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mm mm mm WG DF A0 mm Ag LR TE Aw EN HU TE H T FOREWORD A baseball player married a cinemama. They spent their honeymoon in the Far East: she in Korea with G.I.,s and he in Tokyo with Japanese baseball playerseptobably the most unusual honeymoon of the year. That was the big story of 1954. Twenty-thtee American prisoners of war flipped their fatigue caps while in Communist captivity. When time came for them to llgo home," they refused. Two finally realized that Life in America is better, even for a collaborator, than Existence in Exile. Then there were 21 left. That was the big story of 1953. In Atlanta, at the Atlanta Division, a small, quiet competent group worked swiftly, assuredly, to collect, edit, and assemble material for the school's yearbook. They knew mistakes would be made, students, photo- graphs would be omitted, wrong identifications made, sensitive souls slighted, but they would not be deterred. Joe, George, Marywill, Mike, and Maggie would appreciate their final work. Joe, George, Matywill, Mike, and Maggie, and their friends, said: "Give us a book for reminiscence. Something to bring nostalgia." The group, having completed their work, awaits the final judg- ment: Yours. Wonit make a big story-not even news. It will make a few people happy to know you like the 1954 Rampway. 3A2 Ealitam CONTENTS Acknowledgments . . . . . . 200 Due 11ed1t where credit 1': due the 111111e111: who 11111'ste11 1'11 the making of the Rampway, the adminixtmtion 013511411 who contributed 11 def8, the name of the photographer Activities. . . 176 What activities there are, the Ram'pway p1e:e1111.The Player: 41111 thoxe who pley 111 journalism are the principgl chamcterx 1'11 this production Administration . . 12 The men 4111' women who operate th1'1 11111111111011, the latrgext ed114- t1'o1111l plant 1'11 the xtate of Georgie. Atlanta Division Review . . 189 A collection of article: from the Univertz'ty Signal ahout 1t11de11t1, faculty memhen and other:. It include: the alve111'1e111e111: of f11'e11115 of the Atlanta D1'1x1's1'o11. P11110111'ze them. Faculty . 16 Pint, the School of General Studie1,the11 the School of B1111'11e1: Administration. All photographs of the d11t1'11g111'1he11' scholar: ere hy Mickey Allen. Freshmen Class . . 87 Approximately 1400 freshman Itud'ents' a1e Jhow11 1'11 th1': section. Graduates . . . . . 132 There are 4110111 35 gmduatex continuing their 'stml'ies, of whom 17 a1e shown 1'11 formal 4111' informal attire. History . . 5 It amaze: 11:! The 1111mhe1 of 11'11de111: who know 1101 the hixtory of this school and care not that they know not! We we included the history 111 4 1111114111 effort to enlighten them. Junior Class. . . 48 Approximately 700 111e1'11hen of the 11111101 C1111: are identified 1'11 th1': segment of the Rdmpwdy. Memoriam M11: 1111111 511111;: 11114 D1. D01111'111'ch Military . Army Rexewe 0171mm T141111'11g Corps. Nursing Education . . . Why we have become a nation of hypochrondriau. Organizations Sororit1e1,f11zte1111't1'e1, honor 111111 professional. Seniors . . . . . . 26 A1111! 11mg J'yne 411d hello, Georgia Al111m11'. Sophomores . . . . . . 65 Too old to he 11111'11e, too young to he Iophixticated. Special . . . . . 122 Student: who work by day, study by night; thoxe who 5111119! by day, work by night. UpFromGreasePit. . . . . . . . . . 10 Rep11'111ed from N ewsweeh. Y V", xx Dream, plan, work and fight, yield a littleebut then push . . . hard! In 1953 Governor Herman E. Talmadge broke the ground for the new Atlanta Division building. Director George McIntyre Sparks realized that which so many men who dream, plan and work feel when they see their conceptions emerge as actualities. It is a wonderful feeling, reserved for men who pioneer. In 1954, this Fall, students will enter the new Atlanta Division building hurriedly, noisily. Few will give thought to the past, to the present, to the future. They pause only long enough to rest a bit between classes. They have a dream for the future too. tw'mM WMw-um: , u i A Serenade for the Builder THE ATLANTA DIVISION The phenomenal growth of the Georgia Tech Evening School of Commerce, begun in 1913 with 47 students, into the Atlanta Division, University of Georgia, with an enrollment of more than 5,000, is without parallel in the history of education. Gratify- ing the wish of Atlanta men and women for higher learning has been an ever-increasing task through the 36 years of the schools life, and its scope shows no signs of narrowing. The idea for an evening school in Atlanta had its embryonic beginning in 1911 when W. M. Fambrough, president of the Alumhi Association of Georgia Tech, inquired of the alumni concerning their need for business training, especially during the first few years after graduation. Their replies prompted him to express the desire for a Chair of Business Science at Tech. In 1912 a campaign was begun to interest juniors and seniors in a series of business lectures given at the school. These lectures were placed on the regular schedule at the end of that term. In 1913 the Georgia Tech Evening School of Commerce was established, housed in three rooms in the Walton building. Although it was authorized by the Board of Trustees its fmancing was independent. The schools first president was the late W. S. Kell, a member of the Georgia Tech faculty. His aims as stated, were: 1. T0 interest business men in the idea of an evening school in behalf of the youth of Atlanta. 2. To prepare himself for a more thorough business training in order to raise the standards of the school tin quest of this, he became the third C.P.A. in Georgia. 3. Eventually to make the school co-educational. A peak enrollment of 364 attended classes in the four rooms in the Arcade building from 1917 to 1921. In the latter year the site was moved to a third-Hoorattic at 18 Auburn avenue, where there were five classrooms. In 1920 the school was made co-educational. For 1926-27 the school operated at 921A Forsyth street, and from 1927 to 1931 had six rooms at 106 Forsyth. The enrollment had spurted to 654. In 1928 Dr. George M. Sparks became director of the school, and increased the number of courses required for a degree from 24 to 30. The next year it was made the standard 40. The year 1931 saw the number of courses offered jump from 22 to 92, and the faculty increase from 17 to 35. By 1933 there were 138 courses taught by 38 professors. From 1931 to 1938, some 19 rooms at 223 Walton street building housed the school. When the junior college was opened in 1935, enrollment shot from 853 to 1,274, and reached a peak of 1,709 in 1938. Crowded conditions necessitated another move, and the Georgia Evening College and Georgia Junior College settled at 162 Luckie street, where there were 50 classrooms for more than 2,000 students. The war years saw a slump in enrollment which was more than compensated for afterward with the influx of thousands of veteran students. Enrollment records continued to be broken, and new quarters were sought again. They were found at 24 Ivy street, S. E., in the old Ivy Street garage. War surplus materials worth hundreds of thousands of dollars speeded the changeover, and classes opened in the fall of 1945. In 1947 the school was made the Atlanta Division, University of Georgia. Today it has over 100 classrooms, with almost 160 instructors teaching 300 subjects. The peak enrollment for the year 1948-49 was 5,327. The Atlanta Division has proved her worth to Atlanta high school graduates as well as to working men anti women. Her reputation has been won, not through famous athletic teams or by individual exploits, but through liberal, thorough education bestowed in the best American tradition. She looks always to the future, never to the past, for her best is ever yet to come. a W.m , h ';$W414aiwwly HI I W01! "h? e max t, t , W 157mm . ix, SYMBOLS They first excavated and Clementine looked down from a seventh floor window and exclaimed over the utiniest thingse, moving about in the great hole. Had Clemmie imagination she may have taken her charcoal pencil in hand and sketched the scene. Down below, where another chapter of the Divisiods history was being introduced, all the symbols of manhs desires, fierce struggles for survival and eagerness for repro- duction laid there. There also laid the ending of a dream and the beginning of reality. Dominick 8 H d n o m Y a R MISS JULIA SPARKS died January 13, 1954. She was 78 years old. She was a graduate of Wesleyan College in Macon. She served as regent 0f the Mary Hammond Washington Chapter of the DAR in Macon. She was also active in UDC work and at one time served as executive secretary of the Georgia Federation of Womenis Club. She was a member of the First Baptist Church in Atlanta. Indian Creek Lodge is her monument. Miss Sparks transformed the place into a retreat for students. She made it beautiful and comfortable. She graced the Lodge with her own presence, serving as hostess and chaperone to countless student outings. How many romances pulsed and bloomed under her friendly eyes? While others taught, inspired, urged ever onward efforts, she busied herself in providing a pastoral retreat for students and faculty alike. RAYMOND H. DOMINICK was a professor of mathematics at the Atlanta Division. He died January 18, 1954. Professor Dominick had been with the Atlanta Division seven years when he became ill, one month before his death. For 26 years he taught at Tech High School in Atlanta. Once he was principal of Glynn Academy in Bruns- wick. He served as Vice president of the Atlanta Teachers Association and on the College's executive board of General Studies. He was a teacher. He, simply and sincerely, without pedantic paternalism, won the respect of thousands of students whom he counseled and guided. He worked with stu- dents, treated them as individuals. He concerned himself with their welfare. He made their interest his interest. He was a teacher. UP FROM A GREASE PIT The University of Georgia lat Atheml ha: a delightful plant. It: Atlanta branch, in the home town of archriwzl Georgia Tech, i: more 01' less underground. The building wax formerly a seven-Itory gmege and .rtill show: unmixtehahle xigm of it: pmt: car ramps, greaJe-Jtaml m'chex, and repalr-Jhop :pece. But the college he: converted the :pace into hallweyx, loungex, 0;?lce: end 88 cltmmom: for 4,700 Jttttlentx. There are some 30 Itutient organization: on the "campmll-which i; whet Itttdettt! call nearby elty-ownetl Hurt Path -and the ROTC um't drill: on the garage roof. The Atlanta Divixion acquired the garage in 1945, when it: 3'19th director, Dr. George M. Spatial, Jew a chance to make .rome money for the univenity xyxtem. He bought the $900,000 building from :ome hemmed garage men for $301,000-cmd re- turned the money to two Jtete education fund: in ten monthy. Today, the Jehool he: a mrplm of $400,000. Spark; he: made the three revetment: in the xchool prayitehle, and he rent: ofj'ice xpece to the Board of Regents, the :tete Merit System, and the Southern Bell Telephone and Telegmxph Co. He elm lease: to outside operator: two parking lot: and two hlling xtatt'om. Garage Annex: N 0w, from itx own fumlx, the Atlanta Dwixion i: allocating $600,000 for comtrztction of a new building with 75 clcmroom: on an acre behind the converted garage l the Jtate is providing the rext 0f the $2,200,000 coxtl. The new edihce will he completed within a year, in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the invitation. The college Ojjterx 500 mhjectxi end glue: the degree: of bachelor of hzm'nem and BS. in mmmg. Studentx, who are of all age;, may take three year: toward an AB. from Jame other univerxz'ty branch. The dwixion guaranteer a job to every Itudent leach xtudie: only part timey and help; them final placex to live. For Georgia residentx, the tuition is only $150 a year. Often three generation: of the Jame fam- ily tehe cozme: at the Jame time, anal fre- quently the children of the city: wealthiest 4: well as poorext citizen: attend. One woman come: to cltme: with a chondeztr carrying 1991' hooks. REPRINTED FROM NEWSWEEK The Issue of December 7. I953 GEORGE MclNTOSH SPARKS ' ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS THOMAS W. MAHLER GEORGE E. MANNERS J. C. HORTON BURCH Adminishafive Dean Dean. Business AdminishaHon Dean, School of General S+udies va ' r241 W 7 JAMES C. CAMP v. v. LAVROFF JOHN D. B A R Dean Of S+uden+s Compfroller Direc+or of Admissions 12 ADMINISTRATIVE PERSONNEL ATLANTA DIVISION GEORGE MCINTOSH SPARKS Directm' WILLIAM P. LAYTON Assixmnt t0 the Diwctor MRS. W. C. CANTRELL S ecretm'y t0 the Diwctor THOMAS W. MAHLER Adminixtmtipe Dean GEORGE E. MANNERS Dean, School of Bmz'neu Administration J. C. HORTON BURCH Dean, S 619001 of General Studie: JAMES C. CAMP Dean of Student: HENRY T. MALONE Anistamzf to Dean of Gweml Studie: V. V. LAVROFF Comptroller GREY REEVES Accountant and Purcbming Agent Assistant Professor H. O. Smith, Professor James Routh, Professor R. R. Hollingsworth and Associate Professor C. B. Wray pause on the threshold of retirement. Not shown is retiring Professor Elmer G. Campbell. Elizabe+h Lumpkin. Sfuden+ DR. JOHN T. MALONE Assis+an+ +0 +he Dean School of General S+udies Mary Gold Goodle+, Secrefary +0 Miss Nell TroHer. Dean of Women JOHN D. BLAIR Director of Admimbm R. C. S. YOUNG C oumelor and Guidance Director 551900! of Bmz'nem Admimktmtion T. E. SMOTHERMAN Cozmyelor CAMERON FINCHER C ozmsel 0r ERNEST H. EMORY Registrar 01$ Lewd JOHN D. BLAIR Acting Regixtmr FRED G. SCHRIMPER Asjijtcmt Registrar JOHN SHUPTRIN E Am'ytcmt Regixtmr HIRAM J. HONEA Dz'wczfor 0f Placement 0n Lewd WILLIAM RANDOLPH MERRELL Acting Director MRS. LINNIE B. TALLANT Registered Nurse S tudem H ealtlo In +he Library Across From +he Library ATLANTA DIVISION UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA LIBRARY MAIN FLOOR LIBRARY BUSINESS LIBRARY, SIXTH FLOOR W. WILSON NOYES, JR. Librarian ALICE HULL Cataloger FRANCES PAULK Asxixmnt C ataloger THOMAS W. CHANDLER, JR. Oder Liwzzrz'zm FRANCES E. PARSONS Assistant Order Libnm'mz ROBERT W. BULLEN Periodicals Librarian MRS. J. B. KINCAID Ammmt Circulation Librarian RAY ROWLAND Circulation Libmricm SCHOOL OF GENERAL STUDIES BRUNELL FLANDERS ART RICHARD H. BRUNELL Anixtcmt Profenor JOSEPH S. PERRIN Amiymmt Profeuor REIBER KURTZ BIOLOGY ROBERT J. RIBER Anixtamt Profemor JULIAN R. DARLINGTON Aniytant meenor MRS. BLANCHE M. GRIGGS Antwan; Profenor MISS MARTHA J. JOHNSON Anixtant meenor MISS ZONA C. BENNETT Imtructor PAUL G. KOLTER Imtmctor MRS. SERAPHINA BOGUSLAVSKY PAUL GUPTILL MRS. VERNA VOGEL 16 CHEMISTRY HERMAN F. KURTZ Profenor MARION A. GAERTNER Auijtamt Profeuor JAMES T. MADRY Imzfmctor RAYMOND H. OWINGS ED. SINGLEY EDUCATION T. EDWIN SMOTHERMAN Amociate Profenw WOODROW W. BRELAND Auociate Profenor MISS B. JANE I. HART AIItham Profenor RAY TAYLOR Anixmm Profeuor HERBERT BURGRESS Imtmctor ENGLISH BERT H. FLANDERS Anaemia Profenor CLARKE OLNEY meenor HORTON J. C. BURCH Auociate Pv'ofexxor JAMES C. CAMP Anociczte Profemor PAUL BLOUNT Anixtcsz Profeuor DAVID W. JOHNSTON Auimlm Profemor JOHN B. MOORE Anixnmt Profenor WILLIAM B. PIRKLE Auiytant Profeuor CHARLES H. SANDERS Auimmt Profenor WILLIAM M. SUTTLES Am'mmt meeuor ROBERT W. WALTs Amimmt meeuor MRS. DONALD AGNEW JACK I. BILES GEORGE L. CARROLL MRS. LUCIAN COHEN ROY DRUKENMILLER LLOYD L. FARRIS MRS. AURA GODARD ROBERT W. HAYS THOMAS R. HAZELRIG MISS EDNA HERREN JAMES W. JOINER SAM C. KETCHIN JOHN R. MCCAIN WILLIAM R. MCCOOK HASSELL E. MCGEE MRS. GLENN POPE MRS. GLADYS ROZAR THOMAS J. SHAKESPEARE REDDING SUGG GEOGRAPHY DONALD L. NETZER Animzmt Profeuor HARLEY J. WALKER Animmt Profeuor HISTORY CARL A. MAUELSHAGEN meemor JOHN A. ALEXANDER Amocimte Profenm' GAINEs W. WALTER Auociate Profeuor KENNETH COLEMAN Awiytam Profenor HENRY T. MALONE Anixtcmt meeuor OLIVER EDWARDS DU PREE JORDAN JOHN M. MOORE MRS. MAY S. RINGOLD MRS. MATTIE SUE WALKER JOURNALISM HAR Y H. WALTERS Auiytamt Profemor DON CARTER THOMAS M. HAYS MATHEMA ICS V. V. LAVROFF Anociate Profeuor GEORGE M. BROWN Amociate Profeysor ROBERT S. CHRISTIAN Amman; Profesxor CHARLES COPE Anixtamt Profeuor RAYMAND H. DOMINICK Amman; Profenor BEN S. BRANCH HAROLD W. BLACK W. G. BANICK CLINTON D. DYCHES LES ROY FARGASON R. A. GREEN H. M. HUIE H. DOUGLAS JOHNSON H. D. JONES WILLIAM J. ORMSBY, JR. MRS. PICKETT H. RIGGS CHARLES E. TAYLOR SAMUEL THOMPSON MODERN LANGUAGES HAL HULSEY Anocimte Profeuor T. T. BECK Auociate Profeuor DAVID F. MCDOWELL Auociate Profeuor JOSE A. BATLLE Auixtzmt Profeuw WARREN C. MADDOX Anixtant Profemor M UELSHAGEN ' WALTERS SCHOOL OF GENERAL STUDIES OFABULTY MUSIC POLITICAL SCIENCE TOM BRUMBY WILLIAM M. GRUBBS Amocz'mte Profemor Auocz'czte meeuor ROBERT I. HARRISON MRS. RUTH L. BONNER Auocz'ate Profeuor Auimmt meenor WILLIAM W. JOHNSON BASCOM O. QUILLIAN, JR. Anixmm Profeyxor Aniymm Profeuor WARREN C. LITTLE MRS. VIOLET WURFEL Imtmctor MRS. BEVERLY W. DWIGGINS PSYCHOLOGY HENRY SOPKIN JULIA S. BLACK MRS. EDITH CLARK MERWIN CRISMAN MRS. LILLIAN SULLIVAN BAILEY M. WADE Auociate Profeuor JOHN A. BROXSON Auociate meenor REID H. HUNTER NURSING Amociate meenor EDUCATION CAMERON FINCHER Imtmctor CLINTON L. CHINA W. W. EDWARDS, JR. T. BENJAMIN MASSEY MISS E. LOUISE GRANT meenor MISS ALDA L. DITCHFIELD Auixmm Profeuor MRS. MARTHA COFFIELD SOCIOLOGY Imtmctor WILLIAM E. HOPKINS PHILOSOPHY Auociate Profeuor R. R. HOLLINGSWORTH GERALD J. T. RUNKLE Profenor Anixtomt Profeuor G. G. MAUGHON ROBERT BROWNE Amixtomzt Profenor ROBERT ROELOFS MRS. BETTY S. JOHNSON Imtmctor J. A. CONNER PHYSICS MRS. GEORGE T. DOUGLAS MALCOLM MCAFEE MARVIN H. FLOYD JOHN R. SCANLON ROBERT J. KYLE WILLIAM E. UZZELL SPEECH HAROLD E. SMITH Anociate meeuor MRS. CLARA W. DUNN MRS. HILDA DYKES GEORGE NEELY x full; '01! . M X 4; g 1; .NMIH SCHOOL OFBUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MILTON E. KELLEY LLOYD E. BAUGHAM 20 FACULTY DIVISION OF ACCOUNTING W. R. HAMMOND H. DAVIS PHILIP H. DOHN, JR. J. W. GRIFFIN HENRY HILLS G. G. MAUGHON JAMES MCLEAN C. M. MILES JULIUS NAPOLES WALTER RUTLEDGE MARVIN TUMMINS NOAH WARREN CHARLES B. WRAY DIVISION OF BUSINESS EDUCATION LLOYD E. BAUGHAM R. E. CHRISTOPHER W. V. DENNING LINDLE E. FREEMAN MARY ANNE LANE ABP LILEs B. E. LINDSEY DIVISION OF ECONOMICS, FINANCE, STATISTICS DR. WILLYS R. KNIGHT MILES DUNLAP LLOYD L. FARRIS JOHN P. GILL VAN GROOVER HIRAM HONEA CECIL JACKSON C. C. JONES THOMAS LUCK ALBERT MAYNARD JOSEPH G. MAYTON CHAS. OVERMILLER T. T. PURDOM L. D. RAISTY LELAND C. WHETTEN W. WOODRUFF DIVISION OF RESEARCH DR. JOHN P. GILL DR. WILLYS R. KNIGHT DR. HENRY C. PEPPER DR. JOHN P. GILL DR. STUART McFARLAND SCHOOL OF BUSINESS DIVISION OF MANAGEMENT MILTON E. KELLEY JAMES CHAPMAN E. T. EGGERS RALPH T HOMPSON GROSS ROBERT LEWIS DAVIS LONG G. N. MEINERT JOHN OLDEN NESTOR Roos DIVISION OF MARKETING DR. STUART MCFARLAND L. L. ANTLE JAMES DORNBURG ROBERT ENGLAND DANIEL JAMES HERBERT KANE S. W. McFARLAND GEORGE E. MADDOX BILL MOECKEL J. E. POWELL ROBERT SCHAEFER HARRY SPITZER ADMINISTRATIVE FACULTY DIVISION OF PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION Dr. Henry C. Pepper Harold Duncan Hugh Hilliard S. D. Lovell Edwin L. Swain Nelle TroHer R. C. Williams DIVISION OF REAL ESTATE-INS RANCE LAW Dr. Kenne+h Black Alfon Hawk W. R. Merrell Paul O'Connor Mar+in Peabody George A. Pindar DIVISION OF TRANSPORTATION AND TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT Gilber+ L. GiFFord Carl J. Ackerman G. L. Gifford G. J. Gunning Harold Jo'nnson Chas. J. Payne MARDI GRAS COURT King Dave Senay surrounded by Ann Chandler, high school queen, Shirley Tarvin, Ruth Scott, Dot Owen, Tycia Cutley, and Queen Day Burnett. K, x wwmmW mww ?M, W me WW Mg PEOPLE . . . PERT . . . POET . .. WORDS TO DESCRIBE THEM . A CUT-UP . . . TWO CUTIES . . . A COKE. . . COMIC THESE ARE PART OF SCHOOL MEMORIES THE CURIOUS SAVAGE FINDS ASYLUM Jean Cole portrayed Mrs. Ethel P. Savage, an afHuential eccen- ttic, in a delightful comedy artfully entitled "Curious Savage." The curious Who saw the University Players, presentation gave it a hand warming commendation. Ian Macauley, writing in The University Signal, thought "Curious Savage" the most petfectly-cast play presented before . the Atlanta Division this season. Mrs. Savage is an afHuential eccentric Whose primary objec- tive in life is to satisfy the petty desires of those around her. Walter Guthrie, Jetty Button and Jean Fatagason play the hheavies," the greedy Children of the old woman, Who have her confined to an asylum. In the asylum Mrs. Savage has for companions quite a num- ber of real gone lid flippers. Mary Donaldson, William Falk- ner, Patricia Maynard, Gail Bell and Jon Colcord convinced 'the audience they were really deep in the snake pit. NO hissing! Alyce Carson and Jack Canavan played the medics in the institution. Mrs. Savage before her confmement converted her wealth into negotiable bonds, stuffed them into a teddybear, and played h'bonds, bonds, who has the bonds? with the avaticious offsprings for the rest of the performance with the asylumfs prize Iunatics providing the sometimes poignant moments, often the metriments. After much ado, all ends well. Elliot Brand, Bruce Walrath, Joe Johnson, Claude Brown and Hazel Thomas worked backstage to provide stage designs, setting, lighting and directing. .mx'ar THE STUDENT COUNCIL Day Student Council officers are elected each Spring by majority vote of the Day Student Body to serve the following year. thcets 1953-54 are LOWMAN OGLESBY . . . . . . . . . . . . . Prejident JACK KELLEY . . . . . . . . . . . . V ice Pretidemf RUSSELL MUSGRAVE telected 20 1511 unexpired termy VIERA WESTBROOK . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary JACKIE FURR . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treamrer Representatives to the council are elected in each 10:40 class at the beginning of each quarter to serve the one quarter in Which they are elected. Student Council is the voice of the student body. Any student with a problem may come to Council meeting and be assured of an audience which will take proper Steps promptly. The most important thing the council has done this year is the work on trying to secure a Liberal Arts degree at the Atlanta Division. SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS DAY DIVISION BILL CLEVELAND . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pfelident RUSSELL MUSGRAVE . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice Prejident EVENING DIVISION FORREST CLAYTON . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pren'dem JO BAKER . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ptejident DORIS DAVIS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary MARVIN WATSON . . . . . . . . . . . . T reamrer CLAYTON Allen, T. Amacher Anderson Anglin Appell Arnold Bailey, B. Bailey, S. Baker Baldwin Bang Barfield, R. Barfield, W. Barrow Barron Baxfer Bellah Ben+on Berry. C. ATLANTA DIVISION'S SENIOR CLASS 1954 Berrey Beville HoHesf Combo in Dixieland Bicknell Bieres ABELMAN, Perry Alvin, BBA degree, Marketing, Alpha Epjz'lon Pi. ALBRIGHT, Ed A., Jr., BBA degree, Finance. ALLEN, Thomas C., BBA degree, Accounting. AMACHER, William C., BBA degree, Management. ANDERSON, Dudley R., BBA degree, Insurance. ANDERSON, Fred- erick, BCS degree, Economics. ANGLIN, Bill R., BBA degree. APPELL, Gary S., BBA degree, Sales and Sales Adminis- tration, Pi Sigma Epjz'lon, Day Mmkwing, Chen Club. ARCHER, Sarah E, CA5 degree, Education. ARNOLD, John T., BBA degree, Retailing. ATWOOD, Robert C., BBA degree, Transportation and Trafflc Management. AUTREY, Merriell, JL, BBA degree, Economics, Kawm Sigma, Credit Club. BAILEY, Billy, BBA degree. BAILEY, Sadie Ann, CAS degree, Nursing Education. BAKER, Ethel Jo, BBA degree, Public Administration, Plai Chi Theta5President 1Society for Advancement of Man- agemenU, S.A.M., Student C ouncil, General C ozmcil, Crim- Ion Key H onor S ociety, W7 1901: Who In American C allege: and UnivemitieI-1953-54, Secretm'y Junior Clan91952- 53, Vice President Senior Cl455-1955-54. BAKER, James Leo, JL, BBA degree. BALDWIN, Jarrfes C., BBA degree, Management. BALES, George W., Jr., BCS degree, Eco- nomics. BANG, William Harmsen, BBA degree, Manage- ment. BARBER, John Wiley, BBA degree, Management. BARFIELD, Harold C., BBA degree, Management. BARFIELD, Robert L, BBA degree, Management, Sigma Kappa Clai, Vice Presidentn-1952-53, President51953-54, Alpha Kappa Rd, 13 Club, General Cozmcz'l51952-53, Social Chairman 1953-54, Student Cozmcil91954, Ramp- way 5135155195265, Advertiiing Manager-1953-54, Wlaoir Wb0-1953-54. BARFIELD, William Howard, CA5 de- gree, Education. BARKER, William Dan, BUS degree. BARRON, Riley Ray, BCS degree, Social Science. BARROW, James Calber, BBA degree, Management. BASS, Gary Lanier, BBA degree, Accounting. BATHO, Norman Roy, BBA degree, Economics, Delta Sigma Pi, Blue Key. BAXTER, William C., BBA degree. BELL, Robert H., BBA degree, Marketing, Sigma Kappa Chi, Markeling Club, Student Council, Pi Kappa Delta. BELLAH, Earl Martin, BBA degree, Public Administration. BENTON, James Andrew, BBA degree, Management, Zeta Chi Delta -Cbarter Prexidemt 119535, Pledgemanter Zeta Chi Delta 119545, Charter Prexident95word zmd Sloield Military Fraternity, charter member5Scabbm'd and Blade, membef Student Council, Preyz'dem General Council 119545, mem- ber S.A.M., WIQOCC Who In American College! and Uni- vemitieI-1954, Military Editor, Rampway 1953, Home- coming Committee, Cadet Lt. Col. Regmtl. Stalf, Zeta Chi Delta Award, 1953, Rifle Team, 1953. BERKMAN, David, BBA degree. BERLIN, Jack Joseph, CA5 degree, Person- nel. BERREY, Roy Edwin, BBA degree, Management. BERRY, Clifford S., BBA degree, Accounting. BEVILLE, Nora Eva, CAS degree, BS. BICKNELL, Wm. L, Jr., BBA degree, Accounting. BIERER, Charles M., Jr., BBA degree, Accounting. BILES, John Raymond, BBA degree, Account- ing. BLACK, Charles Norwood, BBA degree, Accounting, Circle "K9 Club. BLACK, Edwin M., BBA degree. BLACK, Mary Elizabeth, CAS degree. BLACKMON, Fred 1., BCS degree, Business Administration. BLONDER, Jerry A., BBA degree, Accounting. BLOODWORTH, Joseph W., BBA degree, Industrial Relations and Personnel Ad- ministration, Circle "KK-Intmmuml Key Honor Society. BONE, Albert Gordon, BBA degree, Retailing. BONE, Terrell Felton, BBA degree, Marketing. BONNER, James S., In, BBA degree, Management. BOONE, Albert H., In, BCS degree, Personnel. BORN, Robert Eugene, BBA degree, Transportation and Traffic Management, Delta Nu Alpha, Intramural Key. BOWEN, Chas. Edgar, BBA degree, Management. BOWEN, Vera L, CAS degree, Nursing Education. BOWLES, Samuel Pressly, Jr., BBA degree, Management, Alpha Kappa PJi, Distinguixbed Military Graduate. BOYD, Wendell Wayne, CAS degree, Social Science. BOYLE, John Vincent, BBA Degree, Management, Delta Sigma Pi. Noodwo9h Bowen.V. Black.CZ Bonner Hack E Boone Bone. G. Bowks Nonder Bowen.C. thkmon Born Boynfon Bradbrd Branning Briscoe Browder Brown. F. Brown. 6. Brown. T. Brown, W. Bryan Bullard Bullock Burrows Busbee Bush Bufler Callaway Cameron Cannady Carder Carroll Car+er. E. Car+er. J. Cash Cassady Cesnick ATLANTA DIVISION'S SENIOR CLASS 1954 Walls and Friends Every Spring Chapman Charles Chafham ChaHin BOYNTON, John H., JL, BBA degree, Management. BRACKETT, Joseph E., BBA degree, Marketing. BRAD- FORD, Wm. Harold, BBA degree, Economics. BRANNON, Thomas E., BBA degree, Accounting. BRISCOE, F. Wood- son, BBA degree, Marketing. BROWDER, Willie W., BBA degree, Personnel. BROWN, Betty Ann, CAS de- gree, FA. BROWN, Frank Wilson, BBA degree, Economics. BROWN, George Talmadge, BBA degree, Finance, Sigma Alpha Epn'lon, Clom-1953. BROWN, Thomas Edmond, BBA degree, Accounting. BROWN, Wm. Claude, Jr., BCS degree, MS. BRYAN, Douglas A., BBA degree, Marketing. BULLARD, James W., BBA degree, Insurance. BULLOCK, Harris, BCS degree. BURROWS, John 2., JL, BBA degree, Finance. BUSBEE, William Max, BBA degree, Economics, Cartoomkt and Vice Preyidem, Izmim' Writer for Signal in 1952-53, Univemity Signal, DeamUr Lift dew timesy BUSH, June F., BCS degree, Social Science, Futme Teacher; of America. BUTLER, Judson 1., Jr., BBA degree, Marketing, Stadem Council, Wesley Foundation, Phi Theta Sigma. CADE: Kyle R., BBA de- gree, Economics. CALDWELL, Charlene R., CAS degree. CALLAWAY, Charles P., BBA degree, Management. CAMERON, Neil 8., BBA degree, Accounting. CAMP- BELL, Ramona E., BBA degree, Business CANNADY, Martha Joyce, BBA degree, Business Educa- tion, Prexidem, Sophomore Clcm41952, Student Coun- cil-1950-51-52-53-54, General Cozmcil 1954, 1171903: W190 Among Student; In American College; mm! Univemitie54 1954, Signal41954, Kappa Theta Sorority-1950-51-52- 53-54, Treamrer-1953, Second Vice Prexidemt 1954. CARDER, Vernon, BBA degree, Management. CARROLL, John Tyler, BBA degree, Marketing. CARTER, Edward Orr, BBA degree, IR. CARTER, James P., BBA degree, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi. Education. CASH, Raymond M., BBA degree, Economics. CASHIN, Stuart A., BBA degree, Accounting. CASSADY, Edward A., BBA degree, Accounting. CECIL, Panonia, CA5 degree, CESNICK, John T., BBA degree, Transportation and Traffm Management. CHAMBERBJ John M., BBA degree, Accounting. CHAMPION, John Wiley, BBA degree, Personnel. CHAPMAN, Gene E., CAS degree, MD. CHAPPELL, Annie G., BCS degree, Accounting. CHARLES, Robert Kingsley, BBA degree, Transportation, Delta Sigma Pi, Delta Nu Alplm, Univemity Player; "Macbeth." CHAT- HAM, Hoke L, BBA degree, Management. CHATTIN, Gilbert M., BBA degree, Accounting. CHEELEY, Selma Medlock, BBA degree, Business Education, Phi Clai Them Fraternity, Student Council Reprexenmtive, Crimxon Key. CHESNUT, Walter D., BBA degree, Management. CLARK, Donald W, BBA degree, Transportation, Zeta Cbi Delm 1Cbcmer Member-1952-545, Social Chair- mzm4195 3-54. CLARK, Lindsey L, Jr., BBA degree, Mar- keting. CLAYTON, Benjamin Forrest, BBA degree, Man- agement, Delta Sigma Pi, Society for Advancement of Management, Senior Clam Preyidem, Simian; C ozmcil, ln- Nursing Education. trammal Key .Honor Society Gecretczrw, Vice Pren'dent, Delta Sigma Pi, Board of Directory, Delta Sigma Lodge, W603; Who 1953-54. CLEVELAND, William LeRoy, Jr, BBA degree, Marketing, Zeta Chi Delta Mlmrter Mem- berJ, Scabhmi and Blade Military Fraternity41954, Sword and Shield Military Fraternity Vice Prexident 1Clmrter MemberJ 1951-52-53, Diytinguisbed Military Student, R.0.T.C. Drill Team-1952-53, Prexident Day School Senior ClmI-1953-54, Prexidem Day School I-zmior Clzm-1952-53, Society f01' the Advancement of Manage- ment-1953-54, Student Cozmci141951-52-53-54, General Council 1952-53. CLUTTEUR, Albert R., BBA degree, Management. CLUTTS, George F., BBA degree, Person- nel. COCHRAN, Lamar C., Jr., BCS degree, Marketing. Clark, L. Connell Cleveland Corcoran Clark, D. ColquiH Clayton. F. Copeland Chambers CIuHeur Cheeley Cochran Chesnuf Collier ,3 CorneH Correa Courchaine Courson Cox Cramer Crawford Creel Crowe Crusselle Cunningham Daffron Daniel, B. Daniel. E. Davidson Davis. E, Davis, H. Davis, J. M. Davis. L. Davis, P. Davis. R. ATLANTA DIVISION'S SENIOR CLAS 1954 Davis. W. Deadwyler Jusi' Wha'l' We Suspecfed. Some Men Do No+ Read Signs. Dean Deason COLE, George Howard, BBA degree, Accounting, Blae Key. COLE, V. Jean, CAS degree, Journalism. COLLIER, Nancy J., BA degree, Education. COLQUITT, Thomas Holmes, BBA degree, Management, Venetian Society. CONNELL, George W., Jr., BBA degree, Management. COODY, James William, BBA degree, Accounting. COOK, Thomas Henley, BBA degree, Management. COOK, Walter Greene, BBA degree, Accounting. COOPER, William Paul, CAS degree, Journalism. COPELAND, Victor, CAS degree, Social Science. CORBETT, Martin M., BBA degree, Marketing. CORCORAN, James Fred- erick, BBA degree, Personnel Administration, Stadent Rep- ieyemative three timey. CORNETT, Leon Howard, BCS degree, Social Sciences, Deamk Lint, Medaz'lle Frmzce- French Clays Award for Scbolanloz'p. CORREA, Luis E., BBA degree, Accounting. COUCH, Jean D., JL, BCS degree. COURCHAINE, Louis E, BBA degree, Accounting. COURSON, Melvin, BBA degree, Accounting. COWAN, James R., Jr., BCS degree, Financing. COX, Ernest Edward, BBA degree, Social Sci- ences. CRAIG, Leonoar E., BBA degree, Management. CRAMER, Joseph J., Jr., BBA degree, Accounting. CRAWFORD, William R., BBA degree, Insurance. CREEL, Ellis M., BBA degree, Economics. CRIBB, William P., Jr., BBA degree, Personnel Administration. CROWE, Wayne C., BBA degree, Management. CRUSSELLE, Arthur B., BBA degree, Insurance. CUMMINGS, Arthur L, BBA degree, Accounting. CUNNINGHAM, Mary Miles, BCS degree, Accounting, Phi Cloz' Them, Cm'myon Key Honor Society. DAFFRON, Clyde Frederick, BCS degree, Social Studies, 1949-50 Signal, Intramural Key, Decmk List. DAILEY, Martha Joyce, BCS degree, Personnel. DANIEL, Barbara E., CA5 degree, Education. DANIEL, Ethel Christine, BBA degree, Business Education, sz' CM Them, Cm'mwn Key Honor Society. DAVIDSON, Russell O1Neil, BBA degree, SM, Diitinguixbed Military Student, Blae Key H mm Fm- temity, Swami mzd Shield Military Fraternity, Scabbm'd and Blade iCaptain, 19545, Commander of the Cadet Corpi. DAVIS, Camp, BBA degree, Insurance. DAVIS, Doris Lorraine, BBA degree, Personnel Management, Kappa Theta, Phi Chi Them, Geneml Council, Student Council, Crimmn Key Honor Society, Whoiv W190 11952-535 11953-545, Kappa Tbeta-President 1952-53, Cm'mmn Key-Vice President, Senior C1455 Secretary. DAVIS, Elizabeth A., BBA degree, Accounting. DAVIS, Harry Lee, BBA degree, Management. DAVIS, Jack M., BBA degree, Irregular. DAVIS, James M., BBA degree, Management, Intramyml Key, S.AM. DAVIS, Lindy C., BBA degree, Accounting, Blue Key, B.S.U. DAVIS, Paul Jones, BBA degree, Transportation. DAVIS, Richard Ca1- vin, BBA degree, Management. DAVIS, William Morris, BBA degree, Management. DEADWYLER, Corlyss L, BBA degree, Insurance. DEAN, Perry Wilson, BBA degree, Insurance. DEASON, Janice G., BBA degree, Business Education, Alpha Gamma Delta 1Athens5, Home EC. Club, B.S.U. iFlorida State5, Flom'da State Univemizy-1951-52, Univemz'ty 0f Georgia-1952- 1953. DEAVER, Frank M., BBA degree, Economics. DEKINDER, Joyce Allen, BCS degree, Personnel Admin- istration, CM Rho Sigma-1948-52, Sweetheart-Sigma Kappa Clai-1952-53. DELAVAN, Wm. David, BBA degree, Irregular. DEMPSEY, Raymond Anderson, BBA degree, Manage- ment, Sword and Shield Military Fraternity, Scabbmd and Blade Military Fraternity, G Club, Vanity Bmketball. DICKSON, Nancy Grace, BBA degree, Secretarial Science, Alpha Delta PF-Nationa'l Sorority-Brenau College- 1950-51, Univemity Player; iPresidenQ, Society Editor iUniversity SignaD, Stadem Council Repreyenmtive. DIXON, Hubert Claude, BBA degree, Management. DIXON, William C., BBA degree, Management. DOBBS, John Orin, BBA degree, Marketing. DOLOB, Melvin, BB71 degree. DOPSON, William R., BBA degree, Marketing. DUNLAP, James David, BBA degree, Marketing, Sword mm! Shield Military Fraternity, Society of 56456474 and Blade-Executive Ojjlicer. DWIGGINS, Beverly W., BCS degree, Social Studies. EAVES, Guy, J11, BBA degree, Economics, Blue Key, Circle K, Student Council, General C ozmcz'l, PreJidem-Blue Key. EDGE, John Thomas, BBA degree, Personnel Administration, Dean? Lint with Di;- zimtion anal Merit. EDWARDS, M. Gene, BBA degree, Major CC. ELLINAS, Emanual J., CA5 degree, Major PS. ELLINGTON, Linton C., BCS degree, Business Adminis- tration, Delta Sigma PFPresident-1952-53, Social Chair- man-1951-52, Secretary-1950-51, W603; Wb0-1952- 53, 1953-54, General Cozmcil-1952-53. Delavan Dunlap Deaver Dixon. H. Dopson Ellington Dolob Ellinas Dickson Edwards Dempsey Eaves w fo KW, - England, H, Fleischman Furr Gerwig Mm, mm: Flowers Glacock Gilberf w w y , Emmerich Forres+er Gaines Gillman NWMW m m; Fernander Fosfer Founfain Galloway GarreH Gilooly Geode ATLANTA DIVISION'S SENIOR CLAS 1954 yw Fields Fowler Giddis Graham Fife Fraser Gielow Green. A. Green. D. Gregory ELLIS, Robert Wesley, BBA degree, Accounting. EM- MERICH, Charles Orr, JL, BBA degree, Personnel Man- agement, Delta Sigma Pi, S.A.M. ENGLAND, Harrison K., BUS degree. ENGLAND, Margaret D, BCS degree, Accounting, Ploi CM Them Treamrer 1953-54, Phi CM Them National Key Award 1953, Crimxovz Key. EUBANK, Valeria M., BBA degree, Accounting. FERNANDER, Bobbie B., BBA degree, Personnel Management. FIELDS, Norma Elaine; CA5 degree, Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, Delta Alpha Delta, Glee Club, Student C omzcil Rep- resentative, Debate Club, Editor of Sing-1953, Feature Writer of Red and Black. FIFE, Frank Yentzer, BBA degree, Management, Scabbard and Blade, Sword and Shield, S.A.M.