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RAMPV VY i;i( II Kii M.cinin hliliii III l.hnl I WKi; M T o tsMii ifilr Hdllar ( llin I 1.1 K.IIK Iwiiilillr Ktllliir J I, U K () 1 . 1 • I i II I -1 Business Managrr I ' M n W ' lNM t,l,nl Editor Mil IM " 0 S ,»rrs Editor .M» l. (. Mil ' I Sororit Editor liOHMASSKY.. Fr„t,r,iit Editor IKKin I ' lSON yfililary Editor II.ANM-. (I)FIKLI) Intnxlurlion iin ItlKin Inlrodurlion RAMP 1963 Georgia State College Atlanta, Georgia •.Ai? " t. • ' a; X. ' ' e i L ■ Smhm • 4tf I 1 S I R n M- - • ' rf ._ P ■ i f fl — K« -• 111 P " MMH M ■ • 591 9 9 MaMM J. ' " liuJJJ ■ ■« ais ■(■•«■■«■ • ■■ ••■•! ■ ■• ■■•»»■! «■■■■ ■■■■■■■•• • •■■■■■■■■•■■■■■••I ■ ■•■■■■ ■■•■•■■■■■■__ •j BBaaaliaaBa ' ■■■■■■■■ — - . T- , I — •- » .-.I. CONTENTS Faculty Activity Military Athletics Organizations 1 GEORGIA STATE COLLEGE [ " l i Z Atlanta . . . " rity of one million " and still growing. New liuildin is rise in the tskyline of a oity that is IxMmiing with progress. Freeways snake their way from Atlanta to all parts of Georfria and the South. Conimerre and industry thrive in this southern metropolis, and the fine arts dix over a community eager to enjoy them. Georgia State . . . college community in the midst of a southern hootn town. Surrounded hy husy city streets, tall con- crete heehives. and the gold dome of the capitol. Georgia State (iollege |)rcpares young men and women for whatever tomor- row may hring. The School of Business Administration has ii tome one of the hest in the nation, and the reputation of the School of Arts and Sciences has grown immensely in the past few years. Georgia State offers higher education in many fields of study to the residents in the metropolitan .Vtianta area. - - ' fx r - - rs t • • -- -- r-W ...« ' u ;;p rr fr FP Cc FP E ' ,. .«• i:;j, rr re tr Vii» Vifi« 12 ' ' FF FP rr -rti •••• I ' ' rr FB rr «■■ »»w •••• rr rr cf rr rr rr ■ ■ ■ • • • • » Ti » » : T rn ' ' " u hr rr • «■ ■ ■■•• I I I .,■ r- ' - ' - cr. -i " " " - - » A CITY WITHIN A CITY Georgia State — a cosmopolitan college — provides the new environment. A New Student ... A New Environment . . . New Freshmen entering Georgia State for the next few years will he entering a new college — a col- lege with new ideas, new plans, new facilities, new faculty memhers, and new opportunities. Theirs will he a memorj ' of four years of progress and excitement at Georgia State College. Sandy Summerv ' ille attends the Mother-Daughter Tea. The libran ' soon becomes familiar to all new students. . . . a New Memory Representatives of each sorority sjjeak to the new rushees. Merrill Lee and Billie Ann Chapman are chosen Mr. and Miss Freshman. Registration Christine Tate pauses in order to fill out tlie forms necessary tu cuiiiplete registration. Registration always luings a day of organized chaos to Georgia State. A necessity in eveiy institution of higher learning, registratio n puzzles Freshmen and bores L pperclassmen. Every student, however, will have learned the art of standing in line. 16 Complete With Confusion isludeiUs begin llie long process. Members of the faculty explain regis- tration procedures. At last students finish repistratimi with tui- tion payment " . 17 Mfrrilc " Martin and Anne Gauze enjoy refreshment!; at lln ' DZ party. purp ig Pat Thomas leads the Alpha Xi Delta " Round-Up " party. Donna Little welcomes new rushees for Alpha Phi. Rushees enjoy the AOPi " Deep-Sea Fantasy. " Sorority Rush . . . 18 (Jri-la I!i:iiiil ivelcomcs I ura Hanson to thr AOPi rush parly. Fall Kusli is Diu- ol the most exciting events of the year for the sorority and the nishees. During the fii-st week, each sorority gives a two-hour party for tlie nishees. These parties are lield in the Stone Mountain Room. On tlie following weekend, teas are given in the different chapter rooms. Finally the pre- ferential parties climax the whirl of nish sea- son, and bids begin a new " ' pledge " season. Julie Andrew and Mary Long Timmerman en- tertain rushees for Delta Zeta. 19 AOPi provides a modern " " Neptune. ' Marilvn McGinty enjoys the DZ skit alon ' ' with the rushees. Judv Willbanks takes part in Alpha Phi ' s skit. 20 Mary Hijihiowcr and W-l Massey cnjov Alpha Phi ' s ' ■Drpamlanfl " ]inil Dancy Crum welcomes rushees for Delta Zeta. Linda Hinton meets the Alpha Phi ' s. Merrily Cobb greets the DZ ' s at their " Circus " party. ijr ?ma?l Janice Mattox and Becky Tucker take part in the AOPi skit. . . . A Whirl of Parties 21 Fraternity Rush Jiian W ' uc and Jimtiiv IJiiiliiii attend the Sigma Nu party. Rushees and rush girls enjuy the I ' i Kappa Plii ])artv The fraternities at Georgia State also go " all out " during Fall Rush. Besides the parties complete with comho and rush girls, the fra- ternities hold " smokers " so that the rushees have a lietl«y opjiorluiiity to get to know the brothers and the different fraternities before he has to make that all-important decision. Lin McCormii k plays the bagpipes at the Kappa Sigma party. Donna Utile altends the Pi Kappa I ' hi jjarty. 22 Brothers dress up as " gangsters " at the Pi Kappa Alpha party. Nancy Brown and Jerry Bailey represent the " Gay Nineties. " Sigma Nu displays its emblem for the benefit of rushees. 23 A Semester of Smiles There is always a bip crowd al the Sipna Nu party. Richard McCrarv and Mary Lons Timmerman add to the atmosphere of the Sigma Nu rush party with their " Roaring Twenties " costumes. Pi Kappa Alpha " rush girls " en- jov the party as much as the rushees do. The Sigma Nu ' s go " all out " to entertain the rushees. 25 Pacifists demonstrate at Hurt Park, but Gcorjiia State students quickly demonstrate to defend the Cuban quarantine. Visitors are welcomed at the opening of the Art Gallery. Dancy Crum and Rob Massey attend the Leadership Conference. A I 26 College Life Is Filled With Various Activities The activities that accompany the begin- ning of each new school year must always give wav to stiulies. classes, and daily routines. The lihrarv heconies a busy center for serious students. However, fun is inevitably mixed with studying. Students gather for social hours and new activities. College life settles back to its normal routine. 27 Students Carry on a Tradition of Jinimv RjirJon. pflitor of the SIGN I. iC8 X.u o,„l . i • infrn„|„fC,.„r..ia ' (al,. ' ) lll l.•I.I ,.r,-,,ar,- tn hop,,, slu.ii,-s as fal " ■ ' aclivilips end. Each cp.arter l.rings with it a „ew season, a new a,r. and a new sense of ,,rogress. The weeks pass quickly into months, and the qua.1ers seem to end as soon as they begin. Students work fran- t ' cally to fuiish research papers, projects, and assignments as time for exams approaches. Dur- ing each exam week a sense of quiet hangs over the usually rigorous college life as students pre- pare to successfully complete anotlier quarter. SOKlents also provide outstanding leadership at Georgia Stale in activities. Led by an inspiring admniistrat.on, new goals and accomplishments are heing met. 28 Leadership Colle i " students express a new independence of tlli U " lll. TAtJr ' if © can. i= ' GHT i jif Wig , i { Richard MtOarv, editor of the RAMPWAV, addresses new Fri ' shnien. College administrators attend the Leadership Conference. 29 The Tension of Exams, Study and Hope! 30 ... A Sigh of Relief . . . the Quiet of Completion 32 33 32 BEAU 33 CBeauitj is ' ' ZJ ie JiJorcP or Jlanipwac J,ueen ana Cjour in Vj3 34 ' ' Z V .V ' I fk i . . , .liU- yTT ss J anipcuat mart jLono [Jim merman 7ierman mm I p K HHHfi V A L v Hkf 1 K{ ' ' It Hw Bp a jKiss Joan J ice iRampn a t Court 38 J Ti ' ss Jjrenda (. h ' Ai ' e J amf)n au C our 39 JKiss Jjaroara Kjrosbu jxampwau C xjurt 40 ylTiss Jjarbara c efvaH 41 jITiss y Jar jar a I ane vampmatj Q lourl 42 iRamptvau C our 43 JKiss Sandra c)u n i ' jruij e SJree l-JeeA ' ■Jcjc r ess J aiti )u aiJ Cjour 44 46 7 fao Oai Que en 47 _ • ' " V k I H _- »( ' ■ :u ' i JlTicAa wenson J omecom n Jueen 48 50 J J .V.y y T c ja ' rvenson ' fomecomin Queen 52 And the Queen is crowned by Judy de Tor ony. HOMECOMING COURT Elaine Opletree. Michal Swenson, Nancv Biown HOMKCOMING FINALISTS Nancy Brown. Merrilee Foole. Barbara Lane. Phyllis Shuttleworth. Mirhal Swenson, Dancv Crum. Marilvn McGintv. Elaine Ogletree, Linda Jane Satlerfield. . nne Ketch in. 53 » ■ 1 i(u i;iiU .iwait iiiliTvifw.-. Ki " iii ' iii I i:U M.iii. Jtii liaiU-s. Contestant Carv Howard Contestatit Nancy Brown 0 ' OIR RF.XOWNFn SPFAKF.RS PRFSinF TI. T;n LE DOUGLAS Fn Anns Introductions bv Bill RerlH - - ' il - . The Biggest Crowd Fver— Standing Roi.m Onl Ga. Stale was honored to have Douglas Edwards. C.B.S. News Commentator :z A few well-chosen words from our Dean of Students 55 homkcomim; aniMi n KK John ' hilley. Sainniy Rrownlee, Charlf Vanhou«e, Sherron K-thtT. Ju(l dt ' Toroiis, I ura llansun. H l v. ■ t r _! J 1 B B 1H i Great accompaniment A welcome to all alumni 56 And The Crowd Loved Them! ur Preps Be-Bop-Bam-a-ram-a-Iing-ding-dong! n Dean England and I like twist! Thnnk vou I beg VDur pardon! Hi! 57 TJTi.s.s rSanc ra c ' u n ni r(j e 58 GREEK WEEK 1963 (;rkkk (;()I)I)Kss and hkk coirt Marilyn McCiintv Sandra Siiiiniifr illc Barbara Lane 59 ll.-ll.i .la Win- hirst I ' Sirifi Nifjhl I ' lacc — Alpha Phi Sororilv Alpha Omicron Pi Sororih mmm The judges listen allentivelv! Ra| pa ThHa Sororih 60 Sigma Phi Kpsiliin F ' l Kj|i|ia lplia Sigma Nu Takes First Place Sing Night Pi Kappa Phi Kappa Sigma An InliTi ' -lril u lii ' nii- 61 Now if vou ask me 62 i Kappa Siiinia takes first place skit night. Sigma Phi Epsilon w.-ii: Sisma Nu Bud Millenbaush. co-chairman Charlie Dickerson performs for Pi Kappa Alpha .1 »c s Bob Massey accept first | l;irt- trii|ili -in;: nijiht frnm r.ill Wvmie Of course we ' re happy, we won the prizes ' : I ' at Thomas accepts Fir l Pla .■ Skit M;:ht from Rml Mill -nliauf;h Dancy Crum accepts First Place Sinp Night Bobby Hardwick accepts First Place Skit Night 64 Greek Week Chairmen. Tired but Happy! Alpha Phi accepts 2nd place Sin;: Nipht Don Diffenderfer accepts 2nd place ' aitin2 to make someone happy . Evelyn Hinesley accepts Best Actress j .jy • j 1 V;fW M 1ir - 4€!. Mi(ini ;hlir Maki- I ' .iming Lasv 66 M.iril)!) MrGinlv i-siiirli-d l) H il b l ' ru l r MARDI GRAS ' 63 I unriilcr it I ( oulil t.isli ' llial c olton rancl ' . ' I ran ' t talk riphl now. I ' ve got an a[)pli ' in mv mouth i 4 67 JiiiliU) Hill liir li »i Ini I ' f i .r al l " Sm|Mi»i " ! ' S3 I -iiri ' uould liki ' .1 li ' iliK hear Hinm. thai was giKxl 68 I lio|ic- i- iliiii I iiDliif till ' ilicxxiiii; •iiiin mi ihr ii)in I ' o r h.lVi ' J willlliT Only " osl a (]uarl T iT irilcTi- li 69 Talk l.irili ( .r.i t .iiiiiiiiiii ' Now t III mil 1 like- lra% l iTr llunl»[iiiii iiiTliirin al dam 70 CONTEST WINNERS Donna I.iltlc and liicliard llsllicr King and Queen of Mardi Gras VI Meredith Williams and Buddy Smith win Couple Award Scottie McCormick and Wilniont Phillips win the individual awards 71 RtMlpcr Axelson anil (_!ariilyii Gallager Boh Massev and Dancv Cnim MARDI GRAS KING AND QUEEN CONTESTANTS Kiriiaril Esther and I ' .nna Little 72 John Nichols and (irrla Brani Charlie Dickcrson and Nancv Pirkle Bob Chanibcrs and Chcrvl Southern Margie Burgess and Paden Reeves 73 c H E E R L E A D E R S G.S.C. 74 N WC BRO N — Captain BRENDA 1LKIE — Co-Captair BARBARA BROTX N J » N m.(;ahey 75 I ' Ari iiii.i. M AKII l.(.IM ' t MKKKll.KK M IMI MARC.Y HI R(;KSS 76 77 WHO ' S WHO JlKKOll) IKANKIIN IIMI.EY HH A. Aoluaiial Science JAMES MITCHELL BOW DEN, JR. AB. Economics HELEN GEORGE BROWN AB. Sociology 78 KLTll CUUPKll AB, Psychology 1962-1963 l f f t fflbo ' e fflbo Among 3n Amrriran ilmtifrsitira ctn tfollrctfs (Srorgia State Collroir , A J Atm v r fmm a rrriiyM f4fi Af Ad mt r 4r a.1 y d y My rm mm A t y At- tr mf y FRANK MALLORY COPELAND BS. Biology LUCY SPETH COWART AB. Etifiiish 79 .11 Dim k(»i: i:s d.- ' ioiioNY AH, lli lury LINDA HARTZ DONALDSON BBA, Accounting CHARLES RICHARD ESTHER AB, Psycholog) ' 80 JKSSIK F.I.AINE FLETCHER HMA, Accuuntin " ; CAROLYN RUTH GALLAGER AB, En i;lish GLORIA ELIZABETH GRAHAM AB, History 81 JAMKS MKNJ AMIN JOHNSON. JR. Bli.V. .Vttiiarial Science BENJAMIN HAMILTON McDONALD, JR. BRA. -Marketing i . . KATIE LOU MAHONE AB. Political Science 82 JANICE GAIL MATTOX AI3, Psychology DONALD MOTHERSHED AB, Sociology JOHN DUDLEY NICHOLOS BBA. Management Qir ' B Am t i ' IllONLVS NAIMKK OKLTM ViN lis. Chemistry ff) KOBLKl [ ' [i} I ' KIEST Ali, Psychology BIl.l.V COLE REDD BBA, Insurance ROBERTA LEE REYiNOLDS AB, English 84 MAKCIA I.1:E sheer AB. Eiiiilish STUART BARRY STRENGER AB, Psychology PATRICIA ANNE THOMAS AB, English 85 W II.I.IWI (.KUAl.D TYSON BL5A. Management A.N.NETTK MAIIIi: WADE BBA, Management i i!V rnwcES vaughn l!l! . Accounting 86 RUTH TODD Vi ELLS AB. English PRISCILLA ROS-ALLND WILHOIT AB. Sociology CATHARINE PATRICL Wl ' XNE AB. English Not pictured Charles Taylor Davis Daniel La sTence Smith Frances Jeanette Taylor Elizabeth Morgan Whitaker Katherine Othelie Whiting 87 88 i ORGANIZATIONS 99 GRETA BRAND President Alph Omicron Pi Sorority is dedicated to fellow- ship anioi its members and service to Georgia State. The soror r was chartered at this college in 1957. AOP are always active in campus activities. This year eigh of its meml)ers were elected by their class- mates to I ! Student Government Association. They cur- rently ho the offices of Vice-President and historian of Alpha .aml)da Delta, tlie largest national freshman honorary irority. The Associate Editor of tlie Ramp- way and t ; News Editor of the Signal are AOPi ' s. They currently lave several members in the Crimson Key Honor So 3ty. Men ers in AOPi also excel in beaut} . The 1%2 Homeconng Queen and tlie first nmner-up to tlie Greek Goddess re AOPi ' s. Also we have the sweethearts of Sigma PI) Epsilon and Alpha Kappa Psi. This year we again capired the Panhellenic bowling trophy and also had tlie hih scorer in this event. Ever vear AOPi holds its annual Rose Ball. It is at this e Tit that tlie " Most Outstanding Fraternity ' Tro- phy " awad is given. The Din is a monogram of the Greek letters AOII and tlie ower is tlie Jacqueminot Rose. Philanthropy and scho rship are emphasized now as tliey were when Alpha Ciicron Pi was founded at Baniard College of Coluuiia University in 1897. Fri sv Mary Barbara Vicky Wilhoit Gray Russell Cadora Lit I .-Pres. 2n(} j ' ..Pres. Treas. Rec. Sec. Sharon Bonnie Nancy Diane Scott Barron Beazley Caraway Carres. Sec. 90 ' ssi Mfrriiv Cobb Sandra Cochran Trew Copeland I;ir l.iiuia [)iliion i-r L Arthurlvn Dobbs Sandra Forester Linda FortuE Shirley Friend A L P H A O M I C R O N P I EH Bull.i Gregory Mai.-lia Handy IntH Harbin M.iA U-c Hijihtower " IP Anil i!ai i ' aia Janic f .Mai;:aict i ' h |j.- Hilfiker Lane Mattox Morris Shuttleworth Not piclii red Nancy Dunbar Brinda Mavfield Sandra Allen Linda Ki field Sherron Esther Rose Moody Barbara Francis Vir;;inia Mvcrs Betty Haury Lynn Smith Bellvanne Lambert Virginia Strickland 92 Ipf ff Nancy Stewart Kay Strawser Micluil Swenson Lvn Tall.ot Of m Diane Taylor Becky Turkor Mary Williams Susan Wood Cynthia Younj 93 I ' MKICIA IHO.MAS I ' resuU ' iit Tlic Ocllii Xi Cliaplrr tif Mplia i Di-lla was plfdpj ' d at Ceoipia Slate College in March. 