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1? H.-.NHMijrhm-HH -H-..-.. - .,.. H- .. H. . H , -H Hr .. . H-...,..H....-..Hr....-.. .MHHM - 14w. ,. . H . . V. ., , H H,,.w....r ,..Fz, -y--.. ' . , 194.4,"; 3,471-464g-H : wwwtg' '"f 5 .4: if N 1211 x 'p"'u.r+y K . iL V' H;4 uttzrrm I WHHK?-: m ,LDLTV wA . 1 ,, W; ,TTTTTWWM, 77f '"TLZI !: L :aznida wneu'mwth ' .' AY . 1' e ma N 1LT; . H 'l v if 223'"; ,n- ,. iHam bu +vwermL+4+++ H H v Macy , 33- 0 A23 V' H. ignyi-dr.w$i. . . JJJJ :.H 'LN'SJ ff'V'X'D t 'eran' Mu ",mxnwrln' "wma-ns- u u :r xwmvyrm; Jrjklmn, um: I. .; .m rum; 1 '- nw r um... qr 'va arr : -r--.2 uw accumuw Hmrv. H u-a-nwnnw .G- 1" war." no' sc- "Am xrmuuuhnut. Mam ,' . Ww gun wk"- nu. ,WMQM.H-F-H--.-7--H.-;.zp$sknx.-p.-w.--".m .. y ' .Jaum- ;, Q75. ..'"..':3' . 1h 1 . " g4w'wwi-Fwwa; r 5 bfdilhn; 3 91?: ?i WUMm-Jf. wam+. l1! .55 .,. ,rv. 'Wr m ; L '. m Jun-wm .. +.. t A E .ero-u. 5 $5", . 553'IIQKJI'LZ R l aw 4 MA 5"! TV 1 5:1 55 e v 1. Mnt'v 5 55;...554...s.-4.--..-u4 .y.,.. W. . W1 .X - U 5 Q 1533.1". .nngx;n;$;l c'n ywiik .air, SPJPMPa 'W SGLUPr mm 375 ' - - sguaS-imd "113.1009 . ' 1 J0 linsuaagug I 6""!810211 11111111117 mil :. .0::1:; 2:;: 0";.4 ;- 'Heqeq me u! 51,4059 Jeq 6+9!39Jdd9 AleJeaugs 9M 'semAlpe apgs+no JOJ. Iooqos eq+ Aq peuge+qo +5.13 seM .H uaqM abpol SLH. paqsgum; Ala+aldwoo eqs 1,! 0+ uaAgs seq annr ssgw qong equsouue Aewoq 'alqepoyuoo GLH. Bugkolue 'aSpol GLH. +9 6U!USA9 ue +ueds JetHoue JO awy, euo +9 GAQLI sn +0 IIV 'pa+eo!pep s! AGdeeu 'I96I eq+ 'e+el um sewed .mo ueqM e+euepgsuoo Men 05 Bugeq JOJ. pue 'uogsniuoo pue esgou .mo L'HM dn Buand JOJ. 'ebpol Iooqos GLH, 0+ spueyi ewxug 0+ PnOJd 9.19 am +9q+ os AlJapJo sbugq+ Bugdaaq u! epyd Jeq JOi. 'abpol aq:r +9 sawed ueld 9M uaqM swelqmd e+nu!w-+spl .mo uo sseulnidlaq bugpue-JeAeu mg .1th 'eglnr ssgw OJ. NOIlVDICIEIG 'ebpo-I 49913 SAQMIV hhhuunhh g ; MISS 'JULIE" Foreword THE l95l RAMPWAY . . . . This. +he fiHh edifion of +he combined yearbooks of +he A+lan+a DivisionI Universily of Georgia. was made possible by +he help and +he cooperafion of +he sfudenfs and facul'ry of +he college. Al+hough mos+ of +he acfual work was performed by no more +han a dozen individuals. +he book you are now reading would have been an impossibilify had i+ nol' been 'For +he fine spirif of +he s+uden+ body. and +he faculfy in suppor+ing +he Mardi Gras. +he sale of +he book. +he endless +ask of idenfifying picfures, and +he "Rampway Follies." Your genuine inferesf in flue book has been +he guiding Iighf +o all cl us. +he RAMPWAY Sfafl. +o exerf every effort +0 give you no+ only +he Iargesf annual in +he his+ory of +he college. bul also +he bes+ annual. New feal'ures of +he l95l RAMPWAY are +he addifion of +he "Who's Who" sec'rion. special pages for bofh library and office personnel "af work"; a fine ar+s secfion. bo+h music and earl: and under ac+ivi+ies. Hue Alumni Associafion and We Bap+is+ S+uden+ Union. These along wi+h +he enlarged secfions of classes. feafures. acfivifies. organizal'ions. and adver+isemen+s make up flue +wo hundred eighfy pages of +he RAMPWAY. Contents In+roduc+ion . Dedica+ion Wrii'eup and Snaps Dedica+ion Pix . Foreword . Con+en+s . Dr. Sparks.. Wrifeup. Snaps . Dr. Sparks. Large Pix . Adminisafra'rionI Page I . Adminis+ra+ion. Page 2 . His+ory. Wrii'eup . Who's Who. Page I . Who's Who. Page 2 . Who's Who. Page 3 . Division Page. Classes . Senior Class . Junior Class . Sophomore Class . Freshman Class . Special Class ROTC . Division Pagel Factu . Faculfy. Pix . Faculfy. Roll . Library I6-8l . 82-Il4 ll6-l38 l40-I6I l62-l69 . I70 . I7I I72-l78 I79-l8l . I82 Office . OrganizaHon. Wri+eup Organization. Division Page . Organizafions Division Page' Ac+ivi+ies . Rampway . Signal . Alumni Associa+ion . BSUP Sfuden'f Council. Evening S+uden+ Council. Day . Spor+s 6Cheerleaders. Baskefbaln The A+Ian+a Symphony Feafures. Division Page . Mardi Gras . Arf . Music . Honor's Nighf . Homecoming Banquef . Gradua+ion Gef Acquain+ed Dance . Division Pagel Ads and Snaps . Ads and Snaps . . l83 . l84 . I85 I86-220 . 22I 222-225 226-227 . 228 . 229 230-23l 232-233 234-235 . 236 . 237 4 238-24l 242-243 244-246 . 247 . 248 . 249 . 250 . 25I . 252 DR. GEORGE M. SPARKS Dr. George M. Sparks. a former war correspondent has broughf college educal'ion +o +housands of Georgia boys and girls +hrough +he developmenf of +he A+lan+a Division of +he Universify of Georgia. He was born a+ Quilman. Georgia on November l9. l889. He aH'encled Mercer Universi+y where he recivecl his A.B.I M.A.l ancl LL.D. de- grees. He did gradua+e work a+ Emory Universil'y, Georgia Tech. George Washingl'on Universify, and Oxford, England. While af Mercer. he was ac+ive in religious and sporl's acfivil'ies as well as being edil'or of +he college paper. Dr. Sparks sfarfed his career as physical educafion director for +he Macon Y.M.C.A. La+er. he became cub reporler. sporl's edi+or and s+a+e edi+or of +he Macon Telegraph. He served as a war correspondenf for +he A+lan+a Consl'ilul'ion. +he Associafed Press. Macon TelegraphI Savannah NewsI Albany Herald. and Columbus Ledger. During World 'War I he became Washing+on correspondenl for +he Al'lanl'a Cons+i+u+ion and Macon Telegraph. He +hen worked wi+h +he Washing+on Times. became ci+y edifor ior +he Telegraphl and in- s+ruc+or in +he School of Journalism of Mercer. On Sepfember l6l I922 romance found i+s way info his busy life when he married Miss Mary Boo+h of Fifzgerald. Al +he age of +hir+y. Dr. Sparks made Who's Who in America. In I924 he became a +eacher of Journalism al' Georgia School of Technology where he lal'er was placed in charge of +he Tech Evening School. Under his capable leadership +he school grew info wha+ now is known as +he A+lan+a Division of +he Universify of Georgia. This in+eresfing college began wi+h one hundred six+y sfudenfs. eleven professors and a sixly-five book library. Today. +he college has grown +0 a s+reng+h of six +housancl sfudeni's. +wo hundred professors. and a large library. The college confinued +o expand un+il i+ ou+grew +hree buildings. H' was I+hen moved lo +he presen+ locafion in I946. The college is unique because i+ provides a college educal'ion for working men and women as well as boys and girls. Ifs s+uden+ bocly consisl's of s+uden+s of all ages and all works of life. Some are day sfudenl's who work and some who work during +he day aH'end school al nighf. While +hese sfudenl's are complefing" +heir degrees. 'l'hey receive valuable experience in +heir daily work in +he field of business. The facull'y is made up of well qualified. full-fime professors and compelenf par+-+ime ins+ruc+ors from +he business and professional world. These +each- ers under +he leadership of Dr. Sparks are making a disfincf confribul'ion +0 +he educafion of The grea+ +hrong of sludenls who aH'end +he college. Many o+her colleges are s+udying our college in an eFForl' +0 find +he reason for our success. llOur success can no+ be found; he can only be met" Dr. Sparks is a member of several fral'ernal organiza'l'ions such as Pi Delfa Epsilon. Alpha Del+a SigmaI and Phi Sigma Kappa. He is a Mason. a KiwanianI and a member of +he Firs+ Bapfisl' Church of A+lan+a. where he is chairman of +he Board of Direcl'ors. He is au+hor of several books: "Camp CO'H'on and Border." l9l7; "War Acfivil-ies." I920. and o+hers. Despi+e his many wide-spread ac+ivi+ies. +he A+lan+a Division holds +he largesl' spof in his hearl'l for he can rithully be called ifs masfer builder. x y L V y GEORGE M. SPARKS ADMINISTRATIVE W m 7: m Q Q $7?me GEORGE EMANUEL MANNERS Dean of College of Business Adminisfrafion ; 7$W as? YQ, Q Q , K $on A 920?, M N ,N. , w W, x; HAL H U LSEY Adminisfra'tive Dean Dean of +he College of Ar+s 8x Sciences $ Q Q Q 7 'z , 2 QQ QWV 6 7 131a: 2930 31 Q mmme . V Q ' : Z'Q'ww fXQKX NQ R. C. S. QSCOTTYQ YOUNG Coordinafor - . QWXQ x i HQWX 474 JAMES CASPER CAMP Dean of S+uden+s y S i V Q Q 0AM ZRV'WQV V. V. LAVROFF Compfroller WILLIAM P. LAYTON Assisfan'r +0 +he Direcfor 8 IMAJOM JOHN D. BLAIR Direcfor of Admissions JOHN SHRUPTRINE and F. G. SCHRIMPER Assisfanfs +0 +he Regisfrar PHILIP LATTA Placemenf Diredor W. WILSON NOYES. JR. JAMES E. POWELL Librarian Assis+an+ +0 Dean of Sfudenfs MRS. LULA CANTRELL MRS. LINNIE TALLANT L. BROOKSHIRE CLAUD C. LORD L. P. BRATDLEY Secrefary +0 Hue Direc+or Regisfered Nurse Hos+ess Cusfodian Direcfor of Guidance 9 HISTORY ATLANTA DIVISION UNIVERSITY OF GEORGIA The his+ory of +he A+lan+a Divisionl Universi+y of Georgia. is as impressive as +he plans for ifs new campus. The A+lan+a Division began as an idea for promo+ing educalion for men and women who were in search 0T a college educarion bu+ could no+ aHend day classes. One hundred and sixfy sfudenfs were enrolled. and +he faculfy was made up of eleven professors. Courses offered were mainly business subjecls. wi+h languages and hisfory added la+er. All of +he school facilil'ies were in +he building ifself. hill Hi The aim of +he A+lan+a Division has been accomplished by offering +0 +housands of young people +he opporl'unily +o gain an educarion while making +heir living. S+uclen+s aH'ending +he A+lan+a Division now number from 4.000 +0 6.000I wi+h a faculfy composed of one hundred and fiH'y professors. The curriculum confains a large variefy of courses. wil'h several degrees and diplomas now being offered. The presenl' locafion of +he A+lan+a Division al' 24 Ivy S+ree+ is il's +hird home. wi+h school facili+ies now including +he school lodge and +he gymnasium. Sfudenl's have an opporl'unil'y +0 en+er in+o organizafions which 'promol'e cer+ain +ypes of aclivi'ries. bo+h social and promcessionalI ancl furl'her business educafion generally. Plans for +he new home of +he A+lan+a Division will bring +0 s+uclen+s a magnificen+ s+ruc+ure. enclosing a new library. addil'ional classrooms. execu+ive offices. and s+uden+ lounges. wi+h +he presen+ building being used for laborafories and addi+ional classroom space. The ingenuil'y. aggressive- ness. and genuine in+eres+ of +he facul'ry and sfudenfs in +he A+lan+a Division will con+inue +0 make i+ a school of which we can all be proud. 0 Delia Kappa. lnframural KeyI Evening IJH. B. MONTGOMERY. JR. Sfudenf Council. a. D. p a K a m m. S a D. sw wk A... wwn D Eh M.o.. 3m Mm MG .1 2. Rampway. 3. 1' WlLLIAM S. ROBINS Delia Sigma P Vene+ian Sociefy. lnira- mural Key. ions Iza+ .I-These sfudeni's pictured above represen'l- +wo or more organ Ivision. +he A+Ian+a D' In MARY LOUISE HOLLIS 4.' Gamma Delfa Phi Rampway, Who's Who IVISlOn. fhe Aflania D' 5. 'MILDRED MURRAY ies iversi PWho's Who in American Colleges and Un DeHa Mu Delia. Phi Chi The+a. The Universify sponsored +his year a "Who's Who af +he A+Ian+a Division." Sfudenfs were nominafed for +heir scholasfic abilify and s+uden+ ac+ivi+ies. From +his group of eligible individuals, +he faculfy selecfed +wenfy-one ou+s+anding iuniors and seniors +0 be Iis+ed in +he "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi+ies" for We year I950-5I. This is +he firsf fime +he A+Ian+a Division has been given +he oppor+uni+y of sub- miHing names of HS sfudenfs for Iis+ing in +he publicafion. S+uden+s pic+ured were nomina+ed for "Who's Who a+ +he A+lan+a Division," and individuals selecfed for He "Who's Who" pub- Ralph Ada, Lee Neal Barney; lica+ion have been so designa+ed. Ske+ches of Sigma Kappa Chimem , Speaker's c'"b +heir accomplishmems are in +his year's edifion. and scrolls were presenfed +0 +hese sfudenfs on Honors Night 'Sfudents Iisied in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universiiies." CliFford Blaisdell, Jr. Rebecca Bloom - Delia Sigma. Pi I.Z.F.A. 'bWillie Mae-Cafhcarf U. Morris'ClacHer a'eMarVin E Cole Uemilee Copelan ?Cecil G. Cowan Crimson Key Kappa Sigma Kappa Venetian Sociefy Day Studznf Council Delta Kappa : U. B. Eldredge ' Larry Gisi . , Bill Harper ' e mDorofhy Alice Herring 'tBeHy Hill Sigma Kappa Chi ugm Sigma Kappa Chi !Alphan . Uhiversify Signal Delta Alpha Delta Delta Lambda Sigma Eugenia 6. Jackson "Bob Sfem I Bernard Kobres Doroih 'McKenne "U h M H D Evgning Student Council Sigma Kappa Chi Mlphn Alpha Kappa Psi ' Delta leha. Delia y Spegk2r's glub Unaiceriwgifxfasl 'UthnMeisel ' ":Jimmye Kafhryn'Miller "'Marfha Pace' IWH hP Il'am ' VM 'I Sh I ' t ' D SI d ' ' l.Z.F.A. , . Kappa Thefa' , Crimson Key . Deng MuuDellfa , . . 2;: K20 Scigfneaer - Day S?Eden: Cgfmcil Margare? Slocum Gwen Sfaub ' June C, Ja'sperse :Womm Tucker ' ' , 'Cons+ance Mikles ' . Kappa "Ida Chi Rho Sigma ' Delta Lambda Sigma Alpha appa Psi Phi Chi "19,3 e Tradifionally +he college annual is for +he specific benefi+ of H12 seniors who gradual'e cluring +he year' and furnishes l'hem wi+l1 a ref- erence book of +heir classmaies. The A+lan+a Divisionl like many ofhei colleges nowI broadens i+s annual +0 include all s+uclen+s who may wish +0 par+icipa+e. Accordinglyl +he l95l RAMPWAY carries pic+ures and ac+ivi+ies of all classes. Wi+l1 ifs inclusive coverage. howeverI Hie annual remains esseni'ially for +he seniors. In years +0 come +hey may refer nof only 1'0 +heir own classma+es. bu+ also +0 o'rher s+uden+s in +he school a+ +he +ime oi +heir gradual'ion. Congra+ula+ions and besf wishes are in order for H16 enl'ire senior class-fo all +ransfer s+uden+s and o+hers who have complefed 'Hneir full course of work here or will do so before Sepfember of l95l. All who will receive a degree from +his uniyersi'ry realize +he work and sacrifice which is necessary. Having +hese +hougl1+s in mindl +he sfaff of Hie l95l RAMPWAY wishes +0 express +heir congraiula+ions +0 +he Senior Class of I95l. classes '1 4, WX 4V V 6w a ' angx V? WV w WK 'xkvxm MM?" h v-: r;' .:. k xmxw Ms :WQ BERNARD A. ADLER B.B.A.. Markefing Born in Brooklyn. New York, Sepiember 6. I925. Graduahd from Savannah. Georgia High School. Employed by The Si! Wellman Company. Phi Kappa: Alpha Epsilon Pi. MARION G. ANDERSEN. ll !Andyy B.C.S.. Finance Born in Conway, Soufh Caro- Iina. LAWRENCE R. AKIN ROBERT H. ANDERSON. JR. B.C.S.. Personnel Adminisfra- fion Born in Nashville, Tennessee. January 7I I926. Gradua+ed from Tech High School. Em- ployed by Sears, Roebuck 8s Company. a wmlw mywt': 7 susv sew gj$ CLAUDE W. ALLEN B.C.S.. Personnel Adminisfra- fion Born in Smyrna. Georgia, Au- gus+ 3l. I920. Graduafed from Campbell High School. Em- ployed by The Aflanfa Con- sfiquon. GEORGE E. ANDREWS B.C.S.. Business AdminisfraHon Born in Augusfa, Georgia. Em- ployed by Soufhern Railway Sys+em. Sigma Kappa Chi, Alpha. Charfer Member, Pledge Mas- +er, Presidenf; I.F.C.. Day Di- vision. President ROBERT G. ALLEN HUBERT H. ANDREWS enlors OLIVER ANJO WALTER L. ATKINS B.C.S., Accounfing Born in Jasper. Georgia, May 22. I922. Gradua+ed from Pickens Counfy High School. HARRIETT M. ARMSTRONG B.C.S.. Social Sciences Born in College Park, Georgia. Gradua+ed from College Park High School. Employed by Clay+on Counfy Board of Ed- ucaHon Canferbury Club. ? $ A y. VINCENT A. AUTREY B.C.S.. Economics Born in MarieHa. Georgia. ;W 6 MELVIN "CHICK" ARONOFF B.B.A.. Managemenf Born in A+lan+a, Georgia. Alpha Epsilon Pi; Markefing Club. I950: Sporfs EdHor, SIGNAL, I949, I950. l95l. MELVIN T. AYCOCK B.B.A.. Finance Born in Wafkinsville. Georgia. JULIAN V. ATHON B.C.S.. Accoun'ring Born in Deca+ur. Georgia, Sep- +ember l7. I926. Gradua+ed from Deca+ur Boys' High School. Employed by Sears. Roebuck and Company. Delfa Sigma Pi. HisforianI I944. Junior Warden. I948, Treasurer, I949-l950. Head Mas+er. l950-l95l: Inframural Key: S+uden+ Council. I947; Presidenf Senior Class, I950- I95l: American Legion; Infra- mural Spor+s League. Delia Sigma Pi Baskefball and Volley- ball, I950. MlLTON L. BACH B.B.A., Accoun+ing BETTY SUE BAKER B.C.S., Social Sciences Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia. CLARENCE C. BARNES B.C.S.. Social Scinces Born in Kemper Counfy, Mis- sissippi, Oc+ober Zl, I9l9. Gradua+ed from Birmingham High School. Employed by Bank of Georgia. AmVefs. JOHN ROBERT BAKER B.C.S.. Accouang Born in Decafur. Georgia Glee Club, '49. '50. 2nd Vice President '48, President '50: Accoun+ing Associafion, '50, 'SI, Treasurer, '50: General Council, '50; LeHer, Glee Club. '49. LEE NEAL BARNETT B.C.S.. Business Adminisfrafion Born in Smyrna, Georgia. DeHa Sigma Pi, '48. '49, '50, Scribe, '50-'5l; Speakers Club, '48, '49, '50: Vice Presidenf Senior Class, '50-'5l; Venefian Socie+y, '48. '49. '50, Treasurer, '49, '50; Secre+ary Junior Class, '49, '50; Sfudenf Council, '48, '49, '50, Treasurer, '50-'5l; S+u- den+ Council LeHer '49: SIG- NAL LeHer, '50; SlC-SNAL S+aff, GEORGE W. BALES. JR. B.C.S.. Economics Born in Cumming, Georgia, April 25. I9l9. Graduafed from Brandywine High School. Employed by Sears, Roebuck and Company. B.B.A. JACK S. BARNARD Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia. MARTHA COOK BARROW B.C.S.. Social Sciences Born in Barwick, Georgia. Em- ployed by Cifizens 8r Sou+hern NaHonal Bank. ALFRED EUGENE BASTIN B.C.S.. Business Adminis+ra+ion Born in Decafur, Georgia. Em- ployed by A+Ian+a Division. Regishar's Office. Glee Club, '47-'5l; I.F.C.. '48; General Council, '49; Gamma Delfa Phi, '48-'5l. Treasurer. '49-'50, Grand Sec- re+ary, '49. enlors GLENN W. BEARDEN B.B.A.. Accouang Born in Monroe, Georgia. JANE BINFORD B.C.S.. Social Sciences Born in Aflanfa. Georgia. Kappa Theia, '47-'5l; Second Vice President '49-'50: Sfudenf Council. '49-'50: General Coun- cil. '49-'50: RAMPWAY Sfaff. '49. JAMES H. BELL B.C.S.. Accouang Born in Jefferson, Georgia, Oc- +ober 9, l92l. Gradua+ed from Fulfon High School. Employed by H. J. Heinz Company. ROY E. BLACK, JR. .9121s w SAM H. BENEDICT GLENN C. BLAISDELL Member of In+erna+ional Jfra- +erni+y of Delfa Sigma Pi, Kappa Chap+er. '47-'5l; DeHa- sig Lodge Audi'ror, '49-'50; ln- +ramural Key, '49-'5l; Sfudenf Council. '49-'50; Treasurer. Jun- ior Class, '49-'50. k 4,F $4 VJ $70 Xvk '70 Q LAWRENCE R. BENTON B.C.S.I Business Adminisfrafion Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia. Alpha Kappa Psi. Masfer of Rifuals: Venefian Sociefy; In- +ramural Key. WILLIAM C. BLACKWELL 4 Um ?, ?Msxy 3.64. 1y JR. BONNER JAMES S. BOND LOUIS N Tm e e + nld I: u + S BLISSIT '5I; 49: '45- El. ' Alpha Kappa Ps fra+erni+y Counc JAMES A BLANKENSHIP PAUL E. . BOWERS Economics B.C.$.. Delfa Lambda Sigma: S+u- BLANCHE S ion isfraf Georg . BOWEN Business Admin LOUIS B 8.05.. B.C.S., Accounfing Born in Aflanfa. Georgia. Delfa JOHN WILLIAM BORN FONDREN N. BORING B.C.S.. Accounfing Review, Crimson RAMPWAY Alpha Kappa Psi Sponsor Beau+y i Thefa: Governmenf RAMPWAY Ch Phi SfaFF denf Key. Ia, . Graduafed igh School. Em- ployed by Sears, Roebuck and Company. Born in A+lan+a, , I923 November 4 from Tech H m Ies. In+ra- Treasurer, Pi, Masfer o? Fes+ Speakers Club Key, Treasurer. '48-'49. Sigma -'48, -'50 mural '47 49 la. 8: Thomasville. Georg R. Wilson July 9, l9l6. Graduated from in loyed by J. Thomasville High School. Em- Company. Born p .enlorS V, y V V 4g, "23V? s x m M x w 7 , NZ 67 77W VW'W ;Z 6 7 74.6 aw W 6 i V Kw $ 4V$XV 7767;: s l 77 s V 7 77$V7Axv 74$ 6 . 3x, VAXVQ 7 67A V6759? xxx, V 7 A vxv g N744 $7w$7 w A R: x $2 W x54 6 wwg y ALEXANDER M. BRANNON WILLIAM DONALD BRAY SIDNEY N. BREMER JOHN L. BRIDGES B.B.A.. Economics 3.5.. Foresfry Born in Columbus. Georgia. Born in Social Circle. Georgia. on Sepfember I7, I926. Grad- V.F.W.. American Legion. ua'ted from Columbus High Fores+ry Club. School, Columbusl Georgia. Member of Alpha Tau Omega. ln+erna+ional fra+er- nify of Del+a Sigma Pi. '50-'5l: Speakers Club. '50-'5l. ROGER G. BROWN WILLIAM HOLT BROWN B.C.S.. Insurance and Real B.B.A.. MarkeHng BILLUPS K. BUDER JOHN G. BURCKHARDT Es+a+e Born in Florence. Soufh Caro- B.B.A.. Business Adminis+ra+ion Born in Greensboro, Nor+h Iina. En+ered from The Uni- Born in AHan+a. Georgia. De- Carolina, February 3. I927. versi+y of Housfon. cember l7. I927. Graduafed Graduafed horn Tech High Phi The+a Kappa. NaHonal from Universify School for School. Employed by Har+- Junior College Honorary Scho- Boys. ford Fire Insurance Company. Iach Fra+erni+yz Alpha Kappa Marke+ing Club. Psi, PublicaHons Diredor; RAMPWAY S+aff. Seniors FRANK STANLEY BURGEN. JR. B.C.S.. Merchandising Born in Ferriday, Louisiana. June 20. I926. Graduafed from Cenfral High School. Vene+ian Socie'ry: Delfa Sigma Pi; Delfa Mu Delfa. Pre-Junior Key; lnframural Key, Dean's Lis+. RICHARD EDWARD BUTLER B.B.A., Accounfing Accoun+ing Associafion, A+lan+a Division. JESSE L. BYRD B.C.S., Accounfing Born in Colon. Rep. de Panama. Gradua+ed from Crisfobal High School. Employed by Rich's, Inc. Formerly affended Emory Universify, Chi Phi. WILLIAM FRANKLIN BYRD B.C.S., Social Sciences MORRIS KENNON CALDWELL. JR. B.C.S.. Business AdminisfraHon DeHa Sigma Pi. MARSHALL T. CALLAWAY B.B.A., Personnel Adminis+ra+ion Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia, April 26, I927. Graduafed from Tech High School. Employed by Wesfern Elecfric Company. HARRY H. CAMP. JR. B.B.A., Insurance, Real Es+a+e Phi Delfa The+a. WILLIAM THOMAS CAMP B.C.S.. Social Sciences V. X4 WM JMMKQQM , M - , y ymyiegzw b K 7; , , 9M?" y , bWWZCbe, , $4 yMz 73M zz y , L V 0 WM 2 y ,, gfggm , w W y M JOHN C. CANTRELL GERALD C. CARDER B.C.S., Business AdminisfraHon Born in AHanfa. Georgia, September 26, I927. Graduafed from Boys' High School. Employed by Rich's. Inc. x K, v fwym, ' y y x M V WILLIAM BURNEY CARR B.C.S. Enfered from Emory Universi+y. S+uden+ Council. JOHN T. CARROLL x: L b' j ' 2? 2 xx gs? m, y w r X CK y b y b. X? gy PAUL T. CARROLL 1y B.C.S.. Accounfing 1;? Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia, Augus+ 30. I926. Graduafed from Com- b R b mercial High School. Employed by American Arf Mefals Company. ? IRS? v A x b x 9x Nb; NW! by N x v 4ij Axawkm Will my, 26 as A a y Q v V ROBERT L. CARSON y , , B.B.A., Managemenf f s i b a L; vyyy Born in Young Harris. Georgia, December 2. l9l8. Gradua+ed from L L I ' b ; bf? Young Harris. Employed by Sears, Roebuck and Company. bay ELYEA DuPREE CARSWELL. JR. B.B.A. 1 i THOMAS CARLTON CARTER g; B.CbS., Economics i' M Graduafed from Deca+ur. Georgia High School. Employed by Georgia Arf Supply Company. Hm 2b xv , 2 K17 lences Social Sc' S C ANNIE Q. CHAFIN B Born Augusf 23. non Adminis+ra+ mess Barnesv .. Bus' S C HERMAN WESLEY CHAFFI N B n O .l + a r + .5 n .l WILLIE MAE CATHCART B.C.S., Business Adm CASH Markefing JAMES S. B.B.A., In Ea, Insfifui'e. y Henry Coun+y Georg . 4-H Ad- Gradua+ed from Locus+ Grove Ion BuHs Coun+y. I905. ucaf' m of Ed Employed b visor. Board Em- ille. Georgia. I925. Gradua+ed from Gordon Milifary School. in l ployed by Carifhers. Wallace 8b Courfenay Born June ZI gh Y! in Employed by Sears. C'r Ke Y Treasurer pan imson Who's Who 50 American Colleges and Uni- versi+ies, '50-'5 l . Thefa il Ch . I idenf Ph Gradua+ed from Ful+on H General Counc School Roebuck and Corn Pres Ia. . Gradua+ed . Georg from Tech High School ' Roysfon March 30. I928. Born j$$$w mg Georgia. Gradu- igh School, Employed by Sysfem. CHAPMAN I927 ' H Accounf Armuchee. ia. ilway Georg rn Ra In CHARLES R B.B.A., Born November 22, a+ed from Boys Rome, Soufhe ALVIN BRUCE CHANDLER THELMA CHANCE ing y' Grad- High nally I924. CHANCE Accouni' Cherokee Coun+ from Acworfh Employed by Nun 8t McCrea Company. , June 26 PAUL H B.C.