-President 1952-53. FLEISCHMAN, Fred 8., BBA degree, Transportation, Delta Nu AZpba-Chairman, Membership Committee, Sm- dem Cozmcz'141952-53-54, General Council41953-54, In- tramural Key Honor Society-1953-54, Marketing Clztb4- Vice President 1953-54. FLOWERS, Mary Carolyn, CA5 degree, Nursing Education, Clam Room Reprexenmztive4 1953. FORD, Robert Clyde, BBA degree, Management. FORRESTER, Betty T., CAS degree, Education. FOSTER, Donald B., CA5 degree, BS. FOUNTAIN, Dorsey M., BBA degree, Marketing. FOWLER, Robert L, BBA degree, Accounting. FRASER, Neil L, BBA degree. FULLER, James R., BBA degree. FURR, Lois Jackie, BBA degree, Management, Phi Clai Them, Student Council 1Secretary 1952-53, Treasurer 1953-545, Delta Alplm Delta 1Secretary 1951-52, Vice President 1952-535, Demf; Lm, Momeeting Clab 1Secre- tary 1953-545, Cm'myon Key Secretary 1953-545, General Council, Freshman Clay; 1Treasurer 1950-515, Sophomore Clam Secretary 1951-525, WboUr W190 1952-53, 1953-545. GAGE, Addie Mae, BBA degree, Accounting, PM CM Them, Crimson Key. GALLOWAY, Lula Florence Cook, CA5 degree, Nursing Education, Pi Kappa Delta, Nursing Education Club. GARRETT, Roy Parks, BBA degree, Marketing. GAULT- NEY, Billy, BBA degree, Management. GENSEL, Richard L, BBA degree, Management. GERWIG, Robert, BBA de- gree, Personnel. GIDDISH, Ralph Ludwig, BBA degree, Management, Intmmzmzl Key, Society fm' Advancement of Management. GIELOW, Charles R., BBA degree, Trans- portation. GILBERT, George W, BBA degree, Accounting. GILLMAN, Alan Jack, BBA degree, Management, AE 1Alpba Ejm'lon P25, Student Marketing Club, Society for Ad- vancement of Management, Intmmuml Basketball Cham- pion: kaptain 19515, Alpha Epsilon Pi Secretary 1950, Treasurer 1951, Member-at-large 19515. GILLOOLY, Wm. Francis, BBA degree, Major AD. GLASSCOCK, Joe D., BBA degree, Management, S.A.M. GOODE, Clifford C., BBA degree, Major PA. GOODRICH, John Senn, CA5 degree, Major MD. GORDON, Charlie, BCS degree, Per- sonnel. GRAHAM, Harold Elston, BBA degree, Retailing. GREEN, Albert J, BBA degree, Retailing. GREEN, David A., BBA degree, Transportation and Traffic Management, Delta N24 Alpha, Diytmguixloed Military Student, Cadet Lt. C01,, General Council Repreyenmtive, GREEN, Mary Jack- son, BBA degree, Business Education, Kappa Theta. GREER, Charles W., BBA degree, Transportation and Traffic Management. GREGORY, Robert Morgan, BCS degree, Transportation, Delta Nu Alpha, Credit Club. GRIFFIN, Frances Ann, BBA degree, Business Education, Phi Mu. GRIFFITH, Frank West, BBA degree, Manage- ment, S.A.M., Treasurer Night Student Council, Board of Founder G.M.S. Scholambip Fzmd. GRIMSLEY, Woodrow W, BBA degree, Transportation. GRISSETT, Harry Ellis, BBA degree, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi 1Treasurer5, Society for Advancement of Man- agement. GROOVER, Dan C., BCS degree, Social Studies. GUITON, Hartford Eugene, BBA degree, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, Intrammal Key H 072M Society. HALLECK, Jack R., BCS degree, Major BA. HALLMAN, Eleanor Anne, BBA degree, Personnel Administration, General Council 1949-53-54, Delta Lambda Sigma Sorority 1950- 54, Corresponding Secretary 1951-52, Crimyon Key 1952- 54, Treasurer 1953-54, Rampway 1951-52, PM Chi Them 1952-54, Corresponding Secretary 1953-54, S.A.M. 1952- 54, W603; W60 1953-54. HAMMOND, Othello P., BBA degree, Personnel Administration. HANKAMER, Reba 8., CAS degree, Nursing Education. HARGROVE, Richard 8., BBA degree, Marketing, Sigma Alpha prilon, Evening Mmketing Club. HARKNESS, Ellis Vance, BBA degree, Management. HARMAN, Rob- ert W, J11, BBA degree, Marketing. HARMON, Lloyd G, CBS degree, Management. HARPER, Richard Earl, BBA degree, Accounting. HARRISON, Daniel E., BBA degree, Accounting. HARTSELLE, Mahlon A., BBA degree, Management. HATTRICH, Mary Eva, BBA degree, Accounting. HAUS- MAN, Gloria May, BBA degree, Business Education, Kappa Theta Sorority 1Rec0rding Secretary 1951-52, Second Vice President 1952-53, President 1953-545, Junior Class Treas- urer, Venetian Society Sponsor, Student Council 1951-52 and 1952-53, General Council 1952-53 and 1953-54, Ramp- way Stag? 10rganization Editor5, W126; Who 1953-54. HAUSMANN, Arthur V., BCS degree, Management. HAWK, Alton L, BCS, degree. HAYES, Cecil M., BBA degree, Accounting. HAYES, George P., BBA degree, Management. HAYES, Sara Louise, BBA degree, Transportation, Delta Lambda Sigma. HAYSLIP, Ward Clyde, BBA degree, In- surance. HEAD, Alice Arlene, BBA degree, Management. HEAD, James Lee J11, CBS degree, Accounting. HEARN, Joyce C., BBA degree, Business Education. HEARN, Rich- ard Lamar, BBA degree, Management. HEERY, James T., In, BBA degree. Hellman Harper Halleck Harman Grissef Hargrove Griffiih Hankamer Griffin. F. Hammond Grimsley Harden : 2 714 Wing; Harrison. D. Har+shell, M, HaHrich. M. Hausmann. A. Hausman. G. Hayes. G- Hayes. 5. Hayslip, W. Hearn. R. Henderson, B. Hendrix, 6. Henry. R. Henson, J. HerringI C. Hill, J. Hingif. E. Hogan. J. Hogan. W. Holbrook, A. Hollis. J. Holloway. L. Hope. E. Howard. F. Howell. A. Hodgins. H. Hunt F. Jackson. W. ATLANTA DIVISION'S SENIOR CLASS 1954 Jacobson. L. Jamieson. M. Ladies Circle Mee+ing Every Wednesday Jardine. N. Jeffers. A. cva p JerrersI C. Johnson, L HENDERSON, B. Ray, BBA degree, Management, Imm- mzmzl Key. HENDRIX, Gaines D., BBA degree, Manage- ment. HENRY, Robert L, BBA degree, Management. HENSON, John McKamie, JL, BBA degree, Management. HERRING, Charles Durward, BCS degree, Accounting. HEYSER, Joe Louie, BBA degree, Management. HILL James Gray, BBA degree. HILL, James Reeves, BBA degree, Management. HINGST Eric B., BBA degree, Personnel Administration. HOGAN, James C, BBA degree, Management. HOGAN, William Elwood, JL, BBA degree, Accounting. HOLBROOK, A1- fred 8., BBA degree, Management. HOLLAND, Annie L. K., BBA degree, Major LA. HOLLIS, James A., CAS degree, Journalism. HOLLOWAY, Lenda D., BCS degree, Social Science. HOOKS, O. W., Jr., BBA degree, Accounting. HOPE, Eric Guy, JL, BBA degree, Transportation. HOWARD, Frank Eldridge, BBA degree, Management. HOWELL, Mary Anne, CAS degree, Nursing Education. HUDGINS, Horace Lee, BBA degree, Management. HUGHES, Melvin L, BBA degree, Irregular. HUNT, Rufus F., BCS degree, Major BA. JACKSON, William Eugene, BBA degree, Marketing. JACOBSON, Lloyd Edward, BBA degree, Accounting, Delta Kappa FM- ternity, Intramural Key H onor Society. JEFFRIES, Charles L, BBA degree, Management. JENKINS, Mrs. Barbara, BBA degree, Business Education. JOHNSON, Ernest C., BBA degree, JOHNSON, George R., BBA degree, Irregular. JOHNSON, Lewis Thomas, BBA degree, Accounting. JOHNSTON, Richard H., BBA degree, Insurance and Real Estate. JONES, Cecil Paul, BBA degree, Transportation, Sigma Kappa CM, Smalem Council 1953, National Society of Pembing Rifle; 1Charter Member1, Delta Nu Alpha Tramportation Fraternity, S.A.M., Militm'y Drill Team , , Personnel Administration. Jefer. J. Johnson. 0. Jenkins. C. . Johnsfon. M. JergerI H. Johnsfon, R. 1951-52. JONES, Eli Brewer, JL, CA5 degree, Social Sci- ence. JONES, Robert Lee, BBA degree, Marketing. JONES, William A., Jr., BBA degree, Insurance. JOWERS, Clyde A., BBA degree. JOYNER, W. Douglas, BBA degree. KAPLAN, William Billy, BBA degree, Accounting, Blue Key. KAPP, Mabel Ayers, CA5 degree, Education. KELLEY, Henry L, Jr., CAS degree, Spanish, Zeta Chi Delta 1Secretary 1952-53, President 1953-541, Blue Key Honor Fraternity, Sigma Tau 10m,- szz'or Clan Treamrer, General Council 1953-54, WlooUr Wbo 1953-54, Vice President Student Council 1Day1 1953-54. KELLEY, Roy Jack, BBA degree, Man- agement. KEMP, James Dennis, BBA degree, Personnel Management. KENDALL, Sarah L., BBA degree, Business Education. KERSTOFF, Ruth, CAS degree, Nursing Education. KIDDER, James W., BBA degree, Management. KILGO, Homer W., BBA degree, Personnel. KILLCREASE, Ber- nice, CAS degree, Nursing Education. KING, Edward Lewis, BBA degree, Accounting. KIRIAZE, George J., CAS degree. LAMBE, Ernest M., Jr., BBA degree. LANDRUM, Emma, CA5 degree, Nursing Education. LANE, Chester C., BBA degree, Management, Society for Advancement of Management. LANIER, Fenton A., GAS degree, Social Science. LANIER, William J., BBA degree, Management. LASSETER, Candler P., BBA degree, Mar- keting. LEACH, Van Craig, BBA degnge, Marketing, Sigma Kappa Chi, Alpha Kappa Pxi 1Vice President 1953-541, Pi Sigma Ejm'lon 1Sergeant-at-Arms 1952-534Charter and Founder Member-Treasurer 1953-541, Mmketing Club 1President 1952-53, Vice President 1953-541, Sword and Shield, Univemz'ty Playem, Signal 5;an 1952-53, Rampway Staff 1952-53, Student Cozmcil 1952-53-54, General Coun- cil 1952-53-54, W603: W100 1953-54. LECKIE, Billy K., BBA degree, Accounting. Johnson. E. Joiner, J. Johns. C. Johnson, T. Johnson. L. JonesI C. R Jones, D. Clark. W. Jones. F. Jowery. C. Joyner. D. Kaplan, B. Kelley. J. Kemp. D. Kendall. S. Kersfoff. R. Kidder, J. Kilgo. W. King, E. Lambe, E. Landrum. E. LaneI C. Lanier. F. Lanier. W. Lassder, C. Leach, V. Leakey. F. Leike, B. LevereH. R. Levie, W. Lewis. E. LiHle. W. ATLANTA DIVISION'S SENIOR CLASS 1954 . LoganI J. Lowe. J. A Former S+uden+ Now Married Lowery. G. Luchans. W. LEONARD, Alvin H., JL, BBA degree, Management. LEVERETTE, Robert M., BBA degree, Management, Circle "K13 Club, Evem'ng Marketing Club. LEVIE, Willis B., Jr, BBA degree, Accounting. LEWIS, Edwin M., BBA degree, Economics. LINNENKOHL, Robert, BBA degree. LITTLE, William Norris, BBA degree, Marketing, Phi Kappa Sigma, Marketing Club. LOGAN, Jack H., BBA degree, Trans- portation. LOWE, John W., Jr, BBA degree, Personnel Administra- tion. LOWERY, George B., BBA degree, Economics, Sword and Shield, Scabbard and Blade, "G33 C1249. LUCHANS, Warren E, BBA degree, Accounting. LUESCHEN, Jack, BBA degree, Economics. LUNSFORD, William 0., BBA degree, Accounting. MCCALL, Wilbur James, BCS degree, Business Administration. MCDANIEL, William R., BBA degree, Accounting. MCDONALD, Clarence E., BBA degree, Marketing. Mc- ELROY, William H., BBA degree, Economics. MCGILL, Wm., Samuel,.Jr., BBA degree, Economics, Delta Sigma Pi. MCGOWAN, Richard Lamar, BBA degree, Marketing, Pi Sigma Epsilon, Alpha Kappa PM, Sigma Kappa Chi, Sm- dent Cozmcil Repreyematz've, Evening Divixion Marketing Club. MCKELVEY, Donald 8., BUS: degree. MCLEAN, John Paul, BBA degree, Personnel Administration. Mc- LEOD, Virginia Ann, BCS degree, Social Science, Delta Lambda Sigma 1Vice President 1951-525, General Cozmcil Represemmive 1951-52. MCNAIR, Elizabeth Ann, CAS degree, Nursing Education. MCREA, George Robert, BCS degree, Personnel Adminis- tration, Circle "K33 CZzM 1Charter Member, Secretary 1951- 52 and 1952-53, President 1953-545, General Cozmcil Executive Secretary 1952-53, Treasurer 1953-545, Wbok Wbo 1952-53 and 1953-54. MADDOX, Alton L, BBA degree. MAGBEE, Charles M., BBA degree, Managemsnt. MAHL, John H., BCS degree, Business Administration. MALCOM, Mary Ann, BCS degree, Personnel, Delta Lambda Sigma 1Sergeant-at-Arms5, PM CM Them, Gen- eml Council, Crimson Key 4President5, Wbohr Who. MARKS, Richard George, BBA degree, Transportation, Sigma Kappa Cloi, Delta Nu Alpha, Sword and Shield, 5pm Club, Student Council, Claw; Club. MARRETT, Magnus C, BBA degree, Public Administra- tion, Sword and Shield. MARTIN, Robert Iliff, BBA de- gree, Finance. MASSELL, Howard B., BBA degree, Mar- keting. MEDICUS, William J., BBA degree. MEDLIN, Eunice E., BBA degree, Personnel Administration, Chi R190 Sigma. MERRITT, Bernard V., BBA degree, Retailing, American Marketing Anocz'dtion, Marketing Club MILLER, Albert A., BBA degree, Accounting, Delta Sigma Pi, Stu- dent Council Repreyenmtive. MILLER, Marion Janet, BBA degree, 8. S. MILLER, Sarah E., CSA degree, Nursing Education. MILLIKAN, William H., BBA degree, Accounting. MILLS, Martin G., BBA degree, Accounting. MITCHELL, Gleen 0., BBA degree, T. T. MITCHELL, James L, Jr, BBA degree, Insurance and Real Estate. MIXON, Fred A., BBA degree, Manage- ment. MOODY, Harold N., BBA degree, Personnel Administra- tion. MOON, Hubert Dan, BBA degree, Management. MOON, Opal Henry, BBA degree, Accounting, Bmketball 1953-54. MOONEY, Robert C., BBA degree, Accounting. MOORE, Charles Henry, BBA degree, Accounting. MOORE, Georgie Elizabeth, CAS degree, FA. MOORE, Harry V., BBA degree, Sales Administration, Student Mar- keting Club, Veteran of Wodd War II. MORGAN, Clark F., BBA degree, Finance. MOSTELLER, Joseph Ford, JL, BBA degree, Accounting, Scabbard and Blade, Swami cmd Shield. MULL, James Herbert, BBA degree, Marketing, Circle K, Marketing Club. MULLEN, Frank G., Jr, CAS degree. MURPHY, William W, BBA degree, CC, Delta Sigma Pi, Demfx Lin Hour quartersL Credit Club. MUSGROVE, Russell Emmett, Jr., BBA de- gree, Economics, WboUr W190 1President5, Frexbman Clam 1Vice Presidenw, Junior Clam 1Vice PresidenQ, Senior Clam, Blue Key 1Treasurer5. NAIL, Anne Rountree, CA5 degree, Education. Lueschen. J. McCall, J, McDaniel. W. McDonald. C. McElroy. W. McGilI McLeod. V. McLean. J. McNair McRea. G. Maddox, A. Malcom, A- Marrefi, M- Mam". R- MerriH. B. Medicus. W. Miller. A. Miller. M. Milliken. W. Mills. M. Mifchell. G. Mixon. F. Moncrief. R. Moody. G. Moon. H. Moon. 0. Mooney. R. Moore. C. Moore. H. Moore. P. Mos+eller. J. Mull. J. Murphy. W. Musgrave. R. Nail, J. Napier Nefherlan Newman. R. Nichols. B. Noblin. 0. Norman. C. ATLANTA DIVISION'S SENIOR CLASS 1954 Oglesby. L. O'Sullivan. M Jo e Welcomes Newcom PadgeH. H. Palmer. C. NAIL, James Ellis, BBA degree, Management. NAPIER, John Wesley, BBA degree, Management, Sword and Slaield. NASH, Jewel L., CA5 degree, Education. NESMITH, Don- ald W., BBA degree. NETHERLAND, John R., BBA de- gree, Management. NICHOLS, Robert Eugene, BBA de- gree, Finance, Blue Key Honor Fraternity, American Mar- keting Anociatz'on, Society for the Advancement of Mam- agement, Day Student C ozmcil 1953, 34171:th Stademf Union, Circle K Club. NOBLES, Orman Flynt, BCA degree, Ac- counting. NORMAN, Cloma J., Jr., CA5 degree, BS. OAKLEY, Jackson Dean, BBA degree, SM. ODOM, Boyd Daniel, BBA degree, PE. OGLESBY, R. Lowman, BBA degree, TT. ORTON, Willena N., CAS degree, Nursing Educa- tion. OSULLIVAN, M. M., Jr., BBA degree, Management. PADGETT, Helen Eunice, BBA degree, Economics. PALMER, Carleton G., CA5 degree, Music Education, At- lanta Symphony, Atlanta Popx. PALMOUR, William H., BBA degree, Marketing. PARKER, Raymond E., BCS de- gree, Business Administration, DeamUr Lint 1953. PASS, Warren H., BBA degree, Accounting. PATTON, Ethel Janet, BBA degree. PENICK, Robert T., BBA degree, Accounting. PENLEY, William J, BBA degree, Man- agement. PERSONS, Clyde L, BCS degree, Social Science. PHIL- LIPS, Hoyt C, BBA degree, TT. PIERSON, Baxter Lee, BBA degree, Management. PINSON, Frances B., BBA de- gree, Economics. PIRKLE, James, BBA degree, Business Education. POOLE, Fletcher T., BBA degree, Retailing. PORTER, Mary Ruth, BBA degree, SE. POSS, John C, BCS degree, Social Science, Sigma Kappa Chi, Alpha Kappa Pxi, Intmmzmzl Key, Society fm' Ad9 wmcemem of Management, Rampway 1949, Signal 1947- 48-49, Associate Editor, Signal 1949, Geneml Council 1949-52, Stadem Council 1948-52. POTTS, Harry B., BBA degree, Merchandising, Lambda CM Alpim, Newman Club, Mm'keting Club. POUNCEY, Weyman Earl, BBA degree, Management. POWELL, Robert Hugh, BCS de- gree, BA. PRATHER, L. Milton, BBA degree, Accounting, Intramural Key. PRESCOTT, Russell G, BBA degree, Economics, DeamCr Lint, Winter, Spring and Summer, 1953. PRESSLEY, Paul E., BBA degree, Management. PRINCE, Gene 97., BBA degree, Management, Dean? Lin. PUGH, Howard J., BBA degree, Real Estate and Insurance. RALSTON, Dorothy N., BBA degree, Management. RAMSEY, Ira Clayton, BBA degree, Management, Society for Advancement of Management. RANDALL, Herbert R., BBA degree, Accounting. RANDOLPH, Donald N., BBA degree, Accounting. REDMAN, William M., Jr.,BBA degree, Accounting. REEVES, Charles W., BBA degree, Sales Management, Delta Sigma Pi, Intramural Key. RHODES, James Ellis, BBA degree, Economics. RHODES William 8., BBA degree, Real Estate and Insurance. RICE Richard Henry, BBA degree, Management. RICH, Clayton E., BBA degree, Management. RILHARDSON, Hugh H., BBA degree, Management. RICHARDSON, William H., BBA degree. RIDLEY, Carl A., BCS degree, Accounting. RILEY, Sara Christin, CAS degree, FA. RISKAMM, Joseph L, BBA degree, IR. ROAN, Charles T., BBA degree, Management. ROBERTS, Charles A., BBA degree, Accounting. ROB- ERTS, Donald L, BBA degree, Accounting. ROBERTSON, Charles R., BBA degree, Management. ROBESON, William 0., BBA degree, Economics, Sigma Chi. ROBINSON, Glendora P., CA5 degree, Nursing Edu- cation. ROBINSON, J. Harold, BBA degree, Transporta- tion. ROBINSON, Robert L, BBA degree. ROBINSON, Henry Omer, BBA degree, Accounting, BS Civil Engineer- ing, University of Georgia 1920. ROBERS, Harry R, BBA degree, Management, Society for the Advancement of Management, Student Council Repwxenmtive 1951-52. ROGERS, Henry T., BBA degree, Accounting. ROUNTREE, Harold W., BBA degree, Accounting. ROUSE, Dreyfus W., BBA degree, Management, Student Marketing Club. RUSSELL, Burwell L, BBA degree, Mar- keting. RUSSELL, William George, BBA degree, Manage- ment. RUTHERFORD, Zenith, BCS degree, Accounting, Delta Mu Delta, Delta Sigma Pi, Delta Mu Delta. SALIBA, Norman R., CAS degree, MD. SALFEN, Harold J., BBA degree, Management. SANDERS, Corban H., BBA degree, Management. SCHAEFER, Betty C, BBA degree. SCHNEIDER, Wins- low M., BBA degree, PE. SCOGGINS, Sonya Mae, CAS degree, Education. SCROGGS, Fred, BBA degree, Account- ing. SEARS, Charles F., BBA degree. SEAY, William Robert, BBA degree, Management. Parker. R. Pirkle. J. Penley. W. PounceyI W. Phillips. H. Powell. R. Persons. C. PoHs. H. Pierson. L. PrescoH. W. Pressley. P. Poole. F. Prince, G. Pugh, H. Pra+her. L. Prafher. R. Ralsfon. D. Randall. D. Rando'ph. D. Redman. W. Reeder. C. Reeves. C. Rhodesl J. Rhodes. W. Rice. R. Ridley Rich. C. Richardson. H. Richardson. W. Riskamm. J. Roan, C. Rober+s. C- Roberfs. D. Rober+son. C. Robinson Robinson. 6- Robinson, R. Robinson. J. Rogers. H. ATLANTA DIVISION'S SENIOR CLASS 1954 . . . H. A Durecfor, A Chancellor. and S+uden+s Ezgfers'DII-I 33:52:18; Robinson, H. O. Seay. W. SEGLER, Joe T., BBA degree, Finance. SEIBERT, Allen K., Jr, BBA degree, Accounting. SELVAGE, John 0., BBA degree, Sales Management. SENAY, David Charles, BBA degree, Transportation, Sigma Kappa Chi, Delta Nu Alpha, National Trmzxportation Fraternity, Glee Club, Water Ski Club TVice Presidenw, Sigma Kappa Chi TChaplain, Sec- retary, Vice Presidenn, General Council TCO-Chairman Intramural Athletic Committeek Student Council, Who? Who, Um'venz'ty Signal TOrganizational Editom, Ramp- way TFeature Editod, Pemhing Rifle; USt Lt. PIO Offl- cer5, Scabbard and Blade National Military Fmtemity TPIO Officem, Sword and Shield Military Fratemz'ty TPIO Officer, Pledge MasteD, Canterbury Club 1953-54. SETZE, T. H., CA5 degree. SHACKELFORD, Charles D., BBA degree, Chi Phi TUniversity of Georgia in Athensy SHANNON, Henry B., Jr, BCS degree, Management. SHAW, Richard C, BCS degree. SHEPHERD, Alvin E., BBA degree, Ind. Rel. SHEPHERD, Robert T., CA5 degree, BS. SHETTLESWORTH, Helen, CAS degree, SHOOK, Hazel F., BBA degree, Man- agement, Phi Chi Them, Society for Advancement of Management, Crimmn Key Home Society. SIMMONS, Joseph 0., BBA degree, Insurance and Real Estate, Vice President Circle K Club. SIMS, J. M., BBA degree, Accounting. SIMS, William Dorsey, BBA degree, Accounting. SKINNER, N. Carol, BBA degree, SE. SMITH, Arnold B., BCS degree, Trans- portation. SMITH, Edwin LeRoy, BCS degree, Business Administration, Delta Kappa. SMITH, Ernest 0., JL, BCS degree, Accounting. SMITH, George William, JL, BBA degree, Insurance and Real Estate. SMITH, Gloria Jane, BBA degree. SMITH, Harold L, BBA degree. SMITH, James Daniel, BBA degree. SMITH Robert Lee, BBA degree, Finance, Student C ozmcil. SMITH, Roland Columbus, BBA degree, Transportation, Delta Nu Alpha. SNELL, William Bartlett, BBA degree, Manage- m'ent, Intramural Key, S.A.M. STALLINGS, Grover M., Social Science. Ru+herford. Z. Segler J Slaiba, N. Selvage Sanders. C. Senay. D. BBA degree, Accounting, Delta Kappa TMaster of Rituals, 1953-545, Intramural Key Honor Society TPresident, 1952- 53, Delta Mu Delta National Scholmzic Fraternity TPresi- dent, 1953-545, Wholy Who, Alpha Kappa PM, General C omzcil Repreyemative, Student C ozmcz'l Reprexemcztive, Society for Admmemem of Management, Retail Credit Scholamhip Award. STAPLES, Thomas G., BBA degree, Accounting. STEIN, Saul David, BBA degree, Marketing. STEWART, Carl E., Jr., BBA degree. STEWART, Eugene N., BBA degree, Marketing. STEWART, Richard M., BBA degree, Ac- counting. STONE, Frank C., Jr., BCS degree, Industrial Relations, Delta Sigma Pi, Student Council Repreyemat'we, DeanCr Scholamhhp Key. STRICKLAND, Frank Howard, BBA degree, Credit Management, Alpha Kappa PJi Fm- term'ty, The Marketing Cluh, Evening Divixion, Intramural Key Honoe Society, The Circle K Club, The Credit Club, President Evening Student Body 1953-54, President Alpha Kappa PJi Fraternity 1953-54, President Intramural Key Honor Society 1953-54, Vice President 1952-53, President Circle K Cluh 1952-53, Vice President 1951-52, Secretary 1950-51, Board of Dhrectom 1953-54, Vice President The Credit Cluh 1953-54, Secretary 1953-54, Treasurer of Gen- eral Council 1952-53, Reprexenmtz've t0 Geneml Cozmcil 1952-54, Repreyemative to Student Council 19524 Co-Chairman Homecoming Banquet 1953, WhoCc Who 1953-54, Senior Breahfcmt C 0mmittee 1953-54, Publication; Committee 1953-54, Chaimmn March of Dime; 1954, Chairman Empty Stocking Fzmd Drive 1953, 304ml of Dieectom George M. Spark; Scholzmrhip Fund. STYNCHCOMB, Drewry H., BBA degree, Management, Sigma N74. SULLIVAN, Turner M., BBA degree, Account- ing. SUMMERSGILL, Thomas, BBA degree, Economics. SUMNER, Robert L, BBA degree, Insurance and Real Estate. SUTERS, Everett T., BBA degree,.Management SUTTON, William F., BBA degree, Management, Chi P522 SWYERS, Baxter G., BBA degree, Finance. Schreider. W. Se+ze, T. Scroggs, F. Shannon. H. 42 Mg Sheppard. A. Shepherd. R. SheHleswori'h. H. Shuma+e. W. Simmons. J. SimsI J. Sims, W. Smifh, A. Smifh. E. Smifh. G. Smifh. H. Smifh. J. Smifh, R. Smifh, T. Snell, W. S'rallings, G. Sfanford. H. Sfaples. T. Sfewar'r. E. S+one. F. Sfrickland. F. Sfinchcomb. D. Sullivan, T. Summer, T. Sumner. R. Sufion. W. ATLANTA DIVISION'S SENIOR CLASS 1954 Syllables and Ar+icula+ion Su++on, W. Swyers. B. Taylor. A. Teeple. J. Tenney. L. Tillson. l. TEEPLE, Jo Ann, BBA degree, Marketing. TENNEY, Lawrence H., BBA degree, CC. THEUS, Reese Edwin, BBA degree, Management. THOMAS, Leonard P., BBA degree. THOMASON, Fred, CA5 degree, AG. THOMP- SON, H. Robert, BBA degree, Management. THOMPSON, Helen P., CA5 degree, Nursing Education. THOMPSON, Richard G., BBA degree, Transportation. THOMPSON, W. Walter, BCS degree, PE. THRIFT, William M., BBA degree, Marketing. THURMOND, James D., BBA degree, Insurance. TILLISON, Inez B., BCS degree, Social Science, DamUr Lint. TIMMERMAN, H. Brooks, BBA degree, Economics. TIMMS, Howard W., BCS degree. TINGLE, James M., BBA degree, Personnel Administra- tion, Society for Advancement of Management. TODD, Willard Lee, BBA degree, Marketing. TROXCLAIR, Allen George, BBA degree, Transportation. TUCKER, Guy Ho- bert, BBA degree. TURNER, Walter, BBA degree, Eco- nomics. TYLER, Redmond, BBA degree, Insurance and Real Esrate. UNKEFER, Robert W., BBA degree, Man- agement. VAIL, Richard W., BBA degree, Accounting. VANN, Larry R., BBA degree, Marketing, Marketing Club. VARDAMAN, Jesse H., JL, BBA degree, Accounting. VICKERY, Jerry David, BBA degree, Economics. VON BROCK, Anne A., CAS degree, Nursing Education. WALKER, Lucy Rhyme, BCS degree, Social Science. WALLACE, Jesse W., BBA degree, Personnel Adminis- tration, Delta Sigma Pi, Chairman E135cz'emy C onten 1952- 53, Delta Sig Cowexpondem Secretary 1953-54, DezmQr Scholambip Key, Dean? Liv 1950-51, 1951-52, 1952-53, 1953-54, Evening Student Marketing Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Intramuml Key Honm' So- ciety, Student Council, Vice President 1953-54. WALTER, Riley M., BBA degree, Management. WARP, Elmer Richard, BBA degree, Transportation. WATER- Terry. A. TimmsI G. Theus. R. Timmerman. H. ,ml .. :, Thomason. F. Tingle. J. HOUSE, Jim B, BBA degree, Management. WATERS, Bobby Eugene, BBA degree, Management. WATSON, Mervin V., BBA degree, Management, Alpha Kappa sz', Student C omzcz'l, Treamrer Senior Clam 1953-54. WEAVER, S. D., BBA degree, Accounting. WEEKES, Bill Fortune, BBA degree, Marketing. WEESE, Charles Henry, BBA degree, Management. WELDON, Andrew Carl, BBA degree. WELLS, Norma Catherine, BBA degree, Accounting, Alpha Lcmwda Delta. WELLS, William Fredrick, BBA degree, Accounting. WEST, Robert LeRoy, CAS degree, Social Science. WEST, Walter Leon, IL, BBA degree, Economics, Delta Sigma Pi, Venetian Society, Intramural Key Honor Society, Student Council, Delta Sig Lodge, Mam'i Gm: Committee, Dean? Lin. WHELCHEL, Walter 0., BBA degree, Management. WIGGINS, James W., BBA degree, Transportation. WIL- KERSON, William Norris, BBA degree, Economics, Baxp- tz'xl Student Union, President 1953-54. WILKIE, Robert L, BBA degree, Marketing. WILKINSON, Amos Ed, BBA degree, Insurance and Real Estate. WILLIAMS, Dallas E., BCS degree, Accounting. WILLIAMS, Jack M., BBA de- gree, Marketing, Pi Sigma Epjilon, Vice President 1952-54, President 1953-54. WILLIAMS, Laban W., BBA degree, Accounting. WILSON, Clem Towles, BBA degree, Marketing. WILSON, Gilford G., BBA degree, Management. WILSON, Lucile J, CAS degree, Nursing Education. WINN, Roy E., BBA degree, Accounting. WOLFE, Lucius B., BCS degree. WOOD, Curtis M., BBA degree, Marketing. WOOD, James Lamar, BCS degree, Business Administration. WOODY, Robert M., BBA degree, Marketing, Beta Chi Delta, Student Marketing Anociation. WOOTEN, Nancy C., CAS degree, Nursing Education. YARBROUGH, Thomas L, BBA degree, Economics. YOUNG, Aaron C., JL, BBA degree, Management. YOUNG, James M., BBA degree, Accounting. Thrift W. Troxclair. A. Thompson, H. TinleyI B. Thurmond. J. Tucker, 6. Turner. W. Wallace Wells. N. Williams. J. Wood. J. Tyler. R. WaH'er. U nkefer. R. R. WaHer. T. Wells. W. Wes'r. R. Williams Wooddy . L. Williams Woolsey M'M i . Wmf ' Q a Vail Wafers Wesf, W. Wilson. C. Woofen Vann Wafson Wiggins Wilson. 6. Yarbrough Von Bock Ward Wilkie Winn YoungI A. ATLANTA DIVISION'S SENIOR CLASS 1954 If a 7mm emptie; lei; pane into 192'; head, no one am take it from him. Vardaman Weekes Wilkerson Wilson. L. Young. J. Vickery Weese Wilkinson Wood. C. Campbell, R. ALMA MATER tTUNE: "GLORY, GLORY TO OLD GEORGIAU hMid the haunts of streaming commerce Stand thy walls so dear; And thy loyal sons and daughters Cherish memhries here. Refrain: Alma Mater, thee webll honor, True and loyal be, Ever crowned with praise and glory, Georgia, hail to thee. From thy halls in fair Atlanta, Famed in battle song, Come thy notes of inspiration, Guiding us along. e-Womls by Dr. B. H. Flanders DR. BERT FLANDERS THE STORY OF THE SONG The firsr true Alma Mater for the Atlanta Division has been written by Dr. Bert H. Flanders, head of the English Depart- ment here. Dr. Flanders encouraged by Dean Henry T. Malone of the History Department finished the words just in time to be used at the Two-Day Freshman Orientation Program held here early in September. The words of the Atlanta Divisionhs Alma Mater sung to the tune of "Glory, Glory to Old Georgia": DR. BERT FLANDERS GWEN RUSHTON O ATLANTA DIVISION'S ALBUM OF CO-EDS O JANE WALKER DOT OWENS X x; WW Ns-x $7 W . z $x , x X w W MARDI GRAS QUEEN: DAY BURNETT JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS DAY DIVISION KENNETH PEET . . . . . Preyz'dem BETTY JEAN PARHAM . . Vice Preyz'dem EVENING DIVISION LESTER MANN . . . . P1'e5ident MEL LIEBMAN . . . Vice Pren'dem PHYLLIS WATSON . . Secretary B. V. MAGEE . . Treamrer Abercrombie. E. Abf. A. A. Almand, A. Bailey. J. Baker. E. BarreH. B. Barron, J. Bell. R. Bell. W. Bishop. J. Bishop, L. AndrewI J. Bowen. R. Boyer, R. Brookshaw. L. Broome, R. Adams, P. Aria", J. Ariza, P. Ballard. G. Ballard. V. Barflef. R. Bass. B. BenneH, P. Benfon. G. Blankenship. D. Bonner. R. Alderman. D. Ashley. W. Banks. E. BasseH. P. Benfon, H. Borders, J. Alexander, H. AHaway. J. Barfield, H. Baxfer, M. Berry. C. ; Bowen. D. Arendall. J. Baker. F. BarHeH. I. BenneH. G. Bwins, F. ATLANTA DIVISION'S UNIOR CLASS 1954 BoyleI R. Brand, B. Bradberry, B. Brown. H. Braswell. A. Bredosky. E. Brown, R. Buchan Buchanan. M. Allen. J. Allman. ! Avery. J. Bailey. A Barge. B. Barlow, Beard, C. Bearden. Berry, J. Bindema Bowen, J. Bowen, J Brewfon. G. Brinkley. Buchanan. R. Bullard Burgess Burke BurneH. D. P. BurneH'. D. BurneH. M. Campbell. R. Abercrombie, Ed A. Abt, Archie A. Acklex, Claude R. Adair, 021ml Edith Admm, H elem A. Adam; Hemy 0. Adam, K. B. Adams, Paul Edgm' Alderman, ROM: Joan Alexamioer, H emy F. Alford, William C. Allen, Julian D. Alley, H ermma L. Albion, Willard R. Allman, Calvin Lewi; Almdml, A. F. Jack Altmz, Walter Lee Andaman, David H . Andaman, France; H . Andrew, Jolm R. Angier, William Brook; Arendall, Jame: A. Ariaz'l, Jame: R. Ariza, Patricia Amold, Thoma: D. Axbley, William H . Amzway, Julian I. Avery, John Lewi; Baggetz, Dan Mowi: Bailey, Abkie Amz Bailey, Jewel B. Bailey, Leila B. Baker, Evelyn A. Bakw'g Franklin R. Barger, Loi; M. Ballard, Gene Byron Burfon, C. Cardin WMWQM HE WAS A GOOD FRIEND, A TRUE FRIEND. Ballm'd, Vernon J. Bankx, Eddie M. Bdereld, H erbert E. Barge, Beverly L. Barlow, Mm. mee: Barrett, Betty M. Bowen, Frame: W. Bmwett, Jonathan R. Barron, Jamey M. Bartlett, 1541791 B. Bmtlett, Robert H . Ban, Barbcmz Dorms Bmyezt, Paul T. Baxter, Momball L. Beard, Charley Edwin Bezmlen, Jolm M. Bell, Ralph H . Bell, William Roy Benamy, F. M. Bennett, Garnet; G. Bennett, Paul Joyepb Bennett, Reginald L. Bennett, Thoma: L. Bennett, William V. Benton, Elim Gail Benton, Harold L. Berry, Charley H. Bewy, 10591719 Ogden Bindemmz, John S. Bixbop, Jame; Bixbop, Tmner L. Biw'm, ank I. Blackwood, fame; D. Blair, Edgar T. Blankembip, Daniel Bledxoe, Richard W. Burfon. J. Bur+on. W. Carnes. C. Carnes. R. Bowman Bazemore S. Bonner, Richard A. Boomtin, Arthur L. Bowiem, John Hart Bowden, Robert C. Bowen, Don Hugh Bowen, 1461? W. Bowen, I 01mm; Gem'ge Bowen, Robert W. Bowlex, Lucille A. Boyd, Henry M. Boyer, Raymond A. Boyle, Rokert T. Boynton, Charley E. Bradberry, Buck Brand, Barbara A. Bmxwell, Annie Lou Bredoyky, Either Brewton, Gwinette R. Brinkley, Maurice S . Bmck, John W., Jr. Bmokybaw, Alice L. Broome, Linton Dale Broome, R. S. Bmwn, Harold R. Bmwn, Reed D. Brown, Robert H. Brmmield, Jamey A. Bryce, Ruth H ope Buck, Audrey Bucban, William T. Buchanan, Mattie B. Buchanan, Robert L. Ballard, Jamey R. Burch, Jack M. Burel, Thomas F. Bufferworih Byrd Campbell. J. Carroll. R. Carroll. W- Cashin ,,. Carfer. R. Chasfain, W. Cleveland. R. Comer. C. Couch. J. Croft L. Connell. E. Coulon. B. Ca+hcar+. J. Chisholm. G. Cochran. C. Confino, H. Covingfon, I. Chilfon. W. Cochran, M. Cook. J. Cox, C. Ca+on. J. C. Chris+y. A. Coe. J. Cook. L. Cox. L. Cusick, J. Chandler. B. Clack, R. Coker. P. Cooper, L. Crawford. R. Cifrenbaum, M. Coffey. F. Cooper. 6. Cox. M. Dallas, C. Chandler, R. Clemenfs. R. Cole. M. Cooper. W. Crawley. A. Daniel. B. Chapman, Cleveland. Collins, J. Copeland. Crider. R. Daniel, C. Crump. M. Culbreafh. H. Dancy, F. Culpepper. W. ATLANTA DIVISION'S UNIOR CLAS 1954 Davis. J- DeJarneHe. J. Donaldson Downie DeLoach, DuckeH' Delius. J. Daniel. D. D h rf ,J. aug e y Drosakis Davenport F. Dempsey. J- Dillard. W. Dixon. W. rm- Fukeharf, W. Dukes, F. Durham. M. Dyer. W. Earwood. C. Eckels. J. EllioH, R. Evans, W. Burgem, Rabat R. Bmke, David McNair Burnett, Day Burnett, Donald P. Burnett, Melvin C. Burm, Robert D. Baryon, Mildxred G. Burton, Charley G. Burtmt, Jerry Rogemr Burton, William S. Buttemoortb, Roy Lee Byrd, Judxon Wm. Cain, William H . Caldwell, John 0, Jr. Calbozm, Calfrey C. Camp, William 0. Campbell, Izme C. Campbell, Roy Crixp Cantrell, David M. Canup, onepb Lee Carder, John Amtm Cardin, Charley E. Carney, Charlie Lee Camex, Robt. Rickard Carreken George W. Cm'roll, Robert P. Carroll, William Ed. Coma, Richard C . C mbin, Daniel J. Camn, Robew 0., In Caxwell, R001; Lyle Catbcart, John P. Caton, Jame; E. Caton, John C. Gamay, Buddy Comthen, H ydrz'ck W. English. J. English. J. W. FauseH Feems+er NO. DOCTOR. NOT AGAIN - NOT TONIGHT Cozwtbon, Charley B. CIMJQn, Robert N. Chandler, Bermmi M. Chandler, Roy H . Chapman, Ian Bevefly Chapman, Joe Fwd Chastain, Willard M. Cheek, Wm. Hector Cbiylaolm, Artbm G. Chilton, Wcm'en R. CMz'yzfy, Albemf R. Cinenbaum, MN. M. H. Clack, Robert I. Clay, Benjamin F. Clemenn, Ralph L. Cleveland, Eugene T. Cleveland, Robert E. Clowen Plainem L., Jr. Comfy, Joe Rue C ocbnm, Charley E. C 0619mm, Marie Coe, 105mb Harold C oyfey, Frank I. C 0gbzmz, Henry B. C Oker, Rainy Mowix C okay, Pewy 0. Cole, Aubrey A., 11'. C ole, Emext V., Jr. C ole, Melvin C ole, Walter Wade C allim, Jame: H. Comer, Cbm'lex K., 11'. C annell, Foweyt E. Contino, H. Ray C 00k, Garland Bennie Cook, 101m Robert English. F. Field. 