1963. Hiiii iri}; willi it a Hvci t - ix- ( ' ar traditiim as Ka|)pa Tlu ' la SonuitN. Alplu i IVIta Ihtoiiu ' s the newest national sorority on the campus of Georgia State. Its menil)ci are active in ail campus functions, sening as class officers. General Couiuil and other organiza- tion officers and won first place in the 196. ' i Greek Week Skit and llie 196.3 Gre.-k Week .Actress of the Tlic Klivitic- which were foniierly those of Kappa Theta will continue in the program of l| ha Xi Deha which include a Fall and Spring house party, scholar iiip and Christmas Welfare parties and the annual Spring Fdriiial at wlii h lime tlic new officers are tapped. Kli ' tli Mcfurli ' V hi I .Pres. Juan Smviv 2rnl V.-Pres. Jerrv Lucile L fl n .Marie Noles Hincsley Clem Rec. Sec. Carres. Sec. Chaplain 94 Susan Cainmon Carole Dial Gloria Graham Willa Harde iouMi.iu V u.vvh rin. it A L P H A X I D E L T A 95 Hill t. llCMl II. llaiul 96 nl picliirrd aliilli Hnst Kiiri ' ii llulrliins [{iiiini l.oiii: niirina Morris I.Mula I ' liinkt ' tt Nina S|)ivf Klizaixlh Whitaker Karon KpIU Nancy Law Nancv Pirkir Gloria Rollins Frances Riiwlitt JuHv S ' lipnrk 97 Caninui Mii ( " liaplfi of l|)lia Phi InttMiiationnl Fiatemily was installod at Goorpia Slate CoUcpc in 1956. Alpha Phi i« ihi- third oldot national fraternity liavin ! Ihtu founded Orinldr 10. 1H72. at Syracuse Uni- versity. . yrarii e. N. . Mpha Phi stresses hijih ideals of ciiltujc, eonduct a nd charaeler. Alpha Phi undertake many social events through- out till ' M-ar. Anioiii; tlieni tin- Fall and Summer retreats, the Heart Daiue and S|)rin Weekend. Infonnal parlies with fraternities and snnuiier heaeh parties are also en- joyed hy the ihapter. Al|)ha Phi not only enjoys its swial events hut is very aetive in its national philanthropy Cardiar Aid. luich year Alpha Phi sponsor- the Heart Dance with all proceeds going to the Heart Fund. Alpha Phi excels in beauty and lirains. In beauty, having the present Miss Atlanta an l Sweetheart of Pi Kappa Phi. In brains Alpha Phi has the President of Alpli.i I amiida Delta. Student Government officers. General (ioum il nlficers and five members elected to 1i.. " - li(. In, 1962-6.3. KAllllLUL MAHONE President Juii Man Anil . 5u.-aii illhanks Fowcli Jessup lit .Pres. 2n(l I .Pres. Corres. Sec. Ann Dianna Audit) Rouvelte Buder Case Trcas. Clin plain I ' airii i.i Champion Cliatfii all Ilia Ciiusineau 98 ISarliara Dameron Su:-an Dance Judy He Toronv Norma Dickson MariKii Downing r.iii Drc Ann Kliis Frances Farrar Donna Little Linda L■.nsell Penny iMeeler Nancy Nil nan A L P H A P H I 99 r.iti ii i.i I ' ilMlC .iiiilra IVMoii I{| ' Molds U. ' |{iilan(] (.aioUii Sinilli an ia Dcaiiiia ll all I ' am AllKiia Speer Stille Stovall Biles Andrew Charli.ltf Sandra Linda Fatly Lur Cavi-nder Cole Cook Cousineau Cowart 100 Charlolte Frosty Gunni? Gloria Ilainlirirk Diaiine ll.-nl.-v Mi ' Iiiula Wal-on ! ' ol pictured Marparel Cooper Su Wal ' on SaiiiK Zicralh 101 DANCV CRL M President Tlip Dflta Delta Cliapt ' ! ' of Delta Zela is one of the le.uliiii; Mirorities at Georpia State College. This year mem- lier of the -ororilv held U(h lilies as 1962 Mav Queen, fir.-l ami second iiinniT-U|i on the Homeeoniiii ' ; Couit. Grei-k Gmldess. Miss Freshman 1962, Miss Rampway 1962-63. and Sifinal Heaion of the Year. Delta Zeta gives much sup- l)ort to our iiaskelliall team with eijihl out of eight cheer- leaders. N it oidy lo llie girls recj-ive honors for heauly, hut also for ai)ililies as leaders and intelligent young ladies. I liiv hnld -II. h |iositions as sweethearts of Ka|)pa Sigma, I ' i Ka|i|),i l|ilia. Delta Sigma Pi and Tau Kap])a E|)silon. lanv (if llie Delia Zela ' s are al«o ineinliers of Crimson Key, Al|)lia l.amlida Delia. Phi Chi Thela. and Psi Chi. The orority has been honored to receive the Kappa Sigma Outstanding Sorority of the Year Trophy every year it has heen given. Delta Delta Chapter was also honored to receive ihc Council Award given at the Delta Zeta Na- tional Coincnlion. This award is given for " continued ex- cellence in all fields. " The chapter also received awards for Scholarship. Activities, Pledge Training, Membership, Mothers ' Cluh and Press Book. The annual events of the year are the Silver Tree Hall at which the man of the year is named, tlie Spring-Dinner Dance, plus many informal parties. Through interest and participation on the part of all the Delta Zela ' s. the first place was won for Greek Week Sing and the Second place for Greek Week Skit. Brenda Marilyn Kanii Janet Wilkie McGinty Caswell Vitlur 75 1 .Pres. 2nd I ' .-Pres. Treas. Rec. Sec. Beverly Kallilfcn Julie Jackie Roach Watkins Andrew Angier Corres. Sec. E,l. Hist. 102 Barbara Brown Nancy Brown Burgess Nancy Ann Cantrell Hiili.- nn CluilUlKUl ISrllil.iiiK ' C ' .lllMtllUIII Clinver J fa II no Cocfield PaUv Carol Ml Jean Anne BeH.- Laura Eves Gallajier Garrison Gause Greene Hansrin Fain Harris Carole Hvde Lynne Labdon Joan McGahev BOB MASSEY 1963 Man of the Year BOBRY PRIEST 1962 Man of the Year Janet Martin Merrilee Martin Eileen Milford Judy Mariana O ' Kellev Shannon Perry Lydia Mayo Jerilyn Linda Jane Louise Pournelle Ptmrnelle Satterfield Salterfield Smith 104 Mars Slariics Carole Thomas Phyllis Williamson Margaret W nne Palt Vi Mine Ann Younfj N ni pictured Harriett Anderson r iiriii Hrlskv I ' .iitv Hill Cari)l II Marrone Klaini- Otiletree I ' hillips ni:ie M(l)f vell Pf " " V Owens 105 AW iAi;ii President Zeta Tail Alpha Fraternity, fouiuU-d in 1898. is one of the oldest and most ontstandin ; organizations in existence to- day. Delta I.aniUla Chapter was installed at Georgia Stale Col- lege ill o eml)er. 1961. Quality is the keynote of the menihership selection policy of the Fraternity. Diversity of interest is the principle char- acteristic of a Zeta Chapter. This chapter has .set up specific tjualifii alioiis which each girl mu«t |io»css. .Among these are high moral standards and conduct, friendliness, and sincerity. Ahove all, each memher must possess the intangihle " inner heauty " of a Zeta girl. Among a few of the honors won hy Zetas at Georgia State are hest dressed couple at Mardi Gras. Queen of Hearts and Court Jester. Georgia State Alumni Queen 1962. Pan- iiellenic Scholarship Cup, Zeta Tau Alpha Award to Out- standing Woman Student, Senior Award, Wall Street Journal Award. Crimson Key .Award. Phi Chi Theta Scholarship Key, W. S. Kell Award, and George M. Sjiarks Scholarship Award. Social events include Founder ' s Day Tea, Annual Pledge Formal, slumher parties and Pot Luck Supper. GiMll Wells Vice-President li.iili.ii.i iiiitli Plcdice Trainer Carol Cox Secretary Liiula ise Treasurer 106 Linda Green Panhellenic Mar Borom Margery Borom mM-r% 5, p; | It. ' w 8 . fTT 1 A - 1 1 S ' " ?•• iu 1 r - . 1 Xt l 3j V FIT W ' t ii } ' 1 Itr lK?3i 1 IL 1 y ' J M J m 1 P - T M k mL 1 f ii ' ij Btl ' : ' % Vm i flv ' ■ ' 1 i JI Mr A Hh%: :l S - k _ B_v. F 1 il 1 KtXtbiW M J v:—. 1 ' ' - ' ji ii u 1 e?!!- - P l v y f r 1 sir p t p- 1 F " H " ' i K, . -j ■ir z E T A T A U A L P H A 107 M. ii linuMi Jiiilv Carlisli- Judv Haves Brooks Hunnicult U ,ni!li_ ' Kr Toniniif Kni " hl Virginia Masters Diiiisi- I ' aik 108 " ii liiriil June fJoiiiT tiM( ' Ki-lrliin Carolyn McT re Ann Shcplirrd Chfrvl Soullicrn II i ' 109 p H I S 1 G M A S I G M A On Novoml)cr 26, 1913. Phi Sifima Sig- ma was foiiiuleil at lluiilor ( )IIi ' ' n ' . IJcla Plii is the iif vt- l of Plii Si;; ' s Iwfiily-M ' vrn acliv ' chaplers thronj-hoiit llie United States. It is also llie most recent addition to tin- Georgia Slate College Creek family. Heta Phi an lioa t of Sontheni ho-pilal- itv with an international spiee with girls from (aiha and Israel. We are aUo represented in Mplia l.amlt- (I I Helta honoraiy sorority. Aetivitie this year have included par- ticipation in Creek Week. Panhellenie. and Ceneral Council. c lia c IkkI m.inv parties with our .Atlanta .Mumnae Association. Beta Phi also acti-d a hostesses at a party for for- eign students on campus. Sol pirliirrd Rebecca Barrocas ll A IIANDI.KMAN President Carol Shr h Wind Weingarten Bromberg Vice-President Secretary Treasurer HOWARD SCHLLMAN President Philip Harber Dannv Smith lplia K|)silr)ii Pi is llw largest Jewish FiaU ' iiiitv in tile wipild. Tin- Gamma Alpha Chaptor is llic first -oiial fraternity on cam- pus to ■■o national. Many of our members have heen campus leaders and have attained lii " h scholastic honors. I ANNETTE CAPKLOTO Suecllwari A ' o picliireil Jack Spivack Cliarlis Frifdniaii A L P H A E P S I L O N P I III (.1.1! l. I) 1 1{I.() I ' risiilfiU Kappa Alplia Fp .il( i). a IfM-al fralcinily. was foiinthul at G« ' ()ij;ia Slati in 1959. Male sliidnils in };o »(l acadoniic standing arc clifiililf ftu nienjliprsliip in lliis organization. Ka|)pa Mplia Epsilon ' s aims aro to promote (liitlar»lii|) witliin tlic orfzaiii ation. to aid in tlio «l)ara tcr dcNj-lopmcnt of its meml)frs, and to ultimately obtain a oliarter from Kappa Alpha. Tlie fraternity receiv il llir .V.C.. Fooll»all ( " liampi()ii«lii|i in 1962. Janie? 15. Thomas W Woodall Millians Vice-President Treasurer Jaiiifs 1. Rdwdt-n I hdinas G. Cannon Ko K. Gabrels G. liiiiilrr Hilliard Jcrrv K. Johnson ihii ' oM Knight (;i. ' n II. Milcan AM iEdi George C. Manila I ' hillii) K. I ' liinimer Sam P. Ixnhfit Dennis R. I l;iini|i (in K A P P A A L P H A E P S I L O N Not l ' Uirc ,1 Harold D. Anderson Don W. Me New Doug Arnold KiriiKtli R. Massingale KIlis M. Avers TiTi Mcaders Dewey Conner RmI»mI 1. I ' Rciiiald Cadora Bolil 1.. Smith HoIm-iI I). (;riffin Norman R. Vaujrhan James H. Jennings Fred Wallers 13 President Kappa Sipnia. the largest sorial organization at Georgia Slate, exemplifies scholarsliip. lea(l« ' rsliip. ami above all hrotliiMlioiMJ. SoliolaMically. Kappa Sigma ha maintained a higher average than any other social fraternity at the school, and hcltcr than ten per cent of the meml)ers received Dean ' s List recognition during the past year. Seven Ka])| a Sig ] o]i] offices in Student Government. c also hold offices in the Inlcr-fratcrnily Council and re- ligious organizations, plus positions on the newspaper. Since 1958, when the Kpsilon Omega chapter was founded at Geor- gia State, twenty brothers have been elected to Wlio ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities. In 1962, Kappa Sigma won the All . ' Spoils Trophy, and a Kappa Sigma was chosen as the outstanding athlete of the year. The fraternity sup|K)rts and excels in all school social activities. The Kappa Sigma skit won first place trophy tluring Greek W eek. and a Kappa . ' ig was chosen as Court Jester at the Heart Dance. The Georgia State chapter of Kappa Sigma is also out- standing among its brother chapters. Because of its achieve- ments this chapter was awarded the outstanding Kappa Sigma chapter in Georgia, Florida and Alabama. Tony Claxton y ice-President Hrtward Olson Secretary Ernest McCollum Treasurer Ger A b rams Allen Austin Jimmy Carroll Stev« Daniel Jim Dowis Robert Ellis John Fa " ot Tim For Buddy Ball 114 Jim Howarfl Pl.ilii. Jones MARILYN M((;iM Y Sucellteart Gaiv Ki-inal Munill Lee Dick Leike Kichaid K A P P A S I G M A i.r:i Oliii Mi( " ..rniiik M.-.U-I HikI Mill( nl)au " h Ni rlciii fw man liill Palmer :.mmanufl Pclkas Forrest Poole Frank Powell Pete Poulos 116 I ' .l.l.l K riU Koval Jullli Sailor Sliri;itll (il l(lllll Si( ' ffi ' iiii;ill l ol jiiiiiired Jiilin Anderson Jue I rooks (icir(li)ii ( ' alls Dan Daily Ken Da is (iliarlcs Davis Ixe Davis Don Fin ltT Fiolihv Harclwick Krr.l Hill Jiic Hudson I ' liilip I.alitncr Jin. Mikrl (;i.-n MilliL-an C.rur l ' liilli|,s Hill I ' irkl.- |{o-v iiun:: Kills Warlick Snnnc Units ncrnic Heck l " rni-«l i ' oole l!u M Smith Joe Smith nil! Soekwell liill Slcv art i " rr,l While 117 Ei) ilon Nil Chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha was chartered at Georgia State Fehruarj- 25, 1960. Since that time tlie PiKes have grown in size and spirit with Georgia State. One of the primar)- purposes of the fraternity is the es- tablishment of friendship on a finner and more lasting basis. During the year the PiKes undertake various service projects such as the anmial ( " luistmas Party at llie Scottish Rite Childreiis Hn |)ita!. Outstanding social events of the year inclu lc llic tall i|iiartcr Gangster Party, the winter |uarler Foinider ' s Day Bampict and llic spring cpiarter Beachcomber Party. LKON BROCK President Chailfs Dickerson y ice-President Jerry Sanders Secretary Jdhii Harfield Ben Belue Treasurer 118 Huyt Jerry Rolurl Mandy Richard Reynolds Brown Bvars Chastain Clark Corbelt Couch PATTY HILL Sweetheart l£sm 3 Al Russell Duncan Gladding Bob Frank Hancock Johnson Glenn Keaton Tommy Knox Bill I mbert Mike McCrorey Davit! Mobley 1 George Manners iM M Ed Mumford Wa.le Parks John Parrish Bufurd Price 120 W tnati Richler |{ii ' lim Larry Sloan Tonv Smith Steve Fred Sumpter Wheeler l ' ol pictured David Dyer Reeder Glass Roy Holcomb David I ' liikt ' tt Glen Blalotk Herl MM-rly Bobb) Hcagln Henr Wood John Beisel Ronnie Chastain Roger Hanimons Howard Nichols Dan Post Don Rogers Rill Goodyear Jim (iriffiii Ralph Hammond Bud Kinnev BilK Shepherd 121 Hela Kajipa Chapter «if Pi Kappa Phi wa- in ;tall( ' (l at Georpia Statf in S ' pU-mlx-r of I ). " )!. Hainionious accord and iinfalterinp loyalty to the Collcpe and its administration and an « ' nri(hmcnt of life lliroiiiih iIk- i ' V ' rla .linj; Ikiik!- of l riitln ' rh I arc the desires of V ' Kappa I ' hi Fraternity. Sumi- of the many social events of ihi- year are the Kov Mall, the annual Junple Party, the New Year ' s Eve I ' artv. and the ohservance of Founders Day. DON DIFFENDKKIKK Presidenl Bill Sosby Treasurer iiiiiiiiii- Rabon Secretary Zellner Wanli ' n K.lnrt Baldwin Bill Barrett Louis Bell Jcillll Borek 122 a hfe fd Ed |{r aiit B..b Chambers 1 Cj fCSk ' i S ifei itJ Jim Cooper Bill Cox 4i. John Droughton JUDY deTORONY Sweetheart Richard Esther Bob Fountain David Gamadanis P I K A P P A P H I Bill Randy Lee Randy Gammage Healan Hunter Hunter 123 Ja.k Jnhiison Mik.- J Hill ' s IjJwllT Linquist IKivi.i M, Daniel Milam Manning Moody Jerr) Ra " ;sclale • Carl Shelfer 124 Richard SIve Sidney Sorenson John Spoils Sam Slevens Roberl Suddath Trawick Ward Lewis Wells John Whitlev Robert Wise l ' ol pictured Paul Baumgras Mike Gates Randy Healan Jininn Holley Howard Richardson Brian DeGray Richard Hvatt 125 ItDi: MASSK ' i an.l HAKKIS McLKADKN Commanders Sigma Nil fi-atornily was foimdod on Jaiuiary 1, 1M60. ;it Viipiiiia Milil.uv Iiistiliitc Today our fra- Ifinily i» io|»rcs( ' nlr(l liy ovor ISO cliapliMs in 47 tatcN and Canada, willi a nK ' mlioislii|) totalinp over 8S.000. Si};ma Nil ranks among Uie top fivt ' fiatonii- lii ' » In llir rnitcd States and is today one of tlic Icad- ois in the fraternal system — international in scope and profrrosvivo in l olli outlook and development. I ' .la Ganuna Chapter was installed at Georgia . late College on May 17. I0.S9. Sigma Nus are athletes, scholars, and leaders. Ai ' tive in schoolwide activities, hrolhers hold editor- ships of hoth the Rnmpnay and the Sipnal: Vice-Presi- dent. Treasurer, and Chief Justice of the Student Gov- enuucni Association; and Treasurer f the Interfra- tcrnity Cnimi il. Two luothers were named to Wlio ' s Who in American Colleges and Universities for the (ar 1962- 1 %3. In annual Greek Week coni|)etiti()n, Sigma Nu won first place in Sing Night and sponsored till- Greek Goddess. In athletic competition. Sigma Nu won the 1962 IFC Softhall champion-hip and the 1963 haskelhall championship. Among annual events of the fraternity are: Speakeasy Splash. White Star Formal Weekend, Christmas and New Year ' s Eve Parties, and sponsor- ship of the Ugly Man on Campus Contest. Hi. Lini |{llrtl Jorrv M.rrar Word Bailey Ll. Commander Recorder Treasurer WiM M Gc(ir;:f Barrett Ja.k Bazemore Beelc Diiinis HcimiT Briscndine 126 Fred Burton lUirton Don Clawson JOAN RICE Sweetheart George Cnlvin George Costner John Everett Jim Fletcher Chris Fluehr s I G M A N U 127 Efnl Duk Fiii lc llainniiiiul Ih.u;; ll.iit Lo ai) k kA Hub Massev -iilni- Minor M..l.lev .i 111- I ' ri.ltlv Htn Purccll AKm Rattcree Eddie Russell 1 jiii Scholl 128 Kunal Shullt-v Drake I ' aliaferro Adrian Smith Jerry T .son Haii.lN Swaiison Dennis Wallers Di.k Fi.