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Iff ' ■■ ' ' . « A " » " 4 P .j 1 ' ' W iffltto SS »rMl., in! Mi! ; nw ,lv:iv!-v P, .ii ' !!i ' 1 r n 1 1 !,■ ' " ir W ■ mM ' mm i!:x:tu ' 19 9[ I i i m f 30 ?r- BLULPRJNT --- ' I 1 1 I ■itiiiifirii ' Mirii •- Copyright A. F. Roberts Edilor-in-Chii ' f ' , R. D. Frederick Business Managct ' S. G. GOODWYNE An Editor The BLUE PRINT 1930 Published by the students of the Georgia School of Technology DEDICATION [ir HE students of the Georgia School of Tech- -IIL nology have honored themselves by honoring Governor Nathaniel Edward Harris with the dedi- cation of the 1930 Blue Print. As our founder and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of this institution, he was closely associated with its devel- opment and progress from its opening in 1888 until he passed away, September 23, 1929. As a Legis- lator, Governor, and Citizen of the highest type, he was a man whom all Georgia delighted to honor. To the young college man, he presents a worthy ideal for imitation, from his boyhood service in the Confederate Army, when he followed Lee and Jackson. ' ' The knight liest of that knightly race Who since the days of old Have kept the lamp of victory Light in the hearts of gold. ' ' ' L.L.AZ ii " iJ____ FOREWORD NTO this volume of the Blue Print we have given our sin- cere efforts to print and reflect the varied activities of the cam- pus. We have attempted to go further — we have tried to instill in the hearts of those to come, the true spirit which prevails at Georgia Tech and to enliven this spirit where it may be waning. CONTENTS SKETCHES ADMINISTRATION SCHOLASTIC ACTIVITIES BEAUTIES FRATERNITIES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS [■ infOTBDcoocrscininiainooiaraaraaaniiBinDeo SKETCHES 4 ■ ' i — - £r " " - ' -v ill 1 1 ,1 ' Iff k1 i In I, JSf £-■ ■ ' ' . ' ■ ' t. . Wi i» ;fr Jf «, ' 1 _ ««»• J ' ' ' ' » «- Ai ' t Sx-t ' u. m ¥ % h - ' s nv Bfc 1J I V I ■V-.,. P- ' , " ■ IFi te?- ■ (j] ooci V. urf " ' an ' , ■■r - - ■ V X " ' f ; " I— ■ ' " ' - ff :0 " i— in It ! f «» ' If] i .J ' rTt: ' jrrrTST-TjEf I r wmmmmmm rr ' ?- 1:: iV ' N _ L - (S:- y X i " " ■£ i »3f ■rtrt gjfcrjt. fc - rnr- -Tt- .a ' «g - _ Wip4Hi | e « r " " ' " ADMFNfSTRATIDN n : blul:.:FP ' n ii iT mtj iini j« » ii«iii«i i i B ii w »ftj i " «) »ii iHjBui n n " ' i " « " » " " ' iiB ' iii i i i ii iijfc ' ' ' " -cM m .Mercbr Snellixg, A.M., Sc.D., CluinciUor of the Vnivcrsity i f Gcorgiii William Verxox Skills, H.S., A.M., Sc.U )(., « Hugh Harris Caldwell, A.B Rtgistnir a,u Sccerary Frank KiN-c Houston, C.P.A Si ' crt-tary and Tnnsunr Arthur Hammond Armstrong, B.A., M. A S p,ri,it, i,lent of Dormitories Olin H. Longino Afajor. Coast Jrtillcry Corps. U. S. A., Coiiuiuiudant Henry M. McGehee, M.D Si n ' eon Allen Benton Morton, M.A., Sc.D Dean of the Summer Sehooi Roger Sheppard Howhll, B.S. in M.K., M.Sc. Direetor of the Evenim; School of Applied Science Hibbard Spencer BUSRV, M.E Dean of A . French Textile Sehooi Floyd Field. A.B., M.E Dean of Men Roy Stephenson King, M.D., M.Sc, Sc.D., Superintendent of Bnildini; and Grounds and of Shops George McIntosh Sparks Director of the Erenins Sehooi of Commerce Harriet Henderson Secretary to the President Mrs. William Reid Taylor Sccretarx to the Committees |.r | BOARD OF TRUSTEES N. E. Harris, Chairman. Died September J J, IQ?y John V Grant, Chairman L. V. Robert. Jr., Chmn. E. -eeuti-ee Committee N. P. Pratt E. R. Hodgson George H. Carswell James B. Nevin, E.x-Offieio J. M. Brown, Ex-Offieio L. G. Hardmax, Gov. of Ga.. Ex-Officio G. M. Stout George G. Crawford E. R. Black W. H. Glexx Johx a. Porter Frank Free.max Clark Howell, Ex-Offieio M. L. DuGGAx, Ex-Offieio m Parje Twenty-nine ■ ::j7:T-.;.i.irr.ii TirnTnnT ' ,rjlT7ix n - ' rr- ' -; --!i ' ritn1iiii! ' iTriT ' -rn; i . ' ■ h To the Members of the C fuss of igjO (jjeorgia Tech is proud oi tlie men who have gone from us to represent this techni- cal college. Thev have been marked by efficiency and have gained a reputation tor this virtue throughout the world. We con- fidently expect the members ot the Class ot 19 0 to measure up to the high standard attained by those who have gone betore and to reach even new heights ot success. , £. - : i:;-V;i2£ lijS-t.sE , J_ HE aim of even ' student should be the mastery of his course of study. Success in this field just as success in other lines of endeavor will depend larfiely on his will- ingness to work hard and intelligiently on the duties in hand. P xperience has demon- strated that oiih abcjut ten per cent, of failures in school work arc due to conditions over which the student has no contrcd. Whether he is successful or unsuccessful the reason for success or failure will j. ' eiicrally lie within himself. He ahme can decide what the issue is to he. UrtZeA WCM i Sj U J , isl l i ' Cv! ' 1 ?-■ ' ' " H 4j- J ATHANIfX E. HARRIS; the man whose " house " stood hy the side of the road, who lent a helping hand to all who passed. The father of all who ever walked in the Halls of Tech. For the past ei ht ears his ireetin ' to me ever was — " How aie m hoys, are you keeping them straight? " He planned ami worked to ecure for " his hoys, " the students of Tech, the best possible with the means at his disposal. Grand old man, we greet you, we salute ou, e pledge to " carr on " that the service rendered to the youth by Georgia Tech ma be sucli a serxice as will bless all who come within her walls and thereby will bless the State and all the world. Ji uyyiA JUjJlcJi w H ARdi.i) Blsh-Browx M. Arch. lltiid Of tin- Dipartment uj Architeiture ITH the completion of its twenty-first year as a four-year protessicnal course at Georfjia Tech, the Department of Architecture ranks second to none in the South. It is tiie purpose of the De- partment to offer traininji in design and construc- tion, although it combines with the strictly pro;es- sional work the essentials of a liberal education. Architectural Seniors have been most successful in intercollegiate competition, and Professor Bush- Jirown and his associates are rendering the degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture at Georgia Tech more and more valuable to each succeeding class. ■(- ' •I Art h u r a x Hex ry Cer.K., Ph.D. Uiiid uj the Di pditiiifiit of Cfifiriiit hn iiuctrin! J. N 1924 Georgia Tech established the first De- partment of Ceramic Engineering s uth of the Ohio River. In so doing, the institution has kept pace with the industrial times and has taken strides to encourage the development of the rich beds of ceramic materials found in Georgia and the South- east. Dr. Henr_ stresses throughout the course the necessity of combining the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject by research, laboratory work and inspection trips throughout the state. The de- gree of Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering certifies that the student has a basic knowledge of prospecting for materials and of designing and manufacture of ceramic bodies. •c rafie Thirlihtour IE • frnt::--!9 3o TH e - r m •M T, Gilbert Hii.i-holse Rogos Ph.D. IIi ' ii of till Dcfiiirtniint ol Chemistry HE Department of Chemistry, be-ides supple- menting other courses in Engineering, gives ad- winced and specialized instruction which leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering Chemistry. In recent years the number of candi- dates for this degree has increas?d at a steady rate and the school has become more and more diligent in advancing the pursuit of this important science. Dr. Boggs has a most able staff of associates and laborator)- facilities of the most modern type to as- sist him in carrying on his work in this department. m m fi Franklin C. Snow C.E., Sc.D. Head of the Department ot Civil Engineering T, HE course in Civil Engineering is so outlined as to fit the student to be of immediate value as an assistant and to enable him to continue his studies professionally and advance in any field he may choose. The department has advanced and broad- ened its scope to keep pace with progress. The graduate in Civil Engineering finds the fol- lowing fields open U) him: Highway Engineering, Sanitary Engineering, Railroad Engineering. Irriga- tion, Construction, Power Development and any other line to which he can apply his knowledge of building and construction. Page Thirty-live n I Thomas VIM jam Noki. M.B.A., C.P.A. IIiiiil ol the Stiiool (jI ( ' j ' jiiiiiierce N the past quarter century the stuil - of business has come definiteh into national prominence. The body of experience and knowledge necessary to busi- ness success has grown so extensive that it is no longer pcssible to accumulate such information dur- ing the course of apprenticeship. It was therefore to stud ' the human equati(jn along with production that the School of Commerce was organized at Georgia Tech in 191 2. Dean Noel and the other members of the Com- merce faculty are singularly able to interpret their courses from a physical viewpoint. The course of study extends over a period of four years, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce. The student may so arrange his course during the last two years as to specialize in fields of accounting, finance, salesmanagement, or journalism. J. MES Erskixe McDaxiel M.A., LL.B. Diriitor of the Crj-() pirative Department l_y L ' RING the eighteen years of its existence, the Co-(Jperative Plan has grown by such steady strides that its enrollment is limited onl by the number of positions a ailable for students under this plan. This course extends over a period of five years, during which time the student spends alternateh ' four weeks in school and four weeks in practical engineering or commercial work in Georgia and neighboring states. The degree is the same as that conferred after com- pletion of the regular courses in engineering and commerce, and, in addition to his diploma, the Co- ()p student has to his credit upon graduation, years of practical experience together with a stead - job in view. Page Thirl ]isix BLUL:.: FRINT.-:193 Thomas Witt Fitzgerald m.f:., e.f:., m.s. Head rjf the Department oi hlectrical En A Sincenns LARGER and larger percentage of engineer- ing students are taking their degrees in Electrical Engineering, because of the growing emphasis of science on electricity and electrical appliances. I Coupled with the study of such funtlamental sub- I jects as Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, and Ap- 1 plied Mechanics, the Electrical student is given basic ' i training in Constructive Materials, Steam Engineer- , g ing and Hydraulics so that he may be better able to 1 apply the principles of electricity to practice. I Professor Fitzgerald so conducts the laboratory courses as to enable the student to verify theory in performance of experiments and to develop in the student the powers of accurate observation and ini- tiative. f %M p. m Rov Stevenson King M.E., Sc.D. 1 1 end (,f the Department 0 .Merha iical F-nvineering J. HE four- ear course in Mechanical F2ngineer- ing aims to equip the student with a competent knowledge of mechanics and its adaptation to the existing means and opportimities, and to acquaint him with knowledge of organization and adminis- tration. It is with these ideas that Professor King seeks to impress the student thorough!} with the basic principles of engineering, so that specializa- tion will come later and naturall - in the field of the student ' s endeavor. The student may direct bis studies toward either .Automotive Engineering, Power Plant F]ngineering, Industrial Engineering or regular Mechanical Engi- neering. All of these options, however, lead to the one degree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. m i Paijc Thirty-seven on a HiRKARi) Sim:xcer Husby «.S.. M.E. Dlnctor of the . . French Textili- Srhool L R()M tbe (lawn of tile centur - and throuizhout the rapidly increasinij; movement of the textile in- dustry to southern territory, the A. French Textile School of Georgia Tech has proven a potent factor in the textile development of the South. The de- partment has kept pace with progress by introduc- ing the technique of the more modern fabrics of Ra on, Celanese and special fibres. Students per- form practical work in all phases of manufacture, in mill manner and condition, and Professor Busby couples this with a complete theoretical instruction in the science and application of principles of Textile Engineering. I ' he four-year course leads to the regular Bachelor of Science degree, while for the two-year course a certificate is given. T. Allan Benton Morton M.A., Sc.D. Dt in of the Slimmer Session HE Georgia Tech Summer School has gradually grown, during its thirty-three sessions, until nearly e ery member of the student body at some time or other takes advantage of its opportunities. Its pur- pose is to help prospective Freshmen to get off ad- mission reqvurements and to enable ' I ech men to round their schedules into shape by taking full-credit courses in the various departments. Professor Morton is a specialist in doctoring up sick schedules, and his efforts along these lines ha e saved postponement (jf many graduations. m m Page Tlurtirtinht ' t- ■ FRIMT ;-:i93o ■■:,! ■y Fraxk King Houston C.P.A. J. HE office (if tlie Treasurer is responsible for tlie ailministration, upkeep ami hnancin of the insti- tution. Care of tuition, dormitories, dining hall, power plant, upkeep of buildings, payment of salaries and dispensing of supplies all come under the duties of this office. By his discerning management, Mr. Houston has put the school on a businesslike basis and increased the efficiency and economy of its opera- tion, so that the ever-growing enrollment is taken care of at a constantly smaller figure per capita. High Harris Caldwell A.B. Rci;istnir (iml Secretary X. HE Registrar succeeds to the two-fold assign- ment of investigating the qualifications of appli- cants for admission to Georgia Tech, and of keeping record of their courses and grades after they have become students. It is the Registrar, also, who mails transcripts of a student ' s record to another college upon his transfer, or it is his recommenda- tion that counts much when a graduate is seeking employment after lea ing school. Mr. Caldwell has created a most efficient method of handling the records of the institution, and in his connections with the American Association of Collegiate Registrars he has done much to stand- ardize practices among colleges. Page Thirty -nine - q t t Fiiciilty J ' , «ft i ' i fti ' ffii ii m i i fti i uT i ff[ i ff i i ff tl fl r. Ti i fl i ft i iff iiiW i ift uffNffiM » i ii it iia i i ffii i in i iffi i tf v 6Btiti t fiftiiffiil_- M. L. Brittain ' , A.B., LL.D. Prisitlt ' iit tf,» ' ,ii fl i. n. i i i H m B i V ii b 1 «t n«r Bi i Bii W»fti l ' l « l i Blll ljmi l ff " « " ! ' ' ' " " " ' " " " ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' l " ' ltP ' ' ' hi : Ifel Architcctio ' c Harold Bush-Hrow n, M. Aivh., M.S. in Arch. Harvard University. J. H. G.MLEV, M.S. in Arcii. University of Penns Ivania. RiCH.ARD T. Morenus, B. Arch. Columbia Uni ersity. Stout Institute, Ricli- mond College. IVIaurice Pennsylvania Schoiil i;t Fine Arts. Deax W. Axiine, B.A. Ohio State. H. C. McLauchi.ix, B.F.A. A.B., University of Mifsouri ; B.S. in Arch., Mass. Institute of Technology; B.F.A., Yale University. F. E. Markei, Instructor in Arch. Matt L. Jorgexsen, A.B. A. H., University of California. H. J. C. Pearsox, M. in Arch. M. in Arch., Harvard University: B.Sc. Geor- gia School of Technology. Alfred W. Sturgis Student Assistant Howard A. Griffith, J ' r. Student Assistant Biology and Bacterio logy Hugh A. Wvckoff, B.S. B.S., Missouri Wesle an ; M.S., University of Chicago; Sigma Xi ; Theta Chi Delta. F.MORV G. Lower, A.B. Missouri Weslcyan College. Ceramics Arthlr ' ax HEXR , I ' li.l). Cer.E., M.Sc, Ph.D., Ohio State University. William H. ' alghax, M.S. in Cer. B.S., Georgia Tech; M.S., University of Illi- nois. James P. Breex, B.S. L ' ni ersit of Illinois. Chc fiistry Gilbert H. Boggs, Ph.D. B.Sc, University of Georgia; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Penns lvania ; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Xi : Member of Georgia Academy of Science. JoHX L. Daniel, M. A. A.B., Hampden-Sidney College; M.A., Wash- ington and Lee ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Alpha Chi Rho. B. B. Wroth, Ph.D. A.B., Washington College; Ph.D., Johns Hop- kins L ' niversity ; Phi Kappa Phi. William Simpsox Taylor, M.A. A.B., Swarthmore; I.A., Columbia Univer- sity. C. A. Wells, M.S., : I.A. P.S., Mercer L ' niversity; M.S., University of Georgia; M.A.. Columbia University. A. McLarex White, Sc.D. B.S., Michigan; M.S., Calif.; Sc.D., Mich. Harold B. Friedman, Ph.D. A.B., L ni ersit of Ala.; Ph.D., LIniversity of Virginia. William Banks Richardson, B.S. B.S., LTniversity of North Carolina. Clarence B. Weiss, M.S. Missouri School of Mines. P ' OREMAN McHaWES, M.S. A.B., .M.S., Emory University. G. C. HOLROYD, M.S. M.S., University of North Carolina. Wyatt Carr Whitley Harold Alan Buxgler, B.S. ILS., in Chem. Eng., University of Minn. JoHx W. NoRRis, B.S. B.S. in Clicni., Georgia Tech. Page Forty T°T r ' M L:;-i: print:-: 193 o; : Faculty l l. ■l«. l l l»lll .l l ,ffi« l llff. l l l 3,m l, t l» , l, Jl.l flllB,lf ,lB,.l lll l , l l „ , l» .l n ,. m i i v:»MI Wayland B. Livermore, B.S. B.S., Alfred University. Hickman Calaway, B.A. B.A., Ark. College. Civil Rngincc)-ing F. G. Snow, C.E., Sc.D. C.E., Ohio State University; Sc.D., Univer- sit of Georgia; A. I. E. E. : A. S. C. E. ; A. M. A. E. ; Pi Kappa Alpha ; Tau Beta Pi ; Square and Compass. Jack Morgan Smith. I.S. in C.E. Universitv of Wisconsin ; Iowa State College ; M.S. in C.E., Ga. Tech. Count D. Gibson, M.S. Emory Lniversity; Delta Tau Delta. Ralph P. Black, M.S. University of the South; Graduate Vorlc. Columbia; M.S., Georgia Tech; Delta Tau Delta. J. H. Lucas, B.S. B.S. in C.E., B.S. in M.E., Georgia School of Technologi,- ; Square and Compass. Coffu icrce Thomas W. Noel, M.B.A.. C.P.A. A.B., Grand Island College; M.B.A., New ork Uni ersitv; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Delta Tau Delta. Fred B. Wexx, B.C.S. B.C.S., New York University ; Kansas State University; Delta Tau Delta; Delta Mu Delta; Delta Sigma Pi. G. M. Sparks. M.A. Mercer University; Sigma Epsilon; Phi Sigma Kappa; Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Delta Sigma; Who ' s Who in America. L. R. Siebert, LL.B. University of Georgia; Phi Beta Kappa. Noah Warren. B.S.C, C.P.A. Georgia Tech; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi. Hubert E. Dennison, A.B. A.B., University of Tenn. John W. Jefferies, B.S.C. Georgia Tech; Graduate Work, Emory; Delta Sigma Phi ; Alpha Delta Sigma. Earl B. Sanders, M.B.A., C.P.A. ETniversity of Alabama; New York University. Maurice R. Brewster, M.B.A. B.S., Missouri ' alley ; M.B.A., Northwestern L nixersity. M. W. Blanton, B.S.C. B.S.C. Georgia Tech. J. T. ()nTreba. A.m. A.B., Ha s Normal, A.M., University of Nebraska. T. M. McClelland, B.S.C. B.S.C, Georgia Tech. Co op erat i-i ' C E?ig in ccr ing James E. McDaniel, M.A. A.B.. Erskine College; M.A., Columbia Uni- versity; Graduate Work, Harvard U. ; University of Berlin; Delta Theta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. John W. Fountain, B,S. in E. Georgia School of Technology. Electrical Eng in cei • ing Thomas W. Fitzgerald, M.S., M.E., E.E. Diploma, Marshall College; B.S., M.E., E.E., M.S., Emory; V " est Virginia University; Uni- versity " of Arizona; High Tension Club; Ameri- can Association of University Professors; Phi Kappa Phi ; Tau Beta Pi ; Ga. Academy of Science. Thomas G. Seidell, B.S. in E.P , E.E. Ga. Tech ; Phi Kappa Phi ; American Physics Society; Philosophical Society of Washington. D. P. Savant, E.E., M.S. in E.E. E.E., B.S., Rose Polytechnic Institute; M.S. in E.E., Harvard University; Phi Kappa Phi. James L. Ellis, M.S., in E.E. Georgia School of Technology; Pi Kappa Phi. H. B. DuLiNG, M.S. in E. E. University of West Virginia; Phi Sigma Kappa; M.S. in E.E., Ga. Tech. -.?« m Paijc Forty-one . m r T n Fcicidty -ji ' JIfffl iRII i l l ; l l l llll lll « lB l l » l[r ff l.» l l . l ; « , l l ,y ,lffi l» n l J ff|| B ■ l llfl l lll ' ' ilT |l ffillij iv »l History and Kco io n ' ( ' s ;llM I " " t Ash FORD W. Stalxaklr, E.E. Cornell University. Fred Beattv, B.S. in E.E. B.S. in E.E. Uni ersity of Missouri. L. A. Xewcomb Student Assistant E. L. Hanna Student Assistant E ig ish Dcpai ' tfficnt W. C. Perry, D.Litr. A R., A. E, D.Litt., Davidson Cclleore: Kappa Alpha ; Phi Kappa Phi : Phi Heta Kappa. Er AXK R. Reade, AEA. . .. AI.A., University of Virszinia : Lamhda Pi: I ' hi Kappa Si ma ; Sigma Delta Chi. Lovs W. Chapin " , ALA. Emor - L ' ni ersit -; Kappa Alpha; LA., Harvard. Edwix H. Eolk, Jr., A.M. A.B., A.] L, L ' niversity of South Carolina; A.AE, Princeton L ' niversit . Hal C. Browx, MA. Southern Methodist Univers ' ty; L ' niversity of North Carolina. J. F. A. Rick, AEA. A.B., Syracuse University; AEA., Princeton L ' niversity. A. J. Walker, A.B. A.B., Emory University; Sigma Chi. John P. Rikbel, B.S., AEA. l ' niversit of Kentucky; L ' ni ersity Southern California. H. AE Waldrhx, ma. B.A., Universit of Richmond: . EA., Univ- sity of Virginia. ■0: B.A. Earl S. Gardxer, ALA. U. of Penna. ; M.A., Emory University. % Glenn W. Rainev, MA. A.B. ALA., Emory University. Louis T. Bates, A.B. A.B., Emory U. ; Sigma Chi. Arthur H. Armstronc;, ALA. A.B., ' ale University; ALA., Columhia Uni- versit -; Beta Theta Phi; Pi Delta Epsilon. Robert Evans Sheppard, A.AL A.B., A.AL, Vanderbilt LTniversity. LvTTEX B. Perritt, B.S.. ALA. B.S., Clemson College, ALA., L ' niversity of North Carolina. Exper in I en tal Eng in cc • in cr Howard V. ALxsox, ALS. in ALE. Universitv of Idaho; Tau Beta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi. R. S. Howell, ALS. in AL E. Georgia School of Technology ; Phi Kappa Phi. F. C. Stewart, ALS. in ALE. L ' ni ersity of Wisconsin; M.S., U. of Texas. A. Dixsmore Hollaxd, B.S. in Eng. Georgia Schiol of technology; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Lambda Delta. W. A. Edwards Student .-issisttuit James R. Hicks Student .Issislnnt Gco oo-y a ld MctilIllll ' 7V Theodore S. Dunn, ALS., E.AL AL ' ssouri School of Alines; ALS., Universitv of ALssouri; Spe.E.; A. L AL E. ; A. S. M. E. ' ; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Beta PI; Square and Compass. Iftdusti-ial FAlucation Thomas H. QuinLEV, A.B., B.S. Indiana L ni ersity. R (L Sawder, B.S. in Educ. John Millikin I ni ersity. Aid chine Dcsicr i o C. E. CooLiDGE, Ph. B. Ph.B., Yale; Tau Beta Pi; Delta Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade. Ari. ■I - II ft l ' n(jc I ' lirlti ' two Ill Faculty ' " ifjpf is " 11tli iiff| ji ffi u l iFftii i ff n tT Ml r ff ii ftii ffl i; ffl ri 1 iff S ' ti J )ii ii f1 i i ffir ff ii ftiiQjfti ff i i[fti i fti imi iff M tflri ii t W. B. Johns, Jr., B.S. in Eiig. Geoi-fiia School of Technology ; Phi Kappa Phi: Squ;iic and Compass. H. H. Leach, B.S., in Eng. Geoi ' ijia School of Technolojiy. Homer S. Werkr, B.S., in M.E. Georgia School of Technology : Phi Kappa Phi : Square and Compass. T. Edward Moodii:, B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. F. C. Boci.K, B.S. in M.E. Georgia Tech. Phh. B. Narmore, B.S. in Eng. Georgia Tech , Beta Theta Pi ; Pi Delta Ep- silon. Edwix p. Waite, B.S. B. S.. Civil Engineering, Georgia Tech. W. M. HicKsox Stii hnt Asshtaiil G. L. McWn.i.iAMS Stiiilciit .hsistdul L. L. M. ToMiiN ' snx StiiiliDt Assistant {. ( ), WlI.RURN Sliiilcnt .1 ssis anl I ii iilTlilJJ ifliliftnltti ' iffiilB u Tl i i ffi il(f iliffliit ll ff l ) ff ' ' ii " m i ' i » ' i ' f l ' 4t P J ' ' Mathcf iatics Fi.o ' iD Field, A.M. A.B.. Willamotte University: A.B., A.M., Harvard L ni ersity: Theta Chi: iif Men. W. Vernon Skiles, Sc.D. B.S., University of Chicago; Sc.D.; A.M., Harvard University; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; A f ember Georgia Academy of Science. A. B. Morton, Sc.D. Broun University; University of (Georgia; Phi Beta Kappa; Member Georgia Academy of Science. David M. Smith, Ph.D. B.A., M.A., V ' anderbilt University: Ph.D., University of Chicago; Kappa Sigma Phi; Beta Kappa; Sigma Epsilon ; Phi Kappa Phi. David L. Stamv, A. I. A.B., Ursinnus; A.M., University- of Chicago; Phi Kappa I ' hi. Roy M. Mundorff, B.S. Pennsylvania State College; Graduate Work, University of Pennsylvania ; Phi Gamma Delta. Herman K. Fui.mhr, LA. B.S., University of Mississippi; M.A., Colum- bia University. M. R. Richardson, I.A. A.B., M.A.. Duke University. James F. Stexoei,. A. 15. Princeton University; Phi Beta Kappa. Walter Reynolds, Jr., B.S., M.F.. Georgia Tech ; Beta Theta Pi. Roy a. Smith, M.A. V ' anderbilt University. Clark W Hook. M.A. F.lon College: Universit of North Camlina. Raiford F. W.atkin ' s. B.S. in M.E. Georgia Tech. Rale A. Hefner, S.M. S.M., Uni ersity of Chicago. N. N. Royall, Jr., M.S. Stetson University. Guy Z. Updike, A.] I. Cidumbia University. Mcchcui icci I E igifieering R. S. King, M.E., Sc.D. M.E., Ohio State University; M.Sc, Univer- sity of Minnesota; Sc.D , University of Georgia; Sigma Xi: Phi Kappa Phi. W M. V. DuNKiN, B.S., M.E. University of Illinois. Ray M. .Matsox, B.S. in Eng. Georgia School of Technology. Roy L. Sweioert, B.S. in M.E. Un ' versit - of Illinois. Newtox C. Eraugh, B.E. in M. E. Tulane University. 1 h •(P- I i ■9) ' u nxixnnramit n rrmrtrmr cgirrT I ' tnje Forlif ' thrcc m ■a-ii m Si m ' ' 4 Faculty -■A ' HSliM l |l l lj | | ftJ »ilB.lB ff»1)lff |. l l l J, nTnlt ' l»l » |«llfllll T .lm..l » _ . ll m nl l llll : B B I Jht Thl I). -M. Harrhi.son, H.S. in E.E. Clemson College. A. A. Case Industrial Arts in M. K.. Oliici State Uni- versity ; A. S. M. E. E. B. ] 1artixdale Foreman of the Machine Shop John Toi ' ham Instructor, Machine Shop H. A. Thompson Fort man of Stiiith Shop William Vax Houten Foreman of Foundry J. H. Hextka Foreman of the 11 ood Shop H. H. XORMAX Instructor in Jf ood Shop W. F. Cummins Student Assistant Moderji L,a?i guagi J. B. Crexshaw, Ph.D. A.M.. Randolph-Macon; Ph.D., Johns Hop- kins Lniversitv; Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Kappa Phi. George H. McKee, L.D. A.H., V. L. University; Docteur des Lettres, University de Grenoble ; Piii Kappa Phi. J. A. Cami ' eamor, LL.B. A.B., M.A., University of Illinois; A. B., Burgas, Spain; LL.B., LaSalle L niversity. Robert M. Ervix, A.B. A.B., Center College; L ' niversity of Toulouse; Phi Kappa Tau ; Phi Delta Kappa. G. M. Wise, A.B. University of Michigan. W. H. BowEN, A.M. A.B., Wcslcyan Univcrsit ' ; A.M., Harvard University; Phi Sigma Iota. RuREX W. HoLi.Axn, A.B. A.B., Emory University; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi £igma Iota. Physics J. B. Edwards, B.S., E.E., M.E. Auburn L niversity. Newtox S. Herold, Ph.D. University of California. E. E. Bortell, B.S. in Eng. University of Michigan. G. B. ESTABROOK, M.S., Ch.E. Pe rdue Uni ersit ' . R. S. Strout, M.S. B.S., Bowihiin College; M.S.. I ' niversitv of Chicago. Edward T. Prosser, M. A. Ghio Wesleyan. O. C. Woodyard, M.S. ( hio State University. Archie Blake, S.B. Chicago University Textile E?igineeri ic H. S. Busby, M.E. Auburn L ni ersit . C. A. Jones, B.S. in T.E. Georgia Tech. Ralph L. Hill Assistant Professor D. E. Philpott Instructor J. R. Hraxdon Instructor W. L. Carmichael Instructor A. S. COHEX Instructor James H. Asbur. ' Student Assistant i I ' anc Ftiilii jiiiir Facility Uft » l lj !ftii ff liiitS i itrrftn i %1 Mh ff r ffrni1 hj3ii ffli ' 1 iff i ff T Lffi iiWfi fl ir ? rff Militu rv Iajor (). H. LoNGixo C ' lnuiKindiint . Professor i I. S. o T. Captaix Jdhx V. Nicholson 1 1! I nil try Captaix Phii.ii ' H. Taliaferro C. .]. C. Captain Asa H. Skixn ' er Ordnance HlXR ' i W. RolUXSON Captain H. K. UlLTS ' Captain Harri- ]•;. Storms Captain Arthlr K - Chambers Captain C. A. C. JOHX J. DOWXIXG First Lieiiti naiit . Sii;nal Corps Thomas T. Jones blaster Serjeant X. H. GODBEE Terlinical Sergeant Joseph Hrlska Sergeant TWn Jln«tiiil» uW . B. «iiffi . ff. ' iW " B. il im) i » i i «ii ri, ii iiii Tjf Bi i l T1 il ' ' i ilUB ' ' ' ' " Herbert L. Ellis Sergeant Dick H. Weir Sergeant Na vy Harold Joxes, Coniiiiaiuler S. A. Coiiiinandant . P. M. S. Philip R. ' ea er Lieutenant Co iiiiiander (jiJiROE I]. Ashe Lieiitt naiit Coinniaiider D. L. Madeira Lieutenant . I . S. a ' ey V. F. Jexxixgs Lieutenant, U. S. Navy Charles ' M. Flrlow, Jr. Lieutenant , I . S. Nai ' y EuGEXE Ax HEIR Chief oenian. E. H. KixxEV Chief Boatsicaiii ' s Mate HE •R • R. Chambers Cliief Gunner ' s Mate Thomas A. Howard Chief Storekeeper ' ■s T. %-s I ' dijf I III III III j J•j MTW | f7■.I M ' p..; | . .1, ■., .W n T f .?UT ■ ' y ,,,iM■•■l■ | .|M1.■ ■ ■■ -3 u 1 Mini V riSa . fc ' s -LJ ' i M-M i Bii ii jjiiijiii ;■-■ W ,y ;d.-- ' ' T ' -Sli% ;n ■ ' iii ' i. i ii i iii iaaip: Tm : Senior Qlass Officers ' nBii | | mBjift i«iiDii L » « i» iiB i ri i «ju ) |]]iffi ii nim i» iiBi « ij B ii H ii iHiiHi »q_ iltiiiWiiBi i ifli i»M iiJ l N. Witmer William S. Terrell F resilient I ' ice-Presulent yi lc ' Sidney GoldIX ....... Secretary-Trensurer 191 ( ■, = B WiTMER GoLDIN ' Tkkrf.i.l m Pof f I ' ortu-niuv J zvcr Qhiss Officers 7Tl fll|lffl(fLpilfllUtllW , i ni ii f ii j ff Mff i iffii i ff i i ffiii p ii imiift ii fl i ' " M i ' ' i ' i ' Tuft ' i ' T ' ii ' ' iliP ' i " ' ' JUNIOR CLASS Eari. Dlni.ap President Tom Jones I ' iee-Piesident Fleming Cooper Secretary and Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS Sidney Williams Douglas Gra don . Sharon William; President 1 ice-President Secretary and Treasurer FRESHALAX CLASS Ro-s- McArthlr President Charles Wagner lice-President Thomas Cain Secretary and ' Treasurer First Row DuxLAp, A. S. Williams Second Ko ' i ' CoDPER. S. H. ill; ms. Joxes. Gr.-wdox I ' ti ' i I ' ll I II ' SBTIIOR? ' -s s -kiS ' ' - K-v- S - jciiN ' an Ai.i.en KtIRT SMITH, ARK. B0 n Elc ' trical Engiiieerina . riii K:: -la Phi: Tau Beta Pi: g? Scal)l)ar 1 Blade ; Kappa Ida jOaKappa: " lue Print, i, 2; Captain ! .P. 0. T. C; A. I. E. E. Honor • ' .Roll. ' I, 2,— 3 7 Scholarship fiold " I " : Tc ' }iul]iii . T. Karl Haas Anderson jacksonville, fla. I K2 hlectrical Lrizinecrim; Kaupa I ' ta Kappa: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. : Honor Roll, i, 2: Scl:olursI;ip Gold " Tr Robert Angus Anderson ' SAVANNAH, GA. CitH Engineering Pi PeVfji Epsilon; Tci:huiquc, i, 2. .3, 4; YcHvw Jacket, 3, 4; Rifle TeanL - — - - John- jP A-ETiON Arnai.l, Jr. Sfe}S.QrA, GA. C ' )-()p Textile Enviniciini; ' .U krU ;dl. 2. in George Augustus Artoi e AKANTA, -GA. Textile FiTtginicrins Ciptain R. O. T. C. James Hal Asburv CLARKESVILLE. CA. ri K . Textile Engine crtiiv Tech Band : Kappa Kappa Psi : Scabhard and Blade : Cotillion Chib : Glee Club. 1 ; V. M. C. A. Cabinet : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Il John Da id Askew atlanta ga. KT Electrical Engineering Tech Band: A. I. E. E. ; Honor Roll, 3, 4: M. L. Brittain Debat- ing Societ.v; Drum and Bugle Corps. Vii,i.L .M j. Atkinson, Jr. I ATL. NT. , G. . Ml I htiniciil Engineering Tecli Band, I, 2, 3, 4; A. S. M. E. ; Navy Reserve .Aviation. m m I ' liu, Fill II hi -, . t:-: , I, Robert Maxvilt.e Austin ' WASH ixi;ri), , D. c. 5 N Guriiiiu I ' Ct Skull and Key: Glee CMj, ' 2, , 4; Infantry Foiitli.ill, i, ' 2. III Charles Pose ' ' Baglev DESOTO. G . Co ii nc rce Beta Gamma Sigma; Hdiinr , .y Roll, r, 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Gold 4 " T.- t Joseph Albert Bain augusta, ca. Cii ' il Kin iiicfi ing - A S. C. E, ( dr YkS ' Rhea Vn son Baker SI ' AIJTA, TKNX. Electiicdl Eiv bieering Glee Club, 4; Battalion Foot- l.a!l. 2; A. I. E. E. fUrf i _JLD VARD I)a iij Ballard HREWTON, C, . Co-O f hlrtlrii III En bifirin ' Techmalkt Cliilp; Battali ' oii Fuotball, 4, 5; A. I. E. E. ' .;1 U- i Robert Leh Barringer ■S- ' -- NEWNAJ , GA. ■• ' A Commerce Battalion Footl)all, 1 - Herbert Mues Baxter OUALA, FLA. •WE ; 4 KT Elcctr ' iccd Eiiguiecrin, Tecli liand, i, 2, 3, 4; Kappa Kappa Psi : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; Scabbard and Blade ; Glee Clnb, 2. -— -, ' ' ' Tho l s L. Becknell, Jr. atlanta, ga. C } ' ijommercey Skull and Key : Bulldogs ; Cotil- lion Clnb : Glee Clnb, I, 3, 4, Stage Manager, 2; Freshman Tennis. 7 ,.ii.i..„-|ii.MMlM„l,Mi..,r,f.i.i„..i,,i.:i . Vd ' jv Fiftil ' thrrc r. Haroi.ij William Beers atlanta, ga 5H Cii ' il Engineering Phi Kappa Plii : Taii Beta Pi : Civil Crew: Cotillion Club; Fresh- mnu Swimniing: Honor Roll. 1, 2, 3, 4} Scholarship Gold " T ' " : A. S Hunter Lixdsev BickhAm), PALLA TES S :: X Civil Erfginefring Civil Crew: A. S. C. E. Walter Clyde Bixkley ?T. rKTEkSUrKG. FLA. Cij ' il Engineering -jPi Delta Ep iloh; Civil Crew; ¥e lp ' ,c Jacket, 1, 2, 3, 4: Circulat- ing; Manager, i; Adjutant Navy R. C). T. Alkicrt H. Blackmore wind,sor, .mo,.- ' .1 ' . C ' l-Op I lectricalJ ngtJ ering Tau Beta Pi. ' ' ' . : ' Edg. r Ross Blount : v.; slA -R|r;5f AJH,1 CA. ATA Textile Engineering PJii,:Psi:. Cotillion Club: La- Cro.sse, 3, 4; Battalion Football. 3: Battalion B»sk«t-ball, 3, 4i Fred B.iRjiiNGER Bookhardt ■ ll; ' pt ' ANTA. CA. Electrieid En gincering Battalion Footliall, I. 2; - . I7 F. F. Henr ' - Lumpkin Bo Ven ' . 0, i PELHAM, g. . Co-O p Elect rical Engineering Scabbard and Blade : Kappa Eta Kappa : Captain R. O. T. C. ; A. I. F. F. ■. ) R. ' PXte Bowex, Jr. ' " I : %j;epiel_i ' , . A. Ml iluinit (d Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Pi Delta Epsilon ; .( r.Li ' E Print, 2, 3. 4: Junior Editor, ; Senior Editor, 4; Free Bodv ' ciub: Oil Can Clul): A. S. M. F. Pn(ic Fiftji fimr m : ' •■•I Andrew Summers Bovce AVGUSTA. ' CA. Textile h ritfiiieci iii hj RsT; Scabbanl and Blade. Howell A. Braxsforu, Jr. UXIOX Crxv, TENN. Ch ' i! Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon : Band, i, 2. 3, 4 ; Kappa Kappa Psi : Civil Crew : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. : Tedi- Battalion Football, - N I Lieutenant K ■: niquc, 2, 3. 4 I ; A. S. C. E. i j: 0 ' ' y Fraxcis Greene Brixson METIER, GA. Co-Op Mechanical Engineering C- ' ' tj LV I ' d CUYLER WaR LER BrQQKS FORSVTH, " GA. Electrical Engineering . . I. E. E. ; r si; H R(!|.|) Braseltox Brooks rENIlKRGRASS, GA. Textile F.ngincerinc v i t 4j J0.SEPH Raymond BROsx jf - _ -ALLAXY, GA. ' ' f; ' ■ r[ ' il " Engineering Civil Crew ; Tc " hi{ique, Ex- change Editor, 3 ; JVWoTC Jacl ' et. Tlieatre Editor, 3, 4 ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. : Basker-liall, 3,. 4 ; Bat- talion Basket-ball, i. v 1 C ' Br ax LaFollette Brown ■ ;: blue ridge, ga. ; . ! jC ' ' — ' o-(jp Mechanical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi : Free Bodj ' Club; l!att;ilion Football, L4r Honor Roll, i, 2, " 3,—4-;— Scholar- ship C.ohl " " R " _ — ' , , III ' i ' ; ' Ellis Moss BrowT ' - ' ' I A-LLAS„ ' (tE3Ev S • ' V Co-Qp Mechanical Engineering , ' i ' ' " ' Sgiiare and Cornpass. f i fe ; iiiiiiiiiiii.i.iiiiiiiiniiiuiiii uiiLiiiiiiiiiiNimiLiiiiiiiiiiinnBi .-;- «itii3 [: rar.iiii3iini!uiiniicp: i " ' (■ rift.ihfirr . S- ? " - • - j Mi:s RwDoirii I5k(i n MIAMI; FLA. General Srieiite Cliarretfe Club : Cotillion Club ; ■ Architectural Society: Glee Club, 3. 4. Business Manager, 4; Lieu- i j,y tenant R. O. T. C; Clieer Leader, [ " - ' n I, 3, ,1, 4. Head Cheer Leader, 4. Charles Rush Hrumby ledarto n, ■ . 2 AE J ' ex tile En ! ini i rin Plii Psi ; Freshnian Football ; Football, 3, 4: Golf, 2, 3, 4. Charles Herpei. Blrch SAGLNAW, MilH. $r A General SLieiiif Marionet-tes_ 4 ; Lieutenant R. O. T.jC._; WGS ' LAnnouncer. Joe Thomas Hltto.v eau claike, wis. Civil Engineering S |uare and Compass ; A. S. C. E. ¥)■■ Henry Jekeerson Buttram tF.DAKTOWX, C,. . Crj-()p hhitncal hnviut ' i i ' in[i A. L F.. E. James Alexander Bvars ROME, GA. II K I Special Textile Claitox Louis Ca.mmack .SHREVEPORT. I.A. Commerce Battalion Football, 2, 3 ; Honor Roll, 2, 3. J; Edwin K ans Camp ROME, GA. n K i Special Textile .■iniiiiiLMiiiiim ' « (■ Fijtii six- UIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI;,! John Patrick Ca.mpbeu. .; ATLANTA, GA. Co innienc Phi Kappa Phi: Alplia Delta Sigma: Cotillion Chih: Koseme ; Freshman Basehall ; Honor Roll, I, 2. T,: Scholarsliip Gold " T. " Karl Clarenck Cami ' bell — TTjikaaNS, GA.,. J K T C ' liniiicrce Robert Vrk;ht CannonY XEWr.EKRV, GA. FA Speciiil Textile " ' Honor Roll, i. f " ? James Barton Carey, EOMK. GA. 15 K ■ Civil Eii ;triccrinQ I ' riarean Society: Co-op Cluh. James Robert Carnes AlWOKTH, GA. x T n I jl Goiniinrcc Phi Kappa Phi: Pi Delta Ep- .silon : Beta Gamma Sigma ; Cotil- lion Clnb : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; Honor Roll, i, z, 3, 4; Scholarshiji .Gol„ " T.- . - .-Vi f . ' A r.,r, ' ■ ■Of} J ' Francisco Castaxo tJ t. ' iyAMPA DSj MEXICO ElfCtriitil hn iiu ' irin Cosmopolitan Club, President, 3; Debating Clnb. x; ; m m ' ' James Tobin Chafee AUGUSTA, CTA. A !( Iiitfi tiire T r iff ' l Arlie H. Chamberiin, Jr. ME.MI ' HISj T ' BNN. A, . ILK ' I ' Hilech inirtil hiigiiircri i 6il Caii Club. p.r , ' " . ' r I ' ifiij-ncrvn RoHIRT FrII ' I ' L Cmsoi.M I ' .VKOX, G. . Co-Op F.lictr ' uiil Eiiviueirins TtssH Homer Christian. Jr. ATLANTA. CA. A T f Mcchdiiicid Eiii ' i ' ieering . Pi Delta Epsiloii; ScaBSlrd fan l Blade: Oil Can Club, President. 4: Cotillion Club: Skilll and Key: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ;; Tecl}- niquc. I. 2: YcUoii.! Jacket, ' tl, 3, Associate Editor. ,V: Gl e CluKN J : Battalion Football, ' it; Cbeer jl Leader. 2, 3 : Basket-balVMariagei;, 1, 2, . ' 3= A. s: 51. E. -.J- Herbi.rt Mucki.ev Cl.ark ' l WK.-iLEVVir.LE, PE3SN. V AS General Science Scientta Xlub : Cotillion jChlb I Lieutenant R. O. T. C. - , Paul Matto.x Ci.ark ATLANTA, i;A. iCeramics Pbi Kappa Phi: Tan Beta- Pi : Beta Pbi ; American Ceraniic Society; Honor Roll, i, 3. , , ' ■, V George Darhi Coffee ■ ' ■Tpj i Ai ' yA. II K A Textile , Engini ' criiii; Captain Freshman Track; Track. 