepter Franz lvff lu rixqfrl: flj Lawrence wiLh the lady. QZJ lied lime. HJ A little pool. QU Lovc in bloom. UD Sillmucllc. Party. 17D Harper rculincs 3.g1'accfLllly. CSD ISINPLY clmir. 195 Dog .xml snow. QIOQ More p.1rty. 4.1 lj lfumalu. C121 Housc in -now, HU IXINCS, llwu .1vi.1tor. ll-lj Hcrr 1lUI'il.1l1l1. HU Tlxc uml of the game, CII-J 'I'l1c bcgiuning of mme. U72 Ames. QISJ Hmm. ll9 .mal Zllj 'Ilan l.m mf the bmrlwrs. 423:-ig:-gg.-:iQ ".S ., A- S i r -M. l l i 1 fl le I l l l l 1 fr -ll ll' ' L l 1 rl li, ll 1 ll qll l To close this section we wish to commend the work ot Miller Richardson, who in his first year on the statt, undertook and, we teel, successtuily completed the ditticult task ot making the pen sketches ot the presidents ot the traternities. ' -The Editor. 70ACSX ATHLETICS RV Fll'lD T T WOULD be impossible to close our story ot chemistry, briet as it has been, without some men- tion ot those men who, by ceaseless toil and struggle, have made possible its marvels. Accordingly we have chosen as our subject here, "The Spirit ot Re- search," which we teel typities the courage and the love ot chemistry ot those otten torgotten men, the research chemists. To them who shall create it we dedicate the tuture. For it is they who are the authors ot "The Romance ot Chemistry." 'i 19' 11,-nm Im I., I-MII. ALDRIDGE, IAATSON, BRII1 'l'.IXlN, c:RAw'IfORD, LIIIIANIQS, FAMBROUGH, GOLD. MAN, R. JONES, JORDAN, KIZSTLER, RIDD, IIND. SEY, MARTIN, MATTHEWS. MQDONALD, McKlN- 'TW CLUB OFFICERS H. A. WIQST ..... Prvxiflwll E. C. KIDD . . . . Sl't'l'l'fLll'J' J. C. TTYDILR . . SI'rgf'uf1f-af-Armx MEMBERS R. P. ALIJRIDGE J. B. BATSON . F. BRITTAIN . R. COLLINS G. L. EDWARDS E. C. FAMBROUGH E. H. GIBSON L. C. HAYS A. E. JONES R. M. JONES R. W. KESTLER J. B. LINDSEY C. W. MATTHEWS J. E. MCKINLEY W. MCNFLNN1iY J. S. MOORE J. U. NIXON J. B. PEARQE J. K. RANKIN W. O. STREET O. H. THOMPSON L. P. WAl.KER C. E. WAITS .I E l.IiY, MCLAIN, ML-NENNIZY, MILLS, MURGAIN K I ACH KN RAYKIN 'TACY XTRl'I"l' . I 1 , I . S . , S an . IX TIIOMPSON. 'IIJI-TS, W.-XII'liS, WISI 'JW CLUB OFFICERS G. T. STALZY . . . Vin'-Prunfuzl H. B. BOUIAWARIAL . . 'lnuumr MEMBERS H. H. Al'I'I.l-IBY' R. A. BEARD P. M. CFIANCZI-1 H. G. CRAWI-'ORD R. W. EUBANKS J. M. FITZSIMONS M. L. GOLlJNlAN W. E. JOHNSON B. P. JONES W. H. JORDAN M. J. KONEIVIANN W. S. MARTIN G. E. MCDONAl.ll E. W. MCLAIN R. A. MIl,1,S J. P. MORGAN L. J. O'CALLAcLHAN C. B. PRESTON T. F. SIMS E. S. THARPI5 J. R. TUI-'TS J. G. WAl.l.lS J. R. XVIILOX 'W. A. ALEXANDER QAATHLETIC COAcH WILLIAM A. Al.EXANIDER Head Coach Football Dil'l't'ffll' of AflJl1'Ii1's COACH ALEX, as he is affectionately known, is a true product of "The Flats," having gained and given all of his athletic experi- ence at Tech. From scrub, to varsity, to assistant coach, to head coach, and now as athletic director and head football coach, Coach Alexander has held the love and esteem of the student body for more than two decades. As head coach of football, he molds into one unit the products of the various special coaches and directs the gen- eral plan of attack. It is from his dynamic personality that Tech teams have imbibed a fighting spirit so famous throughout the sport world that they are known as "the team that never quitsf' A member of the official All-American Football Board and former President of the Football Coaches of America, "Alex" is indeed a national figure of whom Tech is justly proud. GEORGIA TECH ATHLETIC BCDARD DR. M. L. BRITTAIN, Cjl16li1'llZllI1 W. A. ALEXANDER ............ DiI'f'c'f0r of Azfblefics PROIP. A. H. ARMSTRONG, Facvllly Cfmirnmn of Aflaleficx . Blzsincsx Mcumger Dl3lAN FLOYD FIELD ......... S1'vreIary-Transurn' DI-QAN W. V. SKILILS . . . . Adnzizzisfrafimz DR. G. H. Bocas DR. J. B. CRIaNsIIAw ALUMNI MEMBERS R. T. JONEs JR. O. G. LDAVIS G. W. MCCARTY, JR. L. W. ROIIIART, JR. STUDENT MEMBERS J. M. WILLIAMS R. W. EUBANKS L. A. MORRIS Pl'f'Sitll'I7f Slmfelzi Council Captain of FoofluzllT1'anz Editor of The Tecbniqm' ASSOCIATION Tl-I E COAC l-l ES MAJOR SPORTS GEORGE GRIFFIN . . . . Track J. R. MACARTHUR . . l:00flN1ll ROY MUNDORFP' . . Basketball M. M. THARPE . . . . FO0I'bf1ll R. L. Doon . . . . Fooflmll JOE XVESTBROOK . . l"00fl7ll1l DAVE XWILCZOX ..... Football ORII-I-IN MUNDQRFF 1301313 M.IeAR'IHlJR 'l'l'lARl,l'i XVESTBROOK MINOR SPORTS W"'l'X E. E. BOR'I'IiI.L ..... Tclmix R. T. MOli1iNUS X. . Fencing H. E. DENNISON . . . . Golf K. D. HARTZELL . . Swimming GEORGE GRIFFIN Coach George Griffin, Assistant Dean of Men, directs the track team. A former Tech track man, he is an enthusias- tic student of the sport, and under his guidance several outstanding stars of the cinder paths have been developed. ROY MUNDORFF Roy Mundorff takes time off from his mathematics class- room when basketball time comes. A former star at the sport, he is well qualified for his position. Former President of the Basketball Coaches of America, Roy is another na- tional sports figure that Tech is proud of. BOBBY DODD Former All-American, Bobby Dodd is recognized as one of the greatest football players in southern football his- tory. His Alma Mater is the University of Tennessee. Bobby's duties include the training of the backfield, coach- ing the freshman basketball team, and, until its discon- tinuance this year, the coaching of the baseball team. MAC THARPE Mac has the instruction of the line on his hands and in addition he does the important work of a scout. Mac is a former Tech hero, who, like Alexander, has spent his sport years solely at Tech. ROY MAQARTHUR Coach of the freshman squad, Roy is an integral part of the sports picture at Tech. He entered the coaching ranks immediately following his graduation from Tech in 1933. JOE WESTBROOK AND DAVE WILCOX Assistant football coaches, these are the newest additions to the coaching staff. Joe is a former hero on the Rose Bowl team of 1928g while Dave, who handles the Grey Devils, finished his four years, during which he won All- Southern honors as a guard, just last year. VVOODALI, ITUCHS BARNETT RAMAGE XVILLIAMG CI-IEER LEADERS J. H. WILLIAMS . . Head Cbvcr' Lrfmlvz' F. F. lfucills -I. I-I. NWOODALL KI. B. RAMAGE C. M. BARNETT Courtcsy Atl.-mm Gcorgmn IZCDGTBALL APPLLBY lilllfbtlfll B1i1'r'rAlN ffllzlftf CARMACK Gmzrrl BIIARU Fnllburk. ELI'1L'0l1'dS scoring againxz' Sewanee 011 az wide emi' swwejz FGCDTBALI. THE "RA'zzLE-DAZZLE Bovsf, So said the sports writers. And that became their password. So it is that this daring and courageous young squad will live in Tech football his- tory. It was a team to be proud of, this 1935 edition of the Yellow Jackets. Fifty per cent. of its members were sophomores, yet it came back after four disheartening de- feats in succession to achieve something which no Tech team had been able to accomplish since 19285 it beat Georgia. With a smashing, running attack that couldn,t be stopped and a passing attack the superior of which had never been seen at Grant Field, this band of youngsters, before a roaring throng of 34,000 hysterical fans, literally tore a highly favored Bulldog to pieces. To start the game they gave Georgia a seven-point lead when nervous- ness got the better of them, but even before the cheers of Georgia's supporters had died away the Jackets, with a rapid fire succession of powerful line thrusts, had swarmed their way over the goal. In quick order they repeated and the half ended with Tech leading 13-7. The reopening of the battle found Georgia making a mighty effort to catch up. Three times they battered to the very shadows of Tech's goalposts. To no avail, it was the White and Gold's day. Late in the fourth quarter the Jackets again took the offensive. With a razzle-dazzle collection of passes, laterals, and trick plays, they smote Georgia the final blow. The game was over. This much can be said for Georgia. The Bulldog played a magnificent game, giving all it had, but from the very beginning she was doomed to fall before this wild young band of engineers who had forgotten the meaning of the word defeat. Morgan waits on a long pass in ifoc Auburn game FGGTBALI. We might go on to list the season's record, game by game, of the 1935 "Ramblin' 'Recksf' Certainly their conquest of Duke, picked by many experts as the Rose Bowl choice, deserves a history all of its own. . However, rather than do this, we feel that an annual is more