-I(l Harris MrLendon Sol pictured V( ' a ne Vi hitten Mike Allen Eddie Clack Ji e Hauks Bill Hornhuckle Baxter Jones Harr Williams Chuck W Ood Jerry Harrislon Skipper Hudson Jerry heeler Jerry W iJeiiNon Jininiv HiMliin 129 Sigma Phi Epsilon, Georgia Beta Chapter, was installetl at Georgia Slate in May of 1955. On the school campus tlie SPK ' s seek to maintain lofty ich-als of hrotherhood. scholar- ship, and fratenKili. m. The Summer Camp for I nclerprivileged (Children |Hm- sored by SPE is the only one of its kind in Georgia. Also, the Sig Eps have eslaltlished a fraternity duh for the mothei-s and wives of the brothers known as the Gnlden Heart. The main social event is the annual Sweetheart Ball. li(t M,( ()|.I,I 1K1{ I ' r, .■.idiiil Brownlee Vice-President Rill Tyson Comptroller Ben Armstrong Jiihnny Bonanno 130 Freddie Chandler Burns Cox Buddy Dennard iM Nianus GRETA BRAND Sueelheart s I G M A P H I E P S I L O N Daxid Goff 131 John Nichols loin Oi ' ltinanii Fh Parks Peter .Mi.kev Phillips Mike |{i-(linond 132 Jimmy Hufkrr Don SawMT Charles Van House Alec " ard Tom Wolfe Ronnie Woods A ' o pictured Joe Carroll Terrv Mann Bill HodH Vtilmot Phillips Jimmv Garner Robert Blackmond ' IV.l Huulus Deinetriu? Coffee Ke nt Orlman 133 ( i;(ilA N (,AI.1.A(,1,I! President Elizabeth McCurlev Alpha Xi Delia P A N H E L L E N I C C o u N c I L 134 Greta Hraiui Alpha Omicrnn Pi Mai (.ia Alpha Omicron Pi Paiilicllenic Comiril was installed at Georgia State in 1956. Membership con- sists of representatives from earh of the imi iKilinnal -ororities ' chapters located on (■anipii . There are six sororities represcnlfd. The piiipo o of the Panhellenic G)un(il i- to iii.iiiitaiii on a Iii;;li jilane fraternity life and intcrfralernily relalioMships; to cooperate with coliege authorities in their efforts to maintain high social and scholastic standards: and to he a forum for the dis- cu -ion of questions of interest to the college and fraternity world. Two of the i)rinripal projects of Panhdlcnir arc the cosponsor-hip of Crcrk Week and the instigation of Intcrniurals. Katif -Malioii Alpha I ' h, Duiiina Hiider .Ui,lia I ' hi f Dane) Cruiii Delta Zcta Joan McGahey ndia Zela Pat Thomas Alpha Xi Delta Tina Hanrlleman Phi Sipnta Sipma Sheila Bromberg Phi Sifinia Siprna Susaniie Key Zeta Tail Alpha 135 I N T E R F R A T E R N I T C Y O U N C I L IMM ' i WOODAI. President Vice-President Till ' . Iiilerfiaternily Coimril i the or- ganizing and goveminf: l)ody of tlie sorial frateinilie!; on the College campus. Its func- tion i to a hnini tiT llw liu-iiic» . conduct rushing, and regulate. acliv itir- uitliin the fra- ternity system. The Council present a trophy to the fra- ternity with the highest scholastic average and to the fraternity which is outstanding in sports each vear. bamiiu Brownie Secretary B.,1. Ma. " .s Treasurer 136 Howaril Sfhulman ■llpliii Fpsilon ' Rc.l)ert Criffin knppa Alpha Epsilon Leon Brock Pi kiippn lli lia Rirhard McCrary Sipma u Danny Smith ■llplia Epsilitn I ' i Tony Claxton Kappn Si ant a Charlie Dickerson ' Kiijipii llpliii Harris McLendon Sipmn ii Jerald Farlowc Knppa Alpha Epsilon Lin McCormick Kappa Si lima Ronnie Rabon ' ; Kappa I ' hi Ronnie Woods Sipma Phi Epsilon 137 DeLAINK DAVIS President MU RHO SIGMA Mil lUio Si ma was fouiulfd at (i -( if;ia State Colle ;t ' in 1955 for tin- |iiii[wsc of promoting friend- ship, scholarship, and service to the college. Memhor- ship i (ipcii to all nianird women ciirrentiv (Miidllcd at Cforfiia State. Ill l ).56 and 19.5fi, the sorority received the Sch( Iar hip Award for tlir liifihest overall average among its nicniiiers, and in 1057. the sorority re- ceived the Sparks S(holarshi|) for Advanced Study. riudiij;h Mil Rlio . ' ijinia the girls participat ' ac- tively in College activities as well as sorority activities which include luncheons, coffees, and a ser ' ice proj- ect which is th( Our I.adv of Perpetual Help Free Gincer Home. Knfhrvn Patricia Minne Hi.rk.- Robertson Filcdsoe Vicc-I ' residenl Rccordinp, Secretary Treasurer Mar ' Altenbach Catherine Anderson A ' o iiiilurrd Willa Brandon Catln-rinc Compfon Pal Cowan Kathryn F)fwar Susan Oray Becky Geor ' e Anna Harrison 138 Luverne Roone Marj;aret CaMwH Lynn Carl Helen Douberly Louise Green Brenda HaU Evelyn Pollock Marfiaret Weber Not pictured Linda Jones Mary Kicklighter Mary Rictor Jean TaNlor Jdvcc Vi hitc Kalhrrint " Whiting Caroline Wilson Ruih Wells Caroline Wilson 139 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha I.amlxia Di-lta was founded at C.j ' oifjia State C»)llo ;c in 1955. It is one of one liimdred and nine cliaijters. There are thirty mend er.-« in the local chapter. The sorority has several annual social events, anionj: which are a tea in the inter Quarter for women scholars and a liani|uet in the Spring for the initiates. In order to he elijiihle for nienihership. a freshman woman stu- dent must have a H |dus average for the first thirty hours of work. Alpha lamUla Delta strive to promote scholarshiji among its niemhers. to recognize scholastic achievement, and to aid in school endeavors. One of the metliods hy which recognition for academic excellence is given is the presentation ot tlie Senior Book Award to the senior with the highest average. Alpha l.amhda Delta also co-spon- sors the William M. Sntlles Scholarshij). S.WDKA I., coi.i: P resilient i -kft Becky A. Tucker Vice-P resilient Jo All M((A)r(l Secretary Ann Maiii- Culley Treasurer . ancy Dunbar Historian .Mai Linda iJiliion .Nancy E. Greenberg I4C Tlip Baptist Stiidnit Unidii is a luilriii-li(|. Clirist-centered fellow- ship and is the largest ieli};ions organization on the campus. It offers opiiortuiiitv for the individual student in his Christian prow-th thronj h its various activities such as prayer males, summer missions, and deputa- tions. It is a tanpihle evidence of Christ on our campus. Dwijiht Pearce is the director. Dean J. C. Horton Burch i the facultv advisor and Norris Wilkerson is the pastor advisor. The officers are: President. Faye Elrod: Vice-President, Johnny McCord; Secretary -Treasurer. Beverly Tyson. Other officers of Uie Executive Council and of the Freshman council are pictured. FAYE ELROD President BAPTIST STUDENT UNION J. N. Eaves P. Fulsham K. Lil J. E. McCord P. V. Move F. D. Smith B. A. Stewart B. E. Tvson R. G. White C. H. Williams R. C. Puckett Of! L. C. Wis.- 141 SHll.l.V SIKKS President 1 ' iiYi.i.ssiirrii.i woiiiii Siteelhenrl A L K P A H 1 A A Al|)li.i Kappa P i. oiifiinally fouiulcd at New York I niversity in 1901. was organized at Georgia State in 1017. The Pi Cliapler ' s purposes are fostering stientifie research in the fields of eommerce, accounting, and finance; furthering the individual welfare of its members; and educating the |iulilic to appreciate and demand llwil the high- est ideals be met by llie people in the Imsiness world. James Braseltoti Phil Chapman Harry Harcia va Rejpii- Hunt I ' nci I,iii |iiist ill h(,)in-rn David Murrison Art Moylan Bobbv Newman Nick Fetkas Hicharil Fiawliiis Cliff Rnlierlson Jim Wajrner James Warren 142 HIAJ WlIN M(l)0 Ml) I ' rfiiili-nl SCABBARD AND BLADE The society of ScalilKiid and RIade is a national honorary mili- tary fratoniily. Sime its formation in lOOo it has l ' fii the rankinj; militaiy fraternity in llic nation. Ciirrenl enrollment totals 167 com- panies. CompatiN I -I I was eslahlislicd in 19.51 at Georgia State. Scahhard and Blade ' s activities include ihe co-sponsoring of the annual Military ISall. | i ' cMlalinii of awaid- to nul-landing MS Ill ' s and IV ' s. and the assistance in general to jironiolc the advancement of Uie Military Science program. James Newborn Vice-President Rednald Hunt Robert Raines Thomas Reaslev Joseph Chapman Kenneth Edmonds Thomas Rawlins 143 Hay Maiius Vice-President JOAN McGAllI.V President Brenda Wilkie Treasurer G C L U B The G-Cluh was fouiuled at Georgia State College in 1953. This club honors those at Georgia State who have earned varsity letters through their participation in extracurricular activities, such as cheerleading, majorettes, or baskethall. Business meetings are conducted monthly. The club works with the Athletic Association on annual fund raising drives and supports Panther Night which is annually held during basket- ball season. Nancy Brown Secretary Xr Barbara Brown Mel Biirtiiii Tommv Cannon Bart Hickman 144 Patty HiU Janet Vitlur Jimmy Woodall THE INSURANCE SOCIETY SAM ROBERTS President Dr. Stuart Schwarzschild Faculty Advisor Bert NeUi John Turner Robert Dorris James Goldsack Harry Hardaway Mike Farrell Bill Redd William Walker 145 BETA ALPHA PSl Till piiiposi ' of |{ lii Alpha I ' -i i to ciuourafic arul fo l ' r llic ideal of son ice as the basis nf llu- acaniiitiDp pr(»f« ' ssion; to promote the study of aeoounting and its highest ethieal stand- ards; to act as a tnrtlinin l et v« ' « n professional men, instructors. liidents. and others who are intere led in the developmnit of the study of the prof« ' »ion of accoimlaiicy ; to develop hij;li moral, scholastic, and professional attainments in its meml)ers; and lo encourage cordial intercourse among its memlxMs and llie profession generally. KOIJKIM GHKGG Preiident JOSKI H JOKDON Vice President JOHN 15AI{I{i:i ' : Sec rein ry SHELLY blKLS Treasurer MILTON BLASLEY DANCY CRLM 146 LINDA DONALDSON HELEN DOUBERLY THONLAS ELLIS WILLIS ' FLOYD NAOMI HOLLAND HOWARD HERMAN BOBBY NEWMAN DANIEL PICKETT WY ' MAN RICHTER HELEN SERFLING CHARLES SNITZER WILLIAM VANDIVER 147 BLUE KEY Hliic Kfv Nalii)iial Hoiku Fratniiilv. fnimdrd in 1921. is liolli an Imnor and a sonirc organization. MiMnlifr-- liip is liy invitation only to tlioM- juniors and seniors who excel in scholarship and posse-s leadership (|iialities. The local chapter, which was eslahlished in 1951, operates a Book Exchange, and the profits from the sale of lifH)ks are eontrilmted to various student loan funds and to other school projects. The officers are these: Frank Copeland. i ' re-ident: Bohert Arpe. Vice-President; James Johnson. Secretary: Hamilton Mc- Donald. Ireasurer and Bookstore M i. FKANK COPELAM) { ' resident Hciliert Arj;c I ice-P resident Jimmy Johnson Hamilton .McDonald (Charles Andrews 148 i Hovt Brown Charles Huggins Royce Porter y f Dew itt Cole Robert Mitchum Jimmy Reeves Cs Henrv Gainev John Pendlev Pierce Roberts Henrv Suttnek James Sullivan Jon Summerville 149 WESLEY FOUNDATION The Vi ' esley FouiulalioH of tlu- MclluMiist Slinlont Movement was iii.»tallt (i at Goorpia State in 1 . 2. M Mnl er lup is ()|)en to any student at Ceoij;ia State. At | resent tlicie arc aioiiiul forty attive nieniheis. The ini-sion of tin- f-ley Foimdatitm i- o promote the work of the Methodist Chureh at Georgia State College. Meetings are rondiieled in the J.C. Camp Chapel during break even Wednesday. Among its most notaMe projects this year was the sjionsorship during Winter (Quarter of a cric- of lectures on the World Christian Community. Many foreign students here at the school were our guest speakers. I d ' £ FAYKWIVrKRS President Ann Cantrell Vice-President Glcnria Hcinhardt Secretary F.laine Cillican Treasurer Sall ( " arson Program Chairman joe Chapman Frances I ' aulk Helen Douherly ISO Beverly Tarpley Bryan Johnson Frank Windom Alvin Embry Jack Keen Hank Huckabv Vickv McCov Amy Wood Sandie McEver Amory Smith Cheryl Skene John James 151 Tlif Newman Cluli was iiistallcii at Gt ' orjiia State in 1952. MenilKTship is ojH»n to all Qitholics enrolled at the College. The purjioso of the Newman Cliih is ihreefoUl: religious, etiutational. and soeial. The Chili ' s artivitie- are geared to fulfill thc-e purposes. Mass and Conununion are offertxl weekly and on Holy Days. Seminars, guest speakers, and group discussions comprise the educational pluise of the pro- gram. A social activity is held even- (luailer. sometimes in cooperation with other schools or Catholic young adult duhs in the area. Officers are: Gloria Graham, president; Charles Ker? clier, vice-president; Karen Gondesen. secretary; Tom Oelt- man, treasurer; Dr. Geraldiiie Meroney. faculty advisor; Father Thcopliilus McNully. Atlanta area Chaplain; Father Felix McGrath, Georgia State Chaplain. GLORIA GRAHAM Presiilfiil NEWMAN CLUB Charles Kerscher Vice-President Karen Gondesen Secretary Tom Oeltman Treasurer Anna Kay Blair Jerry Coliey 152 John Copeland Dianne Cronin Charles Van House Dianne Gernazian Louise Green Sherrie Grilz Michael Home Evelvn Kuzv Helen Merkle Brent Nunan Theresa Sullivan 153 PERSHING RIFLES LAKKY W. HKAMS Commander JANET VITTUR Sueethearl llu- 1 ' 1.K 111. (, KIll.KS is a National Honoran,- Military Society f(iiiiul ' I liv r.ciuTiil of tlic Armii ' s, Jolin J. Pci liiiig, in 1894 at the University of Ne- Itraska. Since that date the I R ' s have snc« ' e« ' le(l in (le -l()|)in ; leadership, lionor aiwl rsprit de corps in the senior resene KOPC " units thron liowt the United States, (ionipany TA was or- ganized at Ceorfiia State in 10. . ' and has i)een very active for the past ten years. However, the 1962-6.3 year was perha|)s the most active to date. The P R ' s partici|)ated in many parades and exhiliitions throuf;hout Geor ;ia. Hilt its i)igj;est accomplishment was that of attcndiii ' ; the Mardi Gras parades in New Orleans in New Orleans in Fehniai-y. Com- pany T-4 is one of the most out- standing companies in the Fourth Regiment. The unit proved its al)ility l y making an excellent showing at the annual Fourth Regimental Drill in Clemson, South Carolina, in April. Jere L. Atchison Tommy F). Bledsoe John N. Eaves Bob Joe Hale Car) M. Hampton. Jr. Phillip I). Kincaid 15, Larry Bruce McComb Thomas A. McKendrick K. Evert Oorlman Sanford L. Peace Curtis R. Rivers Albert C. Ruehmann Charles N. Sparks Johns S. Tanner Braden E. Topmiller Stuart B. Travis 155 STUDENTS FOR FREE ENTERPRISE. INC. H( l{l) (II ' DIHKCTOHS JIMMY BLRTON, ' r«j e i Dr. Michael H. Meston Director Dr. Da i(i J. Schwartz Director Jerry Levine. Internal I ice-President John Ware. Exlcrnnl Vice-President Kathrvn Burke. Secretary Dewey Connor, Treasurer Carv Howard. Director 156 Cluirtcr Mcmhcrs Students For Free Enterprise, Inc., was organized at Georgia State College on Januaiy 23. 