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; ' . H. t li «D mu wiLi. ' A ' J r xaui OaOUGin SQROQr, on ffXe 192S (hiMuKed bu tAe dtudentd of ulie Georgia c c of of SechnoSamj HAUWll-L.iAfv ' m.D.(n.8inicpi 4- e dedicate lais - lac ■svcitTy-jii-sLWolinne m I -yx.» V5» y- - v»..- ' t-v-1? ' . " ' vi T ■» sty4 ' V 7;s? ifeX v y ? ; g ■Vjc i-L ji:- - - . io- . rAA.- ' ■ - 3 - N - i dl mmssssm I c 10 PUrchant J ' ldaclax Cecil S:j hrJ ife - IJ0J-1J2J W f ff ichdrd 0 irman riaht IJ0J-,J26 m g jfar -g- -wV.yK j;jWj,-Y» ;.,f . ■%..A ' tV : Wy w „-- ' ?! I view; ' I is quiet. ' " The many colleges look dvtvn On careless boy at play, " " Upon the wails the graceful ivy climbs. ' " The trees and shrubs, no longer budding seen, Disphy the neu grown branch of tighter green. " ' Architecture is frozen wusic. ' Tis work done by nations, " " rnrcu ' cll. a word that hath been and must he. A sound thai makes ns linger — yet, farewell. " " . . . . vourishing a youth sublime On the fairy tale of science and the long result of time " " think that I sluiH never sec A poem lovely as a tree. " 5 iiLA " Nature I loved, and next to Nature, Art; " ' Here moon and kingly silence het f s Comptiniofisliip in state austere; " li f Dr. M. L. Brittain President of the School Officers of Administration ' ■ ' S BSB eS Dean Skiles Marion Luther Brittain. A.B.. LL.D. President William Vernon Skiles, B.S., A.M. Dean Hugh Harris Caldwell. A.B. Registrar and Secretary Frank King Houston, C.P.A. Treasurer and Secretary Arthur Hammond Armstrong. B.S.. M.A. Superintendent of Dormitories Earle D ' Arcy Pearce, C.A., U.S.A. Commandant J. J. London Naval Commandant Allan Benton Morton. M.A., Sc.D. Dean of Summer School Roger Shepp. rd Howell. B.S. in M.E. Director Evening School Applied Science Floyd Field. A.B.. A.M. Dean of Men Roy Stevenson King, M.E., M.Sc, Sc.D. Superintendent Buildings and Grounds Fred B. Wenn. B.C.S. Director Evening School of Commerce Board of Trustees of Georgia Tech N. E. Harris. Chairman N. P. Pratt E. R. Hodgson, Jr. John W. Grant George H. Carswell George G. Crawford L. V. Robert, Jr. Eugene R. Black W. H. Glenn John H. Porter Frank Freeman G. M. Stout EX-OFFICIO ME.MBERS W. E. SiM.MONS Clark Howell Joseph M. Brown Clifford L. Walker Fort E. Land (24) lgli3S 3 1Si32iJSl3SSSi|?it 4affi3£a«SSiyi) %ai Harold Bush-Brown, A.B., M.Arch. A.B.. M.Arch., Harvard University Head of the Department of Architecture Dean Bush-Brown James H. Gailey, B.S. in Arch., M.S. in Arch. B.S. in Arch.. M.S. in Arch., University of Pennsylvania Richard T. Morenus, B.Arch. B.Arch., Columbia University: The Stout Institute; Richmond College Assistant Professor of Architecture Ralph G. Gulley, B.S. in Arch. B.S. in Arch.. University of Virginia: Phi Sigma Kappa: Alpha Chi Rho Instructor in Architecture Frank E. Markel Purdue University Instructor in Architecture Harold C. McLaughlin, A.B., B.S. in Arch. A.B., University of Missouri: B.S. in Arch.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Instructor in Architecture Maurice Siegler Pennsylvania Fine Arts Assistant Professor of Architecture Georgia Tech is one of the few southern schools offering a first class course in Architecture. This course has grown considerably in the past few years and leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture. It is the ultimate aim of the department to give the student the necessary training in design, con- struction and allied subjects that will fit the graduate for the practice of Archi- tecture and will also enable him to be of immediate value as a draughtsman. Along with the professional subjects taught in this course is given the essentials of a liberal education, giving the student a broad foundation for his future work. Architecture is regarded primarily as a Fine Art, and the aesthetic side of the profession is emphasized throughout. (2D) s Arthur Van Henry, Cer.E., M.Sc, Ph.D. Ccr.E.. M.Sc, Ph.D.. Ohio State University; Delta Sigma Phi; Gamma Alpha: Scabbard and Blade; Sigma Xi: Phi Kappa Phi Head of the Department of Ceramics Dfan Henry William H. Vaughan. B.S. in Chem. Eng., M.S. in Cer. Eng. B.S. in Chem. Eng.. Georgia Tech.; M.S. in Cer. Eng.. University of Illinois Assistant Professor of Ceramics Being the first school south of the Ohio River to estabhsh a department of Ceramic Engineering. Georgia Tech has kept up with the times and introduced something vital to the interests of progress in this state. The State of Georgia possesses vast opportunity in this field, having been endowed by nature with an abundance of ceramic materials, includin g clays, kaolins, bcauxites. feldspars, sands, cement rock, and fullers earth. The course is so arranged as to combine the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject by research, laboratory work, and also inspection trips throughout the state. This is a four-year course and leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Ceramic Engineering. (liOl School of Civil Engineerin Franklin C. Snow. C.E., Sc.D, C.E.. Ohio State University: Sc.D., University of Georgia: A. P. E. E.: A. S. C. E.: A. M. A. E. : Pi Kappa Alpha; Tau Beta Pi: Square and Compass Head of Department of Civil Engineering DFAN SNOW Jack M. Smith. B.S. in C.E. B.S. in C.E.. University of Wisconsin; Iowa State College Associate Professor of Highway Department James H. Lucas, B.S. in C.E., B.S. in M.E. B.S. in C. E., B.S. in M. E.. Georgia School of Technology; Square and Compass Assistant Professor of Highway Engineering Ralph P. Black. A.B. A.B.. University of the South: Graduate Work. Columbia University: Delta Tau Delta Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Count D. Gibson. Ph.B., M.S. Ph.B.. M.S.. Emory University: Delta Tau Delta Assistant Professor The Civil Engineering Course being varied in scope is aptly designed to train the student insofar that when he has graduated he will be fitted for nearly any subordinate position of the profession, and bring him to the point where he may be able to continue his studies professionally and advance in any field he may choose. Having advanced and broadened in scope to keep pace with the progress of civilization, the civil engineering course offers many opportunities in various lines. Among the fields which the graduate in this course has open to him are: Highway Engineering. Sanitary Engineering, Railroad Engineering, Irrigation, Construction. Power Development, and many others. School of Engineering Chemistry Gilbert H. Boggs. B.Sc, Ph.D. B.Sc. University of Georgia: Ph.D.. University of Pennsyl- vania; Pi Lambda Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; Sigma Xi; Scabbard and Blade: }klembei of Georgia Academy of Science Head of the Department of Chemistry DEAN " BOGGS John L. Daniel. M.A., A.B. A.B.. Hampden-Sidney College; M.A.. Washington and Lee; Alpha Chi Rbo; Phi Kappa Phi Associate Professor of Chemistry Benjamin B. Wroth. A.B.. Ph.D. A.B.. Washington College: Ph.D.. Johns-Hopkins University: Phi Kappa Phi Associate Professor of Chemistry John Chipman. B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. B.S., Sewanee: M.S.. Iowa: Ph.D., University of California: Sigma Xi; Delta Tau Delta: Alpha Chi Epsilon Assistant Professor of Chemistry Cornelius A. Wells. B.S., M.S., M.A. B.S., Mercer University: M.S.. University of Georgia; M.A.. Columbia University Instructor in Chemistry William B. Richardson, B.S. B.S.. University of North Carolina; Graduate Work. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Instructor in Chemistry Roland Reamer, B.S. B.S.. Allegheny College; University of Pittsburgh: Alpha Chi Sigma; Sigma Alpha Epsilon Instructor in Chemistry John F. Blalock. A.B. , M.S. A.B.. M.S., Emory University Instructor in Chemistry Paul Weber, A.B.. M.S. A.B.. University of Missouri; M.S.. School of Mines and Metallurgy Instructor in Chemistry F. D. Pilgri.M, B.S. B.S.. Emory University Instructor in Chemistry Es.march S. Gilre. th. A.B.. M.A. A.B.. M.A.. Uni ' crsity of North Carolina Instructor in Chemistry Charles E. Murphy, B.S.. E.Ch. B.S., E.Ch.. Georgia School of Technology Instructor in Chemistry (28) School of Commerce Thomas W. Noel. A.B., M.B.A., C.P.A. A.B.. Grand Island College; MB. A.. New York University; C. P. A.; Alpha Kappa Psi Head of School of Commerce DEAN Nl l Fred B. Wenn, B.C.S. Cor B.C.S.. New York University; Kansas State University; Delta Mu Delta; Delta Sigma Pi; Delta Tau Delta Director of the Evening School of Commerce Associate Professor of Commerce George M. Sparks, A.B. A.B., Mercer University; Sigma Epsilon; Pi Delta Epsilon Associate Professor of Commerce Leonard R. Seibert, B.S.C. B.S.C.. University of Georgia Assistant Professor of Commerce John W. Jeffries. B.S. in Commence ce, Georgia School of Technology: Graduate Work, Emory University: Delta Sigma Phi Assistant Professor of Commerce NoAH Warren, B.S. in Commerce in Commerce, Georgia School of Technology; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi Assistant Professor of Commerce Edward B. Meriwether, Ph.B., LL.B. Shurteff College; LL.B.. Washington University; Graduate Work. Washington University; Acacia; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Pi Assistant Professor of Commerce James R, Duggan. B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce. Georgia School of Technology Instructor of Commerce Lloyd L. Antle. A.B. in Commerce A.B. in Commerce, Ohio University: Graduate Work, Emory University: Sigma Pi; Square and Compass Instructor of Commerce Virgil L Pinkstaff, B.S. in Commerce. M.A. B.S. in Commerce; M.A., Washington University: Harvard University: Graduate School: Phi Delta Theta Instructor of Commerce B.S. B.S. Ph.B., (29) James E. McDaniel, A.B., M.A. A.B., Erskinc College: M.A.. Columbia University; Graduate Work, Harvard University: University of Berlin; Delta Theta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi Director of Co-operative Engineering Department Dban McDaniel John W. Fountain, B.S. in E. B.S. in Engineering. Georgia School of Technology Assistant Professor and Co-ordinator Beginning in 1912 the Georgia School of Technology offered the co-operative plan to prospective engineering students. This course extends over the period of five years, during which time the student spends alternately four weeks in school and four weeks in practical engineering work in the shops of Atlanta and neighboring cities within the radius of three hundred miles. The Co- operative course offers three options: General Engineering, Textile Engineer- ing, and Civil Engineering. This course is designed to equip the student for a position in either the designing, production, sales, or executive department of industry. This co-operative system offers a wide variety of practical train- ing and many lines of specialization and has proven very popular since its birth. (30) School of Electrical Engineering Thomas W. Fitzgerald. B.S., M.E.. E.G.. M.S Diploma. Marshall College: B.S.. M.E.. E.E.. West Virginia University: University of Arizona: M.S., Emory Univer- sity: Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi: Georgia Academy of Science: High Tension Club: American Associa- tion of University Professors Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering DiiAN Fitzgerald Thomas G. Seidell, B.S. in E.E., E.E. B.S. in E. E.. E. E., Georgia School of Technology: Phi Kappa Phi; American Physics Society: Philosophical Society of Washington Professor of Electrical Engineering DoMENico P. Savant. E.E., B.S. in E.E., M.S. in E.E. E.E.. B.S. in E.E.. Rose Polytechnic Institute: M.S. in E.E.. Harvard University: Phi Kappa Phi Professor of Electrical Engineering John L. Ellis, B.S. in E.E. B.S. in E.E.. Georgia School of Technology: Pi Kappa Phi Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Hugo B. Duling, B.S., B.S. in E.E. B.S., B.S. in E.E., University of West Virginia; Phi Sigma Kappa Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering Earle S. Hannaford, B.S. in E.E. B.S. in E.E., Tufts College: High Tension Club: Sigma Phi Delta; Phi Kappa Phi Instructor in Electrical Engineering Leo D. Tabler, B.S. in E.E. B.S. in E.E.. University of West Virginia: Skull and Key High Tension Club: Sigma Phi Epsilon Instructor in Electrical Engineering ASHFORD W. Stalnaker, E.E. E.E., Cornell University Instructor (.•ill School of Mechanical Engineering Roy S. King, M.E.. M.Sc, Sc.D. M.E.. Ohio State University: M.Sc. University of Minne- sota: Sc.D.. University of Georgia: Sigma Xi: Phi Kappa Phi Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering Head of Department of Experimental Engineering Dean Kinc William Van Dunkin. B.S., M.E. B.S.. M.E., University of Illinois Professor of Mechanical Engineering Allando a. Case Indostrial Arts in M.E.. Ohio State University: A. S. M. E. Associate Superintendent of Shops Edward B. Martindale Chief Foreman of the Machine Shop Horace A. Thompson Foreman of the Smithshop John H. Henika Foreman of the Woodshop Homer H. Norman Instructor in Woodshop John T. Topham Instructor in Machineshop R. M. Matson. B.S. IN E. B.S. in E.. Georgia School of Technology Instructor of Mechanical Engineering William Van Houten Foreman of Foundryshop James G. Luter. B.S. in M.E. B.S. in M.E., Georgia School of Technology Instructor (32) School of Textile Engineering HiBBARD S. Busby, M.E. M.E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology Head of the Department of Textile Engineering Dean Busby Charles A. Jones, B.S. in T.E. B.S. in T.E., Georgia School of Technology: Phi Psi Associate Professor of Textile Engineering David E. Phil pot Phi Psi Instructor in Textile Engineering John R. Brandon Phi Psi Instructor in Textile Engineering R. L. Hill Instructor in Textile Engineering W. L. Carmichael Instructor in Textile Engineering A. S. Cohen Instructor in Textile Engineering Due to the importance of the textile industry in the South, and the rapid growth in the past few years, the textile engineering course at Tech should prove — as it does — the choice of the many men of the South entering college. A first class textile school having proven virtually a necessity to the South, it was in 1899 that the first instruction in this branch of engineering was given in the South, here at Georgia Tech. The department is equipped for perform- ing practically every process of cotton manipulation from the cotton field to the finished fabric. The student in textile engineering here at Tech is given a well rounded education in the other phases of engineering offered in the various courses. (3;t) School of General Science DtAN SKILES HL THOUGH being one of the newest courses at Tech. the General Science Course, which was established in 1923. has proven one of the most popular and has grown considerably in the first few years of its existence. It is espe- cially designed for those students who desire a general education before specializing in any par- ticular field of engineering. This course makes optional to the student subjects in English. Busi- ness Administration. Mathematics. Modern Lan- guages. History. Psychology. Economics, and the Engineering subjects. It differs from the regular engineering courses in that many of the technical subjects are omitted and after the sophomore year the larger part of the schedule is elective to the student. The degree awarded is Bachelor of Science. William Vernon Skiles. B.S.. M.A. B.S.. University of Chicago: M.A.. Harvard University: Dcta Thcta Pi: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi; Member Georgia Academy of Science Dean of the College and Director of the General Science Course Professor of Mathematics THE INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION COURSE The objects of the course in Industrial Education is to train men for posi- tions as employment managers, supervisors of industrial education, teacher- trainers for state vocational boards, trainers of emplovees in various industries, teachers of vocational subjects in public schools, and teachers of subjects related to industrial education. There is the two-year course offered which leads to a certificate of proficiency, and a four-vear course which leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education. The State Board of X ' ocational Education is fostering this work and has selected the Georgia School of Tech- nology to do this class of training. Walter Jefferson Rountree. B.S. in ME. B.S. in M.E.. Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Mercer University: United States Naval Academy: Kappa Alpha Head of the Industrial Education Department Loui Greet. B.S. in C. B.S. in Commerce. Georgia School of Technologv: ' anderbilt Law School: Emory University Summer School: Kappa Alpha: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Delta Phi Assistant Professor of Industrial Education 34) General Faculty IXDfSTRIAL EDUCATIOX COURSE T. H. QuiGLEY. A.B.. B.S. A.B.. B.S.. University Head of Industrial Education Department William Van Houten Head of Foundry PHYSICS DEPARTMENT J. B. Edwards. B.S.. E.E., M.E. B.S.. E.E.. M.E.. Auburn University Head of the Physics Department R. N. Thompson. B.S. B.S.. Pcabody: Phi Kappa Phi Associate Professor N. F. Beardsley. M.S., LL.B. M.S., LL.B.. Hiram College: Sigma Epsilon Associate Professor Dean Fields Dean of Men A. F. Samuels. M.A.. B.A. M.A B.A. University of Wisconsin: University of Illinois Assistant Professor E. E. Bortell. B.S. in Eng. B.S. in Eng.. University of Michigan Assistant Professor B. ESTABROOK. B.S. Ch.E., M. B.S.. Ch.E.. M.S.. Purdue University Assistant Professor Arthur L. Becker. A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. A.B., M.A., Albion College: Ph D.. Univer- sity of Michigan Assistant Professor Roger S. Strout. B.S.. M S. B.S., Bowdoin College: M.S.. Univcnity of Chicago Instructor in Physics MACHINE DESIGN DEPARTMENT C. E. Coolidge. Ph.B. Ph.B,. Yale: Tau Beta Pi: Delta Sigma Phi; Scabbard and Blade Head of Machine Design Department Henry Genz. Ph.B. Ph B . Yale: Sigma Chi; Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi Associate Professor W. B. Johns. B.S. in Eng. B.S. in Eng.. Georgia School of Technology: Phi Kappa Phi: Square and Compass Assistant Professor H. H. Leech. B.S. in ME. B.S. in M.E.. Georgia School of Technology Assistant Professor H. S. Weber. B.S. in M.E. B.S. in M.E.. Georgia School of Technology: Phi Kappa Phi: Square and Compass Assistant Profetsor F. C. Bogle. B.S. in M.E. B.S. in M.E.. Georgia School of Technology Instructor Phil T. Narmore. B.S in Eng. B.S. in Eng.. Georgia School of Technology; Pi Delta Epsilon Instructor T. E. MoodiE. B.S. B.S.. Mass. Inst, of Technology Instructor (So) Prof. Morton Head of Summer School MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT Floyd Field, A.B., A.M. A.B.. WiUamotte University: A.B.. A.M., Harvard University: Theta Chi Head of Mathematics Department W. Vernon Skiles. B.S., Sc.D., A.M. B.S., University of Chicago: Sc.D.. A.M.. Harvard University: Beta Theta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Member Georgia Academy of Science Professor of Mathematics A. B. Morton. A.B., A.M., Sc.D. A.B., A.M.. Sc.D.. Brown University; Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Kappa Phi Associate Professor D. M. Smith, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D.. Vanderbilt University: Kappa Sigma Phi: Beta Kappa: Sigma Epsilon: Phi Kappa Phi Associate Professor D. L. Stamy, A.B., A.M. A.B.. Ursinnua: A.M.. University of Chi- cago: Phi Kappa Phi Associate Professor R. M. MUNDORFF, B.S. B.S.. Pennsylvania College: Graduate Work, University of Pennsylvania: Phi Gamma Delta Assistant Professor in Mathematics H. K. FULMER. B.S., M.A, B.S.. University of Mississippi: M.A., Columbia University Assistant Professor in Mathematics B.S., M.E. Georgia School of Technology; Beta Theta Pi Instructor in Mathematics Walter Reynolds B.S.. M.E J. F. Stengel, A.B. A.B.. Princeton University: Phi Beta Kappa Instructor in Mathematics Ray Maupin, A.B., M.S. A.B., M.S., University of Kansas Instructor in Mathematics Roy A. Smith, B.A., M.A. B.A.. M.A., Vanderbilt University Instructor in Mathematics Carl A. Benander, A.B. A.B.. Harvard University Instructor in Mathematics WR (3G) General Faculty BIOLOGY AND BACTERIOLOGY Hugh A. Wyckoff, B.S.. M.S. B.S.. Missouri Weslcyan; M.S.. University of Chicago: Sigma Xi : Thcta Chi Delta ENGLISH DEPARTMENT William G. Perry. A.B.. A.M.. D.Litt. A.B.. A.M., D.Litt., Davison College; Kappa Alpha; Phi Kappa Phi; Phi Beta Kappa Head of the English Department Frank R. Reade. A.B.. M.A. A.B., M.A., University of Virginia; Lambda Pi; Phi Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi Associate Professor of English L. W. Chapin, A.B. A.B., Emory University; Kappa Alpha Assistant Professor of English R. L. ScoTT, A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A., Washington and Lee Instructor in English H. C. Brown. M.A. M.A.. Southern Methodist University; University of North Carolina Instructor in English W. K. Wynn. A.B., M.A. Instructor in English Edwin H. Folk, A.B., A.M. A.B.. A.M., University of South Carolina; A.M.. Princeton University Assistant Professor T. B. Stroup, A.B., M.A. A.B.. M.A.. University of North Carolina Instructor Wirt A. Gate. A.B., A.M. A.B.. A.M.. Emory University Instructor J. F. Abbott Rick. A.B., M.A. A.B., Syracuse University; M.A.. Princeton University Instructor HISTORY AND ECONOMICS Arthur H. Armstrong, A.B., M.A. A.B., Yale University; M.A., Columbia University; Beta Theta Pi; Pi Delta Epsilon Associate Professor Head of the History Department R. E. Sheppard, A.B., A.M. A.B., A.M.. Vanderbilt University Assistant Professor Lytton G. Perritt. B.S., M.A. B.S.. Clemson College; M.A.. University of North Carolina Instructor (37) General Faculty EXPERIMENTAL ENGINEERIXG COURSE H. V. Mason. B.S. in M.E.. M.S. B.S. in M.E.. University of Idaho: Tau Bcu Pi: Phi Kappa Phi Head of the Experimental Department R. S. Howell. B.S. in M.E.. M.Sc. B.S. in M.E., M.Sc. Georgia School of Technology: Phi Kappa Phi Associate Professor A. D. Holland. B.S. in Eng. B S. in Eng.. Georgia School of Technology; Scabbard and Blade: Pi Lambda Delta Instructor Fred C. Stewart, B.S. in M.E. B.S. in M.E.. University of Wisconsin Assistant Professor GEOLOGY AXD METALLURGY DEPARTMENT T. S. Dunn. B.S.. M.S.. E.M. B.S.. M.S.. EM.. Missouri School of Mines; Spe.E. : A. I. M. E. : S. A. M. E.: Pi Kappa Alpha: Tau Beta Pi: Square and Compass Head of Geology and Metallurgy Department MODERN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT John B. Crenshaw. A.M.. Ph.D. A.M.. Randolph Macon: Ph.D.. Johns-Hopkins University: Phi Gamma Delta; Phi Kappa Phi Head of Modern Language Department George H. McKee Associate Professor J. A. Ca.mpoamore. A.B.. M.A. A.B.. M.A.. University of Illinois: A.B.. Burgas. Spain Associate Professor L. E. Barber, A.B., A.M. A.B.. A.M.. Harvard University Instructor R. M. Ervin, A.B. A.B.. Center College: Diploma. Universitv of Toulouse; Phi Kappa Tau: Phi Delta Kappa Instructor G. Wilton Wise. A.B. A.B.. University of Michigan Instructor H. E. Barron, A.B. A.B.. Penn State: Sigma Nu Instructor Felix Winsten, A.B. A.B.. Princeton College Instructor (38) Evening School of Commerce Thomas W. Noel. A.B.. M.B.A. Grand Islnnd College; New York University: Columbia University: C. P. A. Professor of Accounting, Director Fred B. Wenx, B.S.C. Kansas State College: New York University: Delta Tau Delta Associate Professor of Finance John B. Crenshaw, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Modern Languages George iM. Sparks. A.B. Associate Professor of Journalism D. M. Smith. Ph.D. Associate Professor of Mathematics L. R. Siebert. B.S.C. Assistant Professor in Law F. R. Reade Instructor J. W. Jefferies. B.S.C. Assistant Professor in Marketing Noah Warren. B.S.C. C.P.A. Assistant Professor of Accounting E. B. Meriwether. Ph.B.. LL.B. Assistant Professor of Law and Political Science James R. Duggan. B.S.C. Instructor J. R. Robinson Lecturer. Income Tax L. B. Antle. A.B. IN Com.merce Instructor in Accounting and Banking V. I. PiNKSTAFF. B.S.C. M.A. Instructor of Economics R. A. James. B.S.C Lecturer, Accounting W. F. Brooks. B.B.A. Life Insurance H. M. Bowman Lecturer. Advertising W. K. Rivers. B.S.C. Assistant Professor of Finance (3!)) V ' ill- ' [LJ if Jack Holman President Senior Class SENIORS jll-b- e c RoLLiN Grady Aaron MiLLEN, GA. CiLi Engineering A. S. C. E.: Honor Roll 2. 3. 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. HcGH Fraser Aiken Brunswick, Ga. General Science Chi Phi: Cotillion Club: Scientia Club: Freshman Foot- ball: Battalion Football. 1. 2. William Allen Akin Hapeville. Ga. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E.: Kappa Kappa Psi: Band: Freshman track. Frank Thomas Alexander. Jr. Atlanta, Ga. General Science Pi Kappa Alpha: Civil Crew: Koscme: Scientia Club; Football 3. 4. tf0 (44) Roger Wolcott Allen Atlanta, Ga. Electrical Engineering Sigma Nu : A. L E. E.: Kappa Eta Kappa. Claude Cureton Allman Dalton, Ga. Engineering Chemistry Emerson Chemical Society: Honor Roll 2. Jefferson Davis Ambrose Atlanta. Ga. Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu: Glee Club 3, 4: Areonautical Association: A. S. M. E.; Second Lieutenant R. O. T. C. : Oil Can Club. George Albert Armor Greensboro, Ga. Commerce Alpha Tau Omega: Yellow Jacket 2. 3, 4. Editor-in- chief 4: Marionettes 1: Pi Delta Epsilon: Kappa Kappa Psi ; Band 1, 2, 3; Freshman ' ' Y " Club. -=S llL (45) Sigm.1 Chi. Robert Edmonds Arnett Paris, Tenn. Commerce Abe M. Aronoff Rome, Ga. Co -Op General Engineering A. 1. E. E.; a. S. M. E.; Band 1. 2. 3, 4. 5. DeWitt Norvell Asbury, Jr. , Atlanta. Ga. t Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: Baseball Squad 3. Merrill Everett Awtrey Marietta, Ga. Electrical Engineering A. I E. E.: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. m fej ' ib. fidltSIStilL " ' ' ' - " lyyiiioJUiS at-rior- ' ' cf James Harrison Baggarly Senoia. Georgia Commerce Phi Kappa Phi: Bcia Gamma Sigma: Honor Roll. 2. 3. Warren Herbert Bamford Atlanta. Georgia Co-Op Cicil Enjmcering Chi Phi: Honor Roll. 1. James Newton Barnes Woodstock, Georgia Ci ' l ' i7 Engineering A. S. C. E. Harry Barnett Atlanta. Georgia Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. ; Honor Roll, 4: LKUtonant R. O. T. C. Glee and Mandolin Clubs. 3, 4. % M .i3LodiJo Jl£pJiL 4i ' ?uie £=0 :L d]E:Si L ' 2ai| . 147) li riij-jj_ Clarence Neal Barrett Pampa, Texas Commerce Sigma Phi Epsilon: Football Manager. 4: Track. 1; Lacrosse, 2. 3; Inter-Fraternity Council; Cotillion Club: Koseme: Bulldogs: Skull and Key. Stewart Phinizy Barrett Augusta, Georgia Textile Engineering Chi Phi: Phi Psi. Frank Barwick CoRDELE, Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Scabbard and Blade: Briarean Society: First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 3. 4. Captain. 5 : A. S. M. E. Honor Roll. 1: Co-Op Club. President. 5. John Edward Bauknight Walhalla, South Carolina Commerce Kappa Sigma: BLUE PRINT. 2, 3, 4, Photographic Editor. 4: Pi Delta Epsilon: Alpha Kappa Psi: Honor Roll, 2: Battalion Football. 1. 2, (48) George Nolan Bearden Madison, Georgia Commerce Phi Delta Theia: Skull and Key: Bulldogs: Cotillion Club: Inter-Fraternity Council, 4. Mannie Robert Beerman Atlanta. Georgia Electrical Engineering A. T. C, I. e. e . 4. .; Honor Roll. 1, 2. 3; First Lieui Henry Jackson Belcher MoNTiCELLO, Georgia Mechanical Engineering tenant R. O. Phi Sigma Association; 1 Kappa: Marionettes. 1. 2. 3, 4: Oil Can Club: A. S. M. E. Acronaul :ical Walter Bell Atlanta, Georgia Co-Op General Engineering A. 3, 4; S. M. E.: Honor Roll. 1: Battalion Football. First Lieutenant R. O. T. C 3, Captain. 5. I , 2, ' S P ' w ' 9 1 " (49) ..,_v:e- g rs:- i -: Henry Pointer Bemis CoMO, Mississippi Civil Engineering Sigma Chi: Pi Delta Epsilon: Civil Crew: Corillion Club: A. S. C. E.: Technique. 1. 2. 3. 4; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. W - William Joseph Benish Hazen, Arkansas General Science Cliff Cabantss Bennett Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Thcta Chi Harry Franklin Bickers CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE Textile Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma; BLUE PRINT. 3. 4. Campus Editor. 4: Technique. 1, 2. 3. Associate Editor. 4: Phi Kappa Ph : Tau Beta Pi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Honor Roll. 1.2: Captain R. O. T. C. Pli4J oc % 1 ,, . ■ 1 u .2 H (50) .c A- i: Jl- ' ' f ■ ' ■J m ID r4 o • — FT) -,, a m George Tyler Bird Atlanta. Georgia Electrical Enciineenng. l ZS: Mechanical Engineering, 1927 Phi Kappa Phi: Free Body Club: A. S. M. E.: A. I. E. E. Honor Roll. 1. 2. 3. 4; iirst Lieutenant R. O. T. C 4. Harry Edward Blakeley PUNTA GORDA. F ' LORIDA Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. : Band: Battalion Football, 1. Milton Wetmore Blanton SiKESTON. Missouri Commerce Delta Sigma Phi: Pi Delta Epsilon : Delta Sigma Pi: Alpha Delta Sigma: Technique, 1: Yelloiv Jacket, 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager, 4: Honor Roll, 1, 2, 4: Inter-Fraternity Council, 3, 4; Freshman " Y " Club. BoLAN Herbert Boatner Marietta, Georgia Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: Battalion Football. 2, 3. :iiQio j jiL 4] ur2SKa]taiKaJiL ' oali. (51) ' %:p :m iu»fi - George Skyles Brant Garrett, Penka. Electrical Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa: A. I. E. E.; Freshman Football: Bas- ket-ball 1. 2. 3. 4: Battalion Basket-ball Coach 2. 3, 4: Kap- pa Eta Kappa. Samuel Martin Brewer Atlanta. Ga. Engineering Chemistry Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Blue Print 4: Emerson Chemical So- ciety: Captain R. O. T. C. Kenneth Layton Brewton Claxton, Ga. Commerce Scabbard and Blade: Technique 2: Track 2. 3: Circulation Manager of the Georgia Tech Alumnus: Captain R. O. T. C. Isaac Cornelius Brinson, Jr. Moultrie, Ga. Cii, ' i7 Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon. (52) M Joseph Leonard Brown Columbus, Ga. Co-Op General Engineering Phi Gamma Delta: Technique 1.2: Briarcan Society; A. I. E. E.: A. S. M. E.; I. R. E.; Senior Chairman Co-Op Council 4. Joseph Henry Bryson South Jacksonville, Fla. Architecture Tau Beta Pi; Gold ■T " : Rifle Team 1,2: Honor Roll 2, 3, 4: First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Ralph Meldrim Buffington Gainesville, Ga. Architecture Architectural Society. Ralph Girdner Bullard Charlotte, N. C. Civil Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa: Football 2. 3. 4; Basket-ball 2. 3, 4: Civil Crew: Cotillion Club: Bulldogs: Battalion Basket-ball 1 : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (53) M msM I ' fiPSSfM T ' i ' JiMMiE B. Bunch Daytona Beach, Floriba Electrical Engineering Football. 3. 4; Aeronautical Association: A. I. E. E. Battalion Football. 1.2; Battalion Basket-ball, 1, 2. Hugh Elliott Burke GUYTON, Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Kappa Kappa Psi: Band: Captain R. O. T. C. : Honor Roll, 2; Co-Op Council. Marcus Herring Burrow Byhalia. Mississippi Co-Op General Engineering Briarcan Society: Co-Op Club. Fred Walton Bush Augusta, Georgia Electrical Engineering Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi: Kappa Eta Kappa; Vice- Chairman A. I. E. E.; Honor Roll. 2. 3. 4 m ' ji - ' i- ivti — M O — -; - . 2 1 aiK ' Ji.f Jlt UbaUi a. K ' JiL - il, wliuJJlJ -;:i.i (-.4) ■ ' ' " ' ' 41t ..;.ui?f7 " ' ' ' ' ,1M!£ S)ir 1 [? iil William Frederick Eve Cabaniss Augusta, Georgia Civil Engineering Chi Rhi: Civil Crew: Cotillion Club; Anak: Bulldogs; Skull and Key; Track. 2. 3. 4; Student Council, 4. f - ' AM Samuel Candler Coachman Clearwater, Florida Mechanical Engineering Sigma Nu: Oil Can Club: Golf, 4: Intcr-Fraternity Coun- cil, 4. Phillip David Coaxes Atlanta, Georgia Mechanical Engineering Square and Compass: Aeronautical Association: Free Body Club: Rifle Team, 1, 2, Captain, 3 : A. S, M, E. Charles Parker Capps Jacksonville, Florida Mechanical Engineering Freshman Football: Track, 3, 4: Free Body Club; Aero- nautical Association: Lieutenant R. O, T. C. : Battalion Foot- ball, 2, 3, 4, i,;:=i oui-.QUUci - ' 3 1 i i -jui iHi JltaiKaJlL 5f OJJ-uf •f- :s ' i (5u) Vj L aUjiu[ii;;ci ' " ii: ' - ' " ' l.l V ' ' m Robert Raymond Carey Havana, Cuba General Science Glee Club. 1.2: Marionettes, 1,2: Cosmopolitan Club. Fran cis Barry Carlton Donalds, South Carolina Civil Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa. Herbert Akers Carroll Johnson Cin ' , Tennessee Electrical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi; A. 1. E. E. : Track. 1: Lacrosse. 4: Honor Roll. 1.2: Kappa Eta Kappa. RuFus Hutchinson Carswell Chattanooga, Tennessee Commerce Pi Kappa Phi: Delta Sigma Pi: Cotillion Club: Inter- Fraternity Council. 3. 4: Captain R. O. T. C. (56) ?3 I FJ p4 Richard Harris Cason Sandersville, Georgia Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. : Battalion Basket-ball. 1. 2. 3. -4; Battalion Football, 2, 3. 4. flo Arthur Louis Casselman BRANCH, Louisiana Co-Op General Engineering Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi: A. S. M. E. : A. 1. E. E. Honor Roll. 3, 4. Jack L. Ch ambers huntsville, alabama Special Textile Phi Delta Thcta: Cotillion Club. X - George Henry Claridy COLUMBUS, Georgia Special Textile j;=3 1111.0 OUo 1 (Sfjitll ' ui a i L. ;i. «ty L L-c ? (o7) — — — ' vvV) Alonzo Webster Clark Birmingham, Alabama Architecture Beta Theta Pi; Marionettes. 2. 3. 4: Architectural Society: Honor Roll. 2. Fletcher Po .ter Clark Fort tho. las. Kentucky Co-Op General Engineering A. S. M. E.: A. L E. E.: Co-Op Club. Frank Raymond Clark. Ill RocKMART, Georgia Electrical Engineering Chi Phi; Kappa Eta Kappa. i-i? Joseph Thomas Clark Atlanta. Georgia Civil Engineering Civil Crew; Scabbard and Blade; A. S. C. E. : Caotain R. O. t. C. - ' [j a ' iU eL ■ si L » M IJ li (58| ■. rr- t- F ' : rti; iir . Walter Haldeman Clarke Nashville, Tennessee Special Textile Beta Thcta Pi. Oscar Payne Cleaver MUNFORDVILLE, KENTUCKY Electrical Engineering Phi Kappj Phi: A. L E. E.: Marionettes. 1. Honor Roll. 1. 2. 3, 4. 2. 3. 4: U ' M D P- ' George Murphy Cole Atlanta. Georgia Engineering Chemistry Scabbard and Blade: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. WiLLiA.M Bryant Coffee Atlanta. Georgia Co-Op General Engineering A. S. M. E.: Co-Op Club. J» U ll- :i?u; iHs?«ata4K K ' (591 ' fK ' 5 ' - Charles Price Connally. Jr. Atlanta. Georgia Gencrcl Science Beta Thcta Pi: Scientia Club: Freshman Basket-ball: Basket-ball. 2, 3, 4. I i Edward M. Copeland Mcdonough, Georgia Electrical Engineerina Sigir.a Nu. ' 4 1 James Francis Corbitt Kerrville, Tennessee Commerce Freshman Football: Scrub Football, 2. 3. 4: Lacrosse: Technique: Yellow Jacket; Freshman " Y " Club: Battalion Football. 3. 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. J William Davis Cornwell Monticello, Georgia Architecture Phi Sigma Kappa: Architectural Society: Battalion Foot- ball. 1. 2. ' % J j[|;. Sk " Sia i -ev il. 2] f c 1 U U V u • i(»0 o Si. 4 « i i ' :-L, John Paul Craven Macon, Georgia Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.: Free Body Club: Honor Roll. 1. 2. 3: c: v,oi--- -ir " T " : Lieutenant R O. T. C. ; Battalion Foot- ball. 3. 4. Frank Edward Christiphine Attapulgus, Georgia General Science Phi Sigma Kanoa: Scabbard and Blade; Scientia Club: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Benjamin Lee Crew. Jr. Atlanta. Georgia Mechanical Engineering Kappa Alpha: BLUE PRINT. 2: A. S. M. E. : Freshman " Y " Club: Honor Roll. 1: Oil Can Club: Debating Team, 1 ; Battalion Football. Richard Rodan Cruise Miami, Florida Civil Engineering Pi Lambda Delta: Tau Beta Pi: Pi Delta Epsilon: Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. ; Honor Roll. 1.3: Technique. 1. 2. 3. 4. Assistant Advertising Manager. 2. Advertising Manager, 3. Business Manager. 4. ..•- TiuuQauci 3ib=,(-- .u,-,:9 ' U a £?u;2ias? ' 4K (61 1 . nm . t t 3ff ( rj T Samuel LeRew Dalhouse Atlanta. Georgia Electrical Engineering I. E. E. James Coleman Daniel Atlanta. Georgia Textile Engineering Kappa Alpha. Lucius Burney Daniel Madison, Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Pi Lambda Delta: Technique. 1. 2; Scabbard and Blade: Briarean Society: A. I. E. E.: A. S. M. E. : Co-Op Club: Lieutenant R. O. T. C, Fred Roswell Dasher Miami. Florida Cii. ' i7 Engineering A. S. C. E. ; Civil Crew. t =uiiii2 Le. i T ' " - " l ' = ' C " 5 ?. (62) ' ' nK ' ? ' nt A ' r r ' " ri-9p; n[ ' Pi ir 1 f : l ti Daniel Wilson Dougherty Atlanta, Georgia Textile Engineering Chi Phi: Phi Psi. Frederick Conrad Debele, Jr. Savannah, Georgia Commene Sigma Nu : Alpha Kappa Psi: Glee Club. 4. Roy Benson Davison Union Point, Georgia Commerce Sigma Nu: Cotillion Club: Skull and Key: Intcr-Frater- nity Council. 3, 4: Basket-ball Manager. 1. 2: Battalion Basket-ball. 3; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ' T ■ Marvin Pierce Davis Hogansville, Georgia Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. lilv--; ;,.-.- t r - tY■ iif -=3-l.:? ' r ' JL ' fi ' v .ll :?? • ' {{ i ' M ' 168 I " il} by - T ' ' 6 c«-n. " ' Vi?i Ji: 3?i r i i] WiNFiELD Scott Dee Columbus, Mississippi Co-Op General Engineering Battalion Basket-ball. I: Battalion Football. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5: Scrub Football. 4. Adolphus DeLopaz Rainelle, West Virginia Mechanical Engineering Square and Compass: A. S. M. E. John Vincent Devitt Atlanta. Georgia General Science Nick Michael DoxMain Atlanta. Georgia Commerce . " r .- ; ' i -;- - o e Lu e 1. Li L- 2 T -J ♦ ' - ' , ' " s n al r-1 William Thomas Dunkin Atlanta. Georgia Mechanical Engineering Chi Psi: Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi: Pi Delta Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Free Body Club: Technique. 