5. C 00k, Lamina E. Cooper, George F. Cooper, Lucile B. Cooper, Willi; G. C opelomd, Charlie S . Comb, Jame; Allen Coulon, Burt John, Jr. C ovington, IM'I King C ox, Calvin K. Cox, Lewix Reevey, Jr. C ox, Marcy: L. mefoni, Ralph J. Crawford, Sallie S. Crawley, Aden; Lee Crawley, Benjamin W. Crider, A. Ray Croft, Lucian C . Cramp, Marjorie E. Culbreatb, Harold G. Culpeppen Walter P. sz'ck, 10mph F., Jr. Czacbokai, Raymond Dallaj, Cbeyier R. Dancy, Fenian M. Daniel, Bobby Ford Daniel, Clarence E. Daniel, Dori: Jame Damien, Gordon W. Damien, T. Doyal Darnell, Thoma: H . Daugherty, Jemmette Davenport, Fay Dawk, Edith Amz dek, I. B. Davis, William C . De Jamette, Jobn R. therridge, D. Eubanks, H. Eubanks. W. Fifzgerald Fo rres+er Fosfer. J. Fowler, H. Fowler. M. H. Fridde". P. Fuller. R. Furlow. W. Fufral. L. Fouis. P. Freeman, C. Gallaghen. R. Galloway, M. Gramblin, M. Gambrell. G. Ganbrell. M. Gann. R. Germany, J. George. A. Gibbs. C. Gibson. S. Gilman, W. Gilsfrap. R. Glover, C. Goggins, J. Golden. G. Goodrich, J. Goodson, J. Gordon. M. Gouch. M. Grant H. Green. J. Green, S. Gresha . N. Groover. K. Gross. A. Guinn. T. Guihrie. K. Haines. E. Hall. F. Hall. W. Hammonds Harmon. C. Harmon. C. R. Harper. D. Harringfon. J. Harpe. D. Harring+on. J. Harris. B. Harrison. J. Harvley. H ATLANTA DIVISION'S UNIOR CLASS 1954 Harwell. R. Hearn, J. Heflin. W. Helm. W. Henkel. W. Herron. D. Hesfer. J. Hice, T- Higgins, A. Higginbo+ham, J. Higgins. J. Hill, L. Hirschberg. R. Holbrook. E. Holbrook. J. Holliday, H 1H0 olloway. L. onour. R. ood. R. ooks. W. opkins. R. opper. C Horne. M. Hunf C. . x.- UMMH NOT AS MATURE AS W. W. II VETS. Dekmder, Ruth G. Delim, Jack C 0mm De Loaclae, Mary Lou Dempyey, Jack , Dewbewy, Clawlex D. Dickey, Jame! E, Jr. Dillard, William Lee Dixon, William I. Dobbim, Walter B. D0555, Clint B., 11'. Donaldmn, Robert B. Donegom, James 5. Downie, Grace Doyal, George F. Dromkix, Pbilip H . Duckett, James P., Jr. Dujf, Elizabeth M. Duleelam'z, Walton Ed. Dukej, Robert L. Dzmn, John G. Dzm'loczm, Mary Lomke Dyer, William A. Earwood, Clee: A. Eamn, Reuben J. Bcleelx, Mdizb L. Edge, Iacquelin G. Edwcmiy, Lowm L. Edwm'dx, Pat M. Elliott, Rwyell I. Englixlo, Jame; G. Englixb, John W. Englixb, Margmet F. E51791, Beverly F. Etheridge, Donald T. Eubcmkx, Hopie W. Eubomkx, Wm. A. Evam, William H. Everett, Marian Farr, Sam France: Farr, William V. Famett, Daniel R. Fazm, G. H wman, Ir. Feemuer, Ruth Joyce Field, Sylvia Joyce Finley, Ralph Wexley Finney, Raymond M. Howard. H. Howell. L. Hunt 6. HunfI M. Faber, M. 016m Fitzgerald, Mm. EM Floyd, Leon Reid Foweyter, Lawrence Forrejter, Walla T. Foxter, Edward L. Foyer, Jame; Robert Fozm, Paul W., 11'. Fowler, Clyde D. Fowler, H. Clean F owler, Mam! Ailene Fowlei', Milwood H. Fwemam, Clyde C. New, John P. Friddell, Paul I. Fallen A. Ruth Marie leow, William L. Futml, Lymm lemme Gallagher, A. Rogem Galloway, Mitchell 0. Gamblin, Marinelle B. Gambrell, Gary H. Gambmll, Mary Jo Gmm, Ronald W. Gammon, Jack Marion Gamer, John Robt., Ir. Gem'ge, Alvin T. Germany, James I. GibbJ, Charles S. Gibmn, Harry L. Gibmn, Stanley G, 11'. Gibmn, Thoma; E. Gillman, Theodm'e B. Gilman, William J. Gilytmp, RobeM Ed. Glover, Carlton H. Goggim, Jame; 0. Goim, Robert D. Golden, Glenn Jame; Goodrich, Joe M., 14'. Goodxon, Iomme Gordon, Milton H. Gougb, Morgan T. Gwmt, H oyt W. Gray, Jeannette M. Green, George H. Huddlesfon, M. Hughes. J. Hufcheson, H. Hyde, M. Green, Juanita C. Green, Steve Waldo Gwene, Victor Lam Greempon, Adele H . Greer, L. Eugene Gregory, Lyman J. Graham, Nancy Ruth Groovy, Kathryn C. Grow, Arnold Guinn, Thom Eleanor Gurley, Allen R., Jr. Guthrie, Kenneth W. Hamej, Eddie L. Haimton, Mamba J. Hall, ance; Nadine Hall, Walter T. Hammondx, Emory I. Hm'degee, Jack L. Harden, Jack C. Harmon, Clmrle: R. Harper, Donald J. Hayper, H emy Danny Hawington, Jame: C. Hawmgton, Jay. E. Harm's, Barbara Jean Hawk, Ieuie G, Mm. HMMLr, Pearl Riven Harrimn, Jack Lowe Hamley, Hugh G. Harwell, Robert R. Hayex, Mary Melvimz Heam, Jame; Byron Hefiin, Wm. Robert Helm, William R055 Henkel, William C. H emy, Fredrick E. H ermmdez, David C. H erron, Daniel B. Hexter, Jame; Alton H ice, Thoma; Seaway Higginbotbam, Joe S. Higgim, Aubon Davis Higgim, lemme E. Hill, Loni: Iulim Himcbbwg, Roxalz'e Hint, Alvin Moye, Ir. Hughes, 5. Hughey. L. IngramI H. Irvin. T. Hughie. H. Ivey. W. Hume. B. Jackson. 6. Jackson, E. Jackson, J. Jackson. J. Jackson. R. Johns. H. Johnson. J. Johnsfon, R. Johnson, S. Jones. C. Jones. W. Jordan. L. Kane. D. Kapnick. E. Kapp. 5. Kelly. J. Kelly, R. Kendall, M. Kendrick. Kenerly. D. Kerlin. B. Kerr. R. Kersfoff. J. Johnson. B Johnson. E. Johnson. H. Johnson. J Jones. J. Jones. M. JonesI S. Jones, T. Jones. T. Kelburn. W. Kilgo. W. King. R. King, W. Kinney. R. Kinney, R. H. Kirby, C. Knudegard, V. Landau, A. Lavoie. L. Leakey. F. Ledford. H. LeeI G. Lee, K. Lee, R. Leslie, D. Lewis. 5. Light R. Lindsay. J. Lipski. L. LivseyI R. Lloyd. C. Looper. B. ATLANTA DIVISION'S JUNIOR CLAS 1 9 5 4 Loughney. P. LovvornI B. Lowe, C. . Luck, E. Lumpkin, E. Lynch, C. McArfor. W. McCain. E. McClung, McCurdy. A- McDaniel, W. McDaniel. S. McDonald. M, McEnfire. D. McGraw. J. McGriffin. F. McKinney. G. McNair. J mm w; 792k ,f;6 cNeal. G. cNeiIl. W. cWa+ers, J. eaneyI J. eaney, J. A. ahan. E. Maloof. R. Mayo. J. H odge, Everette L. Hodgey, Julian Carr H olbrook, Em: Lee Holbrook, John R. H alliday, Harm L. H olloway, Lee L. H 01mm, Richard W. Hood, Robert E. H 00h, Walter D. Hopkim, Roger B. H apper, Charles A. H ome, Mary Lou H award, H omce E. H owell, Lama J. Huddleston, Mary A. Hygbex, Jame: F. H uglaes, Stanley Lee H ugbey, Larry Dam Huglaz'e, Betty R. Hugbyton, Hubert H . Halley, Jame: C. Hume, Barbara W. Hunnicutt, Joxeplaz'ne Hunt, Charla; D. Hum, Glenn C., 11'. H Mt, Mary Louise Hutcbemn, Henry D. H yde, Melvin Extm Ingram, H mold Ingmm, Harold E. Irvin, Timley H 0y; Ivey, Wm. Baum Iaclemn, Edgar B. Jackxon, George W. Jackxon, Jamel: Lee Jackmn, Jean Mangum, L. Medford, R. Marsfon, L. Marriman. L. Jackson, Judith D. Jackxon, Rotelle H . Jacobs, John H. Jenkins, Jame: I. 101972;, Harvey Clam! Iobmon, Brooke R. Jobmon, Douglm R. Jobmon, Edwm'd Paul Jobmon, Hamld A. 1019mm, Jame; M. Jobmon, John L. Jobmon, Stephen: W. Jobmton, Ro'bew Janey, Carl Allen Janey, Emily I. Janey, Ann I. Janey, Margaret Jones, Mmgaret A. I 01am, 0m Harold Janey, Ralph Taylor Janey, Sam E. 104291, Thomas J. Janey, Tommy V. Janey, Wm. Thoma; J Mdzm, E. Leann Kane, Daniel Fred Kapm'ck, Emmi L. Kapp, Sergim N . Kelly, Joyepb Jame: Kelly, Raymond D. Ke'ndczll, Mark C . Kemirick, W. I. Kenerly, Dam Beltz Kemaedy, foxepla B. Kerlin, Betty J. Kerr, Robew Daniel Marlin. M. Michalok. J. Mar+in, C. Mewborn, F. '1. m. . ,. mwmmyx 131W 4! , GIVE. GIVE SMILINGLY, GIVE GRUDGINGLY. BUT GIVE. Kemey, Fred V. Kerstof, John Chm. Kilbzmz, William R. Kimberly, Carleton R. Kimbro, John M. King, Robert Hulzmd King, William Boyd Kingybmy, Michael B. Kinney, Raymond L, Jr. Kinney, Richard H. Kirby, Carmie L. Kirk, Paul Knudegomi, Vincent A. Landau, Am'm Lcmgxton, John L. Lavoie, Leon F. Law, George W4llace Leakey, I aim Frank Ledford, Howam' W., 14'. Lee, Glen Arnold Lee, Karl S. Lee, Ralph Monroe Lee, Robew A. Leylz'e, Donald W. Levy, Ray Philip Lewiy, Charley L. Lewij, Spencer C. Lifiey, William Sam Light, Robert Lee Lilex, N 0mm N . Lindsay, Jimmie A. L'anki, Lame Leo szey, Robert A. Llorem, Raoul E. Lloyd, Charley A. Loftiy, G. P. MaHheWS. A- Mifchell. J. Mafhis. C. Mills. J. Mason, J. Millican. S. Mi+chelL K. W, Moore. D. Moore. 6. 0. Moore. H. Morion. C. Morris. A. Morris, B. Morris. H. Moses. W. Morrison. R. Moseley. J. Moylan. A. Mulford. Mull, F. Mullins. L. Murray, J. Myers. F. Myer. 6- Newfon. W. Nickolson. E. Nofio, T. Norion. J. Nowak. A. O'Dwyer. W. Oglesby. T. Orkin, S. Owens, C- Paenam. B. Parris. W. Parrish, A. Pass. D. PaHerson. J. Payne. J1 Peacock. P. Pece. w. Pey+on. J. Pfab. v. Phillips. H. Phillips. J. Phillips. P. Pierce, P- Pilgrim. E- PiHs, H. PiHs, L. PlunkeH. 6- Porfer. A. Powell. J. PrescoH, M. Price. 6. ATLANTA DIVISION'S Morgan, J UNIOR CLASS 1954 Price, J. Proc+or, F- Procfor, M. Puckeft O. Pyke, C. Quinn. A. Ragsdale. B. Raines. H. Ralsfon Ramy, R. RGDdOIPh. A. Redford. S. Reeves. R. Regisfer. R. Reynolds. J. Richards. E. Richfer. T. Riddle. oer'rs. J. oerfs, V. -er+s. V. G. oerfson. E. uinson, A. ners. J. gers. R. O. nders. J. Rollins. H. Sanson. T. Long, Betty Joe Long, Robert B. Looper, Betty Anne Lougbney, Paul A. Lomzorn, Bobby Ed. Lowe, Charla A. Luck, Eileen I. Lumpkin, Elizabeth W. Lynda, Charley H . McArtor, Wmo. S. McCain, Edwin T. McClellan, Gene A. McClzmg, W. W. Mchine, Cbm'lex E. Mchmiy, Alice H . McDaniel, Charla; L. M cDam'el, William K. McDaniel, William S . Mchmald, Mmilyn McDonell, Jane S. McDonnold, Jamey R. McEntire, Donald H . McGaugbey, Jame: H. Mchw, Jame: R. McGMf, Fred C . McHuglo, Leo F. McKinney, Gerald E. Mchze, Nancy C . McLemion, Bobby Ray McLemion, Charley H . McNair, John Rufm McNeczl, Gilberte N . McNeill, Vance G. McWaterJ, I 01972 L. McWilliam, Luther I. Magee, Bernard V. Rofhsfein. H. Saul, B. Rounhee. W. Savage. D. THERE GO THOSE TWO Mabcm, Earl AIM: Malloy, Darwin M. Maloof, Ramon B. Mangum, Lam: Byrd Mann, Lever H., Jr. Marrett, William W., Jr. Markert, Benjamin F. Marlton, Lynn C. Martin, Curtis E. Martin, Mazelle Mayan, Arline Joyce Mason, Mamba E. Matloix, Verlm C . Mdttbezw, AMOinette Maugham Robert Lee Maymml, Pam'cia A. Mayo, Jame; Allen Memey, Jame; A. Medford, Robew f. Medlock, Allie L. Merrimom, Clee; L. Mewbom, R. E. Micbaelx, Gerald B. Micbalak, Jean Wanda Miller, William H . Millican, Seabom L. Milly, Jame; W. Mitchell, Jamey L. Mitchell, John G. Mitchell, Kenneth B. Mitchell, Mack L. Mixon, Daniel Leland Moncn'ef, William A. Montague, Wiley H., Jr. Moon, Charles C., In Moore, Dawwn Allen Sachs. H. Schwekendiek Royals. E. Scales. F. YOU KNOW WHOM. Moore, Edna A. Moore, George C. Moore, Georgia Otto Moore, H ermm Lee Morgan, Harold Morgan, Margaret J. Mowiy, Ada Healey Mom'z'x, Ben W. Mowiy, Donald Hygb Morriy, Hubbaml B. Mowixon, Robert E. Morton, Clamle; H . Moyeley, Iolm 1., 14'. Mom, Warren A. M015, Jame: A., Jr. Mom, Minor Leon Mowmi, Margaret E. Moylan, Flowme A. Mulford, Jimmy C. M all, Alice France: Mullimx, Thoma: V. Mullim, Lever E, Mmmy, John Lexley Myery, Fred M. Myem, Gmtz C. Nail, Elli; Franklin N ewton, Weymcm Elli; N ewton, William R. Nicloolx, Betty Ann Nicholmn, Edward J. Nicholson, George R. N 0in, Ted D. N owmm, Harry D. N anon, Jack Loren Nowak, A. J. O Dzmiel, Jame; E. 0 Dwyer, Wm. Lawrence Sammons. E. Sage, R. SegarsI J. Seabury. B. Sanders. G. Shaver. D. a VWyN 2., ' Mywm 2 , 2 , x , I , I ' Shell, P. Sheppard. W. Sherri". J- Sherrill. W. Shorf. K. Sims, L. Singlefary. H SiHon, J. Slaie. D. Slaughfer. J. Sloan. K. Slook. W. Smi+h. G. Smifh, H. Smi+h. H. C. Smifh. R. Smifh. C. Smi+h. J. Smifh, W- Smi+h. W- J- Solomon. 5- Sosebee. D. Spires. B. Spires. E. SpiHer, M. Sfarr. E. Sfeinsha Sfern, H. Sfephenson, J. S+ewar+, B. Siewari. C. S+ewarf. A. S+rauss. C. S+ribling. M. Sfone. N. Sforey, Sirickland, L, S+yles, M. Suggs, J. Sullivan. L. Tanquary, D. Taryla. M. Ta+um, M. Taylor. W. Tharker. Theos. T. Thomason, W. ThriH, J. Tierney. J, Toney, J. Touchon. D. ToweI K. Tuck, B. ATLANTA DIVISION'S UNIOR CLAS 1954 Turner, H- Turner. R. Tyler. D. Upchurch, B. Upchurch. J. Vandeven+er. J- Vann. C. Vann. J. Verner. H. Wakefield. S. Waldrep. J. Walker, P. Wall. J. Waller. 5- Wal+ers. 6' WaHers. re. C. rrenI G. rren. J. shburn. E. .shburn, J. fers. G. fnaver, G. Iams, J. WellonsI J. Williams, W. PandoMno, Dominick Parbam, Betty lemme Parix, Betty Jame Parrix, Walter S. Parriyla, Angela Parrixb, Izme E. Pomom, Thoma: A. Pan, David B. Pattemon, Jame; E. Payne, Jewel D. Payne, Reuben C. Peacock, G. Patricia Pece, Henry Wallace Peel, Leonard K. Peyton, Jame: Boyce Pfab, Vincent R. Philipy, Pauline C. Pbillipy, Hubert Phillip, N ormzm L. Phillip, Patricia S . Pierce, Patxy Gmce Pilg1'im, meer L. Pim, Harold C ., Ir. Pita, Luther L. Pz'm, William L. Plzmkett, Gordon C. Popbam, Irene Porten Anne Virginia. Poxey, Kenneth C. Powell, Joyepb C. mecozft, Mary Mmm PM'ce, George Wm. Price, fame: Boyd, Ir. Proctor, Frank Dana Proctor, Marvin F., Jr. Puckett, Oliver H. Wesfbrook, V. Williamson, J. Willis. H. WhaHey. E. GAGHA! Pullium, H eywami S . Pmcell, Carolyn C . Pyke, Cbmle; B. Quinn, Albert Guy Ogleyby, Tilden S. Oldham, George E. OMin, Sanfowi H. Owem, Charley W. Owem, Pearl D., MN. Owem, William Fate Ragydale, Barbara A. Raina, Harold M. Ramon, William B. Ramxden, Elizabeth Jayne Ramy, William R:, 14'. Randolph, Allen M., Jr. Redford, Samuel C. Reece, Fred A., Jr. Reevey, R. L., Jr. Regmer, Robert 0. Reynoldy, Jame: C., 11'. Rickardx, Eugene H. Richardxon, Lawrence Richter, Them H. R iddle, Extelle H . Robertx, Jennie B. R05ertx, Johnnie S. Roberts Nam S. Robertx, Verrz'll 0. R obertx, Victw G. Robertxon, E77263! L. Robertjon, William D. Robimon, Amelia E. Rodgen, Jackie A. Rogem, John Gary Rogem, Roy T., Jr. WhHe. G. Wilson. 6. Wilson, L. Whiley. C. GET HIM. GET HIM. Rollim, H emy L. Rollim, Bobby I. Roxen, George L. Ron, Philip C. Rotbvein, H ermcm B. Rozmwee, Wesley K. Royalj, Email? E. Rzmrle, Lemuel J. Ruff, John Martin, Jr. Rmyell, Robei't L. Sacby, William H. Sage, Richard Allen Sale, Wilbm M. Sammom, Elbe! G. Sandem, George E, Jr. Sandem, Joyce M. Samon, Cbejter Carl 54mm, Claude T. Saul, Bert Savage, Dewey L. S wary, S ylvia Jame Saye, Walter Lamm S tales, mee: S . Scbwekemiiek, Bob C. S colt, Arthur K. Scy5ert, Harry J. Seabmy, Doughty B. Segcm, 10mph C. Seijjtert, P. Dough; Sballaway, Edwin A. Shower, David D. Shell, Paul E. Sloappmd, Wexley M. Sberrz'll, Jack W. Sbewill, William A. Sbiflett, H emy H. Wilkinson. B. Wood. C. WilkersonI H. Wingo. R. Wiley, D. Shoppe, Frank L. Shani, Kathleen M. Sbmmzte, William H. Simy, Lamar G. Singletm'y, H emy L. Sitton, lame; M. Slate, Richard R. Slaton, Maurice V. Slaughter, John H. Sloan, Mmion Kay Sloop, Walter L. Smith, Beadie Lee Smith, Donald H oyz Smith, George B. Smizla, Harry Hope Smith, Henry C. Smith, Jewy D. Smith, Racy Hawkins Smith, Roy Cbmle; Smith, William 1M Smith, William Jack Smith, William R., Jr. Solomon, Stanley H. S oyelaee, Daniel Ray Spector, Dellzz Jame SpiMJ, Barbara B. Sphey, E11731 S . Spiller, Glady; M. Spmill, George M., Jr. StallingJ, Margaret Starr, Eugenia Stavmkej, Jame: Steinbardx, 1mm: Stem, H erbert L. Stepbem, Hwy T., 14'. Stepbemon, Jame: M. Stewart, Betty J. Stewart, Chas E, III Stewart, P. Am; Stockton, Bobby G. Stone, Rex N orman Storey, Luther R. Stramx, Elizabetb R. Straws, CM! W., h. Stribling, Michael Y. Strickland, Charley Strickland, Leon C . Swami, Loyce F. Stuekmg, Edna F. Stylex, Myrrz'om W. Suggx, Jame; Wawen Sullivan, Leo Wm. Swordx, Edith M. Tcqumry, Don M. Twyla, Mary A gm: Tatum, Martbalene Taylor, Loyd B. Taylor, Morrow A., Jr. Taylor, William Ed. Tewy, J. Ann Tbacker, Marion E. Ally, H. Cox. L. Farr, W. lveyI W. Lloyd. C. Perrish. G. RuH. J. Shalloway. E. Woodworfh, P. Yonce, E. Berry, C. Craft L. Fauss. G. Kapnick, E. McCarfer. A. Parsons. T. Saye. W. Wimbish, J. Worfh. G. Young. W. Boynfon. C. Dalla. C. Forres+er, L. Kersey. F. McCurdy. A. Peef. Ken Shoppe. F. Wood, 6. Wafh, T. Youngblood, G. Burch, J. Kapnick. E. Greerspon. A. Kirk, P. Mixon. D. PiHs, W. Specfor. D. Wood. R. Wright E. Zeban, H. Carfer. R. DeKinder. R. Gurley. A. Langsfon. J. Norfon. J. Posey. K. ScoH'. A. WoodI B. WyaH. J. Zwerne. C. Copeland. C. Dobbs, C. IveyI G. Ledford. H. Pandolfino. D. Rollins, B. Seyberf. H. Woodall. R. T6605, Ted Charley 7720mm, Jillian R, Jr., Tbomczyon, Warner L. Tbompwn, France; B. Thornton, W. Leon Thorpe, Jack K. Tbrz'ft, Dzmiel J. Tierney, Mme; J. Tiptmz, meXmm L. Tangy, jim S. Tomborz, Daniel Tozue,.Ke7z7zetb Allcm Tuck, Bobby Phillip Tucker, 1mm P4211 Turner, Curti; M. Tamer, Dewey L. Twner, H wry M. Tamer, Oxmomi D. Tmnw Robert Lee Tyler, Dozzglm B. Underwood, Lewix A. Upcbmcb, Betty J. Upcbmcb, Jonell Vandeventen Jame; J. Van H 0m, Anna Maw Vann, Carl Lawrence Vann, Jame; Thornton Verner, Harold G. Wade, David L., Jr. 1Valvej5eld, Sarah E. Waldrep, Jack Willi; 117411967; Perry 6., Jr. Vleker, Warren A. Wall, Jillia Jean W'aller, Shirley A. Walten, George Lee Waltem, Robert S. Ware, C b47165 S. IVm'ren, Gordon L., Jr. IVMren, Jame; Ed Wmlabm'n, Ember M. Waybbzzm, Mary J. Walerhome, Herbert 11741675, Grady D. Wan, Robew G. IVeitmmer, Gene D. Walden, Mary Evelyn Wellbom, Jame: F. Wellbom, Weyman P. Wellom, John Walton Weytbmok, C 0m V. Whatley, Ewell S. Wheeler, Frame; L. White, Garland B. IVbite, Hemy C ., Jr. White, Robert Jade 1Viley, Clam. Alvin Wiley, Daniel Ted, llViZkemon, Hugh B. Wilkimmz, Barbara T. Willimm, 101m H. 1Villz'mm, Warren M. Williammn, Jame; D. W'z'llix, Hemy Gay Wilyon, George M. Wilmn, Larry Wimbz'xb, Jobn T. Ithgo, R7153! Lozzz'ye IVood, Charley R. IVood, George M. Wood, Richard H. Wood, Robert R. Woodall, Raymond G. Woodwortlo, Robert K. 1170176, vaer C, Ir. Wortby, Grover C. Wozb, Theodore R. Wm'gbt, Mercer Edwin Wyatt, JOJepb B. Yarbei', Stanley G. Yeager, Robert D. Yance, EM! M. Young, Emma Eugenia Yozmg, Warren 6., Ir. Yozmgblood, Homw G. Zabmz, Harry Chan, Jr. Z eagler, Marry Eliza5etb Z wemer, Cad R. JUNIOR CLASS Skip +0 My Lou Skip +0 My Lou One Pair of Panfs Well Rolled wiQSxxx Z L L :47, a 3 ZZZ Z , A ZZZ x CZ, ,ZW f . ,. S zxaikwxxx ZZZ 2Z4; Zr. 7,? Z , 2??? 2 a , ZgZZ g ; ZZ y, ZZZZZZ,4$,AZ W MZZZZZ, Z, , : $ Z xZ Z , ZZZ wZinwvvi ii 72w w 5ZZ ZEXZ ngith?; v 212;? V m SZZZ. r PHOTOS BY MICKEY JEANNE HIGGINS Baker Barfield Benfon Clayfon Dailey Davis Ellingfon Furr Hellman Hausman Hume Kelley Leach McRea Malcom Mann Musgrave Peef Senay Sfem Sfrickland Wesfbrook Shillings th5 Who in American Colleges and Universities Ethel J0 Baker Linton Ellington George McRea David Senay Robert L. Bariield Lois Furr Mary Ann Malcolm William 1. Smith Martha Joyce Canady Eleanor Hallman Lester Mann Kay Sloan James Andrew Benton Gloria Hausman Russell Musgrave Herbert L. Stern Benjamin F. Clayton Barbara Hume Lowrnan Oglesby Frank H. Strickland Joyce Dailey Henry L. Kelley Leonard K. Peer Richard Warf Doris Davis Van Craig Leach Richard Slate Viera Westbrook Grover M. Stallings SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS EVENING DVISION Adams, A. Adams. 6. Almeleh, M. lexander. M. Allen. J. Adams. H. Anderson. M. Anderson. W. 5 Adams. S. Adkins, A. Andrews, R. Andrews. R. Anderson. L. SOPHOMORE CLASS Acker, Joe Herbert Adams; Allen C . Adamx, George R. Adamx, Gemld W. Admm, Hugh Gilbert Adamx, Robert G. Adams Sbidey Ethel Adkins Arthur L. Alderman, Betty M. Alexander, Milton B. Allen, John Chatter Alliyon, Robert I. Almeleb, Morri: Andaman, 101m 0., In Andaman, Mary Lee Andaman, Lele'e G. Andemon, Martha E. Andrew; Rex, 17'. Andrew:, Robert O. Amm, Carl Raymond Axbmore, Cbm'lotte A. Bagwell, James, Jr. Bailey, Jame: A. Baker, Audrey A. Baker, Charley Ray Baker, Elizabeth M. Baker, Jame: Canon Baldwin, Clarence G. Baldwin, 102m A. Bdrgree, Dick Bartla, Donald B. Bartlett, Betty J. Barton, Dan G. Baum, 1m G. B42191, J. Paul Batex, Waltw Lee Baumga1'mer, Paul Ed Bechtel, Orville Ed Beilman, Joxepb Ed Bell, Barbara Gail Bell, Jame; C., Jr. Bell, Riclazmi S. Benator, Alba I. Benator, Jolm Imac Bennett, Jere Lee Bentley, Elizabeth A. Benton, Bevwly V. Benton, Bobbie L. Benton, Gene Ray Benton, Joyepb D. Benton, Natlmn H aka Bergen Maurice Saul Berger, Raymond M. Baton, Morrix R. Bicknell, Rbolomia L. Bim'on, Denni: Bird, Lester Ray Bixbop, Charley Ed Billoop, George F. Black, Bertha G. - Black, Theodora 0. Black, William Hztb Blacqm'ere, Ann E. Blabnik, Donald A. Blalock, Jame: 1., Jr. Blodgett, Ralph K. B1052, Jobn Clifton Boam'gbt, Jame: R. Bolmmzon, Byron Bomm', Raymond P. Booth, Norma Joyce Boren, H omer Edgar Born, Quimm H enry Boxton, Hemy F., Jr. Bowen, Clam'lex F. Bowen, Waltm' F. Bozm'dt, Ben M. mebam, Peggy Jecm Bracewell, Vernon E. Bradberry, Robert W. Bradford, Kermit C . Bradford, Wendell H. Bradley, H emum G. Bmley, Bradford W. Emmi, Thoma: A. Brannon, Wilxon Lee Bratton, Thoma: S im: Brewer, Wm. Jejfemow Brewton, John B. Bridgex, Wm. Frank :9 2 Alderman, B. AnnisI C. Bagwell. J. BakerI A. Baker. E. Baker. J. Baldwin. J. Bar+h. D. y 77 xKX Bafes, W, Baumgarfnen P. Bellman. J. Bell, 3. Bell, J- Benafor, A. Bena+or, J. Benfon, B, Ben+on, G. Ben+on. J. Benfon, H, Berger. M. Bicknell. L. Binio. D. SOPHO ORE CLASS Bird. L. Bishop, C. Bishop, G. Black. B. Black, 0. Black, W- Blackquiere. A- BIGIOCR. J- BlodgeH. Blosz, J. Bohannon, B. Bomar. R. Boo+h. N. Boren, H. Born. Q. U. Bosfon. H. Bowen. C. Bowen. W Brabham. P. Bradford, W. Bradley, H. Brank. T. BraHon, T. Brewer, W. Brew'ronI J. Briggs. R. BriHon. 5. Brock. L. Brooks. H. BrownI H. Brown. H. BrownI H. D. Brown. J- Brown. J- A- Brown. J. E- Brown, P- Brown. R. Bruce, B. Bruce. B. Bryanf. J. Bryant W. Bryce, R- BFYSOH. E. Buchanan. 3- Buice, A- Bullock. C. Burnham. A. Barnham. H. Burrough, T. Burfon, A. Bur'fs. W. Busbee. W- Buschman. R- BUSh- B- 'WMWMW Carroll, J. Car+er, B OF THE ATLANTA DIVISION Briggx, Ricbm'd S. Britton, Betty J. Brock, Larry D. Brook, Hubert Ed Brown, Carlton L. Brown, Donald C. Broum, Harry B. Brown, H erbert Owen Brown, Hugh Demon Brown, John H omce Brown, 101912;: A., Jr. Brown, onepb E. Brown, Patjy Ann L. Brown, Ronald A. Browning, Neil A. Bruce, Benjamin H . Bmce, Billy S. Bryant, Bufoml H. Bryant, Eugene A. Bryant, Jack Leroy Bmumt, Weyman C . Bryce, Roland H emy Bryyon, Edwmd I. Buchanan, Betty J. Buice, Albert E. Bullock, Cbm'leJ H. Bumbam, Ammda Lee Bumbam, Hubert W. Burm, Sidney T. Burrougb, Thomas G. "WHAT'S MY LINE?" VI; - , GET YOJRHCK Caldwell. D . Carfer. F. Barton, Awbw Lee Burton, John Robert Bum, Franci: W., Jr. meee, William H. Bmcbman, Forms; A. me, Bevedy C. me, Robert R. Butler, Charlie R, In Byrd, Henry Willi: Cagle, James Allen Cagle, Mary Lou Caldwell, David Calboon, Margaret I. Call, William L. C allawzzy, N 0mm L. Camp, Billy Powell Camawm, John Robert Cannon, Ralph H., Jr. C m'm'ell, Lorene V. Canup, Wanda Leona Cardin, Jackyon E. Carroll, Jack Lewix Carmll, Winston R. Carter, Barbara B. Carter, Cben'e Anne C drier, Marcellsom CMtW, Robert F. Cartledge, Ralph S . Cayey, Jolm, Ir. Catey, H 0594 mek "CALLOUSED CORN." Calhoon. M. CaHer. M. Call. W. Carfledge. R. Casey. J. Cato, 101m P. Camila, H award M. Cavinen, James C. Chambers, Samla I. Cbamblee, OICM' G. C bance, H Mbert A. Chandler, Jame; H . Claapman, Martha E. Claappell, Charley R. Cbappell, C olumbm J. Clymmm, 1m Gene Cbatbam, Joe Winston Cbeatlmm, Jimmy A. Cheek, Elwin J. Cbeely, Mary Izme Cbemmt, Kitty Ruth Cloildem, Jacqueline Cbixelbrook, H. R. C Mixtiam, Alice A. C Iorixtian, C Mm R. C Iorixtiam, Mary M. Cicboxz, Helen Cigarmn, Gerald P. Clabom, Marvin W. Clark, Majom'e B. Clark, Paul D. Claxton, H emy G. C lay, Thoma: David Clayton, J4me: M. Clam, Carolyn L. Callaway. N. Canavan. J. Cauiness. T. f2? Canfrell, L Chance. H. Chapman. M. Chappel. C. Chasfain, l. Chaiham, J. Cheafham. J. Cheely, M. w, KMW 41' 1 w m , ChesnuH. K. Childers, J. Chiselbrook. H. ChrisHan. A. Chrisfian. M. Cichosz, Cigarram, 6. Clark. P- Clayfon, J. Clonfs. C. Cochran, R. CohenI W. Coker. B. Coker, B. Coker. L. Colcord. J. Cole. J. OPHOMORE CLASS Cole. W. Cole. W- ColquiH. 3- Colsson. C. Compfon, J. Connell. 3- Connell. M- Conner. M. Cook, F. Cookl H. Cook. J- Cook. P. Cooper. B. Cooper. J. Cooper. R- Cooper. W. Copeland. W. Covingfo Coward, J. Cox. B. Cox. P. Crawford, L. Crawford, H. Crew. C. CPOCkeH. E. Crowder, E. Cruce, S. Cunningham. C. Daffron. T. Dahlbender. Dahlberg, W. Daley, G. Daniel. 0- Daniell. J. Danie". C. Davis. M. Davison. R, Day. C. Dean. A. Deckner, C. Defreese. C. Delay. B. Dennis. 3- Dennis, V- Deprycker Dial. J. Dickson. R. Doby. F- Dodson. E. Dominy, N. DOMEIIY. J- DOWdle. W. Dozier. F. Driskell, 0 . g f 1W L big 7 , DuckeH. L. Duffey, 0. Duke. A. Dunbar. L. Duncan. 5. Duvall, E. Dyal. E. Easferwood, C. Echols. P. Edgar. M. Edmunds. R. Edwards, R. Eidson, D- Elder. J. Ellingfon. M. EllioH', R. Emery. G. Eps+ein. M. OF THE ATLANTA DIVISION Eskew. S. thridge. H. , . E ' . W. Cobb, Grover C. Cooper, Ruth Dam, Cymbm C. E;?;: J, Cobb, Kenneth M. Cooper, Wm. H., Ir. Deckner, Charles C. Fannin. R. C ocbmn, Marion W. C opelcmd, William M. Defreeje, Clarence H. Farran- T- C ocbmn, Robert Ed C ovington, William E. Delay, Barbara B. C oben, William E., Jr. C owart, John P. v Denm'J, N owmm B. C Oker, Barbam Jane C 010p, Bill Denmk, Veree A. C Oker, Byron L. C ox, Ambie Harold Deprycker, H erbert C. C Oker, Larry Joe C ox, Bmm C .,- Jr. Dial, Jacqueline L. Colcord, Jon Robert C ox, Plailfp Kenneth Dickemon, Charla: S. C ole, Joan Marie Crawford, Annie L. Dickxon, Robert L. C ole, Weldon H. Crawford, H award D. Dietrich, Clam M. Cole, William Porter Crew, Cbm'ley P. Doby, France: Ann C olgcm, Robert P. Crockett, Either M. Dodxon, Lawv'ence E. C olqm'tt, Barbara S. Crowder, Evelyn Dollar, Jame: R., Jr. C oluon, Charla: S . Cmce, Stephen Dominy, Namm'e Sue Compton, Bonnie Mae Cunningham, Charley Donald, Ralph W ., Jr. C ompton, Jena E., Jr. Dagron, Troy L. Donnelly, Jame: W. C 01212611, Barbara J. 'Dablbender, Edith M. Douglm, Joy Lynn C omzell, Marlene H . Dalolberg, Winfred A. Dowdle, Wilma Mae Conner, Gobw Daley, Gwen Dowm, John Upjbaw C anner, Marion Lee Dcmfowl, Fred M. Dozier, mei; Ed C ommy, C annie Daniel, Ida J. DriJI'eell, Cawoll D. C 00k, Frank Warren Daniel, Oti: T. Duckett, Lm'ry Dean C0012, Henry B. Dzmiell, Izmim F. Dujfey, Orie Ray C 00k, H erbert S. Daniell, Sue Carolyn Duke, Alice Joan C 001e, Jame: Rhodes D4023, Jamey E. Dunbar, Leonam' A. C 00k, Philip H . Davix, MMz'on L., Jr. Dzmam, Clarence D. Cooper, Betty L. Davix, Spencer Ed Duncan, Jack Dale C caper, James T. Davixon, Roy Bemon Duncan, Shirley J. C oopefJ Richard A. Day, Clarence L. Dunn, D. Albert AND THERE AMONG THEM A ROSE Farriba, J. Flowers, J. Fosfer. W. Garrison, B. Gillespie. W. Borham. H. Greene. J. Gwin, J. Fernandez. M. Flowers, T. Foufch, B. Garrison. C. Gillis, B. GosseH. B. GreeneI P. Hackler. C. Ferrell. C. Folsom. A. OPHOMORE CLASS Franklin. N. Ga+es, L. Ginn. R. Graffon, G. Greenway, A. Hamel, E. ,9. x wwm Field, E. Forbus, A. Frazier. D. Gay. H. Gleason. H. Grainger, H. Greer. J. Hamilfon, P. Frost J. Geer. J. Gloer. E. GraviHe, H. Greer, A. Fincher, C. Forres+er. C. Gallagher. J. GeppeHh, C. Goodson, R. GreenI E. Griffin, A. Hampshire, J. Fincher. L. Forfner. L. Gambill, C. Gibson. E. Goodson. W. Green. V. Grifth. A. Hanchey. W. Fifch. W. Fos+er, W. Gardner. R. Gibson. S. Gordon. J. Green, W. Grinsfead. R. Hannah. H. Flemin Fosier, Garner. Gilbert Garden. Greene. Grizzard Hardin. Hardy. J. Haygood, J. Harmon. B. asfy. E. Haynes. R. Harris. J. Hays. J. Harris. B. Head. E. M2 ,: ? Harris, L. HendersonI 8. Harris, W. Hart J. Henderson. B. OF THE ATLANTA DIVISION Dupree, Roy Baugb Duran, Carolyn C. Durbam, Wm. Jack Duvall, Elem U. Dyal, Emext G. Baxterwood, Charley Ecbolx, Letlm P. Edgar, Mary E. Edge, Emeri: Carl Edmundx, Robert G. Edwardx, Robert W. Eidwn, Djo 3. Elder, Jack Ellington, Marvin Ellington, Robert D. Elliott, Ronal R. Elliyon, Dave L. Elyberry, Ambzm C . Emery, Gray Miller Emmom, Wm. Momoe, Jr. Englett, Glenn Ed Epytein, Milton H . Eikew, Steplaen Q Etbrz'dge, H omce A. Ewm, Elm Grace Everin, Walter C. Ewing, Jame: W. Fair, Robert M. Fannin, Robert A., Jr. Farr, Larry J. Farmn, Franci! T., Ir. Pam'z'bcz, Jame: Farthing, Jack H. Poemzmdez, Mable L. Ferrell, Claud F., Jr. Field, Arthur Earl Fieldy, Cbrintopber Fincber, Clinton L. Fincber, Linton W. Fitch, William D. Fleming, Mary N ell Fletcher, C. C. Fletcher, Fred G. Flowem, Jo Ann Flowery, Tmmam C ., Jr. Folyom, Audrey E. Porbm, Anne Elizabeth Ford, Billie M. F owexter, Clyde C . Former, Lloyd L. Fowexter, Mary I. Falter, Edward W. Foxter, Edwin H omer Fonter, Minnie C. Foxter, Wendell H . Foutcb, Byron Wilxon Fowler, Jwepb S. Fox, Theodore R. leew, D072 W., Jr. anklin, Natalie A TRI DELT TRIES WALT ..., 9.3.3.... . :1'. Frazien David Fred Front, Jame: D. Fulgbum, Sam Gayle Gabwz', Peter Emeyt Gallagher, Jame: G. Gamadmix, Barry Gambill, Charlotte A. Gamer, Eugene Gam'nen Robert A. Gamer, Ruth C. Gamer, S am Ann Garriyon, Betty Io Garrixon, Clam'lex H . Galley, Luther A. Gay, Hemy Gmdy, h. Geen Jay. Emmi, Jr. Geppewb, Carl A. Gibxon, Edwm'd T. Gibmn, Samuel J. Gikmn, William C. Gilbert, P19311113 Ann Gila, Harold 0., Ir. Gillexpie, Willie R. Gilliy, Betty Ginn, Robert R. Glemon, H elen Hall Glow, Elbew J. Goodyon, Roy Lamar Goodmn, William L. Goolxby, Wilma E. Henderson, C. Harfman, R Hendrick, ' Hendrick. P. Herndon. J. Herndon. W. Herrifage. D. Hesier. F. Q x .5 1 xiv? ;; Hickman, B. Higginbofham, L. HighsmHh, W. Hill. R. HiHon. E. Hipps, R. Hiff. H. Hoard, H. Hodges. J. Hogan, J. Holcombe. Holcombe. R. Holder. C. Ho". D. Holland. T. ASOPHOMOR CLAS Holf, W. Horn. W. Hor+on, T. Ho++ell. C. Howard. C. Howard. R. Hoynowski. S. Hubbard. J. Hubert I Hubert P- Huddles+on. R. Hughes, F. Hunf. R. Hunt W. Hurley. D. Hurst W. Hufcheson. H. Ingle. T. Ingram. W- Ivey, Ann. Jackson. B. Jackson. J. Jacobs, 6. James, J. Jansen. R. Jardine. G. Jasperse, Johns, 0- Johnson. C. Johnsonl E. Johnsonl H. Johnson. J. Johnson. E. Johnson. J. Johnson. J. M. Johnson. Johnson, P. Johnson. W. Johns+on, B. Johnson. R. Jollay, H. Jones, C. Jones. 6. Jones. H. Jones. K. Jones. R. Jones. S. Keefe. F. Keel. D. Kehoe. J. Kellar, 6. Keller. 6. W. Kelley, T. Kellv. J. Kendrick, B. Kendrick. J. Kendrick. L. Kendrick. R. Kerr. C. Kilgore. K. Killian. J, Kite, M. KiHle. C. Knight J. Knight R. Knowhon. . KochI H. Koiodzne. A. Lafkowife. 5, OF THE ATLANTA DIVISION Gordon, Alvin I. Gomlon, Baxil David Goree, 101m T., Jr. Gorbam, H owam' W. Gomett, Clam E. Grafton, George F. Grainger, H emy C . Granade, Game: C. Gravitte, H eMmm B. Green, Emory Green, Virginia N ell Green, William M. Greene, Donald W. Gwene, Jame; L. Greene, Pete Wilmn Greenway, Ame! D. Greer, Jane Lozme Greer, Sandm Amz Grexbam, Charlotte L. GrMW, Anne J. Griyj'in, Lewi; Boyd Griijtb, Alber G. Grimtead, Robert L. Grimtead, H elem L. G1'z'zzard, Ralph E., Jr. Gunter, Jolm 5., Jr. Gwin, 101m H emy Hackler, Clemmie Hadaway, Ralph D. Haley, Hemy C. Hamel, Edward Paul Hamilton, Philip A. Hample, Alvin E. Hampyiairce, Jame! Hamlaey, Barkzmz S . Hancbey, Wm. 1., 11'. Hannah, H omer R. Hamen, Benjamin H . Hardin, Kenneth F. HMdmam, Wilbm D. Hardy, Jimmie Loyd Harley, Herman L. Harmon, Bob F. Harrix, Alma Jean Hawk, Bobby Joe H cm'is, Lyndon A. Ham'x, Wm. B. HMM'wn, M. Glenn Hart, Jeannine Hartman, Robert M. H mty, Elm Elizabeth Hatbcock, Em'l 117., Jr. Haygood, Mme; L. Haynex, Robert Allen Haw, Jame; C. H add, Eugene Frank Heam, Reagor Park Hendenon, Betty J. Henderson, Betty sz H endermn, CleeJ T. H endemon, C onward H endm'cle, Claude, Jr. H endrick, Paden Hendrick, Davi: V. H emy, Robert Ed Herndon, Jame; B. H emdon, Wimley Fred H erritage, Darlene M. Heyzea Floyd E. H ett, France; Elizabeth Hickey, Marion M. Hickman, Bettye Jo H igginbotbam, Leland Higbymizb, Wimton C . Hill, R051 H mm Hilton, CeleJZe E. Hinton, Archie Lee Hippx, Richard Dean Hm, Hemy Waldo, Jr. Hixon, Julia Helen H 04rd, H awiett Hobby, Carol H. H odgey, Barbara I. Hogan, Jack K. Holcombe, Martha A. Holcombe, Robert L. H older, Cmolyn Jane H 01!, Dan Premm H olland, Thoma; A., Jr. Holley, Emmett Wm. Lamborn. B. Lancasier. K. Lane. R. Lanier, S. Lassifer. N. Lee. B. MARDI GRAS . . . LITERALLY. KEEP OFF LAWN. a mu 'm fol painting 1 ' am i091 l ZAQB IGQAM nu 14am , x mm nun e, x. Lewis. J. Lewis. R. Lowry. P. Lunsford, E. Lunsford, D. SOPHOMORE CLASS LyHe. H. McAllisfer, An. McCleskey. G. McConigly. R. McCoy. J. McCracken, R, McCullough. C, McCurry. R. McDonal- McDonald. E. McEver. L. McGreggor. H. McHan. R. McHugh. L. Mcln+yre. E. McKee. D. McLaughlin. J. MacPhers Maddox. J. MaFfeH, S. Mahan. G. Malone. J. Maloy. E. MaHby. B. Mann. C. Manning. W. Marbuf, Maref. D. Marr. A. Mar+in. A. Marfin, C. Marfin. 3- Mar+in, R. Maan. W. Maslia. D. Massell. P Mafhews. J. Mafhews. L. Maughon. A. Maury. C. Ma+well. J. Maxwell. 0. Mayfield. M. May0. B- Meares, W. Melick. R. Miller, H. Miller. J. Miller, J. C. Miller. R. Miller, R. Mills. S. Lupinek. L. Meadows, Minskl H. a MX ww 4 i K m y' "' 3 9! K L; , - K ; $ 9N Mifchell, w. J. Mobley. 