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[mm i ' 1 ,.-1 - ■- ■ : i: ' j_ A €d .;ais Administration lU)Ain) OF THlSll.KS Ol ' (.K()H(;iA TECH X. E. H Minis, Cluiiniitiii N. P. Phatt I.. " . RoBF.nT, .In. E. R. Hoixisox, Jk. Eugene R. Bl ( k .loHX y. CiHANT W. H. Glenn George H. Carswell John H. Porter George G. Crawford Frank F ' reeman (i. M. Stoit EX-OFFICH) MEMBERS Clifford L. Walker Clark Howell . H. Ballard W. E. Simmons .losEPU M. Brown OFFICERS OF AD.M IMSTR. TION -Marion Iather Brittain, A.B.. 1,1.. 1) President MiLLiAM Vernon Skiles, B.S.. . .M Dean Allan Benton Morton, . ..M. . . Dnni of if lit mul Snntini ' i- School Floyd Field, A.B., M.A Drim of Men Ht:gh Harris Caldwell, . .B Rrci ' tstrar iiiiil Secretart Frank King Houston, C.P.. Secrrtiiri (iiiil T re ri. surer . ToUc . XUbe The Mechanical Engineeri ng Course m. KOIU.IA I ' crll Ih,:,sIs c.I c.llr of til, WW tiiirst Kiiyiiu-criiiij courses in tlic fiitire country. .111 rightfully. Being the oldest of tin iiiginiirinji ' courses in si-liool, it .-ilw iy- licen one of the most It trains tiic student for .-duiost anx ' jih ise ol ' uiechaniea engineering he may care to enter. Througl tin ' third year the uiechaniea! course is the sani( for all students, but upon reaching the senior year tiie student has the )|)tion of one ot four divisions: (1) The Regular Mechan- ical Course; (2) Automobile Rnginecriu ' ; (3) I ' ower Plant Engineering; ( t) Industri; Kiigineering. At the start of the course the student is given careful ground work in al the fundamental sciences, .md as he advance he is trained in the higher phases of me clianieal eimineeriu " -. Kdv Stkvenson King, M.E., M..Sc.. .Se.D. M.I ' ... Ohio .State University; M.Sc, University of Minncsot.i; .S .l).. Inixcrsily of Cieorgia ; Sigma Xi ; Phi Kappa Phi II, -ad of llic Dcpartmeni of Mechanical Eiifiinreriii; ; lliiiil (if llir Df itirliiiciil (if K.rpcrhnciitdl Ku i ' nircrin i lI.I.I M ' a. DlNKIN, B..S.. M.K. B..S.. M.K.. University of Illinois l ' r(ifcs (ir III ' Mccliiiiiii-(il Kiif iiiccriiifi HowAiii) in. . l soN. 15. .S. in .M.K.: .M..Sc. ;. in .M.K.. Iniversity of Id.Llm; .M.Sc. Georgi.i School of Technology T.iu Beta I ' i; Phi Kappa Phi AxxdcKitc I ' rdfcxxdr (if M ciluniical F. n iiiccriiif .Vm. woo . . ( ASK Industrial . rts in M.K.. Ohio State Iniversily; . .S..M.K. Assdddlr Siipriiiiliiiilciit df Shdps I ' .Dw Mil) Hi: iio .M jm SP) M.I-: Chief Fdiemaii (if the Machine Sh(ips illlllA(K . l.ON .ll TllO.M I ' SON lloMII! IImiI. N ollM N Fdiema,, (it the Smithshdp Inslineldr in iVdddsUdp 11.1.1 M N IlorriN .loH.V TllilM s Tol ' IIWl I ' dicman (if tile I ' dnndri X ' irgini.a .Meeh.iiiies Institiiti- , ,, ,, Inslrnetor in Mnehiiie Sh(ip John I 11 Nin I ' Fareman df the U ' dodshap M ' smu The Electrical Engineering Course INC Mid .•il fiifiiiiii-riiif; offers wiilr iMiific of opportunities the many diseoveries and ■incrils III tile fielil of elec- past tew years, tills course t attractive to tile This par- Diploin. ' i B.S. « B.S. in K B.S. in trieitv n er should he one of tl student upon entering; collcgi tieular department at Tech is up-to-the- ininute and lias made considerahle |)rogress since its cstahlisliment in I ,S!)(i. Tlu ' increase in enrollment since that time is adequate testimonial to its efficiency and excellence. Heifinnini; with tiie entrance of the freshman in school he is taught the theory of liis sub- jects, .and later is sent into tlie laboratory to test tliciii in ))ractice experimentally. T ' noM. s Witt Fitzgerald, B.S., M.E., E.E., M.S. .M.irshall College; B.S., M.E., E.E., West Virginia University; L ' niversity .Vri .ona; M.S., Emorj- L ' niversity; Phi Kappa Phi; Tan Beta Pi; (ieorgia Academy of Science; High Tension Club; American Association of University Professors Professor of Electrical En()ineer!inj; Head of the Department of Electrical Eiiyineeriiu Tn()M. s Gh.wdon Seidell, B.S. in E.E., E.E. H.K.. E.K.. Cieorgia School of Technology; Phi Kajjpa Phi; American Physics Society; Philosophical Society of ' ashington Professor of Electrical Enr ineerinf DoMEXHo Pietro S. v. nt. E.E., B.S. in E.E., ' M.S. in E.E. E.E.. BS. in E.E.. Polytechnic Institute; M.S. in E.E., Harvard University; Phi Kappa Phi Professor of Electrical Enf iiiceritii John I.awtok Ellis, H.S. in E.E. B.S. in E.E., Cieorgia School of Technology; Pi Kappa Phi Assistant Professor of Electrical Eiif ineerinfj Hrco Bruce Duling, B.S., B.S. in E.E. .S., B.S. in E.E., University of West Virginia; Phi Sigma Kappa Assistant Professor of Electrical Enc ineerinr Charles Clio Shumard, B.S. in E.E. B.S. in E.E., University of Missouri Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineerinrj Eahle Hannafohd, B.S. in E.E. E.. Tufts College; High Tension Club; Sigma Phi Delta; Phi Kappa Phi Instructor in Electrical Enf ineerinr Lee Dotglas Tabler, B.S. in E.E. E.E.. University of West Virginia; Skull and Key; High Tension Club; Sigma Phi Epsilon Instructor in Electrical Engineering less W ' li.i.lAM Banks Hu ii ahiison, H.S. U.S.. liiivirsity ot Xortli Caroliii.i ; (ir,i( - Work. M.iss.iiliListtts Institute of T cliiiol() ry Itixtnictor ill Clii-niislri (oHNKLirsi AuGrsTrs Wells, B.S., M.S.. M.A. U.S.. .Mtrc-cr l ' iii tr.sitv ; M.S.. Univer.sity of Gcorjiia; M.A.. t olimibia L iii tr.sity I iixinictor ill Clicniixtrii Thomas W ' ooik.n Com.ikk, B.S. B.S.. Kiiiorv I ' liiM-rsitv : (ii-.-uhiatt- i)rk. ' alc I ' liiversity. Chicajjo L ' liivcrsity 1 iixtiiiitor ill Chi-iiiintri Loris Edwin (jates, B.Sc. ]}..S. ill Kiigineering (Tuniistry. (icorgia Scliool of Ttrlinology ; Scabbard and Blade; Delta Tau Delta I nsiriictor in Clu ' iiiixt 11 RONALU Keameh, 15. S. B.S., Allegheny College; University of I ' ittsburgli : .Mplia Chi Sigma; Sigma Alpha Kjisiloii Iiixtnirtor in (liriiiixl ri Sloan Bruce Joruan, A.B., M.S.. M.. . A.B., I ' urnian L ' niversity; M.S.. Tulane Univer.sity; .M.. .. Princeton University Iiixtnictor in Clicniixtri Elisha Fkeo I ' oi.i.Aui), B..S.. M.S. M.S.. B.S.. Alai).nna Polytechnic In.stitute; M.S.. Iowa State College; Phi Delta Chi; Phi Lambda Up.silon; S(]nare and Compass I iixt riictor in Chcniixl ri mk 11 The School of Commerce m ' .A 1. 1 ZING tlu- iitfd of a ttrlinical traiiiiiifj; in tlie proparatioii of iiu ' ii for the litisiiiess world, and to keep jjacf witli tlR- outstanding iini- vrrsities tliroughout the country. Georjjia ' I ' ccli fourteen years ago estahlislied its Scliool of Connnerce. Admirably suited from a commereial standpoint in Atlanta, lieing in tile center of the financial, distributing, and manufacturing center of the South, the stu- dent of commerce Iiere is given a first hand insight into the practical side of the subjects which he learns in theor_v. During the first two years in this course the same work is offered, but at the beginning of the Junior year specialization begins and the student ma_v select one of four courses, namely: Ac- counting: Banking and Finance; Merchan- dising and Advertising: Real Estate and Insurant e. I Thomas William Noel, A.B., :M.B.A., C.P.A. A.B.. Grand Island College; M.B.A., New York University; Alpha Kappa Ps Head of the School of Commerce Fred B. Wenn, B.C.S. B.C.S., New York University; Kansas State University; Delta Mu Delta; Delta Sigma Pi; Delta Tau Delta " Director of the Evening School of Commerce Assoiiitte Professor of Commerce George McIntosh Sparks, A.B. A.B., Mercer University; Sigma Ei silon; Pi Delta Epsilon Associate Professor of Commerce Leonard Robert Seibert, B.S.C. B.C.S. , University of Georgia Assistant Professor of Commerce John William Jeffries, B.S. in Commeree B.S. in Commerce, Georgia School of Technology; Graduate ' ork, Emory University ; Delta Sigma Phi Assistant Professor of Commerce Noah Warren, B.S. in Commerce B.S. in Commerce, Cieorgia School of Technology; Delta Sigma Phi; Alpha Kappa Psi Assistant Professor of Commerce Edward Baylor Meriwether, Ph.B.. LL.B. Pii.B.. Shurteff College; 1,1,. B., Washington University; Graduate Work, Washington University; .Acacia; Phi Delta Phi; Delta Sigma Pi Assistant Professor of Commerce (■tor Kriniiui Sch„ ,l i: Ki, B. San-dkhs, B.S., M.B.A., C.l ' .A. I!.S.. L niversity of Alabama; ] r.B.A., Xew Viirk I ' niversity; Pi Kappa Plii .lx isliiiil Professor of Commerce .1 Mi.s l{i:vN()i,Ds DrcGAX, B.S. in Commerce U.S. ill (iiuinurco. Georgia Seliool of ! ' ( i-linolojiy I list I iiitor ill Commerce l.i.iivi) Leonahd Antle, A.B. in Commerce A. 15. in Commerce, Oliio University; Gradu- iti Work. Emory University; Sigma I ' i; Scpiare and Comiiass I iislnictor ill Commcrci ' ■ree ; hi I ' iNKSTAi F. 15. S. in ( M.A. M.A.. H.. . in Connnerce, Washington Uni- M rsilv ; Il.irvard L ' niversitv. Graduate ' .Scliool: Phi Delta fheta list ructiir ill Connnerce Wester CoLBrHN Bhowx Student Assistruif Chakles Yancy I.ovi) Student Assistant Insin B.S. n the I ' .Mniiig .Sehool only: Atl.inl;i . n lit C .M, A ' ayne K. Rivers, B.S. in Commerce in Connnerce. University of (ieorgia ; Sales Manager Creo-Mulsion ( imip.iny Assistant Professor of Commerce .1. R. Robinson np.iny. formerly associated with Income Tax Bureau. I ' ederal Inlirnal Revenue Department for Georgia Lecturer, Income Taj: .lolIN H. HviNGTON, C.P.A. (if the Bar; Seeretary-Treasurer, ,T. P. Allen Co. Assistant Professor of Commerce . Manvii.le Wai ' ( hill lit ( iipy and I ' lan Di ision of the Massengale . dvertising Agency: formerly niemlier of the Editorial Board of the Xew York Ad Club Lecturer, Copi Jf ' ritin Fha. k Ada IK ' iee-Presi(len( .iiu! Trust Officer Adair Realty and Trust Co. Lecturer, Ileal Estate J. P. Newei.l Chillicotlie Normal . ' School I iislriictor Deceased. The Textile Engineering Course UK to tliL- iiiiiiortaiice of tlic textile indiistiy in the South, and tlie rapid iii-owtii ill tlie past few years, the textile engineering course at Tech siiould i)rove — as it does — the choice of the many men of the South entering college. A first elass textile school having proven vir- tually a necessity to the South, it was in 1899 that the first instruction in this hranch of engineering was given in the Soutli, here at (jeorgia Tech. The department is equipped for performing practically every process of cotton manipulation from the cotton field to the finished fahric. The student in textile engineering here at Tech is given a well rounded education in the other phases of engineering offered in the various courses. Clarence Bernard Seal, Sc.D. Graduate of the Philadelphia Textile School; Sc.D., University of Georgia; Phi Psi Head of the Department of Textile Engineering Edmonu Camp, B.S. in T.E. (Leave of Absence) B.S. in T.E., Georgia School of Technology Associate Professor of Textile Engineering Charles Alfred Jones, B.S. in T.E. B.S. in T.E.. Georgia School of Technology; Plii Psi Associate Professor of Textile Engineering David Earnest Philpot Phi Psi I u.sirucior in Textile Engineering John Roy Brandon Phi Psi Instructor in Textile Engineerini John Inzer Alford, B.S. in T.E. B.S. in T.E.. Georgia School of Technologv Instructor in Yarn Manufacturing Luther Jackson McGinty Student Instructor The General Science Course I. THOUGH being oiu ..f tho ikw- tst courses at Tech, tin- Scitiuf Course, which was estab- lished in 1923, lias proven one of tile most |)o))ular and has grown considerably in the first few years of its existence. It is (•s])ecially designed for those students who desire a general education before specializing in any particular field of engineering. This rourse makes optional to the student subjects in English. Business Administration, Math- ( iiiatiis. Modern Languages, History, Psy- luilogy. Keonomics. and the Engineering subjects. It differs from the regular engin- eering courses in that many of the technical subjects are omitted and after the sophomore ear the larger ])art of the schedule is elective to the student. The degree awarded is Bach- ilor of .Science. Wii.i.iAM ' kkxo.n B..S.. .M.. . B..S., University of Chicago; M.A., Harvard University; Beta Theta I ' i : Phi Beta Kajijia; Phi Kappa Phi; Member Georgia Academy of Science Dean of tlir CoUcf c and Direcior of the (iencral Science Course; I ' rofcsxor of Mathriiiatics The Industrial Education Course The objects of the course in F.ducatiou is to train nun for ]iositious as eni])loynient managers, supervisors of industrial education, teacher-trainers for state boards, trainers of em])loyees in various industries, teachers of vocational subjects in ))ul)lie schools, and teachers of subjects related to industrial education. There is the two j ' ear course offered which leads to a certificate of ))roficiency, and a four year course which leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Education. The State Board of ' ocational Education is fostering this work ;ind has selected the Georgi.a .Sehiiol of Teehnologv to do this cl.ass of tr.-uiiing. n.s. ill M.I-: AI.TKU .IkI-KKHSON HoiXTUKK, H..S. in .M.K. .M.issachusetts Institute of Technology: .Merci United .States Xa al . cadeniy: Ka|)])a . l]iba llrnil of tlir n, iisl rini Ed iicafioi, I )r part iiiriil 1,(111 (iiiKKT, B..S. in ( ' . . (ieorgia Seliooi of Technology; ' anderbilt I .a Uni rsity Siniimer School; Ka|))).i .Mplia; I ' hi Kapp.a Phi: I .Ix.iistdiil I ' rofesxor of I iidiislrud Education n.s. in (■ L ' niversitv : lio.ii: Delta The Ceramics Course BiiiiK tlio first sc ' liDol soiitli of tlif Ohio River to cstililisli a dipartnicnt of Ccraniic Enfjiiici-riiifr. (Icorjii.i Tccli lias kept up with the times and introduced sonie- tliiiiji- ital to tlie intcri ' sts of progress io this state. The st.ate of (icor,i;ia possesses ast opportuiiitx- in this t ' ichl. ha intt lircn endowed hy nature with an ahundance of eeraniie materials, ineludiiiu ' s elays. k.aolins, beauxites, feldspars, saiid.s, cement roek, .ind fullers e.irtli. The t ' ourse is so .irr.anged as to cnnihiiie tile theoretical and practical aspects of the subject by research, laboratory work, and also inspec- tion trips throughout the state, ' i ' his is a four year course and leads to the degree of H.iehelor of Science in Ceramic F.ngiiieering. Arthih ' . . Hkxhv, C ' er. E.. M.Sc, Ph.D. Cer.E.. M.Sc, Ph.D., Ohio State L " ni ersity ; Delta Sigma Phi; (iannna Al|)ha; Scabbard .nid Blade; Sigma Xi ; Phi Kappa Phi Head of tlif Department of Ceramirx The Co-operative Course Beginning in 1912 the Georgia Sciiool of Technology offered the co-operative plan to prosjiective engineering .students. This course extends over the period of five years, during which time the student sjiends alternately four weeks in school and four weeks in practical engineering work in the shops of Atlanta and neighboring cities within the radius of three hundred miles. The Co-operative course offers three options; General Engineering, Textile Engineering, and Civil Engineering. This course is designed to equip the student for a position in cither the designing, pro- duction, sales, or executive department of industry. This co-operative system offers a wide variety of practical training and many lines of specialization and has proven very popular since its birth. J.vMES Ekskixe ' iel, A.B.. M.A. A.B.. Erskinc College; iSI.A., Columbia University; Graduate Work, Harvard I ' niversity; University of Berlin; Delta Theta Pi; Phi Kapiia Phi; Chi Phi director of the Co-opcrnfire Kiif inecriiK Depait iiciit Phil Blasikh NakiMohe, B.S. in E. B.S. in Engineering, Cieorgia School of Technology; Bet.i Theta Pi; Pi Delta Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade .Ixxi.sldiil ( ' oordiiKitor The Architectural Course Georgia Tedi is one of tlie few soutliirii si-liools oflcriiifr a first class course in Architecture. This course has grown considerably in tiic past few years and leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture. It is the ultimate aim of the department to give the student the necessary training in design, construction and allied subjects that will fit the graduate for the practice of Architecture and will also enable him to be of immediate value as a Along with the ])ro- fessional subjects taught in this course is given the essentials of a liberal education, giving the student a broad foundation for his future work. Architecture is regarded primarily as a Fine Art. and the aesthetic side of the profession is eni])hasized throughout. H.xROLD Brsii-BaowN, A.B.. M.. rcli. A.B., M.Arch., Harvard University Head of the Department of Architecture J.VMF.s Herbert Gailev, B..S. in Arch.. M.S. in Arch. B.S. in Arch., M.S. in Arch., University of Pennsyhania Professor of Architecture Kenneth Kixgslev Stowell, B.S., M.Arch. B..S., Dartmouth; M.Arch.. Harvard University; Phi Delta Tliet.i Associate Professor of Architecture KicHARD Thomas Morenis, 15.. rcli. B.Arch., Columbia University; The Stout Institute; Kichuiond College Assistant Professor of Architecture RiCHAHn ' . . lc;ku Vice-President, M;irye, Thornton .uui Algir. Architects Instructor in Arcliilrrturc Martiiame .Sanders Sigma Chi Stuilcnt Inslrucliir I.i.EWEi.i.v.N ' n.i.i .M Pitts Alpha Tau Om. ' g.i : Pi Delta Kjisilon StuilrnI In.strurtor The General Faculty M uTix LiTHER Brittain, A.B.. I-L.D. A.B.. Kiiu.rv C ..llegc; I.1..D.. Mercer University: (Iraduate Work. L ' Mivl■ ' r ity of Chicago; Kappa Alpha; I ' hi Kappa I ' hi President of the College John Sayler Coon. M.E.. Sc.l). M K Cor.Rll University; Sc.D.. University of (leorgia ; Sigma Xi : Phi Kappa Phi Professor of Mechanical Enfiineerincj, Emeritus Jesse Boland Edwards, B.S.. E.E., M.E. B.S.. E.E.. M.E.. Alabama Polytechnic Institute; Graduate Work. Cornell University. University of Chicago. University of Michigan Head of the Department of Phi sics John Bascom Crenshaw. M.A.. Ph.D. M.A . Randoli)h-Macon College: Ph.D.. Johns Hopkins University: (Iraduate Work. University of Berlin; Gamma Tau Delta; Phi Kappa Phi Head of the Department of Modern Languages Facultij Director of Athletics Floyd Field, A.B., M.A. A.B.. Willamette University; M.A., Harvard University; Graduate Work, University of Chicago; Theta Chi Dean of Men and Head of the Department of Mathematics Clarence Edward Coolh)ge, Ph.B. Ph.B.. Yale University; Tau Beta Pi Head of the Department of Machine Design William Gilmer Perry, M.A.. D.Litt. LA.. D.I.itt.. Davidson College; Kappa Alpha; Phi Kai)i)a Phi: Phi Beta Kappa Head of the Department of English Theodore Saunders Dunn, B.S.. M.S.. K.M. B.S.. .M.S.. E. L. Missouri School of Mines; Pi Kapjia Aljjha : Tau Beta Pi Head of the Department of Geologi and Metallurgy William Anderson Alexander, B.S. in C.E. B.S. in C.E., Georgia School of Technology; Kappa Sigma Professor of Physical Cidture Colonel Earl D ' Arcy Pearce Ciraduate United States Military Academy; Colonel, Coast Artillery Corps; U. S. A.; D. O. L.; Scabbard and Blade Head of the Department of Military Science and Tactics Roger Shephahd Howki.i.. B..S. in M.E. B.S. in M.E., Georgia School of Technology; Phi Kappa Phi Associate Professor of Experimental Engineering Director Evening School of Applied Science Allan Benton Iorton, A.B.. M.A.. Sc.D. A.B.. M.A.. Brown University; Sc.D.. University of Georgia; Phi Beta Kappa; Phi K.ippa Phi Associate Professor of Mathematics Dean of Su7n7ner Scliool David Melville Smith, A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. A.B.. M.A.. ' anderbilt University; Ph.D.. University of Chicago: Kappa Sigma; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Member Georgia Academy of Science Associate Professor of Mathematics •Iamks Rissi-.i.i. .Iknnkss, U.S. B.S.. Dtiiiiison I ' liivt-rsity; (irachi.ite Work, University of Chicago, Cornell University Asxocinte Professor of Physics AiiTurR Hammond Armstrong, A.B., !M.A. A.B.. Yale University; M.A., Columbia University; Beta Tluta I ' i ; Pi Delta Epsilon Associate Professor of English Robert Xkal Thompson, B.S. B.S.. Cieorge I ' ealiody College for Teachers; (iraduatc Work. University of Cliicago; Cohnnbia University; Phi Kai)|)a Phi Associate Professor of Physics George IIoli.aday McKee, A.B., M.A. (Leave of Absence) A.B.. Washington and Lee; A.M.. University of Pittsburg; Graduate A ' ork, Harvard University; LTniversity of Nance, France Associate Professor of Modern Lane uayes Henry Edward Genz, Ph.B. Ph.B.. Yale University; Sigma Xi ; Phi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi Associate Professor of Machine I)esi n David Leslie Stamy, A.B., LA. A.B., Ursinus; M.A., University of Chicago; Phi Kappa I ' hi Associate Professor of Matliematics Xeil Frikborn Bearosley, B.S., M.S. B.S.. Hir.iin Colli-ge; ALS., Xorthwcstern University; .Sigma Kpsilon Associate Professor of Physics ' ILI,IAM Lenton McEver, B.S. in ] LE., ALS. L. ' .. B..S. in LE., Georgia School of Technology; Phi Kappa Sigma Associate Professor of Experimental Encfineering I ' haxk Robertson Reade, A.B., LA. A. 15.. M..V.. Liiiversity iif ' irginia; Lambda Pi; Phi Kap| .i Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi Associate Professor of En )lish {ii:oR.,i: High Boyd, A.B., S.M.. Se.l). A.B.. S.M.. F.niory Uiiiv rsity : Se.l).. .lohns Hopkins I ' inversity ; (iraduati- Ork. Cohnnbi.i Uni ersity Associate Professor of Biology •Vlexander Fei.ix Samuels, A.B., LA. A.H.. .M.A.. L iii ersity of ' isconsin; Ciraduate ' ork. Uni (rsity of Illinois Assistant Professor of Physics .(osEi ' H Abelarde Cami ' oamoh, .M.. . LA., Universidad de Bergos. .Sp.iin Assistant Professor of Modern Liiiii iiagcs Roy yi. Mi ' NDOHFF, B.S. H..S.. I ' ciinsyh ania College; (iraduate Work, L ' niMrsit - of I ' ennsylvania ; Phi Gamma Delt.i Assistant Professor of Mathematics SwiiKi. CouNKLirs Stovall, B.S. in M.E. (Leavt- ol ' Absence) U.S. ill M.F.., Cieorgia School of Technology; Pi L.imbda Delta; Phi Kappa Phi ; S(piare and Com|)ass Assistant Professor of Experimental Engineering F.AHI.l: FlXiAH JJoRTEI.L, B..S. ill NLK. B.S. in .M.F.. University of Miihig.-iii .Issislinil I ' rofrssiir of Pliy.tirs (i Ml. I, Mil) B. P ' STABROOK, B.S.. C ' ll.E., M.S. 15. S., C ' li.K.. I ' lirduf riiiMTsity; M.S.. Oliio State Univer.sity ; (lamina .Mplia .Itixi.itaiit Professor of Physics lliiiii Hoizkl Leech, B.S. in I.E. 15. .S. ill M.K.. (iforgia School of Technology .Ixsisldiil Professor of Drawhifj W ' li.i.i AM 15ex Johns, B.S. in E. B.S. in E.. (ieorgia School of Technology; Phi Kappa Phi; S(iuar - and Coiiipass Assistniif Professor of Machine I)esif ii Cahhoi.l DeBeet Edoar Graduate, Johns Hoiikins Course in Machine Design; .Sijuare and Compass Assistant Professor of Drau ' ing Hehbekt Kyle Ftlmer, B.S., I.A. B.S.. University of Mississipjii ; M.A., Columbia L ' niversity .Issistanf Professor of Mathematics JoH.x FixxiE DowxiE Smith, B.Sc, M.Sc. B.Sc Glasgow University, England; M.Sc. Georgia School of Technology; I)i|)loiiia, Royal Technical College, England; Phi K.ippa Phi Assistant Professor of Experimental Enf inii ' rin j Enwix Hexrv Folk, A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A.. University of South Carolina Assistant Professor of English Ho.MER Squire Weber, B.S. in M.E. B.S. in !M.E., Georgia School of Technology; Phi Kapjja Phi; Square and Compass Assistant Professor in Draicinfj Eons Edward Barber, A.B.. M.A. A.B., Harvard L Diversity: M.. ., University of California I nstrnctor in Modern Languarjes A ' alteh Reyxolds, Jr., B.S. in LE. B.S. in M.E.. Georgia School of Technology; Beta Theta Pi Instructor in Mathematics Ernest P. Earnest, B..S. B.S.. Lafayette College; Ciraduate Work. Harvard University; Sigma Alplia Epsilon Instructor in English Walter Lee Simmons, Jr., A.B. . .B.. ' ashingtoii and Lee University; Phi Beta Kappa: Sigma Upsilon Instructor in English Ernest Percy McDonald, M.E. !NLE., Alabama Polytechnic Institute Instructor in Experimental Engineering George ■ILSox Nicholson, B.Sc. LS., LL.B. B.Sc. The Citadel: I.L.B.. M.S.. University of South Carolina I nstrnctor in Mathematics H AHOLD Dauks Parcell, B.A.. .M.A. B.A., University of North Carolina; LA., Harvard University Instructor in Modern Languages Leslie Kahr Patton, B.S. in E.F.. B.S. ill E.E.. (ieorgia School of Technology Instructor in Mathematics Henry Howes Pixley, A.B., A. L A.B.. A.. L, J. B. Stetson University; Alpha Phi Epsilon I nstructiir in Mathematics Dwis I ' w.NK Ru 11 AunsdX. B.A. B.A.. Arkansas Lni crsity : (iraduatc Work. Harvaril University Insiructor in Mathematics John Hkuges Goff, A.B., A.M. . .H.. . .M.. OgUtliorpe University; Graduate W irk. The Sorljoniie. Paris; University of Madrid; University of Strasburg; Kappa Alpha Instructor in Modern Languages D.4VII) Bknton Wh. rton, A.B. A.B.. D.ividson College; Phi Beta Kai)pa ; Sigin.i U))siloii Instructor in Entjlish John A ' . lter Fountain, 15.1 . 15. . s. in Kngineering, Georgia School of Teehnology Instructor in Drau-ing Fhank Boole, B.S. in M.E. B.S. in M.E.. (ieorgia School of Teehnology Instructor in Draicing W ' lin Armistead Cate, A.B.. A. L A.H.. A..M.. Kniory University; Sigma Chi; Sigma Ul)siloii Instructor in English Robert Mii.leh Ervin, A.B. A.B.. Centre College; Diploma. Univer.sity of Toulouse; Phi Kappa Tan: P hi Delta Kapjia Instructor in Modern Languages Archibald Dinsmore Holland, B.S. in E. B.S. in F " ,ngineering, Georgia Sciiool of Technology; Pi I ' amhda Delta; Scahhard and Blade Instructor in Experimental Engineering James Mavnard Keech Duke L ' niversity; Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Beta Ka|)pa Instructor in English Rhodes Millard Wihtlev, A.B. A.B.. ■,•lshingfon ,ind Lee L ' niversity; Beta Thtt.i Pi: Sigma L ' psilon Instructor in English Harold Eahle Barron, B.A. A. I?.. Pciiiisvlvania State College; L ' niversity of Toulouse; American Olympic Team; Sigma Nu Instructor in Modern Languages Ralph Edwin Willey, B.S. in E.E. B.S. ill E.l ' ... Purdue University; Graduate Work. Georgia School of Technology: I ni ersit ot ' Wisconsin; Purdue Uni ersity; Sigma Mu Sigma; Eta Kai)|)a Nu; Scabbard and Blade Instructor in Electrical Engineering Hr ;ii Harris Caldwell, A.B. A.H.. Davidson Colhge h ' igistrar .loii.N BoNAu White, LD. A. 15.. D.ixidson College; NLI).. Johns Hopkins University; J5(t,i Tluta Pi; Xu Sigma Nu School Surgeon Miss Delia Johnston Acting Librarian Miss Dorothy Mtrray . .v.v isia n I I, ili ra ria n A lluniHtratiun Suilbitiq » ' 4 i |J w:; v • inr lilt i5is - ■■■■ if- luauii Dormitnry W :?T ' f -? ' i ' . Sntratup to IGibrary X ' V " , y ,i , ' I ■ V,; 1 Dmuu CClunrji Irrrl v . i v CCrramira iBuilJiinn .•t= i ' . --;C vf .iJuliuii Uirmmi Dorinitnrii CCifuwtditJ Ix m The new Senior bench, entrance to the new chem- istry annex, and entrance to Knowles dormitory. I niisual views of the campus while held under the spell of King Winter. Interior views of some of the shops and laboratories of the school showing the stu- dents at work in their vari- ous lines. {n annual event is the ss country run sponsored the Koseme Society in ich all freshmen and many ers compete. Familiar scenes to the football fan, seen often on Grant Field in the fall of 1925. The Tech team brines home the baron from New York, where I ' enn ! tale was vanquished, and the re- turning team is met by the student bodv. Scenes from the gala fancy dress ball given on Washington ' s birthday by the Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity. An annual frolic for the fresh- men of the various fraternities is the Easter egg hunt given by the freshmen of the Kappa Al- pha fraternity. The winner of the scramble for the " golden egg " is shown receiving the prize. , .fi ts " 3 :?;•. : -• %ii i ,. ,„ - . «? ' S5.«. 5fpui €l|pmiatrg SuilDing ?:. t. Harris Hall Seili tT m Officers of the Senior Class S. D. WvcoFF President I. A. Williams Vice-President C. T. Barrox Secretary G. W. Wilde Treasurer W. M. Ware Historian J. Eu ' UBEHG Poet SENIOR POEM They said : " Beyond the ke n Of Space and time, where men Are wont to seek their de athless souls in dreams Lies Carcassonne; " and c nstant mem ' ry ' e pen Enchained too for aye The campus, the array Of modest buildings springing from the he Of Georgia ' s soil, mild red of meliow clay. What time has matched to art. Within those oaken halls Where truth diurnal calls To truth eternal, we have learned to love The right : nor less upon the field if falls Our sport in Skrymir ' s slove. Sweet Academe, more fair Than twilights crown, we bear Thy seal upon our spirit ' s core. An echo of the past the future dare Ah nt — yet who can t U? —J. E. I ' dWKI.I. I.AHTOX AlF.X.VMlT.II, l 1 K " Alex " Macon, Georgia Mix ' hanic.v, Engineerinir -li ' sl lUiij honor thee Who honor in thee ontij it ' hat h best. ' ' abouts " of Maco Central City he block. With hi! lo think of him ciate the word " Greeting " , need as an arrival from the " near- and like most of the crops from the s held up as just a chip off the old ' riendly " hello " we really would like sheriffs deputy and then appre- written on nmons E. : Scrub Football (2, 3, 4) : Lieutenant (4) : Boxing (2) ; Free Body Club. Hi:x.i. .Mix Aims ' .Vikjhd ' ■Urn- Gloster, Georgia Textile Engineering ■■ „„, III, niphiin of mil .voh . " We wonder how Ben and Tommy came out in that checker Kame last hour? No. this is not the only thing Ben does well, for when he came to us in the fall of ' 22 he took the bull (or shot perhaps) by the horns and showed his classmates that the Textile course could be mastered. With that determination, he won the high- est esteem of his associates. Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4). I)i (i. Uamxii.I ' II . iikx. 1! II ■■lh„- nn Burcn, Arkansa.s Klectrieal Engineering ' ■ wl.s-h lo iiriilrh not Ihc doctrinr of h nohlo ■((.« ' . h,, Ihc dorh-Ui, of Ihi- xlrtniioii!.- Iif,r Doc comes from a state that is famous here at ' I ' ech, and he is one of the reasons. He is quiet, but you should hear the tales told about his doings at camp last summer in Aberdeen, especially in connection with the fair sex. Doc has worked hard during his stay with Fitzgerald and Co., but he says it ' s worth it. and he ought to know. HiHAM ( " nisM Ai,ii:x, ' I ' A (t •lliki, " D. ' c-.-itur. (; ' (ir}. ' i;i .S|icri;il TcxIiU- I ' ' ,iifiliu ' irini; ■.( m.M .. ■ hni„ Olid furu;inl-look ,i,i wlinir Hikie is truly a " mill rat. " He had far rather run a spinning frame than stop for lunch. The great num- ber of admirers Hikie made always wondered what it was in the suburban city that kept him so interested. We were at last informed that he was a master drum- mer and his flapper sweetheart was fond of music. Marionettes. m mJi BHI ffgKMK ■WPWtiMiaBSt-; ' Waiikh F.nwiN Amuiisiin- Ppo " " ' J T% ••. «. ■■ T A IPfV C ' asriia, Xcirlli Ciiniliii;! ■ ri Ciiiiiiiifi-c- ■I III linns arc fiiir xchin llic in ml fur hiiiruui (III 1,1 is jiisl. " After preppinK for several years in Uncle Sams army. Andy felt as though he was ready to try the Commerce Department. Besides being handicapped by a camouflaged Ford, he has been able to Krab oppor- ! tunity by building himself up a nice radio cabinet busi- ness and still keep up with his classes. Undoubtedly 1 the iindergrad will soon have another successful alum- nus to point to. .I.MiKS [..VMHiiiGiiT .VxnrxG, .111., e X Dc Loui.siaiia Civil Engineering " To set till ' cause above reiioxvii. To love the ijame above the prize. " " Starvation, " as this Louisiana product is known to his classmates, came to Tech to get all his course had to offer and then to refuse nothing that college life offered. He has successfully partaken of both and may leave with memories of four years well and profitably spent. Starvation possesses just enough wit and humor to make him the good sport that he is. Phi Kappa Phi ; Tau Beta Pi : Scholarship Gold " T " ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. 141; Honor Roll (1. 2. 3) : Civil Crew; Battalion Football (1, 2 ; A. S. C. E. George Eddixgs . rcher " (teori e " Key West, Florida Electrical Engineering ■ ' Hut. sliire the affairs of men still iinn rtniii. Let ' s reason ■with the worst that may befall. " George is a record-smashing man. Please don ' t jump at conclusions, kind re-ader, for George is a gentle youth and his specialities are victrolas and women. As demon member of the " Cast Iron " quartet he has thrilled every girl ' s heart from the north pole to Nan- kipooh. George looks forward to great things in life with open eyes. Honor Roll (1, 2); Personnel Adjutant R. O. T. C. (41. EiixEsr Dennis -Vuwood -SmiU ' ir -Stuart, A ' irginia Co-c)])crative Engineering ' •Discords make the s-weetest airs. " At p esent Smiley claim s V rgin as his home, two years back it w as North Carolina. nd when he gets throuKh it is lis ble to be Georgia Most of h s time at Tech ha s been spent h piping Wop keep Tech s band in the lim elight. Howeve r, girls a re his hobby. weak- ness ar d ambition. As a Co-op. he has worke-d for practica lly every company that eve -mployed a Co-op. Hand (1. 2, 3, 4) ; Circi lation M inager Georgi a Tech Alumnu C ' liAitiKs Avi.KiT Asiiiiv. .III., i; N •■ ' ' • " " ■■ .lai-liMMivillc, Fli.ridM I ' .lrctric-al Engineering ' .hid xl ' ic Fnniklin ' g eneri etic shade Robed in the liyhtiiiiiys which his hand allny ' d. " Concludine that he ' d make a better Yellow Jacket than an alliffator. " Goof " hoofed it out of Gatortown in his prime and was soon sporting a pair of iridescent wings. Entering in 1923. Goof has been whirring about the E. E. Department in a frenzy. His aim is certainly a good one: " To do everything to the best of my ability. " High Tension Club. (■ 1)k . tki? •In., .i 1 ' 1 ' Atlanta, Cfiir-ia Engineering Clieniistry " Travellers ner did lie, Thouyh fuols iit Iiome condemn ' iin. " Charlie was wafted into the Chemistry building last fall on a gentle trade wind, covered with cosmic dust and sophistication. Surrounded by his many admirers. Charlie related the adventures he had encountered on his most recent tramping investigation : an exploration of Africa and vicinity. Aside from being a Marco Polo and a scrub football player, Charlie is a servant of beauty. LaCrosse (2. 3. 4 1 : Boxing (2); Footfall Scrubs (3, 4); Freshman Cross Country: Emerson Chemical So- ciety; Battalion Football (21. S-VNTDiii) .MeXiKi AvKiis. ' l ' A II -.lynes- .leftVrsiiii, Ceorgia Areliiteetuie ■ ' letter the rudest work that tells ,i stori or records o fact, than the richest icilhoul nieaniini. " " Agnes " is one boy who does not fall behind in his work. He puts that first and sees it through. He has won the esteem of his schoolmates and especially those of the Architectural Department. Some of the colle- giate architects plotted against " Agnes " and tried to get him into several hapijy parties, but we have never found out whether he joined them or not. Tau Beta Pi : Architectural Society : Marionettes ( 3, 4): Decker (Pledge): R. O. T. C. Basketball: Yellow Blu KoU 31. Print (4); Charrette Club; Ho Vi (ikduci-: Hadkn ikku ' . |I A -.irajor " Savannah, Georgia Civil Engineering •]Vhii rcorry now when it is all so near over. " Though the " Major " is his nickname, we prefer to call him Gus, and that isn ' t Gloomy Gus by a darnetl sight. Gus has the dreamy eyes of a poet, and while engineering isn ' t exactly poetry, it takes vision and imagination to envisage the great developments of the future. Gus takes life easily, even gets frisky on oc- casion, but when the time comes he can discourse on karyokinesis ( ?) etc.. as solemnly as the rest. Pi Delta Elisilon : Technique (1. 2. 3. 4). Adv. Mgr. (3t. A.s3t. Bus. Mgr. (41: Blue Print (2, 3, 4), Asso. Editor 12) : Civil Crew; Freshman Track; A. S. C. E. : Track (2, 3, I ) : Captain R. O. T. C. (4) ; Battalion Football (1. 2, 3). I ' kAIUK IllliINK IVvKKil, K A Ti-xlilc Isufrim-criiif;- -Oh lrliir ' I havf J ol lowed i oii lliroiiiili llff. ,111(1 fill, I 11,111 III hill a shiidi ' . ' ' The man who undertakes to head the Y. M. C. A. has a man-sized job on his hands, and this year Pearce has taken hold in his earnest and conscientious way and put the job over in splendid style. For four years a leader in the religious and social life of the school, his efforts have ripened into an abundant harvest for cam- pus life. President Y. M. C. A. (4) ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (3) : Staff Y ' s Jacket ; Pres. Tech Bible Class ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4) ; Tech Episcopal Club. .I. IKS W ' ll I 1 A. ' M BvitKKit •Jimiii; - .Vtl.iiit.i, Gcnrgia Civil Engineering ' ■Sllllhiini .lileiire! Thnu thai iirl FUioil-i iili ' of the deeper henrt. ' ' Jimmy has never been known to say a powerful lot, and his conservation of the English language has been truly remarkable. On the few occasions on which he has been called upon to speak, much wisdom has emanated thereof. It is our belief that we are harbour- ing in our midst another Edison or a Steinmetz and the years to come will bear the fruit of his intense studies. I5i akksike: HAiiniiN, A i; ' I ' ■ISIiikr- Aildisiin, New Vi rli C ' er.-nnif I-jigineeriiig -II, i; niiiii ' x „ iiiini of romfort. ichn,;- i„lrl,-e Hath often slllt ' d my hrawHny discontent. " After trying out three other universities, Blake got wind of the new Ceramic course offered at Georgia Tech and left the glacial regions of New York State to follow up the clay industries in the much pleasanter climate. Blake should make a real success at whatever he undertakes, for he possesses an agreeable manner and a remarkable sincerity of purpose. Cahtku Tath liAliliOX. ■Reif A E ■IIoiii. Clarke.sville, Georgia Commerce is jiiirrhas ' d hi deeds ice do: honour i.i not icon, t ' litil .iiniir lioiiourahle deed in done. " Carter is a regular fellow, and a Prince Charming that would make any Cinderella happy. He has won our admiration because of his " never-say-die " spirit, acting always as a real southern gentleman and thought- ful of others. When not occupied with his strenuous military duties. Red finds lots of time to converse with ordinary mortals such as the likes of us. Football (3, 4) ; Delta Sigma Pi: Basketball (3) ; La- Crosse (31: Anak : Bull Dog: Koseme : Freshman Football. Basketball. Baseball: Cotillion Club: Lieuten- ant Colonel R. O. T. C. 14): Pres. Student Council : Vice-President Athletic Assn. : Vice-President Freshman Class: Vice-President Y. M. C. A. (3): Secretary Sen- ior Class. f35gF3[3 3f2S wsiiN Miami Uatf.s. II K ■1). (• Atl.iMta, Cvovj Ui V ' TiiriMiM-riiiL ' Cliciiiistrv ■ni pill ,1 nh-u III fiirly iiiiiiul ,1111,1 III, Allhouith Dawson told us that Atlanta is his abode, it is whispered that he hails from Lakeland. Florida, where many have trone. but few come-. However, we will say that those few seem select. Dawson is never too serious and always ready for a bit of fun. When basketball season rolls around, he is as rarin ' to go as the cockiest manager ever was. Sophomore. .Junior and Senior Basketball Manager, (2, 3, 4) ; Emerson Chemical Society. I)i: Bkii. VMAU Tl •■ ' . 1. " S.iiiilcrsvilli-, (irorfria ( ' ii-ii|iir.itive Engineering ■Willi. Ill, II III, ' ■zcnrld ' .i mine niisler, W ' liiih I kUIi nxcnrd ■will open. ' U. T. Kained his elementary knowledge of science nd lantruages at Sandersville High. Public utilitiei avi claimed nearly the whole of his years as a Co-op t Tech. His experience ranges from operating lathes t Kulton County Plant to the generators at Tugalo. ver which he has watched with loving care. D. T. is man of varied interests : basketball, golf, tennis, radio, :instein and Evolution. Hattalion Ha.-iketball (1, 21. ,Iiisi:i ' i[ ' rKiiiiKi ■rhe nublext Honest Joe hails ing a Yellow Jacket when the time com separating us from liable all over again the ■•. », ' • Cii-iffiii, (.iforgia Ciinunerce uiind the best riinletilmeiil hits ■iffin the To notorious. Joe took up commerce upon becom- Joe is one of the Old Guard and s for him to go. it will seem like me of our molars. He ' s the old re- and like Griffin. Joe ' s going to get Koseme. KiiHiiKiiii K lU.i I I si;i:ii, K -Frediiii ' ' New I,()ndt)n, Cimni ' ilicu ' Kngiiiecriiig Clicinisl ry m H imrl iif nil ll„il I hm ' i The Military Department accuse l Kreddie of having a weak heart — wf wonder if there isn ' t a pretty good reason living somewhere near Baltimore. Kreddie ' s plans for the immediate future are. first, to get mar- ried ; second, to l.ecomi an " eminent " chemist (with a little nigger to wash up his dirty beakers and test tubes) : and then play baseball the year round. Hattalion Football (2); Battalion Basketball |2. 3): Friendship Council: Emeraon Chemical Society; Fresh- man Basiball. ■ir ,,, Eddii. lU-.iu.cii All.iiitM, (•.(■Di-f. ' ia CVminicric (■ rtiison hut from xi-hat xi ' e kii ' nc lat-icius youth who has manacml to • (if fun aloiiK with woi-k despile y. What a pity it is that he and th were not twins: as it is they make an adn iljle pair. What if Eddie did question the- droplets visdom spilled in ' Gl. we still think the account of iccountintr will be a Ki eat one. JOSKPII Bkiinatii -Lllflr Joe ' ' Edd out h prof It Atl.iiitii, Cicor ria ComnuM-cf ■True hniuh clwelh- cii-niia Joe is a steadfast lad who has followed his Muse both day and night, and we point to him as an example of conscientiousness incarnate. Joe hasn ' t much to say for himself, but we can submit that he has the dis- tinction of being one of Professor Noel ' s few favorites. And modesty — well, a frightened gazelle would sevm bold in comparison. We ' d give a lot to see Joe call on a young lady. ClIFKOHD WkVMOVTH BkKKRS, I K i; " CUff Chattanooga, Tennessee Mechanical Engineering " Let us do or die. " He Attention. The Colonel approach Napoleon ' s rival, for as a military genius Cliff k his strategy. He servi and admirably did h ments do not stop h again comes into his nected with machinery Scabbard and Blade; Lieutenant R. O Staff (31. Co ' onel (4 1: Co. Football (11 Free Body Club; Rifh ' " " commander of the regiment, le. But Cliff ' s accomplish- In the X. E. laboratory he In fact, if the job is con- it to the " Major. " C. (2), S. M. E. : 2. 3). . iiTinii C.M.iKirx HiviNs, .In., 8 X -F.,ujUI, ' ik " .Miami, Florida Kh ' ctrical Engineering " .VoHc Inil liimxcif can lie his iKinillel. " thi: From the land of sunshine and speculation sandy-haired youth, bringing with him a striking per- sonality of zip. humor and good nature. Eaglebeak u another of the boys who does not allow even his sen- iority to make him grow old. He never fails to see the bright things in life, yet through all. there is the abil- ity to go out and do things the Man ' s way. Honor Roll (1. 21; Battalion Football (1. 2. 3); Freshman Baseball ; Tau Beta Pi ; High Tension Club. -.hiini nr D.iltDii, (icoriria I ' .lcilriial Kiijrinpcrinir ' 7 .- II ' , I liki- llii iiinii -u-hti siiiiiiiiilirs life for fiiiiii-: ijii ' i ' nil- the mini icliii liriiiij iiinkin « mime. " John B. picked out the town of Dalton for his place of residence, and he is widely known there as a man capable of doinp things. His electrical experience has been varied, hut the desideratum for John B. is to place his town on the map as an electrical railway terminus. No doubt he will, if the Muscle Shoals argument is ever settled. FllWK It.UllNSdN liolTON-, !• K i) ■■(II, I L,i,hr lc .imlr-i,i, I. ' iiiisi. ' in. ' i fnimiMTO- -Sii iiiiniii u-iirlils. s„ iiiifli hi ,1,1. So linle ' doiie. .iiieli Ihiiiijs l,i be. " Because Frank comes from the sugar cane state we suppose that is the reason the ladies think him so sweet. Anyway, we can vouch that the Old Lady is always good for a ride in his " automobile. " This just carries out the common sentiment that Frank is one of the biggest hearted fellows on the campus. He is always ready to help a fellow out of a hole and to encourage with a cheery word. Cotillion Club. SlTl ' IIKX I ' k.N NINCTOX BoNU Savannali, deorjria .Architecture " do jierceire here a divided dutij. " This King of Hospitals, Star of Battalion football, and Apple Magnate is one of our best bets either in the gentle art of football or the more dangerous one of being a ladies ' man. Steve must have been cut out for a doctor, he just can ' t stay away from the hospitals. Steve is another landmark we ' ll hate to part with. Captain U. O. T. C. (3, 4) ; Battalion Football (:i. I) ; Scabbard and Blade. .Ml Bdcrrs Ildisn -lAllh Moil- Meriiliari, Mississipiii . rcliitcctiiri ' -lloxc fur thill mile riiiidle Ihrou-s hix heamJi. " Although one of the smallest men in the class. Little Man Jisse has gained an enviable reputation as the most daring hold-up man in the Student Supply. He is also an excellent contortionist and can tie himself in a knot around his drawing board. However, when it comes to hard work, he is right there, and will, no doubt, be a great architect some day. Honor Roll (31 : Architectural Society. .((ISKI ' ll IVMKIISDN- HoSTOX, .111., X " 1 ' ■ ' Joe " Atlanta, Georgia Mccliaiiical Engineering -Mu.u.t tcvi.v ri(ilii: ' Joe ' s eni;aKinK marcel wave, cheerful personality and witty absurdities have, after four years, cajuled the di«n into parting with another sheepskin. But Joe. so the story goes, is a iibinuitious youth, and beyond the confines of these walls, he has been accused of Kulluf. movies. Kord Kymnastics and bursts of oratory. Oil Can Club. .Sl ' KNfhlK ' . 1,L. CF, BoYI) ' ■Spencer " . tlanta, Georgia Electrical Engineering -Well .idhl; Unit icvi.v hiiil on Xfitli a tnncei: ' Now that Spencer has signed up with the G. E. Com- pany, we feel better satis fied that the company will soon be run on a better basis. When the two get in synchronism, something is sure to happen. We have a sneaking idea that the reason Spencer selected radio is because that branch may allow him to give the world the advantage of his operatic voice. Honor Roll (1, 2, 3l; Scholarship Gold ' T. " WiiKY Caiii.isi.k Br.xcey ■Wile! " . tlanta, Georgia Engineering Clienii.strv " ( Life! hd-cc j)leiis int in thi morninij Yoniui Fdiini ' .i )■(( , the hills adornlmt. " Wilty (Willy to his enemies) is to be tremendously admired. In the Great War he partially disabled his left arm. which of course hinders considerably perfect manipulation. Even with another great handicap of being a South Carolinian (actually, he is proud of it), he- is never down-hearted, not even when the alcohol that he was distilling for Xmas gifts proved to be im- pure. Emerson Chemical Society. M.MIKI.X Hknky Bi1-VM)T ■■CoHon " Florence, Sonth Carolina Electrical Engineering liUU- fletts iiiini, their harks to lesser fleas, and .so ad ■(treat fleas hite V; And Utile fleas hax inflnihnn. " Cotton is noted for assorted Fords perfor ners. During the four years he v a familiar figure, bumpinK along —alone — because nobody would take least thing Cotton learned was ho the whistle blew and be in class c ability to and assorted man- is at Tech he was 1 a Ford cut-down a chance. Not the to wake up when 1 the hour. I ' j yo ' rjg ' wwyav aitf ji. S (AlllUIII Hill ■• ' ».«.v- Milli-n, Ccvirfriji friiu-criiif; C ' lu-iiii ' ire .ici ' mly 7Ci And f„ stiiili, [nil of bookes, thin III; jiii .try fur Ihii In hiire full uf Puss spends just about all his time in the Chemistry building. He doesn ' t talk much but he can say a lot in a few words, " BuU sessions " hold no charm for I ' uss, who can work serenely on while the most hilari- ous or violent discussions are under way. Our chemi- cal engineering friends have doped it out that Puss is delving in alchemy. Emerson Chemical Society. HcjllKIl II.MIlllS jilKI.VCII ■■Uiiivil-lli ' iirtid " t ' .iiiiptiMi, tM-cirfria Mfclianiivil I ' Liifritifcring -. • liariKd abuul icnmin from ■fr. " Heavy-Hearted (H) earned his name down in Pensa- cola, or to be more explicit, on leaving Pensacola. There have been statements issued that twenty girls were extremely " heavy-htarted " when our Iohk, thin hero left town. H. H. will admit that he neither gives nor takes any leeway with the ladies ; Rudolph has to look to his laurels when our •■Handsome Hero ' comes along. Technique (1. 2); Treas. Tech Uible Class. I ' liii Mi .SiijANi; liuiiAiiiii iisr, .III., K i •■BroniHi " Americas, Georgia ■l ' i ' . tilc I ' ' ,iif;iiieei ' iiiir ■■SIriniilli of hi ml luiil iirni iiri hi.-. " Roland is one of the species. " Engineerus Textilus. " that on rare occasions may be found at work in the Textile Department. Americus contributed her part to the world when she sent her stalwart son Roland. Truly, he finds the best in everything and gives his b st in re- turn. Some day you ' ll read his name in the collar of your shirt. Phi Psi; Cotillion Club. I- ' .IIW MID IIxlloll) jillOWX ■• •. ' r ' M.irtiii, Citiirgia licnenil Si ' ieiue -MiiKi il Ihii htisiness to know Ihiisilf. xchirli i.t Ihi inosi iliffiiull lesson in the worlil. ' ' Ed is one of those silent men from Franklin County. He hasn ' t much to say. but you just somehow know Ihat he heai-s everything that passes and stores it up for future use. He is among the few who, realizing the benefit of a general education, changed to the Gen- eral Science course and will be one of the first to re- ceive a straight B.S. degree from the school. (!k ii( ' . : Saiigknt Hikiwn, ,Iii. Savannah, Gfiirgia Klcc-trii-al Knjrincerinfr ••77ir u-in-xt of hiiviiiii „ i- ' imaiir,. is Ihiit it U-avia i oti ito II II nun (tilt if. " In 1922 GtxjrKe ' s cverpresent blush evidenced his mod- esty and timidity. However, the George of today is a chanKed man. He has a trunk full of letters from Kirls with broken hearts, and there is not a prof in school that he does not call by his given name. His curly blond hair receives the greatest of care, and it is predicted that he will sell hair tonic after grad- uation. .fllSKlMI K.RNKST BiKlWX ■■.Irk I " Dublin, {;ei)i-gia Coninierce ' ■The cj-pfi-liiiii-ti mid rose of the fair still e. Till ' ffUu s of fiishioii mid the mould of form. " Archimedes was one of the first protagonists of the O.xford Bag inquisition. But well let that pass. Though Arky is not very effusive, we e-xpect to hear of how- he rushed through the streets of his home town, exclaim- ing like the old Greek. " Eureka, Eureka. " Then we ' ll know he has solved the weighty problem on which he seems to ponder so solemnly. Company Football (1); Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4). M.xRcrs JoHxsox Bnowx, X " 1 " " Finchley " Atlanta, Georgia Engineering Chemistry • ' Wlieii sliall Xfe look upon his like again? " This hardened reprobate, casting aside his go-cart and rattle, set out to paint Tech a gory hue four years ago r and now, with his " teens " still ringing in his ears, sits upon the pinnacle of fame. Marcus, besides being a movie hound, has been a good student and his con- scientious nature and amiable disposition have won a place for him in the hearts of all his associates. Technique (2. 3) : Blue Print (3) : Honor Roll (1) ; Emerson Chemical Society. Robert L.xwsox Browx, " t A 9 " Sparky " Macon, Georgia Commerce " Whence is thy learniny? Hath thy toil O ' er books consumed the midnight oil? " Sparky after completing four years of mighty toil at Tech, decided he had better come back for another try if he wanted to get ye olde sheepskin. Sparky fin- ished up all his back work by the end of the first term this year, and now is in Macon taking a much-needed ( ?) rest before entering upon the cold, cold world. Delta Sigma Pi: Cotillion Club. i I ' • ' . AVtHsiTH ( ' (iiui Rx Biiowx, i; i i; ■■]y,ir ChattanoDjra, Tennessee C ' DMimeree ( Ml- oniric: ichiii I 11)11- mil innnlli. hi nn ilnij l.iirk. " Web, in his meandeiinKs about the cami vis anil with the Glee Club, has KainctI much in his colleKe life in the way of friends as well as knowledRe, and his nat- ural gift for business leads us to believe that the hiEhly elusive shekels will find a home in his grasp. He leaves his Alma Mater loved and respected by all his asso- ciates. Alpha Kappa Psi : Technitiue (1); Blue Print (2); Honor Roll (1) : Glee Club (1. 2, 3, 4), Husinc«is ManaKer (4). ident. l ' ' .l w. 15 111 I Hapeville, Georjria Klectriral Engineerinj;: ■11, ■ inilil. Ill, l„i.i. ' nioiiij liffon- he III, ' hiiiir of Ih-iiiii ,is he • ■ icho iciiil.-- for Ihi- rivi r t„ roxse.1. ' ' e-eiphty Clarence has been well advertised in the list of monthly grades. At the end of hi in the E. E. department, a new section, the above-ninety list, was added to all of the monthly report sheets. Buttermilk has also whipped his cream on many a fool- ball field where his name has thrown terror into oppos- ing anks Phi Kappa Willi I ' h ■H,l(l u;- foil I ■. .si,, , lo 7C,lkf Roll (I. 2, 3). 1 Miiis.M ' s l?i ' i " n:BF:Ei n, A T ,i ■■ iiir Pensacola, Florida Coininerec (()•( ' hoffhil lo fUilil l„f- I.ike country •■Butter " , Bill is unadulterated, but by no means ingenu. As skipper of ye yearbook skiff, he has made things fly and weathered many an unex- pected editorial rapid with a steady hand. He pos- sesses the happy faculty of getting things done with- out fuss or display. Bill, despite his arduous duties, finds time to do society and engage in classroom fun. Pi Delta Epsilon; Alpha Delta Sigma: Technique (2. S), Board (3) : Blue Print 12, 3, 4), Associate Editor (2), Assistant Editor (3), Editor-in-Chief (4) ; Inter- Fraternity Council Mi: Honor Roll 141. w Y, .III., •] .i n Kii IvMii.i: Cam " Cast ' ! " I.aGrange, (ienrfria ■i| (iial Textile Kngincerinf; ■■ Tis not „ lip. nr vilv. we heanttf mil. hut the joint fnrre and full ye, nlt of alir Casey is too intent on It-arn ng in a hurry what we offer in the Textile Departmer t. We fully expected to enjoy his company for years. but probably he thinks more of cari-yinjr on the work of his family. It seems that Casey ' s jfreatest tieliKht is chasintf kt ' vl ly bears of a dark niRht in the Kai ' tl n a his home with the At- lanta society Kirls. Honor Roll (1). ■•MT rt.miv c» .I MHS I ' .TIIKI IIKIIT CmiITCIN ■■.linnni, " Atlanta, Ccir-ia Cicncral Sciciici- - .- ,n- r.v.s- „ l„ „„ less llinii I Inilii thill will pill Ihill Is hnnrsi . . . III triisl: li, hiv. acconlinK to our trusted astroloKical (?) ailvisor. is intiiKcnous to Atlanta. This probably ac- counts for that strange incident at Tate concerninit which Jimmie professes to know nothing and will doubt- less accuse us of prevarication. Jimmie ' s ambition is about the best we ' ve seen and it is characteristic of him : " To serve my fellow man and help make this old world a better place to live in. " Hattalion Football (1. 2l; Uattalion Ba.sketball 11 21- DeMolay Club; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4l; Blue Ridge Delegation: Asst. Radio Announcer WGST (3): Gene Turner Bible Class. i1.I.I. :M I..SWS1IN ( AII.MRII AKI, ■Mik,- " Pi int, Georjiia Textile Engineering ■■.I ml still thiji ijmed, and still their -woiidi ' i- (]reu- That one small head could carry all he kneti!. " " Mike " is not only at the head of the Textile Depart- ment in height but also in scholastic standing. This latter is shown by his Phi Kappa Phi key which he obtained after four years of hard work. He has not let work interfere with his social duties, however, as it is reported that he is something of a shriek out in the gay city of East Point. Phi Kappa Phi : Phi Psi ; Scholarship Gold " T " ■ Honor Roll (1, 2. 31 : Blue Ridge Delegation (3). FiiANKi.ix Edwaui) C ' atkr ' ' Frank " Meridian, Mississippi Textile Engineering General Science ■■Heller a stalled . is a dinner of herbs where loiu ■e and hatred therewith. ' ' s, than When things are sad and gloomy, and nothing looks cheerful all day, then Frank walks in. with that jolly smile an ' always a good word to say. It seems to you that things are all right once more, and pulling your way. The rhyme and meter of this prose poetry wouldn ' t compare well with Byron, but the sentiment can ' t be beat. As you note. Frank likes to work. Battalion Football (2. 