$ In ia Georg Born ' uafed School seniors ROBT. HAROLD CHAPMAN B.C.S., Social Sciences Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia, Sep- +ember 4, I926. Graduated from A+Ian+a Boys' High SchooL Sigma Chi. i x N L 5 ODELL CLEMENTS B.B.A.. Accounfing Born in Calhoun. Georgia, April 28, I924. Graduafed from Mt Berry School for Boys. Em- ployed by Clark's Transfer Company. JAMES CHEN B.B.A., Finance Born in Shanghai. China. . CLONTS A N xxx 4 Q, s y Y Aax N srwswbwy w GRADY L. CHILDS DeHa Kappa; S+uden+ Council. AVA $ DON J. COFFEE. JR. B.C.S.. Accounfing Delfa Sigma Pi; Sfudenf Council. waxx sw y w $5M 3 av y $ J. MORRIS CLACKLER B.B.A.. Business AdminisfraHon Born in Colera, Alabama, June 28. I920. Gradua+ed from Murphy. Nor+h Carolina High School. Employed by Ve+- eran's Adminisfra+ion. Kappa Sigma Kappa; Infra- mural Key. OTIS W. COHRAN B.B.A.. Personnel and Indusfrial Rela+ions Born in Dallas. Georgia, De- cember 25, I925. Graduafed srom Dallas HEgh School. Em- ployed by Veferan's Adminis- +ra+ion. THOMAS J. COLLIER. JR. B.C.S. Business Adminis+ra+ion Born in Aflanfa. Georgia, Feb- ruary l9, l92l. Gradua+ed from AHanfa Boys' High School. Employed by Bo-Lo Company. WILLIAM C. COOK, JR. B.C.S., Social Sciences Minisfer of Hapeville Church of Chris'r. Chairman Membership Com- mi++ee of Sigma Tau Iofa; Presiden+ of Senior Class. Day Division. Aaguss vxxxx'x, v sass , 2N9 ' s xka ERIC L. COLLINS B.B.A.l Finance Formerly aHended Universi'ry of ChaHanooga; Dramafic Club Vice President '47; Non- FrafernHy Organizafion Vice President '46-'47; Y.M.C.A. CALVIN M. COOLEDGE a6 swxvmww t Qx, z 3 RUPERT G. COLLINS Lf. Col. PATRICIA A. COOPER B.C.S., Business AdminisfraHon Born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. chober I9, I929. Graduafed from Tubman High School, Augusfa. Georgia. Employed by S+ewar+ Bro+hers. Sfudenf Council. EDNA OWENS COMSTOCK B.C.S., Social Sciences JAMILEE M. COPELAN B.C.S., Social Sciences Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universiiies, '50-'5l; Secrefary. Senior Classl '50; RAMPWAY Beaufy Review Cour+I '49, '50; Speaker's Club Sponsor for RAMPWAY Re- view. '49; Kappa Sigma Kappa RAMPWAY Review Sponsor. '50: Sweefhearf of Kappa Sigma Kappa, '50: Sfudeni Council. '49, '50 Journalism LeHer. '49; Dean's Lisf, '49: Fashion Ediior, SIGNAL. '49, '50; Chi Rho Sigma. ROBT. M. COUNTS WALTER SCOTT CREASY B.C.$.. Business Adminis+ra+ion DOYLE E. COX B.B.A., Indus+rial Relafions Day Sfudenf CounciI-Socie+y for Advancemenf of Manage- men+. MITCHELL H. CREIGHTON B.B.A.. Markefing Born in Greenwood. Soufh Car- olina, June 7. I9I6. Gradua+ed from Greenwood. Soufh Caro- lina High School. Employed by Wes+inghouse Elecfric Com- pany. S+uden+ Council. MRS. CANDLER CRAIG CHARLES C. CULPEPPER B.C.S.. Business Adminisfrafion Born in LiHle Rock. Arkansas, chober 20. I928. Graduafed from Norfh Fulfon High School. JESSE WALLACE CREASY B.C.S.. Business AdminisfraHon C. W. CUNNINGHAM B.C.S., Business Adminisfrafion Civifan Club; Newnan Counfry Club. BETTY L. DAILEY B.C.S.. lndus+rial Relafions Kappa The+a, Corresponding Secrefary, '47; S+uden+ Coun- cil. I50. CHARLES L. DAVIS DORIS JANE DANIEL B.C.S.. Finance Born in AHanfa, Georgia. De- cember 28I I927. Graduafed from Commercial High School. Employed by Gambrell. Har- Ian, 8: Barwick. Del+a Lambda Sigma. Sec- re+ary, '50; Phi Chi The+a: Crimson Key. CHRISTINE DAVIS B.C.S.. Merchandising S+uden+ Council, '47-'49; Treas- urer Freshman Class; Secre+ary Sophomore Class: Junior Class Represen+a+ive. Beaufy Review. CLINTON L. DASHER. JR. B.B.A.. Economics Born in A+lan+a. Georgia. Sep- fember 23. I926. Gradua+ed from Hinesville. Georgia High School. Employed by Pafeni' Scaffolding Company. JACK DAVISI JR. B.B.A.. Business Adminish'afion Born in Fulfon Coun+y. March 3lI I927. Gradua+ed from Smyrna High School. Employed by FuHon Bag 8y CoHon. Sen IOr JOE WALTER DAVIDSON B.B.A. Marke+ing Club, Treasurer. '49-'50. President '50-'5l; Sfu- denf Council. '48-'50: General Council. '50-'5'. JUSTIN E. DAVIS B.B.A.. Markefing eniors ROY H. DAVIS B.B.A.. Insurance 8t Real Es+a+e Born in Temple. Georgia, April 24. I923. Gradua+ed from Temple High School. B.P.O.E.. 78. JIMMIE H. DEASE ROY G. DAWKINS B.C.S.. Personnel Adminis+ra- Hon Born in Vinegar Bend. Ala- bama. May I9. I926. Grad- uafed from Tech High School. Employed by FuHon Counfy Depar+men+ of Heal+h. SAMUEL WISTAR DENMARK B.B.A.I Economics DeHa Sigma Pi, Masfer of Fes- +ivi+ies, '49: S+uden+ Council. '46. '47, '48, '49: Presiden+ Sophomore Class: Presidenf Pre-Junior Class; Chairman Homecoming. '48; Chairman Carnival, '48: Masfer d Cere- monies. Mardi Gras. '5l; Vene- +ian Sociei'y: RAMPWAY SfaH, '48; Assisfanf Vice President FuHon Coun+y Federal Savings 4E Loan Associa+ion, Easf Poin+ Branch. WALTER E. DAWSON B.B.A.. Merchandising Born in Hinesville. Ga. EUGENE S. DINJAR B.B.A.. Marke+ing Born in Philadelphia. Pennsyl- vania. May 18. I928. Gradu- a+ed from Nor+h Fulfon High School. Employed by Rich's, Inc. American Markefing Associ- afion. JACK C. DEADY B.B.A.. Accounfing Accounfing Associafion; Mar- kefing Associafion. M. HULLMAN DODD B.B.A.. Managemenf Born in A+lan+a. GeorgiaI Au- gus+ I4. I927. Graduafed from Boys' High School. Employed bv Concord Radio Company. enlors FRANK A. DOLANI JR. B.C.S.. Business Adminis+ra+ion Born in Augusta. GeorgiaI Sepfember 24, I923. Graduafed from Maris+ College. Employed by Chapman ReaHy Company. WILLIAM R. DONALDSON WILLIAM S. DORR ODELL L. DUBREE WILLIAM KING DUGAN B.C.S.. Social Sciences Born in Warren, Ohio, June 30. I924. Gradua+ed from Jefferson High School. Employed by Uni'l'ed S+a+es Government GEORGE B. DUNBAR JACK L. DUNCAN B.B.A.I Marke+ing Born in ChaHanooga. Tennessee. Oc+ober I9. I923. Graduafed from Boys' High School. Employed by Nash Mofor Company. DeHa Sigma Pi: Venefian Sociefy. BEN EDELSTEIN B.B.A., Economics Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia, June 3. I928. Enfered from Tech High School. Member of Tau Epsilon Phi, '48-'5l, Vice Presidenf '49-'50. Seniors MINA EDENFIELD JAMES MCDONALD EDWARDS. B.B.A.. Personnel and Indus+rial Rela+ions Born in Jackson. Georgia. April l5. l9l4. Enfered from Commercial High School. A+Ian+a. Georgia. Bachelor of Commercial Science Degree !Social Sciencesy '49. General Council, '49-'5l. Recording Secrefary, '49-'50; Universify SIGNAL. '49-'50, Assis+an+ Edifor: Gamma Delta Phi. '48-'5l. Founder. Chapfer Adviser. '48-'49; RAMPWAY, '48-'5l. Assisfan+ Edifor. '48-'49. Consulfant '49-'50. Edi+or. '50-'5l; S+uden+ Council. '49-'5l; Venefian Socie'ry. '45-'5l. Presidenf '46-'47. Firs+ Vice President '45-'46; Delfa Sigma Pi. Kappa Chap+cr. '45-'5I. Direc+or of DeHasig Lodge. '45-'46; Glee Club Gold Key, '48. Silver Nofe. '49; Factu Award. '49. General Council Cup. '50; "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universi- fies." '50-'5'. J. B. ELDREDGE B.C.S.. Business Adminis+ra+ion Born in Eas+ Point Georgia April 3. I926. Graduafed from Russell High School. Employed by ClueH. Peabody 8x Company. Inc. Sigma Kappa Chi We're. Vice PresidenH; Del+a Nu Alpha. JUDSON W. ELDRIDGE. JR. B.C.S.. Transporfafion SPENCER JEFFERSON ELLARD B.C.S.. Secrefarial Sfudies T. J. ELLIOTT. JR. B.C.S.. Accounfing Born in McDonough. Georgia. January 4. I927. Gradua+ed from McDonough High School. Employed by Easf Poin+ Lumber Company. WALDEN W. ELLIOTT RUFUS C. ELLIS B.B.A.. Personnel Adminis+ra+ion Born in New Orleans. Louisiana. June 23. I926. Graduafed from DeLand High School. Employed by Armco Drain Company. EUGENE P. ELLISON B.B.A.. Personnel and Indus+rial Relafions Lxxiv. ngsxm XX - GEO. MARLOW EVERHART B.C.S., Social Sciences Life-Hme Member Old Bed- fordians Club. Bedford. Eng- land: Associa+e Member. The Nor+heas+ Coasf lns+i+u+e of Engineers and Shipbuilders, Unifed Kingdom, Canadian Legion. OLETA C. ENTREKIN B.C.S. Pi Kappa DeHa; Phi Chi The'l'a. JOHN WM. EWING, JR. B.B.A.. Personnel and lndusfrial Rela+ions Socie+y for Hue Advancemenf of Managemenf; MarkeHng Club. Sfudenf Chapfer. ELAINE EPSTEIN Diploma Secre+arial Science ROBERT M. FANT B.C.S.. Accoun+ing Born in Aflanfa. Georgia. Jan- uary 30. I924. Gradua+ed from Tech High School. Employed by The Ci+izens 8x Sou+hern Bank of A+Ian+a. 'AMWZTKA V JULIAN HARDEN EVANS B.C.S.. Business Adminishafion Born af Monroe. Georgia. JOSEPH H. FELKER enlors WM. MARK FIKE, JR. HAZEL FISHER WILLIAM A FISHER PAUL E. FITZPATRICK B.C.S.. Business Adminisfra+ion B.C.S.I Social Sciences B.C.S.. Business AdminisfraHon B.C.S., Soc?:al Science Born in Monfgomery. Alabama. Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia. Scholarship Key. Sigma Kappa Chi, Treasurer. A? 32 viz 2:0; JAMES HARDEN FLETCHER ALBERT HAYNES FLOWERS ROBT. WINTHROP FLOYD JAMES WALTER FORD B.B.A., lndusfrial Managemen+ B.B.A.. Personnel and Indus+rial B.B.A.. Insurance and Real B.C.S., Accoun+ing Born in Plains, Georgia, Jan- RelaHons Es+a+e Kappa Sigma Kappa; RAMP- uary 3, I928. Gradua+ed from Kappa Sigma Kappa Fra+er- Born in Carsrersvillel Georgia. WAYI '50-'5l. R. E. Lee lnsfifufe, Thomasfon. nify. Secrefary, '50; Sfudenf Ga. Occupafion: Rural Mail Council, '50; Gamma DeHa Carrier. Phi. '49-'5l, Secrefary. '50. Phi Gamma DeHa. WILLIAM ASA FORTSON B.C.S., Business Adminisfra+ion Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia. No- vember 25. I92l. Gradua+ed from Tech High. AHanfa, Geor- gia. Employed by Sears. Roe- buck and Company. CredH Depar+menf. Alpha Kappa Psi. EU ELL FRAZIER B.C.S., Accounfing DeHa Sigma Pi. '47-'5l. THOMAS J. FOUNTAIN. JR. B.B.A., Markefing Born in Deca+ur, Georgia, Sep- +ember 8, I925. Graduafed from Decafur Boys' High, De- ca+ur, Ga. Employed by Foun- +ain Service Sfafion. WM. THEODORE FRICKE B.C.S.. Merchandising . JERRY FOWLER B.B.A.. Managemen+ Born in ScoHdale. Georgia FRASURE KYTLE FRYE. JR. B.C.S.. Social Science Gradua+ed from Tech High. A+Ianfa. Georgia. CHARLIE FRANCO B.C.S.. Accounfing Born in Aflanfa. Georgia, June l7, I923. Gradua+ed from Commercial High School. MELBA FU NDERBURKE TROY L. FUTCH RICHARD ALLEN GARBER B.B.A., Marke+ing Born in Brooklyn. New York. May 27, I929. Graduafed from Boys' High School. Tau Epsilon Thefa. RICHARD M. GADDY B.C.S.. Finance Born in Washingfon. D. C., December 27, I928. Gradua+ed from Washingfon Lee High. DAN D. GARRETT B.B.A., Markefing Born in Loganville. Georgia. ERNEST L. GAINES IDA FRANCES GARRETT B.C.S., Secretarial S+udies Born in AHanfa. Georgia. JOSEPH M. GARBER JACK EUGENE GARTRELL B.B.A.. Economics DeHa Kappa; $+uden+ Council. '50-'5l: Vice President Junior Class, '50-'5l. CHARLES T. GAUSE, Ill B.C.S.. Social Science Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia. On factu of Russell High School. CHARLES ROBERT GI LLESPI E B.C.S. Born in CommerceI Georgia WALLACE HUGH GEORGE B.B.A., Managemenf Sociefy of Advancemen+ d Managemenf; Accounfing So- cie+y; Dean's Lisf. DAVID W. GILREATH CHARLES N. GIBSON B.C.S.. Personnel Adminis+ra- fion BENNETT HERBERT GINBURG B.B.A., lndusfrial Relafions Born in Balfimore, Maryland, December 6, I928. Enfered from AHanfa Boy's High School. Employed by LeRay Company. Tau Epsilon Phi. '49-'5l. Sec- re+ary, '49-'50. President '50- 'SI; General Council, '50-'5l; Sfudeni' Council. '50-'5l. Senior CHARLES W. GIBSON B.B.A.. Economics HUGH T. GLASCO B.C.S., Economics la. Mu. Science A B. igma Alpha Social A+Ian+a, Georg 5.. in o S C B Born FRANK ROBERT GREEN B KARIS ESTHER GUNBY JR. 5; x V? la. ing Ia+ion. Georg GOSSETT. . GRISCOM Accounf ide. ing Assoc Sunnys A .B In Accoun+ B DOROTHY L Born B D R A W O H lvx , 3A LAURA PORTER GOLDMAN CHARLES E. GREINER 5l: Cor- Jan- Gradua'red from NorH'I Clayfon H iahon. '49 50-'5 l. igh School Assoc Secre+ary. eniors wiixwkg B Xxx HIRAM E. GREER B.B.A.. Accouang Born in Oxford. Georgia uary 27. JOHN D. GOINS Accoun+ responding General Seniors JAMES F. GU NTER B.C.S.. Accouni'ing Enfered from Elber+on High Born in Comer. Georgia, April 4. I92l. SchoolI Elberfon, Georgia. Member of +he Ve+erans Club. Employed by +he Hospifal Services SecHon of +he Georgia Depar+men+ of Public HeaIH-I. Cap+ain Regular Army Reserve. FLOYD MACK HAGLER Business Adminisfra+ion Born in Aus+ell, Georgia. Sociefy for Hue Advancemen+ of Management President '50-'5l. EDWARD ERNEST HALE B.C.S.. Accounfing DeHa Sigma Pi. Mas+er of Fesfivi'ries, '50-'5l; ln+ramural Key: Venefian Socie+y: Sfudenf Council. '49-'50l '50-'5l; SIGNAL. '49-'50. oib ELIZABETH SAVAGE HALE B.C.S.. Social Sciences Born in Decafur, Georgia. Sfuden+ Council. m, mowwm JOSEPH MERRELL HALE B.C.Sv.I Business Adminisfrafion Born in AHan'l'a, Georgial January 4. I927. Employed by The William S. Merrell Co. Wholesale Drug. Sigma Kappa Chi. HENRY W. MARION RANDOLPH HALL B.B.A.. Accoun+ing Born in Rome. Georgia. JOHN D. HALLSWORTH B.C.S.. Social Science Born in LaGrange. Illinois. July 30I I922. Graduafed from Boys High School. Employed by +he Cify of A+lan+a. 4n H ,, , 2w WA 3 ionI ion. ing Educa+ ica. Gradua+ed from m 0 r II IO 6 .T a u IO 6 r 6 I928. f Nurs Ies ion I9 H 8. iences I9. Teachers of Amer ing Florida. Inisfra+ HARBIN Sc June Sciences ia Fu+ure kef Ia. ial . HAMES Sfud HARDMAN ial Mar iness Adm Social Georgia, May 25I Employed by Cobb Coun+y Board of Educaf Soc Arcad Secrefar A Bus .S., CARL C. B S Hy of Georg '48 JAMES T. HARMON B.C S. Georgia, Born in Gordon Counfy. Employed by Deparfmenf o LUCY JO HARBOUR ROSE MARI E HARPER B.C C B In MAURICE H Born B Ivers Secre+ary, CHARLES H JAMES DANI EL HAMPTON iploma MERIAM MARJORIE HAMILTON Ion Un igma, D Phi The+a S 15' Lawrenceville. igh School. igh School in Canfon H Befhesda H A+lan+a Div Born JAS. C. HARRINGTON, JR. ORVILLE G. HARRINGTON STEPHEN H. HARRINGTON B.B.A., Managemen+ Born in Decafur, Georgia. JOHN WILLIAM HARRELL B.C.S.I lndusfrial Relafions B.B.A.. Managemen+ Born in Lifhia SpringsI Georgia. xxgwom SYBIL WRETHA HARTLEY PAUL OZIE HARVEY DAVID HAYNES GLORIA J. 3.5.. Nursing EducaHon B.C.S.I Accounfing Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia. Born in Tennille. Georgia. Sep- +ember 24. l92l. Graduafed JFrom Tennille High School. Employed by Grady Memorial Hospi+al. seniors ,gngf' x Q 2; 9 zgg, x 4 Q- 1 262w JUANITA HEDDEN BENJ. FRED HEDGES. JR. WALTER T. HEIST KENNETH L. HELMKAY B.B.A., Accoun'l'ing B.B.A., Insurance and Real B.B.A.. Personnel and Indus+rial Born in Hiawassee. Georgia. Es+a+e Relahons Delfa Sigma Pi. '47-'48-'49-'50. Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia, June Senior Warden. '48, Junior ll, I922. Gradua+ed from Ful- Warden. '49; Venefian Sociefy. +on High School. Employed by '48-'49: Speakers Club. '48-'49- Armco Drainage 8! Me+al Prod.. '50; In+ramural Key, '48-'49-'50. Inc. President '49-'50; Treasurer DeHa Sigma Pi. '50-'5I: Sfu- Sophomore Class. '48; Presi- den+ Council, '47, '49. den+ of Junior Class. '49; In- ferfrafernHy Council, '48; Vice Presidenf of General Council, '49-'50; S+uden+ Council, '48-'49-'50. 2 ; 2 7 C. DON HENDERSON EWELL T. HENDON. JR. FURMAN B. HENDRIX CATHRYN F. HENRY B.C.S.. Social Science B.B.A., Accounfing B.B.A.I Secrefarial Science Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia, No- Born in Avondale Es+a+es. vember 6. I928. Graduafed Georgia, February 22. I926. from Tech High School. Gradua+ed from Deca+ur Boys Gamma DeHa Phi, Char+er High. Priva're Pracfice Law- Member. President '48-'49; yer-Decafur. Georgia. PlaycraHers; Sigma Kappa Chi; Phi Alpha DeHa: Elk Deca- Opera Workshop, '50-'5l. +ur No. l602; Mason Kirk- wood No. 548. ROBT. L. H ENSON B.C.S. BETTY JEAN HILL B.C.S.. Social Science Born in Covingfon. Georgia. Sep+ember I4, I928. Gradu- afed from Commercial High. Employed by Civil Aeronaufics Adminisfrafion. DeHa Lambda Sigma. Scribe, '50, Firsf Vice President '50- '5I P4935H: Phi Chi The+a, '49-'5I; Crimson Keyl '50-'5l: S+uden+ Council, '48-'49: Gen- eral Council, '50-'5l; Dean's Lis+I '49: Who's Who Among Sfudenfs in American Colleges and Universifies, '50-'5l: SIG- NAL, '47-'49: RAMPWAYl '49 and 'SI. WILLIAM I. HERNDON CHARLES D. HERRING B.C.S.. Accounfing Del+a Sigma Pi: Dean's Key: RAMPWAY, Treasurer, '50. JAMES AUDLEY HILL, JR. WILLIAM JOSEPH HILL B.L.S.. Business AdminisfraHon Born in Aflanfa. Georgia. Society for Advancemenf of Managemenf: Accounfing So- ciefy. Seniors A. K. HIGGINBOTHAM B.C.S.. Accounfing WILLIAM WALLACE HILL B.C.S.. Business Adminis+ra+ion WALTER KLOECKLER HOCH B.B.A.. Accounfing Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia. Chi Psi 4A+hens DivisionL WEYMAN H. HOLLAND B.B.A.. Managemenf LAU RA EVELYN HOLBROOK B.B.A. Born in MarieHa, Georgia, Au- gus+ I7. I928. Graduafed from Rober+ L. Osborne High School. Employed by The Coca-Cola Company. DeHa Lambda Sigma; Epsilon Sigma Alpha; Fufure Teachers of America. MARY LOUISE HOLLIS B.C.S., Social Sciences Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia, Graduafed from Girls High School, A+Ian+a, Georgia. In+erfra+erni+y Council, '48- '49; General Council, '49-'5l, Execufive Secre+ary, '49-'50; Gamma Delfa Phi. '48-'5l; Founder. Third Vice President '48-'49. President '49-'50. Sec- ond Vice President '50-'5l; S+uden+ Councill '49-'5l; RAMPWAY. '48-'5l, Layouf EdH-or, '49-'50l Associafe Edi- +or. '50-'5l; SIGNALI '49-'5l. Associafe Liferary Edifor. '49- '50, Associafe Edifor. '50-'5l: Glee Club, '47-'50I Firsf Vice President '48-'50. LLOYD G. HOLBROOK WM. PRATHER HOLLOWAY B.B.A.. Managemenf RAY E. HOLCOMBE BONNIE B. HOLMES Florida. Em- Graduafed from igh School. lence fy. Sc' Credif Clu b Accoun+ing Member of Georgia Associa- iaI Plan+ C ., Soc dent .S I9I I Hy H ployed by The Elec+ric Supply Company. C S In I B Mayll C Pres B WILLIAM LeROY HOUSE ion of Credif Men. MARIANNE RUTH HUGHEY Born Planf C + , Feb ia Gradua+ed from Employed mg ny. Georg lences HORD Sc .. Accounf ial I922. igh School. by The Texas Compa 5.. Soc ERNEST M. S B C MARINELL HUGHES B a. + n a .H CA m n r O B ruary 7l Ful+on H lence Sc Fulfon Coun- Counfy Teacher HOPKINS S HUDQINS 3.6 Sgcial Teacher FuHon Associa+ion. ETHEL B B.CS Enfered from Oglefhorpe Un +y vers: +y GEORGE R ' fra- ia. lf'IIS HOLT B.B.A. Personnel Adm Jrion Aflanfa. Georg JACK A. in .A Born B WILLIAM DAVID HUBBARD B eniors J. FRANK HUMPHRIES. JR. B.C.S.. Indusfrial Relafions Delfa Sigma Pi. Junior Ward- en, '49, Scribe. '46: Vene+ian Sociefy: Speakers Club: In+ra- mural Key: S+uden+ Council. '50. JAMES FRANKLI N IRVIN B.B.A. Born in Newton. Georgia. GRADY MILTON HUNT B.C.S., Merchandising Born in S+one Mounfain. Geor- giaI June 26. I922. Graduafed from Fulfon High School. Em- ployed by Sears, Roebuck. 895 Gordon Sin. 5. W.I Aflanfa. Georgia. Member: Masons; Woodmen of +he World. WILLIAM F. JENNINGS B.B.A., Insurance and Real Esfafe Born in AHanfa. Georgia. Oc- +ober 22, I926. Graduafe of Commercial High School, A+- Ian+a, Georgia. En+ered Hwe A+Ian+a Division from A+hens Branch, Universi'l'y of Georgia. RUFUS F. HUNT B.C.S.. Personnel Adminis+ra- 'Hon Born in Union Springs, Ala- bama, Augus+ I5. l92l. Grad- uafed from H. Gaines High. Employed Crum 82 Forsfer. ESTELLE JOHNSON RICHARD W. HUNTER B.B.A.l Economics WILLIAM C. JOHNSON. JR. Seniors WILLIAM H. JOHNSTON B.C.S., Finance CHESTER T. JONES B.C.S., Business Adminisfra+ion FRED F. JONES, JR. B.B.A.I Accouni'ing Born in AHanfa, Georgia. June 6. I924. Graduafed from Tech High School. Employed by Parks-Chambers, Inc. DeHa Sigma Pi: Kappa Sigma Kappa. JOHN S. JONES B.C.S.. Economics Born in A+Ianfa. Georgia. THOMAS GILBERT JONES B.B.A.. Accounfing Born in Clyde, Nor+h Carolina. HARRY L. KADEL B.C.S.. Social Sciences JENNINGS SMITH KENDALL, JR. B.C.S., Accouang Born in Asheville, Nor+h Carolina, December 25, I926. Enfered from Tech High School. AHended Mercer Universify. Macon. Georgia. while on Navy V-l2 dufy. Member of Alpha Lambda Tau Chapfer. Mercer Universi+y. Employed by Fisher Body Division. General Mo'rors Corporafion, Aflanfa, Georgia. MARIE KENDALL B.C.S., Social Science En+ered from North Georgia College. Employed by Sears. Roebuck and Company. DeHa Lambda Sigma, '49-'5l; Phi Chi The'l'a, '49-'5I; Crimson Key. '50-'5l; S+uden+ Council; RAMPWAY. '50; Dean's Lisf four quarfers. um X w '+uaw969u9w i0 +uaweou9Apv Jo; Magoog :89' '96p01 'w 'V 1g a 'egfuoag 'BmASJlPPV u! was suoHeleu Iewsnpul pue lauuosuad "V'g'g 'HF 'AEOV'I '8 GHOdNVS 15d eddex eqdlv '+UOUJUJBA09 'S 'n Aq paAoldwg 'looqos LISEH dnpunou uJOJJ. pe+9np919 'Hbl 'z eunr '9u9+uow 'dnpunou ug UJog 6ug+unooov I'V'H'S OVWON San'I ANOHlNV 'IS.'6V. 'AVMdWVH iweal IlqurmlSPa 15d eddPM PHdIV 109:617. '1VN9IS iuaunoo +"9P"+S :U'r9'r. IWSPFSJd 'Lbf9v. anlO ueu"MN 10$?th IUPFOWH 'Magoog uvueuaA 119,-09. 'OS.'617. 'UPWIPHO Imlsswwa '!5d eddvx Elidlv saouegos 'egoos "S'Q'g SERMON N031 GHVNHEG SOUGEOS IQEJ9+BJDGS "V'aT! lHSINX NVEII" A'IHEIAHS NED! Cl 183808 9NDI "I CIIAVG CIGDI '0 MAKE! 1y. 'uonepunod uekelsaM 'AJe+aJoeg :uo!