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rampway I 967 Annual Publication of Georgia State College ,X-ge ,xx,,,,-X... .. Xi -Q ff-'ix - ,ff Q xx f 5 T A Y 5 Q in 41 F 0 N017 Q JL Ju' xv as 0 lll5:NfSS 40 I Q SOX +5 l U 'f ' 0 0 P Q' 4-, 5 4, 14 f Q 3 4 1 Q, F' lu W-71 0 Q ..-E . H 'M H1 - I :L ', V . ' x 'Wo U L V ' an l , - I Q Y ll I 9l 3 a to SS ilk exg lf!! J ,, X ff d '2 Edltor in Chief Bill Wheat Assistant Editor Cass Smith Associate Editor Cole Hatch EACH STUDENT . . . individual and apart I I .-' 935-5, liars- 1 iii? f -F' ai 553: x.: .mf ew,- X 5, wi Y ,., -11. . l. .-,, - Q . ' li,- The student entering college finds himself alone in the rush and confusion of registration- Until his loneliness becomes transformed into solitude, college is a strange and alien place. . 1 , x ,, 1'.'1 .11 . 1,. x.'l, .,.,,, 1 1 hlfj gf 1 J! , ,lui N, 5 1 H l yet h is the Um of the entire group I, vm., 2 .JLJU-. '. .17 VJ- 3205 1 H 'S . , A :- gl.. itlgi iff: AN? 'QQ' J fill fs i X,,.f' i .' :Ai QE' K N- X 6 As quarters pass, he gradually becomes a part of the student body, and as an integral part of this unit he begins to reflect its influence. O E YEAR . . . eparate unit in time SJ! p V rf, 4 .0- 51' N- :if -'I' ' r-6 'li ei, fr r' 'K' fr. .,f Q 1-: I. '-I3 ' ,. . I: 4, .,-I '. "-vqi r-1' ' f-si ,- .QZF 'ff l , X 5X -" .- .- . Vx. - p --1, -1. P MAJ ,a- . R, ,--.',. Anti ':".- '. W. .' . ,f-" ' ' ,:' 1' 4 ,. Y. f . w' f-'N' .. 1. ' id e K ' Sp ' A RJ- J' . Y-" " ' . , if , A, M., .r ., ji .M .:. . ,fin h .V kg, ,. . X :gj ff- X- Jff' if ' l '1' ' f ' .gy -..- Q . ,p ' 4 551' , . W. fi. ' A ' "- "- ' ., A 1 N Q., ,. I X .- .If A ' 3.1. . , . , h Q . , 'Af'-': -fL'- . . If 'L '-i I . 1- ff' -:A , .t if Q .F ,XQ- .- f -X , A." ' , .51 f', X- ,Q- . ' Q.. Q 3- W -: ,-4 -4' v- - . I' -Y" lf" yi' -- -f N- ,W-53 lf" X +R'. , EI ' ' ' U ' kr.-K- - .Q ..+-' - -' - .u V 1 , ,J , .-A ,..'. 'Xt N ,f "ft e" in uv ,A , . rv. " " ' A f -. .,.-1 , - 1 r -IQ Q' ,Y ' ,f .-' ., if .. ,.,. .eff i-1...-2? ,fr ' . xr : s 1- , . -. x -, ' .. , .3 ,,f",- . --'A 1-' ' J, .rf 5 ,is 5, ., . ,. Q. 32. ".. 1 F . 'B v-.mfr :J S- ..n,.f.mfv -ga-F 'fly l -,.... I Z 'E . . . though it belongs to all years past . . . 114 i lm ff "'S'1e'l I 'I vr x. v l 7 ra- . l-1 x l l1:51nA '."k D' 'VW A 'HL Xml ll l ,fm 'CKY' K nl 1-5 xx wif! 93 :BX ll WSYNHI NH 35 , i M221 Q . W 1 ,J 'Zvi and those to come l loeli l f 3 ' 'Mi I-' T il l Qflo t ll 995516 1 D6 ll i 1lQJ66 1 if-37655 lLfQl5erifQ, Growing is a continuing process, and even though college has the greatest influence on a student's development, growth does not stop there. .55 is . ASTING I PRESSIGNS .W 2' 5 5 42 Q2 'si Y fu if XV' F ff 2' 'A --H .Q "af 51 ' , sa Fi 12:71-'w.,,.-:.v 1" , 9, 1 X ' 1 I lk ffkwmqhyn-A 7, XX .'?1--H-V17 .V xx Ngw-,q,,,,.-f'?f.A1f- ' -FN a K if-4 l Wim .ii R X .. .,,,J ' X 'ir . formed in a few short years Those aspects of college- parties, friends, professors and books-will last as memories until one remembers no more. CONTENTS WI-hr Student Life I 6 Beauties 32 Activities 42 Sports 74 W L' Q 4 Organizations IO2 if Military 202 Leadership 222 Classes 270 Index 392 A .E S- 4' J- x o L? V B ' si Q'fP 5 V1 vv I , I STLIDE T LIFE W' 5' Q X - 1 L v 'ifvql this U B . , "' f' ' S xx N x ' s ? ::.J.- f - -'::'SZ-'T' 5-'ff W' X -X I The College Is the Student In Motion ,4' J' of ,-532' W viii - fair? i ,W ,. I -me 'f s. 1.. , Q -,.:4,. , . s.,,,, , . 1, M' A241 1 Q Q 585, Ty. 22.1, kekhk 1- if - f'ri.'F: If 1153! , Maasai-1 -' V if KL I .g'-"fwfr,-'-A ' ' x 3 - SW " 'LV ' ,F AWN' vm we 1!.....-- L 1. 34. ff'- E ii -1,1 - --r 1 'sh-x xx' " X ff , Y , 'N 4, . . ,L, v :y'e .1 , w 4 i , -ff? '-iff-fffr' H ru KE ,.wq,., lf, ,,1 rf i Y Q -41:01.14 4 1 an as nv 1. ...N.. -an-f' Q-7,-. 2,3 Gnu? .-. 'ii- 'li -A .8 o Q . ',,,. .. Y.,- ew. vm, 0 in The College Is the Student In Expression an-wi-fi 'ml' X -ng... M T ... 'HM 1 ,.....,......-- 'J ,.,,.F- ,- Y .1 1 ,Q 1- The College Is the Student As the Entertainer 26 A f .11 I ' 27 I 28 The College Is the Student As the Thinker M!! Ll W.-' "Fly L I" ,. as g I, in '. , 4 1 , ' 1' V4 4 A .' P229 'M li' iii, 3 .f .f"6-fo, 'A cg 1. 5 fl, L ' " BEAUTIES I I 1 0 i i 33 I lk I .0 Kg, ik: K . Q 1 X .. X Q- X :ix - .r!-V Ks rx-SYM . 1 . A I ' wg. x 93. 5x L ,, ' S X A h -11 r Q xy A 9 ,,-2, , F- Q. A4., , . sr, , , f 'ir 1. , U ,Q wr ' -tl. ., .1 l - -1 , I ' 'fliif' CQ N b 1. . u 9 D V 4..- , L... 1 . 5' ' Eh' - - v .v' 6 S Y ' l 1 C 1 ? 'cr 1 jf , .nh .A ' L' rf! ll" xff' my an . 1 :IN fl", IIN' ,y -1 9. u 91 .QS nf 1 .ln C 1 1 1 i x Y' i".l 'I 4, 'F , ik Al 5 'M if i V , E l X4 yr in L 1'1,, ,fy-1? , "1 1 5 X4 ,, . 1 F, Jef' I, K1 .. 5 35 yr ,WA x 'Q T 3 I nl'-:I 'l"' - . . ctw' I ..,.,.,..- n 1 uint F : O ---. J V 'w 'Q I V 1 J, V K 9 X 554 xxx w N 'Y ,Y Rm A . "fn t K' Q - h Y' .V ,.V. '. , -f.:f:'f' 'vqr isgivr ' 1 'Ox . A 5 U n , JM.. M , - --:QM I , I , . . ju", .A V EI! 1-if-62147. . , : 1:3 ' , H-- , V l ,. . ",4A'T',T - - Q "Q1ig..'1 ggi?-, :5f.,E,IL w I ' :fiat L' ,W ' ' A z Amjf, A :f,fZ fh - ff' , ,, .- ' '-- -f-bf"-..f't45,'-M "1-lfiiaesewf-E-b' f .gfi ,A lr 5115 3-in ,pf -5-Q n- ,, , .Q-,W ' . ' - ' K ,. . , ' ffeg, , ., .H-1 -2-5 E, A ': ' .1 Fff- VY 'ff if k .f--N' "' j 3 ..,,.,'5,afeff. M . 4 q A M ' . an l"""'A R -H vxvllhx Miyagi-Eiga M K M f""'4' T- K J , V ' L +4 -:rj " 'Y 'f' :m l VM ,, P - . - ' ' D I '11ffgmiififmfglx:lf-1 "" fi M i , - ,. . f 5 , U' 5 1 h v.,g:f4,!', I l ... - 1 5 5 . . A V. P' ' MW L., Y Q V ' v ' W I f A .s ..,... ,.- .,,., an Q SJ V I -Tux L, , A-1' '.l I I - L. 'v Q "" ' ' . Q .-. 1 ,J ' A . . 1 X B I Vkx, , , W... ,,,.. ,.,,,.,v -I-1 r-14-qu! lv-Y' ' '1 rr-rn 4 J 4 1 5 ' 5, ' 1 L . r V . A 53 5 4 " ' 'I I U Q I 1 g 1 K - V Y ,. 1 -...- Eh. - .Q ,A -f- ----v----- "Q E Y ' V b ' 1 ' - g . WW! it ,fx ' l '- gig , , 1 f . , gl ' IIE f Af lil ' f , "- i ,gil ! ,I un: +1 Il , ..4. ll J- Q 5 ' , b q 'N N 1' I" v -'f 4:-V Y , Ka ' 5 Q 1 l Iii. " 'af M t I r . 5 A 4 ' ' ""i"" 'h"1't" ' ' J H, . N., ,, a 3 If N A ff- -'H ' , ' --Q, - -- - .,....,,. .QQ -- f. : ' 'Af '-'- :ffr:':.,rirQ..-.- ..... ,,,,,,tqF W. w-Ll xl V -'haw ,, ...,, . Q , 5 5 ij?dl22!06UGy G0 arf War? Lfferzbe C6412 Mr l yll. . kg? 4.1 i? Al ff' JF, P rllhmluo' ,A Y l. 4 QQ: S I' B s- -'A Ulu 037 unsung , -Rs' 'U' 'Quinn -'M h.'E'.r::.. A .n-sow-45" 'Y ...M - Qu, .-.M . JL Rf , fm! ., . f A :rf vi. , , Nmgigjgfy, . i. f '.?'H 3"' . , w if' 3 by "' ni ' as '. ' A 9 x.lSQ5,1' , qt, .gf fr", 'J ' Cho fag-r. 1.1.5-.IJ ' .1 :,, "Mfg: ' -'-ifm--4? . 11'-'. ' 4 f, Q Af? ,-. 1 2' A ,F 1- 2 1 L' 5 ' 1 X I 1 1 4 X 'I ' 4 4 Y v xg, 11 L v 'N , ,, Y I N111 2. H 1 Y Y . Y. ""' II - -wf . . Rf- ,W-,.- ,,l.--'H' - ?SJ.,,... A . I fa. , C. L - L - ,, , ,Q 5154?-if: 5' 2" ,N i ' ' 'J2+'sfi,?F-'41 in-r V' ' ESA ' V fjvh, -' " fy I , 'X' ' '-2-m'7.w'Z 4" ' 2 ' . Z wav-.vw ---H ,ig-fb ,A . . - f-Er A Y it-, ix lyk. r MW, gy ' Q-i f f 7jff'u - fl- ff il f 1-i ' - W u,,,..f 5,-,,a,X ,W--' ,V Y . rx' sc .5 3 5 -U X ,w 1. ff " x . ,Q A -g""l!'P""' 1 ,i 1 ,Q AL - ' .W 'D' X- -' .sh "f...-w,..- f--K-' - -X 7 film" W Q- "L QQ-0.45 WW B , A W w"3f:ffffWBZ ---f 5,551+ , ' ' 1. .rwgfh '. IW! V Q . ,,,:rnam-lv-if 'R '45 3 ' Ki ' - ' 'wma "' 'avi V i - f'.'..'i"f M' 5, 1 V 1 J 1, .3 ' h '-jg! -il-,:'gf-5Ag:g.j?:"' m.,1,w1fX11:f.sfff?'f-Y'-"'5' A .. W' ai m,,?,,,,,: .-,:-- - f 'vu'-H.- ,V M ,-.xam.,,.,,L 'a1!j'f4,'F73fW7U:,4-vii" '1 ,ff H" 5 ' - . 4 ':- Rx ,, ' , - W., t , .., i -Q - Q. ,rf 'M .za Ju gi A , '--J 'WW " ' 2, :fTf.5.-, Q, , f Q, -,, X -"JM: A K -,Q', 1 N W iQ?:'.3R'f'A .EVA-?ff f,aT'1'-Y.w'v-'.'!'F L ' ' ' 5 , L, R , F 1 ,, . . v34 ,. W-q:.:,E'f??E2'1,s2yfm , 1741 ' v'1 ' -, "W - ' gp! 'Que- ti' 4 -'A- 3' ij ' -'YZ' V .F t -Q " A M a 1' , 4' ' ' Y , ." , .V-if 4. -.,1g.g4l5- v-- . ,,..,,, f -Y , A ' 1 1 xiii 'f ff J f H., , - . .- ,, . fp . -- .- - J X .4 ,e ,2..e.'f: A"" -,I . bf. , .. L . r :'. xf. 1 v ' , ' , V 35.3 ,tg 4. :AY 'P' 1 U w' ' ' .. Y' f - f-.-1 72. if 'QL 'Ar' A a. .va . , Y " ,p-,fw,, --r l, L .'1.'.'33w,N-' . ' M . , , Jaw '- ' WJ ff ' . ' - Q " H-14 33'-'11 , . - f ' " ' :1 . H A N QL , ' ,.. ' ,Q "T ' "Nix-.4 ' wr- . Q.: f bf 1 f V l . Q a R444 's 'Y . 1 ,. iff 'Gigi -. .. , , E f-55.41. gc lb: 'Qs , -.- '6'51s,+-1 ,,,.. A V fl 3 ,. 4 ki--f-2.':'I' -5 .L f:'1"7"'ffk1: , v 1' cz- ., .2 - " 5' 'A .,5 L,Ax 11112: . if-. -5: 'f'r1v"7 5 'f 2 3+" ' S-"f'5"l 'U fm' - ' I G mf. n. Wampway Sour! Wm Ebay wn'?l yL53,f4rx 1 4:3135 F ating? -ei , N 2 J I 1 -gg., A, W 3- 429, MPN" 'la V ,-. 4' ,W ., -Mgr'-lr , fi 14 4 ff il I ,Q 'xr .Q K H- 1 ,U x 4 J 1' si' +, J! W Y A v ' Wing-2'. " " ix ' x ,f ,L :sr 94 ' ' ' 'QW3 4+ v Q.. 2 4 1' 1 s fp' w ima, 3 af in E f ::3,Lg-Agiqf 1' w'f1'L:ff' 1 X fm' f Y! Q . H pi rv fi U1 TI ITI E mi' ,,: -,fs-5 - mx.. ' 'A -E 4 K '1 vw? WTA I It Qu., ur- 1, .9 1- 'I . ., Z2 it V1-ZPL "r',6" y'u'17" A In-usfaf.. 1,.',-B-4,11 if .0-,J ..n...'f , L,- .4 vi. -ea?'P?'N .-9 ..-i,,,,- gf . uf .- "8,u.5'f, '52 .'. , 1, 9 . 4,-M' .-rv-4-. 4, . Fa X. 1' Mn 413, nkf. 47 If 4. 3 '19 ',ll,"l' .-.r .- . . 45 o -, -auwQ'. T.: x "-gil' 12, ., ...o f fgzvg 1 l 1 ff-. Q... xii 1 ,V , , 42 l - fi the t tica j., K.. f f 1 r H " , l " ' 'siila 5 I i A .. -- U 'l""7 ' , i i .51 551 1 - '- 5 F ,. -. .- , V :N E 'r-gn -pw' '- 5 . ' if fi - ui " I The contestants, left to right, are joanie Wynne, Mary Ann Ross, Heather Fields, Charlene Eubanks, Elaine Martin, and Kim Taliaferro. A Spring Festival Georgia State observed its annual festiv- ities as the students welcomed the advent of spring. These include a reception at the Presidents home, musical selections by the Music Department and a precision drill by the Pershing Rifles. The festival is held in Hurt Park. The May Queen and her two attendants chosen by professional judges pre- side over the Festival. Thanks are to be extended to the Spring Festival Committee and the Faculty Committee for their time and efforts. Miss Fields, the 1966 May Queen, is escorted by Mr. Wayne Rogers I The 1965 Queen, Linda Purcell, crowns Heather Fields, the 1966 Queen. S '?,2-I-'Qzw 4-,PI Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow was the 1966 theme for Spring Festival. 1,- 1, K X I X55 1' 4 The annual reception was held at Presi dent I.angdale's home. PAT CUNARD 1965 Homecoming Queen 46 FRANCES HINES 1966 Miss Rampway Miss Georgia State College The "Miss Georgia State College" contest is sponsored by the National Alumni As- sociation of Georgia State College, Inc. Basis of selection is beauty, poise, figure, personality, and appearance. The winner is presented a loving cup and a one quarter scholarship from the Alumni Association. In addition, she is a guest of the Association at various College and Alumni activities dur- ing the school year. BARBARA MORLEY 1966 Mardi Gras Queen 1 . CATHY WILLIAMSON 'f 1966 Greek Goddess SANDRA WILLIAMS y "' i 'T 1966 ROTC Battalion Sweetheart . J . -- ff- 5 if iw 5 ,, g - 1,55 1 "" -f .'?'f'-fx: f .56--664 -. :sie O . ' . N... . -'31 ' . f. ' ff- The 1966-67 "Miss Georgia State College" is MISS HEATHER FIELDS. I!! ll' pr!! aiu rf "" . EC!!! The new library was finally opened for student use during summer quarter, 1966. gghedofficial dedication of the library was on january 6, 1967, during the ten o'cIock break. Chancellor Simpson presided in the absence of Governor n ers.- V3 X. X X X Orientation , ,agp Lunch during Orientation Week was served on the roof of Sparks Hall. The Freshman Conclave at Rock Eagle during August Homecoming I966 This year Homecoming was filled with the excitement of parades, floats, flats fdisplaysj, Ugly Man Contest, banquets, and the crown- ing of the Queen. The week began with the selection of the Queen and her court. An all school float carried the finalists to the front of Hurt Park where Miss Bobbie Brinkman was crowned Queen and the finalists were Miss Donna Anderson, first runner up, and Miss Maureen Smoot, second runner up. The theme for Homecoming was "Vista, A View Into State's Total Achievement." Fraternities and sororities worked on displays which were judged and the top three selected were displayed at the Dinkler Hotel. The winners were Sigma Phi Epsilon for best fraternity display and Alpha Phi tieing with Alpha Omicron Pi for best sorority display. -X -'A .V gif?-px B ey fx .zz 5 A fxjiggf '? W. X A "1-2-1 - ' . -.6 Q Ut! ' ef- 4, Q- U , .V t -l .1 1:45. ca'-.. ."" . -1 ' A ' ,-64, X . . ...Q , y erase t tr: ' ' if A V' ll- x- .,f.s .,-1431 , H ... L?,,-,,.q g A A 51 gl, "vi f A.. ' " - 'aj' W , -:gy V, , 53? 'iiifff ffef'i:fi ' C55-iff, A sf A . if I t as . , fl:-1--. "-' - - ' . 4 .1 - , . .ff---fer. , 'f exk 'Fqf' 1 " .l,'tn.,r- ' 'lo' f f f ',f.fT 2:,:frf . f'Y:ff U "- 'i4t i11 .1.'H '? L "' '!'?A,, X fig fr Q -e-a 4 eff.-1 e 'X ' xf' af' lf" ' ' -4 5 ,Q f. ..'r'ft 'A .,, - N: bitt' ii -ii Pg-1.-Q: I h TNS- "" in " A xi A- f ' 'dz ' -- . " QQQ.-T T' 'ii'-. 'Sdn - ',,- T53-" 'Gigi V. - ' t . - Enthusiasm initiated at the Sigma Nu Sweepstakes lasted throughout the week of Homecoming. The Mztrkeys perform at the Homecoming Dance. Fix- -JN ...f ,. -I' ...X ' x .- Q .c-3 IT: so, 5, .w'dv,.x.i. X ,iw dim ,. M- h Ex iw Wil- 'KS 1 l -ll zv. "r-.wx at. is. 'A i. rf.. s 4' if . Miss Bobbie Brinkman was crowned the 1966 Homecoming Queen. Miss Bobbie Brinkman with her court, Donna Anderson and Maureen Smoot. s f n ff s I H S T 1: at L E G E, n sffnwms GIHNT IN GEUREIH nfrfmur THE KEY UF KNUWLEUSE rn DLL Sigma Phi Epsilon Flat wins first place in fraternity competition. Ugliest Man On Campus awarded to Buster Bledsoe and Alpha Alumna of the Thoben Elrod receives the Alumnus of the Year Award, presented by Harry Hammond. Homecoming ended with a banquet held at the Dinkler Hotel where awards and recognitions were giveng James R. Hender- son presided. After the banquet, a coffee was given with entertainment provided by the Brandywine Singers. At the coffee Governor Sanders and Dr. Noah Langdale were recognized. Following the coffee was the Homecoming Dance featuring the "Mar- keys" and Roy Hamilton. This wound up the week of Homecom- ing, which was considered one of the most exciting ever at Georgia State College. F fs Qt V. Mrs. Laura Ruth McNeil is awarded by Mrs. Mary Cunningham as Edward C. Ronald K. Hill the Distinguished Service Award for service as chairman of the colleges Advisory Council during this past year. A f N fn The Outstanding Civilian Service Medal is presented to Dr. Noah Langdale by Lt. General Louis W. Truman, Commanding General of the Third Army, V The Distinguished Service Award for outstanding service to the college in improving com- munity relations is presented to jack Thrift by Pat Sartain and James R. Henderson. gh 'sx ri A' Ka 1 ' if ws 'tg GORDON WILLIAM ANDERSON, JR B.S., Art Decatur, Ga. SYBIL ANN BOUDREAUX B.S., A.B., German Atlanta, Ga. BARBARA DIANNE AUSTIN AB., English Decatur, Ga. Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities LINDA CAROLYN BOWEN B.B.A., Accounting Decatur, Ga, JOHN LAWRENCE BOYLE II B.B.A., Actuarial Science Atlanta, Ga. l RICHARD DREW DCBERRY B.B.A., Insurance Atlanta, Georgia IIE' il 1 l S 44... fMRS.j KATHRYN ROSE BURKE A.B., Sociology Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM ALLEN DIAL A.B., English College Park, Ga. migrant il ummm A tb DUIAKLIIIIT' 55 JOHN DAVID DONALDSON A.B., journalism East Point, Ga. ANNA LOUISE FRICK A.B., Foreign Area Studies Atlanta, Ga. CLAYTON BRADLEY DOSS, JR. A.B., Political Science Austell, Ga. Who's Who JUDY SUZANNE HAMBURGER A.B., Sociology Atlanta, Ga. 30 HARRY LEROY HAMMOND, JR. B.B.A., Real Estate Atlanta, Georgia ...., - N1:s.,e,. Q n MICHAEL LEE HINES B.S., B.A., Sociology Atlanta, Georgia SAMUEL COLE HATCH B.B.A., Real Estate Decatur, Ga. as Q ' -1 -.., -.N VIRGINIA BLAINE HUGHES A.B., English ' Atlanta, Ga. MICHAEL GENE JONES A.B,, Sociology Decatur, Ga. ,1"l1,1Q ' ? 'E i -1 -4 . W V 1. 3 KAREN LESLIE LINHART B.B.A., Management Atlanta, Ga. i BRUCE CHESTER LaBUDDE B.B.A., Management Atlanta, Ga. Who's Who GERALD WAYNE LITTLETON B,B,A., Accounting Atlanta, Ga. mm :Q nx-Q3 itf'- ' CHARLES MASON McALLISTER A.B., Political Science Decatur, Ga. . I L Q . Fa-I BONNIE MARIE NORMAN B.B,A,, Business Education Norcross, Ga. JOHN DUNHAM MCALLISTER A.B., Political Science Decatur, Ga. MRS, ELIZABETH LESTER PAINTER A.B., Geography Decatur, Ga. CHRISTIAN PAULA C. REYNOLDS B.B.A., Marketing Atlanta, Ga. , I ,liar JAMES ALLEN POOLE I V B.B.A., Accounting '4 j ,- xf Hapeville, Ga. Eg 1 i nal" 1, ,M3'mg354n MARY LINDA PURCELL A.B., English Atlanta, Ga. INFOR Who's Who I VIRGINIA CAROL SAMMONS A.B., German Decatur, Ga. LINDA CAROL SETTLE B.B.A., Business Education Decatur, Ga. ,-E: . , In Earn MICHAEL BAYNARD SMITH B.S., Physics . Decatur, Ga. Ei I 'E if fs Fi ii li Q41 V 5 I 1 MARY JOHNNA SHAMP A.B., Psychology Smyrna, Ga. SYLVIA WYNN SMITH B.B.A., Management Atlanta, Ga. SARA JANICE THACKER A.B., English Chamblee, Ga. DONALD WESLEY TROTTER, JR. A,B., History East Point, Ga. il ROBERT XVILLIAM THIELEMANN B.B.A., Management Atlnnta1,G:1. Who's Who DONALD HOYT VOYLES B.B.A., Management Riverdale, Ga. .Q uw --Y- --ia,:Ek:..:, '15, '. ' N' :NQYQQQ 1 1- PATRICIA LOUISE XVILLIAMS KENNETH HOWARD WARDLAW B.B.A., Marketing Atlanta, Ga. B.B,A., Art Atlanta, Ga. DELIA ELIZABETH NWILLIAMS A.B,, Journalism Atlanta, Ga, N"?'xz,v SANDRA SUE WILLIANIS B.S. Ed., A.B., Mental Retardation Atlanta, Ga. Greek Week I I I N 1 First place for Sorority Skit is taken by Alpha Phi. Under the capable direction of co-chairmen jane Eley and Harry Hammond, Greek Week '67 was held during the week of january 27. Sing Night competition was won by Zeta Tau Alpha and Sigma Nu, with Delta Zeta and Pi Kappa Phi placing second. Alpha Phi and Alpha Epsilon Pi captured first place in Skit Night. Second place trophies went to Alpha Xi Delta and Pi Kappa Phi, while Brenda Cody and David johnson walked away with Best Actress and Best Actor honors. Alpha Epsilon Pi's skit takes first place in the fraternity division. Greek Week was received with varying degrees of enthusiasm. CTS!! E- ' J if mwfxf ffivgnm. Sigma Nu takes first honors in Fraternity Sing f f in 'D Zeta Tau Alpha sings its way to first place. Greek Week was climaxed by a dance at the Biltmore Hotel, where entertainment was provided by the Isley Brothers and Ben E. King, At intermission, the winners of the Greek Week competition were an- nounced, and the highlight of the evening came as co-chairman jane Eley crowned the 1967 Greek Goddess, Miss Regina Klug. Mary Katherine Chandler and Carol Knauth were first and second runners-up, respec- tively. 1967 Greek Goddess, Regina Klug, is crowned by co chairman jane Eley The Isley Brothers sing with soul at Greek -We Richard Hyatt performs with the Isley Brothers -f 5 L,.,.,a N- Qh, lr, my ,. . 1' ,A x NX S ,li-'rl A! Glenn Gray, jone Payne, jack Hall in "THE PUBLIC EYE" ,---uup1 i, X ivgf 'X v - Diane Sligh and James E. Sligh in "LIGHT UP THE SKY" Larry Lynch, james E. Sligh, Gayle Clark, and Nancy Noblin, in "THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER" is C 15 TS xi CENTS XI, Q sag -A A . A, Mardi Gras I96 "Spa . ,. XZZNI- X X I :' -z gee..-:gm X ' - T31-'f . ex- fs-K ff' X fbi: if :ffm :5,:, M h E X- ""' -:X v. 11,3 '- N-,, e if 1:-1:25 ,. 31 Qgjjgigijlr -.:xr.3,, .rf TSI?" 65151235 ' k X fi s ills, -:si - 041-,:f': .: , 0 gif 'bg Patti janoulis and Mike Smith were voted King and Queen of Mardi Gras. -va., as xml? x X X . K- .- AK X6 51 W, fig' .u a Tlit xc. 3? Tommy Knox and Patty Baker were chosen best costumed. '1lS. The Nursing Education Club won first place in the non-Greek division .342 Zeta Tau Alpha presented the best sorority concession for the second year in a row I 4. ,, PGRTS 1 -..Y V3 iv . 4 O' a- 'fal- 4v" ' ' R . .X ' I , ,H .rf " -,. N 4' x .- - Y 1-- '.- -'-'vw ' ""'YQ, ' ':f":fz--.,, - , Y - . , . .5 'QU-1c4"'f. 'f ---"J, E. ' 1 k 2 .. - ,.i,-'H-,935 5, '1 - ,-Q.. .fr a 5 . fig: , , ...,'- - - Abu- -.. -- ,ff A f w,,k.'gqi?."'. 'Ag .,,f,' -,hh l , F :,'.,4f4Z,s,4,-' -4?"'l'Ji,ie:5'4 1,3 eg 'gear-3:2-v6f'i,:: ' ' -. '-'A ' ' ET" -aff' fl Q"-:AP 'hiv' x 'Q ""'s- -v -13"-'f '-iff - Qs- .inf gggg,-V!-gwff ' , - .1'. -, A- fx-9 ' .- A I V- 'opp-'Q -n.:-f jf -gf -35.5 .- ,...-1 . " ,-qp V695 fs" H , A.-, - Q-,, ' ff - , -1 f U .Q -C"-,Q .,a,,.f.-u.,, 1 six. 1, . fik3'2 'VHJ13 '- " ' 'H' ,514 '. ' ". 31+-' ' " . . 'J w "Q'3t . ' ':' Q-.-f bb- -"J-1' 1-A Q ..",,4,L , -451:52 -Y Q: 'W' ' .., -Z.. 'A-me ' '.',-- L xv' A, 9 Y' ,: . 'Y -v -5.- a h ' . A , 'cg s-j ,----- Nx. ' , . l - V A X ., 41 4. X-Qifqw Rv 1 :Z 'rf' wf-iw - N km? il fn 'P - -5 1. 5, X .,....: 1 Pwr ' .V x f ., 'f -gif' -f ,I f- - F Q -.,.- 1'?!'El-'ffl-f, 'Q " ' mx ' ,Q "V i .- 1-' ' M -. " V,-w -, A j-Ve -if-gjz. rf . I wx A , x 5' an fi. Slsqnqa .-5, - - . A fi' '- - + e4:El,ff-'- 'w" "' 132. F Sm: iq, j- ,A , '1-iv " ' "" 4 F --. - + -xy' 12:51, ' ' If 'wi ' ' ' ' ' ' " NPT . 4. " z1um'x -A, Panther Racqueteers The Georgia State College tennis team, under the guidance of Coach Francis Bridges, begins a promising rebuilding year with the return of veterans Jerry Black, Jerry Sosebee, David Nicholas, and joe Elkins. Added to the squad are promising newcomers Kirk McDaniel, Ray Phelps, Andrew Moye, Paris Couturiaux, Morris Rosenberg, Dallas Hut- cheson, Andy Campbell, Tim Nicholas, Bill Guyton, George Stuart, and George Hynes. Featured on this year's schedule are the College of William and Mary and Florida Southern College. PANTHER RACQUETEERSH-Boltom Row fleft to rightj: Coach Francis Bridges, Paris Couturiaux, Andy Moye, Ray Phelps Dallas Hutcheson Jerry Black Andy Campbell. Top Row fleft to rightj: George Hynes, George Stuart, Bill Guyton, joe Elkins, Kirk McDaniel jerry Sosebee Morris Rosenberg Not Pictured: David Nicholas, Tim Nicholas. if x i I Rosenberg serves-Phelps waits. Panthers take the net Sosebee and Black warm up. Baseball In their second -season of NCAA com- petition, the Georgia State baseball team again won only one game. This victory, though, was very sweet, for it was over neighboring Oglethorpe. Coach Archie Crenshaw's charges led by Captain Ierry Hill started the season with a spring trip to Florida, and then played their home games at Glenn Field. Besides Hill, the team was anchored by Loye McElroy, jim Jacobs, Preston Loftin, jim Murray, jerry Eickhoff, Bill Hearn, and David Rutledge. f-iq, "Pussyfoot" Preston Loftin stops ci Petr-el. 1 I T s , I- . .,..-.. Y , I 'Q A Tim Murray takes warm ups . s .0 nf"A,l,- 3,571 iffy, 94.1 I 573 -,. sw" , 1 L5-A.. j Pi- fn QQ. 3? 3 ' ,,,.f.:1 A i' L Z - 4. rr' rw Georgia State ,g.f'-3, 1411. I cw -'-'.. , .-4-+1-1 h ,bm -:M K- captain jerry H111 f1res top game at Oglethorpe OPPONENT STATE Florida Southern 12 1 Rollins 14 0 West Georgia 14 3 West Georgia 3 1 Erskine 12 O Berry 12 2 Erskine 4 2 Oglethorpe 7 8 Oglethorpe 14 2 n., ,- jerry Hill waits for throw home. .ifo- Xe F, - , .. ,.. . 4- ' .. .,-g--- ,A-...,.-.,k ,,A.... 1' -,-. Llnl.. . 0 Q. 5.1 9,5 , ' '-4 A 1 75 . 'll T' ' I ""-W1 Kr fl ', ' '.. . -151 . A -. it -yn" f "'-' .2 .- SJKNJS..-T544 A .-' ' s W' - -..n -..,. g 9 e - 4.3, -, ', ' f.. ,in '- 'F ' V..-. ...q i -N - '- iff: 'Tf?:u-'-- - .i'Q",-,-. ""' 411 , 2-4. - - I . -C .. g d so .w ig "'L'A1:. 1--N -- - WA - ' .-MSS. A - - v 1 ' .,.i.., .f4,.,,f.., -'fs .Tana . ,gg 15:2 1- " J 'Y nl A 1 A ' 4' ' L lg Y -' K : '5 :', V '313' ? Q" - . - ,. . rf- - 5 fr, 1 .I A 'QA 1' . . "ff',.L 7'q'. - -,- -1 i.f.,gf-QQ :Y 'gf-',. - . A-if, '-I : . f'-S-if X1'w, 5 ' ' 'lx - 'K' , :., -V 3.,i5if1"'?7':-f'3'Z"L,:' triiigpf , '7'f:, - ', 1 Uw n Y f yxl lx I J Ul a ' -, " t .. EL? I -.1 .'.-: .4 K. A. "QL I -' -uw. x.-- .4 ,AQ NUKAG46' I ii v A . ..,, '.g?7"',0-S1 'QA N, 'u-yu, , ,' 3' - . - N-54,4 '- V-'xii -r " 'Nik . -f .'1- f-sx-'l',- . L - X-1. -. 'M lie " ,mink fn- mf., ,df -:f'L.-3:24 'i .4 wg.-E.1?5fgSS,'ffw.'-4:2 . u fa ' ' -' 1 9 'v ' ' . N-I h 'I ' sq., Rookie David Rutledge warms up. . 5 ,,. . ', 4 .1 " Bill Herren takes the field. . X - -. nn. r is 1 . ' Q s ,e Q-, ,. Y' ,nt JV: A fs- M :i fl. 'h ,I ' L. ig, My 'X :fpy y.'1w,,.' 1- a ,. ,QW-.w 43 Q A-.-,A M., ,nt V .il c- . - ' ,.F,P:'.'-- X ww- - . -V: Q-xi-H'-.-. . pm, ,.- 3.- + .f " ' . ' ' i 'A .,. N -A Preston Loftin and jerry Hill plan strategy. Bill Hearn congratulates jerry Eickhoff after home run at Oglethorpe. 'f 1 -Y J, -,. Y- -,z -.wh 1-.-.13-'54--' " I H '-l:4,- V "' :N I . L i Q,,:.x'M4 i4.g....g..,,.,.w ,' qi' ,M vmif... .jg .-A V. 'T : 25 'ffm 2'-livin iii i5ll11iA,,:'.'-1..- -- ' f-if iz 1 l ra it 17- '?'1'fff'i'4" M, , V .l 9.5 -L - lx V 1 ,f . Q'i'e6f2"Q.1E,f5f,',, ..:1 xvv' 1.34. f".A1hfw'i 'zt' r 1,-'a . g,.My1-- 'V f- Q i ' if z'f'ff9f"7Y7'h'7'3."' :,I,-QW,-I A131 .un I -K . .-, ,-.,..., q.' wx. ...- . 1 . .. -,.,...... ... . ..- ,-3 2,4 f Danny Hope and Tim Murray pausing between innings. a 3 5 W S '1 P: 5 6 2 .4 V. X... f' Jw? A ,. ,J-..- ., J . N is V fs! -I . sp"5. 1 A x Taq IFC Softball I966 The 1966 IFC softball season saw Kappa Sigma go through another undefeated slate but not without receiving tough competi- tion from Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Nu, and Kappa Alpha Epsilon. For the Kappa Sigs, a tight infield and the hitting of Gene Epps, jim Burdine, and jim Fleming coupled with the pitching of Bart Hickman enabled the Bombers to win the championship. Sigma Nu, behind the pitching of Alvin Rateree, came in second place, losing only once to Kappa Sigma. ra' 's ql 4 " K ,, . I ' f 1 L. . , W fi? la , life Gene Epps contemplates the situation. . Fife 455 .s A ,I J - -,-.Q :, f A sf Danni By rd :mat thr fr m Glaclding to put out. ago ' 2' 1 . ---.' ,, ' ., hrx x.. if 3 Kappa Alpha Epsilon defender jimmy Woodall makes pivot trying to complete double play. .sgq 1-f :cf--',1, 'Ht' ',' n, ... 1 .Nl l viii' , . - - . ... . '-..,-, . . h . 4 - Q .- . - ,. .A- c 4, - , ' . v-4 N- . ,H - J . , n.. . - . .. , - ' " - . Sigma Nu Cole Hatch guards second base. wh nf N' J '7 -- " ' Vlifiz. .- ' -Q ,mg ., . , , - -, , - .- - 1... . .51,4, ' ' .4 Lag: v Nga: , 5 -A--.g.g"'X 'Aw' l , , l -,Inn-ifswwr. V - 1, x in . Q . X. -., R Wm hT.x..., ia ,A .. ..-1 , 1:-f-w"':Q,-kj'-,g' -mir'-' Z,""'v? ,mwmsegsgtq-.N - N: " .A I ,' .- ' .J-L rl, 'I :fp uf- L' ,'Xg':7t - K '-3 ' ' A .1 ' T ' "- - . . , Q 5.:.,f.?-:-,.,g,-,vu - - 1 . , . -V V -, ,-,.:.:a-pg-Q ,',.. - -1 4 4n.-- - "Legs" McCabe waves jim Fleming home. Kappa Sigma Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Epsilon Kappa Alpha Epsilon Pi Kappa Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Epsilon Pi 1-1-4 J- Nj' gyn,-':g45.g' ' -' -Q. .N , I. .JA 4. 'J . f 7 L. ,L M fs R ' J' " vga mi? .44-4 ' -.1 S .' X.---,,,.xA , - Y asf!" ' i Denton Smith eats third base against Pi Kappa Phi. Larry Alexander watches P1 Kappa Phi in action Rf i i -we Koh ,QXL X ,K . ,gi V 4:3 . 9. iz t .7 ts. . X: N ., if , X we -. Denton Smith tries to stop Pi Kappa Phi Doug Lewis at home. Q 'mu y , ' "T-'if .,., Q . I 1 5 V 5 f 4: - -9 f i .X-f" QP," .. LX "Nga " , v . '4 . F .,-04' yi Some spectators lose themselves in the excitement. Johnson heads for third. Cross Country The Georgia State Cross Country team, coached this year by Dean of Men, Tim Singleton, had its third straight winning season Q7-ij against tough opposition. The Panthers lost their first two meets, but bounced back to win seven out of their next eight matches. Bruce LaBudde, the fourth best distance runner in the South, led the team with eight first place wins. Bruce also won the Atlanta Marathon, beat- ing, among others, Tireless Tim Singleton. Bill Bracken was the team's second fastest runner. G1 State Runners, left to right, Richard Lawrence, jerry Black, john Mishasek, Bill Bracken, Rick Fletcher, Frank Clegg, Bruce LaBudde. Georgia Sizzle 37 Furman 34 East Tenn. St. 15 Berry 20 DeKalb 18 DeKalb 35 Ga. Tech 23 Emory 18 West Ga. 23 Emory 15 Ga. S. Western 33 Citadel 33 Baptist Opponenlx 20 21 44 36 41 23 32 42 32 47 22 22 if .I V H I t I. ,, J. I. Y- ,Q ,1 - ii -. Miki-sg 't ni. .JA 1..f.rn-.r:Vq ,, Bruce LaBudde brings home another blue ribbon. .-L? lclumhw. . Coach Singleton charts times. ! A5 4' Bill Bracken striding his four miles. Georgia State Golf The Panther golfers fared well again in their encounters on the links during the past season. Led by Coach Ben Curry and the clutch shooting of jim Webb and Larry Morris, the team posted a 4 and 5 record. On the home course of Cherokee Country Club, our men have fallen only twice in ten outings over the past two years. Georgia State also finished midway in a field of 25 schools at the Southern Intercollegiate Golf Tournament at Cape Coral, Florida. Coach Ben F. Curry ,SI Q V 5: -Ax gt, . I K V. 4 ll ' 4 r ' - ' .trio yt. 4, ali 'S h - , fx 'A' X '- X iv-cite ' . --. sax wr sq. , f - 'H J.. - r 1 If .X 'si i v. i gjgijgs, -- f.. .. s-az, 5 ga., ' ' .-xv ,.-pf---an-,..j V, K..-av. A ' , K if U"fZ' '1v5s:x.iff"-V - , ,- ,, ,..' - .,'g5.3",g,sx.n.. . 1 . -H. - t . r f- '- -. .- - ' 1 ' ' if ' 5" ""f'i.-.'9s' 1,--.Q ,.... , ,.- 0. x jim Webb watches drive from no. 3 tee at Cherokee. ' W' -' ' 'A "gl A' .:a'.ir'--. ., . .e-1 .Xxx ff sw:-w , k.,.,? S425-SE Q3 ef ft. McLeod shows form at scenic Cape Coral, Fla. course. Q L-f' ' +1.64 Q.. I . .11 Qt Morris braces to blast from tee. Randy Smith shooting for par on last green. if Twisted torso of jim McCoy shows strain of drive. Opponent West Georgia College Georgia Tech Vanderbilt University University of Chattanooga Auburn- University Auburn University University of Chattanooga West Georgia College Georgia Tech Georgia State 15 14 225 45 115 155 12 15 225 45 17 io 255 35 65 205 225 45 si . J vu v U 4- Q lg .4 ' x ,- 1 ' 1. .- ,--j- - 1 l L! gb Y . f:Qx V 'S ,Q rg, ,4 -47 -, b Q .- 1 f ,D 9 464 - A 2 .' '- yt- - .-vin -ra' ff- 51" f buh 'Q 95.-" ' f ' 13. is f ' iff" X - . U i.x a 'P : V , , K E ' 1 ! 'X -, ' A X an M I . 1 14 I fi' an N , , 2 -2 'x , , . 1 Il l "' 1 6 if , 1 ' . 1 1 .- 5 ' , , sir f v 1 sg 37 1' 1 1 I I V A -N' 4 I -. if 5 ,V TN - I' '- 1 as - 0, l 1 ,ff-,fa '- "'A'Nx'fE. S Q" 43,-. ' E 1 - ' f 'H ' ' ' ' 'W Q? ' ' ,lt ' " 3 ef-, f A I 'xx I 'ig' . Z.. R X -0.4 . V : H x:'gj1.51Q.:,Qn3fL,:,1,'ii:'f E -Q 4. YA.. ,A -, 1, Y ' . X iw", A- A 7 ,gfffw -' ' -'fzffff ' , M. fi fm- 4 I' '46 as "'54l :- Lv, 2173? if f . .va P Qi-ra. ,. 'vig i ' Ts ff Q' g- m..F ' , ,.,.s 14, fu.,-..u , , 5' ,Ag A w.,- - ,.f.-, .fn exif ff'--'- ' ' V x 1-4. in ur . 1 ., U- V ., "fi g -V 5 . .V ive, : r Ag. P . F V- . ,fff '. Q - X 1 law' 1 . I " , Y . i'-C119 f . . .4531 ., :'2 f.. ' U A. ...ML , ,Q,.,I.n--no-wr-1- A 'H .r?.,f.1Lf"g5' af- W .fLi":'f1f.B2 'f , -es:-85"ll'1. 3, 1' Muz- ,S.Ar-5 4' 1 l l Philip jackson scores against Sigma Nu for Kappa Sigma, Maury Scheinfelcl "turns the corner" for Alpha I Klang--A Epsilon Pi. Lynwood James fires the bomb against Sigma Phi Epsilon. Won Lost Tied Kappa Sigma 6 0 Sigma Nu 5 1 Pi Kappa Alpha 4 2 Kappa Alpha Epsilon 5 3 Pi Kappa Phi 2 3 1 Alpha Epsilon Pi 1 4 1 Alpha Tau Omega 1 5 Sigma Phi Epsilon 1 5 X "Pussyfoot" Preston Loftin runs against Alpha Epsilon Pi Ray Wade displays the "Pigskin Puff l "Golden Boy" Euart leads way for Owen Cardell, who is stopped by Snakes. 92 I I .IJ . 1 - ,N lip v l. Q, f1,'?'. --4-4' ' ...-,..-f-l '1- . nil! P f-' M11 -i A .4 ' 1 13 ,L O. .., .1 t K In ,,.-v----, 4., A 1V.-- 'Q xx. 1 ur., . .. - w,fwN," - - ... 1. ,.g-...1 -0 ,. 4 '1 A ' 'ltd X ' w 01... ..-1 L Q- if ' f"+fL5Lf X " .-., 41.-1 'Y . . ,af-" gh N. l .M . . fs-:fp 215, 4-,C . 1 H ni I., iv: t .' ,. . 4 ' JJ-4" 55- 'Xfv f.. :- -- - t- ts W A - - M .4 -5. - " . -.,. Q- ' , . 3".l..t . ,Nxt 'faux - - Y ,. . 5- f-. Egg 2-QM F x - w - - f V xr,-V , ..' -'1 .:, J f A , - ., , it A - X- ". .I N' Q - 5 +,6,.... 1 - 4 , A Q- S ' I-.". up .H . ' , A h ,1,u. '-f'.- f , , . -- '5 1 1 f ' .' ,4 ,,. 'f - 3--11-fi' -f ve, ' -J' ,'?- 5-wx, . '4 . .V .'v,.v,. 1 :'E.' .. 9-.., " "WN ,, "A", J- .. , 5 -'I ,,'2, 'iw- . ':.f- .,,f. ,... 5 .,- 'fr 1 - V4 . V -a -,.j1,-V--gl W .V . gf: V , xl,-1 if ,x.a.,2w . wx 213,11 Q .V H, +1 fx' ,.:-,y-3 Q' . .U ," 1 . . ,. 1 I I . . ,. J 1- 3 V V. , 4 ,s If -. V N ,W-gi, ji- Y-' 1. t.'-'--.- -V V 'N -' -.:'e- 1' .,, '1 QF' --,-wt.. ,. rw I W I , , W W . pg, ,.-3 - Q- ,VM T A :.NtL,,, - - . ' ' . - ' , v ' r , I ' ,. -.ft ,il A W., t.. X AAQ,Q'. K V M .JI X X L ,,,,,,- -V xx ' , , X +2 if " 'j. X 1 . , ' E . I . - , vu. - . . ' ., - x - f, 1 7 ' . Y ' -Q X , , -' ' ' '. ' ff , ' . - A .- - x ,, - ,.... 'A W, L., -nf: r .- . w Some people just can't get along with ,, Jil .J ." :S nw L 4 ... q. '4 . Si! -. -tag X my . Nw Fffxg r -1 -an gf? . 1 i f ' Y '54 ' X 1 A .- it fi F I, I L ,xi . Vi! 7' f if-, ' 'IQ A ' f v 7' fr 1 'Jf ... 'K v"3ifLv.,. w f. J ,. N2 If - , s'f- 3' .S y 'S , s .' ik-7 g,x-. ' " 'K wi -k -ci-1 X . . I F Basketball Kappa Sigma won the IFC basketball championship in a season full of-thrills. After losing once to Pi K A, led by Ricky Brown and Bill Bradley, the Bombers rallied behind kangaroo Virlyn Gaines and Bart Hickman to stop the Pikes in a playoff game. Named to the All-IFC Team were Bill Elliot, Randy Smith, Morris Rosenberg, Bill Hearn, Bill Bradley, Ricky Brown, Virlyn Gaines, Bart Hickman, and john Darnell. fioe Rosenberg and Marty Winn go high for the jump Morray Scheinfeld and jim Bowen try to clear-the-boards. X KN-, . Gene Epps guards A T O shooter. Pi K Phi David Butler and Sig Ep Chuck Cleveland fight for the rebound. jk: A. Marty Winn fires one from the corner for Sigma Nu lik . SEASON RECORD Kappa Sigma Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Nu Kappa Alpha Epsilon Alpha Epsilon Pi Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon Alpha Tau Omega 'w .--n al, Jack Briggs shoots for Kappa Sigma 96 Chuck Cleveland hawks the ball. Marvin Glick leads A E Pi down the court on a fast break. 'f':-uqilp Basketball l967 Georgia State, led by a group of talented sophomores, posted .1 4-20 record this sea- son. Paced by their one-two scoring punch of Jimmy Jacobs and Tommy Mullins, Coach Richard Wehr's Panthers showed great prom- ise for the future. Jacobs set numerous school records, including most points for a game QB75, most field goals in a game C175, most points for a season CB975, and season average C17.25. Mullins closed out a three year col- lege career by averaging 15.6 and leading the team in rebounding for the second straight year. The future looks bright as the team loses only Mullins and Jim Copeland, while sophomores Jacobs, Matt Farmer, Dave Witter, Joe Wilson, Bo Wolfe and freshmen Greg Marshall, Bo Strong and Luther Hud- son all return. x fi Bark Rauf 1Left zo Righr5: Jim Moffett, Trainer Tom Mullins Bo Wolfe Daxe Witter Matt Farmer Coach Richard Wehr Frm Rauf fLeft to Right5: Joe Wilson, Luther Hudson Gret, Marshall Jim Copeland Bo Strong Jim Jacobs Jacobs glides in for a "bunny" Jim Jacobs about to sink a "hook" shot. jim Copeland shows form N-1 n, , gi iv Q X N-1 L4 Tom Mullins eyes basket. Oppofzefzl Armstrong 76 West Georgia 65 Armstrong 105 Valdosta State 85 Florida Southern 72 Rollins' 91 Augusta College 67 Rollins 95 LaGrange 65 Florida Southern 81 Erskine 86 West Georgia 88 Mercer 97 Rollins 78 Birmingham Southern 93 Oglethorpe 82 LaGrange 91 Valdosta State 70 Oglethorpe 70 Birmingham Southern 78 Mercer 100 University of the South 63 University of Chattanooga 58 Erskine 96 Georgia State 86 73 104 56 64 68 65 49 55 72 77 90 70 88 85 56 81 51 53 68 86 55 54 55 Matt Farmer fights for ball as Mullins and Witter help. GRGANIZATIGNS -1 . 1'F"A"' J vx ,sus , 4: 4 General Council Membership in the General Council is re- quired of all organizations at Georgia State. In exercising general supervision over its member organizations, the Council hopes to promote a close affiliation among them. The Council sponsors Mardi Gras and the Stu- dent Directory. i. Q J 2' . it . .-gg.. My Mike Evenson, President Marsha White, Treasurer f . Q ' 1 J Af". l ii l .s vie Reinhold, ,,.. I 3 Acluarial Science Club Doug Wilson, '- A pba Kappa Psi Donna McCullough, Alpba Lambda Della Diane Ivey, Alpha Omicfon Pi Bert Wagnon, ' 1 Alpha Tau Omega 1 'A ' Charles Scarborough, BSU Morris Rosenberg, Beta Alpha Psi Carey Paul, Blue Key Sally Dillard, 1 Campus Crusade for Chris! Maggie Parr, Camerlzury Club Dean Mann, ""MQ Crawford Long Hospital A-Q john Allgood, N 7' Credo Floyd Garner, Della Sigma Pi Angela Henderson, Della Zeta Neal Causey, Frencla Club U' Jeanne Van House, Ga. Slale Players P .,- A-vi Q 'Wi 5 X! N '. 