8- Moody. J. Moon. w. Moore. J. W. Morgan. M. Morgan, 0. Morris, J. OF THE ATLANTA DIVISION Morris. M. Moses, N. +chell. J. MHchell, M. Monfgomery. G. orel E. Moore, E. Morgan, J. Moore. A. MooreI A. Morris, L. Holloway, Homer W., Jr. H 0113, William N elmn Hook, Wm. Harrimn H 0711, William A. Hormby, Land Faye Horton, Thoma; G. H ottell, Carma; Amy H award, C Zamie Earl H owawl, Dewey L. Howami, lolm R. H owell, Edward Clark Habbam', Jame; H. H 0y720w5ki, Stanixlcm Hubbard, Julian T. Hubert, Ivey Loix H ubert, Patricia A. Huddleyton, Randolph Huey, Jame: R. Hugbey, Barbara Nan H uglaey, Franklin D. Hum, Robert R. Hum, William H . Hmley, Doughty R. H zzmt, Willard P. Hutcbemn, Herman I. Ingle, Tamer P. I12gmm, William Lee Ivey, Anna Belle Iackmn, Blmzton E. Jackson, Jame; 0. LIFT THAT TULIP Jacobi, George Wm. 147729;, John Q. 14mm, Margaret R. Jardine, G. M. Jaypeme, Izme C. J mm g1, H emy T. 101912;, David H. Jobmmz, Carolyn A. 1019121072, Clarence B. Jolamon, EM! Vemie Jolamon, Gerald W. 106721012, Harold C. Jobmon, Mme S. folammz, Hugla S. Jobmon, Jame; M. Jobmon, Jean Earle Jobmon, Jewy C. Iobmon, Joe Moore Jolomon, Lelia J. Jobmon, Polly L. Jobmon, Roy Melvin Jol'omon, William M. Jolymon, Woodrow W. Jobmton, Charlie N. Jobmtony Wm. Waltw Jollay, Howard F. 10146;, Charley E. Jonej, Gwendolyn A. Janey, H erbewf Janey, Kemzetb D. Janey, Marie Allene Janey, Rayfom' M. jams, Skid C., Ir. Jordon, Betty Ruth Jmtm, N 0mm Lom'ye Kay, Elizabeth V. Keefe, Fred Riclmm' Keel, Clarence D. Kelaoe, Joba Atkimon Kellm', George W. Kelley, Thoma; R., Jr. Kelly, Jacob Mth Kemp, Kenneth Lee K emirick, Betty Anne Kendrick, John B. Kendfz'ck, Lee T., Jr. Kendrick, Robert Roy Kent, Jame; Earl Kerr, Charlotte L. Kilgore, Katbryw C. Killian, 10471 W. Kimmy, Mark Rmyell King, Cheater B. King, William B., Jr. Kite, Mary Madeliene Kittle, Charla; R. Knight, Iacquelin P. Knight, Richard A. Knight, Wilbur C., Ir. Knowlton, Dolorey J. Mullinax. S. Murry. P. Musgrove. W. Nash, G. Neal, M. Nelson, C. Nelson, J. nelson. J. New: M. Newbi". B. Newsom, F. Newfo Nabliff, C. Nolen, M. Norman, J. I orred, J' Norms, H' Norvell. M. Norvell. R- Norvell SOPHOMOR Nash. J. NicholsI H. NorveHe, W. NOVWOOd. N- NoHingham. M- Nysfrom, G. O'Neill, W. Orwig OH. W. OwenI D. Owings. M. Page. J. Page. J. Palmer. W. Panfer. H. Pappasl M. Pappas. S. Parker, C. Parish. A. Parsons. B. PaHerson, G. PaHerson, 3- PBHEHO. J. PaHillo, P. PaHillo. W. Paul. W. Payne. F. Payne. P. Pay+on. J. Peek. J. Pendley, T- Pey+on. 8- Pey+on. M. Phelan, M. Phifer. T. Phillips. A. Phillips, B. Phillips. D. Pike. M. Prikle. C. PiHman. B. PiHman. C. Pogue, I. Poole, C. Poolos. J. Porfman. G. Posey. J. Pass, T. POHS. 5- PreSCOH. R- Prichard. C. Pryor. R. Purris. J. RadeliFF. E. Rauschenberc y : hke. L. Ray, H. Ray. 0. Redmond. C. Reid. K. Reid. L. Reid. W. Rhodes, D. Richardson. J. Ringwall, R. Rish. B. OF THE ATLANTA DIVISION lehoover, H. Ridgway, S. Ridley. M. Ridley. R. Riley. D. Riley. P. Ring, R. Knox, Dalton L. Koch, Harley D072 Kolodzne, Alexmzdw K2111, Giddy; G. Lacey, Wilfred Earl Lafkowz'tz, Sandra Lamb, Harry G. Lambom, Barbam A. Lmzcmtw, Kenneth L. Lane, Robert Lamm' Lane, William Robew Laney, Wilton Page Lanier, Bokbie Jecm Lmzier, S ylw'a A. Lanier, Wm. N orman Lamiter, Donald G. Lander, N omel L. .chuderdale, Douglas Lee, Billy A. Lee, JoXm William Lee, 10mph Payne Lee, Robert Elton Lee, Robert Floyd Legg, Chane L. Leinmiller, William Lever, Wm. Franklin Levy, Harold J. Lewix, Iem'e T. Lewij, Rzmell A., In Licord, Frank Albem THREE EAGLES. AND A B1RDIE Lila, Bobbie Am; Limb, N edm Lorem Linker, Emmy E. Lipycomb, William E. Littlejield, Otix B. Lloyd, Barbara Jeom Lloyd, John Hart, 11'. Loftm, Owen 1., h. Long, Albert Benjamin Lowe, Paul E. Lowery, Kemzetlo L. Lowry, Gemldim Lowyy, Paul M. Lmzxford, Carl Lamar Lumford, Durward C . Lupinela, N ile; Lom'y Lynda, Marcia A. Lyon, Robert R. Lytle, Ham'y Lenard McAllthW, Angm S . McCaIla, William B. McCleJkey, Gayle L. McCollum, Roy Wm. McConigly, Ralph D. McCoy, Jame; Jack507 Mchckeny Ronald C. McCulloygb, Cbm'lex Mchry, R. J. McDevitt, Marika M. McDonald, Betty D. STILL UNDER PAR. McDonald, Ermal C . McEver, Lem; Lacille McGaXm, W. Floyd McGreggor, Harry C. McHan, R0597! Lamar McHugb, Jame; Cary McIntyre, Edwin P. McKee, Dori; f. McKee, Jame; Hudxon McLaughlin, Jack M. McRae, Law1'e12ce P. Machemon, Robewt S . Maddox, Ronald J. Maddux, Oliver L., Jr. Majfett, Sally R. Mabam, Grant P. Malcomb, Albert C. Malone, Joxepb V. Malay, C ordelz'a E. Maltby, Bernard C., Ir. M41212, Charley C. Manning, Walter G. Marbut, Wilbum W. Mmet, Dexter Lamar Maw, Ann Martin, Alice B. Martin, C bade: R. Martin, Jame; R., Jr. Martin, Rebeca; Martin, William Leo Robbins, E. Rober+s. J. Roberfson, H. RogersI C. Rogers. M. Rollins, Y. Romines. A. Rosenfelder. J. RosserI E. R0550". K. Roun+ree. L. Roy. B. Rowell. W. Russom, J. Rusfin. G. Ryals. R. Sambdman. B. Samples. E. Samples. J. Sanford, SO CLAS Sapp. C. Sassep. L. Sayer. J. Sayre. J. Sayre. M. Schwab, D. ScoH'. E. ScoH'. M. Seabolf. F Seagraves. H. Shaw, B. Shaw, C. Shaw. M. Shearin. J. Shel'ron, K. Sherwood. R. Shields, H. Shiver. H. Shivers. l. Shivers, J. Shockley, W, Shoemaker, F. Short W. Shurling, B. Silverman, B. Silvers. J- Silver. N- Simmon. J. Simonfon, J. Simpson, E. Sinclair. G. Sisk, H. Skinner. J. Skipper, A. Slappey. B. Slappey. Smifh, A. SmHh. B. SmH'h, C. Smi+h. C. H. Smifh. D. Smi+h. D. Smi+h, E. SmHh. G. Smi+h. H. Smifh, H. Smi+h, J. Smifh, J. Smi+h, J. F. Smifh. J. C. Smifh. P. Smifh, R. O. SmiH'I. W. SmHhson. yder, B. Snyder, W. anford, W. Sfanke, R. Spain. J. Spence, L. Sfarling. A. Siaihem. B. SpoHiswoode. M. 19.. Sprayberry. A. Sfevens. J. S+aden. H- Siallworfh, J. Sfinson, J- Siinson, J. Sfipe. C. OF THE ATLANTA DIVISION Martin, William M. Mailia, Dam D. Mzmell, Pbylli; G. Max:631, H emy Axbwy Mathew, Julian B. Mathewx, Leroy B. Maugbon, Ann Maury, Charley I. Maxwell, Margie 0. Maxwell, Mildred J. Mayfield, ngan M. Mayo, Barbi Jean Mayo, Tom E. Meadowx, Eunice Meam, Wm. Morrix Mearex, Wilkie T., h. Medlocle, Millie M. Melick, Richard R. Miller, Earl C. Miller, Harold 0. Miller, Jack B. Miller, Joanne Carol Miller, 101mm! 0. Miller, Robert Tate Miller, Ruth Miller, William C. Milly, Dolly Ree Milly, Framix E. Milli, Sanford L. Milne, Richard B. Mincbew, lame: Ray Mimle, Harvey Ed Mitchell, Gene W. Mitchell, loyepb Ed Mitclooell, Wm. Jerry Mitchell, Mary L. Mitchell, Walter A. Mobley, Annie Beth Montgomev'y, George R. Moody, Mildred J. M0072, William A. Mame, A. Daniel Moore, Earl Rmxell Moore, Elmer 1., Jr. Moore, Janice Hilda Moore, Joyeplo W. Moore, Kenneth B. Moore, Madelyn Ann M organ, Emetba M. Morgan, Jame; Harvey ngan, 0. R. Mowix, Jack Clark Morrix, Mamba G. Morrij, Lawrence E. Moyely, Oliver S. Mom, N ell Thoma: Moyley, Jame; Ralph Mullinax, Sam M. Murray, Patm'cia A. Mmgrove, Wm. H. TWO DOZENS FEASTED. Mykyryn, Shirley Y. Mylz'm, Bm'bam Jean Nmb, Gerald S . Nmb, Jacqueline A. N 641, Marika Neal, Ray Allen, Jr. N eedbam, Sarajo Nelxon, Charlotte V. Nelmn, John Howard Nelmn, Julian D. New, Marion Eugene N ewbill, Ruth N ewmmk, Charlotte Newjom, M. Fred Newton, Kenneth G. Nicholj, Hiram T. N 051m, CMZ Lee N Olen, Mac P. Norman, 16119 C., Ir. N owed, John W. NOMz'J, Harold F. N omell, Marvin B., Jr. Nowell, Roy E., h. N omell, Sylvia Sue N owelle, Wendell H. Norwood, Nancy H. N ottingbam, Mink Nym'om, Gme 1., Jr. Oneill, Bill W. 0 Neill, Wiley C. SHHer. F. S+ivarius. G. Sfodgill. B. S+onecypher. l S+ripling, C. Suddufh. W. Sullivan. M. Tabb, S. Thacker. R. Thompson. Trenfham. S. Vacalis G. VenzanlI A. Walden. H. Summerlin, G. Tafe, M. Thaxfon, L. Thompson, S. Tripp. L. Van buskirk. S. Virden. J. Walker, G. Summerour, C. Tafe. M. SOP Thomas, D. Thornfon. R. Tucker, N. Vandegriff, S. Vanhoufen. J. Walker. J. Summerour, R. Taylor. F. Thomas, H. Thrailkill. J. Turner. J. Vandevenfer, A. VanhornI A. Wallace. 5. Summersby. G. Taylor. R. Thomas, J. Threlkeld, J Tweedyl D. Vansan+. C. VanpeH, A. WaHers. E. Sufherland. A. Taylor. S. HOMOREC Thomas. S. Tierney. J. Tylerl C. Vanvachenburg Vaughan. L. Ward. E. Sweaf, D. Teicherf. C. LAS Thomason. J. Tipfon. R. TyreI D. Vaughn. D. Weddell. W. L. Swindell, L. Telford. B. Thomasson. C. Tomlin. C. TysonI H. Vickers. J. Wade, Ch. Ward, L. Thompson Touchfon, Underwoo Vining. J. Wagno Wafkins. y UiM WXZM , ? , a+kins. S. heaHe. E. Wafson. J. WhHe. J. Wafson. P. WhHehead, R. Whifeway, R. 2! Weeks. L. Whiffield, L. Whi+ney, R. 1035.5 0,; Wesf. D. Williams, D. West E. Williams. N. l Wes+brook. E. Williams. R. OF THE ATLANTA DIVISION Orwig, Robert M. 02ft, Will Reid, Jr, Overton, Bill I. Owen, Dorothy G. Owem, Bobby Ray Owingx, Mm'kley J. Pace, Wm. N 091, Jr. Page, Jean Page, sze Palmer, William M. szter, Harold Pappm, Mike Thoma: Pappas, S om': Parixla, Alice Parker, Bobby Wm. Parker, Cbm'lie L. Parker,rT1'eczmre G. Parsom, Robert W. Pattemon, Gordon B. Paul, Wimton Hmvel Pattenon, Wm. Daniel Pattillo, 101972 T. Pam'llo, Patricia E. Pam'llo, Walter C . Payne, Ferd A. Payne, Paul Ronald Payton, 101m W. Peebles, Johnnie R. Peek, Jame: J. Pendley, Thoma; H. Pew, Ioim Oliver Perry, Shirley H ope Pemellz', quzmle Pettett, Charla H . Peytow, Barbara I. Peyton, Martha Amze Ploelan, Matthew J. Pbifey, Tommie Lou Phillips, Annie H. Pbillipy, Beverly 1. Phillip, Donald W. Pbillkm, Frank J. Pike, Myrna Faye Pirkle, Curti: H . Pittman, Barbara Pittman, Clayton M. Pittman, Willard J. Pittman, William N . Pogue, 1m Emil, Jr. Poole, Curti; F. Poole, Ewen: C. Poolox, Jimmie G. Portman, Glenda A. Poyey, lemme B. Pom, Troy C. Pom, Em Io Powell, Latrelle B. Powell, Thomas 1., Ir. Preycott, Rmxell G. . PM'ce, N orman G. YOU MISSED THE POINT . . . LET ME EXPLAIN. Pricbdml, Carl E. Pryw, Raymond H. Pumley, Carolyn E. Puwix, Jame: G. Quillicm, Willard E. Radcliff, Edwm'd C. Ragxdale, Gallon P. Rand, Toby Lee Ramom, Bennie M. Ramcbenberg, Wm. H . Ratbke, Low: L. Ray, Harold Waymm Ray, Katloerine 0. Ray, Thelma Jean Ray, Wm. L. Redmond, Charlotte R. Reeje, William 0. Reevex, William Dean Reid, Kenneth L. Reid, Lewi: H awry Reid, William P., Jr. Rhoda, Donald W. Ricbamhon, Joxepla L. Rider, William Ridleboover, Henry T. Ridgeway, Samuel H . Ridley, Maya Brown Ridley, Robert L. Riley, 5. Darlene Riley, Patricia Willoughby. B. Wilson. H. Wilson. J. Wilson, J. C. Wilson. M. Wilson. M. Wafkins Woods, A. Zerbe Dickson, R. Jordan, B. Russdm b...- Wilson, H. Woods. H. Allen Gabusi Lee. J. P. Sasser Wilson, R Woods. J Anderson Grees Lowry Seago Wilson, T. Woods, M. Braley Harris. J. McConigly Turner. B. Woker Wynens Burfon, J. HendersonI C. Marfin. W. Bonner. S. Worsham Bryant B. HendersonI C. MaFfeH Bracewell, G. Woodall Yancey Daniell Ingram Mifche" Sfrickland Young Davis. E. Johnson Reese. W. SeiFFerf Chris'rian H u bbard Mills. 5. Sfrickland. C. SOPHOMORE CLASS Ring, RobeH A. R ingwall, Rickard RM, Ben Joiner Robbim, Eula Mae Roberta Jimmie R. Rohrty, Theodore D. Robertxon, Hal C., Jr. Robimon, Joim Fain Rogen, Clint E. Rogem, Mary Rogers, Wm. S. Rollim, Evelyiz Y. Rommej, Ann V. Roper, John Robert Roxborg, Donald A. ROIenfeldei', Jofm H. Rouer, L. Earl Romoll, Karl H. Rozmtree, Mary L. Roth, Samuel Rowell, Annie Mabel R owell, Wallace M. Roy, Betty Ellen Rzzdejeal, Marion J. mem, Jamey R. lein, Gwen H. Ryalx, Robert W. Sambdmmz, Bill M. SampZeJ, Emejt F. Samplex, John Walter 84 Sanford, Sara E. Sapp, C barley Ray Samar, Lawrence B. Sayer, Jon Lyndon Sayre, Joanne Sayer, Malcolm M. Schwab, David C. Scott, Anita Elizabeth Scott, C1945. Floyd Scott, Ruth B. Scott, Tom Leilie Seabolt, Fannie B. Seago, J4me; H. Seagmvey, Harvey H . Shaw, Bobby Delano Shaw, Catherine 0. Shaw, J 0 Ellen S haw, Mamba Ruth Slaearin, Jane M. Sbelton, Katherine H. Sheppard, Raymond H . Sberrod, Janet C. Sherwood, Robert E. Sloieldx, Hal C . Shiver, H erman C. S bivery, Iwzrene Sbwerx, Jacquelyn G. Shockley, Marxball E. Shockley, Waltei' G. Sboemaker, Frank R. Short, William H. Slaurling, Bob Reeye Silver, N orman Silverman, Bobby L. Silvery, Imper T. Simmom, Joxepb R. Simonton, Jack W. Simpjon, Jame: Ed Sinclair, Rhett E. Sinojf, Alum C. Sixk, Harold N orman Skinner, Jackie E. Skipper, Arling D. Slappey, Betty L. Slappey, Jame; L. Smith, Alcm Myron Smith, Betty Lou Smith, Cbarley E. Smith, Charla; F., Jr. Smith, D. Wimton Smith, David C. Smith, Don Walker Smith, Edna W. Smith, Gaye P. Smith, Hal Peck Smith, H elen Pat Smith, Jame: Elli: Smith, Joe Ann Smith, 10161719 F. Smith, Judy Carol Smith, Orville K. Smitlo, Patricia D. Smith, Robert Jack Smith, Ronald T. Smith, William Frank Smitbxon, Jame: A. Snedeker, Sam L. S nyder, Billie H . Snyder, Wm. Daniel S onward, Calvin B. S pain, Jame; Marcy; S pence, Lucille Spence, Luther B. Spottixwoode, Mary M. Sprayberry, Allen W. St. John, Richard Ed Simian, H erman T. Stallwortb, James H . Stamil, Theron H. Stanford, William D. Stank, Ronald C . Stapley, Robert Wm. Starling, Allen W. Statbam, L. Bernice Stepbem, Amhea J. Szevbem, N orma Joyce Stimon, Jack Stimon, Jerry Rubevz Stipe, Charla 117., Jr. Stiteler, Frank R. Stimrz'm, Gerald A. Stodgbz'll, Billie N . Stone, John Lee, Jr. Stonecypber, Mdry D. Strickland, Wm. G. Stripling, Charley R. Stubbx, Mamball W. Suddutb, Wade H . Salliwm, Charley W. Sullivan, Julia: Lee Sullivan, Mary B. Summerlin, Glenn W. Summerom', Charley C. Summerom, Robert E. Summemby, Gewge E. Surber, Lawrence L. Sutherland, Amo: H . Sutton, Wm. anklin Sweat, Dcm Edward, Jr. Swindell, Luree Sykej, William M., Jr. Tabb, S . Amz Talley, Lydia M. Tate, Hal M. Tate, Margaret L. Tate, Martha E. Taylor, Frank E. Taylor, H ewmm Lee Taylor, Robbye L. Taylor, Stephen H . Teicbert, Charla R. Telford, Betty 10 Terrell, Bill Boyd Tlaacker, Robert Lee Tlmxtom Loui; S. Tbeoy, Fred W. Thomas, David S. Thomas, H 977mm M. Thoma, Jerry E. Thoma, Sandra Kay Tbomax, Roland C. 7720mm, William F. Tbommon, Joe I. Tloomcmon, Cherry M. Tbompmn, A'mzz'e R. Tlaompmn, Jame; L. Tbompmn, 10mph C. Tbompmn, Shirley Thornton, Robert J. Tbmz'lkill, Jane C. Tbreadgill, Jack E. Tlekeld, onepb M. Tierney, Joim 1., Jr. Tilley, Ronald W. Tinley, Bradford 0. Tipton, William R. Tomlin, Clark L. Toucbton, Garland A. Trentbam, R. Sue Tripp, Leo F. Underwood, Fwd L. Vacaliy, Georgia Vanbmkirk, Sam A. Vandergrzf, Sam A. Van Deventen G. Ann Van H omen, Judy K. Vamamt, Carol Van Valkenbmg, Charley V amgbn, Daniel R. Veal, William F. Veltre, Joe Allen VeIt, Zane Loyd Vickem, Juanita Vining, lame: David Vinzam', Alfred D. Virden, Wiley W., Jr. Waddell, Wilbum L. Wade, Charley C onmd IVagnon, Charla; I. IValden, Henry C . Walker, Emily Jafee Walker, George D. Wallace, Don P. Wallace, Ernest P. Wallace, Sam Elizabeth Waltem, Edwmd G. Ward, Emma Lucille Ward, Evelyn Bum; Ward, John Robert Walking Jame: M. Watkim, Philip A. Watkim, Sydmy E. LVatmn, Joe A. Watron, Pbyllz'; Webb, Edmund Stone Webb, Leatlm F. Week, Lloyd D., Jr. Weingarten, Eugene Weir, Patricia L. Werba, Marilyn L. Welt, Domwon G. Wen, Edward Earle Weizbmok, Eugene R. Wbeatley, Earl T. Wheeler, Geraldine White, Jame: T. White, Mary Elizabeth IVbitebead, Robert G. Wbiteway, Robert Wm. 11712221591621, Loni; F. Whitney, Robert W., Jr. Williamx, Dori: F. William, Philip N . Willimm, Robert E. William:. Standley J. Willimmon, Lovick H. 117 illiammn, Rmyell Willaung, Bernard Wilyon, Guy H award Wilmn, Hugh Kelley Wilxon, J. T. Wilxon, Jamey C. Wilxon, Mary B. Wilyon, Miriam Byrd Wiljon, Richard B. Wilmn, Wm. Thoma: Wilmer, Gary Lee 1Voker, Arnold W. W00, Dam! Woodall, Troy F. Woodrujf, Vaybti H . Woodx, Georgia Ann Woody, Jame! Aaron Woody, Huie H. Woody, Martha M. Woolf, Berry Gwen Wombam, Geo. Carlton IVM'gbt, Walter L., Jr. Wynex, John Carl Wynn, Walter Vernon Yam'ey, Betty Anne Yatey, Dwain A. Young, Alfred Lee Z awomki, Thomas E. Zerbe, Richard T. ATLANTA DIVISION 1954 INTRAMURAL KEY A closer understanding and cooperative spirit among students, and between the student body and school administration. An aspiration for great intellectual achievement. A study of student problems to the end that all students, life may be enriched and the progress and best F'ank H- SMCk'and intereSt of the Atlanta Division, University of Georgia, be stimulated and promoted. OFFICERS MEMBERS Joe W. Bloodworth James M. Davis Fred Fleischman Alvm T. George Ralph L. Giddish H. Eugene Gulton B. Ray Henderson $211116 sKngkHulsey Clyde 3- Jones Charles W. Reeves B. FORREST CLAYTON . . Secretary Lawson M. Prather William B. Snell William H. Sachs Jesse W. Wallace LLOYD JACOBSON . . . . . Treamrer Grover Stallings W- Leon W653 Jr- FRANK H. STRICKLAND . . . Prexidemf LESTER H. MANN, JR. . . Vice Prelident Mann, Les+er H., Jr. Clay+on. B. Forres+ Davis. James M. Fleischman. Fred Giddish, R. L. Reeves. Charles W. Sfallings, Grover West W. Leon Freshman Class Officers DAY DIVISION JERRYDOMINICK.... ..............'.PreIz:dent PATSY MACON . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vwe Prendem BOBBY SAINE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I Prexz'dent ANN JACKSON . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice Prexzdent ANN HARCOURT . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary CHARLES HARTSFIELD . . . . . . . . . . . . . . T reamrer Abee AdamsI J. B. Alexander, J. Almgren Anglin Ashe FRESHMAN CLASS Abee, Chrijtine S. Abercrombie, Jack W. Abercrombie, Vrmm'e Abernathy, Raymond L. A172, Bibbie Am; Adair, Elm McCall Adair, H Merl D. Admm, Alma Lucy Adam, Eveljm A. Adam:, Gerry K. Adam, H omce G. Admm, Jame; Walter Admm, Jame; E, h. Adamj, Jame; Ronald Admm, Ldel D. Adamy, Marguerite D. Admm, Mary Carolyn Admm, Richard G. Admm, William F. Admmon, Dalton P. Abercrombie.J. Aberna+hy Adams. L. Adams, M. AlexanderI L. Alexander, T. AHman Arline Ashley Armsfrong Afhens Anderson. J. L. Aderhold, N wmmz E. A gee, Margm'ez L. Ablxtedz, Guy B. Akim, Virgzm'a A. AMerz, Frame; Rmb Aldrich, Jame; M. Alexander, Betty J. Alexander, Jerome R. Alexandria, Mary L. Alexander, Jame; A. Alexanden Thoma; R. Alford, Clom'lex R. Alford, George W., 11'. Allwz, Carl B. Allen, Clareme W. Allen, Edward Eugene Allen, Jame! B. Allen, William A. Allinon, Gene E. Almgren, Axel Walter Adair. E. Adams. W. Alford, C. R. Anderson, J. R. Arnau Afkins Adair. H. Adamson Alford. C. W. Anderson. J. R. Arnold Aus+in Almand, C omoy Wm. Altman, Rexford W. Andaman, Domld Ray Andaman, Jame; Neil Andaman, Jimmie L. Andaman, Julian R. Andaman, Quentin G. Andaman, Samuel G. Anding, John T. Andrewx, Donald C . A nglin, Laverne Arline, H award S . Armvrowg, Clarence Ammtmng, Robert S. Amau, Franci; M. Arnold, David Beall Amold, Frank C. Awgezti, Raymond Amxood, A. Whitley 14115611, Owen W. Adams. G. Aderhold Allen. C. Anderson. Q. Arogefi Adams. H. Ahlsfedf AllenI J. Anderson, S. Arwood Ayers. L. Aybmy, William S. A5196, Henry Gmdy Axloley, Hudxon Atbem, J 01912 Paul Atlez'm, Cloarle; H . Amtm, William M. Ayem, M. Laverne Ayem, Joamze Bagley, Mary France: Bagley, S berry Ann Babin, Thoma; Cobb Bailey, Billy Joe Bailey, Clyde L. Bailey, fame; Alvab Bailey, James D. Bailey, Richard R. Bailey, Vem N . Baity, Dam; C . Baker, Anna Ruth Baker, Glenn R. Adams. J. E. Akins Allisfon Anding Asbell Bagley Adams, J. W. Alexander. J. Almand Andrews Asbury Bahim BaileyI C. Baker. L. Banfa BarneHe. M. Beale Bailey. 8. J. Baker, J. B. Banks, V. BarnesI W. F. Baylis Belliveau Baker, Janet Irene Baker, Joel B. Baker, Lewi; Lee Baldwin, Douglas Baldwin, ank Al Baldwin, Robert S. Ballard, Randall D. Baminfer, Jack Banks, Harvey Wm. Bomb, Joyce Elaine Bomb, Virgil Robt. Bamziyter, H award L. Banm, Steploen W, Barbee, Mary C. Barbwe, Eugene C. Baweld, Harold F. Bameld, Patricia M. Barger, Richard Barker, George D. Barnex, Billie Mae BenneH. J. E. Bailey. J. D. Baldwin. D. Barbee BarreH Beall BenneH. J. L. Baldwin. F. A. Barbree Barrow, B. Beam Barnex, Jamey Mowiy Barney, Mary Elizabeth Bamex, William F., 11'. Barnette, Leylz'e Joe Barnette, Mom'z'y L. Barrett, Ray C. Bawow, Betty L. Barrow, Cbmle; E. Barton, N em'e Sue Barton, Walter F. Batey, Donal Ray Battle, Lucim W. Baxter, Mary N ell Bazemore, Bom'y C. Baylix, Marion H. Beale, Elizabeth L. Beall, Jame; Edward Barrow, Charley E. Beam, Nancy Bewy Beauchamp, Jewell B. BenneH. M. C. ?$ BaHy BaHard Berger Barfon.VV. Beck BenHey Bailey. V. Baldwin. R. Barfield. H. Barrow. C. Beauchamp Benson Beck, George M. Bedinngeld, 06172;: D. Beecla, Mildred Elyie Bell, Gmwm Ray Bell, N 0mm R. ' Belliveau, Marian N . Beerld, N 0mm Lee Bennett, Eugem Bennett, Jack Lee Bennett, Mama; C . Bennett, Ronald H . Bemon, Robert Cecil Bentley, Paul F., Jr. Benton, Raymond M. Berlin, Leona Pearl Bernatb, Stanley D. Bernier, Waltow C . Berrong, Mary Elizabeth Bewong, 016M L. Bewy, Annie Mae Baker. J. Banks. J. Barnes. M. E. Bazemore Be". N. Berrong. M. Baker, A. Banis'rer Barnes, B. M. Ba+es Bedingfield Beni'on Baker, 6. Banks. H. Barnes. J. M. BaHle Bell, 6. Berna+h Bewy, Everette Roy Berry, Hemy Fred Berni, Jame; David Bertloelot, 10161119 R. Bexio, Patricia Ann Bea, Hawy Jobn Bidez, Yvonne I. Biemmm, William Biggem, 10472 sz'rly Bingham, William P. Bijbop, H emietm B. Bixbop, Paul Wm. Bitely, Omemm D. Black, Dorothy Jean Black, George Donald Blacknfon, Glemz R. Blackwood, Nina Ruth Blair, Carl R., Jr. Blair, S zmm S . Berrong. 0. Bishop. H. B. Blanford Bogle Bowers Brand Bidez Blake. 6. Babe Bowden. A. Bradshaw Bridges. E. Besio Blake, B. Blounf. W. Boswell Bradford, S. L. Bridges. D. BeHnelof Blair. S. Blounf. M. Boss Boykin, H. Bridges, A. Berry. E. Black, G. Bliss Bomford Boyd, E. Braswell Berry. J. Blacksfon Bloodwor+h Borders. E. Body. W. Brewer Biggers Bland Boger Bowie Brady. A. Bridges. L. Black. D. Blankenship Bloing Bowles Branham Blake, Glenn Edward Blake, Roy George Blalock, Charley H . Bland, Nancy M. Blaney, Mary J. Blanford, George E. Blankembixp, Vance K. Blm, Ralph Wayne Bloodwortb, Emejz 0. Blozmt, Manton E. Blozmt, William M. Bobbitt, David T. Bobo, Jame: Paul Boger, Mary Anne Boggy, Robert Edwin Eagle, Gail Fuller Boling, Thoma; W. Bomford, Harry Cole 3071132, John V. Borden, Tommy G. Borden, E. Hiram Ban, lame; Larry Boswell, Willie M. Bowden, Betty G. Bowen, Earl Dean Bowery, Max Alvin Bowie, H orace L, Jr. Bowley, Ralph H., 11'. Boyd, Emma Lee Boyd, William C. Boykz'n, Frank L., In Boykz'n, Hubbard C. Bradford, Sam Lou Bradford, Sumner M. Bradxhaw, Jack Robt. Brady, Alvin Delano Brady, Garvin F., Jr. Brady, Iackxon L. Brand, Wm. Elliott Branbam, Carolyn Y. anmng, Thoma: J. Brantley, Mary Ann Bmwfell, Jame; T. Brewer, Jone: F. Bridgex, Edith Bridgey, Annette Bm'dgey, Dam Bridgw, Lillian J. Bridwell, Robert M. Brim, Barbara B. Briycoe, William Ed Briyendine, Alum V. Britt, Royce L. Britmin, Lawrence H . Brittmz, James L. Broadawczy, 1er R. Brock, Charley B. Brock, William 3., Jr. Brodmamz, John H. Brookx, Claude B. Brookx, Marianne Brooky, Margaret E. Brook, Marion Virginia Brookx, Michael L. Brookx, Willis N. Bmome, Jean W. Broome, Walter C., Jr. Brown, Betty Amz Brown, Beverly W. Brown, Carol Marie Brown, Clark Brown, Gill K. Brown, Hizzel F, Brown, Jack Edward Brown, lame: Ryan Brown, Katherine E. Brown, Lee Henry Brown, Mary Clarice Brown, Mary Virgmia Brown, Ralph Eugene risco ooks. W. ownI J. E. ryan, B. rgess, C. aldwell, R. Brown, Richard M. Brown, Wilda J. Brown, William A., Jr. Bruce, Claudia M. Bruner, Mm, Anna Mae Bryan, B. Jecm Bryan, C barley E. Bryant, Jame; B., Jr. Bryant, Richard A., Jr. Bryant, Rom Lee Brylon, Kennetb S. ijington, Ethel S. Buice, Betty Anne Bullock, Benjamin J. Bmm, Dorothy Lee Burgeu, Charley Wm. Burgen, Samuel A. Burnett, Betty A. Burnette, Lorena A. Burm, Clom'lex R. BriH Broome. W. Brown. M. C. Bryant R. A. BurneHe. B. Callahan. R. Brisendine Broome. J. Brown, L. Bryanf. J. B. Burgessl S. Calhoun 8mm, Max A. Bzzrrun, Hazel Y. Burt, Cloarle: Eldon Burton, Tloerexe L. mey, Elxbetb E. Bmlo, Frederick N . me, Harvey C. me, Leon Paul Butler, Freddy Lee Butler, Jackxon M. Butlen Johnny T. Butler, Rickard Max Butler, Willie Jane Byen, Emmi G. Byrd, George M. Byrd, William H . Cain, Cynl B. Caldwell, Ray Vintor Caldwell, Wm. Clijford Calbozm, Winnie BriHon Brown, B. W. Brown. R. Bryson Burns. C. Camp BriHain Brown, B. Brown. M. V. Bryant R. L. BurneH'e, L. Callaway Callahan, Patricia F. C 411419412, Wm. Paul C allaway, Pbylli; L. Camp, Albert T. Camp, Hanie F. Camp, Ruth Extelle Campbell, NOJton W. Campbell, Sam Mez Camphll, William A. Cannon, Julie Cannon, David T. Cannon, Betty Anne Cannon, Billy C antrell, H encloel H . Camtrell, Joe Frank Capes; William H. Cardell, Regina Cargile, H mm! A. Carlile, Winnie B. Carlile, Reba Smam Brooks. C. Brown. C. Brown. W. A. Buice Burf Campbell. 5. Broadaway Brown. C. M. Brown. W. Buffingfon Burruss Campbell. N. FRESHMAN CLASS Carley, Carver D., Jr. leijle, Joxepla C . Carlocle, Frank Allen Carr, Harold IV, Jr. Carroll, Edwafd Carmtb, M4731 France; Canon, Jame; F. Canon, John H. Carter, William R. Carver, Juanita A. Carver, Raymond S. C 41b, Thoma: ank Camellaw, Forreyz C . meell, William B. Cozmey, Samuel B. Camey, Shirley D. Cavemmgla, Edward L. Cbambem, Patrick L. Chance, Louie 15446 C handler, Evelyn S. Brooks. M. Brown, 6. Bruce BuHock Burfon Cannon, 8. A. Brooks. M. V. Brown. H. Bruner Bunn Cain Cannon, Billy FRESHMAN CLASS C handler, Jimmie Ruth Cbzmoy, Mike G. Cbapman, Eugene T. Chapman, Janet wa Chapman, John F. Chapman, Robert N . Chapman, Verna C. Chapman, William D. Cbappelem', Jack H . Cbawn, Aaron Eugene Cbamn, Janice Ann C beek, Shirley Ruth Cbeeley, Dorothy D. Claeummg, Peggy Ruth Cbezmg, Haven Children, Jerry Children, Bobby Lee China, Wm. Randolph Cbmcbz'll, Robert L. Clark, Commme C. Clark, 1477261 B. Clark, Jame; Emz'n Clark, Mmgz'e Elizabeth Clark, Willi; L. Clay, Delano Clay, Herbert lame; Clay, Raymond David Clay, William Gewge Claypool, Evelyn M. Clayton, Royce G. Clegbom, Ottix F., Jr. Clifton, Richaml R. Climer, Kenneth E. Clipwn, HeMert A. Clybzmz, Billy E. C oady, M. Jean C oaljon, Vivian W. C ocbmn, L013 Ann C oclomn, Mary E. C 0610mm, William C. Cajjree, 1mm C0 ey, Jack W. Cohen, Robert Cohen, Robert C. C 012M, B. Loaiye C Oker, Beverly Jean Coker, Margie Ann C ole, Cbmrles Ed Cole, Jeanette C Ole, John Dempjey Cole, Robert Jack Cole, Tommy M. C 016, William A. C 0187mm, Wilma E. C alley, N annelle Collier, Roben M. C Ollim, David Lee C ollim, Earl L. C Ollim, France: I. C Ollim, Jo Mzm'no C Ollim, Jobn Dewey C Ollim, Walter V., Jr. Collim, William J. C olqm'tt, Thoma! F. C olxton, Nannie Sue C 0112M, Samuel E. Compton, Rim M. C one, Suzanne Nancy Conkle, Joe P. C annally, 361131 I. C anner, Barbara A. Cook, Beverly Gayle C 00k, H owell T. C 00k, lame; Donald Cook, Katherine M. C 00k, William Frank Cooley, France; S. Cooper, Bobby Gene Cooper, Calvin C. C ooper, Cbmle: T. Cardell Cash Chapman. E. Cheung Clay. H. Carlock Caswell ChapmanI R. Childress. 6. Clay. W. Carroll Cavenaugh Chapman. J. F. Clark. C. Clipson Canfrell Carver. J. Chandler. J. Cheek Clark. W. Cannon. D. T. Carrufh Chance Chapman. V. Clark. C. Carr Causey. S. Chapman, J. China Cargile Casfellaw ChapmanI C. Childress, B. Clay. R. Capes Carver. R. Chanos Chewning Clay. D. Cannon. J. Car+er Chandler. E. Chason. A. Clark. M. Coady Coalson Cochran, L. Cochran, M. Cochran. W. Cohen, R. Coffey. J. W. Coker. B. J. Coker, L. Collins, D. Cone Cooper. C. Couch Crowe CokerI M. Collins. E. Conkel Cooper. H. Couey Culver Cooper, Hugh Jade C 0017M, Larry Cm'l C oopen Paul Roner Coopen William H. C opelmzd, Edwam' C 0pm, Rhoda Carolyn C orley, Robert H. C omeliyon, John D. C omwell, Robert J. C ottle, Charley L. C ouch, William H . C ouey, Andaman L. C omcloaine, Joan C. C ox, Donald Gene Cmft, Jame; A. Craig, William G. Crane, Hoyt E, Jr. Crawford, Wilbm H. Criyler, Eleanor H . Croker, Anne G. Cole, C. Collins. J. Connally Cooper. L. Courchaine Curley Collins. J. D. Conner Cooper, P. Cox Currie Crotzer, Cbm'les R. Cmtzer, Floyd H., Jr. Crowe, Jack Elbert Cmmbley, Jame; C. Culver, John H., Jr. Cumbie, Gwin Herman Carley, Tycz'a Currie", William M., Jr. Cmry, Martha Jean Czacbokai, Barbara Dabbx, Betty J. Bailey, France; 0. Domiel, Jay Hugh, Jr. Daniel, John David Damien, Wm. Edward Domey, Fred Freeman Daxber, Wm. Vernon Davenport, Roy B. David, Bobby Ray Daviex, Guy Foster Cole, J. D. Collins. W. V. Cook. H. T. Cooper. W. Craff Curry Collins, W. J. Cook. J. Copeland Craig Dabbs Comm, Cecile H. . Davis, Crawford C . Davix, Douglas L. Davix, Dwight C . Dam'x, Harold Ed, Jr. Davix, Jacquelyn Ann Davix, Jame; W. Dewix, Jewy 012'; Daviy, Johnny L. Dandy, 10mph D. Daviy, Lom'e A. Dawz'x, Martha C. Dawk, Patricia D. Daviy, Thoma: S . Davix, Vivian E. Davix, William H. Davixon, Park C . Day, Berta Sue Beaver, Ed A., Jr. Debray, Frederic E. Coleman Collier. R. Compfon CooperI B. CoHle Crofzer. C. David ColquiH' Cook. W. Corley Crisler Daniel. J. Cornelison Croker Darden Deel, Carlyle E. Defoor, Charley A. De Iel, Angeline Dempxey, Barbara 0. Dempxey, H orace A. Dennard, Leland R. Demm, lame; Thoma: Demmore, Billy G. Benton, Edna E. Dewbewy, Barbara J. Dickemon, Paul D. Dickemon, N ormm E. Dickum, 1mm Odemz Dillard, Donald E. Dillard, Jame; M. Dilleybaw, Patricia Dimxdale, Park; B., Jr. Dixkin, Robert Dixon, Billy Allen Dixon, Fred Eugene Davenpor+ Davis. J. D. Defoor Dillard. J. Doss Driskell FRESHMAN CLASS Dodd, Arthur Dodd, Harriett Ann Dodd, H orace C., Ir. Dodd, Martin Harri; Dodd, Robert Daniel Dodxon, Jo Ann Dominick, Jerry W. Donahue, Polly E. Bamboo, Winnie W. Donaldmn, Mary Will Borough, Doughty 0. Don, Harold Edwam' Dotxon, Ella L. W. Douglm, Dorothy M. Doulex, David I. Dowd, Izme M. Doyal, In: B. Drake, Donald Wayne Drake, Harriett E. Drew, H arriette A. Davis. C. Davis, M. Dempsey. B. Dixon. B. Doules Dugger Davies Davis, L. Deiel Dilleshaw Douglass DuFFey Dixon Dowd Duke. Davis. C. C. Davis. P. Demnpsey. H. Driggen, Bradford C. Dm'ykell, Joyepla M. Duckwortb, Robert C. Dufey, Robert; E. Dagger, Pbylli: D. Duke, Edward Frank Duke, Wiilkur Frank Duke, William R. Dzmam, Jack W. Duncan, Kenneth Gem Dunlap, Cecil E. Dzmam, Samuel B. Dszoml, William W. Dunkin, Nancy Sue Dunn, Albert Clyde Dzmn, Bobby Ray Dunn, Harry, Jr. Dunn, 101m Douglm Dzmn, Martha G. Dunn, Shirley Anne Davis. D. Davis, T. Dennard , F, Dodd, H. C. Doyal E. Duke, F. Dzmn, Wm. Thoma; Dypre, T1905. Lee Burden, Robert M. Daren, Jimmy P. Duran, Robert L. Daren, Thoma; Ed Duvall, Joe N . Dyer, Drury Nathan Dyer, Patyy lean Barley, Jamey W. E41072, Claude W. Baxterwood, Jame; R. Eaton, Claude Elli; Eaton, Robert L. Ecboly, Plina C . Eaton Raymme Eddy, Stanley S . EdgM, Gary Lewi; Edmondmn, Gerald Edwardy, Clijfoml E. Davis. J. W. Day Dewberry Dodson Drake, E. Dunford Davis. H. Davis, H. C. Desmore Dodd. R. Drake. D. Duncan, J. Edward;, France; W. Edwardx, Frederick F. Edwardl, Robert N . Elder, Jame: Emmett Ellcmi, Tram H orace Ellen Mildred L. Ellerbee, Virginia A. Ellington, Zimmie 5. Elliott, Thoma; Wm. Elliy, Martha Lynn Ellix, John Frank E1123, Marlyne D. Ellis, Roy Edwm'd Ellij, Thoma; H. Elrod, William C. Englijlz, Michael E. Enlow, Rickard, Ir. Erickmn, Richard F. Eikew, Darlene A. Davis, J. O. Deaver Dickerson. N. Dominick Drew Dunlap Davis. J. L. Deel Dillard, D. Dorough Driggers FRESHMAN CLASS E31619, Charley W, Extej, Jame; Harold E1161", Jame; Wm. Ezzbcmk, Allie H. Emm, Beverly Anne Evam, Jewell R. Emmy, Jame; A. Emm, Robert Lee Fallaw, Charley L. Falls, Robert L. Farmer, Eveline R. Farmer, Lillian B. Farrar, Alice Fawz'bcz, Lam; V. Feldman, Florence F. Felker, N ormzm S . Felt, Frederick C. Femom, Elizabeth B. Fergmon, Thoma: R. Fieldy, Bobby Zack Dunn. H. EarlyI J. Edwards. C. Ellis. M. Ellis, R. Esfes, J. H. Esfes. J. Felker FeH Dunn, S. Eason Edwards. F. Fieldj, H ermam L. Fieldj, Lozme E. Heidi, Robert M. Pier, Jame; M., Jr. Fillingz'm, Homer B, Fincber, Charley L. Fittj, Jim Charla Fitzgerald, Jofm J. Fledgle, David E. Flemijter, Margaret Fletcher, Jame E. Flimbum, John A. Flowem, Mamice D. Floyd, Clyde L. Floyd, Joe Fred Floyd, H 25gb Dwxler Floyd, Selwyn D. Fogg, Mary Extelle Ford, Cbmle; Perry POM, mei; L. Dunn. W. Easferwood Edwards, F. F. Ellis, T. Evans, J. Fensom Duren. B. Eafon, C. Elrod Evans, R. Ferguson EdwardsI R. N. Forexter, Leak K. Foretida, H 67772412 E. F owext, Grace B. Partner, Clyde E. Fornon, William J. Power, Beatrice Foxler, Julian C. Fowler, Barbara Ann Fowler, Charla; L. Fowler, Edgar A., J12 Fowler, Robert Earl Fowler, Wilma J. Franklin, Jolm H . Frazier, Junizu E. Fraziw. Ralph M. Fricky, Becky Lee Freeman, William E. French, Joyce Ann F1'z'e7zd, M. B., Mm. Fm'emi, Edwin H . DurenI J. Echo's Edwards. R. English. M. Fallaw Fields. B. Ec+or Ellard Enloe Falls DurenI T. Fields. H. Froug, Jerome C. Frye, L607: Bolmzd Fulle, Barbara E. Fuller, Marjorie N . Fmbmlo, Wilbur C . Furlong, Thoma; A. Fan, Clam Faye Fan'al, Wiljon Henry Gabriel, Dillard L. Gaddz'y, Gary Lamar Gaither, Maurice Callahan Leommi P. Gamblin, Ralph D. Gmm, Tommy Rabi. Gantt, Hamid C. Gamz, Allen R. Garlmtt, William D. Garcia, szz'e 0. Gardner, Flam 1mm Duvall Eddy Eller Erickson Farmer. E. Fields, L. Dyer. D. Edgar EllioH Eskew Farrar Fields. R. Fincher Fier Floyd, C. Floyd. J. Forfson Fos+er. B. Frazier. R. Freeman Furlong FUSS Gardner. J. L. Gardner, J. A. Flower Forfne Frazier Flinchum Forresf Franklin Fuller Furbus Garcia Gardn Gasfon Gay Flemisfer Flefcher Floyd. S. Fogg Ford. C. Fores+er Fowler, C. Fowler. E. Fowlerl R. Fowler. W. Friend Froug Frye Fulle Gabriel Gamblin Gan+f GarbuH GarreH. D. GarreH. E. Garvey Garwood Fillingim Floyd. H. Fos+er. J. French Fufral Garner. L. Fleagle Gardner, Jimmy Lee Gardnef, Julian Alen Gamer, Luther T. Gamer, Lutber T. Garrett, Don Willard Garrett, Dudley Wm. Garrett, Eleanor M. Garvey, Swan R. Garwood, Thoma; C. Gaxton, Jame; H., Jr. Gay, Cbarle: C . Gentry, George E. George, Betty Ann George, Louella Germany, Jack T. Germany, Jame; C., Ir. Gibbom, B. W. Gibmn, Walter Ray szwz, Elliott M. Gilbert, Jame! A. Gilbert, George Wm. Gilbert, 10mm 0. Gilbert, Suzanne H. Gilbert, Warren E. Gilliam, Thelma B. Giljtmp, Wm. Thoma; 61235072, Jimmy Leon Goddard, Jimmy H. Godfrey, Mary Lomke Godfrey, OJ'Cdr C. Goe, Wm. Emamml Golden, Jolm A4 Gooljby, Edward L. Gormley, Horace P., Jr. Goslaom, Edward W. Gomett, Larry N . Gottycbalk, Evelyn Gouge, Wm. 1., Ir. Graham, Richard W. Graham, J. K. Gmloam, Robert L. Gram, Bobby T. Gravej, Donald B. Gray, Mary A1212 Gmydmz, Jame; Elli; Gwen, Charley E. Green, Jame; A. Green, Thoma; Robt. Greene, Giddy; F. Greene, Lee B. Greene, Marion F. Greene, Paul Wallace Greenway, Carter Y. Greer, Harold David Greer, John Allen Greer, L. Preyton Gregg, Alva M. Gregg, Etbel Jecm Grijfey, William C . Gi'ij$n, Amtivz N. 67275572, C ecil L. Griffin, Nim Joyce GijEtb, Sam R. Grimes Walter H. Grixlmm, Thoma; I. Grixwell, Jame; C. Grogmz, Kennetb R. Grower, George W. Grower, Jame; M. Grower, Joyepbz'ne B. Galley, Jule R. 6mm, Neal Elli: szm'n, Amzz'e J0 sznin, Robert Lee szmlm, Larry D. szter, Edward Lamar Gunter, Fred, Jr. Gurley, Edgar Claud Guthrie, Jame; 5., Ir, Guthrie, Walter D. Jrry iam mley en. C. in, A. Iey FRESHMAN CLASS Hackett, Rickard R. Hagan, Clower 1., Jr. Haigbt, A. B., Jr. H m, H Olly Haimton, Mamba Sue Hale, Forreyz: D. Haley, Charla! Ray Hall, Daniel W. Hall, Charley Ward Hall, Billy Brook! Hall, Bobby Ray Hall, Jame; N. Hall, Jobn Martin Hall, William Henry Hallman, Betty Rmb Ham, William E. Hambrick, Robert Ed Hamby, Clayton B., Jr. Hamil, Calvin Ray Hamilton, Dwell L. Germany. J. C. Gils+rap GosseH GreenI J. Griffin. C. C-ZvunninI A. Gibbons Glissom Goffschalk Green. T. Griffin, N. Gunnin. R. Hamm, Joim anklm Hammond, Huey L. Hammmzd, Huey Loyd Hamrick, Annette Hanan, Vixtor M. Hancock, R059 Hand, Betty 10cm Ham'e, Romzld Glen Hannah, Charley Wm. H amon, Tommy Philip Hamlmn, Bobby I. Harber, Cbm'lex M. Harbiyon, David Ed Homiage, Jame; A. Hardemmz, Gene S . Hardeman, George H. Harden, Jame: Vernon Hargmve, Charlotte Harmon, Jack S. Harmon, Rem; C. Gibson Goddard Graham. J. Greene. M. Grimes Gunfer. F. Gilbert 6. Godfrey, M. Graham. R. Greene, P. Grisham Gunfer. L. H arper, C barley R. H arper, Riley H arper, Vivian L. Harrington, Billy Harrington, Charley Harm'ngton, Jacob L. Harrix, Bennie F. Harrix, Betty F. Harriy, Clzjford J. H arrii, Hamld D. Hawk, Joyeplo C. H arrij, Mary Amz Hawk, Willie N ell Hm'rimw, Joim C., Ir. Harrixon, Lovic Lee Harrixon, Mary T. Harrimn, Pamlie D. H arrimn, S ybil Harrm, Robert Lea H art, Ricbcmi Allan Gilbert J. A. Godfrey, O. Gran'r Greenway Grisham Gurley Gilbert J. O. Goe Graves Greer. H. Griswell Gufhrie, J. H artley, H orace F. Hartley, Jame; R. Hartman, Richard P. HartWeld, Charlie Harwell, C barlej E. Hajkz'm, Betty Jane Hajkz'm, Richard L. Hanty, William Rabi. Haida, Marianne Ruth Hatchetz, sze Hawking Iene E, Jr. Hawkim, Robert A. Hay, Mary Anne Hay, William Chri: Hayei, Dori! Jean Hayex, Jimmie L. Haygood, Jame: H. Haygood, Lonnie J. Haygood, Robert Ed Haygood, Wyatt C. Gilbert 5. Golden Gray Greer, L. Groover. G. Gu+hrie, W. Gilbert W. Goolsby Graydon Griffey Groover. J. HackeH Hain Hall. W. Hanie Harmon. J. Harris. M. Harfsfield Hagan Hall. J. M. Hancock Hargrove Harris, D. Harfman Hale Hambrick Hanson Harper. C. Harrison. L. Hasfy Hairsfon Hallman Hannah Harmon, R. Harris. N. Haskins. B. Hall. B. Hamil Hardage Harringfon. C. Harrison. P. Ha+cheH Haley Hamby Haralson Harper. R. Harrison. M. Hafch Hall. C. Hall, D. HamiHon Hamm Hardeman. G. S. Hardeman. G. H. Harris. 3. F. Harris. B. HarrisonI S. Harriss Hawkins. J. Hawkins, R. Hall. J. Hammo Harden Harris. 