+epuno:l ueAeiseM 'qu ewbgs 9+9Hl wweulsua +0 SdJOO 'S .n Aq perldwa eouagas legoog "5-3-3 AGENNEDI NVEF A1139 SJOIueg JOHN B. LAWRENCE, JR. LENA RUTH LAWRENCE WILBUR W. LAWRENCE B.B.A., Finance B.B.A.. Economics B.C.S.. Finance Born in Adel, Georgia. Employed by Deparfmenf of Born in Aflanfa. Georgia. +he Navy, Office of Inspecfor of Naval Ma'l'erial. Phi Chi The+a. Treasurer. '48-'49. Presidenf. '49-'50; Crimson Key. Secrefary, '49: In+erfra+erni+y Council, '47-'49. THESON M. LANGLEY ' B.B.A.. Accounfing H. LEE. JR. MORTON M. LEFKOFF CHARLES ROBERT LEAKE LAURA FQRDIL'LEA'RY B.B.A.. Markefing B.B.A., Marke'Hng B.B.A.l Per'sonhelyMa'nagemenf Markefing Sociefy, '50-'5h Socie+y 'for Advancemenf of DeHa Sigma Pil '5, Management Secre+ary. Tau EpsNon Phi. Vice Chan- cellor LLOYD B. LEONARD B.B.A Business Adminis+ra+ion Circle 'K.' Born in Gary. Indiana. BERNICE C. LILES B.C.S Social Sciences DAVID LEVINS B.B.A., Accounfing DIANA L. LILES B.C.S.. Social Sciences Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia. HANK LEVINSON JOHN A. LILES B.C.S.. Personnel Adminisfrm Hon Glee Club, '47-'49. Second Vice President '49: General Council, '48; Gamma Delfa Phi. '48-'50. WILLIAM ROBERT LEWIS B.C.S Personnel Adminisfra- Hon Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia. S+uden+ Council; Personnel Club of A+lan+a. Presidenf. '50-'5I. JOHNNIE L. LINTON, B.C.S., Accoun'ring Born in Easf Poinf. Georgia. January 26, I925. Graduafed from Hapeville High School. ing LOW E Accounf 'v C B GARLAND W .S Inisfrafion . iness Adm Bus 5., Sfudeni' Counc C Y O J E V O L N 0 TI m H N H O J B Igma DeHa S' is+orian. '49. H . II '50. CHARLES ROBERT LUMPKIN B.B.A., Managemen+ MarkeHng Club. LORENTZSON JOYCE B. . McCARROLL B.A., Acoun+ing WILLIAM D B . McBATH WILLIAM L STEWART LYON . McCLESKEY CAROLYN E B.B.A. Managemenf Club. Cha Publicii'y ior Chamber of ive Du+y U. 5. Jun : Acf irman Commerce A Force. ir RALPH E. McCORKLE. JR. B.C.S., Business Adminisha+ion Born in A+lan+a. Georgia, May 28, I924. Graduafed from A+- Ian+a Boys High School. Em- ployed by A+lan+a Gas Ligh+ Company. Kappa Sigma Kappa, Social Vice Presidenf; Vene+ian So- ciefy; Sfudenf Council. GROOVER C. McCLURE HOWARD J. MCDONALD B.C.S., Accoun'ring Diploma in Public Accounfing. JOHN B. McGHEE THOMAS E. MCCOY. JR. B.B.A., Insurance and Real Es+a+e Born in Hun+sville. Alabama, December 28. I926. Enfered from Cave Springs High School. Cave Springs, Geor- gia. Employed by +he Harf- ford Fire Insurance Company. Fire Division. Now on ex+ended dufy wifh Navy. s+a+ioned as AviaHon Machinisf Mafe 3rd ClassI Naval Air S+a+ion. Chamblee. Georgia. CLAUDE B. MCCRORY. JR. B.C.S., Indush'ial Rela+ions INEZ L. McMANMON HAROLD H. McGINNIS B.B.A., Markefing Born in CummingI Georgia. July 26. I925. Gradua+ed from Cumming High School. Em- ployed by Sears, Roebuck and Company. ewwwAMXw MABRY MARTIN Graduafe- iness Adminisfra'l'ior I924. .5va $NA$AAVAA AywAyAVAsV . . A Awsos. BLAINE H Bus CARL M B.C.S., Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia, De cember 26, from A+lan+a Boys High School MAHL MARTIN FRANK McSHERRY JOHN H. JR. Ing Avsx A McREE Accoun+ A FRED W B B K R A L a M S r: M A J F. G R O E G C ANNA A X A MADISON . ial and Personnel Managemenf Spar+anburg, S Indus'rr .B.A Born in DOUGLAS A JEFFERSON DAVIS McMINN B eniors ERNEST JUSTINIAN MARTIN B.C.S.. Business Adminisfrai'ion Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia. AVIS MATTHEWS B.C.S.. Social Sciences SAM MASSELLl JR. B.C.S., Merchandising Phi Epsilon Pi. Vice President Phi Kappa Liferary Socieiy; Nu Befa Epsilonl President Sigma Del+a Kappa. Secrefary; A+h- ens American Legion Post Ad- iu+an+; Business Manager, GEORGIA CRACKER; Edifor. FRATERNITY FRONT; Assis+- an+ Ediisorl FRATERNITY WAY; Gridiron Honorary Socie+y: I.F.C.; I.R.C.; Alpha Phi Omega; "Greaf Greeks on Hue American Campus"; Govern- men+ Appeal Agenf. Georgia Seleche Service Board, No. 64; Cify Councilmanl City of Mouniain Park, Georgia; Hon- orary Depu'ry Sheriff, FuHon Counfy, Georgia: Nafional SheriFF's Associai'ion; Junior Chamber of Commerce. MARVIN L. MAXEY B.B.A.I Accoun'ring Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia. En- +ered from Boys High School. Member of Nafional Sheriff's Associafion, Special Depu+y Sheriff of Ful+on Coun+y. Geor- gia. and Vice Presidenf of +he Associafed Cab Company. WILLIAM H. MASSEY. JR. B.C.S. WALLACE W. MAYNE B.C.S.. Accounfing LARRY MASTING B.C.S.. Business Adminis+ra+ion CANDLER C. MEADORS. JR. B.B.A.. Marke+ing Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia. Markefing Club. Seniors FRANCIS WILLIAM MEINHOLD ALAN RICE MEISEL B.C.S.l Social Sciences l.Z.F.A.. '46-'5I, President '49-'5l; Presidenf A+Ian+a Assembly I.Z.F.A.. '47, PublicHy Chairman A+Ian+a Assembly I.Z.F.A., '47: EdH'or, Soufhern Region I.Z.F.A., newspaper. '49; Technical Direcfor. Soufhern Region I.Z.F.A. Summer Camp, '50: Vice Presidenf Sou+hern Region I.Z.F.A., '50: General Council Represen+a+ive. '49-'5I; Sfudenf Council, '47: Dean's List wifh Dis+inc+ion, '48: Edifor, +he Liferary Sec+ion, UNI- VERSITY SIGNAL. '50-'5l; Poem Published in "Annual An+hology of College Poe+ry." '48. PATRICIA E. MERRELL B.C.S.. Social Sciences Born in A+Ian+a, 6a.. March 23, I928. Graduate of Commercial High. Aflan'ra. Georgia. Kappa Thefa. Vice President '50-'5l: Secrefary Sfudenf Council. '49-'50: RAMPWAY Beau+y Revue, '48. '49, '5I: Venefian Sponsor. '48-'49; Decorafions Chairman, Mardi Gras. '5l; Treasurer. Senior Class. '50-'5I. WILLIAM P. MIDDLETON B.B.A.I Managemenf Born in Wilmingfon, Delaware. March 30. I928. Gradua+ed from Georgia Milifary College. DAVID EVANS MILLER. JR. B.B.A., MarkeHng Markefing Club, '49-'5l. JIMMYE KATHRYN MILLER B.C.S.. Social Science Kappa Thefa. '46-'5l, Secre+ary, '46-'47, Firsf Vice President '48-'49: Alvinian Club, '46-'48. Treasurer. '47-'48: Sfudenf Council. '47-'49, Secrefary, '48-'49; Vice Presidenf Pre-Junior Class: Secrefary Senior Class; ln+erfra+ernify Council, '48-'50, Secrefary-Treasurer. '49-'50: Speakers' Club Sponsor. '49-'50; General Councill '50: PublicHy Chair- man. Mardi Gras. '5l; Crimson Key, '49-'5l. Treasurer. '50-'5l; RAMP- WAY Sfaff. '48I '50-'5I; SIGNAL Sfaff. '50-'5'. W. RAY MILLER B.C.S.. Economics ROGER O. MILLER Diploma in Accounfing 7 vm SeniQrs JOHN FUNLEYSON MITCHELL. JR. B.C.$.. Social Science Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia. Sigma Tau lo+a, President Markefing Club. EMORY T. MONTGOMERY B.C.S.. Business Adminis+ra+ion HENRY B. MONTGOMERY, JR. B.C.S.I Indus+rial Rela+ions Born in Deca+ur, Georgia. DeHa Kappa. Governor. '49-'50, Mas+er of Rifuals. I48-'49; Presidenf d Evening DivisionI '50-'5l; Presiden+ of S+uden+ Council, '50-'5l; Secre- +ary In+ramural Key. '50-'5l: S+uden+ Council, '47, '48. '49. '50; General Council. '49-'50: Mosf Ou+s+anding Junior. '50; "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universifies." '5l. ANTHONY MOORE B.S.C. Born in Lakeland, Florida CLAUDE E. MORRIS. JR. B.C.S., Social Sciences Born in AHanfa, Georgia. November 23, I924. Graduafe of Avondale High School. Avondale, Georgia. Enfered from Emory UniversHy. Campus Club. '46: Sigma Kappa Chi, Befa Chapfer, l48-'5l, Presi- denf, '48-'49; Alpha Kappa Psi. '49-'5I. Social Chairman. '49-'50: Ins+i+u+e of Research PsychologyI '47-'48; Vene+ian Sociefy. l50'-'5l; Sfudenf Councill '46-'49; General Council, '49-'50: In+erfra+erni+y Councill '47-'49. WILLIAM D. MORRIS JAMES MOORE MORRISON B.C.S., Social Science Born in AHani'a, Georgia, Augusf 24, I925. Gradua+ed from A+lan+a Boys' High School. Y.W.C.A. Dance Club; S+uden+ Council, l47I '48. '49. '5I; Presidenf Junior Classl '48-'49; Civil Air Pa+rol Pilot PHILIP DOUGLAS MOSHER B.B.A.. MarkeHng Born in Roswell. Georgia. MarkeHng Club; Dean's List x JAMES NELSON MOSS B.C.S., Business AdminisfraHon W WM 4 HAROLD J. MYERS FRED M. MOWREY B.B.A., Accoun+ing Born in Cleveland. Tennessee. April 22. I9l9. Gradua+ed from Bradley High School. Em- ployed by Burroughs Adding Machine Company. JULIAN G. NAPOLES B.B.A., Accounfing EDWARDS C. MURRAY B.B.A., MarkeHng Born in Ellaville, Georgia. De- cember 30, I9I9. En+ered from Ellaville High School, Ellaville. Georgia. Member of Marke+- ing Club, I50-'5I. DORIS A. NASH Senior MILDRED MURRAY B.C.S., Social Sciences Phi Chi Thefa, I48-'5I, Re- cording Secrefary. '49-'50. Vice President '50-'5l; Crimson Key. '49-'5l; S+uden+ Council. '48-'49; General Council, '50- '5l. Treasurer. '50-'5l: DeHa Mu DeHa. '50-'5l, President '50-'5l; RAMPWAY Assisfan+ Layou+ Edi+or. '50-'5l. Employed by +he AHanfa Board of Educafion. GEORGE M. NASH B.C.S., Accouang g 1.1.108 I9 S'O'S 'HEIMON HEi'IVM WVI'HIM 9 +unow auo+s u 8 PCS 0 menu eddex 'S'O "IVEN HHdHVH ASHE! 'eleoe SBOUBFDS U19 SJOIU9 8 8 O S 8 zoos M A1138 V 3 SVWOHJ. S I9 IO . +unooov saauago WEN Bu! HSVHN 5 8 O 9 e u a J 9 us 3 e+ol n91 9w6 pos ' ITIEIN NHAHLS 1838 . lOUf'IO IS +U9P!58Jd 93 1V3N.O HITIVW II !A seaueps I9 H.108 8 I'v'a llO SI'I'IIM AOCI ':i NVWHO poomAeH u +unooov a 'eLuoquO 6ul SEHSON JAMES L. OVERTON B.C.S., Social Sciences MARY PACE B.C.S., Social Sciences Born in Redan, Georgia. Au- gusf 7. I923. Graduafed from Avondale High School. Em- ployed by Presby+erian Gen- eral Council. Phi Chi Theta. '47-'5l: Treas- urerl '50-'5l; Crimson Key. '49- 'SI. Secrefary, '49-'50; RAMP- WAY, '50-'5I. CHRISTINE KEY OWEN B.C.S., Social Sciences Born in Lauderdale. Mississippi, July 26. l9l4. Graduafed from DeKaIb High School. Employed by FuHon Counfy Board of Educa+ion. GERALD JOE PALLER B.B.A.. Managemenf MONROE SANDERS OZMENT B.B.A.. Accouang KENNETH C. PALMER W MARTHA PACE B.C.S., Social Science Born in Redan. Georgia, Au- gusf 7. I923. Graduafed from Avondale High School. Em- ployed by fhe A 8n P Tea Com- pany. Phi Chi Thefa. '47-'5l; Re- cording Secre+ary. '48-'49: Crimson Key. '48-'5l. Secre- +ary. '50-'5l; RAMPWAY, '50-'5I. LAWRENCE W. PALMER 744; v JOHN K. PALMISANO B.C.S., Social Sciences JOHN FRANKLIN PARKER B.C.S.. Business Adminis+ra+ion Born in A+Ianfa. Georgia. Venefian Sociefy. JAMES E. PANTHANA, JR. B.C.S.. Business AdminisfraHon WARREN H. PASS EMORY D. PARIS ADELYNE CROW PATRICK B.C.S., Educa+ion Born in Tucker. Georgia. RlCHARD EUGENE PARIS B.B.A.. Managemenf Born in Aflanfa. Georgia. CARL PAUL B.B.A.. Personnel and Indusfrial Relafions Delfa Sigma Pi. Born in Wadley, Georgia. JAMES W. PAYNE B.B.A.. MarkeHng VERNON L. PHILLIPS, R.N. B.C.S.. Nursing Educa+ion Born in Monfrose. Arkansas. Transferred from Ouachi'l'a Bap+is+ College, Arkadelphia. Arkansas. Employed by Geor- gia Bapfisf Hospi+al, AHanfa, Georgia. TH EODORE S. PENDRAK HOWARD V. PENDLEY B.C.S.. Social Sciences B.C.S.. Transpor+a+ion DeH'a Nu Alpha. Treasurerl '50; Board of Direc+ors, '49; S+u- denf Council, '48. '49. '50; General Council. '5I; RAMP- WAY, '50-'5l. CARLTON F. PIERCE B.B.A.I Finance DeHa Sigma Pi, l49-'5l. WILLIAM H. PHILLIPS B.B.A., Economics Senior WILLlAM N. PERRY B.C.S.. Accoun+ing Born in Aflanfa, Georgia. CHARLES M. PINSKY B.C.S.. Social Sciences eniors WILLIE T. PIRKLE B.C.$.. Business Adminisfrafion HENRY M. POWELL, JR. B.B,A., Managemenf DONELL DAVID PITTMAN B.B.A.. Personnel and lndusfrial RelaHons WILLIAM R. POWELL WILLIAM STANLEY PORTER B.C.S., Accounfing Born in Pelham. Georgia. ROSS H. PRATER B.B.A., Traffic and Transporfa- +ion Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia, Jan- uary I8, I922. Gradua+ed from Tech High School. Employed by AHaan S+eel Company. American Legion; DeHa Nu Alpha. CARL WINFREY POSS B.C.S., Business Adminisfrafion Born in Deca+ur, Georgia. En- +ered horn Decafur Boys High School. ln+ramural Key. '50-'5l. Sec- re+ary. '5I; Sfudeni' Council. '47-'51: RAMPWAY. '48-'5l; Infersrafernify Council. '48-'49; General Council. '49-'5I: SIG- NAL Sfaff. '47-'50, Spor+s Edi- for. '49-'50: Speakers Club. '48- '5I, Hisforian. '49-'50. Vice President '50-'5I; Pre-Junior Class Treasurer. '49-'50: Sigma Kappa Chi, Be+a Chapfer. '48- 'SI. Secrefary, '49-'50; Alpha Kappa Psi, Pi Chapfer, '48-'5I, Baske+ball Team, '49-'50. Board of Direc+ors of Building Corpo- ra+ion, '49-'50. Treasurer of Pi Chap+er, '49-'50, Lodqe Man- ager. '48-'49. Co-Edifor of PILOT, '48-'50. LEON G. PRATTES Seniors VIRGIL S. PRICE FRED ALEXANDER PRI EST B.C.S. Born in Tiffon. Georgia. May 4, I927. Graduafed from Rockmarf. Georgia High School. Employed by Sinclair Refining Company. MARY E. PROCTOR ROBERT LEE PULLEN B.C.S.. Accounfing Accoun+ing Associafion: Sociefy for +he Advancemenf of Management HUGH F. PULLIAM B.C.$.. Accounfing Born in Gulfport Mississippi. Kappa Psi Medallion; DeHa Mu Delfa Key. FRANK G. RABB B.C.S., Social Sciences Born in Millen, Georgia, March l2l l9l5. Graduafed from Millen High School. Employed by Veferans Admin s+ra+ion. HENRY ROBERT RADFORD B.B.A., Accoun'Hng Born in Keysville. Georgia, Augus+ 29, I9l3. Graduafed hom Wrens High School. and employed by +he Simmons Company. Aflanfa, Georgia. MARVIN JULIO RAMOS B.C.S.I Merchandising 7, 2? s. s ?v MVMNWVW V 3?? V2 ,"B A33? 1 W Vw m w c ,s Troy, is. l ; Tenn ions ion ion ion JR. Rela+ Ia. +ra+ JR +ra+ ia. +ra+ ial Baske'rball is I B is il. lence RAMOS in in Georg Key; lndusfr , Georg REEDER ial Sc' RAMSEY Soc Florence, Alabama. Transferred from Troy College in RANSBOTHAM iness Adminisfrafion. Business Adm in Decafur Inframural Bus S+uden+ Counc In A+lan+a Personnel Adm SAM N. RANSOM C EDITH HUIET REIS CECIL M. S ., Business Adm B MARION R A Born i B igma P S .S .5 Born LU NA B. RANSBOTHAM Personnel and MORRIS D ROBERT E. C C C B 'I THOMAS HENRY RENE B B B A B Delfa S In 8 Born FLORIAN S. REPIK B.C.S.. Merchandising Kappa Sigma Kappa. JOHN WILLIAM RICHARDS B.B.A. Alpha Kappa Psi; Economics Sociefy; Sociefy for +he Acl- vancemen+ of Managemen'l'; Moose Club; American Legion: Lions Club; Governor's Sfaff; U. S. Page Boy Sociefy. DAVID E. B.B.A. Born in Abbeville. Georgia. Employed by Eas+ Poinf Supply Company. MARGU ERITE L. RICHERT DOUGLAS WARREN RICE B.C.S.. Insurance and Real Esfafe Born in Douglasville. Georgia. DOROTHY L. ROBERTSON B.C.S. Born in Deca+ur. Georgia. LILLIAN L. RICH B.C.S.. Social Sciences WILLIAM S. ROBINS B.C.S., Accounfing Delfa Sigma Pi. Scribe. '48-'49, Senior Warden, '49-'50; Vene- +ian Sociefy: S+uden+ Council. '47, '48, '49, '50, Vice President '50-'5l: Presiden+ General Council, '50-'5l; Delfa Mu Delfa Pre-Junior Key Highes+ Averageh Inframural Key, Vice President eniors ALBERT ROBINOWICH B.B.A.. Accoun+ing Born in Dublin. Georgia. Sociefy for +he Advancemenf of Management Accoun+ing Associafion. EDWARD JOSEPH RUSSELL B.B.A.I Accoun+ing Born in Aflanfa, Georgia, Jan- uary 26. I9I9. Gradua+ed from Boys' High School, A+Ianfa. Employed by Elecfrical Whole- salersl Inc. BONNIE G. ROWE Born in College Park, Georgia. Teacher of Insfrumen+a+ion, Cable Music Co. Gamma DeHa Phi. '50-'5II Treasurer, '50-'5I. JANE HARDMAN RYAN B.C.S.. Adverfising Born in Deca+ur, Georgia. FRANCES E. ROYAL B.B.A., Social Sciences Born in FayeHeville, Noan Car- olina. June I. I927. Graduafed From Cenfral High School. ZACK EDWARD RYAN. JR. B.B.A.. Business Adminisfrafion Born in A+Ian+a. GeorgiaI Au- gus+ l2, I920. Gradua+ed from Tech High School. Employed by HarHord Fire Insurance Company. Alpha Kappa Psi. Treasurer. '50-'5l. EMANUEL RUBIN B.C.S.. Accounfing Alpha Epsilon Pi. CHARLES JOSEPH SAMS B.B.A., Managemenf Alpha Tau Omega: Mineral Sociefy. Georgia ia. Ing Science Georg SETZER C.S.. Accoun+ SCARBORO So.cial Deca+ur S+udenf Council. in JOHN T. B SAMU EL J B C.S., Born JR. Oc- Ing Ia Graduafed igh School Georg SCOTT ., Accoun+ M.anagemen+ I9 I 7 S l2 HARRY W. SASSER B B Born in Eafonfon +ober C WILLIAM E .B.A.. from Decafur Boys H iences SANDERS Sc ial N A M Z T R A W H C S .. Soc S WILLIAM B. C B. ANITA G. , aw H xxxxxx 5 MAY SANDERS SCHAAF JAMES W. eniors JAMES N. SHACKELFORD Born in Lawrenceville, Georgia. March 28. I922. Graduafe of ech High Schooll A+Ian+a. Georgia. Baske+ball Team. '47-'48. JACK M. SHIELDS B.C.S., Social Sciences S+uden+ Council. CAROL LAMAR SHEARER B.C.S.. Business Adminisfrai'ion Born in AHanfa, Georgia. July 7. I926. Enfered from Boys' High School, A+lan+a. Georgia. Employed by 'I'he Graves Re- frigerafion. Inc.I A+Ian+a. Ga. Member of Baskefball Team. '47-'48. JOHN WESSON SHIPP B.B.A.I Managemenf Socie+y for +he Advancemen+ of Management '50-'5I; A+- Ian+a Division Accounfing As- sociafion, '49-'5I. SANFORD FORREST SHELL B.C.S., Indus+rial Relafions Born in A+Ian+a. Georgia. No- vember 23l I923. Gradua'l'ed from Tech High School. Em- ployed by Reming+on Rand. BILL AUBREY SHIRLEY B.B.A.l Accouang Gradua+ed from Lavonia High School. Professional Lawyer. LARRY SHERBELL B.C.S., Accounfing S+uden+ Council. GLADYS SOSEBEE SHOCK Born in Tallulah Falls, Georgia. Transferred from Berea Col- legel Ken+ucky. a W , 193$ a SAMUEL E. SHOCK B.C.S.I Accounfing Born in AsheviHe. N. C. GORDON EDWARD SIMON B.B.A.I MarkeHng Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia. Tau Epsilon Phi. NOLAN LEIN SHORY B.B.A.. Accouang Born in Eas+ Point Georgia. B.P.O.E.; American Legion. JOSEPH MICHAEL SIMON B.B.A.l Managemenf Born in AHanfa. Georgia. ABRAHAM SHU RGI N B.C.S.. Accoun+ing Born in Brooklyn, New York. June !. I9l5. Gradua+ed from Brooklyn Evening High School. Employed by George R. Munn, General Con+rac+or. JOHN B. SIMONTON B.B.A. and Business Diploma, Accounfing Born in Lawrenceville, Georgia. January I3I I920. Graduafed from Grayson, Georgia High School. Employed by Bowen RefrigeraHon Supplies. Inc. JAMES RAY SHURLING B.C.S., Social Sciences Born in A+Ian+a, Georgia, March l0, I926. Gradua+ed from Reinhard+ Academy. Em- ployed by Cobb Counfy HeaHh Deparfmenf. American Legion. JOHN WILLIAMS SIMPSON B.B.A.. Accounfing Owner-Manager Mericryckef Tennis Club. Employed by WoFFord Oil Company. enlors MARY STURDIVANT SIMS H. SINGLETON JAMES EDWIN SLIGH MARGARET EMILY SLOCUM B.C.S.. Social Science B.C.S. B.C.S.. Social Sciences B.C.$.. Social Sciences En+ered from Mercer Univer- PlaycraHers; President A+Ian+a Kappa The+a. '44-'5l. President si+y. Macon, Georgia. Em- Radio Thea'l're; Dean's Lis+. '50-'5I. President '47-'48I Firs+ ployed by Clay+on Coun+y Vice President '45-'47; Gen- Board of Educafion. eral Council, '50-'5l: Phi Chi Theta, '44-'5I, Vice President '46-'47; Inferfra+erni+y Coum cil, '44-'47. President '45-'46; S+uden+ Council, '50-'5l. '45- '48; Homecoming Banquet '45; Secrefary Sophomore Class. '46; Vice Presidenf Junior Class, '47-'48: Secrefary Junior Class. '48-'49; King and Queen Chairman. Mardi Gras. '5I; NOCTURNE Picfure EdHor. '44-'45. Co-EdHor, x45-'46; RAMPWAY Consul+an+, '47- '49; Fea+ure EdHor. '50-'5l; Mos+ Reliable. '46; Mos+ De- pendable. '47. COURTLAND W. SMITH FRANK SMITH, JR. GLYNTON SMITH LEE SMITH. JR. B.B.A.. MarkeHng B.C.S., Social Sciences B.B.A.l Accounfing Born in Clarksfon. Georgia. Ia Gradua+ed from General Mofors. IOFS 0 ion. Graduafed from Tech '5I Ivis Graduafed from Georg l9l7 I928 isher Body D SMITH Graduafed from A+Ian+a I927. Ing Ion, '49 I928. SOX ReIaHons f SPITLER . ia ial . I8I Glee Club S Indus+r chober 20 , chober 30 Employed by Jack May Insurance Agency. PINKY" C ial Science Accouang B Soc -I I iploma S ia CECIL J. SPAIN MARTHA B D . chober 27 B C Georg ol B.B.A.. ALBERT H B.C.S., ia GEORGIA A. SNELL ia. Ia chober RIDLEY GEORGE SMITH MARY ELIZABETH SMITH RAY WINSHIP SOUTHER B.B.A.. Accounf Ion Accouang Assoc MARY ANN Employed by F Georg ol. H. In +ra+ Georg Employed by Norfh Brofhers. Georg ille. igh Scho is Adm Inesv A+Ian+a In igh School Born F1 Born RA Ga ille H A+lan+a igh $cho in in lneSS In irls H Sfudenf Counc Born Gainesv Bus A+lan+a ilifary Academy Born 6 er 2x 303$ x, 5 4X1 3 XXXCX L 4 , axe, . .92 1 gm, . 6x xZXx o y 3 av? Qy y if? x .7 y Owe? L 74? iOAQA Avg 4x 9225,? SF'RADLEY Accoun+ing GRADY F B.B.A.. m Aw rr H... n we MC n mo 0H Iruc u dd 90 rr 9P m Em .T a In Georg I923. Employed ' Hapeville. Ia. December 20 la, Georg Ford Mo+or Company, Ie, IVIsion, Born in MouHrie. Georg High School, Moul+r D WI LLIAM BOLAND STAI NBACK Managemen+ .A., Sfudenf Counc 3.8 '50. '49- STA L EY FRANK H lOn +raf' unis iness Adm .S.. Bus Born ' C B . Georgia. Decafur In . STANYON EDWIN S Ing Accsoun+ .C.S.. B . STARLING PAUL H mg Accounf' S.. C o B x 4m , JR. Ion +ra+ EMMETT HOLMES STEALE . Inis . iness Adm ., Bus S B.C STEFFNER ial Sciences MARGARET B S., Soc C B. STEM BOB" Markef Pledge Capfa il JAMES ROBERT mg 0 A B B Vice Presiden+ 5I, Pledge Masfer, '5l '50-'5l; Associafion. Vice President 50-' in, In Chapla B A+Ian+a Markef iefy for +he Advancemenf of Managemenf Sfudenf Counc '50 Sigma Kappa Chi BAlpha Kappa Ps Alpha Ing Sophomore Class Charfer Cross Counfry '5l In '50, S+uden+ Council. '48I American Colleges i In in, Cap+a Cap+a 5 Who Co ie+y. "Who Golf Team Member of Blue Key Honorary Soc " SIGNA'L s+a+r I5I; I95! In, Order of DeMolay ies. ; 50- Cap+a '5l Ivers '49, Soc '5l; '49, '50 and Un Team, CARLTON R. STEPHENSON B.C.S. TRAMMELL LEE STRIBLING B.B.A.l Managemen'l' En+ered from Universify of Georgia. A+hens. Sigma Nu; Demos+henian Li+erary Sociefy: Circle "K" Club: Cross Counfry Team; Boxing Team; Bowling Team; lnferfrafernify Champion. FLORENCE M. STEWART JAMES G. STRICKLAND WILLIAM LEE STINSON B.B.A.l Finance MARION E. STRINGFELLOW B.C.S., Finance Del+a Sigma Pi; Kappa Sigma Kappa. Pledge Masfer; S+uden+ Council. '47-'50, Treasurer, '49- '50: Inframural Key. Senlor MARION PAUL STOVALL. JR. B.B.A.. Markefing Vice Presidenf Bapfisf Sfudenf Union, '49-'5l: Vice President Marke+ing Club. '50-'5I. WALTER H. TANNER. JR. B.B.A., Economics DOYLE T. TATUM ARDEN CHARLES TAYLOR JOHN H. TAYLOR, III ROBERT O. TAYLOR Diploma Born in Clarkesville. Georgia, B.C.S.. Merchandising B.C.$., Economics Born in Jasper. Georgia. De- March l5. I920. Gradua+ed Born in Melbourne. Florida. cember 6, I924. Graduated from Clarkesville High School. February 2. I925. Gradua+ed from Pickens Counfy High Employed by Hue Trus+ Com- from Tech High School. Em- School. pany of Georgia. ployed by J. W. Davis Real Vene+ian Socie+y. '49-'5l; ln- Es+a+e Tax Service. +erna+ional Fra+erni+y of DeHa Sigma Pi. Kappa Chapfer, '49- 'SI. Treasurer, '50-'5l. ?g? K? w 1 K w, an V5 ex. SPENCER. A. TEAL GEORGE O. THIGPEN. JR. JAMES DEWARD THOMAS CHARLES R. THOMPSON B.C.S., $oc1al Sciences B.C.S.. Social Sciences B.B.A.. Economics Born in Buchanan. Georgia. Alpha Phi Omega. DALLAS S. THOMPSON B.B.A.. Managemenf GEORGE E. TOMBERLIN B.C.S.. Finance WALTER HAROLD TICE JAMES E. TOWNSEND B.B.A., Managemenf Born in Parsons, Tennessee. February 29, I928. Graduafed from Tech High School. Em- ployed by American Moisfen- ing Company. HAROLD W. TIMMONS JOSEPH ELLIOTT TURNER B.B.A., Finance Born in McDonough. Georgia JOEL MARCUS TOLBERT B.C.S., Accounfing Born in Maysville. Georgia. March 27. I925. Gradua+ed from Maysville High School. Employed by Armour Ferfilizer Works. JULIAN HOWARD TURNER B.B.A., Marke+ing Sigma Kappa Chi AIphaL '49-'5I. Secre'l'ary, '50-'5I; So- cieiy for +he Advancemenf of Management '50-'5l; Markef- ing Club, '50-'51. REUBEN E. TURNER. JR. B.B.A.. Personnel and lndusfrial ReIaHons JAMES HERBERT VAN HOOK B.C.S.I Accounfing GEORGE B. TUTTLE B.B.A., Accouang Born in Terre Hau+e. Indiana. En+ered from Perdue Uni- versify. JEANETTE VEAL B.B.A.. Economics Born in MilledgevilleI Georgia, November I5I I930. Gradu- a+ed from Columbus High SchooL HARRIS J. VAN BRACKLE B.C.S., Social Sciences Employed by Au+ry 8: Lowndes Funeral Home. JAMES W. VENABLE WILLIAM M. VANDIVER B.B.A.. Managemenf Born in Wauchula, Florida, April l9. I930. Graduafed from Russell High School. Em- ployed by Calverf Iron Works. DeHa The+a Phi. ERNEST A. VICK B.B.A.. MarkeHng MARION WM. VICKERS B.B.A.. Managemen+ Born in Concord. Florida. No- vember l7, l9l9. Graduafed from Gainesville High School. U. S. Army. Capfain. CONSTANCE W. MIKLES B.C.S.. Social Sciences DeHa Lambda Sigma, '47-'5I, Disciplinary Chairman, '48-'49, Treasurer, '49-'50I Sergeanf-af- Arms. '50-'5I: Phi Chi The+a. '49-'5II President '50-'51; Spur Club. '47-'49, Firsf Vice Presi- dent '48-'49: lnferfrafernify Council. '49-'5l; Execufive Council, '50-'5l; S+uden+ Coun- cil. '48-'49, '50-'5l: Canfer- burys, '50-'5l; Crimson Key. '49-'5l; Inframural Award. '49; RAMPWAY STAFF, '49-'49. vax' 9 Q9 xxxxxx 9 $$$ka 9 9 HOWARD L. WAGNER KENNETH WARREN B.C.S.. Social Sciences CHARLES C. WALKER B.C.S., Social Sciences Born in Easf Point Georgia, February I7, I929. Graduafed from Russell High School. CHARLES D. WARWICK B.B.A.I Re+ailing Born in Augusfa. Georgia, March I0, I93I. Gradua+ed from Young Harris. Sociefy for +he Advancemenf of Management Senior W. ALFORD WALL B.S.I LL.B. Sigma Chi. BERNICE LOIS WATKINS B.C.S.. Social Sciences Born in Fairburn. Georgia. .enlors WEBB MARTHA G inance and Real Esfafe .,F JAMES HALL WEAVER A 8.8 WATT .B. . WATSON JESS H Accoun+- '47; 'I II IOI'I S+uden+ Counc '50. led Assoc' mg JR. B.S., Psychology Sigma Chi. CLARENCE WELCH A. JOHN H. WEITNAUER R H W Y N O H T N A S E M A J WEED . MELVIN C Seniors BRUCE V. WESTBROOK B.B.A.. Managemenf GEORGE F. WHEELER. JR. RICHARD L. WHEELER B.C.S.. Social Sciences EDWIN YOUNG WHITE B.B.A.. Managemenf Born in Douglasville, Georgia. Socie+y for fhe Advancemenf of Management WILMA JEAN WHITE B.C.S.. Social Sciences Born in LaFayeHe. Georgia, December ll. I929. Gradua+ed from Young Harris Academy. Employed by Ray Lang. Inc. Kappa Thefa. JAMES R. WH ITLEY FLORA NELLE WHITMIRE B.C.S., Social Sciences JERRE O. WILLIAMS B.C.S.. Personnel Adminis+ra+ion Sigma Kappa Chi: American Legion; V.F.W.; Exchange Club. Seniors JOE R. WILLIAMS B.B.A.. Personnel and Indusfrial Relafions Managemen+ Club; Treasurer Senior Class. LESTER RAY WILLIAMS B.B.A.. Accoun+ing Born in Donaldsonville, Georgia. Accouang Asocia+ion. '49-'5l. LOUIS B. WILLIAMS PARKS H. WILLIAMS- B.B.A.. lndusfrial Relafions HAROLD LAMAR WILLIAMSON B.B.A.. Accroun+ing Born in Cordele. Georgia. June 7. I925. Employed by Simmons Ma++ress Company; Lambda Chi Alpha. VIRGINIA E. WINDHAM CARROLL L. WINFREY B.C.S.. Business Adminis+ra+ion Born in Lifhonia. Georgia. Augusf 28. I9I9. En+ered from Lifhonia High School, Lifhonia. Georgia. Employed by flue Mail Order Division. Sears. Roebuck and Company. Aflan+a. Georgia. CAROL A. WISE w MMOW s W , 'Wfds Wmm Nam WALTER M. WOLFF. JR. EVELYN WOO B.C.S., Accounfing B.C.S., Social Sciences B.B.A.. Managemen+ B.