3) : DeMolay Club. lloHAiiTi King Ciiapmax, .In. ■Kinir . tlanta, Georgia Architecture " . ,■; sweet and musical .Is briiiht Apollo ' s lull . strunij with his hair. " This architectural songbird is very talented. Besides being a good architect he is on the Glee Club, and what is more, sang " bass all over the place " with the Tin Can Quartet. In addition to all this he still finds time to play the cornet in Frank ' s band. King is a very likable fellow and has made many friends during stay at Tech. Battalion Football (1. 2): Honor Roll 2. 3, 4. . ' ) : Archittctural Society. Band .IdSKl ' ll I5kxnktt C ' iiksiiihk ■Chiifl " Motiltrip, Geiirjria Civil Knjrineering runs tin icvi .y U ' llirr I III •■Chisel-s " ct ve smoothed ee. While I irds football erfulness and his attractive personality jul all the bumps in the road to a de- freshman he showed an inclination te- nd then as a senior demonstrated very rly that he had not forgotten the the memorable itame bet veen the C HiKh Tension Club. Civil Crew : Lieutrnant R. O. T. I ' cmtball ( 1 » . ,I(IIIN- FiDVI) Cl Atlanta, Cciriria S|ic-i-ial ' I ' cxtilc Kiifrim-i-ririfr -liiiir is nil friinti i il from mi fnc. 11.1 fnnii niii friinil. rinnis „i„i,l : Mil (riiml shines xclinl I r,ni do. mid mil for ic-lml I " Sis " dyes but does not fade. A stranKe anomaly you may protest, but none the less true. " Sis " wrenched his secrets from the reticent reaj?e-nts. and many an afternoon as the sun faded have we seen him trying to compound a fluid that would be ever fast and true. Despite his irideiicence. you can ' t know " Sis " without being his friend. S.VM Ukokstkh Cikmkst, r T .i ' Sam ' Kast Lake, (iein-fria .S|UTiil Textile l- ' .llliilli-iTillf;- ■lliish- lliii . . iimiili. and hrlnii xcilli lliri- .lest and ijuuthful . oUit.n " .lust a fat boy from East Lake, a suburb of Decatur, and a youth that you couldn ' t help but like. Sam made a good friend and class-mate for every boy at the Mill. He has won his spurs at the old reliable textile game ( checkers I and the checker team will he considerably set back by the loss of so worthy a member. .IllllS I ' KAiUK ClKNnKNlN, A :; ' 1 " ■■.liilninii " . tlanta, Gi-Drjria Civil I ' .nfr ' iiffrinj: ■■i:rrrss In nolliln, this I naurd as a iirUu-iph of Ihv liii lii ' sl i-alue ill life. " . flir walking post at Duke University, way up yon- d.r in the Carolinas, tor a year, Johnnie decided that Ihe evening activities at Tech would be more greatly appreciated. If an even temperament produces phe- nomenal golfers, we suggest such a career to Johnnie as a road to fame. He is uuiet, unassuming, steady, and trustworthy, all of which marks him for a fin« career. Civil Crew: Scrub Track (2. 3); A. S. C. E. fW FW ' IsVl.MI C ' olIKN ■■ Ac " Atlanta, C.cDrfjia Civil Kiiginecring ■• i.v rrrii foot has miisir iii ' l .Ix lie comeg up the stairs. " " Ike lothe of Atlanta ' s 1 he A-ork a,. stand-bys. .. liialled by his ability __ __. lection of Professor Lucas, for spect. " Ike " is undecided as t ?3 in musical or engineering lines. Band (1. 2. 3. 4) : A. S. C. E. ; Lieutenant R. O. T. and throuchout hi» , Ro- only Crete under the able ' horn he has a great whether his future ClUllIKS I ' HANKM.N C ' ollIK.K, K i ■■dhomir t ' hattaliiiojia, Teiiiipssee Civil Enginefring " Arlion.i sjiedk louder than u ortlx. " Chattanooga must be held responsible for Charlie ' s Charlie is nothing his nickname would imply. s quite the reverse, although quiet and purposeful ien. Ha loves every teacher in his department and rever praising their good qualities and hereby hangs e. Charlie is a hard worker, but withal, something ladie iil Cl Cotillion Club; Honor Roll ;) ; A. S. C. .1(111 N Hknhy Coil. ins, .Ik. " Snoopii " Savannah, Georgia Mechanical Engineering •Three years she grew in sun and shower. ' ' When " Snoopy " entered Tech he was just a wee stripling of 5 feet 11 inches and despaired of ever grow- ing up, but since 19 ' 22 he has sprouted apace until now he boasts of 6 feet 3. " Major " Collins toots a mean cornet — in fact, our noble band director admits that he could never have gotten along without his " detective " and ranking officer. Kappa Kappa Psi ; Scabbard and Blade : Honor Roll (1. 2. 31 ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (3), Major (4) : Mathcson Literary Society ; Marionettes ; Scholarship Gold " T " : A. S. M. E. : Free Body Club. .roiiN iiaki)em- x Cox.x, ■ a e ■ ' It-.y- ' , tlanta, Georgia Meclianical Engineering " Ah, how yood it feels! The hand of an old friend. " If there is any organization on the campus that " Izzy " does not belong to we know not thereof. They say he comes from New York, but all we know is that he spins a wicked sphere. During his junior year he fell in love and made Kid Clay ' s baseball team. " Izzy " escaped any evil conseiiuences from his affair and is still one of the Kid ' s ducklings. Baseball (2. 31; Freshman Baseball; Skull and Key: Koseme; Bull Dog; Cotillion Club; Anak ; Oil Can Club: A. S. M. E.; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4) ; Scabbard and Blade; Student Council; Battalion Football; Secretary Ga. Tech Athletic Association; Honor Roll (1). ' tH- - » .. tir hrrlfill lit c.r. 1!a I(in Cook •■;•; ' . ■■, Ccoi-friii Comiiicroc III ' ic ' iikes from uliurt sin the kt ' tii air, and raroln as he i dis. " Ebie " took to heart the su estion that one of his friends made, viz.. that he put to some Kood use all the hot air he was wasting in the Commerce Department, and he has tooted his way to fame in the band. Yet " Khie " has an inexhaustible supply of aforesaid air; we harbour no fears as to his future. E. B. is all k. o., for when " Jedge " M, tips us off to anything, you can bet Hand (3, 4) ; Battalion Football (3). Kdwin KiGKXK Cook ■• •;- ■ ' Slircvi ' iiort, I.ouisiMiiri Elect ric ' il ] ' ' .iigiiu ' i ' riii ;- . . . rd-i ' virtu, ' ■For .tcienci ' is . ' ii liii( ( real reicaril The stork brings ■ brought Ed to us f of no mean ability time and again by r to timeworn questio rectly. h bicycle. all into this world, but n Notre Dame. He is nd has astonished his ly new theories and ne If our memory that student otessors the young man that wanted to electrify the FiiAxcis EsTii.i, Cook, B O n " a us " AllaTit.i. Ccorffia Mnlianical Kii iiiL-crinjj- ' ' Come forth into the liijht of Ihinas. Let Nature be your Teacher. " ■Gus " managed to leave Birmingham long enough to nplete the M. E. course, besides having a lot of out- ' interests, and he has done very well. He possesses .lending personality and a friendly disposition, and to ni;tv be traced his fame as a social lion. " Gus " has rit much time raking and tending the cinder path: igership of the track squad did not fall to him rii and Blade: Track Manager (4): Oil Can ree Body Club : Major R. O. T. C. ( 4 ) ; Glee : Inter-Fraternity Council. .lollN I. IV1.I.I. CoPK, II K . " Jork " .Savaimali, Ciforjria (iciu-ral Science ,ha Ha ■IjiI ohsirniliiiu icilh extensive vieic •iiirveii iiiinikinil. from Chinii hi I ' eru " ig completed his work at Blair Aoadimy, .lack on Tech for his advanced work. No doubt it s a wise choice, and it has given us another true ind. He is one of the few who have so arranged ir schedules as to include all the college activitiis: • of these general scientific oirds. Jack rates well h on the campus and off. ■reshman Swimming ; Cotillion Club : Bull Dog. l.iTiii:ii Wiisiix t ' oi ' Ki, Fort Siiiilli. Arkansas l ' ' , I ' -jiiriiu ' ci-iiiL ' U--4 ■l.n II, :l 1,1 h lllil . , 11,, ,k .1,1,11 The inly thin one of J(sse .) operati rrn in th( ,ial,nifl,llil ii. ir;.v( v we hold aiirainst " Cope " is that he wai mes " band of reprehensible characters student. As this member did not blos- som out with a new auto, we fear that he has buriid his share of the treasure. At any rate, with such a nest t KK as a starter. " Cope " should ere lont? be another Rockefeller. Student Supply (4). WkKDEI. PaIXK CllKXSIlAW ••( ' •( ' « " .Mierdeen, -Missi.s.sippi C ' Diiiiiierc ' f " . iiiiiii he ;c ' (,«, lo all the country dear. " " Cren " has done much to aug:ment the dismity of the Commerce Department, for in him there is a quality that bespeaks dignity itself. This quality, however, has not altered the flow from the vein of personality, for althouph he entered the freshman class as an older man, he has always maintained a marked degree of populai-ity with the fellows. Honor Roll (1). CllUISTOPIIEIi Hf:Xl)KI C ' llOWDKR •■Chrh " - sheville, Ni)rth Carolina Elet ' trical pjiifrineerinft " ■ ' V. ■( ' (•. Iiinc wayward is thi.i foolish love Thill, like o testy babe, will scratch the nurse . . . " " Chris. " with a little practice, would be an orator to the manner born. A deep bass voice and a winning smile won his spurs his freshman year. Despite the fact that " Chris " has a hard time digging the sand out of his eyes in the morning, he has absorbed an astonishing amount of the theory of thermionic valves (?), " You ' ve got to shoot high to rise, " says " Chris. " LaCrosse (2. 3): Freshman Scrub Track; Technique (2, 3) : Blue Print (2, 3) : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4) ; Battalion Football ll. 2l; Z. Z. Z. Club; Friendship Council ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ; Gene Turner Bible Class ; A. I. E. E. " ll.LI. . " I X. POI,F()X ( ' lU)WnEH, A — " 1 ' ■• ?(• • Marietta, Georgia Commerce " ■ ' ) climb sfeej) hills Requires slow pace at first. " At-track-tive " Bill. " the boy who has shown more fly- ing heels than Johnny Hall could at a revt-nue officers ' convention. " Bill " was raised on the track at Marietta High where he distinguished himself as a sprinter, and on Grant Field there are few who can equal his pace. " Bill " is an all round athlete and a darned nice fellow. So spake Zarathustra. Track (2. 3. 1) ; Alternate Captain (3), Captain (4) : Delta Sigma Pi ; Alpha Delta Sigma ; Anak ; Koseme : Bull Dog; Student Council (2, 3. 4) ; Inttr-Kraternity Council (3, 4) ; Freshman Track; T Club; Pres. Junior fsd[ KwKii lionFHT Ci 1 HKinsoN, K i; ■■l ooU;r (H-.-.-nvillc, Soiitli Carolina Spi-.ial •IVxtile ■■ ' ' o iciniiiii. In is II jiiji fiirrrcr. ' •■nnnlcy " entered Tech but a couple of years aEo. and yet here he stands ready to leave, having successfully philiinilered through the Textile mill. Long and loud will be the wail from the " woman ' s world " and the so- ciety page when " Doolty " checks out. for he is a very popular member of the " college set. " ' Tis a " crool " world. Phi Psi : Freshman Track Manager : Sophomore Bas- ketball Manager. ClIMIl IK " S ' cUNC n.vMKi. .Ik. •• ' ■■. ' ' ■ . tlanta, (icorpia Cni cri-o -. linn iniiuiii, liiilir.i i.i i, innsi ilvitlilfi - Ilihi;,.- Charlie will undoubtedly some day be the repi esentative :im the Grant Park district to the Board of Aldermen the ladies do not lose their right to vote. The cause his jiojjularity has been attributed to various sourcts : ; smile, his black hair, or maybe his new top coat. It ist be his top coat, for it excites the ladies ' curiosity to what a lovely figure that piece of raiment adorns. I) ) in h-llll nf III, ' h- FiiKi) Ai; ■riiss- . tlaiita, (;f:)rf. ' i,-i Text ill ' l ' ' .ii};iiiecriiijr hiiikir full nf III,- thr hliishfiil Ili,i,, Whe n better sandwiches are made " Puss " will them. With his work at the Sandwich Shop, at and with the ladies, he is a very busy man. Ju same, he always has time to get a smile from ev he meets. With the line that " Puss " can spin whc occasion demands, he should gain much yardage Textile world. Phi Psi : Seiuare and Compass. Phaxcis Maimon Davks -Mull- Cartcrsvill. ' . C.-urfiia Architecture •ni-illinii. Ilitl: -l!,- ,ln sin fn liihmtr in hi. rali rrancis is or In addition to cinder path, he cian. His " m. nber. the " arly le of the most versatile of our r being an accomplished veteran is a talented (classical we mean nirnful tunes " while away man; morning hours in the art department. Kranci native of Cartersville. He might be termed a " model " vouth since he poses for life drawing class twice a week. Track (2. 31: Cross-Cuuntry (2. »l; Freshman Foot- ball. Track: Architectural Society; Z. Z. Z. : Hyer Kyev Club; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (11 : President Austin- Tech Bible Class. Al.KXAXDKH KkM) OaVIS, A ]■ ' , ■■.llr.,- Chnrlnttf. Norlii Caroliii.-i S| TcNtilc l ' ' ,nginciTiii(; ■ iix. Ihiii. ' . ■ iiji iind thihuj. Wilh II hiiirl fur iiii ' i full ' . " " Alex " like Alexander the Great, and Alexand r I also the Great). Tailor to Gentlemen on the Strand. London. EnKland. has made his mark. CominK from the Tarheel State, he has painted and woven his way through the Ttxtile Department, nor has he permitted his many feminine admirers to interfere with his work: an example to which we would direct the underprad ' s attention. Phi Psi; Cotillion Club; Marionettes 13). .IciiiN Watkis Oxms ■■.lalnini,- .S.n aniiili, GcorjiiM (1)1111 ■■U-hnfsoi ' i III II tiiliilit. " Ill, Iniiiil fiiiililli III ilii. ihi il -.cilh othe tif the boys that helped dispute " Johnnie ' the rights of Kaiser Bill to rule the world. Success m this line had its effects upon him for he immediately started looking for something hard to do. and thus found himself in the halls of Georgia Tech. " Johnnie " how- ever, proved that he can take them as they come, and this time he will receive a B. S. in C. for his trouble. Honor Roll (3) : Techniciue (4). .MAIlMlAi 1. PofF Ot:. ' -yiiirsliiill " Xorcniss. Ceni-fria (.ivil F.iii:ii)ff rins;- imidi I, Sllrh .l " !l ' hiiii iliniii ' h lliiriin I iiindi ' . ' the wilds of Norcross this promising tngmeer nd not only possessing a knowledge of Civil En- ig. he has gained, through affiliation with Uncle inside key to the secrets of food as practiced on jsh of his . lma Mater. Someone conferred the " Buttermilk " on Marshall but we cant see this ; is to be an engineer and wear " high top booti. " Gedhok KAV:MnNn DkLay -Boiiir, Cciirjri.i Kl.-i-triiMl I ' jiuiii.-iTiiii;- -.( lliilsi- llki- i,f II hiiUlill Ill-link In Ihr liiifii iiiiiiilh iif JiiiK. " would seem to us that there was a Second Lon ■v in our class due to the fact that whenever ;•• approaches we hear the far off chimes of Notre His clear ringing voice has sounded through an E. E. Lab with a resonant note of " bong. " ;ing the merit (?) of the present senior class, : " delayed his exodus a year. M lull. Fkiis DiAiiiiM.. T V. ' ! ■■r,ii.r- C ' li.itt.iMiiofra, Ti-nnessee C ' luniiHTc ' o ■■ • ' .))■ Iriilli liiix fiirh ,1 fiu-i- mill siirli II mil .Is t„ hi- hivi ' il lu ' fih iiiilii til hi ' .«-«•«,■■ Felix came to us a sophomore, having spent his r aKony at the University of ChattanooKa. The -eds at U. C. haven ' t yet recovered from this rom all indications P ' elix will face the world inker and business adviser : in fact, every ban hattanooKa is saving a place on their balance s M- this asset. A hard-working boy. I ' ootball Squad (2, 3) : LaCrosse (2. 3, 4). H iun W AsiiiNtiTox Doni) -Willi Vi„f Kii.ssfllvillp, .Vrkansas Klectrical Engineering nliiliiliis iirr II fciltilii. hill Hu- ll I,, h m ilii liirti. " Wild West " is another electrical wizard from the lar of Oz. He has the cigar and slide rule all right, and a he needs to b ? a perfect Steinmetz is to give his soui strainer half a chance. In addition to his othtr ele tronic traits, " Wild West " is a genius on hook-ups ar has tried several patent medicines to rid himself of ther C.uil I. ■■(•iirf . tlalll.l. (H-i l ' ' ,l.-ctrii-Ml F,ii«- ■MiisU- liiilli ,-liiiriiis t, Anil Ihiiifi l " ' " l " iiollii- the sarinii- ben.-il ' , .iheriffs f,-„.i): ' Carl will be remembered by his classmates as being a musician in the- saxophone class, or more accurately, the ultra-saxophone class. Many a note has he " tooted " for Wop ' s band. Carl received his first taste of engineering at Tech High and came to Tech to sec if he couldn ' t in the end startle the radio world with some new form of " brass pounder. " Hand (1, 2, 3, -1). TiinMxs ( rriMAN Diisaidson •■■ ■ " ,» " .Ml.iiita, Ccirgi.i ■ .liiil inn lih fiiiliniix h-iuii-il In ] ' Irl ,ii- i siili-r Of course it ' s not entirely " Tom ' s " fault. Anybody subjected to such a long course of study at Marshall ' s Pharmacy would develop unusual tendencies. " Tom " is certainly not a lounge lizard, nor is he afraid of a little work, and why he haunts the Tenth Street curb must remain a mystery. Withal, " Tom " is a game lad: ' tis said hell try anything once. c K 1)1 s N. i; ■■. ,i, , ■• Dilhlill, (;r.M- " i,-i nf l nulh. xchi ' ll flllf liin ' linu,l. Ilur, ' is lin ■In till h.rirn Fur „ hri„l,l l- ' uir " Jack " is a iiucer fish l)ut by no means a dull boy. No matter how the profs send in the heavy artillery. " Jack " is ready to counter-attack, and really, the kid ' s clever. One attachment he formed in the military ile- partment turned out tragically, for. so it is said, poor " Jack " was broken down with Krief when Majir Hatfielil was transferred. Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (11. u Mii:lisnN Di-I ' llK. i; A !■: -Hill Ihiki ' " . hirit ' tta, {•■rorfriM ' I ' cxtilt ' iMifiiiiferiiif; ,l, n-li n rhip ,f Ihr ol,l hhirl. . hul ■III ' ;c ' ,r.v no llie illil liliirk ' ■ ' (■ nilitary cap about the " Bill " wears as Walt Godwin weai-s his headgear. It wouldn ' t sur- prise us in the least to hear that he was setting a new style out in Marietta. " Bill " is a hard working chap, relatively speaking, for some of the gang will invariably throw off on the Knitting Mill hands, but he has a fine personality. Of this last, there is no doubt. Phi Psi; Captain R. O. T. C. (4). Coil. IS EdW. III) DlllDKN " C. •;.•■ StiUmnre, Cecn-jji.-i Co-iip M-ativi- iMigincerinj;- " . iiliiss ;.. Jn.l „ 1,1,,. •moil, mill 1,1 siliaki ' i. old ilthi " C. E. " was made famous as a model for the profes- sors in mechanics. His classmates are greatly indebted to him for his amorous nature, because it so clearly illustrated certain technical points for them. " C. E. " is the only one of his class that became interested in politics, his loyalty being manifested by his " Dawes " pipe, which served also to sooth his caveman tendencies. .I.vcKsciN DniiiKiT, .In.. K . ■Reil dninije ' Cnrdele, ( " icorgia Civil Kiif;iiu-iTin};- " f hiiVf IK- 1 Item (I t-wij iif them: tico I inn sure I liiivr paid, two rogues in buckriuii xnilx. " Gentlemen, the original Jesse James. Two years in the Student Supply should make a man rich for life, but Tom says ifs not so. We predict that he will return to Cordele and a lite of business with his only thoughts of Civil Engineering being remembrances of running levels on Third Street: Life ' s Little Joke No. 30303. Civil Crew; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4 1: Glee Cluli (2) : A. S. C. E. : Student Supply (3). Manager (4). r iliil H 1 III AllKX DlTTON ■■i)„r- Kayettovillp, New ' iirk Electrical Engiiutriiip ■ ' Of nhdix — and ships — (iiid xtnlinii ici ' .r — (If r ihh(ui ' s — and kitxjs- " " Dut " has been trottiriK around the campus but three years, yet in that slim span he has become a fixture comparable to some of our old-timers. " Dut " is well niifh incomprehensible when he sets excited. We figure that he first counts to a hundred, thinks twice before spen.kinK. and thtn talks to himself. He would certainly make the G. E. Co. a good consulting engineer. Captain R. O. T. C. (41 : A. I. E. E. : Matheson Lit- erary Society. ni;NKY H.Mtitisox F.. r.. n, i; I» K ■■H,„v,r ChattanoDfia, Tennessee Mechanical F.njrincerinir -Hi. ml II is ,1 fhill: iif III, jliixl. " Early in his career. " Heavy " established a name as an athlete as well as a scholar. He has garnered a long chain of honors and offices in his years here, not among the least ot these being his undisputed title as Tech ' s ugliest man. This personality should continue to make its impression on all those he meets even as his mighty broom has impressed the freshmen he sponsored through " alcohol. " Scabbard and Blade: Football Squad (2. 31 : Track Squad (2. 3, 41 ; Boxing (2) : LaCrosse (2. 3. 4) ; Fresh- man Football: Skull and Key: Koseme : A. S. M. E. ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (2, 3), Captain (4) : Free Body Club; Honor Roll (2): Inspector Dormitory; Secretary and Treasurer Sophomore Class : Secretary and Treas- urer Junior Class. trinrii Kit. In., I A Tmk-.k ■■Skill " . tlanta, (lei)rgia Textile Engineering " 7 ' () tliiiii ' ou ' ii self he true. " What we can ' t quite puzzle out is how " Skin " can keep up with all of his extra-curricula activities and yet be as far away from the edge of the scholastic preci- pice as it is possible to get. " Skin " is as square as an etiuilateral quadrangle, the kind of a chap we ' d like to got shipwrecked with. " Skin ' s " admirers are not all masculine. Phi Kappa Phi: Phi Psi : Inter-Fraternity Council {3. 4i. Vice-President (4); Glee Club (2. 3. 41. President (4): Cotillion Club: Skull and Key: Bull Doe: Yellow .lacket Four (3. 4 1 : Honor Roll (1. 2. 3) : Textile So- .TdSKi ' H l uiiHKiu:, ' I ' 1-; II " . » ' " . tlanta, (;ci rgia t ' i iniiicrce mi ' s ri ' iirh slmulil ej-reed his r r a heinen for? " •)( the mo st argumentative chap: ■Jh. II », Or u ' h Ill ' s encountered ass.oon than on Charged with being a ■alist (at least he liked -until he met Ibsen in Dr. Perry ' s sanctum, and now he seems quite befogged. We nominate " Joe " lor our Hall of Fame for reasons below. Phi Kappa Phi: Pi Delta Epsilon : Technique (2. 3, 41, Assistant Editor (4): Blue Print (2, 3. 41. Senior Ed- itor (4): Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (1): Honor Roll (1. 2. 3) : Emerson Chemical Society : Gold " T " : Editor " T " Book (3) : Senior Class Poet. II OsiicMiNi: I ' JDKii, 11 K A ■■l{,,l- V,ilkiM ill.-, Ccorfiin Civil l ' ' .M};itu-ci-illf; ■■Elini,il slliixhhir niltlrs „n hit llr.ul. ' ' Red. or Snoopy as Harold is better known in certain parts, is another of the immortals. Although many of his friends have departed from him by Kraduation. he has never suffered their fate. But Red likes us and we like Red. so wherefore should he depart from us? His system has its advantages for each year he makes on the averane of three times as many friends as ht loses. Civil Crew KinviN .Si(;jnxi) Ki ' STKI.n, .III., " l " IC 11 ■Ep " .Savjinnah, Georgia MrcliMiiifa] Engineering ■■II7 (i minil with wiith. " nil icllll ) (•».««)• 111,1 " Ep " ' ■Ep " ; one of these solid, prinninpr chaps to whom :urn for aid. confident of his ready response, bear for work and when the faculty let up on a bit this year he began to grow restless and let his whiskers grow. Had it not been for Power Plant i-n- Kineerinu. we shudder to think of what might have hap- pened. Honor Roll Cl; A. S. M. E. : Battalion Football ll. 3. 4) ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (41 : Savannah Club. ISRAKI. H.MIKY F.iiniiK.iir. ■J. H. ' Orknuilgee. Oklalioiiia Civil F.ngineering I,. Ikiiii-. mid ill that rhrir ■Whn hills tiiul Iniiisixirt to mi .luiil i-islai- ' d. ' " I. H., " while graduating in Civil Engineering, bidi fair to forsake the fields of engineering endeavor and blossom forth a-s a big business man. His ability in th« latter line is unquestioned as he has shown on more than one occasion. One thing is sure — should Old Lady Opportunity knock at his door she will find a most en- thusiastic welcome awaiting her. ril.lI.A.M RlCIIAUl) F.MII, K ■Dick- Columbia, South Camliiia Commerce u-ill iilli „l„l .juoil uitilii hriiu ■Ik ' ii- ill II,, ' f. th,ii- rfu;,i;. „f ,„l,;i:iit!, " Dick " came to Atlanta for his preparatory education, found Tech to his liking, was liked in turn, and conse- quently is a prominent member of the class of ' 26. " Dicks " ability on the gridiron has never been ques- tioned, but up until this year an injured knee has been a great handicap to him. Then in the Georgia game — oh boy. he certainly displayed some stuff. Football (2. 3, 41 ; Bull Dog: Skull and Key: Fresh- man Football : Cotillion Club : Inter-Fraternity Council (3, 4) : Delta Sigma Pi. Hil II Ull) l)l 111 KV l ' ' lKI II ■Sliij, .III ' ,,) " Marictt.i, GcDrfriii Klect Ileal iMigincfrinj; ■ Ik, 1,1 Ull ' -u ' orhl but as the icorhl. drathiiiii: .1 .iliujc icliere ereri mini mimt pUiij a jHiit. " •Wh™ iKnorance is bliss, ' tis folly to be wise. " That ' s why we hesitate to ask any more questions, for we like to be blissful. Especially in E. E. laboratory, " Ship Ahoy " is always relied upon to check all connections and hook-ups. He spent a couple of years at The Citadtl licfore embarking upon an electrical career at Tech. Lieutenant K. O. T. C. 141 ; Marietta Club. II. iw villi W ' niiAM Fisiii, ! ' K i: -Flsl,- Atlanta, Clenrfria Ciimiiif rcc " , . ,iliiri ' zcetirs one iiiiiz ' ff, iil iirin Howard is especially the friend of the Freshmen one has maliciously called him " idiot ' s deliKht. " the fellow who causes the blues to vanish, and piivt comers their first view of Atlanta ' s social life. I typical type of Tech manhood, always triad to si He not only has many friends, but is without an Alpha Kappa Psi. .(a.MKS WlI.I.I.VM FlT .I . TllK ' K, . T O -Fitz " Madi.son, Georgia Coniniercc ■III III, .■ ' j, rill, I ,1 I , ,1111, 1 niiiii ' .i fiiii,-ii Ihilillii ti. t„ lli„i„ilil.t „f lore . »( Ill xc-iiitir. fall ami summer, xee al.avir Madison sent this younK hopeful to Tech in order ho mijrht modernize commerce upon his return to wonderful city. His first three years of colleire were uneventful : the fourth year filled with love. is at present exchanjfing photosrraphs with some maiden, and has learned to wear his clothes in a r liecominp fashion. A typical ladies ' man. Alpha Kappa Psi; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (I). liiilti:in ' I ' ' lii .i:i I, I ' " i i:ri iii:u " (.. • .MtirlriTslicini, ' rcniu ' ssce l- ' .lcitrii ' .il l ' ' .iij.nm ' cri!if; ■■iri i ii (c ((«( hook at nf (liii . Oil. wliiit is sweeten ' mortal sai . " " Bob " is a Kreat help when we wish to Ket out of a class. We have only to page him, and he will produce an impenetrable and deadly smoke screen. Somehow, he just has the knack of Keneratinjr more smoke from one pipe than anyone we ever saw. Possibly the pipe is due a great deal of credit, for it has tried nobly for several (,)| l I ' IIMIISSON KlIlWKIlS. ' 1 ' B •Jiurk " Di.tliaii, Aljibaina C ' Diiiiiicrcc -.lliix. iinur Varich! I knric him. Ifonill ' i: ii fvlhnc of iiifinili ' of most ijrilUiil fancy. " DurinK " Buck ' s " first year at Tech, he boastcil very proudly of his homo town, Jakin. Georgia; but as he became more dignified by virtue of passing freshman hookkeepinK. he insist«i that he was from Dothan. Ala- bama. Since " Buck " has become high manager of tha liaseball team he strongly resents ever living in Jakin. a is still a iiuestion as to whether he has ever been to Dothan or not. Helta Sigma Pi; Yellow Jacket 1); Cotillion Club; llattalion Fimtball 12. :S1 ; p e«hman liaseball Manager i;ii. Varsity Baseball Manager 14 1. KollKlIT . l. IX Fl.lKKII, . T V. ■ ' Bob- ' ' riiiiiiisini, CuMirfrin Micli.iiiicMl IsrifriiiciTiiij; ■■[ )„ul i;itli r hove ii fool to itiohr iiu wrrnj Ihoii i.ijoririir,- lo moke tin ' miil. " His laugh is his fortune, and some fortune it is. He can laugh off a flunk with no trouble at all ; but few flunks have worrie-d this young optimist. " Bob " says that college life is wonderful, but that his great mission in life is out among the business men. As practical as arithmetic is " Bob. " and a ladies ' man v ho is bashful, but my. how effective. .Scabbard and Blade ; Oil Can Club ; A. S. M. E. ; Cap- tain R. O. T. C. 14 1 ; Battalion Football (1, 2, :1 1 . TnKumKus Bartow Ford, Jr., K A " Bart " Atlanta, Georgia Engineering Chemistry " ir (i ' .s ' ill a iiiinic? That ■which xci- cult o ro.ic till (lull other mime ■would smell an sxceel. " In hi; younger days " Bart " was an Eagle Scout. So thoroughly did the Scout principles become ingrained in him that even daily contact with Freddy Bellinger has not changed him for the worse. " Barfs " only fault is that he cannot study on the street car as he rides to school for looking at the girls, but this doesn ' t trouble " Hart " who has as good a line as any. Marionettes (2); Emerson Chemical Society: Cotillion Chih. WaI.I ACK Ukdmoko FoHIlKSrKll, H X ■■Wallir Leeslmrg, Cleorgia 1 extile l ,ng neenn - ■Who e ( ome -ccii.i em i re.-:. Ill ,1 icho.i, .-■tiikr.i were Ih one.-!. " Having started out with the avowed intention of being more tha cog in the textile industry, " Wally " naturally came to Tech. But once he •e, he found there were other things in college life. His weight and fero- riolis tac ics have for the past two years played an im- art in th strength o f the Go Iden Tornado line. •Wally • can always find time to fill that " date. " Fresh m an Footl all; Scrub Football (2, 3) ; Football (4, .1) ; Captain R . 0. T. C. 4) : Ph Psi; Bull Dog. Ski.-mux Kiiankiin, H (I 11 ••7 ' N ' atiliitoilics, l.iHiisiana Ari ' liihctiuv ■7 r„n,i iii,xl,iirs inin III, world, fur I icis horn in (t rt-tlnr. " We ask you to look at the accompanvinK picture just once and then answer the iiutstion. " How could Natchi- tochts I try and pronounce it I let him get so far away? " Among the things " Ted " has learned is what place has Dearborn 118.S as a phone number. He plans to return to (sneeze here) to show the natives what a good course in Architecture is given at Tech. Marionettes (3, 4) ; Architectural Society. KaV.MOXI) I.I-IFIKU (Ia.muik ■■Ro,r Cliatlariniif;.,. T.-niifssee S|n ' i ' ial ' IVxtile KiifiiiUTriii}; " .sholl liiilil i ,;inillf of unilerxlondin.j in thine hi ' itrt. icliich uliall not he put out. " This curly-headed young man comes from Chattanooga, home of many Tetrh men of present and past generations. His endeavors during the two years he has spent amonE us have been as consistent as thty have been unostenta- tious. " Ray " must have a past! Of this we are sure despite the fact that we have been unable to locate any- thing particularly compromising. . l.KllKI) SkXCUII (iAIIDI.Niai, 2: , H -Fritz ' Macon, Georgia t ' D-iipcrativc Kiiniiircrin r -There mark zcluit i7 .v the mholiir ' s life ,ussail. " " Fritz " first clambered up the steps of this venerable campus back in year " 21. He left us after a year and went out to Washington University in St. Louis, but was back on hand again the following season. " Fritz " did not tell us all the details, but we wonder whether or not the St. I.ouis near-b?cr was up to the standard, it won ' t hurt to wonder, anyway. Kifle Team (2. 3). C ' ahki 1 Caiiiii.N(;ti)x (!Aiiiu:rr, i; .V H I.aiin-iis, .Snulli C, " r.vr.v -.cere nuuU f.. Then lie, mill i,v i .v ,nc ' fur being. " " Cab " has been in our midst but two short years, hav- ing attended Davidson and Clemson Colleges before hiber- nating to the flats. The youth has a flexible wrist and with the right hardness of lead he can limn like old Nick himself. Up in the north wing of the Physics Building, with the Victrola silent, " Cab " has spilled many an intriguing tale. Chnrrette Club; Architecture Club; Cotillion Club; Decker Club. Un ' KKT dry C ' ikt .kn, 1 ' 2; K ■Liininiir ' 1 ' . iiilcr-rrass, C.-or ria Cniiimcrri- ■■- suilili ii tlnniiilil .sli-lkc.-.- inc. let us uiciiir an fl final frhiniilii t. " For the information of the readers. Pendergrass is somewhere (location not Kuarantee l) between Brenau and Athens. The recent prosperity of the telephone company has been wisely attributed l(» " Lengthy ' s " con- stant contact with the aforenamed institution. " Lengthy " enjoys kidding the profs along and will no doubt kid the Dean into giving him a degree, something some have not been able to do. LaCrosse (3. 4); Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (1): Rifle Team ll, 2); Battalion Football (1. 2. 3. 4l. H Ti A T A r.n (ir[,iiFHT, .Hi., ■■Turkir " IVrry, Georgia Textile Engineering ' ■Sitdder than iiwl-nontjs or the viklnujht : f.v that jiorlentous phrase, ■ told you so. ' " Why is this man so prosperous looking? Easily an- swered — do you not recall his face when arguing about the price of books at the beginning of each term? You do. A model student is Tucker, who has workt-d hard for the past four years and justly merits his rewards which are not few. A report goes that Perry has elected him mayor, but that Sousa needs him more. Ka ppa Kappa Psi : Band (1. 2, 3, 4). Lieutenant (4). J-X.MES B01,. N- CMdVKII, .V T f! " . . Bolii " Marietta, Georgia Meclianical Engineering " To dash through thick and thin. " Bolan has enough energy to run a modern power plant. He can do more work without talking about it than any man we know. To date he has travelled a thousand miles in the swimming tank at the " Y, " and has ridden 37.000 miles on the car line between here and Marietta. His chief hobby is turning corners at the rate of 60 per in his flying car. Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi: Swimming (2, 3. 4). Manager (3. 4) : Scabbard and Blade: Lieutenant-Colonel R. O. T. C. 14); Honor Roll (2, 3i : Totillion Club: Vice-President Free Body Club: President Oil Can Club: A. S. M. E. : Y. M. C. A. Cab, net. W 11 ' .Mi ' ToN Godwin, .V T fi -Walt " liarnixvillc, Georgia Civil Engineering ■till heiivi-n. inethinks it were an east leap To pini-k hrii ht honor from the pale-faced moon. " " Walt " is a real All-American football player. He can ' t get enough : he has even thought of illuminating Grant Field so he can play all night. It is rumored that this human barrel intends to patent the fashion of wear- ing the head-gear which he introduced. Tech loses the best guard in the South and the most congenial person on the campus when " Walt " graduates. Football (1, 2. 3. 4) ; LaCrosse 13. 4) : Freshman Swimming. Track: Skull and Key: Koseme ; Bull Dog; Student Council; Pan Hellenic Council; Cotillion Club. i m Bi: .IA-vriN MllASMI s (Jniull ■K. (li.r Ivitimtiin, C.-cirf.ia Mi- -| l ' ' ,Ili;ilU ' ri-iMfr ■Hi, xiiiiiini thai hiiiiili is tnd skin ilirj, is hid It skin di ' i ' p sniiinij. " Everyone is familiar with the • ' Ironhorse " of pioneer ilays— it still lives and is ' he iiers,.niil liroprrly of " H. Gut. " He does not jrive the dear thinvr the patronymic of " Ironhorse " but calls it his motorcycle. " B. Gut " in anil will always be the Beau Brummel of the R. O. T. C. His erect carria re, his ability to make his cadets step lively are miraculous. Scabbaril and Blade: Free Body Club: Captain R. O. T. C. (41 : A. S. M. E. : Battalion Football. 192:!. ■ ' Sn I,l:H,MAN (iditnv. II ■■ !iir ll:mt.i, (icin-fria Cniinm-rc- o Ihose xc ' hii zcill .. ■ssfni: " Bill " started at Oglethorpe but Tech called too strong- ly. Why he picked on commerce we do not know, antl our chronicler assures us that " Bill. " with his quick wit. his humour and his sarcasm, would have made a Kreat debater. Readers of the " Along the Avenue " section in the Technique are familiar with " Wild Bill " as arc lh» fair maidens whose names appear in proximity. Alpha Kappa Psi : Cotillion Club ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4). . l IIF.IIT t ' lllArvil l Club . llaiit.i, C.i-or ' ia .Xrchitcctiin- ■IHriiii in huokiis. (jlorioi Whin tijiji ' d icith amber meUiiw. rich ami ripe ' " Gram. " a commuter from Iceville (GeorKial. has the ilistinction of having spent his entire school life on I.uckie Street. It has be-n e.;timated that if the number of miles he has ridden the street cars in these years were p ' aceri end on end they would extend 2 ' -_. linies around the world. Someone has said that " Gram " has a pipe for every day and three for Sunday. Architectural Society ; Stiuare and Compass. SniAHlHil) W.MITIIINCTOX GllAVlXIS -Miijiir- Athinl... (;e(ir};i,i l ' ' ,llTl|-icMl JMlnilU ' lTlllfr • ' .Vo ' fre ' s to t ou, Fuzzji-Wmzi . iil iimir nnir in thr Soudan : I ' oH v I, pore hrniiihtcd ' calhin hnl ii firsl-rlii.ia fiithtin ' wiin: ' What a sad day it viM be for Colonel Pearce when Major Graydon, our adjutant, leaves the army of Georjfia Tech! He should (wc are laddng Rlout the T w) lie proud of two things at least. One is his knowledge of electricity and the other is the pretty red tint that he carries in his cheeks — perenially rubescent as ' twere. Battalion Football (1. 2, : ) ; DeM ilav Club: Major K. O. T. C. (4). Adjutant (4). r TTfT JoiIN UlUlI UltAVSOJJ ' .Itlmiiar UNMiiitstinvii, Florida Co-operative Knginccring " J ' lic U ' iiidx (inrf tcaves are alwai .i vii Ihe side of llie ahlist iHwujators. " Back in February. 1903. " Admiral " came forth onto this pleasant world and said, " I ' ll ko to Tech to bt a Ramblin ' Wreck and learn to sail a fleet of box cars " He prepi.ed at S?wan-e Military Academy lind entered Tech in lVi . To further realize his ambition " Admiral " changed to the Co-op Course in 22. working with the Central of Georgia Railroad in Macon. Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (1, 2) : Tech RiKht Way Club: Briaerean Society. John Dommiin Grekx, n K A ' ' Johnnie " Atlanta, Georgia Special Textile Engineering liriition. In all. the fittinij season -Obseiz is best. " " Johnnie " rose tc figured tiuite prom Tech he has taken offered, that is. the he has not had at ■ech from Tech High. wh. ntly in athletics. Howev e of the most strenuous courses vo year textile, and consequently spare time. During his stay he has devoted himself to social and aquatic activit " Johnnie " is a likable youth and the undergrads sorry to see him leave. I rtshman Swimming ; Phi Psi. WiLi.iA.M Iv-ix Gkesii. .- i, I " T A ' ' Ii ' an ' A.sliland, Missis.sippi Architecture " We none fo and it know, he Iea :insl hai-e reasons fur sjieerh. Intt u-e need silence. ' ' should make a good architect. He perambulates he campus in a dreamy sort of way. which our men tell us is the mark of an artist, though we to a sad lack of knowledge about »iuch things might be the manifestations of sieep for all we Ivan made the honor roll in the early days, and es a good record behind, r Roll (1. 2) : Architectural Society. ClIAHIKS .MeIVIX GriFFIX " Si arki " Villa Rica, Georgia Textile Engineering ' ■Fortune i.i not on the side of the faint-hearted. " Villa Rica should be proud to have produced such a man as " Sparky. " Kor the benefit of you who have never heard the origin, etymology and applicability of his nickname here ' tis: ( " Sparky " or " Spark-Plug " ) First, the spark sets things off and the constant plug- ging makes the progress. This has been true of " Sparky " all during his college career. ■tw y; -ws.- : ' ' 3fMixxirtxmfaMM.-. i Will Vki.i(imk CJriffin, Jr., ' I ' d 9 -Dfcker " Atlanta, Georgia Arcbitectiire -I hill i.v III,- III I, ' mil re of Ihe ifreaftsl of plnisi- ■ Ions. Ihol lifi ' is short oiiil ort ' long. " This ilistinKuishcd President of the Decker Club mi- grated from Northwestern two years ago, much to the Klee of the last two editors of the Blue Print, who cried. " We Will Welcome Griffin, " and " Welcome Will. " The art work on the Blue Print speaks more eloquently of " Decker " than ever we could. Heard that story about Pyurmalion ? Well — Decker Club ; Charrette Club ; Cotillion Club ; Archi- tectural Society: Art Editor Blue Print (3, 4); Art Editor Yellow Jacket (4) ; Honor Roll (3) ; Glee Club. Fkaxk HrxTER Griggs, S A E •■Tiibbo " Clearwater, Flurida .Vrdiitectiue ■■Of siirjiossiiii hriiiilii mill in the bloom of youth. " " Tubbo, " after Bull Irwin, possesses the most graceful physique on the flats, and his modesty has prevented him from acceptinp: the many offers proffered him to act as a model. Althoujrh hailing from Mississippi, " Tubbo " plans to travel to Florida where he will prob- ably make a name for himself drawing lots. " Tubbo " has bL«n very popular around school, chiefly, it is said, because there is so much of him. Football Manager (4), Assistant (1, 2. 3) : Marion- ettes (1): Cotillion Club; Architectural Society; Char- rette Club. NSKV M,M)ISIIN GinOKU, X ' I ' ■■i;,ir,,0!ile ' ' . slieville. North Carolina . reliitecture virillhliiii. iji ' f hove iiolhiiiij: niiil al- ssi ss iiiithimi. still of nothinij oiii I ill ■I hove , ih.iii.ih I r iCIIli. " Asheville is the finest town on earth, architecture is the noblest profession on earth, and the University ot North Carolina is the grandest educational institution on earth if we are to believe all that " Gargoyle " tells us. He absorbed these somewhat chauvinistic ideas by being born in Ashe -ille, by adopting architecture as the ruling passion of his life, and by attending the U. of North Carolina for two years. Architectural Society; Yellow Jacket (3). Khxk -, Jii.. ■! :l W( C.i- " ' „ ,•■ Soutll Jaeksoiiville, Florida Mechanical Engineering " Ship me somewhere eiist of Suez: 7chere the best is like the Tvorsl. " " Pop Gunn " he is called because of the excitement he creates among the descendants of Mother Eve. His greatest weapon is his soup and fish, and Oh Boy, how he kills ' em. He tries his hand at singing occasionally, his favorite agony number being " Mandalay. " He will soon be down in the millionaire (?l state, the ice busi- ness having a strong call, but you know how real estate is down there. A. S. M. E. ; Technique (I) ; Gle« Club (2) ; LaCrosse (1); Battalion Basketball (2); DeMolay Club, t ' lrr :s Hiikxkii Chvn, .In.. A II -Jiiirk "|iinj;ti)M, I). C. I ' Mcclrical l ' " ,nfrinccriii}i- •7;, sl,,filf„sl ,is „ lozcfi- III., ,lnll, ii„l 1,, ' nd its sfiihli .iKwwil In Ihf l, ' mj„:sr.- .■•■hork.- Those uf us who have pottered around in the basement of the " Y ' ■ on a dark night have more than once been peti-ifiod by the sudden clangint; of a kotik. Then a door would open and our fears dispersed by a kindly smile from " Buck. " The alarm system is unique in the annals of pressing club history. " Buck " has made many sacrifices to his Muse. Boxing (1. 2. 3, 41 : Technique (1) : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (3) : A. I. E. E.: President Tech Student Volun- teers (31 : Battalion Football (1. 2. 31. .roiiN Cox, i; A K ■■Join,- . lbany. Gi-iir.i;iM C ' Diiiniercc ' ■Vii,i si, mil, I I,,, t,, ,1 jjeiir Inc fur iPiirs. not to „i, ,-i,„r John. V many a b( " Skinny- use of the John was ith his deep thr terror into tiated into college life by I. and " Skinny. " always famed for his , made a good job of it. especially since iom-mate. John has led a well-rounded in extra- college life, standing well scholastically. ac curricula activities and prominent socially. Freshman. Basketball. Baseball: Basketball (31. Scrub (2) : Delta Sigma Pi: Cotillion Club: Bull Dog. Rf:(UN Ai.i) H. ■■iiv r Atlanta, Georpia .Vrc ' liitecturc " • .■l„ iVhih- I, ,1 III, ' o ,„,-f,n to i ivf a .lOiiinl your antic roiiml. ' If whistling is a sign of cheerfulness, then " Rtg " must be the original optimist. The only drawback to his music is the lack of any special tune. " Reg " probably got his wind and endurance on the cross-country and track teams for as a member of both he ' s stepped off many a mile of terra firma. " Reg " is an example of what track can do for a whistler. Track Squad i2. 3) : Company Football (1, 21 : Archi- tectural Society. ClAHllNCi: W ' llM.V.Al IIa.mii.tos ■■Hum " Pittsliiirfr, Kansas C ' ii-n|)erativc Engineering tclio ni e Of !,ood -Fori I,,,,- li-iihi lliljis those ■i„,l,n„,,iir (Littlel " Ham " started on his career as an engineer when, while at Columbus Community High School, he helped to operate the Columbus. Kansas Water Works. .Among Ham ' s other accomplishments is Agnes Scott. His ambition is to build the City of Atlanta a street railway system that will absolutely please everybody and yet be a paying proposition. Some ambition, we ' ll say. Honor Roll (1. 2, 31 ; Phi Kappa Phi. ■■ .-»,■■ ( ' (irsiiMii.i, Ti ' (ii-Dln-rutivL- Engineering ■111 cii.i It 7n in, take him fur all In all, I xliiill nut look iijioii his like again. " It was in Roane, Texas. January. 1903. but he was too hii; tor the town, hence Corsicana was honored. Any- way, we understand that his daily mail comes from there, and we are certain that Uncle Sam contemplated special air service when he came to Tech in ' l. " Ham " is just a big man from a big state : a friend, a student and a man. Freshman Football: Tau Beta Pi; Honor Roll U. 2, 3. 4. r,l : Briaerian Society; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet (4. 5 1 ; President Co-op House ( I ) ; Friendship Council : Phi Kappa Phi. 1)1 villi l)v Han KINS. ,In., A 1 4 ■■j . j r .S;iv;iiinali, (ledrgia t ' ivil Kiigiiicering ' ' Prisents. ' I often »•«_( , ' enileur itlment " D. D. " may be alble to th he can throw the in that he athletics an is (luiet by on an instr him. Track (2. 3, 4) Spiked Sh the bull but we know big-hearted and liberal his attention between the fair sex. 1. doing justice to them all. " D. D. " and has never been known to " beat " howe ' er. we do not hold this against Ho Roll ck; S. C. E.; " T " Club. I ' .DH , E{1) .1am IS II AUDI N, i; I K Ahil.-iic. Te.xas Civil Kngineering ■■Sliiiil iiiiijis ami xentences and these jiitju lets iif the In-iilii ince ii man from the eiireer humour. ' - ■ Inil- ' .f his Regarded as an authority on bull sessions. " J i has used his cheerful disposition to entertain all who came within his grasp. He has not only seer knowledge from his text books but has combined ure with his work. We wish him well as ho retui his native sta te to undertake the task of laying off into town lots. Civil Crew; Texas Club; A. S. C. E. Iamks C All! TUN 1 IauIIWII K. A i! ' 1 ' " Skinney " Atlanta, Georgia -Hi ' ' it ' in ill Iriss. oiiil solier in iimir iliel In « i.- i-t. mil ilreiirii. kiss me iinil he quiet They say that little packages contain good things and h.Te is the living proof of it. " Skinney, " though ap- pearing quiet in nature is a good mixer, and it is ex- pected that some day as a Beau Brummel he will set the fashions of the country in young men ' s haberdashery. His lady friends tell us that " Skinney " is irresistible but perfectly harmless. Scabbard and Blade: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (3). Captain (4) ; DeMolay Club. m r™sTTW»iRTr??Tr ■■M ■1 In V.-- c inu. That i cycle, and h neith r his what it felt ation school ceedir gfly Kla M VIIMN i:ilM,N IlAill.lW ■ M. r. " Inm t ' ity, (ii-m-fjia Ml rliankal Kngiiiccriiig 7 i)ul II i irdle round the earth forty minutes. " an be seen at certain times cominK and go- s to say, he gallivants on a stepping motor- e thinks absolutely nothing of life and limb, )wn nor anyone else ' s. " M. V. " tried to see like to be an angel on travelling to the avi- in Birmingham last summer. We are ex- id that he didn ' t find out. High t ' oiin-NKV Haiuiis, K . " h; i ' .Ia( ' k .i)nville, Florida Electrical Engineering " A ijtiifiue of sighing and grief! It bhnvs a man up like a bladder. " At last we have found out why F ' lorida is .so much the rage, and when this good-looking Electrical Engineer goes home to Jax to make his million the panic will be on. Hugh has been a good student and a good fellow. He is one who has gotten the most out of his college years by applying himself to his studies, appreciatine his friends and doing his part in the campus activities. Tau Beta Pi : Phi Kappa Phi : Freshman Basketball ; Honor Roll (I. 2. :i) : Co tillion Club; High Tension Club; Inter-Fraternity Council. Glexx D.ale H- rsch " G. D.- - tlanta, Georgia Co-operative Engineering " There ' s miisie in all things, if men had ears: Their earth is hut mi echo of the spheres. " " G. D. " came rattling onto the campus in a dilapi- dated Ford speedster with a dusty Arkansas tag. Every one thought. " Oh, yes, just another football player, " but lo, he turned his violin that night and serenaded the upperclassmen to ward off rat courts. " G. D. " has been a regular fellow, a good student and I ' ates as inspec- tor on his Co-op job with the Western Electric Company. .Iamks Ralph Hart -Harf Dotlian, .Mabania Special Te.xtile Engineering " Send but a .- Heart nf the ig oversea for us. hearts who are fre Hart, so the tale goes, could never surfeit his thirst for knowledge, till the portentous day back in ' 23 when he first saw the mill. Now this young knight will be content to grasp his diploma firmly in his right fist. If you have never been challenged to a game of checkers by Hart, you have never been in the Textile Building. r ill CiiAKi.KS CioRnox Haston, 9 X -Chief AlbMny, Cleorgia Civil Enpineeiinu- n-ral ,iul of life h „nt klloxcklhie. hut •Chief. " as Gordon is known to those more intimately acquainted with him. is held in high esteem by his fel- low classmates. His agreeable manner could never result in anything other than friends. " Chief ' s " chief hobby is to read every new book and play as released. We will predict for hii Civil C (h,hl lew book and play as released, we will brijrht future in the eng :ineering fitld. KciniHT Di Di.EY Haves ■Tiirle l)„,lh ' ;r ( ' jiiiiill.i, Ciciir};!;! Civil Kiifiinccrinp; much do I k,iau .i.v hai-e livrd: " Uncle Dudley. " it is rumored, is to be the city engi- neer of Camilla, that is. when that city has need of such a diijnitary. In the meantime, he is going to spend his time gettini; practical experience, that bugbear that civil engineering students are ever pursuing. Besides his abilities as an engint-er " Uncle Dudley " is an old and practiced hand wi.h the more savage sex. CclRNKIIlS ViNCKXT lUlK. II K ' f ' ■liil-Hrrk- Klucficld, West N ' irpiniM I ' i ' itrical l ' ' .iis;iiii-friiif;- ■J mnll, r , II,. I hdic Inn, I i,,iii live, hut li,nc well. " " By-Heck " and John W. Davis are the two outstand- ing iMi.ducts of West Virginia. Heck came to Tech from Roanoke. Virginia, and since arriving here has been one of " W op " Roman ' s Collegiate Band mainstays with the clarinet. " By-Heck " will carry back to Blue- field a diploma along with a set of honest principles and the good wishes of his friends at Tech. Kappa Kappa Psi : Band IS, 11. C1.AIIKM.K WlIMIIll llcKKV, II K A . ll;int,i. (i.Miriiin . rcliit.-rtiin ' ■L,ile. I, lie lliKlei-e ii I .- ' inc the lieic III W le. liile II, I he a III, I Wilmer is another one of those boys who came to us from Tech High. Besides being a shades and shadows artist with the crayon, his admirers have it. that given a specific subject, Wilmer is a shades and shadows artist undtr other conditions, chiefly moonlight nights. Like most architects he seems industrious, but we stopped trusting our eyesight long ago. Yellow Jacket (2. 3), S.n aiiii.ili, Cfoi-i Coiiiiii ■Oiil »,», , . ' l„n; luvrd ll,nr wlml,. ,„ .v lu- mlhir: .hi,l „i,i Ilk,- lu l„rr I hi;.,. ii;„ll„r. " If II ,,. ■ ' " ■ We ondei- how many times " F. W. " has played the ■ 1 .°o „ ' ' " ' " " ' ' " " " K Lochinvar. Most any afternoon about 2:20 p m. you can find him backed up acainst ti-anklin Cox s soft drink establishment lookinK ami- ably at the passinK throng. It must be very inconveni- nto the Stix. ent since Girls ' Hiifh has been yet all things wrong the lad? Honor Roll (II to hii aits— but naybe Otis - ■■(hi. Maciiii, Gfdi-fi-ia Electrical Eiiiriiieeriii!; ' ■■Sir. I icnuUI r„lh,r b,- rlqUt than be I ' 1,1,11 1 r All fish do not swim in the sea. " Ow " has been swim- ming four years in the E. E. Department, having been caught and kippled several times. Nor does it take a salt wind to bestow a permanent wave. " Ow ' s " work is marked by accuracy, and his persistency has started tr well on his way to il engineering field, arionettes : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet ful the elec- Fh. xk Hvi,. x Hii.i,, 2: X ■■Fi;,i,k- I.aGraiific (Icorgia Textile Iviirliicerinjj ■■Tli(iiihl,i,-I, ' .-! .i„l,l tii Aiitiphales. ■Tim, ' , iimiiif iiHin. I„ix f,ii,i lit H.v biilh „ lesson. ' " This lint-head acknowledges that LaGiange. Georgia, !S his home town. and. that after years of study at Tech, he IS ready to accept a diploma without any coercion on the part of the faculty. He admits that he likes to draw, but did not state whether it was pictures or checks. We ' ll bet his preference is for both Art Staff Blue Print (1): Art Staff Yellow Jacket (3): Phi Psi; Marionettes (2. 31. HlXES I-.AF.WKTTK. Hni ■■ ;«;■■ Atlanta. GeiH ' j.ia Commerce •■r,it,_i .«,;, Ih, ' be.H :cv,, „ keej, ,,,„hI „cIs In men„n-,i uv-.s- „ i;fn ' sl, tl„ni u-IHi n,u: ' ' Lafayette settled his part of the debt to LaFavettf of Ti; by subduing a generous portion of the Hun. ' After making the return voyage across the pond, he thought that the Commerce Department offered bigger and bet- ter fields to con iuer. " Heinz " made a success of his new endeavours as any prof can verify after answering all the questions he propounds. Honor Roll (1 l ; Scholarship Gold " T. " fs s .Iak.H I.KWIS Hill IS •■.hlk ' " C irard, Cifcirfria Coiniiu ' rcf " n man Imik .• ' htiijih and iilteiith ' eUj he shall src Forliine, for thoiii h nhe U blind, she is not invisible. " " Jake " has proven that in order to enjoy success you must rub shoulders with Fortune in whatever Kuise she may be. A close study of his profs has been the metlium he employed in order to entice the fickle mistress his way. " Jake " also has the ability to spread his per- sonality in the direction he chooses, and when he chooses to spread it, you can ' t help but succumb. Honor Roll (1, 21. N ' eil Hodges " Bud " Anipricu.s, Georgia Electrical Enginecringr " Oy some -ii ' iiiid far from ours Where music and moonlii ht and feeliny are one. " " Bud, " contrary to what might be expected from his flaminpr locks, is not an exemplification of flaming youth, but rather typifies a spirit of quiet sobriety (he already has a general science degree). " Bud " is of a practical mould, the imaginative man who does not limit his thoughts to flights of fancy but converts them into something concrete and useful. Lieutenant O. R. C. ElUXK I.EOS.UII) HdllAMI -Bouk " nothan, Alal.aiM.i Sjiecial Textile ICiifiiiU ' eriiia ' Bunke and a shadic nuoke. e„th(r in-a- ■O, fo ml. ' That • Book " is F ank is nd ibitable. This the tditors agreed u pon but w hen the tit estion as to whether all books were 1 rank or all Fra nk ' 5 books a rose. a g eat di- vergence of opini on appeared. " Book " can qua lify as an A-1 mill hand a id a go )d sport any day out of ihe 365. ' Book ' i, " ambit ion is t o c wn a cotton mill. wh ch. bah jove hope ■ " ime day to see. I (HIS Cvs I ' KX Hoi.i IN iswcm-ni II K A ' ' Speck " Atlanta, Georgia Mechanical Kngineering " ' Il ' iV - " " ■ ' i ' " lk a little faster? ' said a whitini to « ' snail. ' There ' s a porimise close behind us, and he ' s treading on my tail. ' " " Speck " has spent most of his spare time down .Ht the " Y " and w " Y " is not hard to guess if you once see this human fish in the pool. " Speck " has several Southern records on the cre iit side of his account. In addition it is rumored that he has spent several hours in the E. K, Building. Hence (logically and obviously) " Speck " holds a high position in our menial regard. Swimming (1. i. 3. 4), Captain (3, 4) ; Scabbard and Blade; " T " Club; Oil Can Club; A. S. M. E. : Lieuten- ant R. O. T. C. HI. ' : . M ' y fr r ' W, ' J,«Jffg ■LH Hioii Dknise ' Cap ' n " I.iingview, Texas Mrilinnical Knffinceriiif!: nuikc hull u ' liilf Ihc .