4 4 4' ' ' 'h' W Mir' . 2 A fp -V ' A .xx - ,'f , 1 P in .xrigfiikf--fq"4 - 2 N N x 'YS l l :tu .f ' : ,Q yl A VI -as ' If n Lynne Montgomery, Sl. jo.reph'.r Infirmary Donald Trotter, Srahhard and Blade Harry Hammond, Sigma Nu Eddie Bowman, Day SGA Mike Smith, Night SGA Richard Croker, Young Democrat: Wayne Ayers, Young Republican: Linda Settle, Zeta Tau Alpha A Lamar Elmore, German Club Don Lamkin, I nlerfaith Counril Morray Scheinfeld, I nterfraterrzity Counril John Boyle, Izzlermural Key Willy Arroyo, Inlernaliorzal Studenix Club Mather Shiflett, Kappa Alpha Eprilon Nancy Grant, Della Gamma Chris Reynolds, Kappa Sigma Bonnie Dewar, Mu Rho Sigma Norene Eidson, Newman Cluh Shirley Kotlarz, Nurring Ealuralion Sally Hubbard, Panhellenir James Lawrence, Perxhing Rifler Camille Clay, Phi Chi Thela Ronnie Seiden, Phi Sigma Sigma David Dorsett, Pi Kappa Alpha Wiki ,nd iw 3' N The Student Government Association is the official governing body of all of the students enrolled in day classes at Georgia State College. Its main purposes are to foster the spirit of loyalty to the College, to ex- press the will and desires of the students, to strive toward a more active cooperative feeling between the students and faculty and to work for the betterment of the school as Cl whole. JUNIOR CLASS: Eddie Bowman. President Caroline Mann, Serrelary- Treasurer Gary Alexander, Semzlor Morray Scheinfeld, Senalor Tony Whitton, Senator Diane Wilson, Senalor NOT PICTURED: Suzanne Chappell, Senator SENIOR CLASS: Robert Thielemann, President, Fall 1966 Trisha Williams, Prerident, T967 Bruce LaBudde, Senator Wilma Ralls, Senator Dede Williaxns, Senator NOT PICTURED: Anna Frick, S errefary-Treaxurer Brad Doss, Senalor Day Student Government Q Margie Staton, Senator Peggy Wilder, Senator Carolyn Fries, Senalor Linda Hughes, Senator SOPHOMORE CLASS: jimmy Hutcheson, Prerident Andrea Coppedge, Serremry-Treafurer Maryanne Ross, Senator FRESHMAN CLASS: Steve Schunck, Prefidenl Vicky Nix, Serreiary-Trearurer Diane Van Dyck, SEIIKZIUI' L SGA OFFICERS: Mike Hines, Prexidenl Sandra Williams, Vice-Prefidenz Peggy Maher, Secretary-Tfearuref SENIOR CLASS: Allen Poole, Preriderzl jon Herring, Vire-Prefidem William Rogers, Serremry Gerald Littleton, Treaxuref Senatorr: Bruce Floyd Tommy Harper Otto Hertwig Austin Lamb Dick Stephens George Strom JUNIOR CLASS James Cottongim Prexzdent Robert Connell Tfeatrurer Senalorr joseph Paris Evening Student Government NOT PICTURED Richard DCBCITY, Barbara McDow, Ja.meS Davis, A1 PCITY, Pfeyident Vice-Pfexidenl Treasurer S 66 797471 FRESHMAN CLASS: Melvin McCray, Vire-Prexident Linda Smallwoocl, Senator NOT PICTURED: Debbie Hampton, President Carla Hogue, Secretary Danny Faulkner, T reasurer Senutor.r: Walter Hutchins Herbert Smithson SOPHOMORE CLASS: Mike Smith, Prexidenz Louis Foster, Vice-President Rosalie Ball, Secretary Mike Phillips, Trearurer Semzlon: jimmy Bowen Charles Fletcher Robert Stout Robert Wallhausen NOT PICTURED: Semzzof-Jerry Seavey ld I xii- .f 4 Barbara McDow, Prerident Crimson Key 1 , , ' - A Crimson Key Honor Society, founded at Georgia State in 1934, is both an honor and a service organization. Membership is by invitation only to those junior and senior women who have a "B" or better average and have exhibited leadership ability by making a contribution to the college through extra- curricular activities. The purpose of Crimson Key is to pro- mote a closer understanding between the Administration and the students and to cooperate with the faculty and other or- NOT PICTURED: Marsha Bain Pam Biles Helen Boyd Virginia Bruce Nancy Christian Margaret Cooper Jessie Fletcher Anna Frick, V. Prer. Sylvia Smith, Secretary ganizations of the college to the end that there may be fostered and maintained the highest standards of scholarship, social ac- tivities, and moral ideals among the women students. The projects during the year include assist- ance with orientation, co-sponsorship of the Breakfast and Career Day, presentation of citation awards to outstanding women grad- uates and presentation of a special senior award annually. Gail Kupferman Ludy Pickard Sandra McEver Darlene McCarter Lynn Neal Alice Taylor Carolyn Weldon Linda White Sybil Boudreaux Treasurer Carolyn Lassiter Elizabeth McKeeman Ann Moon Nancy Noblin Bonnie Norman Frances Oeltmann Elizabeth Painter Reba Payne Linda Richardson Libby Roquemore Carol Sammons Doris Tarpley Patricia Blackwell Melba Bolin Barbara Bricker Kathryn Burke Martha Gingles Betty Goldstein Sheila Grawoig Blaine Hughes f3' f" Ik Ipha Lambda Delta Alpha Lambda Delta, national honorary society for freshman and sophomore women, was chartered at Georgia State College in 1955. Its purpose is to promote a desire for scholastic achievement that will endure throughout one's college life. A love of study and participation in various cultural events on campus are deemed essential in the members of Alpha Lambda Delta. .s k'fE1iL NOT PICTURED: Linda Dye - Elizabeth Davis Eva Ellinas Jean Edwards Nancy Grant 4" ' Bonnie Harris Cecile Griffin Barbara Knowlton Marsha Hairston 1 Jennie Lee Judy Hosea a A Patricia Ragsdale X f Betty Reid ' 1 J , Gloria Rolander . . ' Carol Saye, Sec. Patgcla Huey , t Joyce Thomas ?c2l':t'nfl11-ifycifcimm X sa 5. Q' -2 Jean T1-Owen Kathleen Kelly ' .1 Cheryl Kohler 'xg xt Shirley Kotlarz l k v .Q- Barbara Loden Marilyn Mathis ,Y Jacqueline Murphy - Laura Nason 3 Kathleen Owens ' Anne Richardson - 'f -5 Jane Schraudenbach Emily Sheard Phyllis Shelnutt Jeanne Van House Stephanie Wofford lI2 iz F-fs. Donna McCullough, Prex. Peggy Wilder, V. Prer. Patsy Highsmith, Trees. Mary Ann Ross, Historian Betty Nelson, Edilor Linda Atchison Tyra Barfield Mary Bell Lorraine Berrell Diane Braley Diane Brantley Susan Chambers Pat Chase Frances Davis Linda Derrick Blue Key Blue Key National Honor Fraternity, founded in 1924 at the University of Florida, consists of 124 chapters in universities and colleges throughout the United States. Mem- bership in the fraternity is by invitation to juniors, seniors and graduate students who ex- cel in scholarship, exhibit leadership qualities and have demonstrated a willingness and de- sire to serve their fellows and their college. The Georgia State chapter established in 1951, provides a unique service to fellow students through the operation of the Blue Key Book Exchange, wherein students may buy and sell text books at modest prices Handling fees accrued in the operation are utilized for projects in support of the col- lege and student activities, and for contribu- tions to scholarship funds for deserving stu- dents. In promotion of excellence in academic achievement, the chapter awards a gold key annually to the male sophomore with the highest grade point average in his class. We consider membership in Blue Key to be a cherished and singular honor, and we stand ready to serve Georgia State in any way we can. vb' Tv? 1' 'i te - N -15" Su .gg Michael Slater Michael Smith Robert Thomas .4 B NOT PICTURED: Louis Bailey Walter Brown Ky Gaddis Earle Garvin James Hahn Henry Lassiter james Stembridge, President Carey Paul, Vive-Preridefzt johnny Aldridge Richard Ayers Charles Barrett john Boyle Richard DeBerry Robert Doss Timothy Eastling David Field Tommy Fitzpatrick Pedro Gismondi Willis Holcombe David Holland Terry Jacobs Bruce LaBudde james McKinney Michael Nethery Jerry Salters Alan Seaton George Manners Wayne Say Norman Seibert Peter Seiffert James Stanford L Al NOT PICTURED: Beta Alpha Psi Beta Alpha Psi is a national, honorary, and professional fraternity for students of ace counting. Since its origin at the University of Illinois in 1919, it has established chap- ters at most of the major collegiate schools of business. Beta Mu Chapter was installed in 1961 as the first chapter in the state of Georgia. Beta Alpha Psi encourages and gives recog- nition to scholastic and professional ex- cellence, promotes the collegiate study of ac- counting, provides opportunities for the inter- change of ideas between, its members and practicing accountants, and encourages the cultivation of a sense of responsibility and service in its members. Graham Johnson, Richard Harden, Preriderzz Vice President Eddie Bowen Jerry Colley Paul Cramer A. L. Frost Anthony Fuller james Gambill Wilbur Garrett Gordan Jolley Glenn Keaton Jimmy Maxwell Thomas Miller Sandra Nelson Arthur Nichols Pierce Roberts Eddie Robins Ed Tomblin Arthur Weiss Ed Willimns Charles Yancey Linda Bowen jim Copeland Noel Fitzpatrick Arthur Hammond James Hicks Anne Houze joseph Hulsey Roger McCurley Robert Phillips Bill Roper Morris Rosenberg jerry Salters -..' 3 C3-' AY' Phi Eta Sigma Phi Eta Sigma is a national honor society for male freshmen who have excelled in scholarship. For several years our chapter of this society has been inactive. With its reactivation at Georgia State, Phi Eta Sigma has made an excellent beginning in recog- nizing and encouraging excellence in scholas- tic attainment which constitutes the purpose of this distinctive group. Phi Eta Sigma has more than one hundred chapters and a national membership of nearly one hundred thousand persons. Membership is extended to males having an average of B+, or better, for two consecutive quarters during their freshman year. In seeking to fulfill their purpose to the highest degree, practically all the various chapters of Phi Eta Sigma engage in activities or projects which have proven to be of ma- jor importance and benefit on their respec-- tive campuses. They might well be listed as follows: 1. Distribution of "Hints on How to Study" pamphlets to all freshmen during Orientation Week. 2. The sponsorship of lectures by faculty members on "Effective Study Methods," etc. 3. The sponsorship of a smoker for fresh- men men who during the first part of the school year have been outstanding in the field of scholarship. 4. The tutoring of students who express a need for additional instruction or help in their course work. This type of service is available to the good as well as the poor student. --q.r, Thomas Parker, Daniel Owens, James Gailmafd Serfelary Treasurer Charles Koonce Bill Maxwell Roger Sloan NOT PICTURED: Kent Cooper joe Daniel John Davis Marvin Kelly Cass Smith Mikel Smith William Travis Thomas Williams The new initiates of Phi Eta Sigma have helped in reactivating the chapter at Georgia State. john Harvey Soper II, PRESIDENT Harold Sampson, Vive-Prefideur Z Sarah Howell Frances Jones Judi Kapplin Marcia MaGill Linda Richardson Barbara Sampson Doris Tarpley 'Ss lx.: . . . 0 meznizassfzzfrff S I gm a Ta u Delta Brenda Armbrecht En lish Honorar Mary Berthe Thomas Couch Billie Garner NOT PICTURED: Suezelle Anderson Bill Dial Tom Kimmel Zena Lovinger William Marslc III Judie Wilderman Steve Wilkerson, Tram' l..-. J Phi Chi Theta JAX! ff' X J Ca.mille Clay, PRESIDENT K2-ICH I-iflhaff, Trisha Williams, V- Pfff- Ref. Sec. Upsilon Chapter of Phi Chi Theta became the first national woman's organization to be installed at Georgia State College in 1929. Phi Chi Theta is a national professional fra- ternity for women enrolled in the School of Business Administration and pursuing a busi- ness degree. The purpose of Phi Chi Theta is to pro- mote the cause of higher business education and training for all women, to foster high ideals for women in business careersg to en- courage fraternity and cooperation among women preparing for such careersg and to Linda Wood, Barbara McDow Treas. Nall. Counrelor stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends. Upsilon Chapter continuously strives for a well rounded program. This encompasses such activities as rush parties, professional dinners, professional tours, and an annual houseparty. On Honors Day each spring an outstand- ing junior woman is awarded the Phi Chi Theta National Key Award. The key is awarded on the basis of scholarship, activities, and leadership, by a committee selected from the faculty and Fraternity members. "ff ' 1 Peggy Musgrave Bonnie Norman Kathy Reich Sylvia Smith Gloria Thomas Dot Torrence Kaydee Young Linda Bowen Ellen Duncan Patricia Franklin Anne Houze Catherine Kramer Lynn Lytle Helen Merkle jane Morgan NOT PICTURED: Ann Carriger Lorna Clark Martha Fleming Sandra Hembre Chunny Van Houten Harriet Malcolm, Co Joyce Mason Peggy Putman Ruth Sperry Kim Taliaferro Dorothy Tracy Barbara Williams I' El' .-it 33- 4 44"-4 Mike Dalton, PRESIDENT The aims of Alpha Kappa Psi are to "fur- ther the individual welfare of its membersg to foster scientific research in the fields of commerce, accounts, and finance, to educate the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals therein, and to promote and advance in institutions of college rank courses lead- ing to degrees in business administration." Pi chapter, in service to the school, pro- vides a group of student leaders, which the activities and publications of the fraternity encourage and develop, to perform tasks and services for the school of business, which can be best accomplished by a student group. Sylvia Smith, SIVEETHEART Alpha Kappa Psi, the first professional fraternity in business, was founded on Octo- ber 5, 1904. It was incorporated in New York on May 20, 1905, and it is a charter member of the Professional Interfraternity Conference. The fraternity is made up of 131 collegiate chapters and 40 alumni chapters. Each chap- ter conducts a definite program of pro- fessional activity each year. Such activities include speakers on economic, business and educational topicsg industrial tours, research projects and service to the school. Alpha Kappa Psi Gerald Littleton Dan Minix Harry Moore Allen Poole Robert Pound Larrie Smith George Strom Michael Trotter Terry Underwood john VanHouse Doug Wilson Royald Zell Richard Askue john Britton Bill Carasik Stone Ermentrout jim Hamrick Robert Hayden Willimn Herren jon Herring Nat Hubbard NOT PICTURED Don Arnold Harry Davis Howard Davis Billy Dykes Ted Ellis Edd Evans jeff Fouenace Richard Gouse Bobby Grizzarcl Ed Hart john Hembree Wayne Lester George Manners Clauye McCranie Charles McDonald Marshal Moss james Nall Richard Parker Richard Parks john Robinson Bud Smith John Stanfield Bill Spell J. P. Toole Harry Willis 2 'Ol ,iq Delta Sigma Pi From its birth as a national organization at New York University, November 7, 1907, to its beginning at Georgia State College on March 12, 1921, and at present, the pur- poses and high ideals of Delta Sigma Pi Fraternity have remained consistent. Its pur- pose is to provide students preparing for busi- ness careers with well rounded backgrounds of social activity, academic study, and per- sonal contact with the commercial world of the future. Delta Sigs have traditionally shown out- standing achievements in the fields of schol- arship and leadership. In regard to social activities, the Fraternity continuously strives for a well rounded program., This incor- porates such activities as rush parties, pro- fessional dinners, professional tours, the Rose Ball held each Spring, and more recently co- sponsored functions with other organizations on campus. Floyd Garner, PRESIDENT Bob Rainey, Sr. V. Pref. Weldon Thomas fr. V. Prer. jimmy Pittman, Sefrelary jerry Horowitz, Treatufef Richard Ayers Charles Bernie F N XX -C, Q3-ff:3q 'Z N N I ' ' U 'R 9 X wk! ix x 'lf' .. in "By 1- ' ,Q . as - Q GNIUK -.HY :fin 4. , Karen Linhart, SIVEETHEART q . XX N .xl 'fi X v- 4 X 9 36 l ' Y X Sl! NNXXQ ax ' K ,,..n, t a4QQ ..p-0-"af , John Boyle Eddie Bowen William Burell Ed Carr John Colston Robert Connell William Cooper Alton Heck David Holland Gary 'Horsley in .I 'Z' William Rogers Glenn Savage Ray Spence Ned Stiemke jerry Stockdale Robert Stout Carl Stowe Robert Thomas William West Tom Wheeler Larry Womack v Willner Houze Robert Jones Bruce LaBudde Austin Lamb Henry Lassiter Donald Logan Fred Noble Carey Paul Lester Pruitt Richard Rausch 1 i enberg 1 ai 'P 125 ll The National Society of Pershing Rifles was founded at the University of Nebraska in 1894. Company T-4 was installed at Georgia State College in 1954. Pershing Rifles was founded to encourage, preserve, and develop the highest ideals of the mili- tary profession as exemplified by General of the Armies, john J. Pershing, founder and patron of the organization, and also to unite cadets and midshipmen through the common bonds of activity, respect, and brotherhood. In addition to fielding a prize winning drill team PfR's indulge in combat and counter insurgency maneuvers. The Rifle- men's social life was highlighted in 1966- 67 by the PKR Christmas Formal, the Mili- tary Ball, and three days of parades and fes- tivities at the New Orleans Mardi Gras. As a service organization Pershing Rifles provides an honor guard for the school, a funeral detail for military war funerals and various other service functions at Georgia State and throughout the Southeast. Pershing Rifles ,Ak Walter B. Chrietzberg Jeffrey C, Thomas Commanding Officer Executive Officer Wfilliam Arroyo Frank Bellinetti Bill Daniell Bobby Doss Mike Evenson George Guill john Haluski William Hawkins Dean Hayes Tom Heaton Timothy Hull Mike jones Steve Lambert -lim Lawrence Mike Maynard l26 5' T ff i 6 dv" h :X - 'IZ K 'QT' Q jim McGill Randy Nail joe O'Neal Roger Porter Don Powell Michael Powers Eddie Sherwood Robert Shivers Robert Smith joel Sneed Lynn Stull Don Trotter William Trotter james Wallis Terry Weldon Elmer Wilson Honor guard at the Homecoming Parade. NG Q Erahharh sinh Mlahv The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is an honorary fraternal organization for those cadet officers possessing high lead- ership qualities. Scabbard and Blade was founded at the University of Wfisconsin in 1905 with the expressed purpose of raising the standard of military education, uniting college military departments, fostering essential qualities of good officers, and promoting fellowship among cadet officers. Although inactive dur- ing both world wars, the Society has since become the nation's largest college military organization. I28 E-Q QS 'fi Aa-W i mf 'wllll's.-' Q N Z Po 4' 0 -Z, X' rf S .at ' Company F, 11th Regiment, was founded here at Georgia State in 1954 and now has its largest membership in its history with 29 members. Company F-11 participated in sev- eral activities this year, chief of these being sponsorship of the annual Military Ball, of Summer Camp Orientation classes for Junior cadets, coordination with the Cadet Brigade on the Spring field training exercise, setting up a visit to the Army Ranger Camp at Dah- lonega, Georgia, and the continuance of a blood bank. The company awarded its medals for outstanding cadets at the Military Honors Day. Q. 'Z' Tom LeVert Ed Lewis Jim Little Joe Manguno Tom Perkins jeff Pickard Richard Rauschenberg Ed Sherwood Gilbert Spindel Donald Trotter, Captaz Gordon Anderson 1.rt zeutenant Fred Noble, Jr., 2nd Lieutenant Jeffrey Thomas, In Sergeant Gary Abner Tom Biddulph Mike Botelho Walt Chrietzberg Bill Daniell Tim Eastling john Haluski Henry Hayes Wayne Hooper Gary Horsley Mike jones NOT PICTURED jerry Dodd Bill Fisher john Haldeman joe Molinari jerry Salters Georgia State Players The Georgia State Players present four major dramatic productions each year. The winter quarter production was The Heirerf. During spring quarter, two student-directed plays, The Private Ear and The Publi: Eye, were presented. For summer, the Players produced the comedy, Light up the Shy. In the fall quarter, The Mmz'Who Came lo Dinner played to "standing room only" each night. The purpose of this organization i's to teach and learn through experience in theatre, in the hopes that an even wider program in the Performing Arts will be forthcoming at the College. All students are eligible for membership. In addition to the four plays presented, the Players this year initiated the Georgia State College Concert Reading Group, which presented The Glam Menagerie for the 1966 seniors and for the faculty. Special perform- ances of all plays are given for invited high school audiences, after which the actors and director discuss the plays with the audiences. Pernell Roberts was one of several guests sponsored by the Players. Also, the first of an annual series of theatre seminar-work- shops was sponsored this past year, with considerable success and acclaim. This is the ninth year for the Players un- der the capable direction of James E. Sligh. NOT PICTURED: Wenonah Brown Mike Fra Nancy Noblin, Pre.r. Jack Hall, V. Prer. Jeanne Van House, V, Prey. Barbara Westlake, Sec. Floyd Adams, Treat. Cheryl Bentley Diane Braley Gayle Clark Michael Couch Betty Jo Field Glenn Gray Lenora Johnson Q! J' .a 7 nz Davis Kocsis Larry Lynch Kathy Pascal if Pat Thigpen Jim Tumlin -fax L Richard Jones Ann Moon Vicky Nix Michael Pollack Julie Saucier Ronnie Seiden Helaine Walsh john Allgood, EDITOR Credo is a student publication of ideas. The mind has many moods, concepts, fan- tasies and beliefs. To portray any one as a concrete answer to man's constant search for belief would be untrue and biased. Credo, "I believe," is a collection of stu- dent moods as we search in and around our- selves for something to say is truth. Man even if his only answer is to believe in the despair of nothing has at least found some security by believing this is the correct evaluation of life. 1 K,-. u Dave Donaldson, Arrimml Editor This year's staff has collected the thoughts which students have presented as their moods, their beliefs, their bewildernients. Literarily, its merit is that it is our com- munication of feelings to one another, a universal desire of Man. Great literature possesses that quality of involving each reader with his own feelings as viewed by the author and in this way seeing himself a little clearer, linked a little closer with some- one else. Credo, . . . "I believe" . . . Credo Judy Hamburger, Copy Margie Staton, Copy Bobby Nesbitt, Copy Paul Dolan, Art Editor Noel Davis, Photographer Bill What, EDITOR ! w 1. U ll if 5 4-I 'X S 11' 1 e if ,Tug Cole Hatch, ASSOCIATE EDITOR ,, Q " L 1 i 1.2 I 4? Y iii A Cass Smith, ASSISTANT EDITOR Qs X , Cx 552 Qi -muon-4. rf:-.f Nh 3-S Sue Chappel, Margie 5E21lOI'l-C141-ff-f Edfwff NanCY McGee, Lynn Gordon-Office Manager, Anna Frick-Organization.: Edilor, Robert Hayden John Whatley Fraternity Editor, Gail Thompson Ann Parkman and Kay Parkrnan, Index. .17 L I , 'N 33 I ww' LH .-gW,:.5:'3- .'1'-..,Fgg:t'l2:ti27rJ'5f. Coy Berry, Patsy Welborn-Clafyer :X if Bill Maxwell, Phoiogmpber T N- in' N.. 41. Don Trotter, Mike Jones-Mililary l34 l Eff" x Ql' - vi- 'x55E'5fT?5.AT v ,wr-.-33 'af- x U .k.., N -I K. 'rt ' C-:sy vw: X ., -QQc'.xgrQL Y 'wr "Q VS? w 0 X 2 Q if ki A lf? ,- Q XR ,gr N X -5 L - 44.5 G11-'-" ' , ,iw-if 1. L sw fr'-Q . ,y f -ff X- -1- ' 'L 321 7 Tix' - -- w,mf:m1M -1 -,ggi-L . -sfgkgsj-:xi-g...:-: W. . .,.,,. x 5 ' .iw if I if Tony Whitton, Cifruluzion Terry Underwood-Aczivitie: Editor, Debby Burke, Beverly Norvelle 7P",,l Bonnie Bailey, Aft Editor . XV Jerry Eichoff, Mike Smith-Sport! e2?"'?5 mf sae 551151 NEWSPAPER OF THE SOUTH 'S PROGRESSIVE URBAN COLLEGE The SIGNAL, award winning newspaper of Georgia State College, is published week- ly. Winner of the Georgia College Press Associations General Excellence award in 1966, the SIGNAL was awarded this year the Campus Community Service award for edi- torials. The GCPA award for best editorial was awarded to Mason McAllister, editor, and the best feature story awarded to Dave Donaldson, assistant editor. Numerous other awards also have been won by the SIGNAL during the past few years. MASON MCALLISTER, Edilar DAVE DONALDSON, Auimmt Edilar JANET WELLS, Managing Editor KAREN TESKE, N ew: Edilor 'Q A X - - -Q .wwf x . " " .Digg 1 I 'L'---. Q, LX A XA xy "fx - W E X fl F xx is AMEX 2 :N -, , 1E A , J E , ' ,. . I 1 . , 1 , . 9 ' . L L. X 2.5 Q'-,Q' X Q ' ,f""" x z , f-4,..',,,.,-Y X , , A A 1 , . '19, Mt! .ff ' ' ' ,ff 1 'Lani g.w',i", DUNHAM MCALLISTER, Buxinen' Manager BILL DIAL, Entertainmenz Edilor , 1,33 . 'Vi .19 -NJ: I JOHN ALLGOOD VIVIAN PRICE, RICHARD CROKER, Axfiflnnl N swf Editor Auirlarzt N ew: Edilar Edilorial Aniftant X. I -1 , 0g"J9," l SEALS-L4 nl F ff . - if 1: -L., HE T '. .,. ls' L, .- . .. -5 "wh: -Ak ., 1: ' ,4 ' , ' ' ' ' :Ill .111 , .....-............ lu 1 l .I fu.- FE ' I SUSANA KAUFMAN Anirzant Neufx Edilar SAYLIA HAMMONDS NOEL DAVIS, Aniffafzl Newx Edilof Pbolo Edilor LARRY MORRIS, Spam Editor 1 -in 4 t I ' v. f- ' k ETS -Q .'f' Q if 'tt- . ' f ji.- ? 1 5 I fi I I ' .J l ll WENDY CORBETT, JULIANNE JONES, Reporler Reporter .-ax.. K . 'X xx I JEAN STANLEY, JANET WELLS, JEAN BERG, SAYLIA HAMMONDS, PEGGY WIL- LIAMS, VIVIAN PRICE i th ,f2,t N lllunurn- sn.. x..--,. X .-.... . ., 5 ., ,, U 1 V ,U ' I-3 .ff lit 'N ,z DEDE WILLIAMS, Copy Edilor Farulty Adviror . . . Dr. Dozier C. Cade Fifldlltidl Advifar . . . Glenn McCullough Staff Linda XVolfe, B. J. Field, George Stuart, Rodney Hardeman, Bobby Nesbitt, Carol Ringley, Jean Berg, John Chastine, Judy Maynard, Cheryl Hol- land, Sam Cruse, Vicki Owens, Jean Stanley, Heather Fields, Margie Staton, Judy Hamburger, Ed Sheahan Steve Iscoe, Don Smith, Mike Smith, Peggy Williams, heerleaders 1 4 5 T A T E V V Bonnie Norman, Captain. Trisha Williams, C0'C4Pf4in- -U: -u... -i l966-1967 CHEERLEADERS fleft to rightj: Beverly Nunn, joy Sherman, Maureen Smoot, Kathy Gercken, Sue Howard, Bonnie Nwman, Blaine Hughes, Trisha Williams. Enthusiasm of the cheerleaders helps the Panthers to win another game. Georgia State's cheerleading squad is com- posed of eight girls, chosen at tryouts which are held once a year. This year, the girls cheered at all the home basketball games, as well as accompanying the team on some of its out-of-town trips. In addition, the Georgia State squad was chosen to cheer for the Atlanta Falcons during the 1966 season. Georgia State cheerleaders keep in shape cheering for the Falcons. Majorettes ? ...J"' 3 wr '49 rf l - 1 X - gg U ' -:Y Q - v - n . ".' - , TH :gif ' - 3:1 , l '45 C., ,nl ' fa we I fsvym., xt in l' L: 'ig' ' Ls L V 'I N' 'a , ' vw if h I D wi" ,,,l5g3 X . ' A llll .Y l 2 K l V- , I Q hr ggg ' 1 Q ' l'4l,f"Gf9i" ' A ' A , - ff' Q. All ' , L . -4 .-A Sf yi Slanding: Stella Demos, Carole Bingham, and Gilda Bias. Captain Mary Ann Cooke The majorettes perform at half time during Panther games. 645 Actuarial Science Club Terry Jacobs, Prerident David Holland, Vire-Preridenl Andrea Turner, Doug Donivan Secretary-Trear. RPQ The Actuarial Science Club is composed of both undergraduate and graduate students interested in actuarial science and insurance. This interest may be academic, professional, or both. The club holds monthly meetings with occasional luncheon and dinner meet- ings. The Club invites representatives of the in- surance industry fboth local and nationalj to speak at Georgia State. These speakers inform the students of current trends and developments in the applications of actuarial science in the business world and give the students an opportunity to learn about the different areas of actuarial science. The students are provided an opportunity to meet these representatives and establish profes- sional and employment contacts. Besides these professional objectives, the Club helps develop a cohesiveness among the increasing number of actuarial students who share common goals. This cohesiveness can be attributed to the leadership, inspiration and friendship of the club's advisors, Dr. Eli Zubay and Mr. Robert Batten. Kenneth Levine Willimn Loventhal Al Minor Dan Owens Vic Reinhold Brian Schott Michael Slater Bob Thomas Robert Todd Lane West Dr. Eli Zubay, Sponsor Robert W. Batten, Sponsor NOT PICTURED: Ann Abrahms Betty Buchanan Richard Cheek Nancy Christian Donald Cole Larry Conkling Peggy Crawford Ken Davis, Preridenl Virginia Evans Lynne Gordon, Ser. Jane Herndon Barbara Marks Mary Martin Scott Pelfrey Jo Richey Diana Salome Florence Saussey Bob Shuford, V. Prey. Andy Sioholm Lyn Smith Bill Starnes Marion Truslow, Trear. Sandra Waters Virginia White Cindy Williams Bill Winn History Club The Georgia State College History Club was formed in the fall of 1966 by a number of students and faculty members interested in the study of history. The organization aims to promote the intellectual growth of its members, to maintain interest in past and present historical trends and events, to stim- ulate interest in historical studies, to provide opportunity for detailed investigation into topics of interest to students of history and to supply an outlet for self-expression in the field of history. To obtain these objectives, the club maintains contact with history stu- dents at other schools in the Atlanta area, presents speakers on historical topics, and provides opportunities for students to know history professors better, both as individuals and as historians. Field trips, discussions and seminars are also utilized to provide a broad orientation to the field of history, both as a discipline and as a vocation. Mem- bership is open to graduate and under- graduate students interested in history. Beth Butt 3? Thomas Couch , ,, Annette Cowart " juddson Dewar S Thomas Hassett julie Haydon Ann Moon Scott Morrison James Teasley George Wilkins Janice Worley Jack Wynn i. .hr N .f " fa I ,. -, X ,fix 1 -4 1 ' 4 Ve a, 3 .-e-7 5 Andrea Allen Pat Barrineau J -X 'fx . Lorraine Berrell vu? 'Y Patricia Blackwell Sybil Boudreaux Sheryl Bush -s i I44 4 I Insurance Society The purpose of the Insurance Society is to advance the cause of insurance educationg to promote interest in, and to increase the usefulness of, insurance rules and practiceg to study the practical application of insurance in all its forms to the individual, to business and to the community as a wholeg to foster the professional concept of insurance under- writingg to promote mutual acquaintance and fellowship among the members of the so- ciety. John Boyle, Henry Lassiter, Robert Thomas, David Holland, Prexident Exec. V. Prer. Day V. Prey. Trearurer NOT PICTURED: Thomas Arnold, Jr. William Garner Lanny jordan, Secrelary Claude Lilly III Joseph johnson, Willimn Loventhal Ondina Menocal Graduate V. Pfef. -fi Albert Alexander, Evening V. Pre: International Students C ub The International Students Club was or- ganized in the Spring Quarter of 1965. Its purpose is to bring together the international students at Georgia State so that they may have a better appreciation and understanding of each other's culture and to provide inter- esting and stimulating means of social con- tact among themselves and American stu- dents. The Club works closely with the Inter- national Students Bureau, which is affiliated with the Institute of International Education, and sponsors a series of social and cultural activities for international students in the Atlanta area. As a service to the local community the Club maintains a list of members available for speaking engagements at schools and clubs in the metropolitan area. During the academic year the Club holds meetings with programs of international in- terest, sponsoring films, slides, lectures, and informal social gatherings to which all faculty and students are invited. NOT PICTURED: Eileen Blechner Bill Chaffin Lina Cnfresi Claudine Cohen Sally Dillard Yung Dae Kim Bella Kritz Joyce Leff Lincoln Martinez Amira Nannis Phanendra Sagar Pete Soublis Christina Starr Jacqueline Donaldson Susana Kaufmann Maria Kelnhofer Bill Loventhal Effie Tsoukalas Mina Filsoof, Prefidefzl Judy Antebi, Vice-Pretidezzt Suzanne Antebi, Secretary Priscilla Allen Gayle Anderson Harriet Cranman 'tr cv. N-4 ursing Education Club The Nursing Education Club at Georgia State College is an organization for those students who are working toward a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing from the Medi- cal College of Georgia School of Nursing and are enrolled in the Atlanta Center. This program in nursing is accredited by the Na- tional League for Nursing. NOT PICTURED: Lucy Arnold Alice Branscombe Paula Crump Pat Davis Jeannine DeGeorge Betty J. Garrison Margaret Hackney, Vice-Prefidenl Susan Halloway Nancy Hicks Kay Hooper Phyllis johnson Helen Krebs Sister Natalie Laus Irene Mahony Marlene Mitchell Elizabeth Motley, Trearurer Lois Pallard Phyllis Paxton Linda Schladenhoffen Phyllis Siefferman Edan Tate, Secretary The objectives of the Nursing Education Club are: QU To foster feelings of fellowship among its members. f2j To encourage participation in organized college activities. C31 To promote the attributes of good cit- izenship. f4j To discuss subjects of current interest to the nursing profession. Shirley Kotlarz Pfefidenl Gerry Copeland Velma Edmonds Sherrie Harris Mary Lewis Student Education Association NOT PICTURED Judy Adams Janice Ballew Phyllis Baughn Darleen Boyd Peggy Dobbs Janet Hendrix Carol Morgan Beth Flyer Carolyn Reep Lillian Tamas Julia Tedder Carolyn Weldon Judy Widerman Mrs. John Wood Verda Zant s 'S X 2 ' sb , 'y -it 3 ' 'fix X, x . r, if if Hi F ' t -f i , all ri r Q. Ig X ' . 7' xv s AL . .- .f- X ,Y Brenda Armbrecht Jimmie Bartlett Helena Bruin Rita Burrows Kathryn Chafin Sue Bird Mary Childs Nancy Cooper Carol Durand Martha Gingles The purposes of S.E.A. are as follows: to acquaint teachers in training with the history, ethics, and programs of the organized teaching professiong to give teachers in train- ing practical experience in working together in a democratic way on the problems of the profession and the communityg to seek to bring teacher supply and demand into a reasonable balance. The Georgia State College S.E.A. is an active service organization and has a com- munity service project and career oriented programs each month of the school year. A 5 -64 Betty Goldstein Mary Grove l Blaine Hughes Helen Jones A . - " mi' i'A' Pat Landers V15 J Virginia Lemke ' ' lu R 5- Kathryn Lewis ., in W r T Q F 4 Julie Maddox ""' t 'il ' ' Margaret Murdock " Elizabeth Painter ,,. -lr f, 5 j' .Lx I Linda Rainwater Diane Ralls Faye Reinhardt Barbara Sampson Kitty Stanfield Lynn Stewart Anne Vincent Jane Walter Sandra Waters Cynthia White Sandra Williams Laura Wofford Students for Private Enterprise Students for Private Enterprise was founded on january 25, 1963. This unique club, sponsored by the Chair of Private Enter- prise, is dedicated to the promotion of the American economic system. To emphasize the importance of maintaining our private enter- prise system, the club invites business and civic leaders as speakers for regular and special assemblies concerning the private enterprise system. The club is open to all students from freshmen to doctoral candidates who feel that it is necessary to become articulate about the American economic system. If we are to preserve the freedoms that are associated with it, it must be kept in mind that the tradition of the American private enterprise system must always be recognized. James Copeland, President Bill Carasik, Trearurer Elaine Bennett Buster Bledsoe Fred Chambers jim Cosey Michael Dalton Jim Davis Edd Evans Nat Hubbard Bill Marsh Mike Smith George Stokes Ken Wardlaw Fred Wheeler Doug Wilson NOT PICTURED Billy Dykes Betty MaGruder Doug MaGruder Harry McRai Richard Parker Libby Roquemore Bill Wheat Barbara Williams Baptist Student Union Sarah Patrick Bill Ketchum Ann Page Preridenl Vice-Pferiderzl Serreiary-Trearurer The Baptist Student Union is a student-led, Christ-centered fellowship. It is the largest religious organization on the campus and functions exclusively for the purpose of serv- ing the spiritual, social and other personal needs of the student. It offers opportunity to the individual for Christian growth through its various activities. Members of the B.S.U. Judith Adams Brenda Armbrecht Frank Bellinetti Elwanda Bennett Darlene Boyd Karen Burton Marlene Cagle Mary Beth Cline john Cullen Carol Durand Mary Anna Ferguson nv meet weekly to hear prominent speakers and to enter discussions on controversial topics facing our world today. Many other activities are open to members including periodic so- cial events, statewide conferences and con- ventions and two annual nationwide con- ferences. x E5 X 0 is Teresa Norton judy Orosz Leslie Osborne Kay Parkman John Patton Ana Lynn Plunkett Carol Pressley jane Puckett Dewey Robinson Charles Scarborough William Sewell Pat Thigpen Linda Tress Susanna Tucker Sandra Waters Patsy Welborn Sheryl West Mitchell Willingham Elmer Wilson Dean Yarbrough ev, Sandra Forgay Joanna Garrison Martha Gingles Howard Haralson William Hawkins Faye Hendon janet Hendrix Geyle Herndon Harry Honeycutt Marcia Horne George Hunt JoAnne johnson Dorothy Lynch Alethia McCord Sarah McNeely Michael Moldavan Betty Nelson Vicky Nix YQ Al . ly Wesley Foundation A1 Minor, V.