$., Nursing Educa+ion Born in Fairbank, Pennsylvania, Phi Epsilon Pi. Born in Augus+a, Georgia. De- Augusf 29I I909. Employed by cember 20, I928. Graduafed Federal PenifenHary. from Tubman High School. Em- ployed by Grady Memorial Hospifal. THOMAS M. WISE BOSCOE V. WOLFE GEORGE HENRY WOOD JAMES LAMAR WOOD TRUETT E. WOOD B.C.S.. Economics B.C.S.I Business Adminishafion Born in Akron. Ohio. Oc+ober Born in Loganville. Georgia. 5. I925. En+ered from Tech December 23, I925. Gradu- High School. A+lan+a. Geor- afed from Loganville High gia: Employed by B. F. Good- School. Employed by Sears. rich Company, Adverfising De- Roebuck and Company. par+men+. Mason, Shriner. and Moose Club; Sophomore Class Presi- denf, '47-'48; Junior Class Vice President '48-'49; Presidenf Senior Class. '49; Vice Presi- denf Sigma Kappa Chi. '48-'49; Sfudenf Council, '46-'5l; In+er- fra+erni+y Council, '46-'49: Phi The+a Sigma: Dramafics Club: Sociefy for Advancemenf of Management '50-'5l. CHARLES D. WOOD B.B.A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. PAUL KEITH YARDLEY C37Iee ences '46 '48 '48; ., Social Sc Delfa, in, '47- '48 Alpha .B.A.. Markefing S '46 B MILDRED G. YARDLEY MARTHA B. ZELLERS B Delfa a .T P a C C e 9 d I6 D. Club Alpha Tau ian So- i: Venef S., Accouanq B.C.S., Finance B.C igma P Delhi 5 JAMES ALLEN WOODALL DeHa Sigma LUCIOUS ALLEN YOUMANS mg YATES eniors Marke+ B.B.A.. MRS. GEORGE N. WOODALL COMER F Juniors Joe T. Aberna+hy Ralph E. Adair George W. Adams Priscilla J. Adams Reba L. Adams Charles R. Adamson Augus+ H. Alber+z. Jr. Edmund A. AHen Sara LuciHe Allen M. Sue Allman John L. Amen+ Chas. H. Anderson. Jr. Frederick R. Anderson John R. Andrew William Henry Andrews George J. Andrin Mary E. Arring+on Harry T. Asbell Calvin V. A+kinson Douglas M. Audsley Jack Auan Richard W. Aus+in Iy Caroline Awfry rber+ C. Aycock es Danny Beer. Jr. n M. BaggeH' n C. BaggeH. Jr. Abbie A. Bailey Carl Aaron Baker David R. Baker James Edmund Baker William J. B. Ball. Jr. James W. Ballhas Thomas E. Barcroff Downing Barni+z Donald L. Barrow James L. Barfon R. Edward Bean Roy J. Beard Her V. Beasley ah T. Beck ey L. Belfor arles J. Behrakis hur D. Bell Juniors Juniors OHS C. Bell William 6. Bell. Jr. William Roberf Bell John C. Bellamy Marfha Anne BenneH M. Elizabefh BenneH' Daniel W. Ben+on Pamela Ben'l'on Kenneth R. Bergmann Burchard B. Berry William L. Bicknell, Jr. Ray 3. Bishop Edward L. Blacksfone, Jr. Alan B. Blaisdell Beniamin W. BIansH Roy A. Bledsoe Joseph W. Bloodwor+h. Jr. Dave Blumenfhal George H. Boggs Frank 6. Bond Alberf H. Boone. Jr. Alfred Boors+ein hard A. Borges nces V. Bosfick Iliam R. Bo+saris es E. Boulware arles R. Bowcock Millie E. Bowcock Esfher Bredosky Joseph E. BrackeH William T. Braddy Roy F. Branch Lawrence B. Boyd Jeanne E. Bremer George E. Brewer Roy C. Brewer William R. Bridges, Jr. Billy R. Brighf Thomas E. Brinkley yle B. BriH' illie John Brooks -rley N. Brown -rber+ D. Brown Lexfon Buchanan. Jr. Jun IOFS Earle E. Bullock Jack Howard Burke John 5. Burns Blan+on R. Bur'ron. Jr. WaHer J. Bunkley Mina B. BurkeH Jennie T. BurreH Howard C. Busbey Juniors Dewey L. Burke William H. Burks Roberf Emerson Burson George Lee Bush Leon Joseph Bufler, Eddie B. Byers Rober+ W. Cagle Bobby C. Cahoon Egberf Clay Cain Jack Wade Caldwell Juniors William D. Carl+on. Jr. Joyce H. Car+er Roberf J. Carter Clifford W. Carver Roy M. Cash Ruben D. Cafo John D. Caudle Pa+ A. Cenfer Goldie Chancey Nafhaniel L. Chandler Annie Q. T. Chappell John F. ChiHon Cecil Calloway Connie Frances Campbell John A Campbell. Jr. BeHy C. Cannon Joseph Lee Canup Edward R. Capral Juniors William A. Clark Hal Clary Ronald C. Cliffon James G. Clon+s Harry T. Coa+s Doris M. Cobb Marvin P. Cocchi Anne Cochran H. Herberf Cody. Jr. Alice E. Cohen Marvin E. Cole John L. Coleman Linnie H. Collins William C. Collins Helen Louise ColquiH' T. Holmes ColquiH John F. Conne" MrsJ BeHy Jo Cook Marcus A. Cook Pafricia A. Cook Thomas E. Cook. Jr. June L. Cope m W m 5 IS ingham ingham ingham iley ine F Marfha Joyce Da in W Ausf . Crou+ . Cunn Cunn Daniel . Daniel Daniel Daniel Cunn Cunningham 6 ion L in L. Mar Mar+ Kenne+h C. Crabbe Douglas G Burdella Cafher Rober+ F Julian T Bur+on Kennefh Dav Clarence E is Ier ecil Gregory Cowan Cox Copeland K. CorneH . Fay Counc is ickenson D arvm -on H arolyn M amp Dav 'oroHny Ru+h Dav oyce A. DeKinder ary J. on John DeLoz ins ink iesowski illard ingham ingfale D Dukes Dunaway Dye Dz . l" . . . D Charles D ilyn Dupree Burrell Jackson Dillar- D Charles E Joseph B Lee D Samuel C. Harold M Mar Eugene Z Rober+ L Dinos , Jr. Donovan iskell Duerr . Dobbs Dodd Dodson Douglas Doyle is C 3am Henry Dr Amy Carolyn Dodd Lew Cecil E. Jack Dinos OHS A. Dixon Spencer 0 George B. E v. n o In .1 n A Oscar T John M Leo A ill W 1 V .,DD , . V. , . , .., ,. ... . .64, agQwaww D , 22y ,z W i; ,, w, 7 DD ; D aw? Juniors n Jacob Eberhardt Jr. -s+er A. Edwards -y F. Elder rgaref D. England es E. Eunice Ar+hur B. Ewing, Jr. C. Lewis Fallaw Margare+ G. Faulk Mary Rufh Fifzgerald Kenne+h Flagler Marshall N. Fling Bruce Floyd Julia L. Folger John C. Ford Roberf G. Fordham Gwen Fos+er Dorsey M. Founfain es L. Fowler Fowler Iiam Curfis Fowler ry E. Frachiseur Royce Free m a n Juniors Sylvia Fried James H. Fufch James Leon Fufrelle. Jr. Joe C. Gary Roy T. Gibson Thomas E. Gibson 5. Pa+rick Gillenfine MrsJ F. D. Gilman L. Paul Goldman Frank H. Goodman Elmer F. Goodwin. Jr. Jordan F. Gordon Rober+ W. Gordon Ralph W. Gorman James W. Grower Julia M. Granf Alberf J. Green Billie B. Green Juniors Richard E. Green Herman L. Grey E. P. Griggers HarrieHe Greene Ann K. Griffifh John J. Griggs Woodrow W. Grimsley Daniel M. Haines Jack R. Halleck Helen R. HammeH' Clarence C. Grindle John H. Haines Jones E. Grogan William B. Hale George Kennefh HamiHon Jo Anne HamiH'on Ar+hur E. Hancock Charles R. Hankins . Jr. Harbour Hardeman Hardman . Hafch Head V: .T S a H A v ., ise Hayes Haver A Frank Hanson ichard P ichard W George W. Hanson W R BeHy L Helen C Fred M ilda Sara Lou Ice R H ins ingfon Harrison ison ison . Jr. Hasfy. Jr. Harmon is Harr Harr Harp Harr Harwell Harr ill Joe Hardy iel E Joan Hark iller T John R B Henry L Frank B. Clyde J. Harrelson Zack E J P. Claude B Dan M BoyeHe A Juniors ben P. Head. Jr. rred J. Heafh ar D. Hembree rloHe Anne Hendley -nfin R. Henry. Jr. Thomas O. Herndon David C. Hernandez Dorofhy A. Herring Chandler A. Hewell Rober+ Carroll Hicks Frances Ann Hiers James R. Hilborn Al 5. Hill Dudley Wm. Hindsman. Jr. Lois S. Hines Eric B. Hingsf Joseph Wiley Hodges es? E. Holberf ne ElizabeH'I Holbrook ian R. Holbrook Fford W. Holcombe lliam 3. Holland Juniors William M. Hollema James C. Holliday Charles F. HollingsW. James A. Hollis Rober+ D. Holf Lillian E. Hooks William Leslie Hooper Eric 6. Hope John H. Hosch Charles D. Howard Horace E. Howard Daniel R. Howell Joel R. Howell Frank B. Huber+ James B. Hudgins Troy B. Huf-F Buford L. Hunf Raymond J. Hurley James A. Hufchens Dorofhy Louise Hu+ch Charles H. Hyde A x w VQ? w xxx John F. Ingram. Jr. xxx N E KKK V w m T. Ingram nia 6. Jackson Jo James Ias A. James les Jeffries d Kaplan und J. Karlson ry L. Kelley H. Kelley h L. Kendell Rober+ McGregor Jenkins George A. Johnson Rayford Johnson Roberf C. Johnson William W. Johnson' Jr. Byron R. Jones JlLIEiz-E' JonesI Jr. Wal+er E. Jones Sylvia Jordan Margie B. Joslin El+on W. Jusfice Clara L. Kadel Jun IOFS Frank N. Kersey John H. Kerslake Verna Louise Kennedy Bernice Lee Killcrease John C. Kilpa+rick Roberf Leroy King Virginia E. Kirby Edmund M. KirschI Jr. Jimmie L. Kifchens Charlie B. Knight Jr. Raleigh G. KnigH Clifford W. KnoH' M x VVV$ Wallace T. Lamber+ Harry N. Lane John K. Lawrence. Jr. Larry F. O. Lawson Les+er M. Leap+ro++. Jr. James D. Lemming Thomas R. Lorenfzson Wilburn F. Lord 1- e D: 0 L E e S O J Charles H. Lowe Joseph W. Love Love Joseph B John B. Lu+z Winfred A. Lumpkin ig Ludew Monroe C Wilbur James McCall William 5. McCain Lyle James Z x awwww z a .awwwso ? . S, f . , , , $5,115 7?? . .Ly age $3, 3!; V .236 1Q? , $1796 Ks? 9 2, z, , away 43. Hg? 9. wow ,xx 5,5 , , awwmxg , .,,z;e,i,wv Jr. I IDS Lesfer . LiHle . Logg ick W inney M D George C K Leonard, Jr. Linch Lively iam M Roberf 0 Thomas T W James McConneH Hiram Clayfon Mc. Guy J. McGarify William D. McGarif Alberf F. McGee William R. McGee Densal G. McGinnis James R. McGraw Noble M. McGuire Roberf L. McHan Paf McKinney. Jr. Virginia A. McLead John P. McLean WYQKWWVNVA Jack McLellan Warren McLeod Lucy McNaHy Mary Kafherine McNalIy m ,' ; 4 444 z , 7 way Gerald J. McQuaig George Roberf McRe Gerry McRee BeHy Jo MacMillan Nellie MacMillan . Maddox ald L Ise Maddox Iha Lou iller Magbee Maher rles M esL y Ann Malcom . Malone iam M Melvin P Malone Marks W is M. Perry Marshall Franc Jr. In ManL Cleo C n Mary Carolynee Mar+ In ildred Jane MarI Rober+ A M In 0 Marf In Mar+ Virlyn R Will In Mar+ Mth iam N Is. Jr. John W MthIs Thomas N . Mayer -orge E iza befh Meyer Ica El iIIer M M nes+ F iller Hon A. . Millsaps chard E Wf' WA Marvin M. Minchew Samuel C. Mifchell Linda B. Molleson William A. Moncrief Charles Monsour Horace Clinfon Moore Jack C. Moore Louis Paf Moore. Jr. George H. Morgan Joe M. Morgan Edward 3. Morris Ar+hur G. Morrison Mack D. Moseley Marcia L. Mosfellar Marilyn Mucklow Billy W. Mulkey Margare+ 6. Murray S+ephen F. Murray Donald J. Muse M. C. Nail Samuel N. Neel Walfer F. Nelson. Jr. Juniors William H. Parks Jack L. Parrish Thomas A. Parsons Byron C. PaHerson Shelby PaHon Carolyn Al+hea Payne Henry C. Perkins Joseph R. Perkins Donald McLennan Perry Mar+ha Ann Perry Edwyn D. Peferson Lucy W. Phillips James Pirkle William H. PiHs James V. Poole, Jr. George Poulos William W. Powell. Jr. BeHy A. Power ,2; izygiggz , Mary J. Rainey Julius T. Regisfer Den+ W. Richards 27: zzzzj 72 70 Roy C. Ragsdale Mar+ha Jane Reeves Jack F. Reynolds Rober+ L. Rich Reynolds ice R Ragan a .T n a R 5 Im Bryan+ T Charles D Rober+ V Preeforius Purvis iam J. . Pryor ill iHy B Newfon H W K a WWW IS N. Pudney Ina James George PraH James E. Proc+or Reg Juniors Elizabe+h D. Richardso Harry L. Richardson Hugh Howell Richards J. B. Richardson William L. Richardson. Charles T. Roan L. W. Roan Jesse Leland Roberfs, Jr. Ralph Roberfs Willis 6. Roberfs, Jr. Charles A. Roe James Edward Rogers Leonard Travis Rogers Charles Edison Rooks Elizabefh E. Ross George Harold Ross. III MaHhew Y. Ross, Jr. Jefferson Lee Rosson Louis A. Rosswaag Beverly Francis Rofhsfei Carey T. Rufland Talmadge G. Rufledge Juniors -ore Sachs B. Sanders 5 J. Sanders S. Sangsfer James T. Savage Donald J. Sawyer David D. Scarboro, Jr. Roberi Lee Schuessler Frederic B. Schulfz Beniamin H. Scogin. Jr. Alber+ C. ScoH Reid B. ScoH' lsabell T. Scruggs Harold A. Seidman Clara Joe Self Gus N. Sermos C. Sheff r Wesley Sharp Anne Sharp C. Shelander H L. Sheldon. Jr. Juniors Ira M. ShelnuH Barbara F. Shines James R. Shirley Alfred 6. Simmons Powell 8. SkeHon James L. Slaugh+er Donald V. Sledge Elmer R. Smi+h Henry B. Smifh Irene SmHh James Norman Smi+h Joan Pa+ricia Smifh Max Faulkner Smifh Rober+ P. Smifh Thomas L. Smi+h Delores J. Smi+hson Alfred F. Snedgen William Edward Sn Edward J. Speir Charles F. Spencer Leon D. Spialfer Joe B. Spier end A. Spifler, Jr. pivak iam B. Sfalvey e W. Standard ucile Sfandard Por+er T. Sfandford. Jr. MaHie Myrl S+a+ham Gwendolyn E. S+aub Edwin Willard Sfeele Woodrow P. Sfeele James F. S+evens John G. Sfevens R. M. Sfewarf Travis Sfewarf Roy B. S+ockard Forres+ A. Sfone Newman F. Sfriplin. Jr. W. Sfrouss rles Walker Sullivan as Y. Summer rles Edward Swanson Hin Eugene Swinf Juniors Juniors Gloria F. Thomas Mariorie H. Thomas William M. Thomas Bill J. Thompson Lawrence Thompson W. WaHer Thompson Marion L. Threlkeld Maer H. Thurmon Jackson H. Tisinger John T. Todd, Jr. Eus+ace A. Tompkins Gerfie M. Tompkins Kafherine H. Swifzer J. K. Tanner BeHy A. Tarran+ Roberf H. Tarran+ William F. Teale. Jr. Harold 5. Terry Ben Leslie Torrey Herberf P. Townsend Arfhur H. Truxes Claude A. Tucker J. Thomas Tucker Joseph W. TurkneH Earl J. Tque. Jr. William 5. Usher Henry N. Vanderlip James Jerome Vandeven+er Jesse H. Vardaman. Jr. Sammy J. Veal George R. Vines Frances Wade Jane M. Wagener James A. Waid Herbert Daniel Waldrip Alvin E. Waldron. Jr. xv v wa Walke Wall Whifake Whife Jack Waldrop Dorofhy A. Roberf C. Charles N. WaHa- Roberf A. Wall- Ralph L Wes? Laura Warren Wh Talley E. Jane E John M. Whife C ? . Jr. Ward. Jr Welden Webb . WaH Webb Welch Webs+er ion 0 Wells Grefchen Teresa Werfh Mary Jane Welden ScoH WaHers Jane Wells Andrew C Raymond L iHon J Jack C Thomas B Mar Joe P Joe P M 22 I 2 , ? 2 2222,2222? ??????22? 3?, 2522:, 2 . Juniors rles Whiffield C. Whi+ner E. WhiH . WhiHemore Marie Wiggins Isaac Dorsey Wilbanks BeHy S. Wilding Kennefh R. Wilding Jack W. Withe. Jr. Jean Willbanks Charles E. WilleH BeHy Louise V'Villiams Herman B. Williams H. Lee Williams Roberf Thomas Williams Rogers M. Williams James A. Wilson B. Wolfe A. Womack riean Wood . Wooddall O. Worfhen Juniors ' Ted R. Wo+h W. F. Wrig hf Carlfon L. Yancey AnneHe C. Zion Qw 6v w 9'? ' V- . Q'NQ Wi- , 6Vg9$$393 xg z! . MyMWWMAVWWWMMWl W 22 , thel Elizabefh AbboH John Roberf Aiola Doroihy Jean Allen John 0. Anderson' Jr. Vivian Mar'rha Ard Jackie Arnold Sth XX K Perry A. Abelman Laura J. Akins Paul A. Alley Mary Jay Andrews Patricia Ariza John Ralph Arnold Johnnie H. Adair George W. Alexander Lufher T. Allison, Jr. Rex Andrews, Jr. James E. Armstrong Laura Asfin AHon Adamson Eleanor L. Alford Don E. Anderson Evelyn Eileen Anglin Hulberf G. Arnold Alvin Paden Afkinson Frank M. Affaway James C. Avary, Jr. Dawn E. Bachler Gwen M. Bailey Conyer M. Baldwin, Jr. Delores molly Barber Hyman Auerbach Herberf W. Axelrod Beffie Sue Baggeff Sadie A. Bailey Jesse Paul Banks Luther William Barber James M. Ausfin Edwin D. Aycock Harold W. Bagley Paul Henry Baker Lufher Charles Bank Roberf L. Barfield mm 'x oyce H. Barksdale Iarence W. BarreH ancy Jane Barfon arshall Lee Baxter afhryn B. Beavers 'arbara L. BenneH vQPhO Mildred E. Barrenfine M. Lea BarreH Thomas A. Bafes Spenger Dean Baxfer Thomas M. Beck Billy N. Benneff mores Ann Elizabefh BarneH Riley R. Barron EmmeHe ScoH' Baxfer Carl Cecil Beagle William B. Belyeu Joseph F. Bennett Jr. Ernest Lynn Benson Alan G. Billings James H. Blair Floyd A. Blankenship Larry L. Bogarf Jesse Frank Bomar William R. BenHey William M. Bishop Clifford C. Blaisdell, Jr. Oliver M. Blanfon Nadiene C. Bohleber Marion Bond David Berkman Herber? Hames Black AI Blankenship Rebecca Bloom James E. Bolan Jack S+ephen Born George Walker Beuiell M. W. BlackWelI. Jr. Daniel L. Blankenship David E. Bogan Samuel Wiley Bolen Marshal A. Bostwick Harold T. Boswell Harold M. Bowcock, Jr. James Zifzer Bowcock Baskel L. Bowen James B. Bowles Arfhur Clifford Boyd Laura Z. Boyeff Charles E. Boynfon Marlene L. Bozeman Nancy M. Bradley William V. Bradshaw Barbara A. Brand Joan Elizabeth Brooks Weyman E. Brooks Wilson B. Brooks Alfred E. Brown Carolyn Adeline Brown Frank C. Brown, Jr. 'Susie A. Brown William Claude Brown Marvin J. Brownlee William Byrd Buckley Joseph C. Bullingfon Osborn C. Bullock Jack Morris Burch Marvin M. Burell Eric Myer Burk Dana Burneff Edwin Riley BurneHe John Z. Burrows Jo Anne Camp James V. Campbell Lufher E. Campbell. Jr. Mary J. Campbell Roberf E. Campbell W. Carlton Campbell okomores Charles C. Carrin Lester T. Cafer Melson L. Chambers rfha J. Cannady -rma C. Castleberry rl K. Chalpan. Jr. Betty Anne Chesnuf Thomas Fuller Choyce Curfis R. Chrisfian, Jr. Alberf R. Chrisfy Jo Ann Chronister Nancy Louise Church William E. Churchill Burfon R. Clein D. Joanne Clemans Dorothy J. Clemens William J. Clemenco James L. Cochran Mary Martha Coffey Aaron Cohen Sherry L. Coker Martha Marie Carroll John P. Cafhcarf James Henry Chandler Edgar Paul Carson Mary Jo Cauley Ann Chapman Frances M. James Virgil Cavender Dorofhy E. Carfer Chapman James P. Carfer Charles Boyce Cawfhon William J. Chappell James Edward Carfy Kafherine H. Chadwick Evans Freeman Cheek xix X xxx N Clifford Anderson Cole Denvil O'. Compfon David Ellsworfh Cook Homer L. Cope Jean D. Couch, Jr. Beryl Joanne Cox K x V, Jean Cole James Ronald Conley George F. Cooper Mar'rin M, CorbeH Mack Couch Claude Wm. Crabtree Melvin Collins Norman E. Conrad James T. Cooper James H. Corbin William S. Couch Haze! F. Crockeff Huberf W. Combs. Jr. Edward W. Cooey William P. Cooper Adair L. Corley Mary Clyde Cowan Laura Z. Cronin Sophomore Mike J. Cronin Dillon l. Crowley. Jr. Margaret J. Culver Daryl R. Dally Thomas M. Darrow David C. Davis Eleanor Crouf Horace E. Crump D. A. Cunningham, Jr. Ethel C. Daniell Stephen F. Dashiell Doris L. Davis Wayne C. Crowe Leslie 5. Collum, Jr. Jimmie Sue Dale Ray L. Daniell Russell 0'. Davidson John B. Davis opomores mes D. Deadwyler 55 Frank DeLong arloHe E. Dickson hard Dixon : Carlton Dodd mes L. Dorough Mary W. Dease Maria N. Demos Evelyn E. Dillingham Clinf B. Dobbs. Jr. Ralph W. Donald George F. Doss Ken W. Dea'ron Edward E. Denny Joseph D. Dixon John C. Dobbs Joe A. Donehoo Milton l. Drucker James P. DuckeH, Jr. Eugene E. Dunne Joanne Eady John T. Edge Chas. O. Emmerich, Jr. Mary Jean theridge Georgia C. Duckwor+h Linnie Earline Duren Reba Lea Easferwood Marie G. Edmondson Ray Endicoff Harold Barkley Eubank Pauline Lisfer Dunbar L. Don Duvall Eloise Eavenson William N. Edwards Rob'r. Earl Enhvisfle Beverly J. Eubanks Shirley M. Dunlop Sarah Edifh Dyer John V. Economy Eugene V. Ellis Joseph E. Estes Harry W. Evans , m X xxxxxxxxxx 'N Roy Anderson Evans Winfon Evereff Evans John T. Felfman Harriet Myra Felfon Joe C. Fleming, Jr. Truman C. Flowers, Jr. M Kennefh C. Farris Jackson Odis Fincher Donald C. Ford Beverly Jean Ewing Mildred M. Fielder Norma Elaine Fields Sam J. Floyd Audrey E. Folsom Elsie V. Faulkner Saul Feldman Becky Fiveash Howard P. Fleischer Lumpkin Y. Ford. Jr. John F. Fordham Hulon K. Forresfer, Jr. Mary Joyce Forresfer S. Aubrey Forester Charles Jones Fosfer Janef Ann Foster Leslie J. Foufs Henry C. Fowler Juanifa E. Fowler Ted Richard Fox Jimmie Rice Foy Barbara Jo Francis Anifa Franklin Luther B. Franks Ella Ann Frase Kate Eva Fraizscher h M. Frafzscher ue l H. Galloway rry L. Gibson James Oscar Frazier Charles L. Freeman Mary Jo. Gambrell Theodore A. Gibson Fay Emogene GarreH Anthony A. Giddings John G. Glover, Jr. Emma J. Godfrey Bernard S. Goodman Carolyn W. Goodwin Edwin S. Gordon Leonard Gordon, Jr. Ernesfine M. Graeub Sheila Grace Graf Charles E. Graham Hoyf W. Gran? Delores Joyce Green Joanalma Green Elsworfh C. Greene Henry R. Greene Johnnie E. Greene Sallie M. Furse Roy Parks GarreH William W. Gilbert Mary Carolyn Fuss Walfer A. Garreff Alan Jack Gillman Homer 6. Gaifher Mary J. Garrison M. Larry Gisi William T. Gazaway Thomas J. George James Roger Glass Thelma L. Greene Walfer L. Griswold Jr. Jack D. Gufhrie lveyl Lee Hall Leonard E. Ham James M. Hamrick Henry R. Greer Arfhur D. Gross Jeannine Hagan Kermit R. Hall Jessie B. Hammock Wiley S. Hamrick Barber Jobe Gregg Mary C. Grove Marian F. Hale Eleanor Hallman James B. Hammond Burton E. Handmacher Joan C. Greider Luella H. Gunn Frank S. Hall James B. Hallums Margaret A. Hampton Reba S. Hankamer James R. Hansen Jack C. Harden William P. Hardy Frances K. Harper Cliffon R. Harrison Gloria May Hausman Talmon E. Harberf Howard K. Hardrafh Janice M. Harmon James L. Harris Sammy B. Harry Rufh D. Hausman Alice Anne Harbin Samuel L. Hardy Bill Harper Nellie Kaye Harris Don S. Hasfy Charles E. Hawkins ecil M. Hayes ary Carolyn Heck ames H. Henderson fephen K. Henley 'oberf L. Henry -wen Higginbofham James R. Haynes Elizabeth Ward Helms Wyman Z. Hendon Beffy Jane Henry Earl L. Hickman Arve C. Higgins, Jr. Nellie Ka're Heafon Maxine Clair Helfon Frank M. Hendricks Dorofhy Henry Richard Hicks Harold H. Hillman Jack Hirsch Hazel L. Hogan James E. Holcombe William C. Holloway H. Jean Hor'ron Cecil L. Howell H. S. Hifchcock, Jr. Equilla Boyd Holbrook Milburne L. Holcombe Harlan W. Hooberry Andrew J. Hosea Billy Lamar Hoyle Helene HockeH John W. Holbrook Anabel Holladay Jerald J. Hoover Beverly B. Hoskins Mary A. Huddlesfon Clara M. Hoelscher HaHie L. Holcombe Mary Elizabeth Hollis ElioHe B. Horion Ada Howell George W. Hudgins 50p omoer $ 324v, Horace L. Hudgins Raymond W. Huey, Jr. Curfis R. Huggans Sfanley L. Hughes Larry D. Hughey Oliver M. Huie, Jr. Gloria Ruth Hulsey Charles D. Hun+ Edwin D. Hunt Eileen J. Hunf Glenn C. Hunf, Jr. Sue Caroline Hunf Thomas Darwin Hunf Beverly R. Hufchen Joe H. Hyder Roberf 'S. lnnes, Jr. Anne C. aner John D. lvey Joe Jabaley Fred H. Jackson, Jr. Fred 0. Jackson Joel S. Jackson Hall H. Jackson Hoyf W. Jarrard June C. Jasperse Richard G. Jaynes Barbara Ann Johnsey Billy Gene Johnson George R. Johnson Roberf A. Johnson William Johnson Woodrow W. Johnson Mildred M. Johnsfon Richard H. Johnsfon Ala M. Jones Elmer B. Jones ophomoers Jones James W. Jones Janice W. Jones Julius D. Jones Otis H. Jones Ralph T. Jones Roberf L. JonesI Jr. omas H. Jones William A. Jordan Jack H. Joseph B. J. Joyner Eugene B. Judge John D. Julian Charles N. Kanes es N. Kanes Helen Edith Karlen Rachel G. Ka'rz John A. Kehoe James D. Kemp A. Frank Kendrick Barbara Ann Kershaw Carlfon B. Kefchum, Jr. Linda Killian Harold C. Kilpatrick Coleman D. Kimbro Gay H. King Olin 6. King Raymond L. King Layion N. Kinnaid Edward P. Kinsey Mildred C. Kirby Barbara Jean Kifchens Daniel W. Kifchens William W. Kitchens Sara A. Kite Rober'r G. Knowles Vincenf A. Knudegard James H. Lamberf James L. Lane Jerald M. Lanier John F. Leakey William T. Leinmiller Charles H. Kupfer William M. Lancasfer Ofis A. Lane, Jr. George J. LaVelle Billy K. Leckie Vicfor Levy Barney D. Lamar, Jr. Anifa Landau Richard B. Langley Ned H. Lawrence Augusfus J. LedbeHer Wiley Lewis. Jr. Garland W. Lamb Charles W. Landerfelf Seaborn C. Langley Lendon L. Lawson Eli Leff Huber'r J. Lighf, Jr. James H. Linch, Jr. Roberf L. Lloyd Mary Jane Long Thomas G. Lummus, Jr. Joseph H. Lyon Hugh A. McCollum Carl Doison Lingold Francis T. Logan Paul Hobson Luke. Sr. Byron J. Lunsford John W. McArfhur Eva Mae McDaniel Bonnie Liffle Laddie Huey Long Diane Luly Fred W. Lunsford Gene Ausfin McCl Mary Louise McDe ophomores D. McDonald iam C. McGehee icia M. Mcllvaine C. McLaughlin Ianne McWIIIiams I. Maddox 7 x web ' 9: Guy J. McGarify James C. McGinley Dorofhy E. McKenney Mary A. McNeal Robert A. McWilIiam Oliver L. Maddux Thomas W McGehee Geo. L J. McGraw. Jr. Margaref A. McKenzie James L. McWilIIams Helen Mackas Alvin R. Maloney Wiley L. Maloof Marfha W. Martin Bob R. Maughon Eunice E. Medlin Margaret E. Mewha John E. Mines Herbert L. Manuel Richard E. Maan Roberf L. Maughon Roberf Lewis Mergens Aline J. Miller John A. M3nick David Max Marfin Roberf D. MaHhews James W. May Arfhur Merlin William C. Miller Thomas Ernest Minix Elizabefh C. Marfin W. O. MaHhiessen, Jr. Wilkie T. Meares, Jr. Gary Mefzel Jeff D. Mills James R. Minor Sophomore AW Nx Harold N. Moody Julian E. Moore June S. Moore Gary H. Morgan John T. Mize J. Anne Mobley Carolyn A. Monfgomery Beffy Morgan Beffy J. Morris Jack Mitchell M5rilyn J. Moore Obie Roberf Moore, Jr. William H. Moore Jr. William S. Moore Zola Mae Mote Tom Mulkey, Jr. Joseph L. Murphy Gwendolyn Moss Charles H. Morris, Jr. Dorofhy Morris Roberf G. Moseley M. Louise Murray Hervschell P. Myers, Jr. Ellis F. Nail Jewell L. Nash Thomas Roy Nash Tommy Eh Neal Helen Charloffe Neff David D. Nelson E. John Nicholson Ann Nickelson Billy H. Nix Seaborn John Nobles Travis T. Norris Pefer Novack RheH H. Nowell Palmer vim, . . x? Willina N. Or'ron Daniel W. Owens Barbara E. ir Owens Lafham Pa Terry Ornsfein Charles W. Howell s , OWen Edward M. Page Y b s h g 0 n a m W O L R. Ernesi M. y D. Oglesby PadgeH Cha rIoHe A. Owen Tomm J9mes A Grace L. OverfoMMaH J. Ann O'Rear Emma Jean Pace Ozburn les E Parham Paul . Payne Peavy Reginald o. o'Dwye'r Char Rufh G. Osborne W . Payne Pendle'y Penney E Peek ia Troy L. John H fon Harrell ins ic oodrow Rober+ Thomas Penick Mary Lou Pasley W. Eric Reed Palmer Roberf E. Marfha Parker Jeryl Pairick Marcus V Samuel Penso W Pair W ' Charles P. Paniaze phomores - J. Nysfrom. Jr. ry C. Osborne, Jr. Iiam F. Owens Jeanne L. PeHay Frank W. Phillips Richard C. Pierce Polly L. Polk William Pope Judy Bruce PoHs ka William A. PeHy Marvin C. Phillips Clay'ron Mills Piffman Roberf J. Ponder Irene Popham Arfhur T. Poulos Vincenf D. Pfab Myrfle L. Pickeff Edwin Plaff Fletcher T. Poole Arnold M. Por'rer Mamie Ray Powell Frank J. Phillips Vernon W. Pidgeon David M. Podhouser Nick G. Poolos Kenneth C. Posey Mary Grace Frifchard ophomore Jeanne Rufh Pruiff Aaron E. Queen Charles E. Rainwafer Steve Randall John W. Reagin Edna S. Reiman Earl G. PuckeH Gloria H. Quinn Jesse H. Rainwafer Charles E. Randolph Charles E. Reeves Eugene Renfroe David E. Pursell Hugh Emory Ragsda William B. Rakesfra Harold E. Reaves Jo Ann Reeves James E. Rhodes Vw'2,u H V William H. Seawell William D. Seifferf Donald B. Sauls Marilyn Scheeler Joanne M. Schoonover Roberf B. Scoggins John Thomas Scruggs William Dallas Sexton Charlie D-. Shackel David C. 