1. 2. 3. 4. Editor-in-Chief. 4: Yellow Jacket, 1: 3: Student Council. 4: A. S. M. E. Vice-President Y. M. C. A.: Captain " T " : Tau Beta Pi Scholarship Cup. 1 : Associate Editor. 3. Marionettes. !. 2. Honor Roll. 1. 2; R. O. T. C: Gold Editor of ■T " Book. 2. 3. Rape Banks DuPre Marietta, Georgia Special Textile Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Psi. Thomas Loren Eaton Little Rock. Arkansas Electrical Engineering A. L E. E. Thomas Albright Edwards Sheffield, Alabama Electrical Engineering A. L E. E. : High Tension Club: Scabbard and Blade First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. JUUOUiJo- ' - l (Got : [( 5 ite2M5s; 5 5; 3?fe ' ? ' " William Augustus Edwards, Jr. Atlanta. Georgia Anhitecture. 1928; General Science. 1927 ; Mechanical Engineering. 192} Sigma Chi: A. S. M. E.: Architectural Society; Marion- ettes. Business Manager. 4: Technique. 3: Yellow Jacket. Business Manager. 4; Honor Roll. I. W. Hackett Emory. Jr. Milwaukee, Wisconsin Mechanical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega: Oil Can Club; A. S. M. E.; Battalion Basketball. 3. Marcus Endel, Jr. Jacksonville, Florida Commerce Phi Epsilon Pi: Technique. 1. 2: Freshman Swimming Team: Battalion Football. 1.2: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Ik yfll — ■ o k Hubert Dewitt Eskew ToccoA, Georgia Electrical Engineering A. L E. E.; Honor Roll, 1 ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. JKJil sjit Hk yi if jiL -3 -:sMi 3 C C N I? ' ,! 1-» r4 o ■ — te.:; Estill Edwin Ezell Charleston, S. C. Civil Engineering Pi Kapp.1 Phi: Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi: Pi Delta Ep- silon: Scabbard and Blade: Civil Crew: A. S. C. E.: Blue Print 1. 2. 3. 4, Associate Editor 3. Military Editor 4: Technique I. 2, 3. 4. Circulation Manager 4: Freshman track: Freshman " Y " Club: Honor Roll 1. 2, 3. 4: Captain R. O. T. C: Scholarship Gold " T. " Thomas Flo Faires Memphis, Tenn. Architecture Sigma Phi Epsilon: Blue Print 2: Glee Club 4: Marion- ettes 1: Scabbard and Blade: Freshman " Y " Club: Captain R. O. T. C. William King Fawcett McRae, ga. Commerce Phi Sigma Kappa: Alpha Delta Sigma: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. : Technique 1, 2. Gilbert Roblin Field Atlanta. Ga. Cicil Engineering A. S. C. E. rsain ' " II ' ti " " ■-i ' TiTTTmrm ' " ' wwTri lOTi ' llilf, ,,, ,., e. , p Thomas Mann Fleming PiNEviLLE, Kentucky Elegtfical Engineering Sigma Nu. Clement Johnston Ford Atlanta. Georgia Architecture Kappa Alpha: Pi Delta Epsilon: Charrette Club: Scabbard and Blade: Architectural Society: Technique, 3. 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. John Machon Forrest Mexia, Texas Textile Engineering Phi Psi: Honor Roll, 1. 2. 3: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Tillman Richard Foster Canton, Georgia Civil Engineering fe -.3 WOl I I-ci m -h " - (0S» .jJUx ' v f f r,r 1 t " ' ' l - 1 George Bolin Fowler MiLLEDGEVILLE. GA. Commerce Thcta Chi: Alpha Kappa Psi ; Intcr-Fratcrnity Council. Malcolm Hale Freeman Berner. Ga. Co-Op General Engineering Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Tobias Andrew Gammon Atlanta, Ga. Commerce Sigma Chi; Beta Gamma Sigma. Grady Leon Garner MONTEVALLO. ALA. Electrical Engineering A. 1. E. E.; Honor Roll I. 2, 3. •»; Captain R. O. T. C. Band 1, 2. 3. 4. l ' T " «» ' " ' tT.«i ' rrTj-i— ] l[»| mill akjxanmi mJIIL II I ' l m HX HJ Pj— a »» — iPtP cma um tM - B — r ' t M S j ' t r ■-n Nick Azar George Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Basketball. 2. 3. 4. Captain, 4; Freshman Basket-ball. Captain. 1 : Battalion Basket-ball. 1 : Battalion Basket-ball Coach. 3. 4. James Fred Glass Lagrange, Georgia Special Textile Wadley Raoul Glenn Atlanta. Georgia Mechanical Engineering Kappa Sigma: Koseme: Bull Dogs: Skull and Key: Cotil- lion Club: Swimming. 1. 2: Football .Manager. 4: A. S. M. E.: Student Council: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Thomas Hunter Goddard Griffin. Georgia Special Textile Phi Delta Theta. " ' .1 l 7Jiusm mm r - (70) -f ' " • g ' - ' - ,n 1 ? A. Harris Goldwasser ATLANTA. Georgia Civil Engineering Alpha Epsilon Pi; A. S. C. E. : Band. 1. 2. 3. 4; Marion- ettes. 2. 3, 4. Thomas Payne Govan Atlanta, Georgl Commerce Sigma Phi Epsilon: Cotillion Club: Lacrosse. 1. 2. 3. 4: Freshman Basket-ball: Battalion Basket-ball. 1: Inter-Frater- nity Council. 3. 4. Hal Willoughby Gregory Atlanta. Georgia Electrical Engineering Kappa Eta Kappa: A. I. E. E. Honor Roll. 1: Battalion Football. 1. 2. 3. 4: Cross Country Team. 4: Lieutenant r. o. t. c. Edward Harold Grosser. Jr. HuNTsviLLE. Alabama Electrical Engineering High Tension Club: A. I. E. E. Honor Roll. 1. 2. 3. r uL QUiJo- ' i 1 i=j (- . u. ;. Q u a u 3j ill a d|t=0 i ' i» " ilJK64 jct ' r (71 1 Veo) L3l :i ?nrfc f -m ' sT ' •. ' !=r.rfh ' . -oriTi ' i nvx H r rf«r» •, ?,- ' Jl Morris Selleck Gudger Chatsworth, Georgia Mechanical Engineering Oil Can Club: Honor Roll. 3; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Free Body Club. Watts Gunn Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Chi Phi: Golf. 2, 3, 4: Captain. 4: Bulldogs. Richard Aaron Guthman Savannah, Georgia Mechanical Engineering Phi Epsilon Pi: A. S. M. E.: Technique, 3: Freshman Track Manager: Honor Roll. I. Clarence Lemle Hagedorn Birmingham, Alabama Engineering Chemistry Phi Epsilon Pi: Technique. I; Emerson Chemical Society. - a7JlKSf :31t2ea T ' - £-,- K2 1 ! ' (72) Lewis Sage Hardin, Jr. Atlanta. Georgia Mechanical Engineering Delta Tau Delta: A. S. M. E. : Oil Can Club. Edward Varick Harris Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Alpha Tau Omega: Cotillion Club: Basket-ball. 4: Foot- ball Klanager, 4; Honor Roll. 1; Freshman Basket-ball. Julian Hoke Harris Carrollton. Georgia Architecture Beta Theta Pi: Pi Delta Epsilon: Charrettc Club: Kappa Kappa Psi: Architectural Society: BLUE PRINT. 1. 2. 3; Yelluu. ' Jacket, 1. 2. 3. 4. Art Editor. 3. 4: Glee Club. 2; Marionettes. 1.2: Band: Basket-ball Manager, 4. William Robert Harrison Bluffton, Georgia Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. ( T. ' i J • -. James Alwyx Hart Petersburg. Tennessee Electcical Engineering Sigma Chi: Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi: Scabbard and Blade: Kappa Eta Kappa: A. I. E. E.: Honor Roll. 2. 3: Battalion Basket-ball. 3. 4: Battalion Football. 2. 3. 4. Captain. 3: Lieutenant Colonel R. O. T. C. ■ James Adger Hayes, Jr. Camilla. Georgia Conjmerce Freshman ' Y " Club: Assistant Football Manager. Paul Trapier Ha- -ne, Jr. v. sHiNGTON. District of Columbia Commerce Beta Theta Pi : Scrub Football. 2 : Freshman Baseball Manager. 3 : Varsity. 4. ' t Leroy Den ' ance Hays Columbus, Georgia Co -Op General Engineering A. S. M. E. : Briarean Society: Co-Op Club. (74 I ! Adam Wellhr Head Moss Point, Mississippi Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E. William Andrew Henderson Cornelia, Georgia Ceramic Engineering American Ceramic Society. Richard Henry Spartanburg, South Carolina Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. : Honor Roll 1, 2. 3. 4; Gold " T " : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Homer Blanchet Herrick Key West, Florida Co-Op Civil Engineering Briarean Society: Co-Op Club: Battalion Basket-ball. 3. 4. 5: Lieutenant R. O. T. C, 4, 5. Louis Sidney Hicks CoNROE, Texas Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. V ' 1.1 Carl Clifton Hill Canton, North Carolina Electrical Engineering Kappa Eta Kappa: A. I. E. E. Irving Chester Hitchcock Miami. Florida Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi: Civil Crew: A. S. C. E.: Honor Roll. 1. 2. 3: Freshman Y ' Club: -Y " ' Cabinet. 3. President. 4; Rifle Team, 2: Captain R. O. T. C. 4: Student Council. 4. John Roy Hollingsworth Confers, Georgia Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. (76 1 Wayne James Holman. Jr. Paris. Tennessee Electrical Engineering Sigma Chi: Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade: Cotillion Club: Kappa Eta Kappa: A. I. E. E.: President of Senior Class: Honor Roll. 1, 2. 3: Scholarship Gold " T " : inter- Fraternity Council. 3. 4. Treasurer. 4: Battalion Football. 2. 3. 4: Lieutenant Colonel R. O. T. C. 4. Jack NelsOiN ' Holt . IT. Pleasant. Tennessee Co-Op Cicil Engineering Briarean Society: Scabbard and Blade; Co-Op Club; Honor Roll. 5: Battalion Football. 2. 3: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Elbert Jesse Hood Brownwood. Texas General Science Delta Tau Delta; Koseme; Anak: Scientia Club: Spiked Shoe; Football. 1. 2. 3. 4. Alternate Captain. 4; Freshman Track: Varsity Track. 2. 3. 4: Lacrosse, 2: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Reuben Colu.mbus Hood. Jr. Atlanta. Georgia Engineering Chemistry Alpha Tau Omega: Tau Beta Pi; Scabbard and Blade: Aeronautical Association: Technique, 2; Emerson Chemical Society; Honor Roll. 1. 2. 3; Scholarship Gold " T " : Bat- talion Track. 1.2; Battalion Football. 3. 4; Major R. O. T. C, 4. J; ZllL -v!c=nf onn» " J Virgil Murray Hopkins Staley, North Carolina Co -Op General Engineering A. S. M. E. ' ' • " - John William Horne Pensacola, Florida Electrical Engineering Tom D. Hoskins New Orleans, Louisiana Electrical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega; A. I. E. E.: Battalion Football. 4; Kappa Eta Kappa. Glynn Foster Houze Fort Valley. Georgia Co -Op General Engineering Phi Kappa Phi: Honor Roll. 2. 3. 4: Scholarship Gold T 3 . m JIlSS JIt Hk Ti if JiL (78) Philip Tarrant Howard Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Technique. 3: Marionettes. 3. 4, Publicity 4; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 4. Joseph Willard Howell Appling, Georgia Commerce Phi Kappa Sigma: Technique. 1. 2. 3, 4. Assistant Circu- lation Manager. 4; Yellow Jacket. 2. 3, 4, Advertising .Man- ager. 4: Pi Delta Epsilon: Alpha Kappa Psi ; Scabbard and Blade; Freshman ' Y ' Club: Major R. O. T. C. Claude Leroy Huey Atlanta. Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Scabbard and Blade: Briarean Society; A. S. M. E. ; Co-Op Club: Battalion Football, 1, 2, 3. 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 4. ■ ■ c ' Sii IM Samuel Lundy Huff San Antonio, Texas Civil Engineering Theta Chi; Scabbard and Blade: A. S. C. E.: Kappa Kappa Psi Band. 1. 2. 3, 4: Captain R. O. T. C. i! :tiLTdiio j[s ji(j 4] ur2iHi 4]ta iK L ft r- OJ i- J . 17!)) Carleton Nathaniel Hughs Atlanta. Georgia Electrical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega: Tau Beta Pi: Kappa Eta Kappa: Freshman Tennis: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Charles Lewis Humphrey Atlanta. Georgia General Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Kappa Phi: Honor Roll. 1. 2. 3. 4: Scholarship Gold " T " : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 4: Scicntia Club. Walter James. Jr. Atlanta. Georgia Civil Engineering Phi Delta Theta: Tau Beta Pi: Civil Crew: Cotillion Club: Anak: Bulldogs: Skull and Key: Student Council. 2. 3. 4. President. 4: Inter-Fraternity Council, 3. 4. President. 4; Basket-ball. 1. 2: Tennis, 1. 2. 3: Honor Roll. I. 2. Julian Coe Jett Atlanta. Georgia Architecture Tau Roll. I Captain Beta P 2, 4: R. O. : Scabbard and Blade: BLUE PRINT. 4 Scholarship Gold " T " : Architectural T. C. : Honor Society: (SO) James Merideth Jones. Jr. BOSTON, Georgia Co-Op General Engineering A. S. M. E.: Rifle Team. 1 : Honor Roll. 1. 2. John A. Jordan Columbus. Georgia Commerce Beta Gamma Sigma: Honor Roll. 1. 2, 3. 4; Scholarship Gold " T " : Baseball. 2. 3. 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Ervin Leon Keener Attalla. Alabama Commerce Beta Theta Pi; Alpha Delta Sigma: Freshman Football: Scrub Football. 2. 3. Varsity. 4: Track. 1, 2, 3, 4: Bat- talion Football. 3 : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Severn Woodman Kittredge Akron, Ohio Mechanical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta: Pi Delta Epsilon: A. S. M. E.: BLUE Print, l, 2. 3, Senior Editor 3: Techniijue, 1. 2, 3. Asso- ci ate Editor, 2, 3; Honor Roll. 1: Inter-Fraternity Council: Marionettes. 2, 3. Publicity Manager. 3. (81) Ernest Charles Kontz Atlanta. Georgia Textile Engineering Chi Phi: Phi Psi: Cotillion Club: Anak: Koseme: Bull- dogs: Skull and Key: Spiked Shoe: Marionettes. 1; Student Council. 4: Track. 1. . 4. Captain. 4. Walter Kopmeier Krauth Winchester, Tennessee General Science Phi Gamma Delta: Scientia Club; Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil. 4. Edmund Hill Kuhlke Augusta. Georgia Architecture Delta Tau Delta: Pi Delta Epsilon: Charrette Club: Archi- tectural Society: BLUE PRINT. I. 2. 3. 4. Associate Editor. 3. Editor-in-Chief. 4: Technique, 1. 2: Battalion Football, 1. Alfred John Law. Jr. Chattanooga. Tennessee Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi: Scabbard and Blade; Cotillion Club: A. I. E. E. : Honor Roll. 2: BLUE PRINT. 1 : Glee Club. 2. 3, 4. Business xManagcr. 3. 4: Colonel R. O. T. C. : Freshman " Y " Club; Kappa Eta Kappa. ece ' (82) i John Krenkel Lawo Memphis, Tennessee Archihxiure Sigma Phi Epsilon: Charrette Club: Cot llion CI jb; Architectural S ocictv; Blue Print. 3: Battalion Football. 2 ; Freshman ■ V Club. [ William George Lefferts Leesburg, Virginia Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: Honor Roll. I. 3: Scholarship Gold ' T ' Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Roland P. Lee Chattanooga, Tennessee Electrical Engineering Battalion Football. 1, 2, 3. 4: Captain R. O. T. C. George Francis Lenoir, Jr. Savannah, Georgia Co-Op General Engineering A. I. E. E.: a. S. M. E.: Tech Mallet Club: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 3. 4. 5. % w. l :lilLodiioJ,i£ JiL l] ar2iHl [:a K ' = ' (S3 ' James David Lester. Jr. MoNTEZu.MA. Georgia Commerce Chi Psi: Alpha Doha Sigma. Walter Savers Lightbourn Key West, Florida Electrical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega: A. I. E. E.: Cotillion Club: Kappa Eta Kappa; Honor Roll. 1: Technique, 1: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. : Freshman Swimming Team. Varsity. 2. WiSTER Henry Ligon Atlanta. Georgia Civil Engineering A. S. C. E.: Civil Crew: Lacrosse. 4: Battalion Basket- ball. 1.3: Battalion Football. 1. 2. 3: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. John Butler Lillard MURFREESBORO. TENNESSEE General Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Cotillion Club: Koseme: Bulldogs; Inter-Fraternity Council; Freshman Football. ' arsity. 2. 3, 4: Freshman Basket-ball. (S4) Richard Plummer Lundy Helen, Ga. Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Tom Franklin Lundy, Jr. Helen, Ga. Textile Engineering Battalion football 3. 4. Ralph Newt Mallard Statesboro. Ga. Special Textile William Newton Manucy Savannah, Ga. Mechanical Engineering Pi Lambda Delta: A. S. M. E.: Marionettes 3: Free Body Club; Honor Roll 1. (85) Terrell Clifford Marbut Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Blue Print, 4: Honor Ron. 4. Daniel Deronda Margules Dallas. Texas Mechanical Engineering Free Body Club: A. S. M. E. : Honor Roll. . : Battalion Football. 2. 3. 4: Captain R. O. T. C. 4. Louis Jacot Martin Sheffield, Alabakl General Science Alpha Tau Omega: Student Council. Treasurer. 4; Intcr- Fraternitv Council. Sergeant-at-Arms. 4: Cotillion Club; Anak: Koseme: Bulldogs: Freshman Football; Varsitv Foot- ball. 2. 3. 4. Hugh McDonald Martin CoLLMBUs, Mississippi Architecture Kappa Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Charrcttc Club: Honor Roll. 1. 2. 1 1 i Ansel Henry Matthews WOODLAND, Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Roy Lee McCamy Kingston. Georgia Cicil Engineering Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; A. S. C. E. Arthur Lewis McCash Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Theta Chi; Scrub Football. 3: Baseball. 2. 3, 4. Cap- tain. 4. Harry Barton McCash Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Theta Chi: Kappa Kappa Psi : Beta Gamma Sigma; Band. 1. 2, 3. 4; Honor Roll. 2. 3. 4: Scholarship Gold ■T " . .. - Turner Lawsox McConnell RoYSTON. Georgia Cowmerce Technique, 1.2: Honor Roll. 3: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Scrub Baseball. John Julian McCoy Savannah. Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Chi Psi. Calvin Cargil McEachern Ha -nesville, Louisiana Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: Battalion Football. 2. 3: Battalion Basket- ball. 1.2; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Chambless Wiberne McGill Parrott. Georgia Commerce Honor Roll. 2. 3. 4. (S8) Henry James McKinney Mobile, Alabama Architecture Tbcta Chi: Charrctte Club. John Cleo Meadows ATLANTA, GEORGIA Co-Op General Engineering A. S. M. E.: Scabbard and Blade: Briarean: Co-Op Club: Captain R. O. T. C, 3. 4. Lieutenant-Colonel. 5. Stephen Julius Meares. Jr. Clearwater, Florida C(i;i7 Engineering Beta Theta Pi: A. S. C. E.; Kappa Kappa Psi: Scabbard and Blade: Civil Crew: Glee Club. 2. 3: Inter-Fraternity Council, 4: Major R. O. T. C. : Band, 1, 2. 3. 4. William Edgar Merck Atlanta, Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Yellovc Jacket, 4: Band. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (80) i N HV ' .■ f ■■ Walter William Merkle Selma. Alabama Electrical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta: Kappa Eta Kappa: Radio Club: A. I. E. E. : Freshman Tennis: Varsity Tennis, 2, 3. 4: Announcer at WGST. 2. 3, Chief Announcer, 4; Lieutenant R. O. T. C, Ernest Briscoe Merry Augusta, Georgia Ceramic Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Tau Beta Pi: Cotillion Club: Skull and Key: American Ceramic Society: Freshman Tennis; Varsity Tennis. 2, 3. 4, Captain. 4: Swimming Team. 1. 3: Ch:er Leader. 2. 3. 4. Thomas Tobin NJiller Atlanta. Georgia General Science Chi Phi: Scabbard and Blade: Scicntia Club: Battalion Football. 3. 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. w ws Thomas Alwyn Middlebrooks Atlanta. Georgia CiVi7 Engineering A. S. C. E. J a Ui e w a ■ ir ' - tc- (fM)) Henry Wade Moore MURFREESBORO. TENNESSEE Co -Op General Engineering Pi Lambda Delta: Pi Delta Epsilon: Scabbard and Blade: Briarean Society; Radio Club: A. I. E. E.: Inter-Fraternity Council. 4: BLUE PRINT. I: Technique. 1. 2. Associate Editor. 3. Managing Editor. 4: Freshman Cross Country Team: Captain R. O. T. C. John Marion Moore Charleston. South C. rolixa Cii, ' (7 Engineering Pi Kappa Phi: Skull and Key: A. S. C. E.: Freshman " Y " Club: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. James Wayne Moore. Jr. College Park, Georgia Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi: A. S. M. E.: Yellow Jacket, 2: Free Body Club: Honor Roll. 2. 3. Calbraith Lamar Morris Augusta, Georgia Mechanical Engineering Chi Phi: Oil Can Club. (!H 1 ' l l l : Duncan Morton Charlotte. North Carolina General Science Phi Sigma Kappa: Scabbard and Blade: Cotillion Club; Bulldogs: Scicntia Club: Basket-ball. 1. 2, 3: Tennis. 1, 2, Captain. 2: Inter-Fraternity Council, 3. 4. Secretary. 4: Captain R. O. T. C. Asa Marshall Moseley Godfrey, Georgia Textile Engineering Lieutenant R. O. T. C. IvEY Lee Murray Fitzgerald. Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi: Co-Op Club: A. S. M. E.; Scholarship Gold " T " : Briarean Society: Honor Roll. 1. 2. 4: Battalion Football. 1. 2. 3: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Walter Roy Neal, Jr. Savannah, Georgia Engineering Chemistry Emerson Chemical Society. t92) . (r F - s? : - 1 3 ' Sj James Gaston Nichols Atlanta, Georgia Electrical Engineering Beta Thcta Pi; Kappa Eia Kappa: Spiked Shoe Society; Aeronautical Association: BLUE PRINT, 1. 2. 3. Associate Editor. 2: Technique, 2. 5. Exchange Editor, 3: Varsity Track Manager, 4; Battalion Football. 3. John Milton Nichols, Jr. Atlanta, Georgia Civil Engineering Beta Thcta Pi; Pi Delta Epsilon: A. S. C. E. : BLUE Print, I. 2. 3. 4. Business Manager. 4; Battalion Football. I. 2, William John Noyes Atlanta. Georgia General Science Emerson Chemical Society: Glee Club, 1: Swimming Te.-.m. 1. 2. 3. 4. Captain. 3. Max E. Nussbaum, Jr. Bainbridge, Georgia Commerce Phi Epsilon Pi: Technique. 1.2: Freshman Track. (0.3 1 v ' r.v (P ' mnv=- Daniel McKenna OConnell Macon. Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Pi Lambda Delta: Pi Delta Epsilon: Briarean Society: Blue Print. 4: Technique, 4. 5: Yellow Jacket. 3. 4. 5. Circulation Manager. 5: Battalion Basket-ball. 1. 2. 3. 4: Battalion Football. 2. 3. 4. Arthur Vaughn Ogram Jacksonville. Florida Civil Engineering A. S. C. E.: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. " S i%. l William Benton ONeal. Jr. Macon. Georgia Electrical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi: Scabbard and Blade: Kappa Eta Kappa: A. I. E. E.: Radio Club: Honor Roll. 2: Captain R. O. T. C. Sherod Harvey Owens Charleston. South Carolina Electrical Engineering Track. 1.2: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 4. ...V- ' (94) Clarench Edward Oxford Concord, Georgia Co-Op Civil Engineering Scabbard and Blade; Briarean Society: Free Body Club: Co-Op Club: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 3. Captain. 4. William Jaudon Peabodv Columbus. Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Briarean Society: A, L E. E.: A. S. M. E. 7 ■m i-«i John Richard Perkerson Austell, Georgia C(i, ' r7 Engineering A. S. C. E.: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ._ A? ft ' c Hi WiLLIA.M DURFEE PARKINS Edison, Georgia General Science Square and Compass: Scabbard and Blade: Battalion Foot- ball. 1 : Captain R. O. T. C. 3. 4. •r- (0.-. 1 Ml KT J.;, ' V.- Albert Jacksox Pettigrew Manatee, Florida Co-Op General Engineering Honor RoU. I. 2. 4; Lieutenant R. O. T. C 5. 4. 5. WiLLARD CRESSE PiERSON Atl. xta. Georgia Commerce Theta Chi. James Reid Pinkerton Macon. Georgia Co-Op General Engineering John Russell Porter. Jr. Atlanta. Georgia Engineering Chemistry Chi Phi. ■ : yvj i Dennis Joseph Pounder Savannah, Georgia Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: Battalion Football. 1. 2. John Hayes Pritchard Beaumont, Texas Architecture Sigma Phi Epsilon: Charrctte Club: Cotillion Club: Kosemc: Bulldogs: Skull and Key: Architectural Society: Marionettes. 1: Glee Club. 1. 2: Football Manager. 4: Track. 1.2: Inter-Fraternity Council. 4. Charles Lane Printup Memphis, Tennessee Co-Op General Engineering Delta Sigma Phi: Freshman " Y " Club: Honor Roll. 1: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 4. 5. Edward Harrison Preston El Dorado. Arkansas Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: Radio Club: I icuicnant R. O. T. C. ifi7 (07) t v .v,- „ - . Henry Rltx)lph Pund Augusta, Georgia Textile Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon : Phi Kappa Phi : Tau Beta Pi : Phi Psi: Cotillion Club: BoUdogs: Student Council. 4: Honor Roll. 1 . 2 : Vice-President Senior Class. 4 : Freshman Foot- ball: Varsity Football, 3, 4. Captain-elect. 5. Allen Marsh. ll Queen Big Lake. Texas General Stiente Delta Tan Delta: Sknll and Key: Cotillion Club: Scientia Club: Football. 1. 2. 3: Intcr-Fratemiry Council. 5. 4. Secretarv. 4. WiLLL M Marshall R. pp. Jr. Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma: Square and Compass: Glee Club. 4: Banalion Football, 2. 3; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Harold Robert Rauber KL ss!LLON " , Ohio Architecture Chi Psi: Football, 1.2: Basket-baU. 1, 2. 3: Tnck. 1. 3 ,: Sigma Nu : A. I nity Council. 3. ■y9 -r William Buchanan Redmond Delhi, Louisiana Electrical Engineering E. E. : Kappa Eta Kappa; Intcr-Fratcr- LuTHER Monroe Reeves. Jr. Woodstock, Georgia Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E. Archie T. Reeves, Alabama Textile Engineering Phi Psi: Honor Roll. 2. .- iJ " y Hazard Earle Reeves WiL.MiNGTON. North Carolina Mechanical Engineering Pi Kappa Phi: Pi Delta Epsilon: Radio Club: A. S. M. E.: Oil Can Club: Freshman ' Y " Club: BLUE PRINT, 3, 4. Assistant Photographic Editor. 4: Technique, 2, 3. 4. Assis- tant Circulation Manager. 4; Honor Roll. 1.2: Track Man- ager. 1. 2. lilO) Vv ' - ' ' i ' hiii y - David Julian Reid HOGANSVILLE, GEORGIA Textile Engineering Lieutenant R. O. T. C. • r ' J ' William Henry Richardson Greenville, South Carolina Special Textile Kappa Sigma: Phi Psi: Cotillion Clab: Skull and Key: Marionettes: Glee Club: Freshman Baseball Manager. Henry Patrick Rimes. Jr. Lltxdwici, Georgia Co-Op General Engineering A. S. M. E.: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 4. 5. . " Elbert Hearst Roane Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Sc r Theta Chi: Scabbard and Blade: Freshman rub Basket-ball. 2. 3: Battalion Basket-ball. 3 O. T. C. 4. Basket ball: : Lieutenant -i-J-H D, (100) J7-»P,-3 " 1 m-: ' 93 %til Joseph Milton Roberts Alexandria. La. Commerce Phi K.ippa Sigma: Freshman Track; Varsity Track. 2. 3. 4; Battalion Basket-ball. 2. 3. Lavrjs Ives Saunders AiLANTA. Georgia Cii, ' i7 GIcc Club, 1. John Linton Roberson. Jr. A tlanta. Georgia Commerce Chi Phi. Jack Clarence Stein Atlanta. Georgia Mechanical Engineering :aj V K -aajLUac!J= I 101 » ■ i- „Vt-- ' « x J--, i». William Joseph Roman Atlanta. Georgia Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.: Kappa Kappa Psi: Band: Marionettes. !. 2: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Daniel Elias Sandoval Santiago de Chile Special Architecture Honor Roll. 1. 2. Edward Williams Sarven St. Petersburg. Florida Engineering Chemistry Delta Sigma Phi: Emerson Chemical Society: Cross Coun- try Team. 3. k V ' l Marion Wolff Schwartz Jackson, Mississippi Electrical Engineering Phi Eo ' ilon Pi: A. I. E. E. : Battalion Football. ; ■ , ' f ' ieutcnant R O. T. C. (102) Richard Dixie Seaborn Atlanta. Georgia Architecture Beta Thctj Pi: Charrette Club: Architectural Society. Ralph Parks Sewell Lavonia, Georgia Commerce Kappa Kappa Psi : Tech Band. Hugh Williams Shackelford Albany, Georgia General Science Alpha Tau Omega: Scientia Club; Freshman " Y " Club: Swimming. 2. 4: Technique. 3.4; Alternate Cheer Leader. 2. Albert Wynne Shepherd Columbus. Georgia General Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Cotillion Club; Aeronautical Asso- ciation; Scientia Club; Marionettes. 2; Honor Roll. 1. 3: Intcr-Fraternity Council. 3, 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 5 OS=3j ' - qjJL ao tyjrj ' (lii:ii at Hugh Davis Sims Atlanta. Georgia Engineering Chemistry Pbi Kappa Phi: Square and Compass: Emerson Chemical Society; Honor Roll. 1. Charlie Frazier Skaxnal Shreveport, Louisiana Electrical Engineering Aeronautical Association: A. I. E. E.: Battalion Football. 2. 3: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Euchee Harp Skinner Atlanta. Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Briarcan Society: Co-Op Club: Captain R. O. T. C. mi ■ E- : Clarence Talmadge Sluder Atlanta. Georgia Qivil Engineering A. S. C. E. (U ' 4, i •■?i S l( iE?;? z :sfe ,;c sis?u Ernest Thomas Smith. Jr. Atlanta. Georgia Cii. ' i7 Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa: Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. ; Lacrosse. 1 Batialion Football. 1. 2, 3. t m c 1 rt Robert Wil.mer Smith Columbus, Georgia Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma. James Porter Snooks. Jr. CovH A, Georgia Electrical Engineering Phi Gamma Delta: A. I. E. E. : Freshman Baseball: Lacrosse. 1: Battalion Basket-ball. 2. 3. 4: Battalion Foot- ball. 2. 3. 4. George Beller Sprick Little Rock. Arkansas Commerce Sigma Nu: Skull and Key: Freshman Track: Varsity Track Squad. 2, 3. 4; Freshman Football: Varsity Football Squad, 2. 3. 4; Inter-Fraternity Council, 3. 4. l io J JiL i -JJ iQS itaiKaJlL (10.JI ?f! .... r :e-lL ? Ward William Stentns Lake Providence. Louisiana Electrical Engineering A. L E. E. : BaccalioB Football. 1. 2: Battalion Basket- ball. 1. 2. George Eugene Suarez Montgomery, Alabanla Civil Engineering Civil Crew : Lieatenant R. O. T. C. Morris Righton Swicegood Savannah. Georgia Architecture Phi Gamma Delta: Techrique. 4. Art Editor: Freshman Tennis Team: Varsitv Tennis. 2: Glee Club and Iandolin Club. 1. 2. 3. 4: Freshman V Club. Lewis Wesley Tabor Fort V. lley, Georgia General Saence :- ' -i m HOC) J n I — r V rm O.-r . -.! -:slM 3»r lS?li[ John Hudson Temples Statesboro, Georgia Cii. ' i7 Engineering A. S. C. E. James Raymond Craig Thom EusTis, Florida Co-Op General Engineering Briarcan Society: A. S. M. E. : Co-Op Club: Honor Roll. 1.2: Lieutenant-Colonel R. O. T. C. 5. Harry Bruckner Thompson. Jr. Atlanta, Georgia General Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Scicntia Club. Kenneth Matheson Thrash Atlanta. Georgia Civil Engineering Scabbard and Blade: Freshman Football: Varsity Football. 3. 4: Lacrosse. 2. 3. 4: Captain R. O. T. C. 4. £:: te te i illu.OUiio- ' jifcia r aia uia i (lOTi i X i M ! ,t P3ff i r: ' ) Earl Jackson Tracy Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha: Scabbar(i_and Blade: Cotillion Club: Alpha Kappa Psi: Track. Manageit-ii::-; . 3: Glee Club. 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Edwix Fogarty Trevor Key West, Florida General Science Pi Kappa Alpha: Scabbard and Blade: Coiillion Club: Bulldogs: High Tension Club. Guy Hardy Trlmble Shreveport, Louisi. na Cit ' iV Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma: Kappa Kappa Psi: Civil Crew: Cotil- lion Club: Band: A. S. C. E.: Inter-Fraternity Council. 3. 4: Battalion Football. Z: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Einar Storm Trosdal. Jr. Savannah. Georgia Electrical Engineering Chi Phi: Phi Kappa Phi: Kappa Eta Kappa: A. I. E. E. Honor Roll, 2. 3. ' 1 5 ■ ' 3 JIKltf JIKsa ' . 07j -Ji--. ' L-lU-jJ - (108) n rrr ' m o.K ' i rt Ui : ' - ■ ' n -a -7 •3 Tn-0 = ' ' T ' . «fhrQr »3VVir? 1 11 ' 2 Clarence Almarin Trowbridge Augusta, Georgia Electrical Engineering A. I. E. E.: Radio Club: Band: Lacrosse. 1. 3. 4: Bat- talion Football. 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Robert Ernest Trussell Woodland, Georgia Co-Op General Engineering A. S. M. E.: Battalion Football. 1. 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 4. Claire Sheldon Tucker Miami. Florida Architecture Weldon Irwin Tully Waskom. Texas Commerce XULoi oJ,lt=f-j:U;9 ' U ' ?uJaiiyi 4]tS4t ,4PU (109) t!) l-3l =l m ' ' .I ' jcti »s l f- -.e K- Alfred Arthur Varena. Jr. Sebring, Florida GemtehSfience Alexander Henry Wachtel Jacksonville, Florida Mechanical Engineering Phi Epsilon Pi ; Technique, 1 ; A. S. M. E. : Battalion Football. 3. 4. Edwin Patterson Waite Savannah, Georgia Co-Op Civil Engineering Briarean Society: Free Body Club: Honor Roll. 1: Bat- talion Football, 1, 2. 3. 4: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. George E. Wainto Pedro Miguel, Canal Zone Commerce Honor Roll. 1. r b a Ui Je i. a uq 1, cu u ' -i ■ gtfi (110) Tf ■n m ' X-i ' ' . ' ? r-f ' ' , n " 3 7? ■? ' Emmette Phillip Waite Savannah, Georgia Engineering Chemistry Emerson Chemical Society; Battjlion Football. 3. 4: Fresh- man " Y " Club. Charlie F. Walker Atlanta. Georgia Commerce Cyrus Markell Wallace, Jr. Jacksonville, Florida General Science Pi Lambda Delta: Freshman Track: Lacrosse Manager. 3. 4: Technique, 1; Yellow Jacket. 4: Freshman " Y " Club; " Y " Cabinet: Editor " T " Book; Battalion Football. 1. William Rush Wallace Statesboro, Georgia Civil Engineering Sigma Xu; Civil Crew: Track, 3, 4: Cross Country Team. 3. iKiiii: ■5 " ' - u L. Q oijo - j 1 1= p-j.LL-; gnl a i a; ui a 4i=tJ i nA ' jJ L( i r (111) nrlV=f r fr ifl ' e- r B- n 6 1 5; an r iv George Goodwin Walsh Atlanta. Georgia General Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Cotillion Club; Koseme: Bulldogs: Skull and Key. FLO ' iT) Alphonso Walton Chattanooga. Tennessee Commerce Sigma Phi Epsilon: Alpha Kappa Psi : Scabbard and Blade: Rifle Team. Winner of First Place in Individual Competi- tion. 3: Honor Roll. 4: Lieutenant-Colonel R. O. T. C. William Claibourne Walton. Jr. Cartersville, Georgia Commerce Pi Kappa Alpha: Cotillion Club: Bulldogs: Glee Club. 1. 2. 3. 4. X ' ice-Presidcnt. 4: Inter-Fraternity Council. 3. 4. John Herbert Walton Macon, Georgia Co -Op General Engineering A. S. M. E.: Honor Roll. 3: Scholarship Gold •T " Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 3. 4. 5. : ,i» a Lu Je i. a ■ L " ' -jjtc , r (1121 B M V7. T?7-9 ' ' nT?: =rh- WiLLiAM Clarke Wardlaw, III Atlanta. Georgia Textile Engineering Chi Phi; Phi Psi : Cotillion Club: Koscmc: Bulldogs: Skull and Key: Captain Freshman Swimming Team: Varsity Swimming Team. 2. 3. 4: Inter-fraternity Council. 4: Honor Roll. 1.3: Football Manager, 1. 2. 3. Charles Thurman Warren. Jr. Hawki nsville. Georgia Co ' Op General Engineering A. I. E. E.: A. S. M. E. William Arthur Warrington, Jr. Pine Bluff, Arkansas Archileeture ball. Theodore Lewis Waxelbaum ATLANTA. Georgia Commerce Phi Epsilon Pi: Freshman Basket ball; Battalion Basket- J a a UJ a di=ij w ' ' itJJL ' iio4) ,« V) -Vi 3( % -irs James Wyatt Wesley Atlanta. Georgia Electrical Engineering Kappa Kappa Psi : Scabbard and Blade : Band : Captain R. O. T. C. . " - 1 1 Robert Lewis Wham Fountain Inn, South Carolina Electrical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi: Kappa Eta Kappa: A- I. E. E.: Lacrosse. 3. 4: Honor RolL 3: Battalion Football. 3: Battalion Basket- ball. 4. fifll. Edward Dal ton White Atlanta. Georgia CiirtV Engineering Sigma Chi: Pi Delta Epsilon: Spiked Shoe: Scabbard and Blade: Civil Crew: Freshman Swimming Team. Manager. 2. ' arsity Manager. 4: Track. 1. 2. 3. 4: Cross Country. 2. 3: .Alternate Captain. 3: Sport Editor BLUE PRINT. 3. 4: Tech- nique. 1. 2. 3. 4. Associate Editor. 3. Assistant Editor. 4: Publicity Manager Glee Club. 3 : Battalion Track. 1 : Bat- talion Football. 1. 2. 3; Optain R. O. T. C. n William Cunningham White ATLANTA. Georgia Commerce Beta Theta Pi: Basket-ball Manager. 1. 2. 3. 4: Alpha Delta Sigma: Blv= P° v ! 2: Technique. I. an 1 ! Lyman Bethal Whitlow Commerce, Ga. Co-Op General Engineering A. I. E. E.: A. S. M. E. Marshall Tigner Wiggins Atlanta, Ga. Architecture Alpha Tau Omega: Scabbard and Blade. Clifton Benjamin Wilburn Atlanta. Ga. Commerce Kappa Alpha: Cotillion Club: Yellow Jacket 2. 4: Inter Fraternity Council 4. Harold Telford Williams MiLLEDGEVILLE. GA. Architecture Sigma Phi Epsilon: Pi Delta Epsilon: Architectural So- ciety: Blue Print 3. 4. Art Editor 4: Yellow Jacket 2: Ma- rionettes 2. 3, 4. President 4. a, ui a a y S?dlt 4 ' - (115) ' ( " ' " ' ' ' ' ' ri ' j M ' Ll -nA " K r 5r-.„._ . Thomas Paul Wright Decatur, Georgia Commerce Pi Lambda Delta: Spiked Shoe; Freshman Track: ' arsity Track. 2. 3, 4: Cross Country Team. 2. 3. 4. Captain. 4: Honor Roll. 3. WiLLL Ms Thomas McRae Atlanta, Georgia Co-Op General Engineering Chi Beta Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Scabbard and Blade: Briarcan: Free Body Club: Radio Club: Scholarship Gold ■ T " : Lieutenant R. O. T. C, 2. Captain. 3. 4. 5: Honor Roll. 1. 2, 3. 4; A. S. M. E.: Tech Mallet Club. James Carl Wise Sadorus. Illinois Architecture Square and Compass: Architectural Society: Honor Roll. 2. 3. Tom Wohlwender COLUMBUS, Georgia General Scierjce Scicntia Club. m? y lx:v -■::i , ' ' TTT .a--:i 3 - ' 1 .! Lau=Dl (iini 1, . iflX- i i ' $ i ' . ' rd ' P[S! g][ 1 MfS SlM K Carl Robert Mylius Chattanooga. Tennessee Architecture Tau Beta Pi: Phi Kappa Phi: Honor Roll. 1. 2. 4. i ii fti Mills Spencer Savage De Funiak Springs. Florida Commerce Kappa Sigma; Freshman Football; Delta Sigma Pi; In- ter-Fratcrnitv Council: Student Council. James Lloyd Chaille Miami, Florida General Science Chi Psi ; Intcr-Fratcrnity Council: Glee Club. 1; Scientia Club. Edgar Jewel Crowley Watkinsville. Georgia Pi Kappa Alpha: Freshman Football: Varsity Baseball. 1: Varsity Football. 2. 3: Captain Football, 4; Kosemc; . nak Society. l!fe:[iLTuJo Jl JiL ui2ia itS4Jfr LC -»J. .i ' ' % Atlanta. Georgia. April 17, 1928. To the Patrons. Faculty and Students, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta. Georgia. Ladies and Gentlemen: Wc would respectfully submit the following report on the class of 1928. Number of runs — Four. Length of runs — One year each. Apparatus and material — Approximately eight hundred high school grad- uates, assembled in Atlanta. September. 1924. Supervision — This test has been run under the supervision of the officers and faculty of the Georgia School of Technology. Method of Procedure: Run 1 ; Some eight hundred or more freshmen, green as freshmen usually are. began to arrive in Atlanta in September. 