per- sonal in nature, and so instead we present a brief sketch of each man as he is known to his team mates, in order that in future days these heroes may be better remembered, each in his own personality rather than as a unit in a team. R. W. EUBANKS, cumin "Lefty" Eubanks is a senior and was captain of the team. His home is Macon, Georgia, where he attended Lanier High School. In his high school days he was chosen as All-Southern tackle. During his stay at Tech he was handicapped by injuries, but despite them became one of her Stars. His lovable disposition made him a great favorite with his fellow players, who bestowed upon him the great- est possible token of their esteem by electing him to his captaincy. Besides playing football he was on the basket- ball team and an officer in Military. E. H. GIBSON, Alfvrnafc' Cajnfain "Hoot" Gibson is a senior and was alternate captain of the team. Besides playing end on the team he played base- ball for three years as a star first baseman. He was men- tioned on the All-Southern football team last year. His home is Atlanta where he attended Tech High School. J. F. BRITTAIN Fulton Brittain is a senior and a guard on the team. His home is in Birmingham, Alabama, where he attended Phillips High School. He was especially valuable because of his ability to play guard and tackle effectively. In addition to football he was on the track team. At high school he set a state record for the discus throw. COLLINS Ccnlcr CHANCE Tarfzfe Fnwixkns I'lu1fl1ar'k. EUBANKS Turk la' and Cupfain Fl'I'LSINlONS G14 tml Hixckiirr Ilillflirlfk H ooh Clfllfff cil.l,NIll xxim Cilmril Iljijzldzy XfUl'flI1Q ugnizzsf V:l11rfe1'l2iff FGCDTBALL P. M. CHANCE Phil Chance is a senior and comes from Florala, ,Ala- bama, where he was football captain of his high school for two years. Six feet, four and one-half inches in height, he was easily the tallest man on the squad. Played tackle on the team. J. B. LINDSEY "Bud', Lindsey is a senior and played tackle. Bud at- tended G. M. C. at Milledgeville. His home is at Irwin- ton, Georgia. He played baseball and was an officer in Military, and belonged to Skull and Key and Scabbard and Blade. J. MCKINLEY john McKinley is a senior and played halfback on the team. His home is in Decatur, Georgia, where he attended Decatur High School and was an outstanding star, He is a member of the Bull Dog Club at Tech. O. H. THOMPSON Oscar Thompson lives in Atlanta, but attended River- side Military Academy for his prep school. He played end on the team. Cn the campus he is one of the most popular seniors, being president of Anak, a member of Bull Dog. Skull and Key, and other honorary groups. J. R. witcox John Wilcox is a senior and comes from Tyler, Texas. He was preceded at Tech by brother Dave, now a member of the coaching staff, and is followed by a younger brother, Allen, who was a star on this year's freshman squad. John was prominently mentioned as All-Southern last year, but was handicapped greatly this year by a knee injury. He is a member of the Bull Dog Club and was vice-president of his freshman class. Applvlzy on u lim' xmuxlm againsf Georgia FOCDTBALI. H. H. APPLEBY Harry Appleby comes from Nashville, Tennessee, as a transferee from Vanderbilt. Previous to this he attended Boys High in Atlanta, where he was voted the best all- around athlete in his senior year. Although handicapped by poor eyesight, he also plays baseball and basketball ef- fectively, and last year caught for the varsity nine. On the campus he is very prominent, having held class oflices in both sophomore and junior classes, in addition to being on the Student Council and in the Skull and Key Club. R. A. BEARD Dick Beard is another product of Boys High in Atlanta, where he, like Appleby, was an outstanding athlete. Dick has an enviable record on the campus, having been presi- dent of his freshman, sophomore, and junior classes, a member of the Student Council for three years, on the lnterfraternity Council, and a member of Skull and Key and Bull Dog Clubs. J. M. mzs1MoNs Mit FitzSimons is a junior and also a product of Boys High. Mit was preceded at Tech by his father, who cap- tained the jackets some twenty years ago. In addition to his football he is a track man. Outside of school Fitz- Simons ranks as one of Atlanta's leading bowlers. I.. C. HAYS Larry Hays is still another Boys High product. At that institution he was All-Southern in 1932. Besides football, Larry is on the basketball and track teams. On the campus he was vice-president of his freshman, sopho- more, and junior classes, President of the Skull and Key Club in his sophomore year, a member of the Bull Dog Club, and several other organizations. jonoa N limi Alum limi Koxmx.-xxx Iilzlllmrk la Nnslfv Tnrlefr lk'lCKINLEY Ilalfback MORGAN E ml NIXON Guurd M0011 u QlL!H'iC7'b!lL'k. Hays ifilfercellnfillg u Georgia pass laekiml his own goal line to profcci Tecbk 13-7 leaf! FOOTBALL C. B. PRESTON Charley Preston is a junior and yet another Boys High graduate. In addition to football he is out for track. On the team he is first string center and is perhaps the biggest man. Last year he was a marvel of endurance. In Mili- tary, he tied with Jack Nixon for best drilled cadet this year. Charley happens to be a married man. W. O. STREET Billy Street is a senior who now lives in Miami Beach, Florida. He attended Tech High in Atlanta, where he was captain of his team. In addition to his football Street is an excellent golfer and a member of the golf team. He was president of his freshman and vice-president of his sophomore classes. Member of Skull and Key and other groups. E. R. COLLINS Red Collins is a sophomore living at East Point. This year he was understudy to Charley Preston and is con- sidered an excellent prospect. Red came to Tech from Florida Military Academy. He is also on the track team. G. L. EDWARDS George, "Scrappy," Edwards is the smallest player on the team, weighing only 150 pounds, but he makes up for it in ability. His home is Macon, Georgia, where he was All- Southern at Lanier High School. Scrappy is a halfback where his favorite trick is cluding opposing ends. A. E. JONES Ed Jones is another Lanier High product. A sophomore and classmate of Edwards, the two have played football together for over six years. jones is considered one of the finest prospects in the Southern Conference at end. In addition he is an excellent basketball player. jones on an em!-around fo score the winning touclaalown againsi Duke FOCDTBALI. W. H. JORDAN Bill, "Fatso,,' Jordan lives in Anniston, Alabama, but he attended McCallie in Chattanooga before coming to Tech. There, besides being an outstanding star on the football team, he was boxing champion of his High School district. He is another one of Tech's sophomore ends of whom much is expected by the experts. Bill is an outstanding basketball player and is also a track man. M. J. KONEMANN "Dutch,', or 'QCoon,,' to his friends, Marion Konemann was the mainstay of Techis backfield last year. Only a sophomore, he established himself as one of the leading backfield men in the Southern Conference. He is from Columbia, South Carolina, Where he attended Columbia High. There he was All-Southern fullback for three years and a four letter athlete. "Dutch,,' is also a track man, and despite his 190 pounds is an excellent sprinter. J. P. MORGAN Jimmy Morgan, another of Tech's star sophomore ends, comes from West Plains, Missouri, where he played foot- ball, basketball, and ran on the track team, and was an honor graduate. He entered Tech as a Co-op, but was pursuaded to go out for the team this year, and conse- quently changed to a regular. Despite the fact that he did not play any during his freshman year, he made the varsity and became one of its mainstays. Jimmy surprised his friends this spring by marrying a popular Atlanta girl. J. U N1xoN Jack Nixon, from Augusta, Georgia, is a product of the U. S. Navy, where he made the All-Navy team. He was also Wrestling champion of his ship, the Arizona. Last year he acted as captain of the freshman football team. He seems certain to hold down a guard post next year. He was president of his freshman and sophomore classes, President of Skull and Key, and a member of the Student Council for two years. V i RAINE Halfback PRESTON Cwzlci' Roiaervrs Tackle SIMS Quarterback