1963. This student group was formed as a corporation to promote the principles of free enterprise — a basic freedom of the American heritage. Dewey Conner Jerrv Levine Robert Waters Ed Gadrix Tom Palmer Oliver Welch Kathryn Burke Gary Howard Richard Smith Jerry Wheeler Jimmy Burton Eric Joiner John Ware 157 RITH COOPER President CRIMSON KEY Ciinison Kev Honor FrateniiU- was founded at Georgia State in 1034. Meinl)er liip i by invitation only. Junior and senior women who liave a B average or better and who have participatec in extracurricular activities and have made a contribution to the col lege are eligible for tapping. The purpose of Crimson Key is to promote a closer under standing between the Administration and the students, and to co operate with llie faculty and organizations in order to foster and maintain high standards of scholarship, social activities, ami nima ideals among women students. Meetings are conducted in various restaurants in Atlanta and at school on the third Saturday of each month. The major social events of Crimson Key are the annual Christmas Tea and the .Munmae Luncheon in the Spring. Crimson Key undertakes several projects: sponsorship of Chi Hilarian: participation in the program for foreign students; and co-sponsorship of the Senior Breakfast and Career Day. Crim- son Kev also presents Citation Awards to outstanding women graduates. Mrs. Nel Trotter Honorary Member Eva Whetstone Honorary Member Georgia Martin Honorary Member 158 Ellen Abrams Ann Banke Helen Brown Mary Cagle Doris Cash Karen Caswell Kay Current Arthurlyn Dobbs Jessie Fletcher Evelvn HinesK Janet Martin Chloe Plumb Mayo Pournelle Marv Radcliffe Mar Frances Vaughn 159 Aniiflle Wade Klizabflh liilaker Kallu-rine Whilinc Edna Uaniell Linda Donaldson Helen Uouberlv Elaine Lon " Jane Mullis ' I P Chariene Paris Linda Phillips Glenda Reinhardt Sharon Scott 160 Arline Shmerling Kathleen Watkins Prissy Wilhoit Caroline Wilson DON MOTHERSHED President Linda McGuire Recording Secretary PSI CHI Psi Chi, National Honor Society in Psychology-, was founded in 1929 by the Ninth International Congress of the American Psychologi- cal Association. It has established chapters in 157 colleges and uni- versities in 50 states. Membership includes undergraduates, graduate students and faculty members. In order to be eligible for Psi Chi membership, a student must be either a Psychology major or minor and in the top scholastic third of all Psychology majors as well as the upper half scholastically in the School of Arts and Sciences. The purpose of Psi Chi is the advancement of the science of Psychology and encouragement of the maintenance of scholarship of its members in all fields particularly psychology-. To further this purpose, the Georgia State Chapter of Psi Chi has established a scholarship fund to honor and encourage deserving students in Psychology. Arthurlyn Dobbs Corresponding Secretary Mary Radcliffe Treasurer Ann liankc Lli ' dnor Bowers (.ullicrine Cunipton Kutli Cooper Edna Daniell Evelyn Ilinesley Robert Howell Rosa Marie Litchfield Janet Martin % Neva Olson Chioe Pill ml) Uelores Rac Prewitt 162 Phyllis Ragan Arline Shmerling w-r L I iSk Albert Ruehniann Alma Smilii Janice Screws Kick Smith Willard Smith Stuart Strenger Elizabeth W liitaker Thomas White W. GrcK. Lanier 163 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Jimmy i ' It-tcher Treasurer illiam (i. I xson Clilcj Justice 164 Allen W. Austin Loitis G. Bell Mary Borom Richard Corbett Burns Cox, Jr. Don Diffenderfer Kenneth S. Edmonds Charles R. Esther Bohbi R. Greporv Gary S. King 165 Janet . Martin Olin F. McCormick Marilvn H. M.Gintv Bud Millenbauph Sandra Petton Paden . Hi-f ( ' s Danny L. Smith Joe W. Smith Kav E. Strawser Becky A. Tucker Rosalind P. Wilhoit 166 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION EVENING BILLY REDD. President I{IC11 AKD FIELD, Vice-President I ' llYl.LIS SHLTTLEWORTH Secrelary-T reasurer Richard Saess John ' are Sheila Woody 167 James ouns Mel Burtoi) James Junes Elizabeth McCurley Adrian Smith Julin Ellis Rexford Hawkins Joe McGinnis Gerald Purser Warren Thrasher John Warren William Flinn, Jr. 168 Nancy Hinesley David Russell William Railev Willie McQueen Michel Swenson Diana Coforth Charles Rice Marsha Handy Charles Doubleday J. James Hindmaii Donna Black Judy Wilson 169 ANNETTE WADE President I ' llI ( MI THETA. national professional frateniily in oom- nien-e. is the oldest national women ' s organization at Georgia State being established at the college in 1929. The purpose of Phi Chi Theta is to encourage women to prepare for business careers. To be eligililc for membership in Upsiloii Chapter, a woman must have completed 45 hours with a 4.5 average in tlie School of Business Administration of Economics. Business meetings are held monthlv in our new lavender and gold chapter room given to us by tlie Atlanta Alumnae Chapter. Our annual events include Founders ' Day, a house party each summer, and a Christmas party given by the alums. PHI CHI THETA Jessie Fletcher Vice-Presidenl Dancy Crum Recording Secretary Beverly Allen Treasurer Ruth Cooper Linda Donaldson Helen Douberly 170 Pirena Francis Judy Gordon Kalhr ii liuiit Elaine Long Josephine Morris Charlene Paris Isabeil Phillips Becky Anne Tucker Mary Vaughn Laura Hanson Yvonne W elch 171 DELTA SIGMA PI CHAKI.KS S. DAVIS President LAIRA HANSEN Sweelhearl Delta Sigma Pi. loimded in 1907 at New York University, has 120 chajiters and over 50.000 niemhers. Georgia State ' s Ka|)]ia Clia|)ter was founded in 1021. The pnrpose of Kappa Chapter is to provide students preparing lor jjusiness careers with well rounded l)aikgroiinds of social activities, academic study, and personal contact with the commercial world nt r future. Delta Sigs have shown outstanding achievemenN in llic field of scholarship. An example is the Delta Sig ' s winning of the Intraninral Key Scliolar-liip Award for the last five consecutive years. The award is given to the fraternity with the highe.-t scholastic average. Delta Sig holds monthly professional meetings with outstanding guest speakers to promote a closer tie J)etween business students and the coninieniai world. The officers are Charles S. Davis, president; David Klait . senior vice-president; Richard C. Saess. junior vice-president: John Whitley, treasurer: and Willard M. Briggs, secretary. Robert M. Baines S. H. Brannen Willard .M. Briggs 172 J. H. Johnson J. K. Hausmann Frn Carter Y. Greenway Noel T. Fitzpatrick 4 J. H. Ellis J. B. Durham J. D. Crowder B. C. Cox. Jr. 173 J. H. Jones II. ( . kill- John I), Klaitz Howard C. Martin B. H. McDonald Mason B. Mobley John I). Nichols B. D. Kassdale HilK C. K.-dd 174 Robert C. Reeves Vt . H. Rotureau Hanev W. Rubin Richard C. Saess James R. Sullivan Charles L. V ' anhouse R. D. Walkir John B. Whitley J. K. injnt-s 175 G E N E R A L C O U N C I L DAW ' l H Fresiiicnl Elizabeth Whitaker Secretary Dorothy Farrar Council iiill H.dd I ice- 1 ' resident Jiiliii W hilley 7 rcasurcr 176 Joan Ma-iahey Council Abner Avirett I Howard Schulmaii Shellev Sikes Sandra Cole Katy Lou Malone Greta Brand Floyd Elrod Marv Cajile Ruth Cooper Charles Davis Dancy Crum 177 RirhanI Franz Ellen Abram.H Uannv Smith Bobbv Prics-t Billv Retid James Wufidali I ' .il I linnias Olin MrCormick Delaine Davis Carol) n Galla;:er Larrv Reams Annette Wade 178 Lc ' on Brock Charles Ray Don Mothershed Richard McCrarv Benjamin McDonald Don McCollister Jimniv Burton Stuart Stranger r Patricia Robertson 4 Faye Winters Lerov Ludwi " 179 CS 0rgta Utt Signal lk a(()ii I.i;;lil (tf College Affairs JIMMY BLKTO .£:f (Vor l I i; I I KKKK. Manapinp Editor 180 ■■Ral. " r k and l ' i. ' .i,,ii work lati- iiilu llii- iiiiilil lo iiidkf ij|i an ii- ui- i f the SIGNAL before (leadline. Sijxndl llcdcint » ( ' ) ( ' (ir Reporter Judy Nix interviews Dr. England for ihr SIGNAL. Reporters Don Clawson (left) and Ben Purcell (right) jo ially turn in copy. A usual argument fKTCurs between Jimmy and Gary. Jim Fletcher and Preston listen attentively, refusing to take sides. MISS SANDY SUMMKRVILLE arjorv Borom. reporter, reads her latest storv the SIGNAL TliP poal of tin " G« ' or};ia Stair Si ;iial i . lo priiil iu ' v uf llu ' campus arruratcly and lioiic-llv. aii«l to irflcct lilt " attitudes of the stiidnit body. Kaoh Sipnal staff member works in al- most even ' a|ia ily from eopyreader to jani- tor ill order to priHluce a pul)licatioii of lii{;li merit. ( |;V ill i l!ll. I raliirr Editor PRKSK » CHARLES. Make-up Editor 182 Jimmy Burton ( right I discusses a problem in newspaper make-up with Preston Charles. oward Olson. Art Editor, and Carolyn Marrone. Society Editor Reporter Bob K n o w 1 e s inter- views Georgia State coed. Tiat a job! M. RCI. STONE, Fashion Editor 183 THE RAMPWAY J WICK M ' IT() Issislanl Editor 184 JERRY RAILEY Business Manaf er MEL BURTON Sports Editor PATTY WYNNE Activity Editor 185 TiriwHT fr » JERRY TYSON Military Editor |{()H M. SSK Fralvrnily Editor JOAN i.(,AMK ' » Sorority Editor 186 CATHY BERRY Introduction JEANNE COFIELD Introduction I HOPE THE EDITOR IS LOOKING ILL DO IT TOMORROW 187 1 BASKETBALL 191 MR. MKKMKUT cSTONY " ! BURGESS .llhlilii iJirttlur DR. FR.ANCIS BRIDGES Co-captains — Ray Manus (left i and Jim Woodall (right I with Coach " Stony " Burgess. People everywhere are watching Georgia State grow by leaps ami liomuls, and nothing is more indicative of her rapid growth than her ever-expanding athletic program, under the direction of Dr. Francis Bridges. This year saw tnany innovations in our athletic program. Scholarships wore awarded for the first time — we had an athletic dirci tor for the fir t tinie — |)laycrs had jire-ganie meals for the first time. Many such firsts point the way to ' ' big college athletics " in the near future. So — watch Georgia State grow, but watch also her athletic program build and keep pace with the college, allowing the college to take its place among the " athletic powers " as well as among the " academic giants. " 192 THE 62- ' 63 PANTHERS (Roiv 1. LR) Bart Hickman. Jim Woodall. Coach Stony Burpess, Ray Manus. Don Cool. (Row 2, L-R) Gene Epps. Wilt Straley. Tommy Cannon. Jimmy Adams. Johnny Strange, Major Morgan. Not pictured Frank Quinn: Manager, Davie " Moose " Crosliy. Endowed with vijior. ambition, and a good deal of ability, this year ' ? Panthers pressed on to the conclusion of a rewarding season. A season not to be ashamed of, but rather a sea- son to be carefully analyzed and used as a step to better and better seasons to come. Two Panthers won ' t return to the Georgia State floors next year. They are veterans Jim Woodall and Rav Manus. . ce guards for three years, this pair will be missed: after all, who will maintain discipline on road trips with Ray and Jim gone. 193 Jim Vu .Hlall J in) Adams W ill Slra li-v Gene Epps [{art Hi knian Don Cool Jolinnv Strair e Majcii lnr;;ai 194 r Hit kmun Drilihlrs through doffiise lo »i-l up |)lav Lpp:; cumcb (ill with a ri ' lxiunil 196 M New i)assr iiul Cool Drives in For an Easv Twn Adams Fights for a Loose Ball The Panthers ' Five, Fight Superb floomianship was exhibited by the Panther? this year. Defensive specialists like ood- all, Manus and McNew held some ven. " formidable foes to some very paltn,- points. Offensively, honors go to Woodall and Cool, who were high point men for tlie season, with Manus close behind. Rebounds abounded in the hands of Epps. McNew. Adams, and Strange. It was a good year — with good games, good scores and above all. good times to be long remem- bered. Two Points For The Panthers 197 Manus goes high for (he lip . Win, Lose, and Fight Again ll ' s an M-N iw " lor WniHlall Ml NfW iiiiivi-s K|»| d lllllr I IomT 198 (. , { , ' , , .k,; W oodall drivfs around to Build a Reputation . . . Ilii ' knian is surroundt-il Pile up underneath 199 Manus goes high for ihr lip Win, Lose, and Fight Again It ' s an •■a l » lor WniMlall Ml i« iiiim-» hpps a lilllf I lowT 198 i.OC.I |. |.| Mk. ' ,| Woodall drives around to Build a Reputation . . . V..i- U .. I ' M t.SC IVin ' t liM that man shodl! ilirkman is surroumlcrl I ' ili- up undrrnralh 199 Manus brings liall dciwn miirl Kpps u| hiph for a shc»l for GA State Ailams comes out after a rebound 200 Rint down I (Hirt Strange brings out n-liouml B.-hold! as a Basketball Power Woodall drives again 201 INTRAMURAL SPORTS 204 SOFTBALL ' 62 Ron Codora scores Jop ( jirrol prepares to lake second 0 , Krcil Hill smashes 206 V . A. HiilT shows oft lorni T. ( ' .. ri ' adii ' s al ihc |)l,ili 207 208 FOOTBALL 209 ' I ' oiM Well.- i;.l .1 lilock 1 hi- I ' l Ka|)|Ki Hhi s p »sc belorf a bif! panic ( illa f llial flaf! I.i " ks like open ground for K F ' - Unn li i- 210 I III ' Ka| | a Sigs — Out in fori-i- The I ' IKLs resi at half-limr s j H ■■ 1 ■H J 5 ■ » ,tf ,4 -4 ' S - W fT m 1 »• - — — T jffe, % -- 1 1 1 1 1 Post is rushi-d Pill- I ' (iiilci riMilics III |M«s (.11(1(1 jirdli ' ctidn l(ir passer I m V 4 ' BASKETBALL 9n T»i for Jai ' ksoii II:i«« Irii- III ' _ ' ii .ir.imtil T Hul I .lonl W T Ihr Ball " - ' i m (;ia l.liH k- a shol l ' liilli|.- I.iki- .1111 Till- I ' lKI. ' - .iiicl KM. ' - Iiiilil liir [i(i«spssi( n Hiirton roailii-s lor Nmi-i- lull I)iane Thomas and Jark Hall in a scene from " The Cioconda Smile. " b AUInus HuxieN. HiiJMTt Hl ' ii.)n ;iti(l i ' ;iin Bilfs in a scene fmm " The Gioconda Smile. " I) Alduus Huxley. ■ij v 1 9-) B H ■IB ■ i r H Diane Thomas. Thompson. Bonnie Thompson, Pal Hall in .1 xi-ne from " F " umcd Oak " bv Noel Coward. Exldie Lee. Ja k Hall. Vt ' cnonah Chaml)ers in a scene from " Ways and Means " by Noel Coward. I. ' I li iiipson. B )nnie Thompson. Jack Hall, Page Lee, and [■•lilii ' lit; receive their awards for work in the ' 62 season. 218 THE GEORGIA STATE PLAYERS Tlio Georgia Stale IMayeis. iiiuler llie (■a|)al)le direction of Mr. James E. Sligh, produce three plays per school year. The year marks a milestone in the Players history. itli jiermanent, com- fortable sealing and a new light hootli. The Little Theatre makes even more enjoyable, the prodnctions of the Players. Spring |uarler of " 62 saw the production of the hilarious one act play by Noel Coward entitled, " Tonight at 8:.30. " " The Gloconda Smile. " by .Aldoiis Huxley, was presented in the fall. Tlie Winter production. Oscar Wilde ' s. " The Importance of Being Earnest, " drew the largest audiences in the iiislory of tlie Players. JACK HALL President George Barrett John Chapman Robert Hisdon Diane Thomas Webster allace James Sligh 219 1 220 MILITARY GA. STAIK CADKK First Rmi: Lt. Col. J. L. Gulp. Capt. Basil R. Adams. Second Ron: SFC J. E. Madd.n, Sj;t. C. E. I.oll. SEC Paul Krielner, Spc. 6 Calvin Davis. Cadet Col. .McDonald and Staff — Captains Hunt. Sieferman. Newborn, and Parrish. 222 Profrssor ol Mililars Si irm, ' l.t, Cdl. .1. I., CI 1,1 ' Vssi. PMSCapl. — BASH. H |) MS Milit;ir I).|ii. — MKS. CM.DWKI.l 223 Sgl. Krii ' lner an«l Sgl. Maildi-n rfvu-w i[ii|)iirt.iiil iloi iiiiicnl Spt. Loll siutiie.- ' -eulations Spr. Davis issui s f(|uipmpnl 224 Battle (;nm|) si ' l Mts tin- Drill. il ( Ioiiiikiiu Battle Groiij) awailinj; ciisinissal 225 Dignitari)-s cnjov lh Mililarv Ball 226 Thf Srnior l -ad-in UNIT SPONSORS HrtMida Hitchcock Staff Barbara Stewart Co. A Susan AmlxTy Co. B Joan Rice Co. C Laura Hanson Co. D Barbara Lane A . Hand Nancy Brown Scabbard Blade Marilvn McCiintv ■ Co. E Janet Vittur F M•shi li Rilles 227 Ihf »u»|wns - ihf (Irtmii Hdlllr (irouj) (;.(). in Senior Ij-.idin iJrauiii l ir blrn-o 1) Janet illiir 228 l del.- and llieir (lale enjo ill. (I.iif Ihr ki ihc Halllc t.niup . wri-lh -arl. Mi s Rarliani Sl.w.irl! (icncral ( ' hapman ami Barliara lead lh Swt-i-llu-arrs Dame 229 A COMPANY IM I ' LATOON Ron 1 ll.