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mm- . x ' -,.; • ' , liV ' j ' i - ' VfaaMa afc k ' - t " ' - %: THE COLLEGE In The Year Of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred And Sixty-nine COLLEGE: An institution of higher education that grants de- grees. A Pictorial Essay In 95 Pages ESSAY: An interpretative composition dealing with its subject fronn a limited or personal point of view. The Book Beauties .■ . 96 Activities 114 Sports 148 Organizations 182 Greeks 242 Faculty 302 Classes 370 Index 450 3 " The Beautiful World Of Our Minds Wish I was A Kellogg ' s Cornflake Floatin ' in my bowl takin ' movies, Relaxin ' awhile, living in style, Talkin ' to a raisin who ' casion ' ly plays L.A. Simon Garfunkel wasmimauB } ■ " ' M 1 biftl ■■s H Hlfc H 1 B H P pPp 1 . w- ' " M!: . . .■ H fP " " " ■v»4»i4wu:-jk, i »«ai»t ;- B Grass, Goofballs, speed, sugar cubes, pot, beauties, dolls, bananas. I am a dreamer, I face reality. I exist ... I know not where. I see the wind, but I don ' t feel it. Nothing concerns me . . . beyond death. Ann Claudia I prefer boysenberry More than any ordinary jam. I ' m a " Citizens for Boysenberry Jam " fan. Ah, South California. If I become a first lieutenant Would you put my photo on your piano? Simon Garfunkel .-.-■■It IlllClli IIIIII mill ' jt • ' . ji» " Someone told me It ' s all happening at the zoo. I do believe it, I do believe it ' s true. It ' s a light and tumble journey From the East Side to the park; Just a fine and fancy ramble To the zoo. Simon Garfunkel H HKii ' y I ' A I Wl ' f! , ' - ' ■ ' JCI HH ► m I HnJ IT ' ' II 1 s We ' d like to know A little bit about you For our files. We ' d like to help you learn To help yourself. Look around you. All you see Are sympathetic eyes. Stroll around the grounds Until you feel at home. Simon Garfunkel II ll 1 ' 4 ' ' • n i I » • Ic f-N . .JKnfl lid It i ». . 33 The sounds of the city, Sifting through trees, Settle like dust On the shoulders Of the old friends. Can you imagine us Years from today. Sharing a park bench quietly? Simon Garfunkel 12 ittUllli 13 14 1 No good times, no bad times. There ' s no times at all, Just The New York Times, Sitting on the windowsill Near the flowers. We might as well be apart. It hardly matters. Simon Garfunkel 15 Hang Ups Tribulations— draft . . . deferments ... in- duction . . . registration . . . studying . . . testing. 16 1 17 Adaption— rain . ing . . . lines . store . . . traffic 18 19 Indecision— life . . . figure fads . . . appearance . . . partici- pation. 20 21 1 L 4 i 5 ,7 .■ ft v V ' ' i ' JSb M L Ht J r 1 I H r Hardships — embarrassment . . . pain . . . standing . . . loneliness. w% u S I B -i r H xii Pl y 1 y ' 22 23 .r-?:.. 4t 24 Inconvenience— weather . . . wreck . . . police . . . hospital . . . court. 26 The Who Ain ' ts The disposition of mankind, whether as rulers or as fellow-citizens, to impose their own opinions and inclinations as a rule of conduct on others, is so energetically supported by some of the best and some of the worst feelings incident to human nature, that it is hardly ever kept under restraint by anything but want of power,- and as the power is not declining, but growing, unless a strong barrier of moral conviction can be raised against the mischief, we must expect, in the present circumstances of the world, to see it increase. John Stuart Mill 27 Walk on your tip toes Don ' t take No-Doz Better stay away from those Who play around a fire hose. You don ' t need a weathernnan To tell which way the wind blows. Bob Dylan 28 29 Ij 30 -- -% n-. " --o Q-.----0 ai--. " o ov.-r o O ' -. ' . ' . ' ' o -•--•- »«» - , Two Can Live As Cheaply As One I need so much the quiet of your love After the day ' s loud strife; I need your calm all other things above After the stress of life. I crave the haven that in your dear heart lies. After all toil is done; I need the starshine of your heavenly eyes, After the day ' s great sun. Charles Hanson Towne 31 ■II mill ■ ' ■ ■ ■ ■ ■■■■■■■ 32 It has been said that a man gives up more than a woman does when he marries. When a woman marries, her home, her children and her husband become the most important things in her life. But what comes first to a man is his education, his ca- reer, his work, the development of his talent. James Lincoln Collier 33 34 Beau Brummels And Vanity Fairs Mod . . . Juliet and Romeo . . . Bell-bottomed pants . . . Round toed shoes . . . Squared heels . . . Round heels . . . Square toed shoes . . . Afro-Look. 35 Beards . . . Tennis shoes . . . Jer- seys . . . Jeans . . . Indian style 36 1 1 . - ■• • rTr w tvP - " . i P W H 3 11 37 38 39 I It ' ll ' ' jf ' ifJa- ' r% I 40 Oils, Bronze And Imagination I find it worthless and tedious to imitate that which is, because nothing that is satisfies me. Charles Baudelaire 41 42 No work of beauty can be more beautiful than the mind which designed it. I do not think a painter can produce a painting more beauti- ful than the thought of his mind which led up to it. E. H. Bickersteth 43 Emotion And Motion Modern dance is what modern painting and modern music are— a new development of an old art— a creative manifestation of our time. 44 IV ' . ■ h-. 45 46 ■ r : ' inv ' .■o ' . " jr.vtA »j ' . ' n. ' ' . m It has not reached a blessed state of perfec- tion—it is a new growth of art as old as man. Like every growing thing it is very much alive. 47 Smoking, Drinking, And Wild Wild Women You never can tell about wonnen, and if you can, you shouldn ' t. Bruce Patterson IMilli 48 I 49 50 51 52 OMCMNb You kissed and tol d, But that ' s all right, The one you told • Called me last night. 53 I saw her upon nearer view, A Spirit, yet a Woman too! William Wordsworth 54 55 Caution: Cigarette smoking may be hazardous to your health. 56 57 58 Hang Outs The city reaches out just as spider. The tentacles are the streets stretching out to the people Growing wider with their interests. Each sidewalk leads to another side of life. 59 We have places to go and We have people to meet. 60 61 I know a place where the music is fine and the lights are always low. I know a place where we can go. ■■ — — ■• •■M 1 1 - , !■ B ilr I i-- (I Goren On Bridge South, the declarer, passes on the first bid and answers his partner, who bids one heart, with a bid of one diamond. .... 1 FMlM H H ;:s ' - I ' 1 L ¥ li »a IF x . L " " ■ • " ■ L tUr M f " " m L l iui iggjgj 64 65 Our Hope Human emotions stir deeply in the fierce maelstrom of sports. For it is here that our peoples play at war. Out of athletic competition come the conjoined stimuli of exhaltation and depression and fierce rivalries— but in all, much more of the pleasures than of the pain. 67 A coach must feel the spirit of his players just as an artist must feel the color in his painting. The coach must be an inspired being. He must rise to the occasion so that he can give to his men in the few minutes of half time enough of the super-human to carry them through the grinding toil to vic- tory. 68 i 69 A coach must come before earnest men. They will watch his face for the assurances of victory. Many times he must stand alone face to face with certain and imminent de- feat staring at him. However, he must de- velop an expectant and fighting spirit in all the players and himself. For hope and will are the stepping stones to success. 71 • ! .i My Second Home The urban student makes about two trips per day in a car or transit vehicle to school from approximately ten miles away. 73 r - 74 There are various means of transport to State, But you ' re out of luck if you arrive past eight. 75 76 1 My Friend The Police Stop, Look, and Listen Before you cross the Street. 77 You use your ears and use your eyes And then you cross the street. 78 {•► K ,. t 9:50 - 10:40 It is a sad thing to reflect that in a world so overflowing with goodness of smell, of fine sights and sweet sounds, we pass by hastily and take so little note of them. David Grayson 80 81 . S UMJ I have sought repose every- where and I have found it only in a little corner with a little book. St. Francois de Sales 82 At The Bottom Of The Ramp We only have ten minutes so let ' s go to the refectory . . . Let ' s see, a coke or an ice cream sandwich . . . No, I think I ' ll have a grilled cheese sandwich. 84 You never know who you will see . . . This ; isn ' t the best place to study . . . Grab a L quick lunch or a coke ... It only takes the correct change in that machine. 86 87 J 5 88 ' " 1 I 1 ijMSurrwTTHESTMaE ' Lk Peoplf J)v WobthCoumh teHOUr m_STAT£ 30rw, HuffT Pflfflf ' ■ l-fii ' k m :.- M ' ■Wi mW A1 ' S : ! ■»« tr jt J., I i " • s? § 90 tm ,1, 1 J i-X. m CKTAILS NO LEFT TURN 91 1 " YOU VKRY OWN BKI.IKVK? : -- u AMCCT ' ifO §ALL5 DOWM PE iCHl In 5»PP ' « Annual Seor i " Panther M.3ht ' ; Kappa 5. ma o .ll bounce -their balU ftoa 6eor .a State to K« 6Mfn, Satordat, at U ' dock. The PantUrs plai Vyesi: Geor Saturdau n»QV i No C 92 I J. WIN ' A ' WEEKEND ' IN PUERTO Rico; SPONSORED BYAEir. TRIP riis jm iNiiunEs- AIRPLANE FASE SPENDING MONEX HOTEL HEALS CONSOLATION PRIZES! DRAWING: FEB.24,1%9 il 93 YOUNG M [H.5.GRAD V, NEW STUDENTS DESIRING A 2S DRAFT DEFERMENT SEE ASST. DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS. ROOM 458, STUDENT CENTER FULL Tiric ' 0R« , " t OrJTM. NK?MT 5TU| ROGER L a 3 Q. 94 Id iFECED- WANTE Ott aOD 1AN-C 4AlNhAN. . SALARY ♦31O0O P R IDEAL-. CALL TODA . DCDE5 X A350C LZ «.?« aE5 £2. A .Q.T ' %■ Fe 5Tu.aTuZ.Q,-I!M ' C1VA PACKAGES -. SHELVES BEFORE ENTERING BOOKSTORE 95 m ■•v V ' ' . - ' i ' h . U % ' ■ Jii .. ■ .•,H. ' ; ' ' ' .-v.v,,v: ;, ■■, •.■ .■■ ' ' t ■M: kl tl ' ■j: ; f;: ■ • lv. !■:, :.. ■ ' V ' i iit pW ' -- •;• X y 1 % J ■ .. ' r ' .- 98 JUDY KAPHEN MISS GEORGIA STATE COLLEGE n 99 SUE HOWARD MISS HOMECOMING 100 I 4 JJ W " MILLIE LUNT MAY QUEEN 101 PRISCILLA BAGBY BEST DRESSED CAROL LEIKER GREEK GODDESS 102 KATHY ABRAMS BRIGADE SWEETHEART 104 Wi 4sm{ 4 L«iafe) r . i «?j .iiS ' . ' . SUZANNE RIPLEY ,. MISS RAMPWAY ANDREA COPPEDGE FIRST RUNNER-UP VICKI HAMMACK 106 CONNIE CHAPMAN RAMPWAY COURT 107 RAMPWAY COURT SANDY PIERCE RAYNA CASEY 108 RAMPWAY FAVORITES BECKY BERRY AKUNA ZLLMAN li 112 FRATERNITY SWEETHEARTS SANDY PIERCE PIKA CAROL LEIKER SN LISA WILLENS AEPI TRINI HEWES TKE CHERYL ODOM APA MILLIE LUNT KS HARRIET CORBETT PIKP LINDA MITCHELL SPE 113 Concerts Ray Charles And The " Rayettes " Draw A Capacity Crowd A most successful concert, given by Ray Charles, was held in the new Atlanta Civic Center. Approximately 4600 people, the largest group to ever turn out for a concert at Georgia State, crowded in to hear the Rayettes, the Ray Charles Orchestra, and the " King of the Blues " himself. Mainly a specialist in Blues, the artist per- formed many of his old favorites as well as some popular tunes such as " Yesterday. " The Rayettes provided a change with the jazz arrangement of " Eleanor Rigby. " Josh White, Jr. performed during the week of Homecoming with his various arrangements of current hits, while Nina Simone was the star of the Spring Concert. TOP: 1h» Rty Ch»rl»t Or(h»ili» wti well raca Ved by lorlysix hundred audentt BOnOM: The " King o» (he Bluer pUy, lor Georgia Stete ' i fint (OTKert ol ihe Itll qu»rler 16 ABOVE LEFT: Josh While, Jr. makes ihe week of Homecoming some- thing special. CENTER: The Rayetles, a change of pace to the blues, set the audience in motion. BOTTOM LEFT: Nina Simone and her or- chestra provided unique entertainment for last spring quarter. 117 Plays Players ' Productions Were Varied And Outstanding The productions of the Players for 1968 have run the gamut from Christopher Fry ' s medieval comedy, The Lady ' s Not For Burning to Jean-Paul Sartre ' s thought provoking " No Exit. " Under the able direction of James E. Sligh, the Players cou- pled Tad Mosel ' s " Impromptu " with " No Exit " for an interesting evening ' s entertainment. The summer quarter production, Bell, Book and Can- dle by John van Druten was a delightful comedy about modern day witches. The fall production of Sabrina Fair was a well attended completion to the list of plays performed by the Players during 1968. RIGHT: G enn Gray, while under Jearie Britt ' s spell gives her a family heirloom in B«ll, Book and Candle. BOTTOM: Witch ' s incantations dem- onstrate mystical powers in Bell, Book and Candle. !S» a : -- 119 120 LEFT AND TOP: Nancy Nob in, Sandi Jwatdowski, Jack Hall, Dan Reeves, Bob Curfo, Floyd Adams, Brad Bruce and Ann Moon in two fense scenes from The Lady ' s Not For Burning. BOTTOM RIGHT.- Bob Curfo and Heather fieWs are annuied, Carole Hunt, confused, ai Ann Moon spealcs French to a cockatoo in Sabrina Fair. Speakers Georgia State ' s Speakers Represent A Variety Of Fields This year, as in the past, Georgia State offered a variety of interesting and important speakers. Dr. Den Hollander related " The American Image in Europe; " AAelvin Belli, the famous defense lawyer for Jack Ruby, also spoke to the student body, and Mrs. Betty Lomax discussed " The Posi- tion of the Black Woman Today, " at the Lyceum. However, the largest crowd was drawn by Robert Moore with his program, " A Tribute to John Dry- den. " The student turnout for this outstanding lec- ture was nearly double its usual size. The Lyceum will present in the upcoming quarter Patrick An- derson, political journalist; Drew Pearson, Wash- ington columnist; William H. Whyte, author of The Organization Man; and Dr. Hugh Schonfield, Bib- lical scholar. TOP: Af .nf. ' , m.yor, (v,„ Alltn. J,. ,pc,k, fo fhe governor and oc.( dtmocrtti «r G«. Sf»f« ttttmbly. RIGHT: f efch«f Thompton reprcient, lh» Rtpublictn Pirty in conofei- tionti tompmlition. Speaker! in the tyceum ieriet discussed topics of current impoitsnce. TOP LEFT: A represenfafive of (he Socia Workers Union fa ts on fhe fufure of fhe black rrtar in America. TOP RIGHT: Many students received special attention from the various speakers. BOTTOM LEFT: Ex-Congressman, Charles Wellner discusses the future of fhe Democratic Party with some new hopefuls. BOTTOM RIGHT: Comp- Iroller General Jimmy Bentley was fhe feature speaker on the place Georgia holds within fhe nation. 123 Who ' s Who Georgia State ' s Outstanding Seniors Receive Recognition Forty-one Georgia State seniors have been named to represent the college in the 1968-69 WHO ' S WHO Among Students In American Uni- versities and Colleges. The primary nominations were made by the executive committee of the General Council. The additional ten were selected by the Dean of Women and the Dean of Men, based on General Council suggestions. Students selected for the honor must have had at least a 2.2 average, plan to graduate by August and have contributed outstandingly to Georgia State College (in the student organizations of the college). STEPHEN EUGENE BINION y AirCE FRANCINE ARNOID 124 ANDREA BETH COPPEOGE CARLA DONNA COX RICHARD ELLIOn CRISTOL JOHN DARNALL ELIZABETH DAVIS JAMES DAVID DORSEH SIDNEY WALKER ELLIOTT 125 HEATHER FIELDS K. d [SSI ROGER DtOUA GRttR 126 NELSON lEE JONES, It JANE ELEY KAY CHERYL ANN KOHLER CAROL JEAN LEIKER JUDY MAYNARD MARGARET WHITLEY NEWCOMB 127 DANIH fOV«AkL ' . i »klMj MARGIE ARMSTRONG STATON 128 ' Si KAREN TESKE JAMES HOWARD THOMAS Plli,. ,j|,;. ' Mtmtt B 1 v m 1 3 LINDA TRAMMEU LARRY WHEELER MICHAELE WYNNE ALICE YOUNG 129 ' M. f TTC Spring Festival Miss Millie Lunt Was Named G.S.C. ' s 1969 May Queen During the month of April, the Spring Festival brings beauty to Georgia State College. A court of six students was chosen with Miss Millie Lunt as queen. Her first runner-up was Miss Connie Chapman. The winners were announced in Hurt Park and honored with a precision drill by the award-winning Pershing Rifles. A reception was given following the presenta- tions in honor of the court, in Sparks Assembly Hall. A group of Georgia State coeds performed a dance carrying out the theme " International Festival. " The dancers were accompanied by the band from the music department. TOP: rh« Spring Feirivtf Court •nd fheir eicortt were pteunled in Hurt Ptrk. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mill Millit lunt. iponiored by Alphi Omicron PI loror- crowned quvan. 130 TOP LEFT: Routines praented by Georgia State coeds entertained the court and other spectators. CENTER RIGHT; The music department pro- vided accompaniment tor the flag bearers. BOTTOM: The drills of fhe Pershing Rifles were evidence of the strict discipline the men underwent. 131 Senior Week The Wits End Players Entertained The Seniors Commencement week at Georgia State College is filled with dances, concerts, speakers and cere- monies. The Chief Jesters of the South and the Wits End Players entertained with productions. The Counts played at the dance held in the South Ballroom of the Marriott Motor Hotel. The most effective presentation was a speech by Elmo Ellis of WSB radio at the breakfast. The week was cli- maxed by the commencement exercises held in the Municipal Auditorium, while the college or- chestra performed various selections. Commence- ment day activities proved to be most memorable to the graduating seniors and faculty. TOP RIGHT: Dean Nell Trotter presented awards to the ou sfanding sen- iors on honors day. BOTTOM: Edward Weeks, senior editor for the Atlan- tic Monthly Press, delivers a speech during commencement week. 132 « " TOP: The diploma mcic uMirded by Dr. Noah Langdale in the Municipal Auditoium. BOTTOM LEFT: The " Counts " provided music tor the gradu- ation dance in the South Ballroom of the Marriott Motor Hotel. BOTTOM RIGHT. Years of hard work and devotion are felt in these last few minutes. 133 Orientation The Largest Attendance And Best Response Welcomed The week before classes began at Georgia State, orientation was held. The three day period was highlighted by tours of the college, a lunch- eon on the roof of Sparks, and a picnic at the Lodge. Discussions were held weekly for the next two months as part of post orientation. Speeches were given on Spirit, Colors Day, and organiza- tions open to new students. These sessions were climaxed by a dance at the Parliament House. Mr. and Miss Freshman and Miss Rampway were an- nounced that evening. TOP RIGHT: Ronnie 6arche or dnd Miss Debbie layiot were an- nounced as Mr. and Miss FreshrT}an as a climax to orientation. BOTTOM RIGHT; School spirit was fhe topic lor one of five sessions held for entering freshmen. BOTTOM LEFT: The typical response of a student alter a morning of discussions and lectures on Georgia State policy. 134 TOP: The iomfoft and iti dv cl a dc ndable old tree provides a resfmg pUce for 9 new student. BOTTOM LEFT: A picnic was given or the freshmen at Indian Creek lodge BOTTOM RIGHT: The " Ooud Nine " provided entenainment for the Freshman dance at the Parliament House. 135 lOP fttihmtn g„l, ntiih a powdtr pull loolbtll game. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mtiy Holt doct her thing. BOTTOM lEfT The lltmet of a bonliie and the toundi ol a guitar have inyering msmoriei. 136 TOP LEFT: Dancing, the common basis for friendship, provided amusement in the evening. RIGHT CENTER; Swimming remained the most refreshing moment of the day. BOTTOM: Rock Eagle was the site of freshman Conclave as supervised by Dean Timothy Singleton. 137 Gtorei , f " F i Homecoming Georgia State Now Was The 1968 Homecoming Theme Seven floats, Josh White, Jr., the Marriott . . . Swingin ' Medallions and Arthur Conley, Trophies . . . Homecoming 1968. November 1 8, began a week of Georgia State Now— the theme of Homecoming. Beauties of the college. Sue Howard— Miss Homecoming, Sandy Pierce— First Runner-up, Mrs. Homecoming- Susan Patterson, and Mrs. Kathy Straub— First Runner-up, were crowned during the parade. Josh White, Jr. performed in concert that evening. The week was concluded by Sigma Nu Sweepstakes held at Indian Creek Lodge and the collection of money to benefit the George M. Sparks Scholar- ship fund. TOP: Dtll Z»l» Sorority and Pi Ktppt Alpha fraternity presenr their float on (h« h«mc o homecomino. BOTTOM RIGHT: Arthur tingi to tlvdentt at Slate t Homecoming. 138 139 Sigma Nu Sweepstakes i Sweepstakes Marked By Vigorous Competition After a weekend of rain and cold weather Sigma Nu Sweepstakes was held at Indian Creek Lodge. The spirit of the competition lasted through- out the week of homecoming. The addition of two new events, the " basketball relay " and the " limbo, " proved the afternoon to be a test of skills. Of course there were the old favorites back again: mud pit, relay races, and egg toss. Delta Zeta Sorority won the Sweepstakes as they placed first in about every event. TOP RIGHT: Natural beauty often places high above a developed skill. BOTTOM RIGHT: The mud pit presents a challenge for the horse an d rider. 80TT0W LEFT; Everyone catches (he force of the egg but no one wants it. 140 TOP: fiilute ended in dis»iler for one compelitor. BOTTOM LEFT; The inner fiuslralion ol giels often comes out in a " chicken fighf " . BOTTOM RIGHT: The mule team pulls on. 141 Mardi Gras Week Was One Of Costumes, Competition, And Work The highlight of winter quarter is the week of Mardi Gras. The activities began with the spirit presentations by various campus organizations and the judging of the Queen and King. The cli- max came with a Saturday spectacular at the Mu- nicipal auditorium. Concession booths were op- erated during the afternoon, while the Entertain- ers performed for the dance that evening. Awards were made during that time: Delta Gamma ' s " Cassio " and Alpha Tau Omega ' s " Dragon Mouth " placed first among the Greek competitors, while Delta Zeta and Sigma Phi Epsilon were second. Alpha Xi Delta received the spirit trophy and Queen and King of Mardi Gras. The Independents were represented by various organizations as the Anthropology Club placed first among the other entries. ABOVE: Vic W.fcri and the Cnlerlainers help G.S.C. ce(ebM(c Mardi Gras 1940. BEIOW Nancy linio and Jim Home (who is inside bollle) tponsored by Alpha Xi Delta were named King and Queen of Mardi Gras. 142 TOP LEFT: Anthropology Club goes native and wins place in non-Creek concessions. BOTTOM LEFT: Celeste and Mary Anne rake in (he money in Delta Gamma ' s first place casino. RIGHT: Sieve Binion and Kalhy Bennett accept their trophies for the best costumed couple at Mardi Cras. 143 Greek Week Activities Of Greeks Include Skits, Songs, And Dance Georgia State College began its first Greek Week activity during winter quarter with Skit Night. An array of costumes, songs and scenery made the evening a success. Delta Zeta placed first in the sorority division, while Sigma Phi Epsilon took first place for fraternities. With the arrival of Spring came Sing Night, the second activity in Greek Week. Alpha Phi and Pi Kappa Phi were awarded first place for their performances. The climax of Greek Week was the dance held at the Marriott Motor Hotel with the Showmen and Vic Waters and the Entertainers. At the dance Linda Mitchell was crowned Greek Goddess and Devon Shields was first runner-up. ABOVt; Pi Ktppt Phi ftalernily lings ils way to a tint place this year «l Sing Night. RIGHT: Sigma Phi Epsilon lakes a lirsl place in Skit Night with their lakeoll on our State Government. 14 4 TOP; Karyl Kuhn and other epfechauns sing and dance to win irsr place in Skit Nigh» for Delta Zeta. MIDDLE: Alpha Phi ' s " Look of love " and other songs gave them a first place in Sing Night. BOTTOM: Besf Actress in Skit Night was Alpha Xi Delta ' s Sandi Twardowski. 145 TOP RIGHT fvcryonr LEFT Beit Acior jw BOTTOM RIGHT All . TOP: Vic Waters and the Entertaineti provided the music for the Greek Week Dance held at the Marriott. LEFT: Linda Mitchell, 1969 Greek Goddess, receives roses from previous Creek Goddess, Carot ieiker, and members of the court Devon Shields and Millie iunt. RIGHT: Or e o the Entertainers tiptoes through the tulips at Greek Week. 147 »yU 7 ' i ; %. VN ,K .{ i Nv ' • w ♦.•X1» ' ' W. mtTdt . iMf ♦•» ; Aiu;. isjlti •i i ;? K Basketba Cagers Double Wins Over Last Year ' s Record Coach Waters again was the key word in bas- ketball at G.S.C. The Panthers this year finished with the best season ever with a 5-15 record. The Panthers battled hard all season, but the win over arch rival West Georgia at the beginning of the season has got to be the season ' s highpoint. The Panthers were plagued by injuries during the season hampering the possibility of a winning record. Outstanding Panther players during the ' 69 season were Ken Brewer, who showed sharp- shooting as well as excellent ball control; Al Dick- son, who consistently performed well, and Thomas Rankin, who also added to the team. There is a bright outlook to next season, as these players and their teammates gained experience this year. ABOVE lEFT TO RIGHT: 1ST ROW-Co«ch Wttert. ferret Coppedge. Ken Brewer, Jim J»cob%, Ron Woodruff, Greg Marthtll. 2ND ROW-Ron Dub- ney. Mttt f»rmer, Ktrtkm Thorn ., Al Oiclcson, Bill Nordmark, Wall Seegar. Johrt Cunn;ngh»m. BELOW: Coppedge thould learr) fo jump higher(?) 150 OPPONENT GSC SCORE Oglethorpe 69 116 Mercer 73 63 West Georgia 60 51 Rollins 68 76 Florida Southern 56 76 Melbourne 92 80 West Florida 53 80 Florida Southern 63 69 Mercer 71 76 West Florida 72 101 Southwestern 57 69 Birmingham Southern 81 64 West Georgia 57 75 Southwestern 80 83 Oglethorpe 58 78 Rollins 67 90 Florida Tech 108 92 Birmingham Southern 79 85 University of Chattanooga 66 98 Oglethorpe 61 86 LEFT: Ken Brewer attempts jump shot from 20 feet out. BELOW: Ga. State player jumps high in the air for another two points against Rollins. 151 ABOVE; Ptktd houlc twtili Ptnlhtti entry on the court RIGHT- Another t 0 point, Kor d by P,nth», pl,yt, on « betutiluUy timed lay-up LEFT Offtn during brief timeoult, new pltyi »te discutted. 152 153 -r 2 % .. A- A - ' aafeM : ■ £ ' i ' :-iP -: Cross Country Panther Team Attains Fifth Consecutive Winning Season The Georgia State Cross Country team, coached by the Dean of Men, Tim Singleton, raced to its 5th consecutive winning season with a 7-6 record. The Panther runners were paced by returning let- termen Bill Brackin, Jay Lutenbacher, and Frank Clegg. Rounding out the team were the " rookies, " Mitch Ferrell and Dan Givens. These five runners turned in some excellent performances against some of the top cross coun- try teams in the South. Some of the top victories for the Panther harriers were wins over Mars Hill, Emory, Ga. Southwestern and Morehouse. Ga. State lost several tough meets to Ga. Tech, Georgia and Clemson. TOP: CroM Country rt«m; 0«n Givtni, Fi»nk C eyg, Jay lurcnbacher Witch fetrell, and Bill Bracken. BOTTOM: CS.C. ' i Bill Bracken sen (h. pace for another ctoii country meet. 154 TOP LEFT: Jay lutenbacher gels a breather as he jogs downhill. BOTTOM: Alter a ong day of races, G.S.C. ' s Bill Bracdin and Coach Singleton await trophies. OPPONENT GSC SCORE Mars Hill 24 35 Emory 26 35 Morehouse 20 39 DeKalb 15 42 Clemson 47 16 Furman 46 17 West Georgia 29 26 Emory 22 39 Morehouse 23 36 Baptist College 35 27 University of Georgia 35 20 Georgia Tech 45 16 (Low score wins) 155 T 156 TOP LEFTi Jdy iutenbachtr seems winded as Coach Singleton records fhc accurate f mc by slop watch. BOTTOM LEFT: Dan Givens takei » deserved breather after a long hot race. RIGHT: Milch Ferrell receives a much deserved reward after a tiring race. 157 Golf Team Posts Winning Record; Foresees Future Victories The 1968 Georgia State College Golf Team, coached by Richard W. Wehr and led by captain Terry Massar, compiled a 13-9-1 season record. Opponents included Georgia Tech, Auburn, Tenn essee, Vanderbilt, Furman, Chattanooga, and Se wanee. Other members of the team included Bob AAc Leod, Jimmy McCoy, Jim Webb, R. L. Jacobs, Kent Summers, and Ron Howington. Five of these boys were seniors. Only Ron Howington will return for the ' 69 season; but under the fine recruiting and direction of Coach Wehr, the team may be ex- pected to come through with another successful year. TOP: Terry Massar shows form that earned him the title of Captain of the Golf Team. BOTTOM: Coach Wehr, Jimmy McCoy, Bob McCleod, Ronnie Howington, Kent Summers, R. L. Jacobs, and Terry Massar. GSC OPPONENT SCORE 7 Furman 11 15 ' 2 Erskine 2 11 1 2 Duke 15 ' 2 456 Auburn 427 456 Chattanooga 336 456 Huntingdon 482 229 Chattanooga 452 17 ' 2 Georgia Tech 9 ' 2 12 ' 2 Auburn 14 ' 2 13 ' 2 Shorter 41 2 310 West Georgia 321 23 ' 2 Georgia Southern 31 2 111 2 Georgia Southern 15 ' 2 131 2 Furnnan 13 ' 2 19 ' 2 West Georgia l ' 2 386 Georgia Tech 377 386 Wofford 392 386 Tennessee 377 372 Chattanooga 383 372 University of the South 376 315 Vanderbilt 312 475 Berry 505 475 Shorter 392 : ' :i::;.;ati2eirs■. TOP- Kent Summers, veteran of two years tees off on n nfh hole at Lakeside. BOTTOM: G.S.C. Golf Team saw many putts like this drop. 159 lEf, » .j n ' .r,,,„jiuii i . -i ull on I2fh hole oi i.iKiiiuf. iur kiijHI: Senior Bob McClcod oosens up before big match at Lakeside. BOTTOM RIGHT: R. i. Jacobs sharpens b ' n touch on putting green. 160 n 161 •_ 1 Soccer Season Is The Best In The Record Of Georgia State This is the first year of NCAA soccer at Georgia State. Under Coach C. G. Alexandrides, the Pan- thers posted the best record in Georgia with six victories, three losses, and one tie with Rollins College. The team was led by Captain Steve Mwamba, Goalie Dimitri Hadjissimos, Center-fullback Dave Hill, and Center-halfback Dick Pritchard. All of the starters were freshmen except for one. The team is also comprised of Atlanta talent except for three foreign students. Two of the players were named to the All-Star team of Florida Soccer Classic at Deland. Hadjissimos also won the best goalie trophy in the Southeastern Conference at Knoxville. Georgia State is the only college in the South to field a varsity team and a soccer club The 1968 record of the club was 16-4-1, includ- ing a 4-3 victory over G.S.S.F.A. champion. ABOVE: (Standing) Altn Ivie, Peler Monlltlh. Van Medford, Mack Will, lord. Diek Piitchatd. Harold Day. Paul Beckman, Goalie Dimilrl Hadjiaimo- Captain Sfcv Mwamba. Coach C. G. Alexandrides. (KNEELING) Alan Kichardton, Bill Imanucl. Graham Lynch, Bob Ocdge, Mike Pici, Bill Klau- Ani-Jonti Irokwu. and Mike Nolan. (Not in photo) franciico Hurlado Bob Kihlrr. and Kent Malliion. RIGHT: Panthcn ' Bill Emanuel hc»d» ball " ■ ' •. 1r ' i ' : r.rf 162 I. Jll OK OPPONENT GSC SCORE Furman 4 2 Stetson 2 3 Jacksonville University 3 4 Ga. College at Milledgeville 9 Oglethorpe 4 1 Rollins 1 1 Clemson 2 Ga. College at Milledgeville 6 Oglethorpe 3 2 Ga. Tech 2 1 ABOVE: Competition is fierce at mid-field ss G.S.C. battles Hispanolia. BELOW: G.S.C. scores another goal against Georgia Tech as we move — toward victorY 163 164 TOP SiGHI: Imtnuci siirii ihe ball down field aga ' nsl Ga. Co ege, BEIOW RIGHT: Panther boofer lynch atlempts goal 10 against Ga! College. lEFT: Captain Priichard passes to teammate Fransico Hurlado. amm ' m LEFT: Co«ch Alexandrides demonstrates soccer style to his boys. ABOVE RIGHT: Ouicic feel are « must when atlemplirtg to maneuver ball Through opponenfs. 165 Tennis A Strong Schedule Is Ahead For The Racqueteers The Georgia State racqueteers of 1969 antici- pate one of their finest seasons in years. With Glenn Thurman, Bruce Bradley, David King, and Michael Boone returning plus newcomers John Ridley, Warren Bearden, Dean Hawthorne, Harm Brandt, Bliss Mitton, and Ken Martin, the outlook is optimistic. A stronger schedule in 1969 pits the Panthers against the University of the South, Florida-South- ern, Indiana State University, Vanderbilt Univer- sity, Oglethorpe, Mercer, Emory, and the Uni- versity of Chattanooga. hL?™ ' !? ' " " " " J " (f° ' " ' ° " ' " ' ' ' ' " " •« fc " - BELOW: (Seated) ,00)87 . ;,?; ' " r. " " ' " ' . ' " ' ' " " - °« ' ' ' " " " « " ' ' 9«- ( " d. •ng) Bill Swift, Glen Thurman. David King, and Bruce Bradley. ' v SCHEDULE OPPONENT PLACE University of the South Home Indiana State University Home Mercer University Away University of Chattanooga Home Emory University Away Vanderbilt University Away Mercer University Home University of Chattanooga Away Florida-Southern College Home Oglethorpe College Home Erskine College Away Oglethorpe College Away Erskine College Home Emory University Home ABOVE: David King sinins at he returns a volley with his back hand. BELOW: Ken Marim moves toward the rtet from the base line. 167 S7:-:- iU- : " T| .XNCx: ? TOP RIGHT: Piedmoni Park servet both as a practice and match court. ABOVE: Bruce Bradley avails his teartymates serve in practice. RIGHT: Glenn Jhurman follows through on a volley. 168 MLv . » I — CT 169 • F.C. Basketba ll Two Teams Added And League Divided According To Size This year ' s IFC basketball play was innovated to help provide for the additional two teams-Chi Phi and Alpha Phi Alpha. The league was divided into two sections according to size. Two teams dominated play in the leagues this year— Alpha Phi Alpha in the small fraternity league and the Pi Kappa Alpha in the large fraternity league. Bruce Bradley was a prominent figure in the Pikes ' success this year, as was Tom Tiller for the A Phi A ' s. Outstanding performances during the sea- son were the triumph of Sigma Nu over Kappa Sigma for the first time in 3 years by a score of 72-70; however the Kids got revenge in the tour- nament with a 71-56 triumph. Don Ingram helped the TKE ' s to a solid second place in the small league. Once again, even with the split to sep- arate leagues, the IFC basketball schedule offered bitter competition, full of action and excitement. ABOVE: C«geM Kichaid Be char ol Sigma Nu and Tom Butjon of Kappa Sig wtettic lot ball ai SN ' t Joidon walchtt. RIGHT: llroy Williami jumpt high fo uon in APhiA ' t win over AtPi. 170 FRATERNITY WINS LOSSES Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Nu 4 3 1 2 1 3 2 Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Phi Alpha Tau Kappa Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Pi Chi Phi 4 2 1 4 2 3 4 Alpha Tau Omega 3 1 ABOVEr APhiA ' s Thomas Tiller takes ball down court for shor. BELOW: ATO ' s Bill Kelley ar d TKE ' s Jerry Crockett wa(ch as ball comes down. 171 172 TOP: TKf ' j tarry D»vii drives for a lay-up while ATO ' s Buddy Wilkes delendi. CENTER: Kappa Sig ' s Danny McKinney lights for ball with Sigma Nu ' % Diehard Bc char. RIGHT: TKf ' s Jerry Crockett moves ball in for Kore in game against A TO. - 11 yL s mm m r 1 ' m QktA m yTj JT — in Lj 1 LEFT; AEPi ' s Dennis Sfuriz ays one up as APh A ' s Thomas Ti»ef umps fo delend. BELOW: KS ' s Toni Bu( on makes shot as SN ' s Marly Wynn leaps fo defend. 173 I.F.C. Football Pikes Now Hold I.F.C. Football Championship I.F.C. Football had record-breaking crowds sup- porting the teams this year. No longer was the league dominated by the Kappa Kids as it was in the last three years. The Pikes sported an excellent team with only one loss to the Sigma Nu Snakes due to the fine run made by Bud Lay. One of the finest performances of the year was put in by PiKA ' s defense, led by Wade Wilkes, Fred Mur- phy, Rick Seale and Dennis Byerly, during the Kappa Sig game in which the Pikes staged a goal line stand in the final quarter, stoppi ng the " Kids " from a fourth straight championship. As a whole, this year all the teams put in fine performances which helped to strengthen the league. ABOVE: Sigma Nu slops Alpha Tau Omega cold, as end sweep fails. BELOW: Kappa Sigs congratulate each other after win over Snakes. 174 TOP: Bob Price is Hopped by alert Kappa Sig lirK. BOTTOM LEFT: Wilkes practices snap with Steve Leckar as ATO prepares to laic (he offensive. BOTTOM RIGHT: Perrcaull leads the atlack for the Snakes. 175 FRATERNITY WINS LOSSES TIES Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Nu 6 7 6 1 1 1 2 Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Pi Kappa Phi Alpha Tau Omega Chi Phi 4 3 3 2 1 3 1 5 4 1 4 2 7 Alpha Epsilon Pi 8 Winner of Division LEFT: Paul Beckman wafches (he action in Kappa SigPKA game. RIGHT ABOVE: Sigma Nu ' s Jim Morion puH lush on ATO quarterback. RIGHT BELOW: Chi Phi ' s receive opening kickofi and get ready for the long return. W- ' - 176 TOP: SPe attempts run-back through Chi Phi defenders. MIDDLE: AJO puts rush on fhe Sigrrta Nu quarterback, Doug Perrault. BOTTOM: JKE ' s and Pikes fight for loose ball as (ension begins to build. 177 I.F.C Softball Pikes Lead League This Year, Losing Only To SN This year in I.F.C. Softball, a brand new chann- pion was crowned for the first time in three years. The Pikes paced the season with only one loss to the Sigma Nu Snakes. Pi Kappa Alpha then fol- lowed their successful regular season by defeat- ing the Tekes and the Kappa Sigs in the season ' s tournament to be named I.F.C. champions. The batting average of Hank Kalb helped the Pikes in recording such a fine performance. Other players in the league deserving mention are Kappa Sig ' s pitcher Bart Hickman and Sigma Nu ' s 3rd baseman Rich Coreno. As a whole I.F.C. Softball was filled with more enthusiasm and competition than ever before. TOP: Abby S orin wal opt »nothet hit lor Alpha fpiifon Pi. BOTTOM RIGHT: Afll ' j Jty Stptiilein rtceivei (hfow as TKE ' i Billy Herrin slides in i«fe. 178 FRATERNITY WINS LOSSES Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Sigma Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Nu 6 5 5 4 1 2 2 3 Sigma Phi Epsilon 4 3 Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Tau Omega Pi Kappa Phi 2 1 1 5 6 6 TOP LEFT: George Stuart delivers his fdst ball to an opposing batter. BOTTOM ' Johnny Johnson tip foe? home for another run for Pi Kappa Phi. 179 TOP LEFT; Ralph Brock of Pi Kappa Phi foul lips ball for the second strike. TOP RIGHT: Jimmy Burlon raps another hit for Pi Kappa Alpha. BOTTOM: Pi Kappa Phi Bill Baldwin retrieves foul ball off fhe bat of Tau Kappa fpsi on Billy Herren. I ISO TOP; The ftttdcr ' i g ove serves more thsn one purpose! BOTTOM LEFT: Hickmtn delivers s Jerry dchotf appears uriprepsred. BOTTOM RIGHT: Rich Coreno stgn«fs Smith home as Sigma Nu scores. 181 Jfif ' 0, J m f ». ■ rwi . m ims f iil |r H. m 5 -J. V HDVr W Kf- " ■ . •W A F •s.. I I ! : i •i A r ri,. t: r . ' Actuarial Science Speakers Invited To Inform Club Of Current Trends The Actuarial Science Club is composed of both undergraduate and graduate students interested in actuarial science and insurance. The club holds monthly meetings at which representatives of the insurance industry (both local and national) speak. These speakers inform the students of cur- rent trends and developments in the application of actuarial science in the business world. Besides its professional objectives, the club helps develop a cohesiveness among the actuarial science students and faculty at Georgia State. This cohesiveness can be attributed in large part to the leadership, inspiration, and understanding of the club ' s advisors: Dr. Eli Zubay, Mr. Robert Batten, Mr. Bernard Webb, and Mr. John Brown. ROBERT W. BATTEN CARLTON MORRIS JIM BROOKS DAN OWENS JOHN BROWN WILLARD PEACOCK BRUCE CALDWELL ELEANOR POWELL DOUG DONIVAN DAVID POWELL FRED FORD ALAN SOCOL STEVE FINKLE KERRY SCHMIDT CARLTON GARNER KERRY TEAGUE TED GEARHART LARRY WARNOCK PAT KEY BERNARD L. WEBB PHILIP KITE CHARLES WHITFIELD BILL LOVENTHAL DR. ELI ZUBAY, Advisor 184 I LINDA ADAMS PATRICIA ADAMS PHYLLIS ATKINS CHrt«LENE BEARD SUSAN BLANTON SARAH CURTO MARIE DANIELL LYNN DARCEY EILEEN DAVIS NANETTE DREYFUSS KATHERINE FOWLER HEIDI HANZ PHYLLIS HARRIS ROBIN HEILKER EDNA HOUSTON PAM JAILLEH JUDY LANDERS PEGGY ANN MILAM RONELLEMOEHRKE SUSAN PEELER BONNIE SIAAMONS GAIL STRICKLAND SUSAN TARPLEY LOIS THIGPEN DAYIE VAN DYCK MILDRED WADE FAYE WESTLAKE PATRICIA WHEELER JENNIFER WHISENANT RACHEL WILLIAMS LINDA ZACHARIAS Alpha Lambda Delta Organization Aids State With Publication Of Handbook Alpha Lambda Delta is more than just another organization on the Georgia State College cam- pOs. It symbolizes the development of the ideals of high scholastic and personal achievement dur- ing the often earth-shaking first year in the col- lege environment. As a national organization Al- pha Lambda Delta serves to foster these ideals in the freshman women of colleges and universities throughout the United States. On the GSC plane, the organization renders service to the school through its yearly publication of the Student Handbook. 