l1 S'r1uz1zT Fullback THOMPSON Emi w7II,COX Guard THARDL Quarterback Edwards on a line buck against Florida FQOTBALI. T. F. SIMS Fletcher Sims is a sophomore and, like jordan, a product of McCallie in Chattanooga, Tennessee, his home. At Mc- Callie, hc was a star at football, basketball, and baseball. This year he was first-string quarterback. He is also a member of the basketball team. Fletcher is another of the married members of the team. J. s. MOORE Jimmy Moore is a junior from Atlanta. Last season he saw service often as quarterback. Despite his lightness, he weighs only 150 pounds, Jimmyis speed makes him a valuable man to the team. In school he is an honor-roll man. Jimmy prepped at Boys High. R. E. HOOD Ralph Hood is another Atlanta boy and a sophomore in school. This year he served as understudy center and took part in several games, despite never having played high school or college football before. E. S. THARPE Ernie Tharpe is a brother of Coach Mack Tharpe and is the third Tharpe brother to play on Tech teams. He is a sophomore and this year played quarterback. His home is Moultrie, Georgia. L. B. GLENDENNING Louis Glendenning is from Macon, Georgia, another Lanier High product. He is a guard and a sophomore at school. R. W. HACKETT Roger Hackett, from Rome, Georgia, is a sophomore. He plays halfback. Went to Darlington Prep. J. M. RAINE John Raine is a sophomore from Atlanta. He is a half- back. ICUVIPIHZIIIII in fha clear on bis long run against Georgia FOOTBALL J. E. CARMACK john Carmack lives in Decatur, Georgia. He is a sophomore and plays guard. This year he served in several games as understudy to Wilcox. S. A. ROBERTS Sam Roberts is also from Decatur, Georgia. He is a sophomore and plays tackle on the team. Sam tips the beam at 200 pounds and is one of the biggest men on the squad. He came from Decatur High. T. R. ALLEN Tom Allen is a sophomore and plays end. His home is Atlanta, where he attended Boys High. S. G. RONEY Sam Roney is a sophomore from Macon, Georgia, and Lanier High. Sam is another of the team's married men. He plays tackle. F. B. AVERY AND W. I. ROSAMOND Bruce Avery and Bill Rosamond were senior student managers. They took charge of equipment and financial matters to perform an invaluable service to the team. SCORES OF THE 1935 SEASON Georgia Tech . . . 33--Presbyterian College Georgia Tech . . 32-Sewanee . . . . Georgia Tech . . 7-Kentucky . . Georgia Tech . . 6-Duke . . . . Georgia Tech . . 0-North Carolina . Georgia Tech . . 13--Vanderbilt . Georgia Tech . . 7-Auburn . Georgia Tech . . 6-Alabama . Georgia Tech . . 39-Florida . . Georgia Tech . . 19--Georgia . RONILY Glnml ALLEN Em! AVIIRY M:ll1LItLfl'V ROSAMOND Manager BUTLER, DUGGAN, WILCOX, PETERSON, CRICHTON. JENKINS, DECKER, ADAMS, TIERCE, MARSHALL, EARTHMAN. GREY DEVILS EACH YEAR those candidates for the Georgia Tech football team who have not quite reached the par of varsity competition are grouped together as a separate team under the title of Grey Devils. To these in- dustrious players is due much of the credit for the successes which come to the first team. Every week they learn the plays of Tech,s next opponent and run them against the varsity, taking everything that the first string players have to offer. Never in the headlines, playing often solely for a love of the game, these men, with determination and courage helped to build the fine gridiron material of last year into a winning team. Although many of the Grey Devils will never play in a varsity contest, there were several during the past season Who showed enough promise to Warrant a varsity tryout. Therefore during the spring prac- tice period these were groomed for permanent-Varsity berths. Dave Wilcox, who graduated from Tech last year after three years of starring at guard, was coach of the Grey Devils during the past season. H. H. ADAMS MEMBERS B. B. MACINTYRE R. I. BUTLER G. R. MARSHALL J. L. CHIVINGTON G. B. MCCLURE NV. I. CRICHTON D. D. O,BRIAN R. C. DURGAN H. J. PETERSEN H. B. EARTHMAN J. W. RICKETT L. B. HUNT J. W. TIERCE FRESHMAN FOOTBALL THE GEORGIA TECH 1935 ERESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM was one of the most powerful first-year elevens to represent the White and Gold in many years. Under the expert tutelage of Roy MacArthur and Joe Westbrook, former Jacket stars, these future varsity players were organized into a smooth-running unit that was often able to hold the varsity in check. During the year the team engaged in frequent scrim- mages with the varsity and played games against the frosh teams of Auburn and Georgia. On Columbus Day the team traveled to Auburn for their annual contest with the Baby Tigers. Auburn won, but it was not until a fumbled ball found its Way into the hands of the Tiger center Who, entirely unmolested, raced down the field for the lone score of the game which ended 6-0. On Thanksgiving Day, before a crowd of ten thousand highly excited spectators, the Baby Jackets lost one of the most bitterly contested games ever played on Grant Field to the Georgia Bull Pups. Nervousness got the better of the yearlings and many opportunities to score were missed, despite the fact that the Georgia squad was slammed around much at will. The final score was 7-6. The proceeds of this game each year are given to the Scottish-Rite Hospital for Crippled Children. It is rapidly gaining In popularity to the extent that it is the most publicized freshman game in the South. W. C. GIBSON J. H. TEASLEY J. L. BROOKS R. L. SEAY PETE BALLAS J. C. KELLY J. L. BYARS JOE MCKINNEY G. B. SMITH W. F. DECKER G. T. RICKETT R. E. ANDERSON MEMBERS L. D. CROCKETT J. D. BUTLER T. R. JONES C. L. DAUGHTRY ALTON GLIEDMAN R. E. TARRANT R. W. MURPHEY MACK FURLOW W. G. THRASH MAURICE NAJJAR A. C. GIVENS W. E. SIMS C. L. GILMER L. F. ANDERSON E. L. WILLIAMS E. M. WHEBY B. H. LEE BRUCE REED T. W. TILLERY G. J. BRANAGAN A. L. WILCOX J. H. JENKINS W'ALTER RIMMER W. S. JACOBS GLENN CUSHING HENRY BYNUM Back Row: REED, RICKETT, DECKER, BUTLER, TILLERY, SMITH, LEE, ANDERSON, L., BYARS, TARRANT, KELLY, WILLIAMS CUSHING Middle Row BALLAS, CROCKETT, DAUGI-ITRY, WHEBY, JENKINS, FURLOW, JACOBS, MCKINNEY, MURPHEY, WILCOX, TEASLEY SEAY RIMMER Front Row: THRASH, ANDERSON, R., JONES, BYNUM, GILMER, SIMS, BROOKS, GIBSON, BRANAGAN, GIVENS, GLIEDMAN e wish to use as a close tor the tootba l section the names ot those men wno this year completed their tootball days at Georgia Tech: Eubanks, Gibson, Thompson, Chance, Street, McKinley, Wilcox, and Brit- tain, ot the varsity, and Crichton and Mar- shall ot the scrubs. These men have engraved their names alongside ot Tech's Immortals ot the past as worthy ot the name "Yellow Jackets." Bozzlwarv stores against Varzflvrbilf CRAWFORD F0 rwurrl E. JONES Forward HYDLR CL'7Ift'I' am! Forward HAYS Forward BOULWARI5 Gum fl BASKETBALL GEORGIA TECH,S UP-AND-COMING sophomore aggregation, after a slow start, finished up the season in whirlwind fashion, winning six out of the last eight games. Experi- ence turned out to be the deciding factor in several of the early contests. The green sophs had worlds of ability, but required several games to get into suitable style for con- ference play. By mid-season Coach Mundorif had molded a team which no opponent could take lightly. The Jackets opened the 1936 season away from home, meeting the University of Florida. The 'Gators, due mainly to the diminutive Eppert, who shot twenty points, defeated Tech 36-25. On January Sth, Tech journeyed down to Macon where Jimmy Slocumis Mercer basketeers were defeated 59-42. Ben Jones, the Canton sharpshooter, kept bringing the crowd to its feet with his brilliant play. He netted twenty-five points for the Jackets. In their first home stand the Jackets let a thriller slip through their hands. Clemson won by a score of 35-32. Hyder and Boulware handled the ball in fine fashion. Tech defeated Mercer again in Atlanta on January 15th by a score of 42-20. Bo Johnston was the outstanding man on the floor. On January 17th, Tech won her first home game on the new Naval Armory court, defeating Tennes- see 33-30. Ben Jones, Ed Jones, Bo Johnston, Sims, and Kidd played well together. Traveling to Nashville on January 18th, Tech's quintet was beaten 42-25 by Vanderbilt. Clemson made it two Action in the Tennessee game BASKETBALL straight over the Jackets on