-Rl Van House. Rfder. Evans. Spivak. Clia|inian. Jnliiisun. Callrcll. Foster. Atchison, Abrams. Row 2 (L-R) Cla. ton. Barrett. Williams. M. Williams, Foster, Kent. Uodd. Kein. Ron- .? (L-R I Burton. Brav, Fowler. Bryan. Baren. Evans, Shinpler. 1ST LT. C. L. liOLSE 2M) i.T. I " . M. HIBTON ri. T. SGT. Bli.l. BKKI.ER 230 CAF ' T. R. RAWLINS 1ST IT. L. A. BROCK SGT. S. BROWNLEE SGT. A. W. AISIIN 2 n PLATOON « A. ' K A iLA A A A " i 5 Won ,- ; Harris. Br.iik. Austin. Mapruder, Lee, KeriKil. Hncrshciin. l)av(n|)ort. Hancock. Feldman, Corbett, Supps. R )l)crls. Rawlins. Second Ron : Rn.unlce, Jaynes. Benefield, Reeves, Loveless. Travis. Robbins, Little. Wardle, Walker, Vincent. Holt. TfiinI Ron : Clauson. Smith. Frost. Sloane. Dionne. Knox. Drill. Gilbcrtson. Purcell. 231 B COMPANY tirsi Ui)u. ll.-Rl Durham. L iiii l ui ' . Ilarlon. Hills. Mod i-s. . ' Icpliaiis. Fuller. Doval. Sernnil Rnu. Il.-R) Hojiue. Crcfiar. Pmvi-ll. Diaiiman. Davis. SliarjH ' . Jiiirnetl. .Srhclfcr. Third Rim. I l.-R) McCiillin. MrCurtl. Aiken. Farpuharson. Collcy. Droughlon, Hardy. ttt tr fff ' Ilk I l T I.I. J. IKM.l K (;r I. H. 1)1 iU! M 232 riHfl I 1 wifl M I H " 1 P HH H ' r r -M l k ' V w - l iHj 1 ' ' V i f W ■flCiii ' • 1 OVM d g CAPI " . C. S. KING 1ST 1.1. T. HKASLEY SGT. I M. IX)NG 2 n PLATOON f j ?ojr. (L-R) Beaslcy. Lons. Harl. Ruhin. Mavo. Ward. Mason. Hallrrop. Rabon. Hanimond. King. Second Row: Berk. Pulaski. Whrrler. Mecllnrk. Parker. Jame . Ilnllm. Rolihins. Rarrelt. Third Row: James, Simpson. Bushy. Wrifiht. Johnson. Duki-. Warlick. Derxecs. 233 C COMPANY 1ST PLATOON First Ri)u : Smith. Mrl ntion. Copclatul. Stuart. Nofivin. Newt " m. Chapman. Cook. Thomas. Srrond Ron : Fletcher. Slater. Wil«on. Tiilwell. Paul, Reeves. Doan. Cruse. Third Row: Goff. Ransbotham, Rainwater. Goodrum, Love. Daniel. Brooks, . stin. 1ST LT.D. SMITH 2M)IX L. McCOMB SGT. J. HOWNRn sr,T. ir (, i) LF: 234 CAPT. G. F. CHANDLER 1ST LP. T. M. BHO.SIROM SGT. J. D. KLAITZ 2 n PLATOON First Rote: Broslmni. Klaitz. Sorenson, Sikes, Griffin, Thomas, Davis, McKinney, Chandler. Second Row: Howarfi. Ward. Roehtii. Newton, Abbott, Evans. Garvin. Third Rote: Her chrr. Ilaniia. Hij:don, Watson. Walters. Gloddinp. Mullins. 235 D COMPANY 1ST PLATOON Rou- 1 (l.-R) Kins. Rnilev. Millans. Owens. Evans. Smith. Roper?. Phillips, Crevin, Walters. Row 2 n.-Rl Ruehinann. Dean. Raldwin. Sumpler, Elmore. Flenderson. McElreath, Winter. Roif .? (L-R) Mobley. Arnold, Crosby, Cocking, Childs, Burks. Gamedanic, Conklin, Hammond. CAPT. 11. Kl (; 1ST 1.1. J. HMl.KV 236 SGI. A. C. HI I.IIMAW 1ST LI. T. OKLTMWN 2ND LT. C. HAMPTON SGT. B. CONN Row ] (L-R) Oellmann, Diffenderfer. Johnston, Jenkins, Avery. Lawler. Moody. Soublis. Peters. Row 2 (L-R) Conn. Wills. Montpomerv. Everett. Mumford. Anderson. Ilarvcv. Srheer. Fagot. Row 3 (L-R) Smith. Manners. Hunter. Johnson. Gibson. Thomason. Berr hill. Milligan. 237 BAND rmjm l First Row (LR) Cape. Walthall. Sht-pard. RU-dsoe. Aiidison. Smith. Owens. Second Ron (L-R) Wallers. Travis. Hammer. Razier. Sparks. I ' arktr. Healan. Third Row (L-R) Faplie, Supps, Milam. Wallace, Esther, Westlierry, Rivers. Fourth Rou (L-R I Barron. Knipht. M( Kendrick. Tanner. JdhnsKm. Orr. Eaves. CAPT.R.M. RAINES SGT. C. R. RIVERS 238 PERSHING RIFLES Third Row: McKendrick, Addison, Tanner, Peace. Sparks. Topmiller. First Ron : Ruehmann. Oerlman. Travis. Reams. Rivers. Hale. Bledsoe. Second Rou-: McComb, Knowies. Hampton. Eaves, KLncaid, Brooks. SGT. L. REAMS 1ST LT. C. HAMPTON W» COLOR GLARI) L-R: Duncan. McComiick. Stephens. Craig. SGT. A. C. RUEHMANN 239 ADMINISTRATION NOAH . I. (-I) LE Presidriii 242 JOHN 1). BLAIR Administrative Draii 243 GEORGE E. MANNERS Dean of the School of Business AHministration 244 J. C. MORTON RI RCH Dean of the Srhool of Arts and Scicm-es KENNETH ENGL ND Dean of Students NELL TROTTER Dean of Women 245 Wll.l.lAM I ' nwii) Dean ol Mm 246 W. H0(;KRS MAMMON!) Ui-an (jf (iraduatf Studies Business Administration V. V. LAXKOir ( inrnplrollir Ml-.IAIN W. KCKK Dean ofGraduaU- Studies Arts and Srienres 247 .ihrarian ?48 WILLIAM S. PATKK K Dean of Admissions HF.NKY T. MALONK Director of Development 249 I S1I. H. |)AMS ui.n iH) J()|| . Ml XA.NDKR HISIUKY W 11,1.1 M 1). WilS sociuLOc y SlHliAKl. T, liKASl.l.V LA. GLAGE SANFOIU) IIXHOI.I) l!l DKiniAN CEOLRAI ' IIY JANICE M i ARIO E GU. ' JACK I. nil. IS ESGI.ISH KK.NM.Ill BLACK. JH. L SiKA. CE 250 PAUL G. BLOl NT E GUSH 1 BEVERLY T. BRADLEY Mr SIC LEJEUNE P. BRADLEY CVIDASCE WOODROW BRELAND EDUCATION FRANCIS J. BRIDGES MA. AGEME T DUMONT C. BLNN LIBRARY ROGER L. BIRFORD ECO 0 HCS DOZIER C. CADE JOIRSAUSM 251 Jt»|| |. CIIAMl ' loN MA U,FMF. r J MI I.Moin ( II WW . LI .t(.KME. T Al.m.lM II. (I. AUK i-i i (:e WILLIAM R. r.OFFKV POUIICAL SCIE. CE AM) HISTORY JOHN W. COOK ACCOIMISC { W I()M) Al.l.l COOK ESGLISH Jo (ool.LV El)i CATION CHARLK5H CII SCOPE MATHEMATICS 252 JAMES F. CRAWKOKl) F.CO 0]IICS HANSELL V. CKOSS liioi.ncY JA.MK5 L. CL I.I ' MII.ITIRY MAE CULPEPPER JOYCE COLEMAN CUNOIFF V ITIIFM ITICS BEN F. CLRRY ECO 0 HCS WILLLVM RIGHT DANIEL l Sl R I (:F.. RF II. F.ST iTF. AM) LAW GERALD H. DAVIS HISTORY 253 VII{(.II.S. I VIS IIISIDHY PARKS It. lil l l) l.l.. Jl{. CI ID l CE DONM I) I.. Ill NCA.N M MllhMATH.S HAHdI.DO. 1)1 (; HOSPITAL AI) H ISTIi Alloy i,i(i i.i i;i I) I N) MAJIIKMAIILS Ml I. IN W. i.(,Kl-. HISTORY . M . { 1. I,(, ,KU MASAGEMEST CAUUol. W l.ll.ii l.lll.KKS MARKETISG 254 17 15 jr V .- " ' ' WILLIAM A. EVANS F. r.r isii MIKLWI n. KISllKIi CIIFMISTNY WESLKY 0. FORTNER ACCOLMIXC EDWARD F. FRANZE. JR. F. (;i.i. ii ROBERT EARL GARREN SOCIO r.OGY DONALD W. CIFFLN HISTORY JEAN JOHNSON CIVENS BIOLOGY HOWARD S. GORD.MAN Fl l CE 255 VIHGIMA I.. (, nVKK l.lliHtR) CLKMK.M " I.V.NDO.N GItAM iiisToin JAMKSK. (;HI K K. JR. CR till ITF (Ol SF!.OR BLANCHK M. (;KIGGS BIOLOGY WILLIAM M. GIU BBS I ' oi.irir tr.sciF. CE EDGAR BOVI) GL MBKRT EDiCtriO JOHN W. MALL l Sl l i (:e T() l n I ' KKin MALI. AC(:01MI (, 256 MI.I.I AM K. HAMMOND DF I OF CRAinWTF STIDIES FLOYD S. HAKPtR ACTi ri i.scif (:e EDNA C. HERREN F a 1. 1 SI I ELLIS W. HOLLON. JR. F GLISH HOMER VilNSON HOLLOWAY Ml SIC DIGALDW. HIDSON l SiRA CE. REAL ESTATE, AM) LAW ELIZABETH C. JACKSON LIBRARY GRANVILLE R. JOHNSON PSYCHOLOGY 257 MAHIHA J. JOH NSON lilOl.OU) KDWARl) KlGKNt JONES iuolo(;y HONAl.l) (;. JONLS CHFMISTR) VnWK II. KAI.KK EDLCATIUS GRACi; T. KITCHENS E. GUSH Wn.l. ' i l KNIGHT BIREM OF li( SI ESS ASD ECOWMIC RESEARCH PALI. COOK KOI. IKK BIOLOGY WAI.TIi; 11. KHAMEK MARKEH. G 258 W. GRF.C.LAMKK PSYCHOLOCY JAMKS II. I.IMI.V 77» ' t SI )Ur II l() ALTON B. l ' nKI.I{ I.ILES Bisi ESSEinc:Ario WARHEN C. MADDOX LANGUAGE HENRY T. MALONE HISTORY ALII 1). M MM IN ENGLISH GEORGIA M. M VRTIN MAT HEM AT HIS DAVID iKWKi.iN McDowell 259 JOHN Ml I5K11.I. M.KKWI Y i iiiiFM tries V. 1 I.IHM.DIM-: MKRO.NF.Y fllSTOR) I i CATHKUINK K. MII.KS ACCOl 11 (, FRANCES M. MLSE I.IHR RY HAROLD E. MX SOCIOLOGY T— o© ' - r4% WILSON ()U;S. JR. . ft. I A ' } ' LRNKSr OGRANL JR. ECO OMICS JIM S. OWKN ASSIST AM l)F. i V r) ' STH)E TS 260 GEORGK L. FATE 1 T 1 1 EM AT IIS WILLIAM S. I ' MKICK DK l OF l ss7C)V,S FRANCES PAULK L IM I: HENRY C. PEPPER ECONOMICS WILLIAM B. PIRKLE ENGLISH EMMA E. PLASTER ENGLISH WILLI WI n. I ' l I I.IA LIBRARIAN HAZEL PLRDIE LIBRARY 261 BA (;(» ! (). oril.1,1 N. JK. POLITICAL SLtESCE lUOM II. ui;m7 lUsroR) PICK KIT HVMSRICGS SLUHESLITILS HUGH G. RLSSF.LL DAVID J. SCIIW MM MAUKEJISL STUART S( IIWARZSCHILI) ISSLnWCE WII.DKK 1 ' . SCO IT LAM,IAGE JOHN S. Sill ITRINK A: SI6TA T litA.ISTKAK ■ibl JAMES K. SLIGH SPEECH Ti;i) l{. SI ' lVKV E GUSH WII.I.I I I.. MIW i{T UllRARY ELIZABETH G. STOW ESGLISH RAYMOND C. SUTHERLAND FAGUSH WILLL M M. SUTTLES SPEECH CAROLYN TARPLEY ESGLISH MARY OLIVE THOMAS E GUSH 263 SIDNEY S. THOMAS URRtRY HENRY THOMASSEN ECOyOMICS MARYLOLISK im KSTON MRSE GARNET I,. IIILII{ MATHEMATICS MI,I,I M I . rZZELL HOSPITAL ADMIMSTRATIOX A ' D SOCIOLOGY CURTIS L. VARNER INSiHA CE JEAN L. VOYLES BUSI ESS EDLCATIO BAILEY M. WADE PSYCHOLOGY 264 ARTHIR WATERMAN £; 67. 7 WILLIAM H. WELLS COMl ' lTIXC l n DATA I ' ROC.ySSI (. CHARLES GLSTAV WENDT Ml SIC EVA M. WHETSTONE ASSIST.4 T DE.4 OF WOMEN CHARLES WHITTLE CHEMISTRY RALPH C. WILLIAMS HOSPITAL AD MINISTRATION LEROY M. WILLSON MATHEMATICS ELI A. ZUBAY ACTUARIAL SCIENCE 265 CLASSES GRADUATE STUDENTS ADAMS. JAMES W. f:(() ( ii( s BASKIN. IIAHRISI ' KICK. JR. BICHANAN. M I{V I.OIISE E CUSH BLGG. Will I M JOSIl ' ll. Jl{. ICTi IHI II.S(:iE. CE CARNS.JIDITII ANN FCO 0 HCS CARROI.I. MARY ROGERS HISTOK) CASH. DORIS liAHULYN ECO. 0 HCS CLARK. roHBKrrw. COFER. HELEN M. BISISESS EDUCATION COLEMAN. (IIAHLli: KlITM ACTIARIAL SCIESCE COOPER. GLADNEY HOSHALL ESGI.ISn CRAIS. HENRY RICHARD CRIBB. ROBERTV. JR. MANAGEMENT CURRENT. KATHRYN T. ACCOl A Tl G CUSIC. DAN W. MANAGEMENT i a Hkj k i ♦ m 268 1963 DAVIS. PALL W. POLITICAL SCIESCE DLKK. J MFS R. IMiKt:il (; KIRK. BFUCK THOMAS l (,FMF. T FOWLKR. RORKRT A. MASAGEMEST FRAZIKR. CAROLINE H. II I STORY- G. TEHOLSE. DEXTER POLITICAL SCIE. CE GOLDIN. WILLIAM JAMES MA AGEME T GROTH. CLIFFORD C. f TVCf HAIRF. DALLAS EDMUND MA 4CEME T HALL. CHARLES EDWARD ECO OMICS H Wn. GERALD CORNELIUS ACTUARIAL SCIE CE HOESCH EN. HAROLD A.. SR. MA AGEME T JOLLEY. JOHN A. l. SiRA CE JONES. BETTY CAROLYN Rl SI ESS EDI C 1TI0 LAMBERT. ZARREL V. MARKETI. G GRADUATE STUDENTS l.KTOl RNKM.C.F.RMU) . l l l(,K tK r MNRkKV. IIINRV J. M RTIN. MOZKLLE f:i si f:f)i ciTKn t t l(,FME T MKHI.. FHXNK U. H l ( F MOJUUS. 1)() l II II. 7 t ( F MORRIS. JOSEPHINE G. IUSI F.SS EDI CAT IDS NEI.I.I. mMRFRTO. I 1 R WCF M . ll KI.I O. Ff)lC.lTIO PORTER. WILLI.AM S. M.{ .IGFME T or ARi.Ks. noH n. F (.1.1 SI I RAY. GEORGE W. M t AGE. fENT ROHIN. ON. LEONARD A. ACCOIWTISG— M t A(;E.UE. T SAVAGE. NORA E. f I STORY SCHAFER. J(.N K. ECOWMIL 270 1963 SKHFLINC. I1I:LK G. .4CC0tAT .VG SHFRI.OCK. GKORCE LEffMANN SMT .I-H.CHAHI.r.S DWID ACCOl ' II G THOMPSON. WILLIAM P. BUSINESS EDUCATfON TOO ' ILK. CALVIN THKODORE MA AGE IE T Tl RNER. SAMUEL HEWLETT ACTUARIAL SCIENCE VAN[)IVER. WILLIAM MONROE ACCOUSTISG WELCH. H. OLIVER ACCOL. TI. G— IA. ACFMF T WELCH. PATRICIA ANN BUSINESS EDUCATION HETSTONE. JABEZ CHARLES MANAGEMENT WHIT nRE. BOBBY LEE ACCOUNTING HITWORTH. LARRY GLENN ECONOMICS W ILLl AMS. L RIAM TOL LMIN ECONOMICS WILSON. LARRY MA AGEMENT WOOD. MARTHA CHRISTINE BUSINESS EDUCATION 271 Ml WIS. VIHCIMA JACKSON— AB History Alpha Delta Pi MlinMS. Kl.l.KN KUKJA— AH l ' ..iilical Stiencc inlrriiaiiiiiiul l{claliiin (!lul . liilici Foundation, (iforgia Slate Players, Crimson Key M.I ISON. KVKI.YN MAY AR Knfziish I iMii " i.isi, Dfan ' s Sfh ' )lar hip Key, English |)i ' |it. Honors Croup M 1 M), A. I. JACK— MS I ' hvsics ALTKNBACH, MARY ALICE— AB History Mu Hhc) Sipma, Crimson Key ( IKil!--. MICHAEL L— BBA Accounting ANDERSON. HARRIE ' IT G. AB Sociology Delta Zela. B.S.U. NDKRSON. NFWF.l, RICHARD— BS Physics ANDRFViS. CHARLES LA RENCE— BS Biology SENIORS ANDREWS. WILLIAM HENRY— AB Philosophy ARMSTRONC. GEORGE BERT— AB Sociology Sijima Phi Epsilon ARROW. MIKF RFNJVMIN— AR Psychology AVTRETT. ABNER E.— BBA Accounting Accounting Society BAGGETT. DAN MORRIS— BBA Marketing BAILEY. JFRROI.D i -BBA Actuarial Science S.A.M.. Delta Sipn Pi. Pershing Rifles, Sword and Shield. Sizma Nu sm 272 I! l |s, KdHKRT M.— BBA Scicn -c i.m l),-li;.. H.O.T.C. HamI, Scabbard ami lil.i.l. ' I! NKI. N N._AB Psychology laiinsoii Key, Psi Chi nWKSTON. ,I Mi:S FFOI,I,IS-BBA Management RARHF.K. JOHN 1 ' L L BBA Accounling Ka| | a Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Secretary, Ac- cDunting Society BARFIELI). JOHN R.— AB Economics Circle K, Scabbard and Blade RARM ' .S. ALICE P.— AB Psychology Al|itia ( micron Pi BARON, LINDA B.— AB Psychology Psi Chi, Hillel RAICH. VtTADKLL M.— BRA Management BEASLEY. THOMAS ELMO— BBA Accounting Scabbard and Blade i ii M 963 I AiS: BEAZLEY. MILTON A.— BBA Accounting Beta Alpha I ' si BELLINGER. WILLIAM CHEL— AB Geography RELl E. BEN FRANKLIN -RRA Arcouniing Society for Advancement of Management BLNNLTT. Cll ARLOTI E D.-BS Biology B.S.I. BENSON, 0. G.— RRA Management BERENS. ,11 LI A V.— AB Sociology 27; liKNTtLU GF.OKGK I. W. AB Psychology IM Chi lU.ACK. HOBKin l BS Gu-niistry Ifl.ALOCK. SYLMA IJIANNE— AB Psychology Ik-lta 7,vtu liI, M). JOHN THOMAS— AB Art lil.WKKNSIIll ' . JWIKS ROBERT— BBA Marketing: I ' i Sif;ma Kpsilon BI.KDSOi:. SUZANNE YVONNE— AB Enplish Mil iWut Sipma BOLDEN. BOBBY J.— BBA Real Estate H( X »M;. I.l VEHNE MOORE— AB Sociology Mu Hho Sigma BOULANGER. HENRY A— BBA Manasement i senior; BOWDEN. JAMES MITCHELI BBA Economics K.A.E., S.A.M., Dean ' s List BOWERS. LYDIA E.— AB Psychology I ' hi Chi BOWERS. THOMAS J.— BBA Management BOYD, GEORGE RAYMOND— BBA Markering S.A.M. BOYD. JAMES D.— BBA Management BRADBERRY. ROBERT W.— BBA Management 274 BRADLKY. THOMAS M.MIl.LAN. JR. BBA Vci ' ciiiiitiii BRANNON.IAMKS I.. Bli Accountinp Al|ili;i K;i| |)a I ' si BRASELTON. VIRGINIA SUE— BS Nursing BREAZEALE. HAHOI.D J.--BBA Economics BRECHT. HENRY THOMAS— BBA Management BRICCS. VILI. HI) MII.ES— BBA Finame Delta Sigma Pi. Society for Advancement of Management BRISENDINE. W ll.l.IAM HOMER— BBA Accounting Sigma Nu BROCK. LEON A— BBA Management S.A.M.. I.F.C., Pi Kappa Alpha BROV N. HELEN G.— AB Sociology Crimson Key, S.E.A. 963 ttMA-i BROW . HOWARD ASH— BBA Management BRUNT. INGRID HANSON— AB English BURGESS. GEORGE T.— AB History Lambda Chi Alpha BURNS. ROBERT E.— BBA Marketing BURSES . DAVID MADISON— BMus Music B.S.U. BURTON, JAMES HARPER— BBA Real Estate Sigma Nu. Editor Signal 275 W f! .l.i:. MAKV SMKLI.KV AM l,„l,in language (Tiii)! on Kp). Alpha IjimUla Delta. Chi llilarian l ' rf?ii lcnt. Vi •••I ' rcsidcnt. Spanish Cltih. Ilill -I Cluh CAI.DWKI.I.. MAIUiAHFTL BS Mathematics CAIJIOON. MM{(; IU:r ORKAK An History Si iiia Alpha liil.i. Hand. C!h(iru . Tri Delta CAI.HOIN. WllliWI 15. HMA Tinance CAU.AWAV. Jl.AM 11 ML— AB Psychology Delta Zeta CANNON. TOMMY C— BBA Real F:8tatc Kappa Alpha Epsilon CARLILE. CLINTON DF.WEY— BBA Manaf:emcnt CARNEY. GEORGE MORRIS— BBA Management CARTER. SAM 11 I IK ! — BBA Accounting SENIOR CASWELL. KAREN— BS Biology Delta Zeta. B.S.I " .. Crimson Key CHAPMAN. JOSEPH P.— BBA Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi. Scabbard and Blade CHATH. .M. GERRY WAYNE— AB Journalism CHRISI . BERT REECE— BBA .Accounting CLAY, FRKIDA ROYSTER— AB Sociology COATS, HARRY DOUG— BBA Accounting g- iik 276 CO.MPTON, CAIIIKKINK I— AB Psychology Psi Chi, Mu Rho Sigma COOl ' KR. lU TH -AB Psy.h..l..pv y.vta Tau Alpha. Crimson Key ( Presidcnl), Phi Chi Theta, Psi Chi, General Council, Paiihfllenic COPKI.AM). KKA.NK M l.l.()l( BS Biology Blue Kev. General Council COHNKI.I.. S AN I! WSEN— AB English Zcia T.iu Al| lia COSTNER. GEORGE HENRY— BBA Marketing Sigma N ' u. Basketball, Baseball, G Club COUCH. ■« ARNER REYNOLDS— BBA Real Estate Student Council. Signal. S.. .M. COV ART. LUCILLE SPETH— AB English Alpha Phi. G Ciuh. Cheerleader COX. BURNS CALDWELL— AB English Sigma Phi Epsilon. Delta Sigma Pi, Signal, Wesley Foundation. Senior Senator COX. JAMES C— BBA Hospital Administration Phi Delta Theta 1963 cox. WALTER ROSS— AB Mathematics CROWE. DONALD W.— BS Physics Student Council DANIEL. JOHN D.— BBA Management DANIELL. EDNA F.— AB Psvcholog Psi Chi DANIELS. CHARLES H.— BS Mathematics DAVIS, JOE HAMRICK— BBA Management 277 i DKklNS. l{i) Sl.l.MAN Alt lli-tory i m . Dean ' s List |)|( k-(i . IKHil Ifl l.l ' AVIS— BBA Heal Estate IH( Kl.|{ 0 . (.11 1U.K K. m Finance I ' i Ka|.