185 Alpha Kappa Psi Organization Not Limited Solely To Undergraduates Founded at New York University in 1904, Al- pha Kappa Psi has now installed over 160 college chapters and 50 member alumni chapters while inducting over 75,000 members. One of the many outstanding members is Richard M. Nixon. Pi Chapter, does not limit its membership to only undergraduate business students. Members at the Master ' s and Doctoral Business Programs al- so play an active role in its social and professional activities. Pi Chapter ' s program consists of school and community service projects, professional dinners, research projects and visits to the business com- munity. Parties and social events are climaxed in the spring with the Yellow Rose Ball. CARL ABBOTT BERT ARGO PHILLIP AYCOCK CLAUDE BENNETT TOM BLAKELY JIM CARROLL DARRYL CHANEY MAHLON DONALD HARRY DAVIS RAY FLANAGAN RICHARD GARCIA DON HARTLEY RICHARD HEWITT SKIP HOLLINGSWORTH JI.M HOWARD JIM HUTCHESON LARRY KIRBOW GREG LEVETO GERALD LITTLETON BOB LONG TOM MALLORY JOHN MISHASEK MIKE MILTON MARSHALL MOSS CLAUYE McCRANIE RON PARISI RALPH PENDLEY SANDY PURDIE JIM ROBERTSON BOB ROPER BEN SHAFFER GEORGE SIMPSON LARRIE SMITH TILDEN SMITH TOMMY TAYLOR TERRY UNDERWOOD JERRY WEBSTER ROYALD ZELL 186 187 Baptist Student Union Members Participate In Various Campus Activities The Georgia State Baptist Student Union strives to lead students in spiritual growth. Christian fel- lowship, service to others, and involvement in campus life. In addition to an inspirational pro- gram each Tuesday, BSD leads services in local churches, participates in community service proj- ects, takes part in such campus activities as Homecoming and Mardi Gras, and sponsors out- standing social events throughout the year. JUDY ADAMS TERESA ALLEN JENNY LYNN ANDREWS PHYLLIS ATKINS BONNIE BOND ALAN BOWEN JANICE BRANTLY JIM BREWER LYNDA BYRD SUSAN BURRELL SUZANNE BONDS LINDA CARROLL ANN CARTER LARRY ClARK JULIE CLIFFORD DON CLIFTON BARBARA CONLEY SUSAN COOKE GEORGE COWAN CAROL CRAWFORD CINDY CRUMBLEY CAROL DAVIS GARY GARMON PEGGY GARRETT LINDA GLOSSON LAMONT GLOVER NITA HENDRICKS GAYLE HERNDON SHERYL HILL LINDA HILVERINK JIM HOFFMAN HARRY HUNNICUTT TOM HUMBLE JODY HURLEY KIRBY HUSBANDS JIM HUTCHESON MIKE JONES JEANNINE JOY BILL KETCHUM DAVID KING BETH LADZINSKE JULIE LESTER SUSAN LIVINGSTON CHERIE MASON GEORGE MAUNEY EUGENE MILAM ALBERTINE McCRARY DOUG McLEROY BEVIN McWHORTER SARAH McNEELY DARLENE MERRIMAN JUDY MERRIMAN CORNELIA MORRIS GINGER NERBONNE NANCY NERBONNE LESLIE OSBORNE ANN PARKMAN JOHN PATTON GAILA PETERS CAROL PORTWOOD ANGIE RACKLEY JOYCE ROLANDER SHEILA RUCKER GREG SAMPLES MIKE SEWELL DOLLIE SHERRELL DAVID STEWART WILLIAM TATE PAT THIGPEN LYNN THOMPSON JIMMY UNDERWOOD JENNY WHISENANT KAREN WILLIAMS SHIRLEY WILLIAMS BEN WILLINGHAM MITCH WILLINGHAM CADE WILLIS CONNIE WORKMAN BUCK WRIGHT JIM WRIGHT-Prej. 188 GARY J. BLACK EDWARD V RICKS JAMES BURNSIDE HARRY S. ROWE DIANNE HAMES HOLCOMB GEORGE THOMAS, III 1 JOANNE MOBLEY PROFESSOR NEIL GENTRY, Advisor | WILLIAM E. PAniLO Beta Alpha Psi Preparing Students For Their Future Career Is Objective Founded in 1919 at the University of Illinois, Beta Alpha Psi is a national honorary and profes- sional fraternity for students of accounting. Beta Mu Chapter was founded at Georgia State College in 1961 and proudly carries the distinction of be- ing the first chapter in the state of Georgia. Beta Alpha Psi stresses the objectives of schol- arship and leadership in its program to prepare students for future careers in accounting. This year ' s activities include numerous lectures, plant tours, discussion groups, and dinners, aimed at providing a closer association between members of Atlanta ' s accounting profession and students of our college. 189 Beta Beta Beta Honor Society Open To Juniors And Seniors With 3.0 A National Honor Society of the Biological Sciences, Beta Beta Beta was founded in 1922 at Oklahoma City University. The Eta Psi Chapter at Georgia State College was installed in 1964. Membership is by invitation only to those juniors and seniors who have completed four biology courses and who have a scholastic average of 3.0 or better. The Eta Psi chapter sponsors a lecture series and other events in an effort to encourage schol- arly attainment in biology, to promote fellowship among biology majors, and to provide recogni- tion for students of superior ability. JOHN WILLIAM BALDWIN JAMES E. HADDAD WILLIAM JERRY BENNEH REGINE EUGENIA HAY DONNA BOYD MARIA KELNHOFER JOHN A. DAVIS DEWITT TYRONE SMITH DONNA GAYLE DURFEE JOSEPH R. SULLIVAN GREGORY A. EILERS BEN WILLINGHAM NANCY C. GRANT REBECCA WILLIS STEPHANIE WOFFORD - 190 Cheerleaders JENIFER COLEAAAN-2 DIANE DAVIS-3 PAM DASANTOS-4 MIMI DRAGO-8 KIM GRIFFIN-1 VICKI HAMMACK-6 CAROL LEIKER-5 PRISSY lOW-7 Cheerleaders Now Support Team In Out-Of-Town Games This year the Georgia State Cheerleaders have been more active than ever. They attended three of the away games plus supporting the Panthers and cheering at all of the home games at O ' Keefe Gym. They are active in the G-Club and help to promote school spirit throughout the year. This year the Cheerleaders supported the Georgia State Soccer Team and helped them with their victories. The new Cheerleaders are chosen dur- ing fall quarter by the Captain, Advisor, and the Faculty Athletic Committee. They must maintain an overall 2.0 average. Once a girl makes the squad, she remains on until graduation. 191 Blue Key Organization ' s Main Goal Is Service To The Student Body In addition to operating the Blue Key Book Ex- change as a service for fellow students, Blue Key undertook the responsibility of ushering for the two annual commencement exercises of the Col- lege in 1968. This is in keeping with the main goal of Blue Key, which is service to the student body and the college in general. Also, the Kenneth M. England Foundation, Inc., which was established by Blue Key as a scholar- ship fund in 1967, became an official corporation in 1968. Blue Key, along with others, has already made substantial monetary contributions to the Fund and will continue to do so on a recurring basis in the future. ROBERT R. AYERS CAL KOONCE WILLIAM J. BENNETT BRUCE LA BUDDE JOHN BOYLE CLIFFORD W. MEHEARG THOMAS M. CALLAWAY DANIEL E. OWENS GAREY C. DURDEN WILLIAM E. PATTILLO SIDNEY ELLIOTT JAMES S. POST DAVID J. EVANS, JR. ROBERT W. REAVIS JOHN W. FLEMING ROBERT C. RENCHER RICHARD B. FREEAAAN JACK E. ROOF, JR. THOMAS 1. FRICKS CASS SMITH ROGER D. GREER LAWRENCE B. TEAGUE DAVID W. HUSTON GEORGE THOMAS, III ROBERT L. KING JAMES H. THOMAS LARRY G. WHEELER 1 n n n 193 Circle K Obj Club Fulfills Kiwanis ective With Its Services Circle K Club at Georgia State College is spon- sored by the Downtown Kiwanis Club, which is the second largest International Club. They work under the guidance of Mr. Lewis Van Gorder, di- rector of the School of Special Studies, and Mr. Ken Steele, the sponsor from the Kiwanis Club. The club is active in a great many school and community projects, such as helping with regis- tration, guiding visiting groups around campus, assisting Boys ' Clubs, and working with under- privileged children. Thus they fulfill a prime Ki- wanis objective: to develop by precept and ex- ample, a more intelligent, aggressive, and ser- viceable citizenship. BILL BALDWIN FRENCH JONES RONNIE BATCHELOR STEVE KERSEY KEITH BROWN PHIL KITE BARRY CHESLIN STEVE LECKAR DAVID FERGUSON JA CK NICKS HAL FLOWERS JIM NICKS LEE FRIEDMAN HARRY SCHEINFELD JOHN GENOVA ABBY SLOTIN LENNY HABIF DAVID SWINDALL STEVE HALULA BUDDY WILKES 194 CAROLYN ALEXANDER ElYSE HEYMAN SHERI BAKER SALLY HUDSON BETTY BAGGETT JOAN HUNGERFORD CAROL BAUVGARTNER ELLA RUTH HUNNICUT IRENE BROWN LINDA JOINER BEVERLY CALE DALE LAYMAN ANNE G. CARTER TALLULAH LYONS ANDREA COPPEDGE M. D. McFARLAND RITA CRAWFORD AAARGARET McCLEARN CONSTANCE DAVIS JESSICA McGregor PATRICIA DEVINE GWEN MASHBURN DIANE DIGBY DEBORAH MERCK MELISSA EARGIE KATHY MOBLEY CAROLE EATON LINDA MUILINS DAWN FITZGERALD DORIS PEPIN LINDA FLANIGAN CATHERINE PETTIT MARGARET FORSTALL DOROTHY PURCELl AAARY LOU GIDOINGS EMOGENE ROEBUCK SHARON GRANHOLM JANET ROSENBAUM BILL GREEN PATRICIA SCARBROUGH FRANCES GRIFFIN JEANNE SCHAULE KATH Y HALL JANE TATUM JOANNE HARRIS NANCY TODD SUSAN HESTER INA WISE EAAMEn HERNDON MEIINDA YOUNG Council For Exceptiona Children Program Begun For Majors In Special Education The Student Council for Exceptional Children serves a three-fold purpose for students majoring in Special Education. The first is to promote pro- fessional standards of a high order and to im- prove the preparation of all professionals dealing with exceptional children; then to promote pro- grams designed to attract students into the pro- fession of special education; and finally to dis- seminate to the public information regarding educational needs at local, state, regional and na- tional levels. The Georgia State Chapter of SCEC is very ac- tive at the local, state, regional and national levels with officers at each of these levels. 195 Credo The Literary Magazine Encourages Self-Expression The Credo represents a cross-section of the tal- ent at Georgia State College, it is dedicated to publishing THE finest in student work. It en- courages artistic and literary creativity, a zest for self-expression, and the joy of being part of a quality literary magazine. To each student. Credo offers a deep and personal experience, either as author or reader. CREDO ... I BELIEVE. IDtrORIAL STAfF 1 9 JEFF ASHWORTH-Editor HUGH CONOLY-Copy Editor | 2 8 MARGIE STATON-A.»i»t«nt Editor SUSAN AUTRY-Art Editor TOM HATCHER-Exchange Editor STAFF DR WILLIAM EVANS-Literary Advisor ANDREW M. TOMCIK-An Advisor 4 DAVID BRANNON 1 GAIL LINEBACK CAROL CRAWFORD JUDY STANFIELD 7 JAMES JOSEY GEORGE STUART 6 PAULA LEVETO 3 DANNY TOMBERLIN 5 SUE WARD 196 1 197 Crimson Key Conference For Women Is Society ' s Annual Project Crimson Key Honor Society is the scholastic and leadership society for women at Georgia State College. To be eligible, junior women must have at least 90 hours, have a 3.0 overall grade aver- age, and have shown leadership ability. During th e year. Crimson Key members participate in dif- ferent activities. This fall they had a booth in Activities Day and gave a Christmas party for the foreign students at Georgia State. Winter quarter they ushered at a performance of The Man of La Mancha. A Social, Political, and Economic Con- ference for women, involving women from all over the state, held in the Spring is the annual project of the Crimson Key Honor Society. ALICE ARNOLD JEANNE MCKOWN SUZANNE BELL BETTY NELSON CAROL DURAND NANCY PUCKETT NANCY GRANT KAREN ROGERS BARNE HENNEBERG CAROL SAYE SANDRA HOCKMAN STEPHANIE SMITH CHERYL KOHLER MARGIE STATON 198 PHIUIP CARNES MR. FRANK LOWER. Advisor DIANNE COE SHARIOTTE NEELY BEN DAVIS JOHNNIE NIXON TONY OEAKINS CAROL ROSENBLATT CHARLES GISLER CHRISTINE SMITH GREGORY HOGAN ALAN SOCOL DAVID lEGRAND WALTER WILLIAMS Debate Club Our Team Has Won Top Awards Across The Nation This year the debate team expanded into var- sity competition after a successful season last year on the novice level. The team has participated in inter-collegiate tournaments at Auburn, Emory, Birmingham Southern, West Georgia, Tulane, Florida State, Citadel, Georgia and South Alabama. The team has distinguished itself by winning many top awards in national competition. The debate team, sponsored by the Speech Department, has expanded in prestige and mem- bership. Many underclassmen members provide the foundation for a continued strong team in the future. 199 Delta Sigma Pi Activities This Year Include Dinners, Parties And Tours Kappa Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi has again upheld its tradition of being the leader in the study of business administration here at Georgia State. Through a well-rounded schedule of activi- ties, under the direction of President Roger Greer, the Delta Sigs have furthered their cause of pro- fessional ideals in an atmosphere of fraternal brotherhood. Such activities as professional din- ners, parties at the new Delta Sig Lodge, and in- dustrial tours help to develop each member into a well-rounded, professionally oriented man of commerce. Through aiding the college in turning out high caliber students of commerce, Delta Sig- ma Pi has significantly contributed to the im- provement of the school. HUNTER BICKNELL STEVE HUGHES JERRY BOWDEN LAWRENCE KEEVER JOHN BROCK PHIL KITE TOAAMY CARPENTER BILL LOVENTHAL ALAN CERTAIN TIM MELTON JIM CHAMBLEE DAN OWENS FRANK CLEGG ED PLAH JOHN COLLINS DENNIS PRINCE FRED ELSBERRY BAIN PROCTOR ROGER GREER BILL ROCKER DAVID HADAWAY PHIL ROSENBERG HAL HARDEN BILL SALMOND JOE HIETT GREG SAMPLES HUGH HOFER BARRY TEAGUE BILL HOUSE DR. JOHN TULLY, Advisor 200 I ' 201 Newly Formed Drill Team To Perform At Basketball Games The new Georgia State Drill Team was formed this year. It consists of sixteen members and four Alternates. The Drill Team participated in the Homecoming Parade and has been practicing for half time performances at the Georgia State bas- ketball games. The Drill Team chartered a bus and went to Birmingham, Alabama to perform at the Georgia State ' s basketball game there. The Drill Team performs intricate drills and dance routines to recent music. Each of the Drill Team members is required to spend time practicing each week for performances. Their sponsor is Mrs. Riggs. DEBBIE BALDWIN-ll CONNIE CHIZ-13 JANET COX-5 JACKIE DENNARD-3 CATHY HEALAN-2 BLANCHE HESTER-15 ANGIE IRWIN-4 JO LOW-8 VICKIE NEPOTE-9 GINGER NERBONNE-10 JAN OXFORD-12 NORMA STEWART-7 CHRISTY WAUACE-1 LYNDA WllLIAMS-14 SUSAN WIUIAMS -6 202 HARVEY BOYD DR. RICHARD T. PALMER VIRGINIA BURGESS JOHN SIMMONS SALLY DILLARD JIM STEVENS NELSON JONES GEORGE SWENSON DR. EARL KLINE DR. GEORGE G. THIELMAN FRANK MALLOWAY STEVE WRIGHT C. C. OLSON MICHAELE WYNNE Forum The Forum Is More Active Than Ever Before In 1969 The Political Science Forum was re-activated on October?, 1968. Harvey Boyd, Jr. was elected President; Pat Butterworth was elected Vice-President. Dr. Robert Brisbane, Chairman of the Political Science Department of Morehouse College was kick-off speaker. Some of the guests of the Forum include Mr. Maynard Jackson, Mr. Reg Murphy of the At- lanta Constitution and Mr. Joe Sports, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. Dr. Paul David of the University of Virginia, was guest on January 14, 1969. The Forum ' s paper will be published by May of this year. 203 General Council Activities Coordinated For All Organizations On Campus The General Council of the Organizations of Georgia State coordinates the activities of the 98 recognized campus organizations. General Coun- cil membership consists of one representative from each organization and a six member execu- tive committee. Activities included for this year the sponsorship of a school-wide Mardi Gras, the selection of out- standing seniors for the WHO ' S WHO honor, the publishing and sale of the student directory, the sponsorship of a quarterly activities day, the se- lection of activities chairmen for school-wide functions, and the sponsorship of leadership workshops. Other activities of the Council were the solici- tation of prominent, national organizations for the college and a study of the feasibility of obtaining more student representation in the appropriation of the Student Activity Fee. RAY BISCOGLIA AIESEC-BOB PAnERSON Alpht Eptilon Pi-IENNY HABIF Alpha K.pp. Pii-DON HARTLEY Alph LtmbcU 0«lt - JENNIFER WHISENANT Al,l . r,„,,.,.„ pi_ STANFORD UY MOORE il h» t-hi Alph.-PAUl JONES A rha Phi OfT-ron Rill Hrf.IFY Alpha I,,u Omega-STEVE lECKAR Alpha Xi Della-TERESSA KERR American Inititute of Interior Design— LORI ERIKSEN Anlhropology Club-SHARIOHE NEELY Baptiit Student Union-LINDA G ' OSSON Beta Alpha Pii-GEORGE THOMAS, III Beta Beta Beta-JIM HADDAD Beta Gamma Sigma-BARBARA HOMER Black SlucJent United-ANI EROWWU Blue Key-BARRY TEAGUE f " .irn|,.ji Croindc For Chrljl-DOUG KEIN2 Canterbury Club-STEVE CAILAGHAN Cheerleaders-CAROL LEIKER Chess Club-RICHARD JONES Chemistry Club-JEANNE GARRISON Chi Epsilon Mu-JULIA CONNOR Chi Phi-DOUG HAIRE christian Science Organization— HOWARD RAFLO Circle K Club-BARRY CHESLIN Committee on Social Issues— DAVID GOVUS Council for Exceptional Children — DAWN FITZGERALD Credo-JEFFREY ASHWORTH Crimson Key Honor Society— KAREN ROGERS Crawford Long Nurses-LOUISE J. SHAW Delta Gamma-NANCY BOUTELLE Delta Sigma Pi-PHIILIP KITE Delta Zeta-JILL SIDEY Doctoral Fellows of the School of Business Administration-RODNEY SHERMAN Economics Club-H. N. McKENZIE Forensic Society-WALTER WILLIAMS Forum-FRANK MALLOWAY French Club-MRS. ANNA BUSKIRK G Club-BILL BRACKIN Gamma Beta Phi Society— SALLY GANSWICH Geology Club-JOEL SNEED Georgia State Players— BARBARA WESTLAKE Georgia Stale Physics Club— VINCENT MALLEHE Georgia State Young Republicans— C. C. OLSON Grady Hospital Nurses- JUDITH ROBERTS History Club-CORRY SANDLIN Insurance Socicty-CLAUDE LILLY Interfraternity Council — KEN MONCKTON International Students Club— DIRK TEN BOSCH Kappa Deta Epsilon— GWEN MASHBURN Kappa Sigma-BARRY WHITE Majorettes-MARY ANN COOKE Math Club-HARRIEtT CORBETT Members at Large-ELIZABETH DAVIS HARRY 5CHEINFELD Mu Phi Epsilon-MARILYN WALTHALL Mu Rho Sigma-ALICE C, YOUNG Music Club-CLAUDE SHAW Newman Club-JIM MEANY Nursing Education Club— MARGARET MERNEY Omicron Delta Epsilon-TY TIDRICK Omicron Delta Kappa-DAN OWENS Panhellenic Council — NANCY PERKERSON Pershing Rifles-JAMES WALLIS Phi Alpha Theta-JEANNE McKOWN Phi Chi Theta-GENIE WATERS Phi Eta Sigma-CASS SMITH Phi Sigma Sigma-SUSAN RENAS Pi Kappa Alpha-TOM VENKER Pi Kappa Phi-CHUCK GISLER Piedmont Nurses-LINDA HARDY Pi Sigma Epsilon-RICH PRATHER President-BOB SMITH Psi Chi-JUDY WILLIS St. Joseph ' s Infirmary School of Nursing— RUTH SCHMIDT Rampway-NELSON JONES Real Estate Society-JAMES BRAY Scabbard and Blade-JOE O ' NEAL Secretary-BOBBIE NICHOLS Sigma Nu-CHIP HOWEL Sigma Phi Epsilon-DON BROWN Signal-KAREN TESKE Student Broadcasters— LARRY K. PHILLIPS Student Education Association— CAROL DURAND Students for Private Enterprise— BOB WALLHAUSEN S.G.A. -STEVE BINION Tau Kappa Epsilon-TOM BARBER Timothy Club-WANDA SHAW Treasurcr-SUE WEBB VicePrcsidcnt-MARGIE STATON Wesley Foundaiion-AL MINOR Westminster Fellowship— DIANE MORRIS Young Democrats- SAYLIA HAMMONDS 7ei» T.1U Alpha-CAROL 5AYE 204 LEFT: Lenny Habil makei motion to Ceneitl Council. RIGHT: Derek Hardison, Boh Smith, Bobbie Nickel, Mtrgie Sr«ton, Sue Webb, olficen of General Counci , conduct a meeting. BELOW: Council vofei fo reb « fhe motion In favor of the motion made in the previoui meefing 205 u .S!. f ' ,S ' - i ' -i " ' 1 ) y J -jVj Georgia State Players Players Gain Recognition With Productions Each Year The purpose of the Georgia State Players is to further the study of dramatic art and to encourage interest in the theatre, especially through the presentation of plays. Under the capable direction of James E. Sligh, the Players produce at least four major dramatic productions each year. During 1968, The Lady ' s Not for Burning; mpromptu; No Exit; Bell, Book and Candle; and Sabrina Fair were presented. The Players also perform each year for hun- dreds of teachers and students of high schools and other colleges, and sponsor an Annual Drama Seminar-Workshop for teachers and students. yf ft ¥ id j fl HI B.; Jmv Ihb M Bk - Sl 9i3i KH HR Ir i K r 3 ■■■■ ' ' ■■ ' s :: FLOYD ADAMS, JR. RICHARD JONES GEORGIA BEDFORD DAVE KOCSIS CARL BLAKEMAN ALLEN LIPSEH .JENNIE BOWEN GEORGE MACRENARIS ADA BRUCE BOB MARTIN BRAD BRUCE MERCEDES MONDECAR GRETCHEN BURMASTER NANCY NOBLIN MARK CONWAY HARRIET NUNN HEATHER FIELDS DANN REEVES ANN M. FOLK JAMES E. SLIGH, Director GLENN GRAY CAROL STEVENS SUSAN GREGORY KEN SUGGS CAROLE HUNT SANDI TWARDOWSKI BARBARA WESTLAKE, President 1 « 206 Campuj Cruwder-SALLY DILLARD Newman Club-ROBIN HEILKER Epitcopal Chaplain— REV. TED WILLIAMS Advisor-MISS BARBARA WINSHIP Baptist Student Union— JIM WRIGHT Interfaith Counci Religious Groups Find Cooperation In This Council The Interfaith Council promotes understanding and cooperation among religious groups at Georgia State. Each organization is encouraged to send a representative to the Council which will sponsor an Easter service and an Interfaith Retreat this year. Though at times in the past the Interfaith Council has not been extremely active, it is now taking a new and decisive role of spiritual leader- ship on the Georgia State College campus. 207 nternationa Students Club Promotes Understanding Of Students And Cultures Now in its fourth year, the International Stu- dents Club has reached a membership of over sixty students. The organization has shown in- creased prominence and recognition in the college community during the past year. The Club strives to provide an opportunity for foreign students to meet socially and to promote a better understanding of its numerous cultures represented, not only among the foreign students but also among the American students. Partici- pation in such college functions as Homecoming and Mardi Gras also forms an important part of the Club ' s activities. 208 AUGUSTINA AFFUL AKIKO MATSUMURA MARIA AUDREU ELIZABETH MOORE JUDY ANTEBI PETER MOSER SUZANNE ANTEBI IRENE REFINES BERJ ARZOUMANIAN RENE PIERRA PRAMODINI BHARGAVE ORLANDO RINCON JEAN BLOYLOCK PAUL SHEETZ HARM BRANDT GEORGE SIFFRI TIM BURNINGHAM HIROHISA SAITO JUDY CHANG JOSE SOTOMAYOR MARIO CHANG HAJAT SUMOWIDJOJO ALBERT COHEN K. C. TAM BARBARA COLSON DIRK TEN BOSCH MARIE CRANMER MEI TIEN SALLY DILLARD EMMANUEL TSITSILIANOS ANI-JONES EROKWU SHIRLEY WILLIAMS MINA FILSOOF LESLEY WOOTEN RHODA GERSON HOLLEY WYSONG NURIT GOLAN LAU KIN YEUNG TERESA GUILLEN MASAO YAMAMOTO JANE HENDRIX JUAN ZAMARRON DEMETRIOS HADJISIMOS MARY ZUBAY TU-SHAN HUNG STEVE MWAMBA CHIN-FEI KOA DR. COSTAS ALEXANDRIDES MRS. YEH MEI KU LINDA L. SMALLWOOD YVONNE LIANG ALLEN SIMS CHE WAH LAM PANAYIOKIS ZOTOS MARIA LINARES REBECCA BARROCAS BILL LOVENTHAl NAOKI INAGAKI SAMUEL LU S. BASREDO SHIGENOBU MACHIDA CARMELO MARTINEZ ALEIDA MARTINEZ KAO CHIM-FEl CLARA MARTINEZ JUDY ADAMS DR. MILDRED BARKSDALE JAN BREEDEN CHERYL BREWER MARY CHILDS DR. JO COOLEY ELIZABETH DAVIS DIANE DOLLAR ALISON DRAUT CAROL DURAND AAARTHA GINGLES ICATHERINE HAAAMER DR. FLOREINE HUDSON MRS. ELIZABETH JENKINS MARTHA JONES JUDY LOFTON GWEN MASHBURN CAROL MOTHNER MARIE NIX LONI NOVAK JO ODEN LESLIE OSBORNE SUSAN PATTERSON DR. MARY scon OFIE TUCHMAN Kappa Delta Epsilon Projects Of Service Offered To Campus And Community The Beta Beta Chapter of Kappa Delta Epsilon, National Education Professional Sorority, was es- tablished at Georgia State in May, 1968. KDE rec- ognizes through membership outstanding stu- dents preparing to enter the teaching profession. It is an active group in which students of serious purpose undertake projects of service to the cam- pus and community. Regular meetings acquaint members with the history and ethics of the teach- ing profession, imbue them with a sense of pro- fessional responsibility, and keep them in touch with the current problems of education. 209 H 1 jJ K f l HEt K f " i l ILt B H fl ■I HH ihhjh 1 3 Qi Military Sixty Students Will Graduate As 2nd Lieutenants Each year the U.S. Army commissions gradu- ates of universities and colleges to the rank of 2nd Lt. upon completion of the 4-year ROTC pro- gram. Here at Georgia State some 60 students will be graduated under this program. They will then serve as officers for a minimum 2-year per- iod. The freshman and sophomore cadets attend 2 hours of class and 1 hour of drill a week. The advanced cadets, juniors and seniors who are al- ready under contract with the Army, attend 4 hours of class and 1 hour of drill a week. During the school year the Cadet Brigade par- ticipates in the Empty Stocking Fund Drive at Christmas and all cadets are invited to the formal Military Ball in March. ABOVE Bng,d, Sufi, L,r,y Altxtnd,,, Donnie Hou.fon, Jtmti Willi, Jim Bttthtm, C»r oi Sofo, Bfu Idwtrdi. Sol Gretir. RIGHT: a««u Cdwrdt, Brig»da Comm»ndtr. 210 211 ABOVE; Jerry Bruckner irystructiryg his platoon. BELOW LEFT: Co . Male commissioni cadet and preicnii hint with ban BELOW RIGHT: Cadet adjusH rifle alter drill. 212 Belle Corps LEFT AND RIGHT: fle e corpi members al led sponsored by Cadet Bri- gade. BELOW: (STANDING) Mlndy Carper, Sally Biaswell. PtiKilla low, Jessie WcGregor, Sandra Jackson, Ptiicilla Sagb . (SEATED) A1i( ie LunI, Carol ieiker, Cheryl Summerlin, Joan Hungerforc , Jer rty Lynn Andrews, Dee Dee Ru», (1 h m ■ 1 N m rij%, ; ■ ' jGP ' « « ' • M Nifw fr 213 MARGIE BERG-1 MARY ANN COOKE-4 PAT HART-3 DONNA LEnWICH-« LINDA OWENS-2 DEBBIE TAYLOR-5 Majorettes Majorettes Have Performances At Many Of State ' s Functions The Georgia State College majorettes were formed as an outlet for more participation in school spirit by G.S.C. coeds. The initial purpose of the group was to provide entertainment for the halftime at GSC basketball games. However, due to their many outstanding per- formances, they have been asked to participate in various other college functions. Some of these include the Freshman Orientation program, the Homecoming parade, pep rallies and Spring Fes- tival. The majorettes were represented at this year ' s Freshman Conclave. 214 BILL ADAMS REV. AIDAN GARA AAARIA DANIELS COLLEEN LANCASTER ALISON DRAUT JIM MEANEY RODNEY GRANTHAW JOE SULLIVAN ROBIN HEILKE GREG WALKER SANDRA KEITH KAY WILSON RON ZUKOWSKI Newman Club Religion Accompanied By Education And Entertainment The Newman Club was installed at the college in 1952. Mennbership is necessary for the contin- nued growth of the student and is open to all Catholic students. The aim of the Club is threefold; religious, edu- cational, and social. Mass and Communion are of- fered weekly and on Holy Days. Seminars, guest speakers, and group discussions help to make a well informed layman. Social events are planned with other clubs and with young adult clubs in the area. Persons of all interests will find activities in which to take part. 215 f f5 ) Nursing Education Club Informs Members On Subjects Of Interest The Nursing Education Club was organized at Georgia State College in 1952 for those students working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the Medical College of Georgia. Two objectives of the club are to foster feelings of fellowship among its members and to discuss subjects of current interest to the nursing profes- sion so as to stay well informed. The year ' s activities include p articipation in an orientation program; social events such as a Christmas Party and a spring picnic; and monthly meetings with guest speakers on subjects perti- nent to the current trends in nursing. JOYCE BEEKS ROLEYN MARCHESSEAU ALICE BRANSCOMB ELIAZBETH MOTLEY AAELBA HILL PEGGY ROZELLE HELEN KREBS PAULA SHERRER BETTY TAYLOR « C.G. ALEXANDRIDES CHARLES RICHARD LONG RICHARD A. BILAS HENRY NEAL McKENZIE J. LLOYD BLACKWELL, III JAMES C. MILLER, III RONALD E. BLACKWELL RALPH CARL MOORE, JR. JACK BLICKSILVER PATRICIA ANNE MURPHY THEODORE C. BOYDEN ARTHUR C. NICHOLS JUEI MING CHENG ERNEST W. OGRAM, JR. RICHARD B. CLEMMER CARL W. RAPPOLD, JR. DAVID SAMUEL CLIFTON ROBERT W. REAVIS, JR. JAMES F. CRAWFORD STEPHEN M. RENAS BEN F. CURRY MELTON E. ROZIER FOREST J. DENMAN HIROCHISA SAITO PARKS ALLEN DODD, JR. RICHARD L. SHEFFIELD GAREY C. DURDEN LARRY F. SILBAUGH PANELA FINE CLOVIS NOGUEIRA DA SILVA ROBERT J. FIRESTONE SAMUEL SKOGSTAD EDWARD SIDNEY GIBSON RAYMOND STRANGWAYS LEON C. GOLDSTEIN C. DWIGHT TABOR, JR. JOHN WALTER HALDEMAN, JR. THOMAS H. TIDRICK JOHN S. HENDERSON EDWIN F. ULVELING GENE W. HENSSLER RICHARD S. WALLACE RICHARD R. HODGES ROBERT DENTON WEIR KENNETH M. HUDDLESTON LARRY G. WHEELER JOHN J. KLEIN BARRY FROST WHITE BON HO KOO BARBARA E. WILLIAAAS HAL W. LAMB, III THOMAS BRUCE YANDLE, JR. Omicron Delta Epsilon Society At State Promotes Interest And Scholarship The Beta of Georgia Chapter of Omicron Delta Epsilon, national honor society in economics, was organized at Georgia State in 1968. The purpose of the society, which is open to faculty, graduate students, and qualified undergraduate students, is to promote interest and scholarship in economics. During the year the society sponsored bi-weekly seminars in which students and faculty presented papers for discussion and criticism. An awards program for the best undergraduate and graduate papers was instituted: Other activities of the so- ciety included a coffee for Dr. George J. Stigler, distinguished professor of economics at the Uni- versity of Chicago, who gave the Malanos Lecture for 1968. 217 Omicron Delta Kappa A New National Honor Society Has Been Started Omicron Delta Kappa, national leadership honor society, was established at Georgia State College in April, 1968. Membership is awarded to junior and senior men for specified eligibility in the five major phases of campus life, namely: scholarship; social and religious affairs; athletics and military; publications; and speech, music, art and drama. Faculty and graduate students are also awarded membership. ODK awards annually a cup to the social fraternity with the highest schol- astic average, co-sponsors the Senior Breakfast, presents the President ' s Award to the graduating senior with the highest average and gives the Sophomore Award for Excellence to the male sophomore who best exemplifies ODK principles. STEVE BINION JAMES F. JACKSON DR. JACK BLICKSILVER BRUCE C. LABUDDE SHAWN M. BOLES GREGORY A. LEVETO CHARLES L. BOSTWICK DR. HENRY T. MALONE JOHN L. BOYLE, II DANIEL E. OWENS GAREY C. DURDEN O. JERALD SANDERS EMORY H. EDWARDS JAMES W. STEMBRIDGE SIDNEY W. ELLIOTT LYNN B. STULL DR. KENNETH M. ENGLAND L. BARRY TEAGUE THOMAS R. FLEMING, JR. JAMES H. THOMAS WILLIAM LUKE GREENE LARRY G. WHEELER DAVID M. HOLLAND BARRY F. WHITE « JANE ANDERSON BARBARA HOMER ANN BLANCHARD PATRICIA HUNTER KAREN BURTON PATRICIA McEWEN BRENDA BUTLER JOANNE MOBIEY ANNABEL D. CLAYTON vicKi pons NANCY DANIEL GLORIA ROLADER NANETTE DREYFUSS SANDRA SCHAUER JESSIE E. FLETCHER BEVERLY SHAW JOANNA GARRISON RUTH G. SPERRY DIANE HODGES LINDA D. STOKES DIANE HOLCOMB GENIE WATERS BARBARA WILLIAMS Phi Chi Theta This Chapter Placed First In Its Southeastern Competition Phi Chi Theta is a national professional frater- nity for women majoring in business, economics, or business education. Activities include profes- sional functions, competition with other collegiate chapters for various awards, and scholastic com- petition with Alpha Kappa Psi and Delta Sigma Pi here on campus. Phi Chi Theta has won the trophy for highest scholastic average for the past two years. In national competition for efficiency rating points, Upsilon Chapter placed second nationally and first in the southeast. The sisters have goals in common: friendship, scholarship, and professional growth and devel- opment. Does it sound worthwhile? ... It is. 219 Pershing Rifles PR ' s Look Forward To Their Performances And Drills The most outstanding innovation in the Persh- ing Rifles this year was the room improvement. They have added paneling and carpeting to T Com- pany headquarters. This year the first big project was the annual Turkey Shoot. In 1969 they plan to have an all Georgia drill meet composed of drill units from other colleges in Georgia plus Ga. State. In the spring the all-new fancy squad will perform for the Spring Festival, and the entire company will go to the 4th regimental drill meet held each year at Ft. Gordon in Augusta. Of course they plan to win this meet and win the G. A. Douglass trophy for the second time so that they will again be the number one Pershing Rifle unit in the nation. JAMES W. WALLIS, JR. CAPT THOMAS D. DOWNS PFC GEORGE N. GUILL UT RODNEY G. GRANTHAM PFC ELMER 1. WILSON UT HARRY L. HONEYCUTT PFC CHARLES W. STEWART, JR, 2LT GEORGE E. MAUNEY PFC JOEL M. SNEED 2LT RICHARD L. McCLESKEY PFC JAMES E. TROTTER 2LT CHESTER G. TAPP PFC WILLIAM T. ADAMS WOl H. STEVE BROADWELL PVT JOEL J. JACKSON ISGT JOHN F. ESSICK PVT TIMOTHY L. HULL MSGT MICHAEL GASPAROTTO PVT GEORGE L. EMFINGER SGT LARRY R, GILBERT PVT HOWARD L. GEBHARDT SGT STEVEN E. LISTER PVT SOL C. GREEAR SGT MICHAEL E. MALONE PVT EMMETT F. WILLIAMS SGT STEPHEN M. PRITCHARD PVT EMORY H. EDWARDS, III CPL JOHN R. SOUTHERLAND PVT ' ' 220 BELOW: Sometimes you meet the nicat people in the PR room! BELOW, LEFT: Pledges twait the unknown myiteriet of the PR initiation. 221 Phi Eta Sigma Society Recognizes Scholastic Excellence Of Male Freshmen Freshman men who have excelled in scholarship may be tapped for the distinctive honor of becom- ing members of Phi Eta Sigma, the scholastic honor fraternity. With its reactivation at Georgia State, Phi Eta Sigma has made an excellent be- ginning in recognizing and encouraging excellence in scholastic attainment v hich constitutes the pur- pose of this distinctive group. This organization has more than one hundred chapters and a national membership of nearly one hundred thousand persons. Membership is ex- tended to males having an average of B + , or better, for two consecutive quarters during their freshman year. WALTER H. BUCE CLIFFORD W. MEHEARG HOWARD P. CARNES DAN OWENS ALEXANDER B. CREOLE, JR. THOMAS R. SHEPHERD WALKER L. CURTIS, JR. TIM SINGLETON, Advisor GAREY C. DURDEN ROGER SLOAN JOHN F. EDGAR, JR. CASS SMITH SIDNEY W. ELLIOTT ALAN T. SORRELLS DAVID W. HUSTON ROBERT E. SWAY JOSEPH M. LAINE JAMES H. THOMAS DICK LEWIS DAVID E. TINSLEY RONALD L. MCCRANIE THOMAS J. WEATHERLY VICTOR W. MAXTED KARL H. WINGARD 222 FLOYD ADAMS BILLY JACKSON JOHN ALDRIDGE RICHARD JEFFERS SIDNEY BENNEH BRUCE LABUDDE BOB BILLINGTON JON LANGFORD JAMES BRACEWELL ROD LAUGHLIN PHIL BRUCE WILLIAM LYLE WALTER BROWN JOHN MALLOY PHIL BURGESS JIM McCORD THOMAS CALLOWAY BARRY MITCHELL CARL CORBIN FRANK MOORE STEVE DANIEL RICK PRATHER DON EDWARDS POWELL PRICE DR. CARROL EHLERS HAMMOND RAUERS GUY FIROR BILL RUCKER BRUCE FOSTER GILL SAPP CARL HAMIL DR. DAVID J. SCHWARTZ JACK HAYNES JOHN SHELL DAVID HEUWS BOB STATON FLETCHER HELMS JAMES THOMAS PAUL HILL DAVID THOMASON BRUCE HORNBUCKLE BUDDY THORNTON BARRY HUGHIE MIKE TRONCALLI JAMES HUNTER JOHN TULLY BOB WILLIAAAS Pi Sigma Epsilon Fastest Growing Fraternity In The Country Sets Goals The year marked the beginning of a chapter fraternity room, continuation of annual sales pro- jects and the establishment of the Lev is F. Gordon scholarship fund in honor of one of the founding fathers. Regular activities include monthly meet- ings with dynamic speakers, attendance at na- tional conventions, and guest attendance at the Sales and Marketing Executives Club meeting. Presently, there are two $500 scholarships awarded each year to PSE members in the state of Georgia. 223 Rampway Gum it to death . . . what Assistant Editor . . . Rampway meeting . . . everyone come . . . any- one come ... in the closet . . . Beauties expanded . . . Shelley-STUDENT LIFE isn ' t under the table . . . But the Rampway doesn ' t have a photog- rapher . . . group shots used this year . . . better late than never ... Dr. Blount is in the Biology department??? . . . DEAD-LINE . . . Nelson New- man . . . Dream on fool . . . You see . . . the photographer had a wreck on the interstate . . . Fix the IBM typewriter!! Claude— Ann how do I do this . . . While Glossy trails close behind . . . Com- pute much Sandra . . . But my section isn ' t done yet ... THE IMPOSSIBLE DREAM-May 13 ... Editor-in-Chief 1 NELSON JONES Associate Editor CASS SMITH Assistant Editor 5 MAR HASSETT Copy Editors CLAUDIA HENDERSON 6 ANN ATKINSON Secretary 4 LAURIE HOUSE Seclron Editors Activities 10 DONNA FERGUSON Class 9 SANDRA KEITH Faculty LAURA BAXTER Greeks CHARLES BLANCHARD Index CHRISTY WALLACE Organizations 8 LINDA GLOSSON Sports 7 DAN WHIGHAM Staff GAIL BREFFLE SHARON VIA CAROL HARMON HAL FLOWERS Photographers 3 PHIL BRUCE GARY BECK BILL MAXWELL 2 SHELLY STEIN 224 225 TOP: Lindt Glouon— Organization Editor, Nelson Jones— Editor, Phil Bruct— Photographer, Mark Haaelt-Aisiitant Editor. BOTTOM RIGHT; Laura Baxttr— faculty Editor. BOTTOM LEFT: C»ss Smith— Auoclate Editor. 2 26 TOP LEFT; Nelson Jones and Chifryl Hall (fiancc6). TOP RIGHT: Gary Beck and Cdyle Breffle. BOHOM LEFT TO RIGHT: Uuric House, Claudis Hen- denon, Linda G osson, Donna Ferguson, Dan Whlgham, and Char es Blanchard. if « d » r« 1 [f 227 Scabbard Blade Military Society Recognizes Leadership In ROTC Program The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary fraternal organization for those cadet officers possessing high leadership qualities. Scabbard and Blade was founded at the U. of Wisconsin in 1905 with the expressed purpose of raising the standard of military education, uniting college military departments, fostering essential qualities of good officers and promoting fellow- ship among cadet officers. Since that time Scab- bard and Blade has become the nation ' s largest college military organization. Company F, 11th Regiment, was founded here at GSC in 1954 and at present has eighteen mem- bers. One of Scabbard and Blade ' s most important functions each year is the sponsorship of the an- nual Military Ball. LARRY ALEXANDER CLIFF KING riM BEACHAM DOUG McLEROY JOHN BEAVINS JOE O ' NEAL RONALD DAVIS BOB RAINWATER BEAU EDWARDS STEVE SHANNON ROB FLOERSHEIM ROGER SLOAN GEORGE GUILL CARLOS SOTO JAMES HADAD JIM WALLIS BOB HENDRIX ELMER WILSON 228 BILL BLAIR GARY MclNTYRE BEAU CUTIS TONY MclNTYRE CLARENCE DAY STEVE MASON JOHN DAVIS WADE MEDLOCK CHARLES DISMER JERRY MITCHELL JIM HAMILTON CHARLES OKELLEY CHARLES HARMON JIM OVERSTREET RICHARD HYATT CHARLIE TEMPLETON JIMMY JACOBS DON TOWERS VIRGIL KELIEY DAVID TUCKER BOB JACKSON DAVE WITTER GEORGE GREIFF- -Advisor Sigma Delta Chi New Society To Work With The Professional Chapter Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journal- ism society, recognized the potential of journalism at Georgia State College when more than 500 of its members unanimously approved State ' s peti- tion to establish an undergraduate society last year. Many journalism majors who compose State ' s newest professional groups are either ac- tive in the field presently or plan to enter it upon graduation. Open only to junior and senior male students, SDX is one of the nation ' s oldest profes- sional groups. SDX at Georgia State joins the Uni- versity of Georgia chapter as the only two under- graduate chapters in Georgia. The Department of Journalis m continues to work closely with the At- lanta professional chapter. 229 Signa GCPA General Excellence Award . . . THE CLOSET . . . walking on desks . . . Superstar Saylia . . . can you tap dance? ... if you would like to rec- ognize your story in the paper . . . assistant party editor ... it goes without saying . . . anybody going to Dunwoody? . . . Sophia Paul ... 30 years old? ... be obscure clearly ... 6 kicky ideas . . . this side up . . . our 40 page issue . . . 5 days in Washington . . . instant breakfast . . . the bearded dirty old man . . . asst. sales mangier . . . thank you, A P . . . WSIF . . . best pix ... singing in the shower . . . 36BBI . . . swimming on the floor ... we get letters ... the Holiday Inn ... spies counterspies . . . can I see you in the hall . . . Karen ' s in love . . . social affiliates . . . the owl . . . EDITORIAL STAFF 1 8 KAREN TESKE .... Editor 25 MARIA OSTERHOLT 12 JEAN STANLEY .... News Makeup Editor 26 Editor JAMES MARSHALL DARBY COKER Cartoonist Assistant News Editor 16 PEGGY WILLIAMS Political PHIL BRUCE Sports Editor Editor 3 GARY BECK JOHN DAVIS .. Assistant Photographic Editor Sports Editor 9 KATHI BENNETT 17 BOB SMITH .... Business Exchange 4 Manager TOM TRACY .. Assistant GEORGE GREIFF Faculty Advisor Business Manager STAFF 5 RICHARD ATKINSON 13 ALICE HOOPER 1 TOM BARBER 14 BETH LADZIN BILL BRACKIN 19 STEVE LECKAR 18 JIM BREWER 24 ALLAN LIPSETT CAROL BURGESS BILL MAXWELL 20 JON BUTZON 21 BART MILLER LINDA CARROLL 22 CINDY MILLER JOY CARLISLE ELIZABETH MOORE CAROL CRAWFORD 23 DANNY MORGAN BOB DAVIES 7 VIVIAN PRICE 2 GAREY DURDEN BARBARA REYNOLDS MAXINE DURRAH CHERYL ROBBINS 15 JANE EDWARDS PAM RUTHERFORD ANI-JONES EROKWU CAROLYN SADLER DEEDEE EVARTS RONNIE SCHUNCK AMRIA FERNANDEZ 10 CAROLYN SKIPPER 6 LIBBY GLADDEN STEVE SHI DAVID GOVUS DON SMITH 11 SAYLIA HAMMOND DEBBIE TAYLOR ROBIN HEILKER COLLEEN THRAILKILL 13 CHERYL Hill CAROL WEDDLE 230 |r«© 231 ABOVE. Bob Sessions, Jean Stanley, Carey Durden, Sayi a Hammonds, ( Gary Becfc, Karen Teske. RIGHT: Edifor, Karen Teslce. 