1924. This experiment begins at this time with the actions and reactions of the above class being observed and recorded. A meeting of the class of ' 28 was called, after wc had settled down and become accustomed to the surroundings and ways of the upperclassmen. The class was organized and after a heated session. Richard F. Wright was chosen as our president. John Brewer and Warren Fair were selected as vice-president and secretary respectively. Wright proved himself a real leader and the class profited by his able guidance. The freshman football team was very successful, winning all but one game which resulted in a tie. the members of the team being presented silver " T ' s " for their brilliant showing. The basket-ball team was one of the best freshmen teams the followers of the White and Gold had seen in a long time, winning all but one game of a hard schedule. The class of ' 28 had teams equally as good in other sports, bringing out many men who were to represent Tech nobly in the future. We can hardly pass over this eventful year without pausing and feeling a little bit happy over the green ' 28 flag that flew from the campus flagpole for three days, unmolested by the class of ' 27. but finally removed by the Atlanta Fire Department. The freshmen of this year also distinguished themselves by giving a butter-milk ball in the gymnasium. This was rather a unique affair and something unusual for a Tech freshman class. Run 2: The second year started with a lot of pep. As an engine operates much better after it has had a chance to run and warm up, so with the class of ' 28. Our number was quite a bit less than the previous year, some unfortunate ones being precipitated out by the faculty or by other agents. Dick Wright was again elected president, a fitting tribute and reward for his invaluable services rendered as our leader the previous year. John Brewer was elected vice-president, and Butch Bearden. secretary-treasurer. The class contributed several fine athletes to Tech ' s varsity team this year: Wright. Hood. Hearn. Crowley. Brewer. Elliott and Martin making letters in football and playing on the first team to beat Georgia, after a lapse of nine years. George, Morton and Player made their letters and sweaters on the basket-ball court: while the baseball team. Southern Conference champions for the season. (US) had more than its share of sophomores, who added much strength to one of the best nines that Georgia Tech has ever placed on the diamond. Names of several members of the class began to appear on the Glee Club and Marionette rolls, while the various publication staffs came in for their share of second year men. Run 3: Our Junior year found the organization running as smoothly as before with most of us requiring more time for our class work. This did not cause a lull in outside activities though for we were again well represented on the campus. John Brewer acted as our governor this year, controlling and regulating our speed and action. John Lillard was elected vice-president, and Wadley Glenn chosen as secretary-treasurer. This year found several members of the class of ' 28 representing Tech nationally: namely. Watts Gunn, captain of the golf team, who won the national intercollegiate golf title, and Ernest Kontz, captain of the track team, who with Papa Hood made such a fine showing for Tech at the Central A. A. U. games in Chicago. Among the wearers of the " T " in football this year were added the names of Pund, Lillard. Thr ash and BuUard of the class of ' 28. In ba.skct-ball, Hearn. Morton, George. Bullard and Player while Brewer, Crowley, McNeely, Edwards. Florrid and McCash made letters in baseball. Bill Walton was chosen as leader of the Glee Club orchestra while others distinguished themselves and their class by making stronger positions on the various publications than they had held the previous year. Fourteen juniors were elected to membership in Tau Beta Pi. Run 4: The last part of this test, which is drawing to a close, was started by selecting W. J. Holman, Jr., as our leader; H. R. Pund, vice-president: Frank Player, secretary: and Walter S. James as treasurer. Ed Crowley cap- tained the 1927 Golden Tornado, which swept all conference opposition aside, defeated Georgia again, and won a Southern Championship. Hood and Crowley represented Tech as members of the All Southern Senior foot- ball team that went to the Pacific coast for a post season game. The mem- bers of the class of ' 28 are found to occupy all of the leaders positions in student activities. George captained the basket-ball team, while Art McCash is leading the Jacket nine that bids fair to stand high in the conference this year. Kuhlke is Editor-in-Chief of the BLUE PRINT. Dunkin of the Technique, while Williams is president of the Marionettes and Pete Law is manager of the Glee Club. Nineteen members of the class were elected to Phi Kappa Phi as a reward for their diligent work in class. O. P. Cleaver was awarded the Tau Beta Pi scholarship cup for attaining the highest average in three and one-half years. Results and Conclusions Indicator cards taken during this test show a cycle of events that are rather unusual. Although they are far from perfect they show a high efficiency and indicate that the members of the class of ' 28 have endeavored to uphold the good name of the Georgia School of Technology. All curves were plotted with time as absicca and tend to rise steadily from the very first week of time. In conclusion, although this report only touches and presents the high points of the activities of the class of twenty-eight, it clearly shows that the members have functioned as a well-balanced machine, bringing honor and credit to themselves, their class and their school. Respectfully submitted, A, J. Law. Jr. (119) Alma Mater Oh. sons of Tech, arUe. beheld. ' The banner as it reigns supreme. For from on high the H ' hite and Gold It ' azes in its triumphant gleam. The spirit of the eheenng throng Kesounds utth joy repealing A brotherhood in praise and song. In the memory of the days gone by. Oh. Scion of the Southland In our hearts you shall forever ily. It ' e cherish thoughts so dear for thee. Oh. Alma Mater, in our prayer, lie plead for you in I ' ictory. .4nd then in z-ictory we share. ' But when the battle seems in zain Our spirit nezer falters. li ' e ' re ei ' er one in joy or pain. And our union is a lasting bond. Oh. ' may we be united Till the z-ictory of life is won. Ronald Durant Class President JUNIORS J uniors RLFLs Leon Adair, Jr. Atlanta Mechanical BENNETT ROUTH AD.VMS, :S X Montezuma Electrical Band : Kappa Kappa Psi : Radio Club : Honor Roll U). Robert Baker Alexander. k Atlanta Electrical Yellow Jacket U» : i " . IT. C. A. Cabinet: Battalion Basket-ball ; Football and Trai-k : Uonor Roll (2). W ' YATT HUTCHINS ALEXANDER Blakely Electrical Robert Bltler Alford Atlanta Co-op HENRY DAVID ANASTASAS Sour Lake. Texas Archi tecture Freshman Track : Varsity Track : Technique (1. 2. 3 : Marionenes il. 2. 3i : Band: Kappa Kappa Psi: Honor Roll 1, 2i. JACK HENRY ANTHON " i Atlanta Co-op JOHN Walton arnall. jr. Senoia Co-op Raleigh Arnall, k a Newnan Commerce Baseiiall. 26: l lta Sigma Pi: Cotillion: Inter-Kraternity Council. Frank U ' illett Armstrong, x Savannah General Science John Heard Arnold Macon Co-op MONTGO.MERY AT ' ATER Miami. Fla. Architecture Emil Earnest Acerb. ch, Jr. Savannah Co-Op Joseph Albert Bain Augusta Co-Op Rhea Wilson Baker Cookcville. Tenn. Co-Op Edward David Ballard Brcwton Co-Op George Beacon Beggs Macon Co-Op f- . ir 2 13 I ' l 15 IB (1221 Juniors Jack Mariin Barlow N. Little Rock. Ark. Electrical James Foster Barnwell. Jr Abbeville. S. C. General Science DouGALD Ferguson Barthelmess A T O Savannah Ceramics Marionettes fl. 2. 31 : Band (1) : A. E. : Battalion Football (1). Horace McCall Bashinski Dublin Engineering Chemistry Florence S. Batchelor. jr. Eatonton £ ecfrica Ja.mes Faulkner Beall. Jr., a Memphis. Tcnn. Civil Frpshman Track : Varsitv Track. ' - ' 7 ball Scrubs. ' 26. George Nolan Bearden. •! ' -! Madison Commerce Glee Club ; Skull and Ke.T. Thomas Willia.m Belcher Dublin Co-Op Jr. i LORfcNTZ DOBBs Bellinger Norfolk. Va. Mechanical Honor Roll (1 ; R. A. R. Emory Waring Best, Jr., x Rome Textile Technique (1). Marshall Jacob Black.mon. Jr., r a Columbus Cicil Marionettes fit: Honor Roll (1). Joe Bear Blank Atlanta Commerce Adam Rivers Blumer Moss Point. Miss. Commerce Thomas Havis Bloodworth Atlanta Electrical Edward Co.m.moner Bosworth Dayton. Ohio Mechanical Honor Roll (1. 2i; Tau Beta Pi: Scholar- ship Uup {2 I. Henry Lumpkin Bowen Cotton Co-Op (123) Juniors Ellis DtW ' nrH Brannen Baxlcy Co -Op Robert DeWitt Brener, t e Chattanooga. Tenn. Commerce Lacrosse d. 2i; Scrub l " 5otbaU (1, 2, 3); Battalinu I ' notlmll Hi. Howard L. Brewton. i: e Waycross Civil Honor Koll (1. i; i. Adolph Henry Brever Nashville General Science Franxis Greene Brinson Cobbtown Co-Op Archie gray Britt. - .v e Birmingham. Ala. Architecture Bryan LaFollette Brown Blue Ridge Co-Op Harry Brown Savannah Co-Op JOHN Chafee Brown, s a E Augusta Architecture Freshman Tennis ; Cliarette : Architectural Societv. Leon Brown. ■ n t Blackvillc. S. C. Architecture Marionettes (2. . ' ii: Architectural Society; Assistant Editor of T Book. John Hazel Burkett Sumter. S. C. Electrical Edward Morse Burn, n K . Charleston. S. C. Electrical Junior Representative ; Inter-Kralernit.v Coun- cil : Koseme ; Skull and Key : (Nitillion. William Quintin Burns Atlanta Commerce Walter Edgar Burton Rydal Civil Honor Roll 1 1 . 2 i ; Freshman Y. Henry Jefferson Buttram Piedmont. Ala. Co-Op Henry Harrison Cabaniss, x Augusta Textile Freshman Tennis. " 2Ct : N ' arsity Tennis, ' 27 : Cotillion : Skull and Key. Robert Bradford Camp, n k a Gadsden. Ala. Commerce . lpha Kappa Psi : Battalion P.asket-liall ill. (12-1) Juniors Hubert Xarilve Caraway, ii Columbus Architecture Cloc Clllli Ol-i ' lu ' sli-il |2). Samuel Alymer Cannom- Arkadclphia. Ark. Co -Op James Barton Carev Rome Co -Op Axel William Carlson, Jr. Savannah Civil Julian Hunter Carney, a t Bradenton. Fla. Commerce Freshman Fc ntl)Mll nnij liasiMiall : Ba.sfliall (1) ; .lunicir Koin-esculativi " Fraternity Council. John Lvle Carr Redan Civil Manuel Antonio Casco Guatemala, C. A. Civil Andrew Richard Cathey , ' tlanta Architecture Hugh Lee Chamberlain Fort Myers, Fla. Co -Op V A ' ai sit.v Inter- Willia.m Chichester, - a K Macon Co-Op Civil Briai ' pan Si.cii ' t.v : Battalion Football ami Basliet-hall (1. L ' . :i). Robert Frippe Chisholm Bvron Co-Op Julian Elkins Clark Statesboro Co -Op William Barnes Clements Durand Engineering Chemistry James Edward Cliatt. jr.. x Spartanburg. S. C. Commerce Assistant I .usiness Manauor Marionottcs ; Business .Manascr Marionettes ; Intei ' -I " rater- nit.v Couneil Itepresentative ; Battalion Basltet- ball (1). Burton Cloud, as Atlanta Commerce Blue Print (11 : Toehni(iue (1, 2. 3i ; Board of Editors i3i . Joseph Cohen, t e i Ashburn Ci VI I Norman Lafayette Coleman, n a a Atlanta General Science Tecbnicjue (1, 2) ; (;iee flub (1, 2). p¥ M (125) Juniors Thomas Waltman Collins, Jr., e x Alton. 111. Commerce Harry Augustus Cook Milam Co-Op John Cartwright Cook, 2 a e Columbus Textile JAiMES Earnest Cook, Jr., - x Cochran Civil Freshman Lacrosse, ' 26, Varsity Lacrosse. ' 27: Battalion Football and Basket-ball (2). Honor Roll (1, 2). John Wellingham Cooke Pensacola. Fla. Civil Freshman Y Club: Honor Roll (1). Thomas Henderson Cooke Chattanooga. Tcnn. Co-Op Edward Dana Cory Savannah Co-Op Ernest Rodgers Cutler Atlanta Civil Robert Terrill Crane Savannah Civil Alfred Pearce Crisfield Savannah Ceramics Cross, Jr. Locust Grove Electrical Harold Bean Cu.vlviings, Jr. Atlanta Electrical John Buck Dalhouse Atlanta Civil Edward Madison Darden Hogansville Textile Parker Stillwell Day Hapeville Electrical Frank Starke Dean. Jr., ii k Atlanta Textile Lewis Adams Dean, k a Atlanta General Scierjce Joseph Dechovitz Atlanta Electrical Honor Roll (1. 2): Debating (1). Ernest Ormond DeFore, k a Macon Mechanical C. A. C. Basket-ball, ' 26- ' 27: Football, ' 26. Joseph Dia.mond, t e Chattanooga. Tcnn. £ ef(r co Honor Roll ( 1 . 2 ) . Richard Paul Dieckmann, a ::: Macon Commerce Freshman Football. Scrubs, ' 26, 27, Bat- talion Football (1). George w. Dobbs. Jr. Hawkinsville Mechanical Wylie p. Dobbs, Jr. Woodstock Commerce Battalion Basket-ball (1, 2). John Sutherland Donovan New York. N. Y. Engineering Chemistry Raleigh Eugene Drennon, Jr., k a Atlanta General Science Freshman Football, Varsity Football (2. 3) : Koseme: Bulldogs: Cotillion. Charles S. DuBose, jr., x Savannah Architecture Blue Print (l) : Glee Club (1, 2, 3) : Leader Mandolin Club (3). John Hershal Dugger, x b i: Marlow Co-Op Battalion Football, ' 27. James Boyd Duke Atlanta Commerce Charles Freeman Duncan Ellaville Civil A. S. C. E. Raymond Charles Dunn Murfrecsboro. Tcnn. £ ec(rica James Bennett Duren Atlanta Engineering Chemistry Transferred from Tulanc, June. ' 27. (126) Juniors Ronald Joseph Durant, 2 k New Martinsville, W. Va. Electrical Freshman Football and Baseball : Varsity Football. ' 26. ' 27: Representative Inter- Fraternity Council : Koseme: Bulldogs: Presi- dent Junior Class. Alfred Edwards Bonaire Co -Op William E. Elliott Holly Springs Co-Op Clarence Harold Evans Atlanta Engineering Chemical Emerson Chemical Societv: Freshman Y Club. ■VV ' iLLiA.M Davies Eve. - .v E Augusta Architeclure Charette Club. Mathis Andrew Ezell. n k ! Charleston. S. C. Civil Technique (1, 2. 3): Freshman TracU Manager: Freshman " Y " Club. Edwards Connor Fant. -i t a Memphis. Tenn. Commerce Blue Print (l, 2. 3) ; Lacrosse, " A V. Frank Leonard Feagle, Jr., n k Atlanta Textile Representative Inter-Fraternity Council: Phi Psi: Skull and Key. Charles Russell Fincher Mountville Co-Op Charles Ware Fitzgerald, Ben Jackson. Tenn. Civil Freshman Football: Varsity Football (2. 3) ; Student Council. William Howard Fleming Cumming Commerce Richard Westcott Florrid. - k Atlanta General Engineering Freshman Baseball: Varsity Baseball: Stu- dent Council: Battalion Basket-ball. Harold Edward Forbes Valdosta Co-Op Horace Orion Foster Sparta Electrical Julius Maurice Fox Atlanta Civil Don W. Frakes, II A .i Atlanta Commerce Technique (1. 2): Band: Kappa Kappa r i: Battalion Football. Vernon Edward Fuller St. Joseph. Mo. Co-Op Co Op Club: Battalion Basket-ball: Honor Roll (2. 3). Willie Obadiah Frary Eustis. Fla. Engineering Chemistry Albert Carson Gable Macon £ ecfrica George Clark Gaissert. k s Griffin Civil Glee Club (1, 2, 3). President Glee Club (3) : Representative Inter-Fraternity Council. Claude McDaniel Garner Luxomini Co -Op Clifford Woodward George Columbus Co -Op John Francis George, Jr. Dallas, Texas Co-Op William Donovan George, n K Lexington. S. C. Electrical Radio Club. Verser C. Gillon Shawnee. Okla. £ ec(ricu Transferred from University of Kentucky. Wadley Roul Glenn Atlanta Mechanical ISADORE GOLDWASSER Atlanta Co-Op Joseph Frank Goode Griffin Co -Op V 2S V - -.z--rr Juniors iri: Lincoln Simpson Grant, b e n Shecpshead Bay. N. Y. CiL(7 Yellow Jacket Art Staff (1. 2) ; Battalion Football (1. 2). Frank Wesley Green. a e Fort Valley Ceramics Glee Club. ' 27- ' 28: American Ceramic Society ; Honor Roll ( 1 ) . Charles Franklin Greene Clarkston Ceramics Hubert Wilson Greene Valdosta CiLi7 Russell West Gregg Shawnee. Okla. Co -Op CHARLES Madison Griffin Augusta Ceramics American Ceramics Society. REUBEN BURR GRIFFIN. I) E Villa Rica Track (1. 2). Commerce James Leroy Groves Canton Co-Op Paul Martin griswold Atlanta Commerce Edward Barton ham. l Ben Lonoke. Ark. Commerce Freshman Track: Varsity Track. Carl Anthony Hamlin Macon Co-Op Edwin Langdon Hanna. n a a Brookfield. Mo. Co-Op Honor Roll (1. 2). EvERETTE Richmond Hannah Madison Ceramics Williams Carey Hansard Atlanta Ceramics American Ceramics Society. George Foster Harrell. r a Rocky Mountain. N. C. Arc jitecfure Yellow Jacket. ' 26: Marionettes (I. 2. 3): Publicity Manager. ' 27: Charctte Club. Lucius John Harris. Jr.. :: a e Atlanta Textile Freshman Swimming, Varsity Swimming. ' 27: Secy and Treas. Koseme; Bulldogs; Skull and Key: Honor Roll (1. 2): Secretary Student Council: Cotillion: Phi Psi: Bat- talion Basket-ball. William Robert Harrison Bluffton C.1.17 Philip Charles Hart Columbus Co-Op Track and Cross Country: A. S. C. E. Jerry La.mar Haynie Bolton Co-Op Charles Edwin, Jr. Bolton. Miss. Civil Granville Conner Henry, Jr. Cordele Erigineenng Chemistry Guy To.m Henry Atlanta Civil David Maull Heritage, Ben Washington. D. C. Commerce Blue Print (1. 2. 3): Alpha Delta Sigma: Honor Roll (1): Pi Delta Epsilon. Alvin Anthony Hero. k i: New Orleans. La. £ ecfnca Freshman Lacrosse: Junior Manager Track; Cotillion: Honor Roll (2). JA.MES Ryan Hicks, x b s Rome Mechanical Briarcan Society: Battalion Basket-ball (1, 2). WiLLiA.M McLean Hickson Chcraw. S. C. Co-Op Harold Henry Higgins Jackson Civil Earl Hilburn Dublin Co-Op Melvin Tidwell Hill. k Atlanta £ ectrica Freshman Baseball and Basket-ball: Var- sity Baseball. ' 27. 112S) J uniors Henry L. Hills Atlanta Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi. JOHN Wise Hillegas Atlanta Co -Op John Felton Hinton Columbus Commerce William DeWitt Hodges Brinson Co -Op Co-Op Club. William Franklin Hodgin, Jr. Pineora Co-Op Bertie Rafael Hogge Atlanta Civil Glenn Augustus Holland, 2 x Atlanta Commerce Freshman Football: Varsity Football: Skull and Key. Truman Monroe Holland Atlanta Commerce Joseph Travis Holleman. Jr., 2 a e Atlanta Commerce Freshman Swimming. Varsity Swimming (2. 3). Captain. ' 27: Skull and Key: Bat- talion Basket-ball: Koseme. Wilfred Main Honour, k 2 Atlanta CiL-lV A. S. C. E.: Honor Roll (1. 2. 3). Robert Lawrence Horn, k 2 Roanoke. Va. Commerce Freshman Football. Varsity Football: Skull and Key: Student Council (I, 2). Alfred Knight Howe Atlanta Mechanical John F.mmette Howell Plains Commerce Robert Whitney Hubner Atlanta Commerce Glee Club Orchestra. Carrol Hyde Huddleston New York. N. Y. Civil JAMES Stephen Hughes, - k Atlanta £ ec(nfa Freshman Track. Varsity Track, ' 26; Honor Roll (1 ) . Robert Carl Humber Americus Commerce Archie Graha.m Hunter, 2 x Atlanta General Science Cotillion: Skull and Key: Head Cheer Leader. John Harvie Hunter. - x Atlanta C i ' i7 Battalion Football ( I ) . Branch Merriman Irvin Greensboro. N. C. Cvil Washington Prentice Irwin Atlanta Electrical Edward Marvin Jackson Tignall Commerce James Raymond Jackson Baconton General Science Sylvan Ellsworth Jackson Portsmouth. Ohio Electrical Wallace Cyril James. .12 Bradenton. Fla. Civil Lacrosse Manager. Casper Jackson Johnson, Jr., 2 a e Atlanta Mechanical Freshman Football Manager: Mandolin and Glee Club (2). J. Russell Johnson Eastman Civil John Martin Johnston. Jr. Selma. Ala. Co-Op Malcolm DePerf Johnsion Selma. Ala. Co-Op Thaddeus Shuptrine Johnston, ii K A Savannah Cit;i7 Amos Berney Jones. - - E Montgomery, Ala. Civil Juniors =i ' :■ ' •;] m H tuwARD Carroll Jonhs Troy. Ala. Co -Op Ja.mes Knight Jones Columbus Co -Op Lamar Jordan, -i t a Cordele Mechanical Howard Chandler Jordan, a t a Augusta Architecture Harold Arthur Keith Atlanta Co -Op Samuel Andrew Kemp Atlanta Commerce Robert Patterson Kennedy. - x Cuthbert Commerce Joe Kent, Jr., a e Tifton Electrical Charles Brewster King. - x Cuthbert Textile Freshman and Sophomore Track Manager. Isadore Kingloff Atlanta Co-Op JAiMES Taylor Kinnett, S A E Macon Civil Freshman Football and Basket-ball: Bat- talion Football. Severn Kittredge, r a Akron. Ohio Mechanical Blue Print (l. 2. 3). Senior Editor (3 ); Technique (1, 2, 3), Associate Editor (2, 3): Marionettes (2. 3). Publicity Man- ager (3): Inter-Fraternity Council (3): Pi Delta Epsilon; A. S. M. E.: Honor Roll (1). Casper Alexander Kuhlke, ii a a Augusta Ceramics ' Technique ( 1 ) . Assistant Clerical Man- ager: Briarcan Society: American Ceramic Society. Edward Johnson Ladd Atlanta Ceramics Carra Lathrop Lane. -V t u Thomasville Mechanical Marionettes (1, 2. 3). Vice-President. ■27: Battalion Basket-ball: Honor Roll (1). George Oliver Lane Tampa. Fla. Co-Op Ben Thirston Largen Fayettevillc. Tcnn. Commerce Freshman Football and Basket-ball: Var- sity Football and Basket-ball. John Rees Leach. Ben Birmingham. Ala. General Science Football Manager (1. 2. 3) : Honor Roll (1). Roland P. Lee Chattanooga. Tenn. Electrical Samuel Hunter Leggitt Unadilla Civil Jack Carey Lemmon, - e Findley. Ohio Commerce Freshman Basket-ball: Honor Roll (1). Robert Rushin Lett Fairburn Commerce George Ha.milton Lewis, Jr., - a e Atlanta Engineering Freshman Tennis: Varsity Tennis: Bat- talion Basket-ball: Honor Roll (1, 2). Frederick Augustus Lewter Orlando. Fla. CiL ' i7 Freshman Lacrosse; Varsity Lacrosse: Bat- talion Football (2) . John Cook Light El Paso. Texas Co-Op Battalion Football; Co-Op Club. Walter Sayers Lightbourn Key West. Fla. £ ecfrica John Butler Lillard, x a e Murfreesboro. Tenn. Civil John Story Littleton, - k Hagerstown. Md. Commerce Battalion Football (1). (130) Juniors Arwvne Olin Lott Atlanta Electrical William Blrt Loveladv. « X Soddy. Tenn. Commerce Band (1, 2. 3) ; Kappa Kappa Psi ; Z Z Z Club. James Monroe Lowe Atlanta Architecture Horace Elia Luntz, t i: i Atlanta Engineering Chemistry Emerson Chemical Society; Honor Rol (1). Daniel Thomas Manget, jr.. k a Newnan Textile Victor Eugene Manget. Jr.. k a Newnan Textile Skull and Key. Albert Lynn Martin Florence. Ala. Architecture Jack Edward Martin Toccoa Electrical Memory Martin Gainesville Co -Op WiLLiA.M Jules Martin Atlanta Textile Aeronautical Association: Honor Roll (1). Allan Little Matthews Woodland Co -Op Vincent Matthews. Jr. Athens Co -Op William Waltion May, Jr., a t a Savannah Electrical Marionettes. Richard Sanf-ord McBride, r a Fort Eustis. Va. General Science. JOSEPH Alexander McCain, e x Meridian. Miss. General Science Marionettes (I. 2. 3) ; Tech Band; Kappa Kappa Psi. Arthur Moss McCoy, e x Corregidor. P. L Civil Blue Print Staff ( 2 ) . Asst. Senior Editor ( 3 ) ; Technique Staff ( 1 . 2 ) ; Campus Edi- tor (3); Yeilow Jacket (2); Marionettes (3). Graham Stevens McCloy Savannah Co -Op Welman Hort McCranie Milam Co- Op .lACK STARKS McCROCKLIN K A Mansfield. La. Commerce Band; Kappa Kappa Psi; Cotillion; Ko- scmc; Bulldogs; Skull and Key. Fho.mas Edwin McCutcheon, k 2 Atlanta Ceramics Freshman Swimming Capt.. ' 24; Varsity Swimming (2. 3 ) ; Technique ( 1 ) ; Marion- ettes (2. 3) ; American Ceramic Society. Richard Gabbert McKinstry Atlanta Ceramics John Duncan McLeod, Jr. Swainsboro Co -Op John Paul McNeely, a t n Midville Civil Freshman Baseball; Varsity Baseball (2). Bertram Joseph McNelly Uvalde, Texas £ ec(nru Hugh Wilson McRady, k Petersburg. Tcnn. Electrical Amzi Godden McVay Birmingham. Ala. Textile Gordon Lee McWilliams Dalton Co -Op John Hallmark Middleton Attalla. Ala. Engineering Chemistry Stephen Ja.vies Millet Garden City, La. Co -Op Louie Eugene Misenhamer, Jr. Atlanta i: ec r fa (131) Juniors Andrew Jackson Mitchell, t - k Atlanta ClLlV HoRRANCE Anthony Mitchell. a e Macon Textile Aeronautical Association: Battalion Foot- ball (1). James Mason Mitchell Walden Co-Op Lane Mitchell. Jr. Atlanta Ceramics Richard Lee Mitchell N ' . Chattanooga. Tenn. C L-i7 Davenport Jackson Moore, z a e Atlanta Commerce Harry Grimshaw Moore Statesboro Co-Op Samuel Lafayette Moore Statesboro General Engineering Fred Perkins Moreton. - x Brookhaven, Miss. Commerce Marionettes ( 1 ) : Inter-Fraternity Council Representative: Delta Sigma Pi: Skull H Key. Fred Joseph Morgan Vienna General Engineering GEORGE Russell Morgan, as Rockmart Commerce Freshman Lacrosse: Cross Country ' 26. Henry Stuart Morton Atlanta ClLlZ James Major Moses Savannah Architecture Kenneth whitehill Mowry Clearwater Commerce FRANK FOOTE MYERS Chattanooga. Tenn. Textile Rifle Team. George Bailey Myers Clifton. N. J. Co-Op Gratton Stuart Myers. Jr. Chattanooga. Tenn. Co-Op RUSSELL Raines Myers Danville. Va. £ effrica Honor Roll (1 ) . Harold Eugene Nabell, e x East Point Cicil Manager Freshman Football. Frank Stevens Nash, x Barnes villc Commerce Freshman Track: Varsity Track: Spiked Shoe. John Newton Neal Chattanooga. Tenn. Co-Op Battalion Football. Charles Henry Neill Columbus Civil JOE Frank Nelson Cartersville Co-Op Thonl s Warren Newberry, e X Soddy. Tenn. £ ecrrico Glee Club ( 5 I : Band: Kappa Kappa Psi. Tracy Selden Newton. Jr. Atlanta Arc 31 lecture Honor Roll (2). Ira Lee Nichols, x b i: Savannah Co-Op John Wakefield Norris Atlanta Engineering Chemistry John Walton North Atlanta Mechanical Battalion Football (2) : Honor Roll (1. 2). JOSEPH Dwight Oliver Atlanta Architecture Oscar Frederick Olsen Tampa. Fla. Co-Op Briarean Society: Co-Op Club: Honor Roll (1. 2. 3). ' . ' ' £. I IC-. " I Juniors jAMiis Randolph Owens Rochellc Co-Op Clure Halma Owen Aldrich. Mo. Co-Op Charles Tillman Oxford Dawson Co-Op James Crowder Parham Greenville Mechanical ROBERT STITH parham Greenville General Science Bland Nathaniel Parker Buena Vista Civil Nelson H. Parker, Jr. Macon Co-Op Samuel Rees Parry. Jr. Chattanooga. Tcnn. Co-Op Archibald Oscar Patterson, Jr. Atlanta Cii. ' i7 Anthony Joseph Pellettieri New York. N. Y. Mechanical Samuel Boyd Peltier Lawto. Okla. Engineering Chemistry Radio Club: Emerson Chemical Society; Honor Roll ( I ). GEORGE CARHART PERRINE Decatur Co-Op CARLETON CUSTER PlERCE, JR. Kingwood. V. Va. Commerce Frank Pinkerton Macon Co-Op Frank Anthony Player ■Atlanta Mechanical GEORGE Fisher Po.mcroy, k a Blackshear Mechanical Transferred from Davidson ' 26. Marcus albert Powell Adcl Commerce Richard Bell Pratt Atlanta Co-Op Sidney Tupper Pruitt, Jr., 2 k Benton. Ala. Cii;i7 Freshman Track: Technique Staff (1. 2) : Asst. Editor (3): Vice-President Pi Delta Epsilon: Battalion Basket-ball: Honor Roll (1). Harold Francis Ragsdale Atlanta Commerce Joseph David Rahner. Jr., a t a St. Augustine. Fla. Cicil BURTON Swank Randol. Jr.. 9 x Bunkie. La. Civil ROBERT LEE RANDOLPH, 2 X Atlanta Commerce Freshman Football: Basket-ball: Track: Varsity Football. ROBERT COLEMAN READ. 2 A E Marietta Commerce Philip Seldner Reed, a ;; Atlanta Commerce Edward Theodore Rempe Coral Gables. Fla. Architecture Clarence Leyton Renfroe, n r a Macon Ceramics Co-Op Scrub Football (41: Scrub Track (i) : Battalion Football: Battalion Basket-ball: American Ceramic Society: Freshman Y Club; Co-Op Club. KENNETH LATIMER RHODES Atlanta Civil A. S. C. E.; Debating Team ' 26- ' 27. CHARLES EGBERT RiCHEY. jR. Rochelle Electrical Aeronautical Association. Charles Mosfley Roan, k a Palmetto Commerce Band: Kappa Kappa Psi. GEORGE HOLBROOK ROERIG. K A Decatur Cit ' i; Battalion Football and Basket-ball ' 27. (1331 Juniors uliNj ' Ci ' " Kenneth Bennett Roberts Savannah Co-Op Leland Thomas Robertson Winchester. Tenn. Co-Op John Rogers Rountree Adrian Co-Op Joe Wood Ross Gadsden. Ala. Co-Op Battalion Football (I. 3. 4) : Honor Roll (2. 3). Charles Atwater Rudolph, Jr.. a h Gainesville ErtQineenr.g Chemtstru Blue Print (I. 2. 3) : Honor Roll ill: Emerson Chemical Society. Fred Carl Rl ' nge Mattoon. III. Co-Op WiLLLA.M HARRELL RUSK Atlanta Cii.i7 Edward Rembert Santiers. Jr.. .i - R Savannah Engineering Chemistry Technique (2): Emerson Chemical Socie- ty: Freshman ' Y " Club. Louis Frederick Schaeffer Delray. Fla. Co-Op Leslie Carlton Scarborough Montrose Co-Op Reding Charles Selvidge. a i: b Jackson. Miss. Architecture Raymond Beal Sensabaugh Winter Haven. Fla. Cit ' 7 WisTER Augustus Sharp, jr.. k a Atlanta Commerce Perry Joshua Shearouse Savannah Oli7 William Fitch Shedden. x Atlanta Commerce Paul Jones Sheppard, x Atlanta Commerce Lacrosse (2. 3): Student Council (H: Skull and Key: Battalion Football. Kelly Ford Shippey Atlanta Civil ISADORE SHUL. L N. T I: Jackson. Tenn. General Science Freshman Football and Baseball: Varsity Football and Baseball. ABR. .M SlEGEL Savannah Co-Op William Tho. l s Si.m.mons. n k a Dublin Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi. William Orr Simpkin. x Philadelphia. Pa. Commerce Freshman Swimming: Varsity Swimming: Honor Roll ( I) . Walter Hill Slater Wavcross Co-Op Charlie Maurice Smith Jackson Co-Op Clyde Simpson S.mith. n k a Carters ville Commerce Freshman Baseball and Football: Varsity Football and Baseball : Student Council ( I ) : Koseme: Bulldogs: Skull and Key. Levt Beck Smith Talbotton Co-Op Sidney Robert Smith Dallas. Texas Co-Op Wiley Ber x Snavely Augusta Electrical Freshman Lacrosse: Rifle Team. Nathan Pond Stark. Ben Mount Hermon. Mass. Civil Inter-Fraternity Council (3) : Honor Roll ( I ) : Junior Track Manager. Albert Stanton Brooks Co-Op Howard John Stenlm Atlanta Citi. ' (134) Juniors ROBERT William Stephens. • Rome Commerce Blue Print (2. 3) : Fraternity Editor (3) : Technique ( 1) ; Yellow Jacket (1. 2) : Del- ta Sigma Pi: Student Supply. RussEL King Stewart Dania. Fla. C(i;i7 Stacy Alton Stewart Adairsville Civil Allen Edward Stone. Jr. Doerun Commerce John Dudley Stonh. . t n Thomasville Cit;i7 Lewis Vinton Story. i: k Augusta Cii-il Rifle Team ( . 2): Capt. Rifle Team (3) ; Battalion Football. Glenn Lewis Summers Lima. Peru Civil Rifle Team: A. S. C. E. Edward Wellington Swift, k Columbus Textile James Warner swiney Atlanta Textile Herbert Stanley Tabor Macon Electrical Harvey Tanner Douglas Co-Op Ted Jack Tanner Dacula Co-Op Eugene Franklin Tate, x r :: Bessemer. Ala. Co-Op Fred Myers Taylor Quincy. Fla. Mechanical LeRoy Patterson Tebo Atlanta Commerce Alpha Delta Sigma. Gladstone Isham teasley Bowman CoOp Ja.mes Robert Thompson Athens Co-Op James Ross Thompson Atlanta General Engineering Louis Kindrick Thompson Inverness. Fla. General Science William Ewin Tid.more Atlanta Co-Op James Ellison Tigner. - t n Atlanta General Science JOHN CLIPTON TIMMERMAN Atlanta £ efIrica Football Manager (2). Clarence Howard Titus Decatur £ ec(nra Lynn Lloyd Morris To.mlinson Lake City. Fla. Co-Op Robert Dennis Tra.mmell. b x Atlanta Electrical Freshman Lacrosse: Varsity Lacrosse: Marionettes ( 2 ) : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Bat- talion Football: President Tech Bible Class. Sa.m Meadows Turner Atlanta Architecture THERANCE Grey Tyson, Jr.. - - T r; Camilla Commerce Edgar Myron Underwood, Jr., - E Sanford. N. C. Commerce r arionettes (1, 2, 3). Louis Van Houten Atlanta Commerce Frefhman Basket-ball. William Edward Vinson, Jr. Fort Valley Co-Op Frank Drum Waddey. a - ' i- Memphis. Tcnn. General Science Freshman Football: Basket-ball and Base- ball: Varsity Football and Baseball: Inter- Fraternity Council (3): Battalion Basket- ball ( n : Honor Roll ( 1 . 2 ) : Band (1 . 2 . (135) Juniors John McCave Walker, Jr. Mclntyre Co-Op Melvin Ross Walker Cleburne. Texas Architecture Steve Frank Walker Macon Co-Op Tech Mallet Club. Gloer Rhodes Waller Atlanta Commerce Madison Mitchell Walraven Atlanta Co-Op George Derry Walters Atlanta General Science Emmett Lavata Ward Eastman Commerce Jack Lewis Ware Washington Electrical Lacrosse (1. 2) : Z Z Z Club. JOSEPH Thonl s Ware Gulfport. Miss. Architecture Blue Print Art Staff (3): Honor Roll (1). John Wilson welty New Philadelphia. Ohio Electrical Terrell Constantine Wesley. Jr., Ain Atlanta Ciuil Stage Manager Glee Club (I. 2. 3): Band: Kappa Kappa Psi: Cotillion. Charles Tho.mas Wesner Sugar Creek. Mo. Co-Op John Joseph Westbrook. a t a Moultrie Commerce Freshman Football : Varsity Football and Lacrosse ( 1 . 2. 3 ) : Cotillion Club. Render Lee Whatley Carrollton Electrical Saml ' el James Whighanl Jr. Mountain View Commerce BiLLiE Joe White Macon Co-Op Lee Will White Poplarvillc. Miss. Mechanical Tech Band. Perry Lewis White Augusta Cii. ' 7 Transferred from Clemson Second Year. Fred Paul Whittaker, a e Miami. Fla. General Science Cotillion: Skull and Key: Junior Baseball Manager. Robert Edward Whittenberg Decatur Ceramics Murrel Otho WILBL ' RN Midway. Tenn. Co-Op Joe Wilenzick Augusta. Ark. £ t ' crrifo Radio Club: Honor Roll (2). Howard Allen x i? 2 Atlanta Co-Op Battalion Football: Basket-ball. JOE High Atlanta Mechanical Julian Joshua Wilson. a e Winder Engineerinii Chemistry Freshman Baseball: Varsity Basket-ball: Battalion Basket-ball. Lorenzo Eldon Wilson Bell Buckle. Tcnn. £ ecrrica Martin Arthur Wilson Godfrey Electrical Morris Witt, t :s Columbus Electrical Technique ( 1 . 3 ) . Alexander Clifton Wise. Jr. Greenwood. S. C. Co-Op Lee Beck wo.melsdorf, Jr. Cartcrsville General Science ii:Wi Juniors l f BiLLiH Tom Wood Monticcllo. Ark. Electrical Y. M. C. A.. Secretary (2): Y Cabinet (2. 5) : Freshman Y Club (1). Hok e Smith Woodruff Winder Engineering Chemistry Honor Roll (1. 2): Y Club. ASHBY WOOLF Decatur Co-Op Jack Elgin Woolf Atlanta Architecture James Windfield Woolf Hershey. Cuba Co-Op Hubert Davis Wright Decatur Co-Op Lucius Ralph Wright. Jr. Atlanta Textile Honor Roll (2). Christopher Lovett Wyche Alvaton Co-Op Lester Meyer Selma. Ala. Electrical William Morris Yow College Park Textile James Sealy Zuber Cuthbert Electrical (■ l_i I -c- -I i c,-;3| I iH3.J._ X U:3 I W ' ■X ' Warner Mizell Class President OPHOMORES Sophomores Abbott, G. E. ADAMS, G. W. ADERHOLT, F. H. ALFORD, F. O. C. ALLEN, G. S. ALLEN, G. W. ALLEN, J. C. ALLEN, J, V. ALLEN. L. C. ALLEN, R, L. ANSTER, M. anderson. e. b. anderson, k. h. anderson. r. a. Anderson, t. W. armistead. r, e. Arnold, m. ARNOLD. W. p. ARTOPE, G, A, ASBURY, J. H, ASHCROFT, W. H. Askew. J. D. ASKEW. W. H. atkins, c. r. atkinson. w. j. auerbach. e. t. Austin, d. E. Austin. R. M. Austin. S. A. averill. g, e. Aycock. B. AVERS. N. M. Backus, v. h. Bacon, J. o. Bagbv, e. M. Baggarly, J. B. Baggett, W. c. Baglev, C. p. Baker, E. B. Baker. H. F. Baker, l. l. Balton. C. V. Barclay, e. w. Barnes. J. C. Barringer. R. L. Baxter. H. M. Bayne, E. S. Becknell, T. L. Bedard, W. H. Beers, h. W. Bell, f. L. Bell. J. K. Bentley. b. a. Betancourt. t. Bickham. h. L. Binkley. W. C. Birch, n. L. BLAND, F. H. Blauvelt. H. a. Blount, e. R. BLOUNT, p. W. BOBO, N. BOROM. S. T. BOSTITK R 1 BOVVLN. R. I. BOWER. F. L. BOYCE, A. S. BOYCE, H. F, BOYD. J. A. BOYD, W. H. boylen, h. l, Bragg. W. M. bra.mlett. l. w. Branan. W, Branch, W. M. BRANNON. W. F. Bransford. h. a. brewer, j. h. Brewer, r. V, brooks, g. w. Brooks, h. B. BROO.ME. J. c. Brown. J. R. BROWN. M. E. Brumby. C. R. BRYAN, r. d. Buchanan. J. L. Buckelew. w. f. BURCH. c. H. Burnett. T. M. Bush. r. p. Button. J. T. Caldwell, l. F. Cammack. c. L. Campas. J. J. Ca.mpbell. g. C. f " ' ■r " ■ r 1 — 5 — r- — IT £_s 3 ■ -ii 5 K - - ■ " ig .--■? ■ ■ ■7- 1 " " = M i i ■ " .T — r 1; ' JC x4 7 ■ _,.... ' ' " " wrl ■j 1 ' « fi ' - ( ' U I ' J - " t) ' ' " 4f3 H jc jn ft3 ilgfSli2 CAMPBfcLL. J, 1 . Campbell, k. C. CANTEY, J. Carmody, J. W. CARNES. J. R. CARSON, W. E. Carter, J, L. Castano, F. GATES, W. E. CATHEY, H. S. CHALMAN. K. Chamberlain, a. H. chapman. c. p. CHRiSTL N, J. H. CHRISTMAN, L. O. CLAFLIN, J. M. CLARK. H. M. Clark, m. G. Clark, M. H. Clarke, r. e. Clements, h. E. Clifton, A. L. Clinkscales, e. L. COCKS. J, F, Coffee, G. E. COKER, s, L. COLEMAN. G. A, COLEMAN. G. D, Coleman, J. E. COLEY, H. T. Collier, R. R. COLLINS, c. R colvin. j. j. Connerat, E. B. COOK. V. L. cooper. j. b. cornell. a. p. courtenay. c. w. Cravens. C. W. Crawford. G. L. Crenshaw. R. F. Crocker, l. W. Crudup, w. R. culberson, d. s. Culpepper, R. J. Culpepper. T. J. Culver. L. C. Curry. R. G. Curtis. H. G. Dallis. L. W. Daniel. F. P. Daniel. H. G. Davis, J. M. Davis, R. H. D.wis, T. a. Dawson, J. C. Decapito, T. F. Denmark. T. I. Denton. P. D. DEWAR. H. D. dewitt. j. c. Dial, L. H. DiECKMANN. H. W. DIETSCH. W. H. Dixon. F. L. DODD, J. C. Dominguez. a. R, doster, c. a, DOWLING. T, F, DOYAL. J. P. DREW. F. H. DU BOSE, M. M. DULANEY. W. M, DUNAGIN, L, K, DUNBAR, P, H, DYE, F. L. Eakin. V. p. Eastin. R. S. Edwards, a. J. EDWARDS. H, G. Edwards, J. W. Eldridge, T, M, Elliott. C, F, Embry, G. ERviN, W. E. Evans. R. H. Faisst. H. S. Farmer. F. W. Farr. W. L. Farrar. C. G. Feltham. J. C. Fincher. J. C. Fitzpatrick, p. Fletcher, G. B. Fordham. E. H. Friddell. p. J. (141i Sophomores FRINK, J. R. FRYE, E. R. frye, h. h. Garber, Y. G. Gavin, e. M. Gephart, r. a. Gibbons. R. M. gifford. m. m. Giles, c. E. GiLHAM. W. T. GILSTRAP, S. B. GOEN, J. T. GOLDIN, S. GOLDSTEIN. K. M. GOODMAN. T. P. GOODWYNE. S. G. GORDON. R. L. gotjen. o. a. t. Gould, l. a. Gramp. c. B. Grant, r. l. Graves, v. a. Gray. J. B. Green, w. J. Greene, j. c. Greene, n. B. Greiffenberg, r. a. Griffin, j. m. Griffin, w. D. Griffith, e. R. griffith. h. a. Guy, d. Hagerty, c. U. Hall, j. r. Hall, j. w. Hall, R. l. Hall. t. H. Hamm. e. B. Hammond, w. m. Hankinson. v. b. Hannah, j, E. Harmon. W. F. Harper. P. H. Harris, j. w. Harvey, j. w. Hatcher, e. P. Hatcher, l. E. Hauck, a. E. Haughton. k. C Hawkins, z. M. Hayes, j. c. Heard, j. M. Heard. R. L. Hearon. j. a. Heeke. a. j. Hefner, c. M. Herrin. g. F. Hewitt, j. p. Hicks. F. L. Hicks. R. a. Hill, c. E. Hiller, v. t. Hinton, w. a. HOBBS. A. A. Hodge, m. Hoffman, c. Holland, r. l. holloway, h. Holloway. L. A. holman. n. a. Holmes. E. W. Holsenbeck. W. M. Horn. r. l. Hornbuckle. t. S. House, C. Y. HOUSE, r.t. House. R. H. Howard. T. N. Howe. c. F. Howell, j. c. Hudson, a. R. Hudson. M. Hunt. a. F. Hunter. J. C. Hutchinson, a. A. Hutchinson. S. N. INCE. W. W. Ingram, w. m. JACKEY. G. Jackson. H. L. Jackson, p. e. JAMES. J. B. Jeffries. H. H. Jeffries. H. C. Jetton. J. C. JOHNSON, c. E. JOHNSON, C. J. JOHNSON. M. E. JONES. C. L. JONES, E. P. JONES. J. C. JONES, O. F. JONES. P. K. JONES. T. M. jubin. m. a. Keith, j. j. Kirby-Smith. r. m. Klipple. a. j. Knight, g. a. Knight, j. c. Knight, m. Knox. R. L. Kokal. a. Lambert. J. J. Landers. M. Lane. j. g. Lasky. s. D. Lassiter, N. H. Lau. I. H. Lauper, m. M. Law. h. g. Leach, e. H. Leggitt. j. m. LHeureux, h. B. Leigh, j. w. Leslet. h. G. Lester, b. R. Lewis. E. F. lindsey. r. t. Lippincott. K. E. Litaker. T. F. Little. J. V. LONG. A. H. Longino. S. W. lovett. j. o. LUCKY. A. W. Luna. R. C. lunsford. t. Lyle. C. T. Lyon. E. C. Mack. k. E. Maddox. d. W. Malone. t. C. Mann. L. B. Manston. C. a. Marienthal. S. L. Markowitz. j. Marsh, c. H. Marshall w. f. Martin. D. M. Martin. L. D. Martin. M. F. Martin. W. O. Mathes. R. C. Mattern. C. W. Mattox. H. a. Maxwell. J. S. McCall. R. U. McClesky. R. G. McDonald. E. G. McDonnold. F. L. McElrath. H. M. McGarity. R. S. McGee. H. a. McGinty. j. R. McGuiRE. A. J. Mckenzie, e. Mckenzie. W. e. McKerall. S. g. McKey. c. w. McLean, j. r. mcLendon, r. h. McMillan, d. R. McWhorter. j. a. n. A. Meredith, f. R. Middlebrooks. e. a. (142) Sophomores " mm 5i l ' 5ii3£i3£i3Ji3SliiIl3li3Si MIDDLETON, H. MlLAM, J. C. Miller, g. E. Miller, J. L. Miller. S. E. Mitchell, f. w. Mitchell, l. W. Moore. T. W, MOORHEAD. w. B. morris, j. d. morrison. m. a. Morrow, p. l. morton, g. l, Moses. J, H, mullins, a. l. murphy, j, h. Murphy, M, M. Murray. L. U. Murray, R, D, Muse. W. a. Myers, l. Nall, a. W. Napier, J. P, Neely, h. I, Nelson, John F. Newcomb, l. Newcomer, a. Newman, t. s. Newton, c. E. Nicholes, D, T. Nichols, F. D. Niehoff. c. L. Norman. J. B. Novella, a. G. Nutt, R. F. OBEAR, G, S. Oliver, w. L, OLTZ. H. F. Oswald, a, B. Pafford, P, M, Palmer, a, H. Pancoast, r. h. C, Parker, e, C. Parker, e. M. Partain, L, R. Patterson, M, E. Pattillo, h, a. Paul. R. c. Peacock. J. H. Perkerson. J. F. Perry, d. R. Perry, w. J. Pharr. R. L. Phillips. M. P. Pierce, r. F. Pierpont, W. J. pinkard. t. l, Podrasky, F, H. POER. N. C. Poland, w. W. POPE, F. S. Porter, v. S. Powell, G. E. Powell. J. P. PRICE, C, D. Prichett, B, D. quigley, q. s. quinlen, w, l. Raby, J. S. Rainey. J. H. Rankin, c, T, Ranso.m, J. M. Rather, J. D. Read, R. D. Reast, M, Redfern, C. W. Reed, f. C. Reybold, m. D. Reynolds, A. L. Reynolds, F, H, Reynolds, L. C. Richards. S. H. Richardson, H, M. Richardson, J. B, Roberts, A, F. Roberts, a. S. Roberts, P. G. Roberts, T. P. Roberts, W. P. Robertson, B. M. Robertson, c. M. Rogers, o, W. rose, J, E, Rountree, P. L. RowE, c. R, Rowland, T. W. Rudolph, W. E. Russ. J. L, Russell, g. B. Russell, H. E, Ruth, S. E. Ruth. W. E. SACHA. F. L. Sack. h. a. Sancken. J. Sanders, g. G. Sanders, r. c. Sanford. r. d. SAPP. J. F. SAWY ' ER, r, M, SCHAFER. J. B, SCHLOSSBERG, N. SCHRIMPER. R, C, SCHROEDER, E. G. Schwfncke, a, H. Searcy, J. K, Sewell, J, M. Shackelford, R. E. Shellnut, f. B. Shipley, H. P. Shoup, R. c. Shull, h. D. SlBERT, M. L. SIKES, J. M. SiMERSON. J. M. Sims, S. R. Sloane, B. H. Smiley, D. D. Smith, c. H. Smith, Carol m. SMITH, Chester m. Smith, e. L. Smith, h. B. Smith, h, M. smith, j, a. Smith, J. E, Smith, J. William Smith, L. C. Smith, O, B, Smith, o, W. Smith, William a. Smith, W, E, Snow, B. D. solomonson, h, l. SORRELLS, H. H. SORRELLS, R. B. Spangler, G, R. Speer, F. R, Speights, R, L. Spiers, B. K. Spivey, W. B. Spratling, R, W, stephenson, c, e. stevens, j. e. stockard, j. a. STOLE, P. C, Strauss, E. G. Strauss, s. E, Strickland, c. L. stroberg, h. f. Strong, w. D. Stultz. J. M. Strugis. a. Summerour. J. M. summers, c. sutker, p. g. Swain. F. G. Swain, W. R. SWARTZ, E. M. Taber, J. W. Tabor. J. s. Talbert, w, a. Tate. W, B. Taylor, C, P. Taylor. W. R. Terrell, w. s. Thomas. K. C. ' :m (143) lii i3iliiigi3£iiri3rL i3!iiiiiii2s thomason. j, g. thomasson. i. c. Thompson, c. M. TINLEY. H. W. TONEY. W. V. TRIBBLE, W. L. Troth, c. H. Turner, g. B. Turner, W. M. TYLER, F. B, UCHLINGER, J. A. UTSEY, C. D. Vallejo, J. F. Veal, J. D. VicK, A. c. VICKERY, H. C. WADDELL, J. D. Waddey, L. R. W ' ADl , H, wai.khr, r. l. Ward, J. L. Ward, L. H. Warner, S. J. Waters, C. M. Watkins. G, C, Waxman, F. Webber, w. w. Weitzel, g. J. Wells, J. E. Wells, O. R. Wengrow, J. M. Wessel. a, C. White, a. C. WHITE, C. S. WHITE, T. B. White, W. E. WlcCINS, W. ' [ ' . WIGGS. H. L. Williams, R, C. Williams, W, F, Williamson, c. L. Williamson, I. W. witner, c. n. Woodcock, w. w. Woolbright, b. m. Wray, p. h. YAGER, D, W. YANCEY, F, V. YARBROUGH, F. R. YEARGEN, E. L. YOUNG. J. O. Zimmerman, L. m Tom Jones President FRESHMEN Freshmen mi I. aaron h. c. ackis j. acosta a. s. adams b. r. adams h. h. adams j. f. adams 1. r. adams b. adkins w. c. aiken h. f. aizcnshtat h. c. alcxandcr e. t. alien h. a. alien s. airman b. c. anderson r. f. anderson r. m. andrcws b. archambault c. c. arnold c. h. asbury j. w. austin r. g. bahrt g. g. bailey a. h. baird 1. a. baldwin w. o. ball w. p. barber m. m. barnes g. d. barrett j. V. barringcr j. o. barren f. p. baskin 1- b. bass a. h. beazlcy a. w. bell t- h. bell w . 