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-TfTl ' fmnSn Blue Print 1929 COPYRIGHT D. M. Heritage Editor E. C. Fant Manager Shi Goodwine • Art Editor u ' ■■ ■r- - . - v. ' .; ' iA -, ' .-.- ' -. i!-i- lis:?! m ? MirH tt lWftqt»- ' Wi?gV )lJT ' l » iW P Wfi|3 W WWW LUE PRINT 1 9 2 9 Pu b li s h e d by S t u d e n t s of the GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY ' ( Jo.fw » ' - - i ;ife »: g S ps K;? i7 ; « 1 - S ' ir - .; «— ? x " D E D I « - ». rf -3ii v- r ft el , t- iiA o .t ' ' A T I N TO William A. Alexander TRUE SPORTSMAN AND GENTLEMAN THE 19 29 BLUE PRINT I s DEDICATED OFFERTORY We realize that our Alma Mater has taught us — To dilute our work N ever to take life so seriously that we lose its joy. May we forever keep these policies of Duty Honor and Love. CONTENTS SCENIC s C H O L A S T I C A C T I V I T I E S B E A U T I E s FR ATERNITI ES A T H L E T I C s ORGANIZA ' l ' IONS ..n M e in o r i a m CVD Henry Genz 1898 1929 Fran k Roman 1879 1928 ITT I i ! Marion- Luther Brittain, I ' rcsidcnt A.B., LL.D. icers of Adoimistration Charles Mercer Snelling, A.M., Sc.D. Chancellor 0 the University of Georgia W ' n.LiAM X ' lRNON Skiles, B.S., A. I., Sc.D Dean Hugh Harris Caldwell, A.B Registrar ami Secretary Frank King Houston ' , C.P.A Secretary and Treasurer Arthur Hammonij Armstrong, B.A., M.A Suf erintendcnt of Dormitories Earle D ' Arcy Pearce, Coast Artillery Corps, U. S. A Commandant John Bonar White, M.D School Surgeon Allan Bextov Mortox, M.A., Sc.D Dean of the Summer School Roger Sheppard Howell, B.S. in M.I ' " ., M.Sc, Director of the Evening School of J fiplied Science Hibbard Spencer BusB " i ' , M.E Director of -■ . French Textile School Flo d Field, A.B., A.M Dean of Men Roy Stevenson Kind, M.D., M.Sc, Sc.D. . . Su yt. of Buildings and Grounds and of Shops George McIntosh Sparks Director of the Evening School of Commerce Harriet Henderson Secretary to the President Mrs. William Reid Ta- lor Secretary to Committees BOARD OF TRUSTEES N. E. Harris, Cii.-iirman O. M. Stout E. R. Bl.ack N. P. Pratt John W. Grant, W. H. Glexx E. R. Hodgson, Jr. Chmn. Executive Com. Johx A. Porter Georc;e H. Carswei.l George G. Crawford Fr nk I reemax L. W. Robert, Jr. James B. Nevix, E -( fficio T. M. Brown, Fx-Officio Clark Howell, Jr., E. -Officic L G. Hardmax, Gov. of Ga., Ex-Officio M. L. Ducgax, Ex-Officio William V ' ernon Skiles, B.S., A.M., Sc.D. Dean B.S., University of Chicago; A.M., Harvard University; Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Plii; Member Georgia Academy of Science. DEAN SKILES assumes that position in our college life that requires an luuler- standing of fairness and an ability to help. A watchful eye always displaces error and correction is ready to displace the error. It is the purpose of Dean Skiles to make our residence at Tech a source of knowledge and happiness. Paije Tioenty Floyd Field, A.B., A.M. Dean of Men A.H., Willamotte University: .A.H., A.M., Harvard Unixersity: Theta Chi. THE duty of Dean of Men is to help all students, whether he he a Freshman or Senior. The instructions that come from one of authority in the various phases of life are ready for those men that are determined to profit from their education at Tech. Dean Field has always used his talented resources to encourage the buildinu; of a greater manhood at Georgia Tech. It is in this capacity- that Dean Field serves as advisor to the social, intellectual, and religious life of the student at Tech. It is fortunate for our institution to possess a man that fills these qualifications with exactness. Page Ttccnty-one ArTII L R a X H h X R ' l Cer.E., M.Sc, Ph.D. Head of Department of Cerdinle Enginecrhit; GEORGIA TECH was the tirst Suuth- em school to establish a department of Ceramic Engineering. The course com- bines the theoretical and practical phases of the study of ceramics and the depart- ment is well equipped with up-to-date test- ing laboratory, clay machinery room, kiln room and machine shop. The student ac- quires the basic knowledge which would enable him to prospect for raw materials and carry them through the process of manufacture to the finished product. The degrees of Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering is awarded at the successful completion of the four-year course. Gilbert H. Boggs B.Sc, Ph.D. Head a) the Department of Chemistry ' T HEl department of Chemistry was established at Georgia Tech in 1888. The course serves to give the theoretical and practical means of advancing the pur- suit of this important science. The recent completion of larger quarters gives to Tech one of the most modern laboratories in the South. This course extends over a period of four ears with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering Cheni- istPi ' . The essentials of a liberal education combined with the strictly professional work gives the graduate a broad founda- tion for his future service of mankind. I ' liiic Ticrnty-lico Thomas William Noel A.B., IM.B.A., C.P.A. Head (jf the School of Commerce ' " P ' HE School of Commerce was estab- ■ ' ■ lislied in the fall of 191 2 with the idea of permitting engineering students to supplement their courses with business sub- jects and to give students desiring to enter upon a business career an opportunity to receive a technical training along admin- istrative lines. The success of this department has been marked and its courses and reputation are being recognized as the best in the South and very close to the best business schools in the country. The courses offered in the School of Commerce lead to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Commerce. Jamks Erskinh McUaniel B.A., M.A., LL.B. Director of the Co-O fierative Depitrtinent ' " T ' HE Co-Operative Department was es- ■ ■ tablished in iqi2 to enable engineer- ing students to acquire practical knowledge and experience along with their class work. The schedules are so arranged that a stu- dent works four weeks and then returns to school and attends classes four weeks. The manufacturers in Georgia and the neighboring states who employ these stu- dents find that they take a great amount of interest in the work and results show tiiat the course is valuable and successful. The degree of B.S. in whichever course of engineering is pursued is awarded after the five-year period. I 9J Page Tirenty-thicr Thomas Witt Fitzgerald B.S., M.E., E.E., M.S. Herul rjf the Electrical Engineering Department Roy Stevenson King M.E., M.Sc, Sc.D. Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering npHE Electrical Engineerint; Depart- ment has for its object the training of youns; men to be industrious and clear thinking, and to equip them with the scientific and practical knowledge neces- sary tor the successful practice of their pro- fession as Electrical Engineers. Parallel with the theoretical work are carefully planned laboratopi ' courses be- ginning with the first year in Chemistry and continuing throughout the four years in the sciences and other subjects studied. The four-year course leads to the de- gree of Hachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering. ' " T ' HE high object of the mechanical engineering profession is to consider and determine the most economic use of time, power and matter. True mechanical engineering is the economical adaptation of the means and opportunities existing to the end desired. The training given in the mechanical engineering department is a stepping stone towards membership in the profession, further dependent of course, on the in- dividual. The four-year course leads to the de- gree of Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Paije Twenty-four HiBBARD Spencer Blsk M.E. Director of the A. French Textile School Allan Benton Morton : I.A., ScD. Dean of the Summer School VX ITH the movement toward the South of the many Northern cotton mills and because of the qualities possessed by the South to foster this industr ' , the A. French Textile School has proven valuable and popular. The department is equipped for perform- inij practically every process of cotton manipulation from the cotton field to the finished product. The student in textile engineering is given a well roimdeil eilu- cation in other phases of engineering offered in the school. The four-year course leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Textile Engineer- ing while for the two-year course a certif- icate is given. ' TpHE purpose of the Summer School is ■ • to offer students in Science, Com- merce, Engineering and Modern Language an opportunity to do collegiate work for which full credit is allowed toward a de- gree. The courses are open to college students and teachers who desire to advance their standing and usefulness. raye Tuciity flrc Frank King Houston C.P.A. Sfcrcttiry iiii l TrciiSurer T T is on this department of our in- -■- stitution that falls the maintenance of our school. The finance, appropriation, and endowments are assigned as the ob- jects for this portion of the institution. Very fortunatel , luider the able guidance of Mr. Houston the college has increased its capacit ' to handle the large volume of business without loss. Hugh H.arris Caldwell A.B. Registrar and Secretary ' " p ' HE purpose of the Registrar is to ■ serve in the capacity of compiling the important records of the institution. Mr. Caldwell, in this position has createil a most efficient method of handling import- ant figures in the histor of Georgia Tech. This department has been constructive and conservative in its purpose. r SI Page Twenty-six Civil Engineering i Harold Hush Hrown A.B., M.Arch. Head of the Department of .1 rehiterture nr ' HE course in Architecture has hegun its twentieth year at Georgia Tech. The g rowth in this department has been amazing during the past years and has exemplified this fact by its necessity to in- crease the facilities in order to meet the large need. The sincere purpose of the Department is to offer the necessary training in Design, Construction, and the associated subjects that will eventually tit the student for the practice of Architecture. This course ex- tends over four years and leads to the de- gree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture. Regarded as a Fine Art, it serves to in- troduce and maintain the beauty of the profession to the student. Franklin C. Snow C.E., Sc.D. Head of the Department of Civil Engineering; ' nr HE ultimate aim of the Civil Engineer- - ■ ing course at Tech is to teach the fundamentals in each branch and to so in- struct the student that his B.S. degree stands for basic knowledge in every line of Civil Engineering. The Civil Engineer is a builder. He uses asphalt, concrete, clay, sand, steel, stone, and numerous other structural ma- terials in building pa ements, roads, bridges, etc. A graduate in Civil Engineering must be well informed in mathematics, especially mechanics, in order to design. He must know how to select and to use materials, locate sewers, lay out structures, railroads, and streets so that his designs can be carried into finished products. Page Tu-enty-seven M. L. Brittaix, A.H., I.L.D. President Harold Bush Browx, A.B., M. Arch. Harvard University. James H. Gailev, B.S., in Arch., M.S. in Arch. Universitj- of Pennsylvania. Richard T. Morenus, B. Arch. Columbia University, Stout Institute, Ricli- mond College. Maurice Siegler Pennsylvania School of Fine Arts. Fred T. Ahlson .Art Institute of Chicago; Yale. Harold C. McLaughlin, A.B., B.S. in Arch. A.B., University of Missouri, B.S. in Arch., Mass. Institute of Technology. Hugh McDonald Martin, B.S. in Arch. Georgia Tech. H. J. CoRV Pearson Instructor M. R. Walker Student Assistant E. T. Rempe, Jr. Student Assistant Hugh A. Wvckoff, B.S., M.S. B.S., Missouri Wesleyan, M.S., University of Chicago ; Sigma Xi ; Theta Chi Delta. y Emorv G. Lower, A.B. Missouri Wesleyan College. Arthur Van Henry, Cer.E., ALSc, Ph.D. Ohio State University. James P. Breen, William H. Vaughan, B.S. in Chem. Eng., ALS. in Cer. Eng. B.S., Georgia Tech, M.S., University of Illinois. B.S. University of Illinois. Cliemistry Gilbert H. Boggs, B.Sc, Ph.D. B.Sc, University of Georgia; Ph.D., Univer- sity of Pennsylvania; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi ; Sigma Xi ; Member of Georgia Academy of Science. John L. Daniel, M.A., A.B. A.B., Hanipden-Sidncy College, M..A., Wash- ington and Lee ; Phi Kappa Phi ; .-Mpha Chi Rho. Benjamin B. Wroth, A.B., Pii.D. . .B., Washington College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University; Phi Kappa Phi. William S. Taylor, A.B., ALA. A.B., Swarthmore; M., ' ., Columbia. John Chii-.max, B.S., . LS., Ph.D. B.S., Sewanee; M.S., Iowa; Ph.D., Uni- versity of California; Sigma Chi; Delta Tau Delta ; Alpha Chi Epsilon. Cornelius A. Wells, B.S., M.S., ALA. B.S., Mercer University; M.S., University of Georgia; M.A., Columbia University. A. M. White, B.S., ALS. Chem., Sc.D. B.S., Michigan; M.S., Calif.; Sc.D. Mich. ' ii.i.i M 15. Rich Ri)S()N. B.S. B.S., University of North Carolina ; Grad- uate Work, Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology. I ' age Titinty-ciuht General Faculty r — n — 1 ' — - J 1 - n , ' J Chemistry-Continued Charles E. Murphy, B.S., E.Ch. I ' . U. Fiu.rim, H.S. Georgia School of Technology. Emory University. P.ALi. Weber, A.H., .M.S., Clarence B. Weiss, B.S., M.S. A.B., University of Missouri; M.S., School Missouri School of Mines. of Mines and Metallurgy. ESMARCH S. GiLRE.ATH, A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A., University of North Carolina. Civil Engineering Franklin C. Snow, C.E., Sc.D. Count D. Gibson, Ph.B., M.S. C.E., Ohio State University; Sc.D., Uni- Emory University; Delta Tau Delta. versity of Georgia; A.I.E.E.; A.S.C.E.; A.M.- A.E. ; Pi Kappa .Mpha ; Tau Beta Pi; Square James H. Lucas, and Compass. g g - g g ;„ jy,j_£_ Jack M. Smith, B.S. in C.E. Georgia School of Technolog ' ; Square and University of Wisconsin ; Iowa State College. Compass. Ralph P. Bl.ack, A.B. University of the South ; Graduate Work, Columbia University ; Delta Tau Delta. Commerce Thom. s W. Noel, A.B., M.B.A., C.P.A. Edward B. Mhriwethhr, Ph.B., LL.B. A.B., Grand Island College; M.B.A., New Ph.B., Shurteff College; LL.B., Washington York University; C.P.. .. ; Alpha Kappa Psi; University; Graduate Work, Washmgton Beta Gamma Sigma. University; Acacia: Phi Deha Phi; Delta Sigma Pi. Fred B. Wenn, B.C.S. B.C.S., New York University, Kansas State J» " ' W. Jeffries, B.S.C. Universitv ; Delta Mu Delta ; Delta Sigma Pi ; Georgia School of Technology, Graduate Delta Tau Delta. Work, Emory University; Delta Sigma Phi; .■ lpha Delta Sigma. George M. Sparks, A.B. Mercer Universitv; Sigma Epsilon ; Phi E. B. Sanders, A.B., .M.B.A., L.P.A. Sigma Kappa; Pi D ' elta Epsilon: Alpha Delta University of .-Mabama ; New ork L ni- Sigma ; Who ' s Who in . merica. versity. Leon. rd R. Seibert. B.S.C. P. H. Holmes, A.B., A.M. University of Georgia. ' University of Chicago. Noah Warren, B.S.C, C.P.A. L. L. Antle, A.B. in Com. Georgia School of Technology; Delta Sigma Ohio University: Graduate Work, Emory Phi ; Alpha Kappa Psi. University : Sigma Pi : Square and Compass. ViR iL Ira Pinkstaff. B.S.C, M.A. B.S.C, M.. ' ., Washington University, Har- vard University Graduate School ; Phi Delta I 1 Theta. Co-operative Engineering James Erskine McDaniei., A.B., LA. John W. Fountain, B.S. in E. A.B., Erskine College; M.A., Columbia Uni- Georgia School of Technology. versity ; Graduate Work. Harvard University ; Unive ' rsitv of Berlin; Delta Theta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. Pdfic Tircntirilinc Electrical Engmeering Thomas V. Fit .(;i;R. lu, B.S., M.I-:., E.E., M.S. piploma, Marshall College; B.S., M.E., E.R., West Virginia University; University of Arizona; M.S., Emory University; Plii Kappa Phi ; Tail Beta Pi ; Georgia Academy of Science; High Tension Club; American Asso- ciation of University Professors. Thomas G. Seidell, B.S. in E.E., E.E. Georgia School of Technology ; Phi Kappa Phi ; American Pliysics Society ; Philosophical Society of Washington. Do.MENico P. Sav.axt, E.E., B.S. in E.E., I.S. in E.E. E.E., B.S., Rose Polytechnic Institute; M.S. in E.E., Harvard University ; Phi Kappa Phi. John L. Ellis, B.S. in E.E. Georgia School of Technology ; Pi Kappa Phi. Huuo 15. Ul LiN(;, U.S., 15. S. in E.E. University of West Virginia ; Phi .Sigma Kappa. Earle S. Hanxaforu, B.S. in E.E. Tufts College; High Tension Club; Sigma Phi Delta; Phi Kappa Phi. Leo D. Tabler, H.S. in E.E. University of West Virginia; Skull and Key; High Tension Club ; Sigma Phi Delta ; Phi Kappa Phi. AsHFORD W. Stalnaker, E.E. Cornell University. L. N. Reeves Student Assistant J. O. Turner Student Assistant English Department William G. Perry, A.B., A.M., D.Litt. A.B., A.M., D.Litt., Davison College; Kappa Alpha ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Phi Beta Kappa. Frank R. Re.ade, A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A., University of Virginia ; Lambda Pi ; Phi Kappa Sigma ; Sigma Delta Chi. L. W. Chapin, A.B. Emory University ; Kappa Alpha. Edwin H. Folk, A.B., A.AL A.B., A.M., University of South Carolina ; A.M., Princeton University. H. C. Brown, M.A. Southern Methodist University; University of North Carolina. J. F. Abbott Rick, A.B., LA. A.B., Syracuse University; M.A., Princeton L niversity. J. H. Russell, A.B. University of Florida. T. R. Bain, A.B. Wake Forest. A. J. Walker, A.B. Emory. J. P. RiEiiEL, B.S., A.B., M.A. University of Kentucky; L ' niversity South- ern California. Arthur IIa.mmond Armstrong, A.B., M.A. A.B., Yale University; M.A., Columbia Uni- versity; Beta Theta Pi; Pi Delta Epsilon. s R. E. Sheppard, A.B., A.M. A.B., A.M., Vanderbilt University. Lytton G. Perritt, B.S., ALA. B.S., Clemson College, M.A., University of North Carolina. Experimental Engineering H. W. Mason, B.S. in ALE., IVLS. University of Idaho; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Kappa Phi. Pi. R. S. Howell, B.S. in ALE., ALS. Georgia School i f Technology, Phi Kappa I 1 0)1 Pafic Thirtii Experimental Engineeri]iig- ' ' Co]nti]nued Fred C. Stewart, U.S. in M.K. University of Wisconsin. A. D. Holland, H.S. in Eng. Georgia School of Technology ; Scabbard and Blade ; Pi Lambda Delta. V. E. Fuller Student Assistant S. R. Smith Student Assistant Geology and Metallurgy T. S. Duxx, B.S., M.S., E.M. Missouri Scliool of Mines ; Spe.E. ; A.I.M.E. ; S.A.M.E. ; Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Beta Pi; Square and Compass. Industrial Education T. H. Quiglev, A.B., B.S. Indiana University. Machine Design C. E. Coolidge, Pli.H. Ph.B., Yale; Tau Beta Pi; Delta Sigma Phi; Ya Pi. Scabbard and Blade. Henry Genz, PIi.B. Sigma Chi ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Tau Beta W. B. Johns, B.S. in Eng. Georgia School of Technology ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Square and Compass. H. H. Leech, B.S. in M.E. Georgia School of Technology. H. S. Weber, B.S. in M.E. Georgia School of Technology ; Phi Kappa Phi : Square and Compass. T. E. Moodie, B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. F. C. Bogle, B.S. in M.E. Georgia School of Technology. Phh, T. Narmore, B.S. in Eng. Georgia School of Technology ; Beta Theta Pi ; Pi Delta Epsilon. Frank Barwick, H.S. in G.E. Georgia School of Technology. W. D. Hodges Student Assistant J. C. Light Stndcnl .-Issistant A. B. Morton, Jr. Student Assistant Floyd Field, A.B., A.AL A.B., Willamotte University: A.B., A.M., Harvard University ; Theta Chi ; Dean of Men. W. Vernon Skiles, B.S., Sc.D., A.M. B.S., University of Chicago: Sc.D; A.M.; Harvard University : Beta Theta Pi ; Phi Kappa Phi ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Member Geor- gia Academy of Science. A. B. Morton, A.B., A.AL, Sc.D. Brown University ; Phi Beta Kappa ; Mem- ber Georgia Academy of Science. IJ. M. S.NUTH, H.A., ALA., Ph.U. B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Vanderbilt University; Kappa Sigma Phi, Beta Kappa ; Sigma Ep- silon ; Phi Kappa Phi. D. L. Stamv, A.B., A.M. A.B., Ursinnus ; .■ .M., University of Chi- cago; Phi Kappa Phi. R. M. .Ml-n-dorff, B.S. Pennsylvania State College ; Graduate Work, University of Pennsylvania ; Fhi Gamma Delta. Pot c Thirty-one Gen eral Fac ulty W-T- i= i ' — __„_ U| 1 L Mathematics- ' Continued H. K. Fui.MER. B.S., M.A. Roy a. Smith, B.A., M.A. B.S., University of Mississippi ; M.A., Co- Vanderbilt University. lumbia University. C. W. Hook, A.B., M.A. M. R. Richardson Elon College, University of North Carolina. J. F. Stengel, A.B. Princeton University; Phi Beta Kappa. J. L. Clayton, B.S., A.M. G eorgetown College ; University of M. Walter Reynolds, B.S., M.E. Georgia School of Technology ; Beta Theta R. F. W.vtkins, B.S. in M. E. Pi. Georgia School of Technology. R.4Y :Mal-pin, A.H., M.S. A. B. Morton, Jr. University of Kansas. Student Assistant Mechanical Eng ineering Roy S. King, M.E., M.Sc, Sc.D. Allando a. Case M.E., Ohio State University; M.Sc, Uni- Industrial Arts in M.E., Ohio State Uni- versity of Minnesota; Sc.D., University of versity; A.S.M.E. Georgia ; Sigma Xi ; Phi Kappa Phi. E. B. Martindale William Van Dunktx, B.S., M.E. Foreman of the Machine Shop. University of Illinois. H. A. Thompson R. G. Saw er Foreman of Smith Shop. James Milliken University. William Van Houten S. C. Stovall, B.S. M.S. in M.E. Foreman of Foundry. Georgia School of Technology. J. H. Henika R. M. M.4TSON, B.S. in E. Foreman of Wood Shop. Georgia School of Technology. John Topham H. H. Norman Instructor in Machine Shop. Instructor in Wood Shop. J. W. Moore James G. Luter, B.S. in M.E. Student Assistant Georgia School of Technology. Modern Language J. B., A.m., Ph.D. L. E. Barber, A.B., A.M. A.M., Randolph Macon ; Ph.D., Johns Hop- Harvard University. kins University ; Phi Gamma Delta ; Phi Kappa Phi. R. M. Ervin, A.B. George H. McKee, A.B., Center College, University of Toulouse; Phi Kappa Tau ; Phi Delta Kappa. A.B., Docteur ties Eettres W. L. U. de Grenoble. G. Wii.TON Wise, A.B. University of Michigan. J. A. Campoamore, A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A., University of Illinois; A.B., John Topham Burgas, Spain. J. W. Moore Student Assistant Instructor I ' ofir Thhtll-two Genera . 1 -,-T [ Faculty TT-i _ • ' ' IP Physics J. B. Edwards, B.S., E.E., M.E. RocER S. Strol-t, B.S., M.S. Auburn University. N. F. Beardsi.ev, M.S., LL.B. Hiram College; Sigma Epsilon. B.S., Bowdoin College; M. S., University of Chicago. N. S. Herod, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. University of California. E. V-.. BoRTKi.i., li.S. in Eng. University of Michigan. F. E. Null, H.A., M.A., Ph.D. University of Illinois. G. B. EsTABRooK, B.S., Ch.E., M.S. E. T. Prosser, B.A., M.A. Purdue University. Ohio Wesleyan. Rav Maui ' in, A.B., M.S. University of Kansas. Textile Engineering HiBBARD S. Busby, M.E. John R. Brandon Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Instnictor Charles A. Jones, B.S. in T.E. R. L. Hill Georgia School of Technology. Instructor David E. Philpot W. L. Carmichael Inslructor A. S. Cohen Instniilor Iiislruclor Colonel Earle D ' Arcy Pearce Commandant, Professor M. S. T. Major B. L. Flanigen Assistant Commander C. A. C. Major O. N. Longino Unit Commander C. A. C. Captain Hiram R. Ide Assistant Commander Infantry Captain H. K. Dilts Assistant Commander Infantry Captain A. W. Skinner Unit Commander of Ord. Captain J. W. Nicholson Assistant Commander Infantry Captain H. V. Robinson The Adjutant First Lieutenant H arr L. Storms Unit Commander S. C. First Lieutenant V.. R. Wells Assistant Commander S. C. Commander J. J. London Commandant and Professor M. S. T. Lieut.-Com. Philip R. Weaver Lieut.-Com. Joseph Hardin Lawson Lieutenant D. L. L. Maderia Eugene Anheir Chief Yoeman Edward H. Kinney Chief Boatswain ' s Mate Henry R. Chambers Chief Gunner ' s Mate Page Thirtiithree R. J. DuRANT F. O. Waddey E. B. Hamm 1 ice-President President Secretary eniors Rli ' us Lkon Adair, jr. . ' ti..- nt. , G. . Mechanical Engineering Scabbard and Hladc : Free Body Club: Oil Can Club; A. S. M. R. ; Rifle Team, i, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. Bexn ' ett RoLTii .Adams MONTEZUM.V, (j. . S Electrical Engineering Kappa Kappa Psi : Kappa Kla Kappa: Radio Club; Scabbard and Blade; . . I. E. E. ; Glee Club, .i ; Band, i, 2, s, 4 : ITonor Rnll, i; Major R. O. T. C. Robert B. ' ker Alexander Atl. nt. , Ga. K5 Electrical hni;! nee ring A. I. E. E. ; Kappa Eta Kappa : Blue Print, 4 : Yellow Jacket, 3, 4; Associate Editor, 4; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 3 : Battalion Foot- ball, I, 2; Battalion Basket-ball, 2, 3 ; Pi Delta EpsiloiL W ' yatt H. Alexaxuer Blakely, G. . Electrical Eni;ineering A. I. E. E. }ll ' .XR ' 1)a jd An ' ASTASAS Souk Lake, Texas .Irchitecture Kappa Kappa Psi ; Blue Prixt, I, 2: Tcchniiiuc, i, 2, 3, 4: Yclloiv Jackcl, I, 2; Marionettes, i, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, i, 2; Band, I, 2, 3, 4; I ' alt.ilinn Football, I : Lieutcnar.l R. (). I " . C: SiiiUed Sboe. Frank R. Andexson Rome, Ga. .A T a ' I ' cxtde l:ngini ering Pbi Psi; Cotillion Club: Fresb- inan Football ; Lacrosse, 3, 4. Kmil Ernest Auerbach, Jr. Savannah, Ga. Civil Engineering Nathan McNeill Avers Jefferson, Ga. A© Commerce Glee Club, i, 2, 3. Jack Martin Barlow Little Rock, Ark. Electrical Engineering Joiix Thomas Barrett Fort .Smith, Ark. (Jiril Engineering Track, ' 23, ' 24 ; Cross Country, ' 23; Dcliating, ' 24; V. M. C. . ' V Treasurer, ' 24 ; A. S. C. E. ; Honor Roll, ' 2 , ' 24; Fre.sbnian Oratorical Medal, ' 23- I ' lun Thirlii tifjlit Douglas F. Barthelmhss, Jr. Savannah, Ga. ATn Ceramic Eni iiueriiig A. S. C. E. : Band i : Marion- ettes, I, 2, 3, 4; Pul)licity Maii- aser 4 : Honor Roll i : Battalion Football I. Horace McCall Bashixski Dublin, Ga. Engineering Chemistry Emerson Chemical Society ; Band i, 2, 3, 4. James Faulkner Beall, Jr. Memphis, Tenn. AS Civil Engineering; Spiked Shoe ; Civil Crew ; Freshman Track ; Freshman Foot- ball : Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 3: Captain Track Team. 4. George Nolax Beardex Madison, Ga. $A0 Commerce Skull and Key: Glee Club; Bull- dogs: Cotillion; Interfraternity Council. Thomas William Belcher Dublin, Ga. Co-Op Cifil Engineering Co-Op Club ; Briarean Society. LoRicxTz DoBBs Bellinger X ' onFor.K, Va. M cchiinical Engineering A. S. M. K. : Free Bodv Club; UU Can Club ; R. . R. : V. M. C. A. Cabinet; Honor Roll, i. E.MOR Warixg Best, Jr. Rome, Ga. X Textile Engineering Phi Psi; Cotillion Club. Joe Bear Blaxk Atlanta, Ga. Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma. Marshal Jacob Blackmon Columbus. CIa. PA Civil Engineering Marionettes; Honor Roll, i; Captain, R. O. T. C. ; Scabbard and Blade. Thomas Ha is Bloodworth Atlanta, Ga. E eetrictil En gin eering Radio Club; Battalion Football, I, 2, 3; Battalion Basket-ball, 3; Honor Roll, 2, 3; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Payc Thirty-nine Ij1_1 ' »- r r » " » lomp . 5 5o % Adams Rivkrs Bi.umrr Moss Point, Miss. Commerce Edward C. Bosworth Dayton, Ohio Alechnnictil Engineering Plii Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Free Body Club; A. S. M. E. ; Honor t oll. I. 2, 3: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. John Frazier Br. sch Grantville, Ga. 0X Special Textile Robert Da id Brener Chattanooga, Tenn. TE $ Commerce Lacrosse, i, 2: Scrub Football, I, 2, 3; Battalion Football, i. Howard Lee Brewtox Wavcross, Ga. 2 E Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. ; Tau Beta Pi ; Civil Crew ; Marionettes, 3, 4 ; Honor Roll, I, 2. Francis Greene Brinsox COBETOWN, Ga. Co-Up General Engineering Jack Chafee Brown Augusta, Ga. 2 AE Architecture Charette Club; Cotillion Club; Architectural Society; Freshman Tennis Team. Leox Browx Blackville, S. C. Architecture Architectural Society; Marion- ettes, I, 2, 3, President 4. j ♦ Edward Morse Burn Charleston, S. C. nK A Electrical Engineering . . I. E. E. ; Cotillion Club; Kosenie ; Skull and Key ; Kappa Eta Kappa ; Interfraternity Coun- cil, 3, 4- Vir.i I AM QuixTix Burns Atlanta, Ga. Commerce Honor Roll. i I IN xi i I o i T Gfirsgf Puyf torty WmSemeMc I i ic)i Walter FIdgar Hlrtox RVDAL, Ga. Civil Engineerincr A. S. C. E. ; Tau Beta Pi ; Fresh- man " Y " Club; Honor Roll, i, 2, 3; Captain R. O. T. C. Robert Bradford Camp Gadsden, Ala HK A Cornincrcc Alpha Kappa Psi ; Battalion Basket-ball, i, 2. Samuel Alymer Caxnon ' Arkadelphia, Ark. K5 Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi ; ( Kappa Eta Kappa; Honor Roll, • 2, 3 ; Scholarship Gold " T " . Axel Willl m Carlson-, Jr. Savannah, Ga. Civil Engineering Civil Crew, A. S. C. E. Manuel Antoxio Casco Guatemala City, Guatemala C. A. Civil Engineering Andrew Richard Cathey Atlanta, Ga. Architecture Captain R. O. T. C. WiLLLAM W. Chichester Macon, Ga. 2 A E Co-Ofi Civil Engineering William Barxes Clements DURAND, Ga. Engineering Chemistry Emerson Chemical Society ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Albert Lacy Clifton- Waco, Texas K2 Sl cci(il Textile Phi Psi. Burton Cloud Atlanta, Ga. Commerce Pi Delta Epsilon : Blue Print. I ; Technique, I, 2, 3, 4, Associate Editor. 3, Editor-in-CIiief, 4; Stu- dent Council, 4; Student member of Athletic Board : Alpha Delta Sigma. ' MbG 3 ( rc wi wv,..oY 56 V7g)Gt3(5 7c)6V7;)6yyc)6 11 W ■ Vli J J l ' - J l J- ir ir Page Forty-one Thomas Waltman Collins Alton, III. 2X Coininerce John Cartright Cook Columbus, Ga. 2 AE Textile Engineering; Phi Psi : Koseme ; Battalion Basket-ball, 3. James Ernest Cook Cochran, Ga. 2N Civil Engineering; Plii Kappa Phi ; Scabbard and Blade: Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. ; Freshman Lacrosse ; Varsity La- crosse, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, 4; Scholarship Gold " T " ; Battalion Football, I, 2; Battalion Basket-ball, i, 2. Johx Wellixoham Cooke Pens. cola, Fla. Civil Engineering A. S. C. K. ; TToiior Roi: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. I ; Edward M. Copeland McDoNOUGH, Ga. 2N Eleetriciil Engineering Edward Dana CoR • Savannah, Ga. Crj-Of, Robert Terrell Crane North Woodbury, Conn. Ch ' H Elngineering Civil Crew ; Battalion Footbal ' 2. 3 ; Lieutenant R. O, T. C. Harold Bean Cummings, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. FJeetrieal Engineering A. J. E. E. ; Battalion Football 3- John Buch Dalhouse Atlanta, Ga. Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Phi: A, S. C. E. , Honor Roll, i, 2, 3, 4 : Scholarship Gold " T " ; Captain R, O. T. C. Parker Stilwell Day Hapeville, Ga. Elect rieal Engineering First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Kappa Kappa Psi. Paffc Fovty-iico Li; vis Adams Duax Atlanta, Ga. K A Ginural Science Scientia Club; Cotillion Cliili, JOSEI ' H Dl:CH() ITZ Atlanta, Ga. Electricid Eni incc rim; Phi Kappa Phi; A. I. E. E. ; Honor Roll, i, 2, 3; Scholarship Gold " T " ; Debating Team, i ; Cosmopolitan Club: Ernest Ormonu Defore Macon, Ga, K A Alecha iic il E i!;i nee ring A. S. M. E.; Battalion Basket ball, 2, 3, 4; Battalion Football, 2, 3, 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Joseph Diamond Chattanooga, Tenn. TE Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. : Honor Roll, i, 2; Captain R. O. T. C. Richard Paul Dieckmann Atlanta, Ga. AS4 Coinincrce Freshman Football : Battalion Football, 2 ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Beta Gamma Sigma; Scrub Football, - . 3, 4. W I II I ' . DoBBS WoDllSTOCK, G. . Coinnierce R.M.Eir.H F.. Drennon ' Atlanta, Ga. K A Generiil Science CotiUinn C-lub; . nak ; Koseme ; liullclo.tjs; Scientia Club; Fresh- man Football ; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4- Charles S. Dubose S.WANNAH, Ga. X .Irchiteclure Blue Pkint, i ; Glee Clul). i, 2, 3 ; Leader Mandolin Club, 3 ; Charrette: Architectural: Pi Delta Epsilon. John Hershai. Dlcger Marlow, Ga. XBS Go-Op General Engineering James Bovd Duki; Atlanta, Ga. Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma. Page Fortu-threc ■ t H)l P HJ i9t }0:CM S ( .vDQ A9 sags t : CiiARi.KS Freeman Duncan El.I.AVILLE, Ga. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. : Honor Roll, 3. Raymond Charles Dunn IMURFREESBORO, TeNN. Electrical Engineering Radio Club; A. I. E. E. : Bat- talion Basket-ball, i ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Ronald Joseph Durant New Martinsville, W. Va. Electrical Engineering Koscnic : Bulldogs ; Interf rater- nity Council, 3, 4; President Junior Class ; Freshman Football and Baseball : Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4: A. I. E. E.; High Tension; Scabbard and Blade; VicePresi- dent. Senior Class. James Bennet Duren Atlanta, Ga. 2N Engineering Chemistry Track. Edwin Durham Warren, Ark. Median ical Engineering A. S. M. E. : Free Body Clul; febgv»Def l- ' oREST Leslie Dye Coffeeville, Miss. Ciz ' il Engineering ri il Crew. Theodore Henry Erdman Decatur, Ga. ©X Commerce Lieutenant R. O. T. C. bard and Blade. Seab- Clarence Harold Evans illAMI, FlA. Engineering Chemistry Emerson Chemical Society ; Freshman " Y ' ' Club : Honor Roll, i. William D.avis Eve Augusta, Ga. 2 A E J rchitccti re Charette Club; Architectural Society. IMathis Andrew Ezell Charleston, S. C. fk Civil Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade: Civil Crew; .A. S. C. E. ; Tccliniquc. I, 3, 4; Circulation Mau.-iger. 4; Freshman Track Manager; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. G m (S 5iG Giii G ( Qi£QGi( 3?ibemGm 7b(3 de Gi n G n m i i f Pa( c Fortu-four IgcBoc PBIS wm f ' wr ■ n i I ■■ ' n - ■ - ' r?)i i i Edward Connors Fant Memphis, TF.N f. ATA Coiiuncrcc Pi Delta Epsilon : Ri.ue Prixt, I, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager, 4; La- crosse, 2, 3; Cotillion Clul). Frank Leonard Feaole Atlanta, Ga. nK$ Textile Engineering Phi Psi; Skull and Key. Charles Russel Finch er MOUNTVILLE, Ga. Co-Op Civil Engineering Co-Op Club. Harold Edward Forbes Valdosta, Ga. Co-Op General Engineering A. I. E. E. : Honor Roll, i, 2: Scholarship Gold " T " ; Captain R. O. T. C. Horace Oriox Foster Sparta, Ga. Electrical Engineering [llils Maurice Fox Atlanta, Ga. Commerce Don W. Frakes Atlanta, Ga. HA A ' Commerce Kappa Kappa Psi; Technique, i, 2, 4; Band, I, 2, 3, 4; Interfra- ternity Council. 3, 4. Fernox Edward Fuller St. Joseph, Mo. Cn-Op General Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Free Body Club; Co-Op Club ; Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4 ; Scholarship Gold " T " . Albert Carson Gable M. coK, Ga. Electrical Engineering EsTON George Gardenhire Chattanooga, Tenn. I A0 Phi Psi. .y --«• - {cyG idG ( mG r e riiGi tdG fQG r G t Gen G io Mm Page Forty-Uve fo John Gordon Gaston WooDRUFr, S. C. n K A Cuiiiiinrvc Jdiix Francis George, Jr. Dallas, Texas Co-Op General Engineering Honor Roll, 3, 4; Lieutenant R O. T. C. W ' li.i.iAM Uoxo " AN Geor(.;e Lexington, S. C. II K I Elect ricril Engineering Radio Club; Lieutenant R. O. [■. C. Verser C. G1L1.0N Shawnee, Okla. Electrical Engineering Honor Roll, 3, 4. Wadlev Roll Glenn Atlanta, Ga. k:- Meclinnical Engineering Cotillion Club; Anak ; Koscnie ; Bulldogs; Skull and Key; A. S. M. E., President, 4; Student Coun- cil, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4; Fresbnian Swimming Team; Varsity Swim- ming Team, 2. Joseph Frank Goode Griffin, Ga. (jii-Op (jivil Engineering fecb Mallet Club. J .MES Nicholas Grant LaGrange, Ga. II K$ Special Textile Tcclniiquc, 2: Honor Roll, i. Frank Vi;si.ha Green Fort Valley, Ga. A Ceramic E ngineering .American Ceramic Society ; Marionettes, i ; Glee Club, I, 2, 3; Honor Roll, i, 2; Scholarsbip Gold Charles Franklin Greene .Atlanta, Ga. Ceramic Engineering Enier.son Chemical Society ; American Ceramic Society. Hubert Wilson Greene Valdosta, Ga. (jivil Eni ' inccrin!; o i ' ( ' • Forti -SIX Charles Maimsox Grikiin Augusta, Ga. Ccrririiir Engineering Senior Baseball Manager, ' 29; Battalion Football and Basket-ball. Reuben Burr Griffix Villa Rica, Ga. Co ni icrce Lieutenant R. O. T. C. bard and Blade. Scab- Paul Martix Griswold Atl. nta, Ga. Commerce James Lerov Groves Canton, Ga. Civil Engineering Briarcan Society: Battalion Pasket-ball, 2, 3. William Exloe Gudexrath Huntsville, Ala. Speciiil Textile ljn ARI) Hartdn Hamm Lonoke, Ark. BQII Commerce Delta Sigma Pi; Spiked Shoe; Anak ; Koscme ; Bnlldogs ; Student Conncil, 3: President. 4: Fresh- man Track ; Varsity Track, 2, 3, 4 ; Captain, 3, 4; Battalion Track, I. Carl Vestir Hancock Atlanta, Ga. Ciiil Engineering A. S. C. H. : Battalion Football i. K ERETTE R. HaXXAH Madlson, Ga. Ceramic Engineering .American Ceramic Society. Vn LLWi Carey Haxsard .Atlanta, Ga. Cera m ic E. ngin eering .American Ceramic Society. Lucius joiix Harris. Jr. Atlanta, Ga. i . K Textile Engineering .Anak: Kosemc: Bulldogs: Skull and Key; Phi Psi, President, 4 ' . Freshman Swinnning Team; Var- sity Swimming Team, 2, 3, 4; Student CoiMuil, 3. 4: Interfra- ternitv Council. 3, 4. Secretary. 4; Hattaiion Basket-ball, 3; Varsity Football Manager, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2, 3- Pa( e Forlii-seven £ HJl PRI T yj R a Thomas Smith Harris Ro.ME, Ga. nK$ Special Textile Tcchtiique, I, 2. Edgar Scruggs Harrison- Sweetwater, Tenn. 2N Civil Engineering Civil Crew; Honor Roll. 2. Tau Beta Pi. Charlks Edwin Heitmax Bolton, Miss. Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi; High Tension Club; Scabbard and Blade. Guy Tom Henry Atlanta, Ga. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E, : Captain R. O. T. C. RoiiiRT Morris Henry TrscuMisiA, Ala. A T SJ Civil Engineering Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. Sam Fennei.i.e Hexry GUNTERSVILLE, AlA. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. : Captain R. O. T. C. Oanid Maull Heritage Washington, D. C. B0n Commerce Pi Delta Epsilon : Alpha Delta Sigma ; Scabbard and Blade : Bi.UE Print, I, 2, 3, 4, Editor, 4; Honor Roll, i; Captain R. O. T. C. : Interfraternitv Council. Ai.viN AxTHON ' Y Hero New Orleans, La. FJcctrical Engineering Kappa Eta Kappa ; Cotillion Club : Scabbard and Blade : Spiked Shoe; Technique, i. 2; Marion- ettes, 2, 3; Interfraternitv Council, 4 ; Varsity Track Manager ; Fresh- man Lacrosse ; Honor Roll, 2. Harold Henry Higgins Jackson, Ga. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. ; Civil Crew; Lieu- tenant R. O. T. C. Eari, Hilburn ' Dublin, Ga. Co-Op General Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Briarcan Socict.v ; Student Council, 4; Co- Op Club; Battalion Basket-ball, 3; Battalion Football, 2, 3, 4; Cap- tain R. O. T. C. iiU f iGfiOC -tDG?ic ePiQ(3 fc G idGi c Gfd6 ic) ' 6 V )GVi " " 0 |6 | Fage Fortu ciuht boj oQjf bQ Sok, i a yomQQfAQQiSQCJADQ Q ' i i i I i I i i ) William Dewitt Hodges Bkinson, Ga. Co-Of. Co-Op Clul), Briarean Society, , Free Body Club. J Bertie Rafael Hogge Atlanta, Ga. Ciiil Engineering A. S. C. E. ; Cosmopolitan Club. Glenn Augustus Holland Atlanta, Ga. 5N Commerce Koseme ; Bulldogs ; Skull and Key ; Freshman Football ; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4 ; Battalion Foot- ball Coach, 3. ij i m 19 Truman Monroe Holland Atlanta, Ga. HA A C ' linmerce Technique. I, 2; Marionettes, I, 2; Interfraternity Council, 3, 4; Rifle Team. Joseph Travis Holleman Atl.vnta, Ga. : . E Commerce Cotillion Club : Anak ; Koseme ; Skull and Key ; Freshman Swim- ming Team; Varsity Swimming Team, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 3; Battalion Basket-ball, 3. W ' lLFREu .Mal Honour Atlanta,: Ga. k:- Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. ; Honor Roll, i, 2, 3. Alfred Knight Howe Atlanta, Ga. Mechanical Engineering A. S. -M. E. John E. Howell Plains, Ga. Commerce Robert Vhitnev Hubner Atl. nta, G. . Commerce Kappa Kappa Psi ; Alpha Delta Sigma: Glee Club, i, 2; Tech Band, I, 2, 3. Coral Hvue Huddleston New York City, N. Y. Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; A. S. C. E. ; Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. 5 ( ' P ' y s (Q . , . ibG f - jLt : - " " -- • " • mL Pat c Foil! Ditie Claude Lerov Huey Atlanta, Ga. C.(i-()p Miihdiiiial Eiiziurerina A. S. M. E. ; Scabbard and Blade ; Briarean Society ; Co-Op Chib : Battalion Football, i, 2, 3, 4 : Battalion Basket-ball, i ; Lieu- tenant Colonel K. (). T. C. James Stephens Hlgues Atlanta, Ga. ! :£ K Electrical Em itnerini; A. I. K. E. : Honor Roll, i; Freshman Track, i : Varsity Track, 2, 3. Robert Carl Hl.mber AxiERicus, Ga. Corii iierce Archie (Jraha.m Hunter Atlanta. Ga. 5X General ! iciciice Cotillion Club: Skull and Key; Scientia Club ; Cheer Leader, 2, .1. 4: Head Cheer Leader, 3. 4; Battalion Basket -ball, 2, 3, 4; Battalion Football, 3. .[iiMN II R ii; Hunter Atl. nta, Ga. , ' -.SfX Cii ' il Engineering Battalion Football, i ; Civil Crew; Captain K. O. T. C. Wasiiinoion Prentice Irwin Atlanta, Ga. Elect rictil Em iiiecrins; Captain — Co. K. ; Scabbard ::nd Blade; Battalion Football; A. I. K. E. James Raymond Jackson Baconton, Ga. General Science Roland Howie Jenkins Anurews, S. C. JMechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. ; Varsity Baseball, 4 : Battalion Football, 2. John M NRTiN Johnston Selma, . la. (Ifj-Op Civil Engineering Battalion Basket-liall. i ; Lieu- tenant R. O. T. C. TiiAiJUias S. Johnston Savannah, Ga. II K . Cix-il Engineering Civil Crew ; Cotillion Club. I ' liijf Fifty R. ' CoRwiN JonxsToxi-: FiTZGEKAI.Il, Ga. Xvl ' Coiniiiercc Technique. 3. Amijs Berney Jones Montgomery, Ai,a. :i A K (jivil h i!;iitceiiiitr Cotillion Club: Blue Print, i, 3. 4- Howard Chandler Jordan Augusta, Ga. A T A .1 ri liit( dure Architectural Society ; Marion- ettes, I, 4. Kr ix Leon Keener Attalla, Ala. Ben (joiiiiiierce Alpha Delta Sigma ; Varsity Football, 4; Varsity Track, 2, . , 4; Battalion Football. Robert Patterson Ki;NNhi) CUTHBERT, Ga. 5X Cniinnerce Charles IJrewster King CuTHBERT, Ga. ix Tcxlile Engiiweri:! Fi Delta l ' 4)silon ; Phi Psi ; Blue 1 ' kint, 3; Technique, 3. 4, Clerical .Manager, 4: YcIIoik. ' Jacket. 3. 4. Jacob 1. Kingloff Atlanta, Ga. Crj-Of Ceramic;inecrin .American Ceramic Society ; Honor Roll, i : Battalion Football, ,? : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. I Ii;S T X-l IIIR KlNNl TT Macon, Ga. 2 A E Civil Engineering Freshman Football ; Freshman Pasket-ball : Battalion Football, I, 2, 3, 4; Captain R. O. T. C. Casper Ale.xander Kl . UGUSTA, Ga. 11 A A Co-()l Ceriimic En ;ineering Briarean Society: American crcramic Society: Technique, i, 3, 4. (Ieorge Oliver Lane Tampa, Fla. Co-Op Page Fifty-one II C PRINT 5 QIA£)QgbOtt90t: Bex Thirstox Largex F.WETTEVII.I.E, TeXX. Comiiierce Freshman Football : Freshman Basket-ball ; Varsity Basket-ball, 2, 3: Business Manager of Georgia Tech National Alumni Association. JoHX Krf.xkel La wo IVIemphis, Texn. General Science Charette Club: Cotillion Club: Freshman Basket-bal! : Architect- ural Society; Battalion Football. John Rees Leach BiEMixGH.vM, Ala. B0n General Science Varsity Football Manager, 4. RoDERic Brittaix Lee Dawson, Ga. lilechanical Envim ering A. S. ] I. E. : Honor Roll, i : Lacrosse, 3. Samlet, Hunter Leggitt UXADILLA, Ga. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E.; Civil Crew. Jack Carev Lemmont Finuley, Ohio 2 E Commerce Fresliman Basket-ball : Honor K. 11, I. George Francis Lenoir Savaxxah, Ga. Co-Op General Engineering A. I. E. E.: A. S. M. E. : Tech Mallet Club ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Robert Rushix Lett Fairburx, Ga. Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma; ELfE Prixt: Technique; Circulation ! L-inager Georgia Tech .Alumnus ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. George Hamiltox Lewis Atlanta, Ga. 5 AE Mechanical Engineering I an Beta Pi ; A. S. M. E. : Co- lillion Clnli: Free Body Club; (HI Can Club ; Freshman Tennis ; ' arsity Tennis, 2, 3, Captain, 4 ; Honor Roll, i, 2, 3: Scholarship Gold " T " . John Cook Light El Paso, Texas Co-Op Battalion Football ; Co-Op Club : Captain R. O. T. C. ; Scabbard and Blade; Briarean. I :e tl r;.YJt. ' ■» » ■ - V 1 1 .-■■O j Ka 6fif 6VVc)6 - " g«0Gf 3G5 oiYu oi4 I ' tiijc I ' i IU two Aryxe Lott Atlanta, (1a. Elect ricCil Engiiwcriiii; A. I. E. E. : Radio Club. WiLLi.AM Bert Lo el. uv SODDY, TeNN. Coiiuiiercc Kappa Kappa Psi ; Scabbard and Blade: Band, i, 2, j, 4; Z. Z. Z. Club: Blue Print, 4: Technique, 4: Captain R. O. T. C. James Monroe Lowe Atlanta, G. . Architecture Pbi Kappa Pbi : Tau Beta Pi : Honor Roll, i, 2, 3: Scbolarship Gold -T " . Hor.ace Eli.a Luntz Atlanta, Ga. TE Enf;ineerinv Chemistry Emerson Cbemical Society Honor Roll, 2. " iCT0R Eu gene M.wget, Jr. Newnan. Ga. K A Textile E is iiieerini; Phi Psi; Cotillion Club; Skull and Kev. J.xcK Edward .Martin Atlanta, Ga. EAectricfil Erif irucrini; |SJ Lewis J acot . L RriN Sheffield, Ala. A T n General Science Cotillion Club : Anak ; Koscmc : Bulldogs ; Student Council, .3 ; Interfraternity Council, .3, 4; Freshman Football ; Varsity Foot- ball, 2, 3, 4 ; Football Coach, 5. William Jules ALartin Atlanta, Ga. Textile Eii inei rinir Pbi Kappa Phi : Scabbard and Blade: Honor Roll, i, 2, 3: Schol- arship Gold " T " : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Ansel Henr ALatthews Woodland, Ga. Co-Op . . S. M. E. X ' lNCENT - L TTHEWS. Jr. Athens, Ga. Co-Of Piitjc I ' ifUi three William Walton May Atlanta, Ga. A ' T A Electrical Engineerim; K. ' i|)|)a Fta Kappa : I Iarionettes, I. . . 4- JosKPH Alexander McCaix MKRimAN, Miss. 0X General Science Scabbard and Blade; Band, i, 2, ?,. 4: Marionettes, I, 2, 3, 4, Direc- tor of Orcliestra, 3; Captain R. O. T. C. Ko- Lee McCamv Kingston, Ga. Cii ' il Engineering A. S. C. E.: Lieutenant R. O. T. r. Graham Stevens McCloy Savannah, Ga. XB2 C ' l-O p General Engineering Arthur Moss McCoy Atl. nta, Ga. 0X (jivil Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon ; Blue Print, 2. 3, 4, Military Editor, 4 ; Tech- nique, 2, 3, 4, Campus Editor, 3, Associate Editor, 4 ; Yellow Jacket, 2, 3. John Julian McCoy Savannah, Ga. X vj Co-Op General Engineering Honor Roll, i, 2: Battalion Basket-ball, 2, 3. Jack Starck.s McCrocklin M.XNSFIELD, L. . K A Commerce Kappa Kappa Psi : Cotillion Club: Koseme: Bulldogs: Skull and Key; Band, i, 2, 3; Interfra- ternity Council, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4 ; Secretary Junior Class. Thomas E. McCutcheon Atlant. , Ga. K ii Ceramic Engineerini; American Ceramic Society ; Technique, t; Marionettes, 2, 3; Fresbman Swimming Team ; Var- sity Swimming Team. 2, 3. Richard G. McKinstry Atlanta, Ga. K5 Ceramic Engineering American Ceramic Society ; Freshman Swimming Team : Var- sity Swimming Team, 2, 3, 4. Cap- tain. 4. Bertram Joseph McNellv Uvalde, Tex. s Electrical Engineering J ' liijK i ' iHn f " iii Hugh Wilson McRadv Petersburgh, Texx. i 2K Electrical Engineering First Lieutenant, R. O. T. C, A. 1. E. E. ; Kappa Eta Kappa. Amzi Godden jVIcV ' ay Birmingham, Ala. Textile Engineering Honor Roll, " 27, ' 28. Walter Willlam Merkle Selma, Al. . Electrical Engineering Kappa Eta Kappa ; Radio Club : A. I. E. E. ; Freshman Tennis : Varsity Tennis, 2, 3, 4 : .Announcer over WGST, 2, 3, 4, Chief An- nouncer, 4 ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Ernest Briscoe Merry, Jr. Augusta, Ga. 2 A E Ceramic Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Cotillion Club; Skull and Key ; .American Ceramic Society ; Varsity Tennis, 2, 3, 4. Captain 4; Cheer Leader, 2, 3, 4. John HALI. L RK Miudleton Attall. , .Al. . Enginrerini; Chemistry Emerson Chemical Societv. Louie Eugene Misenhamer Atlanta, G. ' V. Electrical Engineering Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Andrew Jackson Mitchell .Atl. xta, Ga. I 2K Civil Enginecrint; Civil Crew. Horace Anthony Mitchell Macon, Ga. Textile Engineering Phi Psi; Cotillion Club; Bat- talion Football, 2, 3. Lane Mitchell Atl.xxta, Ga. K2 Ceramic Engineering Tau Beta Pi ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; American Ceramic Society; Tech- nique, I, 2, 3, 4; Marionettes, i, 2, 3, 4- Richard Lee Mitchell Chattaxooo . Tfvn ' . 2 1: Cii ' il Engineering Civil Crew ; .V. S. C. E, ; Fresh- man Track. ' u ' e Fifty fire. Davhni ' drt Jackson Moork ATLANt3 GA. :• A K Goiiiinrnc Samlki, Lafaykttk Moore Statesboro, Ga. Electrical Engine erinf Kappa Eta Kappa; Scabbard and Blade : Honor Roll, 3 ; Schol- arship Gold " T ' " ; Lientenant R. O. T. C. Fred Perkins Moreton Brookhaven, Miss. 5X Commerce Skull ami Key: Interfraternity Council, .3. 4 ; Marionettes, i ; Co- tillion. Fred josi-i ' h Morcan Vienna, Ga. General Science Honor Roll, 3. Georoi; Rlssi;i, Morgan ROCKMART, Ga. A ' 2 Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma ; Freshman Lacrosse ; Varsity Lacrosse ; Var- sity Cross Country, 2, 3. 4. .Ai.i,i:n Benkin .Morion, Jr. .• tl.sxt. , Ga. Elii Irical l:ni;inci rini; Henry Stu.nrt Morton Atlanta, Ga. (Jii ' il hm iiii ering Phi Kappa Phi; Tan Beta Pi; Captain R. O. T. C. Kenneth Mowr ' v Clearwatf.r, Fl. . Klectrical Engineering A. I. E. E. : Kappa Eta Kappa; Honor Roll, 3. Frank Foote Myers Chattanooga, Tenn. Textile Engineering Rifle Team, 3, 4; Captain R. O. T. C. Gratton Stuart M ers Chattanooga, Tenn. Cc,-0 raiir Fiftil-sU RussEL Raines Mvers Daxvillk. ' . . l 2 K lilictrical Eii ' incerhiz Kappa Eta Kappa : Hmior Roll, i. Harold Eugene Nabell East Piuxt, Ga. ©X Civil Engineering Civil Crew : A. S. C. E. : Fresh- man Football Manager, 3. John Newton Neal Chattanooga, Tenx. Co-Op Battalion Football. Henry Neal Columbus, Ga. 2 AE Civil Eiigineti ' ing Joe Frank Nelson Cartersvili.e, Ga. XB5 Co-Op Gineral En ;int ' ering Briarean Society: Honor Roll, I, 2, 3; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. I ' lKiM AS Warren Newberry Sonnv, Ten.v. (=)X Kl I Inrrit Ln ' intrring Kappa Kappa Psi : Scabbard and liladc: Kappa Eta Kappa; Band, I, 2, 3. 4: A. I. E. E.; Glee Club, 3 : Honor Roll, 2 ; Captain R. O. T. C. Tral-s ' Sei.den Newton, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. .1 11 hilidiirc Architectural Societ} ' , Vice- President, 4: Honor Roll. 2. Ira Lee Nichols Savaxxah, Ga. XB5 Co-Op General Engineering Honor Roll, i, 2, 3. [oHN Wakefield Norris .• tlaxta, Ga. Engineerim; Chemistry |(inv Walton North Atlanta, Ga. Meehanieal Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Free Body Club; A. S. M. E.; Honor Roll, I. 2, 3; Battalion I-cotball, 2, 3. i ' rtf; ' i ' lftii-scven Henry Carlos No in.i.. Guatemala City, C. A. AI echanical Engineering Oil Can Club; Cosmopolitan Club. Stuart Alfredo Novella Guatemala City, C. A. Electrical Engineering Kappa Eta Kappa. Oscar Frederick Olsen Tampa, Fla. XB5 Cfj-U p General Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade ; Briarean Society ; Free Body Club ; Co-Op Club; A. I. E. E.; A. S. M. E. ; Interfraternity Council, 5 ; Schol- arship Gold " T " . Honor Roll, i, 2, 3, 4, S- James Randolph Owens ROCHELLE, Ga. Co-O l General Engineering Bland Nathaniel Parkhr BuENA Vista, Ga. Civil Engineering Samuel Reese Parry Chattanooga, Tenn. Co-Op Student Council, ' 28, ' 29; Intcr- fraicrnitv Council, ' 28 Captain R. O. T. ' C. ; Scabbard and I ' .hide; Briarean Society. Archibald O. Patterson, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E.; DeiMolay Club. Samuel Boyd Peltier Lawson, Okla. Engineering Chemistry Emerson Chemical Society ; Honor Roll, i. George Carhart Perrine Dallas, Texas C ' j-Op General Engineering AVii.LiAM Noves Macon, Ga. I K2 Special Textile I ' ai e Filly e ' n lil Frank Anthoxv Pi. avhr Atlanta, Ga. JMiclianical E)isinecrin ; A. S. C. E. ; Kosciiie ; Bulldogs ; Student Council, 3, 4 : Freshman Basket-ball; Varsity Basket-ball, 2, 3, 4; Battalion Basket-ball, i. JoHX RussEL Porter Atlanta, Ga. X Engineering Chemistry Emerson Chemical Society. [Marcus Albert Powell Adel, Ga. Commerce Honor Roll, 3. Sidney Tupper Pruitt, Jr. Benton, Ala. $5 K Civil Engineering Pi Delta Epsilon. President, 4 ; A. S. C. E. ; Technique, i, 2. 3, 4 ; Assistant Editor, 4; Yellozv Jacket, 4 ; Honor Roll, I ; Bat- talion Basket-ball, i ; Tech Post- master, 2 ; Freshman Track. Hexry Rudolph Puxd Augusta, Ga. 2 AE Textile Engineering Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi; Phi Psi ; Cotillion Club ; Bulldogs ; Student Council, 4; Honor Roll, I, 2; Vice-President Senior Class, 4 ; Freshman Football : ' arsity Football, 3, 4, 5, Captain, 5. Harold Fraxcis Ragsdale Atlant. , Ga. Commerce -Mpha Delta Sigma; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Robert Lee Randolph Atlanta, Ga. 2 X Commerce Koseme ; Freshman Football, Baseball and Track ; Varsity Track, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4. Edward T. Rempe, Jr. Miami, Fla. Architecture Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Honor Roll, i, 3. Kenxett Latimer Rhodes Atlanta, Ga. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. ; Civil Crew: Blue Print, 4; Technique, 4; Marion- ettes, 4; Debating Team, I, 2, 4; Pi Delta Epsilon. James R. y Richardsox Warren, Ark. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. I ' af e llfli iiine (. " h Ri.KS Egbert Richie RoCHELLE, Ga. Elictriciil Engiiiceriii! Kappa Kta Kappa; Battalion Kaotball. AIoslev Roan Palmetto. Ga. K A Coiniiiei ' ie Kappa Kappa Psi : Tecli Batul Hubert Heri. Robhins Opp, Ala. Special Textile Honor Roll, I. Kenneth Bennet Roberts Savannah, Ga. C ' i-(J Ceramic Engineering Honor Rnll, i. (jEORCE HoLBROOK RoERtG Decatur, Ga. KA (ji ' iil Ens ineering A. S. C. E.: Civil Crew; Bat- talion Football and Basket -ball, 3. Joe Wood Ross Gadsden, Ala. xb: Co-Of Geniral Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Tan Beta Pi; Briarean Societv ; Free Body Clnb; Honor Roll, i, _ ' , 3, 4; Bat- talion Football, I, 3, 4. Frederick Carl Rlnge Mattoon, III. Co-Op Textile Engineering Captain R. O. T. C. ; Scabbard and Blade : Briarean Society ; Co- Op Club. Fdward R. Sanders, Jr. Savannah, Ga. AS Engineering Chemistry F.nierson Chemical Society ; Freshman " Y " Club ; Blue Print, 4; Technique, i, 2, 3, Feature Editor, 4 ; Marionettes, 4 ; Lieuten- ant R. O. T. C. Hugh W. Shackelford Albany, Ga. ATQ General Science Cotillion Clnb; Scientia Club: ' [ ' ecliiiitjKc, I; Freshman " " Club ; Varsity Swimming Team, 2, 3 ; Alternate Cheer Leader, 2. WiSTER Augustus Sharp . tlanta, Ga. K A Commerce Page Sixty PhRR ' JOSHL A SniiARULSli, Jr. Savannah. Ga. (jiril hii ;iiii( ' rlni; W ' li.i.iAM Fitch Shedden Atlanta, Ga. X Citniinerce Cotillion Chill. I ' ali. Jones Shei ' paru Atlanta, Ga. 2N Commerce Skull and Key: Student Council, I ; Interf raternity Council, t, : Freshman Lacrosse ; arsity La- crosse, 2, 3 ; Battalion Football. Kelly Ford Shippey Atlanta, Ga. Civil Engineering . . .S. C. E. : Civil Crew; Lieu- tenant R. O. T. C. Isadorh Shul l n Jackson, Tenn. T E General Science Freshman Baseball, Football, and Basket-hall : ' arsity Football, 2, 3, 4 ; Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4. .AnLH ' John Silverman ' FuKT McPherson, Ga. Civil Engineering . . S. C. E. : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Wii.MAM Thomas Sim.mons Dublin, Ga. nK A C II nun I rce . lpha Kappa Psi ; Honor Roll, I, 3- W ' ni lAM ( )rr Snn ' Kix Philaiieli ' iiia, Penn. X Cdinincrce Phi Kappa Phi ; .Mpha Delta Sigma ; Beta Gamma Sigma : Ihmor Roll. 2. 3, 4 : Freshman Swimming Team : Varsity Swim- ming Team, 3, 4. Clarence Hubert Smith Atlanta, Ga. 0X Cnmmcrcc Freshman Basebail. Sidney Robert Smith Dallas, Texas C i-l)p General Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi; Free Body Club; Honor Roll, 2, 3, 4- Pa!;c Si-rtit-oiic Howard John St. Louis, III. Ci ' i ' il En!;incfring Civil Crew ; Band. Robert VILI.I. M Stephens Rome, G. . 0X Commerce Pi Delta Epsilon ; Delta Sigma Pi ; Blue Print, 2, 3, 4 ; Fra- ternity Editor, 3 ; Senior Editor, 4 ; Technique, i ; YcUoti ' Jacket, i, 2; Student Supply : Interf raternity Council. RussEi, King Memphis, Texn. 5K Civil Eni;inecring A. S. C. E. : Civil Crew : Yellow Jacket, i; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Batallion Football, i ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Lewis Victor Story AUGUST.X, C . 2 K Civil Engineering Rifle Team, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4: Battalion Football, i : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Gle.v Lewis Summers Atl. nt. , Ga. Civil Engincerini; A. S. C. E. ; Rifle Team ; Varsity Track, 2. a rm •» KRH ' Ldward Wei-i.ixctox Swift Columbus, Ga. K A Textile Eni;ineeririi; Herbert Stanley Tabor Macon, Ga. Electrical E-ni inecring Eugene Franklin Tate Bessemer, Ala. XB2 Co-Op General Engineering Briarean Society. Fred Myers Taylor QuiNcv, Fla. Mechanical Engineering A. S. AL E. ; Fresbnuui La- crosse. Hoi ' E Hull Tigner Stovall, Ga. 7 ' ex tile Engineering Honor Roll, I, 3; Fresbman Basket-ball; Scrub Basket-ball, 2. Paf i: Utu li ' O i- ' M Joiix Clinton Timmi rman Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Robert Dennis Trammell Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi ; Kappa Eta Kappa ; A. I. E. E. ; Marionettes, 3 ; Fresh- man Lacrosse ; Varsity Lacrosse, 2, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 3, 4. James Oliver Turner Albany, Ga. ©X Electrical Engineering Kappa Eta Kappa; Marionettes, I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary and Treasurer, 4; Interfraternity Council, 2, 3: Honor Roll, i, 2; Radio An- nouncer, 3, 4, Head Announcer, 4. Sam Meadows Turner Atlanta, Ga. Architecture Architectural Society; Blue Print, 4: YcHoic Jacket, 4; Fresh- man track. Therance Grav Tyson, Jr. Camilla, Ga. A T n Co n nercc Pi Delta Epsilon ; Alpha Kappa Psi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Yellow Jacket, I, 2, 3, 4, Business Man- ager, 4. Edcar Myron Underwood Sanford, N. C. i ' 1 ' !■: Cnnunerce Marionettes, I, 2, 3, 4. Louis ' an Houten Atlanta, Ga. Commerce Freshman Basket-ball ; Battalion Basket-ball, i. Phil Joseph Von Weller Albany, Ga. ATO General Science Koseme ; Cotillion Club : Scien- tia Club, Secretary, 4 : Spiked Shoe ; Interfraternity Council, 2, 3. 4: Varsity Football, 4; Varsity Track, 4 ; Battalion Football and Track, 3: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Fr-ank Oru.m Waduey Memphis, Tenn. A ' 5 General Science Phi Kappa Phi : Scientia Club ; Cotillion Club ; .Anak ; Koseme ; Band, i, 2; Vice-President Student Council, 4: Interfraternity Council, 3, 4; Freshman Baseball and Basket-ball: Varsity Football, 3 4: Varsity Baseball, 2. 3. 4 ; Bat- talion Basket-ball, I : President Senior Class ; Honor Roll. I. 2, 3 ; Scholarship Gold " T ' ' : Bulldogs. ; Iei in Ross Walker Cleburne, Texas Architecture Honor Roll, i ; Student Instruc- tor, 4. ff-j If ■ JT e " " - - _ ' , Pitiic Sixty tJitee Sti; i-; Frank V;r Macon, Cj. . Co-O f General Erif;irieirint; A. S. M. E. ; Briarean Society; Honor Roll, i: I.iemcnaiit R. O. T. C. ( il.niR Rll()l i:s W ' Atlanta, Ga. (Join lie re r Georch I)i:rr Walters Atlanta, Ga. Genernl Science Emmet Lavata Ward Eastman, Ga. Coniiiicrce Jack Lewis Ware ' . sin. GTON, Ga. l:lt cirical hn! ;iiieeiiiig Glee Club, 2, ,3 ; Freshman Lacrosse ; Varsity Lacrosse, 2, 3 ; Battalion Football, 2 : Lieutenant Colonel R. O. T. C. j Joseph ' I ' ikim s ' ri, Jr. Gulf Pokt, Miss. Architecture Tau Beta Pi; Bllf. Print, 2. 3; Frcsbman Lacrosse; Honor Roll, 1. J(in Wilson Vi:lt ' New Philadelphia, Ohio Electriciil Rmfiiiecrinir John Joseph Westhrook Mot ' LTRIE, Ga. ATA Coiniiiercc Fresbman Football ; Varsity Football, I, 2, 3; Varsity I icrosse, I, 2, 3; Cotillion Club; Bulldogs. Render Lee N ' ii aii.ey Carrollton, Ga. Electriciil Eiii;iiiceriiii; A. L E. E. : Sc.-ihbartl and Blade; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; High Tension Clul). Samuel Jami;s Which m H.M ' EVILLE, Ga. Commerce Pilt f Si-rticfoilf Pkrri I,i: is White Augusta, Ga. Civil Eiii incerini ' A. S. C. E. ; Battalinii Fonlli;i l and Basket-ball, 3- Robert E. Whittexbergh Decatuk, Ga. Ceramic Engineering American Ceramic Society ; Bat- talion Basket-ball, 2, 3. Joseph Wii.ex .ick Augusta, Ark. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. ; Honor Roll, 2; Lientenant R. O. T. C. Joe High Wili.i.ams Atlanta, Ga. X S General Science President Intcrfraternity Coun- cil ; Golf; Scientia Club; Cotillion. Jlliax Joshu.v Wilsox Winder, Ga. Engineering Chemistry Emerson Cbeniical Society; Fresbman Baseball and Basket- ball ; Varsity Basket-ball. 2, 3, 4 ; Battalion Basket-ball, i. .Morris Witt CoLUMUus, Ga. T E I Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. ; Technique, i, 3. Lee Beck Womelsdorf, Jr. Cartersville, Ga. Cicneral Science Marionettes, ' 26, ' 27; Stage Manager, 27, ' 28; Scientia Club. B11.1.1E Tom Wood MnxTiCELLO, Ark. Electrical Engineering Kappa Eta Kappa ; A. I. E. E. ; Fresbman " Y " Club; " Y " Cabinet, I, 2, 3, 4- HoKH Smith Woodruff Winder, Ga. II A A Engineering Chemistry Emerson Chemical Society, President, 4; Tan Beta Pi; Tcch- niijiic. 3. 4. Business Alanager, 4; Yelhze Jacket. 4; Honor Roll, I, 2. 3 ; Scholarship Gold " T " . J.ACK Elgix Woolf Atlanta, Ga. Architecture Student Supply. Page Sij-tii-fire J.AMIiS WlXFIELD WOOLF Central Herschey, Cuba. General Engineering Lucius Ralph Wright, Jr. Atlanta, Ga. Textile Charles Compton Cayce Chattanooga, Tenn. Spciidl ' J ' lxtiii riii Psi. Christopher Lovett Wyche Gay, Ga. (Jo-0 General Engineering A. I. E. E. William Morris Yow College Park, Ga. Textile Engineering V- i « I ' li ' e SiTlij $ii Lifers Higliways eve come to the forks of the highltm, ' hat leads iis on through life, One takes us on to our happmess, ' he other to sorrolv and strife. he roadU ' ay to strife is easy, V thing to do hut ' ' lay doU ' n, " ut the roadway to joy and its meaning, Is paved Ivith the hardest Ivork found. Of all Ivho ' ve gone before us, ' heir Uvrk in life is complete, IjOe have our chance today. In Qod ' s name, Ive shan ' t retreat. - . . and K: %. rfig€ Sit I If sf I r» Vv " , ■::7 " ii ' : ' , ' i..i v-.i.- ' .i-: : V. ' .:;- ; . ' .. ■ • ■ ' ,■ ' ,- ' . ' •■■ • ' ' ■■■ ' ' ■ ■. ' „■•» Pane Hixlij-iUjlit Lower Class Officers pi JUN ' IOR CI .ASS Charlie VVitmer I ' res ' ulent Harold Faisst rice-Pnsit nii Rkd Ti-RRHLI Secrelary-Treasurer PRK-.ILNIOR CLASS I ' lrst Si ' ctirjn H. T. ClkmentS President P. K. Jones .... .... .... Vice-Pres ' ulenl S. X. BoROM Si ' creliiry-Treasurer Second Section W. D. Griffin President R. L. BoSTICK J ' ice-President J. A. Arnold Secretary-Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS Tom Jones President Ed H erron [ ' ice-President P ARL Uunlap Secretary Vance LAREE Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS Shag Williams President Pat Barron ... T ice-President Sid Williams Treasurer Ike Farmer Secretary Top Koiv Witmer, Terrell, Faisst, Jones, Herron, Duiilap, Williams Bottom Row Clements, Jones, Horom, (jiiffin, Rostick, .Arnold ,i 1 Page Sixttj-iiine Junior Class iqp CJliRALU L.MUR ' S ' AhHOTT Atlanta Co-O . Flrm AX HoLSTON Aderhoi.d Atlanta Coriunerce Haiul (,0. Farrell O. C. Alford McCoMH, Miss. Co-Op John " Van Allen, B IT ' an Buren-, Ark. Electiicdl Kappa Era Kappa. Honor Rnll. Robert L- xch Allen DdRAvn.LE, La. Co-Op Gv Holt A.nlason, A 2: ' Atlanta Coiiunerce Delta Sigma Pi; X ' cnetian Club: Owls Club. .M.VLRICE A.MSTER Chattan(X)GA, Tenn. Co-Op Karl Haas Anderson, ' I K 2 Jacksonville, Fla. Elittiical Honor Roll ( 1, 2). Robert Anous Anderson, 2 X Savannah Civil Tcihiiiqiii (i, 2, },) Associate Editor (j) ; Yelloif Jacket (3) : Pi Delta Epsilon ; Rifle Team (2, 3). Ralph E. Armistead Decatur Civil John Adam Arnold, X B 2 Thomasville Civil Briarean; Honor Roll (1). Max Arnold Winchester, Tenn. Co-Op P(i( e Scvcnti George Augustus Artope riTLANTA Textile James Hal Asbury, Jr., TT K A Cl.AKKSVII.I.F. Textile Band. John David Askew, n A A Atl. nt. Electrical Band (l, 2, 3). Wade H. Askew, Jr. Mobile, Ala. Electrical Charles Rankin Atkins Birmingham, .. . Co-Op William Joseph Atkinson, Jr. Atlanta Mechanical Robert Lee Barringer Newnan Commerce Battalion Foothall (l, 2). Florence Stinson Batchelor, 11 A A Eatoxton Electrical Technique : Yellmv Jacket. Herbert Miles Baxter OCALA, Fla. Electrical Glee Club (2) ; Band ( i, 2, 3) ; Kappa Kappa Psi. Edward Stuart Bayne, Jr. Macon -■ Co-Op Thomas Leonard Bechnei.l, K2 Atlanta Commerce Glee Club (2) ; Skull and Key. Robert Lanville Austin, 2 N Washington, D. C. Commerce Glee Club (i, 2); Alpha Kappa Psi; Cotillion Club; Skull and Key. Bennett Aycock Rocky Ford Co-Op Charles Posey Bagley L)eS(_)TO Commerce Honor Roll (1, 2). Letcher Lewis Baker Hayxesville, La. Commerce Rhea Wilson Baker Sparta, Texn. Electrical Edward William Barklay BiRMixcHAJi. Ala. Co-Op Harold William Beers, t A O Atlant. Civil Swimminsi (l) ; Honor Roll (1, 2). George Beacon Beggs Macox Co-Op Temistocles Betancourt, Jr. n.WANA, CUBA Mechanical Hunter Lindsey Bickham, S N .Atlanta Ciiil Walter Clyde Binkley, II .V A Atlanta Civil Yellou- Jacket ( i , 2 ) : Pi Delta Epsilon. Neil Louis Birch Birmingham, . l. . Co-Op Page Scvrutif-tnir Frank Howard Hi.and Mettek Co-Of Kik; r Ross Hi.olnt, ATA Savannah Textile Lacrosse (2); I ' lii Psi ; Cotillion. Fred B. Uookhardt Atlanta Eh ' ctrhdl Samuel Townsexd Horom CXTHBERT Co-Op Robert Lee Bostick Al ' Gl ' STA Mcchdniciil R. Tath Bowex, i N Bluekield. V. Va. Mech mical Blue Print (2); Junior Editor (3); Pi Delta Epsiliin. Andrew Summers Bovce, X Augusta Textile Phi Psi. WiLLLAM HaRR - B(n[) . ' Vtlanta Co-Op Laf.wette W. Hrxmli-tt, Jr. Attall. , Ala. Co-Op WiLLLAM Branan, Jr. Maiox Co-Op How ELL Ale.xander Bransfori), Jr.. i X Union City, Texn. Civil Technique (2, 3) ; Band (3) ; Battalion Football (i). John Hubert Brewer East Point Co-Op Rov V ' incent Brewer East Point Electrical Track (l, 2, 3) ; Cross Country ( 1, 2), Captain ( : Spiked Shoe; Radio Club. Ci i.ER Warner Brooks Forsyth Electrical John Coit Broome Macox Co-Op James Randolph Brown, l ' A P) Mai ox General Science Glee Club (l); Charette Club; Cheer Leader (2, 3); Architectural Societ ' ; Cotillion Club. Charles Rush Brumih , i A E Cedartown Textile Football {2, 3): ( " ' olf (2, 3); Plii Psi. Russell Duval Bryan Bessemer, Ala. General Science Cross Country (l, 2, 3); Mario " cttes (i, 2, 3). James Lewis Buchanan Columbus Co-Op AVii.fred Frater Buckei.ew Shreveport, La. Electrical James Ariiii r Hurney Plant City, Fla. Co-Op Joe Thomas Button Eau Ci.aire, Wis. Ceramics I ' lilic Sci-v)it! -lii-ii Lee Franklin Caluwell Smyrna Eleitriciil Gordon Carlton Campbell Atlanta Co-Op John Patrick Campbell, X4 Atlanta Cornmerre Hciiior Roll (l, 2): Cotillion; Koseine. Karl Clarence Campbell Plains Cornriwrce James Cantev, I A Atlanta Civil James Barton Carey, X B i Rome Civil Briarean Society; Co-Op Club. James Willlam Carmouy Chattanoixia. Tenn. Alechiinicnl James Robert Carnes, A T ii ACWORTH CrDiimtrce Blue Print (i); Tfchtiique (2); Yel- low Jacket (3) ; Manafiing Editor (3) ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; Honor Roll (i, 2). Francisco Castano Lampazos, Mexico Electrical Cosmopolitan Club. Ari.ik Harris Chamberlin, Memphis, Tenn. Mechanical Jr. Jesse Ho.MER Christian, .V T n Atlant.v Mechanical lecliniq lie (1,2) ; Yellow Jacket (2. .0; Cotillion ; Skull and Kev; Oil Can Club; Basket-hall ALinager (i, 2, 3); Cheer Leader (2 3). Laurence Owe.n, . X A . tlanta Architecture Glee Club (i ). Mechlin Houston Clark Chattanikica. Tenn. Co-()l Paul L DDo. Clark . tlanta Ceramics American Ceramics Societ ; Honor Roll (i). Reverdy Estill Clarke, K i . tlanta Electrical Howard Ed.mond Cle.ments. XBi Brookfield, Mo. Electrical President Pre-Junior Class. Edward Lee Clinkscales East Poi.vt Co-Op George Darby Coffee, II K a Atlanta Textile Track (l, 2, 3); Koseme ; Bulldogs; Anak. Edward Chester Coffin, Jr., 0X Richmond Electrical George Dwight Jr. .A.TLANTA Chemical Emerson Chemical Society. Charles Reich Colli.ns Savannah Civil Technique ( I, 2). James Joseph Colvin Lincolnton Co-Op Paiie Sevvntii-tliree Junior Kuwix Hrvan ' Conxerat S WA.VN ' AH Mi-clumiitil Carlisle W ' iii.iam Courtenay Savannah Co-Ofi Charles Wilhoyte Cravens OwEN ' SBORO, Kv. Co-Ofi Alfred Pearce Crisfihlo, Savaxxah Ceriiniics Cross Country {2, ) : Track (.?): Spiked Shoe; American Ceramic Society. Lane Wesley Crocker Savaxxah Co-Op WiLLLAM ReNFRY CrUDUP Daltox Co-Ofi Earnest Rodgers Curtis General Science Lester C. Culver Sparta Electrical Marionettes. Leslie Wellington Dallis, A LaGrange Architecture Architecture Society. Frank Perdue Daniel Sf.noia General Science Thomas Ashford Davis, 5 I E Columbus Textile Philip Dawson Denton, A T fJ Atlanta Commerce ' Class - Harold Dial McGehee, Ark. Electrical Kand (2, ). Frank Lewis Dickson Maoin Co-Op Herbert Warner Dieckmann Atlanta Ceramics Battalion Football (2) ; American Ceramic Society. William Henry Dietsch, 2 X Atlanta Commerce Interfraternity Council; Skull anil Key. Leslie Bernard Dixon Mascotte, Fla. Commerce Arthur Robert Dominquey Havana, Cuba Mechanical Carlton Alonzo Doster East Point Co-Op F " ranklin Henr- ' Drew Fitzgerald Alechanical Louis Kenneth Dunagin Atlanta Ceramics Paul Hammond Dunbar, Jr. Augusta Ceramics William Bayard Dunbar, K5 .■ tlanta Ceramics Ceramics Club. Harrison Griffith Edwards, SX Atlanta Architecture Piifif Si-rrntitt ' iiic Thomas Moorman Ij.i)riik;i;, Ij K i Buckingham, Va. Giinuiicri ' i ' Alpha Kappa Psl ; Battalion Football (2). William Emmett Elliott Washincton ' , 1). C. Elcttricid Tecliniqiif (i): Honor Roll (1). Garland Emory, Jr. Atlanta Textile Harold Augustus Faisst, 2 N Little Rock, Ark. C ' lminerie Freshman Track; Varsity Track (2, 3) ; Freshman Football; Varsity Football (2, 3) ; Interfraternity Council (2, 3) ; Vice- President Junior Class; Koseme; Skull and Key ; Bulldogs. Charles Alton Farmer Co-Op Frank Wilmott Farmer, Jr. Chattaxoo(;a, Texn. Co-Op William Lavce Farji Thompson Co-Op Reginald Ferguson .Atlanta Civil J. ' MES Carter Fincher, Jr., a }i DOEMAN Commerce Lacrosse { 2 ) ; Battalion Football ( i ) . Charles Ware Fitzgerald, B II Jackso.x, Tenn. Civil F " ootball and Baseball. Willie CIbadiah FR R • EusTis, Fla. Chemical Robert DeRolf Frederick, BW 11 Reading, Penn. General Science Blue Print (i, 2, 3) ; Pi Delta Epsilon, Lacrosse ( i ) . Paul Julian Friddell Atlanta Alechanical James Richard Frink, 5 A E Miami, Fla. General Science Freshman Football and Baseball ; Inter- fraternity Council; Honor Roll (2) ; Hull- dogs; Scull and Key. Rudolph F. L. Gaedke Fort Worth, Texas Chemical Emerson Chemical Society. Re. Aubrey Gephart, n K El Reno, Okla. Coninierce Band {2, 3). Roberts Morrison Gibbons, Jr. Rome Textile Martin Marion Gifford Mekuiiax, Miss. Co-Op Carl Ernest Gills . tlaxta Comnicrce William Tucker Gillh. m, 0X Kerrville, Tenn. Electrical Honor Roll { i, 2) ; Marionettes (2, 3) ; Lacrosse. Sidney Goldin, E K . tlant. Chemical Basketball. Thomas Patterson Goodman .• tlanta Chemical Page Seicnt i-fti( Shi (Irky Goodwvnk, K A Forsyth .-irihitecture Bi.UK Print (2, ,?), Art Editor (.0; YelluiL ' Jacket {1, 2, .0. Art Kditor (3): Interfraternity Council ; Pi Delta Epsilon ; Charcttc Club; Architectural Society. Oswald August Theodore ( jotckn, nK$ Chari.kston, S. C. Mrchiuiiciil Marionette Orchestra: (jlee Cluh Or- chestra; Band. Leonard Atherton Gould St. Petersburg, Fi.a. FJectrit ' dl Honor Roll ( i, 2). Ward Heeth Grantham, ATQ .• tlanta FJcctricnl Technique (i, 2, 3) ; Marionettes (1,2, 3) ; Secretary Student Council (3) ; Glee Club (2); Pi Delta Epsilon; Cotillion; Skull and ICey ; Honor Roll (i, 2). Varney Gr. ' Wes Fayetteville Co-Op James Breckenridge Gray, B ? England, Akk. Civil William Jackson Green Miami Beach, Fla. Howard Asa Griffith, Jr., S I E SHEFFIEI.n, . LA. Architecture Architecture Society. Dan Guy, K 2 Atlanta General Science Clyde U. Hagerty, A 2 -St. Petersiu ' RG, Fi.a. .hchitectiire Swimming; (l, 2, 3); Technique (l, 2, S ) : Pi Delta Epsilon ; Battalion Football " (I. 2). John Robert Hall Fort McPherson Electrical Jack Wellington Hall, X Chattanooga, Tenn. Electrical Interfraternity Council. Robert LaPorte Hall BiR.MINGHAM Co-Op Tho.mas Hartley Hall, Jr., ! A Macon Civil Cotillion; Honor Roll (l). John LeRoy Hammond Savannah Co-Op Architecture EnwiN Langdon Hanna, n . A Nathan Jones Greene, 2 E Brookfif.ld, Mo. Electrical Mayfield, Ky. Electrical Honor Roll (1,2); Bme Prist (i). Marionettes (2, 3); Cotillion Club; Blue Print; Kappa Eta Kappa. Hash Edward Harris Tefton Walter Dexter Grifiin, XBi Co-Op Macon John V-ii.iii Harris Civil S.mvrna Band ; Co-Op Club. Co-Op Page Sevciityaix JoHX Wesley Harvkv, Jr. Lexington. Mo. Textile Square and Compass; Pi Delta Lpsilon ; Honor Roll (2). Lel. nd Elwood Hatcher, A i t Screven Conunene Lacrosse (i, 2); Band; Battalion Foot- ball (i, 2). Allen Eugene Hauch Atlanta Commerce James Clemmot Hayes Fitzgerald Co-O ' J. Milton Heard, Jr., ! A Macon General Science Battalion Football ( i ). Ralph Lamar Heard, ii K West Point Textile Technir ue (2, 3): Yelloic Jacket (2, T,) Honor Roll (2); Radio Announcer WGST (3). Angus Julian Heeke, BOII Washington, D. C. General Science Freshman Football, B.asket-ball, Base- ball; Varsitv Basket-ball {2,3), Captain (3) ; Honor Roll (l). Cecil Miller Hefner, IIK Bluefield, W. Va. Mechanical Alarionettes (2, 3) ; Interfraternity Council; Oil Can Club; Band; Honor Roll (2) ; Tau Kappa Alpha. George Francis Hhrrin, A ' 5 t Senoia Commerce Battalion Football (i, 2); Battalion Basket-ball (i, 2). Frank Lee Hicks Calhoun Commerce Track (i, 2). Jami;s Ryan Hicks, X B i Rome Mechanical Honor Roll (i, 2); Briarean Society. Robert Allison Hicks, Jr. Savannah Commerce William Arthur Hixton Dacula Mechanical Aubrey Alonzo Hobbs, BOII Anniston, . la. Textile Varsity Baseball (2) ; Interfraternity Council ; Phi Psi ; Koseme. Marion Hodge, A 2 Corsicana, Texas Architecture Harris Holloway, Jr. Ellaville Co-Op Lambert Adkins Holloway, X Atlanta Civil Lacrosse; Blue Print (2, 3) ; Tech- nique (i): Marionettes (i, 2, 3): Cotil- lion ; Honor Roll ( i, 2). N.athan Appleton Holman, I K :i Augusta Architecture Architectural Society. Ernest Walter Holmes, Jr. Chattanooga, Tenn. Mechanical William Morgan Holsenbeck, ITAA Winder Electrical Freshman Basket-ball ; I acrosse. Paye Seventy-sercn Junior Class Henr - F. Hoi ' kins, K S SvL ANUs Nye Hutchison St. Albans, W. ' . . Richmond, ' a. FAcctrical Civil Douglas Burke Horne Branch Merriman Ir in, A 2 1 Nacoochee Greensboro, X. C. Cnmmerce Civil Claude Vouxg House, Jr., K 2 Golf (l, 2); Interfraternity Council; Civil Crew. . ' tlant. Mechanical Sylvan Ellsworth Jackson, IT A A Frc. ;hman Swimming; Varsit ' Swimming Portsmouth, Ohio (2). Electrical Roy Franklix House Chattanooga, Tenn. Technif uc (i, 2, 3) ; Yelloiv Jacket ( ) ; Glee Club (2) ; Radio Club. Co-Op Herbert Ottlev Jeffries, Jr. Randall Holmes House Chattanooga, Tenn. El Salvador, C. .A. Civil Co-Op Jack Cole Jetton, J A Thomas Nelson Howard Atlanta Thomasville Commerce Co-Op Freshman Football ; Koseme. John Cr.avens Howell, 2 N Montgomery, Ala. Electrical Casper Jackson Johnson, Jr. . tlanta Mechanical Radio Club; High Tension Club; En- sign, Navy R. O. T. C. James Russell Johnson Eastman John Haslip Hudspeth Civil Greenville, Texas Commerce Carl Lee Jones Alva Francis Hunt, II .V A Jeffs, Va. Civil Valdosta Mechanical Manager Lacrosse (3); Cosmopolitan Club. Julian Cunningham Hunter James Carlyle Jones Glen MORA, La. .■ tlanta Electrical Electrical Henry Raymond Huskamp James Knight Jones, XB2 St. Joseph, Mo. Co-Op CoLrMiius Electrical Andrew Arnall Hutchinson, ATA Senoia Band; Briarean Society; Co-Op Club; Honor Roll (i). Commerce Pr ()r Kennemore Jones Haseball ; Intcrfraternity Council ; Alpha Kappa I ' si; Skull and Key. Gainesville Co-Op Page Scfcntii-ciijlit Harold Arthur Keith Atlanta Co-Op Lieutenant Signal Corps. Arnold Gordon Kennedy Bessemer, Ala. Electrical John C. Knight, I A Atlanta Textile Phi Psi ; Junior Football Manager; Cotil- lion Club. Major Knight Wetumpka, Ala. Co-Op August Kokal Marvel, Ala. Co-Op John Joseph Lambert, X Atlanta Civil Interfraternity Council; Cotillion; Scull and Key; Honor Roll (2). Neill Harvey Lassiter, Jr., 2$E Nashville, Tenx. Electrical Blue Print (2) ; Fraternity Editor (i) Marionettes (2, 3) ; Honor Roll (l) ; Freshman Football Manager; Pi Delta Epsilon ; Cotillion Club. Halbert Grant Law, 2 E Chattanooga, Tenn. Architecture Student Council; Charette Club; Archi- tectural SocietN ' ; Koseme ; Bulldogs; Skvill and Ke - ; Interfraternity Council; Fresh- man Varsity Football. Barnett Reid Lester Co X VERS Co-Op Howard Brun L ' Heureux . LEXAXDRL , La. Co-Op John William Leigh, Jr., n K A Savannah Commerce Glee Club (2) ; Alpha Kappa Psi. Robert Thomas Lindsey Blufftox Textile Thomas Frank Litaker CONCORI), N. C. Architecture John Victor Little, II K A Cartersville Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi ; Koseme ; Honor Roll (2) ; Cotillion Club. Arthur Hamilton Long Danielsville Co-Op John Owen Lovette Atlaxta Co-Op Raymond Cad Luna, $ 2 K Petersburg, Tenx. Civil Football (2, 3) ; Battalion Football (i). Todd Lunsford, Jr., B© n Whitehall, Mich. Electrical JVL-irionettes (i, 2, 3) ; ALinager Basket- ball. Eugene Crane Lyon Tampa, Fla. Commerce Techni ' jue (2) ; Glee Club (2). Kent Eugene Mack, Jr., 2K ThOM ASVILLE Commerce Blue Print (2); Yelloic Jacket (2), Editor-in-Chief { i) : Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Delta Sigma; Honor Roll (l). Thomas Comer LAL0NE, I 5 K Atlanta Electrical Lacrosse (2, 3); Football (2). Paoc Sercntn-nine Lee Bernard Mann, N Atlanta Electr ' u il ' J ' eiliiiir ue (l, 2, 3), Literary Kditor (2), Associate Editor (3) ; Marionettes (i, 2, 3); Glee Club (2): Pi Delta Epsilon; Honor Roll (i, 2). Ali.en Maxston, XB2 Atlanta Architecture Lacrosse; Scabbard and Blade; Foot- ball (i); Basket-ball (i); Track (i). Stanley Leox ALarienthal Atlanta Chemical Carlton Hart Marsh Glencoe III. Electrical Lore.v Dickson L rtin Jakin Co-Op ALarion Fleming ALartin, Jr. McIntosh Electrical RiHe Team. Robert Cameron Mathes, 2 N . tlanta Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi ; Cotillion; Battalion Football ( I, 2, 3). John Stevens IVLaxwell Savannah Co-Of, Charles Childs McAlilev Chester, S. C. Electrical Roy G. McCleskey Chamblee Electrical Frank Leslie McDonnoi.d Atlant. Civil Kdwin CjRaham McDonald. A T A Savannah Coniinerce Blue Print (i); Baseball ALanager (1, 2); Interfraternity Council (2, 3); Alpha Kappa Psi. Kohkrt Seborn McGarity Jersey Co-Op J. Roy McGinty, Jr. CHATSWORTH Mechanical Samuel Graham McKerall Birmingham. . la. Co-Op Rodolph Allen McLendon . NDERSONVn.LE Co-Op Daniel Russell McMillan, Jr. Bartow Co-Op Gordon Lee McWii.liams, X B S D ALTON Mechanical Co-( p Strident Council (2, 3) ; Mallet Club; Briarean Society; Co-Op Club; A. S. M. E. Duncan Adair Mellichami- Atlanta Co-Op Frank Raymond Meredith, ii X Erwin, Tenn. Commerce IVLirionettes Orchestra (l, 2); Glee Club (l, 2); Band; Kappa Kapp.i Psi; Scabbard .ind Mlade: Battalion Football (l), Basket-hall (i, 2). Stephen James Millet, X B i Garden Citv, La. Civil Co-Oji Club; B;.ttalion Footbali (2, 3). Piric Ehihtit Junior Class , . . — . 