2. 3, 4: Skull and Kev : Koseme : Bn ' lidogs ; Phi Psi : Gotillioii Club ; Scabbard and Blade ; Fr hn n r.tball Manager. ' Edward CffESXER Coffin , Jr. . -■«ij:;H,i.AND. r.A. ; ' Electricdl Eii ;iiiceriiig — - — Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; A; L ■-. E. ' :■. %. George D. Colemax. Jr. • ATLANTA. CA. P Cluinicid . ' V : Tames Hugh CoT i-Ey, J ' v.. ] COVLB-ANY, CA. wx Cii ' il E if;infcring Spiked Shoe; Civil Crew; Cotil— inn Club; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; Freshman Football and Track; Track, 2, 3, 4; Battalion FocitbaM, 5. 4:,Irtterfraternity Council.gS, 4 A. svc. e: ' . fy p raiic Fifhi-cinlil Illlhlll, ' llllllllllllllM»| Mf | |T] Rice Fit i ' atrick Crhxshaw IiEKMllTT. AUK. Electrica l Engineering Tan Beta Pi ' ; ' Marionettes. 4: President R. A. R. Clul) : Honur R li, 1,, ' 2; .Scliolarship flolii " T. " Alfred Pearci; Crisfield SAVANNA H. G . Cera lilies Spiked Slioc ; Track, 3, 4; Crnss Conntry, 2. 3, 4 ; American Ceramic Society. Tho f s J. Culfepper, Jr. GREENVILLE. GA. Textile Em iiH eriiig Plii Kappa Phi; Hunor Roll, , . Ernest Rodgers Cutler . TLA r . GA. ciiend Seieiice Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3 ; Pres- ident Gene TtTrner Bible Class, 3. Frank Perdue DANiELf - ) II SENOI.N. GA. I Genera! Seieiiee . 1? I b£ J c: ! I! EdwarD ' .Madison Darden ™ , ' V ) _H0aAN5VILLE, GA. l| ■J ' jiX Textile Engineering W V) i fv ' JHOMA s Ash FORD DAVisy ' ■ ' ' COLU.MIJLS, G. . - Textile Engineering Blue Print, - J J; -3 att iion Football. 3, 4. " Frank - ' Starke t5iEAN, Jr. ATLANTA, ' A. ' ' ' -JPexflie ' Engineering p:i I ' il(j( ' rifly nine t ' ' l Pmiii ' Dawson Denton | ATl.AN-TA. f;A. ATQ C(j?nmerre Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Louis Harold Dial mcgehee, ark-. Electrical Engineering Band; Glee Club, ' ; A: ' -.I. E E, Wii.iiAM Henry Dietsch ATl-AXTA, CA. (Ujinmerce Alpha Kappa Psi ; Al|)lia Delta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Skull and Key; Colonel R. O. T. C. ; Interfraternity Comicil, 3, 4; Battalion Football, 4. AtTHUR Robert Domixguez IIWAXA, CUIiA .M 1 1 hull ir il En gin eering Arcliitectnral Society; A. ' ■ S M. I-:. Fraxkhn- Henry Drew KlTZGEKAI.n, CA. I Iechanical Engineering Tan Beta Pi ; Scabbard and Blade; Oil Can Club; Free Bodv Cluli; Lieutenant R, O. T. C. ; A. S. M. E. ; President. 4. ' .- WttoAM N. Dulaney ' ATLANTA. CA. Sf ecial Textile Louis Kenneth Dunacin LAl-KEL. .MIS.S. Cii ' il hni ineering Civil Crew ; Fre.sliman LaCrossc, Harrison Griffith EnwARDs AII.A.WA, (... . ix .1 1 ( hitcrtiirc .Architectural Society; M.i rion- ettes, 3, 4; (dee CIul), 2, 3, 4: Honor Roll, j ; Vellow Jacket Quartette. ' ITTTT TT rnri ' ii ti I ' lujf .S ' i.1 ' 0 o- ' -i m William Alfred Edwards PERRV, G. . 5 N Crj-0 Mechanical Engineering Free Br;dy Club : Scabbard and Blade; Battalion Basket-ball; As- sistant Ex. E. Lab. ' ILI. AM Emmett Elliott WASHIXGTUN ' , D. C. Co-Op Electrical Engineering _ Technique, i : Captain R. O. T. C. ; Honor Roll, i ; A. I. E. E. Ha ' rold Algl stus Faisst LITTLE I ' OIXT. ARK. 5 N C ' imnierce Kosenie : Bulldog? ; Skull and Key; Student Council, ,3, 4: Inter- fraternity Council. - , 3, A. Pres- ident, 4; Vice-President Class, 3; Fresbman Football and Track; Football, 2, 3, 4 ; Track, 2, 3, 4. James Carter Fischer IiOERUX, GA. A S-f) Co n iierce Freshman LaCrosse ; LaCrosse, 2 ; Battalion Football and Basket- ball, I. Ch.arles Ware Fitzgerald JACKSOX, TEXX. (■ B (-) 1 1 C z ' V Engineering F6ofbalI, -2r-3; Baseball :g 3. i: r Robert DhRoi.f Frederick ' READIXG, PEXX. - " " Ben J General Science Pi Belta Epsilon : Scientia Club ; | Technique. 4; Blve Prixt, i, 2, 3, : f 4, Business Manager, 4. Paul Julian Friddell ATLAXTA, GA. Mechanical E.ngincering A. S. M. K. James Richard Frink ML .MI, FI.A. --— I 2 A E General Science Phi Ka|)pa Phi : Scabbard and Blade; Scientia Club-; Cotillion Club; Anak; Kosenie; Skull and Key ; Fresbman Football and Baseball ; Footljall, 3 ; Baseball, 3, 4; Interfraternity Co.uncil, , 3, 4: Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4. ! -:- . ' i j i uu i i i ti i i - j ii ini ii mi l i.m iii iiiLiiiiiiinniiiiimnn i iH i nnrminmniu P(i( e Sixtt one ■ ' .iniiiiiiiirnnTnr 1 1 Claude FowtER Fumbanks IlVEKSIURr.. TKVX. I K i spec id! .1 rchitcitiire l RoHiiRT Al. GffiBeKjj ' jR. romeHca- ' - 1 1 ' xiile En ;int I ri ii; William Tucker Gii LH M. KERRVILLE, TEKX. ' . , , !• 0X Elect r ' uiil h ii iiieeri i ; Marionettes. 2, , , 4: LaCrdsse, 3, 4 : LieiltCTiant R. O. T. C. : Honor Jc_ ■ - SlUNHY GOLDIX ATLAN ' tAfTTA ' . l E II A ; ;in ec tin ; ' Cli e m is try Anak ; Koscmc ; Cotilliou Club; Freshman Basket-ball and Tennis ; Basket-ball, 2, 3, 4, Captain,, 4 ; Teiinis, 2y , 3, 4 ; Interfratertiity Council, 4 ; Secretary-Treasurer Class, 4. Thomas Patterson Gooo l n ATLANTA. C.. . E n ftieering C lie mis try Plu piia PfHiiTauiBbta Pi: ITonor Roll, r. 2, ,3; Scbolarsbip (-old " T. " Shi Grey Goodwyxe forsvth. ga. K A Architecture Pi Delta l--psilon : Charrette Club; Cotillion Club; Architec- tural Society; Art Editor Blue Prlnt, 3. 4; Art Editor Yellow Jacket, 3: Interfraternitv Council, .!. 4- Leoxaro Athertox Gould §ijr. PETERSBURG, KLA. Electrical Engi iecriiig Phi Kappa Phi: Honor Roll, i, !. 3 : A. I. E. E. ; Scholarship Gold T. " 55S teD EETII GRAXTJiAM A TQ Ele rici:! Riii iiiccrin s: Phi Kappa Phi ; Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Delta Ep.silon : Cotillion Club: Anak : Skull and Key ; Kappa Eta Kappa; Technique. 1, 2, 3, 4, As- sistant Editor, 4; y ' cllini ' Jackcl. 3. 4: Marionettes, i, 2, 3 r -Student Ctiuncjl, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4 ; (JJee Club, Presideiit, 4; Intcr- f raternity Council, 3, 4 ; Captain R.),0. T. C: Honor Roll, ' ?,,;2; Scholarsliip Gold " T. ' Ifl. I ' (ii c Bhrli) two T P :- B LU L?.LF rimt: :•: 19 3 :x ce-s i r tj3 I MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.IIhlllilulimiillMiM M, ii iill J rnnr William Jacksox Green ML MI, FLA. i E J ichitfcture Architectural Society. Nathax Joxes Greexe MAVFIELIl, KV. 5 •! £ Electrical Engineering Pi Delta Epsilmi ; Cotillion Club ; Kappa Eta Kappa : Blue Print, 2, 3, 4, Military Editor, 4: Marion- ettes, 2, 3, 4 ; A. I. E. E. Ho ARD Asa Griffith, Jr. SHEFFIELD, ALA. 2 E Architecture Blue Print, ,1: Yellow Jacket, I, 2, 3; Architectural Society. Dan Morris Guy ATLANTA, C,. . KS General Science Scientia Club: Cotillion Club; Captain R. (). T, C. fe ..- John Robert Hall I PHILAllELrHIA. I ' ENN. Electrical Engineering Lieutenant R. O. T C If- w 1 ; Jack Wellington Hall CHATTANOOGA, TEX.M. X Electrical Engineering Kappa Eta Kappa; Interfraterni- ty Council, 3, 4. ' , ■ Hartley Hall, Jr. MACON, GA. Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi : Civil Crew ; Cotil- lion Club ; Honor Roll, i, 2, 4. -- i .k= -. Carl Anthony Hamlin MACON, G. ' V |-. ' i| C ' j-()f) Jfeclianical Engineering i " ' ' I ' u()c Sixtij-lhree .ul: IM John LeRo H ammoxd savannah, ga. II K 1 Genera! Science Hoiior-Ttollr i. i Eowix Langdon Hanna IlROOKFIELDj ' KKL_ K T — Electrical Engineering Tail Beta Pi : Tnterfraternity Council. 4: Honor Roll, i. 2, 3, 4. Wii.i.iAM Barti.ett Harper ATLANTA, GA. Architecture Phi Kajina Eiii; Tau Beta Pi: ti ■ . li ArchitecturalSociety., E 1-: - ■ Georgk Fostir Harrei.l KOCKV MOUNT, N. ( " . A rchilecture Cliarrette Club; Marionettes ' ,, 12, !; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ' ; John Wesley Harve ' , Jr, ■J I [ w ■ LE-XINGtON, Mb. Te:X-til£ K n i incerin S(|uare and Compass, President, 4 : Scahhard and Blade : Lieutenant K. O. T. C: Track: Honor Roll, Charles Gordon HastoN atlanta, ga. Civil Enr;inecring Lei-and Elwood Hatcher SCREVEN, GA. Commerce liand : Freshnrin LaCrosse : La- Crosse, 2, ,3, 4: Navy R. O. T. C., Ensign; Battalion Football, i, 2, Allen Kk.ene Hxlck. . TLAXT. , G. . Commerce Scaliliard and Blade; Major R. ( ). T. C. : Fresbman Football and Baseball : Football, 4 : Battalion Football, 3. Pdf r SiJ tn-four I - ' -I r ilV-l Jerry Lamar Havxie BOLTOM, GA. ' - ' ' Band; " ! iT A; S- C. E. t Rali ' h I.amar Heard laxett. ala. ? i , Jacob INIii.tox Heard, Jr. MACOX, GA. $ AO General Scienee Scientia Club : Battalion Foot- ball. 3 : Fencing Club. Textile Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon ; Phi Psi : Scab- bard and Blade; Cotillion Club; Technique, i, 2, ,3; VcIIozk ' Jacket. I. 2, 3, 4: Y. M. C. -A.. Cabinet; Captain R. O. T. C. ; Battalion Basket-ball, i, 2, 3, 4: Battalion Football, 3 ; Honor Roll, 2 ; F.ditor " T " Book, 4; Announcer WGST, 3, 4; LaCrosse Manager, 4. An6u JuiLian Heeke . _- - I - ' ' w - ' ■ WASmXGTON, D., C.. » ,-- B « II " = General Science r- - Freshnian Football. Basket-ball, Baseball ; Basket-ball. 2, 3, 4, Cap- tain. 3 ; Captain R. O. T. C. : Honor Roll. i. Cecil Miller Hefxer _ HLUEFIELI), W. VA ..„ n K Rlecliiiiiical hu incering Phi Kappa Phi; Tan Beta Pi. President, 4; Band, 2, 3. 4; Oil Can Club; Free Body Club, Secre- tary, 4 ; Marionettes, 2 ; Inter- t raternity Council. 3. 4 ; Honor Roll, 2, .4; Tau Kappa .Mpha ; Scholarship Gold -T " ; Ai ' S. M. . i u 1 .1 ■W. y i ■ I c Frank Lee Hicks ■ S ' y- CAtHOtyg , GA. Conuneree s Spiked Shoe : Freshman Track ; Track, 3, 4 ; Battalion Football, 3. " Hi u = ' ,( i James Rvax Hicks •P- t ( KOME. GA. BK Co-Up Mechanical Engineering I -. ' Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi: Scabbard and Blade ; Briarean Society : Free Body Club ; Student Council, 5 ; Interfraternity Coun- cil, 4, 5 ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. : Battalion Basket- ball, i, 2; Bat- talion Football, 4; Honor Roll, f, .4. T ; Scholarship Gold - ' T " ; j S. Isi. E. - ' ' ' William AIcLeax Hicksox CHER. W. S ' ; C. Co-Op Mechanical Engineering I Blue Pkixt. s; Honor Roll, 2, 4. rV ' ■■■■- ■-. V, " jT ' - i ' JtM; I Page Siftij-flre ll J.l re -rmniT TTTTTiii.iiiiHiMii HMiniiinmnTm ' rTmrTriimii ' iiirii ' iiuiimiiirinTTm: WnxiAM Arthlr Hinton DAiri.A, CA. Mt ' clKiiiuid A ii ' iiit frin Oil Can Club ; Free Body CUib : A. S. M. E. " - r I.ARIOK HOUGE ClJKSItANA, TEXAS .irchitt ' Cture Scabb:irfl and Blade: Arcbitec- tural Soeietv: Blue Print, i, 3, Art Staff: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; Hcmor R ill, i. Lamblrt Aukixs Holi.owav AT]-A TA. (.A. Civil Enviiieirinf; ' -Phi Kappa Phi : Tan Beta Pi ; ■ i CfVil Crew: Cotillion Club; Fresh- man LaCrosse; LaCrosse, 3, 4; y Blue Print, 2; Technique, i; „! Marionettes, i, 2, 3; Honor Roll, ' " : , 2, 1,-4; Scholarship (joU! " T " : A. S. C. E. tj )!j Nathan Aimm.eton Holm Cn AUGUSTA, GA.| ' ' ' ' ,; ' Architecture ' Scabbard and Blade ; Architec- tural, Society ; Blue Print, 3; Cap- in 1) tain -R, O. T. C. u ■(;■- Ernest Walter Holmes, Jr. ( iiattanooga, texx. nKA l li chuuicid hnvinceriiii; Oil Can Club; Free Bndv Club: Honor Roll, i ; A. S. M. E. William M. H ' olsenbeck WINDER, GA. El ec triad Engineering Tau Beta Pi ; Scabbard and Blade ; Kappa Eta Kappa ; Fresh- man LaCrosse : LaCrosse, 2, : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; A. 1. E. E. CtAUDE ' VouNG House, Jr. ATLANTA, GA. K5 . Alcch uiic d Engineering Oil Can Club ; Free Body Club ; Freshman Swimming ; Swimming, 2, 3, Captain, 4 ; A. S. M. E. John Cra en ' s Howell montgomery, ala. 5N Electricfd Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Kappa Eta Kajipa : b ' nsign, Navv R. O. T. C. ; A. L E. F. m " TTTrrrTTrcnrrmTrnmrr Pdffc »S ' (.rfi I •Ir-TT.-Tnf --r - j " — .- John H.aisi.h ' Hudspeth CREEXVir.[,E, TEXAS Coiniiierce Julian C. Hunter GLEXMIIRA, 1,A. Electrical hm inerring Andrew A. Hutchinson SENOIA, GA. ATA (Jor imcrcr Alpha Kappa Psi : Cotillion Club ; Koseme ; Skull and Key : In- terfraternity Council, .1, 4: Fresh- man Basket-ball. Baseball: Base- ball, 3; Battalion Basket-ball, 1,2, IHIUIIIIIIIIID Branch Merriman Irwin GREENSBORO, N. C. A2 Civil Enirinerriri!; Civil Crew; Bulldogs: Golf, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 3: Interfraternity Council, 3, 4: Honor Roll, i. v. Carl Lee JoNcy , .,i % Mechfinicti! Knt incerin ; yT M. C. A. Cabinet, 1 : Cos- mopolitan Club ; LaCrosse, Maii- ;iger. 3 ;• A- S. M. E. , , - iiiHiiiiimnininiffi .v..,., .r ■■ ;;;V ' An) V ' tt c Sixty-sevfti fF: :■(. : _ i.r J.AMHS Knight Jones CUI.UMBUS. CA. H K ■ — C(j-Op Eleitriciil Enghiecriiis Band : Kappa Kappa Psi ; Hriarean Society : Co-op Club ; Secrctarv Pre-Junior Class; Bat- talion Footbali, I, 3: Battalion Basket-ball, i, .r Honor Rollr-i, 4; A. I. E. E. , Paul Walker Jones CANTOiJi-GA. _ 2 AE Commerce Harold Arthur Keith ATLANTA, GA. Co-Op Electrical Enginetr ' tng Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; Honor Roll, I ' rTcr-i. ' E. E. Jack Russell Kinkel evaxsville, indiana ' ©X special Architecture . Marionettes, I ; Battalion: Bi kct-ball, 1 : Honor Roll, i. iw ! Guy Lackey ATLANTA. GA. Commerce Band, I, a, 3, 4: Kappa Kappa Psi; Glee Club, 2; Fresliman La- Crosse. Edward Johnson Ladd FT PAVNE, ALA. Ceramics Square and Compass ; .-Xmerican Ceramic Society ; Fresbman Box- ing. John Joseph Lambert atlanta, ga. X0 Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Phi ; Tau Beta Pi ; Civil Crew; Cotillion Club; Skull and Key ; Interfraternity Council, 3, 4; Vice-President Class, 2; Honor Roll, 2, 3. WfLi-iAM Stevens Lanier AUGUSTA, CA. 2 E Mcclianifitl Engineering Scientia Club; Battalion Foot- baHj; l4J3,as ball, i, 2, 3- „A ii m Page Si-riit iiiilit IIITT3TTT- 1 -IK - Neill Harvey Lassiter. Jr. NASHVILLE, TEXN. 2 I E Electrical Eiigiiifcriiii; Pi Delta Epsilon; Cotillion Club : Blue Print, 2, 3, 4, Frater- nity Editor, 3, 4; Marionettes, 2, 3 ; Honor Roll, i ; A. I. E. E, Pierce Butler Latimer ATLANTA, GA. Special Textile Herbert Grant Law CHATTANOOGA, TENN. ] Architecture Anak ; Bulldogs ; Interf raternity Council; Charrette Club; Arclii- tectural Society. JoHX ' iLLEAM Leigh, Jr. SAVANN2VH, " (rA. " ° n K A Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi ; Cotillii)U Club; Glee Club, i, 2. JV Frederick Augustus Lewter ORLANDO, FLA. V Civil Engineering Y. M. C. -A. Cabinet, 4 ; Fresh- man LaCrosse; LaCrosse, 2, 3j 4; Battah ' on Football, 2. o 3i ' i ' - -J: 4 I ' o Robert Thomas Lixusey BLUFFTON, CA. Textile E ngin eering ; -ev Wi r« a f Thomas Fraxk Litaker CONCORD, NORTH CAROLINA Architecture !•; Marionette: Society. Ardiitectilral .c: ■ ' ' ' - ' = ' JoHx X ' icTOR Little V« CAKTERSVft.llE,_ GA.4 ' i;. ' ;- Commerce- I Alplia Delta Sigma; Cotillion Club ; . nak. Secretary and Treas- urer ; Koseme. Secretary and Treasurer; Bulldogs; Inierf rater- nity Council, 3, 4, Secretary, 4. - St.. G- k I a(jv Sixtif-ninc m Raymond Cad LifWA rETERSIURG. TENN. " Cii ' i Envitietrini; 0 " |; Civil Crew: Football. 3, 4: Bat- i talion Football. 2: A. S. C. E. ' VuUD LUXSFORU, II ST. PETERSBURG, FLA. ' Ben fJectrital hn inetring Blue Pri.nt, 4; Marionettes, ij 2, 3: Manager Basket-ball. - M Eugene Crane Lyon tamta, fi.a. (j ' iminerre Tcchnupic. 2, 3, 4; Glee Club, ; Tech " Y " Singers. Kent Eugene Mack, Jr. THO.VIASVILLE, GA. ' I ' i K (Jiiiiniieri (■ Pi Delta Kpsiloii, President, 4; Hnlldogs; Blue Print, 2, 3, oh Comic Editor, 3 ; Yclloiv Jacket, 2, v, j 3, 4, Editor-in-Cbief, 3, 4; Honor Poll, I, 3. Thomas ComiiR AIai.onk ATI.A.NTA. (,A. hleclrirul hniiiiieering Kappa Eta Kapjia; LaCcoss,e, i, 2, 3, 4; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; liattalioii Football, 2 ; A. I. E. E. Lee Bernard Mann ATLANTA, GA. 2N Electrical Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade ; High Tension ; Kappa Eta Kappa: Technique, i. 2, .Associate Editor, 3, 4: Marionettes, i, 2, 1, 4; Glee Club, 2. 4: Captain R. 6. T. C. : Honor Roll, I, 2, 3; M. L. Brittain Debating Society; A I E. E. Charles Allen Manston atlanta, ga. BK Arcliilectiire Scabbard and Blade ; Freshman LaCrosse : Captain R. O. T. C. : Battalion Footl)all ; Track, i. V(: li V SlUNE.Y Llcix Marienthal ATLANTA, GA. Chemical E ngineering Vaijc SrrrntJ ULvFRINT :-.:i93 -■■ m -Marion " Fleming Martin, Jr. mcixtosh. ga. Elect ri ml Em iiieerin Scabbard and Blade; Rifle Team. i. 2. 3. 4. I Robert Cameron Mathes ATLANTA. (iA. C ' tmmerce Alpha Kappa Psi : .-Mpha Delta Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Cotillion Club : Bulldogf : Ad- jutant Captain R. O. T. C. : Bat- talion Football, I, 2. },. 4. i Vincent Matthews, Jr, athens, ga. ■■ Mt ' cluutical Eni ' incerin ' A. S. M. E. r- .. t-... Charles Childs IcAi.ilev CHESTER, S. C. Electrical Engineering Lieutenant R. O. T. C. her? . ' Ro ' i (j. McCleskey IHA.MP.LEE, GA. Electrical Enghieering n — v Gordon Lee McWilliams 3-0- r-rr •BALTOX, GA. ( B K Co-Op Mechanical Engineering Scabbard and Blade : Briarean Society ; Co-op Cluli : Techmallet Club: Lieutenant R. O. T. C; A. S. M. E. , -I C -? { Frank Raymond Meredith erwix. tenx. , ., ' 5 X Commerce - k s I .Alpha Kappa Psi : .Alpha Delta Sigma: Band, i, 2. 3. 4: Kappa Kappa Psi: Scabbard and Blade; Marionettes, i, 2, 3: Glee Club, 3, 4: Battalion Football and Basket- ball. I, 2: Leader Drum and Bugle Corps. - " , JrDsox Julius Milan _L. eRANGE, G.V special Textile ' S- ' - u ■■ " " I " ' " iiiiii«Miiiiiiniui| | |||||n|,|| | | | fl|imi,i;ii,iii!i]]iini||| | inui|MUI | ii»iimiiiiiiimiiiiiimii) ' DTrBToniEisan •ap. ' . ' ' ' " t ' F ? rirn-nrr— T-n;i-- . n-T r.7Tt nn-T Patic Seventy-one Stephen James Millett garden city, la. Co-Op Civil Em ineeriijg HoRRANCE A. Mitchell maco ' n, (i r j A0 Textile Engineering Phi Psi; Cotillion Club; Bat- talion Football, 3 3 James Mason Mitchell WINSTOlsr-SALEM,, N. C. Textile Engineering Luke Warner J Iizell atlanta, ca. J Commerce ■ x ■ V ' , Koseme ; Rnlldogs : ' " Sk ' irll , ' and Key; President Class, 2; Frfsh- nian Football and Baseball ; Foot- ball, 2;-3, 4J [Baseball, 2, 3 ;. ' m Thomas William Moore ATLANTA, (;A. Elei ' lricid Engineering Kappa Eta Kappa ; Lieutenant K. O. T. C. ; Battalion Football. 2, 3- @i Max Allison Morrison DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. nK A Civil Engineering Civil Crew ; Freshman Football ; LaCrosse ; Football, 2, 3. William Athon Muse covington, ky. A® General Seienee ' ulldogs; FreshuKui Football. H.V. -)f. George Bailey Myers CLIFTON, N. .1. B K Cii-()p EAt ' Clriciil Engineering Biiarean .Society: Co-op Student Council. 11 f W I ' auf Stviiitirlii ' o T ;-:i93o .iiiiimiiiMiLiiiiiiriir ' .iiiiiiriiMM iiiii n i Mi.J m m III James Pattox Napier ATLANTA, GA. 2 N Cuninierce Phi Kappa Phi : Delta Sigma Pi ; Alpha Delta SigiTia ; Beta Gamma Sigma ; Blue Prixt, 4 ; Tecluiiquc, 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor, 3, 4; Yctloiv Jacket. 4; Captain R. O. T. C. : Honor Roll, I. 2, 3, 4; Manager Student Snp- ply. Henry Irwix Xeelv, Jr. ■ ' HAZEL, KV. ATA Ccrdtiiic Ln ;inet ' rin!; Tan Beta Pi : Pi Delta Epsilon : Beta Phi ; Tccltniquc, 3, 4 : Mari- onettes, 2, 3, 4 ; American Ceramic Society. JoHX Fraxk Nelsox .y hattiesburg, miss. % ; ' Commerce ;■ ' Alpha Delta Sigma ; f ' AIpha Kap- pa Psi. f -. L iviAlt : ' ' - Newcomb C ' j-Op Electrical Engineering Tail Beta Pi: Tech Band: Briarean Socie4y-; — Go-op Club: Radio Club ; Kappa Eta Kappa : Student Assistant, E. E. Depart- ment ; . ' . I. E. E. Hf _ Fraxk David Nichols atlanta, ga. Ben Civil Envinecring Tau Beta Pi : Civil Crew : Inter- fraternity Council, 3, 4: Battalion Football, 2; Honor Roll, i, 2, 3.. Llovd Niehoff J J ATL.ANTA, GA. Commerce I ,( N ' i ' Albert Gustavo Novella GUATEMALA, CENTRAL AMERICA Enrique CalloS ' Novella GUAI ilALA, centra!!, ' AM ERICA K2 Mcchaniciil Engineering ' ■!c)tl Can Club. j ' m •:W Paue Saentu-thne Georgu S imi Ohfar. Ill ATLANTA, GA. Textile E ii_ ' i !(tri?iv Ririe Team. j. ?, 4 ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C: Kresliman Football. LaCrosse ; Battalion Football, ,? : Honor Roll, 2, 37 -ij. -- ;,f 1 William Ledvard Oliver montgomery, ala. Textile Eniriiiciriiiz Cllre Halma Owen ALDRR ' H, MO. Co-Ofi Electriciil Engineering Spiked Shoe: Radio Club; Cross Country, 4 ; Battalion Track, 2 ; A. I. E. E. Charles Tillman Oxfordt dawson, ga.., BK C(j-Up Civil En ineeiing Briarean Society. Parnell M,ALCQtM Pafkord JACKSOXVILLE. KLA. II K l Meclianieiil Engineering; - Scabbard and Blade ; Oil ,C n Club ; Free Body Club : Inter- fraternity Council, 4; Captain R. O. T. C. Robert He ' r ' C. Pancoast ST. PETEKSIU ' RG, FLA. Aleclinnical Engineering Freshman S vininiin, ; ; Swim- ming. 2, 3, 4. J ' A.MES Crowuer Parham GRfiENVILLE, GA. Mechanii (d Eni;ineerin A.-:S;-M,- E. Lamar Rlel Partaim MONROE, V.. . I KT Civil Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon ; Band, i ; Technique, i, 2, 3, 4; ] ' rlli)tc Jacket, 2, , 4, Circulation Man- ager, rA. S. C. E. Page Scventu fnur roi Nelson ' Hunti.ev Parker MALCIN " . (.A. Co-Op Electrical Ensinecring Scabbard and Blade : Techmallet Cluh; Battalion Football, 2, 3, 4; A. I. E. E. Robert Copelaxd Paul- WATERTOW.V, FLA. General Science Cotillion Club : Bulldogs : Bat- talion Football, 2. Dabnev Rlbl ' sh PerrV TAMPA, FLA. Engineering Chemistry Woodford Jessee Perry ATLANTA, GA. Civil Engineering Major R. O. T. C. : A. S. C. E. m Manon Prescott Phillips ,, ATLANTA, G. . Ci ' il Engineering " A.. Si C. E. •.y — - W y 5 Peter Frank Pinkertox .M. l0. " . GA. Co-O i Electrical Engineering Techmallet Chil) : A. I. E. E. ; Battalion Football. 2. 3, 4. rt " I Walter Vo()d Polaxd. Jr. atlanta, ga. - Commerce ' ■ - ' . .- ' • Delta Sigma Pi ; Blue Prin ' %J; 4: Technique, . , 4; Glee Club, 4. ::i ___ ■ " ' - ■ ' ■ ' - " ' " " ' - , ' f George Edgar Powell " f A DEL. GA I i K Commerce: r Phi Kappa Phi ; Beta Gamma Sigma : Freshman Baseball : Base- IjaTl. 3. 4: Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Gold " T. " • ' -• }V i i ' i!U ' j!;rj. v jiviiii! ) iinui c rrmrn: Pafje Set ' cnty-five Thomas Mai.coi.m PRrcE " WASlll.VGTUX, n. c. K A CkU Enziiniring J] -I ' ' T;ni Beta Pi: Civil Crew,;-Av S John- Haves Pritchard ' B BEArMOXT, TEXAsr " Architcrturc ,[3 BRUMB ' i- Daniel Pritchett GKIFFIX, GA. $2 K Textile Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon : Scabbard and Blade; YcUow Jacket, 3, 4; Stu- dent Council, 4: V. ivi. C. A. Cal)inet : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. : Freslinian LaCrosse : LaCrosse, x 4: Honor Roll, I, 2, 3; Battalion Football, I. William L. l uikLENr; Jr. ATI.AXTA, CA. ' I 2 K C ' ininierce Alpba Kappa Psi : Hand; Kappa Kappa Psi; Cotillion Club; Mari- onettes,- ,2-;, ,Glee Club Orchestra, I. 2 , 4. ' " ' Jame ' Bvvixt Raby MACON, CA. Gentral Science ,-Freshtnan Track ; Battalion Foot- ball, I, 2, 3; Battalion Basket-ball, 3, 4- Adoli ' h Michael Rahn EVANSVll.I.E, IXD. 0X Commerce Blue Prixt, 3. 4; Marionette. 3, 4- Robert Donald Read ATLANJA ' j GA. 2N Co mmerce Alpha Kappa Psi. Robert Bee RsfevES ATLA.XTA, (,A. IT K Co mmerce -Alpha Kappa Psi ; Rifle Team ; Cotillion Clnl) ; Freshman Base- ball : Tcclmiquc, 2 ; Yellow Jacket, 2: Alarionettes, 4; Glee Club, 4: Lieutenant R. O. T._d ; JBattalifin Rasket-ball. ' ' . ' " I Puijc Scvciity-six IL ■ PRIMT; •:19 Ci.AREXCE Lhvton Rexfroe MA(?ON,, GA. Co-Op Ceriimic Engineering Juan Restrepo COLOMBIA, S. A. Special Architecture Malcolm Uurbec Reybold ATLANTA, GA. Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi ; Yellow Jacket; Marionettes: Glee, Club; Tennis, I, 3- 4- A . LiNTOx Collier Reynolds ATLANTA. GA. I ii K Textile Engineerini Phi Psi : Vellow Jacket, 3 ; Man- ager Track, Cross Country, 4 ; As- sociate Editor " T " Book, 4. Saxford Hugh Richards TOLEDO, OHIO ATA ;( I General Science ' Sciehtia CIX TIBlSe Prin 2 ; Glee Gkiti,- 2. .7L 1 Arthur Frederick RobeRts c " ATLANTA. GA. j ATA Mechanical. Engineering ' ;; Pi Delta Epsilon : Oil Can Club : Blue Print, i. 2. 3. 4. Photograph Editor, 3, Editor-in-Chief. 4; Glee Club, 4: Freshman Swimming Team : Battalion Football : Basket- ball, 2: A. S. ' M. E, , ' ' Si I i JLel-axd Thomas Robertsox ' ;.■ ' ■ WINCHESTER, TENN. Co-Op Electrical Engineering Lieutenant R. Q.-.T;jCj) Honor Ron, .5. . m Glover Hood Robixsox LAGRANGE fA. II K ' l- Special Textile Phi Psi : Honor Roll, I. m y-rii KW =!5FF?OT™ Page Seventy-Deven William H arrlll Rlsk atlania, i, a. 5N Ci ' i ' il Engiiit ' triiii; Anak : Bulldogs ; Freshman Football: Football, 2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Council, 3. 4; Honor RoUj " ;! ; Captain Football, 4. - — - ' - Haroli) Eugene Russell, ATLAIiTA, fiA. B0TI General Stiince ;, " Footliall. I, 2, X 4 ' - Manager Southern Relays, i, 4: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ,3, 4. - ' Samuel Eugene Ruth FLORENCE, ALA. 6 17 Engineering A. S. C. E. Wilbur Amos Ruth ATLANTA, GA. Electrical Engineering Honor Roll, I ; Fencing Team, Captain, 4. Franklin Louis Sacha n.EVELAXIl, OHIU ATA Electrical Engineering Pi Delta Mpsilon ; Cotillion Club ; Kappa Eta Kappa : Baseball Man- ager, I, 2, 3, 4: Blue Print, i, 2, 3, 4, Athletic Editor, 3, 4; Mari- onettes, I, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Honor Roll, I. Henry David Sargent LAGRANGE, GA. Special Textile George Louis Sasseville MARLIIORO, MASS. Mechanical Engineering •A. S. M. E. ; Vice-President, Tech Newman Club. Louis Frederick Schaefer ilEI.KAV ISEACll, 1-LA. (Jiiil h n t ineering Briarean Society; Co-op Student Comicil, 4; Honor Roll, 4. m M !:r:(ifn:arpiTTr ■. n ' jiaijiMiruLUJiiHiJmmuiiui! Pa()€ Scvciitt t ' iijht B; S;gfQ _ rn nii i ,ni ' ;i i n iiiil jm iB - ' n.; jB " HNrBEVERLY ScHAFER " a ' ,oxdale estates, ga. Civil. dEttgitfeirjiS Battalion. ' Fooffiall. 2. 3; ' S©nor Rnll. 2. Leonard Bedxa Schaefer JACKSON, TEXX. Commerce Albert Homer Schwencke THOMASVILLE. r. A. Architecture Pi Delta Ep?ilon. Cotillion Ciub ; Architectural Society; Blue 3 Print, i, 2, 3, 4; Comic Editor, i 4; Yellow ' Jacket, 3, 4: Managing I Editor, 3 ; Business Manager, 4. Ravmoxd Beal Sensabauch -ti— iliST ' ER HAVEN. FLA. Civil ' Etigineerins Scabbard aiicTBIade : Civil Crew ; Captain j{. O. T. C. ' U James Marvin Sewell l.wonia, ga. j] II K I) ' J C ' jmmerce 1 vv .Delta Sigma Ei ; Eietrttnant R. o.:T..fc _. - " Frederick Bryant Shelnutt ,_ atl-anTa, t;A. M t; . Cot. Secretary Class, i ; Senior Foot- ball, ' Ma ' iiager, 4. I JVIartin Luther Sibert GAIJSIIEN, ALA. -_, ■ Mechanical Engineering Scabbard and Bl e :T?ifle Team ' , Cotillion Club; Tecttfiique, 3; A. S. M. E. -■ , -=- , •I 7-. " ■ V •, ' : - ' - — f • jv ' AbR M SlEGElT tf - 1 . • ' SAVAX ;(yi7 i. . j :Co-X)p Q%tl Engbieering ' felion BasTcel-balli 3; A. S. ■9) m } ... I ' auc Scventy-ntnc , Bex Howard Si.oane creenlev, colo: SX Civil Engineeriu! Civil Crew; -Cotillion CJub : Football, i; 2, 3r4-;-i c(au1 a;c ' . 2; A. S. C. E. " ■ " ' ' • ' . ' : Clarence Hubert Smith, Jr. ATLANtA,.5 ' .-. -. 0X Cniinneice Fresliman Baseball ; Tei iqiie, % - — ' . ' ' ' ■ ' ZZ:) Carol Mosman Smith ATLANTA, GA. Architecture Edgar LVn ' n omf ,m;arietta, ga . " 0-X Commerce Pi Delta. Epsilon; Blue Pli ' lijT, ' I. 2. J fifhuiquc, 2. JuLi jfi: ChrIstiphine Smith ' ! ' ' ;■ : , ; ' ' Co-Op ' Me ' chdmcat Engineering Techmallet Club; A. S. M. E..- i M. Tack Edward Smith M(]NTEZ TMA, CA. Electrical Engineering Le t Beck Smith TALBOTTON, GA. Co-()f Electrical Engineering --% A. I. F.. F. Wn.LLAM Edcar Smith . AUCUSTA7 (!( f,-i -= ' - - Cer unic Engineering American Ceramic Society. Pafjc hUnhtif mi fy V?- A- ' N Winston C)li ' er Smith ASHEVII.LE, N. C. Electrical Engineerhig Rifle Team, I, 2,;-3, ' -4;- Lieu- tenant R. O, T. C.;- Honor Roll, I, 2; A. I. B. E William Edgar Snodgrass CHATTANOOGA, TENN. Special Textile i Bernard Denmark Snow ATLANTA, G . ' . ' .3, Textile Engineering Scabbard and Blade ; Battalion Basket-ball, 2, . , 4; Battalion Football. 2. 3. 4. Herman Henrv Sorrells ATLAXTA, GA. A ' ( liite tare Russell Bazemore Sorrells ATLANTA, GA. Civil Engineering Lieutenant R. O. T. C George Ralph Spangler r )„ MACON, CA. - J ' Mechanical Engineering Riftt? Team, J, 3, 4; Captain R. O. T. C. ' m ' k 17 A Paul Meredith Speake HUNTSVrLLE, ALA. ._ . K A ' Architecture w Tan Beta Pi; Charrette Club: Cotillion Club ; Architectural So- ciety : Honor Roll. 3 ; Phi Be,ta Kappa ( Alabamaj- 7;) SI Russell Louis Speights kTI ' I d atur) ckr l NN :s Cofl «Te Beta Gamma Sigma; Scabbard and Blade: Tcchiiiquc. 2, 3: Cap- tain R. O. T., C. : Honor Roll. i. J. 3. 4: Scholarship Gold ' ' T " ; Ririe 1 earn. 3. Pane Ei ' jhty-one Alber t Abe St anton BROOKS, GA. Co-Op Jilectrical Engineirir g Lieutenant R. O. T. C. K. E. leering ' .; A.n. Fred Stephen Stephenson ' i. CHICKASHA, OSX; - B an ; Comrrrerce Pi Delta Epsilon : Blue PftW 2, 3, 4, Photographic Editor, 4 ; Debating Society, 3, 4 FraSikJEugene StevensotS f ATLANTSTGAr Commerce 3 C- " V - CLaren e Lynn Strickland AJLANJA A. j " AS Mechanifi ' l Eni;ineering ii - ' ' ' ■■ :i Scabbard and Bladei- Lietv- ijlenant-Coloncl Rr O, T. C. ; Oil (Can CUib: Free Body Club; Bat- [lalion Rasket-ball, i, 3 : Honor I Roll, 3 ; Senior Manager Football, 4 Alfred Wu.lla.m Stcrgis DUBIillS, GA. Architecture ' - - ' ' Pf33elt;i Epsiloti; Atphittctifr l S. .ciety ; V-el J ' oki ' Ja cket, 3, 4 1 Md«- (iiicttes, I, 3 ' } -4. — - V VV John AIarshall Summerour XiARJETTA GA. Textile Engintering Spiked Shoe ; Scabbard and Blade; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; Track, i, 2, 3, 4. Philip George Sutker SAVAIs NAH, GA. A E n Architecture )v_. WicLiA i Ansel Talkert AUGUSTA, -GA,. . i, ; ATA . General Science Marionettes, i, 2, 3, 4, Vice- I ' resident, 3, 4; Glee Club, 4; Srientia Club; Honor Roll, I. m i ' i V t. I ' aijc Kiijhtil tirii iT :-:i9jo r " ' ■I " " - ' " " ■ E I a IM ' - ' . . c:- Harvey Tanner ' DOUGLAS, GA. Co-Op Civil Engineering Honor Roll, 3. William Bvrd Tate rARIETTA, GA. General Seienee Scientia Club ; Cotillion Club ; Bulldogs ; Skull and Key ; luter- fraternity Council, 3. 4 : Fresliman Baseball, Basket-ball; Basket-ball, 3. 4- Charles Palmer Taylor DECATUR, CA. ' i Co mrnerce William Reid TAYLf ' .jsyEA-NTA, est. Electrical Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon ; Technique, i, 2, 3, 4, Managing Editor, 4 ; Yel- low Jacket, 4. __Qladstoxe Isham Te. sley 1( 1 (( BOWMAN " , GA. Co-Op Mechanical Eni inecrin ' Battalion Football, i, 2; A. S.WM M. E, v7 ' .- fcy ' : X ' - % AViLLiAM Stevens TEBtRBLL ) e- CHARLOTTE, N. C. K2 k " Co Cntillion Club : Anak : Koseme ; Bulldogs: Skull and Key; Base- liall, I, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4; Inter- fraternity Council, 3, 4 ; Secretary- Treasurer Class, 3. Ken- Carlton Thomas berwick, tenn. ' ' ' Ai Mechanical En ' inecring Phi Kappa Phi ; Tau Beta Pi ; t Oil Can Club; Free Body Club;: , Marionettes, 2, 3 ; jCro s Country, 4; Battalion Tr clc, 3.-- X lif ' ' ' -— -. M— , ' ' (0) .:: -J ' ' — ■?■ " Charles M. Thompson ' AXtANT4( JGA. ■ vimerce Marionettes, 3 ; Lieutenant R. f). T. C. ; Battalion Football, 2; liuiiur Roll, 2. «.| u I ' aiie Eiflhtii three ■ JamesT obert Thompson- ATHEXS, G. . " BK Textile Engintirmg Briarean Society; " Gb-og (ik-L- Cliili, 4- - " 1 } . " s: 1 ' Ja5mes Ross Thompson ATLANTA, GA. Civil Engineeritt Pi Delta .Epsilpir;- ivil CJfeS " Technique, i, 2, 3, ' 4, Edit ir-in- Cliief, 4, - Assistant Editor, 3. Sports Editor, 2;_Stiident Coun- cil, 4; Interfraternity pouncil, 4.; Honor Roll, 2. • ' ' , - William Ewix Tidmore — COLLINSVILLE, ALA. Co-ijp Electrical Engineering Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; Bat- alion Basket-ball, i, 2 : A. I. E. E. James Ellison Ttgner ATLANTA, GA.- , A Tn General Science p rint::- ' : ' 193 o :agf j K6s g ' s- 4g ' ? s ' riiiiiniimiiiiiiiiMiiiiii iMniiiiiiMiriMMiiiiiiiii ' i.iiriMii, Harry Williams Tinley B.V.XLEY, GA. Ci ii ; fEtfgineering }. ■} c: jej nt ' . R. O. T. C; A.-;S e-Hant Lynn Llovd M. To.mlin on XTSXkgCITY, FLA,. 1 ; BK Co-Ofi Mechanical Engineering Briarean Society ; Free Body Club; A. S. M. E. " -.2, William Virgil Tonby u .ATLANTA, GA. J K 2 •f Architeclure Scabbard and Blade ; Architec- tural ■, Society ; Lieutenant R. O. T. . % ill " illiam ' Millard Turner • ATLANTA, GA. Commerce Lieutenant R. O. T. C. rage Iliiihtyfour Edgar M. Uxderwood, Jr. saneord, n, c. Jose Fernando YAllejo . COLOMBIA, S. A. .Qh ' il Engineering -Gospmopolitan Cltib. gf Alfred Teasdale Vick SAVAXNAH, GAJ , " i.rA I % Electrical Engineering Scabbard and Blade ; Lieutenant R O. T. G; BattalionpFootball, 3, 4: A. I. E. E. ' .yt fl Harold Crawford Vickerv AJlLAN-tA, CA. Electrical Engineering Scabbard axi3 Bla e ; lajor R. O. T. C. ; Battalion Football, 3. {V ' S m Lewis Robert Waddey ii atlanta, ga. ,., i,| ' s Textile Engineering cMSDisdN M. Walraven . U ' " , ATLAKfA, CA. ■ C -iOpElectfical-JEngineering Captain R O. T. ' ' :; Honor Roll, I -A L E. E.; Scabbard and Blade. SfbNE yALL J. AVarxer, Jr f ' ' ATL.- XTA, GA. ,yy r Civil Engineering ■ ' - - ' ' ' W " Civil Crew ; Basket-ball, i, 2 ' , ' ' 4; Freshman S -imming-; La- " Crosse, 2, 3, 4; Tcchmqltc ' ;: ; Glee Club, 4; Battalion Basket-ball, Football; Track, 2-;-H«uQr Roll, I, 2, 4. -- ? f Weddington MACON, G . " rS t Co-Op Electtical Engineering Briarean Society ; Captain R. O. T. C. : Xechmaliet Cliilr; A. -. ' L :o lev ' 1 ' f :i (? M Pai t: Eiyhly fire Jamhs Kuwix Wells atlanta, ga. Architecture A rcl 1 i t ectiiral Society. Terrell C. WESj-gY R, 1 aTO ' : Civil Eiif ineering Tech Band ; Scabbard and Blade ; Civil Crew : Cotillion Club : Skull and Key; Glee Cl , S, 3;, Pres- ident QasSf-ir, if i ' -itT, Charles THo LAS Wesner SUGAR CREEK, MO. BK Co-0 Ulectrical Engineering Co-opCJuB ; Radio Clulj ; Lieu- tenant R. OrTTSVA. I. E. E. Albert Carlton WEsiELi ATLAJJIA, GA. Architecture Batt.-ilion Football, 2. ' i.r ' 4- John- Joseph | i?isTBR00K " V ' ' ' ■ ' ■ ' A — ■ MOLT-TRIE, gX., - . , ATA Commerce Cotillion Club: Bulldogs; «i)t- ball, I, 2, X 4; LaCrosse, I, ' 2, . . 4- 111 Billie Joe White MACON, GA. Co-Op JMechanical Engineering ' Briarean Society ; Techmallet Club : Freshman Swimming ; A. S. M. E. 6, , Clark Smith White X - FT. PIERCE, FLA. CiTil Engineering j i III Lee AViLL White POPLARrtLLE, MI.SS. iM I iluinicdl Engineering Rand, i Sr it Paije Eiijlitii- ' i.r William 1 " . Wiggixs Jr. ArcrSTA, GA. ATA Ceramic Engineering Mlrrel Otho Wilburn MIDWAY, TEXX. Co-Op Civil Engi?ieering Honor Roll. 2. 3. Sharon ' Hexry Williams ROME, GA. ' ATA Special Textile I Clarence L,,WiLi.iA]visoN, Jr. ATLANTA)- S : ' ' " ' ATn Commerce Cotillion Club; Bulldogs; Bas- ket-ball, 2, 3, 4: Tennis, 2, 3, 4; Battalion Basket-ball, 3. =— jV ll ■GVi Isaac William Wllliamsox - — " - - ' . TLAXTA, GA. ' $ 2 K I ' Architecture j. Aj-cliitecturaL _ Society, okn% !} ' .; ilariajiet-t ;s; 2, :3. Pres- z: JV- ? .. Julian Joshua Wilson m I ' T? -i_WINDER, GA. i. Engineering Che nistry Beta Phi : Freshman Baseball ; Baskct-Iiall, i. 2, 3, 4; Battalion Ba«ket-ball, i;_ American Chemi- cal Society t? M Lorenzo Eldox Wilson m t x RINCCOLD,: GA. , _ . Electrical Engbjeering , Vj. i ■ " » y c %;.i ' .►O ,,JALEXAi!}p£R C. Wise, Jr. sk; GHEEXWdOD, S. C._ li SS? . % N. Ceramic?: ■Tau Beta Pi ; Scabbard and Blade; Briarean Society; Co-op Gliib ; Interf raternitv Council, 3 ; Bfeta Phi ; Honor Roll, 1,, 3, 4 ; American Ceramic S.octety! It Page Eighty-seven :a Charles Newcomir Vhmi:r HOOMSBORO, JIB. K General Science Scientia Club ; Student Council, 3, 4 ; Interf Paternity Council, 3. 4 ; Bulldogs ; Kosenie ; Sl uU aiid Key; Class Secretan-, 3 ;1 Class President, 3, 4: Lieiittnant R. ©. T. C. — Wilbur Vrastus Woc»eo4 ST. TESBQj8Cr, G5C3 ■ LiOmmerce Alpha Kappa Psi. AsHBV WOOLF ,. CENTRAL H HSRSBEy, , ' ■ ■ , ,, ■ C(frOp Mechanical En irie rin i JoHX " VyiSE HlELEGA , , SAlJlTAGO, CHILE _ J (jfj-O t Etectrieal Enginferitig Briarian Societyt A. ' i. ' El E, ; Radio Clu|); Kappa Eta Kappa. m Ulrert Davis Wright IlECAhiUR, CA. I KT C n - Oj - Civil ngin eeritfgi, " Scabliard ' and Blade ; Briarean Society ; Co-op Club; Freshman Cross-Country; Technique, 3, ' 4; Lieutenant R, O. T. C. ;i Honor Roll, 2; A. S. C. E. Edmuxd Leoxidas Yeargan ROME, GA. A T a General Science Pi Delta Epsilon ; Scientia Clubf Cotillion Club ; Yelluzv Jacket , I, 2, 3, 4- 325- James Sealv Zuber crTiir.ERT, GA. Electrical Engineering Utal Battalien Football, 3; A. I. E. E. - H . ir ' « ; Kiijhtu ciulit ' His service to the people of Floriila luring the hurricane of iQjS ivtis of outsicmdirig importance in that it gave to the iiorld the first neics of the disaster and set in motion tin machinery for relict hy tin Jrmy and the Red Cross. " His excellent ivork in the Army A niateur System made him one of its outstandini; figures. His suc- cessor may look ivith pride on his accomplishments and find in him an admirable example of the finest traditions of the American Amateur and the Army Amateur System. " (Signed) GEO. S. GIBBS Major General Chief Signal Officer of the Army. [illMlllllllllllll|i|lllllllllllll llllllll l ll ll llll ll l l lll( llllll » ll l l lllil ll ll l l l l l ll llll l lll ll llll l lll i J 1. • ( Pi--- ;€ 1T7- WiMU ' l " t U7 IDK= rLiiTiiriWi.....AQb|J. " ' I ' " " " " ' !■»!■■» !■ k ic V . 