1 Harfley. Hay. M. Haynie, Jack Claude Haym'e, Jame: C. Haynie, Julia Ann Haym'e, Pat Hayx, Jacqueline A. Hazelrigx, Jame: L. Hazelwood, Jame: R. Head, Albert W. Head, Marvin L. Head, William Lamm H eadrick, Betty F. H 64rd, Betty Hazel Heard, France; M. Heath, C 0cm Sue H eijler, Slairley M. Heiyley, 101m L. Hendenon, Billy Joe H enderyon, Ewen: H . Hendemon, 101m C. Hendrick, Dorothy L. H endnckx, Thoma: M. H endrix, Bobby Low: Hendrix, Jame: W. Hemimc, Melba Joyce H wry, Edrie C. Hemlee, Billy Joe H emon, Wyatt V. H emdon, Lottie M. H erren, Thoma; Herring, Denver, Jr. H wring, Max Carey H errington, Sylvia A. H ever, Betty Anne Heyter, Bob D. Heyter, Jame; W., Jr. Hejter, Jane D. H exiley, Lillian F. Hexton, Edith M. H ewatt, Charley E. Hewell, Jerry F. Hice, Betty Brantley Hickok, Jane Elizabeth H icky, Helen M. Higgim, Claude E. H igbtower, A. Derrell H ilderbmnd, Shirley Hildebrand, Charlie Hillman, Andrew M. Hilton, Carolyn Virginia: Hinde, Joim Kelly Hiney, Mary Ann Hinton, Shirley Iecm Hitchcock, Arthur H. H ix, William Alvin H 04rd, Jame: Wm. H obln, Hamid Delano H odgey, Charley A. H oelxclaer, Julian R. H aferkamp, Roxelyn V. H ogcm, Luther A. H oger, Frederick C. H olcomb, Iwm Allen Holcomb, Jame; B. H olcomb, Mary L. Holcomb, June W. Holcombe, M. Wallace Holcombe, Robert V. H olcombe, Thoma; R. H olland, H 97279! P. Holliday, Jame; R. H Ollimcm, Clijfoml l. H 011010431, Betty A. H 07mm, Donald Hill Honour, Swan W. H ood, Mildred Alice Hoolilacm, Wm. 1., Jr. Hope, Peggy Jecm H opkim, Marilyn M. H opwood, Jame; D. W W , , $ 4 4 mzwmw$ W MW Hayes Haygood. L. Haygood. W. Haynie. J. Haynie. J. C. Haynie. J. A. Hays Hazelrigs Head. M. Headrick Heard. B. Heard. F. Heafh Heisler Henderson. B. Henderson. 'H. Henderson. J. Hendricks. D. Hendricks. T. Hendrix. J. W. Hendrix. J. Henry Henslee Henson Herndon Herren Herring, D. Herring. M. Herring+on Hesfer. B. A. Hesfer. B. D. Hes+er, D. Hesfer, J. HesHey Hesfon HewaH Hewell Hice Hickok Hicks Higgins Highfower Hillman Hilfon Hinde Hinfon Hix Hoard Hobbs Hodges Hoelscher Hoferkamp Holcombl J. l H 01' n, 0. D. Halsey, Sherman E. Ivey, Francex H . Jimenez, Mae H ormby, Elizabeth Anne Humpbries, Alvin B. IvingI, Robert S. J 019mm, Ann Marie H ormby, Carolyn J. Hum, Beulah F. Ivy, Marjorie A. Jobmon, Billy R. H Orton, Letitia A. Hunt, Dmmi Benton Jackmn, Charley E. Jobmon, Charley C, Hoxball, Murriel A. Hunt, Mitchell W. Jackson, Eleanor A. Johmon, Charla; R, H owe, Edna L. Hum, William A., 112 Jackxon, Franklin D. 1019725012, D. Joanne H omley, Riley B. Hunter, Alice 10mm Jackxon, Johnny C., Jr. 1019mm Dan Thoma: H amton, Max E. Hunter, Betty Jane Jackmn, Roscoe L. J H award, Betty L. Hunt, H erbert 1., Ir. Iackmn, William H. H award, loZm Edward Hunt, Willie Brock Jackwn, William M. H award, William C. Hutcbexon, Richard 0. Jadronja, Dorothea A. J 17 M 25;; I H owington, Carl Ed Hutto, Julian Don Jamey, William R. obmon, bd'rl a K' Hukbard, Thoma: Earl Hutcbiyon, Lam; W. 14772190013 Marie G. JO man, S tr ey ' Hubert, William D. Hutton, Maude Anna lawn, Jame: L. Jobmon, Stephen: W' Hudxon, Billie Anne H yatt, Harvey M, Jr. Jeffery, Reba Nell J Ob m 071, Thoma: D ' Huf, Domtlay W. Ivey, Harry G, Ir. Jenkim, Alex Day Jobmon, Tbomax D ' Huff, Manhall T. Irby, Burnice U. Jenkins, Iobmzy F. J 017m 012, Will?" L- Hujf, Virginia Anne Irvin, Lawrence H . fanning, Icme R. Jobmton, Emly G. Hulme, Sam France: Zweiter, Dougla: W. Iervey, Richard C . jobmton, John 17-; Jr- Hulxey, Quim'tb M. lvexter, Jame; C. jilej, Louie Dalton Joinen Sidney Clyde Jobmon, Eugene T. Johnson, Hilton F. Jobmon, I aim Edwin Holcomb. M. Homan Horfon Howingi'on Hunf. D. Ivesfer, J. Holcombe, J. Honour Hoshall Hubbard, T. Hun'r. M. Ivesfer. W. Hood House. E. Huberf, W. Hunf, W. Ivey Jolley, Peggy Fay Jolly, Lawmn E, Jr. Janey, Barbara F. 101295, Clifford G. Janey, D072 W. 10726:, Domld Porter Janey, Edward Leon J onex, Edward Wm. 101265, Eugene 1., Jr. Janey, lama Bam'y Janey, Jame; F., Jr. Janey, Jame: R. JoneJ, Lindbergh Janey, Maxine J onej, Nancy Janey, Melfoml G. Janey, Ollie Gene Jonex, William C. Jordan, Carol Ann Jordan, Elbert W. Holcombe. M. W. Holcombe. R. Hoolihau Housley Hudson Hun'l'er, B. Ivings Jordan, Wilma Lame Jory, Lillian M. J ubzm, Virginia I . Kitcbem, Virgil E. K night, Montine E. Knowlex, Wm. Alton, Jr. Knox, Janet Marie Kopec, Thad L. Koon, Gerald L. Koom'n, Bari: K uykendall, Almond J. Kalmuk, Paul Kane, J. A., Jr. Karr, Eldred Cyril Kator, Warren Claude Katzemtein, Claire Kee, Jimmy Keen, Emejt John Keiley, Suzanne Keith, Theo I. 100 Holcombe. T. Hope Hous+on Huff. D. Hursf. H. Jackson, C. Holland Hopkins Howard. B. HuFF. M. Hufchinson Jackson, F. Kell, Alvin Fletcher Kellam, Eldridge P. Keller, vaett, Jr. Kelley, Ben Warren Kelley, Raleigh G. Kelley, Raymond F. Kelly, Daniel Owen Kelly, Jack W. Kemp, Fred M. Kenady, Luther F. K emzdy, Mark E. K ennedy, Charla Ed Kerr, Rokert M. Kerr, Wiljon 5., Ir. Keney, Marilyn C . K erxey, Sidney T. Kenler, T. D. K ilbum, Thoma; J. Kilgore, Harold E. Kilgore, Jerry Lynn Holliday Horn Howard, C. Huff. V. HvaH Jackson, R. Holliman Hornsby, C. Howard. J. Hulsey. Q. IrbV Jackson. W. Holloway Hornsby. : Howard. Humphries Irvin Jackson. K imberley, Richard S. Kind, Siegfried G. Kinder, John G. King, Marilyn E. Kinney, Joanne Kinney, Joyce E. Kimey, Joim C oley Kirkland, Lillian S . Kirkland, Jolm R. Kixer, Harold K. Kitcbem, Jolm Robert Lackey, Robert D. Lackey, Jack D. Lacy, Donald William Lamb, Mercer Danni: Lamb, Wm. L. Lamb, Vernon Lee Lambert, Dorothy Lambert, Sara Jane Land, Danni; Q. FRESHMAN CLASS Landem, Gene A. Landreu, Ralph H. Lane, Joe Timley Lane, Lydia L. Lanpford, Roxcoe R. langxzow, Frank G. Lam'er, 102m Merrill Larzier, J1me L. Lankford, Alice Y. Largz'n, William R. Lamon, Robert V. Lanetter, Rokert H . Lanetter, Benjamin Lcmiter, Mary J. Lawxon, Bobby Jame; Lawjon, Don Ridley Layjon, Allen W. Leaky, N . Joan Leary, Jame; Leroy Leavell, R eggie A. Lee, Charlie H award Lee, Dorothy Ann Lee, J. Frank Lee, Jimmy Lee, Kenneth R. Lee, Lewi; B. Lee, Maurice Lee, Roland Virgil Lee, Sarah F, Lee, Tbomwell S. Lee, William Robt. Legg, Lola Frairejt Leibel, Patricia A. Lew, George B. Leommi, Edward A. Lercbe, Hedy M. Lejlz'e, Alexander, Ir. Lever, Betty Joyce Lever, R0171. T. Lewix, C barley F. Lewzlr, Grady Eugene Lewij, Mary Jane Lewix, Robert E, Jr. Limebome, loan Lindler, Wayne Ben Lindley, Rama S. Lipbam, Ralph Hugh Lipp, Billy Joe Lijle, Linwood R. Little, Edward M. Little, Jame: C. Loacb, Leland L., Jr. Lockrz'dge, Harold G. Logan, John R. Logan, Leo Raymomi Long, Jajme A. Long, Ruby Frame; Longino, Jame; A., Jr. Lopez, Myrna Paula Lord, Samuel J. Lott, Charley Edwin Lovern, John H. Lowe, Dorotby Lowe, Roy Edward Lower, Samuel C1241. Lowery, Bobby Earl Lower, Wanda L. Lawn, Jame; D. Luckie, NorriJ E. Lumpkz'n, Jamey A. Luther Betty Mae Lynch, Kenneth 1. Lyon, Cliford D. Lyon, Fred William llyon, Jame: A. Lyon, Rim 5. Lyom, Jack Vincent Jenkins, J. Joiner Jones, F. J. Jordan. W. Kellam Kerr. W. Jason Johnson, B. Johnson, 5. K. Jones, E. Jones. E. J. JordonI C. Jordon, E. Keiley Kell L, Kennedy Kerr. R. JenkinsI A. Johnson. T. D. Jervey Jiles Johnson. A. Jolley Jolly. L. Jones. B. Jones. C. Jones. L. Jones. M. Jones. M. Jones. N. Juhan Kalmuk Kane Karr Keller Kelley. R. Kelley. F. Kelly. J. Kilburn Kilgore, H. Kilgore. J. Kimberley James JohnsonI D. Jones. D. W. Jonesl W. f' ; x AK i . QM Kind Knox Lamb.VW LanieL J. L. Lee.D. Leibe King Kopec Lambed Lankford Lee,J.E Leon KhHand.J. KuykendaH Landress Lawson.D. Lee,L. Lesfer, B. Kinney.J. Koon Land Larson Lee.J. Leonard Kirkland, L. Lachew R. Lane Layson Lee.h4. Lesfer, R. KHchens.J. Lachey.J. Langford Leahy Lee,R. Lewk.C. KHchenL V. Lacy Langsfon Leary Lee,$. Lewis 65. Koonh Landem Lawson,B. Lee.K. Lerche Lamb, Lanien Leave" Lena Lewk.R McBmyer, Tommie E. McBride, H uie McCain, John A. McCannon, Grady E. McCartlm, Charley C . McCauley, Mary E. McClure, Jack D. McClure, William O. MCC 01mm, Thoma; D. McCook, Earl Eugene McCom', Stewart N . McComl, Walter Wook McCoy, Johnny Leon McCoy, Robert L. McCracken, Wm. C. McCrary, C barlotte L. McCrea, Edna Earl McCrigbt, Frame! R. McCrz'te, David A. Mchmiy, Charley M. Mchmiy, Charley W. McCurry, Ayben A., Jr. McDaniel, Bobby J. McDaniel, Eleanor V. M cDaniel, Lawrence H . Mcszmzld, Frank C . McDonald, David B. McDonald, Jerry C. McDonald, Wm. Larry McDuJ e, Imac D., 11'. McElbamzon, Anne 1. McEacbin, Mildred L. McElmtb, J oyce K. M cFarlczmi, Dorothy M. McGaw'c, Adrian D. McGee, Beverly Jean McGee, Joyepla E. McGill, Patyy Jean McGimziJ, Katherine McGlazm, Eugenia Mchijf, Jerrol P. McGuinn, Claude B. McGuirt, Wm. A. McGukm, Eugene A. McIntyre, Berry W. Mclver, Domm McKinney, Charla; M. McKinzey, C urren M. McKinzey, Emma Jean McLean, Anthea; Q., Jr. McLeod, Kay Elwgm McLeod, Kenneth P., Jr. McMaloon, Jowpb D. McMahon, Marvin R., Jr. McMillan, William H . Mchemon, Lewm Q. MC Willimm, Sandra MacAuley, Ian T. MacDaniel, John N. Mack, Lyle L. MacMabm2, Oliver K. Macon, Panicia Ann Madden, Frank Leroy Maddox, Extlaer Jean Maddox, Rymzm Wm. Magee, Jamey Alex Magurean, George Malacme, 101m M. Manley, Alma Iecm Mann, John H. Mamzen, William R. Mariam, Willard L., Jr. Marcbcmt, Robert D. Mark, Eugene L. Markwalter, Henry J. Markwalter, Anne E. Marlowe, Jame; E. Mamball, Gordon B. Martin, Annelieye H . Martin, Charla; H. ehouse. J. 9, J. ery. B. s. J. 0rd. S. Daniel, B. FRESHMAN CLASS Martin, Charley K. Mamin, C barley L. Martin, Harold E. Martin, Hubert A. Martin, Lonnie F. Martin, Mary Owen; Martin, Philip L. Martin, Winnell Maybbmn, 06171.16 Y. Mayan, Betty Ann Mamey, Dorothy B. Mathis, Jean Matbix, Marion D. Matthewx, Jame: H. Matthewx, Later R. Mazaldin, Donald B. Mauldin, Edward I. Mauldin, William C. Mama, Walter E, Jr. Maxwell, Alfred A., In Lipham. R. Long, R. LowerI L. McBrayer. T. McCord. W. McDaniel. E. Lipp. B. Longino, J. Luckie. N. McBride. H. McCoy. J. McDaniel, L. Maxwell, Sid M., Jr. May, Dewey E, Jr. Maya, Jame; J. Maya, Paul C., Jr. M4315, Bemie Jane M4915, Jame; E. Madden, Alice E. Mean, Garland Lame Madden, H ilda M. Meier, P4151 Emil Melear, Reba Lynelle Melton, Joe A. Merck, Clarence A., 11'. Merck, Charla D. Merrimmz, Gary W. Meuer, Mmlene M. Mewbom, John Pam! Meyer, Lowomze M. Miller, Edwm'd L. Miller, Jame: Wm. LiHIe, E. LordI S. Lu+her. B. McCarfha, C. Lisle, L. Lopez. M. Lumpkin, J. McCannon. G. McCoy: B. McDonald. D. McDannald. F. McCracken. W. Miller, Richard B. Miller, Sam M. Miller, Thoma; J. Miller, Tommy W. Miller, Vernon Paul Millard, ank H . Millikan, Edward L. Milly, Flame! 1., Jr. Milli, Marilyn Ann Milner, Whitner, Jr. Mimbi, Wilbzmz Earl Mimy, Roger Earl Minor, George L. Minildz'ne, Wm. Edgm' Mitchell, Eugene H. Mitchell, Glen 0. Mitcbell, Mmolyn Mitchell, Paggy Jane Mitzner, Elaine L. Mize, Jena W. LiHle. J. LOH. C. Lyon. C. McCauley, M. McCrary. C. McDonald. L. Loach. L. Lovern. J. Lyon. F. McDuHie, McClure. J. McCrHe. D. Mize, Mary E11612 MOMey, Jame; Curtis Mobley, Thoma; E. Mobley, Sam D. Mock, Dorothy S. Moebrke, Charley H . Moebrke, Tboma; P. Moerlz'm, William P. Molleyon, Virginia L. Monroe, Albert Monroe, Jame; Howard Montague, Wm. R. Montgomery, Robert E. Montgomery, Warren A. Moody, Eugene C. Moody, Lorna Mary Mooney, Joe Ann Moor, Paul Jack Moore, Clemi; T. Moore, Catberine Sue Logan. L. Lowe. R. Lyon. R. McCoIlum. T. McCrigh+. R. McFarland. D. Lockridge. H. LoweI D. LvonI J. McClure. W. McCrea. E. I. McEachin, M. McGavic. A. Mills. M. Mifzner. E. Monfgomery. W. Morris. B. Molkey, B. Milner. W. Mize, J. Mooney. J. Morris.,C. Mulvey. W. Mame, Guewy Walter Moore, Jame; H orace Moore, Merrell C . Moore, Mack Artbm Moore, Martha F. Moore, Robert D. Moore, Perry Y. Moore, Rekecca Ellen Morebome, Mary B. Morgan, Mary T. Morgan, Scott szior Morgan, William D. Morrell, Billy T. Morrix, Alice Sue Morrix, Bob Welley Morrix, Calvm Tyler Morrix, Grace C. Morriy, Patricia A7272 McGee, J. Mimbs, W. Mize. M. Moore. C. MorrisI G. Mura. R. Miller. S. Minor, L. Mobley. C. Moore, J. Morris. P. Murdock, S. Morrixon, Stepben D. Moxeley, Alpbomo F. Moyeley, Gloria A. Moyeley, Grover C . Mom, Peggy E. Mozmt, Lejlie Wayne Mowell, Joim E. Mowry, Jamey B. Mozley, Thoma; H . Mulkey, Barbara C. Mull, Jame; R. Malvey, William Ed Mzmz, Ryan Lam's Murdock, .4ng S. Murpbey, William M. Marplay, Marguerite Murphy, Sandra K. Murray, Lula H elm Miller. J. Mifchell, E. Mobley. T. Moore. M. Moseley. G. Murphey. W. Miller. T. Mifchell. F. Mock, D. Morehouse. Mmz'l, Lom'y F. Mylim, Mary Ann Nance, Earl Dixon Nmb, Bennie I. Najb, H . Hill N eal, David G. N eal, Franci; Marion Nealey, Roy F. Needloam, Harold E. N 66131, Annette N eely, Diane Negley, Nancy C. Neixler, Robert H. N elmn, Margaret Amz Neljon, OICM' Lee, Jr. N eytlebutt, Milton B. New, Jimmy R. N ew, Mary Frame: Moseley. G. MurphyI M. Millikan. E. Mifchell, M. Monroe. J. Morgan. W. Mount L. Murray. L. Mills. F. Mifche". Moniagu Morris, A Mowell Mus". L. Mifche". G. Molleson. V. M. Morgan. S. C. Moses, P. Murphy, S. N ewman, Ray Watmn N ewton, Arthur T. N ewton, Hampton B. Newton, Ruby A., MN. Nicholx, ank Dale Nicboh, Glynn B. Nicloobovi, Joanne Nicholyon, John K., Jr. Nied, William Henry Nixewonger, lame! Nix, William Toy Nolmzd, Wylie M., Jr. N orcicm, Robert 0. N orion, Donald Paul Norton, Harold 0. N Orton, Jerry Lee Notrica, Mowix N 0316;, Florence A. FRESHMAN CLASS Nun, Arthur C . Pawiyb, H 611072 I . Palfrey, Pauline H . 0126mm, 101972 Albert Natl, Robert C. Parrott, Mary Ruby Peltier, Jack G. Owem, Phillip M. Nyland, Nancy Lee Parrott, Roy Edwin Pennington, Jackie L. Ownlay, Emily Louixe Padgett, Robert Ed Parrott, William B. Ogre, Roberta Lee Ozmem, Charley R. Page, Frank W. Paryom, Robert L., Jr. UBrz'en, Bobby Lee Pennington, Ann K. Page, Tommy Smith Partam, Jobn Larry Odom, Emory C ecil Pennington, Herbert Painter, Sarah E. P41617411, Jame: Ed Odom, William G. Perkim, John T., Jr. Pair, Helen Joyce Pmcoe, Lewi; Wm. UKelly, Carl Eugene Perkim, Wm. Calvin Pair, John Irwin P425506, Richard A. Oldermcm, Luella F. Perry, Jame: I. Palmer, H award H . Patrick, William S . Oliver, Jena M. Petemon, Jolm A. Palmen Paul Low; Pattenon, Carroll R. 015m, Robert W. Petermn, Peggy Ann Palmom, Charla; Wm. Pattemon, Jame; M. 011297, Jon Guewy Petkm, Nick John Pm'lzer, George A. Pattillo, Dalia; D. Omelizz, onepla W. Pettway, William H. Parker, Joyce K. Patton, Arthur R. ONMI, Thoma; E. Petty, Myra Tumw Parka, Mary Ellen l'aul, Billy H 0911: Orme, N ellie Dodd Pettyjobn, Dori; M. Parker, Ricbam? R. Payne, Jame; R. Orr, Charley R. Pbarr, Shirley Elizabeth Pmker, William R. Payne, Sybil Dolore; 0W, Harry L. Pbilen, Ramon Donald Parkx, Stanley J. Payne, Virginia Amz Orr, Nancy Ann Phillip, Frank T. Parlier, Allen Dale Payne, William I. Orrie, Ralpb R. Phillip, Joyce K. Pawiy, John C . Peepley, Dan Q. Oxbome, William L. Phillipx, Thoma: M. Pickard, Charla; E. ill, P. McGIaun. E. McGuinn. C. Mclver. D. McKinney, C. McKinley. C. McLeod. K. McLeod. K. McMahon. J. illan. B. McLean. An. McPherson, L. McWilliams, S. MacUaniel, J, MacMahan. K. Mack, L. Macon, P. Madden, F. dox, N. Magurean, G. Mahone. M. Manle. J. Mann, H. MannenI W. Marbuf. L. Marchan'r. R. Marks, E. walfer. H. MarkwaHer. A. Marshall. G. Maron. A. Mariin. C. Marfin. L. Marfin, P. Marfin. W. Mashburn. D. ey, D. Mafhis. J. Ma+his. M. Mauldin. D. Ma++l1ews. L. Mauldin. J. Mauldin. W. Mays. J. Mays. J. E. ders, A. Mears, 6. Medders. H. Melear. L- Melfon. J. Merck, C. Merck. C. Merriman. G. Miller. R. X? Mylius, M. Neisler. H. Nichols, F. Nofrich, M. Needham. H. Newman. R. Noland, W. O'Brien, B. Neely. A. Newfon, A. Nordan. R. Odom. E. Negley. New+on Norfon. Olderm Nash, B. Nelson. A. Nichols, G. NoytEs. F. Neal. D. Nesflehuff. B. Nicholsonl J. NuH. A. Neal. F. New. J. Nisewongerl J. NuH. C. Nealey. R. New, F. Nix. B. Oare. R. Neely. D. Newfon. B. Norton. H. Odom. B. Oliver, J. Page, T. O'Neal. E. Pair, H. Pickelyz'mer, Opal L. Pickelyimer, Buddy Pieper, Fred Carl, Jr. Pierce, Fred S. Pierce, Joxepb L. Pike, Harry Rickard Pike, Jame: D. Pike, Olen E. Pinizzotto, Dorothy Piper, Olin Reid Pippin, William A. Pittard, William S. Pittman, Danni: R. Pittman, Marxball C. Pittx, Jame; Truett Poole, Charla G. Poole, Martha J. Poole, Sylvan A. Poole, William G. Poore, Hugh Lee Orr, C. Pair. l. Orr. J. Palmer. H. Pope, Claude Wm. Pope, Kenneth R. Pope, Nina Blancbe Pope, Robert Cater Pope, Robert Earl Pope, Wallace B. Porter, William R. Porter, Wilbur S . POJey, Patricia D. Pound, Mamie Jane Pound, Pyron G, Ir. Powell, Malcolm Ed Powell, Milton B. Power, Richard S. Preuley, Jackie G. Price, Barbara J. Price, Jame; Donald Price, Richard Don Prickett, John S. Pritcloett, Harry L. Orr. N. Orrie. R. Palmour. C. Problt, Larry L. Proctor, Shirley F. Pruett, Milton Puckett, Oliver H., Jr. Puckett, Victor R. Purcell, Charley Ed Pumal, Joxepb T. Pyle, Robert L. Pyron, William Ed Quallx, Clara Bow Quinnelly, Jame; L. Quimz, Robert Green Raab, Liame Race, Kenneth 0. Radford, Jame; M. Ragcm, William H. Rainey, Sandi Lee Rainwater, Fred Ed Rainwater, Iacquelin Raley, Albert A. Parker. A. Osborne. W. Ownby. E. Parker. J. Parker. W. Ramirez, Mike Rmmell, Paula E. Raven, Arthur H ., Ir. Ray, Anmz Belle Ray, Ben Dan Redden, Richard Amo: Redmond, Robert C. Reece, Jame: Doyal R eed, Ruth L. Reese, Lawrence C. Reeves, Jo Ann Regan, Billy Ray Regixter, Joan E. Rebrmamn, ROJemcm'e Rancher, Dam M. Renfroe, Emext A. Reynoldi, Albert R. Reynoldx, Clarice S. Rhodes, Charlie J. Rboletter, szia N. Page. F Parks. 5 FRESHMAN CLASS Rice, Jame: R055 Rick, Joe Sanford Richardx, Dorothy A. Rickardx, Lum 0., Jr. Rickardmn, Aida M. Richardson, Haroldyn Rickardmn, Jamey Ed Richardmn, Jeannine Richardwn, Maurice Rickardxon, Merritt Rickardyon, Tom T. Ricbardmn, Vance L. Rickey, Bmter G. Rider, Jame: Parmm Ridgeway, James N . Ridgeway, Grady H., 11'. Riding, Cbarle; F. Riley, Patricia Ann Riven, Lindsey Lee Robemon, Jame; D. Robertx, Billy L. Roberta Carol F. Roberty, Gordon J. Robem, Herber B. Robertx, Jeue D. Roberty, Jolm Cecil Robem, John S. Robem, Norma Sue Roberta Shirley M. Roberti, Wm. Ralph Robertmn, Jame! T. Robertwn, William R. Robimon, Charley L. Robimon, Dewey E. Robimon, Enocb J. Robimon, Gene Earl Robimon, Joey Ed Robimon, John F., Jr. Robimon, Ralph L. Robimon, T. Anne Robimn, 14612 G. Rocbeyter, Robert B. Rock, Robert J. Rockett, Eugenia G. Rockmore, Richard W. Roexdoer, Wally F. Rogem, Jolm Elliott Rolixon, William R. Rolixon, John C. Rolader, Charley E. Roland, Harold E. Rollim, Henry Ed Roper, Charley L. Roper, Dean Walter Roper, Szmm Elizabeth R 056, Tamara Fay Rom, Meredith Ida R015, R06ert mek Rollo, Philip Anthony R0zm2tree, William E. Rowe, Mickey C. Rowland, Jamex H. Rowland, Victor M. Rowland, William J. Rabimwin, Bertha E. Ruuell, Ruth H. Rutledge, Mary Ann Ryalx, H award P. Saade, Billy C. Sadler, William W. Saine, Robert Floyd Sale, Elizabeth A. Salter, Mary M. Sammom, Ramon David Sanden, Eugene D. Sandem, Henry T. Sanderx, L. Diane Sandal, Robert D. Sappington, Sarah L. Sargent, William H. Sarnof, Darwin Sarrett, Mary Aileen Swim, Bill F. Samer, R. Wayne Samer, Shirley A. Salterjield, Naomi L. Saul, Nelmn T., 11'. Saul, Jame; B. Saunderx, Peter M. Savage, Pat -r. A. -e, W. y-. P. ay. W. Isimek. 0. an. D. Parris. J. Parrish, H. Pafrick. W. PaHerson. C. PeHier. J. Penningfon, J. PeHy. M. PeHyiohn, D. Pickelsimer, J. Pieper, F. Poole. C. Poole, M. ParroH. M. PaHerson, J. Penningfon, F. PharrfS. Pierce, F. Poole. S. Par+in. J. Payne. D. Perkins, W. Phillips. J. Piper. R. Pope. C. Paschall. J. Peeples, D. Pe+kas, N. Pickard. C. PiHard. S. Pope. R. Parsons, R. Payne, J. Perkins. J. Phillips. F. Pike. 0. Poore. H. Pascoe. R. Payne. V. Perry, J. Phillips. T. Pippin. W. Pope. N. ParroH. E. PaHon. A. Penningfon. H. Philen, R. Pierce. J. Poole. W. 5 Pope, W. Price. B. Pyron. W. Ramirez, M. Rehrmann. R. Richardson. M. Porfer. D. PriceI R. Qualls. C. Ramsell, P. Rencher. D. Richardson, J. Power, Pursley. Rainwa Reeves. Richard Riley. P Powell, PrueH. M. Raga, W. Reed. R. Rice. R. Richardson. L. Powell, M. PurcellI C. Rainey. 5. Reese, L. Rich, 5. Richey, B. Pressley. J. Pule. R. Rainwa+er. J. Regisfer, J. Richards, L. PrickeHe, J. Quinnelly. J. Raven, A. Renfroe, A. Richardson, J. PrifcheH. H. Raab. L. Ray, B. Reynolds, S. Richardson, M. Procfor. S. Race. K. Redden. R. Rhodes. C. Richardson. T. Savage, William M. Sayre, Jame; Louis S carboro, H elen C . Scarkorougb, Am C. S cbzmtz, Laming C. Scbarf, Arnold L. Scloalck, Zamomz Ann S doe Ji'ler, Anna L. Scbmzll, meence A. Schubert, Adam R. Schulz Ronald D. Scoggim, Jobn Bert Scott, Carol B. Scott, Glen Albert S 5013!, Jame; Burclo Scott, Wm. Elton, Jr. Sears, Gmce W. Seem, H enry Nathan Seam, Margaret Sue Stackmger, Robert Wm. Segarx, Jimmy Amtin Sentell, E. Faye Slmrman, Baron Jack Sbattley, JameJ R. Sbarptcm, Emory M. Sbaw, Betty Alice Sbedd, France; G. Sbejj'ield, Betty M. Slaeijeld, Emory L. Sbe 5eZd, N orma C . Sbelmm, Bobby J. Shelton, Ida Mae Skemaria, Louie Shank, Jack Sbepberd, Mary Alice Sberz'f, Jack Bowen Sherman, Daixinell A. sz'pp, Agwe; Emogene Skipp, Jame; Linton Shirley, Carl Wm. Shirley, ElJie M. Shirley, Thoma; E, Jr. Shockley, Carlon E. Shaman, Elton Wade Sbmmm, Samuel G. Sibley, Claarle; Mac 52.51931, Pleamon A. Siegel, Harvey Silbert, Mendel N . Silvermzm, Marvin C. Simmom, Claire N . Simmom, Kirby R. Simpkim, Carl A. Simpxon, Barhzm I. Simpwn, Broagbton E. SimJ, 1056176 D. SimL Walter 1., Jr. Skaz'nel, Joyepb W. Skelton, Julian L. Skipper, Paul Frank Slack, Jame: B. Slater, Robert Lee 51mm, Allen Dean Sloan, Charley M. Smalley, Karen Ellen Smiley, Jamar Harry Smith, Benjamin W. Smith, Burien W. Smith, Charley L. Smith, E. Elizabeth Smith, Earle W. Smith, Edith 1mm Smith, Fred Lenard, Jr. Smith, Fred Roger: Smith Cloria M. Smith, Gordon R. Smith, Greta Marion Smith, Henry E, Jr. Smith, Jacqueline B. Smith, Jamey H . Smilb, 104mm Smith, Joe 07km Smith, John P., Jr. Smith, John Warren Smith, John Linton Smith, Lamar Minor Smith, Nancy Beverly Smith, Ralph W. Smith, Robert E. Smitlo, Robert M. Smith, Ronald E. Smith, SlaMey Ann Smith, Thoma; L, Jr. Smith, Thoma; W. Smith, Willard D. 577mb, William Smith, William H. Smith, Winton B. Smith, Zikby Am; Smitbwick, Gerald S. s. L. nson, C. . M. ' ons, D. -rfield. N. FRESHMAN CLASS Smoak, Hemy W. Snead, Jame; H., Jr. Swedeker, Ralph Wm. Sorrellx, Samuel Lee S 05531, Gretta Nell Souza, Joye Sparlm, B05531 H. Speam, Clyde B. Spam, Joyeplo A. Spence, Izme Dolores Spemer, Gerald H. Spivey, Robert E. Spraybewy, Wm. J. Sprayberry, Bobbie S. Spmell, Hugh Iamex Spruill, Evelyn L. Spubler, R. Guy St. John, Anne Stampj, William Hall Standridge, Raymond Rober+s. B. Robinson. E. Rollison. J. Rubinsfein. B. Sanders, D. Sayre, J. Roberson, D. Robinson, D. Rollins, H. Rowland, J. Sanders. E. Savage. B. Sta1zj56ld, Merlyn L. Stanford, Joim W. Stanley, Bobby T. 5214721631, Jack A. Stapelton, Harvey P. Staflmg, Rokert A. Stames, Wm. Reece Stauber, Eugene H. SMMO, William Edwin Stegz'n, Freddie S . Stell, Grady J. Stembridge, Roger Ed 5201265, Bobby J. Stepbem, H award F. Stepbem, Mary Lynn Stephens, Nancy Dot Stepbem, William C . Stepbemon, Patricia Stevem, Shirley T. Stevemon, Fred, Ir. Rober+s, J. Rober+s. C. Robinson. J. Roper, C. RussellI R. SargenJ. W. Scarboro. H. Robinson, A. Roper, E. Rufledge. M. SarnoFF, D. Schalck. N. Stewart, L. F. Stilwell, Demon B. Stockbwger, Joan L. Stockton, Donald Wm. Stodgbill, Ethel P. Stone, Jimmy B. Story, Charley C. Story, Jack R, 17'. Stan, Mary Edmz Strickland, Charley Strickland, Harold H . Strickland, Harry E. Strickland, C onme E. Strickland, N 01772;; C . Strickland, Sibonell Snickhmd, Ronald M. Stringen Benjamin P. Swab, Kenneth B. Strother, Glenda E. Stroup, Jame; 0m Roberfs. S. Roches+er, R. Ross. T. Ryals. H. SarreH, M. Schanfz. L. Roberfs. W. R. Rock, R. RossI M. Sadler. W. Sar+or. B. Scheffler. L. Stzzditz'll, Dori; A. Stzmmm, S ylw'a Summem, Ralpla L., Jr. Smmzer, Charla; Sutton, Betty Jecm Sutton, Carolyn A. Swamon, Stanley E. Swetmon, Carroll W. Swindell, Paul A. Swindle, Franklin E. Swank, Ramome W. Tallem, Dougla; Ed Tallmmz, Rollie I. Tampa, Andrew George Tanner, Janet Syble Tam, Frankie Joyce Tamtoozt, Lozm M. Tarpley, Thoma; J. Tarrant, Ralph N . Tawin, Charley E. Roberfson, T. Roberfson, W. RockeH. E. Ross, R. Sale. E. Sasser, W. Schnall. L. Rolader. C. Rounhee. W. Salfer, M. Sasser. S. Schulf. R. 5 ScoH, C. Sherman. J. Shenk, J. Siegel. H. Skaines. J. SmHh. C. . Scoggms, J. Senfel. F. Shemaria, L. Shibley. C. Sims. W. Smifh, B. Taylor, Jack Byron Taylor, John S . Taylor, Judy Elizabeth Taylor, Mary Virginia Taylor, Minor Robert Teague, 1V alter 0. Teague, William G. Tedford, William W. Tejft, Henry R. Templeton, Ida Lou E. Terrell, Robert F. Terrell, William F. Tbigpen, Martha E. Tlaomm, Bobby Tbomm, Clarence H . Tbomax, Dori; Ann Thomax, Edward A., Jr. Tbomm, Hugh Carl Thomm, Jame; A. Tlaomm, Jon D. ScoH', G. Siarpfon, E. Shepher. M. Silberf. M. SkeHon, L. Smifh. E. M X- ScoH. J. ShaHIes. J. Shipo. E. Silberman. M. Skipper, P. Smifh. H. Tlaomm, Larry M. Tloomm, Marguerite C . Tlaomm, R05ert F., Jr. Thomas, Tammy, E. Tbompwn, Claude M. Tbompmn, Fred M. Tbompmn, Imac E. Tbompmn, John Roy Tbompmn, Marion M. Tbompxon, Patxy Virginia 7720772175072, William C. Tbomtmz, Jame: Ed. Thornton, Jolm H. Thornton, Richard C. Thornton, Stanley C. Tbitrmond, Bobby C. Tidwell, Robert B. Tidwell, Robert I. Tillem, Larry P. Timile, Robert C. ScoH, W. Shedd, F. Shirley. C. Simmons. C. Slack, J. Smifh. J. Sears. W. Sheffield, B. Shirley. E. Simmons. K. Slafer. R. SmH'h. J. prpett, Thoma; S . Todd, Elmer Eugene Todd, John Paul, Mn. Todd, Margie Lynn Tolar, Murphy H. Tolar, Samuel W., III Talbert, Shirley A. Tomlin, Edgar Torbmb, John W. Towery, Maurice I. Townsend, Ronald C. Trammell, Eunice P. Travij, N 091 C . Truelove, Jolm W. Tmitt, M. Juanita Ticbudy, Clarence M. Tucker, Barbara S. Tucker, William Eli: Tumlin, Jolm T., Ir. Turner, Charley H . Sears, N. Sheffield. C. Shirley. T. Simpkins. C. Sloan. A. Smifh. J. Seekinger. R. ShelnuH, B. Shuman. W. Simpson. B. Sloan. C. Smifh. J. smi+hl Tamer, Cbarle: H. Turner, C barley L. Turner, Donald Glen Turner, E. Audrey Turner, Gloria S . Turner, Jerry E. Turner, Lillian E. Tamer, Rokert P. Turner, Roy H eaton Tamer, William D. Turpin, H elm C. Tweedy, Don Wexley Twilley, Robert F. Underwood, David K. Valentine, Thoma; A. Van Devemfer, Donna Vann, Thoma; M. Vaughn, Amzjo M. Verner, Ryman Wm. Vines, Charley L. FRESHMAN CLASS V 0 gelgemn, Z ella S. Vogt, Jack Brigham Coriey, Robert W. Voyley, Bobby H. Wade, George B. Wade, H wry L. Wade, Joseph Donald Wade, William G. Wain, Fred W. Waldrep, Pam'cz'cz M. Waldrop, Ewen C . Walker, Anne Cary Walker, Amb D. Walker, Laurence E. Walker, Patricia J. Walker, Robert A. Wall, Elizabeth B. Wall, Joyepb Ed Wall, Lewi; A. Wallace, Eunice C . Wallace, Nancy E. 1Valler, Loi; S. Waller, R05ert M. 11741125, Arthur H ., Jr. Walliy, Franci; E, Jr. Ward, David Ray W'am', Betty Juanita Ward, Leonard Davi; Ward, Marion E. Ward, Joyce Ellen Warmack, Harry lame; Warner, R anald 1. Warren, Betty lean Warren, Lawrence F. Warwick, Paul, Jr. Waterman, Wm. Edward Watery, Mac Loyd Watkim, Jerry L. 1Vatkim, Robert P. Walking Robert L., Jr. Watymz, Fred Emeyt Wamm, Joby; Vernon Watmn, Olen Hoyt Written, C barley T. Watterjmz, Jame; W. Weatherford, Kenneth IVeatberfoni, Virginia IVebyter, Albert A. Weem1, H erbert H . Weidermmz, Marilyn J. Weigmz, Beverly Jean Weller, Patn'cia A. Walk, Joel D. Wilmn, Jame; Robert Wat, Claude Daniel Wart, Jolm M. Weft, Paul Larry Wextbrook, Amanda F. Wextbrook, Clam N. Wkeelw, lame; E. Wlaeelm, Jobn M. Whelcbel, Ralph J. WUoidby, Leonard R. Wbine, Charley John 1Vbitaker, William R. White, Anita G. White, Charley R., Jr. IVlyite, Jacquelyn Lee 1176116, Jamey Vernon 1176119, Mary J. White, Mile; H., Jr. White, Pelzer A. White, Sme Amz 1Wbize, William Frank Whitemmz, Edgar R. IVloitz, Arthur Wm. Whit, Gertrude R. Whittington, Iwm C. Wick, John Lom'y Wickx, Jame; Marvin Srth. R. E. Snedeker, R. Spuhler. G. S+arnes. R. S+evens. S. S+ory. J. Smifh. S. Souza. J. Siamps. W. Sfegin, F. Sfewar't. L. Sirickland, H. Smifh. R. Snead. J. SpruillI E. Siarling. R. S+ephenson. P. Siory, C. Smifh. B. Smifh, Z. Sprayberry, B. Sfanley, J. Sfephens. W. S+one. J. Smifh. R. M. Sosby. 6. S+. John. A. Sfavro. W. S+evenson. F. SfoH. M. Smifh. J. Smi+h. T. W. Spears. C. Sfanfield. M. Sfephens. H. S+ockburgerl J. Smifh, L. Smifh, W. D. Spears. J. Sfanford, J. S+ephens. M. Sfock'ron. D. SmHh. M. Smifh. W. H. SpenceI J. Sfanley, B. S+ephens: N. Sfodghill, E. S+rickland. R. Swanson. S. Tanf. F. Taylor, M. R. Thomas, D. Thompson. J. Sfrickland, S. Swefmon, C. Tarafoof. L. Teague. W. Thomas. E. Thompson, M. Thompson Wilcox, Robert W., Jr. Wilder, Ada Marie IWildEf, lame; H . Wilkermn, Jolm Charles lVilkemon, Robert E. Wilkermn, Robert C. IVz'lkeI, George B. Wilkex, Joan Gynell 1V ilkimon, Ruth Jean Wilkimon, Willix L. Willcox, Dorotby L. IVilliamx, Alfred L. William, Betty Amz Williamy, Betty L. Williams Donald B. Williamu, Em Jewell 1V illiamy, Harold P. William, Jack William Williamx, Jame; H., Ir. Sfringer, B. Swindell. P. Tarpley. T. Teague. W. G. Thomas. H. x S+roh. K. Swindle. F. Tarranf. R. Tedford. W. Thomas. J. . P, Thompson. W. 1Villz'a7m, Jimmy C . Williamx, Joxepb 5. William:, Julia; 1. Williams, Peggy I . Willimm, S andm L. Williammn, Carl J. Williammn, Robert L. Willingbam, Dixie 1V illmgbam, E. Lucille Willix, H elen H ill IVilliJ, Martha A. Willix, Robert C . Willix, Mary France; Willix, Thoma; P. Wiljdon, Virginia I. IV 275072, Barnett R. Wilson, Birdie I . Wilmn, Eugene L. Wilxon, Gene X "' X f Sfroup. J. Swards, R. Taylor. D. TeFH', H. Thomas. J. Thornfon. D. S+r0+l1er, G. Tallenf. D. Taylor. J. Terrell. R. Thomas, R. Thorn+on. J. Wilmn, Grady B. Wi11012, Lee R. Wilyon, Martha E. Wilyon, Thelma E. Winn, Jamel: Evelgm Wire, Harry L. Womack, Jo Anne Womack, Patricia J. Womack, Patty A. Womack, Sarah D. Wood, Robert A. Wood, Tburmomi M., Jr. IVoodall, Bobby M. LVoodall, H orace E. Woodx, Vernon C. Woodward, Charlie R. Woollzriglat, Shirley Wooner, Robert E. SuHon. Tanner. Taylor. Thomas, Thomps Thurmo SumnerI C. Tampa, An. Taylor. J. S. Thigpen. M. Thompson. C. Thornfon, S. Sfurman, S. Talley. L. Taylor. J. E. Terrell. W. Thomas. T. Thorn+on. J. E. Wooten, Landmm H . IVowby, Tom Edward me, Joe Landmm Wright, Beverly A. Wright, Ema! IVrigbt, John William Writyel, Lawrence A. W'yant, H droid Lee Yancey, E. Io. Yancey, Jack Karl Yarlmzy, Nancy C . Yatey, John Philip Yeager, Dorothy L. York, Beverly J. Young, Betty Jane Zacbry, H erbert R. Z uber, Kathryn L. Zuckerman, Shirley A. Tidwell. B. Townsend. R. Turner. 6. Vanpelf, A. Wade. G. Wall. L. Tillem, L. Travis, N. TurnerI G. Vaughan. L. Wade. H. Wallace. E. Tindel, R. Truelove. J. Turner. J. Venable. J. Wade. J. Wallace. N. ' W 0111' "OH M . W Furpoxml TippeH. T. TruiH. N. Turner. L. Vines. C. Waifs. F. Wallis. A. Tolar, M. Tschudy. Cl. Turner, R. Vogelgesang. Z. Waldrop, E. Ward. D. Tolar, S. Thewef. P. Turpin, C. Vollenweider, I. Walker. C. Ward. L. m m, , Talbert S. Tucker, W. Twilley, R. Vories, R. Walker, L. Ward, M. Tomlin. E. Tumlin. J. UnderwoodI D. Voyles. B. Walker, J. Warmock. H. Towery. M. Tuner. C. Vandevenfer. D. Wade. C. We". E. Warren. B. Warren. L. Weafherford. V. Wheelus. J. Whi+e, W. Wilkes. G. Williams, J. ATLA Warwick. P. Websfer. A. Whelchel, R. Whiieman. E. Wilkes. 0. Williams. J. Wafers, M. Weideman, M. Whidby. R. WhiH. A. Wilkinson. W. Williams. P. Wa+kins. J. Weigand. B. Whifaker. M. WhiH'. G. Willerfon. B. Williamson. C. Wa+kins. P. Welle. P. Whife. C. Wicks. J. Williams. B. Willingham, D. Watkins. R. Wells. J. Whi+e. J. WilderI A. WiHiams, D. L. Wa+son. F. Wesf. L. Whi+e. M. Wilder, J. Williams. E. Willis, H. WaHers. C. Wesibrook. F. Whife. M. H. Wilkerson. C. Williams. G. Willis. M. Wea+herford. K. Wes+brook, N. WhHe. S. Wilkerson. R. Williams, J. Willis, M. Abercrom bie, S. Bufler. J. Cook, W. Dorough. D. Graham, R. Jemenez. M. Kinder. J. Morgan, W. FRESHMAN BarneH. J. BuHer. M. Cooper, H. Duncan. 6. Graham. R. L. Johnson. B. Luckey, R. Morris. 6. Barfon, N. Byers, E. Crumbley. J. Dunn. G. Grey. E. Johnson. J. Lanier. J. Nalley, C. Bredy. M. Byrd. G. Cro+zer. F. Dunn, J. Haighf. B. Johnson, J. Liffle. E. Nealey. R. Brook, E. Carisle. J. , Cumbie. G. Earley. J. Harber, M. JonesI P. Luckie. N. Oliver. J. 115 Bryant B. CraneI H. Davis, E. Edwards. R. HarHey. J. Jones, R. McPherson, L. Olsen, R. Carroll, B. Deckard. B. Friend. M. Howard. P. Keifh. T. Magee. J. Page. F. Bush. P. Carson. J. Denfon. J. Fuller. M. HuHon. M. Kelley. B. Marfin, C. Parfain. J. H I Bufler. F. Collins. J. Danahue. P. Gormley. H. Ivings, R. Kelly. D. Miller. R. Pau'. B. CLASS FIN AL pennmgm. H. PA G E Roberfs. G. sham. THERE AIN'T Ward, D. wiiii'yY'T. N O M 0 RE Wilson, L. Womack. 5. Woolbrighf, S. Yarbray. N. Yafes. J. York. B. Young. J. Zachry. H. Zuber. K. Renfroe. A' Zuckerman, S. Roberfs, M. Snead. J. Wafers. T. Whi++ing+on. J. Veager. D. WilsonI M. Woods. B. Woosier. R. Ridgeway. G. Roberts. P. Sfrickland. N. Wafson. 0. Williams. Ch. Willis. T. Wilson. T. Woodall. H. Woofenl L. Roberfs. B. Robinson. 6. Tedford. W. Webb, C. Wilcox, D. Willis. R. Winn, J. Woods. Vernon C. Wright E. Rober+s, J. Robinson. R. Turner, D. Wheelins. J. Wilson, J. Wilson. E. Womack. J. Wright J. Roberis, J. D. Schubert A. Voyles, B. Whife. J. Wilsdon. V. Wilson, G. Womack, P. Woodward. C. Yancey. J. Yancey. J. K. CENTRALIZED' TEACHING PROGRAM NURSING EDUCATION Adamy, Mary J. Adcock, Gloria J. Alexmder, Virginia Allem, Ivan Gene Autry, Shirley A7272 Ball, Elanor Imogene Barheld, Patricia M. Barrett, Rebeca: Amz Beammz, Francei C. Bell, Barbara 3. Bell, Sandra: Kay Boone, 54726292: I. Boyezt, Edna Bmwlton, Lucille E. Bmmuell, Amzette Brown, J 0 Am; Brown, Peggy Elaine Bryant, Carole Demze Bzmmm, Renalie R. Batty, Laztye Sue Cannon, Elizabeth A. Calrden, Vivian C arr, N 0mm Ruth Cazzley, Alice Lozme Chaney, Dixie Clarijtz'e, Dreemma L. Clayton, Clam A7272 Coker, Adalyn K. Craft, France; I. Crmzford, Kalletta M. Dozier, Ruth A7272 qujtey, Betty loyce Dzmmce, Hazel C. F415, E2514 Jemz Pike, Carol Etta Finney, Samlyim C . Gallant, Elizabeth Amz szdy, Lama 52mm Gmd7zer, Dori; N ell Gamer, R059 Ellen Gillilmzd, Betty J. G oodbread, A1272 L. Goodman, Sam Jcme Grady, France; Anne Centralized Teaching Program for Nurses is a cooperative program among the Atlanta Division, Piedmont Hospital, Crawford Long Hospital, and Georgia Bap- tist Hospital. The girls pictured are trainees at Piedmont and Crawford Long. Nurses at Georgia Baptist Hospital are registered in the program, but do not attend classes at the Atlanta Division. Adcock Braswell Brown, J. A. Chaney Clayfon Fike Gandy Gray Gresham Hendricks Higgins Adams Alexander Allen Au+ry Brown, P. Burnam Buffs Coker CraH Cranford Gardner Garner Gilliland Goodbread Grubbs Guess Hammond Harper Howard. J. Howard, P. Hungerpiller HuHo Barfield Cannon Dozier Bell, 5. BoyeH Carden Carr DuFFey Durance Fals Goodman Grady Gresham Harrell HariL Haynes Jenkins Johnson, A. Johnson, 5. Braselfon Cauley Mg Iwa If, xi KI NURSING EDUCATION Graham, Jackie Am'm Grmbam, Margaret A. Gray, Hilda Clyde Gresham, Dori: J2me Grubbx, Libby Annete Guem, Anna Kathleen Hammond, Peggy 0. H arper, Lois K. Hawell, C elia Ann Hart, Laura Florence Latimer, Janice D. Lee, Betty Ann Libby, Virginia L. Lofton, Sara Jane Long, Peggy Sue Lovell, Jamey Ruth Luau, N am I am Lytle, Minnie Belle McCMty, Mary Jo Mchmz'el, Damia Jean Nipper, Wilma Jean Norrix, Millmz Iezm N orton, Charlotte I. Ogle, Joy Bernice Oliver, Inez Jean Olivem, Claudelin Y. 0 Neal, Barbara Y. 0 Neal, Betty Joyce Paige, Jo Pamzmoure, Lorin: J. Snakenburg, Marianne Snow, Benie E. Solomon, Ymogene St. Clair, Carol L. Strickland, B. Joan Sumner, Clam G. Taylor, Dorotlay Jezm Tbomm, Iemmene E. Thrift, Eunice Tribble, Carolyn C. Tyler, Betty S we Hayney, Hazel V. H endrickx, Mary J 0 Higgim, Shirley D. H oilingswortb, S lairley H award, Johnnie Sue H award, Pbylli: M. H ungerpillen F. Elizabeth Hutto, Nina L023 Jenkim, Talitba A. J 019mm, Alice P. McEacbin, Charlotte McGee, Barbara Sue McKinney, Betty J. Mmtmez, Ofelia Matthewx, Marilyn J. Maye, Martha Alwm Mayo, Wanda Irene Medemacb, Merilyn Melton, Ramona L. Mener, C. Sue Partridge, S . Elizwetb Partridge, Sam Faye Pam, Carrie Belle Petemon, Nancy P. Pierce, Nan L. Piemon, Peggy Amz Rackley, Rubye Pearl Reevex, Gloria Dell Reid, Flora Helen Ricbamhon, Betty L. Tymn, Lolita Wallace, Sbirlene V. IVam, 10mm Whitaken Margaret L. Willertow, Bernem'e Williams, Geraldine Williamx, Glennie L, Williamyon, sze A. Woodall, Patricia M. Yawn, Vim quzene J 010mm, Shirley R. Jolamton, Marjorie E. jonex, Willie Lazar Joyner, Betty Jean Kemz, Roberta E. Key, Mary N ell Kirk, Nancy Barbara Kitcbem, Margaret A. Lachor, Calleen Lanier, Shirley Anne Milbollin, Anna Rae Millw, Mam; Mm'lene Mitchell, M. Jean Moale, Sylvia N elle Moncrz'ef, Carolyn E. Montgomery, Jacqzzele Moreland, Elwyn A. Mowell, Ruth MMz'e Nicholmn, DOM; M. N ?pper, N annette Roda, Barbam J. Romey, Jean C. Rownnee, Dom Mae 5195mm, Z 014 Thoma; S belmm, France; A. 5605M, Georgia F. Simon, Loiy Icme Small, BMZMM Ann Smith, Edith Irma Smith, Mamba E. Top to BoHom: Thrift Tyler. Tyson, Wallace. WaHs. Williamson. Williams, Wooden, Yawn. Rockley Roe Thompson Torrance 'Whisonan! Whitaker Firs? Row: Adams. Alsfon. Baird. Baker. Ball. Beard. Belcher. Bell.' Second Row: Bryanf. Camp. Casilebefry, Chappel. Clark. Coleman. Colquiif. Third Row: Collins. Cook. Cooper, Crooks. Daniel. Davis. F.. Davis. R. Dean. Fourfh Row: Dubberly. Dockery, DuFFey. Dumas. Dyles. Edwards. Ellerbee. Elling- V +on . II Fifiii Row: Ellis. Evans. Fowler. Graham. Gray. Greene, Gillilsnd. Haddock. I V Sixfh Row: Hiannah. Hardy . Harper. Har- ris. Head. Hollingsworfh. Henricks. Hen- derson. 