1 — 1 — r 1 1 1 : ' --- 1 c= : : Uj James Mason Mitch hll George Bailey Myers, XB2, N. C. Clifton, N. J. Textile Electrical Luke Warner Mizell, ::• A E Lamont Myers, Jr., n A A .Miami, Fi.a. Atlanta Commerce Ceramics Freshman Football and Baseball: Varsity Techriiquc (3); Marionettes (2, 3); Football and Baseball; Student Council, Kappa Kappa Psi ; Band; American Koseme; Bulldogs; Skull and Key; Cap- Ceramic Society. tain. Navy. James Patton Napier William D.wid Moorhead Atlanta Winchester, Tenn. Commerce ' ' Technique (2, 3), Literary Editor (3) ; T V A T. Delta Sigma Pi; Alpha Delta Sigma; Noel McHenrv Moore, Jr., SAE „ ( ) Co m m crce Henry Irwin Neely, Jr.. A T A ' Troy Olen Morgan Hazei Kv Atlanta r Ceramics Mechanical Technique (3); ALarionettes (2, 3); Jack Daniel Morris Basket-ball Lanager (2). Talbotton Mechanical J°«N Frank Nelson, S E Hattiesburg, Miss. Max Allison Morrison, n K A Commerce Nahunta Alpha Kappa Psi. Civil Lacrosse (2); Football Scrubs (2). Lamar A. Newcomb RicHTOx, Miss. Alfred Louis Mullins Electrical Columbus Band ; Radio Club. Electrical Co-Op Club. Adrian Newcomer. XBS Fitzgerald Matthew M. Murphy, Jr., XB2 Mechanical Columbus Track (l); Briarean Society: Battalion Textile Basket-ball (l). Richard David Murray Frank David Nichols, B©!! Savannah .Atlanta Co-Op Civil Track Manager (i, 2) : Honor Roll (i, William Athon Muse, A0 2); Battalion Football (2). Covington Ceramics Charles Lloyd Niehoff American Ceramic Society; Football (i, Atlanta 2, 3). Commerce raiie EigMy-one Jacoue ]Joonk xNormax, tt K Atlanta Architecture Robert Fears Nutt I.l ' ELl.A Co-Op William Ledvard C)li ' er, :• X Montgomery, Ala. Textile Allen Matthews O ' Neal BAixnKinr.E Chcinicitl Ci.LRE Owen Aldrich, Mo. Electrical Track {2); Cross Country (2). Charles Tillmax Oxford, X ii 2 Dawson Civil Briarean. Parnei.l Malcome Pafford Jacksonville Mechanical Eugene Clem Parker Belton, S. C. Co-Op Robert Henry Camey Pancoast St. Petersburg, Fla. Mechanical Swiiiiniinp; ( i, 2, 3). James Crowulr Parham, i Greenville Mechanical Lamar Ruel Campto.n Civil Marion- Patterson Atlanta Co-Op Robert Copelanu Paul, A (») Watertown Electrical JJaftalioii Football (2). James Frederick Perkerson, X i .Atlanta I Icch iiiical Cotillion Chib. VV ' o()[;ford Jesse Perry -Atlanta Civil Manon Prescott Phillips Atlanta Civil RA ■M0ND Frederick Pierce Savannah Electrical Wallace Joshua Pierpont, K A Savannah Commerce Cotillion Club: Skull and Key. Fred Henry Podrasky Lake Charles, La. Mechanical Walter Wood Poland East Point Commerce George Edgar Powell, A 2 I Adel Commerce Honor Roll ( I, 2). John Perr- ' Powell Griffin Co-Op Cm DlHosi; Price .Ati.a.nta Commerce ' I ' lio.MAs M.M.coL.M Prici;, Jr., K . Washington. D. C. Civil I ' tif r I ' if ht fit iro Junior Class Brl ' mbv Uamki. Pritchett, 4 :i K Griffin Textile Lacrosse (i, 2): Yelluic Jacket {3); Honor Roll (2). QuENTiN Samuel Quigley Pensacoi-a, Fla. Electrical Briarean Society; Radio Club; Co-Op Club; Honor Roil (i, 2). William Lawrence Quixlin, I 2 K Ati.axta Cninnierce Glee Club Orchestra (i) ; Alpha Kappa Psi ; Band ; Kappa Kappa Psi. James Swixt Raby Macon Electrical Battalion Football (i), Basket-ball (3)- Adolph Michael Rahx, OX EVANSVILLE, InD. Commerce Joseph Da id Rahxer, Jr., ATA St. . uGfSTixF-, Fla. Civil Swimming: (3) ; Scabbard and Hladr. Robert Doxald Reau, 2i N Atlanta Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi. Worth ALartin Reast White.sisoro, Texas Alechanical Co-Op Club. Carltox Wesi.e ' i ' Reufearx .Atlanta Co-Ofi Herbert Lee Reed .Atlanta Co-Ofi Robert Lek Reeves, 11 K ' I ' Atlanta Commerce Technique (3); Yellow Jacket (3); Alpha Kappa Psi; Battalion Basket-ball and Football (2, 3). ]VL LCOLM BURBEC ReYBOLD, TI K .Atlanta Commerce Tennis (l); Llrionettes (l, 2). LixTox Collier Reyxolds, t 5K .Atla.xta Textile Track Manager. Saxforu Hugh Richards, ATA Alton, III. General Science Blue Prixt (2, 3) ; Glee Club (2). HoLLis Lalcom Richardsox CoLUMBLS Co-Op Arthur Frederic Roberts, A T A Atlanta Mechanical Blue Prixt (i, 2, 3): Photo :raphic Editor (3); Pi Delta Epsilon ; Battalion Football and Basket-ball (2). Charles McCaxx Robertsox. n K ' aldosta Architecture Scabbard and Blade; Architectural So- ciety. Bob URICE Robertsox Atlanta Co-Of Uex i:r Madisox Robixsox Chkkasii. Co-Op Perrv Lee Rouxtree Mettek Co-Op Poiji Kif fitn-thn f Junior Class 1 1 1 ■ ' r- 1 - JP Cn ARI.HS ROCKWKI.I, ROWF, A TSl JOIIX HlVIRI.V SCHAFKR Houston, Texas Avondale Estates General Science Civil ' rr.-K-k (2); Spiked Shoe; Charertc Honor Roll ( 2 ); Hattalion Football (2). Cliili: Scieiitia Chib : Cotillion Chib; Koscilie. Al.BIRT Ho.MhR SCHWKNCHE, 1 ' i; K Thomasville Wii.i.iAM Edward Rudolph, K2 Architecture Clakksvii.le, Tenn. Bi.UK Prixt (i, 2, .?); Pi Delta Ep- Civil siloii ; Architectural Society. Harold Eugene Russell, HMH James Kencheon Searcy Atlanta Butler General Science Co-Op Freshman Football. „ ,10 Raymond Beal Sensabaugh Winter Havex, Fla. Samuel Edward Ruth qj , Ml mi, Fla. . ., Scabbard and Blade. Civil James Marvin Sewell l-RAXKLIX Louis SaCHA, ATA " L VONt Cleveland, Ohio Commerce Electrical Blue Print (2), Sports Editor (3); Robert Evans Shackelford Marionettes (l, 2), Business Manager (3) ; Atlanta Pi Delta Epsilon ; Honor Roll ( i ) ; Base- Co-Op ball Manager ( i, 2, 3). Fred Bryant Shelnutt, S A E Harry Allen Sack Atlanta ArcusTA Commerce Co-Op Jiuiior Manager Football; Secretary Class (i). Rabun Clifford Sanders Cochran Hardwick Price Shipley Co-Op Savannah Co-Op Robert Milton Sanderson, a , . , ,,, ,, .Martin Luther Sibert, A (■) Winona, Miss. „ „, Gadsden, Ala. Electrical , , , . , Alechanical Julian Freddie S.APP Teelmic ue (3). Perky, Fla. ,-, tt „ V. Ben Howard Sloane Co-Op „ Rome Co-Op Louis Frederick Schaefer, 5 N Delrav, Fla. D io Daniel Smiley C ' " ' ' Claxton Briarean Society; Honor Roll (2, 3). Co-Op Page Eighty-tour Carol Mossmax Smith Atlanta A rihitecture Edgar Lvxx Smith, 0X Marietta Commerce Blue Prixt (i, 2, 3) ; Technique Delta Sigma Pi. Harvey Mosei.ev Smith, Jr. Atlanta Architecture (2) George Ralph Si-axgler Macon- Mechiiiiiciil Rifle Team. Paul .Meredith Si ' eake, K A HuNTsviLi.E, .Ala. Architecture Tail Beta Pi. Russell Louis Speights Decatur Commerce Julian Christiphixe Smith Technifjue (l); Honor Roll (i, 2, 3). Attapulgus Crj-Op Beverly Kennon Spiers, Jr. Jarratt, Va. Jack Edward Smith Co-Op Montezuma Electrical WiLMER Bennett Spuey Moultrie James William S.mith Architecture QuiNCY, Fla. Co-Op Clarence Eugene Stephenson Winston-Salem, N. C. William Edgar Smith, 2 K Co-Op Augusta Ceramics Fred Stephen- Stephenson, B0n American Ceramic Society. Chickasha, Okla. Commerce Winston Oliver Smith Marionettes ( 1 ) ; Bami. Asheville, N. C. Electrical Philip Cunningham Stoll Kingstree, S. C. Bernard Denmark Snow Co-Op Atlanta Textile Ernest George Strauss .Augusta Herman Henry Sorrells Co-Op .Atlanta Architecture Sam Edward Strauss .Augusta Russell Bazemore Sorrells Co-Op .Atlanta Chemical Cl. rl ce Lynn Strickland, a 2 .Atlant. NiKiTAs Johx Soublis Mechanical .Atlanta Jun ' or Football L nager ; Battalion Co-Op Basket-ball {3). Patn Eiyhtyfivc Junior Class aqjp ' Joe Marion Stultz Erwin, Tenn. F.lcctrical Alfred William Sturgis Dublin Architecture Yelloiv Jacket (3) ; Marionettes (1, 2). John Marshall Summergur Marietta Textile Charles Summers Lima, Peru, S. A. Civil Phillip George Sutker, A E n Savannah Architecture William Ryland Swain, X Calhoun Commerce Marionettes (i, 2); Interfratcrnity Council; Alpha Delta Sigma; Spiked Shoe; Track ( i , 2 ) . James Warner Swiney Atlanta Textile William Ansel Talbert, ATA Augusta Electrical Marionettes (i, 2, ), Vice-President (3); Honor Roll (i). Harvey Tanner Douglas Co-Oi William Bird Tate, 4 A0 Marietta General Science Interfratcrnity Council; Cotillion Club; Skull and Key; Scientia Club. Charles Palmer Taylor Decatur Commerce William Reid Taylor, I 2 K Atlanta Electrical Technique (i, 2), Associate Editor (3) ; Pi Delta Epsilon; Honor Roll (l); Bat- talion Football (i, 2). William Stevens Terrell, K i Charlotte, N. C. General Science Freshman Baseball ; Varsity Baseball (2) ; Skull and Key. Kenneth Carlton Thomas Berwick, Pa. ] Iechanical Jack Griffin Thomason, I T A Atlanta Corn ncrce Freshman Football; Varsitv Football (2, 3). Charles Meriwether Thompson, Atlanta Commerce Honor Roll (2) ; Battalion Football (2). James Ross Thompson, X Atlanta Civil Technique (l, 2, 3) ; VI Delta Epsilon; Honor Roll (2). William Ewin Tidmore Collinsville, Ala. Electrical Harry William Tinley Atlanta Civil William irgil Toney, K2 .Atlanta Architecture Vii i.iAM Millard Turner .Atlanta Commerce Piiye Eighty-stx Junior Class y 1 ij J- " ■id Jose Ferxando X ' allejo Gordox Ca.mpbell Watkixs Columbia, S. A. Atlanta Civil Commerce J. Donald V eal Frank Waxman Atlanta Chattanooga, Tenn. Co-Op Co-Op Harold Crawford ' ickery Hirbert Adams Weaver Atlanta Perry, Fla. Elictrittil Co-Op WiLLLAM Edward Vixsox Ft. Vallfa ' William Webster Weddixgtox, X B S Co-0 Macon Electrical Alfred Teasdale Vick, r a Briarean Society; ALallet Club. Savanxah Electrical James Edwix Wells Alex Hamiltox Wade, Jr., A T Q Atlanta Madison, Fl. . Architecture General Science Blue Print ( i ) ; Band : Kappa Kappa Ottis Ronald Wells, II K $ Psi: Battalion Football (l. 2). Watkinsville Commerce Lewis Robert W. ddev , tl. nta Terrell Coxstaxtixe Wesley, A T Textile Atlanta Robert Lee Walker, Jr., I K 2 Civil Norfolk, Va. Glee Club (l, 2, 3); Band; Cotillion General Science Club; Skull and Key. Interfraternity Council (j?). Albert Carltox Wessell Madison Mitchell Wai ravex Atlanta Atlant. Architecture Electrical Honor Roll (i). Clark Smith White Gerald Joseph Walsh. Jr. Ft. Pierce. Fla. Montreal, Canada Civil General Science Travis Berxard Vhite Luther Hawes V rd Pascagoula, Miss. Lixcolnton Electrical Co-Op William Terrell Wiggixs, Jr., ATA Stoxewall jACKst)x Warner, X .Anu ' STA Atlanta Civil Ceramics Freshman Basket-ball and Sw iniininti ; Technique (3); Marionettes; Hattalion Robert Purcell Williams Basket-ball, Football, Track; Honor Roll Coffey Springs, Ala. (i, 2). Co-Op Prtf e Eighty-seven Junior Class pi Wii ii M Floyd Williams Doer UN Cn-Op Clari£nce LiMiEx Williamson, Jr., ATii Atlanta G ' jmiiiirre Basket-ball (2, ,0: Bullilogs; Battalicii Basket-ball ( l). ' Isaac William Williamson, I 2 K Atlanta A rtliitiitiire Marionettes (2, 3); Architectural So- ciety. Lorenzo Eldon Wjlson Ringgold Elcrtihal Alexander Clifton Wise, Jr., .X li ii Green SBouo, S. C. Ceramics Briarean Snciet -; American Ceramic So- ciety; Co-Op Club: Honor Roll (l, 3). Charles Newcomer Witmer, I) 5 K BooNSTinRo. Md. General Seii nee Freshman liaseball ; Track (2); Stu- dent Council (3); Interfraternity Council (3); Kosenie; Skull and Key; Battalion Baseball and Track (i, 2) ; Class Secretary (2) ; Class President {3). Wilbur Wright Woodcock, 2 X St. teshoro Co miner ce Alpha Kappa Psi. Hubert Ua is Wright, II .V A Decatur Civil Freshman Cross Countr ; Trehniqiie (l, 2, 3) ; Battalion Football (2) ; A. S. C. K. ; Co-Op Club; Honor Roll (3). Edmund Leoxidas Yeargax, . T n Ro.ME General Seienee Yelloiv Jacket (3) ; Pi Delta Epsilon. James Glen Young Atlanta Co-()f James Sealv Zuber CCTHBERT Electrical I ' ayc Eight III lyht Pre-Junior Co-Op Class G. K. Abbott F. (). C. Al.FORD R. L. Allex M. Amstkr J. H. B G(;iiRL ' E. W. Barclay G. B. Beggs F. H. Bland S. T. BoROM W. H. Boyd J. C Broome J. I.. Blchanax T. M. Hlrnett K. v.. Campbell M. H. Clark H. E. Clements E. 15. CoXXERAT C. W. CoLRTEXA ' i ' w SEC ' l ' ION I C. V. Crwins T. F. DeCaimto I., B. I)l ox j. 1 ' . !)() ■AL W. L. Farr E. R. Frye M. M. Gifford J. C. Greex W. B. Haxkixsox H. Hamowa ' S ' R. F. House I ' . K. JOXES L. D. Martix S. (j. McKerall U. R. McWlLLLAMS J. R. McLeax E. C. Parker J. P. I ' oWII.L O. C. (Jligley H. M. RiCHARDSOX p. E. RoL ndtree R. C. Saxuers J. F. Sapp H. I ' , SmiM.hY C. E. Shook D. D. Smiley P. C. Stroll W. D. Stroxg W. L. Tribble F. B. T ' l LER J. U. ' eal F. Wa.xmax R. P. WiLLLAMS W. F. Wn.LLA.MS F. " . ' iAXCE ' S ' Page Eiuhty nine Pre-Junior Co-Op Class iq ipt R. B. Alkord E. B. Anderson M. Arnold J. A. Arnold C. R. Atkins B. Aycock M. L. Birch N. Bobo R. L. Bostic F. W. Bra M LETT W. Branan L. F. Caldwell G. C. Campbell J. E. Cl.ark E. L. Clinkscales J. J. COLVIN T. W. Crocker W. R. Crudup R. H. Davis F. L. Dixon F. W. Farmer R. FiTZ PATRICK G. B. Fletcher V. A. Graves R. W. Gregg SECTION II V. D. Griffin R. L. Hall B. E. Harris J. C. Hayes R. H. House T. N. Howard H. R. Hlskamp A. KOKAL G. Lackey B. R. Lester H. B. L ' Heureal ' x A. H. Long J. O. Lovette J. E. Mar J. S. Maxwell E. G. McDonald R. S. McGavity D. A. Mellechamp S. E. Miller T. O. Morgan A. L. Mullins M. M. Murphy R. D. Murray A. Newcomer R. F. NuTT M. E. Patterson W. M. Reast C. W. Redfearn H. L. Reed B. M. Robertson H. A. Sack J. K. Searcy R. E. Shackle FORD W. H. Singleton C. M. Smith J. W. Smith L. C. Smith B. K. Spiers C. E. Stephenson E. G. Strauss S. E. Strauss T. J. Tanner C. T. ViGus W. E. Vinson J. D. Waddell L. H. Ward H. A. Weaver B. J. White T. O. Young Page Xinetu Sophomore Roll Aarox, Rov AcosT.A, Jose Adams, Albert Sheldon Adams, John Benjamix Adams, Thos. Monroe Adams, Warren Thos. AKER LAN, Ben. Akerman, Joseph Reid Albert, Virgil Mason Allen, Earl Tyson Allen, John Cleveland Anderson, Bernard Edward Anderson, Francis Raymond Anderson, Jacob Moon- Anderson, ROBT. FULSON Anderson, Thos. Watson Archambault, Bennett Arnold, Craig Cofield Arnold, Wm. Pettice, Jr. AsBURY, Copers Harrell Austin, James Waddey Austin, S. A. Bagby, Earl Meyers Bahrt, Robt. Garner B.ailey, Geo. Glenn Ball, James Benlah Ball, Wm. Otis Barber, Wm. Preston Barron, Joseph Oscar, Jr. Bass, John B. Bayly, James Gleason Beazi.e ' s-, Ai.e.xander Hamilton Hell, Ai.e.xander V ' ashin(;ton Bell, James Henry Benso.n, Harold Thomas Benson, William Luther Black, Spencer Frank Blackwelder, Wm. Paul Blue, Geo. Kenneth BoGAN, Lee ALason Boeing, David Newton Bolton, Herbert Alfred BowEN, Ramond Jennings Bowie, Wm. Vivian Bracket, Ralph Miller Bradford, Carson Bradley, Isaac George Branham, Robert Wingfiei.d Branson, Otis Lee Branson, Orrin Deloras Brash, John Frazier Brawner, Julian Stewart Breedlove, Harold Brelard, Raymond Hesse Brewster. Roy Elisha Brim berry, Clarence Foster Brine, Lewis Rowe Brinson, William Wesley Broach, Harry Cleveland Brook, Jim Oscar Brooks, Julian Woodruff Brosnan, Joseph Raymond IJroi ssard, Charles Hugh Brown, Charles Pratt Brown, P " red E.merson Brown, Kernwood Clarence Brown, Rufus Sanford Bruns, George Henry, Jr. Buchanan, Daniel Burns Buchanan, Earl Randolph BuRCH, Howard Lester Burnett, Thomas AL Burt, Deronda Burt. Roy Lee Bush, Albert Daniel Bush, James Marion Bush, Roy Palmer Caduell, William Paul Cagle, Robt. Hull Cain, James Robt. Caldwell, Isaac Pearson Caldwell, James Allan Cammack, Clayton Louis Cammack, Melvin Macye Campbell, Wm. Pemberton Cannon, Henry Denson Carson, Gordon Cubbedge Carson, Wm. Elliott Carter, Roy Manning Casner, Henry Lawrence Cayce, Charles Compton Chafee, James Tobin Chamberlain, Hugh Lee Page yinctyonc Chambers, Edgar Harold Cmanneli,, Frkdkrick Colkman Christian, Hlch Mason Cl.AREAUX, (IeORGK (iREGORY Ci.ARK, C. Eugene Ci.ARK, Charles ' erner Clark, James Allan Clark, Montague Graham Clark, Reverdy Estill Cuary, Eugene McMillan Clifton, Albert Lacy Ci.oYD, Harold Smith Coachman, Hugh M. CoKER, Glenn (Owen CoKER, Shault L. Coleman, James Floyd Coley, Harry Thomas Collins, Theo Ralph CoLviN, Samuel VAR vICK Cook, John Francis Cooper. Marcus Flemming Copenhaver, V ' ictor Bane Cork, Linn Calvin Corker, Newman- Cowan, George McChesney Co wart, Percy Lee Crabtree, James Douglas Crawford, Glazier Lee Crawford, James 1 ' ringle Croom, Howard Girardeau Crowder, Robert Scott Crowle ' ' , James Carlton Crum, Morris Gordon Cubbedge, Jack Jenkins Culpepper, James C. D. Cunningham, John J. Curry, Charles Lofton Curtis, Dana Carlton Daffin, Raymond G. Daniel, James Harold Daniel, Littleton Daniel, LeRoy Hoyd Daniell. X ' irlyn Moss Da is, Edward Paschal Da is, Mai rice Francis 1)a is, Robert Horner Dawson, James Claude, Jr. Decker, David Desmonde Deem, Howard Raymond deJarnette, Lewis Warren Deming, Joe Whittle Dettlebach, Louis L. DoDD. H()wi;i.l Eugene I oMiNGos, Walter Dean, Jr. DoRN, Paul Lamar DoRSE ■, John Carl Dougherty ' , Carlton Da id DoiGHERTV, Charles I-ake Do iER. James Lawrence, Jr. Draughon, Ja.mes Hai.lech Drennon, Clare.nce I . Jr. DuGGAN, James Powell DuNi.AP, Claire Douglas DuNi.AP, Earl Gwen Dunn, Howard Milton DuPRE, H.ARRY Newton, Jr. DuPREE, Sam D ' iAR, Clifford Henry, Jr. D ER, George Russell Earley, ALai.colm Thomas Easley, Robert Turner Edwards, Fred Farr, Jr. Edwards, William Harris Edwards, William Hudson Egart, George Michael Ellis, Ishmael Leroy Embry, Ben Taylor Evans, Allen Grr Evans, David Boswei.l Fanning, Joe Strother FaRNELL, hciR LARCUS Farrell, Justin Edward Fedoolov, Vadim Peter Feltham, Percy LARSHALL Ferguson, Harry Calhoun Fields, Tom Loflev FiNCHER, Sam W.arren Fitch ETT, Carlton Borst FiTZ PATRICK, Thomas Henry Flanagan, John Bernard Fletcher, Myles Wade Flint, Lewis ALatthews Flowers, ; Larshall J., Jr. Forrester, Harold Clifford FoRTSON, Charles Wellborn Foster, Eugene Henr ' Foster, Kenneth Dwight Fo.x, Joseph Solomon Fritz, Samuel Ferdinand Fulford, Samuel, Jr. Furlow, James Wadsworth Garrett, Enoch B. Geiirken, Rudolph C, Jr. George. Thomas Ashford ( iannaros, Emanuel A. Gibson, Daniel Webster Gilbert, Jesse Robertson (iLovER, Julian Joseph (7oldberg, Sam l- el Robert Goodman, William Marion Gray, Claude Nelson ( R ■, David Larshall, Jr. Grn ' S ' , Harold King (jREEN, Tho.mas Elmore, Jr. CjReene, George William Greene, Ralph Seaborn Gresham, Tobert Lester (jREVERUs, William Godard (]riffin, Julian Care ' GUESKERM, GaRNETT J. Hahn. Edward Randolph Hale, William Arthur, Jr. Halsey, Ed.mund Ryond, Jr. Hamig, Louis L. Hammack, Purd Brown Hancock, Richard Clarke Harper, Edward Milton Harper, Frank Arnold H arrell, George Braia Harris, Charles Harrison, Earnest Robert Harrison, Samuel Carl Harve ' S " , James Henry Harwell, James Willie Haskell, Harold Gerson H.ASKiNS, Albert Lewis, Jr. H.atcher, Edward Pope Hatcher, George Tyler Hawkins, William Ewing H.aydon, Joseph Danforth Hendriz, William Johnson- Henry, W iLi.iAM Randolph Hewitt, John Pollock Herman, Herman- Hicks. Wilburn Stewart Hill, William Elvis Hitchcock, Roy E. Hi.xon, Joe David Hoagland, Vergil Harris Hockersmith, Forrest Dwitte Hodge, Clarence William Holder, Arthur Thomas Holland. William Holmes, John Read Holt, Fred Lee Holt, Ralph Crooke HoLTZci.AW, Robert C. Jr. Hoover, John Woodward ffopKiNs, Charles Edmund Howard. James Hatton, Jr. Howard, William Jackson- Hubbard, Robert .A. Hudson, Mike, Jr. Hurley, Regi.nald Ariiilr Inglesry, John Furman Inglis, Harold Simmons Irwin, Ernest Johnston, Jr. IsvACA, Ray Cleaver Jackson, Robert Atkins I cKsoN. Walter Heygood Jacobso.n, Hubert Reignhoi.d Paf C im fitt irn Jefferies, Harry Hamilton Jenkixs, Calvert Goodex Jenkins, Franklin Robert Jenkins, Walter Earl Johnson, C. Johnson, Dana Hurt Johnson, Edward Villiam Johnson, Foster Leonidas Johnson, Henry Santford Johnson, Nathaniel A., Jr. Johnson, Townes Boyd Joiner, William Hubert, Jr. Jones, Alfred Wortley Jones, Clary Kryson Jones, Enoch Posey Jones, Edw.ard Samuel Jones, Hubert Love Jones, Robert Eugene Jones, Tom Gilmer Jones, Thad Montgomery ' Jones, Wilmer Jordan, E an Francis Jordan, Villiam Doxier Judge, Thomas Jackson Justice, Lawrence Earl Kaplin, Harold Keith, Thomas Lipscomb Kell- -, Elmo Clyde Kennedy, Raymond J. Kerr, Frederick Washington Kimble, Edward Lawrence Kimbrough, Guthrie Coke King, Raymond Williams Kitchell, Bruce Paxlon Knight, William Walton Knox, Van W., Jr. Lamont, Harry Sanford Langford, Rupert WESLE ■ Langley, Thomas Milton Lanier, James Winton Lanier, William Stevens Lau, Irvin Herman Lauper, ALax Moses Lavroff, Viachesi.av ' asii,i Lawson, Harold Henr ' S ' Lawson, Thomas Edwin Leach, Pete Lingleton Lefferts, Hurst Adams Leonard, William Lawrence Lesesne, Brannon Barclay Lester, Raymond Holmes Lewis, Bernard Bee Lewis, Daniel Monroe F.e ' decker, Charles E. Lincoln, Robert Theodore Linton, Samuel P ' rnest Lippincott, Kenneth Edison List, Harold Albert Little, Ephram Shoffner Little, Gi:or(;e Dwight LoEB, David ADi.iiR Lucas, Paul Hami ' ton Ludgate, Hirbirt Theodore LuDWiG, LeRoy Vernon Ludwig, Willis Dickson LuKENS, Brittain Ely, Jr. Lvford, William Traci , Jr. l.yi.E, Claud Thomas . Lagill, John Franklin ALaier, Frank Hawks AL NN, Leland Alexander PLANNING, Thomas Jefferson ALarley, Eugene Walker ALarlowe, Horace Vernon ALarston, William Williams ALartin, Frank ALattern, Edwin Kauffman McCamy, Carlton C. Jr. McCoNNEi.L, Herrick Z. McConnell, AL ck McKinlea ' McCoNNEI.L. VlI.LLAM RoSS McDowell, Robert Frank McGaughey, John Edward McGowAN, William Frederick McGowan, Daniel Thomas McGregor, John McKee, William James, Jr. McKee, William Neil, Jr. McKeever, Daniel Axford, Jr. McKenzie, Neville Price McKeon, Joseph Augustine AIcKiNNEY, Halbert. Jr. .McRee, Joe Boyd McWhorter, James Alexander Meyer, (jUS Reeves AIlKELL, WiNDBORN LaWTON Miller, J. Arthur Lyman Miller, William Charles Miller, Walter Howard Minnich, Samuel Clinton, Jr. MiNTER, James Ethelwyn, Jr. Mitchell, John Thornton- Mitchell, WiNFRED ALWWELL Montgomery, Robert Warner .MooNEV, George ( uinan Moore, Joseph Clyde Moore, John Robert, Jr. Moore, Willi m Cecil Moretta, Eugene Fenton Morgan, P ' i.bert Ballenger MiiRRis, Stewart AL Morrison. Emii.e Archer MLRPin, ' 1 " RVER Simeon. Jr. .MLRR . | CK Steiner Murray. Ji iius Allon Nalle, Charles Crawford Neal, Jack Floyd Neel, Dan Odum Newman, Harold Leon- Newton, James Livingston Nightingale, William, Jr. Norton, Leo Wesley Norton, Will Kirk Novella, Alberto Gusta O ' Connor, James Benson Glliphant, Webb BucKLE • Orr, ALarshai.l CjRady ()vERToN, Arthur Sessions OwENBY, William George Owens, James Randolph Owsley, William David Palmer, Bowden Long Pantaze, Veck Charles Parker, Claude ' oungblood Parker, John Wesley Parker. WA •. IAN Herbert Pattillo, Hugh Gary Payne, Hltbert Newton Peake, Isaac Franklin Perez, A. P. Perrine, George Carhart I ' ersons, Augustus Pou Persons, Henr - Wellborn Peters, James Solomon Peterson, Everett Stewart Phillips, James William Pierron, Vivien Francis Pope, Frank Sykes Potts, Fred Frank Powell. John D. Powell, Robert Jackson- Preston, John Troy, Jr. QuiNN, John Loren Ramsey. Thornwell Lee Randol, William Lyle R.ATHER, John Daniel. Jr. RaUZIN, Alll.TON Read, Ralph Newton Ree e, Morris Tillman- Richardson, Leonard B. Robb. Merle Luverne Roberts, Ewin Axtell Roberts, Thomas Peyton- Robinson, Michael Rockerfeller, Stanley Rocker, George Glenn Rocker, William Parks Rogers, Emmett Alton Rogerson. J.aurie Samuel RoI.LINSON, H RR ■ ( iRANT R(,ss, Roi.i.iE Mitchell Paf c yiiii ' tn-tliirc Roy, Leon Arthur RovsTON, William Wattlrson Ruth, Wilbur Amos Saks, Andrew Joseph Sale, Benjamin Thomas Sancken, John Sanford, Cjordon Carroll Sapp, William Martin, Jr. Schenk, Harold Baxter Scott, Joe Purton, Jr. Scruggs, Arnold Horne Scrutchin, Clifford Green Shannon, John Bonnar Short, Laurence Bruce Shults, George Washington Sims, Ellis Redding Skinner, Hugh Smallwood, Burnwell F. Smirlis, Costas Steve Smith, John Robert Smith, James Wallace Smith, Lewis Ayer Smith, Leon Graham Smith, LCOLM Bowman Smith. Otis DeWitt Smith, Pierce Stephens Smith, Rufus Kader Smith, Robert Wesley Smith, Wilbur Allen Smith, Walter Sharp Smith, William Spencer Speake, Paul Meredith Speer, Frank Roy Sphar, Holly Witherspoon Spiers, Robert J. Stelljes, John W illiam Stephens, Perry Stern, Joe Stetler, Benjamin Sherman Stocker, John del Lande Stokes, William Stone, Edward Whitney Stone, Windsor Storey, Frederick George, Jr. Strauss, Edgar Jacob Strauss, Robert G. Strickland, Aubrey Bennette Strickland. Junot Henry Strozihr, Henry Har y Sullivan, Ernest Hamilton Summers, James Albert Swan, John Clyde Taylor, Aaron Land Taylor, Ernest Lyman Teeple, Charles A. Thomas, Herbert Smith Thompson. Byron Newman Thompson, Frank Blevins, Jr. Thompson, James Charles Thompson, William Cooke TiPPiN, John Edward To. ' VLSON, Leon Franklin Tompkins, Raymond Irving Tr-acy. William Spann Treverton, Ward Richards Underwood, Frank Callaway Underwood, Thomas Ivey Utsey, Clinton D. ' vid Vardas, Constantine Vigus, Cebron Tate Vincent, Nunis William Voigt, David Alan Wade, Hiram Butler Wages, Henr ' P ' rancis Waldrop, Jefferson Preston Wall, William Oliver, Jr. Walton, Clanton Deakins Wands, William Ross Ward, James Leon Warner, Herbert Diel Wasden, (jElon Ethridge Waterman, Robert Bullock Waters, Wilber Allen Watson, Jack Watson, William Simpson, Jr. Weil, Ira Kahn Wenner, Joseph Alfred W ' estbrook, Henry Odessa Wheatley James Gordon White, Alfred Collins White, Frank Armstrong White, William Edward Whitfield, Randolph W HiTMAN, Robert Lanier Whitten, Elrert Harold Whitworth, Robert Bartow Wilkerson, John Chalvant Wilkerson, John Matthew Williams, Ted David WiLLINGHAM, JoSEPH PaRKS Wilson, Donald Wyclyffe Wilson, Thomas Longing Wi.MBERLY, Paul Franklin WiNGo, William Brown Winn, John Wise, Albert Larsh.all Wise, Harry Oscar Wise, Robert Douglas WooDsiDE, William Gordon Woolbright, Beryl Meredith Wooldridge, Milton E. Woollard, George Prior Wray, Pinkney Herman W ' right, Odus Andrew Yarbrough, Max Yeargan, Victor Bowles Yepp, Harry Thurston Young, David Kenneth ZlEGLER, WaLDEM R TlIEODORE Page Ninety-tour Freshman Roll Adams, Gilbert Taylor Adams, James Quinton Adams, James Yeates Adkins, James Cooper Adkins, Lee Jackson AuKixs, WiLLLAM Francis Alexander, Daniel Baldwin Allen, Raynold Worth Allison, John Gloyd Altobellis, Richard A. Amoson, Warren Hubert Anderson, Claude Newell Anderson, Robert Milford Anthony, James Arthur Archer, James Robert Argenbright, Russell N. Argo, John Thomas Armentrout, William F. Armstrong, Bernard F. Arnold, Richard Marion Asbell, Glen Bryant Averyt, William Walton Avrett, Walter LeRoi ' Autrey, Walker Dodson Aycock, Leon Ernest Bach, Conrad Clement Baggett, Frank Wesley Bagley, Wayne Everett Baker, William Gallatin Baldwin, Arthur Wooten Ballard, James Lipscomb Bai.llngI ' R, Robert Daniel Barker, William Eugene Barnes, Charles ALanier Barnes, George Skinner Barnes, Lewis Lee Barnes, Miller Davis Barnette, James Smith Barnhardt, Jacob Charles Barnhill, ALathew Talbot Barnwell, Joe Hampton Barell, Franz McClure Barron, LeRoy Felton Barton, Eric Brook liAssETT, Thomas Puleston ]iATES, Howard Edward Bates, William Howard Beacham, Claude T., Jr. Beaird, James Patrick Beall, Claudius Albert, Jr. Beanblossom, Lester F. Bearden, Clarke Wooding Beaudrot, Thomas Parks Beck, ALahon Orin Bell, Alfred Norman Belsinger, Jack Russell Bennett, i Larvin Butler Bercege.ay, Ludovic Emanuel Bergman, John Alvin Bernath, Albert Berry, Floyd Lacewell Bertoline, Alfred Peter IJeTTIS, B ' iRON liisHOP. LACE ' i ' Gilbert Bishop, William Lionel Black, Robert Lee Bland, Henry Wall Bloodworth, Jesse H. Bi.oo.M, David Joseph BoBLASKEY, PhILIP GeORGE Boggus, Hubert Henry BoLLiNG, Walter Harrison- Bolton, Robert Edward BooTON, James Owen Boring, Paul DeL.ay BoROM, James Hill Boston, Jack H. BoswELL, James Edward Bracewell, Joseph R., Jr. Bradford, Samuel Arnold Bradley, Leonard Franklin Bratton, Lewis C, Jr. Breitenbucher, George A. Bridges, Max, Jr. I5rock, H. Ross Brooke, Russell Jones Brooks, Harold Braselton Brooks, William Green Brown, Harry Livingood Brown, Harry Willard Brown, William Barrington Bryant, Richard ALabrv Bull, Fred Warrington Page y ' iiwtyfive Freshiiian Roll. . r „ru„i . BuRCH, Arthi R M R iN- Cowan, J Mi:s C LARKI- EzELL, Clinton Shaw BuRKtii, Ra mdnu Walter CozzoLiNo, John ALcmael F agan, Thomas F ' reiurick Blrnbtt, Bex Franklin Crass, F ' red Henr Fain, John Edwin Blrns, Charles Willlvm Crecar, Charles Jesse Farmer. Isaac Lion BvARS, James Alexander Crocker, Ezra Joel Feldman, Samuel Solomon Cabrera, Jose M ria Crouch, Edward Smith Felsenstein, Oscar Caler, Villl m Kemi ' Crowei.l, Harris Cantey Fernandez, Alexandi r P. Callaway, Crichton C, Jr. Crown. Triadwei.l Rice Fickett, Thomas Hardin Callaway. James Woougin Crumbled, William D., Jr. Field, David Bassford Calman, Innis Richmond CU.MMINGS, NORBERT CaNTLEY Field, James Henry Cameron, William Archibald Dale, Fred Shamblin Fife, James Alex nder Cami " , Edwin E axs Daniel, Amos Claude Fikret, Tewfic Camp, William Paul Daniel, Garnett George Fite, Paul Boston Campbell, Albert Matthias Daniel, Jesse Tom Fitzgerald, William A., Jr. Cannon, Robert Wright Daniel, Thomas Nance Fitzpatrick. John Benjamin Caperton, Charles B. Darden. Robert Robinson Fletcher, F ' rancis O ' Conner Caraker, Thomas HERT , Jr. Da id, John Murray Fletcher, Horace Walker Carey, John Grant Davies, Gilman Lumpkin Floyd, Hoyle Chester Carlton, William Monroes D. ' Wis, Francis Harry Floyd, RLarvin Howard Carmichael, Orlando H. Davis, Joseph Jackson Fly, George Freeman Carr. Grover ' reeland Davis, T. J. Forrester, F rank Adoi.phus Carter, William Franklin Davis. William Washington Foster, Dozier Joe CATHE ' i, HlGH AlONZO Dawson, James Luther FoxHALL, Edward Neai. Cathou, Rene Yve Dawson, William Lockhart Frasuer, Charles Edward Cezar, Joseph Orland D-ay, James Bennett Freeman, James Hubert Chafin, Howard Lamar Dean, Minor Eyone Fierrson, Norton, Jr. Chancy. Olen Dean, ] Ladison Hauk Fuller, Ernest Willie Chapman, Jack James DeCapito, Theodore Francis Futral, Allen Ashle ' Chick, John Frank DeFore, Harry Lee Galdos, Domingo Grasclano Chotas, Nick E. DeLamar, Thomas White Galdos, George LANUEI. Chupp, James Merrill Denton, Joe R. Gantt, Jack Steward Clanton, Hershel ' . DePriest. Joseph Roy Garrard, Laavrence Cecil Clements, Joe Mason Derby. Archibald S.. Jr. Garrard, William Lewis Cockrell, Marion Everett Derst, Karl Keorner Gaskins, Roy Coffin, Arthur Gardner, Jr. Dial, Homer Kay Geffken, Herman Henra- CoFFMAN, William Marvin Dichtenmueller, R. H. Gephard, ALarlowe De Vitt Coker, Francis Hood Dickinson, John Kermit Getzen, Robert Luther Cole, Harold Stockten DoAK, Ralph R., Jr. Gibson, Edward Samuel Cole, Oscar Philip Do.MiNA, Fred Charles Gibson, Hugh Denton Coleman. Colson Terry Dorsea ' , William ALatthew Gibson, Noel Ray Coleman, Leonard Howell DowLiNG, Richard Hamilton Gibson, Otis Jasper Coleman, Robert Howard Dreger, George Yerger Gibson, Raymond Reigh CoLLE, John Herma.n DuBosT, Edward Robleda Gilbert, John Burnett Colquitt. Adrian deB. Duke, Mar in Webster Gill, Elmer Clive Co.MBS, Andrew Grafton DuNLAP, ] Lattheav E., Jr. Gilmore, Earl Truman Combs, Leon Lamar Durrance, Joseph Sei.ser Glancy, Tom Phillips, Jr. CoMMiNS, Randolph W. Earnest, Walter Reeve, Jr. (jLeaton, William Earl Cone, James William Edwards, George Newton (jI.enn, John Fitten CoNNERAT. William Henry Edwards, Henry Callaway GoDRON. Frederick Scott CoNNiFF, Jack Calhoun E-LDREDGE, Al.FRED TuRNER (lOI.DSMITH, JeRE WiCKLIFFE Cook, G. W. Ellis, Lawrence Hunter Goodhead, Walter Derr Cook, Quitman, Jr. Ellison, Edward Goodwin, Charles Johnston CoRBiN, George Lee English, William Cornelius Goodwin, James Al in Corn. John Th;:odore Etter, James Henra ' . Jr. Gordon, Denton DA n) ' i CosTON, Chauncy Lee EUBANKS, John LAXWELL GoTTSciiAi.K, Albi:rt Otto Cotiiam, Calvin E ereit Evans, Edward McIver (jRAHAM, AbNER I ' lCKETT Counts, George Luther EvERLEY, Paul Shannon Graham, Eugene Kili.ebrew I ' aije Siiicty-six Graham, Walter Kili.i;bri; v Gray, Claude Mercer Gravdox, Edison Douglas Greene, Francis Manwell Greene, Wallace Alva Greer, W illis Roswell Griffith, James Walter Griffin, Knox Angus Griggs, Jack Grimes, Albert McBride Grisham, Albert Harding Griswoi.d, Rex Luther Groves, Hugh A. Gruel, John Samuel Guerry, Edward Lee Guest, John Roger Gugelman, Carl Frank Gunn, William Harry Gunter, Roy Morris GwiN, William Pierce, Jr. Hackett, Jack Hadaway, Luther Denton Hale, Daniel Rainey Hale, Walter Hall, Edwin Donald Hall, Francis Kennedy Hall, Jack Wellington Hall, Jackson Merri wether Hall, Lyman Abbott Hallman, John Fletcher, Jr. Hamilton, Elvin Rrown, Jr. Ham: iond, James Polk Hanie, James Thomas Harbin, Hiram Harrison, John H., Jr. Harwell, William Jackson Hatcher, John Edward Hawkins, Charles C. Haymans, George S., Jr. Hearne, Julian Spencer Heaton, Jobe Honner Hemboi.dt, Henry Edward Hendricks, Daniki. FIarl, Jr. Hearndon, Polk AL, Jr. Herera, Cjeorge Julian Hester, Leighton Otis Higgins, Josei ' h Taylor Hill, Albert Jessee Hill, Perry Neal Hill, Robert Farris HoDGEN, Allen Frye Hodges, Walter F mmette Hoffman, Loring W. Holland, Ned Eugene Holland, Truman Ezekiel Horne, William Alonzo, Jr. Housch, Walter Iax, Jr. HoL . K, Theodork oung Hubbard, Julius Pratt Hudson, Charles Irb ' , Jr. Hudson, Josei ' h Edward Hungerford, Ed X ' ernon, Jr. HuNNicuTT, Horace Allyn Huxsinger, John Cary Hunter, George N.athan, Jr. Hunter, Walker Cobb Ingle, John Pierce, Jr. Irwin, Howard Clifton Isaacs, McAllister. Jr. IsELY, D ' Anson Isenberg, Sam Frosty Isenhour, Harold Lee IsoN, William Fraxk IvEY, William Robert Jackson, Hexry Jacksox, Harold Buster Jacksox, Ralph Ali:xaxder Jarrell, William W., Jr. Jernigan, Greenville Jarrei.i. Jervis, Ogden Wayne Johnson, Albert Benson Johnson, Cecil Early Johnson, Fred Carson Johnson, James Lawrence Johnston, Frederick Milam Johnston, John Allen Jones, Burrell Thornton- Jones, Cecil Tillman Jones, George D. Jones, LeRoy Davis, Jr. Jones, Richard Lord Jones, William Amos Joiner, Kermit Keiser, Augustus C, Jr. Kelley, Charlie Amos, Jr. Kelly, Elmo Clyde Kelly, Julian Harris Kennedy, John Kenned ' ' , W ' ili. Alexander Kexxicei.l, Alfred Robert Kent, Amos Eugexe Kent, Harr ' Watson KiLEY, Walton Francis Kimball, Richard David Kittrell, John Arthur Klarr, Herman Ir ing Klier, Melrose Edwin Klima, Beverly Bartle ' S ' KNisELE ' i ' , Claude Vilsox Knox, Johx Dan KoXIXGSMARK, HeXR ' . Jr. Koxixgsmark, Reed KoRSMO, Howard Johxson Kroner, Fraxk Robert Krouse, CiiARi.iis Dabbs Laatsch, Kasper Raymond LaForge, Charles Alfred Lamb, William Carlyx Lambert, Sam Francis Lamptox, Theodore Dudley Lanford, Joseph Lamar Laxgford, Ralph Martin Lanier, Frederick Bernard Lanier. Philip Lankford. I lor Ci.i e, Jr. Lanum, Jack Russell Lawrexce, Fair Columbus Lawrexce, William Camp Lawson, Robert William Lee, James Gordon- Lee, WiLLIA.M Den HAM Lefkoff, Louis Rothschild Lehmann, Albert Lester, Fred Fixdi.e ' , Jr. Lewis. Josiah Sid. Jr. LiGHTBouRX. Johx William Lipscomb, Charles Lloyd Lipscomb, L.afar Little, Littletox Ludlow LuEL ' s-, Edwin Moore. Jr. LowRY, Orlando Ra ' mond LuDL, Innis Anderson MaCOMBER. RA ' i ' MOND W. Maddox, Henry Adolphus Maddox, Harry Barr Maddox, John Callahan Mahoff, George Alexander Manning, William Asa Marshall. Thomas Alfred Martin, Beverly Warner Mathes, Edward Samuel Mathes, Fraxk Alfred Mathews, John William Matthews, Allen Alphonso Matthews, Kenneth Heidt Mauldix, Charles Beaudrot Maxwell, Dumas Car ix Ma ' , Frank Arnau MA ' isoN, Thomas Jefferson McArthur, Donald V. McCall, Eldred W.ayne McCampbell, David McCamy, Robert Julian McCarthy ' . Harold Morton McCary, Louis Ronald McCoLi.uM, Charles C. McCoi.i.uM, Norman Vilson .McCowN, Thomas Jarmon McCullough, John Dalton McCutchen, Joe Kelly McGhee, Arthur Joe Page Sincti ' Sifin Freshmaii Roll McGiNTV, Stewart, Jr. McKhe, J ohn Windsor McKiNXEV, Russell JVIcLarty, Paul Mar in ' McLaughlin, Leon Wallace McLean, Duncan Wu.iiam McLeod, Levin John McLucAS. John Rin, Jr. McPherson. Robert Kenneth McQuarve, John Anthony Mei.lichami ' e, Edward W.. Jr. Merrh.l, Ralph Standish Merriman, Frank G. Middleton, Daniel W., Jr. Middleton, Joe Melvin Millender, Bennie Ruben Miller. Clyde Ale.xander Miller, Carl Dean Miller. William Daniel IlLLIANS, ArDIS ClEMONT Mills, Joe Johnstone Mills, Styles Newton MiLNER, Richard Harold .Mitchell, John Rhodes Mitchiner, Leo Whelan MiTCHUM, Leon Curtis ] IoFFAT, Walter Howard Moor. Frederick Clifton Moore, Chesley Miller Moore. Clayton Wells Moore. Joel B. Morgan. Fredrick Boyd Morgan. James Henry Morgan. Matthew ALarshall Morgan, Robert Clifton Morse, John Card Morton. Virgil Haddock MOSELY. BoRY, Jr. MoYE, Andrew Jackson Mozo, Robert Winfield MuRPHE ' i ' . Julian Clay. Jr. Murphy, Eugene A.. Jr. Myers, Harold Pope Nahas, Kennedy Matthew Naranjo, Francisco Jose Neal, Reece S. Neck, Charles Washington Neel, Tod Hampton Neeloy, James Harvey Nelson. Alvah Jethrew Nesom. Charlie Nelson. Jr. Newell, James Harold Newell, John Richardson Newlin, Clarke Rudolph Niblack, Carlton Olin, Jr. Nichelsen, Benito Julian Nicholson, Emmett Eugene Nixon, Otis F. Noel, Cecil Clarence Norman, Edwin Hall Norris, Dan Edwin NoRRis, Robert Wakefield NoRTEMAN, William Ernest NuTT, Fred Lucin CRAKES. Wilbur, Jr. Ockerman, Everett William Ogilvie, John Leavell Oliver, Thomas William O ' Neal, John Benjamin Orme, James William Orr, Lynn Huie Owens, Julius Walter Palmer, Allen Warren Paouris, John G. Parker, Harold G. Parker, Minter Rogers Partlow, Albert Fr.anklin Partridge, Thomas Dale Pate, Frank Coleman Paterson, Malcolm Lang Patridge, George Patterson, Pleasant Benning Patton, Albert Edgar Payne, John Durst P.ayne, William Keith Peagler, Harry J.ames Perkins, Bill AL Perry, Clarence Atkins Perry, Elmer Vivian Persse, John Jefferson PE ' iTON, Erwin Harry Philips, John Sloan Phillips, William Valiant Pickett, John Phillips PiFER, P-AUL W. Pilkington, George Brown- Pippin, William Leon Plemmons, George Raymond Plumb, William Warren- Ponder, William Peter Pope, Ernest Purser Powell, Richard Berens Pre.acher, J.ack McDaniel Pruitt, Richard Connelly PuGH, Floyd Houser Pugh, Fred L. QUILI.IAN. WiLLARD EaRL Raines, Charles Theodore Raines, William Guy, Jr. Redding, Russell Frederick Rhea, W.alter Preston Richard, Herschel Erskine Richards, Charles J., Jr. RicKETsoN, Ernest Dave Riddlespurger, LyNNWOoI) C. Riley, Oliver . L nn Ritter, Scott Arthur Roach, James Austin- Roberts, Clifford Augustus Roberts, Joe Milton- Robinson, Wayne E. RoRisoN. Chesley Ewert Rockwell, Harley Thomas Rogers, LeRoy Ropp, Charles Wesley Rusk, Edmund Abbott Ryall, James Bomar Ryals, Chester Arthur Salmon, Thomas Erwin Sammons, Franklin B. Sammons, Virgil Sams. Larion Rosco Sanders, Oswell Aubrey Sanders, Tom Aubrey Saunders, Anderson Burt Sa v- -er, Claude BR ' iAN, Jr. ScANLiNG, Frederick William Scherer, Donald Arthur Schliestett, George Van ScHWALM. Horace Caesar Schwartz, David A. Scott, Eugene Phillips Scott, Judson Harmon Seasholtz, James Cle.mar Segraves, Rufus Alexander Self, Freeman Elbert Sellers, Hasten Baylor Sewell, Russell Neal Shackelford, Cory Peyton Schaeffer, Charlie Willard Shanks, Rufus Gordon, HI sliarpe, w illiam herbert Shaw, Claude Donald, Jr. Shaw, Eugene Adelbert Shearouse, James Dasher Sheats, James Nicholas Shinholser, Stephen O., Jr. Shuford, Francis AEarion Shutley, Charles Crosby Sibley, Harold William Simmons, Hargis Williams Si.Ms, Benjamin Franklin Singleton, Frank Patrick Skinner, Vance Henr Si.ADE, Thomas Clifton Sloan, Robert Sidney Sloan, Walter John Smathers, Alan Daggett Smith. Amos McRae Smith, Hen Cleveland, Jr. Smith, Bon Terry Paye XiiietyetgM Smith, Hammoxd Boyd Smith, Henry Clayton Smith, Hugh Ro ' iAL, Jr. Smith, James Albert, Jr. Smith, Mike Smith, Marvin Terrell Smith, Sidney Lanier Smoot, Jack Madison Smyth, Norman Alex Sockwell, John F ' dgar Solomon, Edward Crawford Solomon, George Alma Spievak, Joe Sproull, James Creswell Stallings, George L. Stancill, Hugh William Stapp, Carl Kimball Stewart, John Frank Stockton, George Arthur Stone, Charles Vernon Story, Lynn Gordon Strong, Howard Leslie SuDDETH, James Hannon SuGARMAN, Nathan SwENSEN, Oliver Severn Swint, Roger Herman Tabb, James Sterling Tatum, a. Moss Taube, Theodore T.aylor, Joseph Campbell Taylor, Wentworth H. Temple, Millard David Terry, Parker Cameron Therrell, George Noble Thomason, Ralph Greenlee Thompson, Edgar Earl Thompson, Howard Edward Thompson, James Ross Thompson, Milton Ernest Thompson, Robert Kurth Towers, John Kendrick Tripod, Auguste Paul, Jr. Trippe, George Clarence ' I ' rost, JoHiN Eldor TuRLAND, Joe Lipsey Turner, Carter McDowell Twttty, Melvin Barber Tyson, Brooke Moseley Vandaveer, Paul Vien Vann, Loyd Frank Vansant, Albert William Viereck, George Edwin VoGELGESANG, CaRL OtTO V ' oiGT, John Dudley V ' ooRHis, Richard Harold Waddell, Harley Lamar Waddey, George Edmund Wagener, Fritz, Jr. Walden, James Fares Walker, Eli ALaddo.x Walker, Hugh Everette Walker, John Terrell Walker, Robert Lindsay Walker, William Reid Wall.