--111, xhliii- ■d far " Captain, Our Captain " has been pr wide, but never with such fervor as when he comm his " battery. " He is proclaimed in no uncertain Kuajre either. " Cap ' n " is quite a versatile younj; besides being an officer and an embryo mechanica Kineer. he is an expert on locomotives. There is one thing he doesn ' t understand— but that would be ing him away. Captain R. O. T. C. (4). .ToHx I ' luiiit Holmes, B 9 II ■ ' Johnny " LaGraiige, Georgia Textile Engineering " Tlicre is time for some things, and a time for ' ill lliint s; a time for great things, and a time for sniiill things. " " Johnny " concluded that LaGrange wasn ' t interesting enough, so he decided to register at Tech and come to -Atlanta, this being merely to camouflage his real reason for leaving — to see the wild life of a great city. How- ever, he did become interested in Textile Engineering go back to LaGrange and operate lill. Wt [ifident that " John 11 ; Honor Roll (2). get job Carlos Hewle tt Horxe, II A " Fog Horn ' Roohelle, Georgia Cii-ci|ierative Engineering ■.I miUiing ran In- (irrompji hed if i oii And strive to reach your aim. " Carlos came into o us do) in 1921. Si •%vouk!-be " engineer. .if it and manys the Maybe when he left next five years had i ur ranks as a Freshman (most of nee then he has been a faithful Carlos always loved work and lots time we wished for a similar Muse. G. M. A. re didn ' t know what, the n store for him. but he faced it like a true engi Scabbard Society; Co neer and and Blac -op Club: came out o e: Square Lieutenant n iop. and Compass ; R. 0. T. C. Bria eau George W.vlteh HftiGIXS ■■Ri,r Sa •annali, Georgia C vil Engineering Broadcloth inn. rlose-huttoned to llie chin cithont, and a warm heart xcithin Among the Savannah quota of Freshmen in 1922 was one G. W. Huggins. " Rip " first attained prominence l.y introducing Mah Jongg at Tech. Later he displayed his versatility by playing battalion football, and at the same time holding forth in the literary world. With his good nature. " Rip " has made his mark on the campus ilespite his " Geechie " accent. Battalion Football II. 2. 3. 4): Matheson Literary m m m mk m m m A }I WKi Bmkmas IIiiSKV. i: !■ K ■■ »-», ,., ■■ .Mi-iii|)his, Tennessee Arcliiteetiire ,„rrfir Oil ' ihril iiinlcrxlaiuls WrIsI, no iiiini-il. Iti ' .i ail lili iiiiiiiiii.s. " he Blue sole liv Print presents the one and only " bulk " m iiK human beinjr who went through Geor without beinK late to a class ; and who never bor- anythinjr but what he forgot to return it. unin- nally of course. " Dooley ' s " great hobby is for col- K things, such as brushes, dividers. T squares, of he is said to have the best collection extant. ior Manager Football. Basketball. Track ; Charrette Dicker Club : Architectural Society ; Yellow t; Blue Print: Band; Glee Club; Marionettes: Co- Club. Fli.WCIS I.KWIS IllWIX " Jroiihedtl " . tlanta, Georgia Kleetrieal Engineering ■ ' .I ml uilli iiinciiiyinl finiicrs (Iniiciiifi mil ' flic lines of life, from livinij knowledfje hid. " Judging from appearances. " Ironhtad " cherishes a inofound love for knowledge in his manly bosom, for the Tech Library has become a second home to him. " Ironhead " firmly believes that Einstein ' s theory is en- tirely wrong because, according to this Senior, he forgot to multiiily by two. He is as playful as a kitten, as li. Football Ci. -1) ; L: (3) : " T " Club: Major R. I- ' .ICKXK At.KXANDKU IscHA, Z I " ' -)•»•• Lima. Peru I ' extile Engineering rlin For .■■■oiiiitliinii still xchlrh prom j .•.i.ih. -Airh rce hciir lo live, or ,Jnr h the to ,1 " Peru " hails from that metropolis of South Amercia. Lima. Peru. . fter finishing school there he sailed for the U. S. A. to complete his education. He spent two years amid the jolly tars at L. S. U.. but after hearing of Tech he transferred his affection here. Peru is a good sport and has made many friends while serving his Mono " r Roll 12. :!l : Cosmopolitan Club. .1 VSl ' KII Wkst Ivky ■Wilf . lill,■|ll;,• ill,■, (;.-., r ;i:. Tcxtilr j ' .niiiMfiriMf;- .lore ilo oil Ihol moil heemiu o iiion. " Whe n " Will " hurls that discus through the ether it evenly but certainly onward, and the spectator cannot help feeling that it will pass the furthermost mark. So has " Will " handled all of his other activities. Indeed he commands a large share of our admiration for the ha •d fight he has had to put up to get his degree, ning all the obstacles in his path. Trat k 12. 3) : Phi Psi; Rifle Team (1. 2l ; Band (2i ; Freshn lan Track: Textile Club; Z. Z. ' .. ■ T Wr CiKJiKXT Oik Johnson ■■r„i-h„,i " SavjLiin.ili, Ccorjria ( ' o-o|icr.itivc I ' ' .Mpincerinff " Jill niliiiii iiiisnioii lie it ichiit it uull. The rulinij jmasioii conquers reason still. " " Caibon. " ov if you prefer, " CO, " is about as deadly to his studies as carbon monoxide is to a man. For once a man who does not claim sirls as a hobby, the piano carryinK these honors. However, he is steadfast in his determination not to lower himself to other than classical music. " Carbon " also shows signs of being a modern Demosthenes. iitiox ' I ' ii:-iMt:N ,T()r[XS ■Kiitrir .S:i anii.ili, Georgia ( Itneral Science dirs find ■II ) hill like that lehen some t retit iminlii His jHiiril in the iiliiiim of edrthijukiki irlijisi . " " Dutch " has often let it be known that he is a Geechie too, and in fact, we have found him proud of the fact that he comes from Savannah. " Dutch " lived in " Avalon " (far famed in song) for a while, and it was there that he acquired a proclivity for the color " red. " Howsoeverbeit. " Dutch " comported himself as only a good Savannahian could. Honor Roll ( 1 ) : Emerson Chemical Society. Fn- xcis Ei)w. Hn .loiixsTox, .Jii., K -V -Kd- ' .■ .ivannah, Georgia, Electrical Engineering -Tn nil. to ,,irh. ,1 fiiir ii ' ind nii lit. .hid jilriisini, dreiniis. ,ind sliimhiiv liiihl. " " Sleepy " as " Ed " is better known in esoteric circles, is the holder of a unique record : he is the champion smoke-ring blower of the Southern States. " Ed " may sometimes look drowsy, but if you ask him a question, he can usuall.v answer it. He is a wizard at working Iiroblems and is always willing to help anyone in need. Cotillion Club. Cl.- REXC : M (IMIOK .7 IXKS, V S ■. » • linni l V llho 1111, Geoi gia .S,,e ■ial Te vtilc Engiiieerini; " Co 1 ' " lie ffii ilid I sit mil ' nut 1 1 r„re f, Int find ir ' i-u-iii . nut " ' le. " Joe quiet then p quil nt day d. good t Bu ilac dl t ok f ye ngle ' s " idea of . not necessa he hole in on where he can " Joe Bungl : the Textile ars ' work into a i ood time is to fim rily to climb iuto a h Top of himself, but just liKht up his pipe and e " hasn ' t overly many Department doesn ' t c two for naught. a ole sit of and tran- and such d a KnWTX HniHKll, .IciNKS. .III.. X ' 1 ' ■■ •;, ■• ll,uit.i. Cicorsria C ' oiiiiiifrci " " I ' rDrerbs. Chapter 20, ' erse 1. ' This nonchalant Don Juan came to us two years ago as a pre-med from Emory, showing a cheerful aversion for things theological and a marked aptitude for the axioms of high finance. He possesses above all, the unu- sual gift of concentration and believes in ket ping the twentieth century up to the minute. Frkd .Fones " Fred " Atlanta, Georgia Ek-i ' trit-al Engineering " When I beheld this I shihed. mill .-niil xcilhhi mi self, surely winii is a bruojn.itick. ' " Fred has a hobby which he follows with all of his zeal. He has become most efficient in chasing unit poles for Professor Seidell, nor does he admit that he has ever failed in that mission. Fred is one of the numerous checker players at Tech, and, yes, he too claims the championship. His favorite study hall is the commissary. J.XMES Lewis .Tones " Baldii " Giilfport, Mississippi Engineering Cliemistry ' •The beiiriiuis nf this obserratiuii hiiis in the (ipplicntlon on it. " Despite his extraordinary jumping ability, " Baldy " denies that he would have made a valuable witness for the defense in the Scopes trial. At least his intellect has ] rogressed above the monkey stage, for he is blessed with one of the best minds at Tech. " Baldy " claims that he is two-thirds married. Has his own consent and the preacher ' s, and has hopes for the consent of the third party. Phi Kappa Phi: Tau Beta Pi; Honor Roll fl. 2, :fl: Track (3. 1) ; Emerson Chemical Society; Freshman Track ; Spike Shoe. (Ikoiu.k IIknuy Kkki.kii, fl X Ml.inl.i. r,i-i Vji Electrical Engine ' ■Devise, icit : xcrlle, pen: f ' n- nmes in folio. " for xchnle ro - 1 J " KJi George ' s ability to makt conversation and sp has enlivened many a dull class period. No probli becomes so complicated or so uninteresting that he c! not advance suggestions and solutions from his own f tile mind, George is a hard, conscientious worker a levotes a great port of his time to his scholastic wo Formerly a Mariettan, Honor Roll Ci) . ' i- ' v-:,;;- Jamks a I iih:n ' i ' KKt: K ■■. ■• Colmiihus, C.coi-fria C ' D-iipri-iitive Kngiiiccrin - ■Th il (i.ikf(l zehat won .•■■(lid. ' I ' ll kiiinc oiie ' ,1 self. ' " rii diffiriilt: hr When ' Al " first started thinkine he eoncludcil that he ' d like to be an electrical engrincer but, after his first year on the Flats he was considerably metamorphosed, and now his ambition is to be a " real mechanical engi- neer. It is hinted that he will specialize in steam. " AI " has made an enviable record at Tech, having led his Co-op class in scholarship. Phi Kappa Phi; Scholarship Gold " T " ; Honor Roll (1) ; Tau Beta Pi. Dowxixc; l)(iN ii Kfiikh, i; .1. !•; -Don " . tlaiita, Georgia (iiimnerce ' ■ r.v (( in knoitnnf how. ' ' And to think that the sweet younp thing is about to uraduate. " Don " has changed his name around for the convenience of his many lady admirers. He is one of the shining lights of and drawing cards for the Glee Club when they are on their tour to women ' s colleges. " Don " has done well in his work. " When better cars are built, " " Don " will sell them. Kappa Kappa Psi ; Alpha Kappa Psi : Scabbard and Blade: Glee Club (1. 2. .3. 4); Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4) ; Band (1. 2, 3, 4) : Marionettes; Cotillion Club. Vy- tt D. Kkhsky ■ir. D. " I ' lrry, Gei)rgia Electrical Engineering " E.i-i.ilcnrf saw him spurn her bounded reign, .Ind jiiintinri time toiled after him in z-ain. " " W. D. " has never yet had cause to rue his analytical ability and it has won, him no little fame in the E. E. Dept. During the many months of his struggle with said department, he never made a mistake insofar as method was concerned, his only trouble being slight mathematical or numerical errors. " W. D. ' s " ability for concentrated effort should push him far out into the field of electrical design. A. I. E. E. El. MO V ASJIINCTOX I.AXDKllS, 1 ' T A ■■Slcei,! " . tlanta, Georgia Electrical Engineering ■ iiin xiiihlest zchen I sinf . So ure thoxe U ' ho hi ' itr me. ' fhei iirel sadder even than I am. ' ' Contrary to his nickname, " Sleepy " is one of the most wide awake boys in the Senior Class. While his days are filled with stupendous exercise of the brain, his nights are filled with, so we are told, entertaining the opposite sex. " Sleepy ' s " fingers have massaged the cat- gut with appalling agility, thrilling many a Glee Club Marionettes: Glee Club; DeMolay Club. si iPi tfs»sfm -imtysfiyj Cari. Clinton I.axford W.uiclniff, South Cariilina l ' ' li-i-t Kiifriiu-criiiir " .I Orif jist. sir ... 7 kii ' C IIkiii iiI my finycrs ' eniir " Nankapooh " is a fun-lovinK lad. and teamed with his friend Petri he is a terror in e ' ery class room. It is rumored that he will run tor Governor of South Caro- lina. Perhaps his Kreatest fault is that he is so accom- modatiuK that he has no time left for himself. He is the only man in school that can get a zero unjustly and smile at the same time. WAIinEN ShOIIEV I.ATIIK " Major " .Viijlii.sta, Maine Electrical Engineeriiii;- • ' But bctir toduij, xchate ' er todai mail briny; " I ' is the one xcai to make tomorroic sin; . " Contrary to statements made by scientists that there are over . ' 00 bones in the body. " Major " stands as a living example: he can pull more than that in a single class. For instance, " Major " postulates that an elevator is a fur-bearing animal. He gives the irrefutable proof, and we all agree with him, that an elevator bears weight and can ' t go fur. .IdIIX . iV1S l.Al ' liUI.IX Decatur, Cu-drfia Civil J ' iifrineering ■Whos iconh all ■ ' ar took captire " Jawn " was originally a Geechie but decided that De- catur was such a fine town that he would consider liv- ing there permanently. Being an early riser, he has always managed to get to class on time via the Brill Special. John is a fluent orator and is willing and ready to oratu! on each and every occasion. His advice, which he dispenses freely, if followed will surely lead to trouble. . T 9. rs (la I . FiiiMi Hi:i,i. 1, ■■■i;,i- Mlanl.;, Ccorfiia Kngiiieering ■ iniin as amione shall see " Ted " talks about radio as fluently as Mitchell criti- cizes the air service. Nor does he talk to no purpose: his ' girls father is a radio fan. For exercise ha swings the belt that makes all Freshmen grow, while his great dignity is most effective in rat court. " Ted " added three nights per week at night school to his regular M. E. schedule as a dessert course. Free Body Club: Oil Can Club; A. S. M. E. " llainilh,,! dni s. " I VMKI I.KASK, A i; U ■Dnn " Diihliii, C-iii-iria I ' .n iiu ' crinf; C ' liciiii.slry -ccii!) (I ver;i i)retlii ffllinc in those ndeed Da me to judKment. Behold only man who is able to cope with Dr. Bokks in his es of wit. The Chem Seniors would have been ved under long aKo had it not been for " Dan. " An- r thinir that entitles him to a seat in the Hall of ability to room with — but that ' s another story. Emerson Chemi lieutenant R. O. al Society; Battalion Football (1, 2) ; .VhEIAM l.KKIl.KK, 1 E II ■■ " ■■ Savannah, Georgia Engineering Chemistry " - i.i. I never drink no sperit, Sor I liaint never signed no pledge. " " Leff " is a chip off the old block. He was very con- scientious about his studies at first (like most Frosh), and strange to relate, still is. although sometimes he kicks over his test tubes and " joy is unconfined. " When the youth is in the right mood he can sling ink as well as the rest of the Technique scribblers, which is saying considerable. Pi Delta Epsilon : Scrub Basketball (2. 3, 4); La- crosse Squad (2) ; Freshman Basketball: Honor Roll (1) ; Technique (2, 3), Board (3) ; Emerson Chemical So- ciety. . i VI x IIahvkv I,eu Milledgeville, Georgia Textile Engineering ■ rill II fill I like some reatcher of the skies, Will n a neu! planet swims into his ken. " " A. H. " represents Milledgeville, the renowned. He is, strangely enough, in no wise afflicted (as one might suppose) from living there so long. " A. H. " is a very quiet boy and tends strictly to his own affairs. Perhaps that is why his studies have always been done in jam-up st.vle. He has won the respect of his classmates because of his unassuming ways. Honor Roll (1, 2) ; Captain R. O. T. C. (4) ; Scabbard and Blade. Hkniiv Wami ' oi.k I.igox. S E ■JlKnk ' Sumter, Soiitli Carolina Civil Engineering " Friend,i, Foes and ( ' nrhi.isfied, lend nie ijnur ears. " Henry, alias " Hank the bad man. " is from Sumter, S. C, and has advertised it very muchly. In fact, we never heard of Sumter until we knew " Hank. " He has shown himself to be an actor of talent and versatility and we would back him against any other aspiring David Garrick. " Hank " saw some real work with the Forsyth Players in Atlanta. Mat eson Literary Society ; Mu Lambda Sigma ; Bat- talion Football (21; Civil Crew; Marionettes (2, 3, 4), Vice-President (4). Fri.nix Ai.i.Kx I.ittie Wadcsboro, Xorth Carolina Electrical Engineering ' I ' hf Itiflif ' s mil him iticeet ; rii( he trends on them, kias his feet. " When Georgia Tech became the proud Alma Mater ot " Romeo. " little was it thought he was the making ot an excellent second to the Shakespearean original or that he was to be-come famed nation-wide as a ladies ' man. " Romeo " manages to find time between his dates however, to study, for when it is his turn, he is always ready to deliver the goods. Fkkdkiiu K W Arrs I.oxr,, Ji -Fred " Savannali, (ieorgia Civil Engineering ■hi ich ' i hiis not nil iidz ' riitiir mule, no nai .i Sdlomiin. " " Fred " came here from George Washington University his Sophomore year, after four adventurous years with Uncle Sam on the high seas, and since coming to Tech has been sailing in the social and literary circles of vhe institution. " Fre-d, " his queer pipe, and his " Geechie " brogue, which can command so well, will be missed as he takes his " Dip " and bids us farewell. Scabbard and Blade: Yellow Jacket (2, 3. 4): Tech- nique (3. 4) ; Civil Crew; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4) ; A. S. C. E. : Battalion Football (3); Cotillion Club; Pi Delta Epsilon. has lint hnme CiKdiiGK Long -F.Ujnh " GatLsden, Alabama Arcliitecture , .v nil luiiKi ' over n ijood deed, hut other n.i n vine to hear grapes agnin in ease G. E. D. H. R. Long, the boy with the Long name, known too as " Elijah, " is one of those persons who say little and do much, as witnessed by his work in the Architecture Department If there were such a thing as an AU-American pool team, " Elijah " would make it easily, for he chalks a wicked cue. We have often won- dered if he ever found that pie he lost during his .Junior year. Architectural Society. O.SCAII AVaIDO l.ONO ■■Chef .Atlanta, Georgia .Vrcliitecture -Eilnd. I think the interpreter is the hardest to be understood of the t ' ico. " We really think that " Owl " should spell his name " Oscaire Longue. " for is he not one of our best French students? " Owl " is also something of a financial Wizard and engineered a .scheme just before the Vandy game that a number of our future architects will remember to their sorrow. N ' est-ce pas? If he develops his talents along this line he ' ll make a fine business partner for any combination. Architectural Society. Wll I I VM l.dWMlKS, .111.. II K ' I ' ■jiiir S.ivmiimmIi, (Icdrnin (IciUTal Science ■TIk lion ;.v nut .in fierce as tliri iiiiiil liiin. " AlthouKh " Bill " denies that " Haid-Heart«l Hannah " has had any influence over him, and in fact refuses to countenance any allusion to the subject, we notice that he is no lonuer " William, " but " BiK Bad Bill. " " Bill " has done well in his school work and his conscientious rotard for all matters has won him many friends at Tech. Honor Roll (3). Cll.Mll.KS Y.XXCKV I.civn -r. v.- -.1 nnnlh icho l.,n; nihl siioic iilld ire. .1 lunnnr xcilh the .itnuK e ilerire. R-rreiiUir! " There is a movement afoot to change the word " am bition " to " Loydition. " Charley took a whack at th Kaiser, came ri ht home, entered Tech and Kraduatei in three years — now do you wonder why they are talkini; of changing the name? During taken time to preserve students, and here agai Honor Roll (3). ,. „ o. Charley has standing among his fellow has succeeded. .Ici;[x ' I ' lrdrvus I.vxsK(jiii) •• ' " . y. .- . " AtlHiitM. Geor-in -.1 1 ,fi;u,-lhrr ' !■! — oiile.m lie kiKn, .Mr. Babson will now have some real competition, this veteran having gathered for himself a reputation of be- ing a prophet of the first water, his training coming from predicting the results of the football and baseball games. " C. P. A. ' s " experience in this line has been modified by the extensive work he has taken in the Commissary under the tutelage of Nick. I.iixsii: I.Ki: l.viiA, i; 1 !■; ■■L, , „- .A.sheville, Xdrtli C ' nniliiKi Civil I ' Miaineeriii " - 1 u ' ciii ' l he loiiii nine. Kn, ' til I ( niiliKile " Lonnie " possesses something that all of us dtsire. but that few can claim — that something is a most at- tractive personality. The twinkle in his eyes immedi- ately reveals his spirit of fun, but back of it all one finds a true warm friendliness that attracts and holds all that know him. Always a center of popularity on the campus, at the dance, or in the diawing room. Freshman Football : Skull and Key ; Civil Crew : Glee Club (2, 3) : A. S. C. E. : Marionettes; Inter-Fraternity Council, Secretary (.S) : Cotillion Club. -dood l)n,l„ . f„, I ' .l lillADI KV I.VNKS, 11 A A Atlanta. (MMii-fria ( ' ii-()))t fativf KTiL iiifcrinfi; iluwdhihs iiri- iiindr. hut mi. Guy must have liad far-off vi, TiftT because he started early, preparation at Tech High, Guy i his ensineerinK propensities. H« the things he didn ' t 1 ions of heing an engi- After four years of ame to Tech to satisfy has had five years to and half this time to put the knowledge into practice. All Guy now needs is a chance to put in full time on a good engineering jcVb. Co-op Club; Briearean Society; Honor Roll 111. I.ons I.YciN, ,lii.. ' 1 ' i: li -Loui,-- Sumter, Soutli Cai ' dliiia Enirineering Chemi.stry " t iiusic be the food of lore, jdai on: ' Despite the fact that Louis has tried to keep his col- lege work from interfering with his college education, he has managed to rate well in the Chemistry Depart- ment and some day may head the DuPont Company. Louis is a hale and hearty collegiate who makes an ideal ladies ' man. If he doesn ' t outrank W. L. George as an authority on the fair sex. he is at; least second to none. Glee Club (21 ; Marionette Orchestra (2. 3. 41 : Band (1. 2. 3. 4) : Emerson Chemical Society. .llUlN I{ KHAIIDSON M.VcOoN XKI.l. -Lillle Mo, ' ' St. Man ' s, Georgia Cci-ii|ierati e l ' ' .niiiiieeriiii; ■He u;i.i iswer TVti. ,i.tked zclnti „ friend One soul (diidinii Little Mac " is one of tho l-.c hodh Though slow but sure, he has made more wise cracks than Aesop. He has that quality of perseverance which many lack. He is equally at home on either land or sea. Perhaps " Little Mac " will be a sailor yet, after five years of hard work at Tech. His friends are as numerous as Florida real estate agents. M ' Mmikkut. a ■I ' liil- Augi.sta, C.em-i,-. I ' .lcetrical Kiigineerug ■Stood I. ( . oture: Man olone In Then u-ere it Tcortli ine ' .i ichile o ; thee, lan to be. " A scholar and a gentleman, sah ! Phil says he has them all fooled, but we know that he ' s just modest, like a sprig of lilac f ' r instance. Bright indeed, if not bril- liant, Phil has always stood at the top in things scholas- tic. First impression might deceive one, for one cannot tell how much life and fun lies hidden underneath ; ask the man who knows him. Scabbard and Blade; High Tension Club; Scholarship Gold " T " ; Blue Print; Honor Roll (1. 2. 3) ; A. I. E. E. ij: ' .1(111 N llci sniN Maiimi Ml. K A •■. o i»».7 " .I.K ' ksoiivillc. Flui-iila Coiiiiiu-m- ■■);■ (lints ' Inil .s- »- (V K ' lJinlroiis fair. Ami I. so jiliiiii II )iiiiii II m I. " A splendid athlete and a fine fellow. His personality has captured for him a place of leadership on the campus and his prood looks have advanced him to envious heiKhts amtmK the fairest of the fair. His commerce course has not interfered with his college ttlucation in any way. Sharp as a new pin. " Johnny ' s " dependable wit has maneuvered him through many a tight place. Varsity Football (4), Scrubs (2, 3) ; Freshman Foot- liall. Basketball: Skull and Key; Bull Dogs; Koseme : . nak : Cotillion Club ; Delta Sigma Pi : Stage Manager Glee Club (3) : President Freshman Class. .Sti:wviit Asdiikw -M ahsii v[ i , H K ' I " ■■.iA;,,; " KoiiK-. (ieorfria Civil Kiifriiieering: ■• is liii till ' ircsence of mind in untried emer- i inriis ttiiit ttii unlive meUit of u man is tested. " Those who have seen Stewart ' s conglomerated auto- mobile called " A-Roarin ' -Borin ' -Alice " are all wondering whethei- he will invent a motorless automobile or a wheeless motorcycle or both when he leaves school. Whatever Stewart goes into his success is assured, but his friends expect something else from him and anything less will be a disappointment, and Stewart isn ' t the kind that disappoints. Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. ; Battalion Football (1. 2). John B-vkxei-i ' M.miikws " . . B.- Griffin, Genrgia Electrical Engineering ■ ' ' Tis i ood to looke before thou leape. When come is rijie ' lis lime In reiipe. " " J. B. " has just about reached the pinnacle of h ambition — an electrical engineer, but he has long sin graduated in the art of soda-jerking. He resides in t ' metropolis of Griffin and expects to be mayor of some day. It has been hinted around " J. B. ' s " frien that it won ' t be long before he will be keeping up tw These E. E. bovs are certainly magnetic. A. I. E. E. ; Honor Roll (3) ; Lieutenant R. O. T. (4). ' ii.trA:M .VuTiiru .Ma ' I ' his -Jilll " .Ainericus, tleorgia Klei ' trical Engineering " ' ' (■ Xiiililiiiiiiili- thill in the brunches sany .III ichiiire mill li ' hlther flown ni ain, ic ' io knows. ' " " Bill " has always been ranked among the leaders when it comes to the ladies, and considering the compe- tition furnished by many of his classmates, the distinc- tion is considerable. Not here, not there, but every- where. Anyway. " Bill " has always been an earnest worker and a fine boy to get along with. His ambition is to be a general in Uncle Sam ' s army. Battalion Football (31 ; North Avenue Tech Bible Class. President (4 1: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4). I ' llOM AS FiNlfV Mai-IIIKWS -.sVh , ,, ■• Woodland, (;forf.ia Mci-li.inicnl l iiL iiu-criii!; ' A. [■ nil III lid : 1,1 11.1 ■Mmliilii. ilhlikdl im frteitchhip.- " Stubby " read about Jack-the-Giant-Killer when he was a little boy and made up his mind that no matter how diminutive he mipht be. he was destined for frreat thintts. Therefore, in the crisp autumn of a now de- funct year, with an adventurous and never say die spirit he entered Tech. " Stubby " has come and contjuered to his own (and the faculty ' s) satisfaction. :s MdNKOK McC ' .VTHKIlN, i] A I ' ) •■.lliii " Waynoslioro, Goorgia ■iiu-cial Textile Kn};inecriio- III iiiiiikiiiiis iir iiniiimi ' iitx ; 1 witiir iniil ic ' iilir When " Jim " entered Tech. he thouRht he ' d like to be a financiei-. but later he couldn ' t help but notice the •jood time enjoyed by the employees of the Knittintr Mill, and so after mature deliberation he chanjred to Tp.itile. " Jim " has lots of admirers in both sexes, some of the latter actually claiming that he is the best looking boy that ever went to Tt-ch. Phi Psi. Iluw Mill KlUNKIIN . Ufl AVK. A i; ' l ' ■ISir.-.iinr Miami, Florida (■oiiiiiicive ■■( ive me ni iiln mil liolloic tnr A rriiH of brviul. ' and lihrrti r The Commerce Department has the distinction of hav- ing one Florida real estate multi-millionaire in the per- on of " Buzzard. " Perhaps the departmcTit may here rind, some day, sufficient endowment to construct that lone anticipated castle: a new Commerce Buildinc " Buzzard " barely missed catastrophe during the Xmas holidays. We believe- she desires a college graduate — though it is hoped " Buzzard " will not be a bachelor. Delta Sigma Pi; Freshman Football: Glee Club I ' 2. Si : Mattalir.n Football Ci. Jl ; Battalion Basketball ( .i I . .Ions WiiiuM M, Don mm tlant.i, C.for. Coiiiiiii-rcc ■ ' . ' (■ ' ■. ' ' Ill tliiiii 1.1,1 f, III, I outh. but that duality of " stickto- will land him in the place towar ls pass. Sometimes though, when the leavy within the Commissary on a ill get propped up on the wooden and discourse with such eloquence that even the checked players pause. Honor Roll (1. 2. 3); Technitiue (3. 4): Scholarship 1 a (luiet about hir which he sets his cc aroma of tobacco is wintry day, " Mac " table by the windoi A s Ki I TKH .Mrl)iii(;Mii. •!■ K 1 ■■Sxc H.s-luff ■riiHiMMsvillc, Ceor-iria i ' ' ,iifriiu ' criiif;- ■■ " ichn h„s Inilh iil hl« iHiirt iirril lurri- f, ' ,r fill- zcdiil (if jii ' i-xiKixiiiii on liix loni tic. " " Sweetstuff " is a product of the land of sunshine as you have already noted. From the time he entered Tech. he be an making friends, and now he has about as many as any man in school. " Sweetstuff " played both com- pany and battalion football, showinK his mettle in jjenu- ine fashion. With these two attributes. Krit and the ability to make friends, he should eo far in the industrial world. A. S. M. E. ; Battalion Football (1. 2) ; " K " Club. .Iamks Fiiank MtKi.wKK. II K . •Miirk- Vnrk, .S.nitli ran liii:i Elect rii ' al Kiiirincfrini; i rlllhirr lire flic Inif njliisl Irs of •Tilt tij noli III The " bie blonde Swede " has added his natural ability to no mean modicum of hard work, and the sum has resulted in renown in the electrical sphere. Old " Mack " has a personality which is hard to escape, and in the years he has paraded his fair form around the campus by-wavs he has formed many true and lastinK friend- ships. Cotillion Club: High Tension Club. Max hM(lo v . iriiinia Kk-ctrical iMiuiiii-friiiii ' Voiii: .liiil- thi Eorlh oiiil iviriilliiiiii tliol ' s irii is iiior( ' --i ou ' II be a iiiait, iiit ' in: spirit. The Bi.B Parade could n.-)t dampen " Ma lavinK made up his mind to become an engineer, he as worked steadily to that end and is now about to ttain his goal. " Mac " is one of those boys about whom v ' e harbour no doubts: whether it be in the .irdinary ourse of events, or irt an emergency, he can always be ounted on to do his bit. .TfWKI Fl(IYl) .McI.KXDOX ■■.l a, " . tlanta. Ceor na t ' i iiiiiifrcf ■Onr ichii nr eosf foriconi: niril his l,„rk hill So great is " Mac ' s " love for the time honored cham- bers of the historic Commerce Building that he has moved part of his belongings into the storied 13 room. But " Mac " doesn ' t need any inspiration he might obtain from the spirits of departed greatness, for his cool and pleasant way of going after things has carried him steadily through the vicissitudes of college life. Battalion Football (1. 2. 3) : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (41. Chari.kv WooDKrFK Mkahors Cnvinjiton, dforfiia TrxtiU ' Kn inoeriii ■■ ! that rni,-l ilvf ii ,n„ Jnre distrVfs fn die in ' t ilitrhr " Chink " is noted for two things, namtly his brilliant record in the Chemistry Department and his activities and adventures among: the so-called fair sex, especially the latter. It seems to be his motto not to let school interfere with pleasure, and " Chink " has been able to make it work too. His incessant talking and cheerful Hahoid Coivix Mkkks, «i 2i; K •■aiilotine ' ' { iistiMi, Louisiana C ' .MiiiiuMre " }r,nk noic hmc a ftlain fnh sh tl! i ut iinn thncn.- This photograph is incomplete without including: the bull which is so prominent when this voung man is around. His real name should be " El Torredor, " but since Valentino claimed this title first, to use it again would be copying, but honestly right here it would be more merited. Also there is a girl ' s school located within car-fare distance where the " Professor " holds classes. Alpha Kappa P: ill I ' JI. si ; Lieutenant R. 0. T. 1 N ' llllV Kl SiiAnKuni Mt: KKS . -I- ■■Mp " Kiiston, Louisiana ■■A„,,nn,i m,i. Ciminierce 1., ' s„;,i tn h, lik (llirx IIkiI it r III, ,in;r !„■ fii i, , 1,111 otorcycle Ike " holds the record from Atlanta to IS. made last year during the baseball season, the ion beinjr a very sad one to all Tech men. This ■ ' N ' ip " couldn ' t use a motorcycle in his stepping viih the ladies, so naturally it had to sto. " Nip " ..I in 1924 from Louisiana Tech and has since be- an ardent admirer of Professor Noi ' l. .loiiN Mkpiki.k, .III., II K A •■Ous " Snvaniiali, (ipiirpia Civil Kiifiini-criiifr , ' , to (Ir ■.( Leiiru ' iiui ' x fiiiiiitaii, it liiii - Is „ ' „ ,hl,r prlvil, i to think-. " Gus " needs no introduction to present-day readers, but for the benefit of those who will read this book in the future we will say that he is one of the most de- pendable ends ever produced on the flats, and besides this, is a mighty Kood outfielder. But " Gus " has not let athletics interfere with his social and scholastic ac- tivities and he stands amonK the leaders on the campus. Freshman Football. CapUin : Freshman Baseball : Skull and Key ; President Sophomore Class ; Football (2. 3. 4) ; Baseball (2) : " T " Club; Bull Dok. Ml.iiitM. Ci-di-fii.-i i-;i(i-ti l ' ' .Mf;iMccrin};- • .. .• li inl I, If Marion is often seen drivinK a magnificent Studebaker throuEh the ' traffic of the city, and his very manner in handling the wheel is an indication of his agility as an engineer. He has spent the last few months trying to Pret a neutrodune radio set that will chanire records with- out having the dials turned. Marion will help to guide the dtstiny of the Allis Chalmers Company. Hknkv ] " ' vi-;nK ' rr Montooimkhy ■■ ii„r,r W.itUinsvillc, Georgia CoillIIUTCr ■ ' How goes it ixnc- .vi ' c. ' I ' liix imcs rclii ' h is ratted true, is so like an olit loir, tliiit tlie vrrilii of it is in strong suspicion. ' ' " Hinry " was ushered in with Indian summer and other things in the tall of ' 22 (and what a fall 1 . His first love was engin eering, but a year ' s struggle with calculus and chemistry, phvsics and foundry, etc.. con- vinced him that commerce was the better course. If class records mean anything, his change was an engi- neering loss and Bernick Wai.uo JIoorf ■B. ir. ' Gainesville, Florida Coimneree " ((■ nose of Cleopatra had been shorter, the iciiiilr fare of the earth would have been changed. ' ' . fter making the world safe for democracy. " B. W. " came to Tech to show that brains can accompany the fighting spirit. Moore ' s name has been at the top of the scholastic list since his entry in the Commerce De- partment in the fall of 1922. " B. W. " has proven him- self a good mi.xer. and many are thankful that he en- tered school when he did for he can surely explain what the ofs say. Phi Kappa Phi : Ho Roll (I. 2. 3 1 Cari, Benjamin- M(k)Re " C. B. ' Ponipant), Fliirida Meelianical Eiifrineeriiifr ■■Tolriif formed In lh rinrrd or nig soUtudr: rhariirl hillii-a-s of llir world. " " C. B.. " the whirling, dashing halfback of the Third Battalion, will never forget the last football game he played at Georgia Tech. The Fourth kicked off. the ball came to ' C. B.. " he started down the field, he hit a stone wall defense, there was a great thud, and when the his face, but he ' Honor Roll ll Society of , uton " C. B. ' ala all a hero just the same. . S. M. E. : Battalion Football (4) ; ve Engineers : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. JiiiiN ' imin, M()i iiK ■■.l ,hn- fidaitiiwii, Cieorgia (leiuTiil Science " (III tlif iliii) (if the iliiuifr of the Oiixlermnnaers ' r„iniia„ti. icliiit i IK, hie .• ' jieerh I Ihu ' iKjht (if iii the Jtihn says he is Irish, and since he can ' t help it, he has to bf proud ot it. From the way he tosses the bull, you would think he was a Spaniard or a Mexican. He would rather talk than eat and he sure likes to eat. However, after taking a course in froK dissection, he has scratched frog legs from his list of favorite dishes. (iiFFuiii) () vi:n M(iiu:. n ' • ' ' diliinn " KiickMi.irt, Ofiirfria Textile Enjriiieeriiifr ■■ ' ei:u ' sweeteim toil, however rude the xdiiiid. " Ont iay in Qualitative Lab this young engineer an- lUHinced that he had found " cadium " in a sample. The name instantly made a hit and ever since he has gone by this term of his own coining. " Cadium " has a habit of singing to himself as he works, and he is a good worker too. " Cadium " has the happy faculty of being tvcr ready to help a fellow out. Hoxing (2) : Lieutenant K. O. T. C. (4) ; Battalion I ' ootball (1, 2». Cm Mni:s Imiwi s .M . iii-iiv ■I ' df Wayeni-ss, Georjiia Enj;iiieeriiij; ' C ' liemi. ' .trv -Ainc fur 1 (1(1(1 liieke. ,-,..W ,i,i old xhooe ofler niee. " " Pat " has established an enviable reputation as a member of the famous nicotine twins. You cannot help buj like him. " Pat " claims that he has more hard luck in one day than the whole chtmistry class in one week, and does indeed become muchly griped at times. How- ever, he soon becomes his happy self again, and attributes his hard luck to the disadvantages of life without a mother-in-law. Che al Society. ' l ' llo. " M- s FoHTS .Ml iniAV. .111., A T -SjKdiir IslluTtdii, fieiirfria Cmniiiercc " ■•(dr IiiikI: (if rhivdlru the old dtimahi. 1,(111(1 (,f the riiie (iiid ' dlive. liivehi SiKiinr " Speedy " has been fighting the Spanish department since the day that he left Elberton. He dots not intcnil tci go to Spain upon graduation, but will use his com- mercial knowledge to sell coffins in the old home town. " Speedy " has had a terrible lime with nicknames, and has mough to his credit to run a comic strip for five consecutive years. ' I ' jKlM S (mmiIIII N VIKMIS, i; X ■■(lUhrrf S.iri Hrrnardinii, C ' .difni-niu Scifiicc ■7 l„i,l I ' llliir .,- f( kill,,, ,1,1,1 ,-i-ii mi ' W Tliiiii one ,if these stime metre hallad-iiiDiii er.i. ' ' Gilbert was born in Abbeville, S. C. but the lure of the Golden West proved too much for him. so he now makes his home at San Bernardino, California. Gilbert has the natural pep and enthusiasm which has well fitted him for the role of cheer leader at Tech for the past three years. His presence has been a Kc-nuine spring tonic to every one he has come in contact with Cheer leader (2. 3, 4) ; Marionettes. James Louie Xasii " Loui,- WMsliinirton, Georfjia KlfC-tricMl Kiiijiiu-frinjr •• -■ that zclll 1,,,,-e „ ,;,ke „„t „f the ich,;,l ,„„«t iieeil.i ttiiri the , i!iiiliiiii. " Several electrical sleuths have informed us that " Louie " has been making frequent trips to West End — of late. Having become a grand past master in K P, during his sojourn at Vail, " Louie " has doubtlessly been giving coaching lessons (so our Sherlocks report) in the art of spud manicuring. A confirmed tennis plaver. he may some day pair with Mile. Lenglen. Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (41. liiiiiAiii) KussKi.i. Xasii. .Ik. ■■j;„!li-oair Siiiyrnji. Cieorgia . rdiit.-ctiiri- (■ ,1 jolll-lleil „i„kes the Xi.;iil t„ ■■(;„.„l ,;,, em the sh No, he is neither a railroad nor an automobile, but a commuter who claims Smyrna. Georgia as his native land (see Rand McNally). He and Gram, while being the best of friends, almost have a falling out every night when they try to decide which car to catch. " R. R. " is a very steady worker and will make a good architect some day soon. Architectural Society. .IiiiiN ' I ' ayumi Xismi-r -liniiU,,- Collefrc I ' nrk, Gforaia Civil Knginef riiijr ■■ ' lii,ie ,lexli;nix the flroiiiidlexs i-iinreit!, if me,i : II eiilifil-iii.i ,leeixii)il.i f, uil(le(l ,iii reiilitit ' ' " Bonita " comes from College Park, which, as ever.v- one knows, is one of Atlanta ' s most promising suburbs. Bring an Atlanta boy as it were, " Bonita " has spent a considerable portion of his past four years waiting on the Luckie Street car. Possessing a pleasing personality as well as a sense of humor, he has made many friends at Tech who will be sorry to see him leave. Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. I ' .IIWAKl) TaVKIH N ' kWTOX ■■i:,r M.KliMiii, C.i-orjria Electrical l ' ' .iiji ' inifi-iiif;- ■yV) he nilhtr tliiiii f Kpevt tit. " •■Eli " is famous for two thiriKs. He ' s a i and a moustache expert. At least he told us that what that thins was. " Ed ' s " dark pinlt locks are a powerful factor in makint: him the answer to a Co-ed ' s prayer. From this, {gallant sirs, do not conclude that " Ed " dillies or dallies (?) for that he is a forceful lad, we ' ll all testify. Blue Print (3. 4). Assistant Business ManaKer (3) : Technique (4) ; Captain R. O. T. C. (4) ; Radio Club; A. I. E. E. ; DeMolay. HkHM AX Sl ' AHKS XeW ' I ' OX ■■yeu ' i " r Miii)lc, Texa.s Textile Kngineering llir jioic ' fr nf impartini jni ' ) III,- icill. Ilii ' hiiiiKiii siiul ' iiin:-- IK, „n,,r li,„i-,nr ,m Texas to Tech is a long, long trail, but " Newt " a Kood thing when he saw it. He is a profound , does not have to dull the edge of his husbandry would borrow ears for his disquisitions. " Newt " t to be confused with the salamander (phylum, am- an ) but rather with the grenus " He-knewit. " .Sam I.k.u;ii NdUTir •■Siilismiiii Sum " U:ii t: . C.enrgia Ci)-ii])erative Kiiirineering- ■Tnil;! . ii: nil ll,„l I live I,; I ' .v tcilli llic mcl: . . . I mil. iiiihed. air, n .surrimn In old shne.w ' ' " Salesman Sam " now calls Atlanta home, but when he entered Tech he admitted that he was from Newnan, Georgia. During his first years at Tech, he established quite a reputation for bashfulness, but he journeyed to New York one summer and now the mails are congested, in fact, during his Senior year he was late to many classes — when the postman was late. .Iiijix IIaik Ncxkz, n K ■■Sp,;-(l!r ■r.iin|.a. Fl(iri(l.-i iMi iiU ' criiig t ' lieniistry ■II, ;. ,,in Hull will III, I 1,1,1, , I Hint ichn-e- lii 1,1.1 li,iiijii,- iiiii.ll III- riiiifiili-il till lii.i i-iinsclcnce. ' ' " Nunny " is one of the few Florida natives that doesn ' t believe in exaggerating her qualifications. He ' ll be perfectly frank with you and tell you to judge it for yourself. " Nunny " is a hard worker and a student. With his diploma there should be this addenda, " Well done, thou good and faithful servant, " for few are more deserving of a sheep-skin than he. Emerson Chemical Society : Friendship Council. IIkiiiifht llri;ii Xisshaim, .|. K || ■•.Vh.v.v " l!:iiiiliri(l};c, (icoi-fjia McfliiiiiicMl I ' liifriiii-criiifj ■■•Ooil l.lrxs- ,,- „,„,, rc o fir.H inrrii ,,1 .s ,- ,. So Sdiiiho ' (Ih;i) .villi (iikI mi sny I. " " Herb, " barririK anyone afflicted with sleeping sick ness, is Tech ' s champion sleeper. When disturbed he i either in a foK, or up and after his disturber like ; hull after a red dish in a china shop. As a complemen to his ability to sleep. " Herb " can write up his X. E reports in the wee small hours of the nieht before an( still get Vm in in time to be returned. Wakuk.v lloiin kitk Oiivkii, K . ■■Ilinullcll,- Miuiin, (ieorjria (leiifral .Science " Si-e: Thirc Is .lurks,,,, sl ,„,V„„i likr u stnii. xcaU " Macon is a hundred miles away, but rain or shine Warren and his Chrysler head that way every week-end The pursuit of knowledge has been a pleasant littl. came for Warren and he carries his troubles with : smile and takes what comes to him gracefully, looks like he was born in a uniform, and anyway, hi sure knows his I. D. R. Lieutenant-Colonel R. O. T. C. (4): Honor Roll (1) He w MPOI.E Havjiiim) Robkici- Otis, i; X ■■ •», , , " .Vtlahta, Georgia General Science V,n ,11 ,111,1 -uilh 1,1, n-r lhn„ ,;niiiilftf ste Thf j. si;,;- .,f ,„,, ,j,„„;-ei:- Walpole claims Miss Atlanta as his original and only home town and has for four long years ridden the elec- tri c trolley from East Lake to Tech to get his sheep- skin. " Umph " made the Freshman football team and served his time on Grant Field with the scrubs. Al- though ending several seasons on crutches, he always came back the next vear for more. Scrub Football (2. 3. 4): Freshman Football; Lieu- tenant R. O. T. C. 14). Andrew I{ v I ' aukkh ■■.In.l,,- Vadkinvillc. Snrth Canilin:, Co-operative Engineering " ii ,(„t life just n stuff Til trii the soul ' s streuijth on. ' ' " .Andy " will not admit where he was born except that it was somewhere in North Carolina. He does admit, however, that he has a decided weakness when it comes to the other sex. " Andy " is one of our authorities on steel mills and power plants. For the past few years he has been a pillar of the Tennessee Coal and Iron Company : look out Judge Gary. Co-op Club. I.. A. Pakkkii, ,Iji., i; 1 K ■L. Ar Cordi ' U-, GcorgU Engineering Chemistry " Work is the keynote of sticcexn. " Ever so often a man Kains a diploma in three years. If this happened in the Commerce Department it would be intellijrible. but for it to transpire in the Chemistry Department is beyond human comprehension. " L. A. " accomplished the seeminwly impossible, but we must cer- tainly question Dr. BopTKS. Mr. Daniel and Mr. Wroth. His industriousness will prove invaluable to him in years to Kappa Kappa Psi : Band (1. til VIM i:s I Ii:inu;uT I ' .vuit ■■ , ■,■„„, I,,.,- Athinta, Ci-.irfiia ■■ll- ' i;i((l lh( fiiixl hit Ihr liiihl of llii- prcx, iiihI III, farms xnni ,i.i ' tlir .■.liiiilincs full, or ,is imilll llf risinil alllTS.- Charley is a f reat believer in the adape that ' that Klitters is not gold. " The Florida boom has disturbed his line of action in the least and his m is made up that he will find success in the vicinity Stone Mountain. This is a sure sit n of prosperity the locality for Charley has a way of seeing through surface that is uncanny. IiiwiN 1,. .-M. u I . |{ti;k. «!• i 2: ■■Olliiiii " (I ' llartiiwn. Georgia ( ' l ' ' ,ii{;inccTing ■7 fii ' l liki „ Hull Moose. " " Onion " is so-called by his fellow men because of his strength with reference to size or probably because of his slickness at certain times. The " Onion " is a corn- fed product of Cedartown, a city from which have come many Tech men, good yeomen and true. " Onion " picked C. E. as his profession or imposition and some day we hope to drive our Ford over one of his bridges. Freshman Track : Civil Crew : Cotillion Club ; Scab- bard and Blade: A. S. C. E. ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (-11. l.i ND.sK - jiiiv l ' Arri; -I ' ltr ' . (l(l, Ccorgia (■(lllKlK-riT " ••.. ■ rx-i rii ilini I sliniil oiilsiilc iimir iloor .hid lilii i oii u-iiil. Olid i-iie to fhjht oiid xciii. " Opportunity had just to knock faintly and " Pat ' grasped her with both arms outstretched. He showed his ability and originality when he thought of putting " Rambling Wreck " and " White and Gold " on records, and then pushing the scheme to a successful conclusion. There is no doubt as to his future success if the old saying about first steps being the hardest is true. Technique (U; Aero Club (2); Honor Roll 12). KiMO I..h;an I ' •I ' lil " A-ri ON H.n Hill. C.iM r . ■•.„• .•.■(■ l- ' .ii iiu- .Tin}! Cli mi tr ■liii iliiiii iiri III rru ' iir . ' The mii ' .hevs of Ben Hill are nervous about their daUKhters when " Pat " is around, wherefore he had to come to school so he would be away from home most of the time. Even thouKh " Pat " is a country boy he cer- tainly knows his carrots. Mr. Daniel couldn ' t Ket alonK without him to teach aKricultural chemistry and how ileei) th« snow is in the Valley of Virsinia. Emerson Chemical Society. CiiAiiiK.s Sk.vwkii, I ' m |I.I • " (• ,„J• ; •■• F.lcc-ti-ical Knfriiifcrintr " ' I ' lii ' ixiclri iif riirlli Is iit ' Ver dead . . . rill- iioetrii of I ' orth in ceanint never. ' ' Dawes Harold Lloyd DulinK Tabler Siedel Morecroft Helire Savant Paullin is one of the most distinKuished of the electricals. Durins his Senior year the man-with- the-ponderous-name actiuired much knowledge, a reputa- tion and a large pair of glasses. The knowledge for fu- ture use. the reputation because of his discovery of a " magnetic vacuum " and the glasses for reasons unknown. ■77 . " Penn " " Penduhn WillUM HoYT I ' kmam) ■I ' mii " tl;mt.i, Ccorijin Icstili- KTifriTicfriiiir ■I ' rini ' Is mlijhiUr thiiii the (sometimes in the parlanc ■iir e of our physicists is one person you can spot from afar for istaking his long swinging stride. Where " Penn " shines to best advantage, even among our scin- tillating galaxy of textile engineers, is in the Dyt Lab, in which classts his duestions have prjvoUed much mirth. Battalion Football (2). .roiiN IIkxiiy Persons, . T V. ■•.lohnnji " ' I ' Mlbotton, Gforjiia l ' ' .li ' ctrit-al KniiiiU ' t-riii};: ■III set llii- ciiuse abuvv rciiiiicii, Til liivi- the tjame beyond the pme. ' " .Johnny " is one of the finest fellows we know. Star radio announcer of W. G. S. T., his voice has been heard by more people than the number of students w-ho have gone to sletD in Tobe Edwards ' classes — and that ' s going some. " Johnny " is no stranger to the quill as the Technique ' s numerous " subscribers " will readily testify : anything from sports to sentimentality is in his Pi Delta Epsilon : Technique (2, 3. 4). Board of Ed- itors (41 : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4) ; High Tension Club: Radio Announcer: Inter-Kraternity Council (4): Banil (1. 2) ; Blue Print (4). LaWIIKXCK, t ' llAlllKS 1 ' f.tiii, X ' t ■■r ti " fiiliiiiilius, (li-iirgia Klecti ' ical Engineering " xcorrii cC ' i-rc the diiIi cause of ileiitli, Ihfii wimUl I live forecer. " This Freshman entered Tech four years aKO. and. (hiring a meteoric career, has, by his lively wit and lieisonality, gathered about himself a host of frieiids. Thinm-h an actor of no mean ability, and a favorite with the fair sex, he has nevertheless found time to acquire a well-earned diploma, armed with which he in- tends to shock the electrical world. Marionettes (1. 2. 8. 4) : HiRh Tension Club; A. I. E. E. HOYT C ' ()1.F.M. X PllII.I.IPS ■H. cr H:i|icville, Georgia C ' i il l ' ,iigiiu " ering ' -WIhiI sIhiII I xiin t„ ,i„h: What ran I sail lirllii- than .-■ih ' nr,- Is. ' " •■H. C. " claims Hapeville as his home, which, by a stretch of the imagination, may be called a suburb of .Atlanta. " H. C. " is one of the quiet boys of the class but as the old adage has it, " Still waters run deep. " and who knows but what his fertile brain may be solving some intricate and difficult engineering problem that in time will be a benefit to humanity. Km I ' ll WmtsiKU 1 ' ikk. I K i; ' ■Jialph ' Tlionia.sville, Georgia (hi nail rlian raltifi llial " }ll ' lliiirt Ihaii all till ' a ' loss of art. Ralph is like thf motor of a high-powered automobile. He produces the goods without making a fuss about it. With his quiet, unassuming ways, he has endeared him- self to all who know him. One would never guess that he can play, and has played, battalion football unless he knew Ralph. And ont day hell come home with the Battalion football (2). FftANKMN I ' rrciiKK -Fraiih- ll.nit:i. Georgia Civil Knginecring ilrrisi lir U ' l !■ ilirisions, never t niir III III riiilil. iioiir nasiin I hat Ho R. O ink is one of the best students that the C. E. Dept. n-er turned out. He has always shown a willing- to help a classmate with his work, and his opinions latters of importance have always been found to irrect. He is one man in the Senior Civil Class we can safely predict to be a successful engineer, nor Roll (1. 2. 3) ; Rifle Team (2) ; Lieutenant . T. C. (4). II I Mill ()«KN I ' ciOl., K A Atliinta, Ciforgia General Science ' ■Socnihs .iiiid In- xens not. an Alhcni drtek, hilt II rithcii of the -world: ' Here is Atlanta debutantes little about everything and acteristic Owen. We nathe ideal collejje would be no r afternoon labs, and two hou P ' ootball (3, 41 that you may always count on for a any subject, from off-tackle plays to " ' ms to know at least a lat he tells you is char- that his opinion of the calls, no 8 o ' clocks, no for lunch. Football; Bull Dog; Cotil- lion Club: Inter-Fraternity Council (2, 3). ' J ' llUdlXIIIK KodSKVEI.T PoWKM,, O X ■Uofty Goofty " Pooler, Georgia Civil Knjrineering ••.! ( Tiiii-e stuck in my throat. " " Oofty Goofty " was fortunate in picking an engineer for a dad. He has inherited no small amount of his father ' s ability as an engineer. Possessing a trick voice of which he is modestly proud, he has helped pass away many a dull afternoon in the drawing hall by perform- ances of his remarkable art. Being an unusually good student the cares of college life have left him unscathed. Tau Beta Pi: Honor Roll (1, 21; Scholarship Gold ••T " ; A. S. C. E. : Civil Crew; Freshman Track Squad: Savannah Club: Battalion Football (1, 2); Phi Kappa S.XJlfEI Y-MIBIIOIGH PmiTT, .Til., i] X " Sinnmy " Thoiiiaston, Georgia Coiiiiiierce ■. nail, I :i,iilv lifts a world of sornnc: St to unearth sol W 1 some scandal concerning this popular youth and surfeit for once and all your in- satiable curiosity, but ' twas all in vain, " Sammy " left no clues for our enquiring reporters. " When questioned by our sleuths, " Sammy " smiled his broad smile broadly, and shrugged eloquently. This leads us to think that he ' s born to be a screen star. Skull and Key: Delta Sigma Pi; Basketball Manager ( li . Hviiiiv HiiiiNSHV Pfiivis, •! A 9 " Ihi ' iimy " Milstead, Georgia SpeciMJ Textile Engineering •O 7i ' hiit arc i oii icailhii for here? Young man! iVIiat are you loiikliiii for over the bridge? — " The " wayward boy " was at Tech a long time before we ever found out why he was so fond of his home tov n. Finally the girl was introduced to us. If Tech were a co-ed school maybe we could enjoy " Dreamy ' s " company on the week-ends. We hope that his girl will be as kind to him when she goes to college. Phi Psi. A I IKS Ckcii U aiiv ■■i{„i.,r MacMti. c;.M i-f;ia I ' cNtilc I ' ' .iif;incfrin};- •■77(. H ic nil l.-t -i.v .vo„« , „ A;h( ( ' ;)•( ' -u-ilh ■-■ii ' iic. .Is sick Id (iiteiirl, the ' fire of love -tfith icoril.t. " " Kaby " is just anothei " of these Macon sheiks. After attending Mercer for a year he decided to study textiles and consetiuently came to Georgia Tech. Besides toil- inp. " Baby " (this is a typographical error) has given the . tlanta girls a treat, learning tactics which he has put to good advantage in many a battalion football game. Battalion Football (2. 3. 4l; Lint Head. GEOii(;K W ' ai-siin Hack, i; 1 E -Jlndiis- VMldciMa, CcorgiM C ' i il l ' ' ,n};iiicf rini;- iffs Or in . " Brutus. " with his passion for ancient poetry and ability to recite it by the yard, should some day find himself on Loew ' s circuit along with his melodious yodel- ing. However, his practical engineering ability has struggled to the front and he won his diploma this year in spite of the handicap. So we are expecting great things from you, " Brutus. " Swimming (2, 3): Civil Crew; Captain R. O. T. C. (4) : A. S. C. E. : Honor Roll (2) ; Glte Club (41 ; Scrub Football (2). ' I ' kkiioiihk (iKdUdi: l{i:i)i)V. -lit. " Teildf .Macnii, (Icorjiia KU ' ctrical l nfrincfriiig ■Tlir l.nil,, ■,fl III heart 1 l,«r i;i.-- heiiril no . he- Wilh the aid ot his African harp. " Teddy " h :ome one of the sharers of the spotlight in many musical performances. His perennial grin has sometimes inter- ' ered with the application of make-up ; but undaunttd ■Teddy " has put in a timely appearance. Like his name, .ake, he has been out hunting big game, and his effort; lave netted him a sheepskin. Glee Club: Mandolin Club. Kaviiiin Ri:i:i) ■ lloilni.. II- I ' diil,-, Hdida, Kla. -(ipcralivc Kiifiinccriiij; ■() Ihol Whirh the i,o,i heaven of iihlhl, ;cilh ily Ihoiixanil ei es. .After showing the Motor Transport Corps how it was done overseas for IK months. Raymon decided to come to Tech and be shown. He has developed into a great radio builder and can talk with authority on wave lengths, frequencies, etc. Raymon is a quiet, religious chap and as we believe still watei-s run deep we expect much of him in the future. Itl.V ■70 ;. . •• Atlanta, (;cnrj.n,-i Mci-lKiiiical KiifjiiiciTin ' ••.V.w (,r s, And i i ' t III II XII II III vmeil bin ,1 .1.1 hi ' Ihi- ' )• lliiin he Ridlfy is one of those hard-workinK. conscientious boys that you hear so much about and see so few of. One fact is very stranne and peculiar: he has gone through Tech and hasn ' t added a nickname. It is rumored that his Flint makes frequent trips out on Peachtree Street. He may be trying to engineer some us try to do at one time or another. al which most of James Lee Ricketson " Daddii Rick " Macon, Georgia Klectrical Engineering- ■Ue tliiit xcrcstle rri:i mid slinrin ' iis r hil,,ii:- xcith II III- xkHI. .itriiiiilhiiis our iir iiiiliiiiiiiiist is The Sampson of Gridiron, " Da.ldy Rick " has been in so many battalion battles that he has been mistaken for the ball in a numbtr of instances and kicked in the left guard. " Daddy Rick " belies that old commonplace about precious packages coming in small parcels. He is six foot one in his stockings ( ?) and tips the scale at 185. Battalion Football (1. 2, 3. 4). J.x.MES Anouew Himkhe, i t E ■■Jim mil- hake City, Fla. Civil Engineering ■He hiilh II diiihi hiiiulii ill his life.