-Pferidenl jimmy Hutcheson, Trearurer Linda Cowan Lynda Dykes Robert Ethridge. Cathy Haynes The Wesley Foundation was instituted on the campus of Georgia State College in 1952. Its purpose is to promote the spiritual and intellectual growth of its members. The group meets weekly to hear outstanding speakers, discuss controversial religious issues and participate in Christian fellowship. The Wesley Foundation has several service proj- ects throughout the year and contributes to missions through the National Methodist Student Movement. The goal of the Wesley Foundation is to follow the ideal set forth by John Wesley, the founder of Methodism, "Do all the good you can, in all the places you can, for all the people you can, in every way you can." NOT PICTURED: Beth Butt Linda Godwin Monty Hudson, Prerident john Mackey Ads Laurie House Carol Hutcheson julie Saucier Barbara Shell Gloria Shurbutt Margie Sweat ly. lnterfraternity Council The Interfraternity Council is the organiz- ing and governing body of the social frater- nities on the College campus. Its function is to administer the business, conduct, rush- ing, and regulate activities within the fra- ternity system. The Council presents a trophy to the frater- nity with the highest scholastic average and to the fraternity which is outstanding in sports each year. Ricky Cristol ALPHA EPSILON PI Hoyt Phillips, ALPHA TAU OMEGA John Allgood, ALPHA TAU OMEGA Preston Loftin, KAPPA ALPHA EPSILON Thomas Gonnella, KAPPA ALPHA EPSILON Thomas Taffs, KAPPA SIGMA Mac Irwin, KAPPA SIGMA Ken Wardlaw, PI KAPPA ALPHA David Dorsett, PI KAPPA ALPHA Julian Cornett, PI KAPPA PHI Andy Campbell, PI KAPPA PHI Harry Hammond, SIGMA NU Robert Hayden, SIGMA NU Rodger Axelson, 1 X '22 .. .1 it P G. is ., KE? x 1' Q 1 Qs ,I q--- lr 'JS . . 2 Joe Smith, Pferidenl KAPPA SIGMA John Euart, Vife-Pfexideni KAPPA SIGMA Eddie Aiken, Serrelary PI KAPPA ALPHA Morray Scheinfeld, Treasurer ALPHA EPSILON PI xt' ' -Q. rw, 'W .I 5 M X L qv-. if JU' ! I . I5 . .nf I lg, pd" 'E' .. tg SIGMA PHI EPSILON jimmy Cobb, SIGMA PHI EPSILON NOT PICTURED: Mike Pousman, ALPHA EPSILON PI i Sandy Kelton, SWEETHEART lpha Epsilon Pi Mike Pousman, PRESIDENT Alpha Epsilon Pi has progressed through 50 years, rising from a small local frater- nity of eleven men to an important organiza- tion of seventy-eight chapters, forty alumni clubs, and over 24,000 members. Alpha Epsilon Pi is the oldest National fraternity on the Georgia State College Campus. It is devoted to the ideals of broth- erly love, religious conviction and community responsibility. In the past three years, Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity has grown from a small nucleus to a strong chapter boasting over 40 mem- bers. Of this we are proud. Alpha Epsilon Pi believes in all-around participation and stresses continued scholas- tic achievement. As Georgia State College progressively grows, AEPi hopes to play an integral role in a dynamic student body des- tined for greatness. Time will passg friends will be made, and brethren shall departg Alpha Epsilon Pi will live on. vw.,- Gary Alexander Daryl Beck Danny Boaz Bill Carasik Barry Cheslin Paul Cranman Ricky Cristol Sanford Epstein Marvin Glick Marcos Kerbel Dennis King Nathan Ory Morris Rosenberg Morray Scheinfeld Sheldon Stein Alan Ziglin Skit Night brought distinction to AEPi. NOT PICTURED: Harvey Berkowitz Corky Bushberg Gary Feinberg Robert Floersheim Joel Gross Phillip Hoffman Barry Lederman Nathan Mordler David Nicholas Irvin Penso Howard Rosenberg Robert Shuman Donny Spinclel Kenny Sugerman Jerry Talansky Alan Wilenslcy jay Saperstein Abby Slotin Steve Winkle John Allgood, Secretary ' Q Buddy Belle Isle, Trearurer Johnny Aldridge Bobby Belle Isle Bob Burns Robert Cooper Alpha Tau Omega Colony Qu The Alpha Tau Omega Colony was founded at Georgia State College April 14, 1966. Though it is the newest fraternity on campus it is a colony of one of the oldest national fraternities, founded in Virginia in 1865. The ATO's are very proud of the value of the brotherhood and their contribution to the College this past year. One of the first projects was the founding of the Little Sisters of the Maltese. The Maltesians were the first auxiliary group of a fraternity at Georgia State. Q at Christmas, Hawaiian Fantasy, the Cross Formal, Ski Weekend and Mardi ra: Tau's participated in Homecoming Qbehini the scenej, Greek Week, and furniture mov ing projects fhall to wall to none at alll , , a I Other events were the Children's U ATO Sweetheart Miss Judy Schenck h proved herself so beautiful and affectiona we all have a special place for her in ou hearts. Next year brings the promise of charter and a room. Hoyt Phxllxps PRESIDENT NOT PICTURED John Beam Stuart Blandford Tommy Dell Sam Freeman John Hembree Bill Holland Doug Jacobsen, V ire-Prexident Steve Lecl-car Webb Self jack Slayton Bob Stvan Danny Tomberlin jim Wagner Joe Young Kappa Alpha Epsilon Kappa Alpha Epsilon is the only local fraternity at Georgia State College. KAE is very unique in that the membership has been low since its founding in 1959. KAE is highly selective in its pledging procedures and this is reflected in the high academic and athletic standings of the fraternity. KAE has in the past and present ranked high in academic achievement, and has pre- viously won the All-Sports trophy four years consecutively. These facts are impressive for 1-Er Billy Herren, PRESIDENT such a small but active group. A program was installed last year to in- crease the membership of Kappa Alpha Epsilon. This program has succeeded and the membership was increased considerably this year. If the goals of this program can be fully accomplished and at the same time the fraternity can maintain its high standards at the college, KAE plans to petition a na- tional fraternity in the near future. '9 Danny Hope jim Ivey Bill jordan Preston Loftin Ben Luke Harry Moore William Puckett David Rutledge Mather Shiflett fx J'-,x -Q -,vu Alan Aaron Tony Burger Gary Chandler Robert Couch Michael Dalton john Ellinas Robert Goeke Thomas Gonnella William Hearn Olin Hood NOT PICTURED: Cliff Anderson Dan Bailey Randy Blalock Roy DeFoor Ralph Haygood Warren Humphries Jerry Johnson W Vaughan Lane Loyd Mcleroy Steve Shaclclix Terry Stephens Steve Wilson Jimmy Wooclall Kappa Sigma Q i ,Q 1. joe Smith, PRESIDENT Kappa Sigma Fraternity, the largest social organization at Georgia State, seeks to pro- mote scholarship, leadership, and brother- hood. The fraternity seeks to augment the college curriculum by'providing a well- rounded social life for its members. Kappa Sigma has grown with Georgia State and continues to build as does our college, The pmchase of a seven acre tract of land will provide a site for the fraternity lodge to be built in the near future. Kappa Sigma's record for leadership speaks for itself. At Georgia State the names of over thirty-five Kappa Sigs appear on the rolls of Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, and brothers hold offices in every phase of student government. However, a fraternity is basically a social organization. Kappa Sigma is a leader in this field also. Numerous parties and projects illustrate the intangible ideal called brother- hood for which this fraternity is recognized. l60 Vic Reinhold, Sec. Chris Reynolds, Treat. Gene Abrams Barry Bartlett john Be-avin Tom Biddulph Steve Binion Richard Brand Skip Brandon jack Briggs Eddie Burnett Bob Chamberlain Gary Claxton Barney Corbin john Costello jim Culp Kim Taliaferro, SWEETHEART 1 f 7' .3 lm 4? -I Randy Long joe Lopez Bill Lovett Charlie McDonald Glenn Milligan Frank Morgan David O'Kel1ey Greg Pearre David Peterson Paul Price Lee Rainwater Robert Rainwater Dewey Robinson George Schalcht Steve Schunk Michael Seale Rick Shriver George Stokes james Wheeler Larry Wheeler Barry White Dennis Wigbels Reginald Woodell Bob Wyndelts rf, Jen- MQ Roy Darden Dick DeBerry john Edgar jerry Eickhoff Gene Epps John Euart John Fagot jimmy Fleming Donald Hallman Wayne Harris Elmore Hauch Randall Henley Mike Hines Brian Hitt Rikki Hodge Alex Hoffman Frank Hynes Mac Irwin Phil jackson Gray jemigan Bill johanningmeier Frank Kelly Mike Leonard Michael Lewallen 44 .L t Pi Kappa Alpha I . . l 1 'if F ' 4 The ideal of friendship upon which Pi Kappa Alpha was founded, has been fol- lowed by many men since it was Written on March 1, 1868. Today Pi Kappa Alpha ranks among the top fraternities in the nation and has one hundred and thirty- four chapters across the United States. Pi Kappa Alpha stresses scholarship and leadership, many Pikes have held positions in the Student Government Association. The social calendar of Epsilon Nu chapter is a full one. Beginning with the Garnet and Gold Rushg continuing with the annual I62 CTT? Ken Wardlaw, PRESIDENT Barn Party, Pledge Christmas Party, New Year's Party, and ending in the Spring with the Dream Girl Ball and the famous Beach- comber Party. The Pikes' spirit is not only seen in social activities but also in the many worthwhile projects which it undertakes. Among these is the Little 100 Bicycle Race, with all pro- ceeds going to the Cancer Society. This, as well as many other events, helps the members of Pi Kappa Alpha maintain a spirit of friendship and closeness which can be seen throughout the school. 6.-r Na' 'fail . ' X- M r. 1 xi-Q, '3 ami 'yi x I Eddie Aiken, V. Prer. Lyman Mobley, Serrelary Mike Adams, Treatrurer jerry Andrews, Hiflariafz Robert Banks joseph Biegeleisen QT. l Bruce Bradley Rick Brown James Brumbelow fin L- 4- : fy Brenda Cody, SWEETHEART r Eric Burleigh Stanford Cox Dave Daniel Bill Dorsey Marvin Fralish Fred Ginson Bryant Green George Gribble Luther Guest Gary Harris Jimmy Hill Richard Hyatt Alan jones Larry Kilpatrick Clyde King Tommy Knox Don Lamkin Steve Laney Greg Leveto Sam Leveto Clifford McDaniel james Norton john O'Donnell Frank Owen Thomas Parker John Quigley Bob Rmvis Edward Roc-hm Mike Scheuerman Rick Seale S if :VM W avr 00 'S Oh , ., el . f,.'s,j.f! X, f il- :AK ! National PiKA Dream Girl Court- Jennie Lee and Linda Purcell Paul Shimski Ronald Sims Carlos Soto Rodger Springer Frank Strickland john Van Horn Bo Ward Wade Wilkes George Williamson Dave Witter Pi Kappa Phi Beta Kappa Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was chartered at Georgia State in September, 1954, as the first national social fraternity on the campus. The frater- nity was founded nationally in Charleston, South Carolina, on December 10, 1904, and now has over ninety chapters and twenty thousand brothers. The aims of Pi Kappa Phi are to develop within its men fraternal friendship, social responsibility, leadership, scholarship, sports- manship, democracy, and valuable exper- iences. i ,af Robert Campbell, PRESIDENT 1967 Some of the many events that Pi Kapps sponsor each year are the Rose Ball, jungle Party, the Founders Day Banquet, Bacchus Day Celebration, New Year's Eve Party and the "Feed the Children" Drive. They also participate in school sponsored activities and are active members of the Inter-Fraternity Council. Through wide association with men and women from all walks of life, the brothers and pledges are made more aware of their responsibilities as good citizens. john Barnett Phillip Bernhardt Ralph Brock Q Charles Cathey jerry Cram Alton Ewing wh x Charles Fletcher F' ' John Foreman , jimmy Griffin ff' -r""' 1' 'bs isa 1-Q. f .sry ..1"w., .4--4 . Marion Greenoe, Serreiafy Lynwood james, Tfeufufer julia Cornett, Warden Marty Bement, Claaplairz V -B . .5 , ' . '.-, S! fe- . x ,L 'ST ' M Robert Hope, Hixlofian V 0 31 ' . V Gary Abner A h - . Larry Alexander U LW-, fe - ,L -- 'J Mike Angel x N- ,- 5 d?"4"K Brad Doss, PRESIDENT 1966 Pi Kappa Phi sponsored the Feed the Children Drive Gary Monroe Danny New Richard Patrick Paul Phillips Jerry Ragsdale Willimn Rogers Mike Shivers Larry Stanford Wayne Stokes Don Voyles Ed York Miles Hodge Jack Johnson John Johnson Forrest Leathers Charles Lewis William Lipe Paul Lovin Michael McKeithen Lincoln Martinez hp, NOT PICTURED David Butler Paul Doss jack Holcomb, Jr. Ronald Nosworthy john Steinmetz Don Towers Q 2 Linda Good, SIVEETHEART ' 1 Sigma The Men of Sigma Nu Fraternity boast a proud and honorable tradition. Founded in Virginia in 1869, Sigma Nu has more than 100,000 brothers wearing the White Star. Since its inception Sigma Nu has been a dynamic and responsible leader in the Greek system. Today, Sigma Nu ranks among the top four fraternities in the nation. Locally, Eta Gamma Chapter of Sigma Nu proudly carries the national tradition. Fifty- five Sigma Nu brothers at Georgia State have been named to W'ho's Who in American Colleges and Universities, far more than any other fraternity at Georgia State. This fall fourteen Sigma Nu brothers were elected to the Student Government Association also. Sigma Nu enthusiastically supports all fac- ets of Georgia State activity. The inter- sorority Sigma Nu Sweepstakesg the Out- standing Alumnus Awardg the Ugly Man on Campus contest for the William Sparks Scholarship fund are all Sigma Nu sponsored activities. 'Wx Harry Hammond, COMMANDER. fra V ,. Pat Cravens Harry Posey Robert Hayden Fred Straub Dick Stephens LI. Commander Recorder Treamrer Arn. Trear. Alumni Contact Eddie Bovvman Buster Bledsoe Craig Adams Dan Whigham David Friedrich Chaplain Pledge Marrball Ani. Pledge Con, Seffemfy Hinofim, Mdflbdll sa 'mi 5' X Sf A--x Q" Phil Aycock John Barton Steve Blake Eulas Blalock Jim Bowen Bobby Carithers Jerry Castleberry jim Copeland Wilson Cross Tommy Crumbley Jim Davis john Davis When Sigma Nu's get togetheraexcitement is not far away. James Dempsey Bill Dickey Tommy Eldridge Bill Elliott Walt Fuller Ned Fullerton Tony Green Luke Greene, jr. john Hart Cole Hatch Rick Hendricks Chip Howel jimmy Hutcheson Jerry Jennings Nelson jones Charlie King Al Lel-leup Jimmy McCoy Charles McDonald Chuck McGee X A1 LeHeup led Sigma Nu to top honors in Sing Niht. X 'S ' ii 'fr 1., X Q 'ifsifs 55" ,-8. A5 'ii'7iik'S 'Q tif' xf ii 2 ,pst ,E 'xl 39' Q 4-f ix , if au' C3 Stan Snead Danny Spurlin Sonny Strawser Kent Summers John Thacker George Voegtlin John Walbmn Bob Wallhausen David Wheeler Tony Whitton Marty Winn Steve Wynne of ia S ' lg. 1' R- 1 gifs' xg , iw. 6' Harry McRae Tommy Maguire Harry Martin Dennis Melton Bob Michael Bill Moore jim Morton Richard Parker David Parks Xyt Penland Michael Phillips Doyle Ricks Jerry Seavey Cass Smith Mike Smith ig 5 Sigma Phi Epsilon NOT PICTURED: Ronnie Ackermnnn Ray Bearden Bob Bolton Wayne Booth Frank Buchanan Butch Hardy Jack Harney Bill Hoeffler Ricky Mote Wilmot Phillips Tom Robinson Art Simpson jack Spice-land Glenn Summerlin Rusty Williams Preston Wilson 'lun' X ,, t QL' Rodger Axelson, PRESIDENT X james Hudson Marris johnson Billy Maxwell jerry Milligan Randy Mitchell john Molinari Albert Mullins joseph Paul james Post Ed Pratt Alan Sharp 'Q Larry Smith Robert Stegman Dean Stringer Richard Turnipseed Ray Wade Woody Wilkinson Jil 'CK vi -I Jimmy Cobb, Vice-Pferident 7: Herbert Hite, Remrder Q9 'Sb Sigma Phi Epsilon, cognizant of both the undergraduate needs of intellectual stimula- tion and social ingratiation supplements these primary factors with a brotherhood founded on the ideals stipulated 'in the Holy Bible and practiced by over 80,000 Sig Eps. Sigma Phi Epsilon indeed truly represents a fra- ternal embodiment of intellectual atmos- phere and of a never-ending quest for knowl- edge. To every Sig Ep the primary and ulti- mate goal is the attainment of that diploma which symbolizes not only the preparatory knowledge upon which the real learnings of life are based but also the result of the omnipresent spirit of intellectual quest. It is the goal of Sigma Phi Epsilon to set Michael Smith, Correrpondifzg Secretary Robert James, Trearurer Randy Adams Van Baker Thomas Belt James Bode Hiram Brown Sammy Brownlee Arvel Buck Tommy Carroll Charles Cleveland Brewster Coates Robert Cole Glen Cooper Kenneth Drane Liston Durden Gary Durham Fred Ford Larry Gilleland Wade Grogan Robert Harrell Richard Hewitt the foundations for our attainments, refer- ring always to the good of ourselves as individuals and to society as a whole. An integral part of this fraternal attain- ment is reflected in the goal of culture predicated on the motive of learning and enjoyment. On the lighter side of Sig Ep, academic life must be mitigated via a rounded and virile program of social activities and athletic contests. Sig Ep has further developed its fullness of function by an active program of com- munity, church, and campus service. Notwith- standing, at the close of a truly robust and golden year, Sigma Phi Epsilon hopes always to live up to those tenets of brotherhood upon which it was founded. Panhellenic Council The Panhellenic Council at Georgia State is the governing body of sororities, both local and national, on campus. Its membership is composed of all sororities, with a delegate and an alternate representing each group. Its officers rotate through the group from year to year. The Panhellenic Council is a member of the National Panhellenic Council and abides by its rules and regulations. Panhellenic recommends policies and pro- grams for sororities regarding all activities on campus, basing these policies and pro- grams upon what is best for the sororities and the campus as a whole. Strong programs in scholarship and philanthropy are stressed heavily. It strives to promote an atmosphere of friendship and fellowship throughout the college. Intramural sports are held each quar- ter and provide for enjoyable competition among the groups. X Sally Hubbard, Pferideni ALPHA OMICRON PI Sybil Boudreaux, V.Pfer. DELTA ZETA Laura Anne Smith, Sec. ALPHA PHI Susan Brown, Rurb Cbman ZETA TAU ALPHA Ofre Tuchman, Trees. PHI SIGINIA SIGMA Jane Eley ALPHA OMICRON PI Patsy Highsmith ALPHA PHI Diane Tiedge ALPHA XI DELTA Kay Parkman DELTA GAMMA Helaine XX'alsh DELTA GAMMA Andrea Coppedge DELTA ZETA Mary Childs MU RHO SIGMA Dot Torrence MU RHO SIGMA Ronnie Selden PHI SIGMA SIGMA Cecelia Stokes ZETA TAU ALPHA NOT PICTURED: Sarah Kendrick ALPHA XI DELTA I C""'7 S if Phi Sigma Sigma, Georgia State's growingest sorority, began a year with dreams that materialized into overwhelming realities. Fall Rush more than doubled Phi Sig membership. The Annual Mother-Daughter Luncheon brought mothers and daughters together in a sorority spirit and added a Mother's Club to the Phi Sig family. Founder's Day celebrated the 53rd Birthday of National Phi Sigma Sigma. Sisters and pledges danced and blew out candles at parties and surprise birthday celebrations. A ward filled with lonely children at Grady Hospital smilingly received homemade handpuppets. All this is Phi Sigma Sigma. The 1966 Homecoming Queen, the 1967 Greek Goddess, the Panhellenic Scholarship Trophy for Spring quarter and Fall quarter of 1966, a representative in the "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities," and initiates of Alpha Lambda Delta and Beta Beta Beta honorary societies brought both the beauty and the brains of Phi Sigma Sigma to school and com- munity attention. This, too, is Phi Sigma Sigma, an achieving sorority. Phi Sigma Sigma sorority, founded on November 26, 1913, at Hunter College in New York, has reason to be proud of Beta Phi Chapter at Georgia State College. The four original founders of Beta Phi Chapter have seen us row and develop in membership, activity, and achievement 45 L id.: e. W mm Qignm Iralrniilll . B ' "S """'fI ... .. ... ,.. 56 15515-:-fr.: ,j"....,t.LL.t.1 -LN be it R..f,........ M...-..... 1 ...rm 1... V... .-.....-...- 8 since our beginning in 1964. 4 l Ronnie Seiden, PRESIDENT O O O Phi Sigma Sigma Vice-Pferidenl Treacrurer Judy Antebi Suzanne Antebi NOT PICTURED: Eileen Blecher Susan Feinstein Vickie Sirocca, Secremfy X. 3 4- lmt3.t.XiQ Judy Hamburger Carla Cenker Harriet Cranman Hannah Eisler BCUY Jo Field Ann Leventhal Susan Renas Jan Saperstein EIYSC SChWfi1'i2 Alpha Omicron Pi In 1897, four girls dedicated to preserving their friendship on a lasting basis met in a dusty attic room at Barnard College in New York. There Alpha Omicron Pi was born, From the original Alpha chapter at Barnard, the sorority has grown into a large international organization with more than 90 chapters in the United States and Canada. In its ten years at Georgia State, Gamma Sigma chapter of AOPi has excelled in every field of endeavor. The chapter has striven to uphold the traditions and the high ideals of AOPi-to stand at all times for character, dignity and scholarship, and to encourage a spirit of fraternity and love among its members and the other students at the College. This year AOPi's hold several class offices, are on the staff of the Sigrznl and Rizmpuuzli, and are members of Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Chi Theta, and other honorary organizations. ln addition, the sorority was the first winner of the Pan- hellenic rotating scholarship trophy. AOPi beauty titles during the past year include first runner-up to the Homecoming Queen. second runner-up to the Greek Goddess, a finalist in the Miss DeKalb County contest, a member of the May Day Court and one of the Ten Best Dressed Coeds on campus. At Homecoming 1966, AOPi saw its candidate, Buster Bledsoe, named Ugliest Man on Campus. The sorority also won the contest for the Best Homecoming Display ancl the Alpha Tau Omega school spirit award! The biggest event on the AOPi social calendar is the annual Rose Ball, held in the spring. At this dance, the AOPi's award a trophy to the Most Outstanding Fraternity. At Christmas this year the sorority had an old-fashioned Christmas party and trimmed a giant tree with popcorn, Cranberries and candy. Christmas was also the time for the traditional Big Sisterlittle Sister party. Other AOPi social events include the annual Crying Towel Party for pledges of all Greek organizations on campus, and several other casual parties during the year. 93""""' ,. Yo- vf' Sandy Floyd, PRESIDENT Julia Dodd Nancy Elliott Sheila Farlow Angelyn Forester Carolyn Fries Dianne Gaines Lynne Gloer Dorothy Grochan Cheryl Hall Jane Hightower 3 Q , ig? Diane Wilson, Corferponding Secrefafy julia Gibson, Rerording Serrelafy Carol Knauth, Treafurer Donna Anderson Alice Arnold Bonnie Bailey Diane Baird Linda Bellville Brynn Brown Natalyn Bruner Harriet Corbett Carol Cory Pepper Cory Linda Cowan Judy Cutchins Jimmy Fleming MR. ALPHA OMICRON PI Cindy Grady Laurie House Sue Howard Sally Hubbard Kathy jones Jane Kilpatrick jenny Lee Carol Leiker Millie Lunt Linda Moulder Beverly Nunn jone Payne NOT PICTURED: Elaine Bowen Melanie Carson Sharon Cheek jane Eley Julia Gilbertson Diane Ivey Caroline Mann Gayle Mingledorff Peggy Putnam, Vire Prerident Colline Roberts Sara Ann Russell Pat Stroud Nancy Thompson Irene Tiller Dorothy Weathers Linda Weaver Lynn Wheat Carol White Mary Ann Young 5' f of" 0 :vu Qi- fb 'iglir Z Jo Ann Starr representing AOPi in the Sigma Nu Sweepstak ga? -3m Pam Pece Carol Penland Ann Roberts Mary Ann Ross Julie Saucier Kate Sharp Elaine Shelor Joy Sherman jo Ann Starr Margie Staton Donna Steele Susan Thomas Gail Thompson Dyanne Thornto Ruth Tiller Sheila Wait Cindy Ware Decle Williams Il Alpha Phi encourages and develops leader- ship in all fields of college life and in many services throughout the year. At Halloween an Alpha Phi "Great Pumpkin" comes to the school and then goes to Grady Hospital to distribute candy to the children there. At Christmas they help decorate at Grady in the Children's ward. Every year at Valentines J. Vi ff Carol Sullivan, PRESIDENT Alpha Phi sponsors a dance to raise money for its philanthropy. Alpha Phi also enjoys its social activities. We enjoy Pledge and Spring weekends with a spend-the-night party on Friday night and a dance on Saturday night. We also have an Alumni Christmas Party, a Founders' Day Tea and a Slave Auction for pledges. Ipha Phi Lida Aldridge Judy Anderson Mary Lynne Ash Rosalie Ball Rosanne Biegeleisen Brenda Cody Mary Ann Cooke Faye Cooper Verda Cousineau Carla Cox Donna Eidson Thelma Flowers i , E i f I C L Terry Frisone Alpha Phi presents the winning skit during Greek Week 1967. S Cheryle Gangestad ns '15 -e' Patsy Highsmith K- Barbara Howern f -, ' L3-f X, Linda Hughes - W , , L lk LaWare johnson Barbara Keel -5 Wanda Kennemore K Patsy Kuglar ' -A, Lyndy Lynberg C 4 C"'D Q' 'ex x v. 1 , ,Z Ji 1 33. y Doris Mangum Mary Messner Brenda Mitchell Janet Montesinos Judy Moore Kathy Munhall Ann Nicholson Penny Reeves Paula Respess Carol Ann Reynolds . if ,K X, lxr lv Q-A YZ? Jo Richey Phyllis Rowell Carol Sammons Carol Sandeen Laura Smith jean Stanley Jan Stone Lyndae Sturgeon Frances Sullivan Patsy Sway Carol Thompson Gay Waldemayer Marianne Weeks Patricia Westbrook Jackie Yarbrough Alpha Xi Delta l I l l ,v ' w I . lf' wil Elaine Hance Cheryl Hanes Gail Harris Judy Hill Linda Hodge Linda Huffman Julianne jones Kathleen Kelly Teressa Kerr Jody Kilgore X I' -, .S-' Janice Thacker, PRESIDENT ti S.- 3 Z' 'HS Z' Mary Bell Beverly Boguski Peggy Bryant QB-Kurmffa, Beth Butt Barbara Calhoun Gayle Clark Judy Drain Candy Evensen Susan Freeman .gum Mike Adams, BIG' BROTHER Busy was the word for the Alpha Xi Deltas this year. Our work would have truly pleased our last living founder, Alice Bartlett Bruner, who died during the past year. She left with us the lasting sisterhood of a true Alpha Xi Delta and the incentive to make the Delta Xi Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta the best sorority ever at Georgia State College. We were well on our way when four finalists for Miss Freshman were Alpha Xi Delta pledges. We captured both the Miss Freshman and first runner-up titles. Members than worked diligently for our An- nual Apple Polishing Party. The party was the best ever as more faculty members dis- covered the hospitality of Alpha Xi Delta. Then we worked equally hard in the Sigma Nu Sweepstakes, capturing second place. Alpha Xi Delta at GSC truly set the example this year in service to the community. This service is a most important part of our sorority life. Weekly our members partici- pated in a program with teenage girls at the Atlanta YWCA. At Christmas Alpha Xi Delta and Alpha Tau Omega gave a Christmas party for underprivileged children, giving gifts of clothing, toys, and food. Also for the second year in a row Alpha Xi Delta won the Feed the Children Award given by Pi Kappa Phi at Thanksgiving. Besides our many group activities, in- dividual Alpha Xi Deltas were very active as Sweethearts of Delta Sigma Pi and Alpha Tau Omega, Vice President of Phi Chi Theta, Secretary and Treasurer of General Council, officer of Alpha Lambda Delta, and members of Maltesians. Two Alpha Xis were named to Who's Who this year and several mem- bers worked on the Signal Staff. Alpha Xis were very busy but they still found the time to maintain good scholarship standards. I87 'OK 41 Alpha Xi Delta participates in the Sigma N'x Sweepstakes. Linda Trammell Effie Tsoulcalas Stacy Wheeler Marsha White Margaret Whitney Laura Wofford rf' 15 ,X .95 'ES' I Karen Linhart Marilyn Lyons Elaine McAllister Linda Martin Becky Morgan jane Morgan Margaret Murdock Loni Novak Vicky Owens Sandra Richards Judy Schenck Jeanne Schottle Mary Stephens Lynn Stewart Dianne Tiedge Delta Gamma Dot Cox, PRESIDENT 1967 Bobbie Nickel Ann Parkman Kay Parkman Brenda Rappolcl jo Skeozek jo Spurlock Chris Tidwc-li Linda Tipton Vicki XVall.1Ce Helnine Whlsh NOT PICTURED Kathy Brewster Dot Cox Linda Flasher Jeanne Garrison Lynne Gordon johnna Shamp, Prer., Charlotte Nexson 1966 Eddie Bowman, Mr. Delta Gmzzma, 1966 Phyllis Allen Carole Bingham Nancy Boutelle Cheri Brewer l Ann Deadwyler Norma Dinning Carol Durand Norene Eidson Dottie Forrest Nancy Grant Cecile Griffin Judy Morgan DG'S PARTICIPATE IN HOMECOMING In November, 1965, twelve Georgia State Coeds met with the Dean of Women to or- ganize a new sorority on State's ever-expand- ing campus. Georgia State needed a new sorority because enrollment increases kept sororities at quota and many rushees were unable to pledge. Kappa Chi Delta, as the founders named it, quickly took an active part in campus life. After little more than a year on campus, the sisters and pledges of Kappa Chi Delta local sorority have become pledges in the Delta Theta Chapter of Delta Gamma National Fraternity. Still one of the smaller sororities, Delta Gamma Colony actively participates in all school functions and is well represented in campus organizations. Delta Gamrnas are ac- tive members of Alpha Lambda Delta Hon- or Society, the religious clubs, the Georgia PARADE State majorettes, the Georgia State Players, WPLO-FM, and in the Little Sisters of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. The sorority often cooperates with Georgia State and Georgia Tech fraternities on service projects and social activities. Delta Gammas are also listed in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. Sisterhood, scholarship, and service are the goals of Delta Gamma Colony. Sisters and pledges have frequent barbecues, spend the night parties, and work session parties. The sorority's scholastic average is higher than the Georgia State All Women's Average. Delta Gamma has participated in the Sigma Nu Sweepstakes, Greek Week Skit Night, formal and informal rushes, the Ugly Man Contest, and has sponsored the college bas- ketball team. l9l Delta Zeta The Delta Delta Chapter of Delta Zeta is not only one of the leading sororities at Georgia State College, but it is also among the top chapters of Delta Zeta Sorority in the nation. Delta Zeta has been the recipient of the Kappa Sigma trophy for the Most Outstand- ing Sorority on Campus for six years out of the seven it has been given and holds the trophy for the year 1966-67. This year Delta Zetas hold memberships and offices in scholastic honorary societies of Crimson Key and Alpha Lambda Delta. Six senior Delta Zetas were elected to the collegiate Who's Who. Delta Zetas are also active in the Student Government Associa- tion, holding the offices of Vice-President and Secretary, as well as a number of class offices. This year members of the sorority were honored with such titles as May Queen, Carol Davis Judie Dick Barbara Doughty Heather Fields Suzanne Fowler Sonia Fox Nancy Gleason Carolyn Goss Sharon Granholm Kathy Hall Miss Little 100, Miss Georgia State College, first runner-up to Best Dressed Co-ed, and second runner-up to Homecoming Queen. Delta Zetas are Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Pershing Rifles and Military sweethearts. Other Delta Zetas are members of fraternity sweetheart courts. Three Delta Zetas are ac- tive as "Little Sisters" of Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. Each year Delta Zeta's events are Found- er's Day, the Silver Tree Ball, the Pledge Party, and the Spring Dinner Dance. The "Man of the Year" is announced annually at the Silver Tree Ball. The purpose of Delta Zeta Soro'rity is to unite its ,members in all fields. But Delta Zeta is not a self-centered organization. Be- cause of the loving sisterhood of its members, Delta Zetas are anxious to be of service and support to others. Blaine Hughes, PRESIDENT .1 .' 'll 4 . 'Ga I Wa' . . it- 'ww 40 Chris Reynolds, MAN OF THE YEAR Eileen Boudreaux, V Pref Sandra Wlilliams, V Pre! Peggy Maher, Ref Ser Sybil Boudreaux, Pafzbellemc Del Ann Atkinson Elaine Autsolief Jimmie Bartlett Debbie Burke jan Burns Karen Burton Marlene Cagle Kathy chafin Pat Chse Andrea Coppedg Ann Crum C Jeanne Hannah Cathy Haynes Angela Henderson Sandra Hockman Laura Hope Carol Hutcheson Catherine Kramer Sheila Landrum Bar ara Loden Vic Nix Bonnie Norman Teresa Norton Beverly Norvell Catherine Poplin Jane Puckett Linda Rainwater Diane Ralls Wilma Ralls dw 'X QRS , no ', -vs '- E ,HAI . Andrea Coppedge-Mir: Little 100. -1 Sue Chappell sh ows winning form. Donna Repik Gloria Shurbutt Sherrie Smith Maureen Smoot Margie Sweat Doris Tarpley Diane VanDyck Sandra Wells Linda West Kathy Wilbur Peggy Wilder Trisha Williarns u Rho Sigma Mu Rho Sigma was founded at Georgia State College in 1955 and is the only campus organization limited to women students who are or have been married. 'The purpose of the sorority is to promote friendship, scholar- ship and service for the college, in an atmos- phere of mutual interests and understanding. Alpha Chapter numbers among its mem- bers many who have been given scholastic recognition by election to Alpha Lambda Delta, Crimson Key and Who's Who, and by receiving the Dean's Key and Na- tional Scholarship awards. Alpha Chapter also encourages its mem- bers to take an active part in campus life and to participate in other organizations in NOT PICTURED: Nena Allen Christina Benoy Melba Bolin Elizabeth Davis Jane Dean Judy DeLoache Mary Louise Friclc Nancy Frizzelle Connie Glover Martha Hunt Nancy Johnson Joyce Landau, Corresponding Secretary Becky Langley Zena Lovinger Mary Martin Sherry Mashburn Jane McElroy Gay Perkins Dottie Pinyan Rosemarie Seals Brona Snell Mary Upchurch, Recording Serreiury Joanna Witt Alice Young the college. Members have been on the May Court and Homecoming Court. Other mem- bers have held office in SEA and the Psy- chology Club, and several have participated in General Council committees. Our social functions include quarterly lun- cheons, rush teas and informal coke parties, and the Annual Awards Banquet. Alpha Chapter is proud to announce the chartering of Beta Chapter at the University of Georgia last June. Beta Chapter is the first stage of Mu Rho Sigma's expansion as planned by the Board of Trustees. The major goal of Mu' Rho Sigma is to promote sisterhood among all eligible women on campus. Pat Haliburton Dee Hazlehurst June Hendrix Barbara Homer Sarah Howell Elizabeth Jeffares Alice McDaniel Carolyn Oliver Nancy Phillips ,Q-4' Qs ms 3'5- Mary Childs, 1:1 Vice-Prexideni Connie Holmes, 2nd Vice-President Dot Torrence, Treafurer Kathryn Burke Janie Carmichael Patsy Carter Kay Chester Pat Emerson X fr-. Q I . , Bonnie Dewar, PRESIDENT CXJ Zeta Tau Alpha Delta Lambda is the 106th Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, which is recog- nized as one of the five top 'sororities in the nation. Since Delta Lambda was char- tered, five years ago, the chapter received the "Achievement Award", the highest honor given by the national organization of Zeta Tau Alpha. Since that time, Zeta's growth as a sister- hood has been unsurpassed. But although Sisterhood is an intangible thing, it has many tangible rewards. The foremost of these rewards are three won by the efforts of the whole chapter. The first is Sing Night, 19673 Zetas won first place. The second was Mardi Gras, where Zeta won King and Queen, and Best Concession. Third of the achievements of the chapter was first place in the Pi Kappa Alpha Trike Race. Besides these and other tangible rewards, this year has been filled with social activities such as a Parent-Daughter Fashion Show. The highlight of the year is the Silver Crown Ball, where awards are presented to the Best Faculty Member and the Best Male and Female Student. fi Zeta Tau Alpha presents a Parent-Daughter Fashion Show. Linda Curtin Annette Fedas Peggy Foster Bonnie Fowler Roma Free Kathy Gercken Libby Gladden Brenda Halstead Diane Hamlin Janice Harpole Ag iz l Donna Adcock Karen Baker Linda Barnard Susan Barnett Patti Barrett Kathy Bennett Elaine Berry Sharron Brooks Susan Brown Kimball Burket Gail Califf ' Carol Callahan Christine Camp Susan Clonts lt bell Nanette Covington Barbara Ann Morley, PRESIDENT Mardi Gras Kina Sigma Nu. Maggie Parr Barbara Patmore Susan Rice Martha Riley Carol Ringley Mary Scott Kitty Stanfield Cecelia Stokes Sherry Touchstone Barrye Waidelich Joan Wilkins Joyce Wilkins Cindy Williams Nancy Wood Suzanne Wyatt lfs and 4 Susan Head Cheryl Ingram Pamela jones Betti Kennedy Karen Lenoir Carolyn Lucas Kathy McGarity Nancy McGee Mariel McRae Nancy Mcwhirter Kay Nelson Kathy O'Brien MILITARY 203 2 I LTC William B. Fowlkes PROFESSOR OF MILITARY SCIENCE 13 MAJ William B. Holloway CPT Gary XV. Hipps ix VX 1 CPT james D. Boggs CPT Alfred F. Fiurnauo SGM Robert E. Kiel e Cadre E---S. iff' iiii" RX, A Mfs. 0'Nei11 Caldwell Miss Barbara Bricker Wh-Q A MSG jose Ramos SFC Robert R. Latham SSG Petro Russell l LTC Fowlkes presents the Bronze Star to CPT Holloway and CPT Boggs for service in Vietnam. 