1. benson r. 1. bcthca a. h. bickcrstaff 1. c. black s. f. black w . s. blair 1. m. bogan d. n. boling h. a. bolton t. m. bond 1- m. boone V. a. borchardt r. j. bowen J- bowman w . o. bowman r. m. bracket: 1. g. bradlcy r. w. branham o. 1. branson o. V. branson .1- d. braswcll 1- s. brawncr h. brecdlovc r. h. breland r. e. brcwstcr d. j. bridges c. f. brimberrv h. r. J- j- c. h. o. w. broach brock brooke brooks c. £. s. e. brown brown J- k. e. c. brown brown P o. brown r. s. brown J- g- t. d. w h. c. h. c. b. . h 1. browning bruns bryant buchanan . buford burch J- a. j- d. a. burncy d. burr w. burroughs burt r. a. j- d. m. burt bush bush a. j- w r. r. w, ■ P b. butler butler . caddell eagle J- i. r. P- cam Caldwell m w g- . m ■ P c. . cammack . Campbell cannon Freshmen :-£ i g ! |jt IS i lill tSi l h. h. d. cannon b. cantrell o. h. carmichael «• c. Carson r. n. 1. cartcrg caskcy c. c. V. ccscry t. chafee h. chambers J- k. f. t. chambers j. chance c. channell h. m. christian S- g. clabeaux c. c. c. dark V. dark J a. dark J- h. h. w c. Clarke s. doyd m. coachman . s. coffey J- f. coleman r. e. coleman J- w. collier t. r. Collins s. w. colvin J- V. compton 1. b. compton h. c. cone 1. d. conger h. conrad c. J. carr j. r. cook f. f. cooncr m. f, cooper V. p. copenhaver J. p. copes n. corker e. 1. comely f. e. corrigan p. 1. cowart w. j. cox f. 1. craven €. m. Crawford h. g. croom r. s. crowder j. c. Crowley f. s. crum m. g. crum j. j. cubbedge c. 1. curry d. c. Curtis h. h. dabney r. g. daffin j. b. daniel j. h. daniel e. p. davis j. r. davis m. f. davis w. 1. davis 1. day h. w. dearing 1. dcgive e. y. dcjarnette 1. w. dcgarnette f. o. deloach J. w. demming w. g. dennington J. h. dcnny 1. 1. dettelgach m. e. dcvaughn j. b. dickinson h. e. dodd w. d. domingos m. w. doris p. 1. dorn w. r. dorsett w. h. dorscy c. d. dougherty c. 1. dougherty j. 1. dozier j. h. draughon g. y. dreger c. b. drennon a. e. driggers c. e. duciley a. b. duke a. s. dunlap c. d. dunlap e. o. dunlap h. m. dunn s. dupree w. e. durham a. w. dwelle c. h. dyar g. r. dyer m x- i - 11471 Freslimen lCiB13a5iri3SiBi3Si3Slg2§i3?ii®SiiSS w. w. dykes m. t. carley r. t. casley m. s. caves f. f. cdwards h. w. edwards w. h. edwards g. m. egart g. p. elder c. n. cldridge i. 1. cllis w. 1. czcy b. t. embry c. a. emerson a. o. evans d. b. evans 1. evans j. 1. fackelman j. s. fagan j. s. tanning t. 1. farley m. farmer i. m. farnell g. 1. faucett V. p. fedoolov h. c. ferguson t. 1. fields s. m. fitts t. h. filzpatrick J. b. flanagan m. v. fletcher 1. m. flint m. J. flowers s. s. floyd h. c. forrestcr r. d. forsyth c. w. fortson e. h. foster k. b. foster j. s. fox w. h. freeman g. friedlob s. f. fritz s. h. fulford j. w. furlow c. d. gann e. b. garrett m. d. garrison 1. p. gaston s. gavina j. m. gaylc t. a. georgc e. a. giannaros d. w. gibson n. r. gibson g. 1. giesler d. gilmer w. e. glcaton V. c. godbey J. d. god win h. c. goettings w. t. graham h. k. gray t. e. green V. s. greene g. w. green w. g. greverns j. c. griffin p. j. guenzer j. a. guice e. r. hahn w. a. hale a. m. hall j. j. hallman e. r. halzey e. m. hames j. s. harden " b. w. hargrove j. 1. harne c. m. harper f. a. harper n. g. harper w. b. harper g. b. harrell c. harriv c. w. har g. a. har e. r. harr s. c. harri a. d. harl j. h. harvey j. w. harwell r. g. harwell r. w. haselwood h. g. haskell g. t. hatcher w. e. hawkins j. d. haydon r. c. hayman c. m. heath 1. 1. heidt m. e. hendrix w. j. hendrix w. r. henry j. s. herring c. e. hett h. heyman h. heymann j. e. hiatt w. s. hicks c. j. hill j. w. hill w. e. hill j. ra. hindman h. d, hirsch j. d. hixon V, h. hoagland f. t. hobbs c. w. harris g- a. harris e. r. harrison s. c. harrison a. d. hart f. d. hockersmith c. w. hodge h. d. hoffman m. h. hogan a t. holder w. holland J. b. hoUingsworth e. t. holmes j. r. holmes f. 1. holt J. r. holt r. c. holder r. c. holtzclaw j. w. hoover c. e. hopkins j. b. hopper w. I. home a. r. house d. k. houser c. e. howard j. c. howard J. h. howard w. J. howard r. a. hubbard s. hudson j. w. hunnicutt r. a. hurley h. r. huskamp j. c. hutchins j. f. inglesby h. s. inglis e. j. irwin r. c. isaacs f. z. ison d. m. ivins f. h. Jackson h. w. Jackson j. V. Jackson r. a. Jackson d. c. Jacobs h. r. jacobson a. m. jarrell c. Jenkins f. r. Jenkins g. c. Jenkins w. e. Jenkins d. h. Johnson e. w. Johnson f. I. Johnson h. s. Johnson n. a. Johnson w. h. joiner a. w. joncs c. b. Jones g. k. Jones h. I. Jones t. g. joncs w. joncs c. f. Jordan ■ ' S w. (148) Freshmen ii£li3i§2SS 1. C. JUSIKC h. kaplan t. 1. kcith e. c. kelly h. c. kelly j. d. kcmp j. s. kenncdy r. j. kenncdy f. w. kerr c. 1. kimble c. f. kimbrcll g. c. kimbrough j. a. king J. k. king g. c. kingsbury J. m. kirkland b. p. kitchcU w. w. knight s. kohn d. 1. krauss c. d. krouse h. lament h. s. lament w. m. lampton j. c. landers r. w. lankford t. m. langley j. w. lanier w. s. lanier p. b. latimer V. V. lavroff h. h. lawson t. e. lawson h. a. lefferts a. lehmann w. 1. leonard b. b. lesesne r. h. lester b. b. lewis c. 1. lewis d. m. lewis r. t. lincoln s. j. linn s. e. linton h. a. list c. s. little g. d. little d. a. locb h. locb e. m. lowe b. d. lowry p. h. lucas j. luck 1. V. ludwick w. d. ludwick b. c. lukens f. n. magill j. f, magill f. h. maicr t. J. manning g. 1. maree e. w. marlcy h. V. marlowc h. a. marsh b. w. marshall w. w. marston j. w. martin r. w. martin z. p. martin j. 1. massett e. k. mattcrn g, maxwell h. d. may h. maycr m. a. mc cain V. o. mccallum e. c. mccamy m. m. mc connell w. r. mcconnell w. w. mc-cord j. j. mccoy r. f. mcdowell d. c. mcduffie j. r. mcfail j. e. mc gaughey h. e. mc gee w. f. mc gowan d. t. mc gown j. mc gregor t. h. mc han w. j. mc kee w. n. mc kee d. a. mc keever n. p. mc kenzie j. a. mc kcon c. j. mc kinney h. mc kinney r. d. mc kneely j. t. mc lendon j. b. mcrce e. j. meister h. n. merry g. e. meyer g. middleton. jr. w. c. miller w. h. miller w. e. mims s. c. minnich j. e. minter w. m. mitchcll w. f. montgomcry g. g. mooney j. c. moore j. r. moorc c. c. moorhead e. f. moretta a. g. morgan e. h. morgan m. i. morgan c. a. morrison 1. t. murphy t. a. murphy t. s. murphy j. a. murray j. s. murray t. o. muse c. c. nalle j. f. neal d. o. necl t. h. ncel h. 1. newman j. h. newton j. 1. newton a. b. nicholson w. nightingale r. t. norman 1. w. norton w, k. norton j. b. o ' conner r. m. o ' kelley f. e. oliphant w. b. oUiphant h. w. Oliver a. m. o ' neal m. g. orr e. c. overby a. s. overton p. c. owen w. g. owcnby w. d. owsley V. c. pantagc c. y. parker j. w. parker c. f. parshall h. g. pattillo h. n. payne i. f. peake V. h. pcavy f. m. perry a. p. persons h. w. persons j. s. peters e. s. peterson j. w. phillips 0. b. pierce V. f. picrron c. m. pinkston 1. d. poer f. f. potts n. c. powel j. d. powcU j. r. powcU r. j. powcU r. k. prater j. y. preston w. e. preston c. r. quinn (140) m j. 1. quinn b. s. rains t. 1. ramsey h. e. rand w. 1. randol m. h. rauzin c. t. recsc m. t. reeve j. m. reynolds j. c. rice d. d. richards 1. richardson g. m. rivers m. e. rivers m. 1. robb 1. c. roberson c. a. roberts w. c. robertson m. robinson s. rockefeller g. g. rocker w. p. rocker c. a. rogers h. j. rogers 1. s. roberson w. r. rollins h. g. rollinson r. 1. ross 1. a. roy w. w. royston e. p. rutland a. j. saks b. t. sale t. e. salmon c. h. Sanders 1. c. Sanders 0. s. Sanders g. c. sanford w. m. sapp h. d. sargcnt r. d. sassnett h. m. Saunders h. b. schenk j. g. scott a. h. Scruggs c. s. Scruggs c. g. scrutchin j. b. shannon a. c. shipp 1. b. short g. w. shults b. i. simpson e. c. simpson e. r. sims h. skinner b. f. smallwood c. s. smirlis S3SiSli c. a. smith f. b. smith g ' b. smith j- r. smith j- a. smith 1. smith I. g. smith p- s. smith r. a. smith r. k. smith r. 1. smith r. w. smith w . a. smith n. j. soublis h. w. sphar r. I, J. spiers n. b. Starr h. steck j- w. stelljes c. s. Stephens P- Stephens j- stern b. s. stetlcr j. d. Stewart j. c. Stiles J- 1. stockcr w . stokes f. g, storey a. b. Strickland j- h. Strickland r. c. Strickland h. h. strozier f. d. stuU c. h. Sullivan e. summers j- a. summers j- c. swan a. 1. taylor c. a. teeplc h. m. tcmplcton f. h. tharpe h s. thomas f. b. thompson j- c. thompson a. a. thornton f. p. thornton j- e. tippin m , k. toalson r. i. tompkins s. a. turncU h. b. turner f. c. underwood t. i. underwood g- b. valentine c. vardas c. t. vigus n. w, Vincent d. a. voigh h. V. wade h. f. wages j. p. waldrop w. o. wall p. a. walraven f. e. Walthall c. d. Walton w. r. wands w. c. ward g. e. wasdin r. b. waterman w. s. waters j. watson w. s. watson b. m. wcbstcr i. k. well h. b. wells w. 1. wells j. a. wenner j. c. west h. o. westbrook j. g. wheatley a. wheclock r. Whitfield c. h. whitten r. b. whitworth j. w. wiggens g. a. wilcox m. k. wilder j. c. wilkerson j. m. wilkerson c. h. Williams j. p. willingham b. h. willis c. c. wills t. 1. wilson h. c. wingo w. b. wingo j. winn a. m. wise h. o. wise r. d. wise m. 1. wood j. i. woodroof w. g. woodside s. worthy o. a. Wright j. w. wyatt m. varbrough V. b. yeargen h. t. yopp f. m. voumans i. 1. youmans V. e. young w. t. ziegler t. e. zipperer (1501 EVENING SCHOOL « j y Roy Stephens Bivins Americvs. Georcua Commercial Science Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Class. Evening School: Bairalion Football. I. 2. 3. William Herslvn Bottoms Atlanta. Georgia Commercial Science Sccrctarv and Treasurer of Junior Class. Evening School. Cedric L. Campbell Atlanta. Georgl Commercial Science Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Class. Evening Scbool. Horace xMoffette Dams ' iLLA Rica. Georgia Commercial Science President of Senior Class. Evening Scbool: Owls Honorary Societv : Southern Baking Company ' s Scholarship. 4 : Delu Sigma Pi. i-c 132t l -[?[ !41[ iE? ? z : 1 r it tw o ■ — til Jack Alfred Estes Atlanta, Georgia Commercial Science Venetian Club: Delta Sigma Pi. Ralph Philmore Hammett ToccoA, Georgia Commercial Science Lucille Margaret Johnson Dalton. Georgia Commercial Science Comet Club. Harry Eugene Keith Atlanta, Georgia Commercial Science Delta Sigma Pi. ;: :[i lo J[£T JiL? 4i n?u] S2 jl[:a4K iSfl r " ?. (153) ■ a T-zi ii Hattie Lewis Stockbridge. Georgia Commeicial Science Assistant Cashier. Greater Georgia Tech Campaign. Thomas Lawsox Payne Atlanta. Georgia Commercial Science Vice-President of Junior Class. Evening School: Venetian Club: Delta Sigma Pi. Francis Waring Plumb Atlanta. Georgia Alpha Kappa Freshman Class: Commercial Science Psi ; Venetian Club: Owl Club: President Technitc. 3: Inter-Fraternity Council. Henry Sanders Rowland, Jr. Dec. tur. Georgia Commercial Science Pi Kappa Phi: Alpha Kappa Psi: Secretary and Treasurer of Sophomore Class Evening School: President of Junior Class. Evening School: Venetian Club; Owls Honorary Society: Exchange Editor Technite: Inter-Fraternity Society Council Evening School: Winner of Venetian cup for All- round Excellence. 2. V li n vol 5it If- ■ (ir.4) t i7 10 o — % ' ;4P -Jrvk ' ' i- Olen Scott Atlanta. Georgia Commercial Science Ernest Gaines Welch Atlanta. Georgia Commercial Science 0%vls Honorary Society: Venetian Club: Alpha Kappa Psi. Henry M. Garner Atlanta. Georgia Commercial Science Delta Beta Phi William Benton O ' Neal, Jr. Macon. Georgia Commercial Science Delta Sigma Phi. i__ il]LoaiioJjir . :i ai uJ a d SayitS t jo Jl- {loot Evening School Junior Class OFFICERS James D. Smith .... Vice-President Miss Lucille Merritt . Secretary-Treasurer President A. L SON. C n H. b.arrett. s. s. Bell, R. lph Berry, Nor. l n BRO • •. H. . . Brow-n. H. E. Bltloch. E. S. Butler. A. P. Butler, F. v. C.VU.SON. A. M.. Jr. CH. FiN. H. K. Cl. rke. E. S. conolv. j. o. cothr. n. t. d. Dicks. T. E. DiSHAROON. E. L. Drenn. n. Miss S. r. h Elliott. H. B. Feld, Ben- Hills, Henry Flick. Miss Alberts aVME. M. F. Gibson " , A. E. LEj CH. . B. M rtin, M. H. Mazier. Jack Merritts. Miss Lucille Morris, A. S. mccon-n " ell, r. l. McGregor, G. R. Parker, O. J.. Jr. Perry, Randolph Strickl. nt , Fr. nk Swords, D. M. Tho.mas, G. G. v. n holtten, j. b. Roberts. J. s. RUSSEY, H. H. SIEBERT, 1. C. SLMPSON, E. LMETr Smith, J. D. (1361 Evening School- ' -Sophomore Class OFFICERS A. D. Lawton President N. W. Pettys Vice-President Miss May Cheatham Secretary -Treasurer Alcorn, J. V. Allen, f. g. Allen, M. v. Beckman. R. y. Bell, Horace Berry, Miss Winnie T. Brock, Maurine Brown, Kenneth Chandler, R. H. Cheatham, Miss May D. Clegg, J. E. Conine, w. p. Cuba, Joseph Dean, A. J. Giles, G. T. Glassman, Harry Goettinger, Gabriel Golden, Ernest Hanrick, a. H. Hill. H. M. HORNE, J. H. Jannoulis. J. H. Johnson, R. H. Kendrick, E. L. Lawton. A. D. Leven, W. a. Lyon, Miss Willie Belle Matthews, W. c. Medlock, R. a. Milton, Loula M. Mrs. McCoy, F. S. McCoy, S. B.. Jr. Phillips. W. l. Pruitt. R. G. Seff, Leon Spinks, C. S. TuGGLE, Miss Jennie Mae Williams. O. B. (157) Evening School— Freshman Class i tiss Elizabeth Smith Secretary- Treasurer OFFICERS Glenn W. Chambers . . J. W. Ragsdale . . . President Vice-President AD.vsis. G. A. Aenchbacker. J. H. Allen. Fay Miss Allen. J. A. Allison. R. E. Andrews. G. A. A ' ery. Paul Baker. F. R. Mrs. b, rnett. s. c. Bassett. S. H.. Jr. Bennett. J. G. Benson, E. C. Benton. E. C. Oscar Berry. Winnie t. Miss BlELLlNG. J. R. Blodgett. v. h. bodenha. lmer. f. l. bolles. h. t. Bone. A. L. Boozer. R. S. Boston. F. M.. Jr. boswell, c. e. BowNL N. Ver. Miss Brazil. T. G. Breen. J. F. Brenner. Dorothy Bressler. Abie Brewer. R. D. Brown, H. L. Brown. v. H. Bro -nlee. C. v.. Bluns. Julian Butler. A. H. C.VMP. J. T. Cantrell. E. .M. C. rr. J. M. Cathey, J. J. Chafin, H. L. C. RR!ER. w. s. Ch. - ibers. g. v. Ch. mbers. G. W. Chap. l .n. J. p. Chap. l n. Leh. l n Miss Ch. p. l n. w. c. Chelens. C. v. Chetas. Daisy E. Miss Christopher, w. m. Claflin. Sue Miss Cl. rk. B. F. Mrs. Cl. rk. p. . . Clark. R. lph Clary, J. F. Clinkscales. KLajorie Miss Clinkscales. Roby E. Miss Cocks. D. F. Cohen. Louis Cole. L. J. Collier, w. R. Colquitt. Adrian Cooper. S. F. Cooper. v. h. COR-N WELL. J. D. COTTRAUX. S. F. Cowan. J. v. CR- FTS. H. G. Craig. v. l. Crim. J. M. Cri. lmin. w. E. CR0WT)ER. w. . Dabney, Frank Darby, F. D. D-XKN WELL. w. D. Davis. Ethel Miss Dawson. R A. Dennis. L. T. DiCKERSON. W. J. Dickey. E. C. Dobbs. Carrol dincan. t. w. DUNC. N. J. H. Durant, .VL rg. ret Miss DU- ' ALL. J. C. E. KEN. R. C. Eberhart. J. E. Elder, C. A. Ellison, Wilbu-r Evans. L. C. Foster. H. K. Fox, w. C. Freeborn, w. E. FULGHAiJ, T. A. Garner, H. B. Garner, h. . G, RVIN, w. S. Gersh. w. Sar. h Miss Gibson, v. E. Glo ' er. J. NL GODBY. R. LPH GooD. LAN, Elizabeth Miss Gould. A. A. Grant. J. P. Greene, v. lter Hagood. J. M. Hall. R. p. (15S» Evening School- ' -Freshman Class i g m-M srsssiiEissiiESSiisgiiisissJi " Ham. V. E. Hamilton. L. E. Harber. J. R. M. Harbhr. J. R. Mrs. Harmon. Sarah Miss Harrelson. I. J. Harrison, C. E. Hartley. Pearl Miss Hartrampf, C. R. Haswell. J. M. Haurahan. Mary Miss Hazelrig. Roy Heard. C. G. Hemperly. J. V. Henson. D. G. Hester. D. H. Higdon. R. H. Hills. R. A. holden. h. t. Holland. E. H. holloway. s. t. Hood. D. K. HuTCHiNGs. Clyde HY ' ATT. Abell Jentzen. C. H. Jernigan, a. M. Johns. C. B. Johnson. C. G. johnson. c. r. Johnson. Donold Miss johnson. h. Jones. Bransen Juneau. E. S. Keeney. J. E. Keiley. J. B. Kitchens. H. C. Langston. J. P. Lasser. Edward Lawhon. Wm. LOONEY. R. E. LYNGAR. W. W. Mackey. E. J. Maier. H. a.. Jr. Mann. J. A. Markett. F. S. Marsh. C. f. Mason. Erna Lee Miss Miller. v. f. Williams, w. c. Moore. Anne Miss Moore. N. H. Morgan, r. c. morrell. s. a. Mosely. J. G. Mote. Melba Miss McCary. Gladys Miss McKenney. J. M. McNeill. E. S. Nellis. Frances Miss Neville. W. J. Newman. E. w. NoRRis. Luelle C. Mrs. Norton, J. E. Nowell. H. Oliver. Bertie Miss Orenstein. Max Orgain. W. T. OZMER. R. V. Palmer. H. I.. Jr. Parker. G. E. Paouris. J. G. Passmore. B. N. Peeler. C. L. Pettyis. N. W. Pickard. C. V. Pittman. L. G. plaster. Ed Plumb. F. W. Poole. S. S. Ragsdale. J. w. Randall. Richard Rawlins, H. L. Reed, Alice Miss Reeves. Grady Reeves. H. J. Reynolds. H. L. Rice, Z. A. Rich. R. E. Richardson. H. M. Roberts, J. P. robison. g. Roeback. Frances Miss Rudder. Rudolph russey, j. p. Scarborough. Lillian Miss schutt. c. r. Sharpe. R. G. Shklton, Ruth Miss Shropshire. Nixon Singleton. G. K. Smith. C. R. Smith. E. Miss Smith. R. W. Smith, w. R. Snyder. A. L. SowELL, Margaret Miss Spigner. T. E. Stalnaker. a. Mrs. Stanford. F. M. Stradley. J. L. Suttler. Bernard swanson. m. g. Sweat. G, P. SWINFORD. M. p. Swint, H. W. Tasker. M. F. Tendrick. I. M. Thomas. L. B. Thrasher. Robert C. R. Townsend. C. R. Trapnell. Lula Miss Turnes. L. S. Van Houten. w. V. Vaughn, w. p. Waldrop. T. p. Wallace. C. B. Walsh, T. B. Watson, w. E. Weinberg. A, Wheeler. Grant Whiddon. H, p. Whitner. J. P. Williams. R, M. Wilson. J. W. Wilson. Earl Wilson, Lucille Miss Wilson, R, P. Wilson. W. K. Witt. Fritz woodall. j. g. Woodruff. J. F. Wyatt. R. S, Yancey. Ethyl Miss (ir. ' i) - ] :- TT ..o , . ms d mti V?7. [f.;! — 1 0 ' = ' , V - i 0- irn ' 5) 7J MA M CAMPUS Members of the Class of ' 31. Mr. Caldwell. Snow, an un- usual event. Grant Field as it does not look when Georgia is being played. 9b fl PUBLICATION! The 1928 M W € 1 ' k -m H W 1 H w E. H. KUHLKE Editor-in-Chief S. R. Sims Tate Bowen C. A. Rudolph A. M. McCoy J. C. Jett EXECUTIVE BOARD H. T. Williams Art Editor S. W. Kittredge .... Senior Editor D. M. Heritage .... Junior Editor J. E. Bauknight Photographic Editor R. W. Stephens . Fraternity Editor E. E. EZELL Military Editor E. D. White Sporting Editor H. F. Bickers . . Campus Photo Editor H. E. Reeves .... Asst. Photo Editor C. S. DuBosE Comic Editor EDITORIAL STAFF N. H. Lassiter. Jr. L. A. HOLLOWAY F. L. Sacha E. L. S.mith K. E. Mack. Jr. D. LOEB T. C. Marbut S. Brewer T. R Halsey W. N. McKee, Jr. E. C. Fant S. KOHN J. T. Ware BUSINESS STAFF R. D. Frederick ART STAFF S. G. GOODWYNE S. D. Rockefeller A. H. SCHWENCKE C. B. King R. DODD The 1928 Blue Print is no longer a composition of unwritten ideas, but has materialized into, we hope, some form of a commemorative booklet. The Editor and his staff have tried in vain to cast aside the many " cut and dried " ways and means of presenting the many ideas and materials that the Blue Print has to deal with. Only public opinion and the way in which the future editions are handled can tell us whether we have succeeded or not. The board has made some attempt at illustrating an historic epoch of our country. Our idea has been to carry through the story, beginning with the settle ment of America by Columbus and up to and through the settlement of Georgia by Oglethorpe: thus having the " Spanish Theme " to work, and in- troduce. Observation may give to our readers the im- pression that, at least, we have tried our utmost, to make this edition, the outstanding one in the history of the Blue Print. Every picture in the book has been cut by hand, every page has been thoroughly studied, in regards to balance and the appearance of the type in relation to the balancing. We have tried to introduce as much color as possible, however we have apportioned our engravings throughout the book according to our budget. We owe our success, if such may be, to the three concerns that we dealt with and would consider their work on our annual as a model for all college annuals, the firms being The Foote and Davies Printing Co., The Southwestern Engraving Co. and The White Studio. We are grateful to Hal Williams for his unsurpassed Art work and to the board of editors and their respective Staffs for their interest and the re- sponsibility that they voluntarily assumed. John M. Nichols Manager (181) -L . AXL The Technique The South ' s Livest College Weekly W ' M. 1 . DuNKiN . ii,s3 Stella Pittman Edttor-m-Chief BOARD OF EDITORS Sponsor Ed White Assistant Editor Harry W. Moore Managing Editor S. W. KiTTREDGE Associate Editor Burton Cloud . Associate Editor Lane Mitchell Associate Editor Jack Pruitt Associate Editor Harry Bickers Henry Bemis . A. M. McCoy .... Campus Ward Grantham . . . Campus James Thompson . . . Sports Frank McDonald . . . News Associate Editor Associate Editor Bob Sanford .... Exchanges J. C. Milam Literary Lee Mann Literary M. R. Swicegood Art Top Row — White. Moore. Cloud. Kittredge. Second Row — Mitchell. Pruitt. Bickers. Bemis. (182) Tlie Technique SECOND YEAR REPORTERS H. D. Anastasas p. H. Dunbar W. R. Taylor L. Smith J. Russ J. H. Christian J. CARNES J. H. DOREY J N. C. PoER C. Haggerty V FIRST YEAR REPORTERS fc C. Holtzclaw Wm. Sapp r J. H. Hurley H. L. Solomanson .K W H. Loeb a. M. Wise S- E p Davis L. Whitfield R. R. Cruise Business Manager ADVERTISING STAFF G. C. Henry Advertising Manager N. L. Coleman Assistant Adv. Mgr. H. G. Lesley Assistant Adv. Mgr. C. R. Collins Dan O ' Connell CLERICAL STAFF Clem Ford Clerical Manager Charlie King Assistant Clerical Manager Jack Warner Cap Kuhlke CIRCULATION STAFF E. E. Ezell Circulation Manager Harry Bickers Asst. Circulation Mgr. WlLLARD Howell .... Asst. Circulation Mgr. Bus Reeves Asst. Circulation Mgr. (is:! I The Yellow Jacket BOARD Albert Armor . Milton Blanton Carletox Pierce Mark Johnson . Kent Mack. Jr. Judy Harris Editor-in-Chief Business Manager Managing Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Art Editor Ben Sloan Literary Editor Albert Armor Editor-in-Chief STAFF Cliff Wilburn P. A. Walraven W. E. Merck W. H. Freeman Judy Harris. Art Editor STAFF Shi Goodwyne, Asst. Art Editor Howell Dodd A. B. Duke Link Grant S. D. Rockefeller Firsf Roa ' — Armor. BUnton. Mr. Sparks. Second Row — Harris, Mack. Pierce. (184) The Yellow Jacket BUSINESS STAFF H. G. Curtis . . Assl. Business Manager Charles King . . Asst. Business Manager Sam Fritz ADVERTISING STAFF J. W. Howell . . Advertising Manager Robert Alexander James Corbitt G. W. DOBBS THEATRE STAFF Al Hudson, Theatre Manager Cy Wallace Milton Blanton Business Manager CIRCULATION STAFF D. M. O ' Connell. Circulation Manager L. K. Thompson L. R. Partain Robert Stephens H. G, Leslie Prof. G. M. Sparks. Faculty Advisor I 1 K.-, I ■ ' i ?i _J :¥% MUSIC AND DRAMATIC! 1927-28 OFFICERS George Gaissert President W. C. Walton A. J. Law. Jr. G. N. Bearden T. L. Becknell C. S. DuBosE . Vice-President Business Manager Publicity Manager Property Manager Leader. Mandolin Club George Gaissert President Lawrence Quinlen . Leader. Jazz Orchestra DIRECTING STAFF V. I. Pinkstaff Frank Roman STAGE MANAGER Tom Becknell Since the time of its organization twenty years ago. the Glee Club of the Georgia School of Technology has carried on uninterruptedly with the exception of two years during the World War. Each succeeding year has witnessed its improvement, until at the present time it is one of the finest clubs of its kind in the South. From the very large number that turn out every year for this most popular of all non-athletic activities, a membership of the finest quality is selected. The voluntary services of talented musicians are enlisted in order to aid the officers in the thorough and efficient training and direction of the club. The results of these factors is a well-balanced performance, which is characterized by its variety and spice and general departure from the usual routine program of such a club, and which is greeted with hearty approval wherever it is presented. quartet (188) Membership of the Glee Club V. I. PiXKSTAFF, Director Ambrose. J. D. Dudley. C. E. Edwards. H. G. HORNE. D. B. First Tenors Haskell. H. G. Meridith. Ray Reese. E. T. Tracy. E. J. Ware. J. R. Second Tenors Austin. R. M. Bearden. G. N. Becknell. T. L. Green, F. W. Hopper. J. B. Johnson, C. J. Johnson, N. A. Jefferies. H. H. Leigh, J. W. Lyon, E. C. Mann. L. B. Weitzel, G. L. Miss Mary Preacher Sponsor Brown. J. R. Gordon. R. L. Grantham. W. Gaissert, G. C. First Bass Harvey, J. H. Linton. S. E. POER. N. C. Richardson. W. H. Ayers. N. M. Christian. H. M. DeBele. F. C. Second Bass DuBosE, C. S. Hicks. R. A. SWICEGOOD. M. R. ORCHESTRA Frank Roman. Director Adams. B. R Trumpet Baxter. H. M. . . . Clarinet Caraway. H. N. ... Violin Foster. K. D. . . . Trumpet GotjeN. O. a. T. Saxophone Hannah. J. E Violin Lincoln. R. T. ... Drums Mears. S. H. . . . Trombone MiddLETON, H. Bass Horn Neal, J. F Piano Newberry. T. W. , . . Flute Potts. Fred Trombone QuiNLiN, W. L. . Saxophone Rice, J. C. ... Saxophone MANDOLIN CLUB C. S. DuBosE, Leader DuBoSE. C. S. . . . Mandolin Gotten. O. A. T. . . . Guitar Johnson. C. J. . . . Mandolin Lucky. Bill .... Banjo SWICEGOOD. M. R. Lamonte. H. S. Powell, R. J. Rapp, W. M. Sanders, L. C. Mandolin Mandolin Mandolin Mandolin Banjo (ISO) f 11- " Mi Review of the Glee Club Season By Lambert A. Holloway The meritorious program presented by the Glee Club of the Georgia School of Technology during the season of 1927-28 is largely due to the unceasing efforts of a small group of men who deserve special mention for their hard work. The assistance of 1 rank Roman in directing the orchestras and in ar- ranging the music proved invaluable. V. I. Pink- staff showed himself to be an able and efficient director. But to George Gaissert, as president, goes the major portion of the credit for producing such a splendid show, handicapped as he was by unfortu- nate circumstances. The hearty co-operation of the members of the club with their leaders is especially praiseworthy, also, as the organization labored for a time under very discouraging conditions. Rehearsals began soon after the opening of school. From the one hundred and fifty candidates, the fifty most promising men were chosen, and moulded into shape. The well-rounded program of the club was replete with melody and rhythm. The overture and opening chorus consisted of semi-classical and popular selections from the light operas. " The Grand Mogul. " and " My Mary- land. " Classical, semi-classical, popular, and comedy numbers were sung by solo, quartet, and chorus voices of excellent quality. A jazz act, composed of Pete Law Manager U- (ino) nothing but popular and jazz music, popular selections by the Mandolin Club: and a lively dance act added not a little to the enjoyment of the audiences. An end program with old familiar Tech songs completed the splendid repertory of vocal and instrumental harmony, comedy, and syncopation. The Glee Club opened its season with a week-end trip to Griffin and Thomaston on March 23rd and 24th. respectively. A pleasant reception was given it in both towns. The long trip of the year began with a performance at Gainesville on Wednesday, March 28. From there the boys journeyed over to South Carolina, showing first at Anderson on the 29th. and then at Greenville and Spartanburg on the 30th and 31st, where they created a very favorable impression. Followfing the road-trip, the season was brought to a brilliant close by a performance in Atlanta before a capacity house. The sincere appreciation of the people of Atlanta for the club is especially pleasing, since there is such a great variety of entertainment always at hand for the citizens of the largest city in the South, Dances followed all the shows on the road, as well as the one in Atlanta, contributing much to make the trips a perfect success, and offering the boys an unusual opportunity to meet many fine people. Grateful acknowledgment is made to the kind alumni and friends of Tech who offered their homes to the travelers. The Glee Club men heartily appre- ciated the generous hospitality and splendid reception everywhere accorded them. The enthusiastic audiences, and the very favorable comments of the press sufficiently attest the popularity of the " South ' s Liveliest Singers. " THE MANDOLIN CLUB U-;l (191) Marionettes of ' 27- ' 28 OFFICERS H T. Williams President C. L. Lane Vice-President S. J. Warner, Jr. . . Business Manager J. O. Turner . Secretary-Treasurer P. T. Howard .... Publicity Manager L. B. WOMELSDORF .... Stage Manager H. T. Williams President REVIEW OF THE SEASON By H. T. Williams The season of 1927-28 has been one of the most successful the " Marion- ettes " have enjoyed in several years. The vehicle for the winter and early spring was " The Patsy " by Banny Conners. It is a delightful comedy in three acts. The play was cordially received in all the towns where it was performed, both in Georgia and Tennessee. The club this year has been particularly fortunate in the ability and num- ber of its impersonations. They have been most convincing and have added many laurels to the crown of Marionettes achievements. Cast in the stellar role of " The Patsy " was Ansel Talbert, diminutive impersonator of Augusta. He was ably supported by Hudson Edwards in the principal male role. (192t For the spring production of the club, Law- rence StalHngs ' " Buccaneer " was chosen. Cer- tainly an ambitious attempt. " The Buccaneer " is perhaps equaled only in magnificence and extravagance by the well-remembered " Seventh Veil. " CAST OF Patricia Harrington Brace Harrington William Harrington Mrs. Harrington Tony Anderson Billy Caldwell . . Mr. O ' Flatery . Sadie Buchanan THE PATSY " . . . Ansel Talbert . . . Hal Williams . . Lathrop Lane . . . . Leon Brown . . Hudson Edwards . . George Weitzel . . . K. C. Thomas . . Leater Culver S. J. Warner Manager MEMBERS OF THE MARIONETTES H. D. Anastasis D. F. Barthelmess M. J. Blackmon, Jr. Leon Brown R. D. Bryan W. P. Barber H. J. Belcher J. E. Cliatt, Jr. C. M. Chapman L. C. Culver A. O. Evans H. G. Edwards A. H. Goldwasser W. W. Grantham W. T. GUILLHAM P. T. Howard L. A. Holloway E. T. Holmes H. O. Jefferies. Jr. S. W. Kittredge C. L. Lane T. Lunsford J. A. McCain L. Mitchell, Jr. F. R. Meridith J. C. Milam E. B. Morgan W. N. McKee H. L Neely, Jr. H. A. Patillo F. L. Sacha J. A. Sommers J. O. Turner W. A. Talbert K. C. Thomas H. T. Williams L. B. WOMELSDORF A. L. Wheelock L W. Williamson (193) - : i V. .-]J r,— - i- I iFS, 1 ' ' VILLLAMc .Miss Elizabeth Andrews Augusta, Ga. Spoimor of The Blue Print Miss Martha Hatchell . M ' ilmington, A ' . C. Miss Elizabeth Mlrphv . . Atlanta, Ga. 1 4» -Miss Vera Kamper . Ti-- :.. r-, v-y--. Jtliiiilii. (, ' ,i. ; IlSS EUNA PaRRISH . . . Jacksonville, flu. AIiss Ruth Miller . Atlanta. Ga. Miss Dorothv Sandersov . . Akron, Ohio Miss Chrisphinis Wolfe Atlanta, Go. Miss Mary Phillips Orme . . Atlanta, Ga. Miss Mary PREACHiiR . . . Atlanta, Ga. .)S - r v ' ,?- ' ..H -. . . , .:J .- ' " -■ Miss Annie Keller Adams . Charleston, S. C. if If ■0 , Miss Maynor McWilliams . . Rome, Ga. ,,„,-.„.-...4 t- invv - - ' 1 er- OFFICERS WALTER James President Mills savage ... Vice-President Marshall Queen Secretary Wayne HOLMAN. JR Treasurer Louis Martin Sergeant-at-Arms Faculty DEAN FLOYD FIELDS .. i MEMBERS Frateriiilics Senior Representatives ■ iiuio ■II prescitfatiecu Alpha Tnu Omcgti P. J. L. J. Marti. Siuma Alpha Eptiiton . W. SiiKruKUD, Jr. J. B. LiLLARI) Kappa Siffina M S. Savai:k G. C. GAIS.SERT l itjma Xu S. C. Coachman II A Fa IS. ST Kappa Alpha r. B. WiLBlIRN J. s. McCrocklin Phi Delta Ihcta w S. .Tames. .Ii!. J. N. Bearden Phi Kappa iffina (i. H. Trimble C. M Waters, Jr. Pi Kappa Alpha w C. Walton E. M Burn Chi Phi w C. VVardlaw, Jr. J. H. Williams Siijwa Phi Epsilifn T. P. OOVAN C. N. Barrett Pi Kappa Phi I{. II. Carswbll P. L. Feagle, Jr. Beta Theta Pi s. J. Meares, Jr. x. P. Stark Delta Siama Phi M. W. Blanton F. 0. Waddet Delta Tail Delta A. M. Queen J. II. Carney Sifjma Chi W J. HOLMAN, Jr. F. I " . M -tRETON Phi Stoma Kappa D. Morton H. J. Durant Theta Chi .1. 0. Turner K. L. Smith Chi Pai J. L. Chaille J. E. Cliatt Phi Gamma Delta VV K. Krauth S. W Kittredi;b Pi Lamda Delta II. W. MO(iRE Top Row — James, Savage. Queen. Holman. Dean Fields, Morton. Wilburn, Chaille. Second Row — Wardlaw, Krauth, Coachman. Shepherd, Meares. Von Weller, Walton. Third Row — McCrocklin. Govan, Turner, Roberts, Blanton, Barrett, Martin, Stephens. Fourth Row — Kittredge, Carswell, Faist, Moore, Burns. Lillard, Bearden. Fifth Row — Carney, Waters, Waddy, Gaissert. Stark, Smith, Durant. Feagle. mm B f ' Alpha Tau Omega Number of Chapters. 87 GEORGE Armor William Emory. Jr. Edward Harris Francis Anderson Dougald Barthelmess, Jr. Carra Lane FACULTY SENIORS Reuben Hood. Jr. Thomas Hoskins Carleton Hughs Walter Lightbourne JUNIORS John Stone Therance Tyson James Tigner Membership, 22.105 Louis Martin Hugh Shackleford Phillip Von Weller L _ 5 - j Terrell Wesley. Jr. Clarence Williamson Enos Baker Harry Boyce James Carnes Jesse Christian. Jr. Thomas Denmark John Adams Joe Barron Kernwood Brown Newman Corker Edgar Davis SOPHOMORES Phillip Denton Ward Grantham Otis Jones Alfred Klipple Rockwell Rowe FRESHMEN William Edwards William Gleaton Arthur Holder James Hindman Julius Jackson Alexander Wade, Jr. Enoch Jones George Weitzel Edmund Yeargan Alfred Jones JOHN Landers Hassel McGee Augustus Persons Victor Yeargan Mf (212) Alpha Tau Omega BETA IOTA CHAPTER Founded. 1865 Installed. 1888 COLORS: Sky Blue and Old Gold FLOWER; While Tea Rose PERSONNEL First Roiv — George Armor. Edward Harris. Phillip Von Wellcr. Louis Martin. Walter Lightbourne. Hugh Shackleford, Thomas Hoskins. Carlcton Hughs. Second Roll ' — William Emory. Jr.. Reubin Hood. Jr.. Francis Anderson. John Stone. Clarence Williamson. Carra Lane. Dougald Barthclmess, Jr.. Tbcrancc Tyson. Third Row — James Tigncr, Enos Baker. Alfred Klipple. Jesse Christian. Jr.. James Carnes, Rockwell Rowe. Ward Grantham. Phillip Denton. Fourth Rou. ' — Enoch Jones. Otis Jones. Alexander Wade. Jr., Edmund Yeargan. Victor Yeargan. William Edwards. Hassel McGee. John Landers. Fifth Row — Newnan Corker. Edgar Davis. Alfred Jones. Kernwood Brown, Augustus Per- sons. Julius Jackson. Arthur Holder, William Gleaton. m p J§ M f tjjj= (213) l - M =.t wjm Sigma Alpha Epsilon NUMBER OF CHAPTERS 99 Isaac Brixson. Jr. Charles Humphrey John Lillard ERNEST Merry. Jr. SENIORS William McGowan George Walsh Charles Neil Henry Fund Robert Read MEMBERSHIP 32.226 Albert Shepherd. Jr. Archie Reeves Harry Thompson William Chichester Archibald Britt Jack Brow ' n Cart x ' right Cook William Eve JUNIORS Lucius Harris, Jr. Joseph Halleman willia.m ingra.m Casper Johnson, jr. Blunie Jones J. .mes Kinnett George Lewis Davenport Moore Samuel Smith Charles Brumby H. RRY Dewar Rape Dupre SOPHOMORES Marshall devaughn Ja-mes Cook J. .MES Frink WILLIA.M DuLaney Earner Mizell Frederick Shellnut James Brooke Tho.mas Jones Vance Marie JA.MES Chaffee FRESHMEN Livingston Newton Albert Bush Frank Maier William Dykes WILLIA.M HOLLANT) Hunter Baird John Winn Paul Dorn Frank Martin =Vr (2141 )ignia Aipna Epsilon GEORGIA PHI CHAPTER Founded. 