- ce, Whitlow Betterton Walmy, James C, Jr. Ward, William Clyde Warnock, Charles Robal Warren, Benjamin Holmes Warren, Joseph Daniel Washburn, Stanley Robert Waters, Robert Ollie Watson, Henry Duke, Jr. Watson, Joe Sewell Vatson, William Jesse Weatherford, Alfred H. Weems, William Rupert Weinman, Joe ME •ER Welch, Henry Wells, Alan Gordon Wells, Clinton Atkinson Wells, Thomas Henry. Jr. Weltch, Julian William Wesley, John Borden Whai.ey, James Reynolds Whai.ey, Russell Keener, Jr. White, Garden (iRaham White, James Greely White, James Hearley White, James Linton White, Vernon Richard White, William Allison Whitehead, Claude E., Jr. Whitehead, James Fred Whitehead, Richard Kramer Whiteside, John Reid Whitley, Frank Jackson WiLKERSON, Earl Randy Wilkes, James Renwick, Jr. Wilkes, Robert Earl Wilkinson, Charlie Fore, Jr. WiLLiA.MS, Albert Sydney Williams, James Sharpe Williams, Thomas Cloud Wilson, Charles Rummell Wilson, Emmett Linder Wilson, Frank Burtchaell Wilson, Ton Winemiller, James Albert Wise, William David Wise, William Washington- Witt, Emory King Wolfe, Earl Vinson Woods, Jerome Berryman woolbright, william t. WoRLEY, Judson Clements Yarborough, Thomas H. Yarbrough, John Weldon ' ates, Edward Varenfells " EAST, Leslie Leonard Zaglin, Harry Henry Zellner, Al ' . Dean ZiNK, Hermann Engelhart ZuAzuA, Edmundo Page yinvty-ninc Senmor MhMoRiAi. Window Dt ' si ' nifil by J . II- lliirris. ' j8 Senior Class Officers Evening School H. K. Chafix H. B. Elliott A. .M. Carlson Secietary-Tredsurer Pnsltlcnt I ice-President Evening School FRKDhRICK Cj1:OR(J1£ AlLUN Decati ' r Kveiiiiig Scliool of Commerce ; Alplia Kappa Fsi ; X ' cnetian CInl) ; ' ice-P ' resicleiit Inter fraternity-So- cietv Council. Ralph Uki.i. Atlanta Evening School of Commerce : Delta Sigma Pi. H.ARRY E. I ROWN DoTH.v.N, .Ala. Evening School of Coinmerce : . Ipha Kappa Psi : ' enetian Cliih; Inter fraternitv-Socictv Council. Hi:nr Andrhw Hrown Atlanta Evening School of Commerce : . lplia Kappa Psi. Ai.MN Plrrin Blti.i;r Atlanta Evening School of Connnercc. Alfred M. C.arlsex, Jr. .Atlanta l ' " vening School of Cnnmicrce. Ernest Clyde Benson Atlanta Evening School of Connnercc. Her? lan Keith Ch.afin -Atlanta Evening School of Commerce. Roy How.ard Ch.andler Barber, N. C. Evening Scliool of Commerce. Dixie Mw Macon- ICvening .School of Commerce: Secretary - Treasurer Freshman - Sophomore Class: Secretary - Treasurer Inter fraternity-Society Council : ' ice - President Com- merce Club: Evening School Editor Blue Print. Parir One JI iiiiilii l niiil Tiro Ei.isnA Stei ' hkn Clark i; Atlanta Delta Sigma Pi ; Extiiiiig Scliool if Commerce. Ja.mi£S Orex Coxoly Sylvester Evening School of Commerce. Thomas Darxali. Cothrax Rmm:-; Evening School of Commerce ; Alpha Kappa : Tnterfraternity Council : Owls Club. Sar )i Drexxan Atlanta Evening School of Commerce ; Student Council : Commerce Club. Horace Beaxtox Elliott Atlanta Evening School oi Commerce; Owls Club. MORGAX Kr. XK (i.X.ME Atlanta Evening School of Commerce. Albert Elc;exe (jIhson Atlanta Evening School of Commerce ; . lpha Kappa Psi. Hexrv L ' iVLxx Hills Co.MMERCE Evening School of Commerce : Tnterfraternity Council : .Alpha Kappa Psi. JoHX Harris Horxe C. KKiEKE, Miss. Evening School of Commerce. Mack Hi: x I. each .Atlanta Evening School of Commerce. Page One Huiulrctl nut} Three Alma Martin VosBURC, Miss. Evening School of Commerce ; Commerce Club. Jack Maziar ATL. NT. Evening School of Commerce. Lucille Merritt Atlanta Evening School of Commerce. Mary Alice Mitchell Atl. nta Evening School of Commerce ; Interf raternity Council ; Com- merce Club. A. S. Morris Augusta Evening School of Commerce. Roger Lee McCoxxell Atlanta Evening School of Commerce. Otho James Parker Atlanta Evening School of Commerce : . lpha Kappa Psi : Vice-President Venetian Club; President Inter- fraternity-Society Council. Raxdolph Perry Atlant.v Evening School of Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi. Jackson Futrelle Roberts Atlanta Evening School of Commerce. Charles Clifford Romixes Atlanta Evening School of Commerce. rage One Humlnd and Four Hugh Wesley Russey Atlanta Emmett Emerson Simpson ' Ironton, Ohio Evening School of Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi ; Venetian Club. Benjamin F. Strickland Atlanta Rvening School of Commerce. Hamilton Tho.mas Bolles Atlanta Evening School of Commerce. Delmar Marion Swords Atlanta Evening School of Commerce. George Graham Thomas Atlanta Evening School of Commerce; Delta Sigma Pi ; Interf raternity- Societv Council. John Bourke Van Houten Atlanta Evening School of Commerce. Page Oue HuiKhetl and Fivt Evening School T. W. Noel Fred 15. Wenn L. R. SlEBERT Noah Warren E. B. IMERnVETHER L. I. Antle George M. Si ' arks Director FACULTY V. I. PiNKSTAFF E. B. Sanders P. M. Holmes J. W. Jefferies [. Robinson W. T. Cantrell Charlton Keene J. F. Watson T. j I. McClellan J. W. IMcKee Eugene Gunby PtltH ' Our Ihtiulrril iiiul Si-r Evening School of Commerce •carp The Kvcning School of Coniiiicrcf of Georgia Tech is considered as one of the very active de- partments of tlie school, offering ever ear more than sixty courses of practical husiness training for the husiness men and women of Atlanta. It is the only department of (ieorgia Tech open to matricu- lation for women. As Atlanta is the metropolis of the South and the southeastern headquarters for big business — so is the success of the Kvening School of Commerce. More than two hundred business institutions are every year represented by five himdred students. The contact Georgia Tech receives thereby is not onh ' manifest in the support of every endeavor attempted h - Georgia Tech, but from ear to year draws both the business world and the (jeorgia ' I ' ech student hotly mutuall - together. The Evening School of Commerce is the father of the da - school, itself one of the big factors of North Avenue campus life. With a faculty selected from the larger colleges and universities of the country and from the business executives of Atlanta, the down-town school is especially equipped to train men and omen for the state. CLASS OFFICKRS Senior H. B. Elliott l ' A. M. Carlson rici-l ' resUcni H. K. ChafIN Siirctary-Tretisurcr Junior Guv A LASO • President A. H. HamRICK Vice-President Miss Elizabeth Smith Secretary L. G. Pruitt Treasurer Sophomore Bernard Suttler President Richard Hills Vice-President G. L. Friudell Secretary-Treasurer • ;■( sh iian J. E. Driskell President W. V. Aycock Vice-President R. (jILBert Secretary J. C. Herri X Treasurer To ' Rd ' .i — Amason, Hamrick, Miss Elizabeth Smith. .Suttler, Hills. Friddell. Bottom Ko:, — Driskell. Aycock, Gilljert, Herrin. I ' lti r Omo Hiiitilutt nnd .Si Junior Class Al.CORN. J. V. A.MASON, Cj. H. Beckham, R. " S " . Bell, Horace Brock, Miss Malrixe ]?Ro vx, Kexxhth Cuba, Joseph Dare, Eugene P. Ellis, La l r Giles, George T. GLASS L x, H. Golden, Ernest Goldwasser, I. Ham, W. E. Hamrick, a. H. Hart, Miss .Martha Ross;s vortii, V. F. Jannoulis, J. N. Jones, R. W. Kitchens, H. C. I.anden, Paul E. Law ton, A. U. Leven, W. a. Mf-Dlock. R. a. Milton, Mrs. Loul.a. Moore, M. H. McCoy, S. B., Jr. McDaniel, M. a. Parker, G. E. Pettys, Norman V. Phillips, W. L. Prl ' itt, R. G. Roberts, Miss N. L. Robixsox, G. Shelly, Robt. H. Smith, Miss Elizabeth Spixks, C. S. TuGGLH, AIiss Jennie Mae ' lGAL, J. C. Vii.ii Ms. H. a. ZlMMERM. N, L. Page One Hinulrcil anil Eight Evening School Sophomore Class Adams, Guy A. Allex, Miss Fae Haker, Mrs. E. R. Barnett, S. C. Bergstrom, Oscar Blodgett, W. H. Brogdon, G. L. Browxlee, C. V. Bryan, Miss Winnie D. Burns, J. Burt, D. Camp, W. R. Chotas, ] Iiss Daisy Christopher, W. M. Clark, Ralph Cole, L. J. COTTARUX, S. P. Crim, J. M. Crimmins, W. E. Dabney, F. Dickerson, V. J. Dickey, E. C. Duncan, T. V. Eakin, Roy C. Evans, L. C. Garnin, W. S. GoDRY, Ralph Goettinger, Gabriel Hartra.mpe, C. R. Hills, R. A. HiNEs, John HuTCHiNGs, Clyde Jones, Branson Kendrick, E. L. Lyngar, V. W. Mason, Miss Ernie Lee Mi les, C. L. Newton, J. H. Orenstein, Max Plumb, Miss Elizabeth Robertson, A. F. Sharpe, R. G. Suttler, Bernard SWANSON, ] I. G. Sweat, G. P. Taliaferro, J. V. Tasker, ' SI. F. Thomason, Chas. a. Thrasher, Robert Vard, Fred L. Wilson, Karl Witt, Fritz Zellner, C. T. Page One Hunilrcd and Nine Fresliman Class i Adams, L. R. Allien, M. H. Anderson, H. H. Anderson, W ' . W. Anti.e, L. L. Anneberc, Iiss AI ARin Askew, L. A. Aycock, W. W. Bacbv, W. M. BAii.E-i, Hen- Baker, C. C. Baker, Miss May Barnett, T. H. Barnett, Miss Helen Barnes, Miss F. Barr, Geo. D. Barrett, S. H. Barthlow, C. Bass, J. L. Baum, J. P. Bawsel, C. 1 I. Beck, W. G. Bellinger, A. L. Berquist. T. W. Blain, Waddell Booth, Bill Boozer, R. S. Brenner, M. A. Brewer, R. B. Broaddus, F. J. Brown, E. T. Brown, W. H. Bryan, Miss Do ' Ie Bryant, W. Bullard, T. C. Burke, H. M. Burns, Julian Butler, T. F. Butler, W. K., Jr. Cagle, Miss E. ' M. Calhoun, R. S. Callaway, C. B. Campbell, Walter R. Cannon, W. C. Carlsen, R. G. Carmichael, W. F. Carr, Ralph Carson, W. E. Cawthon, H. C. Cawthon, N. M. Chambers, Glenn W. Chafin, G. I. Chapman, Miss Helen- Chapman, Miss Lehman Cheatham, T. M., Jr. Christopherson, Miss F. Ci.AKLiN, Mlss Sue Cl.EM.MONS, T. E. Clark, Miss Lola Clarke, T. L Cobb, H. Cocks, D. F. Cohen, W. L. Coleman, J. E. Con LEY, J. D. COI.LEY, J. A. Cook, A. B. Cooper, Kenneth Cooper, S. Frank Cowan, J. L. Crane, S. J. Crane, W. Cutter, Mrs. AL B. Dalgo, James R. Damon, Keith Davenport, Jerome D.AVis, H. N. Davis, H. W. Davis, I. ]. DeHevoise, p. L. Dobbins, H. Dowling, Miss Juliet Dobbs, J. N. Dozier, G. p. Drake, Ben C. Drew, Miss Helen Driskell, Jas. E. Drosihn, F. Duncan, John H. Dudley, C. F. Duncan, Robert DuFFEi:, W. W. DuVall, J. C. Durant, Miss Fvrgaret Eason, T. G. Edmunds, Miss Helen English, F. A. Ftheridgk, F. G. Fields, I ' aii B. Finch, I.. Flo ' id, C. M. Ford, C. M. Foster, H. K. Fox, W. C. Freeman, Kirbv Freeborn, W. E. Friddell, Geo. L. Frost, J. D. Gaines, N ' . H. Gamel, Miss Doris GAZAWA i, O. S. Gaulding, J. L. Gerald, R. H. Gershon, Miss Nellie Gibson, Walter H. Gilbert, B. J. Gilbert, R. N. GoEN, Roy Goldberg, J. L. Goldsmith, W. P. Goldstein, Miss Rose Goodman, Geo. H. Grant, Joe P. Gra ' itt, Lucian Green, H. G. Green, Walter Griffin, Miss ' ir(,inia Grizzard, Claude, Jr. Hadas, Miss F a Hall, C. W. Hamilton, LeRoy E. Hamilton, T. Hanes, Mrs. R. B. Haney, M. Harper, J. D. Harvard, T- C. Haves, w! A. Hazelrig, Roy Head, R. F. Head, W. F. Heath, J. M., Jr. Henderson, Miss Hattie Henderson, R. L. Henson, D. G. Herren, J. C. Higginbotham, Miss S. Hitt, Miss LARIE HoGAN, Miss E. Holland, E. H. Holmes, T. W. Horn, C. G. Horne, D. B. HuEY, H. L. Hughes, L. R. HuiE, I L C. Hunter, W. H. Hyatt, A. Jackson, G. H. Jay, W. C. Johnson, C. J. Jordan, Miss Rosalie Kelly, A. L., Jr. Pat e One IlumlrfiJ and Tin Freshman Class— Contmued Kl.OECKLKR, AIlSS J. LaBraxch, Brick Lake, A. W. Lang, G. B. Lawrence, H. Leach, J. C. Leathers, [ames Lee, D. E. ' Lewis, P. O. Levixe, a. J. Levy, Hyman Lindsey, Miss Pearl Lichenstein, J. LiNDHOLM, Alex Lixehan, J. E. LoxGixo, J. L. LoONEY, R. E. LoTT, Miss Mildred LovETT, Miss Elizabeth Mahs, C. H. Mann, J. A. Marbut, H. Martin, Miss Doris ALartix, F. H. ] Laziar, Miss Axxette Mecklin, Miss Janie Merritt, Miss A. Merry, H. N. Mitchell, S. A. MOBLEY, H. A. McioRE, Miss Axxie Morris, J. V. Moseley, J. G. Moses, A. M., Jr. Murray, Miss Georgia Mlrrell, A. H., Jr. i L cCAR ' .-, Vm. MCCOLLUM, R. O. McCoRMICK, C. R. McDavid, Miss Neola McExTiRE, T- J- McD0XALD, " j. W. McEwen, W. O. McGee, B. L. McIxTOSH, G. W. McKagex, Chas. S., Jr. McKexxey, J. M. McKlBBEX, LeRo ' McLaughlin, C. L Neely, J. L. N ELLIS, Miss Fraxces Nelsox, Vm. T.. Jr- North, Tom NoRTHCUTT, R. H. NOWELL, Ha.M.MOXD Nuxx, p. C. Oliver, Miss Eleanor O.XFoRD, Douglas Padgett, C Pair, Miss Leabron Palmer, C. L. Parker, C. Y. Pate, W. D. Pattersox, W. F. Perry, A. Perry, Miss Elizabeth Perry, Clarexce Phelps, E. A. L. PlERSOX, W. H. Plaster, Ed Poage, J. D. Radford, G. Ragsdale, H. F. Raixey, G. N. R. Raxkix, J. G. Raxdall, Lss Lii.i.iAX Reed, J. M. Reese, E. T. Reeves, W. B., Jr. Reixhardt, Hoyle, Jr. Reynolds, A. L. Richardson, Miss AL RoADV, Miss Dorothy RiDGEWAY, Fred Roberts, Ben E. Roberts, E. AL Roberts, J. C. Robinson, H. L. Sanders, C. G. Sanders, H. AL Sanders, Toe H. Sanders, O. S. Sandifer. ' . AL Saville, B. H. Scarborough, Miss L. Schmidt, Abe Seitz, Da id Shaffer, H. H. Shesre, H. T. Shkllnut, J. H. Shuttleworth, p. J. Siebert. Ike Simpson, I.. H. Sims, Miss Kae Smith, C. K. Smith, H. H. Snead, r. i;. S.xow, Raij ' ]1 . L somers, j. j. Sprayberr ' , Herbert Spruill, W. T. Stal.xaker, .Mrs. A. W. Steele, C. . L Steele, R. AL Stanley, J. B. Stradley, (i. L. Stroliar, Ellas Swint, M. W. Tatum, Miss Euna Taylor, Frank E., Jr. Thomas, Miss Clara Thomasox, Howard Thompson ' , Miss Clyde Thurmax, W. T. Tillman, B. AL Timmerman, Wilbur ToLBERT, Robert ToMLixsox, Miss ALar ' Toxtak, Miss Gertrude Turner, G. P. Van Valk ex burgh, L. Vance. George Varxer, J. E. VoGEL, O. S. Walker, H. W. Waltox, Robert Wall, Miss Lattie Watson, T. A. Wellborx, Miss Lillie Weldox, G. T. Whitaker, J. W. hite. Chas. W. IIITE, E. E. White, J. W. Whitehead, Guy Whitemax, W. H. Wilcox, J. G. WlI.COXSOX. Pi.ES Wiley, C. WlI.I.I.AMSOX, H. ' , Wll.LIXGHAM, l.-lNN Wn I . Miss Rith l. r Wilson, P. S. Wood, Douglas " ' arborough, J. A. Pane One Tlini ' h-ttl anil Eleven Shi T I 1 T 1 E S Student Council I OFFICERS H D HA.M.M Pnsiihnl Frank Waduev Ihi -President Ward Grantham Secretary Wadley Glenn Treasurer MEMBERS 1 Wil Si Blrton Cloud Earl Dunlap Wadley Glenn Ward Grantham Ki) Hamm Lucius J. Harris, Jr. ' OSEPH HOLLEALAN Tom Jones H albert Law Warner Mizell Frank Player Peter Pund Frank Waddi:y Joe High Wiiuams Charles Witme n R? Tnp Roiv I ' lind, Harris, Glenn, Hamm, Cloud, Waddey, Player Bottrjin Ron- [ 1 l!cn an, Dunlap, Mi::e ' l, Grantham, Jone , Law, Vitnn ' r Page One Hundred and Fifteen The Blue Print icqip BOARD OF KUriORS D. M. Hl-RITACK K li or-iii ' ( liii I Shi GoonwiXK Art Editor R. W. Stkphexs Senior Editor A. V. RoMKRTS Ph jt(} ;nipliic Editor R. r. HoWEX Iiiiiior Editor N. H. Lassiter Fraternity Editor A. M. McCoy Military Editor Miss R. D. Cheatham .... En-nim; School Editor F. L. Sacha Sports Editor R. i. Ai.exani)i:r Associate Sport Editor Kent Mack Comic Editor C. S. DuBoSE Associate (Joniic Editor K. L. Rhodes Associate Editor Touu LuNSFORD, Jr Campus Photo EDITORIAI. STAFF U. M. Heritage Editor-in-Chief ViRGii, Albert Jim Austin ' J. C. Barnhardt Tom Davis J. C. Dawson N. J. Greene E. P. Hatcher c. Kmseley H. S. Lamont W. B. LOVEI.ADY W. N. McKee, Jr. Rahk Tom Sanders E. L. Smith H. W. Stancill F. S. Stephenson C. S. DuBose H. A. Griffith ART STAFF J. W. Griffith Marion Hodge Nat Holm a n Sam Turner N ' ( « . Our lluuiirnl and Sijrteen The Blue Print BUSINESS STAFF E. C. Fa N ' T R. I). Frhdkrick A. H. SCHWEN ' KE J. D. Askew G. Chambers T. N. Daniel A. O. Evans liiisiiuss MdiKiver .Issisliint Ihisiiitss Mrin ij;er Ji rcrrisiin; Mdiiaatr STAFF R. R. Lett H. I. Klahr V. W. Poland, C. W. RlFERN R. Whitfield FROM THE STAFF A few words will suffice to outline the phuis and hopes behind this book. Ve have sincerely and earnestly endeavored to pidilish a book that will express in years to come the thoughts that have been in the minds of the students during the past vear. We have increased the size of the annual, partl because we wish to keep step with other schools of our reputation, and partly because be believe a larger hook will present a better appearance. AVe have adopted a radical type of art work that has seldom been seen in any college annual. Shi Goodwyne, our art editor, has worked faithfull - on this difficult assignment and has succeeded admirably. We cannot say if our eticnts ha e been successful, but lea e the decision to you and accept ()ur judgment. E. C. Fant Business Manager Page illir Hiifiilrrfl ntiil Scrnitceil The Teclinique up The South ' s Livest College Weekly Hl RION L ' i.OL 11 Editor-in-Chief Claud Lyle Tyson Allen BOARD OF i; 1)1 TORS ] VK Pri ITT Isiistant l.wi MiTCHHLL, Jr Maniifiing Arthir M. McCoy Ass ' tcinlc I AMI ' S Thompson Jssrjcintc Ward Grantham Associate Frank L. McDonnold issociate Clyde U. Haggerty Associate 1. 11: ALanx issociate W . R. 1 AM.OR -Issoriatc Hon AxUERSON Issoriatc 1 ' at Napier hsociate STAFF Ed Ua is News P. L. Dorn News Henry D. Anastasas Sf orts v.. C. Lyon Literary K. L. Rhodes hi ministration R. R. Lett ilumni H. A. Lhfferts Feature Randolph Whitfield .... Assistant Neics Vm. L Sapp Assistant News N. A. Johxson, Jr Assistant Neics R. A. Hurley Assistant Sf orts Alex Lixdholm Evening; School SPECIAL REPORTERS R. L. Speights W. W. Poland Bob Jackson Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor Editor F.ditor F ditor Ralph Heard Hubert Smith ' ( (■ Our llitnilffil (Hid IC ' Kjhiccn The TecliiQique ADVERTISINC " , STAFF C. L. RliNFROE . F. S. Hatch Ki.oR L. W. Norton T. W. Jones S. E. Jackson Pat Beaird Jdviilisiiii; M iiiager .1 sshtfiiit A ilverlh ' uit; Mdungir H. I. Neei.v L. Lefkoff V. D. ( " iRIFFIN 1 ' ' . H. Reynolds F. I,. Ward CIRCULATION STAFF M. A. Ezeli H. A. Bransforu T. S. Harris .... J. N. Grant .... w. b. lovelady Carlton Dougherty James B ' sars Cii ' i iiliiliuii Manager Assistant Circiilat:(Jii Alanagcr Assistant Alanager Assistant Manager C. Tlrnhr W ' m. Walker Ed Camp CLERICAL STAFF Cilarlie Klng . L. R. Partain W. A. HoKNE, Jr. John Ingle Henry Etter, Jr. D. N MiDULETDN Clerical Manager S. E. Jackson Martin Sibert FRESHMAN STAFF R. J. Brook Paul Fite Cecil Johnson Tom Sanders John E. Fain Charlie Shaeffer P. C. Terrv Rogers Parker Harold Isexholr A. J. .Move John R. Mitchell DoziER Foster H. S. Woodruff Business Manager Hugh Smith L. L. Little Charles Kieser Jim M IE Calloway Horace H I ' N N tcutt Pinjc One Huiiilnil ami yinctccn The Yellow Jacket K. E. Mack, Jr. Editor-in-Chief BOARD K. v.. Mack, Jr Eililnr-iii-Chiti 1 " . a. l sox, Jr Business Manager Sill (lOODWVNK ;■ Editor 1 . R. PartaIX Cirruliitio i Manager R.w Brosxax Theatres Albert Schwhnckf. Exchanges J. R. Carxes Literary Manager Kl). Veargax Assistant Business Manager Howell Dodu Issistant Art Edit ' jr Dr. Geo. M. StaRKS Faculty Advisor LrrF.RAR ' STAFF J. R. Carxes Manager Bob Alexander W. F. Clmmixgs Tvsox Allex Dan Hendricks Alfred Sturgis E. V. Cotham Homer Christian Hattox Howard Ward Graxtham rugt One Hundred and Ttccnty The Yellow Jacket ART STAFF HoVVEl.I, D(il)l) Manager JiM.MiK Griffith S. R. Goldberg H. v. Martin- business STAFF Ed ' e. rg. x Maiiagi r Victor kargan Waltkr Jimmy Mixtkr Ralph Hharij Clive Allen T. M. J(ixes Sam Fritz A. F. Hunt Tom Wilson B. T . Pritciiard Linton Reybolds CONTRIBUTORS Myra Jervey Tyson Allen Ed Lively T. G. Tyson Biisiiuss Manager Paoc One Huiltlred and Ttvent!t-oiu ' The Marionettes cqps pe] The Marionettes— " The South ' s Leadini; College Dramatic Club " — was founded soon after 1900, and has since that time, by the finish of its presentations and the general excellence of its work, made for itself an enviable reputation, not only in Atlanta and Georgia but throughout the South. Since talent is recruited solely from among the stu- dents of Georgia Tech. the club has, naturally enough, to resort to female impersonations. The performances of many of the young men who take these parts testify to what hard work can accomplish in this line. Leon Browx President The Marionettes offer opportunity to aspiring members in fields other than the histrionic. Scenery construction, electrical work, business, publicity, and music are all necessary to a successful production. The close of the season 1928-29 finds the Marionettes as firmly established as ever in popularity. A great deal of the credit should go to Leon HroNvn, President, to Harvey Smith, Director, and to the efficient Business Manager, Frank Sacha, for it is largely through their efforts that the dub has maintained its place among the leading dramatic organizations of the Southern schools. The vehicle for the club ' s dramatic talent this season was " Three Live Ghosts, " a lively comedy in three acts by Frederick Isham and Max ALarcin. The play is one u hich has been widely used b professionals and which is well known throughout the country. The story of " Three Live Ghosts " deals with the complications that arise on the return to Eng- land from a German prison camp r,f three soldiers, two British and one American, who are officially Varje One llumlrcd and Twenlu-tuo The Marionettes recorded as beirifj; ileail. Two ot tlu-ni, Jmimie (luhlMiis, and William Jones, tile American, ha e ;j;oi;d cause to remain ilead. The other, Spoot , who has e ery inducement to he ali c, must remain deail, tor shell-shock has robbed him of reason and memory. Jimmy Gubbins cannot come back to life, for his mother, an old cockney, whose slirewdness borders on the shady, has collected his insurance. William Jones, the American is wanted by the police of his college town for the use of his father ' s bonds to pay his eambling debts. Nobody knows anything about Spoofy, but he is evidently an aristocrat, who has developetl kleptomania, due to shell shock. Jimmy Gubbins brings his two pals to his home in London. Hut the poor mentality of Spoof , after causing most of the trouble hich befalls them, is the means ultimately of bringing ever thing to rights. The play gives satisfactory explanation of whose baby he kidnaps, whose house he robs, and whose jewels he steals. Frank Sach. Busi iess lanager Griffith Fldwards was particularly good in his characterization of Mrs. Gubbins as was Hud- son Edwards in the part of Jimmie Gubbins. Each of the other eight players deserves credit for some good acting. The annual tour of the club was taken in early March and include 1 Waynesboro, Georgia; Augusta, Ga. ; Anderson, S. C ; Greenville, S. C. ; Spartanburg, S. C; and Gainesville, Georgia. Everywhere the club was enthusiasticalh received and cordialh entertained. Payc One Huwhid ami Ticinly Ihif.c, The Marionettes tn p CAST OF " IHRKK LI K CHOSTS ' .l ;y.f IVoofrrs Ansel Tai.BERT Mrs. Giibbins — ' 0 ( Sueet heart " (jRIFfith Edwards Jnnniii Guhbhis Hudson Edwards irHliiim Jones Shelbv Coffee Rose Gordon Ed Da IS Spoofy Benson Bolton JoHX Maddox Leox 15r ) x How Rn Iordan Brisgs " RoDV " ROLXSAXII. I E Lady Leicester Ed Saxders fcf i I ' dflf One II II nilnil mill Ticentyfour MARIONETTE ROLL Anastasis, H. 1). Brewton, H. L. JJarthki.mhss, I). F. Boi.ToN, R. E. Bradley ' , L. F. Blackmox, AL J., Jr. Breedi.iu ' e, Harold Browx, Leon Callaway-, C. C. Callawa ' i, J. W. Caler, W. K. Culver, Lester Davis, E. P. Derst, Karl DuBose, C. S. Earle ' ' , AL T. Edwards, Griffith Edwards, Hudson GiLLHAM, W. T. Goodman, W. 1. Greene, N. J. Hancock, R. C. Hendricks, F. F., Jr. Henry, V. R. h.allawav, l. a. Hunt, A. F. Hunt, L. B. Jeffries, H. O. Jernigan, (1 J. KiNKEI., J. R. ALaddox, J. C. |R. Marlowe, H. Meredith, F " . R. Middleton, Dan. Jr. Miller, Ciade A. Mitchell, Lane McCain, Joe McCuTCHEN, Joe McKee, W. N. Neall, J. T. Niblack, C. NiEHOFF, C. L. O ' Neal, j. B. Parker, C. ' F. Parker, H. W. Persons, A. P. Rahn, a. AL rounsaville, j. if Rowe, C. R. Sacha, F. L. Sanders, F. R. Sellers, H. P. Smith, HAR T ■ S.MITH, H. R. Sl ' HAR, H. W. Stephenson, F. S. Stone, C. ' . Sturgis, a. V. Tai.hert. v. ' . a. Tkrrv, p. C. ' Flrner, J. O. Williamson, i. W. War MR, S. J. Payc One riinitlicil aiiit Ticciitll i re Tecli Debating Team Oiih in recent fars li;is Tecli Ix-cn nctivt- in forensic relationshipN with other leading colleges anJ uMi ersiries. This ne l createtl (irt;a:ii ,atioii foiirnl a ni-eil for proiiiotiriL: ilehates at a hit:hl technical institution. Its aim has heeii to incorporate the truth in lite with the facts of li inir. With these iileals in iew an l with the untiring services of President M. L. Urittain, Professors E. H. Folk and K. ]i. Meriwether, a constant progress has been realized. SCHEDULE 1929 Universit - of Floridn Universit)- of Georgia Emorv University Freshmen Schedule Emorv University Pni i (lih- lluiiiliiil anil Tliiillilnis Tech " Y " Singers IP OrX ' iinizii Sfiring of ig g Uri cr .-J itsf i(fs of tin- Tidi Y. M. C. .1 . OFFICERS Mr. Hob Mull Hugh Grov ' es .... Chic Gki ' hart . DoxALD Schearer Director President . rite-President Secretary -Treasurer First Tenor: Ed Ellison ' C. J. Goodwin J. Griffin W. D. Jordan F. R. Meredith N. W. McCoLLUM J. W. ' arbrough First Bass: N. E. Chotas R. N. Langford H. McCoNNELL D. A. Schearer Second Jenor: H. A. Groves G. N. Hunter H. H. Jeffries R. U. Kimball J. C. Murphy E. W. OcKERMAN Second Bass: Chic Gephart F. N. Green H. L. Isenhour J. R. Mitchell V. H. Skinner Poge One Hiiiuti-i ' il and Twenti sercn Yellow Jacket Rolo ' SecVwn Here are shown a few intimate snaps of the Champions on their cross-country trek. At the top left, the train is stopped to get a herd of buffalo off the track; the train crossing the Mississippi on the ferry; Kenneth Thrash and Stumpy thinking it over; President Brittain and party on a trip toward the skies; and a beautiful Cali- fornia home. On the top right, Maree and Stumpy are announcing to the world from the top of the flag pole that they are homeward bound. Glenn Holland and a group of the players pose informally for a movie try-out; Keener and Faisst stretch their legs; Izzy Shulman listing to the message of the waves of the Pacific. In the circle Coot Wat- kins and Tom Jones sit on the platform and discuss the difference in weather since leaving California. These snaps taken on the trip to California give an idea of the varj ' ing types of country through which the travelers journeyed. The picture on the left center was taken in the bar at Tia Juana and it is hoped no Tech students are recognized. il fl s V ' 4. |BI —— - uiiif Ji_:. -if I h. A good idea of R. O. T. C. camp life is given by these snaps. No one seems to be hard at work, yet the lack of formal attire seems to say that it is uncomfortably hot in an Army camp. To those not acquainted with a rifle range, the picture on the lower left was taken in a target pit. m These snaps show Tech ' s famous sea-dogs on shore and also on their sturdy brig last summer. From what we can see of the deck of the battleship it looks mighty well-scrubbed, and we begin to see now why the wide bottomed trousers are a necessary part of the uniform. ■ k. ( . i :? ? 1 Here, in various parts of the page, we have a student, really studying; a view of Uncle Jeff ' s new food emporium; the academic building at 3 P. M.; our old friend Shipwreck Kelly; our well known band; and several Freshmen all dressed up on Sunday after- noon. Prof. Luter pauses a minute in rushing to his welding lab; Prof. Narmore just happens by ; Prof. Wycoff and his assistant, Mr. Lower, consent to halt a bisecting experiment to get " shot " ; and we have pretty Louise and Mary and a student just out of lab. A sport roadster rests peacefully in front of the dormitory ; the " Major " steps out for a snap; Mr. Smith of the Yellow Jacket comes out for a little sunshine; and Mrs. Beam and Mrs. Lott rest between calls for pink and blue pills. We have also a prize squad and two well known faculty members. t - V • ' ♦iSC The campus initiations are on and Sid Goldin has turned bootblack for the Bulldogs. The Army of Napoleons is composed of Scabbard and Blade pledges, while the horn-blowers make a horrible sound to qualify for Kappa Kappa Psi membership. On the right center a hard working platoon is shown at rest. The sweet girls with the brooms are Vance Iaree and Earl Dunlap, preparing to be taken into Koseme. • Pt On the right from top downward, we have a window display showing who won the world ' s football championship; a dormitory dressed up for the Georgia game; the baseball field from a balloon; " Major " of the athletic equipment room; and Grant Field. On the left, a view of the dining hall and Harris Hall; Freshmen on another Sunday; and Grant Field again with the good ship Knowles and the Academic building in the background. Here we have some future stars of the Golden Tornado. Though not letter men this year, they are all good and will be heard from later on in their stay at Tech. They are, Jimmie Frink, Cain, Luna and Muse. On this side are shown a few more future luminaries. A few scenes around the campus. Our money man, Mr. Houston, at the top; an exhibit at the style show; Uncle Heinie ready for business; two coca-cola-drinking Sophomores; Warner Mizell, Maree and Dunlap at the right angle; Frank Sacha; Wadley Glenn; a view of the camp with tents furled ; and Jack Brown. On this side, General Buster Harris stops a moment; Mrs. Taylor consents to be snapped ; Sid Goldin before the water fountain ; Pro- fessor Stamy; Sergeant Godby; and a few more camp scenes. ' X ' r T ' -I ' " ■ X U T I E S cMiss oyce Lokey oMiss ' azd " Wolfe oMiss Louisa Candler ■ oMiss cMary cAdair " olvdl 1 4P 1 f y i i 1 oMiss T)orothy Shencken oMiss ' elcn " Hendricks f- f (f iss S - - royles oMiss oMargaret K iley (Miss Charlie Harmon oTKtiss c5 ngeh ' ca Eraser Choosing the Beauties Each year considerable discussion is heard on the campus regarding the selection of girls to grace our ' beauty S on. " We don ' t consider one num ' s judgment to he competent when under the influence of heautifid girls, and we don ' t consider that a popular vote could he conducted which would fairly pick girls privileged to adorn these pages, ' therefore, we have allowed the Qaptains of the four major sports and the fourth year men on the cAnnual S o.ff each to choose a girl. liOe trust their choice will please you. FRATERNITI -js: Inter ' Fraternity Council m OFFICERS Joe High Williams President Ronald J. Durant .... I ' ice-President Lucius J. Harris, Jr Secretary Jack S. .McCrocklin Treasurer Fred P. Moreion Sergeant-at-Amts Dean Floyd Fili.u Faculty Advisor ME. HiERS FR. TER ITV SENIOR REPRESICNIATIVE JUNIOR REPRESENT.VTIVE .-ilflia Tail Omega Louis J. Martin VV. rd Gr. nth. m Sigma Al ' ha E sihii Lucius J. H. rris, Jr. J. .mes Frink Kaf t a Sigma Wadley (Jlenn William Terrell Sigma Nil Harold Faisst Pal ' l Sheppard Kaf ' pa All ' lia Jack McCrocklin Shi Goodwyxe Phi Delta Tlicia George Bearden William Tate Plii Kal ' pa Sigma .A-Lvin A. Hero Robert Walker I ' i Kaf ' f ' a All ' lia William Walton, Jr. Edward Burn Chi Phi Joe High Williams John Lambert Sigma Phi Pf silon John Pritchard Halbert Law Pi Kaf ' f ' a Phi Frank Feagle Cecil Hefner Beta Thcta Pi Nathan Stark Aubrey Hobbs Delta Sigma Phi Frank Waddey B. M. Irwin Delta Tail Delta E. G. McDonald .Andrew A. Hutchin.-;ox Sigma Chi Fred Moreton William Dietch Phi Sigma Kap ' a Ronald Durant Charles Witmer Thcta Chi James Stevens Jack Hall Chi Psi Robert Parham Tack Swain Phi Gamma Delta Littleton Daniel Ken.neth Fos. ' ' er Beta Kapfa O. F. Olsen Phi Kal ' pa Tail Truman Holland Top Ro ' Li ' — Martin. Slieppard. Harris, Williams. Field, McCrocklin. Durant. Moreton. (ilenn. Second A ' ojc — Hefner, Dietch, Hntchison, Waddey, Grantham, Bnrn, Stark, Prichard, Bearden. Third Roz ' — Faisst, Goodwyne, Hohbs, Lambert, Hero, Swain, Terrell, Feagle, Witmer. Bottom Ro: — Olsen, Frink, Tate, Daniel, Law, McDonald, Irwin, Hall, Hollar.d. ililBl 1 t ' ttt c Om- Iltnuhul oiid Sistiiimc Alpha Tau Omega P Fran ' cis Raymond An ' dersox 1)()lc;ald F. Barthei.emess Robert M. Hhxr ' James R. Carnes Jesse H. Christian Piiii.i.ii ' D. Uenton Warii H. Grantham Joseph O. Barron, Jr. Kkrnwood Clarence Hrown Newman Corker James Q. Adams Eric B. Barton James W. Callaway Charles B. Caperton, Eugene M. Clary Tom Daniel John B. Fitzpatrick Walter Hodges SENIORS Louis Jacot Martin Hugh VV. Shackelford JUNIORS James F. Hackney Enoch P. Jones Charles R. Rowe SOPHOMORES Edward P. Davis William H. Edwards William Earle Gleaton Arthur T. Holder FRESHMEN William F. Ison William W. Jarrell, Jr. John C. Maddox John Merry Daniel W. Middleton, Jr. Clayton W. Moore Alvah J. Nelson Therance G. Tyson, Jr. Phil J. Von Weller Tirreli. C. Wesley, Jr. Ai,E. H. W. de, Jr. Herbert A. Weaver Clarence L. Williamson, Edmund L. eargan Alfred W. Jones Auc.usTus P. Persons Victor B. " ' eargan Rogers Parker Charles L. Riddi.espurger Chester A. Ryals Charles W. Shaeffer Sidney L. Smith Edgar Thompson, Jr. Mel in B. Twitt ' Julian W. Weltch o I ' ai c One lluiulrtd and Siili tico a Tau Omega ]p BETA IOTA CHAPTER Membership 25,1 lb Fmm.le.l iSOs Installed 1888 90 Chapters Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: IChitf Tea Rose Alpha Tau Omega was founded at Richmond, Virginia. This was the first fraternity to be founded after the Civil War. After twenty Southern chapters had been installed, the first Northern chapter was chartered. This fact is of interest as this fraternity is the first of Southern origin to maintain chapters in the North, 19 9. Top Row ' on Weller. Martin, Williamson, Henr , Anderson, Barthelmess, Carnes, Dentcn, Tyson, Shackelford Second Row Jones, E. P.; Roue, Wade, Edwards, Hackney, Christian, Grantham, Corker, eargan, Jones, A. W. Third Rote Caperton, Clary, " eargan, V. ; Brown, Persons, Davis, Gleaton, Callaway, Holder Bottom Roic Thompson, Moore, Jarrell, Merry, Daniel, Middleton, Parker, Nelson, Hodges, Shaeffer imm WA Pinjc One UvuOtiil ami SiJ-tii-thrcv Sigma Alpha Epsilon Jack C. Browx VVii.i.iAM ( ). W. Chichester John C. Cook, III William U. Eve Ll ' Cils J. Harris, Jr. Charles R. Hrimu ' i, Jr. William N. I)i i.wh James R. Frisk, Jr. James O. Brooke Albert U. Blsh Ja.mes T. Chafee Pail 1,. Dorn A. Hlntir Hairo, Jr. Pat Barron C. S. Brooke Boscoe I)l Pre SENIORS Joseph T. Holleman Casi ' er J. Johnson, J Amos B. Jones James T. Kinnett JUNIORS John H. Hudspeth Albert ' . Jones, Jr. Paul Jones Campbell E. Lewis SOPHOMORES Jack Griggs William Holland Thomas G. Jones Frank H. Maier FRESHMEN (jEorge N. Edwards Alfred Eldridge Isaac L. Farmer Jack Glenn- Jerry Goldsmith George H. Lewis. Jr. Ernest B. Merry, Jr. D. Jackson Moore Charles H. Neii.l Henry R. Pund, Jr. L. Warner Mizell Noel Moore Frederick B. Shelnutt G. LaVance Maree Frank C. Lartin James L. Newton John Winn Stewart McCiInty John Pickett Ralph Read RaND- ' WlI.KERSON ryr - :• • • ■ f -nf ■ sr . k H . 1 Villi ' i ■tfttWUfA, ! ,f ! I ' nyr (liir Hiinilinl uiiil SUIiif ' .ii • )igma icmpf GEORGIA PHI CHAPTER Membership 34,«io Founded 1856 Installed 1888 103 Chapters Colors: Purple and Old Gold Flower: riolet Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded at the University of Alabama in 1856. Being one of the oldest fraternities, it has in its history, many interesting incidents. One of especial interest is tlie woman member of the Kentucky Military Institute chapter who kept the ritual and chapter records during the Civil War. For this service she was initiated when the chapter was reorganized. Top Rolf Cook, J. C. : Holleman, Pund, Eve, Brown, Harris, Neill. Jones, A. B. : Kinnett, Merry Second Roiv Frink, Mizell, Lewis, G. H.; Johnson, Moore, Chichester, Brumby, Dulane , Lewis, C. E. Third Roiv Winn, Brooke, Holland, Martin, Griggs. Jones, T. : Dorn, Maree Bottom Row Moore, N. L; Chafee, McGintv, Jducs, Paul, Wilkerson, Hudspeth, Newton. Edwards, Glenn, Read ■i P(i(ie Our Iliinilrcil anil Sixtijfirc Kappa Sigma W. A. Alexandir Al.BFRT L. Cl.IFTON Thomas Becknei.l Revkrdv Clark Dan Guv Claude ' . House, Jr. James Mixtir Julius Murray Thomas Salmon Mar in Bennett Dick Dawling J. C. DoRsi: ' Will Dunbar FACULTY D. M. Smith SENIORS Wadlev Glenn JUNIORS Henry F. Hopkins Joe M. Poole William E. Rudolph SOPHOMORES Fred Storey Aaron Taylor FRESHMEN DoziER Foster Bill Gwin Jack Hackett John Ingle John W. McKee H. .M. Martin Thomas .McCutcheon, Jr. Wilmer Spivey William S. Terrell Preston Waldrop Jack Watson- Herbert S. Thomas Dan Nell Tod Neel A. J. Moyh James White Vernon White .Marvin Smith • .■ r ■ ' .■ :,4 4 )i .: ' V. i • itWtK, ., . £. I i g » n Page Oin IlHiiihcI mil S. ' jfi of Kappa Sigma ALPHA TAU CHAPTF.K Membership 3 1 ,000 Founiied l86g Installed 1885 102 Chapters Colors: Scarlet, Gr,en and If ' hite Flower: Lily of the J ' alley The Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded at the L ' ni ersit of X ir inia. This fraternity is one of the lari;est — having one hvindred and two active chapters. Fnjm its inception it was intended that Kappa Sigma should become widespread, and this policy has been followed, but in no means a radical fashion. Top Rojc McCutcheon, Valdrop, Glenn, Clarke. Clifton, Gu . House. Mitchell iMi h le Row Hopkins, Thomas, Becknell, Watson, Terrell, Rudolph, Murray Bottotii Roiv Salmon, Ingle, Dowling, Taylor, Hackett, Minter, W ' bite, Foster ' i i f One lluniliid ami SUtti xeAcn V-lT - ' -ll- w. Sigma Nu ■cq Bennett R. Adams James E. Cook, Jr. Imiward M. CoPF.i.Axn, Jr. James B. Dire.v Robert M. Austin- Hunter L. BiCKHAM R. Tate Bowen, Jr. William A. Edwards Harold A. Faisst WiLLi. . i C). Ball Harold T. Benson Rov M. Carter Fred C. Channell, Jr. .Arthur W. Baldwin Henry VV. Bland Richard M. Bryant Arthur G. Coffin, Jr. Andrew G. Combs. HI John Cunnincham Roland Dichtenmueller Thomas Frederick F.xcan FACULTY Harold K. Barron SENIORS Edgar S. Harrison Glenn A. Holland Roderick B. Lee Otho J. Parker, Jr. JUNIORS John C. Howell Lee B. Mann Robert C. Mathes John Steven Maxwell SOPHOMORES Hugh .M. Coachman Jack J. Cubbedge Robert E. Jones FRESHM ' :iN Rudolph C. Gehrkex Doug Gravdon John Hunts:. ger Alfred R. Kennu hell John Dan K. o. Charles LaForge Henry I L ddox Frederi;k C. Moor Robert V. Mozo Robert L. Randolph Paul J. Shepp.srd Howard J. Stemm William H. Rusk Frank R. Meredith Samuel C. Minnich Robert D. Read Louis F. Schaefer William W. Woodiuck William D. Owsley Bovvden Palmour William Lyles Randol William R. Wands William L. Pippin Joe Milton Roberts Joe Lipsey Rutland James G. Seasholtz Haslex B. Sellers James C. Sproull George St.vllings Crichton C. Callaw ay 51 WT f ' FT i G lfFiTH Page One lliitidreil and Sisliiciyht Sigma Nu jp GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER Membership 30,000 Fuuiuled i8tig Installed 1896 94 Chapters Colors: Gol l, Black aiul White Flower: If kite Rose Sigma Nu originated from a secret society known as the Legion of Honor organized at the ' irginia Military Institute at Lexington, ' irginia, in l8fa8. Northern extension of Sigma Nu began in 1884 with the establishment of a chapter at the L niversity of Kansas. In due time the fraternity entered the East completing a well balanced national representation. Top R01V Harrison, Cook, Sheppard, Randolph, Copeland, Stemm, Adams, Meredith, Lee, Holland, Parker Sccoiiri Ron- Read, Mann, Hickham, Minnich, Bowen, Schaefer, Woodcock, Mathes, Austin, Faisst, Duren Third Roil ' Howell. CofHn, Roberts, Vand, Carter, Coachman, Graydon, Randol, Owsley, P almer, Channell Bottom Roll ' Seasholtz, Bryant, Sellers, Bland, SprouU, Baldwin, Stallings, Knox, Maddox. Kennichell, LaForge Payc One Hututrnl tiiitl Sij-tii-nine Kappa Pres. .M. 1,. Hrittain Lewis A. Dean Ernest O. DeFore Raleigh E. Drennon, Jr. Shi G. Goodwvne Robert C. Bahrt Marcus F. Cooper James Bootex Paul Boring Arnold Bradford George Corbin FACULTY Prof. W. G. Perry SENIORS Victor E. Manget, Jr. Jack S. McCrocklin Charles ]VL Roan JUNIORS Wallace J. Pierpont, III SOPHOMORES Cordon C. Carson, Jr. Myles W. Fletcher Elmo C. Kelly, Jr. FRESHMEN George Daniel Fred Lanier David ] IcCampbell Pleasant Patterson L. W. Chapin George H. Roerig WisTER A. Sharp, Jr. Edward W. Swift, Jr. iHN D. Rather, IV Raymond H. Lester Carlton C. McCamy, Jr. John Phillips Edward Solomon Robert Thompson James Wilkes ' ( p One Ihniilnil ami Siveiilii fe ' ci Kappa Alpha ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER Membership 16,752 Founded 1865 Installed 1 899 66 Chapters Colors: Crimson ami Gold Flower: Mu nnlia and Red Rose The Kappa Alpha Fraternity was founded at Washinjiton and Lee University, then the Washington College. It is notable that this fraternity has confined itself to the Southern States with the exception of three chapters in California. It is understood that one of its fundamental policies is to remain within its " chosen limits. " I IS P Top Rojv Manget, Drennon, Roan, Swift, DeFore, McCrocklin, Dean, Sharp, Roerig Middle Ro-w McCamy, Bahrt, Goodwyne, Cooper, Rather, Carson. Pierpont Bottom Roil ' Bradford, Solomon, Wilkes, Corbin, Thompson, Boring, Phillips, Patterson, Fletcher 7!7r?Q f f r f " ' - p Page One Humfrfd uml Scvcntt one Phi Delta Theta acq ]pj Nathan M. Avers Georce N. Bearden Haroij) W. Beers James R. Rrown James Cantey Leslie W. Dai.lis Thomas H. Hale, Jr. Marshall J. Flowers, Jr. Edwaru D. Herron, Jr. Talrut Barnhill (jEORGE a. hRElTENBUCHER Clarke Beardex Jack Conmff Harry Davis Francis Hall Richard Jones FACULTY I. PiNKSTAFF SENIORS Charles Compton Cavce EsTON G. Garden hire JUNIORS Jacoh M. Heard, Jr. Jacob C. Jetton- Pierce B. Latimer Jack C. Knight William A. Muse SOPHOMORES Scott Hudson, Jr. Lafayette J. Magill FRESHMEN Russell McKinney JuDsoN Milam Jack Mitchell Wilbur Oakes James Orme Floyd Pugh Frank W. Green Joshua J. Wilson, Jr. Robert C. Paul M artin L. Sibert John D. Stocker William B. Tats Donald W. ' ager Holly W. Sphar Van W. Kno.x, Jr. Scott Ritter Bob Sanderson Winston Snodgrass Leslie Strong Jessie Watson Alliston White Charles Wilson I ' fif f One Hiiiitlnil find i cvtntjjtico Phi Delta Theta • IP (JKORGIA DELTA CHAPl KR Membersliip 32,892 Fouinifil 1848 Installed 1902 96 Chapters Colors: Aifrent and Azure Flower: fi ' hite Carnation Phi Delta Theta was fouruled at Miami University. Its founders intended that the orj anization should expand, and this policy was toUowed until checked by the Civil War. At the close of the war, the policy was resumed. During the fourth decade, by establishing chapters in the East, it became national in extent. Top Rdiv Green, Avers, Herron, Brown, Tate, Mitchell, Cayce, Vilso:i, J. J.; Gardenhire, Bearden, G. N. Second Row Jetton, Heard, Latimer, Hall, T. H.; Beers, Flowers, Sibert, Cantey, Knitzht, Dallis Third Roiv White, Onkes, Wilson, C. R. ; Hall, F. K. : McKinney. Muse, Jones, Snodgrass, Paul, Sphar Bottom Row Ritter, Sanderson. ALtchell, J. T. ; Coniff, Bearden, C. AV. ; Orme, Milam. Harnhill. Strong, Pugh ? ' f " f Page One liuniht l and St mitii-thrce Phi Kappa Sigma v. I J FACULTY Prof. Frank H. Rkade Capt. Hiram R. Ide SENIORS RoKiRT B. Alexander Samuel A. Cannon James M. Roberts Alvin A. Hero Karl H. Anderson Thomas M. Eldridge WiLLLAM V. Tony Robert W. Branhan Joseph S. Fanning John B. Flanagan Thomas J. Davis Archibald S. Derb ' Norton P ' rierson, Jr. James P. Hammond Joseph Hudson JUNIORS Cl.aude F. Fumb.