1 m i Junior Qlass Gerald Emerv Abbott Albert Sheldox Adams George Welton Adams Bex Akermav Joseph Reid Akerman JoHX Clevelaxd Allen Berxarde Edward Axderson Thoalas Watsox Axderson Max Arxold James Waddv Austin, Jr. Bennett Aycock James Bertchard Baggarl- , Jr. Robert Garxer Bahrt WiLLLVM Wallace Baker William Otis Bali, William Prestox Barber Edward William Barclay Max Murray Barxes George Dickey Barrett JoHx B. Bass Alexaxder Washington Bell, II Neil Lewis Birch Walter Illiott Blackwell Samuel Towxsend Borom William Brana n, Jr. Harold Breedlove William Wesley Brinsox James Oscar I rooke Joiix CovT Broome Cm rli-s Pratt Browx W m f yl ! fc_.r;;ju r I ' aijc yinctj two - !Sg Junior Qlass Kerxwood Clarence Browx William VaxDemox Browx George Hhnr Brl s James Robert Caix, Jr. James Allex Caldwell GoRDox Cubbedge Carsox Rov Maxxixg Carter Hexry Lawrexce Casxer Hugh Lee Chamberlaix George Gregory Clabealx James Allex Clark Reverdv Estill Clarke Mechlix Holstox Clark Elgexe McMillant Clary ' ' Howard Edmoxd Clemexts James Floyd Colemax Harry Thomas Coley James Joseph Colvix Edwix Br -ax Coxxerat Roy Wimberly Cook William Lewis Cook ALarcus Flemmixg Cooper i Victor Bane Copexhayer || Newmax Corker Carlisle William Courtexay George McChesxey Cowax James Douglas Crabtree James Prixgle Crawford [ James Carltox Crowley v. ■ " 7 E ?:. i ip- J, hi Page Xinetn-three r utinniiiErrfrrifcWlito - i [ •PI Junior Qluss m Maurice Gordon- Crum Lester Clayton Culver Littleton Daniel Leroy Boyd Daniel Edward Paschal Davis James Claude Dawson Theodore Francis DeCapito Lewis Warrkx deJarxette Joyce P. deJournette Frank L. Dixon Leslie Bernard Dixon Howell Eugene Dodd, Jt . Paul Lamar Dorv Robert Hopkins Doyle Earl Owen Dunlap . L LC()LM Thomas Farley Robert Turner Fasley ViLLiAM Hudson Edwards Allen Orr F ans Joe Strother Fanning Ivor ALarcus Earn ell William Lovce Farr John Curran Feltham Te rik Fikret Sam Warren Fixcher Roland Fitch Gerald Bakir Fletcher M-iLES ' AI)l: I " l EICHER Joseph Solomon Fox Samuel Ferdinand Fritz m a I: m Pane yiiiKty-jdiir I . _ I Junior Qliiss r:J EsTEUCE Rubin Frye James Wadsworth Furlu Otis Lee Gastox Serafin Gavixa Rex Aubrey Gephart Emanuel Alexander Giannaros Martin Marion Gifford John Thomas Goen Samuel Robert Goldberg Varney Graves Claude Nelson Gray James Breckenridge Gra JUDSON ClO IS (jREENE Robert Lester Gresham VILLIAM Arthur Hale, J ' R- Louis Hamig William JSarrett Hankinson George Thomas Harmon Samuel Carl Harrison Harold Gerson Haskell Albert Lewis Haskins Edward Pope Hatcher William Johnson Hendrix William Randolph Henry Polk Herndon George Francis Herrin Harold Da ts Hirsch Virgil Harris Hoagland Charles Hoffman William Holland it- I ' mr " El ip-i w Page ' Simtij-five - l r-5 3 rTtll ' lH -lllllHHITrilltTllUlTlTTJllHTWlllITntl Jioiior Qiiss m 4 John Ri:ad Holmes Fred Lkh Holt John Woodward Hoovlr Charles Edml ' nd Hopkins Henry Hopkins Roy Franklin Housr; James Hatten Howard Reginald Arthur Hurley Ernest Johnston Irwin Ra " i- Cleaver Isaacs Harr ' Hamilton Jefferies Franklin Robert Jenkins Walter Earl Jenkins Albert Morse Johnson Dana Hurt Johnson Henry Santford Johnson Enoch Posey Jones Edward Samuel Jones pR ' i ' OR Kennemore Jones Tom Gilmer Jones Lawrence Earl Jl ' stice Wiiiiwi Walton Knight Harry San ford Lamont I Jack Russell Lanum Max Moses La u per Hurst Adams Lefferts Brannon Barclay Lessesne k BERT Glenn Lesley Bernard Bee Lewis, Jr. Howard Brun L ' Heureux Pane Miietij-six BLUL ' : :FRWT::-:193 Jiiuior Qlass Robert Theodore Lincoln Harold Albert List George Dwicht Little John Owen Lovette Lerov Vernon Lldwig Brittain Ely Lukens, Jr. William Trac Lvford Claude Thomas Lvle Frank Northern Maoili, John Franklin Iagill Frank Hawks Laier George La ' ance Laree Horace ' ernon ALarlowe John Steven ] Laxwell Robert Frank McDowell Robert Seaborn McGarity John Edward McGauchev, Jr. William James McKee, Jr. Samuel Graham McKerrall Clarence Winston McKev Levin John AIcLeod Daniel Russell McMillan. Jr. Horace Xeuton Merrv Shirl Everett Miller Vili.iam Charles Miller Samuel Clinton Minnich, Jr. James Ethelwtn Minter, Jr. John Thornton Mitchell WiNFRED Maxwell Mitchell Eugene Fenton Moretta .( ' I ' aoc Xineti sevcn i MIi ii i iiiii n iiii i inni Junior Qlciss % M Elbhrt Hai.i.enger Morgan Alfred Louis Mullins Richard David Murray ' Adrian Newcomer James Luingston Newton William Nightingale, Jr. Lee Wesley Norton Arthur Sessions Overton Bowden Long Palmer Eugene Clem Parker Eugene ALalcolm Parker John Wesley Parker ALarion Elmo Patterson, Jr. Augustus Pou Persons, Jr. Henry Wellborn Persons John Thomas Phillips Robert Jackson Powell John Troy Preston, Jr. Quentin Samuel Quigley Tmornw liM, Lee Ramsey William Lyles Randol John Daniel Rather, IV. John Darby Read Ralph Newton Read Carlson Wesley Redfern Frank Hicks Reynolds Hoi. LIS LALC0LM Richardson Merle La IiRni, Kobu Thomas J ' e ton Roberts James Coleman Roe t ' v Ia ' ' 1 [(?• i 1. ' m 5 %-sii i?-. j! ' . ■•--• »-a7=i ■ Page Xincti 1 if fit J? " - " ?- - ! ' ' ' • ' ' The: : : B L U U ' V P RINT- ' -■; 19 3 " : ' l lw oj i M Jiiuior Qhiss -:. Emmett Alton Rogers Charles Rockwell Rowe WiLLLAM WaTTERSON ' RoVSTOX James L. Russ Benjamiv Tho las Sale Kenneth Raymond Sanders Rabl N Clifford Sanders JuLLAN Freddie Sapp William Martin Sapp. Jr. William C. Schltts, Jr. Clifford Green Scrutchin James Kincheon Searci Hardwick Price Shipley Charles Elbert Shook George Washington Shults Ellis Rodding Sims CosTAs Ste e Smirlis Chester Morgan Smith Hammond Boyd Smith James William Smith Lafayette Carl Smith Leon Graham Smith ALalcolm Bowman Smith Holly Witherspoox Sphar Beverly Kenxon Spiers Clarence Eugene Stephenson Joe Stern William Stokes Philip Cuningham Stoll Edward Whitney Stone m J rt-E I !; ' = V Page yinrti ning i m JiDiior Qlass Ernest George Strauss Sam Edward Strauss William DeLeon Strong Alfred William Sturgis Ernest Hamilton Sullivan Theodore Jackson Tanner Aaron Land Taylor Herbert Smith Thomas Frank Ble ixs Thompson, Jr. James Charles Thompson Frank Callaway Underwood Thomas Ivey Underwood John Donald V eal John Darwin Waddell Jefferson Preston Waldrop Herbert Adams Weaver William Marion Webb Alfred Collins White John Chalfant Wilkerson John Matthew Wilkerson William Solomon Wilkerson, Jr. Robert Purcell Willia: is Thomas Longino Wilson William Brcjwn VINGo John Winn Harry Oscar Wise William Gordon Woodside, Jr. IJiRM. Meredith Woolbright Victor Bowles ' eargen Roy Goff Young blood I ' atn ' ttitv Uitndi ' id T re-Junior Qhiss Vl ffl iiHj ft i i B iifti i ffiiffi i ift iiffiufiiffn ft n lT m ii T l ilT i ffnW i»iiWi )ff ii ff li ' ft»t i ; T7 W i iff mmij ffi H t Km», i) ffii ftLfti i if i i i W i ii p i ]iffltj ffii t i i Wi ' ' " fii Ill ■■■ ifftTt r ]PnfW First Scc i on G. P. WOOLARD . J. J. CUBBEDGE J. L. DOZIER President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer i l ROLL C. C. Arx(ild G. G. Bailey C. D. BlERMAN L. M. BoGAx D. X. RoiiN-G R. J. Bow EX T. C. BowEX V. H. Boyd O. L. Braxsox H. C Broach J. C. Brownixc V. H. BcioRu J. A. BURXEY R. L. Burt J. M. Bush R. P. Bush V. E. Carsox C. E. Clark H. S. Cloyu T. R. COLLIXGS J. J- CuBBEDGE J. H. Daxiel C. A. DOSTER C. D. Dougherty J. L. Dozier G. R. Dyer G. M . Egart H FiXXY E. H Foster s. H. Fulford R. S. Greexe E. R. Hahx F. A. HaRI ' ER G B. Harrell J- D. Hlxon F. D. Hockersmith H. HOLLOWAY R. C. Holt R. C. HOLTZCLAW R. A. Hubbard L Itzkow W. H. Joixer - . W. D. JORDAX A. E. Kext S. E. LixTox W. D. LUDWIG L. A. Laxx T. J- ALaxxixg J. McGregor B. G. MlLSTER J. S. ] IURRAY H. N. Payxe L F. Peake E. S. Peterson J- D. Powell W. P. Rocker R. C. ScHRI n ' ER J. B. Scott A. H. Scruggs S. S. Shavix L. B. Short R. G. Strauss J. H. Strickland W. O. W.MA. W. A. Waters W. Weaver C. C. Wills P. F. WiMBERLY G. P. WoOLARD F. V. Yaxcey m n ■C I i I ' aye One Hundred and One HI re- Junior QLiss ' " — " ' ■»- » - - A _ A A- ; 1, -Z " • 1 1 i I ' li - - - - - — - - - - - -——- — — ii iSii»Sit i ilTii i l? B » .B i ffn » ii n3j;m i.T n l l i»li il 8ii n fl. i lfii » ,.m,i H iTiiifl n Bi . ff i iBi r;T7i T HIli(t m iB » l »»l i« )) 1liiffi iff lll ' i ' B ll Hjl! i uft ' i « " l ' « " " J ' - i " ' " i 4j B l ' Second Sectiofi Randolph Whitfield E. R. Harrison ' . D. A. McKeever President ] ice-President Secrctarx -Treasurer CA ROLL W. V. Hl.ACKWELDER G. K. Blue H. A. Boltox R. L. BosTicK T. G. Bratton R. H. I5RELAXD C. H. Broussard F. E. Brown L. C. Cork R. S. Crowder R. H. Davis H. G. Doyle L. S. DOZIER L L. Ellis L. L Flint J. S. Gantt D. W. Gibson W. D. Giles C. M. Graves F. H ARC ROVE E. R. Harrison G. T. Hatcher H. S. w. h. jackson H. R. Jacobson E. W. Johnson C. B. Jones W. Jones G. C. KiMBROUGH T. E. Lawson J. V. Lanier D. ] L Lewis P. H. Lucas H. Z. McConnell D. A. McKeever M. AL Murphy T. S. Murphy H. L. Newman M. G. Orr A. Perez U. T. Reeve E. A. Roberts H. G. Rollinson G. C. Sanford F. M. Schagg H. R. Smith R. K. Smith W. S. Smith J. W. Stelljeys W. Stone E. F. Strong C. T. Vigus F. A. White R. Whitfield R. L. AVhitman L. 15. Wricht 11. 1 ' . ' lOi ' i ' W. T. Zeigler V ( vy j»: m Page One Hundred and Two n S0PHD740RB I " y K .,1 4 iVI Sop}io}}wrc T I v_ ai i l lj tii . 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E., Jr. berg lann, j. a. Bernath, a. Berry, F. L. Bertoline, a. p. Bishop, W. L. Black, R. B. Blair, H. R. Bland, H. W. Bloodworth, J. H. BOBLASK-S " , p. G. Boggus, H. H. Bolton, R. E. booton, j. o. Boring, P. D. Boston, J. H., Jr. boswell, j. e. Bowman, W. O. Bracewell, J. R. Bradford, S. A. Bradley, L. F. Branch, W. M. Breitenbucher, G. A. Brine, L. R. Brooke, R. J. Brown, H. L. Brown, H. Brown, H. W. Brown, W. B. Buchanan, E. R. Bull, F. W. burkett, r. w. Burnett, B. F. Burns, C. W. Cabrera, J. .M. Caffey, H. W. Caler, W. K. Call.away, C. C, Jr. Cameron, W. A. Campbell, A. M. Campbell, J. D. Caperton, C- B., Jr. Caraker, T. H., Jr. Carey, J. G. Carter, W. F. C.athey, H. a. Chafin, H. L. Chick, J. F. Chotas, N. E. Clanton, H. v., Jr. Clark, J. C, Jr. Coffey, W. S. Coffin, A. G., Jn. COFFMAN, W. M. Cole, C. B. Cole, H. S. Coleman, C. P. Coleman, L. H. Coleman, R. H. Combs. A. G. Combs, L. L. commins, r. w. Cone, J. W. CONNERAT, W. H., Jr. conniff, j. c. Counts, Geo. L. Cregar, C. J. Crighton, G. C, Jr. Crocker, E. J., Jr. Crouch, E. S. a MA rune One Iltiinlitd and Four 4T.:;i93o ' gmnnimm iriinTiiTn: ' ■s If- ' P ' ' ( n m il q4- Sophomore " J Jl 1 ff tl J l i ffi llff Fl llftll l ff Hffiut rffl dHl l lT fflll T l ll 1ffl L P llflllftl ; fflTf ft l■ % t J ft T u l ||ffl l |ff|lWllf ft l- " !! l i i M i , fl ¥IT.,«mt- ■ .■ TT l- l CUMMINGS, N. C. Cunningham, J. J. Dale, F. S. Daniel, A. C. Daniel, J. T. Darden, R. R., Jr. David, J. M. Davis, J. J. Davis, J. .M. Da vs(in, J. L. Day, J. E. Day, J. E. Defore, H. F. DeLoach, W. vonM. Deming, J. W. Denton, J. R. DePriest, J. R. Derby, A. S., Jr. Derst, K. K. deTreville. T. p. Dichtenmueller, H. R. Doak, R. R.. Jr. Domina, F. C dominy, f. e. Dorsey, W. I I. Dowling, R. H. Dreger, G. Y. Dubost, E. R. Dunagin, W. a. DUNLAP, M. E. Dunn, H. : I. DuPre, H. Durham, C. Earnest, W. R., Jr. Echols, W. H. Edwards, G. N. Edwards, H. C. Eldredge, a. T. Ellis, L. H. Emery, T. 1 " . English, W. C. Etter, J. H., Jr. eubanks, j. m. Evans, E. McI. Everley, p. S. Ezell, C. S. Fackelman, J. L. Fain, J. E. Farmer, I. L. Farr, H. G. Feldman, S. S. FiCKETT, T. H. Field, D. B. Field. J. H. Fields, O. Fife, J. A. FiTE, P. B. Fitzgerald, W. A., Jr. Fletcher, F. O ' C Fletcher, H. W. Flowers, M. J., Jr. Floyd, H. C. Floyd, M. H. Fly, G. F. Ford, J. E., Jr. Fordha-M, E. H. Forrester, F. A. Fo.x, W. D. foxhall, e. n. Frierson, N., Jr. Fuller, E. W. futral, a. a. Galindo, J. De.Anco Garrard, L. C. Gephart, M. DeW. Getzen, R. L. GiBBS, T. J. Gibson, L. D. Gilbert, J. B. Gill, E. C. Gilmore, E. T. Glancy, T. 1 ' ., Jr. Glenn, J: F. Golden, B. M. Goodwin, C. J. gordin, d. d. gottschalk, a. o. Graham, E. K. Graham, W. K. Graves, CM. Gr.ay, C. M. Graydon, E. D. Greene, F. M. Greene, W. A. Greer, W. R. Griffith, J. W. Griggs, J. E. Griswold, R. L. Groves, H. A. Gruel, J. S. GUERRY, E. L. Guest, J. R. Gugelman, C. F. Hackett, J ' . R., Jr. Hadaw.ay, L. D. Hale, D. R. Hale, V. Hall, A. .McD. Hall, E. D. Hall, F. K. Hall, T. H. Hallman, a. B. Handte, C. p. Hanie, J. T. Harbin, H. Harrison, H. W. Harrison, J. H., Jr. Harwell, W. J. Hatcher, J. E. Hawkins, W. B. •0} • Pa je One Hnmlntl and Five ■- i? RIMT: . w Sophomore ' I(oll M H »Hj» ii«i i »iiffiilTiiiB » l »i f li ff i.» l i i rt H3»m i. t i» i»i iB i«iiBi j Hii li. % it n l i iBi i ll) j ;m i i M i l l J , Hawkins, V. E. H AIM Axs, G. S., Jr. Hkarne. J. S. Heinrich, B. O. Helfrich, C. E. Helmboldt, H. E. Hendricks, D. E. Hendry, R. W. Hester, L. O. HiATT, J. E. Hill, A. J. Hill, P. N. Hill, R. F. Hill, V. E. hodgen, a. f. hodghs, w. e. Holland, N. E. Holland, T. E. HORNE, W. A., Js. HouscH, W. M., Jr. Houston, J. McE., Jr. HouzE, T. Y. Howard, C. E. Howard, W. B. Howell, F. A. Hubbard, J. P. HUDGENS, E. L. Hudson, C. I., Jr. HUNGERFORD, E. V., Jr. Hunnicutt, H. a. hunsinger, j. c. Hunter, G. N. Hunter, W. C. Ingle, J. P., Jr. Inglesby, p. F. Irwin, H. C. Isaacs, McA., Jr. Isely, D ' Anson Isenhour, H. L. I SON, W. F. i l IVEY, W. R. Jackson, HIenry Jackson, H. B. Jacobs, F. L. Jacobs, L. R. James, L. R. Jarrell, W. W., Jr. Jenkins, C. G. Jernigan, G. J. Jervis, O. W. Johnson, A. B. Johnson, C. E. Johnston, F. M. Jones, C. T. Jones, LeR. D., Jr. Jones, R. L. Jones, W. A. Katz, H. Keiser, a. C. Kelly, J. H. Kennedy, J. Kennickell, a. R. Kiley, W. F. Kimball, R. D. KiNES, S. L. Kittrell, J. A. Klahr, H. I. Klier, M. E. Klima, B. B. Konigsmark, R. Korsmo, H. J. Kroner, F. R. Lackmond, R. W. LaForge, C. a. Lambert, S. F. Lampton, T. D. Lane, J ' . G. Langford, R. M. Lanier, P. U. Lawrence, F. C. Lawrence, W. C. Lawson, R. W. Lay, R. N. Lee, J. G. Lefkoff, L. R. Lehmann, a. Lester, F. F., Jr. Lewis, J. S., Jr. Lipscomb, C. L. Little, L. L. Lively, E. M., Jr. LOWRY, O. R. Ludl, I. A. Maddox, H. a. Maddox, H. B. Maddox, J. C. Mahoff, G. a. Mann, W. E. Manning, W. A. Marcovttch, H. B. Marshall, T. A., Jr. Martin, B. W. Martin, F. Mathes, E. S. Mathes, F. a. Matthews, A. A. Matthews, K. H. Maier, F., Jr. Mauldin, C. B. May, S. R. McCain, J. I. McCall, E. W. McCamy, R. J. McCarthy, H. !VI. McClain, T. E. McCollum, N. W. MCCONIGLY, R. D. McConnell, M. McK. McCuTCHEN, J. K. McGhee, a. J. nme V f r (tnc Hundred and Six r if Sophomore ' T JJ W- ' ifli i ' i ii titiffi Fii» i. ftiiift a rf i r( ffrftn ff 3)jmi i f ) iiT si ffnffii iW[i r iirfyii m i- muqj ffiiiT i iifii i ft i. iftiiWi McCiiNTV, S., Jr. McGovERX. V. H. McHan, T. H. McKee, J. V. McKiNNEY, H., Jr. McLarty, p. M. MCQUARIE, J. A. Meiere, E. J., Jr. RIei.lichampe, E. W., Jr., F. G. MiDDLETOX, H. Miller, C. A. Miller, W. D. MlLLIAXS, C. A. Mills, J. J ' . MiXITER, D. W. Mitchell, J. R. MiTTELL, F. C. Moffat, W. H. Moore, C. W., Jr. morrisox, j. j. Morton, ' . H. MosELEV, H., Jr. Move, A. J. Mozo, R. V. Murphev, }■. C, Jr. Murray, J. A. Myers, H. P. Nahas, K. M. Naranjo, F. J. Neal, R. S. Neel, D. O. Neel, T. H. Nelson, A. J. Newell, J. R. Newlin, C. R. NiBLACK, C. O., Jr. NiCKELSEN, B. J. Nixon, O. T., Jr. Noel, C. C. W. |R. Norris, R. W., NuTT, F. L. OCKERMAN, E. Ogilvie, J. L. Oliver, T. W. O ' Neal, J. B. O ' Nhil, W. F., Owens, J. W. Parker, H. G. Parker, M. R. Partain, L. R. Partridge. T. D. Patridge, G. Patterson, P. B. Patton, a. E. Payne, G. L. Payne, W. K. Peabody, s. v. Peagler, H. J. Perkins, W. M. Perry. E. ' ., Jr. Persse, J. J. Peyton, E. H. Philips, J. S. Phillips, F. W. Phillips, H. W. Phillips, W. V. Pickett, J. P. PlERON, V. F. PiLKINGTON, G. B. Pippin, W. L. Plenge, H. E. Plumb, V. W. Pope, E. P. Powell, R. B. Powers, T. W. Preacher, Jack McD. Preston, W. E. Prichari), R. L. Pruitt, R. C. PUGH, F. H. QUILLIAN, W. E. Raines, C. T. Redding, R. F. Restrepo, Juan Richard, H. E. Richardson, H. A. Riley, O. L Ritchie, C. L. Ritter, S. a. Roach, J. A. Roberson, L. E. Roberts, C. A. Roberts, J. M. Robertson, R. E., Jr. Robinson, W. E. robison, c. e. Rockwell, H. T. Rogers, LeRoy Rusk, E. A. Ryall, J. B. Ryals, C. a. S.4.MM0NS, V. C. Sandy, E. L. Sawyer, C. B., Jr. Saylor, J. S. Scan LING, F. W. Sch.aag, F. M. schenk, h. b. scherer, d. a. Schliestett, G. v. schwalm, h. c. Schwank, H. V. Scott, J. H. Segraves, R. a. Self, F. E. Shahan, L L. Sharpe, V. H. Shaulis, E. E. Shaw. C. D. roi ill ' k to-: ■in- Pa(]e Out ' JI ninhiil iniil Seven ' ;i H c Sophomore ' 7(ojI l1 l l l }J tHl( T l1f lftnlfM Sl 1 1ffll l l 3ll fftm[ ' ff• lffi l1 ' ft ' T Tl h ■ % 1 fi »Tll ' l ffl =ffm " M llff n Ul lfTl i lll Kffil i ftil ff Nffu i?li|( f»l l ,W l l lc)J m Shav, J. W. Shearer, V. H., Jr. Shearouse, J. D. Shixholser, S. O. Shlford, F. M. Shutley, C. C. Sibley, W. H. Singleton, F. P., Jr. Skinner, V. H. Slade, T. C. Sloan, R. S. Sloan. W. J. Smith, A. AIcR. Smith, B. C. Smith, B. T. Smith, F. B. Smith, H. C. Smith. H. R., Jr. Smith, J. A., Jr. Smith, J. R. Smith, M. Smith, M. T. Smith, S. L. Smoot, J. M. Smyth, N. A. SoCKWELL, J. E. Solomon, E. C. sommers, j. e. Spievak, J. Sproull, J. C. Stallings, G. L. Stassinevitch, a. Steinek, C. R. Stetler, B. S. Stevenson, R. L. Stockton, G. A. Strickland, R. E. Strong, H. L. Slddeth, J. H. Sugarman, N. swensen, s. Swint, R. H. Tabb. J. S. Tatl.m, a. M. Taube, T. Taylor. D. E. Taylor, J. C. Taylor, W. H. Terry, P. C. Thomason, R. G. Thompson, E. E. Thompson, R. K. TiLLAR, D. P. Tipton, J. H., Jr. Tompkins, C. B. Towers, J. K. Tracy, W. S. Tripod, A. P., Jr. Trippe, G. C. Turner, Carter McDowell Tyson, B. M. Vandaveer, p. B. Vann, L. F. Vansant, a. W. ViCKERY, G. O. Viereck, G. E. Vogelgesang, C. O. Waddell, H. L. Wagener, F., Jr. Walden, J. F. Walker, W. R. Wallace, Whitlow B. Walmy, J., Jr. Ward, F. L. Ward, W. C. Warren, B. H., Jr. Warren, J. D. Waters, R. O. Watson, W. J. Weatherford, a. H. Weems, W. R. Weinman, J. M. Wells, A. G. Wells, C. A. Wells, T. H., Jr. Weltch, J. W. Whaley, R. K., Jr. VV ' hite, G. G. White, J. G. White, J. L. White, L. M. White, V. R. White, W. A. Whitehead, C. E., Jr. Whitehead, J. F. Whitehead, R. K. Whiteside, J. R. Whitley, F. J. Whitney, D. J. Wilkerson, E. R. Wilkes, J. R., Jr. Wilkes, R. E. Wilkinson, C. F. Williams, A. S. Williams, Roy Williams, T. C. Wilson, C. R. Wilson, E. L. Wilson, F. B. Wilson, Tom Wise, W. D. Wise, W. W. Witt, E. K. Wolfe, E. V. Woods, J. B. Woolbright, W. T. Wooldridge, M. E. WoRSHAM, W. F. Wright, O. A. XlQUES, J. R. Yarborough, T. H. Yarbrough, J. W. Yates, E. W. youmans, f. m. Young, D. K. Young, L. H. Zaglin, H. H. Zellner, a. D. ZiNK, H. E. Zuazua, E. l fj(]V hir Ifini ' lnil and VAfiht % FRESHMA-71 Y FreshwiDi ' ' TioIJ J ' f l■ l lftllffll ff llftl u ft ll T?lff ||ff ff 3 l 1 ll T ||T lff, ffi |ff | ,f ■ | ff,,| |,,( QJ ft|ff| n t flhTm1 J lff llft1 ff ' fir ffi1l ft lll11lll f l ff 1f ll J fll l lff ff■■ ' f | ' " |ft ' ' y (T ffi ' ' | ffi ill Aaron, N. J. Abraham, U. E. Adair, J. Adams, D. L. Adams, E. B. Addison, R. E. Addy, G. R. Akers, M. C. Albertson. J. W. Albright, B. P. Aldridge, F. W. Alexander, A. B., Jr. Alexander, C. W. Allen, H. L. Allen, I. Anding, G. K. Andrews, T. B. Arnold, H. L. Arrabal, M. Atkins, G. V. Atkinson, A. M. AVRETT, W. L. Baker, E. A. Baker, F. T. Baker, R. D. Bale, J. H. Ball, L. J. Ballad, H. V. Ballew, J. R. Barefield, W. S., Jr. Barnett, S. W. Barrell, F. McC. Barron, T. L. Baxter, H. O. Beck, E. R. Beerman, F. Beggs, T. C. Belbrlno, p. L. Bell, B. S. Bell, C. W., Jr. Bell, F. L. Bell, F. M. Bell, J. W. Bell, L. C. Bell, S. J. Bemis, F. G. Bennett, W. M. Bently, J ' . S. Berrihill, J. W. Bertoline, H. J. Best, G. W. Biggs, T. J., Tr- Bird, W. W. " Blackard, E. C. Blackstock, H. E. Blackwell, J. C. Blake, H. i. Blalock, D. B. Blancett, R. N. B levins, J ' . V. Blunck, F. H. Boardman, T. K., Jr. Boner, R. E. Booker, O. D. Booker, V. W. Boss, P. BOULDIN, M. N. BOULT, B. BowDEN, T. G., Jr. BowEN, H. M. Bowling, G. B. Bowman, P. ] I. Boyd, B. R. Brannan, R. H. Branch, E. B. Branch, J. A. Brannon, C. W. Branson, C. E. Branson, J. M. Braswell, J. T.. Jr. Breedlove, F. H. Hreffeith, G. a. Brice, F. C. Rridgforth, T. J. Bright, T. S. Hri(;. l x, J. A. Hri.mberrv, C). H. Brookes W. G. Brown, C. B., Jr. Hrown, D. Prowx, E. C. I!r(i vx, J. -A. Hr(i v , J. C. Brown, J. L. Brown, O. S. Brownell, D. H. Bruce, R. C, J . Bryce, R. Buchanan, C. E., Jr. Buckley, H. P. Burgess, C. D. Burgess, J. V. BURKETT, H. F. Burkett, J. D. Burks, H. B. burnes, n. n. Burnette, J. D. Bl ' rns, H. K., Jr. Burns, R. H. " Burton, B. W. Burton, J. C. Butner, H. E. Cailloux, C. G. Cain, J. T. Caller, E. M. Camm.ack, j I. M. Camp, S. Campbell, B. B. Campbell, J ' . A. Campbell, S. H. Cardwell, H. D. Carson, H. McK. Carson, S. J. Cary, E. B. Casco, S. Caste EL, B. P. Castleberry, V. W. Cater, T. J. Cathey, H. S. Cathou, R. ' . Causey, J. R., Jr. Chalmers, F. Chamberlain, W. R. Chambers, R. W. Ch. ' NDLER, J.AMES S. Chandler, Jasper S. Chandler, W. D. Chapman, (). B. Cheatham, W. E. Cheek, W. A. Cherry, B. T. = 4- 7f rp-l 0q ' .■ tf " ■ V r-S; i- . 1 ' Vaije One IliiiKliitl and 7Vn rinT-|-fTTTrT-TT-r..--fr- ul:;.;: PRINT.:-:: 193 i I 1, 1 Frcshiihiu ' Jioll Mfrmni , JkM.M | " " L ' - . - ' ' ' — i ii ' " n i ' T7T7„l i , , T . Tl ,; ' n 1,T- t, .A „-Siiffi.3E Wi l tj »iil B iiBi i »ii ftmgi it l»Bjffj i iiff tj]i, mii T l i l l i f li iffii rTliif l i i f T . i i T li. fti i qj »iiffi i inii ffi iB i iffl lli j i CiiLsmiLM, j. H. Choatas, M. E. Christian, T. J. Christodoulo, T. G. Clark. H. J. Clark, J. T. Clark, M. Clark, S. W. Clark, W. L., Jr. Clayton. C. .M. Clayton. V. R. Cleaveland, G. E. Cleveland, L. W. Cleveland, R. COAN, J. W. COATES. R. R. COBR. I. O. Cochran. C. E. Cochran, J. F. CODINA. f. E. CoE. W. ' h. cogburn. c. v. Cohen, L. D. Cohen, M. Coker, H. S. Cole, G. H. Collins, D. B. Comer, J. M. cometti, l. compton, r. m. Cone. K. H. Converse, W. K. Corder, W. H. Corn, J. I). Cornell, G. W. costner, d. w. Cowan, S. L. Cowan. V. G.. Jr. C() ART. C. C. Cox. J. r. Crenshaw. R. A. Cro.martie, H. D. Crooks. R. L. Crdwder, C. W. Crowley, A. Y., Jr. Crown, T. R. Crum, K. M. ■ Crum. R. H. Cubria, ] I. Culpepper, E. H. cummings, r. o. Cl ' MMINGS. W. S. Clrran, H. T. Dabne . F. C. Daniel. E. L. Dart, R. E. Davis, H. C. Davis. H. E. Da is. J. E.. Jr. Davis, " j. AI. " Da is. R. L. Davis. W. : I. Dean, H. W. DeLemar. T. W. Dement. . DeMontis, E. M. Dettleeach. G. Dixon, J. F. Dobbins, W. R. DoNEHtKI. P. B. Dold, E. Dough MAN. T. DoWMAN. L. C. DoziER. J. MacI. Drummond, C. L. Dubowsky, F. H. Dunlap. j. v.. Jr. Durden, W. H., Jr. Durham, J. P. DuRiE, A. E., Tr- Dyer, J. G. Eakin, j. W. Earle, G. R. East, K. K. Edge, L. L. Edmonson, G. E. Edmundson, j. D. Edwards. F. S. Edwards. J. M. P dwards. R. L. F " ! r lOTT ' . V. Elliott, D. L. Ellison, H. A. Elmore, T. J. English. W. I. El ' TING, C. M. Estes, T. N. Evans, C. P. Evans, W. J. Everett. F. N. Fant, a. E.. Jr. Earner, K. T. Farnham, T. C, Jr. Fein, G. M. Feldman, E. W. Ficker, L. G. Field, S. N. Field, W. H. Finch ER, J. L. FiSKE, T. P. Fleming. C. A. Fletcher. F. E. Floyd, W. H. Fluker. j. D. Fontaine, C. B. Forester, H. N. FoRTSON. W. D. Fortune, J. H. FoRSTER. J. P. Franklin. J. B. Franklin, J. H.. Jr. Freeman. 1 " . AI. Freshwater. H. L. Fry. B. E. Funderburk, a. L. Galatas, j. H. Galindo. I. A. Gallowa -. R. j. (jAI. ' EAN. D. Gardberg. j. Gartner. N. P. Gary. B. F.. Jr. Gaskins, R. E. Gates, J. W. Gause. L. a. Geffken. H. H. Gegenheimer, H. W. Geiger, R. W. Gesner, a. B. Gibbons, W. B. Gi.aiber. G. S. wm 1. .0,- If- i J ' dfic One llunilred ami IHricn -TT— " •T!nl " rriTT;nfr-T-!FT--iiT— ■ I Freshmuu ' ' lioll HJ | fl | | ffll || T Ml ft Hff i t ? l ff llff » l 3 m l■ n ll ■ ft l lffil al f llffl lffi ■ ff n l llffl l l f l ffillffllffllf i J ; ii Bli m J i»1ii« l i«r »iilTl ' i « i iW iil ' ' iiWi i l |jgu ff i «» " ' ' ii » « ' " ' llft ' " " ' il ' " ' LBi " ' (Jnann. W. G. GoiiuiiKER, B., Jr. (jOLDBERG, S. I. Goldsmith, H. S. Goldsmith, J ' . W. Gooding, H. I " . (joodmax, (). V. GowEx, A. S. Gray, C. L. Green- , D. H. Gregory, L. F. (jRIFFIN, K. A. Grigsby, W. M. guffey, vv. h. GUNN, E. W. GUNN, F. S. GuNN, V. . Hagar, (). L. Hagen, J. G. Hager, G. L. Hairstox, V. W. Hale, C. E. Haley, G. S. Haley, H. P. Hall, J. S. Hall, T. L. Hall, W. E., Jr. Halsey, W. R. Hamby, G. B. Hamby, H. O. Hamilton, J. K. Hammond, N. Hanna, R. C. Hannah, H. H. Hannah, H. R. Hardeman, A. A. Harris, d. A. Harrison, J ' . M. Harrison, P. P. Harrison, T. W. Harrod, a. H, Jr. Hart, J. W. Hathcock, C. Hawkins, D. E. Hawthorn, C. R. Haynie, T- B. Heard, V. H. Heath, H. Q. Heintzman, K. B. Henderson, M. L). Henderson, R. H. Henley, J. B., Jr. Henry, J. A. H iriot, T. S., Jr. Harring, J. S. Hester, W. A. Hicks, f. C. Hicks. J. R. Higdon, J. W. Higginbotham, B. Hightower, J. C. Hill, H. C. Hitchins, J. H. Hitchins, P. B. Hoagi.and, C. VV. Hobbs, F. R. Hogge, H. E. Hogsed, W. (i., Jr. Holbrook, R. a. Holcomb, D. 1 Holland, H. M. Holland, J. W., Jr. Holland, T. S. Holliday, F. S. Holmes, W. H. Holsenbeck, S. a. Hood, R. L. Horne, I. C. Jr. HORNE, J. U. " HousER, L. M. Howell, E. L. Hubbard, M. F. Hldgins, C. H. H LOGINS, T. B. Hudson, H. R. Hudson, R. E. Huff, VV. W. Hufstetler, a. L. Hugui.ey, ' . i., Jr. Hulbert, C. S. hunnicutt, i. l. Hunt, B. P. " Hunter. H. A. Hurt, G. T. Hutchison, S. J. Hutto, M. C. HuTTON, J. W . Hyatt, A. Imoff, D. R. Ingle, C. S. Ivey, T. Jackson, H. .McH. Jackson, J. A. Jackson, L. R. Jackson, R. H. Jackson, V. L. Jackson, W. T. James, D. R. James, T. F., Jr. Jamison, C. W. Jarreli.. V. F. Jeffries, J. B. Jenkins, C. W. Jensen, L. Jessop, C. L. Johnson, C. F., Jr. Johnson, J. G. Johnson, T. J., Jr. Johnson, W. H. Johnston, W. D. Joiner, C. J., Jr. Jones, E. T. Jones, F. C. Jones, J. B. Jones, J ' . T. Jones, P. M. Jones, R. C, Jr. jor. ' vlemon, f. l. Junge, J. A. Keating, J. E. Keheley, W. M., Jr. Kehler, R. S. Kelley, C. a., Jr. Kelly, W. H. Kersey, G. S. Ketsky, L. C. KiGHT, H. O., Jr. Killian, C. R. KiLLIAN, T. A. KiLNER, G. S. KiMES, S. B. f B ' ■ " .». s ' Vaije One lliiiiilnil Hint Twilvc T}te:j BLUL-zF rint::- ■ 193 J -■ ' , ■ ■CI S-l f Freshmau " Tioll w . m m l l; »i i« i i ftiiii „ fiiiiBi im. ; ;m ' i, a i . j3» i n ii Him i»ii iB irB iif ii i Hi , i t ii,i) MHj ni, m) iBi King, G. P. KlXXETT, J. T. KXEAL, J. R. KOLGAKLIS, A. 1 " . KOXIGSMARK, H., Jr. Klxiaxsky, I. L. Landry, E. J. Laney, L. E. Langford, J. F. Lanier, J. D. Lanier, L. Lawson, R. v., Jr. Lawsox, W. L. Lawtox, J. K. Lawtox, R. K. Leech, H. H. LeHardy, C. D. Lessesxe, H. B. Levitt, W. Lewis, C. D. Lewis. J. G. Lewis, J ' . H. Lipha.m, C. L. Little, G. H. Little, J. E. Loach, L. L. LoBuE, N. J. Locke, J. F. Lockhart, W. L LoxG, W. A. LOXGLEY, J. AL LoTT, F. E. Lottridge, J. J. LOVTXGGOOD, R. V. LowRY, AL AL Lyi.e, W. a. IVLaddu.x, H. L. Magill, W. C. Mailhos, J. E. Mangel, A. R. M.annus, G. a., Jh. IVLanninc, E. B. ALaxxing, L., Jr. ALaxxixg, L. G. IVLaple, C. a. ALarkert, B. F. Marshall, S. H. R. M. .M artix. C. C. Martin, H. McD. Martix, J. F. ALashblrx, R. T. ALasox, F. B. .ALattern, E. K. ALatterx, G. L. ALaxey, p. U. ALay, L. W. ALazarix, H. F. AIcArthur, D. W AIcArthlr, H. P AIcArthl R. AIcArthl R. AIcCall, J. P. AIcCalalw, J. AIcCart , (j. S AIcCoxxi ' LL, A McCook. |. . AIcCowx, " t. J. AIcCoY, T. G. AIcCuiSTox, P. T AIcDaxiel. W. C) McGee, R. L. AIcGehee, S. L AIcGiBoxY, D. L. AIcGixxis, J. B. AIcGowAx, H. A I AIcKexzie, H. C. AIcKibrex, T. C, AIcKlXNEY, R. AIcLain, a, R. AIcLalghlix, H. H AlcAIlCHAEL, V. I). AIcNeill, R. B. AIcWhorter, C. R. AIeasox, J. N. AIeeks, G. G. AIeiere, F. T. AIellichami ' , R. G. Meredith. V. C. AIerritt, L H . Jr. AllLLER. J " AL AIillicax, H. L. AIlLLS, F. Mills, S. P. AIiMs, R. B. .IR- Jr. T W|Tffll j ftfftllini t ffi r ftri Ti ' hiftiff iTfflii1 jffl nfft i ffti ff ' ' ff aif ' " i ' Ttjtf i ' ffiu ALms, R. U., Jr. M inter, J. R. Mitcham, J. P. Mitchell, V. V. Mitchum, L. C. moblea ' , c. a. Moore, D. E. MooRE, R. G. Morgan, E. A I. AIORRISOX, W. H. AIoRTOX. J. E. Mulherx, J. P. AIULLINS, P L. MULLINS, H. C. MUNDY, A. J. aiundy, j. e. aiuxford, r. s. Muxroe, AL W., Jr. Murphy, P. G. Myers, A. AIcAL Myers, E. F. Myxatt, C. H. AIyres, H. Nash, J. E. Neblett, H. C. Neel, L. Neville, J. J. Newbill, S. H. Newsom, . T. Newtox, V. H. NiCHOLSOX, J. J. NicHOLSox, T. R. Niemever, J ' . J. Noble, W. J. NORMAX, E. H. Northrop, C. S. Oakes, V ' ., [r. Oakey, J. F. " Oakley, E. C. Oliver, H. W., [r. Opper, F. H. O ' Quixx. R. E. OWEXS, P. C. OwExs, W. E. Page, G. V. Palmer, J. F. Paxsy, N. 1 =A -.9-1 I pi p) ff; Vntjr Our Jhitnh( l iirnl ' ihirtirn " U j WW ■ ' ' T li " " " - ' " " " " ' " " IM Fresh mini % Y: J % % f ft j rf ftl |f ff B 1h ff ll ft l lT QH fftl 1 l l| rf i ] ff|rf l|ff■l| l | qJ hl ff || l ffll ffi rTTT w lUllft m Ju ffl N n HHU u ffliiffliffii ff llWll Ujff ) T " ■• " ■ ' ■■■ ■ ' ' " ] i i iffi i ffiiift ' T W ii iii ift ' ' i ff 1i ff)n (ijBi Paol RIS, J. G. Papageorge, E. T. Parker, M. H. Parks. K. F. Parks, R. L., Jr. F arm enter, S. L. Pascoe, N. C. Pate, V. B. Patterson, C. E. Patterson, N. O. Patterson, W. S. Patillo, L. T. Faulk, M. J., Jr. Payne, H. H. Payne, H. L. Payne, R. M. Payne, S. Pearce. C. B. Pearce, R. M. Pearson, J. B. Peddy, C. H. Peete, C. S. Penny, F. S. Ferkerson, F. S. Perkins, D. S. Perkins, J. E., Jr. Perlmuter, J. A. Petty, A. C. Philips, F. C. Phillips, J. H. PiDCOCK, J. F. Pierce, W. H. PiNUAR, G. F. PiNKSTON, J. B. Plexico, J. F., Jr. Plumb, B. N. Pointer, W. W., Jr. Polk, H. H. Pollaru, T. V. Ponder, H. L. Pontiff, E. J., Jr. Poole, E. C, (r. Pope, M. E. ' Porter, F. Y. Porter, R. W. Porter, VV. C. posti.ethwate, h. f. Q Pratt, F. E. prewhtt, c. y. Price, G. A. " Price, H. T. Price. R. W. Pryor, J. A. PUCKETTE, S. C. PULLEN, W. S. Qerraxhia, Z. G. Raburn, E. D. Raby, H. D. Ragland, J. G., III. Raines, W. G., Jr. Rainey, R. R. Ramsey, S. B. Ransom, F. J. Redding, P. E. Reder. E. G. Reeves, J. Register, B. L. Rentz, G. S., Jr. Reynolds, J. H. RE ' iNOLDS, R. E. Rhett, J. M., Jr. Rhodes, A. W. Rhodes, W. H. Richardson, J. R. Richardson, J. W. Ricketts, E. T. Riddick, J. J. L. Rl.MSTIDT, p. T. Rives, S. R. robbins, o. c. ROBERDS, IM. B. Roberts, C. P. Roberts, P. Robertson, W. R. RoDGERS, R. L. Rodriguez, A. U. Roe, F. Rogers, M. W. ROMINE, H. RowE, R. M. Rozier, E. a., Jr. Ru.mph, L. B., Jr. Rushing, W. R. Sai.iba, J. R. Salle ' ' , j. a. Samelson, ] I. a. Sanders, J. V. Sanders, M. T. Sanders, T. R.. Jr. Sanford, j. R. Sasnepp, R. B. Savitz, S. Schaeffer, E. j. Schell, C. C, Jr. Schilling, R. W. scofield, h. w. schultz. c. l. Schvab, O. Scordas, p. H. ScoTT, E. C. SCRUTCHIN, J. J. SiGLER, T. J. Seligman, a. ] I. Serna, E. a. Sheridan, M. MacD. Shields, W. L. Short, C. A., |r. Short, W. W. Simmons, T. M., Ju. Simmons, V. I. Sims, D. G. Singleton, H. G. Sink, S. C. Slaton, j. W. Small, R. M. Smathers, a. D. Smith, C. C. Smith, G. M. Smith, J. E. Smith, J. K. Smith, L. C. Smith, M. F. Smith, N. C. Smithgall, C a., Jr. Soule, G. H. Southerland, H. D., Jr. Southern, C. E. Speer, W. C. Spivak, a. L. Spivey, j. a. Sprague, L. H., Jr. K r " ' " " • i :. , rt. 5 ■ a rt M A AA MU 1 " ' I ¥ ■■ Payc Oiif lluiitliiti ( (( I ' nuit ' cii ;ie. • BLUE. .: FRINT 193T -c ..■ ffi S S h»,TlljMV,fl, ,,, , ,,B„T - ,, Stafford, R. J. Stafford, T. H., Jr. Stallings, v. T. Stalnaker, H. H. Stapleton, C. D. Starr, R. A. L. Starr. V. R. Stebbins, H. Steinheimer, R. Stenhouse, J. A. Stevens, P. M. Stewart, F. N. Stewart, W. C. Stinson, W. I. Stokes, W. D. Stover, H. B. Strever, a. H. Stribling, S. ' ' . Strickland, W. G. Stringer, J. F. Stripling, B. M., Jr. Strother, G. F. Stibbins, H. a., Jr. Stuckey, a. G., Jr. sudderth, l., jh. Sweeny, H. M. SwicK. J. H. Tabor, J. T. Tanner, f. R. Taub, S. " Ta- lor, G. ()., Jr. Taylor, J. B. Taylor, J- R. Taylor, V. V. Tobbe, j. H. Teem, W. .M., Jr. Teepell, j. W. Ter tn, F. Q. Thomas, B. K., Jr. Thomas, F. V. Thomas, H. J. Thompson, B., Jr. Thompson, L. M. Thompson, M. L. Thompson, R. A. 1 ' hornton, j. a. Thornton, j. M. Thvvaite, C. E., Jr. Thweatt, R. M. Tillman, J ' . D. TlNSI.E -, J. H. TiSH, A. K. Tolbert. W. H., Jr. Tompkins, G. W. tooker, t. f. Toups, R. L. TowERY, W. H., Jr. ToWNSEND, H. McD Trailer, R. A. Trest, C. O., Jr. Tribble, D. j. Trucks, F. W. Truslow, M. a. Tucker, E. A. Tufts, A., Jr. Turnbull, W. j. Turner, C. H. Turner, J. G. Turner, K. H. Turner, L. E. Turner, P. L., Jr. Ulmer, H. E. Umsted, C. j. Van Dolsen, B. Veach, G. W. Veal, J. E. Veazey, C. B. VicK, C. M. Virgin, J. E. VON Herrmann, C. F, X ' oorhis, R. H. VOWELL, W. O. Wagner, C. F., Jr. Wagner, E. C. Walker, B. P. W. ' iLKER, L. Walker, T. W. Walker, W. L. Walter, F. J., Jr. Walthall, F. N. Walton, f. B. Ward, R. " E., Jr. Warren, T. T- Wasdin, L. R. Watts, T. L. Webb, S. G. Webster, ,M. R. Weiler, H. Wells, C. B. Wentworth, H. V. West, C, [r. West, R. j. Westbrook, W. O. W ' heat, a. a. Wheeler, C. White, G. R. White, T. H. Whitehurst, E. R. XVhittaker. W. W. Whitter, O. M. Wilcox, C. E. Wilder, G. E. WiLLEY, R. B. Wilkinson, S. H. WiLLCO.X, M. G. Williams, C. R. Williams, D. Williams, G. L Williams, H. A. Williams, L. K. Williamson, R. A. WiLLINS, W. Willis, W. D. Wilson, J. A. Wilson, }. C. Wilson, J. T. Windsor, A. AVingard, R. a. Winn, C. E. Wood, D. M. wooten, e. b. Wright, B. A., Jr. Wright, E. A. Wright, V. H. ' ates, L. I). ' oumans, j. E., Jr. Young, E. H. Young, H. G. Young, H. S. Zettler, H. B. V ' " . ' e (hir lliinihr,! anil l-ifliin ' ' 5 ?:y s MMm MM . ' N eVBHING SCH%L i J 7J m iM Geo. M. Si ' XRKi Director William C. Caxtrell. LL.B., M.A. May D. Cheatham, B.C.S. Et ' GEXE GuNBV, A.B., LL.B. Carlton Keex, B.S. Robert AL Krwix, A.B. James F. Watsox, B.D. LL.D. J. T. noxTrebra, LA. Mack ALatthews, A.B. Harold H. Sheffield, A.B. M. R. Brewster. A.B., M.K.A. W. T. Dexxisox, A.B.. LL.H. Prestox C. Ui ' shaw, jr., B.S. HoRRAcE B. Klliott, B.C.S., C.P.A. J. E. . L Yo, LA., C.P.A. William C. I-o vr M. n. Bi.Axrox, B.S. Eveuiug School of Qommerce FACULTY Thoma.s William Noel, A.B., ALB. A. Fred B. Wexx, B.C.S. Johx B. Crexshaw, A.- L, Ph.U. Geo. . L Si ' arks, . LA. David W. Smith, Ph.D. H. O. Smith, ALA. Leoxard R. Siebert, B.S., LL.B. Johx W. Jefferies, B.S. Noah Warrex, B.S., C. P. A. Earl B. Saxders, C.P.A. Theo. AL McClellax, B.S. H. Reid Huxter, ALA. i.A ;i Theo. AL McClellax Secretary Vti n ' ' ic Ilniiilrcd and Kiijhtccn- rill 1 1 1 1 1 ri I n T ' ' TT llJl EvcNifig School of QjDuncrce Class Officers ..I I : Tjl rm r ,,, , i , AXA,r 9 ,„ l..! .iXA.M. ,k,.iiiii=Sie ?- ' - S g,iS54f - V Yi.J t r, 4 n-JAfcfc.l r. lin» i1 r r; 1 mi n - ii,,.MMii ...iiiii..M..ii. m ' lH l » l; t l ll«i i «l n Bi M B » l »i ) [ ffn ff ii lj3»m ii t iff iff .J li« i ) i i ffi j»n%i | l lfri l iff n l1liiJI ) iffil i fti » ,t: SENIOR CLASS Hugh HamRICK President NoRMAX W. PiiTT-iS J ' ice-Presideiit H. C. KiTCHKXS Treasurer AIiss FIlizabeth Smith Seeretary JUNIOR CLASS Richard Hills President Lawrence Cole Viee-President Jules Burns Treasurer William J. Zuber Secretary SOPHOMORE CLASS James C. Roberts President Robert N. (jII.bert J ' iee-President Walter W. Avcock Treasurer Joseph Norton Secretary FRESHMAN CLASS Alton G. Parker President Miss Frances P ' llison lice-President Miss Helen Hodges Treasurer Rov Harwell Secretary ■ 1 1 " ' I ' f- - f; ayp 0 r Ihinilnil nml in f( ' t. ' n H7nii:-T-TT-:Tr ' Trn-r : " 7u:i:trriTnmTmrfT.- . i VI John V. Ai.coRN ATLANTA, r.A. Venetian CUil): Theta Xi Zeta. 1 1 1- Guv H. Am S( N ATLANtJ.,-pA. Venetian Club : Delta Sigma Pi ; Theta Xi Zeta: Inter-Society Council. Horace Bei.i. ATLANTA, SjA. Venetian Club ; Theta Xi Zeta. Oscar Bergstrom , ATLANTA, GA. Alplia Kappa Psi ; Inter-Society Council ; Representative, 1930 Stu- dent Conference; Vice-President, Freshman Class. 1 , Miss .Malrine Brock ATLANTAjy: ga. Mrs. W. C. C.antrell ATLANTA, GA. Commerce Club : Phi Chi Theta : Miss LEHM.4N ATLANT. , RA. Commerce Club: Phi Chi Theta. iiter-Societv Council. A ' % V. E. Ham ATLA NTA, GA. Fa a ■i- I ' aijv One Ilun ' hid and Tirrnhf IM2;iBLU L::Z F RlNT. :• ; 19 503l¥ Miss Daisy Chotas ATLANTA, GA. Commerce jQub Ki.Clii Tlieta. c ■ ' - i •. ' " i " ' - ' ' Joseph Cuba ATLANTA, CA. Lamar Ellis ATLANTA, GA. George T. Giles ATLANTA, GA. Ai r . Harry S. Glassman ' ATLANTA, GA. m ■J Earnest Goldin -f? ATLANTA, GA. ■f I ' - A ■c A. Hugh Hamrick ATLANTA, GA. ?■ President, Senior Class; Vene- tian Chib. " -w ■ mi -C c: ■ ' if ' ' C ' , } Miss Martha Ross Hart Commerce Chib : Plii Chi Theta; Inter-Societv Council. ?i Ki .,r £ • ' , r :rarri:mrBM-t_ ! „ " ' .riiiim ' !ifnr:. ' ini;nimv ;r - Pof c Ohc Humlrcd and Ticcntyone I TllTT-TTT-Tf- P i Clark. Harrison AT7,AN-T. , r; . V. F. HoLLINGSWORTH ATl.AXTA, GA. HKA ' enetiaii Club : Tlieta Xi Zeta. Douglas B. Horne atlanta, ga. Delta Sigma Pi. J. N. Ja.noli.lls ATLANTA, GjVy.; -- ' Venetian ClubjrTheta Xi Zeta. R. W. Jo.VES ATLANTA, GA. -Alpha ppa Psi; Theta Xi H. C. Kitchens ATLANTA, GA. C. P. A. ; Delta Sigma Pi : Vene- tian Club: Theta Xi Zeta; Inter- Societv Council ; Treasurer, 5icnior Clas ' . ' Paul E. Landen ATLANTA, GA. Delta Sigma Pi. A. Davant Lawton CHARLESTON,, S. q.. , ,, ATA Delta Sigma Pi : Venetian Club : Theta Xi Zeta; Inter-Socioly Council; President, Fre.shman Class; President, Sophomore Class. X%- ' ' h iL;ni:;:.i:rrnri;: Page One Hundred and Tirenti t}C9 T-:1930 [unmHsnnFr W. A. Leven ATLAWTA, ( . ' • W. C. Matthews ATLANTA. CA. Venetian Club. E. Graham McDonald SAVAXXAH, GA. A T A Alpha Kappa Psi. R. A. IVIedlock ATLANTA, GA. T r _ C. E. Parker ATLANTA, GA. Alplia Kappa Psi ; Ventian Club : Theta Xi Zeta. r , J— XoRMAX V. Pettys ATLANTA, GA. Delta Sigma Pi : " enetian Chib ; Tbeta Xi Zeta ; Inter- Society ' Council : Vice-President, Sopho- more Class ; Vice-President, Senior C ' ass. ___ | i; v ' ' M 9)- ?i( I - § R. G. PrL ITT y ATL- NTA, GA. Delta Sigma Pi. , M -.■ ; GuS ROBIXSON ATLANTA, G. ' . ' ' Venetian Club. ry " ■4 ' • ' t ' ' i ■ - 1 ' m m Pag One Bumbcd und Tocnti three Miss Ki.i bi;th L. Smith ATLANTA, GA. Gmimcrcc Club: Phi Chi Theta : Inter-Society Comicil : Treasurer. Freslimaii Class: Secretary, Jnnicir Class : Secretary, Senior Class. I , ' ii C. S. Spinks, ATLANTA,- CA.- Theta Xi Zeta. Miss Jennie Mae Tucgi.e ati.axta, ga. Phi Chi Theta. David Waters AttANTA, C. . J. H. Wheeler ATLANTA, GA. H. A. Williams . TLANTA, CA. ' enetian Clnh. W. S. Withers ATLANTA, CA. :£X Deka Sigma Pi. .:ii;ci ::nrcTT.