- Ambition and ability linked with personality and pleasing appearance give us a man who must produce. " Jimmie " has not failed for he is graduating as one of the high honor men in Civil Engineering. " Jimmie, " sometimes fondly called " Ikmik " because of his wealth of curly hair (who can hazard what lies beneath?), is from Florida, the wilderness of real e:5tate agents. Battalion Football (1, 2) : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (2, 3). Major (4): Scabbard and Blade; Civil Crew; A. S. C. E. ; Honor Roll (1. 2. 3i ; Tau Beta Pi. EiNOSEY Roberts. I " T A ■•Lindxei, ' Atlanta, Georgia C-o-operative Engineering ■■Short is mij dtite, but deathless mij renown.. " If the movements of a Russian ballet dancer are more beautifully rythmic than those of Lindsey after he has covered a mile or so. we are enroute to Russia im- mediately, regardless. Efficiency engineers are novictfl at eliminating waste motion when they are compared to this harrier who has remodeled the Southern Confer- ence record. We like Lindsey immensely. Track Team 12. 3. 4): Cross-Country Team. Captain (4) ; " T " Club; Spike Shoe. m Florence, S. C. Areliitecture ■■We xcfi-p li„lns ijri ' e thai inilhlliks him of his part.- Ihnjii(,h ' ii,l. iiiid tn thill I. II iwtliviiiii him I dtfr familii •■Jimmip " and his black smo. in the Architecture Department. He is one of our best students, and is as I ind-hearted a fellow as we have ever known. He is always ready to lend a hand to anyone who needs help. Since his first buddy got mar- ried, " Jimmie " has acquired a new one in " Little Man. " stick in there and fight ' em, J. L. Architectural Society : Marionettes. Wii.i, NoiiTox Robins, B 9 II -B-dhi " Tupelo, Miss. .Special Textile Engineering " There in ' ax pride in Caseij ' s bearing and a amile on Casey ' s face. " " Billy " spent some time at Davidson before he dis- covered that he was at the wrong school and came to Tech. We think Tech is the gainer on this deal. " Billy " has many virtues, not the least of which is his ardent love for baseball at which he is more or less proficient. We don ' t know of any one man on the campus who has made more friends than " Billy. " Freshman Baseball; Cotillion Club. ,T. con RoBixsoN, A E n •■Robbie " .Vtlanla, Georgia Kngincering Chemistry ' ■Readin(i miikelh a full man, conference a ready man, and icrifiny (tn e,ract man, ' ' " Robbie " may well boast of one of the keenest minds at Georgia Tech. He also understands very well the science of rating with the fickle profs. Being able to do better than many of us in his studies has not made him lift his head in pride either. He is as modest as he is brilliant, and he is as popular as he is modest. Rifle Team (2) ; Honor Roll (1, 2) ; Scholarship Gold " T " ; Emerson Chemical Society. CiiAHi.KS .Sam: wi:ii., Jh., e X KL lidCl -Jiock ■ S.iv.iiiii;ili, Georgia ( ' oiiiincrcc " J mernj heart diieth (jood like a medicine. " In " Rock " we would present another from " Geechie " land. He is one of tht- pets of the Commerce Depart- ment and during his four years at Tech has found many a short cut to the solution of problems which prove a source of trouble to those who do not know his methods. " Rock " never lets his studies interfere with his " out- side " duties and has many a fair admirer among the Rifle Team (1) ; .Savannah Cluli. ■• ■ » ' (IkoKIIK I ' i ' l.l.lAM HosSKll, K A Atlanta. Ceoi-fria Civil Eiifrineering u), of life ' s for him thtit (liiiik.i and not for him that si i A younit man whose abilities are multitudinous and varied, " Rossey " has for many years been a well-known fiKure on the track, but in the last two years he has carried his athletic prowess into the realm of basket- ball. When not enKaued in athletics or bull-throwing he can usually be found keeping a certain young lady from getting too lonely. Track (1. 2, 4, a); Basketball (4); Anak ; Marion- ettes : A. S. C. E. : Civil Crew. Emdiiv liiiuwv Rf- IHIE •7V.vAy .Macon, Georgia r.Iechanical Engineering " He seen his dutii, a dead-sure things And went for it Ihar and then. " " Cheer, Cheer, Cheer Boy " is the by-word and night- mare of our " Pesky. " Many a vibrant cry has he caused to be " rumbled " on Grant Field, and although he IS a cheer leader of the first water he is by no mtans what one would call wet. " Pesky " can be found in his vacant hours dispensing books and sundry articles at the Student Supply (with the other wolves). Free Body Club: Marionettes: Cheer Leader (2, 3 4) ; Radio Operator WGST ; Vice-President Y. M. C. A. (3) ; Radio Club. Carl RrsTix, ATA " Carl " Savannah, Georgia General Science " am (i itVK .v at a loss to know how much to believe of mi own stories. " Although Carl was not born with a silver spoon in his s a favorite with the powers that be. To gift is fine, but to excel in many things is In all things dramatic, oratorical, musical, id social one may expet:t to find Carl star- le phase of each, just glance at his record below. Yea, verily, art thou versatile. Phi Kappa Phi : Scholarship Gold " T " : Honor Roll (1, 21 : G ' ee Club (2, 3, 4) : Marionettes (2, 3, 4) : Mu Lambda Sigma : Technique ( 1 ) ; Matheson Literary Society (1, 2t . mouth possess ont remarkable Marsii.mi, Oliver Saggus " Mo " Crawfordsville, Georgia Architecture ' 7 hai ' e loved justice and hated iniquiti). " This elongated product of South Georgia has the offi- cial title of " King of the Buttermilks. " King Moses holds court nightly at the Standard Pharmacy and deals out justice with a strong hand. In addition to being a good king, " Mo " is a good student, and has taken a high standing in all of his work. We wish him luck when he opens up his office in Crawfordsville. Architectural Society: Battalion Football (2). ■M.inii u-nt(rs Ihc floods dnnc ' i i Jri.iKX David Saks, ' t K -J. ).- Amiistoii, AI.iIkimki Textile Knirineering iiniil iiiif ' iich Invt Even thouph Julian spends a larse share of his val- uable time penning epistles to comely damsels in all parts of the South, he has found time to make the track siiuad and maintain a high scholastic standing. Julien deserves all the more credit since he developed into a cinder path artist, not so much because of talent, but because of his dogged persistency. Track (3); Cross-Country (2. 3); Honor Roll (1, 2. :il ; DeMolay Club. OriVKK Hu ' .r.EKSox S.m.e -OUrcr " Haylc, Georgia. Electrical F.M}rrieerin} : iIIk r, xiiiri irrni man is th, ,•A. .. ,;. Oliver is a hard-working: boy. not in the ordinary- sense of the word, but in its intensified connotation. We said that he worked like a Trojan on the Technique, whereupon our executive advisor said that he worked hard at everything he did. We believe it. Not being able to discover the reason for such assiduity, we lay it to cret Pi Delta Epsilon : Technique (1. 2. 3. 4), Circulation (1). Assistant Circulation Manager (2), Circulation Manager (3). Business Manager (4) ; Blue Print (3, 4). Mai{ K I.I Km " San ' okks ■Pair, Tenn. Architecture " 7 am not u politician, and mij air good. " " Pap " comes from Tennessee but says for monkey business. He is perhaps o known men on the campus and being has taken part in most of its activities. uther habits ' doesn ' t stand e of the best go-getter he Being promi- ally his presence is in great demand at dances and banquets, and he will be greatly missed next year. Glee Club ; Marionettes : Architectural Society ; Stu- dent Council; Charrette Club; Inter-Fraternity Council 14. 5), President (4. t-,) ; President Georgia State Inter- Fraternity Council (4) ; President National Under- Graduate Inter-Fraternity Council (4) ; Executive Com- mittee National Inter-Fraternity Council (4. 5); Dele- gate National Inter-Fraternity Conference 14. ) : Dele- gate Mid-Western Stud. Conference (5) ; Cotillion Club. SCEKICIII Seki " Squeaki " Tokio, Japan Architecture -Stceet are the thoughts that savour of content; The (juiet mind in richer than a crown. " From the far off land of cherry blossoms and jiu-jitsu came this quiet but jolly youth in quest of knowledge. He brought with him a good nature and friendliness that was irresistible. As a consequence, " Squeaky " is liked by all who come in contact with him. He is a wristler of note as several enterprising architects who li-i.d his timbre will testify. Architectural Society ; Cosmopolitan Club. CJKdiinK I Ia .ikihust Sessions, ■ ' Srsh " Text ill ' I ' .iigincfi ' ing I A " ' " ' Hill hnlill, nil III Ill- he not retrograde, a spade a spade. " Some call him " Pelican. " but " Sarge " is a better name for him. However, as Jane Austen says, for par- ticular reasons we shall conceal it under that of " Sesh. " Since ha has been at Tech, " Sesh " has had lots of fun poinE to see the trirls and after a sedulous course has developed sad tendencies. He is noted for his dry wit. and often makes a smile where there was a frown. Cotillion Club. TiioM.vs . i.i.-Kx Sii.viU ' K, B B IT -Tom " narlinfitdii, S. C. C ' lmiiiierce Ihi- iliippled lurf at eit.ip 1(1 pldij u-ith similes. " to Tech with the other members of this ■Of . I sil " Tom " •ith the oth distint uished class and has been a ever since. He lil es the Commerce Course, but suKcests that to improve it. four years of Modern Language should be required. " Tom " cuts a stunning figure in feminine attire, looking almost as wicked as Johnny Marshall. " Tom " has taken part in many activities dur- ing his stay at Tech. Anak: Koseme : Delta Sigma Pi: Blue Print (1): Co- tillion Club: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4) : Assistant Base- ball Manager (1): Assistant Manager Football (2. 3), Senior Manager (4). Hajiky Sikuki-, . E n ■■H„rr,r Atlanta, GeDrgia Civil Kngineei ' ing " ' ' J ' liis wH.v ' .(• music, ' said he, ' of the spears, for I rnn riirsid if each note of it doesn ' t run Ihrouijh one. ' " Harry is another musician of great promise and is undecided whether to organize a jazz band or to take up engineering. Under the direction of Wop Roman and Professor Lucas the chances stand at an even break at present. We believe that his future lies in engi- neering and in the realm of highway work, but Harry wants to play with Paul Whiteman. Kappa Kappa Psi : Director Marionette Orchestra : Glee Club (2) : Band (1. 2. 3. 4). HeXIIV I.AKAVKl-IK S.-MITH, K 2 ■■lllll " Atl:uita, Ceorgia ( ' iiiiiiiiercf U ' hiit ii ' iii make it. make it worth " Life chile. " When he painted his sport Chevrolet in such an ar- tistic manner, many of us who believed that Hal had a propensity for automobiles had our suspicions confirmed. No doubt this accounts for the speed with which he moves in the 400, but ' twould be folly to attribute his popularity with the more intuitive sex to the same, can ' t you guess why ? Delta Sigma PJ : Battalion Football (2, 3. 4) ; Basket- Club; Freshman Football; Cap- ! l .IllllN IllNSON- Wll.DKH SXKAI), IT K A " Li ililniiiii " Savannah, (Icorpia ( ' i ' il l ' ' n rinc( ' rin;; And smilf. smile, .vmi ihl kil bay, John is one of the old-timers it will be hard to replace. He is one of the best hurlers Tech has boasted of in several years, and he can throw three balls in a row and stili come up with a grin. " LiKhtninvr " has been with us lonKer than some of the rest, but he has not wasted his time for he will graduate this year with three degrees. Baseball (.■). 4. a) ; A. S. C. E. : Bull Dok ; A. S. M. E. V][iiAM FiiANCis SrAiniNT.. .111., i; .V E ■Biir . tlanta, Textile I ' JiifjiMccrinjf •■() Ramco, Riiiiif ' i: ichcrffoi-c til tliou, " Bill " is one of the old-timers at Tech. and can re- member the time when Dr. Crenshaw entered the Fresh- man Class. However, his policy has been to keep plug- KinK away, although sometimes he doesn ' t know which end is up. As a debutante ' s deliKht he knows no equal, and a single glance from " Bill " has made many a fair damsel ' s very soul quiver with delight. Skull and Key; Glee Club (2, 3. 4, .i) ; Bull Dog: Man- dolin Club. Leader (2, 3) ; Golf Team. . si)HKW ,Iean Si-radmn, 1 X ■•Sproodli ' ' Fulton, Kentucky Architecture " One ildj I lerote her iiiime h hiii tlie strnnd. But (lime the u-avex and ic ' a.ihed it aK ' aii. " " Sproodle " as he has been affectionately dubbed by his cohorts, comes from the Blue Grass State and is proud of it. Besides possessing a subtle wit for which he is noted, he is the fond owner of a " Leaping Lena " of ancifcTit vintage which he has decorated wih auto- graphs of his classmates in two languages. " Sproodle " plans to enter the construction game after leaving school. Charrette Club; Cotillion Club: Architectural Society. ■Ia.mks Owkx .Stakkiy. i: X ■■i-,nii.- ' ' Kufaiila, Alah.iMia Architecture -Dixh II I r f :i,fll if t iiii i o ' i ' l hirk—nxi ' esiiexhiialli if de man u-a ' t (jot it kmnc ' tactl;! Tc ' al he got ter do. " " Venus " is the sole proprietor and owner of the Venus Signs, Incorporated. While not being supersti- tious he does believe in signs. Besides being versatile in the art of sign painting, " Venus " has given all of his spare time and more to the Marionettes, of which hi- has been Business Manager for the past two years. Hi.s ambition is to succeed Ned ' Wayburn as producer ..f the Follies. ■yellow Jacket (3. . " ), Circulation Manager (3); Architectural Society; Marionettes (1, 2, 3, 1, h). Prop- erty Manager (1, 2, 3), Secretary and Treasurer (3), Business Manager (4, Ij). I.KHdV AlCISTlS SxAriKS, 1 A V. li ' x;iii(lri:i, I,;i. Mci ' liariical l " ' .iif. ' iiiciTin(; ■■( ;. Siiircii. Sdirrii. lilllr ila ici ' knoxc xcliat hii s livfore «.«. " From the swamps of Alexandria, from the shininK big sea water, came Leroy Augustus Staples, came right willinK to the slaughter. But " Swamp " has more than escaped the knife and before lonp. the skin we all hope to touch (sheepskin of course) will be his. " Swamp " has taken a little time off for " love practicing. " but he need practice no longer for he is now " the Doctor. " Oil Can Club; Honor Roll (2) ; Battalion Football (1) ; A. S. M. E. I ' ,RNK.ST I,KK SlT-:l ' IIKNS()N, T T A " Lee " Covington, (ierogia Textile Engineering ■ ' ( ' omu.t (111(1 this MhlnUjht Crew. " nhabits the Textile Department and the Packard. ■e often wondered how he will ever find time to re of a textile mill, yet considering all the other ( ??l Lee has to do. he is rather a good manager, the last four years, on the numerous occasions booked two dates for the same night. Lee has by somehow, why worry V Jack Aaiuix Stkwaut, n K ' " . fuA " . ' Vtliinta, C ' leiirgia Meelianieal Engineering " Stmc iflddiie.i.i (iii the pnthn of nieii. You ic ' ill nat jKix.i fhii uviii a;iain. " Our Jack is the " man-with-a-reputation. " He is na- tionally known but his reputation was obtained at Tal- lahassee and Pensacola, Florida. The Glee Club will lose a valuable asset in this singing, banjo-playing min- strel : Jack owes much of his reputation to his ability on the stage. Our ladies ' man needs be careful because he is liable to have his record taken away? Glee Club; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4) ; A. S. M. E. NoKi. Read Stowk. n A A " A ' oAci ' . tlanta, C.eorgi.i Coinnierce We bar take ca things During he has gotten ■ " ■ " ' " " ■ ' " " ' ■ ' then For the; too K ' ill fade as does the setting sun. " " Nokey " is a strange combination of fun. seriousness, practicality and goodness knows what not rolled into one. We won ' t venture to predict anything definite for this gay youth, but with the rep he has gained in the Commerce Department and from our knowledge of his personality, w advise J. Pierpont to watch his pennies, yet for all that " Nokey " should show Falstaff a good time. DeMolay Club: Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4). H.4UIIV iiu;ii. SiKKK.T. 22 E Atlanta, Cieorgia Mechanical Engineering " Ilnrmony is good; so am J " " Gabby " is well named, for when he has talked your riitht arm off, then he begins on the left one. On spe- cial occasions he puts his flow of words into a tune and renders a selection of mean harmony worthy of oven his Mother ' s attention. His ability to strum a banjo has won for him a distinction in women ' s colleges far and near. Honor Roll (1) : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4) : Glee Club (2. 3. 4). Orchestra (2, 3. 4); Mandolin Club (2. 3. 4) ; Battalion Football (I). .S. M ( " illKK.II .StHIIM INT.. 9 X -Slritr liiiilinj;- Fiirk, .Mis.s. Civil MMuinccrinfC ■•Brlfiht Khir. icniilil I lor, ' flmdfost us thou rn-f. " " Strib " came all the way from Mississippi to learn the Geornia methods of road buildini;. His selection of Tech was only logical. During his four years, he has yet to consider any of his duties as a drudgery. He claims that the charms of women have no effect upon him. but we have the faintest suspicion that there is one who could make him deny that. A. S. C. E. CiivKNS Brown Stiiuki.ek, K i; ' H, ' iclll In fill ichrrc th, . tianla, ( " icnrjria CfiMiiiu-rcc « thr line of riiiht. Ill Ihi rhiji iiiiil- " been sent few men to Tech of the same high . " Whatever he has undertaken at Tech a leader. Along with making the honor rtdl. " G " has found time for both social and athletic activities. His captivating personality, positive convic- l ions, and his forcible character have made everybody al Tech his friend. " G " is our man. Delta Sigma Pi : Freshman Football ; Skull a nd Key : Cotillion Club; Honor Roll (1. 2); Battalion Football (■2. 3, I). Basketball (2. 3. 4) ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Ml 1 ' avm-; .Si I mis. X ■■Pee-Willii " New Orleans, I.a. Civil l-:n{;ini ' criiif;- Hull who Imvi kiji Young Adonis came to these halls in ' 20, and after licnding a pair of years in the heartless world, re- turned to us for further armour with which to protect himself from the flinty arrows of said heartless world. Looking on humanity with a kindly toleration, he has found time to descend to the sphere of school activities with no little success. Civil Crew; Tau Beta Pi m Club ( 3, 4 ) : Cotilli. HiiAiiioiiii Kknt Si-riuiis ■• .•-• •• Diihliii. Gi-oi-jria .Mccliank ' iil Engineering -Riflirt that life, like every other blessing, Derives its i-alue from Us use alone. " " Contradictions, " Edprar Allen Poe has confidently told us. " cannot co-exist in nature. " Now we do not pretend to understand Mr. Poe. No more do we com- rrchend " Ited. " who while to all amicnrances a gentleman of the hitrhest type plays Lacrosse as well as Mack Tharpe or Bull Irwin. Maybe its because while red- headed he ' s a cool and even-tempered youth. Lacrosse (2, 3, 4); Free Body Club: A. S. M. i- : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4). IIksry Swkkt -Menrlrlejeff . tlanta. Cn-orffia Engineering Chcmi.stry -Time flies on restless pinions cnnstiml never. Be constant— and thou chainest time forever. Several years ago Henry decided that he and the Soviets could not agree, so he left his native Ukraine where he was fast earning a reputation as Mendelejeft s successor, and came to Atlanta. We are very proud of him because he has learned more English in six years than we have in tweiity. and probably has learned more Chemistry in four years than we will in ten. Emerson Chemical Society ; Cosmopolitan Club. H.VRRY Ll.OYD SwiCEOOOD, T T A ' ■Harri - Savannah, tjciirgia Electrical Engineering " Surh and so varions are the tastes of men " Harry braved the dangers of the frozen North for a year and completed his Freshman work at M. I. T. He has since been braving the dangers of the E. E. Dept. You can never tell just what Harry ' ll do next : one minute he ' ll be attacking one of those head-splitting problems that are the bane of an Electrical ' s existence and the ne. t caroling absently. Robert I,ei.. nd T.vyior -lioW Minden, I.iiui.siana Co-operative Engineering " To the solid i rotind Of nature trusts the mind that builds for aye. " " Bob " came from the oil fields of Louisiana to be- come an engineer afler turning down an army career. He is the author of " How to Gyp. " having shown marked proficiency in this subject. " Bob ' s " claim to fame is that he has not missed a class or drill since coming Co Tech. In the near future we expect to run our flivver on Taylor Gas Oil. Briierean Society ; Co-op Club. ■Th, Ckukgk U(x:krs Tkhiiy, a T A " (leoriie ' Savannali, CSeorgia Civil Engineering never tfd.v a good war or a bad peace. " Let loose your dojfs of war. O Mars ; We are about to describe a Ktnuine sower of draeon teeth and a modest tamer of shrews (and Honorary Member of the Lion Tamers). George is a military ffenius who ' s glad to tip you off for the asking. He does not, however, con- fine himself to this alone as various members of the ■younKer social contingent " will vouch for. Scabbard and Blade : Captain R. O. T. C ill; Civil Crew ; A. S. C. E. ; Radio Club. n McC ' .M.i, Tii.Mii ' K. K 2 ■■Mnck " Mnultrii-. Georgia ( ' (iininereo r, determiiiKtinn of zcill -Str III, uf rh On several occasions " Mack " has been dubbed " the meanest man at Georgia Tech, " but just why we ' ve nc ' er been able to find out. Of course, as a tackle " Mack " is uncommonly good, and it is true that he has carried his cave man tactics into other fields, but many things are left unexplained. " Mack " is widely known and as widely liked. Football Ci. 4): Lacrosse (2, 3): Koseme : Bull Dog; Anak ; Cotillion Club. Sajhei MdiKiAX Thdai AS. A T n " Tmnmie " Searcy, Arkansas Eleetrical l ' ngineeriim- •■. .■ for me. nil I kmw iV lliot I kifzc- ii ' illiintj.- Some day we believe that his name will be listed in " Who ' s Who. " Morgan has an exceptional record Bt Tech and is going to make a real engineer : handsome, strong of build, and with a personality which cannot be overshadowed. Since this Grecian God descended from a slow train from Arkansas long ago, he has spent bis idle hours in heroic efforts to dodge the ladies. Phi Kappa Phi ; Tau BeU Pi ; Scabbard and Blade ; High Tension Club ; Numeral Track ; Lieutenant-Colonel R. O. T. C. (41; Scholarship Gold " T " : Honor Roll (I. 2, 3). Fair (it, Accliilec ■■.III. t„ Tliiil i hiiilil. In Inlilil ' ■ llle ,in ,le.-l of oil Ihe Ladie at you. tcct wl and Gentlemen, on the left, gazing mo is N. Parson Thompson, the one and only : did four years work in three. As a if this extraordinary feat, we haven ' t se in tl-e Architecture Department. nissed si boys .1(111 N SlIKIIIKII) ' I ' llMIINSON ' ' Toifiiiiif ' (ioidon, Gfiirgia Tfxtilf Enginceriiif; u-)ioivir k limes how to reliirii rcfiivfd must be a friend (il i r ,1 kill, I lies. ' III! price. ' " Tommy " has gotten unusually devoted to his brother this past year and has been to see him on the averaKe of twice a week — not that we disapprove of brotherly Jove at ali. but merely when to be expectinL: the invitation. " Tommy " always comes up to the top notch in his work in spite of the fact that Marietta seems to be af- fecting him quite a bit. Phi Psi; Captain R. O. T. C. (Ii ; Roll 11. 2). .Idll.N P.M ' I ' IhADKEI ■■.fnhiiiiil " Atlanta, Georgia Electrical Engineering Xi ' illi the sunset. I iiiii fretful tliirst is on ine, iiinl mil 7 om ferer tlie 1,111 . For the uuiniler is in ( ' illlini . " " .Johnny " cla IS the distinction of beintr the lall«Est Dept. And his six feet, live inches is every bit as handsome as could be wished. Since his reti. ' rn from Camp Vail. N. J., last summer he has never been the same, but he has mane.E:cd to keep his mind on school problems lonK enough to acquire a fine record in all of his scholastic work. High Tension Club: A. I. E. E. : Captain R. O. T. C. 141: Honor Roll (1. 2, 3): Battalion Football (2). George Hamiltox Tii.wi.oii " Ham " LaGrange, Georgia Engineering Chemistry ' flitl me discourse. I will enchant thine ear. Or, like a fairii. trip upon the green. " The pride of his department ! If any of the profs Ket stumped they come to " Ham " for enlightenment. Hard work combined with a native ability have enabled " Ham " to lead his class throughout the four years. He is the kind of a fellow who doesn ' t care if his studies did interfere with his college education — he got both in good measure. Phi Kappa Phi : Emerson Chemical Society : Honor Roll (1, 2, 31: Company Football and Basketball (11. Li.ovD H.MiuisoN Tim.. T A " Beamus ' ' Plainview, Texas Commerce ■lirink mil the third (jlass ichich Ihou nut Our bluff and hearty Texan is now before you, gaze with awe but not with fear for his gruff manner is only a Texan style and it hides an interior of gold. Industrious and efficient Beamus. lucky will be the Wall Street firm th at some day will boast his name. His blue eyes and curly hair, also, are thty not enough to make girls leave home? Alpha Delta Sigma; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (1): Company Football (1, 2). ■ ?»■• " - ' • I - John I ..mxcki.ut Uxdkiiwikid. Jii., B II ' ' Johiiiiil " Blakely, Georgia Elfctrical Rnfriiicoring Commerce ••To hn-f i.s- tn hrlieve. lo lini„-. lo know; " lis an cusnii, a taste of Ihiivin below. " Here wc have a rare bird, a married man at Tech I " Johnny " found the Ele-ctrical Course too easy, and so to have something lo worry about. " Johnny " assumed the yoke of matrimony. He is an excellent musician in spite of his HIakely oricin. and finds himself at home on the sa.xophone. French horn, cornet, bass horn or most any other kind of instrument. A peach of a boy. Kappa Kappa Psi ; Scabbard and Blade; High Tension Club; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (3. 4). Captain (5); Band (1. 2. », 4. .il ; Glee Club. Fii.wK EM.vxrKi. kitiik. .In. -rnink- Atl.inta, Ceori;!;! Kleetrical l ' ' .iij;iiieeriiip- •■() beloviil I ' m,, and all ,■ olhir „„ds of this place, (jrant tin- lo heromc hrinilifiil in the inner man. " Judging from our hairbreadth trips up and down North Avenue, it would seem to us that Frank would rather win a race than string a high tension line. If Frank follows the engineering profession, the movies will have to look for another Richard Cortez double: but if he goes into the movies, electricity will cease acting in accordance with ohms law. FiiKi)i:iiK K WiiiiAM W ' ac.knkh. n K . ■■Slroiiiht Eitlhf . ' uiiimerville, S. C. Civil I- " .H " iMeeriii!;- ■ SOI •horle It nuul: and if I am tnait. I am not Sophoeles. " In despair will the cry go up from all quarters when " Straight Eight " fadfs out of the scene. Fred is a boy we have all enjoyed knowing, and his quiet manner hides a versatile brain and a fertile imagination. " Fred s " form might easily be that of one of Arthur Rackham ' s creations come to life, only Mr. Rackham ' s people are usually symmetrically proportioned. Phi Kappa Phi ; Pi Delta Epsilon : Tau Beta Pi ; Civil Crew; Honor Roll (1, 2. 3): Scholarship Gidd " T " ; A. S. C. E. : Tennis (31; Technique (2. 3. 4), Associate Editor 141: Yellow Jacket (:i). AlltKHT FllANCI.S A ' . ITK ■■ ). II. {.■ Isle of Ilo].e, Ceorgia Co-o])eratiM ' l-jifiiMeeriiig lf ■Hr A» u- ichnf ' s icfnif. niul f hat ' s as hi; h J.v nutajthifsir icif ran fhi. " " 0. H. M.r the self-styled -onlinary human beinjr. - came suddenly to Tech in ' 21. After two years of re«:u- Inr school, he changed to the Co-op Course. Since that lime he takes his wine and ladies in the seaport town, then a turn in Atlanta, singinn and studyinir. Ueink ' employed by the Central of Georgia Railroad, he knows h ) v to handle biK things in nn easy way. (nAiiiDs 1!kn.i min Wm kkii. f) X ■■r „, ,• ;. ' ■ I.yiTly. Cicorgia Textile I ' .iiffiiieering ■■ liiive lniiikiii lU-cji (if joy. And I will ttisle no other wine tonUjht. " " Charlie ' s " deep bass voice has been booming out over Glee Club audiences for these past four years. And dur- in r this time, more than one bent or broken heart has resulted from his line, after the show was over. " Charlie " has never been known to take life too seriously and whe-ther in class or out, his spontaneous outbursts are constant sources of merriment. Phi Psi ; Captain R. O. T. C. (4); Glee Club (1. 2. :), 4) ; Inter-Fraternity Council. COI.I.IXS KlIANK W Al KKII ■■(■ollins ' .M.ieoii. (;eor;rii. M I ' d i;iii leal I ' iiffineering ■ ' Viiiii, i-ii-ji rain, iiii wiuri searrh to find. " That lilis.i which only centers in the mind. " Collins has found plenty of time to go to school be- tween intervals of sleeping and motorcycle escapades in his years as a scholar. Even so. he had a lot of extra time on his hands which he put to good use in the mess hall. He is majoring in automotive engineering. able good-natured chap, tempered elf-relii vith ad- Wii.i.iA.M McLkoi) Ware, i: K •■Bill " Columbus, Georgia Civil Engineering " .hid n xcomnn , ' ■ only a tcoman, but a ijood fiijnr is o Kmoke. " " Sister " has acquired quite a reputation as an actor, speechmaker. and as a Mexican athlete during his col- lege vacation which will no doubt aid him in his desire to show the Chinese what a real engineer is. " Bill " has been mighty active on the campus and would have been more so had it not been for a little affair of the heart down in Macon which ended rather disastrously for the said William. Amen. Pi Delta Epsilon : Civil Crew: Technique (2, 3. 4). Board (3. 41 : Honor Roll (1) : A. S. C. E.; Marionettes II. 3, 4); Inter-Fraternity Council (3, 4); Postmaster (2, 3. 4) ; Senior Class Historian. RrssKir, Kicene V, TEii.s " Rusty " Macon, Georgia Cominerce ■ ' hc. frolijoiis day! Calloow. Callay! lie chortled in his joy. " " Rusty " was so fond of the Commerce Department that he prolonged his course over a period of five years. This did not hurt his popularity with the faculty, how- ever, since they wanted to make him remain another year in order to keep up the home-like surroundings. " Rusty ' s " ability to make friends and his ability as a business man were demonstrated in his able management of the Varsity Basketball stiuad. Assistant Basketball ManagtT (2) ; Varsity Manager (3) ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (3). m z;:!: §m lioHKIIT I.KK WaTKINS, H A Ji Dcc.itur, C " . ' i i-!ria CniiiimM-ce ■ •-» riui ' l It ' ll, (hm ' l i nii kiiozc: " " Bob " seems to have taken advantaEe of all of his opportunities. Since he came to Tech from Decatur Hiph he has made the old hands sit up and take notice. He- does well everything he does and lets nothinK go un- done. Once he had a chance to leave a pood record at Tech: he started on it his Freshman year, now he is about to lay the opportunity behind stamped. " Finished, ready for another. " WiiKMiv, ATA Clowe, A ' iri;inia ' ■riieie is iirobubhi no licll for uuthor.i in the nt ' .rt world — the; suffer so niucli from critirs anil onblishers in this. ' ' If but one word was allowed to describe Warren, one would think at once of " debonair " as the most fitting. Our well-dressed campus journalist has been one of the busiest men on the flats for the past four years and has proven himself a most able exe-cutive, managing his various activities capably and efficiently, yet still able to find time for his terpsichorean hobby. Pi Delta Epsilon ; Technique (1, 2. 3, 4). Board (3). Editor-in-Chief (4) ; Blue Print (1. 2. 3, 4), Photo- graphic Editor (2, 3, 4) ; Assistant Editor Tech Alum- nus (4) ; Treasurer Student Council (4) ; Assistant Publicity Director Glee Club (4). HowAiiD White, .Tr. " Uncle Bim " Macon, Georgia Electrical Engineering " Lei us have faith that Riijht make.- Mujhl . and in that faith let us to tt ' ie end dare to ' do our dull) as itv understand it. " Although an electrical man " Uncle Bim " won con- siderable literary fame because of his nose for news when he was one of the editors of the " Mason Low Level Injector. " His peculiarities are that he can always be found on the back row. and he has a faculty for actiuiring new names. Yea, but a prince in beggars rags is still a prince. .Iamks Cri.iiKitT W ' lri ' it: ■■Chief .Inslire " Dceatiir, Ccorni.-i ■■llnl ever; Ihinii -.chuh srhiitnlh as the (fold, Tis not ' , old. as thai I have herd it told. " The Decatur car line will lose a customer when the " Chief Ju tice " enters the ranks of alumni, but the country will gain an energetio worker. The quality of his work can be summed up in the fact that he gained a Gold " T " for scholastic achievement. We understand that J. C. is majoring in real estate: don ' t be surprised, then, if land in DeKalb County starts booming in the not far distant future. Honor Roll (1, 2. 3) ; Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4). Geoui-.k Wii.ium Vim)k, B O II -lUittrrmilk i i w " .fackson, Uenn. C ' oiimicrce ■Be sure i ou are ni ht, thcti yo ahead. " It is said that whenever Georife arrives in Jackson, the town band and the entire poimlace for miles around conKregate at the station to itreet him. However. George hoars his honors with becominif modesty and refuses to talk about these homecomings. If you have seen George on the basketball court or track you have seen a streak of lightning ; if you know him personally, you have a real iriend. Basketball (2, 3. 4); Track (2. 3); Anak ; Koseme ; Student Council; Freshman Basketball; Delta Sigma Pi; ' R. O. T. C. (4). Majo TiKi.iiAs .Vtwood Wildkr, 2 N " Dynaviite " Macon, Georgia Mechanical Engineering " Once he saw a youth blushing, and addressed him, ' courage, my hoy! that is the complexion of rirtue. ' " II was during his Freshman year when this lad, rush- ing about in football togs, got an overdose of war medi- cine and exploded, blowing several amaze-d frosh to Kala- mazoo, hence " Dynamite. " Since then he has been get- ting wilder and wilder, though to look at him you ' d think him tractable enough. Some cold day in June " Dynamite " says he ' s going to put one over on the Ex E. Dept. Basketball (3. 4) : Baseball (3, 41 ; Bull Dog- Fresh- man Football, Baseball, Basketball (Captain) : Secretary and Treasurer Freshman Class. .James Drewry Wilkins, i; E ' Jimmy ' ' Greensboro, N. C. Mechanical Engineering " He ' s a shark — enough said. ' " Jimmy " was built for the cavalry, but he prefers chasing himself around the track. -Why this should ob- tain we cannot say. and we reiterate that " Jimmy " would cut a better figure at the head of His Majesty ' s Light Dragoons. Not only has " Jimmy " made many friends and a name for himself in activities, but he has attained all the scholastic honors. Phi Kappa Phi; Honor Roll (1. 3); Track Squad 13, 4) : Glee Club Orchestra (2. 3) ; A. S. M. E. ; Free Body Club : Secretary-Treasurer Aeronautical Associa- tion ; Oil Can Club ; Tau Beta Pi. Joiix Graxt Wilkixs, Z E " Jack " Atlanta, Georgia Mechanical Engineering Electrical Engineering " They can ' t have all they crave. " " Jack ' s " whole-hearted friendliness, his obliging help- fulness and his gentlemanly conduct have won for him a host of admiring and staunch friends. Not being con- tent with one degree, he came back for his M. E. and now feels capable of meeting any problem that may be put before him. " Jack " will always be respected for his sterling character and his high ideals. High Tension Club; A. I. E. E. ; A. S. M. E ■ ' .hiiilliliiii wurtli " Ha I ' llAXKII.V WlllCdX, " Hammer " Fitzgerald, Georgia ( ' oniim ' i ' Cf Idilll (It (ill is rill duiiK j a rathei- jolly commercial engineer, has striven four long years with various languages and other studies for a chance to get out into the world and show up some C. P. A. " Hammer " made a good soldier in his day, and should Uncle Sam call to him again, the C. P. A. ' s will have very little competition until " Ham- mer " brings home his victorious legions. Delta Sigma Pi. IvAx Andy Wii.iiams. i; A E ' Ike " Little Hook, Ark. Coniimric " ■- ' i dii ' iCiiiil i i(iKe. the lliiiKj iidii ' vr (I ' ll III da y.v jc.s- ' lo shcu ' iidii ' re uj, la fiiihliii ' . In. " " Ivan the Terrible " came to us from Little Rock with renowned football ability. This ability has made him one of the mainstays of the Golden Tornado for the past three years, and his educated toe has won many a game for the Gold and White. " Ike " is one of the most popular boys on the campus, having made every honor society, and also being a class officer for three years. Anak : Football (2. .S. 4 ) , Freshman : Skull an.l Key ; Koseme : Bull Dog : Cotillion Club ; Boxing (21: Delta Sigma Pi: Glee Club 12. 3. 4): Vice-President Sopho- more Class : President Junior Class : Vice-President .Senior Class. MeI.VIX KiTlIIlK W ' ll.I.lAMS. i) i " K -Milriir ' Millt ' dgevillc, Georgia Civil Engineering fhr. . ■lyiiin .•.■hull Ihc Wh,r,(,f zee (I Iniuir liar r i (ililirx play ill earli proud Milvin is a product of Milledgeville and of Swann Dormitory. To the former of these handicaps may be attributed his success in " Bug Lab. " although according to rumor the latter may have had even more to do with it. Melvin ' s ambition on entering Tech was to become President of China. Lately he has decided that the language would be too hard and has given up ihe idea. WllllAM IvrilKI nilKI) WlIllA.MS. li 6 I[ ••Hill ' . tlanta, Georgia Special Textile ] ' ' ,ngineeriiig ■IJe wn. a vcrraii pcrfiijhl ( ciilil kiii(ilil. " A local product anil proud of it. " Bill " has helped the First Battalii n cop the basketball crown during his years at Tech. He is a jovial. Triendly fellow, the kind you would want to be cast away with you on a desert island. " Bill " is another hanger-on at the Spinning Mill, but we ' re expecting much from him. Freshman Basketball; Battalion Baskrtball (2. 3. 4). ?. ' (n Ts(iN I.AMAirn N h. iiii MMtN, .Ik. ■•Willil " t ' cniinicr ' c, ( Iciirjii.i Elci ' trical Engineering ■ ' Willi .icized from kiiu n their srejilri ' d pride And turned the liiihtninij ' .i darts a.iide. " ■Wee Willie " is fHsl becoming a Lab expert. Only Ihe other day he hooked up a startiriK box to a gener- ;itor and wondered why the whet ' ls didn ' t go round. He is the Ixizo that thought a Calotab was — a prime mover. Among his many accomplishments we understand that he is also something in the parlor; in fact, complete without one. Lieutenant R. O. T. C. (4) ; Band (2. 3, Kappa Psi. home 4) : Kappa Cato Wii.sox, K a " Coiisin Cato " Leslie, Georgia Elcctrioal Engineering ' My lift is one dem ' d horrid ijrind. " Wonder if anyone ever heard of Leslie, Georgia ? Well, that ' s the home town of this smiling young elec- trical wizard (see above). The trials and tribulations of these four years are behind him now, and we will all watch him smoke and his smoke in the future. As a Freshman he gave promise of pugilistic abilitie s, but evidently abandoned these activities for more cultural ones. Freshman Boxing, Oratory: High Tension Club; Ad- jutant (Captain) R. O. T. C. (4). James Bell Wilson, ,i T A -Beir Atlanta, Georgia Civil Enginei-ring • ' Our (larriek ' s a salad; for in him we see Oil. I ' ineyar, suyar and saltness agree. " fo Gather ' round ye maidens fair, here ' s a good any one of you, survey his classic featu atch nd fleet sant qualities : industrious and bright, pie and cheerful, a soldier and a scholar, among other things. We are for you " Bell " and may you succeed in dodging the ladies while chasing down the sheaves in the next few years. Civil Crew ; Scabbard and Blade : Lieutenant R. O. T. C. ; A. S. C. E. .Vhtiii ' h P ' kedi: EiLsti.s, Kl.i. ■Meclianii ' .-il l ' ' ,iigini insrious utteri to any end. re of Ihoiiiiht, by speech Art.- We were discussing " Art " with a cannoozier the other day. and we insisted that he wasn ' t didactic. Whereon, we showed that " Art " is Dutch, not from across the briny blue, but from our Pennsylvania colony. " Art " does speak English, though (at times), and all of the profs secTn to catch his lingo ; at least they give him passes and other rare objects. Mkvkii W ' lNKii. T K ' 1 ' ■■Mill- Chattanooga, Tenn. Ciiiiimercf ' •Knn-u-h,l,„- !s llu- (,iihi fnuiilniii. hull, ,if llif lore and the jiriiirlpli ' x of huiiitni liberty. ' ' Consistency, dignity and scholarship are three things in which Meyer seems always to shine. Meyer has worked hard ( as best a love-sick youth can ) to be an accountant and has made his Gold " T " while doing it. He has won many friends while at Tech and we feel that it won ' t be long until all the books in Atlanta will be straightened out and kept in good order. Honor Roll (2. 3) ; Scholarship Gold " T. ' ' Will MM lillVAXT WOOSI.KV. K i) •■ . ' •• .Slu ' llivville, Tenne.s.see Textile Engineering: ' ■Come. Ill IIS trip the liijht f(inta.itic. " Though " B " is from Teiinessee, he is a living refuta- tion of the idea that the inhabitants of that state are other than natural mortals, viz.,?. Tolerance is an in- tegral part of his make-up. and instead of cramping his style. " B " finds it of invaluable assistance when pirouetting on the ballroom floor, at which art. by the way, he has a master ' s degree. MiTCHKI.I. WoOTF.X, K i) " Mitch " Kiiistcin. X. C. Ar-cliit.- ture " A jug of ic ' ine, a loaf of bread, and Thou. " Devil-may-care Wooten, a most invaluable member of the Architecture Department, works hard when he has time. " Mitch " is a football artist of wondrous great renown, having won fame by inlaying with his glasses on. " Mitch " is an ardent supporter of non-military training. You see, he spent several of his school years at V. M. 1. and has garnered his information at close range. Charrette Club ; Architectural Society. C ' lKclHCK I„ K. VK-i-rK WllHI). .III.. I[ K . ■■He„r,,e- . tl.iMt.i, Oi-orfiia I ' ;i rlri -;il luitilnrcnicr " When i ou do dunn , I ti ' i.v i oii A ■wave « ' lli ' .wi. thai iiou miiiht ever do Xolhint but thai: " George is another student who has come to us after completing his prep work at Tech High. He is one of the chief sources of revenue at Garbers and we know the promoters of that establishment will miss him al- most as much as we will. Wh en resting between dances George applies himself in the E. E. Dept. and what he does there is shocking indeed. Scabbard and Blade; A. S. E. E. ; High Tension Club. l- ' iiAMis A. WuicriT ■Fridik- Aiiiericus, tu-nrpi.-i Textile Knpinecrin j -Mrii ■u ' lirk liujelhcrr I told him frnm llu- liKirt . ■Wliethir tin II icork tixjelher or nporl. ' The distinction of heinK Mr. T ' hilpotfs haril-workinK boy, a distinction to which many have aspired but few have so nearly attained, was gained by " Krank " through his untiring efforts to fully comprehend all of the intri- cate parts of the machinery he came in contact with. Given a couple of years of experience, then when the (W) " Right Hosiery " is made, " Frank " will make it. .Stkimikn Doigias Wviciir. N -Do,,, - Little Rock, Ark. General Seienee ■liiil enrh fill- Ihr jiiii of till ' 7Corkini . iiinl each ill liix .--iiiiinili ' ' .--iiir SIki I (Innc tlie Tliiiiij as he .lei ' .i It. for the (loil of Thinijs (IS Thii) Are. " " Doug " has been the most promising figure on Grant Field since 1923. and is one of the best all-round letes tx graduate from Georgia Tech. " Doug " has borne his honors well. He works hard when he works, and when he lets up. he lets up ; not for nothing has he been called " Sixty-Minute " Wycoff. " Doug " is not a member of the league which demands all eight o ' clocks. President Senior Class ; Anak ; President Athletic Association; Football (2, 3. 4), Captain (4): Baseball (2. 3, 41, Alternate Captain (4) ; Basketball (3, 4) ; Track (2) ; Vice-President Junior Class; Bull Dog; Skull and Key ; Cotillion Club : Koseme ; Freshman Football, Baseball. Basketball. Track ; " T " Club. John Wisfhed Voimans ' ■Left, - I.exsy, Georgia General Science ' •] had a thiiiij in sail. But I rc ' il! fit it with some better time. " " Lefty " is a quiet chap who has very little to say and seldom says it. In fact, he has such a strong aversion to talking, at least before a convocation of peering eyes, that he resigned from the Public Speaking Class after the first day. " Lefty " suffered Biology with the other G. S. students, though frog legs are not the fondest things he is of. Lieutenant O. R. C. EaHI ( ' UAM)All W ' aTEHS " ,) »( ( . ■• Red Bank, X. ,T. General Science ■ Honest renter, whirh ne ' er left I ' lan in the mire. " " Muddy " was not long in finding himself when a friwh, despite orientation, and he soon became one of Dr. Crenshaw ' s playmates. He was among the first to answer the " Herr Doc ' s " call for L acrosse candidates and has been one of the regulars ever since. This will- ingness to try anything once led " Muddy " to switch to General Science, ruining the careers of a score of frogs. Lacrosse (2. 3. 4) ; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet; Scrub Basket- ball 131; Matheson Literary Society; Battalion Basket- ball (2. 3); Battalion Football (2); Assistant Football Manager (4). Senior History • ' All the -u-orl r.s a sttific, .hid nil the men and riotneti mereli pidiiers; Thei hare their ejrits and entraiicrx. And one man in his time pla; s maiit parts . . . . " — Shakespeahe. N " D now we. tlip Class of ' 26. have jilayed our part. Four long and weary years liave we plodded, tugged and groped our way tlirougli our Alma .Mater ' s dark Halls of Learning, only to realize in the end that the most is vet to he learned. We have only seratched the surface; yet that scratch- ing has Miouided itself more intelligible every year and it is with pride and pleasure that we look, in r(tn)s])i ' t. u|)(in our jiast ye.-irs spent amid the haunts of Oeorgia Teeli. The first eteliing this ] en of ours made was in the fall of 1922 when we t niharked. some 700 strong, to do or die and carve our names on Tech ' s immortal stones of knowledge. Our leaders were selected to be Johnny Marshall. President; Carter Barron. ' ice-President. and Dynamite Wilder, .Secretary-Treasurer. With- out a misiiap. including a ban(iuet and a Lyric jiarty. did our Freshman year inscribe itself on our record. ' itii the beginning of our .Sophomore year, tlun did we appreciably lose some of our fellow-beginners and quaken to the Faculty ' s every beckon and call. Staunch le.-iders were needed and the inscribing pen was charged to Doug. Wycoff, President; Ike Williams. Vice-President, and Gus Mcrkle . Secretary-Treasurer. Success met their every turn. In our Junior year, which appears as a causeway between w ater and land, the chaff was felt even keener, yet with fortitude we braved the storm and ])lanted our banner amid the .Senior ruins of the preceding year. Our flag bearers for this noble erus.ade were Ike Williams. President: Doug. Wycoff. Vice-President, and Heavv Eager, Secretary. Too much cannot be said of tlieir untiring efforts and nuicilagc-like stickability. Then came our Senior year — the joybox of .ill our confections. Hesplendent. joyful, eagerly had we waited and dwelt amid our Marble Halls prei)aring to receive a hard-earned degree and a scrap of parchment seratched with a few words which inwardly sjjclled hard work and diligent ap))lieation. It was only a natural sequence that " Mighty Doug. " was to have the honor of seeing us through, and so accordingly tlie President ' s chair was reserved for him. His able cohorts proved to be Ike Williams, X ' ice-President. and Carter Barron. .Secretary-Treasurer, who lielp carry the burden and aided in scratching the Class of ' 2(i in Tecli ' s Hall of Fame. In conclusion, we h;ive a right to be proud, conceited and for our four years, and their ))roducts have sown seed of which we .lil reap the liar est. It was we who jiroduced Tech ' s first four-letter man — Ca)) ' n Doug — Ca))tain of .i Com])osite F.lcven in his Sophomore year. We who furnished tlie major part of a team that licked a Yankee foe on Yankee soil — the first in the history of Tech foot- l).ill — then in turn licked Georgia after a lapse of nine years. Thus, those few examples suffice to show how our blood is blue. Our efforts have produced results, and each is ])roud of tlie other for his i);irt in heli)ing make these four years a suc- cess for all. Wc feel sure the lessons taught us have not been in vain and w ' itli each obstacle, eacli hindr.-mee. may wc revert back to the way we won our battles while a part of the Class of 1!)2(;. ' ll.l.[ M M. 1IK Officers of the Senior Class Evening School R. .M. Dn-LARi) President J. C. C ' liHisTcjpiiKH rice-President Miss Florexce Hammers Secretari and Treasurer Wai.-iux Bovetik. II K •■ (7( •(• • Aliaiit.i. C.i. rj.iiiiiicrco ' ■Sirmlford JJiijm- ' Walton spent his prep school days at Buena Vista HiKh SchooJ. first appearing in our ranks in 1923. Being a repular fellow, he has promoted all school activities, and so we view him as a sort of minister extraordinary plenipotentiary. He is connected with the Standard Oil Company, which may account for many thinKS follow- ini; the ri-ie in uasoline prices. .IlIK t ' AlI ' l ' KII ( " lIHISTdlMIKK All.iiita. Ccurma ■■y.H ' A is I ' liickr " Chris. " seeking new worlds to conquer like his fa- mous namesake, began his studious career prepping at Whigham High School, later being graduated from Nor- man Institute, where he was a debater as well as a baseball player. Since entering Tech in 1923. he has been one of the most popular fellows in school, chiefly because of his " sunnv disposition. ' Delta Sigma Pi ; Vice-President Senior Class : Editor Technitjue ; Vice-President Owl Honorary Society. C ' liffoim) Cri.T.KX Dknni " Shorty " . tlanta, Georgia Coinincrce •Rome Hv .v )) l hiiilt lit dull. " " Shortv " early displavetl a propensity for business when he straved into the Commercial High School of this city and developed into a wizard of high finance, becoming president of the school savings bank. If •■Shorty " uses the product of his concern, it should not be long before he outgrows his nickname. Stranger things have happened. Ccmimerce Club. ■lUrk " All.inl.i, Ccnvfria ( ' nil i r " liciinlii I ' .v Tnilh Tnilli ISniiitii " " Dick " was long an admirer of Caruso and so became charter member of the Night Howlers Quartet. He nained a member of the Howlers until Professor Wenn ated the trouble which had long been noticeable in ■ ensembles. " Dick " has taken a very active part in • activities of the Evening School. His position with ■ Oakland Motor Co. Is a splendid one. 3wl Honorary Society : Alpha Kappa Psi : President nior Class : Commerce Club. ■ ' lIMN IIkmiv CiiiiIII 1 ■•.V„,„,v- Alhinta. Ccnrsria " Tcanncurk ' ' Born in Atlanta in 1902 and havinK lived here ever since. " Napes " is really and truly " home folks. " " Napes " prepped at Tech Hiuh School. He attended on the Tech campus from 1920 till 192. ' i. but the lure of the business world overcame and he left school, secured a position and entered the Evening Classes where he has been one of the shining lights. Alpha Kappa Psi. Florence II. : tMERs " Florence " .Vtlanta, Georgia Commerce " Tenex propositi. " After being graduated from Central High School of Washington, D. C, in the good year ' 20. Florence entered Tech in February, 1922. She has been secretary and treasurer of freshman, junior and senior classes, an indi- cation of her popularity and the interest she lias taken in school activities. Florence is the first lady from Tech to pass four out of the five subjects on a C. P. A. ex- amination. Secretary and Treasurer Freshman. Junior. Senior Classes. Carl Joiixsox •■Cor " .Vtlanta, Georgia Commerce " ir;.v oHi, Jnxlice. Moderation: ' Great oaks grow from little acorns. Carl sprang from Red Oak, Ga.. and ere long found himself on the highway of Fortune. It did not take him long to find out ihe incomparable benefits of a college education, an aid in industry, a broadener of sympathies. Carl is of sober mein. a man who determines for himself the right course and trys to follow it diligently. CulllDOX WlNFORD KlLGORF. " tiani " Atlanta, Georgia Commerce -Xex-er jiiit off till tomornru ' iclint qou ran do toda, .- " Sam " served his apprenticeship as a banker before becoming affiliated with the Loose-Wiles Biscuit Com- pany. Despite his achievements in these fields. " Sam " reaches the peak of attainment — a near perfection — on the ballroom floor, where his graceful technique and his unique stride are remarkable. Recognition of his other qualities caused " Sam ' s ' ' election to the Owl Honora.ry Society. Delta Sigma Pi. H Ja.vk Eii .AUKTii Mayo ■■Jiiih " Atlanta, Georgia Commerce " Ti thine own self be true. " Jane is a youn? lady who would probably have told ur sleuth if he had asked her, " The more I go to school, tie more I want to go. ' We readily believe this lieposi- ion. since after being graduated from Girls ' High School in 1918 she boarded the graduated with an A.B. accountants in school. Tech Commerce Club. fo 1922 Jasper Morse Lewis " Jattie " . tlaiita, Georgia Commerce " Be Square. " " Jattie " is a product of Muscogee High School, Mus- cogee, Fla. After considerable hard plugging and burn- ing of midnight oil — not gas — he has at last accomplished his self-assigned task of graduating from the Evening School of Commerce. " Jattie " is employed by the At- lanta Journal, and his motto, which he practices, has won for him the respect of his employers and his fellow students. Jon N . i i,i:x Lewis . tlanta, Georgia Coiiimercc ■ ' To be useful. " John was born in Eufaula, Ala., and reports that when hunting in Alabama he carries no gun, but aims with his finger and reaches down, knowing for certain that the rock will be there. From Eufaula High School he went to State Normal College. Troy. Ala., and thence to Tech in 1923. John is a well-known figure about the vencTable halls. Ask him about a midnight stroll. Tech Commerce Club ; Delta Sigmi Pi ; President Owl Honorary Society. Mav Kith Tiu-skr ■Kiilir .Vtlanta, tieorgia Coinnierce " Surri ' .i.i i ' .v mint. " Ruth, a graduate of Commercial High School of At- lanta, dawned on the Evening School of Commerce in 1923. Since then she has kept things moving along at top-notch speed and has made an enviable record in both heT college work and business life. Ruth has made a reali ation of her motto. She is employed by the Kourier Magazine. Ohkn W ' ahhf.v " Oren ' Atlanta, Georgia Cimimcrce EtGENE ChAHIKS HiiISHAXE -Gene " Atlanta, Georgia Cum me roe ■. hird in hand i.v worth tu-o in the bush. " Cincinnati. Ohio, has the honor of being the birthplace of •Gene. " However, he is now an Atlantan. and prepped at the Commercial High School of this citv, being graduated in JuTie. 1918. He entered the Tech Evening School in 1922 and had the honor of being secretary of the freshman class. " Gene ' ' is one of those tall, handsome fel- lows that you read about in story books. Secretary Freshman Class (1). Charles Joseph ■■Charlie- Atlanta, Georgia Commerce ' • at first you don ' t succeed, try atjain. " Although " Charlie " is from Boston, Mass., he does not eat Boston Baked Beans. He prepped at Tech High School. Atlanta, being graduated in 1921. " Charlie " entered Tech in 1921 and has proven to be quiet but steady, and some day some girl will have the pleasure of dating with " Char- lie. " He now has a very responsible position with the Coca-Cola Company. Commerce Club. nid (ilndclh forever. " Oren combines the virtue of being a steady digger with that of etficiency. He has been, and we are by no means panegyrists, what might be called the ideal student. He was formerly con- nected with the Southern Baking Company (and on occasion became " bread-winner " for his will- ing ma-tesl. At present he has an important position with the J. K. Polk Co. Delta Sigma Pi. Joseph Ferdinand Smalley ■ ' Joe " Atlanta, Georgia Commerce ' ■ Winter cotnes. can Spring be far be- hind: ' " Joe " is a graduate of Thomaston High School and a fine representative for his corner of the state. He Tiever has " fooled around " a great deal, but wherever he has gone, " Joe " has held a responsible position. If we can judge the future by the past land one generally can), his record is going to be a fine one. Club. John Doane Spakks. ATA ' ■Don " Atlanta, Georgia Commerce " Excelsior Whenever " Don ' " sets out to do anything, he throws himself into it, body and soul. He came up to the Evening School from University High, where he earned a reputation for doing things. It seemed to be a habit of " Don s " — this doing things — and he continued it during his years at Tech. " Don " is an athlete as well as a scholar. Alpha Kappa Psi ; President Senior Class, Night School : Founder. Owl Honorary Society ; Commerce Club: Blue Print (3). nm xi[ iW M ..... mm m ,fitiVt . fc i w Officers of the Junior Class S. D. MiRRAY President C. A. Jamison- J ' kc-President A. V . GuNX Secretary and Treasurer Junior Class Roll liAYMdNi) .Tkssk Adams r,n-!,iiiloii. Ch-il Hv(lr.iulii " i Cliil) Wll.l.lAiM MdNTCClMKUV AxDEllSdX, i: A E Mtdirflil. .Iirhllrrliirl Honor Roll (2). Cli.irrctte Chib, Arcliitec- tural Society Wai.tek Herman Ai.drkii. .In.. A T D Slatesboro, Architrrfiiic Marionettes (1. 