-anks Mike H udson, Jr. SOPHOMORES Re.x D. Forsyth e Charles W. Fortson William H. Henr FRESHMEN Ralph A. Jackson Dick Kimball Frank A. Mathes Edward S. Mathes John J. Persse N.athan a. Holman William V. Tony Robert L. Valker William N. Pittman Halbert McKinney, Jr. Eugene Middlebrooks Donald Scherer Hugh W. Stancill Parker C. Terry (jeorge E. Waddy Stanley R. Washburn tf ' r: 4JfcM»T f - ' :» !i;; hfci " j ' r j .»vf»»u i ■ • ' ■..x. I W IIl M!W«tiUMi l U lU ' ' ' ' ' J ' HLtftA.llluliUlU.lUulllU ; -N- A Pane Onr Ifiiiulird ami Serdili fatir Phi Kappa Sigma ALPHA U CHAFTF.R Membership 10,000 Founded 1850 Installed 1904 j7 Cliapters Colors: Gold and Black The Phi Kappa Sigma Fraternity was founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850. Due to the many Southern members of the Alpha chapter, Southern expansion resulted. The Ci il War, however, destroyed much of this work. The closing of the war instituted a more conservative policy. Local clubs are required to exist several j ' ears before being granted a charter. Top Roil ' Holman, Alexander, Cannon, Eldritlge, Tone), Fumbanks, Fannint;, Hero, Flanagan, Anderson Middh- Roiv Pittman, Frierson, Washburn, Davis, Henry, Middlebrooks, Terry, Fortson Boltoiii Row Stancill, Shearer, Hammon. Waddey. Derb -, Jackson, Lithes, F. A.: Mathes. F. S. ; Hudson, Persse Jrv. Page One Iliiiuhcd rind Seienti - iie Pi Kappa Alpha T. S. Dunn Edward M. Burn Robert H. Camp Ja-Mhs H. Asbur- -, Jr. George D. Coffee Eari, T. Allen Jacob M. Anderson Capers H. Asbury LuDOvic Bercegeay Orlando Carmichael Harris Edwards FACULTY Lieut. E. R. Wells SENIORS Thaddeus S. Johnston Lawrence . Saunders J L MORS J. Harris Hai.i.owav, Jr. John W. Leigh, Jr. SOPHOMORES Hurst A. Lefferts Leroy V. LuDWiG Frank N. ALagill FRESHMEN John H. Hines John A. Johnston Edwin Lively Guy Raines E. S. Hannaford William T. Simmons William C. Vai.t()n John " . Little Allen L O ' Neal Vivian F. Piirron Stanley I). R(icki:fi:i,i.i:r Joseph P. Vii.lin(;ii am Burt S.aunders Bernard Paul Vandiven Piii c One II iiintriil (mil Scrcntiisij- I § Pi Kappa Alpha ALPHA DELTA CHAPTF.R AJfmbcrship i8,cxx3 Founded i8t)8 Installed 1904 70 Chapters Colors: Garnet and Gobi Ff.nWFR: Lily of llw r alley Pi Kappa Alpha was toumlt ' d at the L ' ni eisit ot ' ir ;inia. Expansion was ge()graphicall restricted until 1904 when the fra- ternity decided to enter the Southwest. All bans were removed in 1909, and since that time expansion has been steady. Top Roil ' Little, Leigh, Magill, Simmons, Camp, Johnston, Burn, T. S., Coffee Middle Row Edwards, Bercegeay, VVilHngham, Asbury, J. H., Allen Bottom Roiv Livel . Lefferts, O ' Neal, Carmichael, Siittler, Anderson. Ludwig, Johnston, J. A. PIP .:is r Payc One Hiindrcil inid Siicntiiseven Chi Phi «IIIP Emor ' i ' W. Hest, Jr. tohx s. sutheri-axd FACULTY Dr. James Erskixe McDaniel SENIORS Charles S. DuBose JoHX R. Porter, Jr. VILLIAM F. SheDDEX Joe High Williams Charles P. T i.nR William P. Arxold. Jr. Johx p. Campbell Albert Sheldox Adam. " W. Shelby Coffey Dax Ale-xander Jack Bostox Adriax Colquitt Charles Goodwix JUNIORS Lambert A. Holloway Herbert O. Jeffries SOPHOMORES Charles E. Hopkixs V ' u.LiAM Nightixgale, Jr. FRESHMEN Willis Greer Gerald Jerxigan Jlliax H. Kelly John J. Lvmbhrt Tames F. Perkersox Leoxard B. Richardson Johx Saxcken, Jr. Joe McCltcheon George C. Triim ' e Fritz Wagener Harrison Watts ,,, -»a-,- m ts j- - . . ..■ : ' Wti - Puge One Ilumlreil and Seventu-eight Chi Phi OMEGA CHAPTER Membership io,(XXi Founded 1824 Installed 1904 30 Chapters Colors: Scarli ' t ami Blue Chi Phi, as it exists today, is the result of successive unions of three older organizations, each of which bore the same name. The idea of expansion was early manifested, and chapters were rapidly ori;anized. However, the Civil War killed all but the parent chapter, but at the cessation of hostilities, new chapters rapidl sprang into existence. At present the roll is thirty. Top Row Adams. Holloway, Shedden. Lambert, Williams, Best, DuHose, Piirter MiiJtlle Row Campbell, Perkerson, Nightingale, Hopkins, Jeffries, Sancken Bottom Roil ' Watts. Trippe, Goodwin, McCutcheon, Kelly, Jemigan, Alexander. Coliiuitr n r T ( r " ' -S - _2 Page One Hundred and Seventy-nine Sigma Phi Epsilon B FACULTY Leo D. Tabler K lU RR (iRlFFIX Richard L. Mitchell Thomas A. Davis Nathan J. Greexe James F. Cole.nlw James C. Dawson. Jr. Whjiam J. Green James Anthon ' Jacob C. Barnh art J EWIS C. Hratton James P. Crawiord SENIORS Frank A. Player John H. Pritchard JUNIORS Howard A. Griffith, Jr. Halbert G. Law SOPHOMORES Samuel C Harrison Edward P. Hatcher Ra moni) J. Kennedy, Jr. FRESHMEN William C. English Edward N. Foxhall Claude M. Gray John R. Newell Samuel M. Tlrner Edoar M. I ' nderwood Neii.l H. Lassiter, Jr. John F. Nelson William S. Lanier Frank S. Pope Leon G. Smith Edwin H. Norman Albert E. Patton (jidROE A. Stockton, Jr. John W. Varbrough vJ ;K ,« 1. % -i . I ' nili lliii lliiiiitiiil and Eiijhty Sigma Phi Epsilon iQI IP GEORGIA ALPHA CHAPTER Membership 12,000 Founded igoi Installed 1907 60 Chapters Colors: I ' urf le and Red FLOWliRS: Jiiicrican Biiiuty Ritsc and I inlets Ihe Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternitv was founded at Ricliniond College, now the University of Richmond. Due to the fact that the badge is heart-shaped and that the parent chapter was the first chapter of any national fraternity to admit ministerial students, the members were called " Sacred Hearts. " Top Rniv Player, GrifHii, Turner, Pritchard, Underwood, Mitchell, Lassiter, Law. Greene, N. J. Middle R ' JU ' Nelson, Green, V. J. , (jriffith, Lanier, Dawson, Davis, Smith. Pope, Harrison Bolt ' jrn Roic Hatcher, Gray, Coleman, Norman, Patron, Foxhall, Newell, Bratton, Barnhardt ' u. ' c One Httnihtil and Eitjlitihitnc Pi Kappa Phi P ' rank S. Deax, Jr. Steve Cottraux Cecil Hefner Parneli. M. Pafford Cleve Allen Carlton Dougherty Rex Gephart James Borom James Bvars Edwin Camp Fred Dale Hunter Ellis boyce estes A FACULTY J. H. Kills, Jr. SENIORS Mathis a. Ezell Frank Feagle. Jr. JUNIORS Robert L. Reeves .Malcom Reybold SOPHOMORES James N. Grant Tom Harris George D. Little William W. Marston FRESHMEN Hugh A. Groves Robert J. McCamy Frederick Morgan Glover H. Robinson Stephen O. Shinholser. Jr. John F. Stewart William Donovan George Charles M. Robertson Charles Thompson Otis R. Wells Joe B. McRee James S. Peters Edward White F. Elmore Taylor. Jr. Jack Trost William R. ' alker James Walmy, Jr. Frank J. Whitley Charles Wilkinson Payf One Hundred uiid Elnhlii tiro Pi Kappa Phi IP Founded 1904 Colors: U ' liiti- iinil Colil IOTA CHAP TKR -Mi ' iiibership 3800 35 Chapters Installed 1913 Fiowfr: Ritl Rose Pi Kappa Phi was tmuuied at the Collesie ot Charleston. The record of the fraternity is unique in that it is the onh fraternity to be founded in South Carolina, and that it has thrived despite the effects of the anti-fraternity legislation which has persisted there (until recently) since 1897. Top Roiv Hefner, Cottraux, Pafford, Thompson, Robertson, Feagle, George, Ezell, Ree cs. Wells Middle Row Peters, Allen, Gotzen, Ellis, Grant. Vilkinsiin, Gephart, McRee, Little, Reybold Bottom Roiv Grove, McCann . Stewart, Camp. Byars. Walker, Whitley, Pastes, Robinson, Walm Page One Hundred and Eighty-three Beta Theta Pi isji IP Deax W. V ' . Skiles Capt. H. K. Dilts A. H. Armstrong James A. Bo o Charles W. Fitzgerald Edward B. Hamm John ' an " Allen V OLXEV P. Eakin Robert D. Frederick Alexander W. Bell, II Charles P. Brown- William BUFORD, [r. V ' lRGiL Albert Freeman Flv Ray Isaacs FACULTY Hal Reynolds, Jr. W. Vaughan SENIORS Paul T. Hayne, Jr. David M. Heritage Ervin L. Keener John R. Leach JUNIORS James B. Gray Aubrey A. Hobbs Angus J. Heeke Frank D. Nichols SOPHOMORES Earl O. Dunlap Ben T. Embry William J. McKee, Jr. William N. McKee, Jr. FRESHMEN Herman Klahr Claude Kniseley Fred Lester, Jr. Kenneth McPherson Dr. J. B. White P. B. Nar.more Lt.-Comm. Lawson, U. S. N. Todd Lunsford, Jr. S. Julius Mearks, Jr. N.athan P. Stark T. Peyton Roberts Harold E. Russell Fred Stephenson Robert Moore Jack Neal John L. Quinn Ben Smith Tom Wells, Jr. Edward Yates f TF snrnrw: kL ' Vi. C : [.-:: Ml if n t. •j® " w TrMn. I ' ltf f f)ne Hitnilrrtl ititif Eiijhty-fulir Beta Theta Pi (JAM MA KTA CHAPTER Mfmbership 33,000 Foiindcd 1839 Installed 1917 87 Cliapters Colors: Light I ' ink ami Blue Flower: Rose The Beta Theta Pi Fraternit was fouiuled at Miami University. It was the first fraternitj to originate west of the Alleghenies. At the time of its inception fraternities existed in New York, New England and Ohio only. Much of its growth was obtained by chapters formed from existing organizations and by uninn with two other fraternities. Top Row Embry. Hohhs, ' aughan, Heritage, Skiles, Leach. Stark, Ham!ii, Lunsford, Keener Second Rijiv Russell, .McKee, W . N., Gray, Roberts, Dunlap, Kakin, McKee, W. J., Frederick, Nichols Bottom Rotv Stephenson, Fl -, Bell, Albert, Huford, Lester, Kniseley, Wells, Hrnuii, Moore Page One ilundrt il anil Eigliti fire Delta Sigma Phi Ci.ARFNCK Edwin Cnoi.iDCE Jamhs F. Beall. Jr. Burton Cloud Richard P. Dieckmann ' I ' homas V. Anderson Herbert M. Clark James C. Finch er, Jr. Clyde U. Hagert Glenn Chambers James Allen Clark Samuel F. Fritz James H. Etter Clarence Hodge FACULTY Dr. Arthur Van Henry John Villiam Jeffries SENIORS Wallace C. James George R. Morgan JUNIORS Leland E. Hatcher George F. Herron Marion Hodge SOPHOMORES Albert M. Grimes Joseph D. Haydon FRESHMEN Charles E. Leydecker William T. Lyford Stewart Morris Noah Warren Edward R. Sanders Reding C. Selvidge Frank O. Waddey Branch M. Irvin C. Lynn Strickland Kenneth C. Thomas Fred L. Ward Ernest J. Irwin, Jr. Hubert L. Jones John Edward Tippin, Jr. John O ' Neal John E. Sockwell Page One lluiuirnl ami EiiJ ' iUl-siJi Delta Sigma Plii ALPHA (jA.MMA chapter .Membership io.oito Fuuruleil 1899 Installed 1920 49 Chapters Colors: Green ami 11 ' kite Flower: Cani ition Delta Sigma Phi was founded at the College of the Cit - of New ' ork. All of the chapters are designated by the customary Greek letter nomenclature except the Hilgard chapter which is named to honor the splendid personality and noteworthy achieve- ments of its most prominent patron. 7 ' o i Roiv Dieckmann, Beall, Cloud, Waddey, Sanders, Henr , Irwin, Morgan Jirit eUe Roic Anderson, Fincher, Ward, Hatcher, Hodge, M. Bottom Roll ' Fritz, ' Pippin, Irwin, E. J., Havdon, Lyford, Strickland, Hodge, C. E. , Chambers Pufjr Oik- HkikIhiI and Eii litu-siven Delta Tau Delta Prof. R. P. Black Prof. Count D. Gibson P!d vards C. Fant Ai.RKRT E. Gibson Eduaru R. Ulolnt Shault L. Coker Andrew A. Hutchinson Augustine D. Lawton George M. Cowan Allen O. Evans Richard C. Hancock Jack R. Bei.singer Tho.nlas N. Daniel Jam IS L. Dawson Marmn V. Duke P ' .DW Ri) M. Evans FACULTY Prof. John Chipman SENIORS Howard C. Jordan JUNIORS Edwin G. McDonald Henry I. Neely, Jr. Joseph D. Rahner Sanford H. Richards Arthur F. Roberts SOPHOMORES William E. Hawkins Evans F. Lordan Roy Lumpkin Robhrt J. Powhi I. FRESHMEN Fredrick S. Godron James W. Griffith William O. Horne William D. Miller Major R. L. Flannigan Prof. F. B. Wenn W iLLiAM W. May John J. Westbrook James H. Rounsa ille Franklin L. Sacha William A. Talrert William T. Wiggins Frank B. Thompson, Jr. James C. Thompson Randolph Whitfield Jack M. Preacher Whitlow B. Wallace Allen G. Wells Sharon H. Williams Jerome B. Woods ' a t ' Ojir llitntlrtil ami EUjUtil-fiijht Delta Tau Delta GAMMA PSI CHAPTER Membership 25,000 Founded 1859 Installed 1921 74 Chapters Colors: Purple, (f ' hitr. Cold Flower: Pmify Delta Tail Delta was fouiuleil at Hethan Collcjj;e, irj;inia (now West V ' irginia). It was combined with the first distinctively South- ern orjianization, the Rainbow or W. W. W. Society in 1886. Out of respect for the older organization, the ofScial journal of Delta Tau Delta is known as The Rainbow. First Row Hutchison, Rahner, Westbrook, Jordan, H. C. , Fant, Gibson, May, Sacha. Blount. Roberts Seeontl Row Rounsaville, Wiggins, McDonald, I awton, Neely, Richards, Powell, Thompson, B. , Thompson, J. Thiril Row Evans, A. O. ; Cowan, Lumpkin, Hawkins, Hancock, Jordan, E. , Whitfield, Wells Fourth Row Wallace, Woods, Miller, McEvans, Duke, Home, Daniel, Belsinger, Preacher, Griffith Page One Hiiiiilnil anil Eii htii nine Sigma Chi A. FACULTY [. Walker, Dean liiOMAS V ' . Collins, Jr. Archie G. Hunter Robert A. Anderson Howell A. Rransford, Jr. Gordon C. Campbell Alexander H. Beazlev, Jr. Orrin V. Branson Louis Brine Arry Brown ' Julius Cowan Ed Fain Nelson (ira - Harold Ishnhour Robert Kroner SENIORS J. Harvey Hunter Robert P. Kennedy Charles B. King, Jr. JUNIORS Mechlin H. Clarke William H. Diktsch SOPHOMORES S.AMU EL W. CoLVTN Bruce P. Kitchell FRESHMEN Robert Lampton Albert Marshall Paul McLarty Carl Miller Job Mills H RR1 MoSELEY Fred P. Moreton Ben H. Sloane H. Griffith Edwards William L. Oluer Alfred Sturgis Brannon B. Lesesne Daniel A. McKeever, Jr. Charles Zablocki Allan Palmer William Plumb Tom Sanders Wentworth Ta ' i.or George Therrei.l Carter Turner Richard Voorhis Page One Hundnd and Xinetii Sigma Chi u BETA PSI CHAPTER Membership 24,81s Founded 1 855 Installed 1923 87 Chapters Colors: Blue nnd Olil Gold Flower: iriiite Rose Sigma Chi originated at Miami University in 1855. It existed for a short while secretlj- under the name of Sigma Phi. When its existence became known unfriendly parties made attacks upon it and caused the members to change the name and ritual. ' File present name of Sigma Ciii was adopted in 1856. First Row Bransford, Sturgis, Collins, Hunter, J. H. , Kennedy, Moreton, King, Hunter, A. G. . Campbell, Anderson Second Row Dietsch, ()li er, McKeever, Edwards, Lesesne, Branson, Cowan, Fain, Terrell, Kitchell Third Row Miller, Sanders, Brine, Taylor, ' Furner, Isenhour, Lampton, Palmer, Gray, Kroner Page One Hundicil and yinctyone Phi Sigma Kappa H. H. Hi i.iNG roxali) j. durant Ja.mhs S. Hughes J. Ka MONU Brosnan William F. Cummins Ralph L. Heard Howard B. L ' Heureux Raymond C. Luxa Kent K. Mack, Jr. J. Hatten Howard, Jr. Hrittain E. Lukens, Jr. Fred Hull Minor E. Dean Cli.vton S. Ezell Robert L. Getzen Will A. Ken.nedy FACULTY Cj. M. Sparks SENIORS Hugh W. McRady Russell R. M ers Andrew J. Mitchell JUNIORS Thomas C. Malone Jacque B. Norman Marion E. Patterson George E. Powell B. Daniel Pritchett W. Lawrence Quinlen, Jr. SOPHOMORES John E. McGaughey W. Edgar Smith FRESHMEN Allen A. Mathews, Jr. Benson O ' Connor Paul W. Pifer Scott Pullen A. M. White Sidney T. Pruitt, Jr. Russell K. Stewart Thornwell L. Ramsey Linton C. Reynolds Albert H. Schwencke William R. Taylor Isaac W. Wh.liamson Charles N. Witmer Benjamin S. Stetler Thonlas L. Wilson C. Theodore Raines A. George Soloman C. X ' ernon Stone, Jr. Hugh E. Walker Frank B. Wilson I ' nijc One Hiinihiil nml Mnetutirii i Sigma Kappa KAPPA DEUTERON CHAPTER Membership 1 1 ,637 Founded 1873 Installed 1923 53 Chapters Colors: Mn enta and Silver Flower: Cunuiiion Phi Sigma Kappa was founded at the Massachusetts Agricultural College at Amherst. For several years after its inception the fra- ternit) ' had no exoteric name and was generally known as The Three T ' s. The organization became national in 1888, and since that time its growth has been steady. 7Vj i Roiv Durant, Stor -, Myers, Hughes, Pruitt, Stewart, McRady, Schwenke, Mitchell MuUle Row Pritchett, Powell, Brf)snan, Mack, Heard, Williamson, Reynolds, Witnier. Quinlen Bottom Roiv Hull, Lukcns, Get en, Vilson, Solomon, Dean, Mathews, Howard, Malone ( KL A. flS ' Pose One IliiiittiKl anil yinrtii three Theta Chi q P Dhan Fi.ovd Field Clifford C. Bennett Theodore H. Erdman W. Bert Lovelady Joseph A. McCain Paul H. Dunbar William T. (jIi.ham James W. Austin John B. Bass John F. Brasch FACULTY SENIORS Jack Smith Arthur M. McCoy Harold Eugene Nabell Thomas W. Newberry JUNIORS Jack W. Hall SOPHOMORES Maurice G. Crum Sam W. Finch er Robert C. Holtzclaw Harold A. List Charles H. Smith Robert W. Stephens James E. Stephens James O. Turner Harold H. Schenk E. Lynn Smith William C. Miller Jack C. Swan William G. Woodsihi- Lewis Barnes James D. Crabtree Matthew E. Dunlap, Jr. Thomas P. Clancy FRESHMEN John H. Harrison, Joe T. Higgins Charles Keiser J ck R. Kinkel Jr. Adolph Rahn James Albert Smith Robert Waters William Weems •iiz i ' Our Ihniilnil niiil Miutyfour Theta Chi ALPHA XU CHAPTER Membership 9,000 Fouiulcd 1856 Insr:illeJ 1923 45 Chapters Colors: Red and White Flower: Carnation Theta Chi was founded at Norwich University in 1856. Forty- six years later, in 1902, the fraternity recognized the first of several petitioning bodies, and the Beta Chapter was formed. After an elapse of five ears the third chapter was installed. Since that time the fraternity has expanded steadil though conservatively. Top Row Newberry, Austin, Smith, C. H., Lovelady, McCain, McCoy, Erdniaii, Stephens, Turner Middle Rotv Woodside, Nabell, Rahn, Gilham, Smith, E. L., Bass, Hall, Schenk, Miller Bottom Roiv Fincher, Keiser, Crum, List, Higgins, Glancy, Weems, Brasch, Barnes 1 1 ' iuii Paf e One Hundral mul Xinetu fir, Chi Psi Wi Ray C. Johnstone John J. McCov Andrew W. S. Bovce Robert F. McDowell SENIORS Robert S. Parham JUNIORS WiLLLAM R. Swain James R. Thompson ' U-LIA-M C). SlMl ' KIN Clark S. White S. Jackson Warner, Jr. Lee B. Womelsdorf, Jr. William E. Barcl.ay Raymond G. Daffin SOPHOMORES Robert A. Jackson- Walter E. Jenkins Uaxa H. Johnson- Willis D. LUDWIG John T. Preston, Jr. William R. Allemang John G. Allison- James L. Ballard, Jr. William V. Brown FRESHMEN Ralph R. Doak Cecil E. Johnson William D. Lee Chesley M. Moore John G. Morse Eugene A. Murphy Ernest P. Pope James B. Ryall George E. X ' iereck Page One Hinulrrd and Xineti six Chi Psi icqipi IOTA DELTA LODGE Membership 8,000 Founded 18+1 Installed 1923 25 Chapters Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: Chrysanthemum Chi Psi, the fifth fraternity to originate at Union College, was founded in 1 84 1. It has been one of the conservative fraternities, clinging fast to the ideals of its founders, anil the bond between the graduate and undergraduate is unusually close. Top Row Thompson, Boyce, White, Womelsdorf, Simpkin, J ihnstone, McCoy Middle Ron- Daffin, Warner, Jenkins, Johnson, D. , Swain, Ludwig, Jackson Bottom Roil- Brown, Preston, Allison, Murphy, McDowell, Johnson, C. E. , Ryall A f A , .-. V Pane Out- lltimhed aiitl yinety-seitn Phi Gamma Delta A $rA FACULTY Dr. J. i. Crenshaw R. ]M. Mlmjorff SENIORS Marshau. J. Hi.ACK.MON, Jr. Walter William ; Ierkle Littleton Daniel LlR ) I ) l) Daniel Glenn Owen Coker, Jr. Walter Dean Domingos, Jr. Nathaniel A. Johnson, Jr. William Walton Averyt Russell Jones Brooke William Kemp Caler Robert Wrioht Cannon- William Marvin Coffman Will iam Da ii) Crumbley JINIORS Frank Vilmoth Farmer, Jr. Alfred Teasd.ale Vick John Pollock Hewitt Da id Kenneth Young Jack Griffin Thomason SOPHOjVIORES Robert Lester Gresham Shirley Lyndon Kines Harr ' Sanford Lamont FRESHMEN Karl Keorner Derst David Bassford Field Thomas Hardin Fickett Paul Boston Fite, Jr. Poi.k Mercer Herndon Jack Russell Lanum William ; Lartin Safp, William Brown Wingo Walker Cobb Hunter Ogden Wayne Jernis Henry David Sargent Eugene Adelbert Shaw, Benjamin Warri;n George Nathan Hunter, Jr. Earl V ' inson Wolfe I ' liijr ( !( Ilitiiilnil 1111:1 MiHly-ciijIi Phi Gamma Delta caip GAMMA TAU CHAPTER Membership 26,000 Founded 1848 Installed 1926 69 Chapters Colors: Furph and White Flower: Pulple Clt mitis Phi Gamma Delta was founded at Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. As the patronage of Jefferson College was largely from the South, it was natural that expansion should be in the South. Of the sixteen chapters organized prior to the Civil War, eleven were in Southern States. Top Row Coker, Johnson, Daniel, L. , Young, Blackmon, Merkle, Lanum, Daniel. L. B. , Lamont R I id die Rotv Cannon, Fite, Gresham, Caler, Kines, Wingo, Derst, Domingos, Sapp Bottom Roil ' Fickett, Hunter, W. C. , Jervis, Wolfe, Herndnn, Brooke, A ery, Hunter, N. , Sargent Ptt! c One Hunthfil and Xiiictiz-nitic Beta Kappa Edward D. Cory Graham S. McClov Joe F. Xelsox Jami;s B. Carey James R. Hicks James K. Jones Charles A. Manston, Jf CiORnov L. McWili.iams John A. Arnold Howard E. Clements Walter D. Griffin FloVD L. liERR ' i ' FACULTY John W. Fountain, Jr. SENIORS Ira L. Nichols George C. Perrine JUNIORS George B. Myers Stephen James Millet Charles T. Oxford Otis D. Smith James R. Thompson PRE-JUNIORS Samuel G. McKerrai.i. Adrian Newcomer L. Carl Smith Samuel E. Strauss FRESHMEN William B. Brown Edmund A. Rusk Oscar F. Olsen Joe W. Ross Eugene F. Tate Lynn M. Tomi.inson William W. Weddington Charles T. Wesner Howard A. Williams Alexander C. Wise, Jr. Frederick B. T ' n ikr James G. Wheatley Robert P. Williams Alfred H. Weatherford I ' aye Two Hundred Beta Kappa ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Membership 2,050 Founded 1901 Installed 1929 27 Chapters Colors: Purple ami Grjld Flower: YtUou- Rose Beta Kappa was founded at Hamline University, St. Paul, Min- nesota, in 1 901. Before deciding to expand into a national, it existed as a local for twenty-one years. The Beta Chapter was installed in 1922. Since that time its growth has been rapitl and at present there are twenty-seven chapters. Top Rote Thompson, Perrine, McCloy, Nelson, Fountain, Cory, Ross, Olsen, Fate, Nichols, Millet Middle Row Tomh ' nson, Wise, Myers, Oxford, Manston, Newcomer, Carey, Jones, cWilliams, Wesner, Weddington Bottom Row Smith, O. D., Griffin, Arnold, Clements, McKerrall, Hicks, Tyler, Berry, Rusk, Smith, L. C, Williams ' ; o p r: p fs " . o Paoc Tiro Huiulreil and One Phi Kappa Tau Dr. C. H. Moggs Don W. 1- ' r akes Truman M. Holland FACULTY SENIORS Hoke S. Woodruff JUNIORS John D. Askew, Jr. Florence S. Batchelor Walter C. Binklev Charles R. Collins Edwin L. Hanna William M. Holsenbeck, Jr. SOPHOMORES T. C. BowEN Clarence B. Drennon William A. Hale C. E. Johnson Charles A. Teeple, FRESHMEN Jr. A. D. Holland Casper A. Klulke Clarence L. Renfroe Alva F. Hunt Sylvan E. Jackson Lamont Myers, Jr. Lamar R. Partain F. H. Reynolds Hubert I). Wright Edward W. Johnson Thad M. Jones Leo W. Norton Joe B. Scott, Jr. J. P. Beaird Herman H. Geffken, Jr. Daniel E. Hendricks, (r. Julian C. Murphy James D. Shearouse James H. White ..:i;M i. ' ii; I ' liiii Two Iliinilrcd and Two Phi Kappa Tau Fourulcd 1906 36 Chapters Colors: Oidin e and Black Membership 3600 Flower : Peony The Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity was founded at Miami Univer- sity in 1906. For a number of years, the fraternity maintained the hope that an organization of its nature could exist without a Greek letter name. In 19 16, however, the decision to adopt the name of Phi Kappa Tavi was approved. Top Roiv Jackson, Batchelor, Myers, Askew. Frakes, Kuhlke, Woodruff, Holland Middle Roiv Johnson, F. W.. Hunt, Writrht, Holsenbeck, Johnson, C. F., Hanna, Binkley Bottom Roir Joiii-s, Rc ncilds. Hale, Cullins, Partain, I Jrcnnon, Norton, Scott W 9 ' « »• - ' 7 if -tk Page Ticu 11 iiiitlitd and Thrtc Phi Epsilon Pi iCII W Sid Goldiv Harold Kaplan- David Adler Loer P. Coleman SENIORS Clarence Lemle Hagedorn JUNIORS Stanley Marienthal SOPHOMORES Andrew Josef h Saks FRESH.MEN R. Clmmins Herman Havmen Ira Kahn Weil Albert Marshall Wise Edgar Stralss Page Two Biiiulied and Four Phi Epsilon Pi XI CHAPTER Membership 2,164 Founded 1904 Installed 19 16 25 Chapters Colors: Purple ut l Gold Phi Epsilon Pi was fouiuk-d at the Colle :e of the Cit of New York in 1904. One year later the second chapter was formed, but the third was not chartered until iqii. Starting in this year a steady but conservative growth is seen. At present there are twenty-five chapters. Top Rolf Kaplan, Golden, Saks, Loeb, Coleman Bottom Roll ' Cummins, Marienthal, Wise, Strauss, Weil Pafje Tirc Hiimhcd and Five Tau Epsilon Phi i :3 RORHRT n. BrENER Joseph Diamond SENIORS Horace E. Luntz ISADORE ShLLMAN Morris Wrrr Samuel Goldberg SOPHOMORES Harold Gerson Haskell Albert Lehman Harr ' Oscar Wise Samuel Isenberg FRESHMEN Joseph Spievak Nathan Sugarman Patic Tiru Ilumlrrrl nnd Six Tau Epsilon PKi Fnuiuled 1909 Colors: Lavender and If hite PHI CHAPTER Membersliip 2,150 29 Chapters Installed 1919 Flower: Lily of the Falley Tau Epsilon Phi was founded at Columbia University. In the earl. - stages of its life membership was limited to Jewish professional college men. Soon after the addition of the chapter at Cornell in 1 91 3 the policy was changed from professional to general collegiate. The fraternity has shown conservative growth until at present there are t ent -nine chapters. Top Roiv Wise, Shulman, Diamond, Brener, Luntz Bottom Row Sugarman, Goldberg, Spievak, Lehman, Haskell Page Two Hundml and Sevrn )fx dB fSxtt - IS iS TiBK T H L E TICS William Alexaxder Footl all Coach Football Don MiLi.hK Notre Dame Aleniher of Famous Four Horsemen Backfifld Cotuii Coach Miller came to Tech with the fame of being a member of the renowned " Four Horsemen. " He is leaving this year with an almost equal fame as a coach of one of the best backfield cnmliinations seen on anv field. Bill Fincher Georgia Tech Ail-American Line Codch Coach h ' incher is well known tbrougliout the country for his power on the football field while at Tech and he is rapidly ])ecom- ing known as one of the best developers of linemen that any school is able to boast of. C.APT.MN ROBINSOX Auburn All-Southern Enil C ' jach Captain RoliiuMin, while sta- tioned at Tecli has taken a deep interest in tlie football team and his love of the game and natural ability have shown in the wonder- ful work done by the ends this rear. 4 , Patfc Tiro IhnnJnd and Tticlve T " ' 1 ' . Buster Harris Financial Manager JoHx Leach E ' luifiment Manas tr The two niananets ha e worked four long years xxitliout tlie praise and adulation which serves as an incentive to the pla ers themselves. They have performed tasks which are monotonous and tedious and have aided irreatl - in makint: the team comfortable on tlie trips wliich is a necessity in a successful football season. They deserve credit for the admirable manner in which they have ex- ecuted the mvriad details connected with the management. J heir services have been indispensable. EXPLANATION OF FOO ' llJALL SKCTION The thrill of having played in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena is to the f(K)tball player what tlie Olympic Stadium is to athletes of other sports. It is a goal toward which all players look, most of them without a thought of ever attaining it. There were sixteen men of Tech to play in the Rose Bowl this ear and the " have been honored in this section by devoting to each a full page. The other letter men are not a bit less deserving of honor, but by the fortune of the day they did not get in the game. Each one of them was fighting, in spirit and mind, as hard as the men on the field. Each man whose picture appears in the following pages, is a " letter " man, and all that goes with the words. ■. . Page Two Hundred ani Thirteen Henry Rudolpli Fund A LKADF.R in every line of activity into uliicli he throws himself, " Peter " Pund lead his team as a true sportsman. He was uni- versally acknowledged as the best center on any college gridiron, and not once durin ' ; the past season was there a mention m;u v of unfair tactics or actions not becoming a real South- ern Gentleman. He succeedet! admirably in continuing the line of great centers for which Tech has become famous. HEXR ' i ' RUDOI.I ' H PUNU Ctipttiin .ALL-AM liRIC.AN Center Augusta, Ga. Age 21 Height 6 Feet I I irli Weight loS Foil II lis I ' ni c Two Iliiiiilml and Fniirtcrn Raleigh Eugene Drennon Raleigh Eugene Dren ' nox Alternate Ciiptiiin Atlanta, Ga. Guard Age 2 Height 5 Feet g Inches Weight 187 Pounds l T ALEIGH DRENNON is a man pos- sessed with a cheerfulness and a fight seldom seen. His consistent work during three years was well deserving of his mention on Rice ' s All-American and his place on the All- Southern Team. Pane Tiio Hiintlrcd ami Fiflre.t Frank Orum Frank Orum Waddey Memphis, Tenn. End Age 23 Height 5 Feet 10 Indus Weight 184 Pounds pRANK WADDEY is naturally gifted with all the requirements of a good end. His aggressiveness, speed and headworlc all contributed toward his undisputed success in liiling a flank position on the Golden Tornado. Pui;v Two Hundred and Sixteen Glenn Augustus Holland Glenn Augustus Holland Atlanta, Ga. En Age 20 Heifilit 5 Feet II Itichts Weipht 170 Pounds " VTEARS of familiarity with tiie j ame have made Glenn Holland one of the hrainiest ends, ever to come to Tech. Despite the many iniuries wiiicii have hefallen him, (jlenn has come throuiih with brilliant playing and is well tleser ini; of the honors accorded each member of the National Championship team. Paye Tko Hundicil aiij Sereiitrtn Kenneth MatJheson Thrasjh Kenneth AIathesox Thrash Orlando, Fla. Tackle Age 22 Height 5 Feet 10 Inches Weight igo I ' diniils ir ENNETH THRASH is a chip from the old block, having tor a father an ex- captain of the Golden Tornado. Thrash has come to be known as one of the smartest and hardest hitting linesmen on the squad. He will he heard from again in his duties as coach. Pa ' ic 7 ' irn It iititlrrif and Eitjhteen Luke Warner Mizell Llkh Warner AIizli.l Atl.-uUa, Ga. Halfback Age 20 Heiiiht 5 Feet II 1 Hikes Weight lyn Pounds ■ m 9 ' " ' ■ ■■ ' %• ly riZELL is a constant threat to an - team. His runninfz, passing and punting are all exceptional anil consistent. His ability to " get lose " is phenomenal and his energy never seems to give out. Warner was mentioned on several AU-American teams and next ear siiould see him even more flashy and danger- ous. Page Tiro Hinulrrtl and iJtetvcn Ronald Joseph Durant Ronald Joski ' h Durant New Martinsville, W. Va. Quarterback Age 21 Heifilit 5 Fid Q 1-2 Inches Weight 163 Poi ruis T L RAX T has been a (leld general in every sense of the word. He sums up quickly the weakness in the opposing team and knows just which player is capable of advancing the ball. He is deadly as a backer and tackier. His place will be hard to fill next year. I ' laii Tin, Jliitulnil anil I ' lVtnty Jack Griffin Thomason qp Jack Griffix Thomason Atlanta, Ga. Halfback Age 22 Height 5 Feet 7 Inches Vei-ht 163 I ' oil litis -f) " CTUMPY " is known tlircjutrhoiit the ' country as a little man made of iron. Once loose, he can not be " out-smarted " and is sure to have the stands as a whole on their feet by his spectacular and unexpected plays. The foremost writers and coaches of the coun- try have heaped praises on Stuinp - continually and still his head remains unturned. Pai c Tn-o Hundrtd and Tucitiy-one Jolin Joseph Westbrook icmpj John Jostrii WiiSTimooK Moultrie, Cja. (juard Height 5 Feet ll Indies Weifiht iSo Pounds n JOE WESTBROOK has a h ' hting heart and the power that goes with it. Though not as heavy as many guards, Westbrook has played consistently well and has been a great factor in maintaining the center section of the stone wall so necessary to the success of a great team. Piije Tiro ftuitdred and Ticentytn ' O Isadore Sliulman ISADORH ShULMAN Jackson, Tenn. Quarterback Age 21 Heijiht 5 Feet 7 Inches Weislit ISS P " un Js CHL ' LMAN has developed through hard work antl the force of brains into a capa- ble substitute for quarterback. He knew how to run the team rnd had the cooperation of every man. His personaUtv helped materially in huildini; a fine spirit duriiv.: tiie whole sea- son. Pane Ttro Humhetl and Tii ' i ntij-three Earl Owen Dunlap Earl Owen Dunlap Clinton, South Carolina Halfback Age 21 Height 5 Feet 10 1-4 Inches Weight 17S PrjUllili Y UNLAP is another triple threat man who is capable of a long run, or a bullet pass. There is not a cleaner nor harder player on the team. It is expected that he will be the man to Hll the vacant quarterback position for the next two years and his qualifications are perfectly suited for the job. Patir Tiio Hundred and Tiiintyfour Gordon Campbell Watkins Gordon Campbell Watkins Atlanta, Ga. Tackle Age 20 Height 6 Feet Weight IQQ PoiDuls (HYV WATKINS couples with his size the aiKaiitage of speed. Time and again he is the first down under punts. Any opposing pla er can vouch tor the strength in his long amis and his cleverness on the tiel Pftfje Tiro llttndrcd and Tirctttyflve Thomas Gilmer Jones Thomas Gilmi.r Jones Monroe, Ga. Km Age 20 Height 5 Feet II Inches Weight 180 Pounih ' ■p ' ( ).M JONKS phueJ his first year on the varsity this season and secured for him- self a regular berth. He made the All-South- ern and with two years more to play, his pros- pects are mighty bright. 1 iiin ' J ' trn II ttiiiltfil ami T ircnti six Jim Oscar Brooke mjp Jim Oscar Brooke Columbus. Ga. Guard Age 1 8 Height 6 Feet Weight iSl Pun tit : JIM BROOKE is another Sophomore who has math- his mark his first year on the vur- sit ' . He is a hard, fast hitter, and is destined to be a power in the lineup of the ' bellow Jackets for the next two years. Paijc Tiro Iliiiiihcd anil Ta-enti scrcn George Lavance Maree ipi CiiioRcii Lwwci: M AREi; Savannah, (Ja. Tackle Agi; u) Hei-lu 6 led J linlits Weight 2 1(1 I ' oiiii ls ' 3 TV TAREE has already shown wliat may be expected of htm in ears to come. He loves the game, pla s with his whole heart and body and it is doubtful whether an ordinary tackle can last a full game with such opposi- tion. ' (i, ' c Tiro IliiniliTil and ' J ' lctntn ciiiht Roy Lumpkin Roy Lumpkix Dallas, Texas Fullback Age 2 Heisiht 6 Feet I 1-4 hiche. Weii ht iq6 Pduiiih Tj ATHER LUMPKIN hails from the great open spaces of Texas. His greatest ioy in living seems to be to romp through the line of an opposing team and drag at least three men with him. He is a spectacular player and keeps the stan ls in a continual uproar. Patjf 7n ' j lliinrlrfd ami Tirrnti uitie »l William Harrell Rusk Atlanta, Ga. Center Age 23 Height 6 Feet Weight " Pditiuh " O I ' SK will captain the 1929 (lolden Tor- • - nado and his character speaks that he will have no trouble in securing faithful co- operation from his team-mates. He is a fight- ing center and is destined to carr on the line of great Tech centers. e bimpson bm Cartersx ille, Ga. Qiiartcrhack Age 21 Height 5 Iiet 7 Inches Weight ■i? Prjlllllh SHGRTV " SMITH is a smart field gen- eral. He can call signals with the best results, drop kicks with almost unfailing ac- curacy and can run the ball. • { I ' atjc Tito Hundred and Thirty Smith Parham, Jr. Greenville, Ga. Halfback Age 23 Height 6 Feet 2 Inches Weight 5 Pr, II II is PARHAM has long been known as one of the foremost punters in the South. He can also run with the ball and pass and his loss will be felt severely next year. i» Harold Augustus Faisst Little Rock, Arkansas Halfback Age 21 Height 5 Feet 10 1-2 Inches Weight 163 Pounds HAKOLU FAISST is a fast, shifty runner. Handicapped by poor eyes, it is remark- able to watch him speed away from out- stretched arms. Next year should see him at his best. rage Tiro Iliiiitlnd and Thirty-une Robert Lee Randolph Atl:int:i, ( ia. Fullback Age 22 Height 5 Feet I) Indus Weiizht 7 5 Founds T) ANDOLPH has pla.ved football steadily ■ - at Tech for four years. He has always been j oocl fur a gain and it is rej2;rettable that he was unable to pla - in the Rose Bowl, an .-uiibition he had carried fcjr ear . Edward Daniel Herron, Jr Chartanooija, 1 enn. End Age 21 Height 5 • ' (■( ' 10 l-J Intlics Weight iy6 Foil nils T N his SophoiiKjre _ ear, Hcrron has shown • ■ himself to be an aggressive and speedy end. W ' ith the benefit of a year of experience on the varsity, he shoulil do wonderful work in 1929. ' (; ' ( ' T tru llnnitiiil anil Thiftit tiff Ervin Leon Keener Attalla, Ala. Ciuard Age 22 Heifiht 5 " ( ' ( ' -- Inrhi ' s Weight 176 Pounds LEON KEENER has worked steadily for four years. He has filled in capably at practically every position in the line and has proven his abilit ' as a fighter. Charles Ware Fitzgerald Jackson. 1 enn. Fullback Age 23 Height 5 Feet 10 1-2 Inches Wei-ht 164 l ' ' ,nn s P LAYING football in the same hard man- ■ ■ ner that he subdued unruly crews on a tramp schooner, Fitz has made a name as a reliable fullback. He still has a year to play and should go well, providing he is not drown- ed in mid-ocean during the summer. Paye Tiru lliiiiilntl niul Thirtii three William Hudson Edwards Atlanta, (ja. Guard Age 1 8 Height 5 Feet II Inches Weight 1S4 Pounds t DWARDS is still another Soph to show -■— ' promise early in his career. He played well every chance that he had, and good work is expected of him in cars to come. Phili Joseph Von Weller Albany, Ga. Enil Age 20 Height 6 Feet Weight ly P ' jiint s " " ON WELLER has played the end posl- • tion for three ears, and showed up ex- ceptionally well this year. His speed is un- usual and he knows how t o use it to the best ad antage. 