1: Sevenih liow: HousionI Huggins. Hurst Jordan. Kirkland. La Favor. Locke. Long., 2 - . Eighfh Rpw: Mabrey. Mays. McClure. McCookJMcEachin, McGee. McMahan. x1 Meyer. 5 Ninth Rolf: Mifchell, Morey. 'Noirica. Nunnally. Pairick. Peferman. Pilgrim. PINS.- u ., ,4 .e.,4.-.- .1 .- - Seaman Silver a . Vardaman Walea $ ' Wiles Williamson . C T P; Adams, Leeila Alston, Mildred . Baird, S ybil Baker, Mozelle Ball, Jeanne . Beard, Extber Belcber, Edna Bell, Barbara - Booth, Rebeca: Bryant, Carole Camp, Lois Sue Castleberry, Rose Ann Cbappel, Jane Clark, Sue C oleman, Marion Colqm'tt, Pat C ollim, Ann C 0012, France: . C caper, Margaret Crooke, S ophrom'a Daniel, Joxepbine Davis, Fay Davix, Rebeca: Dean, Avi: Dubberly, Jeannette Dockery, Faye Dzmey, Shirley Dumax, S ibyl Dykes, Pat Edwatdx, Ann Ellerbee, Virginia '4 Simmons Snyder Waller Wong Wilson Willis NE .. Ellington, Sue , Ellis, Mmtba Lynn Emmy, Nancy F owler, Jean Graham, Jackie Gray, Ilene ' Greene, Pat Gilliland Joyce Haddock, Lindy Hannah, Amz Hardy, Irene Harper, Patxy Harm, Barbara H ead, Harriette H oilingxwortb, Bernelia H enricks, Sarah Henderwn, Betty H amton, Elizabeth Huggins, Mania Hum, Louise Jordan, Shirley Jo Kirkland, Kitty La Favor, C ollee'n Locke, Lettie Long, Jane Mabrey, Helen Mays, Judy McClure, Betty McCook, Betty McEacbin, Jeannine McGee, Edwyha Sforey I Ward Yon cey McMaban, Mary 9 Meyer, Pat! : Mitchell, Terreua Morey, Jo Ann N om'ca, S and: N unnally, Annette Patrick, Betty Anne Peterman, S ylw'a Pilgrim, Carroll Pitts, Willie Mae Rockley, Rubyg Roe, Amanda Pearl S eaman,- France: 1 Silver, Katherine S immom, Margaret Snyder, Jean Ellen Storey, Jane Thompson, Kathryn Torrance, Miriam V ardaman, Emily Walea, Gwen Waller, Fran Wong, Rom Ward, Margaret Wbiwmmt, Garlene Whitaker, 10 Anna , Wiles, Cbarlotta . Williamson, Jane WillixtMerle Wilson, Eva Ann Yancey, Rachel Abernafhy, A. Allen. P. Bailey. E. Beauford. S. Bolan, J. Branson, M. ATLANTA Abernathy, Andrew J. Abernathy, Hiram D. Adair, William Allynne Admm, Aaron C., h. Adamy, Carolyn W. Admm, Domld L. Adamj, Ruth Annelle Admm, Tommy Eugene Adams, Wamia June Adler, Bernice A. Aiolcz, Jolm Robert Alain, Barbara Mary Albertone, Donald M. Allen, Lemuel R., Jr. Allen, S. Patricia Allen, Waltw' G. Allen, William H. Almami, Ewell Speer Alamo, Joxepb F. Alsi, Arlene Mam'e Adair, A. AndersonI M. Banke, M. Bellinger. G. Bonner, P. Brillat H. Aberna'rhy. H. Almand. E. Bales, T. BecraH. J. Balding. R. Briggs, W. DIVISION'S . . . . .. Ambler, Arthur C., Jr. Ammom, Jack A. Amierwn, Martha E. Anglin, Cbexlerjield Archer, Mm. James H. Armstrong Allardyce Arrington, Edward A. 141le, George V. Axbmore, Beryl T. Azkimon, Florence Amway, Betty K. Azzmndt, H 61672 C . Ava, Verna M. A yen, Emma Dean Bailey, Earl Lexlz'e Balm, Thoma; 0. Ballew, Mary V. Banke, Margm'et B. Barge, Ellen L. Barlow, Mim'am C . Adams. C. Anglin. C. B'arileH. H. Berry, R. Booker. C. Brown, W. Adams. T. Arms+rong. A. BarHeH', P. Bishop. R. Brooks. H. Bryan. A. Alola, B. Aseff, G. Bar'ron, l. Blacksfock. J. Brooks, P. Burnham. E. Bamey, Samuel 1. Barnett, Lee N 641 Barnett, Max W. Bczwow, Anne Bartholomew, Philip Barton, 17262 Smie Bartlett, Carolyn P. Bartlett, H elm L. Batcbelow, Virgil R. Bearden, Lomn C. Beaumont, Sterling J. Beauchamp, Arthur A. Beaufom', Sarah L. Bearczft, 101m F. Bell, Fred M. Bell, Ralph Bellinger, George H . Bemtmg Leo Berry, N 0mm Ruth Bewy, Robert David Allen, P. Ayers. D. Beauchamp. A. Blyihe. R. Bowen, J. BullockI C. Akin, M. AHaway. B. Bafchelor, V. Bleomer, A. N. Boone. W. Burke. S. Allen. M. Aurandf. H. Bearden. L. Blox+on, L. Bowden, B. BurkeH. J. Bullard. H. Campbell, W. Chappas, C. Connors. J. Cross. G. Delbridge. E. BurneH', D. Carfer. 5. Coffee. F. Cordes, R. Davidson. W. Dixon, M. Burruss. R. Canup. J. Chrisfian, 6. Cook. B. CurryI C. Denny, A. Bixbop, Ray Bufowi Black, Marvin M. Blackytock, Joyce Blmzkembip, Thelma Bloemer, Anne Marie Bloxton, Leland B. Blythe, Jame; C. Blythe, Willidm R. Bolcm, Jame; Edward Balding, Ruth Elizabeth Bollinge-r, Everett R. Bonner, Philip W. Booker, Carolyn L. Boone, William S. Boring, N ed Bourmorck, Jule; Bowden, Barbara Ann Bowen, 101912 Gordon Bradley, Bufmz C. Bradley, Mm. Mary L. Burns. T. Cash, R. Cohen, F. CouncilI M. Davis, A. Dodson. J. Burion, J. Cason. 0. Cole. J. Cox. F. Davis. J. Donald, M. Cafhey. E. Collins. 5. Davis. J. L. Bradley, Mabel W. Bmmon, Mary W. Bmzmlm, Mary Ann Bridgex, John H. Briggx, William P., Jr. Brrz'llrzt, Helen F. Brillbm't, C. C. Brimfield, Dorothy Broom, H ugb Tatum Brook, Mary Pat Brown, Charla; Earl Brown, Sam Janice Brown, Wm. H. Bryan, Alfred 1., Jr. Ballard, C lam A. Ballade, Charlotte L. thrke, Stephen T. Bmkett, J 0612 H omce Bzmmm Marian E. Burnett, Dam: Callahan. M. Crawford, B. Donnelly. W. Callaway. R. Chance. P. Colson, R. Crawford. L. Davis. J. H. Dofy. H. Camp. A. Chandler, H. Compfon. J. Crawford, R. Davis. P. Downing. R. Burm, Thomas E. Bwrzm, Ruth N . Burton, Evelyn Burton, John F. Caldwell, Amze 0. Caldwell, Wanda Lea Callahan, Martha W. C allaway, Robert L. Camp, Albert 5., Jr. Camp, Elwood H. Camp, MN. I. C. Campbell, Eliza W. Campbell, 1m E, Jr. Campbell, Wendell R. Cannon, H elen Canup, Jack C. C arter, Mamba L. Carter, Stonie B. C4519, Roy M. Cman, waald W. Campbell. E. Chapman. D. Cone. J. Cross. C. Deland. J. Dempsey, H. Dugas. C. English. J. Fincher. J. Garmony. R- Green. M Hall. P. ATLANTA DIVISION'S . . . . .. Cathay, Ellie M. Catron, Mary Jane Cawtbon, M. France: Cbajage, Sylvan Jay Chance, Paul H . Chandler, H mm! Edw. Chapman, David R. Cbappax, Charla H . Cheek, Patn'cia Lynn Cbeeley, Joxeplo E, Jr. Cbmrzizm, Gerald T. Clark, Annie Lazmz Clark, Fred Lee C 0 jfee, Mm. Frame: C 012m, mecex B. C ole, J. W. C oleman, Margaret L. C ollim, Sbarlene R. C 015042, Rodney Earl C ompton, Jean M. Durden. B. Evans, M. Flournoy. R. Georgivs, J. Griffin. J. Hand. D. Duncan. M. Esco, B. Fisler. J. Garner, C. Greenway. H. Hamilfon, M. Fahy. J. Fri+h. E. Griffin. Dufkiewicz. E. Gian. G. Harcourt A. C 071e, lemme Carol Conklin, Vivian G. C 0127mm, lemme Ann C 00k, Betty C ooper, Roy Bmmzen C orbett, Jamalyn L. C ordej, Roger L. C ozmcz'l, Marbe Fay C owan, Pete H awison C ox, Fred E. meford, Bettye J. Crawford, Leomml L. Crawfw'd, Ruby M. Crawford, Ratio M. Crembaw, Mrs. C. B. Cmft, Waltw Donald Crow, Lee Carolyn Cmn, George Lee, Jr. Cromwell, Bright W. Cunningham, Mary 0. Ellisfon. J. Farmer. E. Fuller. B. GormanI W. P. Grimes. H. Harding. R. Eafon. D. Farmer, V. Fuller, 0. Grainger, F. Gore, J. Harper. 0. Cuwy, Charla; C. Bailey, Lawrence H . D4131, Loy: Marie Davidxon, 117772., I. Dam, Annie Joe Davix, Jacquelyn A. Daviy, Jejfemon L. Daviy, Jimmie Lou Daviy, Juditb H. Davix, Patricia J. Dawlr, Rudy Dean, 101m Arthur Deex, Mn. J45. D. Deland, Jacquelyn Delbridge, Emily E. Denny, Ann H . Dimmke, Catherine Dixon, Harold D. Dixon, Malcolm R., Jr. Dodson, Jeanie Ellis. E. Fickers, K. Galanfi, l. Gray. W. Hall. L. Haskew. J. Edwards. P. Fellows. A. Faisserf. F. Gray. L. HallI F. Harves+on, E. Eaves. J. Federspin. G. Gailey. L. Grant E. Gross, J. Harrell. C. Helms. 5. Holland. P. Hunt R. Kennl C. Lane. M. Lockar+y, E. Henderson. 6. Hopkins. M. IrvinI B. Kicklighfer. L. Landrum. R. Long. J. Hicks. H. House. E. Jackson, A. Kinkead. H. Lasher, 6. Long. R. Hendry. J. Huey, C. Jordan, J. Knoff. G. Lee. M. LyHe. A. Haywood, C. Higgins, B. Huff, W. Kane, P. Lam. R. Leonard, P. Hill. R. Huckeby. H. Jackson. M. KnoH'. A. Leary, A. Lynch. W. Hendley. C. Hornsby. D. lvey, M. King, R. Lang, 6. Lowry, L. Highfower, E. House. J. Johnson. N. Kipling. P. Leblane. R. Lowry, B. HuFfaker. R. Ka++ner. R. Lane. J. Libman. M. Donald, Margaret H. Donaldxon, C. L. Donnelly, William A. Dorrix, Genmde R. Doty, H award Kirk Dowiy, Louie N . Downing, Roland 0. Drummond, Catherine Dugm, C. Clayton Duncan, Mewz'tl Chm. Duncan, William G. Dunne, Eugene Edward Burden, Betty Ann Dutkiewicz, Elxz'e M. Eddy, Joyce Elaine B. Eaton, Dorothy Ann E41191, 101m Wilbm E5erbart, Martha E. Ebnen Mn. Stanley Edwardx, Jame; Morris Edwardx, Patricia 1. Elder, Frame: Alma ElliJ, Elizabeth A. Elliston, Jerry S . Engliila, Joyepla E. Eyco, meam Jane Extex, H ewlet Hall Eunice, Marion D. Emmy, Mary J. Emmy, Mildred E. Faby, Evelyn Jane Fargmon, Helen J. Farmer, Edith P. Farmer, Victor W. Fedenpiel, Charla; Fellow, Andrew Paul Pickey, Karma Leomz Fincber, Joyce Marie Fisler, Jame; K. Floumoy, Robert E. Floyd, Calvin Mayo Floyd, Cathryn 0. Floyd, Martha Andrew FONIO7Z, Warren C . Foucbe, Cbeyter W. Franck, Robert B. N. Freeman, Lindle E. Friar, Mary Lee Fry, Fielding Lewi; Fritb, Earl D. Fulle, Evelyn R. Fuller, Barbara J. Fuller, Carrie E. Fuller, Opal Earline Gailey, Leatm A. Gaimert, Frank M. G 41mm, Isaac N . Garmony, Richard Lee Gamer, Cbrmme M. Garrett, Fay Emogene McJunkin, J. MaH'Iews, R. McKee. G. Miller. K. Mos+eller. F. Olms+ead, E. ATLANTA DIVISION'S . . . . .. Garmn, Charlotte Georgizu, John C. Gillelmzd, Joan Ginn, Grover Climon Gondreau, Richard A. Goodbart, Robert H., Jr. Goodman, Phillip E. Gordon, M054 R. Gore, Jame; Roy Gormcm, William H. Gomell, Aminw E. Grainger, Floyd Ed. Gram, Worth Eugene Gray, Leomml R055 Gray, Marie K. Gmy, Wm. Ferrell Green, Mary M. Greenway, Henry Ward Grzf'in, Jeuz'e Lee Gri$m Pat R. Marfin. S. Mauney. J. McKinzey. V. Mills. S. MurphyI J. Pearson, B. Malloy. l. McAdoo. A. Minshener, D. MyersI S. Paris, H. McMichael, B. Grimm, Harriet L. Grim Jack Nelyon Gram, Carol J. Haege, Robert E. Hagan, Forrev L., Jr. Hagler, Robert J. Hall, Frame; L. Hall, Jo Amze Hall, Leilie Fred Hall, Patricia Y. Hamilton, Meriam M. Hcmd, Dudley Gmy Harcozm, Janice A. Hardezge, Jack Daniel Harding, Rom Elizabeth Harper, Ayn Lee Harper, Orlin Culver Harrell, Cbarlotte A. Harrington, John M. Hawk, Jame; Lyle; Maness. H. McDonald. 8. Meagher. N. Monk, F. Owens. E. PuckeH. M. MacMiHan. B. Mc'AuliFFe. V. McNeil. S. Moeller. C. Moss, 6. PrinceI S. Madry. J. McClain. M. McNu'rf, M. Moncrief, R. Nash. J. PuckeH. H. Hart, B. Jam 1. Hawaiian, Evelyn B. Harm'lle, Emily Hmkew, 10561719 A., Jr. Hatbcock, Ruth L., Mm. Hammmz, Pbilomen Hawkim, Joyce C. Haywood, Charlie E. H 94d, Faye E. Head, 10mph Lewi; .T-Iezzm, Thoma; H . Hegenberger, Mildred Held, Cbmle; H., Jr. H elm, S am Lucy H endemon, Gwendolyn Hemiley, Charlotte A. H endrickx, Sid1zey L. Hendry, Jackline B. H ebert, Sylvexter B. H emandez, Rowena M. Manfoo+h, A. McElwaney. E. Michael, L. Morgan. E. Owings. R. Parker. P. Marfin. B. McGouirk. 6. Miles, M. Mosberg, J. O'Rourke, G. Pague. R. Mason. W. Mclnfyre. J. MillerI H. Moss, 6. Oliver. P. PruiH. J. PaHerson. H. Rober+son. J. Sayer. N. ShiPP. J. Sfacy, J. Sfringer, J. Page, E. Reynolds. M. SavageI B. Sheffield, W. Spencer. G. S+rickland. B. PaHerson. M. Reeves. B. Russel. E. Sewell, R. Smifh, W. Sfone. J. Priesf. F. Reid. A. Sammon, F. Seymour. N. Snow. J. Sfone. J. Parks. W. Reeder, C. Ruffner. E. Sears, C. Smifh. T. Por+er. M. Rankin, 6. Rogers. R. Schifeblin, W. Skilling. M. PowerI B. Rapp. G. Rolader. M. Scroggs. C. Smifh, H. Peagler, H. Ramofowske, l. Roeser, R. Scarborough. L. Sillay. M. Reyland, N. Sanders, B. Sharp. C. Sala. G. S+owers, D. Sfanford. H. S'tevens, M. Sfewarf, B. S+ill. O. Heybacb, Lala: 1. H eyxer, Edrz'ce R. Hick, Robert Frank Higginbotbam, Kate Higgim, Helen B. Higbtowen Edward W. Hill, Robert C. Hinely, Dori; I. H odgex, Loi; A. H olditcla, Emext B. H olladay, Mary Anna H ollmzd, Preyton L. Holley, Gilbert W. H alley, Lemael T. H opkim, Mary H . H ormby, Dawmn L. H owe, Evelyn M. Home, Joanne E. Howxe, 016M T., Jr. Huckeby, Hazel S. Hudgim, Virgim'a E. Huey, Carolyn R. Hwy, William M., Jr. Hmfaker, Robert E. H all, Mildred F. Hulme, Mary H . Hzmt, Edwm'd Ralph Hynes, William D. Irvin, Benny Lom'y 112631, Margaret Sue Jackxon, Madaline L. Jamey, Thoma; P. Jamieyon, Max H . Jejfen, Ambel H . Jenkins, Carol Ann Ierger, Hugb R. Jeter, John T. 1019125071, Cornelia M. lobmon, Martha N. Johnson, Odell jobmon, Thad B., Jr. Joiner, Jacob Edwin J 0729;, Bob Hartwell 107225, Hamford S. I 012625, Kenneth W. Janey, Lila Janey, Lillian M. Janey, Lillian C . Janey, Marilyn L. Jordan, Adolplm Jordan, Jew Page Jordan, Juan Juban, Cbarlie D. Kcme, Patricia Amze K attner, Ronald D. Kamfmom, Dorothy D. Kell, Curtis 0. Kendrick, Sidmy F. Kenn, Clarence H. Kickligloter, Lummie SPECIAL STUDENTS Kilbmie, Joxepb B. Kincaid, Herbert 0. King, Jamey Ray King, Robem: E. Kinkead, H wry E., Jr. Kinney, Lavalle Kipling, Philip B. Knoll, Annette H. Knott, Glam S. Lacey, Elenm R. Lacy, Margaret M. Lacy, Margaret M. Lalcmd, Barbara A. Lam, Ralph C. Landmm, Robert T. lane, 101m E. Lane, Mam! Hadron Lane, Richard Floyd Lang, I ene E. Langgmb, Walter S . Layber, Gloria I. Leary, Allen E. Leblanc, Rickard A. Leclcm', Artbm Ledford, Hawker! H . Lee, Marjorie Icme Leomml, Carolyn P. Leonard, Lozziye B. Lewix, Thoma; Marvin Libmcm, Melvin B. Liley, Alton B. P. Lingenfelton, Lamm' Lockamy, Eddie Alton Long, Juanita L. Long, Reatbel Loz'J Lovem, H emy Mark Lowry, Billy L. Lowry, John M. Lzma, Gem'ge C. meell, Lillian R. l ymb, Walter K. Lyon, Mary Nan Lytle, Mary Ann McAdoo, Alvin Roland McArtlozm Mary Ann McAulijfe, Jolm V. McClain, Mildred May McClure, Mam! Alice McCullough, Walker L. McDonald, Beuz'e K. McDonald, Robert H. McElwaney, Eva McGee, Jame! P. McGouirk, Guy Nelle McGom'rk, Sam P. McIntyre, Juanita P. Mclzmkin, Jack Fain McKee, George T., Ir. McKinzey, Addie Bell McKinzey, Virgie Mae Simmerford. J. Talfon. S. Gampa. A. Tarvin. S. Taylor. B. Taylor, F. Thomas, G. Thomason, W. Thome. A. Thurman. R. Tierney. P. Tillander, D. Tomlin, R. Treadwell. N. TroH, G. Twilley. H. Tucker. R. Waggoner. J. Waggener. M. Waldron. A. Wariner, S. Webb, V. Weber. B. Wen'rz. F. Whaler, E. Whelchel, G. Whife. C. WbiHock, W. Wicker, S. Weley, G. Wilke, E. William, A. Williams. F. Williams. Y. Williamson, J. Wilson. L. Winfrey, C. Winkler, T. Wright C. Wood. 5. WoodaH. S. Wynn, 6- Yearfy. E. Yepp. J. York. P- Adams, C. Annis. A. Afkins. E. BecraH. J- Brown, J. Campbell. 6. Taylor. W. Teper. S. Terrell, M. SPECIAL STUDENTS McLeod, Warren G. H. McMicbael, Betty J. McNatt, H award Gene McNeil, Sandra R. McNutt, Mary Lozme Mchenmz, Mary L. McPloewon, Ralpb T. MacDonald, Adam T. MacMillzm, Betty 10 Madry, Jame: Thoma: Malloy, Irene L. Mammy, Hugh W. Mantootb, A gne; S. Martin, Betty Jean Martin, Sandra Jean Martin, William R. Mayan, Winifwd B. Matbewy, Robert C. Matthew, M4131 F. Maulding, Emma Ruth Mauney, 146125012 B. Mayton, Mary Jo Meaderx, Mary E. Meadowy, Barbara H. Meagher, N eil Jolm Melvin, Arnold Michael, Lonnie L. Milej, Martha A. Miller, Ernest G. Miller, Jame T. Miller, H elen L. Miller, Kathleen C. Millix, Catherine M. Milly, Shirley B. Mimleu, Vicki Mincbenen Dorothy E. Mitchell, Shirley I. Mize, Patricia Ann Mobley, Emma E. Mobley, Norma lac Moeller, Carl Wm. Monaghan, Vingim'a S . Momrz'ef, Richard N. Monk, France; Moore, C omelia Moore, Jack Jared Moore, John H award Moore, Lyman Mom, Marie J. Morgan, Elizabeth L. Morgan, F. Marie Morrix, Jacqueline M. Morrix, Jena I aim Mayberg, Jerome Mom, Geraldine Maxteller, Eleanor Muller, Anne Marie Muller, C olette Y. Murphy, Jame: H. Myerx, Shirley D. ATLANTA Nam, J 0 Ann N eill, Peggy N elmn, Anna Lam'Je Nexbz't, Philip Neville, Walter E, In Newbem, Marion W. N ewell, Glen Parent N ewmcm, Robert W. N orman, Thoma: Hall N orton, Katherine S. Norton, Robert L. 0 Dell, M. Winifred ODwyer, Regimld Q. Olden, John H., In Oliver, Patxy D. Olmstead, Edward J. CYRomke, Gloria Nan Ovarian, Jamey L. Owem, Edward N elxon Owem, 101m C. Owingx, Raymond H . Page, Elma Virginia Park, H mold M. Parker, Floyd Jena Parker, Patricia Ann Park, William P. Pawix, Gewge B., Jr. Patjem, Anne Elizabeth Patrick, Robert C. Pattenon, Helen J. Pattenon, Margaret Patton, Grace Paul, William D., Jr. Payne, Patricia Ella Peace, Charles P., Jr. Peagler, Harm; 1., Ir. Pearmn, Bobby D. Perleim, Dixie Ola Perry, Cecil Claud Permm, Annabella Pbill1'421, Josephine Pinizzotto, A. M. Pittman, Mildred E. Pith, Sam I. Pogue, Roy 1. Polk, Lewi; G. Pope, Ewell G, Ir. Porter, Mary Ruth Poxey, Jame; Walter Potty, Thoma; B. Power, Betty Anne Power, Medin 0. Prattix, Jame: G. Prenmom, Manuel Priejt, Fwd A. Prince, S aleta May Pruitt, Jeanne Rutlo Puckett, Hattie E. Puckett, Mildred F. Radin, Jerome Rainy, Dmcilla O. Rainwater, Edna E. Ramotowykz', Ingrid Rankin, Gene Arthur Rankin, George L. Rankin, William T. Rapp, George E. Rawlim, Donald A. Rawlim, George M. Ray, Alice Hall Ray, N able R edfem, Tommy F. Reece, Ruby Geneva Reeder, Cecil M. Reeye, Vermoz R. Reevex, Betty N eal Reid, Mm. Anna L. R ewix, R. Glenn Reylzmd, Jame; N . Reynoldx, Malcolm W. Ricbamhon, James D. Rickardmn, Wilda I. Ricleenon, George L. Robemon, Jerry L. Robemon, David E. Roberts, Mariam M. Robertmn, Jame: G. Robimon, C omelz'a A. Podgerj, Emext Rodgem, onepb 0. Roexer, Robert Fred Rogers, Ralph King Rolader, Margmet C. Romm, Mendel, J12 Roxenberg, Sam B. Rowe, Ray A. Rujfner, Ernest H . Rmxell, Edward I. Rzmell, Jame: Ed. Sammom, Betty F. Sanders, Bonnie Savage, Betty Jean Sayer, N 0mm Jean Scarborough, Lillian Sclmirer, Marjorie T. Schiefelbein, Wm. H. S cont, David Gilbert Scott, Harold W. Scott, Wayne S craggy, Clam Ruth Sean, Clam V. S ellem, Clyde C. Sewell, Ruby Laney Seymour, Naomi Sharp, Cbm'topber S . S harp, Mariam H . Sbealy, Guy C. Sbejjlield, Wm. B. Sheridan, Eugene M. sz'eldx, Jane S . DIVISION 1954 Tbompkim, James W. Thurman, Rufm M., Jr. Tierney, Pat Amz Tillamier, Dolly L. Tomlin, Reg. M. Treadwell, N ellie M. Trotter, Gary E. Tucker, Rachel E. Tumlz'n, France; Rowe Tumpame, Clementine Twilley, H emy T. Underwood, I . Laverne UIJery, Wendell 0. Vanw, George N . Vandervort, France: Vaughan, Leonard G. V enable, Mary Jane Vimem, Benj. H . Waggonen Jordan L. Waggoner, Maurice E. Waldrip, M. Loraine ALL THESE CO-EDS AND BARFIELD. TOO. Waldron, Alvin E., h. Warmer, Betty Sue IVarren, Oren Watkins, Ben D. Watxon, Mn. John S. Watxon, Walter M. Webb, Vera Amz Weber, Bettye A. Wellbom, G. Lozm Wentz, Franci; H. West, Sarah Dean W'bzmon, Arthur E. IVbalen, Edward G. 1Vbelcbel, Glom'a R. Wbelcbel, Jackie Kay Wlaelcbel, Wm. Henry White, Edward C . 'Wbitlock, William H . sz'cker, George S. IViley, Glenda Mae Wilke, Elaine Marie Williamx, Alice Elizabeth Willimm, Florence F. Williams, Jacqueline William, Margaret M. IVilliamJ, Yardy T. Williammn, Jame: W. IVz'lmn, Iowplo W., 17'. Wilson, Lewi; A. Wilxon, Lillian J. U7 iljon, Robert Emmy Wiwfrey, Jimmy C. 117 inkley, Thelma: Jean Wood, Shirley Anne Woodall, Sarah H elen Wright, Carolyn Ray Wynn, Gerald Lyon: Yearty, Ed. C . Yezmg, Peter Yopp, John William York, Patricia S . SPECIAL STUDENTS 131 Bax+er Blasingame Carreker Eberharf Gillis Higginboihan Hilliard Hursf PaHerson Repak Schane Wafson GRADUATE STUDENTS A lexander, Lawrence Baxter, lame: R001 Bennett, Juliette T. Blaxingame, Beverly Brookxloife, James L. Butler, Richard E. C arrelzer, Jame; William Carroll, Betty Jean Conlon, Donald J. Eberhart, Alvin B., Jr. Freeman, Ralph W. Gillis, Robert Greempon, Irving L. Henry, Cbarle: H . H erren, Edna Claire Higginhtbam, Sam L. Hilliard, 101m A. DEATH. TAXES AND QUES WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE. Hunt, H ollij C . Lekajf, Morton M. McLeod, loan A. Merck, Ann Mollexon, Jamey B. More, Augusta; D. V. Pattermn, Keem'; D. Repak, Joanne H. S dame, Edwin D., Jr. Scott, Sbatley S . Suttlex, William M. Tlaomxon, Romlie S . Twilley, Barbara G. Wamon, William H. White, Emery Williamx, Cbmle; W. Wixeley, 016M Lee TYCIA CURLEY To plumb the depth of thine eyes And read thy souYs longings . . . . Gladly would men cast their lives To fulfill such yearnings. 133 Adams. H. Afkinson. J. Aikins, D, Bailey, J. Bailey. L. Berger. L. Bean. M. Bellinger. E. Berger. R- Birmingham. L. Brazzeal. A, Brasseal, S, Camacho, J. Casonl D. Causey, D. Chafin. R. Coon. S. Creech. 5- Cullen, I. Culpepper, J, Dalfon. E, Daniel. J. Degree. J. Diggs. C. Edwards, J. Elfon, R. Ford, J- Fosfer. D. Garland, B. Garner. 6. Goodman, G' Gordon. R. Green. P. Greene, L. Grogan. J. Hachney. J- Harf. T. Hearn, A. Hendrick, S. Hill. J. Holden, C. Holman. E. Irvin, D. Johnson, K. Johnson, M- Johnson. 5. Jones Lang. D, Lang, R. Laughlin. D. Lee' B. Lekie, B. Lesslie, A. LowndesI R. LEST THEY BE OVERLOOKED Lunsford. J. Mahone. F. Mayes, F. McDonald. A, Miller, 3. Mills. E. Morris. S. Phillips. P. Poewell. R- Powell. L. Quinlan, L. Morris. R. Rice, 6. Rosier, S, Russell. B. Schlffman. M. Sills, R. Smlfh, V. Fr V' 1 Thompson, H. Wallace. J. Weils, E. Wellborn. F. Wesferlund. J. Wright J. . N. Iden+. N. ldenf. N. Iden+. N. Idenf. LEST THEY BE OVERLOOKED hOr. Why Are They lnduded Hereh In handling J0me 15,000 photography, more 07' ten, we ZOJZ a few. Some did 720; hear idetztt'hcation. The N0$CidV tower of ytttdent; pre- pared for m hy that department of electronic marvel; omitted tz few names. A lem f'at'lme in the camera tamed mt omzjm'm 0f othem. 0M "not on the 1171f; 1th z'mlucied the prominent, the Phi Beta Kappam, the TM 15px, 4 mtmher 0f futme 717M565, and H orteme Screvem, who really doeuft give a Jhmg 0f the Jhoulder whether her picture appear; or hot. 0m apologie; t0 yOZt all amt to you, Horteme. Ree-Iee! Did Cu? Sacre bleu, prof! C'esf ner+z.' Hones+ +0 gos This sfudenf wrofe Hue prize winning boner. . . . 136 Cid , cougwgdif1 , ?wMX, ATLANTA DIVlSION'S ARMY RESERVES OFFICER TRAINING CORPS COMMANDER LIEUTENANT COLONEL ALBERT T. STAFFORD, Professor of Mili- +ary Science and Tac+ics, Aflanfa Division, The UniversHy of Georgia. ASSISTANT MAJOR PAUL A. DIERKES, Assis+an+ Professor of MilHary Science and Tachs. AHaMa Division. ' TRANSPORTATION CORPS THE INS UCTORS COMMAND AND STAFF INSTRUCTORS. Sergeanfs Volland, Loffis' Mazeau and Hubbard. THE STAFF. Mai. P. A. Dierkes. Mrs. Caldwell, Li. Col. Stafford. Miss Smifh' Mai. F. W. O'Neal, Capf. Ayers, M SgL Volland. ng. Bolf, M Sgt Loffis Lf. Thurmond. thgt Mazeau. and M Sgt Hubbard. THE STUDENTS CORPS REGIMENTAL STAFF Colonel R. 0. Daridjon, Commander Lt. Colonel D. A. Green Lt. Colonel G. B. Lowery Major H. IV. Pece Major D. C. 567252;! Captain R. L. Buchanan Maxter Sergeant R. F. Hood Maxter Sergeant Ed Blair The Joldz'er am! My gzm are z'mepczmble. One 2'; depwdent 072 the care the other gives: A well dixciplined mzit is a valiant 1 glm'72g force. It i; 4 mm? of bigb morale and xtrengtb, a formidable adver- mry. m resume 4n 85G; E. THEY WONDER THEY JOKE g g 2 TOP LEFT: Color gnard againu Atlmzta Jky- line. TOP RIGHT: Color guard 1'72 winter then. CENTER RIGHT: ROTC mzz't band pane; 1'72 review. In backgromzd, 5171:167th and other Jpectzzlmxr 112me Spring review from Cozzrtlzmd viaduct. CENTER LEFT: IV 19 we could have identiJQed 111i; grozzp, we 6472720! 1611 you into 201ml tbey are being Izvorned. BOTTOM LEFT: Major Dierkm r2112; 111'; 72016 apprebemiz'ely. Honor guard, right elemem center, don"t jmt look right. He Ibozzld be "eye; front."' , , WW BATTALION STAFFS FIRST BATTALION Commander . . . . Lt. Col. R. T. Miller Executive Officer . . . Capt. J. D. Dunlap Personnel . . . . . MAYgt. I. L. Avery Public Information . . SFC F. V. Keney Operations . . . . . SFC J. S. Toney Operations . . . . . Pvt. D A. Mame SECOND BATTALION Commander . . . Lt. Col. 1. C. Caldwell Executive Offncer . . Capt. J. W. Kidder Personnel . . . . . Capt. D. W. Clark Intelligence . . . . 1;; Lt. D. A. Bryan Operations and Supply . JJt Lt. F. Y. Fife Sergeant Major . . VVUSgt. W. L. ODMyer Operations Sergeant . . Sgt. R. R. Burgeu Supply Sergeant . . . Pvt. K. H. Rouell THlRD BATTALION Commander . . . Lt. Col. H. C. Phillip; Personnel . . . . ZJt Lt. W. J. Lam'er Operations . . . . Major W. S. McGill Sergeant Major . . . MASgt. G. H. Faun "A" COMPANY . . . Captain C. B, Cau'tbon, Commander; Lt. R. H. Chandler, Executive; AU Sgt. R. B. Donaldmn, Fin! Sergeant Pvt. I. W. Larbmb, Guidon. FIRST PLATOON: Lt. J. C. Baldwin, Leader; SFC A. Grow, Platoon Sergeant; SFC S. E. Dawk, A557 Platoon Sergeam. FIRST SQUAD: Sgt. A. G. Chixlaolm, Leader; Pvt. G. M. Thompson, Cpl. R. E. Pope, Cpl. M. F. Greene, PM. J, M. Mabone. SECOND SQUAD: SFC W. C O NeiZl, Leader; Cpl. W. A. Dyer, PFC 5, C. Thornton, Pvt. J. O. Daviy, Pvt. R. S. Baldwin. THIRD SQUAD: Sgt. G. W. Jobmmz, Leader; Cpl. H. R. Hannah, Pvt. R. I. Maddox, PFC C. L. Roper, Pvt. T. W. Elliot. SECOND PLATOON: Lt. R. L. Henry, Platoon Leader; SFC W. L. Tbomamn, Platoon Sergezmt; SFC R. C. Schwekmdick. AW! Platoon Sergeant. FIRST SQUAD: Cpl. D. E. Tallent, Leader; PFC D. T, 1017725072, Pvt. F. M. Gainert, Pvt. E, A. Leonard. SECOND SQUAD: Cpl. W. R. W'bitaker, Leader; PFC Q. G. Amiemon, Pvt. T. S. Page, Pvt. J. E. Mitchell. THIRD SQUAD: Sgt. J. R. Colcord, Leader; Cpl. D. W. Stockton, PM. E. R. Berry, PM. D. 84 Kenerly, Pvt. E. R. White'mzm. "C" COMPANY . . . Captain V. C. Leach, Commander; MASgt. C. R. Woods, Fim Sergeant: Cpl, R. A. LeBlanc, Guidon. FIRST PLATOON: Lt. D. A. Bryan, Platoon Leader; Sgt. IV. S, Burton, Platoon Sergeant; Sgt. R. A. Sage, AW! Platoon Sergeant. FIRST SQUAD: Sgt. M. S. Berger, Leader; PM. D. L. Howard, Pvt. L. D. Ward, Pvt. L. E. Jolley, Pvt. I. R. Hoelxcber, Cpl. N. G. Dennix. SECOND SQUAD: Cpl. N. E. Aderhold, Pvt. W. L. Head, Pvt. W. E. Pyron, Pvt. R. W. Newman, Pvt. J. D. Hater, Pvt. J. W. Heller, Pvt. D. F. Frazier. THIRD SQUAD: Sgt. R. H. Pyron, Leader; Cpl. C. L. Martin, PFC B. H. Paul, PFC F. S. Stegin, Pvt. R. E. Summerour. SECOND PLATOON: Lt. T. F. Bone, Platoon Leader; Sgt. R. S. Broome, Platoon Sergeant; Sgt. J. D. Allen, Awlt Platoon Ser- geant. FIRST SQUAD: Sgt. L. H. Reid, Leader; Pvt. B. Beilmzm, Pvt. R. D. Hipps, PFC R, R. Parker. SECOND SQUAD: Sgt. D. B. Gravex, Leader,- Pvt. H. F. Berry, Pvt. D. H. McEntire, PFC H. T. Ridlelooover, Pvt. S. E. Calvin. THIRD SQUAD: SFC E. R. Wenbmok, Leader; PFC J. D. Ander- I071, PFC R. W. 31m, Pvt. G. S. Harderman, Pvt. G. E. Robimon, PFC R. C. Stanke, Cpl. L P. Bully. B' COMPANY . . . Captain J. F. Hughes, Commander; 15! Lt. J. L. Mitchell, Executive; AUSgt. D. B. Falter, Pint Sergeant; Pvt. J. C. Froug, Guidon. FIRST PLATOON: Lt. W. D. Cbexmut, Plzztoon Leader; MAYgt. R. G. Mark, Platoon Sergeant; SFC P. E. Adamx, An? Platoon Sergeant. FIRST SQUAD: SFC C. VanValkenbarg, Leader; Pvt. O. H. Puckett, Pvt. 1. 117. Stanford, PFC f. A. Watson, Pvt. L. l. Chance. SECOND SQUAD: Cpl. H. N. Sean, Leader; Pvt. A. E. Field, Pvt. H. P. Williamx, Pvt. C. W. Allen, Pvt. R, P. Turner. THIRD SQUAD: Cpl, W. R. Carroll, Leader; Pvt. J. A. Greer, Pvt. F. Stevemon, Pvt. M. C. Bennett, Pvt. A. V. Brixendine. SECOND PLATOON: Lt. G. R. Nipbolxon, Platoon Leader; MAYgt. M. A. Taylor, Platoon Sergeant; Sgt. W. F. Lester, A557 Platoon Sergeant. FIRST SQUAD: Pvt. M. D0106, Leader; Cpl, J. S. Prickett, Pvt. J. E. Clark, P112. L. C. Cooper, Pvt. J. H. Franklin. SECOND SQUAD: Cpl. E. G. Byen, Leader; Pvt. T. R. Green, Pvt. D. B. Hunt, Pvt. J. R. Jones, Pvt. E. F. Martin, PM. W. 1, Sim:. THIRD SQUAD: CPL A. I. Benator, Leader; Pm, W. P. Moerlim, Pvt. W. M. Murphy, Pvt. J. L. Quinnelly, Pvt. S. G. Sclmman. "D" COMPANY . . . Lt. R, A. Dempwy, Commander; MASgt. C. C. Moon, Fin! Sergeam; Cpl, G. Duncan, Guidon. FIRST PLATOON: Put. 1. F. Moxieller, Platoon Leader; Sgt. G. D. Walten, Platoon Sergeant; Sgt. J, C. Story, Amt Platoon Sergeant. FIRST SQUAD: Sgt. R. L Silver- man, Leader; PFC G. H. Bullock, Pvt. L. Sbemeria, Pvt. K. R. Snob, Pvt. J. H. Thornton. SECOND SQUAD: Cpl. W. J. Mitchell, Leader; Pvt. T. C. Balain, PFC G. 1V. GiMerl, PM. J. T. Stacy, Cpl. H. G. Ivey. THIRD SQUAD: Sgt. C H. Pettett, Leader; Cpl. W. H. Crawford, PFC B. D. Ray, PFC W. C. Stepbem, Cpl. J. S. Taylor, Cpl. J. D. Price. SECOND PLATOON: Lt. C. P. Jonej, Platoon Leader; ZVUSgt. W, F. Weeks, Platoon Sergeant; SFC H. L. Slaieldx. A557 Platoon Sergeant FIRST SQUAD: Sgt. C, L Fincber, Leader; PFC R. L. Iackjon, Pm: V. E. Kitcbem, P1213. D. K. Underwood, Cpl. T. M. 117005235. SECOND SQUAD: Cpl. G. W. Dominick, Leader; Pvt, V. K. Blankembip, PFC R. V. Caldwell, Pvt. B. M. Sambdmam, PFC J. H. Stallwortb, Pvt. G. E. Wilxon. THIRD SQUAD: SFC K. L, Lancaster, Leader: Cpl, B. R. David, Pvt. Haley, Pvt. W. S. Kerr, PM. D. E. William:, Sgt. R. B. Milne. 4, U ' a 3 C , v x - $ m ""E COMPANY . . . Captain 101971 M. Kimbro, Commander. FIRST PLATOON: Lt. C. M. Turner, Platoon. Leader; SFC C H. Morton, Platoon Sergeant: SFC L. R. Cox, A137 Platoon Sergeant. FIRST SQUAD: Sgt. J, T. Cooper, Leader: PFC J. K Hiizde. SECOND SQUAD: Sgt. A. W. Starling, Leader: PFC W. P Briggs, PM. W. W. Marbut, Pvt. I. T. McCanley, Pvt. G. C. Rice, THIRD SQUAD: PFC L. C. 551947212, P'zxt. J. A. Seagerx, Pvt. W. F. Sutton, Cpl. T. P. Williy. SECOND PLATOON: Lt. H. L. Cbatlaam, Leader; Pvt. F E. Heifer. Platoon Sergeant; Sgt. G. C. Meyem', Asy't Platoon Sergeant. FIRST SQUAD: J. G. vais, Leader: H. F. Boxton, W. E. Gibxorz, Cpl. E. L. Gunter, R. W. Williamg, SECOND SQUAD: Sgt. G. W. McCleIkey, Leader. THIRD SQUAD: PFC R. L. Haxkim, R. L. Fallx, 14 D. Simx, B. J. Pickelsimer. "G" COMPANY mot picturedF . Captain P. E. Prewley, Com- mander; Lt. Harry L. Davis, Executive Officer: Sgt. R. H. Ringwall, Fm; Sergeant: C171. P. E. Patillo, Guillmz. FIRST PLATOON: Lt. D. M. Burke, Platoon Leader: Sgt. J. E. Warren, Platoon Sergeant; Pvt. Ralph Clementx, A311! Platomz Sergeant. FIRST SQUAD: Sgt. V. J. Ballard, Leader; Cpl. I. G, Olver, Cpl. J. A. Laizgino, Pall. E. J. Jonex, Pvt. 1M M. Ricbzmhon, Pvt. B. T. Morrell, Pm Robert E. Smith. SECOND SQUAD: Cpl. J. l. Benator, Ledder: PFC W'. F. Veal. Pvt. R. L. Rmxell, Pvt. D. C. Cox, Pat. 1. C. Fz'm, Pvt. W. J. Payne, THIRD SQUAD: Cpl. Jon M. Olver, Leader: PFC J. K. Wilma, PFC T. W, Miller, Pvt, R. IV. Graham, Pvt. S. Pool, Cpl. 0. T.Daniel. SECOND PLATOON: Lt. S. C. Redford, Platoon Leader: SFC W. H. Cain, Platoon Sergemzt: SFC E. L. Kapnick, A557 Platoon Sergeant. FIRST SQUAD: Cpl. E. J, Stockx, Leader: PFC G, F. Doyle, Put. J. G. Regen, PM. I. H. Canon, Pvt. TfH. Stmzcil, Pvt. J. L. Sayre, Pvt. C. L. Turner. SECOND SQUAD: Cpl. Ronald E. Smith, Leader: Pvt. M. W. Stubby, Pvt. R. K. Blodgett. Pvt. J. H. Mann. Pvt. C. S. Ware. PM. 1-1. L. Wise, THIRD SQUAD: Sgt. G. W. Summerlin, Leader Cpl. I. E. Howard, PFC T, H. Irwin, Pvt. P. N. lVillimm, ow, C. L, Fallaw. Pvt. G. P Malawi, Pvt. Yardy Williamx, "F" COMPANY . szt. H. M. Raina. Commzmder; SFC D. H. Bowen, Fin! Sergeant. FIRST PLATOON: PW. H. C. White, Platoon Leader; SFC E. L. Rollerlmn, Platomz Sergeant: Sgt. D. H. Smith, AII't Platoon Ser- geant. FIRST SQUAD: Cpl, P, D. Clark, Leader; PFC W. S. Pittzzrd, R. R. Clifton. C. L. Fowler, Cpl. L. IV. Mchemon. SECOND SQUAD: Cpl. I. W. Chatbam, Leader: J. T. Perkim, P. 1W. Bixbop, J. C. Strickland. THIRD SQUAD: Sgt. B. Camazlmzix, Leader: E. H. Foxter, Cpl. T. L. Dupre, Cpl. B. J. Hemlee. SECOND PLATOON: Lt. E. T. McCain, Platoon Leader; Pvt. N, S. Cameron AIJJI Platoon Sergeant. FIRST SQUAD: Cpl. W. M. Alutizz, PFC D. L. Dazr'ix, W. L. Marlmt, J. A. Veltre. SECOND SQUAD: Sgt. D. A. Dmm, Leader: PFC E. M. 6137972, T. M. Hendrick, Cpl. W. F. Smor, PFC M. L. StaMeld. THIRD SQUAD: Cpl. C. C. Dam, Leader; PFC R. H. Carley, J. H. S7zead, F. M. Thompson. F ROTC BAND . . . Major David C. Sandy, Lt. Marla C. Kendall, Lt. Carlton G. Palmer. NUSgt. Waller G, Shockley, Pvt. 1039M: Herbert Acker, Pvt. Lucim Wimton Battle, PFC 1Villiam Elliot Brand. SFC Jamey R. Bullard, PM. 101972 Thoma: Butler, PFC William A Cole, Cpl. Paul R. Cooimr. Pvt. Dwight D. Davis, Pvt. onepb N. Duvall, Pvt. James E. Elder, Cpl. limmy Glinon, PFC Walter D. Guthrie, Pvt. Homer W. Holloway, Sgt. Herman I. Hutcbemon, Pvt. Harvey E. Mimk, Pvt. Stewart N . McCord, Pvt, Jerry Curtis McDonald, Sgt. William Noel Pace, Pvt. Raymond D. Sammom, Pvt. Darwin Sarnoff, Pvt. IVilliMn R. Tipton, PFC Jordon L. Waggner, Sgt. Philip A. Watkim. SCABBARD AND BLADE RIFLE TEAM SCABBARD AND BLADE: R. C. Bowden, J. C. Caldwell, C. B. RIFLE TEAM: MAYgt. Loftis Hnstructow, Lowery, Miller, Miller, Cawtbon, R. 0. Davidwn, R. A. Dempyey, J. D. Dunlap, F. Y. Fife, Ward, Pbillipx, Bmwn, Hawk, Nam, Milne. J. W. Kidder, J. M. Kimbro, G. B. Lowery, R. T. Millw, J. F. Moyteller, H. W, Pace, H. C. Phillipx, D. C. Sway, E. R. Warf, 1. Benton, L. Cleveland, M. T. Gouglo. SWORD AND SHIELD RAILROAD CLUB SWORD AND SHIELD: Bowden, Caldwell, Cawtloom, Dawwn, RAILROAD CLUB3 Fazm, Stewart, NiCbOZIWi, Lt- Tburmomi, Dempxey, Dunlap, Fife, Kidder, Kimbm, Lowery, Miller, Maxteller, Gemel. Pece, Phillip, Sandy, Adam1, Avery, D0105, Donaldxon, Faun, Foxter, Kendall, Leach, Maloof, Marley, Morton, Premley, Randolph, Smith, Stewaw, Taylor, Tbommon, Toney, Turner. GOVERNOR HERMAN TALMADGE AND DR. GEORGE SPARKS 5, uzaxyikxp?s$? k ?Ez, ,4 4.71 $2 .24. $ng V , , ,, , , 74$?;g 55? ?k? 977 .m WWW, CHI RHO SIGMA SORORITY PLEDGE We . . , the member; . . . of Chi Rho Sigma . . t0 a noble and kind . . . pledge ourselve; . . . . 52522976004. . . . We . . . again . . helpful . . . mm! . pledge VIERA WESTBROOK ozmelvex . Presideni . . 