'F - COL Gordon W. Anderson LTC Walter R. Chrietzberg LTC Edward L, Sherwood CADET BRIGADE COMMANDER IST BATTALION COMMANDER ZND BATTALION fb.. FNS 9. -... 1r"""" WFS? 'P' -s-an '-+-1 S1-CPT Donald W. TIOUCF, Jr- S-3-MAJ Michael G. Jones S4-CPT Henry Hayes Brigade Staff 3-in. 3 -v IO-1LT Dave Donaldson SA-2LT Lynn B. Stull Cadet Headquarters Q" Ngtxx R, . 'Hifi S1 fS4-CPT joseph O. Manguno S3-MAJ Michael Botelho Asst S3-CPT Edward Lewis 'N - ,w ,av -was X -, .nga I, 'Ln "' PK PUQ 'in-W S1fS4-CPT jeffrey W. Pickard S5-MAJ John S. Hlaluski Asst S3-CPT joseph Bolton I st Battalion Staff 2nd Battalion Staff 'Pr 1:-,ii 'ff I i Com pa n 25:5 rg Commanders , - i 1111 W 2 . f-2 -- CG-CPT Wayne A. Hooper BAND-MAJ Jeffrey C. Thom: , V . -f -f 537---fzvf ju' - 1 3 52' 4 LTC Fowlkes and 208 " .V EXW i Dr. England present Distinguished Military Student Awards to cadets. , 1 i .li iz . -sggpfii' , qi. A-CPT Richard Rauschenberg B-CPT Thomas Biddulph C-CPT Thomas Perkins me W, ,faq ew- YL' D--CPT Willimn Daniel E-CPT james Little F-CPT William Dorsey .rr A. Ko 'iz ,,!::"j'. f 3,1 G-CPT Gary Abner H-CPT Fred Noble I ri' - "L , r, '." " I 42 4 Eg' :Z- Platoon Leaders 1LT Clarence Abercrombie 2LT Michael Anderson fi D'-9 'EIA arf 1LT john Butler ILT joseph Claxton 1LT Willimn Cogper ' Y C X. 7' T l 4 " t F' uv- it 7, N Y-...rl , , ILT jerry Dodd ILT Clayton Doss 1LT Timothy Eastling ? . 4 rw 1LT Samuel Freeman 1LT John Hancock 1LT Gafy Hofsley 1LT Thomas LeVert 1LT joel Newton 2LT Paul Phillips gas' 'QP' .ww 1LT Roger Porter 1LT George Puckett w-n-11" ILT jerry Salters 1I.T Gilbert Spindel 'l 'all 1LT David Stillerman ILT john VanHouse ZLT John W7hat1ey A cadet platoon leader instructs his platoon at the weekly drill period. in-' ZLT john Allgood 2LT james Lawrence ZLT Thomas Taffs ' X195 SA rs 4 :Q 519' 2LT Thomas Yearian 1SG Arvel Buck 65' K6 41523:-4 Q-:img ISG Donnie Donaldson 1SG Rgbeft D055 MS III Cadets MS III Cadets fi , Q-O NU' ISG Michael Evenson 1SG Thomas Heaton 1SG Frank Lambert ISG Randolph Nail MSG Craig Adams MSG Fred Adams A - 45. 'iw 1' MSG Paris Couturiaux MSG William Dickey I gf., . 7- IT! MSG Alton Ewing MSG Terry Lloyd . S 'WN E rss MSG ,Hoyt Phillips MSG Larry Prouclfit MSG George Stokes Av' 'Nh Annum... MSG David Taylor MSG Ray' Wade MSG James Webb ,r vi -x, M, .,ggg':v ati- , 4 .. Q 9 1- -, ,I .., .iff ,. ggi-1 ,- Hs: ' f 'gl'n,'2'A 5- wr' 'WIS-' ix Qjis-1'. MSG james Willimns SFC Carl Bagwell SFC Frank Bellinetti ,iff if x N- ' ' unc' Q if-1. yi- SFC james Bruce SFC Neal Causey SFC James Combs viii' SFC Liston Durden SFC Harry Gober MS III Caelets F ' nf A. A e - X, n ,. - U wr- Q" '- -W- Q :Y u U-S, .. -wr SFC Donald Gross SFC Arthur Hammond SFC Marion Hope !l0 vw-f ff Q 'Y'-rv I A 5 X-' . . .vie " Q- Q.-.Q fa. 'lil-nm 4, -.,..v. Georgia State cadets firing the M1 Carbine at Fort MacPherson range. N M S I I I Ca d ets SFC George Hunt SFC Robert Kubicki 'E' Q? X SFC Ben LUICC SFC john Lynch SFC Cecil Manning A . ,ss- 1 SFC Robert Pierce SFC Pierce Roberts SFC Charles Scarborough SFC Willimn Sewell X-nd'2O' 'QI Ii ....,. SFC Thomas Sher ill SFC Robert Shuman Q' we. SFC Jacobo Simonet SFC Dennis Walden SFC Stephen Wheelus SFC Tony Whitton all , fi X President Langdale speaks at the unveiling of the Memorial Plaque, Veterans Crowning the Brigade Sweetheart, 1966 Day, 1966. Act. .t. ., ' H1 , Q. 1: . BAND Co. performs precision drill at Mardi Gras, New Orleans l l ln .-xv v... xx. . N i 4. -Mn . ::X:f'QW.5ff'U ., V, 5 ---x,x-suggj' V- ,. A 1 , ., N,,,,,N,153533,,..:.i.. .5 X . .- .se if2'?f'fr: X' 'tm NN- N K .,.. - I - ,. ..-X.. X-lwxy., A SX vi. . -K, N,r.:.,Hv. X A A .S F. h. , " W 6 'h - -.m i ll N X Fixx- W 'N W5 Sig , :" .. A ' ix-...YSZ - X-.,. - Mixwvt -' QQ - , . 1 ug," 'es-A'-:-js-. -, ., . xx- 4 " wa 2. '. . Jn., ' 'Ish gf N ,I A -- . .ws- Pwwgxwvfj-N' A.-Nf.. 3EtQN -wwf FV : :QR -W -A 'SAA-. ... .tm arte. 'us' - . N' ....J4..E. Q' akmxm Cadet fires .45 Caliber pistol. Arrival at Fort Bragg, N.C. x 'HY FA 4 . N. X- " Z . J i if .a .sill LTC Fowlkes and Dr. England visit Summer Camp, Ft. Bragg. S u m me r X Dr. England with a Georgia State cadet. Camp, l966 Q J LEADERSHIP I ,E 223 Capable leadership at Georgia State Col- lege plays a major role in the rapid growth and prominent position of this urban in- stitution in Atlanta. The good judgment and sense of fairness of her administration aggk provide Georgia State College with an at- S mosphere of enthusiasm and cooperation between students and faculty. This mutual understanding prepares students of Georgia Q 6 State with an eagerness to meet and solve X the problems they inevitably encounter. Cer- tainly the ability with which the leaders of Georgia State College handle their jobs makes it difficult to imagine how extensive these jobs really are. NOAH N. LANGDALE, JR. President bf! ,. .1 5 S611-mul' WILLIAM M. SUTTLES Vice President GEORGE E. MANNERS Dean of the School of Business Administration J. C. HORTON BURCH Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences GRADUATE STUDIES ARTS 8 SCIENCES A 322 MELVIN W. ECKE Dean of Graduate Studies School of Arts and Sciences R, A, gpm!! f JOHN E. LEWIS Associate Dean School of Business Administration osssisfx.. -- ' t HAROLD E. DAVIS Director of Public Relations W. ROGERS HAMMOND Dean of Graduate Studies Associate Dean, School of Business Administration JAMES F. COOK Administrative Assistant School of Arts and Sciences C. L. GRANT Assistant Dean School of Arts and Sciences 1... Ex., l - EVA M. WHETSTONE Assistant Dean of Women Xxx 9 NELL H. TROTTER KENNETH M. ENGLAND Dean of Women Dean of Smdent Affairs 2 A J 1 ...Null- TIMOTHY M. SINGLETON Dean of Men zyxai 1 1. , ' . - , ': 'T .- U: - xc, ...ply - - :. lf- -, 4 55SYi.::f,. . 'A I., kr , . vi-,H , 1' '.' .-e V Q. I , -- v :- , ,Jr-n url, . , fy F. I-. ' ' .s f"5'x ig?-+A WILLIAM P. DAVID Assistant Dean of Student Affairs --4--r-'+':""'A"I1i - .Q ii U! 4 -4 I X BILLIE RUMBAUGH Secretary to the Dean of Student Affairs 15.5-L R X f-A, L. V. V. LAVROPF LEWIS VAN GORDER Comptroller Director, School of Special Studies HENRY T. MALONE Director of Development WILLIAM S. PATRICK Registrar and Dean of Admissions i 'Z we is PAT SARTAIN Executive Secretary Alumni Association X, JERRY SANDERS Assistant Director of Student Aid Rv, C. DEAN DALTON Director of Student Aid . h xx JAMES E. SLIGH Director of Student Publications Director of Georgia State Players LOULA N. CANTRELL Administrative Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs ...- JAMES L. CULP Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs School of Arts 8 Sciences The primary purpose of the School of Arts and Sciences is to afford the student a liberal education, which by its nature is broad rather than narrow, devoted to in- tellectual development and discipline rather than to the acquisition of technical skills. It should give the student some knowledge of the achievements of the human mind, with special reference to the Western civilization of which both the ancient world and con- temporary America are partsg of the historical and cultural backgrounds essential to a true understanding of our world, above all, of orderly thinking processes and of a scale of values by which he can distinguish the permanent from the trivial, the substantial from the pretentious, the good from the bad. To that end he will need some familiarity with historical and political studies, the sci- ences, and the arts. The curricula require a number of courses deemed essential, individ- ually and as a group, to the intellectual com- petence at which the liberal education aimsg in addition to these, the student has elec- tives which he may use to further his general knowledge or to specialize in certain fields. On the Undergraduate level, the School of Arts and Sciences offers the Bachelor of Arts degree, the Bachelor of Science de- gree, the Bachelor of Music degree, the Bachelor of Science in Education degree in the area of Special Education, and the Bachelor of Visual Arts degree. In most of these degree programs curricula which meet the requirements of the State Board of Edu- cation of Georgia prepare teachers for cer- tification on the elementary and secondary school levels. Through its Division of Graduate Studies the School of Arts and Sciences offers the Master of Arts degree in economics, English, history, mathematics, political science, and psychologyg the Master of Science degree in biology and mathematics, the Master of Arts for Teachers degree, the Master of Edu- cation degree, and the Sixth Year Program for Teachers. The School of Arts and Sciences has been authorized to admit students in 1967 for the Doctor of Philosophy degree in psychol- ogy. X "fb"-zS:f1.'z1 AU , ., A x 5 5 i 1 .mm W1 - -1 I-wiQiwI-at2:5,g::im'f'iY'7wi?f!13fi5 1' - - Art Department The Art Department at Georgia State College is located on the 6th and 7th floors of Kell Hall. The department serves about 300 art majors who are pursuing professional degree programs in art in nine major areas: Painting, Printmaking, Sculp- ture, Ceramics, Crafts, Advertising Art, In- terior Design. Art Education, Art History. Currently there are ten full-time faculty members and two part-time faculty members, all of whom are distinguished professional artists contributing to the culturally rich met- ropolitan environment. Each year the Art Department presents a number of exhibitions in the Georgia State College Art Gallery which is located on the first floor of Kell Hall. These exhibitions in- clude a wide variety of media and interests such as drawing, painting, crafts, advertis- ing design, sculpture and printmaking. Art students at Georgia State also have the opportunity to visit the High Museum of Art as well as a number of private and commer- cial galleries in the Atlanta area. Plans are now underway for a new build- ing which will house the Art and Music Departments. Completion of this new facil- ity is expected within two years. .gy fmt MARY COBLE, B.F.A., Bs., M.Ed., --"N fPenn, Statej, As- sistant Professor of Art N r I- , ' ll . at ,,,,. .gas ,f JOSEPH S. PERRIN, B.F.A MA QUn1versity of California at Los Angelesj, Professor of Art and Head of the Depart ment of Art ,,.9-lim? f L --9-'hu-.,s..L f .- IJ Q - ROBERT REIBER, B.S., M.S. fUniversity of Georgiaj, Professor of Biology and Head of the Department of Biology Biology Department One of the main goals of the Biology Department is to help the student under- stand the world in which he lives. Nearly eight-hundred students enroll in the de- partment every quarter. Many of these stu- dents take introductory courses which are designed to give a concept of biological principles and to instruct the student in the fundamentals of the biology of man. In- troductory courses in anatomy and physiology and microbiology are presented to about three-hundred nursing students from a num- ber of hospitals in the city. The other stu- dents in the department are specializing in biology at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate majors number about two- hundred. They are offered courses leading to a B.S. in Biology with a specialization in zoology or microbiology. In addition, a B.S. degree in Medical Technology is of- fered, as well as preprofessional programs for teaching, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and veterinary science. A graduate program leading to a M.S. in Biology or to a M.A.T. is given to stu- dents who wish to pursue advanced studies in the field. Other types of master's de- grees and a doctoral program are part of the future plans of the departments HANSELL F. CROSS, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. fUr1i- versity of Marylandj, Professor of Biology PETER E. GAFFNEY, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. fRut- gers Universityj, Associate Professor of Biology JEAN GIVENS, A.B., M.S., R.N., M.N. fEmory Universityj, Instructor in Biology BLANCHE GRIGGS, R.N., B.S.N.E., M.S.N.E. fCatholic University of Americaj, Instructor in Biology MARTHA JOHNSON, A,B., M.S. fEmory Uni- versityj, Assistant Professor of Biology PAUL C. KOLTER, B.A., M.S. fUniversity of Tennesseej, Associate Professor of Biology MARTHA MORRISON, B.S,, M.S. CUniversity of Georgiaj, Instructor in Biology JAMES SATTERFIELD, B.S.Ed., M.S. fUniversity of Georgiaj, Assistant Professor of Biology Chemistry Department The Chemistry Department offers courses in general chemistry which combine the Cul- tural aspects of the subject with a founda- tion of basic training for those who will con- tinue with more advanced work in prepara- tion for careers in chemistry and allied fields: The cultural value of elementary chemistry lies chiefly in showing how a measure of order and meaning can be obtained from our otherwise bewildering observations in the world of matter. In the development of these unifying concepts, the study affords splendid illustrations of the methods of scientific logic. Advanced courses are not without their cultural value, but there is more emphasis on the development of technical knowledge and experience which is necessary in chem- istry and related fields. Georgia State's un- dergraduate program trains the student for work in research, control, and testing labora- tories as well as for executive positions re- quiring a chemical background. The Department of Chemistry continues to develop its staff, facilities and students commensurate with Georgia State College's growth in size and excellence. WILLIAM G. TRAWICK, Ph.D. CGeorgia Institute of Technologyj, Pro fessor of Chemistry and Head of the Department of Chemistry HUGH VI. BRONAUGH, AB., Ph.D., fUniversity of New Mexicoj, Associate Professor of Chemis- try MIRIAIXI B, FISHER, AB., MA. fUniversity of Alabamaj Assistant Professor of Chemistry DONALD G. I-IICKS, BS., MS., Ph.D., fUniver- sity of Tennesseej Associate Professor of Chemis- fry RONALD G. JONES, B.A., M.S., Ph.D., tGeor- gia Institute of Technologyj Associate Professor of Chemistry JANE H. MATHER, A.B., Ph.D., fUniversity of Chicagoj Associate Professor of Chemistry AMBROSE H. PENDERGRAST, B.S., MS., fEmO1'y Universityj Assistant Professor of Chemis- try ,IOHN E. SINGLEY, B,S., M.S., fGeorgia Insti- tute 'of Technologyj, Associate Professor of Chemistry 'Q his 3 The Department of Education is responsi- 'qi rw tHl"7l?'i7' p are WN 'nf 'QPV A-an-4 , 5' WOODROW W. BRELAND, B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Edt PhD. fUniversity of North Carolinaj, Professor of Education and Head of the Department of Education NICHOLAS R. CASTRICONE, B.S., M.S. fSouthern Connecticut State Collegej, Associate Professor of Special Education RUBY CHAMPION COOLEY, B,C.S., fM.Ed., Ph.D. fGeorge Peabody College for Teachersj, Associate Professor of Education WILLIAlN'I J. DONALDSON, JR., A.B., B.D., Th.M., Sc.M., M.A., Ph.D. CMichigan State Universityj, Associate Professor of Education MARY C. ELMORE, B.S., M.A. fCornell Uni- versityj, Instructor in Education FLOREINE H. HUDSON, B.S., lNI.S., Ed.D. fAuburn Universityj, Associate Professor of Edu- cation FRANK H. KALER, A.B., M.A., fUniversity of Illinoisj, Assistant Professor of Education KENNETH B. MATHENY, Ph.D. fMichigan State Universityj, Professor of Education GLENN A. VERGASON, B.S., M.S., Ed.D. fGeorge Peabody College for Teachersl, Professor of Special Education Education Department ble for the education of elementary and secondary teachers and other personnel who comprise the staffs of school systems. Many of our basic courses are also cle- sirable electives for general education of parents and others interested in the learn- ing problems of children and youth, and in the improvement of education in our so- ciety. During the past two years the Depart- ment has been expanding rapidly and has added new programs for the teachers of the mentally retarded and for guidance and counseling personnel. Early in 1966 the de- velopmentof a School of Education was approved by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia and plans are well under way for still further expansion in other areas of service to schools and related agencies in the state of Georgia and the nation. Members of the Department are always ready and willing to talk with students who plan to go or might consider going into any one of the many areas of service represented within this professional educational complex. English Department A variety of programs in composition, lan- guage, and literature are available in the Department of English. The program in the freshman-sophomore years is designed to improve the student's ability to write effec- tive expository prose, to analyze and organ- ize ideas, and to read literature with appre- ciative understanding. Advanced undergrad- uate courses offer instruction in the history and structure of the English language, in the content and development of British and American literatures, in the study and ap- plication of principles of literary criticism, and in creative writing. In its graduate division the department offers programs leading to the M.A., the M.A.T., and the professional T-6 certifi- cate. Graduate instruction stresses both the disciplined study of British and American literatures, including critical and scholarly methods, and the academic skills of English as a teaching field. Programs in language and literature at Georgia State College attract students of diversified interests and backgrounds. In addition to those who plan to teach, many students find a close relationship between courses in English and their professions, which put increasing emphasis upon clear writing and coherent organization of thought. Indeed, opportunities for employment for those who specialize in the techniques of lan- guage expression and communication are numerous and rewarding. Students also dis- cover that through a study of literature they may expect to enlarge and discipline their un- derstanding of human problems and charac- terg and, by their active participation in the ordered experience which the artist presents, they often realize a pleasure which is im- aginatively exciting and personally satisfying. JACK I. BILES, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., fEmory Uni- versityj, Professor of English J. C. HORTON BURCH, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. fDuke Universityj, Professor of English and Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences JOHN A. BURRISON, AB., M.A., QUHIVEISIW of Pennsylvaniaj, Assistant Professor of English THOMAS A. CHANDLER, A.B,, M.A., fEmory Universityj, Instructor in English GXVENDOLYN CLEGHORN, A.B., M.A., fEmory Universityj, Instructor in English XVILLIAM E. COLBURN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. fUniversity of Illinoisj, Associate Professor of English LYNDA L. COURTS, A.B., M.A. fFlorida State Universityj, Instructor in English JOE DAVIS, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. fEmory Univer- sityj, Associate Professor of English 240 i if '1 fn Q! HENRY DONAGHY, M.A., Ph.D., fNew York Universityj, Associate Professor of English KENNETH M. ENGLAND, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., fVanderbilt Universityj, Professor of English and Dean of Student Affairs WILLIAM A. EVANS, AB., Ms., Ph.D. tuni- versity of New Mexicoj, Assistant Professor of English EDWARD F. FRANZE, JR., A.B., M.A. fwash- ington and Lee Universityj, Associate Professor of English MARY G. FREEMAN, A.B., M.A. fUniversity of Tennesseej, Instructor in English ROBERT B. GENTRY, JR., B.S., M,A., fUni- versity of Tennesseej, Instructor in English IEANIE F. HALLEM, A.B., M.A. fUniversity of Californiaj, Instructor of English EDNA C. HERREN, A.B., M.A. fUniversity of Georgiaj, Assistant Professor of English THOMAS W. I-IICKS, B.S., A.B., MA., fUni- versity of XX'isconsinj, Assistant Professor of English GLENN I JAMES, B.A., M.A., fUniversity of Georgiaj. Instructor in English SANDRA D. JOHNSON, B.A.. M.A., fFlorida State Universityj, Instructor in English MARY M. KENNEDY, A.B., MA., fEmory Universityl. Instructor in English GRACE T. KITCHENS, AB., M'.R.E., INLA., fGeorge Peabody Collegej, Instructor in English RICHARD B, LARSEN, A.B., M.A., fEmory Unixersityj Instructor in English LYNN G. LEVINS. BA., 1Vassur Collegej, Instructor in English ALLEN D. MARTIN, A.B., M.A.. fLouisiana State Universiryj, Assistant Professor of English Z' t s HL' 1 A.-fn?-. 3 n ,Hn Ci A ZZ' AUSTIN J. MCDERMOTT, BS.. M.A., fMem- phis State Universityj, Instructor in English VUILLIAM B. PIRKLE, A.B., A.M., Ed.D., Au- burn Universityj, Associate Professor of English ALFRED L. RICHARDS, A.B., MA., fStets0n Universityj, Instructor in English DOUGLAS ROBILLARD, BS., M.A., Ph.D.. fWa5'ne State Universityj, Associate Professor of English ANN C. ROSEN. BS., MA., tUniversity of Floridaj, Instructor in English SALLIE E. SCI-ILOSSTEIN, A.B., M.A., fUni- versity of Cincinnatij, Instructor in English TED R. SPIVEY. A.B., M.A., Ph.D., fUniversity of Minnesotctj, Professor of English is J 3 x 1' 6' '- -.P' I t . :Hifi an T N. 4" 01? ELIZABETH G. STOW, A.B., M.A., fEmory Universityj, Instructor of English RAYMOND C. SUTHERLAND, IR., B.A., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. fUniversity of Kentuckyj, Professor of English MARY O. THOMAS, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. fDuke Universityj, Associate Professor of English JO ANN TOLLERSON, A.B., M.A., fUniversity of Georgiaj, Instructor in English SALLY A. TRAIN, B.A., M.A. Uncliana Uni- versityj Instructor in English LINDA C. TRAYNHAM, A.B., M.A. fUniver- sity of South Carolinaj, Instructor of English ARTHUR E. WATERMAN, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. fUniversity of Wisconsinj, Professor of English FREDERICK D. WEAVER, A.B., M.A. fEmory Universityj, Assistant Professor of English PATRICIA A. WILLIAMS, A.B. fFurman Uni- versityj, Instructor in English WILLIAM P. WOODBERRY, JR., B.A., B.D,, M.A. fFIorida State Universityj, Assistant Pro- fessor of English Foreign Language Department It is increasingly evident that foreign lan- guage study is an opportunity for the stu- dent to obtain an understanding and apprecia- tion of the character and significance of foreign culture and civilization. This can best be achieved by emphasizing both the active, communicative side of the language and the written, historical record of its liter- ature. A successful language program-the goal of the College-will also attempt to integrate this conception of language study into the patterns of modern life and society. The Department of Foreign Languages at Georgia State College currently offers a field of concentration in either the German, French, or Spanish languages. Elementary and intermediate courses are also offered in Italian, Russian, and Greek. Advanced courses in Latin are given to meet the requirements for certification of the State Department of Education. Prospective teachers for the elementary and secondary schools have the opportunity to prepare for a teaching career in any of the languages in which a major is offered. Students who intend to do advanced work in foreign languages at graduate school are guided and directed by the Department. Work in the language laboratory supple- ments all levels of classroom instruction at the College. BRIGITTE BALTRUSCHAT, Abitur, Staats Exa- men, fPhilipp-Universitat, Marburgj, Instructor in German JANICE M. BENARIO, A.B., M.A., Ph.D., Uohns Hopkins Universityj, Associate Professor of Classics WALTER H. BISHOP, A.B., M.A.T., Ph.D., fUniversity of North Carolinaj, Associate Pro- fessor of Romance Languages ANNA V. BUSKIRK, A,B., M.A., fMiddlebury Collegej Instructor in French MORTON M. CELLER, B.S., M.S. in Ed., Doc- torat de l'universit7e fUniversite de Parisj, Pro- fessor of French KARIN M. COX, A.B., M.A.T., fHarvard Uni- versityj, Instructor in German MARIQN L. DANIELS, B.A., M.A., fEmory Umversiwl, Assistant Professor of Classics . I Ns: f X I . -aa. g, P SHUBAEL T. BEASLEY, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., QCornel1 Uni- versityj, Professor of German and Head of the Depart- ment of Languages RICHARD A. FIRDA, A.B., M.A. fHarvard Universityj, Assistant Professor of German MERCEDES S. GAMONEDA, Ed.D. fHavana Universityj, Instructor in Spanish JOSEPH A. JAMES, A.B., M.A. fMiddlebury Collegej, Instructor in Romance Language DAVID F. MCDOWELL, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. fUniversity of North Carolinaj Associate Pro- fessor of Romance Language HELENE PAWLICKI, A.B., M.A. fEmory Uni- versityj, Romance Languages MILDRED C. ROEBUCK, A.B., M.A. fUniver- sity of North Carolinaj, Assistant Professor of Romance Languages ELYZABETH R. SMITH, B.A., M.A. QErnory Universityj, Assistant Professor of Romance Lan- guages ELIZABETH STANFIELD, B.A., M.A. fEmory Universityj, Instructor in Spanish K. Department of Geology, Geography and Anthropology Geology is the science of the earth and is concerned with the study of rocks and their structures, and with earth history as dis- closed by rock formations and fossils. Grad- uate geologists are found today in mining, petroleum, mineral exploration, research, teaching, ground water and surface water studies, soil analysis, and engineering. The general objective of geographic study is an understanding of the various parts of the world, their inhabitants, and their re- sources. Such broad knowledge is a valu- able adjunct of the appreciation of world problems and of intelligent citizenship. Pro- fessional careers in geography may be fol- lowed by teaching on various levels, in public service, and in business. Anthropology is the science which deals with the evolution of man as a biological organismg with the origin, development, and integration of the customs, techniques, and beliefs that make up the ways of life of human social groups, and with the inter- relationship of these biological and cultural factors in human behavior. SANFORD H. BEDERMAN, B.A., lNI.A. fL0uiS- iana State Universityj, Associate Professor of Geography ROBERT D. BENTLEY, B.S. fOregon State Universityj, Assistant Professor of Geology BENJAMIN A. MORGAN, III, B.S., M.A. fUni- veristy of North Carolinaj, Assistant Professor of Geology DAVID EAOGREN, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. fNorth- wpstern Universiryj, Assistant Professor of Ge- oogy J. KENNETH SMIAIL, A.B,, M.Ed., M.A. llndiana Universityj, Assistant Professor of An- thropology CHESTER R. SMITH, B.S., M.S. QLouisiana State Univer sityj, Associate Professor of Geology and Head of the Department of Geology, Geography, and Anthropology Gif X4 '2 History Department As the record of human achievements hopes, and failures and as a humanistic dis cipline, history encompasses the study of man's political, social cultural economic and spiritual life. It provides mankind with an understanding and an appreciation of its past in the hope that by a good ltnowl edge of causation and historical analysis and synthesis, men will utilize what they have learned of the past to develop a more ration al life in the present and to chart a better life in the future. With a faculty which combines excellent teaching and high quality research the De partment of I-Iistorys major objective 15 to provide a sound knowledge of history for the non-specialist as well as the specialist While the European and American history survey courses contribute to the over all gen eral education program the more advanced courses in American European and non Western history are designed to educate majors and minors in history for careers in teaching, postgraduate study and government JOSEPH O BAYLEN BEd MA PhD FRHS CEmory University, Uni- and public service versity of New Mexicoj Professor of History and Head of the Department of JOHN A. ALEXANDER, A.B., lNI.A., Ph.D. Uohns Hopkins Universityj, Professor of History JAMES F. COOK. A.B., M.A. fGeorgia State Collegej, Instructor in History and Administrative Assistant, School of Arts and Sciences MELVIN W. ECKE, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. fPrince- toh Universityj, Professor of History, Associate Dean and Dean of Graduate Studies, School of Arts and Sciences JOE B. EZELL, B.A., M.A. tUniversity of Alabamaj, Assistant Professor of History and Administrative Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs WILLIAIVI H. FERRISS, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. fvan- derbilt Universityj, Assistant Professor of History RAY T. GEIGER, B.A.B.E., A.B., M.A.T. fEm0ry Universityj Instructor in History CLEMENT I.. GRANT, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. fVan- derbilt Universityj, Professor of History and As- sistant Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences MARILLA B. GUPTIL, A.B., A.M, fUniversity of Chicagoj, Instructor in History MERL E. REED, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. QSyracuse Universityj, Associate Professor of History LELA F. RICH, B.A., M.A.T. fDuke Universityj, Instructor in History EDWARD L. VVELDON, A.B., M.A. fEmory Universityj, Instructor in History DAVID F. WELLS, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. fUniver- sity of Kentuckyj, Associate Professor of History Journalism Department The Department of journalism offers a major which prepares students for newspaper, radio, television, magazine, or public rela- tions careers. Most of the Journalism courses also are designed so that non-majors may take them as part of their general education. The Departments main objective is to turn out highly competent, professional-type gradu- ates with a strong background in the liberal arts and social sciences. In addition to working on the Georgia State SIGNAL and the WPLO-FM station,. Journalism students are required to gather and write news in the Atlanta area, which is used with the help and facilities of the news media as a "living laboratory" for the students. Practicing professionals are guest lecturers in the classes, and some of them teach part-time at the College in their special fielcls. The Department sponsors two student pro- fessional organizations: the Society for Men in journalism and the Society for Women in journalism. journalism majors also hold honorary memberships in, and attend meet- ings of, the Atlanta Press Club. They also attend meetings of the Atlanta Professional Chapter of Sigma Delta Chi, national pro- fessional -lournalistic society. Georgia State College is the only educa- tional institution in Georgia besides the University of Georgia offering a major in journalism. The College is a member of the American Society of journalism School Ad- ministrators. --6' GEORGE R. GREIFF, B.S., M,S.-I. fNorthwest- ern Universityj, As- sistant Professor of Journalism ' Y Y DOZIER C. CADE, A.B., M.S.,l., Ph.D. QState University of Iowaj, Professor of journalism and Head of the Department of journalism X. ' . , JEANNE L. AGNEW, Ph.D., fHarvard Univer- sity, Associate Professor of Mathematics JANICE T. ASTIN, M.A. CEmory Universityj, Instructor in Mathematics CHARLES L. COPE, B.S., M.A. fUniversity of Georgiaj, Assistant Professor of Mathematics DONALD L. DUNCAN, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. fUni- versity of Floridaj, Associate Professor of Math- ematics ELTON A. EASON, B.S., M.A. fEmory Uni- versityl, Assistant Professor of Mathematics ERNEST H. EMORY, B.A., B.S. fGeorgia In- stitute of Technologyj Assistant Professor of Math- ematics CHARLES S. FRADY, B.S., M.S. QAuburn Uni- versityj, Assistant Professor of Mathematics JULIA P. KENNEDY, A.B., M.S. fUniversity of South Carolinal, Assistant Professor of Math- ematics WILLIAM W. LEONARD, B.S., M,S., Ph.D. fUniversity of South Carolinaj, Assistant Pro- fessor of Mathematics SAMUEL W. MORRIS, III, B.E.E. fGe0rgia In- stitute of Technologyj, Instructor in Mathematics PICKETT H. RIGGS, B.C.S., M.A. fEmory Uni- versityj, Instructor in Mathematics WILLIAM F. STRALEY, B.S. fGeorgia State Collegej, Instructor in Mathematics LEON R. WALKER, B.S. fUniversity of Geor- giaj, Instructor in Mathematics KENNETH E. WHIPPLE, B.S., Ph.D. fAuburn Universityj, Assistant Professor of Mathematics RICHARD C. WILLIAMS, B.S., M.S. fGeorgia Institute of Technologyj, Instructor in Mathematics LEROY M. WILLSON, B.S., M.A. fUniversity of Georgiaj, Associate Professor of Mathematics ,J GARNET L. TILLER, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. fUniversity of Kentuckyj, Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Department of Mathematics Mathematics Department The Mathematics Department offers cours- es leading to five degrees with a major in mathematics. These degrees are the two undergraduate degrees, bachelor of arts and bachelor of science, and the three graduate degrees, the master of arts, the master of science, and the master of arts for teachers. In addition to this function, the Mathematics Department is a service department to the students in business and science and it teaches the courses which impart essential knowledge of mathematics to all students of the college. Music Department The educational purpose of the Depart- ment of Music is directed toward assisting the individual student to the fullest possible development of his innate musical gifts and helping him to make the musical arts a constructive cultural asset in his own life and that of his fellow man, to the extent that this will be compatible with his own interests and happiness and that of the community in which he will live. The Department further- more aims to provide opportunities to the greatest possible number of students to share in the heritage of the music culture of the human race and in turn to contribute to this culture. THOMAS M. BRUMBY, III, B.A., M.S.M. QUnion Theological Seminary, Columbia Universityj, Professor of Music and Head of the Department of Music ELIZABETH A. BAILEY, AB., M.Mus. fFlorida State Universityj. Instructor in Music ,IERRY H. ETHERIDGE. A.B., B.M,, MINI. fUni- xersity of Rochesterj. Associate Professor of Music XVILLIAM H. HILL, B.M. fNew England Con- servatoryj, Assistant Professor of Music XVILLIAM W, JOHNSON, B.F.A., M.F.A. fUni- xersity of Georgiaj, Associate Professor of Music CHARLES C. KNOX, B.F.A., iXI.INIuS., Ph.D. tlndiana Universityj, Associate Professor of Music JOHN SCHNEIDER. BS., Graduate Performer Diploma Uuilliard School of Musicy, Instructor in Music KAREEN G. VALLANDIGHAINI, BS., INIS. fUniversity of Illinoisj, Instructor in Music i .X 9 if r 4- is X,- ' 1 'r if ,ti - ,f l v 1 , X ' n. , r ,, as -V . v. wif- I .,..