2, 3), Ar.hitectual Sodety, Yellow .Taeket St.iff (1, 2. 3), Technique .Staff (1. 2,3), Ch.irr.-ttr Cliili Tom S. Axoiky, :i Atlantu. (■nmmr,r( Football, Basel)all (2, 3), Frcsliman Foot- Imll, Baseball, Koscme. AlllKllT I ' llKNTUS Ai.EXANDETl. .III., i) X CiimiK Miss., Commerce .IdiiN 11. NKi:ris. .In. A ' (■«• " " • ' -V ' ' " ' .», I ' " .. Mrrh.nnral IImivkv Hakeii .Vi.exandeh. P K 2 Allniihi rli,.,„i,;,l lliMior Knll (1), ] ' ,niersim Cbeniieal Socie- Ndii.MAx |- ' ,re.KXE . nsi.ey AtliinUi. (■ immfrc( ' . mos KnwAiii) . i,soiiiio()K Allaiilii. Cliiniirtd Wvi IK IIaII . |IN(III1. X Ciiliimhiii. S. ( ' .. Civil Inter-Fr.iternity Coiuuil (3) ROLL O I THE JUNIOR CLASS — Continued AiiK Max AiKixoKF li ' ime. Co-op l.iiiM) Knuiifh Asii. A T ' . ' . I ' lil ' liii. Cowmerce Alpha Kappa Psi, Cotilliim Chib .IlDCK WlSfKV Ukauiiks, ' !■ A Motllsn,,. r,:rlil ' Phi Psi. r.Uc Club, Cotillion Cluh, Student Counc-il Thomas Ci vpk Bkai.tkv JJeFuiiUtk Si riiii s, Fla., Co-op WlI.IIAM H. ASKKW. II K A .Itlnntn John Snelghow Bach max, K A liomc. Commerce Cotillion Clul) George Dallas Baker, ;;; A K Moron. Tixtile Phi Psi Warrex Herbert I?A:MFOKn, X " t Atlanta, Co-op James Arthi ' r Bantox Atlanta, Electrical HEVHAiin AFakuex Beckxkll, K :; Athinlti. Connncrre Alph.i Kapp.i Psi, Inti-r-FiMtcinitv Coun- cil (.3) Hexpiv .Tacksox Belcheii, tp i; K Montirilhi, Mechanical .Marionrttes AValter Bell A flan I a. Co-op First Lieutenant, Company M Flovi) Ucssell Bexxv Biloxi, Miss., Cicil STA ri ' S Bethei, X 4 ' Tlionutston, General .sV- RiFi-s Marion Barxes Atlanta, Electrical George Tvler Bird Atlanta. Mechanical .IiLiAx N ' icHOLS Barrett, ;S E J ' anipa. Te.vas, Commerce Pi Delta Epsilon, Koseme, Vellow Jacket (2, 3), Inter-Fraternity Council (. " !). Frank Barwick I or, hie. Co-op George Nor. -man BlSANAM. 11 A A Hickory, y. c. General S, •ience Pi Delta Epsilon I, Technique (1, 2, 3) Lewis ' AIGHN Bl.AXTON Atlanta. ICIrrlrl, 71 ROLL or I H E JUNIOR C L A S S — C o n t t n u e d .Iack HiK.uii J ' ' .]i» ' . iii Stanlky Bjiciacii. ■! ' K , .llhiiitd. rliiiiiiriil Atlitiitd, Commerce Tci-lmiqiR- (. ' i, t), luiirismi Clicinical Suciety HoHKKT S-n;pnEx Bhodkiiick Gilbert Hillhoisk Hoggs. B 6 n Siirdiiiiiih. Klfctricil Atlanta, Civil 1 . O. T. C. F.mtlull (1, 2, 3) Honor Roll (1, 2), Technique Staff (1), Associate Editor Blue Print (2), Business Manager (3). winner of Tau Beta Pi Damii Jii.iis Hkoadihiist Seholarship Cu (I), Associate Editor " T " A mrririis. Tcvtile Book (2) j.l.i p,,i Wm iiAM Ed Bookkh, n K A Lawhence Edward Brooks W,H Point. Commerce College Park, Civil Scrub Footliall (2), Freshman Football, Alpha Kai ])a Psi, Alpha Delta Sigma, .Skull and Key Frank Beamon Brtce Atlanta, Tcvtile Fhku Ban M.NGKii Bookhardt Pou ' der Sprin,,«. Co-ajj Wimiam Hinxard Brvson. - A K Savannah, Mechanical ,. Oil Can, A. S. M. E., Glee Club (1, 2. 3) Roy Jeromk Bostox ' Atlanta. Civil Scrul) Foolliall (2), R. O. T. C. Footbal (1. 2) HoiiKMT McCirKK Braxkstone, as M(nii.liis. linn.. Civil R. (). T. C. Footl)all (1). " Y " Club Km I ' ll ( ' iiiii)NKR Bri I Aim, ■!■ I ' K Charlotte, A ' . C. cii ' il Football (2), BaskrIlKill (2), Fi-esliiii,in Football, Baskrtl.all, Ihilraulics ( bib Til I MAN BlNCH Aii,ii(«l(i. Civil I.KWis BiiHWKii, K A (! riff in. Civil Varsity Track (2. 3). Frcslimai, Ir.ick, H " ' ' ! I ' .imot Biiiki: Ko.senie, Marionettes (1, 2), " Y " Chill, Hy- Cm Inn. (hniral Sclmrc. ' ' „-„ , draulies Club liniior lioll (2), K.i|ip.i Kappa Psi IJAIHUIT BiTNKIl BkI.MIIKHIIY Hon All) .Ia.MKS BiRKt Allianii, Commerce Fll:iierald. Co-op ROLL L HE J iS I () R ( . A 5 S — C o n f .MaHUS llt.UHlNC. HlHIlclW Hiihiillii. .l ;.v.«.. Cu-o i Sa.mi Ki. . mi Carnks, B X Alhnitii. Ti:rtile .1(111 N C ' ami ' hkii. HriT, .In.. II K A lilini.i -i.Hi,. F.hrlri,;,! Pi ndtiiEp.Mlon. Y.llow .la.k.-t, Adv ing Jlanaper (3) Raii ' JI I ' .kskixk ( ' ahs(] , a T A .Itlaiitd. Cii-il Freshman Footluill, .Sinili Kn.itliall (2, 3), Scriil) Lacrosse (2) Wii-iJE Oliver BvRn. IT A A Augusta, ChemUnl Honnr Roll (1) .Iamks Cathkv Mitdindti, Cinnmeree Hammoxd E.mmett C ' ai.dwei.i. Atlanta, Commerce Fei.ix Cash ' . .Ik. Atlanta. Te.rtilf .foSEI ' ll HaI.I.KREU CllAII.IE. X -V Miami, Fla., General Science Pi Delta Epsilon, Honor Roll (1), Marion- ettes (1, 2, 3), Business .Manager (3), Glee Club (2), Teehnique (1. 2, 3), Yellow .Taik- et (I, 2), Enier.son ChemicaJ Soeiety (2), De.Molay Chil., Inter-Fraternity Council (3) .1(111 X Sa.auei. Caxxon Atlanta. Meclianical Harhix Saxpers Ciiaxdler Allanla. Architecture (lEORGE . xTIIOXY CaREY Havana. Cuba, Architecture Cosmopolitan Club Joiix Hamilton Chaxxixg Oran ie. Te.m. ' ,. Mechanical Robert Raymond Carey Havana. Cuba. General Science Club, Marionettes, Mandolin Club (1) FiiAX(.is Uarxey Carlton, 2 K Ihinabl.--. .S-. ( ' .. Cicil Oran I.egrae Chatham Cornelia, Co-op Earl Anthony Chiasson, }; A E Patterson, La., Civil Freshman Baseball SaMT ' EL MEREUITri CaR3IACK Winchester. Tenn., Textile William Ross Clark Quitman. Co-op ROLL U 1 I H E J U i ' . 1 O R C L A S S — C o n t I n u e d WaiIKH J ' llKSl ' KIl ClAIIKi: ClKitii,;,! Sami i;i CiivMiiiii CoAiiiMAX, i: N Ch;tncnl,f. Fhi.. Mrrhiniin,! (!i:(iii(;i ' . lIiNMii-iT CiiiuiiAX M«riill,r. Ihil Ckcii. ' iiAiiriix Cnisp Elbirliiit. Civil HdSA.MdXI) Dkiikiihy CllOIS Whitrvilli. Ten,,.. ICIcrlricnl llnlinr linll (1) Wn.iiA.M Jkit Ciiosswiiii. .I I,i,il,i. r, ' rh„nifal Haiikv Coi.k Birminijhtim. Jin.. Co-op Thomas Aij;x Ciioicii, Jit. DkWii-i ' Ciixnix Cdi.c, A T 9. M„,irUi,. Cii-i! Kfiixkiv (). Cell I Orilla, Electrical Jkssk Fhaxkiix Ciir.MP .llhinfa. F.lcct,-ic il " ' " " ■ ' ■ ' ' " " ' ■ ' ' ■ ' ' ' ' ' ' OllKX O ' XeAI. CdMMIXCS Sfcciiid I .iciitiii.iiil, I,aCri) sc Manager l ' o,-tUti,il. .Ii-k.. Elcrhirol DaVIII riKlllvniX COI.KMAX So,i,, ' i:sct l ,1 Electrical EuwAiiu Cnuns, II K ' 1 ' I{. (). T. C. liaskcth.iU, liadio Cliili Grec„,-illc. S. C, Tcrtilc Glt-e Chill, Band, Cotillio n Cliili CiiAiii.KS Mykhs Cor.YKK J(ick:soiil ' ille. ■ ' «.. Mechanical Chaiiiks I ' iiue Ciinsaiiv. .In.. I! () II Krii-ndsliip Coinicil, Y. M. C. . . Clnh, Jllanla. Clicmiral Tfdiniqiic y . . ,J Ba.skctliall, Frcsliinan Ha.skctliall. •Iamks ni ' dH CoxiEY, jii., e X .S7. , ' )i is, .Uo., Civil Track ( ' _ ' ), I ' rcsliinan Track, Freshman Foolhall, Inlcr-Fralcrnlty Council ,ToKl. D-VXIKI. .Illanln. Mechanical ,JoHX CiSNIXGHAM DaXIEI. . iNA l{ov CoNXEi.i, Decatur, Archilectnre Macon, Civil ,., , • ..„ .MAirrix N ' liicH. Davis WII.I.IA.M ,1 1SE1MI ( (HII ' K.R Columbus, Co-op Filz ,eraUI. Co-op ROLL O I- I H E JUNIOR CLASS — Continued .loHl .lAlKSdN DkAN li„ „„t ,„. Civil IloidiiTDX Ghohan I)ritr[ :M ( ' » HI III ill ' . Median iral W ' lxiriKii) SioiT Dee Clifloiivilli . Mi.1.1.. Co-op Hakhv Edwaiiu Eaton, 15 e IT l- ' iirl Hinninrj, Eltclririil .M.niiinfttcs, Yellnw ,Iinktt, lihie Print .Jami.s liiA Dkese, I a e Itiil.liii. h;himl. Co-„j, l Al I. Mauiux KuwAitns Allniihi. Co-op James I.rnox de.Iahxette .Voivi ' o.v.i. ijenerul Science Ficshniiin TiacU Wii.i.iAM Cook Kdwakd .lllanta, Elect ricnl Louis Dorr.i.As DELoAtii, Camden. S. C, Textile Phi Psi Jacksox Fei.met, • K — .Ltheville, X. C, Genenil Science Fresliman Footbiill, Honor KoU (2), Skull and Kev CiAKEXCE Hack Dibble Miami. Fla.. Electrical Honor Koll (1) Joiix Heiimax Dorey, X •ir . tlanhi. .Irrhitecture Wii.MoxT Douglas Princeton. U ' . ' a.. Architecture PiLiHARD N ' athaxiei. Fickett, Jh., F T A Atlanta, Te.vtilc Track (2), Cross Country (2, 3), Captain- elect Cross-Country, Secretary " Spike Shoe " Ho.iieii Douglas Fixcheii, Jr., A i; ■} Culloden, Chemical R. O. T. C. Captain (2, 3), Honor Roll (1, 2, 3), Scabbard and Blade George Mortox Doyal Rome. Electrical Kappa Kapi)a Psi, Bund Ho.mes Walter. Frederick, i; N Atlanta, Mechanical Kappa Kappa Psi, Y. M. C. A. Club, Band (1.2. 3) WiLiiAii Patience Duxx, Jr. Atlanta. Electrical Hy-aiax Freemax- Atlanta. Chemical ROLL OF r H E J U S I O R C L A S S —C o n l , n u e d Mai.c ' om Haiik I- ' kkk-max fierner. Co-op l ' , .HA I ' iKliroNT CillAIIAM .■Uhnilii. Ehrtricil I.KWis Jackson- Froshin. I K II Alrxander Citji, .llii.. Cnmmerce Marionettes MaxWKII BkHIIV (iKANT. i; . K Athintu, Oeiifi ' ttl Si-i nrc Tennis Captain. Fresliinini Trnnis, Honor Roll (1, 2, 3) t ' l.vDK r. KiHR, i; X H .«.»«n. .1 i.«.«.. Merhniitral Siiiiare and Compass, Assistant Baseball .Maiiafrer (2, 3), Free Body Club Chahi.ks KnwiN CIa.mmaok Amtricus, Cifil IssAC CAinrx Cjakbkh. r T A Jdikaon, Miss., (ieneral Science Pi Delta Epsilon, Yellow Jaeket, Busint- .Manaver (3) Robert Maurice Gkaves Tampa, Fla., Co-op JcLiAX Frances Gray. A T U Haralson, Architecture Pi Delta Epsilon, Areliitectural Society, Managing Editor Yellow .lacket. Marion- ettes I.KK Cahov (!reex Atlanta. .Mecliaiiiral I ' aii. Bkrnado (Jarcia Atlanta, dencral Srienc i Adjutant First B.Lttaiion ii .loiiN Hkhmax Ckiikis. 11 A A m Savannali. .Mechanical 1 i- " W AITKH HkMIV C ' .I.K.XN. H . Decatur. Tcrtlle OWKN Hill, (ionwix m henoj-. Architcctnre V.nvrw Joei. Gore Wihniniiinn, X. C. Cornvierce Honor Roll (I). ' IV.h " V Clnl. Robert Wilson Greexe, i; 4 " E Maiiflekl. Ki ., Electrical Wai 1 ace .Iames Greene (■„rn,l!a. Cn-ap ,l MKs Hkvrv Groves, .Ir. .Veri-llfin. M-is.i.. Archilirln Wii kerson GiNN. i; X Cillilnrt. Tej-tile C heir Leader, .Secretary lunior Class Robert Ci.E9Tf;R HAOOAHn I ' orterdale. Tcrtile R. O. T. C. Football (1. •_ ), . . Clnli ItTJWWW ROLL OF THE J U S I O R CLASS — Continued WiTllKHS AlIKX llMIK.h;.. |1 K A C uii,:--rlll, ' . M,-rl„i,i!r„l ItllHKIIT IIkNRY Illl ' .lKIN fd fdiv. Clumirul m ■loii.N Woods Hasimumi, .In., ! ' K 1 Griffin. Electrical Honor Roll (1. 2), M.-iiioiit-ttes, Cotillion dull. Intcr-Fr.itrrnity Coiiiu-il (3) AlBKHT StOITOX HaPI ' OIDT Atlanta, ( ' hctnirnl Square miuI ( ' oiii| .i,ss ROBKRT I.KI.ANU IIaHL Calhoun, Civil .IlI.IAN HlI.KY. :; A K h ' ort Valley, Cheiiiiinl Marionettes Fraxc ' 13 Marion Him. Atlanta, Co-op Honor Roll (1, 2) Ralph Fraxcis Holland, X Atlanta, Commerce Footliall (2, 3), Koscnic. Skull and Key ChaRI.KS DEl. ' AlfiLK HaRHIS. X Rirhmonil. Va.. Tcrtile Ken-nan Eugene Holmngsworth Tampa, Fla.. Co-op RoBKRT HaIK HaJMIIS Arkaihlphin. Ark., Mechanical Waitkii I.iovi) IlriisoN. A T S2 La(;r,inqe. Textile i RoBKRT McCo ' iKN Harris Macon, Co-op Robert Harris Atlanta, Civil ( ' taidk I.KKOV HfF.V Keener, Ala., Co-op First Lieutenant R. O. T. C. Sam I.. Hrn San Antonio, Te.i-a.i, Ciril Ends .Samiki Haht.max, n K A Atlanta, deneral Science I ' llllIlP W. HlTTON, K 2 Saraniiiih. (ieneriil Science James Stuart Haynkswoiitii. J k Darlinr ton, S. C ., Textile I-0REX7.0 (JuiNX Head Dalton, Tcrlile Freshman Track, Square and Compass, Teeh " Y " Clul) Frank DECARAnixE Hevhari , .Th. Savannah, Architecture Honor H.ill (1, 2) Robert Jackson Ingram T own.iend. Commerce Charles Rupert liiwix Atlanta, Electrical Honor Roll (1, 2), Radio Clib, DeMolay Club Thomas .Tared Irwin Atlanta, Co-op ROLL or THE J C S 1 O R CLASS— Con; inucd Cecii. Ai-EXAsnEH Jamisox, n K a llii.M liiuKjiK.M) KiiiKMAx. i; X Atlanta, Commerce W„. ' hiii,ilu„. 1). l . KU lri,„l Basketball (2, 3), Track (2), Kreshman Basketball, Football, Baseball, Alpha Kap- pa Psi, Alpha Delta Sigma, Skull and Key, Koseme, Student Council, Pan-Hellenic Council (3) .ToiiN t ' nosiiY KxAi ' i ' , Jk. Atlnnl,,. Civil H. (). T. C. Scr ' cant Clark Worti.ey .Tones, A T J) Dalton, Mechanical K. (). T. C. Kootb.ill (- ' , 3), Kice lii»l. Club, Secretary " Y " Club IIahhv Sajiiki. Koi.-man Siivaiiiinli, Co-op I ' .nMiNU IIui. KiiiiKK, A T A A H( «.« ' i, .1 rchitectiin John TiiroHU .1 istice Architectural Society, Blue Print (2) Columhi.i. Tin,,.. Co-op CiiAiiiKS John Knoenek. 4 ' K T Cjeohc.e Mimii.ETON Johnson-, II A A N . I ' ,lir.tli,ii-ii . Fin.. Ciril Elberton. Ceramics Blue Print (2, 3) MilllK PoWEI.I, I.ANIEH, 9 X Slf,lr.ili(iro. Ciimmerce Francis Kaesti.e Ildimr lioll (2) Memphis, Ten., i ' Ucct rical Honor Holl (1, 2) .Iamis Watson I.asieii, B X Slotcshoro, Commerce Arr.isT . x1)Iie Kei i i:u. X O .ilhins. Electrical K. (). T. C. F.iotball (1) j,,,,,,. Couhtxay I.ebey, :s E Savannah, Architecture Ar.lutectural Society Hemiv ,Ieu ev Keiiv. II K A .iuilHuh,. Civil M.iriiin.lles .Iamks H moiison Lewis KiKiN Wehh Kennedy, ' 1 ' K 2 Urciuvillc. Ti.r„s. Civil Koll (1, 2) To.M I .rn iiEiEii) Kennehv To,„i,o. ria.. Ciril Hvdr.iulics Club .nioiih,. i-:icciric„i Wii.MA.M . ni)is I.KWis, K i: liu. ' loll. . " ., I ' lnnmcrrc Cotillion Club IhlOIAX DaVU) I.OACII l.„Cnit(lh . F.Urlricnl I.KWIS Oav Kinc. Fort Gaines. Textile Haipii Costner I.ovem Tech " Y " Club Atlanta. M echanical ROLL OF THE JUNIOR C L A S S - C o n i , n u e J Fhank David I.ovk ' ITK Atlantn. Elrctrirnl Radio Cliil) MlI.TOX IIlIlKIlT l.riKKY Matlhcxci, Klerti-icnl Cl-VIIKXCK AlSTIN I.fNliy Helen, Electrictil Hrhakii I ' l.iMMKii I.ixnv Ilf ' leii. Electrical Kkxxktii Photiio MacMU-T-AN Chnrleston. S. I , Klccl ikal ' I ' llKOUOItK Mil K.IAll MtClKI.lAX ( lu mbvn, ' o mmcrre Freshman Baseball, Senior Footliall Mnna- )rer AiiiiN I{. MiDaxiki, M a a Culhoiiii. Electrical Cahiioii. Kkv McDamii. i: X SarcroHS, Civil Football Squad (2), li. ( ). I ' . ( ' . Fo.itball (1. 2), Hydraidics Club WlI.l.lA.M MaHVIX MlC.llAW. II K Dnerum. Electrical Honor Roll (2) " lI.I.IAAl Al.KXANDKIt MaDUUX, J|{. Athiiita, Co-op Abel Ai.foxso Magaxa. ATA Sah-atlnr. Central America, General Science Marionettes (1, 2, 3) Halsey La VrE Mai.i.ohv Decatur, Chemical ' Hariekiii H. MiCoiKoiiii. II l A Cameron, Texait, ( ' timmcrcc Kappa Kappa Psi, Al)ilia Kap))a I ' si, Glee flnli, Hnnd Ki.i.isox Stanley McNeue, K 2 Thomanton, Commerce Baseball Manager (2, 3), Delta Sij-ma Pi, Marionettes (1, 2, 3), S ( rrt.ity and I ' nas- nrer (3) Frank Goulieh Maiishall Atlanta, Civil n. O. T. C. Sergeant William Edwix Mahshail, ,Tr Montezuma, Chemical Honor Roll (1), Emerson Cbemical Soel ty, Band William Joux McAlpix Atlanta. Commerce William McCaix Carrolllon, Ala., Commerce Assistant Business Manajrer Alumrui Ai.LAX Tyxuali. McNkii I . i; X , mericus, Commerce Alpha Kappa Psi, Kappa Kappa l i. Hand (I, 2, 3), Assistant Band Leader (3). Glee Club Leader (3), Inter-Fraternity Council (3) )1 Soele- DoxAi.D Fixley MiRae, J a 9 MlcRae. General Science Football (2. 3), Track (3). Fresl man Foot- ball. FreshiiiaM Ti-.-uk.» . Colillion Club .Toiix Ci.EO Meadows Atlanta. Co-op R. O. T. C. Captain. Wimur Individual rui- Drill (2) ROLL O I I H E J U X I () li C L A S S C o n i i n u e d KlIAS Mkjii. I ' ereira, ( oliiml ' i John .Mkrckr, II K ' t " Shm-eporl, Ln., Meclianiral Skull and Key, Ci til!i( ii Club, Inter-Fra- ft-rnity Coiiin-il (3) LaWRF.NCK C ' llAlIIKS Mkihiiant Biltmore. .V. C. Civil Gunnt-r Mt-chil f. A. C. I nit U. O. T. C, Honor Koll (1, •_ ' ) Wti.i,ia: i Ki)i)ir. .Merck At lentil, (n-iip Band Bradkmu) .MKKitv, K 2 Charlollf. .V. C, ilechnxirnl Jamks IIo.mck Mimkr Atlanta, Co-np Honor Holl (1, 2). Uriacarcin Society, Co-op (lull, liand, C.lce Cliili, Kappa Kappa I ' si William Hknhv Miller WaJthourxille. Civit Hvdraiilic Chih ■| ' iiciM s I.KSiiE Moss, Jr., i K fdhniilni.i. Cn-iij, Honor Holl (1. 2), . . I. R. K., Co-op Club, DeMolay Clnl) JoIlX . NnREW MlRRAY, K 2 .lllontii. Commerce Footliall (2, 3). Frcsliroa Ko-t-nu-, Cotillion Cluli Sa.mtel DrBosE Murray, . T J) Xetcnrni, Commerce Football (2, 3), Freshman Football, " T " Club, Koseme, Bull Dog, Skull and Key, President Junior Class, President Sopho- more Class (2), . lpha Kappa Psi Clyde Burwell Myers Atlantn, Chemistry Boxing Squad (1), Honor Roll (1, 2), Marionettes, DeMolay Club, Emerson Chem- ical Soeietv Fred ( " ieoiuie Mylils Allnnln. Civil Honor Roll (I), Blue Print (3) Hknhv Wai.k .Moore Sdivnineh. io-t,j, HoHERT BeN.LVMIN .MoRELAND Wnodhurii. Te.rtile Baseball (2, 3), Baseball, Fresh- nL ' lll Basl«-tball. Koselur Hi-GH Waoenkr Newberry, i: K Mountain Citij, Tenn., Chemintri Honor Itoll (1). Knierson Cbeniieal -So i-letv I.kHov Mlnhoe Nai ' Ier Mi,-mi. Flu.. Civil Cai.braitii I.amxr .Mohhis. X ' Alipnittl. i:ierlrir„l W ' ALTflH HoMJ:H MtlHHlS, .Ir. Cohimhu.1, .l ;.«., Co-op J. Flrioil .NiciioLi. i: X l.oikhnrl. re.rna. Civil Honor Koll (1), Cotillion Chib, Inter-Fra- tcrnitv Couiii ' il ROLL OF THE J V S I O R C L A S S — C o n t i n u e d WiiiivM .liiiiN Nkvks. a T a .llhllllll. (At ' lHlCll Froshiniin Swimming, Varsity Swimming (•- ' , 3). .Soutlurn Uelay Record, " T " Club, M.indiilin Chit) (I) Harxky LovKT-r () ' ( iink, I ' T A .Ithiiitn. Commfrre I) III iiculFlfCI ' S I All K Ilninsicirk. Clril Acn.nMiiti.Ml Cliil) Bexjajhx Bugg Pkacock Atlanta, Co-op HoRACK Hkxrv Peek. Jr., 2 X Sujixil Moiiiitiiin. rum.. Mechanical ' I ' ho.mas Oliver Oit. .Ir., r T A Columhua. Textile Marionettes, .Vcronniitical Cliil), Freshman Swimniiiis: Percivai. HoRATiors Perkiss, ,Tr., n K . Cln.cton. A rchitecture Fre-.hman Track, Varsity Track Team (2. 3), " T " Chih, Spike Shee Club ikl Hoc.ER .MiKeene Paiie. .In.. X Volumbux, Cii ' il Junior Baseball Manager, Marionettes, Bat- tahon Football (I, 2) Charles Leon Park McCollum, Commerce James Presley Park McCollum, Commerce William Dirfee Parkini Edison , Co-op Captain Co. " L " , R. O. T. C, Scabbard and Blade Samiel Walter Parneiie. ,Tr.. ATA Savannah, General Science Marionettes, Band (1, 2,3), Technique (1), DeMolav Club Frederick Williajc Perlit:, 2 E Houston, Texas, Te.rtile William Henry Peri itz, I ' I ' K Houston, Texas, Electriml James LeRoy Phillips Atlanta. Co-op Honor Roll (1), Co-op Club I.iEWEi.i.vx William Pn-rs, A T S! Atlanta. Architecture Technique Board, .Vrchitectural Society, Charrette Club, Pi Delta Epsilon, Honor Roll (1, 2) Jajies Maddox Polk .ttlanla. Co-op Dennis Joseph Pocnder Sai-annah. Electrical L.KT Douglas Cottingham Paslet. T. y Thiimaston, Commerce .Ia:iies Venable Patrick Atlanta. Commerce Hexhy E. Powell Atlanta. Co-op Virgil Oscar Powell Drexel. X. C, Civil Rifle Team (2), Hydraulics Chib ROLL O 1- 1 H E J V M 1 O R CLASS — C o n l i n u e J I ' .llWMin llMlillsllN I ' llKsniN ■; , .- ;■„, .-, .Irk.. IChrlrir,,! .liiiiN Hki;i) Kdhkhts ,,l,irloicn. i:i,rtrir„l HaIIKV SkIIIV I ' lllNKl.l., .III. ]Vii. ' !liiii,ito,i. n. ( ' .. Ehrtrkiil I{. (). T. ( ' . Scrci-i-.-iiit, AiTDiiautks Asso- li.-.tiiiii Ai iKN C ' i;iii H Miv . -■-,„, Tt.rtU, ' . ■c : Oixk.v I{ankis, .)ii.. i: X .llliiiilii. Ciniiiiiirc)- Ilonui- H.ill (1. 2). I)i-lt,i Sifiiiia I I ' liM llAiiiiisdN Hankin. K a M,i i,i,. Civil WiiiivM Mmisiiam Uaim ' , ,In. .ill, ml, I. I ■,,„,,„, i;; (amis KuIIKV UollKllTSON All lun W II I I M li(i.;F.iis l ,l-inii,il, Sprin, .■■■. Fhl.. Co-op Vii I I Ml .Ii.sii ' ii H(): iA - .Ifhiiif,!. . l,,li,i,ii ,rl K.ipiK, K;i|,|M IM. H.nul Sam lidSKMii lie. .Ill,iiil,f. Cii-il IluiiHi ' Itull (1) IIaVDKN HdSS t ' l.l ' XIS Sl,ilrii Ishnnl. X. v.. Ciril li.Hli.i (lull. Ih(ll-;liilics Club ' iiiia:m l.iiviNc Katiiuiikf Milliliii. I.,l.. Ci,-a„ Wii I I M I ' r hi; KisSKi.i. .Ilhtlll,,. C,i-„i, I I Mlin li WTKII Mkkvks .linnisl,,. Civil {. (). T. C. .S -r;.cMiit Wi.iuM I ' liAMis Hi.K. A T ; liiiniiinihnni. .11,1.. ( ' (immi-rrt AldlSI W ' aIIHI lilC ' KKXllAClI ' »(, ,; i;,„;l,l. n,l.. Mirhniliiill Kiflc liMMi (• , 3), 1m - - Hiidy (lull Nni Will UiiKV i.-iilliii,. ,•-(.. i:i,,lii,;il III sin I ' Miiu u Hi J.ii l„-,ci,i. C„-i,,, .In I s David .Svks. ■!■ V. II .liuiisli,!,. .Iln.. Tixlil)- ■ rM-k (1. 2). Cni s Country (1. ' . ' ), Ilnii " Hull (1. •- ' ) HllllKIIT M. .SaXF(IIII) .11 1,11, 1, 1. Chi- III in, I lomcrson Cliriiiicjil .Siicicty Dl I)M:V (IlUllHlN .Sassih IIY, .III. Ii„ll„i„. C„„,il .■,!,,. i:i,rh-i,„l DiAlcil.n (lull ,S s J l ' :sKK .SAn:iisTKix, A 10 II .lll„iil,i. C„,„„i,i;; n. (). r. c. U:isk ii..iii. ii.M„,i- Udii (I, 2) ROLL O I L H E J V ' I O R C L A S S C o n i i n u r d V AiTiii I.DWK Si viiii( ii( ri:ii. H o II Ciilumhux. Ciiminerrv IMiir I ' riiit (2. 3), I ' liotoj iMpliic Man.ifrrr (8) HoNAIll Nk.WNAN SlIlAllTIK .ItUinla. Tejiile Honor Roll (1) (iiAHits Haiitham .Siikpiikki). a i ♦ Siiiifurd. Fhi.. Ciimmtrcf IIi ' HKRT ()ii ' i:it SiiKfi ' TitrsK. 2; X Stiiti shorn. Textile W ' li.iiAM Sjivkh.max, T K ' I ' ChalttiiKuKftt, Teiiti.. Commerce Wll.IIA.-M S. SCIIKRKFUS. X I ' returiii, South Africa. Civil Honor Roll (1), President Marionettes, Ci - tillion Club, Blue Print (3) .FofiEi ' ii Henry Singer, i ' 4 E Atlanta. Commerce Ci.iKFoBO Tanner .Sciiwai.b. A T ,i Sm-aiiiiali, Ciril Track (2, 3), Scrub Basketball (2), Fresli- nian Basketball, Freshman Track, R. O. T. C. Basketball, Honor Roll (1), Savan- nah Club, Society of Spike Shoe, ' i e- President Sjiike Shoe (3), " T " Clul ClIAHIES AlllEKT ScllWAHTZ, X 4 ' Houston. Ti ' xas. .Mrrloinirol C ' l.ARf:N(. " E Tai MAIXIE Sl.T ' DER Atlanta, (leneral Science Err.ENE Clyde Smith, B X Marietta. Commerce Pi Delta Epsilon, Delta Sigma Pi. Blue Print, H onor Roll (1, 2), . lpha Delta Sifrma (Ieoikie Morton Seal Atlanta. IClertriral Honor Roll (I. 2) George Cartjjh .Smith Odessadale. Commerce H.mor R.ill (2) Morgan Sewei.i.. .Tr Cartemville, Commerce .IaMES l.EDBETII .SmiTII Mexia. 7V.. i.v. .Merhaniral Honor R.ill (1. 2) Rai.i ' II Parks Sewei.i. I.avonia. Commerce Kappa Kappa Psi .John Wii.i.iam Smith Americns. (ieneral Science Briaereaii Society ROLL or THE JUNIOR CLASS— Continued MdIIKI AM) S IITII. 1? H II .tllniitd, .Irchilerlure lHI:lll- 1{(pY 1 SlIIANC.K I.ouifliurij, y. ( ' ., Co-op liiiiiiiiT W ' liMKH Smith (ohiniliiis. General Srienee SinvKV M. S.MiTii. K II .Itliiiild. . ferhanirnl Rifle Team (1, 2. 3), Hmn.r Koll (2), Free Bodv Club CiihKun) A. S ' ruiiKi.ANi) Atlontn, ( ' (Hiiwerre Track (2, 3). Frcsliin.ui Track, Koseine, Spike Shoe N ' an ' ck Di ' BoHK Srrii N " . .tiiinx tnii. S. C. Cirll m W ' lllEVM (iHANT StAI KI:H lln,„ln,ihnm. .V. Y.. Co-Oj, Honor Holl (I, 2. : ), Scpiare .iiid Com- pass .IaMKS OlAN SrilllKIAM) I ' ltiiliioke, Generiil Srieiire K.ip] a Kappa I ' si, Maud 1 ' rkai) Bai.c.k Staib Wiion ' ilh. Teiiii.. Chemiral ,loK Nkwtos Stkki) M,ir„„. El.rlrirnI I{. (). I ' . C. F. otl all I.iKF KroKXK Tatk, a T a Tnte. Commerce Alpha Delta Sipnia, Footl.all Manaficr (1. 2), Baseball Mana}. ' rr (2, 3), Inter-Fra- ternity Council (2, 3) I.K.vN I ' avnk Stkki y Dothini, Ala., Elerfriral ,IonN- Fraxki.ix Taylor Fort Valley, Architerture .1 ( K Ciahkncj: Sriiix Atlanta, il erhaiiicul .TaMKS ItAYMONU T.IOM yew York, .V. ) ' .. Mechanical F.RNKST I.KSIIK SlTri ' IIKNS Atlani. ' tvUle. !eneral Science U. (). r. C. Footliall, Uriacri-an (lull I ' .iiwiN Foiii;A«rY TiiKvoii. II K A heii iYe.-l. Ha.. Electrical KVIION WooTKN SroVAIl Elherlan. Elerfriral Ai(;isris Dam.h I ' ihnkii. ,)k. .Itlania, Te.rtile ROLL O I- I H E J U S I O R CLASS Coniinu.d Kmihv Max TrRXKH MHiiml ' . Miss.. Khrtrical Aeronautics AssDciation Hi. VI) 1), Vki.i.s n-,itkii,srlllf, Klectrirnl f Jk N ' aTIIAXIEI, SnKKII TlHNKK. i) A E ( ' m ' inijton. Tiwlili I ' hi I ' si HaZIX AlKIN W.M KKR l nii.,;-ill, ' . rum.. Te.rtUr JoSt.I ' ll KoHKHT W ' aI.KKH. .1 R. .tthnila. Eleclririil Gfdhok (uRinwiN Waisii. 1 A E Atlanta. Elect rUnl Inter-Fraternity Council. Koseme, Bull Dogs Thkron CiiNnix " (Vki .Ithinl,!. .Ii;-hil(rture Thomas Hkid W ' kiiv, Atlanta. Elect riral Bex .iKTr W ' iiatiev McRae. Te.rtile Cavsey Leox White Decatur. Mechanical Wn.iiAii Maymerry M ' nireniRsT Dublin, Co-op m. %m RosciiE Warxock Slilsiin. Co-Oj) Jabez Hamlin Whittlesey Atlanta. Mechanical Honor Roll (1, 2) I ' liAXK Watson A Haul, I. Inilnslrial Education -follX (lAYI.ER " A ' ITER SOX, A 2 I» .l lanla. Electrical Jasper Oliver Welch. A i; .ttlanta, Commerce Fresliiiian Football, Freshman Track, Stu- dent Council, Secretary of Y. M. C. A., Inter-Fraternity Council, Freshman •••Y " Club f DWARi) Dai.tox White, i; X Atlanta, Civil Track Team, Cross-Country, Freshman Track, R. O. T. C. Football (1, 2, 3), Pi Delta Kiisilon. " Spiked Shoe " HoKERT iv-vill. Wll I.IAMS. l K - !riicetincn. t ' ii ' il lioKERr l.AMAU Wll.IIAMSOX. ■( i; K Atlanta, ( ' nmmerce Freshman Football, Baseball, Inter-Fra- tcrnitv Council - 01 , i V - ' ' ROLL OF T HE J V S 1 fOR CLASS— Con t t n u e d Ili.ui Wksiicv Atikx ' i. s()n Wiii(;irr .lllniitii. h-U Miiron. Ciril ,1(111 N llc.l ' KlXS Yor.NG, X ' 1 Allnnlii. Ehrlrinil lli,.n Wksikv Wi.m; Alliiiiln. Civil SdlO.MIIX .IdSKIMI YdFMANS. i; Jm ;-;.-».v. Commcne X liaschall, Frrsliiiian HnMli.ill, I)i-lt.i Siiriim TlKIMAS WlllIXl-.IIAM V( MID I ' i iyiiniiiiii iiiii. civil Ti-clini(]iie lici.ird, At-rnii: lutics Associatiim, .lAniFS I.FE Yorxo, ,Ti(. HmiuI Ccliirloic ' ii. Tcj-lile Officers of the Junior Class Evening School ;ryrvi ' James C. Shei.ok Pre.iidciit Horace C. Ball rirr-I ' re.siclfiit James G. Smith Sccrctarj and Treunurt ' i- ROLL OF THE JLNIOR CLASS EVENING SCHOOL Ball, H. C. Caldwell, H. I). Callahan, R. E. Dicks, T. E. Ellis, G. A. Ellison, L. B. Embry, B. S. Field, Ben McGregor, G. R. Pope, W. B. Shelor, .L C. Smith, J. G. ' andeventeh, .] . C. Waller, J. C. Evening School Special Students Al.I.KN, .1. li. AVKUV. W 1.. Hakkh. H. K. Bahnks, E. D. Barnett, W. E. Bedinger, R. D. Bennett, Annie limSHANK, .Mahv I„ BlI.KK, H. (i. ( ' AI.DM KM., H. (t. C ' ahtek, |{. M. Cheek, N. H. Cl.AXTON, S ADA II K CoHN, Annie Cooke, Mahv H. Crim, J. M. Crimmins, W " . E. Cm Mil Mlill, (i. .S. iJicKs, .1. (;. Early, I-i.oiieni k Elliott, M. I). FAMBHoriill, K. (r. FlTTS, C. E. Gaillard, a. S. Gardner, W. C. George, Emily Goldberg, M. D. Green, I. W. Green, . ' . C. (il ' EHRAXT, 1). H. Hardy, I,. ' I ' ., .Ir. Harrison, C. I). Howard, Mahv HlBERT, IvKV Hi ' MiMiiiiKs, I.e. Jones, I ' . H. Kelly, W. C. Kendrk K, I.. ' I ' . I.DNsiiKnii, M. ,1. M. Lewis, Lair a Little, Mollie Manlev, R. H. L SLIA, Morris !Mayfield, H. E. M ' ELtz, Reiben murdock, ,1, l McDonold, .1. W. McGehee, O. li. McKinlev, a. F. McLauchlin, Mrs. H. N. McMaster, D. D. Overby, R. p. Owen, F. D.. ,Ir. Park, A. L. Patterson, Bessie L Petty, I,. C. Rogers, Eleanor Sewell, .1. T. Shropshire, ,1. L Smith, H. L. Smith, .fonNiE .Smith, X. ,L SlU.OMON, P. E. StOCKNER, MARGfERITE Swilling, B. S. Tant, .1. T.. .Jr. Thomason, C. (i. TrcKER, Edith Ti ' RNER, Adele Turner, Ione TfHNER, Sara ' avnk. Tic ker White, I ' .. Loiise W ' lllTKMAN, E. R. Mll.KIX. .1. W " . Wn.soN, ,1. I.. Winn. Trov H. WOonsdN. CoiiA K. 1 mm J.n t-wy TIBTTir zm Officers of the Sophomore Class Richard F. Wright President John M. Brewer rice-President George . Beardex Secretari and Treasnrer Sophomore Class Roll f:M AlKKN. II. K. AKtiis. T. V. Akis, W. a. Akin, W. II. Al.KXANUKll, F. T., .111. Al.F.XANDKH, U. li. Al.LMAX. ( " . ( ' . Al.MAXI). I). .1. Armoih. O. . . Armsth(im.. I ' . V. Abnktt. li. I ' .. Aiinoij . M. W. . llONOH, . . .M. ASBI ' HV, I). N. Al ' ERBAtll. ] " ' ,. K. AWTRKV, M. !• ' .. B.UXiAIIIV. .1. II. Bail. T. I. IJA.Mroiin. W . II. Bahi.ow, .1. M. Bar.nks. .1. M. Barnkit, II. Barhktt. ( ' . X. Bart, C. K. BAt ' KNIGIIT. J. K. Bfarden, G. N. Bfati-. H. C. IU:i;iiMAN. -M. H. Bkiiiifii. T. W. Rkii. a. K. Hkii.. .1. M. IU:ii.. I.. H.. Jr. Bfi.i . AV. Hkmis. 11. I ' . Bkxism. W. J. Hkxnki-i ' , C. C. ]U:iu-.Kii, A. A. Hkhiikv, I.. E. HllKKllS. II. F. BiviNs, C. W. II. E. Bl.ANTON, M. V. BdATNKR. n. H. li iiiN(;Kii. -M. S. HdViK. W. .S. HllADKMin. I.. F. liiiwr. C. S. Hrkwkii. .1. .M. Brkwkr. S. M. BlIKWTON. II. I. Bkkhtov. K. I. Bhinson. I. ( . Brinsov. F. C. Bhitt. . . . . lilKIM). C. M. HiiiisxAX. J. H. Bruwx, AV. I.. Bitowx. E. M. BurcK, E. B. Bruxson. H. S. Brysox, .T. H. buffixgtox, b. c. m. BuoG, W. M. Bui.i.ocK, G. S. BlNCH. J. B. BiiKii, C. H. BlHKK, H. E. BlHKKIT. .T. M. Bi-sn, F. V. BlTI.KR, J. R. Bvxi M. G. U. Cabixkss. W. F. F;. Cami ' as, .1. J. Caim ' s. C. p. t ' AIIH. B. F. C ' AHrMPi I. H. A. (.■aiikcii. I.. H. Caurchi. R. E. Car.son, H I ' ., .Ir. Cahswki I . U II. Cason. H. H. R O L L OF T H £ 5 O P H O M O R E C L A S S — Continued Ckssa. C. N. Dkan. F. S., .Ik. (iKOHGE, N. A. ClIAIIIK. J. I.. DkI.oi ' az, .V. ClIHKKT. V. II. CllAMPHIX, G. H. Dkimiick. C. .r. ClADHIX. S. C. ClIIClIKSTER. AV. Dk iit, ,I. " . ClKNN. W. H. ClIRISTIPIIINE, F. E. I)(u ;irKiiiv. I). W (miidwassf.ii. . . II. ClARK. A. W. DiavKii. I?. 1?. (ioIDWASSKII, I. CiAHK, F. r. DiHiisK, M. -M. (loODK, .1. I " . ClAIlK. F. R. DUGGAR, J. 11. GOODE, N ' . .1. CiAiiK. ,T. T. DlXKIX. W. T. GoOD.MAN-. H. W., Jr. ClKAVKK. ). 1 ' . DiMAi ' . T. F. G.ivAX. T. r. C1.E.MENT. .). W. Clements. W. H. Coaxes. V. D. Coffee. W. B. Coi.E. D. C, .Ta. Coif.. G. M. Coi.emax. I.. Coi.EMAX. X. I.. CoxxAiry. C. P., .Tr. Cook. W. .S. C001.EY, E. R. COPELAXD. E. M. CORBITT. ,r. F. corxweii.. w. d. Cory. E. D. Cravex, .1. P. Crew. B. I... .In. Cross, W ' ., .In. {■|I(I«K. 11. W. (iiowiKV. F.. ,T. Criise. R. R. ClMMIXS. W. F., .Ir. ClSIKIl, (). ( ' . Dai iioi-se. S. I.. DXNTKI. I.. B. Danikt, .1. C. DAsriKR. F. R. DAvin. P. T. Davis. F. C. Davis. M. P. Davidsox. R. B. I ' .IIWAKUS. M. v. F ' .iiWARns. T. A. I nWARDS. W. I,. ElI.IOTT. L. C. I ' .MIIIIEE, E. G. F.mersox. a. I.. l- ' xiiEi. M., .Jr. Ijidmax ' . T. H. KsKEW, H. D. I .EM„ E. E. F.URIES. T, F. Fawcett. W. K. Feagi.e. F. I.. Feemster. .T. M. Ferris, ' . li. FlXCIIER. C. R. FiXDIKV. C. II., .Ill FlATAl ' . 1., .III. Fleischer, .T. M. Fi.e:mixg. W. H. Forres. H. E. Ford. C. .1. P llIIHEST. ,T. M. Fi.iiT. v. F. FiMui. r. R. FusTKII. W. T. FlI.VNTZ, (). Filler. ' . E. Garx-er, G. I.. Geesi.ix. a. F. (lEOllGE. .1. F. CWlAV. .1. ( " . Gravsox, .1. H. Greex, H. V. Gregory, H. V., M. a. Grizzard, C. T., Jr. Grosser. E. H., .Tr. Groves, J. I.. Grvikh. R. E. Gi, M. .S. Grxx, W. GiTiofAx. R. A. Hagedorx ' , C. I.. Haxkixsox, H. L. IIaxsard. W. C. IIariiis. . . T., Jr. Haiiius. E. v. llAiiins, J. H. Harrisox. E. S. Haiihisox, W. R. IIaiit. J. A. I I Alii. P. C. IIahvei. G. E. Hasia.m, T. W. Hayes, J. . ., Jr. Hayxe, p. T., Jr. Head, A, W. Heahn, W. W. Hexdersox. W. . . Hexdricks. E. p. Hexry, R. ROLL O I THE SOPHOMORE C L A S S — C o n t m Hkmiy, S. F. Hehbick, H. B. Herring, R. I.. HiEHs, R. .T. HlLBIRN, K. Hitchcock, I. ( ' . HoClI- ' MI Til. . I ' .. Hodges. V. I). Honr.iN. V. I " ., .In. Holder, F. I). HOI.I.IXGSWOBIII, .] . W. H01.MAX. W. .1.. .Ir. Hoi.T. F. H. HoiT. J. N. Hood. E. .1. Hood, J. J. Hood, R. C, .Ik. Hope, F. W. Hopkins, A " . .M. HORNE. ,T. V. HosKix.s. T. 1)., Jr. House, F. C. HorzE, H. B. Hov:e. (;. K. Howard. .1. I?. Howard. I ' . T. HOWEI.I.. .1. V. HrDsoN, . . R. HroHS. C. N. Hi ' MPIIREY. C. I.. HrxTf R. .1. II. Hirst. I . W. Ingram, I. S. Irvin, B. M. .Tackson, C. (). Jackson, J. R. Jackson. W. II. James, V. .S. Jameson. K. V ' .. ■Iamisox, F. .1. Jenkins. R. H. Jexxi.vgs. T. W. Jett, J. C. JoBSON. F. II., .Ik. Johnson. I ' ,. B. .Johnson. J. H. .Johnston. .1. M. Jones. J. M. .loXES. S. (). .IffRDAN, .1. Keeieb. (I. H. Keexek. E. I.. Keii.y. .M. II. Kexxkiiv, V. C. Kierce, S. C. King. S. H. KiNGKlI ' F, I. KlRKIAM). .1. , . KlTniElKlE. .S. V. Kontz, K. t ' . Krai ' tii. W. K. I,ADD. E. J. I.AN1ISBEK ;, ,1. T. l.AXK. (I. (). LaI-kadi:, II. I,. Law, a. .1., .Ik. l, Ho, .1. K. Lea. V. . . l.EE. R. P. J,EEFEHTS. V. G. I EG !1TT. S. H. I.EXOIR. (1. F. 1.esti:b. .1. n., .Ir. Eight. .1. C. LiGHTBOIKK. W. S. ElGON, V. H. LlI.IARD, .J. B. Magee. I . ¥. Mai.oxe, .S. X. Mandevii I K. W. .1., .I» Maxget. I). T., .Ir. Manihy. V. N. .Makiict. T. ( ' . .Mahgiies, D. n. Maktin. E. J. .Maktix, M. Matthews. . H. Mavuhx. T. S. May, D. M. May. H. H . .Ik. Mayo. F. M. McCall, J. C., R. E. McCash, a. E. McCash. H. B. McCioy, G. S. MCCONNEII.. T. E. McCoy. A. J. McCoy. J. J. McCl ' TCIlEUN. H. W. McCi ' tcheon. T. K., Jr McDowEii., R. F. McEachebx, C. C. McGiii. C. V. McCiBEGOR. (!. R. MCIVEK. I). I). McNamara. .1. J. McNeeiy. J. p. McI ' iikkson, I). I.., Jr. ,Mea»s. .S. .1., .1,1. Meieke, E. .1.. .III. Merki.e. W. W. Mebby. E. B. MlDDI.EBBOOKS, T. A. MlllEH. T. T. MlXIlEH. R. MiTciiEi.i. R. E. moxiv.omery. c. a. Moore. .James Moxme Moore. .Ioiin Marion M IK. J. W., .Ik. . IoK ; . II. I). MoKHIS. J. I). ROLL or THE SOPHOMORE C L A S S — C o n i i n u e d Morrison. J. T. Morton. D. . . m. MlRPHY. .T. F. MURFHV, V. S. MrHRAY. T. I,. Myers, A. I... .Tr. Myers, CI. S., .Ir. Mviirs. C. R. Najoi-r. .1. C. Napier. C. .1. Neai. .T. N. Xeai.. V. R., Jk. Neeb. C. H. Neill, C. H. Nelson, J. F. Newcomb. I.. A. Nichols. I. I,. Nichols, ,I. (i. Nichols, .1. M.. .Ir. NONEMACIIER. T. W. North, .1. A. NORTHUP, J. C. NussBAi ' M. M. ?Z., .In. Odoji, T. C. Ogram, a. V. Olsen, O. F. O ' Neal, W. B. Owen, J. A. Owens, ,T. R. Owens, S. H. Oxford, C. E. Page. R. M.. .Ir. Parker, B. C. Parker, N. H. Parkerson, T. .1. Parkins. W. D. Parris, R. C. Pahrish, . . I.. Parry, S. R. Peabody, W. .1. Pendleton, F. B. Pennkii. .(. H. Pkiidif. a. H. Pkrkkiison. .1, R. I ' khhink. C. C. I ' eriiv. C. F.. I ' kttiorkw, a. .1. PlFRSON. W. C " . PlNKERTON, .1. R. Pit:man. .1. I)., .Ir. Player, F. A. Porter, J. R., .Ir. Powell, W. B. Preston. H. B. Printi ' P. C. I.. Priitt. S. T., .Ir. PrxD. H. R.. .Ih. QlEEN. A. .M. Rai ' ber. H. R. Ray. I.. B. Read. R. C. Redman, AV. F. Redjionu, W. B. Reeves, A. T. Reeves, H. F,. Reeves, L. M. Reid. n. .T. Rexfroe, C. I.. Rice, C. W. Richards. R. T. r1chard.s0n. c. i,. Richardson, R. F. Rimes, H. P. Roane, E. H. RuBEHSON. ,1. L., Jr. Roberts, C. E. Roberts, .1. M. RuHERTS. K. B. RoHKKTSON. .T. E. RoDtiERs. F... .Ir. RiHw. T. H. Rose. .1. G. Rose, J. T., Jh. Ross. K. II. Ross. ,1. V. RiNOK, F. C. Ris.i. II. H. KrssKM. I.. P. .Sanders, E. R. Sarven, E, W. .Saindeks. I.. I. SCIIWARIV., M. W. SlIEl ' IIERD. A. W. SmPTRINE. . H. Silverman, A. .1. Sims. H. D. Sims. M. S. Skannai. C. F. .Skinneh. E. II. SlATER, W. H. Smith. I. H. Smith. R. B. Smith. S. R. SXAVEI.Y. W. B. Snooks. .1. P., .Ir. Spencer. .1. R. Spiers. C. K. Sprick, G. B. spiiri.ock, b. h. Staples, E. A. Steely, G, P. Stein, .1. C Sti:phens, D. p. STt:vENS, S. Y. Stiiwart. n. F. St :wakt. R. K. SlAREZ, ( . E. Sullivan, S. W. SwiCEGOOD. M. R. Tabcih. H. S. Tati;. E. F. Tavicr. M. M. Temples. .1. H. TiK.M. .1. R. V. Thomas, B. B. 1 9 ROLL OF THE SOPHOMORE C L A S S — C o n t i n u e d Thomas. 11. ' i ' m ir. ()N, ,1. 1.. TiioMi-sox. I.. K. IlIKASII. K. .M. TiiAiv. K. J. TlllMIIK. Ci. II. ' riKISIIAI K, !• ' .. .S., .III. TiKiTir. C. II. TiKPTIIH. W. (). Till ssiii. U. K. TllKKll, C. S. Ill IV, W. I. VSC MP. I ' . " am :. V. I... .hi. aiu;na. a. . .. ,Iii. WAiiini.. . . H. Waimo. (;. K. W ' aitk. F.nwix Waiik. K. V. Waikkh. C. F. WaI KKIl. S. F. Wai.i.. ck, C. .M.. .In. W.M.I.ACE. T. p.. .In. Waiiaik. W. II. Waiiaik. W. I{. A .UTox, F. A. Waiton. W. C. Waiii). K. I.. Waiii). .T. C. Wakbex, C. T. M ' .AllllIXC.TOX. W. . . WVXKIIIAIM, T. I.. Wiiisnni. II. A.. ,Iii. Vi:si. K. U. Wist. T. N.. ,Iii. W II VM. I!. I.. WllATlKV. II. V. WllATlKV. K. I.. Willi. II AM. c. c. Will IT. I!, .r. WiiiTE, E. D. ■WlIlTK. W. C. Whitlow, L. B. MicoiNS, M. T. Wiggins, R. L. AViinuRx, C. B. ■Williams, J. H. AVlLI.IA.AIS, T. M. WiLI.IXGIIAJI, W. B. Wiisiix. L. E. Wisi:. .T. C. WnulL. .1. C. WiMin. .1. W. WOOTTEX, O. E. Wiiic.iiT. H. F. Willi, 1 IT, ■)■. r. Wvciii:, I.. C. Yaukt .kv. E. M. Z. Gi,ix. S. M. Officers of the Sophomore Class Evening School l ' u N(i W. FiAMH I ' rc.sitlciit T. D. C ' oTIIHAX ricc-l ' ics ' idciit H. Sanders Howlanu Scrtflarii and Trcasiufr Roll of the Sophomore Class Evening School AlTMKVKK, A. .1. ISKNKKKO. I. liivixs. I{. S. Joiixsox, I.rcii.i.E HoiTOMs, W, H. Keith, H. E. URAimruv, I). 1 ' . Magers, Kdmixd Brown. H. A. Mayo, ,T. E. Uri.i.ocK, E. .S. I ' lr-MM, F. W. CaMI ' BEI.I,, C. L. Ull-lEXBAl : i. 15. CA.Mi ' HKir, Maide HoWI VNI). II. .S., .Ih. COTIIKAX. T. J). .Sl.AllllO. 15. W. Cross, ( ' . C. Strkkiaxd, Fra.vk Davis. II. .M. Tikxeh. C. A. Orexxax. .Sarah ax 1 loi it x. .1. H. EsTES, ,1. A. W ' ehh. V. .1. Oardxer. Wehh. E. Ci. Hammeit. Ha Wiisox. H. F. HtKsrE, TinRM vx ' [xsiii v. ' . T. 0: Fi?«lbm t!i Officers of the Freshman Class AiiiEiiT H. Caesar I ' rciident Teiiiikii, C. Wesley " nt ' -l ' n ' sident C.. WiiiiAM ScuAi.i Sccrflani iiiid Tvrasurcr Ml - Kmia msss siSir- ROLL OF T II E F II E S II M A -Y ' ' . . 5 S C o II t i n II c d harvey, d. d. liaynic, j. 1. lieagarty, c. m., Jr. hedges, j. d. lieitman, c. e. hclnier, r. p. licndersdn, c. 1. lu-ndley, j. in. lu-ndry, g. t., ,ir. henry, g. c. henry, g. t. heritage, d. m. heicks, j. r. higghis, h. h. hill, in. t. hilliard, e. e. hillyer, c. 1. hine.s, e. liodges, j. c. hogan, d. j. hogan, r. c. hogge, b. r. holland, g. a. hoUand, h. 1., jr. liolland, t. 111. hiilleman, j. t., jr. holliday, j. w. holmes, t. w., jr. Iioltsinger, 1. w. honour, w. ni. hood, j. 0. hood, r. p. hook, j. s., jr. Iiopkins, r. )). horn, r. 1. howard, w. h. howe, a. k. liubner, r. w. hiiddleston, c. h. hughes, f. w. Iiiighes, j- s. huniber r e. hunt, j. c hunt, j. 111 ., jr. hunter. a. S- hunter. d. w. luith, k : irwin, w. P- Jackson e . ni. Jackson, h. 1. janies, w. c. jarman, h. n. Jenkins, w. f. jernigan, h. j. Johnson, c. j. Johnson, w. johnstou, m. d. Johnston, in. j. Johnston, t. s. Jones, a. b. Jones, e. c. Jones, J. k. Jones, w. m., jr. Jordan. 1. kear, J. c, Jr. keese, J. t. kegan, k. t. keiley, j. b. keith, h. a. keith, j. j. kell, r. w. keHy, J. d. kelpen, r. h., Jr. kennedy, a. g. kennedy, r. p. kent, J., jr. kilbourn, g. n. king, c. b. king, g. s. king, J. n., jr. king, J. neville king, t. b., jr. kinnett, j. t. kirk, j. b. knapp, r. h. knight, j. j. knight, r. 1. knight, t. a., Jr. knowles, r. c. koegler, w. f. lane, c. 1. lane, r. 1. lang, e. w. lanier, j. 1. largen, 1). t. law, j. d. lawton, c. a. leach, j. r. lee, d. b. lee, h. b. lee, r. b. leistinger, 1. lett, r. r. lewis, g. Ii., jr. lewter, f. a. litaker, t. f., Jr. lloyd, J. g. lott, a. o. lovelady, w. h. lowe, J. ni. luminus, h. c. lundy, b. r. lunsford, e. w. lunsford, t., jr. lyon, r. a. inaddox, s. I. iiiagnider, r. 1. inahone, in. ni. mallard, r. in. manget, v. e. niansfield, d. w. niarburv, j. h. marks, 1. martin, a. 1. martin, J. e. martin, w. J. inatthews, a. 1. niauk, I. in. maxwell, d. c. may, w. w. mcalister, k. c. mccaiu, J. a. maccatheru, w. w. mcclatcliey, h. r. mccleskey, r. d. mccranie, w. h. mccreary, r. r. mccrocklin, J. s. nicgee, h. a. nicgovan, v. nickageu, c. .s., jr. mcking.stry, r. g. nieknight, e. a. incleod, j. d. iiicnair, a. g. nicneill, j. n. nicrady, h. w. mcsweeny, e. s., jr. jt R L L OF THE FRESH M A X C L ASS — Continued m im-tyer, t. li. l alnur, w. q. roerig, g. h. incvay, a. g. parham, j. c. rogers, 0. w. iiK-williains, g. 1. parham, r. s. rountree, j. r. mcars, f. f. ,.ark, •. s. rudderman, a. m. mcdlook, r. a. parktT. 1). rudolph, c. a., jr. meggs, j. s. parker, j. in. rusk, w. li. merrill, a. j. parsons, o. s. middlebrooks, j. d. l)atters(in. a. ., jr. sala, j. e. middlebrooks, j. 1. pcaliody, t. k. sale, j. b. middleton, j. h. pearson, t. b. sanis, j. d. millet, s. j. pellettieri, a. j. Sanders, h. m. mingus, c. k. perry, j. r., jr. satlof, a. h. misenliamor, 1. e.. jr. perry, r. Scarborough. 1. c. mitctiell, h. a. ))eterman, i. m. schaefer, 1. f. mitchcll, j. 111. Phillips, j. t. scliall, g. w. mitchcll, I., jr. |)ideock, f. r., jr. schoenbaum, a. w. montgoiiipry, r. w. |)ieree, c. c, jr. scott, a. b. moore, d. j. pinkerton. f. scott, a. h. moore, h. g. pittman, f. s., jr. scott, w. c. moore, s. 1. pollard, j. c. seigel, 1. i. morgan, f. j. poole, m. j. selvidge, r. c. morgan, g. r. powell, e. f. seward, w. c. morris, w. e. powell, m. a. sewell, s. c. morrison, j. s. pratt, r. b. .sharp, g. V. morton, c. p. ])reacher, g. ]., jr. sliarp. w. a., jr. morton, g. 1., jr. pritchard, j. h. shaw. r. b. morton, h. s. shearouse. ]). j. moss, r. 1. quinlen, w, 1., jr. shcdden. w. f. moultrie, j. e. sheppard, ] . j. mowry, k. v. li. raby, j. s. .shippey. k. f. myers, f. f. radford, n. 1. shull, h. d. myers, j. g. radford, o. 1. shulman, i. myers, I., jr. ragsdale, h. f. siegel, a. myers, r. r. randolph, a. in. raiiscbenberg, 1. d., jr. Simmons, w. t. simpkin, w. o. nabcU, h. e. raymond, r. e. singletary, r. j). nash, f. reibnond, a. v. singleton, v. h., jr. neely, r. I. reed, f. c. Sloan, w. ]). neild, e. f. reed, p. s. smith, c. h. newberry, t. w. reisman, m. smith, c. m. ncwcll, b. li. rcmpe, e. t. smith, c. r. newton, j. reynolds, a. 1. smith, c. s. newton, t. s.. jr. rhyne, p. s. smith, c. c. norris, j. w. rice, 1. f. smith, j. c. north, j. w. richard.son, w. h. smith, j. e. northington, s. c. ricliey, c. e. smith, 1. b. nothwang, w. v. roach, j. b. roan, c. m. smith, o. w. smith, r, e. j. Oliver, w. w. roberts, j. m. smith, w. b. oxford, c. t. robcrtson, I. t. roby, a. a., jr. smith, w. r. freshman roll afton, v. 111. adaiiis, b. r. adaiiis, 1. r. adelsiui, b. iii. adkison, j. b, alexander, g ' . r. alexander, o. alford, r. b. alien, g. w. alien, w. b. anioss, b. in. anirein, w. e. e. -ana.stasas, b. d. anderson, c. e. anderson, f. r. anthony, j. b. armstrong, w. f. arnall, j. w., jr. arnall, r. arnold, j. b. asllnger, e. aycoc ' k, b. aypr.s, r. 1. bain, j. a. ballard, c. d. bard, j. a. barnett, d. r. barnett, e. e. barrett, s. p. bartbelmess, d. f., jr. batchelor, f. .s., jr. bates, 1. d. baniiigarten, v. e. liayley, c. d. heall, j. f. beek, 1. s. beddingfield, li. t. beggs, g. b. bellinger, 1. d. benton, w. c. bentiin, w. I., e. w. binz, n. a. blaekiiion, ni. j., jr. bbickwell, m. j., jr. lilalock, a. b. blaiitnn, j. b. Iildiiilierg, in. b. bolles, b. t. luMikliart, w. b. biirebardt, b. bosworth, e. c. bottoms, w. c. bowen, e. 1. bowen, j. Ii., jr. biiyee, li. f. braddock, r. r. braddock. w. r. hrannen, e. d. bransford, li. a., jr. lirener, r. d. brewer, r. v. Iireyer, a. b. Iirian, w. s. liriseoe. c. b. Iiritt, a. g. britt, a. g. brooks, c. w. brown, b. 1. brown, c. d. brown, b. brown, j. c. brown, 1. iiryant, w. v. liiiclianaii, 1. e. burn, e. ni. biirnette, g. n. burns, w. q. burrow, t. d. burton, w. e. bnsb, 111. e. buttraiii, li. j. eabaniss, li. li. caesar, a. li. Caldwell, a. j. Campbell, j. w. caraway, b. n. carder, g. c. carey, j. b. Carlson, a. w., jr. carmichael, w. f. Carney, j. li. carr. c. w. carr, j. 1. ca.sco, in. a. Casey, d. ■. cathcart, w. t. .• It o , 1. J- i II i: f H i: S II M .1 .V V L .1 S S — V II t i II II c catl.ry, a. r. defore. e. o. gable, a. c. -ha.iil»Tlain, li. 1. (Icntoii. j. k. gaedkc, r. f. 1. cliandliT. r. li. (lever, d. i. gaissert, g. e. lu-ek, w. t. dial, 1. h. garbcr, y. j. cllfOVCS, s. w. diamond, j. garner, c. ni. cliisliolm, r. f. dickey, e. c. ga.ssett, w, (|. dark, j. ni. dickey, ni. li. gay, w. ll. (lark. ni. h. dieckiiiann. r. li. geislierg, i. f. I ' laytoM, J. w. dillo, f. in. george. c. w. cliatt, .j. V. diinock, e. c. george, w. d. cloiul, 1.. dixon, 1. 1). getzen, j. c. coHen, J. (lol)l. . g. w. ,lol,l, . w. ,.. dodd. p. a. gholston, h. e. gillicrl, w. e. c. ciinnrr. f. Ii. dcniiaiii. n. m. gillcnwatcr, c. (•(iniirr, .s. n. (l.izicr. 1. s. girtoii, f. cook, h. a. drennon, r. e.. jr golden, c. c. cook, J. c., c. s., jr. gordon, j. c. cook, j. e. duke, j. 1). goulding, ll. r. cooke, J. w. dinnmeyer, e. li. graham, j. s. cookc, t. ll. dnnagin, I. k. graham, ]. t. coolcy, w. j. c. f. grahani, 1. e. corniack, c. c. (lunn. r. c. gr.iinling, t. a. cothran. 1.. j. (liir.iiil. r. j. graiiip, c. ll. cox, w. a. durli.iiii, c. g. gr;int, 1. s. crane, 1. o. gr.iysoii. c. ll. crane, w. t. (■(lens. j. in. green, f. w. cranford, a. c. cdw.ards, j. e. green,-, c. (. Crockett, d. Ii. edwards, w. a. greenc, j. ii. crouch, r. o. elliott, j. c. gregg, r. «•. crowder, w. h. clliott, e. g. griffin, c. m., r. j. espedalil, e. g. griffin, j. w. ciM. lining. J. r. evans, c. h. griffin, r. 1). ciiiiiiiiings, f, c. ev.iiis, s. j. griswold, ) . ni. ciiiiiiniiigs, h. 1 ., jr. curry, j. f. eve, w. d. e .ell, in. a. grolhnan, j. m. cutler, e. r. f.iiilkner, r. w. h.ickett. w. e. haley. j. s. dailu.ii e. j. ll. fender, w, h., jr. li.illiiian, j. j. danicl, h. ■. fink, j. c. haiiiil, h. f. danlel, ni. d. fit .gerald. c. « ' . liainmack, w. j. daniel, w. iii.irtiii folk. e. g. liaminond, j. 1.. jr. laniel, w. innnroe foster, f. s. haiiii.i. c. 1. daniell, v. in. foster, ll. o. hann.ili, e. r. darden, e. in. fox, j. m. han.son, | . m. .lavis, r. d. frakes, d. w. hargrove, f., Jr. .lavis, w. g. frary, w. o. harrell, g. f., jr. day, ,.. s. frieks, j. 1. harris, 1. j., jr. " iV£ deadwyler, g. h. fridell, p. j. liarris, ni. ni. IRH dean, 1. a. furry, w. g. harrison, I. .s. 1 lecliovit ., J. fntral, r. e. hart. h. f. %. « r freshman roll acton, w. 111. atlaiiis. h. r. adaiiis, 1. r. adelsoii, b. in. adkison, j. h. alcxander, g. r. alexander, o. alford, r. b. alien, jr. w. alien, v. li. anioss, h. ni. amrein, w. c. e., h. d. anderson, c. e. anderson, f. r. anthony, j. Ii. armstrong, w. f. arnall, j. w., jr. arnall, r. arnold, j. h. aslinger, e. aycock, b. ayer.s, r. 1. bain, j. a. ballard, c. d. bard, j. a. barnett, d. r. barnett, e. r. barrett, s. p. barthelmess, d. f., jr. batchelor, f. s., jr. bate.s, 1. d. baiiingarten, v. e. b.iyley, c. d. l.eall. j. f. lieek, 1. s. bedding-field, li. t. beggs, g. b. bellinger, I. d. benton, w. c. lienton, w. 1. best, e. w. binz, n. a. Iilaekmon, in. j., jr. blaekwell, ni. j., jr. blalock, a. b. blanton, j. li. blciinherg, in. b. bellies, b. t. hiM.kliart, w. !i. biireliardt, li. bosworth, e. c. liottoms, w. c. bowen, e. 1. liciwen, j. b., jr. biiyee. h. f. braddock, r. r. braddock, w. r. brannen, c. d. bran ford, b. a., jr. Iirener, r. d. brewer, r. v. lireyer, a. li. brian, w. s. briseoe, c. b. britt, a. g. liritt, a. g. brooks, c. w. brown, b. 1. brown, e. d. brown, li. Iirown, j. e. brown, 1. bryant, w. e. Inielianan, 1. e. burn, e. in. burnette, g. n. burns, w. q. burrow, t. d. burton, w. e. bush. 111. e. buttrani, li. j. cabaniss, li. li. eaesar, a. li. Caldwell, a. j. Campbell, j. w. caraway, li. n. carder, g. c. carey, j. b. Carlson, a. w., jr. carmicbael, w. f. Carney, j. h. carr, c. w. carr, j. 1. casco. 111. a. Casey, d. c. cathcart, w. t. ■m ■• ' ; .s .1 .) .V ( L .1 s — C (, II I cathey, a. r. C ' liainlx-rlaiii, h. I. cliandlfr, r. li. chock. »•. t. clicc cs, s. w. cliisliolm, r. f. dark, j. in. dark, in. 1.. (Icforc. c. o. (Icnton, J. k. (lever, (1. i. dial, 1. h. diamo nd, j. dickey, e. c. dickey, m. li. (licckinanii, r. 1), gal.Ic, a. c. gacdkc, r. f. 1. {taisscrt, p. c. garber, y. j. g:ariicr, c. in.,ctt. «•. 1). gay. w. li. frcislierg. i. f. day tun, j. h. (lillo, f. m. georgc, c. w. diatt, .j. c. dimock, c. c. george, w. d. dnnd. 1.. dixon, 1. b. getzen, j. c. cohcn, j. dobbs, g. w. gbolston, b. e. cole, c. c. dobb.s, w. i. gilbert, w. e. c. cole, j. w. dodd, p. a. gilliam. )). e., jr. ciinm-r. f. Ii. dom.iiii. n. m. gilleinv.iter. c. Conner, s. n. dozier, 1. s. girtoii, f. cook, li. a. drcnnon, r. e., jr. g.ilden. e. c. cook, j. c., c. .s., jr. gordon, j. e. cook, j. c. dnke, j. b. goiildiiig, b. r. cooke, j. w. diimmeyer, e. b. graliain, j. .s. cookc, t. h. diinagin, 1. k. graham, j. t. conlcy, w. j. diine:in. e. f. graham, 1. e. cornuick, c. c. biiin, r. c. gramling, t. a. cothran. h. j., r. j. grami . e. Ii. cox, v. a. dorbam. e. ' g. grant, 1. s. crane, 1. o. graysoM. e. b. crane, w. t. edells. i. m. green, f. w. cranford, a. c. e.lwards, j. e. greene, e. f. Crockett, d. i. edwards, v. a. greene, j. n. crouch, r. o. elliott. J. c. gregg, r. w. i-rowder, w. h. dliott, e. g. griffin, c. ni. ciilpe|)pcr. r. j. espedalil, e. g. griffin, j. w. ciiiiiniing. J. f. cvans, c. h. griffin, r. b. ciiniMiinjrs, f. c. evans. .s. j. griswold, p. 111. ciiiiiniings, h. b., jr. eve, w. d. grollman, j. m. .urry, J. f. e .ell, in. a. culler, e. r. faulkm-r, r. w. h.iekett, w. e. baley, j. s. dallioiise. j. b. fender, w. 1... jr. ballmaii. j. j. (lanid, b. c. fink, j. c. hainil, b. f. daniel, in. d. filzgeiald. e. w. hammack, w. j. daniel, w. martin folk, c. g. hammond, j. 1., jr. daniel, «. moniue f. st.-r, f. s. hanna, c. I. daniell, v. m. foster, b. o. liannah, e. r. S darden, e. in. fox, j. 111. ballsoii, |i. Ml. Bn davis. r. d. frakes. d. w. b.irgrove, f.. jr. BM davi.s, w. g. frary, w. o. barren, g. f., jr. m day. )). s. fricks, j. 1. harris, 1. j., jr. I deadwyler. g. h. fridell, p. j. harris, m. ni. dean, 1. a. furry, w. g. harri.son, 1. .s. m dechovitz, J. futral, r. r. hart, h. f. . _, m ROLL OF T n E F R E S II M A .V (■ L A S .S — C » ii 1 i ii u e d harvev, d. d. Jackson, h. 1. lee, d. b. liaynii " , j. 1. James, w. c. lee, h. b. lieagarty, c. m., jr. jarman, b. n. lee, r. b. liedge.s, j. d. Jenkins, w. f. leistinger, 1. lieitman, c. e. jernigan, h. j. lett, r. r. liclnier, r. p. Johnson, c. j. lewis, g. b., jr. liendcrsoii, c. 1. Johnson, w. lewter, f. a. hcndlcy, j. m. Johnston, m. d. litaker, t. f., jr. li.ndry, g. t., jr. Johnston, ni. j. lloyd, j. g. henry, g. c. Johnston, t. s. lott, a. 0. henry, g. t. Jones, a. b. lovelady. w. h. heritage, d. m. Jones, c. c. lowe, j. 111. heiek,s, j. r. Jones, j. k. lunimus. b. c. biggins, li. h. Jones, w. m., jr. lundy, b. r. hill. III. t. Jordan, 1. lunsford, e. w. hilliard, e. e. lunsford, t., jr. billyer, e. 1. kear, j. c, jr. lyon, r. a. bines, e. keese, j. t. liodges, j. e. kegan, k. t. niaddox, s. 1. hogan, d. j. keiley, j. b. magruder, r. 1. bogan, r. e. Ueith, b. a. niabone, m. m. bogge, 1). r. keith, j. j. mallard, r. ni. holland, f.-. a. kell, r. w. manget, v. e. IkiIImikI, h. 1., Jr. keHy, j. d. mansfield, d. w. liolbiiul, t. 111. kelpen, r. h.. jr. marbury, j. h. hollfiiian, j. t., jr. kennedy, a. g. marks, 1. holliday, j. v. kennedy, r. p. martin, a. 1. holmes, t. w., jr. kent, j., jr. martin, j. e. bolt.singer, 1. w. kilbourn, g. n. martin, w. j. honour, w. m. king, c. b. mattbews, a. 1. hood, j. e. 1 1. ■. p. king, g. s. king, j. n., jr. mauk, 1. m. maxwell, d. c. book. j. s., jr. king, j. neville may, w. w. hc)))kins, r. [i. king. t. Ii.. jr. nicalister, k. c. born. r. 1. bowanl, w. h. kinnett, j. t. kirk, j. b. mecain, j. a. maccathern, w. w. bowe, a. k. knapp, r. h. mcclatcbey, h. r. liubner, r. w. knight, j. j. mccleskey, r. d. biiddle.ston, c. h. knight, r. 1. mccranie, w. h. bllglies, f. w. knight, t. a., jr. mcereary, r. r. l,i,gli.-s. j. s. knowles, r. c. mccrocklin, j. s. Ininiber, r. e. koegler, w. f. mcgee, h. a. hunt, j. e. megovan, v. bunt, j. m., jr. lane, c. 1. mckagen, c. s.. jr. hunter, a. g. lane, r. 1. mckingstry, r. g. hunter, d. w. lang, e. w. mcknigbt, e. a. hutb, k. a. lanier, j. 1. largen, b. t. mcleod, j. d. mcnair, a. g. irwiii, w. J). law, j. d. lawton, c. a. meneill, j. n. merady, li. w. jaekson, e. ni. leach, j. r. mcsweeny, e. s., jr. _ .L. . - , -. . ., ri - J R O L L OF THE F R E S H H A y CLASS — Continue d mctjer, t. h. palmer, w. q. rocrig, g. h. mcvay, a. g. parliam, j. c. rogers, o. w. mcwilliams, g. 1. parham, r. s. rountrec, j. r. mcars, f. f. park, c. s. rndderman, a. m. medlook, r. a. parker, b. riidolph, c. a., jr. meggs, j. s. parker, j. m. rusk, w. h. merrill, a. j. parsons, o. s. middlebrooks, j. d. | atters()n, a. o., jr. sala, j. e. middlebrooks, j. 1. peabody, t. k. sale. j. b. middleton, j. h. pear.son, t. b. sam.s, j. d. millet, s. j. pellettieri, a. j. Sanders, h. m. mingus, c. k. perry, j. r., jr. .satlof, a. h. misenhamer, 1. e., jr. perry, r. Scarborough, 1. c. mitchell, h. a. peterman, i. iii. schaefer, 1. f. mitchell, j. m. pliillips, j. t. scball, g. w. mitclicll, 1., jr. liidoock, f. r., jr. schoenbaum, a. w. montgomerv, r. w. pierce, v. c, jr. scott, a. b. moore, d. j. pinkerton, f. seott. a. h. moore, h. g. pittman, f. s., jr. scott, w. c. moore, s. 1. pollard, j. c. .seigel, 1. i. morgan, f. j. poole, m. j. selvidge, r. c. morgan, g. r. powell, e. f. seward, w. c. morris, w. e. powell, m. a. sewell, s. c. morrison, j. s. pratt, r. b. sharp, g. V. morton, c. p. preacher, g. 1., jr. .sharp, w. a., jr. morton, g. 1., jr. pritchard. j. h. shaw, r. b. morton, h. s. .sliraroiise, p. j. moss, r. 1. (piinlen, w. 1., jr. shedden. w. f. moultrie, j. c. sheppard, p. j. mowry, k. w. h. raby, j. s. shippcy, k. f. myers, f. f. radford, n. I. shnll, ii. d. myers, j. g. radford, o. 1. sh ilman, i. mycrs, 1., jr. ragsdale, h. f. siegel, a. myers, r. r. randolph, a. m. rauschcnberg. 1. d., jr. Simmons, w. t. simpkin, w. o. nabcU, h. c. raymnnd, r. e. singletary, r. p. nash, f. redniond, a. w. singleton, w. li., jr. neely, r. 1. reed, f. c. sloan, w. p. neild, e. f. reed, p. s. smith, c. h. newberry, t. w. rcisman, m. smith, c. m. newoll, b. b. rempe, c. t. smith, c. r. ncwton, j. reynolds, a. 1. smith, c. s. newton, t. s., jr. rhyne, p. s. smith, e. c. norris, j. w. rice, 1. f. smith, j. c. north, j. w. richardson, w. h. smith, j. c. northington, s. c. richey, c. e. smith, 1. b. nothwang. w. v. roach, j. b. roan, c. m. smith, o. w. smith, r. e. j. Oliver, w. w. robcrts, j. m. smith, w. b. oxford, c. t. robertson, 1. t. roby, a. a., jr. smith, w. r. ROLL (I F •• li ; N .V .( .Y C II t i H M e d snytler, s. j. soIdihoii, ;i. w. solonian, j. 1. sditpUs, r. 1). spicer. 111. 1. spiker, w. s. sjirings, a. a. Stanley, t. 1. stark, n. ji. statliain, ■-. f., jr. sti-en, ii. V. .stt ' inlieiiiu ' r, a. ] . Stephens, r. w. Stevens, j. e. Stewart, j. b. Stewart, s. a. stockwell, w. f. .stone, a. e., jr. stone, e. e. stone, j. d. story, 1. V. stovall, n. b. strange, r. •. Strickland, }■■. w. Strickland, w. i. swartz, e. ni. swift, e. w. talton, b. m. tanner, li. tanner, t. j. tassopoulos, s. taylor, f. m. taylor, j. p. teasley, g. i. tebn, 1. p. tliomas, 1. e. thompson, c. f. tbompson, j. r. thompson, w. j. thurmond, a. k,, jr. tidniore, w. e. tigner, h. h. tigner, j. e. timmerman, j. c. tinkham, m. w. tinley, h. w. titus, c. h. tedd, j. g. tomlinson, ni. 1. totten, w. j. toulniin, a. h. tramniell, r. d. trowbridge, c. a. turner, j. o. turner, s. ni. tway, j. 1. tyson, t. g., jr. underwood, e. m., jr. varner, ni. ni. varner, p. e. vaughan, m. g. vickery, a. m. Vinson, w. e., jr. waddey, f. o. waits, j. a. walker, m. r. Wallace, h. t. Wallace, j. h. Wallace, o. 1. waller, g. r. wallis, w. t. walraven, m. m. waiters, g. d. wardlaw, w. o. ware, j. 1. ware, j. t. Warner, j. 1. wasden, h. a. webb, j. c. Webber, c. 1. weddington, w. w. Weinman, a. welty, j. w. Wesley, t. c. wesner, c. t. westbrook, j. j. wheeler, j. p. whighani, s. j., jr. white, c. s. white, 1. w. whittaker, f. p. whittenberg, r. e. wilburn, m. c. wilder, c. wilenzick, j. wiley, 1. 1. wilheit, a. s. willard, t. b. Williams, h. a. Williams, h. t. Williams, r. p. Williamson, r. w. Willis, c. j. wilson, d. w. Wilson, h. m. wilson, h. w., jr. wilson, j. j., jr. wilson, ni. a. wise, a. c, jr. witherspoon, m. b. witt, m. wohlwender, t. womelsdorf, 1. b. wood, b. t. woodruff, h. s. woolf, a. woolf, j. e. Wright, li. d. voung, d. k. a mi ii w Officers of the Freshman Class Evening School Albert E. Gibsox President Miss Axxe Kopmk Vice-President Harrt E. Browx Seci-etari and Treasurer fm ' - KmmmM m i ' ■» ' ?