January 25th at Clemson, the score being 39-31. Ben Jones made a gallant fight in the last half, scoring fourteen points. The Georgia Bulldogs came to town on February 1st, only to go home the loser by 29-21. Bill Jordan, in the role of a forward, played exceptionally well. The first half was marked by flawless play on the part of the Mundorff basketeers. The Jackets next opponent was Auburn at Auburn. This game took place just following exams, and our boys were completely worn out. As a result, the Tigers out- pointed Tech 31-29. With renewed spirit the Jacket hoop- sters went into the Vanderbilt game on February Sth at the A. A. C., only to lose a tough one 42-40. Ben Jones' performance was excellent, shots from every angle of the court being made good. At this stage of the season, Tech had won two confer- ence games, and lost four. In order to qualify for the Conference Tournament, a percentage of better than 500 was needed. Six conference games remained. The boys really put on the pressure to win five of the six. Sewanee was defeated in Atlanta on February 12th to the count of 34-16. The Jones boys, Ben and Ed, were outstanding. Three days later Sewanee was again licked S8-35 at Se- wanee. Every man on the squad played a part of the game. On February 17th, the Jackets avenged a former beating by taking Florida 39-22. Boulware exhibited a fine defensive game. He also sank nine out of ten free jones scoring against Georgia B. JONES, Forwarzl 'TIERCE Guard RYAN Forward JOHNSTON Cenier Kino Guard Sims Umm! R AGLA NIJ M dllllgl' V NlUNDORI-'l' Coach JORDAN For'1a'ur'J um! Cvrzfer BASKETBALL throws. Auburn was next in line in Atlanta. Ed Jones, Johnston, and Boulware led the attack which ended our way 46-22. On February 22nd, the Jackets went over to Athens for a tilt with the Bulldogs. This affair was a characteristic Tech-Georgia game in Athens. Led by Ben Jones, the Jackets won out 24-22. Tech dropped the final game to Tennessee 33-21 in Knoxville. The Jackets finished their pre-tournnment schedule well up in the Conference race. Tech drew Vandy in the first tournament game. The inspired Jackets met Vandy, who was favored to win the S. E. C. Tourney, and came off victorious at 42-37. The following night Alabama's Crimson Tide, led by Jim Whgxtley, defeated Tech in the semi-finals 43-34. The University of Tennessee won the Southeastern Con- ference Tournament by defeating Alabama. Among Tech's laurels was the placing of Boulware on the second All-Conference Team as a guard. Varsity letters were awarded Bo Johnston, Ben Jones, Ed Jones, Fletcher Sims, Lawrence Hays, Whack Hyder, Cul- ver Kidd, Burtz Boulware, Bill Jordan, and Hank Craw- ford. The freshmen played good ball to win the majority of their games. Freshman numerals were given George Smith, Bill O'Callaghan, Gus Lott, Doyle Butler, Bruce Reed, Byers, Gilmer and Munford. Close IIHVILUVS in the Gvorfia 'funn' 1 G TQACK WVALKER NTCLAIN ALDRIDGIL R. JONES BA1'soN lS1c.kl.RS1A1l RANKIN WusT TRACK COMMANDING THE ATTENTION of all the track colleges of the Southeast from the outset, Tech assumed a role strikingly different from that of former years. The Clem- son mcet is the only one that has been held as this goes to press, but it is a good enough "indicator,' to bear up our prediction that this year is Tech's big year in track. Notwithstanding the losses of the scintillating Jim Davenport and Norris Dean, the team has shown remark- able strength in almost all departments. Norris Dean is back this year as an assistant coach to Coach Griflin. Perrin Walker, returning after a year's lay off, is burning up the track, and has already been mentioned for this year's Olympics in Germany. Captain Harvey West is Tech's crack miler. Due to a leg injury received during the training period, West has not attempted to bear down in the mile yet, but it is con- fidently expected, in View of past performance, that he will be one of the outstanding milers of the South. In the Clemson meet he showed his versatility by capturing second place in the quarter mile, and running anchor man on the relay team, nosing out the Clemson man in a hair- line finish. Start of the 120-yard high hurdl was the winner. Tufts and Hyder es in Alabam are the Tecl TRACK Chick Aldridge, the lad with never a hair out of place, is proving to be a sensation in the two-mile event. He was the big gun on the cross-country team in the fall, and when track opened up the "experts" expected him to do very well in the two-mile jaunt. However, he proved to be better than even the most optimistic of them predicted. After the preliminary warm-ups, Chick astounded Coach Griffin by breaking the Southeastern Conference record in a time trial. He Won the event at Clemson, and is ex- pected to oificially break the record before the season is over. Batson, Fambrough, and Kestler are fighting it out for second place in the two-mile, and between these three points can always be depended upon. Jack Pearce is the half-miler of the squad. During the Clemson meet Jack turned in a stupendous feat by run- ning the mile in the remarkable time of 4:37 and turning around and running the half in the good time of 2:04. For this time of the year, the time was excellent, and it is expected that he will better the Tech record set by Jim Davenport. neet. Edwards, of Alabama, on the extreme right, HCI1. i PETERSEN MCKINLEY KESTLER HALMAN ROISESON TAYLOR KONEMANN Hvni R BYRD YORK WALLIS Cook Manager GUEST NIAKTIN PEARCE FAMBROUGH TRACK Ed McLain and Jim Rankin are both consistently good half-milers and can always be depended upon for points. Too much praise cannot be given Perrin Walke1', alter- nate captain of the team, and the biggest point-gainer on the squad. His versatility has placed him as one of the highest scorers in this region in years, and as he scored 21 points in the Clemson meet to top all, the same is pre- dicted for this year. "Sundial', Martin took up throwing the javelin for the fun of it, and has turned out to be one of the best javelin throwers Tech has had in recent years. "Dutch" Kone- mann, of football fame, is also one of the guns of the track team, heaving the weights, and running the dashes. John Tufts, John Hyder, and John McKinley share like honors in the hurdles. John Tufts holds both freshman hurdle records, while McKinley and Hyder are newcomers in the art of timber topping. Taylor, Staples, Goldman, Bicker- staff, and Halman run the 220 and 440 dashes. Ben Jones does the high jump assisted by Walker. dash against Alabama. At the right is a study 0 Perrin Walker equaling his Southeastern C TRACK Gordon Wallis, along with Jimmie Moore, manages to garnish points in the broad jump. Wallis and Charley Calhoun take care of the pole vault. jack Rhyne, a sopho- more, shows great promise of being a crack miler, along with Everett Johnson. Jack Petersen is beginning to look like an excellent shot putter, and also takes some places in the broad jump. York and FitzSimons take care of the other weights, and are very dependable. Coach Griffin has high hopes of his relay team, composed of Buzz jones, Norman Vaughn, Jack Pearce, Harvey W'est, and Perrin Walker, winning the Conference Mile Relay. Performances of these men already indicate that Tech's relay team is one of the best. All in all, Tech has a well-rounded and formidable out- fit not lacking in individual stars, which are essential to any outstanding track team. It is probably the best team we have put out in recent years, and we hope to hear from it at the Conference meet in Birmingham, Alabama, this year. 