--H" RALF F. MUNSTER, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. fDuke Universityj, Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Department of Philosophy ov! ,sv I . vs- h I ' ,s., I Xi - -- V . K 'i. ROBERT L. GEORGE b ARTHUR W. RUDOLPH, B.A., B.D., M.A., Ph.D. W ARRINGTON, BEISWANGER, BA., MA., mi. AB., B,D,, MA, lane Universityj, Ph.D. fState Uni- fUniversity of Assistant Professor versity of Igwab, Southern Califor- of Philosophy Professor of Phi- Dial, A550Claff' losophy Professor of Phi- losophy Philosophy Department Philosophy studies the basic presupposi- tions of human belief, thought, and action, critically examining all that is taken for granted when men claim to know what they are talking about and to be sure of what they are doing. Philosophical scrutiny ex- tends from the assumptions of everyday conduct to those of scientist, artist, prophet, and priest. Above all, philosophical analysis provides the means to a unified perspective on human knowledge. Hence, philosophy is an appropriate study for those wishing a broadly liberal education that includes the skills of disciplined insight, and it is in- valuable for those looking toward careers of policy-making and leadership. Physical Education The Physical Education Department pre- sents to the student an opportunity to develop his physical fitness through a program of cir- cuit training. Circuit training was introduced into the program in the Winter quarter of 1966 since it was felt that this type of pro- gram would best fit the needs of our stu- dents. We have a rapidly expanding student body with a very severe shortage of space in which to run a more traditional program. Classes are primarily held at the YWCA and YMCA with community resources be- ing utilized whenever feasible. Construction of a new physical education facility adjacent to the present campus is expected to be started within the next year. Upon completion of this facility the department will be able to offer the student a much wider range of activities. Upon completion of the new physical edu- cation facility it is anticipated that a teacher training program and an intramural program will be initiated in conjunction with the present required program. Physics Department The Department of Physics offers a com- prehensive major program leading to the Bachelor of Science degree. Over one hun- dred physics majors are pursuing this course of study, which prepares them for graduate school or successful careers in physics. Those Georgia State physics majors who do not go to graduate school are much sought after by industrial and government research laborator- ies. Physics is the most basic of the laboratory sciences. To be truly educated, a person must have a fundamental knowledge of the laws of physics. To meet the needs of all Georgia State students, two separate elementary phys- ics sequences are offered-one for non-sci- ence students and the other for science ma- jors. ROBERT H. HANKLA, A.B. M.S., Ph.D. fVan derbilt Universityj Assistant Profes- sor of Physics .l HUGHES B. JEN- KINS, JR., A.B., M.S., Ph.D. cum. versity of Ken- tuckyj, Associate Professor of Phys- ics GUS A. PETITT, B.S., Ph.D. fDul-ce Universityj, Ag- sistant Professor of Physics 'BBL RICHARD W. WEHR, B.S., M.Ed., Ed.D. QFlorida State Universityj, As- sociate Professor and Head of the De- partment of Physical Education s 'I' t.. ii JOSEPH H. HADLEY, JR., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. fDuke Universityj, Professor of Physics and Head of the Department of Physics La sl -... Ni. KARL O'LESSKER, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. Undiana Universityj, Associate Pro- fessor of Political Science and Head of the Department of Political Science sor of Political Science ence Affairs Political Science Department At present, the Political Science Depart- ment has a full-time faculty of ten teaching its undergraduate courses. Six of these pro- fessors also belong to the graduate faculty of the School of Arts and Sciences and offer courses leading to the M.A. and M.A.T. degrees. As well as teaching the course in Amer- ican Government which is required for all students, the Department offers upper-di- vision courses in the following areas: Ameri- can government and politics, foreign and comparative governmentg political theoryg foreign policy and international relations, and public administration. The graduate courses fall into generally the same categor- ies. The Department also participates in the Foreign Area Studies Program. Under this program, an inter-disciplinary course of study composed of social science and economics courses, a student receives an A.B. in Foreign Area Studies with concentration on Asia, Latin America or International Relations. WILLIAM M. GRUBBS, A.B., M.A. QUniversity of North Carolinaj, Professor of Political Science FREDERICK H. HARRIS, JR., A.B., A.M., Ph.D. fUniversity of North Carolinaj, Associate Profes- JACK W. HOPKINS, B.A., M.A. fEm0ry Uni- versityj, Assistant Professor of Political Science ' TOMMIE S. MONTGOMERY, A.B., M.A. -rs ,'-555 fAmerican Universityj, Instructor in Political Sci- BASCOM O. QUILLIAN, JR., B.S., LI..B., M.A. tUniversity of Georgiaj, Associate Professor of Political Science and Assistant Dean of Student Psychology Department Psychology is both a science and a pro- fessiong it is a discipline in its own right, it also supports allied disciplines, and serves as a basic science for many professions. The Department offers programs of study leading to undergraduate and graduate de- grees. The general objective of instruction in psychology is to give the student a scien- tific attitude toward, and an understanding of behavior, both human and animal. The student is offered psychological knowledge about how we experience, perceive, think, and learng how individuals differ from one anotherg how personality develops from in- fancy to maturityg and how inter-personal fac- tors affect relationships in the home, on the job, and in the community. Instruction on the graduate level is designed to intro- duce the student to advanced topics in psy- chology, and to foster the pursuit of scholarly and research objectives. In substantiation of offerings, the Department maintains a sys- tem of selection and advisement for students, a faculty which is representative of the broad areas of specialization in psychology, and an increasingly wide range of laboratory and practicum facilities. EDNA D. COPELAND, A.B., MS. fUnive-rsity of Pittsburghj, Instructor in Psychology and Admissions Counselor WALTER F. DAVES, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. tDuke Universityj, Assistant Professor of Psychology MARGARET J. FAGAN, A.B., MS., Ph.D. CPennsylvania State Universityj, Associate Pro- fessor of Psychology IRNA I.. SHEPHERD, A.B., M.A., Ph.D. fPenn- sylvania State Universityj, Associate Professor of Psychology FRED H. XVRIGI-IT, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. fOhio State Universityj, Associate Professor of Psychol- ogy 254 EARL C. BROWN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. fPurdue Universityj, Professor of Psychology and Head of the Department of Psychology x r all fi ROBERT E. GARREN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. QUni- versity of North Carolinaj, Professor of So- ciology and Head of the Department of Sociology HILDA G. DYCHES, B.S.Ed. QUniversity of Georgiaj, Special Lecturer, Speech and Drama Sociology Department The Department of Sociology at Georgia State is designed to educate the student with respect to the structural and functional forces of society on a universal plane. The average quarter enrollment for the academic year 1966-67 is approximately 1000 students. At the present time there are about 300 students who are listed as so- ciology majors. The Department is responsible for the teaching of behavioral science to all majors in the School of Business Administration. The Behavioral Science Program presently consists of .1 two course sequence, 101 and 102. At present the Department of Sociology has eight full-time faculty and nine part- time faculty. Next year it is hoped that the Department will have approximately fifteen full-time faculty members. Further expecta- tions lie in the approval of the Master of Arts with a major in sociology which is pending at the present time. Sociology as a discipline in colleges and universities over the world is developing at a phenomenal pace. The discipline is now considered as one of the four or five index departments in developing universities. In our complex society, sociology becomes one of the most relevant disciplines on campus serving as a foundation for liberal education as well as training for professional careers. Speech Department Courses in speech are intended to provide the basic instruction for general students in the fundamentals of speech or for the stu- dents who anticipate professional careers as speakers and actors or who intend to teach speech or drama. The courses offered by the Department of Speech and Drama will be of cultural and practical value to stu- dents of both the School of Arts and Sci- ences and the School of Business Adminis- tration by increasing personal effectiveness in public speaking, conversation, and the everyday concerns of life. WILLIABI D. AlNllS, A.B.. PhD fUn1xers1ty f North Carolinaj, Associate Professor of Sociology BEATE S, BANDY, Ph.D. Candidate fUDlX6fSllY of Heidelbergj, Assistant Professor of Sociology CLYDE W. FAULKNER, AB BD fDuke Universityl, Assistant Professor of Sociology JAMES C. SIMMS, AB., AM PhD fEmory Universityj, Associate Professor of Sociology 6' ,, A VIL. ', I School of Business Administration Curricula in the School of Business Ad- ministration are designed to give broad ex- perience in the liberal arts and applied sci- ences as preparation for productive living and progress toward executive responsibilities. The School is -organized into nine depart- ments, a Bureau of Business and Economic Research, an Institute ofllnternational Busi- ness and the Computing and Data Processing Center. The degrees offered by the School of Busi- ness Administration, which is a full member of the American Association of Collegiate Sghools of Business, are the Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Actuarial Science, Master of Professional Accountancy, Master of Business Education, Master of Hospital Administration, Doctor of Business Admin- istration, Doctor of Philosophy in- Economics, and the Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration. 256 I Y Accounting Department The objective of the Department of Ac- counting is to provide students with an edu- cation which will prepare them for profes- sional careers in indust-ry, government, edu- cation and public accounting. The offerings of the Department at the bachelor's, master's and doctoral levels are quite varied. The field of accounting is broad and challengingg and at any level of study a student may select courses which will develop his knowledge and ability in accounting as related to managerial, financial, economic and general business situ- ations. By pursuing an advanced degree, a stu- dent may select a program which not only will provide a technical and theoretical foundation in accounting but also will provide extensive concentration and specialization in selected phases of accounting according to his indi- vidual needs and desires. A person with ability and training in accounting will find unlimited career opportunities with superior financial rewards and professional recogni- tion. JOHN W. COOK, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., QUniversity of Alabamaj, C.P.A., Professor of Accounting. WILLIAM L. FURLONG, B.S., M.B.A., Ph.D., fUniversity of Alabamaj, Professor of Accounting. WALTER GENTRY, A.B., M.S., 1FIorida State Universityj, Assistant Professor of Account- iflg, TOMMY P. HALL, B.B.A., M.S., fGeorgia In- stitute of Technologyj, C.P.A., Associate Professor of Accounting. JOHN F. McMULLAN, B.B.A., M.B.A., fUni- versity of Georgiaj, C.P.A., Assistant Professor of Accounting. ICERMIT C. NATHO, JR., B.A., M.B.A., lLouis- lana State Universityj, Assistant Professor of Ac- Counting. MARTIN B, ROBERTS, B.I.E., M.S.I.E., fGeorgia Institute. of Technologyj, Assistant Professor of Accountingj. ELLIOTT SLOCUM, B.S., M.A., fUnivei-sity of Missourij, Assistant Professor of Accounting. FRED A: THORNTON, B.S., M.Acc., fFlorida State Universityj, C.P.A., Assistant Professor of Accounting I A 4 4 "P l':" V. ,I dd ' ' if CATHERINE E. MILES, B.S., LL.B., M.S PhD QUniversity of Alabamaj, Professor of Accounting and Chairman of the Department of Accounting YN, . saga--f Xl I .Q- af' - 5 ...+-"" Q 'Ns ffl' A ' ' V ALTON B. PARKER LILES, A.B., B.S., M.A., Ph.D. CUniversity of Kentuckyj, Professor of Busi- ness Education and Chairman of the Department of Business Education ELEANOR HARRISON, B.B.A., M.B.E. fGeorgia State Collegej, Assistant Professor of Business Education. DANA VERRY, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. fUniversity of Pittsburghj, Associate Professor of Business Education. JEAN VOYLES, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. fOhio State Universityj, Associate Professor of Business Edu- cation. Business Education Department The curriculum in the Department of Business Education is designed so that stu- dents may elect either of two areas of con- centration leading to the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration: executive secre- tarial or business teacher education. The ob- jective of the secretarial curriculum is to pre- pare executive secretaries and office super- visory personnel qualified to assume ad- ministrative positions of responsibility and with sufficient breadth of educational prep- aration to enable them to advance to positions of higher responsibility and authority. The objective of the business teacher curriculum is to prepare well-qualified teachers of bus-iness subjects for secondary schools and colleges. The provisions of this curriculum meet the requirements of the State Department of Education for certification and graduates are eligible to receive the T-4 certificate. The Department provides a service func- tion to students who major in other areas through such courses as office machines, shorthand, typewriting, and report writing, which may be taken as electives. Economics Department Modern man is faced with a host of eco- nomic problems, personal and public, and almost every social problem has its eco- nomic aspects. Consequently, broad under- standing of the modern world requires some knowledge of the functioning of the economic systemg and the individuals in- telligent participation in the solutions of problems in our society will be aided by an understanding of the point of view and the techniques of analysis developed by econo- mists. The introductory courses in economics are designed for this purpose. They also lay the groundwork for further courses in eco- nomics for those students who may wish to pursue the subject more intensively. In the School of Business Administration, the Department of Economics offers the B.B.A. degree with a major in economics or statistics, and the M.B.A., D.B.A., and the Ph.D. in Economics. Students in the School of Arts and Sciences may work toward the A.B. and M.A. degrees with a major in eco- nomics. The programs stress quantitative analysis and are designed to provide prepara- tion for careers in a broad range of fields. JACK BLICKSILVER, B.A., DLA., Ph.D., fNorthwestern Universityj, Professor of Econom- ics. THEODORE C. BOYDEN, A,B., lNI.A,, Ph.D., tHarvard Universityj, Professor of Economic Education, Director of the Center for Business and Economic Education. BEN F. CURRY, A.B., lNI.A., Ph.D,, QUniversity of North Carolinaj, Associate Professor of Eco- nnmics. LORRAINE DONALDSON, BS., B.A., M.A., D.B.A., flndiana Universityj, Associate Professor of Economics. LOUIS A. DOXV, A.B., lNI.A., Ph.D., flnclianzl Universityj, Professor of Economics. JOHN S. HENDERSON, A.B., lNI.A., Ph,D., tLuuisiana State Universityj, Professor of Eco- nomics, ERNEST W. OGRAM, IR,, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., fUniversity of Illinoisj, Professor of Economics. HENRY C. PEPPER, A.B,, A.M., Ph.D., fSta1te University of Iowaj, Professor of Economics. EDGAR XV. SHOXWS, B.B.A., lXI.B.A.. fGeorgia State College-J, Instructor in Economics. SAMUEL I.. SKOGSTAD, A,B,, lXI.A,, Ph.D. fxY'.lSl1ll1giOI'l Universityj, Associate Professor of Economics. TERRY INI. XVALKER, B.S., Ph.D., QUniversity of Alabamaj, Assistant Professor of Computer Sciences. . RICHARD S. XVALLACE, A.B., Ph,D,, QUniver- sity of Virginiaj, Assistant Professor of Econom- ics. g Ihr!! ,, L JAMES F. CRAWFORD, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. QUniversity of Wiscon- sinj, Professor of Economics and Chairman of the Department of Economics. 'Q' 4 Q . 'WN 'if' fi -'.i JOHN E. LEWIS, B.B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D. CUniversity of Alabamaj, Professor of Finance and Chairman of the Department of Finance ALBERT H. CLARK, B.B.A., M.B.A., Ph.D., fUniversity of Pennsylvaniaj, Professor of Fi- nance JOHN s. cocHR.AN, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., 1Har- vard Universiryj, Associate Professor of Finance HOWARD S. GORDMAN, B.A., M.A., Ph,D., fUniversity of Michiganj, Professor of Finance HARRY H. KUNIANSKY, B.B.A., M.B.A., flimory Universityj, Instructor of Finance Finance Department The Finance Program is designed to in- struct students in the financial processes of the economy and to make them aware of the problems and methods of the sound financial operation of all organizations. They are thus grounded in the principles and practices underlying the financial organiza- tion and management of business firms and financial institutions, and also of govern- mental bodies. The approach is both theo- retical and factual, with full recognition being given to the economics of finance and to the economic setting. The major is designed to develop further skills in analysis and management. In addi- tion to advanced treatment of corporate financial management, courses in related subjects like monetary theory, banking, in- vestments, and financial institutions are of- fered. Career opportunities in finance are grow- ing. Since finance is an essential service function, its study is appropriate not only for careers in the wide and fast growing array of financial institutions proper, but also in business, governmental and institu- tional management in general. Insurance Department ROBERT W, BATTEN, B.S., M.A., tIDuke.Uni- versityj, Assistant Professor of Actuarial Science. DUGALD HUDSON, B.S., LL.B., M.B.A., LLM., QGeorge Washington Universityj, C.P.C.U., Pro- fessor of Law. HUMBERT O. NELLI, B.B.A., M,B.A-, D.B.A., fGeorgia State Collegej, Assistant Professor of Insurance. RICHARD E. RAPPS, A.B., LL.B., QColumbia Law Schoolj, Assistant Professor of Business Law. STUART SCHWARZCHILD, B.S., Ph.D., fUni- versity of Pennsylvaniaj, C.L.U., C.P.C.U., Pro- fessor of Insurance. ELI A, ZUBAY, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., flowa State Universityj, Professor of Actuarial Science and Mathematics. The purpose of the courses offered in the Department of Insurance is to provide the student with an education that will satisfy professional needs. The three areas of con- centration in the Department of Insurance are CU risk and insurance, C25 actuarial science, and CSD law. The area of risk and insurance seeks to help each student understand the phenom- enon of risk, to appreciate its significance in our economic and social life, to evaluate various risk-treating devices, and to make national choices concerning the use of al- ternative devices. The insurance business of- fers a wide range of career opportunities and provides financial support for the in- surance program to facilitate the develop- ment of manpower for this leading employer. The area of actuarial science seeks to edu- cate students who are interested in a pro- fessional career in the insurance industry in the capacity of a specialist whose function is to make the mathematical calculations nec- essary to maintain the insurance business on a sound financial basis. The actuarial science program of the Department is recognized as the center for actuarial science in this part of the United States. The academic goal of the law area is to acquaint the prospective businessman with substantive principles of law governing com- mercial transactions and their proper relation with social and economic objectives of busi- ness, Another important function of the professor in the law area is to counsel with students interested in careers in law. KENNETH BLACK, JR., A.B., M.S., Ph.D., fUniversity of Pennsylvaniaj C.L.U., C.P.C.U., Regents' Professor of Insurance and Chairman of the De partment of Insurance , is , - -'li ., . '-,,.4,9-. --A s r ' we A " J tis. J,-r MICHAEL H. MESCON, B.A., M.Ed,, Ph.D. fNew York Universityj, Professor of Human Relations, Chairman of the Department of Management, and Holder of the Chair of Private Enterprise Management Department The program of the Department of Man- agement is designed to provide professional education and to develop the confidence of students for careers in the management of business and economic affairs. The vital im- portance of the management function in our society is well recognized as is the value of formal education as preparation for efficient performance as a manager. Management is essential to each enterprise, large or small, whether it is industrial, commercial, finan- cial, social, educational, or governmental. So fundamental and widespread are the uses of management and so great is the demand for qualified managers that this general field ranks as one of the most important in our society. In addition, the Department of Manage- ment includes within its framework the vital area of Hospital Administration. The fourteen members of the Department of Management bring to the classroom a record of academic accomplishments, re- search and publications, and practical ex- perience. ,.,-0' 'YF JOEL P. AUTHEMENT, B.S., M.B.A., fLouis1ana State Universityj, Instructor. JAMES E. CHAPMAN, B.C.S., M.S., Ph.D. fUni- versity of Alabamaj, Professor of Management. E. T, EGGERS, B.S., M.S., D,B.A., Undiana Uni- versityl, Professor of Management. AUGUSTUS E. JORDAN, A.B., M.S., M.A., Ph.D., fUniversity of Californiaj, Professor of Management. LEON H. ROBERTSON, B.S,, M.S., fGeorgia Institute of Technologyj, Assistant Professor of Business Administration. LEONARD A. ROBINSON, B.S., M.S., D.B,A., fGeorgia State Collegej, Associate Professor of Management and Administrative Assistant to the Vice President. G. HUGH RUSSELL, B.S., M.S,, Ph.D., fPu1'due Universityj, Professor of Management. L. FREDERICK VAN ECK, JR., A.B., MEA., flndiana Universityj, Assistant Professor of Man- agement. RHEA H. WEST, B.S., Ph.D., qunivefsiiy of Alabamaj, Professor of Management. Marketing Department The Marketing Department prepares its majors to become professional business ex- ecutives-experts in Marketing. There is a growing demand for such graduates. Thou- sands of students have majored in Marketing at Georgia State over the years. According to the last Census of Business there are novv over 20,000,000 persons employed in Marketing in America. The department provides its majors with a vvell-rounded education via a wide range of courses, cases, discussions, projects, talks by leading executives, research, and a C0111- petent teaching staff. All professors who are members of the department possess advanced degrees. In addition, every professor in the department has had past experience in busi- ness, and currently, all staff members en- gage in consultation activities for business. This activity aids in keeping these professors current in business problems, methods and procedures. Furthermore, such activity means that faculty members have continuous con- tact vvith firms which employ marketing majors. The Marketing Department offers courses in retailing, selling, research, advertising, sales management, international and indus- trial marketing, etc. In addition, the depart- ment offers four different degrees: lj The Advertising-Art Degree, 25 B.B.A. De- gree CUndergraduate Degreej, 35 M.B.A. Degree tMaster's Degreej and 45 D.B.A. Degree tDoctoral Degreej. Quantitative Methods Department The Quantitative Methods discipline is concerned with the application of mathe- matics to business situations as an aid in problem solving, forecasting, and information measurement. Georgia State College has been a leader in the development and teaching of the quantitative area. Because of the fan- tastic increase in the acceptance and appli- cation of quantitative methods by today's businesses, the School established this year a separate Department of Quantitative Methods. At present it is envisioned that the Quan- titative Methods Department will be active in several areas. The department will be primarily concerned with the development of the quantitative abilities of both the graduate and undergraduate students. In addition, the department will endeavor to provide continued education in the quanti- tative methods for the faculty and the business community. A necessary adjunct to any academic environment is our in- volvement with research. This is especially true in the quantitative area, and the de- partment is thus involved in this activity. MS., tStanford Universi r , Assistant Professor "T if , D 1 ' ,f i 1 I t 6. K WILLIAM F. JOHN E. TULLY, LYLE, BS., BA.. IXI.B.A,, M.B.A., fWeSt QEmory Univer- Virginia Univer- 5itYl, Assistant sityl, Assistant Professor of Real CARRQL W. EHLERS, B.B.A , M.B.A., Professor of Mar' ESM? and Urban D.B.A., Qlndiana Universityj, Professor keting Affairs. of Marketing and Chairman of the De- partment of Marketing lafli ,pn 1" DENNIS E. GRAWOIG, B.S., M.B.A., QUniversity of Pennsylvaniaj, C.P.A., Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods and Chairman of the Department of Quantitative Methods RODGER D. COLLONS, B.S.C.E., LL.B., M,B.A., fGeorgia State Collegej, Assistant Pro- fessor of Quantitative Methods. XVILLIAM 1. THOMPSON, B.S.E.E., MBA., V: Pal of Quantitative Methods. 1 by, x--"A -3391,-gg' Department of Real Estate and Urban Affairs The goal of the Department of Real Estate and Urban Affairs is to offer under- graduate and graduate programs of profes- sionalism in real estate. Real estate pro- fessionals are needed in every area of de- velopment and land-use decision making, such as mortgage banking, commercial bank- ing, investment, appraisal, land develop- ment, market analysis, and governmental af- fairs. A student who achieves professionalism with a specialization in real estate can seek opportunities in these areas and many more. Regardless of which professional working area he chooses, he will be in a position to take an active role in the shaping and struc- turing of his community. ROBERT K. BROWN, B.S., M.A., Ph.D., fUniversity of Pittsburghj, The Ben Massell Professor of Real Estate and Chairman of the Department of Real Estate and Urban Affairs 1 -X .. . . , X . 'Q' S . 7 X' up .L- RICHARD M. FORBES, B.A., M.R.P., qtrmvef- sity of North Carolinay, Assistant Professor of Real Estate and Urban Affairs. S. BERNARD ROSENBLATT, BS., M,B,A., fKent State Universityj, Assistant Professor of Real Estate and Urban Affairs. CARL J. TSCHAPPAT, B.S., M.B.A., fOhio State Universityj, Assistant Professor of Real Estate and Urban Affairs. in business and economics. Guidance Office The Guidance Office of the School of Business Administration serves as academic advisor for Georgia State students. This advisement program involves guidance in problems of individual program planning, credit evaluation, efficient scheduling with regard to potential for intellectual de- velopment and attainment of educational goals. Members of the Guidance offices are always willing to assist students concerning the college regulations and academic require- ments. Bureau of Business and Economic Research The Bureau of Business and Economic Research was organized to conduct research The Bureau's program for carrying out its research policy includes research by its own staff, cooperative research with the faculty, and aid to individual faculty members inter- ested in working on research of their own through research grants. In addition to its research activities, the Bureau has a program for publication. It publishes each month a periodical, The Atlanta Economic Review, which includes information on business trends and articles on business and economics. From time to time, the Bureau publishes special studies as monographs or research papers. Contracts for research projects are made with industry and government. The Bureau is a member of the Associated University Bureaus of Business and Economic Research. G E O R G E R. GREENE, B.B.A., M.B.A. fUniversity of Georgiaj, Assist- ant Professor and Assistant Director of Guidance, School of Business Admin- istration. B! ILEJEUNE P. BRADLEY, A.B.J MS EdD flndiana Universityj, Professor and Director of Guidance, School of Business Administration SIN ESS . . fr NOMIC aiu -f ff.: WILLYS R. KNIGHT, B.A., M.A. Ph.D. fUnivers1ty of Mary landj, Professor and Director of the Bureau of Business and Economic Research -IERE L. ATCHISON, B.B.A., M.B.A., fGeorgia State Collegej, Assistant Professor and Research Assistant. ADELE KUSHNER, A.B., M.B.A., fGe0rgia State Collegej, Editor, Allarzza, Eronomir Review. STANLEY R. RENAS, B.S., M.A. Pending fCo- lumbia University, Georgia State Collegej, Grad- uate Research Assistant Q iii it, tt -r Computer Center The Computer Center is both a teaching department and a service department, in that it offers courses in computer science and makes its facilities available to the faculty, the administration, and the student body. The Center's staff is also available to each of these for computational and programming assistance. Both credit and non-credit courses are offered by the Computer Center. The credit courses cover major programming languages KFORTRAN, COBOL, ALGOLj and the principles of computer operations and logic. The non'-credit courses are short program- ming classes offered without charge periodi- cally during the year. Facilities maintained for the use of students taking these courses include keypunching and other card-prepa- ration and handling equipment. Electronic computers are also used to sup- port murses and research projects in the areas of managerial control, linear program- ming, statistical analysis, numerical analysis, and the physical and behavioral sciences. A full library of programs is maintained by the Computer staff, for both general and specific applications in these fields. WILLIAM H. WELLS, B.B.A., M.B.A., QUniversity of Georgiaj, Associate Professor and Director of the Com- puting and Data Processing Center. WILLIAM W. COTTERMAN, B.S., M.S., fGeorgia Institute of Technologyl, Instructor of Computer Science. GORDON C. HOWELL, B.S., M.A., fUniversity of Georgiaj, Instructor of Computer Science. Hospital Administration The Hospital Administration program is one of 18 such graduate programs in the United States. Four quarters of academic work, plus nine months of administrative residenqf in an approved hospital, leads to the Master of Hospital Administration de- gree. The Hospital Administration Program also conducts an undergraduate hospital major in the bachelor of business administration program, for the education of nursing home managers, clinic managers, hospital business managers, hospital accountants, hospital per- sonnel directors, hospital purchasing agents, hospital public relations directors and similar hospital executive positions. This under- graduate major is an experimental program financed primarily by a Kellogg Foundation grant. The hospital administration faculty is also active in health and hospital affairs in the southeast, conducting continuing education programs, community services, research and publications. Local and national leaders in the health and hospital field are utilized in the programs as guest lecturers. Grady Memorial Hospital provides the clinical facilities for these programs. I rf I 4.53. . 9 ll 1 -1 -i s J .. -Ng K X -1? ,. i . ROBERT L. EVANS. B.S., M.B.A., MI-I.A., fUniversity of Michiganj, As- sistant Prnfessor of Hospital Administra- tion. ALBERT F. GILBERT, AB., INI.H.A., fUniversity of Michiganj, Assistant Pro- fessor of Hospital Administration and Assistant Director of the Program of Hospital Administration. GEORGE R. WREN, Ph.B,, Bs., LL.B., Ms., M.B.A., Ph.D., QUniversity of Chicagoj, Associate Professor of Hos- pital Administration and Director of the Program in Hospital Administration. Institute of International Business The Institute of International Business, ad- ministered through the Graduate Division, is an integral part of the School of Business Administration at Georgia State College. The primary mission of the Institute is to prepare graduate business students who choose to major in the field for careers in the inter- national phases of business life. Emphasis in the program is placed on the problems re- lating to environment, political, economic and the cultural aspects, which differ sig- nificantly from those encountered in the domestic market. To aid in the overall planning and to help in evaluating the present program, the Institute has established an International Business Advisory Council, composed of top- flight businessmen engaged in international operations. In Fall, 1966, the Institute pub- lished the inaugural issue of E.t.i'.iy.r in Inlet- fziifimmf Bnrifzeizr. Its purpose is' to inform executives and business students of current trends and problems in international business. ERNEST W. OGRAM, JR., B.A., M.A., Ph.D., QUniversity of Illinoisj, Pro- fessor of Economics and Director of the Institute of International Business. '+g, WILLIAM R. PULLEN, B.A., B.S. in L.S., M.A., Ph.D., CUniversity of North Carolinaj, Librarian and Professor. '1- ff-Q Library This year Georgia State College witnessed the completion of the new Library which serves the students of Georgia State with its modern facilities and efficient, well- trained staff. Georgia State's newest addition offers her students such facilities as a self-service re- serve area, conference and seminar rooms, lockers for graduate students and study and typing carrels. The Library can presently house 300,000 volumes and seat 740 stu- dents. The design of the Library, the con- venient arrangement of facilities and a well-qualified library staff provide for the students of Georgia State a distinctive educa- tional opportunity. 1 MARY FRANKLIN, B.S., M.S., fFlorida State Universityj, Catalog Librarian. SARAH C. GILLESPIE, B.A., INLA., lNI.Ln. CEmory Universityj, Catalog Librarian and In- structor. MAVIS HUANG, A.B., M.S. in L.S., fColum- bia Universityj, Catalog Librarian and Instructor. NINA JACOBS, A.B., B.L.S., fEmory Univer- sityj, Head of Librarv Circulation. CHRISTINA LANDRAM, B.A., B.S., lNI.S. in L.S. fTexas Woman's Universityj, Head of Li- brary Catalog Department and Assistant Pro- fessor. ANNIE MCPHEETERS, A.B., B.S.. M.S. in L.S., fColumbia Universityj, Reference Librarian. FRANCES MUSE, B.A., A.B. in L.S., fEmory Universityj, Head of Library Reference Depart- ment and Assistant Professor. WILSON NOYES, A.B. Ed., A.B. in L.S., CEmory Universityi- Assistant Librarian and Assistant Professor. PATRICIA NYSEWANDER, B.A., M.S., in L.S., fUniversity of North Carolinaj, Catalog Librarian and Instructor. GAYLE RICHARDS, B.S., M.L.S., tGeorge Pea- body College for Teachersj, Reference Librarian and Instructor. ANNA TRUETT, B.A., M.Ln., fEmory Univer- sityj, Reference Librarian and Instructor. MARY WING, A.B., M.S. in L.S., fUniversity of North Carolinaj, Reference Librarian and Instruc- tor. CLASS S ,.,.,-,-- ,lu ,.....--,,---f Hw,,,,..A--- n- -A 1 M 3, ,,,,,,.., ,N ,A-.1 wr 0.-.uv 1 ,VW -1? ,,.,., ., H-ur: ,,,,,, -1-.p . .M - 4-1 X , . , , .'m+ew"F X ns. gpww- 27I BLALOCK, CHARLES E. Lilburn, Ga. BORING, FRED W. Decatur, Ga. BROXVN, ROBERT E. East Point, Ga. BUCHANAN. MARY LOUISE Atlanta, Ga. BULLARD, A. DAVANT Atlanta, Ga. BURBIDGE, DAVID Atl.1nt.1, Ga. BURDEN, CHARLES A. Decatur, Ga. BUTLER, MARION E. Atl.1ntn,G.1. CAMP, ALFRED A. Jonesboro, Ga. CAMP, MIKE H. Norcross, Ga. CARMICHAEL, JOHN D. Avondale Estates, Ga. CARTER, STEPHEN T. Atlanta, Ga. CASTLEBERRY, XVILLIAM C. Chamblee, Ga. COHEN. MURRAY E. Decatur, Ga. CORHAN, GEORGE A. Smyrna, Gu. ALLIS, PRISCILLA F. Atlanta, Ga. ASKUE, W. RICHARD, JR Atlanta, Ga. ATCHISON, JERE L. Chamblee, Ga. BAGLEY, RICHARD H. Atlanta, Ga. BAINES, ROBERT M. Decatur, Ga. BAIRD, RHETT D. Atlanta, Ga. BARRONTON, D. NEAL College Park, Ga. BARTHE, LAWRENCE C. Decatur, Ga. BELL, WILLIAM R. Atlanta, Ga. BLACKWELL, PATRICIA V Forest Park, Ga. 4-in ' 'FR' f xx X xy, 5. J K t ' -'fx xx ' . A. x - , N X Q - 5.9.1 9 -gt 5 1- " J u 1 'Q I. I 9. fam YE" 141 ,,,,......., A., 5 Graduate Students v FELDMAN, TERRY Atlanta, Ga. FERGUSON, ANDERSON W. Atlanta, Ga. FITZPATRICK, NOEL T. Atlanta, Ga. FLETCHER, GERALD T. Roswell, Ga. FLOYD, WILLIS T. Moultrie, Ga. FORD, CLARENCE V., JR. Decatur, Ga. GIBSON, EDWARD S. Boone, N .C. GOEKE, ROBERT DANIEL Atlanta, Ga. GREEN, JAMES BILLY Cartersville, Ga. GUNTER, THOMAS H., JR. Smyrna, Ga. HAMMER, CLIFFORD A. Decatur, Ga. HAMMOND, ARTHUR H. Griffin, Ga. HARDEN, RICHARD M. Camilla, Ga. HARPELL, JOHN L., IR. Forest Park, Ga. HARRISON, IAMES W. Winder, Ga. COUCH, THOMAS Atlanta, Ga. CURRENT, KATHRYN T Marietta, Ga. DALTON, MICHAEL A Atlanta, Ga. DELK, WILLIAM R. Decatur, Ga. DENMAN, FOREST J. Atlanta, Ga. DEWAR, JUDDSON A. Atlanta, Ga. DOSIER, LLOYD N. Atlanta, Ga. DURST, DAVID R. Decatur, Ga. EMBRY, OLICE H., JR. Stone Mountain, Ga. EVANS, WILLIAM A. Morgantown, W. Va. ZR' 1 N ...