%Ttjw?ff-; fliygysnt : t»X. 5.WHT roll of the freshman class evening school alien, j. a. allison, j. m. amason, g. h. amorous, Janice anderson, grady antle, Howard ariail, c. h. baker, c. a. barrett, v. ni. beane, n. w. beasley, j. w. bell, ralph bennett, annie blackmarr, t. r. brannon, w. 1. braswell, j. 1. brock, maurine hrosnan, t. d. brown, h. e. brown, j. e. brownlee, c. v. butler, a. p. butler, f. w. carlsen, a. m. cason, e. 1. cbafin, h. k. chapman, e. m. Charles, o. w. foster, b. m. fox, h. s. gamble, c. d. game, m. f. gibson, a. e. gibson, w. s., ji gholson, c. r. glassman, h. s. glover, b. a. godley, ralph goodman, oscar greene, r. t. bailey, h. f. ball, w. w. haynie, p. b. hills, h. 1. hinson, d. a. holder, f. d. hoUiday, j. w. homer, h. f. borne, j. h. hurst, r. e. Jacobs, roy Jackson, pollock Jenkins, c. m. Johnson, g. b. morns, r. m. mcconnell, r. 1. mcdavid, ira, jr. neville, w. j. o ' shields, e. p. parker, o. j., jr. pennington, d. pioda, I. j. phillips, douglas pratt, e. m. pressly, r. h., jr. reid, florye ray, c. v. roberts, j. f. robinson, f. w. russey, h. n. scheff, e. 1. seff, 1. simp.son, e. e. Simpson, j. a. smith, h. s. smith, j. 0. Suggs, m. s. stott, j. e. sutter, e. d. clanton, d. w. lake, f. g. swords, d. m., jr. clarke, e. s. landers, s. v. Conine, w. p. leach, h. h. thomas, g. g. conoly, j. o. leach, m. b. tompkins, s. w. Conrad, n. e. liberson, bennie thornton, g. w. crawley, r. 1. lofton, t. s. turner, j. b. turner, j. c. danbury, j. k. mack, paul dare, e. p. maheffey, j. s. Walton, j. s. dasison, r. martin, d. o., jr. watkins, e. b. davis, j. f. martin, m. h. welch, s. c. dean, a. j manry, j. a. whaley, r. 1. deloach, e. w. maziar, jack white, h. b. disharoon, e. 1. merritt, lucille willard, t. b. duffy, w. w. mitcfiell, mary Williams, h. e. elliott, h. b. elder, tom mitchell, w. h. minahan, margaret Williams, s. e. Williamson, h. e. moo re, j. c. wise, h. n. fleck, alberta morris, a. s. fleming, j. t. morris, o. j. yancey, ethyle 3 , I tt scHnrr n rmiAiTT Inter-Fraternity Council OKFICKKS M. K. S.vsnEHs President A. B. Kix-.E J ' ice-Fresident I.. I.. I.YDA Secretari V. K. Cook Treasurer Prdf. Floyd KiKin Fiirult i litpresentalive .MKMHKKS Sexior Representative Fraternity H. Persons Ilpha Tau Omeya . A. Wiu.iAMS Siijma Alpha Kpsiloii. B. Stricki.e r Kappa Sit ma JiNioR Representative S. D. MlRRAY G. G. Waish H. Becknei.i. A. AsiiBY Sii ma A ' li G. Si ' RicK ( ' . }{ ARRIS Kappa Alpha I,. Brewer B. Kdc.e rhi Delta Theta 1). F. McRae i ' . Hi-xter I ' hi Kappa Siflma I. W. Hammond .1. Merki.e I ' i Kappa Alpha C. A. Jamison I . Stibbs Chi I ' hi V. M. Arnold I.. Lyda Siflma I ' hi l psilon I.N. Barrett I). McI.eax Pi Kappa Phi I. F. Mercer K. Cook Beta Theta Pi V. N. Robins I). Atkinson Delta SiV mn Phi I. O. Weich .M. Bi tti;reieid Delta Tail Delta I,. E. Tate F,. Sanders Sipma Chi J. F. Nicnoi.s M. Ware Phi Sii ma Kappa R. I.. Williamson B. Walker Tlieta Chi I. H. Conley M. GiDCEB Chi Psi J. H. Chailij Alpha Tau Omega IJkta Iota C ' iim ' Tkh Foundecl lS(i5 Established 1S88 Jajiks Wii.i.iam I ' ' rr ,rATmcK ROBKHT AlAIX KlVKEK Jamks Bolaxd Gi.ovkr Waitt:ii Hamptox Godwix I ' heuwick Bill Law Thomas Mikhay. .Ik. .loiix Hkxry Peksoxs SAMI-Kr. MORGAX TlIO.MAS m Vaitkii IIliiman Aidkkd I.i.oYD Radci.ikke Ash DeWitt Clixtox Coi-k .IniAX Kraxcis Ciray W ' ArTKH I.IOYI) III DSUN AiiTiiiu I.v; TlKIMAS 1). HOSKIXS C ' l.ARK WoRTLEY ' JoXES Sa.iuei. DrBosE Mikray I.IEWEI.LYX Wll.l.lAM I ' lTTS WiiiiAM Fraxcis Rue 111) N ' axHoiit.n George Albert Ar idr Tlhxer Issac Bail Edward Bexxixgtox Brvce Edward Vakwkk Harris Alvix Earnest Hochmith I ' lULir .IllSEI ' U Rei REX CoLUMBfS HoOD CAKLETdX XaTHAXIEL HlGHS AValter Say-ers I.u.iiTiiorRX I.ons Jacot Martix .1(111 N Rail M Neely V Wei I EU Eraxcis Ratmoxd Axdersox DorcAL Fergusox Babtiielme Harry F. Boyce SaML-EL ' WlIITFIELU ClIEEVES .lollX FhEEMAX ClMMIXG William Bhoshs Fexder. Jr. RaTKHK ClEBI-RXE GlI.lIAM I ' llARl.KS I.EE HeXDEHSOX. Jr. ai III! Maxly- Joxes .Iamis Rriex Keiley Regixald Herbert Kxait Carra I.. throp I.axe ArsTix BvRXETr Skut lil-DLEY StoXE .Iames Ellisox Tigneh TnERAXfE Grey Tysox. .It Terrell C ' uxstaxtixe Wesley. .T« Ubfr • ' Print ! UIh MbHHHE ' ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon GkORCIA I ' m Cll Al ' TKH Founded 1856 Established 1889 KUATRKS KN F Adl.TATK Pbof. E. p. Erxkst Pbof. A. Reameb 192G Cartkh ' Vvn: Harrox Ai.fhei) Sendir Gardiner William Hisard Bryson Johk Cox Hall Alexander Reid Davis James Monroe McCathebn ' ' ' ■: William Axdehson DuPre William Francis Spaijjino, Jr. ' ' -- Frank Hunter Gbigcs I.ehoy Augustus Staples Cabell Carrincton Garrett Ivan Andv Wtiiiams M William Montgomery Anderson George Dallas Baker Samuel Martin Bbeweb Eabl Anthony Chiasson I.ois Douglas deI.oach Vaughn Bradford Connali.y Maxwell Berry Grant Julian Hiley Ernest Brisco Merry T Ienry Durant Morgan Vance Duiiose Sullivan Archie Thomas Ree t:s Nathaniel Snead Turner, Jr. George Goodwin Walsh fcv Isaac Cornelius Bkinson, Jit. Charles Lewis Humphries John Butler Lillard James Wayne Moore, Jr. NolOI AX AuGI ' ST lilNZ . iu ' iiiKAi i Gray 15hitt John William Chafee Brown John Cartwright Cook WiLLTA.M DaVIES EvE Benjamin GiioiiTON Lucius John Harris, Jr. Joseph Travis Hoi.leman, Jr. Casper Jackson Johnson, Jr. . mos Burn IE .Tones .Ta.aies Taylor Kinnett Charles Henry Xeii Robert Coleman Read .• lbert Wynne Shepherd T110MA.S ' Newell West, ,Ir. George Hamilton Lewis. .Tii. James Hoyt Marbi hv . rtiiuh Jesse Merrill, Jr. Davenport Jackson Moore Joe Gilchrist Myers William Walker McCathern, Jr. llioiKii Reynolds McCi.atchey, Jr. l-RANK Ramsey Pidcock, .Tr. IIenrv Rudolph Pund Step II EN Ernest Statu am. Jr. .Fack Lewis Tway :?j " f!Sfr u ll Kappa Sigma AlIMIA Tm C llMTUl Founded 1865 Established IhflS I-KATI!1-..S KN KACLLTATK I)k. n.WII) MHVUIK S.lUTll COAI H WlI.IIA.M A. Ai.EXAMX KulAMl SlllAN HllllADIll RST GiVEXS BbOWN StRICKI.KR C ' liAiii.KS CciiiiEH, Jii. Merceh McCali. Tharpe WlI.IIA.M RicHAHD Fair Wii.i.iam Bryant Woosi.ey IIkmiv I.ArAVEi-iK Smith Mitchell Wooten IIevhikii) Reckxeli, Will jam Ardis Lewis WiiiiAM .ItifFERsoN Crosswei.l HiiADKinD I ' eriv Merry Joiix McCiArcHEY ' Feemster John ' Andrew Murray Philip Weber Hcttos ' Ei.i.isox Stanley McNeice .IdllX KllWAllI) HAIKNUillT W ADILV HaOIL GlE-N.V Frank Baktiihidmew .Ioseph Caldwell McCall Kwi.ii UiiiiERT C ' liRERSON Thomas Edwix McCutcheos Mauvis WiriiAM Edwards Richard Ftrman Wright lil ' ii) George Frank CiAissEiiT Iliciii Maiitis lilCHARD I ' eEIMES IIiiPKIKS I.ANE MlTlHEI.I. liiiHKUT James IIiiiis Huhard McKinstry WllEHED HONOUE WlI.I.lAM HkMIY KtcHARDSIIN Klgene Eiiwaki) Stone Foimded 1869 Sigma Nu CiAMMA Alj ' ha Chapter Established 1896 Coach Hahold Hanson FRATRES EN FACILTATE Neii. Madison I.fwh Charles Ashby, Jr. Samuel Yarbbotgh Prvitt Atwo(id Wilder Stephen Douglas Wycoff Thomas Samuel Anglev Samuel Candler Coachman Holmes Walter Frederick IVERSON MiCHIE Carroll Key McXeill Allan Tyndall McNeill Roger McKeene Page, Jr. Dudley Cottingham Paslev Hubert Ouver Shuptrine Solomon Joseph Veomans Edward Meadows Copeland Roy Benson Davidson William Walter Hearn Clarence Monroe Jones Frank McGee Mayo Charles Edwin Perbt George Belur Sphick William Rush Wallace Werner Charles Asihein Marshall Edgar Bush Mather D ' Abcy- Daniel, Jr. George Tract Hendry Glenn .Augustus Holland RoDEBKK I.EE H. C. Lummus James Chowder Parham Robert Randolph ARTiirn I. ester Reynolds, Jr. Haroii) Rusk Pail .Tones Sheppahd Ix)uis Frederick Schaefer ■ iPH? MM Kappa Alpha Aii ' iii Sigma Ciiai ' tku KiMjiided 18(1.5 Established 1898 I ' H IKKS FN ' F Dn. Mariox LniiKu Hiuttain Pkof. John ' Hkihies Gofk Oil. WllllAM Gil Pkarc ' k Hohsk Hakf.1i Frkukiikk Bfii.ixgkr Thomas .Tai kson i)rnnK ' ir TiiKiiniH IIS Baiitdw F ' ohd Hir.Il ( ' (IIKTNKV Hahiiis 192(i MTI.TATF. I ' rof. I.oui Ghket Priif. Gkorgk Wiisox Nuiioisov MEIl PkRRY Joii.v Iloisnis- Mausiiaii A ' ahhi:x Hiirin kttk Omvfr Mil I AIM) OWFX Pool. Gforgk Pril.IAX UOSSFR Cato AN ' ii.sox .Iiiiix Haciimax. Jr. I.KWis Hrewfr .Tfhiimk ( ' iiHisKii ' iiFii Gray Hfhiikut Him, ' I ' liiiAiAS Harrisiix Haxkix- CiiFTox Bkx,ia:mix W ' iiihrx Jijiix Mills Bill " III Bfx.iaimix I.kf (iiiw, .hi. Ja.mes Daxiki. ClKMKNT .IdllXSON FlIRn Daxiki Thomas .Maxgft, .Th. F ' abiis lUsiiKK Pexui.etox ICdisdx .X.sdehsox Raleigh . rnaii Thomas H. ( " ooke Lewis . nA: is Deax Ernest Ormond DeFore Rai.eigii EroExi: Dhexxox, Jr. JoSEI ' li W. Hoi.l.lDAY Frederiik AViii.iam Hi ' ghes Warren Fr.vnk .Fexkins HuiiAHi) Lyons ' lCT()R ICl ' GE.NE .MaNGET. .III. Joirx Starks McChockiin Edw.vrd Fairfax Neild .Ierry Newtox F ' hank .S: irni Fittmax C II ARIES Mdsi.EY Roan C!eor«e Hoi.urook Roerig Wist :r . iorSTrs Sharp. .Ir. F ' .iiWAHii Wei.i.ington Swift Will MM F ' hangis Stockweii. % ' :lMU Phi Delta Thcta C ' EoHcii A Delta CuAi-reR Fiiiiiulfd 1848 EstablisheJ 1902 HlHAM ClllSM Al.I.FX Saxdfurd McN ' kii. Avkks Robert Lawsox Browx FlLIEK F.AHI. CaI 1.1. AWAY, Jh. Starlixi; .Maxwei.i Cahi-enter .Toils Harde.hax Coxx . iiiiii Fi I5RAXXOX Edoe, Jr. ( 11 N l uMiixsox Flowers Will Weltox Griffix, .Ir. Harkv HoRXSllV PlRVlS tiEOHc.E Hazeliiiiist Sesskixs. Jr. .IlDGE W ' eSIEY BeaIIDEX .Iajies Ika Deese Vait):r Si.msi x .Ta.iies DdNAii) FisiAY McHae George Nolax Beardf.x . ddisox Key " Bell Harrison ' Hymax Fieijw Auert Fi.E.Mixr. Geeslix William IIarpeh Gilbert Reibex Wixstox ' Goodmax ■Toiix Adxa North .loiiN Graham Rose Mariox Starke Floyd Stewart KiiASK .MiKiiiov DiiiiE Frank Wesley CiREEX .Foe Kext, Jh. .loiiN Nathaniel Kinc. (lIAHIES . |.FREI I.AWTO.V Graiia.m McNair HoKANCE . ntIIUNY MiTCHEI.L Charles ATWATf:R Rrix)Li ' H . ' ndrew Wei n si an liollEKT Wllin: WllllAMSOX .III. IAN .loslll A WllXIN Fred I ' ai-i. Whitaker Phi Kappa Sigma Foiimlcd 1H.50 Alpha Xu Ciiaptkr Established 190 KRATRES IN FACLI.TATE Pkof. WiiiiAM I.. McEvEK PiioF. Fbank Roberson Reade Pkok. Daniel B. Sankohd Joseph Tehueix Bei.i. CuFFORD Weymouth Bickebs Frank Robinson Bolton Howard Wiluam Fisch Pinckney Hunter, Jr. Ardis Fuller McDouoaij) Irwin Lamar Partee Ralph Webster Pike Harvey Baker Alexander Edward Stanley Broach Jackson Felmet John Wckids Hammond, Jh. James Stewart Haynsworth Klein Webb Kennedy Robert Emil Williams James Lee Young, Jr. Harry Franklin Bkkers Milton Seward Boi.inger Joseph Willard Howell Joseph Milton Roberts James Lamar Thompson Guy Hardy ' Trimbij: M Michael .Toskpii Blackwk.i.i Marvin Hamilton Dickie Alvin Anthony Hero K. C. McAllister William Oliver Terbii.l Brooks Pearson m.: ' J3B£ i!i|i ©§®® Pi Kappa Alpha A 1. I ' ll A Utl.lA CilAl ' lKK Fouiuieil 18(i8 Established 190+ IK ATKKS KN I ' CILT. TE I ' lioK. TiiKoDiiiu: Sanukhs Duxx I ' lior. I ' llANKlIN ClIADWICK SnoW CaPT. M ' lII.lA. I AOXKW HoWLANU Lieut. Evehki-i- Kov Wells 1926 Dawson Bi.air Batiis Francis EnwAiin Joiinstox John I.ovei.l Cope James Frank McEi.wee Hakoi.d Osborx Elder . r(.rsTrs Joiix Mkiikie Clarence Wilmer Heehy, Jr. .luirs lliNsux WiM)i:ii Sxeau James Edward IIollidav I ' .nwiN FocAHTY Tuevor • Lois Castkx Hoi.linoswortii FiiKDKiiuK William Waoener Geohge LaFayette Wonii. Jii. 1 I27 William Edward Booker, Jr. Joiix " Campbell Butt, Jii. JoUX Dol.l ' llIX CiHKKX WiTHKiis Allen IIailk. Ju. li VIIIKI Fraxk Thomas Alexander. Jii. EiK-.AR Jewell Crowley ' , Jr. Oliver Coie Custer Exos Sami-el Hartmas Cecil Alexaxder Jamison Hlnkv .Ikbvky Kkiiy I ' lIUIVAI lloRATlOlS I ' eRKINS Ih;rrn Ml Ciiti;i;(tit 192s I. vims Ives Saunders l ' ' .. iu Jack ' I ' hacy ' " llll l ClAIltBOUItNE WaITON WllIIAVI BeHXAIM) WMIINti[l I 1929 WllllAM 1(ex.ia.mix . skew Edwahii .Morse Burns Jiiiix Frederick Curby Dave Do.xaidson- Harvey QriNCEY John Hodges Lawrence William Hoitsinoer TlIADDEUS SlIUKI ' TlnNl .InHNSTON .loSEPH .IaCKSOX KxiC.IlT ' |VIAN .MlCmiWAX William Thomas . ' immoxs RllY PnRT}:R SlXGlETAHY Cl " de Simpson Smith Robert B. Smith, Jr. F.nWABii George Stkex M Qm© i F,,iin(UHl l!-2l Chi Phi Omkga CiiM ' Trii Fi{ vvv.n KN F Acri.rxTF. Jamks I ' .iisKiNi: McDamki. Estalilislu ' d lOnt MaIUIS .1(111 NS(1N RllOWN JosF.i ' ii Kmkiisox Bostun. Jr. Wn.I.IA.M CHIMI.EV FllANKlIS i;i-_ ' (i F.DWiN HiiiwKii .T(iNi;s. .Tii. I.AWIILXIK (llAIUKS I ' kTBI Will 1AM rAVNK .Si TUBS Wvin II Ml iiN.iin Waimikn IIkiuiiht BA:Mtoiii) lllAHlKS l)K I.Wk.IK liAlllllS HaII ' II KlIAXClS Hill 1 AND Cauiiimth I.a:ma]( MiiRRis WllllAM .SniKIlN .Si IIKRJUrS C ' llAllllS AlllKllT SlIMVART . .1(111 N I.IVINOSTON YoI ' Nli Hri;ii I- ' rvsir Aikkn Mil TON Wviu. Arnihi) Will JAM iMuniRiiK Caiunkss Fr v K H IVMdNll Cl ARK. .III. DaMKI WllSClN Dili C.IIKRTV .1(1: WaTIS (IlNN IjlMSI- ClMUSTTAN KdNTZ IlKlM s TdlllN .Mil U " . ' IR- llKlMAS l.lNTdN HdHKllMlS. .IR. i;. .SkiRM ' rRllMlAI , .111. Warim; I ' .McRv Hi i StIWART I ' lllSl V jivRRLTT tllAHIKS DlMlAR HaVIIV lit Mil 11 VRUIM.V CaHISKSS II VRRV I.KSI.IK Hoi. LAND .1(1 IIS l Pdhtcih, .In. WlllMM Finn SlItDDKN Daviii Kim. di .m; Founded 1901 Sigma Phi Epsilon tiKlllU.IA All ' llA ClIAI ' TKK rii TI.U KV FACri.T ATE;iT. Daviusox 1926 Estalilished lOOT Webster Coibirn Bkowx Hfxrv Hahhisox Eagkh, Ju. Edward James Habdix HowEi.L Batemax Uri Ev Downing Donald Hexry Wampoie Ligox I )nxie Lee I.yda L. A. Parker, Jr. George Watsox Race James Ax-drew Riviere Harry Vergil Street Melvin Richer Williams .Jack Grant Wiikixs James Drewiiv Wilkins. Jh. .Iri.iAX Xuiiois Barrett Robert Wii sox Greex, Jr. James Hexrv Groves JoHX COITXAY I.eBeY Thomas I.esi ie Moss. Jr. Frederick William Peri.itz William Henry Perlitz JosEi ' ii Hexkv Six " ger C ' iarence Neal Barueit Howard Lee Brewtox Hoke Smithii Brvxsox Tiio.m.vs Fi.obiax Faires Thomas Pavn Govan Fran Ki IX Benson Whittaker. Jk. 1928 -VuiiEi) John Law, Jr. John Krenkei. Laavo Thomas White N ' one.aiaciieh John Davih Pitman. Jr. John Havnes Pritciiard Floyd .Vipikixso Waltox 1929 Langdon Doyie Bates William Chaim ' ei.l Bextox. .Ir. Joiix William Ci.aytox Leodei Coi.emax Ernest Henry Di ' msieyer James Rae Perry Edgar Mvhox I ' xderwooo, Jr. Haroid Teikiri) Williams Pi Kappa Phi Iota Chai ' Teb Founded 1901 Established 1913 WlI.I.IAM I.EIIMAN GoHDY CoRXEiivs VixcEXT Heck, Jr. William Lowxdes. Jr. Stewart Axdrew Marshall, Jr. Hahvey Duabd McLean " Joiix Hale Ncxez Jack Aron Stewart Joseph Johxstox Wimbebly Edward Charles Cirdts. Jr. M " iiiiAM I ' atiexce Dixx. Jr. John Foley Mercer William Marvix McGraw Lamar Hrasweil Walter .McBride Broc RfFi-s Hi-TcHixsox Carswell Fraxk Stark Deax, Jr. EsTEii Knwix KzEi I Frank Leon Aim Feagle, Jr. Joiix Uradi.ey Howard Johx Marion- Moore Hazard Earle Reeves n. O. .Maiitix isKs! HeNHV SaNDKHS U(.)WLAXD. Jk. Albert Hexhv Caesar, Jr. Matiiis .Axdrew Ezeil W. D. George Tho.vas a. Grami.ixo William F.DWAnn Hackett .loiix Sparks Haley .IciHN Lkiuiv IIammon John Lloyd E. F. Powell Georoe William St ii :wminm ' mL OQQ§% Beta Theta Pi Eta LiiAririi Fiuiiultil 1 3!) 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Jr. Au-red Oberciiaim Natiiax Poxd .Starke Delta Sigma Phi Foundrd 1899 Ai.riiA Gamma CiiApTf;ii FRATRES KX FACULTATE Established J920 Clarence Edward Cooi.idge Arthur Van- Henry Dkssai ' Atkinson Barbon James Henry Bickerstaff John Pearce Clendenin John AVii.i.iam Jeffries Roi.LAND Edward Stafford Noah Warren 1926 Wii.i.iAM Xapoleon Chowueu Decatur Davis Hankins James Carlton Hardwick Howard Franklin McCi.ave John Galen Watterson 1927 Robert McCi.ure Brankstone Gordon Stanley Bullock Homer Fincher Neil AVebb Riley Charles Bebtbom Sheimieru Jack Olive AVelch Mii.TON Wetmore Bi.,4nton Herbert Akers Carrol Oscar Frantz Albert Roy Hudson Herman- Hicks Rush Edward Rembert Sanders Brower Bernard Thomas Robert Louis Wham Verx Edwix Baumc.arti:n James Benjamin Blanton James Fai ' lkner Beall Richard Paul Dieckmann Edward Cameron Dimock Louis Kenneth Dunaoin Joseph Wall GiiirFiN Wallace Cyril James Stewart Lee Maddox Harry Ai exander McGee Georc.e Washington Strickland Frank Ohim Waddev Delta Tail Delta ■■;. , ! C.AMMA I ' si Cm .M ' TEl, ] . - ' ' FiMiiicIrd ]Hnf) Est,■|l li l., il 1921 FI! ATUI ' .S i:X FA( II.TATF, HaII ' II I ' kTKIIS BlAtK I.IHIS KllWlX t;. TES CaI ' T. UaIIUINCTIIN I,. Fl.ANlC.KX FlIEDEHKK JiEX.IAMlN- WeXX 192U WllllvM Mlll M ' S Hri-1 ' KIIFIEl.I) Joiix DoAXE Sparks 11m Tl.KKK C.llllKliT Geiuige Rogers Terry I ' ll 11 11 ' M XH 11 1. Mahkkht I.iuvn llAiiiusox Tl-ix Will 1AM ( ' aim. lilSTlX JOSEI ' I. W Minis WHEARY Tamks Hlm, W I I.SOX 1927 I ' vAii ' ii I ' jiskim; Caiisox Wll.llAM JullV XoYES I ' JIMIM) Hill. Krill.KK Samiei. Walter .In. . llK.I. . ll ' ll(INSO .MaC.A.NA Ceiekord Tanner SiinvAiii . ' •■ " ■■ ! Lucirs EiT.KVE Ta-h; f. -■■ :j 1928 ,: ' . 1 James Kexssei.aeu CiiAiiiES Stiart 1 ' akk ' ■ ' CiAlllAXI) RyALS ClIA.Ml ' IOX Fraxiis Wariiixc, Pit .MB F.iBEiiT Jesse Houd Hyee:max . iisiis Wkiimkii . iiEX Mahsiiah. Qieex Erxest Reiii Wist 1929 James Axdiiew nAim. Ji.. I.VMAIl J, VS Wll.llAM CllArNlV liuVANT WU.EIAM WaI.TUX .M V. .hi. 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Phi Epsilon Pi Fonmliil HIII3 XI CiiAi ' -n:R Established 1916 Joseph Kichbero Kdwix SioMrsD Epstein. Jr. A BR AM LeFFLER Loiis Lyox. .rR. Herbert Higo N ' tssBAiJi JriiAX David Saks Lewis Jacksox Frohsix SiDXEY MeRVYX S.MlTIi HoxY Bai.ii Dreviii .Marcis Exdel, Jr. Isaac Flatat, Jr. HkIIARD . aR )X CilTIIMAX -Iri.ii ' s Mai ' Rice Fieisiier C ' lAKENlE HaGEIUIIIX Max Eriilicii NrssBAr.M. .Ir. Mariox Wolff Schwartz. . ' lexaxi)er Hexby Wachtt:i TiiEoixiHE Lewis Waxeibaim Lester Meyer Yaretzky Herman- Hokciiardt AllTIIIR We I. LESLEY SoLO.MOX. Jr Tau Epsilon Phi Phi CnAr ' n:R Founded 1910 Kstablislicd lOlfl 1926 Fkiix Diamond Miyfii Wjnkr 1027 Wiii.iA.M Sii kr:max 1928 Loris Marks HOBKRT n. BrkXKI! AaROX SaTI (IF JosKi ' H LOiiF.x Loris Seigei. .fuSEPIl DiAMOXn ISADORE Sliri.MAX .losEiMi Chom.max Morris Witt M • Gamma Tau Delta I.cumI Fn.t.ri.ity Kstabli li ■il 1921 I ' HATkKS KX F AC 11 r ATK Dk. .1, I!. Ckknshaw |{,,v M. MiMiciiirf- (I ' lii G;iiiiim. Delta) 1926 ' W. Iv N- Gbksiiam I- " .iinhst I.kk SrevKxsox l.ixnsKY Roberts Haiihy I,. SHUKdoou F.i i(i Wasiiingtox Laxdkhs 192T ■. -, JoSKl ' ll I.KUXAUl) HllllWN ISAAL CaIVIX GaHUKII , UiiirAim N ' a-iiiaxiki. III Tikim as OirvKii Ott 1 fe-y 1928 } W: CHAHI.ES H. BVRCH Wirils IlllllAlll) .Tai KSIIX Geobc.e Raxdoi.imi Hyxim .Maihis llvcH Kkii.v SaMI EI R. Ci.EMEXT SkVEIIX Wi max Kn-lliEIMlK HiT.ii Warrex C.ASTiix M(i s Ui.;nTi.x Swiceguiid SlXrHEX Col-EI AND fil.AUWlX WllllA.M I lull IS Wai.i.ace Win MM l ' „«i:i, 1929 Ha. iiit )x T. Humes CfiiTis S. IIiitvkb (Jeorc.e H. Harhki. .Ir. Marvin Spukh .l MEs D. UoiiERT Hki.inaii) McCrearv .Iames H. P.m. IE ,1 i ' T 1 ' : 1 Pi Lambda Delta I.oc-Jil Fraternity Kstalilislicd Ur. ' FK ATUKS |;N F AC Tl.T ATK Dll. GlI.BKIIT IIll.I IIOISK HtXJGS AlltlliJlMIl DlNSMOHK HoI.IAXD SaIMIKI. C ' ollNKI ll ' S Stovai.l ArciST George Badexhdoi ' Caiii.os Hewlett Hiirne Grv Braiiify I.yxes NiiKi. Hv.w Stowk Asa Brsi[ S ' litiin iMi l{ iuKi{T I,i:i: ' A ' rKiN FtoYi) Franklin W ' illcox 1!)2T Casper F.rnest Bart Georoe X{iral n Bisaxar W ' lMiAM Oliver Byrd .hpuN (iEFEKEX GeuROE MiUUI.ETDN .lollNSDX Ai.Tox McDaxiel, .Ir. IhM.V WAlIK MclllRE Charles Xelsos Cessxa HlCIIARD RODAX CrIISE N ' oRMAX I. ALETTE CoLEMAX. ,Ir. Bexjamin .Ioiixsox Hiers. ,Fr. Will 1AM JdllSMlS MaMILVILLE, .)r. WlM.lA.M NkiTCN ManHY HllWARl) W ' VNN MlCl TtllEOX HeRXDDN TllllMAS Kl)«lN I.AXC.IMIN HaxXA TrIMW MdVIIDL lIlll.lANl) I ' JIW Altl) Wmtkr I.AXC. m Fraternities Tilt- rituals of nearly all fratt-rnities are based iii)i)ii religion. Xo true fraternity can rest upon another conception. It is for these reasons that they are supports of society, strong reliances of ordered government, according to public law, able advocates of the cause of righteousness and religion, and effecti e jjromoters of ])eace and good will among nations. — Calvix Cooliuge Pi B 1 J p , i« Faculty Members Dii. .M. I.. l?iiiT-n N. ( ' Iiiiiniiini I ' lior. Ainiii ii H. Aiimstikim;. Trciixiirer nil .1. U. t ' HK.xsiiAW. Dinrlor iif .1 Ihlellrs Viun. W. " . Skii.ks I ' mif. FiDVi) FiKii) Dii. Ci. H. Hoggs PRdf. W. A. AlKXANDKK. .1 ilvlxoiii Mimh,-,- Withmil Vnl,. STrnF.NT MKMIU.liS S. D. WvcoFF, Prseident C. ' I ' . Haimkix, I ' icr-I ' renideiit .T. H. Coxv, Sirrf ' Inrij AI r.MNl . U:.MHKli.S Mil. I,. W. ItllHi:l T Mil. ( ' iKIIIIGK W. .MtCAIITHY COACHIN ' G STAFF W. A. AiKXANDKn. II ' ikI Cimrh II. F. Harron. Tra.k WmiA.M FiNillKH. .l!:-i.-lni t FnntbiiU Dos .MiTiKii. ri;shm,i„ r„ ,lh„U It. . . fiAV, li„x,h„ll ,111,1 .l.-si.- ' ltnil FonlbnII H. F. IIansf.x, nasketlmU i. F. Hhevks. .IfKi.H ' iiit I ' rmhttuiii Fiiolhall Tom Axgi.ey Caktek Hahiu x .loHx Hrewkii " Six " Carpenter Vaughas Coxnelly " Bis " C(iiirEH Ed Crowi.ey ■ Red " Ei.i.iott Dkk Kami Football W ' Ar.T.ui: Forrester Wait Guuwin " Tixy " Hearx Haii ' II 11(111. and •■l u ' " Uuou " Bri.i. " Ihm ' ix .loiix Maksham, I. oils Martix FlXlAV -MiRae " GiV Merkie JciIIX MlRRAY Sam Mthray OwEx Pool Mack Tiiarpe " Ike " A ' ii.!,ia. " is Dick Wruiiit n.)r ; Wyc(ief Carter Barrox " Nick " George Him MiiREi.Axi) Cecil Ja3iisox Basketball DrSCAN MllRTIlX Frank 1 ' iayek George Riisser George ' ii di: " Dyxamite " Wiiuer Doro ycofe Tom Aug ley .loHXXY ' CoNX S, C. JOXES Baseball " Gi s " Merkie BoR MllREIAXD " Siiixe " Morgax Hon Reeves .ToHX SXEAI) " r)YXA:MiTi; " Will:; DoiG ' YCO ■F Bill Crowder Fraxcis Daves n. I). Haxkixs .1. V. IVEY J. I-. JOX ' ES Track I ' erc ' Perkixs 11. R. Kaihkr George Rosser I ixnsAY Robert J. D. Saks ClIEE ScllWAIR C. . . STRUKI.Wn George Wiide Doic. ' ycoff COACH V. A. AI.HXANDKH Coach William A. Altxandcr wa-. liorii at Mud River. Ki-ntiicky. He received liis cleiuciitary training in the Cireen ille. Kentucivy. public schools and attended for one year the Greenville Hijjh School. lit- entered Cieorgi.-i Tech in 1906 as a sub-freslnn.m in the Civil Engineering department. In the tail of 1 !)() ) " Alex " , as a memi)er of the scrub team, began to play football for his time. In 1911 he was awarded his varsity letter. He received his degree in 1912 and returned to school in the f.ill of this same year as assistant coach to John Heisman. During the world war he served as a Second Lieutenant with the American forces in France. In 1920 he was made head coich of athletics at Cleorgia Tech. Coach Alexander is a ni;in who meant much to ath- letics at Tech and throughout the south. His football teams have been taught not only the scientific principles of the game but the rudiments of true s|)ortsmanship. COACH R. A. (LAY Co;ieh ( l,iy w,•l burn at Monroe, (ieoi |)leting iiis work in the ]Hiblic schools .-i tered Emory College. From there he 1910. He graduated in liH. " ). reeriviu ' j Electrical Engineering. i.i. . ftrr com- Monroe he en- nie to Tech in his degree in In tJie fall of 191.) he was back in seiioul as assistant baseball and football coach. At the outbreak of the war he enlisted and in France for fifteen months with the Eightv-Second Division. Upon his return to school he was made head eo.ieh in baseball and co.ich in foot- ball. He is a man of ability and his conii)etency as baseball coach is reflected in his teams ' records for the past five seasons, three championship teams. In th. ,isons he has produced t (OAC 11 !1. v. ll.WSKN Min- H.msen was born .uid ediicati ' d in tlie Twin Citic neapolis and St. I ' .iul. During his high school d.iys lu ' won letters in all sports. In one year at McAllister College he won the distinction of being a four-letter man. Two foot- ball letters and two basketball letters was his record at the University of Minnesota, where he graduated. | IJefore coming to Tech he coached at the Algona High " School (low.i). St. Thomas College. Hamlin University, and was assistant coach at University of Minnesota. He has seldom failed to produce a chanii)ionship team. He came to Tech in 1921- as varsity basketb.ill co.u-h. backfield coach for varsity foot- ball, and freshman track coach. COACH DON .MILLER Don filler, as om- of the famous " Four Horsemen " of Notre Dame, finislicd his college career in 192 1 with the national champions. His football trainini;- has been en- tirely under the care of Knute Rockne. He conies to Tech witli tlie reconnnendation of the en- tire nation behind him. He is freshman football coach and has worked wonders this year witii his new material. . lthough this is his first year he is already an important and necessary part of the coaching staff, and popular witli everyone with whom lie has been associated. CO. CH HILL FIXCHER There will be no need to call him any name otlicr tli.m " Bill " Fincher for it is by this that everyone knows Teeh ' s varsity football line coach. In five years at guard, tackle, and end positions on (ieorgia Tech ' s Golden Tornado, Bill developed into the outstanding soutliern linesman. He was placed on Wal- ter C ' amjj ' s All-. merican team in 1920. He graduated from Tech in 1920 and coached at William and Mary in 1921. From 1922 to 1 92 i he was football coach at Tech Iligli .Seiiool. He w is made line coach at Georgia Tecli in 192.5. COACH H. F. BARROX Coach Barron was lio Philadelphia High .Sei:o( College. He came to T( and football trainer. II in I ' hiladeli)hia, attended West . and graduated from I ' enn State ' h in 192.5 as arsit - track coacii W bile at Peiiu .State he was eai)taiu of the track team. He has won fi e national ehami)ionshii)S in higli hurdles. Li 1920 he was a member of the L ' nited States Olympic team at Antwerp, winning second jilace in the liigli hurdles after forcing the winner. Farl Tiiompson. to break a world ' s record. CO.VC II HOHBV REEVES . fter [jlaying in the baekfield on the 23 and ' 2 1 foot- ball teams. Bobby was hurt and unable to play this year. He offered his services to help in the coaching of the ' 25 football team and has been assisting Coach Clay during the past season. Bobby comes from Chattanooga and Macaulay school. He entered Tech in 1922 as a student in the Electrical Engineering Department. He is captain of the 192.5 b.-ise- ball team and will be a valuable addition to tlie baekfield of next vear ' s Golden Tornado. E ii.ii? ■ ii ..■ ■■ ' -■ ' - i ' ■ - ■ A ' " ■; » o O r . P ft -F: O ftii V ' ' X y Tiu: iii-. ' .- ch. I Ill- Results of the Season ()glitlu)r])e e ion . . 13 Tecli ... 13 y. M. I . I ' fiin Stati I ' l.irid.i Alabama . Notre Dan Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech .... 33 . . . .16 23 . . . . ' an(lerbile •nts . . . 7 . .48 ... 7 (icoro ' ia Aiiliurii Tech 3 ... 7 Total .,|, Total Tech . . . .102 Stki HEX Dm •(WAS WvCdFF ' T. Dorr. M ' vkh i Ifnifhiirk ' " Doug- — the best ])l;iyer to I ' ver wear a cleat for Georgia Tech, " quoting from Coach Alexander. AVvcoff, all-So ithern, all- Anierican (Lawrence Perry, 1926), captained the " Golden Tor- M.ido " through a successful .season. His punting, plunging and continual drive on almost every occasion gave Tech the edge over tlic opposing eleven. To a man the football-loving public mourned Th.-nilisgiving when Doug playrd liis last on Grant Field. A Review of the 1925 Georgia Tech Football Season ]) .Mcini, w Hi, AKi: Spiirliiii Kdilar iif tlir .llhiiilii .Jminial It tile (iiDi-fjia ' rcc-li t ' ()()tl);ill team of li)li() is as iiiiu-ii an iiiiprovcnicnt ovt-r tlic 12 " ) tlf fii. as that one was over the team of 192 K the ( liam])ioiislii|) of tlie South- M (Onferenee and the Piekens Cup are assured the North A enue institution of arniiii; ' next season. ' rri:ii IIvmi-hin ( ' uidwix Waifs services as alteinate captain can probably be seen by the appreciation thown in the gifts from Morgan IJIake and the At- lanta fans. He is probably the first alternate captain to receive a ring. Walt ' s place can- not be filled with anything short of All- American material, and it is with regret that the football fans see this star guard depart. Mi:iici:ii .Ml ( ' m i ' In mii ' k Tarkli- ■Mack " has bien called a ferocious player. During the past season he certainly lived up to this name, and his work in the line was above criticism. He hails from Moultrie, Ga.. and will be back next season as alternate captain. " Mack " can be counted on for some " rtal " football again. -n i Y ! Let .s -sec how uiiu ' li iiiipro ciiiciit o t r 1 1)2 t was made in lUli.j. Ill ] )21- Tech lost to Vanderbilt. 8 to 0. In 1925 Tech beat tht- COniniodores to 0. IvAX Andy AVii.i.iams Tech rode to jrlory when Ike ' s unerrinir toe gave a field groal and three points in the Geor- i ria game. " Ike " was a prep school halfback out in Arkansas and has upheld his " rep " since entering Georgia Tech. He is a cool quarter, a quick thinker, and a great student of the game. It is truly hard to part with " Ike " and it will be some time before it will seem right without him. SiAiu.iNd .AIawvki.i. Cahi ' KXTeu " Six " made the Varsity in his Sophomore ye-ar and since then has been a mainstay in the line. He was out of the last few games this year with a twisted knee, but his early season start is not forgotten. This was his last year of football we regret to announce. ;l« ' - : ' fj ' riffht end — Oghthoriir itt In I921 ' Tecli was lucky to get a tic with Florida. 7 and 7. I ' ln car past the .lackits routed the Alligators. :i t to (i. In l!)2t Tech hardy nosed out ' . M. I., :( to n. h, l si-j " ) the ietnr - was () er- whelniing, . ' JS to 0. Wallace ' REn.Mosi) Forresteii Ouaril " Post Uran Wally " or " The Charmint; Stranger " prepped at Gordon Institute and calls LeesburK. Ga.. his home. He is a fierce tackier and a good blocker, and because of his speed, a great interference runner. His ab- sence from the line will be keenly felt when the fall season begins. . tC.CSTCS .Toiix Merkie Ei„l " Gus " proudly acclaims the fact that he comes from " Georgia ' s Only Port. " He played in hard luck again this year, being bothered with knee injuries receivtd last fall. He was the fastest man on the team in going down under punts and his ileparture will leave a wide gap in the line. M. I. . .Ill In l:i-JI IVrh ;i ,lr,|H i-;.lr I mill III Alliiita t(i will from I ' , mm Sl.ilr. I " , I.. 13. Ill 1925 the Jackets li.ul a hur-Ii easit-r victory. Ki to 7. altlio ii li tiic game was played in New York. Tlie Alabama del ' last year was the most heartbreaking of the .season, and yet Tech cut the m.-irgin of ictory In- the Crimson Tide exactly in half over the jirevious .sea.son. MM) f vi;x Pool. I nil ' Owen was the smallest man on the Atlanta Journal ' s mythical " All-Southern " eleven. He is a erreat lover of the same and puts every- thing he has into his playing. It is said that he has made only one bad pass in his entire career. He is captain-elect for next year. Watch his smoke in 1926. C- HTER T TE Baiirox Hiilfhni-k Too much cannot be said of the all-round jrood playing of " Little Red " during tlio past season. He plays a hard brand of ball and whether on offense or defense will prove a source of much worry to the opposition. Carter is coming into his own and we expect to see some startling things from him next mmM ?SiPte s W ' HruJI i.s .slupiUil ,1 1,1 ,„„l, lll,-,.l,, ll til,,— v. M. 1. ,1,1 russ;. U " ., Tlic Jackets also reduced tlir NUtn Dauic luar iu cmiMiliraljly vious year, even with the second tcain pi lyiiiu; against tiic Irish. Oglethorpe was defeated by : smaller margin than in 1 .02 t hut tl iinieli stronger than at the start of last season. .Toiix HoisniN Mmisiiaii. ICiiil cr tin: p: I ' w •■Johnnie- could have made ••AII-An-.erican had he cauirht that pass in the Alabama gamf. He is swift, steady, knows how to go down under punts, and can catch a pass. He haiN from the widely known Duval High .School. " Johnnie " will be back for another year, and we will all be watchinK you closely, John. Wit I MAI IiRiiMin Faiii Tarkir " Dick made his letter this year and inci- dentally a name for himself as a fierce and hard playing linesman. His return ne. f year will be quite a boost toward another cham- pionship ttam. He claims Atlanta as hi:; home. We want to see him in action some more in 1926. •,;:-■:. r.--Ar_VJ I li. only , .•llll III uliuli till- J.-K ' kfts failed to comijarc f ' a oral)ly witli tlie 1924 record was against Auhurii. Tiu- Tiiiirs tied Tech last while in 192i they took tlie count, 7 to 0. Tlie only new team on the schedule was the University of Georgia, famous rivals of the Jackets of past years. It was the first game between the old rivals FuAxcis I.KWis Ikwix " Ii-onhead " or " Bull. " either is correct, never misses a tackle, and oh. those tackles ! Irwin has a preat deal in common with a pile driver. He will be back next year and has a place re- served for him on the team. He is also an Atlanta product. Watch out, opposing teams, this man will take no foolishness. S. . " «UEL DrBosE MlRR.W FtiUback Sam. " the pride and joy of Ne vnan, Ga.. a Kreat season in store for him ne.-ct year. Kreat drive makes it almost impossible for opposing line to stop him. " Sam ' s " re- 1 of a kick-of in the Thanksgiving game always stand out. It is likely he will be ncd " Sixty-Minute " also. Willhnns (III, nil, 1. iihiri iiiriil hirk (l,i,n,i,i «;.. siiK-c 1 !»](). ;iiid cwu tlic wr.-itlicnnaii. wlio M ' as tlu- l)ittt ' r tot- of Tech in all tlic other games of I92. . rrcoiini .ed the importance of a Tech-Georgia game by pre- senting an ideal day for the struggle. It Mas played before the greatest throng that ever witnessed a sporting e ( ' iit in the south— . ' (2.000 i)eople. And Tecli de- Jo iix AXUHKW M not AY End John was shifted from center to an end position whei-e he made his letter in fine style. He is a swift linesman and a sui-e tackier. His return next year is being: counted upon to bolster up the line, whatevei position he plays we expect to view some real football. Qhkkx Fiavie Cooi ' KH Tackle It has been said that " Will " has a great propensity for " buttermilks : " that he never knows when to quit. He broke into Varsity circles this year by his stubborn resistance in the line and his all-round Rood playing. He can be counted on for another year. » „. .. -To ,-. lighted the hearts of the humlr. iK ..f aluuuu « Im had unmr fr.n,, all parts ot ' tl United States to see the classic, by defeatins); Cieorjiia 3 to (I, due to a great plai kick hv Ivan Williams. Ralph Francis Holland Fullback Ralph hits the line more like a ton c£ brick than a human. His presence in the backfield is always noticeable by the gaping holes made in the opposing lines whe-n he hits them. He is an Atlanta product and returns to wreck Georgia and other teams next year. Donald Fixl.w McRae Qu ' irlcrhack " Mac " made his debut into Varsity circles this year. He plays an e.xceptionally good de- fensive gamt- and was a constant threat to opposition this past season because of his ability to intercept passes. He is slated for a regular berth on the ' 26 Varsity. Wiiroff hits Oitii-f,!,! liiif (Icnniin ;i in So altojiftlKT till- Nt-asoii was a splendid suci-ess tor IVi ' li dt-spile the Alabama defeat and the Aiihurn tie. Tech was the only team that jilayed Alabama that gained more •jrouiid and lu ule more first downs than the famous southern cham- pions, who on New ' ' (.ir ' s dav ileetrified the south bv a ietor - ovrr Washington at i ' .is.uiena. N ' .MGIIX BRAnFOIMI CoXXKIIV Ilrilfhnrk " Hot Towel " Connelly came through the season unscathed althouiih it is true he used practically all the dressing room ' s suprly of towels and bandages himself. Vaughn has another year to play but prefers t e t s " mM of the in Mi! instead. Kl.BKItT .IksSK Ho(II) Tarkh " Papa, " a 220 pounder from Te. as, played rt»t ball this year, his first on the Varsity. le succeeded in filling a tackle ' s position ■henever called upon to do so and is one of fie men counted on for next year. We be- leve " Papa " will be in the thick of the fray ften next year. TT ' Z y0 - « ■- f .-£■■ • i The .sr; s(ii] iiiaikid tlu lujisli ot (Ik f.ri(lin.n ran. r cl l),.u,til.i Wycoff. said b}- Coach Alexander to liave been the greatest player that had ever sunk a spiked shoe in the soil of Grant Field, ' yeof ' f made all-southern fullback for his three years on the arsity. and it will lie a lono- time before liis like is seen .luain in a Jacket uniform. .Idirx Miir.i Bhf.wkh John is a native son of Griffin and this year played his first season on the Varsity- He first broke into prominence in football circles when he execute-d a perfect triple pass against V. M. I. for six points. He is a cool, steady player and will do j reat thinj ' s before closinK his career at Tech. ' AllKIl He.MIX Turkic ■■Tiny " ely make stri since this would result in so much lost moti. But a quick lunpfe and a wide sweep of eitl arm and a perfect tackle is made. Hea prepped at G. M. A. and last year played the Freshman team. . »„„, . II,,:. IK, I, ' .nnhl I ' m. Wiinl, ,■ 1 . 1 1 1 ' l n 1 i: . M « .1 lech ranked aiiKiiiii tli of tlie jireatest di fi nsivr I ' Oiiiitrv cdiild li.-nr Ivr.itc leading tootliriU teams ot the L iiited Icvens in tlie Iiistory of " the institution. Teeli (iecisi clw wlicrevir thcv i)la i-d. ' I ' ho:mas S- ' -Mtki ( anni " Tom " is an Atlanta product and prepped at University School, where he proved a sen- sation in prep circles. He was substitute Ruard this year for Forrester and should prove a thorn in the opponents ' side next sea- son. Hf is also a dependable drop-kicker, who will doubtless be called on ofien to show his tuff next year. 1. 1 ClIllKKT l ' ' .I.I.I()TT ( ' filler •Red " found himself in the Notre Dam. came, as was so wtll expressed by Lawrenct- Perry in his account of this conttst. He has no difficulty in performing his share of the work in the line. He is a Sophomore from Minnesota and should see plenty of action next year. r ' it( ri y . .Iltihiimti II II III I . ' I ' lii- hi h pc.-ik oC till- M ' .-ison c.niic in the itrcat ictory over Pciin State in New " lurk. It inarkrd tin- first ietory of the (iolileu Tornado in an eastern invasion after many years ol unsueeessful trips above the famous line. Irankly if Tech had been able to play in every game like she did in the seeond half of thi- i ' enn State eontest. it is the opinion of this writer that tiie old (iold and While flaii would ha e waived triumphant over e ery battlefield. " WI 3 ss s % ■ iA S JFi ■ 1 " 1 m k r y : Loiis .Iacot Maktin Guard " Firpo " Martin played on the Freshman team last year and this se-ason was a sul) truard for Walt Godwin. He is a fast charger and an aggressive player, and is a fine pros- pect for next fall. He prepped at G. M. A. and will bear wa ' i?hing. Edgar Jfwei. C ' iuiwi.kv I ' Jnd " Ed " has Kood height and weight for an .nd and will certainly be heard from next year. His playing this season marked him as a man who will " play Ihe game. " Crowley is a Sophomore and a product of Watkinsville. Ga. Keep an eye on him in the future. R ici I A It 1) F r loi A N W It u; 11 v Halfback " Dicli " ' should have run for governor of Georgia right after he ran 56 yards against Vandy, thereby winning the day for Tech. He is a Sophomore and comes from Sumter. S. C. He is a fast backfield man and an exceptionally good sidestepper. Keep youi llu Innnit n ,1 fur fir.s lnurh,law„ I ' , nil Slafr ,fi Ivan Willuims ' Field Qoal Canies Tech to Victory Over Qeor ia Before 32,000 Crowd •WE ' VE COT A FOOTBAU TEAM THIS VEAR, " HAPPY WORDS EROM IIITIE BUCK - « ? nl ' ■ ■ CEpRGa TECH FROSH DEFEAT AUBmNjmJiLINGS 9 TO 1.. THH TliCHN ' IQLT: Rl-AIIAVS 1 Hi: SCASON AS THE NHW SPAI ' liRS SAW IT Review of the 1925 Freshman Football Season Witli a record (if three wins, one loss, and one tie, fliaracterized by a group of hard hitting, sniasliing men, scintillating with the lirilliance of several stars, the 1925 freslnnen team enjoyed a most successful season. From this aggregation Tech can definitely count on lieroes of future Tornadoes, and the entire schedule was played wit ' n a vim and grit tliat would make numy college varsities appear poorly in comparison. Tlie first game of the season played against the Mercer yearlings in Merjcer was of- ficially recorded as a tie, l)ut anyone wlio saw the game would lie forced in all fairness to award the lionor to our freshmen. In this game was shown a forecasting of the brilliant of- fensive, whicli enaliled Coach Don Miller to turn out tlie team that he did. In the game with the Oglethorpe Rats our lioys sliowed u]) well, and cxjierienced liut little difficulty in winning 12-0. In the third game played in Tuscaloosa, the wearers of the green jer.seys sliowed tlie effects of the two hard games preceding, and the loss of several players, coupled witli tlic Bama Junior Tides " superior weight, gave the latter a cleanly earned victory, 11-0. Tlie last two games of the sea.son, both jilayed in Atlanta, were filled with excitement and fraught with thrills. In the Sewanee game on November 7, the lads ran riot and in a game featured liy a hard hitting line and a fast, clever backfield, had little difficulty in bringing in a victory, 33-0. .Sliowiiig superb form and the effects of the excellent teachings of its worthy mentor, Don Miller, the freshmen put on an extra s)iurt in their last appearai ce of the year, and in spite of a game and plucky fight put up by the Auburn first year men. the Miller cohorts triumphed over the latter, by a .score of 9-0. The s jnad was conijiosed of the following men: .1. H. ( ' arnc -, U. .S. I ' arhani, . . II. t ' aesar, H. K. Drennon, V. K. Baumgarden, .T. Kent, .1. J. Westbrook, G. .V. Holland, C. S. Sniitli. V. B. .Smith, R. 1,. Horn, R. L. Randolph. W. X. Rust, H. H. Pund. F. K. Cummings, A. Wcinian, M. J. .Johnson, ,T. T. Kinnet, R. V. Deikm.ui, B. T. I.argen, W. .T. Dnrant, C. V. Fitzgerald. I. .Shulnian, I.. 1). Bates, Clyde Beatty, manager of the te.ini, Don Miller, Coach. Date Oct. IT. Oct. 24. Oct. 30. Nov. 7. Nov. 21. T. BII, TKn UK.Sll.T.S OF THK SK ASON Place Opiionents .Mercer Frosh Macon Oglethorpe Frosh tlanta . labama Frosh Tuscaloo .Sewanee Frosh tlanta Auburn Frosh tlauta Freshmen (i 33 9 17 5+ .B; ! i Results of the Basketball Season ' I ' uUme 33 Georgia 30 AiihiiiTi 82 TiiImiu- 18 M.iriluetU- 19 Vaiuierbilt 27 Kentuckv 25 X. C. State 22 SDiitli Carolina 2() Cleorfiia 33 Miss. A. M 31 N. C. State 30 Soutli Carolina 3() Auliurn 13 Teeh 18 Teeli 35 Teeh 2 » Tedi 31 Teeh 23 Teeh 23 Teeh 2V Teeh 23 Teeh 20 Teeli 2!) Teeli 20 Teeh U Teeh 19 Teeli 28 I ' ech 19 :cir the Jackets and the same (as Captain Georpre Wilde who fire and encouragement into ,ny holes during the season. When moments were the darl es was rocking heavily against them, it rallied his teammates and put th them which pulled them out of " Papa " Wilde was not the outstanding star in every game but in every encounter he was the backbone of the team he was the leader which gave the strength to withstand the severest of pun- ishments. George ' s steady rise to captain of the team came after a bril- liant record on the court. In his junior year he won the beautiful silver loving cup in recognition as the best foul shooter on the squad. That same accuracy of goal shouting fared hini well in his last reason on the team. Cai ' t. ( iKoiua-: Wu i)i Captain Wilde irit played a m ol head under fii and his undaunted fighting the Jacket.s. Review of the 1926 Basketball Season ii l ' ,I) W ' illTK (S])cirt,-, Writer fnr Tin- Alhint.i .IiMiriKil) C-losinjr tlK-ir iihinI :u-tiv.- s -asnii with llu- tiiin-ii.iiiirnt lirlil in At laiil.i, tli.- .I;u-k,-t haskcteors wore ■rt-miiiifly jiUu] for tlif rest, li.iviii);- W(irk ' (l hard and c-.Mi-,cii-nti.Jusly tlirmifili- out the entire time. Takinjr time out diirinjr tlie Christmas holidays tn play a series of frames not on the sehedule, the team journeyed to t ' ldia, there to enfiajre in .1 four f;,ime series, two with the University of Havana and two witli the Havana aehl Clidi. ' two extra five minute periods were required in the fir-i eonfiiel witli the " laeht C luh h. ' fnre tlie .laekets eould hand their opiinnents a 29 to 2H defeat in a Ihriljin;; elnse eneiunter. I ' he next {. ' arnes were close and excitinjr with the .laekets triumphirif; omt Ihi- I ' niversity onee with a score of 18 to 6, and the reverse lieiofr true to the tone of III to 10 in the next fjaine. The Vaeht Cluh also evened the emjiit in their seeonil affray with a se.ire .if U ' o to is. When the fruit company liner docked at New Orleans tlie .laekets had harely time enough to don their unifcnans hefore takinj;- the floor and faeinj;- the Tnlane Creenies, semi-finalists in the 1!I2.5 Southern Conference Tonrn.inient. Duriiifr the first five minutes if play thi- C.reenies sent a volley of shots at the hoop which netted 12 points hefore Tech scored, and tin- half .•nded l,S to 8. The second half l.ronsrht h. ' ttcr residts althou.L ' h Ttdane won, 33 to IS. igmJI Due to his trip to the West for the New Year ' s Day football game between the picked players of the East and West. Doug was kept from the basketball court until after the season was well under vray. But when DoUK did make his appearance on the court he made things hum with new life. He replaced Htarn when the rangy center was force I from the game due tn an injured wrist. He closed his career after two years of hrilliant jilaying. sful ■ Ked " ..njoyed another regular under Coach Hansen, and before c season had passed into history, iilayed most every position on the team. He did s best work at guard, where he distinguished mself in several games. T.-cirs first vii-tory of tin- sensnn v:is tivcr tlic (.; -(irf;iM Bull Dofrs and tin- fan- wlio witncs.sed the giinic will Imifr nnu-nilicr tlii- In-illiant playinji- (if the Jackets aiul tlieir .sui)e- riority over the aiu-ient ri aK. It was as li.Lrd fmiiiht as ny of the Tech-Cieorgia battles and at the end of the half the .lackets were aliead. U ' l to la. From that stajie the Torna lo ' were masters of the situation and w -re never oxcrtaken. and llie final seore read. Teeh 3.5. Ceorfiia 3(1. . ft r winning this s))eetaeular victory a sad reverse eaine over the Jackets on the fol- lowiujr nifrht, when they suffered defeat at the hands of the . uhurn Tif; rs in tlie Alahania village to the .sad refrain of 32 to 28. Coach Hanson used two tealus in the garui-, hut neither was ahle to overcome the early lead stacked ii]i against them. After suffering a crushing defeat in their first conference foe ajipearance in New Orleans the Jackets ])layed the Tnlane Greenies off their feet on the Tech court to win 31 to is in a siiectacular fracas in which Tiny Hearn was the outstanding .star. From the first to the last lilast of the whistle the Jackets were out to avenge their defeat hy the Cireenies and that coni- hination to Hearn gave the rangy center l(i points and high scoring honors. Having disposed of Tulane the day before on their own court the Jackets set in to turn the Marquette tide, which they did in noble style, 23 to 19. The Marquette quintet l.iunclied one of the best guarding defenses ever formulated against a Tech team. Had it not been for the accurate sliootiny- of the entire team there would have been a different tale c;f the " ame. (Ikohc.k Hosskh FolIowinE the mid-term exams the Jacket s were hard hit when it was found that George would not return to school. On the trip to Cuba and up to his departure he was one of the main cogs in the Tech defense. Coupled with Nick George he formed a defense which »vas hard to penetrate. D V N A .M 1 TK W 1 1 n F. H Speed and brilliant floor tures of Dynamite Wilder team two years ago and during the past season, v highest honor on the coui team. The team with an should have a great the new leader. were the fea- from the rat which followed him winning for him the irt- -captaincy of the I array of star backs ord next year under He the up thi: reatest improvement of any iMilliPwiiif; tlu-M- Iwci lu-illiant victuric.-,, tlu- Tccli l.•||■s siil ' f Tc(l n-vcrscs on tlu-ir ro.iil trip til N ' nsltvillc aiul I.fxinfrtim, losinfr both cnndiiitcrs. ' I ' lw fiaiiii- with ' an(UTl)ilt tlic C ' i)inmo(l((ri-s a 27 to 23 victory, and the contest with th - K ritii ky Wildcats, one of tin- must exciting of the season. -ndi-d in a (ine-point victory tli.- Cats. •- ' " ) to L ' t. At the end of tlie half 5.2 K) spectators wen- in a frcn y of excitement as the .laekets w -re leadinf. ' . 13 to |-_ ' . Itetnrniiifr to tlie flats, the followiiii; week-end witnessed twc the first with North Carolina .State, whin Frank Player came i the last field {I ' oal wliieh uave tlie Teehites a 23 to 22 vietorv. i-xcitinj. ' and close ' oMflicts, to the liinelifilit as lie sank It was a close uanie with (ilenty of pirited action from start to finish. The next canii- thi ' invasion of the .South Caro- lina C ' lanieeoeks which was a terrihle upset to the .Jackets for the Carolina (piin tef ran away with a 2(i to 20 victory in hrllliant style. The game wa.s elosi " with plenty of spectacular goal shooting, hnt toward the waidng moments the visitors laniiched a driving attack which ran th -ir score six point- to the good. Opening with a harnstin-ming attack in the first half which completely smothered the .Jackets, the (jeorgia Hull Dogs were alile to gain enough lead to offset the late rally of the .Jackets to win the second d.asli of the three-game series in the Classic City on Woodruff Hall court. Each team had its half, the Bull Dogs " coming in the initial half, and the .Jackets ' in the final. It was the aliility of the Cleorgians to sink the free throws which defeated the Tech stars. In the last half of the fracas the .Jackets came hack and dropped 13 field goals to 10 for the opponents. From the statistics Tech had the better team hut the poor showing at first gave the . thenians their -hance to g.iin the lead which was never overtaken. ' I ' lie final .score hi-ing 33 to 2fl, Georgia ' s favor. Next 1)11 tlif i)n)gr;tni caiiif I ' liil Bcriy iiiul his l)rilliaiit playing wliicli carried tlie Missis- .si])])! Aggies ti) a 31 to 20 vi -ti)ry over Teeh in a hard fought game on the home court. Tlie Aggie team was riglit that niglit and althougli the Jackets put up a strong defense tliey were not able to hold the Mississippi team in cjiecli. On till- next trij) into foreign territory tlie North Carolina Staters in Kaleigh, out for re- venge, inflicted a crushing 30 to li defeat on the Jackets and the following evening in Coluiii- liia the tiametocks adde l furtiier to the burden of Tech ' s hasketeers with a 3(j to 19 defeat, the hard tri]i and the game the night before had its bad effect on the Jackets in the .second li.ilf .md it the Ciamecocks who forged ahead to a big lead wMlich was never to be overcome. Ill the fiii.d two conflicts, Tecli succccdeil in revenging their form.-r defeat l. Auburn b •■twisting the Tiger ' s tail " to the tune of 28 to 13 in a game wherein Captain Wilde and Doug AVycoff led the team to victory in a most graceful manner. Playing before a packed house in the rubber game of the series, the Georgia Bull Dogs won over the .Taekets in a heated struggle ill which Tech jiiit up a game battle in the fir.t half, but weakened considerably afttr the rest ]ieriod, the final score being, Georgia 31, Tech l!l. Nick CIkorge wlio predicted a ffreat season for Nick George after his gradua- tion from Ccach Roy Mundorffs rat quintet were not disappointed in the least for tlie Jaclcet guard made a great record in his first season as a regular. From the very start of the season he was an outstanding figure on the court and his steady playing made him a favorite among the fans. It was near the middle of the season befor. Scotty Morton, made his appearance on the cou but when he did start he made up for lost time, one of the main cogs and his fine start.s will beai and in his senior year. He gave us just a sam we are going to be hungry for more. for ard. le Jacket uniform, eral games he was ell. both next year year. Next year Bob MoitKi.- s 1) The Jack... would not have been complete witho -up. He was a mainstay as running mate to Wilde and his :nighout the season received praise from all. His brilliant pla urate goat shooting made him an outstanding star on the cour Hob : ' N ' a Freshman Basketball Season, 1925 Atlilrtii-;illy -p. ikiiii;-. the cl.-i-- ol lilL ' il should l.r tiir lifst ever to cnnill in ilic old Aim;. M.itir, for aitrr turiiiiin out a rccnrd-linakiiin- looth.-ill tiaiii. liny turn to Iinskttball with iin and it;or and |ir(uincr sonicthini;- m-w and cxlraordinary in !hc «-ay of a Irishman I. am. Uiiy M nndorlfs protcfii-s wo ' i si ont of thrir nine conflicts, all ai;ainst teams rankini; at the to|) nT thi list in liaskctliall |)rowcss. After losing tluir first rncounter, tlicv innni-di itily lioKti red u|). im))rovin{!; constant- ly. defcatin r two of thrir (TstwhiK- i ,)ni;n(r(n-s. and winninj, ' - thrir last thnc sclicd- nlcd games. The following freshmen were awardi l numerals in liaskctliall lor l! ' Jii; .1. . ' . V. ' ilson. K. A. H. Caesar. 15cn l.argrn. 15()1 Handoli)h. 1 ' . . ' . I ' ittman. K. T. Kinnctt. r. (). Wadd.y. M. T. Hill. I.. in Ilonlci .md .1. . . H.ird. The results of the season t.ilmlalid show : Tecli Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tech Tccli ;j(! .Vnluirn rresliinen ' 2H Tech 35 (icortcia Freshmen 20 ' 27 .Viiliurii freshmen . . . . ' {7 .Maneluster M. C. .V. .-{.-) Winder lliiih .School . .•(S .Mahama State 2 1 Hivcrside Academy 2i (ieoigi.i freshmen . . ' . ' () Winder Hi-li .School . ' cf:?i: Total ;st Total Oiiiionent- The S. I. C. Basketball Tournament Altlunigli not tiiiisliiiifr quite as well up in the tournament as some of its su))- ;K.rtcrs miglit liave wislied for, Georgia Tech ' s basketeers bv winning their first con- test in this annual affair surprised even their staunchest adherents and by turning back the Crimson Tide to the tune of 30 to 27 made up for their defeat in their next game. For the Red and White of tlie University of Ahibama liad a powerful five and to administer a decisive defeat to them and their hopes helped to heal the wound that Alabama inflicted durng football season, being the only Southern team able to defeat t ' le .Jackets. Tech lost their next game to Mississijjpi with a 36 to 2i score. ' - I KKSLI.TS OF THF TOUUN A.M KNT X, Carolina 25 m ' ii ' friiiia 2!) . ' Viri;iiiia 23 Tulane 2. X. C ' arnliua 88 Alabama 27 Ga. Tech 30 G Sewanec Id Miss. V. 50 I ' . 313 X. Carnlina 3T " ,a. Tcdi 21- j Miss. U. Kentucky 32 •, V. .M. I. 25 KentucUv 39 Cenriiia +8 X. ( ' . .State 32 Anluirn 21) ' ' (;.-i i-};ia 31, ntiicUv 2() .Miss. . . .M. 23 Miss. , . M. 31 Miss. A. M. 22 Maryland 19 ( Miss. . . M. 32 ' V ' l Mthfi %- -=1 The 1925 Baseball Team .luK 1 ' aJ.MISAN(J I ' d lldill U. A. Cl.AY Codcl, KoiKIIT Hetts MdtUKICr M ' YCdKF, n First lld.ic nKxicKK. C Si-cdinl Hdxr MoBEi.ANi), R. B Tliiril Jidsi ' Reeves, R. E Slicirl.ilop .ToxES, S. C Left Field M««ltiii i fe o- • " .«i«B« f ' ' r--«l iii Meiikle. a. J Center Field ,, Tfaatfe, - ' w AxGi.EY, T. s «;y , yield SC _ _ :.„ JHHik:l ,I catcher Conn, .T. H Pitcher SsEAi), J. H. V Pitcher , -« H Hxi.OE, S. V Pitcher l, ■ T H ' " • " ' ■ " ■ ■ ' ' ■ - r ; iV.v " " ' MoilGAX, I). H I ' tiliti If ever there was a man fitleil to Buiile the destinies of a baseball team. Joe is that man. Baseball is both .Joe s vacation and avocation and having played stellar ball for three previous years he was elected to captain the 1925 team and it was well done. A capable leader and one who knows the pame. Joe directed tactics while stop- ping the curves of his pitching staff and throw- ing out stealing runners at second base with regularity. His swift and sure throw has enabled the men on the sacks to meet many a runner with the ball in hand when they came sliding up. Joe packed a wicked swing and clouted many a homer with his faithful stick. Review of the 1925 Baseball Season ■ en lossos completed the season ' s . ' iilars reportoil mitl with these as eUl : ml startiiifr ff with irr.-at spirit. ■| ' ei-h rrjir ited till ' iK-xt (lay after addinfr a e -uple whii- 1 I);ii-Iiii iitli was defeated in the i|)en- T.i-I . with the 1- asteriier l.