232 lEfT: Bob Seis ons, Attitltnl Editor. RIGHT: Bob Smifh, Business Manager, BELOW: Jim Brewer, Varia Os(cr»io f, Barbara Rtynoldi, Peggy Williams, Chio HowiH tynda Peck. Stall. 233 Sigma lota Epsilon Fraternity Open To Some Of The Undergraduates Chi Chapter of Sigma lota Epsilon, the student division of the Acadenny of Management, was chartered at Georgia State College in November, 1968. It is both an honorary and professional frater- nity with membership being based on scholastic achievement as well as an interest in the field of management. While membership is limited primarily to grad- uate students some undergraduate students will be admitted. JOHN ADAMS JOSEPH JOHNSON JAMES M. BARBER STERLING LANIER FRANK C. BARNES KENT LINDBERG PAUL J. BASCHON LLOYD McARTHUR J.L. BREEDLAND CLAUYE McCRANIE RICHARD BLALACK JIMMIE McEVER WILLIAM BROADWELL MIKE MILTON ERNEST BROADSKY THOMAS MUNDY JAMES COLE MARY OTWELL DONALD CRANE ROBERT PECK RUFUS DAVIS ARNOLD PERLMAN LLOYD DOSIER JAMES PITTMAN WILLIAM EVANS W.K. PRICE OLICE EMBRY NANCY PRIGMORE WILLIAM FIELDS ROBERT REEVES PHILLIP FOWLER WAYNE REID DONALD FRANCIS LEONARD ROBINSON I.E. GARNER GEORGE ROEDLER JAMES GREENE CARL RYALS DOUGLAS GRIDER ELEANOR SCHWARTZ GARLAND HAGEN RODNEY SHERMAN EDWIN HARMAN JOSEPH SMITH MARSHALL HARTMANN LAWRENCE STEVENSON RICHARD HEATH DONALD TEBBS THEODORE HERBERT VIRGIL TILLANDER WILLIAM HERRING JOHN TRAVIS BARBARA HOMER BERNARD TUCKER LEON IVEY JAMES WARNOCK 1 234 JUDITH ADAMS TERESSA KERR BETTY BAGGETT SARAH McNEELY CAROL BAUMGARTNER JANE MORRIS PRAMODINE BHARGAVE LESLIE OSBORNE KAY BOUNESOR KATHLEEN OWENS ANNE BOWEN SARAH REALE GAYLE BREFFLE DONNA ROGERS BLANCHE BROWNE INGEBORG SMITH PINKY BUTLER CAROL STEVENS JUDY CUTCHINS CLARICE STEWART ALISON DRAUT MARSHA STONE MANDY FRAZIER MARY WARD WARJORIE GRIMES MILDRED WARD CAROL HARMON RICHARD WHITAKER SALLY HUDSON MARGARET WILLIAMS MARTHA JONES ALICE YOUNG Student Education Association Service Organization Is Active With Career Programs The Student Education Association is an active service organization designed to give teachers in training practical experience in working together on the problems of the profession; to acquaint them with the background, ethics and programs of the profession; and to provide a valuable sup- plement to their training program. The association offers career-oriented programs each month of the school year. Faculty-student discussion groups are held to aid students in un- derstanding problems of the field. S. E. A. also has many fine speakers from various areas of edu- cation. This fall S. E. A. held its annual student- faculty tea, and service projects with children. 235 Student Govern- ment Association SGA Strives For Good Relations, Representation The Student Government Association was this year combined from separate day and night or- ganizations into a single unified organization. The purpose of the SGA is to represent the students; promote cooperation and good relations between the students, the faculty, and the administration; and through these endeavors to work for the bet- terment of the college. The SGA has this year continued its efforts to find a solution to the parking problem by requir- ing stickers for all college lots, and this year they have sponsored top quality concerts. Also this year an Intra-mural sports program was started. The SGA is now working on a teacher-course evaluation and has already initiated a student discount program. President STEVE BINION Vice President ANDREA COPPEDGE Secreiary DIANE VAN DYCK Treasurer DAVE DORSETT 22 KATHY BENNETT 27 JOHN ODONNELL 12 STEVE COURCHAINE 8 SUZANNE RIPLEY 20 PAT CUNNINGHAM 15 KAREN ROGERS 5 JOHN OARNALL 26 Jill SIDEY 9 TERRI EDMONDSON 10 CASS SMITH 25 DONNA FERGUSON 19 SHERRY SMITH 17 MARK HASSETT 13 GEORGE M. SPARKS 6 JOE HITT I MARGARET STANFORD 11 MIKE HOUSE 24 MARSHA STONE 18 RICHARD JONES 2 GEORGE THOMAS 3 SUSAN KEMPE 16 JOE VALLS 21 JONI MARTIN 7 SUE WEBB 28 Bill MATHER 23 SHEIIA WIILIAMSON 4 JOY VUSI ' " ' U MICHAFIE WYNNE 236 " 1 1 1 1 ■ ABOVE: Somefimej meefings aron ' a they ' re racked up to be! LEFT; You mean Dean Singleton has to show Steve how? RIGHT: Andrea Coppedge (Day V. President) Steve Binion (President). David Dorsetl (Treasurer), Jim Bowen (Night V. President), Diane Van Dyck (Secretary). 238 LEFT: Willie T. enleiltint tt n SGA dann. RIGHT: famou% Gcorgii Sitle Student Parlring iticltef. BELOW: louiie franklin doei her thing high atop the Sky Room in batuti- tuf downtown Atlantal STATE COLLEGE ]!)5 239 President ' s Student Advisory Committee ABOVE: Dr. Kenneth England, Nelson Jones, Steve Bmion, President Noah Langdale, Andrea Coppedge, Tony Green Boh Smith Dean ' s Student Advisory Committee AeOVf. Jim Bowen, Bob Smith. David Dorierr. Diane Van Dyck, Sf- Dr. Kenneth England, Andrei Coppedge 240 Student Publications Committee SEATED: Dean Singlelon. Mr. Lavroff. Karen Teske, Jeff Ashworth. STANDING: Mr. Sligh, Ne son Jones, Deart Englarxl, Steve Bin on, Mr. Link. Student Activities Committee SEATED Dr Hudion. Dean Trolter, Andrea Coppedge. Mr%. R ggt, Diane Van Dyck. S1ANDINC J ' mmy Bowen. Dean England. S(e»c Binion, Mi. Colitiman. tar. Stngltion, Mr. Rapps, Dave Donett. 241 V,....x f- ( U i ALPHA OMICRON PI ALPHA PHI ALPHA EPSILON PI i ALPHA PHI ALPHA 244 CHI PHI AlPHA TAU OVEGA AlPHA XI DELTA DELTA GAMMA 245 DELTA ZETA KAPPA SIGMA 246 r ZETA TAU ALPHA PI KAPPA PHI SIGAAA NU PHI SIGMA SIGMA 247 248 ALPHA PHI ALPHA TAU OMEGA P ' Ef " ySrMc? ■ " fiSki Jk ■fl MK- iff Pv l_f- ill y ' iTti !••: 1 ir f 11 " ' 1 H 1 H PI ALPHA PHI ALPHA ALPHA XI DELTA 249 KAPPA SIGMA 250 PI KAPPA PHI PHI SIGMA SIGMA PI KAPPA ALPHA MU RHO SIGMA h 251 252 ALPHA PHI 253 CHI PHI 254 i " mm DELTA ZETA PI KAPPA ALPHA 1 ta ■1 A f ' -V l-Lfi L t ? 5 " " ■ r KAPPA SIGMA 255 PI KAPPA PHI SIGMA NU PHI SIGMA SIGMA ZETA TAU ALPHA 256 ALPHA OMICRON PI TAU KAPPA EPSILON ALPHA EPSILON PI 257 ALPHA PHI ALPHA ALPHA TAU OMEGA ALPHA XI DELTA 258 PHI SIGMA SIGMA PI KAPPA ALPHA MU RHO SIGMA PI KAPPA PHI ZETA TAU ALPHA SIGMA NU TAU KAPPA EPSILON 261 111? Panhellenic Council What this group lacks in experience it makes up in spirit . . . Let ' s get that in writing . . . You mean I have to re-do the basketball schedule again?? The key to any meeting is strict formality Does everybody understand that motion? . . . Where is the meeting? ... An organized group of women is a powerful weapon . . . Ring the cowbell . . . How many more parties? . . . Just Ring The Cowbell . . . No, I don ' t know but I ' ll go ask the Dean . . . Remember be tactful . . . Panhellenic newsletter . . . Joint Panhellenic meeting . . . Dean Winship . . . Friend-Advisor . . . tolerant . . . understanding . . . More eager to listen than to speak . . . President NANCY PERKERSON Vice Prejident SUZANNE ANTEBI Secretary JUDY CORY Treasurer SUZANNE BELL Advisor DEAN BARBARA WINSHIP ALPHA OMICRON PI ALPHA PHI ALPHA XI DELTA DELTA GAAAMA DELTA ZETA MU RHQ SIG AA PHI SIGMA SIGMA ZETA TAU ALPHA ADVISOR I MARGIE STATON 9 LINDA BELLEVILLE 2 NANCY PERKERSON 6 KAYE NAMES SUZANNE BELL 7 SUZANNE SWEENEY 4 LINDA DICKSON 5 SUSAN TODD 11 ANDREA COPPEDGE 10 LINDA GLOSSON GWEN MASHBURN ALICE YOUNG 12 SUZANNE ANTEBI SHARON LESLIE 3 JUDY CORY CAROL DAYE DEAN BARBARA WINSHIP 263 Alpha Omicron Pi BBB party . . . Deal ... Go to Helen . . . Termi- nal Acne ... Six Who ' s Who ... We need a new candle! . . . What ' s a Nerd? ... Not TOO Bad, REAL Bad! . . . Sheldon gave us a deal . . . Chops . . . Happy Talk . . . Rain Dance . . . Hey, bud we ' re having another party . . . ZTAOPI . . . Sara Ann ' s foot wins Sweepstakes ... I ' m rich, do it my way . . . Our Andrea? . . . Miss Ramp- way . . . Mama Pat ' s . . . Queenie does it again . . . Miss and Mrs. Homecoming . . . War Council at SS ... Margaret ' s Mickey Mouse Watch . . . the unswitchable has switched again . . . Greek Goddess . . . Mother Nature . . . " I ' d rather be an AOPi " . . . Spring Festival Queen . . . five sweethearts . . . the woman at the well . . . Rox- anne Jack Frost . . . A. A. at the Christmas Party . . . Retreat at Louie ' s . . . T.C. Again! 15 HELEN ALEXANDER SUE HOWARD 11 JENNY LYNN ANDREWS HELEN HYNES 37 ALICE ARNOLD 35 JANET JONES ALICIA ATKINSON 38 CHERYL KOHLER 4 MARGIE BAKER 12 CAROL LEIKER 41 LAURA BAXTER 33 JULIE LESTER LINDA BELLVILLE 13 JO LOW 10 MARGIE BERG PRISSY LOW 26 BECKY BERRY 29 MILLIE LUNT SUSAN BLANTON SANDRA MANUS AY BOUNESOR 32 DARLENE MERRIMAN 22 PATTI BOYLE 3 JUDY MERRIMAN CAROL BRAND NANCY MOORE 7 SAILY BRASWELl 27 NENO MURRAY NANCY BRAY JOY MUSICK CINDY BROWN 20 BEVERLY NUNN LINDA BURCH VICKI PHARR le RAYNA CASEY SUZANNE RIPLEY CONNIE CHAPMAN MARY ANNE ROSS 9 DOROTHY CLARK 17 SARA ANN RUSSELL 8 HARRIET CORBETT MIRIAM SAMMONS 14 CAROL CRAWFORD 25 PATSIRLES BEKA CROCKETT 2 MARGARET STANFORD 30 CINDY CRUMBLEY MARGIE STATON JUDY CUTCHINS ELAINE SUMMERS SUZY DAWSON 24 KATHY THOMAS 39 SHEILA DONOVAN RUTH TILLER 19 ALICE ECHOLS 23 MARY TROTOCHAUD 21 JEANNIE EIDSON 34 CHERYL VICKERY 28 MINDY FABIANICH SHEILA WAIT SHEILA FARLOW 1 MARCIA WELCH 40 RAYELLEN FLOREN 6 PAM WEST SUE FOWLER 36 JO ANN WHATLEY LYNNE GLOER PATSY WHEELER DANNI GREEN 5 CINDY WHITE 31 DOROTHY GROCHAN 16 MARGARET WILLIAMSON LAURIE HOUSE MIRIAW WILSON Preiident ALICE ARNOLD VicePrciidenI MILLIE LUNT Correiponding Secretary JUDY CUTCHINS Recording Secretary BEVERLY NUNN Tronjurcr MARY ANNE ROSS 265 Alpha Phi The Zebra lounge ... Oh Sal, you ' re wonderful . . . Ninny, President of Panhellenic? . . . Verda Bird, Robin ' s John . . . Betty who? . . . Mac ' s majorettes . . . A 1 Pink Panther pushes spirit pills . . . Racquel Welch, now there ' s a real alum! . . . And the walls came tumblin ' down, TAPE! TAPE! . . . Becky is an okre? . . . What " Moore " do you want Miss Freshman? . . . The Great Pumpkin went naked this year! . . . Hey kin, you wanna fool around . . . A I loves Coach Waters . . . Jimmy and Don, A(I fellas . . ' . A I Olympics Martha Toe ' s Crow? . . . Look at all those trophies . . . Diane likes basketball— players . . . Whoever heard of a Spanish Zebra? . . . Hey, this kid went to Conclave. ' C - _ i i V n T ' yWA) t ' f if- Aa-wY ) 1 1 J A i TV " viJ in )l A ' y yl o » " " l ' l f f 1 2 Y J A i ii 1 in • - a ] DONNA ADKINS 39 CAROLINE ALEXANDER 34 MARILYN ALEXANDER I MEZZIE ASH 44 DEBBIE BALDWIN 41 KATHY BELLE ISLE 9 DONNA BOYD MARCY McCULLY 10 ANN McKIBBEN 45 CINDY MILLER I BRENDA MITCHELL 5 JUDY MOORE 15 AMY MUNN 18 NEDRA NEWBY 12 KAYE BUCHANAN 17 NANCY PERKERSON 23 SONIA BULLOCK 11 KITTY PETTIT 8 SHIRLEY BURKE 14 KAREN POOLE 13 MINDY CARPER 16 YVONNE RENSON SHIRLEY CALLICUT 29 ANN SCHILLINGER CONNIE CLARK 40 PAM SELAH LINDA CLARK 32 GINNY SHAW MARY ANN COOKE 36 PAT SHAW 33 VERDA COUSINEAU 20 CAROLYN SKIPPER 22 CARIA cox 47 SALLIE SMITH 19 JANET cox 42 DEBRA SNIPES 35 KATHY CROWE 28 JEAN STANLEY AILEEN DARBY 25 SHARON STUDOR 27 MIMI DRAGO 38 KATHY STULL 48 BECKY ESTHER 7 FRANNIE SULLIVAN 2 PAT GUIIL LYNDAE STURGEON 31 KAYE HAVES 24 DEBBIE TAYLOR 4 MARGO HEIM DIANNA TELFORD 46 ROBIN JOHN 6 CAROL THOMPSON KATHE KLOS 37 MARIANNE WEEKS 26 PAT KRIDER 43 NANCY WEEKS 30 BECKY LAVENDER 50 DIANE WILLIAMS 49 SHARON LIPSCOMB 21 CAROL WILSON MARGO HEIM 1st Vice-President JUDY MOORE CAROL THOMPSON 3rd Vice-President LYNDAE STURGEON FRANNIE SULLIVAN ' ME77IE ASH ?;VU».-. r.An uik:; » J ' 1 i 267 Alpha Xi Delta 75 years old ... Best Philanthropy-Live y ' ers number one! . . . Candlelight-not again . . . Jim: A Xi Hero . . . Happiness is Snoopy-A Xi Spirit is number one! . . . Juanita Banana-red shoes-rush is fun-Quota! ... We love the Bear-this is true ... no one goes hungry . . . Ole Noah Langdale lived in a shoe . . . attend- ance at Homecoming . . . Who ' s Who: Linda, Sally, Suzanne . . . Impeach Hair! eek ... a Particle! . . . Convention at the Regency . . . Beast, Lam, Dragon, Giraffe, Elbe, Dozzie, Naked -Whew! . . . " I ' ve Been Hurt! " . . . Champagne Chug-a-Lug . . . Everybody— do the Harie . . . Sinmobile . . . The Team and Margaret . . . Sur- prise! ... Oh Bloomfield ... 3 A.M. Arrivals . . . Pink Ice Cream Parlor . . . Hey Jude-y! . . TURN AROUND AND YOU ' RE A SISTER WITH A QUILL OF YOUR OWN. — 1 if " , lr S( ) rvL(ri ( } H. 1 XM?) 1 ( Fk ( Wivlyy r r ■ IT V A X " ) ( }t f - 1 T M Pi 1 ' 1 1 f 4 P W 25 KATHY ABRAMS 9 ARLENE LINSEY 36 DEBBIE AR1A1L 18 NANCY L1ZZIO SUZANNE BELL I MARGARET McCLEARN 49 JANICE BLOOMFIELD 31 JOAN McKENZlE 13 BEVERLY BOGUSK1 LINDA MARTIN 58 MARY ANN BROOKS 40 PAT MATSON 11 LYNDA BRYAN 4 ANITA MILLS 15 BARBARA CALHOUN 19 CAROLYN MITCHUM MARY CAPO SUE MORROW 17 GLORIA CARVER 50 BARBARA MOTE 7 LINDA CASSES MARGARET MURDOCK 6 VICKI CONNERS 24 DIANE NEWMAN 34 DIANE CHENEY 12 LINDA DRY 51 ANN COOK 37 LOUISE POWELL BARBARA COOPER 14 ALICE PREISSLER 45 JACKIE CUSTER 55 JOYCE RAPER 22 lYNN DARCEY 35 SHARON REPINE CHARLENE DAVIS 54 LORETTA ROBERTS 3 DIANE D1GBY 43 LAURIE SCHWARTZ e JANICE ERICKSON 52 CATHY SHATTLES VALERIE ERICKSON CHRIS SMITH 56 SUSAN FREEMAN 20 SALLY SMITH 32 BARBARA GIBSON 47 JUDY STANFIELD BEriY JEAN GOLDSMITH 21 MAUREEN STANLEY CAROL GRAHAM 23 lENN STEED 28 JUDV GREEN 57 MARY STEPHENS 26 DEBBIE HADAWAY PAT STEPHENS LAURA HAYWORTH CHERYL SUMMERLIN 2 JANET HENDERSON 46 SUZANNE SWEENY 59 EAYE HOLBROOK 29 IINDA TRAMMELL 39 ALICE HOOPER SANDI TWARDOWSK1 27 SALLY HUDSON 41 MARY NEAL WARD 16 JUDY HUGGINS 5 CONNIE WASCOV1CH 33 FLORENCE JARRELL SUE WEBB JAN1S JORDAN 38 FAYE WESTLAKE 42 KATHLEEN KELIEY 44 JAN WHITE 1 30 SARAH KENDRICK ELLEN WILLIAMS 1 10 TERES5A KERR 48 RACHrt WI11IAM5 L_ j3 LAURA WOFFORl ' | President LINDA TRAMMEU Vice-President SARAH KENDRICK Treasurer . . . . VALERIE ERICKSON Membership Chsirmsn SALLY HUDSON JOAN MrKENZIE ° ■ " 1 268 269 Delta Gamma The ... door ... is ... opening! ... Are you the one who is pinned to Mr. Freshman? . . . You are cordially invited . . . Don ' t tell me you went to class, Waddles ... You could have swam through the Phi Delts ' House ... The Daytonja Inn ... Which Knights of Columbus? . . . Sisters of the Golden Heart ... Ga. Tech majorette . . . Twinkle-toes ... But I ' m lavaliered . . . Ribbit Seaweed . . . Where ' s the truck? What truck? . . . Yo ho-Yo ho! ... Human fire extinguisher -Our Hero . . . See any porpoises, Elaine? . . . Red Roses, Love Phil . . . Who ' s Who ... PR Affili- ates . . . And here we have a map . . . Who drop- ped the pledge pin? . . . One, two, three, HEAVE ... Did anyone pass organic? . . . Pink Drystals, Bev? . . . Shing-a-ling, Cheri . . . Cutlass Kid ... What if my Sunday school teacher sees me? 15 23 20 6 5 29 17 11 25 19 30 24 16 27 FAYE AUSTIN BECKY BARKSDAIE CECILIA BAUER GAYLE BREFFLE LYNN COLEMAN DIANA COMBS JULIA CONNOR LINDA DICKSON ALISON DRAUT RITA ESTRADA JEANNE GARRISON NANCY GRANT ELAINE JETER DIANE KUGLAR CELESTE MAKRIS BEVERLY MITCHELL GAIL WOON SUZANNE MOORE JUDY MORGAN 22 PENNY MULUNS 14 BOBBIE NICKEL 26 MARY ANN NIKAS 1 JO ODEN 21 LESLIE OSBORNE 13 ANN PARKMAN SARA RAPPOLD 2 AMANDA SAUNDERS JO SKOCZEK DANA SMITH 28 CLARICE STEWART 12 CHERI TAPP 3 SUSAN TODD 4 BECKYE WALKER 10 CAROL WEDDLE 9 JENNY WHISENANT 18 DIANA WHISLER LINDA WHITE JANIE WORLEY President NANCY GRANT 1 jl Vice-President ANN PARKMAN 2nd Vice-President BOBBIE NICKEL Corresponding Secretary ALISON DRAUT Recording Sccrotary JO ODEN 270 c l«f«l««« ••••(•••••• ' ' «••«•••••■ " •••VJBJ . • v.? •«•■••• 27r Delta Zeta Everywhere we go ... Is it a sand dollar?? . . . Stan Man ' s the BOMB . . . Murf the Surf ... The other room . . . Sandra-Sing?? . . . More Magic Margie . . . Judy, How did you do it?? . . . Way to Rush . . . " I ' m a Raindrop " ... a " BOMB " in- able snowman . . . Bull-shipping Time . . . Ramp- way . . . Little Red ' s in my bed . . . Papa ' s . . . skit ... Do we sing . . . Beat us on the head— we still win ... SN Sweepstakes!! . . . Dayna Racey I don ' t understand . . . What sofa? . . . Greenwood . . . Scotties . . . Susan-are you wet? . . . brown helmet club . . . tickle me . . . Up, Up and POP . . . wild woman . . . Web . . . Doughnuts-Frats . . . Who ' s Who ' s Who?? . . May 1 . . . Sock it to my Pledges . . . MOST OUT- STANDiNG-8 out of 9-damn good odds . . . People always know. 27 23 29 26 6 38 20 KATHY HAIL CATHY HANEY CAROL HARMON CATHY HEALAN CLAUDIA HENDERSON BLANCHE HESTER SUSAN HESTER LINDA MINES SANDRA HOCKMAN ANGIE IRWIN DONNA JOHNSON BETTYE ANN JORDAN SANDRA KEITH JACKIE STEPHENS MARSHA STONE MARGIE SWEAT SUSAN THOMAS CAROL TURNER DAYLE VAN DYCK DIANE VAN DYCK SUSAN WAKEFIELD CHRISTY WALLACE 28 KATHY WILBUR 36 LYNDA WILLIAMS KATHY WILSON 3 MICHAELE WYNNE KAREN ADAMS KARYL KUHN ELAINE ANDREWS 37 SUSAN KUNTZLER 9 ANN ATKINSON COLLEEN LANCASTER BECKIE BEELER 18 LINDA LEE 5 BARBARA BROWN DONNA LEFTWICH SUZANNE BRITTAIN JON MARTIN 32 KAREN BURTON 7 JUDY MAYNARD MARLENE CAGLE 16 CATHY MAYO 13 CATHERINE CARLTON JANE McDANIELS 1 2 HARRIETT CHANDLER ANN MILLER | CAROLYN COLE 10 LINDA MITCHELL 31 ANDREA COPPEDGE 24 ANNE MOORE 39 CATHY CORNISH 40 MARGARET NICHOLS DEBBIE COX 1 CINDY NIX ANN CRUM 35 TERESA NORTON 21 PAT CUNNINGHAM 30 SANDY PIERCE 14 DIANE DAVIS BARBARA REYNOLDS FRANCES DAVIS 8 KERRY SAMFORD KYLE DAVIS DEVON SHIELDS 22 PAM OASANTOS 4 GLORIA SHURBUTT BARBARA DOUGHT Y 17 JILL SIDEY 33 DONNA FERGUSON 34 BRENDA SMITH DAWN FITZGERALD JAN SMITH 11 LINDA GLOSSON 15 SHERRY SMITH 12 JUDY GUY DIANE SORROW 19 IFAXA WYRICK President JUDY MAYNARD Rush Chairman ANN ATKINSON Pledge Trainer . . UNDA MITCHELL Treasurer KAREN BURTON Corresponding Secretary PAT CUNNINGHAM 272 M. . -i.--.. rJ. i k ? ' .1 = r « -. y ' V IL 273 Mu Rho Sigma " Bubbles, " that ' s Ivory detergent! . . . GAL fever ... I ' m going home with her . . . Listen to her crow . . . Mama, when will you be out of school? ... Do you really? . . . IWWHM-that ' s the problem . . . Where can I find some red cloth tape? . . . Not in scholarship, you don ' t . . . Just one more hour . . . Hey, pres, woty next? . . . The internationals love you . . . Stay alive and YOU will get older ... A man for all reasons . . . I ' d like to invite you to my church . . . Excuses, excuses, excuses . . . Doesn ' t anybody have any money? . . . Some of our best friends are single ... It was page 72 . . . Why Greece in 1970? . . . Tell them my problem . . . Cakes bring roses . . . Get a lunch bunch? . . . Boxes, boxes, pup- pets and songs . . . How many children today? NENA ALLEN 12 BETH HUGANIR 13 SUSAN ALLEN 7 BASS LOPER 27 NANCY BERNER 18 MARTHA JONES 2 JAN BREEDEN 23 ALICE JOHNSON 1 JUDITH BUTTS 31 DARLENE McCARTER 24 JUDY CARTER 15 GWEN MASHBURN 26 PTLEENE CASH 14 DIANNE PARNELL KAY CHESTER 11 ELEANOR POWELL 6 ELIZABETH DAVIS 8 SALLY REALE 20 CAROL DOBBS 28 INGE SMITH PEGGY DUKE 21 JOYCE TAMAS 32 ELEANOR EBERHARDT 17 CANDACE TURNER 30 NINA FISHMAN 10 DONNA UNDERWOOD 29 MANDY FRAZIER 5 VAL VANTONE 9 JUNE HAWKINS 22 ADELE WATSON BARNE HENNEBERG 25 CAROL WATTS BARBARA HOMER 19 LYNN WHITE SUE HOWARD 4 INA WISE 3 ALICE YOUNG President ALICE YOUNG 1 1t Vice-President ELIZABETH DAVIS 2nd Vice-President GWEN MASHBURN Recording Secretary SARA REALE Corresponding Secretary DIANNE PARNELl 274 ft wT .• . y-A tr; - .t i ' V 3 m 1 1 - ' : • -,y .ifPf Vl tiiiii ' fcj W - K 1 I [ 275 Phi Sigma Sigma Oh, did I tell you about my trip to Israel? . . . So, help me I am starting on my diet on Monday at ten o ' clock break . . . Clackers! Hello-o-o, The hell it is! Stop biting your nails . . . Oh, my ton- sils, you wanna look? . . . This is Darryl oops I mean Ralh Rosenberg ... I ' m going to crawl un- der the rug ... I ' m a third grade gang leader. If you ever win a contest it will ruin your losing streak ... For that rundown feeling, try jaywalk- ing! Geritol sure doesn ' t make the scene with my blood ... I got IT in New York, I ' m going to Auburn for the week-end, I like them tall, gor- gous, muscular; and of course hairy chests! . . . IHey, y ' all I ' m in love!! Did you ever meet the Sam- mies? ... Is that your head, or your neck blow- ing bubbles??? 10 JACKIE AKOUKA 9 SHARON LESLIE 11 JUDY ANTEBl 2 SUSAN MILLER 7 SUZANNE ANTEBl 6 SUSAN RENAS BONNIE CHESLIN 5 PHYLLIS RUBNITZ 4 SALIY DILLARD RONNIE SEIDEN 12 RHOOA GERSON 13 MICHAEL STEINBURG 3 CAROL GIIMER COOKIE TRIVAS 8 BARBARA GLASS 1 ARONA ZEUIAAN President SUZANNE ANTEBl Vice-President SUSAN RENAS Treasurer COOKIE TRAVIS Secretary SHARON LESLIE 276 o 277 Zeta Tau Alpha Largest sisterhood on campus . . . First place 2 years in a row: Honnecoming float, Best Dressed Coed, Miss Ga. State ... the blues vs. the greys . . . Showtime on the showboat . . . ZETA WEEK . . . Barbara ' s T-shirt . . . It ' ll be a peach of a con- vention . . . Karen and her deadlines ... 5 Zetas in Belle Corps . . . tap dancing with McGee . . . pledges love to study . . . Carol and Karen in Who ' s Who . . . Ain ' t no big thing ... all night vigil on the float . . . Valentine ' s with the blind . . . Bam, Jada and BK . . . Willie and Savannah at the retreat . . . Trix . . . paint a car ... KROP . . . Joan the superstar . . . Maude Jones Horner ... the right attitude . . . Kathy is Brigade Sweet- heart . . . spend the night parties . . . Miss Herren . . . Mrs. " K " and Keith . . . atop Stone Mountain . . . joint parties . . . Gatahs win again . . . ZETA LOVE. W ? AG) V7 " ) (?) vim inri ' 36 24 32 le 26 14 16 33 30 4 28 5 23 37 34 21 KATHY ABRAMS MARY ANN AIOLA PAT ALDERSON PRISCILLA BAGBY BARBARA BARRETT GAIL BEAVERS KATHI BENNETT ELAINE BERRY DIANE BIRO ANNEHE BOHLER VICKY BOURKE GLORIA BRIDGES RAM BUCKNER JULIE CLIFFORD CHRISTINE CAMPBELL SUSAN ClONTS KAY CLODFELTER SUSAN COOKE JUDY CORY NANNETTE COVINGTON KATHY CROUCH SALLY DIXON TERRI EDMONDSON JANE EDWARDS MARIA FERNANDEZ PEGGY FOSTER BONNIE FOWLER DELORES GAVIN JANE HADDAO BRENDA HAISTEAD PAM HIGBIE JOAN HUNGERFORD CHERYL INGRAM SANDRA JACKSON PAM JAIUETT PHYLLIS JOHNSON JUDY KAPHEN SUSAN KEMPE CONNIE KEINAT BEni KENNEDY KAREN LENOIR 19 NANCY McGEE 13 JESSICA McGregor 6 MARIEL McRAE NANCY McWHIRTER BARBARA MORLEY JUDY MORRIS BONNIE MORRISON 12 KATHY MORRISON 35 KATHY O ' BRIEN 1 JOANNE PARR 22 MAGGIE PARR 27 EVIE PLATTO CAROL PORTWOOD 29 MARIAN POSTON PEGGY RADFORD 11 KAREN ROGERS 9 SUSAN REUTER 38 DEE DEE RUFF 39 JUDY RUSSELL CAROL SAYE 10 MARSHA SCHIEIF SHERRY STRICKLAND JANE TATUM KA REN TESKE 15 JANE THACKER SHERI TINER lYNN THOMPSON 20 SHIRIEY THOMPSON GIORIA WADDELl BARRYE WAIOEIICH JANE WHISENANT JUDY WHISENANT JOAN WIIKINS JOYCE WIIKINS 31 CINDY WIlllAMSON SHEILA WILLIAMSON 25 BITSY WILSON 17 MABv wivbi ' ;h President CAROL SAYE Vice President DEE DEE RUFF MAGGIE PARR Treasurer NANCY McGEE Historian KABFN TFSKF 278 Kf$ M vt 279 Interfraternity Counci Rush doesn ' t begin til fall quarter? ... But how can you be partial to SAE . . . where ' s the ref- erees? . . . who wants to be the 4th largest fra- ternity . . . Sunday morning football game with a hang-over . . . I.F.C. President— revolving dic- tator . . . where are we going to play this week? smallest I.F.C. athletic chairman— Wood . . . SMALL vs. BIG FRATERNITY . . . WHO GOT FINED FOR FORFEITING WHAT GAME? . . . " Hello sir, would you like to give to the Empty Stocking Fund? " . . . problem: passing motion in meeting . . . I.F.C. football All-stars were beat by who? . . . football trophies have been appreci- ated by all the recipients . . . ASSESSMENT . . . WHAT PROBATION RULE??? . . . Let ' s vote. 7 President TONY GREEN 1 Vice President RICKY CRISTOL 2 Secretary ABBY 51 OTIN 9 Treasurer JOHN DARNALL JAY SAPERSTEIN SIDNEY ROSENBAUM 4 WILLIE JACKSON GEORGE THOMAS ROBERT BURNS JAMES WAGNER STEVE HANSEN STEVE LAMBERT BRIAN HITT BART MILLER HANK KABB FRANK OWEN LYNWOOD JAMES ROBERT SUDDATH JOHN HART 8 BUD LAY 1 I DON BROWN KEN MONCKTON 5 TONY BURGER 6 TOM BARBER 280 281 Alpha Epsilon Pi Knock yourself out . . . ring my chimes . . . Empty Stocking Fund (even again?) . . . young corpse about town . . . real good ... the bigger the burger the better the burger . . . Trick or Treat for Unicef . . . After two and a half years Bobby ' s a Brother . . . Dennis ' Fashion Parade . . . it ' s Chi Phi or nothing . . . Chuck Jackson ... 40 raffle tickets . . . Joe and Inna are here . . . " Soul Experi- ence " . . . Dippity-Do and Arona too . . . Adopting a foster son . . . Piglet . . . real close . . . Heil Sap . . . excuse me . . . You say you ' ve been to New Orleans? . . . NEXT SUMMER IT ' S ATLANTA . . . Robert the son of Lenny . . . Dave Who? . . . Red fungus is alive. Q© 000 © 000 Q, 00 00 11 JULIUS ALEMBIK 2 EDDIE APPELSON 22 LOUIS BAMBERG 3 DARYl BECK 4 PAUL BECKMAN I MARVIN BOAZ 28 AARON BORENSTEIN 30 KENNY CORBIN 24 RICHARD CRISTCL 20 STEVE CRISTOL SANFORD EPSTEIN 15 STEVE f INKLE ROB FLOERSHEIM 19 CLINTON FRIED JOHN GENOVA 10 GARY GOLDBERG 29 DAVID GREEN 18 LENNY HABIF 23 ROBERT HABIF 14 PHILLIP HOFFMAN ABE KAMOR 12 STANLEY KERESH 8 ARTHUR KORNBLUM 7 LARRY KUFFERMAN 9 GARY LEFTWICH 32 RICK LOWENBERG 17 SID MALKIN 33 ROBBY RONICK 16 MIKE NEWMAN 31 SIDNEY ROSENBAUM 26 JAY SAPERSTEIN 5 HARRY SCHEINFELD 13 BRIAN SCHIFF 27 A8BY SLOTIN 21 DENNIS STURTZ 6 RANDY TIPPIN 25 ALAN ZIGLIN President JAY SAPERSTEIN Vice-President ABBY SLOTIN Secretary JULIUS ALEMBIK Treasurer LENNY HABIF ScrqcantAtArms DARYL BFCK 282 2 83 Alpha Phi Alpha August 8, 1968 . . . Zeta AAu chapter . . . frat meeting where? . . . only nine brothers . . . Man, look at that pledge line . . . Hey little Bro, rap to that broom . . . Buckwheat . . . You ' ll need it ... do apes drink rum? ... did you dogs sleep well? . . . Congratulations, Randy ... I bid five low . . . you too Magoo . . . say, Ira ... Did you read what the Signal said about us? . . . Bobism, what ' s that, a new dance? ... No wonder . . . I am an over worked Endocrine Gland . . . Who ' s a neophyte? ... a sister sorority . . . this is nice . . . Man this chick is together . . . Basketball . . . Hell week! . . . Hey, black and gold, you know you got that soul . . . APA, I feel alright, one time ... I ain ' t go let nobody no-o-o-o ... 10 o ' clock break . . . Where is dingle berry Lips? . . . Black- power ' Welcome to the Frat 10 )i IRA BROWN JOHN BURTON DONALD EZZARO ADAM FORD WILLIE JACKSON MILTON JONES PAUL JONES MELVIN McCRAY S CARL MANSON RANDALL MERRITT 8 BOB WINTER EDWARD PRAYOR 4 DAVID RIVERS GEORGE THOMAS THOMAS TILLER EIROY WILLIAMS President WILLIE JACKSON Vice-President GEORGE THOMAS Corresponding Secretary ADAM FORD Financial Secretary CARL MANSON Treasurer DAVID RIVERS 284 285 Alpha Tau Omega Pioneers of the second floor . . . Margie love . . . Mr. Freshman two years in a row ... U. of T. . . . Ice, Ice, I need ice ... Alcohol Omega . . . Pledge! . . . We ' ve got the whole world . . . Proba- tion Football ... To Hell with who? . . . Circle K . . . Homecoming winners . . . Christmas for orph- ans . . . Feed the Children . . . Kelley Green . . . Hayride . . . Kennesaw ' s Stash . . . Open Bar . . . Catfish . . . The Apartments ... 4 Seasons . . . Honest Davies Such a Deal Bargain . . . Jock of the Week . . . Blue Key ... Who ' s Who ... The best getting better . . . The Big Boy . . . Youse guys ... I hear a frog and smell popcorn . . . You ' re under arrest . . . Urban Life . . . ATO band . . . Well, here ' s what . . . Credo ... He lives. ■nwilliiil 20 STEVE ASBELL 10 BILL KELLEY JEFF ASHWORTH 6 STEVE KERSEY 32 PHIL AVERY 37 DAVID KING 35 RONNIE BATCHELOR 29 TOMMY KLEMIS | 16 JOHN BEAM 1 FRED LANDERS 4 NORMAN BENTl EY 26 STEVE LECKAR 15 MIKE BLACK 14 ALLEN LEE 3 25 JOE BOUVETTE 28 DAVID LEE HARRY BROWN DON McPHEE ALAN BURNS 12 RONNIE MILLS ROBERT BURNS GEORGE O ' NEILL 13 DON CARTER 19 STEVE PAVUK 27 HUGH CONOIY 5 TERRY PENCE ALLEN cox HOUT PHILLIPS JEFF DAVIS EDDIE RUBIN THOMAS DELL 36 BUZZ SIDDERS 8 MIKE FLANNERY 18 DOUG SIMMONS LOUIS FOSTER STEVE SKEEN 30 lEE FRIEDMAN JOHN SMITH 22 LYNN FRIEDMAh J 17 BUZ STANLEY 9 JIM FULLER 21 MARGIE STATON JOHN HARDWIC 7 GEORGE STUARD WALT HARRISOh J LARRY TINNERMAN 23 MIKE HEARNBUI " DANNY TOMBERLIN 33 BILL HOLLAND 2 JOE INGRAM BILL TRAVIS PAT JOHNSON 31 JAMES WAGNER 24 BEN JONES 11 BUDDY WILKES 34 JOE WILLIAMS President ROBERT BURNS Vice-Presideni LYNN FRIEDMAN TrcoJurer DAVID KING Secretory GEORGE O ' NEILL Hi.tori.n BILL KELLEY 286 " tMt I 1 t i 287 Chi Phi May it please the Alpha? . . . I think I love ya . . . That ' s night . . . Dork, the hunter . . sweetheart? . . . Julia? . . . Cloud . . . Soon we ' ll have our Washed up Stone Mtn. p icnic Chakett to me! ... what she said last . BIOYA! . . . What Laydown! . . . Red own room . . . Omicron? . . . Who ' s who, ODK, General Council President, ROTC Commander . . . Vixen . . . Mole . . . glad-felter . . . Where ' s the party this quarter? ... CHI PHI SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD GOES TO THE PING PONG . . . Expansion Team triumphs! ... We paid 150 dollars for this? ... 25 Valley Road, N.W. . . . Party with the Delta Who? . . . How many times??? . . . Who bought the Delta ' s new car? . . . star-center . . . Rising sons ' — What? ... It pleases the Alpha!! 8 ED APPLING 1 ROGER MclVER 16 BOB CARTER 19 WALTER ROBERTS n JACK CLARKE 12 RUSS ROBERTSON 2 BEAU EDWARDS 15 HUGHES SCHRODER 5 TOM FINN 17 BOB SMITH 13 DOUG HAIRE GEOFF THOMAS 3 STEVE HANSEN 9 JEFF THOMAS 10 JOHN HEATH 4 TERRY WELDON 6 FRED HENDERSON 14 TOM WHITE le MIKE HENRY DON WOODRUFF STEVE LAMBERT 7 DR. CORANT, Advisor President . . . . VicePresiderit Secretary .... Treasurer .... Historian STEVE HANSEN TOM FINN STEVE LAMBERT TERRY WEIDON . ROGER MclVER 288 m ssm. f ' ' R . •■ . ' 289 Kappa ma Who needs the football field when you have the dean ' s office . . . coming home . . . Manuels . . . Groovers Lake . . . Pendley Hills and the good old B and B ... 40 balls down Peachtree . . . Take a bus and leave the drinking to us ... who has an obscene rush brochure? . . . We have a big time frat system so everybody dress up . . . Hey look, the sweetheart fell down . . . Again? . . . We Party ... A Christmas party with our kids . . . Wildwood fight . . . bring your own what? . . . more policeman? . . . Airblown all the way Reserves . . . The Toothless Wonders . . . Willie B. on Sundays . . . " Ruby Bagonia " . . . A.E.K. D.F.Y. . . . Good scavenger hunt . . . Mil- lie! . . . The Snake House is always closed. STEVE ADAMS DENNIS ADAMSON BARRY BARTLETT DON 8AUGHMAN lARRV BAYS TIM BEACHAM JOHN BEAVIN BYRON BETTENCOURr STEVE BINION FRED BOZEMAN PAT BOLES SKIP BRANDON CHRIS BRIGMAN NICK BROUGHTON FLIP BRUCE JON BUT20N GARY CLAXTON BARNEY CORBIN STEVE COX RANDAL OYER JOHN EDGAR RON EDV ARDS RICHARD fAVATI STEVE FREANT DERRY FERRIS DON GOLDEN MARK GRAY WAYNE HARRIS JIMMY HARRIS RICK HARRIS ELMORE HAUCm BART HiCi ' MAN brian hiti richard houton ,} )• i ' -,t:t 25 22 12 JOE lOPEi ED tOYlASS MIlllE LUNT tlLlY LYNCH STEVE MAllORY DANNY McKINNEY 28 JOE MEELER JACK MERRIMAN BART MILLER GLENN MILLIGAN GRADY MOSS DANNY MORAN GERRY MORAN A.J, MOVE BENNY MURRAY BILL MURRAY TOMMY NEWSOME DAVID O KELLEY 24 JOHN OLIVER HARRY OLLINGER 20 GREG PARROTT JON PASCHALL LEON PAYNE EDDIE PREVOST PHIL PRICE 4 BIFF PRINCE LEE RAINWATER RICK ROBERTSON OEWEY ROBINSON BILL ROGERS GEORGE ROSSIE 21 BOB RUCKER JOHN SAMS 8 MIKE SEALE STEVE SHANNON GREG SIMMONS STEVE SHI 15 RICK SHRIVER CHARLIE SMITH 30 Bill STEVENS 5 RAY TESKE BUTCH THOMPSON ALLAN TURNER PAT WAIOROP J7 MIKE WATTON GEORGE WARD lARRY WHfflER MAC WILLIAMS GARY WILSON GARY WINFREY DANNY WOLF GARY WOODEll BOB WYNDELTS TOM ZI6IIICH 16 13 " -m Grand Master BRIAN HITT RICK SHRIVER Grand Master of Ceremonies Grand Treasurer Grand Scribe BART MILLER JOHN EDGAR DICK LEWIS 290 291 Pi Kappa Alpha Slow train to Richmond . . . flat balloon . . . Barn Party, BFAURCNK . . . road tripper . . . ride the horse . . . PIKA Hawks . . . John O ' Donnell ' s Hole-in-one at Conclave . . . Willie Beaver with the Gonny . . . Films at Grandma Doughtie ' s . . . Hogg and Weeb, " Coaches of the Year " . . . One on one in Columbia, S.C. . . . Fried Hamster in Richmond . . . Seth ' s broken bucket . . . Super- Seale . . . Murf the Surf ... bad draft ... WE WIN . . . Carling Chug-a-Lug . . . Bruce Baldy . . . Can Barry come out and Play? . . . Gobble, Gobble . . . Chinese Death Lock . . . Class Presi- dents— 3 out of 4 ... football championship . . . road trip to Auburn ... GO FOR IT . . . THE Eagle . . . Where is our chair? . . . Oki-Yama . . . Rotorooter . . . Golden Gobbler . . . piece of dirt . . . distinct party . . . Softball at McCoy . . . foot- ball at Piedmont. 20 18 4 24 23 3 7 22 36 25 13 29 5 15 33 32 BUDDY ALLEN JERRY ANDREWS ROBERT BANKS BRUCE BRADLEY KEN BREWER RICK BROWN BETH BUSH DENNIS BYERLY CARL CARLSON TOAft CARROLL JWMY CHAPMAN STEVE CHRISTOPHER BARRY COOPER JOHN DARNELL STAN DAWSON PAT DINKINS DAVID DODD DAVE OORSETT CHRIS DOUGHTIE STEVE EARLY SID ELLIOTT STEVE FORREST BOB GARNER CARLTON GARNER FRED GWSON GEORGE GRIBBLE LUTHER GUEST BILL MANES JIM HARMON PETE HAYES JACK HENDERSON DAVID HERMAN W. C. HOUSE MIKE HOUSE DAVID JOHNSON STFVF JOHNSON 17 ALAN JONES 26 HANK KALB 12 CLYDE KING TOM LOUDERMILK 8 BILL MATHER 39 TOM McHENRY MARK McLEROY STEVE MENGERT 14 BOB MILLER TOM MILLER 41 WILLARD MOORE 37 FRED MURPHY 21 DAVE NORTON 27 JOHN O ' DONNELL 30 FRANK OWEN TOM PARKER 31 RANDY PIERCE 6 SANDY PIERCE 16 BOB PRICE 42 WARREN PSAILA BOB REAVIS MIKE 5CHEURMAN RICK SEALE PAUL SHIMSKI CARLOS SOTO FRANK STRICKLAND 34 TOM VENKER 10 BILL WEAVER LANE WEST RON WHITE 28 STEVE WHITEN 19 WILSON WILDER 40 WADE WILKES 9 MIKE WILLIAMS 35 DAVE WITTER TB lAric YFAPwnnn President Vice-President . Treasurer .... Secretary Pledge Master DAVE DORSETT DENNIS BYERLY STEVE CHRISTOPHER SID ELLIOTT DAVE WITTER 292 293 Pi Kappa Phi Treadgill ' s saddle . . . Lynwood and Dee . . . Per- forming before a packed house ... A keg, a trophy, and a wonderful feeling . . . From the Biggest in the Small to the Smallest in the Big ... This is Progress?? . . . Johnson, Monroe, Shivers, Smith bite the dust . . . Who ' s next? . . . Bacchus, a big success . . . More Greeks— Less Cops . . . Party at Brock ' s place! . . . Rufus and Dr. Feel- good— 10 o ' clock break Pi Kapp style . . . Damn Good Pledge Class!! . . . " Feed the Children Drive " . . . Raiders take time off to wear " good guy " white hats ... A day at Spivey ... an an- nual event . . . Ding-Dong School down the Hall!! What ' s all the fuss about a few posters?? . . . What? A gross-out? . . . Not really a Skunk— You Know! Raiders raid Auburn. 33 LARRY ALEXANDER 39 LARRY KIRBOW MIKE ANGEL DON LATHAM 2 DAVID BAKER 11 BRUCE LATTIMER 9 BILL BALDWIN MILLARD LOWRY TOM BARNETT 22 JIM McFERRIN GARY BEEKS STAN MILLER PHIL BERNHART 20 GARY MONROE 1 RALPH BROCK BUDDY MOSS 21 CHARLES CATHEY DAVID NEELEY 34 RANDY COWART 16 STEVE NELMS 36 STAN DUREN 10 JACK NICKS 3 MIKE ELTON 12 JIM NICKS 38 DAVE FERGUSON 35 ROGER O ' DELL JOHN FOREMAN 31 JOHN OXFORD 40 JOHN GLAZE 8 PAUL PHILLIPS 6 CHUCK GISLER 37 RUSTY RAY 25 DAN GIVENS 18 DAVID ROUNTREE JIMMY GOODMAN MIKE SHIVERS BUDDY GREENOE 32 MARLAN SMITH 30 STEVE HALULA 14 ROY STRICKLAND 29 JOHN HART 17 ROBERT SUDDATH MIKE HEWin 24 TERRY TAYLOR 15 BOB HOPE 26 FRED TERRY 13 DICKEY HOPE 4 MIKE THREADGILL 27 lYNWOOO JAMES 41 SKIP WATSON 7 JOHN JOHNSON 5 MACK WILLIFORD 28 FRENCH JONES 23 KARL WINGARD 19 ED YORK Archon LYNWOOD JAMES Treasurer BILL BALDWIN Secretary STAN MILLER Vi ardcn PAUL PHILLIPS Ch,,plain ED YORK . " " t kS i ' tv- ITLAXTi P ' »4V13S - w , ' Uivr4 295 Sigma Nu Hoddie Toddie . . . The Sigma Nu Zoo-Tuna, Pos- sum, Fly, Fat Rat, Judy, Bulldog, Willie B., The Hawk . . . Rotunda " The Fattest Kid in the Fourth Grade " . . . P.W., Hard, Nasty, Perry Lay, Phillus, T.B. Slattery, Meat McGee, Smiley, Lurch, Over- EAT ... At last a three way tie-WHO ' S INELIGI- BLE? ?BIG " G " little " o " , Shirley Debbie . . . Pass the peas Pappa . . . Sigma Nu Got Too MUCH SOUL!! ... 38 out of 38 not a bad rush ... Eat Your Hearts Out . . . Leiker-Love Her, and will until we die ... A Candlelight for Ken . . . Doug call Becky " I Hurt " . . . Steve your mother called . . . Jesus Christ Harry . . . The Cutest Couple . . . Goats, Truck, Pressed Hams, Hash Marks, Clack- ers, Toocher, Bone Smokers . . . Sigma Nu by damn!! . v 296 BRUCE ALEXANDER CHIP HOWELL JOHNNY ALLEN JIMMY HUTCHESON PHIL ARSENAULT BRUCE JOHNSON CHARLES BAREFIELD RANDY JOHNSON VERNEY BENTLEY NELSON JONES MARK BERGLUND ROBERT JONES RICHARD BELCHER GREG JORDAN COLIN BLALOCK LANNY JORDAN CHARLES BLANCHARD RONNIE KIMBALL JIWMY BOWEN CHARLIE KING WATT BROWN BUD LAY PINKEY BUTLER AL LEHEUP BOB CARITHERS JIMMY MCCOY FRANK CASTLELLOW MIKE MCCOY RON CLARKE CHUCK McGEE JERRY COOK BILL McGEE RICH CORENO PAT MCKINNEY STEVE COURCHAINE JOHN MAGILL ALLAN DANIELS DON MARTIN MIKE DAVEY DENNIS MELTON JIM DAVIS JIM MORTON CLARENCE DAWS GRADY OVERSTREET JIM DEMPSEY DOUG PERRAULT BARRY DENMAN DAVID POWELL BILL ELLIOT ED SABO BUD FISHER JOE SLATTERY HAL FLOWERS WEVMAN SMALIWOOO DARIEN FOSTER MIKE SMITH STEVE FOWLER RANDY SMITH TURK FRinS STAN SNEAD STEVE FUIFORD ROBERT STRIBLING NED FULLERTON KENT SUMMERS RALPH GIBSON JOSE VALLS RANDY GREEN JOHN WALBURN TONY GREEN BOB WAILHAUSEN KEN GRIGGS WEBB WALTERS NORBERT GRUENER FRANK WEBB FRED HART STEVE WEST JOHN HART DAN WHIGHAM MARK HASSETT KEN WHITE PAUL HASTINGS NORMAN WHITE WARNER HEAD MARTY WINN RICK HENDRICKS HAL WOODS JIM HORNE STEVE WYNNE JOHN HART DENNIS MELTON NORBERT GRUENER Pledge Marshall Reporler .... JOE SLATTERY noun PFRRAun 297 Sigma Phi Epsilon What ' s behind the Red Door? ... Sig Ep!! . . . The Monk . . . Froggy (again) . . . What ' s a YUCA FLAT ' S? . . . R.C.A. Victor . . . Who ' s get- ting married? ... 55 nninutes to Clennson . . . Kaptain Kent ... Mr. Mrs. . . . Don ' s Hiram Teddy Bear . . . Mole ' s Flashlight . . . Don Brown-Call Home! . . . Educated Parasite . . . Who got an A in 312? ... D.D.T. . . . Grand Keagle . . . Memphis . . . Mardi Gras . . . Mullins is back! . . . Remember Sing Nite ... Dr. D ... Rum, Rum . . . Norton ' s Black Book . . . " Neck " Bailor . . . Tom ' s Vet, Robert ' s Z28, Tony ' s Riviera . . . Girls of the Golden Heart . . . Wonderful SigEP Girl-Linda! ... Big Duke . . . Argo . . . Field Marshall Correll . . . What ' s Weddle done now? . . . Gair ' s missing vet ... Is DOO DOO here? . . . Skinky Sustakovitch . . . Quack-quack- splat . . . Post Super-pledge! . . . mmmk " " r m m jO " MARVIN ASHLEY BILL LOEFFLER 16 ALLEN BALLAR 28 BOB MAYS 33 TONY BEALL FREDMcLAUCHLIN 23 TOM BELT 17 PHIL McLAUCHLIN 35 BOBBY BESSHO 25 LINDA MITCHELL JIM BODE 37 JOHNMOLINARI 12 JACK BOLTON 4 KEN MONCKTON VIC BOWERS JACK MORSE 5 DON BROWN 15 BILLMOSTELLER 24 BILL BRYAN 19 TERRY MURPHY BOB BUFFINGTON 20 STEVE CHEEK GREG NORTON | 21 KEITH CHITWOOD JOHh i OAKEY 14 JOHN CORRELL SAM OWENS 9 DOUG COWART 10 MARK P ALMOUR 36 GREG CROCKER 29 MARC PHILLIPS RICK CURTIS J IM POST KENNY DRANE DAN SCARB OROUGH 1 GARY fAIRLEY ROB ERT SELF 6 GREG FARMER W.L. SHEPARD 32 MITCH FERRELl STAN S HURLING 18 FRED FORD LAR ?Y SMITH JOHN GAIR 13 LEE STE INMEYER 34 RANDY GAY 8 JERRY SUSTA KOVITCH RICHARD GUAY 27 JIM TEATE KENT HARPER MARK THOMAS 3 DWAYNE HAS5LER BILL TRELKELO 22 WILLIAM HAWKINS 2 DICK TURNIPSEED 30 LEON HENRY CHRIS VALE JIM HUDSON 1 1 MIKE VAN GORDER 7 RAY WADE 31 EPIC LEATHERS RON WALKER DON BROWN DWAYNE HASSLER ROBERT SELF Corrcjponding Secretary Recording Secretary VIC BOWERS KFN MONCKTON 298 ; ■ 299 Tau Kappa Epsilon Rappa lappa, Tau Kappa . . . You can ' t spell turkey without TKE . . . point 3 a brother? . . . Who burned down the outhouse? . . . Florida in- vasion, oh those Alabama girls . . . TALK TO AAE! . . . Sing in at Crops . . . Mike Fox top DeMolay in Georgia ... He rambled to a college town . . . INSTALLATION-Lambda Omega . . . Fraters the Bond envelopes . at FSU ... . . . Dracula ding bells . Renee! . . . for the Defense ' s IS TUFF. in Let the BELL ring . . . Stuff those . the Lodge mystery? . . . week-end pledge trip . . . Campout at Lanier . . . SN ' s lost their pants . . . wed- . Red Knights . . . Don ' t Walk away Who is Ralph Rosenbert? . . . Boog Brillo Hot Ticket TEKE 8 ALAN AARON 9 RALPH HAYGOOD 22 CARLOS BANDA BILLY HERREN 11 TOMMY BARBER OLIN HOOD 21 JERELL BARTLETT 18 DARRELL NIGRAM 29 MIKE BERRY NED JACOBS 27 PETE BLANKENSHIP 1 DOUG KING 23 FRANK BRANCX3N TOM LECOUNT 13 WENDELL BROAOWELL 20 PRESTON LOFTIN 24 CHARLES BRUMBELOW BEN LUKE GARY BURGER LARRY MARVIN 10 TONY BURGER 5 BRICE McCLEAREN ROBERT CROCHET 4 DON MITCHELL 26 JERRY CROCKETT ROBERT MI2E LARRY DAVIS MIKE MONROE 16 PAT DELLORSO 3 MILTON OWENSBY U JOHN ELINAS 12 WILLIAM PUCKETT BART ETHERIDGE 28 JIM ROMANO 7 JIM FAGAN BARRY SAMPLES STEVE FORTUNE 15 CORRY SANDLIN 2 MIKE fOX 19 MATHER SHIFLETT TOMMY GONNELLA 17 JOHN SPIVEY 31 VIC GRANTHAM JOE TWIGGS ERNIE HANEY TERRY UNDERWOOD 25 MIKE HANEY 6 CHARLES WALKER CARL HARRIS 30 DON WALKER EDDY WESTBROOK Prcsideni TONY BURGER Vice-President TOM BARBER Secretary FRANK BRANDON Treasurer DOU G KING Pledqc Trainer CHARIES BRUMBELOW 300 301 1 ' : jsawP ' .:. ?f . ■ r ' - ' UV V ■X President ' s Message The academic year 1968-69 has been a tremen- dous one for Georgia State College. Enrollment for the fall quarter, 1968, soared to 11,104. Stu- dent activities facilities were expanded and im- proved; three additional floors were completed and occupied by the library; work began on our new Fine Arts Building at Ivy and Gilmer Streets and progressed rapidly. In addition, work began on our new Arts and Sciences Building at Ivy and Decatur Streets; on the new gymnasium on De- catur Street; and on the first of the plazas and connecting bridges which are to unite our cam- pus. Georgia State has become known as one of the great urban life centers in the nation. Outstanding new personnel have been added to our ranks. TOP: Dr. and Mrs. iartgdtle we comc Foreign Students Club to (heir home. BOTTOM: Dr. Noah Lartgdale addresict Leadership Banquet at the Marriott. 