'ence record of 9.6 seconds in the hundred-yard Walkers stride. STAPLE RHYNE B. jomes GoLDMAN TU1T'rs JOHNSON FITZSIMONS MARKLLY M unugvr FOWLER, McKEE, MUNFORD, THRASH, SIMMS, DOE, RICE, MURPHY, JOHNSON, HEAD, SMITH. BELCHER GOLDSTEIN. MURKS, JONES, ROUNTREE, DODDS, ALLISON, ALFRIEND, LOTT, WILLIAMS, WILDER, STONE, STAPLETON POTTER, TEAGUE, NEIL, NAYBOR, CAMPEN, FRASER, BAKER, WATSON, LANGE. FRESHMAN TRACK AS THIS GOES TO PRESS the freshman track team has engaged in only two meets, one with Boys High and the other with Georgia Military Academy. The Baby Jackets were successful on both occasions having de feated the former by the score 71-50 and the latter 62.4-59.6. Although at present no Outstanding star has developed there are good performers in all events and lt IS expected that the team will fare well in succeeding meets. W. J. ALFRIEND R. W. ALLISON C. F. BAKER C. L. BELCHER R. W. BOYD M. T. CAMPEN S. W. DOE W. DODDS F. A. FRASER A. A. GLIEDMAN R. F. HEAD A. R. HOOK MEMBERS W. B. JOHNSON T. R. JONES J. T. KENDRICK H. M. LANGE G. K. LOTT G. H. MCKEE D. MUNFORD P. S. MURKS D. J. MURPHY E. V. NAYBOR W. L. O,CALLAGHAN P. M. POTTER W. R. RICE W. J. ROUNTREE J. W. SIMMs W. M. SMITH J. J. STAFFORD J. A. STAPLETON S. A. STONE D. W. SULLIVAN J. M. TEAGUE A. C. WATSON R. A. WILDER G. T. WILLIAMS S. H, FOWLER, Manager H. B. GOLDSTEIN, Manager CROSS COUNTRY AFTER WINNING IN SUCCESSION dual meets with Auburn, Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia, the 1935 Georgia Tech cross country team completed a perfect season by defeating all teams that entered the newly-formed Southeastern Conference meet which was sponsored by the Atlanta journal. The winning of the Conference meet was characteristic of the other victories in that the team as a whole ran together and took places successively. Under the excellent instruction of Coach George Griffin, the team was at all times in good shape, and able to turn in some fast times on Tech's new cross country course. Contrary to previous years, the team performed best against Georgia, defeating them with almost a perfect score. The sophomore star, Chick Aldridge, led the scoring with a total of 38 points, fol- lowed by Captain Batson, whose score was 34 points. Those graduating this year are J. K. Rankin, H. A. West, E. W. McLain, R. M. Jones, and J. B. Batson. However, strengthened by the addition of several outstanding runners from this year's freshman squad, the team is expected to continue its winning streak and again win the Southeastern Conference championship. MEMBERS R. P. ALDRIDGE W. E. JOHNSON L. J. O,CALLAGHAN J. B. BATSON, Captain R. M. JONES J. B. PEARCE J. P. BYRD R. W. KESTLER J. K. RANKIN E. C. FAMBROUGH E. W. MCLAIN J. S. RHYNE M. L. GOLDMAN R. A. MILLS S. H. FOWLER, Manager COACH GRIFFIN, WEST, PEARCE, O'CAI.LAGHAN, KESTLER, BATSON, FOWLER. JOHNSON, FAMBROUGH, MILLS, GOLDMAN. PRES!-IMAN CRCDSS CCDUIXITRV TI-In IQRIQSHMLN, although they did not enjoy as many victories as the varsity, had a fairly successful season. Coach Griffin uncovered several runners of promising talent who will be a great aid to the varsity cross-country squad next year. The Baby Jackets defeated the Georgia Military Academy and Tech High School, lost to Boys High School, and placed second in one quadrangle meet. B. M. Boimmts F. A. FRASER R. M. ISAUIVMAN J. T. KENIJRICK D. MUNIFORD N. C. NAPIER V. E. NAYBOR W. L. O,CAL1.AGHA N MEMBERS . A. cj,QUlNN, jk H. SAMINSIQY O. SHItoPsIIIIug W. SIMNIS D. W. SULLIVAN A. WATSON A. WILuIaIx H. WILLIAMS S. H. FOWLER, Mazinger l"OWl.liR, WILLIAMS. BORDERS, MUNFORD, SIMMS. XVILDER, K.-XUIMAN, FRASER. NAPIER SHROPSHIRIZ, SAMINSKY, KENDRICK, N.-XYBOR, NVATSON, O'CAl.l,AGHAN, SUl.l.IVAN, QYQUINN -M ,.- M .A .. ,arf MINCDR SPCDRTS FENCIIXIG FENCING AT TECH first received official recognition at the end of the 1934-35 season. It was begun in 1929, through the efforts of Professor Morenus and Paul Wimberly, a student at Tech holding the Southern Amateur Foils Championship. Sponsored by the R. O. T. C. and the Foil and Mask Club, the team participated in intercollegiate matches and three Southern Intercollegiate Tournaments. The 1935-36 season began with only one letter man, R. H. Hutcheson, returning. However, a team gradually took shape, until an excellent season was foreseen. The Hrst two matches were lost to South Carolina and Rollins. The team then struck a winning streak, and came out ahead against Alabama, College of Charleston, Vanderbilt, and the Atlanta Fencing Club. In return matches with Alabama and South Carolina, the team suffered two defeats. The season closed with decisive victories over the College of Charleston and the Atlanta Fencing Club. In the annual intramural contests sponsored by the team, R. A. Conklin finished as victor, with the Navy squad winning the team matches. MEMBERS J. A. CARRAN H. P. KUPIEC R. H. FAGAN R. D. REISMAN R. H. HUTCHESON, Captain B. P. WALKEIQ, Manager REISMAN, WALKER, LAGOMASINO, HUTCHESON ON GUARD. FAGAN, MORENUS, CARRAN. SWIMMING THE SWIMMING TEAM, under the direction of its new coach, Professor Hartzell, began the season with an unusually well-balanced line-up. The schedule opened with a prac- tise meet with the Atlanta Y. M. C. A., the Jackets winning by a 47-37 score. The first intercollegiate opponent was Emory, who went down to a S2-32 defeat, House and Plage scoring the high points for Tech. The next meet was between the Tech and Auburn varsities and their respective freshmen squads. The Jackets won both contests by scores of 48-36 and 42-33. In a triangle meet held between Tech, Emory, and Tennessee, the team came off second, with Plage, in the 150-yard backstroke, starring. In a second triangle match between the Atlanta Y. M. C. A., Emory, and Tech, the squad finished in the middle position. The last two weeks of the season saw Georgia go down to defeat twice before the superior power of the Jackets. The schedule ended with House and Plage holding the high point positions for the year. Letters were awarded Coley, Haile, Holst, House, Milligan, Plage, and Presilla. D. G. ANDERSON C. A. BICKERSTAFF W. C. CAMPBELL J. R. COLEY R. C. DURGAN J. E. HAILE MEMBERS J. B. HOLST O. F. HOUSE M. MILLIGAN H. L. PLAGE D. PRESILLA L. G. WILCOX MILLIGAN, ANDERSON, HARTZELL, DURGAN, CAMPBELL, HOLST, COLEY, PRESILLA HOUSE PLAGE TENNIS UNDER THE ABLE TUTELAGE of Coach Earl Bortell, Georgia Techis tennis team has continued to set the pace for Southern tennis laurels by winning twenty-three consecu- tive matches in the past three years to the date of this writing. Burtz Boulware, who stepped into the Number One position vacated by Billy Reese, himself one of the leading tennis stars of the South, has performed with excellent ability as is shown by his ranking of Number Thirteen in the Intercollegiate rating. In line behind Boulware are Fernandez-Morrell, the Cuban ace, Tommy Tumlin, a finished player performing exceptionally well in doubles playg Bill Moore, the lanky southpaw from Arkansas, George Silva, another outstanding playerg and Henry Swift. These players make up a well-balanced team, and have thus far proven too strong for any of their opponents. The season opened with Davidson, who gained only one point, when Lewis proved to be too good for Morrell. The following week, the University of Tennessee was sent home with a complete shut-out at the hands of the Tech racquet-wielders, and a return engagement at Knoxville proved decisively that the Tech team was much too strong for the Tennessee aggregation. The University of Florida gave the stiffest opposition to the Jackets when the Florida men won two matches, defeating Silva and Swift after three hard-fought sets in both matches. As this goes to press, the boys have three more matches, Georgia, Alabama, and Emory, but it is expected that the end will see another undefeated season. MEMBERS H. B. BOULWARE G. P. SILVA A. J. FERNANDEZ-MOl!REI.L H. XV. SWIFT W. E. MOORE T. P. TUMLIN MOORE, BOULWARE, TUMLIN, FERNANDEZ-MORRELL, SXVIFT, SILVA GCDLF DESPITE THE LOSS of almost the entire 1935 team, which had gone undefeated for three years and last year placed third in the National Intercollegiates, this year's team, com- posed chiefly of sophomores, has shown up remarkably well, due in a large measure to the able coaching of Professor Dennison. The name of Tommy Barnes has long been associated with the best in southern golf. He is a former Southern prep champion, and is always a threat in any tournament. Stanley Holditch came to Tech from Darlington School, where he was the mainstay of the team. He has won many tournaments, including the Columbus and Albany Invitations. Billy Street, a senior, previously handicapped by spring football practice, has this year played well in every match. Ben Jones, besides playing basketball and highjumping for the tracksters, still has time to play a ine game of golf, which features his long driving. Billy Eager, from Valdosta, a great golfing town, is one of the better players of South Georgia. Billy Ginn, the only member of the '35 team to return, has played consistently good golf during his entire college career, and in particular during the '36 season. With several fine victories already won, and the series with Georgia and the Southern Intercollegiate coming up, the team is looking forward to completing a very successful season. MEMBERS T. W. BARNEs S. N. HOI.DITCPI W. G. EAGER, AIR. B. P. JONES W. S. GINN W. O. STREET BARNES, HOLDITCH. STREET, GINN. n closing, the I936 BLUE PRINT statt wishes to extend its appreciation to Mr. Marion Ware, Mr. Henry Gaspar, and the Gaspar-Ware Studios: to Miss l-lelen Mor- gan, Mr. Bill Bradley, and the Photo-Process Engraving Company: to Mr. Charlie Young and the Foote X4 Davies Printing Company: 'For their ettorts and their invaluable assist- ance in the preparation ot this volume. 