-i:irrTU]:ra!fiL ' !i:U7ICiir iliL ' luiuuuimumimmLammm- • I ' aiir Oik lluiulinl iiiiil ' liri ' iiln Imir Evening School V lf?h t f fllll riff Tl1 . fti » .Bi . iff. ff. (i i f i . ffi . i Vl m i i ff s,Wi iBi i»ii fiN i? M i Ti ,. %i t ii B i i niiW ) i.fl ii Bi ii i yiaiior Class :- ' .!S Adams, G. A. Beckh am, R. . Blodgett, V. H. Boozer, R. S. l RIXSON, Fl U. Bryant, VI • ' IE Blrns, Jlliax Cheatham. T. ?il., Jr. Cole, L. J. Crim, Joe Clark, L. J. Christoi ' her, V. M. Dabxey, Fraxk Demixc, J. W. Dicker ' , Gexe Eakix. R. C. EvAxs, L. C. Fowler, J. R.. Jr. Garvix, W. T GiBsox, W. S. GoiJBv, G. R. Greex, J. H. Greexe, R. T. Gross, C. J. Hartrami ' h, C. R. Hemperl ' s, J. V. Hills, R. A. HiXES. John Kerr, F. V. Marsh, C. F. : Iartix, D. M. McCoRMACK, C. R., Jr. McCoy, S. M. Miles, C. L. Newton, J. H. Phillips, V. L. Settler, Berxard SwixT, M. W. Tasker, M. F. Thrasher. Robert VELDO G. T. Wheelock, Allex Zeli.xer, C. T. ZuBER, J. W., Jr. ' £- m ( 1 m m rjTTTjrirtsrriiiT cCT!r;r ' 7-ai;i: :7qn,-:iiri3v ,iTOiii j i " J : n nrnrai ' tilj.; ■ • ' ' ' " ' " ■ Hunihi ' l nml ' finiiiii-flre 1 1 4 Evening School k flti ' i ljfti i ft iiai i iiii mu ftiiiih iiT i ff ii ft i i iT fc 3iiffl i!fi iir iiff ijp iifii j ftiiiviii t t M (tiii Q 7 Tfl iiff n j ft [ffTnrn n f fa ' iftTrtffiTi iTi m n r i ii)nn Hj frriff» f iThiiftr rfim rf ' ! f if f t ii ff i ff I j jffu n I 1 u i ' i HV ' i! Sop io Norc Akers, V. T. Aycock, Walter W. Blaxtox, C. D. Brenner, M. A. Brewer, R. B. Burt, D. Carlson, H. G. Cawthon, H. C. Chai ' .nlan, Miss Helen Christopher, V. N. Cooper, Frank S. Crim MIX ' S, W. E. Cri.m, Joe M. Dick E.MAN, W. J. DowLixG, Miss Juliet Driskell, James E. Duncan, T. W. Duncan, Miss Margaret FLo D, C. M. Fox, W. C. Gilbert, Robert N. Granitt, Lucian Greene, Ro- - T. Gross, C. J. Hexsox, D. C. HlOGI-XBOTHA.M, MiSS SaRA Horx, C. G. Class HuEY, H. L. Kloeckler, Miss Joe Leach, J. C. Lewis, C. L. LixDHOLM, Alex McCarv, W. L McEwEN, N. W. McIXTOSH, G. W. McKenney, J. L McKlLLIAX, LER(n I Lann, J. A. LARSH, C. F. ALason, Miss Erna Lee northcutt, r. h. Newell, Ham.mond Norton, Joe 0 ' F arrell, George Oxford, Douglas Plaster, Edwaro Reiu, J. AL Roberts, James C. RoBixsox, H. L. SxEED, R. F. Straule ' , G. L. SwANSox, i L G. Toxtak, Miss Gertrude Vance, George ■ i; ' k m U ■ i£!? ' ' ' Ji;Tr rTrTTiTTiTTrTT!n " |- -r-;iT n ' ' ' T = ' " 7 " i. ' ' rvi " - ' iJ..: ' ' rTjTTTrL " ' " ' ;TT ' r: " ' " !T-:nf-riirfr- ' « » hit IlHiiilml ami ' Jict ulif si c " S !- ] Evening School ffi| | J || ftn ffllffi M ft n ft B t r ff l ' ff l lt ; ff ll T lff lPl JO l»l ||ff|| ||ff U l !, l , r ' i . ff n t o , U liB m Jl iB »iW»Bin i»ii ffiuft» W ii t uD i i ff ) »i " « " " " ' " ' ' J ' " " l " ' ' Aj ' ' " " ' Fresh IHlcUl Class i Adamson, Archie M. Albert. Charles R. Anderson, Carey J. Archer. V. G. Arnall. p. F. Askew. L. A Askew. Sarah Ball, THO LAS R. Bagwell, Jack Barrett, B. M. Barton. V. F. Beatie. Joe L. Beck lan. Willlam Bell. Walter S.. Jr. Bell, Willie R(n . Jr. Benson, W. R. Berquist. T. W. Blackwood, W. H. Boone. John Booth. Edwin L. Boswell. Norman BowMAX. Mrs. Willie H. Bowers. A. L. BraSW ELL, J. M. Bricht, Miss Clara Brisbane. E. C. Brock. H. G. Brown. Willie Bunn, T. E. Calholn, R. S. Callahan. H. B.. Jr.. Cadell, James T., Jr. Cardenas. A. D. Carnes, H. E. Carpenter. C. E. Carr. C. V. Cason. Robert O. Chapman. Miss Xoan Chastaix, C. X. China. F. H. Chotas. Miss Helen Cla.ik. M. p., Jr. Clayton, John W. Coleman, H. H. Coleman, Miss Evelyn Collins, W. R. Collins, Addis Cone, Donald B. Cook. Quitman CoRNELious. Miss Adelaide Cotton. W. M. Cowan, J. C. Cowan. J. L. Crockett. Darwood M. Culver, Emory C. Dabney. L. C. Dean. J. B. Dickey. ' iRr,iL Driskell, C. M. Droshin, Cecil Droshin. Frank Dugan, F. F. Duxx. W. G. Dreger. V. T.. Jr. Durant. Tom Ellison. Miss F raxces Ellis, Tom Erwin. Miss Hli ex E " Axs. Weymax C. Faesi. Herman- Folks. ] liss Jennie FoRDHAM. Emory H. Fort. W. E. Fowler, John R. Freemax. James H. Furse. Mariox Fuller. R. N. Gaffxe ' . W. C).. Jr. GiFFORD. Martix M. Glexn, W. L. GooDMAX, George H. Gra ttt, Rufus Greexe, Mariox D. Greer. Miss Helex Griggs, Johx D., Jr. Grogax, W. H. Hadawa , J. F. Hall, Jack M. 1 Vwjv One JixnuUid und ' J ' irvnty t er n " - t i 0[ 7J Svening School .1b« ri A M lt « " l " ft . l» , " ff, 1 3 . ffi ,, 1 ,ff l l »,J » ,«l, fl ,ll?l, » i-| •£ ' . ■ ; iincui C iss m Hammktt, George W. Ham.mett, Miss Cecil Hammermax, W illia.m Hamilton ' , Geo. A. Hancock, Richard E. Halsox, C. H. Harber, C. H. Harber, Mrs. P ' i.ora S. Hargis, Miss Helen- Harper, Matt, Jr. H RRis, B. C. Harris, E. J. Harriss, J. T. Harrison, Clark Harwood, J. C. Harwell, J. M. Harwell, Ro ' Hayes, John W. Helm AN, Percy C. Henderson, Miss Hattie Hendrick, Almon Herd, R. H. Herren, R. H. Herring, R. E. Higgenbotham, Miss Sara Hodges, James HosKiNs, R(n ' B. Howard, Frank R. Huey, H. L. Hutchinson, L. N. Jackson, Joe Jenkins, M. A. Johnson, C. J. Johnson, Howard B. Jones, Miss Irene Kelley, Miss Ella Kent, Harry W. Kerr, Fred W. King, H arrn I ' ., Jr. King, John N ' . Kitchens, C. U., Jr. Kitts, VV. R. La.mbert, James G. Landes, E. W. Lanier, J. W. Large, Herschel Laudermilk, Thomas G. Laxroff, Viacheslav Leach, Wilmer F. Lewis, John E. Linton, S. E. LooNEY, Robert E. LusiNK, E. AL Lynn, H. N. ALacBryde, J. M. McCall, Fred B. McCollu.m, R. C. McGee, B. L. McGee, Walter C. McKagen, Charles S., Jr. McKee, J. B. McKenzie, Ernest B. McKibben, Miss Dorothy B. McKiBBEN, LeRoy McMillan, Frank Norton, Joe E. Owen, Fred O. Page, Janie Palmer, HENR L Parker, A. H. Parker, C. ' ' . Parker, .Mrs. P. PXRKKR, W. E. Parnell, W. F. Paulk, H. S. Perry, C. A., Jr. Phillips, Charles, Jr. Phillips, W. S. Pierson, F. H. Poage, James D. Pournhli.e, W. B. Randall, Lillian Rawlins, Willi m Roy, a. C. Reid, J. W. Rice, John C. Richardso.v, a. L. Riley, Miss Lucy Ann c -4, :: I .0 ' l ' u;ir Our lliiii ' liiil iiinl ' liiiiiiii ti ' tlil r THXT - ' Sveuiug School . ii n ii « iiii i, iffiii i „,?,., ) iii f ri ii n iin )i;ni i, r„m , Hi t ,, B„ i , , „ „n„ , ,i,,, , „ „ , , , , Tri nftfT i i h f» iim i fij i fliiiBi iiBi!Hii »ii w i iff i i ' ( i i i n i i ijm»mji » i « ' ni ii " «mtJ ii nii i i iHj B u r i i i Fresh i uui O- l SS RiNERS, R. L. RoBARTS, F. H. Roberts, John H. Rogers, A. L. Rogers, Miss R. Elizabeth RowDEN, Lyman H. Rubin, Miss Fannie Rutherford, James ScoGGiNS, Paul Seitz, Joseph Settle, R. R. Sheridan, Miss Averili.a SiGMAN, H. A., Jr. Simpson, Lewis H. Simpson, Miss LARV Singleton, ALss Carey Skipp, F. J. Smith, R. E. J. Smith, I " .. L. Smith, L. C. Smith, Louis Smith, L D. Smith, Raymond I . Smith, V. S. Soule, G. H., Jr. Spencer, T. C St.acey. Karl Steed, C. C. Stern, Samuel i L Stoll, p. C. Strickland, 15. F., Jr. Sudderth, Miss Carolyn SuDDERTH, Miss Susie Tarplee, Scott L. Tatum, Miss F ' mma Thomas, Mrs. M. R. TiDWELL, Miss M rtle Tigner, Thomas B. TiNGiE, J. F., Jr. TiRREi.L, Miss Margarett Topha.m, .Miss Jeanette ToPHAM, Miss Minnie ' Eripp, Ernest ' EuRNER, Carter AL ' EURNER, J. I ' . LTpsHAw, J. Lamer Vogel, O. S. Waldrups, Ida Lee Walker, Miss Eliz.vbeth Walker, H. W. Walker, Robert L. V RD, Guv T. V armer, J. R. W ARMocK, Fred Wasdin, G, E. Weaver, James S. Webb, W. M. Webb, Robert S. Weem, Morris Weldon, G. T. Wells, B. F., Jr. Wells, J. Fred Wesle " ! ' , John B. Whelock, Allen White, Gordon H. Whitehead, Guv Wiggins, AEarshall T. WiGGS, Clara AEai Wilco.x, George Wiley, Clyde Willis, J. N. Wing, Jerome S. Worth EM, Charles D. Wright, Richard H. " ' arbrough, Joel S. 0UNG, J. C. Zimmerman, Louis m If I B li " a I ' ar e One Ihiiiihiil uiul Tin iilii iiiiii- N l ' ! | ' 1 , ' ? , i -. ' W 4 r c r iX Uf fwt yVCTJVFXIEJ? ;r. Student Qoiincil lllll| llBl l «l i «lll « l l ? , l « 1 ) l ff ,, l,ff , n l. 1 Mff l « ll W| l «l l fflll » || llml BllB l r llB » ,, OFFICERS Charles Vitmi;r Picsiilent Ward Grantham riic-Prcsident Newmax Corker Secretary Warner Mizell Treasurer AIEAir.F.RS James Brooke Tom Jones Newman Corker J. V. McKee Earle Dunlap W ' arner Mizell Harold Faisst B. D. Pritchett Sidney Goi.din C. T. Raines Ward Gr.antham L. F. Shaefer J. R. Hicks James R. Thompson Charles Witmer Tot Rozv Faisst, Grantham, Hrri-cs, Mizell, Chrkek, Thomi ' .sox, Witmer Second RoK ' Dunlap, Brikike, Joxes, Raixes. Guldix, Shaefek. McKee i- i w I ' liuc One Hundred and Thirty-three The Blue Print ' ll l ii l lj t ii «.i li i l1li . B m ff »ft»ft l ff ii ft i . iT » mn1 i« iffi J liitl n f | .iff.i ff i. %l iiffii ) niiffiifli ' m BOARD OF EDITORS A. F. RoBERls Editor-iii-Chtef S. G. GOODWYNE Art Edit 01- r . nt J- P- Napier Associate Editor R. T. Bow EN Senior Editor . H. Lassiter . . Fraternity Editor „ 5» W - • - Stephenson Pliotografihic Editor ' ' ' ■■- ( " p Brown Junior Editor N. J. Greene Military Editor F. L. Sacha Sports Editor Todd Lunsford Campus Editor A. H. Schwenke Comic Editor W. McL. HicKsoN .... Co-Up Editor J. C Roberts . . . Evening School Editor ' W EDITORIAL STAFF B. E. Anderson W. A. Lvle Tom Sanders Jake Barnhart E. H Norman J. A. Smith J. C. Dawson E. A. Patton M. R. Webster W. H Horn A. M. Rahn Alex Windsor A. F. Roberts Editor-in-Chief ART STAFF C. C. Bach H. E. Dodd L D. Gibson J. P. Crawford G. F. Harrell J. W. Griffith i p-4 I ' aili (hii lliniiliril ami ' J liii t ii-luiir 1930 n=p s-- ' (?v£- f ' sA The Bliic Pri it U l ll l lJ al | l J »| | Bl ll r I l 1 l lJ r ■lBJl fl | m ll ' l J lfi lB l« . fl l r l l l lll mlltl ■. l l,. | ll l» . iB i. B y. i i iffiit i ffi ii ft iJj " ' ' i A Hjf. iffi ' » . i i iip u jf ; , i n ai ! BUSINESS STAFF %:Li R. D. Frederick . R. Whitfield Business Mnn igi- -1 t vertising Maniiver STAFF ' . M. Albert F. F. Lester C. V. Bell 1. F. Peake E. H. Cl lpepper H. L. Solomoxson C. I. IxGLE N. R. Starr Tliis edition of the Blue Print brings to you the crystallized result of our efforts to chronicle the Tech campus of 1930. The story we have tried to render complete in every detail — to rec- ognize scholarship, to portray society, to distinguish the individual, t ' appraise activities both literary and athletic — and all the while td gild the picture with a glamour such as that which time will bring tL ' our memories. Tlie Board of Editors have recognized the growing tendency U break away from many of the conventional methods of journalism and design of the yearbook. In this particular we ha e combined the abilit and originality of our own minds and resources to produce the new fea- tures which we submit for your praise or censure. In the main, how- ever, we sincerely believe that the current fields of art and journalism present reaches of perfection as yet untouclied by those who would divorce them. It has been our zealous attempt to bring to final e.xcellence these principles of technique — to paint a pleasant picture which directs atten- tion to the beauty of the subject rather than to the method of the artist. Our single hope is that our efforts will be well received by each member of the senior class body of students, and by the friends of the institution we honor. R. D. Frederick Business Innn er i% iv ' ii bv tlie entire IO1 B ' -4 3 I ' C) II A- Pane One Humlred and Thirtii flee The Teclmiqiic ft» iifli.(ftHi iiftii iffiff . ii Bi iffi iff » iT |3 i flMrMff ifni Lffi iiWiiffiimii f ii. % i Q 77 Tt ff|rft l J !tf llf wff I l1 ' nl lll( l!fflIl jl l 1ff F1 ll ll ft ■ J fh . ' T lft ' ll T1l( l .VI 0j J. R. rHl). ll ' !,llN E litor-in-Chief J. R. Mitchell W. W. Brinson O. X. Jervis R. [. Brooke BOARD OF KDITORS J. R. Thompson Editor-in-Chiif V. H. Grantham Assistant Editor W. R. Ta I.OR Mii)i(i rin Editor R. A. Anderson hsociate Editor L. B. Mann Associate Editor J. P. Napier Associate Editor E. P. Da is -Issociate Editor P. L. DoRN Associate Editor v.. C. LvoN Associate Editor H. A. Lefferts Associate Editor (. L. Russ Associate Editor Randolph Whitfield Associate Editor STAFF John Ingle Neivs Edito- C. E. Johnson Neics Editor W. A. Horne Neivs Editor R. L. Speights Literary Editor C. W. Redfern Exchange Editor Ed Fain Sfiorts Editor WiLLARD Tlrnbull Ecaturc Editor SPECIAL REPORTERS C. B. Tompkins Harold Breedlove W. V. Poland h. a. hunxicutt Ed. Solomon Hugh Lessesne h. l. solomonson fej j P» IC One llunitn- ' i ittul ThirtilaU Wi m The Tcchuiqiic iifliii jbiii l «l lift mB l1 »« ) ll ff l l l ll . l u ' nM l» l»l lB ll l J f llTll«li % l lllf l llfll l B lt | l« Mi ii J ' , i mjo iiiff u i ff i ' ' iui ff n. tf ti i fli ' i ' ' ju P " ' m H. G. Lesley . W.M. Walker Claud Daniels F HL SIXKSS STAFF Business Mtiiiiivir Circulation Mtuiti cr .-J ssisttint Circulation Manager H. Re ' Xiilds Ad ' ertisini; M in ii;er Lloyd Villl ms Geurge Haley Bex Thompson GEfiRCE Bolder Fred Perkerson Larry Gauss FRFS H.MAN STAFF Wm. Whittaker Alex Windsor J. E. Nash Lee Laney E. B. Branch Billy Owens W. A. Lyle Chas. Trout J. L Miller Carl Ingle As " The Souths Livest Colleije Veekly, " Tlie Tech- nique has continued durinj; IQ. O to perform the indispensable duties of the official news publication of the campus. But more than a mere news organ — The Technique has, through its editorial influence, introduced and sponsored, and pushed through to realization many measures of lasting worth to the school. The quarter system was proposed and a student vote conducted by The Technique, an action which resulted in the favorable consideration of the measure b " the faculty. To its further credit the paper has carried on definite editorial campaigns in behalf of school spirit, the seating of students at athletic events, the building of a new g mnasium, and the inauguration of the co-operative s ' stem for the school book-store. 1 he past school year has seen the influence of The Technique felt in every phase of campus life, nor w ill these constructive measures confine their benefits to 1930, but the ill bear fruits man - seasons hence. H. G. Lesley Busi ifss Manager ti ■ ., T»«j . ' --jAirrss-jn aa ' ' " f ' ' yoiesF E .G)l Pofir Our Hiniiiri ' l nnfl Thirtuscrcn r ' l m The 1 cllozv Jiickct l l iitj i i ft . i »i ii iiBi . iB ff«»iff i.« »ii tj3ij B »T ii .». iB i« i i n iiffii ffn i i ii t ii i u inii«i . ' ffii mn iii K. K. .Mack. Jr Editor-in-Ch ' uf Howell Dodu Art Editor - W. C. BiNKLEY Circiildtjrjn Manager D. K. Young Literary Editnr A. F. Hunt issistaut Ciri nlation Manager Dr. ( " ii.n. M. Si ' .xRKS Faculty Advisur EDITORIAL HOARD J. P. N.AI ' IER C. R. RoWE M. B. RiMioLD W. R. Taylor LITKRARY STAFF A. W. Stlirgis Tom Biogs E. H. FORDHAM B. ] Iartin W. K. Caler W. L. Gn ' ann T. A. Sanders Ray James ART STAFF JiMMiE Griffith Bill Keheley K. E. Mack, Jr. Conrad Bach Earl Woolfe Editor-in-Chief Fred Bull Merle Rorb ■ I ' aiii (till lliiiiilrtil mill I hiiti i ii.llit 1 ' [ The Tellozv Jacket Hf l ' l]Jfti iilf) M l1 irftni ff nit Nif hi i i lt mr 4 i f ft .ff. iffi i ftrrft.|ff.i|1hiflln t [ r ff n ffli |lliffii i n itm i ffi ifft Mff iiffiiil f i iWiil j%mji i1» i W Mfl B i fii u ' riif i i iil T 1 il r i BUSINESS STAFF m A. H. SCHWEXCKE Bim Ma na er J. E. MiXTliR V. B. Yeargan H. A. Weaver C. F. n ' oxHerrmaxn, Jr. Gene Clary Bernard Goedecker Finishing what is generall conceded a banner ear in its history. The Yelhiw Jacket of 1930 has definiteh ' mounted to a place of national prominence among college magazines. And such recognition has not been without merit. I he ellow Jacket has departed from the old conception of the college comic publication — it now seeks to present articles of definite interest to student life, such as reviews of pictures, music, books and interviews with campus leaders. Favored with an abundance of worthy talent from the School of Architecture, the art work incorporated in the magazine is unsurpassed in its field, and is so recognized. The bellow Jacket of 1930 has distinguished itself by adopting a definite editorial policy — one that rationally interprets the mind of the college man and accounts for his habits and institutions — one that attempts to correct the public ' s rah-rah " idea of college life — one that endorses worth and constructive moves relating to the campus. In seeking to depart irom the rather pointless composition of a joke pericjdical, I he ellow J hopes to have entered a newer and broader field, one that will be of more interest and worth to stui and one that will depict more accuratel} ' to the public that oft-misconceived illusion — college life. A. H. SCHWENCKE Biisiniss M imager acket ents. y V ■V ■ ■)■ J a( c Onr IhtniJini ninl lliii i iininv IB) IL HI E. IP ra n its tt " tt J ii i ' -. -■ The- ' - i|nim.iM! " iTTpm!»riiiij:i.!Hin ' iL- r ' -i fe V The Tcch-T Singers h iH if . i L ft j. f iffi. i W »f f) i ' " ff n fflM Tl ilP i(Ki ifl i» i ' ffii M % fi_p i l ff ll ' fi i P ' ff |ff • i: n i imi lj i ii Bio »Bi " « " " L i " in ' ), B i i ja lffi|. , » i | W |i f l J ff jf. ll BU I ll K Mr. RdRERT Mell Dirtctrjr tcra 1 1 n p MEMBERS N. E. Chotas Chic Gephart W. J. HllWARD H. H. Jeffries E. S. Jones W. D. JORDAX E. C. Lyons H. McCoNNELL R. S. McGarity J. R. Mitchell D. A. Shearer ' . A. Smith J. B. Whitney First Rv ' ci. ' Chotas, McGarity, McCoxnell, Jeffries, Jones, Whitney Second Roii. ' Gephart. Mitchell. Shearer. Mr. Mell. Howard, Smith, Mcrphy hi Payc One Hundred and Forty-one ■■ V The Troiilhidoiirs rt ' Jblft lft ' rftnif ftw1 iff[ TTit | ff ,. r f;i r ri itf iaii f t ' iff iffh. ffl i im iffiiiw u i n i ff ii ' ff ' f ff iii ' i i ' ' iff ; ii i_ iii ff ' ff» i Wii Ti»i »ii ' i Tiifi iii n ii i j M Exery scIidoI has a distinct place on its campus for a musical club — an (iriianization that pr() i(h ' s a phice for ()cal talent that just will express itself, one that trains an orchestra — in short, one that gives the public a first hand idea of the jazzacial entertainment which it so hnes to attribute to college life. To fill this dual of the student bod " and the public at Georgia Tech. we find a distinctly modern ' ersion of the old time glee club in the (jeorgia Tech Troubadours. The Troubadour Club sprang primarily from the dreams of these musical minded men who lamented the absence of a glee club from the campus. They knew that an institution ' if the size of Tech was capable of producing a good club and that the public would turn out to see a good show. If the show were really worth while, it mattered little whether the school it represented taught engineering or liberal arts. With such determined ideas these men set to work. Rather th;;n just create " another glee club " they coined a new name for the infant organization, and the manner in which the public has caught the name " Troubadcjurs " proxes the wisdom of their choice. The new organization took form, selected its personnel from a large list of entries, and this year, a program of real worth has rewarded their efforts. The reward falls where it is merited. Throughout a w ell-planned itinerary over the state, capped by a big windup in Atlanta, the Troubadours ' aim to please the public has been thoroughly realized. In the short space of one season, the club has gained promi- nence, established a section-wide reputation, and laid the foundation for greater future accomplishments. m m ill m ! ■?■ I ' am 1)111 Ihniflnil iiiiil I ' tirtiltico C- S ' --- iS -g-5- £ ' !3i ;| Qeorgici Tech Troiibudoiirs c; i1 u j }j t ,, ' !ffiiff . i mi, ft i i i Mh tff ; ffi.iT mTi fti i P iff ' iffi i fFf ftffifh-itw t iffi j OFFICERS Ward H. Grantham President James R. Brown fire-President Enrico Leide .... George M. Sparks . Dean Vernon Director Publicity Faculty EXECUTIVE BO.ARI) Robert M. Austin Rav R. Meredith Tom Becknei.l Griff Edwards Charles E. Agoos R. N. Austin R. H Baker .1. B. Bass J. T. Braswell, Jr. W. W. Brinson C. P. Brown J. R. Brown " S. Camp J. H. Christian, Jr. S. W. Clark J. R. Denton L. H. Dial T. Doughman M. T. Early H. G. Edwards MEMBERS C. P. Evans M. D. Gephart B. M. Golden V. H. Grantham H. A. Gro " es C. E. Helfrich V. R. Henry E. L. Howell H. H. Jeffries A. M. Johnson E. S. Jones G. Lackey L. E. LANE ' i " R. ' . LOVINGGOOD L. B. Mann F. R. Meredith JUDSON MlI.AM J. R. Mitch UM Sims Mcmford J. E. Xash C. L. Xiehoff W. E. Owens G. X. P.4GE B. L. Palmer R. E. Parks R. M. Payne W. S. Peabod C. S. Peete E. H. Peyton John Phillips V. W. Poland R. L. Reeves M. D. Re ' sboi.d Robert Thwaite .A. F. Roberts I). J. Whitney T. P. Roberts R. E. Vilkfs C. A. Smithgall M. J. Wilson H. A. Stubbins J. P. Woods V. W. Taylor D. K. Yolng J. R. Thompson ■n M 3- ' Ji- ■( ■ fW. OTI ' S ' .l f t » m m Pai;e One Huudntl and Foitjf -three r 1? r N " ' w CA7MPU S T T ERE we see the stadiums both foot- ball and baseball. E.l Hamm starting off the fu- ture track stars. The Ramblin ' Wre k well known to the " Y " boys. Coach Clay and down be- low two of his proteges. The hospital is shown in the lower center and Mrs. Bean. ' ■ lltoV .. . .,,.ju.. ' .i,y K c i, ;0: 1 It ' -iJI ' l w s ' Wfe ; ' rs. i S .1 -i- v, DEAlJT[fi:S (lM iss Helen Smith ■SEm r " -! -T7;T. ' -- - :. fr-rtTTx-n rnr-Trr: ; ' i_j_v T v■ ■ ,; ■ . ! ; C -Vsi ' T ' ' , ■ TTTnmiTmnmr ,. " ' :)nnniin(ii7iiTTTr ' (t Ciss J uisa Qandier a J-::Z iis-: : :i± :r-U.L -. I - Mh !.ii:;!i: i Mr-iiS:i 4 li: » ,.i.. ' i:: ■I 7 - ;■ ' ' SMf I :M c Iia.ulJiM l 1l ll ' !;n i [ll l lai;i;]l;iai [mlJl;K Ciss A( r{i QJancy SJ! 11 K s, - TuT.T,T7il7i.TriTrf,rT;iji-,uiTTiiii;inmi|lluiill;,ui;i v :: Ciss Jo Beth -Epperson - " ■ " • ' ' ■ ' ' ■•-V ' ' j iia jgar a " .g£o ' ' Vj-- ' ,iS- £l :i Ii,fai ft ' . i viivr - ' viNgv. ' -:! ' .. mr- ' - Wf m. • ■ ' TnTr TTr TjTrrfTTiJ i rriTi rTrf r cJ r jj Cargaret " Voiudexter ,_,- - , , -_. -.,. 1 (J jj Josephine Qrazvford 1 ftlW L ' ' . ' « ,J.M- Wtliw fn .- ■nn.,rij.-ii-.n..i.|i...r,,.riv|.-..,,.,j..n.|-. v. mm ri-i. ' !.,.■. i.»i.|, iitf H " J Ciss Cargaret £Irod ?■ " ' .IT " ' ■ " .;.;:! I?n -li II . ; - ' lilllllllllll;lJ|,llllnllllllmt 1lllllllllllllllllU lklllllml«llllllMlm»lmTlmwm i im lll!lllillll Hl ,HTr (iss Jane Kifig r :: i ' . ' ;irT| " , ' :7-;--,ir Tvr- riTTrrr.mijmmm rrrTm ■■ ' ' i : ■M7)VT rfl ri ' Ulfo £ . i 1 ! r ■ Gss JMllie Sacha ' .rrrrz: rrrrrrnTTTTTTTn ' r pr-r! ™T fiTT- t [ " VTTrTi; T p fyi ! . ' fy C ¥ T ' iTX ' ' ' i ' ' -f ' ' ■ - ' ' TT ' ' I f l ' f- [ ,,■ Xj r- ' : P [?jg!iri!?fyr rT r i rn? ' i ' ? ' ' i ' Ciss Virginia T eaver -r rrr . — r— r- ' : J ' J- - . " : ■!. i.: ' ' - - " -v " ,gr! ' Vt; :: ' .: V ' rs- L: -i ll.ll,!.llll■j,:i rlm lJ,.Nl l,llJ lMlllliJJl.ll.ll ll| ti.ll Ll;: .v llll|l!!l.Ml. !Kll Jl l - ITl Mlu|]unWII. III I,l;l l li ' .inil. » i ,MIOTI II II, i njl,l ' l! ,.. i . i );M I I|i| l ililMinin, , ! Ill ll ! I J|[ l ll .l.l, |I .JL.l l . . l .L I ..I,l l lUli!l l l Ciss Qciroline Qole " li :r EnssHEntf , ,__ ._ -, . „- : - J j Scira cQassiter ■■: -r_r-. ■: - " -- ' . " V: i | «[ ■l llPlT ll ll ll | .il ml hl ll l ll il ll l | | li l l ;l i i.lMl■ ll .v- nll l ' lH !l l■ ' l Jlll ln l| | ]illll IiJll|| | p l l l,J |l m lr Ml lll u].,!. " | | l i l Jl l ll l ul ■■ ) r , , :ij .M M !0MM! k WIWW If . = ,- FRATERNfriE-S DSFRINT ::193 rf ' r g S J3i g %. m %1 M y : E I il Litcrfru t entity ' Qoiincil f !l| )j f .. : ftjLft | ] t i ir ? . [i ff |.. i lff. l jflJ]Mffl) i r ) l) | lffl tB lffl ) ft,, ff il n% | l ffl | lffl ( ff M ff| . ff u H iV J A j»b;lS iimi i li y t H«i ' l ' i» ' ' iW » i a » - W!il tjgil ff ' ' ! » i " " " i ' ' ll ' I " " ' " ' ' i ' CA ' ' OFFICERS kV Harold Faisst James Frink . . . . ' iCTOR Little . WiLLLAM Terrell Dean FLino Fraternity Alpha Tail Oine a Sigma Alpha Epsilon Kappa Sigriui Sigma u Kappa Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Chi Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon Pi Kappa Phi Beta Theta Pi Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tail Delta Sigma Chi Phi Sigma kappa Theta Chi Chi Psi Phi Gamma Delta Beta Kappa Phi Kappa Tan Phi Epsilon Pi Tail Epsilon Phi Field .MEMBERS Senior Representative Ward Grantham James Frink William Terrell Harold Faisst Shi Good« ' ne William Tate Charles Fortson ' iCTOR Little John Lambert Halbert Law Cecil Hefner Frank Nichols B. M Irvin Allen Evans iLLiAM Ueitsch Charles Witmer Jack Hall James R. Thompson Littleton Daniel J. R. Hicks Edwin Hanna Sidney Goldin H. G. Haskell President ice-President Secretary Treasurer Facility Advisor J unior Representative Newman Corker Tom Jones Reverdy Clark Douglas Graydon Flemming Cooper Pierce Latimer Norton Frierson Harrell Asbury Edward Hopkins James Coleman Cleve Allen Earle Dlnlap William Herrin Sidney Williams Samuel Colvin John McGaughey John Bass John Preston Lero Daniel J. A. Arnold Hubert Lesley Harold Kaplan Samuel Goldberg ■ [li :i- ' -i! - Pane One Iliiniln ! tint! Eiffhty-une Iphii Tail Omega Founded 1865 Beta Iota Chapter Installed 1S88 James L. Carnes J. Homer Christian Phiiip D. Dextox Kerxwood C. Browx Newmax Corker Edward P. Davis James Y. Adams Eric B. Barton- Charles B. Caperton Elgexe M. Clary- Edward S. Crouch Walter E. Hodges Emmett B. Adams Billie Boult Paschoe !M. Bowman William G. Cowan Eugene L. Daniels acidir SENIORS Ward H. Grantham Enoch P. Jones JUNIORS W. Hudson Edwards Augustus P. Persons John Reid C. Rockwell Rowe SOPHOMORES D ' Ansox Isely WlLLIAM W. JaRRELL John C. AIaddox John W. Merry Clayton- W " . Moore FRESHMEN Jack W. Eakin Joseph M. Edwards D. Henry Green Carl E. Helfrich Eraxklix C. Joxes s I ' , 1% James E. Tigxer Arthur L. V anHouten Edmund E. " ' kargen ' ■ ' ilbourn a. Wea £R William S. Wilkinson Victor B. Yeargen Alvah J. Nelson L Rogers Parker Chester A. Ryals Julian W. Weltch Henry G. Young William Dorsey Charles A. Mohley Robert E. Robertson Harold G. Singleton Jack K. Smith L. Thomas Pattillo ' . r ( ()«r Ihlllihitl llll ' l IHi llilltlt ml m ' zAlplhi Tciu Omega ei! ■ -,-««■ f r ' iii li iili;. ; . kkd ' ' M First Row Dextox, Grantham, Christian-, Carnes. E. P. Jones. E. L. Veari.ex, Tigner Second Ro-iC RvALS, Moure, Weaver, Nelsox, Davis, Corker, Brown Tliird Rozv Hodges, Merry, Ci.ary, Iselv, Jarrei.l, Edwariis, Persons Fourth Row Pattillo, Robertson, Bowman, J. W. Adams, Young, Weltch, Madijox Fifth Roiv Smith, Green, Eakin, Boult, Crouch, Barton, Dorsey Sixth Ro-v E. B. Adams, Cowax, Daxiel. Helfrich, Sixci.etox, F. C. Jones, Muhley kl l ' ii ;€ Our lliiiidn ! tunl Eiii}i t ij three SIgi ni Alphii E ' psiloii -v!» Georjiia Phi Chapter ffi nir ' .; ' iiff M f i um iiff Ai i ) ffi i i Hjnm ffi i i w ii " m i i i t ' ' i ' ii ' JUPJ ' ' ' Founded 1856 Installed iS L ' nARLLS R. Brumby James R. Frink John H. Hudspeth James O. Brooke HuXTER T. Baird James T. Chafee William L. Cook Paul L. Dorn Harr - DuPre Alfred Eldriuge George N. Edwards IvAX Allex Sanders Camp Robert Chambers SENIORS Paul W. Joxes ' S - Clarexce McKey Fraxk H. AEaier JUXIORS William N. Dulaxey Roland Fitch Jack E. Griggs William Holland Thomas G. Jones SOPHOMORES Isaac L. Farmer Jack F. Glexx Truman Holland Stewart McGixty FRESHMEN Robert L. Da ' is Donald L. Elliott Ted E. McClain Sims Mumford L. Warner .Mizell Leonard Schaeffer Bryant Shelnutt ; Fr.ank C. Martin George L. Maree J. Livingston Newton James Tipton John Winn John Pickett Ralph Read Randolph Wilkerson John Piucock Leon South erlanb Charles Wagner i 7 ' Myi 1)111 Iliiiiilnil mill Hiiilitii fiiiir -asa I rt ' ISl Sigma Alpfht Cps loN it g = :1 ?l( •Si - 1- N P. W. Jones. Shelnut, Bri-mhv, Maier, Frink, IcKev, L. B. Schaefer Second Rozc Griggs, Dorx, Brooke, T. G. Joxes. Hudsi ' Eth, V. Holland, Dulanev Third Rine Newton, Chafee, Winn. Bairu. Ccwk, Fitch Fourth Ro ' i i Martin, Pickett. Glenn. Dupree, T. E. Holland. Tipton. Read Fifth Ro-.i ' McClain. Camp, McGintv, Elliott, Wilkerson, Edwards, Eldridge Sixth Rozv Allen, Davis, Pidcock, Southerland, JMumford, Cha.mbers, Wagner ' «! (• line Hinulriil ami f.inlitii fin- ■ iwimiTin»iti -ii ■n» Tl)W»im l)UJlP°°?y Kappa Sigma J __ l fti l lj t lia i i» lil»iiffl il ) ll B«B ili r i .fc 1 »j3»m ii t t ;ir iiff .Jl i«ilBi j l? n»» l i ll liiT u iWiiffi ' lTli ' B n t t» — d;T;;ir7TTrll«limr»)JI l«lnl «Jta ' «lii»ii«illTIII«llBlll Alpha Tail Chapter Founded 1869 Installed 1885 Thomas L. Becknell Daniel N. Guy Reverdy E. Clark John C. Dorsey Henry F. Hopkins Joseph H. Maston Richard H. Dowling John R. Hackett John P. Ingle John H. Lewis SENIORS Claude ' . House JUNIORS James W. McKee Horace N. Merr SOPHOMORES John A. Merry Andrew j. AIoye Todd H. Neel Dan Neel Cozart C. Smith William E. Rudolph William S. Terrell James E. Minter Aaron L. Taylor Herbert S. Thomas J. Preston Waldrop Marvin T. Smith Robert E. Strickland James S. Tabb James L. White Robert E. Dart Hampton N. Forester Alfred A. Hardeman Harwell Q. Heath Carl S. Ingle FRESHMEN William D. Johnston James N. Meason Jackson F. Palmer Ernest M. Pope John R. San ford Jack W. Slaton Jack A. Spivey Charles E. Thwaite James D. Tillman Willard J. Turnbull Vernon R. White fn li IliK lIuniliKl inid l:iiihl " _=____ % l " ? s V IQii ppci Sig ihi • »- e r,. r f .- f f Top Roil ' Guy, Becknell, Clark. Walprop. Terrell, McKee. Hovse Second Roii. ' Hopkins, Mixter, Strickland, J. P. Ixgle, Smith, Taylor Third Rozi. ' Hackett, Moye. J. L. White, Lewis, H. Ierky, Dowling Fourth Rou ' Sanford, Pal mer, Thomas, Slaton, Spivey, Tillman, Meason Fifth Ro-c, ' Johnston, Heath, Hardeman, Turnblll, Pope, C. S. Ingle, Forester ' .i ' I tei 1-0-1 ■A ■I Pa( € One Hunih-rd und Eii htif-sevtn . ' Ha ia mii i mTmi-onniTmmiuuriri i nwr- - Signni JA( l l ; l l « l J lH.l llB ,ftll ; ll l,lHl,lll | l, , Gamma Alplia Cliaptei Founded i86g Installed i. R()bi;rt M. Austin Hunter L. Bickham R. Tate Bow en William A. Edwards Harold A. Faisst William O. Ball Crk;hton C Calloway Roy M. Carter Arthur W. Baldwin Henr ' W. Bland Richard M. Br- ant Arthur G. Coffin Andrew G. Combs John Bale H. Peter Buckley W. Ike English William Hogsed Joseph Houston Thomas B. Hudcins SENIORS John C. Howell Lee B. Mann Robert C. Mathes John S. Maxwell F. Raymond Meredith JUNIORS Jack J. Cubbedge Samuel C. Minnich Bowdon Palmer SOPHOMORES John J. Cunningham H. R. Dichtenmueller Douglas Graydon Alfred R. Kennickell Charles A. LaForge FRESHMEN H. McH ' enry Jackson Edwin J. Landrey J. Edward Little John H. IcArthlr John Mulhern Corbin Neblett Sidney Penny J. Patton Nai ' ier Robert D. Read William H. Rusk Louis F. Schaefer Wilbur W. Woodcock William L. Randol JOHN Phillips George Wilcox Henry A. ALattox William L. Pippin Joe W. Roberts James C. Sproull George L. Stallings Ford E. Pratt Robert Price Glenn Sims William Shields Homer Stalnaker William Towery ■ A fNjr ly ■n Pil; i (III, Ihiihhiit (inil KiiiUtu-iiilht 3 A l-irsi A ' ,i;. ' iowEx, Faisst, Maxwell, Napier, Howell, Austix, Edwards Second Rozi. ' Read, Meredith, M athes, Bickham, Schaeffer, Manx, RrsK Third Roxv Raxdal, Ball, Callawav, Woodcoik, Carter, Ci ' iiHEDc.K fourth Row Bland, Baldwix, Wilcox, Phillips, Min ' xich, Palmer Fifth Rozi ' Mattox, CiiFFix, LaFurce, Deichtexmueller, CrxxixGHAM, Grandox Sixth Rozt ' PippEx, Stallix(;s, Kennickell, Roberts, Sproul, English Seventh Ro ' 4.i Bale, Buckley, Hogsed, Neblett, Mulherx, Price, Jackson Eighth Row Sims. Towerv, McArthcr, Hocston, Stalnaker, Pr. tt, Shields J ' li li l)nr liuintii,! iiinl i:ii}htii - S!J .hi m Kgppa Jllplhi if?of:;.„f ' ' h l ■ ' | | | |J l lB l l «llHllffl ll D l1 »B ll ' n «l u lt J]Jm. l 1 llH l»l. Jl l«l J Blllfllffil.l) l« _p l l l ll lfll lm; ff|l Bili i fflk CT7 lll|| m r l ll ll W llU ' l llBll «» |f ll l l f Vll Wll J l ' ■ " « " " ' ' ' ' " ' ' " " " ' " ' ' Founded 1865 Alpha Siiima Chapter Installed 1899 Shi G. Goodwyne S. Walton Peabodv SENIORS T. Malcolm Price John D. Rather Paul M. Sheake Robert G. Bahrt Gordon C. Carson AI. Fleming Cooper William R. Crudup JUNIORS Robert H. Doyle Myles W. Fletcher Jerry Goldsmith E. Clyde Kelly Raymond H. Lester E. Alton Rogers Donaldson P. Tillar AIaurice J. Wilson jMilTON E. V00LRIDGE Paul D. Boring S. Arnold Bradford Jules D. Campbell SOPHOMORES Pleasant B. Patterson John S. Phillips Ben C. Smith Edward C. Solomon Robert K. Thompson Tames R. Wilkes George Atkins Jack Bell Braxton Blalock Henry W. Dean Vance Dement FRESHMEN Fred Fletcher Homer Hannah Adolph Mangels Mark Munroe Lee Neel William AL Robertson W. Rogers Starr Wheeler H. Tolbert Harry Wieler k ' «( ( Onx Huiitliiti fiinl itnti 4T:;-:193 ' i ■ •Sf ; r- - cG,:-?r?r- b- m r ' i J m m K ppii yllphii Top Row GOODWVXE, Sr ' EAKE, RoGEK . M. V. FLETCHER. PrICE, RaTHER, SoLOMAX Sc ' cond Roiv Doyle, Cooper. Campbell, Tiller, Carsox, Bahrt Third Ro ' ., ' Wilkes, Borixg, Bradford. Pattersox. Woolpridce. Thompson Fourth Rou ' ToLBERT, Starr, Muxroe, Xeel. Bell, Atkixs Fifth Ro ' cv Blalock, Maxgels, Hannah, F. E. Fletcher, De.mext, Robertsox j-GV fsi I O I ., . I 1 „ - i ' O ■■ mi ■m if i Paifc (fiu Htiii ' liKl find Sint t!f-onc Phi Dcltci Thctii Geor.L ia Delta Chapter Fouiuknl lt?48 William W. H ker H. Wu.LLA.M Beers, Jr. James R. Brown- Leslie W. Dallis Tho-Mas H. Hall. Jr. Malcolm D. Earley Edward D. Herron Talbot M. Barnhill Clark W. Bearden G. A. Breightexbucher Jack Coxniff Frank K. Hall W. Heard Ballard John Corn Gecrge W. Cornell Lawrence L. Edge Warren E. Hall, Jr. Installed 1902 SENI(3RS TH0 LAS Harmon Jacob L Heard Jack C. Jetton Jack C. Knight Horrance a. Mitchell JUXIORS Scott Hudson, Jr. Jack R. Holmes Pierce B. Latimer SOPHOMORES RiCH.ARD L. Jones JuDSON J. AIlLAM Jack T. Mitchell Russell McKinney Wilbur Oakes, Jr. Scott A. Ritter FRESHMEN Lewis Houser B. Paxon Hunt James McCook James B. McGinnis James E. Nash William Owens William A. Muse RoRiN C. Paul AL RTIN L. SlBERT William B. Tate Donald W. ager John F. ] Lagill Holly W. Sphar Winston E. Snodgrass Leslie Strong W. Jesse Watson Allison White Charles R. Wilson William Pate M. Tharpe Sanders William D. Stokes Leo Sudderth Russell West --Nil I VM 4 Vll N p: %: -. I ' lifir Our Ihimhttf mni Mnrt; turi ;r . PPI JT i f- [i.o.;1 13 H . ' t if ■ok I i-l " Phi " Delta Thcta |-¥! to- il ■l:- ' ;. To ) i?ow Baker, Harmux. Brdwx, T. H. Haij_, Sibert, MfsE, Heard Second A ' tnc Jetton, Beers, H. A. Mitchell, Pail, Tate, Sphak, Macill Thh-d Rozv Latimer, W ' ilshx, Early, Stroxc, Holmes, Barxhill Fourth Row White, Ritter, Oaks, McKixxey, Coxxife, F. K. Hall, Watson Fifth 7?o ' cC ' R. L. Joxes, Milam, J. T. Mitchell, Sanders, J. C. King, Owexs, McGixxis Si.vth Kozi! Cornell, Sudpertii, Stokes, Ballard, Corx, Pate, McIver V yr Our ll inili il tiiul iik :u tin a T hi K pp f Sigma . _ i « u« ii » i,fTi M a i i1 ) ir ff ii«i i t|],m i. Tn l l . l ll. iB i«iia. i lT. i i1 l ii %i | )_ liTi r ffi i:lB|iB i l i Ji V Al[ili;i Nu Cliapter ifl liHi .f.- ' Founded 1850 Installed 1904 Karl H. Anderson Thomas M. Ei.dridge SENIORS Nathan A. Holman Albert G. Novella Henry E. Novella Frank E. Stevenson Robert W. Branham Joe S. Fanning JUNIORS John C. Feltham Percy M. Feltham Charles W. Fortson WiLLLAM R. Henry Halbert McKixne -, Jr. Charles J. Creager Archibald S. Derby Norton Frierson Claude F. Fumbanks SOPHOMORES James P. Hammond Richard 1). Kimball Edwvri) S. Mathes Frank A. Mathes John J ' . Persse Parker C. Terry Russell K. Whaley m Joseph A. Campbell William J. Evans FRESHMEN William J. Gnann Fletcher R. Hobbs William H. Holmes David S. Perkins George F. Strother ' " i ' I ' liiir (liii- lliiinlnil tnul iii lii fiiiir Vhi Kii ppci Sigma Pi-. ■ V (5. t W A. G. XOVELLA, AXDERSOX. HoLMAX, FaXXIXG. E. C. XoVEI.LA Second Rnz . ' P. M. Feltham. Hexrv. J. C. Feltham, F. A. Mathes Third R m Persse, Whalev. Terry, Kimball Fourth Rozi ' Derby, E. S. Mathes, Creager, Strother Fifth Ro ' c GxAXX. HOLMFS, FfMBAXKS, HoBBS, CaMPBELL i- l Page One Hundred anil inrlii-iii, ii " i ii « ii» u iTi % iff j l PimffA i i T iJ m ii r i jB ,f li iBi iBiif | iii;.i B iift ii t iilfil i ftiin , iB|ia l l!i .y» . ffi i iffiTl i ff n ift nm i ffi i i ftiiff i i ' i rt iiffiii Hjg ) i iffi ff ' im MH iii ii imjft ' i W ii nqj P " ' - Alpha Delta Chapter S 1 i= .- .y Founded 1868 Installed 1904 ii James H. Ashurv George D. Coffee J. Harris Hoi.i.owa ' S ' SENIORS Thaddeus S. Johxstox J. William Leigh J. Victor Little j Lax a. Morrisox Bernard W. Ernest W. Holmes i- C. Harrell Asbury Wesley W. Brixsgn Hurst A. Lefferts JUNIORS Frank N. ALagill LfiRin ' V. LuDwiG Joseph E. Norton ' iviax F. Pierron Allex L O ' Neal LuDox ' ic E. Bercegea ' s ' Seaborn J. Bell Benjamin W. Burton- Fred Chalmers Spencer L. Cowan Robert L. Crooks George S. Haley SOPHOMORES John H. Hines FRESHMEN Arthur E. Harrod Donald E. Hawkins Clarexce H. Hudgixs Eugene T. Joxes Reed S. Kehler Edwix ] L Lively Axgel Perez William G. Raines Charles C. Schell Fred J. Walter Wexdell O. Westbrook William W. Whittaker I o %t fSWtl LL., us i I ' tiiif (liii IlKinhiil iiiiil Mm III six L - ;...-r i iti f r-: 19 3 6 " yfe k P ' Kii ppLi Alphi Tof Rou- AsBURV, Sl ' ttler, Little, Leigh, Morrisox, Coffee Second Row LvDuiG, Lefferts, Norton, Bercegeay, Lively Thin! Rozc ' Macall, Brinsox, Cowax, Crooks, Harrod Fourth Ro i ' Walter, Chalmers, Bell, Hawkixs. Westbrook Fifth Ro ' M ScHELL, Raines, Burtox, Perez, Kehler, Jones Pans One Hundred and Xinctynrvcn u (lii -Phi Founded l8_ 4 HE ■R • H. Cabaxiss John P. Campbell Lambert H. Holloway Albert S. Adams W. Shelby Coffee SENIORS Hirbert O. JkffRies JUNIORS Charles E. Hopkins Henr ' S. Johnson Installed 1904 John J. Lambert James F. Perkhrson Charles P. Taylor Willlam Nightingale John Sancken AD- (f IP- Dan B. Alexander Jack H. Boston- Charles J. Goodwin Jack Adair James Branch Earl Cone SOPHOMORES Willis R. Greer Ger.ald J ' . Jernigan FRESHMEN Schuyler Clarke James Franklin Tom Holland Julian H. Kelly Joe K. McCutch eon- Fritz Wagener Charles Lipham James Rhett ( ' rme c. robbins I ' ligc Oiii- Uiiiiiliiil nihl Mm III rii lit Qhi -Phi . ' ...a First Roic Campbell, Lambert, Taylor, Jeffries, Holloway Second Roii. ' Perkerso.v, Xightixgale. Hopkins. Coffee Third Rozc GooDWYNE, BosTox, Adams, Johxsox, Greer Fourth Rozc Kelly, Wacxer, Alexaxder, McCutchen, Adair Fifth Rozc Rhett, Robbixs, Coxe. Lipham, Clarke ' - ' « o»r iiumlred and yiwe i -ni ie Founded igoi Installed 1907 William Greex Nathax Greene Howard Griffith SENIORS Neil Lassiter Halbert Law Frank Nelson John Pritchard Myron Underwood James Coleman James Crawford James Dawson- James Anthony Jake Earnhardt William F ' nglish JUNIORS Carl Harrison SOPHOMORES Edward Foxhall Edward Norman Edward Hatcher William Lanier Graham Smith Edgar Patton George Stockton John ' V ' arbrough Tom Biggs Walter Chamberl.aln T. J. Elmore Calvin Epting FRESHMEN Wendell Harrison William Meredith Earl (Oakley Neil Pascoe Foster Paschal James Stringer Alex Windsor Sigmii T hi tpsilofi Gcortria Alpha Chapter -J ; ; ' " ' H-) CA; i- l I ' lii e Tiro lliin flicil T:r print::-: 19 3 ITcr ' -IS iA Sigma Tr hi Epsilou i- i !