20 commmly Itrz've . . . to ever W . . . active . and 1'64de . . . to aid . . . one another . mankimi. NORMA BOOTH AMANDA BU RNHAM Vice-PresideM Treasurer JOAN WASHBURN Warden CHERRY THOMASSON Secrefary MARILYN WERBA Scribe CHI RHO SIGMA MEMBERS Bagley, Sbew'y Barrow, Ann Bell, Gail Booth, N 0mm: Bruce, Claudia Bm'ce, Betty Anne Barnett, Dana Burnett, Day Bzmzbam, Amanda Butler, Jane Cloapmmz, Janet Clariytian, Arlene C larzktimz, Marlene Dowd, J2me B1113, Elizabeth Fogg, MMy Forrext, Bernice Chi Rho Sigma Gm'jf'in, Jackie Haimton, Martha H aisler, Slyirley Hickok, Jane Holbrook, Amz Holcomb, Mary Home, Jan Jenningy, Rewe Limebome, Joan MacMz'llzm, B. J. McGill, P413 McWilliamy, Samim Mailman, Virginia Petemon, Peggy Pajey, Pat Rickardx, Amze Sorority, Riley, Pat R mxell, Boom'e Rmtin, Gwen Scott, Ratio Spotzijwoode, Mary Margaret Stewart, Betty Stockbmger, Joan Tlaomamon, Cherry T211123, Mary Waylabmn, 10cm HVerba, Marilyn Weytbrook, View Yarbmy, N emcy Z uber, Kay Mr. Jobaz Champion Faculty Adviser Atlanta Division Bagley Be" BurneH Bufler Chrisfian Ellis 9 ' Forresf Hairsfon Heisler Holgomb LimehouSE Molleson Posey Riley RUSSGH Sfewarf Tullis Yarbray Champion: NOBLE AND KIND SISTERHOOD Delta Lambda Sigma was founded in 1934 as a sorority dedicated to the development of the nobler qualities of the mind and to the attain- ment of individual and social excellence among its members. The red rose is its symbolic Hower. Red and white ate the colors. The crest embodies signiflcant symbols of ideal siSterhood. DELTA LAMBDA SIGMA OFFICERS Barbara Hume PresEdenf BARBARA HUME . . . . . . . . . Preyident JUDY VAN HOUTEN . . . , Fin; Vice Pretridem TYCIA CURLEY . . . . . Second Vice PreJidemt GLORIA SMITH . . . . Correjponding Preyidem CAROL SCOTT . . . . . . Recording Secretary ESTELLE MALOY . . . . . . . . . Tremmer CAROLYN CHAPMAN . . . . Aniytmzt Treajmer ANN MALCOLM . . . . . . Sergemzt-aZ-Amu GLADYS KULL . . . . . . . . . . , Scribe CHARLOTTE FLATLEY . . . . . Sorority Mom- Van Houfen Chapman Brooks Car+er Comp+on CrockeH Fleming Hallman Hayes Horne Jasperse Lankford Malcom Turner WhHe Williams Bell, N 0mm Hallman, Eleanor McLeod, Vygim'a Bogar, Mary Hayey, Sam Lankford, Alice Brook, Marion Grifin, Betty Pamon, Joyce C ompton, Rim H ome, Mam Lou Tate, Margm'et Carter, Marcy Impene, June Tamer, Sandra Cmckett, Eytlaw Janey, Gwen Wcmi, Lucille Fleming, N ell Kull, Giddy: W'Mte, Mary Field, S ylw'a Malcom, Ann Willimm, Sandra DELTA LAMBDA SIGMA FORMAL I953 Mrs. B. A. FlaHey SororHy Mo+her DELTA LAMBDA SIGMA Kappa Theta Sorority Kappa Theta Sorority, founded on January 24, 1937, has for its pledge these words: let us aim as a sisterhood and as individuals to Strengthen social ideals in their highest levels; to secure the fullest in understanding, and to enjoy the Enest in fellowship." Its colors are the green and the gold, its Hower is the talisman rose, and its symbol is the crescent. ALICE MCCU RDY Firs+ Vice-Presiden+ GLORIA HAUSMAN A - x . . JOYCE CANNADY Prelidenz Second VIce-PreSIdeml JEAN MOODY Recording Secre+ary CHARLOTTE NELSON Corresponding Secrefary MRS. NEWTON HEROD ' . MARY KITE Spomor ' Treasurer 0.1....MNWK KAPPA THETA SORORITY'S MAYTIME BALL, I953 LoreHa Alexander Befh Barnes Edifh Billue Lillian Bridges Enid Brooks Olivia Dailey Josphine Daniel Doris Davis Jo Gambrell Jean Maxwell BeHy McDonald Paf Murray Alice Parrish , 0 Joyce Dailey Mary Greene Geraldine Lowry Bonnie Sanders Phyllis Wa+son v11, 10,, . , .tmyiww 'v' mm , a WWWWI WWW Z 13 W55 Fron+ +o Back: Gordon Chisholm, Gerald Johnson, W. T. Wilson. Charles S+ewar+. Allen Wilson. Harry Reid. Homer Hannah, Buddy Fields, Jimmy S+one and Curtis Turner. BASKETBALL AT THE ATLANTA DIVISION The Atlanta Division does held a basketball team. During the 1954 season, the Sparksmen played an impressive schedule, the final scores notwithstanding. For simon-pure sportsmen and "Good game, Char- ley" spectators, it was a better schedule than scoffers allow. Dick Milne campaigned for greater Student in- terest in sports through his column in The University Signal. Forever the faithful scribe, Dick sees encour- aging possibilities in sports at the Atlanta Division. The Yell Gals remain the most stalwart fans and by far the mOSt beautiful-and sometimes the onlye speCtators at the home games. Homer Hannah. Don Smith and Ray Dempsey. Crimson Key Honor Society ANN M-ALCOM DORIS DAVIS JACKIE FURR ELEANOR HALLMAN Presudenf Vice-Presiden+ Secre+ary Treasurer Crimson Key was founded at Georgia Evening Collegc: in January, 1934 The purpose of the organization is to promote a Closer understanding between evening college students and the administration, and to cooperate with the faculty and other organizations in the interest of scholarship, social activities, and moral ideals. Jo Baker Selma Cheeley Mary Cunningham E+hel Daniell Margarei England Addie Mae Gage Eileen Luck BeHy Jeanne Parham Esfelle Riddle Hazel Shook Viera Wesfbrook Ruby Wingo DELTA MU DELTA GROVER M.STALLINGS. . . . . . .Prejiciem ZENITH E. RUTHERFORD. . . . . . Secretary Grover M. S+allings MEMBERS ELECTED TO DELTA MU DELTA IN I953 Admm, George W., Jr. Katz, Rachel G. Aycock, H erbert C. Rainwater, Edna E. Brewer, George E. Roe, Charley A. Bmwn, Julian M. T A lb H Conklin, Vivian G. W:::f:::.r 12122740 M Jr Hancock, Jame; H. ; ., . Halli; Mam, E. 1V illimm, Kathryn fanning, Weiley M. Smiling, Grovey M. Kennedy, Joxepb H. Rutberford, Z with E. BAPTIST STUDENT UNIO ;: UH Tommy Burroughs, President Jimmy Price. Membership ViceVPreSidenf; Willis Bapfist Norris WilkEnson. Charles Cunningham, Chorisfer: U. N. Idenfified; NU Pafricia Brown; Shirley Thompson. Membership Vice-Presidenf; Virginia and Norma Abbey. G UY EAVES Presiden+ RUSSELL E. MUSGRAVE Treasurer Kelley Sparks Kaplan Blue Key National Honor Society GUY EAVES, JR. HOYT C. PHILLIPS ROBERT L. OGLESBY JOHN C. CALDWELL, JR. RUSSELL E. MUSGRAVE Batbo, Norman R. Burton, Charley G. Cole, George H. C ox, Calvin K. Davidwn, Rzmell 0. Dawk, Lindy C . Dopmn, William R. Fowler, Robert L. Jolamon, Earnest C. Kaplin, William Kelley, Hemy L., Jr. Lowe, John W. , Niclaob, Robert E., Jr. 0 Dwyer, William L. Peel, Ken Stem, H erbert L. Prelidem Vice Preyidemf Recording Secretary C orrexpwding Secretary . Treamrer Wellbom, Weyman P. Winn, Roy E. Szajjtord, Col. A. T. Sparkx, Dr. George M. Blah, J. D. Camp, Dam J. C. Mabler, Dean T. W. Lawof, V. V. THE SOCIETY FOR ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT B. FORREST CLAYTON President J. C. HULSEY Vice President C. O. EMMERICH, JR. Secretary M. L. DAVIS, JR. Treatztrer ATLANTA DlVlSlON M. E. KELLEY Advitor Baker, Ethel Jo Benton, J. A. Clay, B. F. Cleveland, IV. L., Jr. Crowe, W. C. Davit, J. M. Fife, F. Y. Giddixly, R, L. Glaucock, J. D. GrMith, F. W. Grissett, H . E. Hallmmz, Eleanor Lane, C. C. Maury, C. 1., Jr. Moore, A. D. V. Newman, R. W. Pan, 1. C. Ramyey, I. C. Savage, J. T. Shook, H. F. Stzell, W. B. Stallingy, G. M. Timmx, H. W. Tingle, J. M. Wallace, J. W. The Atlanta Division Student Chapter of The Society for Advancement of Manage- ment encourages students in the study of scientific principles and methods of man- agement. The Society provides opportunities for students to meet business leaders and to observe practical application of improved management techniques. SAM also en- deavors to reveal important beneftts to be derived from improved management methods, Which increase efficiency and eliminates waste, so that he may carry this knowledge with him upon entering the business world. T Clay+on, HulseyI Emmerich, Baker, Cleveland. Benton, Crowe, Davis. J. M.. Fife. Giddish. Glasscock. Grifth, Grisseff. Hellman. Lane, Newmanl Ramsey, Shook. Shillings. Tingle. , $433K N pisht'wmmvk - - - - -: - a crypts r-v '. . - ' r- ' v v .gu----..La-..---.....-..d . n...x i .30- V on. N nu.-u--a-num-----n--m------ Seafed: LeH fo r f: Appell. Tierney, Owens, McGowan, Everiss, Roberfs, Moore, Leach. S+anding: Anfle. Williams, James. SIGMA E PSILON Pi Sigma Epsilon strives 1 to establish, maintain and promore the professional status of selling and sales management in our economy and to promote a closer affiliation between professional salesmen and students who are preparing to enter the field. Presiden+ JACK M. WILLIAMS HARRY V. MOORE. Vice Presideni JAMES J. TIERNEY. Secrefary GARY S. APPELL. Sergeanf WILLIAM P. SMITH WILLIAM L. OWENS RICHARD L. McGOWAN Factu Advisers DR. DANIEL J. JAMES CHARLES H. DYRE. Vice Presidenf VAN C. LEACH, Treasurer WILLIAM R. DOPSON V. O. ROBERTS WALTER E. EVERISS MR. LLOYD L. ANTLE hG" Club OFFICERS BILL DYER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pren'dent CURTIS TURNER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice Pretidem NANCY COLLIER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary DONALD H. SMITH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treamrer GEORGE LOWERY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sergeant-at-Arm: The "G" Club was formed with the belief that participation in athletics is important in college life, developing good sportsmanship, school spirit and good citizenship, that this institution needs more active participation in all fields of athletics, and that an organized group must promote greater interest in athletics Of all kinds- DAY BURNETT . . . . . Cheerleader CHARLES BURTON . . . . Rifle T eam NANCY COLLIER . . . . . Cheerleader JACK CALDWELL . . . . . Rifle Team CHARLES CAWTHON , . . . Batleetball GORDON CHISHOLM . . . . Bmkezaall BILL DYER . . . . . . . Bmketlyall RAY DEMPSEY . . . . . . Bmketlmll HOMER HANNAH . . Bmketball, Baieball GEORGE LOWERY . Rifle T eam, Basketball WES MARBETT. . . . . . .Bmeball COLEMAN PHILLIPS. . . .Rz'fle Team JOANNE SAYRE . . . . . Cheerleader DON SMITH . . . . . . . Basketball HERB STEM . . . . . . . Cheerleader CURTIS TURNER . . . . . . Basketball JONELLE UPCHURCH . . . . Cheerleader Herber+ BurgessI Basketball Coach, is factu advisor for +he "6" club. EBKIta Jan glpha manspnrtatiun fraternitg UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA CHAPTER NO. 32 gtlanta, 6turgia Delta Nu Alpha Transportation Fraternity, one of over 90 Chapters in the national transportation organization, aims to promote greater knowledge of traffic and transportation among its members, to fOSter academic and practical transportation advancement, and to develop 210 appreciation of the trafflc profession as a Vital factor in induStry and commerce. In 1953, the Atlanta Division chapter won the Annual Chapter Achievement Award for its outStanding attivities. It was the fiISt time a collegiate chapter has won the award. ARNOLD C. JOHNSON ROSS H. PRATER THOMAS H. PENDLEY JAMES W. IVEY W. D. CARLTON, JR. Presidenf Firsf Vice Presidenf Second Vice Presiden+ Direcfbrs B. E. MARCHMAN JOHN H. DEAN Secrefary Faculty Adviser HAROLD L. JOHNSON Treasurer Honorary Members GEO. E. MANNERS H. E. ROBINS, SR. DELTA NU ALPHA MEMBERS A. C. JOHNSON PRESIDENT f l .1 I t, a T. H. PENDLEY VICE PRESIDENT Andrew J. Aberna+hy Lynn B. Arms+rong B. H. Arnold Douglas M. Avera Larry I. Bogar+ Roberf E. Born Herman 6. Bradley E. J. Bryson Jerry R. Burfon Joseph T. Bufler Ruben D. Cafo Rober+ K. Charles Donald W. Clark Odell Clemen+s William P. Cole A. R. Collins James T. Cooper CIiFFord N. Crowder Paul J. Davis W. R. Donaldson Ralph T. Dorsey Charles E. Dye J. B. Eldredge J. W. IVEY SECRETARY John E. Faulk Fred 5. Fleischman George Genfile David A. Green Roberf M. Gregory A. H. Golden. Jr. Ernes+ N. Harris Sammy B. Harris Horace F. HarHey J. E. Hawkins Jr. Cecil P. Jones George Keller Raymond L. King J. D. Lemming Jack H. Logan Richard 6. Marks Guy J. McGarify James C. McHugh John L. McWa+ers MiHon A. Miller Hampfon M. Mills Lu+her 6. Mills W. D. CARLTON, JR. TREASU RER 161 M. C. Nail Roy F. Nealey R. Lowman Oglesby Howard V. Pendley John A. Pendley H. C. Phillips Leon 6. PraHes John A. Rober+s Ernes+ E. Royals Clifford R. Shirley. Jr. Roland C. SmHh Twyman C. Smi+h. Jr. Warren G. SmHh William F. Smifh J. Ray Thomas Richard 6. Thompson Jack M. Tipfon O. H. Wa+son Walfer O. Whelchel JarneH Wiging+on Coy W. Wills Charles Wood 4 J. D. LEMMING HISTORIAN HAROLD L. JOHNSON FACULTY ADVISOR H. E. ROBINS HONORARY MEMBER , "z; w:z::g,.,. gnaw :. , a a:vi- dmh M iaLMx "nus: g; , h h N D h ! 22;" wt 24 B. Forresf Clay+on J. Charles Hulsey ALVIN T. GEORGE Presidenf DELTA SIGMA PI KAPPA CHAPTER Harry Grisseff C. W. Reeves Delta Sigma Pi was founded November 7, 1907, at New York University School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance, to foster the study of business in universities, encour- age scholarship, social activities, and the association of students for their mutual advance- ment through research and practice. To promOte closer afhliation between students of commerce and the commercial and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. ALVIN T. GEORGE . . . . . . . . . . . . . Prejident JOE L. HEYSER . Senior Vice Prefident B. FORREST CLAYTON . . . . . . Vice Prejidem HARRY GRISSETT . . . . . . . . Treamrer FRANK R. BAKER . . . . . Secretary J. CHARLES HULSEY . . . . . . Hixtomm CHARLES W. REEVES . . . . . . . . . Chancellor Smith, W. Jack Stone, Frank C. Strickland, Leon C. Tbompwn, H. Robert Maugbon, Robert McClellan, Gene A. Miller, Albert A. Montgomery, George R. Bailey, Jame: A. Flowery, Truman Batbo, N orman R. Boyle, John V. Burgen, Robert R. Guiton, H . Eugene Harper, Richard E. Hill, R05: H. Cade, Kyle Carter, Jimmy Crowe, Wayne Ellington, Linton C. Emmerich, Charley 0., Ir. Janey, S kid Kirk, Paul Lumpkin, Allen M4191, John Mann, Lever H ., Jr. Murphy, William W. Oglexby, R. Lawman Poxey, Kenneth Rutherford, Z with E. Savage, Tom Wallace, Jena W. Wart, W. Leon, Jr. Williams, Jack Luck, Thoma: R. Chapter Advisor Burgess Alice Lankford. Rose of DeHa Sig Car+er Ellingfon Flowers Guifon Mann Maughon Millican Monfgomery Posey Sfone Wallace Williams PHI CHI THETA Phi Chi Theta, Womenys Commerce Fraternity, is composed of young women Who are serious in their pursuit of careers in the field of commerce. Believing the field of commerce does offer unlimited opportunities t0 the studious, but pracrical, student, members of Phi Chi Theta endeavor to prepare them- selves for positions of responsibility by commingling studies with sociery, exchanging ideas, and sharing particular interCSts. OFFICERS JO BAKER . . . . . . . , . , , . . , Preyident EDNA RAINWATER . . . . 4 . . . . Vice Pren'dent ELEANOR HALLMAN . . . . . Correjpmzdmg Secretary HAZEL SHOOK . . . . . . . . . Recordhzg Secretary JO BAKER MARGARET ENGLAND. . . . . . . . . . Tmmmr Pre$den+ HaHman Engbnd PHI CHI THETA MEMBERS Booth, N ormmz Blaijdell, Lozme Cbeeley, Selma Newbill, Ratio C ooper, Lucile Newman, Barbara szm'nglmm, Mary Patton, Janet Bailey, Joyce Richter, Them Daniell, Elbe! Sanford, Jemz Daw'y, Dori; 5ngyter, Sylvia Fmr, Jackie ch Honteiz, Judy Gage, Addie Mae 1179276, Leatlm 10126;, Gwen 117199161961, Gloria Kite, Mary IVingo, Raby Limb, Lorene HONORARY MEMBERS Malcolm, Am; Sparky, Dr. George M. A'Im'tm, Rebeca: Laueter, Mm Etbleen Cooper, Lucille Cunningham. Mary Dailey, Joyce E+hel Davis. Doris , , 923m ,4. Furr, Jackie Gage, Addie Mae Jones, Gwen Malcom, Ann kw Newbill. Ru+h Rich+er. Thera Sanford. Jean Van Houfen. Judy Wingo. Ruby Sparks, Dr. George M. WOMENS COMMERCE FRATERNITY Hume Furr Mann GENERAL COUNCIL JIM BENTON . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . Pretidem BARBARA HUME . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice Maiden; JACKIE FURR . . . . . . . . . . . . Recording Secretary ELIZABETH LUMPKIN . . . . . . . . Cowexpowdz'ng Sewemry LESTER MANN . . . . . . . . . . . Executive Secretary GEORGE MCREA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tremmer Alpha Efm'lon Pi. . . . . . . .Mel Libman Delta Sigma Pi. . . . . . .Alvin T.Ge0rge Alpha Kappa Pyi . . . . . . Herb Stem "9 Club . . . . . . Gordon Chisholm Blue Key . . . . . . . . . . Guy Eaves Intmmuml Key . . . . . . Charles W. Reeves CM Rbo Sigma . . . . . . Viera Westbrook Kappa Them . . . . . . . Gloria Hausman Circle K Cluk . . . . . . . . . Lenn Green Marketing C1216 tDczw . . . . . Harry Moore Credit Club . . . . . . . . . Robert Becker Marketing Club tNigbU . . . . . Bob Roberts Crimxon Key . . . . . . . . , Ann Malcorn Newman Club . . . . . . . . Frank Greene Student Cozmcz'l tDagO . . . . . . Jack Kelley Phi Chi Theta . . . . . . . . . . Jo Baker Student Cozmcz'l th'gbw . . . . Bill Strickland Pi Sigma Epyilon . . . . . . . Jack Williams Delta Alpha Delta . . . . Betty Jeanne Parham Rampway Delta Kappa . . . . . . . . Edwin L. Smith Sigma Kappa CM . . . . . . . . Ken Peer Delta Lambda Sigma . . . . . Judy Van Houten Sword and Shield . . . . . . Coleman Phillips Delta Mn Delta . . . . . , Grover Stallings Tau Epjz'lon PM . . . . . . . Maurice Berger Delta NztAlpim. . . . . . .Fred Fleischman Zeta CM Della. - - . - - - - .Jim Smith It is the purpose of General Council to promore a close and harmonious affiliation among the clubs, societies, fraternities, sororities, and activities of the Atlanta Division, University of Georgia, and to render full assistance to the school ad- minisrration in promoting the interest and welfare of the University and its students. The council is composed of qualified representatives from the Student Councils and all recognized organizations and activities of the Atlanta Division, University. The council serves as coordinating or regulating body to its member organ- izations. Meeting dates, special and regular functions, pledging and initiation, and various activities of the members are supervised by General Council. 166 ALPHA KAPPA PSI Professional Commerce Fra+erni+y FRANK H. STRICKLAND . . . . . . . . . . . . . Prexident VAN C. LEACH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice Prexidem KEN PEET . . . . . . . . . . . . . Corresponding Secretary WILLIAM E. jACKSON . . . . . . . . . Recording Secretary JULIAN THOMAS . . . . . . . . . . . . Treamrer HERB STEM . . . . . . . . . . . Mower 0f Ritual: JOHN Poss . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Warden FRANK H. STRICKLAND Presiden+ Alpha Kappa Psi is a professional fraternity whose members are students in the Atlanta Divisions School of Business Administration. Through fellowship, members of Alpha Kappa Psi endeavor to promote better understanding and appreciation of the principles of commerce. s Buchanan Dixon Hurs+ Jackson W. SeiHerf Strickland Thomas Wafson Barfie Kimbro Whife Robert L. Barfield, Samuel Bowles, Robert H. Brown, Robert Buchanan, Archie H. Cox, Fred Dixon, John Howard, Willard HuISt, William E. Jackson, John M. Kimbro, Van C. Leach, Ronald McCracken, Richard McGowan, Charles Maury, William L. O'Dwyer, Ken Peet, John Poss, William SeiHert, Douglas SeiHert, William Smith, Herb Stern, Frank H. Strickland, Julian Thomas, Marvin Watson, Cecil White, Victor Roberts, Bill Adams. ,x Fronh Oliver Blan+onI LeRoy HouseI Clyde JonesI James Powell, J. W. Wright Fra Jones. Herberf Chance, James WhHe, Roberf McGregory. Clayfon Dugas, Eugene Edwards, N. L. Chandler. CREDIT CLUB T199 Credit Club, organized in 1952. xtriz'es to promote credit education among qual$ed perxom employed in tlae Mfg! of credit; and collection: and the continmmre 0f fellozwbip and goodwill foxferezz' in the credit rlmm. T196 Credit Club meaty monthly for dixcmxion of topic; relating to the general erM of Hedity 412d rollecliom and lo bear prominent Zettw'em HICKS H. ASHMORE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Pennsylvania Tire Co. HERBERT A. CHANCE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Sherwin Williams Paint Co. N. LEONARD CHANDLER . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Atlantic Steel C04 C. CLAYTON DUGAS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . Glidden Co. GENE EDWARDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . International Harvester Co. CLIFFORD GOODE. . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Goode and Greele, Lawyers ROBERT M. GREGORY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Norwich Pharmacal Co CLYDE B. JONES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Trust Co. of Georgia SKID C. JONES . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . XWestinghouse Electric Corp. ROBERT L. MCHAN . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . Federal Housing Administration JAMES B. MCPHERSON . . . . . . . . . . . . . A . . . Sherwin Williams Co. JAMES E. POWELL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Faculty, Gulf Oil Corp; EDWARD J. RUSSELL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Electrical Wlholesalers, Inc. ORVILLE K. SMITH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dun 84 Bradstreet, Inc. FRANK H. STRICKLAND . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . George Muse Clothing Co. LAWRENCE H. TENNEY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Atlanta Collecting Bureau JAMES V. WHITE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . J. M. Tull Co. J. XV. XWRIGHT, JR. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Electrical XWholesalers, Inc. ROBERT L. BECKER . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . Davison's Accounting Dept. OLIVER M. BLANTON . . . . . . , . . . . . J. M. Tull Metal 8; Supply Co. Inc. WM. LEROY HOUSE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . A . . The Electric Supply Co. NOBEL M. MCGUIRE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cabin Craft Inc, Dalton, Ga. DR. R. R. HOLLINGV'ORTH . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Faculty, Atlanta Division J- W. WR'GHT DR.STUART MCFARLAND. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Faculty, Atlanta Division Elec+rica'PWh :'e5:'er5IInc- reSI en A junior service club for college men. Circle K of the Atlanta Division is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Downtown Atlanta. GEORGE R. MCREA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Prexident JOSEPH O. SIMMONS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Vice Prejident MARK J. OWINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Secretary VICTOR LENN GREENE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer DR.HENRY T.MALONE. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Faculty Advisor 1 George R. McRea Vicfor L. Greene Charles N. Black Joe Bloodworfh E- 3- BIOUM GUY Eaves J. 0. Simmons Mark J. Owings Rober? W. Newman R. E. Nichols W. L. Richardson John Ruff F. H. Sfrickland R- M. LevereH'e James H. Mull Dr. H. T. Malone NOT PICTURED: James R. Harfley. Weyman P. Wellborn 169 DELTA ALPHA DELTA BETTY JEAN PARHAM . JEANNE HIGGINS . DOT OWENS JOANNE SAYRE . JOAN KILLIAN MERRY Ross ANN HUBERT BETTY JEAN PARHAM Presid e n? JEANNE HlGGlNS DOT OWENS Vice Presidenf . Secre+ ary xw JOAN KILLIAN Scribe MERRY ROSS Chaplain Prejz'dent Vice Prevrz'deazt Secretary Tremmer Scribe C baplain . Pledge Mater JOANNE SAYRE Treasurer , ; 2? ANN HUBERT Pledge Masfer W Shirley Adams Mary Donaldson Pafsy Macon Shirley Tarvin Mary E. Berrong Joan GiHHand Rober+a L. Oare Audrey Turner Mary A. BranHey Mary A. Harris Nancy Orr Sally Van Buski Beverly Bush June HafcheH Olivia Ray Jane Walker Norma Calloway Edie Hesfon Jackie Smifh Beverly Weigand Louise Coker Frances HeH Mary A. Sheppard fGayle Cook, n.5J kw V, ,Lamw ZETA CHI DELTA A i JACK KELLEY LAMAR SIMS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT JOHN W. BARBER JAMES A. BENTON RICHARD S. BRIGGS JAMES E. SMITH SECRETARY PLEDGE MASTER HISTORIAN CHAPLAIN PURPOSE OF ZETA CHI DELTA The purposes and others, to appreci- activities of Zeta Chi ate the responsibili- Delta Fratermtyshull ties of group beha- be to promote har- . . . vxor, to gam e perl- monious accord With . . ence 1n mamgmg an aim and purposes of orgamzatlonk bu51- the University and nessV to hnd stimu- to promote loyalty . . . lation for one's am- and respon51b111ty to bition to attain hiwh the school. The b members of Zeta scholarship and t0 Chi Delta Fraternity enrich and sweeten learn to live with life through lasting and to understand friendship. Lawrence Reece Larry Cooper g5 y, wxgzomf Wawmw WWW MMiw ., mwmww m. - I SWEETHEART AND COU : Joan Killian, Louise Fosfer, Sweefheari Juani+a Mclnfyre and Chloe Piper. IRead fop across dowM Don Clark, Alfred Taylor, Bill Cleveland, Bob Donaldson, Tom Cooper, Doug 'l'aHenJrI Dave Ward, Don Garreft Hoke Ben+on, Dick Haskins, Fred Sfevenson, Jim Clark. Nof Shown: Buddy Towery, Roberf Johnson, Ramon Maloof. Jim Craft Ralph Brown, and James Barrow, Treasurer. 173 SIGMA KAPPA DAVE SENAYV VKEN PEET HERB STEM JOHN KIMBRO Vice Presidenf Secrefary Tre urer Chapl 'n BOBBY BARFIELD BILL LIENMILLER BOB MILLER PHIL COX DR. L. P. BRADLEY Presidenl Parliamenfarian Pledge Masler Pledge Masler Faculfy Advisor THE PURPOSE OF SIGMA KAPPA CHI Sigma Kappa Chi, like all social college fraternities, purposes to give its members that intimate, benehcient fellowship with good men, so necessary to their full development, and to supplement their cultural and professional education With train- ing in those qualifications for citizenship and leadership which are net definitely or direCtly part of the Universmy function. NOT SHOWN: Gene Ballard. Vernon Ballard, Paul J. Friddell. Eugene Frazier, John Jacobs, Dick McGowan. Ed Nicholson, Ray Pryor, Bob Shurling. and Bill Smifh. 174 Sigma Kappa Chi Fraternity was founded at the Atlanta Division at the close of World War II, due to the particular need for a social organization. Today, Sigma Kappa Chi Stands as a lender in the social and civic mindedness 0f the Atlanta Division through its participation in the various activities of the college. Paul Adams Norman Aderhold Gene Ben+on Jeanne Higgins Sid Bonner Ar+ Booran OHS Daniel Gene Duncan Paul Jones Van C. Leach Dick Marks Richard Milne Jimmy Oliver Jon Olver Louis Sayre Bob SummerOUr Marshall S+Ubb5 W. T. Wilson 175 BETTY JO HICKMAN A RAMPWAY CO-ED SHIRLEY TARVIN A RAMPWAY CO-ED mm a MC um Gw D... NM MM JA O x ,, xxy ' JONELLE UPCHURCH A RAMPWAY CO-ED D SE E Nw DY YA Cw NM MM A NELLIE ORME D i o c Y A w P M A R A NMAMwK R Aw DNWM ,A W ?0 MISS BEVERLY WEIGAN D uDelta Alpha Delta" The University SignaYs 1954 Campus Queen HURT PARK AND THE AUDITORIUM From a window of the Art Department students at night look down upon the above scene. Mickey Allen, Rampwayhs creative photographer, preserved the scene for us for future reference. The Auditorium is a tithing of architectural beauty." It symbolizes civic culture and community solidarity. Hurt Park is Atlantis recognition of the importance of Nature in our life, even amidst the commercial hustlings, hustlers and hussies. In the remote background and to the left of the picture is Atlantis tand Lifehst Blight, the slums of oblivion. Somehow itts htting that the Atlanta Division has grown in academic accept- ance amid such a neighborhood. Fronf: Day BurneH. Capfain; Nancy Collier, Co-Capfain. Left +0 right: Joanne Sayre. Mary Ann BranHey. Shirley Waller. Nancy Wallace. Cackie Davis, Amanda Burnham, and Jonelle Upchurch. Not included: Subs+i+u+e Gayle Cook. Dzzy Burnett Day Burnett is the captain of the cheerleaders. She is 20 years old, a comfortable five feet tall, and has brown hair and eyes. Day came to us from Fulton High, and is a junior in the School of Business Adminis- tration. Cheerleader and queen of Fulton High bchool, "cutest girl" in Atlanta Division's Who Who and is in Chi Rho Sigma Sorority. Nancy Collier Nancy is the squadis co-captain and assists Day in the group leading. She is 21 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, and has blonde hair and blue eyes. Nancy was elected Miss De- Kalb County for 1951. She is an excellent singer, well-known in At- lanta, and has done extensive tours with Atlanta talent shows; also, she is the Regimental Sponsor of the Atlanta Division's ROTC. Joanne Sayre Joanne is 19 years old. She has light brown hair, blue eyes, and YELL GALS N ancy Wallace stands a short 5 feet tall. Joanne graduated from Grady High and is a sophomore majoring in Interior Decorating. Her favorite sport is swimming and she is interested in art work. Joanne holds the ofhce 0f treasurer of Delta Alpha Delta. Mary Ann Brantley Mary Ann is a frosh here and came from O'Keefe High where she was chosen as the Queen of O'Keefe and their Best Cheerleader. She is 18 and stands 5 feet 2 inches tall. The brown haired, blue eyed fresh- man is in the School of General Studies and is undecided as to a major. Shirley Waller Shirley is a twenty year old junior majoring in Education. She has black hair and brown eyes. She stands a comfortable 5 feet 2 inches. Shirley was a high school cheerleader and is active in sports also. Bad news, though, Shirley is engaged. Nancy, a freshman, has already achieved the ofhce of freshman class treasurer and is on the annual staff. She is 18 and came from College Park High School. The 5 foot 7 inch, brown haired and brown eyed yell gal is a major in home eco- nomics. Cackie Davis "Cackie" is 5 feet 4 inches tall and has brown hair and blue eyes. She graduated from Hapeville High, where she was in the Beta Club and Who's Who. Cackie is an 18 year old freshman whose major is still undecided. Amanda Bumbam At Jonesboro High, Amanda made an impressive mark. She was the an- nual editor, high school cheerleader and football queen. Amanda is 20 and a junior, majoring in marketing. She has brown hair, blue eyes and is 5 feet 3 inches tall. Also, she treasurer of Chi Rho Sigma Sororit Janelle U pcburcb Miss Hapeville High, Miss lanta Ante-Bellum, Miss Stewart A Force Base, and Sweetheart of Kappa Alpha Fraternity, Jonelle is busy girl. She has honey blond ha" hazel eyes, and is 5 feet 2 inches ta Hapeville High is Jonelle's Al Mater and she is majoring in Bu ness Administration here at the lanta Division. Gtzyle C 00k The ever present extra throat - the yell gals is Gayle Cook. She is newcomer at cheerleading but is ve efficient at her new-found skill. S is an eighteen year old freshm from Decatur High. Gayle is in tn School of Business Administrati and a member of the Delta Alp Delta Sorority. 1954 RAMPWAY The 1954 Rdmpwzzy picture; for the mmt part were photographed hy student Mickey Allerz. If the 472mm! 1'; accepted with erzthmimtz'c approrai the credit for .WCCQJS will he given to Mickey. I f the hook it relegated to the dmty ttrtdijtttrhed Jhelvet whereorz reytj other Ramp- way; of the paxt, then the editor; 7mm czmtme the rexpomz'hz'lity for doing 4 had joh, indeed, with the photography and other material available to them. 185 NO ORDINARY EDITORIAL CONFERENCE. Editor Carol Vansanl laughs at editorial errors and typographical bulls in The University Signal. Managing Eclilor Dewey Turner and News Editor Gordon Roberts doesn'+ think it funny at all. Jack Thrift. Business Manager. agrees with Carol: Elli? Hnintraity g?tgnal H is amusing. Since the first editorial on Guts in 1926, the school paper has traveled through name changes, a merger, two wars, a depression, the reign of Jean Harlow and Marilin Miller and the infamous man shortage of 1944. The first paper was known as THE TECHNITE, and the first edition hit the stands December 1, 1926. The day paper came out October 30, 1935 and was named the JUNIOR COLLEGIATE. There Was a title change from TECHNITE to EVE- NING SIGNAL October 2, 1933 and on May 23, 1943 the evening and day paper merged and became the UNIVERSITY SIGNAL with Beth Rogers as Editor-in- Chief. If you happen to drop around the SIG- NAL othce now, you won't see any of its past history hanging from the ceiling, but you will find the same love for journalism which prompted the beginning of the paper in 1926. The reporters and Staff members sandwich in story writing. typing and copy reading between busy class schedules and work and most of them maintain a high scholastic average. A glance through the past editions of the paper gives a fair idea of what took place on the local. national. and international level. The pulse of the public is ably re- corded in matters of entertainment. history and politics. On November 22. 1930 the Paramount Theatre advertised Marilin Miller in SUNNY. In the October 20. 1930 issue Mr, PdXOn of DglVlSODePaXOH offered a ten dollar gold piece for the best slogan for the Evening School Of Commerce. By Dewey Turner "Hitler should be canned," was the stu- dent comment on Hitlerls famous three hour speech in 1938 and in March 1937 the female students commented, "It is a wild idea," in regard to a new fad called hair tinting. Of particular timeliness is an incident which often occurred in the headlines. In almost every volume of the paper there is a report about the "new building" the school was moving to, indicative of the amazing progress of the Atlanta Division. In October 1937 the paper proudly re- ported that the library had five thousand volumes on the shelves. In a 1934 issue the paper printed the pictures of the thirty three graduates of that year, and in 1936 an editorial stated that there would be bet- ter farmer income, payment to veterans and a continuation of relief demands. In October 1935 Regina Rapier inter- viewed Admiral Byrd While he was visiting Atlanta on a lecture tour. A 1938 issue carried Dr. Sparks' remark on the First morning he awoke at Oxford in England: "I thought 1 was in Heaven or something." A 1932 paper advertised Hart-Schaffner and Marx trousers at $4.85 per pair. On December 4, 1946 the paper an- nounced the decision for the year book title. Blanche Salmond was given ten dollars and a free annual for her choice RAMPWAY. On May 16. 