|.a Al|.l.;.. .A.M. DOHnS. AIMIIl ni.YN JO AR Ps h..l .gy Alpha ()mi ri ri I ' i. (Irimsoii Key, Psi Chi DONALDSON. LINDA HAKTZ— BBA Accounting Alpha Phi. Phi Chi Thcta, Beta Alpha Psi |t() (i . I IK.S JOSKIMI n Sociology DOHKIS. ROBKRT L— BBA Insurance Insurance Society, Georgia State Booster Club l)(ll RLRLY. IIF.LFN C— BBA Accounting I ' hi (.hi Iheta. Mu Rho Sigma DLPREE, NELSON— BS Chemistry SENIORS Dl RRANCE. CARROL ELWOOD— BBA Management EDMOM). . KENNETH S.— BBA Economics ELLINGTON, DOUGLAS J.— BBA Marketing ELLIOTT. AGNFS ESTELLE— BMus Music Chorus ELLIS. JOHN HUNTER— BBA Marketing Delta Sigma Pi, S.A.M., Golf Team ELLIS, THOMAS EVEREIT— BBA Accounting 278 FI HOD. FAYK .. K Kiifjlish It.S.l ' . (Presidt ' iit, Slate Secty.-Treas.), General Council, Glee Club, S.E.A. EMRRY. FOSTFH ALVIN AB English KSTIIFK. CIIAIII.FS HICIIAKD-AB I ' y hology I ' i Ka| |ia I ' lii. S.A.M.. ' oung Hopuliliraiis, ]{.(). I.e. Band, Scabbanl and Blade F M1{ I{. DOHOlin F|{ A NCES--BS Biology .Alpha I ' lii ( iie-1 ' res. I General Council. Weslev Foundation. Senior Editor Rampway Staff. ' FA ' ITIG. HAHHAHA NELSON— BS Biology FICKEN. JOHN W .— BBA Management FIELD, RICHARD W .— BHA .Marketing Sigma Nu, Delta Sigma Pi, G Club, Student Government, Signal (News Editor and Sports Editor I " Ugliest Man on Campus, " I.F.C., Greek Wcfk Best Actor, Homecoming Commit- tee. .May Day Committee, Baseball, Sigma Nu Personality of the Year FLETCHER. JESSIE E.— BBA Accounting Phi Chi Theta, Crimson Key FLOYD, WILLIS T. Beta Alpha Psi -BBA Accounting if M . FOWLER. CAROL DOWNS— AB English Alpha Delta Pi FRANZ. RICHARD MICHAEI -AB Political Science Georgia State Players, Alpha Psi Omega, International Relations Club FREEMAN, WILLIAM E.— BBA Marketing Pi Sigma Epsilon GALLAGER. CAROLYN R.— AB Sociology Delta Zeta. Panhellenic President, General Council GAMBLE, CLAUDE D.— AB Psychology GEORGE REBECCA L— AB Political Science .Mu Rho Sigma, International Relations Club 279 (IHSON. DONALD LEE— BBA Markrting I ' i Si-ima Kpsilmi CILLICW. SAKA ELAINE AH lliM... GLE. SO.N. JACK g. HBA Manngenu-nt El (;ENE ROBERT— BBA MaiKiiii-iiifnt (,(il DSVCK. JAMES FRANCIS— BBA Insurance CKAllAM. (.I.ORIA E.— AB History Kappa Theta, Newman Club, Student Govern- ment GREEAK. JOHN FIELDS— BS Biology GREER. LONNIE E.— BBA Management GRK(;(;. HOMER I L. RHA .. ..unting Beta Al])lia P. ' i. Aicounling Society senior; GRIMES, CAROLYN K.— AB English Dean ' s List GITHRIE. SARAH ANN— AB English S E.A.. B.S.L. HAISTEN. CAROL FORD-AB English H I I.. GEOliGE H.— AB Mathematics HALL. MRS. JK N II.— . B History HALL, ILLI. M L.— BBA Accounting 280 IIWCOCK. MARSIIAI.I. KLWOOI) -BBA M.inajit ' iiK-nl llAliDAW AY. HAKKY IIOWAUD liHA ln uian(.e Al|)lia Kappa Psi, Iiisuraiu ' e Society IIVUDIN. TKOV K.— 1U! M.uketing l iSij;iiia Kpsilnti HARRIS. I ' llll. MARIS— BBA Marki-tin- S.A.M. n WKiN. . RKXioifi) I ' l i;i)(;i: r— BRA Markfliiif; liVM- . WlLllWI lUSKELL— BBA Economics HKCK. MARY CAROLYN— AB Journalism Student Council. L niversity Players. Rampway, Signal. Choral Club. Newman Club (President) HELTON. BOBBY LEE— BBA Real Estate F ' i Kappa Alpha HKMBRKK. JAMES NL— BBA Real Estate 1963 te;T 1 IIIHMW. HOWARD— BBA Accounting Arciiuiiliiig Society HERRLNG. JAMES BLAKE— AB Mathematics HICE. THOMAS SEARCEY— BBA Transportation lllNESLEY. NANCY EVELYN— AB Psychology- Kappa Theta (Corresponding Secretary). Crimson Key, Psi Chi. Student Government. Booster Club HITCHCOCK. BRENDA JOYCE— AB English HITCHINS. EDNA H.— AB English Alpha Lambda Delta. Crimson Key 281 i : i II(M;1 K. JOHN FirWKI.IN AH Muthemalics llOl.l.AMt. (IMI :. im A.iounting Alpha I iiiilxla Dcitu IKM.I.KV. (;iI.Hi;iM WARNKU UHA ll»! |.ital Ailiniiii lr.iliciii Dflla lau Delta. I ' i Kpsilon Rho IIOI 1. WILLIAM LAHKV-AB Psychology llONKYCUrr, DLW.NE LOUISE— AB English Kappa Thcia lln|! Sin. CALVIN K. HHA Accounting MORTON. VIRGIL KF.NNETH-RBA Marketinp Delia Sipma Pi. Scahhard and Blade, S.A.M. HOWARD, JOHN WILLIAM— BHA Accounting HOWELL. ROBERT LOUIS— AB Psychology IM Chi SENIORS HUFFMAN. VIRGINIA RUTH— AB English S.E.. . Hl?NT. KATHRYN WHITE— BBA Accounting Phi Chi TheU, Alpha Lambda Delta HUNT. REGINALD LYNN-Bin Management Alpha Kappa Psi. Scabbard and Blade HUSTON. MARTHA SIDES— AB English IRELAND. GRADY ROSS— AB Psychology IVEY, CHARLES W RAY— AB Sociology 282 IVKY. H.II M W. m Manatjemcnt JINKS. JAMKS MASSION HI! M;uk.iing JOHNSON. (:il KI.i:S I l l i;i! Mmkeling I ' i Sii;ma Kpsilun JOHNSON. Cl.AUKNCK TIIOM A.S— liMA Manajiement JOHNSON. DWII) JOHN— HIU Accounting JOHNSON. JAMKS BENJAMIN— BBA Actuarial Science Beta Gamma Sigma. Blue Key, Actuarial Sci- ence Cluh JOHNSO.V ROBERT CLARK— BBA Management Delta Siiniia Phi JOHNSON. SANDRA A.N.N— AB History S.N.E.A.. B.S.U. JONES. CAROL MYRTLE— AB Sociology 963 JONES. DIANNE J.— AB English JONES. LEWIS C— BBA Accounting JORDAN. JOSEPH EMMETT. JR.— BBA Accounting Beta Alpha Psi JORDAN. W II.LIAM ROLAND— BBA Real Estate KEITH. W II.LIAM LEH.M.VN- AB Sociology KERSEY. CECIL RUDOLPH— BS Mathematics 283 kl l DAK SIIIK— AR P.ilitical Science K1N(.. iniJIUIJA T.— AB Psychology M|ili.i ( .iiiiiiia Dflta KINC. CARY STL ' ART— AB Psychology Alpha Kpsilon Pi kl (;. IIAHVKY CLARKE— BBA Management Delia Sipina Pi KIN(;. JOHN M.— BBA A.-ounlinj: kIKKLAM), JAMKS EDWARD— BBA Marketing LAMi;i.i;i. Willi M HIAUY— BBA Marketing fl Pi Kappa Alpha ill:. ROBERT SHKRRII.L— AB Economics 1 I 1 . DWIll 1. H Psychology senior: LEW 1 . JOIINML M. AB Sociology LEWIS. MARCELLE CARTEL— AB Sociology Delta Zeta, Wesley Foundation LEWIS, WALTER EUGENE— BBA Management LILLY, KAY 111 - B.S.U. LONG. RICHARD B LORD. DAISY W AB Sociology . — AB English 284 I I l) K;. IKKOV IIIOM I ' .MA iMiuinic Iti ' l.i ( iMiiiiiia Sip:ni.i l.M i;. 11 HKY A.— BS Chemistry 1 II«IM . K MIKI.Ol 1! I ' .ililicalSri.-ncf l|ilia I ' lii, General Ciouiicil. I ' anhellenic, S.K.A.. R.S.U. M 1 lllV. JOHN n. 1!1! Marketing 1 1N(;. AH I 111 K KKANCIS— BBA Economics Ka| | a Si;:ma MAMS, GEORGE CLlFKt.N BHA .MaiKi{;tiucnt Kappa Alpha Epsilon MAMS. KWIOM) LEE— AB History Sipma Phi Epsilon, Scabbard and Blade, Bas- ketball MAim, JAMES HARPER— BBA Marketing Pi Sigma Epsilon MARTIN. JANET S.— AB Psychology Delta Zeta I Corresponding Secty.), Crimson Key, Psi Chi, B.S.U., Panhellenic Scholarship ikifelA 963 MASTERS, VIRGINIA R.— BMus Music Zeta Tail Alplia ( Treasurer I, B.S.U., Choir MATTHIAS, MARY ALICE— AB English MATTOX. J NICE GAIL— AB Psychology- Ali ha Oniicron Pi. G Club, Student Government Asso- ciation (Secretary). Associate Editor Rampway. Cap- tain Majorettes. Sweetheart Sigma Nu, Signal Society Editor, Who ' s Who MAII.niN. GUY N.- BBA Marketing MA ION. CHARLES E.— BBA Management MrAHTIU R. LLOYD LYNN— BBA Transportation 285 i McCOLLISTKK. IKJNALI) HAHKY— AB Sifiiiia I ' hi i;|» il .ii, I.F.C., Stabbard and Blade M.CUMB. LAKHY BKl CK BS I ' Iinmis Pershing il,- . B.S.I . M. CKOKIV IIKi; BHOOKS-BBA Actuarial SticiH r Pi Kappa l| lia M. ( I Hl.l.V. KLl ABKrH l.OHKNA BS .Muthi-niatii ' » Student Government (Secretary), Panhellenic ( Treasurer (. Kappa ' I ' hcta (Treasurer, Cor- res| n(lin;; Secrelarv, President, 1st Vice-Presi- dent I 1. ( I { { . CI | llAKin.N AB History . 1. DD.NAl.l). lih.NJA.Ml.N IIA.MILTO.N— BBA Marketing Delta Sigma Pi, Blue Key, Scabbard and Blade M GEK, GfcX)RGE A.- liBA ll..,.piial A.lministration McGlNMS, JOE B.— BBA .Marketing Pi Sigma Epsiiun .McGlIFiK. LINDA B.— AB Psychology I ' si Chi SENIORS .McKKI.I.AR. MAKY LY.NDA— BBA Business Education McNELLEY, JOA.N B.— AB English Mu Rho Sigina MEADOWS. DEW EY EUGENE— BS Physics MEEK. ' . K.MMETT L.— BBA .Accounting MELVIN. CARSON E.— AB Political Science MIDDLETON. BARBARA MANN— AB English 286 MILES. MARION KLIZABETH AB Englisl. MILIJ5. HOMKKl " 1).— AB lNy hol,.t;y Swonl ;ui(l Sliiflil, Wesley Foiiiidalion, S.E.A. MOBLEY, MASON ORLANDO— BBA Accounting Accounting Society MORRISON. E. SANDliA AB English MOIIIKRSIIKI). )0 C— AB Psychology I ' i Kappa .Mpha, Psi Chi, Intramural Key, General Council MOYI.AN. ARIHIR M.— BBA Economics Alplui Kappa Psi. Booster Club ML LL1 . IXALK K. BBA Hospital Administration Pi Epsilon Rho. General Council MLLLIS, JANE G.— AB English Kappa Thela. Student Government, Wesley Foundation MLRPHY. CHARLES D.— BS Chemistry Pi Kappa Phi, Rifle Team 963 NELSON, LLOYD M.— BBA Management -BS Biology NEWBORN. JAMES LEE- Scabbard and Blade NEWMAN. BOBBY HUBERT- Alpha Kappa Psi, S.A.M. -BBA Accounting NEWMAN. NORTON CLEVELAND— BBA Accounting Kappa Sifrma. Circle K, B.S.U. MCllOLS. JOHN 1). BBA Management Sigma Phi Kpsiloii. Delta Sigma Pi. Scabbard and Blade. Slu lent Government. S.A.M.. Who ' s Who NIX. CLYDE ALLEN— BBA Management 287 tf ()HI{IS. IMII.V J. AH I ' sychology OKI.IMANN. TOMMY N.— BS Chemistry Sigma Phi K| silon, Newman Club ( l HIU 1,1.. I MICMAKl. m In-iiramc OI.MSTEAF), SHIRLEY U.— AB English OLSON. NEVA J.— AB Psychology OROSZ. PALL STEVE— BS Chemistry Newman Ciuli ovff{- trki:t. lintoi n i ' mjk lun MiiiiagriiK-nt PALMER, HERMAN D.— BBA Marketing Pi Sigma Epsilon PALMER, PAULINE A. Boosters Club SENIOR! PALMER, THOMAS EARL— BBA Marketing Pi Sigma Epsilon (Treasurer) PARRISH. GLENN C— BS Chemistry PARRISH. JOHN L— BBA Transportation Pi Kappa Alpha. S.A.M. PAPPADAKIS, ANTHONY C— BBA Accounting PATTERSON, TANDALL L— BBA Marketing PEDIGO. JIMMY I . -BBA Management 288 PF:TERSt)N. 11.1 Mil III N IU1 Iaik.-lin;; Zeta Tau Alpha I I ' ri ' sidfiil t. Delta Ivambda Simula ( llistiiriaii and i{c|) irl«T). General Council. I ' anlicllcnio Council, Signal I ' F.TK AS. KMMANUKL JOHN— AB Psychology Ka| | a Sigma I ' llKAS. MCk JOHN— BBA Accounting Accounting Society, S.A.M. P KITYS. NORMAN W ILLIAM— AB Philosophy K.ippa Alpha rilll.l.lPS. HAHHY MU:ilAl,L AH History Sigma Phi EiJsilon PICKETT. DANIEL BOWEN— BBA Accounting Accounting PIKK. THOMAS J.— BBA Management IMTIMW. OSCAR E.— BBA Accounting PLEYTE. SUZANNA H.— AB Art £iA.A ! mm PLUMB, CHLOE B.— AB Psychology Mu Rho Sigma. Alpha Lambda Delta. Crimson Key, Kappa Theta Cup Winner. Dean ' s Key. Student Council POLLOCK. EVELYN SAMSON— AB English Mu Rho Sigma POOL, VilLLIAM C— BBA Marketing POOLE. FORREST CAMPBELL— BBA Real Estate Kappa Sigma PORTER. ROYCE L.— BS Mathematics I ' Ol RNELLE. ALI.ENE L YO— AB History Delta Zeta. Canterbury Club 289 I ' KICi;. lU FORI) K— BBA Mana-jemcnt I ' i K.i|)| .i Mpliii. Stiiilriit (°ciuiK-il I ' lUI yi. KOIUUI inUON -AH Psychology Kappa Si;:ina. I.F.C. ( ViccPrcs.), General ( " iiuncil I ' lilNCK. CUAHl IF. F.— UliA A.c.untinK n:i W I I I. DOIOHF.S HAK-AB PMihologv l ' KV)l{.()li Jl.A.N AH l-.t.nli li Chorus I ' lHClFII.. (AVFNDOLYN— BS Biology Kappa Tlicta I ' lRSKH. GFRALD H.— UMA Marketing Kappa Sipma. Circle K KADCl.MFK. MAKV F. HA l ' .- iliology Psi Chi (Treasurer), Crimson Key I! VCSDM.F. n. DAN -BRA Insurance Delia Sigma Pi SENIOR! RAIMV { Jti AHFnglish RAM FY. KOBFRT LFROY— BBA Mai.apement RAWLINS. THOMAS RICHARD— BBA Marketing Alpha Kappa Psi, Scabbard and Blade, General Counci RAY. CH.ARLES R M.PH— BBA Marketing Pi Sigma E, -il..n I President I. Circle K (Secretary Pi Beta I.amlxl.i RAY. SrSAN MARGARF.T— AB Geography RAYBLRN. THOMAS GEORGE— BBA Accounting 290 Mil l. . JI 1M IIMil ' KK IlliA M.m;.;;.-mciit Hill.- K.-v |{| 1 II I{I)T. CLKNDA JAC(,)ir.LV — Al? SorioKijrv W ' t-sli ' v Fouiiilalion ( Swrctary t, S.E.A. REYNCIi.DS. HoniRTA LKK— AB English AI|.1k. Phi. S.K.A. lUKWES. ANNE MAFI— AB English RICHTKR. W YMA HASKELL— BBA Accounting Pi Kapp.i Alpha. Intramural Kc . Beta Alpha Psi RILKV. JAMES HENRY— BBA Accounting Pi Kappa Phi. S.A.M.. Concert Band RIVERS. DAVID T.— BBA Management ROACH. BEVERLY SUE— AB Sociology Delta Zeta ROBERTS. PIERCE JACKSON— BBA Manasement ' 963 ROBERTS. SAM P.— BBA Insurance Kajipa Alpha Epsilon. Insurance Society (President and Vice-President) ROBERTS. SCOTT A.— BBA Accounting ROBERTSON, CLIFFORD BOLAND— BBA Marketing Alpha Kappa P i ROLADER. CHARLES ELGENE— AB Political Science Student Council. Signal ROLISON. JOHN CHARLES— AB English HOYAI. J MI.S WILLIAM— BBA Management 291 KISSKLL. FHKI) I.1N(;LK— BBA Marketing SAh S. HICIIAKI) ( IIMM.KS HHA Management Drhii Sipi.a I ' i. S.A.M. SAMPLKS. ROBKRT EUGENE— BBA Manaf-i-mciit SANDERS. MARIHA SUE— AB Sociology SCREWS. JANICE ELIZABETH— AB Psychology Psi Chi SEARS, MALHlCi: J.— BBA Accounting l.iJH)Ul. lli.NK IKA.N AH Psychology SHAW. CHARLES THOMAS— BBA Economics SHELTO.N. HORACE EMMON— BS Mathematics Intramural Key senior: SHIFLETT. CHARLES BENJAMIN— BBA Accounting SHILLINGTON. JANE— AB History SH.MERLING. ARLINE NATALIE— AB Psychology Hiilcl. Psi Chi. International Relations Club SHUPE. CHARLES R. -BBA Accounting SICARD. JACK RAYMOND-BBA Management SIKES. SHELLY H.— BBA Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi (Presi .nt), Beta Alpha Psi (Treas- urer! 292 | l ln - T I HF.DDIK BRA lU-al V.MnU- U) . 1III M M l ' .i; Miinagcment SMI I II. (II lil.l W. M! i;...ii..mics SMII II. DAMKL LAVt RKNCK— AH Economics Al|)lia Epsilon I ' i. I.F.C. ( President I. General Coiineil ( President I SMII II l Mi:S EDWARD— AB History SMITH. RICHARD RRYAN— AB Psychology Alpha Tail Onieiia S Mii SMI 111. RICHARD R.— BBA Management SMITH. RICHARD WESLEY— AB Geography Sigma Alpha Epsilon SMITH. " WTLLARD D.— AB Psychology SOCKWELL. WILLIAM C— BBA Accounting Kappa Sigma SPEARMAN. ALLAN B.— BS Biology SPENCER. PATRICIA MAE— AB English S.E.A. STANSELL. NELL GROSS— AB Political Science STALEY, JOHN W.— AB Psychology STOKES. JOSEPHINE K.— BBA Hospital Administration Kappa Alpha Theta. Phi Chi. Boosters Club 293 M STRAIN. SYLVIA K— AR F.n;rli»h S.K.A.. R.S.r.. I iiiv.Tsit I ' luyers. Alpha Psi Omcpa STRKNCIR. STl ART H RR R I ' sn. I...l..(;v Sludcnl ()ii fiiiiiii ' iil — -iM i.iliiiii I I ' lf-idi-nl I. Ililltl. Iiilririatiiiiial Rclalioiis Club, Phi Beta Sijma. ' - Chi. (HMicral CouikII. I.F.C l I I IVW. JAMKS RU:ilARI)— HRA Real Estate Alpha Tau Omepa, Delta Sigma Pi SIMM;|{.J M1 DWII) hi HI ' s .lu.lopy (•■-! • iniindalinii. liiiii ' .tct (!liil) IMiMOOT. KAVMOM) AM Psychology Alpha Kp iloii I ' i TAM.( I!. ()RM JI W l!l! ll.isiness Kdutalion Mil IUii Sipiiia 11 l. I i;i! 1.1 (,I. K H History IlKiM . i;illl i; III l! l ' (holog lll(i l S. I ' I Kiel ANNK AH Knplish Kap| a riieta. Sluilcnt Government SENIORS TIIOMI ' SON. I.XHin I rr,KNK- " BS Biology THOMPSON. MKLINDA NKLL— AB History THRASHER, WARREN W.— BBA Management TOWNSEND. JERRY R.— AB Sociology Color Guard. Choir TOWNSEND. RONALD LEE— HI5A Management TLCKER. CHESTER ELDONALD— AB English 294 n KM I!. |(HI i ' . Iill iMMiian.f Di ' ll.i Sipiii.t I ' i, S. . I., Iiijiiinmce Society, (iolf IVam 11 l! l li. M(i--I - III (.11 ll|; M.MKifjcMicnt II l{M li. |{()l!| HI --III l.l() l! l ' -.N.Iiol,,nv l!. .l . --.1 . . 11 li l I!. W 1! II l ( (»|) l! TYSON. WILLIAM (;LI{ ALD m. Mana ome.u Si iiia Nii. Sliidfiit Oiivcriimciit. W Im ' s Who rPF ' . CLAKtv JAMKS— BS Physics AN HOI SK. CHARLES L. HHA Actuarial Science Sigma Phi Lpsilun. Delta Sijiiiia I ' i. Newman Club, Actuarial Science Club WAHK. ANNKTFE MARIE— BBA Management Phi Chi Theta. Crimson Key. S.A..M.. B.S.U. WAGNER. JAMES A.- BBA Hospital Administration Al|)ha Kappa Psi. Pi Epsilon Rho 963 ;k« WALKER. DON Ml) KKIHARD— BBA Actuarial Science Pi Kappa Alpha. Delta Sigma Pi. Actuarial Science Club. (Christian Science Club WALKER. JOSI I ' ll 1 YNN— BBA Real Mutate W ALKER. W nXIAM H.— BBA Insurance W ALTON. CHARLES D. HBA Accounting W ALIEK. 