304 Vice President ' s Message New appointments have been made in Georgia State College ' s central administration, including Dr. George E. Manners, former Dean of the School of Business Administration, now Assistant Vice President; Dr. Charles B. Vail, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences; and Dr. Kenneth Black, Act- ing Dean .of the School of Business Administra- tion. Each of the three newly organized schools of Georgia State College is headed by a new dean: Dr. Roy M. Hall, Dean of the School of Edu- cation, Dr. Alex B. Lacy, Jr., Dean of the School of General Studies, and Dr. Rhodes Haverty, Dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences. The Vice President ' s Administrative Staff has one new member and one person newly desig- nated: Dr. Jack W. Rollow, Assistant to the Vice President and Coordinator of Research and Grants and Joe B. Ezell who will continue his duties as Assistant to the Vice President, but adds the func- tion of Coordinator of Institutional Studies. TOP: Or. Sullies discusses wifh Dr. George Manners the new Business Adminislralion Building. BOTTOM: Vice-Presideni Sullies Idlks with Dean Patrick about the increased enrollmeni at Georgia State. 305 Administration TOP: Mr. V. V. Lavroff. Comptroller; Dr. P. W. Wierson, Director of the Coonse ing Cenfer; Mr. Ted Brown, Proc. Officer. SEATED: Dr. Henry J. Ala one, Alumni Director; Mr. M. B. Roberts, Assistant Comptroller; Mr. fi. O. Miller, Assistant Comptroller. BOTTOM: Mr. William S. Patrick, Dean of Admissions and Registrar. I 306 TOP LEFT: Mr. Frederick G. Schr mper, Assislar)t Registrar. TOP RIGHT: Mr. V. V. Lavroff, Comptroller and Mr. R. O. Miller, Assisfanf Comptroller. BOTTOM: Dr. Malone welcomes alumr i to 1969 Georgia Stale Home- coming. Administration TCP: Mfs. Nell H. Trotter, Dearx of Women, Dr. Kenneth M. England, Dean of Student Affairs, and Mr. Tmothy Singleton, Dean of Men. BOTTOM: Dean England not only directs student affairs, but participates in student activities. 308 TOP LEFT: Dean of Men Tim Singleton discusses with Bill Brsckin the results of a track meet. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Nell Trotter, Dean of Women, makes notes on the planning and results of Posf-Orienfafion. BOTTOM: Dean Kenneth Enghnd reminisces in his office about the accomp ishments of previous Georgia State students. lai Bi 309 Administration TOP: Co . James L. Culp, Asst. Dean of Student Affairs, Miss Barbara Jean Winshiip and Mrs. Jean M. Thomas, Assistant Deans of Women. BOTTOM: Mr. James £. Sligh, Director of Student Publications. i 310 TOP LEFT: Wr. O. Jerald Sanders, Assistant Director of Student Aid. TOP RIGHT: Airs. Jean M. Thomas, Assistant Dean of Women. BOTTOM LEFT: Mr. Don Smith, Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs. BOTTOM RIGHT: Co . C. Dean Dalton, Director of Student Aid. Library Library Is At Last Large, Comfortable And Complete The last phase of the library building is com- plete, and for the first time in many years Georgia State College has adequate library study and shelving space. Books were first moved into the first phase of the building from the old library in Sparks Hall in 1966; then they were shifted and moved again when the top three floors were added. For a while the library staff feared they would wear books out moving them around, but the move was finally completed with the collec- tion intact. TOP: S. S. rhomas, Miss J. Hobson, Miss G. A. Richards, Mrs. A. L. McPheelers, Mrs. M. S. MacArlhur, Miss P. J. Nysewander, Mr. C. A. Cowan, Of. W. R. Puller}, Mis. M. G. franklin, Mrs. C. B. Muller, Miss f. M. Muse, Miss £. M. Dees, Mrs. M. J. Chamber ain, Mrs. C. i. Landram, Miss C. L. Robinson, Mrs. E. G. Hood, Mr. W. Noyes, Mr. W. H. Cook. RIGHT: Dr. William R. Pullen, Head of (he Library. WBff i« 312 Testing Counseling Services Are Here To Help Entire Student Body Under the administration of the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Counseling Center serves the entire student body. The department also does all the program testing and classroom ex- amination scoring. The Counseling Center provides services de- signed to help students use their assets more ef- fectively in planning meaningful goals. Counsel- ing is available to all students without charge re- garding any of their concerns— vocational, edu- cational or personal. TOP: STANDING: Mr. W. W. Evans, Mr. J. L Marks. Mrs. K. D. Crouch, Mr. Pete Smith. SEATED: Mrs. P. C. Cash, Receptionist, Dr. P. W. Wierson, Or. R. M. Drag, Mrs. G. G Fowler. BOTTOM: Dr. Phillip W. Wierson, Director of Jesting and Counseling Center. 313 I I Allied Health Sciences A New Dean Promotes Programs For Degrees In August of 1968, Dr. J. Rhodes Haverty was appointed Dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences. This school currently is offering a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology and plans to initiate in the near future a program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Programs leading to degrees in Occupational and Physical Therapy have been approved for the school and they will be initiated soon. Future plans also include initiation of a two-year Associ- ate Degree program in Nursing, and a Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy. ABOVE AND TO THE RIGHT: Dr. J. Rhodes Haveny. Dean of the Schoo of Allied Health Sciences. 314 315 Medica Technology } Brand New Department Formed For Research This department has been formed recently in the new School of Allied Health Sciences. The classes meet on Thursdays and Fridays for three hours a day. During this time instruction is given on the use of different machines and equipment that is important in the research of medicine and disease. Dr. J. Rhodes Haverty, Dean of the School of Allied Health Sciences, is serving as the head of this department until a new department head is named. TOP: An instructor in the Medical Technology Ovptrtmtnf chafs with sludenfj. BOTTOM: Medical Technology studentt racflv thtlr ttllnlng in the hoipilalt in the Atlanta area. 316 Nursing Bachelor ' s Degree Available Now For Nursing Students The Department of Nursing offers a program in Nursing of two self-contained units. Students who complete the requirements of the first two years receive an Associate Degree in Nursing and are eligible to write the State Board Test Pool Ex- aminations to become, upon successful writing of the State Board Exam, registered nurses. Stu- dents who continue in the program and success- fully complete the requirements of the third and fourth years receive a Bachelor ' s Degree in Nurs- ing. TOP: More nurses will be seen at Georgia State as the school institutes a full four-year nursing program, effective January 1, 1969. BOTTOM: Mrs. H. N. Lane, Head of the Nursing Department. 317 Arts And Sciences Programs Begun Leading To The Doctoral Degrees The School of Arts and Sciences is the central instructional unit of the College; it is there that most students encounter the core of subjects comprising the common background for all fields. Among the principal developments during the year, the school began programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree in English and His- tory. Other such programs are in the planning stages. The faculty watches with interest the construc- tion of the Art and Music Building which should be occupied in early 1970. Plans were completed for a classroom and office building which will be constructed south of Kell Hall. TOP: BACK ROW: Dean C. 8. Vail. Dean M. W. fete, Mr. P. D. SeiWerf, Dean C. L. Grant, Mr. R. C. Moor, Jr. FRONT ROW: Mn. I. f. Lambert, Secretory, Mia C. Joyce, Secretary, Mn. Valerie NichoU, Secretary, Mn.- M. J. Linderrtan, Secretary, Mrt. L. Reno, Secretary. Mr. K. R. Attaway. BOTTOM: Dr. Charlet B. Vail, Dean ol School of Arl% and Sciences. 318 Anthropology Independence Is Cause Of Growth In Enrollment ' It has now been two years since the Anthropol- ■ ogy Departnnent became independent. There have been two additions to the faculty: Margaret Stev- en Egloff and Mary Arnold Twining. Also there have been several additions to the curriculum both in the lower level introduction courses and also to the undergraduate upper level. This has probably been the cause of the enrollment of the department more than doubling in the past year. The first two graduate courses were finally ap- proved this year. Also added this year were several more im- portant artifacts to the already existing collection of Fossil Casts from the University of Pennsylvania Museum. TOP: Mr. K. K. Smail, Mrs. M. A. Twining, Mrs. J. B. Yarnell, Mrs M. S. Eg off. BOTTOM: Mr. Kenneth K. Smail, Acting Head of Anthropology Department 320 Art The Fine Art Majors Eagerly Await New Accommodations The rapidly expanding Art Department will soon find accommodations in a new six-story Music and Art building currently under construc- tion at Ivy and Gilmer Sts. at a cost of about $3,000,000. Art majors offered include Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Crafts, Graphic Design, Illu- stration, Art Education, Photography, and Interior Design. The Interior Design program is accredited by the American Institute of Interior Designers. Atlanta is rich in cultural events, providing a good climate for art students. TOP: faculty of fhe An Depatlmeni as listed above. 1. Mr. J. Hufcheson, 2. Mr. R. G. Urtdblom, 3. Mr. D. Brartrtor , 4. Mr. J. M. Sitton, 5. Mr. J. A. McLean, 6. Mr. A. M. Tomclk, 7. Mr. C. Oo gos, 8. Mr. B. Reed, 9. Mr. K. Mulford, 10. Miss C. Berry, M. Miss J. E. Jones, 12. Mr. J. E. Anderson, U. Mr. J. S. Perrin, 14. Mr. R. A. Moore, 15. Mr. G. W. Mallett, 16. Mr. M. Malsbury, 17. Mr. J. Ashwonh, 18. Mr. T. J. Book- out, 19. Miss L. V. Copeland, 20. Mrs. M. C. Andretti, 21. Mr. M. Johnston, 22. Mrs. D. M. Niechalk, 23. Mrs. H. Lerski, 24. Mr. R. T. Palmer, 25. Mr. A. f. Jiegreen, 26. Mr. D. Waggoner, 27. Mr. C. Hansen, 28. Mr. R. Mafong. 29. Mr. B. Gibson. BOTTOM; Mr. Peirin, Head of the Department. 321 Biology Eight Hundred Students Take Introductory Courses One of the main goals of the Biology Depart- ment is to help the student understand the world in which he lives. Eight hundred students enroll in the department each quarter. Many take intro- ductory courses which are designed to give a con- cept of biological principles and to initiate the stu- dent in the fundamentals of the biology of living organisms. In addition to courses leading toward a specialization at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, prerequisite courses are offered in preparation for professional training. The M.S. and M.A.T. degrees are offered with the oppor- tunity to concentrate in various biological special- ties. TOP: STANDING: Dr. F. K. Parriih, Dr. H. F Cross, Dr. G. H. Chang, Mrs. M. R. Frier d, Dr. A. I. Bo ingcr, Mrs. L. M. Webb, Dr. M. D. Whitehead, Mr. P. C. Kolter. Dr. H. B. Jordan, Mrs. J. J. Giveni SEATED: Dr. C. H. Wharton, Mr. J D. Satlerfield. Miss M. J. Johnson, Mr. Robert J. Reiber, Head of (he Biology Dcpartmenf. BOTTOM: As part of the curriculurv, each student dissects a frog. 322 Chemistry Faculty Members Explore Various Research Interests New faculty members were added to the staff: Dr. Robert Cherniak, doing research on the struc- ture of polysaccharides; Dr. Frank O ' Brian, doing work in the electrochemistry of biological mater- ials; and Dr. James, working in metal hydrides and borohydrides. Professor A. H. Pendergrast continues his studies, which are medicinal and pharmaceutical chemistry. The teaching of the undergraduate laboratories was modernized by the addition of new instrumentation and the upgrading of con- tent to provide better training both for the chem- ist and those students in biology, health sciences, and pre-professional fields. TOP: (I. to r.) Dr. William G. Trawick. Head of the Chemistry Deparlmertt, Dr. R. G. Jones, Mrs. M. B. Fisher, Dr. F. L. O ' Bf en, Dr. H. J. Bronaugh, Or. R. Chernialc, Dr. J. H. Mather, Dr. D. G. Hicks, Dr. 8. D. James. Dr. D. W. Boykin, Mr. H. P. Hoptins. BOTTOM: Teachers ' assignmenfs often involve long hours in the laboratory. 323 I English - Doctor Of Philosophy Degree And New Courses Added Moving into new graduate work this year, the departnnent began to offer its Ph.D. program. At the same time, it continued to explore ways to give more effective teaching on all levels— fresh- man, sophomore, and upper division courses. Each quarter the English Department offers courses to about 3000 students. It has about 400 English majors. This year new courses in folklore were added in Negro literature. Also new courses expanded offerings in linguistics, in cooperation with the new School of Education. TOP LEFT: Of. Paul BlounI, Head of the English Department. 324 i -- ii ENGLISH DIPARJMENT: L Mrs. A. C. Rosen, 2. Mr. W. Lullrell. 3. Mrs. C. G. Barnharf, 4. Mrs. M. A. Rhodes, S.Mr. F. D. Weaver, 6. Mr. T. A. Chand er, 7. Mrs. Cox, B. Mr. G. J. James. 9. Dr. R. F. frank in, 10. Mr. J. D. Younf, JI. Mrs. E. G. Stow, 12. Miss S. Train, 13. Mr. W. P. Woodbery, U.Mrs. Rowe, ?5. Mr. Edwards, 16. Dr. A. E. Waterman, 17. Dr. C. R. Kropf, 18. Dr. W. E. Co burn, 19. Mr. J. Burrison, 20. Miss P. Gribben, 21. Mrs. M. A. Twining, 22. Dr. R. V. Urferbaclc, 23. Dr. H. T. Keenan, 24. Mr. F. D. Weaver, 25. Mrs. L. Q. Agnew, 26. Mr. K. R. Attaway, 27. Miss Galanty, 28. Mrs. E. D. Fusillo, 29. Dr. J. I. Biles, 30. Dr. R. C. Sutherland, 31. Dr. M. P. Murphy, 32. Mrs. E. D. Gog ia, 33. Mrs. G. T. Kitchens, 34. Mr. G. Mengerr, 35. Miss E. L. Anderson, 36. Mrs. Sims, 37. Dr. J. Davis, 38. Mr. A. 0. Martin, 39. Dr. T. L. McHaney, 40. Dr. W. A. Evans, 41 . Miss E. C. Herren, 42. Mrs. F. M. Webb, 43. Miss B L Bose, 44. Mr. T. W. Hicks, 45. Mrs. S. D. Johnson, 46. Dr. M. O. Thomas. 325 I Foreign Languages Program In Japanese, And New Faculty Members Added In keeping with the mounting interest in Far Eastern affairs already reflected in several social science departments of the college, we have be- gun a new program in Japanese. Several new courses in Latin, Greek, French, Spanish and Ger- man have been introduced to meet the needs of an increasing number of language and literature majors. To keep pace with the expanding college enrollment, we have added one new faculty member each in French and Spanish, and two in German, all with doctorates in their fields. A ma- jor program in classics, approved by the faculty, is expected to be inaugurated next year. TOP: BACK ROW: Dr. M. M. Cellar, Dr. C. B. Wade, Mn. E. P. Stanlield, Mr. J. O. Duarte, Mr. L. M. Fraiae, Dr. J. M. Benario, Mrs. M. L. D«nic s, Mr. P. Gregory, Mr. D. Pleiler, Dr. R. A. Firda, Mr. T. O Boyd, Mn. f. Smith. FRONT ROW: Mrs. E. Z. Sturrock, Mrs. H. K. Rhodes, Dr. H. D. Dickefson, Miss C. Ahrens. Mrs. M. S. G«moncda, Miss L. M. Porte. Mr. L. C. Pilcher, Miss H. Vogt, Dr. S. M. Berggrut Mrs. M. C. Roebuck, Mrs. A. V. Buskirk. BOTTOM; Dr. Shubael T. Beasley, Head ot Foreign Laryguages Department. 326 TOP: Or. Malcolm A. Murray, Head of Geography Deparfmenf. BOTTOM: STANDING: Dr. M. A. Murray. Mr. K. Hoshi, Mr. F. N. Hirrmler. Dr. R. L. Stevens, Mr. Hamilton (vhiling scholar), Mr. S. H. Bederman, SITTING: Miss C. M. Robinson (secretary). Miss N. L. Brannen. Geography New Lab Science And Spatial Statistics Course Offered Dr. Malcolm A. Murray, new chairman of the Geography Department, introduced several in- novations beginning with the fall quarter, includ- ing the offering of physical geography as a lab science sequence along with a new course in spa- tial statistics and quantification. The department plans to train graduate stu- dents in the local urban and surrounding rural environments, if the proposal requesting author- ity to offer the MA and MAT degrees is approved. Three honor graduates received graduate schol- arships to reputable universities. Majors and en- rollments continue to increase, and the depart- ment expects over 1,000 students during the cal- endar year. 327 Geology New Courses Offered And Research Equipment Added Dr. Charles Waag is the newest faculty member in the department. He has broad experience in- cluding five years as exploration geologist with a mining company in Venezuela. New courses offered in Geology include Hy- drogeology and Regional Geology of North America. Other new courses for fall are Structural Geology and Field Methods I and II. A field geol- ogy course has been initiated by the department in conjunction with the U. of North Carolina. The students have the opportunity to study rocks in well exposed areas of the Southern Rocky Moun- tains near Taos, New Mexico. Additions in the department are a new petrol- ogy lab, an optics lab, a sedimentation lab and a paleontology research and preparation labora- tory. TOP: Mti. Ann Marlin, Dr. R. 0. Benlley, Dr. C. J. Waag, Dr. W. R. Power. BOTTOM; Mr. CheHer R. Smifh, Heed ol Geo ogy Department. 328 History Department Is Now Adding Doctoral Degree To Program During the past year, the Department of History has expanded its undergraduate and graduate programs to include such fields as South Asian, Latin American, and Public Health history. The department has been authorized to offer the Ph.D. in History beginning September 1, 1968, and has added to the history faculty Professors Galishoff, Kelley, and Somers. As in the past, the Depart- ment of History stresses and offers excellence in teaching, high quality research, public service, and, above all, attention to individual student needs. TOP: BACK ROW STANDING: Dr. C. L. Grant, Dr. N. C. Gillespie, Dr. R. W. Seller,, Mr. R. G. Shinglelon, Mr. £. L. We don, Dr. G. H. Davis, Dr. D. f. Wells, Dr. B. G. Arm- strong. MIDDLE ROW STANDING: Dr. W. H. ferris, Mr. S. Galishoff, M r. D. M. Laushey, Dr. M. W. Ecke, Dr. M. E. Reed, Dr. D. A. Somers, Dr. J. O. Baylen. SEATED; Airs. P. M. Browning, Dr. f. L. Evans, Dr. F. L Harrotd. BOTTOM: Dr. Joseph O. Baylen, Head of the History Department. 329 Journalism National journalistic Society Now Has A Campus Chapter Albert C. (Chad) Skaggs, a veteran Associated Press newsman, joined the journalism faculty as Assistant Professor. Class enrollment increased nearly 50 per cent over last year. A campus chap- ter of Sigma Delta Chi, national professional jour- nalistic society, was approved for the College. The department started an area of concentration in public information within the Urban Life Program. Journalism alumni continued to get good jobs not only in Atlanta but throughout the country. Dr. Dozier Cade, department head, was national president of the American Society of Journalism School Administrators and a member of the Ex- ecutive Committee of the Association for Educa- tion in Journalism. TOP: Mf. A.. C. Skaggs, Mr. J. P. Culver, Mr. G. R. Greiff, Dr. D. C. Cade BOTTOM: Or Dozier C. Cade, Head of Jourrtaliirrt Depailmeryl. 330 Mathematics Numerous Degrees Are Offered In Graduate Program Five degrees are now offered in the mathemat- ics program. Two degrees are on the undergrad- uate level: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science; and three are graduate degrees: Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Master of Arts for Teach- ers. In order to develop the undergraduate student together with the faculty and graduate student, a weekly seminar is held in algebra. A colloquium series with invited speakers is held for the faculty members as well as the graduate students. Students completing the Master ' s degree programs regularly go into college teaching or on to other universities for doctoral work in mathe- matics. TOP: BACK ROW: Dr. f. A. fAassey, Mr. C. L. Cope, Mr. L. M. Wi )son, Mr. W- F. Straley. Mr. R. C. Will ' iaivs, Dr. C. S. Fiady. Dr. K. E. Whipple, Dr. W. W. leonard. FRONT ROW: Dr. G. L. Tiller, Mr. J. Boyle, Mr. E. A. fason, Mrs. J. T. Asfon, Mrs. B. A. Rice, Mrs. L. Tamas, Mr. E. H. Emory. BOTTOM: Dr. Garnet L. Tiller, Head of Mathematics Deparlmer t. 331 Military Science Three Officers Added And Classroom Training Planned Recently, three officers were added to the fac- ulty of the Military Department. These were Capt. L. D. Brooks, Capt. E. L. Kelley, and Capt. H. C. King, Jr. These, along with other members of the department, are providing a program of instruc- tion and training that is designed to produce jun- ior officers of the U.S. Army. In this program the cadets not only receive extensive classroom train- ing in military tactics and leadership but also re- ceive practical leadership training during weekly drill training periods. Important events for the year include the Mili- tary Ball in March and the Military Awards Day in May, where outstanding cadets are given rec- ognition in various areas. TOP: Master Sefgeanf Szabo and Mrs. Carwe I. BOTTOM: STANDING: Capf. B. D. Graves, Supply Sgt. Samuel C ayfon, Supply Sgt. Petro Russell, Major Robby Sonnier, Master Sgf. 6 S. Buchanan. SITTING: Capf. L. D. Brooks, Capf. H. C. King, Jr., Colonel C. £. Male, Major L. F n :.,r III. 332 Music Six-Story Building Under Construction For Department This Department eagerly awaits the completion of the new six-story building for Art and Music. It is now under construction. Weekly faculty chamber concerts, brass, wind, string ensembles and weekly student recitals are an important phase and measure of musical de- velopment in the college students majoring in music. The discipline of music is one of the few remaining facets of education where direct teacher- pupil relationships exist. Mammoth factory type operations are seldom practicable or correct in this type of instruction. TOP: BACK ROW: fAr. J. N. Demos, Mr. H. W. Holloway, Mr. W. W. Johnson, Air. D. Dowdakin, Dr. C. O. Knox. MIDDLE ROW: Mr. 8. L. Sr yder, Mr. J. Schneider, Mr$. 8. r. Boone, Miss E. A. Bailey, Miss M. L. Valesek, Mr. D. K. Schumacher, Mr. J. A. 8e . FRONT ROW: Mr. T. M. Brumby, Mrs. R. D. McDonald, Mr. P. S. narrower. Miss F. Koplelf, Mr. J. H. ffhcridge, Mr. W. H. Hill. BOT TOM: Mr. Thomas M. Brumby, Head of Music De- panment. 333 Philosophy Dr. Medina And Professor Stephens Added To Faculty Striving to develop a program in v hich all ma- jor philosophical positions are represented is the aim of the department. Recent additions to the faculty are Dr. Angel Medina, a specialist in con- temporary European philosophy, and Professor Kenneth Stephens, a symbolic logician. A Philosophy Club was organized this year for the purpose of promoting philosophical dialogue between students. Philosophical inquiry is a reflective analysis of the beliefs and assumptions of common sense, science, art, and religion. It both critically ex- amines what men take for granted and seeks a unified perspective on human knowledge. TOP: Ml. George Kunkle, Dr. R. L. Arringion, Dr. G. W. Beiswanger, Dr. A. D. Medina, Mr. K. D. Stephens. BOTTOM: Dr. Rail F. Munsler, Head of Philoiophy Department. l " !j£- jH M mm W K I H ' Si r f 1 i I i 1 m 334 Physics A New Club Formed Here For Students In Physics During the past year Georgia State College physics majors have organized the Physics Club. All students with an interest in physics are invited to join. The club will be affiliated with the Society of Physics Students, a branch of the American Physical Society. Georgia State physics students will present research papers at regional and na- tional meetings of the Socie+y. Those students with the appropriate grade point average will also be eligible for membership in Sigma Pi Sig- ma, the national undergraduate physics honorary society. TOP: Upperciassmen often use the Laser beam for experiments in physics. BOTTOM: Mr. C. R. Nave, Dr. G. A. PetitI, Dr. M. R. Meder, Dr. Joseph H. Hadley, Head of the Physics Department, Dr. S. T. Manson, Dr. R. H. Hankla. Political Science Expansion Begun With Faculty And Ph.D. Work This year we are pleased to announce the ad- dition of four new staff members: Associate Pro- fessors Ralph Mitchell, J. David Palmer, Assistant Professors H. Ross Hammond and Willard Berrv who are all specialists in their field. We have added to programs by combining classroorri knowledge with practical experience through political surveys, participation in electoral proces- ses, and interrelationships with state and local government agencie s. The department is expand- ing its student activities through the revival of the Political Science Club and hopes to establish Pi Sigma Alpha, the national honorary fraternity. The department plans to submit proposals for the es- tablishment of a Ph.D. program in Political Science. TOP: Dr. D. L. ftirchild, Dr. R. f. Milchell, Mr. H. R. Hammond, Mr. T. C. Rylei, Dr. Charles Pylei. Dr. E. O. KIme. Dr. G. G. Thielmar). BOTTOM: Miss Joar r e Anderson, Secretary, and Dr. Earl O. Kline, Head ol the Political Science Department. IP 336 Psychology New IBM System Added And Number Of Faculty Increased The addition of seven new faculty nnembers and the purchase of an IBM 1800 Data Acquisition System are but two signs of the growth and di- versification of the department. Laboratories in the areas of physiological and social psychology are now operative and equipment has been or- dered for the electrophysiological laboratory, bringing the number of laboratories in the depart- ment to ten. Graduate course offerings have expanded to keep pace with increased enrollment. On the undergraduate level, the department now offers the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in psychology. TOP: STANDING: Dr. J. L. Pate, Dr. M. C. Morrow, Mr. R. M. Drag, Mr. E. L. Robinson, Or. M. Worthy, Dr. R. T. PutrKy, Dr. W. F. Daves, Of. E. C. Brown, Dr. . L. Shepherd, Dr. R. A. Craddick, Dr. T. Ay on, Dr. C H. Harsch. Dr. J. C. McCullen, Dr. A. M. Cohen. SITTING: Dr. P. Gross, Dr. P. liters. Dr. E. A. Valerius, Dr. L. L ' Abale, Dr. M. J. Pagan. BOTTOM: Dr. Earl C. Brown, Head of Psychology Departrrtenl. 337 Sociology Work Planned In Urban Life And Two Added To Faculty Nine full time faculty members compose the Sociology Department. Seven of these hold the Ph.D. degree, and two are in preparation for theirs. Dr. Clyde AAcDaniel and Dr. Alice Scharrer have been added to the staff. Additional faculty will be needed at an accelerated rate during the next few years. Plans for expansion of the depart- ment include additional areas of specialization, a graduate program, and increased research oppor- tunities. The department is making plans to work cooperatively with the new Urban Life Program thro ' iqh offerings of aporopriate courses and through expansion of research and community action opportunities. TOP: STANDING: Dr. C. f. Hopkini, Dr. A. W. Sch.rrer, Dr. R. E Garren, Mr. C. W. ftulkner. Dr. J. C. Simms. FRONT: Dr. M. A. Roberrs, Dr. W. D. Amit, Mrs. 8. S. Bandy, Dr. C. O. McDaniel, Dr. B. B. Pittard. BOTTOM: Dr. Robert E. Garren, Head of Sociology Department. 338 Speech Debate Team Formed And Major ' s Program Planned The Speech and Drama Department has ex- panded its course operations and added to the staff to support an anticipated major. Of particular interest is a new laboratory course. Techniques of Theatre Production, which will provide training in both the aesthetic and technical aspects of theatre. For the first time at Georgia State, debaters may earn academic credit for participation in for- ensic activities. During 1968-1969 the debate team participated in numerous tournaments and competitions. TOP: Mr. J. G. Greene, Mrs. H. G. Dyches, Mr. Frank Lower. BOTTOM: Mrs. Hilda G. Dyches, Head of Speech Deparlmenl. 339 Business I Administration Occupancy Of New Building Highlights School ' s Growth Symbolic of the continued progress of the School of Business Administration was the occu- pancy of the new business school building— the first phase of a business school complex. At a bril- liant ceremony on November 12, 1968, leading public officials, eminent businessmen, alumni, stu- dents and faculty commemorated the dedication. The Graduate Business Club was incorporated, and graduates of the School of Business Adminis- tration posted signal successes in political victories as well as achieving important posts and promo- tions. Important among these was the nomination by Governor Lester G. Maddox of a distinguished alumnus, W. Lee Burge, class of 1942, as a mem- ber of the Board of Regents. TOP: Dr. George E. Manners, Dean of School of Business AdminiHralion. BOTTOM: Dr. W. Rogers Hammond, Dean of the Graduate OiV s on of the School of Butirteis Admiryislralior). (fllli 340 TOP LEFT; Dr. Richard E. Beckwith, Assoc. Dean of the School of Business Adrr inistration. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. 6 aine H. Hubbard, Adminisfrafive Assislar l to Dean Manners. BOTTOM LEFT: Miss Marilyn L. Ho combe, Secretary to Dean Beckwith. BOTTOM CENTER: Miss £ aine Murphy, Secretary to fhe Graduate OfUce. BOTTOM RIGHT: Miss Lee Buford, Secretary to Dean Manners. 341 TOP; Dr. Catherine f . Miles, Head of Department of Accounfing. BOTTOM: STANDING: Mr. R. P. Mailin, Dr. J. W. Cook, Mr. A, J. Sfrick and, Dr. N. X. Dresse , Mr. N. M. Gentry, Mr. F. B. Garner, Mr. P. M. Rayburn, Mr. T. P. Hall, Mr. E. L. Slocum, Mr. £. B. Greynolds, Dr. D. H. Jaylor, Dr. W. L. Furlong. SEATED: Miss K. T. Current, Dr. L. W. Sherritt, Dr. C. E. Miles. Accounting Expansion Is Possible As Programs Are Updated Degree offerings in the graduate sphere of the Department of Accounting are now expanded to include the Ph.D. in Business Administration with a field in Accounting. In addition, all the depart- mental courses and continuously updated to serve the changing needs of the dynamic accounting field. The department enhances the academic pro- gram with known visiting lecturers through the " Distinguished Lecturer in Accounting Series. " An Accounting Development Fund has also been es- tablished to promote professional development of faculty and provide research support. 50IE 342 Bureau Of Business And Economic Research Tax Revision Study Is Made For Georgia Legislature The Bureau of Business and Economics Re- search ' s Director, Dr. Willys R. Knight, in addi- tion to his normal duties, is the Southeastern Regional Representative of the Joint Council on Economic Education. JCEE has undertaken the herculean task of set- ting in motion those steps which will expand and improve economic education at all levels in the American education system. As representative of this council. Dr. Knight ' s job is to instill in teach- ers as well as in school officials the initiative need- ed to start such a program in their schools. Also, the Bureau carries en research vital to the state. At the present time, the Research Bureau is engaged in a tax revision study, an estimate of possible revenue and expenditure levels for the next decade, for the Georgia Legislature. TOP: Dr. Willys R. Knight, Director of the Bureau of Buisness ar d Economic Research, and a visiting professor. BOTTOM: Dr. Jere L Atchison, Mr. Robert i. Chaffin,Dr. Willys R. Knight. 343 Center For Business Education A Center Now Exists In Economic Education The Center for Business and Economics Educa- tion was established to coordinate the College ' s business and economic education resources and efforts and to provide liaison in economic educa- tion with the schools in the Greater Atlanta Metro- politan Area. The Center has worked in curriculum develop- ment, materials writing, teacher education, and research and evaluation in economic education. The director of the Center prepared two suc- cessful proposals for Georgia State College NDEA Institute in Economics. These two institutes are the only NDEA institutes in economics awarded in Georgia. A third proposal for an institute in the summer of 1 969 has been submitted for funding. TOP AND BOTTOM: Dr. Theodore C. Boyden, the Diiecloi ol the Ccntei for Buiinesi and Economic EduCdtion. m M 1 1 T 344 Computer Data Processing Center New Business Building Advances Center Abilities The Computer Center has made significant ad- vancement since last year and has made several important changes. The most obvious of these is the fac ' t that the facilities are nov housed on the first floor of the new Business Administration Building. The computer is housed in a more spac- ious area especially designed for it with special climate controls and viewing windows on the cor- ridor. The most important advancement is the de- cision to acquire by next year a new computer capable of time sharing. With this machine avail- able, students and faculty will have access to the power of the computer through remote consoles. These devices will be placed over the campus in locations easily accessible to the students and fac- ulty. 345 Economics nim uiwiiinff ii ■iiiir " ' i i Two Degrees Awarded And Six Faculty Members Added Georgia State ' s first two Ph.D degrees were awarded in the spring and summer of 1968. The Ph.D in the Economics program, approved by the Board of Regents, December, 1964, was launched in fall 1965 in recognition of the nation ' s need for well-trained economists in teaching, business and government positions. The undergraduate and graduate programs in economics were en- hanced by the addition of six faculty members, specialists in such areas as international, mone- tary, urban and regional, and mathematical eco- nomics, econometrics and economic development. Following last year ' s petition for the establish- ment of a chapter at Georgia State, Omicron Delta Epsilon (honorary society in economics) plans for a great increase in its activities: faculty-student seminars and lectures by invited guests. ABOVE: Of. J. S. Henderson, Dr. M. Chacho iades, Dr. B. F. Curry, Dr. R. S. Sfrangwsys, Mr. B. H. Koo. Mr. J. C. WaHace, Dr. E. W. Ogram, Dr. C. G. A exandrides, Dr. J. Bllcksilver, Dr. J. M. Cheng, Mr. R. B. C cmmer, Mr. f. J. Denrrxar , Dr. J. F. Crawford, Of. 7. C. Bo ' den, Dr. f . F. Ulvcling, Dr. L. Oona dson. BELOW: Dr. J. F. Crawford, Head of Economics Deparlmonl. 346 Finance New Personnel And Compustat Tapes Provided This year has been marked by curriculum and faculty expansion. Professor Victor L. Andrews, chairman of the department, was named to serve as the Mills Bee Lane Professor of Banking and Finance. Professors James K. Owens and Harry Kuniansky and Mr. Jerome Osteryoung were also newly appointed to the faculty. With increased personnel the Department expanded its graduate course offerings. Acquisition by the School of Business of the compustat tapes of corporate financial data and the so-called " Chicago tapes " of stock price his- tory provides the base for rapid expansion of the department ' s use of computers in teaching and research. TOP: Mr. W. H. Tulloh, Mr. H. R. Kuniarsky, Mr. G. W. Henss er, Mr. J. K. Owens, Dr. Victor L. Andrews, Head of fhe finance Depar(men(. BOTTOM: Mr. Owens works with one of fhe machines in the Finance Depaffmenf, 347 Guidance Office Quarters Are Located In A New Building As academic advisor for Georgia State business students, the Guidance Office of the School of Business Administration addresses itself to prob- lems of individual program planning, credit eval- uation, efficient scheduling, and the selection and attainment of the student ' s academic goals. This year the Guidance Office moved to nev quarters and added an additional faculty member to assist students in the implementation of college regula- tions and academic requirements. The office en- courages all business students to consult v ith the professional staff for individual counseling. TOP: Wf. David I. Lewis, Director of the Guidance Office. BOTTOM: Mr. R. M. Stringer, Mr. S. N. Collier, Mrs. G. Y. Purvis, Secretary; Mr. W. F. Lawrence, Mr. D. L. Lewis, Mr. D. A. Fuller. 348 J t Hospita Administration Assistantships Are Incorporated Into Department With the Ph.D. hospital administration major, the AAHA program, and the hospital major in the BBA program well established, the faculty of this program is now increasingly turning its attention to research and publications. The addition of a graduate research assistant this year is part of this emphasis, which is supportive of the teaching program. As the program enters its fourth year, the graduates of the MHA program are holding more and more important hospital administrative positions in the Southeast. ABOVE: STANDING: Mr. B. Longest, Mr. A. F. Gilbert, Mr. R. L. £var s. SEATED: Dr. G. R. Wren, Director of Hospital Administration. BELOW; Mr. Longest drops in on Miss Nancy frizelle, the Secretary. 349 Institute Of Inter- national Business Research Project Of Georgia ' s Export Commerce Is Published The Institute and its degree programs have experienced continued growth during the past year. The World Trade Council of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce annually presents an award for academic excellence in international business. The International Trade Association of Atlanta inaugurated a new scholarship program for international business students this year. A task force of six graduate students, under the di- rection of Dr. Alexandrides, completed work on a research project. An Export Profile of Georgia, which appeared in the Institute ' s semi-annual publication, Es iays in International Business. TOP: Dr. frnesf W. Ogrom, Jr., Director of the tmlilule of International Business. BOTTOM: Dr. C. G. Alexandrides and Dr. Ernest W. Ogram, Jr. 350 nsurance Grant Establishes Center For Insurance Research The faculty was expanded to fourteen nnembers with the addition of John E Brown (Actuarial Science) and George R. Greene (Insurance). A Center for Insurance Research was established by the department through a $25,000 grant made to the department by the North Carolina Association of Insurance Agents. The Center will serve as a vehicle for basic and applied research in areas of interest to the institution of insurance and the in- suring public. Students at Georgia State may pre- pare for rewarding, challenging careers in insur- ance through major programs at both graduate and undergraduate levels. Students in other disci- plines are invited to discuss application of their areas of interest to the insurance industry. TOP: Mr. G. R. Greene, Dr. R. A. Marshall, Or. J. W. Hall, Mr. 8. I. Webb, Dr. E. A. Zubay, Mr. R. W. Batten, Mr. R. E. Rapps, Dr. S. Schwarzschild, Mr. J. E. Brown. BOTTOM: Dr. Kennefh Black, Head of the Insurance Department. 