-adin-. I-( . It ShowiiifT profieiiiiey in liaselial! as in the three utlier niajdr spnrls. tl]i- Wir, hasi-hall sea- son can well he (lassfd as ;) very sneeessful one. althoufrh it lowld not he a eoniplete sueeess without victory over Cieorfria. However, with a sehednlc composed of the stronfrest teams in the .Sontli, and with several of the stronfrest Northern and Kastern teams added, Tech finished well on the pcrcentajic side of victory. l " " oiirtecn « ins and record. When the first call for haschall was made, all the n , , a nucleus for the team the prospects looked hriglit. The season opened with Clenison on Cjrant K won the opening };anu ' of the year, i-ll. This they of runs for irood measure. Knrman followed the route of (lemson. after infr tilt. The next day .Inpiter I ' luvius difeated was called off on account of rain. Notre Dame then dropped one frame, followed liy .M.iryland, who was ushered i n (irant Field and then led off with two defeats checked on their negative side of the column. .Maliama and Opletliorpe trailed in rapid order and both series were divided, after which . uhurn felt the sting of the .I.ickcts in two games. Starting on the week ' s trip the first three tilts were rained out. Then Kentucky was de- feated in a close ganu ' and after splitting even with ' anderl)ilt the Tcchites returned for the crucial series of the year — the Georgia games. With Tech practically leading the conference the odds were wi-ll pl.iced oti tin- North Avenue Institution. It has been said that pre-dope never counti ' d when Tech and deorgia played and again this was proven. Playing in . tliens. Kid Clay ' s cohorts dropped the first battle, 4-0, when . ndy ( ' hand)ers, pitching for Georgia, hurled the greatest game of his career. The second day Tech was again defeated, this time 7-3. The following week-end the scenes were shifted to Grant Field .inil tlie third ciMilest was the most exciting one of the year, . fter having the score .ig- .ag throughout eight innings, Tech finally pushed enough runs in the ninth to win, 10-9. Georgia wdu the last game of the series, 6-4, however, and put a damper on our hopes. The entire team played hard, consistent l)asehall throughout the year and with many regu- lars returned. Tech can well count on a championship te.iiii this year. It was with the great- est regret that we bid farewell to such outstaiuling liaseball .stars as the i)Oi)ular Skinny Denicke, Scroop Knloe ,inil ,Ioe I ' .dmisano, who i layed their last this, tlie season of HV. ' .!. Results of the 1925 Season TECH Score + . . (OPPOSING TKAM) Clem I ' Clenisdn 12 Fuinian 1- Furnian " nartiiiDuth " Dartinoutli [ ' ; Notre Dame (4 iniiiiijis) ' Notre Dame - ' University of Marvland 9 University of Al.irKiui.-i 1 " University of AlMliaiiia H Of;ietliiir|),. 1 OflU-th, H-]H- 25 Viiliiini 1 " iiliurn i University of Kentiieivy i Van(lerl)ilt . . " . ! Vanderliilt • ' University of Oeorgia 3 University of Georgia 10 University of Georgia + University of Georgia Won 1+ Lost . ... ... 7 Pctg (iU Baseball Statistics PITCHKUS ' WKRAGl ' .S. 1925 Conn i Snead 5 ];nloe 5 Hi m Vverau JSATIIXC. W KliAGKS X.iwr A.B. yi-off 79 Angley 80 Conn 23 Merkle 7!) Reeves 55 Morgan 4-() Palmisaiio 81 M ' ilder 50 Moreland . ' :4 Jones W Denieke 91 Enloe 2() Snead 2( lirvan 1 728 Hits I ' rt., m .150 35 .137 9 .391 2(i .330 19 .31fi 13 .325 25 .309 15 .30 ) 13 .2+1 10 .233 21 .231 (i .231 G .231 .000 .[ mvjL Baseball Schedule, 1925-1926 Date Si ' liiH.I In — March i;)--. ' ii Clcinsoii Coll.jrf tliiita March •- ' () -. ' T Ohio State tlanta April -2 :i Notre Dune tlanta Ajjril 9-10 Aul)urn Atlanta April U-1.-, Alaliaina (I ' nivcrsity of) tlanti April 1(1-17 liii crsity of Alabama .... Montjiomcry. . la. . pril L ' l-J-J Oiilcthorpc Vtlanta . pril •- ' a-.n ' aii(lcrliilt tl.aiita April •Jii-JT I ' nivcrsity ot North (arolin.i . ( ' lia|)cl Hill. N. V. April -JS--. ' !! North C.iroliM.a .St.iti- Ralciijli. N. ( ' . .Vpril .-til I ' nivcrsity of ' ir rinia .... Charlottisvillc. ' a. .May I L ' niversity ( f ' ir ini.i .... Charlottesville. ' a. May 7-8 L ' niversity of (icorijia thcns M.i 17- IS L ' niversit - of (ieorai.i Vtlanta tt ar:; ' :.1t:.!t;q Review of 1925 Freshman Baseball Season The 1925 season was far more successful foi the fresliiuen tli.ui was tlie season of the 1921 first year team. Coach Johnson found a large amount of material of the varsitv type and thev showed great promise of an excellent showing with the varsity squad this year. From this stand|)ciint. tlit- fri-siimen haseliMlj team of 92 ' i was a great success. The freshmen awarded numerals for their faitliful work througimut tiie entire season were: Miles. Wiggins. Crowley. Cooper, ' right. Holiius. Brewer. Chaissou. MeXeely, Figner, Johns and Gastiui. Tlie following is a tabulated form of the games and tluir nsults for the season of 1925 in freshman baseball: Teeh Freshmen ) Tech Freshmen 1 Tech F ' reshmen 12 Teeh Freshmen 2 Tech Freshmen 7 Tech Freshmen i Tech I ' reshmen . ' { Tech Freshmen 5 Tech Freshmen 2 Tech I ' reshmen 3 Tech Fresinnen I Tech Freshmen 1 Tech Freshmen ■ Teeh I ' reshmen 1 Total i2 Won .... 7 Lost . . . . Oglethoriie Freshmen ... -i Oglethor))e Freshmen ... 7 Darlington 1 .Vuhurn Freshmen .... Auburn Freshmen .... 3 Atlanta Joint Terminal . . 3 . tlanta .Iiiint Terminal Cieorgia Ky. Pwr. Co L ' ni trsity High . . . Oglethorpe Freshmen Auburn Freshmen . . Auburn Freshmen . . Oakridge 7 Oakridge 1 10 Total ()|)|)oiuiit- Season Pet. . . 59 ffltt% ' The 1925 Track Team Lawsox Joiixsox Captain George Guiffix t ' mich Hehhert Huttox Maiiaiicr lull s ( ,,,.,., I, fil - Hrnircl »S ' «)( . ani( i:f. tii I Srlioiil Score - ' M »JW ■ " ' 2 Aulnirn Mret Aiiluirn I Vz " (i2 Georgia Meet Georgia 50 mifll (h Clemson Meet Clenison 45 2;i.b StnitlicMstcni A. A. V. Aiiliuni Ki (T.-eh L ' d) 5 S. I. C. Meet Mi.-s. A. M. (Alii. .?c Teeli tied lot!,) S(i , tienrgia State Meet Ij.iiir) 37 (ClecM-gia 3( i,i) " N ' arsity ' earned liis iiiei iiaiiie early in liis euilege career wlieii he started out raeiiig aniiiTid the i-inder patli w itli tlie varsity as liis aim in view. Track was I.awsun ' s liiihby and hy tlie time lie ' :■»; gilt til tlie senior class lie «as the logical man fur tlie imsition of laplain. Industrious and ea]ialile, " Varsity " pnived to be a spleii- :Jf lid leader for liis liuiicli of barriers, carrying tlieni tlinnigh a « iiard-fouglit and bitterl. cnnlisted seasnn whrriin the .lackets strove valiantly at all times. m Review of 1925 Track Season )i .1. (i. l( HOLS II! ' . (u ' di-iiia ■[ ' (■(■li Track Train of l!f. ' .5 foiK-liuicd a very s A -■III line wliich rct ' lcctcd credit on our Alma Mater to e eii nt than the actual fiiiiir ,ful s-a- ■atcr c - indii ' ate. ' I ' lie tr.ick team showed a victory (.eoru-ia of 12 poii ts and (■l -mson of L ' L ' points and | sc ' ond in the A. A. L ' . Meet. The of the . nl.urn by III points ami the attainment of oniv tenth phice in tiie . . I. ( ' . Meet was certainly disiicirtcniiif;. hut the fact is that, in these defeats the Tech .ithhtes gave a contest of nniscle and endurance of wliicli tlie school need not he .ish.imed, losing many events by very scanty margins. Credit should be given the team of having givtn their best for the school during tlie entire season and for having reiircscnted Tech with honor and in .a commendable manner in their various contests of the classic sj)ort. While some of the scores were not all that could he desired, on the other hind, the sc.iljis of our opponents .attest to meets where the scores were satisf.actory. Tech first track meet w;is with . uhurii under very favor.ahle we.ather conditions. . omething went .iniiss. howexer. .and o;ir hoys could not seem to get st.irted. It doesn ' t seem by eomp.arison of tlie two te.ains the score should I a e 1 eeii .as lop- sided as it was. but nevertheless tin- score was. Auburn 71 ' -j. Teeli Ki ' : . The Auburn team should be gixeii credit lor possessing class to ,a in.irked extent. fr ' t ' Y V ' ' ' ' - ' Possibly till- (Kt ' iL ' .it l)y Aiibiicn ,-i stiniiilatiiig- ettVct that rcsultt-d in vrrv tliorough ])rf ' i)a ration for the second nit it ot tin- siason, and tlie Jackets went in witli tlie greatest determination to win from (im- old rivals, the University of Georgia. Tliis was. of course, our greatest victory with a score of Tech fi2. CJeorgia oO. Tech reached its greatest strength in the meet with C ' lemson. which she won by a score of ()7 to 15. The C ' lemson team fought nobly but ainly to capture the meet, being outcLissed in almost every event by the Yellow .Jackets. Tech ' s next meet was tlie Southe.-istern A. A. U. The jinx of Auburn jjroved too much for our team, and Auburn won with a score of 16. Tech placed second with a score of 27 V2 and in so doing nosed out Georgia with a score of 21 ' . and the A. A. C. with a .score of 171 2- While Tech did not win tlie meet the showing was verv good against these strong Southern teams. The next track meet in which Tech competed u,is tlu . ' , I. ( ' . at Baton Rouge, I„i.. lu.irly every Soutliern college being representtd. Our put up .1 good stiff fight but only scored five points, tying with Alabama for tenth |)lace. The track squad of 1 92() will be without the assistance of C ' o.ich Cieorge Grif- fin, the loss of whose capable training will be severely felt and is most regrettable. Captain " Varsity " Johnson also in 1925 served his last year with the track team. Captain Johnson, as successor to Homer Welchel, star javelin hurler and member of the American Olympic team, had a big vacancy to fill which he did in a most capable manner. His loss will be keenly felt as well as that of several other star performers. Coach Barron, formerly of the American Olympic team and Penn State, has been selected as co.ach of the 1926 track team and an auspicious season is forecast for him. Ri ' lnii Rare— Tech Ri-lm .i—Gnint Field, W2r, A Ixttcr rtoord was made last yiar than the year litforc. altlioiigli stvcral out- standing members were lost to tin ti am. I ' rospci ts I ' or tjir next srason are such that still greater success is predicted and it is l)elie eil that Teeii will soon regain her for- mer dominating jiosition in this liiu- of eolUgi.ate activity. Members of the v.arsity te.-im and immIs in uliieh ea ' h man eiim|irted: Johnsiin, W. I.. (Captain). «H0. Scliwall), 100, 220. Sessions, L. M., 220. relay. Crowdcr, AV. N., HO. Stricklan.l, 220. Saks, WO. Wilde, G. W., UO, relay. Mitchell, T. H., 1 mile. Roberts, I,., 2-inile. Hankin.s, D. D., stiot put .nid (lis Ivev, J. W., discus. MeGarvey, jav.-lin tliiow. Boyle, 2-niile. Perkins, high .jnnip. Brannon, .1. U.. high and broad jninp. Jones, broad Jninp. Suatter, 100. . . II.. UO, rehiy. Connelly, lirciad Jninp ami high hurdles. Daves, 1 ' . .M.. 1-iiiile. Kiisser. G. I ' ., low hurdles. Substitute aw.ard and e ents in which e.ieh man competed: Fickett, 2-n)i!e. lircwer, high hurdles. De.Iarnette, pole vault. , ■ r }■ ' ' t linrrirnlo.-.. •|m . .- Il,ii„,i,i. wiiniiu, ni-,i„,il . .i.v i i;r„,il riihl. A Review of the Freshman Track Season OACH ClEORCiK GRII- ' I IN ' S chief i)roblem witli the rat tracksters was taking time enough to develop all the talent possible out of the array of st irs that presented themselves to him at the first call for prospects in the spring. Large and small, sprinters and distance runners, field men traek inin. an abundance of latent talent turned out and from this first group Coach Ciriffin got busy on them and consequently at the end of the season a group of excellent stars in the various lines of track activity, some as fine as have ever shown u]i on (rrant Field in tl ' .e liistory of tlie institution. ' llile not having any scheduled meets with freshman track teams of other schools the rat team of 192.5 engaged in various meets held on Grant Field, such as the A. A. U. meet, and the annual Southern Relays, covering themselves with glory in these meets and even establishing a new Tech record on the l-iO-yard dash. In the A. A. U. meet, which was the first that the frosh entered, they placed their team fourth in the mile relay race, and Ernest Kontz. first year star, easily won the IKl-yard dasji. Kontz established a new Tech record for this event — 50 and t-5 seconds. In the Southern Relay C .irnivd the relay sijuad composed of Cabiness. Robert- son. Sprick and Kontz won first place, beating out Mississippi and Clemson. The time for this event was 3 minutes, 32 and 2-5 seconds. Truly an excellent amount of track ability, the freshman track squad of 192.5 can well be i)roud of tlieir showing and the 1926 varsity team should, with this addition iif s|)lfn(lid iiiattrial. be able to vanquish all comers in the following season. Tlie freshmen to receive numerals for their work on the field and cinder path were: Herbert Gattis, Ed Robertson, Bill Cabiness, George Sprick, Bill Mason. Mil- ton Roberts, Hugh Connelly, " Papa " Hood. " Tiny " Hearn, " Red " Elliott, ,Iohn Brewer, E. C. Davis, Thomas Wright, M. K. Nussbauni and Ernest Kontz. •iO-lm i pi ' Wj Review of the Cross Country Season The cross-country squad n-jjortecl this fall with the following men missiiifr: Mitchell, Frarices Daves who did not report for fall track work, Gattis who had left school, and Good- burn. The following men made up the squad who remained throughout the season; Captain Lindsey Roberts, Dick Fickett, T. P. Wright, Charlie Stebbins, Julian Saks, Ed White, L. Q. Head, Jack Stein and Felix ( ' aMi]). The team pointed fur th - iiiggest race of the Soutliern Conference, tlie five-mile cross- country championship. Tlie meet was held at Blacksburg, Va., at ■. V. I,, and was won. by Lindsey Roberts, the Tech captain, who broke the course record by winning in 2il minutes, 11 and 2-.5 seconds. The team tied in points witli V. P. I. with .53 points and an agreement in the morning of the race gave the team with the first man finisliing the diampionship. I.indsey Rol)crts being the man to finish the race, Wright Stii, Fickett lOtli, Steliliing ' 14-th, Saks •20th. The teams in the conference race were: Ga. Tech 53, V. P. I. .53, University of Georgia 13, University of Virginia 75, Washington 84, V. M. I. 155, Florida l()(i. The race of the season was held at Atliens three-mile course. The boys found the race too sho Tech 30. Low score winning in these meets. igainst the I ' niversity of Georgia over a rt and iten. Score, Georgia 2.5, -niih- It in l)V Te.h, riu ' next race was against Clemsnn College over a fi all five men finishing before tlic first CIc-inMiii runner. S Only two weeks remained after tlic ciinfereTice vliampionsliip stride and speed for five miles to a less tlian a, three-mile race and the team found the time too short. In the annual A. A. U. road race at Birmingham, Georgia won, Mississippi second. Auburn tliird, and Tccli fourth. e, Tecli 1.5, Clem.son 40. t ' . p. L to change the Review of 1925 Swimming Team The ' .irsity .Swiniiiiiiij; Tcmiu ot ' 1 !)•_ ' • " .1 most succf.ssf ' ul .season dcsijitc tin f.ut tliat a iiuinber of meets were c-aiicrllcd. since five Soutliern records were lowered l)y iiieinbers of the team, and sinci the team won all except four of the entire possible first ])laees tlirou ;hont the season. The swimming team was iniahle to iiold but a few meets also, due to the fact that they have no place in which to practice. However, some remarkable feats were accom- plished by members of the team, C ' a)itain Holliiiffsworth gaining especial recognition. .Swinnning is gaining in prominence every year at Tech and it is hoped that a ))ool will soon be [irovided for our iin 11. . season is expected as none ol ' tliese men will be lost by graduation. ' I ' lie results of the se.-ison were .-is folows: February li 1 .M.el with (CiiIimI M. C. . . in .Vtluit.i : Tech !■.- . Y.M.C..V. ■- ' ■_ ' . . pril 2.1— .Meet uith the Ini ersitv of llond.-i in ( ,,iiries ille : Ma. a. " ). Te ' h :ta. May 9— .Meet witli ;.n(ierlMlt in . ; Tech .VJ. ' ,Midy ' _ ' t. The members of the swinnning team to be aw.irchd littirs were: Hollings- wi.rtli. I.. C, Captain; Glover, .1. B., .M.iniger; . oyes. Win.. W.inll.iw. W. ( .. IJruce, F. K.. irgin. F. W.. (1. W.. N irfl. t. H. (;. and 151,.,.,lwnrt h. W. II. ii ' ! m The 1925 Lacrosse Season Tliis, the secnnd hicrusse tenin of Genrfjia ' lech, was a great iniprove?iient on tlie first team to I ' lay in tlie Southeast. Also a niurli greater interest was manifested by the students. How- ever, tlie te.ini wa.s developed under almost impossible conditions, as it had no field to jiractic. ' on, and onlv played three or four times with two full teams playing against each other befoic they made the trip to Fort Benning for two games on April 24 ' and 25. These games were lust by the very close scores of 4 to 3 and 3 to 2. One week later and after almost daily practice the Tecbites met Fort Benning on May 1 and -2 i n Crant Field in Atlanta and defeated them liy the scores, » to 2 and 3 to 2. This was of cnurse a very gratifying close to the season. The suocess of the season was made possible by the coaching of! Mr. E. P. McBurney, a fcirTuer player, and Mr. Buford, formerly of Princeton. These two business men came out almost daily and bellied Dr. Crensliaw and Captain Godwin whip the buys into slKijic fen- the four games. The following ccnistitutc the Tech 192.5 lacrosse sqtuM] (the first gniiip ]ilayi ' il in .ill tin- games and till- second in some of the games): C. D. Atkin.son, Goal S. M. Carpenter, Point M. M. Tharpe, Cover Point S. White, First Defense F. I.. Irwin,, Second Defense H. H. I ' :ager, Third Defense V. i. Barron, Center ' . n. Ciodwin, In-Home (Captain) K. W. Parish, Out-Home T. P. C.ovan, First . ttack N. V. Uilcy, Second . ttack ,T. I). Cumminirs. Third Att.-ick K. K. Carson, Goal .T. F. Corbitt, Second Defen-e V. |{. Forrester. First Defens li. C. C.i-tzen, Center B. X. Sturgis, Second . ttack E. C. Waters, First .Vttac-k ,T. H. Bickerstaff PWl i m . ' wW?» ' y V y % s sii tJi A Review of the 1925 Golf Season £3! The 1925 golf season was an unusually successful one and the team distinguished itself in all the various meets it engaged in. Entering four scheduled meets, the Tecli team emerged as victors in two, second in one, tliis meet being against six other college teams, and third in one meet. Tlie Trich golfers were pitted against some of the best amateurs in tlie South in tliese matches and invariably they emerged with exceedingly low scores, covering themselves with glory. The results of the season were as follows; Druid Hills Golf Club Directors, Druid Hills, . tlanta— Tech 10, Opponents 8. Davidson College, Charlotte Country Club, Charlotte, N. C— Tech 13, Opponents 4. Quadrangle Meet — Sewanee, ' anderbilt, Tennessee, Tech — Cherokee (iiiintiy Clul), Knip - ville, Tenn. — Vanderbilt, first; Tennessee, .second; Tech, third. S. I. G. A. Tournament (seven college tianis). Mocbmk Coif Club, MirniiiigbMin . Ia.— Alabama, first; Toch, second; Georgia, (bird The team was composed of .1. T. Biiiin h Karnswortli as alternate. ik Wliil.ikcr. Mill .Sp.iUMn:; (Cai)taiii), Hip ■! ' : ' :A-: Ji M : :?- A Review of the 1925 Tennis Season The tennis team of 1925 had an excellent season as a whole. The team won four out of six dual meets, placed a man in the finals of the singles, and a team in the semi-finals of the doubles in the S. I. C. championsliip, and won the Georgia State championship, getting first place in the singles and second place in the doubles. The team was composed of Wingate Jackson (Captain), Berry Cirant, G. B. Stricklei-, Walter James and Fred Wagener. Mercer was defeated in a dual meet in Atlanta, 5-1. Then Teth journeyed to Tuscaloosa and made a clean sw ' eep of the six matches with Alabama. On the South Carolina trip, Tech lost her first match of tlie season to Furman, 4-3. Clemson was defeated 4-2. Wofford tlu-n came along, upsetting Tech to the tune of 3-1. Sewanee came to Atlanta and was beaten l)y the Tedi team, 5-1. In tlie .S. I. C. Meet at Cliapel Hill, Tulane won all lionors. Berry Grant was runner-up in tlic singles, and lie and ( ' .■i])t.iin .Tackson reached tlie semi-finals in the doubles. ■r -(li won llic Georiria State .Meet held ,it F.iuory, Hciry Crant winning the singles. The .Mrixcr team won the doulilcs, Caiitaiii .lackson and .St ri.-kli r lu-ing ninncrs-iip to tliciii. Review of 1925 Freshman Swimming Team Tlic fn-vliiii;m wi[nlllinJ; squad caused the 1!C25 season to he unusually sueeessful, due to the rather remarkable talent developed. This talent is expected to aid the varsity team frreat- ly in the following season. The freshman team was successful in all thiir uicits with the leading prep schools in the . tlanta district, and even prove l tliemselves to lie no small rival of tin ' varsitv squad. The mcmlH-rs of the team to rci-eivc numerals wire: Cdeiui. Cladwin. Merry. McCutilieon, Endcl and Green. Others on the squad were: Hynum. l.i.L ' hthnurn and " While. The first year fisli won four out of si oiatchis .ind up a total of 210 points to th( ir oppiMient- ' 19S. The results of the six m.ih ' lu ' s were as follows: Fri hii)i ' n Ojj laments 32 .Marist College 27 23 . tlanta " Y " +.5 2H Boys " High 43 n Tecli High 21 3!l Hoys ' High 3.5 41 .Marist College 2T m mil The Student Council OFFICERS C. T. Barrox . S. D. MlKRAY W. N. Crowdkh .1. V. WllEARV . . . .President . Vice-President . . . .Secretary .... Treasurer MKMBKRS Pierce Baker John- Coxn .Mahthamk Sandi.hs () .I H ' .K Wll.IlE Doroi.As Wycofk •Itim-.k. Beardks Wattk.r .1 amks Cecii. Jamisox WAril.KY Gl.EXX I)u K Whu ' .iit Robert Hdrne The Student Council N ' I ' ln ' , mIi.hiI yiar of UfJl ' -L ' :) tin- Stu.!. nt (i.uiicil of Cnorjiia Ttcli first iiiir into cxistfiice. At tlu- in stigation of tlif Aiiak Sofii-ty tile Student oiMiiil was nominated, eleeted. and acce])ted by tlie faeulty for duties j jB iniliodying all of the constitution of the former Honor Court, and in addition. e erythin i; in eonncetion with any activity of the camjjus. It was expressly understood that tliis council was to have full jiowers of trial and judgment in a case of infraction of the school regulations regarding lienor or con- duet. They were also to act as an official body through which the student could .•i])i)eal in cases of dispute with the faculty. Tlie faculty, however, retains the power of finally deciding any question in dispute. The Student Council was regarded as a distinct improvement over the old system and in the past few years has worked out even better than expected by the most skeiitical. Its greatest advantage over the old system was the fact that the student ' s view))oint ))resented to the faculty from the student via the council. The constitution of the Student Coniu ' il |)rovides that the council shall consist of the President of the Senior Class, the President of the Inter-Fraternity Council, the Editor-in-Chief of the Teclini(|ue. the President of the Y. M. C. A. C.ibiiut. and the President of the Athletic Association. Also it shall consist of five members elected from the Senior Class, four elected from the Junior Class, two from the Sophomore Class, and one elected member of the P ' reshman Class. It is regarded as a signal honor to serve on the Student Council and one of tlie highest honors tliat can be conferred on ;i student while here, and the men who are members at jireseiit richly deserve the honor. JKning ])roven the worth of their judg- ment manv times during the years thcv have been with us. Pu Mk fWijft ATIF. e- r - ISfe ■■A • ( •.. ' ., ' • ' -Chief G. 11. l5(.r,Gs Bii.iiiie.ix Mdiinyer The Blue Print Bill.- to Im Pi-int has eh of ; tion annual institii- ; footl.all and is looked forward to iTi the same manner, thouii-h hardly as niiieli or as greatly. Xevcr- theles.s, the B 1 vi e Print, which started away back in tin- earlier part of this fireat century, has come to he one of the major non-athletic ac- tivities at Tech and .1 very important one. C1.EOXA Bates Mis Tlie staff of the l l-2(i year book has worked h a r d and eon.sei- entiously with one outstanding aim and ideal before us — to give to the student what he hopes and expects to receive, that is, an accurate, as nearly so as our luunble talents are able, review ot his year, 1925- ' 2ti, spent at CJeorgia Tech. To give him in written and in photographic form something definite and concrete where- liy in later years he may be able by glancing over these pages to fcu ' get time and space and live again this year among these fa- miliar surroundings and liis old friends. The animal is for the students and of the students and the staff is presenting it to them for their inspection and approval, which we hope to have merited. There have been many long hours and days of work put into this hook, but gladly and willingly if they have accomplished their purpose. We hope to have bettered our Alma Mater also by placing the Blue Print among the fore- most books of like nature throughout the country. Whether we have done so or not, time will tell. Such was our intention. { ' oiifun, W. W. Kriibfrg, .T. WiiKvriv. .1. W. Sc miiioekuoh. V. I., The 1926 Blue Print Staff V. M. Hi-rrKKFiKU) lUlitur-iii-ChU f G. H. B.Hios. ,Ir IhisiiKs.i M,n„u,ir W. W. CiiiKHN lit Edttor W. L. SiAiiH iGii!;.iliiiil Editor 3. EiciHiKiiii Siniiir Editin- J. V. WnKAiiY Plmtotirdiihlr Kditnr Miss Ci.kona Hatks .s ' y o i.vo - ASSOC! A TK KDIIOHS CnvMrri.s, C. U. S- inii. K. I ' . Nu iinr -. .1 . C. l.DiroUl l. STAFK BaI KMIWIT, ,1. l ' ' „ Kri-lUKIKiK. S. W. Pkhsoxs. J. H. (■(U.K. C;. M. I. AW, A. J. Jh. I ' itmax, J. D.. Jr Hkhitack, n. M. MoDiiK, H. W. Shikhhiis. W. S. HI SINi;SS STAFF A l) " Kli TISI VC, SI AFF Mdi.MKS, J. P. fiiK.w, n. I... ,Tll. Johnson. G. M. Fchid. Ni-NKZ. .T. M. Myiiis. F. G. Sai.k. O. II. Nuiiois. .1. M. Katox. H. F. I ' iiwkti, T. H AIJT STAFF . ii)iii:n. W. H.. .111. GMiiiirr. C. C. .VxDKBSdx. W. M. Grix ' .KR. I.. M. Ayfrs. S. M. Giiav. .T. F. FF.EMS ' n:n. ,f. M. IIahiiis. .1. H. (■ONTHIIUKIUS Bi.AKK. Monr.AX Hiddt imi. C. A. White, E. D. liAniiK-n. .1. N. H. Iltiiiv, WiMini lllESKV. H. K l ' in . I.. V. V(.(m:x. M. Uvi.i). w n. MiCiisMii. T 1.. The Technique ]-roin tlie tiiut that ■I ' cili 1 organized in 1888, up 1912 there was no regu lar weekly studi-iit |iiil ' - lication of any kind. In 1!U2 Gene Tunu-r f.uinci.d tiie Technique as a wickly paper and was the first editor-in-chief. Frnm tliaf time until 1918 thi- p.iiui- i-njnyed niucli ])ni,s|i(ril a n d underwent ni a n elianges, sucli as would In- natural with a young pidili- ■ ation. In the fall of 191t the present form of tlie rcihiiique was adopted and since that time has remained the same witli the exception of minor changes. Its influence in the student world has widened eonsiderahly and really deserves the reputation of " The Soutli ' s Livest College Weelky, " The past year can be considered the most successful tliat the Irchnique has ever enjoyed. The most noteworthy feature being I [lictorial section which was published during football season. It was the first college paper in the South to publish a section of this nature and one of the few in the entire country. .1 . I ' .ii. iiiuaui W . M Waiik .1. H. (inii.i The Technique THE SOUTHS I,I TST COLLEGE WEEKLY r.EORCIA SCHOdL OF TECHNOLOGY ATLANTA. GA. Published every Friday h - the students under the supervision of the Student TounciL Entered at the rosloffioe in AtlanU as mail matter of the second class. Accepted for mailing at special rate of postace provided for in Section 1103. Act of October 3. 1917. authorized April 3. 1922. SUBSCRIPTION RATES 10c Per Copy; $2.00 Per Year; $1.50 Per Year to Tech Students. All advertising matter must be in the hands of the Business Manager by 5 p. m. Friday before date publication. WARRKN WHEARY Editor-in-Chief O. H. SALE BOARD OF EDITORS JOSEPH EICHBERG WILLIAM WARE JOHN PERSONS FRED WACF.NER HAL CHAILLE L. W. PITTS FRED LONG MAKE-VP STAFF T. W. WOOD „ _ ExchanKes H. BEMIS S. T. PRUITT Sports W. T. DITNKIN EI) WHITE _ Spo ' ts HENRY MOORK Bus Ma ager J. W. W. DAVIS FAWCETT CUSTER J. C. ELLIOTT M. A. EZELL DAVE RICE A. G. BADENHOOP , G. N. BISANAR R. R. CRUISE N. L. COLEMAN . REPORTERS C. M. COLYEK E. C. SMI Til FIRST YEAR REPORTERS D. COLE. JR. JAMES NICHOLS U. W. STEPHENS Business Department Advertisini: Assistant Editor Managing Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Campus Editor Sport Editor WALTER ALDRED Society Proofs Radio R. H. MAY. JR. JIM CORBITT RALPH HURSr JOK HANNAH MORRIS WITT lUIRTON Cl.OL ' D E. W. BEST nt Business Manager STAFF: Newton. Bayley, Young. M. JOHNSON R. McDANIEL E. WILLIAMS LANE BROS. STAFF: Eiell. R.■(•v.• , Hud; II. Perkins. Frederick Howell, ard. W. O. Byrd. 4 to 6 P. M. Tuesday and Thursday. Phone H.-nilock 7I529.J. _.... Manager Assistant Manager Assistant Manager aff Phiitographer .1. . Hmiiikit Editor-ni-Ch ' u-f The Yellow Jacket Altiioui;li till- youngest of tlie ))ublications ,it Tfch. The Yellow Jacket is up to the high standard maintained by its sister periodicals. Without ques- tion one of the best comic monthlies jiublished in the South and holding a place among the best in the country. The Y e 1 1 o w Jacket has fast sjirung into prominence and pop- ularity here and else- .M,ss Virginia Howard vhtre. Sponsor This luunorous publi- cation came into being in the spring of 1920 when it was christened " The Golden Tornado. " But tliis magazine ' s life was but a short one. for as soon as the horrified faculty had perused its spicy ])ages. it was relegated to the faculty waste basket, that is suppressed, and tliis tornado blew no more. However, in the fall of 1920 a similar magazine was started with faculty permission and supervision, under the direction of J. E. Biggs, as editor and R. Beamon as business manager. I ' rom that date to the ] resent The Yellow Jacket has grown and exp.-mded and im|)roved with e.-ieh luw ye. ' ir and each new leader tliat has taken the helm. I ' nder the leadership of the present editor. " Tex " Barrett, the publication has blossomed out even more than in the past few years, and through his able management and conscientious zeal in regard to the magazine it has taken its place among the leading humorous college papers in the country. " Tex " has been fortunate to se- cure the services of some of the most eapalile along editorial, business and art lines to lirlp liini this year, and to them slioulil go inueli of tlie en-dit. . ( ' . CiARBER Business Manager The Yellow Jacket Staff EXECLTIVK BOARD J. M. Barhett Editor-in-Chief I. C. Garbkr, Jr Business Manager J. C. Bi-TT, Jr I live nisi, 1 11 Miin(ujir ASSOCIATE EDITOHS JiTE Gray . . Will. Griffin A I LAX Haii.e . Fred Long . . Art JiDY Harris GfMMv Anderson Frank- 11m i. Art Editor ASSISTANT MAXAt;i KKS STAFF Literiivii Business IIaiiry Eaton Wii.i.iAM Askew IvEa Ghanath Euoese Smith .T. S. ilooK IIii.i.iARD Jackson W. II. Oi.n-ER JiMMIE Pooi.E r. r. Pierce Tom Coi.i.ixs Henry Be.mis WlI.I.IAM SlUER.MAN m. ■ tipUM -0 mtj5a ijvti t i The Glee Club Viif-President niul Mdiim e Ml " Imin ll]:ii I: mm SjjOiiKur GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Authvr B. Eoge, Jr President Wkb C. Browx . Vice-Pre.iidiiit mid Bu.iiness ' Manager Harhv " . Strekt Leader, Mandolin Club Allan- T. McXeill Leader, Orchestra Alkrkd J. Law, Jr Imtinfant Business Manager JLxRiox S. Sims Isxistunl Advertising Manager (iKiiiiGK M. Sparks Pnhlicitg Director Warren Wheary l.i.iisliiiit PnbUcity Director .(oiix H. JLiRsnALi Stage Manager .loiix C. Wesiev issistant Stage Manager Mi The Glee Club lias been in existence at Tech for many years, ami (inly at one time since its or.sranization has it suspended operations, during the war, and tlien only for two years, after which it started up again. Since the time of its origin the Glee Club has grown and im- proved with the passing of time up to the present, when it takes its place among the finest clnbs of similar nature throughout the Southern schonls. Being one of the most pojiular alctivilics at ' reili. those In charge each year experience no difficulty in getting the men to tr out for it. Ami at the beginning of each school year, the greatest problem is choosing the desired nuiiiiicr from all the talent which turns out, but when this stu] endous tasl is accoin))lislied the result has licin found to be a well-rounded clnli of singers, dancers, musicians and comedians, ckIi .iitists in tb ir own iiarticular lin -. In the past few years the popularity of the Georgia Tech Glee Chili ha-- i-own consideralily in the towns throughout this and neighboring states visited by the club on its tri])s, until the present, when the a lvent is looked forward to with kc -n anti -iiiation and p.ickcd lionscs greet the ])erformanees wherever shown. Members of the Glee Club 15E. Rm;x. C;. N Comedian Bearden, J. V Seroiid Tenor Boyle, S Firitt Tenor Bkowx, W. C Bass Britt, a. G Baritone Brysox-, V. H Comedian Di-BOSE, C Mandolin KiK-.E. A. B Baritone Field, H. H Second Tenor Fexdeh, AV. B First Tenor Gaisseht, G. G Baritone Garrett, C. C Comedian Harvey, I). D Second Tenor .loHXSOX. C. .T Mtindolin and Second Tenor Keller, D. D Second Tenor I.AWTOS, A Baritone I.YDA, L. I, Bass McRae, n. F Bass I ' ritciiahi). .1. H Comedian Keddv, T. G (liiifar and Bass UiSTiN. V. C Baritone Saxders, M Second Tenor Stewart, .1. A linn jo anil Second Tenor Street, H. V Banjo and First Tenor SwicEc.ooii, R Mandolin Walker, C. B Ba:is Wiggins, R. L Comedian Williams, I. A Second Tenor GI.KE CLUB ORCHESTRA McNeil, A. T Leader and Tnimpr McGoWAN. V I ' iiino Walton, W Piano Park, C. S Trumpet HfBXER, R Trumpet Meahes, S. .1 Trombone Keller, I). I) Saxophone Wheeler, C Saxophone Ferrei.l, B Saxophone Street, H. V Banjo Miller. .1. H Traps Cook, E. B Bass Horn CiRUTs. E. C Saxophone Caraway, H Violin A Review of the Glee Club Season Hv lLI.I. .M S. S( llKlll ' KH s HK fact that tlie Glee Club of iy2() has worked up the best show by far tliat has ever been seen by a college glee club in the South, and that this is a fact is undisputable, should be credited to several who have worked hard to accomplish this end. Mainly through the conscientious effort and unceasing toil of " Skinny " Edge and Web Brown, the president and business manager, and through the co-operation of George yi. Sparks, publicity director and general consultant, has this been done, and to these men should the credit be gi en. lillll i ' ' r r r i . A ii JiiT Vl ili ' kj i : iMititMitnint - JV Te b -rTn Departiiif I ' roiii tlic tiiiic-wdrii cDlUiCf jilti- I ' liil) proitr.niis. (icorjiia Ti-cll tliis year entered a new field in the " att.-iition appeal " idea and uiidir tlic direction of Leroy Prinz developed a program not only balanced in tyjie and tlniiic hut highly diverting throughout. Mr. Prinz was t ' oruierly head ol the chih ot Xorthwesteni L ni rrsily and origi- nator of the most pleasing skits in " No, No, Nanette ' and " Artists and Models " and the success of the development of his ideas may be seen by the enthusiasm with which tlie glee club performances were greeted, wherever the club played. As musical director, the club secured the services of .lames Ahhisoii. at pri sent nuisical director and organist at St. I.uke ' s Episcopal ( hurcli. oi ' Atlanta, to whose efforts the success of the season was so largely due. The performance was divided into two ))arts. the first being of the vaudeville type in six scenes, comedy, harmony, syncopation and the art of terpsicliore being blended with effortless ease into an entertainment pleasing alike to eye and ear. while the second half of the program was ])rescnted as the modern minstrel, oeal harmony, orchestral numbers in sympho-jaz with li (Iv Maek-facc intirliidts keeping the show moving at a rapid gait from curtain to curtain. Two shows were presented this j ' ear before the long trip was t.ik n. the t ' irst be- ing in Conyers, Ga., on February 5, and the second in Marietta, February l. ' J. The week ' s trip began on March 1.5 with a performance in Macon, followed in succession by performances in Rariies ille and Thomaston. b ' roni fresh |)raises there, the club journeyed to Cedarlowu and I ' onipleted a week of i ritertaiuuuiit and enjoyment on the club ' s side by preventing the -,li(i v in Daltmi. Oa.. I ' rid.iy. :i id Chattanooga, Tenn., Saturday nights. On Saturday evening. March 27, the glee club presented before a packed house at the Atlanta Theater, their final j)erformance of the season, thus completing one of the most successful years in the history of the organization. The lub was acclaimed bj ' the public and press throughout the state and wlierevc r sliow ii .is the most ])leasing of college shows ever seen. 1 1 J . . 1 ' • 1 11 ! 1 i 1 1 ■ i , j| L ' V W : -lb :jiB " «-jaopfiTiyy yp MJo.i l .« - ' •- The Marionettes W. S. SCHEHFFIUS Preaident :Ii •2 ' i5 S ffl ?. ' ' - i. ' iE . : Y; I t- " ■V?41TTiS??ra J. O. Stakely Business Manager MAU lOXETTE OFFICKKS WniiAM S. Sciiiiiinirs President IIi:miv Ligox Vice-President James O. Stakei.v Business Manager FuLMER Wei.i.s Technical Director Ike Ciarbek Singe Manager Hai. Ciiaii.i.e Piihltiiti Mana( er Havinn- Iutii established early in the career of the Georgia School of Tttehnology around the first part of the twentieth century, the Marionettes lias always lieen one of the most popu- lar of the non-athletic activities on the campus. From the time of its origin up to tlie present date tlie club has had the reputation of successfully presenting plays of varied character in a highl aitistic manner with the interpretation of cl aracter and plot development portrayed with a high degree of sldll. Tlic ])ast season has been no exception and tlie jilay preseHte l liy tlie ehili was re- ceived with enthusiasm wherever shown. The Marionettes worked hard on their production and merited the given them for their efforts in " The Bad Man " as in all the other plays given by them. A great deal of the credit should go to Mr. Scherffius for it was largely through his efforts and industry that the Marionettes have been up to their high standard and maintained their |)lace among the leading dramatic organizations of tlie Southern .schools and universities. 1 1 i,: vm r Members of the Club. 1925-26 asastasas, h. d. Bahtiiei.mess, D. F. IUm M. C. ClIAlIlK. .1. H. Ci_ iLix, M Ci.EAVEH, O. DixKix, Y. T. Eaton, H. E. Frosiiix, L. J. Garber, I. C. Geesux, H. Goi.DWASSEB, A. H. Hams, C. D. Harreil. G. F. HAVXESWOBTir. S. Hkuiiim;. O. JllNKS. W. M. UllKV. J. Kkiiv, H. J. KoxTz. E. C. I.AXE, C. I.. I.IGOX, H. I.ITAKER, F. T. I.rXSFOBD. T., .Ir Mam-cv, W. X. Maiiihx, T. E. May. W. V. Jr. MtClTCHF.OX, T. McN ' jUE. E. S MiTtiiEi.i., Laxe MOHETOX. S. T. .Myers. C. B. Parker, I.. A. Parkersox. 1 . .1. Petri. L. C. HiCIIARDSOX. W. H. RoBESOX, .T, I,. HlMBI.E. E. SCIIERFFHS. W. S. SlIEDDEX, W. F. Stakei.y, J. O. I ' xnERWooij. E. M. Wei. 15, Kri.MER Williams. H. T. M A 1{ I( )NE1TK OR( H i:.STI{ A T. S. Mai-lbix (Director) Trumpet C. B. MvERS (Max.»cer) Pianist J. M. Ci.An.ix (. ssisTAXT Pireitok) Banjo .T. B. Sale Saj-nphone and Clarinet I.. . . Parker Saxophone .1. . . .MiCaix Traps =;s555s-T3Hvera ::- Review of the Marionette Season By ' lLLIAM S. SclIERFFIf! Guii-j)Iay and blood-shed, niurdpr and sudden death, with all the tricks of the old time nielo-drama, skillfully blended with lunnor. pathos and comedy, ushered in the season of 1925-26. From the peaceful settiiij; of i Lonjr Island home to the primitive life of Ari- zona and Mexico is a far ery. yet the ever versatile Marionettes encompassed this range in a single season and all who saw the spring ])roduetion of " The Bad Man " agreed that in histrionic ability and teehnital |)erfection tlie club reached a new water mark of success. The undoubted st;ir of tlie pi rforniance was I ' razier Law. who. as Paiicho tiie cheerful and philoso])hical bandit, rode in from the shimmering heat of a desert noon and departed with the starlight, leaving his simyde and direct solution of all jiroblems that per|)lex mankind: renio ing the cause by the casual bullet. Tlie Atlanta performances in May marked the loss of an old and valued friend. Harry Rllerbe, Marionette star and former president, who had for two years directed the club, .■md to whose untiring efforts tbe success of so many jierformauces is so largely due. ' I ' hi ' cbil) de|iai-trd from its prcMoiis |)(ilie - in tin- fall by reviving, for road pre- sentation the s])ring ))roduction. Due to the iiiter rniiig eoiumencement and summer, it was found necessary to almost entirely recast tii( play, yet under the joint direc- tion of " Duke " Scherffius and Henry I.igon. " Tlie H.ul .Man " rapidly rounded into slia| c .111(1 the first trip was taken i-arly in Xovcuiber. Hi ' iiry l.iyoii itcpiicd into tin- -liois nC I ' .uiclio I. opt- .■iiul .iiiaiii displ.iyi-d that versatility tliat lias iiiadi- liiin the cluli ' s liadiiii; cliaractir actur. wliilc William Sdierffius ajjed rapidly from liif roK ol tiic nd-lieaded cowhov to that of the ])(p|)ery L iK ' le Henry in his hIki! chair. The Marioni-tlc t)rfli(stra. which has always hccii .i I ' laturc of the cliih pir- forniances this year, reached luw lc cls in their interpretation of syni])ho- ja z and incidental songs. ' I ' liey ha - .added finish to the |)erform.anccs which m.adc the ehih f.imons in (ie iruia .and the neinhhorinii ' st.ates. Besides the big parade of the cUib, the Marionette I ' rcshmen presented at sev- eral i erformanees, under the direction of I ' nlnier Wells, the famous " Sneezer et C ' leo|).atrick " - .a liurlcscpie in one spasm. As this annual is going to pres work is r.apidly progavssing on the spring ))lay of H 2(i. ■ ' The Haekslapper. " hut that is .another story. CWST OF •Till ' . I! AD .M.VN " By I ' oKiiai K.MKHSds liiiowx Panclio I.oi)ez Frascr l.,iw .nid Hciny I.igon I.iicia Peel ( " Unton fampliell .iiul .Krvey Kelly . M r,-la Hardy Ierv,-y Kelly and Xewtou .Mamicy Cilliert .lones f.d Weatlierly and Dave Harnette Ilemy Smith Ilcmy I.ijron and Bill Sclierffius Morgan IVel Dave Harland and ' I ' oni Parkerson Jasper Hardy l ill Ware Ued Giddings Bill Scherffiiis .and I-.. . l. Inderwood Venu.stian ) Bill Uidnl|.h .iihI TncUl l.imsford Texas Hanger T. 11. Collins Pedro ll honsci Magana s f tttftl Phi Kappa Phi HONOliAUV I- R AT K UNITY I ' oundcii 189T Georgia Schddi. ok Teciinoi.ogy Cii.M-reR Established 1914 I ' K TKi:S KN 1 Atn.TATE Coach W. A. Alexander Phof. X. F. Beardsley Dr. G. H. Boogs Dr. M. I.. Brittaix H. H. Caldwell Dr. J. B. Crenshaw Prof. J. L. Dantel R. B. DcDD Prof. T. W. Fitzgerald E. H. Folk Prof. H. E. Gexz Prof. Loui Greet h. k. fcxmer E. S. Haxxafokd Dr. a. D. Henry Prof. R. S. Howell W. B. Johns Prof. R. S. King Prof. H. AV. Mason Prof. J. E. McDaniei G. H. McKee Phok. a. B. Morton I)ii. W. ( ' ■. Perky I ' HAXK Read Prof. D. P. Savant Phof. T. G. Seidell W. I.. .Simmons Dean V. V. Skiixs Dii. n. M. Smith .1. F. n. Smith 1)11. 1). I.. Stajiy PiKii . R. . Thompson ,S. V. X ' aiohn 11. .S. WlIlER Dll. B. B. WlM.TH IRAIRKS KN ' COI.l.l ' .C.IO . XDING, J. I.. Boyd. S. AV. BlHKE, C. E. Carmichael, W. ] Edge, A. B. ElCHBERG, J. Glo t.r, .1. B. Harris, H. C. Hamilton, C. V. Hamilton, W. F. .Tones. .1. I.. Kkene, ,T. . . l.FTER, J. Ci. Moore. B. W. P„«Eii. T. R. RlSTIN. W. C. .ScAUllOKOIGH. P. Thomas. S. M. Tkavior. G. H. Wagener. V. AV. A II KIN5. .1. n. m i Tau Beta Pi Fininded 18S5 IlONOli AKV KU ATKHNITY E-talili-lu-d 19-Ji KH ATHKS KN K ( 11 r A IK I ' llOK. T. S. OlNX I ' llOF. T. W. FlTZGKRATD I ' llOK. II. K. Cknz I ' HOl. II. W. .M.ssox Phok. F. ( " . Snow Fit IKK.S KN COKI.KGIO . nuixg, J. I.. Jr. . VRES, S. 1. Bellinger, Fhed BiviNS, A. C. BovD, S. AV. BrnKE, C. E. Gilbert, H. T., .Ik. ( " iiover. .1. B. Il.V.MllTON. W. F. Harris. H. C. JOSES. J. I,. Keexe, J. . . Pitcher, Fr.xxki.ix Powell, T. R. UlVIERE. J. A. RoBESOX, J. I.. Ri MiiiL. K. B. SriBBS, W. P. TnoM.vs, .S. M. Va(.lxer. F. W. ■ 5SSS?SE«rK3e«i7 Pi Delta Epsilon Founded 1909 llOXOU AltY JOIUNAI.ISTIC FHAl KKNITY Establislied 1922 HONORARY MEMBERS Peof. a. H. Armstrong Prof. George M. Sparks I ' Hiir. J. B. Crenshaw R. .1. Thif.sfx 192G At ' GCST George Baden hoop Wn.UAM Mh.i aps BiTn:RFiEi.D Joseph Eichberg Abram Ol.lVKII HlG !ERSON SaLE ' ii.i.ia:m McLeod Ware Joseph Warren Wheary Frederick Wii.i.iam Wagener 1927 Walter Herman Aidrfd. Jr. Julian Xiciioi.s liAminiT George Xormax Bisanar John Campbell Butt, Jr. Joseph Ham.fred Chaili.e Edwaiid I). Wiiitj: Isaac Calvin Garber, Jr. Julian Francis Gray Frederick Watts Long, Jr. Llewellyn William Pitts Eugene Clyde Smith Alpha Kappa Psi Fumui.U 1905 lUJNoi; m k). imi:k( I Ai. iuati-.kxiti I ' l (llAl ' TKll Est;ibli lied IDIS Kit ATiiF.s |-,N- rAcri.rATi-; ' l " lll»MAS W ' ll I I AM N ' liKl. Nii H WaKHKX FKATKES KN COI.I.IXIIO Wkhsikh C. IJuowx I ' ' ,i Ann S. Hii.LucK TllO.MAS 1). C ' otllllAX HiciiAiiu M. Dill Aiii) HOWAIIU W ' lIIIAM FlSCII I.OYD Haiici.iffe Asu AVii.i.iAM Edwahu Bookkr CklII. Al.KXAXDKH .IaMISOX • loSKI ' II Will AIM) lIoWKI.L FfiAXCIS A ' . Pl.r.MH IIkxrv S. Kuwi.Axi). .III. NoHVKI. SllAI ' IKU;iI Mkkks .Ia:mks W ' ii.iia.m FrrzrATitK k W ' lIIIAM Fkiimax ( " hikdv .Itiitx Hknkv (ilKfUri DdWMXG Doxai.0 Keller Harold Colvin Meeks IIaiii i;ii;i[ Ukath .MiGiikiior Sa mki. DrHdsi; MfiinAV .IaMKS ( " . SlIKIOR James G. Smith Dan m:i. Si ' Tn-ni Earl Jacksox Tracy W. BeHNAHD WlLLINLll. ' m m m m iisiissuiaauiJj t H Delta Sigma Pi Kdiimliil 19(17 IIONOl! in COM.MKltt 1 1. 1-K AlKliXI I V K.VI ' I ' A ClIAl ' TKK listaliiislicil 1920 l-ItATKKS KN I ' ( 11 TATK I ' KDI. EllH AHI) 15. .Mkiiiwktiikk PmiF. I ' ia;u B. W ' kxx Caktkii Tatk Mauiidx Joseph C ' ahtkr Cuhistopiikr William N ' apoi.kox Chowder Qrix Edmonson Flowers William ( ' HrMiKY Fiiaxkun John fus 11ml John Allen Lewis JoHx Houston Marshall H()WAH!) Fhankiin -MlC ' i a k Samuel Yarbrouc.ii Priitt, Jk. Thomas Allen Shahpe Hal Lafavetti; Smith GivExs Hhown Strjckler Warren ,Iaiks(in Webb Oren Warren Fi oVD Franklin Wii.icox ' ArGllAN lillADIORI) (oNXELI.Y Hevehly Sims Embry Ralph Fraxcis Hoi.laxd Gordon- Wixfhed Kiixjore Ellison Stanley ' McN ' iece William Barret Pope A ' axce Olxey Hankix Joseph Hexry Sixceh Eugene Ciyue Smith James t ' AHn:H Waiikk Robert l.ons Wiialey ' SOKIJIAN .IdSKPlI VeOMAX TrHNER Isaac Uai i (lERr.E N ' oiAN Mkahdkn John Mii is Krluku KnwAHii HKNMN n iN HmcE RuFus llrri ' iiESdN C ' arsweii. RoY ' Benton JIavisox F owARu ' arick Harris Elbert Hearst Roane (iEoRCl: WllMAM Wiini; Alpha Delta Sigma Fmimlrd 1!I13 HONOUAKV tO.MMKKCI I. .lOl UN MISTU 11! ri-.KMTY Establihhcd 1924 FH ATRES EN F A( ri.l ' ATK .Tames M. Dii;ga.n Ceohck M. Sparks l!)2(i WlllIAM MlI.lSAPS BlTTERKIEIJ) WuiiAM Nai ' oi.eon Crowder James Edward Hihiiday I.i.oYD Hamilton Tii i. 192T Albert 1 ' kentis All am)eii. .Ik. Il IIAN Niiiioi.s Hahkett William Eiiward Houkeh. .Tu. Cecil . . .Iamison Like Eit.em; Tat I ' .DWAiii) .Staxiev MiNiece Allan TYNnAi.i. McNeill Vance Oi.ney Kankin, .Ir. Walter Lowe Scarborolou TVr r i) ' ?:; r -i-.n - S m J ::4..»C,i ,;, , ill ' - ) K 4ir ! •» ' , Charrctte Club IIONOH Mn 1(( 111! I.( I I l( l. ( l.l ' H r (l 1 T ' l MKMHI-.l; I ' um. I i NM III K. SniHiii S. M. Avi:iis C. ( ' CAiiiiinr W W. Ciiiiiix il. H. HiisKV A. .1. SiMl.MllIX M. K. Saxdkm M, WCiiiKX W. II. .ViniiKi. V. .M. . xi)KIISO .1. M.vt Ff.k.hstkk .IlillX I ' lll ' KII.MID i iimi Phi Psi 1! .- Foiiiut.-d 1 II13 llONOl! Md IKX rill-, l-H STKIiMIV TllF.r (11 M ' ll.l! Est; li»23 FUATUKS I ' .X K VCII.TATE .IllllX Uol.KIIT BllAXUOX C ' llAKlKS Al.KKKI) JoNKS Earnest Phii.i ' OT (lAllKXC ' K BkRXABD Sf.AI. 1-H ATHKS I ' .X (OI.IKino Ckoh-.i: I) Ml as 1Ukh • liiK-.K Wksiky Hkakuex. .Ik. DavIU .lulls HlKlADIirllST UolANll SlOASK linclADIll list. Jk. Will MM I.AWSdS C ' ahmuiiaki. (illKKN |- " 1AV1K ( ' (KIIEll. .III. l ' ' .WEIi. UdliClIT Cri KEHTSOX KilKl) . i AMS DaXIEI. . iEXAXiiEii I{kii Davis l.ipiis Dmc.i.AS DeI.oacii Viiii M . ni)ei(sox OiPbe Ainill II HllANXIIX KlHlE. .III. Iliiiiiisuv 11v:max KiKij) .1(111 N ( " illElN .1 xMis IIkmiv C.hdvks. ,Iii. Aii;rsTi W ' li KEiisiix tuxx Cll Mills llK I. " . llMK HaIIHIS I ' llAN K llvi AX Hill . .Ik. .IaSI ' KU W ' kst Ivky. .III. .Iamks Miimioe MiC xiiiniN I ' m 11 II 1 1AM Pkiiiit I 1 UlllV I llillNSllV I ' l IIVIS AlHlllK I ' llOMAS KHEVI.S W ' li 1 Niimiix liiiHixs .1(111 S .SlIKIlHlll Td.MI.IXSOX XaTIIAMKI SnKAII Ti HXl.K. .In. CiiMiiKS Hkx.ia-min Waikf.k Will Ml I ' .TIIKI IlKll WlllIAMS Square and Compass SriDKNl OUDl.l! OF FI ' F.K MASONS FHiincU-. 1 I!I17 Estalili l. tiKHf.iA Ti;iii Snr. nE IIONOH AHV MFMBF.liS I. SvMlKf .IcUIN -SOX Itci.KIM M. DlVSMCMIK Fli ATUKS FN F ( ' ll T IK I)i(. M. r.. 151.11-iAiN (MM1..I1. n. Euc.M. Dkan W V. Sk-IIKS Cavmm.I) B. Kstahuikik l)u. V. G. l ' i:riiiv Wimiam B. Johns. ,Ih. I ' mif. T. S. Di XX Saaiiki ( ' . Stovai.i,, .In. I ' liDK. F. C. Snow IIo.mkii S. Wkuhkh I ' lioF. J. H. Fn v FR ATUKS 1;N COFI.FXUO Waitkii E. . xi kiis()x ISav toxi) F:. C.iivi k ti Fkxtox n. Batks . . S. Hai-i-oidt FiiANK U. Biiinix Loukx .o Q. Ukad WllllAM C. HllAlKV lllM. 1. Ull.l. I ' lrrr. U. Coatks Ih. ii 1). Hon is F. A. llAXiKi ( . IF II01.XE I. IIaiihv I ' .iiiihkik; I ' .. F. I ' vri ' ox- C ' rviiK T. Fiiiii . iiiKJii- Ci. I ' liiKiK I. . . (lllAMIIXI. WiTll.VM Vl. StA1.KK.I1 I.YxixiN U. Wink il 10-23 Fiuindftl 1919 Kappa Kappa Psi IllTA C ' lIAPTKR IIOXOI! AltV MISU AI. lit l I HNllV FlIANK Ud.MAN. HaXI) DlHKtTOR li - 1 1921 lllllN HkMIV (OI.IIXS { ' aI[| l.KOX DclXAI.DSON IIai TtcKKii Cmihrkt t " (.iiNKiirs ' iNci;N ' r Hf:tK. .Tii Dciw-MNr. Don All) Kkiikh .lAAlt OlAN SritUKIAXl) .loIlX I.AIXCKKIT I ' xUEKWdOl). .III. 1927 CiKOIUiK MoKTCIX DoYAI. Uni.MKS WaI.TOX FlIKIlKRIlK Hari.kioii Hkatm Mi(Ikk .i)Ii All. EX TVXIIAI I .MiNkii.1, W. I.. WllIIAMS . I AMES IIoMF.R Mill EH Wlill.lAM JoSEI ' II IJoM.l IIakrv Uaii ' m 1 ' M.K- StWEll .III. Scabbard and Blade llONOKAKV MIl.Il ltV I-l! ATi;KN 11 V FoundiHl im Kst=,l.lislu,l I ' .-J(i " .M " Ciiiiiiiany. Scc-niid Ui-L ' iiiuiit IIONOK AHV MKMHKIIS I. II. K. y. . I ' kmick I.iki t. r. K. Joyce MaJ. T. M. (mask I.IEIT. S. L. Ma.I. C ' i. K. ClHIK I.IEIT. E. K. Vei.i.s tAiT. It. . ' . Ki ANir.EX Prof. G. H. Boogs Cai ' t. W. a. llowi.AND Prof. C. E. Coomdge t ' Ai ' T. D. C. Keii.y Phof. T. S. Dix.s Cai-i " . H. V. Staffori) Prof. A. V. Henrv I.IEIT. H. B. Davidson- ASSOCI . IE .M K. i BERS L. E. Gates ! ' • I - N ' arjuihe 19-. ' (i Bickers. C. W. I.eoxard, A. II. BlRKE, C. W. I- " « 5. F- W. Cook. F. E. Mahkert. P. M. C ' oi.i.ixs, J. H. MOROAX. C. (). FlETtllER. R. F. Partee. I. I.. Fl.lKER, R. A. Pin IIKH. I- ' llASK FixciiER. H. n. HiMKRK. J. A. lloocii. B. E.. Jr. Terry. G. R. Gl.OVER. ,1. B. Traber. .1. P. Graydox, S. W. Trevor. E. F. IlAunuu K. .1. C. Thomas. S. M. Iloi.l.lXC.SWOUTII. I . C. ToMi.ixsox, ,T. S. HORXE. C. H. Wiusox. ,T. B. Kei.ij;r, D. I). 102 . Word. G. I.. B 11 LOCK. G. S. .MooRt, II. V. P R K 1 X • w I). ■j . ' itjdatJ ' ' ' r. } f mjtjj fjggj Cotillion Club W ' AinR tioiiwix " Dick " Faih G. B. " Six " Caiipentkr Artiuk Kdoe Kol AM) HlKJADHIIiST Charles Coli.ikh Heyward Becknem. William Choswei.l Bartow Ford I.AWSDX Brown- Bill Fraxklix William SPAimxG Fraxk Boi.tox " VVilme " Brysox Chase Hixteh nofOLAS Wycoff I.amar Partf,e Joiix Marshall " 0og " McLean Martiiame Saxders Bill Gordy AVai.ti:r James John Mercer I.oxxiE Lyiia Hugh Harris Alex Davis Owen Pool " Brck " Flowers Frank McElwee Joiix Coxx Jack Cope Dox Kei.i.eii Jack Marshall " Ten " IVmiiikit Bill Robins Will (IniiFiN " OULEY- " Hl ' lSEY Cedkce Sessions John Murray Fhaxk (iRio ;s " Axdy " Spradlix- ■7. x JllMiE BkM.OIV Wyme Aiisnin Fraxk Wiiiiaker Sam Ml iirav " (All " CiAUIIKTl- Cecil Jamison Kl) BOOKLII " Red " Baiirox Ralph Hoi i and Bill Stvbbs JoHx- Hall George Wilde Charlie Harris BoLAXD Glover " Doc " Ai.exaxdek Fred I.oxg Howaki) Fish Hekbeiit Hill ' MoilX N v " B At ' ll 1 A But. Hue Radci.ikfe Ash George Bakeii John Hammoxd Fred Peri.itz Ed Johnston- F D Broach Hexry Bejiis Tom Gov ax Enwix Trevor F,D CniDTS " I ' k«i:i: " DiNX r -.t :.V Anak Society Founded 1906 OFFICERS .- C ' EOHGB B0S8£R Doco Wycoff Bii.1- Ckowaer . Caktcr BARnoxr . . President Vice-Pretidenl . . Secretary . . J ' reaiurer ; :.■ :te- ' ' MEMBERS Johnny C ' jnn . ' ohnnr Marshnll Tom Sharpc Mack Tharpe George Wilde Ivan WillJiun ' ■■ , ' ' . ' i •■■ ' • ' • ' ■; - ' . ' ■ " ' ■ - ■ r .» ' ■•j - ' ■ ' ■; " r v-yA ■v .f ;,■ ' ;,• 4; ' ;: ;:: ; ' ..;-: ' 1 ' - j .- dm ' ii M .mm) , ... . r i The Bull Dogs Foiiniled 1910 OFFICERS Carteh Baiiiion Prexidenl JoiixNV Mahsuaii Vice-President DoLGi.AS Wycoff Serrctanj-Treiisurer MEMBERS l$.MUii)N-. C. T. Mahshaii. ,I. H. Cahi ' exter, S. M. Mekkie. A. .1. CoNx, J. H. MiiiuAV. S. 1). Cooper. G. F. Pool, W. O. Cope, J. L. Reeves, R. E. Crowder, W. N. Sxeai), J. 11. W. EiKiE, A. B. SrAiiiiN(.. V, F. Fair. W. ]{. Tmaui.k. .M. .M. I ' dllRKSTKII. W. H. WlllTAKER. F. B. CJARRETT, C " . C. WlI.DE, (I. W. GOIIWIX, W. H. Wll.l.ER. T. . . Ham., J. C. Wui.AiM.s. I. A. [,Yi)A. 1,. I.. Wycuff. S. D. Skull and Key Society Founded 1 )12 OFFICERS Georgk N. BfAiiDKN rnsUUnt Wauik.v I ' ill- 1 ' lis I, I, lit Ci.ABENiK N ' . B.MiRKTT Serretoni-T riii.1 iirfr MKMliKUS Al.KXA.VUER. A. 1 ' . Rarbett, C. X Bearden, G. N ' . Boi.isoEn, M. I,. BlIEWER. ,1(111 X Cahiness. W. F. Davidsox. Roy Feaci.e. F. I.. Wmk-.iit. |{. F. Gl.KNN. WaDIEY Ko.NT ,. K. C. Mascpit. Dan Mf.rsy, K. B. MoOHE, J. M. I ' lMTl 11 Mdl. .1(111 X Sims, M. S. W isr. T. X. Honorary Organizations I ' ln l .,,.i,„ PI, tablisi (■(1 at Tc ' l, Ivrs in c■|lul,• r llil P! 1 . ,( Eiisilii liifflu-st ami oldest liciniirar schoastic fraternity nn tlic caiMims. was 1 llllt. Only tliiisc M-niors who for three years have (li.stiiifrnished tliein- 111(1 activities in wliieh they are enfrajfed are elected to this coveted honor, is a national jouriialistjc fraternity whose members are elected only after thev have completed two years of successful work on student publications. This fraternity ranks very lii);li, both nationally and on the campus, and to be a member is the honor and re- ward conferred on the hard-workinfj Journalists of our cani])iis. Sf ' ililninl iiikI hi, till ' is a national honorary military fraternity. Its iiK-niliers arc elected lioin th.