-.R X :F- 12? I Graduate Students gs KAWAMINAMI, SADAO Tokyo, Japan KELLEY, ZANE R. Ephesus, Ga. KIMSEY, REBECCA B. Decatur, Ga. LEVINE, KENNETH C. Miami Beach, Fla. LOUGHBOROUGH, CAROLYN E., Chamblee, Ga. LUTHARDT, KLAUS D. Vicuna, Austria LYLE, WILLIAM F. Norfolk, Va. MACKINNON, WILLIAM H. Miami, Fla. MAXWELL, JIMMY H. Atlanta, Ga. MELVIN, CARSON E. East Point, Ga. MELVIN, MARLENE E. East Point, Ga. MELVIN, RONALD C. Forrest Park, Ga. MILLS, MARILU H. Decatur, Ga. MITCHAM, DON W. Atlanta, Ga. MORROW, JAMES E. Atlanta, Ga. Q ' 'Vs HICKS, JAMES O., JR. Douglasville, Ga. HODGES, RICHARD R. Marietta, Ga. HOSFORD, JAMES M. Atlanta, Ga. HUDSON, REBECCA D. Atlanta, Ga. HUMPHRESS, MARY C. Chamblee, Ga. HURT, FELICIA H. Avondale Estates, Ga. JACOBS, TERRY S. Decatur, Ga. JOHNSON, DALE A. Atlanta, Ga. JOHNSON, GRAHAM D Macon, Ga. JOHNSON, JOSEPH E. Wilmington, N.C. X V31 gi PQ QE gn Graduate Students SCHOTT, BRIAN M. Atlanta, Ga. SCOTT, CAROLE E. Atlanta, Ga. SHUMATE, CHARLES W. Marion, Va. SLATER, MICHAEL R. Atlanta, Ga. SMITH, ALMA I. Atlanta, Ga. SOUTHERN, LLOYD F. Ellijay, Ga. SPANO, JOSEPH K. Columbus, Ga. SPURLIN, JERRY R. Marietta, Ga. STONE, ROBERT J. Marietta, Ga. SWINDELL, DOROTHY H. Jesup, Ga. TABOR, CHARLES D., JR. Decatur, Ga. TAYLOR, JERRY W. Marietta, Ga. TEEM, WILLIAM M. Atlanta, Ga. THOMAS, WILLIAM R. Decatur, Ga. THOMPSON, WILLIAM Atlanta, Ga. NIERENBERG, LARRY A Atlanta, Ga. NORTON, WILLIAM C. Atlanta, Ga. NUNAN, HALSEY B. Atlanta, Ga. PERLMAN, ARNOLD S. Savannah, Ga. POTTS, PHILLIP W. Atlanta, Ga. RAE, LORAINE B. Decatur, Ga. REEVES, JIMMY H. Atlanta, Ga. RODGERS, EDWARD G. Chamblee, Ga. RODGERS, FAY H. Marietta, Ga. ROPER, WILLIAM H. Atlanta, Ga. w-J 'Q- aw, Graduate Students WETZEL, FRED, JR. Trenton, N. WHITE, WILLIAM B. Atlanta, Ga. WILKINS, GEORGE B., JR. Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAMS, CHARLES H. Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAMS, MIRIAM T. Atlanta, Ga. WILSON, CLIFTON D. Tucker, Ga. WOMBLE, WALLACE C. Colquitt, Ga. WOOD, DOYAL, IR. Cedartown, Ga. ZELL, ROYALD A. Brunswick, Ga. TIGHE, ALVIN J., IR. New Orleans, La. TIMMS, ROBERT Atlanta, Ga. TROOBOFF, BEN M. Atlanta, Ga.. TUCKER, BERNARD M Atlanta, Ga. VALLE, NELSON A. Tampa, Fla. WALLACE, JAMES J. Decatur, Ga. WALTER, FREDERICK J Bernardsville, NJ. '9 . 1 I . Graduate Students 9 I 'x 5 ff 4 . ! 'Dx p of I A ".-T 282 1 AXELSON, RODGER SPENCER AB Foreign Area Studies, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Delta Zeta Man of the Year 1963, Greek Week Com- mittee AYRES, RICHARD WAYNE BBA Market- ing, Delta Sigma Pi, Blue Key, Young Republi- cans BAGLEY, FAYE STEVENS BA History, Zeta Tau Alpha, Westminster Fellowship, AIESEC BAILEY, JAMES FRED BBA Marketing, Sec.- Treas. Pi Sigma Epsilon BANKS, LEWIS D. BBA Finance BARFIELD, ROBERT MATTHEW AB Span- ish - BARNES, SAMUEL M, AB Sociology BARRINEAU, PAT LEE AB History, Rush Advisor Alpha Phi, Young Democrats, Crimson Key, Rampway, SGA BARTLETT, ISABEL E. AB Sociology BASSETT, PAUL MARON BBA Accounting ABELL, DOUGLAS FRANKLIN AB Sociology ACKETT, LUCY ANN AB Geography, Mod- ern Dance Club, NEA ADAMS, MARY SUE AB English ADAMS, WILLIAIVI INIARTIN BBA Man- agement AIKEN, EDWARD -IULES BBA Marketing. V.Pres. Pi Kappa Alpha, Sec. IFC, General Council, Young Republicans ALBERSON. GARY OLIVER BBA Real Es- tate, Real Estate Socievy ALDRIDGE, LIDA L. AB History, Alpha Phi ALEXANDER, WOODY D. BS Physics ALLEN, ANDREA M. AB History, Young Republicans ALLEN, PRISCILLA JACQUELINE Pre-Med. ISC ANDERSON, BRENDA E. AB English ANDERSON, GAYLE ELIZABETH AB Ger- man, V.Pres. French Club, Program Chairman German Club, Social Comm. German Club, ISC ANDERSON, MIKE M, AB Political Sci- ence, Young Republicans, Newman Club, Arl- vanced ROTC ARMBRECHT, BRENDA GALE AB English, Sigma Tau Delta, SEA, BSU AXELSON, GORDON J. BBA Marketing Seniors , 283 fn 'fl Q . ,-K 25'- 'Lia Q 4-on 22 1' BOGOZAN, JOSEPH WAYNE AB Geog- raphy, BSU BOHLER, WILLIAM E. BBA Management BORING, PAUL D. BBA Management BOWEN, CHESTER E. BBA Accounting, Del- ta Sigma Pi, Beta Alpha Psi BOWEN, LINDA CAROLYN BBA Account- ing, Sec. Beta Alpha Psi, Phi Chi Theta BOWLIN, CHESTER ELMER AB Mathe- matics BOWLIN, PATRICIA KEAN AB Journalism BOUDREAUX, SYBIL ANN AB History, Delta Zeta, Newman Club, German Club, Treas. Crimson Key, Who's Who BOYD, RUTHANNA AB Psychology BOYETT, JAMES C. BBA Real Estate BECK, CARL D. AB History BENEDIT, FELIPE BBA Transportation BENEDIT, JUAN MANUEL BBA Manage- ment BERNARD, WALTER W. BS Mathematics BERNIER, CHARLES BLAIR BBA Account- ing, Delta Sigma Pi BERTHE, MARY SAYRES AB English, sig- nal, Sigma Tau Delta, BIDDULPH, THOMAS A. AB History, Kappa Sigma, French Club, Scabbard and Blade BIEGELEISEN, ROSANNE AB Foreign Area Studies, Alpha Phi, Rampway, Signal, West- minster Fellowship BIRD, BETTYE ARLENE BA BIRD, SUE WALKER AB Elementary Educa- tion, SEA BIVIN, JAMES HAROLD BBA Marketing BLEDSOE, WILLIAM MONROE BBA Real Estate, Sigma Nu BOAZ, DANIEL JOEL AB Sociology, Alpha Epsilon Pi BOBO, LINDA ANNE AB Psychology BOERNER, RONALD OWEN BBA Account- mg Seniors 6 11' I CAIN, DELTON FLOYD BBA Accounting CAMPBELL, JAMES RONALD BBA Real Estate, Dean's List CARLTON, GERALDYNE HATCH AB English, Phi Mu CARR, ED RICHARD BBA Accounting, Del- ta Sigma Pi, ACM, Pershing Rifles CARROLLTON, JACK HAMPTON BBA Management CARTER, PATSY RUTH BBA Business Edu- cation, Mu Rho Sigma CHAMPION, PAMELA JAYNE AB Art Alpha Phi, Signal, Rampway CHANEY, DARRYL ROYCE BBA Manage- ment CHASTAIN, JOSEPH WINN BBA Real Es- tate, Real Estate Society CHOLEVA, JOAN BBA Marketing BOYLE, JOHN LAWRENCE BBA Actuarial Science, Delta Sigma Pi, Signal, Intramural Key, Pres. Blue Key, Pres. Insurance Society, Alpha Kappa Psi Medallion, Actuarial Science Club BRADFORD, JOE M. BBA Real Estate, Real Estate Society BREWER, JOHN LARRY BBA Marketing BRITT, HELEN DIXON BA Geography BRITTON, JOHN C. BBA Finance, Alpha Kappa Psi BROOKS, SHARON AB History, Zeta Tau Alpha, BSU, General Council BROUGHTON, ELIZABETH DUNN AB Psychology BUICE, MARIE G, AB Sociology BULLARD, PHILLIP E. AB Psychology, Young Republicans, Psi Chi BUNDER, JOHN R. BBA Accounting, Rifle Team BURELL, WILLIAM ARVEL BBA Market- ing, Delta Sigma Pi BURKE, KATHRYN ROSE AB Sociology, Mu Rho Sigma, Crimson Key, Alpha Kappa Delta BURNETT, EDWARD RAY BBA Account- ing, Kappa Sigma, Orientation Comm., SGA Parking Comm, Greek Week Decoration Comm. BURROWS, RITA SUE AB Elementary Edu- cation, Mu Rho Sigma, SEA, Classics Club BURTON, KENNETH G. BBA Accounting Seniors ' E X 15? UQ NM 41, 13 GV -cr 15 4, S W ir ,P tr! Y I . fi 1? f-if 3 COPELAND, LORRAINE VIRGINIA AB Art COTTONGIM, JAMES F. BBA Real Estate, Real Estate Society COX, CHARLES ROBERT BBA Management COX, WILLIAM S. AB Political Science CRAVENS, JOHN PATRICK BVA Art, Sig- ma Nu Lt. Commander, V.Pres. Freshman Class, Rampway, Chairman Ugly Man Contest CROSS, ALAN JOHN BS Physics CRUSE, GARLAND matics CULP, JAMES B. litical Science Club championship 1966: CUMBIE, THOMAS agement WILLIAM BS Mathe- AB Political Science, Po- Young Democrats, Karate Kappa Sigma EUGENE BBA Man- CUNNANE, WILLIAM G. BBA Accounting CHRIETZBERG, WALTER B. AB English, Scabbard and Blade, Pershing Rifles CLARK, GAYLE D. AB English, Alpha Xi Delta, Little Sisters of the Maltese Cross, Alpha Psi Omega, Players, Young Democrats, Canter- bury Club CLARK, TOMMY GERALD BBA Accounting CLAWSON, DONALD E. BS Biology, Com- mander Sigma Nu, SGA, IFC Board of Con- trol, Co-Chairman Senior Week, Chairman Greek Week, Signal, Rampway, Elections Comm., Alpha Omicron Pi Sweetheart, Mardi Gras Comm., Homecoming Comm. CLINE, MARY BETH BS Biology, BSU CLONTS, WESLEY T. BBA Management COLE, CHARLES J. BBA Management COLLINS, JUNE M. B.Mus. COLSTON, JOHN DAVID BBA Insurance, Delta Sigma Pi CONKLIN, JOHN R. BBA Accounting, Al- pha Kappa Psi CONKLIN, ROBERT MCKEE BS Mathematics CONN, CHARLES AB History COOPER, FRED JAIMIE BBA Accounting COOPER, WILLIAM DAVID BBA Account- ing, Delta Sigma Pi, Advanced ROTC COPELAND, JAMES EDWIN BBA Account- ing, Sigma Nu, Students for Private Enter- prise, G Club, BSU, Basketball and Baseball Teams Seniors AW 21 IF I wi- w 'X Q91 .9 'X u I f I 4 , -Q6 "NIV Aga A 'f'D 'QTQN il 4 X 7' F IEW if ,HIV A: pd? If ,N 'Wx ,-, ii-5 . 'US Y er"f' " 9 4 K' Qi,-. ?' 1 .Q Q U - 'Y' N, i I t fi,-v Y' DORSEY, WILLIAM HENRY BBA Market- ing, Pi Kappa Alpha, Advanced ROTC DOSS, PATRICIA ANN AB English DOUGHTIE, SUZANNE SCHILLING AB Mathematics, SEA DROUGHTON, JOHN T. BS DRUST, STEPHEN J. BBA Accounting DUNAWAY, VICKY R. AB English, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Tau Delta, Dean's List DUNNE, IRENE S. AB Sociology, Dean's List, Psi Chi EASTLING, TIMOTHY ANDREW AB P0- litical Science, Scabbard and Blade, Young Republicans, Political Science Club EIDSON, ANN R. AB French ELMORE, CLIFFORD LAMAR AB German, Pres. German Club, French Club, International Club, Phi Eta Sigma CUNNINGHAM, JAIVIES P, BBA lVIanage- ment DANELIUS, JUDITH LYNN BS Education Council for Exceptional Children DANIEL, GARY E. BBA Marketing, Lambda Chi Alpha DANIEL, RICHARD CALVIN AB Psychol- 085' DARDEN, ROY A. BBA Management, Kappa Sigma, Newman Club, SAM DAVIS, JAMES G. Pre-Dental. Treas. Even- ing SGA, Students for Private Enterprise, Lt. Commander Sigma Nu DAVIS, NOEL BBA Management, Photo Ed. Rampway, Signal, Credo, Cynics Society, Co-V. Pres. DAVIS, WILLIAM CHARLES BBA Market- ing DEAL, THOMAS H. BS Mathematics DEBERRY, RICHARD DREW BBA Insur- ance, Kappa Sigma, Blue Key, Pres. Canterbury Club, Pres. Evening Sophomore Class, Treas. Evening SGA, Pres. Evening SGA, Who's Who, Dean's List, Kappa Sigma Senior Leadership Scholarship Award DEWAR, BONNIE J. AB Art, Mu Rho Sig- ma DICK, -IUDIE ANN AB Sociology, Delta Zeta DIMSDALE, ROGER D. BVA Art DOCTERMAN, GERT BBA Management DORESKY, HELEN NELSON AB English Seniors A :" 211 pg, 1',' .--1 I' f df' v, ' r '4 ll 'E A' S 'jffv .- s ' GARRISON, BOBBIE ELAINE AB Sociology, SEA, BSU GARY, ALBERT LEE AB Sociology GAY, JAMES O. BBA Accounting GILLELAND, LARRY C. BBA Insurance, Sigma Phi Epsilon GILLHAM, BOBBY ROX AB Political Sci- CDCC GINGLES, MARTHA KAY AB Elementary Education, BSU, Band, Crimson Key, SEA GISMONDI, PEDRO A. Pre-Med, Beta Beta Beta, Blue Key GLICK, MARVIN BBA Management, Alpha Epsilon Pi GLOVER, LINDA LOUISE AB Sociology GOLDSTEIN, BETTY C. BS Eclucation, SEA. Political Science Club, Crimson Key ELROD, THOMAS J. BS Mathematics ERMENTROUT, STONE T. BBA Manage- ment, Alpha Kappa Psi, Chi Phi, SAM ESTHER, MICHAEL WALTER AB Political Science, Alpha Tau Omega, Advanced ROTC FAGOT, JOHN ALBERT BS Chemistry. Kappa Sigma, Newman Club, Young Demo- crats, V.Pres. Sophomore Class, SGA FAULK, CARL F. BS Biology, Beta Beta Beta FLEMING, JAMES A. AB History, Kappa Sigma, Mr, Alpha Omicron Pi FLOYD, BRUCE INI. BS Mathematics, SGA FORESTER, A. ANGELYN AB Sociology, Alpha Omicron Pi FRALISH, MARVIN L. AB English, Pi Kap- pa Alpha, Sigma Tau Delta, STA FRIDAY, JUDY M. AB Geography, Pres. Geography Club FRIEDRICH, DAVID A. AB English, Sigma Nu, SEA FULLERTON, LLEWELLYN B. BS Biologi- cal Sciences, Alpha I.ambda Delta GARDNER, ROBERT SCOTT BBA Man- agement GARNER, WILLIAM FLOYD BBA Insur- ance, Pres. Delta Sigma Pi, SAM, Insurance Society, Dean's Advisory Council GARRETT, JOHN JOSEPH AB Geography Seniors EW fl 294 in HAMRICK, JANES LEWIS BBA Manage- ment, Alpha Kappa Psi, SAM, Pres. SGA Even- ing HANCOCK, JOHN HUDSON AB Mathe- matics, Advanced ROTC HARPER, TOMMY GLENN BBA Real Estate HARRIS, DALE WESLEY BBA Management HARRIS, LINDA S. AB History, Le Circle Francaise, HASSERT, THOMAS W. AB History HATCH, SAMUEL COLE BBA Real Estate, Sigma Nu, Outstanding Senior Award, Out- standing Achievement Award, Outstanding Sen- ior in Real Estate, Editor Rampway, Dean's List, Real Estate Society, Advanced ROTC HAYDEN, ROBERT BBA Real Estate-Mar- keting, Treas. Sigma Nu, Young Democrats, Real Estate Society, Canterbury Club, Alpha Kappa Psi HAYDON, JULIE K. BA History, Zeta Tau Alpha HAYES, HENRY T. AB Economics 1 GORDON, MELVIN T. BBA Management GORDON, R. WARREN BBA Management GRAWOIG, SHEILA HOPE AB English. Sigma Tau Delta, Crimson Key GREGORY, VICTOR A. AB GRIFFIN, HOWARD PRESTON BBA Man- agement GROSS, IDA LAGAYLE AB English GROVE, MARY LOU AB Education, Wes- ley Foundation, SEA GUMM, CAROLYN M. AB Journalism, Del- ta Zeta, Signal, Society for Women in Journal- rsm HALDEMAN, JOHN WALTER BBA Eco- nomics, Economics Society, Circle K Club, Scab- bard and Blade HALIBURTON, PATRICIA CUNARD BA Mathematics, Mu Rho Sigma, Homecoming Queen, Battalion Sweetheart, Kappa Alpha Epsilon Sweetheart, Runner-Up May Queen, Runner-Up Miss Georgia State College, Ramp- way Court HALL, JACK EUGENE AB Journalism, Players, Alpha Psi Omega, Young Democrats HALUSKI, JOHN S. AB Geography, Persh- ing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade HAMBURGER, JUDY SUZANNE AB So- ciology, Pres. Phi Sigma Sigma, Rampway, Young Democrats Club, Credo, Signal HAMIL, PATRICIA M. AB Political Science. Pres. and Treas. Political Science Club HAMMOND, HARRY L. BBA Real Estate, Pres. Sigma Nu, Chairman Greek Week, Sig- nal, Rampway, IFC, Alpha Kappa Psi, Wes- leyan Fellowship, Real Estate Society, Senior Week, Who's Who Seniors ! 34 1 f, 'I 'I""" fi -Yi-J 296 A 0 9 HOLCOMBE, WILLIS CLAUDE BBA Ac- tuarial Science, Actuarial Science Club, Blue Key HOLLAND, CHERYL MARIE AB Journal- ism, Signal, WPLO-FM, Society for Women in Journalism HOOD, MARY ELIZABETH AB Spanish HOOPER, WAYNE ARNALL AB Psychology, Advanced ROTC, Scabbard and Blade HORD, MARY SUE AB Elementary Educa- tion HOROWITZ, JEROME HOWARD BBA Ac- counting, Treas. Delta Sigma Pi HORSLEY, GARY PHILLIP BBA Manage- ment, Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade HORTON, DOLORES MARILYN AB Span- ish HOUSWORTH, PATRICIA ANN BBA Busi- ness Education HOUZE, ANNE CLARKE BBA Accounting, Phi Chi Theta, SAM HEARN, WILLIAM J. AB Economics HECK, ALTON BERNARD BBA Manage- ment, Delta Sigma Pi, SAM, Newman Club HENDERSON, JAMES BARNETT BBA In- surance HENDERSON, THOMAS F. BBA Marketing HENDON, FAYE AB Geography, NEA, BSU HERBERT, T. T. BBA Management, SAM HERRICK, ROSS V. BS Physics HERRING, JON P. BBA Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi HERTWIG, OTTO KURT AB Sociology, German Club, Newman Club, Young Democrats HIGHTOWER, RUEL R. BBA Management HILL, GEORGE R. AB Political Science, Pres. Political Science Club, Young Democrats HILL, JEROME J. AB Journalism, Baseball Team HILWORTH, MICHAEL DEE BBA Market- ing HINES, MICHAEL L. AB Sociology, V.Pres. Kappa Sigma, IFC, Rampway, Pres. ancl V.Pres. SGA Day, Chairman Elections Comm., Who's Who, Orientation Comm., Seal Comm., Freshman Conclave, Kappa Sigma Senior Leader- ship Scholarship Award HOLCOMB, JACK WATSON BBA Manage- ment, Pi Kappa Phi Seniors A 297 275 ,'.,ar' sf? JOHNSON, MARRIS QUINTON AB Eco- nomics, Sigma Phi Epsilon JONES, HELEN HOARD AB English, Young Democrats Club, SEA JONES, MARGARET MELINDA AB Geog- raphy JONES, MICHAEL G. AB Sociology, Persh- ing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade JONES, ROBERT ELLIS BBA Management. Delta Sigma Pi, SAM JORDAN, EDITH V, AB Art JORDAN, WILLIAM R. BBA Accounting. Kappa Alpha Epsilon KAPPLIN, JUDITH EVE AB English, Sigma Tau Delta KAUFMANN, SUSANA ROSA AB Foreign Area Studies, Signal, International Students Club -V.Pres., Sec.-Treas. German Club KELLY, FRANK V. AB Mathematics HOWARD, LEONARD J. BBA Real Estate HOWELL, SARAH C. AB English, Mu Rho Sigma, Sigma Tau Delta HOWELL, THOMAS HOWARD BS Biology HOWINGTON, DOUGLAS LARRY BBA Accounting HUBBARD, JAMES NATHAN BBA Manage- ment, Alpha Kappa Psi, Private Enterprise HUGHEN, JUDY AB English HUGHES, VIRGINIA BLAINE AB English, Pres. Delta Zeta, Rampway, Crimson Key, Cheer- leader, SEA, Who's Who HUNTER, JESSE CARROLL BBA Marketing HYNDS, GEORGE POTTER, III BBA Man- agement, SAM JACKSON, JOHNNY C., JR. BBA Manage- ment JAMES, ROBERT WAYNE BBA Marketing, Sigma Phi Epsilon JEFFARES, ELIZABETH BBA Management, Mu Rho Sigma JOHNS, RICHARD J. BBA Real Estate JOHNSON, HOWARD MARVIN AB Eco- nomics JOHNSON, JO ANNE BS Biology, Alpha Lambda Delta, Beta Beta Beta, BSU, Campus Crusade for Christ Seniors Q.. TQ "M 'Zi' ' f wg? -sf .xx muff! x l'1N fc-9' 9:5 Q . 6- LANCASTER, DOROTHY I. BBA Marketing LANGFORD, WALTER CLARK BBA LANNES, NANCY RYER AB Psychology LASSITER, CAROLYN LOUISE AB English, Crimson Key, SEA, Society for Women in journalism, Sigma Tau Delta LAWSON, CHERYL C. AB English LAZZARO, ANTHONY J. BBA Marketing LEMKE, VIRGINIA ANN AB Sociology, Wesley Foundation-V. Pres., SEA, General Council LEQUIN, FLORA AB Art, Christian Science Organization LEVERT, THOMAS E. JR. BBA Finance LEVETO, SAMUEL L. BBA Real Estate, Pi Kappa Alpha, Alpha Phi Omega, Senior Senator, Real Estate Society-Treas. KENNEMORE, MARY WANDA AB, Alpha Phi-2nd V. Pres., Corr. Sec., Rampway, Chair- man Intercollege Relations Comm., Orientation Comm., BSU KENNY, ROBERT PHILIP BA History, Rifle Team KERBEL, MARCOS BBA Accounting, Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Kappa Psi, International Stu- dents Club KILLINGSWORTH, THOMAS D. AB Art KIRKMAN, KAREN LEE B.Mus. KNOX, THOMAS WALLACE BBA, Pi Kap- pa Alpha, Scabbard and Blade KRAMER, CATHARINE BBA Management, Delta Zeta, Rampway, Canterbury Club, Junior Senator, Phi Chi Theta KULL, STEWART W. AB Art LABUDDE, BRUCE C. BBA Management, Delta Sigma Pi, Newman Club, Track Team, Cross Country Team-Captain, Circle K, SAM, G Club, Buckhead Rotary Freshman Scholar, Dea.n's List, Blue Key, Who's Who, Senior Sena- tor, Ga. Collegiate Runner of the Year LAFI'I'1'E, ELIZABETH CLARK AB Art Edu- cation, SEA LAMB, AUSTIN ERVING BBA Accounting. Delta Sigma Pi LAMB, PATSY GARNER AB English, SEA LAMBERT, BETTYANNE AB History, Al- pha Omicron Pi LAMER, DANA DALE AB French, Best Dressed Coed 1966 LAMKIN, DONALD V. BBA, Pi Kappa Al- pha, Christian Science Organization, Pres. Inter- faith Council Seniors 4?.'.,"" fx JI 1 s .,, ,gl sw- ' - McIQNIIGI-IT, RUTH GREYSON BBA Market- ing MCLEOD, ROBERT AB Art, Golf Team MCMICHAEL, JAMES GLEATON BBA Mar- keting, Baseball Team MABRY, HUGH DOUGLAS BBA Manage- ment MAFFETT, WEYMAN ED BBA Manage- ment MAI-IONEY, MICHAEL JAMES BBA Mar- keting MANGUNO, JOSEPH OWEN AB Economics MANUEL, SHARON LYNN BS Mathe- matics, Phi Theta Kappa MARLER, J. DON BBA Marketing MARTIN, DIANE ETHERIDGE BBA Mar- keting LEWIS, JOHN EDWARD BS Chemistry, Advanced ROTC-Battalion Staff LINHART, KAREN LESLIE BBA Manage- ment, Pres. Alpha Xi Delta, V. Pres. Sopho- more Class, V. Pres. Phi Chi Theta, Sec. General Council, Rose of Delta Sigma Pi, Rampway, Rampway Court, Chairman Spring Festival 1966 LITCHFIELD, BILL R. BBA Real Estate, Real Estate Society LITTLETON, GERALD WAYNE BBA Ac- counting, Alpha Kappa Psi, SAM, Treas. Senior Class Evening, Who's who LOZIER, WILLIAM F., JR. BBA Manage- ment, Young Republicans LYTLE, LYNN MARIE BBA Business Educa- tion, Delta Zeta, Rampway Court, Phi Chi Theta MCALLISTER, C. MASON AB Political Sci- ence Editor, Signal, Young Democrats Club, General Council member-at-large MCALLISTER, J. DUNHAM AB Political Science, Signal-Business Manager, Young Dem- ocrats Club-Treas., Junior Class Pres. MCCONIGLY, RALPH DAVID, JR. BBA Accounting MCCURLEY, THOMAS ROGER BBA Man- agement McDANIEL, CLIFFORD LARRY BBA MCELVEEN, PHILIP HENRY BS Physics MCGILL, LYNDA CAROL AB Journalism, Young Republicans, Society for Women in Jour- nalism, Canterbury Club MCKENNEY, JAMES C. BBA Management, Blue Key MCKENZIE, REID KEMP BBA Management Seniors -1-Y' 01 -1 ID 'L MORRIS, RUTH AB Psychology MORRISON, W. SCOTT, III AB History MUNDT, LOUIS CRAIG AB English MURPHY, NAN B. Nursing MUSGRAVE, PEGGY BBA Business Edu- cation, Phi Chi Theta NASH, BARBARA JOAN AB Elementary Education NEAL, MARILYN BS Mental Retardation, BSU, SEA NESBITT, BOBBY LEE AB Journalism, Sig- ma Nu, Editor Signal, Credo, Society for Men in Joumalism-Pres., Young Democrats, Who's Who NEWCOMB, JUDITH ANN AB Sociology, Young Democrats, Wesley Foundation NEWMAN, SPRUCE L. BBA MARTIN, HARRY FRANKLIN BBA Man- agement, Sigma Nu, SAM MARTZ, RICHARD E. BBA Management MENOCAL, ONDINA G. BBA MERRITT, CLINTON EUGENE BBA Mar- keting MILLER, JANE G. AB Sociology, Newman Club Kappa Alpha Theta MILLICAN, HAROLD EUGENE AB So- ciology, Sigma Nu MINGLEDORFF, MARY GAYLE AB Po- litical Science, Alpha Omicron Pi MINIX, JAMES D. BBA Finance, Alpha Kappa Psi ' MITCHELL, RANDALL J. AB Mathematics, Sigma Phi Epsilon MOLINA, JOHN F. BBA Finance MONTGOMERY, DOUGALD PROSPER AB Psychology MOON, ANN ELAINE AB History, Alpha Phi, Players-Pres., Young Democrats-Treas., Crimson Key, lst Runner-up Miss Freshman, Chorus, Debate Club MOORE, HARRY GRIMSHAW, II BBA Real Estate, Kappa Alpha Epsilon, Real Estate So- ciety, WPLO-FM, Young Republicans, Students for Private Enterprise, Wesley Foundation MOORE, PEGGY HUNT AB Joumalism, Alpha Lambda Delta MORGAN, MARJORIE JANE BBA Market- ing, Alpha Xi Delta Seniors Q S9 -LY -2 PATRICK, STEPHEN T. BBA iuanagemem, Delta Sigma Pi PATTERSON, JACK R. BS Mathematics PAUL, CARREY B. BBA Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, Blue Key PAYNE, THOMAS MICHAEL AB History PERGAMENT, PHILLIP DAVID AB History PETERSON, DAVID T. AB English, Kappa Sigma, Players PITTMAN, JAMES H. BBA Management, Delta Sigma Pi PITTS, HAROLD EUGENE AB History POOLE, JAMES ALLEN BBA Accounting, Alpha Kappa Psi, Pres. Evening Junior and Senior Class, SAM, Young Republicans PORTER, XVILLIAM W. AB Sociology NICHOLS, HOXWARD F. BBA Management, Pi Kappa Alpha NOBLE, FRED ERVING, JR. BBA Account- ing, Delta Sigma Pi, Scabbard and Blade- Tre-as. NOBLIN, NANCY FORSYTH AB Crimson Key, Psi Chi, Players, Alpha Psi Omega NORMAN, BONNIE M. BBA Business Edu- cation, Delta Zeta, Cheerleaders-Captain, Crimson Key, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Chi Theta, G Club, Chairman Spring Festival 1967 NORRIS, DAN EDWIN, JR. BBA Market- ing, Sigma Nu OELTMANN, ANNA FRANCES BS Mathe- matics, Crimson Key OLSON, BETTY G. BS OROSZ, JUDY INEZ BS Biology, BSU, Al- pha Lambda Delta ORY, NATHAN E. AB Psychology, Alpha Ep- silon Pi, German Club, Psi Chi PAGE, VUILLIABI BI. AB PSyCl1OlUgy PAIGE, CLAYTON ALVIN BBA Finanfe PAINTER. ELIZABETH L. AB Geography. Crimson Key. Geography Club. SEA PALBIER. GLENN DAVID AB Economics PARKINSON, RICHARD LINN BBA Bfan- agement PATRICK, SARAH E. AB INIathematiCS, Band Vlloodwind Ensemble, BSU-Pres. Seniors 'Q '43 .--in bf .,.f Q- Y' REICI-I, JOANNE LOUISE AB English, Phi Sigma Sigma REICH, KATHY BBA Management, Phi Chi Theta, SAM REINHOLD, KARL VICTOR BBA Actuarial Science, Kappa Sigma, Actuarial Science Club REYNOLDS, CHRISTIAN P. A. C. BBA Marketing, Kappa Sigma-Treas., Chairman Homecoming 1966, Lyceum Comm. 1964, Ramp- way, Who's Who RICHARDS, MARY ELIZABETH AB So- ciology RICHARDSON, ARCHIE R. BBA Manage- ment RICHARDSON, LINDA J. AB English, Crim- son Key, Sigma Tau Delta RIVERS, BONNIE JUNE BBA ROBERTS, COLLINE AB Geography, Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Tau Omega Maltesians, Rampway, Geography Club, Wesley Founda- tion, SNEA ROBERTS, GENE B. AB I A POUNDS, PAULA J. AB Sociology PRATT, CLAUDE ALLEN AB Philosophy, Dean's List, PRESLEY, JUDITH J. BS Mathematics PRESLEY, OLLIE L., JR. BBA Insurance, In- surance Society PRUIT, LESTER L. BBA Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, Executive Reading Club, SAM PUCKETT, LARRY E. BBA Real Estate Society QUIGLEY, JOHN V. BBA Pi Kappa Alpha RAINEY, ROBERT B. BBA Delta Sigma Pi, SAM RAINWATER, LINDA ELLEN Delta Zeta, SEA Real Estate, Management, Management, AB English, RAINWATER, PAT A. AB English, Dean's List RALLS, WILMA ELISE AB Sociology, Delta Zeta, Senior Senator RAUSCHENBERG, RICHARD A. BBA Man- agement, Delta Sigma Pi, Baseball Team, Scab- bard and Blade READ, WILLIAM EMBRY AB Psychology, Psi Chi REEVE, BONNIE DEE BBA Art REEVES, KAY S. BBA Business Education, Alpha Omicron Pi, Freshman and Sophomore Senator, Rampway, Sigma Nu Sweetheart, Dean's Seniors A X. 4 "w-7 Q N K 1 A A 'T ,gif I 'Q-. ,ie 'g SCHWAB, DeVERA G. AB English Alpha Epsilon Phi SETTLE, LINDA CAROL BBA, Zeta Tau Alpha-V.Pres., Rampway SHAMP, MARY JOHNNA AB Psychology, Kappa Chi Delta, Kappa Epsilon Alpha, Sigma Rho Sigma, Sigma Epsilon Alpha, Young Republicans, Canterbury Club, People to People. Crimson Key, Psi Chi SHARP, ALAN G. BBA Marketing, Sigma Phi Epsilon SHERWOOD, EDWARD L., JR. AB English. Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade SHINDELBOWER, MIRIAM AB Journalism SIMMONS, BARBARA Q. AB Sociology SIRMANS, DAN LAMAR BBA Management, Dean's List SLIGH, DIANE D. BA English, Players, Alpha Psi Omega SMITH, DIANE MARIE BBA Marketing ROBINSON, JOHN M. BBA Management, Real Estate Society ROCHELLE, CASSANDRA P. AB English ROEDLER, GEORGE E., JR. BBA Manage- ment, Delta Sigma Pi ROEHM, EDWARD B. BBA Marketing, Pi Kappa Alpha ROGERS, JAMES DONALD BVA Interior Design, Pi Kappa Alpha ROGERS, WILLIAM JERRY BBA FinanCC. Delta Sigma Pi ROSENBERG, MORRIS HERSHEL Alpha Epsilon Pi-Pres., Beta Alpha Psi, Dean's List Basketball Team RUBIN, HELAINE QCOOKIEJ AB French, French Club-Sec. ancl Treas. SALTERS, JERRY INIARSHALL BBA AC- counting, Blue Key, Beta Alpha Psi, Scabbarcl and Blade AMMONS, CAROL AB German, Alpha Phi. German Club, Sec. General Council, Sec. Alpha Lambda Delta, Crimson Key SANDERS, CHARLES SHELTON BBA Ac- counting SAPERSTEIN, JAN AB Anthropology, Phi Sigma Sigma, Girl's Rifle Team SAVAGE, H. GLENN BBA Accounting, Del- ta Sigma Pi SAYE, CHERYL CHAPMAN AB Geography. Alpha Omicron Pi, BSU, NEA SCHULTZ, MARGARET F. AB German Seniors I' 51' x P Sf? is gi 'C3' .iq '5 .av 3 1, I A IN STEPP, SARAH LEE B.Music STIEMKE, EDWARD G. BBA, Delta Sigma Pi ST. JOHN, JAMES OLIVER, JR. BBA Man- agement, Pi Kappa Alpha STOCKDALE, JARRELL WAYNE, JR. BBA Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, Association for Computing Machinery STOWE, CARL WARREN BBA Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi STRAUB, FRED AUGUSTUS, III BBA 'Man- agement, Sigma Nu STROM, GEORGE B. BBA Accounting, Al- pha Kappa Psi, SAM, SGA SULLIVAN, ROBERT JERRY AB Sociology, Young Democrats SURATT, DIANNA BUDER BBA Business Education, Alpha Phi-Chaplain, Panhellenic Council-Pres., V. Pres. SWEATT, WILLIAM LEWIS BBA Account ing SMITH, LAURA ANNE AB German, Alpha Phi, Signal, Young Democrats, Alpha Lambda Delta, German Club SMITH, MICHAEL B. BS Chemistry, Sigma Phi Epsilon, IFC, Dean's List, Chemistry Award SMITH, SAMUEL VYRLIN BBA Accounting SMITH, SYLVIA W. BBA Management, SAM -Pres., Phi Chi Theta, Crimson Key, Alpha Kappa Psi Sweetheart SMITH, VIVIAN L. AB Psychology SOCKWELL, MARTHA CAROLE AB English SORRELLS, STANLEY E. BBA Business Man- agement SOSEBEE, JERRY BBA Management, Basket- ball Team, Tennis Team, Cross Country Team SPENCE, RAY EDWARD BBA Management, Delta Sigma Pi, SAM SPIES, JAMES A. BBA Management, SAM SPIKLER, ELIHU M. BBA Marketing SPINKS, CHARLES S. BBA Accounting STANFIELD, KITTY AB English, Zeta Tau Alpha, SEA STEMBRIDGE, JAMES W. AB History, Blue Key STEPHENS, RICHARD L., JR. BBA Market- ing, SGA, Young Republicans, Newman Club, Sigma Nu-Corr. Sec. Social Chairman, Inter- faith Council-Treas. Seniors ,ng V If '35 TROTTER, MICHAEL LEE BBA Finance TURNER, ANDREA LYNETTE BBA Ac- tuarial Science, Sec.-Treas. Actuarial Science Club TURNER, WAYMAN E. Pre-Med VAN PATTEN, RODNEY VEELEY BBA Real Estate Society, Kappa Alpha Order VREMAN, GERHARD JAN BS Physics WAAS, BEN AB History, Newman Club WADDELL, SHERBERT A. BBA Accounting, Pi Kappa Phi WAINWRIGHT, JAN A. AB Psychology, Alpha Omicron Pi, Canterbury Club WALKER, JOSEPH LAMAR, JR. AB S0- ciology, Alpha Tau Omega WALLS, JAMES HAYDEN, JR. BBA Ac- counting TALTON, LINDA JEAN AB English TANKERSLEY, JERRI L. AB Sociology TARPLEY, DORIS JEAN AB English, Delta Zeta, Sigma Tau Delta, Crimson Key, Alpha Tau Omega Little Sister TAYLOR, BARBARA HARRISON B. Mus. Music Education, Chorus TAYLOR, COMBS GERALD BBA Manage- ment TAYLOR, JACQUELINE RUBY BS Chem- istry TEAGUE, JANNICE D. AB English, Alpha Phi, SEA TEMPLE, JERRY WAYNE BBA Finance THIELEMANN, ROBERT WILLIAM BBA Management, Sigma Nu, Pres. Senior Class, Associate Director of Alumni Assoc., Chairman Ugly Man Contest, Co-Chairman SGA Elec- tions Comm., Chairman SGA Entertainment Comm. Who's Who THOMAS, GLORIA JEANNE BBA Business Education, Phi Chi Theta THOMASON, BARBARA ANNE AB Psy- chology, Zeta Tau Alpha THOMPSON, JANET COOPER AB Jour- nalism THOMPSON, NANCY L. AB English, Al- pha Omicron Pi, Young Republicans, SEA TORRENCE, DOROTHY L. BBA Account- ing, Mu Rho Sigma TROTTER, DONALD WESLEY, JR. AB History, Pershing Rifles, Signal, Rampway, Scab- bard and Blade,-Captain Seniors l 3l5 XXA 1 x ', x , VCV , .. 1 xi gil I Q Q JL- 1 x A V if 0 'x ,T 'WV S Qu-v-f ig- ew, 'rr Y vu' 2 WILLIAMS, PHIL WESLEY, JR. BBA Man- agement WILLIAMS, SANDRA SUE BS Mental Re- tardation, Delta Zeta-V.Pres., Canterbury Club, SEA, Freshman Senator, Sec.Treas. of Soph. Class, Rampway Court, Homecoming Court, Ten Best Dressed, Military Brigade Sweetheart, 2nd Runner-up Greek Goddess, Mardi Gras Publicity Chairman, Sparks Scholar- ship Chairman, V.Pres. SGA, Who's Who WILLIAMS, TRISHA L. BBA Art Advertis- ing, Delta Zeta-V.Pres., Phi Chi Theta, Cheer- leaders, G Club, SGA, Who's Who WILLIFORD, SUZANNE GRIMSLEY AB Sociology, NEA WILSON, PAULA DIANE AB English, Al- pha Omicron Pi WOLFF, LINDA MIDDLETON AB English WOMACK., LARRY MILTON BBA Market- ing, Delta Sigma Pi, SAM WOOD, LINDA GAIL BBA, Phi Chi Theta, SAM WORLEY, JANICE G. AB, Alpha Omicron Pi WRIGHT, PATRICIA OPAL AB English YARBROUGH, JACQUELINE AB Psychol- ogy, Alpha Phi, Psi Chi, Pi Kappa Phi Sweet- heart Court, Homecoming Comm. 1965 WARD, CAROL JO BS Mathematics WARDLAW, KENNETH H. BBA Market- ing, Pi Kappa Alpha-Pres., V. Pres. General Council, Co-Chairman Spring Festival, Alpha Xi Delta Big Brother 1965-66, Students for Private Enterprise, Who's Who, Parade and Display Chairman Homecoming 1966 WEIR, ROBERT DENTON BBA Finance WELLS, SANDRA LEE AB Political Science, Delta Zeta, Canterbury Club, Alpha Kappa Psi Sweetheart Court, Sigma Nu Sweetheart Court, Rampway, Signal, Pl. Sc. Club. WERBIN, CHARLOTTE AB Psychology WEST, WILLIAM T. BBA Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi WHATLEY, JOHN C. AB Political Science Young Republicans-Pres., Signal, Rampway, Semaphore--Editor, Band, ROTC Band WHEELER, THOMAS WARREN BBA, Del- ta Sigma Pi, SAM WHITE, CYNTHIA ANN, AB Hist., SEA WIGGINS, C. ALBERT BBA Real Estate WILCOX, EDDIE JOE BBA Management WILKINSON, M. DEWOODY, JR. BBA Marketing, Sigma Phi Epsilon WILLIAMS, DEDE AB Journalism, Alpha Omicron Pi-Corr, Sec., Signal, SGA, Society for Women in Journalism-Sec. WILLIAMS, HOWARD ALLEN BBA Ac- counting WILLIAMS, LOY L. AB History, Alpha Xi Delta, Young Democrats, Political Sci. Cl. Seniors Juniors X 1' Tris fi 'Q Bishop, E. L. Black, J. E. Black, Nancy Jo Blake, Stephen Borland, jr. John Boudreaux, E. M. Bowman, Ed Boyd, Darlene Boyd, Shirley Boyd, T. M. Bradley, B. Brandon, T. L. C. it 'fx . x, . , , . ,Q ' 'ci' V717 lv: Q N Abbmt, William Adams, Beth Adams, Craig Adams Floyd Adams, Judith Adams Michael Aldridgle, Johnny Alexander, Gary P Alexander, L. E. Allen, Constance Allen, William Allgond, John Anderson, J. P. Aten Judy Kaye Atkinson, R. F. Bagiatis, Irene Baker, C. V. Baker, Vallene Ballard, Barbara Ballew, Janice Barber, K. R. Barnett, Carl Barrocas, Rebeca Bartlett, Ben PX X -as ., t .X M x ., x J Jw' X l 1 Bartlett, Jimmie Sue Bean, Charles Phillip Belle Isle, Buddy Bellinetti, Frank Bennet, M. E. Benson, Benny R. Bentley, Margaret Bernhardt, D. E. Bernhardt, Steven Berry, Coy Biddy, Martha Bischoff. Frederick Juniors n V Q X -1 6 N-' 7 ix lv, 5 viii U M .61 Cox, D. Cox, Jim Cox, Janice Lynn Cox, G. Cox, I.. S. III Cranman, Harriet Crawford, Celia K. Crim, Barbara G. Cristol, Richard E. Cronin, P. A. Cummings, james Cummings, john C Bray, James Brice, Jim Brown, Chris Brown, R. F. Brown, Walter Brown, Warren Bruce, W. Bruin, Helena P. Brumbelow, Jena Buck, Arvel Burke, Mary Ann Caldwell, Broughton Carasik, Bill Carcler, Linda Carinelli, M. A. Carmichael, J. R. Carrol, T. C. Carter, D. Carter, Wallace Caiisey, N. I.. Chamberlain, Robert Cheslin, Barry Childs, Mary L. Christensen, Barry K Christian, Mary Ann Clarke, James M. Cleveland, Charles Cobb, jimmy Connell, Robert D. Cook, Woody Corbin, Carl Cornett, Julian C. Cothran, Kay Cowarr, Annette Cox, C, D. Cox, D. S. Juniors 1 Gi A I 17 Q 1--5 N f I Ze 5 .' 'y ' , 1:-4 XM r Foltz, Rebecca Foster, L. K. Fowler, john Fowler, Suzanne Fuller, Walt S. Galloway, Steven Garmon, H. B. Garner, H. D. Jr. Garrett, Louise Gilbert, Ronald G. Ginson, Fred Glass, R. L. 'ba kg fa? -Q- fx f :L X Ar"-Q fe- ' 5 lc, 0 ' l- . .yi , . 9 13 E ff-T -fi' I .-rv TR -SHE! Daniel, Ann Maria Daniel, D. G. Daniell, W. M. Dashiell, Willian Davis, C. J. Davis, Marion G. Deaton, Mark H. Dickerson, jim Dickey, Bill Diffley, Steve Digby, P. R. Dinning, Norman Dodd, J. C. Dodson, L. D. Dorton, J. M. Doss, Robert Duncan, Ellen M. Durand, Carol R. Durden, Liston Porter Durhan, G, L. Edwards, Don L. Eisenstin, P. F. Eisler, Hannah Eldredge, Thomas M. Ellison, L. W. Epps, Edisto A. Estep, Hillie K. Everett, Wilda M. Faison, Donald D. Faucette, john L. Feagin, William T. Feagins, Joseph Ficklen, A. T. Field, David E. Filsoof, Mina Floyd, S. L. Juniors X Wifi- , ':' QYHQQ gif: 'j f x 71 tv.,-r 'Q la Q I C 3' f N x 'DQ :ll f ilu' N -I 1 3:3 X Hill, james A. Hite, Herbert E. Hodges, Jack R. Holland, David M., Holmes, Constance B Holmes, Richard H. Hope, Marion D. Horn, Lee C. Horn, Marcia Marie Houston, Sydney E. Houze, Willner B. Howell, Charles R. I . ' -'L' N . X I C N 51' s .4 'is 1 W-wp-1 fm f :X 'v ,M 51 A ll i ful ff Z by Q' .3 1' ' ',. 7 'UK 1! 'fl 1 -'Sr 'm -::- f-1 t sl lf, I 0 2-'3' 5: ,A-f Goldstein, Elizabeth Ruth Gonnella, Thomas Goss, Carolyn Docia Gray, Sara Elizabeth Gross, Donald Green, Patricia Ann Griffeth, Diane Guthrie, Robert C. Hairston, Marsha Hall, Donna Elizabeth Hallman, Donald D. Hancock, Reginald Haney, Dondra Kay Hannah, Glenda jean Hansell, Marcella Harber, Richard Jerome Harper, Carroll Wayne Harper, john A. Harpole, Janice M. Harrel, Charlotte Harris, Philip Harris, Gail Harrison, Gregory Hayes, Dean D. Hazelwood, Harold Heaton, Thomas Albert Helms, David D. Henderson, Angela Henderson, Claudia E, Hendrix, janet E. Henry, Janis Elizabeth Herndon, Stanley Herren, William R. Hewett, Robert Louis Hewitt, Richard Hickman, Cheryl an C' Lasseter, Rueben Lassiter, Henry A. Laws, Jeannette Lay, Harry W. Lea, Evan G. Lee, Frances V. Leventhal, Ann F. Leveto, Greg. Lewallen, Michael K Lewis, Hezikiah K. Lewis, Mary P. Light, Donald T. X. ' V9 X 'Q 'X?""f' I N ' X Qin. - " -are Howren, C. Gresham Huie, Lynn Mauton Hubbard, Sally M. Hunt, David P. Hunter, james E. Hyatt, Richard H. Ingle, Robert E. Irwin, Bayard M. Irwin, Prentiss L. Ivey, Robert J. Jackson, Gail P. Jacobs, Rufus L. Jaquier, Steve -Iiles, jerry L. Joe, Ann johnson, john E. jones, Frances H. jones, Nelson L. jones, Olga B. Jones, Richard C. Jones, Shirley A. jordan, Mary D. Kelly, Nancy L. Kelley, Sheila R. Kennett, Sue A. Kent, George M. Kerbel, Angel King, Dennis Ketchum, William King, Kathy Kinsey, Thomas Knauth, Carol Koehler, Robert Landrum, Sheila E. Laney, Steve M. Laslie, Wilbur W. Juniors . x 66. ' :af 'af ,,T" 'A K 'T 5 J qw s 3 4 A1 'vw .Q Q5 41 is f 1 ' K 1 Pvt 5 1... Mobley, D. Lyman Mobley, David W. Moore, Pauline B. Morcom, Patricia A. Morrison, Gemma M. Morrow, Betty A. Mullins, Albert B. Nail, Randy C. Nama, Charles Nash, Charles D. Neal, Brenda J. Nelson, Betty A. I 21. e,i-R, 5 - Q J K R I ' I' X I. 11, :ix ph .Q ay A. , r X' A4 ,J i ff ,. ' 'is' L fr f 'C if N Z., sy. Y if va X I , 'ZA if ' ' ' ' t E I . '- 4' ., 1' ...aa ' 1 ' . . I 4 Nykfx, N y X Lloyd, Terry J. Loftin, Preston H. Logan, Donald B. Long, james R. Loventhal, William Lovett, Linda M. Lovin, Phyllis Lowe, Ronald E. Mackenzie, Stephen S. Macrenaris, Eillenn A. Maguire, Thomas J. Maher, Peggy Mallory, Thomas P. Mann, Caroline Manners, Beth S. Manning, Cecil E. Martin, Claude C. Martin, David M. Martin, Suzanne P. Mauldin, Carole L. Mayson, C. Richard McCord, Aletha S. McCurley, Ellen McDonald, Charles Thomas MCDOW, Beverle A. McGrath, Kathryn A. McMillan, Meredith McMurray, Torn C. McNeely, Sarah E. Means, Lawrence A, Merkle, Helen P. Mertes, joseph W. Milliens, Thomas Millians, Gerald A. Mills, Verna D. Mobley, Brenda J. AQ ,s. "'9' T' ' -55: gwu. ,Q Juniors E g, . Q--"V X- . ur" gi- 'Q S' -An, A.. Q! ,,. S- . .A N 1: K. x ' Q5 all pq ,. -A .V YM: '.