00A SEVEVL ADVERTISING F E AT U R E S , HDITIE DF ft, As tlfie bustling center ot a dynamic new Soutli, Atlanta lias a detinite metropolitan personality. CL l-lumming wires constantly tlasti messages ttirougtiout ttie world over lines centering in Atlanta. Trains tilled with pas- sengers, and cars loaded with treigtit, stiuttle to and trom tlsie city over gleaming ribbons ot steely paved liigliways into Atlanta are tilled with motor vetiicles wtiile lwigti overtiead, airplanes point racing engines toward tl'ie Atlanta airport, as time business ot a widespread territory is directed from Georgia's capital city. UQ Atlanta lias still anotl'ier personality, reminiscent ot tlwe old Soutli. l-ler people are ttie same sott-spolcen souttierners. Many ot tier liomes are tall colonial mansions, and sl'ie still is a center ot soutlfiern culture. l-lere are tive ot tl'ie Soutl'i's leading universi- ties and colleges, and seven protessional scwools. Broad estates, palatial lfiomes, artistic gardens, sliaded streets and parlcways present colortul pictures suclw as are seldom seen in a city its size. II. Parks and playgrounds witli tacilities tor many torms ot sport are to be tound tlirougtiout the city. Golt, baseball, swimming, and boating vie witti tennis and tootball in popularity. CL As an integral part ot tbis progressive metropolis ot tlie Soutli, Georgia Tecli otiers to its students many opportunities not tound at otlier institutions ot lwigtier learning which are not so lwappily located. DREIFI TE f:,JOf Gcorqia School of Tcchnoloqq "H Techmcal School with a Nahonal Reputation" l-lE GEORGIA SCHOOL OE TECHNOLOGY otters to young men ot ability and ambition a training which will tit them tor positions ot respon- sibility and power. The national reputation ot this in- stitution is based not on claims, but on results. Its greatest asset is the record which its alumni are mak- ing in the productive worlc ot the world. Georgia Tech graduates succeed because they have been trained both to thinlc scientitically and to work etticiently. Courses in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Textile, Chemical, Ceramic, Aeronautical and General En- gineering, Architecture, lndustrial Management and Chemistry. Coast Artillery, Signal Corps, lntantry and Ordnance Units ot the R. O. T. C., also Naval R. O. T. C. agga FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, ADDRESS C7716 Registrar Georgia School of Technology .Jltlanta fwff Qcorqla s i:pQ4 :Oc 1 n r - I .. A. E. Staley Mtg. Company . . 9 9 Aristocrat Dairies . . . Atlantic Ice and Coal Co. Atlantic Steel Company . Barrett Food Products . Blicks Bowling Alley . Campbell Coal Co. . . Claud I-I. I-Iutcheson . Clover Dale Dairy . . Coca-Cola Company . . David J. Molloy Plant . DeJarnette Supply Co. . Dixie Drive It Yourselt Co. . . Doctors ot Atlanta . . Eastman Kodak Stores, Inc. . . Foote 84 Davies Company Ford Dealers ot Georgia . Fox Theatre .... Fraternity Grill .... Fulton Supply Company . Gaspar-Ware Studio . . Georgia Blue Print Co. . Georgia Tech . . I-Ienry Grady I-Iotel . I-Iertl-Jones Co. . . . I-Iunter Coal Co .... Jersey Ice Cream Co., Inc. . . al vezfi.4ez4 J. M. Tull Metal Xi Supply Co. . Joe Sanders Orchestra . . . Liberty Laundry ..... Lipscomb Weyman Chapman . Lyle and Gaston, Inc. . . . Montag Brothers . . . National Oil Products . . Pacitic Mutual Lite Ins. Co. . Penn Mutual Lite Ins. Co. . . Photo Process Engraving Co. . Railroads ot the Southeast . . Randall Bros., Inc. . . . . R. D. Cole Mtg. Co. . . Robert and Co. Robert Fulton I-Iotel . . Rogers Stores Schwobilt Clothing Co. . Seydel Woolley Co. . . . . Sigmund Eisner Company . . . Spratlin I-Iarrington and Thomas . . Superior Laundry ..... Tech College Inn . The Shanty . The Tech Shop The Varsity . Trio Laundry. White and Gold Laundry . . The statt has taken the liberty ot departing trom the usual custom ot making the ad section the humor section ot the book. Instead we have attempted to present a group ot unusual and interesting views ot the city in which the industries represented by our advertisers play such an important part. The aerial photographs were all taken by the BLUE PRINT'S aerial photography statt composed ot Tech students. All other views were taken especially tor the BLUE PRINT by Tech students and Gaspar- Ware Studio. The BLUE PRINT urges each student to remember that the i advertisers in this book not only otter outstanding goods and services but have shown themselves to be interested in Tech and Tech Students. Each ot these tirms deserves your attention when buying in any ot the many lines repre- sented, as they have contributed much towards making your annual a success. AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Dolan, Ames, I-Iarr, Castles U D IQCDBERT AND CCDMPANY INCORPORATED ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS Atlanta ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS APPRAISERS CONSULTANTS Q ,o. cz r QD 'W f Q Qo1f1fLfJj1t1f1z TTTTf ents o . ' Doctors ot Atlanta Friendly to Georgia Tech 1 0 Q 1 ,ocycf ' 4-104 ,Qc C9 -3.. www L--I 'vm lim" H 5 gf" K K 'V 1-mf ,, ,, fx ' 7 yd iw E me . V ,. A A 3 ,, AN L. -Q 1 li H- ,nu--,.. ,M xa- :qw 3 ,gn J:- ' ' ' " , ,Mg , flndwm .- -A-exe. ' H S 'ff ,Q - rf' " .W ,. www, f , , .? 1 K , , WN. 4 G G ag g 5 r"' W . x t - ' Q " nf '- xi, A , ' FE W- v 1 ., T 1, fig ,...1.-I f if ,. A 3 1 " T..-W-bv'-'f 'L ,Q . Q M ' -y AF""l'+f1R' ,V A if bww xg. uk., Ak ffm' N- A . Q I ,Lf- W.. 1 V, p . , A . 1 'nur 'E A 7 ,x jlgslrvnnmm pgkggaq ,Q ' 5 ' f w nf ff I , K , -W , M ,- rgyijvvf Q A 'gm ' '1 V "Q 3 'M 3 wah KM? .1 'P' ' . 'V' , . 1' ,,?.... ' -1- w Q W rffn. . ,A ,W MM3 ff My R Y V .F . H L H Qu ,rm M wk ,, , W . W y ,ui X iw A ,,,:?,, A ,. W y A ,L M ,, ww ""3 W , 'w " ,I 'lf' 2 W " K 7 W , ' M -1 Q ww 'A 'WW V W5 ' Wifwix A -f K ff . ' V- 4551? ' . , A g M, , , W , ' ',,,,,, -'57 513:51 M Q In px -,hd -,.-sueif' f 4- ,. F ' we -v ' Q. an SIGMUND EISNER COMPANY NEW JERSEY If FURNISHERS OF THE OFFICIAL TECH UNIFORM FOR FRESHMEN, UPPER CLASSMEN. AND CADET OFFICERS ,QQ ,Q O 5 r-104 HOg.2Ol 0 6 QD 8 OCDOK I 1 ..5.. ,o- ,od 9 'I ACADEMIC BUILDING Cafeteria Fountain Service ToiIet Articles Fountain Pens Balfour Jewelry Books 8: Supplies Pennants Tech Stationery -5- 2051301 HO O O O O O fO...JO4-701 P01 Of-'T 4 P01 O O O O O O "Og.2OX WO O1 ICD O 0 O . O o O o O o O o Z OI' 3vACAT10NZ 0 -V it L 31 O L V L E 9 1' TW O a U C 0 2 1 aw 0 O 5 X W jr. I o lu ,J X yls gngfnl' Q R Q 'ff' 'rlfL:"'1?'-ilggj I ' Q I M O ' mfnu,lunumf 1 0 G If O I C U If If ' A , A 4 A V' ,' , A 1 IZ' , c 6 S L , XX L F r 'ff Y Q g L LAL f ' J V L K f A L O V TRAVEL BY RAIL Tbe Safari Wag' O 6 O QQCLDQ POF' '39 V34 APO P37 f"' 73-' O 701 iO73Of' '3 O U 'W' D '50 7 'f--5 fTOfWOC-i5O'QOIQ OC! -7- 0 STEAM AND SHINING STEEL One tiundred and twelve passenger trains carrying an average ot 3,000 passengers, enter and leave Atlanta's Terminal and Union Stations every day. Ninety-six treigtit trains pass tlwrougti Atlanta's treiglwt yards daily, making tlie city tlie Soutlfs largest railroad center. ,Qf of ,of ,Q -boi 101 Compliments of the 1 f A. E. Staley Manufaciuring 2 F Company Manufrzefurers of Textile Siarebes DECATUR 1 ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS JERSEY ICE CREAM CO., INC. 784 N. Highland Ave., N.E. ATLANTA, GA. FRFD SCANLING Hemlock 0379 104 01 101 Q. .04 moi 104 .gl ,QQ ,Of ,0. .04 ,Of .04 ,QQ ,QQ GEORGIA TECH CLASS RING For Any Graduating Year Ilfollowing Information Necdedj Degree 1 Course 1 Year 1 Stone Size 1 Green, Yellow or White Gold Any Special Encrusling In Stone ALUMNI REPAIRS Every Order I Send to Co. must be ap- proved by y I Alumni Sec. before being I filled. Designed and Manufactured by 12 0 in s u r e satisfact 0 ry service. exclusively HERFF- JONES CO. ATLANTA OFFICE H. CANFIELD 1560 N. Decatur Rd. f IQ. 10. 