1 J i Pftf r Tiro Iliinilrrd ami Thirti four The Georgia Tech Athletic Board President M. I.. I5riii ain Chairman Dr. J. H. Crenshaw Director of Athletics I ' rok. Fi.ovd Field Secretary-Treasurer Prof. A. H. Armstrong. Faculty Ch iir iinn of Athletics. Business Manager Dean Wm. V. Skiles Dr. G. H. Boggs W. A. Alexander . Advisory Member uithout vote ALUMNI MKMBERS L. W. Robert George W. McCart . [r. EdHamm STUDENT : IEMBERS J5urt()n Cloud H. R. PUND Page Tim Hiillilrid anit Tltiitii li-e By .Morgan Hi.ake (Spurts Kilitor of Atlanta Journal) The most glorious football season Georgia Tech ' s ' cllo v Jackets have ever experienced came to an end on last New ear ' s day, when the gallant sons of the red clay hills won the national cham- pionship b - a brilliant ictory over the Uni ersity of California at the famous Rose Howl in Pasa- dena, California. Previous to this battle Tech had won the Southern conference championship by swcepini: tln(]ui;h a very strong field. In addition the Jackets finally conquered their old foes, the pesky lri hnH■ of Notre Dame. It was the second straight conference championship for Coach Alex and his noble band, and the ellow Jackets were worthy of all the laurels that they won. A great and invincible spirit prc- vaileti on the team. It was this spirit that carried them to ictor in the Rose Bowl game, when after having their ranks riddled by influenza followed by a long trip to the coast, and a hard week ' s practice under a tropical sun, they took the field and conquered a previously undefeateil team of great physical power. The score was S to 7, Tech having the enemy blanked until the last minvite of plav when one of those long passes clicked to California. The Jackets had the game in hand all the way. After getting an eight point lead the aim of course was to prevent California from scoring twice. This strategy was successful. The lech-California game will be talked about as long as football exists in this land of the free, due to probably the weirdest plays ever pulled in a major game. It was that reverse run by Roy Riegels, captain-elect and center of the Golden Bears. This pla is so well known that it is not necessary to re iew it here. Riegels made a long run the wrong way towards his own goal and was only halted on the two yard line. A moment later Vance Maree, Tech tackle, blocked a punt by Benny Lom and Tech scored a safety. In the third quarter Tech scored a touchdown on two pla s from midfield. Mizell running 35 yards and Thomason carrying the ball over for a touchdown after a fifteen yard sprint. California ' s touchdown came in the closing seconds on a long pass from Lom to Capt. Phillips. To win the Southern conference title the Jackets won seven games from strong opponents, de- feating Virginia Military Institute 13 to o; Tulane 12 to o; X ' anderbilt 19 to 7; North Carolina 20 to 7; Alabama 33 to 13; Auburn 54 to o, and Georgia 20 to 7. Oglethorpe, an S. I. A. A. team was beaten 33 to 7, and Notre Dame fell before the might of the Tornado 13 to o. According to their usual custom the Jackets started off their season without any particular splash. They won a two touchdown victory over V. M. I. in a broiling hot sun, and then they inxaded New- Orleans for a battle with Tuhmc. The Greensbacks on the pre ious Saturday had slaughtered the Mississippi Aggies, antl the Pelican fans were all excited over what the - figured would be a victory over the famous foe from the Empire State. Tech however was too nuich for the Louisianians, and stoppeil the brilliant Hanker colder th;in he was e er stopped in an other game during the season. Two touchdowns were scored b the Jackets both on forward passes. The Jackets ' running .attacking had not started to function well. The passes that scored the touchdowns were from Mizell to Jones, and Dunlap to Thomason. The next Saturday the Notre Dame Irishmen, with six straight victories over Tech to their belts, came to town and thousands of visiting fans joined the local enthusiasts in the stands to see the great intersectional game. The Jackets started off with a burst of offensive speed which included two beautiful passes, and swept over a touchdown in the first few minutes. Shortl ' afterwards Bob Ran- dolph made a long run taking the ball within the enem ' ' s five-yard line. It looked like a rout at this Ilumhtil ami ' I ihtihsis- sta :e, but the Irisli m.ulf ;i iiallant staiul anil tuok thf ball au a on downs. From that point on, or up to the last few minutes Tech wajieil a ilefensi e fight against the traditional brilliant and ver- satile attack of Rockne. Three times the Jackets, fighting like wild men took the ball away from the enemy within the five yard zone. Finall in the closing moments one of the desperate passes of the Irish as intercepted by Father Lumpkin, ho ran in back to within a few ards of the goal, from which point the Jackets pushed it over to make the assurance of victor - doubly sure. The following Saturday Tech went to Chapel Hill to play North Carolina. In the first half Coach Alex gave his regulars, worn out from the hectic Notre Dame encounter a rest. He sent in- to the field a team composed largely of sophomores, and it was in this first half, that Tom Jones. Earl Dunlap, and Feather Lumpkin gained eternal fame. Three touchtlowns were scored on the Tar- heels in the first half, ( ne came on a pass from Dunlap to Jones. Another came when Dunlap pass- ed to Glenn Holland who carried the ball to the se en-yard line, from which point Dunlap scored on the first play, and the third came on Fitz Fitzgerland ' s long run. At the end of the half it seemed like a rout, a complete rout for the Tarheels. But the second half was different. In this half Coach Alex sent in his older heads, but instead of completing the mas- sacre the Jackets found themselves face to face with an infuriated and inspired Tarheel clan. Not only did the Jackets fail to score again but they had their goal line crossed for tte first time during the season. It was a brilliant comeback on the part of North Carolina but it was futile as Tech had too big a lead. The next game was with the plucky Petrels of Oglethorpe. These boys gave the Jackets a big scare in the first half, the teams going to recess in a 7 to 7 tie. But in the next half the Jacket Jug- gernaut began to rumble and the Petrels were smothered under a .S3 to 7 score. Then came the game with the Vanderbilt. McGugin ' s men had a great record and a large dele- gation of fans followed them to Atlanta expecting to see them take the Jackets into camp. It was a desperate battle with honors about even up to the last few minutes of the first half when Tech pulled that famous quadruple pass Mizell to Thomason to Jones to Mizell. It resulted in a long gain for a touchdown, and completely bewildered the ' andy team. In the second half Warner Mizell went wild and ran the Commodores ragged. In this game he advanced the ball over 200 yards him- self. After Tech had scored another touchilown and were marching down for another one when Stumpy Thomason fumbled. Bull Brown picked up the ball and ran almost the length of the field for a touchdown. Tech, liowever, came right back and scored the third time. Vanderbilt never threatened through her own offensive. In the Alabama game on the next Saturday, Tech got a real scare. The Crimson Tide came t I town with reports of a long list of cripples. But for three quarters the enemy appeared pretty lualthy and dangerous. It was a weird fantastic game, full of both brilliance and bone headedness and mechanical blunders by both teams. At the end of the third quarter the teams were tied 1 3 and 13. Then Stumpy Thomason, the little giant broke the tie with one of the most brilliant runs he had e er pulled in which he bowled over five tacklers between him and the goal. The Alabama defense crumpled after this and Tech made two more touchdowns, before the final whistle. Warner Mizell continued his brilliant running and piled up a total of over 200 yards again. 1 he Auburn game on Thanksgi ing da ' was a rout, the Plainsmen being unable to stop the furious thrusts of the great Tech backfield. The Tigers fell 54 to O. The greatest crowd of the local season was, of course, on hand to see Georgia play Tech on Grant Field in the final game of the regular season. The Bulldogs were not given a chance but they set their supporters crazy with joy when they scored the first touchdown of the game on a pa s from H( oks to Mafifett. Was the dope to be upset at last? Tech had already accepted the Rose Paiie ' J ' lro HiiiKli ' cil ami ' I ' liirtii ; i icii The Football Season of r928- ' " Continued Jiowl imitation and a lU ' k-at wnuld ha c niint-d tlu- season. ' I ' lu- jackets however retused to net excited. They went about their business in their usual cool and effective manner, and scored three touchdowns before the i. ' anie ended. Georjiia did not score again. Then came the California trip and the National championship. Not only did Tech ha =e a brilliant and resourceful backtield, but the Jackets had one of the greatest lines the South had seen. Capt. Peter I ' und was practically- the unanimous clxiicc of e er - critic for all American center. Varner Mizell was almost as popular a choice for All American halfback and Frank Spear, tackle, won the Associated Press composite selection for All American tackle. Raleifjh Drennon received |irominent mention. Mizell, Thomason, Spear, Jones. Pund and Drennon made all Southern in their positions, and the only reason that Maree, Waddey, Thrash, Vestbrook, Lumpkin anil Durant didn ' t make it was because the critics figured it would look too bad to have everybody on the Tech team on the m thical eleven. The season ' s success was a great triumph for Tech ' s mighty coaching staff headed by Coach William A. Alexander. Don Aliller was backfield coach, Bill Fincher, line coach and Capt. Rob- inson, end coach. Hal Barron, trainer of the team also deserves much credit for the wonderful plnsical condition of the team all the year. ' Riegels On His Farnniis Run " I ' lii c Two llunilriii imil Thirty-eight The 1928 Freshman Football Team The 1928 Freshman Football Team had at the start of the season all the evidences of a champion- ship team, but the Georgia Freshmen blasteil all their hopes in the last i. ' ame of the season. The Junior Jacket stars were quite numerous, and from the material much is to be expected in the future Tech teams. The first-year men started out the season by pla ing the .Monroe A. M., a strong Prep school organization coached by Red Barron, and they defeated the Aggies by 19-0. The Auburn Freshmen were the next ictims, and they also fell by the same score, ig-o. The baby Jackets then journeyed down to Macon and there defeated the Mercer Freshmen by the score of 12-0 in a good game. The last game was the one with the Georgia Freshmen, where the Athens boys gave our Freshmen a terrible lashing by the score of 33-6. Pat Barron, despite the fact of his ineligibility for some games, showed great promise of uphold- ing his family reputation as a football player. Pifer, Graydon and Farmer were all stars who helped to give the Junior Jackets a fairly good season. Frosh making their numerals were: Pifer, Lanier, Weatherford, Gra don, Farmer, McKee, Syd Williams, Shag Williams, Ezell, Goldsmith, Pippen, McKinney, Greer, Wagner, Ryalls, Bryant, Hungerford, Moore, V ' ierek, Adams and Daniels. These men were awarded silver T " s for their valiant endeavors. Bryant Shellnutt was Manager of the team. k..v..x-MM.i«M y; u ?r 3.1 ?7 :tii ? ' i .in .11 ■!? •)!! I ' l .in -11 iMt 1 t » • -i. - A V Page Two Humlicd uml Thirlij nine PiTIR I ' l Nl) RAI.hlC.H DrKNNOX Ron Al l) DlRWT Hon R ANDOI.I ' II Frank V 1)1)I; - Wari; Fitzcu-rai.d Glenn Holland Leon Keener Bob Parham Harold Rusk Captain . . sullnlan Shorty Smith Kenneth Thrash Phil Von Weller Warner Mizell Stl ' mi ' ' Thomason Rov Lumpkin Joe Westbrook Alternate (Jriptain Vance ALaree Tom Jones Jim Brooke Earl Dlnlai ' Hudson Edwards Harold Faisst Ed Herron Coot V ' atkins GOLD FOO ' FHALLS FOR FOUR YEARS ' SERVICE Robert Da is Brener Richard Paul Dieckmann James Taylor Kinnett Charles Rush Brumby Frank Perdue Daniel James Richard Frink Angus Julian Heeke SILVER TS FOR THREE YEARS ' SERVICE Raymond Cad Luna Max Allison Morrison George Smith O ' Bear, III Harold Eugene Russell Jack Cole Jetton Ben Howard Sloan e CERTIFICATES FOR TWO DEARS ' SERVICE James Robert Cain, Jr. Frederic Coleman Channel! Ra - Ci.iiAVER Isaacs l-j ' iiRAM Shoffner Little Samuel Warwick Colvin Ardis Clemont Mii.i.ians Sam AV rri:n Fincher Eugene Fenton Moretta Marshall Jackson I " " i.owi:rs, .Tr Julius Allan Mlrray Willi M Arthir Hai.i Jr. John Walton North 1 ' " ri:i) Lii; Holt Tii()RN m:i.i. Lii-: Ramsi:y WlIM M Br( N W i c,o Page Two Iliiiulreil anil l nitij ROV MUXDORFF Baskit-ball C ' jaih Basket-Ball Basket-Bali Vr[jp I ' lttcc ' ii icturics out ot t vcnt -one starts, and a total score of 752 points to their opponents ' 599, was the record set liy tlie Jacket basketeers for the 1929 season. Two of the six defeats suffered by Tech were by the hands of the Atlanta Athletic Club five, who boast of a bunch of star pla ers who have been playing the game together for a number of years, while another of the set backs was administered by the Penn-I)i ic iiuint lio Ix-came professionals soon after taking the Jacket s scalp. Coach Roy Mundorff. basket-ball coach of the Flats, deserves a great ilea! of credit for the way be developed a team of practicallv green materia l. At the first practice of the season, only two letter-men reported for practice. The Jackets opened their season during the Christmas holidays b defeat- : m ' " Si t ' " ' - ■ - - - team in LaGrange by a .?3 to , I -erdict. Mo ing from f ' ■ ■. ■1 LaGrange to Citadel, the Gold and White took the Cardinal five of tiiat city to ride 41 to 35 to chalk up the second win of the season. During the trip, the Jackets were successful with h e wins out of six attempts, losing oniv to the Penn-Dixie five in Chattanooga. Soon after the Christmas vacation was over, Georgia Tech opened its 1929 regular schedule b ' taking the Clemson Tigers from Clemson College to ride 29 to 24. Florida was next to in ade the Flats and the Jackets turned the Gators back in both of the two-game series. The University of Kentucky proved to be the next victim c}f the (iold and White onslaugiit and the lads from the Blue Grass state fell 33 to 19. The next week-end. Coach Roy Mundorff ' s charges took their first journey of the collegiate season, trekking to Nashville and taking Vandy into camp with a 48 to 28 slaughter. The Atlanta Athletic Club was next on the Jackets ' schedule and the more Captain Hhhke Hudson Wages Maree Brook Warner Willia.mson Page Tirti Uuntircd and t ' ortytwo Basket-Ball expenenced litMn-cnaclu-il team pr(i i-(l to be too fast for Tech anil I ecli was forced to trail on the low end of a 4. to 20 score when the linal whistle sounded. Next, ' I ' ech met and nosed out their hitter ri als from Athens by a sinjzle point. ' The Red and Black five leil the Jackets up to the last few seconds of play, but " RED " Williamson put a beautiful shot throujzh the loops as the whistle sounded, to give Tech the siame, 38 to 37. N ' andy in aded the Flats durini; the next week and were repelled by a 38 to 15 score, while the Auburn plainsmen fareil little better a little later in the week and were sent home nursing ' a 41 to 23 defeat. Tech chalked up the ninth strait;ln conference win the next week, by bowlinji over the stronjj; Crimson Tide from Alabama. The final score jiave the Jackets 37 points to 21 for the Red and White qm ' nt. Quite a se ere blow was handed Coach Mundorff when Sid (jcddin, stellar guard and alternate captain, was forced to quit the squad due to a serious leg injurw After Goldin ' s retirement, the Jackets fell before Tennessee, 30 to 25; barely won from the Plainsmen in Auburn, 4(1 to 41 : and were crushed by the A. A. C. and Georgia, by scores of 35 to 20 and 27 to 24, respectively. After Goldin ' s loss, the Tech five fell from first place to third in Southern Conference standings and entered the tournament as ceded No. 3. josh Cody ' s Clemson lads met Tech in the first round and flattened the Jackets 28 to 24. The Gold and White led at the half b a 20 to 14 count, but were unable to cope with the furious attack of the Tigers in the last frame and left the court nursing a 28 to 24 defeat. But, taking all in consideration. Tech ' s basket-ball season was very successful and Coach Mundorff and his Jacket crew are in line for hearty congratulations. Todd Lunsford Manager Lewis V.AX HoL ' TEN T.ATE COKER Wilson WiTMER l auc Two ilunilifl tnul I ' orlfi tin 1928-29 BASKET-BALL SCHEDULE Opponent Score LaGrant:e Y. L C. A 31 Cardinals 35 J. E. A 26 Dixie Stars 26 Penn-Dixie 31 Y. M. C. A. Night Hawics 33 Clemson 23 Florida 19 Florida 26 Kentucky ig X ' anderbilt 28 Atlanta Athletic Club 43 Georjiia 37 Vanderbilt 15 Auburn 25 Alabama 2i Tennessee 30 Auburn 41 Atlanta Athletic Club 35 Georgia 27 Clemson 28 Tech Place 33 ■ LaGrangc, Ga. 41 . . . Citadel, S. C. 34 • Savannah, Ga. 53 • Nashville, Ga. 29 . Chattanooga, Tenn 37 • Rome, Ga. 29 . Atlanta 36 . . Atlanta 33 • . Atlanta 33 • . Atlanta 48 . Nashville, Tenn. 26 . Atlanta 38 . Atlanta 38 . Atlanta 41 . . Atlanta 37 • . Atlanta 25 • . Atlanta 46 . Auburn, Ala. 26 . . Atlanta 25 • Athens, Ga. 24 . Tournament 599 732 Pa e Tim Tfinuhcd and Forty-four f J Al a Clay BasehiiU Coach Baseball Baseball ■m IP Review of the Season— 1928 JiMMiE Stevens ( J a plain ' I ' lu- flldw Jacket nine (ipi-ncd tlic 1928 season with the Atlanta Crackers as their first opponent. After nearly a montii of strenuous practice, with much rainy weather as the jzreatest obstacle, tile Tech Team was whipped into shape, to start the season in whicii t ' e:it -three colle;iiate panics and one professional fiame were played. The Jackets waded through the season win- niii}: sixteen jiames otit cf twenty-three. The entire searon was quite success- ful and ery exciting; from the start to the last inniii;; of the final liame uith the (jcori ia Hulldoz--. The entire team was e er alert and tout;ht with e er- lastini; spirit and excellent co-operation throughout the season. The defeat of the Tech ba-;ehallers by the .Atlanta Crackers served to virjje the team on, :nd a two-game series with the Clemson Tigers was brilliantl snatched by the Jackets. It was in one of thes games that the excellent arm of Uick Florrid was first displayed. The Jackets invited the Oglethorpe warriors to a two-game duel and successful!) scalped their At- lanta rivals. The Tech squad wrs looking mighty good at this time of the season and great hopes for many conference victories were launched by all. Maryland University marched into Clay Field and baffled the bellow Jackets into their second defeat of the season. One game with Mercer University fcjllowed, in which the bellow j ' ackets again bit the dust. A couple of defeats, however, have never discouraged a Tech ball team, nor did the - take the fighting spirit out of the boys from the Flats, lirilliant pla ing by the Tech boys netted them two o " f of a three-game series with the Auburn Bear ' . Captain McCash cracked the apple for his first home run of the season, scoring Mizell from second base. A three-game series with Alabama netted the Jackets but one victorv . Excellent hurling was, h(jwe er, dispL ' ued by both Florrid and Carney. The strength of the Tech pitching staff kept increasing from the start of the season. The two-game series with Tennessee undoubtedly netted the spectators more thrills tha 1 an of the other contests. Both games were captured by the Yellow Jackets. One of the games was turned into a victory after defeat was almost .ippaeit. In the last half of the ninth inning with Tennefsee leading by one run, Hob Parham came to bat. There were already two outs and the count was three and two on P;irlK;m, hut as the next ball came (j er the plate the famous Tech batsman drove the ball into the horizon f(n- a home run, scoring Vadde - from second base, thus ending the game, another victory for Tech. The two-game series with Xaiulerbilr I ni ersit netted the 1 ech nine twtj more victories to chalk up for the season. Like a thunderstorm, the bo s from the Universit of South Carolina entered Clay Field with determinatii n to defeat the Jackets, but thc did not live up to their expectations. Tech won both games by a very close margin. Florrid captured one of the games and Carne - the other. Carney displa cd exceptional hurling against the (lame- cocks, allowing them onK one scratch hit iluruig the entire game. I his hit c;;me in the ninth inning and had it been fielded a bit faster Carney would have been creditcil w ith ;i no-hit game. During the entire game only twentv- nine batters faced the rugged hurler from Hradenton. Carney struck out niiu ' ok Parmam men .and had excellent co-operation of the team. .Illcniate (Jnptuin l tli)C Tivu Ihiinliiil mnl I ' niti sijr Baseball IP Cartie Cook Manager I he Tech cter;ms spht the tuur-fzame scries with (jeor ia, their ancient ri als. One of the jiames was calleii an acciunt of rain, hut tlie hattle was renewed the follow ini: da . In one of the games the team fnjm the Flats scored fifteen runs in tlie first innini;, thus badU ' defeating the Hulidogs. The iinal game of the series was capt ired h Tech and tlie season was succesMidh ' I loseii. NOTES Coach Robert Ai a " Kid " Cla , kr.own in the South as " Little Napoleon, performed his duty as coach with the utmost care. His excellent and well known nbilit - enabled him to develop a baseball team that will not be fur- gotten so soon. With his usual shrewdness the " Kid " watched the progress of his team throughout the season, carefully directing every mi ve of the phners. The Tech team was favored with several gootl sluggers, among whom were Parhrm. McCash and Waddey. Several two-base and three-base hits made the grmes verv interesting. Nine home runs for the season was the record. As a whole the Jackets were a hitting squad with no little abilitv. As Tech closed the season of 1928 with Georgia, Captain Arthur McCash bid his lellow players adieu. Jimmv Stever.s, star catcher tor the season, was elected captain of the 1929 team, with Frank Waddey, the rapid center fielder, as alternate captain. THE 1928 BASEHALL TEAM Robert Alva Clay Cnath Arthur McCash Capiain TuBB ' i ' Haines Mana tr LINE-UP Warner Mizeli ' ;.? B: se William Terrei.i Secjnd Base At BRE ' HoBBS Third Bise Carlton Hili Third Base Shorty Smith Short Stoft I ' oB Parham Left Field Frank. Waddey C inter Field Arthlr McCash Ri ht Field Jimmy Stevens Cateher John McNeeLY Catcher Julian Carney Pitcher Dick Florrid Pitcher Hii.i. Edwards Pitcher John Jordan " ' tchei Charlie Griikin Manager 7 H( c Tu ' v Iluitthcil iiiifl F ' urlif-sfrrii Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tccli Tech Tech ' J ' ech ' JVch Tech Tech Tech Tech Tccli Games Played 23 Results of the 1928 Season R H E Opl ositii; Team R H K I ' lUhcrs for Tech 2 10 5 — Athmta Crackers .. . s i — Fi.dRRin, llii.i. 14 14 i — ClemsDii College ... 4 10 b — Fi.orrid, J(iki)AN 7 1 1 s — Clemsin Colle.L ' e ... 5 6 I — Gaston 12 IS 3 — Oglethorpe 11 z 3 — Fi.orrid, Hii.i. 5 8 2— Oglethorpe 4 8 I — Jordan 8 7 CT — Mar lainl Uni ersit)- 2 3 g — F1.0RRID 3 7 6 — Mercer 7 8 3 — Carney, Jordan 4 9 6 — Auburn is i() 2 — Jordan, Carney II 14 o — Auburn 2 4 4 — -Edw arus 7 12 3 — Auburn S 9 S — Florrid 3 9 6 — Alabama 4 7 6 — Carney 5 1 1 I — Alabama 3 6 i — Florrid I 7 6 — Alabama 7 8 i — Edwards 1 8 3 — ' Fennessee o 4 i — Florrid S 1 1 4 — Tennessee 4 9 2 — Jordan 9 14 3 — V ' anderbilt 4 d I — Carney 10 IS 2 — Vamlerbilt 8 14 i — Florrid, Jordan 4 s I — University of S. C. o 1 i — Carney 7, 3 4 — University of S. C. 2 I I — Fldrrid 5 7 4 — Georgia 9 13 2 — Carney, Edwards 15 II 4 — Georgia 4 S 6 — Florrid, Jordan 2 6 I — Georgia ,■; s i — Florrid 7 8 2 — Georgia s 4 4 — C arm ' s , Edwards Won Lost Percentage 16 7 .696 ' ( f f t ' ni, lltiinlnd utnl Fofttz-ciilht Baseball icn IP FirCIlINC RKCORD Bill Edwards Dick Florrid Julian Carney Hugh Gaston Jordan HATTING A ' K RAGES AH H Smith, Short Stop g8 27 HoBBS, Thinl Base ?=; () Terrell, Second Base bo 18 McCash, Risht Field 75 29 Waddey, Center Field 80 35 Parham, Left Field 70 34 iVIlZELL, First Base 63 20 Hill, C, Third Base 25 7 Shulman, Catcher 5 I Campbell, Third Base 13 4 AIcNeeLY, Catcher 2b 5 Stevens, Catcher 39 g Carney, Pitcher 15 o Edwards, Pitcher 12 5 Florrid, Pitcher 21 6 (lASTON, Pitcher 2 o Jordan, Pitcher 17 i Team Average bsb 207 30 7 n)2q SQUAD Won E ost Percentage 2 8 1 2 .bb7 .8(xi 2 I 3 I .4(X) .OCX) 3 I .750 2H .U HR SB SH Per- centage 2 2 1) 4 2 .276 (.) 4 .172 3 b 3 8 1 4 3 2 3 I 6 2 8 8 b 5 2 .?oo .387 .438 .486 4 I 4 2 9 2 .318 .280 I .200 .308 I .192 3 2 5 • 231 I .000 I I 2 I 2 ■417 .286 I .000 .059 9 M 49 .316 Paqr ' I ' iro IIuuOiiil and Forti iihie Freshman Baseball itn IP 1928 Season LIMM r Tom Jon i;s First Base Cl HFORi) I) AR SeconrI Rtisc Tech. 1- Ri I )iM. i ' Thii cl Base Tech . R Isaacs Sliort Strip l ch. I- ' ri;i Hoi.t Left l- " u-l i Tech. Cii vRl.ES Teeple (Center Fielil Tech . Thomas Lan-glev Ri ;lit l- " uUI Tech. Kin ARi) H ERRON Catcher Tech . To i .Mlri ' H ' i- I ' itehcr Tech. joH X Qlixx Pitcher Tech . RKSLI.TS OFTHK SKASO.N R 11 i; Oppo-.enrs R 11 K . lo 7 I — McL " :llie 244 .2 ,? , — Ri ersiile o I . I 2 }, — Aiiimrn Fres ' imen . . (174 . 2 4 () — Auhurn Freshmen.. 4 () ( . .T 8 — Geortria Freshmen. . b i . 7 7 4 — (jeor ia Freshmen . . 4 4 v , .IS lO fa — N. (jeorizia Ai;tries. 477 . 3 7 5 — Georsiia Freshmen.. 4 s 4 . 3 7 5 — Geort;ia Freshmen . . 4 7 4 Games Pla ed, g — Games Won, 4 — Games 1-ost. 5 NiVf Ttfii l iiiiflrttt anti Fiflii Hal Barrox Track Coach Track Ed Hamm Hnl Iir of the irorlil ' s Record In the Broad Jitmf ' I ](l :ird Barton Hamm, of f,oanoke, Arkansas, broke the record tliat vas said to be unbreak- able. In the National Championships of the year before the Olympic trials, Ed learned how easih a few ' feet could be chopped off one ' s record. From that day, a whole ear in ad ance of the Olympics, Ed bejzan to train for the final try-outs. While others were waiting to be called out for track. Ed was working on fundamentals and getting his heart, lungs and muscles in sliape for great efforts. He was advised, more than coached by Hal Barron, a former Olympic place winner himself. The problem of the coach was to place Ed at the final try-outs in shape ;is far physically and men- tally as possible. Advice as to physical condition consisted mostl of warnings about how and when to " let out " without fear of pulling a tendon. The mental condition was building up confidence of his abilitx ' to make the team and thereby mercome the mental hazard — " A trip to Europe if I make it " . I his has caused the defeat of so man ' athletes in the Olympic try-outs. For Ed, the try-outs were just another meet. The runway was so perfect, he was in such good shape after months of training. that it was inevitable that he ran and left the take-off beard and landed twent -five feet, eleven and one-eighth inches away from where he started. Because of his thorough tr.iining .ind application Ed will place the record over twent -si. feet before he hangs up his shoes. Pane Tiro llitiiilrril ninl I ' iflij two 1928 Cross Country The 1928 Cross-Country Team returned most of the members of the 1927 season. However, the loss of Captain Tom VVrifrht of the 1927 squad was keenly felt throughout the meets. ' l " he first meet was run un Ninember 3ril ajiainst the Um ' ersit ' of Cjcorgia. Tech wun the meet b the score 24-, - John () uii:, of Georgia, was first, and Roy Brewer, Tech ' s Captain, was a close second. oung ' s time was twent -si minutes and thirty seconds for the fi e miles. On November l6th the A ihinti team defeated Tech ' s team h - tiie score 22-. 3. Captain Brewer won first place in this race with a time of twent -eight minutes, ten and three-fifths sec(jnds for the five mile course. In the Southern Conference Cross Coutry Race held in Atlanta on November 24th. the North Carolina team ran away with the meet. John Young, of Georgia, coming first; Penn of V.P.I. second; Barclay of North Candina third, and Brewer of Tech fourth. Tech finished fifth in this meet. Members of the team were: Brewer, Crisfield, Siuimierour, Owen, Morgan, Coker, Bryan and Furlow. Paifc Two Hmitirctl ami liftiiUirce 1928 Track IP ' I ' lip 11)28 Track team of Georgia Tech had a f ala ear. Captain Kd Hanini ' s pertormaiici- with the hnail jump and the dashes were hy far tlie outstandin ' j t ' atures of the season. Kont ., I eall, lircwer, Wright and L ' ristiehl ran some i ood races, while I ' ajia Hood tossed the shot for a consist- ent phice in conference liual meets, Soutliern Rela s, and Southern Conference Meet. As a whole, the (iold and White team was one of tlie best and most successful that (jeorgia Tech has ever had. ' Ilie (lold and Vhite track schedule records follow : In the Southern Relays Kd Hamm won first in the hroad jump and third in the loo-yard dash. Papa Hood was third in the shot-put; Dtircn third in the Hi;zh Hiinlles anil Nasli tied for first in the Pole ' ault. In the North Candina dual meet hehl at Chapel Hill, Tech was defeated h the score of 72 1-2 to s.? 1-2. Ed Hamm was absent during this meet as he was attending the University of Pennsylva- nia Relays where he won the first place in the hroad jiuiip. In the l ' ni ersit of Georgia dual meet, Tech defeated their ancient ri als by the decisi e score of 8t) to 40. At the State Meet held at Emory Universit -, Georgia Tech ran aw a with almost e er e ent. winning the State Championship with 97 points. P mory, their nearest competitor, placed second with 40 points while Oglethorpe Universitj ' took third place with ict points. Coffee 15() D Hicks Beall Morgan ' Dlrkn •(ir r ' III,, lliiiiilriil ami liftil l " ur 1928 Track iCLI P In tlic dual iiicct with Auli irn, 1 fch dcteatcJ the I ' lainsiiien by tlic s:ore bj to 59. This marked the first time that an Auburn 1 rack learn had been deteated in six years. At the Suutherii Conference Meet held at I5irniini:ham, Alabama. L. S. L ' . won the conference title with 4? 1-4 points, (jeoreia lech took second place with a score of , 4 1-4. Auburn, third, w ith I, j-4. North Carolina fourth with j o V4. ' . I ' . I., (leortria L ' ni ersit and .Mississippi A. c M. tied for fifth place with ten points. In the S. E. A. A. L. track and field meet, Georj ia Tech won the e ent with a score of 20 points. Georgia University was a close second with 27 points. At the Cbica ' o National Inter-Collegiate Track .Meet, Captain Ed Hamm won first place in the broad jump and Ernest Kontz, who running from an outside position in the 440-yard dash, was able to place in sixth place with a rec(jril time of 48 4-s seconds. In the Olympic tr -outs at Hoston, Ed Hamm in the broad jump made a Wcjrlil ' s record of 2S feet, II 1-8 inches. In the )Iymp:cs held in .Anistertlam, Hamm won the broail jump with a jump of 25 feet 4 3-4 inches. Gravdo.v Su.m.merolr Crisfield Erv.ant Hero PiiUe Tiro llitiiflriil ttinf I ifti firt Crisfield: AI is regarded as the easiest runner in the conference. And wliile he isn ' t as flashy as some of his predecessors and doesn ' t make much fuss about his work, he can be liepended upon for a consistentl - jjood performance in two mile run and the mile. Al is the 1929 Cross-Coun- trv Team captain. He ivcs his address as Savannah, Georgia. Brewer: A ersatile younfj man is Mr. Brewer, who hails from Kast I ' oint, Georfjia. Coach Barron feels that in Roy he has one of the best distance men in the conference. Brewer first leaped into fame in Frosh Cross-Countr ' race when he came out from nowhere to take second place in this annual event, ( ne of the best runners the ' arsit - stjuad has. He runs the mile, two miles and if needed, the half-mile. Ax.AST.ASAS: As a freshman, Hank Anastasas caught the eye of Coach Barron, who saw in bin; a arsity prospect. Blessed with good middle-distance runners, the Tech Coach didn ' t hurry him as a .sophomore, being content to spring him at a time when his team was in need of strengthening. Hank has been running the half-mile in record time and this season he should be the best in this event. Hank ' s home is in Sour Lake, Texas. R woLi ' H : Bob, a product of Atlanta, fits in mighty well among the many varsity luminaries. ' I his i,oung gentleman hurls the javelin and according to all available dope he puts the weapon, if it might be called that, down the far field around the 180 or 185 ard line. He is a hard worker and a good bet to bring in a couple of points in an ' meet. .M RTix: " Firpo " is a weight man. He hea es the shot and heaves it far and wide. He is a husk , well-built lac). A real threat in conference circles. His home is in Sheffield, Alabama. Su.mmerour: Suffering from a heavy scholastic schedule, Summerour has had a hard time get- ting out for practice. He is one of the best cross-country men and a very good miler and two-miler. Marietta, Georgia is his home. SwAIx: He placed in the Southern Conference Meet last year in the high jump and the pole ault. His chances this year are better than last season provided he keeps himself scholastically eligible. He is from Calhoun, Georgia. Stacy, a pole-vaulter and high jumper of note, has been one of the outstanding cin- der stars of Georgia Tech and the Conference. He is equally proficient at throwing the javelin. Great things are expected of Stewart before the coming season ilraws to a close. He hails from Adairs ille, Georgia. Hi-Ro: He is the hard-working manager of the White and Gold outfit and tries to keep all the above mentioned athletes satisfied. (70 to it Hero. Managers have their worries but this fellow manages to keep himself ccol and alert at all times. He is the most likeable man on the team. New Orleans, La., claims his handsome figure. The official track schedule for 1929 follows: April 12 and 1 ;, Southern Relax s .-it Grant field. April 20, North Carolina at Grant field. April 22, Georgia State meet at F,mor . April 27. Pcnn Rela s at Philadelphia. May 4, Georgia at Athens. May II, Auburn at A diurn. May 17 and 18. Southern Conference meet at Hirn inghau!. I uf]c Tiro Iluiufi-nl anil I ' iftf ' - ' fi-r 1929 Track The 1921) eiiitinn of the Cjold and White Track team, coached hy Hal Barron, master strategist of all track mentors, will compare with anythinji in the Conference Icajiue. As this publication goes to press at the time of this writing we arc unable to state the real strength of the squad but with the following prospects in view, Georgia Tech followers should see a champion- ship grabbed oft ' by the White and (jold clad team in the coming title scramble : Coffee: A sprinter of high calibre and a place man. ' Nough said! He is an Atlanta boy. Witmer: He has great natural ability but lacks experience. With one more ear on the varsi- ty squad he is bound to click as one of the fastest sprinters in the conference. He hails from Boons- boro, j Id. Gardenhire: A ver - good sprinter but iloesn ' t come out enough to be much of a contender. His home is in Chattanooga, Tenn. Hicks: A pole aulter as well as a sprinter. Hicks placed in the Southern Conference Meet last spring. An excellent man for the Varsity. He is from Calhoun. Boyd: Jimmy had a good year last season but injuries have played havoc with his track career this year. He is a high and low hurdler and also an entree in the broad jump. A pulled tendon has laid him off but it is hoped that he will be able to compete in the dual meets of the year. Boyd ' s home is in Philadelphia. Duren: " Dreamy " is a point man in the high and low hurdles. He is also entered in the broad jump. A mighty nice competitor. He is an Atlanta bo -. Faisst: At the time of this writing " Dutch " is engaged with spring football. If he comes out for Varsity track he will enter in the quarter-mile exxnt. Dutch is fast and good. Little Rock, Ark., claims him. Beall: For three years " Frog " has upheld the track prestige of Georgia lech on the cinder path. He is a might ' consistent half-miler and despite severe competition he has been a regular ever since he became eligible for the Varsit . Much is expected of Frog this season in the half-mile event and probabh ' the quarter. He hails from Memphis, Tenn. ' ff f ' Tiro llnnilrt ' i ttn I riftif-fii rcn 1928 Freshman Cross Country I ' he Freshman Cross-Country Team held two meets and were successful in both of them. The first on Xo embcr gth when they defeated the team from Tech Hi h School over a tlirce mile course by the score 24-, o. ( )n Nnxemher 2ind the aijain met 1 cch Hijh Team and licteated them 22-. , (ner a two and one-quarter mile course. Members of the Fres i ' ed , FaLran, lerrv , Smoiit and Seasholtz. 1 earn wuuunix numera als w ( Lam ' Ke fti ' li Tirn lliiii,li,il iiinl rillil, iuhl Minor Sports 1928 Tennis The Tech Tennis Team of 1928 battled ilown all uppusitiun in ilual meets and their doidiles team went to tlie Semi-Finals in the Southern Intercollegiate meet. The Team was composed of Captain " I ' eeW ' ee " .Merr ; (jeorjje Lewis, Captain tor l ' j2 j: Hiirr Cabiness ; Red ' illiams(;n ; and S dne (loldin. RECORD OF 1928 MKETS Florida at Gainesville Tie Alabama at Home lech renncs ee at Knowille 1 ech Genriiia at Home Tech Southern Intercollejiiate at New Orleans. ' K. i ' ■irn II mull nl anil SLrlil 1928 Golf The sprini; season of 1928 was an exceptional!) successful one for 1 ech ' s Golf team. Cap- tained by the well known VV ' atts Gunn, and rounded out by Shaji I ruin. Charlie Brumby and joe Hii;h Williams, the team lost onl one dual meet and tiiat to ale at New Ha en. Sha;i Irwin was selected to captain the ' )2 ) team. RECORD OF MKETS ' anderbilt at Nasluille, .March 1 ytli Snowed ( )ut Alabama at Home, March ust ... Tech Florida at Home, April 7th Tech Nortli Carolina at Home, April i4rh Tech Georjiia at Home, April 21st ' Fech Univ. of Fenns hania at Philadelpliia. April 2Cth lech Princetcn at i ' rinceton, April 27th Tech ale at New Haven, .April 28th Yale S. 1. C. Meet at Nashville won by Geozia Tech, won _ n plate. l nf e Tiru Iliimlrvtl tnnl Sixtihinic 1929 Swimming Team Tech ' s Swimming Team tor tliis ear lixed up to the reputation it has liail tor tlie past several ears by winning; the Southern Conference Championship, and also the State Championship. KarU in the season the Team took the Northern trip and t mnd the competition up there too strenuous to meet. They fell before Princeton in a dual meet and came third in a trianszular meet with the Navy and University of Pittsburj;h. Tiiree dual meets followed anil ' lech won all of these, and then finished the season by winning the State meet. Captain McKinstry and Ex-captain HoUeman, by setting quite a few records, established them- selves as the stars of the season. Simpkins, Haggerty, Shackleford, Maier, Harris, Cooper and House helped to uphold the name and reputation of Tech as the best swimmers in the South. The results of the meets were: Tech .... Tech .... II — Princeton 4 j 2, ( Navy 39 ) Pittsburg 17 Tech 52 — Duke 10 44 — Knoxville " Y " . . . 18 48 — Florida 13 a t) ■ ■ ■ . 