351 TOP: Dr. Michael H. Mescon, Head of Department of Management. BELOW: STANDING: Dr. J. E. Chapman, Dr. E. T. Eggers, Dr. G. H, Russell, Dr. 0. O. Jewell, Dr. R. H. Wes(, Dr. A. £. Jordan, Mr. C. E. Sforrs, Mr. L. H. Robertson, Mr. C. E. Manners, Jr. SEATED: Mr. J. R. Foersf, Dr. R. M. Fulmer, Of. D. £. Wi7 iams, Mr. M. G. Holland, Mr. J. P. Aothemonf, Mr. F. VanEck. Management Additional Staff Members Strengthen This Department Newly developed production and behavioral sequences v er-e introduced by the Management Department this academic year. These changes reflect an intensified awareness of the holistic structure of the management process. The twenty-three member department has been strengthened by several staff additions including Dr. John Daniels, Dr. Donald O. Jewell, and Pro- fessor George Manners, Jr. The Management Department, which includes the area of Hospital Administration, continues to place primary emphasis on providing its over 1,000 majors with those conceptual, human, and technical skills that will enable each student to function in optimum fashion. 3nD 352 Marketing Advertising Campaign Won And Program Reinforced Professor Tully earned national recognition for the department this year in winning an important creative advertising campaign competition. Dr. Lemly reinforced the department ' s program upon his return from a two year leave of absence at Lagos, Nigeria. Advertising, personal selling, sales manage- ment, transportation and retailing taught chiefly with a problem solving approach are the main functional areas covered in the marketing curric- ulum. Excellence, creativity, and achievement domin- ate the Marketing Department ' s instructional approach in the dynamic area of creating and satisfying human wants. TOP: Mr. J. E. Tully, Dr. D. J. Schwartz, Dr. C. W. Eh ers, Mr. W. F. Lyie, Dr. J. M. Lemly. BOTTOM: Dr. David J. Schwartz, Acling Head of the Marketirtg Department. 353 Quantitative Methods Faculty Working To Develop Needed Texts For Department This year the department welcomes five new faculty members: Clovis daSilva, Wayne Daniel, Ken Levine, Dan Miller and Dwight Tabor. The department is striving to develop vitally needed texts in this new discipline. Several fac- ulty members are working on manuscripts to fill this gap. The QAA Department is helping bring together business school facult y from all over the country who are interested in organizing an association in quantitative methods Several short courses have been presented by faculty members to provide a quantitative base for people in professional and academic areas. TOP: STANDING: Mr. K. C. Levine, Mr. A. C. Nichols, Mr. B. M. Schott, Mr. C. C. Bosfwick, Mr. S. C. Bennett, Mr. L. L. Byars, Mr. H. G. Wilt, Mr. E. C. Rogers. SEATED: Mr. C. N. da Silva, Dr. A. S. Hughes, Mr. W. J. Thompson, Mrs. P. H. Riggs, Mr. D. D. Tabor, Jr., Mr. W. Daniel, Mr. J. C. Terrell. BOTTOM: Mr. Dennis f. Grawoig, Head of the Department of Quantitative Methods. 354 Real Estate Three Areas Of Concentration And Two Added To Faculty The resources of the department are being con- centrated in three areas during the 1968-1969 academic year; research, expansion of the Ph.D. program, and development of the Urban Life prograrri. Research in urban land use problems is now under way. Two new faculty members, Dud- ley S. Hinds and George Waterfall, joined the department in 1968 to undertake research and to strengthen the department ' s graduate and under- graduate course offerings. The department ' s pro- gram in land development has been strengthened by these new faculty members, and a new pro- gram in land resource administration is being de- veloped within the framework of the School of Ur- ban life. TOP: Air. J. B. Undeman, Mr. R. M. Forbes, Dr. C. J. Tschappaf, Mr. D. S. Hmds. Mr. G. Waterfall. BOTTOM: Dr. Carl J. Tschappat, Head of the Real Estate Department. 355 Education Three New Deans Are To Help Its Innovation Like the city of Atlanta, t he School of Education is moving toward a distinguished and unique role in the South ' s burgeoning urban society. Three new deans provide the creative inspiration and practiced knowledge essential to staffing, equip- ping and administering a growing center for metropolitan education. This center will provide a more realistic experience in rity schools to pro- fessional educators requiring updated in-service training and will recruit and satisfy students of education who seek, as pre-service preparation, a vital, meaningful learning experience. Expan- sion and innovation mark the growth of the new school. TOP: Dr. Roy M. Hall, Dean of (he School of Education. BOTTOM: Dr. Richard H. Barbe, Associafe Dean, Dr. Roy M. Hall, and Mr. David S. Butts, Assistant Dean. 356 TOP LEFT: Mr. David S. Butis, Assisfant Dean. TOP RIGHT: Mrs. Mildred W. Landrum, Administrative Assistant. BOTTOM: Mrs. Linda W. Johnson, Airs. Sherry G. Taylor, and Mrs. Bar- bara f. Brown, Secretaries. 357 Business Education Twelve Entered In New Ph.D. Program And Faculty Added The Ph.D. program in Business Education was initiated during the past year, and twelve students are currently enrolled in the program. This Ph.D. program is one of the outstanding programs of its kind in the nation because of the quality of the curriculum and the staff. Two new faculty members were added to the staff, bringing the total to seven full-time teachers: Annell Lacy, Ph.D., Ohio State University, and Nancy Dittman, Ph.D., University of Colorado. A national conference in business education, entitled the Gregg Methods Conference, was held at Georgia State last summer. This annual confer- ence was staffed by six outstanding business ed- ucators and attracted 215 teachers trom 20 states. TOP: Dr. Alton B. Lilet, Head ol Business Education Department. BOTTOM: Student% practice techniquci used in Buiinas Education, 358 Counseling Edu- cational Psychology New Location And Two Faculty Members Added Two faculty members have been added this year: Dr. Lynn Haun and Dr. Richard Smith. Dr. Haun comes to us from the University of Missouri and Dr. Smith from Saint Louis University. The department has changed quarters this year; it is now located in the Atlantic Building where it has acquired excellent laboratory and practicum facili- ties. The department has expanded rapidly over the past year. Approximately 200 graduate students are pursuing programs of study within the de- partment. TOP: Dr. R. C. Rank, Dr. V. W. Sfone, Dr. R. J Riordan, Dr. I. E. Haun, Dr. S. R. Day, -Dr. W. J. Donaldson, Dr. R. M. Smith. BOTTOM: Dr. ICennefh Alafheny, Head of Counseling and Educational Psychology. 359 Curriculum And Instruction Nine New Faculty Members Added In Display Of Growth This is one of the fastest growing departments in the School of Education. The department has fifteen full-time staff members, nine of whom are new this year. Special emphasis is being given this year to the development of more adequate curriculum facilities. The programs offered within the department are in the process of rapid expansion with new programs being developed in the areas of early elementary education, elementary and secondary education reading instruction, as well as programs in content areas. TOP: STANDING: Mr. W. S. Ames, Mr. M. Levy, Dr. A. V. O son, Mr. C. . Johnson, Mr. F. H. Ktler, Dr. Chalres Crosthwail. SITTING: Of. F. H. Hoc son, Mrs. E. K. Jenkins. BOTTOM: Dr. Mdry H. Scoff, AIIAmericart Jake Scott ' s mother, illustrates to her class a subject of Curriculum 411. 360 361 V ' - j jK :si,- n ffirrjtif 3 Physica Education Staff Offers A Variety Of Curricula This department is anxiously looking forward to the long awaited new facility. This facility should be completed in two years. It will provide for a well rounded program of physical educa- tion including teacher preparation, basic intra- mural, and intercollegiate sports programs. The staff is busy this year deciding matters re- garding equipping the new facility and develop- ing curricula for the required physical education program and the anticipated professional physical education program which we hope to initiate when we move into the new facility. TOP: STANDING; Dr. R. W. Weht, Mr. G. N. Ctlandra, Mr. J. J. Walert. SEATED: Mr. Heiberr Burgess, Mils J. J. Hart. BOTTOM: Dr. Richard W. Wehr, who it Head of the Physica Edocafion Department, is also the Coll Coach. 362 TOP: Of. Glenn A Vergason, Head of Special Education. BOTTOM: STANDING: Dr. W. L. Sengstock, Dr. N. R. Castricone. J. E. Harlung, Dr. M. W. Barksdale, Dr. W. J. David. Mr. B. B. Vreeland. SITTING: Mr. Special Education The Federal Government Gives Aid To Important Field The Department of Special Education has added three new faculty members in the past year; Dr. Joseph Hartung, Coordinator of programs in deaf education; Dr. William David, Coordinator of programs in behavioral disorders; and Mr. V. Bruce Vreeland, also in behavioral disorders. The department, in addition, obtained supporting money from the federal government for its pro- grams in deaf education, learning disabilities, and mental retardation. Seven fellowships were awarded in this latter category, while four were awarded in learning disabilities. Senior and junior traineeships in various programs totalled eleven. The number of majors in Special Education is cur- rently approaching two hundred. 363 General Studies New Programs And Personnel Are Added The School of General Studies administers the Urban Life and Police Administration Programs. Under the guidance of Dean Alex B. Lacy, Jr., who arrived last June, these programs are ex- panding rapidly. It is hoped that graduate de- grees in urban studies will be instituted in the coming year. The programs of the Urban Life Cen- ter will include the full range of training, service, and research. in addition to Dean Lacy, new personnel in- clude Assistant Dean James L. Maddex, Jr. a nd Assistant Professor G. LaMarr Howard. TOP: STANDING: Wr. W. J. Malhiiti, Mr. G. L. Howard, Dr. A. B. lacy, Mr. J. I. Maddc , Jr. SEATED: Mrs. L. M. Mcleod, Secretary, Mrs. B. C. Turrycr, Secreldry, Mrs. Boirslow, Secrelary. BOTTOW: 0. Alexar der B. Lacy, Dean of the School of Cer)eral Studies. 3M 365 Police Administration Program Designed For Present Or Potential Police Officer The Police Administration Program, under the direction of W. J. Mathias, Coordinator, is one of the first such programs in Georgia. Its purpose is to promote greater professionalization of law enforcement, in a curriculum com.bining the tra- ditional academic requirements of Georgia State College with courses especially designed for the present or potential police officer. The depart- ment offers an Associate of Arts degree in Police Administration, and an area of concentration in Criminal Justice is offered under the Bachelor of Science in Urban Life degree. The upper division courses provide a broad perspective of urban problems and a focus on the criminal justice sys- tem and its relationship to these problems. TOP: Mr. G. L. Howard, Mr. Rem Smith, Mi. T. A. King, Mr. J. L. Maddex, Jr. BOTTOM: Mr. William J. Mathias, Coordinator ol Police Admhislratior}. Special Studies College Preparatory, English, Secretarial Science Offered Three particularly outstanding programs are of- fered this year. One is the college preparatory courses, which enable a student to meet entrance requirements of Ga. State College. Next is the one-year Secretarial Science program, which plays a part in alleviating the secretary shortage in the business field. It is streamlined into four quarters to include only those subjects that are basic for a competent secretary. The English courses for foreign students are continuing to expand and to provide opportunity for students handicapped by their lack of com- munication skills to succeed in their future en- deavors. TOP AND BOTTOM: of Special Srudies. Mr. lewis G. VanGorder, Director of the Schoo 368 TOP LEFT AND TOP RIGHT: Mr. lewis G. Van Corder. BOTTOM: Mrs. Joyce J. Gregory, Secretary m the School of Special Studies. 369 % 7 i-jf " - ' ' -- Pm»;,- ■ .K K ' - ■ ' i-iii:- •f- I Graduates No Longer Able To Lounge But A Time To Research! Back in school again ... A " G " number . . . Exanns . . . Theses . . . lectures . . . seminars . . . library research . . . progress demands untried tools of imagination . . . formative thoughts . . . an atmosphere of unified diversity . . . Was I ever a Freshman? . . . have a cigar— my wife had a baby . . . more library research . . . " Doctoral candidate, " I guess that means me! . . . We shall not cease from our exploring, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time . . . dreams have become reality . . . reality dictates new dreams. TOP: Graduate Studtnti attend weekly seminars in major fields. BOTTOM: G ' »do»fion: An end for rrany but only a beginning for a graduate student. 372 TOP LEFT: These chemicals are tools used by fhe graduate sfudenf in his major field. BOTTOM: You ' d fhinic after five years they ' d give us a place to park. 373 BAINE, HELEN BERGER, EUGENE R. BLAKEMAN, RALPH E. BUTLER, SANDRA CRIM, RAYMOND E. CURTIS, DEIDRE H. DEBARDELEBEN, WM. D. EMBRY, OLICE HUEL FULLERTON, LLEWELLYN GREENE, GEORGE ROB HANEKAMP, CHARLES WM. HARMAN, EDWIN E. HARN, WADE M. KAHN, GAY MILLER KENSICKI, PETER ROB KERBEL, MARCOS G. LABUDDE, BRUCE C. LEOPAIRAT, MALINEE LYNCH, TERRY W. MOSS, MARY REYNOLDS 374 PATRICK, SARAH E. READ, WM. EAABRY REEVES, RICHARD REINHARDT, C. RICHARDS, ROBERT LEE RICHMOND, MARILYN T. SHEATS, JAMES H. SHERMAN, RODNEY C. SIMPSON, GEORGE W. SNIPES, JULIAN B. JR. SWILLEY, MONROE F. TEBBS, DONALD ROBERT TUCKER, BERNARD M. UNDERWOOD, CHARLES B. WHARTON, WYANT J. WILLIAMS, MARILON J. WILLIAMS, WAYNE WILSON, ROBERT O. YOUNG, ALICE 375 Senior Class Many Years Of Study Coming To An End - Then What? Reaching the top again . . . independent learning merges to form a purpose . . . Draft? . . . Sen- iority sure sounds good ... a ring . . . Can ' t be- lieve I made it . . . WHO ' S WHO . . . dreams be- coming reality . . . small classes . . . caps and gowns . . . last positions of leadership before venturing into the world . . . Senior Week and parties ... I could have done better . . . heart- aches forgotten as commencement draws near . . . Graduation! . . . happy, yet sad in its own inspiring way ... a march to Pomp and Circum- stance ... a handshake ... a diploma . . . scat- tered tears . . . joyous laughter ... a thousand memories . . . warm smiles from people who fol- lowed you every inch of the way . . . draft re- classification . . . engagements . . . marriage. TOP: FIRST ROW: Senator Michaelc Wynne. SECOND ROW: Sention Martha Slone, Karen Rogen, Can Smith, Preildent—Nighl Jose Valh THIRD ROW: Senator George Thomas, President— Day John Darnell, Seni tor Joe Hiett. BOTTOM: President Langdale presents Seniors with achievement awards at Awards Day. 376 377 ABBOn, WILLIAM H. JR. ABRAMS. ELLIS HERSH ADAIR, JAMES E. ADAMS, FLOYD NEWTON ADAMS, JUDITH ANNE ADAMS, KATHARINE A. AIDES, CHARLES ED. ALDRIDGE, JACQUELINE ALDRIDGE, JOHN WAYNE ALEXANDER, E. LEE JR. ALEXANDER, LARRY E. ALLEN, CONSTANCE J. ALLEN, DEBORAH STARR ALLEN, JAMES RICHARD ALLEN, WM. PRESTON ANDERSON, JANET S. ANDREWS, JOSEPH G. ATEN, JUDY K. AHAWAY, JOAN RENEE AZAR, GARY 378 BAKER, JOHN DAVID BAKER, LINDA ELLEN BAKER, SHERI FAYE BARNWELL, MARY K. BARRETT, BENJAMIN G. BARTON, TERI PATTON BATES, TERRY ALLEN BAUMGARTNER, CAROL M. BEARD, MARY WILL BECK, LARRY LEE BELL, MARY SUZANNE BERKNER, ELIZABETH D. BERNARD, JACK ARMAND BETSILL, DEBORAH ANN BETTERTON, WANDA S, BICKNELL, HUNTER BILLINGTON, ROBERT BINION, STEPHEN E. BIRIS, JON DELANO BISHOP, JOSEPH 379 BISHOP, lORI L. BLACK, RICHARD W. BLAIR, ANNA KAY BLAKE. JANICE GAYLE BLAKELY, THOMAS P. BLAn, BENNIE BOWERS, MIKE DAVID BOYD, MURIEL FRANCES BUYTER, JAN EUGEN E BRADLEY, BRUCE BRANSCOMBE, ALICE B. BREITHAUPT, TRUMAN BROWN, JEAN H. BROWN, JULIE ANN BROWN, WALTER KEITH BROWNE, BLANCHE F. BRUCE, PHILIP ORIS BRUCKNER, TERRY REID BUTLER, LINDA 0. CADY, ROBERT LEO 380 CALDWELL, RUSSELL B. CALHOUN, BARBARA ANN CALHOUN, DONALD L. CANTRELL, SAMMIE J. CARINELLI, MICHAEL A. i CARITHERS, ROBERT A. CARLISLE, MICHAEL E. CARLSON, KATHARINE L. CARROLL, MARY K. CARROLL, THOMAS C. CASTILLO, HAL S. CHAFIN, KATHRYN E. CHEATWOOD, JOANNE R. CHESTER, KAY H. CLARKE, JAMES M. CLUM, LYNN MARY COE, DIANNE MARIE COOK, ELISHA JO COOK, FAYE CROSBY COOKE, JAMES WILLIAM 381 COOPER, KENT CLARK COPELAND, RANDAL L. COPPEDGE, ANDREA B. CORBIN, CARL ROSS CORBIN, HAROLD K. CORNEH, JULIAN C. COTE, LARI SUSAN COX, CARLA DONNA CRAIG, RICHARD E. CRIM, JAMES E. CRISTOL, RICHARD E. CURTIS, WALKER LEWIS DANIEL, OWEN DAVIS DANIEL, STEPHEN L. DARNALL, JOHN ROSS DAVIDSON, LYMAN C DAVIS, HARRY E. Ill DAY, WAYNE HOWARD DELLORSO, PATSEY JR. DENNIS, BETTY LOUISE 382 DEWESTER, LINDA KAY DOR5ETT, JAMES DAVID DURHAM, GLORIA ANN DYE, LINDA LOU EDWARDS, CHARLES E. EDWARDS, EMORY H. EICH, HARRIS W. JR. ELLIOTT, CLEON W. ELLIOTT, SIDNEY W. ENGLISH, FRANK ROYAL ERIKSEN, ELLA L. ETCHBERGER, PAMELA FAISON, DONALD D. FARLOW, SHEILA CILLE FELTE, EDWARD W. FICKLEN, ALBERT T. JR. FIEDLER, NIKI DUNCAN FIELDS, HEATHER G. FINCHER, MARY RUTH FIROR, GUY H. 383 FLOERSHEIM, ROBERT M. FOREMAN, JOHN F. FOSTER, LOUIS K. FOWLER, BONNIE MARIE FOWLER, GLORIA G. GARDNER, JOHN ALDEN GEARY, REA7HEL E. JR. GILLINGS, EDITH M. GOLDEN, LESLIE LANE GORDON, JAMES WARREN GOSNELL, JAMES L. GRAHAM, SUZANNE E. GREENE, WM. L. JR. GUNTER, CHARLES LEE GUTHRIE, ROBERT C. GUYTON, WILLIAM M. HADDAO, JAMES EUGENE HALL, TOMILEA LOVELL HAMES, CAROL DIANNE HAMMONDS, SAYLIA ANN 384 RANGES, STEPHEN J. HANSON, ANGIERLEAN HARDY, DIANE MORGAN HARDY, EARL E. JR. HARPER, JOHN A. Ill HARRIS, JOANNE HARRIS, WILLIAAA W. HARRISON, JAMES G. HARTLEY, CRAIG SCOTT HAYNES, JACK K. HAYNES, WM. ANDREW HELMS, FLETCHER B. JR. HENDERSON, CLAUDIA E. HENDERSON, DIANA F. HENDRIX, ROBERT C. HENNESSEE, BILLY M. HERRING, ROBERT M. HESS, CAROL P. HEWETT, ROBERT LOUIS HIGHTOWER, BEVERLY A. 385 HOCKMAN, SANDRA L. HCXSUE, JOHN FRANKLIN HONEYCUn, JAMES M. HOUSER, JOHN HENRY HOWELL, CHARLES R. HUDSON, SALLY ANNE HUEY, DIANE E. HUGHES, STEPHEN G. HUMPHRIES, ROBERT M. HUTCHERSON, GUY W. HUTCHESON, HERMAN J. IRWIN, BAYARD M. IRWIN, JAMES A. JR. JACKSON, ROBERT B. JACOBUS, JEFFREY C. JOHNSON, MARIAN J. JOHNSON, PATRICIA C. JOHNSTONE, RUTH ELIZ. JOINER, RALPH R. JONES, MARY JOANNE 386 JONES, NELSON LEE II JONES, REBECCA D. JONES, ROBERT P. JORDAN, JESSE J. Ill KEEVER, ROBERT L. KELNHOFER, MERCEDES KETCHUM, WILLIAM W. KILLINGSWORTH, THOS. KIMBELL, JOHN R. KING, CAROLYN M. KINGSMAN, SHIRLEY R. KINSMAN, LAWRENCE J. KIRKLAND, MARTIN D. KOEHLER, JUDITH ANN KRAFT, HARRY THOMAS KRAMER, STUART MYLES KRAUS, PAT ANN KWAN, CHUEN CHUN LANG, PAMELA J. LANG, THOMAS WALKER 387 URMON, PAUL H. lEE, DOROTHY JEAN LEE, MELVIN PIERCE LEIKER, CAROL JEAN LEWELLEN, GARY BOYD LOEFFLER, WILLIAM E, LONG, JAMES RANDOLPH LORD, T. J. LYDIC, LAURA E. MANN, RONALD EDWARD MANNING, CECIL EDDIE MANNING, JOSEPH G. MARKS, EUGENIA S. MARTIN, HAROLD ALAN MARTIN, MARTHA T. MAYNARD, EDGAR LOUIS MAYNARD, JUDY McCULLOUGH, DONNA M. McEACHERN, PATSY L. McGAUGHEY, ROBERT H. 388 MclNTYRE, GARY JOE. McLAIN, WILLIAM H. McLEOD, INDIA B. McMillan, mary o. McMULLAN, WILLIAM P. McMURRY, THOMAS C. McRAE, MARIEL McWHORTER, JOHN O. JR. MELTON, MELVIN D. MELTON, WILLIAM D. MERCK, DEBORAH O. MERTZ, KARL C. METZEL, JACQUELINE G. MILLER, JOHN KENNETH MITCHELL, MARLENE P. MOBLEY, B. JOANNE MONCKTON, KENNETH WM. MOORE, FRANKLIN J. MOORE, JUDY MARGARET MORGAN, LAREE P. 389 MORLEY, BARBARA ANN MOTLEY, ELIZABETH MULLINS, LINDA LEE MUSGROVE, JUDY C. NASH, EDITH A. DAVIS NASH, KAREN E. NICKEL, LOIS ROBERTA OSBORNE, LESLIE E. OVERSTREET, GEORGE G. OVERSTREET, JAMES ED. OWEN, HAROLD F. JR. OWENS, DANIEL EDWARD PACE, PHYLLIS ANN PARIS, WAYNE PAUL PARKER, LAURA M. PARNELL, DIANNE B. PARRISH, THOMAS F. PARTOVI, AREFEH PATTILLO, WILLIAM E. PEACOCK, WILLARD W. PEERS, LINDA WARING 390 PERREAULT, NORMAN D. PHILLIPS, NANCY P. PICKENS, LINDA PINSON, DOTTIE LEE Pins, RONALD J. POST, JAMES S. POUNDERS, CHARLES S. PRATHER, RALPH R. PROPHin, SUSAN L. PUTNAM, DAVID H. RAGSDALE, PATRICIA RAINEY, CLARENCE E. REAVIS, ROBERT W. REED, LINDA REEVE, BONNIE DEE RESPESS, JEANNEHE N. RinER, J. ROBERT ROBBINS, CHERYL lOLA ROBERTS, LOUVENIA D. ROBERTS, WILLIAM J. 391 ROGERS, DONNA E. ROLLINS, ROBERT C. ROOF, MARY SCOH ROSENBERG, PHILIP A. ROSS, ERNEST WESLEY RUBIN, RONNIE H. SALMOND, WILLIAM G. SAMPSON, BARBARA A. SAPP, RONALD VARN SAYE, CAROL ANNE SEALE, RICHARD D. SEGRAVES, LAURA SEWELL, WM. MICHAEL SHIVERS, MICHAEL L. SHLAPAK, BEVERLY O. SIKES, REGINALD LEE SIMPSON, PATRICIA ANN SISSON, LEWIS G. SLATER, MARTHA H. SMITH, GUY RANDALL £M SMITH, HARRY V. SMITH, LARRY WAYNE SMITH, MARY CAROLE SMITH, MARY LOUISE SMITH, STEPHANIE M. SMITH, THOMAS R. SPELL, WILLIAM M. SPROULE, ROBERT G. STATON, MARGIE A. STEPHENS, JAMES R. STEVENS, PAUL SAMUEL STONE, MARSHA ANN STRICKLAND, JOHN E. SUMOWIDJOJO, HAJAT SUSTAKOVITCH, JERRY TAMPLIN, JOANNE TEMPLETON, CHARLES B. THIGPEN, PATRICIA A. THOMAS, GEORGE THOMAS, JEFFREY C. 393 THOMASON, DAVID L. THOMPSON, RICHARD E. TIDWELL, WARVIN R. TOOLE, JOHN PRYOR TRAYLOR, JERRY MAX TREAOWELL, JAMES S. TREADWELL, JOHN S. TURNER, CANDACE A. VAN FLEIT, WM. EDMUND VOIGHT, JAMES R. WADE, RAY LEWIS WALKER, RANDALL WALLER, JAMES R. WALLS, GROVER A. JR. WALTER, JANE ELIZ. WATSON, ADELE D. WATSON, RALPH WEAVER, HUGH F. WEST, LANE BRADFORD WHEELER, LARRY GUY 394 WHITE, BARRY FROST WHITE, BEVERLY JAN WILEY, WILLIAM T. JR. WILKES, WADE DOUGL. WILKINS, JOAN K. WILKINS, JOYCE M. WILLIAMS, BARBARA E. WILLIAMS, CYNTHIA A. WILLIAMS, DIANE B. WILLIAMS, THEODORE M. WILSON, EUWER I. WOOLLEY, H. MICHAEL WRIGHT, JAMES K. WRIGHT, JIMMY GAREL WYNNE MICHAELE ZIGLIN, ALAN LEONARD 395 Junior Class We ' re Involved In This Great Learning Process Over the hump . . . Now, I got to choose a major . . . pins and engagement rings . . . less than half of our freshman class left . . . three down and one to go ... DRAFT??? . . . finally getting around to my major courses . . . long labs . . . finding out about early registration after all those lines . . . solidifying friendships . . . Blue Key . . . graduation nearing . . . same professor for all three courses . . . rising to the top again . . . How many cuts did you say I have?? . . . Will I ever be a Senior? . . . Parking stickers ... as- suming responsibility . . . recognizing my advisor . . . experience and creativity beginning to unite . . . Crops and B . . . honorary societies . . . sum- mer quarter . . . the eternal process moving on. TOP: Senators, Kalhi Bcnncll, Margaret Stanford; President— Day, John O ' Oonnc ; Senators, Sherry Smith, Richard Jones, Pat Cunningham; Presi- dent—Night, Mike Howze. BOTTOM: Juniors often visit the Registrar ' s Office to change ma orx. 396 ki...i V-. ' i. 397 ABBOTT, CARLTON B. ABERNATHY, MARY JO ADAMS, ERIC JEROME ADAMS, SUZANNE ADAMS, WILLIAM T. ADAMSON, PATRICIA L. AHL, JAMES WILLIAM ALEXANDER, VILMA W. ALEXANDER, WOODY D. ALLEN, JEWEL ELAINE ALLRED, ARTHUR BLANE AMOS, VIRGINIA A. ANDERSON, ANDREW S. ANDERSON, JANE E. ANDERSON, MARGARET L. ANDREWS, VIRGINIA L. APGAR, NANCY ALICE ARNOLD, ALICE F. ARNOLD, GERALD C. ARP, JAMES D. 398 ARRINGTON, AUDREY L. ASH, MARY I. ASHENHURST, JANE ASHLEY, MARVIN A. JR. ATTEBERRY, RONALD S. BARNES, BENJAMIN C. BARTELS, HELEN P. BASKETT, JOHN S. JR. BEAM, JOHN MELVIN BECK, DARYL B. BEEBE, LINDA LEE BELLE ISLE, KATHLEEN BENNETT, JOHN H. BENSON, ROBERT F. BENTLEY, NORMAN BIGG BIFFLE, RONNIE EDWIN BINGHAM, FRANCES C. BLACK, THOMAS W. BLACKWELL, PEGGY V. BLAKE, JOHN JERALD 399 BOAZ, BONNIE K BONE, ELAINE F. BONE, JAMES HENRY BOURKE, VICKY ELAINE BOWEN, JENNIE MAE BOWMAN, JOHN W. BOYNTON, DONALD W. BRACKETT, LYNDA GAIL BRALEY, DIANE E. BRAY, NANCY C. BREFFLE, GAYLE L. BROCK, MARVIN R. BROOME, DONALD ALLEN BROWN, REGINA CAROL BROWN, REUBEN H. BRUNER, DAVID J. BRYANT, ALBERT E. BRYANT, PEGGY A. BURNS, ROBERT N. BURTON, JAMES E. 400 BUTLER, BRENDA E. CALL, LARAN MITCHELL CARROLL, WM. JAMES CASON, JOSEPH BARRY CATHEY, CHARLES ALEX CERTAIN, ALAN NELSON CHAMBLEE, JAMES N. CHASTEEN, SHIRLEY K. CHEATHAM, OLIVIA T. CHRISTOPHER, S. M. CLEMENTS, CHARLES M. CLONTS, SUSAN C. COLLIER, JAMES E. COMBS, CARL CLEMENT COMPTON, JAMES RALPH CONLEY, DONNA MARIE 401 COOK, BETTY JEAN COOK, LARRY GERALD COOKE, MARY A. COOPER, JOSEPH D. COOPER, NANCY J. COURTNEY, DAVID M. COX, DEBORAH ANN CRADDOCK, JANE C. CROCKETT, REBECCA J. CROSBY, BOBBY LEWIS CROW, ELAINE RUTH CUNNINGHAN, PAT DAHLBERG, ALFRED WM. DARDEN, SAMUEL P. DASANTOS, PAMELA R. DAVIS, BETTY JEAN DAVIS, CYNTHIA KYLE DAVIS, LINDA SUE DICKSON, LINDA R. DIETER, RACHEL W. 402 DILL, ELIZABETH S. DOBBS, MARTHA CAROL DOBSON, COLEMAN W. DORSEY, DAISY L. DOSTER, KATHRYN ANNE DOUGLAS, NANCY C. DREAUX, BARBARA B. DRESSEL, PATRICIA L. DREYER, KEINETH W. DUNCAN, BARBARA J. DURDEN, GAREY CLARK DUVALL, JUDY ANN EDGAR, JOHN F. EDWARDS, JAMES WYATT EITEl, ALLAN BEVERLY ELLENBURG, REBECCA S. ELLIOTT, REBECCA D. EMBRY, DAVID S. ESSEX, LEIGH ESSLINGER, JAMES D. 403 ETHRIDGE, ROBERT E. EVANS, ALTON RODNEY EVANS, BETTY FARTHING, REBECCA ANN FAUCETT, ELLEN W. FAULKNER, LEAMARIE FOOTE, NANCY JANE FORD, ADAM JR. FORD, FREDERICK O. FORREST, STEVEN L. FOWLER, JOE lOREN GARRISON, JEANNE E. GASI, STANLEY J. GENOVA, JOHN SAMUEL GENTRY, JAMES E. GIBBS, SUSAN EDNA GODLESKI, JOYCE ANN GOULDING, LINDA S. GRAY, THOMAS LANE GREEN, BILLY MARTIN 404 f £t • • ' A il GREER, HAL WYCHE III GRIFFITH, SAMUEL A. GRIGGS, JOSEPH M. GROSS, ARLENE GRUBB, GIPSY HALL GRUBB, RICHARD E. HADDOD, MALIHA 0. HAM, THOMAS MICHAEL HAMES, SHARON KAYE HANSEN, STEPHEN C. HANSON, BARBARA LYNN HARMON, CAROL ANN HARMON, JACK C. HARRELL, RALPH WAYNE HARRISON, WILLIAM A. HAYNES, CATHY L. 4 405 HEATH, JOHN CHARLES HEATH, MILLER LEE JR. HENDERSON, CHERYL I. HENDRIX, MARY JANE HERNDON, BRENDA G. HILL, BRENDA CODY HOLLIDAY, MARA O. HOUSE, LAURIE HOUSTON, JACK OONNIE HOWARD, GARY M. HUSTON, DAVID W. HUTCHERSON, JOEL M. HUTCHESON, JAMES H. JACKSON, CLAUDE V. JARRELL, FLORENCE B. JENKINS, WILLIAM S. JINKS, TOMMY KEITH JOHNSON, DONNA ELLEN JOHNSON, DORIA BETH JOHNSON, WILLIAM R. 406 Fj JOHNSTON. JANET W. JONES, FRANCES J. JONES, HERBERT R. JONES, JOHN ARTHER JONES, RICHARD C. JOSEY, JAMES P. KEITH, STEPHEN J. KERR, DELA TERESSA KING, THOMAS MARION KIRBOW, LARRY GENE KITCHENS, GORDON E. KOHNKE, TERRENCE F. KULZ, ROGER MICHAEL KURTZ, DOROTHY M. LAMBERT, CHARLENE L. LAW, ALLEN W. LECKAR, STEPHEN C. LEWIS, JULIA BRUCE LEWIS, PEGGY ANITA LO, MICHAEL O. L. 407 LONDON, ROY LAMAR lOVERN, JOHN H. JR. LOW, MARY JEANETTE lUNSFORD, CHAS. D. JR. LUZIER, LINDA S. LYNN, JAMES D. MABRY, JAMES J. MAKINSON, ELLEN S. MARKS, GORDON ELLIS MARLER, FRANK C. MARSHALL, GREGORY F. MARTY, CHESTER MASSENGALE, ROBERT D. MASTERS, RONNIE G. MATSUMURA, AKIKO MAURMANN, WM. DOUGLAS McCLARY, LINDA M. McCOLLISTER, DAN T. McCULLY, AAARCIA LEA McDOW, BEVERLE ANNE 408 McFARLAND, CARL W. McGEE, LYDIA K. McGHEE, MICHAEL M. McLaughlin, lena l. McLEROY, MARK E. McNEW, JUNE C. McWHIRTER, BEVAN D. MEANS, LAURA JANE MILLS, RONALD PETER MILNER, CAROL KINZEL MINCEY, BILLY GENE MITCHELL, BRENDA J. MITCHELL, MICHAEL H. MOORE, JOANN JESSICA MOORE, MERRILYN ANN MORGAN, FRANK WALTON 409 MORGAN, TONY LEE MORRIS, JOHN BRAZE MULDOON, ROBERT A. MURPHY, FRED MICHAEL MURPHY, PATRICK M. MURRAY, BEVERLY E. NEELEY, DAVID ALAN NEELY, SHARLOTTE K. NERBONNE, NANCY E. NEWBERRY, BRENDA E. NEWMAN, FLORA R. NEWMAN, NATALIE BEA NIESCHOLK, DOROTHY D. NIXON, JOHNNIE F. NOLAN, MICHAEL R. OAKEY, JOHN A. OLIVER, D. RICHARD ONEIll, GEORGE W JR. OWENS, RONALD A. PANTER, KEIKO TAIRA 410 PARIS, EILLEEN A. PARK, DONNA R. PARKAAAN, DOROTHY A. PARMELEE, CHARLES R. PEMBER, FREDERIC E. PERDUE, CARY RUSSELL PERKERSON, NANCY PETERSON, KIMBERLY D. PETERSON, WANDA K. PETTIT, KATHERINE L. PFEIFFER, WARREN G. PHILLIPS, SANDRA L. PIERCE, PATRICIA E. PITTS, PATRICIA C. POLLOCK, THOMAS HILL POPLIN, MICHAEL L. POTTS, VICKI LYNN POUND, ROBERT LINTON PRAGER, KATHLEEN A. PRICE, JUDITH ANN 41 PRICE, POWELL B. PRICE, WILLIAM D. PRINCE, DENNIS R. PROFFIT, CONSTANCE R. PUGH, JOE MORRIS JR. RAINWATER, RICHARD T. REALE, SARA HECK REWIS, ROBERT E. £1® RICKLES, IRWIN ROACH, CHARLES M. ROACH, DORIS KATHRYN ROBERTS, ANN M. ROBERTS, ED. D. ROBERTS, JAMES WILL ROBERTSON, MARSHA B. ROBINSON, PATRICIA J. ROEBUCK, LARRY D. ROGERS, ROY LEE ROLADER, GLORIA J. ROSS, MARY ANNE 412 ROUNSAVILIE, SHARON RUCKER, JAMES W. RUDYK, LARISSA RUSSELL, PHYLLIS C. SAMS, CAROLYN V. SAPP, JOSEPH GILBERT SCHOBEL, JANA SCHOBEL, LINDA CLAIR SELF, ROBERT CASPER SEYMOUR, ROBERT A. SHAHIN, ABDALLAH S. SHAW, CLAUDE SHERRY, MARTIN J. SHURBUTT, GLORIA J. SIMPSON, JAMES A. SIRLES, ELLEN P. 413 SMITH, IIENE NEHER SMITH, INGEBORG ELSE SMITH, ROBERT C. SNEAD, STANLEY W. SNEED, JOEL MERRITT SOTO, CARLOS JUAN SQUADRITO, CHARLES L. STANLEY, MARTHA J. STANTON, WILLIAM R. STEELE, DONNA KAY STEPHENS, GERALD N. STEPHENS, MARY A. STEWART, CHARLES W. STRICKLAND, CHERYL J. SUMMER, HELEN FRANCE SWEATMAN, MORRIS TAVERNI, MARIA TEAGUE, LAWRENCE B. THIELEMANN, NANCY E. THOMAS, DOYLE WM. JR. 414 THOMAS, JAMES HOWARD THOMAS, JOYCE ANITA THOMAS, SUSAN GAYLE THOMPSON, CURT B. THOMPSON, J AS. W. Ill THURMAN, MARY JUNE TOLBERT, JACK W. TOLLEY, JAMES CECIL TOMBERLIN, WILLIAM D. TORBUSH, JAMES A. TRAVIS, CECIL A. TROGLIN, SHARON G. TURNER, FREDA R. TURNER, SANDRA JEAN TYREE, LAMAR UNDERWOOD, MARGARET VALLS, JOSE A. VAN DYCK, DIANE VAUGHN, GARY C. VIA, SHARRON 415 VOGLER, NICODENUS VUCHETICH, ANGELICA WAUIS, JAMES W. WATERHOUSE, SHIRLEY WATERS, LILIAGENE WEAVER, WILLIAM T. WEBB, HARRIET J. WEBB, JACK KENNETH WEBB, LINDA A. WELDON, TERRY L. WELLS, DONALD EUGENE WELIS, MAUREEN V. WHATLEY, JO ANNE WHIGHAM, DAN BROWN WHITE, EUWER THOMAS WHITE, GERALD FRANK WHITE, KAY BURGESS WHITESIDE, PHILLIP T, WHITLEY, GERALD F. WIGGINS, ALLEN B. 416 WILBUR, KATHY H. WILDER, HENRY WILSON WILLIAMS, KAREN D. WILLIAMS, WALTER L. la WILSON, RICKEY K. WOLF, DANIEL J. WOLFE, JIMMY LEON WOOD, ELDRID GRESHAM WOOD, RONALD DORSEY WRIGHT, BEVERLY W. YOST, ROBERT LOUIS 417 Sophomore Class The Low Lifes Will Rise Again — One Year At A Time " Sophomore " sounds so much better than " Fresh- man " ... at last a chance to relax . . . choosing majors . . . changing majors! . . . giving a dance for the freshmen . . . discovering new interests, participating in new activities . . . healthy competi- tion in classes, social life, and other activities . . . Did you know we have a basketball team? . . . getting to know classmates better by being in classes with them for one year ... the SOPHO- MORE LIFE . . . trying to hold down a job, study, party, and get enough sleep at the same time. TOP: Senator, David C. Green, Prcsidcnr— Nighf School, Sheila Williamson; Senator, Sue Webb; Pre%ident—Day School. Bill Mather; Senators, Jill Sidey, Suzanne Ripley, Sue Kempe. BOTTOM RIGHT: As Sophomores, often our age is questionable. 418 419 ABRAMS, KATHY R. ADAMS, ROBERT G. JR. ALLEN, DARLENE SUE ALLEN, PATSY CALHOUN ALLRID. JAMES ALAN AMTHOR, ROBERT ALAN ARIAIL, DONALD LAMAR ATCHISON, SARAH E. ATKINS, PHYLLIS ATKINSON, EMMA L. ATKINSON, JOHN F. AUSTIN, JAMES Q. JR. AUSTIN, SCOTT H. AVERY, MARSHALL W. BALLAR, ALLEN WM. BANDA, CARLOS A. BANKS, CHARLES M. BANKS, ROBERT EDWARD BARNWELL, HOMER C. BARTLETT, CHARLES L. BARTLEY, TIMOTHY WAR BEASLEY, DANIEL L. BECK, GARY P. BEDFORD, GEORGIA LEE BELL, JAMES HARRY BELTRAN, MARY ANN BENNETT, NORRIS L. BENZUR, GABRIEL H. BERNER, NANCY H. BERRY, REBECCA C. BLALOCK, COLIN E. BLANTON, C. SUSAN BOGUSKI, BEVERLY A. BOLTON, JACK RUSSELL BOONE HOWARD GLOVER BOST, CHARLES E. JR. BOWDEN, JERRY R. BOWDEN, ROBERT A. BOWEN, CLINTON E. BOYD, BRENDA SYRELL BOZZA, ANDREW J. BRADLEY, CHARLES L. BREEDEN, AAARTHA J. BREWER, MICHAEL DEEN BRITTAIN, MARILYN S. BROGDON, ROY E. BROOKS, BONNIE NELL BROWN, MICHAEL B. BUDER, GEORGE WALTER BURG, DEBORAH ANN BURMASTER, GRETCHEN BURNINGHAM. TIMOTHY BURR, NANCY HOLLY BUTLER, PINCKNEY A. iii©,9 - ] M M 420 BYRD, LYNDA J. CALDWELL, GARY LYNN CAMERON, LINDA NEAL CAMP, DAMON DAVIS JR. CAMP, JAMES ALBERT CAMPBELL, JAMES H. CANERDAY, CHARLES S. CARTER, JOHN L. CARTER, JUDITH A. CARTER, KENNETH W. CASTLEBERRY, J. C. CASWELL, STANLEY E. CHAPMAN, RUSSELL WM. CHESHIRE, BARBARA W. CHRISTOPHER, WILLIAM CLARK, ROBERT S. CLARK, WM. GERALD CLINE, BOBBY RAY CLODFELTER, KAY MERI COHEN, NORMA SHUR COILE, TERESA A. COLEMAN, JENNIFER D. COMBS, DIANA BECK CONNER, PHYLLIS II CONNOR, JULIA ANNE CONOLY, WALTER HUGH CONWAY, MARK OWEN COOK, JAMES FRANKLIN COOLICK, FREDRICK R. COOPER, ALLAN L. COPPOLINO, CHARLES J. CORBIN, GERALD M. CORCORAN, ELIZABETH CORY, CAROL COWART, JAMES R. JR. COWART, TILLMAN D. JR. COWN, EMORY SCOTT COX, JANET G. COX, STEPHEN ALAN CRECENTE, ELIZABETH CULPEPPER, DAVID E. CULWELL, PETER LEROY CUNNINGHAM, STELLA A. CUSTER, JACQUELYN A. DANIEL, MARY C. DANIELL, MARIE L. DAVIS, EILEEN M. DAVIS, JAMES T. DAVIS, MARY JANE DAVIS, SALLY L. DAVY, BRIAN K. DAWKINS, HARRIET E. DAWSON STANLEY ALIE DEAN REBECCA M. 421 DENMAN, EARL BARRON DICKERSON, LIN A. M. DILLINGHAM, ELBERT C. DOVER, LOUIS B. JR. DRAKE, JOHN ROBERT DREYFUSS, NANETTE J. DUKE, JAMES H. EARLY, STEVEN G. ECHOLS, JULIA ALICE EDGERTON, DANNY M. EDWARD, JANE ELKINS, DONALD E. ELLIS, BONITA J. ELLIS, JAMES C. ELROD, DONNA FAYE ESTRADA, RITA J. EVANS, THOMAS H. FARRIS, WM. DERRICK FIELDS, KATHRYN W. FINLEY, BEVERLY ANNE FITZGERALD, DAWN FLEAGLE, ARLENE Y. FLEAGLE, SUSAN LYNNE FLOWE, JUDY CAROL FLYNN, RONALD WM, FOSTER, WALTER PRICE FOWLER, JENNIFER L. FOWLER, SUSAN GRACE FOX, SONIA L. FREEAAAN, CANDtCE C. FREEAAAN, RICHARD R. FRIEDELL, EARL J. JR. GALLOF, SANDRA M. GARNER. DAVID C. GARRETT, PEGGY JANE GARRETT, SUSAN E. GAVIN, MARGARET D. GAYLOR, ROBERT E. GERMAN, DENNIS LOUIS GIBSON, RALPH H. GILMER, CAROL ANN GLOSSON, LINDA JO GOLDBERG, MARCIA L. GRACE, ROBERT HARVEY GRANTHAM, ROD G. GRANTHAM, RODNEY G. GREER, LINDA C. GREGORY, CAROL ANN GRIMES, HATTIE KATE GRIST, WILLIAM A GROGAN, GERRY OLIN GRUENER. NORBERT GUILEY, NANCY JEAN GUY, JUDITH MARIE f.£ 422 HAMPTON. RUTH L. HANEY, NANCY DIANNE HANZ, LYNN HEIDI HARDEMAN, JOHN T. HARPER, HUGH D HARPER, JAMES HERMAN HARPER, KENT MICHAEL HARPER, RALPH D. HARRIS, BRENDA ANN HARRIS, JOHNNY HIRAM HARRIS, PHYLLIS ANNE HARRIS, VIRGIL C. HASTINGS, PAUL G. HATCHER, THOMAS WM. HEIIKER, ROBERTA C. HENDRICKS, F. E. HESTER, BLANCHE L. HESTER, SUSAN M. HICKS, WILLIAM C. HILL, JUDY KAY HILL LARRY JAMES HINRICHS, ANGE RAE HOGAN, LORRIE S. HOGAN, SUZANNE D. HOLLAND, JAMES W. HORTON, RICHARD A. HOWARD, J. CLAUDE HOWSE, JAMES THOMAS HUNGERFORD, MARGARET IKIRT, JUDY WHITE JACKSON, WILLIAM A. JAMES, ALVIN LYNES JENKINS, JERRY DALE JOHNSON, DENNIS PAUL JOHNSON, SHARON M. JOHNSON, STUART L. JOINER, WM. THOMAS JONES, MELVIN HOLLEY JONES, WM. GORDON KALB, HANK THEODORE KALB, SUZANN V. KEELING, GEORGE WM. KEITH SANDRA HELEN KELLEY. WILLIAM D. KILGORE, JOANNE O. KING, DAVID PAUL KING, DOUGLAS L. KING, PAMELA J. KLEIN, NOEL STEPHEN KNOWLES, TIMOTHY C. LAFIEUR, MARIE I. LAIL, CHARLIE J. LANCASTER, MARY C. LASSETER, LINDA 423 lECOUNT. WALTER T. LEDBETTER, JERRY BOB LESTER, JULIE ANNE LEn, MAURA LOUISE LETTS, WILLIAW EARL LEWIS, KATHLEEN M. LEWIS, LINDA CAROL LINDSAY, RICHARD T. LOCKE, WILLMAR P. LONG, CONSTANCE E. LOW, PRISCILLA S. LOYD, CAROLE A. LUNDIN, CHARLES B. LUTENBACHER, JOHN E. LYLE, JAMES MILLARD MADDOX, SARAH COX MALOOF, JOSEPH A. MANN, MARY GILMER mason, brenda McCarthy, jo anne McCLURE, JUDY COLE McCOY, MAHHEW J. JR. McGEE, WM. RADINE McHENRY, THOMAS NEA L McKENZIE, ARIEATHA McKENZIE, CAREATHA McKOY, VIRGINIA LEE McLAUCHLIN, FRED W, McLAUCHLIN, PHILLIP McLEOD, LINDA A. McLEOD, STEPHEN E. MERRIMAN, JACK A. MERRIMAN, JUDY LEE MESIMER, RONALD A. MITCHAM, CAROLYN J. MITCHELL, BEVERLY A. MOODY, ALPHONZO MOODY, SUSAN F, MOORE. JUANE HORSON MOORE, NANCY L. MORAN, DANIEL MORRIS, JANE RUTH MULIINS, MARY P. MULLIS, MARVIN E. JR. MURPHY, BRENDA R. MUSSELL, GREGORY F. NEWPORT, DANA KEITH NEWTON. ELIZABETH M. NEWTON, PENELOPE ANN NIX, CINDY NELL OlllNGER, HARRY LEO OILOM, DAVID C ONEAL, MARJORIE SUE ORY, LINDA MARIE l k£i Ef 424 s ' OWENS, PHILLIPS M. PARRISH, RONALD M. PAYNE, CHARLES L. PEEK, LYNDA FAYE PENCE, DONALD WESLEY PENNEBAKER, ELBERT V. PERRY, RAYMOND E. PETERS, GAILA JEAN PHILLIPS. W. MARCUS POWELL, LOUISE PRESTON, MARILYN E. PRIM, IVAN G. Ill PRUITT, CHARLOnE L. PURCELL, DOROTHY M. RACE, KENNETH O. RACKLEY, SARAH A. RAINEY, JAMES L. RARER, JOYCE ETHEL RAY, BARBARA JEAN REEVE, JOHN PAUL REEVES, THOMAS EDWIN REHBERG, SHIRLEY J. REPINE, SHARON LEE RHODEN. LOUIS ARNOLD RICHMOND, ROBERT R. RIVERS, DAVID E. ROBBINS, JACQUELYN C. ROBBINS, LINDA P. ROBERTS, D. LORETTA ROBERTS, SARAH LYNN ROBERTSON, DANNY RAY ROBINSON, JOHN HENRY ROBINSON, MARGIE T. RODRIGUEZ, ROLANDO A. ROGERS, SUSAN ELAINE ROMANO, JAMES S. ROSS, ELIZABETH M. ROSS, WM. TERRELL ROSSIE GEORGE J. SANDERS, RUBY ANITA SEWELL, MICHELE F. SHAW, STEVEN PARKER SHEESLEY, WILLIAM J. SHELL, BARBARA W. SHIELDS, DEVON A. SHREVE, CARL O. SIDEY, JILL ANN SIMS, ALAN EDWARD SINNEN, ROGER WAYNE SKOCZEK, JO E. SKUn, WM. RICHARD SMITH, DONALD WALTER SMITH, EDWARD CARL SMITH, GREGORY H. 425 SMITH, LARRY RAY SMITH, SALLIE A. SMITH. STEPHEN D. SMITH, WM. EDWARD JR. SNIDER, MAXINE R. SORROW, MARGARET D. SPINKS, BRENDA LYNN STALLINGS, JAMES E. STANLEY, BERNITA O. STANLEY, JOHN M. STAPLETON, ELLEN L. STEPHENS, MARY E. STEWART, FREDA JEAN STONE, WILLIAM R. STUBBS, PATRICIA A. STYLES, RUBY KATE STYNCHCOMBE, S. L. SULLIVAN, MARY LILLI SULLIVAN, SUSAN ANN SUMNER, RICHARD M. TAPP, CHESTER G. JR. TAYLOR, HARVEY A. JR. TAYLOR, JOEL CURTIS TEATE, JAMES F. TERHORST, MARIE E. THACKER, JANE THOMPSON, SUSAN W. THORNTON, CARTER M. THORPE, MELISSA T. THREADGILL, JAMES M. TODD, SUSAN ELLEN TREADWELL, RALPH S. TRUAX, NANCY TUCKER, JACOB H. JR. TUGGLE, WM. BAXTER TURNER, JEFFREY E. TWARDOWSKI, SANDRA A. UNDERWOOD, DONNA P. URGUHART, SHARON A. USHER, JONELL ADAIR VAIL, CHRISTOPHER L. VAUGHN, LEON PAUL VERNON, CHERYL C. VOYLES, LEE LEONARD WAIT, SHEIIA J. WALKER, CHARLES R. JR. WALLACE. CHRISTY L. WALLACE, W. RAY JR. WARD, SUE HELEN WARREN, HARRIET DENI WARREN, MICHAL W. WATERS. LINDA C. WEATHERIY. THOMAS J. WEAVER. LINDA V. h t 426 m£1s WEBB, SUE ROCHELLE WEBSTER, GARY HOWARD WEDDLE, CAROL ANN WELCH, MARCIA LANE WELDON, KATHERINE D. WELLS, SUSAN NICHOLS WESTBROOK, DOUGLAS E. WHEELER, JAMES W. WHEELER, JERRY LAMAR WHEELER, PATRICIA A. WHISENANT, JUDITH A. WHITAKER, RICHARD L. WHITE, GUY LEROY WHITE, HARRY R. JR. WHITE, JANE E. WHITE, KATHERINE B. WHITE, LYNNDOLYN M. WHITE, WILLIAM DAVIS WHITEN, LEE McFALL WILKES, WM. WAYNE WILLIAMS, CAMPBELL H. WILLIAMS, EMMEH F. WILLIAMS, JUNE ANNE WILLIAMS, KAREN M. WILLIAMS, SHERRILL A. WILSON, FRANKLIN W. WILSON, JANICE E. WILSON, JANICE L. WILSON, MARIANNE WILSON, RONALD F. WI MBISH, MARY NINA WINECOFF, WILLIAM F. WISEMAN, LARRY S. YEOMANS, ELLA E. YOUNG, JAMES L. Ill 2ACHARIAS, LINDA A. 427 Freshman Class What Goes Up Must Come Down — Here We Are Freshmen Again! Going through Rush . . . pledging . . . first meal in the cafeteria . . . wall to wall cigarette butts . . . is it " refectory " or " ref rectory " ?? . . . midterms . . . my first " f " . . . hour after hour in the library . . . learning how to exist on three hours sleep per night . . . lectures, lectures, lectures . . . par- ties . . . parties . . . PARTIES!!! . . . campaign week ... Are you a FRESHMAN?? . . . Don ' t tell me we participate in all those activities? . . . Feel- ing like a number in a machine??? . . . Give me your student number? . . . the end of the begin- ning. TOP: Pretidenl—Nighl School; Joni Martin; Senalort— Tcffi tdmundson. Sieve Courchairc; Pretidenl—Day School, Mark Hassell; Senators, Joy Mui ' ck, Donna Ferguson. BOTTOM RIGHT: Freshmen enjoy meed ' ng new people at Fralernily Rush Parlies. 