1856 Installed. 1889 COLORS: Royal Purple and Cold. Flower : Violet. Top Roic — Albert Shepherd Henry Fund. Ernest Merry. Jr.. George Walsh. Harry Thompson. Wayne Moore. Jr.. Archie Reeves. William Chichester. Charles Humphrey. Second Row — John Lillard. Rafc Dupre. Cartwright Cook. Isaac Brinson. Jr.. Archie Britt. Lucius Harris. Jr.. George Lewis. Joseph Halleman. Third Rou- — Jack Brown Burnie Jones. William Eve. Jackson Moore. John Cook, Clarence McKey. Warner Mizcll. James Frink. Fourth Rou- — James Kinnctt. Casper Johnson. Jr.. William DuLaney. Harry Dewar. Vance Marcc. William Holland. Tom Jones. William Ingram. Fifth Row — James Brooke. Livingston Newton. Paul Dorn. Frank Maier. Albert Bush. William Dykes. Frank Martin. John Winn. Hunter Baird. -4 r ' =- ga = ■ ' II (215) I rtrl£ ' ' o Q„ jigina Number of Chapters, 102 Membership, 16.712 4i t FACULTY Dr. d. M, Smith Coach W. A. Alexander John Bauknight Wadley Glenn SENIORS Hugh Martin Joseph McCall Mills Savage George Gaissert WiLFORD Honour JUNIORS Robert Horn William Richardson Thomas McCutcheon, Jr. Lane Mitchell, Jr. i Wrnwn i f P F?M Thomas Becknell Reverdy Clark Dan Guy Albert Clifton Clifton Emerson Julius Holt James Minter Julius Murray SOPHOMORES Claud House, Jr. Henry Hopkins Joseph Poole FRESHMEN Charles Rankin Charles Sanders Thomas Salmon Robert Strickland William Rudolph Wilmer Spivey William Terrell Frederick Storey Aaron Taylor Herbert Thomas Frank Tharpe Marion Wilder Cilti) Kappa Sigma ALPHA TAU CHAPTER Founded. 1869 Installed. 1895 COLORS: Scarlet, While and Emerald FLOWER: Lily of the Valley PERSONNEL First Rou. ' — Hugh Martin. Mills Savage. John Bauknight, Wadlcy Glenn. George Gaissert, Wilford Honour. Robert Horn, Thomas McCutchcon. Jr. Second Roll ' — Lane Mitchell, Jr.. William Richardson, Thomas Becknell. Charles Rankin. Dan Guy. Claud House. Jr. Third Row — William Rudolph, Joseph Poole. Wilmer Spivey. William Terrell. Fourth Row — Julius Holt. Julius Murray. James Minter. Charles Sanders. Thomas Sal- mon. Robert Strickland. Fifth Row — Aaron Taylor. Herbert Thomas. Frank Tharpe. Marion Wilder. Clifton Emer- son, Albert Clifton, Henry Hopkins, =1 ■-i-ij j " Wl§ ' " ■•vg (217) . ani Sigma Nu I li Number of Chapters. 92 Jefferson Ambrose Samuel coachman Edward Copeland. Jr. Membership. 22.951 FACULTY SENIORS Roy Davison Frederick Debele. Jr. THO.MAS FL E.MING William Redmond GEORGE SPRICK William Wall. ce 3 E ' - r-rr ' § t i Bennett Ad. .ms. Jr. James Cook. Jr. William Edwards Robert Austin Hunter Bickha.m Raymont) Collier Harold Faist John Howell WiLLiAJi Ball Roy Carter Fred Channell Hugh COACH L N JUNIORS Glen Holland Roderic Lee SOPHOMORES Lee Mann Donald Martin Robert Mathes John Maxwell Frank Meridith FRESHMEN Jack Cubbedge Fred Holt Daniel Lester Sa.muel Minnich Robert Randolph Louis Sh. efer P. UL Sheppard J.vmes Milam Robert Read Arthur Reynolds. Jr. WiLLi.vM Rusk Wilburn Woodcock Jack Collier Luther Murr. y WILLIA.M Owsley George Wilcox l21Si Hi Sigma Nu GAMMA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded. 1869 Installed. 1896 COLORS: Gold, Black and While FLOWER: ? PERSONNEL First Row — Jefferson Ambrose. Frederick Debelc. Jr.. Roy Davison. Samuel Coachman. William Wallace. Thomas Fleming. William Redmond. George Sprick. Second Rou: — Bennett Adams. Jr.. Rodcric Lee. William Edwards, Harold Faist. Lee Mann. Robert Austin. Louis Shacfer. Third RoiC — Frank Meridith. Robert Read. Robert Mathcs. James Milan, John Maxwell, Arthur Reynolds. Jr. Jt Fourth Rou. ' — Samuel Minnich, Hugh Coachman. Wilburn Woodcock. Fred Channell. Jack Collier. William Owsley. Roy Carter. Luther Murray. t u in ' i-2W) 1 Kappa Alpha NUMBER OF CHAPTERS 60 Dr. Martin Luther Brittain FACULTY MEMBERSHIP 16.752 Prof. Llo t) Walter Chapin Benjam Crew, jr. Raleigh Arnall Tho.mas Cooke Lewis Dean Ernest DeFore Raleigh Drennen. Jr. Willia.m Hammond Shi GooDWiNE Hobert Bahrt Gordon Carson. Jr. Marcus Cooper Miles Fletcher Dr. William Gilmer Perry SENIORS Ja.mes Daniel Clement Ford JUNIORS Daniel Manget Victor Manget. Jr. Jack McCrocklin George Po.meroy SOPHOMORES Erd. l nn Lewis Willia.m McKenzie Wallace Pierpont. Ill FRESHMEN Alfred FLO-ixi Lawton Heidt Kelly. Jr. Clifton Wilburn Charles Roan- George Roerig WisTER Sharp Edward Swift. Jr. Porter Morrow John Rather, IV Charles Smyley Ray.mond Lester Carlton, Jr. Nicholas Powell Robert Smith I a A . U ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER Founded. 1865 Installed. 1898 COLORS: Crimson and Cold. FLOWERS: Red Rose and Magnolia. Top Roiv — Clifton Wilburn. Clem Ford. Lewis Dean. Benjamin Crew. Jr.. James Daniel. Raleigh Drennon. Jr.. George Pomeroy. Second Row — Daniel Manget. Jack McCrocklin. Charles Smyley. Porter Morrow. Wister Sharp. Third Roiv — John Rather. IV. Wallace Pierpont. III. William McKenzie. William Ham- mond. Shi Goodwyne. Fourth Row — Miles Fletcher. Ernest Powell. Fleming Cooper. Robert Bahrt. Clyde Kelly. I awton Heidt. Carlton McCamy. M U r — ■€ . Number of Chapters. 96 George Bearden SENIORS Walter James Membership. 3 2.090 Jack Chambers : 0f Frank Green Joe Kent, Jr. Fred Mitchell Nathan Ayers William Beers, Jr. James Brown James Cantev ESTON GARDENHIRE Thomas Hall, Jr. Jack Heard John Burroughs Charles Cayce Marshall Flowers Ralph Hayman Edgar Herron Jack Holmes Dodderidge Houser JUNIORS Horace Mitchell Charles Rudolph. Jr. SOPHOMORES WiNFRED INCE Jack jetton Jack Knight Daniel Krauss Earl McKenzie, Jr. William Muse FRESHMEN Scott Hudson. Jr. Pierce Latimer Charles Lewis Samuel Linton John Magill Broadus Marshall Fred Whittaker Julian Wilson, Jr. Tom Goddard Norman Poer, Jr. John Ransom, Jr. Martin Sibert William Smith William Tate Jack Dodd Robert Paul Zach Martin Harry Milligan Terrell Muse Emmett Reese Holly Sphar Leslie Dallas Daniel Yager m- E Phi Delta Theta GEORGIA DELTA CHAPTER i Founded. 1848 Installed. 1902 COLORS: Blue and White FLOWER; White Carnation PERSONNEL First Roil ' — Walter James. George Bearden, Jack Chambers. Frank Green. Joe Kent. Fred Mitchell, Fred Whittakcr. Horace Mitchell, Julian Wilson. Second Roiv — Nathan Ayors. Charles Rudolph. Tom Goddard, James Brown, Martin Sibert. William Tate. Daniel Krauss. William Muse. Winfred Ince. Third Roil ' — George Gardenhire. Jack Knight. Thomas Hall. Norman Peer. Jack Jctto.., Leslie Dallas, William Beers, John Dodd. Fourth Kou. " — Charles Lewis, Scott Hudson. Edgar Herron, Jack Heard, Charles Cayce, Earl McKenzic, Jack Holmes. Robert Paul. Emmett Reese. Fifth Roic — Dodderidgc Houscr. Zach Martin. Broadus Marshall. Marshall Flowers. Ter- rell Muse. Pierce Latimer. John Magill, Daniel Yager, Ralph Hayman. ri xm si . ' Sv ' . . Kappa Sigma Ck.a NUMBER OF CHAPTERS 33 V. L. MCEVER Robert Alexander Harry Bickers MEMBERSHIP 8,919 Karl Anderson THOMAS ELDRIDGE Robert Branham James Cook Henry Dabney FACULTY F. R. Reade SENIORS Joseph Howell Joseph Roberts JUNIORS Alvin Hero SOPHOMORES Nathan Holman Michael Hudson, Jr. FRESHMEN JOSEPH Fanning John Flanagan Rex Forsyth Fred Hobbs Capt. H. R. IDE James Thompson Guy Trimble Robert Walker, Jr. Charles Waters Daniel Jacobs William Pittman Charles Scruggs IV ' m ' M g- ' ? - Phi Kappa Sigma su ALPHA NU CHAPTER Founded. 1850 Installed. 1904 COLORS; Old Gold and Black FLOWER: American Beauty Rose PERSONNEL First Rou.- — Guy Trimble. Robert Alexander. Harry Bickers. James Thompson. Joseph Howell. Joseph Roberts. Alvin Hero. Second Row — Thomas Eldridge. Nathan Holman. Charles Waters. Robert Walker. William Pittman. Robert Branham. Third RocL ' — Rex Forsyth. Fred Hobbs. Charles Scruggs. Joseph Fanning. Fourth Roiv — James Cook. James Ely. McKinney, Norflect, John Flanagan. Fortson. Daniel Jacobs. m ■ i ' . l m (225) ' E £L€Int a 1 NUMBER OF CHAPTERS 70 Frank Alexander Edgar Crowley Edward Burn Robert Camp James Asbury William Backus Porter Blount George Coffee Earl Allen Caspers Asbury William Clark James Crowley SENIORS Lauris Saunders Jack Tracy JUNIORS John Gaston Thaddeus Johnston Floyd Moore SOPHOMORES MEMBERSHIP 1 1.734 Edwin Trevor William Walton, Jr. WiLLIA.M Sl. LM0NS Clyde S.mith Roy Gordon John Leigh. Jr. Robert Hichs. Jr. John Little David Harvey Max Morrison Earnest Holmes. Jr. Frank Speer Harris Holloway JR. FRESHMEN Frank Crum Vivian Pierron John Hill Stanley Rockefellow Hurst Lefferts Joseph Willingha.m Leroy Ludwig Harry Yopp John McFail (•J26) Pi Kappa Alpha Founded. 1868 ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER COLORS: Garnet and Old Gold FLOWER: Lily of the Valley Installed. I 904 PERSONNEL First Rou.- — Frank Alexander. Edgar Crowley. Launs Saunders. William Walton. Earl Tracy. Edwin Trevor. Robert Camp. Clyde Smith. Second Rou: — Thaddeus Johnson. Edward Burn. Floyd Moore. William Simmons. James Asbury. John Gaston. Max Morrison. Third Roic — John L.cigh. Jr.. John Little. Harris Hollaway. Jr.. Robert Hicks. Jr., Wil- liam Backus. Porter Blount. Fourth Row — George Coffee. Ernest Holmes. Jr.. David Harvey, Roy Gordon. Earl Allen. William Clark. Frank Crum. Fifth Rou. ' — Casper Asbury. Joseph Willingham, John McFail. Stanley Rockefeller, Harry ' opp, Leroy Ludwig, James Crowley, John Hill. -J ; - I n % cFi . i ■jji i - ! •ii]j= M ■x = w i ' i ' - - 5 .. , i Number of Chapters. 2 9 Membership. 10.017 FACULTY Prof. James Erskine McDaniel £ ' ni« . P -{j U. Ic- : frA-- ' m -l! Hugh Aiken Warren Bamford Stewart Barrett William Cabiness Fred Clark. Jr. Emort Best, Jr. William Shedden William Arnold. Jr. John Patrick Campbell Albert Adams William Coffey Frank Corrigan SENIORS Daniel Dougherty Watts Gunn Ernest Kontz Thomas Miller JUNIORS Henry Cabiness John Donovan SOPHOMORES Herbert Jefferies, Jr. John Lambert James Perkenson FRESHMEN Charles Hopkins Henry Johnson Calbraith Morris Tho.mas Roberson E. Stor.m Trosdal, Jr. William Wardlaw, Jr. Joseph Williams Charles DuBose, Jr. John Porter, Jr. Charles Taylor Lambert Hollaway William Nightingale John Sancken Austell Thornton (228) i Chi Phi k rounded. 1874 OMEGA CHAPTER Colors: Scarlet and Blue Installed. 1904 PERSONNEL First Rou. ' — Hugh Aiken. Thomas Miller. Warren Bamford. Ernest Kontz. Thomas Robcrson. William Wardlaw. Jr.. Calbraith Morris. Second Row — Storm Trosdal. Fred Clark. Jr.. Watts Gunn. Stewart Barrett. Daniel Dougherty. Third Rou. ' — William Cabaness. Charles DuBose. Jr., John Porter. Jr.. Emort Best, Jr., William Shcdden, John Campbell. Fourth Rous — John Lambert. Herbert Jefferies. Jr.. Lambert Hollaway. Albert Adams. Henry Cabiness. Fifth Row — Frank Corigen. Henry Johnson, William Nightingale, Charles Taylor, James Pcrkerson. John Sanckcn. William Coffey. E ' -M ' Sigma Phi Epsilon Number of Chapters. 54 Membership. 10.458 t= c Cl. rence Barrett Tho. ws Faires Tho.mas Gov. n Howard Brewton Thonl s Davis Nathan Green Howard Griffith Ty Bass JOHN Boone Ja.mes Coleman Layton Compton J.VMEs Dawson FACULTY Lee Docglas T. bler SENIORS Alfred Law. jr. John Pritchard John Lawo Floyt) Walton Frank Player Harold Williams JUNIORS Burr Griffin Edgar Un-derwood Richard Mitchell SOPHOMORES Neill L. ssiter. Jr. Rarold Oltz Halbert Law Paul Roberts JOHN LE. L I0N John Rose John Nelson FRESHMEN William Green John Powell Samuel R rrison BENJA.MIN Simpson Joe Hopper Gr. ham Smith Raymont) Kennedy H. RRY Steck William Lanier Frank Thornton Webb Oliph. nt E 1= i230i Sigma Phi Epsilon GEORGIA ALPHA CHAPTER Founded. 1901 Established. 1907 COLORS: Purple and Red PERSONNEL First Row — Alfred Law. Jr.. John Pritchard. Clarence Barrett. Frank Player. Thomas Govan. Thomas Faircs. Floyd Walton. Second Row — Edgar Underwood. Howard Brcwton. John Lawo. John Lcmmon. Burr Griffin. Third Row — Nathan Green. Ncill Lassiter. Jr.. John Nelson. Howard Griffith. Fourth Row — Halbcrt Law. John Rose. Thomas Davis. Raymond Kennedy. Paul Roberts. Fifth Row — Samuel Harrison. Joe Hopper. John Boone, James Coleman. Harry Steck. Graham Smith. William Green. James Dawson. V% " " V r — (231 I ■.zij — .-J -■ il -M Pi Kappa Phi | ' ' " f: i Number of Chapters. 30 Membership, 3.051 RUFUS Carswell Frank Dean. Jr. Estill Ezell NiATHis Ezell Walter Bedand Charles Brown Albert Cornell Hall Frye Rex Gephart Cecil Hefner LoRiNE Adams John Allen Steve Cothraux Carlton Dougherty FACULTY J. L. Ellis. Jr. SENIORS Frank Fhagle, Jr. John Moore JUNIORS SOPHOMORES Arthur Lucky David Nichols Alfred Oswald Parnell Pafford Charles Price FRESHMEN s Harris William Marston Herbert Mayer Leighton Mitchell Hazard Reeves Henry Rowland, Jr. Albert Watson, Jr. U ' lLLiAM George Robert Reeves Charles Robertson NL LCOLM REYBOLD Charles Tho.mpson Otis Wells Edward White Joe McRee James Peters Baxter Patton Hall (232) Pi Kappa Phi Founded. 1904 IOTA CHAPTER COLORS: Gold and White FLOWER: Red Rose Installed. 1913 PERSONNEL First Row — Estill Ezcll. Hazard Reeves, Frank Fcagle. Jr.. John Moore. Prof. Ellis. Jr., Frank Dean. Jr.. Rufus Carswell. Sanders Rowland, Jr. Second Roa. ' — Hall Frye. Albert Cornell. Mathis Ezell, Wilton Lucky, Walter Bcdard. Third Roiv — Charles Price. Charles Thompson, Otis Wells, Charles Robertson, Alfred Oswald. Robert Reeves. Malcolm Reybold. Fourth Roif — Lorine Adams. Baxter Williams. James Peters. Leighton Mitchell. John Allen. Edward White. Parnell PafTord, Fifth Row — Rex Gcphart, Cecil Hefner, Patton Hall, Herbert Mayer, Steve Cothraux, Carlton Dougherty. Thomas Harris. William Marston. 4 1 ' -A (sn.-?) Beta Theta Pi Number of Chapters. 85 Dean v. v. skiles Capt. H. K. Diets Prof. A. H. Armstrong Membership. 30.881 Walter Clarke. Jr. Alonzo Clark. HI Charles Connally. Jr. Julian Harris James Boyd Ware Fitzgerald Lincoln Grant Volney Eakin Robert Frederick Angus Heeke Alexander Bell Willia.m Buford John Davis Lawrence DeGive Albert Duke FACULTY Prof. Hal Reynolds. Jr. Prof. w. h. Vaughn Dr. J. B. White SENIORS Paul Hayne. Jr. Leon Keener Julius Meares. Jr. Dix?E, Seaborn JUNIORS Edward Hamm David Heritage SOPHOMORES Aubrey Hobbs Dan Maddox Ralph Norman FRESHMEN Earl Dunlap Benja.min e.vibry James Gray Ed.mund Halsey Allan House PoBERT Moore P. B. NARMORE. Inst. w. c. White, s. a. Lt.-Co. i. l Lawson. U. S. William Meers Ja.mes Nichols John Nichols. Jr. Willia.m White Todd Lunsford. Jr. John Leach Nathan Stark Frank Nichols Tho.mas Roberts Harold Russell Willia.m N. McKee. Jr. William J. McKee. Jr. Jack Neal Albert Nicholson John Quinn N. 5 in If ifci I I ' SJLSkii I (23-») Beta Theta Pi Founded. 1839 GAMMA ETA CHAPTER COLORS: Ptnk and Blue Flower : Rose Installed. 1917 PERSONNEL First Roif — Julius Meares. Jr.. Julian Harris. Leon Keener, Alonzo Clark. IIL Charles Connally. Jr.. John Nichols. Jr.. William White. Dixie Seaborn. Second Rou. ' — Paul Hayne. Jr.. Walter Clarke, Jr.. James Nichols. David Heritage. Edward Hamm. Nathan Stark. James Boyd. Todd Lunsford. Jr. Third Row — John Leach. Lincoln Grant. Volney Eakin. Robert Frederick. Angus Heeke. Thomas Roberts. Dan Maddox. Harold Russell. Fourth Row — Aubrey Hobbs. Frank Nichols. James Sewell. Edmund Halsey. Frank Dowling. William N. McKee. Jr.. William J. McKce. James Gray. Fifth Row — Alexander Bell. Jack Neal. John Davis. Albert Duke, Allan House. Benjamin F ' mbry. Lawrence DeGive. Robert Moore. 3 f M linri} R Delta Sigma Phi Number of Chapters. 42 FACULTY Membership. 5.8 22 Milton Blanton Newton O ' Neal SENIORS Edward Sarven Herbert Carroll Charles Printup Robert ' HAM James Beall Richard Dieckman Branch irvin George Morgan JUNIORS Edward Sanders Frank Waddy Burton Cloud Alfred Hudson Wallace James Phillip Reed Charles Selvidge Herbert Clark Henry Curtis Leland Hatcher James Clark Samuel Fritz SOPHOMORES Ellsworth Swartz Dunk Culberson FRESHMEN ElXiAR MEISTER CLYT)E Hagerty Ja.mes Russ Kenneth Thomas Ernest Irwin Hubert Jones %l I (236) Lffl 1 Delta Sigma Phi ALPHA GAMMA CHAPTER Founded. 1899 Installed, 1920 COLORS: Nile Green and While FLOWER: White Carnation PERSONNEL First Row — Milton Blanton. Herbert Carroll. Charles Printup. Edward Sarven, Robert Wham. James Bcall. Second Rou. ' — Burton Cloud. Richard Dieckman. Alfred Hudson. Wallace James. George Morgan. Edward Sanders. rm Third R ' w — Charles Selvidge. Phillip Read. Frank Waddy. Dunk Culberson, Henry Curtis. Clyde Hagerty. Fourth Roiv — Lcland Hatcher. James Russ. Ernest Irwin, Hubert Jones. Edgar Meister, Frank Anderson. Ml 3 g S 2 4 .» d (237) ' C-. ' i -i Delta Tau Delta Number of Chapters. 74 F. B. WENN FACULTY R. P. Black Membership. 21.350 CAPT. B. L. Flanigen Edmund Kuhlke Elbert Hood Julian Carney Joseph Westbrook SENIORS Marshall Queen JUNIORS William May Lewis Hardin Garland Champion Edward Fant Howard Jordon »s - Shault Coker Graham McDonald Andrew Hutchinson Joseph Rahner Samuel Sims SOPHOMORES Edgar Blount Fred Roberts E.MORY Fordha.m Ansel Talbert Albert Gibson Franklin Sacha Henry Neely William Wiggins Sanford Richards Harold Rand c_ Daniel Richards William Hawkins DeVant LAW ' TON Allen Evans FRESHMEN Allen Wheelock James Thompson Robert Powell Bleve Thompson Randolph Whitfield Evan Jordon Roy Lu.mpkin t E I liSS I Delta Tau Delta GAMMA PSI CHAPTER Founded. 1859 Installed. 1921 COLORS: Purple. White and CoW Flower : Pansy PERSONNEL First Row — Edmund Kuhlkc. Elbert Hood. Marshall Queen, Lewis Hardin. Garland Cham- pion. Julian Carney. Joseph Westbrook. William May. Second Row — Edward Fant. Shault Coker. Graham McDonald. Francis Plumb. Andrew Hutchinson. Joseph Rahner. Third Row — Robert Sims. Edgar Blount, Fred Roberts. Emory Fordham. William Talbcrt. Albert Gibson. Franklin Sacha. Fourth Row — Henry Neely. William Wiggins. Sanford Richards. Harold Rand. Daniel Richards. William Hawkins. Fifth Row — DeVant Lawton. Allen Evans. Allen Wheelock. James Thompson, Blevins Thompson. Randolph Whitfield. Evan Jordon. Robert Powell. i y.. w i X ' •HUfHL ' jT ' Ji ' iJJ Z ? . ' UL _ a (12391 in- signia Chi NUMBER OF CHAPTERS 87 ROBERT ARNETT Henry Bemis JAAIES CLAFFLIN Thomas Collins. Jr. Archie Hunter Robert Anderson HOWTLL BRANSFORD. Gordon Campbell WiLLIA.M DIETSCH S. M Col VI n CLYDE Dudley ALTE LAMPTON Jr. SENIORS J. MES Hart Tobias Gammon JUNIORS Robert Kennedy Charles King. Jr. SOPHOMORES Alexander Beasley R RRY Moore WILLIA.M OLIN ' ER FRESHMEN Robert McCollum Daniel McKeever MEMBERSHIP 24.185 way-ne holnl n. jr. John Hunter Edward White Fred Moreton Carleton Pierce. Jr. Benjamin Sloane John Stockard Osc R Pierce Alfred Stutigess Brandon Lesene Charles Pinkston Lining Sanders E 1240 1 Sigma Chi BETA PSI CHAPTER Founded. 1855 Installed. 1922 COLORS: Blue and Cold. FLOWER: White Rose. Top Rou.- — Jack Holman. Henry Bemis. Edward White. Harvey Hunter. Robert Arnctt, Tobias Gammon. James Hart. Second Rou: — Carlcton Pierce. Archie Hunter. Charles King. Jr.. Robert Kennedy. John Stockard. Gordon Campbell. Howell Bransford. Jr. Third Row — Alfred Sturgess. Robert McCollum. Hamilton Beasley. John Branson. Oscar Pierce. Griffin Edwards. William Dictsch. Fourth Rou: — Walter Lampion. William Oliver. Charles Pinkston. Clyde Dudley. Bran- don Lescne. Clary Sanders. Daniel McKeevcr. =3 ■r -r (L ' 41i " M % jigma NUMBER OF CHAPTERS 46 R. G. GULLEY Henry Belcher George Brant Ralph Bullard Ronald Durant Richard Florrid Melvin Hill Ralph Heard Howard L ' Heureaux Kent Mack. Jr. Thomas Malone MEMBERSHIP 9,193 FACULTY SENIORS Francis Carlton Frank Christiphine William Cornwall William Fawcett JUNIORS James Hughs William Quinlin John Littleton Hugh McRady SOPHOMORES Joseph Murphy Marion Patterson Henry Patillo George Powell G. Mc. Sparks Duncan Morton Ernest Smith, jr. RussEL Stewart Andrew Mitchell Sydney Pruitt Lewis Storey Linton Reynolds Albert Schwencke William Taylor Charles Witmer Thomas Bryant Carl Cesery James Howard. Jr. Brittain Lukens. Jr. FRESHMEN john mcgaughey Baxter Rains. Jr. Thornwell Ramsey Benjamin Settler James Stewart Branson Willis Thomas Wilson (242) • lo ♦ )igma KAPPA DEUTERON CHAPTER Founded. 1873 InsMlIcd. 1923 COLORS: Maqevta and Silver FLOWER: Carnation PERSONNEL First Row — Russel Stewart. Ernest Smith. Ralph Bullard. U ' illiam Cornwall, Henry Belcher. William Fawcett. George Brant, Duncan Morton, Second Row — Frank Christiphine, Andrew Mitchell, Hugh McRady, Melvin Hill. James Hughs. William Quinlin. Third Row — Jack Pruitt. Jr.. Lewis Story. Ronald Durant. John Littleton. Francis Carl- ton. Howard L ' Heureux, Fourth Row — Thomas Malone, Joseph Murphy, George Powell, Albert Schwencke. Henry Patillo. Linton Reynolds, Fifth Row — Charles Witmer, Kent Mack, Jr,, Ralph Heard, Carl Cesery, James Howard, Jr.. John McGaughcy, Brittain Lukcns, Jr.. Thornwell Ramsey. (243) i ' Number of Chapters. 44 Membership. 7.170 FACULTY Dean Floyd Field J. M. Smith E " Clifford Bennett George Fowler SENIORS Samuel Huff Arthur McCash Elbert Roane Harry McCash WlLLARD PlERSON = .. William Lovelady Joseph McCain Arthur McCoy JUNIORS Harold Nabell Thomas Newberry Burton Randol James Turner Robert Stephens James Stephens Robert Trammell , William Branch Paul Dunbar SOPHOMORES Edward Gavin Jack Hall William Harman William Organ Edgar Smith John Bass James Burney Maurice Crum Walter Freeman FRESHMEN Harry Hoffman Robert Holtzclaw Frank Jackson William Miller Lewis Murphy Emmett Rogers Howard Wells William Woodside U4-1I k -.. ' JCbTI " . - X=.2. ' (f? .. Q. i_i ALPHA NU CHAPTER 5 Founded. 1856 Installed. 1923 COLORS: Red and White FLOWER: Red Carnation PERSONNEL first Roll- — Arthur McCash. Harry McCash. Willard Picrson. Prof. Field. Prof. Smith. Clifford Bennett. George Fowler. Samuel Huff. Second Row — Elbert Roane. Joseph McCain. Harold Nabell. Thomas Newberry. William Lovelady. Robert Stephens. Third Row — Robert Trammcll. James Stephens. Burton Randol. James Turner, Arthur NicCoy. William Branch. Jack Hall. Fourth Row — Edward Gavin. Edgar Smith, Paul Dunbar. John Bass, Maurice Crum. James Burncy. Fifth Row — Walter Freeman. Robert Holtzclaw, Frank Jackson, William Miller, Em- mctt Rogers. Howard Wells, William Woodside. i i ■ ' 3d . ' rrrr- Frank Armstrong James Chaille John Dorey James Barnwell James Cliatt Andrew Bovce William Farrar Lewis Black James Brooke Garrett Cannon Raymond Daffin Chi Psi Number of Chapters. 24 SENIORS John McCoy William Dunkin JUNIORS Frank Nash Robert Parham SOPHOMORES William Swain James Thompson FRESHMEN Thomas Farley Robert Jackson Walter Jenkins Dana Johnson Membership, 7,868 William Fort JAiMes Lester Harold Rauber William Simpkin Lefevere Womelsdorf Stonewall Warner Royce Williams John Preston Fred Swain FuR L N Smith Frank McDowell Chi Psi ALPHA IOTA DELTA CHAPTER Founded. 1841 Installed. 1923 COLORS: Purple and Gold PERSONNEL First Row — James Chaillc. Frank Armstrong. William Dunkin, Harold Raubcr. James Lester. William Fort. John McCoy. Second Row — James Barnwell. Andrew Boyce. Lefeverc Womelsdorf, William Simpkin. Frank Nash. William Farrar. Third Row — Garrett Cannon. James Thompson, Stonewall Warner. Royce Williams, Lewis Black, William Swain. Fourth Row — Robert Jackson. Walter Jenkins. Dana Johnson. Fred Swain. John Preston. Raymond DafRn. Frank McDowell. Phi Gamma Delta 1= Number of Chapters. 69 Dr. J. B. Crenshaw Joseph Brow-n Walter Krauth Marsh, ll Blacknian Charles Bl rch Jack Thonl son Robert Bethea. Jr. Francis Cooner Walter Do.mingos Kenneth Foster FACULTY R. . I ML " NT)0RFF SENIORS Morris Swicegood JUNIORS George Harrell, Jr. SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Roger Griffenberg Roy FL zelwood Nathaneil Johnson. Jr. Harry Lamont Membership. 24.055 Lieut. E. E. Glen ' n Walter iMerkle James Snooks, Jr. Se trn Kittredge Richard McBride Alfred Vick Milton Morgan William Sapp, Jr. Hubert Vestal William Wingo 24S Phi Gamma Delta Founded, 1848 Installed. 1926 GAMMA TAU CHAPTER COLOR: Royal Purple FLOWER: Purple Clematis PERSONNEL First Row — Severn Kittredgc. Joseph Brown. Walter Krauth. Waller Merklc. James Snooks. Jr.. Charles Burch. Second Row — Morris Swicegood. Marshall Blackman. George Harrcll. Jr.. Robert Bethea. Third Row — Walter Domingos. Francis Cooner. Hubert Vestal. Kenneth Foster, Nathaneil Johnson. Jr.. Harry Lamont. Fourth Row — William Sapp. Roy Hazclwood. William Wingo. Milton Morgan. Alfred ' ick. Roger Griffcnberg. 4 i = (249) Pi Lambda Delta NUMBER or CHAPTERS 1 G. H. BOGGS Richard Cruise Lucius Daniel Sylvan Jackson FACULTY SENIORS William Manucy Henry Moore Daniel O ' Connell MEMBERSHIP 65 A. D. Holland Louis Thompson Cyrus Wallace Thomas Wright Florence Batchelor Norman Coleman Don Frakes JUNIORS Edwin Hanna Granville henry Casper Kuhlke Lamont Myers, Jr. Clarence Renfroe Walter Binkley Charles Collins SOPHOMORES Hubert Lesley Lamar Partain Olin Rogers FRANK Reynolds William Bragg FRESHMEN Frederick Croven Edward Johnson Eugene Moretta I iP ( li. ' iO I Pi Lambda Delta ■ f fo ■ tifc t. , ' , Hil yj Founded. 1922 Installed. 192: COLORS: Orange and Black FLOWER: Peony PERSONNEL firs; Roil- — Henry Moore. Dick Cruise. Cyrus Wallace. Lucius Daniels. Sylvan Jackson. Second RoiC — Tom Wright. Dan OConnell. Casper Khulkc. William Manucy. Third Roil- — Norman Coleman. Lamont Myers. Jr., Edwin Hanna. Clarence Renfroe. Don Frakes. Fourth Roif — Lamar Partain. Hubert Lesley, Frederick Craven. Ed Johnson, Eugene Moretta. ,0 ' J:,a Chi Beta Siema Number of Chapters. 1 Membership. 37 FACULTY i SENIORS 51 Thomas Williams E f JUNIORS Edward Cory John Dugger Graham McClov Joe Nelson Ira Nichols Oscar Olsen Samuel Parrv George Perrine Marion Steele Eugene Tate PRE JUNIORS 1 James Hicks Edward Jones James Jones Stephen Millet George Myers Welman McCrainie Cordon McWilliams Charlls Oxford James Thompson John Walker. Jr. William wfdd:ngton Charles wesner H0W RD WlLLIA.MS Robert Williams Alexander Wise. Jr. ' SOPHOMORES §; John Arnold t Lynn Boylen Howard Clements Mathew Murphy Samuel McKerall Adrian Newcomer Lafayette Smith Otis Smith Frederick Tyler FRESHMEN Avon Hall WiLLIA.M HENDRIX f t (232) Chi Beta Siema Pounded. 1928 Installed, 1928 COLORS: Blue and White Flower : Tulip PERSONNEL First Row — Thomas Williams. Edward Cory. Joe Nelson. Graham McCloy. George Perrine, Eugene Tate. Samuel Parry. Oscar Olson. Second Row — Ira Nichols. James Jones. Edward Jones. James Hicks. William Wed- dington. Third Row — John Dugger. John Walker. Jr.. James Thompson. Charles Oxiord Stephen Millet. Fourth Row — Alexander Wise. Jr.. Howard Williams. George Myers. Welman McCrainie. Adrian Newcomer. Samuel McKerall. Carl Smith. Fifth Row — Mathew Murphv. John Arnold. Frederick Tvler. Otis Smith. Lynn Boylen. Howard Clements. William Hendrix, Avon Hall. 3 ■4 (25:! I e Phi Epsilon Pi Number of Chapters. 23 Marion Schwartz Louis Marks Marcus Endel Sidney Goldin FACULTY SENIORS Theodore Waxelbaum Richard Guthman Alex Wachtel JUNIORS SOPHOMORES . Kesseler Goldstein Membership. 2.164 Lester Yaretzky Clarence Hagedorn Max Nussbaum Stanley Marianthol Henry Loeb Albert Wise FRESHMEN Daniel Loeb Ira Weil Andrew Saks Harold Kaplan Sol Kahn g 1 rva . Phi Epsilon Pi XI CHAPTER Founded. 1904 Installed, 1916 Colors ; Purple and Gold PERSONNEL First Roil ' — Theodore Wjxelbaiim. Marcus Endel. Richard Guthman, Lester Yarctzky, Alex Wachtel. Second Roic — Marion Schwartz, Clarence Hagedorn, Max Nusshaum, Third Row — Sidney Goldin. Harold Kaplan, Daniel Loeb, Andrew Saks. Fourth Row — Sol Kahn, Henry Solomon, Ira Weil. Albert Wise, Henry Loeb. 5. " .J m (255) r ' ' i ' - ' J J= C- Tau Epsilon Phi Number of Chapter. 24 Membership. 1.620 SENIORS None JUNIORS David Brener Joseph Cohen Elia Luntz JOSEPH Diamond SOPHOMORES ISADORE SCHULMAN Samuel Lasky FRESHMEN Nathaniel Schloss Samuel Alt. l n Albert Lehmann Oscar Wise Harold Haskel MORRIS Witts E % e: (256) 1 Tan Epsilon Phi PHI CHAPTER Founded. 1910 Installed, 1922 COLORS: Lavender and White PERSOiNXEL First Roil ' — Joe Diamond. Bob Brencr. Joseph Cohen. Second Row — Samuel Altman. Isadorc Shulman. Harold Haskell. Third Row — Morris Witt. Harry Wise. Horace Luntz, Nathaniel Schlossbcrg. Samuel Laskey. :? n. I M (257) The Student Council The Student Council was established at Georgia Tech during the school year 1922- ' 23. it was an outgrowth of the Honor Court which was abolished during that year. It is composed of students only, and is in the strictest sense a student governing organization. The purpose of the organization is to serve as a medium between the student body and the faculty, explaining the actions of one to the other, and presenting the problems of one to the other. Also, the Student Council handles all cases of infraction of the school regulations regarding honor or conduct. The constitution of the Student Council provides for the following mem- bers, the President of the Senior class, the President of the Inter-Fraternity Council, the Editor-in-Chief of the Technique, the President of the Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, and the President of the Athletic Association. Other members are elected as follows: five members from the Senior class, four members from the Junior class, two from the Sophomore class, and one from the Freshman class. The elections for Student Council members have always been very close, and to be elected to this body is one of the highest honors that a student can win at Georgia Tech. as only the men in whom the student body places honor and trust are elected to serve on the Student Council. (258) Georgia Tech Athletic Association gT v m F W FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. M. L. BRITTAIN Chairman DR. J. B. CRENSHAW PROF. A. H. ARMSTRONG Dr. v. Vernon Skiles Prof. Floyd Fields Dr. G. H. Boggs coach W. a. Alexander STUDENT MEMBERS Ed Crowley Walter James W. T. Dunkin ALUMNI MEMBERS MR. George W. McCarty Mr. L. w. Robert. Jr. COACHING STAFF W. A. Alexander Head Coach R. A. CLAY ' Baseball and Freshman Football Bill FINCHER Football and Freshman Basket-ball Don Miller Football Hank BJORKMAN Football ll j Mack THARPE Football DR. J. B. Crenshaw Lacrosse Harold E. Barron Track Roy MUNDORFF Basket-ball and Freshman Baseball -t - li (2G1) Wearers of the " T " FOOTBALL Peter Pund. V. H. Rusk. Raleigh Drcnnon. Firpo Martin. Joe Westbrook. John Lillard. Frank Spear. Papa Hood. Coot Watkins. Kenneth Thrash. Ed Crowley. Glenn Holland. Frank Waddey. E. L. Keener. Bob Durant. Shorty Smith. Izzy Shulman. H. F. Oltz. M. S. DeX ' aughn. Bob Randolph. Stumpy son. C. gerald. Mizelle. Thoma- V. Fitz- Warner Bo Read. TRACK Ed. B. Hamm. James A. Boyd. Ernest C. Kontz. Stacy Stew- art. J. F. Beall. Jul- ian Saks. Cecil Jami- son. Rov ' . Brewer. Frank Nash. E. J. Hood. Dick Fickett. Tom Wright. Karl Nixon. Clifford Schwalb. Bob Ran- dolph. C. C. Strick- land, George Sprick. Harold Rauber. BASEBALL Ed Crowlev. Tom Angley. John Brew- er. Johnny Conn. Hugh Gaston. Bob Moreland. Sol Yoe- man. Arthur Mc- Cash. Jimmy Stev- ens. Bob Parham. Frank Waddev. Earl Chaisson. Julian Carney. Shorty Smith. BASKET-BALL Julian Wilson. Nick George. Ed Harris. Frank Plaver. Ralph B u 1 1 a r d . Hank Hecke. George Brant. Sid Goldin. Wax Waxelbaum. Red Williamson H. A. Faisst. Bob Parham. Ralph B u 1 1 a r d . Bob Horn. (262) W. A. Alexander Head Coach FOOTBALL Football Crowley Captain, star of the Dixie-West game, a credit and example to his school, coach and team, and one of Tech ' s greatest wingmcn. Randolph Tech ' s most powerful fullback and a pillar of endurance in bearing the brunt of the enemy attack. By ED DANFORTH (Sporting Editor. Atlanta Georgian and Sunday American) I -Q 1 1 DING on the crest of a veritable Ik£»I ' ooft) !! revolution, the Yellow I r -.| Jackets of 1928 won the cham- pionship of the Southern Con- ference. The coup d ' etat was delivered in the spring when W. A. Alexander, head coach, overthrew the jump shift established by John Heisman years ago and devised a new form of shove-em- men. The conference title was snatch- id from the waiting undefeated hosts of the University of Georgia in a dra matic game one dark, damp day in De- cember. The annals of Tech ' s 1928 cam- paign form the most glorious chapter in the football history of the institu- tion, if a personal opinion is permitted. It was the daring of the head coach in discarding a form of offense that for years had been uniformly successful, the ingenuity of the head coach in de- vising an entirely new system involv- ing a balanced " set " line and a reversed quarterback, the devotion of the play- ers to their tasks in spring training and their performance through the arduous fall campaign that made the triumph possible. The decision to sweep the Heisman shift into the discard was prompted by the new rules that imposed a long pause •! (264) after assuming a new position, primar- ily. Incidentally the new Tech offense had been growing in the mind of Coach Alexander for years — the balanced line and the quarterback screening the ball — and naturally he wanted to install his own football game instead of that of his illustrious predecessor. So spring training favored by fair weather had been under way two weeks before it was discovered that the Yellow Jackets were not jumping into position as for- merly and that the backficld was tak- ing an entirely new alignment. The Alexander system of hammer and tongs football accomplished a successful rebellion without being heralded widely. To execute the new system. Coach Alexander had to depend on several Sophomore players. While no great confidence was placed in these young- sters during spring training, it devel- oped that they were the backbone of the squad once the season opened. The Yellow Jackets launching their plays from a unique open huddle made their bow to Atlanta fans against Vir- ginia Military Institute and won un- impressively. 