- ' [ ■£ m I : ' [ ' Row N. J. Gkeexe, Nei-sdn, Law, Lassiter. Undehwiiod, Pritchahh Second Row W, J. (iuEEN, (JKiFFrrii. Laniek, Hatcher, Coleman Third Row Stockton-, Foxhall, Dawson, Vari;i oi ch, Crawford J-onrth Row XoRMAN, Barnhariit, Patton. Mereiiith, Ei ' TiNC, Biggs Fifth Row WlNDSOK, Pascoe, Anthony, Elmore, Harrison, Chamiierlain f. Pane Tiro Hunilnit oml One ■i Ti KliPP i T f i Founded 1904 Installed 1913 Cecil M. Hefner Parxei.l M. Paiford J. Cleveland Allen L. Hunter Ellis Rex a. Gephart James A. Bvars Edwin E. Camp Carlton D. Daugherty Arnland B. Alexander Harry Brown Whit H. Ulrden Herbert P. Haley Greenwood Henson William H. Newton SENIORS Malcolm Reyboi.d Robert L. Reeves JUNIORS Hugh A. (jRoves George D. Little SOPHOMORES Robert J. McCamy Steven O. Shinholser William A. Jones John R. Mitchell FRESHMEN Thomas R. Nicholson George W. Page George Patridge John E. Perkins Mike Smith ' lRGIL T. StALLINGS Glover H. Robinson James M. Sewell Barnard B. Lewis Charles M. Thompson William R. Walker James Walmy Frank J. Whitley Charles F. Wilkinson Benjamin Thompson Colon O. Trest Cecil B. Veazy Carl M. Vick Lawrence Walker Lloyd K. Williams w ■(.4 m I ' lii i ' ' I ' ll ' " llmiilitil iiinl 7 no S ' i ifci y Kii,ppii ' Plii ,,, z - ij MkMiki Tot A ' ,)u- Chambeklaix. Pafford, Hefxer, Sewei.l, Reeves, REvnoi.n. Robixson Second Rmc Groves, Gephart, Lewis, Little, Thompsox, W. R. Walker riuni Row Walmv, Mitchell, Ellis, Allex. Shixholser, McCamy Fourtli Ro ' iC Camp, Byars, Wilkixsox, Whitley, Williams, Page fifth Rozu Haley, Nicholsox, Stallixgs, . lexaxder, Newtox, Duriiex, L. Walker O-pi l- :i I " C I ' uye Tui, niniflml mid ' Hint h ' i cs " Betel T lctcl Pi Gamma Eta Chapter Founded icS rj Installed 1917 kqbE J. Vax Allex C. Ware Fitzgerald Robert D. Frederick SENIORS f DWARD B. HaMM Angus J. Heeke Aubrey A. Hobbs Todd Luxsford Frank D. Nichols Harold E. Russell Fred S. Stephenson X ' iRGiL AL Albert Bernarde E. Anderson Alexander W. Bell C. Pratt Brown- Robert L. Black G. Freeman Fly JUNIORS Earl ( ). Dunlap Benjamin T. Embry James B. Gray SOPHOMORES L. Dana Gibson- Fred F. Lester Ben T. Smith Ray C Isaacs William J. McKee John L. Quinn T. Peyton Roberts Thomas H. Wells Edward W. ' ' ates ' M Washington M. Bennett Henry B. Burks Robert H. Burns Russell O. Cummings G. Eaton Edmundson FRESHMEN J ERE V. Gates Wii.LLVM H. Gibbons Vernon L. Jackson John R. Kneale J. Ernest Mundy Vincent T. Newso.m Pat M. Stevens Hugh A. Stubbins Thomas F. Tooker wm :t ■ ■ i niinirircm.iiin 1 rmr i! T -■ " ■ ' Patjc TiVfi Ifiiiulrril and Fow ft : fRlMT •:193 - s;-6 , o .■ (D,:, f i; ., -i Betel Thcta " Pi m i) t 1 - ■ 1 1 i i 3 7 ' ' ■- i = Frederick, Lunsford, Russell, Allen, Heeke, Xilhuls, Fitzgerald Second Roic Bell, Duxlap, Hamm, Stephenson, Hodbs, Roberts, Anderson Third ?on. ' McKee, Isaacs, Brown, Wells, Grav, Embry Fourth Row Lester, Smith, Bi.aik. Bennett, Fly, Albert, Vates Fifth Rozv CuMMiNcs, Stevens, Gates, Mundy, Tooker, Gibbons, Jackson Sixth Row Fdmlndson, Newsome, Gibson, Burns, Kneale, Stubbins, Burks ■«a Page Tuo Huinhcil ami five ' Bcltii Sigma " Phi j . » ' l l ii B i i i j »iiBiii Bi iii : » j i ff i i »i i » j» i n iii i i i Bii« iiBi j Wi jm iffi ' i i ii t iiffi i ifi « Bi i Bi imi J it ,;; Delta Gamma Chapter 5 Founded 1899 James C. Fincher Lhland E. Hatcher Thomas W. Anderson James A. Clark Samuel F. Fritz Frank Hargrove Glenn W. Chambers A. Claude Daniel Henry H. Etter Reyman E. Boner Carl G. Cailloux J. Thomas Cain Benjamin T. Cherry W. Richard Dobbins Thomas J. Doughman Louis E. Dowman Thomas N. Estes SENIORS .Marion Hodge Branch M. Erxin JUNIORS George F. Jerren Charles J. Hoffmann Ernest J. Irwin Calvert G. Jenkins SOPHOMORES James C. Herren John B. O ' Neal FRESHMEN James D. Fluker Laurence A. Gause Jasper W. Hart Robert L. Hood Lawrence P. Jacobs James B. Jones Clement D. LeHardv J. Roy McArthur Lawrence Fanning Installed 1920 C. Lynn Strickland Ken. C. Thomas William T. Lvford Frank Peake James L. Russ Fred L. Ward James C. Roberts Ernest H. Slllivan Rai.i ' h G. Tho.mason John . Miller Clarence S. Northrop Har ey W. Oliver Charles P. Peete Charles P. Roberts Leonard AL Thompson ALarion a. Truslow Gordon R. White I Vixtjv ' I ' litt Hinuhtd and Six ' Delta Sigma " Phi a C Fi i- ' i Top Row FiNCHER, Thomas, Hatcher, Irvin, Hodge, Irwin Second Row Russ, Anderson, Clark, Hargrove, Herrin, Fritz Third Rozo Ward, O ' Neal, Jenkins, Sullivan, Lvfqrd, Daniel Fourth Row Herren, Thomason, Roberts, Chambers, Thompson, Doughman Fifth Row ' White, Peete, LeHardv, Hood, James, Fluker Sixth Row Jones, Gauss, NoRiHuor, Dowman, Miller, Calloux, Estes Pai e Tiio liitiolntl ami Scrcn I r i m 5 . ' n fll » J l lff|i i ffli i iiftr n ff » ff M llff|iff l i i lT | fl i ' 1 i ff ' ffi iffii »|iff ' FffiF i ' ft i i Qj ff l lffl H ff M ffi . |f ' |iWi ff v : n iim it ijm iii« (» ' ai.»N ir " W »i T »» ' »i« W ii i ff ' " ' " " " " " " ' " ' " ' " " ' ' ' Founded 1859 (jamma I ' si Cliapter Installed 1 921 m Edgar R. Blount AxDREW A. Hltchinson E. Graham McDonald Henry I. Neely Shalt L. Coker G. McChesney Cowan Allen O. Evans Emory H. Fordham Jack Belsinger James L. Dawson E. McIver Evans James W. Griffith William A. Horne Charles W. Bell Charles D. Burgess Edward H. Culpepper Walter M. Davis Albert E. Pant SENIORS Sanforij H. Richards A. Frederic Roberts JUXIORS William E. Hawkins Robert J. Powell SOPHOMORES T. Jarmon McCown William D. Miller Jack McD. Preacher FRESHMEN George S. Kilner Robert B. McNeill Weldon M. Rogers James R. Tanner Franklin L. Sacha J ' . Joseph Westbrook W. Ansel Talbert W. Terrell Wiggins William C. Shutts F. Ble tn Thompson James C. Thompson Randolph Whitfield Whitlow B. Wallace A. Gordon Wells Sharon H. Williams Sydney A. Williams Ji:romi-: H. Woods John H. Tebbe Benjamin Van Dolsen Jack Virgin B. Pressley Walker G. Ishmael Williams m % f O)- n m { vn m I ' llijc Tun IfiilKlriil iiUil EiilUt i r D □ I J, i- . ' . m (0 ' S ' ' Delta Tail Delt a Top Roii Roberts, Westbrook, Hutchinsox, Neely, Sacha, McDoxald, Richards Second Ro Li ' Elount, Powell, Wiggins, J. C. Thompson, F. B. Thompson, Whitfielp, Talbert Third Roic Hawkins, Griffith, Fordham, S. H. Williams, E. M. Evans, A. O. Evans, Cowan Fourth Roiu Horne, Miller. Wcmns. Wallace, McCovvn, A. S. Williams, Wells Fifth Row McNeill, Rogers, Teebe, Fant, Culpepper, G. I. Williams, Dolsen Sixth Row KiLNER, Bi-RGESS, Cell, Davis. Tannfr, Vircin, Walker % 1h m 9; ■(o[ " in; JtUmDJIIjlDji ::. ' TIIIt l a jr. Iico Hundred and .Sinti Sigmci Qhi ' l ll li iBi i « i i «iiBi . il),ifti ift rl ff iiff « it | i i»M B i lfli H i iB ill n B N lTirl«i.B »H i l»l l iB il Bil i niiH n ii a V, nT niimi f t i ri » t»i iWi) »ii» n «iiffiii ii Wiii n ff» i «ii " ' iii ' ' i " ' ' ii t riffllfllJLlSjffli- ' Ui-t;i I ' si Cliapter Founded iSss Installed 1923 Robert A. Anderson Howell A. Br ansford WiLLLA.M H. DiETSCH Alexander H. Beasley Gordon C. Campbell Louis R. Brine Arry L. Brown J. Edward Fain C. Nelson Gray William Baker Gentry Be.mis George Bowling Harold Davis Jesse Davis Fr-ank Etheridge Neville Everett SENIORS Charles B. King JUNIORS Mechlin H. Clark. Samuel W. Colvin SOPHOMORES Theodore D. Lampton Job J. Mills FRESHMEN William Keheley Hugh Lessesne Virgil Morton Fred Perkerson William Pointer William L. Oluer Benjamin H. Sloan Alfred W. Sturgis Brannon B. Lessesne Daniel A. McKeever Barry Moseley William E. Preston Thomas R. Sanders Carter M. Turner Hubert Polk Ray Ramey Charles Southern Harry Stover Sloan . Stribling Richard " oorhis Edward Wooten % M I (Yy II ' . •■: • i n 7 " M m Vniji ' Tin, Uinulnd anti Ten T : PRIS ' T :193 ' TfS? ™ ;cj-?r r f ' XJ Sigma Qhi . •i 3 ' . a » a DiETSCH, Stlrgis. Bransford, Axdersox. Oliver. Sloane Second Row Turner, Faix, McKeever. Clark, Mills, Grey Third Rov H. Davis, Mosely, Lamptox, Browx, Polk Fourth Roic Brixe, Bollixc, H. Lesesxe, Bemis, Striblixg nfth Rozi ' J. Davis, Ramev, Perkersox, Stover, Saxders ItcHi Page Tiro Hundred and Eleven T hi Sigma K pp i ir, i i i l l i t i i « i i «iiffiiBi i i B, i T . »r ii« ' i i ii i iti t m i. T . i i i ,in iiB ii M n N it. i ii i i.i i i t iffiiB,iii)i,iBiiiiiii | | ffllft| lJ lft1 l |ft Hl!llffi | | ff|| ff || ft[ | ffll ' lWlll H ffl | ff||fl|| nu lflll ft Fl m[l ll _ g l ml ! Kappa Deuteron Cliapto Founded 1873 J. Raymond Brosxan William F. Cummins Ralph L. Heard Ra ' mond C. Luna Kent E. Mack J. Hatten Howard Howard B. L ' Heureux Brittain W. Lukens Fred W. Bull Wilbur .M. DeLoach Clinton S. Ezell Robert L. Getzen Ernest Fuller Howard M. Dunn Albert E. Durie Charles P. Evans Joseph L. Fincher SENIORS Thomas C. M alone B. Daniel Fritchett W. Lawrence Quinlen Thornwell L. Ramsey JUNIORS John E. IVIcGaughey AL ' rion E. Patterson SOPHOMORES William L Grigsby Allen A. aLathews Leon C. Mitch um James B. Nicholson William S. Pullen FRESHMEN Barnard (joedeker Earl W. Gunn Installed 1923 Linton C. Reynolds Albert H. Schwenke William R. Taylor Isaac W. Williamson Charles N. Wit.mer Benjamin S. Stetler Thomas L. Wilson William J. Zuber Charles T. Raines John E. Sockwell William G. Strickland Denward S. Waldrop Gayden G. White James W. Harrison Robert G. Moore Ernest C. Poole Cecil J. Umstead ( V y r a h i m I ' aijv Tun llini ' liifl (tii ' t ' Itnir i r:)- 1 ' -9?. V -4 i S ' gma K ppii Heard, Pritchett. Brusxax, Mack, Schwexke, Witmer Second RoZi.- Taylor, Reynolds, Ramsey. Luxa, Maloxe, Qiixlex Third Row Howard, Lukexs, Wilson, Williamson, McGacghey, L ' Heurelx Fourth Ro7c Stetler, Bull, Patterson, Getzen, Fuller, Matthews Fifth Ron- DeLoach, Xicholson, Raines, Umstead, Evans, Durie Sixth Rnz ' GuNN, White. Fincher, MiTrnrM. Harris . Mooke -l -S Paije 7»-() HuhiIihI iiiiiI lliiiticn ' " ■ ' 111 193 t Tlwtu Qii " m s MMm I " ■ l " i ' I T Tl i ni lm rT ' iTM..« .A i , .i Piri T i- Wn iTi ii ri i f iiil r " ■ i fl . ' ifl ' ift i i ffiift i ii ffBffi.i? i ,ff i iftn m ii T i iiT i ff i j )iaiiffi j ffii ffl .. % i q_ iiftii i n i iff iii i i ffi i T Si _. , Tra : iii i iffiH )j i»Tiiin »» i iHu »iiw » Bi ««» ii ' iii Sj l )nff " «»i« " " " ' " ' i ' ' " i " ' | " ' l| g " " WW Alpha Nu Chapter v9 ' - ■c i Founded i8i6 Installed 1923 Letcher L. Baker Edward C. Coffin- James H. CoNLE ' i- William T. Gillham James W. Austin- John B. Bass Iaurice G. Crum Howell E. Dodu Herschel . Clanton James D. Crabtree SENIORS Jack W. Hall Charles G. Hastox Jack R. Kin ' kel JUNIORS Thomas P. Glan-cv Robert C. Holtzclaw Harold A. List SOPHOMORES ] Latthew E. Dunlap Samuel V. Fincher Adolph AL Rahn Alexander M. Myers Edgar L. Smith Charles H. Smith William C. ?iIiller John C. Swan Harold B. Schen-k William G. VVoodside Donald W. McArthur Tames A. Smith George K. Andin-g Ford H. Bluxck Kenneth M. Crum Lester C. Cuiaer FRESHMEN Lewis R. Jackson W. Hagood Jackson- Hugo L. ] Laddu. Campbell A. Petty Maxwell L. Shahan Walker Willins s r HV.U ' (if r Tun Ilmi ' hr ' l ntiil rnurtrni ' (5_ ' - r:rr- lA H ' 1 i- i T ieta Qhi Top Rozi ' E. L. Smith, Coxlev, C. H. Smith, Baker, Hall, Rahn Sccojid Rozi ' KlXKEL, COFFIX, GiLLHAM, MyERS, HaSTOX, BaSS Third Row WooDsiDE, SrHEXK, M. G. Crum, Dodd, Austin Fourth Rozi- J. A. Smith, McArthur, Dunlap, Glancv, Miller, List Fifth Ro ' cc Claxtox, Petty, L. R. Jackson, Maddox, Crabtree, Fincher Sixth Row K. M Ckim, V. H. Tacksox, Bll ' xck, Culver, Axmxr,, Willixs M 1 iC Piii r Tirn Ullif.hiil anil Fifteen Chi ' P. SI iftu ifi iiff i i (t.ift n iftiffw jft i ff r-ff » ff Mr i iiN .fti iffi i»iiffir ' yiFi fl i. %Hq_ n iTiiiniiini , ff i i m iii V J ■CT M l | | | Tlr J l l« l lW■ i«llll ll« u lt l l f llW ll l ll l ff l l l »lll «■ l l ■nu ' | |»| | || JBl l " | l(.t;i Delta Loiliie 1 Founded 1S41 Installed 1923 Andrew V. S. Bovce SENIORS James R. Thomi ' sox S. Jack Warner Ci.ARK S. White Edward W. Barclay Walter E. Jenkins JUNIORS Dana H. Johnson V ' lLLIS D. LUDWIG R. Frank McDowell John T. Preston J. Lipscomb Ballard William K. Jackson SOPHOMORES Laurens L James Cecil E. Johnson Eugene A. Murphy E. Purser Pope George E. Viereck Edward B. Branch RuFus C. Bruce Stanley Hall William H. Kelly FRESHMEN James G. Lewis William A. Lyle Paul Murphy Sherman L. Parm enter Roland AL Pa ' sne RussEL L. Rodgers Thomas Stafford James Tinsley ] Laury R. Webster m nr ' ' »»► [f H 1 ■ » Xm » • ' Pi ; 1! 11! a: . j- IS ;» 3 , JM BS ■a ■■■ifl I I ' fHil Til u II until I fl tint} ti ' utfin •■ " ' ■ ' ■■■■ ' — ' ' ' " i m - f ill i r i m ii III iiiimijj.mjiiijLi g. niMniiPi.iii f -Ps 1 Top Row BovcE. Warxer, White, Thompson " , Lldwig, D. Johnson Second Row cDo vELL, Jenkins, Preston. Viereck, Jackson Third Row C. E. Johnson, Barclay, James, Parmenter Fourth Row Ballard, Murphv, Branch, Lewis, Kelly, Bri ' ce Fifth Row Webster, Lvle, HALr,, Rodgers, Stafford, Payne Pnt e Ticit Iluniliiil mnl Seventeen i ii i i l ii inirpin a uimmun n 1 Si ll»i i i«i . »trl» Mm i i ff , i1 Mliff i i i it lj M iff . lii if li«iiB iT u il i.| « | ;j iTiiifliiB«mT«ii Gamma Tau Chapter Founded li Marshall J. Black ' .on Charles H. Burch K. Wright Caxxox Littleton Daniel Leroy B. Daniel J. Lloyd Fackelman William W. A eryt Russell J. Brooke William K. Caler W. ] Larvix Coffman Karl K. Derst Henry Blake William Beach Harold Ellison A SENIORS Robert L. Gresham George F. Harrell JUNIORS Polk AL Herndon Harry S. Lamont Jack R. Lanum SOPHOMORES David B. Field Thomas H. Fickett Paul B. Fite G. Nathan Hunter Walker Hunter FRESHMEN Clarence H Hale Henry C. Hill Charles Johnson Installed 1926 Henry D. Sargent Jack G. Thomason Alfred T. Vick William AL Sapp William B. Wingo D. Kenneth Young Ogden W. Jervis Shirley L. Kines Eugene A. Shaw Benjamin H. Warren Earl V. Wolfe John Moore William Register Ro- - ' V ' OUNGBLOOD i ' m r t : W: n l ' a( : Tin, lliiiiihcl and Eitilitcen T ■• " 1950 - ii ,ii ' i| i iiliU ' j,iKro p f- V- ■ ' H 9 -J; P QawDhi TJclta ' £! I - m - i:ilk V m ■H ' CK. Harrell, Gresham, Caxnox, Burch. Sargent, Younu Second Ro-i ' Herndox, L. B. Daxiei-, Fackei.max, L. iy xiEi.. Lamm. Sait, Wixgo Third R,n, ' Woi.KE. W. C. HrxTER, Lamunt, Fickett, Jervis, Warren Fourth Rozi ' Field, Fite, Derst, G. N. Hunter, Coffman, Brooke, Caler Fifth Roi, ' YouNGBLooD, Beach, Hill, Kines, Hale, Register, Johnson I ' atffi Tito fiiiil Miif ' tifii it " eta Kgpp ii :1fti nfWW1 n.%ir;TCCnifrt5VtfhTfl UjlJffi r» T r ff ' ft ' if tfHfft v ! j ' rr ,_y r:TW:i :%Tff mni,mrB i i ff M i iiiffiiii ra i i ff!i , i ;j .;ff. i i ' ' W ' ' " " ' H Founded igoi James B. C.arev James R. Hicks James K. Joxes Charles A. Maxston Alpha Gamma Chapter SENIORS Gordon L. McWii.liams Stephen ' J. Millet George B. Myers C. Tillman Oxford J. Robert Thompson Installed IQ Q Lynn M. Tomlinson W ' lLLIAM VV . WeDDINGTON Charles T. Wesner Alexander C. Wise Howard E. Clements E. Carroll Jones S. Graham AIcKerrall John A. Arnold Charles M. Graves Howard E. Bates Thomas P. Beaudrot Eloyd L. Berry William M. Branch RoswELL V. Lawson Chester Maple r JUNIORS Adrian Newcomer L. Carl Smith PRE-JUNIORS John McGregor SOPHOMORES William B. Brown- John E. Chick John E. Eord FRESHMEN Erederick H. Opper John T. Tabor Robert AL Thweatt V V C. Eugene Stephenson Howard A. Williams Robert P. Williams Jack S. Mlrray Erederick B. Tyler Albert B. Johnson Charles B. Mauldin Edmond a. Rusk Alfred H. Weatherford Roland L. Toups Ered W. Trlicks F " ' ( ( I ■ »o lluiiiliiil anil liiiutii - r ' f " ' ' ' ' ' " The ' : •- R LU r---: F RINT - 19 30 " ' ' ■ " l l ' St ' A l il.ppci l.rl 7 cJ ' A;t):i ' Thompson, HrcKS, McWili.iams, Millett, W ' eddixctdn. Tomlinson Second Row Carey, Manstcn, Myers, Jones, Wise, Oxfokd Third Rozi: Smith, McKerrali., Clements, Newcomer, H. A. Williams, W ' esner Fourth Row R. P. Williams, Woolard, Branch, Graves, McGregor, BEArnRor Fifth RoK ' Rusk, Brown, Chick, A. B. Johnson, Mauldin. Murray Sixth Row Fjri), Tabor, Trucks, Maple, Toups, Opper y- " ' Pane Tho Hiinihcil am! Tiiinliione m n ' Phi fyipp " T " " BlllT miJ l ll Bil i n BBr Bii«ii W iiffii ff ii ffit « UI n ff» i Wii«ii» l i i ll « ' mj i i ' i mi H l i iHjft l ' l ' i rounded 1906 JoHX D. Askew Herbert ; I. Baxter Karl C. Campbell Telford C. Bow ex Clarence B. Drenxon James P. Beaird Charles W. Burxs Claude M. Gray Georce a. Breffeilh Ned E. Hollaxd Lee E. Laxey Alpha Rh(j Chapter ■: Installed 1929 SENIORS Edwin L. Haxxa Will K. Nortox JUNIORS William A. Hale Alva F. Hlxt Hubert G. Lesley SOPHOMORES Daxiel E. Hendricks Edward W. Johxsox FRESHMEN William C. Lawrexce Horace H. Leech Lamar R. Partain Clarence L. Rexfroe Hubert D. Wright Leo W. Nortox Frank H. Reynolds Norman W. McCollum Levtx J. McLeod Julian C. Murphey Richard L. Parks Harry H. Payne Richard E. Ward ii li Piiije Tmii lliiiulicil and Tutnlij tiii- I. l 3-i l ' ll hi h ci ppa Tan m II lop Row Baxter, Partain ' , Hamna, Wricht, Renfroe Second Roz . ' Lesley, Reynolds, Campbell, Askew Tliird Row Hunt, Hendricks, Bowen, L. W. Norton Fourth Ro ' M McLeod, Burns, Gray, Murphey Fifth Row Payne, Ward, Laney, Parks, Breffeilh m Pai e Tun Huiulnil uml ' l ' it: :ntii-lliit:e T hi E ' psilou Pi m Xi Chapter Founded 1904 Sidney Goldin Her.m.w Hevman SENIORS JUNIORS Harold Kaplan David A. Loeb Installed 1916 Stanley L. jVIarienthal Ira K. Weil Perry Colman SOPHOMORES Randolf Commins FRESHMAN Loeb Ketzky i r Henry L. Solomonson i v _ fr. I ' liilf Ticii lliniihiil iiii ' l Tir, nlii four lr hi Cpsilo?! T i % • ■i ■■)■:? ■Ah ' . ... ■fl : ' ■- h ' IS 14 ■ 1- ■I Ketzkv. Kati-ax, Goliux Second Roz:. ' Weil, Solomoxson, Mariexthal I? ' ! ■f! Piiijc Tint IJiiiiilnil mill ' I ' ll VII III ire Tciu £psil()u Vlii .m. J . .B.ll ll ft„ B■«l ln lf f l , ll m m l. nff l l l l , JB, l lll , l l , ,l « H | a, ; Tl| | f| l| |t| , lr |l a ;; J ' . l ff ] | f? r Jl n u f n BU ' ffi lff Mffll l m l f l lffill Jl i l ff l ff■ . lW M f )u lffl l, tf ' ll m l ) l JgJ ln ! Founded 1909 hi Chapter Installed igig Samuel R. Goldberg Albert Lehman SoLOMox I. Goldberg Abraham Hyatt SENIOR Joseph Dlamoxd JUNIORS Harold G. Haskell SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Isadore Kun ' laxsky Naham Paxsv Karr ' - O. Wise Nathan Sugarman Aaron M. Seligman AlAZAR L. Sl ' UAK il ■c] X vi-V ■.■•■-»•-•■- _ ■ K_ ' Wl. -mmx i 15 w - ' m w lit ■ffHS IH MH HHHiS mwmmmm ■B rl ' ( f r I ' lrii Iliiiiilirtl and Tuenti six A I m ■n Tail tpsilou P ii First Rozv Lehman. Goldberg Second Rozi ' Wise, Selicman, Haskell I ' D- :h- ' ■(f| t ' K- m Ptiilr Tun tiiiiirr,! mid Tin iitii-mi:i il rTr-Q- ?- . M i r ' - r " l " iirr 1 u- ' --js- 2 --:i- ' 2.-yy£::-y A ' j. ■;:.-3- :a :- ■;n- y; ;s ' y- rrr - ■V ■, ui I 1 I 3 ( 1 y 1 jj«i» ' 9 4 . « ' Sp " ?« IT ' ' ' ' ' - zr v s ATHrjfirjc.s . 1 w T ' m The Qcorgiii Tech Athletic Hocird rt ,i l )j ; , i , i i i» ii j » i i B i u ' }a.T , u(i ii ff.a ii Bq3tm ii f„m i finf iii „f ii , „B„n i, qj i j i p,,. . in i;i tv ' wi fr - riT nff m iffii i W Hffii !iT ' ii v ' ii i iil Hjpii,ff t i ffi ffii nui n ii njft ' i if 1i i( i JLtCiff i »- :C) Presiohxt M. L. Hrittaix Dr. T- B. Crenshaw Chu Director of Athletics Prof. Floyd Fields Secrctury-Tr Prof. a. H. Armstrong Deax V. ' . Skiles Faculty Chiunniiii of Athletics, Business lanager Administration Dr. G. H. Boggs Faculty V. A. Alexander idiisory Member ALUMNI MEMBERS L. W. Robert George V. McCarty, Jr. STUDENT MEMBERS W. H. Rusk J. Ross Thompson Vuifi ' { fii Hinuhdl aitfl ' I hii tif-ottc t Ciiacli Ak ' Iki tnr ten years now, put mi the field to represent the lornailo a team whicli all were proud of. It has been his aim that e en in defeat, they were still not whipped. We are proud of him, and are lookini; forward t(j next season for even bimier anil better teams. Coach William A. Alexander Football Coach .Miindorf is not or.e of the old ones, but came to us throu ' ih the East. He i;ot his earl - training at Penn- s l ania where he was captain of the basket-ball team. He was also All-Lastern Forward ior tw(] ears. Since com- ini; to Tech in 1924, he has made a record but is endeavoring; to increase his popuIarit each year as coach. Coach Koi M indorf lidikit-h ill l a; i ' Tiro llmnhtil iinfl ' I ' llirtlhtlCO i i It- - -■ L_ ' Lu u i ...-.t::-:i93o !.,,J The " Kid " as he is always termed finished his college (lays down on North A ' eniie. where he received the degree in Electrical Engineering in 1915. He never left the school, but started his coaching the following year. He is now assistant football coach as v. ell as head coach in baseball. Coach Robert Ai.wa Ci.av Basebdll Ccach Barron is another who came to us from the East. He graduated from Penn State where he succeeded in winning the national champii nship in the high hurdles. He was also a member ot the 1920 L nited States Olympic Team and won second place in the high hurdles. Coach Harold E. Harrun Track Page Tico Runared and Thirty-thr Harrell Rusk Stumpy Thomason Karl Dun lap Ray Isaacs Vance Maree Tom Jones Warner Mizell Fred Holt Hudson Edwards Charlie Brumby Jim Brooke Joe Westbrooke Ben Sloan Sam Colvin Sid Williams Duck McKee Gene Hauck Bob Strickland Sam Finch er JiMMIE FrINK Hobby Law Dutch Faisst Doug Graydon Clint Ezell Coot Watkins Ware Fitzgerald Moon Luna Sid Goldin Josh Wilson Angus Heeke GiNNY Wages Buck Flowers Red Williamson Jack Warner Bill Tate Bill Perkins Ted Raines Red Terrell Ike Farmer Ray Brosnan Scott Pullen Bill Preston Lee Ritchie Ed Hamm Al Crisfield Charlie LaForge Jack Harvey Jack Coniff Malcoln Reyboi.d C. Y. House Scott Hldson Dick Voorhis Y.n Hkrriiv George Coffee Lefty Powell Harold Russell Lynn Strickland Charlie Witmer Frank Sacha Rev Clark Lint Reynolds Bryant Shelnutt Todd Lunsford m V ISI ' ( (■ ' I ' lifi JIiiiii!n l and TJiU tif fuur ♦ FOOTBALL M m m i - 0: Coach William A. Alexander, more often called " Coach Alex, " started his football career at Georgia Tech in igob under the guidance of Coach Heisman. After winning his letter and diploma, he returned to Tech as assistant coach and in this capacity, served, until his country called him to war. After the war he again retunied, and in the ear 1921 was made head coach. His team records in past seasons speak for him. His teams hit hard, light clean, are invincible in victory, and glorious in ilefeat. I ' niK ' I ' int llnnttrcit aii ' l ' riiirtu sir i V- ' l Displayins: that same spirit that carried him up throut;h the ranks: first, as a freshman, then to the Grey Devils, on to the varsit " . Captain William Harrell Rusk so fought his waj- into the hearts of those who saw his team this year. Cedar- town, as he was better known, fought hard, gave his best, and led his team as a veteran. He w ill he sorely missed next fall when the call is sounded. u W ■9 ■to- rs hM I ' litii: ' 1 11(1 1111111I111I mill I h i 1 1 ij seven © m Chambers P " ' » - FiNCHER Robinson Miles FootbLill VARSITY COACHES Bill Fincher. Ail-American in his time at Tech, by his abilit -, is rapidly gaining for himself a reputation as a mighty line coach. " Lines by Fincher " has become a password at Georgia Tech. Captain Robinson, though stationed at Tech as a Military Instructor, has also made a place for himself on the coaching staff. To his lot falls the task of making ends, and his lo-s would be a hard dose for us to take. Coach Miles fashions the backfield, they might traxel through the hides in the line, and around those ends, carr ing with them the ball that the ' might score the |ioints for which the others fight so hard. Trainer Chambers comes to us from the U. S. ()l mpic leains, and through his thorougli training the boys reach that pink of condition which is su necessary to withstand the nn-rush of the enemv. l a jc. Tiro Ilinulrril aiiit Tlnilil-f ' t ' lht " •■ T- -r A ' ' Shelxutt Tharpe Martix Ml ' RRAY Stricklaxii p Football COACHES Without the aid of these men, the teams cannot go on. Closing his career as a pla er in 1926 at Georgia Tech, Mack Tharpe, not iinh ' ke Coach Alex, re- turned to Tech to resume his football as coach of the freshman team. Sam Murraw an(Jther of the off-springs of the 192b team ably assisted him, and through these two, come the reserves to rtll the acancies of men gone on. After leaving the freshman squad, a man muit serve on the Grey Devil Squad before becoming seasoned so as to take up the duties ot the arsity. Martin here, is the professor and by his training do these men who come through do so. Senior managers, Stricklami and Siielnutt, after four years of iiard unselfish work, gain their just reward. Their long hard tasks are now over, but the success of the team depended greatly on their positions. ii m ' Pdfje Tico Huttdred am} Thirty-nine VPf Jack Griffix Thomason ATLANTA, C,. . Halfhark Alternate Captain Age, 21. j ,y ' I Height, 5 feet 8 inches. ■ " Weight, 183 pounds. Stumpy, for four years has held the crowd in the stands spell-bound ; whether running or div- ing, punting or returning them, he was always a threat. His loss will be keen ly felt, both to the team and the spectators. Earl Owen Dunlap SL ' MPTER, S. C. Quarterback Captain-Elect Age, 1 9. Height. 5 feet 10 inches. W ' eiglit, 177 pounds. Dunlap, a triple threat man, whose passes are bullet-like, true and fast; whose punts are long and high ; whose rims are equally as good — made over from a halfback to a quarterback, was wiselv chosen as the leader of the next year ' s Tornado. Steadily improving, year h year he should be at his best next season. The Tech-JIalxiina Game il ►-.: i 3 I ' ll ic Tun IIiiihIiciI anil I ' urtit T--1930 ' WW - ri: tA. •I Ray Cleaver Isaacs GRAVEL SWITCH, KY. Halfbdck Age, 20. Height, 5 feet 1 1 inches. Weight, 165 pounds. Ray came through this year to gain his varsity letter. He has another year in the varsity and is expected to reach liis prime in the season next Fall. George Lavance Maree S. V. XX. H. G. . Tackle Age, JO. Height, 6 feet i inch. ' eight. 20, pounds. Shifted in the early part of the season to full- hack, Maree did not completely find himself. Next year finds him back at his old position, and a iireat seafon is in store for him. 1 n The Tech-Mississippi J. w ' .1 . Gat. i PiiV Tiro Iliimlnil inul Itirtij-nnc Thomas Gilmer Tones MONROE, CA. End Age, 21. Height, 6 feet. eight, 1 5 pounds. " ' " - ' ' " iSlSS iiS Luke W.arxer Mizell ATL. NT. , GA. Halfback Age, 21. Height, 5 feet ii inches. Weiglit, 176 pounds. Goini; ilowii under punts at terrific speed, Tom hit his man and stopped him in his tracks. He will greatly aid ne.xt year ' s team by his ability to catch passes and run. ConsistencN in his passing, running, and pvuit- ing, anyone of the three help to make up a threat to any team. May it be said of Warner, that he possessed all three. His loss is a blow to next year ' s team. i ? ' ' ■: " ' ? The Tcih-J iihiirri Gin, m Paiiv Tiro Hiinthrd oinl Forty ttco Tf •T-P i ■eV m Fred Lee Holt LITTLE ROCK, ARK. Age, 21. Height, 6 feet i inch. Weight, 1 88 pounds. Playing his first year on the varsity, Fred has shown that he has the qualities so necessary for a tackle. He hits hard, fights clean, and is a main stay in the pinches. WiLLLAM HUDSOX EdWARDS ATL- XT. , GA. Guuril Age, ig. Height. 6 feet. Weight. i8i pounds. Edwards in his first ear made the trip all the way to California and still did not get to play. This year he returned with the same fighting spirit. Next ear should see him in his prime. H A- n ¥1 M m ? The Gerjrv ' m Ttch-Mississippi J . S ' .1 . Gni. Vnin I . .1 .;,;. •., ■( . IV I ic(j •o)- I Charles Rush BRUMin- CEDAKTOWN, GA. End Age, 22. Height, 6 feet. Weight, 1S5 pyuiuls. Brumb - had the fzrit to stick. For three years he battled with the Grey De ils and then ot his chance. He was a valuable reserve, and came through when called on. John Joseph Westbrook MOULTRIE, GA. Guard Age, 24. Height, 5 feet 1 1 inches. W ' eiglit, 180 pounds. Joe tJot his early training at the same place as did Mack Tharpe. He ioUows well in his foot- steps. As a linesman, no matter what or who the Gpponent, Joe is in there, fighting for the ad- vantage. m The (ii ' jrirlti 7 ih- ' ' lrtridii Game ' ' ■■ ' ■fi ' • Fage I ' lro lltniiht ' il uinl rurtii-four !_ . ■ 1 i ' 1 1 ' I - ■ I y -I ' A ??fS iniininy il nlM i iwi li mi i liiiBimillUjmmia l ' - :, I 7 lb Bex Hiiu ard Sl(iax KIIME. (;a. F.nd Age, 22. Height, 6 feet 2 inches. Weight, 197 pounds. Sloan is another man w ho stru.iiiiled up through the ranks. Getting; dcn n under punts, his great reach, and the strength of three men gained his letter for him this ear. James Oscar Hrooke IDl.LMllLS, GA. Guard Age, 19. Height, 6 feet. W ' eiglit. 181 pounds. Jim, once said to he a " coming linesman " has come. He comes out of the line fast, runs good interference, and hits hard, all of which have made the above sa " ing true. Thi- Ge ' iiirui Tech-AldhdiiKi Cuuiie h I Hi HI i S 1 0. ' 15- 7- ' 5S .Ui;-:r.llZ lll7mc Page Two IlundrrO and F(n-ty-fire hi i. Samuel Warwick Colvin atlaxta, ga. Oiuirtcrlxu ' k Age, 21. Height, 5 feet lo inclies. Weight, 158 pounds. Sam was another who trraduated straight from the Baby Jackets to the varsity. He was a fjood reserve and will be a ijreat help in the line-up ne t vear. Albert Sydney Willlams savannah, ca. End Age, 19. Height, 5 feet 10 inches. Weiglit, 168 pounds. Playing for his first year on the varsity, he secured for himself a regular berth. His grit, headwork, and speed all contributed to his suc- cessful season. The Genrgia Tecfi-.l ii iii 11 Game 1 I Pa( c Tim UuniUfii uinl Vinty six ;ihe.---aLUL: li Cr ' l ■J.; r;:1 R ' l It-- k William James McKke, Jr. ATLANTA, GA. Guard Age, JO. Height, 6 feet. Weight, l8o pounds. Another ne vc( ' mer added to the Tornado, and who will greatly aid them in future rarnblini:. Duck is a hard hitting linesman and should be a valuable man next car. Allen P ' ugexe Hauck QL ' AKAKE, PA. Fullback Age, 21. Height. 5 feet lo inches. Weight, 172 pounds. Gene is one of those boys who helped to make the past teams what they were. Unheralded during his days on the scrubs, he came in for his glory this year. He was a good reserve and will be needed next fall. The Gfori i i Tccli-Gton iii Game .a«fei IZJ m m m % t=] PI HunOrcfl un ! i ' n iii-s ' rtn ri rtTiiij:T:-. i :trmrT . »Xk r! irf - ikr, -.::, ll l l ll lllll | I I IIII J ll . llll l »l H l l l » l i il l» OT Aubrey Bennett Strickland SUMTr.K, s. c. FuUhack Age, 20. Height, 5 feet lo inches. Weight, 1 4 pounds. Bob did not get to play a great deal until the ' Bama game, at which time he took up arms as fullback and now awaits the next . ' ear to show his stufif. S.AM W.ARREN FiNCHER . TI.. NT. , r,. . Tackle Age, 20. Height, 6 feet. Weight, 195 pounds. Sam is carrying on where his brother left off. Under the direct guidance (jf Bill, he should go far. Much is expected of him next season and for another after that. fhf (jci)rf;i ' .i Ttc h-l iiii lt r iilt Giir w m a ' ■ru Lw..? : ' i i 5- ..-dai iMHlMB ixi " ' ; : ir. rJjI ' .r;i 7 ( ' o II iiinlrvtl ami FinUj fUjht ■V . , ■- li James Richard Frixk. MIAMI, FLA. Quartirhack Age, 20. Height, 5 feet lo inches. Weight. 162 pounds. Jimmy, handicapped by his lack of weight, gave the best that he had. His williiiirness to work, and his ability trained for him a berth on the 1929 Tornado. He is another who will be missed next vear. Halbert Grant Law CHATTANOOGA, TEXX, Colter Age, 20. Height, 5 feet 9 inches. Weiglit. 18, pounds. Travelin ' . around on a tramp steamer was not enough to help Hobb - displace the captain. How- ever the distinction of beina: the captain ' s reserve for three ears is a record hard to beat. He fought hard while phning and was a good re- serve. The Georgia Tech-A iibiin; Game 4 15- m ■Y i I ' aye Tira llinnln:! ainl I .., ;( imi. 1 ' i- v ■-iS!g ' : , m • Harold Augustus Faisst LITTLE RUCK, ARK. Age. _ ' i. Height. 5 feet lo inches. W ' ciglit. 168 pounds. Dutch, the " Flyinji Dutcliman " is a fast run- nint: hack. AlthuuKh triiiihled hy had eyes, his place will he greatly mi-sed when a fast man is needed next season. Edisox Douglas Graydon LITTLK RdCK. AKK. Age. JO. Height. 5 feet 11 inches. Weight, 168 ponnds. Doug is another sophomore who made good his first year on the varsity. He is a fast, shifty runner and is destined to be a valuable asset to the team for the next two vears. J ' hc Gt ' iri ' id Tfili- mill C iroliiiii Giniir ' B - - Jt - It Paijc Tilt, II iniilrrd tiiiii i ' ifl. " Tr pfwt;a;I93 l ? V:. C. r ' 2;- 3.m i V n VI: Clinton Shaw Ezell atlanta, ga. Center Age, 20. Height. 6 feet. Weight, 195 pounds. Clint, playiiit: his first year of varsity football was handicapped by playing the same position as the captain. When called on in the Georgia game however he did his part. With tw " 0 more years to go. his prospects look very bright. Gordon Campbell Watkins ATLANTA, GA. Tackle Age. 21. Height. 6 feet i inch. Weight. 203 pounds. Coot, who once stiff-armed a freight train, is a tall and powerfid man. His strength and speed made it pcssible to overtake a man and pull him down from behind. This feat saved several scores from the opponents, and makes him another loss hard to bear. J he Georv ' ni Teeh- S otre Daiiw Gt. te ' 4 ■ IF ■ i| «b Page Two Hunilrid and Fifty-one w Charles Ware Fitzgerald jackson, tenn. Fullback Age, 24. Height, 5 feet 11 inches. Weight, 169 pounds. Fitz, another bellow Jacket who took to the hi rh seas during the summers, liad a stormy path to his recognition as varsity material. Never a complaint from him though, wlio w ill he missin ' from the line-up next fall. Raymond Cad Luna I ' lTTSBURG, TENN. Fullback Age. 21. Height, 5 feet 8 inches. Weight, i6q pounds. Moon was a steady player who waited for his chance, and finally got it. He did his best which is all that can be asked from an man. He will be listed among those missing next season. Flif Georgia Tech-Nolrc Daiiic Came I ' aric Tiro llumlnil anil li liilirn p i ■ ' El ai 71 5 V 3 FootlhiU l l l l lj l | « u« ll»ll | l1 M) l« «l . JumMT I ll lB l B lr M fll|fflll1 fll || _yu» llfll l fflff | i« lM i i l ' Hllir my i ti l« «»U i» l ii»ii«iiffli i l Wmff ll HjCn ltl i »i i i ' ' ' ' li Hj«ii i mi i nHj6» l 3 •I ' T-a I p Football in " Tictrospcct By En Daxforiii Spoils Editor, .itlanta Con.uitiilioii 0 1 must go far bchliul the report of three games won, six lost properly to char- acterize the 1929 football campaign at Georgia Tech. One must go to the sugar-bowl valley in the California mountains where the Yellow Jackets defeated California in the Tournament of Roses game on Xe A- Year ' s Day and reached the loftiest peak to which a Georgia Tech eleven ever climbed. One must trudge back down through the tumultuous welcome from a proud city and sit through excited testimonial ceremonies. c ■ One must stand and watch a spring practice that was a tatting party to the gladiators who had plunged the sword into the necks of their foes. One must go through a summer that saw the defection of the kev man of the J ech offense ancf the assembly of a rather bored group of athletes to start another gridiron cam- paign that could not possibly ha e been aught but an anti-climax. The experiences of the 1929 season that saw the ellow Jackets cuffed and worried by nearly e erv traditional foe ma ' have firmly established the present athletic regime at Georgia Tech. For stuticnt body and alumni took the defeats of their team like sports- I ' nrsity Sqmitl u , ii ' «Wf Tiro lliiniliril nnd Fifli llirce Football ' I ffllf i PiSi .y_ men. There was little oi ' no eoiiiplaining i) -er the CDaehini;; s ' stem ; there were tew imleetl vi groused oxer the sinideii (.ieseent from grIJiron pre-eminence. It may be trite to say that the vast body that is lech was finer in defeat than in mc- tor but it resolves itself into just that. Those on " the outside " well situated to hear things sense that Tech men are glimpsing the truism that athletic success runs in cycles, where success is measured in terms of -ictories, antl that a balance of po er through the decades is best for the game. Coach W. A. Alexander had expected to lose l ind, Drennon, Ihrash, Waddy, Speer, Durant, Shulman, Smith and Randolph — one side of a line, three quarterbacks, a fullback and a spare tackle. In Sprmg practice he ile eloped an offense around Roy Lumpkin, just coming into form as a really great fi.illback. Then in the Summer,|i- kin left school and the Spring work was lost. Coach Alexander hastiK withdrew ' ance Maree from the line and made a blocking fullback of him. Stumpy Thomason and Warner Alizell, two of the cle -erest halfbacks ever developed at Tech, were given the load of the ball carrying. And Earl Dunlap, a fine halfback and passer, was made into a first string quarterback. The line was patched up as tightly as possible and the season began. J he Yellow Jackets opened with the Mississippi Aggies and won 27 to 13 mainly through an aerial attack with Tom Jones, veteran end, as receiver. Jones scored two touchdowns. 1 homason and (jraydon scored one apiece. Nearly every man on the squad saw ser ' ice. The need for reser ' es was acute. (jrey-Devil Squad K m Pagv Two Ilundml iiml I ' ifin fmir IF-: PRlNJT • ' i930 Foothcdl QgaMg 1. . . 