428 429 AARON MARGIE ELLEN ABBOTT, NANCY JEAN ABERCROMBIE. JOAN C. ADAMS, ANGELA KAREN ADAMS, CAROLE L. ADAMS, DOROTHY GALE ADAMS, JILL L. ADAMS, PATRICIA JEAN ADAMS. SAMUEL R. ADAMSON, MARY JOYCE AHOUSE, JANE M. AKERS, MICHAEL AKIN, NANCY ELAINE ALEXANDER, CAROLYN I. ALEXANDER, DONALD R. ALGER, MARY A. ALLEN, CHARLENE LANA ALLEN, ROSEBUD C. ALLGOOD, ROBERT M. JR. ALSTON. NORRIS DAN ALTWIES. DAVID J. ANDERSON. BONITA L. ANDERSON. DONNA M. ANDERSON. GEORGE T. ANDERSON, RANETTE R. ANDERSON, SANDRA K. ANDERSON. WENDY H. ANOREU. MARIA E. ANDREWS. DELORIS ANDREWS, STEPHEN J. ANTEBI. SUZANNE ARGO. STANLY KEITH ARIAIL. DEBORAH ANNE ARMISTEAD. W. MICHAEL ARMSTRONG. JOHN C. ARMSTRONG. SUSAN C. ARNEH, CLIFFORD JOS. ARNOTT, RUTH ANN ARRINGTON, LARRY D. ATKINSON, RICHARD M. AUBREY, EDITH L. AUSTIN, DAVID A. AUSTIN, MICHAEL D. BACON, CARL FRANKLIN BAILEY, CAROLYN E. BAILEY, EMIIIE ANNE BAISCH, DONALD E. BAKER, JUANITA FAYE BAKER, MARGARET A. BAKER, MARTHA J BALDWIN, MARGARET A. BALDWIN, MARILYN J. BALLARD, BARBARA A. BALLARD, JOHN H. -t J il fj. 430 BALLEW, NORMA J. BALTHAZAR, LORRAINE BANYAR, LINDA S. BARBERINO, JOHN S. BARFIELD, HARRIET C. BARKSDALE, REBECCA J. BARLOW, ROSEMARY H. BARRETT, CAROL ANN BARRETT, CONNIE BARRETT, DARRELL BARRETT, JUDITH K. BARRON, LARRY M. BARTLETT, JEREL H. BAUM, MARY H. BEARD, JAMES RANDY BEARD, SUSAN E. BECKMAN, PAUL SIMON BELL, JOYCEANN BELL, NANCY BELL, WANDA S. BENEKER, MELINDA L. BENTON, COSBY OTIS BERG, BARBARA HELEN BERGLUND, MARK WM. BERRY, ELAINE BESIG, KENNETH S. BINDEWALD, WM. JOSEPH BIRDSALL, JOAN E. BLACK, TERRY F. BLACKMAN, LYNETTE M. BLACKMON, SHIRLEY A. BLACKWOOD, CHARLES R. BLAKEMAN, CARL A. BLANCO, BEATRIZ ANA BLANDFORD, REBECCA A. BLATE, BARBARA BLEDSOE, MEARL LYNN BOATENREITER, NANCY BOATRIGHT, ROBERT E. BOAZ, MARVIN WAYNE BODE, JOHN MICHAEL BOHANNON, LINDA D. BOHLER, MARTHA A. BOLDEN, ERNEST JR. BOND, BONNIE SUE BONE, VIRGINIA R. BORDERS, MARIENE G. BOROWIEC, DEBORAH A. BOUNDS, JOHN WHITLEY BOUNDS, STEPHEN H. BOWEN, BICKIE R. BOWERS, SHARON R. BOWLING, STEPHEN M. BOYETT, JOHN E. 431 BOYIE. PATRICIA A. BRADFORD, WALTER S BRADLEY, JERRY FEY BRAND, CHARLES E. BRAND, LYNN BRANTLEY, JANICE BRAWLEY, LAURA G. BRAY, TODD EDWIN BRIDGES, GLORIA E. BRIDGES, JOE W. BRIDGES, SARAH NELL BROCK, JOHN JOFFRE BROKAW, KATHRYN F. BROOME, FRANCES M. BROOME, ROBERT K. JR. BROWN, CHARLES R. BROWN, DAVID AA. BROWN, FRANK K. BROWN, JANET R. BROWN, JOANNA C. BROWN, LORETTA LEE BROWN, LYNDA ANNE BROWN, SHEROLE MARIE BROWNLEE. HARRY M. BRUNSON, WANDA BRYANT, GAYLE B. BUCHANAN, SYLVIA K. BUCHANAN, WARREN LEE BUFFINGTON, ROBERT F. BUIE, MARLYN ANN BUREL, MARSHA JEAN S. BURGESS, LEE DENMARK BURNEHE, RHONDA W. BURNS, JERRY F. BURNS, LYNN SPENCER BURNS, PEGGY E. BURNS, RICHARD E, BURRELL, SUSAN H. BURTON, TRUDY A, BUTLER, MARGARET J. BUTLER, WM. HENRY BUTTS. JUDITH JOAN BYRD, CATHY D. BYRD, STEVEN CHARLES BYRON, WILLIAM P. CAGIE, ANNE BARTON CAIN, SHERRY JOAN CAINES, GARY LEE CALDWELL. WAITER S, CALHOUN, JAMES LEWIS CALLICUTT, SHIRLEY CANDLER, MARY L. CANTRELL. MIMI SUSAN CAPES, RONALD ELBERT U r JtL■ ' W V : V - 432 1 r AM , CARGAL, JOSEPH LIOYD CARNEY, PATTY M. CARPER, MALINDA J. CARR, RUTH AMELIA CARROLL, LINDA GAIL CARTER, ELIZABETH A. CARTLEDGE, CHERYL A. CASEY, NANCY JANE CASPERSON, LEE CASSES, LINDA LEA CASTLE, MARILYN G. CASTLEBERRY, ROXANN CASWELL, SUSAN F. CATANESE, PATRICIA E. CATO, WM. RANDOLPH CAUSEY, DORA ALICE CAVALLIN, MICHAEL F. CESNICK, REBECCA H. CHADWICK, JAMES A. CHAMBERS, NORMAN T. CHAMBERS, ROY K. CHAPMAN, EARLENE T. CHAPMAN, JAMES D. CHAPPELL, JESSIE L. CHARLES, MARY L, CHATFIELD, CHRISTINA CHESSER, ANTHONY W. CLARK, ALAN DALE CLARK, CONNIE MAE CLARK, DIANE CLARK, DOROTHY ELIZ. CLARK, MARY K. CLARK, WM. BRUCE CLARKE, CHARLES R. CLINE, TONI PHYLLIS COBB, DONALD LAMAR COCHRAN, NADRA L. COFLIN, PATRICIA L. COLE, CAROLYN ELAINE COLE, DONA CARTER COLE, NICHOLAS LEE COLGAN, JEAN COLLIER, FERNANGA COLLINS, JEAN GLEN COLLINS, NICKY J. COLLINS, THOMAS A. JR. CONABLE, RICHARD A. CONLEY, PATRICIA C. 433 CONNEU, MARY C. CONORT, NOREEN E. COOK, BRENDA KAYE COOPER, BARBARA LEE COOPER, DONALD LAMAR CORBIN, BRENDA L. CORBIN, DONNA J. CORNISH, CATHERINE E. COSTELLO, MICHAEL H. COUCH, BARBARA J. COURCHAINE, STEPHEN COX, MYRA D. CRAMER, WILLIAM A. CRANE, BARBARA E. CRANK, BRENDA E. CRANMER, MARIE D. CRAWFORD, ALICE M. CRAWFORD, CAROL LYNN CRAWFORD, MAMIE RUTH CRAWFORD, PEGGY A. CREESE, DEBORAH C. CRISTOL, STEVEN MARC CROCKER, GREGORY W. CROCKEH, JEROME M. CROWE, JAMES FRANKLN CUMMINGS, FREDDY L. CURRIE, SUSANNE E. CURRY, SANDRA D. CURTIS, KENNETH ROY CUVIELLO, DONNA M. DAKAN, NANCY JANE DANIEL, BARBARA L. DANIEL, DONNA LYNN DANIEL, ELVA DANIELS, JAMES L. DANNEMAN, DALE A. DAVENPORT, CHARLOTTE DAVIS, BRENDA GAIL DAVIS, DIANE MARIE DAVIS, EAAMETT LARRY DAVIS. FRANCES K. DAVIS, JEFFERY B. DAVIS, JULIA M. DEAL, RONALD LLOYD DEAN, JEARIENE DELAY. CATHERINE C DEAAMERS, JAMES I. DENMARK, DEBORAH A. DENNIS, RENEE DEROEERTS, RICHARD P. DICKSON, ROBERT B. DIIDY, MARY J. DINGMAN, JAMES F. DINKINS, PATRICK C. 434 DIXON, SALLY ANNE DODD, DAVID A. DOEG, LYNN REED DOLIVE, MARGARET C. DORMINEY, DARWYN SUE DORSEY, BRENDA L. DORSEY, LYNDA JOY DOSTER, KENT H. DOWDY, HOPE ALEXIS DRAUT, ALISON NORA DREYER, HELEN IRIS DRISKELL, DOROTHY J. DUBE, DORIS I. DUDLEY, SONJA JOYCE DUFRIES, MAUREEN B. DUKE, NANCY LEE DUKE, PEGGY J. DUNFORD, PATRICIA L. DUNN, LILA ANN DURDEN, CAROL HARRIS DURRAH, PEGGY A. DYER, JEWELL GERDEEN DYER, JUDY ELAINE EIDSON, JEANIE SUE ELLERBEE, GLORIA D. ELLIOT, KATHRYN A. ELLIS, MARY HARDAGE ELMORE, MARTIN DANIE ELMORE, WANDA J. ELOQUIN, MARIE L. ELZEY, MARSHA GAIL EL2Y, LEO WILSON EMERY, DOROTHY L. EMFINGER, GEORGE LEE ENGRAM, THOMAS E. EPPINGA, CYNTHIA F. ESSICK, JOHN FREDERI ETTLE, BEVERLY JEAN EVANS, CATHY JUNE EVANS, WM. WALKER JR. EVARTS, DENISE C. EZZARD, DONALD FABIANICH, GRACE M. FANNIN, CAROLYN ANN FANNING, DEBORAH LEE FARLEY, CURTIS E. FARLEY, DIANE L. FARMER, DERMONT FARMER, STUART lEE FARTHING, MARY 8. FAULK, SANDRA K. FERGUSON, BRENDA SUE FERGUSON, C. SCOTT FERGUSON, DAVID R. 435 FERKtU, V M MIlLHEL FIDLER, PATRICIA I. FIELDS, ANSON A. Ill FINK, MARY WEBER FINNIUM, MARGARET E. FLEAAMING. MICHAEL R. FLOYD, NANCY CAROL FLOYD, THEODORE A. JR. FORTSON, THOMAS ROY FOSTER, BRENDA S. FOULKS, MARY ANN FOWLER, LINDA K. FOWLER, MICHAEL W. FOWLER, SUSAN RENEE FOX, MICHAEL REED FRANK, ALAN ABBOTT FRANKLIN, JAMES E. FRANSKO, STEPHANIE J. FREEDMAN, MARGOT ANN FREEMAN, CHARLES W. FREEMAN, CYNTHIA FREEMAN, SUSAN ANNE FRYMIRE, MARGARET S. FULFORD, STEVE RAY FULLER, MARY ANN FURGUSON, DONNA L. GAINES, SHERRY K. GALLOWAY, CONSTANCE GANSWICH, SALLY S. GANT, SARAH C. GARDNER, CONNIE L. GARNER, ROBERT V. GASPAROTTO, MICHAEL GAYLORD, LYNN MARTIN GIARDINA, JERE PRICE GIBSON, BARBARA ANN GILBERT, BILLY J. GIPE. JOSEPH KEYES CISSY, THOMAS R. GLASS, JUDY MARIE GLAZE, THOMAS MERLE GlEATON, SIDNEY LEE GLIDEWELL, REBECCA GLOSSON, SHERRY LEE GOFORTH, JANIS E. GOODMAN, JANE GORMAN, BRIAN O. GOVONI, MARGARET S. GRAHAM, CAROL E. GRANT, PATRICIA GAIL GRATTAN, CHARLES LEE GRAY, CAROL V. GRAYSON, MARY YOUNG GRECO, MICHAEL H. 436 £!?m GREENWAY, ROGER KENT GREER, JEAN BECK GRESHAM, ROY EDWARD GREULICH, WM. HAINES GRIFFIN, ERA I. GRIFFIN, SUSAN ELLEN GRIMM, PHYLLIS ANN GROH, JOHN N. GROOVER, WALTER E. GUINN, JAMES DAVID GUZMAN, FELICISIMO N. HADJISIMOS, DEMETROS HAHS. LINDY ANN HAIGHT, BARBARA S. HAIRSTON, LYNDA S. HALE, BETTY JANE M. HALE, BILLY DEAN HALL, PETER lEN HALL, VIRGINIA S. HALLMAN, MARGARET M. HALSTEAD, GLORIA J. HALSTEAD, SANDRA E. HABLEN, JAMES SCOTT HAMMOCK, STEVEN A. HAMMOND, THOMAS R. HAMRICK, DAVID E. HANDLEY, CLYDE M. JR. HANEY, KATHRYN ANN HANNA, DENNIS WAYNE HARDEN, WARREN JACK HARMS, BARBARA C. HAROLD, MARGARET L. HARPER, BEVERLY ANN HARPER, JAMES DONALD HARRIS, DEBORAH BETH HARRIS, DONNA LEE HARRIS, JULIAN PETER HARRIS, SUSAN K. HARRISON, THOMAS M. HART, DAVID AARON HART, MARY COLLIER HARTSFIELD, JANA L. HARWELL, JAMES ALLEN HASLAM, VELMA G. HASTINGS, MARY V. HAWKINS, MARY ANN HAYGOOD, DONNA J. HAYLES, ZEONA E. 437 HEAD. BEVERLY I. HEAD, VICTORIA W. HEADSPETH, NORVAL K. HEALAN. CATHY S. HEGWOOD. INDIA LORI HELA»S, MARQUETTE G. HENDERSON, ANNE W. HENDERSON, HUBERT F. HENDERSON, JANET M. HENDERSON, LORING G. HENDERSON, PRISCIUA HENDRICKS, NITA C. HENDRIX, GLENDA A. HENDRIX, JOSEPH NEAL HENDRIX, RICHARD E. HENRY, ALBERT LEON HERRING, JACQUELYN Y. HESTER, BARBARA ANN HEWETT, TERRY M. HILL, THURMAN WM. HINES, LINDA CAY HO, WAOLYN HODGE, CYNTHIA JEAN HODGE, LIZA JANE HODGES, FREDDIE WM. HOGG, MARY LEE HOLLEY, ALICE BELLE HOLT, MARTHA V. HOOD, .MARTHA JANE HOOD, SARAH JANE HOPKINS, JAMES EDWIN HORNE, DENNIS ASHLEY HORNSTEIN, MARC R. HORSLEY, WILEY W. HOUSE, WM. COLUMBUS HOWARD, CAROL V. HOWARD, NANCY E. HUDDLESTONE, BARBARA HUGHES, DAVID C. HUGHES, JOHNNIE J. HUGHEY, CAROL RUTH HULSEY, CONNIE LEE HUNKIN, MARY LOUISE HUNT. MELVIN EDWARD HUNTER. BARBARA HUNTER. MATTHEW P. HURST. EMMA L. HUSBANDS. IIOYO K. INAGAKI. NAOKI INGRAM, DARREll W. INGRAM. PHILLIP M IRVIN, GERALDINE IRWIN. DAVID ADEL IVIE. BERRY ALAN lAAFlL njj.99 438 wm:k% M. fJlf JACKSON, CHARLES S. JACKSON, ELANDRA J. JACKSON, MARYELLA JACKSON, RICHARD V. JARDINE, JAMES P. JEANES, EDWARD D. JEFFERS, DARYL S. JEFFERSON, FREDERICK JENSEN, STANLEY E. JOHN, ROBIN FRANKLIN JOHNSON, DOROTHY C. JOHNSON, HELEN FANNY JOHNSON, JACQUELINE JOHNSON, PAMELA L. JOHNSON, SHEILA JEAN JOHNSON, SHERYL L. JOHNSON, STEPHEN M. JOHNSTON, MARY NELL JONES, BEVERLY D. JONES, DELMA ANTHONY JONES, DONNA K. JONES, JANET MARIE JONES, LINDA LOUISE JONES, PAUL ALAN JONES, VEDICA C. JORDAN, GREGORY L. JORGENSON, EMILY P. KABLE, CLAUDIA JANE KARESH, STANLEY MARK KEANE, VIKKI LYNNE KEATON, GWENITA JO KEITH, NANCY C. KEMPH. JAMES MICHAEL KENDALL, THOMAS WM. KENNEDY, JAMES L. KENNEDY, MARJORIE J. KERBY, PATRICIA A. KEYES, ESTIE CHASE KIBLER, ROBERT FRANK KIELTY, DOROTHY A. KILBOURNE, TERREL N. KILGORE, JACK D. KING, RALPH E. KNEALE, NANCY IRENE KNUERR, CATHRYN M. KOBIYE, MASAHIRO KOESTER, BELINDA A. KOHLBRENNER, GEORGE KOOPER, LOIS S. KRAFCHICK, BEVERLY T. KRIDER, PATRICIA A. KRUMENAUER, HARRY W. KUBICKI, JANICE M. KUHN, KARYL MILDRED 439 KUNTZLER, MARY SUSAN KUTER. RICHARD BRYAN JL KYPTA. TERRELL DANA It i LACKAY. WM. EDWARD " V ' J- LADZINSKE, ELIZABETH J LAGERQUIST, LAURA J. V LAMPKIN, CORNELIA J. k LANDERS, FREDERICK P. k 3i LANDRY, MARIA A. f ■ LANE, SHIRLEY R. l.- ' ' ' m LANEY, JAMES W. m,-A LANGFORD MARJORINA m; LANIER, PRESTON S. LARGE, SANDRA KAYE LASLEY, GREGORY WM. LAUBACH, GARRETT LAVENDER, REBECCA A. LAXSON, MARSHA D. LEATHERS, WILLIAM D. LEDFORD, GLORIA D. LEEGATE, RONALD S. LEFTWICH, DONNA M. LEFTWICH, GARY P. LEMASTER, BARBARA LEMON, VALENCIA Y. LESTER, LARRY ARTHUR LESTER, RODNEY A. LEWIS, SANDRA ADAMb LINDSEY, JOHN KEY LINDSEY, MARK A. LIPSCOMB, SHARON J. LIPSEU, LEONARD A. LISTER, STEVEN ELVIN LIHLE, GRACE MARIE lOGGINS, RICHARD E. LONG, BARBARA ANNE LONG, ERNEST CLIFF LONG, KAY REVONDA lONGINO, LINDA SUE LOTSHAW, JAMES M. LOVELACE, ELIZABETH LOVEn, LA BRIAN LOW, JOHANNAH MARIE lUEDTKE, MARSHA ANN LUKE, SARAH A. LYNCH, CHARLES M. MACKEY. WALLY J. MADDOX. SEABORN W. MADDOX, WILBUR C. MAGEE, JANICE A. AAAHIN. RICHARD D. MAJOR, BETH VERONICA MAJOR. CHRISTINA I. MAIONE, JULIAN W. 440 F M © © J. KM MANSEAU, MICHELE S. MANUS, SANDRA SUE MARIETTA, SUZANNE M. MARQUARDT, ARNOLD A. MARTIN, DON KILMER MARTIN, JAMES G. MARTIN, JOHN J. MARTIN, SANDRA SAMS MARTINEZ, CARMELO R. MARVIN, LARRY GUY MASON, CHERIE D. MASON, SARLES LEROY MASTERS, GARCIE E. MASTERS, JUDY CLARA MATTISON, KENT M. MATTOCKS, THOMAS R. MAYES, LUE DELLA MAYES, SUSAN LEE MAYNARD, LUCIAN P. MAZAS, ANASTASIA C. McAULIFFE, LINDA E. McCAIN, JAMES R. McCLESKEY, RICHARD L. McCLINTICK, CLYDE P. McCLURE, GEORGE WM. McCLURE, JOE ARTHUR McCOOK, MARGARET S. McCORD, JAMES CHASE McCOY, CYNTHIA D. McCRARY, JOHN REX McCULLOUGH, BARBARA McDANIEL, DAVID R. McDANIEL, RICHARD Z. McDonald, Stephen j. McDonald, wm, james McDowell, francine McFARLAND, JUDY LEE McGHEE, JOHN T. McHAN, LYNDA G. mcroberts, marie K. McWILLIAMS, CAROL MEADERS, JAMES H. MEADOWS, ROBERT S. MEDINA, OSCAR BRUNO MEEKS, JOYCE E. MELTON, MARY F. COTE MELVILLE, NORMAN H. MERRIMAN, DARLENE W. 441 MERRin, HOPE JR. METCALFE, PATRICIA A. MILES, SANDRA H. MILLER, BEVERLY ANN MILLER, CYNTHIA LOU MILLER. DAVID EDWARD MILLER, HARRY F. MILLER, LYNWOOD S. MILLER, SUSAN R. MILLS, ANITA RUTH MILLS, MARGARET E. MINCEY, MARGARET C. MINK, CARL STUART MINOR, JOHN PATTON MITCHELL, DONALD I FE MITCHELL, GAIL MOREN MITCHELL, GLENNA W. MITCHELL, MARY E. MOBLEY, DEBORAH J. MOFFin, DORIS MONDECAR, MERCEDES C. MONK, CHARLENE A. MOON, LAFAYE GAIL MOORE, CAROL D. MOORE, ELIZABETH A. MOORE, STEVEN WAYNE MOORE, WM. GARY MORGAN. CHERYL DEE MORGAN, MARY L. MORGAN, MYVANWE J. MORRIS, CORNELIA LEE MORRIS, DEBORAH A. MORRIS, JUDY C. MORRIS. PAMELA E. MORROW, SUSAN SALOME MORSE, JACK WALLACE MORTON, ROBBIE M. MOSELEY, JANET M. MOTE, BARBARA JANET MUCKERMAN, VERONICA MULKEY, TERESA A. MULLINAX, CLARENCE A. MUNDY, JEAN CAROL MUNN. AMY ELIZABETH MURPHY. GORDON T. MURRAY, NOEL E. MUSICK, BARBARA JOY MUSSELWHITE, JAMES H MYERS, PAMELA ANN NAPIER, NANCY C. NASH, MARSHA C. NEPOTE, VICKI lUJEAN NERBONNE, GINGER L. NEUROHR, SUSAN RAE 442 hdi pji. ?,; NEWBY, NEDRA N. NEWKIRK, KENNETH E. NEWMAN, EDWARD W. NEWMAN, PATSY DIANNE NICHOLS, MARGARET A. NOBLE, RONALD MARK NOELl, SANDRA KAY NORVELL, CAROL RAM NUNN, BEVERLY ANN OAKLEY, LISA LYNN OLIVER, PATRICIA A. OLLIS, BERTHA A. ORR, CATHERINE V. OSHIELDS, JAN R. OSWALD, SHERRI DIANE OWEN, GWENDOLYN M. OWEN, VICKY L. OWENS, EVELYN L. OWENS, JOHN PHILIP OWENS, WYLIE PACIFICI, MARGARET L. PADEN, DARAN TIMOTHY PARKER, CHRISTINA L. PARKER, CLAUDIA P. PARKS, DONNY NEAL PARMER, CHERYL ANN PARR, JOANNE PASCHAL, JONATHAN D. PASS, TERRIE MARGO PASSMORE, DOLORES D. PATRICK, BEVERLY ANN PATRICK, DONALD S. PATTERSON, KATHERINE PATTERSON, ROBERT M. PAULK, REBECCA M. PAVLICK, JO TONYA PAYNE, ALBERT WAYNE PAYNE, NELL KEITH PEARCE, KATHIE R. PENCE, WM. TERRY PENDLEBURY, LYNNE M. PENDLEY, JONATHAN E. PERDOMO, ONELIO E. PERDUE, EARNEST CLAY PERKINS, HIRAM M. PERRY, DOROTHY JEAN PERRY, JEREMIAH H. PETREE, KIM EDWARD PHARR, LARRY ALLEN PHARR, VICKI R. PHELPS, CATHRYN ANN PHILLIPS, JUDITH A. PHILLIPS, LARRY KAY PHILLIPS, PATRICIA A. 443 PHILLIPS. TfcKKY Ltt PICKENS. JOHN R. PIERCE, RICHARD PIERCE, SANDY LYNN PIERCE, THERESA P. PINERA, MAURO PITTS, JAMES C. PLATT, JOAN B. PODSIAD, EDWARD S. POOLE, KAREN LOUISE POPE, GEORGE WESLEY PORTER, KENDRA D. PORTWOOD, CAROL F. POUNDS, CARLOS AMOS POWELL, DAVID S. PRAYOR, EDWARD PRICE, DANA G. PRICE, MICHAEL N. PRICE, PATRICIA D. PRICE, PAULA F. PRINCE, CHARLES I. PROCTOR, MARILYN PRYOR, STEPHANIE R. PUCCIANO, JOANNE M. PUCKETT, JOAN LOIS PUNCHAK, DAVID PURDOM, JOYCE ELAINE PYRON, MILTON LEON RADFORD, JOYCE ARIE RADFORD, MARGUERITE RAGSDAIE, FRANKIE RAILEY, CHERYL D. RAINES, ELIZABETH D. RAINES, JACK WALTER RAKESTRAW, JERRY A. RAPPOLD, MARY E. RAPPOLD, SARA LOUISE RAU, RODNEY GEORGE RAY, EULA DIANNE RAY, LONNIE DAVID REESE, THOMAS F. JR. REEVES, ANITA LOUISE REEVES, EDITH CLAIRE REID, FELIX CALLOWAY RENSON, YVONNE S. REYNOLDS, BARBARA MA, RICHARDS, CYNTHIA P. RICHARDS, LINDA D. RICHARDSON, DALE S. RICHARDSON, RODNEY B. RICKERSON, VICKI E. RIEDEL, MARGARET L. RISTER, BARBARA E. ROACH, ROBERT AUSTIN ( P i 444 ROBERSON, SHIRLEY J. ROBERTS, TONI S. ROBERTS, WILLIAM L. ROBERTSON, LINDA SUE ROBERTSON, RUSSELL B. ROBINSON, PAUL WAYNE ROCKER, JEWELL JEAN ROGERS, HOWARD GARY ROPER, PHYLLIS J. ROSS. TERRY L. ROSSIE, DONNA MARIE ROWLAND, PAMELA P. RUBIN, EDWARD S. RUBNIT2, PHYLLIS SUE RUFFIN, SANDRA L. SADLER, CAROLYN L. SAMFORD, KERRY JANE SAMPLES, MARILYN E. SAMS, PHYLLIS LYN SANDERLIN, JOHN P. SANDERS, CONSTANCE E. SANDERS, ROBERT H. SANDERS, ROBERT H. SANDERS, WANDA R. SAPERSTEIN, JOY SAVAGE, JOHN EDWARD SCHANZ, SUZANNE C. SCHARF, SHIRLEY P. SCHILLING, JOHN P. SCHILLINGER, V. ANN SCHMIDT, RUTH A. SCHUNCK, VERONICA A. SCOGGINS, MARTHA M. SCOTT, E. BRUCE SCOTT, GLORIA P. SCOTT, PATRICIA L. SCOTT, PHILIP W. SCOTT, SUSAN EILENE SEARS, BARBARA ANN SECHLER, PHYLLIS S. SELAH, PAMELA JOAN SERMOS, GUS GRABLE SETILI, REBECCA A. SHAMBLIN, JAN T. SHANNONHOUSE, MARY J. SHEETZ, PAUL HEISEY SHIVER, SALLY C. SHOEMAKER, MARY R. SIMVONS. BETTY J. SIMMONS, TERESA SUE SIMS, CHARLENE SIMS. JOHN MILLER SINGLETARY, AWRY SUE SKABAR, JANE L. SKIPPER, CAROLYN J. SLADE, SHARON L. SMALLWOOD, WEYMON B. SMITH, BETTY C. SMITH, BRENDA L. SMITH, CAROLYN E. SMITH, CATHY SUSAN SMITH, DANA DOLORES SMITH, DORIS CAROL SMITH, GEORGE LYNN SMITH, GREGORY R. SMITH, HELEN R. G. SMITH, JUDY GAIL SMITH, MILTON, SCOTT SMITH, SALLY SUE SMITH, SANDRA T. SMITH, STEVEN C. SMITH, THERESA ANN SMITH, VICKI JO SMITH, VIVIAN SNIPES, CAROL C. SOSEBEE, BEVERLY M. SOWERS, SHARON JEAN SPACKAAAN, MICHAEL G. SPATZ, WENDY J. SPEIGHT, CHARLES E. SPIVA, KATHRYN H. STAGER, PATRICIA ANN STALLWORTH, WM. E. STAAAEY, BRENDA G. STANFIELD, JUDY C. STANLEY, ANNEHE L. STANLEY, CLYDE H. JR. STANLEY, MAUREEN E. STANLEY, REBECCA L. STANLEY. SUSAN E. STARLING, CAROL STARR, EVA MARIE STEED, EILAN LENN STEGAIL, LINDA LEE STEINMEYER, LEE S STENGER, DONNA LEE STEPHENSON, JEFFREY STEVENS, DEBORAH STEVENS. PATRICIA E STEVENSON. RICHARD D. STEVENSON. ROBERT L. STEWART. CLARICE E. f t ■A 9± 446 STEWART, DONNA E. STEWART, NORMA E. STEWART, PHILIP B. STOREY, PAUL WM. STRIBLING, ROBERT W. STRICKLAND, JUDY D. STRICKLAND, ROBERT D. STRUNK, PATRICIA E. STUBBS, KAREN ALINE STUCKI, JEANNETTE H. STULL, LAURA K. STURTZ, DENNIS JAY SUMNER, FRANKIE S. SWAIN, RAYMOND A. SWEENEY, SUZANNE SWILLEY, WM. GRADOIPH SWINNEY, ROBERT WM. SWINT, MARCELYN D. SYKES, RICHARD A. TALLENT, GLENDA J. TAPLEY, MARY E. TAYLOR, DANIEL E. TAYLOR, DEBORAH BOYD TAYLOR, JOSEPH WM. TAYLOR, LINDA L. TAYLOR, PATRICIA A. TAYLOR, TONY M. TEDFORD, GWENDOLYN D. TELFORD, DIANNA TERRY, BENNY WATT THEISEN, JENNIFER L THOMAS, PEGGY ANN THOMAS, STEPHEN H. THOMASON, GARY DAN THOMPSON, SANDRA J. THRELKELD, WM. BYARS THURMAN, HELEN A. TIDWELL, BARBARA E. TIERNEY, MARY JANE TIGER, JOYCE EILEEN TOMLIN, CLARK LANIER TROTOCHAUD, MARY K. TRUITT, SUSAN DALE TSCHOPP, FRANCES E. TUGGLE, HOYT NEWTON TUNISON, ANGELICA G. TURPIN, JULIA WAYNE TWIGGS, JOSEPH L. JR. TWIILEY, DANNY RAY IYER, JANE PITTMAN TYSON, JEANNIE MARIE UNDERWOOD, JAMES E. VANCE ROBERT LAMAR VANGORDER, MICHAEL I. 447 VARNER, DEBORAH VERNER, STEVEN WM. VICKERY, JEAN I. VINCENT, WALLACE LEE VULLO, JO ANN WADE, CYNTHIA A. WALBURN, MICHAEL A. WAIDROP, PATRICK E. WALKER, JOHN WAYNE WALKER, MARY LYNN WALKER, REBEKAH ANN WALTERS, LAURA LINDA WALTON, WM. ROBERT WAPENSKY, BASIL A. WARDEN, GLENDA KAY WARDREP, ROBERT L. WARE, CHRIS WATSON WARHURST, TERRY JACK WARREN, ARTHUR G. WARREN, BARBARA JANE WATERS, KARA SUE WATERS, LINDA LEE WATKINS, CAROL JEAN WATKINS, MARION D. WATTS, BARBARA N. WEAVER, JEAN L. WEBB, GWENDOLYN WEBB, HENRY OLIN WEBB, LYNDALL C. WEBB, MARY O. WEBBER, DEBORAH J. WEEGAR, MARK ROBERT WEEKS, RUTH ELLEN WELLS, LORA L. . WESSON, SARA E. WEST, BETTY H. WEST, PAUIETTE WEST, SARAH H. WESTLY, CURTIS W. WHALEY, PATRICK KNOX WHEDBEE, DAVID V. WHITE, CARMEN L. WHITE, DEBORAH N. WHITE, JAMES WILSON WHITE, OPAL F. WHITE, RITA-VIRGINIA WHITE. SUSAN MARIE WHITEAKER, DOYLE F. WHIHEMORE, ANNA MAY WHORTON, BARBARA JO WILES. JAMES WILLIAM WILKINSON. MARY NELL WILLIAMS, CONSTANCE WILLIAMS, DAVID C. 448 5?.9J WILLIAMS, GRAYSON R. WILLIAMS, ROSE MARY WILLIAMS, SHIRLEY J. WILLIS, HUDSON G. WILLIS, MARIANNA WILLIS, PATRICIA J. WILSON, CAROLYN H. WILSON, DENICE LYNN WILSON, DOROTHY D. WILSON, MIRIAM F. WILSON, RUBE GORDON WINECOFF, SALLY WINGARD, KARL H. WINGO, ROBERT E, WINSLETTE, PATRICIA WINTERS, RAY DWAYNE WISE, EUGENIA F. WISE, JAMES THOMSON WIX, MIRIAM GAIL WOMACK, DEBORAH JAN WOOD, ROBERT MICHAEL WOODFAULK, PATRICIA WOODLEY, ELIZABETH A. WOODWARD, KAREN J. WOOTEN, LESLEY P. WORLEY, JANIE LYNN WRIGHT, BELINDA WRIGHT, ROBERT C. WRYE, RITA DELORES WYNN, ANGELA J. WYNN, FHANKIE D. WYNN, WM. HENRY WYRICK, ALEXA C. YEARWOOD, THOMAS J. YOUNG, CHARLES L. YOUNG, DAVID THOMAS YOUNG, HAROLD WALTON YOUNG, SUSAN E. ZALVIS, SHARON LYNN ZIMMERMAN, ARLENE ZOTOS, PANAYIOTIS C. ZUBAY, MARY BETH 449 ndex STUDENT irF£ SfAUTlES ACTlVITfS Conc« ' ii Plori Sp okiri Whet Who Spr ng Feiltwof S ft or Wt«k Oritnlotion . Conclove ... Homecoming Sigma Nu Sw««pstokes Mordi Groi Greek Wcfl SPORTS Boikerbolt .. Cro» Coyfltry GoK . Soccef Tennii 1 96 1U n 118 122 124 130 132 134 136 138 140 142 144 MB 150 154 158 162 166 r.F.C. Boiketbol! 170 I.F.C. Foolboll 174 I.F.C. Sofiboll 179 ORGANIZATrONS . 1 82 Ac ' uriol Science 184 Alpha Lambda Delta 185 Alpha Koppa Psi 186 Boptijt Students Union K6 Beta Belo Beta . 190 Cheerleodcri .. 191 Blue Key 192 Circle K 194 Council for Exceptionol Children 195 Credo 196 Crimson Key 1 98 Debate Club 199 Delia Sigma Pi 200 Drill Teom ». 202 forum 203 General Council 204 Georg io Stote Ployers 206 Inlerfoilh Council 207 Inlemolionol Students 208 Koppo Delta S ' gmo 209 M ' lftory 210 Mojoreilet 214 Newman Club 215 Nurses Elucotion CIvb 216 Omicron Del to Epsilon . . 217 Omlcron Delta Koppa 218 Ph. Chi Theto 219 Petihing R.fles 220 Ph. Efo Sigma .. 222 Pi Sigma Epjilon 223 Rompwoy 224 Scobbard ond Blad e 228 Sigma Alpho Chi 229 S.gnol 230 Sigmo Iota Epsilon 234 Student ' s Educotion Associotion 235 Student Government Associotion 236 President ' s Committee • 240 Deans Committee 240 Publications Committee 241 Activities Committee 241 GREEKS 242 Ponhellen.c Sororities 262 Alpho Omtcfon Pi 2f4 Alpha Phi . 266 Alpha Xi Delta 268 Delta Gommo 270 Delto Zeto 272 Mu Rho Sigma 274 Phi Sigmo Sigma 276 Zeto Tou Alpha 278 Inter Fraternity Council 230 Alpha Epsilon Pi 282 Alpha Phi Alpha 286 Ch. Ph. 28? Koppo Sigma 290 Pi Koppa Alpha 292 Pi Koppo Phi 294 Sigmo Nu 296 Sigmo Phi Epsilon 2 8 Tou Kopoo Epsilon 300 ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY 302 President 304 V.ce-Ptesident 303 Administration 306 Deans 308 Assistant Deons 310 Library 312 Testing Counselors 313 Allied Heolth 314 Medical Technology 316 Nursing 317 Arts and Sciences 316 Anthropology 3?0 Art 3?1 Biology 32? Chemistry 323 English 324 Foreign Longuoge 326 Geogrophy 327 Geology 328 History 329 Journolism 330 Moihemotlcs 331 Military Science 332 Music 333 Philosophy 334 Physics 335 Politicol Science 336 Piychologv 337 Sociology 338 Speech 339 BoMne s Administration 340 Accounting r 242 Bureau of Business ond Economic Research 3 3 Center for Business Education 344 Computer ond Dota Processing Center 345 Economics 346 Finance 347 Gu ' dance Office 3 ' 8 Hospital Administrotion 349 Institute of I nte motional Business 350 Insurance 351 Monogement 352 Marketing 353 Quonlitive Methods 354 Real Estate 355 Education 356 Business Education 358 Counseling and Educationol Psychology 359 Curriculum and Instruction 360 Physicol Education 362 Special Education ., 363 General Studies 364 Police Administration 366 Special Studies 368 CLASSES 370 Groduotes 372 Seniors 376 Juniors 396 Sophomores 418 Freshmen 428 Officers of Administration Noah N Longdole. Jr., AB. LL.B., MBA, LL D., Preiident Mourrtllt Suttitt, BCS., M.R.E., B.D.. Th.M., Ed.D., Vice Preiidtnf lor Acodemic A oiri 305 Gtorgt E. Monntri. 6 SC , M.B.A.. Ph D.. C PA , Dean, School of Svnneii Admtniiirorion 305, 340, 352 Charles ft. Voil. 8 S., M.S . Ph.D., Oeon. School of Arli ond Scitncei 318. 319 tof M Holl. A B , M Ed . Ed D . Dwan Schoo ' of fducafton 356 Altx ft. Locy, Jr , B A , Ph D., Oeon, School of Ctntrol Sludi i 364, 365 W. logeri Hommond. BCS.. MBA, DBA. CPA, Oeon of C ' oduof Studttt and Aiioctof Oeon, School o fluiineii AtminitlfOtion 340 M«Uin W.llord Ecke, A.B , M.A.. Ph 0.. Oeon of Croduot SttKfitt ond Alloc tor D«on, School of Art! ond Sci ' encei 310, 319, 329 Richord H ftorbe, B S Ed . M A . Ph , Aiiociafo Deon. Schoof of tdutetton K«nn«th Murchiion Crtgland, B.S., M.A., Ph D., Oeon of Sludtnl Atloft, 240, 741. 30B, 309 Timothy Moore Singleton. B.S., M.S., Deon of Men 308 309 329 (Mrs.) Nell Hamilton Trotter, B.A., M,A., Deon of Women 308. 309 V. V, lovroff, B.S., M,A,. Compfroffer 306, 307 R. Pullen, 6. A., B S. in L.S., M.A , Ph.D., Librarian 312 S,, B.8.A,, M.S., Deon of Admittiont ond Regtitror 306 Henry T. Molone, B.S., M.A., Ph.D.. Director of Dovelopmenf ond Ahmni Director 306, 307 Horald E. Oovii, A.B.J. . M.A.. Direcfor o Public Ro of.ons Administrative Staff Office of the Vtce President for Academic Affoiri: Jorfc W Rnllow BA, MA PhD, AititlO ' U to fh« Vice Pr9tid9nl— Coordinator of fttienrch ond Gronfi Joe ft Eiell, 8 A., MA. Aimtonf lo (he Vict Prtxidtnl— Coordinator of Initilutionol S ' udict Chorli F Pr.nce, B B.A., Adminittrotive Aii ' ifont fo Ihe Vice Preiidenr School of Arts and Sciences: C L Grant, A. 8., M.A., PhD,. Amsfanf Deon 318, 319. 3?9 Kenneth R. Attowoy, AB., M.A., Aaiilanl to the Dean 319 Rolph Corl Moor, Jr . 8 S., MB A , Adm nisffofive Ass ' sfonf School of Business Administrotion: Groduote Off.ce Jomes E. Greene, Jr., B.B.A., M.B.A., Director of Graduate Couniflinq Ted H. Reep, 8 8, A., M.BA., Groduote Counte ' or James L, Beelond, B.S., MBA., Graduate Counselor Guidance Office — -Undergroduoies George Robert Greene, B.B.A., MB.A., Director of Guidonce Dovid L. Lewis, B.A.E., MBA., Asiistonf Director of Guidance School of Education; (Mrs.) Mildred W. Londrum. 8X5. MB E . Adminntrotive Assrsfonl 357 School of General Studies: Willlom J. Molhios, Jr., A, A., B.B.A., M.S., Coordinofor of the Pofio Adminiifrolion Progrom 364, 366 Office lo the Deon of Student Affairs: James Lewis Culp, B.S.. Aitii ' ont Oeon of Sfudenf A foin 310 C. Dean Dollon, A.B., Director of Student Aid 311 Boscom Otborne Qui II ion, Jr., B.S , U B , MA., Aitiilant Dean of Student Affaitt 450 (Mri.) BiMie K. Rumbough, Adminittrativ Aitiitant to th» Oeon of Studtnt Affahi Otii Jerold Sanders. B.B.A., M.B.A., At%itfant Oirvcfor of Sfudtnr Aid 31) Jomes Edwin Sligh, B.C.S., M.Ed., Oirtctor of Sfudvnr Pub- licationt ord Oifcior ol Gtocgio Stott Pfoytn 119, 1 20, 241. 310 Ben L. Upchurch. B.S., M.B.A., Otrtcfor of Pfoccmanf (Mils) Morgorel M. Vick, Adntim ' sfrahV Atiiitant to fht 0 on of Women (Mrs.) Mary Sue Whife, A.B., Aiii ' tronl Direcfor o ' Pfacemenr Office of the Comptroller; Robert Ted Brown, B.B.A,, Ptocurtmtnt Officer 306 Jomej R. King, BBA., AiKifonf Chief Accountant Ceroid W. litrleton, B.B.A. , Accountont Roger O. Miller, B.B.A.. MB, A., C.P.A., Aijlitont Comp- tro er 306, 307 Thornton W. Morrii. B.B.A., LL.B., Controcf Oftictr (Mrs.) Jeonetre Nicholi, Supervisor o ' Dtsbursemenfi James H. Reevei, Jr., B.S., M.A., Director o Non-Acodemic Perjonnel Mort.n B. Roberts. B.I.E , M.S. I.E., R.P.E., Aisoc.ofe to the Compttoller 306 (Miti) Woldfout Seiferi, B.B.A., Accountant Richord C. Thornton, Chief Accounlonl Office of the Registrar: John Shuptrtne, B.C.S., Aisistonf Regijfror Frederick G. Schrimper, B.CS., Ajsistonf ftegtsfror 307 Thomos J. Gunn, A.B., Ajuifont Regtitror Office of Oeon of Admissions: Henry M. Hickooy, A.B., MB. A.. Astistant Dean of Ad- (Mrs.) Johnnie M. Lewis. A.B.. Aii itont Oeon of Adrntjuom (Mrs.) Morilyn J. Boyce. B.A., M.Ed., Admfsjions Counselor Stafford W. Groydon, B.S.EE., M.A., Admrisioni Counselor Stephen Arthur Lonhom, A.B., M.A., Admissions Counse or Public Relations Office: lewis R. Linit, A.B., Assoc ote Director of Public Relaliom Counseling Center: Phillip W. Wierson, B.A.. M.Ed., Ph.D., Director of the Counseling Center 313 Richard M. Smith, 8. A., M.Ed., Ph.D.. Associate Director of (he Counseling Center 313 (Mn.) Kothleen Crouch, B.8.A., M.S. A., Counse or 313 Jim Morki, B.S., M.Ed., Counselor 313 William W. Evans, B.B.A., Testing Coordino or 313 (Mrs.) Valerie Love, B.A., Psychometn ' sf School of Speciol Studies: lewis Van Gorder, B.S., M.A.. Director, Schoot of Special Studies 366. 369 Auiiliary Enterprises and Services- E. L. Secrest, jr., BS.C, LL.B., J.D., Director Faculty Raymond C. Addicks. Jr., A.B., B.B.A., M.B.A. (Georgia Slote College), Porttime, fnturonce; Rating Deputy, State of Georgio, Insurance Department .uctle Q. Agnew, A.B., MA. (Duke University), Assistonf Professor of Eng iih Jonold G. Aheorn, BS,, M.S., Ph.D., (University of Miami). Aisociofe Professor of Mierobio ogy ohn A. Alexander, A.B., M.A., Ph.D (Johns Hopkins Uni- versity), Professor of History roitos G Alexondrides. B,A., PhD. (New York University). Assoct ' afe Professor of Economics and M tnb r of the fnstifufe of fnternotionaf Business 346, 3S0 Vilbur Stanley Ames. B S., M.S., Ed.D. (University of Mis- souri), Asiocior Professor of Educofion 360 Villiam D. Amis, A.B.. Ph.D.. (University of North Corolina). Astociote Professor of Sociology 338 ames E. Anderson, B.S.. M.F.A. (University of Georgio), Assijfont Professor of Art iory C. Andretii, B.F.A,, B.S. M.Ed. (Pennsylvania State University), Assislonf Professcr of Art icior Lee Andrews, B.A., M.A.. M.B.A. , Ph.D. (Mossachuseits Institute of Technology), Professor of Finonce, Choirmon o ' the Deportmenf of Finonce, and Holder of the fAills Bee Lane ' Choir of Banking and Fmonce 347 Brian G. Armstrong. B.A., B.O., Th.M., Th.D. (Princeton Theologicol Seminary), Assiifont Professor of History 329 Robert Lee Arrington, B.A , M.A., Ph.D. (Tytone University), Assisto ' if Professor of Philosophy 334 Janice T. Astin A.B , MA. (Emory University). Instructor in Mathematics 33) Jere Lindioy Atchison. B B.A.. M.S. A. (Georgia State College), Assisfont Professor ond Reseorch Assistant, Bureou of flusi- nesi ond Economic Reseorch 343 Kenneth Roy Altoway, A.8,, M.A. (Georgia State College). Inifrucfor in English and Assistont to the Deon, School of Arfs ond Sciences 319 Robert lee August, B.S., M.S. (University of Alobamo), C.P.A., Port- time. Accounting.- Internal Revenue Service Joel Phillip Authement. 8 S.. M.B.A. (Louisiona State Uni- versity), Assisfont Professor of Monagemenf 352 Eorl W. Baggerly, Jr., B.B.A., M.B.A. (Georgia Stole Col- lege), Port-time, Finance; Norris and Hirihberg, Inc. Elizabeth Anne Bailey, A.B , M.Mus. (Florida State Univer- sity), Assisfont Professor of Music 333 Beafe Sibyle R pit- ' er Boidv. Abliur, Ph D. Condidote (Uni- versity of Heidelberg), Assistont Protestor of Sociology 338 Richord H, Borbe, B 5. Ed., MA., Ph.D. (Ohio Stote Univer- sity), Associofe Professor of Education and Associate Deon of the School of Education 356 Mildred V Borksdole, B.S-, M.S., Ed.D. (Indiono University), Ajsocio ' e Professor of Specie Fducotion 363 Cotherme Gregory Barnhort, A.B., M.A. (University of North Corolmo), Assisfont Professor of English Robert W. Botten, B.S., MA. (Duke University), Assisfont Professor of Acluoriol Science 351 John H. Bouerlein, A.B., M.A. (University of Colifornia, Berkeley). Assistonf Professor of Quantitative Methods Joseph O. Boylen, B.Ed., M.A., Ph.D. (University of New Mexico), professor of History and Head of the Department of History 329 Shoboel T. Beosley, 8.A., A.M., Ph.D. (Cornell University), Professor of Germon ond Heod of Deportment of Foreign Languages 326 Sonford Harold Bedermon, B A., M.A. (loulsiono State Uni- versity), Assoc ' Ote Professor of Geography 327 Jomes L Beelond, B.S , MBA (Georgia Stole College), Instructor in Business Adminiitralion and Graduate Counselor George Wilhelm Beiswonger, A. 8., B.D., M.A.. Ph.D. (Slote University of lowo), Professor of Philosophy 334 Janice M. Benorio, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins Univer- sity), Associate Professor of C ' ossics 326 Sidney Clyde Bennett. Ill, B.M.E., M.B.A. (Georgia Stole College). Instructor in Quantitative Methods 354 Robert D, Ben r ley, B.S.. PhD. (Columbia University), Assist- on ' Professor of Geo ' ogy 328 Willord M. Berry, A.B., A.M. (Duke University). Assisfont Professor of Political Science Richord A. Bilos, A.B , Ph.D. (University of Virginia), Pro- fessor of Economics Jock I. Biles, B.S , M.A., Ph.D. (Emory University), Professor of English Wotler Houghton Bishop, A.B., M.A.T., Ph.D. (University of North Corolina), Associate Professor of Romonce Longuoges Julio Schnebly Black, 8.M., MM. (Yole University), Ass ' stont Professor of Music Kenneth Block. Jr . A.B., M.S., Ph.D. (University of Pennsyl- vania), CLU-, CPC-U. Regents ' Professor of Insurance and Chairman of fht Otparrmtnf of fniuronc 351 Dorothy V oger Bloke. B.S., M.A. (George Peobody College for Teachers}. Port-time, Education (Librory Science) Est here Ogden Blokeslee, A.B.. M.ln. (Emory University), Pari- lime, f ducofion Jack Blicksilver, B.A , M.A., PhD. (Norihweslern University), Professor of Economics 346 Poul Groves Blount, A 8 , M.A., Ph.D. (Cornell Univenily), Professor of English ond Head of the Department of fnglish Jacqueline Boles, B.A., M.A. (Emory University), fnsfructor in Sociology Anito llese Bolinger, A8, MA., Ph.D. (Emory University). Associate Professor of Biology 312 Tim J, Bookoul, B S , M.F.A. (University of Cincinnoti), Instructor in Art Bonnie Lee Bose, A.B., M A.T. (Duke University). Asiisfonf Professor of English Charles Lewis Boslwick, B.B.A., M.P.A. (Georgio Stole Col- lege], Aisijlonf Professor of Ouonfifofive Methods 354 James Eugene Bottoms, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. (Univenity of Geor- gia), PorMime, Education Mory Horley Bowdoin, A.B., M.A. (University of Georgia), Assistonf Professor and Editor of Publications, Bureau of Business and Economic Research Thomos O. Boyd, A.B, B S., M.A. (University of Georgio). Instructor in Romonce longuoges 326 Theodore C. Boyden, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (Harvard University), Professor of Economic fducofion and Director of the Center for Business and Economic Education 344, 346 Dovid W. Boykin, Jr., B.S-, M.S., Ph.D. (University of Vir- ginia), Associofe Professor of Chemistry 323 leJeune P. Brodley. A.B.J. , M.S., Ed.D. (Indiana University), Professor of Business Education Noncy L. Brannen. A.B., MA. (Univenily of Cincinnati). Instructor in Geography 327 Woodrow Wilson Brelond, 8.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed., PhD (University of North Carolino), Professor of Educofion and Choirmon of fhe Deporfmenf of Education FroncJs Jackson Bridges, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (University of Alobomo), Professor of Management and Director of Athletics Hugh Jomes Bronough, A.B., Ph.D. (University of New Mexico), Associofe Professor of Chemistry 323 Eorl Clement Brown, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Purdue University). Professor ol Psychology and Head of the Department of Psychology 337 Jomes Franklin Brown, B.B.A., M.8.A. (Georgia Stote College), Part-time, Computer Cenfer,- Scientific-Atlanlo, Inc. Polricio M. Browning, B.S.. M.A.T. (University of Florido), Insfrocfor in History 329 Thomos Micojoh Brumby, III, B.A., M.S.M. (Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University), Professor of Music ond Heod of the Department of Music 333 J. C. Horton Burch, A.B., AM., Ph.D. (Duke Univenity), Professor of English Herbert Burgess, B.S.Ed. (Univenity of Georgia), Initrucfor in Physical Education 362 John A. Burrison, A.B,, M.A. (University of Pennsylvania), Asiisfont Professor of English Anna V. Buskirk, A.B., M.A. (Middlebury College), fnifrucfor in French 326 Lloyd Lee Byan, BEE., M.S. (Georgia Institute of Tech- nology), Assistonf Professor of Quantitative Methods 354 Doner Copelond Code. A.B., M.S. J., Ph.D. (State University of lowo). Professor of Journolism ond Head of the Depart- ment of Journalism 330 451 G«rord N«.l Coloftdfo. B.S., M.S. (Syiacuie Univenlty), Inttrvclor in hyticol Educofion 3 2 Haniell Flynn Cro«, B.A,. MS , PK D. |Univ«f».ly of Morylond) Piohtior of Biotogy 322 Elbert T. Eggeri, B.5., MS., D.B.A. (Indiono Univerjify), Profoitor of Monogement 352 tmm u Comtfon. B S. (Univ«nity ol Alabomo}. Porl-tim«. Afcc ' .nt,ra (nitrnol Rev«nw« Service ChaHei Crojlhwoit, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. INorth Texoi Slote University), Aiiociofe Profoisor of Education 360 Morgoret Stephens Egloff, B.A., MA. [Univerjily of North Cofolina) tmtructor in Anfhropo ogy 320 toi ju» Cofflp. A.B., A.B.L.S.. M.Li. (Emory University), PorMifflt, Cdvcotion Kathleen D. Crouch, 8.B.A., MBA. (George Woihtngton University), SC6 (University of Georgia), Aiiislant Pro eiior ond Coume ' c Counse ing Center Carrol Welter Ehlers, B B A., MBA, DBA. (Indiono Uni- versity), Professor of Morlcehng 353 CeorQe 6. Corl. BS., MA. (Univerjily of Californio — Berkeley), Aiiitfont Profeiior of Hisfory John P. Culver, B.S., M.A. (DePouw University), Ajsiifonl Professor of 7oufno ism 330 pQwl Ellen, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (University of Michigon), Pro- fesior of Psychology Nicholai R. Cojlricone, B.S.. M.S., Ed.D. (University of Virginio), Aisociof Professor of Speciof Educofton 363 Kaihryn T. Current, B.B.A., M B.A. (Georgia Stotc College), C.P.A., Aiirstonf Professor of Accounfing Ernest Henry Emory, B.A., B S. (Georgia Institute of Tech- nology), Aiiiifonl Professor of Mofhemotics 331 Morton Mark Celtcr, B.A.. M.S. in Ed., Doctorat de luniver liti (Univentte de Pons], Professor of Trench 326 Ben F. Curry, A.B , MA., Ph.D. (University of North Caro- lino). Associate Professor of Economics 346 Kenneth Murchison England, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. (Vonderbilt University), Professor of Eng iih ond Deon of Student Affoirs Miltiodei Chocholiodes, Dpi. Ec. Ph.D. (Massachusetts Insti- tute of Technology), Assocoie Professor of Economics 346 Clovis Nogueiro do Silvo, LL.B., M.B.A. (Georgia State Col- lege), tmlrvctor in Quontitotive Metfiods 354 Jerry H Etheridge. A.B.. B,M., M,M, (University of Rochester), Aiiociote Professor of Mus ' c Robert Lomor Choffin, B.C.S., M.A., M.B.A. (University of Ch cag9l. Associote Professor and f?eseorch Associofe, fiureou of fluiinesi ond Economic Reseorch 342 Lolhe S. Daniel, P-5 Cerfificote [State Department of Educa tion). Part-time, fducotion Ellen Lovell Evans, B.A , MA,, Ph D. (Columbia University), Associote Professor of History 329 Thomoi A Chondler, A.B,, M.A. (Emory University), fnsfruc- for in Sngtiih William Wright Daniel, B.B.A., LL.B., LL.M. (Duke University), Port. time, low; Attorney at Low, Ward, Brooks, Porker ond Doniel Robert L. Evans, B.S., M.B.A., M.H.A. (University of Michi- gon), Assistonf Professor of Hospitof Admmistfotion 349 Jamei Emory Chopmon, B.C.S., M.S., Ph.D. (University of Alabomo). Professor of MonogemenI 352 Juci Ming Cheng, B.A., MS. (Perdue University), Ass stonf Professor of feonomi ' ci 346 Ronbert Cherniok, B.S., Ph.D. (Duke University], Assistonf Professor of Chemisfry 323 Albert Hotcher Clark, B.8.