10. .gf 1 ,0. ,QK ,O .0 ,0. 04 ,04 ,or 10. ,QL ,QL ,QQ ,Qi ,of 104 10. 9 A fkrvist o clra I CThe Milla ATI-IAT I-IELPS BUILD 6 BODIES AND BRAINS QVOF COLLEGE MEN 1? . Aristcncrat C7716 Milk that l-Ielps You Win the Battles of Life 9 0 Triple-Testecl for Purilcy QAristocrat 3 301, .QQ ,QL ,ol 10. 10. ,Qi ,Of .01 ,QQ ,Of f,DOf fo- -or :of for wok for for. :oL-.:c1 :of U ll THE BEST 20C PLATE IN TOWN Q af Q THE SHANTY Q 84 North Ave., N. W. 3 55.00 MEAL TICKET 54.50 O U Your Przfrouage Appreeiaied 3 304 101 ,0. ,gf 104 ,gf ,Of 10. ,gf 10. Q4 04 ,gf .04 ,Qi ,QQ Q ,Of ,Of ,QQ ,gf .Qi GD Q FULTON SUPPLY co. I E I nd usfrial - Texfil e F Cofriruefors lj Supplies and Machinery E ATLANTA, GA. 1 Main 3400 E301-pm wo- -0- ,ol -0- of fo- -9- 6304 YO TO O O O O O O O OC'I1O4 OCDOITWO4 PO O O Ok....204 O O O O O OI U o i J 9 o o o o o o o o 6 I 9 n o o o O O o 5 U 9 Servnldor Service 6 .Ceiling Fon Circulating ICQ Water and Radio 0 In EvQry Room O 300 Rooms 300 Baths Convenient Garages 6 Mm an dffodern F 2 RUBERT FuLTuN HUTEL 1 5, Qian fas1'3e.s'f L, AT LAN TA' G A. O 0 I The Robert Fulton, one of Atlanta's newest and most modern ho':c.s, is a fifteen O floor tire-proof structure, located only a 'Few minutes walk from the City's Shopping, O O Financial and Amusement Centers. One of the most modernly appointed Hostelries 0 in the Southland. O 3301 v0 o o o o o of-'for-'vof"1of-sor'voc5oc"'vof-'wcfoggcf 0713-Ol o of-10+ fofiof vodq O gm: for os :of ,of ,of for woc for ,of ,of mcg go- fo o o o o o o o o of soc? E, IN RETROSPECTION 5 6 5 - 1525- fa is cv ,ggslfn og g O o o 0 1 o 0 o O Q O Q W O . 3. -Z. I ,:?yG"-'E O O O 5.3.45 O O o O U o ' fTi:,.f o O O O O Q Your Atlanta Home Q O 5 12 HENRY GRADY HOTEL Q O Q 0 550 light, airy, fireproof rooms, each equip- O V pecl with bath, ceiling tan, circulating ice 0 9 O water, bed head lamps and beauty rest mat- O tress assure you comfort and safety. Our O O o Dining Terrace oyerloolcing Peachtree, warm O t in winter and cool in surnmer, is Atlanta's a 0 O clwoicest dining place. An excellent Coffee O Shop for quick service and low prices. Room Joe SANDERS O Q 0 0 O 0 J. F. DEJARNETTE, 0 Q THE QLD LEFT HANDER Q Q Vice-Pr'r'.rir1'r'r1f and Mczrmgcfr 9 V ATLANTA r GEORGIA 5 . O , 8304 PO Oqgcf VO U O O O O Of ,ogg E301 704 VOC PO O O O O POC POI P04 DOJ pos wo: o o o o of ,oc for for ,os ,os ,of for v0 ,os ,of ,of soamocf vos to o o of ,cb S Q 5 O f '-X rw 'ev O C 0 O O 'A X! o O O Goes 5, O hand rn hand with good things to eat O O Keen appetite and tasty food-could any- O body ask for more? Yes-add that tingling, MY... . . . . - ' W 0 O dehcious taste of 1ce-cold Coca-Co1a.You'1111ke 1t. g- ? Coca-Cola is pure, wholesome, energy-giving refreshment.. .containing no artificial flavor 9 V 5 GJ' for-Aho' 70 Of O OC O O O 'Ol 704 O ,Of O O O O U O4 WO O O O Of-TOC? CITY HALL Typitying ca new Soutlw, Atlantefs million dollar city lwall is one ot ttie most modern in ttie country. Designed to be ttie nw- nicipal center ot Georgia! capital city, it stands opposite ttie state capitol, contrast- ing the grandeur ot tl'ie old witli tl'ie slieer vertical walls and severe lines ot tlie new. QM Q. 4' Q wo: ,of ,of for ro- wo: ,ot ,ot ,oe ,of :ocm pol ,Of ,Of 'Of 'O' 'O' 'O' 'O' 'U' 'OK 'Of 5 CLOVER DALE DAIRY, INC. if A GEORGIA BLUE PRINT COMPANY Rich and Clean Grade "Av 1 II9 Luckre St,,N.W. G. Bonner Spearman, Mg Milk, Buttermilk, and Cream Drawing Suppries - Engineering J. C. PEEK, Manager Equlpment 252 Forsyth, S. W. 1 AtIanta, Ga. V ir Blue Prints-Pboioslfnzf Prints Q ,Ol so. ,0. ,0. ,o. . ,O. s so. ,QQ HDOQWQO1 , ,Qt so- o- foa..,.1o- :of ,of ,of CJ :of for woe :of woe ,o- for -of ,o- -o- ,och po' 'O' 'O' 'O' 'O' 'O' 'O' IO' 'O' io' ,Oi D T H E V A R S 1 T Y Q Thousands of PeopIe Consistently Good Food - Cold Drinks Q REORDER OU' COGIS- PARKING LOT THERE rs A REASON . Q - . Barber Shop In Connection II Q 0 U 5 ATLANTIC ICE 8: COAL CO 55-ol North Avenue, N. W. U Q Phone MAIII I900 wo- ,of :of wo- fo- of for for soy asc: ,o- wo- vo- for ,of wo - FORGET YOUR WORRIES Roll Your Troubles Away At Our New Bowling Alleys if 68 Located Next Door to the Georgian Terrace Conveniently Located Ideal Sport 'For nazi for the Tech Men Girl Friend 'J BOWL FOR HEALTH'S SAKE BLICKS BOWLING CENTER 20 Houston St. Wa. 5622 -13- THE 1936 Ford V-8 has been built with a bow to youth. Every bright, right line of it is young and alive. One look is a challenge to jump in and GO! V-8 performance makes it the All-American car. HSTYLED Fon You'rH" is the title of an interesting booklet about the 1936 Ford V- 8. We'1l be glad to send you a copy tree, on request. Address your letter or post-card to the W ...,"':J , Ford Motor Company, Dearborn. Michigan. FORD DEALERS GF GEQRGIA 1 FORD R VH FUR 1936 404,40 - '44 CWT'0fDOaT2O42OCIbOe,,QOa,1G 2C4,wOL.,.'O 2OaT2O B U "A Cofnpnnjf If Known Ay Hoe Cn.rz'0fne1f.f If Keeper" SEYDEL -WUOLLEY CG. 748 Rice Street A ATLANTA, GA. ll If " n -S 5 SEYC Textile Cnenzicnlf Warp Siginfgf SOFTENER5 PENETRANTS Q , ,Of-ooo. ,O CU POST OFFICE Completed in IQ33, ttie new post ottice dwarts surrounding buildings by its sneer massiveness. Impressive in size, modern in design, it is well adapted to accommo- date ttie organization so important to ttie commerce ot every great city. ,gf so. sg. .QQ ,QQ ,QQ so. Q: 104-101 ,OC QQ moe sg. ,QI so- ,Of s ,gf ,QQ ,QQ ,gf 6? U I? U THE REASON WHY ffeev That MOLLOY-MADE covers have been used on so many ot the nation's leading annuals over a long period ot time is testimony to the tact that they really do rep- resent more value. The Blue Print, like many other leading annuals, started using MOLLOY-MADE covers "away Ioack when"--and the MOLLOY trademark on the cover ot this I936 issue is the best evidence ot an eminently satistactory standard ot quality and service throughout the years. 'dev The David J. Molloy Plant The S. K. Smith Company 2857 N. Western Ave. Chicago, III. 9 9 vo: ,of ,434 ,Of ,Of soc ,Qt so, , ,Of ,QQ s04 -,of s04 ,of ,of sci sQ4 The Best Dressecl Mezz Wear , .,,,,-A ISQHYXLL THE SCHWOB COMPANY 91 Peachtree St., N. E. .059 QD... The PACIFIC MUTUAL Lite Insurance Company OF CALIFORNIA FoundedI868 LIFE INSURANCE and RETIREMENT ANNUITIES with Permmzenzf mul Toiczl Disahilily Benefits ACCIDENT and HEALTH IS YOUR ACCIDENT AND HEALTH INSURANCE NON-CANCELABLE? I -E' Emory L. Jenks, '23 r-s-a -I GENERALAGENT I3I7 First National Bank Bldg. Y, 0" 'L - 51' I 4111 L 'wi h li I ' i t 'lmwnmu A T L A N T A V N W ,QQ ,oe sg. ,04 sg. foci, fpo. ,Q. so. sg. so. so. sg. so. sg. ,of 104 STUDENT H EADOUARTERS SPECIAL RATES Finest equipment in the South- Trucks tor Straw Rides DIXIE DRIVE IT YOURSELF 14 Houston St. ATLANTA f GEORGIA Wal. I87O 1 Wal. I87I fo' 'O' 'O' 'O' 'OK 'O' 'O' AO' rod Qzof vo: :of foe ,Q. ,0. ,0. C9 ,or :ot :ot ,of ,of so. -oc ,of for wo: mcg rpg, , ,oi ,OK ,Oc ,oi l Q LIBERTY LAUNDRY ' 1 s outages Laundry GOOD Dry Cleaning Service O J a c k s o n I 8 2 7 ATLANTA 1 GEORGIA ,Oi ,of ,QQ ,Of ,ge ,Of so. ,Qc FA S HIONAB LEQIMZLQ? PAPERS Stationery - Tablets - Envelopes School Supplies, Eie. MONTAG BROTHERS Incorporated ATLANTA NEW YORK ,od Qzoc ,of vo: so . ,of ,g. ,Of Cy LUCAS AND JENKINS FCDX THEATRE Q10 CjA0ui'ZL,s g1i'11C?Sf I Dyyzcre YJIZQPPI-11688 605118 Cfo jfllfe 0 ,Q I .C ,Q. so. .0 ,C. .4 ,och pos fo- :ot ,of io- :of ,of io- :of woe io- B U U Automatic Heat insulating Fire Briclc Fuel Lumber 0 Millwork Throughout the years it has Ioeen the constant aim to ad- here to the highest principles Ot merchandising in Our deal- ings with the public. Chief Ot these is, to Turnish the most dependable OT what- ever we sell! 50 Years' Reputation Back of our Products Randall Bros. inc. OFFICIAL SNAPSHOT SUPPLIES for BLUE PRINT I936 f-f Our materials and serv- ices have met tloe exacting Tfequirements of Teelfs "SimpslJ0t" ima' "Aerial Photogifeiphyi' Sfizjfsr-' .lt CORRECT DEVELOPING AND EXPERT PRINTING IS OUR BUSINESS Leave your film at one OT our SNAPSHOT sERvlcE STATIONS LYLE 81 GASTON, INC. 35 Marietta St. Wal. 47II Wal. 7288 P. O. Box 4205 Atlanta H PI Q :of b :of f of wo- ,of ,OU QDOQ fo- wo- ,of vol wo- so- i ,of O- CJ Q wo :oc mio fo- wo: ,of wof ,of wo- fo- fo: fo- :Oc wo- Fashiorfs Newest Tlairigs for College Men Q Right in STYLE - QUALITY - PRICE THE TECH SHOP 49 North Avenue, N. W. so. 0. .04 ,Q. sg. so. sg. -Q4 soc ,of sol ,gg -,gf DEPENDABLE PRODUCTS GOVERN THE SUCCESS O F A N Y P R O C E S S Use Textile S peeialties National Oil Products Company HARRISON, N. J. CHICAGO - BOSTON - SAN FRANCISCO CLAUD H. HUTCHESON BAGGING mul TIES for COVERING COTTON JONESBORO f GEORGIA ,O sg. .Q .0- ,gf ,gf ,Of soc sol ,of J. M. TULL METAL AND SUPPLY COMPANY MILL - MINE - CONTRACTORS SUPPLIES Everything in Metals Jax. 3862 281-297 Marietta St. Q , ,og Q30. ,gf sg, ,sm , sol ,of ,Ot fo- for for C9 wl2Oti2OxizOL2Ou-.POL-:Op-20sl2O42Oa,zO WINGS OVER ATLANTA Atlanta ranlcs third in the air trattic ot the nation, being surpassed only by Newarlc, N. J., and Chicago in the number ot scheduled tlights. Two ot the country's major airlines make At- lanta their terminal. Last year 3I,604 people, not including through pas- sengers, made Candler Field their destination or point ot departure. 