11 W LEY DRAMO.N— BBA Insurance WARD. DOROniY GREY— BS Biology 295 iffkH W Mtli, 1 UA ( l. JAM ITK AH Knplish Vl ' fslcy Fouiidalion W m.. J OHN I.. lUlA Markcliiifi I ' i Si;. ' m;i l-.p-iloii WAKKIA. JOHN W. jmA Management Student Council WASHINC.TON. CAKOl. I.INDA— BS Biology WATKRS. JOHN C. ItlU Accounting W II.US. [{OiilKI l-ltW l!l) Iil! Marketing I ' i Si;;ma K| sili)n W ATSON. JAMES IVERSON— BBA Management W KA ' lllKRFOHl). KOMERT E.— BBA Management W KRKR. IAR(;ARET J.— AB Psychology Mu iUiii Siunia. Westminster Fellowship SENIOR! WELLS. (.. DO.NAl.iJ BMu.- Music Band, Chorus WELLS, RLTH TOnD— AB En -lish Mu Rho Sigma. Dean ' s List, Dean ' s Key, James E. Routh Senior English Award, Student Council WHEELER. JERRY LANE— BBA Management Sigma Nu. Suord and Shield, S.A.M. (Secretary) WlilTAKKH. ELIZAHl-.TH MORGAN— AB Psychology Ka|)| a Theta. Criri " n Key. Psi Chi WHITE. JOHN W. SEA. -B.S. Kithematics WHITING. K 1 IlLKINL O. B Spanish Mu Rho Sigma. Crimsoi Key. Spanish (llub. Alpha Lambda Delta 296 Wll.lion. KOSALIM) I ' KlSCli.LA-AU Sociology Alpha OmiiTon Pi, S.E.A., Sludciit Govt-riiment As iiii ' iution, Criinsun Kfv, (iluiiriiiaii, Sparks Schularship Fund, Who ' s Who Willi WIS. HKRNAHH O.— AB History Willi WIS. I DW l{i) v.— BBA Transportation W ll.SON. BAHBAHA JEANNE— BMus Music W i i»i l. W lUJAM FRANKLIN— AB English WINSNESS, JEKKV ROBERT— BBA Accounting Delta Tau Delta W IM KRS. FA E DAWN— AB Modern Language Weslev Foundation ( President). Band. Spanish Club ■ WOO DALE. JAMES BARTOW— BS Physics Kappa -Alpha Epsilon. Basketball. LF.C, G Club WOODY, SHEILA ANN— AB English Student Government 963 WORD. W. RHETT— AB History Sigma Nu WRIGHT, ROBERT J.— BBA Management WYNNE. C. PAIRICIA— AB English Delta Zela. G Club, Cheerleader. Rampway Staff, Who ' s Who YOLNG. JAMES CHARLES— BBA Management Kappa Alpha 297 JUNIORS ADAMS. MAUY AKINS, FRANCES Kl - . J(ill K1N . MAHION AI.IOHD. 1 { ALLKN. nKVKRLY K(;K. ROBERT ARMFIELD, CLAUDE Al 11 . M.l.KN RAIRl). RHETT i; ki,i;. i.iMtA BAKER, PAUL i; l.h . JOYCE BARFIELD. CHRISTLNE BASDEN. 1 KY BATCHELOR, THOMAS BEAZLEY. NANCY BECK. UERWOOD BECRAFT. MARY BEELER, WILLIAM BENNETT, JOSEPH BERNIER, LEE B1N(,. JAMES BISCHOFF. FREDERICK 298 1963 I ' .Lo l Kl.l». JI.Kiil.l) IIOXANNO. .IdllWt IKII I l l l . I ' U 1. l;(»l 1 I IK, FRANCES i;i; i)iii KKi. II 1,1 w 111; i)i.i . II (,i. i IIUWIin.KT ' l. I ' ATKICA i;i; wit. (.i;i.i liKAWL.N. llLoll IlKWSON, CAROL liKASELTON. JAMES BRENNER. NORMAN BKEWEK. JUSLI ' H BRIDGES. ELAINE BROOM. 1 Mll.V BlIOSKI. JOSKl ' H HKO.sTl{()M. iUKODoRE BROWDER. SYLVIA i:i{(» N. iloYI r.KdW i.i i;. -•wiMY BKYAM. 1LLL M lilRCIIErr. JIMMY lURGESS. MARGARET lU HI ON. MKL 299 JUNIORS lU il.F.H. J MF.S BITTS. ARTHl R BYARS. JKROME BYCK. JAMES CABl " . RdRF.RT ( lMil! . VICTORIA (M.DWF.l.I.. FI.MNE (Ml W. WILLIS (AMI " . i ' r CAMPBELL. JOAN CAI{ . I 1 NK CARL. LYNN CANTRFLL. NANCY CARNES. JAMES CARPENTER. DORRIS CHANCE. ALTON CllAM)I.i:i{. (, FORCE CHANDLER. JOHN CHEATHAM. BETTILAINE CHEEK. ROYCE CHI RCH. NANCY CLAWSON. DONALi COLE. DEWITT COLE. JAMES 300 1963 COLKMAN. I.KK COLLINS. UKTIV COLLINS. JAMES COLLINS, JESSK ' COLTLR. DONALD COOK. FRANCES CONNER. ELEANOR COOl ' KR. CHRISTINE COKLEV. JOHN CORNWELL. DONALD COSBY. BILLY COl NCIL. ARTHUR CREVIS, JOHN CREWS. ILLIAM CROO.M. BEVERLY CROWDER. JAMES CROWE, ANN CRUM, DANCY CSIKY, JUDY CUTCHINS, FRED DAMERON. JANE nVNIEL. JAMES DANIELL. CHARLENE DAVIS. DELAINE 301 JUNIORS II w i , J Mi:s i vis. (;r. nt l l-«, WINMI DAY. CLAKKNCE l)l.l.(.A . W 11.1.1AM DKI.OACHK. LUCY IUI{K i: . DICK DONALDSON, TOM ' v ' l (i| ' () . Di NK DOl RLI.DAY. CHARLIE III W J WIKS DLNCAN. ALHKRT DLHllAM. JOHN KLLIS. ROBERT ELLI . IIIhMAS FENDER. MALVIN FERCLSON. LYNDA FERREN, JOHN FIELD. WILLIAM ilNI VY. ELIZABETH II.IW. WILLIAM FLOWERS. WILLIAM FLLEHR, CHRIS FOREMAN. MARVIN 302 1963 JSm l()l{TL E, JOSKPH lolMTNE, LINDA lOl MAIN. JA.MIiS IK ll l. JMIIN I li II.H. I ' Al " IKV, J KAN FULLER, KAREN GAINEY. WILLIAM GALBRAriH. MARTHA GARWOOD. MARY GERRER. LLNDA GLADDEN, JUDLIH GORDON. JLOriH GRAY. MARY GRAY, SUSAN green. bill greenw ay. carter gregory. victor (;reinkr. hanne GROOVER. I ' AMKLA llAIRSTON. JERRY HALL. BRENDA IIWIIIV. MICHAEL 303 JUNIORS IIWCOCK. IKMIIRT llWCOCk. illoMASlA II WWII. SIE il ()N. WILLIAM IIWHtN. I.AIKA 11 l{l)l(,(,. JAMES 11 Mil UN. DONALD IIAKIUS. JOHN H |{T. i;i) AKU ll in. GI.KN II HWKLL. JULIAN IIV ' iMK. CARO Hi LV. KIGENE 11I.M)KI{I,!(;HT. BILL HENDON. JERRY llll) lj;(). MANUEL lll(;(,INI5()lllA i. BOBBY HILL. CHARLES HILL. JAMES HILL. PATTY HILTON. WAYNE HOGAN. ANN HOLLEY. HARRY HOLLINGSWORTH, MARTIN " ' " (bG 304 1963 IIOHNK. MICHAELL HOUSTON. F.MYLEK HOW Mil). II I III CK AMY. Ill I!V III (,(,l . rilARLES illGHES, JOHN HUGHES, LINDA HUNT. JOYCE IRVIN, LAWRE.NCE JACKSON, CHARLES JARRUn. MARGARET JI-.NKUNS. JOHNNY JOHNSON, BRYAN JOHNSON. DOUGLES JOHNSTON. JOSEPH JOHNSTONE. DOUG JONES, CAREY JONES. BARBARA JONES. BARTON JONES. CLARA JONES. JAMES JONES. LINDA JONES. BEBEE JONES. .McDonald 305 JUNIORS JONES. OLIVIA JONES. RONALD JOKDON. C . [ liLV KAYLOK. M KV KKLNK. IXIWI.I) KKLTER. JOSEPH KKIIKLKV. C.MARLCIE Kl 1 DV. J1.H1{V KlLin. K TIK KLAITZ. JOHN KNAFP. WALTER KNIGHT. HAROLD KRAFT. ANN LACY, BETTY L MH. KENNETH LANDERS. ALLAN LAWLER. JEAN LEAGUE, GLORL LEE, ANNE LEIKE. RICHARD LESTER, KENNETH LEWIS, LUTHER LEWIS. THOMAS LINDOLIST. FRED 306 1963 F.iTciii ii;i.i). mi.i.v I uriini:!.!). iiosv I.() (,. lUCIIAKI) LONG. RO.NM LONG. SARAH LOLNSBLRY. JOHN LOVE. RONALD L DDOX. PHILIP MAJOR. PEGGY MARTIN. HOWARD MARTIN. JANIE MASSEY. ROBERT MATTHEViS. JANE MATTHE XS. MARY MAYE, DANIEL McAFEE, MILLS MiCLAIN. PAIL M, CANNON. JOSEPH MrCORMICK. OLIN M.COY. ANDREA M.CRARY. RICHARD UCLRLEY. JOYCE McGILL. PEGGY McGINMS. DAVID 307 JUNIORS MiUlM ' i. 1 K11.V. McKAY. FAYE McLEAN. HAHVEY McLE.NDON. IIAKUIS McQUELN.; MEHLOCK. I«)BHY MERCER. JAMES MIDDLETON. LINDA MIKELL jam: millenbak;!!. bld mitchell. nancy Mill 11 M. ROBERT MIZE. LLM)A MOORE. EMILY MORRISON. JOHN .MUNRO. TOMMIE Ml VA ' IW, IILNKV 1YKHS. VIRGINIA MILL. JAMES NOLES, JERRY NLNAN. BRENT OBARR. ANNA OORTMAN, EVERT PARIS. CHARLENE 308 1963 JiM£ l ' l!KS. JAMKS l ' ll . IIIAKV I ' M II.HSON. I{()HERT I ' lADLKV. JOHN I ' KTTY. PHILIP run. I, II ' .-. I- M ' .KLL PHILLIPS, LINDA PIERCE. JOH.N PIERCE. LLOYD POLLOS. PETE PRINCE. D.WID I ' KLIl 1. JOHN PULLER. M. ' RIAN RAGSDALE. JERRY RAINES, GARY HAI ' i;. JO ANN RAPPOLD. CARL RATTEREE. MARY REAMS, LARRY HI.Dl). liH-LV REEVES. WAYNE KlANOi.DS. PAUL RHODES. REBECCA 309 JUNIORS lUW.RS. CI RTIS HOHFRTSON. I ' MIUCIA HOniNSON. H inBY H()IIHH ( 11. I.KK KOPKH. W 11.1.1 VM HOTl REM . WAITER ROY I . 1 1 i;i 1 1 l!I i.Kl.n. LARRY HI i;ii l . M.lil.RT RISSEM.. HARRARA RlSSKl.L. DAVID RUSSELL. EARL SATTER FIELD, LINDA JANE SCARBOROl CII. SHARON SCHICK. MMiCVRET SCHLL.M.W. IIUWAUU SCOTT, MARY SCOTT, SHARON SHERAM. JOE SHIRLEY. ELSIE SHUTLEY. RONAL SIMMONS. HAROLD SKELTON, CAROL SLINNER. CHARLES 310 1963 SMIIII. SMIIII. SMIIII. SMIIII. I)|{1 W 11 ,i; i-; 1 1 II (MAS SMIIII. OKION S.MYLY, JOAN SNELSON. MOUKItT SOREXSON, SIDNEY SORROW. jOli.N SOTTNEK. HENRY SOUTH. DOROTHY STEVENS. PALL STE ART. JOHN STE .MAN. PAUL STOBS. L RTHA STOTT. BETTY STOWERS. CHARLES STRANGE. JOHN STRICKLAND. GINNIE SUMMERLIN. LAVERNE mhJik Jih SUMMLK ll.LL. JON SUTTON, GERALDINE . l ITO . J. MES SWAIN, CINDY 311 M JUNIORS TM.LEY. CARL TMiPLKY. BKVKRLY IKMI ' LES. AI.IUKT 11 lUn. Ill NKIKTTA IHOMAS. DIANE IIIOMPSON. .1 WICE THOMPSON. JO TRAVIS. STUART TREA DWELL. CAROLE TURNER. MARION TY.- ON. BEVERLY VAUGHN. M RY VILLAMARZO. GLORIA VINEYARD. LINDA VITTUR. JANET ViALLIS. JOSEPH WATKINS. KATHLEEN WATKINS. THELMA EBSTER. GEORGE WHEELER. JIM WHEELER. ILLIAM WHITE. THOMAS WHITLEY. JOHN TIMMERMON. MARY 312 1963 WK.Kll!. (- II- WICKKR. LARRY |(;(;INS. TOMMY Will! NK--. HKN WII.DKR. ANN WII.KIK. BRENDA WII.IIAMS. CHARLES WILLLVMS. MARY ILLLAMS. LAMAR II,I.L MSON, FAYE ' ILLIS, RALPH WILSON. CAROLINE ILT. WILLL M WISE, ROBERT WOOD. AMY WOOD, JOAN WORSHAM, REBECCA WRIGHT. CYNTHIA WRITSEL. LAW RENCE YOING. DINAH vol (;. AN(,KLA YOLNGBLOOD, LOUISE ZELLNER. JOHN ZA(TIKV. W Y NE 313 1963 UNDERCLASSMEN SOPHOMORES AliWI . KI.I AHETH N(»K (K»I) AlHOCK. I HUM .s I!K ALL AUKLNS. JOSEPH WILEY ALBRITTON. HAROLD DAVID ALEXANDER. SARAH H. ANDERSON. C.AVLE ELIZABETH ANDERSON. JAMES RON. LD ANDREW, JULIE .VUCE ANGLIER. JACQUELINE . . . NKRO.M. MARGIE ANN . RRINGTON, C. G. IL .ATCHISON. JERE LINDS.W ALANT. W ILLIA.M CARROLL B.XGBY. HARRIET C. BAILEY. MYRA LYNN BAILEY. WILLIAM ELMER BALDWIN. ROBERT L. BALL, ARTHUR B. BASKIN, JOAN MARIE BAZEMORE, ALVAH J. CKSON BELCHER. CHARLES L BELL, CAROL JANE BELL. LOUIS GUY BENNETT, JOAN EILEEN ttth l£m 315 1963 IJKR.NKV. DAVID EUGENE ItKlllKA. JOE C. HLACKSTONE, LORITA III KVI -. I! III! I! IF.E BOEHM. S. (;aYI.E iiiiMi I . i |{(;ai{|Ta HUOTH, MARY ANN lioWF.If-. I!l( II RI) S. IKiM). |()I A ADKIENNE l;li l)LEV, ANN KANDOLPII r.KANNEN. NANCY LEE IIHA ' I. KI HARD I.EE liHINKI.F.Y. NANCY LAURA l!H(i II!ERG. SHEILA imuWN, BARBARA CAYE HROWN. JERRY ANN ItRLlNDAGE, M R liETH I;RYANT, ED T. lU CHAN AN. FRANK I.EBROW J HIDFR. NITA HI ANNA Bl RNS, ROBERT NORRIS Bl TTRAM, BARRY HOWARD liVFRS. FRANCES ANN CAIN. DELTON FLO ' D 316 SOPHOMORES I MdlSI.K, JIDITII ANN CAKK, Kl) KKIIAIU) CARR. PATRICIAN DIANE CARKOI I.. JAMES CIAMPBELL CARSON, SALI.V IRENE CARVER, WIL.MA C. CASE, AUDREY M. CAVENDER, CHARLOTTE CAVIN. MAXINE ELIZABETH CHAMBERS, BOB CHAMBERS. PEGGY JOYCE CHAPELL. JACK R. CLARK. ETHEL GIBSON CLARK. JACK A. CLARK, TOMMY G. CLAXTON, TONY R. CLEM, MARIE ANN COAN. CHARLOTTE DE.AN COBB, MERRILY JUNE COCHRAN, .SANDRA LEE COHELEACH, ROBERT F. COHEN, DIANE COHEN, LOIS BERYL COLE, BRENDA JOYCE 317 1963 coin, llll.l Mil) 1 AMAK COLE. SANDRA LUCILLE COLLEY. ANN MARIE COLUNS, JAMES LEE ail.MU.N, IH) IIUWAKU coLViN, (;eor(;f. hill COOK, Hi NK W. COOK, LINUA K. COl ' ELA.NU. LORRAINE VIRGINIA COl ' ELXNIJ. TREW LEON CORDES, JAMES L. CORNELISIJN, DAVID VERNER CORNELRS, W. LAV COX, GLORL CARNEY COX, WILLIAM S. CRAFT, APRIL D. CKAk,. WILLIAM A. CRECAR, CHARLES JESSE CREVIS, RAYMOND THOMAS DANCE, SUSAN ANDREA DANIEL, ANN II. DANIEL, BOB WILEY DANIEL, STEPHEN CLAY DAVIS, CHARLES SHERRILL 318 SOPHOMORES U. 1.S t.LAKA JEAN DE. N, TOMMY DALE DEMETROS. EL. LNE DEWEES. RONALD ALAN DL L. CAROLE LOLISE DIFFENDERFER, DONALD H. DL HINGER. MARY KAE DONALDSON. JL L IY DEVON DONNELLY ' , RUSSELL LEE DOSS, DONALD JERRY DOWIS, JAMES H. DOWNLNG. L RILYN C ROL DOYAL DAYLE REBECCA DRAKE. SYLVL ANN DREGER, BARBARA LEE DLNBAR, NANCY A. DINN. SOLANGE MARIE DUNNE. IRENE S. DUSTHIMEE. COLETTE B. EAVES, JOHN NAPIER, JR. EDWARDS. J. SIDNEY ' EGGERS. REBECCA ANN ELUS. DEE ANNE ENGLISH. NANCY ELIZABETH K iii M 319 1963 i ' A(k n iSdk m: KliK K U.N, Ml( llAtL TRENT KKWIN. G. RDItKlir KMIIKK. SIIKRRON LEE EVANS, JOE H. EVEKKl r, JUllN WRIGHT i EVES, PATRICIA EZEIL. l AKV LOU I ARRELL. STEVE D. lAl LKM:U. KALl ' ll L. FELDMAN, TERRY JAY FIKE, L LRA JEAN FlTZl ' ATRICK, NOEL THOMAS 1 ll l ' ll!li K. ItiiBKlM BRUCE FLKTlllER. JlNL n ROBERT FORI). CLARENCE VERNON, JR. FOWLER. DEWEY THOMAS t£ FI A.N( 1. , I ' IRENA U. KREE.MAN, GLORIA RENEE FRIEND. SHIRLEY Fl LI.ER. ANTHONY GORDON GABRELS. ROY K. GAMADANIS, DAVID R. t GAM 1A(.F.. WILLIAM V MAK HALL GARRISON, D. NNY JOE 320 SOPHOMORES CARKISON. JE. .N HOERTZ GARY. GEORGE WILLIAM. JR. GERNAZLW, DIANNE ELALNE GOFK. DAVID ALLAN GOFORTH, DL NNA LOUISE GOODRUM. CHARLES L., JR. GER. IA. , WANDA LEE GREEN. LOUISE M. GREEN. .MARTHA DELORES GREENBERG, NANCY ELLEN GREENE. CAROLYN KAY GREER. DAVID N. HALE, ROBERT J. HALIBURTON. RONNIE LEE HALL. JACK EUGENE HAMMETT. JENNY TEMPLE HANCHEY, BARBARA SUE HANDELNUN. TINA HANNA, JACK B. HARBER. PHILIP J. HARBIN. BETTY ANN HARBUCK. SAM WAYNE HARDEN. WILLA PAULETTE HARPER, JAMES ALVIN 321 1963 — ♦ fsr HASKINS, K K IIMSMANN, JUKCEN K. HKATII. jnllN wniOIIT IlKltKKI. MM HICE HIDOI.I ' H HENLEY. niANNE GAYLE IIENMNE. MAKVI.AM) UIGCS HENRY. NENA KAREN HETRICK. JAMES PAUL MEYER. KAREN L. mi I,. CARI. EDWARD, JR. HILUARD. GEORGE HUNTER III! WORTH, MICHAEL DEE IIINDMAN, JAMES CL. Y IIINESLEY. MATTIE LOUISE HEDGE, JUDITH C. HOIXOMB. DARWIN LATELI.E HOWARD. GARY ELIZABETH HOWELL. JULIA C. HOWELL, MARIE DIANE HUDSON, VIRGINIA JOAN HUNT, ELOISE NAOMI HUNTER, H. RANDOLPH, JR. HINTER, LEE M. HYATT. RK:MARI) HERSCHEL 322 SOPHOMORES IKVI.N. JO AN l E . DIXIE RUTH JACKSON, MICHAEL C. JACKSON. ROBERT H. JACKSON. THOMAS J. JAMES, AMY C .MERON JAYNES. MICHAEL KIMBALL JESSUP, SUSAN ELAINE JOHNSON. MERILYN E. JOINER. ERIL JAMES JONES. FRANCIS MICHAEL JONES, GARY C. JONES. MICHAEL L. JORDAN, JANICE YVONNE JORDAN, WILLIA.M . L KELLY. FR. NK VON KELLY. KARON B. KERIN, LYNN .M. KING, JOHN ROBERT KITCHENS. ROGER HILLIARD KNIGHT. EDWARD NORRIS KNIGHT. NORMAN LYTVN KNOWLES. JOYCE KOPP. MYRTLE L 323 1963 Kl .N .. . ANLV GAIL I.ARI)()N. LYNNE ELIZAIIETH I KENIERE. EIJWARD D. LESTER, JOHN D. LETT, JOYE LAMAR LITTI KTO.N. EMERALD WAYNE littij:, donna carol KiEH, MARILYN Lum.N, FHANCES CAY LORD, RICHARD STEPHEN I ME. SARAH LOU LYNN, JOYCE DELORES lYON. HARVEY T1I()M1 ' ()N. JR. MANNERS. GEORGE EMAMEL. JR. MANLS, . HIRLEY FRANCES MARRONE, CAROLYN N. MARTIN, CHRISTINE J. MARTIN, .MARION MASSEY. LYNWOOD RAY .MATLOCK, CHARLES LARRY ' D Ci MAYO, SA.MLEL ALBERT McCOLLL ' .M, WILLIAM ERNE.ST McCORD, JOHN ELIE .McDANIEL, CARL DAVID 32» SOPHOMORES McUAMEU JDll.N EDWARD McDONAQ). WILLIAM D. McELRATH. DOUGL S ER.NEM M.ELREATH, IAK M. McEVER. SANDRA SCOTT McCAHEV. JOAN NOBLE MEADOR. NLARION P. MEDEIROS. RONNIE C. MEDLOCK. ROBERT T. JR. MEELER. PENELOPE ANNE MELTON, JAMES MICHAEL MELTON, MARTHA FAYE MILFORD, C EILEEN MILLIANS, THOMAS W. MINOR. SIDNEY H. .MITCHELL, BONNIE MARIE MITCHELL. PHYLUS C. MOBLEY. WILLL M FI$HER .MOORE. ELIZABETH ELLEN MORRIS, WILUAM L. .M. R MORRIS, RUTH MORRIS. VICKIE JOY NASH, SHARON TERESA NELSON, JOHN EDWARD 325 1963 NESBIT, CURTIS H F RY NFrrl KS. KICHAKH MAK( Kl.L NKWTON, ALAN IJl.AIR NEWTON. KI.IZAHETH MWANNON iJIK lM! NICHOI ON, LYNDELL RUTH NIX, Jl l)V ANN NOI.ANI), KATHERINE ELAINE ODOM, ROY MONROE (iKELI.EY. M HI N A WAKEITKLI) ()I ()N. ilOWAKI) A. DXJLMAN, NANCY EVE OWEN, C. EILEEN PAIR. JAMES ANTHONY r l!KKR. CLIFFORD IIKRMAN I ' AHKKK. LINDA SUE PARKS, ANNE R. PARKS, WADE G. rATTERSON, JACK HAYMONI) i ' awi ik. raymond g. i ' m:. I ' MRICIA p. PEITSO, GENE L. PERRY. SHANNON ZANONE PETERS, JAMES LARRY PEYTON, SANDRA 326 SOPHOMORES riNH()I.5TER. NEIL W. PIPER, OUN R. PIRKI.E. NANCY ANN PIl NKETT. lYNDA M. PORTNOY, CAROL LOIS POWELL, FRANCIS R. JR. I ' OWELU MARY ANN PI RCELL. BEN WADE RABON. RONALD JAKE RANSBOTHANL JOSEPH MOORE RATTEREE, THOMAS A. RAWLINS. W ALTER F., JR. RE. CAN. PHILUP R. REBB. ELIZABETH LEE REDMOND, MKE V. REE E. KENNETH WAYNE REE -ES, PADEN W. REE ES. ROBERT CECIL RICE, JOAN M. RICH. RDS, SARA DAWSON KIMER. JAMES ROLAND. JR. ROBBINS, JAMES A., JR. ROBERSON, CARVN E. ROBERTS, FRANK CONR. D W!T r. . ll " 327 1963 ROBINSON. CHARLES P. ROHINSON. ELINOR JOAN R(m;KRS. WILLIAM II. JR. ROLLI.N . .L(iKI CI.ARISSE ROWLAND. JOSEPH E. ROWLETT. FRANCES LADSfJN RliBLN, HARVEY W. Rl ' CKER. JAMES II.. JR. RU.S.SELL, EDWIN (;.. JR. RUTH. IRED LEON SAARS. OLLIJA M. SALMONL). ARRA BETH SA.MS, WILLIAM DOUGLAS SANCHEZ. .NOLAN I ' lllI.IP SANDERS, OTIS GERALD SARGENT, MOLLIE B. .