7 to 0. The touchdown was scored in the last quarter after the two star Sophomore backs, Warner Mizell and " Stumpy " Thomason had been inserted. Mizell crossed the Cadet goal line and Smith kicked goal. Hood A tower of strength on defense and a whirlwind of aggressiveness on the offense is this star of the Dixie-West game. PUND Captain-elect. All-Southern center and one of the Souths most outstanding linemen. (L ' (i: Football Thomason All-Southern halfback and one ot the most deceptive brokenfield runners on the gridiron. HOLLAND A fighting defensive end and fast on getting down on punts. The next week end Tech showed some improvement and defeated Tulane 13 to 6. Thomason was the spear- head in a drive for touchdown in the first period. Banker, fleet Tulane Sophomore, flashed an 80-yard run to tie the score in the second quarter. After a scoreless period of hammering Randolph smashed over for a touch- down to win in the final quarter. After four years of bitter defeats at the hands and feet of University of Alabama teams. Tech reached a peak of performance and defeated the Crimson eleven 1 3 to before a tremendous and indeed an amazed crowd. Alabama opened spiritedly and drove deep into Tech territory only to be halted by a fine defensive stand in which two Sophomore tackles. W ' atkins and Spwer. figured prominently. In the second quarter Thomason skirted the Alabama right flank 3 1 yards for a touchdown and kicked goal afterward. The play was delivered after the Yellow Jackets had sledged their way down the field with a thudding line attack that drew the Crimson defense close in. In the last period Watkins blocked an at- tempted Alabama pass that Holland recovered and carried to Alabama ' s one- yard line. lizell bucked the touch- down across. Alabama ' s boldest bid to score came in mid-game when Archie Taylor on a clever fake plav broke Football loose into an open field. But he was caught from behind by Watkins and a touchdown averted. North Carolina was the fourth Con- ference victim, n to 0. Tech scored in the second quarter when Captain Ed Crowley crossed on a lateral pass. The Tarheels fought hard and constantly threatened to score on forward passes but could not overcome the strong de- fense put up by the interchangeable tackles — Hood and Thrash. Watkins and Speer. In the last period. Thom- ason electrified the crowd with a 75- yard dash to touchdown. Tech won no harder fought game than this one. The Yellow Jackets traveled to South Bend the next week-end and took another defeat from Notre Dame. 26 to 7. Knute Rockne. as usual, started his second string and failing to score trotted out his Varsity with re- sults disastrous to Tech. The Yellow Jackets fumbled at critical points: thev seemed to underestimate the blinding speed with which the Irish backs moved. Dowman, Collins (2) and Flanagan were the names written into the sum- mary in Notre Dame ' s scoring. Tech counted in the last period when Pund blocked Bray ' s punt on Notre Dame ' s six-yard line. Thomason scored the touchdown and kicked goal. Swinging back into action against Conference opposition a week later, the MiZELL Tech ' s brilliant and most consistent ground-gainer and a terror to any line. Spear Sophomore All-Southern tackle, co-captain-elect and unending trouble for all ends. (267) Football Read A speedy, plunging halfback, always in the game. Westbrook Mighty guard of the Yellow Jackets and one of the immovable stones in Tech ' s impenetrable wall. " bellow Jackets emerged from a game in Nashville against ' anderbilt with a scoreless tie. It was a bitterly fought game, played on a slippery field under an overcast sky. Tech rammed and jammed at Vandy ' s mid-section and piled up a margin in yardage and first downs. Tech threatened again and again but either fumbles or an inspired ' andv defense halted them. Then in the closing minute of the game, when it was almost too dark for spectators to distinguish players. Bill Spear got away in one last mighty effort and car- ried the ball to within one jump of Tech ' s goal line. The last play of the game was when Spear attempted a drop- kick which w as wide of the posts. While anderbilt supporters seemed fairly well satisfied with the result. Tech dropped a bit in rating back home. The Yellow Jackets swept through November in a drive that increased in momentum. Flashing improvement after the Vanderbilt deadlock, Tech battered down Mike Donahue ' s last Louisiana State University eleven 23 to with three touchdowns and a field goal. The visiting Tigers were sadly belabored by the trip hammer blows of the Yellow Jackets in the first period and thereafter could not keep their goal line closed. Shorty Smith kicked a field goal: Randolph. Parham and Football Faisst scored touchdowns. Thomason was out of the game but Parham. Faisst. Randolph. Dc ' aughn. Mizell and others did heavy ball carrying duty. As usual the Oglethorpe Petrels were tough birds for the Jackets to meet. So much so that when Garlington scooped up a fumble and ran 4 5 yards for a touchdown in the second period, it gave Oglethorpe a full touchdown lead at the half. By dint of heavy driving the best the Yellow Jackets could do by the end of the third period was to score a touchdown but the ex- tra point was missed. With fifteen min- utes to play the score was Oglethorpe 7, Tech 6. But in a gallant drive the Jackets scored twice in the final period over as courageous an Oglethorpe team as ever faced them. Man power alone wore the Petrels down. The Yellow Jackets took command of the game with Auburn Thanksgiv- ing Day and won impressively. Thom- ason scored after a steady march in the first period. Mizell ran 60 yards for a touchdown in the third frame and after Randolph had bucked the ball down the field Mizell again scored be- fore the substitutes began spouting forth from the bench. The stage was cleared for the Geor- gia game December 3. The Bulldogs were undefeated in a long schedule. Yale had been stopped 1 4 to 1 in Drennon A crushing disappointment to determined backs, hop- ing to gain through his guard. Watkins One of the most invulnerable spots in Techs line and the fiercest of the Yellow Jackets. (2G0) DL ' RANT The man who drew first blood against Georgia and worthy of being the field general of the Southern Champs. LILLARD A vicious tackier and blocker of all line plays. Georgia ' s first victory in the Yale Bowl. Naturally Georgia was universally fav- ored to win. The Yellow Jackets had shown a relentless smashing game at the line and now and then had been able to get a fleet halfback around end for long runs. But for the most part the Tech offensive had been made pos- sible through short gains behind a powerful line, well supplied with re- serves. The four interchangeable tackles, the four capable guards had been able to reduce enemy defenses to pave the way for Tech ' s rushing game. Tech ' s air attack had been — well, non- committal; no important gains nor touchdown had been developed from the rather simple pass formations. The greatest crowd that ever saw a football game in the South gathered at Grant Field for the big moment, and it was amazed to see Tech win 1 2 to in a convincing game. Georgia had been depending mainly on forward passes in her other games. The wet field cramped the air game and Georgia had no powerful smashing attack or line strength to offset this. Tech began a conservative pounding game at Georgia ' s line, punting fre- quently and maneuvering the ball down into Georgia territory. Georgia bore all the early burden of trying to lug the ball along in the muck. Finally Tech ' s chance came in the second pe- ( -JTO I Football riod. The Yellow Jacket quarterback suddenly abandoned his driving attack and called for a screen pass. The play was unexpected and caught Georgia un- prepared. Durant himself slipped a few yards down field behind his big linemen and took a short toss from Mizell. His linemen then mopped up for him and he sprinted over the Geor- gia goal line. Goal was missed and Tech was leading 6 to 0. Again the Yellow Jackets put the burden of mud-running on the Bull- dogs. Their new defensive set espe- cially devised for this game proved adequate to keep Georgia away from Tech soil. The Bulldogs did not take kindly to the mire and soon were worn out. Finally in the last quarter Thom- ason intercepted a Georgia forward pass and sprinted 55 yards across lots with il. His dash placed the goal line close to Georgia ' s goal. After a couple of perfunctory blows at Georgia ' s line. Thomason scampered through the mud around Georgia ' s right fiank for the second touchdown. The victory gave Tech a record in the Conference marred by one tied game. Three others — North Carolina State, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt — were undefeated. Coach Alexander officially claimed no title and so in- formed University of Tennessee officials Thrash Tech ' s stellar tackle, ably wearing the shoes of his All- Southern dadds-. Horn The unluckiest of football players, persistently pur- sued by illness and injury, nevertheless a luminating fig- ure in the Vanderbilt game. (271 1 A punter with an carrier. Parham educated toe. and a brilliant ball- DeVaughn A hard-hitting Sophomore fullback. Auburn game. the star of the when challenged for a post-season game to decide the championship. " There are four undefeated teams and glory enough for all at the top. " Coach Alexander said in substance. Newspaper critics however, acclaimed Tech champion by virtue of strength of schedule and consistency of play. The defeat of Georgia alone was an achieve- ment that stamped the Yellow Jackets as unique in 1928. The success of Coach Alexander ' s new system of football was brilliant and conclusive. He taught his men a minimum number of plays stressing power: he utilized his line reserves to the utmost and won games by steady pressure exerted on the enemy line. The composite score by quarters shows that the Yellow Jackets scored most of their points in the final quarter indicating the wearing wearying effect of their style of play. The composite score by quarters fol- lows: Tech 13 22 25 65—125 Opponents 19 13 7 — 39 It IS notable that not a team scored on " ' cllow Jackets in the first period, which indicates the alertness of the team and the keen spirit with which they entered their games. The following is a result of all the games played during the season and how the Golden Tornado fared: Score by Quarters: Tech - 13 22 25 65—125 Opponents 19 13 7 — 39 First Doivns Earned: Tech - n 22 34 32—101 Opponents 15 22 14 17— 68 Yards Gained from Snap: Tech 386 563 892 637—2478 Opponents .424 543 356 402—1725 Yards Lost from Snap: Tech 82 75 61 46 — 254 Opponents- 69 63 55 88 — 275 Ball Lost on Doiuns: Tech 2 1 6 6—15 Opponents 3 8 3 7 — 21 Ball Lost on Fumbles: Tech 5 3 2 2—12 Opponents 4 4 — 8 Yards Penalized: Tech 90 153 120 145—508 Opponents ... 72 75 55 105—307 Forward Passes — Attempted : Tech 11 17 11 16—55 Opponents 17 31 16 32 — 96 Completed : Tech -.-.0 5 4 2— 1 1 for 1 92 yds. Opponents 8 8 4 10 — 30 for 3 59 yds. Incompleted : Tech 9 9 4 9—3 I Opponents 7 14 11 18 — 50 Waddev Destruction to opposing interference and reliable on the receiving end of a pass. Keenlk A speedy end and a great receiver of passes. (273) Football Faisst A Sophomore halfback, scrappy and dependable for a gain. Oltz A Sophomore fullback with great punting ability and promise of a great ground-gainer. Lost Intercepted : Tech 2 3 3 4—12 Opponents 2 7 1 4 — 14 Yards Gained Returning Kicks: Tech 236 101 35 ' l 148—836 Opponents___ 162 67 159 150 — 538 Plays Attempted: Tech " 192 195 227 210—824 Opponents- __172 181 151 176—680 Tech ' s great freshman team of 1927 was heralded far and wide after the close of a brilliant season in which five victories were chalked up without a mar of defeat. After dusting off the Aggies from Monroe, the Florida Baby ' Gators. Mercer Baby Bears. Auburn Tiger Cubs and the Georgia Bullpups were humbled in a convincing fashion. On that bright Saturday afternoon on which the Tech Junior Jackets rose to supreme heights in drubbing the Georgia Bullpups 46 to in one of the finest exhibitions of fre shman play seen on the flats, the freshmen wrote their history of the season. Coach Kid Clay told them that he would jerk the entire team if they lost the ball and not once did they give it up until well in the second half. The Junior Jackets ran riot and pulled more than sensa- tional football — it was thrilling and showed that the youngsters will greatly strengthen the varsity next year. Lumpkin. Dunlap and Sam Colvin (274) Football were the big backficld stars, while Maree. Holt and a half dozen others were bright lights in the line. The following is a record of the sea- son: Tech Freshmen 1 9 Monroe A. 8 M. 13 Tech Freshmen 1 9 Fla. Freshmen 14 Tech Freshmen 3 1 Mercer Freshmen 6 Tech Freshmen 33 Auburn Fresh. Tech Freshmen 46 Georgia Fresh. 148 33 Members of ' 27 Freshman Team DUNLAP Lumpkin COLVIN Herron Flowers MiLLIGAN Brock Jones Maree Nicholson Brooke Preston Cain Edwards Willis Holt McKee Coffee Qltnn MURR.W This completes a brief synopsis of Georgia Tech ' s 1927 football season. one of the most brilliant and successful seasons that our Alma Mater has ex- perienced: a season containing every- thing to make it interesting as well as memorable. Tech ' s prospects for next year are for another strong team, although several veterans were lost. There are several whose absence will be felt, but all con- fidence is placed in their successors. Rusk a scrappy, roving center who called and smeared many a play just under way. Smith a brainy quarterback and Tech ' s mainstay as a drop- kickcr. (275) Football SCHULMAN Tech ' s diminutive quarterback. aUrC and unerring in judgment. -= BULLARD A constant obstacle to the best of tackles. The Jacket Frosh team registered ad- miration, as well as hope, for a team next year to be equal, if not better, than the ' 27 team. " Father " Lumpkin, a terror to any line, should fill the shoes of his successor. " Papa " Hood, to per- fection. Tech is confident that he will: on the other hand Dunlap. the Frosh quarterback, has the makings of any- thing that one may choose to call him. Dunlap is one of the most efficient for- ward passers that Tech has had for some years. The Freshman team will undoubtedly prove a strong factor in moulding another winning machine. For the last five years the spectators for Tech ' s football games have increas- ed almost fifty percent In view of the fact that we do not have a better seating capacity, we feel that the main reason for our advancement is due to the standard of game that we have present- ed, meaning that Tech is not only pro- gressing and broadening in the scholas- tic world but she is becoming nation- ally known in her athletics as well. More than that Tech stands out for her clean sportsmanship. The State of Georgia is proud of Tech and in turn her athletes leave their college bearing with them the appreciation of their col- lege mates and of all Georgia. For every result there must be a cause, meaning that behind it all is someone Football who must be almost wholly responsi- ble. To W. A. Alexander, head coach. we attribute this success. One who is conservative, conscientious, deserving and reliable. To his coaching staff we express our hearty appreciation and have the confidence to believe that they will continue to give every effort to- wards making better teams out of the Jacket material. Next year the " Irish " are coming down. They will bring their little pail of water along with many tricks and an unlimited quantity of power and strength. Atlanta is looking forward to this big event because she feels just as the Tech students, namely, that some day the " Irishmen " will go home with- out the bacon. If Tech docs not take the laurels from Notre Dame in ' 28 they will miss a wonderful oppor- tunity. Wadley Glenn and Ed Harris served in the capacity as football managers for the ' 27 season. We appreciate your service. Martin Powerful in opening up holes and poison to oppo- nents ' line on defense. Fitzgerald One of Tech ' s best line-plungers and a star on the defense. (277) " Ct?. t fm: .. R. A. Clay Coach The 1927 28 Baseball Team Robert Alva Clay Coach Tom ANGLEY Captain Luke Tate and Stanley MCNieCE Managers Arthur McCash Captain ' 28 LINE-UP Bob MorELAND Second Base Bob PARHAM . . Left Field Tom AngLEY . . Catcher Jimmy Stevens . Catcher Ed Crowley Third Base Frank WADDEY Center Field Arthur McCash Right Field Sol Yeoman Right Field John Brewer First Base Shorty Smith . Short Stop Hugh Gaston Pitcher Earl ChaissON . Pitcher IZZY Conn . . Pitcher Julian Carney Pitcher (2S0) Baseball Review of the Season With the southern conference championship ever in reach, but out of their grasp, the Tech Yellow Jacket b.iseballcrs plowed through a strenuous season of 28 collegiate games and one professional to end the season with 18 won and 11 lost for a percentage of .620. It was a splendid season as far as the worth of the games played was concerned. No finer Jacket team has ever set foot on soil nor fought any harder. Up until the final series with Georgia, the Jackets had a chance to play the aces with the Auburn Tigers for the title, but the Bull- dogs, seeking revenge for the drubbing administered them the year before when Doug Wycoff closed his brilliant career with a home run in the last of the tenth to give Tech the conference champion- ship, put the skids under the Jackets and ruined their chances of retaining the pennant. The Jackets hopped off to a two scries victory over Clcmson before the Washington and Lee Generals split their series, nosing out the Jackets in the second game 2 and 0. It was a ten inning affair with Snake Maben and Julian Carney hurling splendid ball. The Aggies from Mississippi trotted off with their two-game series, followed by the Tigers from the Plains who won their two in their start toward winning the conference championship. Tech came back in the Ken- tucky, Oglethorpe and Alabama series to win. In dropping the second game of the Auburn series Carney lost a hard battle after the count was tied in the fifth. The Tigers, how- ever, tallied two in the eighth to win the contest 7-5. Moulton. the Auburn ace. was the center of attraction. Playing miserably behind Lefty Hill the Jackets fell before the splendid hurling of Creson, and Vanderbilt won 7 to 2. But the next dav was a tragic one. Ove rwhelmingly defeating the Commodores 10 to 3. Shorty Smith slid into third with two out in the ninth and suffercci a broken ankle which put him out for the rest of the season. It was unfortunate for the brilliant little shortstop for he had scored three runs, made five hits out of six trips, one put- out, five assists and one error. He led off with a stinging triple. Tech lost a heartbreaker to Georgia in the first of the series of four. It was described, " A Thrust in the Dark, " " The Light That Failed. " or the " Squeeze That Skidded. " As long as there was light Tech had the game sewed up. but when night fell. Georgia won after con- sidering the game lost. 1928 SQUAD TUBBY Haines Manager (2811 m m mm Baseball Results of the 1927 Season Tech 2 6 3 Atlanta Crackers 6 8 3 Conn. Chaisson Tech II 11 5 Clemson College 5 4 1 Gaston Tech 10 12 4 Clemson College 1 4 1 Carney Tech 14 14 5 Ohio State University . . 1 2 9 Conn Tech 9 10 3 Ohio State University . . 3 7 1 Chaisson Tech 6 7 3 Washington and Lee ... 3 6 9 Conn Tech 3 3 Washington and Lee ... 2 6 1 Carney. 10 innings Tech 3 7 6 Mississippi A. and M. . . 10 12 3 Chaisson. Conn. Hill Tech 5 7 4 Mississippi A. and . . . 7 8 3 Carney Tech 2 5 2 Auburn 10 10 9 Conn. Chaisson Tech 5 9 Auburn 7 II Carney Tech 3 4 1 Kentucky 2 2 4 Conn Tech 7 11 6 Kentucky 5 3 5 Gaston Tech 4 11 1 Oglethorpe 3 7 2 Carney, Gaston Tech 6 9 3 Oglethorpe 1 10 3 Conn Tech 9 12 4 Alabama 4 6 5 Gaston Tech 7 13 3 Alabama 6 7 1 Chaisson. Carney Tech 5 9 4 Alabama 8 II 1 Conn. Carney Tech 6 11 2 Alabama 3 10 2 Gaston. Hill Tech 2 8 4 Vanderbilt 7 9 Hill Tech 10 17 4 ' anderbilt 3 6 4 Carney. Chaisson Tech 9 15 6 Georgia 10 14 4 Carney. Chaisson. Gaston Tech 1 1 4 Georgia 8 13 2 Conn. Gaston. Hill Tech 9 15 4 North Carolina 8 9 2 Carney Tech 12 17 2 North Carolina 4 5 1 Gaston. Chaisson Tech 8 10 3 N. C. State 7 8 3 Conn Tech 8 13 6 N. C. State 4 8 1 Carney Tech 10 13 3 Georgia 5 10 4 Conn Tech 8 13 4 Georgia 10 10 3 Carney. Chai sson. Gaston John Brewer proved to be the big star in the second game with the Tarheels, turning it into a slugfcst. It was his last game for Tech. for the faculty immediately announced that he would be ineligible for the rest of the season. He later entered professional ball. The North Carolina State Wolfpack was snapping at the heels of the Jackets in their opening game, but in the second they were far behind as Tech carried off the series. Tech closed the season with Georgia and in that last game Captain Tom Angley. Bob Moreland. Sol Yeoman. Izzy Conn and Earl Chaisson bid their fellow players adieu. Arthur McCash. brilliant outfielder, was elected captain of the 1928 team, with Ed Crowley, third base- man, as alternate captain. (-282 » ' ft t " i»tnt|UO ju ii The Jackets had a powerful slugging crew in Angley. Parham, McCash. Crowley and Wad- dey. The infield of Brewer, Moreland. Smith and Crowley was credited with two triple plays and 1 2 double plays. Sixteen homeruns and a flock of doubles and triples were credited to the hitting Jackets. Coach Robert Alva ( " Kid " ) Clay sat on the bench during the games in his characteristic pose, watching every move of his charges and directing their activities with a capable hand. The Little Napoleon of southern baseball has made a great record with his Jacket teams and today stands out as the leading college baseball coach in the south. On the books he is known as Robert Alva, on the field as Coach Clay, but to his boys " Kid, " because they love him. •M ij PITCHING RECORD Hugh Gaston izzY Conn Julian Carney Earl Chaisson Lefty Hill BATTING AVERAGES AB ANGLEY ' , Catcher 104 Gaston, Pitcher 18 McCASH, Left Field 77 Parham, Right Field, First Base 90 CROVvTEY, Third Base 118 Smith, Shortstop 86 Moreland, Second Base 108 WADDEY, Center Field 100 Yeoman, Right Field 54 Stevens, Catcher 30 Conn, Pitcher 26 Brewer, First Base 77 Hill, Pitcher 5 Arnold, Shortstop n Chaisson, Pitcher 16 Carney, Pitcher ly ames Won Lost Pet. 9 5 1000 11 6 4 600 12 4 3 571 10 3 3 500 4 1 000 H HR SB Pet. 43 3 4 .413 7 .388 28 3 1 .376 33 3 4 .366 43 3 4 .364 28 5 .326 34 2 .315 31 2 2 .310 15 1 .278 7 1 .233 6 .231 16 1 2 .208 1 .200 2 .154 2 .125 3 .111 958 295 16 25 .307 (283) sg mmsimimy M 1 r r i 1 1 ( V V Roy Mundorf Coach BASKET-BALL 1928 Basket-Bail With only two veterans back in harness Coach Roy Mundorff did exceptionally well with the basket-ball team during the 1928 season and the Jackets are due much praise j g f . " A or their splendid showing. The mishaps, few they were, " ' ' proved bad breaks in the list of strenuous games but in every instance the Jackets gave their best and fought from whistle to whistle. The outstanding victories of the season were those scored over the ever staunch rival. Georgia. The Bulldogs eked out the victory in the op ening game on the Tech court only to lose in the closing minutes of play in Athens when the Jackets ran wild, cutting down the 9 point mar- gin and forging ahead to a brilliant 36-35 victory. The final game before the tournament was the Jackets winning another close game from the Bulldogs before a capacity audience. This time Tech flew the victorious flag with a 28-26 score. During the season Tech lost but three out of ten conference games, one to the Albany Y. M. C. A. and two to the Atlanta Athletic Club, the last by a close 33 to 29 score. Frank Player was the leading point scorer during the season with 1 6 1 points, slipping 68 baskets, while Heeke with 55 field goals was second, followed by Captain Nick George with 40 field goals. In his final year with the Jackets Nick played brilliant basket-ball and was one of the outstanding guards in the South. Had not Tech been eliminated from the tournament in the second round George certainly would have been the unanimous choice for all-Southern guard. Nick George Captain Waxelbaum BULLARD Player Heeke (2861 Basket-Ball Frank Player did well throughout the season. The phenomenal rise of Ed (Ebbo) Harris and Red William- son created a great deal of interest during the season. At the banquet at the A. A. C. following the close of the season Harris was elected Captain of the 1929 team with Hank Heeke as alternate. Heeke came to the front in splendid fashion and should burn the woods in ' 29. Tech should have a splendid team next year with Harris, Will- iamson. Heeke. Goldin, Wilson. Oltz. Largen. Brant and Coker back with several promising recruits from the fresh- man team coming up. George. Player, Bullard and Waxelbaum are the veterans graduating. It is interesting to know that Tech outscored the op- ponents 501 to 474 and sank 202 field goals to 177 for the opponents. Most of the defeats of the season came by narrow margins. From first appearance few could realize the strength stored up in the Jacket combinations on the court. There were no sensational goal shooters, no giants, but when the team gained its stride the quintet worked as smoothly as a well-oiled machine and the perfect co-ordination made the play dazzling. The Jackets won the admiration of spectators wherever they played and while the team was not a championship one yet it had the real stuff and no team possessed any finer qualities and was better able to respectably carry the banner of White and Gold than the 1928 basket-ball team. All hail to the Jackets: may they ever keep those sterling qualities which marked their progress during the season. Ed Harris Captain-Elect Oltz Largen Brant Coker (287) Basket-Ball The southern conference tournament held at the Atlanta Auditorium found the Jackets in the favored class but the heart-breaking game with the Auburn Tigers put Tech out of the running. In the opening game the Jackets trounced the Florida Gators only to lose to Auburn the following night 30 to 29. Tech had this game in the bag but a wild shot ruined it all. Leading by one point and (|A| H with less than a minute to go Goldin took a shot at the g basket and missed — one of the James boys, it must have Hi been Jesse — took a wild shot from the center of the court and a goal was registered. Auburn was ahead one point and then just as the pistol sounded a shot from Player rolled around the rim of the basket and fell on the outside. Tech was out of the running. In the final game Auburn held the reins over Ole Miss until toward the end when the Mississippi team rallied and snatched the championship, defeating the Tigers 31 to 30 in a most exciting championship. Kentucky and Mississippi A. and M. were runners-up in the tournament. Bill White Manager Pellettiere Wilson Williamson HUTCHINGSON t2SS) Basket Ball INDIVIDUAL SCORING RECORD Frank PLAVHR. Forward . . Hank Heeke. Center . . . Nick George. Guard . . FD Harris. Forward . Julian Wilson. Forward Red Williamson. Forward . Sid GoLDIN, Guard . . . Harold OLTZ. Center . . . Theodore Waxelbaum. Cento Ralph BULLARD. Center SHAULT COKER. Forward . . Ben LaRGEN, Guard . . . George Brant, Guard . . MEMBERS OF FRESHMAN TEAM Vestal Jones Isaacs TippiN Hoffman Dyar Brooke Maree Colvin Kii ld lA.ill VM-snn;ll •n.tai Cuiils r,ml Fouls r()im 68 25x52 24 161 55 23x41 27 133 40 8x25 41 88 25 7x24 9 57 18 8x13 6 44 10 7x24 4 24 5 13x25 37 23 4 6x10 12 14 r 4 5x7 7 13 4 0x3 8 8 1 2x3 4 1 2x6 2 4 0x0 3 Judy Harris Manager RESULTS OF THE SEASON Tech 18. Mercer Frosh 53; Tech 34, Oglethorpe 30: Tech 42, McCaliie 27: Tech 33. Cummings A. C. 30; Tech 28, Auburn Frosh 32; Tech 26. Georgia Frosh 35; Tech 26. Mercer Frosh 49; Tech 47, Monroe A. and M. 22; Tech 30. Auburn Frosh 22; Tech 47. Georgia Frosh 34. Tech total 331, Opponents ' total, 3 34. Below a picture of Freshman basket-ball team. One may see also Bill Fincher who was their able and efficient coach. (289) Basket-Ball ' tt " wCiXt-vS Vaj tt ? iri- i ' S ' v Results of the 1928 Season Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Total . Field Goals Foul Goals Personal Total Fouls roints Field Goals Foal 1 Goals Persona Fouls 1 Total Points 19 9x20 18 47 Standard Oil Co. 5 10x21 18 20 8 7x22 14 23 Albany Y.M.C A 11 10x18 14 32 16 9x15 13 41 Penn-Dixi: Co. 15 6x13 11 36 10 6x12 10 26 A. A. C . 14 8x14 9 36 10 9x16 11 29 Auburn . . 25 6x16 12 56 13 4x7 11 30 Georgia . . 12 9x16 5 33 17 8x16 12 42 Clemson 8 8x16 11 24 13 5x13 9 31 Tennessee . 9 8x13 9 26 15 6x16 11 36 Georgia . . 13 9x18 10 35 13 3x13 9 29 A. A. C. . 14 5x10 10 33 17 7x10 12 41 Vanderbilt 10 11x20 8 31 17 1x6 6 35 Kentucky 14 3x8 6 31 17 8x13 12 42 Tennessee . 8 9x13 11 25 8 5x15 13 21 Alabama 8 14x18 12 30 9 10x16 7 28 Georgia . . 11 4x7 12 26 202 501 Opponents . . . . 177 4 " 4 Tech . Tech . 1 1 12 6x10 5x6 TOURNAMENT 11 50 29 Florida Auburn 9 13 6x12 4x14 24 30 (290) Harold Barron Coach TRACK The 1927 Track Team RESULTS OF THE SEASON Tech 63. Auburn 60, at Auburn. Tech 61, North Carolina 65, at Grant Field. Tech 80. Vandcrbilt 5 1 , at Vanderbilt. Tech 92. Georgia 34. at Grant Field. Southern Conference Scores at Baton Rouge L. S. U. 45. Georgia Tech 44, Mississippi A and .M. 32, North Carolina 24, Auburn 2 1 , Sewanee 16 ' ;, Ciem- son 13, Georgia II ' 2. Kentucky 8, Vanderbilt 5, Tulane 4. State Meet Held at Emory Ed Hamm Tech 87, Georgia 40 ' 2 . Emory 34 ' 5 , Oglethorpe 1. Captain Southeastern A. A. U. Meet at Columbus Auburn 37, Tech 34, Birmingham A. C. 10. Fitchett Mfg. Co. 29, Clemson 13 ' 2 ' Georgia 12. Oglethorpe Frosh 9 J, 2, Georgia Frosh 9, Tech Fresh 5. Penn Relays Ed Hamm jumped 23 feet 7 , inches for new record. Wright Senior Members KONTZ White Cabaniss (2n ' Ji Track The official opening of the 1927 track season was the Southern relays held en Grant Field. April 7th. The Freshman team of Georgia Tech. composed of Faisst. Gordon. Gardenhire and Coffee, won two races, the half mile and mile relay. Hamm won the broad jump and placed second in the hundred yards dash to Cummings of Virginia. Hood placed third in the shot put and the four- mile relay team of Tech placed second to University of North Carolina. Indiana University brought a team of stars who won the sprint medley and mile relay and placed second in the distance medley. The next meet was held in Auburn in which Tech defeated the Tigers for the first time in four years to the tune of 6 3 to 60. North Carolina arrived in Atlanta with a team holding the Southern Con- ference Championship of the year 1926. Tech was nosed out in the last two events by the score of 6 5 to 6 1 . Hamm broke the Southern record for the broad jump by covering 23 feet 10 and % inches. Elliott, of North Carolina ran 4.34 in the mile and 2: 1.4 in the half. Pritchett ran the two miles in 9 min- utes 50.8. to better the old conference record in that event. Hamm traveled to Philadelphia to win over all eastern broad jumpers in the Penn relays and to demonstrate how a muddy take-off need not hamper a real good jumper. He jumped 23 feet 7 7 inches and had about a foot to spare over the next jumper. The rest of the team went to Nashville and de- feated Vandcrbilt 80 to 51. The University of Georgia met the Tech track team on Grant Field and lost with only 34 points, while Tech gathered 92 points. Hamm again jumped well and defeated McCrary in 220-yard dash. THE VARSITY I lifi:! ) Track " A little body posed on the runway, a deep breath, a few increasingly fast strides, then full speed and a gathering and a catapult through space " tells the story of the making of an All-America College track team. Truly did Ed Hamm leap into fame on that hot May afternoon in the stadium of Louisiana State University. When the results of all the college meets for the 1927 sea- son all over the United States were tabulated, the 24 feet. 1 1 and ' 4 inches covered by Hamm placed him at the top. The real story of the Southern Conference includes the sacrifice of Hamm ' s points in the 220 and the loss of the championship in order that he might have all his strength for his record-breaking jump. The story would not be com- plete without praise for the team spirit that made every man on the team a point winner in the meet. Lack of attention to one minute of time in which Perkins jumped and placed third in the running broad jump robbed him of the place and Georgia Tech of the championship. He followed the last man ' s third trial instead of preceding it. Very technical officiating caused the jump to be as nothing. Louisiana State University emerged as Southern Conference champions in a meet that was characterized as being the best ever held, even with many of the northern teams absent on account of the distance. It is also to be noted that several of the athletically prominent colleges are so woefully weak in track that they send no competitors because they would be unable to be listed in the scoring column. THE SQUAD (2il4l The Jackets again ran away with the State meet, leading the field with 87 points, with Georgia second with 40 ' 2. and Emorv third with 34J,-2 points. Hamm was high point winner. Seven records fell during the day. Of this number Tech smashed six — • Papa Hood put the shot 44 feet, I 4 inch: Tom Wright won the mile in 4 min- utes, 38.2 seconds: Dick Fickett the two miles in 10 minutes, 11.6 seconds: Kontz the quarter in 52 seconds; Hamm jumped 22 feet, 1 1 inches: and the mile relay team of Hamm. Beall, Cabaniss and Kontz won in 3 minutes and 32 seconds. Kcnner of Georgia broke the other record, the pole vault, and Crowe of Emory tied the half-mile mark. Tech holds eight of the 15 records. Tech would have won the Southeastern A. A. U. meet if a full team had been sent: as it was, the Jackets placed second to Auburn with the freshmen winning the mile relay race. Some of the old boys gathered together and formed a team under the name of the Fickett Mfg. and scored 29 points. Hamm won the hundred and 220. Kontz placing third in the 220, but won the quar- ter. Beall was third and Saks fourth. Fickett won the two mile, Percy Perkins set a new mark in the high jump and Hamm a new mark in the broad jump of 24 feet 7ls inch. Stewart and Nash tied for the pole vault and Nixon copped the shot-put. with Hood second. As a whole the season of 1927 was a big success and the boys did nobly. Below a picture of Tech ' s freshman team, several of whom have a won- derful future. (295) Cross Country 1921-21 Following in the footsteps of their splendid leader. Captain Tom Wright, the Jacket harriers blazed through the season in fine style to be classed as one of the Souths premier cross-country teams. The Jackets capped the climax when they carried off the honors in the annual Birmingham Road Race to win the beautiful silver loving cup offered by- the Birmingham News to the team winning the annual race three times. Tech alreadv had two legs on the cup and the brilliant victory gave Tech permanent possession. In this race Roy Brewer finished third to Luny Smith, of Alabama, first: Bill Tate, of Georgia, second: Tom Wright, fourth, and Rock Rowe. thirteenth: Morgan, thirtieth: Bell, thirty-first. Tech made a mighty effort to regain the conference cross-country cham- pionship won in 1925 when Captain Lindscy Roberts led his team of Dick Fickett. Julian Saks. Tom Wright. Charlie Stebbins and Ed White to the first conference championship. In the five-mile championship race Brewer pushed Galen Elliot and his tarheel runners hard and his forcing the race was the in- direct cause of Elliot establishing a new record. North Carolina won the meet with Tech second. Georgia third. Brewer finished fifth behind the Carolina runners and Wright ninth. Tech defeated Auburn in a dual meet but lost to the Georgia Bulldogs in a similar affair. The Georgia meet in Athens opened the season for the Jackets. Brewer finished second to Bob Young and Wright third. Brewer. Wright and Chrisfield took the first three places in the Auburn meet. At the close of the season Roy Brewer was elected captain of the 1928 team and a glowing tribute paid to Tom Wright, who closed a brilliant career as a Jacket harrier. RESULTS OF THE SEASON Tech 3 3 Georgia 22 — At Athens Tech 21 Auburn 34 — At Atlanta Southern Conference meet at Chapel Hill: North Carolina 17. Tech 91, Georgia 101. Virginia 107. Maryland 120. W. and L. 122. N. C. State 136. (296) Members of the 1927 Track Squad Ernest Kontz Captain Harold E. Barron Coach John Butt Manager 100 -Yard Dash Ed Hamm Cliff Schwalb 220-Yard Dash Ed Ha. lm Ernest Kontz Cliff Schwalb 440-Yard Dash Ernest Kontz Bill Cabaniss Beall Half -Mile Frogg Beall Tom Wright Cecil Jamison Mile Tom Wright Ed White Tivo-Mile Dick Pickett Roy Brewer Ben Peacock Ed White High-Jump Percy Perkins Frank Nash Broad Jump Ed Hamm Cliff Strickland Perkins George Sprick Shot Put Papa Hood Carl Nixon Jake Rauber Pole Vault Frank Nash Stacy Stewart Javelin Throw Bob Randolph Stacy Stewart Discus Throw Papa Hood Carl Nixon Jake Rauber Low Hurdles Jimmy Boyd Lewis Brewer Cliff Strickland Shag Roberts George Sprick High Hurdles Jimmy Boyd Shag Roberts Lewis Brewer (297) J J.W lio K ?1 V MINOR SPORTS )wiinjiiiini jeason Parading through the season in brilliant style the Tech swimmers again annexed the southern swimming championship by defeating all southern opposition and making a splendid showing against two strong eastern teams. The Jacket swimmers broke into prominence in the east when the famous Brooklyn Y team was forced to the limit in defeating the Jackets 46 to 16. Two days later Yale handed the Jackets the short end of a 46 to 16 score but in doing their respect for the Southerners mounted to the pinnacle. In the meet with Yale Dave Young tied the national intercollegiate record in the 150yard back stroke in 1 minute 43.2 seconds. Representing Tech in the national inter- collegiate Dave set a new record of 1 minute 46.1 seconds in the preliminaries and in the finals established a new record of 1 minute and 44 seconds, finishing 4 seconds ahead of Spindle of Michigan. Jim J. Hill of Minnesota, the former holder, finished far behind Young in the preliminaries. Dave also won second place in the 220yard free style. During the season the Jackets defeated Florida and Citadel in easy fashion. Captain Bill Noycs. Red Hollcman, captain of the 1928 team. Dick McKinstry. Buster Harris. Bill Simpkins. Bill Wardlaw, all did exceptionally well in retaining the southern swimming title. The freshmen won their three meets during the season and rounded several good prospects for the varsity. Tech held every southern record with the exception of the 50-yard free style. The members of the freshman team included Captain W. ' . Brown. H. W. Beers. C. U. Hagerty. C. Y. House. R. H. C. Pancoast. E. G. Schroeder, T. B. Turner. J. L. Wagner and J. Warner. The following is the season record: VARSITY Tech 16 Brooklyn Y. M. C. A. 46 at Brooklyn. Tech 16 Yale University 46 at Yale Tech 56 University of Florida 15 at Atlanta Tech 48 The Citadel 5 at Atlanta. V, i RESULTS OF FRESHMAN SEASON Tech 36 Tech 54 Tech 40 Tech High School Boys ' High School Central Y. M. C. A. 16 8 22 Review of 1927 Lacrosse Season For the first time since Dr. J. B. Crensh-iw. coach of tht; Tech team and former Johns- Hopkins star, introduced lacrosse in the south the Jackets lost the championship. This time it was Georgia who upset the dope and handed the Jackets their first series defeat. Georgia won the first game in an extra period only to drop the second to the Jackets when Captain Red Riley ran wild. It was Captain Drew who sank the winning goal in the first game and his splendid playing in the third accounted for the Bulldog victory and the winning of the championship. During the season Tech dropped the opening game of the season 11 to 2 to the powerful Syracuse University team. The Jackets won three straight from the Port Benning soldiers in brilliant fashion. The freshman team never gained any momentum during the season, dropping its two games to Georgia in slow fashion, dropping the first 7 to 1 and the last 20 to 0. The following is the complete season results: Tech Tech Tech Tech Syracuse University Fort Benning Fort Benning Fort Benning 1 1 1 3 4 Tech Tech Tech Tech Fort Benning Georgia Georgia Georgia LINE-UP Goal Point Cover Point First Defense Second Defense Third Defense Center Third Attack Second Attack First Attack Out Home In Home R. L. HAGGARD, R. L. Wham e. n. swartz Joe Westbrook, Tubby Sheppard Kenneth Thrash, J. L. Ware Clark Jones, R. D. Brenner, S. A. Lewter J. L. Lloyd. H. s. Purnell C. K. McDaniel C. A. Trowbridge, Tom Gov an N. W. " Red " Riley, Captam J. E. Cook r. d. trammel Tony Pelletieri, Phil Von Weller Captain Red Riley and C. K. V.cDaniel were a warded a regular varsity the first two to ever be awarded. T " and shingle. l J 20 21 22 - ' JtjL ' lLr 1 1 27 K 2!1 :ii) :) I ST ti» ' ■ U ' . :») 31 ? ij:i a -w .5 f (•■iOl ) Teiiiiis--Review of 1927-28 Pee Wee Merry Captain Berry Grant as captain of the Tech net stars romped home to victory for the third consecutive time in the Georgia State tournament and won the singles crown. It was a hard match between his old rival. Malon Courts, of Georgia. However, he came out on top 6-1. 8-10. 1-6. 6-2. 