1x0N One Near' 9' 0608 You 6 HO 2 4 ENGINEERS! Bring us your Kodak Film tor expert finishing 'OCZ pc ,O. for :oL.2o- :ol cw Q Q 6 f ' 10 YARDS- A . A .C F0 It I cr-U' AEG E ,50 AM PBEll C0 CORRECT DEVELOPING MEANS BETTER PICTURES Eastman Kodak Stores, Inc. EVERYTHING PI-IOTOGRAPI-IIC 6 x A 9 I83 Peachtree ATLANTA 5 5 2 U QDOK ,O OK ,Oi ,Ol ,ol ,OK ,od Circ: ,of for fa- so for fo. ,at ,ogy YO. ,o- for :of for fo- :of ,of ,of so: wo Qpo- so ,or wo- -of-10: x - mcg II DE .IARNETTE SUPPLY CO. I HEmIock2296 Q E Incorporated E ,. U U Cement - Plasfcfr - Lime E S U P E R I O R L A U N D R Y ICI E AIlBuiIa'i11g Supplies E HBIIIICHUS of Safisfaciiorf' E O Phono Tlomloc-k 35967 O DRY CLEANING H Q OFFICE AND WAREHOUSE L O U IOth St. and N. BouIevard T ' II U ATLANTA f GEORGIA E 656 Spring St, -:- 664 W. Peachtree St., N.W. U apo. ,gf for :or ,of ,of for so 3301 for 7 4-101 w of ,of 'of for ,of for ,nag get ,Ot gpm f :Doc for c...po4 w so- rg fs 7 LU i I zrccess CT 11 I , 1 0 5 depends on selecting a career which combines financial J rewards with unlimited opportunities commensurate with one's ability. Both are assured to the college graduate whose abiIity and earning power measure up to the standard required tor successtuI Iite underwriting today. CoIIege men seIected by The Penn MutuaI Lite Insur- ance Company can start their careers on a tixed com- pensation basis, or on a commission basis it they preter. Send tor booIcIet: "Insurance Careers tor CoIIege Graduates." HURD J. CRAIN AGENCY THE PENN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY RHODES-HAVERTY BUILDING n ATLANTA, GEORGIA 12I.. 9 6 Students come trom all over tlfie country and trom many parts ot the world to attend six ot the Souttfs leading universities and colleges located in Atlanta. Al- most every conceivable type ot education is ottered by these sctiools, and ttiey are rated among the nation's best. C5EORGlA TECH AGNES SCOTT COX COLLEGE G. M. A. OGLETHORPE EMORY UNIVERSITY Visitors to Atlanta never tail to be impressed by tne colortul beauty ot tlwe residential sections ot tlfie city. Every style and period ot arctiitecture may be tound in beau- titully landscaped settings. Green lawns, artistic gardens, and sliady parks may be seen in every part ot the city. FEDERAL PRISON One Ot the most noted Ot tlie Federal peni- tentiaries. Houses 3,000 prisoners, includ- ing some OT the cOuntry's most noted criminals. s oc Of 4 N ext to Yourfself Like . . . W I'I I T E 81 G O L D CLEANED CLOTHES BASEMENT TECH "Y" Plione HEmlOcI4 8740 fO 4 HOCIDOK P04 HO f 701 ,oi ,of ,04 ,QQ COURTESY 0 f . I C. E. MARTIN Malzczgerf Rogers Store 597 Spring St. so f ,Qc ,of ,Of ,QQ f ,gf ,of ,oe ,QQ ,Qi ,og ,QQ ,Of 504 ,Q1 HUNTER COAL COMPANY 909 Boulevard, N. E. "36 YEARS SERVING ATLANTA" VERNON 1 1 6 6 We A11 jlrfecialfe Tech BYLSTIYCSS ,Qi ,Of ,0. .g. ,af T04 ..:of for for ,Or 6304 ,of ,Qc ,Of ,QQ ,QQ ,of ,D ,Of ,QQ ,QQ B U FRATERNITY GRILL M EALS - SHORT ORDERS f SAND WI C H ES f O STUDENTS-Make the Grill your headquarters atter the game and after the dance. Mabel and .lack Alexander Fifth and Spring f He. 9063 30. , ,gf so. Q ,of ,gf ,of ,Of ,04 ,Og ,QQ ,gf ,of ,Of ,QQ ,of Spratlin, Harrington 8: Thomas Irzsmfcmee f Surety Bonds 72 Marietta Street, N. W. ATLANTA f GEORGIA ,Qi ,gy ,Of 4 ,gf ,QI gl so. ,gf ,oc ,Oc 104 ,QQ ,of ,QQ ,of LIPSCOMB WEYMAN CHAPMAN CO. LOANS f INSURANCE RENTS 1 REAL ESTATE ZI4 Western Union Building ATLANTA f GEORGIA mf-ef-,Of-we AAA. Creme- me f-W-of-W-5 fp so :Oc :Oc ucv. :Of ,ot PO: you :of ,Og.zOCD R. D. Cole Manufacturing Co. Established l854 l'lIllll'lll'I1fflI'.T of Staff fluff ,llfoy Sffef Plan' Boilers - Stacks - Storage Tanks - Elevated Tanks - Welded Products - Kiers - Acid Tanks - Stainless Steel - Nickel- Clad Steel PIPE 1 TUBES Q E. G. COLE, '03 , BRYAN BLACKBURN, '04 NEWNAN, GEORGIA vo soc ,og ,Qt so. ,O. ,O. , Conzplimwzfs of ATLANTIC STEEL CO. zQGv Ioth and Mecaslin 1 l'IEmIOCk 0750 s 4-S 1 ,of s ,ot ,oe ,Of me Q04 104 :of ,Of sg. ,Ot ,ot ,oe ,of ,of ,oe ,QC- LAKEWOOD PARK One ot the South's largest amusement parks. Site ot the great Southeastern Fair, AtIanta's annual agricultural and industrial exposition. Many ot the country's finest drivers meet on the Lakewood track, thrill- ing the crowds with their skill and daring, in competition tor the "Golden Helmet," symbol ot the "dirt track" championship ot the Southeast. so so. ,Of for ,Qt ,Qt ,of ,QQ ,Of ,Qt ,O ,ot ,oc ,of ,Of ,Ot GARDNER PRODUCTS PCYIIIIIILS PUIIIIIIIL Blzffmr' CWIC'kl'I'S Pofafo Chips Clll1tlil'.Y BARRETT FOOD PRODUCTS CO., INC. not so ,gt s ,of ,oe IE I Q TECI-I SPECIALIST EOR 27 YEARS E LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING TRIO LAUNDRY I, L L Q 9 JACKSON :soo o I QDQ4 no: r-'Som ,Oc ,QF-104 704 of sOqQ . 5 'g.sf In I 3' All . . . , R r , ' I U' ,wif fl , 'f 'ff .- -- . 'Q 1. " 'ff -3' .kg U, Q ' Af flu s' Ag -an lv., fi 0f55f' f ef?f5 951-E' - fiffif.fQ'ff34g,ek+1-'Q A'1?'.:f'ff ff 5 ' . ff V 1 " I , - ' 'Y Va A MW J - Q sw f, w Q: -P - ' , 15 4 '11, A .' ' 2-Nei.-Iv: -if ,gh 1 fi I Q . J 'fig 'fvg'f,"f4 K, - ,N ' s 7 ff 'J , f, , W W .arf 1 X. . . . ,,, , ,, ,A . K 1 4' -N, K ' '54 H- , 9 ,, w A? V ' ' ff 'fro g 1257 " ' 'A' ' 'F' Kew, 5' v 7' if " 5 t W? I 35 if ' W' A pkg. S . "FF',ff 'ff ' 'Q' 4 5 in X E at ' 5' 991- ' ' A ff ' , X 'fiat' yi - ' - . L 55 - V. .1 'X 5 ' ,W ,faq ",,,,' 1 'Yu 1 23 if I'-A g' ""5f?- sb J In 7 K . Q, 5 Q3 ' f ,, 55 1 ,slid ,fr as 3 .4 Q 4 r f .X ' ' , K 1 K F Q ,Q 2 V A haf' ' ' A -'N Y P 1' - ef-Ll f if ' g f :bag A , ,,', w 'P . A- 4. . XV - M . - , .M fer WN X' ' I Y , in L A ,- V ,Q Qi, M dt, iizia, Q 4, I jwfaahff is V p i A V up K, , , 6f,,i, K7 K, Ki: 6 . A f "'i"'y4 I rag., I - 4 . , , K ,, ' ' r 4 , , A -fl 4 1 v , , f , 2? Y f . . u" 'f W f 1' ' ,ff.w-' A' .Y 'ff 2' Q2-'f i Q , F' W 1' - ' , A ,. , , . . - f . 1 v W - ,, . f 4 uw ' A ii, E A -fs. mix E' vy Qs 1 fiw -il M ?,,,,i J :V 4- 4 A 1 H if 4 fri" O. U JWJ' 111, Q V t' 1 ,gif Tr. ,Ji ri . Q I 1 Eiga ' d2af2fft':rL'.:,T,,,qtl .' bf 4 Q - Q.Q,'Fk,f s ,QQ K :airy si "".'1 f' 4 'p , Y' k ll. k V A k I , U , A 5 x':i:.,r'v3g' .iq 3, J 7 If W 1. le 4' ' - if ' l ff f ' f gf X ping, X is 0 v. if? Q 'IH 5, 3, ' k . ,K rf. fs, gig? B:i1'd,4.5 - 4' A- V A If 'ui' I, ,. v 'aSwk"o..i,. ' ffl V fu M , fa 3 1,14 ! :V 03- wk ,L wif 0 4 ,"' 'L ,ff W .fwff-fa -p,i,f3" P fm '45 -.... " 1 l 7 M ' 5 ,wil V ff?-' f ' f f f f I X 1. -WK! 1 .frz'fs. . ' ' "F, J' 'A -J-ff"a','g" .' ' ji L V ' 7,v'g3:g,i:i, ff m J, 1 n 64 Iwi. D-, f f :af E53 ,gif 4 ,,!,, 'J ,l.y,. 1 , ' V if :ug , 9 k Q ' 'l ,Pg Y 'I 'W' ' Q ' ilgwfggfg, ff, 5' ' ' LQ.'."f', 35.15 fn m'4f'f'Kf rf' diff! -hir ' Q5 A 75 1 -,lu A A fig' 50' gf" W I ' .' ga Aj' u 7 5 -442333 1322 A . ' "' ' " ' ' ' ' ' RL" ' J gf: ,fin Vi , ' 71- 'L -lv y , ,af ,Af fra. 2. Vf 5 tn -fn' l ', X ' ,QW , dffalkh. vga 'Q :J - - fr Q -, mu' N , A 1 Q 4 ,, , .ff f fffff -me -Tiff? ' -Lfghfg .fn ',A . .- 4 5 47..w"ir-E.: Y I A 0 ' ' ' . vt. 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Suggestions in the Georgia Institute of Technology - Blueprint Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) collection:

Georgia Institute of Technology - Blueprint Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


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