• AITERHELD, JERILYN I.ENORE SAUNDER. ;. ROBERT ALOV IlS SCHOLL, FREDERICK THU.MAS SCHROEDER. GEORGE TQWNSEND [itii4 SCOGGLNS, ROY JALYNN SCOIT. M. RANDALL SEARS. BARRY WAYNE -IIRLFER. CARL E. 328 SOPHOMORES SHIITI-EWORTH. I ' HYLIS CHl.OE SLATEK. ROHERT W. SLIEI ' ER. MARGARET ELIZABETH SUCH, DOUGLAS L Sl.YE. RRHARH I ' AL L, JR. SMITH, ALBERT H., JR. SMITH. BARBARA ANN SMITH, CAROLY.N LOUISE SMITH, LLEWELLYN H. S.MITH, .MARION T. FT SMITH, MAY F. SMITH, SYLVIA W. SMITH, TERRY PALL S.MITH, VIMAN L SOLDZ, JLDY SORRELLS, JIMMIE EDWIN- SPARKS, NANCY CAROLYN SPOTTS, JOHN MARSH . ' iTANLE . WILLIAM JOEL STEELE. JUDITH L STENHOUSE. LOl ISE STEPHENS, RONALD STEWART. NANCY- STONE, MARCIA ADRIAN J 329 1963 5n " llHHS, MARY ALICE SIDDATH. ROBERT EUGENE SUGGS, ROBERT T, JH Sl ' l.GITT, VINCEM J I LI AN SWENSON, MICHAL LEE TEBBS, DONALD R. TERHl NE, LINDA CLAIRE TIIOI.LANDER, EDNA GLORIA THOMASON, DAVID HOWARD THOMPSON, DENNIS RAY THOMPSON, JANICE K. THORNTON. FORREST M. TILLIRSON, JOSEPH E. TRICE, LINDA CLAIRE TUCKER, BECKY ANNE TIRNER, CURTIS RAY Tl SON, WILLIAM BOYD, JR. II.NL SAM MONROE VERDEJA, OCTAVIO F. WALDEN, JUDY ANNE WALKER. ROBERT EVERETT WARD. HORIS ALEC WARLICK, ELLIS COVER WELCH. JIMMIE YVONNE 330 SOPHOMORES WKI 1.IU»KN. ELEANOK PAULETTE WELLS (iWENDOI.YN WFXLS. JiniTH ANNE WEIXS, IJ:WI.S ALLEN W EKNER, JILLX E. W EST, GEORGE HOWARD WESTltERRY. BENJAMLN HILTON WHITE, FRED HE.NRY WHITE. LLOYD EDWARD W HiriEN, WAYNE EDWARD WIGGINS, TOM WILLB. NKS, JUDY DIANNE WILLIAMS, BILLY M. W ILLS. LEW IS CLAYTON WII ON. JOHN ROBERT W1I ()N. WILLIAM C. WINSTON, DOROTHY MARIA WOODS, RONALD HAMMOND WOODBURN, VIRGINIA LEE WOODYARD, EMILY FAYE YARZINSKY. MARIANNE B. YOU.NC, CYNTHIA MAYANN W i, Saw m ySp - ' 33 FRESHMEN XHFRNATHY, PAl ' L F-ICEMA AHRAMS, El ' CENE COLLINS ADAMS. JAMES MARVIN ADAMS. MARY ELIZABETH ADDbON. WILLL M PORTER AIKEN. JOHN TOISSAINT AKRIDGE. MARJORIE ANITA ALEXANDER. MARY . NN ALLEN. WILLIAM EARL ALLMAN, CHARLOTTE LI ELL AMBERY. Sl ' SAN BETTY ANDERSON. IDA EARLENE ANDREW. ALBERTA L. ARNOLD. DONALD HOWARD ARNOLD. PALL DOUGLAS ARP. DELYNDA ARP. FRED ASBLRY. THOMAS 0. AT(:HI )N. MICHAEL WILLIAM AVERY. YATT TRl ETT AXELSON. RODGER SPENCER AYCOCK. JAMES FRANTCLIN AL ' LER. MARGARET LEE BAGGETT. KAY 332 1963 pPq l: II.EY, MATILDA I ' ATRICIA I ' .MF.S. liKKNDA JOYCE liAl.LAKlJ. JEA.NME SUE BANISTER, DORIS JEAN HANKS. GEORGE MacARTHUR I!AIU;i,AV, MARION LOUISE BARKER, PAUL BARDO, JUDITH ANITA BARKER. ANNIE LOU BARR. WILLIAM RONALD BARRETT, GEORGE WILLIAM BARRETT, WILLIAM LANE BARRON. BONNIE BRENDA BARRON. EMMA LAURA BATEMAN. NANCY RAY BATES. MARY JUDITH BEISEL, JOHN NORMAN BELL. DONNA SISAN BELVIN. FERN ELIZABETH BENEKIELD. BRENDA BENEFIELD. BONNIE J. BENEFIELD. MARVIN E. BENNETT, ELLEN K. Y BENNETT, LINDA LE» 33T FRESHMEN BERNARD. WALTER WILLARI) HERNRKl TER. DORE J. HERR . CATH R. UERRMIILL. JAMES JEFEER BEriENDURE, CHARLES MICHAEL BICCERS. CAROLYN SYDNEY RILES. PAMELA JEAN BIRD. WALTER DENNIS BISHOP. r.LENDA JOYCE BIVIN. JAMES HAROLD BLACK, DONNA L NN BL.MR. ANNA KAY BOATRIGHT. RACHEL ELAINE BOREK. JOHN MICHAEL BORON. JOHN R. BOROM. MARGERY PHELPS BOROM. MARY ELLISON BOSTICK. JERRY LEE BRADBIRY. JLDY BERTHA BRADLEY. MARTHA ANNE BRAHM. ELIZABETH BRASWELU JUDITH FRANCES BRICKER. BARBARA LOUISE BRICES, DOROTHY ANN T ' 334 1963 BRITT, SANDRA JOYCE liROCK, CAROLYN ELOISE liKOMI.EY, BARBARA JEAN BROOKINS. PALL GLEN BROOKS, THOMAS GARY IiH(J .N, CHARLES ALTON BROWN, LANCE BROWN, LOLTSE KYSER BROWN, . L RY ELALNE BRO N. SUSAN RENEE BROWN, TRAVERS BRICE, CHARLENE FOSTER BRLMLOW. ROSA MADELINE BRLNE, CHARLES KEVLN BRUNNER, DEWEY E. BRYAN, CHARLES H. BL " CK. LEW, WANDA RUTH BURKE, K. THRYN ROSE BURKE, ROBERT CHARLES BURKS, WILLLAM LEE BURNETT, EDWARD RAY BURNETT, JUDITH ANN BURNLEY, BUFORD WAYNE BURSON. MARGUERITE ANNE 335 FRESHMEN Ul in. JUKI. THOMAS lU TIMER. J. ME El (.E. E Bl TLER. LINDA FRANCES ll ERI.V. HERB GEORGE CAIN. CONNIE EVON GAMMON. SUSAN ANNE CANTRELL. SHERRY DELAYNE CAPE. EDDIE J. CAREY. lAIA GAIL CARLTON. THOMAS EDWIN CARTEE. LYNNE LEE CARTER. FRANCES P. CARTER. JACK WILKES CATER. SANDR. JEAN CHAMBERS, FRANKIE INEZ CHAMBERS. VIRGINIA LEE CHAMPION. PAMELA JAYNE CHAPMAN. BILLIE ANN CHAPMAN. JOHN DAVID CHAPMAN. JOEL WASHINGTON CHASTAIN. ROBERT FLEMMING CHEEK. JILIE HEATH CHILDS. ARTHLR WILLIAM CHILDS. NANCY EL.MNE 336 1963 CHL ' PP. TEKRY W. CL. RK, I ' ATKICIA KAY CLARK, RANDOLPH PARKS CLAXTON, JOSEPH 7.ACH COCKLNG, JOHN Lt LIE COEN, CLORLV JEANNE COFFEY, MARINLAC COFIELD, JEANNE FRANTC CGGCINS, PHYLLIS PATRICL COLE. HILDA DIANNE COLLEY. JERRY JOSEPH COLLINS, CARMAN DI.ANE COMBS. GENIA CONNER, JOYCE ELAINE CONWAY. CAROLYN AGNES COOK, CHARLES REIBEN COOK. CLYDE B. COOK, LINDA GAIL COOK. SARA ELEANOR COOL. DONALD JOSEPH COPELAND, JOHN ROBERT CORBETT, RICHARD B. COUNCIL. JANET S. COl SlNEAl . PATRICIA RITH 337 FRESHMEN COWAN, JANICE DIXON COX. CAROL V. CRONIN. DIANNE MARY (:R(| I!V. lt RHAR I.YNNE CROSBY. DAVID CROWE. ALLW A. CROWE, LARRY RAY CRt SE. (. RL M) WM. CITCHSHAW. SHERRY LEi(;n DA.MERON. BARBARA FAYE DANIEL JERRY EDWIN DANIELL, GLORIA JEAN DAVIS, JIDITH ELLEN DAVIS. SANDRA K. Y HAWKINS, LINDA CAROL DEAN, DONNY MICAH DENTON. CLARA J LAN DICKSON. NORMA IRENE DILIJON. MARY LINDA DONEHOO. JINE ELAINE DOLGLAS. HILDA GLYNN DOVER. MARJORIE JUANITA DOWDY. LOIS FAITH DOWIS, PHYLLIS ANN 338 1963 DOVAL. LEONARD THOMAS DRACO. MARGARET NETTE DRAKE, MARY CAROLYN DUNLAP. LALRA PATRICL DYKE. VON PERRY DYKES, WILLIAM ROBERT EAVES, MARTHA TALBOT EAVES, SANDRA JEAN EDWARDS. CLAUDETTE ELLIS. ALICE CAROLE ELMORE. CUFFORD L. MAR ELSBERRY ' , GAYLE EL. INE ENGLISH, JUDITH KAY EPPS. JOSEPH ELGENE ERWIN, SANDR. V. ER TN, L RTH. SUE ESSAM, JUDITH ANN EV. NS, R. MACRAY FAGLIE, BILL EDWARD FAGOT, JOHN ALBERT FAROl HARSON. THOMAS E. FAKRIS. GEORGIA FAUROT. BARBARA EUZABETH FERGUSON, GERALD D. 339 FRESHMEN KERO, DONNA JEAN nF.I.DS. UE.NJAMIN FRANKLIN KINIILEY. LYNDA DARLENE FLINT. V1 L N W. FLOF.RSMEIM. RICHARD CHARI«»S FONMI.l.K. JAMES G. FOOTE. MERILEE FORBES, MARJORIE FOSTER. CYNTHIA ANNE FOSTER. JAMES NEAL FOSTER. RICHARD JACKSON FRANCIS. HARRARA SUE FRAZIER. OLIN FERREL FRISREE. VIVIAN JOYCE FROST. JOHN SCOTT FROST. PATTI ni ' RNS RILGHAM. PEGGY SUE FLTRAU HAL D. CADDIS. CARL E. GAINE.S. CAROL JEAN GALBREATH. MARGARET LINDA GAMBLE. RICHARD N ' EVILS GARDNER. DELON H. GARDNER. THOMAS MARSHALL 340 1963 CARMON, f;AROI.YN HIANNE nAI ' SE, ANNF, FIIZAIiFTH (.AY, ERIN KATHLEEN CERBER, MARY ANN CIIBERT, F ' AT FRANCES GllJiERTSON. JAMES MARTIN GLADDING, RLSSELL BARTON CLASS. ANN H. GONDESEN. KAREN ANNE COODFELLOW, STEVEN C. COODSON. EUGENIA MARCIELLE GORDON. TRl DY ELIZABETH GRADY. BEATRICE JEANNETTE GRAHAM. THOMAS HOWELL GRAMLING, WILLIAM BENTON GREEN, LINDA KAY GREENE. JAYNE HINSON GREER. ELLA LOITSE GREGORY, BOBBI RLTH GRIFFIN. JERRY LAMAR CRIFFI.N. LINDA MARTHA GRILZ, SHARON LEE Gl NNELL, CHARLENE CLNNIS, NANCY CHARLOTTA 341 FRESHMEN COSNELU }. M£S LITHER HADLEY. BONNIE ANN HAINES. ULL CAY H AMHRICK. GLORIA MARILYN HAMMER. ARTHIR TONY HAMMOND. HARRY HANDY, MARSHA L HARDY. EDNA LOUISE HARCIS. JAMES EMORY HARMON. JOSEPHINE ELLIOTT HARRIS. ALBERT LESTER HARRIS. MELBA MARION HARRIS. PATRICIA ANN HART. JLLIA ELIZABETH HARVEY. SANDRA ELIZABETH HAYNES. JUDY DIANNE HEALAN. DON MARSHALL HEFFNER. THEODORE RICHARD HELTON, HARRIET HEMBREE. ANDREA FRANCIS HEMPHILL. MARLENF F. HENDERSON. STEPEHEN C HENLEY. JUDY ELIZABETH HERRICK. CHRISTOPHER S. 342 1963 HICKMA.N, BART I. liri.DON, WAI.TKK KOHKHT lIH.CINHfnilAM. niKMCE SIDNEY incfil DN. JOHN WFSLEY IIII.I. DANIELLE ELIZABETH HIIL. THOMAS D. IIINDSMAN. . L KTHA FAYE HONDS.MAN, NANCY MARGARET MINES, DAWN SUE HLNTON, LLNDA RLTH HODGES, GENE LINDsEY HOLLAND, B. KAV HOLLAND, CHERYL MARIE HOLLEY. JAMES MINOR HOLLOWAY, GEORGIA ALLISON HOLMAN, ELSIE LOWRY HOOD, MARTHA HOOKS. HARVEY ELGENE IluKTON, DAVID THERON HOSEA. JANICE ELIZABETH HOrSTON, MARY PATRICIA HOWELL, SANDRA ROSE How KEN, RONALD HUGH HUGHES. SUSIE 343 FRESHMEN HlNMCLrrr. BROOKSIE KATHLEEN HI NTF.R. VINTENT GIBBS HUTCHtMJ.N. MARY ANN HYDE. IRMA CAROLE JACKSON. WILBURN TRUITT JACOBUS. JEFF C JAMES, JOHN CHARLES JARRELL, BRENDA JANE JENNINGS. DL NE LEE JOHNSON, MARGARET FAYE JOHNSON, BOBBY GENE JOHNSON, GLEEN JACKSON JOHNSON. JANET MYRLE JOHNSON, JUNETTE E. JOHNSON. ROBERT FRANK JOHNSON, VIRGINIA ANN KEATON. GLENN ALLEN KEEN, JACK ELTON KERSCHER, CHARLES JOSEPH KERSEY, LA VON LEE KENT. MARLYS VIRGINIA KETCHIN. ANNE FORREST KIBLER. KAROLYN JEAN KIMBELL, MARGARET ROSE 344 1963 KINCAID. PHILLIP DOUGLAS KLNC. JAMES ROY KISSELL. DOROTHY ANITA KLEINE. MARIE ANNE ICNOX, THOMAS WALLACE KNOWLES. ROBERT CORDON KOCH, CAROL GRACE KOELLER. CAROL ANN KRAMER, STUART MYLES KUZY, EVELYN RUTH LACY, WANDA JANE LAMBERT, MARY IRENE LANE, BARBARA JANE LONGHORST. CAROLE EL A INT LANGHORST. CAROLE E. LAPIDES, H. BYRON LANSDELL. GEORGE MARION L UKE. MARTIN G. LAW. NANCY EL INE LAWLER, WILLIAM RUSH LAWSON. NANCY DEE LEE, MERRILL McLEOD LEOPARD, PATRICIA ANN UFSEY, ANNETTE 345 FRESHMEN i LITTLE. }. i LAKRY LIVELY. CLENDA C.AIL LLOYD. MILDRED LOUISE LOHRER, CAROLE JEAN I.OONEY. C. 1)01 GLAS LOWE. PEGGY CAROL LYNCH. TERRY WAYMAN MarLEOD. MARTHA SYLVIA M . ELL. LINDA CAROL MARLOW. DONNA C. MARSHALL HAROLD DALE MARTIN. SARAH JANE MARWITZ, CONNIE JEAN MASON. CARHLES H. MASON. TERRY MASSEY. BETSY CLAIRE MATTHEWS. BARBARA ANNE MVt ' NEY. BARRVRA LORRAINE McARTHl R. EMMA M. McBRIDE. NANCY MrBRIER. JACQIELINE McCLANNAHAN. LAURA SUE McCORD. JO ANN McCORMAC DIANE LOUISE 346 1963 McCOY. TONT LEE McDAMEL REN ATA L McDOVl ELL, EDITH ANCEUNE .McDLFHE. J. CAKMii McELKU . EDWARD McCOVERN. LLNDA FAVE McKENDRICK. THOMAS X McKONE. KATHV ANN McLEOD. ELIZABETH JAXE McLEOD. MARY REBECCA McMILL. . . TO.NLMIE GAIL ME. CH. NL ALICE LE5TER MEANS. A. CAROL MEHEARG. CLIFFORD WA AE MERCER. JANICE ANNE MERKLE. HELEN PATRIQA MERLO. JOSE A_ JR. MICHAEL. CHARLES MEDERIC MILXM. UILLIAM TURNTR MILEY. DELORt- nONTCE MILLER. C ROL A WEBB .MILLER. CONSTANCE .VNTs " .MILLER. JOAN MEUSSA MILLER. JLLIANNE JONTS 347 FRESHMEN MIl.l.EK. NANC ' k DIAN.NE MILLICAN. Jl ' OITH ANN MILNER, FLOYD MOBLEY. PAUL DAVID, JR. MOOUV. MANNING EDWARD, JR. MoORE. JANET DELORES MOON. LINDA JOYCE MOORE, JAMES HAROLD MOORE. MICHAEL L RRY MOORE, RICHARD A.. JR. MORELA.ND, WINTON HARRIS MORGAN, JIMMY ROGER MORGAN, JOHN RICHARD MORGAN. MAJOR BOONE, JR. .MORRIS. .MARGARET GREER MOYE. PATRICL VIRGINU .MLLL. DOROTHY ANN MULLINS. JERRY LEE MIMFORI). WILLIAM EDWARD NAILS, LARRY E. NAVLA, CHARLES NESBIT, WIL.MA GAYLE NEWTON, DONALD L. NEWTON, JACK RON. LD 348 1963 NEVl TON, WILLIAM UuNAlD NEILSEN, JERRY JON . L , MARTHA R I DENE NODVLN. JOSEPH J. NOKRIN AG.NE JEANETTE NORTON, ALICE JOSEHHLNE NUGENT, PATRICIA IMOGENE NL ' NAN, NANCY MARL ' VN OBRIEN, MARY V. OHL, JAMES F. OWEN, SARA KAY OWENS, EARL STANLEY OWENS, MARGARET C. OWENS. PHIL MATTHEW OXFORD, ADELIA LUCILE OVERSTREET, MARY L. OVERSTREET. NANCY ' V. PALMER. WILLIAM MARVIN PARHA.M, DOROTHY J. PARK. MARY DENISE PARKER. HUMPHREY KENNETH PARKER. J.VMES R. PAYNE. MARY CATHERINE PAYNE, LINDA SLE 349 FRESHMEN PLACE. SAN FORD L PEL SKI. RICHARD I ' F.KK MAN. WILLIAM KKNNCTM PETER;;. EDWARD PHILIP PETERSON. DAVID TIMOTHY PATH AS. EVANCELLA KATINV PIIII.LII ' S, DOROTHY DALE PHILLIPS. LARRY LEWIS PIERCE, SARAH LYNNE PIERCE. VIRGINIA LEE PITTS. CLE.NDA JANE PITTS. PATRICIA CAROLYN POLLARD. BETH ELAINE POLLARD. MARIHELLE POLSON, MIRIAM ELAINE POPE. CHERYL ANN POPE. JANICE ERIN POPHAM, HAROLD C. POSEY. MARY FRANCES POTTS. IMOCENE POL ' RNELLE, LYDIA MANN POWELL CHARLOTTE ANNE PRINCE, CARROLL GRAY PRYOR. JOHN McCLELLAN 350 1963 I ' LCKETT, RITA CAROLYN PCNCELI., THOMAS EMMETT l " I.ES. DARKVL WAYNE I ' l IJER, IJENNIS GEORGE I ' HtON, I.IMJA ANN 01 INN. FRANK WILLIAM RABUN, DANA LYNN KAINEY. DONALD WILSON RAINES, NANCY KATE RAINS, JUDY DIANE RAINWATER, DONNY ALLEN RAY. BARBARA RUTH RAY, THOMAS DANIEL REAGAN. LESTER FRANKLIN RECTOR. JUNE FRANCES REDDING. SHARON LEE REEVES. BETTY JANE REM). CATHERINE LOUISE REYNOLDS. NLARY LYDIA RIlonEN. FRANCES WYNETTE RICE. CHARLES DAVID RICE. HARRY DONALD RIGBY. SHIRLEY ANN RITCHEL, HELEN JO. N 351 FRESHMEN ROBERTS. JOHN CARV ROBERTSON, BEVERLY AIIJ-EA ROBERSON, LHARLENE MARIE ROBINOW. SI SAN MARIANNE ROEHM. EDWARD Bl.INN ROGERS, JAMES DONALD, JR ROGERS. l ZANNE ROLAND. FANNIE SUE ROLLINS. LINDA PAULETTE ROSEN. BRUCE LOREN ROWAN. FRANKIE LEE RUSH, BRENDA JO RUSSELL. LINDA E5TELLE SANDERS. JOANNE CHARLOTTE SARTORY. JOHN L. SAUL. ELISSA DARNEL SAXTON. DOUGLAS THOMAS SCHENCK. JUDY ELMNE SCHIEMAN. MICHAEL JAMES SCHRYER. FRIEDA M. SCHWEIKERT. ALBERT VICTOR SCREWS. DAVID WOMACK SEGARS. KATHRYN ANITA SEMELI, LINDA LOUISE 352 1963 .sE 10N , slIELDIA F. SEWELL, LOR ETTA C. SHAUIJIX. JEKRV UK.AN SHARI ' TON, JOEL EDWARU SHELFER. PECGV A. SHEPHERD, MARGARET A.N.N SHLNCLER. HARRIS MARTLN SIKES, CHERYL ELAINE SIKE . DAVID GLEN.N SI.MMONS. JACKSON LAWRE.NCE SLMPSON. ARTHUR VER.NON SLMPSO.N, BETTY JE. N ?L 1S. GRACE tLIZABETH SK. GGS, MARY K. THLEE.N " SKENE, CHERYL A.NN SKIADOS, FLOR.A M. SLATER. LIRRY WAYNE SLATER, .MICHAEL ROGER SLOAN, JOHN FISHER S.VIITH, A.MORY JR. SMITH. nONNIE ELAINE S.MITH, FRANCES DIANE S.MITH, GLENDA .MARGARET SMITH, JETHROE L RRIE 353 FRESHMEN SMITH, JOE WINFRED SMITH. MARY ACNES SMITH, MARY JUANITA SMITH, MARY I YNNE SMITH. TONY JOE SOCKWELL. EVELYN ANNE SOUTH, CARL R. SOUTHERN, CHERYL ANN SPEED, ELLEN EUZABETH SPELU WILLIAM M. SPIRES, LINDA ANNE SPIVEY. MNA ESTELLE STALLINCS, MARVINA LOUISE STEPHENS. BETTY JUNE STEPHENS. DOROTHY E. STEWART, BRENDA ANN STEWART. SAMUEL WILLIAM STILLE, DEANNA I.VNNE STOCKS, THOMAS FRANKLIN STOKES, CECILIA ANN STONE. JERRY WAYNE STOVALL, JANE ELLIS STOVALL, SUSAN KAY STOWE, " ERA HAZEL 354 1963 STKAWsEK, KAV ELAINE .VM ' ART, CHARLES f ONALD rLLI AN. IKL.NE I HEKESA SI MMERS, ANNA RUTH l MMLI{ ILLK, .SANDRA LOU SI Ml ' TER, .STEPHEN L. Si RRETT. AMOS SI rrON, DANIEL LANSING TAI.IiOT, E.MALVN PIERSON TANNER, JOHN 5. TALIAFERRO. HAMPTON DRAKE TARATOO, JEANETTE TARLETON, LINDA ANN TATE. CHRISTINE CAROLE TATL.M. IVAN B. TAYLOR. PENNY SUE THOMAS. CAROLE ANNETTE THO.MAS. SHELIA DIANE THOMAS, SHIRLEY ELMES THOMAS, WILLIAM GARY THOMASON, JERRI THOMASON, AUBREY DEEN THOMPSON, HAROLD MICHAEL THOMPSON. JAMES W. LTER 355 1963 VINCENT, JKRKV WALKER. TED WALLACE, CONNIE l ( K. WFIiSTER WALTON, JAN WALTON. MADELYN WALTERS. DENNIS WARDI E. CHARLES W Alfl). HENRY U Alii). MAKIIIA WARD. I ' AT W K FK. MARYBELLE i ji t W ARREN. CAROL WARREN. MARY WASHINGTON, DEE W ATKRS, GALE WATSON. MEUNDA W ATM)N, THOMAS WEATHERLY, MARY WEIili. CHARLES WEINGARTEN, CAROL WHEELER, FRED WHEELER. SANDRA WHELCHEL, PEGGY 356 FRESHMEN TIIOMI ' suN. I |i THdHMON. ( 1MIII TiM)vr.i.. jcnmi TII ' I ' KTT. MICE TOLBERT. MEI.VIN TOLER. JOE TOMPKINS. S |)IE TOOIF, MIHIWI TOPMII.I.ER. BRADEN TOWLES. Jl LIA TOV NLEY. SUZANNE TR VI . JOHN TRIBBI.E. CHERYL TRIBBI.E. GEORGE Tl ' RNER. PAMELA TIRNER, PEGGY TIRPIN. SANDRA I LM. WILLIAM VALLECORSE. ROGER VW HiiHN, KIM VERNOY. FRANCES VEROST. M KY VICKNAIR. STEPHEN TICKER. MARTHA 357 FRESHMEN WHISENAM. KETTY WHITE. KAY WHITE. RETIIA wiiiTK. --wimv WHITTEMORE. JOAN WILCOX, IRIS WILKE.S TREI.I.ISE Will. I AXIS. HOMER WILI.IAMS. MARTHA Wll.l.IWI-. MKKKIiITH WILLIAMS. MdRRIS WILLI WIS THOMAS WILSO.N. DOUGLAS WILSON, JLDY WILSON. LAW RENCE WIU ON. MARY WILSON. SHANNON WIND. MICHELLE WINDSOR. LOLTSE WINSHIP. JANET WISE. LINDA WOLFE. THOMAS WOOD, FARRYS WOOD. SUSAN 358 1963 WOdliNI I,. M HV vf»(»i) v. i.i., noBHv V(H»I KV. DORIS W lUGHT. CELIA w ynm:. i |{(; kkt CJk TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 359 . vv, cMt portraits in InU JSook made Ify. » -, ASPAR-WARE STUDIO 876 WEST PEACHTREE STREH, N. W. L ATLANTA, GEORGIA mVES ARE HELD IN OUR FILES FOR SEVERAL RS AND PORTRAITS CAN BE OBTAINED E FOR INFORMATION AND PRICE LIST

Suggestions in the Georgia State University - Rampway Yearbook (Atlanta, GA) collection:

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