- Q ! . 'la Q ' 1' '.i Uhr ,,- i ' 5 ,A 1 Porter, Joseph R. lx X ' Pound, Robert L. ' X ' L Price, Robert Price -- K. P, jf Prichard, Panl E. , V1.1 gig Proudfit, Larry J. Puckett, Nancy H. Rainey, Edgar C. Rainwater, Lee H. Rainwater, Ronald K. P Ratzman, ,james W. Reaves, Patricia. A. CG: Randol h William H. 0 -'19 C. . 'A 3 r-0 ,,-0-1 7 - f. .JH , V f :JN 1-'7 .lyk I -. y .v'Yvm':f . i. K" Lv i Nicholson, Ann Nix, Marie Norton, Thomas D. Ollman, Roger Olson, Howard A. Olson, Nona L. Olson, Stephen S. O'Steen, Dianne Overend, Ruth S. Owen, Frank H. Owen, Richard W. Owen, Robert H. Owens, Vicky L. Oxendine, Delton Padgett, Rebekah Page, Ann Panter, Cheryl A. Paris, Joseph M. Parkman, Kay E. Paschal, Margaret L. Patmore, Louis E. Patterson, Robert C. Payne, Connie D. Payne, john A. Payne, jone M. Peers, Linda Waring Peitso, Gene L. Peters, Helen E. Phillips, Michael E. Phillips, Hoyt J. Phillips, joseph S. Phillips, Robert T. Pierra, Rene S. Plunkett, Ana L. Plymel, Mary L. Poplin, Catherine A. Juniors ix ts' I p . to J 'Ni '21 1 'X N f 'X ig' V . - R.. ll' P4 ' 'I-f 7 n -0? l Q -N' .45 6- ?""'V 3 4 - - Q Q 45, l I 13' I X A' rf N Y ' 4. fa 1 X ix ma ,H 1 K. "' ' X: Q 'M ' fy? 'T Ks .. . , Y Y 1 W5 - -x.--Q-ry.-.--,,:. qs-: .y . X 40- 9? Somoza, joe P. Sorenson, William A. Sorrells, Marion L. Spradlin, Stona K. Springer, Rodger D. Stein, Shelly J. Stephens, Marimac Stephens, Robert L. Stokes, George W. Stull, Lynn B. Sullivan, Nora D. Surber, Rickey C. Y Ui? '-an N C' ' 'wx Reddy, Julie M. Reinhardt, Faye E. Roberts, Douglas E. Roberts, Hazel M. Robinson, Carol M. Robinson, Janet L. Rocker, William J. Rose, Elaine J. Sampson, Barbara A. Savage, Patricia L. Scarborough, Charles N Scarborough, Jerry W. Scheinfeld, Morray W. Schell, john R. Shumacher, Tom Y. Schuett, Stephen T. Seiden, Ronnie B. Seller, Ann Sewell, William M. Shaw, Michael L. Shelor, Elaine M. Sherrill, Janet L. Sherrill, Tom B. Shomski, Paul J. Shropshire, Diane M. Shuman, Robert N, Sikes, Reginald L. ne' Sims, Barbara Z. Smith, Billy L. Smith, J. Larrie Smith, Larry W. Smith, Linda J. Smith, Lucretia D. Smith, Mary L. Smith, Patricia E. Smith, Randy G. Juniors ,i f- Q! n ,A Q Q2 'fo- 715295- 'lr .ua-5 A -N 4 ll QF-" -1 'Z' 45" Wfhitenton, Gail A. Whitlock, Leslie L. Whitton, Tony I.. Wigbels, Dennis A, Wilkes, Wade D. Williams, David A. Williams, james R. Williams, Patricia A Williams, Regina G Williamson Geor e B i 8 Willingham, Ben J. Wilson, Richard H. yan 1 1 1 A pl W X , .. ' 'A st A K I Taylor, Beryll Taylor, john S. Teasley, james R. Terry, Edward L. Thomas, Jeffrey C. Thomas, Robert B. Thomas, Weldon M. Thomason, Walter R Thompson, Gail E. Thompson, james W Thompson, jimmy L. Tiller, Irene V. Tocld, Robert S. Tolbert, Charles R. Trimble, Jessie R. Tuchman, Ofie Turner, William W. Turpin, Lisle M. Van Horn, john M. Vanl-louse, john H. Vincent, Ann R. Wade, Ray L. Walker, Patricia A. Walter, Jane E. Warren, Cheryl E. Watson, Thomas M. Watts, Mary A. Webster, jerry A. Weeks, james L. West, Karen C. West, Linda J. Wheeler, Larry G. Wheelus, Stephen E. Whidby, Beverly D. White, Marsha A. White, Marvin Wise, Valeria M. Wood, P. E. Woods, J. L. Wooten, Virginia Worrell, Patricia W. Wray, J. M. Wright, Jimmy G. Wylder, Glenelle Wynn, jack T. Yancey, Altha D. Young, K. E. 54" 1' qv-w .fY""7Y"Y . R ,.f The advamaees of mine 21967 Gemma M0106 CB1' sxari here. 'NH 4-. W5 X Juniors If Sophomores f? m I R. QQ x 'N Z'5 3 Abell, Judith Ables, Linda Abrams, Ellis Adams, Calvin Adams, David V , -'T Adams, Katherine Adams, Randall Ahl, james Aiola, Mary Ann Andrews, james Andrews, joseph Andrews, Richard 12. Angel, Michael Antebi, Judy Appling, Elaine Armstrong, Gayle Arrendale, Jerry Arrendale, Shirley Arrington, Audrey Arroyo, XVilIiam Ash, Glynn Carol Atkins, Michael Atkinson, Mary Attaway. ,loan Autsolief, Elaine Ball, Rosalie Banks, George Banks, Robert Barfield, Tyra Barkett, Mary Sue Barnett, Susan Bates, Terry Allen Baumgartner, jim Bennett, Elaine Binion, Stephen Bishop, Linda Bishop, Lori Black. Laurel Blair, Anna Blake, Janice Blakley, Tom Blntt, Bennie Blaylock, Ronald Bone, Theresa Bowen, jimmy Boyter, Jan Braley, Diane Brand, Richard Sophomores I . , A , fv- If 5 ,d A Brandon, Frank Brannon, Randall Breedecl, Martha Breedlove, Nancy Breithaupp, Dal Bridges, Oppie Brown, Deborah Brown, Allen Brown, Vernon Bruno, Deborah Bullard, Alma Burger, Anthony fi Q, IU vi 4.-r wa, .., :S I 9' aqui' Burke, Diane Burns, Robert Busby, Mary Cagle, Marlene Calhoun, Barbara Calvin, Michael Cantrell, Sammie jane Carlock, Phil Cash, Charlotte Chafin, Kathryn Chambers, Susan Chandler, Gary Chase, Patricia Chastine, john Cherry, Judy Chester, Kay Childers, William Childs, Jeanette Chmura, Elaine Clark, Patricia Claxton, Gary Clifton, james Cobbs, Donna Cody, Brenda Coker, June Conway, john Cook, Kay Cooper, Alice Cooper, Glen Cooper Cooper , Iris , Robert Copeland, Carol Coppedge, Andrea Corbett, Wendy Couch, Michael Coughlin, Carolyn 'R Sophomores if 66 Craddock, Barbara Cranman, Paul Crim, James Croker, Richard Crowe, Pat Crumpler, Vivian Cruse, Sam Cullen, john Davis, Frances Davis, james Davis, Sandra Delano, Una f c 95' Dellorso, Pat Derrick, Linda Dill, joseph Dolive, Henry Donivan, Douglas Dortch, Dot Drain, Judy Durham, Paulette Duvall, James Dye, Linda Eidson, Donna Eidson, Norene Ekmark, Patricia Eley, Sara jane Elkins, joe Ellinas, john Elliott, Cleon Elliott, Donna Elliott, james Elliott, Nancy Elrod, Ann Epstein, Sanford Ethridge, Robert Ethridge, Robert Evans, Pat Faour, Sandra Farmer, Matthew Farmer, Steven Fedas, Annette Field, joan Fields, Heather Fleischman, Michael Fleming, Thomas Fletcher, Elizabeth Floyd, Dinah Forehand, Gerry ,-gs' U , Q A L r "" A Sophomores 1343 L.. was X. 1 'fl ,lg-Q.'-..... 1.' 6' J ' 1 B gr' fix 2-v 1 JL 'S-F: xl Forstall, Margaret Foster, Louis Fowler, Bonnie Franklin, Patricia Freeman, janet Freeman, Renee Freeman, Susan Gaines, Wanda Faye Garmon, Virginia Gangestad, Cheryle Gann, James Gastonl, Elizabeth 51,1 lf g 7 I ' 4 1 i x If Q f 'Q tvhtag 715 X 1-Z2'J" 417 A., pu an George, Connie Gibbs, Annette Gifford, Ralph Gilbert, jacquelyn Giordano, Shirley Glass, Thomas Gloer, Lynne Gobbel, Caroline Goeckel, David Goldin, jerry Goldwire, Anne Grady, Cynthia Grant, Nancy Groene, Luke Greenwood, Peter Gribble, George Griffin, Cecile Grochan, Susan Guest, Luther Guill, George Gunn, Deanna Guyton, William Hahhad, jimmy Hall, Cheryl Hall, Katherine Haluski, julia Hansen, Stephen Hames, Dianne Hamilton, James Hammonds, Saylia Harmon, Charles Harrell, Robert Harris, JoAnne Harris, Sharon Harris, William Hawkins, Frances Off, 1. V N ig V1 X Sophomores Ya! T-I 019 '1. Y! 4? ry ,V Q ION 1 'wi ix 1-S 'UN if N., K1 Ou Hayes, Victor Head, Susan Hembree, Brenda Henderson, Mary Heitt, Chanley Higgins, julienne Highsmith, Patsy Hightower, Beverly Hippman, Paul Hochman, Sandra Hodge, Richard Holmes, Melvyn 1 1... i " 4 ft a' l u 1 -Q... ' Hone-ycutt, Harry Hood, Olin Hosea, Judy Houston, jack Houser, John Hudson, William Huey, Patricia Hughes, Anne Hutcheson, Carol Hutcheson, james Hynes, Frank Jackson, Geraldine Jackson, jim Jackson, Wendell james, Carma Jarrard, Olivia Jernigan, Gray johnson, Connie Johnson, Doria johnson, john Johnson, johnny johnson, Linda johnson Patricia johnson, Ruth jones, Alan jones, Dorothy jones, Kathy jones, Pamela jones, Conway Karras, Kay Keel, Barbara Keith, Stephen Kelly, Danny Kelly, Kathleen Kelnhofer, Marcia Kenaston, Jeffrey 'FT ,-L 'ia A , . . . he ,,, ,, 1' .- .--,,,.,ii af? t 1. .LW y ' " 4' 'kia X-rx Jllkkg--f 7. l Sophomores 348 3 ,.r1....Zb- . 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Doris Rogers, Hans Rosenberg, Phillip Ross, Franklin Ross, Mary Ann Rostneck, Sandra Rowan, Ralph Russell, Sara Rutledge, Dax-id Salmond, William Samples, Barry Samples, Greg Sams, Carolyn Sandeen, Carol Sauls, Cheryl Schramfer, Lon Schraudenbach, jane Scheuerman, Michael Seale, Michael Seale, Richard Segraves, Laura Sellers, lla Sharp, Kay Shaw, Wanda Sheard, Emily Sheldon, john Sophomores f 10 xi ! oi .ffl qi '43 N- P gf' -v? ov? o " 1 Sheram, Katherine Sherman, Joy Shiflett, Mather Shriver, Rick Sims, Ronald Sloan, Roger Smith, Clyde Smith, Daniel Smith, John Smith, Mike Smith, Sally Smith, Jimmie -QB "'+-un is .4 yu as QQ, 'fr -. i s , Q, -...-. X , A G-nil 1 ws- ..,.M: .. . .x , i , ,,. -1-,o x 1. L, 9,9 , 4 4 a 2 so 4 .G 7 X . -- Q A we . 113 fi 'ri ' ' 'Fe ,sly Ni. . 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Gleason, Nancy Gober, Enola Golenia, Thomas Good, jan Goodrum, james Graham, Phillip Granger, Kathryn Granger, Marian Granholm, Sharon Grant, John Gray, James Green, Bryant Green, Tony Greene, janet Greer, Nancy Griffis, Annette Griggs, Linda Grimes, Bruce Grist, Donald Grochan, Dorothy Grogan, Wade Gruener, Ortrun Guthrie, Janice Haddock, Kathryn Hagler, Martha Hallman, Margaret Halstead, Brenda Hames, Milton Hamilton, Barbara Hammond, joan Hampton, Donna Handlee, Frances Hankey, Carole Haralson, Howard Harper, Linda Harris, Beverly Harris, Carl Harris, Gary Harris, Kelly Harris, Lynn Harris, Nancy Lee Hartley, Arthur 'I-Iastreiter, Barbara Hatchell, Joel Hauch, Elmore Hawkins, Denver Hawkins, Mary Hawkins, William 9-v 5 "'7'i 'f 4,5 'Qu avg bw F I x Y ff x " B- K -alt! 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Tucker, Tucker, Tucker, XX'illiam David Sheila Susanne Tully, Dorothy Tumlin, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, Turner, James Aaron Cheryl Margaret Robert Shirley Ueltschi, Cynthia Ulery, Gerald Underwood, Terry Valera, Evina VanDyck, Diane Vick, Connie Vinson, Rebecca Xvagnon, Martin Waldelich, Mary Whit, Sheila Wfalker, jessica Vfaller, XValler, Dorothy johnny NX'alls, Linda XX'alton, Gail fi 3 hair, Ir- I F 1 ,- 5 L- X T3-7 4 it 46" X s L K ,xg J 441 x I' T 'isa 17' F: I. ' 1' H. A415 . 1 55 3 I .4-5 1' ' 1 .ss - Q , , 2. 1 l of vp '21, 'Pr Waltz, Maxine Warren, Donald Warren, Michael Wascovich, Constance Watkins, Ann Watterson, Shirley Weatherford, Peggy Weber, Elaine Wellborn, Deborah Wellons, Linda Wells, Maureen West, Pamela ,Q 1 IA -sr r W " iT"'9' x ' 4,1 .A 'Rl Ylifp QS .ew-5 79 f'f'X"'x 4227 1, 'A -' 1 V 1 ..., ,J-if, i - rv fihfii? in g 'X I ' ' xr' wb- :,22 '83 me '-N , e 1 ,, West, Sherry Wheeler, james White, Judy White, Sheila Whitworth, Charles- Wiggin, Gina Wiggins, Carlton Wilbur, Kathy Williams, Beverly Williams, Cal Williams, Diane Williams, Karen Williams, Pam Williams, Phillip Williams, Sharon Willingham, Cynthia Willis, Rebecca Wilson, Janice Wilson, Michael Wilson, Rickey Wilson, Walburga Wingo, Anne Witherington, Sue Wofford, Laura Wolf, Danny Woocl, Barbara Wood, Nancy Woodall, Diane Woods, Sherry Wyatt, Patricia Yarbrough, Dean York, Gail Young, Mary Ann Ziesler, julie ' X is 3 I If 'vi Qs 2 'bk 'N N- 'Q x wx ,. - J . I 1 ty 1 K . 4 . Ou f N -. - - :vu . QF. WINE. f W L 6:4 I Q N ,J on -07 A Aaron, Alan, 159. 355 Aaron. .-laratlia, 159 Abbott, XY'illiam, 319 Abell. Douelas, 283 Abell, Judith, 339 Albcrcriimbie, Clarence, 210 Aheru, Viruinia, 358 Ablgs, Linda, 339 Abner, Gary, 90. 197, 209 Abrams, Ellis, 339 Abrahms, Ann, 115 Ackeit, Lucy, 283 Adams Beth. 319 Adams, Calt in, 339 Adams. Crate, 211, 319 Adams, David. 339 Adams, Floyd, 130, 319 Adams, Fred, 211 Adams, Michael, 187, 319 Adams luditlt, 118, 319 Adams, Katherine, 339 Adams Marv, 283 Adams Randall, 3311, 175 Adams XY'illiam, 283 Adams, Nan. 355 Andrens, James, 339 Andrews, Joseph. 339 Andrew s, Richard. 339 Angel, Michael, 167, 339 Annis, Camilla. 358 Antebl, Judy, 177, 339 Antebi, Suzanne, 1-16, 177. 358 Appling, Elaine, 339 Apt, Susan, 358 Archer, Sherie, 358 Armbrecht, Branda. 117, 118, 2 Armstrong, Gayle. 339 Arnold, I.ucy 147 Arnold, Alice, 179 Arrendale, Jerry, 339 Arrendale, Shirley, 339 Arrington, Audrey. 339 Arrinuton, Robert, Arroye, NVilliam, 105, 126, 339 Ash, Glynn, 339 Ash, Mary, 358 Ashworth, Jane, 358 Askue, Xvilliam, 121, 272 Astin, Janice Atch1son,J. L., 272 Atchison, Linda. 112, 358 Aten, Judy. 319 Atkins, Michael, 339 83 Barber, Kenneth, 319 Barclay, Brenda, 358 Barfield, Robert, 283 Barfield, Tyra, 112, 339 Barkett, Mary. 339 Barnard, Linda, 199 Barnes, Samuel, 283 Barnet, Rita, 358 Barnett, Carl, 319 Barnett, John, 166 Barnett, Susan, 199, 339 Barr, John, Barrentine, Sandra, 359 Barrett, Charles Barrett, Patti, 199 Barrineau, Pat, 1-1-1 Barrocas, Rebeca, 319 Barronton, Neal, 272 Barthe, Lawrence, 272 Bartlett, Ben, 319 Bartlett, Isabel, 285 Bartlett, Jimmie Sue, 148, 319 Bassett, Paul, 283 Bates, Terry, 339 Baughv, Phyllis, 1418 Baumgartner, Jim, 339 Bean, Charles, 319 Beasley. Shebael, ?'i'fE"f:-s--' "Effe- ' , . - -5 at-tu-R ' .'1:'I,u'7 , is - r g5"'gi-fi .5-Q '-rl - ' ,.-,:, -sy. ,g-,- A' sf 1 15--. iv, .:-4.15 . - Adams, XNl1llI.11'11. 358 Adocock, Donna, 199 Ahl, James, 339 Aiken, Edward, 153, 283 Aiola, Mary Ann, 339 Baeiatis, Irene. 319 Akins, Elsie, 358 Alberson, Gary, 283 Aldridge, Johnny. 113, 319 Aldridge, Aldridge, Lida, 283 Johnny, 156 Alessi, Linda, 358 Alexander, Gary, 106, 155. 319 Alexander, Larry, 167, 319 Alexander, XY'n.-dv, 283 Allen. Andrea, 1511, 283 Allen, Constance, 319 Allen, l,uC5', 358 Allen Phyllis, 191 Allen, Priscilla, 116, 283 Allen, Romoona, 358 Allen, Teresa, 358 Allen, Xxlllllllfl, 319 All:-md John, 131,138, 153.156, 3,19 ' Allis, Priscilla, 272 Allison, Ronald, 358 Allison, James. 358 Almgren, Samuel, 358 Altxtics, James, 358 Aman, Ja Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Antlersort Anderson Anderson Anderson mes, 358 Brenda, 283 Donna, 37, 51, 1"1, 551-1 Gayle, lin, 283 Gordon, s 1, 206 iJ.1cuueliiie, 358 , Judy, 310 s s s .Mike 210, -82 Bill, R58 Anderson, Di-nad, 358 Andreasen, Astrid, 358 392 2 Atkinson, Harriett, 358 Atkinson. Mary, 339 Atkinson, Robert, R10 Attaxvay, Joan, 339 Austin, Barbara, 51 Autsolief, Elaine, 339 Axelson, Gordon, 283 Axelsnn, Rodger, 153. 283 Ayers, Richard, 105,113, 122, Ayers, Mary. 358 B Baeley. Faye, 283 Bagley, Richard, 272 Bagwell, Carl, 216 ' Bailey, Bonnie, 135, 179 Bailey, James, 283 Bailey, Lillian, 358 Bailey, Martlaret, 358 Baines, Robert, 272 Baird, Diane, 179 Baird, Rhett, 272 Baker, Carl, 319 Baker, Patty, 72 Baker, Karen, 199 Baker, Karin, 358 Baker, Vallene, 319 Baker, Van, 175 Baldwin, Jo, 358 Ball, R osalie, 339 Ballard, Barbara, 319 Ballew, Beverly, 358 Ballew, Janice, 1-18, 319 Banks, George, 339 Banks, Lewis, 283 Banks, Robert, 339 1 Beavin, John, 160 Beck, Carl, 285 Beck, Daryl, 155. 359 Beck, Margaret, 359 Becker, I-leleen, 359 Bech, Marilyn, 359 Beech, Sherri, 359 Beeland, James Bell, Mary, 112, 187 Bell, Karen, 359 Bell, Pat, 359 Bell, XVilliam, 272 Belle Isle, Buddy, 156, 319 B:lle, Isle, Robert, 156, 359 Bellinetti, Frank, 126, 216, 519 Bias, Gilda. 1-12, 360 Biddulph, Thomas, 129, 160, 209, 2 Biddy. Martha, 319 Biegeleisen, Joseph, 360 Biegeleisen, Rosanne. 285 Bilodeau, Roxie, 360 Bingham, Carole, 1-12, 191. 360 Binion, Stephen, 160, 339 Birchenall. Michael, 360 Bird, Sue, 118 Bischoff, Frederick, 319 Biscoglia. Ray. 360 Bishop, Edgar, 318 Bishop, Linda. 339 Bishop, Lori, 339 Bird, Bettye, 285 Bird, Sue. 285 Bivin,James, 285 Bivins, Michael, 360 Black. Jerry, 86, 318 Black, Laurel. 339 Black, Nancy, 318 Blackstock, Anna. 360 Blackwell, Patrica, 1-1, 272 Blair, Anna, 339 Blake, Dannetta. 360 Blake. Janice, 339 Blake, Stephen, 318 Blakely, Tom, 339 Blalock, Charles, 272 Blanton, Deanna, 360 Blatt, Bennie, 339 Blaylock, Ronald. 339 Bledsoe, XVilliam, 52, 1419, 285 Boaz, Daniel, 155, 285 Bobo, Linda, 285 Bode. James, 175. 360 Boerner, Ronald, 285 Bogozan, Joseph, 285 Boguski, Beverly, 187, 560 Boher, Priscilla, 360 Bohler, XVilliam, 285 Bolin, Melba, 7-1 Bolton. Joseph, 207 Bone, Elaine, 360 Bone, Susan, 360 Bone, Theresa, 339 Boring, Fred, 272 Boring, Paul. 285 Borland, John, 318 Botelho, Michael, 129. 207 Boudreaux, Eileen, 318 Boudreaux, Sybil, 5-1, 110, 11-1, 176, Boutelle, Nancy, 191, 560 Bowlin, Chester, 285 Bowen, Jimmy, 339 Bowen, Linda, 54, 110, 114, 176, 28 Bowlin, Chester, 235 Bowlin, Patrica, 285 Bowman, Anita, 360 Bowman, Ed, 105, 106, 318 Bowman, John. 360 Boyd, Donna, 360 Boyd, Linda, 1-18, 318 Boyd, Rebecca, 360 Boyd Boyd , Ruthanna, 285 Shirley. 318 Boyd, , Thomas, 318 Boyert, James, 285 Boyle, John, 55, 105, 113, 123, 145 287 Bellville, Linda, 179, 359 Belt, Thomas, 175, 359 Beltran, Mary, 359 Bement, Mary, 359 Bement, Marty, 167 Benedit, Telipe, 285 Benedit, Juan, 285 Bcnnett, Elaine, 1-19. 339 Bennett, Kathy, 199 Bennett, Elwanda, 319 Bennett, XVilliam, 360 Benson, Benny, 319 Benson, Nancy, 360 Bently, Chryl, 130, 360 Bentley, Margaret, 319 Berg, Jean, 139 Bernard, Wfalter, 285 Bernhardt, David, 319 Bernhardt. Steven, 319 Bernier, Charles. 122, 285 Berrell, Lorraine, 112, 1-1-1, 360 Berry. Coy, 154, 519 Berry, Elaine, 199 Berthe, Mary, 117, 285 Best, Sheron, 360 Boyle, Mike, 363 Boyter, Jan. 339 Brackett, Judith. 360 Bracken, Bill, 86, 87 Braddy, Scheryle, 360 Bradford. Joe, 287 Bradly, Barbara, 360 Bradley, Bnace, 318 Bradley, LeJeune, Bradley, Robert, 360 Braley, Dianne, 112, 130. 339 Branscombe, Alice Brand, Richard. 339 Brandon, Frank, 160, 3-11 Brandow, Thomas, 160, 318 Brannon, Randall, 3-11 Brantley, Diane, 112, 360 Bray, James, .321 Breeden, Maratha. 3-11 Breedlove, Nancy, 3-11 Breen, Sharon, 360 Breithaupt, Truman, 3-11 Breland, Kathryn,360 Brewer, Cheri, 191 Brewer, John, 287 Brice, James, 321 Bricker, Barbara, 14 Bridges, Oppoe, 341. Briggs, Jack, 160 Brink, Ann, 360 Brinkman, Barbara, 51. 360 Britt, Helen, 287 Britton, John, 121, 287 Broder, Margrit, 360 Brodgon, William, 360 Bronaugh, Hugh, Brooks, Sharon, 199. 287 Broughton, Elizabeth, 287 Brown, Allan, 341 Brown, Annetta. 361 Cortese Brown, Bryan, 179, 361 Brown, Connie, 361 Brown, Deborah, 341 Brown, Franklin, 321 Brown, Hiram, 175, 361 Brown, Janile Carol, 361 Carter, Stephen, 272 Carter, Wallace, 321 Cartwright, Cynthia, 362 Cash, Charlotte. 3-11 Cason, Nancy. 362 Castleberry, Jeffrey, 362 Brown, Michael, 361 Brown, Ricky, 321 Brown, Robert, 272 Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown , Stanley, 361 , Susan, 176, 199 , Vernon, 341 , Walter, 321 , Warren, 321 Castleberry, Wlilliam, 272 Caston, Jennie, 362 Cates. Jo Anne, 362 Cathey Causey Cenker Chafin Charles, 166 Neal, 216, 321 Margaret, 362 Caylor,- , Carla, 177, 362 Kathryn, 148, 341 Cline, Mary, 289 Clonts, Susan, 199, 363 Clonts, Wesley, 289 Coates. Benjamin, 175, 363 Cobb, Jimmy, 153, 175. 321 Cobbs, Donna, 341 Cochran, Claudia, 363 Cochran, Margaret, 363 Cochran, Rita, 363 Coffee, Jane, 363 Coggin, Emmett, 363 Cohen, Murray, 272 Coile, Teresa, 363 Coker, Barbara, 3-11 Corbin, Barney, 160 Corbin, Carl, 321 Corhan George 272 Corley, 'Donald,' 364 Cornett, Julian, 167, 321 'I1eresa, 364 Colston Brownlee, Sammy, 175 Broyles, Glenda, 361 Bruce, James, 216 Bruce, Wayne, 321 Brvin, Helena, 1-18, 321 Brumbelow, James, 361 Brumbelow, Jena, 321 Bruner, Natalyn, 179 Bnino, Deborah, 341 Brusch, Barbara, 361 Bryan, Robert, 361 Bryans, Lylah, 361 Bryant, Peggy, 187 Bfyson, Helen 362 Buchanan, Betty, 1-14 Buchanan, Mary Louise, 272 Buck, Arvel, 175, 213, 321 Buice, Marie, 287 Bullard, A., 272 Bullard, Alma, 3-ll Bullard, Phillip, 287 Bulloch, Wfilma, 362 Bunder, John 287 Burbidge, David, 272 Burden, Charles, 272 Burell, William, 123, 287 Burger, Anthony, 159, 341 Burgess, Julie, 362 Burgess, Susan, 362 Burke, Dianne, 3-11 Burke, Debby, 135 Burke, Kathryn, 14, 551, 197, 287 Burke, Mary, 321 Burke, Mary, 362 Burkett, Kim 199, 362 Burleigh, William, 362 Burleigh, Eric, 362 Burnett, Edward, 160, 287 Burns, Robert, 156, 341 Burris, Arlene, 362 Burrows, Rita, 1-18, 287 Burton, Karen, 362 Burton, Kenneth, 287 Busby, Mary, 341 Bush, Sherly, 1-1-1 Bussey, Ruth, 362 Chamberlain, Robert, 160, 321 Chamber, Fred, 1-19 Chambers, Susan, 112, 341 Chamblee, James, 362 Champion, Pamela, 287 Chandler, Mary, 38 Chandler, Gary, 159, 341 Chandler, William, Chaney, Darryl, 287 Channell, Linda, 362 Chappel, Sue, 133 Chase, Patricia, 112, 341 Chastain, Joseph, 287 Chastinie, John, 3-11 Cheek, Richard, 1-1-1 Cherry, Judy, 341 Cheslin, Barry, 55, 321 Chester, Kay, 197, 341 Childers, Wlilliam, 341 Childress, Susan, 362 Chids, Janette, 3-11 Childs, Mary, 148, 176, 197, 321 Chmura, Elaine, 3-11 Choleva, Joan, 287 Chrietzbery, Walter, 126, 128, 206, 289 Christensen, Barry, 321 Christian, Mary, 321 Clark, Christine, 363 Clark, Gayle, 130, 187, 289 Clark, Patricia, 3-11 Clark, Tommy, 289 Clarke, James, 321 Clawson, Donald, 289 Claxton, Gary, -18, 160, 341 Claxton, Joseph, 210 Clay, Camille, 105, 118 Clegg, Frank, 86 Cleveland, Charles, 175, 321 Clifton, James, 3-ll Q , 6 ' ' -3,- afifa ' fr' 4:1 . 551 Cole, Annette, 363 Cole, Charles, 289 Cole, Donald, 144 Cole, Robert, 175, 363 Collier, Harvey, 364 Collier, Jane, 364 Collier, Nancy, 364 Collins, June, 289 Collins, William, 364 , John, 123, 289 Cory, Carol, 179, 364 Cory, Pepper, 179 Cosey, Jim, 1-19 Costello, John, 160, 364 Coston, Carolyn, 36-1 Cothran, Kay. 321 Cottongim, James, 289 Coty, Brenda, 3-11 Couch, Kenneth, 159, 364 Couch, Michael, 130, 341 Couch, Thomas, 117, 144, 274 Coughlin, Carolyn, 3-11 Courtney, David, 36-l Cousineau, Verda, 361 Couturiaux,P.1ris, 214 Covington, Nanette, 199 Cowan, Linda, 152, 170, 36-1 Cowart, Annette, 14-1, 321 Combs, James, 216 Conklin, John, 289 Conklin, Robert, 289 Conkling, Larry, 144 Conn, Charles, 289 Connell, Mary, 364 Connell, Robert, 123, 321 Connell, Sandra, 364 Conway, John, 341 Cook, Harmon, 321 Cook, Kay, 341 Cooke, Mary, 1-12, 364 Cox, Carla, 321 Cox, Charles, 289 Cox. Diane, 361 Cox, Donald, 321 Cox, Dorothy, 190, 320 Cox, James, 320 Cox, Janice, 320 Cox, Judy, 320 Cox, Stanford, 320 Cox, William, 289 Craddock, Barbara, 343 Crane, Sandra, 36-1 Cooper, Alice, 341 Cooper, Fred, 289 Cooper, Glenn, 175, 341 Coopr, Iris, 3-11 Cooper, Kent, 115 Cooper Nancy, 148, 364 Cooper: Robert, 156, 341 Cooper, Coopma William, 123, 210, 289 n, Danila, 364 Copeland, Carol, 341 Copeland, Gerry, 147 Copeland, James, 98, 114, 149, 289 Copeland, Lorraine, 289 Copeland, Mel, 364 Coppedge, Andrea, 107, 176. 341 Corbett, Harriet, 179, 364 Corbett, Wendy, 139, 341 Butt, Beth, 14-1, 187 Butler, Beverly, 362 Butlier, Brenda, 362 Butler,David, 90 Butler, John, 210 Butler, Marion, 272 Byrd, Dennis, 81 Byers, Nedra, 362 C Cagle, Carole, 3-11 Cain, Delton, 287 WN ' , .t--, .1 ,'-3' ,M--..., -. '. . 'XL---3-an-.-Q e 1 1 j . f -i.:-2 -' , --fs:f.,"w.,-.,,2.... - '- . , . -'-mg: 'wrsfwi 'f-,,a--2,11-,-sg-.f-:-ax uv -.-:fc-. ' ' ' NT L: F, 4, " ' ' ,- , X- 5 ' x- - ., .W . ' A fifw Psi-.1 f-vita, 1, - 12 1 , . .sx Vs A , 1- -,,. ,. 1- , 'ff s I . 13, 5 4 'WN t 1- ,, , Q Cain, Katherine, 362 Caldwell, Broughton, 321 Calhoun,Ba1'bara, 187, 311 Califf, Gail, 199 Callahan, Carol, 199 Calvin, Michael, 341 Camp, Alfred, 272 Camp, Mike, 272 Camp, Patricia, 362 Campbell, Andy, 153 Campbell James, 287 Campbell Martha, 199, 362 Campbell Mary 362 Campbell, Robert, 166 Campbell, Robert John, 362 Campbell, Sandra, 362 Canady, Alberta, 362 Cantrell, Sammie, 341 Carasik, William,-121, 149, 155, 321 Cardell, Owen, 92 Carder, Linda, 321 Carinelli, Michael, 321 Carlock, Phil, 341 Carlton, Geraldyne, 287 Carmichael, Mrs. Janie, 197, 321 Carmichael, John, 272 Carnell, Carlos, 362 Carr, Ed, 123, 287 Carr, Marilyn, 362 Carroll, Thomas, 175, 321 Carrollton, Jack, 287 Carson, Melanie, 362 Cartier, Brenda, 362 Carter, Donald, 321 Carter, John, 562 Carter, Patsy, 197, 287 -,-av rt' V 1. ix.. Cranman, Harriet, 1-16, 177. 32 Cranman, Paul, 155, 3-13 Cravens, John, 289 Crawford, Celia, 320 Crawford, Peggy, 364 Crawford, Sandra, 364 Crawford, Steven, 364 Crim, Barbara, 320 Crim, James, 313 Cristol, Richard, 153, 155, 320 Crockett, Carolyn, 36-1 Croker, Richrad, 105, 138, 3-13 Cronan, Gail, 36-1 Cronin, Patricia, 320 Cronin, Penelope, 364 Cross, Alan, 289 Cross, Wilson, 364 Crowe, Patricia, 343 Crumpler, Vivian, 343 Crumb, Paula, 147 Cruse, Garland, 289 Cruse, Samuel, 157, 343 Culberson, Pamela, 364 Cullen, John, 343 Culp, James, 160, 289 Culpepper, Sandra, 364 Cumbie, Thomas, 289 Cumby, Patricia, 364 Cummings, Carol, 364 Cummings, James, 320 Cummings, John, 320 Cunard, Pat, 46 Cunnane, William, 289 Cunningham, James, 291 Cunningham Pat, 364 Cunningham, Vicki, 36-1 Current, Kathryn, 274 Curtin, Linda, 365 Cuthins, Judy, 35, 179 Cutts, Georgie, 365 Cutts, Robert, 365 Czarnuwsky, Allan, 365 Cantrell, Loula, Castricone, Nicholas, Curtain, Linda, 198 D Daneliu Danese, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Daniel, Dalton, Michael, 120, s, Judith, 291 Ursula, 365 Ann, 323 David, 323 Gary, 291 Joe, 115 128 159 274 Daniel, Mary, 365 Daniel, Richard, 291 Daniel, William, 126 ,129, 209 323 Darden, Roy, 161, 291 DaSantos, Pam, 365 Dashiell, Wiliam, 323 D'Auberx, Elaine, 365 Davis, Angela, 365 Davis, Betty, 365 Davis, Carole, 323 Davis, Christie, 365 Davis, Frances, 112, 343 Davis, Jim, 149, 291 Davis,James, 343 Davis, John, 115 Davis, Marion, 323, Davis, Ken, 14-1 . av ',-+.1.L3LiLq B if 55 3 X -his--., Davis, Noel, 131, 138, 291 Davis, Sandra, 343 Davis, Sharon, 365 Davis, William, 291 Day, Glennette, 366 Deadwyler, Ann, 191 Deadwyler, Harold, 366 Deal, Alice, 366 Deal, Thomas 291 Dean, Sara, 366 Dear, Christina, 366 Deaton, Mark, 323 DeBerry, Dick, 48, 55, 113. 161. 291 DeBord, Sara, 366 Dee, Mary, 366 Delano, Una, 343 Delk, William, 274 Dellorso, Pat, 343 Denman, Forest, 274 Derrick, Linda, 112, 343 Dewar, Bonnie, 197, 291 Dewar, Juddson, 105, 141, 27-1 Dial, Bill, 55, 137 Dick, Judie, 291 Dickerson, Stuart, 323 Dickey, XVilliam, 214, 323 Dickson, Linda, 366 Dietz, Adele, 366 Diffley, Stephen, 323 Digby, Patrick, 323 Dill, Joseph, 343 Dimsdale, Eugenia, 366 Dimsdale, Roger, 291 Dinning, Norma. 191, 323 Ditchfield, Aldo Dobbs, Peggy, 148 Docterman, G,, 291 Dodd, Julia, 178, 323 Dodd, Jerry, 210 Dodge, 'Martha, 366 Dodson, Lawrence, 323 Dolan, Paul, 137, 366 Doline, Henry, 343 Donahue, John, 366 Donahue, Mary Ann, 366 Donaldson, Dave, 56, 131, 136, Donaldson, Donnie, 213 Donaldson, Jacqueline, 146, 366 Donaldson, Phyllis, 366 Donivan, Douglas, 143, 343 Donovan, Melissa, 366 Doresky, Helen, 291 Dorsett, 105, 153 Dorsey, Wfilliam, 209, 291 Dortch, Dot, 343 Dorton, Johnny, 323 Dosier, Lloyd, 274 394 206 4: I .. 'H Elliott, Nancy, 178, 343 Ellis, Forrest, 366 Ellis, Jessica, 366 Ellison, Louie, 323 Elmore, Clifford, 105, 291 Elmore, Mary, Elrod, Martha, 343 Elrod. Thomas, 293 Elser, Ellen, 367 Elser, Wanda, 367 Embrey, Olice, 274 Emerson, Pat, 197 Eppinga, Eynthia, 367 Epps, Gene, 82. 90. 93, 161 Epps. Edisto, 323 Epstein, Sandford, 155, 343 Erickson Shari, 367 Ermentrout, Stone, 121, 293 Esther, Michael, 157, 293 Estep, Hillie, 323 Etheridge, David, 367 Etheridge, Jerry, Ehridge, Robert, 152, 343 Euart John, 153, 161 Eubanks, Charlene, 44 Evans, Edd, 149 Evans, Pat, 343 Evans, Sandra, 367 Evans, William, Evans, William, 274 Evans, Evens C Virginia, 144 n, Candace, 187, 367 Evensen, Mide, 48, 126, 214 Everett, Wilda, 323 Doss Doss Brad, 167 Clayton, 210, 56 Doss, Patricia, 291 Doss, Robert, 113, 126, 213, 323 Doughtie, Suzanne, 291 Doughty, Barbara, 366 Drain, Judy, 39, 187, 343 Drane, Kenneth, 175, 366 Drenning, Lela, 366 Droughton. John, 291 Drust, Stephen, 291 Duckett, Carol, 366 Dunaway, Vicky, 291 Duncan, Ellen, 119, 323 Dunlap,Bonny, 366 Dunne, Irene, 291 Duvall, James, 343 Durand, Carol, 148, 191, 323 Durden, Liston, 175, 216, 323 Durham, Gary. 175, 323 Ewing, Alton, 166, 215 F Fagan, Harold, 367 Fagan, Joen, Fagot, Hohn, 161, 293 Fair, Linda, 367 Fairson, Donald. 323 Falk, Gyoa, 367 Faour, Sandra, 343 Farlow, Sheila, 178 Farmer, Matthew, 98, 343 Farmer, Steven, 343 Farrell, Marilyn, 367 Faucette, John, 323 Faulk, Carl, 293 Feagin, William, 323 Feagins, Joseph, 323 Fedas, Annette, 198, 343 Feldman, Tlerry, 274 Ferguson, Anderson, 274 Ferris, Fred, 368 Ferguson, Linda, 367 Ferguson, Mary, 368 Ficklen, Albert, 323 Field, Betty, 130, 177, 363 Field, David, 113, 323 Field, Joan, 343 Fields, I-leather, 44, 45, 46, Fields, Thomas, 368 Filsoof, Mina, 40, 146, 323 Fisher, Terry 368 343 Fitpatrick, Noel, 113, 114, 274 Flasher, Linda, 368 Fleagle, Arlene, 368 Durham, Thomas, 366 Durst, David, 274 Durden, Liston, 175, 216, 323 Dye Linda, 112, 343 E East, Mary, 366 Eastling, Timothy, 113, 129, 2 Eaton, Gail, 366 Eaton, Gail, 366 Eaves, Barbara, 366 Edgar, John, 161, 366 Edmonds, Velma, 147 Edmondson, Toni, 366 Edwards, Don, 323 Edwards, Emma, 366 Edwards, Sherry, 366 Efferson, Robert, 366 Egan, Caroline, 366 Eggers, E., Eickheff, Jerry, 81, 135 Eidson, Ann, 291 Eidson, Donna, 343 Eidson, Norene, 105, 191, 343 Eisenstein, Paula, 323 Eisler, Hannah, 177, 323 Ekmark, Patricia, 343 Eldridge, Thomas, 323 Eley, Sara, 176, 343 Elkins, Joe, 343 10, 2 Fleagle, Susan, 368 Fleischman, Michael, 343 Fleming, James, 161, 293 Fleming, Thomas, 343 Fletcher Fletcher Charles 166 I Jean, 343 Fletcher, Gerald, 274 Fletcher, Rick, 86' Floyd, Bruce, 293 Floyd, Dinah, 343 Floyd Sandra, 178, 323 Floyd, Willis, 274 Foltz, Rebecca, 322 Ford, Clarence, 274 Ford, Fred, 175, 368 Forehand, Gerald, 343 Forbes, Richard, Foreman, John, 166 Forester, Angelyn, 178, 293 Forstall, Margaret, 345 Foster, Gerry, 368 Foster, Louis, 322 Foster, Peggy, 198 Foster, Ronald, 368 Fowler, Bonnie, 198, 345 Fowler, Elizabeth, 368 Fowler, John, 322 ' Fowler, Suzanne, 322 Fox, Sonia, 368 Frady, Fralish, Maroin, 117, 293 Franklin, Janet, 368 Franklin, atricia, 119, 345 Charles, Ellinas, Eva. 112 Ellinas, John, 159, 343 Elliot, Bill Elliot, Cleon, 343 Elliot, Donna, 343 Elliott, James, 343 Fransko, Stephanie, 368 Fraser, Johnny, 368 Free, Roma, 198 Freeman, Gloria, 345 Freeman, Janet, 345 Freeman, Marsha, 368 Freeman, Mary, Freeman, Samuel, 211 Freeman, Susan, 187, 345 Frick, Anna, 56, 133 Friday, Judy, 283 Friedrich, David, 293 Fries, Carolyn, 107, 178, 368 Fuller, Ronald, 368 Fuller, Walt, 322 Fullerton, Llewcllyn, 293 Furlong, William, G Gabriel, Anita, 368 Gaines, Dianne, 178 Gaines, Wanda, 345 Gailmard, James, 115 Galloway, Steven, 322 Galloway Terry, 368 Gamble, Rita, 368 Gangestad, Cheryle, 345 Gann, James, 345 Gardner, Edwin, 368 Gardner, Robert, 293 Garmon, Henry, 322 Garmon, Virginia, 345 Garner, Billise, 117 Garner, Haskell, 322 Garner Garrett , William, 293 , John, 293 Garrett, Louise, 322 Garrison, Bobbie, 293 Garrison, Jeanne, 368 Garrison, Joanna, 368 Garrison Judy, 368 Gary, Albert, 293 Gasparotto, Betty, 368 Giaston, Elizabeth, 345 Gatehouse, Margaret, 368 Gay, James, 293 Geddie, Emily, 368 Geist, Dorothy, 368 George, Connie, 345 George, Edwin, 368 George, Lynda, 368 Gerclren, Kathleen, 140, 198, 368 Gibbs, Annette, 345 Gibson, Julia, Gibson, Edward, 274 Gifford, Ralph, 345 Gilbert, Jacquelyn, 545 Gilbert, Ronald, 322 Gill, Michelle, 368 Gilleland, Larry, 175, 293 Gillham, Bobby, 293 Gillham, Elizabeth, 368 Gimson, Frederick, 322 Gingles, Martha, 14, 148, 293 Giordand, Shirley, 345 Gismondi, Pedro, 113, 293 Givens, Leonard, 368 Gladden, Libby, 158 Glass, Ronald, 322 Glass, Thomas, 345 Gleason, Nancy, 369 Glick, Marvin, 155, 293 Gloer, Lynne, 178, 345 Glover, Linda 293 Gober, Enola, 369 Gober, Harry, 216 Gobbel, Caroline, 345 Goeckel, David, 345 Goeke, Robert, 159, 274 Goldin, Jerry, 345 Goldstein, Betty, 14, 148, 293 Goldstein, Eileen, 325 Goldwire, Anne, 345 Golenia, Thomas, 369 Gonnella, Norman, 153, 159, 325 Good, Jan, 369 Goodrum, James, 369 Gordon, Lynne, 133. 144 Gordon, Melvin, 295 Gordon, Warren, 295 Goss, Carolyn, 325 Grady, Cynthia, 41, 180, 345 Graham, Phillip, 369 Granger, Kathryn, 369 Granger, Marian, 369 Granholm, Sharon, 369 Grant, John, 369 Grant, Nancy, 105, 112, 191. 345 Grawoig, Sheila, 14, 117, 295 Gray, James, 130, 369 Gray, Sara, 325 Green, James, 274 Green, Patricia, 325 Green, Tony. 370 Green, Willis, 368 Greene, Greene, Janet, 370 William, 345 Greenoe, Marion, 167 Greenwood, Peter, 345 Greer, NanCY. 370 Gregory, Victor, 295 Grerff, George, Gribble, George, 345 Griffeth, Diane, 325 Hippman, Paul, 347 Griffin, Cecile Griffin, Howard, 295 Griffin, Jimmy, 166 Griffis, Brenda, 370 Griggs, Blanche, Griggs, Linda, 370 Grimes, Bruce, 370 Grist, James, 370 Grochan, Dorothy, 178, 370 Grochan, Susan, 345 Grogan, Wade, 175, 370 Gross, Donald, 217, 326 Gross, Ida, 295 Grove, Mary, 148, 295 Grubbs, Winiam, Gniener, Ortrun, 370 Guest, Luther, 345 Guill, George, 126, 345 Gurnm, Carolyn, 295 Gunn, Deanna, 345 Gunter, Thomas, 274 Guthrie, Janice, 370 Guthrie, Robert, 325, Guyton, 345 H Haddad, James, 345 Haddock, Kathryn, 370 Hagler, Martha, 370 Hairston, Marsha, 112, 325 Haldeman, John, 295 Haliburton, Patricia, 196, 295 Hall, Cheryl, 178, 345 Hall, Donna, 325 Hall, kick, 130, 295 Hall, athryn, 345 Harold, Robert, 90 Harpell, John, 274 Harper, Wayne, 325 Harper, John, 325 Harper, Linda, 370 Harper, Tommy, 295 Harpole, Janice, 198, 325 Harrell, Charlotte, 325 Harrell, Robert, 175, 345 Herndon, Jane, 144 Herndon, Stanley, 325 Herren, William, 80, 121, 158, 325 Herrick, Ross, 297 Herring, Jon, 121, 297 Hertwig, Otto, 297 Hewett, Robert, 325 Hewitt, Richard, 175, 325 Hickman, Cheryl, 325 Housworth, Patricia Ann, 297 Housworth, Richard Eugene, 372 Houze, Anne Clarke, 114, 119, 287 Houze, Willner B., Jr., 125, 324 Howard, Leonard Jerry, 299 Howard, Sue, 140, 180 Howell, Charles R., 324 Howell, Gordon C., Jr., Howell, Sarah C., 116, 196, 299 Harris, Beverly. 370 Harris, Carl, 370 Harris, Dale, 295 Harris, Francis, 325 Harris, Gail, 186 Harris, Gary, 370 Harris, Grace. 370 Harris, Jo, 345 Harris, Kelly, 370 Hcrris, Linda, 325 Harris, Linda S., 295 Harris, Nancy, 370 Harris, Sherry, 147 Harris, Sharon, 345 Harris, William, 161, 345 Harrison, James, 325 Harrison, James William, 274 Hartley, Arthur, 370 Hassert, Thomas, 144, 295 Hastreiter, Barbara, 370 Hatch, Cole, 57, 83, 132, 295 Hatchell, Joel, 370 . Hauch, Elmore, 48, 161, 370 Hawkins, Denver, 370 Hawkins, Frances, 345 Hawkins, Ma , 370 Hawkins, Wimam, 126, 370 Hayden, Robert, 133, 295 Haydon, Julie, 144, 295 Hayes, Dean, 126, 325 Hicks, James, 114, 276 Hiett, Chanley, 347 Higgins, Julienne, 347 Highsmith, Patsy. 112, 175. 347 Hightower, Beverly, 347 Hightower, Jane, 178, 371 Hightower, Ruel, 297 Hill, George, 297 Hill, James, 324 Hill, Jerome, 79, 80, Bl, 297 Hill, Judy, 186 Hilworth, Michael, 297 Hines, Frances, 46 Hines, Michael, 48, 57, 107, 161, 297 Hithcock, Eileen, 372 Hike, Herbert, 175, 324 Hitt, Brian, 372 Hobson, Jane, Hochbaum, Helene, 372 Hockman, Sandra, 112, 347 Hodge, Miles, 169 Hodge, Richard, 161, 347 Hodge, Linda, 186 Hodges, Jack, 324 Hodge, Richard, 276 Hofer, Hugh, 372 Hoffman, Alexandera, 161, 372 Holcomb, Jack, 297 Howell, Thomas Howard, 299 Howington, Douglas Larry, 299 Howren , C. Gresham, 327 Hoyser, John Henry. 347 Hubbard, James Nathan, 121, 149, 299 Hubbard, Sally Maria, 105, 176, 180 327 Hudlow, Beverly Ann, 372 Hudson, Dugald W., Hudson, Florine H., Hudson, James W., 174, 372 Hudson, Luther, 98 Hudson, Rebecca D., 276 Hudson, William D., 347 Huey, Patricia O., 112, 347 Huff, Bill Graham,Jr., 372 Hallman, Donald, 161, 325 Hallman, Margaret, 370 Hallstead, Brenda, 198, 370 Haluski, John, 126, 129, 207, 295 Haluski, Julia, 345 Hamburger, Judy, 56, 131, 177, 295 Hames, Carol, 345 Hames, James, 370 Hamil, Patricia, 295 Hamilton, Barbara, 370 Hamilton, James, 345 Hamhin, Daine, 198 Hammond, Clifford, 274 Hammond, Arthur, 114, 217, 274 Hammond, Harry, 52, 57, 105, 153. Hammond, Joan, 370 Hammonds, Saylia, 138, 139, 345 Hampton, Donna, 370 Hamerick, James, 121, 295 Hance, Elaine, 186 Hancock, John, 211, 295 Hancock, Reginald, 325 Handlee, Frances, 370 Hanes, Cheryl, 186 Haney, Dondra, 325 Hank , Carole. 