'Senay Michael P. Serfich Clarence F. Sessions Horace M. Sewell Paul R. Sellers William H. Sherman Jack Wilson Sherri! Mary V. Shaw Roberf T. Shepherd Welden H. Shadden Hasie Shadix Aubrey T. Sharp James L. Shumafe John W. Simmons Peggy Jo Sims Alvers I. Singlefon. Jr. Hilda Singlefon Joe W. Slade Marfha Smiley Arnold B. Smith Dorofhy A. Smifh Edwin L. Smifh Harry H. Smith Housfon D. Smifh Hubert A. Smifh John Elmore Smifh Lora W. Smith Howard F. Snyder James T. Sfephens Walter J. Sfrauss Donald F. Sfephens Mack A. Snow, Jr. James E. $+o+f Clyde Earle Snell Roberf H. Sfeele Charles E. Sform George E. Sfamps, Jr. Freda Wayne Sievenson d e e n S e c n e r w a L S u r Y C H. W. Smook Robert E. Staebell Judson B. Sfevens Jr. ing Jr illing, kland Ickland Summer . W. Sfubbs E David C ibl Sfric Sfr in Taylor Taylor Teague Sudan Roberf T. Smifh D. Jane Spier Leroy F. Sferling Suffer . Swaim 5 SW Baxfer Gordon Swyers Gr Leo C R Frank H C IS Mary Ann Teemsfer Harold Terry Yancey Sir Edward L Frances E. Dor Frank S Roberf S oomophres ary Rufh Smifh nald Lee Sparks Waldrep Walston Louella M. Upchurc Despo Vocalis Jacquelyn Wages Jack W Lewis W. Walker James V. Turnipseed Boyd Waldrep Ann Upshaw H il Ing Jack Kenneth Walker Wallis Cec Juanita Vickers James E. Julia Irv Upshaw Walker Wallace Vann Jerry Long Waggoner Charles R Turner me in Lou Calv Larry R Hon D W C. Mi Ir Jr Roberf B. Thompson W. Sue Timmons . Turner 12 41 Allen George Troxcla Johnny B s a m o h T C s .n r a F James A. Torbush .Trimble Marfha L. Thompson Charles M. Turner Elzie 0. Thomas John Paul Thornton Willard Lee Todd Barbara J . Thomas J. Thompson Tingle Tri 1 Turner Bernard M. Tesler James C is James M. Leo F. Trav BeHy J is Y ,w Thompson dall Thomas In Albert Trav Tucker Gran? Terr .T lam William Herbert F Roberf C Frank E Will Thelma X, hwwxmbw 4M, ' Mm , , 1+0 T. Walz, Jr. lmer Richard Ware ubrey F. Wafers inaldo M. WaHers, Jr. d Weaver . Denk Weifnauer James 0-. Ward Robert E. Warfield, Jr. Bobby Eugene Wafers Harrieffe E. Weathers EvereH Weeks. Jr. Lois Welborn William R. Ward Henry C. Warren Mary Howard Wafkins John H. Weaver Pierce J. Weimorfs Edward B. Wells Marfin L. Wells Edward M. Whi?e, Jr. James W. Wiggins Elizabefh K. Williams Orval E. Williams, Jr. CharloHe Anne Wilson Mary Ann Wenn James F. Whife Harry H. Wilk Jack M. Williams Harry 0. Williamson Meta B. Wilson fag; , Walter L. Wesf, Jr. Josephine S. White C. W. Williams. Jr. Joseph J. Williams Henry G. Willis Myrtle A. Wilson Walter O'N. Whelchel Peggy A. Whife Donald D. Williams Kafhryn Williams Be+fy Joan Wilson William T. Wilson John T, Wimbish Clarice F. Wray Tackie J. Young William S. Wise Bebe Barbara Wrighf LaVona P. Young Knox V. Wood Paul H. Wright Roberf Lee Youngblood Phyllis H. Woodward Don W. York Carole V. Woodward Cecil L. Yafes Sol Zimberoff Lloyd Woolsey Clyde R. Yofher Frances B. Worfhy Barry A. Youncj g x m . KC rosh Dolora L. Aaron Archie A. Abf Arthur A. Abf Bill F. Adams Helen A. Adams Robert Thurman Adams Roy Lundon Adams Vassar L. Adams Kennefh W. AidesI Jr. Jewell Anifa Aiken Shirley Ann Airhearf ZeHie P. Akins, Jr. George G. Albrighf Mary Sue Alexander Marian Nelson All BeHy Allen Dwighf L. Allen Henry C. Allen. Jr. Pafsy A. Allen Verlon H. Allen Walfer Pafrick Allen Louise M. Allgood Henry G. Allisfon Homer'L. Altman Helen Amondola Girard F. Anderson Leon Wade Anderson Patricia C. Anderson Hugh E. Andrews, Jr. Mary JeanHe Angier Ernie L. Anglin Carl Raymond Annis G. S. Appell James K. Arnold Warren L. Arnold Emily Arogoefi William B. Ashe Paul Hamilton Asher thel L. Ashmore James T. Afkins Charles Austin, Jr. Cornelius E. Austin Joe A. Ausfin Russell Ausfin Wileen Gladys Aufrey John Lewis Avery Sally Jane Avery Sybil l. Aycock James P. R. Bagwell James A. Bailey thel Jo Baker Franklin Roosevelt Baker Mildred Baker Beffy Sue Ballard Gene Byron Ballard K. Joyce Ballard Elinor W. Bandy C. Ed Bangs Grace Pauline Banisfer Dallas Cliffon Banks Eddie M, Banks Charles N. Bannister Ruby M. Barber Morfy L. Barechson Roberf L. Bargeron Theodore Edward Barner, Jr. William Fred Barnes, Jr. Hiram Lee BarreH John D. BarreH Ralph E. Barreff Evelyn Faye Barry Dan Graydon Barton Joyce Carolyn Baston Jack M. Bafes John L. Bafes Dorofhy Hiram Baxter Marianne Beall John Melvin Beam Ira Lee Bean John R. Bean Bobby Randall Beard E. Jane Bearden Beffy M. Beavers Orborn lvey Beck Byron Earl Belcher Richard '5. Bell Sandrea Kay Bell Vic'roria Benafor Donna Bengfson Jacqueline Benneff Jesse B. Benneff James A. Benton Mary Elizabeth Berenger Leona Berlin Donald H. Berner John A. Bernos Bob Manning Berry William Berryman John Raymond Biles Paul E. Binns Paula M. Bird Shirley Joann Bird Charles E. Bishop Elder Manning Bishop Gene H. Bishop Turner Lamonf Bishop Beverly Jan Bixler Jimmy Alfon Blacksfono Frosh Beffy Blackwell Gordon 6. Blackwell James J. Blalock, Jr. Kathryn B. Blalock Guy Denver Blankenship James Noland Bledsoe S. Beafrice Block Ernesf O. Bloodworfh, Jr. James Russell Bobo Charles T. Boleman Joel B. Bolfon Peggy J. Bolfon Raymond Parker Bomar Rachel A. Bond Alberf 6. Bone Terry Felfon Bone Sidney B. Bonner Frances T. Booker Roberf Eugene Born W. A. Bosfwick, Jr. Joe Mellville Bosworfh Theresa A. Boffchen Mercelle Boudreaux Jack R. Bowden, Jr. Roberf C. Bowden Nancy Elizabefh Bowers Billy E. Bowles James D. 80 Claude Fulfon Brackeff, Jr. Donald Bradberry John W. Bradfield John BradfordI Jr. John Gordon Bradford Nancy A. Bradford William H. Bradford Harold Edgar Bradshaw Charles Allan Bramlef'r William A. Brand Helen E. Brennan Lydia L. Brasseale Annie Lou Braswell Norma Braswell Roberf Breed Alice Brewer William Edward Briscoe Clarence Clifford Briff Carolyn J. BriHon Charles William Broadwell William Lufher Brock John E. Broderick Dorofhea H. Brooks Gorge M. Brooks James Edwin Brooks William Brooks xx Frosh William H. Brooks, Jr. Barbara Anne Broom Linfon Dale Broome Willie W. Browder Be'rfy Ann Brown Ellen A. Brown Fred Harold Brown. Jr. Glen 6. Brown, Jr. Howard A. Brown Ira L. Brown Larry G. Brown Margaref Lydia Brown Ralph Brown Richard Davis Brown Virginia Dare Brown Robert O. Browning Billy S. Bruce Juanifa Bruce Richard W. Bruce William Edward Bruney Bernard M. Bryan Jeannine Bryan+ William T. Buchan Jack Gilbert Bucharf Harold Buckner Mary Frances Bugg D-orofhy M. Bulger Sue T. Bull Beffy Jane Bunkley William Thomas Buoch James Wendell Burch James R. BurdeHer James Herbert Burel Hubert Wesley Burnham Mary Jean Burns Max Anderson Burns Roberf Douglas Burns Vir inia H. Burns Ju son I. Bufler, Jr. Mary Ellen Bufler Henry Willis Byrd Lucie Byrd Billy Garreff Cabe Kyle R. Cade Robert W. Cagle William Roy Calhoun Patricia Ann Callicoff Huberf J. Galloway Richard Joe Camarafa Neil S. Cameron Billy Powell Camp Edward Paul Camp Helen R. Camp William Cannon Frosh William S. Capes Barbara A. Carey Carl S. Carey, Jr. Thomas A. Carpenter James E. Carson, Jr. Harry Meldrim Carswell. Jr. Florence Louisa Carfer Robert Frank Carter Thurlon S. Carfer John Carver Edward Lee Cash Edward A. Cassady, Jr. A. Josephine Casfleberry Doris Jean Castleberry Roberf McLarin Caflin Robert Glenn Cafo James E. Cafon James Ernes1L Caudle. Jr. Barbara Louise Causey Mary Jo Cawley Lona B. Cawley Curfis G. Chaffin Joe D. Chafin John M. Chambers Vicfor P. Chambless Virginia Anne Chandler Sam N. Channell Jane C. Chapman H. Lamar Chafham Arthur Gordon Chisholm Alice L. Clark Donald W. Clark Harvey Joe Clark Mary Verdery Clark Peggy Ann Clark Benjamin F. Clay John B. Clay Vernon E. Clayion Margaref L. Cleghorn Mary U. Clements Howard Clolinger Marie Cochran Marion Wilburn Cochran Alberf Roy Cofer Ramona F. Cole William M. Cole James Harris Coleman Jessica Coleman John Philip Coleman William Robert Coleman George L. Compfon Vivian Grace Conklin Hamilton Williamson Connell Larry O. Conner FroSh Earl E. Cook Merrill L. Cook Reginal E. Cook William 6. Cook Herbert M. Cooper Milton S. Cooper Richard A. Cooper William T. Cope Vic+or Copeland Berfie June Corley Rose M. Coughlin Henry G. Cowan O+is Anderson Cowan Ray B. Cowan Archie Harold Cox Henry James Cox Irene T. Cox Barbara Agnes Craft David A. Craig William 0. Craig W. Pauline Crane John Wesley Crawford Pairick Dean Crawford Patricia H. Crawford Paul Anfhony Creedon Donald H. Crenshaw John Thomas Cribb Esther M. Crockeff Charloffe Faye Crouch Beffy Crufchfield Bayne S. Culley Walter Penn Culpepper AHhur Labron Cummings George W. Cunningham Barbara E. Daniel Merle Daniels Thomas Heinman Darnell Jeanneffe Daugherfy Roel Daves Walter Hamilton Davidson Guy Fosfer Davies Charles E. Davis Harry Lee Davis James H. Davis, Jr. Janef Lee Davis Joe D. Davis Virginia R. Davis Joyce A. Daye Perry Wilson Dean Lucien P. A. DeBacker Evelyn E. DeFoor Jack C. Delius Joseph C. DeLoach Virginia M. Dellinger E My, :xx xx x ' Frosh Louie Nick Demos William P. Denson William P. Dent Charles D. Dewberry William M. Digby Bef+y Jo-Anne Dill Wylie Lawrence Dixon Bobbie Anne Dolan Lufher Dollar Abraham Domain Bdfty A. Donaldson Ivey A. Douglas Harvey H. Downs Sallie M. Dudley Henry G. Duffer "Du+ch"' Bernard Dumbroff Johnny H. Dunphy Earl J. Durreff. Jr.- Bernice E. but Norman Larry Eaton Charles H. Dyer Mary Ann Earnesf Griffin Holf Eastin, Ill Grant W. Eaton Elene V. Duvall Mae 8. Ecksfein Emeris C. Edge John Lionel Edmonson Ernest 8. Edwards Harry Clyde Edwards Loran.Lanier Edwards Polly Edwards Virginia Ann Edwards Lucy J. Effinaer Nesberf H. Eller v Calvin S. Ellington Merrell C. Elliot? Elizabeth A. Ellis Marvin D. Emerson Theresa C. Enfwisfle T. Duk Epps Lenora Pauline Ergle . Raymond l. Ervin Gran? R. Essex Elmer L. Esfes Alvin E. Evans ' William Hershall Evans Donald L. Evaff .Melacy Diane Faber Edifh Angelyn Fannin Eloise Farr Sara Frances Farr John E. Faulk Erika Maria Faulkenberry Charles Sewell Faulkner George ,W. Ferrell. Jr. Sarah A. Field Frank Yenfzer,Fife Sara Elixabeth Fincher William C. Fincher William W. Fink Ralph W. Finley Raymond M. Finney CaH'u'erine R. Fischer Dixon J. Fisher ,' Martha Hancock Fisher u Estellg M. Flax' Edith Fleming Mary Nell Fleming . Carolyn Louise Flemming Jessie Elaine Fletcher Reba Flefch'er . Louis D. Flefcher Eugene W. Folsom Betty Fares? Wali'er T. Forresfer James Roberf Foster thel Chrisfine Fountain Roberf ldeva rd Fowler William H. Francis Sylvia C. Franco Roberf E, French Bruce Nowlin Frye Barbara Shirley Fuller i Charloffe Anne Fuller ClifforcPHugh Fuller William G. Fuller Beify Jean Fulfo-n Lois Furr 'ILynna Jeane Fufral Harry L. Gaines . . James Grady Gamble Gary H. Gambrell James W. Ganif Arthur Calvin Garmon Verlyn Frances Garmon Mary Lyndell Garner Billie Marie Garwood Mary Ann Gaflin Edmund E. Gay Richard Lloyd Gensel Robert Gerwig James Burnei'i Gibb Ralph L. Giddish Richard David Giles. Jr, John Guy Gilleland 'Susan Gillespie James L. Gilman F rosh Keighfley B. Girardeau Gordon C. Glaze Johnnie R. Glenn Pafricia Ann Glenn Morton B. Glick Beverly Jean Glover Carlfon Henry Glover Gerhude Gnann Frank D. Goins Rober'r D. Goins Peggy Virginia Goldberg Barbara J. Goolsby Billie F. Gordon Sara A. Gordon Walfer Frederick Gordy, Jr. Duffy D. Gore Milfon H. Gorman Dale Gilbert Graham Charles E. Granf Jesse J. Graves Befiy Jane Green James Richard Green Ralph L. Green Earle S. Greenberq Grady L. Greene Charles Harold Greenway Jeanneffe Greer William E. Greer Roberf G. Gregorie Beffy Gresham Albert Gary Griffith Joseph L Griggs Marian Louise Griggs James Richard Grins+ead Harry E. Grisseff Charles H. Grizzle Allen Reese Grogan Beffy Gre+ell Grogan James Marvin Guinn Thora E. Guinn James C. Gunter Allen R. Gurley, Jr. Charles B. Hackney Margare? M. Hackney Terry Hagen Boland Howard Hagood Jo Anne Hale Frances Nadine Hall Nealie L. Hall Anifa Dolores Halfwanger Ferman S. Hamby Leon H. Hames Georgie Nell Hamilfon Harry M. Hamilfon F rosh Emory Jerome Hammonds Nancy A. Hannah Alice D. Harber Mary Anne Harber Louis Trammell Hardin Sara Ann Hardman D-ewey Clinton Hardy Eleanor Madge Hardy James E. Hardy Kathleen Hardy G. C. Harkins Roberf W. Harman, Jr. Frances S. Harper Harry Wesley Harper Honor Virginia Harper William David Harrell Robert N. Harrelson Margie Theresa Harrington Almon Newion Harris Picket? Turner Harris. Jr. William T. Harrison, Jr. Melvin B. Harf William Harold Harvey Michael Hakher Joe T. Hawkes Carl Groover Hayes Doris Jeanine Hayes Paul Alexander Heany James Byron Hearn Richard P. Heimerich Mary L. Helms Bonnie Ray Henderson James C. Hendon James Thomas Herl'rhy Alvin L. Herman Leonard G. Herndon Josephine T. Heyfron Wilmof H. Hayward Thomas S. Hice Marion M. Hickey Alexander Walton Hickman Lonnie C. Hickman Jeannine Hicks Joe S. Higginbofham Nancy Adele Higgs Byron M. Highland, Jr. Lawrence S. Hill Leonard D. Hill Margaret A. Hill Raymond Clarence Hill Barbara Ann Hilsman David Estes Hipps Ben Hirsch Allen C. Hodges ; ' ' , . . V? ': x ' f . , . . x Q; x x UAargareH Nadine Hoe James C. Hogan Clayborne Ellis Holbrook Sara Lou Holbrook Ann E. Holder Lillian Holley William P. Holley. Jr. Befty Jean Holmes Mary E. Holmes WaHer Deberniere Hooks James J. Hopkins James M. Hoppersfad Mary Alice Hodon Elise Hosch Norma Lee Houk Kenneth Howard House James Candler Howard Velma Dianne Howell Olivia Ann Hubbard lvey Lois Hubert BeHy Ann Hudson Ruby Pearl Hudson James Sparks Huey Jackson William Huff Robert W. Hughes Barbara W. Hume Josephine L. Hunnicuff George R. Hunf James Thomas Hunf Carl Lowell Hurst Peggy R. Hufchens Gloria D. ldran June C. lngle Julius Held James W. Ivey Ann Jackson George Marshall JacksonI Jr. Nina Jackson Rosalie F. Jackson Lloyd E. Jacobson Harvey L. Jarret? Roberf Francis Jarrett Madge L. Jenkins Russell Frank Jenner Maynard William Jennings Julia R. Jernigan Dorothy S. Johns Alma June Johnson Ernesf C. Johnson Hilton F. Johnson Jack Beniamin Johnson John R. Johnson Lewis L. Johnson Beulah Joyce Johnsfon F rosh James M. Johnsfon Ralph E. Johnsfon Richard C. Johnston William Joseph Johnston Juanifa M. Jolly Barbara Lee Jones Carl Allen Jones Cecil Paul Jones Edward M. Jones Frank H. Jones George Lindsey Jones Jack E. Jones Jean C. Jones Joe Thomas Jonesl Jr. Julia Ellen Jones Leon William Jones Peggy J. Jones Troy V. Jones William U. Jones BeH'y Grefchen Jordan Everett Clinton Jordan Harry Thomas Joye. Jr. Joyce E. Judkins Marion L. Jus'ri William Kaplan Lewis Frank Kave Mary Nine+fa Keeling Robert P. Keheley Hal Cooper Keller Georgia Kelly Myrtle Louise Kelly Thomas H. Kendrick Alfred H. Kennedy James Roberf Kenney Edward Earl Kennemore Carolyn E. Kennedy Doroihy Frances Kent Marion Edward Kent Paf M. Kerby 'Virginia Rufh Kerr Charles J. Kerscher Mary Faye Kesler John R. Kessler Thomas Kenneth Kilpafrick Martha Ann Kimsey Layton Newell Kinnaird Dave I. Kletzky Don Carson Knighfon Roberf C. Knox Peggz Joyce Knowles Rifa aye Koplon Gladys G. Kull Napoleon LaFlamme Jane LaFonfaine Frosh William Edward Lai're Fred A. Land Donald Ray Landers Chester C. Lane J. Roberf Lane Norma J. Lane Emile J. Languirand Raiford J. Lanier Joseph A. Lapone Earl L. Lasefer James P. Laughridge Virginia L. Lawasser James Edgar Leach Phyllis R. Leake Howard W. Ledford. Jr. Lillian Rufh Lee Lansing Burrows LeRoy, Jr. James A. Leverf Harry Arden Lewis R. C. Lewis Mary Frances Liddell x Robert Davis Liggetf L. Burke Linder Jack B. Lindley Mary Ru'th Link Barbara Jeanne Liffle Mariorie E. Locklear William Harold Locklear John R. Logan Leo Raymond Logan Charles Lonero Robert Beniamin Long Walfer D. Long Paul P. Lovell James Wesley Lowe Shirley G. Lowe George B. Lowery George William Lowery, ir. Emily R. Lowndes Norma W. Luallen James H. Luckeif Elizabe+h W. Lumpkin Carl W. Lundgren James Roberf Lunsford Joe D. Lupfon Mary F. Lupfon Jamie S. Lufher Anne Gladys Lyon Thomas C. 'McBrayer Edwin T. McCain Alice Mary McCarthy John P. McCleer Jr. Joe D. McConneil Lewis D. McCoy F rosh Edwina Katherine McCullough Alice Hughey McCurdy William S. McDaniel William L. McDilda, Jr. Arfie Lucinda McDonald Carolyn N. McDonald Harold B. McDuffie Donald H. McEntire. Jr. Gerald B. McGahey John B. McGinnis William Hugh McGinnis Richard Lamar McGowan Leo F. McHugh Mary E. Mclnfyre Leona E. McKenzie Josephine M. McKibben Walfer R. McKibbenI Jr. Lacelle McLemore Evelyn Juaniia McLeod Marie Joyce McLeod Fay Ann McMichen Thomas A. McMichen James L. McNeaI Kennefh H. McNelley James B. McPherson Lawrence Peacock McRae Richard Alonzo McTyre Jean McWaffy Lucy E. MacDonald Wesley Eugene Maddox Pafsy J. Mallard Louis B. Mangum Lester H. Mann Mildred E. Mann Richard L. Mansion Dexter L. Maref Dorothy Ann Marks Beffy R. Martin Beverly 0. Martin Charles B. Martin Gerald C. Marfin Jane Lois Martin Joy Marfin Lamarfine Martin Mary D. Marfin William J. Martin William O. Massey Charles E. Mathews Robert Gordon Maihis William Curfis Matthews Harvey T. Mayes. Jr. Laura E. Mayes Ross L. Maynard L. D. McFee Frosh Doris M. Mayo Frank P. Mazur D-ewey Clay Meadows Dewey Eugene Meadows Lloyd Thomas Meadows Marilyn Latrell Medlock George Y. Mehaffey Herbert Mendel June Inez Merrell Charles Lamar Merriman Bennard V. Merritt George Warner Merriff Joe Clanion Merriff Gloria L. Middlebrooks Macy C. Miles Daniel A. Miller Elizabeth Rae Miller Marion J. Miller Luther 6. Mills, Jr. Hampton M. Mills Louise Millwood Marialyn Missildine Thomas Howell Missildine, Jr. Roberf Eugene Nichols, Jr. Doran E. Mitchell James Lewis Mifchell Annie Befh Mobley David H. Mobley Verle C. Moe Frances Monk Warren Ansley Mon+gomery Ezra B. Moody Mildred JeaneHe Moody Maurice J. Mooney. Jr. Harry V. Moore James William Moore Lillian B. Moore Paul M. Moore. Jr. Marfha Virginia Morris William Raymond Morrison Victor Herberf Mullennix Thomas V. Mullina EmmeH L. Mullinax Theodore M. Munn Claude Thomas Murphy Marion P. Murray. Jr. Russell EmmeH Musgrove Clarence Marvin Myers Charloffe Virginia Nelson Pauline Q. Nesom Kenneth Graham Newton Herberf E. Nicholls Jack W. Nichols F rosh George R. Nicholson Frankie Eugene Nixon June E. Nixon Ka+hleen M. Nolan Roy E. Norvell, Jr. Don Reeves Oeser Miriam L. Ogburn George Eugene Oldham Marvin Lee Oliver Patsy DeLee Oliver Roberf J. Oliver John Eric Olson Edward J. O'Neill Pafrick H. Orr. Jr. Will R. Off, Jr. Dorothy Lee Owen Roberf Graham Owens Ida J. Ozburn Johnnie Regiouse Ozburn Raymond L. Ozmore Mae Paden James C. Pair Carlton G. Palmer Barbara J. Parham Gloria L. Parker JoAnn M. Parker John T. Parker, Jr. Norman Wayne Parks James Robert Parrish Paul A. Parfee. Jr. Roy E. Paifillo Paul J. Patton James 0.4 Payne Marian Patricia Payne Rachel Virginia Payne Patricia Elizabefh Peace Max J. Peacock Frank A. Pease. Jr. Jack's. Pease BeHy Claire Pedersen Jimmy Peek Joseph H. Peek Lewis Alva Peek Jack 6. Pelfier Thomas Jackson Penismn Frances D. Pennell Charlo'rfe A. Perry Joyce Pefers Richard E. Pefersen Maurice F. Peferson Hoyf Coleman Phillips Mary Helen Phillips Olin E. Pickens Terry Marilyn Piel F rosh Julia Ann Pierce Elizabefh Pingry Frances Biles Pinson Peggy P. Pifman Rifa Meryl Poe lra Emil Pogue, Jr. Jimmie P. Poolos John Jefferson Porter Mary W. Potts BeHy Poulos George W. PrifcheH Mary Faye PrueH Ruby J. PruiH Thomas C. Pruiff Carroll Eldridge Pullen Charles Rex Pyron William D. Rainey Ralph L. Rainwa+er Mary Lena Ralsfon Richard M. Ramsaur Elizabefh J. Ramsden Ira Clayfon Ramsey Don C. Randall Jere M. Randall Roy Daniel Reagin Sfephen S. Redd Dorofhy Lucile Reese Daisy H. Reeves Saralyn Reeves William Don Reeves Charles Regisfer Robert 0. Register Sarrah A. Reid James C. Reynolds, Jr. Sam M. Reynolds Jack C. Rice Bluford B. Rich Clarisse Dee Rich Roy A. Richards Marfha F. Richardson Dorofhy Lee Ridings Charles A. Roberts Johnnie S. Roberfs Shirley Jean Roberfs William E. Roberfs Annie Ruth Robertson Beverly Eyles Robertson Calvin W. Robertson Charles R. Robertson John Lee Robertson Daisy Blanche Robins Peggy Jeane Robinson Placido E. Rodriquez, Jr. Harry P. Rogers Frosh WaHer Edwin Rogers Victor H. Romano Robert Lee Roquemore Julian Affon Rose George L. Rosen BeHy Jo Rowe Clyde Franklin Rowland Earl H. Russell Gwen H. Rustin Minnie E. Ru'rledge Doreen E. Ryan Mary E. Ryan Bobby Sackinger George E. Sanders, Jr. Jim C. Sands Charles L. Sapp Van Holland Sapp Arnold Rudy SaSSeen John Louie Safferwhiie Horace K. Sawyer. Jr. Barnef Saxe Louis M. Scarbrough Johnny Powell Scarborough, Jr. Alice C. Schroeder Frances Schroeder Elizabeth Ruth Schulhafer Julia P. Scifres William Harry Scoggins Cornelius Seago Charles F. Sears William H. Seawell Harlan Adair See Bobby Lee Sewell BeHy S. 'Sexfon Geneva L. Sexfon Barbara A. Shaw James R. Shaw Evelyne Harwell Sheafs Florence Irene Shelhorse Joann Shepherd Clifford R. Shirley Robert Landrum Shirley Frank L. Shoppe Roberf L. Shuman Edwina E. Sims Isabelle Marilyn Sirofa Lewis C. Sisson Thomas Julian Sisson Edgar McRee Sites, Jr. Carol Skinner Eunice A. Skinner Maurice V. Slafon Mariorie Lufrell Slaughfer John C. Sledge Marion K. Sloan Marvin A. Sluder Charles C. Smalley Beffy J. Smith Beffy L. Smifh Cecila Louise Smifh Donald Hoyf Smi+h Dorothy Louise Smith Earlene Smith Edna Angeline Smifh Eldred Smifh F. V. Smifh, Ill Harold F. Smith Harold L. Smifh Harry P. Smith Herberf Lee Smifh John H. Smifh Lanier C. Smith Leonard E. Smifh Lucy Margurie Smifh Margaref J. Smifh Mary C. Smifh Orville K. Smifh Robert Eugene Smith Roberf F. Smith Roberf H. Smifh Robert L. Smith Travis Gene Smith William H. Smifh William Ira Smifh James Hicks Snell William B. Snell Voncile Margaret Snipes Sfanley H. Solomon Howard Pershing Spain, Sr. Regina A. Sparks Catherine Elizabefh 'Spears Edna Margaret Spencer Elby S. Spires Shiela Paf Sprayberry Walter Leon Sprouse. Jr. George M. SpruillI Jr. Gerfrude Kyle Sfalker Jim A Sfalker Kenneth Monroe Sfamps Iris K. Sfandard William Jackson Sfansell. Jr. Dena Louise Starr Joyce Sfafham William R. 