1952 the headlines read, "Pogo to Run" W'hen you pick up your bi-monthly copy of the UNIVERSITY SIGNAL from the chair at the foot of the rampway, you don't just pick up six or eight pages of printing. You pick up an illustrious history. toil, 186 sweat and loveea love for journalism, for the stat? members get no monetary re- muneration. From the time the editor, Carol Vanant, hands out the assignments till Dewey Turner, Managing Editor, coordinates de- partments, the "story" goes through many processes. Interviews take place, the stories are mentally worked over, a lead is sought, the story is typed, re-typed, thrown away and read and edited, words are counted, pictures are gathered and the mass goes to the printers. The printers run off two copies and a staff member picks them up. The material is again copy read and corrected. Ian Macauley, Make-up Editor and Bill Mc- Millan then take over. Headlines are writ- ten, advertisements are placed and finally the paper takes shape. The reporters and editors parade by to make last minute checks. Nancy Dickson, Society Editor, discovers a misspelled name: the correction is made. Sports Editor, Dick Milne, nods-his department is in order. The paper again goes to the printers Wednesday, comes back Friday morning and you, the readers, then take over. There are still three jobs left to be done. Jimmie Elder, Circulation Manager, mails papers throughout the country and Hoke Benton corresponds with a hundred or more colleges and universities getting and giving news. And hnally the Business Man- ager. Jack Thrift, checks expenditures against income to see whether the paper is in the "red" or "black." This is your SIGNAL. "The Beacon Light of Student Affairs." X Vansanf Turner ThriH Roberts HeH MacAuley Eps+ein Kilgore Hand Brand Wesfbrook Harris Norris Weigand CAROL VANSANT DEWEY TURNER JACK THRIFT BILL McMILLAN Edifor Edifor Business Manager News EdHor Winfer Quarfer Spring Quar+er Win+er and Spring Quar+ers Win+er Quarfer GORDON ROBERTS NANCY DICKSON RICHARD MILNE News Edifor Socie+y Edifor Sporfs EdHor Spring Quarfer Winfer Quarfer Winfer and Spring Quarfers STAFF MEMBERS Carol Vansanf. Edifor, Win+er Quar+er. Dewey Turner. Edi+or, Spring Quarfer JAMES ELDER HAROLD NORRIS MICKEY ALLEN FRANCES SHEDD BETTY HAND FAY WESTBROOK ED LEONARD T OM BORROUGH WALT GUTHRIE MARY ANN HARRIS 8 Wm ' 314? BILLY BRAND MILTON EPSTEIN JERRY KILGORE ELENE DUVALL BEVERLY WEIGAND RANDON HARVEST In editing more than 5,000 photographs, the Rampway editors noted Atlanta Division is graced With a great number of photogenic co-eds, some of Whom are shown in Rampwayk Random Harvest. FIRST ROW: Jacquelyn Ellen Skinner, Peggy Jean Brablmm, Sara E. Sanford, Nancy Tucker. SECOND ROW: Mary E. Berrang, Beverly Benton, Miriam Wen, Nancy Bland. THIRD ROW: Sherry Bagley, Marcella M. Carter, Emma Lee Boyd, Betty Bowdw, ami Barbara Price. i445 zeac'ew SELECTED UNIVERSITY SIGNAL ARTICLES DEPICTING LIFE AT THE DIVISION Korean Vets Up Enrollment To 4,630 In announcing the enrollment figures for the fall quarter at the Atlanta Division, J. D. Blair, Registrar, said that the total en- rollment of 4,630 students showed an increase of more than 10 per cent over last years fig- ures of 4,004. The Veteran enrollment of 1,017-which included Korean Veteranseshowed an increase from 862 last year to the present figure. The total enrollment in the School of Business Administra- tion was 2,849; in the School of General Studies 1,163; Nursing Education 257 and special stu- dents nOt working for a degree 238. An additional 123 students taking non-credit courses brought the total up to 4,630. The freshman enrollment of 1,867 is the largest in the history of the Atlanta Division. To take care of the increased enrollment, classes are being of- fered on Tuesday and Thursday nights. These Classes are espe- cially for those students who can- nor attend classes three nights a week. In discussing the enrollment this quarter, Major Blair said, "I attribute our very favorable in- crease to the growing preStige of our institution plus the magnifi- ent economic opportunities vailable here in Atlanta? Mr. Blair added these signifi- ant faCts: U1 the regular en- rollment increased from 4,004 to ,630, or an increase of more than 10 per cent and; Q1 Vet- ran enrollment including Korea ets, increased from 862 to 1,017-however, enrollment of orld War II Vets showed a uecrease from 800 to 467. Construction of Atlanta Divi- .ion,s $2,000,000 administrative nd classroom building is two onths ahead of schedule, ac- ording to DireCtor Dr, George . Sparks. 2 COOPER. - KWD u cexoam, ;, , rakus:'1 21;", j AYLAurA LAVISX QLA$KCXQM Aid; AQMMQTRAUQN, o . t, a t q s A bUlLDlNg nass'sr $11 LZOAGIA Atlanta Division's $2,000,000 School Now Under Way It was first estimated that the total construcrion period would be 400 working days, but it is now believed that the building can be completed in that many calendar days. The construction engineers attribute this speed-up in work to the favorable "lay of the land." Weather conditions are an- Othet important factor in the progress of construction. So far, the work has been hampered by only two days of rain. The engi- neers are trying to get all of the ground work done before the expeCted cold, wet winter months arrive. $75,000 FOUNDATION Seven hundred and fifty-eight steel and reinforced concrete foundations had to be sunk into , the ground to support this new classroom building. Students at- tending the summer quarter were witnesses to the poundings of the steam pile driver as it drove the hollow steel columns to depths ranging from 15 to 52 feet in the ground. The eSti- mated cost of these steel and concrete piles has been set at $75,000. 189 GRILL IN BASEMENT The two million dollar build- ing will consist of three floors and will have a lounge and grill in the basement. The colleges administrative offices and a li- brary to contain 150,000 books are to be located on the fir5t Hoon 72 CLASSROOMS This new building of white Georgia marble will have 72 classrooms 2 all air-Conditioned. With the 88 classrooms in the present building, and those fue ture 72, making a total of 160, the Atlanta Division should be able to accommodate from 10 to 12 thousand students. The George McIntosh Sparks Scholarship Fund, which has been in somewhat of a dormant stage for the past four to flve months is still "very much alive," ac- cording to EStelle Riddle, night school co-ed and secretary of the fund. Sparks' Friends Sparks Drive For Sparks Fund Miss Riddle, who is also the assiStant treasurer, says that the Fund has $1,570.08 on deposit in the bank, and that some con- tributions are Stlll trickling in. Since all contributions go di- rectly into the Funds capital, un- less otherwise earmarked. the Founders have not been able to advertise. A check for $100, marked for publicity purposes, was donated last week by Dr. R. C. S. Young, counselet here. Miss Riddle said that the Found- ers are planning to adopt Dr. Young's idea of publicizing the Fund, by setting up a display in the college lobby. GIVES $100 Anorher $100 check has been given by Malcolm Brenner, In, an Atlanta Division grad, and now part-time professor in the evening school. Brenner praised the idea of the Fund, in a letter to Dr. Sparks. Professors Tom Luck and Tom Purdom are now working on a letter to Atlanta Division alum- ni, which will explain the Funds purpose and at the same time, invite donations. Checks to the Fund should be made payable to the Fulton Na- tional Bank, Trustee for the George M. Sparks Scholarship Fund. Torn Luck, president of the Atlanta Division Alumni Asso- ciation, has pledged full support of his group to the Fund. I s Who's Who Tells ,. Who's Who Here The Man and Friends. Governor Herman E. Talmadge, Nan Young and Director George M. Sparks turn the first spades in the ground breaking ceremony for the beginning of the $2,000,000 Atlanta Division building. Pearidge's Mink's Hobby Is Hounds And Horses There is a young lady at the Atlanta Division, whose some- what unusual name will auto matically raise a long sigh from the female populace. Her name is Mink Nottingham. Mink has chosen an unusual college study for a woman-ani- mal husbandry. The Atlanta Di- vision offers two years of credit towards this degree. When she finishes her studies here, she will transfer to Athens to complete her degree. She is a sophomore here. Mink attended Avondale High School. Her home is in Peatidge, Ga. And if you really want to know where Peatidge is located, walk, run, or liy to the Grey- hound Bus Station and ask the dispatcher on duty. He seems to be the only one in Atlanta who knows where it is. Mink,s hobby is training horses and hound dogs. She has a room full of trophies won by her animals. The trophy room proudly displays cups and rib- bons won by her dogs. Her 18 dogs are of Walker, July and Trig breeds. These animals are trained chiefly for hunting foxes. Anywhere there are competitive field trials for champion dogs, Mink's hounds will be in fine voice, howling for another blue ribbon to award their mistress. Quite frequently, while on fox hunts, some of the hounds get lost and are nor heard from for three or four days. According to Mink, one of the dogs, a female named Shirley, gets lost at least once a week. Minkis knowledge of horses dates back to the tender age of three. She trains her own horses for pleasure and competition. The animals are kept in Tucker, Ga, on the farm of Mr. Norris Gresham. Mink trains Mt. Gresh- am's fine stock of horses in addi- tion to her own. She trains six horsesetwo five-gaited horses, three walking horses, and a quar- tet horse. She teaches her five-gaited horses to be llmean." "That makes them stay in high spirits during competitive showings," she said. On the other hand, she trains her walking horses to be as llgen- tle as lambs." Well-bred horses, it seems, are very valuable property. Most of the horses are valued at between $1,000 and $1,500 with the ex- ception of one finely-bred mare, which is insured for $5,000. Although Mink will ride any horse available, her mother is just the opposite. She is afraid to ride even the most gentle horse. She is afraid of all horses. Mt. Norris Gresham, a good friend of the family, has Mink train some of his show horses. She enters b0th of their horses in shows all over the Southeast. 50, donit be surprised someday if you see her driving a car with a trailer loaded with horses, head- ing up the highway toward Ten- nessee or Kentucky. 190 The National Committee of Whols Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges has accepted for member- ship 29 Atlanta Division stu- dents. Eligibility is limited to those juniors and seniors who hold good academic averages and who participate actively in college or- ganizations and service. A liSt of nominees, selected by the faculty and a student com- mittee, was submitted to the Who's Who judges in Tusca- loosa, Ala. All the nominees were accepted and will be awarded certificates by the organization. This honor was earned by 28 AD students last year. Five of those selected last year were again named to Whols Who. The students who were ac- cepted for membership this year are: Ethel Jo Baker, senior, Pub- lic adminiSttation major; Robert L. Barfield, Junior, management major; James A. Benton, senior, management major; Martha Joyce Cannady, senior, business educa- tion major; Benjamin F. Clayton, junior, management major; Joyce Dailey, senior, business adminis- tration major; Doris L. Davis, senior, management major; also accepted into Whols Who last year. Linton C. Ellington, senior, business educationmajor, also se- lected for membership last year; Jackie Furr, senior, retailing ma- jor, also selected last year; El- eanor Ann Hallman, senior, per- sonnel major; Gloria Hausman, senior, business education major; Barbara Hume, junior, manage- ment major; Henry L. Kelley, senior, Spanish major; Van Leach, senior, marketing major; George McRea, senior, personnel relations major; Lester Mann, junior, accounting major; Rus- sell Musgtave, senior, economics major; Lowman Oglesby, senior transportation major; Ken Peer, junior, business adminisrration major; David Senay, senior, Transportation major. Richard R. Slate, junior, jour- nalism major; Kay Sloan, junior, journalism major; William I. Smith, junior, business adminis- tration major; Grover M. Stal- lings, senior, accounting major; Herbert L. Steam, junior, mar- keting major; Frank H. Strick- land, senior, also seleCted last year; Richard Watf, senior, trans- portation major; and Viera West- brook, junior, journalism major. Profs Reveal Pet Peeves This time it is the profess who get a chance to sound off a poll. The question put befo them was: llWhat is the m annoying trait you have fou in your Students?" Assistant professor of philu ophy, Dr. Gerald J. T. Runk objects to jokes told in class quietly and secretly that he c not hear them. He is annoyed "humorous remarks in class 10 enough for the class to hear . not loud enough for me to hea he said. uGeneral inattention" both Dr. Bert H. Flanders, associ. professor of English. He does like to ask a student a questi and be answered with: "W did you sayPi, One professor, who preferr to remain anonymous, said, dont want my students to f theylre obligated to take six c in my class." Mrs. Ruth L. Bonner, Assi ant Professor of political scien could think only of llchewi gum-out loud." When asked what annoy him, Theodore T. Beck point to two students of French a said: "You have it right ther The associate professor of mo ern language is also annoy when students ask ustupid qu tions that have no connecti with the subject of the lesso Dr. Henry T. Malone, assi ant professor of history, wo have preferred saying good thi about his students. The wo trait he could think of was "s dentsl occasional lapses from - ing ladies and gentlemen." "Coming in late" was the . peeve of Bascom Quillian, poli cal science instructor. Kenneth Coleman, assist. professor of history, is annoy by students who think they h. already done enough studyi when they go to college. Assistant professor of we enls physical education, Barb Jane Hart, doesnit particula like being greeted by her clas with "Do we have to dress tod Miss Hart?" Swimmers sho note that she doesrft like peo who breathe incorrectly, eith Dr. Carl Mauelshagen prof- sor of history, loves his stude a great deal. He enjoys his 5 dents and gets along with the His only objecrion to students that he finds it difficult to .- them to work. He finds that takes work to get work. He ac ed: "The faults I find comm among students are usually I ones most common with us." Whoever you are, Whatever you do, Wherever you may be- When you think of refreshment, think of Coca-Cola rev: r- 1 4 e o! k Maw u For Coca-Cola makes any pause the pause that refreshes and ice-cold Coca-Cola is everywhere BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE ATLANTA COCA- COLA BOTTLING COMPANY xhx , 1954 AD REVIEW RAMPWAY WHEN IN COLLEGE PARK STOP FOR HOSPITALITY G. M. RICHARDSON'S CITY SERVICE STATION 804 N. Main St. BIRELEYS AAA NATIONWIDE EMPLOYMENT SERVICE Member Georgia Employment Board 16 Years Successful Service Executive - Sales - Office - Technical Grant Bldg. Rm. 918 WAlnut 6112 Want More Roads ? "CATERPILLAR" DIESEL TRACTORS-MOTOR GRADERS EARTHMOVING MACHINERY FROM YANCEY BROS. CO. ATLANTA - AUGUSTA WILL HELP BUILD THEM! DRIVE SAFELY ALWAYS THE PEOPLES BANK Personal Banking Service For the Individual CHECKING SAVINGS LOANS Safe Deposit Boxes Member F.D.I.C. Atlanta 58 Marietta, N.W. WAlnut 9786 Frohsin. Whaf is The Lafesi in Fashions? .lron'FokSlirx 225.21 PEACHTREE School of the Air Offers Talent An Airing A few years ago when Video was in its infancy, a major topic of discussion was the fu- ture effects of Television on the education of the American family. The question is now being answered here at the Atlanta Division by the way of the SCHOOL OF THE AIR. Dr. Harold E. Smith, head of the Speech department and SCHOOL OF THE AIR, stated that the guiding rule is to present programs which are cultural, educational and en- tertaining. Attainment of this principle has been shown by the cross section of presenta- tions so far, such as the health program on the history, diag- nosis and treatment of Tuber- culosis by the Atlanta Tuber- culosis Association. Also the foreign language series, the musical Moulin Rouge and South of the Border. Professor Ted Beck, able as- sistant to Dr. Smith, is en- thusiastic about one particu- lar program soon to be pre- sented: an Italian bird artist will give a Video exhibit of some of his past work. He will also demonstrate his technique before the cameras. Miss Faye Fuller, SCHOOL OF THE AIR secretary, is looking forward to the com- ing pet show, and the entire department is particularly ex- cited over the three one-act plays which Mrs. Clara Dunn and her University Players will present. The plays are: llThe Ugly Duckling" by A. A. Milne, "Balcony Scene" by Donaly Elsar, and "Sorry, Wrong Number" by Lucille Fletcher. To say the "SCHOOL" is a success would be an under- statement! University of Cali- fornia, Cornell, University of Michigan, Iowa, Iowa State and many other schools have written for information on how the "School" works and how certain problems are solved. The newspapers, P.M.L.A. Foreign Language, Birming- ham Messenger, the Birming- ham Post Herald and papers across the country com- mended the department on the foreign language series. Numerous letters of praise from such personalities as Faye Emerson have been re- ceived, but. . . . Look and listen for your- self! Therels radio everyday at 10:45 p.m. and every Saturday at 10:15 a.m. on WAGA and there is Televiewing on chan- nel five every morning at 9:30 and on Saturday at 3 p.m. From one to 20 principals usually participate plus cam- eramen and various techni- cians. Do you want to see a cer- tain type of show, or do you know some phase of school life which is TV worthy? Or maybe you are a "budding young playright" with a cou- ple of one act plays in your hip pocket. If you answer uyes" to any of these ques- tions, Dr. Harold Smith or Professor Ted Beck would like for you to come up to the fourth floor for a little chat. What are your listening and viewing pleasures? Somewhere on the agenda there is a show lljust for you." A Real Oldie and Gold : 2,: W .$ 3 .I, a .1 3'1; is, s pi ; 5;. 'Mi. 1954 AD REVIEW RAMPWAY Mrs. Mucklow Original Settler Of the Division Mrs. Frank Mucklow, pres- ent Veteransl Recorder at the Atlanta Division, is a warm and gracious lady. She is a na- tive of Kentucky. She has worked here since fall of 1943, and she is the kind of person most AD people would like to see remam. In the fall of 1945 the At- lanta Division purchased the present building which was at that time used as a parking garage. During the next sev- eral months the building, which has housed unthinking unfeeling machines tsymbolic, perhaps, of staid conventions and insipid thinking, was transformed into a container for people who not only thought and felt but thought logically and originally and felt deeply, particularly about truth. Mrs. Frank Mucklows job as cashier and bookkeeper for the garage ended as the ga- rage dissolved, or rather as it evolved into the new institu- tion of learning. The idea be- ing not to destroy, but to cre- ate, a new position was found for Mrs. Mucklow. She was employed as assistant to Wil- liam B. Hartsfield, Jr., who was Veterans Recorder for the AD at that time. Mrs. Mucklow, reminiscing about her first few months of working for the college, smiled as she recalled one month in particular. In February of 1946, shortly before the col- lege opened for business", she was sent to the new school to do her work. tllSomebody had to be there to answer vis- itors questions about when the college would openf'y During that month it was Mrs. Murklow s duty-keep 1n mind her southern feminitye to descend the steps every morning to the dark, cold basement and perform the very unromantic task of turn- ing the heat on. She remem- bered what a frightening task that has been! A review of the attractive ladys. past brought up the question of how much her work had changed through the years. She explained that her work, which involves mak- ing monthly reports to the government on every GI stu- dent, had changed only in quantity. When Mrs. Muck- low began here it involved working with two hles, one ac- tive and one inactive. She now works with 13 files and claims she needs another. She ob- served that the quality of work put out by Veteran stu- dents has changed very little throughout the years. Mrs. Mucklow also revealed a desire to work in the new building at least one quarter. She added quickly, 01 don't plan to leave even then." BSU To Meet Daily Except Thursday The Baptist Student Union here has begun a new venture, that of having daily meetings, instead of the former weekly meeting. These new daily get-togeth- ers will be held at 10 am. on Monday and Wednesday in room 205-F, on Tuesday in room 610, and on Friday in room 704. The BSU will of course not meet on Thursday, which is assembly day for all students. Short periods of meditation and fellowship are on tap for Monday and Wednesday, with a big devotional meeting on Tuesday, to be followed on Friday with a "Singspiration Time", which will be a period of inspirational singing. Something new has been added to the big Tuesday meeting, to the form of an all- male quartet. The four AD students are John Biles, Charles Bishop, The Rev. F rank Brown, Associate Pas- tor of Park Avenue Baptist Church, and Ed Carter. The quartet sings both hymns and spirituals and has been termed "good" by a spokesman for the BSU. News Clinic For Churches Pastors, religious education directors and church secre- taries from all over Georgia will convene in Atlanta Oct. 23 for the Georgia Press Asso- ciationis first Church News Clinic to be held at the Atlan- ta Division. Purpose of the clinic is to acquaint church leaders-in- vited to take part in the ac- tivities by their local news- paper editors-with proper methods of preparing religious news for publication. BARBER SHOP "F01 a Good Head in Busmess" R. V. WILSON 3100 Roswell Rd" N E. TREAT THAT PRETTY COED Its a smart young man who knows how to squire a young lady. He'll dine her at SAM'S 33 Edgewood Avenue MAYES' GARAGE 1028 Virginia Ave., N.E., EL. 3930 IT PAYS TO GO TO MAYES aCalon,4 794 Cascade Avenue, S. W. ATLANTA, GA. Tel. FRanklin 2016 A Shop of Individuality in Womenls' Apparel C2mpfiment5 cl A FRIEND CAPITAL PERSONNEL, SERVICE SOLVES YOUR EMPLOYMENT PROBLEMS OFFICE SALES TECHNICAL Member Georgia Association Private Employment Agency Dial LAmur 8086 Suite 310 Forsyth Bldg. 1954 ACCREDITED PERSONNEL SERVICE OFFICE AND SALES PERSONNEL RUTH JOHNSON Henry Grady Bldg. LArnar 2056 of QUALITY FOODS COLONIAL STORES PAUL A. ANDERSON OPERATOR PH. VE. 4926 HESTHHHHIH E9 HHIVE-IH NORTH AVE. AT SPRING ATLANTA. GA. We Specialize in Cadillacs To Buy or Sell See CADILLAC CLYDE CLYDE OWEN USED CAR CO. 617 W. Peachtree St. VErnon 4791 AD REVIEW 20 Appointed To Ad Faculty; Five Return The staff and faculty of the Atlanta Division has been en- larged this quarter with five professors returning from leaves of absence and 20 pro- fessors coming as new ap- pointments. Dean of the School of Gen- eral Studies, Dr. J. C. Horton Burch, said that Dr. William E. Hopkins would become the new head of the sociology de- partment. Further appointments an- nounced by Burch include: Richard H. Brunell, formerly Asst. Head of the Art Dept. of Brown University and mem- ber of the Rhode Island School of Design. He will head the Art Department here. Others named are: Dr.Ju1ian T. Darlington, asst. professor of biology; Robert Warren Walts, asst. professor of Eng- lish; James Thomas Madry, chemistry instructor; Joseph F. Perrin, asst. professor of art; Harvey H. Walters, head of the journalism dept., and Mrs. Martha Bullard Coflield, instructor in nursing and edu- cation and Miss Alda Lenora Ditchfield, asst. professor of nursing education. Another chairman of a Bus- iness School major concentra- tion named by Manner is Dr. Stewart W. McFarland, who will become the new chair- man of the marketing di- Vislon. Additional appointments in the School of business in- clude: Dr. Bill Moeckel, asst. professor of marketing; Mar- vin M. Tummins, asst. profes- sor of economics; Nestor R. Reest asst. professor of busi- ness administration; and John Mills Champion, counselor in business administration. Those returning from leaves of absence are: Leland C. Whetten, professor of account- ing; Charles W. Ray, associate professor of accounting; Mrs. Betty Street Johnson, instruc- tor in sociology; Hiram Ho- nea, asst. professor of econo- mics and Dr. Joseph G. May- ton, professor of economics. RAMPWAY Religion Made Part of Campus Activities Keenly religious students at Atlanta Division have banded together to make their free- dom of religion an integral part of student life by organ- izing and renewing interest in religious groups. Realizing that their educa- tion is incomplete without re- ligion, they have banded to- gether for further study of their religion and are organiz- ing for the purpose of renew- ing their faith for a wider ap- plication in their daily lives. Students of all denomina- tions hope that in their own respective faiths they can light a Fire of true Christian living in the breasts of their fellow students by intelligent discus- sion of the Bible, their mode of worship, and other princi- ples so necessary for making everyone a better Christian. And though they cannot hope to duplicate the social activities of the fraternities and sororities tfor such is not their purposey, they lighten their program with social af- fairs, fulfilling another of their goals. The Methodists have the Wesley Foundation, named after John Wesley, who once travelled the highroads and byroads of our native state. This club meets on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. for furthering the religious activities. The Baptists have the Bap- tist Student Union, which meets at the same time. Bap- tist students in Atlanta have a building all their own for their various religious activi- ties, however, the local group meets here at the Division. Catholic students have or- ganized a Newman Club, which has chapters at every leading college and university. This club is named after John Cardinal Newman, who per- haps is one of the most fam- ous converts to the Faith. Car- dinal Newman was a re- nowned Episcopal cleric in England before he became a Catholic. A and A Employment Service 314 Grand Theater Bldg. LAmar 8041 ATLANTA 1954 AD REVIEW PERSONALITIES Alumni's Alumnus Thomas R. Luck, Jr., economics professor and graduate of the Atlanta Division, has recently been elected president of the Alumni Association here to serve for the college year '53354. A local attorney, Luck received his BCS degree here, an LLB from At- lanta Law School, and this summer, completed work at Georgia Tech for an MS in industrial management. During his senior year here, Professor Luck was elected president of the student body, president of the Student Council, chosen Mr. Evening Col- lege, and received the Faculty Award, given to the llMost Outstanding Senior." As the new president of the Alumni Association, Thomas Luck has out- lined a program which includes . . . an attempt to establish a graduate school here . . . . the annual Homecoming Banquet set for Nov. 25y . . . . support of the George M. Soarks Scholarship Fund and the establishment of current records on all Atlanta Division Alumni. RAMPWAY Pick up the bag with the little Red Truck on the label. Always crisp and tasty! They are guaran- teed to be fresh! Journalism Dr. Henry T. Malone, Assistant to the Dean of the School of General Studies, and professor in the History Department at the Atlanta Division, has been notified that his article, llAtlanta Journalism During the Con- federacy", was published in the September issue of the Georgia Historical Quarterly. Fossil Collector Dr. Haley J. Walker, assistant professor of geography here, while on a trip to the western states this summer, discovered an amazing collection of fossils. He brought back, for display at the Atlanta Division, a dinosaur track, a pectate shell and more than 450 pictures of various areas of vegeta- tion, petrified forests, and other fossils. Mrs. Walker, the professorls wife, accompanied him on the trip, which in- cluded in the itinerary, a tour of Yellowstone National Park; Teton Na- tional Park; Zion National Park, and Bryce Canyon National Park. Walker said that not all of the parks contained petrified trees. He said that some 60 millions of years ago, these now petrified forests, contained im- mense vegetation. He said, uGeorgia does not have petrified forests, because it was then under water." One night of the trip was spent in Death Valley, which has the highest and lowest points in California. Professor Walker said that Death Valley has an intense heat range, from 110 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The fossil display, along with the picture panorama are located on the third floor, of the Atlanta Division, just outside the Geography ofhce. Nancy June Nancy June Collier, a 21 year old student here, who is a talented vocalist, will be entertaining service men in Iceland, Bermuda, and the Azores this Christmas along with Jackie Nash, another A. D. student and the rest of the Miss Atlanta Show. Last year, Nancy went to Alaska with the same troup to entertain the service men there. About two weeks ago, Nancy was invited by telegram, by an agent of the Ted Mack Original Amateur Hour, to be present in New York the next day for an audition. Lack of time prevented her from accepting. Nancy has also had radio, band and television offers, but as yet has not accepted. She has sung for the theersl Club at Fort MacPherson, is soloist for the Georgia Tech Glee Club, sings in a girls trio, has sung for the Elks' Club, Kiwanis Club, Womens' Club and many other such organizations. Rebel Researchers Two professors have come to the Atlanta Division to add to the part-time teaching staff of the history department, headed by Dr. Carl Mauelshagen. They are Professor Mary Ringold and John H. Moore. Mrs. Ringold received her AtB. degree from Mississippi State College for Women, and did graduate work at the University of Mississippi for her M.A. degree. She taught high school during the war years, and worked as a uteaching fellow" while at the University of Mississippi. Currently, she is working on her Ph.D. degree at Emory University. Her dissertation is to be on uConfederate Conventions and Legislatures." Professor Moore received his BS. degree at Mississippi State University, and at one time worked as an aeronautical engineer. The Professor's inter- est later turned to history and he did graduate work at the University of Mississippi for his MA. degree. He is now working on his PhD. degree at Emory University, and is in his third year of research. llMississippi Agriculture Before the Civil War" is to be the theme of his dissertation. POTATO CHIPS! GEO. L. WILSON RALL ESTATE INSURANCE Established I 931 RAymond 1031 ATLANTA Developing . . . . . AUDUBON FOREST CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE Opposite Biltmore Hotel CAPITAL AUTOMOBILE CO. ELWYN W. TOMLINSON, Pres. SALES SERVICE We donlt sell all the cars but we sell the best AD REVIEW RAMPWAY meaewmgmz IN LIGHTER MOMENTS, SERIOUS TALK. Whatever the oc- casion, wherever the setting, couples, like the one above, will withdraw to themselves. Even flash of photo bulb does not dis- turb their seemingly serious engrossment. Hand holding is pop- ular among all youths. FOR A KEEN MIND . . . STUDY AND WORK AND PLAY FOR A KEEN APPETITE . . . GOOD FOOD IN SATISFYING PORTIONS Serving the Atlanta Division H U R A A4 219 , F HEALEY BLDG. J 'l-O lVARhl THE HEART AND THE HEARTH. This lovely VVALNUT Atlanta Division coed, a contender in the first Annual Snap- Shop Salon held in the Spring, demonstrates the simplicity and 0951 the warmth that has captured many men's hearts and made them captives of the hearth. E L O I S E N A G l. E p E R S O N N E L AD REVIEW RAMPWAY BROOKS -ALLISON COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS WAlnut 6268 142 EDGEWOOD AVE, N. E. ATLANTA 3, GA. PATRONIZE RAMPWAY ADVERTISERS it? save time it? save steps if SZIVC IIlOIle AD REVIEW RAMPWAY A SMILE, A SMILE, A SMILE. The above photograph came to the editors of the 1954 Rampway uncaptioned. Recognition of Miss Nan Young, the damsel in the center, places it as a photo from the schoolts first Annual Snapshot Salon. Honest, I had to work Professor, you tell overtime and was late. funniest story. the The dreamiest fellow and :1 Phi Beta Kappa. PEANUTS BOILINGS AND TRIM ANKLES. Whatever one may say about the South's New Look, only a love- smitten poet can properly describe a man,s reaction to meeting the young lady, a student at the Atlanta Division. Terrell County peanut boilings have been broken up by less attractive ankles. tk- 7' i; yin ' i Xv My girl, my suit, and he I dontt feel so good. Went borrowed my car! to a rush party. Comp Kimenlld oz A FRIEND NEARLY EVERYBODY READS THE SIGNAL AD REVIEW RAMPWAY 0 for +ha+ PARTICULAR PERSON 0 for +ha+ PARTICULAR JOB Plymouth Since 1924 sommers . n 2' 3" ff 0 Professional . Execufive Service is Better . ' . . . , .sms cost ' l, I j- '1'..- ! , '1: oTechnical V 0 Engineering . 7 f: - oClerical No More , L y v, , I 3.x X 0 Insurance HARRY SOMMERS, Inc. INTERVIEW. COUNSELING- SELECTION- REFERRAL QUALIFIED APPLICANTS- "A Service to Management at the Gateway to the South" CYpress 4611 PERSONNEL ATLANTA,GA. Leland Dean SERVICE ir Dial . . . ALpine 3456 ir 5l6 RED ROCK BUILDING I87 SPRING ST., N. W. SPRING AT HUNNICUTT Congratulations Seniors . . . JOS'I'EN S "Makers of Better Class Rings" Owafonna, Minn. RAYMOND CONCRETE PILE CO. FOUNDATION CONTRACTORS ATLANTA NEW ORLEANS NEW YORK ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Many students and faculty member contributed, ho, wae id bid, to the making of the 1954 Rampway. None, however, helped us as much as Hortense Screvens Who advised us to select but a few for counseling and guidance. Those few, she said, would be students who are active in stu- dent affairs and faculty members who are active in faculty affairs. Then there should be one who is both a student and an instructor. They were our privy council. We must acknowledge the contributions of Mickey Allen who pro- duced many of the photographs used in this book and for which he was poorly paid. The lad, a student in this school, showed remarkable talents in the photographic field. To the various organizations, whose representatives helped the editors to solve the problem of senior photographic representation, we owe a pfenning of thanks. To Clayton Forrest, however, we are indeed grate- ful. He, alone, out of many, volunteered his services and then gave his time. There were others, but none so prominent. Pat McGill, Harold Norris, Clemmie Hackler and Milton Epstein worked many hours in monotonous jobsecataloging photographs, identifying them, counting ,em, preparing copy, and typing, typing, and typing. Harold Norris has been especially helpful. Jonelle Upchurch, we are thankful to you for your assistance in pre- paring and distributing announcements about our plans for the Ramp- way. Especially are we indebted to the assistance the Rampway got from the staff of the Georgia Press Association. Without their cooperation, One fact for sure, this 1954 Rampway would not now be. Thank you, too, Mary Will. The Editors 1954 Rampway Fine yearbooks, produced by the skilled hands of dedicated craftsmen, are a continuing -'-x- tradition with Foote 8c Davies. Since 1887, the s h name, Foote 8c Davies, has symbolized the . . "2 hallmark of quality in printing. We hope you it will enjoy, for many years to come, this permanent record of your school days. ' u, Award- Winning Annuals For Over Half a Century FOOTE 8: DAVIES,INC."' BOOK MANUFACTURING 0 lITHOGRAPHY 0 PRINTING 1090 Capitol Avenue, S. 5., Atlanta, Ga. 0 WAlnut 4600 ,. .' h"- my, " .Kh L . . ' ' . HUI..1V..izg-l,v'ji . 5 0 'y - . I. A u! . . .. . a i V w 13;,1, .;,,1H l.z .; A iwhuWwMWtaiakngka szgan . J :9, cf Qiuvtnffrw , R1, Irkrt 1 ,IX : : .EJMPU ELawa n mv mmhvw W, wuwmvlnmmgw, , hvmrLii .V .,. ..I NLAH Eu

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