13 Tech Tech Tech 41 j Georgia ( Emory I ' li ' it 1 lilt II iiiKlrril mill Sixty-firij Military Athletics The R. (). T. C. and the Naval R. ( ). T. C at Tech each year sponsor atliletic contests hetueen tlie different hranches of the service and between the units of these branches. A resjular football schedule is arranjied, uniforms are loaned b the Athletic Association and the use of Grant Field is permitted. Players showing; up exceptionally well in Batallion athletics are invited to come out for the Varsity teams. Many good players have been " discovered " by this means. The In- fantr won the R. (X T. C football championship this ear, after several ery close frames. A similar schedule is arranijed for basket-ball and much interest and rivalry is displayed. Below is shown a picture of the Coast Artillery basket-ball team, which won the championship of the militarv units in that sport. An R. (). 1 ' . C track meet is an annual event. Fast time i s rccoriletl in the runninji events and the field events attract considerable interest. The infantry carried awa - high honors in the track meet this vear. rtific Tiro Hundred nud Sij ttj-thrce i u«. . ' f i;i ■ •.ri. Iliiiuhrd tiiitl si.f In l , GANIZATION Honorary Fraternities Phi Kappa Phi Irrr _ ml ' 1 — [P : 1 HONORARY FRATERNITY Foundeil i«97 I nstalleil KJI4 FACULTY ' N. F. Beardsluy T. VV . Fitzgerald J. G. LUTER I). P. Savant G. H. BoGGs H. K. Fulner R. M. Matson V. V. M. L. Brittaix H. E. Genz H. W. Mason D. M. Smith H. H. Caldwell E. S. Hannaford A. B. Morton T. G. Seidell J. B. Crenshaw A. V. Henrn f. E. McDaniel D. L. Stanh N ' . L. Carmichael R. L. Hill G. H. McKee W. H. Vaughn I. L. Daniel R. S. Howell T. W. Noel H. S. Weber K. H. Folk, Jr. V . H . Johns, Jr. W. G. Perry B. B. Wroth R. S. King F. R. Reade ah:mbers Howard C. Bosworth Carroll H. HUDDLESTON ( )scar F. Olsen Samuel A. Cannon Ja.mes M. Lowe P DWARD T. ReMPE James E. Cook William J. Martin Joe W Ross John B. Dalhouse Henry S. Morton William O. Simpkin Joseph Dechovitz Kenneth W. Mowry Sidney R. Smith X ' ernon E. Fuller John W. N ORTH Frank 0. Waddey Frwk W. Green Hoke S. Woodruff Top Roiv Cook, C annon, Bo ;gs, Skiles, Noel, Fitzgerald, Huddleston, Waddev Middle Row Morton, Olsen, Martin, Dechovitz, North, Bosvvortii, Mow r -, W ' oodruff Bottom Roic Green, Lowe, Rcinpc, Smith, Dalli(Mi r. Sinipkins, Ross, F " uller 2S5 ' iiF " Pat f Tirti Hundrvd nnd Sixtij-cight Tau Beta Pi HONORARY ENGINEERING FRATERNITY Founded 1885 Installed 1924 FACULTY James P. Breen C. E. COOLIDGE T. S. Dunn T. W. Fitzgerald E. S. Hannaford H. M. Martin H. W. Mason F. C. Snow K. K. Stovall H. L. Hrkuton E. C. Hosworth W. E. Burton S. A. Cannon V. E. Fuller F. W. Green E. s. Harrison- members C. E. Heitman W. M. Honour C. H. HUUDLESTON G. H. Lewis J. M. Lowe Lane Mitchell H. S. Morton T. W. North O. F. Olsen E. T. Rempe J. W. Ross S. R. Smith R. D. Tram M ELL J. T. Ware H. S. Woodruff J. W. Moore POST GRADUATES H. R. PUND Top Row Cannon, Renipe, Huddleston, Ware, Heitman, North, Burton, Fuller Miihlle Row Pund, Green, Bosworth, Lowe, Trammel, Woodruff, Smith Bottom Roiv Harrison, Olscn, Morton, Honour, Brewton, Ross, Lewis, Mitchell Pfliic ' I ' lrit HiuHlral and Sixlihltiiic Pi Delta Epsilon HONORARY j( )IRNAI, IS TK ' FRA ' I KRXm ' Kuuiuleil lyoij ]£stablis!ied l )22 VALl i:VY A. H. Armstrong j. H. Crenshaw P. H. N ARMdRE ME.MHKRS G. M. Si ' arks RoBiRT Andrrsox W. H. (jR NTH AM S. T. Prlitt W. C. UlNKI.IV C. U. Hagcertv A. F. Roberts K. r. I5n vi N, Jr. D. M. Heritage F. L. Sacha j. R. C.ARXES C. n. King, ]r. A. H. SCHWENKE JUrton Ci.oud N. H. Lassiter, Jr. R. V. Stephens H. E. DoDD. Tr. Kent Mack. [r. W. R. Taylor M. A. EzELi. L. B. Mann T. R. Thompson E. C. Faxt A. M. McCov T. G. Tyson R. U. Frkdirick Lane Mitchell H. S. Woodruff S. G. (jOOIJWi NE L. R. Partain E. L. Yeargan Tup R ' liv F;mr, Heritafie, Kin;:. Pruitt, Mack. Cloiul. Vll(l(lruff, Stephens, Tyson Mi l, le R ' ju- Mann, McCoy, Schuenke, Carnes, Bowen, Ezell, Guodwyne, Sacha, Mitchell Bottom Roil- Grantham, Tlmnipson, Lassiter, Roberts, Anilerson. Hinkle , ' ear;j:an, Partain, Frederick V ye Tictj llmtilrtil ami St rcnlit Delta Sigma Pi Jtii I ' KOFKSSIONAI. COM M KRCIAI. FRA ' IKKN IIA FouikIccI 1907 Frki) H. Wexn R Aii ' n Hki.i, Fl.IJAH S. Cl.ARKK ROV H. CHANUl.liR Guy H. Amason C. V. 1?R() V ' LEE (iiioRci; T. Giles W ' ll.llAM Hl.ODGETT R. Hrannon Brewer (ii.ENX W. Chambers l A RENCE Cole Robert N. Gilbert KAPPA CHAPIKR FACULTY SENIORS Paul Landen Randolph Perry R. G. Fruitt J IN I ORB Augustus D. Lawton J. P. Napier W. W. Poland N. Pettys SOPHOMORES Leroy Hamilton J. W. Hemperly Alex Lindhol.m Charles McKagen Clyde Miles Fstablishcc! 1920 Edw ri) I}. ,M I riu ithir Hugh W. Russev Emmett E. Simpson George G. Thomas j. L Sewell 1;. L. Smith Karl Wilson Edwin Plaster, Jr. James C. Roberts Bernard Suttler Guy Swanson William P. Vaughn Top Roir Cole, Bell, Vaughn, Russe ' , Pettys, Swanson, Simpson, Amason MU ile Ron ' Brownlee, Smith, Roberts, Perry, Lawton Bottom RoiL ' Giles, Hamilton, Chambers, Clarke, Thomas, McKagen, Suttler. Bhulgett ill " ::; f y( i t!il ■; » ?_ " . p % - ! f™ •fj ' f ' I ' lm Ihiniliiil tiitil Si irntti- nn Alpha Kappa Psi HONORARY COM.MKRCIAL FRAIKKM IV PI CHAPTER Foumleil 1905 T. VV. Noel FACULTY Noah Warren I-. R. SlEBERT Installed 1918 ' . I. PiNKSTAFF Fred Ali.en ' Sam Barxett Oscar Bergstrom Harr- - Brown- Henry Brown- Don COTHRAX Newman Corker Stephen Cottraux VILLIA DiETSCH .MEMBERS Tom Ei.driuge A. (). Enaxs Cj. L. Friddell Albert Gibsox Hexrv Hills R. H. Hills Andrew Hutchixsox J. W. Leigh Robert Mathes A. S. Morris E. G. McDonald Frank Nelson O. J. Parker W. L. QuiNLEN Donald Read Bob Reeves Charles Romines Tom Vilson Top Roiv Brown, H. A., Romines, Mathes, Parker, Morris, Allen, Bergstrom, Cothran, Brown, H. E. MUflle Rrnv Read, Hutchinson, Friddell, Evans, McDonald, Cottraux, Hills, Gibson Bottom Rou- Reeves, W ilson, Eldridge, Dietsch, Corker, Leigh, Nelson, Qiiinlen, Hills Pa;?t ' Two HumU-cil oiul Sercntif two a Delta Sigma m - y HONORARY ' I ' ROFKSSIONAL ADNERTISLNG KRA TKRM I V Fuunded lyij Establislu-d 1924 FACULTY George M. Si ' arks John W. Jeffries 1 ' . H. HUL.MES MEMBERS J. n. Hlaxk Ervin L. Keener Burton Cloud Robert R. Lett Richard P. Dii;ckma x George R. Morgan J. B. Duke J. P. Nai ' hr D. M. Heritage H. F. Ragsdai.e R. W. HUKNER W. (). SiMI ' KIN T. G. Tyson Tof Roic -Morgan, Duke, Blank, Heritage, Sparks, Simpkins Brjttrjm Rniv Ratjsilale, Hubner, Dieckmann, L ett, Swain, Cloud I ' atjc Tivo Iluinlitd and StVi nti tint i. Scabbard and Blade !■■ . .. ... " ■ — — 1 1 1 " = jjJJ - " ' AR. n A.NI) NA OFFICERS Col. Pearce Cai ' t. Ide Lt. Wells Maj. Flamgen Capt. Rorinson Com. London Cai ' T. Skinner Capt. Diets Lt.-Com. Vi; FR Cai ' t. Nicholson Capt. Storms Lt. .Madeira HONORARY .MEMBERS Col. C. a. (,i ukkrc;h Prof. Cooliuge Prof. Henry- Dr. Hrittain Prof. Dunn Prof. Narmore Prof. Hoggs Prof. Holland ACTIXF MF.MHKRS I. .A. MlCaiv. C ipt.- lin J. F. Cook, 1st Lt. C. L. Renfroe, 2nil Lt. A. A. HhRo 1st Sgt. Miss Francks Barnwell, Sponsor R. L. Admr c. E. Heitman C. A. Manston S. T. Prlitt, Jr. H. R. Adams D. M. Heritagf V. [. Martin J. D. Rahner " M. j. Hlackmon A. A. Hero .[. A. .McCain C. L. Renfroe I. K. Cook Ea rl Hilburx S. j. .M fares C. M. Robertson R. J. Dlrant C. L. Huev R. Mkrfdith F. C. Rlnge r. H. Frd.nlan V . P. Irwin S. L. AIOORE R. B. Sensabalgh M. A. K .ELL R. B. Lee T. W. Newberry S. F. V alki:r R, H. (jRIFFIN J. C. Light O. F. Olsen R. L. Whatlfv V B. Love LAD ' S E. R. Parrv 7 ' o Ron- veils. Stcrms. Madeira, Flani ' ijcn, Robinson, Pearce, Hiiey, Lcjntlon, Nicholson, Skinner, Weaver Scion Roiv Lo elaii , Riinge, Adair, Newberry, Blackmon, McCain, Miss Frances Barnwell, Cook, Robertson, Lifiht, Moore 7 ' ;„7 Ron- Sensabaugh, Heitman, Olsen, Irwin, Hilburn, Hero, Heritasie, Griffin, Pruitt, Parry Botto n Rrjii ' .Meredith, Durant, Erdman, Whatlex , Adams, Ezell, Martin, Walker, Lee, Rahner, .Mansion ff it I ill [ It ' nffiiiir - ■; vv . T igw«a-. a- t »a 1 11 i r Tiro II innh III iiinl Sc mi t if -( ' » ' ' Kappa Kappa Psi HONORARY Ml SICAI. FRA ' IKRMT IOTA CHAPTKR Fmimlecl IQIQ InstalleLl l )24 H. R. Adams I ' r(s ' t liut . H. Lo i:i, Ai) I " uc-l ' ifs ' : lcnt v. . Newberry Serretary l VREXCE QuiXLEN Treasurer H. K. Adams H. I). AXASTASAS H. .M. Baxter I). W. Frakes W. H. LoVELADV MEMBERS R. C Mi:Ri;nnii T. W. Newberry J. W. XCRRIS W. L. Qlimex A. H. Wade. Jr. T(jp Rote Wade, Flakes, Anastasas, Lovelady, Quinlen Bottom Row Adams, Newberry, Norris, Meredith, Baxter Pii ' tc ' I ' i ' ii lfinnh il null Sirrntiifi ri- HONORARY TEXTILE FRATERMrV THETA CHAPTER Founded lyoj Installed 1925 JOHX ROBKRT BrAXDOX FACULTY ' D.WID ErXEST Pflll.l ' flT Charles Alfred Jones MEMBERS Frank Anderson E. Waring Best, Jr. Edgar Blount Andrew Bovce Charles Brumby Charles Cayce Albert L. Clifton J. Cartwrigmt Cook Frank Feagle George Gardexhire L. J. Harris, Jr. Edward 1). Herrox, Jr. Aubrey A. Hobbs Charles B. Kixg Jack Knight Eugene Manget Peter Pund Top Roiv Pund, Harris, Cook, Best, Boyce, King, Hobbs, Herron Bott ' j ii Roiu Manget, Cayce, Brumby, Clifton, Anderson, Gardenhire, Blount, Feagle ' «yc Ttvii lluiulrtil and ScvciitihsiJ} Kappa Eta Kappa NATIONAL HONORARY ELECTRICAL FRATERNITY Founded 1923 T. W. FiT .GERALD H. B. DULING B. R. Adams R. B. Alexander E. M. Burn S. A. Cannon R. J. DURANT A. C. Gable C. E. Heit lan J. V. Allen K. H. Anderson H. L. Bowen N. J. Greene J. R. Gilbert Wood. Cannon, Adanii ZETA CHAPTER FACULTY E. S. Hannaford John L. Ellis SENIORS A. A. Hero W. W. May H. W. McRady S. L. Moore Kenneth Mowry R. R. Myers T. W. Newberry JUNIORS J. R. Hall H. F. Hopkins J. C. Howell W. N. Holsenbeck Established 1928 L. D. Tabler D. P. Sa ' ant S. A. Novella C. E. RlCHEY R. D. Trammell J. O. Turner R. L. Whatley B. T. Wood T. C. Malone L. B. Mann T. W. Moore L. A. Newcome F. L. Sacha Top Ron ' Alexander, Turner, Durant, Burn, Moure, Heitnian, Novella mi, ,ne Roiv Newberry, Holsenbeck, Anderson, Greene, Hall, Hopkins, Malone, Hero, McRady Brjtt ' jill Roil Mann. Hdw cU. Wliatlex, Trammell. Sacha. Matthews, Ma ' , M ers, Gable, Mowry Page Tiro Iltiiulrtif tnnl Sfveiiti -f crfn spiked Shoe Society GFORGIA TPXH CHAPTFR J. F. Hhai.i President (iKO. CoFFEK I ' ice-Presidint A. A. Hero Secretary Coach W. A. Alexander Coach Hai. Barron MEMBERS H. AXASTASAS J. F. Beall J. BOVD Roy Brewer Red Bryant Geo. Coffee Al Crisfield J. Duren Ed Hamm A. A. Hero E. Hicks Geo. Morgan Clure Owen Bob Randou ' h J. W. Roberts Rock Rowe Jack Swain Stacy Stewart j. scmmeroir Phil ' on Willi r rmjc Tiro Hundred and Seventy-eight Anak Society Founiied 1Q08 OFFICERS L. J. Martin President Wadley Glenn Vice-President Red Holleman Treasurer R. E. Drennon Secretary j iEMBERS Raleigh Drennon Wadley Glenn Ed Ha mm Blster Harris Red Hollenlan Firpo Martin Frank Waddey 1 1 Paijc Tico Hundred and S€i ' enti -nin€ Bulldogs F(jvin(ifil iijio OFFICERS Lucius J. Harris, Jr Presiileni Jack Vice-Presulmi Peter Pund Secretary OLD MEMBERS Butch Bearden Ronald Durant Raleigh Drennon George Coffee JiMMIE Frink Wadley Glenn Ed Hamm Buster Harris Hobby h. Firi ' o ALartin Warner Mizell Jack McCrocklin Frank Player John Prichard Peter Pund Bill Walton Joe High Williams Red Williamson NEW MEMBERS Dutch Faisst Sid Goi.din Glenn Holland Red Holleman Red Terrell Stumpy Thomason Frank Waddey Joe Westbrook Paf]f Two Hunilred ami Eifihly-one Koseme Society JUNIOR HONORARY Founded 1912 OFFICERS WaRNUR Mizei.I President Harold Faisst rice-President Ed Hamm Secretary-Treasurer .MEMBERS John Campbell George Coffee Harold Faisst James R. Frink Ed Hamm Al ' brev Hobbs Jack Jetton Halbert Law J. Vic Little Warner Mizell Rock Rowe Jack G. Thomason Frank Waddey Charles Witmer yi0 L Pain- Two Ilundnil and Eiphts two Skull and Key Society ' = — yT[] Found eil 1912 OFFICERS Tom Jones President Vice-President Aaron Taylor Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS Casper Asbury Fred Holt John Branson Ed Hopkins Jim Brooke Roy Lumpkin Fred Channeli. Carlton McCamy Jim Coleman John McGaughey Sam Colvin Vance Maree Fleming Cooper William Nightingale Earl Dunlap Fred Storey William Edwards Bill Tate Marshall Flowers Joseph Willingham Ed Herron Tom Wilson Page Two Huiulrcd and Eighty-three SSL. ' r ■ .■ %■ );-■■■ ■ ; ' - -. ' •; " ' ; ■ ' ■ i ' ' 5 5• ' t■•r•«♦■» • i••v •■v t " • ' %v:« • ■ ;■ • -•■KV••••» ' -••iJ■. ■■•♦« •• ' J; -■ " - « ;«■ 7 ' i(o Jliiiitlrvtl and luiilitfi-fttur Engineering Societies Briarean Society Founded 1922 FACULT ' Prof. J. P.. McDaxiel Prof. C. E. Coolidge W. B. Johks Capt. a. H. Skinner P. B. Narmore J. W. Fountain OFFICERS Earl Hilblrn President O. F. Olsen I " ut 4 ' resident K. F. Tate First Section Secretary y R. Hicks Second Section Secretary C L. ReNFROE Trciisunr SENIORS T. W. Belcher W. D. Hodges J. C. Light J. N. Neal W. W. Chichester J. L. Groves J. F. Nelson S. R. Parry Earl Hilburn C. A. Kuhlke O. F. Olsen C. L. Renfroe J. W. Ross F. C. Runge E. F. Tate JUNIORS A. H. Blackmore T. K. Jones L. F. Schaefer W. W. Weddington J. B. Carey C. T. Oxford J. R. Thompson B. T. White J. R. Hicks G. L. McWilliams L. L. Tomlinson A. C. Wise H. D. Wright PRE-JUNIORS J. A. Arnold W. D. Griffin A. L. AIullins Adrian Newcomer G. C. Campbell P. K. Jones S. G. McKerrall Q. S. Quigley L. C. Smith SOPHOMORES J. J. CuBBEDGE J. L. Dozier E. R. Harrison Dan McKeever J. B. Shannon R. Whitfield George Woollard Top Rolf Prof. .McUaniel, Griffin, Nelson, Tate, Olsen, Hilburn, Runge, Carey, Quigley, Smith, .MuUins Middle Roiv Light, Vise, Newcomer, Chichester, McKeever, Ross, Weddington, Campbell, Schaefer, Belcher Bottom Roiu Oxford, Hodges. Arnall, Neal, White, McKerrall. Kuhlke, McWilliams, Whitfield, Groves, Parry Page Two Hundred and Eighty six Civil Crew icq IP HO.NtJRARI Cl II. KNGlXKIiRlXG SOCIETY OFFICERS SiuNuv I. Pruitt, Jr. President S. Julius Meares, ]r. . Vice-President RussELi, K. Stewart OLD MEMBERS Treasurer J. Faulkner Beall, Jr. Howard L. Brewtox Mathis a. Ezell Edgar S. Harrisox Robert .M. Hexr - WiXFRED M. Honour Thad S. Johxstox S. Julius Meares, Jr. A. Jack Mitchell NEW MEMBERS Robert L. Mitchell Sidney J. Pruitt, Jr. Kexxeth L. Rhodes Nathan P. Stark Russell K. Stewart Axel W. Carlsox, Jr. James E. Cook Forrest L. Dye H R()I 1) H. HiGGINS B. Merrimax Irvix J. Russell Johnson Sam H. Leggitt Harold Nabell George H. Roerig Kelly F. Shippey Howard J. Stemm Tofi Row Cook, Leggitt, Harrison. Stewart, Pruitt, Rhodes, Brewton, Ezell Middle Ron- Beall, Stemm, L■tchell, R. L.. Mitchell, A. J., Higgins, Irviii, Shippey, Stark Bottom Roiv Henry, Nabell, Carlson, Honour, Johnston, Roerig, Dye, Johnson W ' f i tfyi r h Page Tko llundreil and Eighty-seven Architectural Society HONORARY ARCHriKCTURAL SOCIKIV Jack Urown James Brown Leon Brown Leslie Dallis Charles DuBose WiLLLA.M Eve Shi Goodwyne Ai.i-RED Aberxathv, Jr. G. McChesney Cowan James T. Chaffee OFFICERS OLD MEMBERS Howard Griffith Nathan Holman H. C. Jordan Halbert Law Jake Lawo Trac ' Newton NEW MEMBERS ALariox Hodge William J. Green James ]VL Lowe John Pritchard Edward Rempe Charles Robertson Albert Schwenke W. U. Si ' IVEY Sam Turner Isaac Williamson Alfred W. Sturois William V. Toney Jack E. Woolf Top Row Holman. Rempe, Eve, Dubose, Lawo, Jordan, Prfchard Muhllc Rfjic Brown, L., Brown, J. R., Law, Robertson, Goodw ne. Brown, J. C. Bottom Roiv Schwenke, Spivey, Dallis, Williamson, Turner, Griffith, Newton .hM i f _| . 1 tom Page Two HiiikIiiiI ami Eii htii riiilit American Cc ni:;: ;r amic S ociety — ■ ' [IP - — Foiinilcd 1899 OFFICERS Installed 1926 F W Green President I.AVF AIlTCHFII I ' icc-Presii eiit H I Neely Secretary Alton Rogers Treasurer FACULTY Dr. a. V. Hexry J. P. Breen MEMBERS W. H. Vaughan D. F. Barthelmess, Jr. E. R. Hanna W. A. Mu se P. AI. Clark W. C. Hansard H. I. Neely E. M. Clary I. N. Howard Robert Powell A. T. Crisfield C. L. Kuhlke C. L. Renfroe W. R. Curdy C. C. McCamy E. A. Rogers H. W. Diecknlann Tom McCutcheon W. E. Smith C. F. Green R. G. McKlNSTRY R. E. Whittenberg F. W. Green Lane Mitchell W. T. Wiggins C. .M. Griffin A. C. Wise Page Two Hunth l anil Eitilitii-iiinc Emerson Chemical Society OFFICKKS H. S. WoODRL FF S. Gol.DIN W. li. Clements President 1 ice-President Secret iiry-Treasiirer H. M. Hashinski W. H. Clements (i. M. Cole J. H. Duren C. H. Evans G. P. COLEMAX T. P. G00DAL N H. Y,. Anderson C. P. Hrown J. R. Cain G. G. Clabeaux J. J. Cunningham C. B. Drennon, Jr. H. C. Ferguson SENIORS C. L. Hacedorn H. E. LuNTZ J. H. ; IlDDLETON J. W. NoRRIS JUNIORS S. GOLDIN SOPHO.MORES J. S. Fox E. H. Garrett J. R. Jenkins D. A. LoEB B. E. LuKENS, Jr. W. F. McGowan J. B. MoORE E. B. Morgan S. B. Peltier j. R. Porter F. R. Sanders J. J. Wilson, Jr. H. S. Woodruff S. L. Marienth l D. R. Perry W. I). OWSLEV M. H. Rauzin William Stokes H. H. Strozier J. C. Swan B. N. Thompson P. F . Wimberley » Patje Tiro Hintflrr ' i antt Xitiety American Society of Civil Engineers !tT] ]p) GEORGIA TECH STUDENT BRANCH OFFICERS Richard L. Mitchell President Mathis a. Ezell Vice-President John B. Dalhouse Secretary MEMBERS Joseph A. Baiv Edgar S. Harrison Harold E. Nabell J. Faulkner Beall, Jr. Gl v T. Henry Kenneth L. Rhodes Walter E. Burton Bert R. Hogge George H. Roerig James E. Cook, Jr. C. H. Huddlestox Russell K. Stewart Jack W. Cooke Wilfred M. Honour Kelly F. Shippev C. W. CouRTENAY Samuel H. Leggitt Glenn L. Summers Robert T. Crane Roy L. McCamy Paul L. Weir John B. Dalhouse John D. McLeod, Jr. Perry L. White Charles F. Duncan Richard L. Mitchell Hubert I). Wright Mathis E. Ezell H. Stuart Morton Howard L. Brewton i Page Two Hundred and yincttf one American Institute of Electrical Engineers •en IP r.FORClIA TKCH STUDENT BRANCH OFFICERS E. M. Hi Rx Clu. R. I). TraMMELL J ' ice-Cli iiriiiiin K. W. MowRY Sccrcf iry-Tretisiiicr Pr(1F. T. V. FlTZCHRAl.D Crjiinsclor R. W. Haker J. W. Hari.ow C. W. Brooks H. D. CuMMiNGS, Jr. R. C. Dunn H. E. Forbes A. C. Gable W. D. George V. C. GlI.LON J. S. Hughes V. P. Irwin MEMBERS G. O. Lane M. M. Lauper J. C. Light A. (). LoTT L. B. ALann J. v.. ALartin V. W. May A. B. Morton, Jr. S. A. Novella O. F. Olsen I.. M. Reeves, Jr. J. R. Richardson C. E. Richer- L. B. Smith H. S. Tabor W. E. Tidmore J. C. Timmerman, Jr. H. C. Vickery J. W. Welty R. L. Whatley J. WiLENZICK ] L Witt .■»; yMiBa» . « ( Ttiu lliinilifil iukI .Mmti tiro American Society of Meclianical Engineers pa r,K()R(;iA I ' KCH STlDF.N ' l " HRANCF4 OFFICERS W. R. Glenn- . . . E. C. BOSWORTH R. L. Adair, Jr. . J. V. North . Piisiilcnt I icc-Preshlcnt . Secretary Treasurer R. L. Adair, Jr. L. D. Bellinger E. C. BoSWORTH B. L. Brown E. O. Dhfore E. Dlrha.m r. Glenn A. K. Howe C. L. Hley -MEMBERS R. H. Jenkins R. B. Lee G. H. Lewis, Jr. V. L■ TTHEWS, Jr. G. L. McW ' J. H. Moses J. W. North O. F. Olsen O. Ortiz G. C. Perrine J. C. Smith S. R. Smith, Jr. E. l. ' Ea i.or G. L Teasley S. F. Walker B. J. White L. W. White Page Tiro Ilunilrnl nml Mm til-thrcc H ••«S. ' rtt fc ' ito %?«iifV ' 5= J PaffC Tiro Iltiiiilrnl inff Xiiirtn-foiir Club; Georgia Tecli Cotillion Club pj OFFICERS J. S. McCrocki.ix L. J. Martin F. P. MoRETON KoB Alexander Frank Anderson JiMMiE Ball Butch Bearden Waring Best Ed Burn Burr Cabaniss John Campbell JiMMiE Carnes Herb Clarke George Coffee MEMBERS Red Hoi.leman Archie Hunter VALLACE James Caspar Johnson Thad Johnston Berney Jones Neil Lassiter Jake Lawo Bill Leigh George Lewis Vic Little Pris ' uhnt I iii-l ' rtsiilcnt Sciri triry- Trctisiirt ' r Jim Perkerson John Pritchard Peter Pund Moselev Roane George Roerig Rock Rowe Lauris Saunders Hl ' Gh Shackelford Wister Sharp Bill Shedden Tub Shepi ' ard Louis Dean Jean Manget Bill Simmons Raleigh Drenxon Louis L rtin Paul Speake Bob Durant Jack McCrocklin T. G. Tyson Bill Eve Pee Wee Mirrv Myron Underwood Shag Erwin Hank Mitchell Bill Wade JiMMiE Frink Jack Mitchell Bob VALKER Dutch Faisst Warner Mi ell Bill Walton George Gardenhire Fred Moreton Terrii.l Wesley Wadlev Glenn Boh Paul Joe Hk;h Willi wis Ed Ha.m.m Wallace Pierpont Red VlLl.IAMSoN Aiatn Hero Charlie Witmer Lambert Holi.ouay En EARGAN Paoc Two Hitnilrcil and v ' tnety-si Charrette Club p HONORARY ARCHITECTURAL CLUB OFFICERS J. H. Prichard President W. D. Eve rke-Fresident J. C. Brown Treasurer H. G. Law Secretarx F. T. Ahlson J. C. Brown J. R. Brown C. S. DuBosE W. D. Eve S. G. GOODWVNE H. G. Law R. G. Bahrt L. W. Dallis FACULTY MEMBERS J. T. Watson NEW MEMBERS H. M. Iartin J. K. La wo D. T. McGowN S. C. MiNNicH, Jr. T. H. Prichard C. R. RowK J. P. VVai.droi ' S. C. MiNNICH p. M. Speake Top Roii ' Goodwyne, Eve, Lawo, Prichard, DuBose, Brown. J. C. Bottom Roiv Brown, J. R., Roue, Minnich, Waldrop, Law, Watson 1 I ' aije Tini Uuii ' lrcd and Xinetu-aeven Scientia Club HONORARY CiENERAL SCIENCE SOCIE ' l V OFFICERS Frank t). W ' audkv Pns ' ulent Joi; High Williams J ' kc-Prtsiildti Hucii V. Shackelford Secretnry-Trensurtr DiAN W. ' . Skiles FACULTY Prof. H. A. W ' iCKOFF MEMBERS Robert Carey Herbert Clark Raleigh Drennon James Frink Dan Guy Archie Hunter Wallace James John K. Lawo Rockwell Rowe Hugh Shackelford Isadore Shulman Bill Tate William Terrell Phil Von Weller Frank O. Waddey Joe High Williams Lee Womelsdorf Ed Yeargan Top Row Shulman, eargan, Drennon, Skiles, Waddey, Hunter, Frink, Shackelford Bottom Roil ' Guv, Rowe, Tate, Lawo, Williams, Vonlelsdorf, Terrell, NDn Weller Papr Ttvrt Uundtid ami ' iiirtji rif lit Square and Compass STUDKNT ORDKR OF FRKF. MASONS FountleJ 191 7 Established 1923 GEORGIA TECH SQUARE HONORARY MEMBERS M. Samuhl Johnson Robert M. Dixsmore Dr. M. L. Brittain H. C. Brown T. S. Dunn A. D. Holland J. T. Button E. M. Brown P. S. EVERLEY FACULTY V. B. Johns J. H. Lucas P. B. Narmore w. G. Perry- members J. H. Har ey C. L. HUHY H. R. Jacobson W. V. Skh,es F. C. Snow F. C. Stewart H. S. Weber J. R. Jackson H. T. Rockwell L. C. Smith Patfc Tiro Uundrril iiinl ni(7i -H(!lc Georgia Tech Radio Club ■ , ■ —rv ' JP r ■ • — 3 OFFICERS Bennktt R. Adams Presidfiit C. E. Heitman . First J ' iii-Presiiitnt T. H. Bloodworth . . Seond liie-Presidetit Ri) ' . Brewer Secretary-Treasurer C H M RSH . (Jhief Operator FACULTY Lt. E. R. Wei.i.s MEMBERb Lt. H. Storms B. R. Adams G. S. Haymans Ben Akerman J. C. Howell T. H. Bloodworth R. C. Lott Roy V. Brewer C. H. Marsh C. Brimberrv, Jr. L. a. Newcomb D. B. Buchanan Q. S. Quigley M. F. Davis H. H. Strozier R. C. Dunn E. VV. Stone Claude M. Gray G. L. Stallings C. E. Heitman H. P. Shipley Page Tlircr llun ' lrcd Co-Op Club , irrr T-T-l OFFICERS J. C. Light President F. C. Rlnge .... lice-President J. A. Arnold l rensurer Q. S QuiGLEV Seereinry MEMBERS J. A. Arnold Earl Hilburn VV. M. Reast T. W. Belcher W. D. Hodges C. L. Renfroe T. C. Broome R. C. Holt F. C. Runge J. B. Carey J. K. Jones R. C. Saunders G. C. Campbell J. C. Light J. B. Shannon M. H. Clarke D. A. McKeever H. p. Shipley C. R. Finch er G. L. McWlI.LIAMS C. E. Stephenson V. E. Fuller S. J. Millet J. R. Thompson R. W. Gregg A. L. MULLINS C. T. Wesner W. D. Griffin A. Newcomer A. C. Wise W. B. Hankinson O. F. Olsen R. Whitfield E. R. Harrison Q. S. QUIGLEV H. I). Wright Top Roil Wise, Olsen, Hodges, Hilburn, Millet, Fincher, Runge, Fuller, Mullens Middle Rotv Shipley, Light, Griffin, Reast, Campbell, Quigle -, McWilliams Bottom Roiu Stephenson, Whitfield, Harlcinson, Arnold, Carey, Gregg, Wesner. Newcomer, Belcher rmo,; Page Three Hundred and One Can Club HONORARY MKCHANICAL ENGINEFRINd CI,IH OFKICKRS George H. Llwis, Jr I ' residcut Casi ' ER J. JoHXSOx, Jr Secnlaiy-Tnusiirer Prof. W. ' . Ulnkin Faculty .Idvisnr MEMBERS R. L. Adair, Jr. L. D. Bellinger J. H. Chrlstlan F. H. Drew W. R. Glenn C. -M. Hefner S. ¥. Henry W. A. HiNTON C. S. Johnson, Jr. G. H. Lewis, Jr. H. L. ALl.oR ■ S. A. Novella «{ ( ' Tlircr Iluinln-tl anil Tiro Cosmopolitan Club P ( )FFICERS Francisco Castaxo Prvs ' uUnt Cari- L. Jones I ' ia ' -Prtsulent J. DeCHOVITZ Secretary Ol.IVERlo Orti Treasurer MEMBERS Jose Acosta T. Betaxcol RT, Jr. J. M. Cabrera Francisco Castano J. Dechovitz A. R. DoMINfiUEZ Edwaru R. Ulbost V. P. Fedoolov Alex. P. Fernandez Tenik F " ikret I. Ga in ' a H. R. Hogge C. L. Jones V. V. Lavroff Geo. a. Mahoff Kennedy M. Nahas Francisco Naranjo Oliverio Ortiz Juan F. Restrepo Jose F. Vallejo Juan R. Xiques E. Zuazua Page Three Iliiinlriil and ThrfC Free Body Club b ' l OFFICERS E. C. BoswoRTH President R. B. Lee I ' ice-I ' rcsident J. W. North Secntary-Treasurer SENIORS R. L. Adair, Jr. R. H. Lee L. D. Bellinger (J. H. Lewis, Jr, E. C. BoswoRTH J. V. North E. DURH.AM C). F. Olsen V, E. Fuller J. W. Ross W. D. Hodges S. R, Smith JUNIORS B, L, Brown W. A. Hinton R. r. BowEN E. W. Holmes F. H. Drew C. Y. House W. A. Edwards P. AL Pafford C. AL Hefner C. L. Strickland J. R, Hicks K, C. Thomas L. M. TOMLINSON Top Ron ' Hintiin, Lewis, North, Boswortli, Lee, Durliam, Fuller nddle Roic Ailair, Belliiiizer, Hetner, Stricklami, House, Tate Bottom Roiv Olsen, Drew. Ho(]i;es, Hicks. Pafford, Smith, Ross k b HO -miss Pafje Three Tlumii-rtl ami Four Techmallet Club [P HONORARY CO-OP SOCIETY OFFICERS L. M. TOMLINSOX . J. C. Broom If V. H. Joiner H. J. White H. K, Spiers W. W. V EDD1NGT0N President, First Section J ice-President, First Section Secretary-Treasurer, First Section President, Second Section f ice-President, Second Section Secretary-Treasurer, Second Section MEMBERS G. Adams F. O. C. Alford E. D. Ballard G. B. Beggs R. Breland J. M. Dextox F. L. Dixon P. Fitzpatrick J. F. GOODE W. D. Griffix H. HOLLOWA- H. IXGI.IS G. L. McWiLi.iAMS H. L. Newxax X. H. Parker F. Pinkertox J. R. Pixkertox A. H. Scrlggs J. C. Smith W. D. Strong T. J. Taxxer S. F. Walker W. F. Williams W. A. Waters Paoc Three Hundred and Fiie Honorary Society EVENING SCHOOL OFFICERS Hl(;h V. Klsskv President Hknrv L. I ' ice-Pnsiiient Horace B. Elliott Secret irx-Tnasiirer MEMBERS Guy H. Anlasox t. d. cothrax H. B. Elliott H. L. Hills H. C. KiTcnExs A. D. Lawtox : I. H. Leach A. S. Morris R. G. Pruitt N. W. Pettys H. V. RUSSEY B. L. SuTTi.ER. Jr. - ' r - . ■ . -1 a .t V f c Thftf Ilumired and Six Venetian Club EVENING SCHOOL SOCIAL CLUB Hugh Russey Prcsidtnt Guv Amason f ' ia-Prt ' sident Fred Ai.I.EX Tnasurer John Ai.corx Fred Ai.lex Guy H. Amasox W. W. Aycock Horace Bell C. V. Browxlee Glexx Chambers Lawrexce Cole Eugene P. Dare Frank Dabxey ToBE Etheridge MEMBERS Willlam Fox Robert N. Gilbert J. V. Hhmi ' erl- ' Henry L. Hills C. G. Horn H. C. Kitchens A. U. Lawton Alex Lindholm John Mann W. C. Matthews Clyde Miles (jwyn Mosely (). J. Parker, Jr. Norman Pettys Jimmy Roberts H. W. Russey Emmett Simpsox Bernard Suttler Robert Thrash Fred Ward Howard Williams Piti v Three Ilinnhrtl ami Scrrn ' . .• . ■ ' ' ••V ri ■ ' •Si, ■ ' ■5. j««.» ' i» . - «( ' ' rinrc Hiiuitrcd nnti I ' if ht Religious Organizations Young Men ' s Christian Association V ' ade N. Cashion . Miss Mattih Hiers . Genertil Secretary Office Sccrclary STUDENTS ' OPTICKRS Pktir PiM) Presiilent B. 1 ' . Wood I ' lce-Presidcnt Earli; Ulnlai ' Secretary CABINET OEEICERS [. R. foHNSOX Reception Cornrnitter Kennhth Thrash Bible Classes J. L. Newtox Discussion Grriii s B. D. Pritchett Blue Ridge H. E. RUSSEI.1 Deputations Ralph Heard Publiciiy [,. I). Bellinger Einployment I,. B. -Maw Campus Service -• 1 ---1 fh Oi, •:: O I ' tiifi Thivc Uumhcd and Ten Episcopal Church Club of Georgia Tech Miiiilnr {iti()ii(il Stiiiltiit CJ ' iuiiiil ' if lit- l ' i itislti::i l:pLst ' j )iil (Jliiircli Fduiull ' il 11)21 Established 1924 197 Cliapters OFMCKRS H. D. AnaSTASAS Firsidinl E. D. CoXNKRAT f ' ire-I ' rt ' siihnt W. l. HiCKSON " Scciclary-Treasurer ( Iiiiplnhi Rhv. W. W. Mimminger, D.D. . . MEMBERS E. E. AUERBACH W. p. Barber Eric Barton Kemp Caler W. C. Bowman, Jr. G. W. Chambers Y. L. Dawson H. D. Dixon J. W. Hall E C. Hitchcock R. H. Jenk ins John Ingle, Jr. Amos Kent John A. Kittrell A. D. Lawton Lawrence planning, J E. W. Mellichami ' , Jr. Clyde Miles Troy y. Millikan E. F. MORETT.A D. A. McKeever John Powell . A. F. Roberts J. C Roberts K. H. Roberts Hugh Saussy Edward Solomon Bernard Suttler G. G. Thomas L. M. ToMLINSON Dick ' Fre erton G. E. V ' lERICK Randolph Whitfield Charles Wilson J. W. Woolf V. B. Yeargan 7 ' o Ron- Dawson, Mamiinij;, Chambers, Millikan, Roberts, A. F., Wilson, earjjan, Treverton, Solomon Muldle Ron- Suttler, Thomas. Woolf, Dixon, Caler, Barton, Jenkins, Roberts, K. B., Hitchcock. Barber Holtoin R01V Hall, Mellichamp, X ' ierick. Anastasas, Rev. W. W. MemmiriLier, D.D.. Hickson. Powell, Whitfield. Eawton, K ' ttrell Ptif c Thi ' ii lluitilrnl iiml i:i(reii All Saints Bible Class 1 IP« OFFICERS H. I). Ax ASTASAS William Hickson . C. M. Hefner Presiilent J iff-Pri sulfiit Semtiiry- ' l ' ririsurir MK.MHKKS H. I). An ASTASAS Robert Atkinson Arthlr Birch R. T. Bow EN O. L. Branson William Brooks Charles Burns C H. Caperton V. K. Carter Glenn Chambers E. M. Clary C. E. COTHAM C. J. Cregar Pall Des Jardines H. D. Dixon John V W. K. ( relr .[. W. (jRIFFITH D. R. Hale Jack Hall John Hancock, Jr. C. M. Hefner William Hickson I. C. Hitchcock R. H. Jenkins Amos Kent A. D. Lawton E. C. LvoN E. V. Mellicham;- D. W. MiDDLETON MeIAIN MiDDLETON INCHESTER S. WlLLI F. C. MooRE John Moore J. G. Moore John Neal C. Neson T. Partridge J. P. Powell R. Powell A. F. Roberts K. B. Roberts c. k. robison H. T. Rockwell D. A. Schearer C. L. Strickland Winston Snodcrass AMS Jerome W C. ' . Stone I,. M. ToMI.INSON UicK Trexkrton George Vierick P. ' ()nWeller V. Waller F. L. Ward Harrison Watts V. Wallace J. W. Welch Cjordon Wells F.i.iis Whitehead . R. White R. W. Whitfield C. ( ). WlBI.ACK OODS llHn,lii,l iliul -lirrlr North Avenue Presbyterian Tech Bible Class OFFICERS Frkd a. Lewter _ • . PiesiJeiit Charles Chapman Vice-President Al Hudson Secretary Kenneth Movvkv Treasurer Mr. James Mdkton Teacher SPONSORS Miss Carolyn Bakp;k Miss Marv Virginia Blackstock Miss Adele Bird .Miss Irene Essig MEMBERS . cosTA, Jose i »ichten mulli.k. II. [ . Juhnso.n, I). II. Kkmie. I-,. T. .Vpams, T. M. Dickinson, j. Johnson, N, A.. .Ik. Riiohes. K. I.. Akerman, Ben Dixon, L. P.. Johnston, J. . . 1 )Binso.n, W . E. . kerman. J. R. DoMiNA, I " . Jones. (I. 1 . Kooerson, I,. S. . lbert. V. M. Drennon, C. B., Jr. Jones. S. .Sammons. Bl-rie .Anderson, IC. B. Klliott, W. K. Keith, T. I.. Sanderson, K. . 1. Argenbright, R. ICarnest, W. R.. Jr. Klahr, U. J. Sargent, II. 1). . vcock. B. l- ' i. etcher. H. W. Kniseley, C. W. Seasholtz. J. C " . Ballard, J. L.. Jr. (Iephart. DeWitt Korsmo. 11. J. Sibley. Harold Barne:. (;. S. (iEPHART. Rex Lancford. K, .M. Smith. II. C. Barnes, Max (Iibson, Otis Lanier, P. .Smith. J. , . BaRNIIARDT. J. C. (IlBSON, H. D. LaNKFORD. C " . . MllH. M. 1., Barnhill, 7. (liBSON. R. R. Lau, I. 11. Smith, X. . . Boston, J. O. (Iillham. W. T. LeBey, J. C. Solo.mon, K. C. BoswELl., J. E Ckiffin, Knox Lively, Ed. Thomason, Ralph Bradford, S. E. (Ii-est, J. R. Maddox, J. II. Stephenson, l ' . S. Brooke, R. J. IIackett, J. Maxwell. J. S. Strickland. J. H. Bryant, R. " M. Uahn, E. R. McCamy, Robert Scddeth. J. H. Camp, E. Hale. D. R. McCOllum. Ci Taliaferro. I. W. Camp, W. P. Hale. V. McConxell. H. Z. Tatum. . . . 1. Carson. G., Jr. Hammond. J. L. McKay, S. C. Thomfson. J. C. Carson, W. E. Hammond. J. P. McKinstry, R. G. Trammell. R. I). Chafin, H. L. Ha.milton, E. B.. Jr. Milam. Ji ' dson. Jr. Tyson. B. M. Chambers. E. Harrison, F. R. .Mills, J. J. X ' anx, L. K. Chapman. C. M. Harrison. J. H.. Jr. .Moffat. W. C. Ware. J. T. Clark. .M. G.. Jr. Haskins, A. L.. Jr. JIoore. C. W. Wasdin. G. E. Clarke. M. H. Haydon. T. D. Mowry. K. V. Washihrn. Han CocKRELL. M. E. Henry. ' . K. Nahas, K. M. Watson. W. I. Cole, H. S. Herndon. P. M. Neeley. 1. 11.. Ir. Weddington. W . W. Cork. L. C. Hill. A. I.. Orr. L. 11. White. IIarkv CR.ABTREE. J. D. Hill. W. E. Parker, Nelson Whitley, I- ' rank Craven, T. P. Hudson. . . R. Patersox. Malcolm Whitman. Rorert Crocker. ' E. J. Hidson, C. S. Phillhes. . . L. Wolfe. II. J. Daniel, L. P.. Hudson, J. E. Pilkington, Brown Wolfe, E. V. Daniel, L. Hutchison, S. N. Pippin, Leon Wright. Wistar Daniel. T. Isley, D ' . nson. Jr. Rahn, Adolph 7 igues, J. R. Davis. R. Isenhour. H. L. Raines. Theo Varbrough. J. W. Davis. T. I., Ir. Ivey. Robert Redoing. R. F. Yarbrough. .Max Dean. M. E. " Iohns ix. C. E- Hvfi . 1 M (■ I ' hrir anil I ' Uiitrttt St. Marks Austin ' Tech Bible Class OFFICERS Colon- 11. I.W.Austin Teacher j. H. " DuREX President F. D. Bellinger I ue-l ' res ' uleni H. M. B.AXTlR Secretary J. M. Hari.ow Treasurer Mrs. I a. Stewart Pianist Ruth O ' Steen Sponsor James W. Austin. James Anthony W. E. Bac ley W. G. Baker W. E. Barker |ack Bari.ow H. M. Baxter C. A. Beali. Mahon Beck L. D. Bellinger O. L. Bronson C. W. Brooks JiMMiE Calloway R. W. Cannon J. G. Carey R. H. Coleman Franklin Carter Quitman Cook Roy Cook C. E. Cot HAM R. MEMBERS n. c. cummings m. m. commack George Daniel T. P. Doyal J. B. DUREN D. P. Decker T. Fikret P.JVUL FiTE, Jr. s. h. fulford James Furlow J. H. Harvey Roy E. Hitchcock T. M. Holland W. C. Hunter R. C. H umber T. F. Litaker B. W. ALartin R. S. McGarity a. l. mullins Roi.ERS Parker Al. Part low F. H. PUGH Q. S. QuiGLEY J. S. Raby Irwin Salmon A. B. Saunders J. K. Searcy Malco.m Smith William Stokes H. W. Stancill A. W. Sturgis Bill Strong H. W. TiNLEY Lamar Waddell AViLLiAM Ward W. R. Weems G. G. White T. H. Yarbrough ' . B. " ' eargan Pn(ie Thnc Iliiinlicil ami Fmirteen Gene Turner Tech Bible Class Ponce De Leon Avenue Bnptist Chiireh OFFICERS Kenneth Thrash I ' rcsidcnt Charles Rickey Vice-l ' rcsidcnt Bob Paxcoast I ' icc-Prcsidcnt Jimmy Stevens Treasurer Clayton Cam mack Secretary G. E. . bbott r. . nderson 1. E. Archer K. Aycock W . C. Baker c. B. Biggs V. Biv:ns H. Eland K. M. Erackett L. F. Bradley Roy Brewer Roy Brewster H. C. Broach Ross Brock R. D. Bryas ;. Bruns .• . Burvev c. L. Cam MACK Kn Camp I. F. Chick S. Coffee L. L. Combs C. T. Cregab K. S. Crouch R. S. Crowder K. Cutler R. Daroen 1. P. Duggan T. DUNLAP M. Duke A. B. Evans H. Dunn Me NRY EttER MEMBERS Fred Fagan Melrose Klur F. P. Singleton W. . . Fitzgerald T. E. Lawson E. A. Shaw Sara I- ' itzpatrick J. W . Lanier Gene Stephenson R. L. Getzen C. LURNER J. Stevens R. R. Gibson C. L. Lydecker G. A. Stockton Earl Gilmore T. J. Manning V. Skinner J. N. Grant R. J. McCamp H. L. Strong G. Greene D. Middleton J. H. Suddeth E. Green L. Millpy G. Stemm J. S. Gruel W. C. Miller R. W. Smith Dan Hale Evelyn Moore J. C. Smith L. A. Hall LaFr- nce Moncrief James Smith H, L. Heaton J. B. Moore Perry Speed S. C. Harrison C. E. Moorhead H. S. Tabor .T. S. Hearne E. B. Morgan E. L. Taylor W. Hendricks J. G. Moore K. THrash Joe Higcins R. F. Neely R. Trarerton W. A. Hintox H. 1. NUTT Mildred Thompson C. Hudson T. W. Oliver T. I. Underwood K. Hyenbright Bob Pancoast D. S. Waldrop L. B. Hunt H. T. Peicler F. Waddev Helen Jackson S. B. Peltier Jack Ware J. R. Tackson Elizabeth Potter J. D. Warren V. H. Joyner Fred Potts S. H. Ward Kermit Toiner H. Rabbiens Claudina Ward T. E. Jones C. V. Rapp B. J. White R. E. Jones S. Ridder R. K. Whitehead J. J. Judge C. E. Rickey Oddus Wells Lena Belle Knox C. Ryals Charles Wilkerson LoRENE Knox Ed Sanders Paul Wimberly Glenn Knox L. C. Scarborough Otis ' right Lester Knox Margaret Selman H. E. ZiNK Charlie King Martha R. Selman Pu(jc Thvrc Ifmifhcd ntui Fiftrni t " I f. •r» ' ' ii ' V ' », ' » -■• Z j—V. v-V ' f (7 Three Ilini ' lrrd anil Si.rtffi Army and Navy Military REGULAR ARM OFFICERS Colon El. K. D ' A. Pkarce C. .1. C P. M. S. c? T. Major ()i in H. Longino C. A. C. I ' tiit (jtimmanild- Major BaRRENC.TON L. FlaNIGEN C. J. C. .fss ' t I ' nit ConuiKinilir Captain John W. Nicholson ; ., I ' mt ( unniuindtr Captain Hiram R. Ide Inf.. Jss ' t I ' nit (Ujninuiniler Captain Asa H. Skinner OnL. I ' nit Coinnmndrr Captain Henry W. Robinson « ., Ailjutimt Captain H nvARD K. Dii.ts « ., Ass ' t I ' nit Commander Captain Harrv E. Storms S. C, Unit Comniander First Lieutenant Everett R. Wells S. C. Ass ' t Unit Commnndn- NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS First Sergeant Thomas T. Jones C. A. C. Property -Is Finance Staff Sergeant Wesley H. Godbee Inf.. D. E. .1 . L. Staff Sergeant Robert E. Meadows S. C. D. E. M. L. Sergeant Joseph Hruska C. A. C. D. E. M. L. Sergeant Herbert L. Ellis C. A. C, D. E. M. L. K ' " f ' tlffe ' I ' hirr lliinilntl ami f:ii htiin ary REGIMENTAF. STAFF Colonel C. L. Huey Commandimr xMiss Louisa Howard Ranmcntal Sponsor LiEUT.-CoL. H. S. Morton Executive Officer Miss Helen Carr Sponsor Major R. L. Adair idjutani Major J. W. North ithletic Officer Captain A. A. Hero Supply Officer Captain J. B. Dalhouse Pi« " - ' ' Trainins Officer Miss Catherine Baker Sponsor First Roll ' North, Miss Louisa Howard, Huey, Miss Helen Carr, M(,rto:i Second Roiv Dalhouse, Miss Catherine Baker, Adair, Hero Pafie Three IlnmJreil and Xinttecn w FlRSl ' HAl TAI.ION .Major C M. Rohirtsdn ' Cai ' tain D. M. HiiRrxAGi; First Lillt. M. A. Ezei.i First Lielt. W. P. Uobbs Miss Katherini; Daughertv . Adjutant P. C5f T. Officer Supply Offiier Sponsor On. •■. ■• Cai " t. G. ' V. Hknrv First Lieut. H. 1 " . Eruman First Lieut. VV. L Yow Miss Arline Turner, Sponsor Co. -c " Capt. F. p. Myers First Lieut. F. P. Snavei. ' First Lieut. H. V. Racsdaij: Miss Kmii. ' S ' Chambers. Sponsor Co. -B " Cai ' T. R. H. Skxsabvugh First Lieut. R. P. Dieckmann First Lieut. H. H. Higgins Miss Annie Houstan, Sponsor Co. -D " Capt. A. R. Cathev First Lieut. R. R. Lett First Lieut. R. B. Griffin- Miss Al.MA McClain, Sponsor Top Roic Henry, Miss Arline Turner, Ezell, Miss Katherine U;iujihcrt , Robertson, .Miss Annie Houston, Sensabaugh S II on I Ron ' F.rcinian, Heritaj e, ( rirtin, Dobbs Third Roiv DieckiiKuiii, Miss Kmil Cliambers, Myers, Ragsdalf, C:ithe , AL ' ss Ahtia McClain, Lett I ' tifii ' Ihrtr Uinnlrnl ami ' I ' lrfiitf itary SFCOXn RATTAMON Major J. E. Cook (]ijniman Hng Captain W. K. Hlrton Idjutant First Lieltenant H. F.. Luntz o T. Officer First Lieutenant J. W. Cook Supply Officer Miss Nellie Uykes Sponsor Co. ■■R- Captain J. T. Kinnet First Lieut. R. B. Lee First Lieut. K. F. Shippev .Miss Grace Morgan, Sponsor Co. •7•■■• Captain J. H. Hunter First Lieut. S. T. Pruitt First Lieut. H. V. McRadv Miss Fi.isabhth (jRaham, Sponsor Co. -G " Captain S. F. HENR ■ First Lieut. W. J. AL-vrtin F iRST Lieut. E. O. Defore Co. - y Captain M. j. Hi ack.mon First Lieut. A. L McCoy First Lieut. ' F. Crane Miss Edith Harrett, Sponsor hirst Ron- Cook, J. E., Miss Nellie Dykes, Cook. J. W., Burton. McRady, Kinnett. Miss Grace Morfjan, Lee ScconiJ Rou ' Blackinon, L ' ss Edith Barrett, McCoy, L rtin, Pruitt, Hunter, . L ' ss Elisabetli (jraliani. Crane ( . ' ( Thrti Hninln ' 1 unit linntiiunr r-T —1 J ________ — _ k UJ W " VTaTOR T ] RI ' IHIRI) HATTALION (jf)nnniin lini Captain K. J. Dlrant . First Lieutenant Misenh Miss Sarah Sharim; . •IMLR . idjutiuit Supply Officer Sp ' ins ' r Oi ■■ •■ Caetmn J. Diamond FiusT Lt. W. D. George First Lt. C. E. Heitman Second Lt. S. L. Moore Miss F.i.ixor Hawkins. Sf ' onsnr Co ' 7 - Captain V. P. Irwin First Lt. R. C. Dunn First Lt. R. L. Whati.ey Miss Kathkrine Riplev, S ' oiisor Co " l.