1 " t i - ? r ff i t t fli ii ftifl . ffij i j ft i.f i ? . i i. ftiiQ_pj i ,. ff .. r , » , ffi ift v ' ' i ff ■ 7- rt mn Si . W iJii ' ! H ' l " ' ■ tjf » ». r , . . .)f, ■ .T.Jjj6 rJ I he ellow Jackets met their first re erse in 16 games when the strongest team that e er represented North Carolina came into Grant Heki and won 18 to 7. The Yel- low Jackets scored early on a long run by Ihomason aiui kicked goal. Then injuries and officials " rulings changed the make-up of the 1 ech front. The Tarheel machine be- gan to function and away they swept to score three touchdowns before half-time. The last half was a bitter battle. The Tarheels dug in and protected their lead and the ellow Jackets finished trying desperately to cc:)nnect a forward pass for a touch- down. Florida was loomijig just ahead. The " Gators had returned the same team that missed a perfect record the season before by one point in one game. They had been carefully pointed physically and emotionally for the Yellow Jackets. The 1 ellow Jackets worked feyerishly all week and came back to winning form in a blaze of inspirational football. Before the largest crowd of the season thev scored a touchdown in each of the first three periods and won 19 to 7. Florida ' s great backtield was a constant threat but the Yellow Jackets fought a canny defensiye game toward the finish and limited the enemy to the one counter. Mizell, Maree and Thomason each scored the touchdowns. The Horida game, howe -er. sapped the strength of the entire squad. They were stale and crippled in e ery bearing as they went down to New Orleans to meet the care- fully prepared J ulane ele -en, the ultimate Conference champions. Tulane played superb football and scored three touchdowns in the first half. Then the steady pounding of the Yellow Jackets took its toll and in the last period Tech scored Freshman Squad Page Tiro Uundreil and Fiftii fin ■ 1 i. 1 ' n l ii l l )« iifti »M lTii i Dii »Li 1 ) i r ii l i i j]» mii Bi l l . l ll .iBj Hiifli i fTiiHl M ll ii i Footlhlll J ' i f j hiiTiiiftii fti(ft r inir1 i t mii m _fti fh i n Hffii ' ftirifr ' i ' riiffli ff H| [ift[tl t;lh iifft ' ' i " ' ' " ' ft ' ' ' iflmEj r () touclulowns. But the rall - caiiit: ' too late and the hnal score 20 to 14 fairly told the story. Coach Alexander elected to make a determined fight of it against Notre Dame, the coming national champions. Many critics declared that the Yellow Jackets played their best game in some respects against the Irish. Long runs by the fleet Irish backs ga e Notre Dame a 26 to 6 victory. Of all the defeats, probably the showing at Vanderbilt was the most disappointing. J he Yellow Jackets were outrun, literally, by a smoothly clicking Commodore eleven that knew exactly what to do and had the power to do it. Ihe Commodores won 23 to 7 handily. Before the Alabama game. Coach Alexander was enabled to switch Maree back to tackle when Bob Strickland de -eloped ability as a fullback. The change and the prospect of combat with the time-honored foe resulted in t he de " elopmcnt of great spirit. I he Yellow Jackets played the finest defensive game of the season against Alabama and the Crimson Tide delivered its best. The Tide won 14 to o and Tech supporters could not complain over the showing. Faking ad antage of the ten-day inter al before 1 hanksgix ing Day, Coach Alex- ander gave his men an entirely new ofiensive set, featuring a balanced line and balanced backfield. Maree was definitely assigned to tackle and Strickland to fullback. Using simple formations, the Yellow Jackets defeated Auburn 19 to 6 and faced the coming game with Georgia with better heart. Ihe closing game at Athens would have been a great spectacle but for rain which fell in torrents from midway the first period to the finish. Georgia received the kick-off and marched straight on to a touchdown, scoring on a long forward pass. Chandler to Maffett. Goal afterward was missed. Then the storm broke. In a few minutes the field was hea y and spectators drenched. Ihe Yellow Jackets played their best since the Florida encounter. Ihe new formations bothered the Georgia line no little with Thomason anti . Ii cll breaking through time and again for substantial gains. Georgia played grimly and used their fine repertoire of plays smartly. The Georgia secondary defense was tackling perfectly. In the third period the Tech rush line charged through in a body and blocked one of Chamller ' s punts close to the goal line. Jim Brooke I ell on it for a touchdown. Goal was missed and the score tied 6-6. Ihcn with the two teams fighting it out ow sheer ncr e, " Fats ' " Bryant, a burly line- man, broke through in the fourth period, blocked a Fech punt, scooped it to his chest and ran 4 yariis for the winning toLichdown. Ihe score 12 to 6 was a fair expression of the elifterence of the two teams for the day. Outstanding jilaNers for the season accoi ' iling to selections of Sourliern critics were Captain Rusk, I homason, Mizell, Maree, Dunlap and Jones. ' Fhe Yellow Jackets had been figured to take a slump after their two victorious sea- sons; but few imagined they would make such a thorough job ot it. And the fine spirit shown by students and alumni to the rc crses presage bettci- times immediately in spite of another extremel - ditlicult schedule. Pnr c Tico Hundred and Fifty-six t c BASKETBALL " Basket-Ball l li | )j i i n ii i i ffiiffiiiB , i Buf i m ' i i) B i i HJiiffi ii ff i « , B i J liiTlii B ' i ' l .i » il w i iiT mmi iBiiii ii»i« ii«ii w ii m i »i i:Wi iHjgn (T »i « " ' ' ii ' ' »i N« ' m» ' i miii " lj e ii ' " - By fil-Rli Cl.ARR Cunstitiit ' irjii Sp ' irls Stuff THRP E THOUSAND years aizn Aesop saiil : The fish that is wlilen swims in the siin. Or maybe we ' re wroni;. Maybe it was onl 2O0O years ago. Or ma - be it was Solomon who said it. In any case, it is a pleasant thoviiiht, and may be true. Anil in an ' case Georgia Tech ' s basket-ball team came gold-clad, like any well-bred member of the finn ' tribe, onto the basket-ball courts last winter. Unlike the more well-bred members, huwe er, not a single member of the team boasted a fin. AVherefore traveling in the bright lights was forbidden b such gods as rule the courts. Georgia Tech ' s basket-ball team, in fact, saw very, very little light dur- ing the course of their season. The Jackets won but six times in 14 engage- ments with Southern Conference foes. Ihe Jackets won but nine times in the 24 engagements which ap- peared on their schedule. Which is, so to speak, not so hot. Coach Roy Mundorff opened his drive with a right sizable squad, among which were six letter men, a few others with some little previous experience, the class of the frosh outfit of 1928, and a group of prospects. There was no gold in these latter hi ' ls, but the final weeding out disclosed a crew whicli looked good for plenty of ictories — on paper. C.SPT.MN GOLDIN I ' M Wilson Hkeke W. GES Flowers Makek Williamson PiliJC Ttro Hiliultid and I ' tf i t ' i ' jflt T- EC I c ' Bc,skct--Bull , _ 1b ■ ■ ■I ' l F ' ft l . T ll r ff ' f■ ' ff ' . l ff7 ll f ll. _ if ' . » . ( " i ffii ff» v rr iT Wiiitii tij i . B j n i. ' i • .-•»■ y . pi ' i ' b ldh H u 1 ,o-i I " ' ] There were Captain Goldin and Wages for the guards. Veterans both, and capable of playing good ball. There were Tate and Warner and Maree for reser es. There was Raines at center. A promising sophomore. Raines. There were Tate and Perkins for replacements, if and when needed. 1 here were alternate-captain Wilson and Williamson for forwards. There were Perkins and Heeke ready for emergencies. Oh I And yes! The Jackets looked potent — on paper. In combat, however, something was missing. Not that same something attributed to Clara Bow by the public mind, but something closely akin. The Jackets, good enough for almost anything, just failed to click. The spirit was willing, and the flesh was not weak. Not by several beefsteaks. Mechanically the Jackets showed few flaws, ' et they could not win. The reasons are listed among those things known only to James Branch Cabell. The Jackets started their endeavors on their annual Northern road trip. Thev were not expected to turn in a good record on the jaunt. It was for the purpose of gaining in experience, of shifting the line-up to a workable form. The experience was gained, the line-up went through its changes. And the record was two victories in six games. Opening their conference season, the Jackets won an easy one from South Carolina and dropped a heart-breaker to Clemson. The Jackets stepped out of the conference to trim the Savannah J. E. A., and stepped b?ck in to be nosed out by Georgia, trimmed by Tennessee, and again — of all things — nosed out by Georgia. Vanderbilt fell an easy victim to the Tech wiles, and then the Jackets reached a peak to trim the rampant Atlanta Athletic Club quintet, breaking a winning streak which stretched back into the times of the ancients. Warner Tate Perkixs Friersox Raines Mathes Maxager Witmer I ' -i m : I) ..aCi-f -J pQgt Tico Hundred and Fifty-nine ' • ' Biiskct--Ball .M i h» n l lj t l ii « iii ' l u ».iB m B r tj| i 1 liffr i i ll ]j;m ii1 1iff i » i i«i B M Bi| r « i. %q_ lT l l i ni i lTl M rili » l ii 8 V W il Wir d TT m i iit m j )ii i Hiimi ii« i ' »i j » ' " W »« i iWii. i ' ii! » L;Pui ' " ' ' " ' " " ' ' ' " " ' ' " ' LiP " ' ' •,9; Vanih was again made a fall guy, this time a much more resistant kind. Kentucky-, Alabama, and Clemson beat on the Jackets in succession. Being knocked down meant little to the lads from the Flats, however. They rose to smite Auburn twice. And again — who suggested iruiting them? — t ' le Bulldogs staged their ' ' nosing out " act. The Jackets closed by yiehiing to the A. A. C. in a return game. That was all. The regular season had closed. After some discussion, which had no bearing what- e er on the matter at hand, the Jackets entered the conference tournament. Entered with a conference percentage of .361, a grand average of .409. The Jackets ran up the high score of the me;t in sending Tulane back to home and friends. The Jackets fought bravely against Duke ' s speed kings, but fell short of the victory and them- selves sought solace. Such, the books sav, is life. Or who said anything about it being Tech ' s ear. Dec. 27 Dec. 28 Dec. 30 Jan. I Jan. 3 Jan. 4 Jan. 10 Jan. I I Jan. 14 Jan. 18 Jan. 22 Jan. 25 Feb. I Feb. 4 Feb. 7 I ' eb. 8 Feb. 12 Feb. 15 leb. 17 Feb. 1 9 l- ' eb. 22 Feb. 25 Feb. 28 Mar. ! Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia lech Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia 1 ech Georgia lech Georgia Tech Georgia 1 ech Georgia Tech Georgia 1 ech Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia Tech Georgia J ech Georgia Tech Georgia 1 ech Georgia 7 ech Georgia I ech Georgia I ech Georgia I ech Georgia J ech 22 — University of Baltimore. ... 24 23 — Uni -ersity of l- ennsyl anla • • • 33 37 — Stevens Institute of Technology . . 25 24 — Crescent A. C. of Brooklyn ... 28 37 — St. 1 homas College 39 1; I — Franklin-.NFirshall College ... 36 31 — South Carolina 16 24 — Clemson College 25 36 — J. E. A. of Sa annah .... 22 23 — Georgia 26 28 — Tennessee 33 23 — Georgia 25 46 — ' anderbilt 25 31 — A. A. C 29 41 — ' an lc b!lt 37 19 — Kentucky 39 28 — Alabama 36 26 — Clemson College 40 47 — Auburn 34 40 — Auburn 29 31 — Georgia }, ' :, 22— A. A. C. . . 37 153 — Tulane 31 37— Duke 44 Vaijc Tvo Hiinilicd anil Sixlii BASEBALL ' f 7 Biischcill l ll l? l Bll Blll llff M » .m■T l l l B„ l l„ | 3.m , ll lln, lla ; . l. . l « l „ l , , ,lf,llnllff - ff ff■ W v i li W f |fttt l Bl| l ff | mi ' ftT[ff M f « li: ll C | ' ffilll || ff ) i ii " m fiii Ttjfi ii ff 1l | n| ) _t B ii In % T ' ieic of the I( 2Cj cisc j Scciso i ' Ul II Captaix Terrel GliUkGIA TECH ' S Paseball the 1929 Baseball Season Team (ipeiied with the At- The yellow lanta Crackers on March 23rd. Jacket nine fought w ith the Professional team for ten innings of thrilling baseball, until dark- ness brought the game to a close with the score tied, 6 to 6. The team frcm the Hats outhit tlie gang at SpiUers getting 17 hits, while the latter got only ij. Tlie spectators get a great opportunity to see what kind of a pitching stafT Tech had for Coach Clay started John Jordan on the mound and before the hectic struggle came to a close he used Quinn, Powell, and Little. Tie one game played with the Crackers was the only one of the three scheduled games played due to the rainy weather which pre- vailed during the month of March. Continuous rain hindered The " Kid " from holding practice very much before tlie inter- collegiate season opened on March 2;;,tli and . cth with Oglethorpe. The Stormy Petrels I ' opped the City Title by nosing out the Yellow Jackets in a last inning rally to win the ball game by a 5-4 count. The first game resulted in a tie. Jimmie Stevens playing his third year of varsity baseball in the role of catcher proved himself a hard worker and the possesser of a fighting heart. . s Captain of the Yellow Jacket Squad he proved an able leader. A two-game series with the Auburn tigers were the first out-of-town games for the Yellow Jacket nine. Varsity Squad IQJO m k . l.TERNATE, CaPTAIN FrINK 1 1 " ii J ' n ' ic Two lluiulrrd nnd Lrln-tico r: PRlMT ' -:l93o " BasehciU !J. pag7 iT i iiitiit j tini jiniiBi«i i ) »iiWi iW i f ii«iii tj » iu iTi i Bi i «ii ' iii ii ' « i iift ii» ' ii i 4ift i ' i ' 1 The Series resulted in a double defeat for the boys from the flats. Coach Clay ' s gang then fought two battles with the University of Ala- bama and were defeated in both games, the Alabama clan chalking up 2}, runs against Tech ' s 3 in the first fray and 16 runs against Tech ' s 10 in the second. The four successive conference defeats lianded the Yellow Jackets seemed to prove that the boys could not play ball away from lionie. The main difficulty lay in the pitching staff which up to this time proved mighty weak. However, undaunted by the miserable defeats handed them already on their road trip. the baseballers headed for Gainsville. Florida to meet the ' Gators in a two-game series. The ' Gators copped the first game but Tech came back strong in the second, and behind the ex- cellent pitching of John Jordan defeated the boys in the state of sunshine with a score of 3-1. Jordan allowed the Florida bunch only three hits and two of those came in the ninth inning. For si.x full innings the ' Gators were unable to reach first base. The Jackets counted twice in the first inning when " Red " Terrell and Bob Parham hit safely and scored on Tom Jones ' long drive into deep center, after both had advanced one base on an infield out. Clay field was the scene of the next two battles of our baseball team, the result of which Tech split a two- game series with the Clemson Bears. With revenge in their liearts after the two defeats handed them at .■ uburn, the Tech boys looked forward to the two games at hand with the Tigers at Clay field. Tlie tables were turned. The " Little Xapoleon ' s ' ' team defeated the boys from Auburn in two games, the scores being Fresh mnn Squad IQJO M- N- GER S. rH. M. X. GKR Cl, rk Page Tun Jluiiihnl innl Sixlii tliici- ■ 55 ' Bdsehiill u lJ lla llB l « ll l lf),l lJ l l l| ffl l ff l ll 1 J m ll f Jm l ll lBl all l lll?l l l l ll»l lQJ ffll flllflllBlllBllMl | ii TlP,[i|r} j li ff | lffllt Lfl lffl " ft Hfl i il ' ' ift " ll ' l ' Wl l l M ff i ff ' i ii ' ?ui »ii ' ft iit1 ll i Jlj B lf l « 12-7 and ! -. Tlie first game was a see-saw affair, and with Auburn leading by a lone tally in the eighth frame, Tech broke loose with their hats and scored five runs before the inning was over. The second game was all Tech ' s. Jordan was on the mound for the locals and pitched a fine game, allowing l.iut seven scattered hits. L ' p to this time Jordan proved to be the Jacket ' s main stay, for the pitching stafT as a whole seemed to be showing up mighty bad, though the Tech batsmen were doing their duty by socking that old rock to make up for the weak pitching. Another attempt for sweet revenge were the two battles with the baseball nine from Alabama, but the Tech Diamondeers took only one of the two games, thus resulting in three defeats by ' Bama during the season. The Georgia Bulldogs journeyed to Clay field and tripped the boys .for two games. The Bulldogs packed a terrific batting attack, though the helluva engineers did outhit them in the first game. Bonehead baseball proved to be Tech ' s downfall, for the boys did everything with the ball that should not have been done. However the boys offered no alibies, for they were whipped liy a superior team, from the nationally famous University of .Alibies. Brilliant Rallies gave Vanderbilt 3-0 and 6-1 wins over the Yellow Jackets at Xashville to increase the number of defeats already handed the Georgia Tecli Baseball Team by Conference Xines. It seemed that the numerous losses proved that Tech had only one dependable pitcher, namely John Jordan. The 1929 Baseball season was closed by a two-game series in . thens with the Georgia Bulldogs. Again Jordan brought in a victory for Tecli by his steady hurling. The Red and Black proved a little two hot for the Yellow Jacket nine in the last game and handed the boys a defeat, thus giving the Athenians tliree games out of the four played during the season. Thus ends the story of the 1929 Baseball season. There were dozens of thrilling episodes during the sea- son, but only a few of them caused the Tech fans to shout with joy. The team fought, and fought with undy- ing spirit, but the handicap under which tliey battled was too great to warrant a successful season. The team elected " Red Terrell, " the ever fighting infielder, Captain of the Yellow Jacket Baseball Team for 19, 0. Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech RESULTS OF THE 1929 BASEBALL SEASON 6 — Crackers (13 innings) 6 5 — Oglethorpe (9 innings) 5 4 — Oglethorpe 5 3 — Auburn 23 ID — Auburn 17 2 — Florida ! . . . 3 T, — Florida i 9 — Clemson College 4 12 — Auliurn 7 8 — Auburn 3 4 — Alabama 6 I — Alabama 7 2 — Alabama 3 4 — Alabama 2 i — South Carolina 9 2 — Georgia 7 I — Georgia 12 — ' Vanderhilt 3 I — Vanderbilt 6 • • • 5— Georgia 3 I — Georgia 3 Games Plaved Won 6 Lost 13 Tied Percentage ■313 LINE-UP Short V Smith Aubrey Hnnns . Red Tkrrki.i. Warner Mrzr.i.r. . Jimmy Frink Andy Hutchinson ' ihort Stoj Sliorl Slop Second liasc first Basr Tliinl )((.(( ' Riqht lucid Tom Jones Left Field QuiNN Bob P.xrham Center Field Left Field JiMMiE Stevens (Captain) Catcher Ell Herron Catcher John Jordan Pitcher Lefty Powt.i.e Pitcher Ltttt.e Pitcher Pitcher ■OT 9. Patlf- Tiro Ilinnhi ' l uinl Si.vfii f nn ' ♦ TRACK igjo Track iltj ' g jlA: i A S tliis publicatioti goes to press we liaven t the final results of all the meets, but as far as we have them they are complete. Judging h the results that have been obtained so far this year, it seems as if the ' ole team is due for another gala year. The results of the Meets are as follows: In the first Southern Indoor Conference Meet Tech placed third after Vashington and Lee and North Carolina. The other teams participating in the meet were: Maryland, lulane, Virginia, Geijrgia, South Carolina, N. C. State, and Duke. Flach of these teams placing in the order named. The next meet was against Furman, which we won to the tune of 97 ' 2 to 35 2, taking ten of the available first places. The meet following this one was with North Carolina in which we were completely swamped to the score of 104 to our 27. This was due to a large extent to an epidemic of pulled tendons, five of our men being on the side lines. In the Southern Rela s the Freshmen took three seconds, Doug Graydon took second in the javelin and Ed Hamm took first place in the broad jump, breaking the record in this. The relay team took third place in the one-half mile rela ' . The S. E. A. A. U. came next on the schedule and in this Tech made two firsts, one second, two thirds, and three fourths. Shag Williams winning the 440 hurdles, and the relay team taking the high honors in their events. The team being visibly weakened by the absence of Doug Graydon and Ed Hamm who w ere at the Penn. Relays. It is with great pride that we state that Doug and Ed did themselves proud at the Penn. Re- lays, as Ed broke a record of thirty years standing in the broad jump, his mark being 25 feet 4i ' 2 inches. Doug also placed third in the javelin with a hea e of 188 feet. The results of the following meets were unattainable as they have not been run off as yet: University of Georgia, Ma - 2 (at Athens). Auburn, May 10 (at Atlanta). The Southern Conference Meet May 17 (at Hirmingh.nm ). LAi ' TAiN Hamm Read Taylor Crisfiei.d Lyons Hicks Bailey Smith I ' atj . Ti ' tt Ifiimhtil tiitd Sixty-itij: — — . J9J0 Track aiiMS ' ..■— WW... ... ■ « r ■■ rr.B -n— . .■w,. ...r..iii. U ftl lHj R|l flll ( l l l|ftl U ff | w tl ff, l » l l ff m ilf) iff llff nffi l llflF » I M% l H_ l lffl| , P l f Iff , ffll , =YgJj|S ; ;==Tr K -r-ffHF%HFF - T TB i " ' ' _ ' _ _ . . ' 1 The success of the Track season is due to the following men : Harvey: Jack is a high and low hurdle man and a good one at both. More power to you Jack. Coffee : George has a pulled muscle at present but it is expected that he will be in shape soon. Crisfield: A1 is a long-distance man who has been with the ' arsity now for three years and has been a great help all along. La Forge : Charlie is the 220 and 440 man of the outfit and has been doing these in regular style. Charlie is a sophomore, and we w ill hear from him a great deal in the future. Graydon : Doug is the utility man. He runs the hundred, the 220, throws the javelin, and broad jumps u ith the best of them. Doug is also a sophomore and more will be heard from him later. Williams: Shag is holding his own in the high jump and the low hurdles, and we can look forward to bigger and better things from him next year also. Newcomer: Just as his name implies, this young man is a new- comer to us. He is a Hne low hurdler and much is expected of him this year. Smith: A high hurdler of sterling qualit -, a broad jumper and discus man as well. De Jarnette: A consistent pole aulter who will be with us again and to whom we are looking for honors in this field. Hicks: This is another man with a long stick from whom we expe ct to recei e our laurels in this field. Fo.XHAll: This is the young man who has been walking away with the prizes in low hurdles so far and we hope he will continue to do so. H.AMM : Last, but not least, by a long shot, comes Ed. Not only is he predominant in the field of broad jump but he is one of the best sprinters in the South. Look up his record and see for yourself, Gentlemen ! LaFiirge Cook H. rvev Graydox Foxhall Asburv Weatherford MaxaJer Revnolds Ptjijc Tir t Huntlrril anil SHxtu-fierrn ic)2c) Qross Qjioitry •G, " ft il ti t u i B i ' »ii iffi.if) i a u i i i « M ii l m irri iff i i ii iBi «ii« v Tiii«i ' i i i i » it ii iffi i « j iff i i mw (i iV i iniii(T mij i r n n »Bi»i ii»iiW u r? i iii ' » i ii« i ii ijl ii u ff» ' » ' « " " " ' ' " " ' ' it fmTff ' tfl igifffP? m f r HE cross-countr) team of this yenr h:is had a better ear than usual. Out of the four meets en- - • tered we came out with two first phices, losinir another by four points, and comini in fourth in the Southern Conference Meet. The work of Captain Al Crisfield lielped substantialh in keeping the team on top. He could ah a. s be depended on for a first or second every time he took the field. The results of the meets are as follows: The first meet of the season was with Clemson. In this meet Tech made a perfect score, the first five men in were ours, then a Clemson man came in, then two more of ours. Crisfield placed first with a time of IQ.36 minutes for the three miles. The score in this meet was 15-48. Next in the horizon was Georf ia. John ' oung of Georgia was the winner in this meet with Crisfield of Tech a close second. Auburn came next and the score in this meet vas as close as in the meet with Georgia, being 26 to 30 in their fa or. Crisfield again took first place in this event. His time was 23 minutes 19 seconds. In the Southern Conference meet Tech came out fourth, being beaten by North Carolina, . P. I., and Florida. Georgia taking fifth place. The other participants in the Meet were N. C. State, Duke. Tenn., Washington and Lee, and Clemson. With the Southern Conference Meet, Tech wound up its scheilule. CntSS-Crjlinlry S quail m PiUjC Tun Ilimilivii tiiitl Si.rti vif ht ri Ai i yi Truck of ICJ2C) WW imS[?!;sssi t i 2SV ! F fflaBiHii lfll it JR ii ft T i ffhiff ' ifti i iftii uft F ff ii ff»ff ff lj i T iir iff i Lffiiff i iftiiffiiffii!T n i q_ i[ ff iK ff n ff ' ff l i ff il ft rftwTfhr nTftiTfftn tftlffnfr i jjiffjini! DUE to ihe lateness of the 1929 Track schedule we were unable to express our thanks to the fol- lowing men of the Track team of 1929: Beall: Frog was elected to fill the shoes of Hamm as Ca[itain, ami he did a very creditable job of it. He is a half-miler and does it in record time. AxASTASAS: Hank is one of the best runners the ' arsity has seen in many a day and runs with the best in the conference. SwAlx : A great asset to the squad this year as he is the best pole aulter in this section of the country " . Coffee: It can be said of George that never did a man work more to uphold the honors of his school. He runs the hundred in championship style, and competes with the best of them in the other dashes. DuREX: " Ureamv " brings in the points in the high and hiw hurdles. More could not be asked of any man. Bovd: It is with regret that we are not able to state that Jimmie hung up many records this year, but due to injuries he was unable to be in the line-up. Crisfield: There is nothing very flashy about Al. but he is mighty consistent in his running and could always be depended on for a place at the finish. Al is also Captain of the Cross Country Team. Stewart: Stac - is a pole vaulter and high jumper of note. He did his best at all times which show up mighty well on the score card. Barrox : We could fill up an entire book on the good quahties of our Coach Hal Barron, but to put it in a few words, the entire outcome of the season depended on this master of the track. If ou don ' t believe he did his job well, just take a look at the residts. Reynolds: This is the m;:n who ou never hear about. But it goes without saying that when- ever anything goes wrong he has to fix it up. Lin is also the man who has to keep the other boys in the right frame of mind at all time , and see that they get their share of the eats. More power to ou Lin, the worst is over. Freshman Squad 1 i g m II: m M I ' uijf ' lull llliniliiil mill i.rl! ' K , . , f ' • ' r " £ wMj j ic j l .rr t ' -X ' 1 MINOR-SPORTS Tenuis c .JOffiffil ii asiik ji. i i» iiHj t u.aii iHiiHiiffiiiB,» » tii ffi i« i i i tjj,m if t i ,i ni». i« iiH M Bi i iti[ WM i) iii i i i i iti i iniiai i ffii«i m . .itAAlil )j rn i wiimit j i i Bi m»Wi ' »iiBiiW uff ii i ' u« ' TT ' HE Tech net team enjoyed fair success during the 1929 season winning three games, losing four and tying one. In the conference tournament Captain Lewis and Goldin went to the Quarter finals as a pair while Captain Lewis went to the third round in singles. In the state tournament Vil- liamson and Cabaniss won the doubles while Malon Courts carried oft the honors in singles. The losses of Captain Lewis, Cabaniss and Merkle will be felt in the coming season but with Captain Elect Williamson and Sid (joldin back and with numerous prospects from the freshmen the prospects for the 1930 season are ver bright. Team Personnel : Lewis, Capt.. Cabaniss, Williamson, Goldin, and Merkle. The Season : Tech defeated Kentucky Tech ji Auburn Tech »» Sewanee Tech tied Florida Tech lost to Alabama Tech " Tulane Tech " North Carolina Tech » Georgia I9JO S ' Iliad IV -T- «■! _ 1 h. :i. B Pane Tiro iluuihid and S(H ' nti iii ' Xm JyTX l , ll ll | ; » l l lftJ l llf l uB l l l1 n l ffi l»l l l1 l ] mMnlff ll « l lBn llllfllrTlll ll ' l ll ll ll l nll«l l lln| l Bl I B l »l PJTfirail fifflBlfir ' i . ii ' iiw mj t i nii i i» »»ii ' « ' i ' i ' ii W i i ffi » " iiWi iHjl n i ' " " ' " " ' " ' " " ' ' ' " " ' " ' " ' li " " ' m n tic n ' ATT ' ITH five wins, three losses and a fourth place in the S. I. C. tournnment, the Tech Golf Team enjoyed a good year. Captain Shag Irvin and John Leach finished their college golfing careers in fine shape, playing good all through the season and winning honors at the S. I. C. tournament at the close of the year. Captain Irvin won fourth place while Leach won the second flight conscdation. The other two memhers of the team, in the personage of Charley Brumby and Scott Hudson did their part in tiptop fashion, and are expected to carry their part again during the next season. The prospects for the next season are bright, with l rumb and Hudson back and with Wilbur Oakes and Roger Parker coming up to fill the vacancies left bv Irvin and Leach. With these four men Tech should not have so many troubles in the coming year. Team Personnel : Shac Ir in ' , Ctipt., Charlie Rru.mbv, Scott Hudsox, and John Leach. The Season : Tech . . i4 ' Duke .... Vi Tech . . I Florida .... 17 Tech . - 3K ' Alabama . . . WA Tech ■ • 13J2 Vanderbilt . . 4K ' Tech . . 10 ' J Sewannee . . . TA Tech • . 9 ' 2 Duke 8j ' S Tech . . 9K ' North Carolina 8 2 Tech b ' S Georgia . . . uK ' S. I. C. Tournament Tech 4th Place. 1 9 JO S ' 11 ml ' !■■■■ ■ a Sraf S,-, .-rB ) i . i [»in ii i i M i ririm iiiii ni iiii u i iir i . ' I ' auc Tiri) II tilKlrid tiiitl . (itiilitlfn m m m Szvimmiug " ]s[50 l R[FiP ! (i ' iiffiii m i»iiiit nwi »i " ' i ' iiW ' i ' ii ' »i ii j tii " " " ' " ' " " " ' ' ' ' " " ' " J ' ' THE " ' ellow Jacket Tankmen, under tlie excellent leailersiiip of Captain Dick McKinstry and alter- nate " Red " HoUeman, brought the Southern Conference Swimming Title to the Flats for the fourth straight season last ear. Tech started the 1929 season during the early part of February b trekking to Princeton. N. J., where they fell before the Tiger ' s swift attack by a 49 to 11 score. After their defeat by the Orange and Black, the Jackett natators moved on to Annapolis and met the Navy and the University of Pittsburgh in a triangular meet. The Navy took first place with a total of ?9 points, while Tech came next with a count of 21 points and Pittsburgh brought up the rear b - gathering 17 points. On the return trip to Atlanta from their Northern invasion, the Gold and White swimmers stcjpped of-f at Durham, N. C, and took the Duke Blue Devils into camp by an overwhelming score of 52 to 10. A little later, after their arrival home, the Jackets isited Knoxville, Tenn., and snowed under the " " team of that city with a score of 44 to 18. The Gators of Florida were the next to taste defeat at the hands of the Southern Champions when they invaded the Flats and were returned home on the short end of a 48 to 13 count. In this meet Tech had an eas - time by taking every first place, and with McKinstry and Holleman setting three new Southern records between them. McKinstry bettered his old mark in the 50-yard free style, while Holleman made new time in the 100 and 220 yard dashes. The State meet followed and the story was the same. Tech captured this meet by running up a total of 41 points. Emory and Georgia came second and third respectively with a total of 19 points be- tween them. C. . House was elected to captain the 1930 team, and Flemming Cooper was chosen as alternate. The following men received letters. McKinstry, Holleman, Maier, Shackleford, Simpkins, and Harris. The Freshmen squad also turned in a good record and numerals were awarded tcj Kennickell, Fain, Ingle, Wilkes, McCampbell, Wise, Patton, Payne and Sanders. 1929 SEASON RESULTS: Tech 1 1 — Princeton 49 Tech 44 — Knoxville " Y " 18 Tech 2 1— Na T 39 Tech 48— Florida 13 Pittsburgh 17 Tech 41 — Emor ' 13 Tech 52 Duke 10 ' ! Georgia 6 iQ n Squad .1? ' K I ' tnjr Tivf) IhnnhttJ tiiiil Sriuntu four ' ] 0. T. Q Qhampion Foothcill Team ff i ' iftiiftiff ' ift m ffilft « T i ff i iff» lt 3 i m i Tl iff li »n Biffiiffi ) ff » fti ' (q_fi iffl n f1iiffiliff li ffii iW i« u |ii nm n »»i i« " i H ' « ' m i N « " ' U» " " ' " " " " " " " " " " " " " ' " " " Each year, the different Cdrps of the army and navy units form an Athletic League in order to further the building up of real men. A regular schedule is mapped out and the champion is decided in from a contest in which teams are matched against one another. Each team is so scheduled that it plays one game with each other team. In this manner, several stars are discovered and it proves an ad antage to the Athletic Association. They ha e representatives on the spot to see if any varsity material is present. In order to pa its trib ite to the services of such men who might be selected for the varsity, the Athletic Association allows the games to be played on Grant Field, the players wearing the regular Tech uniform, and at the end of the season, the Association awards to the winning team sixteen sweaters. Below is shown a picture of this ear ' s champions. They are members of the Coast Artillery Corps, coached by Captain Taliaferro. Those receiving sweaters were : .9 y m ImI m X .- AXDIXG Bercege. ' vy Brock Coffin Con LEY HUNGERFORD Lively McKlNNEY McKeon IVLagill ivi.athes, f. a. IVLathes, E. S. Merry Pickett Summers Robinson V.ANN Yarborough i I S ' ■ci B ■I Ill ' [ MIIIIMIH Ml r : - y u. ' « ; ' I II II lliiiiihiil mill Si I I iiltt-lii ? . T. Q Qhcimpionsliip Basket- Bui I Team IffiSiMli SBM _, l | i,ffiiiMn ff.ift m ft . ) f ; , ffiiau ff ' lim ii T ) il 1 i ff J1 iaiittirftirWi. % i H_ l l lT ll lffilffillff |i ffil l f T;i i l1l n mr )J tiBii i t» nl i i » iiBiiWiiffliil« ii iBii jl i ff» i «»i« " " ' i ' " " " i l " i " ' il ' " ' lJ » ' » " ' IcV llie Coast Artillen Corps, not satisfied witli their laurels uon in toothall came back with a rush and also copped the championship in basket-hall. Not unlike the football leaj;ue, each team, or corps, has a chance at one another. However, instead of cne iiame, two are played. The Athletic Association also does it part here, and allows the gym for practice anil games. At the end of the season they gi e sweaters to the eight men most deserving on the winning team. Below is a picture of the team composed of the following men: Jack Warxer, Coach Gibbons, Captain Lanier Mathes Pavxe, H, L. Payne, W. K. Price Rogers Yates Piujf Tirt, lliui ' htil atiil Scccnti six H m rwi R Ie Ti ' am c» 1 J l l ft ||ft nl fll l ltlllftl ffl T? lff l ff ff fl ll ftlff lff nffi rlftll ft ||fflllfl|| % llftlllftl l ffi ff |lBl CaI ' TAIX H. V. RdBINSON Staff Sergeaxt W. H. Godbee G. R. Spangler .... .M. F. Martin . . . M T a i im j i ii W iin i iJi ii W i i Biiff ' it i iii WiN Wi iUj i i i i ft i ' " " " ' ' " ' ' " " ' ' ' ' " Team Coach and Manager Team Coach Captain first Lieutenant W. H. Deitsch J. S. Chandler R. L. Speights R. V. NoRRIS H. A. HuxxicuTT MEMBERS H. B. Burks V. H. Newtox G. G. MooxEV E. A. Baker W. O. Smith E. V. HUXGERFORD T. L. Ramsey G. S. Obear J. B. Baggeri.y E. S. Crouch J. L. Ward = rf?1 I The Rifle Team to represent Georixia Tech was selected from members of the Unit Team and old members of the last year ' s team. y I The Team won second place in the Corps Area match, after ha ing won this match for four ' consecutive years. 1 he Tech Team has been selected as one of the two teams to represent the Corps Area in the National Intercollegiate Match. Two Teams have been entered in the William Randolph Hearst National Trophy Match. Last . ear the two teams entered in this match won second and fourth places in the Southern Division for Senior Units and were awarded a Team Trophy and individual medals. Fifteen letters and suitable sweaters are awarded annualh to members of the team. The Georgia Tech Association furnishes necessary funds for the purchase of sweaters and other expenses. l,;g.--— ■ nnn ii ninT i m i ii iii Mi ii N I ' lii c Til,, Hull, hill ,111,1 . , I , iilii-si , , II kU- r O u Mr .:uL I ii " [III — rr II ' m ■• - t. I ; .QPvGXNfZATFPK HONORARY m " Phi K ppa Phi ,A4-t Jl.j «jI3L_k.ji:.ij.-tjL jLJ: S r: . . yjfa t VOIU l »l| ; lau ft lff M lTllln , l l | ff |,Bl, J ,, Tl l l lJ l |l llf, | ff u ff,.l , ll l; Hll m ; r |.B; l!i Trlf T at (H | lffll f;Jll ffl i lll n5!iffln ffii flu llW i l , ' ffl l l l ]ff ' l !W ' ' iWii f lii i fln f l jfti lfflffr iHj e ji ni ! Honorary Fraternit ' OFFICERS Founded 1897 Established phi DoMEN ' lCO PlETRO SaVANT Presiill ' lt Howard VARD Mason I ' icc-Pres ' ulcnt James Erskixe McDaniei Secretary Allen Benton Morton Assistant Secretary Roger Sheppard Howell Treasurer MEMBERS Thomas J. Culpepper, Jr. James Richard Frink THo LAS Patterson (jood.nlan Leonard Atherton Gould Ward Heeth Grantham Edwin Langdon Hanna John Van Allen Harold William Beers Bryan LaFollette Brown John Patrick Campbell James Robert Carnes Paul Maddox Clark Gilbert Hillhouse Boggs Marion Luther Brittain Hugh Harris Caldwell W. L. Carmichal L. W. Chapin J. B. Crenshaw John Lawrence Daniel T. W. Fitzgerald FACULTY E. H. Folk, Jr. H. K. Fulmer A. V. Henrv R. L Hill R. S. Howell W. B. Johns, Jr. R. S. King H. W. Mason WiLLIA.M BaRTLETT HaRPER Cecil Miller Hefner James Ryan Hicks La.mbert Adkins Holloway John Joseph Lambert James P.atton Napier George Edgar Powell R. . L ALatson A. B. Morton f. E. McDaniel G. H. McKee T. W. Noel W. G. Perry F. R. Reade D. P. Savant T. G. Seidell W. V. Skiles D. M. S.mith D. L. Stamy W. H. Vaughn H. S. Weber B. B. Wroth H. A. Wycoff Campbell, Thom.xs, First Rozc Hicks, Harper, Second Rozi ' GooDM. N, Carnes, Grantham, Gould, Tliird Rozi ' Beers, Brown, Hefner, Lamkert, Han Ci m- Allen, Frink, Napier Powell, Holloway Cl I I EPPER fl WKM ' i n m m 9| -,i fe- " .a -0). l-i- r itj Tirn l uiiihiil iiiul EUjhhl tiro Ta Beta P l B i i| |j f j,BiLi B u« iiff. H i;i « jf i ff !i!»i i t( mMT i ff iBi iB iaiiBi , lT. i »ii %i t l_y iiT i» Wiiffiiff| . l ' M , :) Honorary Entrineerint: Fraternity. Founded i88s Installed 1024 OFFICERS Cecil Miller Hefner President Pall Meredith Speake Uc-President John ' an ' Allen Corresponding Secretary Harold William Beers Recording Secretary John Joseph Lambert Treasurer Alexander Clifton Wise, Jr Cataloger FACULTY ' C. E. CooLiDGE T. V. Fitzgerald T. S. Dunn- H. W. M son F. C. Snow MEMBERS John Van Allen Thomas Hartley Hall Johx Joseph Lambert Harold William Beers Edwin Langdon Hanna Henry Irwin Xeely. Jr. Albert H. Blackmore William Bartlett Harper Lamar A. Newcomb Rees Tate Bowex, Jr. Cecil Miller Hefner Frank David Nichols Pal L Maddo.x Clark James Ryan Hicks Thomas Malcolm Price, Jr. Rice Fitzpatrick Crenshaw Lambert Adkins Holloway Paul Meredith Speake Franklin Henry Drew William Morgan Holsenbeck Ken Carlton Thomas Thomas Patterson Goodman Thomas Whitfield Jennings James Ross Thompson- Ward Heath Gr-antham Alexander Clifton Wise. Jr. First Rozi ' Peers, Thomas. Hicks, Bdwex, Gr. nth. m. Crexshaw, Clark, Allex, Blackmore Second Ron ' Goodman. Drew, Xeelv, Lambert. Thompson, Holsenbeck. Holloway. Hanna Third Rinc Harper. Hefner. Speake. Hall. Wise, Price, Nichols, Xewcomb. Jennings •I ■ f Page Tico Hundred and Elfjhtih three A ' i B- S ' T-- , I ,,„ - —■ ' ■■■ " ■-■ ' —X„],i... eta Qamma Sigma ' l «l ,»lal.