'Sfafham Eugene H. Sfauber Jack 5. Sfephens Rollie C. Sfephens, Jr. Armine G. Sfinneff F rosh Janice Stinson Guy E. Stokes Audrey P. Sfone Lloyd W. Stone Bill H. Strickland Leon Claude Sfrickland Madeline L. Sfroh Charles W. Sfroud George T. Sfrupe John Watson 'Suggs June A. Sullivan Ruth Summerour Gloria June Summers Ray D. Swaim Ernes? Sweat Luree Swindell Olive G. Swyers Rollie Jordan Tallrnan Sanford C. Talfon Hugh Tanner Harry Milton Tarranf, Jr. Loyd J. Tafum Charles L. Taylor Thomas Crozier Taylor Frances E. Teagle Dorothy A. Terry Franklin J. Terry John Thomas Beffy Thompson Callis Lee Thompson WaHer F. Thompson Judy S. Thorn Evelyn Joanne Thornton William M. Thrift Ronald W. Tilley Mary Frances Tolar Donald R. Tolbert Marion Leonard Tolberf Clark Lanier Tomlin Sewell A. Townsend Edifh Marie Tribble Wilber Odgen Tribble William H. Trippe Bobby Tuck Leon Tuck Edna J. Tucker Ivan Paul Tucker Claude W. Turner Curtis M. Turner George Grover Turner George William Turner Jack Porter Turner James H. Turner Jeaneffe D. Turner dew e Q Q F rosh UArsJ Nova S. Turner Vaughn Darwin Turner William E. Turner Dolores Jean Underwood June Louise Underwood Lewis A. Underwood Charles F. Upshaw Walter Leon Van Noshaud Carl Lawrence Vann Thomas Madison Vann Beffye Jane Vaughan Martha L. Veal James W. Vickers, Jr. Dan D. Vines Alfred B. Vinzani David H. Waddy Charles C. Wade Lawrence J. Wade Charles J. Wagnon Barbara Waits Sharlie L. Walker Shirley M. Walker Jesse W. Wallace Roberfa 8. Wallace William Love Wallace James Edwin Wallis, Jr. William F. Walraven Elizabeth Warrenfells Helen C. Wafers Richard Henry Wafers Warren L. Wafers James Henry Watkins Thomas Elbert Wafkins Frank L. Wa'rson Rober? G. WaHs Vaughan 3. Watts Beulah Leslie Weaver Barbara Ann Webb Robert S. Webb William F. Weekes Charles Henr Weese Grady E. We unf Joan Louise Welch John W. Wellons Edna J. Wells Virginia Ann Wheeler John D. Whelchel E. Elizabefh Whife George 0. White Hoyf A. Whife Jane Claire Whife Jean White Jimmie Lee Whife Ray T. Whife F rosh Thomas H. White Charlo'rfe L. Whitworfh John C. Widener W. Norris Wilkerson George Charles Wilkes Roberf L. Wilkie Barbara Ann Williams Barbara J. Williams Beffie Jo Williams Gay Williams Grace Williams Margaret Williams Marshall David Williams Roberf E. Williams Beffy Jean Wilson Patricia Louise Wilson Winifred Moffee Wilson Roy E. Winn Helen Florence Wolfe Barbara A. Wood Mary E. Wood Robert R. Woodham Jim Bailey Woodring Georgia Ann Woods John Roy Woods Charles Frederick Wright Eugene J. Wrigh? Sydney Jane Wrighf Samuel B. Wyaf? James C. Wyle Charles J. Yancey Patsy R. Yancey Robert G. Yancey Edith Grace York Jean Young Stanley D. Zwarich Gerald 6. Adams Howard W. Ayers Mae M. Barnes Barbara A. Bishop Glenn H. Blacksfon Jack W. Bowen Sibyl L Allen Jewel B. Bailey Merle E. Baxfer Beffy Ann Bishop Lily Bloom HArsJ Norris E. Bowen Hugh E. Andrews, Jr. Raymond P. Bailey Lillie V. Beaver Julia C. Black Miriam C. Boland Quinn M. Brackeff Grace M. Arnold Fences Moss Banks Richard Bell P. J. Blacksfock, Jr. Daniel M. Borris. Jr. Thomas Wm. Bradley Clinfon F. Branch Annis M. Brown Virginia Brown Ann C. Burns Anne 0. Caldwell Bobbie J. Carroll Edward R. Brinkley Richard C. Brown Walfer V. BurdeHe C. D. Burns Roberf L. Carmichael Carroll L. Carter Cecil A. Broach Rufh R. Brown Virginia W. Burke Dorothy B. Burnside Roberf R. Carnes Daniel W. Chambers Harvey E. Chambers George F. Cluffs Joseph T. Cole Mary Annelle Cox Richard H. Cross BeHy Louise Davis Gilberf M. Chaffin Sam H. Cobb Arfy R. Collins Helen M. Crawford Clifford N. Crowder Elsie Mae Davis xtx Weona L. Cleveland Chrisfa S. Cole Linda E. Cook Helene B. CrHcheH Mary M. Daniel David Dennis h, g Bennie L. Devane Augus'rus B. Dorough Paul W. Duncan William E. Farnell Howard Fine Anicefus W. Fox Edgar D. Dickinson Beffy Jane Drake Nancy S. Dur n Mere S. Ferrell Marfha 0. Fisher Mildred J. Franklin Rufh M. Dix Opal J. Duke thsj Waverly F. Fanf J. Frank Fefzer Elva M. Ford John R. Frazier Walfer A. Donnerberg Roberf E. Duke Pa+ A. Farmer Mary V. Feuchfinger Eugene V. Forfson Olen l. FreemanI Jr. GWIWV , Francis A. Jennings Arnold C. Jo nson Harry George Jones Meredifh Keefer Ru h Kersfoff Annie Mildred Lane Joseph A. Jimmerson Gloria D. Joiner Ernesf E. Jush'ce, Jr. Harry W. Ken+ Inez Kifchens Alice C. Lawrence Catherine Jobson Dorofhy F. Jones Hyman Kafz L uis W. Kenfe Thomas M. LeMasfers Ickey C. Lee Doris M. Lee Elmer A. Levie Russell J. Licafa Frances E. Long Jack Lueschen Vivian L. McElveen John C. Lee Howard R. Lewis Janie L. Liggin H ry M. Lovern John B. Lyons Fred G, McGahee Jimmie S. LemoMMrsJ Peggy B. Lewis Gloria L. Link E. Virginia Lowe Joseph A. McCaffrey Laura P. Macdonald George Bill Leon Rushie W. Lewis William R. Logan Ru h Lucas Lilla E. McClung Mary C. Magaraci H. Barbara Maggie Arfhur L. Marfin Mary Jo Mayfon Gretchen N. Miller R. Ellen Moore J. H. Murphy Earl A. Mahan Rosendo Mariinez E. H. Meadors Sara Josephine Miller Irvine E. Morris Willie Lucile Nelson Bryant E. Marchman Van E. Mason T. W. Medlock James B. Molleson Wendell N. Moss M. Reese Newton William A. Marsfon Carolyn V. MaHhews Roland F. Melofy Lewis R. Moore Raymond A. Mulkey William H. Nolan William W. Oliver Fred F. Padge't'r Mary Nixon Marfha Clarine Peak Harrieff M. Perry L. Milton Prafher Special Hugh D. North Frances M. OHo Philip B. PaHerow Roberf O. Pendley Nick V. Polizos James T. Prifchard Harold O. Norion Jean Owen thsJ Fannie D. Pearson Harrieffe E. Perkins Wayne F. Pope Olivia M. Purcell Special Ann Z. Quinn John P Reed Cecil 6. Reid Alberta Joyce Rives John J. Robey Lonnie Roberfs Cyrene Ray C. S. Reese Uv1rsJ Remes R. Reid Arthur C. Robbins Erma J. Roberfs Herbert E. Robins, Jr. Jean A. Read Roberf P. Reese Thelma E. Rickenbeker C. A. Robbins UfCoIJ Jean Roberts Cafherine C. Romeo Aline Rooks F. Irene Rufland J. F. Scarbrough. Jr. Rarene M. Sewell Elsa Sieger'r William C. Sla're Lucille Rooks Julia P. 'Sadler Louise W. 8:01? Evelyn F. Sharpe SonIe Silverman Charles E. Slafer John Arfhur Russell John L. Sanders Bonnie Scroggs Ashland D . Shaw Sam H. Simon Udrsj Annie D. Smith Aileen E. Rufherford Lining C. Sanders Helen V. Sewell William A. Sibbeff William E. Slade Charles Smifh H. Earle Smifh, Jr. R. A. SpiHer, Jr. Geo. D. Sfeffner, Jr. Mark K. Taylor Dillard B. Thacker Harold Thompson Julia S. Smifh Addie H. Sfaley James E. Sfephenson Marvin L. Teafe William L. Thebauf Helen P. Thompson Roland P. Smifh Eric I. Sfanfield Jeryl T. Sfubbs Uv1rsj Lawrence H. Tenney Louise E. Thomas Richard E. Tidwell Wm x. Barbara G. Spain Veda D. Sfeagall Margaref Ann Swann Evelyn Terrell Horace M. Thomason Elsie l. Todd Harold E. Trammell Jean A. Twyman George J. Wallace Dudley J. Weldon Royce F. Wesf Jackie E. Wheeler Harry M. Turner Wm. R. Ussery, Jr. Lawrence Wafkins William F. Wells Shirley Westbrook Roberf A. Whife Richard D. Turner, Jr. Frank E. Wall Frank L. Waff, Jr. Bobbie J. Werner lsabell L. Wesifall M. S. WhiteheadI Jr. SPECIAL STUDENTS S+uden+s pic+ured on +he previous pages are faking various subieci's a+ +he A+Ian+a Division bu+ are no+ regisfered as working on a degree. Some of +hese sfudenfs are working on a cer+ifica+e in nursing educa- +ion and are aHending +he A+lan+a Division because cer+ain courses are offered here. O+hers are +aking specific subjeci's +hey are in- feresfed in which will no+ earn for +hem a degreed Many sfudenfs pic+ured on +he preceding pages are engaged in posf-gradua+e work. James E. Williams Dursfyne Wil Iiamson Doris E. Wilson Frances Wilson Georgia W. Wilson William L. Wilson Nancy L. Willis Manfred E. Wiman Gerfrude E. Wolfe Curfis M. Wood H. Travis Woodwa rd Annette Worfhingion Willie T. Wrighf John P. Yancey John William Yopp Raymond E. Young In Sep+ember, under Hie command of Li. Col. Alberf T. SlaFFord of Lawlon. Okla.I Hie ROTC- Transporlafion Uni+ will be acfiva+ecl. Col. Shafford will be assisled by Major George W. S. Kul'm. Mas+er Sergeanf Harry Winburn, Sergeanf John Williams. G. T. Loffis and John Jacobs. Since +he mee-ling wifh high army brassI approximafely 200 sfudenfs have JFilled ouf preliminary blanks. Ex- pecfed enrollmen+9500. The uni+ will boas+ of a 40-piece band. Drill will be concluded during Hie morningI and in Hie summer camps will be held for +he advanced s+uden+s. Affer comple+ion of four years +raining. sfudenfs may be commissioned second lieu+enan+s in Hie service for which summer encampmen+s are concluded. WW 9 9 669 VA x; W l S ml. 6 W H u mxwlx kk xmxx L x'mo' Teaching Staff BELOW. LEFT TO RIGHT. TOP ROW: Carl J. Ackerman, John A. Alexander and Howell B. Anderson. . . . MIDDLE ROW: H. J. Aronin. Henry G. Baker. and Jose'a A. Baflle. . . . BOT- TOM ROW: Lloyd E. Baugham. Theodore T. Beck. and Rufh L. Bonner. ABOVE. LEFT TO RIGHT. TOP ROW: S+anley F. BoorI Eugene T. Branch. and Malcolm A. Brenner. . . . MIDDLE ROW: George M. Brown. John A. Broxson, and Thomas M. Brumby. . . . BOTTOM ROW: J. Whifney Bun+ing. J. C. Hor+on Burch. and Herberf Burgess. a I ,7, ayiqn'vh ,ue yawn, BELOW. LEFT TO RIGHTl TOP ROW: John K. Calhoun, George L. Carroll. and Rober+ L. Chaffin. . . . MIDDLE ROW: James E. Chap- man. Roberf S. Chris+ian, and John T. Cocu+z. . . . BOTTOM ROW: Jerome A. ConnerI John W. Darr. and James H. Davis. WW ABOVE, LEFT TO RIGHT. TOP ROW: William C. Davis. William V. Denning. and Raymond H. Dominick. . . . MIDDLE ROW: Edward E. Dor- sey. Howard 0. Draper. and Roy Drunkenmiller. . . . BOTTOM ROW: Miles D. Dunlap. E. T. Eggers. and Robert D. England. Teaching Staff Teaching Staff LEFT TO RIGHT. TOP ROW: Ber+ H. FlandersI S. H. Flinfl and Edward L. Floyd. . . . BOTTOM ROW: Marvin H. Floyd, Lindle E. Freeman. and Marion A. Gaeri'ner. LEFT TO RIGHT. TOP ROW: H. Fred Gober. W. M. Grubbs. and George J. Gunning. . . . MIDDLE ROW: Charles W. Haines. Ralph H. Hall, and Roberf L. Hall. . . . BOTTOM ROW: Bill H. Harris. Jr., Roberf I. Harrison, Jr.. and Henry L. Hills. LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP ROW: Be++y S. Johnson. Mar+ha J. Johnson. and William W. Johnson, Jr. . . . BOTTOM ROW: David W. Johns+on. A. R. Jones. and Virginia M. Klaenhammer. v ,- I 4'0 WW I " m , w LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP ROW: William E. Hin- richs. R. H. Hollingsworfh. and Hiram J. Honea. . . . MIDDLE ROW: Harry H. Hudson, M. Clyde Hughes. and H. Mark Huie. . . . BOT- TOM ROW: H. Reid Hun+erI Cecil H. Jackson. and HubenL W. Jenkins. Teaching Staff Teaching Staff BELOW, LEFT TO RIGHT. TOP ROW: Louis Ko+eles, H. F. Kur+z. and George P. W. Lamb. . . . MIDDLE ROW: Leonard C. R. Langer, A. B. P. Liles. and B. E. Lindsey. . . . BOTTOM ROW: William F. Lozier. Thomas R. Luck. Jr., and Claude L. Lynn. W ABOVE. LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP ROW: David F. McDowell. Hassell E. McGee. and George E. Maddox. . . . MlDDLE ROW: Warren C. Mad- dox. A. Blanche Malecka. and Paul E. Manners. . . . BOTTOM ROW: Charles E. Mariin. Carl Mauelshagen, and Grover G. Maughon. BELOW. LEFT TO RIGHT, TOP ROW: W. R. Merrell. Lloyd D. Mifler. and M. C. Moseley. . . . MIDDLE ROW: John H. Olden. Jr., Clarke OlneyI and Erle Phillips. . . . BOTTOM ROW: W. B. Pirkle, Fred A. Priest and B. O. Quil- lian. Jr. ABOVE. LEFT TO RIGHT. TOP ROW: Robert J. Reiber. James E. Rou+h. and W. E. Rufledge. . . . MIDDLE ROW: Charles Sanders, John W. Sawyer. and Roberf M. Schawelson. . . . BOT- TOM ROW: John W. Shipp. Arfhur B. Simms. and Herberf O. Smifh. Teaching Staff eaching Staff LEFT TO RIGHT. FIRST ROW: S+anford Smifh. Jr.. Henry Sopkin. Bruno F. Sfein. and Lilian B. Sullivan. . . . SECOND ROW: Bill M. SuHIes. John W. Taliaferro, Charles E. Taylor, and Charles S. Thorp. . . . THIRD ROW: Bailey M. Wade. Harley J. Walker. J. R. Walker, and W. R. Walker. . . . FOURTH ROW: Mary F. Ward, Grigsby H. WoHon, Charles B. Wray, and Kafhleen Zumbro. STAFF AND FACULTY CARL J. ACKERMAN Parf +irne Business Adminisfra+ion BJOHN A. ALEXANDER A.B.. M.A.. PhD. Associate Professor of His+ory BHOWELL B. ANDERSON 3.5.. 8D. Insfrucior in Physics LLOYD L. ANTLE B.A., Par+ fime Business AdminisfraHon HOWARD J. ARONIN B.B.A.. C.P.A., Par+ +ime Business Adminis+ra+ion HENRY G. BAKER A.B.. B.S.. A.M.. Ed.D. Professor of Economics BJOSE A. BATLLE A.B.. M.A. Assf. Professor Modern Languages LLOYD E. BAUGHAM B.A., M.A. Asso. Professor Business Educa+ion BTHEODORE TOULON BECK A.B.. A.M. Asso. Prof. of Modern Languages JOHN S. BELL A.B.. LL.B.. J.D.. Parf +ime Business Adm.: AHorney at Law DAVID C. BENSON Parf fime Business Adminisfrafion JOHN D. BLAIR B.S. Dir. Admissions, Ac+ing Regis+rar BMRS. RUTH BONNER B.A., A.M. Asst Professor of Poli+ical Science MTED. W. BOOKER 8.5.. M.A.. Ph.D. Associafe Professor of Educa+ion STANLEY F. BOOR B.S.. Parf fime Economics MROBERT THOMPSON BOWEN. JR. A.B.. M.A. Assis+an+ Professor of Educa+ion LEJEUNE P. BRADLEY A.B.J.. M.S.. Ed.D. Direc+or of Academic Programs. Assf. Prof.. Business Adminis+ra+ion EUGENE T. BRANCH B.A., LL.B.. Par+ +ime Business Adminisirafion MALCOLM A. BRENNER. JR. B.C.S., C.P.A.. Parf +ime Accounfing; Senior member of firm M. A. Brenner. Jr. and Company. Cerfiiied Public Accounfan+s MRS. LORRAINE BROOKSHI RE Mafron BGEORGE M. BROWN B.S., M.Sc.. D.Sc. Associafe Professor of Ma+hema+ics and Sfafis'rics BJOHN A. BROXSON 3.5., A.M., PhD. Associafe Professor of Psychology BTHOMAS M. BRUMBY A.B.. M.M. Associafe Professor of Music J. WHITNEY BUNTING A.B.. M.B.A., Ph.D. Associa+e Professor of Economics H. C. HORTON BURCH A.B.. A.M., Ph.D. Associa+e Professor of English thHERBERT BURGESS B.S. Ed. lnsfrucfor in Healfh and Physical Educafion JOHN K. CALHOUN J.D., Par+ +ime Business AdminisfraHon; A++orney a+ Law NAMES CASPER CAMP A.B.. A.M.. Dean of S+uden+s Associa+e Professor English 2kELMER G. CAMPBELL A.B.. M.S.. Ph.D. Profesor-emerifus of Biological Sciences JAMES L. CAMPBELL A.B., M.B.A.. Par+ fime Economics MRS. W. C. CANTRELL B.C.S.. B.S. Ed.. M.A. Ad min is+ra+ive Secrefary HUGH C. CARNEY A.B.. LL.B.. Parf fime Business Adminisfra+ion mGEORGE L. CARROLL A.B. Ins+ruc+or. Parf fime. English ROBERT L. CHAFFIN B.C.S., M.A. Assis+an+ Professor of Economics JAMES E. CHAPMAN B.C.S.. M.S., Par+ +ime Economics DAVID L. CHEWNING B.A., Parf +ime Business Adminis+ra+ion TIM B. CHISHOLM B.S., M.S., Parf fime Accoun+ing BROBERT S. CHRISTIAN A.B.. M.S. Assis+anf Professor of Mafhemchs R. A. CHRISTOPH ER B.C.S. Ins+ruc+or in Business Educafion I'iJOHN T. COCUTZ A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. Associa+e Professor of Philosophy BMRS. MARTHA B. COFFIELD B.S. Ins+ruc+or, Nursing Educa+ion BNORMAN H. COLE B.F.A. Ins+ruc+or. Parf fime, Ar'l' BKENNETH COLEMAN A.B.. M.A. Ins+ruc+or in Hisiory BMARCUS W. COLLINS A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. Professor of Sociology JEROME A. CONNER B.A., M.A., Par+ +ime Business Adminis+ra+ion: Execufive Secrefary Georgia Ci+izens Council BCHARLES L. COPE 8.5., M.A. Assis+anf Professor of Ma+hema+ics HARVEY L. COSPER B.Ph.. LL.B.. Par+ +ime Business Adminisfrafion: legal department Soufhern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Company BMERWIN T. CRISMAN B.M. Insfrucfor in Music, Parf fime BHANSELL F. CROSS B.A., M.S. Ins+ruc+or in Biological Sciences JOHN W. DARR B.S.. M.B.A. Assisfan'r Professor of Managemenf JAMES H. DAVIS B.C.S.. Parf +ime, Accounfing; Accoun+an+, Back and Gregg Hardware Company. Inc. LOUIS LLOYD DAVIS A.B.. A.M.. Parf +ime Inves+men+s WILLIAM C. DAVIS B.B.A. Assisfani' Professor of Accoun+ing ARMAND J. DELLA-VOLPE B.A., M.S.. Par+ +ime Business Adminisfrafion WILLIAM V. DENNING 8.0.5.. 8.5.5.. Par+ +ime Business Adminisfra+ion mRAYMOND H. DOMINICK A.B., A.M. Assisfan+ Professor of Mafhemafics EDWARD E. DORSEY A.B.. LL.B.. Parf Hme Business Adm.; A++orney a+ Law BHOWARD O. DRAPER A.B.. A.M., lns+rucfor Par+ +ime of Modern Languages BROY DRUKENMILLER Ph.B.. M.A. Ins+ruc+or, Parf +ime of English .. MILES D. DUNLAP B.S., M.A. Associafe Professor of Economics BMRS. BETTY F. EDWARDS A.B. lns+ruc+or. Nursing Educafion ELBERT THEODORE EGGERS B.S., M.S. Assisfanf Professor of Managemenf ROBERT D. ENGLAND 3.5., A.M.. Parf fime Business Adminis+ra+ion BEARLUTH ELAINE EPTING B.S., M.M., Ins+ruc+or in Music Deparfmeni' of Fine Ar+s JULE WIMBERLY FELTON A.B.. LL.B.. Parf +ime Business Adminishafion BBERTRAM H. FLANDERS A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. Associa'l'e Professor in English SAM HALL FLINT A.B.. Parf +ime. Transpor+a+ion Georgia Public Service Commission BEDWARD LEE FLOYD A.B.. A.M.. LL.B.. Insfrucfor Parf +ime, Social Sciences BMARVIN H. FLOYD B.S., M.S. lnsfrucfor, Parf fime, Physics ROY E. FOSSETT Par+ ?ime Business Adminisfra+ion SAMUEL D. FRANKLIN B.C.. Parf +ime, Purchasing' Assis+an+ Purchasing Agenf. Planfafion Pipelines. Inc. LINDLE E. FREEMAN A.B., Parf fime Business Educafion BMARION A. GAERTNER A.B.. M.S. Assis+an+ Professor of Chemis+ry EVA C. GALAMBOS B.B.A., M.A.. Parf fime Business Adminishafion MAURICE A. GARR B.S., M.S. Ma+hema+ics HENRY FRED GOBER A.B.. LL.B.. Parf fime Business AdminisfraHon BE. LOUISE GRANT B.S.N.E.. M.A.N.E. Professional Diploma Professor of Nursing Educafion Head of file Depari'menf of Nursing Educafion VANN GROOVER A.B.. LL.B.. Parf iime Banking and Finance Vice Presidenf in Charge of Personnel, Citizens and Souihern Na+ional Bank BWILLIAM M. GRUBBS A.B.. M.A. Associa+e Prof. of Political Science GEORGE J. GUNNING Parf +ime Business Adminisfra+ion "EUGENE D. GUNSARD M.B.A., insisrucforI Parf +ime Modern Languages HARRY HAAG A.B.. Parf fime Business Adminis'rrafion CHARLES W. HAINES B.S.. M.A. Par+ +ime. Economics aWRALPH H. HALL B.S.. M.A.Ed.. PhD. Assisfani' Professor of Educafion BROBERT L. HALL A.B.. M.A. Asst Prof. of Modern Languages WILLIAM R. HAMMOND B.C.S., M.B.A.. C.P.A. Asso. Prof. of Business Adm. WILLIAM H. HARRIS. JR. B.S.. M.S.. M.B.A. Asst Prof.. Business Adminisfraiion BROBERT IVY HARRISON. JR. B.F.A. Assisfanf Professor of Music MARY ANNE HEARON B.B.A., M.S.E.. Par+ fime Business Educafion GEORGE W. HIBBERT A.B.. J.D., Parf +ime Business Adminis+ra+ion WILLIAM T. HICKS B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D., Parf +irne Business Adminis+raiion STAFF AND FACULTY - Continued HENRY L. HILLS B.C.S.. C.P.A.. Parf +ime Accoun+ing Assf. Compfroller, Refail Credi+ Co. BWILLIAM E. HINRICHS B.S.. M.S.. PhD. Assisianf Professor of Psychology VIRGIL H. HOAGLAND B.S.C.. C.P.A.. Par'l' +ime Business Adminisfra+ion Accountant C. P. Bagley and Co.. Cerfified Public Accounfani's BR. R. HOLLINGSWORTH A.B.. A.M.. M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of Sociology HIRAM JAMES HONEA B.C.S.. Direc+or of Placemen+ Assf. Professor of Business Adm. On leave in service BHARRY H. HUDSON A.B.. M.A. lns+ruc+or. Par+ +ime. Psychology M. CLYDE HUGHES A.B.. M.A.I PhD. Asso. Prof. of Bus. Adm. s'KHENRY M. HUIE A.B. Ed. Ins+ruc+or, Par+ 'Hme. Ma+hema+ics ALICE HU LL B.C.S.. A.B. Library Science. Assisfani Librarian anHAL HULSEY A.B.. A.M.l Adminis+ra+ive Dean Dean. College of Ar+s and Sciences Asso. Prof. of Modern Languages BH. REID HUNTER A.B., M.A.. Ph.D. Asociafe Professor of Psychology CECIL HIRAM JACKSON B.S.. M.A., LLB. Parf +ime. Economics BHUBERT W. JENKINS B.S. Ins+ruc+or. Pari iime. Chemis+ry BBETTY STREET JOHNSON A.B.. M.A. Ins+ruc+or in Nursing Educa+ion BMARTHA J. JOHNSON B.A., M.S. Asst Prof. in Biological Sciences BWILLIAM W. JOHNSON B.F.A.. M.F.A. Assisianf Professor of Music BDAVID WHITE JOHNSTON A.B.I A.M., B.L. Assisfan+ Professor of English A. R. JONES B.S., C.P.A.. Parf +ime Business Adminis+ra+ion INKFLOYD JORDAN A.B.. M.A.I PhD. Residenf Dean, Coliege of Ed. MILTON E. KELLEY B.S.. M.S. Assisfanf Professor of Business Adminisfrai-ion; on leave MRS. OLLIE G. KINCAID A.B. Assis+a n+ Li brarian :Wl RGINIA MAE KLAENHAMMER B.A. Ins+ruc+or in Nursing Educa+ion iLOU IS KOTELES B.F.A. Insfrucfor in Ari BHERMAN F. KURTZ A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of Chemisfry GEORGE P. W. LAMB A.B.I M.A. ioxoni Parf +ime. Economics LEONARD C. R. LANGER A.B., M.B.A. Asst Professor of Transporfa'rion 2W. V. LAVROFF B.S.. M.A.. Comp+roller Assisfan+ Professor of Mafhemch: WILLIAM PRESTON LAYTON B.Fh. Assis+an+ +0 Hie Direcfor LEE M. LEIKE B.S., M.S.I Parf fime Business Adminis+ra+ion ALTON B. PARKER LILES A.B.I B.$.. M.A.l PhD.l Par+ +ime Business Educafion B. E. LINDSEY B.C.S.. M.S.C.I Parf +ime Business Educa'iion BCHARLES W. LITTLE A.B.. Ins+ruc+or. Parf +ime Music DAVID D. LONG 3.5., Parf +ime Business Adminisfra+ion CHARLES A. LOUDERMILK B.A., M.A.I Parf +irne Business AdminisiraHon WILLIAM F. LOZIER A.B., LL.B.. Par+ +ime, Law AHorney a+ Law THOMAS R. LUCK. JR. B.C.S., LL.B., Par'l' Jrirne Economics a'iCLAUDE L. LYNN B.S.. M.A.I Ins+ruc+or, Par+ +ime Biological Sciences BDAVID FRANKLIN MCDOWELL A.B., M.A., PhD. Asso. Proi. of Modern Languages aiHASSEL ELMORE McGEE A.B.. M.A. Insfruc+orI Par+ +ime, English MJOANNE RAE McGHEE A.B.I Ins+ruc+or in HeaHh and Physical Educa+ion GEORGE E. MADDOX B.S., Par+ +ime Sales Adminisfra'rion aiWARREN CALVIN MADDOX A.B., A.M. Assf. Prof. of Modern Languages BA. BLANCH E MALECKA B.S. Ins+ruc+or, Nursing Educa+ion GEORGE EMANUEL MANNERS B.S.C.. M.B.A.. C.P.A. Dean. College of Business Adm. Asso. Prof. of Business Adm. BPAUL E. MANNERS B.A. Insfrucfor. Par+ +ime. Mafhemchs CHARLES E. MARTIN B.C.S.. T.M., Par+ +ime Business Adminis+ra+ion allMARJORIE MASSEE 3.5.. Assis+an+ Professor in Nursing Educa+ion BCARL MAUELSHAGEN B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. Professor of History GROVER GAINES MAUGHON A.B.. M.A. Associafe Professor of Economics JAMES EDWARD MAYO A.B.I M.A.l C.P.A. Parf +ime. Accoun+ing Chief Accounfant A+Ian+a and Wes? Poinf Railroad JOSEPH G. MAYTON A.B.. M.A. Ph.D. Professor of Economics BEMMETI' P. MEDLOCK A.B.. M.S. Ins+ruc+or in Physics. On leave WILLARD RANDOLPH MERRELL A.B., LL.B.. Pari iime Business Adminis+ra+ion a'iLLOYD DEAN MILLER B.F.A.. A.M. Associafe Professor of AH NOHN BURCHELL MOORE A.B., M.A. Assis+an+ Professor of English iMlLLARD CRAWFORD MOSELEY B.S.. M.A., LL.B. Assis+an+ Professor of Ma+hema+ics W. WILSON NOYES. JR. A.B.. A.B.L.S. Librarian JOHN H. OLDEN B.I.E., M.B.A. Par+ +ime. Business Adminis+ra+ion Indus+rial Engr.I A+Ian+ic S+eel Co. iCLARKE OLNEY Ph.