-i " Captain O. F. Ol.sen First Lt. S. F. Walker First Lt. V. M. Chichester Miss Frederica Schirmer, S misor Co " L-. ' ' Captain S. R. Parry First Lt. C. L. Renfroe First Lt. J. F. Nelson Miss Laika Slater, Sfioiisor Co • ' .! - 7 " Captain E. Hilburn First Lt. J. L Kingloff First Lt. ' . E. Elliott Miss Ann. Kni(;ht. St misor Co " M-2 " Captain J. C. Light First Lt. J. N. Johnston First Lt. J. F. George Co -X-i " Captain V. E. Filler First Lt. C. G. Perrine First Lt. M. L W ' alraven Miss Srs.w Clayton, St onsor Co " N-y Captain H. P. Forbes First Lt. W. E. Tidmore First Lt. W. W. WKiiniNCTON Tofi Roil ' George, Miss Elinor Hawkins, Heitman, Ware, Mi-s Sarah Sliarpe, Durant, Walker, Miss Frederica Schirmer, Olsen Second Row Irwin, Miss Catherine Riplev, Whatley, Dunn, Kingloff, Miss Anna Kniizht, Hilburn, Elliot Third Roll ' Fi.ller. Miss Susan Chiton, I iL ' lit. [ohnston, P ' orhes, Tidmore, Moore, Miss f-aura Slater, Parr I ' llijr ' llinr Jlinitliiil mill Tirfllt)! tien ORDLXANCE Cai ' taix G. H. Lkwis First Lieut. D. K. Bosworth First Lieut. E. R. Sanders First Lieut. L. J. Harris First Lieut. C. F. Ruxge Miss Katherixe Harris, Sfionsor BAND Major B. R. Adams Captain J. A. McCain C. ' VPT. ' MX T. W. Newberry Captain W. B. Loveladv Miss Alice Keily, Sponsor First Lieut. H. B. Anastasas First Lieut. J. V. Norris First. Lieut. P. S. Day Top Roiv McCain, Lovelady, Miss Alice Keily, Adams, Newberry Second Roic Lewis, Miss Katherine Harris, Harris, Runge Parjc Tlinr Uiiiiilicil and Twciitii-thirc RIFI.K TKAM C.M ' TAIN H. V. RoRINSON Staff Sergeant V. H. Godbhe M. F. Martin, Tctuit Capi. R. L. Adair W. (). Smith (j. R. Sl ' ANC.l.ER K. S. Croi CH J. B. Bacicari.y A. M. Jones • Conch KF Cniich WW selcctt ' il trdiii the tollowin}: men K . ci. .MooNEY f;. W Hlnc;erford R. W. Norris R. A. Anderson G. S. Obear H. A. Hlnnicltt C. Hopkins J. Taube H. F. Chamberlain H. N. Payne T. 1.. Ramsey W F. Davis C. I. Hudson G. F. Fi.Y G. N. HuNTIiR The Geori;ia Tech team won the Fourth Corps Area Intercollesjiate Match with a score of 3596 out of a possible score of 4000. This year is the Fourth consecutive year that the Tech team has won this match. Each member of the team will be awarded a medal and the team will receive the Corps Area cup, awarded annually. The Tecli team was selected to represent the Fourth Corps Area in the National Intercollefjiate Match. Last year the Tech team placed tenth in this match, with a score of 7552 out of a possible of 8000. • ;( ( lliiii lliiniliril anil Tirciitii(tnii- KIFIJ; TKA.M Matches wen- fired w itii tlie t (illcjwini; IT suits: AVeek I ' xdinc, J ant r%- 12, 1929 Team Score Georgia Teeli 3545 University of California 35o8 Louisiana State College 3 44 Week Kxdinc; Jaxl ' arv 19, 1929 Georgia Tech 3545 West ' lrginia L ni i ' rsit - 359 X. p. I. RiHe ' learn ' . 3329 Mississippi A. M. College 3429 University of Maine 3417 Week Exdixc Jaxuarv 2fa, 1929 Georgia Tech 3672 University of Wyoming 3370 Emory Uni ersit 3188 Tennessee Militarx Institute 3296 Pennsylvania State College 3621 Week Exdixg Jaxlarv 2b, 1929 Team — Fhe-J Ian Team Score Georgia Tech 1854 John ' s Hopkins University 1824 Massachusetts Institute of Technology .... 1840 W ' eek Exdixg February 9, 1929 Georgia Tech 3b09 Oregon State College 3702 Kemper Military School 3772 University of Alabama 3484 Iowa State College 3t)35 University of Tennessee 3515 Week E.xdixg Eebrlary 16, 1929 Team Score ( jeorgia Tech 3t)43 Texas A. M. College 3590 Lehigh University 3558 ( )klahoma A. 5c Si. College 3489 Fishburn Militar - Academy 3646 University- of Kansas 3472 University of Kentucky 3531 Week Ending February 23, 1929 Georgia Tech 3659 University of Washington 3695 Dephaw University 341 1 University of Idaho 3493 Lafayette College 3377 University of Dayton 3547 Week Exdixg .March 9, 1929 (jeorgia Tech 3614 Presbyterian College 3319 Clemson Agricultural College 3413 . orth Dakota State College 3645 I niversity of Pittsburg ( s-nian ream ).... 1363 (jeorgia Tech 1365 Norwich University 3t i7 Gettysburg College ( 8-man team) 2720 Georgia Tech 2750 Week Exdixg March i(t, I92 ) Georgia Tech 3(343 Culver Militar Academy 3fc t)8 University of Michigrn 3472 Virginia Military Institute 3637 University of Maryland 3567 Paije Three Uiiiuirrtl ami Tirentil-firc Georgia Tech Band ' ' - — = = = j] - - - ■ -- ■ — ■ :,:j J. 11. c;. Ri. j . . Direr or Adams, B. R. Gei ' hart, R. a. Morgan. V. H. Adams, G. T. Gil.more, E. T. •MOSLEY, B. An ' astasas, H. D. GlESLER, G. ]. iMcCamy, R. I. ASBURV, J. H. Green. W. A. McCain. J. A. Adkrhoi.d. F. H. Green. F. M. Middleton, H. Baxter, H. M. Griffin. V. IX NEWBERR •, ' ! " . V. Barnes, L. L. Haskell, H. (j. Newcomb, 1.. A. Baggett. F. Harrison. J. Newlin. C. B. Baggari.v. J. H. Hkfnf.r, C " . M. Newton, J. L. BoSWEI.I., J. L. HouscH, V. M. NoRRIS, I. V. Braxsford, H. a. HORNE. D. H. Owsley, " V. D. BURNETTE, B. F. Herndon. p. M. Potts, F. Bi.ACK. S. F. Hawkins, C. C. Preston, f. Bass, J. Inglesby, J. F. Plumb, V. Cannon, H. D. Jones. J. K. RiTTER, S. Cole, H. Jones. Sam Shutley, C. C. Coleman. L. H. Jarrell, V. W. Smyth, N. A. Day, p. S. Justice, L. E. SUGARMAN. N. Daniel, G. G. Keiser, Chas. Wade. A. H. Jr. Drennon, C. B. Jr. Lackey, G. Waldroi ' . 1). S. Ellison, E. Langford, R. M. Walton. C. 1). Edwards, W. H. Lannum, Jack Wesley. T. C. Pagan, T. F. Lefkoff, L. Whitehead, C. E. Farrell, J. E. List, H. A. Whitehead. J. F. Fitzgerald, W. Lovelady, W. B. Wilson, T. L. FUTRAL, A. A. Maddox, H. B. Woods. J. B. Mathews A. A. I ' lii r Thill lliiii ' lrrii iintl Ttccniysix Naval Drum and Bugle Corps F. R. MhRiDirii .... Miss Ravmkr Johnson Corps Citiniiianiler Sponsor PF.T ' H ' OFFICERS Cadcl C. P. (). Cadit C. l (). (). A. T. GoTJI-.N L. E. H.ATCHER (:,id, ' t c. r. (). I ' . (). Jnd Class . J. D. Askew T. P. Roberts F ' . J. Whitley H. U. Sellers O. M. Riley B. L. EsTES Snare Drums H. A. HuxNicuT H. R. Smith V. C. Hunter |. M. Clements Bass Drum J. H. Bloodworth C. J- Goodwin Mike Hudson F. 1 ' . Roberts L. L. Uettelbach L. F. Hatcher Bugles O. A. T. GOTJEN E. S. Crouch H. Breedlove J. D. Askew J. K. McCuTCHEON Cynib(ds J. H. SUDDETH Paiic Thvvf Ilinnhril ntnl ' rircntirncrcn Naval R. O. T. C. Unit Staff «niP Cd.MM ANDHR JoHN J. LoNDON U. S. Navy, Naval R. O. T. C. Unit STAFF LiKLT.-CoMMANDI-R i ' HII.II ' R. WeAVER U. S. Navy LlEUT.-Co.MMANUER JoSEPH H. I AWSOX Lieutenant Dashiell L. Madeira JJ. S. Nai ' x U. S. Navy Chief Boatswain ' s Mate Edward H. Kinney U. S. N. R. Chief Gunner ' s Math Henry R. Chambers U. S. N. R. Chief " Yeoman Eugene Anheir U. S. N. R. Ptitjc Three llundrnl find T irviit !l-fifjht val R. O. T. C. WHIP HATTALION HKAUOL ARTKRS Cadet Lieut.-Comdr. J. R. Frink Baitidi ' jii CmnnumdeT Cadet Lieutenant J. R. Carxes Second in Command Cadet Liect. (J.G. ) K. H. Anderson Third in Command Cadet Lieut. (LG.) W. C. Bixki.ev .... Baitalion Adjutant Cadet C. P. O. W. R. Taylor . . . Battalion C. P. (). C i)i;t p. O. 1ST Class F. I ' . Daniel . Color Bearer " A " company- Cadet Lieutenant L. V. .Mizeli Company Commander Cadet Lieut. (J. Ci. ) C. F. Herrin first Platoon Cadet Ensign H. M. Clark Second Platoon IVIiss Harriet Wvnn Sponsor Cadet Ensigh A. S. Boyce Cadet P. t . ist Class L A. Morrison Cadet P. O. 2xd Class AL Hudson, Jr. " B " C(mPAN Cadet Lieutenant C. A. ANSTON Company Commander Cadet Lieut. (J.G.) W. M. Holsenbeck First Platoon Cadet Ensign J. C Howell Second Platoon Miss LARGARET Dean Sponsor Cadet P. (). ist Class L. R. Waddey Cadet P. O. 2ni) Class T. L. Becknell Cadet P. O. 2nd Class A. A. Hobbs FIFE AND DRUM CORPS LlELTENANT F. R. MeRHDITH Miss Raymfr Iohnson . Co nmanthni; Sponsor 7 op RoiL ' Frink, Carries, Amlerson, Miss Harriet ' nii, Mi cll, Howell Bottom Roii ' Meredith, Miss Ra. mer Johnson, Holsenbeck, Herrin, Miss . Lir ;aret Dean, . Linston Pane Three HkihIihI iniil Tireiitti ' iine Naval R. O. T. C. Cruise icqp Tlif Aniui:il Summer Cruise for the Naval Unil was made to Northern Waters in the Summer of 1928. The (jeorijia Tech Unit embarked at Charleston, on the Battleship WYOMINCi ami pro- ceeded to Boston, where the NORTHWESTERN, ' ALE and HARVARD Naval Units were taken on board. V ' ith the same size units, Georizia Tech had a far better representation on the cruise than the other colleges, as follows: GEORGIA TECH, 72; NORTHWESTERN, 51: YALE, 43; llARNARI). 24. The V O.MING proceeded to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where shore leave was tiranted o er a period of three days. The noteworthy feature of this visit was the prolonjred daylii;ht in the e en- ing. This was caused by the high latitude of the place coupled with da light saving, making it still daylight when student officers were returning to the ship at 10 P. M. Portland, Maine, was next isited and student officers enjoyed a week-end ot deligiitful enter- I ' oiit Thill- tl iiiitlnil mill Thirtil tainment, prepared by a Citizen ' s Committee. Dames were attended ashore and a Tea Dance was i;iven on hoard ship prior to departure, both at Portland and Halifax. On le:i in ; Porthuui, tlie Honorable Curtis D. Wilbur, Secretary of the Navy, came aboard and took passage with the Naval Units to Boston, arriving; there July 4th. ' I ' he Secretary inspected the student ofHcers, and ave them an interestinj. ' informal talk. He also posed for a picture in the midst of a latize number of student officers. The cruise ended at Charleston, S. C, July 8th. For the coming Summer, 1929, the Nav Department has announced a cruise on board the L. S. Battleship NKW YORK from Charleston to Boston, Bermuda and Havana, and the Tech Unit expects to send some 115 student officers on this cruise. PafH ' Tlinc Itllinlrcil tlilit Thh tif-nnc riffTfi ' i ' ' f ' gy. " ' -? ■- " ■ I M ■ ' .s JS rV- ' ■-■ ' ,. . ' ■ ■ m fe .; ' - Staff of Yellow Jacket Junior Coot Watkins Editor Fatima Sponsor HOARD OF EDITORS StLMPY ThOMASOX Copy Boy Senator Heflin Religious Editor Professor Barber Military Editor Judge Meriwether Ladies ' Department Peter Fund Staff Bootlegger Kid Clay Censor EDITORIAL BY THE EDEEOR Throughout the tedious months when the year-book has been in a state of preparation, we have endeavored to prepare a comic section that would be consummate in its field. There is an abundance of humor and that ameh ' oration of sarcasm bv means of comed u hich is an unfailing source of amuse- ment. I have been chosen as edit(jr of this section because of my bou ant personalit and unfailing wit, which has attracted so much attention in the fashionable salons and clubs of Atlanta and Holhwood. CONTRIBUTORS Billy Bumguzzle Fanny Fizzi.edlick Sam Snozzi.erlossom Herman Hoofnoggi.e I ' liiic Tlirtc Ilnndrcd and Thirty-four Notes Chaperoning at dances is a (liit that must he performetl h some older and more settled person and the qualifications are man . ' ] " o he a model ehaperone, one must be content to sit quiet and look pleasant durint; the uhole of an e enin i and to tall; pleasant!) to an ' student who ma come up an l wish to enter into friendU conversation. This is often a bore, especiall when c)u know in your mind that you w ill be forced to give a failing grade to the student. So we have used our imagination a little and have succeeded in securing photographs of several of our faculty members in company with some of the season ' s debs, when it was agreed to let the chaperones enjoy themselves for a dance and let the (ninger social boys sit out a dance. The expressions on the faces of the daticcrs is an indica- tion that the are not yet used to the public eye. but we know the are reall enio ing the dance. Paiie Thrct Uiunlixd iiml I ' liirtii-fife As Some People Visualize Tech Fraternity Life As Others Like to Believe It f:(P ? ■ ' ■-f :x I !ia ichool of Technology a National Reputation ' THE GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY offers to young men oi ability and ambition a training wliich will fit them lor positions of responsibility and power. The national reputation of this institution is based not on claims, i)ut on results. Its greatest asset is the record which its alumni are making in the productive work of the world. Georgia Tech graduates succeed because they have been trained both to think scientifically and to work effi- ciently. Courses in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Textile, General and Ceramic Engineering, Engineering Chemistry. Archi- tecture. Commerce, Industrial Education and General Science. Coast Artillery, Signal Corps, Infantry and Ordnance Unit of the R. 0. T. C, also Naval R. O. T. C. For Furthkh Information, Address THE REGISTRAR Georgia School of Technology ATLANTA, GEORGIA =x iS: rn ' ii- Thru- Uiiviliiil mill I ' liiitil-eight Consolidated Calendar ' [ " hursday, September 19 . I ' irst six weeks of rusliintz; starts. Fri(!a , September 20 .Most all Freshmen pledged now. Morula) , September 24 . Dean Fields rattles forth in a new Ford. New term starts. Thursday, September 27 . Daily naps in class begin. Student s ipply declares first dividend. Saturday, October 6 . Hot sun, football and Georgia Lightning d on ' t mix. Saturday, October i? School adjourns to New Orleans. Tuesday, October i() Junior class elects — bitter disappointments. Friday, October 19 . Fach frat reports the ' have best men pledged. Monda)-, October 22 Annual three and one-half mile frosh dog-trot. Monday. (October 29 Dating of frosh officially starts. Sunda -, November 4 Season starts. e Gods! The Freshmen. ( )f all tile mud-slingin Rumors of Beta house for sale. g! Monday, No ember 12 . Back-slapping continues, only slightly lower down. Saturday, December 8 " ' ou ' ll play hell with recking Tech! " Thursday, December i Trustees scared to trust the band so far from home as California. Friday, December 21 Frat houses take on the aspect of sororities. Tuesday, Januar i . Day of Days for Tech. Monda -, January 7 . A ro al welcome to the National Champs. Mondav, January 28 Mid-Terms start. Thursday, February- 7 Biggest joke of the year starts — the Mid- ' Ferm dances. Wednesday, March i Basket-ball Tournament starts. Thursday, March 28 Inter-Fraternity basket-ball finals. Friday, March 29 . First baseball game. Tuesday, April 9 Pi Delta Epsilon Fashion Show starts. Friday, April 26 . Memorial Day — Tech spring holidays. Monday, May 27 Finals start. Monday, June 10 Good-bye forever. fC(aV» " O). ' ? r ' .is " «- r5)r . r 1 s » M E R R W MONTAG BROTHERS, Trac:U.-m,Trk Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. High Speed Trimming and Overseamiiig INC. Overedging and Shell Stitch Machines Manufacturers k n -of- College and Social Writing - ,1 fy ' " hJp Papers For Use on Knitted and Woven Goods Stationery : Envelopes of all kinds 200 VARIETIES FOR 200 PURPOSES Tablets : School Stipplies Special Models for joinino; cnils of jiiece goods in Flat Etc. Butted si ' .-niis for subsequent proeessing ■in,l .inii for tlie Hosiery Trade Vork of These New York City Let Us Demonstrate the laehines on Your 0 in Falti-ics IE COMPANY Atlanta. Ga. Los Angeles. Cal THE MERKOW MACHI 666 Laurel Street Hartford. Conn. r 1 r k t h t:(2i K r ji t:( ;»T, :i Pat c Tlirrr II mi if ml ami 1 liirtii-iiiiii- Hcltnv we liave a scene taken in a typical Tech Fraternity House or Boarding House. ' I " he weary students are talcinj; a well-earned rest between classes. The obliging butlers are busil sup- plying lemonade and cold drinks while the boys rela.x for a few brief moments. A little minute for a big rest Drink Delicious and Refreshing Work long enough, walk farenough, play hard enough — and you ' ve got to stop. Good workers know it ' s good to pause a minute now and then to relax and refresh yourself. With an ice-cold Coca-Cola, a little inute is long enough for a big rest. The Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta. Ga. o million a day IT HAD TO BE GOOD TO GET WHERE IT IS CS i =| ' ?S ' I ROBERT AND COMPANY Incorporated Architects and E?igi?jeers ATLANTA ARCHITECTS ENGINEERS APPRAISORS CONSULTANTS TEXTILE INDUSTRIAL MUNICIPAL POWER PLANTS iQjy - =ir«s2:J Poye Thru ' Jluinhni ami Fortiz-oiie Bed Time Stories Cinderella, Told By A Chicago Ganstcr To His Daughter. Once upon a time, back in that quaint old age when children still respected their parents and parents acted their age, there lived a very rich man whose wife died, leaving him with one little girl, Cinderella, who was born at a very young age. Heing a bear for punishment this man married again, liis second hall and chain being a widow with two active charge accounts named Kate and Duplicate. The widow was as proud and haughty as a hired girl, and the rich man ' s own little girl was as happy as a flapper locked up in a room with a thousand French hats and no mirrors. Her step-sisters were very jealous of her, for she was so beautiful that she made all the Hollywood spare ribs look like something the cat dragged in out of the rain. They silk-hatted her to a fare-you- well and finally sent her out to the kitchen and made her chief engineer of the fire place. Now these sisters had a perverted sense of humor. They were the kind that would get a kick out of soaping the steps to a gallows, or putting a bent pin on the electric chair. In fact, their natures were so small that they could go horse-back riding on an ant, and because our heroine was forced to wear ragged clothes and sit by the cinders in the grate they labeled her Cinderella. It so happened that the King of the country had a j ' oung crap-shooter whom he was more anxious to marry off than a fat woman to losing ten pounds without exercising or dieting. So the King decided to throw a big party which was to last three nights, unless all the guests went under the table sooner. Everyone was anxious to get an invitation, for it was know-n that the King had one of the six best cellars in all the world. It w as rumored that he had more pre-war stuff than a hound has fleas. Cinderella ' s sisters received bids tn the shindig and when the great day arrived they started ofif to the castle in the family Ford, all dressed up like Mrs. V anastors Pomeranian Poodle on Easter Sunday. After they had gone Cinderella started to cry. Suddenly she heard a voice calling her name, and w-hen she looked up she found a little old lady who introduced herself as Cinderella ' s Fairy God- mother. " Why the leaky face? Are there no Georgia Tech Sheiks around? " asked the old lady. " Because I can ' t go to the big Jambouree, and it ' s been so long since I had a real drink that I ' m as dry as a fish in a keg of nails, " responded Cinderella. (Continued on Page 346) CS v = 1 I JACOBS ' PHARMACY COMPANY Stores All Over Atlanta Semi Mail Orders to 0. Box 1740 Atlanta, Ga. l Sj r»= =r«i2 :i V f f Three IluniJiid and Forttf-ttrn r.G ' - f i. THE TECH UNIFORM 4: (? ' Sigmund Eisner Co. Red Bank, N. J. :Qp = Pai c ' find iliiiiihrd anil fi.rtii three A Novel Affair The nifzht was perfect — the moon vas tiiU and shinini; with a meUow jxlow as the cars hiaded with picnickers started out on their expedition into the w ihis outside tlic cit limits. An honored alumnus of one of the campus societies had invited the mcmhers to lie liis f;:uests at a dance and supper at a fashionable country club, whose name sjunded a little strange. Upon arrival at the desti- nation, there was no country club in sight and no orchestra was blaring forth its strains of jazz. Hut in the place of club house and orchestra, there was a rustic cabin with hardwood floors and a wonder- fid radio. And in the kitchen there was the most sumptuous of picnic lunches. A barrel of Coca- Cola reposed on a bench under the old apple tree in the front ard. In fact, the details were com- plete and the joyous laughter and harmonious singing during the evening were heard for miles around. The debutantes who were luck enough to receive invitations to the affair and their escorts were loud in their praises of an honest to g oodness old time dance right in the heart of .Mother Nature herself. 9 Standard Coal Company High Grade Steam and Domestic COALS Walnut Office 5757-5758 308-11 Peters Bldg. 1 ? lQprt= Atlantic Ice Coal Co. ICE : : COAL COLD STORAGE General Offices: Atlanta, Ga. Telephone Main 1900 dr ;S); s. Pane TInir llunilred and rortiifovr f Q COMPLIMENTS —OF— UNITED PROVISION COMPANY ■»W?S?! FOR YEARS we have funiisheil Georgia Tech Chaptei- houses with the choicest foods ob- tainable. TELEPHONE WALNUT 3259 32 Stores in Atlanta 60 Stores in the South SCGptI: J S te One (or your especial convenience at North Avenue at Cherry YOU ' RE ALWAYS WELCOME When you think of DRUGS, think of LANE ac : SACO-LOWELL SPINNING FRAMES — mean — Lower Costs Higher Production A Better Product =1 : t SACO-LOWELL SHOPS Soiitliern r; ,ce— CHARLOTTE, N. C. Branch Offices: Main Office: GREENVILLE, S. C. : ATLANTA, GA. BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Sc(2j»t(= =ir«s9; i Paijc Three Humlrtd ami Fortii-fivc llcriuloiis Barber Shop ■•TKtii HOYS ' niorcK " 25 Barbers in Allciidaiice For Servife ami Satisfaitioii Call on Us A. F. HERNDON, Proprietor IVV !i4(i7 Gfi I ' KACIITKEE ST. =|« 25 Ga. Tech Fountain and Cafeteria IN THE Academic Building WE WELCOME TECH MEN iiQp = (0 to =ir s2: " Shut off the water works and go out and get me a tin can, four bottles, a bunch of rattles and squeaks and I will make you a Hiwer that will make Henry Ford ili e off Brooklyn Bridge, " said the old lady. After the car was completed she w a ed her magic xand o er Cinderella and her rags turned into frocks which wi;uld make the local Society Queens look like an empt gas tank forty miles from a filling- station. " But get this straight, " said the Fairy Godmother, " if oii don ' t do a fade-out promptly at mid- night. Old Man Hard Luck will descend on you like an installment collector and you will look like a straw hat in a snowstorm. Cinderella promised to obey and left for the castle. When the Prince saw the l8K kid and compared her with the rest of the Dime Store Phoneys, he welcomed her like a burglar welcomes sundown. For the rest of the evening he was right on her hand like a finger-nail, and while they were Charlestoning he told Cinderella that either she would be his Sweet Mama or he would be an orphan for life. Cinderella, noting that it was only fifteen minutes until midnight, asked the Prince to get her another highball and a fresh package of lung destroyers. While he was gone, she beat it for home. The next evening when she arrived at the party, she made them all pause, observe and listen, for she was decked out like Al Ringling ' s horse on Circus Day. Again she danced with the Prince five straight no-breaks and had him hanging around like a gate. Once more she remembered her Fairy Cjodmother ' s warning and got home before the clock struck mid- night. But when the third night came Cinderella forgot to watch the Big Ben. Suddenly the clock started to strike and Cinderella feeling as guilty as a poker chip in a missionary offering, did a Nurmi out of the Castle. I he Prince started to pursue her, but he was behind like the tail of a coat and all he got for his efforts was one of Cinderella ' s tiny glass slippers, which had fallen from her foot as she ran down the Castle steps. The Prince was disconsolate. After being with Cinderella he could get no more thrill with being with some other Dame than Noah covild get out of a spring rain. Finally, he decided that he woidd take the slipper and if he couKl I with a pair of dogs that it would fit, he would marry her. At last the Prince arrived at Cinderella ' s house. The eldest sister feet were so big that she rested easier standing up than sitting down. As the Prince was about to leave, Cinderella stepped timidly forth and asked to try on the slipper. Her step-mother and sisters gave her the raspberries and asked her how she got them ways. 15ut the Prince was one of those big-hearted guys who would gi e you his straw hat in December and ordered that she be given a chance. She slipped into it easier than a fat woman slips on the top step. ' 1 hen dr.iwing the other glass slipper from her pocket, she put it on, and her rags changed to the swell lay-out she had worn to the party. The Prince was happier than a member of the Tuesday Afternoon Club who had just heard a brand new scandal on Monday Eve. When the step-sisters realized that Cinderella was to be the Prince ' s sweet patooty, they saw that here was a horse frf)m a different garage and the ' started to Sister her. But Cinderella told them not to slam the door on the way out, and she .-ind the Prince were married and li ed as happ ' as two strange bull-dogs in the same kennel. —J. BovD. 1,1 tnec 1 )ame ui ;i it on first 11 the land But her Pajic Three ninnln-fl ninl Fort -sijr THE BLVSIIISC BRIDE They tell us of ihc hliishiii ' t r ' ulc. It ho to the altar goes Adoun the eenter of the chureh Beticeeii the aapiiii; roii ' S. There ' s Billy li ' hom she motored ivith. And Bob u ' ith iL ' horn she sii ' am : There ' s J nek she used to i olj nith him. And Steve icho called her " Lainli. " There ' s Ted, the foo lmll man she ouned And Don of tennis days: There ' s Herbert, yes, anil blond hus ene II ho had saeh icuniim; ways. And there is Harry, high school beau. Jf ith iihoin she used to ?nush — Do you iL ' onder she ' s a blushing bride? Ye Gods. ' She ouifht to blush. (joins ' Across B ' Rail. = 13 EVERETT STRUPPER, INC. Road Service Vulcanizing HEMLOCK 7670 428 SPRING STREET AT NORTH AVENUE I ;c2; Ti= =r i2 : Pof c Thnr HitmlrKi and I ' orti cvi ' n Steve Meadows Exalted Grand Master of So O Meeting of the local chapter of So Q Being composed of butlers and cooks of the houses on our campus. The brethren file into tlie chapter hall, singing lustily, " We Meet Once Again. " Exalted Grand Master, Steve Meadows, bangs fifteen times on the table for order. The brethren come to rest. The Sergeant-at-Arms, Eb Ellegen, arises and loudly acclaims, " Let it be hereby and henceforth known that this Chapter, the Alpha of So Q, is come to order and let it fu rthermore be knowm tiiat all actions and vv ' ords done and spoken in our halls be done in good order. Hola! Hola! " " The scribe will call the roll. " The roll is called, three men are absent. " Brethern [ohnson, Brown and Hennesv are hereb - counted absent and simultanouslv fined two- bits. " " Excuses will be heard for last meeting: " " Brother Stebbens, what is yo ' scuse? " " Exalted Grand Master, I ' se got no scuse, ' ceptin ' I was sick and the doctah proscribed some medicine which I took too much of. I begs the brethern to axcept this scuse and delinquish me from the two-bit fine. " " Brethern, what is yo ' will on this matter? " " Flxalted Grand IVIaster, Brother Stebbens ain ' t been sick in two years. He wa ' nt sick las ' meeting. He was drunk and he got my bes ' gal drunk. " " Brother Stebbens, what is yo ' got to say to that? " " Exalted Grand Master, his bes ' gal is my bes ' gal and she was nussing me and took some of my medicine. " " De fine remains. " (Continued on Page .VSS) ?:s = =« ?s;! I Billiards Lunches Soft Drinks The Rex and York ' s 89 North Pryor Street A cliMn ]il:ic( fur clcaii frllows :inil a licarty wolc ' onu ' te all Tpcli iiii ' ii. ROBERT L. YORK ;:(2pTt= 9 =it J ar«i£); fe Fashion ' s Newest Things -for- College Men RIGHT IN Style : Quality : Price The Tech Shup 49 North Ave., N. W. iOvrr. =r i9; I llinliliiil ilnil I ' orfll-i ' igllt " THE GOLDEN T " MADE UP OF FIFTY-THREE GRUEN PENTAGON WATCHES Presented to GEORGIA TECH 1928 NATIONAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS Sold by Latham Atkinson Jewelers 185 PEACHTREE STREET :: ATLANTA CRITICISM ED AL MATTHEWS | It ' s tiisy t ' i ' jiii:li tn pick out laics III the li ' iik ihitl ollnrs have doiii ' . ConijAi ' lf To f oi. ' i (iiil tinirs that ullurs hirer iiiiule If he II your nun liisk you hireeii ' t hei iiii. Fraternity House Furiiisliiiigs It ' s riisy rii ' iiif;h to fuss luul liiid jiiult If hell others are iloiw their best, d To sneer at the little they liiive achieretl. When you have done nolhiu!, ' hut rest. TERMS TO SUIT YOUR It ' s easy enoU!;h to cavil and carf . CONVENIENCE To criticise, scotf and iLriile, Tor fell- of us, ever have done perfect 7Cork n No mutter hoiv hard ue hir, ' e tried. mm I It ' s easy enough not to speak of the best. Phone Walnut 2245 .Ind to djvell all the time on the worst. And perhaps it is proper sometimes to find fault 158 Edgewood Ave., Atlanta, But be sure that you ' ve done somelhiiif; first. N. E. Ga. K 2! Ti te ' A 1 If COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS ATLANTA —OF— BLUE PRINT COMPANY FULTON BAG COTTON MILLS Furnishing Georgia Tech Freshmen tlieir Drawing d Material for a period of years — Manufacturers of Better Outfits. ' ' ' ' Shuredry Gridiron Covers A TLA XT A 142 Walton Street liROOKLYN DALLAS . iinnp:apolis st. louis ATLANTA GEORGIA KANSAS CITV, KAN. NEW ORLEANS i C ■ i ' «! (■ Thn-f lliinilrcil and Fiflu ? :(? Je The Grain of Our Spinning Rings Contributes to Their Smoothness This shows how the grain of the steel runs in " DIAMOND FIN- ISH " Spinning Rings, because made from a steel bar bent into a ring. This shows the general direction the grain of the steel runs in spin- ning rings punched out of a flat bar of steel. Because the grain runs the same way that the travelers run, we are able to give you the utmost smoothness in " DIAMOND FINISH " Spinning Rings. This is NOT a small or insignificant point; extra smooth- ness means a lot during years of wear from millions of revolutions of the travelers. WhUinsville " SPINNING RING CO. Devoted to Making Diamond Finish Spinning and Tuister Rings Since 1813 ;C(Sp = x : Before Sundav. H ' INKS There ' s the uink of the flirt That says " How do you do. " There ' s the uink that you use TeUiiig jokes entre nous, But the one wink that I Very rarely see fail Is the wink that means " ryr " If hen you say " i ini er ale. There ' s the uink of the babe .is he coos in his erih, J ' here ' s the wink th it implies One is telling a fib. But the wink that I watch JVith much glee, is displayed By the man ifho means " Scotch ' If hen he siiys " lemonnde. " Pai e Tliret Unitili(fl ami Fiftij-thrce f ■(5V = ' y The cover for this annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois ' yvery Moiloy M.adc Cover hears this trade mark on the back lid. Her -Jones Service on Georgia Tech Senior Rings ALU MIS I WHO HAVE NUT YET ORDERED RINGS— Wc will iiKikr u riiijis tnr ;iiiy pradualinj; M;ir at regular prices. .SclicMil ruling is that every applica- linu fur riug must he a]i|iiiPM(l li Alumni .Secretary hefnre nrdir is filled. REPAIRS i, injuied rings lurnished by us. Every ring is guaranteed against defective wiukmanslnp and material or will be replaced with no charge. If iniureil lluiiugh fault id owner, we will repair at actual cost of mater- ials. Be sure to send to Herff-Joncs for all repairs. InlorrtKilion Needed for Ordering Name : Address : Degree : Course : Year : Stone : Size : Yellow, Green or W liilc (k)ld and Any Special Encrusting in Stone HERFF-JONES (COMPANY H. S. CANFIELD, Representative Iiidiaiiapttlis, Indiana Ansley Hotel. Atlanta " Desiginkk AM) Ofiiciai. Jeweler " tce jiz =ir sS)Ji I ' liflv Tin-it lltiiKlii ' d mill n til-foiir De Secatary will read last mcctin ' s minutes. Ha c silence and gib attention while de Secatary reads. " " The Alpha Chapter of So Q met las ' Monday- night, being resided ober by Brother Steve Meadows. By a call ob the roll, Brother Stebbens was found absent and fined two-bits. The minutes ob the former meeting was read and made correct. A recess of fifteen minutes was allowed for refreshments. After the recess. Brothers Heriulon and Samson wa ' nt in their seats and were found drunk outside the chapter door. They were fined one d(jllah. The mcetin ' being called to order, Brother Scoggins made a repote on de chapter ' s finances. There was a shotage of six dollahs, which was voted chahged off to refreshments. Brother Nebulson motioned that a committee be appointed to get the sanction of the National Fraternity to allow w-immin to join the order. The name of John Hennessy was brought up for election. He got two blackballs and did not pass. Brother Edmons motioned for a dance to be giben on nex ' Saturday night. Passed. A committee composed of Brother Herndon was named to arrange dates for the membahs and send out invitations. Only gals on the soshal registar can come. Brother Samson announced he had a new brand of cone for three dollahs a gallon. Bein ' no mo business, the meeting ailjourned to the next room, where refreshments were served. " Respectisely submitted, " Ephram Armour. " " Is the minutes correct? They stand as proved. " " The dance committee will make its repote. " " Grand Exalted Master, we gabe a dance las ' Satiday night. Thurteen couples were present and each member paid his doUah. The hall didn ' t cost nothin ' , the orchestra cost rive dollahs, and each membah brought his own cone, lea in ' a total of eight dollahs, which funds was appropriated by de Committee for his work. I begs the chapter to axcept this repote. " " All in favah of acceptin ' the repote as read will rise. " One member rises. " The repote is accepted. " " Is they any mo ' business? " " Exalted Grand Master, I desires to prefuh chahges against Brother Nebulson. I was callin ' at his house las ' week and was sittin ' on his front poch and he comes up and draws out a razah and stahts runnin ' me home. " " Brother Nebulson, what is yo ' got to say? " " Exalted Grand Mastah, dis good brother puhformcd an act which ain ' t brotherly. He goes up to my boss man las ' week and tells him I was bein ' chased by the cops and my boss man rires me. Then he gits my job. " " Brethern, this ain ' t no court, and we caint discuss these matters here. " " Is there any mo ' business? If not, we will close this meetin " . De dance committee will see the President after the ajournment. " :ie meeting is adjourned. ' SbJt Phillips Crew Piano Company 235 Peachtree Street For all Kinds of Musical Instru- ments, Records, Radios, Talking Machines, Pianos. Movie Cameras and Supplies I f r STE R CHI ' S South ' s Largest Furiiilure and Music Stores iiQp-r. ar s£); S Q). 142 to 150 Mitchell Street. S. " . Fifty Stores in the Southeast Page Three Iliinilicd anil riftii-flvc Epigrams Love is a fire for whitli there is no insurance. Love was woman ' s invention, but man has exploited it. Love is the greatest of conquerors or destroyers. In love, man ' s love of self increases, woman ' s vanishes. A first rate intellect is a third rate lover. We may as well love ourselves, for we shall ne er find sufficient love elsewhere. Man falls in lo e with a woman ' s mind and heart. When he turns to claim them he finds nothing but lo e. Men devote themselves to work to impress women, but they end by preferring the work to the women. It is sad to admit sometimes that the object ot life is not love. We envy the successful lover and despise in him the qualities which make him successful. We conquer by lies and then believe that we arc hneil for our real selves. Marriage is not a word — it ' s a sentence. Silks and satins put out the kitchen fire. It is not until late in life that one becomes really resigned to love. The greatest benefit which love has ever brought us is to have made us believe in it. Marriage enveloi;s love in so thick a shell, that its movements are concealed. The husband no longer keeps watch, believing that his security is secretly gaining strength with time. A shock cracks the shell, and he learns that it was empty. A woman is old when she does not care how she looks. A man is oKi hen he does not care horn he looks at. To be justly judged, women must be judged b ' appearance. Marry in haste and repent indefinitely. Silence is golden, but many a man has been talked out of his silver. Women do not want fair play; that is why they prefer love to friendship. W here the Gang Meets After Classes Tech Commissary = " ( ■3 Aeroplane Quality Submarine Prices Nat Kaiser CO., INC. ESTABLISHED ISM Jewelers and Silversmiths Watches : Diamonds : Jewelry " Gifts That Last " No. 3 Peachtree Phone Wal. 1910 iiQj ' 4= =tr :i Pane Three Hiinihed ami Fifty six 9 i :; r.G Compliments of The City Ice Delivery C onipaiiy 32 Conveniently Located Ice Stations Walnut 1287 ;(2pti= =ir«i9; (D fe. Standard Auto Service Coiiipany Flat Rate Repairs on Collegiate ' Recks 211 Marietta Street Ivy 3825 ' ji it. ' i J Qp-J: =r : t(p = r :X KG -- Com pi intents of KAYE COAL COMPANY 540 Marietta Street PHONES: Ivy 1192 Ivy 1193 t f ' ■i - l !3 Sp K ii SCS : = r i9:i r.( ■R ?? fts College Annual Headquarters " BENSON PRINTING COMPANY Nashville, Tennessee " Largest printers of college annuals in the world. " = - ' rQ:X Listou Pope, Editor -AND Vann R. Linebaok, Business Mgr. OF THE 1929 CHANTICLEER Duke University Yearbook Co)npHmeut THE BLUE PRLVT of GEORGL TECH C(2pti= to =r«;2);i Page Thn i H iiinliril (inil Fiftii-Ktvrn f:(? j= = ;5 A Lucky Strike for Some Guy. I BALLARD ' S T vo Optical Stores W ill fill your oculist ' s prescription for glasses 100% correct, of the finest materials obtainable and in the latest styles. ®® WALTER BALLARD OPTICAL CO. TWO STORES 105 Peachtree Street : (Clock Sign) Medical Arts Bldg., 382 Peachtree St. il(b nz =ir sS); I r.(E f Hotel Georsian Terrace icy 1 7 it ' 7 Fraternity Dinners Ay y ' ' Rooms from $2.00 Henry Albert, Mgr. tc(Sp-« i Vtiilt Thru II iiiiiltrd and I ' iftf vit ht r.Qy ' ijriily " ' The ' Best ' Taste in ifts t:(2PTi= Guaranteed Absolutely Fresh S G), TASTY-TOASTY When It ' s a Matter of Good Taste m " Sixty Second Service 122 Peachtree : 83 N. Forsyth OPEN ALL NIGHT =K tr y. =c Si. CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF FAIRER SEX Element — Woman. Symbol — Member of human family. Occurrence — Found wherever man exists. Qualifications — Depending on state in which it is found. Usually the United States is preferred. Physical Properties — All colors and sizes. Always appears in disguised condition. Surface seldom unprotected b - coat of paint or film of powder. Boils at nothing and may freeze at any time, however, melts when properly treated. ' ery bitter if not used properly. Chemical Properties — Very active. Possesses great affinity for gold, platinum, and precious stones of all kinds. Has great ability to absorb all kinds of expensive foods. Undissolved by liquids. Ac- tivity greatly increased when saturated with spirit solutions. Turns green when placed near better looking specimen. Fresh variety has greater attraction. Highly explosive and dangerous when in in- experienced hands. f ' Sv 1 I. KING FOR A DAY! High ' s versus Ga. Tech! THE students of the School of Commerce of Georgia Tech are alert and progressive even in their student days — that was the verdict ren- dered by the general manager of Higlrs when the Senior Class took entire charge of the store for a day. And the Georgia Tech men enthusiastically endorsed High " s progressive methods of store- keeping. lM,HiGH Co, ■f 6 Yea s A Modern. Store lep-j: =ir«iS);i VtiOi: Thnt Ifuinheil nml Fiftif-nine rsvs= =| r ESTABLISHED 1888 A QUARTER CENTURY 0¥ COLLEGE PHOTOGRAPHY 220 WEST 42nd STREET NEW YORK Completely Equipped to Render the Highest Quahty Craftsmanship and An Expedited Seryice on Both Personal Portraiture and Photography for College Annuals OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER TO THE BLUE PRINT tC(SpTI= =ir i9J V ( (j Thff ' r Ifiliuh-nl ailfl l ixll fSW= ' P :: He: " How do you think we woulil get along in liiiuble harness? " She: " What do du mean, a deer and a jackass? " r(? Ji= = ' " ?5):; L. G, Balfour Company FRATERNITY JEWELRY -AT- MUSE ' S « I THE STATE LIFE INSURANCE CO. Indianapolis, Indiana 724 Healey Building ROY LeCRAW, AGENT FILL KM IP .JC.JIX It lure in llw deuce do the Freshmen eiit When rushing season ' s done. ' I ve htid three square meals every day And hai ' tn ' t honnhl a one. Fraternities feed me and offer me smokes Sometimes kid me and lau!;h at my jokes So far College life ' s lots of fun. But— Where in the deuce do the Freshmen eat Jf ' hen rushing season ' s done. , 2z Ti= =K y Page Three Humlreil and Sixty-one ?:s = t 1 =1= : COMPLIMENTS Geo. A. Clayton Co. Engineers and Contractors Bona Allen Building Atlanta, Ga. C(Hz v= The W. E. Floding Co. MTRS. T ' niforms, Banucrs, Pen- nants and Badges and otlier College Supplies. Eegalia for all Secret Societies. Fancy Costumes for Rent and Sale. Tuxedo, Full Dress and Prince Albert Suits for Rent. 410-41 H W. PEACHTREE STREET C(23Ti= K e-A ;(sv :S5)Jt= = 25 Margaret Mooring School of Dancing; Stage and Ball Room Class or Private Ball Eoom Guaranteed in four lessons Xortli Avenue and Spring Street NIGHT CALLS: IVY 2415 Hemlock 8751 i(Sj = Walnut 0376 Bean Magill PRINTING BINDING =ir i9J ' Jl He :ei " : 414 Pryor Street, S. W. Corner of Edgewood Ave. ztrts3 ' A I ' aiic Thne Iluiulriil and Sixli tno

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