«ll » l,l ,lll , l» , ff l,a „ l , B „ , ,», lS |ff|,f|, , | ,| |,,( |( ,ll ll, llffi , ,lB|lB ;i , Honorary Commercial Fraternity Founded 1913 Installed 1927 OFFICERS J. P. Xai ' IER Prisident Prof. Noah V RRnN J ' icc-Pnsiilent Prof. L. R. Siebert Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY T. E. McClellan L. R. Siebert T. W. Noel Noah Warren UNDERGRADUATES C. P. Bagley J. P. Napier J. R. Carnes G. E. Powell W. E. Fort R. L. Speights First Row Siebert,, Noel, Warren Second Ro ' lk. ' Baglev, Speights, Carnes, Napier, Powell • ■ I . U in 1 ■■ ' ■ — 1 rH I ' ayi- Tiro Uuitilrrd und Eiiihtijfour «•— n e r- J ' Z- a- . 9i ■ m . ii ' fi Ji i FOUNDED I9O8 OFFICERS President ' ' Harold Rusk Vice President - - - - Sid Goldin Secretarjp - - - — ' Victor Little MEMBERS Jiirwnie Frink Ed Hamm " H rd Grantliain Hobb ) Law Red Terrell : i » l. . « i. ftl«.|ff.lB.f»il«ifl?l,l »u (! |J,» , ' Tli « il i,J »i ' « i , Ti,i % . % OFFICERS Warner Mizell President Halbert Law rice-President George Coffee Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Tom Becknell Tom Jones James O. Brooke Halbert Law George Coffee Kent Mack Flemming Cooper Vance Maree Earl O. Dunlap Robert Mathes Harold Faisst Warner Mizell ALarshall Flowers Robbin Paul James R. Frink John Pritchet Sidney Goldin William Tate Edward B. Hamm William S. Terrell Edward Herron Joseph J. Westbrooke Aubrey Hobbs Clarence L. Williamson, Jr. Baxter Irwin Charles N. Witmer Top Row Cooper, Westbrooke, Maree, Jones, Frink, Coffee, Mack, Witmer Second Roiv Dunlap, Hamm, Flowers, Paul, Terrell, Brooke, Goldin. Irvin Third Roz, ' Becknell, Law, Faisst, Williamson. Mathes, Mizell, Tate. Hobbs Y - ' -v.f .laill y- 1 r % i m Er:,v I ' mif Tirij II II ml ml anil EiiiMij-six 6C ' 1:, m ■-1 , rt Koseme Society Earl (). Duxlap James (). Brooke Marshall F lowers PrCiidtnt I ict-Prt side lit Seciitary and Irinsurer MEMBERS Harrell Asbury Robert Bahrt Ja.mes O. Brooke Samuel Colvin Flemmixg Cooper Newman Corker Earl O. Duxlap Marshall Flowers Edward Herron Andrew Hl ' tchinson Ra ' Isaacs Tom Jones Frank . Magill Vance Maree Merrill Swartz Aaron Taylor Top Rozv Hutchinson, Asburv. Dunlap. Corker, Magill, Bahrt Second Roic Cooper, Maree, Brooke, Isaacs, Jones, Taylor T: ■ £j I II : n y ' t iu ifii n i ' tifAi fthTv Patjc Tico HuHdrett niui Kif htij t m Skull cuid A cy Society ll lll ; lBl.ll l lll l n n , l1 . l l l m l « l l ll J,m l. h l»l JB llB l. Bl l l u Bl.»l ll ll l nl l Wlllfl|ll ll OFFICERS Jamks Wilkes Prtsitii ' nt John McKee lice-President Joseph IMcCutcheon Secrtt uy mil Treasurer MEMBERS LuDovic Bercegeav Joseph McCutcheon William English John McKee Isaac Farmer Russell McKinney Jack Glenn Leon Mitchum Douglas Gravdon Pleasant Patterson Willis Greer Charles Raines John Ingle Thomas Sanders Charles LaForge Ben Smith Edward Lively Thomas Wells John Maddox James Wilkes Wells Moore Sidney Williams Top Roic McKee, Glenn, Moore, Ingles. Raines, Maddox, Greer Second Rozc Mitch L-M, McKinney, LaForge, Sanders, Graydon, Patterson Third Roif Smith, Wilkes, Lively, McCutcheon, Bercegeay, Wells, Williams - Ptvic Tun lliiiiiliiil anil K ' njUty-ciijht ' Pi ' Delta E ' psilon Honorary Journalistic Fraternity Founded 1909 Installed 192 " ' OFFICERS K. E. Mack. Jr President W. H. Grantham J ' ice-President J. R. Thompson- Secretary W. R. Taylor Treasurer FACULTY ' A. H. Armstrong J. B. Crenshaw P. B. Xarmore G. M. Sparks MEMBERS R. A. Anderson AV. H. Grantham C. L. Renfroe H. A. Bransford . J. Greene A. F. Roberts R. T. BowEN R. Nl. Heard F. L. Sacha W. C. Binklev C. B. King A. H. Schwenke J. H. Christian N. H. Lassiter F. S. Stephenson J. R. Carnes ' H. G. Lesley E. L. Smith E. P. Davis K. E. Mack A. W. Sturgis P. L. Dorn L. B. Mann J. R. Thompson H. E. DoDD T. E. Minter V. R. Taylor R. D. Frederick H. I. Xeely E. L. Yeargen S. G. Goodwyn ' e L. R. Partain V. B. Yeargen B. D. Pritchett To( Ron: Roberts, Heard. Greene. Goodwvne. Braxsford. Stephensin ' . Mack. Schwexke, Manx Second Roz Minter. Smith. N ' eelv. Dorn. Lassiter. Axdersun. Davis Third Roic Lesley. Bouen. Frederick. Sacha. Dodd. Johnson. Rexfroe Fourth Rozc Carxes. Pritchett. V. B. Yearcex. Sturgis. Partain. Christian. Binklev. Grantham. E. L. Vearhex ll.r. i m ■ir I 1 Irf. m I m£ Page Two Huudred and EUjhtynine ;rg g -3j( m ' Delta Sigmu " Pi . V I a h. i« M lf ,« M ff,lfl.f»«1 iffi,»l, , i; 0. »,iTl iff i .J »i iiW.i m iB n l , l i , fl l iWi l ltlii l BliBi l ili C Professional CommiTcial Fraternity Kappa Cliapter Preston Barber William H. Blodgett C. V. Browxlee Lawrence Cole Frank G. Eth bridge C. M. Floyd Robert N. Gilbert George T. Giles LeRov Hamilton John W. Hemperly Douglas Horne Howard C. Kitchens Paul Landen ME]VIBERS Alex Lindholm Charles McKagen Clyde Miles J. Patton Napier Norman V. Pettys Edward Plaster, Jr. W. W. Poland James C. Roberts J. M. Sewell Bernard R., Jr. M. Guy Swanson M. W. SWINT Karl Wilson Top Row SuTTLEK, Giles, Hor.n ' e. Kitchens, Roberts, Lindholm, McKagan Second Row Cole, Pettys, Polland, Blodgett, Napier, Gilbert. Floyd, Landen Third Ro v Sewell, Swint, Barber, Miles. Brownlee, Plaster, Wilson 1 ? r P P i v Tun H HHilinl ami inttii t r FRlMTr-:l9 3 Alphci K ppii Psi J W l tj » ii Biiftii iiff n iB »i i Ti ff iiai i » 3i Wi.Ti iii i» .iW i«iiBiiitiii« M% i )_p iit i iini i ff H t i !« ii ji t ; i Honorarv Commercial Fraternitv PI CHAPTER K ' S I- Cleve Allen Oscar Bergstrom Kenneth Brown Newman Corker Steven Cotraux WiLLLAM DiETSCH Thomas Eldridge MEMBERS Allen O. Evans Willlam Henson Robert A. Hills John Hines Andrew A. Hltchinson Whj.lam Leigh Frank Maier Robert C. Mathes John Maxwell E. Graham McDonald Lawrence Quinlen William Randol Robert D. Read Robert L. Reeves Top Ro ' d ' Hutchinson, Cotraux, Reeves, Dietsch. Mathes, Quinlen Secotid RocC McDonald, Randol, Leigh, Evans, Bergstrom Third Ro ' u ' Read, Allen, Corker, Brown, Maier. Hills m Page Two Hiiiiriicil uinl Mmtu one xAlphii T clta Sigma ll IlliJ alal ■ ll » ll ftn B| l l l ffr B, l lT J,m llBl l ll J8 l»llBl J l Bl. l _y llTlllftlllTlill llll ' l M l i l : l Honorary Advertising Fratern;t OFFICERS W. H. DiETSCH President J. P. Napier l " ui--President J. P Campbell Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS T. E. Anderson W. E. Jenkins H. S. Brinson H. S. Johnson J. P. Campbell H. A. Lkfferts V. H. DiETscH J. P. Little G. F. Herrin R. C. Mathes J. P. N ' apier First Roiv Anderson, Brinsox. Lefferts, Dietsch, Napier Second Ron ' Little, Johnson, Campbell, Herrin, Jenkins, Mathes m I ' arjc Tun llKHilnil ami Mnetii-tiio u Ku ppd Kn,ppci ' Psi ' l 1 l | | J l l « |lB N l llnl l |l ,l M)i l ffB l l Jlm lr J l l nl Jal ll«irl lll1l.. %q_f llflllfll l ffi ffill« Mi ii ,j Honorary Musical Fraternit Iota Chapter OFFICERS ) ' " J. H. AsBURV Presit enl H. A. Braxsford ... J ' ice-Presidcnt H. M. Baxter Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS J. H. AsRURV J. K. Jones Lewis Barnes Reiser H. M. Baxter J. R. Lanlm H. A. Bransford F. R. Meredith Lloyd Fackelman J. T. Preston, Jr. Re:: Gephart Lawrence Quixlex W. A. Greene Scott Ritter John Harrison Hammond Smith E. S. Jones , D. Wai.drop First Roii. ' F.ACKELM. •, Baxter, Joxes, E. S., Meseikth, Junes, J. K., Bransford Second Rozc AsBURY, Gephart, Preston, Ritter, Lanum, Qlinlen 1 A HBTfli ' 1 1 •y»l Pope Two Hundrcil and yincty-three u Ifc-i l l. ll«ll»llr«lll ll l B , l l l l lrl l , a« 3lm l.Tllll l ll»l l ll . fll | l . l Bl. | llf l lf u B Jl Blla iii ij ,; H()iiorar Textile Fraternity THETA CHAPTER C. B. KiNC President H.A.Mitchell Vice-President J. C. KxiGHT Senior Warden WiLLWM NiGHTIXGALE Junior IVarden P. B. L.ATIMER Secretary A. L. Taylor Treasurer E. D. Herron Sentinel MEMBERS Alex Bell J. C. Knight E. R. Blount C. B. King A. S. BovcE P. B. Latimer C. R. Brumby J. J. Milam M. J. Fletcher H. A. Mitchell R. L. Heard William Nightingale E. D. Herron T. p. Roberts A. A. HoBBs G. A. Robinson William Holland W. E. Snodgrass A. L. Ta ' lor Top Row, Heard, Nightingale. Lattimer, Brumbv, Rouerts, Taylor Second Ron ' Bell, Holland. Boyce, Milam, Hobbs, Snodgrass, Robinson filtli- ■Inn II mull, il •ln,l Mnrlil four ==? ' =r=5P TT-:,- P, T Tl l: 1 - ' w National Honorary Electrical Fraternity ZETA CHAPTER OFFICERS J. R. Gilbert President J. C. Ho ELL J ' ice-Prcsident F. L. Sac HA Secretary L. B. EA ' ■ Treasurer MEMBERS J. W Allen E. P. Hatcher L. A. Xewcomb K. Andersox J. W. Hall B. L. Palmer W. E. Blackwell J. Hillegas J. D. Read H. L. Bowen L J. Holsexbeck L. S. Rogerson F. Castaxo H. F. Hopkixs F. L. Sacha M. G. Crum J. H. Howard R. C. Saxders L. H. Dial J. C. Howell H. P. Shipley C. W. FoRTsov H. a. List H. W. Sphar E. R. Erve W. T. Lvford R. L Tompkixs J. R. Gilbert T. C. Laloxe W. S. Wilkixson W. H. Graxtham L. B. . Eaxx R. P. Williams N. J. Greexe E. K. Latterx Johx Wixx T. Moore iJS i I I .p,.g I ' XJb j r. LJMil ' ; " -. Pafje Two Hutiflred and Xinetif-five n y F P n ' Befa " Phi .Jlffi lSI BfPM ll» ll l l; l « l l Bll»llltl M » I l1 l ll ffBa l l l l lml rB ll ll lll l« „ l | lTlll l l .l | | l llTl l l llBlllrl | lff i l i ji vM Honorary Chemical Fraternity OFFICERS B. E. Anderson Pifshlent R. J. Lester 1 ' ice-President W . M. Stokes Secretary R. J. Powell Treasurer FACCLTY Dr. G. H. Boggs Dr. B. B. Wroth Prof. G. C. Holrovd Dr. a. M. Vhite Prof. H. Buxger Prof. V. S. Taylor Prof. J. L. Daniel MEMBERS J. . Adams H. S. Cole B. E. Lukens B. E. Anderson G. ' . Dreger H. I . eely M. T. Barnhill C. B. Drennon R. J. Powell J. B. Beaird F. R. Jenkins W. M. Stokes C. P. Brown C. E. Johnson T. C. Swan P. -M. Clark P. D. Lanier A. C. Wise R, J. Lester First Ron Neely, Brown, Dreger, Barnhill, Cole, . nderson Second Ron ' Johnson. Powell. Jenkins, Clark, Wise, Ahams M ■ ' 6)- i ! | p ■ch - i:fy Pane Till) lliniihfd mill MncliisiJt aisKpcirttg fed - a Sccihhard and Tihidc j ' f ' ii l fti iH_i n g lJLfl i i ffiiff m ff n ( i » jff iffi i it tj ffl i. fnff . i Lffi iif ' i f ' i ii ' H i.ft mQ_ .i i !if 1 1 " . ffi i ft V fr M jf-Tft 3 ££ •VL. g ' CT: ff i iffii1 i Bi iit iimj i ' » " ' ' i ' ' i .i i " iii UjHii it m ii i Bii in Oi - ) w iift ' ii ffin i iHj e j B Ma J. LoN ' Gixo Capt. Chambers Capt. Dilts ARMY AND NAVY (OFFICERS Capt. Nicholsun Capt. Robinson Capt. Storms Capt. Taliaferro Lt. Comm. Weaver Lt. Flrlow Lt. Maueria 41 % Dr. M. L. Erittain Col. C. a. Lindbergh J. V. Allen A. A. AXDERSON J. H. ASBURY H. L B.axter H. L. Bow EN G. W. Campbell J. H. Christian G. D. Coffee E. B. Conxerat W. H. Dietsch F. H. Drew T. R Frink C. L Gxrner [. V. Harvey HGXORAR " MEMBERS Frcf. Boggs Prof. Ccolidge ACTIVE MEMBERS A. E. Halck R. L. Heard J. R. Hicks W. Hodge N. A. Holm AN W. W. HoLSEXBECr-C I. C. Howell L B. . Laxn C. A. Lanston L F. ALartin R. C. ALathes F. R. Meredith G. L. McWiLiiAMS P. W. Pafford Prof. Dunn Prof. Xarmore B. D. Pritchett T. . Ramsey W. L. SiBERT J. V. Smith B. D. Sxow R. L. Speights C. L. Strickland W. ' . TOXEY A. F. ' icK H. C. XlCKIR-l- L . L Walraven T. C. Wesley A. C. Wise H. D. Wright ■:G- %-?i Pay, 7 I Jr y M ' i , ' • i ' jS:: - ' ' 0Mmmm m M W ' ' sv q- ' -- ' - ' - ' ' " !■ WJIl ENGINEERING Uriiirciiu Society tifli ii l i« i i «i i» iiB m ni »M i ijffn i i « 3 i i ff,ii i i i i i»i i« i» i ai i fTi i Bi ' i»i i i i iiit N) riii» ' i mi ii ' ii i i » OFFICERS A. C. Wise Pres ' uUnt J. R ' AX Hicks lice-Presidi ' tit Q. S. Qliglev Secretary C. Tillman Oxford First Scctirm Treasurer Randolph Whitfield Se:(jnil Section Treasurer MEMBERS J. A. Arnold L. A. Newcomr A. H. Blackmore Adrian Newcomer Gordon Campbell C. T. Oxford J. B. Carey I. F. Peake J. J. CUBBAGE L. F. SCHAFFEUR J. L. DoziER L. C. Smith J. R. Hicks L. M. Tomlinson W. M. HicKsoN J. R. Thompson E. R. Harrison Q. S. Quigley J. K. Jones W. W. Weddington P. K. Jones B. J. White G. L. Mc Villiams R. Whitfield S. P. McKerrali. a. C. Wise D. A. McKeever G. P. Woolard A. L. Mui.LiNS H. I). Wright First Row HrcKS, Woolard, Thompson, Wise, Cubbage, Tomlinson, Hickson, Newcome, WHiTFiELn Second Ruze DoziER, McWiLLiAMs, MuLLiNS, OxFORii, White, McKeever, Weddixgton, Harrison Tliird Row Smith. Mc Kf.rrall, Jones, Carey, Campbell, Blackmore, Jones, J. K., Newcomer, Wright m ■I- III v n.c Hundred I lc) II ■V ■cr mi Qrcil Q ' ezv WHi ' j g i ift ji flii ff i i itiiift nffiiift r ff ii ftu ff ai mFi T ii fl i ff i Ji iiWiiff u fl ' i iff i. mi ii i iff m ffi i ffi iM fii i ffi i iffiT t iffi n W Hm iifliiffii ffl iiffiiitf i i fflii Ujaiifl i ffimiif iu iftii imjfii i ffi i ii iUjgii fi Huiiuran Civil EnL;ineerin_n Siiciety OFFICERS 1 " . C. Wesley Pnsident J. J. Lambert fice-Prt-sitlcn F. D. NiCHdLS St ' iriliny iiiiJ Treasurer R. A. Anderson H. W. Beers H. L. BiCKHAM V. C. BlNKLE ' l- M. J. Blackmon H. A. Braxsford J. R. Brosnan J. H. CONLEY L. K. DUNAGIX mp:.mbkrs J. B. Gray T. H. Hali. L. A. Holloway B. M. Irvix J. J. Lambert R. C. Luna L A. Morrison F. D. Nichols VV. J. Perry M. P. Phillips T. M. Price R. B. Sensabaugh B. H. Sloan j. R. Thompson S. J. Warner T. C. Wesley C. S. White Top Ro ' lV Warner, Whitf., W ' eslev, Bii kham, Luna, Anderson, Dunagin, Braxsford Second Ron ' Sensabai ' gh, J. RoBT. Thompson, Binklev, Hall, Phillips, Holloway, Irvin Third Rozv Beers, Brosnan, Conlev, Lambert. Gray, Nichols, Price, Sloan L i I ' lHli- llinr Ihiiiilnil (iiiil Hill- rchitectiiral Society - ifti ;ft i ft i ia i iiB« i B , i! , » ii ff iiai i ij3 im MT i iiri i .iB iifiii«i im i«i.i iiit iiT ii iHii m i ffl ii«hTrii H(inur:ir " Architectural Society OFFICERS I. W. VlLLIAMSOX President S. G. GoODWVXE J ' ice-Presidcnt A. W. Sturgis Siirrtiiry iiiul Treasurer MEMBERS R. G. Bahrt James Chaffee Harry Coley W. L. Cook G. M. Cowan James Crawford Leslie Dallis Ward Dennis H. G. Edwards S. G. Goodwyne W. J. Green H. A. Griffeth W. B. Harper George Harrel I. W. Williamson Marion Hodge N. A. Holman H. G. Law T. F. LiTTAKER Clinton Minnich D. T. McGowAN John Pritchard Rockwell Rowe a. h. schwenke Paul Speake A. W. Sturgis W. V. Toxey Preston Waldrop J. E. Wells To ' Ro ' lu GooDWVNE, Waldrop. Speake. Rolfe, Crawford, Wells, Pritchard, Schwenke Second Ro ' lV Harper. Law, Colev, Edwards, Hodge, Toney, Cook, Rowe Third Row Green, Sturgls, Holman, McGowan, Cowan, Littaker, Dennis, Bahrt M -9 " sm 11 - iX ' I ' liiii riiric lliiiiilnil ami Tuo, -iSS3 ' r - s ' ' h- hi B ■en (J to-i ■A: 7- r v ' American Institute of Electrical Engineers % A W il ljt. ' Buft i»i i ft.. i nii )» l i ff iil » i i |Jiim im ill i»i iB i» i B ' ilTii ,. )»i q_yi it l liflil«l v l |iB il lir j( Georgia Tech Student Brancli OFFICERS L. B. M; Ou J. . Hall Secretary and Treasurer Prof. ' J " . ' . P ' itzgerald Counselor K. H. Andersox J. D. Askew H. M. Baxter H. L. BowEN F. B. BOOKHARDT C. H. Blrch F. Castano R. F. Crenshaw E. C. Coffin L. H. Dial S. Gavina W. T. GiLLHAM L. H. GovLD W. H. Grantham MEMBERS X. J. Greene J. R. Hall J. W. Hall W. M. Holsenbeck, Jr. J. C. Howell J. C. Hunter E. J. Irwin, Jr. J. K. Jones H. A. Keith N. H. Lassiter, Jr. H. A. List V T. Lvford. Jr. L. B. Mann T. V. Moore R. G. McCleskey C. H. Owen B. L. Palmer H. W. Persons Q. S. QuiGLEY V. A. Ruth H. P. Shipley E. G. Strauss P. C. Stole ' . R. Taylor F. C. Underwood J. Winn W. G. WooDsiDE, Jr. J. S. ZUBER •Of n Payc Three Humhtil ai:il Thrrc zAmcriaiN Society of -JsCeclhiuical E ' ugiuccrs Ul i i t» l " r»i,ff. „ B , i1 ».t lii ff ,, i , IT m. ff lil l .»i iB i«iifl. , IT. il 1li. » i Ilj Biifii ) flii[Tl i ilfllilll (jfor ia Tech Student H ranch OFFICERS j. R Hicks Pnsulcnt V. H. Drew I ' ire-Prt s ' uUnt C. " ' . House, Jr Secretary K. C. Thomas Treasmer MEMBERS F. O. C. Ai.FORD E. B. CoxxERAT E. p. Jones H. A. Sack J. R. AcKHRMAX C. V. Courtney E. S. Jones G. L. Sasseville R. L. Ai.lex C. W. Cravens A. C. Reiser L. C. Smith R. F. Anderson T. F. DeCapito E. L. Kimball R. W. Smith AF x Arxold a. R. Dominguez W. W. Knight G. R. Spangler W. J. Atkinson J. P. Doval W. S. Lanier J. A. Summers J. V. Austin F. H. Drew Vincent Matthews C. L. Strickland B. A cocK S. DuPREE D. R. McMillan J. H. Strickland J. B. Baggerly W. a. Edwards G. F. K. C. Thomas G. B. Beggs W. D. Fox W. C. Miller L. L. M. Tomlinson T. Betancourt 1 ' . J. Friddell J. E. Minter W. R. Treverton N. L. Birch C. A. Hamlin E. F. Moretta F. B. Thompson R. T. Howen J. R. Hicks T. O. Morgan J. C. Thompson H. Hrekdlove W. -M. Hickson J. H. Moses C. Verdas K. (i. Hrinson C. M. Hefner A. A. Newcomer C. T. Vigus R. J. Brooke C. L. Huey P. M. Pafford W. E. Vinson B. L. Brown W. A. Hinton R. H. C. Pancoast H. A. Weaver K. K. M. Brown E. W. Holmes J. C. Parham J. A. Wesner A. H. Cha;%iberlain C. ' . House, Jr. J. V. Parker L. W. White J. H. Christian C. J. Johnson A. F. Roberts D. W. Wilson J. E. Clark C. L. Jones J. L. Russ A. Woolfe M. H. Clark Max Yarborough Va W v n I ' Ofii- ' I ' hrrr Ihniilml diiil Fiiur 41 ' map m ii ' l ii mn ii i Qlhirrctte Qlub . i u j. i a i,»s,ii, f, ; ,ff . (ft ; i ff„ ) „ 3.mMft,» , ,jB ,«,.B . B,, i « Mft, t j »iiiT i iini i % OFFICERS Shv G. Goodwyne President James R. I rowx J ' ice-Pnsident Halbert G. Law Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS R. G. Bahrt H. G. Law J. R. Brown D. T. McGown L. Cook S. C. Minnich L. W. Dallis J. H. Pritchard S. G. Goodwyne C. R. Rowe G. B. Harrei.l p. AL Speake J. P. Waldrop First Ron ' Goodwyne, Speake. Law, Waldrop, Bahrt Second Row Cook, Rkowx, Mixnmch, Hardi-i.i., Rhwe ' ( ( (■ ' I ' lirvt llumlitd and Six Ul ' J ' ■I $ i .-;-:i Scieutia Qlub ,,B..ii,j.,in.i BN «.i mM B j ii »« i )iffB ii» t(]»m ii T i j ' i »i . iBM » i.« i j iT M itii. % it t i ii i N n ii iii i iB ii «i i Honorary General Science Societ ' OFFICERS C. N. VITMER Preiident S. H. Richards J ' ice-Presideiit W. B. Tate Secretary Uan Gu ' Treasurer FACULTY Dean Skiles Prof. Mundorff Prof. Lower Prof. Wycoff .MEMBERS R. D. Frederick J. T. Prestox J. R. Frink S. H. Richards Dan Guy E. A. Rogers J. L. Hammond E. AL Swartz T. I L Heard W. A. Talbert W. S. Lanier W. B. Tate A. P. Persons C. N. Witmer V. B. EARGEN Tof ' Row Frederick, Rogers, Lanier, Tate, Frink, Heard Second Roic Guy, Clark, Witmer Third Rou ' Yeargex. Preston, Hammond, Taleert, Richards. Persons ,y |.f:l of f Three Iliimlrcil and Seven - " g gj 6- J .M Oil Qui Cli b rh iHii m it ;j ;it n fiiii mjTnP i ,. ff nffi i , i,. i ii.n... ,... i v - ' f ' . ' ff riW " i jffiifIi ' ' Honorary Mechanical Ensjineerini; Club OFFICERS J. H. Christian President F. H. Drew J ' icr-Presithnt C. . House. Jr Secretary umi Treusuri-r Prof. V. " . Ul NKIX Faculty .hlrisor MFMHFRS R. T. BowEN A. H. Ch.amberl.ain J. H. F. H. Drew C. yi. Hefner V. A. Hixton E. V. Holmes C. Y. HoLSE, Jr. C. J. ToHNSox, Jr. E. P. Jones J. E. MiNTER H. C. NOVELL.A P. M. P.AFFORD A. F. Roberts J. R. Russ C. L. Strickland K. C. Thonlas W. R. Tre erton First Rozc Thomas, Drew, Bowex, Holmes, Christl n, House Second Roiv RoBERT.s, Hefxer, Hinton, Strickl. xd Third Rozv Pafford,, Russ, MtxTER, Joxes, Novella fn I ' at r ' J ' fnrr Hundml ami I ' Hijht Free Hody Qliib OFFICERS K. C. Thomas President J. R. Hicks . . C. M. Hefner R. T. BdWEX B. L. Br() x F. H. Drew W. A. FlinvARDS C. M. Heen-er I. R. Hicks MEMBERS L. M. TOMLINSON . lee-Presi leiit S( ei et ' iry-Trerisui er y. A. HixTox E. V. HllI.MES C. ■. HoL-SE P. M. Pafford C. L. Stricklaxd K. C. Thomas ' t l ■ el P , " l First Rozv D:iE v, E(i vE . Hicks, Hulmes, House, Edwards Second Rozi ' HiNTON, Pafford, Thomas, Hefner, STRirKLAND, Tomlinson m ■9i AD- - :,:p, p lU i jM i iM i iLi i nn i i i nni rin i I In, •■ Ihnnh, . , ,. i 1 .9 3 :iac:|| ] f S Qo-op Qluh R. Thompson . A. C. Wise . . . J. C. Broome D. A. McKee kr Q. S. Quiglev ., TT ii ffirff m iffi i in nmiffi i i ffii ffl i i ffiiii ffii iifti i i ii iffi i i ff Mf ii i fiii nftjfti i mi i i j jgi if OFFICERS MEMBERS J. A. Arnold B. Aycock T. W. Belcher J. C. Broome G. C. Campbell J. B. Carey M. H. Clarke C. Dougherty R. W. Gregg W. B. Hankinson E. R. Harrison R. C. Holt J. K. Jones Jl. A. .McKee er G. L. McWiLLIA MS President J he-I ' resident . First Section Secretary Second Section Secretary Treasurer S. J. Millet A. A. Newcomer I. F. Peake Q. S. QuiGLEY W. M. Reast R. C. Sanders J. B. Shannon H. P. Shipley C. E. Stephenson J. R. Thompson C. T. Wesner J. G. Wheatley R. Whitfield A. C. Wise H. D. Wright First Row QntiLEV, Cakev, AvoicK, Wise, Wright, McKeever, Clarke Second Row Thompson, Jones, Millet, Whitfield, Harrison, Sanders, Gregg Tliird Row Stephenson, McWilliams, Shiplev, Broome, Hankinson, Newcomer, Wesner - iifi- Ihni ' hcil and Tvn m Qosmopolitau Qlub OFFICERS C. L. Jones PrcsuletU Francisco Castano ice-President SeRAFIN ' Ga INA Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Miguel Arrabei. W. J. Huxnicltt Temistocles Betancourt C. L. Joxes H. S. Bi SBV ' . ' . Lavroff J. M. Cabrera A. C Mahoff Salaxader Casco M. K. Nahas Francisco Castano Francisco Xaranjo Enrique Cerna Alberto Xo " ella J. E. CoDiNA Enrique Novella Manuel Cubria K. F. Parks Roberto Dominguez F. H. Postlethwatf E. R. DuBOST Zef Querrahia T. FiKRET Francisci) Restrepo p. V. Fedoolov a. r. Rodriguez Inocencio Galiendo H. W. Schofield Jl ' an Galiendo Jose ' allejo Serafin Gavina Juan Xiques T. S. Heriot Edmundo Zuazua ■H -5 -9 ?- t I ),,,, lliiii.lyl n.i.l rh A t Thctii Xi Zcti ii ' ¥ EWB . S? F ' i pfW%m mx ' m " va MV . , .■ .ll J,.B llftl) «l l ffl M B l l l ) l| ' |,|Bll ] mMt l ' ' ffl LBl l l l . lff lll i . » l q_pu TlllBllffi ff|lBllliiv» PIvening Scht ol OFFICERS GuvAmason- President H. C. Kitchens J ' ir,-Pr,si,hni N. V. PETT ■s Secreliirx-Trcdsurer MEMBERS J. W Alcorn Guy Amason W. V. Avcock Horace Bell R. N. Gilbert Greenwood Henson Richard Hills Victor Hollincsworth D. B. Horne John Janolllis Walter Jones H. C Kitchens Davant Lavvton M. B. Leach G. E. Parker N. W. Pettys J. C. Roberts C. S. Spinks Bernard Suttler M. W. SWINT m Page Three IIiiikIh,! ami Ticelec ■ ■• " iv W:-?zTh£z: 1 rt vr y- " fV i Fenctiau Qlub 8-vcn ' ui ' j School Soridl Qluh OFFICERS C. V. EroWNLEE President R. N. Gilbert t ' i ' st J " nc-Pnsid,,it F. T. Etheridge Seidiid I ice-President Guy Amasox J ' reasurer J. C. Roberts Secretary MEMBERS J. V. Alcijrn a. H. Hamrick Clyde Myles Guy Anlas(in J. W. Hemperly Douglas Oxford W. W. Aycock John Hixes A. H. Parker E. E. Barrett Richard Mines C. A. Perry Horace Bell ' Victor Hollixosworth N. W. Pettys ViLLiAM Hlodgett C. G. Horxe J. C. Roberts C. V. Hrowxlee H. C. Kitchens J. H. Roberts. Jr. ' E. M. Cheatham Ale. Lindholm E. E. Slmpson L. j. Clark. E. M. Lusink Bernard Suttler L. J. Cole V. W. L xgar M. W. Swixt Frank Dabney I.. 1 ' . R uARI)T M. F. ' Fasker F. T. Etheridge Carl AFarsh Robert ' Fhrasher C. M. Floyd W. C. AFvtthews George Vance William Fox William McCary Howard Williams W. S. Gibson, Jr. George McIntosh C. L). Worthan R. N. Gilbert Ernest NIcKensie J. W. Zuber, Jr. 141 Page Three llnnihtd ,iiiil Tim tun iTunm ' " ' " ! " " ; " ' " !-..■ . r i iPi 1- ' i l» u l lj ?ii B i i «ii«iilTi v B »»J t l ir r ii«i i it l;3»mMT I j | l i»i i« ir irfli i iTi j ili „% i| i il i) B(iffii.ffi.B, iJ iit, FciHulcil 11) 4 Installed 1929 upsilon chapter officp:rs Mrs. William Claren ' ce Caxtrell President .Miss Elizabeth Smith I ' lcc-Presideni Miss Al.-MA Martin Secrelarx-Treasurer Miss Di.xie May Cheatham Graml Councilor HONORARY MEMBERS Miss Llc Marvin Adams Mr. Georoe M. Sparks Miss Estelle Adams ACTIVE MEMHERS Fae Allen Sarah Drennan Winnie Martha Ross Hart Mrs. William Cantrell Rosalie Jordan Lehman Chapman Alma .Martin Helen Chapman Lucille Merritt Dixie May Cheatham Mary Alice Mitchell Daisy Chotas Elizabeth Smith Jennie Mae Tuggle first Roi ' Maktha Hart, AIrs, Cantrell, Elizabeth Smith, Lehman Chapman, Dixie Cheatham, Rosalie Jordan Second Rozi ' WixN-iE Br ' i a , Helen Chapman, Sarah Drennan, Fae . ' llen, Daisy Chotas, Jennie Mae Tuggle ■GJ . m ' I w [trifl •». . Tim I lhiiiih.,1 anil Fuiirlfi-n t liv ' p r :i ToiiNg -JsCof s Qhristiiiu Association W i ii | if j i ft i »ir ft . i r »«» i ) i ff ii « i i »j mM i ;» .» iiB ir iif i i i i i B„ i i ii , iffii mim iifiiiiii ii iii Wade N. Cash ion General Seeretary Miss Mattie Hihrs Office Secretary STUDENT (1FFICT:RS i. U. PritcheTT Pres ' idetit E. O. Dun LAP I ' ice-Fr, siJe il L. A. .Mann Secretnry CABINET OFFICERS Livingston Newton Friendship (Joinml E. C. KellEY Reception Committee Fred Lewter Bible Classes V. R. Weems Bine Ridge F. C. Mittel y. M. C. J. Clubs Hal AsBUR-i- Intercollegiate Relations Morgan Holsenbeck Campus Service P. C. Terr- - Publicity William Stokes Campus Directory Harold Russeli Deputations J. H. Etter. Jr. . Employment Ralph Heard Radio I ' tKjc Tlint lliinilriil iiHii sixhcn episcopal Qliib of Qcorgia Tech il)Th i 1 }j iff lji ftr(1 ' rftnif h lftB lh iffiiaf l i i iT fflr 1 i ) r i ff ift i [rtti rf iffh-l%it j ■ff Tfl T ifrri ff B j ff u ii fdfii i ff l iffhiUj e n ftg i; i lX, W. M. HiCKSOx President A. F. Roberts J ' ice-President John Poweli Secretary Barber, W. P. Miles, Clyde Barton, Kric Millikax, T. W. BowNLAN, V. C. Roberts, J. C. Chambers, G. W. Soloman, E. Connerat, E. D. Suttler, Bernard Hall, J. W. Tomlinsox, L. M. Hitchcock, I. C. Trevertox, Dick Ingle, John Vierick, G. E. Kent, Amos vonHerrmann, C. F. Kittrell, f. A. Whitfield, Randolph Lawtox, a. D. Williams, Sid Maxxixg, Lawrexce Wilson, Charles McKeever, D. a. Woolf, Ash by Mellichamp, E. W. Vearoan, V. B. I " pQfjc Threv Iluniln-d ami Seventeen 1 Suints- Tech -Bible QIass ■ ■ III i Ji nmmnnf lr i fti » rffVTfVnT . A i. SuiIia a LJ lr i iT .ii nif iiii lft i i ii ft ii i | ftnifflff Hlfl i m i iilT 3H ff M Tli ff l ' »i J )i iiftirffii » fH n 1 ilffllifti i ffiiff ' niii m n m i m iii i i i in». iii ' ii«ii " iii i ' Wii ' U » n ■ ' ' " " ■ ' ' " " " ' " " ' ' ' Cecil Hefner Prcsirhnt Tate Bowen I ' lcc-PrciulDit Jerome Woods Secretary John Kittrell Treasurer Miss Elizabeth Howaru Sponsor Barber, W. P. Meredith, Rav Blancett, R. N. Owens, P. C. Burgess, C. D. Phillips, J. H. Burgess. J. W. Pollard, T. V. Burks, Henry Powell, Richard Burns, Robert Pr ' ior, Anderson Cardwell, H. D. Roberts, A. F. Castano, Francisco Roberts, J. C. Chamberlain, W. H. Robertson, V. R. Cla- ton. Roland Sanford, J. R. DouD, Edward Smith, J. F. Freshwater, H. L. Sweeny, H. M. Gegenheimer, H. W. Taylor, J. J5. Green, W. R. Wallace, W. B. Griffith, J ' . W. Walton, J. B. Harrison, Howard Wentworth, H. W. Hitchcock, I. C. Whitfield, Randolph Hickson, W. M. Williams, A. S. Ingle, Carl W oods, J. B. Lyon, Eugene Woodside, W. G. M Ni I - I ' diit linn Uiinthtil uftti l ' i hfttii rtmifiWfrr 1 1 laiii) mii riiuTT (ortIi Avc)inc " Vresbytcriaii " Bible Qlass l a l l; l l« . . ftl«.rft. " , ff.( , " «i ,, « l , l O l i» i(iiuiijft.mii i. j«.»i.i JoHx Maxwell Pres ' uhni Howard Mdffett Jicc-Prisuhnt Fred Lewter SfCriiary-Treasiirt-r James Moreton Teacher Miss Mary X ' irginia Blackstocr Sponsor Akernlan, Bex Uav, J. E. Lawson. R. ' . Akerman, Joe Durham. Johx P. Manning, T. J. Albert, V. M. Edge, L. L. McConxell, H. Armentrout, Willlam E. Ellis, I. L. McCosh, S. A. Archer, J. R. Fletcher, H. W. McGixtv, S. Arnold, j. A. Gautt, J. S. McKerall, S. C. Avervt, Wm. Gephart, M. D. McKibben, J. C. Baker, R. D. Gephart, Rex Moffat, W. H. Barnett, S. W. Gillham, W. T. Nahas, K. W. Beaudrot, T. p. Graves. C. M. Page, Wilson- Bell, A. W. Hagen, J. G. Patters on, W. S. Bootox, James O. Harbin, H. Rusk, E. A. Bouldin, Morris Harris, B. Sibley. William Carson, G. C. Hearne, J. S. Smith, R. K. Carson, William E. Hester, W. A. Strickland, J. Chapman, O. B. Hitchins, P. H. Tillar, D. P. Clark, T- C. Houze, T. W Tyson, B. L Clark, j. T. Jenkins. C. W. Walker, W. L. Cobb, Marion Johnson, C. E. Walton, John Cogburn, Charles Johnson, D. H. Wasdin, G. E. Cometto. L. Johnson. H. S. VHITEHEAD. C. Cork, L. C. Keith, T. I . William, S B. Craven. T- P. Lanier, J. D. Wilson. J. T. CRfiwFi I, " H. C. I.anier. p. D. pi Paijc Three H uinln il nmi iin tt tii Il ' ' i -yfiiStifi-Tcch Bible Qhiss V " , Wfl i i ffi i Jii iitiTfti n fti i i r ff i iffu ff k lu ' il iff i ffuffi iff i j ffir ir ff i ' %»t n ff N iffi i ffl l lW l i ff ill i iii i ifr mmi i»ii i in ii«ii.«i iiBii « i n» i » ' « i i iw i i « tjgn " " " i " " " " ' ' " ' ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' " ' H. M. Baxter 1. W. Austin, f W. R. Weems Col. J. W, Anding, G. K. Armentrout, V. F Austin, J. V. Haker, W. G. Heall, C. a. Hlackwell, W. E. Hlair, H. R. Hi.ancett, R. N. Hrandexrurg, ' . K. i5ranson, c. e. Hreedlove, F. Brimberrv, C. F. Brim berry, O. H. Braxnon, C. W. Brown, J. A. Brownell, D. H. Blrgess, J. W. Blrkett, J. D. butnhr, h. e. Caller, E. Campbell, S. H. Carey, J. G. Carter, W. F. Christian, T Clark, S. COLEY, G. T. CoLEY, H. T. J. Austin Cometti, L. Cook, Q. Crow EI. I., H. Crum. R. H. cummings, n. c. Daniel, G. G. Dement, V. DuRiE, A. E. Edwards, H. M. Floyd, H. W. Freeman, T. L Fulford, S. H. Hannah, H. R. Hathcock, C. Hawkins, C. C. Haynie, J. B. HiGGINBOTHAM, B. H. Horne, J. C. HousER, L. M. Howard, W. B. Howell, F. A. Hudson, R. E. Hunter, W. C. Hunter, G. N. Jackson, L. R. Jarrell, W. W. Jenkins, C. W. Zettler, H. JUNGE, T. A. King, (1. P. Leech, H. H. LowR ' i , (). R. Litaker, T. F. Marshall, S. I E rtin, B. W. : IiMs, R. D. Morrison, W. H. Morgan, E. B. Patterson, N. O. Perry, E. V. Perkins, D. S. Porter, F. Y. Prewett, C. T- Price, H. T. ' puckette, s. c. Phillips, F. W. Raby, H. D. Raby, J. S. Raines, W. G. Ricke tts, E. T. RoBBINS, O. C. Roberts, P. RoGERSON, L. S. RoziER, L. B. Sanders, I. W. President I ice-Presidetit Secretary-Treasurer Teacher Schell, C. C. Schvab, O. Smith, A. M. Smith, L. C. Smith, M. B. Smith, M. T. Smith, R. W. Speer, W. C. Stafford, R. J. Stebbins, H. Stewart, F. N. Stenhouse, J. A. Stokes, W. Streyer, a. H. Thomas, B. K. Thomas, H. J. Thompson, L. M. Tillman, J. D. TiNLEY, H. W. Turnbull, W. J. Vickery, G. O. Walker, L. Ward, W. C. Wesley, J. B. West, C. Wilkinson, S. H. VlLLIAMS, D. i: (V I Vii I ' ai i Thrtf lliiiulitii and Tiniiln w 7 k mm I ■C ' ' a f ' O. ' -n 1 H ffll iHj ftiifti ift llt ' iftiiiB H ut i ff iil C. L. C.AM. MACK . H. O. KicHT, Jr. . E. K. .Matterx T. J. Elmore Archer, f. R. Bain-. J. A. Baxter, H. O. Bell, A. N. Blackwell, J. C. cam lack, m. - i. Cammack, C. L. Chalmers, F. Chamberlin. a. H., Cutler, E. X. Culpepper, T. J., Jr. CoxE, E. H. Crowder, Bob dunl.ap, t. t. Estes, T. N. Etter, Hexr ' i . Jr. Elmore, T. J. Fitzgerald, W. A., Jr. FUTRAL A. A. FiTZ PATRICK, Sarah Fortune, J. H. Gibbon, Bill (je ze Turner Hiblc Class ll ll l l n»T r .Bl l« ll llBi . ff. .B l. l )_ yllffll ) nl lm llrllll i l i s ll y ||B■l1 liL Gould, L. A. Gruel, Sam Guffev, V. H. Herring, J. S. House, A. ' ., Jr. Howard, C. E. Harrod, Art Harrison, T. V. Jr. Harrison, A. C. Hill, Perry N., Jr. HouzE, T. " V ' . Hoffman, Charles Hawkins, D. E. Jackson, Helen Johnston, F. L Knox, Lena Belle Right, H. O., Jr. L0 " INGG00D, ' . Lawton, J. K. Logan, L. C. McCash, S. a. President I ice-President Secretary-Treasurer Teacher AL ttern, Ci. L. ALattern, E. K. Miller, Bill Pate, Bill Potter, P ' i.izabeth Parker, J. W. Paine, Neil C. Richardson, J. V. Ramsey, E. J. Smith, J. W. Selmen, Largaret Stuckey, a. G. Steinheimer, Rhett Thompson, Mildred Tatum, a. L Thrash. J. L., Jr. Underwood, T. L Veach, G. W. Veazey, Cecil Wilson, J. T. Whitehlrst, Eugene Zink, Herman Hiv.- ' l Pane Three Hiimlreil and liri iilii niie 1! First F rcsbytcriuu Qhiinh Bihlc Qhiss f | | ( ll«| |« ll»|||Tll l n » l» ll 1 ) ll ' l lall ll 3lJm llTl ll l l l lBl l |J fllltl » ll » J l| l ltl|lflllBlllrl| l l l iii j f MiHiiii m f i B n t» H»Uj «ii» » « »ff i i ' ' i i i Wi i j »ii m wi»iii ' i i i «i « " ' iK ' i ' Pall Dorx Prtsidait John Magili I ' ke-Fresident HaRVIH Hunter Sccretnry (in l Treasurer Rose Brock Jim Brooke Samuel Colvin r. ai. comi ' ton Earl Uunlap Sam DuPree Buck Flowers j. R. P rink William Holland Harvie Hunter Ray Isaacs Ray James Tom Jones Lawrence Leonard Milton Langley Ed Lively Frank Locke Jack ALahoney Charles McAi.iley Horace Merry DiDDY Murray Allan O ' Neal Bill Perkins Leon Pippen Joe Rankin Gus Smirlis Sherwood Smith Homer Stalnaker Robert Strickland Robert Waterman A. H. Weatherford Joe Westbrook Randy Wilkerson 1 I ' liin Tint t lliiniliifl inn! ' i ' lit lit it t uit ARMYNAYY 0-, zJhCilitiiry l ll || «J| »ll » lff m B , l l ff l,l l l l J,m l. T l l» l»l l« ll ll , ll| ff l l l1 l.l l| f l lffllfflllfll l ffi REGULAR A IM OFFICERS M AjiiR ()i.i H. LoxGiNo C. A. C P. M. S. is T. Captain ' John W. Nicholson Infantry, Unit Conundmler Captaix Philip B. Taliaferro C. J. C. I ' nit Commander Captaix Asa H. Skinner Ordncnic. Vmt Commander Captain Henry W. Robinson Infantry. Adjutant Captain Harry E. Storms S. C, Unit Commander Captain Howard K. Dilts Infantry, Ass ' t. Unit Com. Captain Arthlr K. Chambers C. A. C, Ass ' t. Unit Com. First Lieutenant John J. Downing .... A ' . C Ass ' t Unit Com. NON-COM nSSrONED OFFICERS ALaster Sergeant Thomas T. Jones C. A. C. Prof erty Is finance Tech. Sergeant Wesley H. Godbee Infantry. D. E. M. L. Sergeant Herbert L. Ellis C. A. C. D. E. M. L. Sergeant Joseph Hruska C. A. C, D. E. M. L. Sergeant Dick B. Weir 6 C, D. E. M. L. Top Rozv Storms, Longing, Tali. ferro, Robinson, Skinner. Chambers. Second Roii. ' Ellis, Hruska, Godbee, Weir. Papr Thrrr Utintlrnl luui Tirnittrfour The:: BLUE " -C)CC (JSCilitary l lt | J [ iilfiTift!if1 .rftn i ft » t ft i)ftr ff ii l i i it ||j ffii 1 l ff iff iiffi |if i f f l ' F rl1 it%) tjj frT t l lft ffl n m H l fflllBl HWlff l i ift M ft ii f?l| | ( y , iWl l l inl l l i ' Wii f l iii fli i " f|jJi i ifPii ' iiQjSi ' " ( a I P B I VO. REGIMENTAL STAFF Colonel W. H. Dietsch CrjiiiniaiuiitK Mrs. W. H. Dietsch Rtgiment il Sponsor Lieut. Col. C. L. Strickland Executive Officer Miss Latreli.e Robertson Sponsor Captain R. C. Mathes ... Adjuiaut Captain T. L Ramsey . . ' M. G. O. and Athletic Officer IP «i i Ctt. Page Three Humlrvd ami Tirciilii-tiec First ' Butt id ion T,amm, , „f . v:irXU-I,A,rl.. jAJtJLkAV.- ;J,.i r. n r _•___ ! l i ilii i j tii « i i «ii«iiB m n , ff«»iiffii iii m,,ri i i f i,»,i B iifiii(;ii i B „% it iTii i Hi i iti j inii» i iii t i bifu ttry Major A. E. HauCK Edttdlian Connnandcr Miss Louise Bedell Sfxmsor Captaix Dax Guy hitntant Captain R. L. Speights P. is ' T. Officer First Lieutenant P. I). Dhntun ' Personal Adjutdiit First Lieutenant J. AL Su.M.MEROuR. . . . Rtittalion Supply Officer Co. ■■.{ " Co. ■■B " Captain A. J. Heeke Captain W. H. Grantham First Lieutenant R. L. Reeses First Lieutenant W. Toney First Lieutenant C. M. Thompson First Lieutenant J. H. Christian Miss Frances Merritt, Sponsor Miss ALarian Wolfe, Sponsor Co. ' C " Co. ■D " Captain J. P. Napier Captain N. A. Holman First Lieutenant V. ( ). Smith First Lieutenant J. AL Sewell First Lieutenant J. R. Brown First Lieutenant LARIoN Hodge Miss Joe Beth Apperson, Sponsor Miss Ci.emmie Downing, Sf onsor I ' niif ' ' I in If Ihniilrril amj Tirftity-stJj ■ j " . " . " !n Second Battalion ■rr ».ffB.? n . ii f?, ' . C B i i iT lt ffl ri fnfl ' ffnffi tff i i f) ' i ff ' i, ii fti i Qj ff i llTll i ffi l ffi . ffl| i ffll |ff vi J, lU ffi iiMM jtrifli i.w i iainm ' iif . .7 v. i ' - ' - ■ " " ' " lu finm in niunn " ' oa f Artillery AIajor V. J. Perry Captain G. A. Artope .... First Lieutenant S. J. Warner . First Lieutenant T. C. LALoNE Miss Jewel HuRNETT . Co. ' ■£■• Captain F. H. ALaier First Lieutenant C. S. White First Lieuten.ant J. W. Har e-i ' , Jr. Iiss Xancv Kami ' er. Sp ' jnsoi- Co. ■■G " Captain G. R. Spancler First Lieutenant W. ' F. Gillham First Lieutenant R. A. Anderson Miss Larguerite Taylor, Sponsor Battalion Commander Ailjtilant . P. isf T. Oftirer Supply Officer Sponsor Co. -F " Captain P. L Pafford First Lieutenant J. R. Brosnan First Lieutenant J. H. Conley Miss . LARIA .McAfee, Sponsor Co. -w Captain R. L. Heard First Lieutenant B. D. Pritchett First Lieutenant G. S. Obear Miss Betty Cleary, Sponsor 1 Patji 1 In- i id T )y ' Bcittuliou ii iill iai. ft iffiiitiii ,f«f i ff ii«i i it tj; i ,mMi . i .ffi iB iiBii B ii iii i„ i fc ii iiifii , B i iffiii i fii,a j; Signal Qjrps Major H. C. ' ickerv Battalion Commands Miss Mildred Hutchinson Battnli ' j i Sf " ) :s(jr First Lieutenant J. C. Greene Itl ' iutunt Miss Catherine Ci. ' i.bertson Sponsor Co. ■■ •• Co. " A " ' Captain L. V. Allen Captain L. B. Mann First Lieutenant C. H. Hurch First Lieutenant E. C. Coffin First Lieutenant L. C. Culver Second Lieutenant J. R. Hall Miss Frances Merritt, Sponsor Miss Alma Roishrts. Sponsor Co. -L-i ' ' Co. -L-y Captain W. E. Elliott Captain W. W. Weddington First Lieutenant C. T. Wesner First Lieutenant W. E. Tidmore First Lieutenant A. A. Stanton First Lieutenant F. L. Dixon Miss Florence Hildebranut, Sponsor Miss Katherine Furgeson: Sponsor Co. ' Ml ' Co. ■•M-2 " Captain M. M. Wai.raven Captain H. L. Bowen First Lieutenant H. A. Keith First Lieutenant C. McD. Garner First Lieutenant P. K. Jones First Lieutenant L. T. Robertson Miss Delia Beveridge, Sponsor Miss Allene Brown, Sponsor m m t -v Piii c 77o-tc Itnnihi l and Tnenty-eight ■m m ' )TS1930.a iHn. l llliJU ljl lBm| (Jrdihi)ia ' Bffl ' ' jftli l B ' ' ' fti l ffiiBi u ftH «ft l ff l ft " ff fc(3ijffi ii f ) iff iff iLB iifl ij tti j ffir ff i ' ft i iI Biiffl[ini i lTl ii ff | iftilff ifc ' lt Ti1 jPTTffr J ' Captain ' B. D. Norris, Cijinmaiuliii ' i First Lieutexaxt F. H. Drew First Lieutenant J. R. Hicks Second Lieutenant G. L. McWii.liams Second Lieutenant L. T. ' ick Second Lieutenant H. D. Wright Miss LARGARET Smith, Sponsor C) If--; ' Ba iJ Captain T. C. Wesley First Lieutenant E. S. Jones First Lieutenant H. A. Bransforu Second Lieutenant J. H. Asbury ■ Q)- i ' v J " SiT; T.rn " ' rTi V ' T i " " ' ' ' ' ' " ' ' " ' " ' ' ' ' ' " " ' ' ' - ' ■■ ' ■vu pQijr Thr » nuitilni! anil Tin ntij nine Qeorgia Tech l and wm r -(3 f): h%. A. J ' . Garing . Tom Wilson Adams, G. T. asbury, j. h. Atkinson, A. M. Baggarlv, J. B. Baggett, F. W. Baker, F. T. Barnes, L. L. Bass, H. C. Bass, J. B. Beggs, T. C. Bransford, N. a. Breedi.o £, H. Brown, E. C, Jr. buchanon, c. e. Camp, S. Cater, T. D. Chapman, O. B. Cheek, W. A. Cleveland, L. W. Cole, H. S. Coleman, G. A. Coleman, L. H. cometti, l. Daniel, G. G. Denton, J. R. Dowman, L. C. Drennon, C. B. pjn Ri)s, H. C. Fackleman, J. L. Farrell, J. K. Fitzgerald, W. A. Futral, a. a. Gaskins, R. E. Geisher, G. J. Gephart, R. Goldberg, S. J. Greene, F. M. Greene, W. A. Harrison, J. Haskell, H. G. Heard, W. H. Hefner, C. M. Herndon, B. M. HoLSCH, W. Howell, E. L. Isaacs, M. James, L. J. James, T. F. Jarre LL, V. Jones, E. S. Jones, J. K. Justice, L. E. Kreiser, a. C. KiMES, S. B. Lackey, G. Langford, R. M. Lannum, J. Lefkoff, L. K. Lincoln, R. 1 " . LiPHAM, C. L. List, H. A. Loningood, R. . ALaddox, H. B. ALanning, L. Cj. larcoyitch, h. b. l ttews, a. a. McCamy, R. J. McConnell, a. L McNlCHOLAS, G. F. Meeks, G. G. MOBLEY, C. A. Mvddleton, H. Neel, L. Neville, J. J. Newcomb, L. a. Newlin, C. R. Newton, J. L. Page, G. W. Pansy, N. Parks, R. L. Payne, H. H. Plumb, W. W. Director mill Driiiii Major Preston, J. T. Rhodes, A. W . Ritter, S. Rogers, E. A. Scardas, P. Seligman, a. i L Shutley, C. C. Smith, J. E. Smyth, N. A. Spievak, L. a. Stringer, J. F. Stripling, B. AL Stubbins, H. Sugarman, N. Tabor, J. Thompson, L. L Towery, W. Turner, L. E. L ' lmer, H. E. " an Dolsen, B. Waldrop, D. S. Wesley, T. C. West, C. White, L. W. Whitehead, C. E. Whitehead, J. F. VoODS, T ' . B- I ' aiit: Tlini: Iliinitrnl and Thirty AQjva T rum and ugle Qorps j T tflMbMliTifHn rrffnTftnfftofMPnATtiT T7 iT mi[ft)r J »rfti i ift Hff t i ' ftiFi ift iifti ' ' i ; WtTt g i ii ff " ff ' i ' ' ' | " ' " ' ti I tn I ( ' i i _pi ifi N F. R. Meredith Miss Cai.lison . Askew, J. D. Bowman, W. O. Bloodworth, J. H. Breedlove, H. Brooks, W. G. Blrc.ess, C. D. Cheek, W. A. Dettlebach, G. dowman, l. c. goodwix, c. j. Hall, J. S. Corps C III man tier Sponsor Heath, H. Q. Hudson, C. J. Hl:nter, W. C. hunnicutt, h. a. Klahr, H. I. Loach, L. L. McCuTCHEON, J. K. Oliver, H. W. Penny, F. S. Riley, O. M. Smith, H. B. Smith, G. M. ffel 1 1 Paye Tlinc Ilunilrcil ami Thirty-one T Ti ' _(fiiiffliiifh](Hii(tiiiftiiff«tlF(1Pri) 3 Qlviil % 0. T. Q. Unit Staff Biiig.ff»1lifff «i, ff jjJ.ffiMT i l l . li li» n l lN ffiil »i . » , p « M B ii flii m iifl|iB i; iiit, ; J _ iffli l ff n if6 »W1i 1 " 1 ' M ' r ' l ff ' ri Hjp i ii ff » ffiirWiif i iiflw nT1jftj i m i l ' l lHj B li n w Commander H. Jones, U. S. N.. Commdiidunt Lieutenant Commander G. B. Ashe, U. S. N. Lieutenant D. L. ALadeira, U. S. N. LiEUTEN.NT F. Jennings, U. S. N. Lieutenant C. M. Furlow, Jr., U. S. N. t - ui I ' age Three Hiimlicd and TJiiitu two r .