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. Associafe Professor of English MARTIN H. PEABODY LL.B., Par+ fime, Business Adm. AHorney af Law HENRY C. PEPPER A.B., A.M.. Ph.D. ProfessorI Pu blic Adminisfra'iion CHARLES L. PERKINS B.S.. M.S. Parf +ime, Business Adminisfra+ion M. ERLE PHILLIPS B.B.A.. J.D. Par+ +ime, Economics BWILLIAM B. PIRKLE A.B.. A.B. Ed.. A.M. Assisfan'i Professor of English JAMES EDWARD POWELL B.C.S. Par+ +ime. Business Adminis'rrafion Assis+an+ +o Hie Regis+rar Credif Dept. Gulf Oil Corporafion HAZEL PURDIE B.C.S., A.B., Library Science Assis+an+ Librarian THOMAS TAYLOR PURDOM B.Fh., LL.B Parf +ime, Business Adminis+ra+ion AHorney af Law iBASCOM O. QUILLIAN A.B.. A.M. Ins+ruc+or, Parf fime Polifical Science LLOYD B. RAISTY Ph.D., Professor of Economics On leave from Universi+y of Ga. Senior Economist Federal Reserve Bank of A+lan+a BROBERT JOSEPH REIBER B.S.. M.S. Asst Prof. of Biological Sciences BMARY BARRY ROBERT B.S.. M.A. Ins+ruc+or. Nursing Educa+ion BCATHLEEN J. RODMAN B.S. Ins+ruc+or in Nursing EducaHon BAUGUSTUS LEE ROGERS A.B.J. Ins+ruc+or, Par+ fime, Journalism I'iPETER A. ROSE B.S.. M.S. Ins+ruc+or. Parf +ime. Physics BJAMES E. ROUTH A.B.. A.M., Ph.D. Professor Emeri+us of English WALTER E. RUTLEDGE B.C.S.. M.B.A. Parf +ime. Accouniing a'iCHARLES HENRY SANDERS B.A.. M.A. Assisfanf Professor of English BMAY SANDERS, R.N. Ins+ruc+or in Nursing Educa+ion UOHN W. SAWYER A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. Assisi'anf Professor of Maihemafics BVENETIA C. SATTENSPIEL A.B.. M.S. Instructor in Nursing EducaHon ROBERT M. SCHAWELSON A.B. Par+ +ime, Economics MRS. WILLIAM E. SCOTT. JR. B.S., M.S. Par+ +ime, Business Educa+ion J. E. B. SHI A.B.l M.B.A., Parf fime Business Ad minis'rrafion ARTHUR B. SIMMS B.S.I M.B.A., Par+ +ime Business Ad minis+ra+ion FRED A. SKELLIE B.A., C.P.A.. Par+ +ime Business Adminis+ra+ion BHAROLD E. SMITH B.S.. M.A.. Ju.D., PhD. Associa+e Professor of Speech BH. 0. SMITH A.B.. M.A.. L.H.D. Assis+an+ Professor of Engiish iW. STANFORD SM ITH A.B.J. Assis+an+ Professor of Journalism J. B. SOJOURNER A.B., M.A. Ins+ruc+or, Pari +ime. English InHENRY SOPKIN B.M.. M.M. lnsfrucfor. Parf fime, Music GEORGE M. SPARKS A.B., M.A.. LL.D. Direc+or. A'Hanfa Division. Universi+y of Georgia HARRY SPITZER A.B.J.. Par+ +ime Business Adminis'rra'iion BRUNO F. STEIN B.C.S., Parf +ime Business Adminis+ra+ion A. MARTIN STERLING B.C.S.. Par+ +ime Accoun+ing BRUTH STONE B.S.. M.A. Ins+ruc+or. N ursin 9 Ed uca+ion RAYMOND STYLES B.S.C.. Par+ +ime. Law A++orney a+ Law BLILLIAN BENNETT SULLIVAN Graduai'e in Music Ins+ruc+or, Pari fime. Music a'inLLIAM M. SUTTLES B.C.S.. B.D., Th.M. Assisfanf Professor of English JAMES WILLIAM SWEENEY B.B.A.. M.S.I Par+ fime Business Adminisira+ion MIn College of Educafion. Bln College of Ar+s and Sciences. JOHN W. TALIAFERRO A.B.J.. B.C.S., Par+ fime Business Adminis+ra+ion Personnel Consul+an+ Member of Firm. John W. Taliaferro and Associaies MRS. LINNIE TALLANT. R.N. Nume a'iCHARLES EDWARD TAYLOR B.S.. Ins+ruc+or. Par+ +ime Mafhemafics C. T. TAYLOR B.S.. M.A.I Ph.D., Par+ +ime Business Adminis+ra+ion JAMES EDWARD THOMAS B.B.A.. Par+ +ime I n+ers+a+e Commerce JOHN B. THOMAS B.C.S., C.P.A.. Par+ +ime. Accig. Accoun+an+, F. W. Lafreniz and Co. SAMUEL THOMPSON A.B.. A.M.. LL.B.. Ph.D. Par+ +ime. Economics GUERRY R. THORNTON A.B., LL.B.. Par+ +ime Business Adminis+ra+ion aiCHARLES SEALY THORP A.B.J. lns+ruc+or. Par+ +ime. Journalism THOS. EMBRY VAN HOUTEN B.C.S., A.B.. Law, Peri fime Business AdminisfraHon ikBAILEY M. WADE A.B.. M.A.. Ph.D. Associa+e Professor of Psychology BHARLEY J. WALKER A.B.. A.M. Assisfan+ Professor of Geography UOHN RUTLAND WALKER A.B., A.M. Ins+ruc+or, Parf +ime. English ahWILLIAM REESE WALKER B.A., M.A. Assisfan+ Professor of Geography BGAINES W. WALTER A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. Associa+e Professor of His+ory BMARY FRANCES WARD B.S.. M.A.I R.N. Asso. Prof. of Nursing Educafion NOAH WARREN B.S.. M.A. Ed.. C.P.A., Par'I' +ime Business Adminis+ra+ion LELAND C. WHETTEN B.S.. M.B.A. Asst Prof. of Business Adm. BLESLIE W. WILSON B.S.. M.S. Asst Prof. of Biological Sciences STAFF AND FACULTY - Continued MHILDRED WEXLER WOLFE B.S. ECL. M.A. Phys. Ed. Assis+an+ Professor in HeaHh and Physical Education WILLIAM WOODRUFF B.B.A., M.A. LL.B. Parf +ime, Economics GRIGSBY H. WOTTON B.S.. LL.B., Par+ +ime. Law A++orney 61' Law CHARLES BIRCH WRAY B.B.S.. M.B.A.. C.P.A. Asso. Prof. of Business Adm. N. LINDEN YADEN A.B.. M.A., LL.D. Ins+ruc+or, Par+ +ime. English RONALD C. S. YOUNG A.B.. D.D. Coordina+or of S+uden+ Services BLEO J. ZUBER A.B., A.M. Ins+ruc+or. Parf 'l'ime. Sociology iMRS. KATHLEEN O. ZUMBRO B.S. Ins+ruc+or. N ursing Educa+ion LNk v :86 stQkxg IeS. . The lad Regis+ra+ion. n. .m n U H la 6 r. C ORGANIZATIONS Organiza+ions a+ +he A+Ian+a Divisionl UniversH-y of Georgia. are many and +heir purposes varied. ' There are +he honorary organiza+ions. Delfa Mu DeHa. composed of s+uden+s who were in +he +op ISOA, of +he graduafing class. ln+ramural Key and Crimson Key for men and women s+uden+s. respecfively. having +wo years of college wi+h an average of B. These organiza+ions. by ex+ending membership. besfow honor upon s+uden+s 'For +heir scholasfic abilify. Professional organizafions are represenfed by Alpha Kappa Psi and Delfa Sigma Pi. men's in+erna+ional professional fra+erni+ies in commerce. +he Sociefy for +he Advancemen+ of Managemen'r and +he A+Ian+a Markefing Club for men s+udenfs. and Phi Chi The+a. na+ional women's commerce frafernHy. iProfessional groups such as +he above bring +0 members informa+ion .on ac+ivi+ies concerned wi+h occupa+ions +0 which members may devo+e +hemselves. The women's social sorori+ies include Chi Rho Sigma and Del'ra Alpha DeIJral for day s+uden+s. and Kappa The+a and Delfa Lambda Sigma. for evening s+uden+s. Sigma Kappa Chi-Alpha Chapfer. for day s+uden+s. Del+a Kappa. +he Vene+ian Sociefy. and Tau Epsilon Phil for evening s+uden+s. comprise +he men's social organizafions. These social groups mee+ for Jrhe fellowship of o+her sfudenfs. In order +0 finance +heir acfivifies. money-making projects are presen+ed. In +he ca+egory of special in+eres+ organizaHons. +here are Gamma DeHa Phi. semi-professional music fra+erni+y, +he Accoun+ing Associa+ion for fur+hering knowledge of accoun+ing procedures in professional work +hrough practice and forums. +he Speakers Club. for men s+uden+s who are in+eres+ed in public speaking. and Sigma Tau lo'ra, na+ional hisi'orical socie+y. Organiza+ions of +his +ype sponsor acfivifies in line wi+h +heir inferesfs for +he beneWr of +he school and +heir members. organizations waxw ; L X , Nw x L : g, , NQ $ VNNNV . . K GENERAL COUNCIL MARVIN COLE Vice Presidenf . , XX ? ii JOAN S. COLE Recording Secretary m MILDRED MURRAY Treasurer LOUISE HOLLIS Execque Secrefary MARTHA BENNET Corresponding Secre+ary The General Council is composed of represen+a+ives from The General Council was organized during +he school year each organiza+ion of +he college. and is Hie governing body l948-49. and replaced +he +hen exis+ing In+erfra+erni+y Coun- of organizafional ac+ivi+ies. H gran+s da+es for func'rions, cils. H has been enlarged and +he I949-50 school year is regulafes pledging and ini+ia+ing. sef minimum qualifica+ions i+s firsf year of operafion. for membership. and performs ofher regula'rory services. A+hon-DeHa Sigma Pi BuHersAccouniing AssociaHon CaH'Icarf-Crimson Key ClacklersKappa Sigma Kappa ColquiHsChi Rho Sigma Cowan-DeHa Kappa Dinos-Sigma Kappa Chi EdwardssRampway EHis-Gamma DeHa Phi Ford-Kappa Sigma Kappa Freeman-Delfa Lambda Sigma GinburgsTau Epsilon Phi Greer-Accounfing Associafion Griggs-DeHa Sigma Pi Hamil+on--Vene+ian Socie+y Hardy-Circle "K" Harper-Signal Herring-Day Sfudenf Council HilI-Crimson Key Jackson Evening S+uden+ Council Jasperse-Del+a Lambda Sigma Knighf-Inhamural Key McGarify-Delfa Nu Alpha McKenney-DeH'a Alpha DeHa MahI Speakers Club Massey Vene+ian Socie+y Meisel-IZFA Me+zeI-Alpha Epsilon Pi Miller Rampway Mon+gomery Eveninq Sfudenf Council Mosfellar-Phi Chi Thefa Murray-Gamma Delfa Phi Nickelson-DeHa Alpha DeHa Norris-Sigma Kappa Chi Owens-Alpha Kappa Psi Paller AIpha Epsilon Pi Pa+rick Kappa The+a Pendley DeI+a Nu Alpha Poss-Speakers Club Poulos Sigma Kappa Chi IBe+a Pulliam DeHa Mu Delfa Ramsey-lnhamural Key SIedge-Day Sfudenf Council Slocum Kappa Thefa S+aub Chi Rho Sigma Tucker AIpha Kappa Psi Waller Phi Chi Thefa Weldon-Sigma Tau Io+a Williams DeI+a Kappa Wise-Sigma Kappa Chi Wefd Mafhews-Signal WILLIAM C. DAVIS Faculty Advisor John R. Baker Herberf M. Cooper ATLANTA DIVISION ACCOUNTING ASSOCIATION Richard H. Elrod Howard B. Gosseff Arnold Higginbofham James A. Hill, Jr. T. D. Jones Thomas E. Nease Kenneth C. Palmer Alberf Robinowich John W. Shipp Ray W. Soufher Sfephen A. Wood ROBERT L. PULLEN Presidenf HIRAM E. GREER Corresponding Secrefary RICHARD E. BUTLER Vice Presidenf MEMBERS NOT PICTURED William L. Hooper, Treasurer; James Fufch, Secrefary; Paul Diamond, Joseph E. Eason. Jimmie Foy, Wallace George, Jack H. Kelly. Tillman Kelly! James R. Manley, Jack Marbuf, Vic'ror S. Norfica. John Queen, Lawerence H. Tenney, J. T. ToddI J. R. Williams. JO DAVIDSON MARION F. STOVAALL HNELLEN COLQUITT W. L. BELYUE Presidenf Vice President Secretary Treasurer FACULTY I ' , I L, MEMBERS NOT PICTURED . . . - , , L ADVISORS , George Bellingerl William R. . , g .. 'N '. l, , , Roberf Allen D H G B k BridgeS, J. Connell, Newnan F. : 1 ; L L L y, , M I . A ff r. ' ' a'er a Sfriplin, Frances Spiegelman, Car- . ' - ' - . v - e VIn rono William Harris ' - roll Smifh, Leonard G. Vaughan. - . David Berkman John G. Burckhardf Ronald C. Cliffon Markus A. Cook Chrisfine Davis Sam C. Dinkins Jack Dinos John W. Ewing William M. Fike Alan J. Gillman Alberi' J. Green Marion R. Hall J. D. Hampfon Pickeff Harris Hilda Haver George Hudgins Robert Jenkins David Kaplan Wallace T. Lamberf Morfon Lefkoff Charles Lumpkin Grover McClure Claude B. McCrory, Jr. Carl Marfin C. C. Meadors, Jr. David E. Miller Philip D. Mosher James Poole Henry Powell J. 8. Richardson J. Bob Sfem W. T. Wrighf William L. Adams. Dale Graham ALPHA KAPPA PSI PHI CHAPTER Aw' KEN DAVIS ?residenf C. B. KNIGHT, JR. Vice Presidenf J. TOMMY TUCKER Recording Secretary W. F. OWENS Corresponding Secretary Jr. John 0. Anderson. Jr. George Andrin. Jr. William Brown Jack Caldwell Ken Hamil'ron Dick Hatch Michael Kirsch Bernard Kobres R, L. Rich Ray Perkins Wm. L. Richardson Tom Sanders J ZACK E. RYAN Treasurer LAWRENCE BENTON Masfer-of-Rifuals Bill Forfson Nash Glaze Joe D. McDonald Claude E. Morris, Jr. C. R. Winston H. L. Hills V. V. LavroH William M. SuHIes Dr. R. C. 5. Young Honorary Member Honorary Member Honorary Member Honorary Member . wal ' CRIMSON Crimson Key was founded af Georgia Evening College in January. I934. The purpose of +he organiza+ion is +0 promo+e a closer unders+anding befween evening college s+uden+s and +he adminis+ra+ion. and +0 coopera+e wi+h Hie factu and ofher organiza- fions in +he inferesf of scholarship. social ac+ivi+ies. and moral ideals. WILLIE MAE CATHCART AN'NSE RUTH SNELLING MARTHA PACE KATHRYN MILLER Treasurer Presidenf Vice President Secrefary O Dorofhy Brooks Doris Daniel Royce Freeman HarrieHe Greene Betty Hill Marie Kendall Lena Rufh Lawrence Cons'rance W. Mik!es Marcia Mosfellar Mildred Murray Evelyn Terrell Frances Wade W HELEN COLQUITT I V SHEILA GRAF Vice Presidenf -- , , ' ' v I Secre+ary GWEN S-TAU B Presiden+ DANA BURNETT GAY KING MICKEY SCHEELER Treasurer Sergeanf-af-Arms Scribe I92 M. Jeaneff Angier Beverly Jan Bixler Mary V. Clark Betsy Lee Enfrekin Betty Jo James Diane Luly B. J. MacMillan N. A. MacMillan Marianne McWilliams Charlotte Neff Dof Owen We. Hwe members of Chi Rho Sigma, pledge ourselves +0 a noble and kind sis+erhood- Beverly Rucker Mary Rufh Smith Timmons Jane Wells Jean Young We again pledge ourselves +0 cons+an+ly s+rive in ever be helpful. acfive. and ready +0 aid one ano+l1er and mankind. Louise Cleghorn Joyce deKinder Elizabeth Ellis Virginia Faulkner Kate Franscher Betty Gresha m Sylvia Jordan Jane LaFonfaine J une La Foniaine Mary Martin Leona McKenzie Mary Ann McNally Elizabeth Pierce Vance Ross Anneife Rosser DELTA ALPHA DELTA ANN NICKELSON Presiden+ DOT McKENNEY LINDA KILLIAN Vice Presiden+ Secrefary JACKIE ARNOLD MARY JO. CAWLEY Chaplain Treasurer RUTH HAUSMAN JOANNE SCHOONOVER Scribe Pledge Capfain The purpose of DeH'a Alpha DeHa is +0 perfecf and in our daily lives carry ou+ +he meaning of sis+erhood +o Jrry ourselves +0 reach +he highes+ s+andards possible. phys- ically. menfally, and myorally +o forge+ self, wholly +0 forgef sehc. MRS. H. H. HERRING J. WHITNEY BUNTING. DR. SororHy Mo+her Sponsor Martha Benneff BeHy Blackwell Virginia Burns Carolyn Flemming Lois Furr DoHie Herring Nancy Higgs Jackie HunnicuH Ann Jackson Verna Kennedy - Gay H. King Barbara J. Kifchens Barbara LiHle Elizabeth Lumpkin Marilyn Mucklow RHa Poe Mary A. Sharp. Jo Ann Shepherd W . hf Martha A. Smyly Margaref Sfeffner Freda 'Sfevenson Edifh Tribble Mary H. Wafklns Laura W. Wharfon Sydney rlg Alpha Chapter of DELTA KAPPA FRATERNITY The purpose of +he DeH'a Kappa Fra+erni+y is +0 promo+e a closer relafionship among men, a beHer unders+anding befween +hem as genHemen, and par+icularly as brofhers; +0 encourage a high code of moral conduct cons+ruc+ive and ambiHous ac+ivi+y. and +0 fulfi" Hue ideals as se+ forfh for each member of +he Delfa Kappa Frafernify. CECIL G. COWAN GRADY L. CHILDS Governor Lt Governor m L. . , ... , WA ROBERT WILLIAMS HARRY H. WILK CHARLES GRAHAM Masfer of Rifuals Secrefary Treasurer BENJAMIN W. BLANSIT ;. EA JAMES GOODWIN EARNEST EARL JUSTICE. JR. VIRLYN R. MARTIN WILKIE T. MEARES. JR. H. B. MONTGOMERY. JR. VICTOR MULLENIX JOHN W. TALIAFERRO DAVE SUDAN Faculfy ARDEN C. TAYLOR DELTA LAMBDA SIGMA JUNE JASPERSE President BETTY HILL lsf Vice Presidenf ROYCE FREEMAN 2nd Vice Presidenf FOUNDED . . I934 COLORS . . Red and Whi+e FLOWER . . Red Rose NELL FLEMING Corresponding Secretary To perpe+ua+e DeH'a Lambda Sigma for +he developmen+ poms DANIEL of +he noble quali+ies of +he mind and for mu+ual helpfulness Recording secretary in +he aHainmen+ of individual and social excellence among i+s members. MARCIA MOSTELLAR Treasurer S.UE BRYANT CONNIE W. MILKES JULIA FOLGER MARY JEAN ETHERIDGE HARSJ C. FLATLEY Assnfanf Treasurer Sergeanf-af-Arms Scribe Personal Chairman Sororify Mofher DELTA LAMBDA SIGMA Laura Akin Beffy Sue BaggeH Ann Barreff BeHy Bishop Beffy W. Chandler v. WW , m WW a Vivian Conklin Esther Crockeff Charloffe E. Dickson Julia EvaH' Billie Marie Garwood Jeannine Hagan Eleanor Hallman Hazel Hogan Evelyn Holbrook MEMBERS NOT PICTURED Delora Fosfer Jeannine Hicks Do+ Humber BeHy C. Lee Dof Sawyer Hazel C. Sfuarf Kafherine Webs+er Barbara Hume Eugenia Jackson Marie Kendall Phyllis Leake Eileen H. Luck BeHe Miller BeHy J. Morris .v Emily Richardson Carolyn S. Rogers Edwina Sims June Underwood Patsy Yancey William B. Adams Marvin L. Bell Manford M. Canary Frank T. Davies Rufh H. Holmes Benjamin S. Mandeville John Rober+ Moore Isabelle A. PuckeH' Kennefh L. Reusser John M. Sfudsfill Thelma Williams Roberf D. Adams Roger M. Denning Jabez W. GaH Marion W. Minor WaHer E. Rufledge Donald L. Bosshardf Earle R. Hughey John Pascal MILDRED MURRAY DELTA MU DELTA Since +he ins+alla+ion of The+a Chap+er. June 9. I93l. Delfa Mu Del+a has lived up +0 ifs purpose. which is +0 promo+e "higher scholarship in subjecfs se+ for+h in +he curriculum . . . +0 s+imula+e in+eres+ in +he advancemen+ of scholarly ideals; and +0 recognize and reward scholas+ic a++ainmen+ in +he s+udies as se+ for+h above." Through +he DeHa Mu DeHa Honor Roll, published annually. +he records of s+uden+s of ou+s+anding scholas+ic ra+ing are acknowledged. The elec+ion of members. selec+ed from Jrhe gradua+ing seniors. +oge+her wi+h +wo undergradua+es. honors +hose s+uden+s who have successfully passed +he rigid require- men+s for +his. +he only senior college na+ional scholarship fra+erni+y a+ +he A+lan+a Division, Universi+y of Georgia. Presidenf DELTA MU DELTA ROLL I950 RHa Andrews Richmond Loring Blacks+one Larry B. Anders Barbara A. Bishop John H. Cash Lawrence H. Groover Gene Kyser James W. Mangham, Jr. Mildred Murray Hugh F. Pulliam Max Shaffer Evelyn Terrell Charles W. Williams Harry G. BarfleH Ira Homer Dodd Henry J. Kei+h, Jr. Alber+ C. PoHs, Jr. Gilberf M. S+ock+on RobenL L. Chaffin Mildred H. Johnson Sidney Pazol Emily C. Wade Raymond W. Chosewood Harry A. Halberg Rufh B. Lawson Chessley H. Ma+hews Edna H. Olson C. Grey Reeves Mary $hup+rine Earnes+ A. Thompson Thomas R. Williams I949 Joseph F. Bofdorf, Jr. Pembroke W. Davis Rufh Maddox Alva Lee Penningfon Royce F. Wesf I948 Mary Lou Durham John P. Kanes William T. Reeves MaHie Mae Webb HUGH F. PULLIAM Secretary B. F. Avery. Jr. Franklin R. Brickles Helen Cifron Birdie Henry Thomas M. Lewis Alvin Miller June Penningfon Gunfher F. Reis Bruno F. S+ein Thomas E. Van Houfen. Jr. Edward W. Wifhorn John E. Clayfon Harry T. Fenn Clifford C. Marshall Thomas H. Riggins Glenn M. WhiHemore Mrs. Ru+h O. Herod Mrs. Maude 8. Morgan Virginia G. Summer James McNabb Verona Killingsworfh Lois EllioH Alice Hull George Herberf Mary Farmer Cherry Fred L. Windham Edna Cooper Inez Kifchens Elizabe+h Allen Hans H. Bufzon Edwin M. Clark Emily Roberfs Jack M. Adams Kay Alling Ca+herine Baker H. Talmadge Dobbs H. Mae Tankersley Elizabefh Adams Roberf C. Lowel Jr. H. Earl Sfrying Marcia Baker C. Ed Mar+in Helen T. Thompson E. J. Barber Lloyd C. Ginn Lamar G. Baker Elizabeth C. Dexfer Mildred C. Brown J. W. Goldsmi+h F. C. Brandes Howard B. Johnson T. W. Duncan Fae Allen M. Guy Swanson H. L. Robinson George E. Parker John Janoulis DELTA MU DELTA ROLL Harold Jackson Frances Kocher LoneHe B. Gregory Hugh Muenz Lucy Cobb Johnnie Miller Frances Summerlin Caroline Reid Claire Manners Lois Dozier W. R. Hammond E. Elwood Wrigh'r Polly Ramsey Henry T. Smifh John B. Clark Tilden L. Brooks James Davis Ordry Palmer D. Rebecca Williams Mary Hammond Alber+ P. Clark T. M. McClellan Ewell Y. Jackson Hilda I. Jackson Susie Sudderfh Maurice Sfrickland Ted J. Whifehead George Manners Roberf L. Rivers 8. F. Wells, Jr. Margaref Lloyd . Carlsen . . Aycock . . Swin+ . S. Spinks orma n E. PeHis I947 Mary C. Brooks Marion Hous+on I946 Mary HeeH'I Pa+ Dobbins I945 Eloise Henry 1-944 Georgia S+one Rachel WhaHey I943 Roger Dozier I 9 4 2 Elizabeih Ramsden Harold Duncan Jeanne Johnson l94l James T. WileyI Jr. Fideles Kloeckler I940 Mary Ford Irene S+rickland Sidney K. Johnson I 9 3 9 James H. McGuire Maymi W. Chandler Harold Willin'gham I938 M. Chrisfine Wing Thomas A. Seals I937 R. Durwin Whife Ben Overs+reef. Jr. I936 Tallulah Davis A. D. Gregory. Jr. I935 Reuben G. Crimm Francis M. Osfeen I934 Francis Duggan M. D. Harper. Jr. I 9 3 3 N. E. Boswell I932 Ruth Rogers l93l C. Roy McCormack L. C. Evans E. H. Bishop C. T. Zellner Bernard Sques. Jr. Virla PaHiIIo Horfon Hickerson Miriam Jenkins Mildred Siansell DoroH'Iy S+range Worfh P. O'Dell William Bromberg Miriam J. Clarke Kay Tabor Agnes B. BarneH Willafhea J. Jackson Timo+hy Bullard PickeH Hynes E. W. Aldredge Alice S. Downing Clarence H. Hill Rober+ Kimsey Roberf Johann George Wing Roberf S'l'riclda nd Anfha Mulkey Cafherine M. Duggan J. Harry Gaulf John M. Reedl Jr. H. C. Kifchens Richard A. Hills Mary C. Buchhon J. W. Zuber. Jr. DELTA SIGMA PI JULIAN V. ATHON Headmas+er JOHN J. GRIGGS CLIFFORD C. BLAISDELL. JR. LEE NEAL BARNETT Senior Warden Junior Warden Scribe ALAN B. BLAISDELL ED HALE WILLIAM CURTIS FOWLER Masfer-of-Ceremonies Mas+er-of-Fes+ivi+ies His+orian A fra+erni+y organized +0 fos+er +he s+udy of business in universiHes: +0 encourage scholarship and +he associa+ion of s+uden+s for +heir mu+ual advancemen+ by research and practice: +0 promofe closer affiliaHon befween +he commerciai world and H19 s+uden+s of commerce. and +0 fur+her a higher s+andard of commercial ethics and cuHure and +he civic and commercial welfare of +he communH'y. 202 GLENN C. BLAISDELL Treasurer BILLIE MARIE GARWOOD "Rose of Delhi Sig" DELTA SIGMA PI 1 Ralph Adair James H. Davis James Gower Fred Jones Lester Mann Carlfon Pierce Alfred F. Snedgen John W. Born Sam W. Denmark Edward E. Hale Bob Leake George E. Manners Jeff Porfer Leon Sfrickland ? Alex M. Brannon Jack L. Duncan Johnny Harwell Marion C. Lockwood Gene McClellan James Procfor M. E. Sfringfellow Howard Busbey James M. Edwards Fred Hedges Johnny Loveioy George McGraw Morris Ramsey Doyle Tatum M. K. Caldwell. Jr. J. B. Eldredge WaHer T. Heisf William F. Lozier David Nelson William S. Robins Frank E. Tindall James E. Car+y Kennefh Farris William Herndon Tom R. Luck Leland O'Callaghan Wal'rer E. Rutledge J. T. Travis Marvin E. Cole Edward L. Floyd Hiram J. Honea John Mahl Lowman Oglesby Lamar Sheafs Lloyd Woolsey Cecil G. Cowan Euell Frazier J. Frank Humphries Alvin Maloney Ralph Page J. Leonard Slaughter Lucius Youmans GUY J. McGARITY President EUGENE J. TULLIS lsf Vice Presidenf Ralph T Dorsey Richard G. Jaynes John A. Pendley Carl J. Ackerman Factu William H. Driskell Arnold C. Johnson Rober'r O. Pendley ROSS H. PRATER 2nd Vice Presidenf William 5. Angle Edwin D. Aycock J. B. Eldredge J. W. Eldredge. Jr. Leonard C. R. Langer J. D. Lemming Faculfy Thomas H. Pendley Leon 6. PraHes DELTA NU ALPHA UniversHy of Georgia Chap+er of Na+ional Transpor+a+ion fra- +erni+y; founded in I949; aims-+o promofe grea+er knowledge of +raffic and +ranspor+a+ion among i+s members; +0 fos+er and promofe Hwe exchange of informa+ion. experience and ideas; to fosfer academic and prac+ical +ranspor+a+ion advancement and +0 encourage young men of abilify +0 en+er and remain in fine field of +ranspor+a+ion as a life work. JAMES W. IVEY HOWARD V. PENDLEY Secrefary Treasurer x Rubin D. Cafo A. R. Collins John H. Dean W. R. Donaldson Edward S. Fursf Roberf M. Gregory William P. Hardy Sammy B. Harris Hoyf W. Jarrard B. E. Marchman Milfon A. Miller Hamp'ron M. Mills Luther G. Mills, Jr. James M. Parris James E. Roberfs Herberf E. Robins, Jr. Clifford R. Shirley, Jr. T. L. SmHh Dillard S. Thacke 204 KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA J. MORRIS CLACKLER President CLIFFORD C. BLAISDELL. JR. Treasurer Harold Austin Victor L. Davis James Ford James Hugh Johnston Joel E. Jordan Harold 0. Knight Florian S. Repik M. E. Stringfcllow JAMES M. EDWARDS HULEY R. THOMPSON Albert H. Flowers Eugene Kyser Jesse H. Wafson Secretary John J. Griggs Ralph McCorkle Thomas L. Yarbrough Vice President Fred F. Jones Marvin T. Neill, III GAMMA DELTA PHI R O. DAVI DSON President Gamma DeHa Phi. a semi-professional music frafernify for men and womenI was founded af +he A+Ian+a Division. UniversHy of Georgia by seven chapfer members in Sep+ember. I948. The fra- +erni+y is recognized as +he only one of HS kind in +he $ou+heas+. Hs prime purpose is +o encourage achievemen+ +hrough +he acfual performance of HS members. IVEY LOIS HU BERT Secrefary LOUISE MURRAY LOUISE HOLL!S BETTY GROSECLOSE Isf Vice Presidenf 2nd Vice Presidenf 3rd Vice President BONN IE G. ROWE Treasurer MEMBERS James 0. Beer, Jr. Alfred E. Basfin Barbara Brewfon Lufher Campbell Verna Echols Jimmie M. Edwards Eugene Ellis Alberf H. Flowers Sarah Gordon Don Henderson John A. Liles xi Leila Norris George Ross BeHy Tarranf Mark K. Taylor Richard D. Turner MoHo: Diligenf performance leads +0 success in music. FACULTY ADVISORS Lilian B. Sullivan Hanry Sopkin NOT PICTURED, HONORARY MEMBERS Gladys Swarfhouf, Gene Kyser INTRAMURAL KEY GRADY L. CHILDS CECIL G. COWAN President '50 Presidenf '5l Treasurer '50 AIMS OF INTRAMURAL KEY A closer undersfanding and cooperaHve spirif among sfudenfs. and befween +he s+uden+ body and school