370 Hannglx, Glenda, 325 Hansell, Marcella, 325' Hansen, Ste hen, 345 Haralson, I-ibward, 370 Harber, Richard, 325 Harden, Richard, 114, 274 Harmon, Charles, 345 2 Huff, William Robert, 372 Huffman, Linda Carol, 186, 372 Hughen, Judy, 299 Hughes, Anne Dasher, 347 Hughes, Linda J., 107, 372 Huie, Lynn Mauton, Jr., 327 Hull, Timothy Leon, 126, 372 Hughes, Virginia Blaine, 14, 57, 140 148 299 Hulsey, Joseph, 114 Humphries, Mary C., 276 Hunnicut, Sames Arnold, 372 Hunsucker, Kenneth Lee, 372 Hunt, David P,, 327 Hunt, George, 218 Hunt, Loa Catherine, 372 Hunter, James E., 327 Hunter, Jesse Carroll, 299 Hurd, Robert Allen, 372 Hurley, Richard B., Jr., 157, 372 Hurt, Felicia H., 276 Huston, David Wesley, 372 Hut, Inge, 372 Hutcheson, Carol Sue, 152, 347 Hutcheson, James Hugh, 107, 152, 347 Hyatt, Richard H., 327 Hynds, George Potter, III, 299 Hynes, Frank Louis, 161, 347 Hype, Betty Marie, 372 I Ingle, Robert, 327 Ingram, Cheryl, 201, 372 Intravia, Janet, 372 Irwin, Bayard, 153. 161, 327 Irwin, Prentiss, 327 Ivey, Gloria, 372 Ivey, Ellen, 372 Ivey, Jim, 158, 327 J Jackson, Barbara, 372 Jackson, Carol, 372 Hayes, Henry, 129, 206, 295 Hayes, Victor, 347 Haynes, Cathy, 152, 371 Hazlehurst, Doe, 196 Hazlewood, Harold, 325 Hazlewood, Edna, 371 Head, Susan, 201, 347 Hearn, William, 78, 81, 159, 297 Heaton, Gwen, 371 Heaton, Thomas, 126, 214, 325 Heck, Alton, 123, 297 Helms, Audrey, 371 Helms, David, 325 Hembree, Brenda, 347 Henderson Henderson , Angela, 325 , Claudia, 325 Henderson, James, 297 Henderson, James, 53 Henderson, Mary, 347 Henderson, Thomas, 297 Hendley, Pamela, 371 Hendon, Faye, 297 Hendricks, Frederick, 371 Hendrix, Janet, 148, 325 Hendrix, June, 196 Henley, Randall, 161, 371 Henry, Janis, 325 Henson, Barbara, 371 Herbert, T. T., 297 Hermes, Linda, 371 Herndon, Brenda, 371 Herndon, James, 371 Holcombe, Willis, 113, 297 Holland, Cheryl, 297 Holland, David, 113, 123, 143. 145, 324 Holmes, Costance, 197. 324 Holmes, Melvyn, 347 Holme, Richard, 372 Holmes, Richard Harvey, 324 Homer, Barbara, 196 Honeycutt, Harry, 347 Hood, Mary Elizabeth, 297 Hood, Olin Alan, 199. 347 Hooper, Wayne Arnall, 108, 208, 297 Hope, Laura Elizabeth, 372 H1353 Marion Daniel, Jr., 81, 158, 217, Hope, Robert, 167 Hopkins, Jack W., Hopper, Nancy Ruth, 372 Hord, Mary Sue, 297 Horman, Jean Marie, 372 Horn, Lee Comer, 324 Horne, Marcia Marie, 324 Horne, Marty A., 372 Horowitz, Jerome Howard, 122, 297 Horton, Dolores Marilyn, 297 Horton, Nanq' Jeanne, 372 Horton, Patsy Lynnette, 372 Hosea, Judy D., 112, 347 Hosford, James Michael, 276 House, Laurie Eileen, 152, 180, 372 Houston, Jack Donnie, 347 Houston, Sydney E., 324 Jackson, Gail, 327 Jackson, Geraldine, 347 Jackson, Jim, 347 Jackson, Jo, 372 Jackson, Johnny, 299 Jackson Kathleen, 373 Jackson, Philip, 91, 161 Jackson, Priscilla, 373 Jackson, Wendell, 347 Jacobs, Jim, 98 Jacobs, Margaret, 373 Jacobs, Rufus, 327 Jacobs, James, Terry, 113. 276 Carma, 347 James, Lynwood, 91, 167 James, Glenne, James, Robert, 175, 299 Janoulis, Patti, 71 Jaquier, Steve, 327 Jarrard, Olivia, 347 Jeffries, Elizabeth, 196, 299 Jenkins, Larry, 373 Jernigan, Gray, 161, 347 Jihes, Jerry, 327 Jodoin, Mary, 373 Joe, Anne, 327 Johannirgmeirer, William, 161, 373 Johns, Richard, 299 Johnson, Angelynnn, 373 Johnson, Brenda, 373 Johnson, Connie, 347 Johnson, Dale, 276 ohnson, Doria, 347 Johnson, Graham, 114, 276 Johnson, Howard, 299 ohnson, Jack, 169 ohnson, Jo, 299 ohnson, John, 169, 327 Johnson, John, 347 Johnson, Johnny, 347 Johnson, Joseph. 1-15, 276 Johnson, Larry, 373 Johnson, Linda, 347 Johnson, Marcia, 130, 373 Johnson, Marris, 299 Johnson, 131217, 373 Johnson, Patricia, 347 Johnson. Robbie, 373 Johnson, Ruth, 3-17 Johnson, Sharon, 374 Johnson, Susan, 374 Johnson, William. 374 Johnston, Janet. 374 Jones. Alan, 317 jones, D nrothY. 347 Jones, Frances, 116. 327 Joni:-s, Helen, 1-18, 299 Jones Joanne, 112 Jones, Julianne, 139, 186, 371 Jones, Kathy, 180, 347 Jones, Margaret, 299 Jones, Michael, 58, 126, 129, Jones. N ancy, 374 Jones, Oli-ZA. 327 Jones, Pamela, 201. 317 Jones, Richard, 130, 327 Jones. Ci mu ay, 3-17 Jones, Robert, 125, 299 Jones, Shirley. 327 206. 299 L I.aBudde. Bruce C.. 58. 86, 87. 106. 5. 125, 301 I.aFitte, Elizabeth Clark. 301 Lamb, Austin Erving. 301. 125 Lamb, Diana. 371 Lamb, I.aura Eugenia fGeniel. 374 Lamb, Patsy Garner. 301 Lambert, BettyAnne, 301 Lambert, Frank, 215 Lambert, Sneve, 126 Lamer, Dana Dale, 301 Lamkin, Donald V., 301, 105 Lammers, Edith Lilian, 374 Lancaster, Dorothy 1., 301 Land. Cheryl Jean, 3-19 Landers, Patsy Yvonne, 3-19, 148 Landmm, Christina L., Landrum, Sheila Elaine, 327 I.ane, Donna Jeann, 3-19 Lane, Gregory Stoll, 349 Laney, Steve Michael, 327 Langford, Wlalter Clark. Jr., 301 Langston, Nancy Carol, 374 Lanham, Stephen Arthur Lankfor, Kay Frances, 374 Lannes, Nancy Ry:-r, 301 Larsen, Richard B., Laslie, XVilbur Wayne, 327 Mann. Caroline, 104, 106 Jordan, Edith. 299 Jordan, Kenneth, 374 Jordan, Mary. 327 Jordan, XVilliam, 299 Josey, James, 374 K Kalb, Virginia. 37-1 Kapplin, Judith, 116, 299 Karras, Kay. 347 Kassinger, Sarah, 374 Kaufmann, Susana. 138, 299 Kawaminami, Sadao, 276 Lassite Lassite r, Carolyn Louise, 301, 111 r, Henry A., 326, 145, 125 Lasseter, Reuben Willis, 326 Latham, Robert R., 205 Latham, Thomas Jones, 374 Keating, Kim. 374 Keel. Barbara, 347 Keith, Stephen, 347 Keller, Jan, 374 Kelley. Sheila, 327 Kelley, Zane, 276 Kellum, Jennie, 374 Kelly, Daniel, 347 Kelly, Frank, 374 Kelly, Frank, 161, 299 Kelly, Kathleen, 112, 186, 347 Kelly, Marvin, 115 Kelly, Nancy, 327 Kelnhofer, Marcia, 1-16, 347 Lawrence, James Wfilliams, 105, 126, 215, 374 Lawrence, Richard K., 86, 349 Lawrence, Suzanne I., 374 Laws, Jeanette N., 326 Lawson, Cheryl C., 301 Lay, Harry XV., 326 Lazzard, Anthony J., 301 Lea. Evan Garland, 326 Leathers, Forrest, 169 Let, Frances V., 180, 326 Leiker, Carol J.. 180. 349 Lemke, Virginia Ann, 148, 301 Leonard, Mike John, 161, 375 Leonard, XVilliam XVilson. Lenois, Karen, 201 Lequin, Flora, 301 Lett, Laura Suzanne, 375 Leveah, Lvey Ann, 349 Lester, Wayne, 121 Leventhal, Ann Frances, 177, 326 Lundin, Charles Barry, 376 Lunsford. Betty J.. 349 Lunt, Millie Louis, 180. 376 I.uthardt. Klaus D., 376 Luzier. Linda S., 376 Lyle, XVilliarn F., 276 Lynberg. Lyndy Lee, 349 Lynch, Dorothy E., 349 Lynch, John Warren, 218, 376 Lynch, Kathryn Renee, 376 Lyons, Marilyn Annette, 189, 349 Lytle, Lynn Marie, 119, 303 M Mabry, Hugh Douglas, 303 MacKenzie, Stephen Stansbury, 329 MacKinnon, William Howard, 276 MacKeakin, Susan, 376 Macone, Henry T., Macrenaris, Eilleen A., 329 Maddox, Julia Esther, 148, 377 Maffett, XV:-ymon Ed., 303 McGill, James D., 377 McGill, Ivfarcia, 116 Maguire, Thomas J., 329 Maher, Peggy Anne, 107, 329 Mahoney, Michael James, 303 Majcher, Patricia Diane, 377 Mallory, Thomas Preston, 329 Malone, Sheila Moira, 349 Mann, Caroline Ann, 329 Mangundm, Joseph Owen, 129, 207, 303 Manners, Beth S., 329 Manners, George R., 121 Manning, Cecil Eddie, 218, 329 Mannel, Sharon Lynn, 303 Marler, Frank C., III, 377 Marler, J. Don, 303 Marler, Tommy, 377 Marsh, Bill, 1-19 Marshall. Gregory Forrest, 98, 377 Marshall, Kathleen E., 377 Martens, Joan Diane, 349 Martin, Allen D., Martin, Claude C., 329 Martin, Darrell Lee, 349 Martin, David M., 329 Martin, Diane Etheridge, 303 Martin, Elaine, 44 Martin, Harry Franklin, 305 Martin Judy Claire, 377 Martin Martin, Linda Aloece, 48, 189. 377 Pamela Y., 348 Kelsay, Patricia, 374 Kelton, Sandra, 154, 374 Kemp, Nell. 374 Kenaston, Jeffrey, 347 Kennedy, Betti, 201 Kennedy, Pamela. 3-19 Kennemore, Mary, 301 Kennett, Sue, 327 Kenny, Robert. 301 Kent, George. 327 Kerbel, Angel, 327 Kerbel, Marcos, 155, 301 Kerr, Teresa. 186. 374 Ketchum, Wfilliam, 327 Ketvirtis, Susan, 374 Kilgore, Jody, 186, 374 Killingsworth, Thomas, 301 Kilpatrick, Larry, 90, 349 Kilpatrick, Jane, 180 LeVert, Joseph C., 375 LeVe rt , Thomas E., Jr., 129, 211. 301 Leveto, Greg A., 326 Leveto, Samuel L., 301 Levine, Kenneth Charles, 143, 276 Levins, Lynn G., Lewallen, Michael K., 161, 326 Lewis, Charles D., 85, 169, 349 Lewis, H., Kent, 326 Lewis, John Edward, 129, 207, 303 Lewis, Julia B., 375 Lewis, Kathryn Anne, 148, 375 Lewis, Mary Penny, 129, 326 Lewis, Richard C., 375 Light, Donald Tatum, 326 Lightner, Anita H., 375 Liles, A. B. Parker, Lindberg, Eva Maria, 375 Lirglgart, Karen L., 58, 104, 118, 189, Lipe, XVilliam, 169 LitehField, Bill R., 303 Little, James 129, 209 Maryin, Suzanne P., 329 Martinez, Lincoln, 169 Martz, Richard E., 305 Masters, Ronnie Gayle, 377 Matchette, Ralph Gregory. 349 Matheny, Kenneth B., Mathis, Betty Teresa, 112, 377 Matich, Leslie Neva, 377 Mauldin, Carole Lee, 329 Mavromatis, Dottie J., 378 Maxwell, Jimmy H., 276 Maxwell, Bill H., 115. 134, 174, 378 Maynard, Mike E., 126, 349 Maze Carol n Sue 78 . Y . 3 McAllister, C. Mason, 59, 104, 136, 189, 303 McAllistee, J. Dunham, 59, 137, 303 McBerry, Harry L., 376 McCauley, Harry Neal. 376 McClearn, Margaret Elaine, 376 McCollister, Dan Terry. 376 McCollister, Thomas Jerry, 376, McConily, Ralph David, Jr., 303 McCord, Alethia Sue, 329 McCosh, Paula I., 376 McCoy, Jimmy L., 349 McCray, Melvin, 376 McCullough, Donna Marie, 104, 112, 3-19 McCullough, Maragret, 376 McCurley, Ellen. 329 McCurley, Thomas Roger, 114, 303 McDaniel, Alice, 196 McDaniel, Clifford Larry, 303 McDaniel, James Kirk, 376 McDermott, Austin Joseph, McDonald, Charles Thomas, 121, 161 329 McDonald, Robert Dane, 376 McDow, Barbara, 110, 118 McDow, Beverly Anne, 329, McEachern, Patsy Laverne. 376 McElveen, Philip Henry, 303 McElvey, Randy Hugh, 376 McFarland, Carl Wayne, 349 McGarity, Allie Y., 349 McGarity, Charlotte Elaine, 376 McGarity. Kathy, 201 McGann, Linda Vernell, McGee, Brenda Faye, 376. McGee, Nancy Kathleen, 133, 201, 3 McGill, Jim, 127 McGill, Lynda Carol, 303 McGrath, Kathryn Ann, 329 McGregor, Jessica Faye, 376 McGuire, Beverly Terecia, 376 McGuire, Michael C., 376 McGurn, James P., 349 Mclver, Sally Louise, 376 McKeeman, Elizabeth, 111 McKeithen, Mike, McKenzie, Reid Kemp, 303 McKibben, Judith Ann, 376 McKinney, James C., 113. 303 McKnight, Ruth Greyson, 303 McLaughlin, Fred Wayne, 376 McLaughlin, Phillip Warren, 376 McLaughlin, Denise, 376 McLeod, Robert J., 303 McManus, Ronald Allan, 376 McMichael, James Gleaton, 303 McMillan, Meredith Williams, 329 McMullan, John F., McMurray, Tom Carl, 329, McNair, Winton Cupe, McNeely, Sarah Elizabeth. 329 McNeilly, David Lee, 376 McPheeterS. Annie L., McQuaig, Glenda Faye, 376, McRae, Muriel, 201, 349 McWhirter, Nancy H. 201. 349 Meadors, Mary Ann, 378 Means, Lawrence Asa, 329 Meason, Charles L., 378 Medlin, Brenda J., 378 Melton, Mariorie Ann, 378 Melton, William Dennis, 349. Melvin, Carson Edward, 276 Melvin, Marlene Elmore, 276 Kimsey, Rebecca, 276 King, Carolyn, 349 King, Charlie, 349 King, Clyde, 349 King, Dennis, 155, 327 King, Frances, 374 King, Kathy, 327 Kinnard. Charles, 374 Kinsey, Thomas, 327 Kirkland Kirkman Kitchens Kitchens . JoAnn, 374 , Karen, 301 , Gordon, 349 , Lorna, 349 Little, Michael Anthony, 375 Littleton, Gerald Wayne, 58, 121, 303 Lloyd, Terry Joe, 215, 329 Lockaby. Ronnie Henry, 3-19 Locke, W. P., Jr., 349 Loden, Barbara Ann, 112, 349 Loeffler, William E., 349 Loffin, Preston, H., 78, 81, 92, 153, 158. 329 Logan, Donald B., 125, 329 Logan, John C., 375 Lombardi, Sharon L.I 375 Long, Constance Elizabeth, 375 Kite, Donald, 349 Klein, Noel, 374 Klug, Reginia, 66, 177, 349 Knauth, Carol, 179, 327 Knox, Thomas, 72, 301 Long, James R., 161, 329 Lopez, Jose E., 161, 349 Lord, Sandra Louise, 376 Lorey, Mary Susan, 376 Loughborough, Carolyn E. 276 Knutsen, Koehler, Kohler, Dianne, 374 Robert, 327 Cheryl, 112, 3-19 Koonce, Charles, 115 Kotlary, Shirley, 105, 112, 147, 349 Kramer, Catharine, 119, 301 Kristin, Gayle, 374 Kubicki Robert, 218 Kuglar,.Linda, 3-19 Kuglar, Patricia, 349 Kujda, Florence, 374 Kull, Stewart, 301 396 Lovejoy, Lina Claire, 376 Loventhal, William G., 1-13. 145, 146 329 Lovett, Linda M., 329 Lovett, Wlilliam E., 161, 349 Lovin, Paul, 169 Lovin, Phyllis, 329 Low, Priscilla Susan, 376 Lowe, Ronald Edward, 329 Lozier,XVilliam F., Jr., 303 Lucas, Carolyn, 201. Luke, BenXVesley, 158, 218, 349 76 Melvin, Ronald, C., 276 Menocal, Ondina G., 145, 505 Mercer, Judith Ann, 578 Merenberg, Larry A., 278 Merkle, Helen Patricia, 119, 529 Merritt, Clinton Eugene, 505 Mertes, Joseph, 529 Messner, Mary, 549 Michael, Robert, 549 Middleton, Margaret, 578 Miller, Connie. 578 Miller, Jane, 505 Millians, Thomas, 529 Millican, Harold, 505 Milligan, Gerald, 161, 174, 529 Mills, Marilyn, 276 Mills, Verna, 529 Mingledorff, Mary, 505 Minix, James, 121, 505 Minor, Labert, 145, 152, 551 Mishasek, John, 86, 578 Mitchell, Clyde, 551 Mitchell, Linda, 578 Mitchell, Randall, 174, 505 Mitcham, Don, 276 Mobley, Brenda, 529 Mobley, Lyman, 528 Mobley, David, 528 Moffett, Jim, 98 Moldavan, Michael, 578 Molina, John. 505 Molinari, John, 174, 578 Monroe, Gary, 168 Monroe, Michael. 351 Montgomery, D. P., 505 Montgomery, Lynne, 105, 578 Montgomery, Tonnie, Montesinos, Janet, 578 Moon, Ann, 111, 150, 144, 505 Moore, Harry, 121, 158, 505 Moore, Judy. 551 Moore, Kathleen, 578 Moore, Lawrence, 578 Moore, Maratha. 551 Moore, Pauline, 528 Moore, P28812 505 Moore, Sandra, 551 Moore, Thomas, 551 Morcom, Patrica, 528 Moreland, Winton, 551 Morgan, Becky, 189 Morgan, Jane, 119 Morgan, Judy, 190, 578 Morgan , Frank, 161 Morgan, Lavaine, 551 Morgan, Marjorie, 505 Morgan , Patrica, 578 Morgan, Rebecca, 551 Morgan, Toni, 578 Morin, Mary Noel, 48, 551 Morley. Barbara, 56, 46, 199 Morone, Sandra, 578 Morris, Dona, 578 Morris, Ruth, 505 Morris, Larry, 159, 551 Morrison, Gemma, 528 Morrison, Scott, 144, 505 Morrow, Betl'Y. 528 Morrovl', James, 276 Morse, Sandra, 578 Morse, Toni, 578 Morton, Mari, 578 Moss, Margaret, 578 Moss, Marshall, 121 Mote, Linda, 551 Moulder. Linda, 180 Mrozinski, Tony, 551 Mullins, Tom, 98 Mullins, Albert, 17-1, 528 Mundt, Louis, 505 Munhall, Kathy, Murdock, Margaret, 148, 189, 55 Murphree. Mary, 578 Murphy , Elaine 112, 551 Murphy, Margaret, 578 Murphy, Patrick, 578 Murphy, Nan, 505 Murray, Beverly, 578 Murray, Tim. 79, 81 Murray, Rowland, 578 Musgrave, Peggy, 119, 505 Myers, Georgie, 578 N 1 Nail, Randolph Charles, 127, 214, Nail, James, 121 Narna, Charles, 528 Nash, Barbara Joan 505 Nash, Charles D., 528 Nason, Caura Jeanne, 112, 551 Natho, Kermit C. Neal, Brenda Joyce, 528 Neal, Marilyn, 505 Neal, Marsha Ann, 578 Neely, Sharlotte, 578 Neiner, Rosanne Sarah, 578 Nelli, Humbert O. Nelms, Stephen Lamar, 551 Nelson, Betty Ann, 112, 528 Nelson, Kam Marie, 579 Nelson, Kay, 201 Nelson, Martha Dianne, 579 Nepote, Michael Paul, 551 Nerney, Margaret Frances, 578 Nesbit t, Bobby Lee, 151, 505 Nethery, Michael, 115 New, Daniel Lee, 579. 168 Newcomb, Judith Ann, 505 Newm Newm an, Flora R., 551 an, Spruce L. 505 Newton, Elizabeth M., 551 Newton, Joel, 211 Nichols, Howard F.. 507 Nichols, Michael, 579 Nicholson, Ann. 551 Nicholson, Jay, 551 Nickel , Bobbie, 190. 551 Nikolas, Dacia Gwyn, 579 Nix, Marie Owen, 551 A Nix, Vicky Maria, 107, 150, 579 Noble, Fred Erving, 125, 129, 209. 507 Noblin, Nancy Forsyth, 111, 150. 507 Norman, Bonnie Marie, 111, 119, 140, 507 Norris, Dan Edwin, 507 Norton, Janes Richard, 579 Norton. Teresa Cheryl, 579 Norton, Thomas D. Norton, William C., 278 Norvell, Beverly Ann, 155, 579 Novak, Loni Marie, 189, 551 Null, Diana Charlotte, 578 Nunan. Halsey B. 278 Nunn, Beverly, 140, 180 Nunn, Bobbi Sue, 551 Nunnally, Marcia Diane, 580 Nysewander, Patricia Jane, Nyy, Jan A. 551 O Oakley, Lisa Lynn, 580 O'Brien, Kathleen Patricia, 201, 580 Odon, Scarlett Dainnle, 580 O'Donnell, Cherly Ann, 580 O'Donnel, John Russell, 580 O'Donnell, Susan Joyce, 580 Oeltmann, Anna Frances, 111, 507 O'Kelley, David George, 161, 580 Oliver, Carolyn, 196 Oliver, Glenn Edward, 580 Oliver, Larrye Elizabeth, 580 Ollman, Roger, 551 Olmstead, Carolyn Kay, 551 O'Loughlin, Mary Elizabeth, 580 Olaon, Betty G. 507 Olson, Howard, A., 551 Olson, Nona Leslie, 551 Olson, O'Nea O'Nea Stephen S., 551 I, Joe S., 127, 351 l, Sheleila Jill, 580 O'Neill, Robert Edgar, 580 Orosz, Judy Inez, 507 Ory, Nathan E., 155. 507 Osborne, Leslie Emilie, 551, 190 Olsteen, Dianne J., 551 Oster, Carl Harry. 551 Ostrandler, Betty Carolyn, 551 Otis, Micholas George, 551 Overend, Ruth Lee, 551 Overman, Olivia Lee, 580 Owen, Annette C., 551 Owen, Harold Franklin. 551 Owen, Michael Brent. 580 Owen, Richard Waymen, 551 Owen, Robert Harold, 551 Owens, Daniel Edward, 115, 145, 551 Owens, Kathleen Latrelle, 112, 551 Owens, Phil, 79 Owens, Ronald Avery, 580 Owens, Victoria Lynn, 189, 551 Patrick, Stephen T.. 507 Patterson, Clement Craig, 551 Patterson, Jack R., 507 Patterson, Robert C.. 551 Patterson. Sandra Gail, 551 Patillo, William, 551 Patton, John S., 551 Patton, Paticia C., 551 Paul, Carey B., 115. 125. 507 Paul, John J., 104, 174, 580 Pavuk, Stephen Michael. 580 Pawlicki, Hlelene Oxendine, Delton, 551 P Pack, Linda Diane 580 Padgett. Rebekah Sue, 551 Page, Ann. 551 Page, Wfilliam M., 507 Paige, Dayton Alvin, 507 Paintler, Elizabeth L., 111, 59, 148, 507 Pallone, Sally Dawn, 580 Palmer, Glenn David 507 Panter, Cheryl Ann, 551 Paris, Joseph M.. 551 Park, Donna Ruth, 580 Payne, Connie D., 551 Payne, Ethel Louise, 580 Payne, John, A.. 551 Payne, Marlon Jone, 180. 551 Payne, Reba, 111 Payne, Thomas Michael, 507 Pearce, John B., 580 Pearce, Katherine Ann, 580 Pearson, Jackie E., 580 Pace, Pam, 181 Peckinpaugh, Janie, 580 Peers, Linda Wlaring. 551 Peitso. Gene, 551 Pendley, Sharon Diane, 580 Penick, Gail, 580 Penland. Carol, 181 Penson, Andrew, 580 Pepper, Henry C.. Parker , Carole Jane. 580 Parker, Cynthia Lane, 551 Parker Linda Helen. 55 1 Parker: Richare, 121 Parker, Thomas Mitchell, 115, 551 Parkinson, Richard Linn, 507 Parkman, Dorothy Ann, 153, 190, 580 Parkman, Kathleen Elizabeth, 155, 176, 190, 551 Parks, David Rlene, 580 Parks, Richard, 121 Parr, Margaret DiAnne, 104, 200, 551 Paschal, Margaret Lee, 551 Patmore, Barbara Alice, 159, 200, 580 Patmore,Lonis Edward, 551 Patrick, Richard 168 Patrick, Sarah E., 507 Pergament, Phillip David, 507 Perkerson, Nancy. 580 Perkins. Thomas, 129. 190 Perlman, Arnold Sanford. 278 Perry, Patricia Alison, 380 Perry. Raymond. 551 Peters, Gaila Jean, 551 Peters, Helen Elizabeth, 551 Peterson, David T., 161, 507 Peterson, Wanda Kay, 580 Petrill, Gus A., Pici, Michael Leonard, 581 Pickard, Jeff XV., 129, 207 Pierce, M. Delores, 581 Pierce, Patricia Elaine, 555 Pierce, Robert. 218 Pierra, Rene S., 551 Pike. Alice Anne. 581 Pilgrim, Brenda Mae, 581 Pittman, James, H., 122, 507 Pitts, Harold Eugene, 507 Pitts, James Robert, 555 Plymel, Mary Lee, 551 Pollack, Michael, 150. 581 Pollock, Phyllis Anne, 581 Poole, James Allen, 60, 121, 507 Poplin, Catherine Anne, 551 Poplin, Michael Larry, 581 Porter, losenh Roger, 127, 211. 550 Porter, Wlilliam XV., 507 Post. James. 174 Potts, Phillip Wfebb, 278 Pound, Robert Linton. 550, 121 Pounds, Paula J., 508 Ponsman. Micke, 154 Powell, Donald Glenn, 127, 581 Powers Jesse Micheal, 127, 581 Prager, Kathleen Ann, 581 Pratt, Becki S.. 581 Pratt, Claude Allen, 509 Pratt, Edmond Logan, 174. 555 Prescott, Phillip Anthony, 555 Presley, Judith J.. 509 Presley, Ollie, 509 Pressiey. Julia Carol, 555 Price, Bill, 582 Price Price Price Price Clarenoe, 582 Joseph Terrell, 582 Michael XV., 582 Robert Paul, 161. 550 Price, Vivian Susan, 158, 159, 58 Prichard. Paul Eugene, 550 Phillips, Phillips, Emmet, Michael, 551 Hoyt J., 155. 157, 215. 351 Phillips. Joseph Samuel, 551 Phillips, Nancy P., 196. 555 Phillips, Paul, 211 Phillips , Robert Thomas, 114, 168, 551 Prince, Dennis R., 582 Proudfit, Larry Joe, 215, 550 Pruitt, Donna Sue, 582 Pruitt, Lester L., 125, 509 Puckett. George, 211 Puckett, Jane M., 555 Reddy, R., 382 Puckett, Larry E.. 309 Puckett, N Puckett, William Norwood, 158, ancy H., 330 Pullian, james H., 382 Pullin, Sandra Pauline. 353 Prucell, Carole, B., 382 Purcell, Linda, 45, 60 Q Quan. Jack. 381 Quentin, Noel Yarwood, 353 Quigley, john V.. 309 R Rackley, Sarah. 382 Rae, Loraine, 278 Raflo, How ard, 382 Ragsdale, jerry, 168' Rainey, Cla rence. 330 Rainey, Margaret. 353 Rainey, Robert, 122, 309 Rainwater, Harry, 161, 330 Rainwater, Linda, 148, 309 Rainwater, Rainwater, Pat, 309 Philip, 382 Rainwater, Robert, 161, 353 Rainwater, Ronald, 330 Ralls, Diane, 148, 353 Ralls, Wilma, 106, 309 Ramos. Jose, 205 Randall, Shirley, 353 Randolph, XVil iam, 330 Ranson, Bernice, 382 Rappold, Brenda, 190, 382 Rapps, Richard, Rateerres, Robert, 382 Rarzlaff, Rebecca, 382 Ratzman, James, 330 Rauschenberg, Richard, 125, 129. 209. 309 Rawlins, Water, 353 Rayburn. T ommy, 382 Rea, Lynda, 382 Read, William. 309. Reaves, Pat, 330 Reavis, Bob, 353 Redd, Vam Reddy, juli es, 382 e. 333 353 Redmond, Joseph, 382 Reekes, Helena. 382 Reeve, Bonnie, 309 Reeves, Jimmy. 278 Reeves, ilgme, 353 Reeves, ay, 309 Reeves, Lynda, 382 Reeves, Penny, 382 Reeves, Thomas. '382 Reich, Joanne, 309 Reich, Kathy, 119. 309 Reinhardt, Faye, 148, 333 Reinhold, Karl, 104, 143, 160, 309 Renas, Stanley, Renas. Susan, 177, 382 Reynolds, Carol, 382 Reinhold, Karl, 104, 143, 160, 309 Reynolds, Glenda, 382 Reynolds, Lema, 382 Rhodes, Dorothy, 382 Riccardi, Penelope, 382 Rice, Susan, 200, 382 Rich, Lela. Richards, Mary. 309 Richards, Sandra, 189, 353 Richards, Wfilliam. 353 Richardson. Anne, 112, 353 Richardson, Archie, 309 Richardson, George Richardson, Linda, 111, 116, 309 Richardson, XVilbur, 353 Ricks, Brenda. 353 Ricks, Dorothy, 382 Riley, Martha, 200, Ringley, Carol, 200 Rivers, Bonnie, 309 Roach, Doris, 353 Roach. Roberts Roberts Roberts Roberts Roy. 382 , Ann, 181, 382 , Colline, 309 , Douglas, 333 . Gene. 309. Roberts, Hazel, 333 Roberts, Marion Roberts, Pierce, 218 Robertson, Dennis, 383 Robertson, Roy, 383 Robillard, Douglas, Robinson, Carol, 333 Robinson, Dewey, 161, 383 Robinson, john, 121, 383 Robinson, John, 311 Robinson, janet, 333 Rochelle, Cassandra, 311 Rocker, XVilIiam, 333 Rodgers, Edward, 278 Rodgers, Fay, 278 Roedler, E., 311 Roehm, Edward, 311 Roell, Gail, 383 Rogers, Hans, 353 Rogers, james, 311 Rogers, Thomas 383 Rogers, XVilliam, 124, 168, 311 Rollins Roney, , Susan, 383 Sharon, 383 Roper, William, 114, 278 Rogue-more, Nancy, 111, 383 Rose, Joan, 383 Rose, Elaine, 333 Rosenberg, Morris, 104, 114. 155. 311 Rosenberg, Phillip, 353 Rosenblatt, Bernard Ross, Elizabeth, 383 Ross, Franklin, 353 Ross, Mary Anne, 107, 44, 112, '181, 353 Rosynek, Sandra, 353 Rowan, Ralph, 353 Rowe, Donna, 383 Rowell, Charles, 384 Rowell, Joe, 384 Rowell, Phyllis, 384 Rubin, Helaine, 311 Rucker, PCEEY. 384 Ruditis, Kathryn, 384 Ruggeri, james, 384 Rundguist, Kay. 384 Russell, jerry. 384 Russell, Judy, 384 Russell, Petro, 205 Russell, Sara Ann, 353 Rutledge, Carol. 384 Rutledge, David, 80, 158, 353 S Sack, Anne, Salmond, William, 353 Salters, jerry, 113. 114, 212, 311 Sammons, Carol, 60, 111, 311 Sammons, Miriam, 384 Samoden, Thomas, 384 Samples, Charles, 384 Samples, Frank, 353 Samples, Greg, 353 Sampson, Barbara, 116, 148, 333 Sampson, Janice, 384 Sams, Carolyn, 353 Sams. Marcia, 384 Samdeen, Carol, 353 Sanders, Catherine, 384 Sanders, Charles, 311 Sanders, Lynda, 384 Sanders Jerald, Saperstein, Jan 177, 311 Sartain. Pat, 53 Sauci-er, julie, 130, 152, 181, 384 Sauls, Cheryl, 353 Savage, Glenn, 124, 311 Savage, Pat, 333 Saye, Cheryl, 311 Saye, Linda, 384 Scanling, Fred Scarborough, Charles, 104, 218, 333 Scarborough, William, 333 Schalcht, George, 161 Schattle, Jeanne, 384 scheinfela, Murray. 91, 105, 106, 153, 155, 333 Schell, john, 333 Schenck, Judy, 157, 189 Scheweerman, Michael, 353 Scheufler, Cathryn, 384 Schier, Sarah, 30-1 Schlacht, George. 384 Schmal, Nancy, 384 Schneeberger, Fred, 384 Schnur, Shirley, 384 Schott. Brian, 143, 278 Schramcrfer, jon, 353 Schrau enbach, jane, 112, 353 Schuett Stephen, 333 Schultz, Margaret, 311 Schumacher, Tom, 333 Schunck, Stephen, 107, 161, 384 Schwak, DeVera, 311 Schwartz, Elyse, 177 Schwarz, Steven, 384 Scott, Carole, 278 Scott, Mary, 200 Scruggs. Gwen. 384 Seale, Michael, 161, 353 Seale, Rick, 353 Seaton, Alan, 113 Seavey, Sherry. 384 Segraves, Laura, 353 Seiden. Ronnie. 105, 130, 176, 177 Sellers, lla. 353 Settle. Linda, 61. 105, 311 Sewell, William, 219, 333 Shamp, johnna. 61, 190, 311 Sharp, Alan, 174, 311 Sharp, Kate, 181. 353 Sharp, Suzette, 384 Shattles, Cathy, 384 Shaw, Claude, 384 Shaw, Judy. sei Shaw,Michael, 333 Shaw, Xwanda, 353, Shawe, Shirley, 384 Sheard, Emily, 112, 353 Sheffield, Vivian, 384 Sheldon, john, 353 Shell, Barbara, 152, 385 Shelor, Elaine, 181, 333 Shelnutt, Phyllis, Shepherd, Irma, Sheram, Katherine, 355 Sheram. Joy. 140, 181, 355 Sherrill, janet, 333 Sherrill, Tom, 219, 333 Sherwood, Ed, 127, 129, 206, 311 Shiflett, Mather, 105, 158, 355 Shindelbower, Miriam, 311 ' Shipe, Susan, 385 Shivers, Robert, 127, 385 Shivers, Mikie, 161, 168 Shoiner, Marsha, 385 -su. in A il :35"i,-q.:i4a - . zgjilir- ,, R' 'fe' 'es' I. Y 1 Q 1 F-L Shomski, Paul, 333 Shows, Edgar Shiver, Charles, 355 Shropshire, Dianne, 333 Shuman, Robert, 219. 333 Shumate, Charles, 278 Shurbutt, Gloria, 152, 385 Sikes, Reginald, 333 Simmons, Barbara, 311 Simmons, Sharyn, 385, Simms, james Simonds, Carol, 385 Simonet, Jacobo, 219 Sims, Barbara, 333 Sims, Ronald, 355 Singleton, Deward, 385 Singley, John, Sirmans, Dan, 311 Spinks, Charles, 313 Spivak, Deborah, 355 Spradlin, Stona, 332 Spring, Gene 355 Springer, Rodger, 332 Spurlin, jerry, 278 Squadrito, Charles, 355 Stanfield, john, 121 Stanfield, Kitty, 148, 200, 313 Stanford, Larry, 168 Stanley, Martha, 386 Stanton, William, 355 Staton, Margie, 107, 131, 133, Steele, Donna, 181, 355 Stegman, Robert, 174, 386 Stein, Sheldon, 155, 332 Steiner, Mallafy. 386 Stembridge, james 113, 313 Slater, Michael, 113, 143, Slaton, Linda, 385 Sligh, Diane, 311 Sloan, Roger, 115, 355 Slocum, Elliott Sluder, Wanda, 385 Smallwood, Linda, 385 Smallwood, Shirley, 385 278 Stephens, James, 355 Stephens, Lorene, 386 Stephens, Marimac, 332 Stephens, Mary, 189, 386 Stephens, Patricia, 386 Stephens, Richard, 313 Stephens, Robert. 332 Stepp, Sarah, 313 Stevens, Dorothy. 316 Stevens, james, 386 Stewart, Charles, 386 Stewart, Lynn, 148, 189, 355 Stiemke, Ed, 124, 313 Stillerman, David, 212 Stith, Vicky, 386 St. John, James, 313 Stockbridge, Catherine, 386 Stockdale, jarrell, 124, 313 Stokes, Cecelia, 176, 200 Stokes, George, 161, 168, 215, Stone, Barbara, 355 Stone, jan, 386 Stone, Robert, 278 Stout, Robert, 124, 355 Stowe, Carl, 124, 313 Stowe, Sandra, 386 Strain, Rise, 386 Straley, William, Straub, Fred, 313 Strevel, William, 555 Strickland, Frank, 555 Stringer, Dean, 174, 386 Strom, George, 121, 313 Strong, Billy, 386 Strong, Bo, 98 Strong, Helen, 355 Stubbs, Patricia, 386 Smith, Alma, 278 Smith, Billy, 333 Smith, Bud, 121 Smith, Cass, 132, 172 Smith, Charles, 386 Smith, Clydie, 355 Smith, Daniel, 355 Smith, David, 386 Smith, Denton, 85 Smith, Diane, 311 Smith, Glynda, 386 Smith, Guy, 333 Smith, Larrie, 121, 333 Smith, Jimmie. 355 Smith, joe, 153, 160 Smith, John, 355 Smith, Larry, 174, 333 Smith, Laura, 176, 313 Smith, Linda, 333 Smith, Delores. 333 Smith, Margaret, 386 Smith, Marilyn, 386 Smith, Mary. 333 Smith, Michael, 61, 105, 113, 175, 313 Smith, Mike, 71, 135, 355 Smith, Pat, 333 Smith, Patricia, 386 Smith, Richard, 386 Smith, Robert. 121, 386 Smith, Sallie, 386 Smith, Sally. 355 Smith, Samuel, 313 Smith, Sherry, 386 Smith, Sylvia, 61, 110, 119, 12 Smith, Ted, 386 Smith, Vivian, 313 Smoot, Maureen, 51, 140, 386 Sneed, joel, 127. 355 Snow, Donald. 355 Sockwell, Martha, 313 Solomon, Donna, 355 Somoza, joe, 332 Soper, John, 115 Sorenson, William, 332 Sorrells, Marion, 332 Sorrells, Stanley, 313 Sosebee, jerry. 313 Soto, Carlos, 355 Soto, Rita, 386 Southern, Lloyd, 278 Spano, Joseph, 278 Spearman, Kathryn, 386 Spears, George, 386 Speir, Eddie, 386 Spell, Bill, 121 Spence,,,Ray, 124, 313 Spencer, Carolyn, 355 Spies, James, 313 Spikler, Elihu, 313 Spindel, Gilbert, 129, 212 Stull. Lynn, 127, 206, 332 Stumler, Marcella, 386 Storieon, Lee, 355 Stub s, James, 355 Suber, Jeff, 355 Sullivan, Margaret, 386 Sullivan, Nora, 332 Sullivan, Robert, 313 Summerlin, Virginia, 386 Sumner, Karen, 387 Suratt, Dianna, 313 Surber, Rickey. 332, Sutherland, Willis, 387 Swarrord, Judy, 355 Sweat, Margie, 152, 387 Sweatt, William, 313 Sweet, Brenda, 387 Swindall, David, 355 Swindell, Dorothy, 278 Swygert, George, 387 T Tabor, Charles, 278 Taffs, Thomas, 153, 213 Talias, Nicholas, 355 Taliaferro, Kim, 44, 160 Talton, Linda, 315 Tankersley, Jerri, 315 181. 355 332. 149 4 398 , Teem, Milliam, 278 Tarplcy, Doris, 111, 116, 316 Tate, Cheryl, 387 Tatum, Anne, 387 Taylor, Barbara, 315 Taylor, Beryll, 335, Taylor, Claire, 355 Taylor, Combs, 315 Taylor, David, 215 Taylor, Jacqueline, 315 Taylor, terry, 278 Taylor, John, 335, Taylor, Judy. 387 Taylor, Sarah, 387 Teague, Jannice, 315 Teasley, James, 144, 335 Temple, erry, 315 Terry, Edl, 335 Terry, Polly, 387 Teske, Karen, 137. 355 Thacker, Janice, 62 Thaxton, Barbara, 389 Tiedge, Diane, 176, 189 Thiielemann, Robert, 62, 106, 315 Thigpen, Patiricia, 355 Thirlwell. Sandra, 355 Thomas, Jeff, 355 Thomas, Gloria, 119. 315 Thomas, James, 355 Thomas, Jeffrey, 126, 129, 208, 335 Thomas, Joyce, 355 Thomas Thomas Margaret 181 387 fizobm, 115, 124, 143, 145. sas Thomas, Weldon, 122, 335 Thomas, William, 278 Thomason, Barbara, 315 Thomason, David, 355 Thomason, Walter, 335 Thompson, Carol, 388 Thompson, Diane, 388 Thompson, Gail, 133, 181, 335 Thompson, James, 335 Thompson, Janet, 315 Thompson, Jimmy, 335 Thompson, Lillian, 355 Thompson Nancy. 315 Thompson Susan, 355 Thompson: William, 278 Thornton, Ernest, 355 Thornton, Dyanne, 181, 355 Threlked, Larry. 388 Thrift, Jack, 53 Tidwell, Chris, 190, 356 Tucker, Mary. 356 Tighe, Alvin, 280 Tiller, Irene, 335 Tiller, Ruth, 181, 388 Tillman, Joanne, 388 Timms, Robert, 280 Tipton, Linda, 190, 388 Todd, Carolyn, 388 Tood, Robert, 143, 335 Tolbert, Charles, 335 Toole, J. P., 121 Tolley, James, 356 Torrence, Dorothy, 119, 176, 197, 315 Touchstone, Sherry, 200, 388 Townsend, Lizabeth, 388 Tracy, Patrick, 388 Trammell, Linda, 188, 356 Traylor, Jerry, 356 Trimble, Jessie, 335 Trooboff, Bent, 280 Trotter, 129, 134, 315, 127, 62, 105, 206 Trotter, Mike, 121, 315 Trotter, William, 127, 388 Tsoukalas, Effie, 146, 188, 356 Tuchman, Ofie, 176, 177, 335 Tucker, Bernard, 280 Tucker, David, 388 Tucher, Mary. 356 Tucker, Sarah, 388 Tucker, Sheila, 388 Tully, Dorothy, 388 Tumlin, James, 388 Turner, Aaron, 388 Turner, Andrea, 145, 315 Turner, Turner, Turner, Margaret, 388 Robert, 388 Shirley, 388 White Turner, Waymon, 315 Turner, William, 335 Turnipseed, Richard, 174, 356 Turpin, Lisle, 335 U Ueltschi, Cindy, 388 Ulery, Gerald. 388 Underwood, Terry, 121, 135, 388 V Valera, Evina, 388 Valle, Nelson, 280 VanDyck, Diane, 107, 388 VanHorn, John, 335 Vanslglouse, Jeanne, 104, 112, 130, 3 VanHouse, John, 121, 212, 335 VanPatt1en, Rodney, 315 Vanzant, Martha. 356 Verguson, Glenn, Vester, James, 356 Vick, Connie. 388 Vicknair, Warren, Vincent, Anne, 148, 335 Vinson, Rebecca, 388 Voegtlin, George, 356 Voi e, Kenneth, Voyies, Donald, 62, 168 Voyles, Jean, Vreman, Gerhard, 315 W Waas, Ben, 315 Waddell, Sherbert, 315 Wade, Ray. 92, 174, 215, 335 Wagnon, Martin, 104, 157, 388 Weidelich, Mary, 200, 388 Wainwright, Jan, 315 Wait, Sheila, 181, 388 Walden, Dennis, 219 Waldrop, Connie, Walker, Claude, 356 Walker, Jessica, 388 Walker, Joseph. 315 Walker, Patricia, 335 Walker, Terry M. Wallace, Charles Stephen 356 Wallace, James J. 280 Wallace, Richard S. Waller, Dorothy Cowan 388 Watkins, Freida Ann 389 Watterson, Shirley Derain 389 Watson, Thomas M. 335 Watts, Ma Ann 335 Weatherforrd, Peggy Gaynelle 389 Webb, James 215 I Weber, Carolyn Elamie 389 Webster, Jerry Arnold 335 Weeks, James Lewis 335 Wehr, Richard W. Weir, Robert Denton 317 Welbourne, Patsy 134 Weldon, Edward La Rue Weldon, Terry L. 357, 127 Wellborn, Deborah Kay 389 Wellons, Linda Claire 389 Wells, David F. Wells, Janet 137, 139 Wells, Maureen Virginia 389 Wells, Sandra Lee 317 Wells, Wlilliam H. Werbin, Charlotte 317 Werner, Fred George 357 West. Karen Christina 335 West, Lane B. 357. 143 West, Linda J. 335 West, Pamela Ann 389 West, Sheryl 190, 390 West, William T. 317, 124 Westlake, Barbara Jean 357, 130 Weitziel, Fred, 280 il N .M f 1 Waller, Johnny Carroll 388 Wallhausen, Robert A. 356 Wallis, James W. 356, 127 Wallis, James Hayden, Jr. 315 Walls, Linda Sue 388 Walsh, Thelma 1-lelaine 356, 130, 176 Walter, Frederick John 280 Walter, Jane E. 335, 148 Walters, John Calvin 357 Walton, Gail Wyna 388 Walt, Maxine Cecilia 388 Ward, Carol Jo 317 Ward, Cathy Dianne 357 Ward, William Clyde Jr. 357 Clyde Jr. 357 Wardlaw, Kenneth H. 317, 63. 1 104 Ware, Cindy 181 Warnock, Benny Wyman 357 Warren, Cheryl Eileen 335 Warren, Donald R. 389 Warren, Michael Webb 389 Wascovich, Constance 389 Wasden, Philip D. Waters, Sandra 148 Waterman, A. E. 49, 153, Whatley, John, 133, 212, 317 Wheat, Bill, 132 Wheeler, Divid, 357 Wheeler, Fred, 149 Wheeler, James 161, 390 Wheeler, Larry, 161, 335 Wheeler, Stacey, 188, 357 Wheeler, Thomas, 124, 317 Wheelus, Stephen, 219, 335 Whidby, Beverly, 335 Whigham, Dan, 357 White White , Barry, 161, 357 , Carole, 357 White, Cynthia, 148, 317 White, Judy, 390 Marsha, 104, 188, 335 White, White, Marvin, 335 White, Jo, 390 White, William, 280 nton, Gail, 334 Whitlock, Leslie, 334 Whitney, Alyce, 357 Whitney, Margaret, 188 Whitton, Tony, 106, 135, 219, 331 Whitworth, Charles. 390 Wicker, Dianne, 357 Wigbels, Dennis, 161, 334 wiggin, Gina. 390 Wiggins, Albert, 317 Wiggins, Carlton, 390 Wi banks, John, 357 Wilbur, Kathy, 390 Wilcox, Eddie, 317 Wild, Jarla, 357 Wilder, Peggy, 107, 112, 357 Wilkes, Wade, 334 Wfilkins, George, 144, 280 Wilkins, Joan, 200. 357 Wilkins, Joyce, 200, 357 Wilkinso n, XVoody, 174, 317 XVilliams, Beverly, 390 Williams, Calton, 390 Williams, Charles, 280 Williams, Cindy, 200 Williams, Divid. 334 Williams, Dede, 63, 106, 139. 181, 317 Williams, Diane, 390 Williams, Gloria, 357 Williams, Howard. 317 Williams, James, 216, 334 Williams Karen. 390 Williams: Loy, 511 Williams Williams , Lynda, 357 , Peggy, 139. 357 Williams, Miriam, 280 Williams, Pam, 390 Williams, Patricia, 334 Williams, Patricia, 63 Williams, Phil, 317 Vlfilliams, Phillip, 390 Williams, Regina, 334 Williams, Richard. 357 Williams, Sandra, 46, 63, 107, 1-18, 317 Williams Sharon, 390 XVilliams, Trisha, 106, 118, 140, 317 Williams, Walter, Williams Cathy 46 Williamson, George, 334 Williford, Suzanne, 317 Willingham, Benjamin. 334 Willingham, Cynthia, 390 Willingham, Mitchell, 357 Willis, Harry, 121 XYfiIIis, Rebecca. 390 Wilson, Charles, 357 Willson, Clifton, 121, 149, 280 Wilson, Doug, 104 Wilson, Elmer, 127, 357 Wilson, Harold, 390 Wilson, Janice, 390 Wilson, Joe, 98 Wilson, John, 357 Wilson, Paula, 106, 179, 317 XX'ilson, Richard, 334 Wilson, Rickey, 390 Wilson, Eva, 390 Wingo, Hazel, 390 Wise, Peggy, 336 Witherington, Suzanne, 390 Witter, David, 48, 357 Wofford, Laura, 148, 188, 390 Wofford, Marie, 357 Wofford, Stephanie, 112, 357 Wolf, Danny. 390 Wolfe, Bo, 98 Wolfe, Linda, 317 Womack, Larry, 124, 317 Womble, Wallace, 280 Wood, Barbara. 590 Wood Catherine, 357 Wood: Doyal. 280 Wood L inda 118 317 wwaf Nancy, 206, 590 wood, Phyiiis. asa Wood, R onald, 357 Woodall, Jimmy, 83 Wooddall, Dianne, 380 Wodell, Reginald, 161 Woods, Jere, 336 Woods, Sherry, 390 Woodward,Teresa, 357 Wooten, Virginia, 336 Worley, Janice, 144, 317 Worrell, Pat, 336 Wrey, James, 336 Wright, Jimmy, 336 Wright, Pat, 317 Wyatt, Patricia, 390 Wyatt, Suzanne, 200 Wylder, Glenelle, 336 Wyndetts, Robert, 161, 357 Wynn, Jack, 144, 336 Wynne, Joanie, 54 Y Yancey, Aletha Dianne, 336 Yarhough, C. Dean, 390 Yarbough, Jacqueline, 317 Yearin, Thomas, 213 York, Ed. 168 York, Gail Andrea, 590 Young, Kaydee Elizabeth, 336, 119 Young, Mary Ann, 390 Z Zell, Royall A., 121, 280 Zilesler, Julie Ann. 390 Ziglin, Alan Leonard, 155. 357 399 fy' ag Going to college is not easy, but then it was not meant to be. You can only grow through exercise, and college is designed to give the student the proper exercise for intellectual and social growth. To those who have helped in the pro- duction of this book, I wish to say thanks. You have found time to put in that extra effort that distinguishes a man from the average. Again, thanks. THE EDITOR TAYQOR PUBLISHINS-1 COMPANY 4 "gg-Q . ffl, Q, t -1 u ' 1 ' Q 1 . I 'f. 54, 1! ' m , , , Iv ik 'W Ki 6,50 , -Q .-A 41 ,lv 5. 1 A 'l .A '. l .N A , . 1?-xx :Q 4, 2, 32' 1 1

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