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvonio), C.L.U.. CP.CU., Professor of Finance John Clork, B B.A., M.B.A. (University of South Corolina). Port-time, Economics,- Folion Nationol Bonk Richard B. Clemmer, B.A, (Kent State University), Assistant professor of Economics 346 John S. Cochron, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Horvord University), Professor of finonce Arthur Martin Cohen, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (Boston University). Professor of Psychology 337 Murray Elliott Cohen, B.A., M.A. 5. (Georgia State College), fnslrucfor tn Ouonh ' foliv Meffiodt William Elliott Colburn. B.A., M.A., Ph.D. [University ol lllinoii), Aisociot Professor of Engliih Jam«t F. Cook. Jr.. 6. A., M.A. (Georgia State College), tnitrucfor in Hulory and Adminiitralivu Assistonf, Schoof of .Aril ond Sciences John W. Cook, B S., M.S., Ph.D. (University of Alabama), C.P.A., Professor of Accounting Woller H Cook, B.5 . M.Ln. (Emory Univeriity), Seriofi and Binding Irbrorion ond fnslrucfor Ruby Jo Chompion Cooler, B CS . M Ed , Ph.D. (George Peo- body College for Teochers), Aisociofe Profeiior of Educo- fion CHoriM Lucius Cope, B.S., M.A. [Univeriiiy of G org!a), Aiitilonf P ofeiior of Mothemotici 331 William W. Cottermon, BS . M.S. (Georgia Institute ol 1afi n ' . r,qf) Aiiiilonl Profeiior of Compuftr Scitnct Cloud A Cowon, B.A., B.O.. M.A.L.S. (George Peobody College for Teochers). Cofolog librorion and fnilrucfor 312 Roy A C ' otfdick, BA, MA. PhD, (Woshington University), Pro ' eitor of Piychofofry 337 DoAold Lloyd Crowford, B,S.. M.B.A (Indiono Universiiyl. AsKitonf Profeiior of Btftineii Iducotion Jomet ftonkim Crowford, B A , MA, Ph D. (University of Wisconsin), Proftiior ot fconomfcs ond Chalrmon of fhe Deporlmenf of fconomici 34i John Day Daniels, BB.A., MBA, (University of Michigan], Aisistont Professor of MonogemenI and Member of ffie fn- stitute of fnternafionol Business Morion Leathers Daniels, B.A., M.A. (Emory University], Assistant Professor of Classics 326 Walter Francis Doves, A.B., M.A., PhD. (Duke University), Assistonf Professor of Psychology 337 Gerald Hmkle Davis, BA, Ph.D. (Vonderbilt University). Associate Professor of History 329 Horold E- Davis, A.B.J., M.A. (University of Georgia), Direc- tor of Public Relafions Joe Davis, BS., M.A., Ph.D. (Emory University), Associofe Professor of English Sherman R. Day, B.S., M.Ed. ' , Ed.D. (University of Georgia], Assisfont Professor of Education 359 Ella Morjorie Dees, A.B., MS. in L.S. (Florida State Uni- versity), Reference Lit ranan and Instructor 312 John N. Demos, B.S., M.M. (University of Colorodc), Assisfont Professor of Music 333 Harold Douglas Dickerson, Jr., B.A,, M,A., Ph.D (Ohio State University), Assisfont Professor of Germon 326 Aldo L. Dilchfield, B.S., MA. (Teachers College, Columbia University), Associote Pr essor of Nursing, representing Scfioof of Nursing, Medical College of Georgia Henry J. Donoghy, A.B., M,A., Ph.D. (New York University), Aisistont Professor of English Loroine Donoldson, 6. SB. A., M.A,, D.B.A. (Indiono Univer- sity), Associote Professor of Economics 346 William J, Donaldson, Jr., A.B., B.D., Th.M., Sc.M., M.A., Ph.D. (Michigan Stote University), Associofe Professor of Education 359 Norman X, Dreiiel, B,S., LL,B., M,S,, Ph.D. (New York Uni- versity), C.P.A., Professor of Accounting 342 Ji lio M. Duarie, M.A., LL.D. (University of Hovono), Speciof Itclufer in Sponiih 326 Ronold i. Duncon, B A. (Oklohoma Baptist University), Atiritoni Profeiior of Anthropology Hilda G Dychei, B S Ed,, MEd. (University of Georgio}, Aiiiilonf Profeiior of Speech and Oromo 339 Elton Alfred Eaton, 6.S., M.A. (Emory Universily], Aitiitonl Profeiior of Molhemolici 331 Melvin Willard Ecke, A,B., M.A., Ph.D. (Princeton Univeriity). Profeiior of Niiforv. Aisociofe Oeon, and Dtan of Groduofe Studies, Schoof o Arfi and Sciences 316, 319, 329 Williom Alfred Evans, A B , M.S , Ph D. (University of New Mexico), Associote Professor of English William W. Evans, BB.A. (University of Georgia), Initrucfor and Testing Coordinator, Counseling Center Joe B, Ezell, 6. A, MA., (University of Alabama), Assistant to tile Vice President — Coordinator of Institutional Studies ond Assisfont Professor of History Margaret Joen Fagan, A.B., M.S., Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University), Professor of Psyciio ogy 337 Donald L. Foirchild, B.A,, M.A., PhD. (University of Cali- fornia), Associote Professor of Political Science 336 James C. Fanning, A.B , M A. (University of Georgio), Part- time, Educotion Clyde Wheeler Foulkner, A B., 8.D, (Duke University), Assistant Professor of Sociology 338 Iris C. Ferrier, BS,, M,A, (Seton Hall University), Part-lime, Special Educotion William H. Ferriss, A.B., M.A,, Ph.D. (Vonderbilt Univer- sity), Assisfont Professor of History 329 Richard A. Firdo, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (Horvord University], Associofe Professor of German 326 Miriam Boyd Fisher, A.B, M.A. (University of Alobomo), Ais stont Professor of Chemistry 323 Joseph R. Foerst. Jr., A.A , B.A , M.A. (Emory University). Asiistont Professor of Monogement 352 Richard Michael Forbes, B A., MRP. (University of North Carolina], Associofe Professor of f?eol Esfofe ond Urban Affoirs 355 Chorles Samuel Frody, B.S., MS., Ph.D. (Auburn University), Associote Professor of Mofhemofics 331 Louis M. Fraisse, Bochiller en Letros y Ciencias (Cotlegio Da LoSolle, Havana), Instructor in Romance languages 326 Mory Greer Fronklin, BS., M.S. (Florida Stole University), Cotolog tibrarion and Instructor 312 Rosemory Fronklin, A.B., M.A. (Woke Forest University), Assistonf Professor of English Edword Franklin Franze, Jr., AS., M.A. (Woshingfon and Lee University). Associote Professor of English Lowrie Alexander Froser. BA., M.A.T. (Emory University), Pari- lime, Educotion •Mory G. Freemen, A.B , M.A. (University of Tennessee), fnslrucfor in English 452 Robert M. Fulmsr, B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. (University of Coli- fornia ot Loj Angetei), Aiiociofe ProUttor of Manag- ' menf 352 Geoige Richofd Greiff, B.S., MS. J. (Northweitern Univ rjity), Aiiocfofo Profosior of loufnotitm 330 Homer W Hollcwoy, Jr., B.F.A., M.M. (Eoilmon School of Muiic), Aitocrofe Profejior of Muiic 333 W-H .-m lentn r FurlooQ, B MBA " h D (Un.vsrjily o ' . Alobomo). Profesior of Accounting 342 Edith K. FusMlo. A.B., M.A. {Stephen F. Austin Stote College), fnifruclor in Engfi ' sh Peter e. Goffncy, B.S., MS. Ph D. (Rutgers University). Aijocioie Pro ' esior o ' 8 o ' ogy Stuart Galilhoff. BA. M.A. |Nev York Un ' versty), Assistont Pro essor o ' Hilfory Elbert B. Grf-ynolds, Jr.. B SI M , M P A. (G-orgia Stale College), Ajsisfonf Proftiior of Accounting 342 Blanche Motecko Griggs. R.N., B S.N E , M.S.N. E. (Cotholic University of Americo), Atiiilont Pro essor of B ' o ogy Pincus Gfo ' l. A.B., M.A., PhD. iUniverjily of Florido). Aiiiitartt Prefcstor of Piychofogy 337 William McKinley Gfubbs, AB. MA. (University of North Coroltno), professor of Politico Science Charles E. Hopkins, A.B., M.Ed., Ed.D. (University of Geor- gia), Atiocioie Profetior of Sociofogy 338 Harry P. Hopkins, Jr., B.A , Ph.D. (Cornegie Institute of Technology), Asu ' sfonf Professor of Chiimriffy 323 Katsuichi Hoshi, B.A., M.A. (Southern Illinois University), (nsfrucfor in Goography 327 Gordon C. Howell, B.S.. M.A. (University of Georgio), Aisufanf Professor of Computer Science 345 Mercedes Sordmoi Gomonedo, Ed.O. (Hovano University), fnsfructor in Sponish 326 Edqar Boyd Gumbert, B.Sc , MA. PhD. (University of Lon- don), Associate Professor of Educolion Dugold W. Hudson, 8.S., LL.B., M.B.A,, U.M. (George Washington University), C-P.CU., Pfofeiiof of Low and fnsuronce Froncis B. Garner. A.B-, B S B.A., M.S.B.A., LL.B. (University ol South Corolino), C.P.A., Aisiifonf Professor of Account- ing 342 Jo eph H. Hodley, Jr., BS, MS, PhD. (Duke Universily), Profesior of Physics and Head of the Department of Physics 335 Floreine Herron Hudson, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. (Auburn University), Associate Professor of fducotion 360 Robert Eorl Garren. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. (University of North Carolina). Professor of Sociology and ffead of the Deport- ment o ' Sociology 338 Jane F. Garvey, A.B., M.A. (University of Georgio), (nsfruclor in Spaniift Paul K. Galons, B S, {University of Illinois). Assisfo.nt Professor of Economics Roy Thomas Geiger, B.A.B.E., A.B., MAT, (Emory University). (ntfructor in History ' Robert Bryon Gentry, Jr., B.S., M.A. (University of Tennes- see), tnstructor in English Wolter Neil Gentry, A.B , M.S (Florida State University), Assisfont Profesior of Accounting 342 Mory E ' leen Gerling, B.A., M Ln. (Emory University), Assistant to the Head ot the Library Acquiiifions Department and fnsfructor Albert Francis Gilbert, A.B, M H A. (University of Michigan). Aisisfonl Professor of Hoipifot Adminisliation and Anocote Director of the Program in Hospital Administration 349 teo Cephas Gillespie, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Duke University) Asiociote Professor of History 329 John Watson Holl, BS, MA., PhD. (University of Pennsyl- vania), C L U., Professor of Insurance 351 Roy M. Hall. A.B., M.Ed., Ed.D. (Syracuse University), Professf r of Education and Dcon of the School of Educa- tion 356 Tommy P. Hall, B.B.A., M.S. (Georgia Institute of Technof- ogy), C.P.A., Aisociofe Professor of Accounting 342 H Ross Hanimond. B A , MA (University of California). Asiistont Professor of Political Science 336 William Rogers Hommond, B C S . M B.A,, D B A. [Indiana University) C PA . Professor ond Associate D- on School of Business Adminii trot ion, and Dean of Graduate Studies 340 Robert H. Honklo, A.B,, M.S., Ph.D. (Vonderbilt University), Aisisfont Professor of Physics 335 Carlton Harker, B A., MA. (Stole Universily of Iowa), Port- time, Actuarial Science Fronces L. Horrold, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. [Bryn Mawr College], Associate Prolessor of History 329 Peter Stiltwell Horrower. BS (Georgia Institute of Technol- ogy); Certificate, St. Cecelia Academy, Rome, Aisociofe Professor of Music 333 Ann Hughes BS. MP A (MiisiiMppi Stole University). Assistant Professor of Quanfitofive Methods 354 Glenn Joseph James, B.A.. M.A, (University of Georgio). Insfrucfor in English Joseph A. James, A B , MA. (Middlebury College), Instruc- tor in Romance Languages Elizobeth K. Jenkins, B.M , M.S (University of Southern Mis- sissippi), Assisfonf profesior of Education 360 Rosalie Seymour Jensen. B.A , M.A., PhD. (Florido Stole University), Assiilonf Professor of Educolion ond Mo the - motici Frank B. Jernigon, A.B., MAT. (Emory University), Port- time, Education Donold Oliver Jewell, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Southern Illinois University), Aiiistonf Professor of Monogement 352 CItfford y Johnson, A.B., B.S-, M.Ed. (University of Geor- gio), (nitfuctor in Education 360 Martha Josephine Johnson, A.B., MS. (Emory Universily), Assistant Professor of Biology Sandra Deer Johnson, B.A., M.A. (Florida Stole University], Instructor in English rhrirtinc Gilmore, B.A., M.A (University of Missouri), Instructor in History eon Harris Johnson Givens, A 8., M.S., R.N., M.N. (Emory University), fnsfrucfor in Biofogy 322 loword S. Gordmon, B A., MA , Ph D. (University of Michi- gan), Professor of finance dwin N. Gorsuch, B.S., MA., PhD. (Oh.o Siate University), Ajiisfonf Professor of History lement Lyndon Grant, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Vonderbilt Univer- sity), Profesfor of History and Assistant Dean of the School of Arts ond Sciences 318. 319. 329 smes Kirklond GranI, B.6.A., J.D. (University of Michigan), Assisfanf Profesior of Busineii Law ennis Edword G ' owoig, B S., M.B.A. (University of Pennsyl- vonio), C.P.A., Associate Professor of Ouontitotive Methods and Choi ' ' mon of the Dcporfmenf of Ouontilotive Methods 354 eorge B. Greaves, A.8.. M.A. (University of Georgio). fnsfrucfor in Philosophy eorge Robert Greene, B.B.A., M.B.A. (University of Georgia), Ass ' Slont Professor and Director of Gu ' donce, Schoo ' o ' Bunnell Adminisfrofion 351 imes E. Greene. Jr., 8.8. A., M.B.A. (University of Georgio). Director of Groduote Counseling ond Asiiilonr Professor of Business .Adminnfrotion 3ul Gregory, 8, A., M.A. fWirdhom College), Aisistont Pro- fessor of Russion 326 On Leave. B Jone I. Hart, B.A., MS. (Flondo Stote University), Aisisf- ont Prolessor of Physicol Education and Coordinator of Physical Education Instruction for Women 362 John Steele Henderson, A. 6., M.A., Ph.D. (Louisiona Stole Universily), Profesior of Economics 346 Gene W. Henssler, B.S B.A.. M.B.A. (University of Michigan], Assisfoni Professor of finance 346 Robert Leslie Hermon 8BA, J D. (Emory University], Assiit- onf Profassor of Susineii Low Edno Claire Herren, A. 8., M.A., (University of Georgia). Atjisfont Professor of English Donald G. Hicks, 8.S., M.S., Ph.D. (Universily of Tennessee), -Associofe Profesior of Chemistry 323 Thomas W, Hicks, BS, AB. M.A. (Universily of Wisconsin), Aisistonf Pfofeisor of English Williom H. Hill, B.M. (New England Conservatory), Associofe Professor of Music 333 ' Frank N, Himmler, B.S., M.A., [Eosiern Michigon University), Assistant Professor of Geogrophy 327 Dudley S. Hinds, B.S., MRP. (University of North Corolina), Asiiifont Profesior of Reol Esfofe ond Urbon Affairs 35S Jone Gregory Hobson, 8. A., M.Ln. (Emory University), Ref- erence librorion ond Instructor Clarence L. Holland, 8 S., M.S., Ph.D. (Purdue University), Assistant Professor of Piychology Mod Grey Holland. B.S . M.B.A. (Georgio Stole College) Aiiiitont Professor of Monogement 352 W Miom W Johnson, BFA, M.F A [University of Georgia), Associofe Professor of Music 333 Ronold Gotdin Jones, B.A.. M.S.. Ph D. (Georgia Institute of Technology), Professor of Chemistry 323 Augustus E. Jordan, A.B.. BD., Ph.D. (Florida Stole Uni- versity), .Asioc ' ole Profesior ol Monogemenf 352 Helen Berry Jordon, A. 8, M.S., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Colifornio), Profesior of Biofogy 32? Helen Schulman Kohn. 8.S., M.Ed. (Emory University), Porl- time. Education Frank Henry Kaler, A.B., M.A. (University of Illinois), Aisiitonf Professor of Education 360 Hugh T. Keenon, 8.S., B.A , MA (Mcmphu Slate University). Asiisfonf Professor of English Julio P. Kennedy, A.B., M.S. (Universily of South Carolina), Aisistonf Profetior of Molhemafics Mory Margaret Kennedy, AB., MA. (Emory Universily). Instructor in English Grace Tyler Kitchens, A.B., MR E., M.A. (George Peobody College for Teorhers), Anisfont Professor of Cngf»|h John J. Klein, BA., AM. Ph.D. (University of Chicogo). Professor of Economics Earl Oliver Kline, A 8., M.A. . Ph.D. (Princeton University), Profesior of Political Science and Heod of the Otporfmenf of Pofiticol Science 336 Willys Raymond Knight, 8.A,, M.A., Ph.D. (University of Morylond), Professor ond Director, Bureau of Suiineti and Economic ffeseorch 342 453 Chortt C KnoM. I F.A., M.Mui., PhD. (tBdiona Univtnih ' ). frehtiof of Mvi ' C 333 Wjlliom LuMrell, B.5., MA. (Univertiiy of Cotorodo), Initrucr- or in Engliih Jomei Clifford Miller, III. BB.A. {Unlverjlly of Georgio), AtiittanI Profenor ol Economia Powl Cook Kolltf. S.A., M.S. (Univtniry of Tef»ne«««), Ai- loc ' of Profviior of Biology 3?? Williom Frederick Lyie, B.5., M.B.A. (WesI Virginia Univer- sify), AjiMlonr Profatior of Marketing 353 Rolph E. M.lchell, B S-, MA., Ph.D. (Universiry of Kentucky), Asiociote Profeiiof of PoUilcol Science 336 8oA Ho Koo, B,A., M . (Univenity ol Minneioto), Aijiifonf Profeiio of fconomici 346 John C. McCulleri, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. (University of Texas), Aiiociote Pfofesior of Psychology 337 Jon Lee Mize, B.S.M.E., M.B.A. (Emory University), Asiiifonl Pro eisor of Economics Nieholoi P. Koitro. B.A.. M.A. (Univenity of Noire Domel, fnilrirr ' -- - o - ' - r ' ' v Corl Roymond Kropi, B A , MA. (Kent Stole Unlverjlty), Aittifonf Professor of Engiiih George O. Kunkle, B.A., MA. (Emory Univenily), tntlrucior m fhiloiophy 334 Clyde O. McDonlet, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Pitts- burgh), Assistant Professor of Sociology 338 Thomoi Lafoyelle McHoney, 8. A., MA. (University of North Carolina), Assistant Professor of Eng isfi Nellie 8. McKown, B.S., M.A. (University of Georgia), Part- time, fa ' ucofion Rolph Corl Moor, Jr., B.S., M B.A. (Georgia State College), Imlruclor in MalhemoUci and Adminiitrative Asiiiiant to the Dean, School of Arts and Sciences 318 John Hommond Moore, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Vir- ginia), Associate Profejsor of Hiitory Richord Allen Moore, A B., MA. (University of Callfornio), AsKsfont Professor of Art Luoonc L AtMie. A.B., M.A.. Ph.D. IDuke Uriiverslty), Profes- lor of Psychofoffy 337 Atex B. tocy. Jr.. B.A., Ph.D. (University of Virginia). Oeon of ' he Schoo ' of Generof Stt ditf and Professor of Pofifical Science Annell locy. B.S., M.A. (Texoi Woman ' s University), Ass ' sfont Professor of fiujinesi Education Christino Londrom, B.A., B.S. in L.S., M.L.S. (Texos Woman ' s University), Heod of library Catalog Department and Asiistont Profesior James Albert McLeOn, BA, B.D , M FA, (Tulone University), Aisociote Professor of Art John F. McMullon, B.B.A., M.B.A. (University of Georgia), C.P.A., Assistant Pro eiior of Accounting Annie L. McPheeters, A.B,, B.S.L.S., M.S.L.S. (Columbia Uni- versity), Reference tibrarion and (nsfrucfor 312 Morit S. MocArthur, A.B., M.S. in L.S. (George Peobody College for Teachers), Reference Librarian and Instructor 312 Mitchell C. Morrow, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Florida) Associate Profesior of Piycho ogy 337 Rolf F. Munsfer, BA,, MA , Ph.D. (Duke University), Pro- fessor of Philoiophy and Head of Department of Philosophy Eugene J Murphy, LL.B.. LL.M , A.B , U.M, (New York Law School), Part-time, Business law Marguerite Pet.tes Murphy, A.B, M.A., Ph.D. (Radcliffe College), Asiijfonf Professor of English Mildred W. londrum, B.C.S., M.B.E. (Georgia Slate College), fnitrucfor in Education and Administrative Atsistant, Schoo ' of Education 3S7 Nooh N. longdole, Jr., A.B.. LL.B., M.B.A. (Harvard Uni- versity), LL D. {University of Alobomo), President and Pro- fessor of Business Administration ' Richord Bruce Lorien, A.B., M.A. (Emory University). In- structor in fngfi ' sh Thomas U- lossiler, B.I.E., M B.A. (Georgia State College), Parf-lime. Economics,- Lockheed -Georgia Company Dovid Moson Loushey, B.S., Ed., M.A. (University of Virginia), Aiiiitanf Professor of History 329 V. V. Lovroff. B.S., M.A. (Emory University), Professor of Mothemotici ond Compfroffer Gory M. Leff B.S., M.S. (Georgia Institute of Technology). Parl ' time, Economics Thomas No than i el Macon, Jr., A. 8., M.Acc. (University of Georgia), Part-time, Accounting; Arthur Andersen Co. Richard Mafong, B.A., M.F.A. [Indiana University), Instructor in Art George W. Malletl, 8 F A., M FA. [University of Icwo), Aisociote Professor of Art Henry Thompson Malone, B S., MA., Ph.D. [Emory Univer- sity), Professor of History, Director of Development, and Alumni Director George E. Manners, B.S C, MBA., Ph.D. (Emory University), C.P.A,, Professor and Dean of the School of Business Ad - ministration 305, 340, 352 George Emanuel Manners, Jr., B.B A. (Georgia State Col- lege), Instructor in Management Jim L. Marks, B.S., MEd., (University of Florido), Instructor and Counselor, Counseling Center Molcolm A. Murray, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (Syracuse University), Professor of Geogrophy and Heod of the Department of Geogrophy 327 Frances Muse, B.A., A.B. in L.S. (Emory University), Head of Library Reference Department and Asiiifont Professor Kermil Charles Notho, Jr., BA., MBA. (Louisiana State University), Assiifont Professor of Accounting Corl R Nave, B.E.E., M.S.. Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Technology), Assisfonf Professor of Physics 335 Maralee Adele Ncel, B.A., M.A. (Marshall University), Port- time, Education Humbert O. Nelli, B.BA., M.B.A., D.B.A. [Georgia State College), Assiitonf Professor ol Insurance Arthur C. Nichols, B 8 A., M.PA. (Georgia State College), Instrucfor in Ouonfitotive Methods 354 1 JomM Hutlon Lemly, B.A., M.A., D.B.A. (Indlona University). Professor of Marketing and Transportation 353 Williom W. Leonard. B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (University of South Corolino), Aitociate Pro ' essor of Mothemotici 331 Honno Ltrfki, B.A., Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins Univenity), As- itttont Proftlior of Art History Ktnneth Chorlei Levine, B.S , MAS. (Georgio Stole Col- lege), fnifrucfor in Ouontifafive Methods 354 Maurice Levy, B S., Ed.M., Ed.D. (University of Georgia), Aiiiilonf Professor of fducofion 360 Dovid leroy Lewis, B A.E., M.B A. (Georgia Stole College), tntUvctot orKt Ast ' i ' ont Director of Guidance, School of Buiineti Administration 348 Alton B Porker LMei, AB. B S., M.A., PhD. (University of Kentudry), Professor of Buiineii Cducofion ond Chairman of fh Deportment of SviinMi £ducotion 3SB John Bruce Lirtdtmon, II, B.A, (Syracuse Univenity), Asiist- ont Proteiior of t«of fi ' oie ond Urban Alloin 355 Om(Im lichofd long. AA, B.A., Ph.D. (Vondtrbilt Univer •ity), Aiiiitont Profesior of fconomict Lourenct Longlty-Cook, B A , M.A. (Combrtdge Univenity. Cnglond), F.CAS.. Ft A, ASA., Spociot lecturer ond teieorch Coniw ' fonf irt Insurance Volerie L- Love, I. A. (Univtnity of Goorgio), fnifructor ond Piycftomefriit, Cowniefing Center Fronk J. Lower. BA, MA , (Adamt Slate College). Imtrucfor in Sp««ch 339 Robert Allen Marshall, 8 8, A., M.A. [University of Pennsyl- vania), Asjisfont Profes. or of Insurance 351 Allen Doss Morlin, A. 8., MA., (Louisiana Stole University), AssisfonI Pro oiior of English Frederick A. Mossey, B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. [Auburn University), Assistant Professor of Mathemoti ' ci 331 Kenneth 8. Motheny, AB., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. (Michigan Stole University), Professor of Educotion and Choirman of the Deportment of Counseling and Educational Psychology 359 Jane H. Mather. A. 8., Ph.D. (University of Chicago), Asiociofe Professor of Chemistry 323 W.lliom J. Mothioi, Jr., A. A., BB.A., M.S (University ol Georgia), Ainitont Professor of Police Adminiifrotion and Coordinofor of the Police Administration Program Martin R. Meder, B.S., Ph.D. (Tulone Universily), Aisisfont Profesior of Phyu ' cs 335 Angel deL. Medina, 8 A.. M.A.. LL B., Ph.D. (Angelicum Univenity, Rome, Holy). Aisiifont Pro tssor of Phifoiophy Mtchoel Howord Mescon. 8, A., M.Ed., PhD, (New York Uni- versity), Professor of Human Refolioni, Chairmon of the Deportment of Monogemenf, ond Holder of the Chair of Privole fnferpriie 352 Cotherint E. Milei, 8.5. , U B.. M.S., PhD. (University of Alobomo), Professor of Accounting and Choirmon of the Dtporfmenf of Accounting 343 Domel Miller, flSBA, M.B.A (Emory Univenity) Auistant Profeiior of Ouonliiative Methods W, Wilson Noyes, Jr., A.B.Ed., A.B. in L.S. (Emory Unlver- sily). Assistant tifaronon and Aiiistont Professor Geoffrey Edwin Nunn, B.A. (Roanoke College), Assistant Professor of Ouontifofive Methods Patrico Jone Nysewonder, BA , M.S. m L S. (University of North Carolina), Cololog Librarian ond Instructor 323 Frank L. O ' Brien, B.S., Ph.D. (University of Mossachusetti). Assisfont Professor of Chemistry 323 E ' leen T. O Connor, B A., M.A. (University of Georgio), Instructor in English ErnesI William Ogrom, Jr., B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. (University of Illinois), Proleisor of Economics ond Director of nfernofionol Business 350 David E. Ogren, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (Norlhweslern University), Ajiociote Professor of Goolojy John Burrelt Oliver, AB. MA.. Ph.D. (Duke Univenity), Afiociote Professor of History Arthur V. Olion, B.S,, M.S., Ed.D. (Boston Univenity). Profesior of Education 360 Jerome Sluort Osteryoung. 8 1 E. M B.A. (University ol South Florida), fnifrucfor in Finance Jomei K. Owens, B.BA.. M.B.A. (WesI Texas State Univer lily). Assisfonf Profeiior of Finance 347 John Dovid Palmer. B.S.. Ph.D. (University ol Texas), Aisociofe Professor of Politicaf Science Richard T. Polmer, B.S., M.S. (Univenity of Alobomo), Professor of Arf 454 John W. Porker. A.B.. M.A., Ph.D. (Stanford UniverjIlyJ, Aiiiitont Pfo esior of Biology ■red K. Porrijh, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. {Emory Univeriiry), Asjo- ciale Pro eiior of Biology 322 ieorge Lee Pate, 8.S., M.A., (George Peobody College for Teochers), Aiiisfonf Professor of Mathemalics 331 ames Lester Pate, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Alabomo). Ancciofe Pro ejior of Psychology 337 ' ioletto F. Potrick, B.A-, M.Lj. (Emory University), Fort- lime, fducoh ' on Villiom S. Potrick, B.BA., M.S., (Georgia Institute of Technology), Dean of Admiiji ' oni, Rsgislror and Ajjociote Professor of Business Administrolion tohn Payne, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvonio), Aijocio e Professor of Biology irginio Jenkins Peocock, B.A., MA., (University of North Coroiino), Part-time, Educofjon ' Ambrose H. Pfodergrost, B.S., MS. (Emory University). Asso- CJOte Professor of Chemistry irry D. Perkins, B.A., M.A. (Texos Technologlcol College), (njfrucfor in Pofitical Science ' ' olloce Richard Perkins, B.S. (Davidson College). Part-time Insurance aseph S. Perrin, B.F.A., M.A. (University of Caliornia at Los Angeles), Professor of Art ond Head of the Deportment of Art 321 obert L. Perry, B.A., M.S. (Michigon Stafe Unlverstty), Pari time, Quonfifofive Methods us A. Pelllt, B.S., Ph.D. (Duke University), Associofe Pro- fessor of Physics 335 aniel Pfeifer, B.A., M.A., M.A. (University of Michigan), Assistant Professor of Japanese 326 3ule C. Pikher, B.A., MA. (Tulane University), Aiiistont Professor of Germon 326 illiam Broughton Pirkle, A.B., A.M. Ed.D. [Auburn Univer- sity), Associofe Professor of English rboro B. Pittord, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (Emory University), Associate Professor of Sociology 338 nn M. Porte, B A . M.A. (Florida Stole University), Assislont Professor of Spanish alter Robert Power, Jr., B.S., Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins Univer- sity), Professor of Geology 328 ' illiom Russell Pullen, B.A., B.S. in L.S., M.A., Ph.D. (Uni- versity of North Carolina, Librarian and Professor hard Thompson Putney, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (University o( Missouri), Assiifont Professor of Psychology 337 torles 8. P lyes, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Georgio), Asiociote Professor of Political Science 336 jcom Osborne Quillian, Jr., B.S., LIB., M.A,, (University of Georgia), Associofe Professor of Political Science ond As- liitonf Deon of Student Affairs :hord C. Rank, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Minnesoto). Associofe Professor of fducofion 359 :hard Edward Rapps, A.B., LL.B., (Columbia Law School); Ajjrifonf Profeiior of Business tow 351 lOrles P. Reed. 8.S., MS. (Georgia Institute of Technology), Poft-lime, Computer Science,- Georgia Institute of Tech- nogoly; Reseorch Engineer frl E. Reed, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (louiiiono Stole University), Associofe Professor of History 329 Ted H. Reep, B.BA., MB.A. (Georgia State College), Grod- uofe Counie or and Assisfonf Professor of fluiiness Adminis- lion Robert Joseph Reiber, B.S., M.S. (University of Georgia), Professor of Biology and Head of the Department of Bio ogy 322 Mary Louise Rheay, A B., AB.L.S., M.S.L.S. (Emory Uni sity). Part- lime fducofion Helene Powlicki Rhodes, A.B.. M.A. (Emory University), In- structor in Foreign Languages 326 Morjorie A. Rhodes, A.B,, M,A. (University of Houston), Instructor in English Billie Ann Rice, A.B,. M.A. (Auburn University), Instructor in Mathematics Leio F. Rich, B.A., M.A.T. (Duke University), Instructor in History Gayle Anne Richards, 8.S., M.L.S. (George Peobody College for Teachers), Reference Librarian and Instructor 312 Pickelt Hynes R.ggs, B.CS., M.A. (Emory University). Asiii- font Professor of Quanfifof ve Methods 354 Richard J. Riordon, 8. A., M.A., M.A., PhD. (MIchigon State University], Associofe Professor of Education Martha Ann Roberts, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., (University of South- ern Colifornio], Assisfonf Professor of Sociofogy Martin B. Roberts, 8. I.E., M.S. I.E. (Georgia Institute of Tech- nology), R.P.E., Assisfonf Professor of Accounting and Asso- ciate to the Comptroller Morris W. Roberts, B.S., Ph.D. (Georgia Institute of Tech- noogy), Associofe Professor of Computer Science, Computing ond Dofo Processing Center 345 Leon H. Robertson, B.S., M.S. (Georgia Institute of Tech- nology), Assisfonf Professor of Business Adminisfrofion 352 Ernest L. Robinson, B.A., MA., Ph.D. (Wayne Stole Univer- sity), Assisfonf Professor of Psychology 337 Jomes Edword Robinson, 8.S., M.A.T. (University of Detroit), Instructor in Quantitative Methods Carolyn L. Robinson, BA., MLn. [Emory University), Heod of Library Circulation Department and Insfrucfor 312 Edv ord Grady Rodgers, B.I.E-, MS. I.E. [Georgio Institute of Technology), Assisfonf Professor of Ouonfifofive Methods 354 Mildred Connell Roebuck, A.B-, MA. [University of North Carolina), Ajiis ' onf Professor of Romonce tonguoges 326 Jack W. Rollow, 8. A., M.A., Ph.D. (Cornell University), Assis- fonf fo fhe Vice President — Coordinator of Research and Professor of English Ann Crobtrec Rosen, B.S., M.A. (University of Florida), In- sfrucfor in English George Hugh Russell, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (Purdue University), Professor of Management 352 Tim C. Ryles, B.S., M.A. (University of Georgia), Assisfonf Professor of Political Science 336 Jomei Delbert Sotterfield, B.S.Ed., M.S. (University of Geor- gia), Atiiifonf Pfofessor of Biology 322 Alice Wallace Schorrer, 8.S., M.A., Ph.D. (Louislona Slate University), Associofe Professor of Sociofogy 338 Williom John Schlicht, Jr., A.B., M.S., Ph.D. (New York University). Associofe Professor of Piycf ofogy Howard Chorlei Schneider, B.S. (Stole Univerilty of New York at Stony Brook), Ass-sfonf Professor of Quonfifohve Methods John Schneider, B.Mui., Graduote Performer Diplomo (Juillord School of Music), Assisfonf Professor of Music 333 Brion Mork Scholt, B.A., M.A.S. (Georgio State College), fnsfrucfor in Quantitative Methods 354 Donovon Kent Schumacher, B.Mui., M.Mus. (Roosevelt Univer- sity), Assisfonf Professor of Music 333 David J. Schwartz, Jr., B.S., M.B.A,, Ph.D. (Ohio Stole Uni- versity). Professor of Morkefing and Hofder of fhe Choir of Consumer Finance 353 Eleanor 8. Schwartz, B.B.A., M.B.E. (Georgia Stole College), Assisfonf Professor of Business Education Stuart Schwarzschild, B.S., Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvonio), C.L.U., C.P.C.U., Professor of Insurance 351 Robert Walker Sellen, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Chi- cogo), Professor of History 329 Wayne L. Sengstock, B.S., M.A., Ed.D. (Syracuse University), Associofe Professor of Special fducofion 363 William Alfred Sessions, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (Columbio Univer- sity), Associofe Professor of fngfish Robert Lowson Show, A.B. [Pomono College), Honorary De- grees: Mus.D. [College of Wooster, Ohio), Mus.D. (Pomono College), D.F.A. (St. Lawrence University), Mus.D, (Mich.gon State University), L.M.D. (Kenyon College), D.F A. (Umver- sity of Alaska), Mus.D. (Cleveland Institute of Music), L.M.D. [Western Reserve University), Mus.C. (Emory Univer- sity), Distinguished Special Lecturer in Music Irmo Lee Shepherd, A. 8., M.A., Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State University), Professor of Psychology 337 Lawrence W. Sherrltl, A. 8., M.S., Ph.D. (Columbio University), Disfinyuished Visiting Professor of Accounting 342 Royce Gordon Shingleton, B.S., M.A. (Appolochion Stota Teachers College), Instructor in History James Carroll Simms, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. (Emory University], Associofe Professor of Sociology 338 William E. Sims, B.A., M.A. (University of Arkonsos), Assis- fonf Professor of History Timothy Moore Singleton, 8 S., MS. (Georgia Institute of Technology), Deon of Men 329 • James Melvin Sltton, B.F.A., M.F.A. (University of Georgia), Assistant Professor of Art Albert Chadwell Skoggs, A.B., M.A. (University of Missouri), Assisfonf Professor of Journalism 330 Somuel Lowton Skogsfod, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (Washington Un- iversity), Associofe Professor of Economics CoH C. Slaughter, 8.F.A., M.F.A. (Yale University), Assisfonf Professor of Art Elliott L. Slocum, B.S., M.A. [University of Missouri), Asi i- font Professor of Accounting 342 J. Kenneth Smoil, A.B., M.Ed., M.A. (Indiana University), Assisfonf Professor of Anthropolgy 320 Chester R. Smith, B.S., M.S. (Louistona Stole University), Associofe Professor of Geology ond Heod of the Deport ' meni of Geology 328 Elyzobeth Richer Smith, B.A,, M.A. (Emory University), Asiii- fonf Professor of Romance Languages 326 Richofd M. Smith, B.A., M.Ed., Ph.D. |Sf. Louis Univeriiry), Atiiitonf Professor of fducofion and Associofe Director, Covnseling Center 359 John Spencer, B.B.A., M B.A. (University of Florldo), Part- time, fconomics; The First Notional Bonk of Allonto Ted Roy Spivey, A.B,, M.A., Ph.D. (University of Minnesota), Professor of English Elizabeth P. Stonfield, B.A., M.A. (Emory Unlvenity), In- structor in Spanish 326 Kenneth D. Stephens, B.A., M.Th. (University of Southtrr Colifornio), Aiiiifonf Professor of Philosophy 334 Royfred L. Stevens, B.A., M.A. Doctor %n Geogrofia (National University of Mexico), Professor of Geography Robert Joseph Stone, B.S., M.S. (Gtorgio Institute of Tech- nology], Instructor in Quanlitolive Melhodt 455 VtfftoA W. Ston . B.A.. M.B.A.. M.Ed.. Ph.D. lUnivtnify of Coli»ofBio, Mft«l«y|. frof uer ot EdiKoUon 359 Edwin Fronk Ulveling. B.S., Ph.D. (Iowa Slate University), Auittonf Pf oftitor of Economies 346 Kenneth Edword Whipple, B.S., Ph.D. (Auburn Unlveriity). Ajsocfore Profesior of Mathematics 331 OwHti EorU Stocn. Jr., 8.S., M.B.A. (Georgia Stole Collefle), Auisfwr froftisor of Manogemtnt 352 Roymond U. Ulterboclt, B.A., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. (Bojton Univer- liry}, Aiip ' sJonf Profeiior of English Morvin D. Whiteheod, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. (Univeriity of Wijcon- $in|, Profeiior of Botany 322 Qlzobatfc G. Stow. B.A., m R f M lEmory Univenity). Milrvcfor in Cngliih •Williom F. Stfoley. B.S., M.S. (Georgia Stole College). lnstr%tciof in Mathematics 331 loym ond Scott Strengwoys, B.A., Ph.D. (Tulone University), Aifistant Pro eiior of Economics 346 Elirobeth Z. Sturrodt. B.S.. M.A., Ph.D. (Ohio Slate Univer- lity), AisiitonI Profeuor of Foreign tonguoget 326 loymond Corter Sutherland, Jr.. B.A., B.D.. M.A., Ph.D. (Uni- venity of Kentucky), Professor of fngJiih William Mourrelle Sullies, B.CS., M.R.E., B.D., Th.M., Ed.D. (Aubum University), Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Speech Chorlei Dwighi Tabor, B.I.E., M.B.A. (Georgio Stole College), Aaistont Professor of Ouontitative Methods 354 Donold H. Taylor. B.S., M.S. A.. Ph.D. (Louisiana Slate Uni- venity). Atiiftant Professor of Accounting 342 Jomei Cllnlon Terrell, B.A., M.Sc., Sc.D. (University of Pittsburgh], Associofe Professor of Quontirofive Methods 354 George Gerhord Thielman, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. [Western Reserve University), Associote Professor of Polificot Science 336 Mary Olive Thomos, A.B., M.A.. Ph.D. (Duke University), Aiioc ' Ofe Professor of English Sidney S. Thomas, B.B.A., A.B. in L.S., M.A. (University of Georgio). Head of Library Acquisitions Department and Assistant Professor 312 Charles Eugene Thompson, B.A., M.A. (Emory University), Asiiifont Professor of Educofion Williom Joy Thompson, 8.S.E.E., MB.A., MS. (Stanford Uni- versity), Assrsfonf Professor of Ouontitotive Methods 354 Aton F. Tiegreen. B S . B.P.A. (Art Center, Los Angeles). Aiiociofe Professor or Art Gornet Louis Tiller. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Kentucky), Professor of Mothefmofics and Heod of the Oeporfmenf of Morhemotics 331 Andrew M. Tomcick, B.F ., M.F.A. {YoU University), Assit- tonf Professor of Arr Solly A. Troin, A.B., M.A. (Indiono University], Instructor in English Wtlllom George, B.S., Ph.D. (Georgio Institute of Ttchrtology], Professor of Chemistry and Head ot the De- portment of Chemistry 323 Nell Homillon Trolter, B.A.. M.A. (University of Wisconsin), Oeon o Women ond Associote Professor of Business Educo- fion Carl J. Tickoppoi, B A . MB.A., Ph.D. (Ohio Stole Univer- tity], Aiiociofe Processor of Seof Eitote ond Urbon Affairs ond Choirmon of the Deporfmenl of ffeo ' Eilofe ond Urbon Affairs 355 Williom H. Tvlloh, B.A.. MB. A. (Korvord University}, Aiiisfonf Pro eiior of inor»ce 347 iohn Edward TuH . B.A., M.B.A. (Emory University). Aiifstont Professor of Atortefing 3S3 0n Leove. Charles B. Vail, B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. (Emory University), Oeon of the School of Arts ond Sciences ond Professor of Chemistry 318-319 L. Frederick Von Eck, Jr., A.B., M.B.A., Ph.D. (University of North Corolino), Assistont Professor of Management 352 Lewis G. Van Gorder, B.S., M.A. (George Washington Univer sity), Director of the Behoof of Special Studies 368, 369 Glenn A. Vergoson. B.S., M.S., Ed.D. (George Peabody College for Techers), Professor of Specie ' Educotion and Choirmon of (he Deportment of Special Education 363 Heidi Vogt, Abitur, Stools Exomen (University of Hamburg), Instructor in German Jean Lunn Voyles, B.S., M.S.. Ph.D. (Ohio Stole University), Aiiociote Professor of Business Educotion Charles J. Woog, B.S., M.S. (University of Pittsburgh), Asjis- tonf Professor of Geology 328 Claire B. Wade, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Michigan), Assistont Professor of French 326 Richard S. Wolloce, A.B., Ph.D. (University of Virginlo), Asso- ciote Profeijor of Economics 346 Arthur Elroy Wolcrmon, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Wisconsin) , Professor of English Clyde Hillon Waters, B.A., M.A. (University of Mississippi), Asjiilonf Professor of Physicof Education 362 Kenneth Paul Weotherwax, BS., MBA. (University of Penn- sylvania], Port-time, Economics; Lockheed-Georgia Company Frederick Douglas Weaver, A.B,, MA. [Emory University), Assistont Professor of English Bernard L. Webb, B.S., M,S. (University of Richmond), F.C.A.S., C.P.A.U., Assistonf Professor of Actuarial Science and Insurance 356 Florence M. Webb, A.B., M.A. (Emory University), Instructor in English Jomcs E. Webb. B.B.A,, LL.B. (Emory University), Porl-time. low; Judge, Civil Court of Fulton County M. Lamor Morrison Webb, B.S., M.S. (University of Georgia), Instructor in Biology 322 Richard Wodc Wehr, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. (Florida State Univer- sity), Associote Professor of Physicol Educolion and Choir- mon of the Deportment of Physical Educofion 362 Myron Trovis Weiner, B.A., Ph.D. (University of Texas), Port- time. Education Edword LoRue Weldon, A.B., M.A. (Emory University), In- sfurcfcr in History Dovid Franklin Wells, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Kentucky), Professor of History 329 Williom H. Wells, B.B.A., M.B.A. (University of Georgia), Professor and Director of the Computer Center 345 Rhea Horoce Weil, Jr., B.S., Ph.D. (University of Atobomo). Professor ot Management 352 Jomei Roger Wesilake, B.B.A. , M B.A. (Georgia State College), C.L.U., C.P.C.U., Part-time, (niuronce,- President, Southern Agencies, Inc. Chorlei Heiier Whorton. A.B., M.S., Ph.D, (University of Florida], Professor of Biology 322 Larry G. Whitworth, B.B.A., M.B.A. (Georgio Stole College), Port-lime, Economics; Regal Brokes, Inc. Phillip W. WIerson, B.A.. M.Ed., Ph.D. (University of Mis- souri), Associate Professor ond Director of the Counseling Center Ervin Willloms. B.B.A., M.S., Ph.D. (Ohio Slote University), Assistonf Professor of Monogement 352 Richard C. Willioms, B.S., M.S. (Georgia Institute of Tech- nology), Instructor in Mathematics 331 Leroy Montgomery Willson, B.S.. M.A. [University of Georgia), Aijociote Professor of Mathematics 331 Mory Lois Wilson, B.A,, M.A. (University of Iowa), Port-time, Special Education Mary Jane Wing, A.B., M.S. in L.S. (University of North Corotino], Reference tifarorion and Instructor Horry Gene Witt, B.S.A.. M.S. A. (University of Florida], Assiitonf Professor of Quantitative Methods 345 William Potter Woodbery, Jr., BA,, BD,. M.A. (Florida Slate University], Assistant Professor of English Chorles K enneth Woodruff, B M.E., M.B.A. (University of North Carolina], instructor in Computer Science, Computing ond Data Processing Center 345 Roy E. Worth, BS., M.A. (University of Georgia], Assistonf Professor of Mofhelmahcs Morgon Worthy, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. (University of Florida], Assistont Professor of Psychology 337 George Ross Wren, Ph.B., B.S., LL.B., M.S., MB.A., Ph.D. (University of Illinois). Associate Professor of Hospital Ad- ministration and Director of the Program in Hospilaf Ad- ministration 349 Jeon Block Yornell, A B., M.A. [University of Michigon), Assistont Professor of Anthropology 320 James Don Yount, A.B., M.A. (Appolochion Stote Teochers College), Instructor in English Eti Alan Zuboy, BS., MA,, PhD. (Iowa Stole University). A.C.A., Professor of Acturial Science and Mathematics Department of Military Science Clinton E. Mole, Colonel, Professor of Military Science 332 Jomes D Boggi. Major, Aisistonf Professor of Military Science Lewis F. Driver, III. Major, Assistant Professor of Mitilary Science 332 Robby J. Sonnier, Major, Assistant Professor of Mililary Science 332 Lawrence D. Brooks, Cop tain, Assistonf Professor of Mililarf Science 332 Billy D. Graves, Captain, Aisisfont Professor of Mififory Science 332 Henry C. King, Jr. Captain, Assistant Professor of Military Science 332 Joy C. Copley, Sergeont Mojor, Senior Instructor UNDERCLASSMEN Abbott, Corllon B 430 Abbott, NorKy Jeon 430 AbefC ' omb ' e. Joon C 430 Abernothy, Mary Jo 39% Abfomi, Kolhy R 420 Adomi, Angela Kortn 430 Adams, CoroU L. 430 Adomi, Dorothy Gole 430 Adami, Crii Jerome 398 Adomi, J. II L 430 Adorns, Polricio J. 430 Adomi, Robert G. Jr. 430 Adomi, Somuel P. 430 Adams, Suzonne 398 Adomi, William T. 398 Adamion, Mory J. 430 456 Adomjon, Patricio I, 398 AM. Jam«i W 398 Ahouie, Jane M. 430 Aaron, Morgie Ellen 430 Alrerl, Michael 430 Akin, Nancy Elaine 430 Alexonder. Corolyn L. 430 Alexonder. Donold R 430 Alexander, Vilmo W. 398 Alexander, Woody D. 398 Alger, Mary A. 430 Allon, Rosebud C. 430 Allen, Chorlene lona 430 Allen, Dorlena Sua 420 Allen. Jewel Elaine 398 Allen, Palsy Calhoun 420 Allgood, Robert M. Jr. 430 Allred, Arlhur Blone 398 Allrid, James Alan 420 Alston, Norris Dan 430 Altevies, David J. 430 Amos, Virginia A. 398 Amihor, Robert Alan 420 Anderson, Andrew S. 398 Anderson, Bonito L. 430 Anderson, Donno M. 430 Anderson, George T. 430 Anderson, Jane E. 398 Anderson, Margaret L. 398 Anderson, Ronette R. 430 Anderson, Sandra K. 430 Andenon, Wendy H. 430 Andreu, Mario E. 430 Andrews, Deloris 430 Andrews, Stephen 430 Andrews, Virginia L. 398 Antebi, Suzanne 430 Apgor, Nancy Alice 398 Argo, Stonley Keith 430 Ariail, Deborah Anne 430 Ariail, Donald Lomor 430 Armistead, W. Michael 430 Armstrong. John C. 430 Armstrong, Susan C. 430 Arnell, Clifford Jos 430 Arnold, Alice E 398, 244 Arnold, Ceroid C. 398 Arnolt, Ruth Ann 430 Arp, James D. 39C Arringlon, Audrey L. 399 Arrrnglon, lorry D. 430 Ash, Mary L. 399 Ashenhurst, Jane 399 Atchinson, Soroh E. 420 Atkins, Phyllis 420 Atkinson, Emma L. 420 Atkinson, John F. 420 Aliknson, Richord M. 430 Atteberry, Ronald S. 399 Ashley, Marvin A. Jr. 399 Aubrey, Edilh L. 430 Austin, Dovid A. 430 Austin, Jomes O. Jr. 420 Austin, Michael D. 430 Austin, Scott H. 420 Avery, Marshall W. 420 Bacon, Carl Franklin 430 Bailey, Corolyn E. 430 Bailey, Emilie Anne 430 Baisch, Donald E. 430 B«ker, Juonito Foye 430 Baker, Margaret A 430, 2«4 Boker, Martha J. 430 Baldwin, Margaret A. 430 Boldwin, Marilyn J. 430 Boiler. Allen W. 420 Bollard, Barbara A. 430 Bollard, John H. 430 Bollew, Normo J, 431 Bolthozor, Lorraine 431 Bondo. 