adminisfra'rion. An aspirafion for greater in+ellec+ual achieve- ment A s+udy of s+uden+ problems +o +he end +ha+ all s+uden+ life may be enriched. and +he progress and besf inferesf of +he A+lan+a Divisionl Universify of GeorgiaI be s+imula+ed and promo+ed. WILLIAM S. ROBINS JOHN H. MAHL Vice Presidenf '5l Vice President '50 VIRLYN MARTIN CARL W. POS'S, JR. Secrefary '50 Secrefary 5l Treasurer '5l James Gower Glenn C. Blaisdell Alan B. Blaisdell . Clackler James M ,Jr. Benton Burgen S R E B R. M m M Brown William Pacey L. Belfor Afhon ian V. Bill Born Ramsey ingfellow Jul Monfgomery D. Sfr is Maloney B Al H. Morr M. J. Frank Humphries E Fred Hedges C. 8. Knight. Jr. KAPPA THETA CREED Le+ us aim as a sis+er- hood and as individuals +0 s+reng+hen social ideals in +heir highes+ levels. se- cure +he fullesf in under- s+anding and enjoy +he fines1L in fellowship. MARGARET SLOCUM Presidenf JOAN 'SMITH COLE JERRY PATRICK DOT NORRIS ELIZABETH McLENDON BETTY JANE HENRY lsf Vice Presidenf 2nd Vice Presidenf Treasurer Recording Secrefary Corresponding Secrefary HISTORY The Kappa The+a SororHy was founded January 24. I937. by Mrs. Nell H. TroHer who, realizing +he need for ano+her social organizaHon for women. banded +oge+her a small group of girls and Hus formed H1e Sororify. The organizaHon is composed of members who realize +heir responsibilH'y in our school, our communHy. and +he world of Jroday. Kappa The'ra seeks +0 pledge +0 membership only women of high characfer. beau+y. and ou+s+anding personali+y. Willene Aufry Ruby BeckeH Jane Binford Joyce Cannady Mary Marfha Coffey ZIO Paf Crawford BeHy L, Dailey Joyce Dailey Dot Davis Margaref Davis Linnie Duren Lillian Hooks Gloria Hausman Pat Kerby Madge W. Kirk Ann McKenzie Gerry McRee Margaref Marfin Patricia Merrell J. Ka'rhryn Miller Mildred Murphy Charloffe Owen Jean Owens Elizabeth Richardson Polly Polk Daisy Robins Beffy Rufledge Edna A. Smifh. Wilma Whife PHI CHI THETA UPSILON CHAPTER To promo+e +he cause of higher business and +raining for all women. +0 fos+er high ideals for women in business careers. and +0 encourage fra- +erni+y and coopera+ion for women preparing for such careers. HONORARY MEMBERS OF UPSILON CHAPTER thleen Lassefer Dr. George M. S'parks Connie W. Mikles . . . Presidenf Mildred Murray . . . Vice Presidenf Marcia Mosfeller . . Recording Secrefary Royce E. Freeman . . Corresponding Secre+ary Mary Pace . . . . . . . . Treasurer Mary Arringfon Willie Mae Cafhcarf Joan Smifh Cole Joyce Dailey Doris Daniel Olefa En'rrekin Nell Fleming HarrieHe Green Mary Hollis Beffy Hill Eugenia Jackson Marie Kendall Margaref Mariin k Km??? - $252wa Elizabeth McLendon Louise Murray Marfha Pace Elizabefh Richardson Emily Richardson Margaref Slocum Annie Ru+h Snelling Frances Wade SIGMA TAU IOTA HONOR SOCIETY OF HISTORY Secrefa ry BERT S. NELLI JOSEPH B. DILLARD Treasurer Vice President CHARTER MEM BERS Roy Brewer William G. CookI Jr. James R. Hilburn Dewey D. Scarboro MEMBERS Fle+cher ChiHon Margaref K. Faulk John C. Greider Q. Roberf Henry, Jr. Jack H. Kelly Frances Long Ed Snell Evelyn Terrell Jane Wagener FACULTY ADVISORS NOT PICTURED Dr. John A. Alexander Kenneth Crabbe, Char'rer Member Charlyn Bressler Dr. Carl Mauelshagen Joan Burns Kenneth Coleman! Factu Advisor Dr. Gaines W. Walker, Faculty Adviser FLOYD M. HAGLER ROBERT PULLEN LAURA F. LEARY Vice President Treasurer Recording Secretary Doyle E. Cox John W. Ewing Richard Gaddy James A. Hill, Jr. Sfewarf Lyon Milton A. Miller Harry L. Orr Albert Robinowich Edwin W. Sfeele Julian H. Turner Edwinf T. White Parks H. Williams George H. Wood Stephen A. Wood PAUL NORRIS Presidenf JAN S. EADES Sponsor ANTHONY DINOS Sergeanf-af-Arms Q m; a , $9; 9: me Q . $1 . .4649 v v JACK PARRISH Secretary IGMA KAPPA CH x Ernie L. Anglin John E. Greene Joseph L, Griggs Roy Norvell George Poulos Roy Bledsoe C. Don Henderson George H. Ross Ill Bob Bowden Glenn C. Hun'r Earle Sanders Edwin Burneffe James T. Hunf Don V. Sledge 2l6 JACK DI NOS Vice Presidenf WI'LLIAM M. FIKEI JR. Treasurer ALPHA CHAPTER Bob Callahan Larry Connor Cecil P. Jones Bill Leinmiller J. Bob Sfem William T. Wilson Grover McClure George Wood TAU EPSILON PHI MORTON M. LEFKOFF CEhLJnIEEIITZr EPSILON BETA Vice Chancellor x z BURTON HANDMACKER Scribe , I j ' LARRY l. BOGART ' , Bursar Tl LLIE GALANTI Sponsor Vicfor Copeland Ben BenneH Ginburg Sonny Goodman Pledge David Kapltan David Klefzsky Alvin Herman Earl Greenburg NOT PICTURED Asher Benafor Roberf Kaufman Donald Salzman Pledge VicforPrIaRomano Gordon E. Simon Leon Tuck Alberf Tennanbaurn Alvin Tennanbaum e ge JOHN H. MAHL Pres'idenf CARL W. POSS, JR. Vice Presidenf WESLEY BURNHAM Secrefary SHELBY COLLUM, JR. Hisforian RAY PERKINS Treasurer MARION C. LOCKWOOD Alumni Advisor LEE NEAL BARNETT SPEAKERS CLUB As an expression of loyaHy +0. and as an evidence of in+eres+ in +he Georgia Evening CollegeI we. Hue members of +he Speakers Club have organized for +he express purpose of serving +he Evening College and beHer fiH'ing Hue members of +he Speakers Club for successful life work; by promo+ing in+eres+ in public speaking: by affording +hose already in+eres+ed in public speaking an opporfunHy +0 improve +heir abilH'ies; by encouraging parficipa+ion in infer- collegia+e debaHng: and. as a resulf. fur+hering +he developmenf of a high s+andard of educaHon. C. C. Blaisdell, Jr. Debating Fellowsh John J. Griqgs Beni. Fred Hedges Harl Parks Kyle R. Cade Speaking Tradition Claude E. MorrisI Jr. A. M. Brannon Jack Waldrop Alfred F. Snedgen Sam W. Denmark Alvin Maloney - KENNETH HAMILTON ' . .. .. ILL MASSEY . , SKIP WOOLSEY xFlivrsf $36221 Presidenf ' -' PreSIdenf Second Vice Presidenf HERB WALDRI P Secrefa ry DICK LESTER Treasurer KENNETH C. FARRIS TOM LUCK Hisforian Factu Advisor DAISY ROBINS Ralph Adair Lee Neal BarneH Larry Benton Clifford C. Blaisdell' Jr. Marvin Cole T. Holmes Colquiff Sam Denmark James M. Edwards Ed Hale Johnny Harwell Fred Hedges C. E. Knight. Jr. Bernard Kobres Alvin Maloney Ralph McCorkIe Claude E. Morris. Jr' David Nelson Ralph Padgle William S. Robins n9 Lamar Sheets Alfred F. Snodqen Doyle Tafum Tommy Tucker Jack Waldrop Ken Wil Lucius Youman; ies .t lVl d a :3 Wawwvv M y. WAWWP W4 ow N A N Associa+e Edi+or JIMMYE KATHRYN MILLER RICHARD N. LESTER JUNE C. JASPERSE MARGARET SLOCUM JACQUELYN WAGES Publicify Direcfor Treasurer Literary Edifor Feafure Edifor Assisfant EUGENIA G. JACKSON IVEY LOIS HUBERT MARGARET MARTIN CHARLES E. TAYLOR KIMBERLY THOMAS Senior Wrife-up Edifor Assisfanf Assisfanf Senior Wrife-rup Edifor Staff Phofographer Special Pho?ographer Mardi Gras Chairman , Emma? The S+aFF expresses ifs sincere appreciafion +0 members of +he General and Sfudenf Councils. and +0 +he many individuals who have given of +heir fime and effor+s, as well as +alen+s, in promoting +he I95l RAMPWAY. . JAMES B. HAMMOND Business Manager . HELEN COLQUITT Assisfanf Business Manager GAY KING SAM M. NEEL JULIAN ATHON VIRGINIA BURKE HENRY N. VANDERLlsP SHELBY CULLOM Axssisfanf Snapshof Edifor ROYCE FREEMON CHARLES L. BERNARD KOBRES CAROLYN HECK LLOYD E. BAUGHM LAVROFF Faculfy Advisor Financial Consultanf 6 ,7? ,, yz V DoRIS GRAY am ??WVM 4W ,, 7 , m, MW 0W W 5?, k ,r Ar+ EdH'Or MILDRED MURRAY H'or is+an+ Layouf and Ar+ Ed .Ass ie Mae Ca'fhcar+ Will DOf Herr ID u a .1 S n e W 6 Def MCKenney Jeannine Marfha Bennevr James Ford Louise mg Mary pace Marfha Pace PoHY POIk Connie Waller Hagan Eleanor Hellman M. Murray SPECIAL STAFF Lee Neal BarneH' Clifford C. Blaisdell, Jr. Consulfanf Clyde Daffron Adverfising Consulfanf Gene Kyser Special Consulfanf James A. Hollis ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Leila Norris Julia Folger Herb Waldrip Robert Lewis J. Morris Clackler Skip Woolsey Don Sledge Mary Martha Coffey John Harwell, Jr. Sam W. Denmark RAMPWAY MARDI GRAS SPONSORS Bill Harper Paf Merrell Maxine Claire Helfon Marfha Thompson Evening Division Day Division, Queen 12? g ' Ralph Adair Jane Binford William Brown Kyle Cade Joan S. Cole Cecil 6- COWB" Hazel F- CrockeH Jack Dinos Ernesfine Graeub Marie Kendall Morton Lefkoff Guy MchrHY Claude Morris, Jr. Charloffe Owen Ralph Page Jerry Pafrick H. V. Pendley Carl Poss, Jr. Dalsy Robins Frances Wade Mary Weldon UNIVERSITY SIGNAL ATLANTA, G EORGIA Published +wice monfhly under sponsorship oi Sfudenf Councils of he Aflanfa Division, Uni- versify of Georgia. DISTRIBUTION FREE TO STUDENTS Post Office Address: 24 Ivy Sf., S. E. EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Edifor . . . . . DAN MATTHEWS Associa+e Edifor . . . . LOUlSE HOLLIS Sporfs Edi+ors. . . . .JACK BUNKLEY. CHICK ARONOFF Sociefy Edifor . . . . ROYCE FREEMAN Makeup Edifor. . . . . . HARL PARKS S+aff Wri+ers2 Jack Parrish. Ken Crabbe, Dick Les+er, Ka+herine Miller, Jeannine Hagan, CharloHe Hendley. Bob Sfem. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Business Manager . . . . . BILL HARPER Asst Bus. Manager . . BARBARA BEAVERS Business S+aff: Dusfy Smi+hson. Do+ Herring. Mar+ha BenneH. Lee BarneH. The Liferary SecHon of +he UNIVERSITY SIGNAL EdHor: ALAN MEISEL STAFF: Gene Ellis. Gary Mefzel. Kenne+h C. Crabbe. Julia Eva++. Carolyn Heck. Dan MaHhews. Paul Baker. Dick Ha+ch, Henry Vanderlip. and Dan Ki+chens, Lyman Pinkus. Jr. Advisor: DR. JAMES ROUTH Published by +he Liferary SfaFF of fine Uni- versify Signal, Aflan'ra Division, UniversHy of Georgia, 24 Ivy S+ree+I S. E.. A+lan+a, Geor- gia. as an ou+le+ for sfudenf creaHve wri+ing. Opinions expressed are no+ necessarily +hose of +he newspaper or of H19 UniversHy. ON PRECEDING PAGE: Top row. lef+ +0 righf: Dan MaHhews, Bill HarperI Alan Meisel. Second row: Harl Parks, Louise Hollis and Jack Bunkley. Third row. Kenne+h Crabbe. ON THIS PAGE: Top rowI IeH +0 right Royce Freeman, Gary Mefzel, Jerry Vandeven'rer. Dan Kifchens, Dick Les+er, Jamilee Copelan. Second row: Dof Herring, Kafhryn Miller, Julia EvaH. Third row: Jack Parrish, Paul Baker. Rufh Smifh. Four+h row Jeannine HaganI Lee BarneH, Bob Sfem, Chick Aranoff. Fian row: Dus+y Smifhson. Carolyn Heck. David Klefzky. Anifa Franklin. Six+h row: Braswell Williams, Barbara Beavers, Mar+ha BenneH. and Henry Vanderlip. x; y W 'X X W1; X 4 W x Y; x 233 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION ANTHA MULKEY Presiden+ The A+Ian+a Division Alumni Associa+ion was ac+iva+ed in +he fall of I949. when Dr. Sparks appoinfed AI KueHner as ifs official secre+ary. AHer considerable research. and much ground work. alumni were nofified by mail in +he win+er quar+er of I950. of +he associa'rion's firsi' mee+ing. In April. I950. aHer several commiHee meeJringsI +he associaHon me+ officially and elec+ed officers. a board of direc+ors. and ra+ified a cons+i+u+ion. The associa+ion has progressed considerably since i+s firs+ meeHng. H has published +hree issues of +he Alumni Magazine. A'r +he close of H19 senior year I95I. +he group enferfained all June and Augus+ seniors a+ a recepfion and musical in H19 Concerf Hall. OFFICERS An+ha Mulkey . . . . . . Presidenf Howard Johnson . . . . Vice Presiden'r Jan Keller . . . . . . . . Secrefaryl Chris+ine Wing . . . . . . Treasurer Al KueHner . . . . Execufive Secre+ary HOWARD JOHNSON AL KUETTNER Vice Presidenf Execu+ive Secrefary BAPTIST STUDENT UNION The Bap+is+ S+uden+ Union serves as a connecfing link be+ween +he college campus and +he Bap+is+ Churches in +he college communify. Any s+uden+ who becomes a member of +he church in +he coliege communi+yl or of any uni+ organiza+ion wifhin +ha+ church may consider himself a member of +he Bap+is+ S+uden+ Union. The Bapfisf S+uden+ Union endeavors +0 serve H's purpose by furnishing s+uden+s informafion concerning local church ac+ivi+ies. and sponsoring socialsl devofionals. depufafions. missions. and youfh revivals. The Bap+is+ S+uden+ Union works very closely wifh Bapfisf S+uden+ Unions on ofher college campuses. JOHN c. ekemz President SARAH DYER MARILYN MOORE ANN O'REAR DOT McKENNEY Ist Vice President 2nd Vice Presidenf 3rd Vice Presidenf Secrefary SUE TIMMONS MARTHA PARKER JOANNE SCHOONOVER MR. H. B. ANDERSON HARRY CARSWELL Treasurer Music Director Publicify Direcfor Faculty Advisor Staff Artisf '2 UlllTH . '- .-..- "The House Thaf S+uden+s Builf." HM 1 - Juanifa FOWIEF Roberf Gordon Deloris Mariin Peggy Sims James N. Smifh M. Paul Sfovall. Jr. NOT PICTURED Henry Greer City B.S.U. Secretary :11; K ; M 1 mArfyg - Huberf Andrews William Andrews Bobby C. Cahoon William C. Cook Huberf Dan Moon Virginia Morris Apneffe Rosser Marilyn Scheeler Harold Tice Hugh Waddy Lois Wellborn Robert Williams Treasurer , Senior Class ANN MALCOM Treasurer Secrefary denf SHELBY COLLUM, JR. i icers LEE NEAL BARNETT Pres ice V Benneff, R. Bell, Jacquel Hon, Egberf C. Cain. . . .SECOND . Cochran, Pafr Presidenf ice Pres denf Freshman Class OFF .PAT KERBY Ice ine V JACK GARTRE'LL V lor Class Icers JACKSON A. Cooper, William O. Secre'fa ry Jun Secretary, ior Class OFF COLE iam icia EUGENIA G MARVIN E. Presidenf Carolyn Bri Jun . D. Jean Casflqberry, James L wning. Treasurer , John O. Dobbs, Oscar T. Dobbs. ROBINS idenf EMILY RICHARDSON Iel 230 J. Dan Pres ELL is 7 Ice ycock, Merle E. Maxfer, Barbara Bevers, Will n Brown, Robert O. Bro Paul T. Carroll ham, BeHy L WILLIAM S. V' Secrefary Treasurer . Dailey, Dor E.D.A L. Brass-eale, Elle J. A. Campbell, PATRICIA MERR JOEL S. JACKSON Ives ia nnlng MILLER JR. YvE K Secrefa ry MM FIRST ROW' LEFT TO RIGHT AI Blankenship, Lyd lCel'S RO Craig, R. F. Cu H H. C N U Q C T N E D U T S JEANNINE HAGAN Vice Presidenf Quar+er Represen+a+ idenf icers Pres i'er 7,, MONTGOMERY .ATHORN iden'r Sophomore Class OFF idenf in H. Pres Fall and W Pres JULIAN V GEORGE McGRAW Council Officers B. Senior Class OFF EVENING TOP ROWI LEFT TO RIGH Linnie E. Durenl 'Uimmie M. Edwards, Marvin O Emersonl Margaref Faulk, Marshall Fling, A. H. Flowers, Edward Furs't, Richard Gaddy, Robert D. Goins, Sara A. Gordon. . . . SECOND ROW: Barber J. Gregg, Dorofhy Griscom. Edward E. Hale, Elizabefh Hale, George Kennefh Hammon, Meriam Hamilfon, James 8. Hammond, tWilliam Wiln Harper, Carolyn Heck, James Herlihy. . . . THIRD ROW Louise Hollis, BeHy Hill, Oliver Huie, June Jasperse. John S. Jones' Bernard Kobres. James H. Lambert Rober? Lanel Lena Ru'rh Lawrence. Elmer A. Levi. . . . FOURTH ROW: Roberf Lewis, Mary Jane Long, Norma W. Luallen, Eileen H. LuckI Gene A. McClellan, Eva Mae McDaniel, H. B. McDuffie, John Mahl, Lesfer Mann, Mary Carolynne Marfin. . . . FIFTH ROW: Dan Mafhews. John W. Mafhis, Jr., Connie W. Mikles, Aline J. Miller, Beffie Rae Miller H. C. Moore Louise Murray, Mildred Murray, Phil Myers, Berf NeHi. . . . SIXTH ROW: Herberf E. Nichollsl R. Lowman Oglesby, W Iliam L. Ofwell, Daniel W. Owens, Ralph Page. Aderne Patrick, Joseph H. Peek, Howard V. Pendley, Maurice F. Peferson, Olin E. Pick . . . SEVENTH ROW: William H. PiHs, George Poulos, F. G. Rabb, Ediih H. Reis. William L Richardson, Jr., Dorothy! Rober+son. Daisy Robins, Frank E. Ross, Earl H. Russell, James F. Sasser. . . . EIG TH ROW Sam J. Scarboro, William D. Seifferf, Michael Serfich Barbara Shimas, 'Sonie Silverman. John W. Simpson, Margaret Slocum, Henry B. Smith, Julia 5. Smifh, Delores Dusfy" Smifhson. . . . NINTH ROW: Maffie M. Sfafham, E. H. Steele, Leroy E. Sferling, June 'Sullivan, Frank Swanm. Rober'r H. Tarran, Martha H. Thurman. Bill J. Thompson, James A. Torbush, Claude A. Tucker. . . , TENTH ROW: Julian H. Turner, Helen L. Wafers. T. B. Webb, Martin L. Wells, Talley Eugene Whifaker, Carol Ann Wise, Bill Wise. Charles D. Wood. Clarice F. Wray. Mildred G. Y rdley. Wermanenf l950-5l Council Members Established +hrough Consfifufional Change DAY STUDENT COUNCIL Counci Officer; DONALD V. SLEDGE DOROTHY HERRING M. RUTH SMITH SEABORN LANGLEY J. BOB SIEM Presidenf Vice Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer Chaplain Senior Class Officers Secrefary Treasurer . . BI'LL COOK GEORGE WOOD JAMILEE COPELAN JOE WILLIAMS Junlor Class O lcers President Vice Presidenf These officers have been elec+ed by +he various classes and serve for +hree quar+ers. Their purpose +o ed as Iiason for s+uden+ and faculfy. B. KEN DAVIS MARTHA BENNETT BETTY JO JAMES Presidenf Secrefary Treasurer Sophomore Class Officers LARRY GISI DOROTHY McKENNEY ELIZABETH PIERCE JANE SPEAR Freshmen Class Officers MW Vice Presidm Sammy Teasurer RUSSELL MUSGRAVE CATHERINE FlSCHER JACKIE FURR CHARLES SMALLEY President Vice Presiden? Treasurer Secrefary FALL AND WINTER QUARTERS REPRESENTATIVES Cliff Banks Nancy Jane Barton R. E. Beam Pamela Benfon John Bernos Paul Binns Beverly Bixler Lex Buchanan W. Jack Bunkley Dana Burnef'r Richard Bufler Connie Campbell Marie F. Carter Nancy T. Collier Shelby Collum, Jr. Helen Colquiff June Corley B. Joann Cox Grant W. Eafon Sheila Graf J. E. Green William E. Greer William B. Hale Frank S. Hall Beffy L. Hardeman Juanifa Hedden CharloHe A. Hendley Harold Hillman Jane LaFonfaine Geo. W. Lowery Dan MaHhews Herbert Mendel Harry Moore Marvin Lee Oliver lrIs'Elame Parker Harl Parks Flefcher Poole Clara Randolph Charloffe Rife Marilyn Scheeler JoAnne Schoonover Lounse Scot? Jack M. 'Shields Dorofhy Smifh F. V. Smifh Housfon Smifh Roberf H. Smifh Margaref B. Sfeffngr. Leroy Sferllng Charles Sullivan Charles R. Thompson Martha L. Thompson Jerry Waggoner Jane Wells Gay Williams ; :gyzwagyy , I X1, 2,, 1, Z, AHer prac+ice. CHEERLEADERS W j ; :1 - BASKETBALL EAM Vic+ory shot 6 2456mm SWW SUBSCRIPTION CONCERTS Tues.. Cd. 23 . . . . . PATRICE MUNSEL Tues.. Oct 30 . . . . THOMAS BROCKMAN Tues.. Nov. l3 . . . . . VIENNESE NIGHT Tues.. Nov. 27 . . . . . . . ISAAC STERN Tues.l Dec. 4 . . . . . . . "THE MESSIAH" Tues.. Dec. I8 . . . . . . RALPH LAWTON Tues.l Jan. l5 . . . . . LEONARD WARREN Thurs.. Feb. 2I . . . . BENNY GOODMAN Tues.I Mar. 4 . . . . . ROBERT CASADESUS Mon.. Mar. l0 . . . . ROBERT HARRISON Tues..Apr.I . . . . . . . .ORCHESTRA Symphony Guild. 233 Peachhee SJrreei'l A+Ian+a. Ga. Phone ALpine 2956-7 The A+Ian+a Symphony Orchesfra. 236 S 6 P u t w PI ,MM, I VA , 4.104?" V '4 , V, . $R$ W x WVX x M J Xx. x xxx x xxsxx The commiHee . . . counhng . . . The awarding . . . For +heir excellen+ work in promo+ing a successful Mardi Gras. we grafefully ac- knowledge +he MARDI GRAS COMMIT- TEE. ' THE MARDI GRAS COMMITTEE Eugenia Jackson, Chairman Sam Denmark Bill Harper John Harwell Dick Ha+ch Louise Hollis Dick Les+er Pa'r Merrill Ka+hryn Miller George Poulos Don Sledge Margaref Slocum Skip Woolsey MW 2, x , Q9. ' I 7h'fr$-:yl 4 17 , o 1 . ,. 4L 1, ,1, v . N 3.95!" MM fr ' . ' ' 17 t'w'gtwf , ': ,0 ,. , 927,711,: ' I ' yaw Q1 , n u.' , I M! ,,., ,. . WW9 , 4 w. 41 v . . . don? The fish pool. 3 , xx 6 A 669:? . 636x 6 y The counfry s+ore. , , z $642365 619ng 64 vs . .zw 41v 5 The nickel roll IgareHcs. and -- "C . $ x: g $$wa x WWxM 1 , .,,;,,,,,,W,.,m4wm u. m x ,, mm W 0w , black +'aces. The girls frOm EscIuire. The cake Walk, $ WW 4x '; $ The spinning wheel. zigzigyg , w 1 m k m w ca 6 ,u, , 2.37 542????izz AT HOME AND WORK. Zorafh demons+ra+es. .x s SEXFSxAXxxEx KR . ? x ??w .v v. G W V H... N R E D $x x .x $$Nxx$ x . s 3$ yx $ $ sz $xx x , g $ . NV, x $Kxxx x Xx p2 tKCx , , Nx M: Xx .L r e C n O C 6 IO U a r T Ings. Gorin s : 2 : s 2. u '4 Hans Piltz and Jean Sterrett. concert. Frost lecture. Hodgson Reci+al. 7k mac 34kmzfmmt Brumby and H ughes. Epfing demonsfrafes. LiH'Ie ins+ruc+s. ONOR'S NIGHT--1950 vvvkaXK NV rxxmwmm' x General Council Cup . . . James M. Edwards. Phillip W. MaHeH Crimson Key Cup . . . . . . . . Kay Lay DeHa Lambda Sigma Cup . Mrs. June Penning+on Vene+ian Cup . . . . . Thomas Clack Tucker Speakers Club Cup . . . H. B. Mon+gomery, Jr. Phi Chi The+a Award . . . Annie Ru+h Snelling Kappa Sigma Kappa Cup . CIiFFord C. Blaisdell. Jr. Gamma DeHa Phi Cup . . . . . Beverly WooH Kappa The+a Cup . . . ElizabeH'I Royce Freeman French Medal . . . . . . Mary Ann Mars+on Spanish Medal . . . . . . . . James Harris DeHa Sigma Pi Scholarship Key . . . I . ; . . . . . . Manford M. Canary Major . , W. S. Kell Award . . . Mrs. Mary Nix Shup+rine ' .1 W V , FACULTY AWARD Alpha Kappa Psi Medallion . . Hugh F. Pulliam Edward W. Wifhorn Thomas Clack Tucker Gene Kyser Lorraine Brookshire Lou Varnedoe H I WQW wx JW, l a 49W. mg Banquet Homecom S R E K A E P S ilson W Cochran Graduation June The faculfy. Recepiion. The gradua'l'ing class. Fashion Show 250 i gugsguaApB $ka . . L x L . 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WA. 1477 W $wa u h 'WV , u' uv . x w mxxwk v m WNW 11"" ,le ,II ,,I m WKMN WWWWM' ' ' WWWW y X WWW 3K: '36 K W MMIW WISH ME A WISH AND SIGN ON THE DOTTED lINE W $wa W lllllllllum xe m l fW ,1 Ml 7 V x WW wv W ,3, 471$IIMMNWN lIMWW : Z 'CIW $ X E xxx kXylllm- 77 I NW "NW KONG m Mix MI xx W K x $ x a xXM K x QXK $ WM Vngm MN MW THE ATLANTA COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. , Mk W" mu M , WMMMWWMWWWMWMWWW WWZ27'77AWWW,,mmmyWIx ix WHERE SAVINGS ARE BIG 9. gove 0 0.9.. o s Q, .5Qooooooo HS O..oov,u no 9 $ N to 9M. tops 9 99V:96V.$$'$o 9'0. otht. . . ..h c '8 y .0?- '.Good Food for your Table t More Coins for the Pig! f: . tThe market for values is your A$P Super Market, of course. Pennies and nickels saved soon add up to dollars - When you "Shop and Save" the thrifty A8tP way. We mean iust this! Do a" your food buying at A8:P. Get to know the six different depurtments-und the grand things to eat they sell. 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TAYLOR - HAIRDRESSER 300 Grand Theatre Building ATLANTA, GEORGIA WA. 4507 ADAMSON PRINTING COMPANY 25 Warren Place Atlanta, Ga. Phone MAin 2867 PERSONAL PRINTING AND JOB PRINTING DOMESTIC LAUNDRY 1488 Murphy Ave1, SW. RA. 1103 Laudry and Dry Cleaning Out of Season Storage SOUTHERN CHEVROLET, INC. 243 Ponce de Leon Ave. Decatur, Ga. Telephone CRescent 6414 . Tlae Most Beautiful BUY of All Printing of Every Dexcrz'ption H. M. LONG PRINTING CO. LAmar 8451 316 Edgewood Ave., NE. SENIOR RINGS For any graduation year HERFF-JONES 1560 N. Decatur Road Atlanta MARKING DEVICES DIXIE SEAL 8: STAMP C0. 83 Poplar St. Atlanta COMPLIMENTS OF BIG TOWN RECREATION BILLIARDS at Five Points4Upstairs4101X2 Edgewood SNACK BAR4TELEVISION4AIR CONDITIONED Phone RA. 9446 Road Service JOE MAYFIELD'S SERVICE STATION TEXACO PRODUCTS Complete Service Station 917 Dill Avenue, SW. Atlanta, Ga. ATLANTA BOOK EXCHANGE 25 Exchange Place A New Book Store Serving The Atlanta Division of University of Georgia ... '0'- OUTSTANDING COLLEGE. . ' . - .- 1 ;' ,, ' , .i F0 OT E , 8: D AVIIJESf, 1' .1 7 - PHONE WALNUT 4600 -. Posr'orncnnoxisms , , . .I' . . . f 1.1 . Lam"- - ,. .. k. .w. .. ' 0 ??ciaf gagmc uem A w The 1951 HAMPWAY $ jrtcrat Engraving Co. SAU ST.. N. W. ATLANTA ' i : mum 0 -yr.',-'. rmwxurmam Spas;- 3: Amr, 'r Au: 1 '1'! 3'MW er mvrmw fax 3 .r."1$b'72.!-K:3uiils"f S Lklf agax; CLAIIJ" ,c.2.Aau. Cl LAJJ, c2131; 'S'CMS' $334: - 1;, ,x' 3.3 Sm 'K'L$SA?11,N g3 o'ic c: v 2:117 ' 13333334351 1 atxista L. R?WSJVSQKJ myyxca; S, f, S S i , 11 S S. S'f S 1 3x, w vuv. n 1 .1... w.- vv- V. SK v S Als' 3A4.Q$.'xS g! C 13fwaLuz; .M -f" mgam v 1 S S 5 I. .9133? ' "T???ij. , . . I .. z unmeguuy1 " V" '51.. n,,a4. "am Mf'lmh'fflnu."v- 4.1 a -14 "-35.1 .v .M L ' I'iiti: . 31', ; x31 1 1-.43c' mamas. 1 p; 1 1 'mwcmumm Luiwm-gmmuxnw M":ZQW9.S our: w. '2 u fmwm; mum t 3 Ii . . : .L!3......3 v.2 . I .. , . ,. . N a .3. kr gr, , . :xka v,

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