-:r; p RlK}T_ ■• ■ I930 TM kE Id 17 = IE atta lio}i Headquarters LlECTEXAXT CoMMAXDER James R. Frink Battalion Commander LiEUTEXANT James R. Carxes Second in Command LlEUTEXAXT fJ.G. ) V. C. BlXKLEV Adjutant C. p. O.. M. A. MuRRisox Battalion C. P. O. P. O.. First Class. F. ?. Daniels Color Bearer P. ( ).. First Class, T. P. Roberts Color Bearer -Miss Margaret Deax Sponsor FIFE AND DRUM CORPS LlEUTEXAXT F. R. Meredith Corf s Commander C. P. O.. J. D. Askew C. P. O. Miss Billie Collisox Sponsor Co. " A " Co. " B- LlEUTEXAXT C. A. : L XSTOX LlEUTEXAXT L. W. MiZELL LlEUTEXAXT (J.G.) V. M. HOLSEXBECK LlEUTEXAXT ( J.G. ) K. H. AXDERSOX ExsiGX L. E. Hatcher Exsigx T. C. Howell i ■Y l Pagt Three Hundred and Thhty-thiee ( •t " .7 r r rC: rt ,a,rin ;7 nfi rmtZKf -r k 3nk€t. The QoIlcgiiUi Hcifnlbook of Etiquette B that aije-old guidinii hand in the more lit ' li- cate matters pertainini; to liome life, sex life, wild life, and ni :ht life, Eiiiili ' Toast. Editor ' s note: The author of this pleasing yet instructive bit of enlii;liteiiment — more affection- ately known to tiiose in her inner circle as " M " — is universally known for her ability on this sub- ject of the preservation of natural resources. She has garnered this material from the far corners of the campus — even so far away as the Physics huiKling, where anything might happen after midnight. She has many other distinguished works of literature to her credit aside from this masterpiece, not to mention three years as editor of the " War Gary. " Among other of her vorks are: — Is There n Doctor in the Iloiise by Rulie Gold- heri;. The Specialist, by Chic Sale. Pilgrim ' s Progress, by John Banyan. Pepy ' s Diary, by Jean Lonell. Chapter 9 — EE Width CLASSROOM NOTES How to enter class late: First rattle knob. Next try to open door in- wards if it swings outward, or outward if it swings inward. Kick lower panel of door and shout enthusiastically, " Is the prof taking cuts? " By this time you will have focused the class ' at- tention on the doorway and you are now ready for a Grande Entree, as the French say or would say if they did not have a national debt of 57 bil- lion francs. Anyway, walk in, slam door, and say " Hello Mac " to the A ' s, B ' s, C ' s, and D ' s who occupy the first row. Borrow a pencil and you are all set to draw pictures on the Hyleaf of your roommate ' s book. am " ... apples are considered " How to sleep in class: Tell the man next to uni to keep yt:u awake. This will insure his going to sleep immediately, and ou are now ready to proceed. Prop feet against hack of man directly in front of ou. Open mouth halfway. This practice is not abso- lutely essentia! and inan ' cf the best classroom sleepers do not emplo it. However, when you are a beginner, keeping the lips well parted is an excellent measure of precaution. If (ni are awakened by the prof, it allows you to explain that you were merely practicing blowing smoke rings. How to answer roll call: There is only one thing to remember concern- ing roll call. Students must co-operate with one another. Each student should begin to answer a half dozen names ahead of his own, and con- tinue to respond to three or four after his has been called. For example, a man by the name of O ' Brien should commence answering for the Murphys and finish with the Sullivans. Each time he should he present in a different tone. This is excellent practice in increasing the pitch range of the voice, and too much stress cannot be placed upon the acquisition of proper technique in hear- ing. Chapter i AT THE THEATRE: To Boo or Not to Boo: ' When to boo is taboo has been the source of embarrassment to man " students, as well as a few sophomores. Campus custom decrees the following occasions as when those ivho know boo: New " Workers, at any mention of Chicago ; Chicagoans, at any mention of New York ; On mention of DeKalb County Jail; Everyone, at pictures of prohibition agents; Everyone at appearance of Wa ward Boye ; Everyone, when authorized villians appear; Everyone, when authorized heroes appear ; Everyone when " Glory, Glory to Ole Geor- gia " is played ; (Heroines may be cheered if they are comely ) . Everyone is to boo at the final clinch : Everyone at showing of Vashington Seminary Fashion show models, etc ; Everyone is to bi;o at any hard rid in ' or hard shootin ' ; Incidental informaticn : (free of charge). Ever -one must yell " what tha hell " when the reel breaks; must rise and cheer when " Ramblin ' Wreck " is played ; must rise at least three min- utes before the end of the picture; must say " Ah-h-h! " when liquor is shown, or when a Packard or a beautiful woman appears on the screen. Chapter i — (Continued) FROM TEX OX OR " A FEW UPS ON DANCE KTIOrETTE " How to ask a girl to dance: Such time- (irn phrases as " Dense? " " Canaf Nex Dance? " and " Howbout thissun? " are go- ing out. In Okeefe ' s better social groups, the femmes are adopting the jerking of the head as sufficient evidence that the male of the species has asked, while the acceptance is couched in the murmurred " Uh-huh, " which interpreted in any language means " Yes. " {Except in lielligolian, uhcre their M ' ebsters define ' I ' h-htih " as an age- old brandy made from T-bones and goose livers.) m J ' ai f ' I ' hrif II iinilrrtl tiiil Thirti six P-E m m If u Have (jii a little crystal gazer in your Chapter House. ' Then TSK-TSK — Never mind, for Merlin lO Keele. jj) reveals our campus as it is, and as students, crystal-gazers and stamp-collectors ¥ ■p- see It. t I ' li ' jc I ' hree Ilitudtvl ainl ' I ' hirti srvcn r.Gi f Georgia School of Technology " A TECHNICAL SCHOOL WITH A NATIONAL REPUTATION " npHE GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY offers to ' ' - young men of ability and ambition a training vliieh will fit them for positions of responsibility and power. The national reputation of this institution is based not on cl aims, but on re- sults. Its greatest asset is the record which its alumni are making in the productive work of the world. Georgia Tech graduates succeed because they have been trained both to thmk scientifically and to work efficiendy. Courses in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical Textile, General, Ceramic and Aeronautical Engineering. Engineering Chemistry, Architecture, Commerce, Industrial Education and General Science. Coast Artillery, Signal Corps, Infantry and Ordnance Units of the R. 0. T. C, also Naval R. 0. T. C. For Further Information, Address THE REGISTRAR Georgia School of Technology ATLANTA GEORGIA = " 2? ZOfi-r. =c s£)ii i»: ' «; ■ Tlini lldiiilnil iilltl llliitil ciijht w Etiquette — contiuKed ii. i % ■-) ■% When bein introduced to a girl, (a) whom you think is a mess; (b) whom you are expected to dance with, brinw both the heels together, place hand on your stomach, bow at a go-degree angle, sing " The Star-Spangled Banner, " come to a quick standing position, thus catapulting yourself across the room, where the Snappy Number in pink is ■standing. « How to cut in : When the man is 5 feet tall, say: ' ' Sorry, buddy. " Vhen the man is 5 feet, 4 in. sav: " Pardon Mi. ' - When the man is 5 feet, 8 in. sav: " D ' ve Mind? " When the man is b feet, two in.: (Don ' t bother). The Stag-Line problem has worrieil many a hostess. Should she ser e them (the stags) cof- fee? Should she ignore them? Tradition favors the latter policy. Should they be treated as visit- ing guests, or as background of every well- planned party? The Safety-Deposit group in the middle of the floor at our Scholarship dances is another thing. Consisting as it does, of the potential robbers and robbees, they (the deposits) are due a certain amount of courtesy: they should not be thrown out of the hall, but that is about the only restric- tion. Chapter 21 INTRODUCTIONS How to introduce your Dean to an ex-S. A. C. chairman, the orchestra at the Freshman Frolic, a Glee Club tenor, a Luckie-Street car conductor, an English corrector, the oboe player in the band, the band director and the treasurer of the Cotil- lion Club: " Dean, meet the boys! ' What to say when introduced to the rector, a scholastic editor or the Janitor of Freshman hall: " Whatcha sav? " " .... the infortnal introduction " Forms of salutation on campus : Dr. Brittain: " Good Morning, ' oung Gen- tlemen. " Dr. Perry: " How do you do? " " Hoot " Gibson: " Howdy! " Sophomore: " Howye go ' in ? ' Cocky Freshman : Senior: " Umph ! ' Freshman: " Howbout cha? " Chapter 7-1 1 PARL .MENTERY RULES FOR THE CAMPUS CLUB MEETING I he meeting opens when the president upsets the water-pitcher over the vice-president, the sec- retary and the treasurer. All the members of the club except those in the three back rows rise and sing, forming a tableau around the treasurer. They sing " Have a Little Faith in ] Ie. " As the final note ilies away, the president swinging from the chandeliers, bellows, " Any new business, any old business, any monke ' business, anv kind of business? " As he waits for an answer, the trus- tees of the club stand guard in front of him with drawn pistols ready to fire if anyone speaks. Chapter n ' 30 INSTRUCTIONS FOR ROOM GUESTS 1. If ou don ' t like the sketch in the corner, don ' t laugh — it may be Clara Bow. ( ). 2. The b lanket on the wall does not look bet- ter on the bed ; nor does the one on the bed look well on the wall. 3. If the photographs don ' t please you, remem- ber: they ' re only my family. 4. Borrow my cigarettes, break m ' lighter, scratch my matches on the locker, use my station- en,-, take my stamps, read my letters, kick my trunk, wrestle with your friends on my bed — but please — oh please, don ' t shout " ' ou Goof! " at passing professors. 5. Never look under the bed. You will be rewarded only with dust and old socks. Chapter 2 MODEL LETTERS In our book " Letters: When, To Vhom and How to Write them " are found models for: (a) Letter to the Car Company concerning your Smashed Hat. (b) Epistle to the Professor who gave you a " 13 " in Economics. (c) Missive to the High School Senior who just can ' t wait till he Gets to College. Here is a form for — " Letter to a group of High School students who were found at the Bonita by the ii A E ' s: Dear Sirs: Will you come to a little party we are ihron ' - ing next Monda e ening at 9:30. It will make us ver - happ if you do. The affair will be thrrjiiti near the Butler car barn, and will be in- formal. Come dressed for action. Loxingly, Wholesale Rushing Dept., i . E. Chapter — Walnut 6000 STREET CAR CORRECTNESS How to board a street car: There .are three methods of properly boarding a street car. The " Hammer and Nails " system is one that is fast becoming popular, especially with the younger set. If there are several per- m m Pat f Tfnn IhinthiiJ and Thirty-nine J Etiquette -- cojitiiiued ITI sens to assist you this is perhaps the best plan. The procedure is as follows: Secure a hammer for each person bnardin}:. Secure twenty-pennies worth of nails. Secure boards. Secure a street car. Then using hammer and nails, sciiire boards to street car. " . . . . how to board a street car " The second method of boardin " : a car is more e pensi ' e, but is a truly charming bit of de- meanor. First look up all the better hotels and restaurants in the city classified directory. Then get bids from all these catering firms. Now all you have to do is to accept the best offer, and the restaurant will be glad to give the street car its board three times a day for a nominal considera- tion. The third method is to wait for a car. When. and if, one stops, hop on and immediately say to the conductor, " Nice weather we ' re having. " He will invariably reply, " Fare, just fare. " Then ' ou must laugh, and laugh, and laugh at his pun imtil he forgets to collect your token. If you follow these instructions you can always board a car without becominsj; bored vourself. (Thou Shalt Not Kill.) ■ Chapter MCCXLV TAKING CARE AT TABLE How to regain possession of a fork: The question of ■whether or not to call a waiter to pick up a fork has baffled man - of the better people, including Ghunga Din. A little advice regarding lost forks will therefore be included herein. In the first place, it is best not to drop the fork, unless you are doing so to see whether your host or hostess will drop his or her fork also in order that he or she may make you feel right at home. But if you do drop the fork, you still have two methods of regaining it. A fork on the floor signifies that you ' re gonna have com- pany. You ' re gonna have company! You gotta clean your room up, cause you ' re gonna have com- pany! Anyway, just wait for the company and when they come, have them pick the fork up for vou. tSV5= f ' ' : ? ROBERT AND COMPANY INCORPORATED Architects and Engineer ATLANTA ARCHITECTS ENCINEERS APPRAISORS CONSULTANTS TEXTILE INDUSTRIAL MUNICIPAL POWER PLANTS I Qj ' 4= «iS : I ' inumniiiiitj ' : [TpxcriTurp " I inzTTt 1 1 aim ryrti pii r urmn j .mi. ' t ' - mi uj.u i ajprn i I ' liiir ' l inr Unmlrrii ami I ' urfi T::-:i93 0: ' . " - ' " i; rsv = (ijii iiiua. mim »Miimii;i.-;iiijiitimM.mMr i N ESTABLISHED 1888 A Quarter Century of College Photography 220 West 42iul Street New York Completely Ecjuipped to Render the Highest Qiiahtv Craftsmanship and An Expedited Service on Both Personal Portraitnre and Photogi ' aphy for College Annnals Official Photographer to the BLUE PRINT =R :] V i o 0) f js B?:: ' ? i Qi = Page Three Hundred and Forty-one r.G ' My girl friend gives me a pain in the neck. ' Mine too — d ' va see these teeth marlcs? " ED AL MATTHEWS Our Only Store 158 EDGEWOOD AVE., N. E. BETWEEN Courtland and Piedmont Ave. ATLANTA, GA. Dealers in FURNITURE HEATERS : RADIOS ii(Bff = Cash or Terms Phone: WAlnut 224.5 Sp = 9 ? f J. M. TULL RUBBER COMPANY ' EVERYTHING IN MILL SUPPLIES " 285 MARIETTA STREET I I THE ATLANTA BILTMORE The Sonth ' s Sttpreine Hotel fiOn i ooMS, each with outside ex- posure, private bath, circulat- ing ice water. Children ' s playground and putting greens in the garden. Dinner Dtmces every Wethietnlay during the season. BiLTMORE Rates SINGLE DOUBLE $4, $5, $6 $6, $8, $10 30 Rooms at S3. 50 : 2?Tt= s ■ i im pEtB : wi I ' ai e Tliiii ' lliiiiiliid mill furty-tiro 1 1 Etiquette cou tinned Since this last method may take days and days to be completed, there is a scheme devised by the faster set to speed up the procedure. When the fork is lying on the iloor, tap the front of it with the toe of your left foot. This will cause it (the fork, my dear public) to fly into the air. You can then catch it with your right hand and you are all ready to start pitching again. With a little practice you will be able to get so excruciat- ingly cunning that you need not miss a mouthful. How to take olives: When the oli es are passed, a good way to re- member how to get ahold of them is to repeat this little verse: Fingers or fork ? Fingers or fork? It may be a zebra — It looks like a stork. If ou can ' t memorize the verse, you had best develop a strong dislike for the olives, and then hang around the La Salle instead. (And when the airplane motor stops, it will be exactly twenty- three and one-half minutes past twelve o ' clock, Vitiiinia time). » Chapter 87 FRATERXn ' PINS How to keep a Fraternity pin : 1. Make your date wear boxing gloves. 2. Place the pin in a deposit box at the near- est Federal Reserve Bank. ?rG = = -«?3:? L. G. Balfour Company FRATERNITY J E E L R Y -AT— MUSE ' S t:ep = 3. Wear a double breasted coat. 4. Give the girl up. 5. Get married. b. Don ' t buy a pin in the first place. Definition on receipt of self-addressed en- velope. To boo or not to boo — This allusion is to Keats ' " (3de to a Chimney Sweep, " Chap. II. Verses 91-31. Safety deposit — In 1914, the Ludowici (Ga). Trust Co. had securities of $30,000,- 060.60. Clara Bow — not to be confused with Ho- Bo, the Chinese taxidermist, or eah-Bo the battle cr - of the Afghristanese. Chapter 87 — not to he confused with Chapter 78. Date — Latin ' " datum " meaning ' " hav- ing been given. " Chapter 9 (House) FRATERNITIES How to become popular with the upperclass- men. When called, never bother to answer, — tlie - may have called some other Freshman. When dates are at hand (or holding hands) on Sundays for lunch — be boisterous — everyone likes a Freshman that has lots of pep. But never on anv occasion eat peas on a knife if there is a spoon at hand — safety first, and no embarrass- ment will be caused. The safe place for the spoon is IN the coffee. This does away with the chance of someone else mistaking vour spoon for his. " . . , . which knife to use? " When you are out with an upperclassman ' s girl, tell her about him. She will be a most interested listener, because after all shouldn ' t she be interested in the private, (and public) life of her lover. Above all things, remember your pl.ace. Don t be a slave to the wants of the pampered upper- classmen, for isn ' t this a country of free speech, matches and water? If you do not assert your rights ()u w-ill sink to the le ' els of a mere serf. The End. l Page Tin,, lhiii,li,(l ami y,„liith, ■ t IV- -- ?fO ' = 9 i- a w M i THE TECH UNIFORM Sigmund Eisner Co. Red Bank, N. J. i- ' l :Qj -j: i -. D: I ' fKi, I hi, I Hundred and Fortii-fuiir — = — =— .—,.= = , , 1 f:(? j= 9 Rand Company, Inc. 201 Spring St., N. W. ATLANTA. GA. 9 :Gva= = ' : BLIE PRiyTIM; PHOTOSTATING F. L. Rand, ' 14, President PHOXE WA. 243S ;:(2z Ti= =c , S I Frat Man (pricine wristwatches) : " Fifty dollars, you say? How much is it without the gold band? " Clerk (anxious to make sale) : ' ' Forty-nine dollars and ninet ' cents — only ten cents dif- ference. " Pauper: ' Aery well. then. Here ' s a dime. I iust wanted the band. " " There. I fooled you. " said the newly-wed as he climbed into the upper berth. ■ Mountaineer to three-year-old son: ' ' Ezr} ' , quit pointin ' that that gun at your little brother. Hit might go off and kill cne of them chickens he ' s playin ' with. " She: " Mother said if you tried to kiss me I should call her. " He: " ou mean if I should try to kiss you, Mother left word to be called. " She: " Exactly. " He (puzzled): " Whatsa matter? Don ' t you have an ice man ? " ' JM ao .Qp = =ir !£), .1 frs = = - ?s:; The cover for this annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois 5i cry MoUoy Made Cover bears this irade mark on the back lid. t:(E; zK : i m k •5) ' Page Three Htimlrcl and Forty-ficc f - ' ■. itiH :s = ' - :? lure (till a man biix a cup lur his knee Or a key to the luck ot his hair? (jiin his eyes he ealleil an death my Because there are pupils there. ' II hat i cnis are toiinil in tin crnan of his head. ' II hat tra-eels the hrirli;e of his nose. ' (Jan he use, xihcn shini rlj,,, ,,. ,-ool of his house I hi nails on the enil 0 his toes. ' Can the crook of his ellxive be sent to jail. ' If so. lihat did he do. ' H ' riV can he sharpen his shoulder blades. ' I ' ll be handed, if I know, do yon. ' Can he sit in the shade of the palms of his hands. ' Or beat mi the drum of his ear? Does the calf of his le? eat the corn off his toe? If so. why not !;roii ' corn on the ear? S HERNDON ' S BARBER SHOP " TEC]I BOYS ' CHOICE " 25 Barbers in Attenilaiioe FOH SERVICE AND SATISFACTIOX CALL ON US A. F. HERNDON, Foimder .rACKSOIl-0467 «6 PEACHTREE ST. .(b -j. fCS5 = I = r !S: =« -« :? THE EVOLUTION OF A RISHEE first Time to House — Mr. Jenkins. Second Time — Jenkins. After I ' ledf in — Hey, Scum. Js an Active — Jenks. Homecoming — That old buzzard? Think his name is Junkem, or somethin ' j;. .K : (3 Sff -. =c a; = -cs:? Engineering Achievement The young Engineers of today are the backbone and brains of our coun- try ' s advancement. Realizing the necessity of having trained men in our Research and De- velopment departments, we have gathered together the best men availa- ble. We have now a highly trained Technical Staff — devoting their entire lime to the Advanccinenl of Textile Machinery. The name Saco-Luueli comes to tlie I ronl whenever new developments in textile machinery are discussed. We appreciate fully the responsibilities of our position in this important industry, and are not content to rest on any reputation we may have gained in the pa t. but rather are cimtinually en- (lea ()ring to place before our friends new machinery and ideals that can be of assistance to them in their manu- facturing problems. SACO - LOWE! J. SHOPS are pio- neers and builders in Textile Ma- chinery. SACO-LOWELL Lanjcal Miinufucturer of Textile Macliiiicry i)i America HQp-.: - !3i firli- Tina lliinilnil niiil l ' nrtil-ni.r M KSVte ?:s = 9 ' •- 25 QUALITY PRODUCTS Cost Less III the Lous Rmi I WOCO PEP is all value, no waste. Burns clean, gives More Mileage. Giant Power. Quick Starts. No Knock, Lightning Pick- up, and is safe for you or your motor. TIOLENE. 100% Super Pennsylvania Motor Oil resists extreme engine heat. One fill- ing gives 1000 miles of perfect lubrica- tion. PUEOL GASOLINE for those who demand a better straight gasoline. WolFord Oil Company Distributors of Pure Oil Company Products Headquarters at Atlanta WILEY L. MOOKE. President DRENNON ZAHN, INC. Automotive Specialists Springs, Fenders an«l Rnnning Boards " Come an " See Us " 4-ii:) : rarietta St., Phone Jackson X. W. 4381 ::(2p = =f — ' ji .1 ? ' Svi •■■ :; Girl rit t ishion, ivhcii x ' lii ' i ' e tired ()f iiur luil-ih si ' i : It hen your beauty has been fired By cruel time ' s racinf;. Don ' I crjine baci; iihen you feel blue 1 our lender fxission If tisted .... I ' ve tor otton you — Jfter a fashion. ;(2i ' -= J Qp = ir . :g = = - :? =i= : THE STATE LIl L INSURANCE CO. Indiaxapulis. Ind. 724 HEALEY BUILDING ROY L e C R A , Agent :(2p = OFFICIAL SOURCE OF SUPPLY FOR TECH DRAWING MATERIAL U orking through Go. Tech Student Sui)ijly Atlanta Blue Print Company DRAWING MATERL4L ENGINEERING EQUIP3IENT Repr(i«hi ' tions of All Classes and Kinds 112 Spring Street, N. W. ATLANTA. GEORGIA Originators of the Georgia Tech Dr ailing Outfit =«r :2; ■ rv. .1 If m J affc Tiift ' v n tiitlrf (I mtfl Ftfrti seren ' ' S f-G =K ; M E RRO W Trii(l -ni:iik Keg. V. S. Pat. Off. High Speed Trimming and Overseaming Overedging and Shell Stitch Machines F(ir on Knitted and Woven Goods of All Kinds 200 VARIETIES FOB 200 PURPOSES Special Models for joining ends of piece goods in Flat Butted seams for subsequent processing find for the Hosiery Trade Let Us Demonstrate the Work of These Machines on Your Own Fabrics THE MERROW MACHINE COMPANY 666 Laurel Street : Hartford, Conn. .Qj = =K ; , A He: " Why wait till we get hiime to tell me whether you ' ll marry me or not .■ ' " She: " I ' m scared, this is the very spot where m father proposed to mother. " He: " What ahout it? " She: " Well, on the wa - hoine, the horse ran avvav and father was killed. " r.Q = ' : " Mother, if I jzet married when I umciw up, ill I get a hushand like my (jld man ? ' " Why, yes, dear. " " And if I don ' t get married will I he an old maid like Aunt Susie? " " Yes, dear. " " Well, all I gotta say is, that it ' s a pretty tough world for us wimmen, isn ' t it, mother? " :Qp z trfS-ji tC(2 ' j(= ?:sv= FASHION ' S NEWEST THINGS FOR COLLEGE MEN HHMIT TX Style : Quality : Price THE TECH SHOP 49 North Avenue, N. W. r.G = s =ir«sS)Ji FULTON BAG COTTON MILLS Manufacturers of " SHIREDRY ' GRIDIRON COVERS ATLANTA C(Epv= to. =C iS:i HQP : =ir«s3; PoOC Thru lliinilnd iiiiil Fiiitil-iiirUt HCDECN AS yCLTH ITSELr! Within tKe space of a score of years, tKe scope of Southwestern Engraving Company has increased from tne parent plant in Fort Worth to an organization of nine plants. . ■; ' . Pioneering the field in the introduction of modernistic art, a per- sonal service bureau composed of former college annual editors and ' • managers, the budget and dummy system, and field service men, ■ the name " Southwestern " has become synonymous with art motifs that are distinctive, an understanding, helpful service, and printing plates that " print right. " ..... THE SCtTHH EXTERN ENGCAVINe CCMEANT FORT WORTH TULSA ATLANTA DALLAS HOUSTON SAN ANTONIO BEAUMONT AMARiLLO WICHITA FALLS Many new staffs turn each year to SWECO S corps of artists, personalized service, and engrav- ing technicians for fresh ideas, newer layouts, and modern methods in year book production. m n J ' iKjc Tht c Uundltd and Fuitii niiu. H ' llwi iw|||ii| BiiiMiiir , - r ii i ■ Oz ' t a ay on Brazen uilihis anil slaliLdit liliK ' ks Stalking the spoon of ii spirit ' s trucks, Singini; shadons. drunk -ivith hlooil, Donn in the ooze of tin iiinho mud. Swinging aloud to n mystic note And letidini; to slnughter ti tetlured goat. (Oh, uhere ivou d In this grisly clack If there ivere n j moon and the night ivas black. ' ) Yelloiv the moon and clammy ivith deii Green the Talley. and dripping, too: Perfect the spell for unearthly things, The lousy ichip-poor-will brazenly sings; McUoii ' the sky anil mellow the earth — Mad iiith the chant and tlii terror of mirth! ( " li e are the dead of a savage past — There is no death, but lite comes fast! " ) 7 he bayou is black in the pit ol the vale .-1 nd oaks overshadou- the singing trail. At till voodoo altar is Beni. the prnst He utters a ivail. and on is the feast! A dirk !;leams brightly, the goat is bled And the blood is drunk as a dirt e is said. (Life is a chant — it is mad and gay. Then breaks the daivn of sobering day.) Sick IS the suamp and mail the moon .-Is he leers and siveats o i r tlu dismal lagoon; 7 he turning icill ' jic . heavy ivith mud. Suays to the rhythm of pulsing blood. Prancing day. majestic and suave, Under the obi no longer a slave! (Chained ivith veneer of the (ioldin Past, If hat would 1 give to join the feast.) -« ?a): -Lord Knocki:moff. K ' A II innlj , .1 ami 1-iftlt m Vb- 1 J " ;- i i-rVi f:os= if-cs:? lonlag " ? Tr;i leinark Tlie Symbol of Ouality in Stationery M inuf(i(!iirers -of- College and Social riling Papers Stationery : Tablets Envelopes School Snpplies, Etc. Montag Brothers, Inc. i New York City Atlanta, Ga. :ePTi= Mama: " ouVe ton uld to cry. Tomm . ' I nmni : " And I ' m too Qung to have what I m cr ini; tor. " Student (just out of chapel) : ' " What a mass! hat a mass! " Girl (standing nearhy) : " Say, buddy, one more crack about me lilce that and I ' ll bean vou. " Alice: " Oh, Bob, last night I dreamed that 1 was dancing with ou ! " Bob: " Oh, what a wonderful emotion it gives me to thinlc that you would dream of me. " Alice: " And then I woke up to find m kid brother pounding my leet with a stick. " (jirl on extreme right: " My boy friend and I went berry-picking the other day. " Girl sprawled in the rcjad : " Oh! you did? Did you get an ? " Girl on extreme right: " ' ep, some berries I " too! lQp-4-- ?iS5 = f ' ■ ' tr : 9 Heiff-Jones Service on Georgia Tech Senior Rings ALUM IS I WHO HAVE XOT YET ORDERED RIXGS— We " will make up rings fcir any graduating year at regular prices. School ruling is that every aj ' plication for ring must be ajp- proved by Alumni Secretary be- fore order is filled. REPAIRS on injured rings furnished by us. Every ring is g u a r a n t e e d against defective workmanship .ind material or will be replaced with no charge. If injured through fault of owner, we will repair at actual cost of materials. Be sure to send til Herff-.Tones for all repairs. INPOEMATION NEEDED FOR ORDERING XAJIE : ADDRESS : DEGREE : (ULRSE : YEAR : fsTuXE : SIZE : YELLOW, GREEX OR WHITE GOLD AXD ANY SPECIAL EXCRUSTIXG IX STOXE. HERFF - JONES COMPANY H. S. CANFIELD. Representative In«Iianai olis. Indiana Ansley Hotel, Atlanta " Designer and Official Jeweler " s:(2; .: :l-(i9. Page Three Hundred and Fifty-one i : g- f i " - :? U(s Calvin Coolidge, Xciiophon (). I ' iiuiall (gov- ernor of Arkansas), and James Howard Snook, were in a bull session one day. " I bclonij to two fraternal orilers, " said Cool- idiie, " Phi (jainma Delta and the human race. Hut burn m ' drawers, boys, there ' s some differ- ence. " " I, " said Xenophuii ()., " beloiii: to Kappa Siy;- ma and the human race, but I ain ' t noticed much difference yet. ' ' " Well. " Snook sail!. " I belong to Beta TKeta Pi. but the (in ' t let me join the human race. " Identity of the ouni ; lady is withheld, but the memory of her answer linjjers on with the in- structor of science at a local high school. One of the requirements on a written quiz was ' ' De- fine a bolt and nut and explain the difference, it an . " The girl wrote: " A bolt is a thing like a stick of hard metal such as iron with a square bunch on one end and a lot of scratching wound around the other end. A nut is similar to the bolt, only just the op- posite, being a hole in a little chunk of iron sawed off short with wrinkles around the inside of the hole. " The startled prof, marked that one with a I la •A. " = " 1? Home Desk Fixture Co. 0(jiie Furniture Desks, Chairs and Filiiijf Eqiiipinent W. A. HORNE, President .5.5 Pryor St., N. E. WAL. 1463 CSpt(= =c : r.(s = = ' ' - ?3:? .0 = i NAT KAISER CO, INC. ESTABLLSHED ISiKi JeMelers and Silversmiths I Watches : Diamonds : Jewelry ' ' Gifts That Last ' No. 3 Peachtree Phone Wal. 1910 ■.«iS-A i;ej Ti= fCS = ? 9 The pause that gives poise ■:i ,% -v ■ in., -x- TJ 9 €¥ MILLION S J ' V «i; ' W ' ' " Pause that refreshes The Coca-Cola Co.. Allaiila. Ca. n A i» T n c; » o i» TO «; !•; t « ii i; n v. it is I «W . = lUitii ' llim- II iiiiilriil (111(1 litti Uro -■G--1 s m f:(P = Jim Tich: This year as a !{e iii. fa quaint East Indian uord meaning mairician) anyhow, Jim is i oing his stiifl. conjuring np his impressi ' jns 0 FJMOL S COLLEGES. I Sj -4= ' s PtKjc llucc Iluuflretl tnni I- ' iftti-thrce [ F -;- P •Ola He: " Hellii, my Hame. " She: " Hello, Hot papn. " One hour later: He: " Come here ashes of love, and kiss your cinder. " Qp -. r.Qy We Are Made l)y Our Friends. We Make Our Friends by Our Service. We Offer Our Service for Your Fri( ' ii(l lii|i. TECH COMMISSARY 638 CHERRY STREET t ? ' " - j? JOHN T. HANCOCK COMPANY I ' liiiters, E f ra7 ' frs. I.illi ' Ji riif ' licrs SPECIAI.ISI ' S IN COLLEGE iniil.lCAriONS 29 Pr i;r St., N. I " .. Atlanta, (]: Wa. 8680 tC(2p-.= :1C J Paac Thra lliiiulml ami lillii lunt fCS ? f ' ' S Portrait of a Sigma Xk Bciii: Stc-.iJ-i ' p B His Date. Very Tight : " Sweetheart, I Une ynu. I adore you, I can ' t Hve witliout yon. " She: " Well, I think we can arrange that, darling. " ' ery Tight: " Oh, that ' ll he wonderful. " She: " Sober lip, fellow, I ' m your wife. " s:(2pti= i) = :j The C?ty Ice Delivery Company 32 CONVENIENTLY LOCATED ICE STATIONS Walnut 1287 • tcePT(= LOVE THROUGH THE AGES At birth — " Isn ' t it cunnin ' . Looks just like its mother. " At four — " But niuvver, I is in love wif Lena. " M ten — " Marty love Ella ooh ! — ooh ! " At thirteen — " I ' ll save everything for my wife and you will too, won ' t you? " Freshman in Collitch — " Say, how al)rnu steii- ping out for a walk in the park? " Soph Ditto — " Wench, you sure baxe me in an uproar. " Jr. Ditto — " Listen kid, your mother did. " Sr. Ditto — " Xow I know all about it, after you have been at it as long as I have — aw, just one more — " Tired Business Man — " What do you think I ' m paying you for anyway — that ' s better. " =ic i4 1 4 r.(B -- :-(t-B m g-y-[! .rf iraS --. -!...,., . :%. j 0 yr Tlie Grain of Our Spinning Rings Contributes to Their Smoothness =« ?e):? I This show.s how the grain of the steel runs in " DIAMOND FINISH " Spinning Rings, beeause made from a steel bar lient into a ring. This shows tlie direction tlie gr.-iin of the steel runs in spin- ning rings ]iumc1um1 out of a fiat li:ir of steel. tCeP ' w( Beeaiisc tlie lirain rtiiis the same way that tlie traveler.s rttn, we are able to ojvc yoii the utmost smoothness in " Diamond Finish " Siiinning- Rings. This is X(.)T a small or insignificant jioint ; extra smoothness means a lot ilnring years of wear from millions of revolntions of the travelers. Whitinsville " SPINNING RING CO. DEVOTED TO MAKING DIAMOND FIN- ISH SPINNING AND TWISTER KINGS SINCE 18 73 ■:) I ' U! ,: Jill Uutulrcd and Fiftv-ftvv f ftCHr She: " You certainly have a filthy mind. " He: " " i ou would, too, if you thdnt chantze it so often. " THE PLACE TO MEET AND ENJOY t f _ ,_ r5, 3 Million SainlMirhes rrL m Sold Each Year Trio Laundry DRY CLEANING I Qff = =R :; i-ft ' i M i :i.- :i - is ' ' «!;i ' ' llnii Iliiiiiliiil mill 1 ' iftii-Ki.r f =1= :? m Jacobs DRUG STORES ALL OVER ATLANTA! Box I ■; ' l A FRIEND OF GEORGIA TECH K Lyclwobite I AUTHOR ' S NOTE:— An innovation in English prosody is Analyzed Rhyme — a simple in ention brought into use and cleverl} utilized by Frank Kendon in Great Britain but given little or no notice (save a meager essay by Edward Davison and a America. This unique method of depart- ing from true rhyme seems to present a new sphere in partic development which is far more satisfying to the " conservatives " than the lamented Miss Lowell ' s " Palyphonic Prose. " In the following specimen (a tech- nical essa - in Analyzed Rhyme) it should not require a mathematician to solve the method used.j Co z iA ' (ill ton soun The inorniiii liile: Old thhiif hls risivn To iieicer iiiood. If ben tliirk)ifss fell I kiitii ' the rijiul; trom [ ' It t ' j poll Tin lii ;hii(iy led. L p thr(jui;h hi sky And into space — Up! Up! Aiiay, To paradise. I liimdered there An overlord, And ivept no more Or even cared. But this duiin: 1 knoiv It nell It rises — then It sniothirs all! Comes all too soon The niorninf;ttde ; Old thom hts resign To netcer mood. -Lf)RU KXOCKEMOFF. :c« ; £ 31 m i 0-; li Pntjc ' J ' ltrrc Hiiiutrid and l ' iftij-! ( - i FORWARD Today ' s perfection is beyond the one of past years " behind the one of years to come. and experiment, main- tenance of proven processes, vigilance in sales, service and manufacture, we are seeking an Ideaf- ' an Ideal that we move ahead with the progress of our industry. years experience m printing and binding is our background. Our restless urge is ever ■i. n- ' cr FOOTE DAVIES COMPANY Atlanta, G e_o r g i a J ' lii v T nrr Hinnlnil anil Ilfti eif ht T • FRll T ■19 5 fci i f THE VARSITY :? 55 Ninth A e nue I ' ' SERVE TECH 1 E " THE VARSITY BARBER SHOP 61 North Avenue ? :s = Ga. Tech Fountain and Cafeteria IN THE ACADEMIC BUILDING E ELCOME TECH MEN ;(2 = 9 -. : ' ' A? 9 :C-CiS), I =- :? Billiards : : Lunches THE REX AND RECREATION, INC. 109 and 89 Pryor St.. N. W. A clean place for clean fellows and a hearty welcome to all Tech men. ROBERT L. YORK ce Tiz =Cf!3. s STUART MURRAY, INC. Formerly Peachtree auil Ellis Corner Spring St. anit Xorth Ave. LUNCH I T H US GOOD FOOD COLD DRINKS CURB SERVICE KDIBLE DIP HE CKE.AM SOD. S Our Specialty TRY US TEL. HE. r 71t -.e S): ■(sV= =R :: =K-(!5) ' WALXrX 037( BEAN MAGILL PRINTING BINDING Marietta Street Cor. of Cone Street KAYE COAL COMPANY 540 Marietta Street PHONES: Jackson 1192 Jackson 119.3 ;e = = r : :(SV5= = - Ja):; GEO. A. CLAYTON CO. Engineers and Contractors Bona Allen Bldg. Atlanta, Ga. I = ; e : !3 iCCSP-.: ' 5 i =f -A ii hi I I ' w .r Po. ' r Three Hiintlrcd and I ' ifti nine w. - ' ' l A ' - r " i- 1 1 a :Hy :j: - ::ov:: - ' - 7 " R ' |. ' ■lij .• %s lf l I III Al I ' - l ■ fa BCMMni. n M l mm IHi tl )MS iimtl immi IBril mm l. Tferal II r l rfPill r l r l li i m m Wm m 0T mfzil iDisSf il li T I lpf%il liia )l li T i 11 !f Miht} l» oJ L ' - ' ' j L e il t oi Pimio] L J l " o] ili

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