6-4. Ike Boland and Billy Armstrong of Georgia carried off the doubles title, defeating Tech ' s team of Cabaniss and Lewis. In the conference tournament Berry Grant and Pee Wee Merry won the doubles title while Malon Courts of Georgia won the singles. The team of Grant Merry went to the third round in the doubles in the National Intercollegiate at Philadelphia. Grant went to the third round in the singles before being eliminated. During the season the Jacket net stars defeated Furman. Augusta Country Club. Valderbilt. South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee in dual matches, losing only to Georgia by a close score after the Jackets were well in the lead when rain halted the match. The loss of a single match in the dual meet with Georgia cost Tech the Southern Conference Championship as the two schools split the Southern Conference Tournament. Georgia winning the singles and Tech the doubles. The team, in their ranking order, was composed of Captain Berry Grant. Ernest Merry, George Lewis. Henry Cabaniss. Molly William- son, and Jim Lewis. At the close of the season " Pee Wee " Merry was chosen to captain the 1928 team. Tech 5 Tech ... 6 Tech 5 Tech .6 Tech 6 Tech 4 Tech 5 Furman 1 Augusta Country Club ? Vanderbilt 1 South Carolina . . .0 Alabama Georgia 5 Tennessee I (302) The 1927 Golf Season The name of Georgia Tech and Watts Gunn rose to supreme heights on the golf course during the spring of 1927 when the Tech captain added a long string of scalps to his belt. For the first time Tech won the Southern Intercollegiate title terminating the long reign of Alabama. At the first crack out of the box Gunn shot a 71, one under par and sank a 25 footer on the Charlotte Golf Club course in the 20 to 10 victory over Davidson. Alabama, the 1926 champion, defeated Tech in the dual match on the Shades Valley course at Birmingham but Gunn defeated Bobby Baugh in the match. Baugh was 2 up on Watts but Gunn won 8 of the last nine and turned 6 up. Gunn had a 79 while Baugh an 8 1 . The team had a very successful trip to New Orleans, defeating both Tulane University and Louisiana State University. In the match with Geor- gia the Jacket golfers won 1 6 to 2. The team of Watts Gunn, Merriman Irvin, Charlie Brumby and Joe Hi Williams carried off the honors in the south- ern intercollegiate at Athens. Watts rose to the top as individual champion after Tech had won the team honors. This outstanding victory broke the three-year string of titles held by Alabama and it was Watts who defeated Glenn Crisman, an outstanding collegiate golfer and Alabama ' s No. 1. Down the list he defeated Johnnie Thomas and Leslie Williams of Sewanee who took him to the 20th. Later Gunn won the 72-hole medal competition in the National Inter- collegiate with a score of 302 over the Garden City Country Club course at Long Island. He also won the individual title by defeating Roland McKinzie, a member of the Walker Cup team. 10 to 9. It was a most decisive victory. Gunn shot a 69. breaking the course record of 71 which had stood for fifteen years. From June 14 to July 1 Watts played 306 holes of golf failing to qualify in the 72 holes at Oakmont, playing 54 holes at Charlotte in the southern open where he made a mighty stand, and later winning the national inter- collegiate title at Garden City along with the low medalist honors in the 180 holes of play. Watts also won the Georgia State Championship by defeating Harold Calloway 8-7 in the 36-hole match. ( .■io;i I TTT % . HONORARY FRATERNITIES Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Fraternity GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY CHAPTER Founded 1897 MEMBERS Installed 1914 BAGGARLV. J. H. DUNKIN. v, T, Hitchcock, L C. Mylius. C. R. Bickers. H. F. Ezell. E . E. House. G. F. PUND. H. R. BUSH, F. W. FORT. V. E. HU.MPHREY, C. L. SI. MS, H. D. Casselman. a. L. Hart. J. A. Moore. J. w. Trosdale Cleaver. O. P. Henry, R. Murray. L L. FACULTY Coach w. a. Alexander R. L. HILL Prof. D. P. Savant Prof. X, F. Beardsley Prof. R. S. Howell Prof. T. G. Seidell DR. G. H. BOGGS V. B. JOHNS w. v. Skiles Prof. J. F. D.aniel Prof. R. S. King Dr. D. -M. S.mith w, L. Car.michael J. G. LUTER Dr. D. L. St.vmy Prof. T. w. Fitzgerald Prof. H. v. Mason Prof. R. N. Tho.mpson E. H. folk Prof. J. E. McD. niel H. S. WEBER Prof. H. E. Genz Prof. A. B. Morton B. B. Wroth H. K. FULMER Dr. w. g. Perry H. w. Vaughn E. S. Hannaford Fr. nk Reade R. M. Matson Dr. a. D. Henry Prof. L. w. Chapin Top Row — Cleaver. Hitchcock. Dean Skilcs. Prof. Morton. Moore. Fort. Second Row — Dunkin. Baggarly. Prof. King. Henry. Bush Third Row — Sims. Trosdalc. Prof. Boggs. Mylius. Bickers Fourth Row — House. Pund Ezell. Hart. Humphrey. Casselman. (308) lau Beta Pi Honorary Engineering Fraternity Founded 1885 FACULTY Installed 1924 Prof. F. C. Snow Fitzgerald Dunn OLD MEMBERS COOLIDGE Genz Mason H. F. Bickers E. E. EZELL A. J. Law J. H. Brvson W. J. HOLMAN H. M. Martin A. L. Casshlman R. C. Hood E. B. Merry R. R. CRUisii v. s. James J. V. Moore V. T. DUNKIN NEW MEMBERS I. L. Murray F. W. BUSH C. N. Hughs H. R. Fund I. C. Hitchcock C. R. Mylius J. C. Jett J. A. HART T. M. Williams Top Row — Law, Holman. Murray. Bickers. Prof. Snow. Prof. Fitzgerald. Second Row — Martin. Hart. Casselman. James. Hitchcock. Cruise. Third Row — Fund. Hughs. Moore. Bush. Jett. Merry. Fourth Row — Mvlius, Bryson. Hood. Williams, Dunkin, Ezell. (309) Honorary Journalistic Fraternity rounded 1909 Established 19 22 MEMBERS G. A. Armor J. H. Harris J. M. Nichols J. E. Bauknight D. M. Heritage D. M. OCONNELL H. P. Bemis Alfred Hudson S. T. Pruitt H. F. Bickers J. W. Howell H. E. Reeves M. w. Blanton E. H. Kuhlke Dave Rice Burton Cloud C. B. King. Jr. C. A. Rudolph R. R. Cruise S. v. Kittredge R. W. Stephens W. T. DUNKIN H. G. Lesley A. H. Schwencke E, E. EZELL Kent Mack. Jr. E. D. White E. C. Fant Lane Mitchell H. T. Williams C. J. FORD H. W. Moore. Jr. FACUI TY C. C. Pierce. Jr. Prop. A. H. Armstrong Prof. J. B. Crenshaw Proi=. George M. Sparks Prof. Phil B. Narmore First Row — W. T. Dunkin. S. T. Pruitt. S. W. Kitiredgc. E. H. Kuhlke. J. E. Bauk- night. G. M. Sparks. Second Row R. R. Cruise. H. P. Bemis. C. J. Ford. E. E. Ezell. H. W. Moore. Jr. Third Row — J. M. Nichols. H. E. Reeves. H. F. Bickers. E. D. White. M. W. Blanton. Fourth Row — D. M. OConnclI. C. C. Pierce. G. A. Armor. D. M. Heritage. H. T. Williams. J. H. Harris. i:a(i) rounded 1907 Delta Sigma Pi PROFESSIONAL COMMliRCIAL 1 RATERXITY KAPPA CHAPTER Fred B. W ' i nn R. H. Carswell T. E. Dicks Raleigh Arnall F. W. BUTLER G. H. AMASON A. D. Lawton N. W. Pettvs C. W. PiCKARD R. H. Chandler M. W. Blanton E. B. Hamm FACULTY SENIORS H. M. Davis T. L. Payne J. A. Estes JUNIORS E. M. Pratt H. W. RUSSEV J. D. Smith G. G. Thomas SOPHOMORES R. w. Stephens Ralph Bell E. S. Clark M. V. Allen J. W. Ragsdale, Jr. W. P. Vaughan Top Row — Savage, Keith. Payne. Estes. Middle Row — Lawton. Smith. Carswell. Bottom Row — Hamm. Stephens. Pettys. Stevens. Blanton. Established 19 20 Edward b. Meriwethex H. F. Keith M. s. Savage Randolph Perry E. E. Simpson J. O. Perry F. P. MORETON J. E. Stevens G. T. Giles G. E. MURDOCK S. Morrell L. A. Welchel (. " ill I Alpha Kappa Psi Honorarv Commercial Frjtcrnits- PI CHAPTER Founded 1905 FACULTY Established 1918 T. V. NOEL V. I. PiNKSTAFF L. R. Siebert SENIORS N. B. Warren J. E. Bauknight F. v. Plumb E. J. Tracy R. B. Camp S. Rowland F. Walton J. w. Howell JUNIORS E. G. Welch H. A. Brown Tho.mas Eldridge A. S. Morris H. E. Brown Henry Hills O. J. Parker. Jr. D. D. COTHR. N C. R. Gholson A. E. Gibson SOPHOMORES W. T. Sl.MMONS, Jr. F. G. Allen G. M. MCEXDNALD G. B. Fowler Oscar Bergstrom Bob Austin A. A. Hutchison Sam Barnett Bob Mathis T. G. Tyson Fred Debele J. S. Maxwell Top Row — Prof. Noel . Tracy . Walton. Plumb. Fowler. Second Row — Gibson. Debele. Bauknight. Third Row— Hills. Ty son. Camp. Simmons. Bergstrom. Fo urth Row — McDona Id. Austin. Mathis. Welch. Hutchison. Maxwell. 131: 1 Alpha Delta Sigma Honorary Professional Adcerlising Fralernily Founded. 1913 FACULTY Established. 1924 George M. Sparks James R. Duggan MEMBERS Armor, G. A. Keener. E. L. Smith, R. W. Blank. J. B. Lester, J. D. Tebo, LeRoy FAWCETT. W. K. Morgan, g. R. Tyson, T. G. Heritage. D. M. Rapp, Marshall White, W. C. HUBNER. R. V. SIMPKINS, V. O. Duke, J. B. Top Row — White. Fawcett. Heritage. Sparks. Second Row — Lester. Rapp. Third Row — Armor. Keener, Morgan. Fourth Row — Blank. Simpkins. Smith. Tyson. CUa) Founded 1904 Scabbard and Blade Honorary .Military Fraternity Col. E. DaPierce Maj. T. M. Chase Maj. Flanicen Col. Chas. a Prof. Boggs Prof. Dunn Lindbergh ASSOCIATE MEMBERS UJ. S. J. HEIDNER Capt. Skinner Capt. H. R. IDE Lt. E. R. Wells HONORARY MEMBERS Prof. Henry Fro?. Colliere MEMBERS Installed 1920 co. l l xder London Lt. Conl Harlow Lt. Syre Prof. N ' ar. more Prof. Holland Dr. Britt. !N F. Barwick J. M. Cole F. Christiphine W. T. DUNKIN L. B. Daniel T. R. Edwards J. N. Holt C. L. Hley J. A. Hart S. L. Huff R. c. Hood A. J. L. w. Jr. E. J. Mears T. T. Miller H. v. Moore J. C. Meadows C. E. Oxford v. B. O Xe. l v. c. Parkins R. N " . Page M. S. Savage E. F. Trevor J v. Wesley F. A. Walton t. m. Ed White k. l. bre ton J. L. Chille J. T. Cl. RK E. E. EZELL T. F. FAIRES C. J. Ford W. J. HOLMAN J. w. Howell J. C. Jett D. Morton E. H. Roane K. M. Thr. sh E. S. Tr.acy Top Row — Col. Pierce. Miller. Maj. Chase. Savage. Holt. Maj. Flanigen. Barwick Maj. Heidncr. Second Row — Walton. Capt. Ide. Hood. Capt. Skinner. Lieut. Glen. Charlie. Lieut. Wells. Daniel. Third Row — Holman. O ' Neal. Law. Ezcll. Faircs. Moore. Hart. Duncan. Fourth Row — Morton. Thrash. Holman. Meadows. Tracy. Brewton. Clark. Jett. Fifth Row — Wesley. Howell. Oxford. Edwards. White. Williams. Parkins. Roace. ::I4 Founded 1919 V. A. AKIN G. A. Armor H. E. Blrke Kappa Kappa Psi IOTA CHAPTER Honorary Musical Fraternity Frank Roman, Honorary Charter Member SENIORS S. L. HUFF H. B. McCash S. J. Meares. Jr. w. J. Roman Established 19 24 R. P. SEWELL G. H. Trimble J. v. Weslev B. R. Adams H. D. Anastasas D. W. Frakes JUNIORS R V HUBNER w B. Lovelady J. s. mcCrocklin L. Myers. Jr. J. W. NORRIS C. M. Roan Top Row — Armor. Harris. McCrocklin. Trimble. Huff. Second Row — Lovelady. McCash. Roman. Wesley. Meares. Third Row — Sewell. Akin, Hubner. Frakes, Burke. Anastasas. Phi Psi Founded 1903 John Robert Brandon Stewart Barrett Emory Best, jr. Cartwright Cook Daniel DoucHERTi- Rape Dlpre A. L. Clifton Honorary Textile Fraternity THETA CHAPTER FACULTY Davis Ernest Philpot MEMBERS Frank Feagle, Jr. Lucius Harris, jr. Charles King Ernest Kontz Daniel Manget. Jr. Henry Pund PLEDGES E. G. Gardenhire Installed 1925 Charles Aldred Jones Archie Reeves William Rich. rdson WiLLIA.M WARDLAW. JR. Horrance Mitchell James Forrest E. V. Swift Top Row — Frank Feagle, Daniel Manget. Jr.. Henry Pund. Daniel Dougherty. Lucius Harris. Second Row — Charles King. Archie Reeves. Emory Best. Jr.. Stewart Barrett. William Richardson. Cartwright Cook. Third Row — William Wardlaw. Jr.. Rafe DuPrc. Ernest Kontz. Horrance Mitchell. James Forrest. (316) Founded. 1923 Kappa Eta Kappa PROFESSIONAL ELECTRICAL FRATERNITY FACULTY Professor Ellis Installed, 1928 OFFICERS A. J. Law, JR President W. B. O ' NEAL. jR Vice-President W. J. HOLMAN. jR Secretary-Treasurer ALEXANDER. R. B. ALLEN, R. W. Brant, G. S. Bush. F. w. Carroll, H. A. CLARK. F. R.. Ill Edwards, T. a. MEMBERS Gregory, h. w. Grosser, E. H.. Jr. Hart, J. A. Hill. C. C. Hoskins, T. D.. Jr. Hughs, C. N. lightbourne. w. s. Merkle. W. W. Nichols, J. G. Redmond, w. b. Trosdale. E. S.. Jr. Turner, J, O. WHAM, R. L. Top Row — Holman. Lightbourne. Prof. Ellis. O ' Neal, Second Row — Carroll, Trosdale, Law, Wham, Third Row — Gregory. Hughs, Redmond, Clark. Fourth Row — Edwards. Nichols. Alexander. Merkle. Bush. Hoskin ' ; (317) Founded 1917 Square and Compass Student Order of Free Masons GEORGIA TECH SQUARE HONORARY MEMBERS M. Samvel Johnson Established 1923 Robert M. Dinsmore Cedric L. Campbell Philip D. Coates Adolphus Delopaz MEMBERS Broughton G. Durham Joseph H. Harvey William D. parkins William M. Rapp. Jr. Hugh D. Sims James C. Wise Dr. . 1. L. Brittain Dean W. V. Skiles Dr. w. G. Perry FACULTY Prof. T. S. Dunn Prof. f. C. Snow Prof. Jas. H. Lucas Gaylord B. Estabrook Top Row — H. D. Sims. F. C. Snow. W. V. Skiles. B. G. Bottom Row — J. C. Wise. W. D. Parkins. C. L. Campbell. A. Dinsmore Holland Willia.m B. Johns. Jr. Ho.mer S. Weber Durham. W. M. Rapp. i31St Beta Gajnima Sigma Honorary Commercial Scholastic Fraternity Founded 1913 Installed 1927 FACULTY Prof. Noel Prof. Sibert Prof. Warren MEMBERS W. E. Fort Jim Baggarly Magill Toby Gammon John Jordan (SIO) Honorary Organizations Phi Kappa Phi is the oldest honorary fraternity on the campus and is the highest scholastic honor a student can gain, since membership to it is limited to those who have distinguished themselves in both scholarship and activities during the first three years they have been at Tech. Tau Beta Pi rates on a par for engineering students with Phi Kappa Phi. its membership being confined strictly to engineering students. Members are chosen from the upper quarter of the Senior class and are those who have shown unusual ability in their studies and general activities. Pi Delta Epsilon is a national journalistic fraternity, membership to which is a reward for proficiency on some school publication for at least two years and general ability in other lines of campus endeavor. Beta Gamma Sigma, a national scholastic commercial fraternity this year granted a charter to the local Cosmos Club. Membership is limited to the upper ten per cent of the Senior Commerce Class, providing their average is eighty per cent or above for three years and they have not had more than one deficiency, which has been successfully removed by re-exam. Alpha Delta Sigma is an honorary commercial journalistic fraternity, elec- tion to which carries with it admittance to membership in the Associated Ad- vertising Clubs of the W orld. Only those students taking advertising or mar- keting in the Commerce Department are eligible for membership. Phi Psi is an honorary textile fraternity, membership in which is conferred upon those textile students who have shown all-round ability in school and campus activities. Delta Sigma Pi is one of the strongest honorary commercial fraternities at Tech. Members are elected to this organization from those upperclassmen of the Commerce Department who have shown themselves to be unusually pro- ficient in class work and school activities. Kappa Kappa Psi is an honorary musical fraternity, membership in which is restricted to outstanding musicians in the band and school. Alpha Kappa Psi is an honorary commercial fraternity composed of com- merce students of marked ability in school work and outside activities. Anak Society Hounded 1908 OFFICERS Ernest Kontz Edward Crowley Walter James President Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS Ernest Kontz Edward Crowley Walter James Louis Martin Elbert Hood William Cabaniss PERSONNEL Top Row — Ernest Kontz. Edward Crowley. Walter James. Second Row — Louis Martin. Elbert Hood. William Cabaniss. Koseme Society Founded 1912 OPFICERS ■Shorty " Smith President Raleigh DRENNON ' ice- President " Buster " Harris. JR Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS R. Arnall E. M. Burn J. H. Carney J. C. Cook R. J. DURANT RE. DRENNON L. J. Harris, Jr. G. A. Holland J. T. Holleman J. H. McCrocklin R. L. Randolph C H. S.mith P. J. Von Weller (323) The Bull Dogs Founded 1910 OFFICERS Watts Gunn Clarence Barrett . Vice-President WADLEY GLENN . Secretary -Treasurer OLD MEMBERS ■Chinch " Barrett Buster Harris FiRPO Martin Ralph Bullard Walter James Frank Player ipll Ed Crowley Ernest Kontz Cy Savage ■ -,- Raleigh Drennon Wadley Glenn Bill Walton Watts Gunn John Lillard George Walsh NEW MEMBERS i . ir ' T ; 5 iL- Butch Bearden Dan Manget Corn Shepherd Bill Cabaniss Bob Durant Scotty Morton Jack McCrocklin Shorty Smith Doc Trevor Bob Horn John Pritchard Peter Pund Billy Wardlaw ; ■ :- r-i -4 (324 1 Founded 1912 OFFICERS Warner MiZELL President Andrew Hutchinson Vice-President Robert Austin Secretary and I reasurer MEMBERS Thomas Becknell Roy Gordon Homer Christian Ward Grantham George Coffee Kenneth Haughton Shault Coker John Lambert William Dietz Harold Oltz Harold Faist Wallace Pierpont James Frink William Terrell Charles Witmer » ;!:;.-. I The Student Council OFFICERS Walter James President Ernest KONTZ Vice-President L. J. Harris, JR Secretary Louis Martin Treasurer MEMBERS SENIORS V. S. JAMES W. F. E. CABANISS E. C. KoNTZ L. J. Martin E. J. Crowley, Jr. JUNIORS L. J. Harris, Jr. H. R. Fund C. s. Smith C. W. Fitzgerald SOPHOMORES E. G. Gardenhire L. w. Mizell EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS W. T. DUNKIN Editor Technique I. C. Hitchcock President Y. M. C. A. M. S. Savage Representative Inler-Fraterntly Council Top Row — W. S. James. E. C. Kontz. L. J. Harris. Jr.. L. J. Martin. Middle Row — W. F. E. Cabaniss. E. J. Crowley. Jr.. H. R. Fund. E. G. Gardenhire. W. T. Dunkin. Bottom Row — I. C. Hitchcock. C. S. Smith. L. W. Mizell. M. S. Savage. (3 6) ENGINEERING SOCIETIES Briarean Society Founded 1922 OFFICERS IVEY Lee Murray President Jack Nelson Holt Vice-President James Raymond Thom Secretary FACULTY MCDANIEL. J. E. NARMORE. P. B. HOLLAND. A. D. MEMBERS Barwick. F. Thom. J. R. C. Burrow. . l h. Belcher. T. W. Williams. T. M. Hilburn. Earl Brown. J. L. Oxford. C. E. Herrick. H. B. Cooper. v. j. Olsen. O. F. groves. J. L. Daniel. L. B. Waite. E. P. Hicks. J. R. Hays. L. D. OConnell. D. M. Parry. S. R. Holt. J. N. White, B. J. Runge. F. C. Light. J. c. Renfroe. C. L. Chichester, w. Murray. L L. Meadows. J. C. Peabody. w. J. Moore. H. w. Huey, C. L. Kuhlke. C. a. Skinner, E. H. Jones. J. K. Top Row — Williams. Brown. Murray. Prof. McDaniel. Kuhlke. Chichester. Second Row — OConnell. Cooper. Olsen. Moore. Jones. Daniel. Third Row — Hicks. Parrv. Oxford. Thom. Peabody. Renfroe. Fourth Row — Belcher. Meadows. Carey. Light. Huey. Herrick. (328) Civil Crew Honorary Civil Engineering Society OFFICERS HHNRV BEMIS President Ralph BULLARD Vice-President Bill CABANISS Treasurer OLD MEMBERS G. R. Champion 1. C. Hitchcock R. K. Stewart R. R. Cruise A. J. Mitchell Guy Trimble E. E. EZELL E. T. Smith w. r. Wallace R. Henry w. S. James NEW MEMBERS J. T. Clark W. H. Ligon Roger Page Fred Dasher S. J. Meares. Jr. Doc Suarez E. D. White Top Row — Bcmis. Bullard. Cabaniss. Meares. Hitchcock. EzeU. Second Row — Champion. Suarez. Smith. Henry. Stewart. While. Bottom Row — James, Clark. Mitchell. U ' allacc. Alexander. Page. 1 82!) ) Architectural Society Honorary Architectural Society OFFICERS C. J. Ford President V. A. Edwards Vice-President John PritCHARD Secretary J. H. Harris Treasurer R. G. GlLLEY Facultu Advisor J. C. Brown- Leon Browx r. c. buffington A. w. Clarke MEMBERS w. D. Cornwall J. H. DOREY J. C. Jett E. H. Klhlke J. K. Lawo R. D. Seaborn J. C. Wise H. T. WILLI. MS H. P. Walker Tracy Newton Shy Goodwy-ne NEW MEMBERS Howard Griffith Halbert Law James Brown- Lesley Dallis William Spivey Top Row — Ford. Edwards, Pritchard. Harris. Seaborn. Second Row — Lawo. Kufalke. Clark. Buffington. Brown. Leon. Third Row — Brown. Jack. Wise. CornweU. Jett. Williams. (330) The American Ceramic Society OFFICERS E. B. Merry President W. A. Henderson Vice-President Lane Mitchell Secretary F. W. Green Treasurer ROLL Green, f. w. McKinstry. r. g. Greene, C. F. Merry. E. B. Griffin, C. M. Mitchell. Lane Hannah, E. R. Myers. Lamont Hansard, v. c. Renfroe, c. l. Henderson. v. a. Smith, W. E. Kingloff, J. I. Whittenberg. R. E. Kuhlke, Casper Wiggins. W. T. McCutcheon, T. E. (3.31 I OFFICERS R. M. SANFORD President H. D. Sims V,ce-President E. W. SarvEN Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS SENIORS Allman, C. C. Pennell. J. H. Clements, w. b. Porter. J. Cole. g. M. Sanford. R. M. Hagedorn. c. L. Sarven. e. w. Hood, R. C. Sims, H. D. Neal, w. r. Waite. E. p. JUNIORS Bashinski. H. M. Middleton. J. H. Donovan. J. S. Norris, J. W. Evans. C. H. Peltier, S. B. Frary, w. o. Rudolph. C. a. Henry, G. C. Sanders. E. R. LuNTZ, H. E. Wilson, J. J. Woodruff. H. S. SOPHOMORES Coleman. G. D. Marienthal, s. L. Goldin. S. Perry, E. R. Goodman, T. P. Smith. W. A. SOLOMONSON. H. L. (;i:i:;i American Society of Civil Engineers GEORGIA TECH STUDENT CHAPTER OFFICERS E. E. EZELL President I. C. Hitchcock Vice-President J. M. Moore .... Secretary-Treasurer Barnes. J. M. Davis, M. P. Harrison. W. R. McCamy, R. L. Trimble, G. H. Perkerson. J. R. LiGON, W. H. Page, R. M.. jr. Silverman. A. J. Dasher. F. R. MEMBERS SLUDER, C. T. Hancock. C. V. Goldwasser. a. H. Blakeley, H. E. Smith, E. t. Greene, H. w. MiDDLEBROOKS. T. A. DOBBS, C. E. Cruise. R. R. Field. G. R. McLure, J. T.. Jr. Attaway. J. G. Hart. C. W. Jacobson. C. E. Henry, R. White, Ed. McLeod, j. d.. Jr. Bane, J. A. Summers, g. L. . L E, E, OFFICERS A. Hart President Professor E. S. HANNAFORD Counselor F. V. BLSH Vice-Presidenl O. P. Cleaver Secretary -Treasurer AWTREY, M. E. Aronof, a. M. Asbury, D. N. Berger. a. a. Bird. G. T. Boatner. B. H. Bryant. G. S. Bunch. J. B. Bush. F. v. Beerman. M. R. Cleaver, O. P. Carroll. H. A. Carson. R. H. Clark. F. R. Dalhouse. s. L. Eaton. T. L, Edwards. T. A. ESKEW, H. D. Fleming. T. M. MEMBERS Garner, G. L. Grosser, E. H.. Jr. Gregory, H. A. Gillon. V. C. Hollingsworth. J. HosKiNS, Tom D. Hart. J. A. Hill. C. C. Hicks. L. S. Hughs. C. N. Holman, W. J. Hughes. J. S. Lightbourn. v. s. LUNDY, R. P. Law, A. J. Lefferts. w. g. Lenoir. G. F.. Jr. McEachern, C. C. Napier, C. J. Owens, S. H. Owen, J. A. Pounder. D. J. Peabody, w. J. Preston. E. Redmond. v. b. Reeves, L. M., Jr SWARTZ, M. W. Snooks, J. P.. Jr. Stevens, w. W. Trowbridge, C. Trosdalh, E. S., Wesley, J. W. Wham. R. L. Wertz, T. R. Williams. T. M. Whitlow. L. B. Wyche, C. L. Jr. (8a4i Anierican. Society of Mechanical Engineers GEORGIA TECH STUDENT BRANCH Founded 1915 OFFICERS J. W. Moore President A. H. WaCHTEL Vice-President P. D. COATES Secretary MEMBERS J. D. Ambrose H. J. Belcher C. P. Capps J. M. Claflin S. C. Coachman J. P. Craven B. L. Crew A. Delopaz W. T. DUNKIN M. S. Gudger R. A. GUTHMAN L. S. Hardin A. W. Head S. F. Henry R. H. Jenkins S. W. KiTTREDGE W. N. Manucy D. D. Margules H. E. Reeves W. J. Roman J. C. Stein S. M. Zaglin (335) Editorial The day of the sturdy pioneer, whose axe blazed trails from Maine to California, has passed. Behind him came the pioneer of industry. He. too. has conquered great areas, leaving in his wake tremendous industrial and manufacturing centers, until there remains but one more industrial frontier — The South. Fortunate indeed, are we of the South, for pioneering means untold opportunity. The South today is young mens country. Its great latent natural resources, mineral and vegetable, offer to the engineering graduate with vision, a scope for application of his engineering knowl- edge and training, unequalled anywhere else. The South in the next decade will have a crying need for men — trained men — to help build its new industrial empire and it is to such as you men of Georgia Tech that the South must look. Industry is built of materials and men. Do you know that in the Southern States we hold One-third of the coal deposits of the U. S. One-third of the iron ore Seven-tenths of the forested area. Translate these and we find great generating stations for power, steel plants, machinery manufacturers, furniture factories, paper mills and hundreds of other industrial units. Inspect Georgia and we see the basic elements for ceramic plants, potteries, brick-making plants and plants for the production of industrial chemicals. Alabama already holds a great iron and steel industry which will grow as the years go by. The Carolinas are clothing the world through their great textile mills. Do you know that the largest aluminum plant in the world is in the South — that the largest pulp in the U. S. is also in our midst. ' Here are the materials for our industries — where shall we get the men. ' Shall we send to other sections of our country when we have the very type of men we need right here in our midst? i33Gl Editorial You stand on the threshold of your life ' s work. The direction in which your first steps are taken will have a tremendous influence on your entire future. Consider and weigh these first steps carefully. The " green pastures far away " will turn to dull brown beside the fertile fields on which you now stand, if you have the vision to see and appreciate them. Listen to the words of a great northern industrialist — Elon H. Hooker, president of the Hooker Electro-Chemical Co.. of Niagara Falls. N. Y.: " We should now. in my judgment, take our stand in the Mississippi Valley with our faces to the Gulf of Mexico. One change is already beginning to be felt. This is the shift of our industrial and manufacturing center of gravity from the Atlantic seaboard to the Mississippi Valley. States which were dominantly agricultural twenty years ago are now reckoned as industrial. Georgia is already demanding a protective tariff and Alabama is a steel center of great importance. Southern states which were interested in plantations are now demanding power to run manu- facturing plants. " We who have studied this situation have a constantly growing appreciation of the possibilities of this great expansion. We have an earnest desire to see the young men of our city and state take their rightful heritage and put their education and their talents to use where they will be most constructive and will earn their greatest material reward. Actuated solely by this spirit, we take the opportunity to lay these facts before you. The South is young men ' s country. Use your education here at home. FORWARD ATLANTA COMMISSION. (3371 v - 4 CLUBS Georgia Tech Cotillion Club OFFICERS Ernest KONTZ President Corn Shepherd Vice-President Henry Bemis Secretary- Treasurer Anderson. Frank Arnall. Pinky Barrett, Tex Bearden, Butch Bemis. Henry BuLLARD. Ralph Burns. Ed Cabaniss, Burr Cabaniss, Bill Carney. Julian Carswell. Rufus Chambers, Jack Davison. Roy Dean. Louis Donovan. Jack Drennon. Raleigh Gaissert, George Gardenhire, George Glenn, Wadley GovAN. Tom Harris, Ed Hero. Alvin MEMBERS Holleman, Red Holman. Jack Hunter. Archie James. Walter Johnson. Caspar Johnson. Thad Jones, Berney KONTZ, Ernest Law, Pete Lawo. Jake Lewis, George Lillard. John McCall. Joe McCrocklin. Jack McKiNNEY, Bud Manget, Jean Martin. Lewis Merry, Pee Wee Mitchell, Hank Moreton. Fred Morton. Scotty Pritchard, John Pund. Peter Queen. Marshall Read. Bo Richardson, Billy Roberts, Milton Saunders, Lauris Savage, Sy Shackleford, Hugh Shedden, Bill Shepherd. Corn Tracy, Jack Trevor, Doc Trimble, Guy Von Weller, Phil Wardlaw, Billy Walton. Bill Wesley, Terrill Williams, Joe High Walsh, George Whittaker, Fred WiLBURN, Cliff i. ' Ucii Charrette Club Honorary Architectural Club OFFICERS Edmund Kl ' hlke Prestdem Clem Ford Vice-President Hugh Martin Secretary John PRITCHARD Treasurer MEMBERS Edmund Kuhlke Julian Harris Jack Brown CLEM Ford John Lawo George Harrel Hugh Martin Richard Seaborn William McKinney John Pritchard William Eve Archie Britt NEW MEMBERS Hobby Law Shy Goodwy-ne Sue Cook JiMMiE Brown Rock Rowe Preston Waldrop Top Row — Kuhlke, Fore], Martin. Pritchard, Harris. Second Row — Lawo, Seaborn, Eve, Jack Brown. Third Row — Harrd, McKinney. Britt. Law, Jimmic Brown. CHI I Scientia Club Honorary General Science Society OFFICERS T. T. Miller President C. P. CONNALLV . . Vice-President W. K. KRAUTH Secretary C. L. Humphrey Treasurer MEMBERS Frank Alexander Charles Humphrey Hugh Aiken Hugh Shackelford Marshall Queen Papa Hcxdd Tom Miller Duncan Morton Corn Shepherd Charles Connally Jim Chaille Tom Wohlwender Walter Kr. uth Frank Christiphine Harry Thomson Hugh Gaston HONORARY MEMBERS Dean w. v. skills Prof. H. A. Wychoff First Row — T. T. Miller. C. P. Connally. W. K. Krauth. Dean Skiles. C. L. Humphrey. Second Row — A. Shepherd. F. Christiphine. H. Gaston. J. Chaille. H. Aiken. H. Shackel- ford. Third Row — M. Queen. D. Morton. H. Thomson. E. J. Hood. F. Alexander. (342) Georgia Tecli Radio Club OFFICERS Walter W. Merkle President Bennett R. Adams Secretary -Treasurer Hazard E. Reeves v,ce- President FACULTY MEMBERS Lt. E. R. Wells Lt. h. Storm MEMBERS Adams. B. R. Bagbv, E. B. Brewer. R. V. Griffin. J. w. Hall. J. R. Heitman. c. E. HiLLEGAS. J. W. Howell, J. C. Hubbard. R. a. Knight, g. a. Marsh. C. H. Merkle. W. W. Newcomb, l. a. O ' Neal, w. b. Owens, c. H. Perry. D. R. Preston, E. h. Quigley, Q. S. Reeves, H. E. Smith, G. B. Smith. H. b. Wesner. C. T. WiLENZICK. J. Williams. T. M. I 34.-! I Co- Op Club OFFICERS FRANK BARWICK President J. R. C. THOM Vice-President M. H. Burrow Secretary Earl HiLBURN Treasurer MEMBERS Arnold, John Barwick. F. Belcher. T. V. Burrow, M. H Carey, J. b. Clark, f. p. COFFEE, w. B. COOPER, W. J. Fuller, V. E. HAYS, L. D. Herrick. H. B. HiLBURN. Earl Hodges. W. D. Holt. J. N. HUEY. C. L. Jones, J. K. Light, J. C. Meadows, J. C. Murray, f. l. Olsen, O. F. Oxford, C. E. Quigley, o. S. Renfroe, C. L. RUNGE. F. C. Skinner, E. H. Thom, J. R. C. Thompson. J. R. Williams. T. M. (344) Oil Can Club Honorary Mechanical OFFICERS Hazard E. Reeves President J. D. Ambrose .... Uce- President Severn KITTREDGE Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS J. D. Ambrose Jack Belcher J. M. Claflin Asa Coachman Ben Lee Crew Hackett Emory M. s. Gudger L. S. Hardin Severn Kittredge C. L. Morris Hazard E. Reeves CM .-11 R» A, R. ROCKEFELLER APARTMENT ROOMERS GEORGIA TECH Y. M. C. A. Anderson. Karl Barrett, J. A. Bellinger. L. D. Capps. C. p. Crenshaw, r. f. Di. L, L. H. Duncan. C. F. Eager, E. F. Forrest, J. M. Garner. G. L. Greene. H. W. Griffin, J. M. Hudson, A. R. Humber. Carl Johnson. J. R. Jones, C. L. Lefferts, v. a. Myers, R. R. Newton, C. E.. Jr. Perry. D R. Pritchett, b. D. Smth. J. A. Wallace. C . M.. Jr. Wood. B. T. Wooten. J. A. Zuber. J. S. (346) EVENING SCHOOL SOCIAL CLUB OFFICERS H. Sanders Rowland. Jr President A. S. Morris First Vice-President Hugh W. RUSSEV Second Vice-President EMMETT E. Simpson Secretary Ernest M. Pratt Treasurer MEMBERS Allen. Fred Amason, Guy H. Barnett. Samuel C. Barrett. S. H.. Jr. Brown. Harry E. Butler. Frank W. Chambers, Glenn W. Clark. Elijah S. CoTTRAUx, Stephen Elliott, H. B. EsTEs, Jack A. Freedborn, Elbridge W. Gibson, Albert E. Welch, Ernest Gholson. C. R. Hemperly, J. W. Hills, Henry L. Lawton, a. D. Matthews, w. c. McConnell, R. L. OzMER, Vaughn Payne, Thomas Parker, O. J., Jr. Plumb, Francis W. Roberts, j. F. Smith, James D. Vaughn. William P. FACULTY Prof. Fred B. Wenn Ted McClelland Prof. George M. Sparks (a4 " i Evening School OFFICERS T. E. Dicks . . . F. W. Plumb . H. M. Da ' is President . Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS cothran. t. d. Davis, H M. Dicks. T. E. Hills, Henry Morris, A. S. Plumb, Francis Pratt, Ernest Rowland. Sancei s RUSSEY. H. V. Welch, Ernest (348) RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATIONS Young Men s Christian Association GEORGIA TECH BRANCH Wade N. Cashiox General Secretary Miss Mattie Hiers Office Secretary OFFICERS Irving C. Hitchcock President William Dunkix Vice-President Charles Newton Secretary DIRECTORS G. M. Wallace J. R. Johnson A. L. Hudson B. T. Wood J. W. Forrest R. L. Knox E. R. Cutler R. B. Alexander G. C. Campbell A. J. Pellettiere Top Roiv Hitchcock. Mr. Cashion, Cutler. Dunkin Second Roiv Alexander. Miss Hiers. Johnson Third Row Pellettiere. Wallace. Forrest. Hudson (350) All Saints Bible Class-49274928 OFFICERS Irving C. Hitchcock President AlF. J. Law. JR Vice-President Henry D. ANASTASAS Secretary Russell K. Stewart Treasurer Aiken. Hugh F. Anastasas. H. D. Bahrt. R. g. Barber. W. p. Blauvelt. H. a. BOWEN. R. T. Cain. J. R. Chandler. R. H. Channell. F. C. Copes. J. P. Courteanv. c. W. Craven, J. P. Croo.m. H. G. Curry, C. L. Connerat. e. b. Dixon. H. D. Emerson. C. EZELL, E. E. EZELL. M. A. FiNDLEY. G. H. Ford. Alan ROLL Ford, C. J. Got J en, o. a. T. Hatcher, E. Hitchcock. L C. Holt, JR. Jenkins. R. H. Law, a. J. Law. H. G. Lesesne. B. B. Lewis. D. M. Mattox. H. a. Merkle. w. v. Moses, J. w. Moore, J. M. McDUFFlE. D. C. McKeever, D. a. Nightingale. W. Palmer. A. H. Parkins. W. D. Pierce. R. F. Pinkston. C. M. Powell. J. P. Rand. H. E. R. NDOL. w. L. Reeves. H. E. Roberts. K. B. Rogerson. L. Sanders. O. Stewart. R. K. Tho.mas. H. S. turrentine, m. o. Vick, a. T. Warrington. W. Watson, A. C. Wells. H. B. Wenner. J. willipgham. m. Whitfield. R. Wray. H. HICKSON. W. M. Pitts. S. M. Reeves. Ches. (351) Roll of Gene Turner Sunday-School Class OFFICERS ERN ' EST R. Cutler President Jack L. Ware Vice-President William L. Wood Vice-President Robert H. C. PANCOAST Secretary William HEKDRIX Treasurer Miss Julia McLendox Miss Maxine Judd SPONSORS Miss Francis Trammell Miss Murle Reeves MEMBERS Abbott, G. E. Adams. B. K. Baix, J. o. Baied. H. Baltox. H. a. Bass, J. B. Bell, A. W. Beebs. W. BiELAXD. n. FT. Bivixs, C. W. Black. L. C. BOECHOKDT. y. Bkackett, R. M. Brewster, R. Beewtox, K. L. Bec-xs, G. Cammack, C. L. Caraway. H. N. Carter, R. Chambeblaix. H. colemax, g. a. Coleman. R, E. Ceexshaw, B. Crowdee. R. S.. COATES, p. D. CrLPEPFEE. T. J. Cutler. E. R. Davis, R. Dexny. .1. H. Jr. Dial, L. H. DcxcAX, C. F. DrxLAP, T. R DCRHAM, B. C. Edwards. J. Foster. E. U. Glass, J. F. Gleatox. W. E. Gocld, L. . . Graxt, J. X. Gray, H. Greent;, G. W. Geeexe, a. W. Haxdeesox, K. Haebis, C. Harris, G. Harbisox, C. Harbisox. vr. H. Hawkixs. H. F. Heath, H. M. Hexdris. W. HlXTOX. W. A. Holtzclaw. R. C. HorsE. C. T.. Jr. Howard. C. E. Howard. W. J. Ixglesley, J. F. Irwix. E. J. .lArKSON. n. A.. .Tr. Jexkixs. F. R. JOXES, C. B. KiXG, L. G. Kxight. W. W. L.A.MorT, H. S. Laxgley, M. Lanier. J. X. Leg iitt, J. M. Leggitt, S. H. Leonard, L. Longing, S. W. Loyelady. W. B. Martin, J. W. Meyer. G. R. MIMS. W. MOORHEAD. C. E. MOBGAX. E. MOBGAX, F. J. MrRPHY. T. a.. .Tr, MCERAY, J. Myers. R. R. mccoxxell. v. r.. .ir. McKeevee. D. a.. Jr- Xeelt, H. O.. Jr. Xewbeeey. T. W. Xewton. C. E.. Jr. Xcrr, R. Owens. J. R. TAXroAST. R. H. C. Parker. J. V. Pattillo, H. Pebby. F. M. Pbestox, J. T.. Jr. Pbitchett, B. D. RlOHET. C. E. Robbins, H. H. Robinson. D. M. Rogers. E. . . Sale, B. T. Sapp. W. sl Short. L. B. Skannel, I " . F. Smikbis, c. Smith, R. V. Smith, V. O. Stevens. J. E.. Tabob. H. S. Tayloe, a. Tillman, B. M Vestal. H. Waleave.v. I Waed. L. H. Ware. J. L. Wells, O. Wood. B. T. Wright. P. A TOCMANS. F. Jr. A. r »352) Austin Tech Bible Class ST. MARKS METHODIST CHURCH CLASS OFFICERS Harvey Owens President J. V. HORNE Vice-President Emmet WAITE Secretary T. C. MaRBUT Treasurer CLASS ROLL Andrews, R. M.. Jr. Arnold, J. A. ASBURY, J. H.. Jr. Austin, J. v., Jr. Adkins, D. a. Barlow, Jack Bass, T. C. Baxter. H. M. Beall, J. F.. Jr. Black.mon. M. J.. Jr. Boone, M. J. Bowers, F. L. Brlmberrv.C. F.. Jr. Bellinger. L. D. Brooks. J. v. Brown, R. S. Cammack. M. M. Castano, Francisco Cha.mbers. E. H. Clark. F. P. Cleaver. O. P. COLLEY, v. E. corbitt, j. f. Culver, L. C. DeJarnette, E. Y. DeJarnette, L. W. DOBBS, G. V.. JR. DOMINGO, J. V. Do.MiNGOs, Walter Duren, J. B. Dyer, G. R. Elzey. v. l. Easley, R. T. Farrel. 1. M. Ferguson, H. C. Fleming, T. M. Forrest, J. M. Forsyth. R. D. Fulford. s. H. Gill, P. L. Ham.m, E. B. Hancock. R. C. Harden, J. S. Harvey, J. w.. Jr. Harwell. R. G. Hayes. J. A.. Jr. Higdon. R. H. Hill, J. W., Jr. Holland. T: M. Holland. Glenn HoLDEN. Arthur Horne. J. v. Hughes, w. a. hu.mber. r. c. Hunt. F. Howard. R. M. Jackson, J. v.. jr. Jenkins, w. e. Johnson. Edward Johnson, F. I. Jones. Tom Johnson. N. A. Kelley, E. C. Jr. Kelley. H. C. King, J. a. Kittredge, S. w. Lawson. T. E. Lester. R. H. LiTTAKER. T. F. Martin, Zack McCamey, C. C. Jr. McGarity, R. S. Meredith, F. R. moretta, e. f. Morgan, Elbert Morgan, G. K. mullins, a. l. Murray. Jarrell Murray, Luther Powell, Ernest Powell, R. J. Potts. F. L. PiNKERTON. Frank Peters. S. S. Pafford, p. M. quigley, q. s. Randolph. Henry Reese, Emmet ROBY, J. S. russel, g. b. Rutland. E. P. Salmon, T. E. Saunders, R. C. Sarven, E. W. Searcy, J. K. Smith, Wesley S.mith, Allen Smith, C. M. Snavely, W. B. Snooks. J. P.. Jr. Stokes. Wm. W. Sturges. a. w. Turnell, S. a. Turner, J. O. Wall. W. O. Waddel, j. D. Wiggins, w. T. Wills, Claude Wilson, J. J. Winn. John Yeargen, V. B. ZUBER. J. E. (35.3) " Oaf oi the night that cov- ers me. Black as the pit from pole to pole. I thank whatever gods there be For m y unconquerable soul. " Col. D ' A. Pearce Commandant MILITARY COLONEL EARLE DA. PearcE Commandant Major Theodore M. Chase Coast Artillery Corps Major Samuel J. Heidner Infantry Major Harrington L. Flanigen . . Coast Artillery Corps Captain Hiram R. ]de Infantry Captain Asa H. Skinner Ordnance Captain Henry w. Robinson .... Infantry Captain Howard K. Dilts Infantry Captain Harry E. Storms Signal Corps First Lieutenant Everett R. Wells . . Signal Corps First Lieutenant Edgar E. Glenn . . Air Corps First Sergeant T. T. Jones Coast Amilery Corps Staff Sergeant v. h. Godbee Infantry Staff Sergeant R. E. Meadows 51900 Corps Sergeant H. L. Ellis Coast Artillery Corps Sergeant Joseph HRUSKA Coast Artillery Corps Private Special 4th Class J. C. Carson Air Corps Commander J. J. London United States Navy Lieutenant Commander Weaver United States Navy Lieutenant F. N. SAYER United States Navy PERSONNEL Top Row — Col. Pearcc. Maj. Chase. Maj. Heidner. Maj. Flanigan. Capt. Idc. Middle Row — Capt. Skinner, Capt. Robinson. Capt. Dilts, Capt. Storms, First Lieut. Wells. Bottom Row — First Lieut. Glenn. Sergt. Godbee. Sergt. Hruska. Sergt. Ellis. Sergt. Meadows. (356) Regimental Staff Colonel a. J. l aw. .IR Commanding Regiment LlEUTENANT-COLONLL J. C. MHADOWS Executive OfKcer Major J. v. Howell . Adjutant Major R. C. hood M. C. O. and Athletic Officer Captain S. M. Brewer Supply Officer Miss IMOGENE Edwards Regimental Sponsor Captain T. M. Williams Assistant Adjutant Top Row — Williams. Edwards. Law, Howell. Second Row — Hood. Brewer. Meadows. (3.-7) Military FIRST BATTALION STAFF Lieutenant-Colonel F. A. Walton Commanding Battalion Captain K. L. Brewton " Adjutant Captain E. E. EZELL P. and T. Officer First Lieutenant E. L. Keener Supply Officer Miss Harriett Durham Sponsor COMPANY • A ■ J. T. Clark . . C. T. Sluder . . Marcus Endel. Jr. . Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Miss Christine W ' olfle . . . Sponsor D. J. REID first Lieutenant A. J. Silverman . . . Second Lieutenant COMPANY -B " D. Morton Captain E. H. Roane First Lieutenant V. K. FAWCETT . . . Second Lieutenant Miss Harriett Wynne .... Sponsor F. E. CHRISTIPHINE . . fi ' rsf Lieutenant A. M. MOSELEY . . . Second Lieutenant COMPANY T. F. FAIRES Captain E. J. Tracy firsr Lieutenant J. O. Turner .... Second Lieutenant Miss Virginia Risk Sponsor W. E. Fort first Lieutenant R. B. Davison . . . Second Lieutenant COMPANY •D- J. C. JETT . . J. L. Chaille P. T. Howard . Captain . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Miss Julia Gardner J. L. Thompson . . T. L. MCCONNELL . . Sponsor .First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant FIRST BATTALION Top Row — Lieut. -Col. F. A. Walton. Miss Harriet Durham. Capt. E. E. Ezell. Capt. K. L. Brewton. First Lieut. E. L. Keener. Miss Christine Wolkc. Capt. J. T. Clark. Middle Row — 1st Lieut. C. T. Sluder. Capt. D. Morton. Miss Harriett Wynne. Miss Vir- ginia Risk. Capt. T. F. Faires. 1st Lieut. E. H. Roane. Bottom Row — 1st Lieut. E. J. Tracy. 1st Lieut. D. J. Reid. 1st Lieut. W. E. Fort. Miss Julia Gardner. Capt. J. C. Jett. 1st Lieut. J. L. Thompson. 1st Lieut. J. L. Chaille. : o8i Military SECOND BATTALION STAFF Lieutenant-Colonel J. A. Hart Commanding Battalion Captain H. F. Bickers Adjutant Captain M. S. savage Assistant Adjutant Captain L C. Hitchcock P. and T. Officer First Lieutenant J. R. Perkerson Supply Officer Miss Juanita Lawrence Sponsor COMPANY ■■£ ' ■ K. M. Thrash Captain W. H. LIGON First Lieutenant H. P. BemiS .... Second Lieutenant Miss LENORA BRIGGS .... Sponsor R. G. Aaron first Lieutenant R. Henry Second Lieutenant COMPANY D. D. MARGULES Captain C. G. McEACHERN . First Lieutenant A. V. OGRAM .... Second Lieutenant Miss ARLENE FRIETAG .... Sponsor C. L. Humphrey . . . firsf Lieutenant H. BARNETT .... Second Lieutenant COMPANY ■G ' S. F. Henry Captain C. J. Ford First Lieutenant G. E. SUAREZ .... Second Lieutenant Miss Josephine Crafts . . . Sponsor J. M. Moore .... First Lieutenant H. V. Gaston . Second Lieutenant COMPANY ■ H ' R. H. Carswell A. w. Shepherd C. F. Skannal . J. g. Nichols . . Captain . First Lieutenant . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Miss Claire Jones Sponsor C. P. CAPPS First Lieutenant W. B. Clements . . . First Lieutenant J. H. DOREY .... Second Lieutenant SECOND BATTALION Top Row — Capt. H. F. Bickers. Capt. M. S. Savage, Lieut -Col. J. A. Hart. Miss Juanita Lawrence. Capt. I. C. Hitchcock. 1st Lieut. J. R. Perkerson. 1st Lieut. W. H. Ligon. Middle Row — 1st Lieut. R. G. Aaron. Capt. K. M. Thrash. Miss Leonora Briggs. 1st Lieut. C. L. Humphrey. Miss Arlene Frietag. Capt. D. D. Margulcs. 1st Lieut. M. G. McEachern. Bottom Row — Capt. S. F. Henry. Miss Josephine Crafts. 1st Lieut. J. M. Moore. 1st Lieut. C. P. Capps. 1st Lieut. A. W. Shepherd .Miss Claire Jones. Capt. R. H. Carswell. i:!.-i!ii THIRD BATTALION STAFF Lieutenant-Colonel W. J. HOLMAN Commanding Battalion Captain H. W. Moore Adjutant Captain R. P. Lee P. and T. Officer First Lieutenant M. R. Beerman .... Supply Officer Miss Jeanette Staples Sponsor COMPANY -V W. B. O ' Neal. JR Captain MiSS ANNE FLETCHER .... Sponsor C. A. Trowbridge . . . Fust Lieutenant T. A. Edwards .... First Lieutenant T. R. Foster .... Second Lieutenant S. H. OWENS .... Second Lieutenant COMPANY -K-Z- E. H. Skinner Captam Miss Elizabeth Jenkins . . . Sponsor D. M. O ' CONNELL . . . First Lieutenant C. L. PRINTUP .... First Lieutenant G. F. Lenoir .... Second Lieutenant M. H. FREEMAN . . . Second Lieutenant COMPANY -L-Z " Walter Bell Captam Miss ELOISE KilpATRICK . . . Sponsor . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant . Sponsor . First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant Sponsor A. W. Rogers .... First Lieutenant A. J. PETTIGREW . H. D ESKEW .... Second Lieutenant E. P. WAITE . . . COMPANY K-l ' Frank Barwick Captam Miss Hazel Wolfle B. B. HOUZE First Lieutenant L L. MURRAY . . J. N. Holt Second Lieutenant J. R. PiNKERTON . . COMPANY ■L-l " C. E. Oxford Captain Miss Lila Porcher J. H. Walton .... First Lieutenant J. R. THOM first Lieutenant H. B, HerRICK . . . Second Lieutenant R, E. TRUSSELL . . . Second Lieutenant THIRD BATTALION Top Row — Capt. H. W. Moore, Capt. R. P. Lee. Capt. W. B. O ' NcaL Miss Anne Fletcher. Miss Elizabeth Jenkins. Capt. E. H. Skinner. 1st Lieut. C. L. Printup, 1st Lieut. M. R. Beerman. Middle Row — 1st Lieut. A. J. Pettigrew. Capt. Walter Bell. Miss Eloise Kilpatrick. Lieut. - Col. W. J. Holman. Miss Jeanette Staples. 1st Lieut. T. A. Edwards. 1st Lieut. Daniel. Bottom Row — 1st Lieut. I. L. Murray. 2nd Lieut. J. N. Holt. Capt. Frank Barwick. Miss Hazel Wolfle, Miss Lila Porcher. Capt. C. E. Oxford, 1st Lieut. J. R. Thorn, 1st Lieut. J. H. Walton. (360) T. T. Miller First Lieutenant W. T. DUNKIN Captain W. S. GUDGER First Lieutenant ORDNANCE COMPANY W. T. DUNKIN Captain MiSS MARY DODD Sponsor T. T. Miller .... First Lieutenant M. S. GUDGER .... firsf Lieutenant J. P. Craven . . . firsr Lieutenant J. H. BRVSON .... First Lieutenant G. M. Cole First Lieutenant J. D. AMBROSE . Second Lieutenant E. J. Hood Second Lieutenant M. W. SCHWARTZ . . Second Lieutenant The Ordnance won the basket-bail championship by defeating all other branches of the Military Department. They had an outstanding team and talent as well as practice registered in each of these games. The editor is very sorry not to present a picture of the Ordnance team. Below is a view of the Military boys in the Memorial Day Parade. This was a memor- able day and was thought wise to put it in. since it is our desire to let this book serve as history of our days in college. (361) In Honor of Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh Co. M . Scabbard and Blade M Miss Mary Dodd Ordnance Sponsor Miss Billie Johnson Scabbard and Blade Sponsor Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh! Well do the students of Georgia Tech remember that memorable day when the Tech Regiment waited in formation on Grant Field for the arrival of that Ace of them All. And how fully were the expectations of those assembled to pav honor to one for whom no honor could be too great, realized when the intrepid airman walked to the center of the field between the two long ranks of cadets standing erect at present-arms. Before the eyes of many flashed a vision of the Spirit of St. Louis, undauntable steed of an even more undauntable ocean flier, winging its way across the broad expanse of the Atlantic, as they looked at the slender, unassuming young man who passed. And then he was gone, but memories of him will remain. Colonel Lindbergh ' s visit gave the Tech Company of Scabbard and Blade an excellent chance to win distinction, for while in Atlanta, the famous aviator was made an honorary member of the local chapter. Through the ability of several of its members to see a not-to-be-missed op- portunity, the Tech Company was able to forestall similar plans of several of the Northern Chapters, Company ■ ' M " of Scabbard and Blade can well afford to be. and is. proud of having on its roll such a distinguished name of a true-blue American. Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh! Military Georgia Tech Fourth Corps Area Championship Rifle Team Capt. H. W. Robinson Coach SGT. W. H. GODBEE Coach The Georjni Tech i small borei rifle toam is composed of ten nu-n and five alternates, who com- pete in every scheduled match. The members of the 1927-2S team were : Martin. M. F. ; Adair, R. L. : Storv " . L. V. (team captain i : Smith. W. O. : O ' Bear. G. S. ; Bell. .1. K. : Myers. F. F. : Bag- garl.v. J. B. : K;imse,v. T. L. ; Brannan. V. F. ; .Anderson. W. F. : Spansrhr. G. R.. and Moorehead, C. E. Tile team was coached and managed by Capt. H. W. Robinson and Sergeant Godbee. I ' nring the lfi " J7 -is school year the Tech team fired matches with teams representing the fol- lowing colleges, and finished the rear without losing a match: I ' niv. of Calif.. Miss. A. M. College. L. .S. r.. V. r. 1.. X. Dakota Agricultural College. V. M. I.. New Mexico Mil. In,stitute. W. Va. University. I ' niv. of Ala.. Kansas Agricultural College. A. and M. College of Texas, Syracuse Univer- sity. University of Cincinnati, .lohns Hopkins, .Alabama Poly. Institute, Univ. of Vermont, Univ. of Tenn.. and t ' lemson Agricultural College. The Tech team again won the Fourth Corps Area Intercollegiate Match, and was permanently awarded a trophy for winning the match three successive years, each member of the team receiving a medal. The Tech team was selected to represent the Fourth Corps - rea in the National Inter- collegiate Match, and placed tenth, with a scitre of T.. . " " i2 out of a possil le S.tHHt. Two five-man teams were entered in the National R. O. T. C. Senior Unit competition for the William Randolph Hearst Trophy. In this match the Tech team placed second and fourth. During the l! ' :27-:;.s school year, the Ga. Tech Athletic .Association furnished the necessary funds to con- struct a new first-class rifle range (with twelve targets i under the stadium; also twelve sweaters for members of the team. . ® r, -S Al ( :w.i I The Military Band Miss Kim- Parks Sponsor OFFICERS OF THE BAND Frank Roman Bandmaster S. J. MEARES Major S. L. Huff Captain G. L. Garner Captain J. V. Wesley Captain J. S. McCROCKLIN Drum Major H. E. Burke Captain G. H. Trimble First Lieutenant W. E. Merck first Lieutenant W. J. Roman First Lieutenant H. E. BLAKELEY first Lieutenant Adams, b. R. Aderhold, p. H. Anastasas. H. D. ashbury, j. h..jr. Atkinson. W. J.. Jr. Akin, W. a. Askew, j. d. Aronoff, a. M. AR.MOR. G. A. Bass, J. B. Bell, J. H. Bashinski, H. M. Baxter. H. M. Barchardt. v. a. Bransford. H. a.. Jr. Baggarly, J. B. Black, S. P. Caldwell, I. P. Coleman. G. A. COONER, P. P. Copes, J. P. Culberson. D. S. Day. p. S. Drennon. C. B.. Jr. Duke. A. B. Eldridge. C. N. Edwards, H. W. Frakes. D. w. FacKelman. J. L. Poster, K. D. Gebhart. a. Gotjen. O. goldwasser. a. h. MEMBERS Griffin. W. d. Hatcher. L. E. Hannah. J. E. Heitman. C. E. HlALT. J. E. HILLER. V. T. Holder, A. T. Hubert. D. Horne. D. B. Hl-bner. R. w. House. F. C. Hefner, C. v. Hunnicutt. J. M. INGLESBY. J. P. J. COBS. D. C. Jackson. H. L. JOXES. H. S. JUBIX, M. A. Justice. L. E. JONES. J. K. Knox. R. L. Lackey. G. Lovelady. w. b. McCash. H. B. Myers. L.. Jr. Middleton. H. McCain, J. A. mcduffy, d. c. Merck. W. e. Murphy. J. H. Martin. J. w. Meredith. F. R. Newberry, t. w. Newton. J. L. NORRIS, J. w. Newcomb. L. a. Owsley, W. d. Patts, F. Pattillo, ha. PRESTON, V. T.. Jr. Persins, a. p. Quinlin, W. L. ROAX. C. N. Rice. J. C. Rogers. E. A. Robinson. M. Rainey. J. H. Roman. W. J. Salman. F. O. Stephens, C. S. Stephexsox. C. E. Stroberg. H. f. Serven. R. p. Stem. H. J. turxer, g. b. Trimble, G. H. White. L. W. Wilson. T. L. Woodside. W. g. Wood. M. L. Wood. L. w. Wade. A. H.. Jr. Waddey. p. O. Wise, R. D. Wesley, T. C. Wesley. J. w. (364) T. C. Commander J. J. London. Professor of Naval Science and Tactics STAFF Lieut. -Commander P. R. Weaver Lieut. -Commander J. H. Lawson Lieutenant F. H. Sayre Chief Boatswain ' s Mate E. H. Kinney Chief Gunner ' s Mate H. R. Chambers Chief Yeoman E. Anheir (.•i( .ji Sophomore Student Officers Anderson. K. H. Askew. J. D. Austin. D. E. Ayers. N. McN. Becknell. T. L. Binkley. W. C. BOYCE. A. S. Carnes. J. R. Clark. H. M. Daniel. F. P. De Witt. J. C. De ' aughn. M. S. Frink. J. R. gotjen. o. a. t. Hatcher. L. E. Herrin. G. F. HoBBs. A. A. Holsenbeck. W. M. Howell. J. C. Hudson. M.. Jr. Jeffries. H. O. Klipple. A. J. Law. H. G. Manston. C. a. Meredith. C. A. MiZELL. L. W. Morrison. M. A. McKenzie. E.. Jr. Nall. a. W. Oltz. H. F. Roberts. H. F. Russ. J. L. Smith. W. A. SOLO.MONSON. H. L. Stockard. J. A. Swiney. J. a. Taylor. W. R. Waddey, L. R. i30Ci Freshman Student Officers Aaron, R. Bell. A. W. Black, L. C. Bowman. W. O. Branham. R. W. Breedlove. H. Brock. R. H. Brooke. J. O. Cain. J. R.. Jr. Chambers, J. T. Clarke. J. C. Collier. J. V. Cook. J. C. Jr. Croom. H. G. Dabney, H. H. Dettelbach. L. L., Embry. B. T. Emerson. C. A. Flowers, M. J., Jr. Freeman, W. H. Jr. Gilmer. D. Hale.W. a.. Jr. Heath. C. M. Hett, C. E. Howard. J. H. Hudson, S.. Jr. Jackson, J. V.. Jr. Jenkins. W. E. Knight, W. W. Lanier, W. S. Lewis, B. B. Lumpkin. R. Marlowe. H. V. Martin, R. W. MlLLIGAN. H. C. MiNTER. J. E.. Jr. MORETTA. E. F. Murray. J. A. McCONNELL. W. R. McGaughey. J. E. McLendon. J. T. Nightengale. W., Jr. Parshall. C. F. PlNKSTON, C. M. Roberson, L. E. Rockfeller, S. D. Rutland, E. P. Shipp, a. C. Smith. H. B. Smith. R. L. Storey. F. G., Jr. Strickland. R. E. Sullivan. E. H. Salmon. T. E. Taylor. A. L. Tho.mpson. F. B. Thompson. J. C. Wiggins, W. J. WiGGS, H. L. Jr. Wingo. W. B. Winn. J. (.■567) T, C, Unit The Naval R. O. T. C. Unit was established at Georgia Tech in 1926. Only five other institutions in the United States were selected by the Navy Department for such a Unit. As the allowed strength of the Unit is 200. it is possible to enroll each year only 65 students. Present strength of the Unit is 38 sophomores and 61 fresh- men. Among the interesting items of equipment furnished by the Navy Depart- ment and mounted on the campus adjacent to the Navy Headquarters, are a 4-inch naval gun from a U. S. destroyer, a replica ship ' s bridge with instruments, and a Naval torpedo, of the type used on submarines. Three regulation Navy whale-boats are located on Piedmont Lake, where limited boat exercises are held under oars and a sail. The summer cruise is the most interesting feature of the Naval R. O. T. C. work. A 15 day cruise is taken along the Atlantic Coast on a U. S. man-o-war and every student officer is encouraged to take the cruise. Last summer the Battleship Florida took the Tech and Yale student officers on a cruise, visiting Havana, Cuba. New Haven, Conn., and Annapolis. Md. The cruise for sum- mer, 1928, is planned to embrace the ports of New York. Boston, and Halifax. Nova Scotia. Below is the picture of the Navy Football squad. The Navy succeeded in winning the championship by defeating the Army after many very interesting and exciting games. The Navy boys had a very good football team along with two very efficient coaches, namely Mizell and Frink. ■If 11 V, ifl A-AjLJ ' i .4 Student Naval Cruise, Sumoier of 1927 1 :!ii!t I t ' u T v_ " n , S K g-rc HEO AT THE GeoRQiA QAMa Dec.,?, I }a7 SKi GoodwLjne (372) Dan (Apologetically) You may talk o ' gin and beer, When you drink, or passed out near, And you ' re sore because you paid for Hooch and shot it. But when the headache ' s gone. You ' ll get drunk again on corn. And you ' ll give your next month ' s check To him at ' s got it. In Atlanta ' s Southern clime. Where I have to spend my time. A-studying to be a learned man. Of all bootleggers there, The finest one. I swear. Is a guy who lives on Ivy street, named Dan. Oh, it ' s " This you. Dan? Say, send me up a gallon in a can. And be sure its corked air-tight. For it ' s got to be all right If you want to sell your whiskey to me. Dan. " I shan ' t forget the night That the cops took Dan by might. When they finally caught him selling bootleg corn. He was choking mad. and fought. But his efforts gained him nought. For they put him in the jug without a bond. But I ' ll meet him later on. For he won ' t be in there long — He ' ll be on parole and selling whiz again. He ' s so crafty, shrewd and sly, I expect that when I die I ' ll be buying corn in — from good old Dan. (37;ii How to Gain Campiis Popularity That evasive, indefinable something which some men seem to inherently possess, some crave and some despise (in other people), called popularity, is undoubtedly the golden grail for which freshmen seek at college. This popu- larity, moreover, in spite of its rather terrifying illusiveness. is really very easy to obtain — if you know how. Ego. for the benefit of all would be plenipotentiaries of campus aristocracy. I am going to set forth the essentials of popularity, as gleaned from careful and exhaustive research. The first and most necessary prerequisite is that the aspirant be a football player. He must be heavy and fast, able to plunge a line, run an end. pass or kick, as the occasion may demand. He must be able to wax very angry in the heat of play, throw his helmet disgustedly but vigorously from the field, tousel his curly hair, slap his team-mates encourag- ingly on the back and urge them on to greater He must swear at his opponents and threaten them with his mace- like fist. In the big game of the year, he must break away in the last two minutes of play, and madly dash the ninety-seven yards to the goal line, cross- ing it. and dropping in a faint just as the whistle blows. The second necessary item in a freshman ' s popularity concerns the fraternity which he allows to pledge him. He must be very care- ful indeed of this. His fraternity must be out- standing on the campus in every way. It must be the oldest, the strongest nationally, have the most chapters, the most members, must be the wealthiest, and must occupy the largest and most pretentious chapter house in the state. Besides, it must have the most outstanding men in college among its members, and must give dinn er parties at least twice a week and a house party every week-end. Such a fraternity gives a certain air and prestige to. the freshman, which is invaluable. things. (374) to Thirdly, the freshman must be very handsome, and this handsomeness, of course, should be of the virile, over- powering, smacking-of-the-out-of-doors type. In general, he should be tall, straight, and very muscular, with small hips and broad shoulders. He must have a heavy, slightly protruding jaw. a firm, ultra-masculine mouth, large black jyes with lavish silken lashes, a very high and prominent forehead, and above all. a veritable chaos of curly black hair. Lastly, to achieve popularity among the campus men, the freshman must possess wealth — not the sort of wealth which enables him to take a friend to a show, or buy him a drink, but the sort of wealth which pro- vides him with a Stutz sport roadster ( pref- erably painted light cream), a large array of extremely brilliant golf hose, and an equally dazzling outlay of flambouyant ties and sweaters. He must drive always with the accelerator to the floor, the top down, and the windshield docked forward, while he himself sits in a very nonchalant, lounging position, looking about him with an extremely bored and superior expression. These few axioms of popularity. I say. will ensure for any freshman the admiration of his classmates and make him the most popul — stop! There is one small item I seem to have neglected. Remember this — he must be a poli- tician. OH. tempora: oh. mores: Ik School: " Teacher, I ' m sorry I ' m late, but I stopped to pick you this nice red apple, etc. " In College: " Awfully sorry I ' m late. Prof., but I ' ve just been reading your latest book, and I became so deeply engrossed, etc. " mnn FrosH: " A soph stole my cap. " TiNiOR: " Send him a bill for it. " FrosH: " ' Sno use. It had a bill on it. " —Ex. " Visiting Greek: " " What ' s that horrible noise I hear in your dining- room . ' Resident Hellenic: " Oh. that ' s just the dining-room table groan- ing. i37Gl Ode to My Roommate (Besides the Fifty Cents) " Move over there to the other end. you blasted, ignorant fool. And let me get tomorrow ' s work, so I can go to school. Well, let me say. you plagued dunce, and let me make it clear. Take off that tie of mine, you bum. for if you don ' t I fear There ' ll be a funeral in your home with flowers you can ' t smell: Wipe off that grin, you buttonhead. don ' t tell ME to go to hell. Where ' d you put our English book and where ' s tomorrow ' s math? Say, hows to lend me fifty cents. I ' ve got the two and a half. It ' s none of your business what I want it for. can ' t you use your head! " Oh. pardon me. if I roughly speak of something long since dead Like your brains, but say, whoinell said you could sing? Cut it out, you leatherhead , stop before you bring My holy wrath upon yourself, and say. there ' s another thing. Why don ' t you try to make your bunk, you lazy sonova gun, What did you do with my X. E. reports, and I ' m not nearly done; Where were you at noon, dear boy. and can you tell me why " ' ou turned my girl ' s picture upside down. ' Don ' t try to alibi. I suppose It fell and you put it up. that ' s a rotten poor excuse; I ' ve tried to make a Christian out of you, but Judas, what ' s the use. Turn out the light, you nincompoop, it ' s time to go to bed; You worry me, you imbecile, you nut. you satchel head. " — B. H. S. (377 1 ' The Meeting " It was an evening in spring! The afternoon before the big prom, and all nature seemed imbued with the spirit of the festive season and rivahng the very exuberance of the student body itself. Drunks were singing, the sun was shining, fiowers were blooming, and noses were softly glowing. The poignant scent of roses and rye, cannas and corn perfumed the sun-bathed atmosphere as I strolled slowly and dismally up fraternity row. Men hur- ried by me: some talking, some singing, same staggering — but all hurrying, for it was half after three, and just eleven short minutes before the 3:41 would arrive with untold numbers of pulchritudinous females, each carefully selected and imported for the gigantic dancing embroglio that evening. But alas and alack, despicable woe was most assuredly me, for there would be no girl on the 3:41 to accompany me to the prom. It was heartrending, bitter — oh, I couldn ' t stand it; I stopped. Should I end it all and escape this terrible fate. ' ' I walked on. No! I would be brave, and face the scourging, pitying, be- littling glances of gloating acquaintances invulnerably. I looked up. Horrors, Hady and other inquisitional expressions — I had unconsciously walked to the depot and now stood on the train platform with no intent or purpose in the world. — but what was that! No! It couldn ' t be. I endeavored, by dint of the conventional pinching and shaking, to awak en myself. I looked again, and went hurriedly into ecstasies. For there, standing like the reincarnation of a rather disconcerted but extremely desirable Venus, was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Still doubting my eyes I catapulted forward, wildly shouting, ' " Where have you been all my life? " Ah me! How shall I describe that next instant? My blood froze in my veins, my hair stood on end, my breath came in short pants, and my knees sagged to the ground. The girl of my dreams had become a hideous green monster, foaming fire at mouth and eyes! " Lon Chaney! " I shrieked, and fell in a swoon. (37,S) -3 :3 M S Tut ItitiA ' ; ;umo;a CnAPTtl ON PfUtllEtt Sum J TIC MECCA tr ALL Unil Of UlfJl- fBOlE IS ftlPAY AND — ATUMY NKjttT; Ttif ' D.T ' ' iiAvt nt c«rr;r WAY Of AH WttlNS TDf PMNe! Tltrv ARC NOTIO TOR. THE EXTKfMt WBPl W- )lt or TBCll AUllt AMt THE ALttOn ;PHmx-lllCE R!llC[Nff Of THlf f|i.E «- MtH. AdovE we fE A ciiAitACTtn;ric A ;fuK IM(j TO A A fEE IIWa TlItT AItt QIAO WHE I IT HAU;, fOi TtIfY AR.E VEHY DEEPLY INTERE TtD U PRC I I5 CLUB finti 5l.,l!(ETWEEIiTt1C ?EACIITtEt , IX llEWAIiUBLr IN THAT IT HAJ " THE Atlanta B)LTA OI:t on ut J i: m m Pi Karpa Pni mst ON THE OTHEIL . U S CIRCl MJIAKt 1 TnOUOI TO ADD (jKEAUY TO THE Pi Kap ' ; jocial pee ti e. 1(11 looqti uni JmiAi 1aw7 CAittryL ORVEIlUNCf , ANP EVEN ujt mail txoHw to tAmiT HI PER ONAL ilTTEN- TION LA r yPtUQ. TtlE K.A.7 ORl UATEP THE INVITATION JU CnPT 5 Y. 0. L. fi D " A I 5 S 1 f hi t M Ri AX 43 Till OtPEH i; BELIEVED TO hAVC HAD IT CEQINNIAKj AT A f KIPT PA lcr ACK IN THE OLD OAYy.WIIE l »DMi; ioN wa; oae - fif iy flu (.■tTfll TnI 10D((£. i; flUULY COHVUCtO TllHUOVtJ.- Tum 1 mt TitiMi IK Till Kjr Of cha;; co, MltCULl M . ' IKCE AK AHER-TI fMEKT BALL Ann My QltL Of A.I.O. ' Ji HiUr TtlE PLCJOINQ AVEHASE TO lb j)rA ? 4 OUT or 32 ! Woe eE utno the puny rtt HMEN WHO CANHOr PA A IIQII) phy ical tXAAAINAllON, T08, TO THEM ynALL THE POHAL OF IN EVER. BE CLO EP nK,A Whea U-NicnoLA MoftowoiTCit ni. EAMOU CUE PLAYEH, VI IIEt Atlanta it i nuMottp thai he !wm WITH 1HE Pm Sam to KEEP m PHACIICl. Il 1 Al O R.«M(IR.EP THAI U COMVAKED lAtllt H OWE-BREW fAVOUHY TO HI OWN NATIVE V J J K A ifV Much talu j u u Of Titt n K A ycitooL foj. JAZ2 PIANO player; ManYATKE KWIAN 114 E)EEN TAVOItT THE ffjit ll- WIN AflEl-DEAT 5Y OLP MA ICl I1EI.E Tn RACk OH (ilkK flELV OWE IT EXCELLENT CON- DITION TO TtlE EFFOiT Of n k,A MANA IR. Local hdiher. ahe setich lUN HO noiuj; at all . svt mt Pi Law liok. rotwuo lo jome mr WHEN THEY BECOIAE A BKANCIt CKirTEB. TMIT AlE PAtT 5F ATLANTA ' M4NT Lift , AHO Ttl[ ClUPrtJ. tO Ttt INCHIPE OME etEAT IIWTAriONnif LON Oik One Of THE haany un olvep WY rttiE of ritt CnOLA IlC YEAE 1 WttAT WA Tilt UCENlWf If lilt DuKiLAe WHO iflvApEP THE Pm iQ tiou t He WA CAi iiitr UtOHANOrO, AMD fltO fROM Tllf f fNE , LIGHTLY IN AD- VANCE Of APSIE Of D[VIOER WEILJESI PY A II EPV Pfll l(j- (380) K p J " OCItn UWiY WELCOMf FOOT-MIL EAJ-ON.fO!. Win IT COMtj " 7ttt X ' J AUVMN HMJ ' ANT , WtltR-E Till VARIOV TUT A Hr QtlETY CJ i WIX AXD Ml tfiLt Btttut THE KI7 (almo t Ciicnmci them) BtLOW WE Jtl THE: COUIAL WELCOiAt ACCOI PED i TllV TEO EMPLOYE Of THE oumtEN DtU Co. 4T 5fl0 PIIU5 t X4 ' tttEE wt fiRO chip; who UtALLY WrAI DA-OQC AMD LlVt W L0P4t . TittT SKL tnciAeti) Id wAnt ac- TWlTir . AMD)l(j WHICH SKL Uf[- Ate,H(f,LITCRA- TUEE. AH? ACT!, Ha m- MAL7HJT W IN TOCK. S,cin?kti tj: I.A.E. A mWmiOTtl NEW DIKING ttALL NOW BEING BVILT BACK OT flAKRl HalL W«;, f OR. QUITE 4 WttlLE, NATUALLY UPPO EO TO BE OWALD BY THE Jld Alpha Ep .. but ince they oi - CLAIMEO 0»INEe;tllP , THE CttOOL tiu COHfEJ ' EO TO DyiLtING THE TEUC - TUEt fill!. THE Pyi PO E IF fEtDINS IIU TEI) MMMl -t 01 ip 1 _° {jli°r m ffi m iTi (pETT The ci)LLt«iAT[ coNuuicncc jr Tt1C E 50y | £E;i(}N£!ILY 70LEEATE5 ALL ovtt Atlanta. U ually ,no «- tVEE THE H l?f pet- FER WALIClNf ,1=oeEVffi .• UCtI An OPIN JOB i= ' A Till MU T NECtA AJILY CON- CEAL OMEOF THEIB 5KIL- LIAKTEA!VE ' T OMt YtAUittO A. XW CittPTIE ' WA UVOLVEP IHTHE WMLE ALC JtBBteY , gr yopttiTOExreE tiY «[ l MEIA(iTllEM.lP NKftlT AMtWICtl CM2f Elin T.ltYRJVE KOW ETino Willi TtltlK fDRTUnt i:isi, l pt 02: K. In fill KnH ftp- wi junt, M«II1 f(l TltH NtW nOUt f- niVIl t1 TIL eiHtlU POPKLACt »n[R. U EAlEK IVt D) PLAY •f AMt IN Tfltll TrtltO TtttT wuptw, A«p Tdn ncpt to Tarn WJ NAVE ail Tnr ofricci i CiL.PrAiLCt ' AIMY 0« lAff AHI I nA ntiE Ancnti TItM AI ttHtlLir ex ]=- L-i .. s -T,. SPrciAL ' . ' ( Boons AT omv IwitE THtiR ym.i;E , :i Inr t tit sAvtjnt JwimY lA THE !rii- ieatz opply ' Iaua mt LDtBEl Ittn ' ALIA Jt [ JaME Jl)IAT. ' ' tK Tlltit PtB PttlTY 1 MAAIfE T iX TIIE HtAT APPtAtA ICE PTTnt flX ' . AftP TflE 5»»lY)H«Et CKLEftUTE C«; mti BY TfE c-[s:t. I ) - Tf.t BETA niVE A PUTTY im t.AHl Accctpue T( aew;fi?;i reppet; save pevj ep A Y Tttt IE iltP E- tULf WItlCn AIEWAI!,- I K6 IPtAL l OU E-W:VE OE Beta AivMNi HELE ttt fit A C«N- tk ' .tl TEH flAlMOmZ- Ufi PIlSAMltC DtOPL ■ Tm ERAT i;ajiik£ii[ii EXAMPIE Bf in P YCnWIJY IE MU IC . TPt EACH YEAH IT AHIMBrH AEE AV(i- WENTEI JY THE lYPAIPTIC :rrECT ir tiheie ti- FETITIOH (f 11 JEAUTI- TVL AKTXEtt Tlli M»CI1 fPOCLllMEP tTwriTltAtT ' ' l AVElYMYT«IClLCtAJACIEl nt TftE IX E5Y RAVE YET Tt 6E J-ffll WITIt AXYOUt ABt COUIP Tir IBLY ElU TRE H ttlPTIIN. Georgia School of Technology ' A Technical School with a National Reputation " THE GEORGIA S( IKXiL (»F TECIIXOLOGV offers to youiiL!: men oi ' ability and iimbitioii a training which will lit them I ' or |)ositions of responsibility and power. The national reputation of this institution is based not on claims. l)ut on results. Its greatest asset is the record which its alumni are makinir in the productive work of the world. Georgia Tech graduates succeed because they have been ti-aincd both to think scien- tifically and to work efficiently. Courses in CIVIL. ELECTRICAL. : IECHANICAL, TEXTILE, GENERAL AND CERA:MIC ENGINEER- ING, ENGINEERING CIIE: 1ISTRY. ARCHITEC- TURE, COMMERCE, IXnrsTRIAL EOrCATTON AND GENERAL SCIENCE. Coast Artillery. Signal Corps. Air Service. Infantry and Ordnance Units of the R. ). T. C. For Fui ' ther Information. Address THE REGISTRAR Georala School of Terhiioloj y „ Atlanta, Georgia L A iQprt .K Ji I ::s3 1 1 GA. TECH FOUNTAIN AND CAFETERIA In the Academic Building ll ' e Welcome Tech Men Ecjuipment F ' Jl , Leader for W. over fifty _V years. f i. JL Specialists m jL in sport J, - outfitting • 74 Broad St.. X. W. LOVE? If vdii iiiul I sat side by side And watched till the hour was late Tiie fire before us — dreamy-eyed — Paint pictures queer and quaint. M E R R O W Reg. Trademark High Speed Trimming and Overseam- ing, Overedging and Shell Stitch Machines For use on knitted and woven goods of all kinds 200 VARIETIES FOR 200 PURPOSES Special models for joining ends of cotton. woolen and silk piece goods with riat But- ted Seams. sav;ng cloth and labor in subse- quent finishing processes. The Merrow Machine Company J 666 Laurel St.. Hartford, Conn., U. S. A. 2 Send for Catalogues and Samples of Work MONTAG BROTHERS, 1 INC. Manufacturers of COLLEGE AND SOCIAL WRIT- ING PAPERS, STATIONERY, ENVELOPES, TABLETS, SCHOOL SUPPLIES, ETC. New York City Atlanta, Ga. Los Angeles, Cal. n i iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiililiiiiii ROBERT AND COMPANY INCORPORATED Architects and Engineers Atlanta JACOBS ' rOME r.Y MAJORIE JOXES Age 7 PHARMACY 1 l(.i i ' t " liii]) luid skip anil jumj) ])ei ' io(l COMPANY 1 love til skate but not tu bump piTJnd We all can lia f surh run lliat way pi ' l ' ioil Stores All Over 1 lii i ' to play anil play ami ]ilay Atlanta |irl ' i(iil Send Mail Orders to Issic: " What |ili ' asiii ' r docs a monk lia i ' ? " Doit: " 1 uivi ' up, what? " P. 0. Box 1740, Atlanta, Ga. Issio: ■ " Xoni ' . " si« (.•! :.-,) K(sS ■ 25 SACO-LOWELL SPINNING FRAMES — mean — Lower Costs Higher Production A Better Product SACO-LOWELL SHOPS SOUTHERN OFFICE— Charlotte, N. C. BRANCH OFFICES— Greenville, S. C: Atlanta, Ga. MAIN OFFICE — Boston. Massachusetts HERNBON ' S BARBER SHOP " TECH BOYS ' CHOICE " 25 BARBERS IN ATTENDANCE, FOR Service and Satisfaction Call on Us. A. F. Herndon, Proprietor Ivy 9467 66 Peachtree St. tCGPTt Compliments of UNITED PROVISION CO. OXE WAY, AT LEAST. My L ' ncle Willie ain ' t so dumb. 1 le learned to count by watching the fly-paper fill up. THE TECH UNIFORM 9 Sigmund Eisner Co. Red Bank, N. J. iLQp i. I I : ' ..S7 1 f M. R. WOODALL 1 GILHAM CO., INC. ELECTRIC COMPANY CONTRACTORS 101 Gone St. Atlanta 1 ' ' Electrical Supplies Walton Building Westlnghouse Appliances Phome Wa. 5304 ATLANTA, GEORGIA Crosley Radio COMPLIMENTS OF J. 1. de Jarnette, President Jas. V. Smith, Vice-President Chas. E. Carlisle. Secy-Treas. JOE W. STOUT de JARNETTE AND CO. SUPPLY CO., Inc. j Cement Plaster Lime BUILDING All Building Supplies CONTRACTORS Office and IFarehonse North Boulevard and lOth St. P. 0. Box 1078 Sanford, North Carolina ATLANTA , (.SS8) m Ma Ma m •S A m m ' A m m A m- P!fA A ESTABLISHED 1 PHOTOGRAPHERS Equipped With Many Years Experience For Making Photographs of All Sorts Desirable For Illustrating College Annuals. Best Obtainable Artists, Workmanship, And The Capacity For Prompt And Unequalled Service 220 West 42nd Street, New York. I I Y It m m Cisoi EVERETT STRUPPER, INC. nmi Road Service Vulcanizing Hemlock 7670 428 SPRING STREET AT NORTH AVENUE -? Manufactixrers Repairmen ATLANTA RADIATOR COMPANY 318-320 Edgewood Avenue, N. E. — Repairers of — RADIATORS, FENDERS, LAMPS AND BODIES Phone Walnut 4737 W. T. Speer. Proprietor ATLANTA, GA. C 2i ; She crossed her slim ankles and settled back among the ciishions of tlie hammock. He put liis arms around her and sighed. She sighed. He sighed again and murmured, " Darling. " " Yes, " she queried. " Darling, will you marrv me? " And when he left she cut another notch in the porch swing. ir i9:J (avMii A n Production of your Annual Gom bines the - Jnsbi ration of Ancient ulrtisans and the ski II of odern Graftsmen FOOTCiS DAVIES A T tU - i T f BY THE WAY - Stop and Refresh Yourself DRINK Delicioiis and Refreshing Over 8 Million a Day IT HAD TO BE GOOD TO GET WHERE IT IS " R-tfST FOH ATLANTA ' S FINEST FELLOWS Atlanta ' s Finest Launderers and Dry Cleaners TRIO Call Ivy 1600 Valet Dry Cleaning Company Excellent Cleaning and Pressing Prompt mill Convenient Service No. 6 North Ave.. N. W. Hem. 9172 I. W. E. Flodinof Co. MFES. Uniforms, Banners, Pennants and Badges and other College Sup- plies. Regalia for all Secret Societies. Fancy Cos- tumes for Rent and Sale. Tuxedo, Full Dress and Prince Albert Suits for Eent. 410-418 W. Peachtree Street COMPLIMENTS Geo. A. Clayton Co. ENGINEERS — and — CONTRACTORS Bona Allon BldK., Atlanta. Ga. ;(2i T(; 1 ' . J.: " Do you know Martha? " Ham : " Let me think. " P. J. " Xo, you don ' t know her. " QUALIFICATIONS FOR A FRATERXITY MAN: 1. Aliility. 2. Ability to pay. 3. Ability to pay bills. 4. Ability to pay more bills. 5. Ability to pay yet more bills. f ' Svii- Compliments BLACK WHITE CAB CO. Walnut 0200 ■■ ' = :? Add miles of pleasure to your miles of travel by living in a Hed-room .A.uto Tent on your motor trip this summer. Water-proof Mosquito-proof Well VentUated Compact Easy to Erect Ask your sporting goods dealer to show you Hed-room. If he can not supply you, write us. Fulton Bag Cotton Mills Manufacturers Since 1870 Atlanta Brooklyn St. Louis New Orleans Dallas Minneapolis NICHOLS CONTRACTING COMPANY (Incorporated) GENERAL CONTRACTING, RAILROAD CONSTRUCTION, STREET GRADING. PAVING, CONCRETE MASONRY, ETC. BOTH TEAM AND SHOVEL OUTFITS Office: 1291 LaFrance Street, N. E. ATLANTA, GA. COMPLIMENTS— Atlanta Blue Print Companv Furnishing Ga. Tech Freshmen Their Drawing Material for a period of years — Better Outfits at Less Money 142 Walton Street Atlanta. Georgia Fi-osh: " Please pardon my danc- ing on your feet. I ' m a bit out of practice. " Fannie: " I don ' t aind your danc- ing on them. It ' s the continual jump- ing on and off that aggravates me " . :Cez T(; .xrvSi I :!:i4 1 f :q " " ■5 SPINNING RING SPECIALISTS SINCE 1873 SPiTMMG RiKGS KIKGS ScGpt.- jc ' x r Atlantic Ice Coal Company ICE : COAL COLD STORAGE General Offices: Atlanta, Ga. Telephone Main 1900 Randall Bros., Inc. COAL COKE Good coal for people who are tired of the extravagance of cheap coals. " lieware of the liigher cost of the lower prices. " Phone ' Walnut 4714 95 Marietta St., Cor. Cone St. FA-Mors FAST WOIJDS. " Don ' t you remember me, : Ir. Tunney? I was in the same army with you. " Friend; " I saw your boy in town yesterday, home for a vacation. " The Old Man: " Well, the next time you see him tell him to drop by home sometime, his mother and 1 would like to see him. " Dying Man: " Please bandage the ends of my fingers. " Nurse: " WTiy? " Dying Man: " So they won ' t hurt when I play the harp. " Billiards Lunches Soft Drinks THE REX 89 North Pryor Street A clean place for clean fellows and a hearty welcome to all Tech men Kobert L. York ■When the roommate ' s gone with all your clothes HURRY to the convenient HABERDASHERY Vc have what you want at less tliMii uptown prices. The Tech Shop 49 North Avenue, N. W. Pringle Smith ARCHITECTS 1012 Norris Bldg. Atlanta, Ga. Standard Coal Co. High Grade Steam and Domestic COALS Office: 308-11 Peters Bldg. ■Walnut 5757-5758 1 —. -. - ■ r («) " ,i (3t 6) 9 Nat Kaiser Co., Inc. Established 1893 Jewelers and Silversmiths Watches : Diamonds : Jewelry " GIFTS THAT LA«T " No. : Peachtree Phone Wal. 1910 ■•5 ;; TASTY-TOASTY When it ' s a matter of good taste " SixtJf Second Semes ' 122 Peachtree 83 N. Forsyth OPEN ALL NIGHT IsANdWlCH shop] " The Best Taste In Gifts " Standard Pharmacy Cox White, Proprietors Toilet Articles, Drug Sundries, Cigars, Cigarettes Telephones: He. 1503 — He. 1504 Corner North Ave. and Luckie St. " Is that a picture of Jim ' s girl ? " " Yes. " " Well, it ' s no wonder that lie stays drunk all the time. " Foot hall schedules ai ' e used to sliiiw wliat chajiter the hrother sleep- ing in your hed comes from. llini: ■■Jiavc ynn seen yoiir ring lately? " ilini: " What ring? " ilini : " Senior ring. " Hi in: " I lieard you the first time, hut what ring? " .(2pti; COMPLIMENTS OF Geo. Moore Ice Cream Company Mfrs. of Pure Ice Cream, Sherbet and Ice 54-56 E. Alabama St. Phones: Walnut 4968 4969 Where the Gang Meets After Classes Tech Commissary AEROPLANE QUALITY SUBMARINE PRICES i COT I f :iso The cover for this annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois very MoiJoy Made Cover bears this trade mark on the back lid. Herff-Jones Service on Georgia Tecli Senior Rings A L U M A WHO HAVE SOT YET ORDERED RINGS — " We will make up rings for any graduating year at regular prices. School ruling is that every ap- plication for ring must be ap- proved by .vVlumni Secretary be- fore order is filled. INFORMATION N Name : Address : Degree : Course White Gold and Any HERFF - JONES COMPANY lndianap:lis. Indiana REPAIRS I til injured rings furnished by us. F.very ring: is guaranteed against defective workmanship aaid mate- rial or will be replaced no charge. If injured through fault of owner, we will repair at actual c:(st of materials. Be sure to send to Herflf-Jones for all repairs. EEDED FOR ORDERING : Year : Stone : Size : Yellow. Green or Special Encrusting in Stone H. S. CANFIELD. Representative Ansley Hotel : Atlanta ' Designer a it ' I Ojjicidl Jeweler SSp , jc i9; I Cinsi wr ? H B ' - ' H iT Hk K H C H ks. .Jffl- '

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