- senior class and only nicniliers of that class who are offii ' ers in the Tech U. (). T. C. unit. This fraternity has an cxtrcincly hijili slaiidiiif;- in military circles. Tiui Beta Pi is an honorary engineering fraternity. It is considered to be a very lii li honor to be elected a member of this fraternity. Men are elected to it from the upper quarter of the senior class. Its members are selected from men of high scholastic standing and general efficiency. This fraternity was established at Tech two years ago. Delhi Sii iiiii J ' ! is an honorary commercial fraternity which has been in existence for sev- eral years and since it started has grown to be one of the strongest of honorary cimimercial fraternities. Its nieniliers are elected from ui)])erclassmen of the commerce department who have shown niiiisnal ability in their class work and .ire prominent in school activities. The .li, ik Sdcit ' ly is composed of nicmliers of the senior class only, and election to inciii- bcrship in this society is the highest honor that can be conferred on a senior. Its members are elected on the basis of character and leader.ship in students activities. This society originally had charge of all cani|iiis a,ctivities, but some of its powers were later invested in other or- ganizations. Aliilui l)( ' l,i Siiii,iii is an honorary commercial journalistic fraternity. Election to this fraternity carries with it admittance to membership in the Associated Advertising Clubs of the World. Members in this fraternity are elev ' ted only from those students who take adver- tising or marketing in the commerce department. Aljiha Kapiia Px! is an honorary commercial fraternity whose members are elected from the scliool of commerce only. Membership is restricted to men who have shown marked ability along their chosen line of work, and in campus activities. Koseme — Tlie Koseme Suciety is compo.sed of nicnihcrs elected from the junior class yearly. The purpose of this society is to improve general conditions around Tech. The Koseme So- ciety also has charge of various student activities, among which are the annual cross-country run, and all fri-shman class activities. ICijiim l ' , Ill Ill Pul is an honorary musical fraternity romposed solely of ninsii ' iaiis in the band and in the school. It has done considerable work with reference to securing belter co- operation and fost riiig a better spirit among the students. The Bull Duys is a purely social organization and is one of the oldest on the campus. Its membersliip is compo.sed of upperclassmen who are outstanding and prominent in campus ac- tivities. This organization has a high rating on the campus .iiul it is considered quite .in honor to be elected one of its members. The Phi Psi fraternity is an honorary textile fraternity, having as rcquircnicnts to mem- bership all- ' round ability in school work and i tra-ciii riciila activities. Membership is re- stricted to iqiperclassmen in the textile course. m c4 1 Architectural Society OFFICERS S. M. AvKiis President F. H. Gkiggs Vire-President R. S. H.u.i Seeretnry W. W. CiiiKH.N Treasurer Ol.l) MEMBERS Ainiir.i), V. H. Long, CIkokck Andkuson, W. M. Long, O. W, Bond, S. P. Nash, R. R. Boots, M. H. Pitts, L. W. Daves, F. M. Saogus, M. D. DoiiEY, J. H. Sanders, M. E. Dunn, W. J. Robeson, J. E. GAIIIIEIt, L C. SeKI, Sl ' EKlllll Cajiukit, C. C. Smith. M. ( ' .(inWlN. (_), H. Sl ' HADl.IN. A. (i!{- n,iNt;. .1. A. ' I ' lio. ' virsoN . N. 1 . Hi isKV, II. li. Weu.s, W. F. NK V MJ ' .MHERS Caiiev, G. a. .Ieit, J. C. C ' OII.NWEI.I., W. D. Kl ' MIKK. I ' .. !!. Edwaiids. W. . . La wo, J. K. FoiiD, C. J. Leuey, J. C " . GlIAY, .T. F. KlIlKI.AND, .1. IlAiniis. .1. II. l i:l.Kl.vs. I ' , II I ' inn llAlii). .lull K American Institute of Electrical Engineers (iKIJIll ' .IA SclKMlI. (IK ' I ' kiII MIKK-.V BllANlII I-M.lhlMlC(l lillo OFKUKKS E. S. IIannakiku ((lunrUiir S. M. ' I ' lioMAS I ' rt.iitlenl L. C. Pethi Vir,-I ' rf ident C. E. Bi ' HKK Secretarii-TreaKurer .MKMHKIIS Bki.i., I), r. Hksdrkks. .1. V. BiCKKitviAn. .1. 11. Hehhino. (). W. Bovi). S. V. Kf.hsey. W. I). BlACK, .(. B. I.ANDERS. E. W. Bhaniit. M. H. I.asfoki). ( " . C Bl IKHK. 11. ( . I.. THE. V. S. CaK.MUIIAEI.. .1. U. I.INDY. C. A. Cook. E. E. Maihiox. W. A. Chowdeh. C. U. .Mathews. .1. B. Deiav. C. K. M. I.. Dittos. K. A. McGavuk. II. K. Edwards. P. M. N ' ewtok. K. T. Cravdhn. .S. W. I ' ai ' C H. CwvNN. C. B. Ueddv. T. C lUxK. f. V. .SwKEi; " ii), II I,. Hendkuks. ( ' . K. Tkahkh. .1. I " . Wiiri K. II. k! hm ' M American Society of Civil Engineers ' I ' ki II StI IlKNI- C ' ll Al " OFFICKHS T. R. I ' owKii I ' resiiU ' iil James I.. Axding ' he-P resilient FiiKi) Wac.knkii Secretiiri -Trea.iurer MKMBKUS J. 1.. AXDINII F. W. I.OKG A. G. C. Badexhoop I,. I . I.yda J. W. Barker S. A. Mahshali. J. B. Chesire .1. T. Nesbitt J. P. Cl-ENDEXIX I. 1.. I ' ahTEE I. CoHEx H. C. Phii.i.ips C. F. Collier F. Pitcheh M. P. Dean T. R. Powell T. J. DuRHETT C, W. Rack H. O. Elder ,I. A. Riviere I. H. Frdheiig ,I. H. W. Sxead R. D. Haves S. A. Stribi.ixc. I). D. Haxkixs C H. Terry K. J. Hardin W. .M. Ware G. W. Hi i iiNs II. W. Wiisox J. A. I.AlKillLIX .1 n. WlLSOX H. W. l.ioox M. U. WiiiiAMs American Society of Mechanical Engineers Cif.lllUilA Si llcml in TKlllNnlOllV liltANtll I ' -ciiindcd 1(11.-) OF I ' UK US S. 1?. (IiMHiK President ( ' . W. Hu KKiis Vive-President V. A. iii Kii Secnturii H. A. l-ii KKK Tniuuinr .MKMHKHS Al.KXANDKIl. 1 ' . I. BlCKKIlS. C. W. HiiDvni. II. II. Conn. .1. II. l ' ' .rSTKIN. I ' .. S. Ki.rh-KH. U. A. (JA.MBl.K, S. B. (looiii. B. E. GlN.N. K. I,. .I.rllNSON. C. (). l.riKII. .1. C. Nl SSIIAI M. II. II. Kl Ml.lK, l;. 15. St ' AHltltorii M , 1 ' . J . SiAi ' ir.s. I.. Wiintii. T Wni. . V. W ' ll KISS. .1. I)., .III. Emerson Chemical Society OFFIC ' KHS T. 15. l ' ' (n.i). .In I ' rr.-iih-iit It. M. SANnmi. fir,-I ' rixitle» .1. I.. .IdNF.s Strretarii MEMBERS SkNIOIIS JrNIOHS Soi ' lKl.MOHKS AtKI.NSOV. C. n., .III. AlKN.WIlKU. H. H. . l.l M. N, C. C. H.vTus, 1). H. . i.s(.Bmi()K. . . K. Cij:mknts. V. H. Rki.iixgkh, K. Hi.kkk. .1. H. Cole, G. M. Brinson, J. ( ' . BiiKWKii, S. M. Cook, W. S. Bkacky, V. C. I ' l auk. W. T Fi.atau, I., Jr. Brow.v, M. .T. Fiikkman. H. Hagedobx, C. I.. FlMllKH. H. I).. .III. IlMINSlUN. C. M. H(ini). n. v.. .I«. F , T. n., . ' ii. Maikiiiv, II. I.. N ' kai. V. It. .lo.NKS. J. I... .Ir. .Marsiiaii., V. E. Pennkii. .1. H. Lease, I). Nehhehrv. H V. Po«ti:r, J. K. , .Ih. r.EFKi.ER, . . Myers, C. 15. Powei.i., W. B. Lyons, L. N ' oyes, W. .1. Saxiieks, E. R. MiRHiiEY. ( ' . K. Saxeorii, R. .M. Sarvex, E. V. NiNEz. .1. II. .Sims. H. I). I ' arkeh. I.. A. Waite, l ' ..M.METr r I ' ATIOX, K. I.. Koiiixsox. ,1. Sweet, M. . Thaykih, (;. II. Wl.MllEHl V. .1. .1. T ' ■ High Tension Club HONOR AK l I ' .IKC TUKAl, ENCINKKU INC; SOCIKTV OFFICRKS II. C. Hahkis I ' rexklenI S. M. Thomas Mre-l ' Tciiileiit C. I,. Wdbi). .Ifi Sirrttiirii ,in l Tnnxurer SF.NIOItS AsiiBY. C. A. Mabkkrt. I " . . l. Amen, D. R. McEi.wee. .1. F. BiviNs. A. C. Persons. J. H. IJiHKE. C. K. Petri. I.. C. DoxAinsoN. ( ' . 1.. .SwicEdooi), H. I.. Harris. H. C. I ' raher. .1. P. Hehrinc O. V. Trevor. li. F. C. a. Thomas. S. M. Kersey. W. H. Wiison, Cato I.ANKOHU. C. C " . WoRll, Ci. 1... .Ir. I ' miKRW(HII). .1. I,. IINIOUS Ames. V. H. Kn i kr. A. A. Arxoiii. W. H. Kirkm»x. H. 15. Barnes. R. M. Lewis. .1. H. BiTT. J. C. .MlCJhaw. W . M. DlNN. W. P. PiRNEI.I. H. .S.. .III. Katon. H. F,. Stephens. .1. W. Ha.m.monii. .1. W., .III. nH()itex, A. I.. Kaesti.k. F. I.. ' SinNii. .1. H. mi m mi ' n U hi Oil Can Club OFFICERS Boi.Axn CiiuVKii I ' rixiilmt FiiKi) Law Vire-President John Conn Secretari -Treagurer MFMBEHS 15uk-K«s. C. W. C.i.oveh. J. » BOSTOX, J. ]■ " ,. .In. illM I INdSWOIIlIT, I.. C. Brysox, W. H. I.a«-, F. B. Conn, J. H. McI.kan. II. I). Cook, F. E. Staples, I.. . . Fluker, R. a. Wii.kiss, ,I. O., .Ik. Georgia Tech R adio Club llONOH liV MKMBFKS 1 ' kOF. SclUMMIl) Cai ' t. SrAtKlllD I.itiT, Wkils MKMUKRS AuAMs. B. R. I ' kxx. H. L. CoLKMAN. I). ' 1 l ' or,i.Ai.i) . .1. c. Dkadkkick. V. F. R.iss. C. H. Kl.KTCIIK... H. 1 STANl.K ' i . r, I.. C;k(.h ;k. V. ]). ' 1(11)1). .1. C. LovK-rr. V. I). Trowbrhx-.k. ( ' . A. McPlIKRSON. D I.. Wksxeh Chas. Mkhki.k. V. W Wll HAMS. T. M N ' kwcomh. I.. . Wo.MKi.snoHE, L EE ONkat. V. H YOINC. J. H. 11 f? The Civil Cre w Fouiul.-cl UMlil (IFI ' ICI- lis I.dXXIK I.KK I.VllA President .Famk.s I .. .m hhu; mt AxniNd. .In ] ' icf-Prt iti(lent 1-..K1)K1 KK V;l-l , I.(,NG Scrrclitrii iinil Trinxurer i i: iiii KS . ii;tsT Gk(iiu;k H.mii,x iKiur ,loiix Tavi.uii Nkshitt Stahi.ixo Maxh-ki.i. Cahpextkh Irwin I.amak Partee .loSKI ' II BkXXETT ClIESIIinK George Watson Race ClIMlTKS ( " .OIIDON HaSTOX .[a-viks sniiE«- Riviere lllllS I ' kMICK Cl.ENDEXlN ' rirKliniMIK HoOSEVKlT I ' dWEI 1 CiiAiii.Es Fhaxki.ix Com.ikii KlIANKriX I ' lTC IIKII Thomas Jackson nrniiETT. Jii. WiiiiAJi I ' avm: Sti luis HaIIOI.I) OSIIOIINE Kl.BEll Ckoroe Rogers Terry RoiiEKT Dri)i KV Haves Krederkk Wii.i.iAM Wagner KiiWARi) .Ia iks Hahdin- Wii.MAM McI.Eo.) Ware IIksuv WAMrulE I.KICIN Mirviv UiniiiK Wiitiams Stkwaiit AxniiEW Maiisiimi. In II., .11 WrsiEV Wi.suN Jamks I5kii Wiiso.v m Mii Wi kj ■v! rwrj» r»5»»aifs?i s¥5i " ' ' .-i ' ? ' -■« • m m R. lww O i% - t :I T?ti m ® @ ® m I Young Men ' s Christian Association W ' adk X. f.vsmiix dcncral t ecietnri) Mils. Jkssk F. CiuMi- Office Srcrclary OFFICF.KS Pearck H. Hakkii President Kmouy 15. KiMiiiK ]■ ire- 1 ' resident (1 AUK W. Junks Secretary DIKKCTORS CiiAiiiK. J. H. ModiiK. C. H. CitowiiKii. C. R. I ' khkins, p. H. G1.0VKB, J. B. Kkvxiiiik, ,I. R. IlAMMldN, W. F. SaIK, O. II. Hi:ninM., (). ' . Stuwahi-. R. K. Wrmi. J. (). Freshman " Y " Club OFI ' ICKKS V. M. .loxF.s President 1 ' .. T. Wiiou Vice-President A. J. Peiieitieki Secretary C. S. McKagex Trcdxiircr W. N. Cashkix ADNISOm " IKIAIil) .Taik Wkhii S. C. (Il XDWIX HiANiov. .T. B. lilllKIN. V. K. Cas.iiox, W. N. (II,. Cooke, J. W. DrxN. 1{. C. KvAXs. C. H Hariiem,, G. F. James, Wallace JOXES, W. M. KixG. T. B. MiCiuAiiv. I!. U. M.V) MiKagex, C. S. N ' ciiniiWAXo. Wii r is Pkm.ettieiii. a. .T. Peteioiax. I. M. Rice. D. F. UruoLi ' ii. (. ' . A. SEEVIIXiE, ChAS. Smith, O. W. w0mei.sd011k, i, Wood, B. T. ' ooi)nrFF. H. B. All Saints Tech Bible Class i-j ' iscoi ' i, ( iiriic H on-ici ' .HS I ' KMUK H. Hakkii I ,;:si(lt»t (IiiFiUdN ISiiiinii Vui ' -I ' rexhlent Mmmon .Mijiikk Sirrrtiiril I. (_ ' . HiTiiicoLK Tri ' dsurir M I ■.MHK US Acton. Marvin Aiken. H. F. Anastasas, Henry Batchelor. F. S. liaker. P. H. liinish. William Hullocb. G. S. Capps. C. P. Carrol, Herbert Clayton. J. W. Clark. A. W. Conner. S. N. Cole. C. C. Colyer. C. M. Cooke. J. W. Chandler. R. H. Cravens. J. P. Edwards. Edward Ellis. W. D. Kzell. M. D. Ezell. E. E. Ford. C. J. Ford. T. n. Glascock. William Golden. C. C. Green. H. W. Graham. J. S. Hannah. E. K. Head. A. W. Henry. G. C. Hitchcock. I. C. Jenkins. Roland Jenkins. Raymond Kirkland. Jack A. J. Liggett. L. N. Lummus. H. C. Lloyd. J. H. Martin. H. M.. . Mauk. M. I. McTyre. Thoma McVay. A. G. Middlebrooks. J. Northrup. J. C. Parkins. W. D. Paullins. C. S. Reeves. Hazard Roby, A. A.. Jr. Ross. C. H. Seckinger, James Selvidge. Charles Simpkins. W. R. Snyder. S. J. Sterne. E. L. Stewart. Bradford Stewart. R. K. Story, L. V. Swartz. Elliaworth Turner. J. O. Tomlinson. A. H. Toulmin. A H. Trimble. Guy Wagner. Fred Wilburn, M. O. Winchell. Ritchard Woolf. J. C. North Avenue Presbyterian Tech Bible Class CiiiiNKr MiriiMi Icnrhrr Vll..r r Matins rri ' .siili-iil Khskixk Cmisos Vire-Preshlent ()i ivKii t ' rsTKii Secrefnri) IliiMKii BiiciAcii Trcii.iuri ' r Ai.HKHT K. Hii suN Rcroriliii i Sirrehtri Miss Nancy Simi-scin I ' luiihl Miss Jeaxettf Hiaikstock Sjukisiii- Miss Maiiv Ha.i S ,.,».v« )- Adams. Jessie Alford. IS. A. Arnall. RaleiKh HaukniKht. J. E. Hell. Luther Beall. J. T- Boots. Melvii Bo San Bottoms. William nianton, James Bosworth. E lward Bird. G. T. BumKarten. V. K. Briscoe. Claude Broach. Homer Mrankstone. Robert Carlson. A. W. Carmichael. William Chamberlain. Huvrh Cole. John Crew. James Dodd. Parks Dean, Jack MKMBKH.S Derrick, C. J. Kirkwood, J. R. Dial, L. H. Knight. Roy Dimack. Edward Lawo. John Dixon. Leslie LeBey. John Dummeyer. Erne t Leggitt. Sam DunaKin. Louis Lewter. Fred Evans. Clarence Marshall, Stewar Eve. W. D. Martin. Al Gammace, Edwin Martin. Jack Gassiert, George Mathis. William Gilbert, Hal May. D. M. Green, Wesley McGregor. Hamil, Hugh McClean. W. K. Hamond, J. L. McGee. Harry Hannah, Everettt McGawan. Vivia Heritage. David Mclver, Douglas Howell. Edward McKagen. Charle Hudson. A. R. McVay. A. Ji.ckson. James Merkle, Walter .lenkins. Warren Middleton. John Johnson, J. R, Moore. D. J. ,Ic,nes. Clark Morris. William Jones, Walter Mowrv. Kenneth Jnnes, J. L. Neal. John Kennett, James Neely. Robert Newton. Edward Northwang. Willi: Rabey. James Reeves. Archie Remfy. Edward Roberson. J. E. Royster. DominicV Rush. Herman Smith. J. W. Spi Ma Sullivan. Samuel Stone. Allen Stephenson. Ernest Trammell. Robert Varner. Marven Underwood. Edgar Waldorf. E. H. Walker. Melvin Wallace. C. M.. Jr. Ward. Jack Wa J. T, Westbrook, Joe Whitton. Lynn Wilburn. Mynel Williams. Stewai m [ Gene Turner Bible Class ClldWDHH, t ' llllIS . . I ' n:- i,l,„l ( " ahi.tox. .Jamks 1 ' ' .. ]-irl-I ' li ' si(lf ll MOOHK. C. B Srrrcliini Tabok. S. H . . i-i.tiatitiit Sf cret irif Heriiixg, (). W. . . Chorister .MKMliKK.S Akin. W. H. Gay. W. H. McClatchey. H. R. . Amoss. H. M.. Jr. Gassett. W. C. McConncll. T. L. Haiti. J. A. Goode. N. J. McMillan. K. L. ' ■] ■ 1 Hatchelor. F. S.. Jr. Gore. E. J. McWilliams. G. L. ■ ' " ! IJickers, Harr " Green. F. W. Nunez. J. H. Hritt. A. A.. Jr. Head. L. Q. Parham. J. C. Hottoms. W. C. Hill. Frank Paulk. D. F. Brown. E. H. Hilliard. E. E. Powell. E. F. Carraway. H. Houze. G. F. Raymond. Bob Carter. H. I).. Jr. Ivey. J. W. Rice. D. F. Cathey. A. R. Jarman. H. N. Rickey. C. E. 1 Cathey. Willis Jordan. J. A. Sarven. E. W. Cason. K. H. KinK. G. S. Skannel, C. F. Crane. T. King. S. H. Smith. J. C. l ' ' .:! ' , ' Cross. R. D. Lane. R. L. Smith. R. W. ' i- ' i ' f Crouch, R. 0. Lanier. J. W. Spurlock. B. H. Cliatt. J. E. Lawton. C. A. Stevens. J. E. ' Cutler. E. R. Lott. A. 0. Todd. W. M. Daniel. F. A. Lummus. H. C. White. Howard Dean. M. P. Mitchell. H. A. Ware. Jack . ' . • ' ! 1 ' DeJarnette. J. MontRomery. H. E. Warren. C. T. :l ; Uunkin. C. 1,. Moman. F. 1. Whatley. R. L. ' 1 Dunlap. T. F. Morrison. J. T. WhiKham. C. C. Fender. W. H . Jr. Mosely. A. M. Wells. B. C. Gable. A. C. Myers. R. R. Windsor. A. L. McCain. M. A. Austin lech Bible Class ST. MARKS MKTHOniST CIUKCH Allen. R. W. Amerin. Werner Arnall. J. W. Ayers. S. M. HaKKarley. .1. H. Harlnw. Jack liaumuarten. V. E. Heall. J. F.. Jr. liearden. J. W. Beck. L. S. Hest. E. W. liivins. A. C. liivins. C. W. Blackmon. Marshall. J HIanton, J. U. liuwen. H. L. lirannen. E. D. Hransford. Howard, J r Hrewton. H. L. Brian. Stanley Brown. M. J. Brooks. C. W. Bush. M. E. Carr, E. W. Tathcart. W. T. Cheek. Thomas Clark. F. P. Cleaver. C. P. Corbitt. J. F. Cook. J. E.. Jr. Cooley. W. J. Cox. W. A. Crockett. D. B. Daniel. W M. Daves. F. M. Dickey EuKene Dobbs. G. W.. Jr Durban 1, C. G. Edcns. J. M.. Jr Felmet Js ckson Forrest , J M. Foster. Or ion F rakes D. W. Fricks, Ja mes MKMBKHS Furray. W. G. Futral. R. E. Gaedke. Rudoliih Garner. G. L. George. W. D. Griffin. R. B. Hat ' Kard. R. C. Haley. Sparks Hammack. W. J. Hankinson, H. L. Hankinson. H. W. Harrison. W. R. Hayes. J. A.. Jr. Hayes. R. D. Haynesworth. J. S. Hendry, (;. T.. Jr. Henry. S. F. HiKdon. R. H. Holland. G. A. Holland, A. D. Holland. T. M. Home. John W. Huley, Claude Humber. R. C. Hunt. J. C. James. W. C. Johnson. C. F. Johnson. G. M. Kennedy. U. P. Kennedy. T. L.. Jr. Kinc. T. B.. Jr. KniRht. J. J.. Jr. Lee. Roderic B. I.itaker. T, F., J., Mauk. L. M. Mandeville. W. J.. Jr. Meacham. S. T. Middlebrnoks. J. D. Morcan. G. K. McBay. W. P. Moore. S. I.. Myers. F. F, Newberry. Wairner Owens. S. H. Partee. I. L. Peabody. T. K. Perry. J. R., Jr. Peddicord. S. K. Perkins, H. H.. Jr. Pinkerton. J. R. Raby. J. S. Raby. A. C. Rapp, W. M.. Jr. Ried, D. J. Rhyne. P. S. Rudolph. 0. A. Sale, O. H. Sanders. Henry Shull. H. D. Snavely. W. B. Smith. J. L. Smith. Emory Smith. W. R. Smith. J. C. Snooks. J. P.. Jr. Stanley. T. I.. Steed. Joe Stephens. R. W. Step hens. John Thompson, C. F. Tinley. Harry Tompkins. S. W. Totten, W. J. Trowhridue. C. A. Taylor. F. M. Thomas. Herndon Thomas. Mrs. Herndo Waite. E. P. West. J. H.. Jr. Whittlesey, J. H. Wilson. M. A. Wiley. L. E. Wise. J. C. Williams. R. E. Woodruff. H. S. Womelsdorf, L. B. Wyatt. Alexander Zuber, J. T. COl.ONKl. KAKl.K DAliC V I ' KAllCK Hratl iif Ihe DeiMirlmmt of MUitnnj iirimce tnul Tactics ' ' .«0»» ' Organization of the Military Department C ' lllONKI. I- ' .AIIIK I) ' . I ' kAIHK ClW IIKIIIllll II I Major Tiikodouk M. Cmask r. , W .1 rlilliri Ciiriix M Ajdii GuiiFiii- Is. ( ' (iiiK Infiiiitrii CaI ' Hm;iiin,;t( v I.. Fi.anic.k.n Ciiiiyl .1 illllt ' i-ji Corjis Captain- Whiiam A. Howi.and liifiiiilni Captain Romani; V.. Stafkohd Sii iiiil Ciii-jix Captain David C. Kk.i ly Onliniiirr FinST I-IEITKNAXT FiVEIlKIT U . Wills .S ' (; H(( Cl rjIS First I.iRrT ;xAXT Hms H. nwinsnv lir Sii-firi ' FlUST I.IKrTKN ANT Sa.MIKL I,. M F.Tf A M ' l: I II ftl II I nj F ' liiST LiEL ' iTNvvr TriiiMys F. Icivck Iiljulmil First Sergeant I ' iiomas 1 ' . .Ionks D. I ' .. M. I.. Staff Sergeant Wesley H. C ' iodhfe I . E. M. I,. Staff Sehgeaxt Robert E. Meadijws I . I ' ,. M. h. Sergeant Heriiert L. Ei.iis 1 . i ' ,. M. I,. Sergeant Josdi ' ii Mm ska It. K. M. Jj. Sergeant Rc.v W. Siavdkn I). E. . f. L. The Military Band F. UoMAX . . . .linililmaxliv J. H. Coi.i.ixs l«)or C. I,. Donaldson- (■(tiilniii . . S. Hai ' poi.dt •■ rst IJ,iil, ' ,i„iit II. T. C.llliEllT F irsl Lliiilrnaiil I.. I, VON . . . • ' irst LUi,l,,u,iil 1). I). F h:st Ll,ul,„„nt W. I,. Wli.I.IA.MS Scr 111(1 l icuhiiiiiit I. COHEX md Ijieuft ' iuint H. E. BCHKE . .SVr md JAeulrmwt V. ( ' . HoisE First SiTcirtint Miss M iv Ci All . . . Siiiiiixiir I ' UIV ATKS I Adams, B. R. Dhkykr, B. B. Manihin. T. S. Umynk, p. S. Anastasas. H. O. 1 " ' , IKI1S0X-, . . I,, May. I). M. Uo.MAN. V. .). Arsioii, (i. A. KVANS, S. J. Mkahks, .S. .T. KOAN. M AllAXOFF. A. M. Fkhiikii., E. r. Mkihk. W. K. .Saie, ,r. B. Haiitiiei.mess, D. F. FllAKKS. I). V. Mlll.KIl, .1. II. Seu-.ei. H. Bl.AKEY, H. E. FllKl.KUIlK. H. V. Myers, A. I.. .Seward, V, C. BonciiAiiDT. H. C.A.MHIF, .S, B. MVEHS, I., Se«eii. H. p. BiiAXSKoiin. H. 11. Uahskk, (;. I.. McCain, Joe .SiANi 1, H. M, HlllKK. K. li. Ciiii mvAssKU. . . II. MiCasm. II. B. Steen, C. F. lilllKll. .1. H. Hanson, 1 ' . . I. MiCrkoou, II. 11. .Strkkiani), .1. () Cahso.n. K. 1 ' . Hakbis. J. H. McNeiii., .V. r. Trimrie, C. H. CllAl ' MAX. H. K. Havxik. .1. I.. MiI ' nERsox. I). 1.. rHOWIIRIDOE. C. . Coi.uxs, .1. H. Ukik, C, V. Newbehrv. T. V. arner. P, K, Cook, K, B. lIlHNKU, K, W. Nkwcomh, L. a. Wesiev, T. C. ClM.MIX.S. W. F. .Iacksox, II. I.. N us, J. V, Wadoky, F. O. CriiuTs, E. C. .Iexkixs. W. F. Park, C. .S. WlUlAMSON. V. Oav. P, S. .foNES, J. K. Parker, 1,. WllIlE, 1.. W. OiAi, I,. H. I.OVKIADV, W. B. Parneiik, .S. V. WiisoN, I.. E. DoVAi, C. M. I.I MMIS. 11. C. Powiii. W. B. Wool,. T. V. . Imisiiaii. W. K. Phi NciiKR. C. I.. Regimental Staff Coi.oxKi. C " . V. I5HKKIIS I ' liiiiniiiniliini Rii imeiit I.iKrTKXANT-C(M iiSKi. ( ' . T. BviMioN . .Siifiiiil ill ( niii niiniil iiiiil E .iiruHre M v.rdii S. W. (miavdiin Idjulniit M v.ruri !■■. K. Ch.ik I . (;. (). ninl Jtlihlir Offirrr M .iiiu C. V. Wit 111: • iipiihi Officer Cvl ' TMN II. I). iMMIItll .«.v|VMll .I ' ljllllllll Mils. K. I)- . I ' lMKK H,-,,iiii,iil,il Cliiiiirroiic Miss Kiiaxkik MitiiKii I{i itimi iilnl Sjiiiii.ior lis M. Officers of the First Battalion I.lKITKNAXT-CdICI.SKI WMlPilx il OlIMII liil 11 illiilll Cinil IIKI llllr r Majdk KiiAMis I.. luwiN Execulirc Offircr I ' m ' Tain I ' aii. H. (Iaikia Idjiiliinl Cai ' Tain J. S. Tom I.I xsoN Sujij)!! Officer Miis. V. A. Howi.and Chaperone Miss Vesita Vii.ey Sponsor COMPANY " A " .(. C. lUiimvicK Copldiii V. M. Davks Fh-Kt IJi ' uteiiaut T. A. SiiARPE First Lieutenant .1. DiXN Second lAeuteuout K. ). Coi.K Second Lieutenonl V. (). MiiiKiAX Second lAeiihniiiit Miss MviiiiiA WdiiTii KcicKiis SjKiiixnr (O.MI ' ANV ■H " A. H. I.KONAKD Captain W. R. Otis Fiml Lieutenant .1. W. I ' " rr .i " ATUn K I ' imt Lietitenant T. V. MtHiiAV Lieutenant !•■. W. I.nM, Fimf Lieutenant Miss I ' ' .i izaiikiii [ ' aitkiisiix .s ' y oH.w) - (OMl ' ANY " C " IIai. I,. S.AiiIll Captain n. C. Guiv.KX First Lieutenant I). I.KASK First Lieutenant .1. C ViiiT ; Second Lieutenant Miss I.ii.a Lewis Sponsor (OMI ' Wl ' -I) ' " t ' liAiiiKs H. Vai KKii Captain O. n. First LieultnanI J. KiciiHKiic First Lieutenant .1. F. McI.ENDox Second Lieutenant J. K. Bkdwx Second Lieutenant Miss Nki.i, Ci.avtun Sponsor 111, I){ 1 Alill.liS (OMl ' ANY W. A. nrPuK Captain A. A. Varoxa I ' irsI Lieutenant J. I,. Asnixo First Lieutenant Miss Mahcarkt MiNkei Sponsor y -nl %f %j BF Officers of the Second Battalion I.lKITKSANT-CllKINKI .1. H. (ilclVi;!! Cfllll INK l( dill 1 1 ll i mill f M v.r I. . Ktvikiik Excrulivr Offirir (M ' TMs U. . Ill Kui . .tdjulnnt ( viTvrv . c;. IVvDKMKMii ' Sniiphi Offirir Miis. i. M. fiiASK (■Ii,i,,iri,in- .Miss Isajikiik Bukitknhi i fihi ' jiiiiixi r (OMI ' ANY -K " H. !•■.. CUHKU Ciphiiii .]. n. iin.suiin: Liniliiniiil v. 11. HvKKii I ' ii:sl l u ' iiliii,nil .1. M. Wiisnx SccoikI Lifuli-iKiiil C. 1 " . Ill NiKU Si ' i-diiil Limteiianl .Miss N.w l.iXTiiKr:M Siionmir ( OMl ' .WV -1 ■■ II. I). Illll.LIS Cljitllill J. V. McOox.n.n First I.iiiiliiunil . B. KiKiK First J.iiiilininil J. . . Stcw.vht Si ' i-oinl Lii iilriiiiiit R. K. Sti-kois Sfriiiifl l.iiiitiii.iiil .Miss I.KIl A K.IDKll Sjiilllsiir (o.Mi ' .wv •■(;■• G. W. Hack Ciiiitiiiii v.. S. Ki ' STKiN- Fir.--, Liiiitiiiiiiil J. T. DriiKKTr First Liriitiiiiint H. V. Sthket Si;-f,inl IJriitiniiiil n. C. Mkkks S,-roii,l l.iiiitriiinit Miss Ki izaiikth Fisiiikh Sjiiiiisiir (OMl ' ANV ir il. II. Kac.kk Ciiil.iiii M. K. Wii.i.iA.Ms First Liruti limit I.. ( " . Ilm I ixGSWOHTii First l.iiiitiiiniil I.. 11. Ti II l- ' irst l.iiiitinnnt M. ' . llviiliiw Siriiiiil lAtiitiii.uit IS. . ii.,i.n Si;-i,ii,t l.iiiiti limit .1. .1. WlMlo.lM.V S,;;ii,,l l.irulriiiinl .Miss 1.1 Kii V KvKiiiTTi: .s ' m-h.-o,- Officers of the Third BattaHon I.IKITKXANT-COI.JXKI. S. M. TlKJMAS filll WllltlilK Hill I lllilin Major K. F. Fi.KTciiKit I ' .jnulh ' i Offirtr Captaix Cato Wilson- Id inlmU Captain G. E. Arciikr frisniintl .l,l ' },ilii,it Cai-taix K. T. Xkwtox Sh , , , Of fiver Mrs. H. K. Stakkohd cluiptrone Miss .Iaxi: Wiiuaaes Sponsor COMI ' AW ••{■ J. P. Traber .(. IJ. Bi.AiK h ' irgt ] ,iut iiiuit G. I-. Word Second Liiiiliiuint J. E. Cari.ton- Second Lliiihn inl C. C. Laxford Second Lieulenmit C. A. I.rxDAV Second IJeuleniint Miss I.aii.ixk Grant Ximnsor (O.MI ' ANV -K " U. A. ni •i-rux C-ijil(iiu ,r. H. Mathews First Lieutenant I ' . M. Markert First Lieutenant {;. K. DeI.ay Second Lieutenant .1. H. Persons Second Lieutenant C. K. Crowder Second Lieutenant J. L. Nash Second Lieutenant Miss Viroixia RRiriAiN S iinsor (O.Ml ' AXV ' I.-r ' II. W. Moore Vaiitain . R. PEiiniE Sen, ml Lieutenant G. S. lU-i.i.otK First Lieutenant .1. I. Deese S.rond Lieutenant C. E. Oxford First Lieutenant G. H. Walton Second Lieutenant Miss Len. Kxox Sponsor CO.MI ' AXY " I.-2 " W. I). I ' aiikins Captain I), M. (VCox nei i rir.-l l.inet nuiiil I. I.. .MriiLAY First Lieutenant . .1. Pettic.iiew .... iriind Lieutenant Miss Aim: (Iavii: Spnnsar (O.Ml ' ANY ' .M l " T. M. Wn.iiA.MS Captain .1 U. C. Tmom Second Lieutenant ' . Warwick First hiiutenanl (l. F. Lknoih Second Lieutenant . . K. Perihe First Lieutenant Miss HiTii Wilson Sponsor (OMl ' ANV ••.M-2 " .T. C. Meadows Captain C. I.. H enhv First Lieutenant . Hei.i First Lieutenant .May Kveiieit Sj,„nsi,r CO.Ml ' .WV ' N " G. U. Terry Captain C. K. HiHKE f ' ir.i Lieutenant D. H. Allen First Lieut, nani F. Pitcher First Lieutfnant G. K. Trevor Second Lieutenant C. H. Haine Second Lieutenant I,. A. Green Secnnil Lieutenant Miss Cieoni Hat ;s Sponsor Review of the Rifle Team Season The rifle team ;.nd this phase of activity at Georjria Tech has for tlie first time come into the |)rominenee tliat it really deserves and now more than ever liefore it has assumed the place wliich it .justly deserves and lia been recognized along: with the many other of Tech ' s teams that engage in intercollegiate meets for the glory and prestige of the old Alma Mater. This year ' s team has certainly " hitched its wagon to a star, " as the saying goes, an l showed no fear of hesitancy of any team in the country, taking on all comers and caring not for tlieir potentialities. . iul truly they have covered themselves with glory, winning every single matcli tliat tliey have engaged in, and taking the measure of the strongest and best rifle teams througliout the entire country. The members of the team should feel .justly proud of their sliowings this year, as they could not have done better. Winning the. Fourth Corps Area Rifle Match, the Georgia Tech team will compete with tlie winners of the other corps area matches for the championship of the entire country. Tliis meet has not taken place, as the book goes to press, but we feel confident that our team will emerge victorious. The Fourth Corps Rifle Match consisted of all the schools and colleges in the Southeast having R. (). T. C., lieiiig 10 in nunihcr. The results of the Michigan State College 3581 Oregon Agricultural College 3(i3(i Western Marvland College 3533 ITniversitv of " Delaware 3503 Massachu ' setts Institute of Te(lm ' )liigy 18+4. Oennison Cniversitv 3352 Tech Tech Tech Tech Tecli Tecli 8630 3()()3 3675 3661 1H80 3663 The ineinhcrs of tlic Smith, and alternate ' . I.. Bantnii. .1. A., Mver-, C. S., Walton, F. A., Brvson, .1. H., Coates, P. D., Storv, I.. -., I..T. |{. P.. Wliittl(M-v. ' ,1. 11., Merks, H. C, Morgan. C. O., WatUins. H, I... IjiniVr. W. 1 ' .. liMrl.iu, .1. M., I l ' il,-lic(i ' k, 1. C.. and Snavelev. W. IS. ■;F ;£34b. ■ - l-hsl n.,U„lioi, liiiskill ' itll I h.nnniuns. l!f. ' (i. Battalion Basketball ()))iiiiiif; tilt- M-.isoii with .1 liiilii;int icti)rv. the First liatt.-ilioii (juintct won tlic reginicntnl baskethall chainiiidiishiii for the second eonseeuli e Dnrini;: tl " ' sr. ' isnii the infantry tram ran their eores to within eii;lit jioints of donlilinji ' their op])onents ' senres without hisiiii; a i;inu- durinfi tin season. It was a sne.-essfnl season froii; start to finisli with a ureat deal of interest sliown hy (lie fonr hatlaHons and dnnim tiie two ronnds of ])h-n there were a lar ;e nuniher of s|)irited aaincs. - l tlie eh)se of tlie tournanien ' . the first Battalion was erowned ihe nndefeated ehani|)ions. tallyioij 2 t I |)oints to onlv r2() for the opponents. ( aplairi llowl.and eoaeh of tlie tiani .ami nnieh (d ' the sneeess due to his splendid work in roundiiii; t!ie ipiintel into sh.ape. I ' or the |).ast two vi .ars tin- l- ' irst Hattalion has lield nndispnted sw.ay over tlie otiier li.att.alions in thi field of .alhlctics. liaviiig won tlie eiianiiiionship of lioth li.asket- li.dl and footliall and they shonld deserve a fireat deal of pr.aise for tlieir spirit and the splendid teams which tiiey have turned out. l?.ilt.alion .itldeties lias befrun to assuiiic ail iniport.ant place .at ' I ' ladi .and the interest in this tdrni of .activity h.-is in- creased by leaps and bounds in the past two years. Battalion Football Willi! thi- iliisl had clc:irf(l after tlu- annual rcfiiniental football toumiment, it was the fast First IJattalioii ch-vcn which had cairicd off thf c-liampionship for the second consiTiitiNc- year. A post-season jiaine was played between tlie First and Fourth to deterniini- the chaui- pionship and it was a forward pass from Steve Bond to Hal Smith over the goal line whiili gave the infantry a (i to victory and the title. Up to this time no team had scored on the First save for the sound 12 to drubbing ad- ministered liy Fourth, liut to compensate for this the infantrymen had tallied a 13 to D victory over the Co-o| s. The two victories over the Fourth, which was cracked up as one of the strongest in the tournauient, was proof enough of the superiority of the little Ijoys in blue. The Second Battalion went through the season without .scoring a victory. In the opening game tlie Fourth was tied at 7 all after a hectic struggle. From then on the artillery ekven was not able to .score, but no other te.nn crossed the last white line. The tie championship went to the Second unjjrotested. The year l)efore it was Lieutenant .Iomc wlm eo.i«-hed tlie First to its eli,im]iioiisliip, put- ting the best l)attalion team ever produced in the field. That famous team swept all opposi- tion aside with its brilliant playing. Major Cook took over tlie reins at the opening of the 1925 sea.son and although an untimely accident prevented him from being with the team until toward the middle of the .season the team progressed rapidly toward the championship. It was former Coach .lovcc who put the finishing touches on the First just before its championship game with the Fourth and to him shouhl gi- a great deal of the credit for the championship. HI ' .Sri.TS OF First !l First 13 First First i First First l First e in I ' , SKA SOX Ihir.l Fourth Second riiird Fourth 12 .S.n.nd Fourth € .iyi National Collegiate Society of Spike Shoe Georgia ' I ' kcii CiiAi " n ' :K OFFICERS I.INIXSKV UoBKHl ' S Ficihieiil ( " i.iFKoRi) SciiwAiii Vite-President UiciiARi) FiCKKTT Serretari Francis Cook Treasiiid- MKMH?:ii.S CoAl II I I M ( l 1 H AIIKO- Coach (Ikoiu.k tiKirn- lilllJWKII. l.oiis Cook. Fkancis W. Chowdkii. Wii.i.ia.m X. ))avks, Fhamis M. FlCKKTl-, liuilAHl) N., III. Haxkixs, I)k ahh I). IVKV, .IaSI ' KH L. .loNKS. .Ia.MKS I.. Pkkkixs, 1 ' krcy H. Haihkr. Hakoii) lioUEUTS. I.IXDSEY RossKR, Geokge p. Saks, .Iri.iEN D. Sll[«AIl). ClIFKOIll) T. Steiihins. . Strickland. Ci.ieiord . . White, Edwari) D. Wilde, Geohoe W ' . Wvcorr, Douglas Briaerean Society OFFICI ,R.S 7 H. ]| Ho MllIt ' R .1. Ms cDuSNKII Barwick, F. Beixiier, T. W. Bri.i.ocK, O. S. COOI-KR. V. J. Grayson. J. H. Hamilton, W. Hill, G. M. HORNE. C. 11. Keene. . . I.YNES. G. MacDoneil, .F. Ml ' F. MIU li.S MlllEK. ,1. 11. .Moore. II. W. .MlKHAV. I. 1,. I ' niKLE. . . (i. KOBERTS. I,. Smith. .1. AV. Sti:i iiens. K. I. SlBER. U. K. Taylor, 1{. I,. TiioM. .1. 1{. C. Waiti:, . 11. . 7 ' -» ' i % . m ' ... ■..■t!:_.Vii£i: iSiii :j Aeronautical Association Georgia i ' Ktii Hii. Ltevt. R. H. D.winsox President FAcrr.TV :mf, F. B(k;ie C. E. COOIIDGE J. R. DVGGAX C. D. Fdgab J. W. ForxTAix Hemiy Gexz W. B. Johns H. H. I.eech .1. F. Smith H. S. ASSOCIATE MEMBERS I ' . I). Coates i:, II. ClHISSEK W. .1. M M)i: 11 m: .1. G. N ' u ' iiois V. B. liKDMl) H. I). Sims II. .1. Bl;l,cin;li B. E GoocH 1). H. I ' aii.k ( . W. liUKEllS R. O. HAnnis 11. 11. I ' eek Lewis Bi.eweii C ' . W. JOXES 11. .S. PlIlNEII, .III. J. S. Cannox ,1. T. I.AxsiiEiu; .1. U. Uevnoiii J. M. ClAHIX F. B. Law 1{. X. ScIIARTIE S. C. Coachman II. W. FliEllKKU K V. S. SCHEUFKH S C. M. Coi.YEIl .1. G. I.rn;ii B. M. llRXER J. H. Cox LEV W. 11. MiiiEii. .hi. .1. 11 WlllTTI.ESEY C. W. Ciiisp C. U. M E .1. 1.. ll.KIX» H. H. Eager 1 ' . G. Mviirs 1!. F. Wlll.lAMS C. T. FiRii .1. F. Nkiicm. T. (1. On. .III. r. v, Viioi R A R Club Adam . J. R. Broach. H. S. . l.FOBD. B. A. Boots. M. H. Arwoou. E. D. Cashion. W. N. Andkeks. J. H.. Jk. Torkkst, .1. M. Gammauk. C. E. Gore. E. .1. Harlow, M. V. H. D. I.KFPEBTS. W. G. Sale. O. H. Mai-millan. K. p. Sewell. C. M. Jr. Newton, H. S. Smith. J. L. Robeson. J. L. Strickland. .J. O. Z Z Z Club Chris Crowder Gilda Gray .Iakk Ivky Marshall Dkan Chester Hacuako Th.m Khnnki ' Hm.l Klkminc Fflix HorsE Walton I. an HnwAKP Whitk. Jk. Marshall Moseley Collins Waj.kkb Wiu.iK Wakhknton " - ' ' ' ' mmL. In Parting T IS witli (•(mflic ' tiiif; eiiioHiins tliat we approacli this the end of the work, and now tnrn over the finished produet to you for your approval, to you to whom we ;9! Iiave iledieated this the 192C Blue Print — the student. The book has been our iiinpanion for many, many hours during the year, and we have often burned the . midnight oil in its behalf, turning a deaf ear to tlie voiee of our downy couehes whieh were calling most plaintively. These many hours have not been hours of drudgery or forced effort, but as a whole they have been hours of pleasure, though they meant tlie sacri- ficing of sdcial hours, and neglect of school duties to some extent. 1 he work has been cheerfully done, and conscientiously with the aim always in our minds of accurately portraying life and aK ' tivities on the campus during this, the year of 192.5- 2I). We trust it has been carefully and well done, and that you wil) enjoy glancing over its pages, and shall say it is good and one of the best, for it has been our desire to please you. You are tlie judge. If everything is not as it should be and you happen to notice mistakes, we ask you to bear with us and reflect on the mass of detail and almost innumerable problems and diffi- culties which have confronted us. In tliis, as in all things, credit should lie givin where credit is ' due, and the one wlio le- serves the most credit for any success which this book may have obtained i. " Will Griffin, the Art Editor. He has been invaluable, as his- work will show, and he has labored long and hard to |)ut out the best along art lines that he was able. That liis labors liave not been in vain you will be the witness and his work will speak for itself. To who have aided us in a professional way in making the mechanical features of the book up to standard should be given a great deal of praise and credit. White Studio, and Lane Hrothers, who have handled the photographip copy of this annual, have given unsur- passed service in making this work artistic and iiigli class and have at all times been obedient to our slightest wish. To Mr. McCutcheon, and his staff of the Ben Franklin Press, who have rendered invaluable assistance, and have become our warm personal friends through mutual interest in the book. We have hardly the .space here to acknowledge as we should all the efforts of those on the staff who have labored hard at all times and can but mention that to these men should go much praise and congratulations for the hours spent in gathering together, writing, and arranging; a great deal of the copy for this book. Among those whose efforts you have to thank for this book are, Boggs, Eichberg, Wheary, Scarliorough, .Srnitli and Champiiui. Again, we hid good-bye to our frieiul and companion of the past seven months, this, the annual, and commit it to your care and pleasure end for your endorsement. We trust while leading it you shall live again in your past happy associations among tha familiar surround- ings and the love for your .Mma Mater -.vill be iucrcnsed still more through this record. The EniTiiR. Ic Dii ,Str.-fts, KU 4c Klsewliere, excejit Canada and Texas, He Tech Terror and Tattler Kntered as last class m; ttiT in the post office and barred from the mails by special ir, „ ,,,•: )-,v I ' l.hlliu : flCn (,}ll,irls 1 Cntlnii: Itnllrl, Pnl)lishcd .Scini-Siili-Uciiailv hv llu- Mi)nins nf Mr. Rrittain ' s Scliixil for IVi CAST Edwaiid Hok KdU( r-in- ' hU ' f Hexrv Fohi) Manager H. L. Mexckex Church Activities Red Graxge Sportinri Editor CouxTESS Cathcakt Sociel 1 MiCIIAEI, AxoKio •()■ ICililor Wm. Wrigi.ey Idz ' ertisiiu Mniiiiiicr W. M. Shakespkahe Liternri Kdilur Sid Smith l- ' iiiiiii I ' lijiir ICditnr HoxoRE Bai.zac Censor .TrnoE MEimvKTTTKFi Ill llic liriihii nf Winiicii W. I). ri ' SiiAW Staff linnllciiiicr CON ' TRimTOKS Tf) THIS ISSFK: Eleanor CIlyn, ]5oee,icio, Cuy de Maupassant, Mark Tliarpc. Biienavuenti. Celli Captain Hilly, IVrey Marks, ,lo|,ii Hall, Horatio Al-rr and Karl Cam KDiroU-UEEI.S Whctli.-r the lalit.Jr should writ.- an eoilorial .ir not for a paper of this kind is a dehatahle question. Some say no, sonii- say yes. yon say no, I say y -s, and, havin-;- the advantage iver you, I am Jiroceedinp to write sneli. Howi- er, the tlioiight jnst oeeurr ' d to nie, yes, it really (lid,_that you have a further advanta;iv over me in that do not have to read it. while I do have to write it, and that does not scein fair to me at all and not a hit sportsmanlike, and .so, after thinkin;; over the (luestion for 19 hours on a stretcher, I conclude with that remarkahle forethought and sagacity for which 1 have always hern note l that 1 will NOT write an editorial, tlierehy obtainiiijr a most sweet reveniri-, which I enjoy just to thnik of, for if I do not write it vou cannot read it, : ! Georgia School of Technology " A TECHNICAL SCHOOL WITH A NATIONAL REPUTATION " THE GEORGIA SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY offers to young men of ability and ambition a training which will fit them for positions of responsibility and power. The national reputation of this institution is based not on claims, but on results. Its greatest asset is the record which its alumni are making in the productive work of the world. Georgia Tech graduates succeed because they have been trained both to think scien- tifically and to work efficiently. Courses in CIVIL. ELECTRICAL, MECHANICAL, TEXTILE, GENERAL, AND CERAMIC ENGINEER- ING, ENGINEERING CHEMISTRY, ARCHITEC- TURE, COMMERCE, INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION AND GENERAL SCIENCE. Coast Artillery. Signal Corps. Air Service. Infantry, and Ordnance Units of the R. O. T. C. P or Further Information, Address THE REGISTRAR Georgia School of Technology ATLANTA, GEORGIA MONTAG BROTHERS INCORPORATED MANUFACTIKEKS OF Fine College Stationery ' i ENVELOPES. TABLETS, SCHOOL SUPPLIES. ETC. Wi ATLANTA, GEORGIA M AH KI.OIilDA MAMMY Mall f ' loriila Maiiiiny and Rastus anil Sammy Don ' t live in the cabin no more — They ' ve all pot positions and earn big com- missions By sellinp choice lots on the shore. Mah kind-hearted Mammy owns h: i of Miami And old A not .Jemima and .loe In nld ' I ' nllahnsscc are ritz and classy And rolling in diamonds and doufrh. frtaters; tin 111! nil bc( They don ' t hue j estaters, And dabble n acres and plot; The white fields of cotton r, forpotten And serve now as choice building lots. The Mandys and Minnies — the jiart picka- ninnies Don ' t harvest the cotton and cane. But sell costly pieces and projjerty leases To suckers from Jersey and Maine. Sunday .School Teacher Do you know the seven deadly sins? Willy (son of censor)— ( " .ood Bad Wo- man; Desire Under the Elms; Artists and Models; What Price Glory; Follies; White Cargo ; etf. " I don ' t mind washing the dishes for yon, " wailed Deacon Car.son to his better- half the other day. " 1 don ' t object to swecjiing, dusting and mopping the floor, but I do object to running baby ribbon thriingh my night-dress to fool the baby. " " Now, .Tohn, " said the Judge, " tell us why oM insulted this lady. " " Well, y ' r honor, 1 ])icked this lady up ia nic cab an " took her to where she wanted to go, an ' when .she got out she gave me the -xact change an ' no more, an ' I sez under ini- lircatli: ' You stingy ol ' hen, ' an ' she heard me. " " l ' ■rbal) , ,Iiihn, you can tell us just what is your idea of a lady. " " Well, y ' r honor, I picked up a lady the other day an ' took her to her destination an ' .she gave me a five-dollar bill, an ' me bein ' an ' honest man I reaches fur me change, but .she .sez: ' Aw, t ' hcll with the change, go buy yourself a shot o ' gin. ' Now that ' s what I considers a lady. " Old .Mail — " . ren ' t you asharfied to be miioking a cigarette, little buy? " Boy — " I sure am, mister, but what ' s a man goin ' to do when he ain ' t got the price if a cigar? " NAT KAISER CO., Inc ESTABLISHED 1S93 JEWELERS and SILVERSMITHS WATCHES — DIAMONDS — JEWELRY Gifts That Last " No. 3 Peachtree Phone Wal. 1910 lo A c()I.i,i;gk h vv C ' olleffiate hat, used for a mat. Battered, ragged, and torn, You were not new, but tried ani You always could 1m- worn. You went to ela.«s and helped ni Kecall I your first dent. 1 needed gold, so you were sold. You helped to pay the rent. That ' s why your hide is now a-t . lump of fat, collegiate hat I 1 true ;■ paS Co-ed — " Where are you from? " Old Grad — " N ' ew Orleans. " Co-ed— " Oh, Tve heard so much of tin Mardi Gras. Have they a good cliapt.- down there r " WESTVV.VKD HO Suiith — " How ' s the liquor question in thi- West? " .Jones (who had Just returned)- " No (piesti m at all. Wliy, in one town I was in, llie water had been turned off for a week ,iiul the inhabitants didn ' t know it until thiv bad a fire. " She (rel.iting her travels) — " And Florence I visited the Pitti Palace. " He — " Oh, did urns? " .ScMorit i " Anil so .Manuel the bull fighter has MKirrieil? " Senor — " Yes, and his wife has hini com- ])letely cowed. " First .Stude — " Let ' s go up to the room aTul study some with ,Iini and Kd. " Second Stude (absent-mindedly) — " Fine. Let ' s make it a quarter of a cent a point tonight. " " Send money immediately, I ' m broke, " wired the son at college. " So ' s your old man, " was tin- reply. The old man — " . 11 girls ride with me cvcMln.illy. I drive a car no girl walk. " ; home from. " The old ladv - " kind of a car do VOM ilrivc? " The ,il(l mau " . hearse. " The (pu-stiiui l)efore the house is " Was M.idi-liiH- Joining a sorority, or merely re- turning from a canoe ride? " " That girl looks familiar to me. I think I ' ve seen her before. " " Yes, she does to n to,]. I wish 1 coulU see her face. " A Cut-In Both Can Enjoy A Coca-Cola cut-in is always good taste. So shines a good drink in a thirsty world. IT HAD TO BE GOOD TO GET WHERE IT IS - 7 MILLION A DAY For Exceptional Work and Service — EUGENE HARRIS, Inc. DRY CLEANING AND DYEING Walnut 6534 lU ' DDlKS He — " No, my father wasn ' t exactly a po- liceman, but he went with them a great XO FAIRY TALE " Will iii marry nu-:- " he asked. " Nil, " she replied. And they lived happily ever afterward. I.ady (to clerk)— " I want to buy some lard. " C.rocer— " Pail:- " ' l.adv — " I didn ' t know it came in two shades. " No, Clarence, they don ' t call it drip cof- fee because it trickles off vour chin. •■All say. old tH|,|.,r. dim ' t you live in jolly old L.indon:- " " Sure, my l.urd, and why do you ask? " " All. 1 hcanl smricone . ' ay that you have liccn in .1 fii;;- all of vour life. " Uovine — " That new farm hand is terribly dinnli. " JMinine " How ' - tliatr " Bovine — " He found a lot of condensed milk cans in the grass and insisted he had fimnd a cow ' s nest. " .S.iiiibii — " . h wants a ra .za. " (Icrk— " Safety:- " .S.niilio " N ' o s.ih, . li wants it foli social ,,l,l,|.„S,-s. " GOAL For Grate, Stove or Furnace LUMBER With convenient yards located in practically every section of the city and suburbs, we can make prompt delivery. Nu extra charKe for hauling to Drcatur, Kirkwood, East Point. College Park, Burkhead and other 4714 RANDALL BROS. »« WAInut Zii 0-LOWELL LARGEST MANUFACTURERS OF TEXTILE MACHINERY IN AMERICA Engineering Experience of over ] 00 years gained by supply- ing the machinery needs of more mills than any other maker, enables us to recommend and supply just the right equipment to make any particular yarn at the least raw ma- terial expense possible. Saco-Lowell Shops .1 Federal Street, Boston, Mass. SOUTHERN OFFICES Charlotte. N. C. Greenville, S. C. Atlanta, Ga. STANDARD COAL COMPANY hic;h grade steam and domestic COALS Office, 308-11 Peters Bldg. s TANDARf) IGNIFIES ERVICE Walnut 5757-5758 The Jii(l}ro jraz ' (i with hnrrified wonder at the accused murderer. " Ho yim mean tn tell me, " he asked in- di{. ' iiantly, " that you killed this poor old woman for the paltry sum of thrie dol- lars:- " " Well, ycr know how it is, Yer Honor, t ' ree snincks here and free smacks dere, it soon counts up. " 2:00 . . M. ■■ .hay, is thish the wcatlier man? ' " Yes. " " Well. Youh ' ve lef it rainin ' down on ipur hlock. " (Click!) ■ " Where are you from? " •■South Dakota. " ■■.M 1 You don ' t talk like a Southerner. He— ■■May I call tonifrhtr " Siie — ■■Tlie electrician is changing the wir- ing system and our lights are out of order this week. " He — " Have you any dates for the rest of the week:- " OS THE LOOKOUT Student-Wliat sli.ndd 1 do for a man wlio has liad liis broken in two places ' Prof.— Tell him to keep out of those two places. " Black Hoy, how did you ' all get that soot on youali coat? " " That oin ' t snot, Carbona, tliat ' s dand- luft ' . " PHILLIPS " CREW PIANO CO. ' ' Everything in Music " 18] Peachtree Street Phone WAL 8061 GEO. MOORP: ice (REAM ( O., Inc. MAMF.Xt Tl KEK.S 111 ' I HE Hiril ER KIND or I ' U KE ICE CREAM . Healthful I ' ood and Leading Dessert. Prepared in a Modern, Spotless Factory 51-33 EAST ,VI.. B. MA STREET Main 4164 Telephone Main 332. SPINNING RING SPECIALISTS SINCE 1873 TWISTER RINGS SILK RINGS TRAVELLER CLEANERS TRAVELLER CUPS GUIDE WIRE SETS VNML JIM A ' il SPINNING RING CO. When You Eat ICE CREAM Eat the Best Made By Jessup Antrim Ice Cream Co. MERROWING KSTAHI ISIiKI) l .i THE MERKOW HIGH SPEED OvcredKf and Stilch Machines FOR FINISHINt; KNIT AND WOVKX FABRICS OF ALL KINDS MERROW Ree. Trade Mark ((ualily and quantity production at low operatini; cost The .Merrow Machine Co. 666 Laurel St., Hartford. Conn., l. S. A. S.iirf for iUuHlrnted catalogue and soiiiji .s F,iir Motorist " Oh. I ' m sinry, tint I ' m Mt ' r.iiil I li.iv ' i-iit Dt ' f yimr right font. " Chiv.ilniiis M.ilc " That ' s quite all right, M:iil,iiii, I hail a rorii (in it. aiivwav. " Professor — " Well, young man. I s-uppose vou have come to ciillejie to mal-ce something ,if yourself:- " Freshman— " No sir! My dad Just sent Mil- u]) here to prove to my ma that every i;uy tliat graduates from college is ruined f.ii- life. " Kind Old Part - " I luar you buried your xvit ' r yesterday, Mr. Kaulip. " " ' .-ll. nu-in Gott. I had to. She vass dead. " t ' o-( l — " Two weeks ago I refused to uarry your hrotlicr, atul he has been drink- Mg heavily -ver siuee " III — " Yes. he ' s the kind of a fellow who icMT knows «licn to slop a celehration. " Peerless Cotton Mills Thomaston. Ga. Manufacturers of Fine Sheet.s, Pillow Cases and Red Spreads BRANDED PAGE AND THOMASTOX fcl !i !| — The — TECH UNIFORM Sigmund Eisner Co. RED BANK, N. J. The cover for this annual was created by The DAVID J. MOLLOY CO. 2857 N. Western Avenue Chicago, Illinois GH ' crv Mol o Made Cover hears this trade mark on t ie back lid. SPOUTS •• " Oavi.l knorked out " Hattlinfr ' Goliath, challenper for the heavyweight cliaiiipionshii), in the first round here l)ct ' orr one of the hirgest audicnees ever a senilded in the history of the game. Hiawatha, of tlie Haskell Indian School, won the five-mile walking race at the Tech relays Saturday afternoon. The young athlete ha.s an enormous stride, estimated l y coaches to ho seven leagues long. One of the proudest spectators was his mother, Mrs. Xokomis, who occupied a seat of honor in the governor ' s hox. Steve Rrodie took first place in the hroad jump, clearing 12 i feet from a running start on the Brooklyn bridge. SOCIETY. Kditcd hy Winnie Vhitehall. Beautiful in its simjilicity was the cere- mony which last evening united two of the South ' s oldest and mo;,t reppresentativc families, when Miss Cierdiss Ciill and Mr. Spike Cassidy were married in the city hall liv .Magistrate ?Uijah .Tones. The hall was heautifully decorated with white and hlue hunting and with a larg,- portrait of . liraham Lincoln over the altar. . ppropriate musical selection ' - were ren- dered hy Mr. Hank .Magraw in his lyric whiskey tenor preceding the ceremony. He sang, " Why Did I Kiss That Gal? " .ind ••V.- Sir Iliafs .My Hal.y. " ' During the ceremony " Bcalc Street .Mania " was softly ]ilayed. Only the innnediate families were present. The l)ride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gill, long identified witli the civic and so- cial life of .Vtlanta. She is the grand- daughter of Private Tliomas Gill, chief ilog- roliher to Captain Harry Fleetwood in the War Between the States. Her father is prominently connected with the Ga. Railway Power Co., having operated the first mule-driven trolley car on Peachtree and since that time having charge of car 51 on the I.uckie Street Waterworks line. Miss Gill is an alumnus of O ' Keefe Junior High, where she was a popular memlier of the Freshman Class. Mr. Cassidy is the son of Mr. and Mrs. .Mike Cassidy. His father has charge of station IS of the Atlanta Fire Department. He is a direct descendant of Barbara Friet -hi-. ' of Kcvoh.ilionary fame. He received his diploma from the . tlanta .School of Pharmacy, later taking graduate work with the Mohler Earlier College, where he was a jiopidar member of Cnion No. 31. He is a member of the Parody Club and the Maccabees Temple. Immediately after the ceremony the happy couple left for .Stone Mountain and other points of interest. Equipped With Ma: y Years Experience For Making Photographs of All Sorts Desirable For Illustrating College Annuals. Best Obtainable Artists, Workmanship, And The Capacitv For Prompt And Unequalled Service 220 West 42 Ef? St-reex, New ' VtiFuc. iggllilliiiifgiBlllifig FOR ATLANTA ' S FINEST I E L L O W S ATLANTA ' S FINEST LAINDEKERS AM) DRY CLEANERS TRIO CALL IVY IfiOd " SEE UNCLE GUS " Officer (at U. (.). I. L. Luii).) " (ut n|. Ve " rf gitiiig to break camp. " Stiulcnt (still sleepy)— " Alrifrht. Wh.. ' . ■rot the dice? " Master — " I never knew a person lould iret M) nuicli noise out of one ]iiann. " " Tvro — " Aw, " s nothin " , .lust lieirinncr ' s lurk. " . man had fallen overboard and a trafre- dy was at liand. ■■ ' Ihrow liiui a lifesaver 1 " yeUed the ia]i- taiu. " Oh. no! " slirieked Algy. " Worst thin in the world, you know, really. They take the lireath awav. " " Wliich am lc most usefulest. Ebon, de sun or de nioonr " " Why, de moon ob course. " " How come de nioonr " " Kase (W moon, he shine in de nijrht wlien w - need de lifiiit, but de sun, lie shine in le day when lifrht am ob no conse juence. " ' BIT SHE HOLDS THE CL.VS.S " ri-acher " s pet, tea ' her ' s )ii t ' " " No tlu- (loirt. 1 tried il Standard Pharmacy INC. Cox and White. Proprietors ooc Prescription Druggists Telephones: Hem. 0866, Hem. 0279, Hem. 9159 Pay Station ooo Toilet Articles, Drug Sundries Stationery, Soda Water Cigars, Cigarettes Tobacco, Etc. ooo CORNKR NORTH AVE. AND I.UCKIB ST. Atlantic Ice Coal Company ICE, COAL, COLD STORAGE General Offices: Atlanta, Ga. lelophonc Main 1900 ROBERT AND CO IPANY INCORrORATED ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS ATLANTA ADAIR SENTER Engineers and Builders 614-15-16 Hcalcy Building ATLANTA. GA. STYLE IN GLASSES THERE IS A STYLE. COMFORT. AND INDIVIDU- ALITY. ALL COMBINED IN D OUGLAS- MADE GLASSES LEP DOICJLAS SEKVICE IJE YOIR SERVICE Your Oculist KiidHs E. TRAVIS DOUGLAS OPTICIAN M(i Peachtree Street R. S. ARMSTRONG « BRO. CO. Machinery, New and Used Contractors ' Equipment " Vou Can Get It at Armstrong ' s " H7 ! MARIETTA ST., ATLANTA, CA. (In three acts) I Syncopation. Lubrication. Sweet flirtation. Fa.scination. 11 Provocation. Inclination. Situation. Osculation. Ill Indignation. Explanation. Condonation. Restoration. VH vrs Till " , DII Fr Firsl liny- " .My dad is a great man — he ' s a trustee at a university. " Second Hoy — " Shucks ! My dad is a trusty «t the state penitentiary. " It was a dark nijrht and .Tones was sur- l rised to find a man erawlinp about on big liands and knees iindcrneath the street lamp. He h.ul evidently had one drink too many. .luncs stoinicd: " What ' s the mat- ter!- " Drunk M. " I losht shomethinp. " .(ones — " Where abouts? " Drunk M. (pointinjr to dark alley) — " Over shere. " .Jones- " Well jrood heavens, man, why look here then? " Dnmk .M. " S ' lieasby — more lijrht here. " Everett Strapper, Inc. ROAD SERVICE HEmlock 7670 VULCANIZING 428 SPRING STREET at North Avenue WE NEVER (LOSE WITH BEST WISHES TO THE GEORGIA TECH FAME PRINT GREEN y MILAM 8 PRODUCE ROW WORSE VERSE POLICE COl ' RT. This is a Ed A. Poe, " Fats " Falstaff and George ' I ' vpical Washington ]ilead frniltv to charge of Bit (if Col- " drnnk and disorderly " . Ren Hur and I.ppre lilank verse; Mark Anthony were bound over to the It doesn ' t rhvme Grand Jury on charges of reckless driving Or Iiavc sense Miiil operating a chariot wliile intoxicateil. Or anvtliinp. man giving his name as N ' ero, occujiation I tliink it ' s Called blank verse Hill Lilian, made hail on charge of arson. Reeause it Mice for the first time saw a cat carry- Ooi-sn ' t rhvme — ing her kitten bv the nape of its neck. I (liin ' t know " Yon ain ' t fit to be a mother, " she cried . n l don ' t eare — scathingly, " yon ain ' t hardly fit to be a I ' m c ' llefi ' .ite! father. " Every Dollar Spent With Us Continues To Serve And Build Atlanta REED OIL COMPANY 11 STATIONS STKIMM ' . I?V STF.Pn A Uussiaii was lieing led off tii t-xccutioii l y a squad of Bolshevik soldiers on a rainy inorninur. " What liriites you Bolsheviks are, " grum- hlcd the doomed one, " to iiiareh iiic througli a rain like this. " " How ahout us? " retorted one of the- S(|uad. " We have to marcli back 1 " I ' he owners of this dance hall reserve tlie riL ' lit to refuse admission to any lady they think is proper. " It was the old, old story, " siglu-d tlie |iretty wife on the witness stand in a di- vorce court, " a horse and a jackass can never agree. " " Don ' t you call me a horse, " roared the husliand as he shook off his attorney ' s rc- trainin;r h.iiiii. I n I ' .li l,l " Old I,.i(ly (visiting State Prison) " I sii|i|)risc, my poor man, it was poverty that brought yiui to this. " Counterfeiter — " On the contrary, niuui. I wa-. just coining money. " " My niotlier always named her children .iftcr flowers; my sisters arc Violet, Rose, ;ill l Daisy. " " What did she call you:- " " Artificial. " First Pedestrian — Gosh, that taxi nearlv gat you. Second O ' SuUivanite — I kiuw it wouldn ' t hit me. First- How ' s tliat:- .Srcoiul It w,■l vcll.iw. NICHOLS CONTRACTING COMPANY (INCORPORATED! General Contrjcting. Rjilrojd Construction. Street Grading, Paving. Concrete Masonry, Etc. Both Team and Shovel Outfits Office: No. 1 LaFrance St. Atlanta. Ga. MONCRIEF FURNACE CO. 62 HK.MPHII-L .AVE. .ATL.AXT. ' V ENCLOSED COMPRESSORS Have 20 points of superiority which are illu trated and explained accurately in our " 20 Pom Folder. " A complete description of these compressors. many illustrations showinK their application t various industries usinK refrigeration will b found in Ive Frost H-4. F.ildcr and Hull nd Ir;itc Father — Young lady, those t ' colored stocking.s you have on are positively indeeent. How many times do I liave to tell you not to wear them? Daughter — I ' m not, father. BRIGHT IDE. Father — How is it, young man, that I firul you kissing my daughter? How is it, I ask vou? Y. " M.— Oh, it ' s great! It ' s great! A Boston lady owns a pu]) One of those high-hreed " tow.sers. " He never pants ; He alv avs trou.sers. " AFy ancestors eame over on the May- flower. " " Mine eaiue over on the . ])ril Showers, a month hefore the M;ivflower. " ' Clerk — " You solemnly declare that ou are fitted to receive tliis license for mar- riage? " Uastus— " All surely is. Boss. In fact, when il comes to marriage, ah is the most li rritiou6 nigger in thf ' :c pirts. " Jacobs ' Dominating the Drug Field in Atlanta Mail Orders Given Prompt Attention W. E. FLODING INC ' OKPOKATKD Manufacturers of Costumes, Uniforms, Banners, Pennants, Etc. " Anything For Any P ' raternity " 100 W. Peachtree Street Costumes For Rent ATLANTA Billiards Lunches Soft Drinks THE REX 125-12!) NO. PKYOR ST. A clean place for clean fellows and a Hearty Welcome to all Tech Men ROBERT L. YORK OF ATLANTA made the engravings , fori9Z6blueprint itSa s »S»,VGiLLY EK (ajfV?lK(A Co At L■ WT PRINGLE J SMITH ARCHITECTS 821-25 ATLANTA TRUST CO. HI.DG. ATLANTA. GA. Old Skinflint— " Hev, l)i y, wliiifs tliis ym were sliouting:- ' (ircat Swindle — fiO io liins! ' I can sec nothing of it in tliis paper. ' Newsboy — " Great Swindle — (il Victims! ' " Tli.-it ' t real Italian spaplietti we liiid for supper. " " How do you know! " " " Because real Italian spaglietti drops off your fork and px ' S ' Wnp " on ycmr plate. " Whoever named a certain ty])c of Ameri- in youths as " Sheiks " certainlj ' played a KMii tri k on tlic Arabs! Father — " Young man, I understand you have made advances to my daughter. " ' ' oung Man — " ' H ' es, sir. I wasn ' t going to say anything about it, but now since you ' ve mentioned it, I wish you could get her te p.iy me back. " i l or ; superior service C ' ' in the production of fine printing, M e submit this sample as an example of our craftsmanship ANNUALS : CATALOGS PAMPHLETS ■:■ BROCHURES LEAFLETS ■: PUBLICATIONS COMMERCIAL PRINTING Beti atTklin rtss T e BLOSSER -WILLIAMS COMPANY JOHNSON-DALLIS COMPANY 128-142 Marietta St. Atlanta. Georsi ■ a ,. j Ancle V ' bon J C . :mir • B :i: xi d. • :i :i . x i v • .i ) ' ao • 5 v e ' x SC ' !i Q ' : ' ' ' J D " f :

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