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Brendo E. 434 Cronmer, Marie D. 434 Crawford, Alice M. 434 Crowfrod, Carol Lynn 434 Crawford, Momie Ruth 434 Crawford, Peggy A. 434 Crecente, Elizobeth 421 Creese, Deborah C. 434 Cristol, Steven Marc 434 Crocker, Gregoty W. 434 Crockett, Jerome M, 434 Crockett, Rebecca J. 402 Crosby, Bobby Lewis 401 Crow, Eloine Ruth 403 Crowe, Jomes Fronklin 434 Culpepper, Dovid E. 421 Culwelt, Peter L. 421 Cummingi, Freddy L. 434 Cunninghom, Pot 402 Cunninghom, Stella A. 421 Currie, Susonne E. 434 Curry. Sondro D. 434 Curtis, Kenneth Roy 434 Cutter, Jocquelyn A. 421 Cuvitllo, Donna M. 434 Dohtberg, Alfred W 402 Dakon, Nortcy Jane 434 Ooniel, Barboro L. 434 Doniel. Donna l nn 434 Doniel, Elvo 434 Daniel. Mory C. 421 Daniell, Marie L. 421 Daniels. James L. 434 Dannemon, Dole A. 434 Dorden, Samuel P. 402 Do Santos. Pomelo R. 402 Davenport, Chorlolle 434 Davis. Betty Jean 402 Davis, Brenda Goil 434 Davis, Cynthia Kyle 402 Dovis, Diane Mane 434 Davis, Eillen M, 421 Davis, Emmett Lorry 434 Davis, Fronces K. 434 Davis, James T. 421, 296 Davis, Jeffrey, B. 434 Davis, Julia M. 434 Davis, Linda Sue 402 Davis, Mary Jane 421 Davis, Solly L, 421 Davy, Br. on K 421 Dowkins, Harriett E. 421 Dawson, Stonley A. 421 Deal, Ronald Lloyd 434 Dean, Jeorlene 434 Dean, Rebecca M. 421 Delay, Catherine C. 434 Demmers, Jomes L. 434 Demon, Earl Barron 422, 296 Denmark, Deborah A 434 Dennis, Renee 434 Deroberts. Richord P 434 Dickenson. Lin A. M. 422 Dickson. Linda R. 402 Dickson, Robert B- 434 Dieter, Rachel W 402 Dildy, Mary J. 434 Dill. Elizobeth S, 403 Dillingham. Elbert C 422 Dingmon. James F. 434 Dinkins, Patrick C. 434 Dixlon, Solly Anne 435 Dobbs. Mortha Carol 403 Dobson, Coleman W. 403 Dodd, Dovid A 435 Doeg, Lynn Reed 435 Dolive, Margaret C- 435 Dorminey, Darwyn Sue 435 Dorsey. Brendo L. 435 Dorsey. Daisy L. 403 Dorsey, Lynda Joy 435 Dosler, Kothcyn Anne 403 Ooster, Kent H. 435 Douglas, Nancy C. 403 Dover, Louis B. Jr. 422 Dowdy, Hope Alexis 435 Drake, John Robert 422 Drout. Alison N. 435 Dreaux, Borbora B. 403 Dressel, Potricio L. 403 Dreyer, Helen Iris 435 Dreyer, Keineth W. 403 Dreyfus, Nanette J. 422 Driskell. Dorothy J. 435 Dube, Doris I. 435 Dudley. Sonjo Joyce 435 Duffies, Maureen B. 435 Duke. James H. 422 Duke, Nancy Lee 435 Duke. Peggy J. 435 Duncan, Barboro J. 403 Dunford. Patricio L. 435 Dunn, Lilo Ann 435 Dufden, Carol W. 435 Durden, Gary Clork 403 Dyer, Jewell Gerdeen 435 Dyer, Judy Elaine 435 Early, Steven G. 422 Echoli, Julio Alice 422, 264 Edgor, John E. 303 458 Edgerron, Danny M. 422 Edwards, James Wyart 403 Eilhel, Allon Beverly 403 Elkins. Donald E 422 Ellenburg, Rebecca S. 403 Ellerbee, Gloria D. 435 Ellloll, David S. 403 Ellloll. Kolhryn A. 435 Ellis. Bonila J. 422 Ellis. James G. 422 Ellis, Mory Hardoge 435 Elmore, Martin Dannie 435 Elmore. Wonco J. 435 EIrod, Donna Faye 422 Elzey, Marsha Gail 435 Emery, Dorothy L. 435 Emfinger, George Lee 435 Engrom. Thomos E. 435 Eppingo. Cynthia F. 435 Essex, Leigh 403 Essick, John F. 435 Essinger, James 403 Etheridge, Robert F. 404 Ettle, Beverly Jeon 435 Evans, Alton Rodney 404 Evons. Betty 404 Evans, Cathy June 435 Evons, Thomas H. 422 Evans, W. Walker Jr. 435 Evoris, Denise C. 435 Ezzard, Donald 435 Fobianich, Grace M. 435. 264 Fannin. Carolyn Ann 435 Fanning, Deborah Lee 435 Farley, Curtis E. 435 Farmer, Dermont 435 Former, Stuart Lee 435 Farris. W. D. 422 Forthing, Rebecca Ann 404 Forthing, Mary B. 435 Faulk, Sandra K. 435 Faulkner, Leomarie 404 Ferguson, Brendo Sue 435 Ferguson, C. Scott 435 Ferguson, David R. 435 Ferguson, Donna Leigh 436 Ferrell, W. Mitchell 435 F.dler, Patricio L. 436 Fields, Ansen A 436 Fink, Mary W. 436 Fleeming, Michael F. 436 Floyd, Noncy Corol 436 Floyd, Theodore A. Jr. 436 Foole, Nancy Jone 404 Ford, Adam J. 404 Forrest, Steven L. 404 Fortson, Thomas Roy 436 Foster, Bernda S. 436 Fowler, Joe Loren 404 Fowler, Michoel W. 436 Fowler, Susan R. 436 Eon, Michoel Reed 436 Fronk, Alan A, 436 Franklin, Jomes F. 436 Freedmon, Morget A. 436 Freedmon, Charles W. 436 Freedmon, Suson Anne 436 FuHord, Steve Roy 436. 296 Fuller, Mary Ann 436 Gaines, Sherry K. 436 Gollowoy, Constance 436 Gonswich, Solly S. 436 Gordner, Connie L. 436 Gocdner, Robert V 436 Garrison, Jeanne E. 404 Gosi, Stanley J. 404 Goylord. Lynn Martin 436 Genova, John Samuel 404 Gentry, Jomes E. 404 Gibbs, Susan Edna 404 Gibson, Barboro Ann 436 Gilbert. Ellly J. 436 Gipe, Joseph Keys 436 Gissy, Thomas R. 436 Gloss, Judy M. 4U Glaze, Thomas M. 436 Gleoton, Sidney Lee 436 Glosson, Sherry Lee 436 Goforth, Jonis E. 436 Goodman, Jane 436 Gormon, Brian O. 436 Goulding, Linda S. 404 Govoni, Margaret S. 436 Graham, Carol E 436 Grant, Patricio G. 436 Gront, Sarah C. 436 Grottam, Chorles Lee 436 Gray, Carol V. 436 Groy. Thomos Lone 436 Groyson, Mory Young 436 Green, Billy Marin 404 Greenway, Roger, Kent 437 Greer, Hoi W. 405 Greer, Jeon Beck 437 Griffin, Sora L. 437 Griffin, Susan E 437 Griffith, Samuel A. 405 Griffith, Joseph M. 405 GIggs, Joseph M. 405 Grimm, Phyllis An 437 Groh, John N. 437 Groover Walter E. 437 Gross, Arlene 405 Giubb, Gipsy H 405 Gwinn, James David 437 Hoddod, Mallho D 405 hiadplsimos, Denetros 437 Hohs, Lindy Ann 437 Hole, Betty Jane M. 437 Hole, Billy Deon 437 Hall, Peter Len 437 Hall, Virginia S, 437 Hompton, Ruth L. 423 Homrick, David E. 437 Hondley, Clyde M. 437 Honey, K. Ann 437 Honey, Nancy Diane 423 Nanny, Dennis W. 437 Hansen Stephen C. 405, 288 Hanz, Lynn W. 423 Hordman. John T. 423 Harden. Warren Jack 437 Harmon, Carol Ann 405 Harmon, Jock C. 405 Harms, Barboro 427 Harold. Morgoret L. 437 Harper. Beverly Ann 437 Harper, Hugh D. 423 Harper, James Donald 437 Horper, Jomes Herman 423 Harper, Ralph D. 423 Horrell, Rolph Wayne 405 Harris, Brendo Ann 423 Harris, Deborah Beth 437 Harris, Donno Lee 437 Horris, Johnny H. 423 Harris, Julian Peter 437 Horris, Phyllis Anne 423 Horris. Suson K. 437 Harris, Virgil C, 423 Harrison, Thomas M. 437 Harrison, Willlom A. 405 Harper, Kent Michoel 423 Hort. David Aoron 437 Hart, Mory Collier 437 Hort-lield. Jono L. 437 Horwell, Jomes Allen 437 Hoslom, Velmo G. 437 Hostings, Mory V. 437 Hastings, Poul G. 423. 296 Holcher. Thomas W. 423 Hawkins, Mory Ann 437 Hoynes, Cothy L. 403 Heod, Beverly L 438 Heodsbeth. Norvoi K. 438 Heolon, Cathy C. 438 Heolh. John Chorles 406, 283 H-oth Miller L. Jr. 406 Hegwood, India L. 438 Helms, Marquette G. 438 Henderson, Anne W. 438 Henderson, Cheryl L. 406 Henderson, Hubert F. 438 Henderson. Jonet M. 43B Henderson, Loring G. 438 Hendrix, Mory Jane 406 Henderson. Pricillo 438 Hendricks, Nito C. 438 Hendricks, W. Lloyd 438 Hendrix, Glendo A. 438 Hendrix, Joseph Neol 43B Hendrix. Richard F. 438 Henry, Albert Leon 438 Herring, Jacquelyn Y. 438 Hester, Blanche L. 423 Hester, Barboro Ann 438 Hester, Susan M. 423 Hewett, Terry M. 438 Hicks. Willlom C. 423 Hill, Brendo C. 406 Hill, Judy Koy 423 Hill, Lorry J. 423 Hill, T. W. 438 Hines. Linda Coy 438 Hinrichs, Ange Roe 423 Herndon, Brendo G. 406 Ho. Moo Lyn 438 Hodge. Cynthia Jeon 438 Hodges. Freddie W. 438 Hogg, Mory Lee 438 Holland, Jomes W. 423 Hollidoy, M. G. 406 Hood, Martha Jone 438 Hood, Soroh Jane 438 Home, Dennis Ashley 438 Horsley, Wiley W. 438 Horton, Richard A. 423, 290 House, Laurie 406, 264 Howard, Clifford V. 438 Howard, Gory M. 406 Howse, Jomes Thomas 423 Hughes, Dovid C. 438 Hughey, Carol Ruth 438 Hunkin, Mory Louise 438 Hunt, Melvin Edword 438 Hunter, Barbara 438 Hurst. Wmmo L. 438 Huston, Dovid W. 406 Hutcheson, James H. 406, 296 Ikirl, Judy White 423 Inogoki, Noohi 438 Ingrom, Dorrell W. 438 Ingrom, Phillip M 438 Irwin, Geroldine H. 438 Irwin, Dovid Adel 438 Jackson, Charles S. 439 Jackson, Claude V. 406 Jackson, E. J. 439 Jackson, Moryello 439 Jackson, Richard V. 439 Jackson. Willlom A. 423 James. Alvin L. 423 Jorrell, Florence 8. 406 Joffen. Dory! S. 439 Jenkins, Jerry Dole 423 Jensen, Stanley E. 439 John, Robin Franklin 439 Johnson, Donno Ellin 406 Johnson, Dorothy C. 439 Johnson, Mary Nell 439 Johnson, Sharon M. 423 Johnson, Sheryl L. 439 Johnson, Stuart L. 423 Johnson. Jonest 407 Jones, Beverly D. 439 Jones, Donno K. 439 Jones, Hubert P 407 Jones, Jonh Arthur 407 Jones, Melvin Holley 423 Jones, Richard C. 407 Jones, Vedico C. 439 Jordan, Gregory L. 439, 296 Josey, Jomes P. 407 Koble, Cloudia Jane 439 Kolb. Honk T. 423 459 Keoton, Gw«nira Jo 439 C«o ' g W. 433 Ktilh. SoiKJra H«Un 423 Kalley, Williani 0. 423 Kemph, Jomti Michoal 439 Kindoll. Tkomoi W. 439 Kennedy, Jamef G. 439 Kennedy, Morjoria i. 439 Kerby, Porricio A. 430 Ke r, Defo T. 407 Keys. Estie Chaie 439 Kielty. Dorothy A. 439 Krigore, Jock D. 439 King, Thomot M. 407 King, Dougloi L. 423 King, Dolph E 439 Kilcheni, Gordon E. 407 Kneole, Noncy I. 439 Kohnke, Terrence F. 407 Kobiye, Moiohiro 439 Kooper, Loij S. 439 Krider, Potricia A. 439 Kubicki, Jonice M. 439 Kuhn, Jonice M. 439 Kuhn, Koryl Mildred 439 Kuiz, Roger, Michoel 407 Kuntzler, Mory Susan 440 Kuter, Richord Bryon 440 Lockoy, W. Edwoid 440 Lofleur, Marie 423 Loil. Choflie J. 423 Lompkin, Cornelio J. 440 Landers, Cornelio J. 440 Lons, Shirley R. 440 Longford, Majorino 440 Lanier, Preslon S. 440 Losley, Gregory W. 440 Louboch, Gannett 440 Low, Allen W. 407 Leathers, William D. 440 Leckor. Stephen C. 407 Ledlord Glorio D. 440 Leftwich, Oonno M. 440 Lemoster, Borbora 440 Lester, Julie Ann 424 Lester, Rodney A. 440 Letts, William Earl 424 Lewis, Kothleen M. 424 Lewis, Peggy Anita 407 Lindsay, Richord T. 424 Little, Grace Marie 440 Locke, Willmor P. 424 London. Roy L. 408 Long, Conitonce E. 424 Long, Koy R. 440 Lovcll, LoBrion 440 low. Prise. Ila S 424 Luke, Soroh A. 440 Lundin. Charles B 424 Luzier, Linda S. 408 lynch, Charles M. 440 Poce, Phyllis Ann 390 Porker, Louro M 390 Pornsh, Thomas F 390 Mobry, Jomes J. 408 Mockey. Wolly J 440 Moddoi, Soroh Coi 424 Moddoi, Seaborn W 440 Mogee, Janice A. 440 Mohin, Richord 0. 440 Motor. Beth V. 440 Mokinson. Ellen S 408 Motks, Cordon Ellis 408 Molone, Julion W. 440 Malool, Joseph A. 424 Mann. Mory Gilmer 424 Monus, Sandra Sue 441 Marler. Frank C 408 MorshotI, Gregory F. 408 Martin, Don K. 441, 2 t Mortin, Jome C 441 Morlin. John J 441 Martin, Sondro Sons 441 Aitarlinez, C. 1. 441 Marty, Chester 408 Mason, Brendo 424 Moson, Cherie D. 441 Moson, S. leroy 441 Masters, Grocie E. 441 Mosters, Judy C. 441 Masters, Ronnie G. 408 Mottison. Kent M. 441 Mourmonn, W. Douglas 408 Mayes, I. Dello 441 Moyes, Susan Lee 441 Moynord, Lucion P. 441 McAulilfe, Linda E. 441 McCain, Jomes R. 441 McCorthy. Jo Ann 424 McClory, Linda M. 408 McCleskey, Richord L. 441 McClintick, Clyde P. 441 McCook, Morjioret S. 441 McCoy, Cynlhia D, 441 McCoy, Matthew Jo Jr. 424 McCrovy, John Rex 441 McCully, Marcia L. 408 McDaniel, Richard Z. 441 McDonold, W, Jomes 441 McDowell, Francine 441 McForlond, Judy Lee 441 McGee, lydio K. 409 McGhee, Michael 409 McGee, W. Rodine 424, 296 McHon. Lynda G. 441 McHenry, Thomas N. 424 McKenzie, Arleatho 424 McKoy, Virginia Lee 424 McLouchin, Phillip 424 Mcleod, Linda A. 424 Mcleroy, Mark E, 409 McNew, June C. 409 McRoberts, Marcia K. 441 McWhirter, Sevan 409 Meadows, Robert S. 441 Means, Louro Jane 409 Meek, Joyce W. 441 Melton, Mory F. 441 Merrimon, Darlene 441 Merrimon, Jock A 424, 290 Merrimon, Judy Lee 424 Merritt, Hope Jr. 442 Meslmer, Ronald A- 424 Metcolfe, Patricio A. 442 Meyers, Jomes V. 442 Miles, Sandra H. 442 Miller, Beverly Ann 442 Miller, Cynlhid Lou 442 Miller, Horry T. 442 Miller, lynwood S. 442 Miller, Susan R. 442 Mills, Morgorel E. 442 Mills, Ronold Pete 409 Mincey, Billy G. 409 Mink, Corl 442 Miner, John P. 442 Mitchell. Donald L. 443 Mitchell, Michael 409 Monk, Chorlene A. 442 Moore, Corol D. 442 Moore, Elizobeth A. 442 Moore, Juone Hobson 424 Moore. Sieve Woyne 442 Morgan, Mory L. 442 Morris, John Brozw 410 Morris, Judy C 442 Mosely, Jonel M. 442 Mulkey, Treso A 442 Mullins, Mory P. 424 Mundy. Jeon Corol 442 Murphy, Brendo R. 424 Murphy, Gordon T. 442 Murphy, Potricio M. 410 Murphy, Beverly E. 410 Murray, Noel E. 442 Mussell, Gregory F. 424 Napier, Nancy C. 442 Nosh, Moisho C 442 Neeley, Dovid Alan 410 Nepole. Vicki L. 442 Nerbonne, Nancy E 410 Newby, Nedro N 443 Newberry, Brendo B 410 Newman, Edward W 443 Newmon, Floro R. 410 Newman, Notolie B. 410 Newman, Potsy Dlanne 443 Newport, Dono Keith 424 Newton, Elizobeth M, 424 Newton, Penny Ann 424 Nichols, Margaret A. 443 Nix, Cindy Nell 424 Nixon, Johnnie F, 410 Noble. Ronald Mark 443 Nolon. Michael R. 410 Norvell. Corol Pom 443 Nunn, Beverly Ann 443. 264 Ookey, John A. 410 Oakley, Lisa Lynn 443 Oliver. D, Richord 410 Ollinger, Horry Lef 424, 290 Ollom, David C 424 Oneal, Morjorie Sue 424 Orr, Catherine V. 443 Ory, Linda Marie 424 Oswald. Sherrie Diane 443 Owen, Gwen M 443 Owen. Vicky E. 443 Owens, Evelyn L. 443 Owens, John Philip 443 Owens, Phillips M. 425 Owens, Ronold A. 410 Owens. Wylie 443 Pocifici. Morgoret L. 443 Poden, Doron Timothy 443 Ponter, Keike 410 Paris, Eilleen A. 411 Pork, Donno R. 411 Parker. Chrisliano 443 Parker. Claudia P. 443 Porks. Danny Neol 443 Parmer. Cheryl Ann 443 Porrish, Ronald M, 425 Paschal, Jon D. 443. 290 Pass, Terrie M. 443 Patrick, Donald S. 443 Patterson, Kotherine 443 Patterson. Robert M. 443 Paulk, Rebecco M. 443 Payne, Charles L. 425 Peorce, Kothie R. 443 Peek. Lynda Foye 425 Pence, Donald Wesley 425 Pendlebury, Lynn M. 443 Penneboker, Elbert V. 425 Perdue, Rarnest Cloy 443 Perkerson, Nancy 411 Perry, Dorothy Jeon 443 Perry, Raymond E. 425 Peters, Goilo Jeon 425 Peterson, Kimberly D 411 Peterson, Wbndo K. 411 Petlit, Kotherine L 411 Pelree. Kim E. 443 Phorr, Lorry Allen 443 Pborr, Vicki R. 443 Phelps, Cotheryn. 443 Phillips, Judith A. 443 Phillips, Lorry Kai 443 Phillips. Patricio A. 443 Phillips, Sandra O. 411 Phillips, Terry Lee 444 Pickens, John R 444 Pierce, Patricio E. 411 Pierce, Richord 444 Pierce, Sandy Lynn 444 Pierce, Theresa P. 444 Pills, Jomes C. 444 Pitts, Patricio C. 411 Plait. Joan B. 444 460 Poole. Koren Loune 444 Poplin, Michotl L 411 Pope. George W, 444 Pocler. Kendro 444 Poffwood, Carol F 444 Poundj, Carloi A 444 Pound. Robert Linten 411 Powell, David S. 444, 294 Price. Bono G. 444 P " ce. Judilh Ann 412 Price, Powell B. 412 Pr.ce, Williom 0. 412 Prince, Chorle-, I. 444 Preilon. Morilyn E 42S Pr.m. Ivon G. 425 Prolfit. Conilonce R. 412 Pugh, Joe Morrii Jr, 412 Pruill. Chorlolle L. 425 Pryor. S. R. 444 Puckell, Jeono Lois 4 4 Purcell. Dorolhy M 425 Purdom, Joyce Blaine 444 Pyron, Milton Leon 444 Race, Kenneth O. 425 RocUey. Saroh A. 425 Ragsdale, Frankie 444 Roiney, Jomes L. 425 Raper. Joyce E. 425 Roy, Borbaro Jeon 425 Roy. Lonnie Dovid 444 Reeve, John Poul 425 Reeve;. Edith Cloirs 444 Reeves. Robert E 412 Rehberg, Shirley J. 425 Renson, Yvonne S. 444 Repine. Shoron Lee 425 Rhoden, Louis A. 42 ' ; Richords. Cynthia P 444 Richardson. Dale S. 444 Richordson, Vicki E. 444 Richmond. Robert R. 425 Ricltles, Irwin 412 Ridle, Margaret L. 444 Rivers, David E. 425 Rooch. Charles M. 412 Roach, Doris Kothryn 412 Rooch, Robert Austin 444 Robbins, Linda P. 425 Robertson, Shirley J. 445 Roberts, D. loretta 425 Roberts. Ed D. 412 Roberts, James Hill 417 Roberts, Toni S. 445 Robertson, Danny 25 Robertson, Morsho 6. 412 Robinson, Patricia J. 412 Robinson, Margie 425 Robuck, lorry D. 412 Rocker. Jewell Jean 445 Rogers, Howard Gary 445 Rogers, Roy Lee 412 Rogers, Susan 425 Romans, Jomes S. 425 Roper, Phyllis J. 445 Ross, Elizobelh 42.1 Ross, Mary Anne 412 Ross, Terry L. 445 Rou, W. Terrell 425 Rossie. George 425, 290 Rowlond, Pomelo P. 445 Rubin, Edward S. 445 Rucker, Jomes W. 413 Rudin. Sandra L. 445 Russell. Phyllis C. 413 Sadler, Corolyn I. 445 Somlord. Kerry J. 445 Samples, Marilyn E. 445 Soms, Carolyn V. 413 Soms, Phyllis lyn 445 Senders, Constance E 445 Sanders, Robert H. 445 Sanders. Ruby 425 Sanders. Wonda R. 445 Sopp, Joseph G. 413 Savage, John Edward 445 Schonz, Suzonne C. 445 Schorl, Shirley P. 445 Scoggins, Mortho M 44S Scott, Gloria P. 445 Scott. Potricio L. 445 Scott, Susan S 445 Self, Robert C, 445 Sermos, Gus G. 445 Sewell, Michoele 425 Shaw, Claude 413 Show, Steven Parker 425 Sherry, Mortin J. 413 Shields, Devon A. 425 ShurbutI, Gloria J. 413 Sidey, Jill Ann 425 Simmons, Betty J. 446 Sims, Alan Edward 425 Sims, Chorlene 446 Sinner, Roger Woyne 425 Skipper, Carolyn 446 Skutt, W. Richard 425 Slode. Sharon 446 Smith. Betty C. 446 Smith. Brendo L. 446 Smith, Carolyn E. 446 Smith. Dona D. 446 Smith, Donold Wolker 425 Smith, Doris Carol 446 Smith, Helen R. 445 Sneod, Stanley W. 414, 296 Sneed, Joel Merritt 414 Sorrow, Morgoret D- 426 Spatz. Wendy 446 Speight, Charles E. 446 Stamey, Brendo 446 Stonley, Annette L. 446 Sonley, Bernita O. 426 Stanley, John M. 426 Stonley, Jeon 414 Stanton, William R 414 Stopleton, Ellen L. 426 Steed, Ellon L. 426 Steele, Donna Koy 414 Stellen, Chris A. 414 Ste. Marie, Steven Bruce Paul 414 Stephens, Gerold N. 414 Stephens. Mary E. 426 Stevens, Patricia E 446 Stewart, Charles W 414 Stewart, Donna 447 Stewart, Freda Jeon 426 Stewort, Norma 447 Stone, W. R. 426 Storey, Paul 447 Strickland, Cheryl J. 414 Stricklond, Robert 447 Strunk, Potricio 447 Stubbs, Koren Aline 447 Stucke, Jeannette 447 StuM, Laura 447 Styles, Ruby K 426 Sullivan, Susan Ann 426 Summer, Frankie 447 Summer, Helen France 414 Swain, Raymond 447 Sweotmon, Morris 414 Swint, Margelyn 447 Sykes. Richord 447 Tollent, Glendo 447 Topley, Mary 447 Toylor, Daniel E. 447 Taylor. Deboroh B. 447 Taylor. Harry A. Jr 426 Taylor, Joseph 447 Taylor, Linda 447 Taylor, Patricia 447 Teogue, Lauronce B. 414 Tedford, Gwendelyn 447 Terry, Benny 447 Thocker. Jane 426 Thielmonn. Nancy E. 414 Thomos, Doyle W. Jr. 414 Thomas. James H. 415 Thomas, Peggy Ann 447 Thomos. Susan G. 415 Thomoson, Gory 0. 447 Thompson, Curt 415 Thompson, Jas W. 415 Thompson, Sandra 447 Thompson. Susan W 425 Threadgill. Jomes M. 426 Trelkeld. Williom 447 Thurmon, Mary June 415 Tiger. Joyce E. 447 Todd. Susan Ellen 426 Tolbert, Jock W 415 Tolley, Jomes C 415 Tomlin, Clork T. -444 Travis, Cecil A. 415 Treodwell, Ralph S. 426 Troux, Nancy 426 Tucker, Jacob H. Jr. 426 Tuggle, H. Newton 447 Tuggle, W. Baxter 426 Turner, Freda R. 415 Turner, Jeffrey E. 426 Turpin, Julio Woyne 447 Twiggs. Joseph 447 Tyer, Jane Pittmon 447 Tyree. Lamor 415 Tyson. Jeonnie Marie 447 Underwood. Donno P 426 Underwood, Jomes 447 Underwood. Margaret 415 Vail, Christopher I. 426 Volls, Jose A. 415, 296 Vaughn, Gory C. 415 Vonce. Robert L. 447 Von Dyck, Dione 415 Vomer, Deborah 448 Vaughn, Leon Poul 426 Verner, Steven W. 448 Vernon, Cheryl C 426 Via, Sharron 415 Vickery, Jean L. 448 Vincent, Wallace Lee 448 Vogler, Nicodenus 416 Voyles, Lee Leonard 426 Vullo, Jo Ann 448 Woldrop, Patrick E 448. 290 Wo ' ker. Mory lynn 448 Walker, Rebekoh Ann 448 Wolloce. Christy L 426 Wordrep, Robert L. 448 Wore, Chris Wo ' tson 448 Wolers, lindo Lee 448 Wotkins. Corol Jeon 448 Webb, Gwendolyn 448 Webb, Henry OMn 448 Webb, Linda A. 416 Webb, Sue Rochelle 427 Weeks, Rulh Ellen 448 Weeks, Ruth Ellen 448 Weldon, Terry L 416, 588 Wells, Donald Eugene 416 Wells, Suson Nichols 427 Wesso. ' . Sara E. 448 West, Betty 448 West, Soroh H. 448 Wheeler, Jerry I. 427 Wheeler, Patricia A. 427 White, Cormen I. 448 While, Deborah N. 448 While. Elmer Thomas 416 White, Horry R. Jr. 427 White. Kolhetine B. 427 Whileaker, Doyle T. 448 Whitley, Ceroid F. 414 Wilbur, Kathy H. 417 Williami, Compbell H 427 Willioms, Constonce 448 Williams, David C. 44B Williams. Emmett E. 437 461 Willionn. Grorjon « 449 VV.Il.t, foli.t.o J 449 Willrami. Groyton i. 449 WiImk. 0«niM lynn 449 Wiltoit. Oorolhr D. 449 W.lMK. Franklin W 4J7 W.lion. Miriam T. 449 Willon. tub Gordon 449 Wintcolf, Solly 449 Will. jQm« Thomion 449 Wii. Miriom Coil 449 Wiphom. Don Brown 416 Woll. Donul J. 417. 390 Wolfe. Jimmy l«on 417 Wood, tobart MichotI 449 Wood. Ronold Doney 417 Worlcy. Jonico Lynn 449 Wright, Bob«rl C. 449 Wynn. W. Henry 449 Ale«a C. 449 Yeorwood. Thomoi J. 449 Ycomoni, Ella E. 427 Yo t. toberl lewii 417 Young. Oiorlei I. 449 Young. Dovid Thomoi 449 Young. Horold Wollon 449 Young, Jomei L. 427 Young. Susan E. 449 Zochorioi Linda A. 427 Zimmerman, Arlene 449 Zoloi. Ponoyioyis C. 449 Zuboy. Mory Belh 449. SENIORS AND GRADUATES Abbott, William H. Jr. 378 Abrami. Fllil Henh 378 Adoir, James E. 378 Adorns. Floyd Newton 378 Adams. Judith Anne 378 Adams. Kotherine A. 378 Aides. Chorles Ed. 378 Aldridge. Jacqueline 378 Ald ' idge. John Wayne 378 Aleionder, E. lee Jr. 378 Ale.onder. lorry E. 379 Allen, Constance J. 378 Allen, Deborah Starr 378 Allen, James tichord 378 Allen. W ?reston 378 Anderson, Jonel S. 378 Andrews, Joseph G. 378 Alen. Judy K. 378 Attowoy. Joan Renee 376 Aior, Gory 378 8aker. John David 379 Boker, Linda Ellen 379 Bokef. Stieri Fay 379 Baine, Hellen 37S Barnwell, Mory K. 379 Barrett, Benjamin G. 379 Barton, Terri Polton 379 Botew. Terry Allen 379 Boumgorter, Carol M. 379 Beard, Mary W 379 Beck, lorry Lee 379 Bell. Mary Suionne 379 Berger. Eugene R. 375 Berkner. Eluobelh D. 379 Bernord. Jock A. 379 Beislitl, Deboiah Ann 379 Betitrton, Wonda S.. 379 Bicknell, Hunter 379 Billinglon. Robert 379 Bm.on, Stephen E 379, 290 Birii. Jon Dtlone 379 Bishop. Joseph 379 Bishop. Lort t 380 Block. Richard W 3B0 Blair. Anno Kay 360 Bloke, Jonic C 360 Blokely. Thomot R 360 6lokeman, Rolph E 37S 6lotl, Bennis 360 Bowers. Mile Dovid 380 6oyd. Muriel F. 380 Boyter. Jon Eugene 380 Bradley. Bruce 380 Bronscombe. Alice B. 380 Breithoupl. Truman 380 Brown. Jean H. 380 Brown, Jullie Ann 380 Brown. Wolter Keith 380 Browne. Blanche E. 380 Bruce. Phillip Oris 380. 290 Bruckner. Terry Reid 380 Butler. Linda D. 380 Butler. Sondro 37S Cody, Robert I. 380 Coldwell. Russell 8. 381 Colhoun, Borboro Ann 381 Colhoun. Oonold L. 381 Contrell. Sommis 381 Corinelli, Michoel 381 Corithers, Robert 381 Corlisle. Michael 381 Coflson, Kotherine L. 381 Carroll, Mary K. 381 Corroll. Thomos C. 381 Castillo, Hal S. 381 Cholin, Kothryn E. 381 Cheotwood. Jeonne R. 381 Chester, Koy H. 381 Clorke. Jomes M 381 Clum, Lynn Mary 381 Coe, Dionne Morie 381 Cook, Flisho Jo 381 Cook, Foye Crosbey 381 Cooke, James William 381 Cooper, Kent Clark 382 Copelond, Rondo! L. 382 Coppedge, Andrea B 382 B A. Mental Retardation Delto Zelo Sorority; VP, Day Student Government Associotion. President of Ponhellenic. 1967068: Soohomore Secretory of the SGA; Panhellei ' C Delegate; Cho ' rmon of Greek Week Sing Night; Recipient of Special Educotion Senior Troineeship; First-Runner Up Rampway, 1968, Who s Who; Miss Little 500. 1966; CKcirmon for Spring Festival Pro- groms; President of Student Council For Exceptional Children. Corbin. Corl Ross 382 Corbin. Horold K. 382 Cornett. Julion C. 382 BBA Mgt Pi Kappa Phi Warden; Inter-Froternlty Council; Dean ' s List; Student ' s Lomp Key Aword — Pi Koppo Phi. Cote, lari Susan 382 Cox. Corlo Donna 382 BS Urbon Life Alpha Phi Sorority; Who ' s Who; Pi Kappo Phi Sweelheorl Court; little Sister of the Star ond Lamp Croig, Richord E. 382 Crim. Jomes E. 382 Crim, Roymond E. 382 Crislol. Richord E 382 88A Morketing Who ' s Who; Presi- dent. Vice Pretident. Secretary of Alpha Epsilon Pi; Vice- President. Secretory of the Interfraterinty Council; Generol Council Representotive; Chairman of Greek Week and Mardi Gros Curtis. Deidre H Cur ' . W nll " 375 Eta Sigma; l.,„;, ja-) BS Phvsics Delia Tau Delta; Physics Club; Circle K Doniel. Owen Davis 382 Doniel. Stephen L. 382 Dornoll, John Ross BBA Accounting Pi Koppo Alpha Presi- dent; Who ' s Who; Student Government; Interfraternity Council; Senior Closs President; Letlermens Club Davidson, lymon C. 382 Dovis. Horry E. 382 Day. Wayne H. 382 Dtllono, Polsty Jr. 362 Debardeleben. W. Dee 375 MBA Accounting Dennis. Betty Lou BBA Business Education Dean ' s List Dewetter. Linda Koy 363 Darsett. James David 383 BBA Marketing President Pi Koppo Alpho; Treasurer Student Government; Who ' s Who; Advisory Commillee to the Dean of Student Affairs; Registration Committee; Budget Committee; Freshman Conclave Counselor Durham, Gloria Ann 383 3B3 BS Dye, lindo Lou List Edwards, Chorles E 383 Edwordt, Emory H. 363 Eich, Harris W Jr 363 Ellloll. Cleon W 363 Elliott, Sidney W 383 cron Delta Kappa, Pi Math Alpha Lambo Delta; Dean ' s Honor Froternlly Secretory, Treosurer; Phi Elo Sigmo. Homecoming Choirmon; Commencement Week Choirmon; Mordi Gros EntertoinmenI Choirmon; Deon ' s list; Freshmon Conclove Counselor Embry. Alice H. 375 English, Fronk R. 383 Erikson, EMo I. 383 BVA Interior Design President of the Student Chapter of Americon Institiute of interior Design; Young Republicons Foison, Donold D. 383 Poison. Oonold D. 383 Forlow, Shelio C. 383 Felte. Edword W. 383 Ficklen. Albert Jr. 383 BBA Morketmg Fiedler. Niki D. 383 A8 English Koppo Beta Phi; Honors English Progrom Fields, Heolher G 383 Afl English Who s Wtio Presdent; Chnslion Science College Orgonozolion; Vice-President Delta Zeto: Ployers; Deans List; Senotor; Student Government; Choirmon Greek Weeli; Miss Georgia Slate College 1966-67; R- net-uD. B ' sl Dressed Coed 1966; Feature Writer. Signal; 1966 May Queen; Ring Selection. Homecoming 1967. Fincher. Mory Ruth 383 Prior. Guy J. 383 Floersheim. Robert M, 384 Foreman. John E 384 Fo-ter. Lou. 5 K 384 Fowler, Bonnie Morie 384 AB Sociology Zela Tou Alpha Fr w ' cr Gloria G 384 AB Political Science Fullerton, Llewellyn 375 Gordner. John Alden 384 Geoiy. Reothel E. Jr 384 Gillings, Edith M, 384 Golden. Leslie Lone 384 Gordon. James Warren 384 Gosnell, James L 384 Grohm. Suzonne E 384 Greene. George Rob 375 Greene. W. L, Jr 384 BBA MonogemenI Sigma Nu Com- mander; Who s Who; Omicron Delto Koppo; Scobbord ond Blade; Chairman Spring Festivol 1968; Codet Coptain Advonced ROTC; Senior Class Senator; Member IFC; Member Generol Council; Entertomment Choirmon Greek Week, 1967 Gunter. Chorles Lee 384 Guthrie. Robert C. 384 BA Economics Guyton. Willlom M. 384 BA Economics Hoddod. Jomes Eugene 384 BS Biology Beta Beto Beta President 1969; Chemistry Club; Advanced ROTC— Distin- guished Military Student Hall. Tomilia Lovell 384 AB Elementory Education His- tory Club Secretary 1968-69; Student Educotion Associo- tion Hammonds. Saylio A, 384 BBA Morketmg Young Demo- crots. Vice-President; General Council Representotive; Sig- noi. Assistant News Editor. Editorial Assistant. Associate Editor 1968-69 Honekomp, Chorles W 375 Ml Insurance Hormon. Edwin E. 375 Horn. Wade M 375 Honges. Stephen 385 Honson. Angier Leon 385 Hordy. Dione Morgon 385 Hardy. Earl E. Jr, 385 Horper. John A 385 Harris. Joanne 385 BS, Speciol Educotion Sweetheott of Alpha Epsilon Pi, Children Member of Council For E«ceptionol Harris, William W. 385 BBA Marketing Dean ' s list; Stu- dent Governmonet; Ncwmon Club; Koppo S gma Morrison. Jomes G 385 Hartley. Croig Scott 385 Homes. Jock K. 385 Hoynes W. Andrew 385 BBA Morketing Helms. Fletcher 8, Jr, 385 BBA Morketing Pi Sigmo Ep- silon Henderson. Cloudia E. 385 A8 Elementory Educotion Delto Zeto. Editor Historion; Rompwoy. Achievement Award 196B. Copy Editor 1968-69; Publicity Choirmon Poll Orientotion Dione F. 385 AB English Sigmo Tou Delta; Henderson BSU 385 385 385 DBA Morketing Who ' s Who; Omi- Koppo Alpha. Secretary; Blue Key Hendrix. Robert C, Hennessee, Billy M Herring, Robert M Hess. Corel P 385 Hewett. Robert Louis 385 Hightower. Beverly A. 385 Hockman, Sandra I. 386 AB Elementary Education Alpho lombo Del o; Crimson Kty; Delta Zeto. Scholorship Choir- mon. Second Vice President Hogue. John Fronklm 366 Honeycull, Jomes M, 386 Houser. John Henry 386 462 Howell, Chorlei I! 386 Hudson. Soil Anno 386, 268 85 Elemenlory Educolion Who J Who, Alphi Xi Delta, MembcMh.p Chairman, Social Choirman; Phi Koppa Alpha Dreom Girl Court; Co-Choir- mon Mordi Groj 1969; Student Education Aisociotion; Counieloi Frejhmon Conclove 1968; Greek Week Judgei 1969; SCEC Program Chairman Huey, Dione E. 386 Hughes, Stephen G. 386 Humphries, Robert M, 386 Hutcheison, Guy W. 386 BS Moth Hulchenion, Herman Jamn 386 BVA Palming Bopliir Stu- dent Union Irwin. Boyord M 386, 390 AB Political Science Koppo Sigma Vice-President 1967 Irwin. James A. Jr, 366 Jackson, Robert 8. 386 AB Journalism Sigma Delta Chi- WPIO FM Jacobus, Jeffrey C 386 Johnson, Morion J. 386 Johnson, Porricio C. 386 Johnson, Ruth E. 366 Joiner, Ralph R. 386 Jones. Nelson Lee 367, 296 BA Political Science Romp- way, Editor 69, Assistant Editor 66; General Council Rep- resentotive. ollemote; Student Publications Committee; Young Republicons; Forum; 1969 Governorj Council oii Educotion; Sigmo Nu — assistant Treasurer Jones, Rebecca D- 387 Jones, Robert P 387 BBA Accounting Jordan, Jesse J, 387 Kahn, Gay Miller, 375 Medical Counseling Kelnhofer, Merceder 387 Kensicki, Peter Rob 375 Kerbel, Morcos G, 375 Kelchum, William W. 367 MBA Mareting Killingsworth, Thomas 387 BA Graphic Design Kimbell, John R 367 King, Carolyn M. 387 Kingsmon, Shirley R 367 Kingsmon, Lawrence J. 387 Kirklond, Martin D. 387 Koehler. Judith Ann 367 Kroft, Harry Thomas 367 Kramer. Stuart Myles 387 Krous. Pot Ann 387 Kwon. Chuen Chun 387 LoBudde, Bruce C 375 Long, Pomelo J. 387 long, Thomas Wolker 387 Lormon, Paulo H 368 lee, Dorothy Jeon 386 Lee, Melvin Pierce 386 Leiker, Carol Jeon 366 Leopoirat, Molmee 375 Lewellen, Gory Boyd AB Moth Loefeler, William E 288 Long, James Rondolph 386, 290 lord. T. S. 388 lydic. louro E. 368 AB English Sigmo Delto Tou; PSEA SCA Lynch. Terry W 375. 290 Monn, Ronald Edward 368 BBA Monogement College Bond Manning, Cecil Eddie 388 AB Moth ROTC; Groduation Monning, Joseph G 388 Morks, Eugenio S. 366 Morlin, Harold Alon 368 Martin, Mortho T. 388 Moynord. Edgor Louis 368 Moynord. Judy 388 AB Journalism Andrew Junior College: Who ' s Who; Editor-in-Chief Newspoper; President Women ' s Council; Organization Editor of the Yearbook: Georgia Stole College; President of Delta Zeto: Who ' s Who: Foculiy Editor of the Rompwoy; Secretory to the Senior Closs; Co- Chairman " Miss Best Dressed " ; Historian of Delia Zoto; Chairmon of Spring Festival Queen; Feature Editor of the Signol McCullough. Donno M 386 McEochern. Potsy L 388 McGoughey, Robert H 388 Mclnryre. Gory Joe 389 McLoin. Williom H 389 Mcleod, Indio B 369 AB Sociology Alpha Koppo Delta McMillan, Mary O 389 I McMullon, William P. 389 I McMurroy, Thomos C 389 McRoe. Moriel 389 BA English Zelo Tou Alpha McWhorter, John O- Jr. 389 Mellon, William 0. 389, 296 BBA Marketing Sigmo Nu Frolernity; lieutenant Commander Winter ond Spring 1969 Mellon, Melvin 0. 369, 296 Merck, Deborah O, 389 Meriz, Karl C 389 Metiel, Jacqueline G. 389 SA6 Sociology Delta Phi Ep- silon Miller, John Kenneth 369 Mitchell, Morlene P. 389 Mobley. 8. Joanne 389 BBA Accounting Beta Alpha Psi; Phi Chi Thelo Moncklon. Kenneth W. 369 BBA Management Sigmo Phi Epsilon. Secretory, Porliomentorion; General Council Rep- resentative Moore. Fronklin J, 389 BBA Morketing Pi Sigma Epsilon Moore, Judy Morgorel 389 8A Journalism Pershing Rifles Sweetheart 1967-68. Orientation Committee 1966-68; Greek Goddess Choirmon 1967-68- Co-Choirmon Greek Week 1968- 69; Pledge Trainer ond First Vice-President of Alpha Phi Sorority; Jo Ann Conslslm Av.ord Morgan, Loree P. 389 AB Elementory Educotion Motley, Borbora Ann 390 Moss, Mary Reynolds 375 Mullins, Undo Lee 390 BS Special Educotion Musgrove, Judy C- 390 Nosh, Edith A. Davis 390 Nosh. Karen E. AB Elementory Education Nicked, Lois Roberta 390 Delto Gommo, Corresponding cr-torv. RccofH fi " Sr-cretO ' y Secnrd Vice-Pre ident- Pledge Trainer: eeto Beta Beta; General Council Represento- tive; Young Democrots; Generol Council Secretory: Who ' s Who; Chemistry Club, Publicity Chairman Osborne, Leslie E. 390 Overstreel, George G. 390, 296 Overstreet, Jomes Ed 390 Owen, Harold F. Jr. 390 Owens, Doniel Edword 390 BBA Actuarial Science Delto Sigmo Pi; Omicron Koppo President; Phi Eto Sigmo, Treasurer; Blue Key; Generol Council; Actuoriol Science Club; Insuronce Society; Bond; ROTC Bond; Who ' s Who Patrick, Soroh E 374 Pottillo, William E. 390, BBA Accounting President Beta Alpha Psi Peers, Linda Waring 390 Perreoult, Norman D. 396 BBA Morketing Sigmo Nu; Sig- nal Phillips, Nancy P. 391 Pinson, Dattie Lee 391 Pickens, lindo 391 Pitts, Ronald J. 391 Post, James S. 391 Pounders, Charles S 391 Prather, Rolph R. 391 BBA Morketing Pi Sigmo Epsilon, President; General Council; Blue Key Prophilt, Susan L. 391 Pertnom, Dovid H, 391 Ragsdale, Patricio 391 Roiney, Clarence E, 391 Reovis. Robert W. 391 BBA Economics Phi Koppo Alpha; Blue . " .ey; Omicron Delto Epsilon; Dean ' s List; Ticket Chairman Greek Week; Trophy Chairman Post Orientotion Post, W. Embry 374 Reebes, Richord 374 Reed. Linda 391 Reeve, Bonnie Dee 391 Reinhordt, C. 374 Respress, Jeonnette N. 391 Richords. Robert Lee 374 Richmond. Marilyn T. 374 Ritter. J Robert 391 BBA Accounting Beto Alpha Psi Roof, Mary Scott 392 Robbins, Cheryl Dolo 391 Roberts, Lourenio D. 391 Roberts, William J. 391 Rogers, Dopno E. 392 Rollins, Robeit C 392 Roserberg, Phillip A 392 Ross, Ernest W. 392 Rubin, Ronnie H. BA History Phi Alpha Theto 392 Solmond, Williom G. 392 BBA Insuronce Delta Sigma Pi; Insurance Society, Secretary Treoiurer Sompson, Borboro A. 392 Sopp, Ronold Von 392 Soye, Corol Anne 392 AB Moth Zeto Tou Alpha, Presi- dent- Alpha Lombo Delto; Crimson Key, Secretory; Pon- hellenic Council; Mathematics Club, Vice President; Alpho Xi Delta Award; Who ' s Who Sfoll, Richard 0. 392 Stflroves. Laura 39? Sewell. W Michael 392 Sheets. Jomei H. 374 MBA Finance Shermon. Rodney C. 374 Ph.D. Monogemenl President of the Doctoral Fellows ol the School Of Business Administra- tion; Americon Monogement Atsociotion Shivers, Michael I. 392 Shiopok, Beverly D. 392 AB French Siket, Reginald Lee 392 Simpson, George W. 374 Simpson, Potricio 392 Sisson, Lewis G. 392 Slater, Mortho H 392 Smith, Guy Randall 392 Smith, Honny N. 393 Smith, Lenny Wayne 393 Smith, Mary Corole 393 Smith, Mary Louise 393 AB Sociology Smith. Stephonie M 393 Smith. Thomas R. 393 BBA Accounting Dean ' s List Snipes, Julian 8. Jr. 374 Spell, William M. 393 Sproule, Robert G 393 BBA Accounting Slalon, Margie A, 393 Stephens, James R, 393 Stevens, Paul Somuel 393 BBA Insurance Pi Koppa Phi. Insuronce Society Strickland, John F. 393 Stone, Marsha Ann 393 AB Elementory Education Senior Senotor; SNEA; Delto Zeto; Wesley Foundation Swilley, Monroe F 374 MA History Tomplin, Joanne 393 Templeton, Chorles B. 393 Thebbs, Donald Robert 374 Thigpen, Potricio A. 393 Thomos, George 393 Thomas, Jeffrey C. 288 Thompson, Dovid L. 394 BBA Marketing Pi Sigmo Epsi- lon; Society For the Advoncement ol Marketing; Deon ' t List Thompson, Richard E 394 BBA Accounting Beta Alpha Psi- BSLJ; Deons List Tidwell, Morvin R. 394 Toole, John Pryor 394 Troylor, Jerry Mox 394 Treodwell, Jomes S. 394 Treodwell, John 5. 394 Tucker. Bernard M, 374 Turner, Condoce A. 394 Underwood, Charles B. 374 VonFleit, W. Edmund 394 Wode. Roy Lewis 394 BBA Marketing Sigma Phi Epsilon; Advanced Military Science; Deon ' s List Walker. Rondoll 394 Woller. Jomes R. 394 Journolism Walls. Grover A. Jr. 394 Woller, Jone Eliz 394 Watson Adele D. 394 Wolton, Ralph 394 W-over, Hugh F. 394 West, lone Bradford BBA Acluoriol Science Actuoriol Science Club Pi Koppo Alpha Wharton, Wyonl J. 374 MBA Monogement White, Barry Frost 395 White, Beverly Jon 395 Wiley, Williom T, Jr. 395 Williams, Marilon Jr. 374 Williams Barbara E 394 AB Political Science Omicron Delta Epsilon Williomj. Cvnthio A. 395 AB History Zeto Tou Alpha; History Club: PiKA Diomond Willioms. Dione 8 395 AB English Alpha Phi; Alpho lombo Delta; Dean ' s List Williams. Theodore M. 395 Williams. Woyne 374 Wilkes. Wode Douge 395 Wilkins. Joon K. 395 BBA Accounting Witkins. Marie Joyce 395 BS Chemistry Zeto Tou Alpha Wilson. Elmer I. 395 Wilson. Robert O. 374 Wooley. H Michoel 395 AB History Wright. Jomes K 395 Wright. Jimmy Corel 395 Wynne. Michoele 395 BA Political Science Delta Zeto. Editor Historian. Activities Chairman; Editor ' s Secretary Rompwov Who ' s Who: Pledge Sweetheart of Siomo Nu: S»nir r rinss S»notor Mis Freshman Finnlitt- Co-Choirmon of Mordi Gros; Collegiate Member — Notional Election Service for 1968 Presidentol Election Wheeler. Lorry Guy 394 Young. Alice AB Sociology Mu Rho Sigmo; General Coun- cil; Debate Teom; Who ' i Who; SEA; Preiidenl ' i Council 374 Ziglirt. Alan leonord 395 AB Sociology Alpha Epsilon Pi; Deon ' s list 463 I remember now the various times I thought of what I would say on this page at the book ' s comple- tion. Well, all I really wish to say is I am glad the 1969 RAMPWAY is complete. I sincerely hope that this yearbook is the best ever at GSC (this is only natural). I want to think that it becomes more than an object to gather dust on some shelf. The reason is that this book contains peo- ple ' s (both staff and students) sweat, tears, frustra- tions, imaginations, aspirations, and accomplishments. Its sole purpose is to provide an account of this past year at GSC, which will eventually become memories, both good and bad, for every student. For, in reality, only memories last forever, whether they are of an individual or group of individuals. In an attempt to create memories, this book takes a new approach of touching the various aspects of student life. There are numerous things overlooked or not fully covered. I only hope the students accept it on its merits and enjoy the memories it stores inside its covers. In closing, I wish to recognize my two favorite young ladies— Ann Atkinson and Cheryl Hall. Ann is one of my copy editors and my right hand. And Cheryl is only my fiancee. If they decide to pursue this past year ' s work, I sincerely hope they obtain their just rewards. Thank you. Nelson L. Jones, Editor-in-Chief 1969 RAMPWAY 464 m ■ ' ■ :iy ' ' - M fisr. L V- i i ' w..

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